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1961 EMERSONIAN EMERSON HIGH SCHOOL Gary , Indiana i As the years pass, our memories of the past be¬ come less vivid. These memories, once so important in our lives, have been shadowed by our more recent experiences. The teachers that have devoted their lives to making our future a more learned one have become only names in our memories. The education that they instilled upon us will be with us always even though we cannot remember the specifics. We can remember only silhouettes of our learning. Our thoughts move to the activities that we en¬ joyed so fully. These become mere recollections of the past. One of the most lasting impressions is the memory of the sports activities in which we partici¬ pated. We may be able to reminisce about the more important events that occurred during a football, basketball, or baseball game, or about a G.A.A. activity that we enjoyed so much. Many of the less important experiences have become very hazy as the years have ended. 2 The faces of our best friends and our acquaintances have become very faint with little detail left in them through the passing years. New friends have over¬ shadowed old ones that we haven’t seen in years. We recall our after school activities as a blur of pleasant experiences. We remember vaguely the social dances, the excitement and screaming at the games, the gang meeting in the hall, and the fun we had during the day. These are memories that shouldn’t fade from our minds, but through the years, they have been forgotten in our all-important school life. The 1961 Emersonian hopes that it can complete the missing details of the many silhouettes that are among our memories of Emerson. Contents Faculty . 4 Activities . 14 Sports . 44 Classes . 66 School Life. . 104 3 During each of our school days, we have been using the education that our devoted teachers have instilled within us. We have a difficult time remem¬ bering the teachers that molded our lives during our four years of high school, for many year s have passed since we last had a class with them. These same teachers gave much of their time to help us with personal problems that faced us as young men and women. We express our gratitude to the faculty mem¬ bers who gave of their personal time to sponsor our class or school activity. We may he able to reminisce about the principals standing on the stage giving us a pep talk or some other school information at one of our school meet¬ ings. As we look back on some of these, we may have a real understanding of their concern for us as students and friends. We can now judge through our silhouettes of learn¬ ing the importance of the faculty and administration in making our school days enjoyable. We take this opportunity to say that we offer our sincere gratitude to the faculty and administration that so fully pre¬ pared us for the silhouettes ahead. Faculty Administration PRINCIPAL MARION B. ENGLAND “My sincerest congratulations to the students of Emerson, 1960-61. You have accepted the fine counsel of the faculty and your parents and the net result is a year of progress. It is the hope of everyone who worked on the annual that it has faithfully recorded the highlights of 1960-61. As the years slip into golden memories, take occasion to return to 1960-61 through the Emersonian.” Assistant Principal JOHN H. SMITH Mr. Smith takes care of attendance, programs, admits and the behavior of students. Assistant Principal H. E. SIMPSON This is Mr. Simpson’s first year as assistant principal. He has charge of school supplies and materials teachers need for school work. Office Staff Do you need an admit? Well, go to the office. Our efficient office staff not only makes out admits and sells game tickets, but listens pa¬ tiently to each of our “vital emergencies.” They are from left to right: Sylvia Francis, Dolores Carrabine, Minerva Short, Shirley Massey, Mau- rine Link. Sitting: Mary Cal¬ laway. Cafeteria Staff We are grateful to these ladies for their contribution to our school. It is their duty to prepare our daily lunches. They are from left to right: Lela Martin, Gertrude Nor¬ wood, Margaret Stutesman, Mary Miklos, Jessie Gondall, Ida Williams. 8 JULIA BARAN Counselor JOHN MELCHERT Counselor AGNES FONVILLE Pupil Personnel ADELINE GOLKOWSKI JOHN AAKER Speech and Publications CATHERINE GREENWALD English IRMA PLUM Senior Library MARGARET NEDONOVICH English and Publications GLADYS PIERCE English JOHN HANCOCK English DAN McDEVITT Social Studies GERTRUDE PALMER English ROMA ANDERSON English RICHARD WELLS Social Studies ESTHER PEARSON English Language 5 LAWRENCE DeLEURERE Language and Social Studies CLARA REYHER Language JOHN HOLUBES Photography and Math LUCILLE SOLICH Art Vocal Music JAMES FALLACE Distribut ive Education JOSEPH A. ZAWISTOWSKI Instrumental Music ANNE MASTERS Instrumental Music MARTHA WETEKAMP Homemaking ALEN T. COSTELLO R.O.T.C. DELMAS MOORE Machine Shop Physical Education EARL SPIECE Woodwork HARRY SZULBORSKI Health and Safety J. W. RHODES General Shop A. J. ROLFE Physical Education Dr. Alden H. Blankenship, Superintendent of Gary Schools, John T. Gunning Assistant Superintendent 13 Through the years, we begin to realize the import¬ ance of our taking part in the many activities that are offered at Emerson. As we become active citizens in our town, we may have fond memories of the good times we had in school clubs and activities. The memories may be but mere silhouettes of the experiences we had while being an active member. The many new and old acquaintances that we have encountered as men and women helped us fill in the details of our silhouettes. We may meet an old schoolmate and say, “Yes, I remember him. He was president of the Student Council.” Or, we may meet someone new and say, “He sure reminds me of the guy that played the lead part in the Junior-Senior play.” In this fashion, we may be able to recover our lost impressions of many old times. Even if we can’t see a clear picture of the past, we now know the importance of our participation in such school functions. SITTING: Pat Farrell, Secretary, Ed Charbonneau, President, Joyce Dixon, Vice-President. STANDING: Richard Farrell, Senior, John Demakas, Freshman, Chris Rogers, Sophomore, Susan Charbonneau, Junior. The Executive Board of the Student Council serves as a liaison between the- student body and the principal and faculty. It is under the able sponsorship of Mrs. Greenwald. Among their many duties the Council participated in Youth Appreciation Weelc and several charity func¬ tions. Ed Charbonneau, president, was also chosen presi¬ dent of the City-Wide Student Council, thus becoming the first student from Emerson ever to hold that po¬ sition. Student Council Executive Board SITTING: Carole Gerhardt, Joyce Campbell, Karen Pittman, Lynn Oros, Karen. Skubish, Ruth Jurdzy, Rosemary Mason, Sharon Kern, Judy Beyers. STANDING: Mrs. Greenwald, Sponsor, Arthur Neely, Don Bayer, Gerry Elston, Bill Brackett, Mike Patrick, Richard Vantrease, Joe Festa. 16 ANNUAL SALE DANCE FRONT ROW: L. Gee, R. Vaughn, N. King, S. Campell, S. Nash, Mr. DeLeuere, sponsor. BACK ROW: A. Bodnar, M. Edwards, G. Stanford, T. Traina, F. Lewis, M. Patrick, J. Holman, F. Bodnar, A. Neely. Social Committee The aim of the Social Committee is to keep our dances as organized and enjoyable as possible by playing the records and supervising all activity. Everyone takes a part of the Committee home with them for about two days after each dance—because that is how long it usually takes to wash the stamp off your hand. The sponsor Mr. DeLeuere and Chairman Michael Patrick successfully headed the Social Committee. M. Patrick, Chairman, J. Holman, T. Traina, S. Nash. LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Darkins, C. Dashe, W. Charnetsky, B. Blum, B. Hake, R. Hershberg, R. Joyce, M. Stanislaw, R. Farrell, B. Cardwell, C. AppeU, C. Falconer, J. Vangel, Mrs. Pierce, Sponsor. Senior Honor Society The Emerson chapter of the Senior Honor Society, formed in 1930, is the only active one in the city. Mem¬ bers are chosen by a faculty committee on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. This year the Society stressed its principle of service by selling paperback books. It was hoped that this project would encourage students to read and build up their own private library. LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Dashe, President; Barbara Cardwell, Social Chairman; Rona Herschberg, Secretary; Bonnie Blum, Vice-President; Mrs. Pierce, Sponsor; Richard Farrell, Treasurer. R e s e r v e J. Ignelzi, J. Childress, P. Burns, B. Hennessy The Booster Committee sponsored the formation of a cheering block that lit¬ erally “shook the rafters” at all the sports events and pep sessions in a manner that no one has seen in many a year. Certainly it boosted school spirit and prestige to a new high. We congratulate the sponsor Mrs. Palmer, the new co¬ sponsor Miss Gilbert, and the chairman, Judy Beyers, for their fine efforts. P. Blacketor, J. Beyers, L. Zarakas, F. Zukowski, J. Dixon FRONT ROW: P. Blacketor, J. Dixon, L. Zarakas, F. Zukowski, J. Beyers. STANDING: Mrs. Palmer, Sponsor, J. Vicion, S. Bynum, K. Coolman, J. Ignelzi, J v Piaseczny, B. Hen¬ nessy, J. Rogers, J. Childress, C. Richmond, P. Burns, M. Lind. 19 This small group with Miss Nedanovich as its sponsor is responsible for the yearbook that you are now holding in your hands. Preparing picture schedules, setting up pages, writing copy, and selecting a cover and theme are only a few of their tasks. John Ryan and Pam Blacketor, serving as co-editors, worked diligently toward the pro¬ duction of a successful EMERSONIAN. Joyce Campbell, Toni Traina, Judy Beyers, and Tom A n n u a l S t a f f Pam Blacketor, John Ryan, Co-Editors; Miss Nedanovich, Sponsor. John Ryan Pam Blacketor Susan Charbonneau Bob Bayer Joyce Campbell - Tom Corwin Toni Traina Judy Beyers Mike Patrick . Ruth Jurdzy Editor -- Classes and Co-editor Activities ... Activities Business Manager .. Sports and School Life ... Sports and School Life .-. Faculty Classes and Faculty Classes Mike Patrick, Ruth Jurdzy, Bob Bayer, Susan Charbonneau. 20 ROW ONE: M. Stanislaw, G Hampton, R. Clark, S. Champion, K. Skubish, E. Wofford, J. Cristea, L. King. ROW TWO: P. Kenneth, E. White, A. Patton, J. Dixon, J. Nowak, P. Mitchener, J. Ignelzi, M. Bellar. ROW THREE: M. Gracin, H. Dunsworth, K. Clayton, S. Stewart, V. Tockstein, G. Stanford, M. Mailath, J. Brown. ROW FOUR: P. Sivertson, P. Farrell, S. Russell, P. Dittrich, C. Sullivan, J. Grigonis, D. Cvetetic. Future Teachers of America ROW ONE: G Ranney, S. Nash, A. Ypsilantes, J. Pruit, B. Blum, D. Hronopoulos, M. Tarullo. ROW TWO: Miss Anderson, Sponsor, S. Kelly, C. Miller, L. Levandoski, R. Williams, L. Cvetetic, D. Karver. ROW THREE: G. Armor, E. Matthews, C. Golden, E. O’Connell, J. Ware, C. Faulkner, D. Richardson, J. Tolan. ROW FOUR: J. Strombeck, F. Toda, K. Pittman, D. Badanish, S. Lowther, D. Lubeznick, E. Warshall, A. Williams. FIRST ROW: M. Titus, P. Simon, F. Zukowski, J. Campbell, M. Tarullo, D. Schokly, S. Bewick, B. Mala- matos. SECOND ROW: B. Blum, G. Moran, J. Pruitt, P. Sanders, B. Smith, H. Scombourdi, H. Webster, S. Slavo. THIRD ROW: F. Toda, D. Lubeznick, E. Warshal, C. Falconer, M. Stanislaw, L. Cvetetic, B. Byrum, D. Maldonado. FOURTH ROW: J. Withers, A. Patton, B. Cardwell, S. Kern, S. Bullock, P. Dittrich, A. Pujo, J. Pavloff, D. Richardson, D. Badanish. Future Business Leaders of America SITTING: D. Badanish, Secretary; Bonnie Blum, President; F. Toda, Vice-President. STANDING: S. Kern, Publicity; B. Cardwell, Treasurer; F. Zukowski, Historian; J. Campbell, Social Chairman; Miss Beeler, Sponsor. 22 FIRST ROW: J. Tolan, E. Wofford, A. Cieliesz, V. Tockstein, L. King. SECOND ROW: P. Farrell, P. Thomas, J. Kruchowsky, R. Williams, N. Gracin, C. Nelson. THIRD ROW: A. Johnson, A. Ross, G. Hodorowski, M. Mailath, S. Stewart, S. Champion. FOURTH ROW: P. Page, P. Tomlinson, F. Harris, G. Luscombe, E. Spurlock, J. Harper, M. Beller. F.B.L.A. The F.B.L:A. stands for Education, Service, and Progress. Its purpose is to encourage and maintain High stand¬ ards of achievement in the business skills and to foster an interest in the knowledge of good business. FIRST ROW: S. Lowther, A. Snelling, J. Strombeck, S. Motta, M. Lanfear, J. Sutton. SECOND ROW: K. Cyprian, C. Sulich, P. Mc¬ Pherson, G. Stanford, S. Kelly. THIRD ROW: A. Williams, H. Rajski, K. Lemmons, H. Dunsworth, M. Brackett. FOURTH ROW: J. Stawicki, D. Danciu, A. Muffoletto, B. Marcotte, J. Grigonis, D. Cvetetic. c l n The Latin Club, with Karen Skubish as president for the second consecutive year, was, in keeping with its reputation, very active. Representatives were sent to the State-Wide Latin Contest and the proceeds from their annual dance went to the Leukemia Foundation. Most famous of their activities was the Saturnalia. At this banquet members wore togas and actually had slaves serve them. All this provided the true atmosphere of Old Rome. FRONT ROW: M. Plesko, E. Henderson, P. Burns, K. Pittman, P. Hunt, P. Sivertson, K. Skubish, H. Young, S. Karan. SECOND ROW: R. Bodnar, B. Bizadellis, M. Velligan, D. Samardzija, K. Dian, D. Herr, S. Chase, M. Mitchener, J. Holdt, K. Spearman. THIRD ROW: J. Festa, N. Muffoletto, R. Flornouy, M. Keough, C. Guill, R. Vaughn, R. Stewart, R. Pitt¬ man, F. Koch. FOURTH ROW: Mr. DeLeuere, Sponsor, S. Archer, R. Vantrease, R. Hansen, G. Kalin, G. Elston, P. Dawson, J. Phillips, R. Millington, J. Pappas, L. Mullins. 24 FRONT ROW: M. Chirigo, E. Malizzo, C. Ranney, L. Christ, S. Stewart, V. Tockstein, G. Fitz¬ gerald. SECOND ROW: B. Clark, P. Dittrick, D. Karver, J. Nowak, J. Dixon, F. Pierce, L. King, Mrs. Reyher. THIRD ROW: M. Hernandez, J. Gonzalez, K. Boyle, D. Simmons, E. White, J. Dishman, F. Bodnar, J. Pippins. FOURTH ROW: J. Holman, J. Garbett, J. Templin, L. Hackett, T. Miranda, R. Farrell, H. Coley, G. Armstrong. Spanish Club FRONT ROW: M. Lind, B. Hennessy, G. Kwolek, A. Bodnar, M. Edwards, C. Gerhardt, C. Cline, V. Davis, C. Festa, K. Clayton. SECOND ROW: J. Neal, G. Earley, S. Bewick, S. Parker, H. Richardson, E. Clark, P. White, B. Moore, G. Jablon- ski, T. Poupolas, J. Ignelsi, C. McDowell, T. Gadja. THIRD ROW: P. Long, S. Guill, M. Simon, P. Portillo, S. Champion, P. Farrell, B. Jamski, D. Chumbler, K. Richmond, J. Dye, C. Young, T. Torie. FOURTH ROW: W. Lopez, L. Gee, E. Vela, J. Toma, K. Coolman, L. Barreiro, P. Lopez, R. Woods, M. Cruz, I. Zanetti, C. Erris. Concert OFFICERS: J. Dixon, President; P. Farrell, Vice-President; J. Petalas, Manager; K. Skubish, Librarian. 1st VIOLINS: J. Dixon, B. Rainey, V. Yancey, J. Petalas, P. Farrell, R. Wolfrath, C. Sullivan, M. Hudspeth, F. Heilman, T. Vitkovich, M. Simon, J. Karedos, D. Davies, G. Kwolek, M. Gress, A. Milosovyvich, M. Alexander. 2nd VIOLINS: A. Korfias, L. Atsas, S. Grau, I. C. Ilic, G. Montgomery, C. Pinkerton, S. Morris, R. Arthur, M. Santiago, P. Saliaris, N. Anast, J. Hudgins, Y. Arcuia, C. Peterson, D. Zeigra, R. Chumbler, C. Cruz, S. Mullins, M. Niswander, B. Spurlock, J. Colosimo, F. Pasiemiak, J. Tripp, D. Vulinovich, J. Cooley, A. Glumac, M. Knezeuic, M. Papakosmas, D. Marley, L. Patsel, S. Wendt, S. Hazimihalis, B. Bizadollis, R. Pappas, B. Steiner. VIOLAS: J. Ignelzi, T. Poupolos, M. Cunningham, L. Gorby, A. De La Garza, E. Ammons, J. Georgiadis, L. McCathren, A. Ferrell. 26 Orchestra CELI.OS: T. Forbes, D. Gorby, P. Long, P. Hanko, Y. Richards, K. Lemon, F. Azcona. BASSES: P. Page, W. Boyd, J. Webster, R. Swelko, A. Thomas. WINDS AND PERCUSSION: G. Coolman, oboe; R. Bodnar, M. Fleming, flutes; C. Appel, D. Wharton, D. Samardzia, L. Karver, clari¬ nets; J. Kish, S. Lowther, T. Corder, bassoons; T. Charbonneau, S. Kelly, E. White, trumpets; L. Patsell, R. Fitzgerald, J. MacLean, horns; S. Spurgeon, L. Hackett, trombones; P. Zienin, S. Brown, D. Edmonds, R. Sumler, percussion; K. Skubish, harp; D. Danciu, K. Spearman, piano. 27 OFFICERS SEATED: B. Brackett, President; J. Harper, Vice-President. STANDING: J. Beyers, Girl’s Treas¬ urer; S. Kern, Secretary; W. Timberman, Boy’s Treasurer. ROW ONE: D. Lawerence, L. Johnson, P. Sanders, C. Talmadge, C. Appell, G. Moran, M. Lind, J. Beyers, T. Traina, S. Swartz, J. Irish, S. Bewick, J. Keller. ROW TWO: B. Holt, H. Rajski, S. Holloway, D. Zajac, C. Wyrick, C. Sullivan, S. Russell, D. Prentiss, M. Langham, P. Irish, J. Harper, J. Nowak, E. Spurlock. ROW THREE: M. Jones, L. Tanner, J. Blaney, C. Rogers, D. Davis, B. Brackett, T. Miranda, J. Kish, D. Noble, T. Sailors, S. Kern, P. Dittrich. ROW FOUR: R. Hansen, R. Calloway, A. Kennedy, J. McLean, B. Robinson, J. Dishman, W. Timberman, Miss Sayers. A Cappella ROW ONE: S. Stath, E. Curtiss, C. Cline, M. Worth, M. Edwards, J. Bubik, S. Bewick, N. Roperti, L. Henderson, J. Teeguarden, N. King. ROW TWO: E. Wright, D. Mitchell, C. Gerhardt, G. Sanchez, B. Jurdzy, T. Bowden, M. Tica, B. Hennessy, P. Burns, S. Campbell. ROW THREE: Miss Sayers, Director, S. Rainey, S. Deaton, P. Barton, R. Evans, N. King, N. Davis, H. Dunsworth, A. Bodnar, N. Humbert, N. Newcomb, P. Kenneth. ROW FOUR: N. Gracin, S. Cristea, P. Sivertson, K. Armstrong, E. Nosko, E. Matu, C. Delaney, N. Pappas, D. Lambie. Glee Club STANDING: C. Gerhardt, Secretary; S. Campbell, Treasurer; B. Hennessy, Vice-President; H. Dunsworth, President; Miss Sayers, Director. SEATED: E. Henderson, Accompanist. 29 Emerson ROW ONE: C. Appel, D. Wharton, D. Samardzia, L. Karver. ROW TWO: L. Christ, T. Wolfrath, J. Neal, P. Barton, J. Cunningham, B. Miller, D. Marsden. ROW THREE: A. Pawlik, E. Janes, J. Vician, M. Parnell, M. Worth, P. Hackett, P. Heilman, J. Wallace, R. Flour- noy. ROW FOUR: G. Stupar, J. Kozar, K. Kirby, P. Kruchowsky, H. Velasquez, R. Vantrease, K. Fisher, Y. Richards, C. Nelson, F. Pani- aguas, R. Castle. ROW FIVE: L. Klim, G. Rodriguez, S. Szabo, N. Pappas, F. Grasham, K. Cyprian, L. Hackett, S. Spurgeon. ROW SIX: A. Pavloff, C. Alvarez, R. Wolfrath, J. Stone, D. Gorby, B. Wessler. Band ROW ONE: R. Bodnar, M. Fleming, C. Shaffer, P. White, G. Coolman. ROW TWO: L. Chalfant, S. Wyatt, E. De la Garza, L. Heilman, M. Chirigo, L. Patsell, R. Fitzgerald, S. Archer. ROW THREE: S. Rachevich, R. McCantz, D. Ziegler, T. Charbonneau, S. Kelly, E. White, J. MacLean, G. Fitzgerald, P. Runions. ROW FOUR: J. Kish, S. Lowther, T. Corder, K. Skubish, W. Key, R. Hatcher, T. Kraft, D. Baker. J. Tolan. ROW FIVE: G. Munoz, P. Tomlinson, E. Chase, L. Mullins, H. Flournoy, M. Culver. ROW SIX: S. Brown, E. Nestor, R. Sumler, R. Wallace, P. Zienin, D. Edmonds, S. Lehocky, W. Boyd. Majorettes KNEELING: S. Lowther, Head. FIRST ROW: S. Grau, A. Milsaujavich, M. Knezivich, M. Parnell. SECOND ROW: D. Davies, E. Janes, R. Author. THIRD ROW: J. Vician, G. Kwolek, K. Fisher. FOURTH ROW: M. Worth, P. Hanko, F. Paniaguas. FIFTH ROW: M. Plesko, D. Vilenovic, C. Nelson. SIXTH ROW: A. Pawlik, P. Long, C. Sullivan. 32 French Club FRONT ROW: P. McPherson, E. de la Garza, T. Darkins, S. Charbonneau, C. Dashe, J. Parker. SECOND ROW: M. Mailath, J. Childers, C. Blaemire, S. Hollaway, G. Woods, Mrs. Reyher, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: N. Humbert, R. Clark, M. Sims, A. Walls, S. Brewer, M. Brackett. Photography Club A. Washko, M. Hernandez, A. Wright. These unsung heroes are responsible for our school-life photos, and they op¬ erate daily the projector for various classes. G. Armstrong, R. Lesenyie, K. Boyle. 33 Barbara Byrum, Editor; Mr. Aaker, Sponsor. SITTING: M. Mitchener, V. Davis, K. Pittman, S. Russell, S. Stewart. STANDING: Miss Nedanovich, A. Williams, H. Webster, D. McDonough, J. Beyers, L. Zarakas, M. Roth, P. Kost. Norse Wind Sharon Kern and Marge Mailath. Barbara Rainey and Virginia Yancey. Eleanor Warshall, Nancy Perkins, and Barbara Toma. FIRST ROW: P. McPherson, A. Johnson, B. Blum, R. Hershberg, D. Lubesznick, P. Sanders, H. Webster, D. Honoroplous, N. Hum¬ bert, B. Smith, C. McDowell, K. Dayton, D. Foster, M. Lanfear, G. Earley, L. King. SECOND ROW: C. Nelson, G. Moran, D. Kar- ver, H. Rajski, C. Wyrick, L. Tanner, B. Byrum, G. Stanford, P. Sivertson, C. Ranney, S. Champion, S. Stewart, I. Zaharias, G. Bisdaris. THIRD ROW: F. Paniaguas, P. Kenneth, B. Cardwell, J. Stawicki, L. Cvetitic, P. Farrell, C. Sullivan, J. Grigonis, D. Cvetitic, J. Nowak, J. Dixon, S. Nash, V. Tockstein. FOURTH ROW. S. Russell, R. Mehelic, T. Koulianos, S. Stone, D. Davis, B. Brackett, D. Ross, P. Dittrick, S. Bullock, E. Spurlock, M. Mailath, N. Gracin. 36 Drama Club SITTING: E. Warshall, Publicity; S. Bynum, Secretary; R. Mason, President; P. Sanders, Vice-President; S. Kern, Treasurer. STANDING: S. Rashevich, Production; T. Corwin, Technical Chairman; J. Campbell, Program; R. Castle, Technical Chairman; Mr. Aaker, Sponsor. 37 FRONT ROW: E. O’Connell, V. Rench, C. Parmley, S. Motta, L. King, H. Purdy, M. Hendrix, M. Lanfear, B. Curran, M. Titus, J. Earley. SECOND ROW: C. Hampton, A. Ross, E. Woffard, B. Zigler, L. Marsden, R. Williams, P. Thomas, E. Turanek, D. Brundridge, K. Cyprian, D. Badanish, J. Cristea. THIRD ROW: A. Williams, D. Taylor, M. Terrell, M. Wilson, K. Boyle, S. Rajski, T. Charbonneau, W. Stewart, B. Predovich, R. Holt. FOURTH ROW: W. Timberman, L. Hughes, A. Gorski, T. Miller, H. Morgan, J. Evans, D. Coffey, F. Caventer, D. Woolsey, J. Blaney. Distributive Education SITTING: J. Earley, Secretary; F. Caventer, President; Mr. Fallace, Sponsor; C. Hampton, (Jr. Treasurer). STANDING: M. Titus, (Jr. Secretary); D. Brundridge, Historian; D. Woolsey, Parliamentarian; C. Parmley, Treasurer; M. Lanfear, (Jr. Vice-President); B. Curran, Jr. Treasurer; M. Hendrix, (Jr. Secretary); L. King, (Jr. Vice-President). Carol Parmley at Aladdin Flower Shop Don Woosley, at W. T. Grant’s. Horace Morgan at F. W. Woolworth. Distributive Education Ethel Turanek at Allied Finance. Fred Caventer at Mating Shoes. On the Job Jonnie Lou Cristea at Gordon’s. Joan Earley at Woolworth’s. Doris Brundridge at Barnett’s. Training Don Coffey at W. T. Grant’s. FRONT ROW: Goff, Hillard, Nolan, Woody, Pippins, Clark, Upshaw, Lopez. SECOND ROW: Emmart, Fitzgerald, Kolodziej, Batalis, McDowell, Cerbamdies, Cook, Trathen. THIRD ROW: Schmitt, McDonald, McLean, Lopez, Woods, Gast, Grasham, Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Blanton, Flournoy, Forbes, Williams, Boddie, Tidwell. Reserve Officer Training Corps FRONT ROW: De la Garza, Watkins. SECOND ROW: Young, Andrews, Kreminski, Pikramenous, Frazier, Struble, Dabney. THIRD ROW: Cruz, Chavous, Predovich, Coros, Woods, Knight. FOURTH ROW: Rajski, Pardee, Donnie, Bedwell, Lockett, Castle. FIFTH ROW: Bisdaris, Blaney, Tidwell, Hill, Sczerba, Papas. FIRST ROW: Sgt. Costello, J. Kostel, B. Cardwell, Honorary Cadet Col., J. Childers. BACK ROW: R. Woods, J. Allbritten, R. Wolfrath, W. Thompson. R.O.T.C. FRONT ROW: Miranda, Hoak, Adkins, Perkins, Krounis, Schmitt, Anogianask, Pickford, Hughes, Johnson. SECOND ROW: Morphis, Jeffries, Pointer, Long, Batchleor, Tripp, Torie, Cox, Olson, Coleman. THIRD ROW: Burney, Sailor, Cole¬ man, Ammons, Pabomb, Clary, Collie, Brown, Papadopolis, Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Jones, Hugh, Butler, Sumler, Ad¬ kins, Boyd, Evans, Vaxter, Emmart. J. Gonzalez, M. Sczerba, M. Kostur, EL Wofford, W. Stanford, L. Chalfant. STANDING: Miss Solich, Sponsor. Art Club L. Chalfant, E. Wofford, S. Shneider, R. Norman, B. Zigler. 43 The fondest memories of our school days come from our sports activities. We can remember learn¬ ing the meaning of teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-discipline from our athletes. We may remember many of the specifics of the most exciting games of the year but the less-important happenings of the year’s athletic program may be very vague. The tackles, the blocked shots, and the home runs recall many exciting events of the year. These events were once so recent that we could picture them as they had happened. We can picture the many practice sessions, the pep sessions, the bus rides, and the fans who en¬ joyed the games so much. Time has taken many of these memo ries from us and has left us with only the memory of the most important athletic events. The competitive spirit gained and the silhouettes of the year’s athletic events, however, will continue to exist. 44 The Golden Tornado 1960 ROW ONE: B. Richardson, L. Gee, H. D elaGarza, F. Bodnar, J. Dabney, Manager, T. Lemley, A. Neely, A. Brown, G. Burkhart, J. Chionis, D. Noble. ROW TWO: Manager, T. Darkins, T. Charbonneau, Co-Captain, J. Ryan, M. Roth, D. McDonough, D. Sipos, D. Ross, D. Davis, J. Holman, P. Dawson, J. Grogan, Manager, R. Larson. ROW THREE: Head Coach, A. Rolfe, Co-Captain, M. Patrick, T. Koulianos, D. Bayer, R. Smith, J. Mikovich, D. Bencie, B. Bayer, F. Lewis, J. Templin, E. Volk, Assistant Coach, H. Szulborski. TORNADO TOTALS (4c) Football-o-Rama EHS Opp. 0 Lew Wallace 0 6 Roosevelt 20 0 Hobart 34 12 Tolleston 13 EHS Opp. 7 Lew Wallace 19 19 Froebel 6 13 Valparaiso 19 33 Horace Mann 27 46 The Golden Tornado of 1960 finished “with a good taste in their mouth,” as Coach Rolfe puts it, when they upended the state-ranked and highly favored Horace Mann Horsemen, 33-27. This thrilling upset not only spoiled Mann’s Homecoming but also de¬ prived them of the City Championship. The heroes of the game for Emerson were John Ryan and Jerome Dabney who scored two touchdowns each. Frank Lewis added a six-pointer to round out the victor’s scoring. Solid defensive play and sharp offensive blocking characterized the Tornado attack. Happy Emersonians whoop it up after their upset triumph over Horace Mann. The start of the season was not as happy, however, for the boys played a good game in Football-O-Rama only to tie a rough Lew Wallace team, 0-0. A very fast and shifty Roosevelt team ran off with a twenty to six victory in our first regular season game. The only thing that had any enlightening effect at all was the accurate passing of Lewis combined with the nifty running of Ryan resulting in the first of many touch¬ downs via the airways. The next obstacle in the path of the Tornado was a heavy and State-ranked Hobart eleven. The Emerson fellows could do no more than hold the score to a thirty-four to zero count. Tolleston Field was the sight of the next game and the heart-breaker of the year. Emerson’s passing attack was in high gear as Templin and Lewis hit Patrick and Ryan, respectively, for the two Tornado tallies. But despite all efforts of a late comeback the score ended with EHS on the short end of a 13-12 score. Then came Emerson’s Homecoming and our arch¬ foes from across town, Lew Wallace, were our oppo¬ nents. In a steady, cold drizzle the Hornets were not to be denied and went away with a nineteen to seven victory. The only score for us was made by Ryan. The following week we again had to play a State- ranked team in the form of Hammond High. The boys did better than expected but still couldn’t muster enough to knock off their rivals. The final was 27-6, with Holman being the only person to cross the last yardstripe for the Tornado. The by now hungry East-siders, with a 0-5 record, met with Froebel, their oldest rival. This was the Golden Tornado’s night as John Ryan again crashed the scoring column this time with two touchdowns which, coupled with Lewis’ TD, proved too much for the Devils. Emerson had its first victory of the season with a 19-6 score. Following their big victory the boys almost turned the tables on a favored Valparaiso team. Dabney electrified the spectators with a brilliant dash of sev¬ enty-six yards, behind marvelous blocking, for his first touchdown of the season. Ryan boosted his TD total to five when he accepted another aerial from Lewis, but nevertheless Valpo managed to eke out a 19-13 thriller. As a finale to a mediocre season, the boys gave the parting seniors, as well as the rest of the school, one they will remember for years to come. Thanks fellows for giving your best all year. And good-bye to the fine guys that will not be again the gold and gray: Jerome Dabney, Mike Roth, Dan McDonough, Don Sipos, Jim Grogan, Don Bayer, Jim Mikovich, Dave Bencie, Frank Lewis, and our great co-captains, Mike Patrick, and John Ryan. Congratulations to John Ryan and Frank Lewis for the honor of having been chosen to the All-City Foot¬ ball team for 1960. GO GET ’EM TORNADO, IN ’61. 47 Lewis sets for a long one against Lew Wallace. Above: Patrick skirts the end for with the aid of a stiff-arm. Left: A Horseman is about to be trampled der by Bayer and Patrick. Left: Templin takes off as Sipos sets to strike two Devils to the ground. Panther to Reserves (3-4) Freshmen (6-2) FRONT ROW: R. Fitzgerald, D. Chumlar, K. Richmond, R. Flournoy, T. Koulianos, R. Stewart, R. Millington, R. Vaughn. SECOND ROW: D. Denslaw, T. Roy, J. Ruebens, E. Nestor, A. Ammons, T. Stewart, A. Pavloff, R. Sanders, J. Hennessy. THIRD ROW: F. Traeson, L. Clary, F. Lutz, L. Barerio, L. Oris, E. Holt, M. Ypsilanis, R. Wallace. FOURTH ROW: N. Dear, R. Kerhin, A. Templin, R. Bradon, R. Pittman, A. Kennedy, Manager F. Pierce, S. Cvetitic, Coach W. Klug. TOP ROW: R. Gresham, J. Cothren, J. Tidwell, R. Vantrease, J. Gondell, J. Demakos, D. Gorde, T. Hunter, B. Roselle, J. Griffith. FRONT ROW: D. Simmons, Manager T. Lemley, T. Tory, D. Krieter, F. Calloway, M. Ihnat, Manager T. Darkins. SECOND ROW: J. Toma, B. Williamson, W. Cruse, J. Arnold, A. Wright, W. Thompson, J. Gallagher, Coach H. Szulborski. THIRD ROW: L. Hackett, R. Woods, B. Summers, J. Davies, G. Horkavi, C. Rogers, R. Redoya, and J. Kavados. Sr. Fullback, MIKE PATRICK, I I Jr. Quarterback, JON TEMPLIN Jr. Halfback, ART NEELY Jr. Guard, FRANK BODNAR So. Halfback, ED VOLK Sr. Manager, TOBY DARKINS 51 KNEELING: R. Farrell, A. Gast, J. Wallace, L Zanetti. STANDING: Coach H. Connelly, R. McCants, H. Flournoy, K. Coolman, and manager H. Coley. Although the Emerson Harriers only placed sixth in the conference meet, they were second in the confer¬ ence round robin, with a 10-1 record, fifth in the Hobart Invitational, and fourth in the sectional meet. As you can see it was quite a successful season. Add¬ ing to the success of this season were several firsts. There were five boys who ran the two-mile course in less than 10:12; for the first time in history three boys, Richard Farrell, Robert McCants, and Ivan Za¬ netti, ran it in less than ten minutes, and when Richard Farrell toured the Hammond High course in 10-15 it constituted the only record of the season. Congratu¬ lations to Rich and also to the rest of the gang for making the 1960 season one to remember. Major “E” winners include Sophomore, Kurt Cool- man; Juniors, Robert McCants, Ivan Zanetti, Harry Flournoy; and the parting Seniors, John Wallace, Al¬ len Gast, and Rich Farrell. EHS SCORES OF EMERSON DUAL MEETS 1960 (LOWER SCORE WINS) OPP. 40 Gary Roosevelt 19 20 Froebel 37 26 Tolleston 29 15 Hammond Tech 46 15 Whiting 50 20 Horace Mann 39 25 E. C. Roosevelt 33 25 Lew Wallace 34 15 Hammond Clark 48 17 Hammond High 47 15 E. C. Washington 40 30 Valparaiso 26 52 SEATED: D. Chumley, T. Wolfrath, D. Edmound, T. Kolodzinski, G. Munice, R. Carpenter, R. Pittman. KNEELING: J. Wallace, S. Savich, B. Hudgins, L. Horton, F. Lutz, A. Brown, W. Johnson, W. Lopez and J. Coolman. STANDING: R. Farrell, D. Foster, Coach H. Connelly, G. Kalin, H. Ford, D. Davis, R. Crooms, B. Robinson, D. Sipos, D. Bayer, H. Flournoy, J. Popodoupolous, I. Zanetti, J. Dabney, R. McCants. Coach Connelly is anticipating a successful season again in 1961, and well he should, for returning this year are: Seniors; Don Bayer, who qualified in the State hurdles last year, and Richard Farrell, indoor confer¬ ence and city champ; Juniors, Bob McCants, the 880 and John Rodgers, 440 and mile, (Rodgers also holds the city record for Freshmen in the 440) and Jerome Dab¬ ney, the broad jump. Emerson has always been well represented down-state during the track season and this year undoubtedly will not be an exception. Below is shown Don Bayer practicing his specialty along with Harry Flournoy, Robert McCants, Jerome Dabney, and Fred Bodie. In the foreground: R. Wallace, B. Smith, and Coach H. Szulborski. KNEELING: Manager R. Larson, R. Zum, H. DeLa Garza, R. Sullivan, M. Sczerba, G. Burkhart, P. Dawson, B. Billars, A. Pikramenos. STANDING: F. Heilman, B. Predovich, D. Krieter, M. Ihnat, G. Bradovich, G. Horkavi, I. Popoulous, T. Tory, S. Wetmore, J. Allbritten. Wrestling, a comparatively new sport at Emerson, has incurred a great amount of interest as well as participa¬ tion. Although this is only the second year wrestling has been a sport at Emerson, we turned in a respectable 3-3 dual meet record. Despite the fact that as a team we ended up fourth in the city, Mickey Sczerba, Garry Burkhart, and Paul Dawson placed in the city meet. Lettermen in Wrestling include: Seniors: Homer De¬ LaGarza and Mickey Sczerba; Juniors: Bob Smith, Rob¬ ert Zum, Paul Dawson, and Archie Pikramenos; Sopho¬ more: Garry Burkhart; and Freshman: Robert Wallace. All Emersonians wish the wrestling teams of the fu¬ ture the best of luck. We know the student body will back wrestling with as much enthusiasm as they do all sports. Freshmen FRONT ROW: J. Hennessy, K. Richmond, R. Vantrease, manager T. Lemley, R. Wyatt, X. Chase, and G. Moore. SECOND ROW: J. Ruebens, N. Muffoletto, P. Dipiazza, D. Denslaw, J. Mroszack, M. Ypsilantes, and Coach A. J. Rolfe. THIRD ROW: T. Wolfrath, D. Gorby, J. Ershick, F. Lutz, M. Colliver, J. Huggins. s ( 4 - 13 ) FIRST ROW: R. Woods, J. Kavados, R. Crooms, R. Redoya, and C. Rogers. SECOND ROW: T. Gayda, B. Williams, J. Tidwell, G. Elston, W. Cook, and Coach C. Christoff. THIRD ROW: W. Boyd, A. Anderson, D. Chavous, R. Carpenter, and manager F. Tidwell. Varsity Basketball KNEELING: Manager N. Dear, J. Pantinas, E. Charbonneau, J. Garbett, T. Corwin, and R. Fitzgerald. STAND¬ ING: Manager O. Woods, J. Blanton, T. Brown, B. Bayer, J. Rodgers, K. Coolman, D. Johnson, and Coach W. King. The “Fighting Norse” started the 1960-61 campaign on the right foot by defeating E. G. Edison by a 49-37 count. This turned out to be their last victory in 1960. A long drought of 12 straight losses followed this vic¬ tory. But then at Whiting Gym came the first of two upsets for the 1961 Emersonians. The Waiting Oflers were set back 45-31. The following week, after losing a tight one to Valpo, the Norsemen met and upset the favored Horsemen of Horace Mann, 61-60. This was by far the most exciting game of the season. The cry now around Emerson is, “Go get those guys (Horsemen) in Baseball.” Following this game and still on our cloud, we pro¬ ceeded to side-track a fast Merrillville team, 64-57. A fine team was turned out by Emerson this year despite the fact that their record was 4-17. During the year we lost five games by a total of 13 points! The lone parting Senior on this year’s squad is 5’8” “little” Ed Charbonneau. To him and the rest of the “never-say-die” Norsemen, Emerson wishes the best of luck in everything. “E” OPP 49 E. G. Edison 37 47 Froebel 69 39 Calumet. 40 39 Hammond High 41 40 Edison 42 40 Tolleston 56 48 Gary Roosevelt 76 45 Whiting 31 38 E. C. Roosevelt 48 61 Valporaiso 68 61 Lew Wallace 72 61 Horace Mann 60 Holiday Tourney: 64 Merrillville 57 47 Froebel 66 48 Hammond Clark 62 43 Wirt 67 45 E. G Washington 59 43 Chesterton 49 Sectional: 33 Hammond Tech 35 49 Tolleston 52 56 ABOVE: “Little” Eddy Charbonneau shows he can compete with the biggest. BELOW: Flournoy and Rodgers bound against Horace Mann. ABOVE: Blanton scores two against E. C. Roose¬ velt. BELOW: Johnson is shown on one of his pat¬ ented driving lay-ups. James Garbett uses a nifty head fake to outwit his op- Judy Beyers Speedball Ruth Jurdzy Basketball Pat Dittrich Volleyball G.A.A. Officers ROW ONE: J. Campbell, P. Dittrich, S. Kern, S. Spurgeon, C. Falconer, M. Stanislaw, P. Blacketor, T. Traina, J. Perry, I. Esters. ROW TWO: L. Tanner, F. Zukowski, G. Moran, D. Lubeznick, E. Warshal, C. Talmadge, P. Simon, C. Appel, B. Welsh, M. Graham. ROW THREE: D. Zajac, R. Herschberg, S. Bullock, D. Karver, H. Scoumbordi, S. Slavo, F. Toda, H. Webster, M. Jones. ROW FOUR: B. Malamatos, P. Sanders, B. Smith, L. Zarakas, R. Mason, R. Jurdzy, J. Beyers, D. Hronopolis, B. Blum, J. Pruit, M. Tarillo. ROW ONE: A. Johnson, J. Childress, S. Nash, A. Chelich, J. Strombeck, M. Hudspeth, J. Tolan, V. Sutton, S. Kcieter, 0. Hughes, A. Snelling, S. Stath. ROW TWO: S. Charbonneau, J. Dixon, G. Howdrowski, R. Williams, D. Cvetetic, J. Stawicki, K. Lemmons, N. Gracin, M. Brackett, K. Skubish, M. Mailath, S. Stewart, L. King, F. Pinkerton, E. De la Garza. ROW THREE: K. Clayton, K. Pitman, H. Rajski, S. Lowther, M. Beller, H. Dunsworth, S. Russel, A. Williams, J. Graham, C. Cross, B. Moore, S. Champion, S. Motto, K. Cyprian. ROW FOUR: P. McPherson, F. Pantiaguas, M. Cun¬ ningham, D. Danciu, P. Ferrell, G. Grigonis, C. Sullivan, F. Haris, E. White, B. Rota, J. Miller, A. Muffaletto, J. Nowak, E. Spurlock, G. Stanford. 60 ROW ONE: S. Campbell, C. McDowell, N. Humbert, E. Malizzo, L. Henderson, P. Burns. ROW TWO: P. Kenneth, V. Davis, E. Withers, S. Karan, J. Ignelzi, L. Levandowski, D. Foster, B. Clark, P. Mitchner, P. Franklin, E. Matthews, S. Floyd, E. Clark, J. Teagarden, A. Short, C. Cline, S. Wallace, C. Ranney. ROW THREE: C. Blaemire, C. Cahill, J. Holt, C. Miller, B. Patalis, B. Bisadaris, J. Langan, D. Solden, S. Parker, G. Armor, L. Christ, P. Sivertson, M. Lanhan, M. Plesko, D. Lawerance. ROW FOUR: N. Newcomb, L. Roland, G. Radrekas, P. Parker, K. Dion, P. Long, G. Chmiel, S. Spence, N. Papas, A. Walls, F. Brown, B. Hennessy, A. Ypslantis, A. Bodnar, M. Chirigo. ROW FIVE: G. Jablonske, P. Stanislaw, D. Prentiss, L. Chahant, S. Swartz, P. Reeves, J. Grecco, D. Sterns, P. Kowal, N. Roperti, M. Edwards, M. Lind, C. Gerhardt, T. Decker, P. Portillo, C. Miklos, A. Pawlik. ROW ONE: L. Oros, N. King, P. Blacketor. ROW TWO: N. Parnell, E. Janes, S. Kern, C. Festa, D. Davies, P. Long, J. Vician, G. Thrasher, S. Salvetti, G. Kwolek, G. Sanchez, C. Hill, D. Hozmiholizs, B. Pendleton. ROW THREE: B. Jurdzy, R. Ranney, E. Wright, R. Woods, V. Scoon, A. Tahansky, J. Gillian, B. Clark, V. Riley, C. Corder, P. Mitchell, L. O’Neal, P. White, R. McConnachie, S. Scroggins, G. Pozdol, F. Columbo. ROW FOUR: P. Barton, S. Doniel, M. Worth, P. Zeimis, J. Roszkowiak, H. Valasquez, S. Wendt, E. Noski, J. Easton, B. Dear, D. Herr, C. Shaban, M. Simon, C. Speiring, S. Bewick, J. Bubik. ROW FIVE: F. Hill, M. Ivanyo, L. Carver, J. Cunninghan, P. Runions, D. Smardzia, S. Neddef, C. Festa, J. Deaton, J. Neal, S. Guill, J. Andrea, M. Jadranak, L. Stevens, W. Colon. SENIORS, FIRST ROW: J. Beyers, R. Jurdzy, B. Smith, P. Blacketor. SECOND ROW: L. Zarakas, D. Hronopoulos, F. Toda, T. Traina. Should we forget our G.A.A. As on through life we pass Should we forget the gold and grey Or love it to the last. We’ll not forget thee for the fun We’ve had right from the start We’ll love our school of Emerson And thee, with all our hearts. This song is taught to G.A.A. members and it is sung at special social events throughout the year. The girls Athletic Association is one of the major factors that contributes to the maturity of Emerson High School girls. It provides a well-rounded social, as well as recreational, program where girls learn sportsmanship, acquire a zest for activity, and develop a sincere friendship with classmates. To G.A.A. and Mrs. Mosier. our sponsor, we say thank you for preparing us to meet our future responsibilities. 62 JUNIORS, FIRST ROW: A. Muffeletto, J. Chil¬ dress, E. Spurlock, J. Dixion. SECOND ROW: P. Farrell, J. Grigonis, S. Stath, A. Williams. THIRD ROW: S. Russell, S. Bynum, J. Stawicki, D. Steward. SOPHOMORES, FIRST ROW: P. Long, A. Bodnar, C Gerhardt, P. Burns, M. Edwards. SECOND ROW: M. Withers, M. Lind, N. Humbert, E. Malizzo. THIRD ROW: S. Floyd, B. Hennessy, M. Plesko. 63 Classes 66 I H3IH3 t ! l Many years have passed since we have seen our our association with many classmates. We will re¬ school friends and classmates. The faces that we once meml er that with each coming school year, new talked with, laughed with and about, and spent most faces come, while old ones remained or vanished, of our time with have become a phase of our sil- These new faces introduced themselves as friends houettes of learning. and acquaintances. The classmates that have helped It is hard to realize how much we may forget to mold our personalities will always be a part of our with the passing years. The future will take from school memories, us many of the fond memories acquired through 67 Richard Farrell, President. ( TLl OT ' S Bonnie Blum, Vice-President. SPONSORS, L. to R.: Mrs. Palmer, Miss Beeler, Miss Greiger, Miss Solich, Miss Sayers, Miss Tinsman. R. Cooley, Boys’ Treasurer 68 C. Appel, Secretary A. Patton, Girls’ Treasurer “ WE LIVE TO LEARN 9 ’ GENE ARMSTRONG Spanish Club Photography Club Prom Committee Latin Club Art Club DIANNE LOUISE BADANISII Sophomore Hop Committee G.A.A. F.T.A. Officer F.B.L.A. Officer Prom Committee Senior Picnic DON BAYER Student Council Football Track Latin Club Prom Chairman Senior Personality 69 SUZANNE BEWICK F. B.L.A. G. A.A. Prom Committee A Cappella Sophomore Hop Committee Spanish Club JUDITH KAY BEYERS Varsity Cheerleader G.A.A. Board Booster Club Pres. Senior Personality EMERSONIAN Homecoming Attendant WILLIAM PAUL BROWN Basketball Baseball Audio-Visual Spanish Club Golf Team Freshman Football “Knowledge Is a Treasure, PAMELA SUE BLACKETOR EMERSONIAN G.A.A. Officer Varsity Cheerleader Homecoming Attendant Spanish Club Senior Personality BONNIE JEAN BLUM Senior Honor Society F.B.L.A. Pres. Senior Class Officer Senior Personality Soph. Hop Queen F.T.A. Officer MURRAY BRYANT Orchestra All City R.O.T.C. Band JOHN GIBSON BUBIK “E” Club Prom Committee A Cappella Nominating Comm. Soph. Hop Comm. Varsity Football Mgr. JOYCE JUANITA CAMPBELL EMERSONIAN Homecoming Attendant Miss Personality White Collar Girl Student Council Junior Class Officer SHERRIANN BULLOCK Majorette Concert Orchestra Glee Club Soph. Hop Comm. F.BX.A. RAY CASTLE Prom Comm. Drama Club Officer Jr. Sr. Play Spice Variety Concert Band but Practice Is the Key to It 99 WILLARD CHARNETZKY Nat’l Honor Society Latin Club Gary World Affairs Stud. Forum Joe Berg Program Discussion Club Audio-Visual JOHN RICHARD CHILDERS R.O.T.C. Drill Team Rifle Team French Club Sec. FRED EDWARD CAVENTER Senior Picnic Comm. Audio-Visual Photography C lub D.E. Club Pres. EDWARD E. CHARBONNEAU Student Council Pres. Junior Class Pres. Mr. Personality Spanish Club Pres. Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball BILL CHRISTIE Latin Club JUDITH CLARK G.A.A. F.B.L.A. Cheering Block RICHARD KENNETH COOLEY Senior Gass Officer Prom Comm. Commencement Conjm. Basketball Mgr. Spanish Club “E” Gub “Wisdom Is the Perfect TOBY GEORGE DARKINS Band “E” Gub Latin Club French Gub Honor Society Prom Comm. LINDA CVETETIC F.B.L.A. F.T.A. Drama Club Commencement Comm. Spanish Gub Art Gub Soph. Hop Comm. F.T.A. Officer Prom Comm. Carnival Queen Att. THOMAS WILLIAM CORWIN EMERSONIAN Senior Personality Varsity Baseball Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Drama Club CHARLES KAY DASHE Pres. Honor Society Joe Berb Program French Club Officer Debate Club Officer Discussion Club LeROY HUGHES Spanish Club R.O.T.C. Track Basketball Good of the Human Mind 99 PATRICIA ANN DITTRICH JAMES DISHMON Spanish Club Art Club A Cappella Track Photography Club Basketball G.A.A. Board Frosh Class Comm. Spanish Club Sr. Day Comm. Spice Variety A Cappella i GEORGIA LEE EARLY Building and Grounds Jr. Sr. Prom Comm. Spice Variety Latin Club Drama Club G.A.A. CHESTER DUNN Math Club Trans, from Calif. Drill Team Rifle Team Bowling Team 73 “Some Are Wise GEORGE EWERS Sr. Personality Sr. Dramatics Prom Committee Christmas Pageant “E” Club Jr. and Sr. Play JOAN THERESA EARLY Prom Comm. Class Day Comm. G.A.A. D.E. Officer Spice Variety Drama Club JOHN ERDELLES Dist. Education JOHN JOSEPH GALKA Spice Variety Soph. Hop Frosh Frolics RICHARD B. FARRELL Nat’l Honor Society Sr. Class President Track Cross Country Spanish Club Pres. Sr. Personality ALLAN GAST Crosscountry Track Football Basketball R.O.T.C. and Some Are Otherwise 99 JAMES GROGAN Football WILLIAM JOSEPH HAKE Sr. Honor Society Jr. Class Officer Varsity Football Latin Club Officer “E” Club ANTHONY JOHN GORSKI Dist. Ed. Club Art Club JAMES HALEY 75 RAYMOND ARTHUR JOYCE Nat’l Honor Society Commencement Comm. Frosh Football Frosh Basketball “E” Club Spanish Club Learning Without Thought Is Useless; RONA LOUISE HIRSCHBERG G.A.A. Officer Honor Society Sec. Latin Club Sec. Class Day Comm. Jr. Sr. Play . Spice Variety MARY TINA JONES G.A.A. F.B.L.A. Cheering Block RUTH ANN JURDZY Varsity Cheerleader Student Council Football Queen Senior Personality G.A.A. Board EMERSONIAN EDMUND J. KALIN Hoosier Boys’ State “E” Club Varsity Football Spanish Club Officer Prom Chairman Class Day Chairman PHYLLIS ANN IRISH Glee Club A Cappella Concert Orchestra French Club Baccalaureate Comm. Thought Without Learning Is Dangi JOSEPH OLIVER KISH Concert Band Concert Orchestra A Cappella Pep Band AH City Band ROBERT JOEL KREMINSKI Spanish Club R.O.T.C DriU Team Rifle Team JAMES E. KOSTEL D.E.C.A. Rifle Team DIANNE KARVER G.A.A. Drama Club F.T.A. Spanish Club F.B.L.A. Soph. Hop Comm. i Jdk JUNE MAXINE KELLER Concert Band Latin Club A Cappella Glee Club THOMAS M. KOULIANOS FootbaU “E” Club Sr. Personality Sr. Class Comm. Latin Club Track SHARON MARIE KERN Sr. Personality Girls’ State Rep. Student Council Sr. Picnic Chairman F.B.L.A. Officer A Cappella L. FRANK LEWIS DARLENE LUBEZNICK G.A.A. Board NORSE WIND Drama Club Frosh Frolic Comm. Soph. Hop Comm. Business Research Award Football Baseball Basketball Sr. Personality Social Comm. “E” Men STEVEN E. LEHOCKY Concert Band Officer Dist. Ed. Club R.O.T.C. Pep Band ELIZABETH MALAMATOS G.A.A. Latin Club Majorette Concert Orchestra F.B.L.A. Glee Club Soph. Hop Comm. “A Great Mind 78 ROSEMARY ELAINE MASON Student Council Drama Club Pres. Football Attendant NORSE WIND Senior Day Comm. G.A.A. I J-A JAMES R. MIKOVICH “E” dub Varsity Football Spanish Club Baccalaureate Comm. dan McDonough Varsity Football “E” Qub Prom Committee Senior Picnic Committee Sophomore Hop Committee Freshman Basketball JOHN DONALD MKLOS Christmas Pageant Photography Club Baseball Becomes a Great Fortune 99 BOB NORMAN Latin Club Art Club Spanish Club Drama Club f ' GENEVIEVE MORAN A Cappella F. T.A. Glee Qub G. A.A. Drama Club F.B.L.A. MICHAEL WAYNE PATRICK EMERSONIAN Football Co-captain Booster Committee Social Committee Pres. Sophomore President Senior Personality 79 JOANN PAVLOFF G.A.A. F.B.L.A. ANN PATTON F.TA. Officer F.B.L.A. Senior Class Officer Senior Picnic Comm. JACQUELINE PERRY G.A.A. F.B.L.A. Cheering Block MICHAEL EDWARD PEPA Photography Club Freshman Football Education Has JOE PIASECZNY Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball “E” Club Prom Committee A Cappella Choir BERNARD WILLIAM PFILE Latin Club NANCY JEAN PERKINS Newstaff JOHN PET A LIS Orchestra R.O.T.C. Wrestling Track ANN MARIE PUJO G.A.A. F.B.L.A. the Formation of Character ” DONNA LYNNETTE RICHARDSON G.A.A. F.B.L.A. F.T.A. Art Club Glee Club Class Day Committee JAMES CHARLES RICHMOND Varsity Baseball Latin Club “E” dub Art dub STEPHEN RASHEVICH Prom Committee Drum Major Drama dub A Cappella Treasurer WILLIAM E. ROBINSON R.O.T.C. A Cappella Freshman Football MICHAEL A. ROTH Senior Personality Sophomore Officer Varsity Football “E” dub Prom Committee dass Ring Committee 81 JOHN RYAN EMERSONIAN Co-Editor Football Co-Captain Baseball Student Council Social Committee Freshman President “There Is No Knowledge CHARLES B. RUNIONS “E” dub Football Spanish Club Latin Club Gass Gilt Comm. DON A. J. SIPOS Football “E” Club Spanish Qub Christmas Pageant Concert Band Freshman Basketball PATRICIA ANN SANDERS Drama Qub G.A.A. Board Gass Day Committee F.B.L.A. A Cappella Jr. and Sr. Plays HELEN SCOUMBOURDI G.A.A. Art Gub F.B.L.A. BARBARA ANN SMITH G.A.A. Board Drama Club Senior Personality NORSE WIND Prom Committee F.B.L.A. SAMUEL STONE Varsity Basketball That Is Not Power 99 LUCRETIA ANN TANNER Prom Committee Designs G.A.A. Spice and Variety A Cappella Drama Club FRANCIS ELIZABETH TODA Freshman Officer G.A.A. F.T.A. Officer F.B.L.A. Officer Prom Committee Citizenship Award l) " BARBARA KAY TOMA NORSE WIND Spanish dub ANTOINETTE ELAINE TRAINA EMERSONIAN G.A.A. Officer Senior Personality 1960 Cheerleader Freshman Officer Social Committee 84 MARGARET ALICE TITUS F. B.L.A. Dist Education G. A.A. Booster Club of Education JOHN LEWIS WALLACE Band Cross Country Track Football Baseball Lies in Respecting the Pupil 99 HELEN ANNETTE WEBSTER Latin Club Art Club G.AA F.B.L.A. Drama Club JIM WALSH Football “E” dub Photography Club ELEANOR WARSHAL G.A.A. Board Drama Club Officer NORSE WIND Senior Committee Sophomore Hop Comm. Frosh. Frolic Comm. WILLIAM L. WESSLER Concert Band Latin dub Drama Club 85 JANE AGNES WITHERS F.B.L.A. the Education CAROLYN SUE WYRICK Girls’ Rifle Team Glee Club A Cappella Latin Club Drama Club Jr. and Sr. Play u The Foundation of Every State Is of Its Youth ” CARL F. YOUNG Frosh Football French Club Spanish Club Debate Club Drama Club R.O.T.C. DONNA MARIE ZAJAC G.A.A. Glee Club A Cappella Girls’ Rifle Team Spanish Club Drama Club LORRAINE PENNY ZARAKAS G.A.A. President Head Cheerleader Homecoming Queen Senior Personality Sophomore Officer Prom Committee 86 DANIEL ZIEGLER Dist. Education MICHAEL T. GALOOZIS Varsity Football Basketball “E” Club Track Summer Baseball FRANCINE ZUKOWSKI Football O’Rama Queen Varsity Cheerleader Homecoming Attendant Senior Personality Booster Club F.B.L.A. Officer PAUL WALTER ZIENIN Concert Band Pres. Pep Band Concert Orchestra Commencement Comm. All City Band E m e r s o n S a l u t e s Charles Dashe for his outstand¬ ing achievements through high school to merit the title of Vale¬ dictorian. Mrs. Clara K. Reyher for her thirty-six years of faithful service in the . language department of Emerson. Mrs. Gertrude Palmer for her untiring willingness to support the student body and in boosting school spirit. Mr. Lawrence DeLeurere for giv¬ ing up his precious time toward the benefit of our school dances and sponsoring our Social Committee. MRS. GERTRUDE PALMER MR. LAWRENCE DELEURERE 87 OFFICERS, L. to R.: F. Bodnar, Boys’ Treasurer, S. Charbonneau, President, J. Holman, Vice-Presi¬ dent, J. Childress, Girls’ Treasurer. SPONSORS, L. to R-: Mrs. Greenwald, Mrs. WeteKamp, Mr. Deleurere, Mrs. Plum, Mrs. Mosier. 88 Bayer, Bob Bedwell, Bill Beller, Marian Bisdaris, John Blaney, John Bowden, Thelma Boyle, Kenneth Brackett, Myrtle Broadnax, Richard Brown, Tommy Brown, Stanley Bynum, Sharon Champion, Sally Charbonneau, Susan Chastian, Carolyn Chavous, Duane Childress, Jan Clayton, Katrina Cieliesz, Adele Coley, Herbert Cross, Connie Cruz, Manuel Cunningham, Mary Cvetetic, Dianne Cyprian, Karen Dabney, Jerome Danciu, Dulce Davis, Alfreda Davis, Dennie Dawson, Paul DeLagarza, Esperanza Dixon, Joyce Donald, Donnie Dunsworth, Holly Farrell, Pat Festa, Joe Flournoy, Harry Forbes, Thomas Frazier, David Gallagher, John 89 Garbett, James Gracin, Nan Graham, Joyce Grigonis, Janice Harper, Janet Heilman, Fred Hendrex, Mary Hibbs, Linda Hollaway, Sandra Holman, James Holt, Richard Hudspeth, Marianne Hughes, Ora Hunt, Pam Ihnat, Milo Irwin, James Janiczek, Ray Johnson, Dewitte Kapica, Dan Karedes, John Kelly, Shiela King, Linda Klug, Mike Kourogounis, Christine Lanfear, Mary Lawther, Sandra Lesenyie, Robert Lewis, Robert Luscombe, Gloria Mailath, Marge Malizzo, Marty Manning, Doyle Marcotte, Bill Mason, Shirley McCanes, Robert McCullough, Dave McDonald, Mike McPherson, Phyllis Miller, Bruce Moore, Bridget Motta, Sharon Muffoletto, Annette Munoz, George Nash, Sandy Neely, Art Nelson, Carol Nowak, Jan O’Connell, Liz Pabon, Edwin Paniaguas, Flo Pappas, Angelo Parker, Judy Picford, Alton Pierce, Frances Pikramenos, Archie Pippins, James Pittman, Karen Predovich, Bob Rainey, Barb Raj ski, Henrietta Rodgers, John Rolston, Mary Rota, Barb Ross, Amanda Ross, David Ross, Sharon Roszkowiak, Ronald Rowland, Sandie Schmielav, Robert Shaffer, Cora Skubish, Karen Smith, Jack Snelling, Audrey Spurlock, Evelyn Stanford, Gail Stawicki. Janet Stefanovich, Millie Stewart, Dianne Stewart, Sally Stewart, Wayne 91 Strombeck, Janice Sullivan, Colleen Sutton, Jackie Taylor, Delores Thomas, Pat Timberman, Warren Tockstein, Virginia Tolan, Joyce Toma, John Tomlinson, Pat Vella, Edgar Washko, Allen White, Edwina Williams, Adelle Wilson, Myrdis Wofford, Evelyn Wolfrath, Richard Wood, Abraham Woods, Ronald Wright, Art Wyatt, Samuel Wynn, Georgianne Yancey, Virginia Young, Helen Zaharias, Irene Zanetti, Ivan Zemis, Ray Ziegler, Beverly Miller, Joan Williams, Roberta SPONSORS, L. to R.: Miss Anderson, Mr. Connerly, Mr. Holobus, Mrs. Reyher, Mr. Aurit, Miss Neubaur. 93 OFFICERS, L. to R.: P. Burns, Secretary, J. Davies, Vice-President, C. Rogers, President, S. Campbell, Girls’ Treasurer, A. Brown, Boys’ Treasurer. Sophomores Adkins, Phillip Anderson, Arnett Andrews, Judy Arnold, Jack Armour, Geraldine Batalis, Bessie Bisdaris, Georgia Bizadellis, Barbara Blaemire, Carole Bledsoe, Julia Boddie, Fred Bodnar, Antionette Bonner, George Boyd, Wilbert Brown, Alex Brown, Fannie Brewer, Susan Burkhart, Garry Burney, Arlon Burns, Pat Butler, Edward Cahill, Kathy Callaway, Fred Campbell, Shirley Carpenter, Robert Cervantes, Francisco Chionos, John Chirigo, Maria Chmiel, Gloria Christ, Lillian Clark, Barbara Clark, Elmorie Clark, Rose Mary Clifford, Sharon Cline, Charlice Curtis, Edith Cook, Willester Coolman, Kurt Coleman, Thomas Cruce, Whitt Cruz, Carmen Davies, Jeff Davis, Vivian Decker, Teddy Dian, Kathy Edwards, Mary Elston, Gerry Emmart, Eugene Erris, Charles Evans, Eddie Evans, Mattie Foster, Dianna Franklin, Pat Gajda, Tom Gerhardt, Carole Golded, Diane Graham, Wansetta Grecco, Judy Hackett, Larry Hampton, Callie Hansen, Rich Heilman, Patricia Henderson, Liz Hennessey, Bridgett Hernandiz, Michael Holt, Judy Hosea, Beatrice Hughes, Garland Humbert, Nancy Ignelzi, Johine Irish, JoEllen Jablonski, Georgia Jeffries, Jimmy Johnson, Andrea Jones, Margaret Kalin, George Karen, Suzanne Kost, Pamela Kostic, Monica Kowel, Patricia Krieter, Sharon Kruchowsky, Janice Lea, Sandra Lanham, Mary Larson, Richard Levandowski, Linda Lind, Marcia Long, Pat Lopes, William Lopez, Pedro 95 Maleniak, Richard Malizzo, Eloise Mathews, Elaine McDowell, Carla McDowell, Danny McGants, Robert Metcalf, Shirley Mihelic, Sandy Miklos, Carol Miranda, Tom Mitcher, Marguerite Morphis, Fred NewComb, Nelda Nobel, David Norman, Rita Olson, Ronald Pappas, Nicki Parker, Pat Parker. Shirley Patsel, Lynne Pawlik, Alice Perkins, Harry Peterson, Steven Pikelis, Marie Poleng, Dennis Portillo, Priscilla Poupolos, Tony Poupolos, Toula Radoja, Ray Rains, Sharon Ranney, Carolyn Reeves, Peggy Rench, Vivian Robison, Dale Rodriguez, Gladys Rogers, Chris Rowland, Linda Sarafin, Steve Schneider, Sandra Schwartz, Sandra Simmons, David Sivertson, Paula Smith, Mary Smith, Robert Spearman, Kathleen O Q ft Spence, Sandra Spencer, Jack Stanislaw, Pat Stath, Stella Sterns, Dianne Stearns, Dave Stevens, Nancy Sulich, Carolyn Sullivan, Roger Taylor, Pagerine Teeguarden, Judy Thompson, Walter Torie, Tom Trathen, Carolyn Tripp, Judy Vaxter, Robert Walls, Alice Wallace, Sandra Walters, William Ware, Audrey Wesley, Hill Wetmore, Steve Williams, Robert Willis, Woody Withers, Elizabeth Wolfe, Jeff Ypsilantes, Angie Mathews, Elaine JL K: k Addison, Robert Ammons, Elvid Andrey, Janet Anogianikis, Frank Armstrong, Kathie Banks, Ronald Barreiro, Louis Barton, Peggy Batalis, Bill Batchelor, Russell Beilis, Bill Bewick, Shirley Blacketor, Patsy Bodnar, Bob Bragdon, Ronnie Brown, Bill Bryant, Gary Bubik, Joanne Burney, Lowell Cabson, Carolyn Carter, Barbara Chakos, George Chalfant, Linda Chary, Louis Chase, Elbert Cheesiman, Barbara Christoff, Christ Chumbler, David Coines, Christine Colombo, Antionette Colon, Juana Coolman, Gordon Corder, Connie Corder, Tommy Cothran, John Cox, Bruce Cox, Vicki Cozart, Dora Cristea, Shirley Cunningham, Juen Culver, Marty Curran, Sandy Cvetetic, Steve Daggy, Bob Davies, Dawn 99 David, Terry Davis, Nancy Dear, Bertha Deaton, Sandra Demakas, Johnny Denslaw, Dennis Dilling, Linda Depiazza, Paul Donald, Cheryl Dye, Jim Easton, Joann Edmonds, Danny Ershick, James Evans, Ruby Festa, Christine Fisher, Kathy Fitzgerald, Ronald Fleming, Martha Flournoy, Robert Floyd, Sheila Foster, David Francis, James Gelsasomo, James Gill, Curtis Gillins, Gerald Gillen, Judy Gondell, Gerry Gorby, Dennis Grasham, James Grasham, Richard Griffith, James Grozdanis, Louis Gui|l, Sue Hanko, Pauline Harper, Rachel Hazimihalis, Kathy Hennessey, John Herr, Delores Hill, Cathy Hill, Fayth Honeycutt, Dorothy Harton, Larry Hudgins, John Hunter, Tom Ivanyo, Maryann n a A 0 O a !n 0 o A JL a a n vTr a ■ i i. V W- a Irik a i O A . .x : n A a a A k ay ' C Jadmak, Maryann Janes, Edith Johnson, Bob Johnson, Dorothy Jurdzy, Betty Karver, Lorraine Kennedy, Allen Kennedy, Bob Keogh, Michael Kerhin, Randy King, Nancy Kirby, Katherine Koch, Fred Kolodzinski, Ted Kosak, Larry Kostur, Milica Koulianos, Theo Kwolek, Gloria Lea, Sandra Long, Patricia Long, Mike Lutz, Fred Mann, Delores Maragos, Micky Matthews, Fred Mclaughlin, Jim McConnachie, Rita Miller, Carol Millington, Roland Mitchell, Dorothy Moore, Gregory Mroczek, Charlie Muffoletti, Nino Mullins, Larry Neal, Jo Amber Neddef, Sharon Nestor, Eddie Newell, Victor Nosko, Elyse O’Neal, Luella Oros, Lynn Papadopoulos, Louis Pappas, James Parnell, Mary Pavloff, Alex 101 Perkins, Dianna Peterson, James Phillips, Jack Pickford, Ed Pierce, Fred Pittman, Bob Pozdol, Gayle Purdy, Judy Rainey, Sally Reese, Carol Renzo, Frank Richardson, Helen Richmond, Kerry Riley, Valerie Roszkowiak, Judy Roy, Tim Rubens, Jim Runions, Patsy Ruszel, Bob Sailors, Tony Salvetti, Sharon Samardzja, Donna Sanchez, Grace Sanders, Richard Savich, Sam Schoon, Virginia Scroggins, Sharon Shaban, Christine Shaffer, Ralph Short, Alice Simon, Marion Skrivan, Dennis Spiering, Candy Stephens, Linda Stephenson, Patricia Stinson, Kendall Stout, Carolyn Stuart, Robin Techansky, Arlene Templin, Allan Thrasher, Virginia Tica, Mary Tidwell, Joe Tomich, Walter Tonvich, Timmy Trathen, Fred Upshaw, Leonard Vantrease, Richard Vargo, Mary Vaughn, Ronald Velasquez, Hortencia Vician, Jan Vitkovich, Tim Vondorkovich, Stephanie Vrtikapa, Dessa Wallace, Ray Walleski, Elwood Wendt, Sharon White, Pamela Wolf rath, Terry Worth, Marion Wright, Elmira Wyatt, Anthony Zeigia, Dixie Zemis, Paula Zeigler, Donna Chase, Sharon Champion, Sandra Coleman, Mernette 103 Recollecting our school days wouldn’t be complete without recalling our school life. We can reminisce about the many things that happened during the school day and school night, and the days we were not in school. We all remember little incidents that happened to us but on the whole, we are able to hang on to only the more important ones. We can remember the laughs we had between classes and at lunch time. We recall the times spent at the neighborhood restaurant talking things over while having a snack. The many nights at the games and dances may be one of the highlights of our school life. These were the enjoyable times we spent socializ¬ ing and having fun with our schoolmates. The en¬ tertainment that the games and dances provided was a part of our schooling. Many of the memories of our school life will fade from our minds, but some will remain among our silhouettes of learning. 104 School Life “Class, I dare you to Translate it.” “You Cotta Get Up in the Morning” The Girls and “Old Glory” Ascending the Steps of Knowledge Honorary Cadet Colonel is Barbara Caldwell and candidates Joyce Dixon, Joyce Campbell, Bonnie Blum, and Karen Skubish. Outstanding Citizens: Archie Pikramenos and Frances Toda. F.B.L.A. crowns the White Collar Girl Lettermen crown their favorite queen Ruth Jurdzy. Attendants Rosie Joyce Campbell and her court Dianne Mason and Marge Tarullo. Badanish, Bonnie Blum, Barb Card- well, Frances Toda. R o y a l t i e s 1961 Homecoming Queen Lorraine Zarakas and her court, Francine Zukowski, Joyce Campbell, 108 Judy Beyers, and Pam Blacketor. Do you feel frustrated? ? Is everybody happy? We need Arthur Murray! Bill, what are you looking for? Coach, where are your bermudas? ! Personalities FRANK and JUDY TOM and SHARON Memorial Squeeze?!? What’s the story on this? Caught in the act? ? ?! Ask her to dance, Leroy! ! Straighten those Panthers! ! Hurry up, fellas! We’re freezin’! “Friends, Romans, and Countrymen, lend me your safety pins!” “Swing Time” E.H.S. Hemlines have gone up? ? ? Silhouettes of Learning Our busy, happy days in school, We hope to remember long. But it usually follows the same old rule, Only a silhouette lingers on. What was that teacher’s name? What was it she used to say? I wonder if she looks the same. Ah! those were the “good ole days.” In twenty years or maybe ten, We’ll skim through this book, “I wish I could go back again— How funny I used to look!” A silhouette of learning. Is all that we can hold; In years we’ll all be yearning. For those golden days of old. —Joyce Campbell Norse Finish Second With ten returning lettermen of the 1961 roster, it looked as if Emerson was going to repeat its 1959 first place finish in the WNIHSC. We were well on our way with victories over Tolleston (5-4) and Froebel (7-5) when we ran into the sharpest Horace Mann team in years and bowed, 9-4. Lew Wallace trounced the Norse 9-5 and Valpo squeaked through a 2-1 decision in nine innings. As the second round began we found ourselves on the winning track as Piaseczny blanked the Blue Raiders 2-0. Froebel again ran amuck against Emerson and was defeated 9-6. The Horsemen again proved too much for us as they romped to a 9-5 victory and then marched to the championship. The East Side Gang did not throw in the towel, however; we proved that we were the second best team by de¬ feating Wallace and closed out the season with an easy 8-4 victory over Valpo. We ended the season with a second place finish and a record of 6 wins and 4 losses. The host of graduating Seniors who will be missed next year are: Joe Piaseczny, Bill Franklin, John Ryan, Jim Richmond, Homer De la Garza, Tom Corwin and Ed Charbonneau. 18 Baseball Varsity KNEELING: Mike Keogh, Larry Mullins, Don Wharton, Dan Kapica, Art Wright, Art Neely. STANDING: Coach Szulborski, Richard Cooley, Eddie Evans, Bill Brown, Jeff Davies, George Horkavi. I 19 KNEELING: Alex Brown, Jim Richmond, Tom Corwin, Paul Dawson, John Ryan, Jim Garbett, Homer De la Garza, Tom Lemley, Manager. STANDING: Coach Rolfe, Ed Volk, Larry Hackett, Bill Franklin, Joe Piaseczny, Gerry Elston, Alton Pickford, Jim Holman, Ed Charbonneau. Varsity Golf Senior Day Senior Day is something looked forward to by students and teach¬ ers alike. These are the people who are responsible for the pre-planning and the organization of Senior Day. Murray Bryant tries his hand at ele¬ mentary teaching—How did you like it? A. J.’s famous profile!! Mike and Dave are debating!! Judy and Toni solve the usual study hall problems. Pam and Ruth— future homemak- Sophisticated Seniors show them the 120 The Prom They could have danced all night. “Au Printemps” (In the Spring¬ time) was the theme of the annual Junior-Senior Prom held at Mar¬ quette Park Pavilion. A Parisian backdrop and a flower cart as the main decorations carried through the French theme. Flower baskets served as centerpieces for the tables. Our music was played by Mike Golden’s Bacchantes. The Post Prom Party at Vogel’s in East Chicago followed. 122 Jock Kish and Connie Appel, Senior Class Vice-President, and Bill Franklin and Susan Charbon- neau, Junior Class President, lead the grand march. “Au Printemps” Pastel yellow programs were given as mementoes of the occasion. 123 And so we say good-by to the Seniors of 1961. This school year which saw . . . the election of a new President of the United States—John F. Kennedy . . . Mrs. Reyher’s thirty- sixth and final year as a teacher at EHS . . . the Juniors shine in G.A.A. competition . . . and the downfall of Horace Mann at the hands of the Norsemen . . . was theirs. Their troubles and triumphs have now become a part of Emerson history. They have carried on our traditions; they will carry on the name of “dear old Emerson.” TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY arbooks Are Taylor-made "

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