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THE 1953 EMERSONIAN EMERSON HIGH SCHOOL GARY, INDIANA Ready and Waiting The Queen and Her Court PRINCIPAL OFF £E l 1 Reason and calm judgment, the qualities specially- belonging to a leader. Tacitus ADMINISTRATION 11 Mr. George Brown, our principal, was promoted from assistant principal upon the retirement of Mr. Spaulding. Dr. Brown is efficiently and capably serving Emerson, and promoting its high standards througth his understanding and warm friendliness. We salute him. Mr. Clint Kelly, a new member of the administration, is assistant principal. He is doing a good job supervising the students and aiding those who need help. Mr. Kelly received his education at Illinois State Normal and the University of Illinois. Before coming to Emerson he was principal of the high school in Madison, Illinois. Miss Gulkowski, our nurse, has served Emerson for five years and takes care of all our medical needs. Mr. Sabotta, our counselor, guides the students, chaperons the Wednesday evening dances, and is willing to listen to all our troubles. Mrs. Fonville sees that the attendance at Emer¬ son remains constant and visits those who have prolonged absences. Miss Link, Mrs. Short, Miss Greenwald, Mrs. Francis FACULTY ENGLISH Miss Andersen Mrs. Reyher Mr. Deleurere Mrs. Plum Mrs. Pierce Mrs. Hanna MATH COMMERCE Mr. Connerly Miss Gaydos Miss Beeler Mrs. Stewart AUDITORIUM Mrs. Palmer Miss Cromer Miss Geary Miss Nieukirk Miss Sayers FACULTY FINE PRACTICAL ARTS Miss Neilson Miss Cobb Mrs. Hayes Mrs. Jesse Mr. Wirt Mr. Spiece Mr. Aurit Mr. Garriot Mr. Roger f! .ft ft ft 1ST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT. SEATED: J. Luckey. Tieas; Rev. J. Allen, Sec; E. Badanish, Pres; A. Premo. Vice-Pres; J. Davies. 2ND ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT. STANDING: R. Muller. Asst. Superintendent; C. Lutz, Superintendent; Dr. D. Whitmer. Asst. Super¬ intendent ol Curriculum; H. Bell. Auditor. School Board The School Board represents the business, indus¬ trial, and educational fields of our city. Their duty is to g ' ve to each child of Gary the kind of education that will help him to become a good and useful citizen. The main job of the Board is to unite the schools of Gary into a single working unit. We owe much to the men who devote their time and energy to fulfill this purpose. Emerson feels especially close to the School Board because Mr. Badanish, the president, owns the Emerson Pharmacy. The School Board has attended educational meetings in the East to better their knowledge of the school day. The Board of Control is the governmental body of Emerson School. It consists of the Class Presi¬ dents and the three committees that are shown on the following page. Mr. Smith is the sponsor. This year the Board of Control sponsored the S.O.S. Humanity Fund Drive. The Social Committee doubled the Wednesday evening dances by able publicity. The Booster Committee sold programs for the games and made money for the school. 1ST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Grimes. Y. Spann. 1. Reynolds. M. Sarloris. 2ND ROW: S. Kluq. N. Lowe. S. Chipokas, N. Gottee. 3RD ROW: C. Giley, T. Aydelotte. D. Tarsewell. N. Roknich. 4TH ROW: D. Gallanatti. G. Bodnar, V. Lodovisi. J. Boletta. 5TH ROW: B. Kellstrom, S. Fudlin. P. Kottardis, B. Smith. 6TH ROW: Mr. Smith. SOCIAL COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pete Kottardis. B. • Bodnar, J. Boletta, G. Bodnar, N. Malham, SECOND ROW: S. Hennessey, C. Scott, P. Settle, B. Christakis, N. Lowe. BUILDING GROUNDS COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: V. McDouqall. I. Reynolds. SECOND ROW: M, Christakis, J. Beddingfield. B. Smith, B. Kellstrom. BOOSTER COMMITTEE FRONT TO BACK: S. Chipokas, N. Lowe, P. Kottardis, M. Carrabine, B. Christakis, P. Settle, D. Valant, Y. Spann, R. Vance, S. Grimes, B. Vakurka, M. Wilshire, C. Giley. Education is a treasure and culture never dies. Petronius Education makes the man Cawthorn CLASSES 21 The classes this year have elected a group of students who will uphold the fine tradition and high standards of Emerson. They have been chosen because of their abilities as scholars and leaders. The sponsors of these classes reflect perfectly the understanding and cooperation enjoyed between students and teachers. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Boys ' Treasurer Girls ' Treasurer Secretary . Vice-President .. President. Martin Carrabine Lillian Fernandez . Bill Hamer . Bob Kellstrom .... Yvonne Spann SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Boys ' Treasurer. Charles Crowe Girls ' Treasurer . Margaret Sartouris Secretary . Joe Molnar Vice-President . Nick Malham President . Don Tarzwell Miss Niewkirk Mrs. Jessee Miss Newton Mrs. Plum Mrs. Gulkowski Miss Cromer Mr. Flynn Mrs. Pierce Mr. Garriott Mrs. Stewart Miss Geary Mr. Klug Miss Ban Mr. Connerly Miss Anderson Miss Gaydos Mrs. Hanna Mrs. Hayes Mr. Aurit Freshmen Under the able guidance of the class sponsors the freshman class came through its first year at Emerson with banners flying high. At the beginning of the year the class elected their class officers, who were very instrumental in bringing about the suc¬ cess of their first year at Emerson. With already numerous accomplishments of their class it can readily be seen that they will play an important part in their remaining three years at Emerson. As a fitting climax in their most stirring career as fresh¬ men, the class sponsored the last informal dance of the year, The Freshman Frolic. REGISTER 207 FIRST ROW: M. Finnerty. M. Cantrill, R. Christy. L. Benjamin. R. Anderson. E. Gul- laqe. D. Hepker, P. Johnson. SECOND ROW: S. Desowo, M. Fitch, E. Funqiate, N. Hanis, F. Benson, M. Kelly, J. Beddome, C. Key. THIRD ROW: D. Denslaw, S. Frame. A. Broadbeck, M. Jasawick, M. Carrabine. J. Griqonis, A. Clifton, S. Allbritten. FOURTH ROW: J. Green, C. Banks. N. Carter, V. Fekete, B. Kane. S. Atchison, P. Corkon. FIFTH ROW: V. Drake. E. Gisselman. S. Bencie. M. Faye, R. Bianchine. SIXTH ROW: L. Brober. B. Keeley. L. Dulburger. M. Curry. P. Anqotti. SEVENTH ROW: V. Dabnie, J. Hughs. FIRST ROW: E. Taylor. E. Tait, R. Vagner. K. Tolley, T. Wool, B. Szalmasagia. SE¬ COND ROW: M. Suarez, G. Samesan, D. Vaqner. B. Steffenelli, D. Siebart, J. Traina. C. Zaharias. THIRD ROW: P. Wood. L. Sommons, L. Stevenson, R. Vos, F. Wy- piske. E. Zarakas, M. Teranic, C. Williams, C. Geary. FOURTH ROW: W. Tillman, Bud Wieqo. S. Todd. R. Younq, G. Wellman, J. Utly, S. Venevella. R. Vaunge, J. Williams. FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Gasper, J. Lind, A. Lewis, J. Green. J. Hamner, Macks. SECOND ROW: L. Goldberq, L. Gerqery, R. Galich, N. Greenwald, R. Gold¬ stein. A. Hamanq. THIRD ROW: W. Hart¬ ley. W. Lamphiere, Jones. Mr. Flinn. Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers REGISTER 301 FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Pierce. M. Pavacic, B. Shunkwiler, G. Reavis. J. Muldoon. L. McEvoy. B. Skalko. SECOND ROW: J. Morsco, R. Nash, E. Nauqhton, D. McLeod, R. Neivis. THIRD ROW: J. Ross, L. Pavol, N. Martakis, J. Reeves, R. Syman- ski, A. Paramantgis, R. McNair, B. Seav- REGISTER 103 FIRST ROW: J. Blankenship, R. Cunning¬ ham. J. Dishmon, E. Bennashak. J. Chambers. D. Bonzani, R. Burns. SE¬ COND ROW: B. . I. Bodnar. E. Cross. J. Allison J. Franke, I. Bolletta, P. Anqle, R. Chetinick. THIRD ROW: B. Dempsey, J. Childrey, J. Cowell, S. Stewart. Rex Dull, C. Fedina. FOURTH ROW: R. Colleran, L. Amidei, G. Beleslin. D. Ayde- lotte. E. Bade. Sophomores Finished with the second year of their high school career are the members of the Sophomore Class. Carrying with the foundations thay had laid as freshmen, the Sophomores proved they were a go-getting class by the complete co-operation they received at their annual dance, " The Sophomore Hop. " Appropriate for the season, the dance was built around the theme " Winter Wonderland " with beautiful grey, blue and white decorations. In the many activities at school, Sophomores held a steady hand. Although they accomplished many deeds in their first two years we look forward to an even more vivacious career for the Sophomores in the ensuing years. REGISTER 310 FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Calendra, G. Finick. E. Halquin, R. Brown. SECOND ROW: M. Belashaw, B. Wilkerson. N. Go- otee. W. Grant. J. Greqonis. J. Gordon. THIRD ROW. P. Billick. T. Cieskiewicz, A. Kraynak. I. Koukos, S. Koedyker, M. John¬ son, L. Aitken, R .Andersen, D. Kerney, C. Avaliotis. REGISTER FIRST ROW: N. Shayotovich. L. Paitsell. J. Malloy. C. Massey. C. Iraycoff. F. Zon. T. Schnorrenberq. SECOND ROW: R. Wil¬ liams. J. Stearns, F. Scheerer. J. Wriqht, Q. Ochoa, L. Morales. D. Mason. Mr. Con- nerly. THIRD ROW: R. Sinqleton. S. Scha¬ effer. M. Molchan. D. Valcik, J. Moody. B. Warren. J. Molnar. FOURTH ROW: E. Wil¬ liams. J. Aqnasiotis. D. Metz. B. Ronchi, D. Tarzwell. B. Young, C. Seebold. REGISTER 304 FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Sargis, R. Tonis. B. Vokurka, M. Wileshal. M. Mc¬ Connell. D. Wainman. J. McMillan. SE¬ COND ROW: J. Zarakas. M. Sposato. A. Warner. P. Mikovich, P. Sayles, M. Vara. A. Torry. THIRD ROW: P. Pavelench. M. Gaydos. N. Lantern. P. Walsh, J. Pujo. R. Markin. B. Phillips, D. Lazo. M. Pawlicki, M. Sartoris, D. Swanson. D. McSwiggen. M. McGuire. 1 — Where there is a will there is a way FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Karfis, P. Lucas, R. Gannon, , I. Flannery, R. Foremski, M. Glinatsis, K. Binkley. SE¬ COND ROW: R. Filson, B. Cherry. G. Guit- hiere. B. Clark, J. Ennis, D. Dillinq, D. Blo- omingdale. THIRD ROW: Mr. Aurit. R. Brackett, C. Giley. L. Gross, A. Edwards, G. Kazanos. R. Dickson. FOURTH ROW: G. Clark. J. Friedman, C. Crowe. P. Karras, D. Brewer. . T. Adelyotte, J. Hile. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Gomez. L. Thomas, E. Sarsinski, N. Harris, E. Baker, M. Pany. SECOND ROW: J. Shaw, P. Fer- rick, S. Beier, W. Newbaum, M. Kruq, R. Djuich, Miss Hayes. THIRD ROW: L. Fern¬ andez, B. Malast, L. Koedyker, R. R. Blumenthaul, M. Mooz. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Liva. A. Castalani, R. Symanski, H. Owens, R. Cotner, A. Evanovich. SECOND ROW: R. Carpenter, G. Dow, R. Coy, W. Berry, , R. Fuller. THIRD ROW: J. Benjamin, T. Deehan, B. Kirk, G. Kresno, F. Hamang, T. Weher. FOURTH ROW: R. Gunnett, K. Callaway, R. Puejo, R. Smith, Mrs. Hanna. FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Skora, E. Balash. J. Katona, R. Starcevic, I. Schmidt. R. Hartford. R. Cook. SECOND ROW: R. Ippolits. T. Phillips, P. Yurko, G. Sypula, D. Martin, J. Raymond. J. Bolinqer. B. Kruse. THIRD ROW: J. Tabodie. C. Epstein. G. Hardinq. R. Plenus. R. Wells, R. Adamoski, W. Schneider. W. Dailey. A. Andrey. " Always forward; never backward. " These words of wisdom are those of the Junior Class of " 54 " . Hoping some day to be seniors the juniors qrew from little " Greenees " to upperclassmen. They experienced such high heights in high school as the Freshman Frolics, Sophomore Hop, Junior Play and the Prom. The class of " 54 " is well pre¬ pared to become responsible seniors. Those who have guided us are Bill Hamer, Freshman class president; Dean Gallinatti, Sopho¬ more class president; and Yvonne Spann, Junior class president. The main events during the Juniors ' year were the play, The Night of January 16th. There were no main characters but everybody had a good part. The Junior-Senior Prom was the last big event be¬ fore the year ended. The new upperclassmen realize their duties and are taking over well. They are working hand- in-hand with the seniors in order to attain a better unity. The Juniors, after a long waiting period, re¬ ceived their class rings. They are so proud of the rings which seem so new. Where would athletics be without the Juniors? Emerson should have a good team next year be¬ cause some of the important players were Juniors this year. REGISTER 208 FIRST ROW: B. Schultz. . F. Wellman. M. Yenco. G. Chunkwiler. M. Lazo. H. Short. SECOND ROW: M. Malast. H. Newer. B. Kellstrom. D. Richardson. B. Hamer. B. McDermott. THIRD ROW: J. Lar¬ son. J. Hansen. J. Kavakas. T. Linkowski. D. Rebollo, E. Kalais. FOURTH ROW: W. Tarnawski. S. Vanqel, B. Spence, C. Hender¬ son. A. Karras. H. Piasecki. B. O ' Reiley. Always forward, backward never REGISTER 326. LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW: P. Mulloy. M. McGee, Nancy Walker, C. Wiser, C. Williams. SECOND ROW: S. Parthun, P. Seattle, A. Massa, I. Reynolds, A. Nannini. THIRD ROW: G. Malham, R. Richards, J. Rogers, E. Sacap- ulos. FOURTH ROW: C. Mirkovich, F. Trainer. Miss Nieukirk, A. Stilinovich, R. Vance, S. Stinson, Y. Spann. REGISTER 306, LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW: M. Bradley, S. Goldstein, J Critchfield, B. Butcher. G. Benjamin, R Groves, H. Ford. SECOND ROW: D. Brum iield, P. Ciechewiez, P. Ciechewiez, R. Djiu jic, D. Donnella, C. Gregor, G. Bodnar THIRD ROW: M. Carrabine, M. Erwin, I Croney, J. Cash, J. Friedman, D. Gallinatti FOURTH ROW: J. Cook, R. Collie, B. Crum bly, E. Dulch, M. Constantino. FIRST ROW: P. Bokich. E. Charboneau, C. Casperack, G. Dunleavy. T. Gerasimo. M. Hile, H. Klazura. SECOND ROW: S. Kare- des, H. Long, D. Koukas, S. Grimes, B. Gar¬ wood, L. Andrey, P. Dwyer. THIRD ROW: C. Carol, E. Alexander, Irene Bartfai, J. Dittrich. B. Christakis, L. Fernando. D. Kal- lous. FOURTH ROW: B. Johnson, J. Bran¬ non M. Harris, G. Brundidge, G. Adamson. Seniors CLASS OF 1953 Four years ago, we the class of ' 53, entered Emerson as freshmen and couldn ' t wait for the four years to pass. As freshmen we were starting our high school career. Some of us went out for the var¬ ious sports, while others became interested in other activities. As Sophomores, as a united and well organized class, we all started our climb upward. We were familiar with the school traditions and felt that we belonged to the school. Next year we were Juniors. What a feelina! Upper-classmen! Our class was very active, espec¬ ially in athletics. During the junior year, we had a lot to look forward to, mainly, our class play, " Twelfth Night, " Spice and Variety, " and the long awaited Prom. Remember? Our Senior year! Our championship football team games, dances, meetings, Mr. Flinn ' s classes, and civics and economics, are things we shall never forget. Now we are leaving, a little sad perhaps, for we will all miss our gang, our school, and our old friends. With us there will always be, however, the memories of the good times we had at Emerson. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Boys ' Treasurer . Sam Furlin Girls ' Treasurer Shirley Cotner Secretary . Bruce Smith Vice-President Pete Kottardis President .Nick Roknich SPONSORS Miss Beeler Miss Sayers Miss Tinsman Mis. Palmer Miss Grieger EVA ALEXANDER Commercial Club A Cappella RITA APOSTOLE G. A. A. Clee Club Commercial Club Commencement Committee JACK ARTHUR EMMANUEL BAKALIS Football Track Spanish Club, President Orchestra, Vice-President Baccalaureate Committee " 53 " RICHARD BARNHOUSE Track Basketball Prom Committee Annual Staff Ring Committee JAMES BEDDINGFIELD Football Junior Class, President Spice and Variety- Board of Control Class Day Committee " 53 " SONIA BELENKO G. A. A. A Cappella Senior Honor Society Sophomore Class, Girls ' Treas. EMERSONIAN, Business Manager RICHARD BEIER Spice and Variety Christmas Pageant Junior Play Sophomore Play R. O. T. C. 31 ARLENE BOLLEN G. A. A., Secretary A Cappella Commercial Club Glee Club, Secretary Baccalaureate Committee ANGELINE BOUKIS G. A. A. A Cappella Girls ' Band, Publicity Manager Head Majorette Spice and Variety JOHN BURGER Senior Drama Senior Play " 52 " Spice and Variety Christmas Pageant Band Officer CLARA CAGIANTAS G. A. A. A Cappella Senior Honor Society French Club Spice and Variety ARCHIE CAMERY Football Spice and Variety Basketball EMERSONIAN Track NANCY CARPENTER Band, Secretary Senior Drama Junior Play Christmas Pageant Spice and Variety CHARLEEN CONWAY G. A. A. Commercial Club Class Day, Jr. Chairman Prom Committee " 53 " Christmas Pageant LUKE CARRABINE Sophomore Class, President Football, Co-Captain Spice and Variety Board of Control, Vice.-President Prom Committee " 53 " STELLA CHIPOKAS G. A. A. Board Member Cheerleader Booster Committee, President Sophomore Class, Secretary A Cappella MARY CHRISTAKIS Senior Drama, President G. A. A., Board Member Building and Grounds Com., Chair. DIANE DEMOS G. A. A. A Capella Girls ' Band, Secretary Commercial Club Spice and Variety DON A. DONNELLA R. O. T. C. Drill Team R. O. T. C. Rifle Team Spice and Variety Shortridge High School CAROL FEDYNA G. A. A. Glee Club Latin Club Prom Committee Spice and Variety MARION DANSKIN G. A. A. Commercial Club Vice-President EMERSONIAN Class Day Committee Junior Play VANCE CORNISH Junior Class Play Senior Gift Committee D. M. S. T. Drill Team SHIRLEY COTNER G. A. A. Commercial Club Senior Class, Girls ' Treas. Freshman Play, Lew Wallace MIRIAM SUE CRANE Senior Honor Society F. T. A., Secretary Post-Tribune Representative EMERSONIAN, Copy Editor Spice and Variety PAUL FITCH Concert Band, President Orchestra Track Cross Country Spanish Club THOMAS FLANNERY Spanish Club Senior Honor Society MICHAEL FLYNN Football Class Basketball Baseball Christmas Pageant Gift Committee " 53 " JERRY FRIEDMAN Senior Drama, Vice-President Class Day Committee " 53 " Junior Play Spice and Variety ANITA FRANK G. A. A. Glee Club Spice and Variety ANGELINE FRANKE Senior Drama G.A.A. Junior Play F. T. A. Glee Club SAM FURLIN DALE GALLINATTI BETTY GOAD NELLIE GDLYAN Baseball Senior Drama Dues Committee " 52 " Senior Class, Boys ' Treasurer Freshman and Sophomore Football Class Day Committee Basketball Class Basketball Golden Gazette French Club Latin Club Spice and Variety STEVE B. GLUSAC Football Basketball Baseball Track Prom Committee PATRICIA GRANT G. A. A. Glee Club, Vice-President A Cappella, Girls ' Treasurer Dues Committee " 53 " F. T. A. JACK HANSEN Baseball Football G. A. A. Pin-up Boy GLEN HYNDMAN GOLDEN GAZETTE Band Commencement Committee lunior Play Committee DORIS IRWIN G. A. A., Board Member Spanish Club Commercial Club Spice and Variety Commencement Committee " 53 " IOHN G. KAPNAS Spice and Variety Committee Spanish Club Junior Play EMERSONIAN Basketball Manager, 4 years PHYLLIS JANSSEN EMERSONIAN G. A. A. Glee Club, President Spice and Variety Commencement Committee GEORGE A. KALANTZIS National Honor Society Annual Staif Commencement Committee Junior Play Committee Froebel: Freshman President PATRICIA KARLSRUD Senior Drama A Cappella G. A. A. Commercial Club Class Day Committee GLORIA KEEHN Spice and Variety G. A. A. Prom Committee " 52 " JAMES KEREZMAN CARL KIRKPATRICK Football Baseball Basketball Spice and Variety EMERSONIAN EUGENE THAD KLIMASZEWSKI Pageant Class Basketball Class Day Committee " 53 " Track SALLIE KLUG G. A. A., Board Member Senior Honor Society D. M. S. T., Honorary Colonel Senior Drama, Treasurer A Cappella FOTIOS GUST KOLLAROS PETE KOTTARIDIS Football Baseball Basketball Senior Class, Vice-President Social Committee MARY KOULIANOS G. A. A. Commercial Club Gilt Committee " 53 " Fashion Club BETTY KRAJACK G. A. A. Commercial Club JAMES I.ARSON Freshman Football Class Basketball D. M. S. T. Christmas Pageant NANCY LA RUSSA Commercial Club Glee Club JANET LASKO G. A. A. Latin Club Golden Gazette Dramatics, Froebel Commencement Committee VICTOR LODOVISI Board of Control, President Freshman Class, President Football, Co-Captain Senior Honor Society Basketball THOMAS LAWRENCE Senior Drama Spice and Variety Class Basketball Baseball Football ALICE LELLO A Cappella G. A. A. Spice and Variety Ensemble " 52 " FRANCES LOGAN Junior Class, Secretary G. A. A., Treasurer Senior Honor Society Golden Gazette Senior Drama MAXINE LLOYD Orchestra Spanish Club NANCY LOWE HARRY B. LUCAITIS EMERSONIAN, Editor Class Basketball Head Cheerleader G. A. A. Social Chairman Senior Honor Society Social Committee Chairman BEVERLY MAC CLEAN Sophomore Hop Committee Junior Class, Girls ' Treasurer Prom Committee, Chairman " 53 " G. A. A. Board Football Queen JOHN W. McCALL National Junior Honor Society A Cappella Class Day Committee Spice and Variety SALLY McEVOY G. A. A. Sports Co-ordinator EMERSONIAN Commercial Club Commencement Committee Junior Play Committee RICHARD McGUIRE Football Radio Play Shop Spice and Variety A Cappella ruth McMillan sandra means G. A. A. Spice and Variety Glee Club Spanish Club DONALD MERLO Football Basketball Track Prom Committee PAT MORLEY G. A. A„ Board Member A Cappella, President Commercial Club, Treasurer Class Day Committee " 53 " Frolic Hop Committee 41 DOLORES I. NICOLETTI RICHARD NIX PAT NOYES EUGENE O ' CONNELL G. A. A. Board Senior Drama Spanish Club Football Class Day Committee Junior Play G. A. A. Baseball Commercial Club Golden Gazette, Co-Editor Sophomore Class Oflicer Officer, Concert Orchestra Commencement Committee " 53 " Band Majorette WILLIAM O ' REILLY Class Basketball Junior Play THOMAS OSIKA Band Chemistry Club Gift Committee MARILYN PACE Spanish Club G. A. A. Senior Honor Society MARGAURITE PALIGRAPH Junior Prom Committee G. A. A. Board Freshman Class Officer A Cappella Sophomore Hop Committee GEORGE J. PAMPHILIS JOSEPH PISCIONE Senior Drama Junior Play Spice and Variety Christmas Pageant ANTHONY RADINSKY Track Cross-country Spanish Club EMERSONIAN Commencement Committee BERNADINE REO G. A. A., Board Member Junior Play A Cappella Glee Club Radio Play Shop Baccalaureate Committee " 53 " JOANN RICH Girls ' Band, President G. A. A. A Cappella Commercial Club Spice and Variety DANIEL RODRIQUEZ Basketball Football, Manager EMERSONIAN Baccalaureate Committee, Chair. Spice Variety Junior Play Class Basketball Spice and Variety STANLEY S. SCHAFER Senior Drama Spice and Variety Concert Band, Officer Christmas Pageant Spanish Club SARA SHIRLEY Senior Honor Society G. A. A., Board Member F. T. A. A Cappella Commercial Club GUS SACOPULOS Senior Honor Society, Pres. Senior Drama Drill Team Gift Committee, Chairman Chess Team, Captain LA RAE SCHAEFFER Spice and Variety A Cappella Latin Club Invitation Committee " 53 " ROBERT SCHWARTZ Senior Class Dues Committee Spice and Variety Best Drilled 1st Year Cadet Drill Team Band EVELYN SHAY G. A. A. Commercial Club, President EMERSONIAN Commencement Comm., Chair. Junior Honor Society WALTER BRUCE SMITH JOYCE SPAIN Football G. A. A. President, City Student Council Vice-Pres., Sophmore Class Vice-Pres., Junior Class Secretary, Senior Class MARIO SPOSATO NORMAN STAVEM Concert Band, Vice-Pres. Cross-country Prom Committee Class Basketball A Cappella, Boys ' Treasurer Pep Band NORMA JEAN THRASHER Girls ' Band, Manager G. A. A. Commercial Club MARGARET VAIDIK Glee Club A Cappella Spanish Club French Club F. T. A., Secretary CHARLIE TSANGARIS National Honor Society Drill Team Track Spice and Variety Committee MILENA VRTIKAPA Freshman Frolic Committee G. A. A., Board Member Class Day Committee " 52 " Commercial Club Prom Committee " 53 " DIANA VALLANCE G. A. A. A Cappella Commercial Club Invitation Committee F. T. A. JAMES WAHLMAN Concert Band, Manager Pep Band French Club STEVE WASHKO Auditorium Stage Hand Class Basketball Junior Play " 48 " Baccalaureate Committee Spice and Variety Committee JAMES WELAND Drill Team Rifle Team Latin Club Chemistry Club Chess Team PATRICIA YENCO GOLDEN GAZETTE, Editor G. A. A. Gift Committee F. T. A., Vice-Pres. EDWINA ZACHAR GOLDEN GAZETTE A Cappella F. T. A., President Commencement Committee 47 senior ersoncilities SALLIE AND LUKE ' em o r ersona titles STELLA AND STEVE 49 50 Pleasure in moderation relaxes and tempers the spirit. Seneca ACTIVITIES 51 Senior Dramatics DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Geary, S. Klug, J. Friedman. M. Chris- takis. G. Sacopulos. OUR GANG! FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: F. Traina, A. Franke. S. Kluq. D. Nix. C. Giley. SECOND ROW: M. Chrisiakis. J. Burqer. C. Ceary (teacher), E Sacopulos. THIRD ROW: N. CarpenJer. G, Sacopulos, S. SheaJfer. FOURTH ROW: F. -Logan, S. Crane, L. Cohen. FIFTH ROW: T. Lawrence, J. Vaqenas, J. Freidman. UPPER LEFT: C. Geary, J. Friedman. M. Chrisiakis, G. Sacopulos. KNELL- 52 ING: S. Kluq. Junior Class Play NIGHT OF JANUARY 16th FIRST ROW: B. Kirk. SECOND ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Dyer, C. Williams. B. Kellstrom. THIRD ROW: A. Massa. H. Long, D. Gallantti. S. Grimes, E. Sacopulos. D. Richardson. FOURTH ROW: F. Traina. B. Crumley, H. Ford. B. Hamer. CONCENTRATION ... MEMORIZATION Glee Club GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Halaquin, E. Sacopulos, J. Bianchi, M. Johnson, R. Tonis, S. Crane, B. Vakurka, S. Hennessey, J. Gregonis, J. Gregonis. S. Means, M. Sargis, J. Zarakas, H. Jaeger. SECOND ROW: M. McConnell. J. Gordon, J. Someson, J. Rice, B. Parks, M. Lee, D. Wainman, M. Morz, C. Calendra, C. Zaharias, E. Zarackis, D. McSwiggin, S. Albritton. THIRD ROW: C. Banks, M. Frame, M. Navara, P. Janssen, M. Fitch, N. LaRussa. P. Pavalench, S. Bensie, B. Malast, G. Keehn, A. Kraynak, B. Phillips, D. Schewanick, P. Billick. FOURTH ROW: Miss Sayers, P. Sayles. M. Owens, A. Frank, P. Micivich, G. Brundege, V. Drake, L. Steven- son, I. Bartfai, L. Cohen, G. Zlamal, D. Ribenar, L. Dulberger. A Cappella A CAPPELLA FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Sayers, D. Demos, C. Cagiantas, O. Shoemaker, M. Harris, V. McDougal, S. Belenko, L. Shaeffer, A. Lello, A. Boukis, P. Grant, P. Karlsrud, M. Paliqraph. SECOND ROW: I. Bartfai, B. Reo, M. Payne, M. Vaidik, S. Smith, P. Stewart, S. Shirley, A. Bollen. P. Morley, E. Zachar, Y. Spann, J. Rich, D. Vallance, P. Billick. THIRD ROW: F. Schnorrenberg, G. Reevis, C. Traycoff, R. Schultz, R. Fuller, J. McCall, M. Sposatto, I. Friedman, J. Franke, P. Toma, J. Benjamin, W. Hamer, P. Karras. FOURTH ROW: J. Rickert, J. Sterns, W. Lamphear, , C. Henderson, J. Friedman, G. Kampouris, R. Kellstrom, D. Brewer, A. Karras. R. Barnhouse. Girls ' Band Emerson School Band 60 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Apostle, S. Belenko, E. Shay, D. Vallance, G. Zlamal, E. Karagianis, C. Cagiantas, A. Bollen. S. Shirley, P. Morley, N. Gootee, S. Wiser, M. Koul- ianous. SECOND ROW: C. Casper, M. Pany, M. Hile, S. Karedas, A. Massa, C. Mirkovich, T. Gerasimo. L. Fernandez, R. Richards, E. Sacopulos, R. Vance, B. Evans, C. Conway, B. Beeler. THIRD ROW: M. Morz, D. Nicoletti, D. Kokos, M. Magee, J. Shaw, , A. Kranack, M. Sargis. J. Dittrich, B. Garwood, M. Danskin, B. Malast, F. Traina. H. Klazura. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Danskin, E. Shay. S. Belenko. S. Shirley. P. Morley. 61 Senior Honor Society NATIONAL SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Cerda. M. Pace. S. Belenko. S. Shirley. C. Caqiantas. S. Crane. STANDING: H. Newton. M. Tsanqar- is, G. Kalantzis, G. Sacopulos, V. Lodovisi, F. Loqan, S. K!ug, N. Lowe. BOTTOM PICTURE, LOWER RIGHT, SEATED: G. Sacopulos. STANDING: C. Caqiantas, S. Shirley, V. Lodovisi, S. Klug, F. Logan. 64 Golden Gazette GOLDEN GAZETTE STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Zachar. P. Noyes, M. Christakis, G. Hyndman, R. Bums, M. Gaydos. S. Furlin, P. Yenco. M. Owen, N. Walker, M. Wileshall. L. Koedyker, A. Massa. C. Wiser, P. McGuire, S. Allbritton. N. Roknich. V. Lodovisi. J. Lasko. S. Shirley, F. Loqan. BOTTOM PICTURE. RIGHT, SEATED: M. Gaydos. STANDING: S. Furlin, P. Noyes. N. Roknick, P. Yenco, V. Lodovisi. GOLDEN GAZETTE Our newspaper staff deserves a lot of credit. The newspaper is published twice a month. This year a special class has been set aside for these hardworking people. To increase their knowledge of newspaper publication, the staff spent three days at Frank¬ lin College. A " Cupids Daze " dance was sponsored by the staff in February. It was very successful. ANNUAL STAFF Nancy Lowe. Editor Luke Carrabine, Louis Zervos Picture Schedules Sonia Belenko Business Manager Cory Gregor Ass ' t Business Manager Carl Kirkpatrick Layout Manager Richard Barnhouse Layouts John Kapnas, Dan Rodriquez, Tony Radinsky Boys ' Sports Sally McEvoy Girls ' Sports Marion Danskin, Phyllis Janssen, Evelyn Shay .School Life Stella Chipokas . Administration Sallie Klug Activities George Kalantzis, Jerry Malloy Classes Sue Crane ..Copy Editor Foreign Language FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Adamson, G. Brundedqe. V. Dabney, H. K ' azura, P. Dwyer, S. Means, L. Fernandez. F. Traina P. Bckich. S. Stinson, L. Dulberqer. SECOND ROW: M. Reyher, R. Fuller, M. Maraqos, N. Shayotovich, R. Tonis, M Jazuacki M Vera, B. Vokurka. C. TraycoII, D. Dilling. T. Finnerty, M. Irwin, R. Foremanski. THIRD ROW: P. Childrey, S. Todd. J. Sterns. K. Calloway. J. Wriqht, I. Arthur, R. Spence. A. Bahh, D. Mason, B. Kellstrom. B. Hamer. D. Richardson. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Flannery, M. Galich, R. Burns, B. Stooqe, J. Muldoon, R. Coppedqe, Lawson, B. Cotner, A. Evani TOtnr. M ii Le . U T e ' SECOND ROW: M - Carrabine. I. Koukos. M. Fitch, C. Scott. N. Russel. R. Christie, M. Sartouris. A. Lemon. tniKD HOW: L Zervos. S. Albritton, E. Gieselman. B. Simons. O. Oranqe. R. Vos. C. Williams, V. Drake. FOURTH ROW: I. Weland. B. tvans. P. Mulloy. M. Owens. M. Magee. Y. Spann. J. Dittrick. R. Goldstein. FIFTH ROW: S. Vangel. M. Carrabine. L. Carrabine. C. Henderson. M. Molchan. Foreign Language LANGUAGE CLUB OFFICERS FRENCH CLUB STANDING: F. Loqan. N. Walker, Y. Spann, L. Fernandez, TOP: S. Hennessey, N. Walker, F. Logan. R. Djujich. BOT- Mrs. Reyher, R. Djujich, H. Klazura. P. Dwyer. M. Carrabine. TOM: M. Lazo, H. Ford, R. Djujich. SEATED: L. Carrabine, K. Callaway, M. Lazo. L. Zervos. 70 um Football GENE O ' CONNELL PETE KOTTORIDIS Lettermen KEN CALLOWAY CLIFF FLYNN FRESHMAN FOOTBALL FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Skaldo. G. Reavis. L. McEvoy. M. Nutall. R. Nieves. J. Bodnar. C. Troupe. A. Lindsay. SECOND ROW: M. Molchan. Mgr., J. Reavis, J. Allison. G. Toneif, J. Dishman. E. Mathews, R. Brinston, R. Goldstein. D. McCloud. J. Kapnas. Mgr. THIRD ROW: B. Sebring. J. Ross. W. Lamphear, D. Aydelotte, G. Belieson, Coach Klug, J. Boletta, A. Paramengtgis, J. O ' Con¬ nell. J. Reevis. R. McNair. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SCHEDULE The Junior Tornado opened their season against Lew Wallace, with Joe Dishman scoring three TD ' s and George Toneff making the extra point. They walloped the Hornets 19-0 and finished first in the city losing only to Gary Roosevelt with the score 12-7. Their biggest thrill came in beating Froebel twice. The final record, with 7 victories and one loss, gave them an .875 average. Coach Klug can well be satisfied with this year ' s team and Coach Rolfe has an excellent lookout for a coming Varsity team. Lew Wallace Tolleston Roosevelt Froebel Horace Mann E. C. Roosevelt Froebel Sophomores FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Dow, L. Morales. G. Clark. J. Benjamin, D. Metz. B. Cherry. P. Toma, D. Bloominqdale. Art Castel- lani (Manaqers) B. Hamer. M. Constantino. R. Leiva. N. Malham. T. Gass. SECOND ROW: B. Kellstrom, M. Carrabine, L. Pavol. D. Valcik. G. Ganninatti. C. Greqor, K. Callaway. G. Bodnar. C. Giley. R. Halquin, B. Clark, L. Hansen. G. O ' Connell. S. Elencik. THIRD ROW: Coach Rolie. L. Zervos. C. Kirkpatrick. B. Kirkpatrick, P. Karras, L. Carrabine, D. Brewer, A. Karras, J. Wriqht. D. Tarswell, A. Camery, S. Glusac. B. Smith, J. Beddinqiield, R. McGuire. R. Smith, C. Flynn, V. Lodovisi, P. Kottaridis, D. Rodriquez, (Manaqer), H. Szulborski, (Assistant Coach). Varsity Football The Golden Tornado of Emerson started the 1952 season with a veteran team that possessed experi¬ ence, speed and deDth. The first game was with Gary Tolleston, September 12 and the Golden Tornado emerged victorious 14-6. Gene O ' Connell and Clif¬ ford Flynn scored the two T.D. ' s with A1 Karras con¬ verting both points after touchdowns. The following week Gary Lew Wallace scored one of the biggest upsets in the state as they pushed across a touchdown in the last minute of play to nudge Emerson 14-12. Joe Molnar, half-back, and Steve Glusac, end, scored the T.D. ' s. The Tornado gridiron machine began to roll in the next game as it held Gary Roosevelt to minus eight yards and went on to win a resounding victory 15-7. Hammond Clark was our next victim as we whitewashed them 27-0. Gene O ' Connell scored twice on two spectacular runs and Steve " Glue- fingers " Glusac caught two passes for T.D. ' s. The next game was an easy win for Emerson as they beat Gary Froebel by 27-0. East Chicago Washington, the second place team in Ind’ana, succumbed to the bruising power of the Golden Tornado 20-0. The Horace Mann game turned out to be a fitting finale for the Emerson football season as we romped to a 39-12 victory. The season ' s record of 6 wins and 1 loss was a proud one. We won the City Championship and became the N.I.H.S.C. Co-Champs besides sharing mythical State Championship honors with E. C. Washington, Richmond and Indianapolis Cathedral. WE . THEY 14 Tolleston 6 12 Lew Wallace 14 15 Roosevelt of Gary 7 27 Hammond Clark 0 27 Froebel 0 20 E. C. Washington 0 39 154 Horace Mann 12 39 VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Crowe. J. Molnar. C. Giley. M. Molchan. SECOND ROW: G. Bodnar. B. Butcher. S. Glusac Lodovisi. K. Callaway. THIRD ROW: Coach Kluq. B. Kellstrom. B. Crumley. A. Karras. B. Bodnar. L. Pavol. J. Kapnas. Coach Klug and his seven returning lettermen started their season with practice early in December. On the fifth of the month we played our first game and beat E. C. Roosevelt 66 to 56. The fighting Norsemen, a conversion of our Golden Tornado football team, showed great improvement as they went through the basketball season and came out with a 11-10 record; tieing for fourth place in the N.I.H.S.C. One of their biggest thrills came in the Holiday Tournament when we defeated Froebel ' s unbeaten team 47 to 42. As our records shows, we came out on top with an average of 540. Coach was greatly satisfied with his first five as well as the fellows on the bench who proved tremendously dependable and came through when they were needed. In the Sectionals meeting E. G. Edison we defeated them by a score of 72 to 53. In the second game the Norse met a small but determined Horace Mann team and after a very good battle the Norsemen finally subdued 55 to 50. SCHOOL E. C. Roosevelt Notre Dame Whiting Roosevelt Holiday Tourney Roosevelt Wallace Wallace Thornton Hammond Tech Froebel Hammond Tolleston LaPorte Valparaiso Elkhart Horace Mann Notre Dame Hammond Clark Washington E. C. Sectionals E. G. Edison Horace Mann RESERVE BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Malham, W. Berry, W. Dishman, A. Castallani, B. Clark. SECOND ROW: Coach Connelly, C. Giley, M. Molchan. L. Pavol, J. Molnar. C. Crowe. D. Bloomingdale. The reserves opened their season with the varsity on December 5, play¬ ing E. C. Roosevelt. Playing on certain nights with the varsity and on Saturdays they well established the name of Emerson. They ended their fine season in a game against E. C. Washington. Coach Connelly can well be proud of this year ' s reserve team. 81 TRACK STANDING: J. O ' Connell, A. Klimitis. C. Ghost. P. Lamphear. J. Farrell. N. Staven. J. Malloy. Coach Connelly. SECOND ROW: J. Moody. J. Arthur. B. Gunnett, T. Radinsky. D. Tarzwell. D. Brewer, M. Carribine . SITTING: J. McDonnell, J. Boletta, R. Samansky, J. Lynn, G. Clark, R. Goldstein. D. McCloud. CROSS COUNTRY STANDING: R. Samansky, J. McDonnell, N. Staven. KNEELING: A. Klimitis, J. Farrell, B. Gunnett. WiM SB Mgr «JB r Prl j Jf wk ' J DELORES VALANT BEVERLY MAC CLEAN SALLY McEVOY VIVIAN McDOUGALL MARGE PALIGRAPH STELLA CHIPOKAS SALLIE KLUG NAN LOWE 86 SENIOR AND JUNIOR G.A.A. PICTURE BOTTOM ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: S. McEvoy. L. Blumenstein, V. McDougall. F. Loqan, S. Shirley, D. Valant, D. Nicoletti, M. Pali- qraph, B. MacClean, N. Lowe. M. Christakes, B. Vrtikapa. SECOND ROW: C. Kosperack. M. Maqee. A. Massa, D. Denos, C. Cag- rantus. P. Noise. P. Jansen. E. Zacker, A. Boukas. M. Koulinsa. R. Apostle. S. Means. S. Crane, C. Wiser, D. Koukas. THIRD ROW: S. Kluq. W. Neubaum. M. Harris. C. Williams, J. Rich, B. Krajack, G. Keehn, E. Shay. R. DJujich, S. Stinson, Y. Spann, D. Kallous. T. Gerisimo. G. Adamson. S. Chipokas. FOURTH ROW: S. Parthun. G. Malham. H. Klazura, R. Richards. M. Coanrod, G. Dunleavy. L. Thomas. E. Baker. J. Rogers, E. Sacopolus, R. Vance. J. Dittrich. N. Walker. H. Long. FIFTH ROW: F. Trainir, M. Hile, P. Bokick, B. Chriseakis. C. Mirkowich. I. Bartfai. O. Dwyer, P. Settle. B. Malast. L. Kowdyker, J. Krejsta, G. Brundige, J. Brannon. G A. SOPHOMORE G.A.A. PICTURE BOTTOM ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Jazuacki. C. Rollins. E. Zarakas. B. Stelfanelli, N. Russzel. R. Tonis, C. Scott. D. Hepher, G. Someson. M. Kelly. SECOND ROW: B. Scott. , B. Logan. C. Colandra. M. Bellshaw, M. Pollecki. J. Zarakas. D. Lazo. B. Kane. W. Grant. . D. Wainman. M. Spasoto. THIRD ROW: R. Bianchini. P. Sayles, P. Wo¬ od. D. Subart. , D. Kermie. L. Aticken.P. Corken. P. Billick. M. Harris. B. Vokurka, P. Pavalench, M. Sartoris. M. McConnell. R. Ruskua. M. Carrabine.FOURTH ROW: , Jackie Greene, N. Lantern. I. Koukas. M. Sarqis. B. Evans. A. Kraynak. P. McGuire. M. Willeshal.S. Henessey, B. Phillips. J. Gregonis. J. Gregonis. P. Mickavich. J. Gordon. FIFTH ROW: F. Rocofi. M. Finnerty, S. Allbritton. C.Banks. P. McKenna. S. McKenna. Frances Wypiski. F. Benson, S. Miller. D. Kinder. C. Key. S. Smith. J. Traina. S. Massey, R. Christie. M. Fitch. SIXTH ROW: J. Krejsta, R. Vass. M. Owens. A. Clifto n. V. Dabney. P. Morrissey. L. Dullburger. L. Stevenson. V. Drake.S. Ronchi, S. Frame, D. Denslaw. B. Keeley, J. Price, B. Simons, E. FIRST ROW: B. Vrtikapa. N. Lowe. M. Paligraph. S. Mc- Evoy. SECOND ROW: D. Volant. M. Koulinas. S. Shirley. V. McDougall. THIRD ROW: M. Christakis. S. Chipokas. L. Blumenstein, B. Krajack FIRST ROW: M. Maqee, A. Massa, M. Hile. SECOND ROW: L. Koedyker. I. Bartiai. S. Stinson. THIRD ROW: P. Bokich, P. Settle. C. Murkovich. Speedball Varsity The G.A.A. started out the season with a speedy speedball team, under the leadership of Beba Vrtikapa. The Seniors had a bouncing speedball team whose line averaged 180 lbs., balanced by their 710 lb goalies Beverly Mac Clean and Marge Paligraph. Sally McEvoy and Stella Chipokas muscular amazons were the leading scorers. The Junior bags put up a good battle, but in vain, the Seniors were CHAMPS. FIRST ROW: W. Grant. S. Hennesy, P. Pavalinch, ] Vokurka. SECOND ROW: M. Sartouris. M. McConnell. I Lazo, L. Aitken. THIRD ROW: J. Gregonis, P. McGuire, 1 Wilkerson. A. Kraynak, J. Gregonis. FIRST ROW: S. Smith. C. Scott. S. McKenna. C. Key. SE¬ COND ROW: B. Smith, J. Greene. P. McKenna. F. Benson. THIRD ROW: E. Geisilman, B. Simons. D. Denslaw, J Price. FIRST ROW: D. Nicoletti, D. Valant. S. Chipokas. S. Me- Evoy. SECOND ROW: M. Koulinas. S. Shirley. V. Mc- Douqall. THIRD ROW: N. Lowe, B. Vrtikapa. Basketball Varsity Basketball got off to a bouncing start under Stella Chipokas’s able leadership. The high light of the season was when Nan Lowe set a new free throw record hitting 4 out of 52. The girls were thrilled and smart looking in their new gym suits. FIRST ROW: S. McKenna. M. Carrabine. G. Someson. SE¬ COND ROW: P. McKenna, B. Simons. F. Benson. THIRD ROW: E. Geisilman, Judy Price. INDEX A Cappella 57 Annual Staff 66,67 Band, Boys 60 Girls .59 Basketball, Lettermen 78 Reserves 81 Varsity 81 Board of Control .... 18 Booster Committee 19 Building and Grounds Committee 19 Commercial Club . 61 D. M. S. T. 62 Drama Class . 52 Faculty . 11,14,15,16 Foreign Language 68,69 F. T. A. 61 Glee Club 56 Guidance Counselor 13 Honor Society . 54 Junior Play . 53 Nurse . . 13 Officers, Freshman 22 Sophomore . 22 Junior . 22 Senior . . 30 Office Staff . 13 Orchestra . . 13 Principals 10,12 Registrars, Freshman 24,25 Sophomore 26,27 Junior.:. . 28,29 School Board . 17 School Life . 3-9 Seniors . . 31-47 Senior Personalities. 48,49 Spice Variety 54,55 Sponsors, Freshman 23 Sophomore 23 Junior . 23 Senior . 30 Track . 82,83 Varsity Football . . 73 90 [nnnnmi -

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