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X fw f Z- L-U Qiui lisa p Ha pt., K OUIMI KX KK. A man o rtrffzfessed all Wiiillgitj L14 M vm, .1 determpfhtrorrand vrtquty NJA!-f' l M wifi 'J A A n'tan wrth magnetlc personahty and a chmvmmg smrle for everyone Uj Aj Of V A man who exerted a lastmg I wholesome mfluence upon the students who have graduated from Emerson A man who N111 never be forgotten by hrs fellow Workers and frrends Mr Spauldmg the Annual Staff the X students of Emerson the alumm the Emerson I teachers and your many frrends wrsh you a ff happy ret1rement Your phllosophy of hte w111 Jfj ffff J never be forgotten 'C The Annual Staff K F X' I N x , f 1 , Q A 1 f f ,pf I 1' fd , 'I 1 1 fs' If ' 1 , t rv ,f ,f , I W I s fi! N .iff j A fi? t ,ff , f , A' ' 1 , , r 'N 1 r f D - ,- J I I n V wr. J ,V v If 1 f wi , , , N l W y A 1 X-L' X! ing J. 1 ff 'N I Q X , s. J 1 IL KX "V, ' M ' lI'o . A i Ezt - W E y 'A' y , rw . f A .A ., Lge- , ' N ob y , y ,L -,f .E IJ , ,W A f f . rf- se x 1. of ' l P V g , 4! fig ew 4' 'E E gp! - 'M""C:.4 " 1 ' - - X '-' ' l' ll V, Qfl' " A t , E NTLK 1 x K f ' uf' ' If 1 ,K A .f I' 30.42 , . J Lk 5 IJ .J VM 1 G rw. f ' , JV' - ' Kflzlvf , 1 A C , V, - . D I filf,.,AJ' l 0 , , ' 42 , . ,J A f' , Q7 Y I 'A I j . I lub! 'V' ,' ' .1 ' I A Milf' lf", f sf I sl J' lf! if xt' 1 L-I l if ft ' ff E' of , I f. , A JQWU ' 1 IV! KV fr . Y l t , A I X, A A P L71 rf X H, fi Lf" Nj' 'I J 10 - . . Q 'I ' I 'M ,1 A t ,ff ff F IL, J rl!! V! ff! ,j 2 , 1, if lug- ' V, , , 1 ' il ytvb , ' ' ! " y ylf ', I! ' V qrfjltfflh, f ,L XJ, 1 . . M,.d"T 1 If lf! ' I I - . Qt- f T' ,fp 1 .- ' ' ,Jr-ff F x , . S' ', X . ' pi , I 1 x ' ' - 1 ' r 0 Y X, -11 V 0 I I N fx . K' y' I . 1 AY 'X X I I V Y AN th x X x l 7 ' ' I " E ' e V4 xxxxu J 'xl W ' A V H t t 1 . 1 + tt X tx ' A rd ' N' - I if f Xt' ft. W' ' ' at 'IVKXQWWM f 'it NN? 'x yr, X XX X ' " 4 xx t J 4 . N5 U VFX X A ' ' 4 ' A XJ . , -k mg. N' ' s r aw A -Q 'N 1 'Aug 'W I - A, . -I . . 'Q F in ,Q - e . as -, fi ' " f.., - ,v at 4 ' u 1. 4 , ,F We ,qw ' 'F 'A 1 . B -. an K 8,95 0 . W if 'L' - -. 4 ug ,, 1 ,lx 'f 1 -,Q A mn, A gk 4 1 0. fl J , , sg Q r 5- Y x , 4 .,.. , V. . .-,-,-,,A jf f ', I V, . Q: .u A , , A , -. ,Q 4' -. 1 ' c'g'f 5 4' Q ", V Qspfx - - , S ' 'R ,, 4'-N P 5 . i .. O i .LA A 'N A ', w? ' , ' w - 'fp uf 32 , ' g A, 2' 2 ray' N 'KVC' - -r " A , Kfrwnek W Ig! . fry, 5 in - , ', W A 'I Wmige, , f A 'Xi 1' in 4 .., '11 A 'lf . A .... WI A ' ' -- , -'z1f'i"+' , , -...,, W ., .. .F Tzu A ,. -.. , M5 r sv mi R .. , . as ilfxf ., df' f h M, Q - ' .m vm I 1 ww ,.w,,, ' f" M-, Fw, ""lji5A,g., ,....m .ALQf1"."T'Ai4 W 1 g 4 , " ff' , 'TT-'--TA' sgfifvif' , ""- K""""'1l Q? ,, W'-ww , .. .h...u..-.. . -...,r.-.,.,,.,, f ' V: L fri' .,..V..?A,....Af--4 4 , N- W-ff--ff-11--v-M--W ,fun 4 ,E I , ww V,.,.,,m,.,,- V .. TL'f'iT7'7W'YflQ ' -f Q. 5. 'cf' . k , v' ' ' . ,H " ' 1' . .,. N. Si? ..:, . Burr -"' 1 Y 1 I Q 4 i 1 , fd, , , .Q ,M .R ga-Q..,.,, W 1 .5 5 , 3 I I 1 S A T -i, . f E., X L, n,:,,,u.f--Q... i' ...Jin v , 4. it , y 'L up I wil, .L , '1 , I i ,' ' 1,1 lg . J ,4 f.. fit., ff '..' 7' I ' 4' '- fp A' vs 'uv 8.-, ,Q - - r"' ff: . f- ' .4 'ez J . A, .oh 9Q,ov ,. . 4 ,-J , -f 4, , s. ,,' -1 , . . - . - 4 1 4 ' '5 0 'W , AV. J, :gn 1 -Im .1 .xy 1 ft . if ' '4'. ,Qtr ..q-Ft! ,. 1 i :lf 1 , ,-A' i,',-.vi , , 1 V' . , - I 3 .Y , I. Q., . R ,af U . . ,W ., ff .f , -.Q - G :Y ' L 11493. f 1 A yn-- O" A 'Y. . 5, -DELL .1 1 ' . , . '1 . f I I S ' v Q v Q , , M. I, a psig' .417 -qw 4? . ll 0 K u.' 1. r ,l"7?q:"' Q , nz, :PA '- 'U f'v ' f .A Q 1 1 , ' Q , fp M5 85" ,", " 's Y-Q '39 Q R A ' f ,. 4 A P - v ,gg-.M-, ,.,,-4-sanvong-if-was-4-4Gf.r' ,M f...,.4 Q. 'H 'wfsimvvs-1" fQ ':f'l-"W A A Azz- M " ""' ' . , Q3 , "M ' Avian., -N- I Hia!! ,L M , l - ,, ., a 5: T - , 7 , - . V f . - . . V 4' 'Him I1 ,f-ng . , A J 1 K ', ' ' I. an I A , ' 1 .,.f"' 'V+ ff". ' n '.. Q I Q o Y . 'Q 1 N J sl lb 5 l nv A I Q. V Q , ' . 0 - Q N - 1 U Q 4 I ... 1 "' f. Q n JO -.fyfg - ' 1 1 no 'H' 0- .5 1 - .. , -s 0 , . - . - ,, 5 s I J K Q .. - - . - , q A 0 e 1 fl Y, 1, f f o 1 f f . I ' 1 .qu 'Na NWI .1 I 1 I Y 1 4 N I 1 4 , Q12 p at 'Ji 1 W,-3 'Q Like ihis, Tony. Our little mon, 3 ' ' ' .N 5 wi xA ., - kg. - f 4 X '-,V , +4 Q. 3. ' Q V xv 1, h. 1 ,lf . Our future actors. f . v 1 ,A , 4 '-'..,kf ,,,4 Y,,c , -1, Q f 'aff , w V i 1 ' s f ' Y 'ff 1 '14, 4 v . . , W ' 4 Q in T Q 'v Af uajxt r4- vnvw' M," H V Q 'K ,1 'Q S Whois me IWQH6 vun me 16' nam workers --? Bali Ha'i" "Brownies" N . Slaughter. Bugs. "Ye Ol Hangout I Nunn 5.2 Jn- "Stay in line" Whafs this? Cooperaiion. salhr. At las! the bell. "But I wasn't al f ,A XA Hail the Queen. What's cooking? we 0 we A o oi .ra- .unf- -. I 11? A Q M Q3 X +1 Wadi , , N Sax.. P? M , -'fx ., nf I X -ff' R. -Q-gg 4 4, ...di ,rd 93 Q K., f ,, ,S :Sf xl farm f 1- , W Tk ylff Uieiix WE' X' my 5' 1 1 4 awk , w'Qf'fifQ'14 R tiff 1 ' 3 1 l fi s J Vdvffiikfifw 1 L' 1 K 4 1 ,X J Aa nw 'Av gl lx- gp ' f! S " ,kj 1 Nz 2 ii .5 'I K -gyri 1 'xxx 3 my x 'X 5 Y fi " Q- 03 Q11 6, K ' We 00791 ny , X fx 9 bob' Stretch Hurrah. Ni An! I' I I I A . s 1 ,f O ll!! ' I rl Jfj ff! 1 I 1 ff, f fl If f lj 71 X I ,,' I x I. I X ' f ff X f K ,' 'I l Nj ,Q ' jj if lx J 1 . f ,VX F, J I V' f 4 If .1 4 1' X f -f f f . f 4 M I F ,, A ' X .lfl I I ,Vs lf" A ly 'V' fi ' 1' 'li ,, I - ' il, I7 jj ' f J! 1' f X rf f" . f. ' A -1 1 ff ' Avy J' 'J 1 1 I J ff f . 'X ,fl ! X! ' 1' Q-L if Lf jf V 1 'ff ,V u 1 K Ks. vf X f If If i Sul, A! -. rj x . if' ' 7' f b fw A , . ff L J , I I , X f .X ' 1 I, '15 J!!! I ' .I , jjx 1 ' ,lf ,fl X fy f, lj I 'r ' '9 If .' I- ,E ' V , , ' f'fW? 7 - ssl . 3 X :V F fl 5 . 4 N , L g Z? hx DR. G. W. BROWN MR. E. A. SPAULDING The Drivers S Frcncxs LEFT to RIGHT: Mrs. M. Short, Miss M. Link. Miss I. Greenwald. cmd Mrs. The school counselor, Mr. Sabotta, is a great help to the upper classmen as well as the incoming Freshmen. He gives advice on jobs and scholarships and also advises the students about their minor trials and tribulations. ffl' Q ' Miss Fonville, our home visitor, is quite a necessary person around Emer- son. She keeps in touch with the stu- dents who are absent so they won'f forget where the school is located. She holds us to the beaten path. , 'Qsx Miss Golkowski, our well-known nurse, finally has had her office changed from the third floor to the main floor. The location is much better for the smaller children. She is kept quite busy with the minor pains and ailments of the students of Emerson. MATH AND COMMERCE Kneeling: Mr. D. Connerly Mr. lones Mr. G. Rayl Standing: Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Faculty It has been said, "Knowledge may be gained from books: but the love of knowledge is transmitted only by personal contact. To you, the TEACHERS, for your faithfulness, your patience, your vision, and for your courage, we thank you. B. Beeler M. Keller Stewart l. Phillips M. Gaydos FINE AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS f: Mr. Rogers Mrs. Hayes Mr. Schmitz Mrs. B. lessee Miss C. Neilson AUDITORIUM Miss Geary Mrs. Palmer Miss Harrison Miss Cromer Miss Sayers 5-S5555 gslffllr- 'v 5.373.5- :rfo,,, :1 . Garriot ENGLISH Mrs. Beyher Miss Anderson Miss Monahan Mr. De Leuere Mrs. Plum Miss Benscoter Mrs. Pierce R. HISTORY Mr. Carlburq Miss Bon Miss Newton 's SCIENCE Miss Martindale Miss Tinsrncm Miss Bool Mr. Flinn PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Rolfe Mrs. Deputy Mr. Connelly Mr. Klug Miss Heirnburg Mr. Szulborske v SOCIAL COMMITTEE Gene Bodnar, Bill Bodnar, Pete Kottadis, Bill Young. Phedon Depanion, Sue Sayles, Nancy Lowe, Pat Settle. ,,,, , 1'f:!'7 Tiff' BUILDING AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE Frank Martinez, Bruce Smith, Barbara Cul- breth, Mary Christakis, Bill Suarez. BOOSTER COMMITTEE Pete Kottardis, Ioyce Potts, Barbara Malast, Bob Chirby. Marion Elia, Tony Franke, Yvonne Spann, Elnora Wilburn, Iewell Grimes. Iackie Gootee. Miss Harrison, Geraldine Miklos. Nancy Lowe, Delores Valant. I zyi 1 lxjl I ,W MLW! U gfffyyfyj' wb WW J l fx I I , f My W X X JVM YJ w Jpjjglj WW E I-Q . Sophomore Class Alex Karras .,,,o Evelyn Charbonneau ......, , ,, Dean Gallanitti Sandra Grimes Bob Kellstrom ,, ,, Boys' Treasurer , Vice-President President Girls' Treasurer Secretary f 5-win Freshman Class Gordon Clark ,,.,.,...,,..,...,..,,, Nancy Gootee .,..... ..,,. Mike Donley ,..... Linda Koedyker .,,.,, .... Chuck Gilley ,,.... Secretary Vice-President President Girls' Treasurer Boys' Treasurer Junior Class Bruce Smith .,.,.,.......,,,.,. .....,.... Frances Logan ,,,,,,, Iames Beddingfield .,..., Beverly MacClean Victor Lodovisi , . ., Vice-President Secretary President Girls' Treasurer Boys' Treasurer Left to Right - Mr. Connerlly Mr. DeLeurere Miss Benscoter Miss Gaydos Miss Stewart Miss Anderson X ssh: X.. 'hail "N-M . .Av S Left to Right - Mr. Carlberg Miss Harrison Miss Tinsrnan Mr. Flinn Miss Sayers Miss Beeler Left to Right Mrs. Plum Miss Newton Mrs. Palmer Mrs. Iessie Miss Ban 1 I bM,....,-W-M 1 1 if - 2 1 QJE4.-gms Pi it 'yi 5 K9 fi! f 5 H ll fl! ,LE-f 3 K FN K vw, -..fn-3 .Q ft .1 Q 'Img Q! s 5 5 4 if 'mv-if-4 J if y .N 1 , 4? ,Rf ,E 4 Q1 ag -is -L... 6 1 H 3 wiv if 1-. v 9 'Q f 713 se-.f'Nfi5Q' jn' ,' ws" I V Q I X J 0, xv, fm? ii E iff g t E fuss mm af DMEM! -FH! .22 I 0.525 I 3 "' h g:i'kfx, H ww 4151912 4 H N-,t ii 'Q L K 3 4 2 1 , A si 'lef- IXN Q 'ibn M' I VX , , x 5 9 ' ,, 3, 9 154, 9 K H fxjyf. f'?' ' W' , ww' fv 'Q xo J Q 1 r H REG. 306 ls! Row: S. Crane, R. Richards M. Hile, M. Koutianos, V. Mc Dougall. 2nd Row: D. Schewanick. G. Zla mal, S. Konz, Mrs. Plum, Teacher, D. Irwinf G. Smok, S. Corner. REG. 304 lst Row: M. Petrovich, W. Con- nor, P. Demo, I. Farrell, M. Car- ribine. Znd Row: R. Collie, R. Kopich. I. Critchfield, G. Benjamin, S. Gold- stine, P. Coy, M. Constantino. 3rd Row: D. Brumfiel, A. Evono- vich, G. Choucalas. G. Bodnar M. Ervin, B. Cromley, I. Croney 4th Row: B. Gunnett, R. Duiich P. Cieszkiewicz, P. Cieszkiewicz I. Cash, I. Friedman, D. Gallan aiti, C. Gregor. D. Burbee. REG. 401 lst Row: B. O'Rei1ley, M. Flynn. I. Hansen, T. Lawrence, B. Hamer. 2nd Row: E. Dolch, D. 'Richard- son, B. Kellstrom, S. Glusac, I. Larson, B. McDermouth. 3rd Row: T. O'Laugh1in. P. Fitch. C. Kirkpatrick, B. Butcher, Mr. Rogers, Teacher. 29 lst How: I. Walham, I. McCall, R. Nix, M. Maraqos. 2nd How: D. Rodriquez, I. Mulloy, M. Sposato, D. Roy, Miss Tins- HIGH. 3rd Row: S. Wasko, N. Roknich. R. McGuire, T. Radinsky, T. Osika, B. Stregy. I. Piscone. REG. 208 lst Row: B. Bodnar, M. Michalas. G. Hlyman, V. Lodovisi, N. Franke, S. Elencik. 2nd Row: T. Flannery, L. Lucar- tes, I. Kapnas, I. Burger, R. Lach, V. Carnish, S. Furlin, I. Beddinqfield, R. Barnhouse, G. Kalintzis, L. Carrabine, G. Klem, Mr. Carlburg, Teacher. CY' 4 ' 5 S 0 3 'his pf- A, ! REG 307 lst Row I Bmkley B Kralack N LaRusscr I Lasko E Alex ander 2nd Row B Goad L Blumen stem R Apostale A Boukrs C Cagrantas F Loqan D Demos P Karlsrud A Lello Mlss Say ers. 3rd Row: P. Ioiner, D. Kruszynski C. Conway, A. Bollen, A. Frank M. Lloyd, P. Grant. 4th Row: M. Christakis, C. Fer dyna, S. Klug, S. Chipokas, M Danskin, N. Lowe, P. Ianssen H. Cerda, N. Arnold. REG. 309 lst Row: S. Means, S. Ritter, S. McEvoy, P. Yenco, N. Mason. 2nd Row: R. McMillan. L. McKim, M. Paligraph, D. Nicolettie, B. MacClean, P. Noyes, I. Rich. Miss Beeler. 3rd Raw: S. Startup, P. Morley, AE. ZacAkgQ P. Stewart. s. shmey, L. Schaeffer, I. Spain, S. Taylor, 4th Row: B. Taylor, M. Vaidik, E. Shay, S. Swan, D. Vallance, M. Vrtikapa, M. Pace, I. Potts, N. Thrasher. .fl 5 :yi 5 .. TECH lst Row: I. Bolinger, V. Koby- lanski, T. Betts, R. Hartford, P. Kakouris. T. Skora, D. Chavez, R. Balash, F. Iatone, I. Brannock. 2nd Row: I. Kerezman, R. Heis- tand, D. Gross, B. Kruse, R. Wells, I. Dunlap, I. Raymond, I. Antich, B. Sprague, D. Bulaich, I. Mad- dock, D. Martin, R. W. Adams, Teacher. 3rd Row: R. Starcevic, D. Monte- mayor, T. Ruckman, B. Harding, A. Andrey, G. Child. D. Linzy, D. Cavell, I. Skora, L. Simmons, I. Hoskins. G. Gray. 4th Row: R. Trask, B. Snyder, D. Shafchuk, K. Yleminq, H. Plenus, B. Plenus, I. Miller, H. Wilvsz, D. Pictor, E. Krapen, B. Ippolito. '19 LQ: -111511: . p, G- -AUM.. Z5 REG. 209 lst Row: M. Iuarez, M. Didelat, D. Narancich, M. Iatczak, I. Bianchine. 2nd Row: G. Keehn, D. Gallin- atte, E. Zacker, A. Friedman, R. Thomas, R. Evanovich, Mr. Flinn, Teacher. 3rd Row: L. Charnetzky, M. Fin- ton, R. McPherson, T. Hocoit, I. Arthur, B. Traber, D. Chulibrk. X all Left to Right: Coach Kluq, Mrs. Reyher, Mrs. Pierce, Miss Geary. 32 The Class of 1952 From the little acorns of our freshman year our class of '52 grew into mighty oaks by the time we were ready to take the last walk between the supporting pillars of our dear old Emerson. This class on a whole contributed greatly to the moral standing of Emerson which makes us the great keystone of our school. From the time we first entered high school we started taking part in activities such as sports, Christmas Pageant, Everyman, Spice and Variety, and our long awaited Freshman Frolic. In our sophomore year we looked forward to our Hop. Our junior year, at last We were upperclassmen and our first class play was a great success, after our play we looked forward to our first prom and what a thrill. ln our senior year we participated in all school activities, barring representatives on our teams our language clubs, our Board of Control, Social Committee, Booster Committee, Board of Control, our Dramatic club, and our last class play which stormed the school, and our last prom. All these activities are what makes our class what is is so we close by saying FAREWELL. of -rv Elnora Wilburn Ted Karras Kenneth Enderlin Anthony Franke Maryann Gasper Vice-President Boys' Treasurer President Girls' Treasurer Secretary ALICE AMABILE Golden Gazette G.A.A. Board Spice and Variety Senior Play Com. Summer. Dance Com. .l JY x . , xii' STL xljll ROBERT BALASH D.M.S.6.T. VERONICA BARTFAI Newspaper Staff Commercial Club G.A.A. Chemistry Club Spice and Variety KENNETH BASSETT Orchestra Freshman Football Freshman Basketball Drill Team A Cappella IEANETTE BIANCHINI G.A.A. Spice and Variety French Club BILL BROWN Freshman Basketball Freshman Football Class Basketball J -1-f t EN Guam LESTER BROWN PAT BINNS G.A.A. Glee Club Spice and Variety Christmas Pageant 33 I ,Wifi ETHEL CATO Sports CcrOrdinaor, G.A.A. Golden Gazette Ofiicer Treasurer, Iunior Class Co-Chairman Summer Dance Committee Commercial BOB CHERRY Freshman Secreiary Class Basketball Summer Dance Com. French Club Chemistry Club lj fir' Il V ,lf f' ' I ' , IOHN CAREW D.M.S.6.T. Drill Team A Cappella Spice and Variety Cross-Country LEONARD CHARNETZKY Freshman Football FLORENCE CIESKIEWICZ From Froebelz G.A.A. G.A.A. Glee Club Chorus Dramatics D.M.S.6fT. Riile Team Drill Team DAVID CHAVEZ' Class Treasurer of Tech. Audio-Visual D.M.S.5.T. I GEOR E CHILD BOB C1-URBY lunior Class Pres. Booster Committee Baseball Freshman Basketball ROBERTA COVERSTONE G.A.A. Fresh. Frolic Com. Newspaper Staff Commercial Club HELENA COWEN Newspaper Ir. 6 Sr. Play G.A.A. French Club Pres. of F.T.A. DAN CHULIBRK Freshman Football Sophomore Football BETTYE CONWAY G.A.A. Commercial Club Spice and Variety Glee Club A Cappella ff' U! If PHEDON DEPANION ,I ,r ff ff, ff at A BARBARA CULBRETH G.A.A. Board Commercial Club, Treas. Golden Gazette Building Gr Grounds Com. Spice and Variety Chairman, Social Com. Secretary, G.A.A. Senior Personality Board of Control EMERSONIAN Sales Staff SANDRA DAVIES SAM DIUIICH Latin Club Golden Gazette Football 35 KENNETH ENDERLIN Basketball I X MARION ELIA t . VicePres. Booster Com. A' Cheerleader 5 lunior Play AQ G.A.A.B0Qrd Xf Spice and Variety RAYMOND FRANCIS Football Basketball Track Board of Control Chairman,Summer Dance Com. Track Boys' Treas., Senior Class Senior Play EMERSONIAN ANASTASIA FRANKE G.A.A. Vice-Pres. of French Club Commercial Club Spice and Variety lunior Play ROSE EVANOVICH Commercial Club Iunior Class Play Com. G.A.A. Spice and Variety ANTHONY FRANKE President of Senior Class Editor of EMERSONIAN Vice-Pres. of Senior Dramatics Masque and Gavel lunior and Senior Play Ji 15:-:nf 1 , TERRENCE FLYNN President oi Freshman Class Co-Captain Football President of Board of Control Latin Club Senior Dramatics It Kffx ALLEN FRIEDMAN Manager of Orchestra Spice and Variety A Cappella Band 57,1 ,-, 'f JTEJHN FR1'EfL Latin Club French Club, Vice-Pres. A Cappella Band, Vice-Pres. Chairman, Prom Com. SHARON GENSERT From Edison: Wray- Qwwf Glee Club, mas. if Ei , Dramatic Club lournalism Club lunior Class Officer NELLIE GILYAN MARY ANN GASPER G.A.A. Board Senior Class Officer Commercial Club Spice and Variety Sophomore Hop Com ff GERALD GRAY D,M.S.cST. Band A Cappella I I 4 4 AU' pl ' YOLANUK' GREENWALD G.A.A. Commercial Club Spanish Club IACKIE GOOTEE Booster Committee, President Board of Control G,A.A. Board MARY GQHSKI Cheerleader A Cappella Golden Gazette Officer Majorette Girls' Band Chairman, Commercial Club Program Girls' Glee Club 37 LOUISE l-IARLOW G.A.A. Board Commercial Club Spice and Variety Golden Gazette French Club BETTY HASLETT Majorette G.A.A. Latin Club Iunior Play I I f' SUE HUFF Chairman Baccalaureate Com. Golden Gazette Staff Senior Dramatics Iunior and Senior Play A Cappella WANDALEE IACKSON Spice and Variety Band G.A.A. A Cappella Glee Club PATSY HAMILTON Head Majorette Vice-Pres. of Orchestra Glee Club G.A.A. Spice and Variety 1 MARCELLA IATCZAK Ll G.A.A. Nfl Concert Orcheya 10' , f : . Q fr 'gn , f:,,r . ' fha' 'K-. ra. .. Af, We GRIMES Cheerleader Booster Committee Commercial Club G.A.A. Golden Gazette E. DARLENE IOHNSON A Cappella G.A.A. Girls' Band. President Girls' Pep Band ft MARY IUAREZ G.A.A. Board Spice and Variety Commercial Club Concert Orchestra PATRICIA IURDZY A Cappella G.A.A. Spice and Variety "Trial By Iury" MARY ANN KABURECK Editor, Golden Gazette EMERSONIAN Sales Stafi Spanish Club G.A.A. Board Commercial Club TED KARRAS Football Secretary, Senior Class Spice and Variety EMERSONIAN Iunior Play 'G' LENORE LACH Secretary, Girls' Band Spice and Variety G.A,A. Pep Band EMIL KRAIVIPEN Football Track D.M.S.cSfT. FRANK KOLLAROS BETTY KELLY Glee Club G.A.A. Majorette Band Publicity Oflicer Spice and Variety 39 RITA LUCAS G.A.A. Board Sophomore Hop Com. GEORGE LORANDOS D.M.S.cS.'I'. :Sf Glee Club French Club, Treas. BOB LOCKE Football, Co-Captain Basketball Baseball Annual Staff Vice-Pres. Iunior Class ALEX LENNON Band Spice and Variety Christmas Pageant ' FRANK MARTINEZ Senior Dramatics Building G Grounds Com. Class Basketball Spanish Club Golden Gazette MARTHA McDOWELL G.A.A. Concert Orchestra, Pres. Asst. Head Majorette Girls' State Annual and Newspaper Staff MARY MANCILLA Commercial Club Spice and Variety G.A.A. Senior Dramatics CHARLES MALAST A har' VALERIE METZ G.A.A. Commercial Club Spice and Variety Golden Gazette JAMES MILLER D.M.S.cS.T. Audio-Visual Commencement Com. IIM MORLEY Baseball A Capella lunior Play Senior Play Band, President 91 'S SAM MUNIZ D.M.S.rST, Band Cross Country Track Class Basketball PHYLLIS OSIKA A Cappella Newspaper Staff French Club Spice and Variety DOROTHY NARANCICH G.A.A. Commercial Club Spice and Variety Concert Orchestra K 'eff 56" DALE MULHOLLAND of ff ff Ml" A ELIZABETH MURPHY Orchestra, Librarian Glee Club A Ca lla PPQ Commercial Club Spice and Variety Football Track 41 IOAN POTTSNX Spic arldiilariety A appelllg, G 7' Nfewsparpei Staff Senior Plhy Comittee lOYCE POTTS Cheerleader Booster Committee Annual Staff A Cappella G.A.A. Board , ll. I ly X.. Ax x , , xl ROBERT PLENUS DAROLD PREVIS Latin Club Spice and Variety D.M.S,6T. Track Cross Country I' fl, 1 I I ,f FRANCES PERONIS Commercial Club G.A.A. Spice and Variety Glee Club LE ROY PREVIS D.M.S.cST. Officer Spice and Variety Senior Dramatics Senior Play Christmas Pagea X t 1 SUE OWEN Sophomore Class, Girls' Treas Board of Control, Secy. Senior Dramatics, Secy. Commercial Club, Pres. G.A.A. BETTY REID G.A.A. Vice-Pres. Annual Staff Newspaper Staff Glee Club Spanish Club, Treas. :All R ll i MARIORIE ROGERS G.A.A. ' if IU fffjf X WILLIAM ROGERS Track Class Basketball Arizona State Basketball Championship Team ALLEN ROSOFF I SARA RUNION G.A.A. MARY SHARP DONALD SHAFCHAK D.M.S.GT. Tech. Vice-Pres. AudicrVisual Commencement Committee G.A.A. Board Band Officer Latin Club A Cappella Sales Staff ,-an SUZANNE SAYLES Sr. Honor Society, President Senior Dramatics Social Committee A Cappella G.A.A. MARY ANN RUPERT G.A.A, Girls' Band Spice and Variety A Cappella Glee Club 43 Q!! ANN SPOSATO Sales Staff Iunior Play Committee Spice cmd Variety Commercial Club G.A.A. I 4 -l-rf" WILLIAM SUAREZ Basketball Baseball Building and Grounds Com. Summer Dance Committee Sales Staff 44 R DICK SOMERS Freshman Football Class Basketball Projection Club CAROL SMITH G.A.A. President Sr. Honor Society, Vice-Pres. Annual Staff A Cappella Orchestra Officer BARBARA SHULTZ I 1' Senior Honor Society Annual Staff , Latin Club -" G.A.A. ' I IOHN THANOS Football Class Basketball Sales Staff Christmas Pageant AMELIA TONIS ' Girls' Band Band Officer 'P' IOAN TIDWELL G.A.A. Board Board of Control Latin Club Commercial Club Annual Staff JV ROBERT TRABER oncert Band, Manager French Club Latin Club Spice and Variety A Cappella WILLIAM WICKHAIVI Latin Club Spice and Variety D.M.S.cStT. Orchestra MARY TRAINER G.A.A. Commercial Club Newspaper Staff Spice and Variety ,-jL,yC, ff' ff 'V ff GWEN WHITE G.A.A. Board Varsity Cheerleader PHILIP TURNER Annual Staff Newspaper Staff Senior Honor Society French Club, Pres, F.T.A., Treasurer it K 'fel T'-3 IEAN VIGNA G.A.A. Spice and Variety Concert Band Officer Commercial Club, Vice-Pres. Glee Club A Cappella TRESEA VICARA it T1 ED VICIAN Senior Honor Society Annual Staff Spice and Variety Latin Club D.M.S.cS.T. Q? l I uf DONNA WOOLRIDGE Iunior Class Secy. G.A.A. Board Commercial Club Newspaper Staff BILL YOUNG Freshman Football Social Committee Class Basketball Prom Committee Invitation Committee 46 DOROTHY WILER Spanish Club G.A.A. . ' K Q' X. l , it lil ED ZACHER l . IEAN WILMORE G.A.A. Board Annual Staff Newspaper Staff A Cappella, Treas. Senior Honor Society NICK ZAHARIAS A Cappella Class Basketball Football Spice and Variety Projection Club ,fi ELNORA WILBURN Senior Class, Vice-Pres. G,A.A., Social Chairman Booster Committee, Secy. Manager, Sales Staff Newspaper Officer K! f ffl" Z2 V' MARILYN ZIELINSKI G.A.A. Glee Club Spice and Variety 1 ,Q CHRISTINE BIKOS Glee Club. President Senior Dramatics. Treas. G.A.A. French Club Senior Play TREVA MOORE Honor Society G.A.A. Commercial Club, Secy. Spanish Club IACKIE COBLER President, Senior Dramatics President, A Cappella Iunior and Senior Play Spice and Variety Glee Club ,ff , f ,'f'244'Y'J 'XBILL JONES Basketball Baseball Iunior Play Spice and Variety A Cappella GERRY MIKLOS Head Cheerleader Board of Control G,A.A., Treas. Booster Committee Football Queen 47 Personalities yG 5 VU! Bl16Mrt Glkal-:1 Personalities TerrY 61 Gerry M John 5 Ben? Ted G Joyce X .f,2-P Bob 6, Iewel Don 6 Phedon ' 'Z ,1 i x vb Wa. i ,V - ff f -. '- ' x XA, W W I ,l V f, ff x J N , . X, 1 f' 1 f X fp ' x 'j 'X NA! xl Xi K' X ' W x 111 ' f "X ' ' 1 . X 1 - . x lx! X 1' i I .Q V 1 xx -I , X 5 1 ' 5 X l 5 7' 4 1 K . WA MW P ,4 1 Xl, I ,, , 1 J X 4 i ff f 1 Q ff , f Ni, ' 1 r 4 1 , A X ,QQ ,,-fin' ' . Mf- ,Ap W X Quf I z Q10 J 1 f j If 'f' - x' K P l ,JI f -K . . 0 if ff V 1"'- MJ 1 J ,' , f ' ' 1 I .A f ff 2 714. K'. f ' If A , Ll 1 ' gf ' J . 'f I ' f V J, , Q n -J ' , 1 D - r - 1 I YQ! I I ' i 4 1 E fl I Left to Right: V.-Pres., Tony Franke: Treas., Chris Bikos: Pres., Iackie Cobbler: Secy., Sue Owen, During the first semester, Senior Dramatics presented five productions. "THE HAPPY IOUR- NEY", by Thornton Wilder, was the first play. They then planned their "SPICE 61 VARIETY" act, which was, "THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOWBUSINESS". Then all heads turned toward the "CHRISTMAS PAGEANT" which every year all Senior Dramatic students look forward to. After Christmas vacation, Senior Dramatics once again buckled down to present two more one act plays, "LOVE IN A FRENCH KITCH- EN", a comedy, and, "THE WONDER HAT", a fantasy. The Senior play was produced during the Senior Drarnatics 12:05 period. DTamdflCS lst Row D Gallmatti L Prevrs G Sacopulos C Bikos N Carpenter M Mancilla 2nd Row I Friedman D Nix S Owen S Huff S Sayles F Trainer 3rd Row I Burger T Lawrence M Christakis D Schewanrck P Karlsrud 4th Row Mrs Palmer D Roy S Schaefer Standing T Franke T Flynn pq: 41 6' 'N' 5 Ted Kuvvcxs 54 n- Teo for two Lxttle Red Rxdmg Hood Nothmg hke Q dame' MW32 ,... x, Pot Stewart Gxrls Chorus? ' Follies? v AND SO THEY CAME, THE RICH, THE POOR. THE YOUNG, THE OLD. FEAR NOT FOR BEI-IOLD I BRING TO YOU GOOD TIDINGS OF GREAT IOY. PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD-WILL TOWARD MEN. Semor Play Cast i. 'B mmf. .Q LEFT TO RIGHT Ist Row M Gllmtsrs R Beler H Short I Morley D Brumheld I Vxgna P Karlsrud I Potts S Schafer 2nd Row I Thanos M Mancxlla S Owen H Cowen W Iackson T Franke I Franke K Enderlxn I Cobler T Flynn S Huff L Prevrs B Henderson P Depamon C Bxkos I Burger Mrs Palmer Now Wa1t A Mmute LIFE WITH FATHER LIFE WITH FATHER a three act comedy was presented by the Sen1or Class on March 19 20 and 21st The story takes place 1n New York 1n the home of the Day famrly By some co1nc1 dence 1t 1S found out that father wasnt bapuzed The play IS based upon the exp1o1ts of the famlly to get father bapuzed so that the marr1 age w11l be legal 1n the slght of the Church The mamage, approx1mately 25 years old IS questloned by Vmnxe, wtie of Clarance Day, Sr Father, be11eves hxmself too old to be baptlzed and ralsed quxte a st1r 1n the Day household O I Q I A W L I Ax I A W,w,,,M, MM 7- -W-A ,A ' , 1 W g 'N -A - -L Y ,A - -" -, ' 'v Q, a 'W I ff f L - , 1 - .. 'G ', ' , ' ' . ' I E " s. If I' f I, - 2 I I I wf' iff' ' I f ,-ff' 'ff - F - ' "': li ' , :ffizzf F' 5 1 In It I we . 2 If f M. Y zt' f I I I I , 1. is V A 4 Ag I' " 4 -'I B I v , . ' , in I - Y ' I 1 I fx x,.-I ,iff I I . I I 1 1 'Y whole week - - - ! ! 'yn 'Pm Us an 'D- Consultcmon ove bloommqv tgyfg gwgigqk QW, 4 W gh ,W M We r G SOPRANO ALTO TENOR 58 Left Sec Treas Arlene Bollen, Vrce Pres Pat Grant Seated Pres Chnstme Bxkos OFFICERS Back Row Boys Treas Bruce Smrth Pres Iackxe Cobbler Vxce Pres ohn G l b Carew Gzrls Treas Ieame Wllmore lst Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row 41h Row: 5th Row: 6th Row: A. Holguin. D. Demos, C. Bikos, B. Kelly, P. Hamilton, D. Nicoletti. D. Valant, P. Yenco, C. Cagiantes, L. Blumenstein. A. Boukis, M. Sarqis. : C. Crane, P. Grant, P. Ienssen, R. Apostle. B. Parker, O. Shoemaker. S. Swan, N. Walker. C. Fedyna, B. Phillips, M. Harris, A. Frank, Miss Sayers. C. Aivaliotes. M. Pany, A. Franke. A. Bollen, E. Zacher, Y. Spann. I. Bartfai, I. Cobbler. B. Reo, M. Vadik, P. Billick, S. Chipokas, H. Cowen, G. Zlamel. Pat Hamllton Martha McDowell Marcella Iatczak Kenneth Bassett Elrzabeth Murphy ohn Frxel Iean Vxgna Irm Morley Dee Iohnson Betty Kelly Bob Traber Don Bromfrel 60 Vxce Presrdent Pres dent Property Secretary Lrbrarran Officers T7 iii,-5,1-I Q """'X Vxce Presxdent Secretary Presldent Property Publrcrty Manaqer Drum Mayor Lenore Lach Secretary Amelra Toms Property G Publrcrty Darlene Iohnson Presrdent Mary Ann Rupert Manager Left to Rrght Mrke Cautauzxs Allen Frxedman Mxke Donley Left to Rxght Pat Hamrlton Mr Warren Mrs Masters Martha luck Arthur McDowell Orchestra lst Row K Bassett M Lloyd B Schultz N Franke L Falconer M Kelley C Gahk I Korhas A Evanovxc B Strege 2nd Row B Vokurka D Nxcolettr C Ccrgxantas I Blnkley B Bassett N Shayotovrch K Plecmskl I Partsell H Nxeves R Coppedqe I Bolletta 4th Row E Murphy S Taylor D Brumhel N Mason A Fnedman M Sposoto S Walker L Lach M Donley I Molnar S Goldstem R Dxxon I Burger R Smgleton I Morley R Carlson R Major 5th Row Mrs Masters D Iohnson M Bradley M Malast M Ervm I Arthur M McDowell Mr H S Warren I Cntch ixeld P Fxtch 3rd How: P. Hamilton. N. Arnold, L. Dulberger, O. Shoemaker, B. Francis, E, Zaralcas, I. Holm. K. Cayenter, H. Owens, 61 32 I K V- vf-M15 -...-.-.?, - ,ww K ' 4, M , .,, Y ,,,,, A Lk WN ,-,W i,, V, wwwff. A 4. .. . ,, X . ,V - .,A, M . me f. ,,,, , I - W1-J.. I - 'Ni LAQW ' .5-A v - kk ' , A, Awww, A ,. K . ' f I MMM .MM , . H ' 'f Y wnww Q. , ' " A VM-mx , M. . Q, V 2 . Q YS 8 Q, 'W' --Q 'gb if S206 fs f 'Q' 3B?1:f7'l1E " 1 9? er f " i 'X L . -,V I ' ' L Lf , A Ei ,'AZ.' 'Q , 14... f ,,Af M, ' ' 2 4:fAf Qimt Q f ff xy 1 ' wx- X AZ?X YMQ M5mw LC ff E2 A fl f Zuv'f5'. 7 f 4' ' if. .V.',' Ama "'j4L 4' sg, A I V YAW5-ffl 12' xg, -: ' V ' if 'fan AQ- Jk . 214' ' , 5 'lffl ki 44, h 4. ,Q .. N15 lg 4? Ii' 4' tvs ,, , , 55, 'la EQ, . ,i K ' K ,Q M 4 fr 7 4 xx !:ii,"?wVa' rg at x Q A V. "4 JS? fi - , bvlv 1 VY L' if : 1' , Q , ' nf 1 M I Q ,Q , V 3-A 'V gf:-f 2 43 , W- Q TZ ff' . M 5 xf, A f, ' " 'K ' he W1 M- , V?.Ps.,-' n,.,,w,,VVw W h 2 , v . W, """H I In .. . ,X . WM 4 , ,f R iw' V 1 - Y' V N .- , ff I ' 1 """i-Q. fl" ' A E? Q qngii Q 511'-154 J- 9.199 ,ff V W , V-km ' ' ',?','fqV'fE 2 " 542 , H ' 1 , , , NJ a...-4 , G x 1 , fi ' Q W5 ' ' V Q .. f 4 -- fif- N QQKVJQL 1 -A 5 Q ' 'V-: ' vii' if A ' ' . fp' , 'H ' X .- -fy A XV! W , '- lf V. 777 , l,.. 4,5 V AMN, ag 5 Elia! . t .qw Q , .,! ,W 74 xfggg ff 'Q wi x eifnsf M I Q : V, fl H Q , is , V . 4 ,fiff I ,A S I' N' ' '- ' f' X Q V 1 Us-1' . ' :gig 3 " if v , j 4 'S 2. . ' 1 A , V y A ,V , -, V arf ' ' , if I, ,L ,V f xi , 1 . 5,3 V fur ' fgfzaxf 21452 41, ' 'w A 1 , ,Ag P 4 V , ,ff x 4 -jj? ' :J gg - '?g i4v" "v"' ' "JJ 1, V ' V , In V y 'if I ' 1, V." ' "VK, 4.,f,,,3 - , 'flii ,' tu, 4 -V ' ' ' s. V 5 ' - f Q V ' an 'I .,q, .3 ...hi . .- .fu . 4 1 V 'JV ,,.,Ly A 6 ' fx ?'- - V' f' A Z A in A , fan-:Q Zim 5 up l ,- V - HV V V 73732 2 V I . lf .V 'fx " ' ' W-,Q . k V , I . ' 'ig in HV , .4-xv' ' .x , rv. i GOLDEN GAZETTE SEATED 1stRow H Coverstone B Culbreth L McKxn 2nd Row A Amablle V Bartfax B Retd 3rd Row G Mxklos S Huff P Noyes P Yenco 4th Row I Wrlmore S Owen M Ella P Osxka V Metz M Trama STANDING left to rxght E Wllbum Mlss Beeler D Woolndge Mlss Gaydos L Harlow M McDowell M A Kaburxck H Cowen E Cato I Gootee C Crowe Sam Furhn SALES STAFF 1- FWS. .hi FIRST ROW M Sharp M Kabureck A Sposato I Mxklos L Harlow I Gootee SECOND ROW H Cowen A Franke T Flynn I Potts P Depamon THIRD ROW B Cherry F Martinez R Francrs I Thanos B Iones FOURTH ROW B Locke 4 T Franke B Clurby . , - , 1 . i. I , . , . . , . l , , 1 1 l 1 1 I -1 1 1 . 1 0 ' 1 I 1 I 1 - 1 - - I 1 - 1 I 1 , G. 'Y 2 , ' ,.t fx 1 if' - ' ,N i " v--f ,I , I f .Y , 9- , 'W - ,C . Q' 4 I " 1 . 1 . Q, f , .. v." , A , lf 675 1 , , .Kb e 1, K xx I tr.. . x ' N . A ,'. x', ,l , -A Q 4 . I 1 lst ROW: H. Cowen, P. Yenco, A. Franke, S. Crane. 2nd ROW: C. Williams, M. Vaidik, P. Grant, P. Turner. 3rd ROW: S. Stinson, F. Logan, I. Dittrich, E. Zachor. 4th ROW:Mrs. Palmer, S. Kluq, Y. Spann, Miss Moon. The F.T.A., Future Teachers of America, consisted of fourteen students who were interested in teaching as a profession. Their aim was to learn in greater detail the qualifications for Aa good teacher, and also the best colleges offering the courses necessary for teaching. The Regional F.T.A. Confer- ence was attended by three of the members. The sponsors were, Miss Moon and Mrs. Palmer. The President was Helena Cowen. 'tvmmwm wif-wg' fdiiliisf 'Q r ' g. ' 4, r j f t 5 I.. I . ,,, Scholarship OFFICERS: Treva Moore, Social Chairman: Sue Sayles. President: Ed Vician, Treasurer: Carol Smith, Vice-President: Barbara Shultz, Secretary. Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service These are the qualifications that are necessary to become a member of the Senior Honor Society. The aim of this society was this year to encourage students to make better use of their time in school. The hardworking sponsor was Miss Newton and Sue Sayles was elected President. 4 lst now: I. Wilmore, S. Sayles, T. Moore, E. Vician, Miss Newton. 2nd ROW: V. Bartfai, B. Schultz, T. Flynn, D. Sicol. 3rd ROW: C. Smith, I. Grimes. P. Tumer. I. Friel. 65 Left to Rrght Treasurer Barb Culbreth Presrdent Sue Owen VxcePres1dent lean Vrqna Social Chalrman Mary Gorskx Secretary Treva Moore Sponsor Mrss Beeler The Commerc1al Club was under the capable sponsorsh1p of M1ss Beeler and M1ss Gaydos Thrs year a staff ol very capable oihcers were chosen to head the club Ten of the members of the club were chosen to take a tr1p to the Busmess Conference 1n Chrcago It was an all day affa1r Frrst everyone went to Northwestern UHIVGISIIY for the address of the day a style show and hnally d1fferent d1scuss1on groups After th1s all students went to Abbott Hall for thelr luncheon and all were posmvely famrshed The students then rode on chartered buses to the Conrad Hrlton Hotel to see a d1splay of busrness machlnes Everyone had a wonderful t1me The Commerc1al Club IS a very wonderful organ1zat1on and I th1nk that everyone should become a member 1f 1t IS at all poss1ble 2nd Row S Dwyer W Iackson V Metz V Bartial I Vrana B Reo D Valant V McDougall S Belmko M Vrrtrkapa S Means E Shay 3rd Row H Evanovlch M Iuarez M Mancnlla E Cato G Mrklos M Gasper D Woolrrdge A Sposato Y Greenwald C Smrth I Tldwell S Cotner S Shrrley M1ss Beeler 4th Row D Nrcolettz S Chrpokas G Keehn S Swan A Bollen P Karlsrud N Mason P Yenco E Karaqranms F Peronrs T Moore Sth Row G Zlamal Miss Gaydos M Gorskr E Murphy lst Row: S. Owen, M. McDowell, B. Conway. G. Mirkovich, B. Taylor, M. Elia. G. White, I. Potts. L. Harlow, D. Narancich. lst How: G. Kampouris, M. Lazo. H. Ford, I. Wellman, S. Muniz, G. McGregor. 2nd Row: C. Mirkovich, Sue Crane, N. Walker, Sue Hennesy, I. Wzlmore. F. Logan, B. Malast, D. Haddix, Mrs. Reyher. 3rd Row: I. Friedman, A. Franke, M. Vaidik, I. Kreysta, H. Cowen, I. Pujo. R. Djujich, P. Osika. 4th Row: B. Traber, H. Short. T. Flynn, B. Cherry, P. 'Tumer, I. Friel, R. Djujich, D. Gallinatti. Under the capable sponsorship of Madame Reyher the French Club made an outstanding con- tribution to the already fine record which past Emerson Clubs have established. A better understanding of not only the language but also the French people was achieved through this organization. Reports were given about the geography, customs, literature, art and fashions. All the programs were prepared and presented by the students. The meetings were held once a month, during class time. The Spanish Club exists for the purpose of offering to the students an opportunity to obtain practical experience in hearing and speaking the language. The credit for much of the club's success should be given to Senora Reyher, who creates a most active interest by her valuable assistance and advice. lst Row: S. Russ. P. Melton, O. Shoemaker, H. Klazura, L. Femandez, P. Dwyer, C. Williams, A. Gomez, I. Gordon. 2nd Row: E. Wilbum, B. Reid, T. Vaccaro, Lois Blumenstein, G. Keehn, S. Swan, E. Zachar, S. Means. 3rd Row: T. Fmnerty. I. Devaney. N. Gianikas. I... Paitsell, I. Benjamin, R. Gannon, R. Touketto. N. Roknick. B. Samansky. 4th- Row: T. Deehan, A. Castellani, M. Ervin, H. Fuller, B. Groves, D. Hodriquez, I. Malloy, V. Lodovisi. 5th Row: I. Williams, R. Lelva, I. Arthur, T. Flannery, K. Callaway, S. Washka, I. Molnar, C. Kirkpatrick. B. Suarez. -pu-4" 'fvll K - MRS. REYHER MR DeLEURERE The Latin Club-was under the capable sponsorship of Mr. L. DeLeurere. This year the two classes were com- bined which made it rather difficult for both students and teachers. The Latin Club did not function in the usual pro- cedure, as there were no of- ficers appointed this year. Every year the Annual La- tin Conference is held at a different school. This year it was held at Froebel on April 5th. Emerson presented a quiz program in which the students from all schools par- ticipated. All students par- ticipate in the conference in some way and have a won derful time lst Row G Fenick C Kasperek M Sargis P Mikovich I Tidwell H Long N Harris B Baker 2nd Row B Day I Dittnck P Mulloy M Magee E Charbonneau M Sharp 3rd Row C Lawson L Zervos T Flynn R Cop padge C Henderson A Evanovlch I Freeman R Clark 4th Row S Walker S Vangel T Hocoff S Furlin E Vxclan B Crumley M Carrabme ,girl Q 0 4 a if fn 4., Q Ya. wp ,, W xt ' I' . QW 5, ' 3 ,Q 'S . - ff x 1 i-fx ti. Q, ' M gg y .u 5 fm . .7 L .nf 1 F in w x , in N, ml,, M . aw, , -,tr '. g, 1 , '- I L u ' :WW 1 ' 1 5411- R, Q: Q Au A N LM 1. 1 R . 4 3 -b q X . . , 'H -ef A 'A O' Q .3-' :J x X ' 1' 12,1 4 M 2 ,- Q K A 6, ,,A, , , A 4 . , 'Wig 2 ,V ay A Q 5' 1 , ,., , , H ? , , , W , ,, x M , , - '35 I1, G ,,, f. i ,!,.V 4 f I, ' ' My . M fan 7 xy, In Q ,Wg O W' 1 , 9 ew, vm- ' Q - 9 6 A 49 . p ,, ' " 'Q' "' f .Q 0 A , .. i 4 ." .5 'V A " Q l. O .H uh i 'Q ' V I X 1 Uv j I ,rt A A s 2 52 Q 7 ,f f N .vw Q I r , a 5 ' .fa y.. " Dv " 5' I .4 y H 'I gi A ,.d M ' F 1 W . .. I Q "' N ,P n 5 S., 4 SF G fa 6' J 5 4 ' if ' QQ, U 9 -Q, gf y . . , ' - "Q 0. gp . U . . k .. .G M 'I Ut' " nm . Avi, 99 ry, s ' -" ,E P 4 df 9 W 5' bgtgt- f 4' QE , MM .- KWH QQ Q hi A jf 'mf Q I W . Q W im wr uf Q V V X I 'Y 'va V YI Y , K , A 1 'Q' 'WW wry its 1 '1'K WAX Aix M ua lg Q fi 1 Ha I 5 M Quin m 255 The Annual Staff The Annual Staff, combined with the Emer- sonian sales staff, has produced this 1952 yearbook. Consisting of fifteen students, with Tony Franke as Editor, the Annual Staff met in the Art Room every school day for one period. Every student contributed his own part until the finished work was produced. With advertising unparalleled in the school's history, the Emersonian sales staff, led by Elnora Wilburn, launched its sales campaign in the early autumn of '5l. In the true spirit of salesmanship, the sales staff, undaunted by earlier failures, fought on to win the battle. The Annual Staff wishes to tender its sincerest congratulations to the sales staff for a "job well done." Mr. Spiece ........... ........ S ponsor Tony Franke ........ Editor Philip Turner ........ ................. Art Edwin Vician Ken Enderlin ....... ....... B oys' Sports Bob Locke Ted Karras Joyce Potts ....,,. ...... S chool Life Nancy Lowe Carol Smith ...... .....,. G irls' Sports Ioan Tidwell Barbara Shultz ......,.... ....... B usiness Manager Martha McDowell ........ ................... C lasses Betty Reid Sue Owen ..,......,.., ........ D ramatics Ieanie Wilmore ..,.. ........ C lubs --f-v-quqfusu-p 1l1'll'v-lqluvv"vv' " 0 R? ,Aga , M- 4 'WS-5 .y,, vwinirw mb Sf! X MA V ' X' 3 'Mfr 9 bf X J 1 fx." J J 59 2' X ,X ,IIC 5. L I x ff fi 'Yi ry KM' I I ,- I X- j X f Wk I, l .1 .J f, ' x r I s 1 I! J X's Q j I jf 'iff f f Nj fl 4 ffl! '7 f if ,f ,ff , J l I I 1 lj I' 1 '4 ' , j- ,ffl if 4 j 1 , I 11 f, f I u f ' Letter Wmners TERRY 169 The Terror ibm? X9 6 9965 DO The Digger 1 iii' ' in n ' v . ff "'5E 5 ZAZ A 2 '-552 STEVE "The Porto" N x I E ,,f XX yy TED "A. P. U. P." 3 Aww X3 inf wg 317 BOB nxeuy. if P 111191- Letter Wmners '45 ,y -6 Q0- r"Wf'rw-ng 'Q ml CARL Kuk 'ms' BO Sharkxe COACH Varsity Football The Golden Tornado of Emerson won the West N.I.H.S.C. Conference this year with six wins and no losses. The team started practice on August 15th. Bob Locke and Terry Flynn were chosen co-captains by their teammates. Terry Flynn, Bob Locke, Don Ono- frey, and Ted Karras, were chosen on the all state team and Ted Karras received recognition on the All American team. At the outset of the season, not too much was expected of the green and graduation riddled Golden Tornado. The idea that the Emerson team might re- peat as West N.I.H.S.C. Champion was not enter- tained by even the most optimistic voters. The first game was against a big experienced Whiting team. The team fought hard but a couple bad breaks in the first half caused the game to end up in a 13-13 tie. Louie Zervas scored two touch- downs and Bob Locke added the extra point. In the next game the team beat a tough Tolleston squad 18-13. Ted Karras, Vic Lodovisi, and Louis Zervas scored touchdowns. The next time out the Golden Tornado over- powered its old rival Lew Wallace 18-6. Pete Kottar- dis dented pay dirt twice and Terry Flynn found the end zone once. The team had been improving stead- ily up to this point, but in its fourth game there seemed to be a mental letdown. The Emersonians were tied by a weak but determined Roosevelt 6-8 B111 Bodnar counted on a pass for Emersons only touchdown In the next game the boys showed that a team that wont be beat cant be beat After trailing by seven points for three quarters the Eastsiders got mad and the Tornado really began to swirl The fmal score was Emerson 12 Hammond Clark 7 Steve Glusac scored on a pass and Louie Zervas talhed the other six points The team continued to play in high gear as they trounced Froebel 19-6 Kellstrom Kottardis and Zervas all scored touch downs Locke made the only conversion This game however was just a prelude to the big game of the year. On October 19, the Golden Tornado journeyed to East Chicago to play highly touted E. C. Wash- ington. But the Emerson boys were up for this one. The ruqqed play of the line stopped 'Washinqton's all-state backfield cold. Louie Zervas scored on a 74 yard jaunt and Bob Locke came through with that all-important extra point. Washington later scored, but missed the conversion. lt was a 7-6 victory for Emerson and people all over the state were begin- ning to notice Gary Emerson. A win over Horace Mann was needed to insure the Tornado at least a share of the West N.I.H.S. Conference title, and win was just what the team did. Thev whirled through Horace Mann by a 21-0 score. Bill Bodnar, Terry Flvnn. and Louie Zervas scored T.D.'s. Bob Locke split the uprights three times for the extra points. Due to weather conditions, which prevented travel- ing, the Muncie Central game was cancelled. On November 9th, a coin was flipped between Emerson and East Chicago Roosevelt, West N.I.H.S.C. co- champions, to decide who would play South Bend Central for the Northern Indiana Conference cham- pionship. Emerson won the flip. But the Golden Tornado could not match South Bend in depth and speed, and in spite of the team's spirit and deter- mination Central won 25-12. WE THEY OPPONENTS Whiting Tolleston Lew Wallace Roosevelt Hammond Clark Froebel E C Washington Horace Mann South Bend Central ROW I Thanos D Gallinattx I Hansen V Lodovisi D Rodrequez G Bodner B Hamer R Letva D Mulhollan Bodner 2nd ROW E Mason D Onofrey S Elencik I Huber C Gregor P Kottardis B Kellstrom I Beddmqfreld ason S Glusac 3rd ROW B Chtrby Manager D Brewer T Karras A Camery l Arthur T FIYUH A Kmms McGuire C Kirkpatrick L Carrabine S Djujtch N Roknick , 13 " 13 18 13 . . .. 18 6 . ' ' . 6 6 ' - 12 7 - ' 19 6 ' . ' 7 . . ' 6 . . . . 21 0 - - ' 12 25 15' 1- , . ' '.. . . . , . , . , . ' . - 11-3- , . . - . , , ' ' ,D. M .. lf - ff .'.' ,. ,. ,n. Maki Freshmen 15t Row C Tracoff T Stone D Bloommgdale D Drllmg C Massey D Metz I Bodnar 2nd Row Manager I Capnas N Thanos I Benlamm I Mulloy M Molchan D Aydelotte C Seebold A Castolonty I Belletta G Bell son Manager I Cook 3rd Row Coach Klug I Wr ght P Karra W Crowe G Toneff T Aydelotte C Glley I Molnar N Malham N Marta cus L Marallus B Clark Not In Pxcture B Ktrkpat tck D Tarzwell ball season on August 15 under the drrect on of Coach Klug The Fresh played thezr first game of the season agarnst Froebel and beat them 19 0 Through therr remcnmnq exght games they won seven of them and the Crty Champronshrp The only loss of the year was to Froebel 24 7 One of the btg hrghlrghts of the season was when the boys beat Roosevelt 6 0 Ioe Monar led the team rn sconng THEY OPPONENTS Froebel Tolleston Lew Wallace Roosevelt Tolleston Froebel E C Roosevelt Tolleston Saturday mornmgs They played a total of seven games wrnmng three and losmg four The B team got off to a poor start by losmg therr hrst game but near the end of the season they got much stronger wmnmg therr last three games Therr last game of the year was a mght game agarnst Tolles ton whrch they won 347 RESERVES THEY OPPONENTS Tolleston Lew Wallace Roosevelt E C Roosevelt Froebel Tolleston Tolleston The Emerson Iunior Tornado opened their foot- The Varsity Reserves played their games on WE WE 19 0 28 6 0 12 7 7 7 9 6 0 0 12 20 14 6 . . 19 7 24 12 7 19 . . 14 7 0 34 7 34 7 24 33 3U 55 2D 'Fh- lst ROW, L to R: D. Liza, Mgr. D. Mason: P. Kottardis: B. Bodnar: V. Lodovisi: B. Butcher: I. Kapnas. 2nd ROW, L to R: S. Glusac: I. Monar: A. Karras: C. Kirkpatrick: R. Barnhouse: B. Suarez: Coach Klug. Varsity Basketball Squad VARSITY BASKETBALL The Norsemen of Emerson opened their 1951-52 basketball season with only two returning lettermen. Bill Suarez, the only Senior on the team, was ap- pointed Captain by Coach Bill Klug. The squad con- sisted of Bill Suarez, Bill Bodnar, Steve Glusac, Al Karras, Vic Lodovisi, Carl Kirkpatrick, Dick Mason, Bill Butcher, Ioe Monar, and Kenny Callaway. Emerson played a total of twenty-three games this year, winning ten and losing thirteen. They placed seventh in the Conference with a four and seven record. One of the big highlights of the season was Emerson beating Froebel. Froebel, one of the highest rated teams in the state was no match for the Norsemen. Although the Norsemen of Emerson didn't set the world on fire this year, they were in there trying all the time, and with nine returning lettermen for next season the Norsemen will be one of the better teams of Indiana. BASKETBALL VARSITY WE OPPONENTS THEY 48 Wirt 41 62 Roosevelt E. C. 75 39 Roosevelt Gary 40 35 Edison 55 47 Washington E. C. 71 55 Peoria Manual 54 35 Lew Wallace 70 43 Hammond Tech 54 42 Tolleston 47 60 Whiting 58 53 Valparaiso 46 39 LaPorte 46 48 Horace Mann 36 66 Concordia Ft. Wayne 51 Hammond Clark 39 Elkart 63 Sectionals WE OPPONENTS THEY 46 Hobart 42 48 Roosevelt 56 HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT WE OPPONENTS THEY 45 Edison 33 49 Roosevelt 72 33 Froebel 48 39 R A if ? . K X X 1 9 I I ', -sw F 'X AU. 4 if E rf I 51 it 1c 2.- ilu cgi, xi F ri I A 1' 1763, W an S ' 1 is 22 I 1 A ,fig Q N f - ,f 2, 'Q ar 0' ' fi ' f f . ,1..' 1, . 3? ' , x, , . , -fg yjjn M , 1. ,',-,nlfw gif' , 3, W 'M .W W T -'i"'4 gf 'fm' 7 ,. , ZH 155.4-1' , 1.-,M g M HN 1, V 6 f V lj, Y -7'f"' ,wiki-Q. ' f'-. Mx. 'X ' 'I ' ":'L 1 '1 ' ,lf " '-.y.Q..m,.. klullwf .. -W 73? , ff iss, ' J' ' . 61, A A, sa. A 1 , 1 ' B .G , , sir 2 'W 0 f , , . 3 if ,1 'T' Wg. f, M 4' ' V ,MMQ 4f2 ,: ..ilig2Q,QJ ' 575' ' f 'ff 'it if -5 . 1 fs ig R gl S. 'Q r s .Luv , . -. . M, 3 . -we 1 If - .f .5 'I fs . , 1 v Xt X ? l . V 4 1 U W X V ' 'a , . :5 1 N 'Q F -. 7 X X Q ly l 55 w 'I lin L' V. 'N " 1 K I I ' is , ' E T x I .K W 4 1 fi "4 53, ' ' J 31, . 1 9 ' VZ . ' ' - ' r ' W K 5. K X A Y . .. -an 1 5 . . 'T Q 1 G 'iw ff '.'f2rw?Q'.Q . fin?-e"f" 1- ff- Q A 2 y Y ' wk I 23:7 V 2 Li 5' - 3 4 K 75, of-5 L. ' .,.- 'D L We i gn ,AAL , . . ' . -' Us ' -'M N A it 'Zi-xt, 4 .I ,W , Nu V .Q . ,i . Vs - . -N vit' 5'.,:3t V F . wi ve- , Li 'L . ' x . ' 'X' - F LEFT to RIGHT: T. Kavadas, I. Friedman, G. Watts, B. Samansky, R. Foremsky. E. Matthews, R. Brackett. STANDING L. to R.: Mgr. D. Valcik, I. Moody, A. Edward, T. Radinsky, D. Barnhouse. E. Gunnett, I. Farrell, Coach Connelly. Take Your Marks caoss COUNTRY SCHEDULE ' Tolleston Gary Roosevelt Benton Harbor Hobart Invitational Froebel Lew Wallace La Porte Conference Sectional City 85 rw: H ,, 'Ga ww EPEQ H SPONSOR Mrs Deputy OFFICERS Phedon Depamon Secretary Betty Rexd Vrce President Gerry Mrklos Treasurer Ethel Cato Sports Co ordmator Elnora Wrlburn Soc1a1Cha1rman Carol Smrth Presrdent GAA G A A BOARD Seated Rua Lucas 1stRow Mary Sharp Iacke Gootee Mert Eha Barbara Culbreth Betty Rerd 2nd ROW Ethel Cato Elnora Wllburn Gerry M1klos Donna Woolrldge Mary Ann Kabureck Grd ROW Ieame W11more Ioan Trdwell Ahce 1-Xmablle Carol Smrth Gwen Whrte Mary Ann Gasper Phedon Depamon '12 :Mm W ,ti- my 7.-,-adv'-Ns Lwwrvff' Y7' IUNIOR-SENIOR G- A- A-. 1Sf ROW1 D- W001fidqe. G. White, E. Cato, G. Miklos. B. Reid, C. Smith. P. Depanion, E. Wilburn L. Harlow, R. Lucas. A. Amabile, B. Culbreth, I. Gootee, 2nd ROW: I. Potts, M. Elia. M. Mancilla. W. Iockson, M. Sharp, M Kabureck, M. Gasper, I. Wilmore, I. Tidwell, A. Sposato, V. Barttai, B. Conway. 3rd HOW: M. Trainer, I. Potts, P. Binns B. Kelly, P. Osika, V. Metz, I. Grimes, M. McDowell, S. Owen, D. Narancich, R. Evanovich, S. Huff. 4th HOW: P. Grant. P Stewart, M. Paligraph, B. MacClean, A. Bollen, N. Mason. S. Shirley, S. Cotner, L. Blumenstein. M. Christakis, Y. Greenwald M. Iuarez, I. Bianchini, H. Cowen. Sth ROW: D. Niccoletti, S. Means, S. McEvoy. C. Conway. B. Rio. M. Vrtikapa. E. Shay S. Belenko, F. Logan, D. Irwin, C. Fedyna, P. Ianssen, C. Cagiantis. D. Demos. Sth ROW: A. Boukis, E. Zachar, P. Morley D. Valance, N. Lowe, S. Chipokas, M. Danskin, I. Potts, N. Thrasher, B. Krajack. FRESHMAN - SOPHOMORE G. A. A. lst ROW: R. Vance. B. Garwood, A. Massa, H. Klazura, P. Dwyer, C. Mirkovich, B. Christakis, M. Hile. P. Bokich. L. Fernandez, F. Trainer, C. Wiser, P. Sayles. Znd ROW: P. Lavelle, T. Gerasimo, S. Parthon, G. Malham, I. Brannon, C. Williams, I. Bartlai. S. Grimes, P. Settle, R. Djujich, M. Magee, G. Donlevy, P. Melton. 3rd ROW: M. Harris, I. Rogers. B. Brackett, G. Brundige. S. Stinson. D. Kallous, S. Crane, Y. Spann, E. Sacopulos. I. Dittrich. C. Kasperek, D. Kolcos, I. Krejsta. R. Brown, E. Cast. 4th ROW: M. Sarqis. S. Koedyker, I. Koukis, I. Brayack. S. Atchison, H. Tonis, I. Bamiord, W. Grant, C. Aivaliotis, B. Vokurka, N. Harris. I. Grigonis, I. Grigonis, M. McConnell, I. Gordon, D. Wainman. Sth ROW: M. Hudqins, E. Oliver, M. Pollecki, A. Hall, N. Lanier, M. Lee, N. Gootee, B. Malast, C. Colandra, M. Belshaw. S. Hennesy, D. Lazo, L. Aitkin, P. McGuire, M. Willashaw. 6th ROW: M. Sposato, C. Williams, D. McSwiggen, A. Kraynak. A. Evans, L. Koedyker, L. Cohan, I. Pujo, B. Phillips. B. Kane, P. Pavlench, P. Mikovich, S. Bencie. L-v'-H'-L'-' Tv-I1 fm QL. if 'N' 0 fo rap 4 WZCWQ "0"7'QfDf V7"""'3"'V?24 WW 'wk M Www ' 4 ' , 'I N , a K X f , r ' Q I X Y Z 7' J , ' ' l " ' , ,, , f . - 1 '5 s 5, If ' ' f f - I, f , ' f ff " X 11' A .- u .,n..aAl--ah O ' 90 lA.L!lOlfIl1'l1l 3 n....a...,n..u.s.A ffl'

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