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— i EMERSON HIGH SCHOOL GARY, INDIANA During this past year, the days have been filled with memories and we have had a wealth of ex¬ periences. Our traditions and customs, organizations and social activities, outstanding athletic department, and high academic standards have made the time we put in worthwhile. We were sorrowed as freshmen and joyed as seniors as we followed the tradition of initiating the freshmen and being the faculty on Senior Day. Thrilling was the moment when we found out that the G.A.A. finally accepted us as members, and proud when we were asked to join the " E " Men ' s Club and when we were elected a Student Council member or class officer. Sorry at times and glad at times, we went out and played with all our ability for football, basketball, baseball, and track. How high we lifted our heads when we made Honor Roll and were inducted into the Honor Society. We will never forget how hard we worked to get good grades on our term-papers and final exams. We Seniors and Emersonians have many pleas¬ ant experiences to relive. So that we can relive these wonderful experiences, the Emersonian enthusiastically gives you a look at 2 CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY CLASSES. ACTIVITIES. SPORTS. SCHOOL LIFE. . .4 .12 .50 .80 104 EMERSON, OUR SCHOOL 3 FACULTY Falling into line in the passing parade of memories are the faculty ... as diversed in appearance and personality as the classes they taught. Behind desks and before blackboards we thought of them as animated textbooks. Over cokes and under blue football skies we knew them as people. We polished their apple, cribbed their tests, slept through their lectures, cut their classes, and laughed when we got away with it. Yet we respected them. For eventually we realized that our tricks weren ' t so new and clever. They had been used by thousands of students in hundreds of schools, and were known by actual practice to the very teachers we sought to deceive. We saw most of our teachers five times a week. We Seniors who are finally on our last lap around Emerson can truly thank the faculty for doing so much for us. The educational interest of the students has bettered itself through the years. Each generation or graduation class con¬ tributes to the school its unique set of values. The teachers and student leaders must receive the credit for improvement. Another yearbook has been produced to help perpetuate the memories that have real and lasting values. To the staff we must say, " thank you for a job well done. " Marion B. England Principal Marion B. England Assistant Principal John H. Smith Assistant Principal James Pugh OFFICE STAFF The office staff of Emerson is the main mechanics of operation. Their jobs vary from selling ticket s to making out admits. They are from left to right: Minerva Short, Shirley Franzitta, Sylvia Francis, Maurine Link, Mary Callaway, Shirley Parthun. CAFETERIA STAFF Our busy cafeteria staff is always buzzing with activity while preparing the daily meals for the faculty and students. They are from left to right: Stella Likovic, Mary Grasa, Margaret Stutesman, Sarah Evans, Mary Miklos, Jessie Gondell. Cookies have calories!!! MARY BAN Social Studies DAN McDEVITT Social Studies HAZEL GRIEGER Social Studies RICHARD WELLS Social Studies 1 FACULTY JOE BARANKO Instrumental Music GRACE SAYERS Vocal Music Our Emerson faculty is responsible for each student graduating and growing up to be well-educated and well-mannered. Their job doesn ' t end with teaching the three R ' s in the classroom, they help guide the students and prepare them for the future along with aiding social events. For the tremendous job they have done in making learning more fun and •for providing their experiences and ad¬ vice, we, the Seniors of Emerson, would like to say, " Thanks. " ANNE MASTERS Instrumental Music LAWRENCE DeLEURERE Language and Social Studies BERNICE BEELER Commercial D. C. CONNERLEY Mathematics HAROLD JONES Mathematics HELEN LORANDOS Commercial JULIA BARAN Counselor JAMES DECKER Counselor JOHN MELCHERT Counselor MILDRED MOON Sight Saving BARBARA NEUBAUER CLARA NILSSON Homemaking JOHN AAKER Speech and Publications CATHERINE GREENWALD English ROMA ANDERSON English GRACE HANNA English JAMES FALLACE Distributive Education SERGEANT BAKES R.O.T.C. GERTRUDE PALMER English ESTHER PEARSON English Language GLADYS PIERCE English IRMA PLUM Senior Library SUSAN ABRAHAM Science HARRY SZULBORSKI Health and Safety LARRY MOSSBURG Science ESTHER TINSMAN Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors . . . the main four classes in Emerson. Sure, there are others, but these are the most important. When you were a Freshman, you began to realize that these were your last four years in school. You wanted to make the most of them. When you were finally a Senior, you looked back and felt sorry for yourself because you felt you haven ' t done all you wanted to do. But, that ' s the way it is. A school is made up of hundreds of different personaltites, some good . . . some bad . . . some friends . . . some not. Anyway, they ' re all a part of Emerson. Many of us will never see each other again after graduation. So that you can look back and re¬ member those you went through school with, the Emersonian proudly gives you a look at Emerson ' s classes. CLASSES CETRON DOYLE AMMONS R.O.T.C. REGIMENTAL Staff Drill Team Commander Concert Orchestra Latin Club SANDRA ARCHIBALD G.A.A. Concert Orchestra Officer Glee Club Majorette ROSEMARY ARREOLA G.A.A. NORSE WIND Staff Concert Orchestra Vice President Fall Play Latin Ciub Commencement Committee SANDRA SUE BALASH G.A.A. Officer F.T.A. F.B.L.A. Prom Committee D.E. Freshman and Sophomore Committees LELIA KAY BARNETT French Club G.A.A. F.B.L.A. F.T.A. JO ANN BECKER G.A.A. F.T.A. D.E. Club RICHARD MICHAEL BLANEY Concert Band President A Cappella Student Council NORSE WIND French Club Spice Variety CAROL ANN BARNES G.A.A. Honorary Cadet Colonel A Cappella Spice Variety Christmas Pageant Art Club JOAN M. BODNAR F. T.A. Officer G. A.A. Board Glee Club PAGEANT Latin Club Freshman Frolic Committee THOMAS A. BODNAR MICHAEL GEORGE BOUKIS Junior and Senior Play Student Council President EMERSONIAN Freshman and Sophomore Vice President Senior Personality Prom Committee Senior Personality Social Committee Booster Committee Varsity Football " E " Association Officer A Cappella Officer RICHARD JOHN BOYLE Varsity Baseball Spanish Club Varsity Cross-Country Latin Club JANET BRACKETT .A.A. Spice Variety F.B.L.A. VICTORIA D. BURGESS Head Majorette A Cappella Secretary Glee Club Presiden Spice Variety G.A.A. English Research Award PATRICIA ANN BUTLER NORSE WIND Editor Latin Club G.A.A. F.T.A. Drama Club F.B.L.A. PAUL E. CALLAWAY, JR. A Cappella President Spanish Club Officer Prom Committee Invitation Committee Freshman Football Freshman and Sophomore Committees THOMAS C. CARINGTON JUDITH MARIE CERJESKI latin Club EMERSONIAN Track Senior Personality Basketball Student Council Wrestling G.A.A. Officer Homecoming and Football Attendant Junior and Senior Play JAMES L. COOLMAN Honor Society Hoosier Boys ' State Senior Personality " E " Club Varsity Football JOHN PATRICK CUTIC Hoosier Boys ' State Latin Club Varsity Basketball Prom Committee Sophomore Hop Commitl LINDA MAE DOCKS Orchestra F.T.A. Glee Club GILBERT DUDLEY R.O.T.C. Drill Team Latin Club LARRY EVANS R.O.T.C. Track All-City Band Spanish Club Photography " Pep " Band ROGER ALAN ERSHICK Latin Club A Cappella DAVID JOHN EVANS JR. Latin Club Science Club Junior Classical League NORMAN STEVE GAJDA EMERSONIAN Student Council Varsity Football Prom Committee Sophomore Hop Committee LAWRENCE A. GAJEWSKI EMERSONIAN Football Co-captain Student Council Senior Class President Senior Personality " E " Club Officer MARY ANN GALANIS G.A.A. F.B.L.A. Speech Club DONNA JEAN GALLAGHER G.A.A. Board F.B.L.A. Officer Photography Club Senior Picnic Committee WILLARD JOHN GERHARDT Senior Personality Football Co-captain " E " Club Senior Picnic Committee Freshman Basketball Latin Club GUS E. GIANIKOS Football Manager Junior and Senior Play Drama Club President Spice Variety Christmas Pageant Spanish Club MARY HELEN GILLASPIE G.A.A. Board F.B.L.A. Prom Committee Junior and Senior Play KATHLEEN TERESA GLENN GARY RAY GRACIN A Cappella G.A.A. F.B.L.A. Spice Variety Commencement Committee Class Colors Committee Christmas Pageant Freshman Basketball D.E. Football JAMES IHNAT ZORKA IUCH Senior Honor Society French Club ANTOINETTE JUSKEVICE Senior Honor Society Officer G.A.A. F.T.A. President Girls ' State Alternative Sophomore Hop Committee Spanish Club FRAN MARIE JUZWIAK Latin Club NORSE WIND G.A.A. GREGORY J. KARCZEWSKI CHRIST KAZANAS " E " Club President Senior Personality Social Committee Football Freshman and Junior President Senior Vice President Varsity Football " E " Association D.E. Club Drama Club Freshman Basketball Track GERALD GAZA KONKOLY D.E. Club Officer Spice Variety Football Photography Club PAULINE KOUROUNIS G.A.A. F.B.L.A. DAVID L. KREJSTA Christmas Pageant Concert Band A Cappella Latin Club CAROL ANN KWOLEK Sophomore Class Officer G.A.A. White Collar Queen F.B.L.A. Officer Spice Variety Class Ring Committee BARBARA ELAINE LAMASTUS THOMAS LANHAM Transfer from Lew Wallace Latin Club Band WILLIAM R. LIND Senior Personality EMERSONIAN Football Sophomore Class Officer Prom Committee THOMAS LINK Latin Club Football Manager PATSY MADISON MARIE IRENE MALINOWSKI NORSE WIND G.A.A. Board F.B.L.A. Spice Variety Sophomore Hop Committee Senior Invitation Committee DORIS MAY MALIZZO F.B.L.A. Freshman Frolics Committee Latin Club MARGO ELLEN MASSA EMERSONIAN Co-editor G.A.A. Officer Student Council Officer Senior Personality Junior Class Officer Patrol Girl david k. McDowell Junior Class Officer Track Cross-Country Football HENRY M. McEVOY Social Committee Drama Club Officer Prom Committee Frosh Football D.E. Club Sophomore Hop Committee HARRIET K. McLAUGHLIN EMERSONIAN Junior, Senior Play Production Senior Class Officer Prom Committee Sophomore Class Officer G.A.A. DAVID EARL McNAIR Boys ' State Senior Class Officer Football Manager " E " Club Baccalaureate Committee Class Gift Committee Track Chess Club Latin Club JOHN ALBERT O ' BRIEN Frosh Football Frosh Basketball Photography Club PATRICK O ' BRIEN French Club Latin Club Tennis Club KENNETH OLIN Drill Team Rifle Team Student Council R.O.T.C. PATRICIA ONIKA Football Queen G.A.A. Officer F.B.L.A. Christmas Pageant Freshman Frolic Committee SANDRA PANY Honor Society Vice President Varsity Cheerleader G.A.A. Officer Booster Committee Junior and Senior Play F.T.A. Officer PATRICIA PARDEE Glee Club G.A.A. F.B.L.A. — HENRY A. RODDIGER Football Basketball Manager Class Day Committee " E " Club Latin Club JAMES E. RICARD CHARLES RICHARDSON Senior Honor Society Baseball Spanish Club Latin Club Freshman Basketball CAROL ANN ROGERS BETTY JEAN ROLSTON G.A.A. Board Senior Personality Baccalaureate Committee A Cappella Christmas Pageant Spanish Club PEARLE MAY ROSS JUDITH ROTH G.A.A. Class Day Committee F.B.L.A. G.A.A. F.T.A. A Cappella Spice Variety Christmas Pageant LEE ANDREW SALIARIS Freshman Football R.O.T.C. GERALD R. SCHOON Football Basketball Track A Cappella Christmas Pageant LARRY D. SHEETS RUSSELL GLENN SILER Senior Personality Band Varsity Football Latin Club Christmas Pageant Junior and Senior Play " E " Club Drama Club ROBERT J. SKRIVAN MARY RAE SMITH Photography Club G.A.A. Board A Cappella Spice Variety Commencement Committee Spanish Club Sophomore Hop Committee GAIL ANN SPENCE G.A.A. F.T.A. F.B.L.A. NORSE WIND Spanish Club Sophomore Class Committee NANCY LEE SUCKEY G.A.A. A Cappella F.B.L.A. CATHERINE LOUISE SULLIVAN Transfer from Bishop Noll G.A.A. SHARON SWAIN Christmas Pageant G.A.A. Latin Club ALICE SWEITZER Transfer from Chesterton BRENDA JOYCE TAYLOR French Club Transfer from Roosevelt MARGARET VELASQUEZ JON VALLETTE Frosh Football Christmas Pageant D.E. Club Activities Photographer Prom Committee ANTHONY TSIKOURIS Honor Society Latin Club Economics Panel Student Council Program YVONNE MARIE ViCIAN G.A.A. F.B.L.A. ZORINEM. VITKOVICH G.A.A. F.T.A. Class Day Committee Glee Club JUDITH ANN WARNE G.A.A. A Cappella Spice Variety F.B.L.A. Invitation Committee Sophomore Hop Committee SHARON LYNNE WARREN G.A.A. F.B.L.A. junior and Senior Play Production JOLENE CAROLE WHITE Girls ' Rifle Team Concert Band Officer Glee Club G.A.A. Art Club Drama Club RICHARD ALLEN WILMORE Student Council Baccalaureate Committee Prom Committee R.O.T.C. Band Latin Club JERRY MILLER WYRICK Freshman Football Wrestling Team Handball Band Varsity Football THERESA CHRISA ZAHARIAS G.A.A. Photography Club Orchestra WALTER ZALE SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT Larry Gajewski SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Greg Karski SENIORS 33 JUNIORS SPONSORS, Left to right: Coach Szulborski, Miss Beeler, Miss Greiger, Miss Solich, Miss Tinsman, Mrs. Palmer. Allbritten, J. Andrews, C. Appel, C. Armstrong, G. Arnett, B. Badanish, D. Bencie, D. Beyers, J. Blacketor, P. Blum, B. Brackett, B. Brannon, M. Bridges, J. Brown, B. Bryant, M. Bubik, J. Bullock, S. Campbell, J. Cardwell, B. Carpenter, B. Castle, R. Caventer, F. Charbonneau, E. Charnetzky, W. Childers, J. Clark, C. Clark, J. Colley, R. Corwin, R. Cristea, J. Curry, D. Cvetefic, L. Darkins, R. Dashe, C. DeLaGarza, H. Dian, D. Dittrich, P. Dishmon, J. Earley, J. Erdelles, J. Esters, I. Ewers, G. Farrell, R. 35 t Franklin, B. Gast, A. Galoozis, K. Galoozis, J. Galka, J. Frazier, D. Gorski, A. Graham, M. Grogan, J. Hake, B. Haley, J. Hardesty, B. Henderson, L. Hirschberg, R. Holt, B. Hronopoulos, D. Hughes, L. Irish, P. Jurdzy, R. Kalin, E. Keller, J. Kreminski, R. Kwolek, J. Lanter, J. Lehocky, S. Lewis, F. Lockett, J. Lubeznick, D. Malamatos, B. Maldonado, D. Maloney, J. Marsden, L. Mason, R. SOPHOMORES Andreadis, A. Blaney, J. Bodnar, F. I ? Bynum, S. 1 as Childress, J. Cieliesz, A. f Bedwell, B. Beller, M. Bisdaris, J. Boyle, K. Brackett, M. Broadnax, R. Brown, S. Farrell, P. Festa, J. Fitzerald, G. Forbes, T. Garbett, J. Ihnat, M. Janiczek, R. Johnson, A. Johnson, D. Larson, R. LeGate, L. Luscombe, G. Mailath, M. McPherson, P. Messick, M. Miller, J. Miller, T. Motta, S. Muffoletto, A. Muniz, G. Neely, A. Nash, S. Horkavi, G. Hodorowski, G. Holt, R. Hollaway, S. Hudspeth, M. Hughes, O. Hunt, P. Kruchowsky, J. Lemmons, K. Lowther, S. Malizzo, M. Mann, P. Marley, R. Maxwell, M. McCants, R. Moore, B. Nowak, J. O ' Connell, L. Pabon, E. Panisguas, P. Pantinas, J. 41 7T Pardee, W. Parker, J. Parrish, P. i fe ( W Patsel, W. £ $ Pittman, K. Piunti, E. Predovich, B. Rainey, B. a Rench, V. Rodgers, J. Rolston, M. Ross, D. i Rouckles, R. Russell, S. Schmielau, R. Shaffer, C. Stevens, D. Stewart, S. Stewart, W. Strange, J. Strom beck, J. Struble, B. Sulich, C. Sullivan, C. Sutton, J. Swain, B. Thomas, ' P. Timberman, W. Tockstein, V. Tolan, J. Toma, J. Tomlinson, P. Vela, E. Velligan, M. Washko, A. Adkins, P. Anderson, J. Andrews, J. Armour, G. Arnold, J. Batalis, B. Batalis, B. Burney, A. Burns, P. Cahill, K. Callaway, F. Campbell, S. Carrington, H. Castle, R. Cervantes, F. Chimel, G. Christ, L. Coines, C. Darkins, H. Davirs, J. Davis, A. Dawson, P. Decker, T. Dion, K. 45 48 Scnwaetz, S. Short, A. Sims, M. Simmons, D. Sivertson, P. Spearman, K. Spence, S. Spencer, J. Stanislaw, P. Stephenson, P. Stearns, D. Stearns, D. Schneider, D. Stewart, D. Sullivan, R. Summers, B. Taylor, P. Teegvarden, J. Tennant, P. Thiele, D. Torie, T. Trathen, C. Tripp, D. Tripp, J. Tripp, W. Upshaw, L. Vaughn, J. Vernardo, S. Volk, E. Vrtikapa, D. Wallace, S. Walsh, T. Ware, J. Wetmore, S. Williams, R. Williams, B. Withers, E. Wolfe, J. Woops, R. Ypsilantes, A. Ziegier, D. Zigles, B. EMERSON SALUTES Emerson salutes you, Sandy Pany and Tony Juskevice, for your outstanding scholastic ability; you, Tom Bod¬ nar, for your excellent leadership; you, Larry Gajewski, for your Senior guidance; and you, Mrs. Greenwald, for your generous and untiring interest in Emerson, Our School. A common term around any high school is " activity. " Many students seek them . . . others shun them. Re¬ gardless, most of us, from the Student Council Presi¬ dent to a " not-a-joiner " type, belonged to some high school organization. Some of us joined by request of our teachers, the purpose being to apply polish. But most of us joined because of the decided value of a certain amount of extracurricular activity. Whether a member of the band, the various clubs, honoraries, or publication staff, something was to be gained by meet¬ ing and planning and working with fellow students who had similar interests. And these organizations ac¬ complished much good. Thank you to the many leaders of our school. Mrs. Greenwald, Sponsor, Judy Cerjeski, Sharon Somson, Richard Blaney, Richard Wilmore, Robert Pawlik. Norman Gadja, Liz Ennis, Mikee Nowak, and Gale Bleicher. SITTING: Bridget Hennessey, Chris Rogers, Pat Farrel, Allen Washko, Tom Corwin. STUDENT COUNCIL The executive board of the Student Council elected by the high school students represents the student body of Emerson. It participates in various activities throughout the year such as the Christmas Spirit Drive, S.O.S. Humanity Drive, the constitutional revision, and Senior Day. They also took part in the city-wide council. We hope the Student Council will continue their good work in promoting the welfare of Emerson School. STANDING: Joyce Dixon, Sophomore, Jeff Davis, Freshman, Larry Gajew- ski. Senior, Ed Charabonneau, Junior. SITTING: Margo Massa, Secretary, Tom Bodnar, President, John Ryan, Vice President. 52 STANDING: Mrs. Palmer, Sponsor, George Finkincher, M. Boukis, J. Dixon, J. Beyers, P. Blacketor, F. Zukowski, T. Trainer, M. Lind, M. Patrick. SITTING: S. Somson, R. Jurdzy, M. Hennessey, S. Pany, L. Zarakas. BOOSTER COMMITTEE VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: S. Pany, R. Jurdzy, M. Hennessy, S. Somson, L. Much of the wonderful school spirit in Emerson is credited to the excellent work of the Booster Committee. The committee accomplishes this by hav¬ ing Pep Sessions, advertising, games and dances. They provide for the selling of tickets, mak¬ ing signs, and arranging for transportation to and from the games. Booster Committee is made up of cheer¬ leaders, two representatives of each class and is under the leadership of Sharon Som¬ son, Chairman, Mrs. Palmer, Sponsor. 53 STANDING: Sponsor, Mr. DeLeurere, John Ryan, Greg Karski, Mike Patrick, Mike Boukis, Theo Koulianas, Jim Holman, Ed Volk. SITTING: Shirley Campbell, Sandy Nash, Gale Bliecher, Jan Nowak, Toni Trainer, Ruth Jurdzy. SOCIAL COMMITTEE The Social Committee provides for the playing of the records and supervision at all Emerson dances. This committee tries to make each dance entertaining and fun to attend. Under the leader¬ ship of Gale Bliecher and Mr. Deleurere, they have made this year ' s dances very successful. Mike Boukis, Greg Karski, Gale Bliecher, John Ryan, Ruth Jurdzy, Mr. DeLeurere, Sponsor. 54 THE SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY The Senior Honor Society this year makes available information on scholar¬ ships to be given at Emerson. This club chooses its members on the ability of having good scholarship, lead¬ ership, character, and service. These members are chosen twice a year from the Junior and Senior classes. NORSE WIND STAFF Printing the articles for the Norse Wind; C. Conroy, P. Shea, B. Byrum, R. Arreola. Selling the Norse Wind; right to left, B. Byrum, R. Arreola, C. Conroy. Checking over the new edition; R. Arreola, P. Shea, B. Byrum. Sitting in the first row, left to right: M. Wilson, R. Mason, D. Karver, E. Warshaw, B. Smith, M. Malinowski. SECOND ROW: M. Mailath, B. Rainey, R. Harton, R. Reeves, G. Spence. THIRD ROW: B. Toma, N. Perkins, F. Juzwiah, R. Blaney, Mr. Aaker, V. Yancy, S. Kern. NORSE WIND STAFF Mr. Aaker approves the paper with editor Par Butler. 57 FIRST ROW: P. Madison, S. Fieth, D. Wharton. SECOND ROW: J. Zukowski, J. Becker, B. LaMasters. THIRD ROW: H. McEvoy, J. Mageira, W. Lupeika, Mr. Fallace. FOURTH ROW: R. Kacerski, J. Konkley, R. Banas. FIFTH ROW: J. Unger, J. Vessley. FIRST ROW: D. Maxwell, B. LaMasters, B. Arnett. SECOND ROW: J. Becker, J. Zukowski, P Madison, J Earley. THIRD ROW: H. Mc¬ Evoy, J. Mageira, W. Lupicka, S. Lehocky. FOURTH ROW: J. Cristea, E. Turanek, S. Fieth, D. Wharton. FIFTH ROW: R. Kacerski, J. Unger, R. Banes, B. Costall. SIXTH ROW: R. Vondorkovich, J. Konkley, J. Vessley. SEVENTH ROW: D. Pujo, Mr. Fallace. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Henry McEvoy fitting shoes a DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION STUDENTS AT WORK DRAMA CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Reed, L. Foremski, Mr. Aaker, L. Ennis, S. Pany, H. McGlaughlan. SITTING: R. Arreola, J. White, M. Sanchiz, C. Kazanas, M. Panagiotis, J. Cerjeski, T. Bodnar. STANDING: D. Malham, L. Sheets, G. Gianiskos, H. McEvoy, M. Nowak, M. Massa. FIRST ROW: P. Dettrich, B. Smith, R. Mason, P. Sanders, S. Kern. SECOND ROW: J. Campbell, D. Hronopolis, R. Hershburg, B. Blum. THIRD ROW: D. Lubeznick, E. Warshall, C. Wyrick, B. Byrum. FOURTH: D. Karver, C. Appel, H. Webster, S. Neil. FIFTH: B. Brackett, R. Castle, G. Ewers, B. Wessler. SIXTH: C. Young. FIRST ROW: S. Bynum, J. Childress, S. Nash, N. Gracin. SEC¬ OND: P. McFerson, B. O ' Connell, E. Spurlock, M. Lanfear. THIRD: A. Johnson, K. Clayton, J. Dixon, J. Nowak. FOURTH: J. Galka, S. Stone, M. Roth. FIFTH: S. Rasevich, W. Timberman. 61 Presenting the Corwins! v, look at the beatniks! This year we had the Variety Show with the carnival. Here we have a duet of piano and accordion with the Corwins, Junior Beatniks, and some cutie freshman, Can-Can dancers. FRENCH CLUB FIRST YEAR-FIRST ROW: T. Darkins, J. Maloney, M. Mailath, J. Parker. SECOND ROW: R. Clark, P. McFerson, N. Humbert, A. Koukos. THIRD ROW: D. Taylor, P. Tonlinson, A. Johnson, S. Spurgeon. FOURTH ROW: M. Wilson, G. Wynn, S. Holla- way, M. Underwood. FIFTH ROW: M ' . Brackett, M. Sims, J. Childers, R. Shuck. SIXTH ROW: B. Rainey, C. Blamire, H. Dunsworth, P. Portillo. SEVENTH ROW: R. Crooms, J. Szabo. SECOND YEAR-FIRST ROW: G. Summers, B. Taylor, C. Young, C. Dashe. SECOND ROW: J. Ed dy, S. Charbonneau, B. Blum, F. Toda. THIRD ROW: M. King, V. Shy, M. Cruz, E. DelaGarza. FOURTH ROW: C. Sullivan, Mrs. Reyher. 63 FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Klein, V. Yancy, G. Stanford, J. Strombeck, Mrs. Reyher. SECOND ROW: M. Hennessy, G. Spence, P. Blacketor, T. Trainer, J. Hibbs. THIRD ROW: S. Stewart, P. Stevenson, E. White, L. Hibbs. FOURTH ROW: C. Faulkner, D. Cvetic, W. Stanford, L. Cvetic. FIFTH ROW: B. Wilson, E. Charbonneau, G. Armstrong, D. Sipos. SIXTH ROW: J. Richard, B. Brown, J. Mikovich, R. Joyce. SEVENTH ROW: C. Runions, B. Pawlik, R. Rebollo. FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Dittrich, L. King, E. Malizzo, A. Jaksich. SECOND ROW: B. Clark, G. Fitzgerald, M. Chirego, C. Cross. THIRD ROW: C. Rainny, D. Karver, F. Pierce, J. Nowak. FOURTH ROW: D. Polurig, D. Simmons, M. Hernandez. FIFTH ROW: J. Gozales, J. Bodnar, J. Dixon, L. Mackato. SIXTH ROW: A. Neely, L. Hackett, J. Garbett, R. Marley. SEVENTH ROW: L. Hughes, R. Rainey, J. Templin, J. Holman. EIGHTH ROW: L. Hughes, R. Boyle, H. Flournoy. NINTH ROW: R. Dwain, R. Farrel, R. Zemis. OFFICERS: President, E. Charbonneau; Treasurer, P. Blacketor; Secretary, M. Hen¬ nessy; Vice President, R. Ferrel. s p A N I C L U B S H 64 FIRST ROW, left to right: V. Davis, J. Tollan, M. Pikalis, S. Karen. SECOND ROW: R. Hirchberg, L. Levandowski, P. Burns. THIRD ROW: P. Siverson, D. Robinson, T. Decker, L. Henderson. FOURTH ROW: P. Dawson, M. PaJeska, S. Wetmore. FIFTH ROW: R. Maleniak, F. Callaway, J. Festa, R. Sullivan. SIXTH ROW: J. Davies, G. Kalin, D. Syganowski, B. Norman. FIRST ROW, left to right: G. Hodorowski, K. Skubish, K. Pitt¬ man, S. Russell. SECOND ROW: H. Young, P. Hunt, B. Moore. THIRD ROW: W. Charnetzky, A. Muffaletto, M. Messick, R. Schmielau. FOURTH ROW: B. Marcotte, J. Koredes. OFFICERS—Left to right: R. Hirshberg, Secretary; K. Skubish, President; P. Dawson Treasurer. 65 FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Badanish, Z. Viktavich, R. Arreola, R. Mason. SECOND ROW: C. Karver, B. Blum, J. Dixon, A. Davis, C. Harton. THIRD ROW: P. Dittrich, S. Krieter, B. O ' Con¬ nell, S. Kelly. FOURTH ROW: J. Dampbell, G. Spence, E. War- shall, D. Lubeznick, G. Moran. FIFTH ROW: M. Malanowski, J. Judd, A. Koukas, J. Bodnar, J. Beyers. FIRST ROW, left to right: F. Harris, C. Klein, S. Pany, S. Nash SECOND ROW: O. Hronapallas, K. Clayon, J. Nowak, K Skubish, B. Smith. THIRD ROW: J. Graham, V. Burgss, T. Jus kevice, R. Jurdzy. FOURTH ROW: C. Lovich, N. Mailath, P Pfile, S. Lawther, H. McLaughlan. FIFTH ROW: M. Mailath N. Gracin, F. Toda, V. Yansey. SIXTH ROW: C. Falconer, J Cristea. OFFICERS—Left to right: T. Juskevice, President; B. Blum, Vice President; S. Pany, Historian; J. Bodnar, Secretary; J. Judd, Treasurer. 66 FIRST ROW: C. Kwolek, M. Galanis, S. Figge, G. Spence. SEC¬ OND ROW: J. Cerjeski, M. Massa, M. Malinowski, K. Glenn. THIRD ROW: N. Reid, B. Tripilo, P. Shea, J. Warne, R. Reeves. 67 FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Mason, E. Warshal, B. Smith, D. Lubeznick. SECOND ROW: A. Patton, M. Tarullo, P. Sanders, S. Slavo. THIRD ROW: D. Richardson, J. Valant, M. Stanislaw, FIRST ROWr left to right: D. Hronopoulos, B. Blum, S. Bewick. SECOND ROW: P. Dittrich, S. Kern, J. Campbell, D. Badanish. THIRD ROW: B. Byrum, C. Falconer, B. Cardwell. FOURTH ROW: F. Toda, E. Turanek. F B L A OFFICERS—SITTING, left, to right: J. Cerjeski, Vice President; S. Figge, President; D. Gallagher, Secretary. STANDING: B. Tripil o, Social Chairman; J. Judd, Historian; Miss Beeler, Sponsor; C. Kwolek, Treasurer. 68 ART CLUB Self expression is the aim of all education. In art a student expresses himself by painting, drawing and the use of colors. An appreciation of art is found by working in an art club and studying the history of art. The art department made Christmas wreaths this year and have made many school signs. The students of Emerson would like to thank the Art Club for the time they have put in making our school more art conscious. FIRST ROW, left to right: K. Glenn, G. Fleming, A. Johnson, D. Duncan, P. Sanders, P. Onika, B. Talmadge, C. Appel, J. Warne, S. Kern, P. Irish, Z. Vitkovich, N. Mailath, J. Roth, J. Keller. SECOND ROW: V. Burgess, U. Tanner, C. Barnes, M. Smith, C. Blanton, C. Sullivan, C. Rogers, P. MacLean, L. Ennis, K. Kennedy, M. Hennessy, N. Suckey, S. Someson. THIRD ROW: R. Carpenter, J. Davies, D. Simons, D. Nobel, S. Rashevich, C. Rogers, G. Fikencher, J. Dishman, W. Timberman. FOURTH ROW: M. Boukis, J. Buchfuehrer, R. Blaney, D. Kreasta, J. Schoon, J. Piasecny, B. Brackett, R. Irshick, D. Davis, D. Ross, P. Callaway. FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Cline, C. Gerhardt, S. Stath, P. Neucomb, N. Gracin, N. Humbert, D. Lawrence, S. Campbell, P. Kenneth, T. Bolden, F. Pierce, B. Hennessy, G. Teegarden, N. Newcomb. SECOND ROW: M. Lind, S. Hallaway, N. Laperdy, H. Sopp, J. Jungerman, L. Docks, K. Clayton, E. Spurlock, J. Nowak, J. Bodnar, P. Dudsworth, S. Swartz, J. Irish, P. Dittrich. THIRD ROW: G. Moran, J. Beyers, S. Spence, B. Holt, C. Wyrick, P. Stephenson, P. Matie, M. Jones, S. Russell, D. Prentice, M. Lanham. OFFICERS: President, E. Spurlock; Vice President, J. Beyers; Secretary, S. Gerhardt; Treasurer, B. Hennessy; Sponsor, Miss Sayers. BASS CLARINET, BASSOON, OBOE, Left to Right: J. Kish, S. Lawther, K. Hard, K. Widener, S. Rashevich. FLUTES, PICCOLOS, SAXOPHONES, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: R. Bodnar, P. White, M. Fleming, C. ' Kouronis. SECOND ROW: C. Shaffer, C. Ranney, C. Cross, P. Portillo. THIRD ROW: E. Esperanza, D. Ziegler, S. Wyatt. FOUR TH ROW: D. Lambie, C. Blaemire, L. Chalfaut. FIFTH ROW: D. Sipos, R. Mc- Cantz, C. Nelson, G. Wynn. EMERSON CLARINETS, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: J. Cunning¬ ham, M. Worth, E. James, D. Goodman, T. Tone, M. Parnell. SECOND ROW: S. Guill, D. Samardzia, J. Vician, C. Appel, G. Vantrease, D. Wharton. THIRD ROW: J. Neal, P. Barton, L. Hibbs, J. White, T. Wol- froth, J. Bubik. FOURTH ROW: B. Struble, B. Miller, L. Christo, P. Hunt, A. Pawlik. HORNS, BARITONES, TROMBONES, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: L. Patsell, R. Ritzgerald, P. Mann, P. MacLean. SECOND ROW: A. Chase, J. Brackett, G. Munoz. THIRD ROW: M. Brackett, P. Tamllnson, F. Grasham, J. Wall. FOURTH ROW: T. Poupolos, S. Spurgeon, N. Pappas, K. Cyprian. FIFTH ROW: D. Hirschberg, R. Blaney, R. Castle, L. Hackett. BAND CORNETS, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: G. Fitzgerald, S. Kelley, T. Roy, T. Hunter, R. Flournoy. SECOND ROW: A. Wright, T. Gajda, P. Mann, J. MacLean. THIRD ROW: R. Runions, J. Masters, E. White, H. Flournoy. FOURTH ROW: J. Demakos, D. Denslaw, T. Charbonneau, J. Wallace. STRING BASSES, Left to Right: A. Thomas, S. Jendeczek, J. Webster, C. MacDowell, R. Pinkerton, W. Boyd, T. Widing, P. Page. EMERSON WOODWINDS, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: C. Ranney, C. Shaffer, C. Cross, AA. Fleming, T. CELLOS and VIOLAS, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: K. Torie, J. Bubik, J. White, C. Appel. SECOND ROW: AA. Bryant, J. Kish, K. Hard. Olin, T. Forbes. SECOND ROW: J. Ignelsi, T. Pou- polos, AA. Cunningham, C. Ammons. SECOND VIOLINS, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: J. Webster, L. Atsas, T. Vitkovich, AA. Alexander, A. AAilosavejevich, AA. Gress, G. Kevolek, D. Davies. SECOND ROW: J. Hudgins, J. Saliaris, S. AAorris, C. Cruz, B. Spurlock, G. AAontgomery, R. Arthur, D. Vulinovich. THIRD ROW: R. Brogdon, B. Batalis, S. Wendt, J. Tripp, R. Pappas, D. AAarley. 74 HARP, PIANO, PERCUSSION, Left to Right: D. Danciu, V. Burgess, K. Skubish, D. Edmonds, S. Brown, P. Zienin, L. Henderson. ORCHESTRA CELLOS and VIOLAS, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: BRASS, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: T. Charbonneau, E. White, J. Masters, H. Flournoy, P. D. Gorby, P. Long, P. Hanko. SECOND ROW: L. MacLean, P. Mann, L. Patsell, R. Fitzgerald. SECOND ROW: R. Castle, S. Spurgeon, R. Blaney. Gorby, A. Esperanza, C. Ammons, J. Georgadis. FIRST Row, left to right: A. Pikvameons, G. Dudley, A. Bridges, H. Watkins, J. Kostel. SECOND ROW: B. Struble, J. Dabney, D. Chavous, W. Thompson, R. Olson, W. Trijop, J. Zurn, A. Anderson, T. Nolan, S. Peterson. THIRD ROW: G. Munoz, L. Upshaw, A. Burney, J. Wolfe, M. Cruz, R. Castte, G. Hac, J. Arnold, J. Chionas. FOURTH ROW: R. Swain, M. McDonald, M. Yurko, F. Boddie, D. Stearns, T. Williams, H. Thornton, H. Ford, H. Tidwell. FIFTH ROW: B. Bedwell, J. Newcomb, F. Heilman, R. Williams, D. Johnson, D. Tripp, P. Adkins. SIXTH ROW: W. Hill, J. Kavadas, R. Radja, J. Rogers, H. Flourney, W. Boyd, T. Forbes, F. Zeimis. FIRST ROW, left to right: W. Smith, J. Childers. SECOND ROW: R. Shuck, C. Andrews, J. Pippins, J. Welch, J. Schmitt, J. Blaney, D. Donnie, C. Young, R. Clark, E. Holt, R. Smith. THIRD ROW: D. Frazier, O. Knight, M. Maxwell, N. Coros, J. Erdelles, R. Woods, H. Dela Garza, J. Bisdaris, W. Pardee, R. Predovich. FOURTH ROW: An. Andreadis, A. Woods, A. Pappas, M. Sczerba, R. Kreminski, L. Andrews, I. Zanetti, P. Grasham, J. Lockett, F. Morphic. FIFTH ROW: R. Walfrath, J. Allbritten, R. Crooms, J. Miklos, M. Bryant, J. Mullen, C. Thiele, P. Parrish. FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Childers, R. Shuck, H. Watkins, R. Clark, D. Donnie, J. Kostell, K. Olin. SECOND ROW: R. Swain, R. Wolfrath, B. Struble, R. Kreminski, L. Andrews, P. Grasham, G. Dudley. ROTC MACHINE SHOP Working in the machine shop, Left to Right: J. Haley, T. Chabonneau, R. Lind, M. Sims, Mr. Moore, D. Meece, C. Kazanas, S. Stone, T. Widing, G. Ewers, R. Skrivan, G. Siler, G. Berkhart, R. Pope, R. Smith, C. Andrews. R. Skivan, Mr. Moore, G. Siler, Mr. Smith, C. Cazanas, and Mr. England, look at some of the projects made in the shop. Mr. Moore shows the boys how to operate one of the shop ' s machines. 79 Of course, high school would not have been com¬ plete without the sports. (This does not refer to the kind so readily discerned in the halls.) Emerson ' s ath¬ letic program was a source of pleasure and entertain¬ ment to hundreds of people . . . both in and out of school. To those who actively participated, there was a keen interest based largely on competition, coopera¬ tion, fair play, and healthy living. Those who partici¬ pated by giving moral (and sometimes physical) sup¬ port, reflected a school spirit that embodied fun, fas¬ cination, and loyalty, without which high school would not have been high school. When an Emerson fan thinks of sports, he automatically thinks of the ever- loyal, ever-lovin ' band and cheerleaders. They act as the magnet that pulls together hundreds of individuals into a unified student body with but one objective— to win. 80 i A SPORTS VARSITY TOP ROW, left to right: J. Galoozis, T. Charbonneau, E. Kalin, J. Holman, J. Templin, A. Neely, F. Bodnay, H. De La Garzia. SECOND ROW, STANDING: F. Lewi., H. Roddiger, M. Roth, D. McDonough, M. G.loozis, J. Ryan (co-eaptain-elect), J. Mikovic D SipM. THmD ROW: Coach Art Rolfe, T. Koulianos, B. Hake, D. Bencie, M. Patrick (co-captain-elect), D. Bayer, T. c °rwm C. Run ' 0 " - FOURTH ROW, KNEELING: Mgr T. Link, M. Panatiotis, L. Sheets, D. Malham, M. Boukis, N. Gajda, C. Kanzanas, J. Wyrick. BOTTOM ROW: J. Coolman, G. Karski, M. Sims, Co¬ captain B. Gerhardt, Co-captain L. Gajewski, and R. Pawlik. This year EMERSON had a lack-luster season. Inexperience was a major factor in contribut¬ ing to what may be called a gloomy season. The following is a synopsis of this year ' s football games. In our opening game, we lost to a fast moving Roosevelt team 34-0. The following Friday we met a highly-touted Hobart. Still very green, we bowed to a power packed Hobart, 33-7. Tolleston was next. We were wondering what we could do to win a game. We seemed to gel a bit, we also outmaneuvered a fast Tolleston secondary to chalk up our first win of the season by downing Tolleston, 19-6. Being really " up " for the Wallace game didn ' t seem to help. We could not seem to score and we again lost, this time 33-0. Our next four games didn ' t help our win column any, for we lost those four, among them, our Homecoming. Our last game of the season was against a strong South Bend St. Joseph. It was a great way to end the season for we pulled an upset against a respected St. Joseph Eleven, defeating them 13-7. Two wins and seven losses were this year ' s season record. We close with this prediction about next year ' s squad; it will be a colorful team in more ways than one! 82 RESERVES . v U 3 b 1 right, and B. Smith. SECOND ROW, left to right: B. The fellows above along with all the underclassmen on the " dressing squad " had a very com¬ mendable season of 5 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. Best of luck to Coach Szulborski and his " rinks " in the season to come. “FROSH” This year ' s Freshmen had a 0-5-3 record for the season. 83 Ride ' em, Gerhardt Coolman snags AA. Boukis 87 CENTER M. Pangiotis CROSS COUNTRY STANDING, left to right: Coach Connelly, R. Mcantj, B. Bayer, H. Flournoy, and Manager D. Harton. KNEELING, left to right: U. Durham, J. Pippins, W. Wilson, I. Zanetti, and R. Farrell. CONFERENCE “ROUND ROBIN” CHAMPS This year ' s Cross Country team posted a long to be remembered 11-0 conference record! This year ' s team was the first in EMERSON ' S history to take a conference championship. Also, being conference champs, we were qualified to go downstate. Another first for EMER¬ SON. Wilson and Farrell were the one and two men on the team respectively, with strong support from Durham, the number three man. Congratulations to all the boys on the team for bringing the " Round Robin " championship to Emerson. 88 STANDING, FIRST ROW: L. Jones, R. Farrell, B. Pawlik, G. Schoon, H. Floorney, D. Horton, D. Johnson, D. Bayer, C. Coolman, and J. Wall, Manager. KNEELING, FIRST ROW: J. Petalis, R. Roszkowiak, A. Neely, T. Poupolous, I. Zanetti, W. Wilson, J. Dab¬ ney, F. Morphis, D. Krieter, J. Smith, and T. Torie. This year Coach Connelly had a good number of returning lettermen in the field and long distance events, but last year ' s graduation had broken up our relay teams and had taken almost all of our sprinters. If the boys can produce the needed one, two punch of a relay team and some sprinters, Coach and his thin-clads can look forward to a season with more than their share of victories. Included in this year ' s schedule are: Wallace Edison Tolleston Horace Mann E. C. Washington Goshen Hammond Tech Whiting VARSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY-STANDING, left to right: T. Jones, D. Horton, H. Flournoy, J. Piaszecny, F. Lewis, and Coach Klug. SITTING, left to right: S. Stone, J. Rogers, D. Johnson, A. Clary, E. Charbonneau, and Manager, T. Corwin. With two wins and seventeen losses, it ' s evident that this year our Norsemen didn ' t have a bright season. But, if playing all-out till the final buzzer sounds and losing close ones would count, we ' d have a fine season. One of the Norsemen ' s victories came over a good Valpo Club, who went to the Regionals. The Norsemen and their fans will long remember that tremendous upset over Valpo. Through graduation we are losing two starters. The first, Art Clary, a clever playmaker and high scorer, and Don Horton, our big man under the boards. Next year, alumni will probably be watching a team with considerable height, good speed, and plenty of experience. 90 RESERVE BASKETBALL STANDING, left to right: J. Templin, J. Blanton, T. Brown, R. Crooms, B. Brown, Manager, F. Boddie, and J. Holman. SITTING, left to right: R. Lewis, L. Hughes, J. Garbett, M. Ihnat, and B. Kreminski, Manager. Coach Harold Conelly was not present when the picture was taken. “B” TEAM IN ACTION STANDING, left to right: F. Morphis, T. Carrington, J. Batalis, Mr. Patrick, J. Wyrick, B. Hennings, Mr. Cambouris. KNEELING, left to right: H. Wakens, T. Tonie, T. Nolan, B. Brown, H. Dela Garza, S. Rajski. Emerson ' s initial year of wrestling was coached by Coach Szulborski. WRESTLING GIRLS’ ATHLETIC SENIORS—ROW 1: S. Figge, C. Rogers, K. Kennedy, M. Galanos, J. Roth, S. Someson, B. Tripilo, L. Foremski, C. Kwolek, A. Brayack, ' S. Swain. ROW 2: P. Shea, N. Mailath, V. Burgess, K. Sullivan, N. Reid, M. Gillespie, M. Grant, M. Tincher, P. Jessup, N. Suckey, A. Leszczynski, P. Pardee. ROW 3: J. Bodnar, J. Cerjeski, S. Pany, J. Flemming, K. Hunter, A. Parnell, J. Dear, P. Onika, R. Reeves, M. Hennessy, D. Gallagher, M. Pfile, J. White, Z. Vitkovich, S. Warren, M. Nowak. ROW 4: M. Massa, Mrs. Mosier, Y. Vician, C. Blanton, R. Harton, E. Parker, J. Warne, M. Smith, G. Spence, H. McLaughlin, G. Milgi, E. Ennis, M. Malinwoski, K. Glenn, G. Bleicher, J. Judd. JUNIORS—ROW 1: J. Cristea, C. Appel, J. Earley, P. Sanders, R. Mason, S. Spurgeon, R. Hershberg, M. Tarullo, G. Earley, L. Tanner, D. Zajac. ROW 2: R. Jurdzy, P. Blacketor, L. Zarakas, T. Trainer, B. Smith, D. Hronopoulos, J. Beyers, D. Lubeznick, E. Warshal, J. Vangel, A. Jaksich. ROW 3: C. Falconer, E. Turanek, M. Stanislaw, H. Webster, S. Neill, B. Byrum, J. Withers, F. Toda, C. Sims, G. Moran, D. Badanish, B. Blum. 96 ASSOCIATION SOPHOMORES—ROW 1: B. Cerjeski, J. Dixon, J. Grigonis, S. Nashatka, J. Nowak, K. Clayton, M. Hudspeth, N. Gracin, J. Childress, S. Stath, B. Rota, H. Purdy, S. Krieter, J. Strombeck. ROW 2: S. Charbonneau, P. Farrell, G. Stanford, C. Nelson, S. Bynum, A. Johnson, B. Curran, E. O ' Connell, J. Graham, G. Cooper, M. Brackett, B. Hudgins, A. Snelling, O. Hughes, V. Rench, M. Beller. ROW 3: E. Dela Garza, V. Tockstein, S. Wolfe, B. Rainey, A. Muffeletto, D. Danciu, R. Williams, M. Messick, C. Sullivan, G. Howdrowski, F. Pierce, M. Mailath, S. Stewart, K. Pittman, S. Lowther, P. McPherson. ROW 4: V. Yancy, S. Russell, J. Tolan, J. Miller, S. Holloway, J. Parker, S. Kelley, K. Cyprian, J. Stawicki, C. Shaffer, E. White, P. Mann, M. Cunningham, A. Cieliesz, H. Dunsworth, S. Motta. L. King, E. Spurlock. FRESHMEN—ROW 1: S. Wallace, C. Gerhardt, C. Cline, J. Teagarden, L. Lewendowski, C. Kruz, D. Lawrence, M. Edwards, M. Pendleten, R. Clark, N. Humbert, A. Bodnar, D. Vrtikapa, P. Burns. ROW 2: B. Bizzendelis, C. Cahill, G. Chimel, S. Hill, M. Patalis, B. Wither, V. Davis, S. Campbell, M. Lind, B. Hennessy, P. Kenneth, E. Mathews, A. Ypsalantes, I. Dillard, D. Foster, E. Malizzo, J. Tripp. ROW 3: S. Karen, P. Franklin, P. Reeves, D. Erdallas, N. Roperti, D. Golden, G. Armour, F. Brown, S. Benardo, R. Norman, S. Spence, L. Christ, C. Ranney, C. McDowell, J. Ignelzi, D. Mitchener, G. Badowski, P. Parker, G. Rodriques, L. Rowland, S. Schwartz, P. Newcomb. ROW 4: D. Prentiss, A. Pawlik, P. Sivertson, E. Henderson, K. Spearman, J. Langan, N. Pappas, J. Holdt, C. Blacmire, P. Kowal, D. Stearns, J. Grecco, E. Ware, D. Lanbie, C. Miklos, P. Stanislaw, M. Lanham, K. Dian, P. Portillio, M. Plesko, T. Decher, N. Newcomb, D. Robison. 97 OFFICIALS: K. Clayton, K. Skubish, S. Russel, E. Spurlock, M. Massa, C. Rogers, M. Nowak. SPEEDBALL VARSITY Seniors Sophomores Juniors Freshmen SENIORS: J. Bodnar, G. Bleicher, D. Gal¬ lagher, M. Pfile, S. Pany, P. Onika, M. Smith, S. Swain, M. Grant, M. Gillaspie, S. Someson, K. Kennedy, M. Hennessy. PAT SHEA KAY KENNEDY LIZ ENNIS Secretary Vice President President MARGO MASSA Assistant Secretary JOAN BODNAR NORMA MAI LATH Indoor Sports Indoor Sports DONNA GALLAGHER Outdoor Sports AND BOARD MRS. MOSIER MIKEE NOWAK Treasurer MARY GALIASPIE Outdoor Sports RITA REEVES Assistant Concessions MARY SMITH Concessions MARIE MALINOWSKI Assistant Concessions G.A.A. SOCIAL LIFE SCHOOL LIFE We did love our school life! Defined, that was the time spent during our high school life when we weren ' t studying, and knew we should have been. Most important of all were the Wednesday night Dances. Recognition should be given to the many who devoted long hours to the thankless job of prep¬ aration and planning, and just plain hard work that made many of our social events possible. We had to eat and drink and from this necessity, many of our local drive-ins and restaurants became familiar sites to us. The little details (all of which will not be re¬ lated here) were what made our school life a success, and were the incidents that are generally remem¬ bered. The warmth of friendship, a witty remark, a funny incident, excitement, relaxation, worry, work, a thousand emotions known only to individuals . . . these made up our school life. We cannot record them for you. We wish we could. Sr i I m w Wha ' s the main attraction, fellows? Babes in the Woods. Where ' s everyone going? ? ? ' Tough " Rushers. Check these studying Emersonians. Bench Beauties. Freshman Fun. Anxious Voters. Freshman Wallflowers. Our Homecoming Candidates. Working hard at Play practice. 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