Emerson High School - Emersonian Yearbook (Gary, IN)

 - Class of 1957

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Emerson High School - Emersonian Yearbook (Gary, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1957 volume:

-wiv: QKQ-L f E TMI' Oman 51957 I Z3P?F-1-sgkx xxx I N I I f'Qf':1'i?l1 I I - If I 51, Q ' ,I ff ' ' I 6 I f I I I I I I ' I I I . I , I I I I TO 1Dl1.m-'U-.ull lu'1'lll1rg.llll1'N. .xmlnn-'u-41llN1-1-ll 'l'lu- Npiril .lml lligglll nl' lln- lxlm-rNml IVLIIII. xxlll'I'Q' iNIl1iN lwluanml Illlgjlll 1-mnillg l-Vlllll. Xml mln flu llu- lxulN Ill llu- lnl4'au'lu'rN lllllllf IIN-X -lIl:1,llll'X xvll lor lllQ'Il' gmml I4-gun. Xml on vu-rf lun- you ll llml an lwaun. A liq-1'ullNe' you N4-1-llplllllle' Nkx. Yl'lll'l'4'YH .I l'l4ulIlllgolrj4'1'l zlrilhling on lligll. llAN 'I'm'x. lln-Spiril 0l'lQnm-rN1mf Ill- N llumlr. lI.- N FINIVINIIIQIII-lllib lla-'N Flriril .lml l'1ig1lll:.luNl IWL .uumml Ill- N .nlxs.uN Ill Nlglll l'.Xt'll All our Nvluml :lam-Q-N Xtrll ilI'4' Nurs- In Nm- l'1-Iu nml Slviril ssllivll mwn-r vnulll ln- . .. ll' il XSQ'l'l'llAl for 'liorx ulloNr' lmmrr uml llliglll lN will: t'Al4'lI nm- nl' IIS uml ll4'lllNIlNll1Il'lLflll. XX4- lxmm lllm . . . XN1' luxe- llllll .. uml 41N xmm'nllNn'1- lnrx IN l',llll'l'Nllll l',lIl1'l'h0Il N xml uml Ill1'. 'TF I JNTNV' 1 WL 1 ,I 'x I N K 7 L, - fl g "T'i'i'fll'flI'P"' rw g su zu ' ' fl III III 1. III su , ' , hv'1,YT 17" I IIII rvy x'-1, The warm, leisurely spent summer is gone. and into its plaee steps a new sehool year. Ileeked Ulll ill shining new eiothes and a smiling fave. ill? Slllflfflll 9 body appears at Emerson on the first day of sehool. Wie are eager and exeited as the first few weeks pass by. Gradually we beeollle il1'l'llSl0lllt'fl to ollr elasses and settle down to ollr daily I'0llIill1'. Wie attend elasses witll friends iillll stop to ellat with tllelll ill the hallways. Walking to illld frolll sellool lJt?l'0IllPS a pleasllre as we are areolnpanied by our 1'l21SSlIl2llCS. ltis time for the g8lll6I'lI1g' of the pep session to VYCIVUIIIQ' vietory for ollr first game. That lllgllt we. as fellow Emersonians, yell and cheer for ollr team. We feel a pride ill having a lf'Lllll who will do their best for us. They belong to lim- erson: we belong to l'illll'I'SOI1. Wlhat is this feeling we llLlNt'flllir unity we possess upon seeing ollr ll'iilIl. talking with friellds. or cheering at a football game? This feeling is sehool spirit. A A Y We have it frtllll the very first day we step through the doors at EIIICFSOII. lt is Q C H O O L with us alwaysfin elasses. at llllll'll time. and at games and danees. "Tory" is ollr Sehool Spirit. and we shall always work with him for the W good of l'llllt'l's0Il. l.et's follow' him now as he takes lls through a day at sehool. Us.-4' rs-' ,,.- Week-ends raee by qllieklx. lil-fore we know it. another Milli- 'lille early 4'UIllt'l'h do homework or ehat with their friends day is here -time to grab those books and get off to sehool. before elasses start. lt is here that Tory eolnes illto ollr day. W' in -sl .f The hell rings. and we find the Safety f-lass hard at yyqyrk. Lllllfll at Lastl iilbllli' on. Louie. let's feed those faeesl Tory leads the spirits high as the llllll'lllllg1.S aetixities are disenssed, 4 'gin pm I .--5 P 0 9:- 7 A f I I 1 255' If 1 ,bg f f , - XX 1 3 X: - 653 Q k f41f ,,f' X 75 7 L, +142 4, ,V If X -- . Ml, ' I I I l I Qop Q "s-1 IC if L., wx. --. B ix ll0ll4Il 'Nlr Nlariml I' U 1 f d I Q Q I ll ll d IN! UIZ PRINCIPAL x N tI1.1 III1 11 - .1111 N 11 R . N mm 1 . 1 1 lu I11 I11mJ 1.11 xuui dlllllld ui 111 1 11 n lI11 pI1 d'-dlll n11m1rr11- sou IXIN ri1 n111I during XI r 1 11ml 1 dx- 111 it mx ll Il l'lIllIdIl0lI and 1I11pappr111.zt11n1fm lllix flllt 1 n1I1.n1rr I I I I I I I I . ,I -. if ,J K , , 5 r ? X rl .f .- , XA' ,ef I' ' I . , KVA' :XI I ri . . . ' ' II. IQIIQLIRIIIII Illl5 IW:-ll nitll UF fu nly on - yvur. I11- Ima 1I1n11- ' n -X1' -Il 'nt jul as II ' prix 'ilr I of Ifmv 1 rn. I am vvry happy ln Iw u part of lI1i.' finv SCIIIIUI. It in my In-Ii1-I 'I - I ry' ' I girly f l'illll'l','0ll Il11v1- . Iiuxsn 1, 1I 'itiz1hnsI1ip in nruiy vuys. Il E ' led II' " -I"ll---1ll11I'- - - -' '- ' 'fm Ml l. 'A..,I ,.,gl .' ,. .,. - ., ,.-, .pvm 1 Our assistant prlnclpal Mr I Imt R Kellv has been with Us for six wears He IS well known and llkzd ln the student rodv OUI-Z ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MV feelings toward Emerson School and its student body mcrease wlth each pass mg month and wear lts tradltlons are numerous and the general atmosphere of the student bodw IS frlendlw sincere and cooperatne I hange too, lb a part of Emerson and aueptanre on the part of students and tear hers IS tommendable Actuallv lt I9 a good fee llllg to be assof nat: d wlth hmerson and to know that muc h more good CXISLS he rs than bad and that fontlnuous nnprox ement IS the goal for all QZWJW7 OFFIGE STAFF 1' v Z? 5 ff ,4 Thr Offu 9 Staff of Enlersml i-. the ff'IllPI' of operations Their dutlei wars from balam mg sc hfldules t 1 QHIIIQ, In kc ls Thr w are lf ft to r1g,ht -.1 and Mlnerwl qhort MdllflnP I ink Swlua Franc IN Hand vldl'llNllIl1 Hale Munir.: Burns Sliirlu Partlinun CAFETEIZIA an-F01 Thr 1-ffic-i4 nt fiafvtvria Staff of Emi-rion if alway: busy preparinv lllIlK'hi'.i for the .jludc ntq and far- ulty. Staff member: fr nn I4-fi tr ri lit. first rms: Margaret Yercolio Christine Haye. Bc-wrly Mont- g0lll1'ry'. Cliarlottf- lm-wamlowki. Sm-mul row: Mary Miklns. Mary Withers. Murparc-I Chrrsnian. ie' fwnnt . 'IO FACULTY it The- nie-mb:-rs of the l'lllll'I'hHll faculty have ,V llelpvd lla in many ways. They have' llvlpvcl us make eq out our programs. guide-rl us in our svhool and sovial life. and the-y have prepared us for thc- future-. Une of thvir higgvst johs is to help us grow into well- eflilvatwl and we-ll-mannered young me-n and womc-n. Tllvy do all tllis in aflalition to tvat-hing lb tht- three "R's.u For the- fini' joh that the-y haw- tlone. we. the seniors of EIIIPFSUII. would like- to sas' "Thanksl.', mln Monday. the start of another wer-k. Eat-ll Monday. as al ways. tht- tt-ar,-llf-rs rome to school with a smile. ,f Roma Anrlvrsc-n Val Aurit Mary Ban Be-rnic-v Bf-elf-r English Drafting Sovial Studie-s tloninle-rvc' 3 Harry Hrs-e-n Kay Carney Harold Connelly D. ll. lfonm-rley A rt .-Xuflitorium ll Physical lfduvation Mdlllrllldlivr lvppvr Right: A nmm-y IIliil'lllllf'? Middle- Right: Half-Y llalf-Y Tlu- gangk all here-Y Lcmvr Higlll: Wlmm Buyfff . , 'rf if ,li Ronald Jeri! Hazel Grivger :xl1dlllPI'lllI'Il Suvial Studies I Jfimfff Hal? Crave Hanna Inftrumental Mllili' English ilhri-linv llayw- John Ilnlulu-F llfrmfmaking SI'l4'Ilf'Q' UQ' GSW ,. I 'xr ,4 :uve New M Means Jouu r:AcuLTv Bertha Jessee IIn,'1lt'IIl2iklIlg 'E 5 z.. ML 'V Harold Jones William Klug Anne Masters Matheuiativs Physical Education Instrumental Music Dan N14-llc-xitt 5o1'iul5tlllli4's 5 Q -mv? 4,40 o Q Q V91 X 7 k , ,, Mu r , . .. My . , 2 1: Q, ,fb 5 . '1 if ? Paul MQ-I4-In-rt ifluru Nilsson fif'I'll'llfl1'P1illllf'l' flminm-Inr llUIlIf'IIli.llilIlg .hllflllibfllllll Nlr. Smith. do you know what you arc- doing? THOSE WI-IO HAVE TAUGI-ITUQ -9:-:WW 'hi--J. wtf rig? ts fi? john H. Smith l'1lil'lHlJiQ'I'f' Le-onura Stewart Mary Sulvwski S4H'iillSlll1liQ'h Wmnl Shup Nlatlle-lnutix-5 llolllltlvrmf 1-2-N " f :,,,"'-v. Hum., -mn., I' . .V -, 15 . t ' . 2 i '12 gf itfvff-M a M - Y A yliHi1I'1lSVN'ih2lI'I Harry Szulhurski Hath:-r Tillalnan Gvurgc- Wir! R. U. 'l'. ll. Physival Eduvution S1'il'IlI'Q Mat-lninv Shop Xl Luft! 'I'lu- :lay is dmwf Num the-y In-ml for hmm' with papvrh tu grade- and plans tu make for another day. ir' rs Elizabeth Wishart Hnmemaking 'A N 'Xu' by 1 5 1 Q X ,Q W5 Q 'A' 22 i, Q ' GLASSES W " A x'! 1 . u 'nr is 'NY' ' if A 45 mfg -7"l'l'l K, 1' v v, ' Q 1' ,f I Q' ,gr , 'L gk? 0 X ' ., if " I x fs -1' 2 tv! 5.3 ,xx P. Uulluwanx lx. Vurgill intl:-r 5. Abbott A. Alf'Xl4lIl ff. Alexinn A. Allf-n M. Alvarado L. Amabile A. Anclvrsun 5. Arvhibulfl D. Arn:-tt D. Arnold R. Arreola S. B2il1'lSll K. Barnett I.. Barnes J. Becker A. Bvllis 5. H011-idllllll 5. Bvnjamin B. Biros N. Blakvman R. Blanc-y C. Blanton G. Bleirher J. Bndnar T. Bmlnur M. Buukif R. Boyle' ,l. Bracket! R. Brannon A. Brayacli A. Bridger H. Brm-k I.. Brom n J. BlIl'llfllt'lll't'l' l,.llllt'll1'Il Y. liurgv- J. f.1'l'Jt'hlxl ll. Chvrry P. t:lli0ll0a A. lflurj L. liahurn XYJ1 4r4' kv lf. llule-nlun 1,.f.4HlI'Uy J. Hmllllull l'.1.oolwr M. Lrullj ,I.11urrun II.11urril Y, Ihui-ml .l. U1-ur J. Dubroja lf. Dralu' .l. l,lllll'llji.l 11. Uumllvy ll. Dunvun ll. Durham wv.l'1llglilllll lf. Hnniw R. Iirflnivk Hale-rf D. linux. D. linux, I.. ENHIIH P. Fatulitis L ' .,. 1 M...-f 2 E A. a.. N 5. Fivlll , 'Q 5 5. Figge- I J. Flvlllirlr F J. Fle't1-he-r Q Q WU? E C: :IT ,, ..:, L. Forvrllwki I -4 f n V img .l.l'ulIol1 X If will I.. Huge-uixki l , ' ff- . s I s 1 N. Uujalu ll. Uullaglwr H. Hvrhardt ia ,, -fi: - Q ve fr ,l.12l'l'llilI'l G. Giani' s I V 'M' ' 4,7 ku R . ' Y x NZ' Nl. Gillwpif fi 8' J K,,L 'VAL ff-. ALI-"' A f fx , . xxx f? Q U . f. 13, Q 0 Y' I f , . Y .gf . y U - ' .Q , x ff 'fkx fig, "fm . r .S ,I .,,' 4 s-E45 VI,-1.1 1:3 I ,- in vim? J All' ,M ., M :x Ox M -n Hi' .Q 4 .J .4 ' L' 9 . " . ' -4 A .. .: 9 V .. 1: A .' Ld 45 -,Zag X' A l ' 7 K. GI:-nn G. Goldstein U. Gravin A. Graham M. Grant P. Grasham Guill H. Haralambous D. Harton R. Harton . M. Hawrys C. Hemphill M. Hennessy B. Hvnnings C. Hennings G. Hvridia .l. llilxbs H. limlgv L. Holland K. Hunter J. lhnat Y. lrby P. Jessup D. Johnson G. Johnson L. ,Inner J. Judd J. ,lunge-rman .-X. ,llnkc-vivll F. ,Iuwwiak R. Kam-rwlxi U. Karr-zvmfki G. Karvsavinaki ff, Kazanaf K. Kvnne-dv J. Kim-tzman E. Kijurna K. Koch J. Konkoly M. Kostantios J. Kostel A. Koukos M. Kourounis P. Kourounis fi. Kwoiek T. Lanham J. Lantcr F. Lawson C. Lemon A. Leszczynki J. Lincoln R. Lind T. Link C. Lisius E. Looney A. Madison P. Madison J. Magiera N. Mailath M. Malinowski D. Malizzo A. Marley M. Massa J. Matthews D. Matthews D. McCarthy D. McDowell H. McEvoy B. McEwen R. Mr'Cinley J. Mc'Ler0y D. McNair D. Meece M. Melton J. Miklos R. Minelic C. Milgi M Mounts 11" .4r I' , J X Q... E 411 W 4 fl ii Rx X x n . J J -:sa J 5? I 3 ff ,. J Z-, I .A if ' 1 , . TW Qriqd iii J xi 'Q' 7 55.3 NZ ,p I K QE L L i i i it xxx x ' 'X F A A Z A iii Pig.. alft Us 2 if . f-if ii . Y mi j X -Yr .W M V WI , Q V ' x . YQ vf k X I . . 3 . , Aj, 'Pi 5 Y "H , wx ' Y K Jf 1. . H- 2 - 1 QR Q-. ,f 1 , . xx Et 5 sy, i. ,. .wi A .4 1 ,wfmfm s if ' 9 Faqs. XV f. f K. Q, -5 ., . 5. s 1'1" '7' 4-51 K gf, IT. 5, A A -. 4. Q a K ' ' X. 1 W XAXNQ' 1 ' X i fx R 'Wi ky! ,, , A: ,J I X :lf ' TR 'fi ,, 5 'r " N ' Q31 f ? -5- -K ,J-I N41 V X X I 4 fs. N . 1 N' .. ..x ,- .- Q. 1 Ap .3 1 'SS- ,Is 1 X I . -5.14-it -.""iT ' ,,.---1--o if . . 'Q Q A, ,Q f i343-iiffi ' ,.. 5' TN " X " vu ,.-, in il I 3 RSA X292 . .sei -if wx? .j' 655, 9 I . 'ry 'Ll' . I M. Merry Nixon M. Nowak J. 0'Brivn K. Olin P. Unika M. Panagiotis S. Pany P. Pardvv E. Parker V. Parker A. Parnell B. Pawlik P. Pfile A. Piunti M. Popa R. Rainey R. Rayler L. Reed R. Ref-vcs N. Rvid J. Rivarml I.. Rivhardson D. Rivharclson 5. Robvrsun H. Rnddige-r J. Rodman C. Rnge-rs B. Rulslun J. Ruth L. Saliarih R. Samansky J. SHIIVIIPZ M. Sanchez Y. Savage' B. Svhmitt C. S1'll00Il W. Seitzinger P. Shea L. Sheets A. Short G. Siler C. Simon ,l. Simpson M. Sims R. Skrivan M. Smith R. Smith V1 Smith S. Someson B. Spiller J. Spiller B. Spurgen D. Siath P. Stewart S. Swain A. Sweitzer J. Terry M. Tincher C. Tripp B. Tropilu T. Trottier T. Tsikouris D. Turehany M. Underwood M. Vaj ner .l. Vallette J. Vessely M. Vince Z. Vitkovivll J. Wall B. Wallace B. Walton J. Warne A. Warren S. Warren J. Welch J. White 1h P lmnmrman R fum AUTOGRAPH Wnllu un Wllm rf Yurtxna ldllarm ld c I L ,, Q, . , T. ' 'z s A - ,N f " R. ' 0 ' ,Ji :Q A A 'P' gg rg- M : 5 -,f , , ,, J . ', V x ' ' - A Wful- l X? F ix, 5' 'A Y h ij .I.Zarakas X 1, X1 N 1 x 1 S W, , fu, 73 . . , .fi flf' V V k j , ' ,212 . A' ff? ' x Q85 3 X Cecelia Jurdz, Girls' Treasurer, Mrs. Reyher, Sponsor, Bart Kusmierz, Vice-President. Miss Ander- son. Sponsor. and Gene Sll3yHlUYlf'll. Boys' Treasurer all seem to haw- money on their minds as thev dismiss one of the most important prolmlcnls of the yn-arf-aflass rlues. Mr. li0IlIlf'l'lf' and Miss Dotlivll stand by ready to hr-lp. 1 1 The Sopllonlore Hop 1 the topu of the dax A Nl! ten and Mrs. Snlewski. Sponsors. ,lavkie Bo- sak X ne President Wlr Holube- Npon .ind rolxn Bei lxwith. President plan for the big affair. m s n ff ll Xen .1 ff it me s for the sophoniores. 26 gr 71 'Y W 1 Q fn ,. '46, 845 4 P' , V, -we X , S' 4 3 2 4 1 ,-J Q . I CT 'D as 's . -1 1 A 3 6 '48 Q-...Q .JS 3 iam . 1, Q'-3 'F N-. 43' , , Q A 'S J' 45 '7 ,, 2 fab A va 115 'Tri 'wk 1 i x '- X G fx 'ff' ,, j . f 'r 1 . -nvifrh W3 ' 'lv A1 yn. nv- .Y 9 f 4 Haifa B. Adams C. Archibald E. Audrey D. Ausenbough B. Bartolomeo C. Beckwith I. Bennett B. Blain J. Blum G. Bodnar R. Bolinger 1. Bosak R. Boyd J. Boyle L. Bracken A Bringas G Brinston M. Brizendine Y Brown H. Burden J. Busch I" Cardinale J. Caventer S Chapman D Christoff S Clark D Clapp G. Cole B. Cross M. Dabrowski A Dawson N Day J. Dishmon L. Docks D Duffy G. Edwards B. Elrod Y Edu ards T Farria C. Fedorvhak J. Fernbough L. Fiddler . Calanns Calik Calka Caloozis Gee Grembowi . Goldman Grigonis .Grinnell Croberg Gudinas Guzman Hall Hanko Harris Harris Harris Hart Hedman Helinn . Hemphill Hull H udgins ll ughes Ihnat lvanyo Johnson .lurdzy Karas . Katnna Keelm Kchayia Killion Kirk . Klein Klug Kontaxis Kosak Koulianos Koulianos Krok Kruczek VZ 17" ' 9"": or 1 .Q , x A ff S x Q F . 1 , av . 4 - 1 x I ll! il xr' K' V in JMD W., V f .V NA li? 'E' 'lxlilll Mi i Y' , -is 32 N,- p 1: Q V Ji . , ing? 3 AEA Ave- -A fi M R. in 'M 3 1 ' W Q, if ,, 4 'ZZ' jf -,L '17 in l W' l Vif gif I X AK. x Y .l l'4ill:51 si l J' PV' in -3-ff! ,Q J ' 5 Fl N '4 , x ri' 4 xl NI i 'UN Q X A ., ,? fi: . X Q 1' ff' " -N ' 'F .1 va 'F' A xi. . 4- 2 '-'Y 'H z E.. SLAB! 'vc 'L Y 7 'X 3 AMX D 'Q' ev , .5 'T 4,5 W, ' f li. Ku-mid-rz ll. Ku lullums J. Kwule-lx l". l.lllll1lSlQ'I' H. Lumlnio- H. l,anfe'ar ll. I.:-H 1r1' ky N. Lvngyvl ll. l.il1i1'k J. lAlNl4'll ll. l,udmi1-ln li. Nlailimn ll. Nliigllllw .I. Major Nl. Mako Y. Mann M. Mullnalii F. Marugos Nl. Nlurugm Nl. Nlurlim-z ll. Maman J. Llrsil li. Nlulllvwf k N. Nlflhlllllllglll l., N14-ffuin W . N14-1 llinnn li. Nl1'l,2illlt'lS J. Nl'-Kay B. Nl:-rlu 12. Nlillf-r ll. Nlillur ll. xlll4bNl'Nl1'll J. xlll1hf'Nl1'll ll. Nlvllull NN, Wlitvln-ll D. Ylulnur P. Hourly 11. Multa Il. Galoozis B. Nm-lynn C. Newbert Nl. Noble 4L.U'Bm1lmi1-I1 l'1.U'Brivl1 N. Hu:-ll J. Page' M. Puniuqnmf H. Parke-r J. Parrish F. Pallvrmn J. Patton H. Ps-rry I.. Pvllllllllflllll ll. Pe-rkins J. Pfile' 5. PHkI'4llliIlbki D. Pu-in P. Pmllkos H. Rarlloff J. Hwlvr P. He-nz 5. Rt'hUIl4PNi1'Il lb.Ru1-kin, J. Sulxvlti J. SI'lllIli4h lQ.Slmyulmi4-I1 P. Shiple-F J, Single-tml S. Siufrt-ml li. Slxilllxll l'. Skurivll U. Smith J. Smith SUJDVZPR l..5lawsi1'ki B. Sllllf'SIIldll J. Szakavf D. 'fhnrnlml ,fr 1 -45 'V ,Q ri xlaf 1 ' 4 .H 3 K WXNX 5 Q -.7 au . ,:,, " '17 r x ia II, 1 3: M f fi- fi if Q .L " V ' s 4? t" N 'J Q I Mum Y ff 5 ,AQ K l , A V V :-A LA I ff sk 0-5 5 , 3- -: V " ri ' M X Q . . I A Yufff I X " KWH if k"'1 Y 'bf Nl if AQ fi H. 'l'imlwrn1.u1 Xl. YIRFHIIIII' Nl, vl'I'llIlllllblllAll'i R. llll'1'llLlllf Nl. I rklu J XJUIIPI' ' r- H. N illl1'1 r ll. Yuwil J, Y1bll1iUI'kHN ivl 5. Yrtikupu 'lf xx-Llilllllilll li.XK'ul1m1 J. Xxviihllll 5, Ward lJ.Wafl1ku NI. We-bb A. XY:-lnlvr J, XX Q-Nl:-r H. W-illlllllll I.. Wilwn S. fufnivh lf. X ming J. Zailrlmwki 5. Zuhariuf Zvrx WP AUTOGRAPHS Q9 4 if wmv gal 1 l ppt rt I.: men at last! The year started off with a hang as the juniors received t eir rid rinlf Planning for the- Prom kept Aaron Gruu. President: Bill Bolletta, Vue I re ide nt fn-lie Kenneth. Sc-vretary: Helen Trupilo, Girls' Treasurer, and Brian Mc Dunough Bows' Treasurer, really busy as they prepared for the "big event." ii N II Q 1 U D N X 1 4 33 T ng Q B. Xr1'll4'r ll. Hake-r lf, Hulwr ,l. liulufll li. Hilllliw ff. Bamis Y. lgt'lll'l'lllh li. B1-leslin .l. li.-Il D. Bvlljilllllll ,I. lgl'yl'l'5 R. Blau-km-ll .l. limlnnr XY. Hlilillgvl XY. liollvtlu S. Hurdf-n N1.f1ilIll4lllll R. lk-Ulu I.. flllilll .l. lfhriftuki, IJ.l1..uk R.1Inlm-r Ii.11m Nl. fillllllillglllillll .l. Curlif lf. Cyprian S. llurlny K. Il1lXillh0ll S. lluxix ll. I,l'IllllNQ'N M. IL-S11-farm I.. lhan Yl.llixi1'll 5. I,l'illxIlIi1'Il NN . Erdelav H. l'.l'I'Ir J. IAJIIN P. F4'llUl'l'lllllK ll. l"e-vkvmllvl' lx. Fivlll W. FI'l'4'Ill1lll li. 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Board Senior Drama ,luniur Claus Play French Club flillllfella Band , 1 BARBARA DISHMUN GAA. F,T.A. Clce Clulm Spanish Clul: Rules C0lllllllllf'f' 054' Y 'fi PATRIQ IK DURIN 'llrnmfvrrvel from Bialmp Null lfootlrull Trurk Crm, Clnuntry ,lunimfr l'luy Slbdlllfll Clulu CIAR X INHNIIS X fluppz-lla llo.lr4lnfCul1Irnl 11mlullv'l'1'i.ll lllulv 12. K. X. Fpuni-ln Clulu 1.4rll1'4'l'I llullll. l.lllI'ill'l Ill Slain- null l .lrivlj R' 'C' f NV'--rm' G9 qw' S l""-ng.. so . a W- BARR.-KR A EWERS Ndliunnl llonur Fuvivly l'fNll'lllSUNl XX 1Qnlnl4'llUaln-llc' l",ll.l,. X. Jr, nnul5r,1.l.n-- l'rmlm'lmll- Flmni-ll lllulv 1,.X,K, Sufvly llmlllllitlm' LORRAINE l"Al,1f0NER K lfulrpz-llu 5puni-ll lllulr lfullvrrl Urrlll'-lr.: Urn-ln'-lru. l'n'-ill:-lll 42. X. 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Pro--ul:-m Inlin Vlul Svniur Pe-r-nllulilx 'Aff-lx Ignllllllltm- LAWRENCE R. PLINK I-ITT IIa-Iu'tIJaII National IIOnur 501-ivty 'K Cqppvlla Crm- Country Trnrk I,utin Clull. Tri-asurr-r Suf:-ly Cunxmillf-v DONAID PRICE Svninr Drama UfIi1'Pr N Capprlla Jr. an1I Hr, Claw I'lux 5 uive and Yarif-tv I . Prom fI0lIlIllI'IPf' Safe-ty CUIIIIIIIIICW' Spanish Clulu use-Q f -ff Yrrff ROBERT SK XLKI Irv--Illn..ul I"nuIIn.1II 'I r.n'I-Q 1fl.l-- II.:-kv-Ilmll I'rmn flululllillw- XII:-lx ffulllllnilh-v 1'2'..'f Ii RRI! XRN SNIITII 'mn-fr-rro-1I from IX:-IIIIIVIU Fufvlx Ifmlllllilts-1' film- ffluln 110 6-0' Q-r'1 qi 4 fd 9 box fd S 'll.l.Y SMITH H. X.-X. full-If Cmlxlllillu-r F,B.l,.-X, if ' Nl NRGE SPOS.-XTO Hourll nf Control. Fvvrvlury I-'.B,I,,B, 0fll4'f'r Fufn-ty Cfrlllllllllf? -X Cnppvllu jr. uml Slxfllu-fl'lx1y l'r4ul1u'li ill:-1' Clulr UAA. S7 VER -K STAN BOLOS National llunor Sm-ivty IQNIHRFUYI KN F.B,I.A. Sufrly Cuuuniltw' Slllllll-ll Clulu GAA. .lr. mul Fr. Cla-s Play Pl'fNlllK'll0llN 7-N :Ti Tp- VERONICA STE.-KRNS Tranrhfrrrml from Tollesion C..-X.,-X. Safety Council Spatin Club Glrf' Clulr Girls' Rifle Tvam Home E1-nnorllivs Clull ,IAQ ZKIE STI' BBLEFIELD GAA, F.B.L..-X. Sufvlj Conllnlllvv Ulf-0 Club Spim' uml Yurivly Rf ,819 I Numa- 'uv- NIARLENE STl'TI-ISMAN U DRDELI. SYENCALIS G..-X.,-X. Board l"rf'fluuun Connnittvo Umxrfl of Control Band SUIDIIOIHIYFP Cunlluille-P Falfvly Cmlllllillm' .lllniol'f1lu-r Play YJ N XI AHCIA THEl lDORl-I Svnior Drama Sufvly Commiilee GAA. Puglvanl Suplmlxwrl' Hula liunllnillm- lr, illlll Sr, lllu-N l'l.ly l'l'mllu'ti Slum- unnl Yuriviy' 'l'l-Ili NINIIIAI-Il, TSNNG XRIS ' , ' .' . 1 Y ,,' ROBERT LEE THOMAS "' "h . INPYKLU EARl.l'IY TUNA I . A . .t rllfbllldll H1m-1vrBuy- Malls' Huurel of llnnlrul Fnullmll FW HRFUXI KN Juniur Play Hu-kvllrull Xllllvtn- W.ul.1g:1'r Trnrk 4 w , A , A Hal-vlrull li..-1-lull Svnior Clap- UfH1't'r It mW'5TlNh Tlnw FALL 5lILl!liNll Club Fnfvlj llulnlllillvl' Fvnim' P4'I'-lllldlilf Fpnnixh Clulu inf:-ly CIDIIIIIIHIP1' l,.nIil1fflulyHITirf'r Wx H!'NQ3 V 1 .ar-W Ill.-KNIC Y KHGO I' YI' Y.'kl'GllAN fy.-XA. 'lkru11-fn-rrfvl from Cmnnwm mm-nl Clrllllllillff' Hi-hop Null P-.B.l,.X. 1Q.X.X. l".'lL. K. 431111 vr 'Jfvlx fimnllliln-I' 5.lfI'lX fifvllllllill "'4 K1lnuuln1-lm-nt-ifmnmltl Q . . ,ulnlmlumrw Hop 4.mnln1Iln'n' I nlin I lull, 1 L JOHN MARK YRTIKAPA Funthull Page uni Spin' und Yuri:-ly Fufvty ClJlllIllilIPP Clip- Baxkexthall Prom Cmnnmitlf-P I' rl'NllIlla1n I' rullr- fnlllllllllvl' 1fomme-m-1-mrnl l'fmnlniIl4-1- S1-nior l,l'l"N1llli1lilj BILL WAINNIAN Fufvlj Cnlnnlillmf IU P.'l'.C. Hifls- 'Il-un: WR 2 fix ,fl- U V n, Rl'TII WIXRNER .I,-INET VHXFIIKO IQ.X.'k, 1,.X.f'k. 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Board l'rom Committee Buurfl of Control Frmllman Committee Sufr-tv Committee , . , Sf-nior Class Uflicer Sophomore Hop Committee ' A I N. ' Bam-alaureate Committee N LE A W ol- FURU Prom Committee F.B.L.A. A Cappella F.T.A. Spive nml Variety Safety Committee p I .gf i 'Q L NANCY LEE ZARK G.,-LA. Board Sophomore Hop Committee Bandl anll lll'4'lH"hlI'il. Librarian Spice anll Variety A Cappella F B LA. .lunlor Clasf Play Prmlurtion I lee Club AX f .my nv . 1' 1. PPJCM COMMITTEE '5 C-1 5-I df' ,-.1 cw me us r lll 1 I .1 CLASS fx YY .5 "1 I an 0 4 N m R rr Ifer 56 5 I A, r,J 'lj ...- 'Q vw' I Y J' 5 -' 7 4: I V. x ' ou s 5 1.2 fv Ag, .l 4 I fx J ,Q . n 1V 5 H' Q ' Q 7 Q, f' 1 f . f 5 X y K z ' "" ' T.: .L JY l.1 x -r R xr .l. l,unn. .l. Yrlikulu. H. ll -linus. B. The uma. 'lf Hwrlgurif. lvppq-r Rem: I. lxnxukus. M. 'l'llvmlm'1-. fl. Burma. H. K4-y, S. fukuria. 5. Km-- xff' 1 ? 3 Q i . 75? L - - X f K , . S , X xx 5 :1,A .9 I ' 9 H l Q k I.:-f to Right: 31. Sp fat . I.. Plunk 'll. B. Alas 1. . B'ljillllill. ,. f da. BA COA LA U I-ZEATE Y' 'i'+ +4 f' if I V llh rumor I I I I ue nn.: ku ,I Nrll .nm OOMMEN CEMENT DUEQ X 1 did 1 N nl r lm 1 Nd .1 Nami 'I dn 4 uwlma , A I, H, V- ,. 1, if v If X - 1 W '- . K 1 " ' J' 1, - 5' 5 -WL K gg. L.-, M A, x wr Q xy K M Mil., A' K Q :XY ,ff'.,, . Q f if A? 5 4 Q' 'QW fx + + f , 4' ,fl 1- + -+ f' ' .A " fd. . Le-f l1lI:igllIfJ. N ' 1. R. li -I' w. H. . 4 'lvlu ' up va H ...,,,., ,. ? 42 V 5 Q ia ' , l Z7 1 A 7 . '1 jd 8 R - - 4 X 'fi 9 , ,. X k if 1 I..-fi In Right: J. X rtik' I ' . P, Yuughar . B. Kc-' . ff, Glo- 1. R. Ku-v'1g: P. YL gn. I. hu 'kf.,'1- l.ll:1IR.4LlI6'lilld5. N. Ts' 5 ' 'F' 57 garE.K,1I'r e- 1-r. , . 1 f X X f , CKE f' 1 I. n s I 1 I 1 I I 1 1 x Acfirikizg Y, Www "TOI2JY" AND QTUDENTQ ENJOY VAIZIED ACTIVITIES Here at Emerson we are fortunate to have mam elubs and organizations for the ftudents. The eluba lum- both a soc-ial and an educational adxantage. Socially the danees and other events sponsored by these Clubs enable the students to get to know one another better. Eduea- tionally some of these same elubf have introduced our students to new people, lands. and ways. KQV! GJ It Zia, I Ni I4 X E ,I if Q3 ' - ' 1 i E Yf, v' . . ""E' Z wil' I 6 'I . ?1N'B'f "' gf E me 2. x Q I 0,1 jj M wiv Pin" , nf AN N UAL QTAFF Er fff ffl I Ts 452i 3 . 48 Bae-k tu Front. Fira! Rom: Donna W'lll1'I'Ill00ll. T4-fl Tsan faria. lim-Ill Mahon. S4'C'UIl1l Huw: Nvra Slam- F- lmlm. 'Nlarilyn Pre-Nlnr. lfilf-4-n Ulf-nn. 'l'llir1l Ron: Barbara Harm-ll. Barbara lim-rf. Fmxrlll Rom: lull lie nz lmm leuln SPUIISUF. . . Editor .... A 'Ill' '. STA FF llo-Editor. ...,.... . .. Buainc-ss Manage-r Xrlrllixliftratierll. Art Editor ..,. lilafscf .,,. :X1'IlNlIif'w, . Svllmnl l,il'v. .. lflrls Slmrls.. Buff Flmrtf.. . ' ,"i. . . . . .Miz Breen Elizabeth Maman M a ril yn Prvsflor .Harlrara En 1-rx . .Ye-ra Sliillllllbllb . , . .Louif fic-rda . . .Eileen Glenn Barbara Barrett . . . .Lula Bc-nviv ljtrllllil vwlllQ'l'llllP4Pfl . . . .lflizaln-Ill Nlafun Nlarilj n Pre-fflur . . .Tml 'I'-angarif Mr, Breen. Bvth. and Marilyn are' elm-4'i1ling which pivlurv I 62 Pl-I0 OGIZAPI-I Y Y? X1 I rw lx.1x 1111111 x Sl1.1r1111 N111111 1 I1-f1mR1gh1B1ll PdYltll J1rrw Ph.1rr Blll U Brun GLUE .1 11.1 l.111x N 11111 I 1 xldI'X Xnnf r.111l l1111lf1 ll1nl.1 1 1 x 1 r1111 1 1.1rt .1rrs l'Xdll 111 1 N11 1 B111 1 .1 ftlll .1r Tl11 tll lf mr 1 N1 1 1 ff I 1.1t11111 15 1111 lllf 111111 1 111 11 r 111 1111 fu lf 111 1 111 .1 11 1.1111 11111 Job L...l I I 1 N1 B 1k N dI'N xllll r.11 Ndllflfd Pdfll has lx 111114111 1l illll rldrl in Q 1- ., I 1 U Q F Q. f 'X ,Lf l I a wg 1, :W .Xi 1 4 Wm 1 1 1,1-1 1..11ag111.1'1r1111. 1 -1,5 1 A -1111. . ' 2 ' - ,V 1 . ' ' s-111-1 '1...'1-1- 111.111- .A 1 1-111. ll1- 4'Fl' Spllrgv 111. Zn ' - Ni1k1ni11l1. 'l'l1ir1l R111 3 Bill Gvr- l' .lx I l" NU1 'l'11r'l111111.. 'li' 1 ICS. 1 , Th- '111 11,,1'.1pl11 llluly. llllll -r th - 1lir1-1'ti 1 nl' A' V Mr. R11111is1'l11-r. lliiw ln-1-11 li big help tu ll11' .-X111111.1l Stl R 11-A . - lllub has tak- ll ' fl l... 'l fml lif-. .1111l 1rrr,.11i'.' ' pi1't11r-A that 111-rv 11111,-1l1-1l to y' 1-11111 51- -1 111l. S7 W -. tl11- 1111- l - 5 nf .-xllllllill Stuff. tlla lx all nf th: r 11111111-ir1im1-.p111W 1 rk LlIl4l ' Il ut 1 1 A N, - 1 w I A r- ' 1 I Q X 1 .1 LI-'f 11 llgllli .l'li1' 111 1-. .l' v U 'lI. ' ' 63 '1' -.un l' .111-, SEN I X r f-rut - mms I ll In wx .ul from u erx In the .1 is-le irom WUIIICIIIII num The Sf mor Dmluatu sf lub ls made up of stud: nt- ws 10 haw an lntnrf Nt III lhcdtre The claw not on x work on dl img but also learns the technlval .lspub of tht lhmalre as wit design llghtlng and make up Vllllx xear thf mlass prev-nted The Doctor ln Split of Hllllif lf for thc dlldll0l"lllIIl Clavv- Tlu QXPIIIIIU of one dl ts nu ludmv Rude rf- to thc Sea, Thx 'Wldrrmgf Iroponnl, .uul Women ln lounul mb ul I F DRAMA vn- 1 ,.,- wr r' ! 1 n f rx .1 1 mu rail on r ll Wlxnm Ihr lrxn I r K 41' r fl lf 111111 uzr Irv.: ure r Nr' ll' Ifpd rlll x :I rum c1rol.1rx .md Idr 1 .1 1.1 r 111.1114 1 r Q f 2 Q -- ' V mn-,. . ' A - f ' 1 L- ' 6 h 7 ' 1 1 K " 1' V X' 1 13 K- - D ' sd' VA ' 1 X l.e-ft lo Right: Nos:-411111 Hvrnjulllill. 51 llllf l'ruill. Hul 'l'ur1'lla111j. W1ik'Zul111rius.Hu Y K-ll1u5.,l A ' ku ' H. X1'l1-1le'fQl1i1li1u1s. IJ l'ri1'1', x1ilI'1'i1l vIwIlQ'1HIHI'l'. Mu jo'o- Dani-. l,4'lllliN x1l'41lliI'l'. Y ' Ps-lm. Nmlim- Nallghlurl. Bilrllllfll lv-j. H111 Urn-Ir4r1l11re-k. Hurlmru N11'l'lU. Put X IIQU. Mary PLINIPIIVII. NMI - lx. '11 I ., k, ' x ' - 5' . I rn. T , . r xx - A -21-ll :TN V Q, - , ' 4', LV, ' X 1 - X , ,. Imf In Right: Burl urn Ko-4 . pre--i1'11t: Dun I' in-. xivv-pr fi I -nt. IJ' E N11-G ' vu " f ' : N11 ' 1 ,-'.pull'-'t- 'mi 1l:PatY11gu.-'--'Ui' N' g-Uwif.-'g' ' 'gm AUTOGRAPHS lhv lor4-hh:-urn-rf In 4,4-urgv lx.-Ilx was pre--Q-rllwl ln Ille- l',Ill4'l"!l7ll N-niur 411.1-X Thr- 4-u-l max al- fnllmw: Hr. Fra-4l Riltrr. .. ,. . . . ...,. Dun Prim- Jrnnj ....,..,.... . . .Nlyrv-nc P+-pa Nlrx. Paula Hitt'-r .... ..., S nnju Pruitt Ur-. Palrlllrlllwl Nlr. Fpimllvr.. nr.. N-lly r.-11 Hr. Huxlry Hr Nliw Family Spa wiv f"l4rr1-ll4'4- Hr. .. Hr. Hdllyh lun Flap- Whlluggrr Ur-. f.lur.1 Flu- lMF"I'l1llA lla'-lgrlwr uml I H11-im--x 31.411 X-Ni-Ian! Uirv-4' 'll-1-llrlif-.11 Kwi- ll ..., ... Pal H ugn rx-vfrnvz' ,... Jim Bxnum 'LlFlIl:j. , . . 44rnla- Mmln-r Ylr4fri1'lu'tI. . . . Bvlll Nlilvlll .,xldI'jj4' linux llvr ,. Vdllvr Kdrxvr .. .. . Yielsle-ll Ho-drrl lvpurfl .. . .. ,. x1dTl'lll Ill:-mlnrv .ng--r . hfrlrmlf- l'.1lrm-r - IHVN War'-i.: 'l'hn-mlurv SENIOR: PLAY H' PM Q Thi, N1'0'Ill' mar one' of thu- funnif--I in ilu' Svniur fllufff prvu-Illuliull of thu- lliIiIl'i4bllh1lllllQ'llX. "Tile 'llare-lllu-are-rf." ,. . . . . . .john Ke-nm-dy ...Barbara K4-5 ... ,km 4..u'nn-x 1 Vlxn-ln' Pr- ld I lan! . Hn-4-ann Hliljdlllill i 4 V hnl maui .xt wl1ur11?'f'f xxx' A I 3 Nw! , IH-X-QM., 7 :I I I Q 4 5, Qi I ,f ff sf OO N OEIZT OIZGI-IEQTIZA FIRST VIOLIN SI' Lorraine Falvonvr Sandra Johnson Ile-nnis Powa-ll 'I'lu-Ima Pe-lalis I,in1la Ilarris Sandra ilhalnnan Martha Kalona Iiarol Killion ,Ioan Terry Aliw- Wvebstrr Jr-ri Ihnat Rosvmarj Arr:-ola Nlargarvl Sliibhillll Nanvj Ia-llgjl-I Patty Ile-nz MUNI? YIULIN ,lowrv Ilmlgins Mivllavl Uuill Ella Parka-r Hopi- Hanko Barbara Lanfm-ar Pal .Innes Iowa' Ilibbs Ifllvn Kijurna Barbara Ilainvy joy-v Dixon Rivhard Wolfrath Ii:-ily Mdldllldllbr Phyllis Irish .-Xnn-lia Brayavk Ilolwrt lin-ininski I.in1la Sf-ilzingc-r Virginia Yanvvy Rivhard Iloolf-y f,lzl,I,0 Marjorie' Noble- Marlvnc- N'Iariinn'z Kc-nnr-th Olin Charles Runyons B4-vc-rly Skalku Yvra Saxagv Frank Boelnar loin Forhe-s Ye-ra Irby YIULA Claudia Galik Ilonnie- 'xI'1'llIlHllll Minniv Gray ST .Iohn lilanvj Gloria Iirinslon Janice Pago flvlron ,Xrnlnons RING Ii.-XSS Ilivharfl Major Bryan Eaton Sallir Ilarris Martha 'I'in1-her Rirharfl Farrvll 'I'c-rrj Whling John Yonilorlun in ll FI.ll'l'E III Carolyn llalik A RI N ICT Allan Sa-hoon Darn-Il Ilallc-r Nanvy Zark llalhe-rine' Nlolla lfarolyn Wyrivk Ii.-XSSUUN Iffl Wilnioth Murray Bryant FRICNIIII HURN Ilvnry llofllligv Warn-n Fvilzin TRVM PICT Bill Ilravkctt Julie- Szakavs 'I'RUNIIi0NI'I John Rivard IWIRIIIYSFIUN ,lohn Ilislnnon Ilalv Illapp Holm-ri Hadloff Gvorge- A rthur PI.-INN Gloria Ilowvll Win. Nlaftvrx and Hr. llale. I'iIIl4'I'54lH urvherlra dire-vtnrs. UI"I"IlQliRS. Left to Rigl :L H nr mu in 'v r' ..- k,,.u"', The EIIIPFSOII Urehestra performf at various Sl'll00l and community funetionf. It has a little "5yn1pl1ony" within itself which plays al elasw playa. banquets. and wher- ever music li I'l'1Illf'rlPd. The All-llity Ureheftra Vllllhihlh of the mm! aclxaneed players from all Gary svhfmls, in whivh EIIICFMDII partivipales. Annually. the 0I'1'llCSII'ii goes to hear and see the Chicago Symphony Urehestra. an u-uv nun- nav . VS lt: Lorraine Falconer. Richard Major nr H-r -vs F 4. Nam lark. MAJ O IZETTEQ left to Rlglll 1 .xrul frlpp larrmne Ldralxa Buerls Nlxdllxll Nano len wel larol 1 I'tIIlbUMlCZ I frrl 'Vla Hd Stblllll? 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' l h V 1 L i 4 1 4 I D F h I I k E A I. I 5 I . x - , F' - xl '. Y . ' l ' L ' ll N - Y . ' J 5 E 4 ' M 0' - dl ' 1 . Hi ,. ' 3 ,. ", ' ' Q . , s' 3 '. . ' " . .P NI" ,' ' '- 1 '. ,' , A ' , fizlz-Bvmlf Ml -' W MI? Jig, A .Q -, " P "" W' Q- A - q. - - -ff. - 4 5 'fly-p--A i Ei IWIIIIIIII EIEEBEIBEZ U ' 1 N ,QA . , ' Y A. W1-' 1 A 1 L SCHf J 3CF'0L f L - 1. Z CU L f . 1 f r L x-..Ea:.:-1 es ':--3: -F :'T:'f -'Ck'-?, .:.':-11' :EL7Z':. -L-zu: .QLTS-: 5 E-li i 'L-:EFL-7 :-?54:E ,ff.:5Z: .- SQL-r: :E-5:52 1:-."'.:4 if--NI ""' 1'.:.'Z5 -47.12-: 1----,'i.- --:....., ,J ::,gLr-12.1 S..-..... .. A- ,A-: -4,-..-.x..... ,:2?,'3P: "'v r' ""-zf" , .-'F up-1 ... .--'fx-'EQ 'Tr-'Z .Y L..s.. ,IE 'Ls.:-:..,.-.- -jfs. ,,-J .sr :I- . -.- :.-LEE-Lfwv Qi. ..- ":::f-': --.... -, s-j-'1 .ifL"-I: -:,,'--f :'I,TL2 L-.... 'L V:5LE:,,. 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H The Glee Club. under the direction of Miss Sayers. has done a great deal in keeping up sehool spirit and building a good name for our school. They have had a very active year inelnding singing for the P.T.A. They added to the pagean- try of the Christmas Pageant and much color to the Spring Convert. They finished the season hy singing for KIommeneement. Biros, M. Nowak. P. Uneka. S. Pany. J. Bosak. J. Wesslor. Johnson, H. Lanfear. Miss Sayers. Third Row: fVl. Kalona. Cillespis. ff. Rodgers, U. Powell. M. Manoski. l.. Fidfller. itutesman, J. Singleton. J. White. J. Zubloeki. L T7 Officers: M. Manoski. President: J. Wvilliamson. Secretary-Trea urer: J. Ihnat. Vice-President. 72 A CJAPPELLA Ill' 1 f MJD' ' .Ili I .tl f llll First Row: B. Bassett. B. Gadzela. l. Warshal. M. Malizzo. P. Yugo. B. Maron. R. Benjamin. M. Davis. J. U4-hoa. Second Rom: Mins Sayers. H. Tropilo. V. Miller. K. Jones. J. Kareffa, I. Kovakas, B. Fifher. M. Pavlenell. A. Webster. Third Row: L. Faleoner. N. Naughto. N. Zark. R. Be-ll. G. Powell. Horkavi, V. Bs-hrendt. B. Archer. K. White. Fourth Row: D. McNair. R. Q 9 C., Ul"l'l1.l'.R5: Blair I-enln-rg. Hoy! Tr:-afurer: Bo-ye-rly Fi-her. Girl Tr:-a-urn-rg Bi-th .Xnn Mahon. Yif-e-Pre-fi4lei1t:john Carralpin.-I Pr!-,j. do-nt. 73 Blaney. W. Seitzinger. P. Callaway. D. Krehtja. A. Crau. J. Bynum. V. Heard. K. Carpenter. J. Difhnlon. B. Ifenberg. l. Bennett, R. lirshik, D. Holler. B. Henderaon. J. Carrahine. L. Kirk. A. S1-hoon. G. Kallaus. L. Plunkett. ,I. Wiltermood. D. Priee. J. Kennedy. A Cappella. under the direction of Miss Sayers. has had an aetive year. They sang at thi- request of the Menis Service Clubs of Gary at the party giyen in the honor of Coach Gilroy. The-y added a great deal of hc-auty to our Christmas Pageant. and put a lot of cheerful smiles on von- valeseentf faeea is hen they Caroled for the hop- pitals. They also sang in the mass ehorus with the Symphony Orchestra of Gary. They were honored hy an invitation to sing forthe viilllltilir Croupf of City Nletllodift Churvh and ended the se-afon hy singing in the Spring Convert. Bavealaurate. and 4iibllllIlt'Ilt't'lll6'Ill. 5 X 1 Q73 K , V Y , f F D f f 5 W 31 g 4 If , 91 Z is 3 ' dv 3,9 rl 1. i . Y I ' , 15 9 if QQW' fshfim D, E K k . A O R r . ?'3"f., f. - 4 ,f PM fm -, Av,: ' ,fsf A , ,wx .gh .MW gfj gg ' L' l t J M 4' f-2 'PY ,X N' W wx. N 'kT x ' ' x Q,,.5'7, , A .B L f.-, ,. - x ffm -pk ' :Y 4 I 314 xfj,f,, - . pf' A 'rw f 1 ' ' ,. 13" 'fa v ,., ,aw ., ' J if , :Q 2. 5'y9.: m,--f -f5" +2jnx'm, I nk " I ' H' w i 4 119. 1 'P " x if if 4 'f'2:,v.' fefl-Ya W Q X .pg ,A U 'IX-' ,:,' -I j f' 5, 1 f 1' 'DV' . , .P " 1 ' .: If Q av 1 vi K 4.1. bl Q' :I , - A,,N...,. WN g1m7!'5"b'f ,ont-vP""f ff' l'..'S.'.T...M , .Q....,. -5 yruuuy ..4.,.ow-ee-V.. vw nw--v... an-'-' I t 4 J ' ? ' u ' . ' .j.' 1 U 5 1 sg M ,xl ' ' Y . My . , f . , , f -T I ' ' ' V 1 'iv -,J W 'vu If ,f 1 , a i , Q ' . D 'f -2 . , , ' , . J, -1 f 9 , . 5 rl , . , y , . G 0f'vr " 19 gf 06 .4 0 1, 9 PAN I 1 From bottom up: M. Troumoularis. President: M. Shea. Yiee- President: T. Walsh. Seeretaryg P. Pope. Treasurer. LUB The lfmerson Spanish Club under the direetion of Mrs. fl. K, Reyher is Composed of students ofthe first and second year Spanish Classes. The goals of this Club are to obtain understand- ing and promote good will toward our Spanish speak- ing neighbors. Their most important annual aetivity is "La Fiesta de Espanol" which takes place in the spring. In addition to sponsoring this fiesta. the club visits various museums and Spanish restaurants in order to further develop the members' understanding of the Spanish people. wmv owe BOOSTER CLUB 1' :Hwang f g 1 'lm' WZ r J, 'V' m E E N 0 Kneeling: M. Clark, M. Pavalench. Seated: M. Presslor, B. Me-rlo. S. Smith S. Pruitt. J. Mason, D. Tidwell, M. Shay. Standing: D. Cllt'I'I'y. J. Currahine C S. Someson. G. Timberman. J. Curtis. ff. Presslor. N. Naughton. D. Croln-rg L U E Mrs. Palmer. Sponsor. cr C'b First Row: 1. Helton. W. Mitchel. D. Gross, R. Blaney. Second OFFICERS: V. Heard, Vice-President: I. Manoski. President: Row: J. Nowak. D. Miatthews. M. Catcllivll. Third Row: P. G. Zakarias. Secretary: S. Horkavi, Treasurer. Looper rl. Wlatthews Y. Behrendt. V. Vooper Fourth ow Q -. YA V I - w . . I . R A: .. I'l'0l"k2iYl..fr. lakarlas. S. Resanovivh. Fifth Rom: M. Calhoun, w fini.-1...-. xp 11.-ard. 1. x1.m.,w.ki. 1. Kalavrm. 78 AUDIO -VISUAL S... fv 9- A1 Q N u 1 umm I u mu ss I0 ssdnl If bllldlll more know ff fre- : r f N N N I to the differs NN: N x lf flnml .xml the if at 1 N Q 1 4 J .uuumlNu.l if lll mum .ull an llIHI'NlN1IIl'DY Mr Hou N 0 6 N u 0 1 n 11 ow 1 Iwup Rum len r Skuruh r uubc SJOIINUI' I'll1r1 Rum un Vhxruk Xmlx XIHIQFNUII Imnf.1rrlngton u nm Ram JIHQN N 1 4N Ml lur Brln1f.nN fetrun XIIIIIIUIIN P1rNt Hmm ,lfrold LUNICI B1bR.uuu Wnlu Nlurmx 79 F uw me TEA ou EQQA or: ururae UQINEQQ EADEQQ ou:AMeiaroA First How: Mi:-5 Be-vh-r. Sponaorg Y. Staniholos. J. Wafhko. lf. Murniole-jo. ff. llllllllllx Se-1-on4l Rom: B. Frum-if. Nl. Tlwo- rlore-. H. Farr:-ll. li. l'uttn-rxon. U. Nluniz. 'l'hir1l Hou: Nl l"runlw. P. Nlilgi. Nl. Spoauto. Nl. Pe-pu. Fourth Ron: 11. lluto N. Zark. 11. Hull-y. J. NY illiuniwon. 41. Gulik. Future: BllrlIlf'SN l.:-utlers of :xlIlf'I'lf'il is a vom- nie-rc-iul vlub ys hi:-li hvlpf students pre-purv thvm- be-lu-F for a varec-r in the- hufinwf ysorhl. It, purpose if to cle-yelop volilpvtc-lit. aggrc-fain: bllrlIlf'r5 lc-ufle,-rf. and to t'I1C'0lII'21gIf' inc-inln-rf in the flew-lopnic-nt of incliyirlnal IJI'Ujf,'f'lr anrl in wtahlifliillg tllviiiff-lu-5 in lDllrlIlf's5. It v-in-ouragfw iinproyvnivnt in wholar- ship and strivw to promote- hf'll00l loyalty. It spon- sor, "Curve-r Day." u eluy whim-h give-5 Form- of the nir-nihe-rw an opportunity to f'XIN'I'lf'Ilf'f' working in an offiw-. Nl:-nihvrf urv tulu-n on trip, whit-h af'- eluuint the-ni with nf-ws lxinclf of 1I1i1I'lllIll'h anrl nf-ys lIlt'lll4HlF that fps-ml 4-ffie-if-m-y in an offivv. The lfoninif-rvial Club ulfo gixw auarrlf to thou- ss ho hun- u4'llif'Yvfl Ulllwllllllllllgl' ability- in typing. short- huml. and liooltlwv-piilg. First Hou: I.. Warfhal. Nl. Nlillington. P. lhnat. R. Wilt-fliul. Sf-1-oml Rom: B. Havstin. S. llumhy. H. Tropilo. B. Gatlzf-lu. U. IillxIf'llil. Third Row: K. ,Ionf-F. D. Lomtlivr. C. Pre-aflor. Nl. Kufpura-lx. P. Pulikuvha. Fourth Ross: S. Zahairas. N. Stakih. B. Fit-ln-ii-1-lic-r. 5. Popard. NI. Pre-wlor. J. ffhriytakif. I-'iflli How: T. Troiiiiionlurif. ff. Bamif. W. Grunt. 41. IilPllrf'I'. D. Tirlmn-ll. ' 1'l Xsf Fir-I Rom: N1i-- Be-vle-r. Spon-or: P. Milgi. Pre--ide-nt: M. 'Hieo clore-. Yin--l'r4--ialo-lit: J. Vuxllluv. 'lirv-uxllre-r. S1'l'4lll4l Rom: NI Silo-uto. St'l'I'0'IdFy1 41. Douinis. Soviul ilhuirniunz ll. Ylurnioln-jo. 81 Lihruriun, Not Pi:-turn-fl: H. Curry. Hi-torian. QENIOIZ I-IONOIZ QOOIETY The Emerson Chapter of the National Honor Society was founded in 1930. It was the first chapter in the Gary Public Schools. The purpose of the society is to recognize students who have excelled in scholarship. leadership. character. and service. Memhers are chosen twice a year from the HA, IZB. and 12.-X classes by a faculty committee. The per- manent members of this committee are: Mr. England. principal: Mrs. Pierce. chairman: Miss Bcelcr. Mrs. Pal- mer. Miss Tinsman. and Mr. Rolfe. The senior class sponsors serving as an advisory committee are: Miss Gricger. Miss Monahan. and Miss Sayers. The Emerson Chapter is an active organization. Each year a service project is sponsored. This year a Scholarship Handbook was produced. Among the other projects sponsored by the society are: an informal dance. a formal induction ceremony. a tea. and a potluck dinner. E. Glenn, Treasurer: T. Tsangaris, President: C. Burns. Vice-President: B. Fisher. Secretary. 54 r t Row a ll ru o Bur B Emir A - lark- 5f'f'Ull4l RIWZ A. ' e -' . . , '-F. ..' llll n s. . ' . l,. Plunlx 't . lf. Y 82 BOARD OF OO NTFZOL 'df 1 AQ Seated: J. Blum. li, Cherry. G. Zukaria-. l.. fiertla. Nl. Stute-man. J. Bo-a li. liolln-tta. Startling: JK. Uruu. Mr. Smith. The student government of Emerson High Sehool has been in exiftenee for over forty yearf. The Board of Control was organize-,rl for the purpose of giving hlllflCIllh experienee in -elf-rule antl a voiee in managing eertuin sehool uetivitie-. Thi- prixilege. that the Ifmer-on -turlent govern- ment enjoy-. enahles the -tuflent hotly to give ex- preffion to their wishes. and thi- artf as a unifying force among the wttulent- and inerease- eooperation between the Emer-on student body. faeulty. and administratora. The Board of Control also participates in af'- tixities that benefit the le-s fortunate people of our loeal and national t'UHlIIlllIllllf'r. --4 .Tlx V, .,m .L 'N . ."..: ' , . "S, 5 2 A 'xl E51 J X' - be l llamtin. J. Bynum. Q' M r J. Bynum. Pr:--ident: B. Hawton. Seeretaryz B. Bolletta. Vice- Pre-ident. . , A 5 QAFETY COMMITTEE L ts C7 First Row: M. 'l'he-mlure. G. LuMe-lla. M. Davis. G. Muniz. St?l'HIld Row: S. Zukuriuw. P. Vaughn, P Yugo. D. Tiflwe-ll. M. Sposulu. Third Rum: if. Bamia. N. Nuuglilun. B. Baum-tl. V. Bc-hrendt.B Archer. Fnurlh Rem: J. Iiurkan. li. Sl:-wart. W. Uvlifm-. M. Nlnruh-5. Fifth Kms: ,l. Yrtikapu. M Zuharius. D. Prim-. Sixth Rem: J. ifurruhino-. I.. ifurruhim-. Y. Hake-r. First Kms: P. Fmlnr1'hc-k. H. Hamlin. lf. Niarmaliju. R. Bvlljillllill. l. Kuuliunnf. Se-1-uml Remzj. Kuraffu. 5. lIllIIliN'y. M. Franlw. P. Milgi. Third Rum: 5. Zuliuriuw. U. Wiltr-rnumd. T. Truliiiiulllalis. R. B1-ll. l"uurlh Row: ,I.1Qurkun. J.lIur1i,. T. Walah. M. Puriuxlm. Fifth Huw: N. Pujn. D. Gas- poderuk. R. fill1'iillilS, B. Thomas. f. wr' G? tf. N SOCIAL CJOMMHTEE Z' -5- r 411 Y .1 1111 4 Nlfbll 41r x 114 ll 11 B B 4- S1lfld.1 1011111111114 ll 41r44 4 I4 41 I11r11 .11141 11111 1 4- 54111411 f1lI1ll1llt1.ff 4 V14 41114 4 U11 4.11144 ll r4 Il 4 1 41 ld 4 11 1 .11144 4 N 4 111.1 11441114 .1 41111 1 4 14 r 111414111 HC Ildl' 41 4 1 111141 4-17' 'Nw 141411 o..y .1 15 11 lilbl 1 .11141 B.1r11.1r.1 1x4-1 49, Q ,K .XA I '1 ,, 1, 1 X , . 1 V V' U , 1 "7 1 Q "MK -1 7 ' 'X 1, 17 , 1 1 1 g 4 ' 151 Fi 11 H 1: 11. W14'1'1x411. 11. 11111' . 11. W ' 111:11 111. H. M4-f111ir4-. H. lX1'?.51'1' 1141 11411 : N111 41 1'- .'1 1 1 1,. 1Q4-r4111.4L.51141'141 '-11.1.11 r '1. . 1 ' . A "" rg, 1 T11, Q ' - -, 141114-11 i1 1 141 1 -1 111' ' ' 1 . , , 11111 D41l1i4'-11. 111.15 4141114- 111114-11 111 1111114111151 1114- a 1 '111-11 1' ' '1', . Y' "4 ,T T11 Q ' --114111141r1111- 1- -1 1.11 U 1 . 11ir,1 1' --1 1411' '11 a - 114-141 fr4111114-14-11 141 i114-. 1 1111-I a11141 1114111141r 1114- 1iu1k- I-ll 5.1111 F414 11111 D' --1. T11-f41-1411 1311111111114-4-11i1111r111114- 41 111 11ri P' 1, '11 11 1 4-11-r41111141-41 14 -1111 1if4- f41 1114- x 1 :P I 1 1, ,OJ g Q A " 3 4 an 85 . . . I E 4 H . -' '1fllIl'll. il ldr. ' AUTOGRAPHS X K I xx I I I QQX I I A I I I I I I I I I I I I 541001 Life E Q! X X 532 wir 5 MQ I fu-QM, f P ,Q of v1 N 6 2- 91 '96 s 'W' 'f ' f gs , .-6? v, W I 'W 3. x I L...4 6. F 9- V Q f """1ln'.. I mfg mf I , gb' I 'X rl x, 11 4 H , Vi- 3- VH' IVII 3""',.w nil .X ' -'wifi mf, 1 ' , L .f I V 1 , ,,, . , A ' : Q V M- D91 I ll' ,JF-6 S Pt .M ' QE - 'C- i 5 .X . . W "' e Ll 1 2, 1 I xv Y' ,Q f -.Q W , viyvv ff! I Kg ,ii-.kwa . 331"3n1? ' s it E15 M?kjg Higgs-, ig ,yhiw , ggu-,g,' fun - V .f' ,x,'i9f,9'i' 'Y 7 W , X , ' ff' 1 , 5 ,ij x , x su 1 Bottom: LOLA and DENNY Top: BARB and JIM 2? av I .fffkx 1, Z , 2 A "i ,, 5' ,w 'lv 1 in fyg.. 15 ' up 'Urn x. Q.. .pf -. x C , Xxx . Ak X fix , sv Spgar KS vu. 4 'L an-ff' fpwfw -I-in-I' yr' if MX' I ww F ',.,y..5 "' 'Q 'MQ' .r s',.i'7"g .ag -AZ' 'WO af?- ,ax no -..gc" lr .- QP 3-"JY 41" 51 A l QF' 4'- li' 1, FOOTBALL tt. ,ing , Z' .xg 11355 'T-"QP" r M 4 Q It M ,awk -. -. 4 fc I 'Q V 1 Q, b 6 I I ' QP' va X5 5 f gf, G .4 r ' 4 P Cf? 4 U Y Q 2, 4 M 2- is 5 4' me, l it ' 1 4 9 A if? A in-' vs QAM x J" ' I , 1 54: Q N. 29:5 V I, , -- 3493? t, .,,. 25 f x 5 1 it . ., ,J -- I Q ef Qu X . , i sw ki V, -3 . S J ,Q -'. Q , 5 ' I 1 :1 1 ff". ., 5 fm 'H Y: in ' . E i ' V ,-nf Tv. xw .Nix 'iz' 1 'M-, -. bf 1 , xg Q 5 - K .mv .. 1, . L I I if 3 Q 3: ,if ,ng ,L D 3 ' f 55' . A 2 F EJ E Q H M E N scones WP Tim Gary Roosevelt - lst 0 F O 0 L L Hohart - - - I9 0 .-'ts in the past, the Freshman team was Fresh- TOHPFYUII ' ' ' 26 I2 man City Champs. They were unrlefeuteal :luring Crown Point - 20 0 the season with an 8-0 won-lost rex-oril. The team Lew W'UllUf'f' ' 26 ll under the coaching of fllr. Klug improved with Horavr M0011 ' 27 0 each game as their revorcl shows. Coach Rolfe Frovlwl ' ' ' 21 I2 will he looking forward to getting these lioys on EaS1Cl1if'a:10 his squad next year. Ilere's wishing Coat-h Klug Wvashintllon ' 21 0 anfl his teams many more successful seasons. Total --'- W 24 The starting eleven of the 1950 untlefeatefl City Champions. Linemen: D. Horton, J. Svhoon, B. Pawlak, Nl. Sims. J. U'Brien. B. Gehurclt. J. Brannang Baekfield men: G. Karski, .l. Welsh, D. Cherry, J. Fletcher. First Row: B. Pollak. B. Gerharflt. D. Cherry. S. Karski. XV. J. Konkoly. P. Callaway. N. Gaylla. P. Chionos. Fourth Row: Smiths .l- SFll00n. .l. Brannon. .l. Flf't0ll6r. D. H0rlOIl. .l. .l. U'Brien. J. Yallette. D. Bencie. H. Guill. Nl. Popa. M. Sims. WiPlI'h- Second ROW! L- .l0I16s. G. Graein. M. Boukis, B. Linfl. Fifth Row: L. Saliaris. A. Punti. J. Curran. T. Boclnar. Nl. C. Kazanas. A. Clary. XV. Sertzinger. D. Mc-Dowell. J. Coolman. Panagiotis. Sixth Row: Coax-h Klugz. fllgrs. T. Tsangaris. J. Third Row: R. Zinn. T. Gajewski. J. Buchfuehrer. H. McEvoy. Massa. G. Gianikos, 0121039 COUNTRY ' . M5 ,Ms M 5 . . Our Cross Country 11611111 this year was ont' . of the host in tho 1-ity. Thi' team runkecl high in the l'0Ylff'I'BIl4'U. Coach Connelly lmgun hi, season with three rvturnml lE'tlCl'lll0ll and thi' tcam did a great job. The Imst runner of thi, yvuris team was Al lhnat followvrl up hy Allan S4-hoon. Frank Nlilosvvit-ll. unfl Jim xRYlllC'Y'lIl0lNl. Vivo know Couvh Connolly will lruilrl unothvr line- tvain nvxt ye-ur with hi, four rvtnrninf lPtli'l'lIlf'll I,f'llf'!'l'll8ll J. Zurn. A. lhnut. J. XYillCl'lll0U1l. R. Howvll. .-X. Srhoon. F. Milosevivh. First Row: M. Klvin. K. Johnson. J. Kouliunos. Fi.NViln1olll. Golelnlan. Mgr.: R. Hows-ll. A. lhnalt. J. xx7lllPI'Ill001l. A. J. p1lI'llf'll. P. Dorin. Mgr. Sm-oml Row: fllllllxll Connvllx, M. Sc-houn. F. Nlilowvia-ll. J. Zen-n. l.. PlllIllxl'll. Wlgr. 3.2 f +323 I 1 ,ff R d 8 S !""' XQOM' eizgexo J xcn. QQ x if 02? '.' 'I ' N' ,, , '24-. :yew 1-'bg ,f Q JT? .Zi ,wwf iii' f ' f-' 4 4 ,XM , I. ,sv I: . I ,, X -I SEQ, f gwiff ,Q 1 ' ' xiff, 1 v .. ,jp A , , ,sff ,W , , f if fl A sings in K 4 1 ,av Y , jfgw L 'rv-W 17 V ,wg .. fag, 1 if J 2 ,,,- , A ,. ,y Algae., ., 2 W7 'QV' gig? , in gff' L fm Aga. if .. f ww i., 4 ukfgi, iv y ' :fiQf'41 f Q .' I 4, 37' . , 30 ,A , 7 Q 4 'EA 57 --. fl'- 1 W Q 'QI 2 gi 'W 1. fri' , f 4. ,i 'wr V 4 :si Q' X R 5, am :,,x vw , V x gif -1 i L Q Q u?l'3 :fJ7f' ' I , ir, , ...., FQ 'F' V 1 ., - FQ! l?':L - C?Hfh ' V ' Q ,,,? 43" ...--4-qs Q Q", i Swimming Pre-tty About Look at Mo go! Below Left: Spike-rx Below Right: Finger Tip Action Mutt' n --ff 1 f' 11-1 Divin' Darlinm' "Uur Hfvadu -- ,... ---,-,,.. - . yy i v f 'D s I ++'+ 5 E ' IIE! :ml 5 H 1. 7' li r :iv 4 A 6,9-'iff 1 A if "un .. Treasure-r Q 'wi' ,r Cynthia Burns wg-gp Lola Be-m-ie lrm-nf' Wlanoski fXss't Tre-asllrvr S,-4-H-tary GAA OFF! CEIZJQ Mfr' L PM., Sandra lakarias june- Wcllruau xiish Dollim-h Stiillllllillg Pre-side-:lt SIIUIIFUI' Barbara Patterson Rose-ann Hn-njumin Nunn-y Zark Nlurgr Duxis Uutfloor Sports Ass't Uutdoor Sports Indoor Sports Ass't Indoor Sports K 178. 1 K SENIURS Speedball got off to a flying start this year under the supervision of Sonny Pruitt. The weather held up well. but oeeasional showers spotted the season with a couple of slippery, muddy games. The seniors expected to have trouble with the sophomores, and did. but they still eame out on top-fair and square. The ranking was as follows: Seniors. Juniors. Sophomores. and Freshmen. St DPHUMURES JINIURS FRESIUIEN QPEEQBA LL BAQICETEA LL u ' 5s.:lF J!! SENIURS .HVNIURS lwnrlvr the lf'dflf'I'hlllll of Nlurlc-nv Stulfwnlall. the U..5..A. haake-tball to-ann re-ally 'Xtrutle-4l tln-ir duff." Wm- can 1't'I'ILlllllf ln- proud uf our Junior and So-nior tc-ann for the ability and le-um work dil- played at Play Day. All varwilif-f triecl the-ir hm! and the- final result: we-re: Svniurw. Juniurh. SOPll0IIlUI'1'h. anal FI't'rllIIl4'Il. 7 SHPIIUMURI-QS FRI-QSIIMEN HZLQ' ,Arr-:Leno 'Q' is .Q F L A M 1 Ha XP, 9 4 1 . A A an . P 3 91, 3'fk iN3viXs5ki+ v A-5' .,2..55f2 Zigi akxaY :'Y'- X s g5?g,L3 w sg ffe my gl " 5 'S . .A lp 1 Z -M x . ' ' 5'-X L 'JZ' ,EF Ag I ,..,. B XX. N'x--' . -:-1'-v 'H-X .x. .-Q v f QQ , WE QTOGD ON CMWbHEADQ1TD PLEASE VCU! Q0 we 1-ropevou Luce YOUR: ANNUAL We sm:-1: ,..-""".- Y

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