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Here are portrayed the many colorful events that make school life at Emerson a memory that is cherished by every student. Queen of the gridiron. Queen of the hardwood. Pecking away. Guess who? Please? Continuous session! Words of wisdom. Page 7 One pleasure of teaching. ' He doesn’t know what he’s getting into.” Children’s theatre. Ben’s just looking? They practiced hard. They spin the ’’platters. Page 10 The bugle blows rehearsal or play . . . . . .in different ways. Page 11 THE MASTER ARTIST AND HIS CREW A new artist has arrived at Emerson during the past year. Dr. Brown, our new Assistant Principal, succeeded Dr. Gilbert who embarked on the duties of principal of Froebel High School. Receiving his BA degree at Merri- ville College, Dr. Brown went on to re¬ ceive his EDM degree at the University of Buffalo. Besides serving in the New York schools. Dr. Brown held the position of Assistant Principal at Tolleston High School before coming to join the Emer¬ son faculty this year. Dr. Brown’s major duty at Emerson is the supervision of the lower grades, although he has made several contacts with high school students through his work with student committees. Dr. George Rrown Mrs. Short and Miss Kollettis do their share to make Emerson picture bright. Page 14 THE MASTER- ARTIST AND HIS CREW The ma ster artist at Emerson is, of course, our principal E. A. Spaulding. During his forty-one years of finishing student portraits at Emerson, he has heard the voices and laughter of thou¬ sands of students who have benefited greatly from his guidance and leadership. In his auditorium talks we have heard Mr. Spaulding bring out in all their real color the scenes from the past which have been painted by the footfalls of former students. The artistic touch of Mr. Spaulding is shown at Emerson in the collection of paintings which is believed to be the largest of any public school in the United States. This is what Mr. Spaulding has given to all of us. Mr. E. A. Spaulding Miss Link and Mrs. Francis contribute to Emerson picture. Page 15 Mrs. Fonville Mrs. Fonville, our Child Welfare work¬ er, has been in the Gary School System for twenty-seven years. She has held a position at Emerson for four years. She attended the Lucy Webb Haynes National Training School in Washington, D. C. She has also had training in social service and community work. Her duties at Emerson include the investigation of students who are re¬ ported to have a prolonged absence, as well as looking after the welfare of students while they are in attendance at school. Mr. Hooper The guidance of this artist has made the task of acquiring an education less difficult. He has helped new students entering high school plan their four year program as well as help graduating seniors plan their careers. Mr. Hooper has been with the Emerson School teaching staff for three years. An alumnus of the University of Chi¬ cago, he received his BS degree at the University of Missouri. Before coming to Emerson he held a position in the Kansas City School System. Miss Golkowski A veteran member of the Emerson family is Miss Golkowski, the school nurse, who is a former graduate of Emer¬ son. She has seen to it that every Emerson student is the picture of health while in attendance at school. Receiving her training at St. Mary’s Mercy Hospital in Gary, she has held various positions in the Gary School System before coming to Emerson three years ago. During World War II Miss Golkowski served in the Army Nurse Corps, and she is now a member of the Army Re¬ serves. Page 16 THEY SHOW THE WAY TO A BRIGHT FUTURE " Check your books”. " Now class you will just have to get quiet”. " Como esta Ud?”. " No crocodile tears will save you”. " There are some people in this class that just don’t work”. " Can’t you make it to register just a few minutes earlier?”. " I hear someone!!! " . " Zip it up, zip it up.”. " Now when I was in high school—”. " Arrumph!!”. " Well now, in England —”. " You’re not with us today”. " This is a ' democracy”. ENGLISH Mrs. G. Pierce Miss R. Anderson Mrs. I. Plum Miss G. Benscoter Standing: Miss M. Xurafes Miss M. Monahan Mrs. C. Reyher Mr. L. DeLeurere SOCIAL STUDIES Miss H. Gregor Mr. J. Clarry Miss H. Newton Mr. A. B. Carlberg Miss M. Ban Page 17 THEY SHOW THE WAY TO A BRIGHT FUTURE SCIENCE Miss E. Boal Mr. F. Flinn Miss R. Martindale Miss E. Tinsman MATH AND COMMERCE Sitting: Miss D. Rowe Miss M. Keller Miss B. Beeler Miss J. Phillips Standing: Mr. D. Ralston Mr. G. Rayl Mr. D. Connerly Mr. L. O linger Miss M. Talbot, at board " An A for the first robin " . " Can you visualize — " . " We’ll do experiments today”. " You poor little green freshmen”. " Typewriters quiet”. " Think!!!”. " Half-an-hour for every time you talk”. " Quiet in the halls” . . . " And our new baby —”. " And how is everything today?”. " Well now — ... . " Get off the tables!!!”. " If you are quiet you can hear me”. Page 18 THEY SHOW THE WAY TO A BRIGHT FUTURE AUDITORIUM Mrs. G. Palmer Mrs. D. Bush Miss M. Cromer Miss H. Harrison Miss G. Sayers FINE AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS Miss C. Neilson Mrs. Hayes Mr. Rogers Mrs. B. Jesse Mr. H. Tangy " All right, that’s enough. If you don’t want to do it, I don’t either.”. " If you aren’t quiet, we won’t have slides today.”. " Can’t you girls in the back of the room be quiet” .Is there anything I can help you on with your speech?”. " We’ll have a dis¬ cussion today”. " Plan your work”. " Do you girls belong in the halls? .... . . " Gir—1—s, can’t you be quiet?”. " Let’s all get to work now, boys.”. " In here you will learn many new and different things.” Page THEY SHOW THE WAY TO A BRIGHT FUTURE " Wake up you dumbkophs!! ”. " Now I expect a first from you”. " Line up! " . . . . . . " Attention”. " Oh! Now it’s not too cold to swim”. " O.K. boys, put on the monkey suits”. " At ease, men.” PHYSICAL EDUCATION W. Klug H. Connely A. Heimburg Sgt. Sommers G. Deputy A. Rolfe Sgt. Palletine Page 20 SHOPS Mr. Garriot Mr. Vaughn Mr. Wirt Mr. Spiece Mr. Adams (seated) Dr. Brown strolls by Emerson art. ' ' May I have this dance? ' counting ballots ? THEY HELP TO SKETCH OUR FUTURE Board of Control, left to right, 1st row: Marguerite Paligraph, Helen Platis,Delores Bozich, Helena Malast, Lois Wellman, Sue Crane. 2nd row: Eugene Carrabine, Secretary; Bill Hamer, Bruce Smith, Don Onofrey, Bob Chirby, Jim Johnson, Art Evdokiou. 3rd row: Luke Carrabine, Ziggie Neipokoj, President; Nick Gurgevich, Mr. A. B. Carlberg, Sponsor; Monchill Dakich. Not pictured: Terry Flynn, Vice President; Gerry Miklos, Jackie Gootee, and Earnest Mason. THE BOARD OF CONTROL " Government of the students, for the students, and by the students” is a phrase that may well be used to describe the work of the Board of Control. This government is supervised by the student representative elected by the students for the purpose of making Emerson a better place for work, study, and play. The representatives are free to voice their opinions. This year the Board was headed by Ziggie Neipokoj and sponsored by Mr. Carlberg. Vital to the Board are three committees: the Social Committee, the Booster Committee, and the Building and Grounds Committee. Chairman Helen Platis and sponsor Miss Reynolds led the Social Committee in putting on a number of colorful dances for the enjoyment of the student body. The Booster Committee raised money for the cheerleaders’ jackets, and the Building and Grounds Committee helped keep our halls neat and orderly. Page 22 BOOSTER COMMITTEE First Row: Yvonne Spann, Mar¬ ion Elia, Mary Karas. 2nd Row: Bob Chirby, Nancy Lowe, El- nora Wilburn, Gwen White, Jack¬ ie Gootee, Joyce Potts. 3rd Row: Jim Boswell, Pete Kot- Tardis, Nick Gurgevich, Mon¬ chill Dakich, Mr. Hooper. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Bill Bodnar, Phedon Depanion, Gene Bodnar, Nancy Lowe, Bob Richardson, Jim Aydelotte, Bill Young, Sue Sayles, Pat Settle, Helen Platis. Page 23 Here are many portraits in different stages of completion. The spirit of IJ [; J 1 J LEADERS OF THE ARTISTS OF 1954 A green pigment was used as the foundation color of the Freshman Class. " Greenies” was the title given its members....and, in many cases, green, the color of envy, was shown on the Freshmen’s faces as they looked to their upper classmen. Before the year was over the Class of ’54 had lived up to the Emerson spirit....there were the G. A. A. initiations....Class basketball....and the various dances which all contributed to make their Frosh year a success. OFFICERS Vivian McDougall, Girls’ Treasurer; Bill Hamer, President; Dean Gal- linatti, Secretary; Dick Mason, Vice-President; A1 Karras, Boys’ Trea¬ surer. SPONSORS Front Row: Mrs. B. Jessee Mr. C. Rogers Miss H. Newton Standing: Miss M. Cromer Mrs. I. Plum Mr. A. Rolfe Mrs. G. Palmer Miss M. Ban Page 27 Page 28 THE ARTISTS OF 1954 This year’s Freshman Class will go on to their Sophomore year with happy memories of being green Freshies . We will remember how they suffered through those first classes .Al¬ gebra and Mr. Connerly. Biology and Miss Tinsman . Our first meeting with a foreign language . The Freshman Frolic . Speedball, basketball, and volleyball . Class basketball . the first banquet . concerts . football games . all the little things that are just a way of getting acquainted with high school life . Memories that will come back in later years and join together to give us a picture of our first year in high school . REGISTER 207 1st Row: T. Smith, E. Will¬ iams, B. Weigell, B. Schultz, J. Long, M. Yenco, R. Mason, F. Welman, B. Smansky, M. Lazo. 2nd Row: B. Kirk, T. Webber, T. Kavados, T. Lin- Kowske, C. Henderson, F. Hamang, R. Long, R. Leva, H. Owens, Miss Newton. 3rd Row: M. Malast, S. Vangel, H. Piasecke, R. Pujo, R. Spence, D. Mason, H. Short, W. Tur- anek, W. Tamowski. REGISTER 304 1st Row: J. Boswell, P. Demo, B. Groves, M. Donley, G. Dow, S. Goldstein, J. Critchfield, R. Coppedge, A. Brown, R. Cap- linger, 2nd Row: T. Finnerty, R. Coy, J. Devaney, B. Crum¬ ley, H. Ford, J. Farrell, J. Cash, R. Djucich, J. Freedman, D. Good, A. Evanovich, M. Bradley, H. Amison. 3rd Row: G. Benjamin, M. Carrabine, C. Gregor, J. Croney, D. Gal- linatti, B. Crider, B. Gunnett, P. Clifford, J. Merrit, M. Con- stantinou, B. Feltenstein. THE ARTISTS OF 1954 REGISTER 108 1st Row: P. Walsh,M. Mroz, M. Pany, P. C harnetzky, J. Cash, L. Koedyker, B. Malast, E. Williams, L. Thomas, W. Neubaum. 2nd Row: Mr. Rayl, D. Archer, T. Parker, J. Shaw, S. Beier, D. Buckley, J. Pujo, C. Meitzler, A. Castellani, R. Plenus. 3rd Row: J. Williams, B. Cherry, L. Paitzell, J. Benjamin, T. Deehan, K. Callaway, J. Molnar, J. Thomas, R. Ful¬ ler, T. Ringas, R. Carpen¬ ter, R. Corner, C. Butcher. REGISTER 326 1st Row: S. Russ, G. Mal- han, E. Sacopulas, C. Mir- kovich, J. Stunyo, F. Traina, C. Wiser, M. Magee, P. Mulloy. 2nd Row: Mrs. Pal¬ mer, B. Rushing, Y. Spann, N. Walker, S. Parthun, P. Settle, R. Vance, A. Stil- linovich, S. Stinson, R. Pet¬ ty. 3rd Row: E. Oliver, J. Rogers, I. Reynolds, P. Reaper, M. Vessely, A. Massa, J. Owens, C. Wil¬ liams, J. Workman, A. Stas- tny. REGISTER 109 1st Row: S. Harrinton, S. Karedas, P. Dwyer, S. Hil- stram, T. Gerasimo, H. Klazura, S. Grimes, E. Bak¬ er, J. Brannon, E. Char- bonneau. 2nd Row: Mrs. Jessie, M. Harris, G. Adam¬ son, B. Garwood, V. Bart- fai, R. Djujich, J. Divish, D. Kauuaus, L. Fernandez, Page 29 LEADERS OF THE ARTISTS OF 1953 The Sophomores had the first stage of their canvas completed....now they were embarking on the second. A romantic atmosphere was added when the Hop rolled around....for weeks this was the topic of conversation. The steps were getting more complex....brushes began showing signs of wear....oils in the form of geometry, English, history, and biology were being used rapidly as the days progressed. The color scheme chosen by this class was green and white. OFFICERS Stella Chipokas, Girls’ Treasurer; Louis Zer- vis, Boys’ Treasurer; Bruce Smith, Vice-Pres¬ ident; Luke Carrabine, President. SPONSORS Miss Sayers Miss Tinsman Miss Harrison Mrs. Hayes 2nd Row: Mr. Spiece Mr. Flinn Mr. Carlberg Page 31 Page 32 THE ARTISTS OF 1953 REGISTER 401. 1st Row: B. Hamer, D. Brumfiel, D. Mason, R. McGuire, J. Friedman C. Kirkpatrick. 2nd Row: G. Bodnar, J. Huber, E. Dolch, R. Collie, D. Don- nella, B. Yaracin, J. Kell- stram, L. Owens. REGISTER 208. 1st Row: J. Kapnas, D. Galinatti, P. Fitch, J. Ennis, T. Lawrence, S. Glusac, V. Lodovisi, P. Kottardis, G. Bodnar, B. Hyndman, 2nd Row: J. Burger, K. Coons, K. Coons, J. Cook, R. Barn- house, L. Carribine, J. Clark, S. Dujich, C. Com- enda, J. Beddingfield, M. Flinn, P. Jurdzy, Mr. Carlberg. 3rd Row: G. Kampouris, H. Lucadias, N. Frank, S. Furlin, B. Beers, J. Huber, A. Cam- ery, E. Klemasgewski, S. Elencik, V. Cornich, T. Flannery, L. Lach. REGISTER 306. 1st Row: E. Swim, L. Eckelman, J. Smok, G. Zlamal, N. Carpenter, P. Grant. 2nd Row:S. Crane, M. Hile, R. Richards, A. Franke, Mrs. Plum, V. McDougall, L. Schaeffer, B. Goad. THE ARTISTS OF 1953 REGISTER 204 1st Row: N. Stavem, B. McDermott, T. O’Reilly, M. Zima, D. Rodriguez, J. Weland, S. Osika, M. Maragos. 2nd Row: Miss Tinsman, S. Schaefer, G. O’Connell, E. Strege, S. Washko, T. Rodinsky, J. Piscione, G. Marrs. 3rd Row: P. O’Reilly, I. Merlo, W. Massey, J. Malloy, T. Rocoff, G. Sacopulos, B. Smith, N. Roknich, D. Roy. REGISTER 101 1st Row: P. Yenco, M. Vaidik, B. McClean, D. Nicolettie, E. Shay, M. Paligraph, S. McEvoy, E. Zacker, D. Vallance, 2nd Row: N. Mason, D. She- wanich, B. Taylor, S. Startup, L. McEuen, B. Reo, J. Rich, S. Taylor, N. Thrasher. 3rd Row: Miss Beeler, D. Valant, S. Swan, P. Morley, S. Shirley, D. Valant. Page 33 REGISTER 307 1st Row: P. Karlsrud, E. Alexander, A. Lello, S. Konz, B. Claypool, A. Boukis, D. Demos, C. Cog- iantis, F. Logan. D. Irwin. 2nd Row: B. Krajack, M. Green, M. Jackson, M. Loyd, N. Arnold, M. Cerda, R. Apostole, S. Bolenko, A. Bollen, J. Binkley, S. Binns, 3rd Row: H. Hamp- ston, M. Christakis, P. Janssen, C. Fedyna, S. Chipokas, M. Danskin, S. Lowe, A. Frank, S. Klug, Miss Sayers. Indoors Practicing for their Prom. Getting ready to be Seniors. LEADERS OF THE ARTISTS OF 1952 Parts of the portrait were beginning to stand out as the Juniors prepared themselves for an exciting year. Much was added to the local scene by this class. Its members were active in many affairs....varsity football....senior dramatics....class plays. A splash of color was applied with the coming of the Prom. Dabs were added here and there to prepare the picture for its final steps. The approaching year is destined to be the most pic¬ turesque year of this classes’ school life. Page 36 THE ARTISTS OF 1952 REGISTER 209 1st Row: L. Tomaszewski, L. Previs, P. Turner, A. Lennon, J. Wahlman. 2nd Row: B. Traber, D. Previs, M. Finton, L. Lis, R. Nix, Mr. Flinn. 3rd Row: D. Chulilrk, D. Hall, E. Vicion, C. Malast, R. Thomas, B. Brown, A. Svantner. REGISTER 111 1st Row: L. Emershy, M. Didelot, J. Grimes, L. Blu- menstein, J. Bianchini, E. Murphy, M. Jatzyck, P. Ham¬ ilton. 2nd Row: D. Randol¬ ph, M. Juarez, D. Narancich, Mrs. Hayes, M. Wilkin, G. Keehn, A. Sposato, P. Con¬ nors. REGISTER 308 1st Row: W. Rogers, B. Suar¬ ez, J. Thanos, K. Enderlin, T. Karras, B. Jones, J. Mc- Thumes, D. Onofrey, A. Rosoff, D. Sicol. 2nd Row: B. Chirby, T. Franke, T. Flinn, A. Burring, B. Cherry, L. Brown, E. Cieslieski, B. Wickham, Mrs. Pierce. 3rd Row: D. Malhome, F. Mar¬ tinez, R. Francis, B. Young, G. Vrtikapa, S. Kovich, D. Somers, L. Chameski, J. Friel, J. Morley. THE ARTISTS OF 1952 REGISTER 322 1st Row: B. Haslett, B. Culbreath, J. Gootee, R. Coverstone, M. Gasper, A. Amabile, V. Bartfai, C. Bikas, A. Christy, M. Gor- ski. 2nd Row: N. Gilyan, S. Dwyer, A. Franke, J. Cobler, E. Cato, M. Kab- urick, H. Cowen, Y. Green- wald, R. Lucas, S. Davies, 3rd Row: E. Diehl, P. De¬ panion, M. Huff, D. John¬ son, L. Lach, P. Jurdzy. REGISTER 211 1st Row: M. Rupert, T. Moore, G. Murkovich, S. Runion, M. Rober, M. Ziel¬ inski, J. Potts, P. Osika, V. Metz, B. Schultz. 2nd Row: Mrs. Reyer, M. Train¬ er, S. Owen, D. Woolridge, G. White, F. Peronis, B. Reid, M. McDowell, E. Wil- Bum, D. Wiler, J. Potts, B. Reed, R. Ringas. REGISTER 312 1st Row: J. Tidwell, C. Smith, M. Sharp, W. Symons, B. Conway, C. Giley, H. Ivancevich, G. Rhodes, N. Hostetter. 2nd Row: C. Downey, S. Munis, K. Bas¬ sett, N. Vitikovich, Miss Benscoter, M. Solon, J. Millard, J. Constanios, D. Urbanek. 3rd Row: R. Sowards, B. Locke, F. Clifton, S. Cowen, J. Ay- delotte. Page 37 THE ARTISTS OF THE TECHNICAL SCHOOL TECH REGISTER First Row: G. Espiavnik, J. Smith, G. Child, C. Berry, R. Balish, E. Balish, D. Shafchuck, F. Ascal. 2nd Row: D. Chavex, F. Lizak, D. Montemagor, L. Simmons, R. Trask, F. Tatone, J. Setlak, H. Greggs, J. Cunningham, L. Simmons. 3rd Row: J. Kerezman, G. Gray, J. Leonard, H. Engel, E. Krampean, R. Plenus, L. Rubrecht, J. Schmidt, J. Raymond, J. Miller, J. Antich, H. Heistand, D. Dwyer, Mr. Adams. 3rd Row: R. Pifferitti, D. Pictor, R. Weber, R. Engel, R. Conley, K. Flemming, J. Miller, A. Praschak, R. Fort, S. Nauta, H. Wilusz, D. David, R. Ippo- lito, J. Koss, F. Pochop. Emerson Technical School was organized to give specialized training in machine shop and auto shop practice to those boys sixteen years of age, who for one reason or another did not choose to continue their regular high school program. During the past year Emerson Tech had an enrollment of fifty-seven students. Twenty boys received their vocational diplomas for finishing training in three areas; machine shop, auto shop, and building trades. In addition ten of these boys received their high school diplomas. Page 38 LEADERS OF THE ARTISTS OF 1951 As the bewildered Freshmen of 1948 we gazed at the mighty Seniors wondering if the year of our reign would ever unfold before us. Now in 1951 we have ascended our throne. " Senior” to us is a word of true art....the title of the portrait that has taken us a period of four years to paint....the Frosh Frolic....the Hop....our first Prom....the football and basketball games....Algebra....English....Civics....and the day we received our class rings have led to this — the Class of 1951. It is for us to go out into the world and make use of the ' artistic abilities taught us by the master artist --- the spirit of Emerson School. OFFICERS Lois Wellman, Secretary; Shirley Sides, Girls’ Treasurer; Jim Johnson, President; James Dzie- wicki, Boys’ Treasurer; Charles Selby, Vice- President. SPONSORS Miss Anderson Miss Talbot Miss Rowe Back Row: Mr. Connerly Mr. Wirt Mr. Vaughn Mr. DeLeurere Page 39 THE EMERSONIAN SALUTES JOHNSON, JAMES President, Senior Class Board of Control Track Senior Play O’LAUGHLIN, SHIRLEY Valedictorian Wirt High School Senior Honor Society Senior Dramatics Latin Club, President (’49) SINGLETON, MARJORIE Bausch-Lomb Science Award Wirt High School Chemistry Club Glee Club Senior Honor Society NIEPOKOJ, SIGMUND Board of Control, President (’51) Basketball Brasaemle Award Latin Club, President (’50) President, Sophomore Class COCKRILL, JUDY Salutatorian Senior Dramatics Senior Honor Society Spanish Club President (’50) Glee Club Page 40 Page 41 BARNES, CYRIL BEARD, MARGARET President, Freshman Class Senior Honor Society G. A. A. Honorary Colonel, D. M. S. T. Girls Treasurer, Sophomore Class BARNES, LUCIA Spanish Club G. A. A. F. T. A. Vice-President (51) BECKER,CHARLES Band Orchestra A Cappella BELLAFIORE, SAM Football Baseball Latin Club BLACKWELL, DONNA Chemistry Club, Secretary (’51) Commercial Club BINKLEY, KEITH Chairman, Prom Committee Spanish Club President ( 51) BORTER, BARBARA Junior Play Latin Club Glee Club Spice Variety G. A. A. BOUQUE, CHARLES BROCKMAN, CLYDE Senior Play Football Football Basketball Prom Committee BOZICH, DELORES CAGIANTAS, JAMES G. A. A. President Girls’ Treasurer, Junior Class Treasurer, Commercial Club Board Of Control Cheerleader CALHOUN, JUANITA Latin Club Freshman Class Officer G. A. A. F. T. A. Commercial Club CARRABINE, EUGENE Football Basketball Baseball Vice President, Sophomore Class Boys’ Treasurer, Junior Class CALLAWAY, TOM EMERSONIAN Basketball Baseball Football Vice President, Latin Club CARSON, ROSALIE G. A. A. Board Commercial Club Sophomore Hop Committee Page 42 Page 43 CHANDLER, TOM Senior Honor Society, Secretary (’51) Latin Club GOLDEN GAZETTE Basketball Manager (’49-’50) D. M. S. T. CHARLEBOIS, TED Football Prom Committee French Club Latin Club CHIRBY, RICHARD D. M. S. T. Class Basketball Football Manager (’50) Prom Committee A Cappella CHRISTAKIS, LEE Spice Variety Ring Committee CLIFTON, FRANK Spice Variety Junior Play Class Basketball Cross Country COLE, DELORES G. A. A. Board GOLDEN GAZETTE Prom Committee Ring Committee Commercial Club COHAN, SHELDON Orchestra Ring Committee D. M. S. T. Rifle Team Senior Honor Society COLE, SUE EMERSONIAN A Cappella Commercial Club Spanish Club Treasurer (’49) Spice Variety COMBS, CAROLYN Wirt High School Senior Honor Society G. A. A. GOLDEN GAZETTE Building Grounds Committee CONROY, RICHARD Senior Honor Society Class Basketball Latin Club Spansih Club French Club Treasurer (’ DAKICH, MONCHILL Booster Committee Board of Control Basketball Cross Country Band DARAS, JOHN F ootball Class Basketball Commercial Club Page 44 COPELAND,JERRY EMERSONIAN Class Basketball A Cappella CHEMISTRY CLUB CROWE, MARY GOLDEN GAZETTE, Editor G. A. A. Board Commercial Club A Cappella DELLEN JUANITA DOANE,JEAN G. A. A. Commercial Club Freshman Frolics Committee Sophomore Hop Committee Junior Play Page 45 DORL, SUE EMERSONIAN Senior Honor Society Senior Dramatics Commercial Club Spanish Club DZIEWICKI, JAMES Boys’ Treasurer, Senior Class Spanish Club D. M. S. T. Rifle Team DOWNEY, CRAIG Track D. M. S. T. Drill Team, Rifle Team Junior Play Senior Play Senior Dramatics EVDQKIOU, ARTHUR President, Junior Class Building Grounds Committee Prom Committee Sophomore Hop Committee FORD, REGINALD A Cappella D. M. S. T. FLETCHER, WILMA EMERSONIAN G. A. A. Spa’nish Club Senior Honor Society Glee Club ELENCK, HELEN G. A. A. Girls’ Band Commercial Club Spanish Club FORTES, CARMEN Spanish Club G. A. A. Board Spice Variety Glee Club Sophomore Hop Committee GAFFIN, ANNETTE GILEY, CHARLOTTE G. A. A. Commercial Club Chemistry Club GARNER, MARTHA EMERSONIAN Senior Dramatics, President (’51) G. A. A. A Cappella Secretary, Junior Class GLASSON, DONALD A Cappella President (’51) Band President (’51) Junior Play Orchestra, Vice President (’51) MIKADO GREENWALD,JUDY EMERSONIAN Senior Dramatics G. A. A. A Capp ella Commercial Club GUNNETT, DONN GILLAN, BETTY Spice Variety Senior Dramatics Junior Play TRIAL BY JURY Senior Play Boys’ Treasurer, Freshman Class Secretary, Sophomore Class Football Basketball Track GURGEVICH, NICK Basketball Baseball Vice President, Junior Class Boys’ Treasurer, Sophomore Class Board of Control Page 46 Page 47 HALL, JAMES Latin Club Band HALL, ROBERT Track Cross Country Football Class Basketball Prom Committee HENDERSON,SALLY G. A. A. Board Glee Club, President (’51) Senior Honor Society, President (’51) HILL, JOHN HAMPTON, GENE G. A. A. Board Prom Committee Spice Variety Glee Club Commercial Club, Vice President (’51) HARDY, JEAN G. A. A. Board Sophomore Play Junior Play Glee Club Commercial Club HOSTETTER,NANCY G. A. A. Girl’s Band Commercial Club Spanish Club Concert Band HYNDMAN, MARGARET G. A. A. Commercial Club Junior Play Committee IHNAT, JOHN D. M. S. T., Rifle Team A Cappella Band MIKADO Pep Band IVANCEVICH, HELEN Commercial Club G. A. A. JENKINS, BETTIE Senior Dramatics G. A. A. Ring Committee KAPRAC, EVELYN G. A. A. Spice Variety KARAS, MARY GOLDEN GAZETTE G. A. A. Commercial Club Head Majorette Varsity Cheerleader KIRLA, VERONICA G. A. A. Chemistry Club, Treasurer (’51) A Cappella F. T. A. Prom Committee KARCZEWSKI, GERTRUDE KLEIN, ROBERT G. A. A. Commercial Club Junior Play GOLDEN GAZETTE EMERSONIAN Football Band MIKADO Basketball Manager Page 48 Page 49 KNIGHT, MYRNA Lew Wallace High School Tucson (Arizona) High School Lowell High School LEMPART, TED Football Spanish Club Freshman Frolics Committee McCOSH, ARTHUR Track Prom Committee Senior Dramatics Christmas Pageant Cross Country LEIVA, MARY Girls’ Band Commercial Club Glee Club G. A. A. Majorette McEWAN, JOHN Baseball Class Basketball Track Football McNEICE, NANCY Junior Play Spice Variety G. A. A. Board Prom Committee Glee Club LINKOWSKI, MAE G. A. A. Chemistry Club MALAMATOS, JOHN D. M. S. • T. Senior Play (’50) TRIAL BY JURY Orchestra Football MALAST, HELENA G. A. A. Board Board of Control GOLDEN GAZETTE J unior Prom Committee Commercial Club, Social Chairman ( 51) MICKNIK, ADRIENNE GOLDEN GAZETTE G. A. A. Commercial Club Spice Variety Junior Play MESSOCK, ALBERT Track Latin Club Football MASON, P HYLLIS G. A. A. Sophomore Hop Committee French Club Commercial Club F. T. A. MILLARD, JAMES Tolleston High School METRAKOS, RICHARD Class Basketball Football MINELLX, CLARA Ft. Wayne Central High School A Cappella, Vice President (’51) Latin CluL G. A. A. Spice Variety MOTTA, TOM Football Basketball Baseball Page 50 MYERS, CATHERINE C. 0. M. A. G. A. A. Spanish Club NEUBAUM, JOYCE Orchestra G. A. A. Majorette Commercial Club O’CONNELL, DAN Football Class Basketball PALMERI, MARY Girls’ Band Boys’ Concert Band PFILE, LOIS Commercial Club Prom Committee G. A. A. Junior Play PLATIS, HELEN Social Committee Chairman (’51) G. A. A. Vice President (’51) Board of Control GOLDEN GAZETTE PBCIONE, MARY PRASCHAK, ANDREW Glee Club G. A. A. PRASCO, NANCY Commercial Club Spanish Club, Secretary (’50) GOLDEN GAZETTE G. A. A. Board Spice Variety RICHARDSON, BOB Social Committee Board of Control Prom Committee Basketball Football R OSD ILL, WILLIAM Froebel High School D. M. S. T. RANZINO, VIOLET G. A. A. Board Senior Dramatics Booster Committe, Vice President (’51) GOLDEN GAZETTE Girls’ Treasurer, Freshman Class SELBY, CHARLES RHOADES, GRACE G. A. A. Junior Play Commercial Club Vice President, Senior Class Secretary, Freshman Class Basketball Baseball Football ROYTAN, BILL Football Track Prom Committee Class Basketball Christmas Pageant SETTLE, JOSEPH Football Basketball Board of Control Prom Committee Page 52 SIDES, SHIRLEY SMITH, JAMES G. A. A. Board, Secretary Commercial Club Girls’ Treasurer, Senior Class A Cappella DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER Track SISAMIS, SOPHIE SOLON, MILDRED Commercial Club GOLDEN GAZETTE G. A. A. Board Spice Variety Announcement Committee G. A. A. Spanish Club Glee Club SOMERS, TOM SULICH, JOHN Football Class Basketball SOUTSAS, PAT Class Basketball TAYLOR, THOMAS EMERSONIAN G. A. A. Sports Coordinator Commercial Club, Secretary (’51) Prom Committee GOLDEN GAZETTE Football Band Class Basketball THOMAS, HENRY VITKOVICH, NANCY A Cappella Commercial Club G. A. A. Glee Club EMERSONIAN, Editor Senior Honor Society, Treasurer Spanish Club Building Grounds Committee Scholarship Committee WALLACE, PEARL G. A. A. Spice Variety WALLACE, ROBERT Class Basketball Track Cross Country WARD,JAMES Class Basketball Football Band Orchestra WELLMAN, LOIS G. A. A. Booster Committee Cheerleader Secretary, Senior Class GOLDEN GAZETTE WERHOWATZ, MARIE EMERSONIAN G. A. A. Board, Treasurer Commercial Club, President (’51 GOLDEN GAZETTE Page 54 WISER, DONNA YAROS, ROBERT G. A. A. Prom Committee Spice Variety Commercial Club GOLDEN GAZETTE Wirt High School Latin Club WISER, HARRY YURACIN, BARBARA Track Spanish Club French Club G. A. A. C. 0. M. A. ZARAKAS, CLARA G. A. A. Board Spice Variety Commercial Club ZUCCO, MARY French Club C. O. M. A., Founder NOT PICTURED: Joan Andrews Anthony Kalcic James Aydelotte Maynard Krueger John Bistransky Jerry Leonard Sam Evanovich David McCorkle Charles Gant Steve Nauta Henry Hatch Robert Pifferitti Russell Heistand Tony Stefanelli niSiSSSfia 1 ■ 1 1 1 ■ 1 IN SPRING THOUGHTS TURN TO LOVE.OR ... . Some would rather draw pictures .and there are those who naturally take a healthy interest. There are those who can’t be bothered ' Pe ' iMMality GENE CARRABINE DELORES BOZICH CLYDE BROCKMAN TOM CALLAWAY GERTRUDE KARSKI HELEN PLATIS NICK GURGEVICH ZIGGIE NIEPOKOJ MARY KARAS HELENA MALAST Page 58 P nt uUt ED CHARLEBOIS DELORES COLE SAM BELLAFIORE JERRY COPELAND SHIRLEY SIDES MARTHA GARNER CHUCK SELBY BILL ROYTAN MARY CROWE VI RANZINO Page 59 DRAMATICS Enjoying one of the most active years at Emerson, the Senior Dramatics Class consisting of twenty-one aspi¬ rants to the stage, presented a series of productions. For the first time the class gave a ' Children’s Theatre Production.” With the coming of the yuletide season, the class took part in the traditional Christmas Pageant. " Everyman” was presented on March twenty-second. The class deserves recognition for their work in this Eas¬ ter pageant. A series of field trips to Chicago served as an aid to the dramatic ed¬ ucation of the students. The most exciting of these was a trip to the Art Institute and the Goodman Theatre which gave these eager dramatists a chance to see college students pre¬ pare for the legitimate stage. Officers, left to right: Terry Flynn, Vice President; Martha Gamer, President; Vi Ran- zino, Secretary; Tony Franke, Treasurer. Bettie Jenkins Vi Ranzino MASQUE AND GAVEL Art McCosh Craig Downey Emerson boasts of membership of 9 of its students in the National So¬ ciety of the Masque and Gavel. Requirements for entrance include four years of auditorium; a vocational diploma; participation in class plays, the Christmas Pageant and ' ‘Every¬ man”; work in debate discussions and interpretations; an original speech entered in an oratorical contest; and the unanimous consent of the auditor¬ ium faculty. Judy Cockrill Sue Dorl Shirley O’Laughlin Martha Gamer Betty Gillian " Go your way, Begone’ church’ JUNE MAD, a comedy in three acts written by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements, was chosen .by the Junior class as the class play. It was presented to two enthusiastic audiences on M ch 8-9. The setting was in a mid-western town, and the time was the present. The fac¬ ulty director was Mrs. G. Palmer, and the student director was Helena Cowan. The play is about a typical small town family with a typical fifteen year old daughter who embarked on her first romance only to mix herself up in a complicated situation. The cast, headed by Marion Elia, Sue Owen, Tony Franke, Jackie Cobler, Elnora Wilburn, Bill Jones, Terry Flynn, Art McCosh, Betty Haslett, and Sue Hoff, did an admirable job in pre¬ senting the highly amusing play. Page 66 JUNIORS GO JUNE MAD " The Cast of " June Mad” 1st Row: H. Short, J. Morley, H. Cow- en, F. Martinez, A. Franke, J. Potts, G. Palmer, C. Bikos, B. Haslett, P. Depanion, M. Elia, T. Franke, E. Wilburn, S. Sayles, J. Cobler, 2nd Row: S. O’Laughlin, J. Cockrill, A. Sposato, R. Evonivich, S. Owen, A. McCosh, B. Locke, T. Karras, B. Lau- ghteback, T. Flynn,S. Huff, B. Jones. SENIORS SCORE ARTISTIC TRIUMPH WITH " GOODBYE, MY FANCY ' Cast of " Goodbye My Fancy” 1st Row: M. Garner, J. Johnson, S. O’Laughlin, J. Greenwald, C. Down¬ ey, J. Cockrill, B. Bouque. 2nd Row: V. Ranzino, B. Roytan, B. Karski, N. McNiece, A. McCosh, D. Wiser, H. Hydeman, E, Wilburn, S. Owen, A. Evdokiou, H. Evancivich. " Goodbye, my fancy. Farewell, dear mate, dear love. I’m going away, I know not where...” Appropriate indeed is the above quotation taken from GOODBYE, MY FANCY, chosen as the final production by the senior class. Written by Fay Kanin, the play has its theme originating from Walt Whitman’s " Goodbye, My Fancy.” Its very successful run on Broadway began on November 17, 1948; it enjoyed two-hundred and twenty-six performances since that date. With Madeline Carroll in the leading role, the production was applauded by critics and the public alike. Ann Harding played the leading role in the Chicago company, and the play is currently being shown in film form with Joan Craw¬ ford in the leading role. The story is centered around Hope College in New England. The heroine, Agatha Reed, has just returned to her alma mater to receive an honorary degree for her work in Congress. Seeing die same rooms, meeting the same professors and wandering about the campus bring back mem¬ ories of the days when she was enrolled in Hope — enrolled, that is, until she was asked to leave. Along with her memories come complications which have to do with the present presi¬ dent of Hope and her former attraction for him. After an extremely entertaining three acts, the the play comes to an unusual and pleasant ending. Page 67 Left to right: First Row: J. Potts, J. Gootee, L. Schaffer, S. Cole, S. Sayles, L McKin, V. Kirla, Y. Spann, J. Greenwald, A. Leila, P. Bokich, C. Minelli. 2nd Row: J. Wilmore, P. Steward, S. Shirley, P. Jurdszy, P. Osika, S. Startup, P. Morley, J. Rich, S. Huff, S. Bentley, P. Depanion, A. Bikos, Miss Sayers. 3rd Row: J. Cobler, Mr. Garner, R. Traber, M. Sposato, B. James, L. Zervos, J. Fried¬ man, C. Becker, S. Swan, D.Vallance. 4th Row: M. Vaidek, R. Chirby, C. Henderson, K. Coons, F. Clifton, J. Copeland, R. Sowards, B. Roytan, B. Smith, K. Coons, D. Glasson, M. Crowe. THE A CAPPELLA MAKES MUSIC AN ART Organized in 1930 by Miss Sayers the A Cappella has contributed much in making school activities successful. A beautiful religious atmosphere was given the Christmas Pageant and " Everyman” by this group’s singing. Christmas carols were sung in the cor¬ ridors before the school adjourned for the Christmas vacation. This year’s activities were brought to a close at the Emerson commence¬ ment when the A Cappella contributed to the color by adding musical selec¬ tions. Don Glasson, President; Clara Minelli, Vice-President; Sue Sayles, Girls’ Treasurer; Dick Chirby, Boys’ Treasur¬ er. Page 68 Page 69 THE GLEE CLUB ADDS COLOR TO MUSIC The Glee Club under the direction of Miss Sayers started off their season with a part in " Spice and Variety.” During the Christmas shopping season the girls sang for the shoppers. Their musical talents were also shown at the Christmas Pageant in December and their Spring Concert in May. Their round of activity ended at commencement where they sang various sel¬ ections. The club consists of 66 members of whom all are girls. They meet on Wednesdays and Fridays to practice new numbers. Membership in the Glee Club is open to all high school girls who can meet the vocal requirements. OFFICERS: Sally Henderson, President; Sally Klug, Secretary-Treasurer; Marion Elia, Vice-Pres¬ ident. Left to Right: First Row: Wandalee Jackson, Margaret Jackson, Mary Gorski, Betty Kelly, Lois Blumen- stein, Bettye Conway, Nancy La Russa, Joan Rich, Angie Franke, Marguerite Paligraph. Second Row: Pat Binns, Vivian McDougall, Phyllis Jassen, Betty Claypool, Patsy Hamilton, Carol Fedina, Arlene Bolan, Wanda Neubaum, Pat Karlsrud. Third Row: Marjorie Singleton, Jean Vigna, Bernadine Rio, Barbara Reid, Nancy Arnold, Miss Sayers, Anita Frank, Mary Sharp, Stella Chipokas, Carol Smith. Fourth Row: Lucia Barnes, Pat Rushing, Edwina Zacher, Sallie Klug. HIibe CONCERT BAND OFFICERS Tom Taylor Don Glasson John Ihnat Veronica Kirla Charles Becker Monchill Dakich Joyce Neubaum James Ward GIRLS’ BAND OFFICERS Etta Mae Dehl Darlene Johnson Helen Elencik Mary Sharp Wilma Symons ORCHESTRA OFFICERS Wilma Symons Don Glasson Rosette Ringas Mary Sharp Carol Smith Jeannie Wilmore MAJORETTES Joan Pujo Martha McDowell Mary Garski Delores Nicoletti Pat Bokich Angeline Boukis Wanda Jackson Pat Hamilton Lela Dulberger Mary Karras Betty Kelly Betty Corgan Joyce Neubaum Ruth Richards Delores Valant Mary Lieva Wilma Symons Page 71 BAND AND ORCHESTRA The Emerson Band, under the direction of Mr. Warren, enjoyed a well rounded season of activ¬ ities. During the football season the band played at a number of games. The marching band took part in the State Band Day program at the Indi- ana-Marquette football game in which a huge number of high school bands participated. As usual the band marched in a variety of annual affairs. Members took an active part in the Armistice Day parade, the Memorial Day par¬ ade, the Flag Day parade, and the Convocation parade. A few delegated members provided music for all the pep sessions held in school. The Band’s social activites included a Thanks¬ giving Dance held in the girl’s gymnasium and the annual concert which was held on April 27. The Orchestra held its annual concert on Jan¬ uary 28. It also played for the city-wide teach¬ ers’ meeting held at Emerson in February. In the annual state solo and ensemble contest held in East Gary on February 17, the Emerson representatives won thirteen firsts and twenty- two- second place ratings. Our majorettes have added color to each parade for which the band marched. The members be¬ long to a twirling club which met on Tuesday evenings during the past year. They were fea¬ tured in the Twirling Club Show held on March 16, and the annual band concert. GIRLS BAND. Clarinets: H. Elencik, Lenore Lach, Sue Crane, Mary Sharp, Janis Beales, Wanda Grant, An- eline Boukis, Delores Valant, Peggy Corkan, Carol Key, Judy Price, Roseann Vas, Rosemary Malast. Saxa- phones: Yvonne Spann, Mary Lou Leiva. Piccolos: Sharon Smith, Deanna Denslaw. Flutes: Sevasti Karedas, Jean Krejsta, Pat Bokich, Louellyn Cohan. Soprano Sax: Monica Owen. Bass Clarinet: Sandra Stenson. French Horns: Sue Langston, Marilyn Fitch, Roreene Ruszil, Marion Mynatt. Baritone: Jim Wahlman. Bass: Roy John¬ son, Chuck Giley, Betty Taylor. Drums: A1 Lennon, Vaunda Grant, Barbara Dobrick. Comets: Darlene Johnson, Diane Demos, Etta Mae Diehl, Darlene Kallous, Sandra Sogud, Amelia Tonis, Mary Gorski, Gary Watts, Ken Car¬ penter. Trombones: Jean Vigna, Mary Ann Rupert, Norma Tlrasher, Joan Rich, Gordon Clark. Page 72 EMERSON ' S ORCHESTRA ARTISTS First Row: M. Sharp, Warren, M. Coutouzis, C. Becker, M. Malast, M. McDonald, J. Arthur, M. Ervin, M. Bradley, J. Critchfield, P. Fitch, A. Masters. Second Row: E. Murphy, P. Hamilton, D. Marancich, S. Taylor, J. Binkley, J. Someson, D. Bromfield, J. Burger, C. Smith, D. Glasson, C. Lawson, S. Goldstein, C. Siar, R. Dixor, H. Owen, J. Bolletta. Third Row: J. Wilmore, P. Osika, N. Arnold, D. Nickolette, N. Franke, S. Crane, R. Richard, M. Sposato, R. Coppedge, O. Evanovich. Fourth Row: M. Lloyd, M. Latczak, G. Kam pouris, K. Bassett. Fifth Row: C. Cagiantis, R. Scholtz, J. Ward, A. Friedman, S. Beier, W. Strange. Directors: Mr. Warren and Mrs. OFFICERS; Seated: Mary Karas, Publicity; Mary Crowe, Editor; Miss Beeler, Sponsor; Violet Ran- zino, Art Editor; James Johnson, Sports Editor. GOLDEN GAZETTE GOLDEN GAZETTE STAFF: Left to Right: Vi Ranzino. First Row: Mary Crowe, Ethel Cato, Adrienne Micknick, Sophie Sisamis, Nancy Prasco, Donna Wiser, Mary Karros, Gertrude Karski, Shirley Sides, Car¬ olyn Combs, Clara Minelli, Delores Cole, Helena Malast, Pat Soutsas. Second Row: Clara Zarakas, Mary Ann Kaburek, Pat Rushing, Elmora Wilburn, Stella Ctiipokas, Miss Beeler, Sam Dizich, Jim Johnson. EMERSON S ARTISTS AT SCHOLARSHIP SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY 1st Row: Sheldon Cohen, Shirley O’Laughlin, Margaret Beard, Sally Henderson, Richard Conroy, Car- olynn Combs, Miss Henrietta New¬ ton. 2nd Row: Sue Dorl, Marjorie Singleton, Wilma Fletcher, Tom Chandler, Ben Toth, Judy Cock- rill, Carol Smith. Diligent among the organizations of Emerson is the Senior Honor Society. Service to the school and community and the upholding of the Society’s ideals is shown in the school life of its members. Projects in which the Society engages must be honorary and of a formal nature. Among this year’s activities was Career Day, which was held on April 4 beginning at 2:00 P. M. Representatives from leading colleges, business firms, labor groups. hospitals, and armed services gave their time and energy to assist students in planning their car¬ eers. To the new members the most important event of the year was the annual Candlelight Ceremony at which they were inducted. This memorable event took place in the auditorium on March 30, at 9:40 A. M. The new members took the oath for the first time while proud parents and some¬ what envious students looked on. OFFICERS. Margaret Beard, Sally Henderson, Shirley O’Laughlin, Tom Chandler, Ben Toth. SPONSORS. Miss B. Beeler, Miss M. Talbot, Miss E. Tinsman, Miss H. Newton, Mrs. G. Palmer, Mr. E. Spaulding, Mrs. G. Pierce, Mr. A. Rolfe. THESE.MAD ARTISTS? C. O. M. A. Alex Lennon, Stanley Shaeffer, Katherine Myers, Judy Cockrill, Allen Rosoff, Mary Zucco, Robert Yuracin, Sue Crain, Allen Friedman. THEY HOPE TO BE TEACHERS F. T. A. First Row: Sue Crane, Clara Minelli, Helen Elen- cik, Judy Greenwald. 2nd Row: Yvonne Spann, Veronica Kirla, Phyllis Mason, Barbara Dobrick. 3rd Row: Juanita Calhoun, Margaret Beard, Lucia Barnes, Delores Villareal. 4th Row: Helen Cowen, Martha Garner, Mrs. Palmer, Miss Moon, Shirley O’T ancrhlin. THE CHEMISTRY CLUB WATCHES AN ARTISTIC PERFORMANCE Mae Linkowski, Marjorie Singleton, Charlotte Giley, Donna Blackwell, Veronica Kirla, Shirley O’Laugfrlin, Mr. Flinn, Jim Johnson, Art Evdokiou, Veronica Barfai, Jewell Grimes, Jerry Copeland, Keith Binkley. COMMERCIAL CLUB: 1st Row: B. Dob- rick, H. Elencik, S. Dorl, D. Bozich, M. Werhowatz, J. Doane, H. Malast, G. Hamp¬ ton, H. Hardy, P. Soutsas, Miss Beeler. 2nd Row: H. Evancevich, G. Rhodes, N. Prasco, J. Greenwald, D. Blackwell, J. Neubaum, W. Jackson, M. Hyndman, M. Karas, C. Zarackas, S. Sisamis. 3rd Row: N. Hostetter, N. Vitkovich, J. Calhoun, A. Sposato, R. Evanavich, H. Platis, R. Carson, D. Cole, Y. Greenwald, C. Min- elli. 4th Row: A. Micknick, A. Franke, L. Pfile, S. Owens, M. Trainer, S. Sides, G. Karski, V. Ranzino,D. Wiser, M. Crowe, D. Naranvich. COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS: Jean Doane, Assistant Social Chairman; Helena Malast, Social Chairman; Patti Soutsas, Secretary; Delores Bozich, Treasurer; Gene Hampton, Vice-President; Miss B. Beeler, Sponsor; Marie Werhowatz, President. F. T. A. -- Organized for the purpose of helping students who plan to be teachers, the Future Teachers of America is now in its second year at Emerson. The members of this club are given classes to take over, giving them a basic idea of classroom procedure. Some of the outstanding events of the year were the F. T. A. conference at the George Rogers Clark High School in Hammond, and the panel discussion on teaching as a career given in March. C. O. M. A. Club — The " Circle of Mad Artists” under the sponsorship of Miss Xurafes, was organized by a few students this year. Students interested in art and classical music felt that they could better understand and enjoy the fine arts if they united. Meetings are held each Wednesday. Classical music and plays are heard on records and dis¬ cussed. EMERSON CHEMISTRY CLUB — A greater and wider understanding of chemistry has promoted the establishment of the Emerson Chemistry Club. The president of this new organization is Marjorie Singleton, and the faculty sponsor is Mr. Flinn. COMMERCIAL CLUB -- With activities ranging over a period of some four years, the Emerson Commercial Club has enjoyed success and progress. The chief interest of the club is the en¬ couragement of members to take an interest in a business career. The club has helped place many a student in a good business position. The president of this club is Marie Werhowatz, and the sponsors are Miss Beeler and Miss Rowe. The main event of the year was the Annual Banquet. Several field trips to Chicago have also helped to make membership in this club interesting and educational. Page 77 First Row: Carmen Fortes, Frances Logan, Sharlyn Swan, Sara Shirley, Sandra Startup, Mar¬ guerite Paligraph, Delores ' Nicoletti, Evelyn Shay, Diana Vallance, Mary Christakis, Louise McKim. Second Row: Nick Franke, Stanley Schaffer, Yolanda Greenwald, Elnora Wilburn, Bar¬ bara Reed, Antoinette Christ akis, Dorothy Wiler, Cornita Williams, Joynell Brannon, Sandra Konz, Marilyn Pace, Iva Ecklemah, Sallie Klug, Edwina Zasker, Bill Goodman, Senora Reyher. TKrd Row: Harry Owen, Thomas Flannery, Victor Lodonise, Bill Suarez, Jim Dziewicki, Frank Martinez, Gerald Malloy, Bruce Smith, Danny Rodriguez, Steve Glusac, Paul Fitch, Dick Sicol, Bill Massey, A1 Rosof. ARTISTS IN SPANISH, FRENCH, AND LATIN " Como esta Ud?” is a greeting that can be heard whenever Spanish Club members meet. The club consists of all Spanish students at Emerson School. Under the capable sponsorship of Senora Reyher, a South American atmosphere is brought into the classroom. Contrasts be¬ tween our mode of life and that of our South Amer¬ ican neighbors are discussed. The officers are members of the second year Spanish class and are elected by club members. The club holds its- meetings once a month during class time. New to Emerson this year is the French Club which is composed of all the French students. Meetings are held once a month. A vivid pic¬ ture of France, her writers, artists, and musi¬ cians enter the minds of the club members as Madame Reyher describes her experiences in France. Adding to the atmosphere of the club are are French games, songs, and playlets in which the students take an active part. There are two sets of officers from the two classes due to the fact that both were beginning classes. A better understanding of Latin is established through the efforts of the Latin Club, which is under the capable direction of Mr. De Leurere. When the Christmas season made its approach, all members of the Latin Club gave food to the Gary Rescue Mission to aid it in its work. For the annual Latin Conference, which was held at Emerson this year, the Emerson Latin Club wrote a playlet about the first beauty contest. During this conference the members sang the Latin ver¬ sion of the " Thing”. Page 78 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS. Left to Right: First Row: Wilma Symons, Phyllis Osika, Jeanie Wilmore, Sue Owen, Louise Harlow,, Chris Bikos. Second Row: Jerry Freedman, Helena Cowen, Rosette Ringus, Phyllis Mason, Sue Crane, Mrs. Reyher. Third Row: George Campouris, John Frio, Bob Traber, Phillip Turner, Margaret Vaidik. SODALITAS LATINA. Left to Right: First Row: Carolyn Combs, Joan Tidwell, Milan Zima, Mary Sharp, Ar¬ lene Massa, Sandra Stinson, Joanne Workman, Eugenia Sacopulas. Second Row: Juanita Calhoun, Barbara Schultz, Pat Reaper, Janet Divich, Harriet Long, Delores Kokos. Third Row: William Crumley, Jim Freed¬ man, Carol Fedina, Betty Haslet, Darold Previs, Gus Sacopulas, Nancy Lowe. Fourth Row: Terry Flynn, Bob Yaros, Sam Djujich, John Carew, Jim Weland, Dale Mulholland, Charles Henderson. Fifth Row: Shel¬ don Cohan, Sam Bellafiore, Sam Furlin, Tom Callaway, LeRoy Previs, Bill Wickam, Ed Vician, Mr. DeLeur- ere. DRILL TEAM: 1st Row: T. Betts, G. Kampouris, W. Wickham, C. Downey, 2nd Row: D. Donnella, D. Pre- vis, L. Previs, V. Cornish. 3rd Row: S. Vician, L. Chamiski, C. Siar, R. Collie, R. Beier, G. Sacopulis. DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY OFFICERS: 1st Row: J. Dzeweicki, R. Chirby, M. Beard, C. Downey, J. Inota, R. Ford. 2nd Row: T. Betts, J. Groy, V. Cornish, B. Beers, B. Previs, R. Traher. 3rd Row: J. Leonard, R. Siar, D. Richardson, L. Previs, J. Carew. SCIENCE TACTICS Great improvement has been shown by the Emerson Department of Military Science and Tac¬ tics. In the first four inspections held in the city, Emerson recruits walked off with honors twice. The total enrollment of 133 cadets is the largest in the city of Gary. The cadets are ably instructed by Sergeant Pallatin and Sergeant Summers. Following a well rounded program, the cadets have taken part in a number of military and so¬ cial activities. The social event to which all the cadets looked forward to was the Military Ball held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Hotel Gary. Music was provided by Bill Morthland and his orchestra. The cadets chose Margaret Beard as their Honorary Colonel. She is an active member of the G. A. A., Senior Honor Society, and the FTA. Margaret is known for her good looks and pleas¬ ing personality. Page 80 COMPANY L. Cornish V. - Company Commander; Conner W. -.Guidon Bearer; Chirby R. - Regimental Operation. Siar C. - 1st Platoon Leader.; Richardson D. - 2nd Platoon Leader. 1st Row: Brumfield D., Clif¬ ford P., Dolch E., Shultz R., Coy P., Long J., Maragos M., Coppedge R., Evanovich A., O’Laugh- lin T., Owens L., 2nd Row: Collie R., Constantinou M., O’Reilly P., Muniz S., Zarounis M., Ha¬ mer W., Lange R., Huber J;, Sacopulis G., Weigell J. 3rd Row: Johnson R., Hemming B., Spence R., Donnella D., Beers B.-Company Exec., Benjamin G., Ervin M., Williams E., Beier R. COMPANY M. Previs D. - Company Commander; Previs L. - 1st Platoon Leader; Carew J. - 2nd Platoon Leader. 1st Row: Wickham W., Kampouris G., Archer, Zima M., Carpenter R., Smith T., Bassett D., But¬ cher B., Ringos T., Williams J., 2nd Row: Gunnett D., Williams J., Tumowski, Gayer J., Adey- lotte T., Friedman J., Caplinger J., Boswell R., Brown A. 3rd Row: Latch R., Ronehe W., Fuller R., Shaffer S., Vician S., Elencik S., Burger, Falkenstein B. 4th Row: Dziweicki, J.,- Battallion Exec. Officer, Trabor R., - Company Exec. TECHNICAL D. M. S. T. Staff: T. Beds, R. Ford, J. Leonard, J. Antich, J. Miller. 1st Row: F. Lizak, E. Balash, D. Chavez, R. Ippolito, V. Kahn, J. Koss, H. Engel, D. Montmayor, J. Schmidt, A. Praschak, C. Berry. 2nd Row: K. Fleming, R. Pifferitd, R. Trash, E. Malich, J. Miller, R. Conley, H. Wilusz, A. Kal- cic, L. Simmons, H. Heistand, D. Shafchak. 3rd Row: R. Engel, J. Kerexman, L. Simmons, R. Hubbell, G. Espiavnik, F. Pochop, L. Rubrecht, H. Griggs, J. Pochop, J. Cunningham, J. Sikora. Many a day have the sounds of Rifle Team practice echoed through the halls of Emerson. The Emerson Rifle Team has done exceptionally well this year, competing in a number of firing matches. Among the most important were the Hearst Trophy Match and the Fifth Army Match. The team went to Fort Wayne and fired against the rifle team of Concordia High School of that city. The Emerson Rifle T earn was honored at a banquet given in their honor by the Veterans of Foreign Wars at the VFW Hall. Good food, music and dancing all contributed in making the even¬ ing a success. Four members of the Emerson team placed on the city-wide rifle team, giving our school good representation. RIFLE TEAM: 1st Row: C. Downey, F. Inota, D. Previs, R. Siar, R. Collie, R. Chamiski, R. Chirby. 2nd Row: R. Conley, R. Ford, R. Beier, G. Sacopolis, G. Kampouris, W. Wheeland. Page 83 THEY DEMONSTRATE THE ART OF SALESMANSHIP Hindered by a late start this year’s EMER¬ SONIAN sales staff did exceptionally wall. Headed by Jim Johnson, Senior Class Pres¬ ident, this group of competent Seniors sold books. Competition was keen among these ar¬ tistic salesmen. Clyde Brockman sold the largest number of annuals. A strenuous campaign was constantly under way with the sales staff trying to reach their goal. Seven boys and seven girls comprised this staff of salesmen who helped make pos- ible the publishing of this book. These students proved themselves good workers as well as salesmen. They helped decorate for the Yearbook dance and helped the Annual Staff sell tags at the Sectionals. The sales staff gangs up!!! First Row: Jim Johnson, Mary Crowe, Delores Bozich, Helen Platis, Helena Malast, Sophie Sisamis, Mary Karras, Vi Ranzino. Second Row: Bud Bouque, Ziggie Niepokoj, Nick Gurgevich, Jim Dziewicki, Gene Carrabine, Clyde Brockman, Lee Christakis. THE EMERSONIAN STORY. Page 84 In the beginning a sponsor volunteers to help eager seniors. .who go to work with much enthusiasm But the man soon proves that he is boss. and the EMERSONIAN goes into production. THE EMERSONIAN STORY Callaway gets into everything. . . this time we need money .... . . . .this is the end. THE STAFF Ben Toth Tom Callaway Martha Garner Bob Klein Tony Franke Sue Dorl Wilma Fletcher Pat Soutsas Sue Cole Judy Greenwald Marie Werhowatz Jerry Copeland Sponsor: L. G. Olinger Page85 It is here that our picture turns to the development of the body, which is a necessity to a healthy and vigorous Mind. Chuck Selby Henry Hatch Ted Charlebois Tom Motta Joe Settle Eugene Carrabine Tom Callaway Ted Karras Ziggie Niepokoj Bill Roy tan Alex Karras Bob Klein Don Onofrey Clyde Brockman Sam Bellafiore Dan O’Connell Luke Carrabine Jim Ward Dick Chirby Terry Flynn -- a 1 ft VARSITY FOOTBALL. Top Row: Coach Rolfe, T. Karras, Ward, Brackman, Charlebois, Niepokoj, Carrabine, Selby, Locke, Karras, Roytan, Assistant Coach Rayl. Middle Row: G. Carrabine, Flynn, G. Onofrey, Settle, Francis, Buring, McGuire, Callaway, Bellafiore, Klein. Bottom Row: B. Chirby, D. Chirby, Bodnar, Lodovisi, Motta, Hatch, O’Connell, D. Onofrey, Roknich, Ennis. FOOTBALL The Golden Tornado of Emerson won the West N I H S C crown this year during a very success¬ ful season. The Tornado played ten games this season and came back victorious seven times. The record of 1614 yards gained on the ground and 1080 yards in the air prove thht Emerson had one of the best offensive teams in Northern Ind¬ iana. In the first game of the year the Tornado beat Tolleston by a score of 20-0. Callaway scored eight points and Carrabine and Settle each scor¬ ed six. The Tornado next turned in its second straight shutout of the year by beating Whiting 19 0. Carrabine scored two touchdowns, Settle one, and Callaway added one extra point. The Emerson boys were handed their first defeat by Gary Roosevelt, 13 7, with Carrabine scoring the one touchdown and Callaway adding the extra point. The Tornado roared from its first defeat to trounce their rival, Lew Wallace, 54-12. Carrabine, Callaway, and Selby each scored twelve points, and Niepokoj and Motta each scored six. The following week Emerson beat Froebel 27-7. Niepokoj scored two touchdowns, Selby one, and Callaway added three extra points. The Tornado raided Evansville Memorial for a 13 6 victory. Callaway scored seven points and Niepokoj six. In the seventh game Emerson routed Horace Mann 41-6. Carrabine and Bellafiore each scored two touchdowns, Callaway one touchdown and four extra points, and Locke one touchdown and one extra point. The Tornado next defeated Hammond High by a score of 14-6. Carrabine and Charlebois each scored one touchdown, and Callaway added two extra points. Emerson was handed its worst defeat, 1 8-6, by Muncie Central. Bob Locke scored the Tor¬ nado’s only touchdown. The Tornado next tackled Mishawaka for the N I H S C crown. Mishawaka at this time was ranked first in the state. Although the Tornado lost 14-6, the Mishawaka fans and players will never forget the fighting spirit and will to win which the Tornado displayed in the game. Joe Settle scored the Tornado’s only touchdown. Eugene Carrabine, with a total of 60 points, was co-holder of the city scoring crown with Hosea Hubbard of Roosevelt. 20 Tolleston 0 19 Whiting 0 7 Gary Roosevelt 13 54 Lew Wallace 12 27 F roebel 7 13 Evansville Memorial 6 41 Horace Mann 6 14 Hammond High 6 6 Muncie Central 18 6 Mishawaka 14 Page 90 grounded Motta calls; Cal scores. Page 91 1st Row: B. Chirby, G. Carrabine,- Z. Niepokoj, Coach Klug, N. Gurgevich, C. ' Shelby, D. Chirby. 2nd Row: B. Suarez, K. Enderlin, T. Motta, B. Bodnar, B. Locke, T. Callaway. WE THEY 30 Gary Roosevelt 32 48 Elkhart 67 57 Valparaiso 53 64 Fort Wayne Catholic Cent. 56 57 Horace Mann 33 50 E. C. Roosevelt 56 69 Fort Wayne Concordia 34 58 49 54 Gary Roosevelt Terre Haute Wiley E. C. Washington 48 45 55 69 Hammond Clark HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT 46 56 Peoria Manual 69 57 Wirt 49 63 Lew Wallace 45 54 Edison 50 48 46 49 Hammond Tech Froebel Hammond High 47 58 46 50 Gary Roosevelt SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 40 58 Tolleston 36 63 Edison 51 80 Whiting 43 30 Gary Roosevelt 55 Page 92 RESERVE BASKETBALL. 1st Row: Chandler, Elencik, L. Carrabine, Barnhouse, Kirkpatrick, A. Karras, Merlo, Coach Klug. 2nd Row: Kapnas, Smith, Lodovisi, Glusac, Kottardis, Zervas, Fried¬ man. BASKETBALL The 1950-51 basketball season started with the Norsemen’s first five trying to get football out of their systems. Coach Bill Klug’s first six men were seniors. They were Gene Carrabine, Chuck Selby, Ziggie Niepokoj, Tom Callaway, Tom Motta, and Nick Gurgevich. The rest of the squad were Bob Locke, Ken Enderlin, Bill Suarez, and Bill Bodnar. The Norsemen played a total of twenty-three games this year, and came back victorious six¬ teen times. Emerson finished third in the confer¬ ence with an 8-3 record. This year’s Emerson basketball squad was Hol¬ iday Champ, by winning the Christmas Holiday Tournament. They defeated Wirt, Edison, and Gary Roosevelt. The basketball squad had many good and bad moments during the 1950-51 season. Some of the good moments were Holiday Champs, scoring 80 points in one game, and trouncing Lew Wallace. Some of the bad moments were losing seven games, losing to Gary Roosevelt in the Sectional Tourn¬ ament, and not beating Froebel. Emerson fans saw many thrilling games this year. The most thrilling game of the year was the East Chicago Washington Game, which Emer¬ son lost 55-54. Two other thrilling games were the Fort Wayne Concordia game, which Emerson won 69-34, and the Whiting game, which Emerson won 80-43. In the conference scoring race, Emerson placed two men in the " Top Ten.” They were Chuck Selby, tied for fourth place with 153 points, and Tom Callaway, tied for ninth place with 129 points. This year the team didn’t do as well as they were expected to do in the Sectional Tournament. The Norsemen beat Edison 63 51, but then took their worst defeat, 55-30 from the powerful Gary Roosevelt team. The Senior A won the Class League Tournament with such players as Art Evdokiou, Russell Hei- stand, Dan O’Connell, Jim Ward, Bud Bouque, Joe Settle, and Bob Richardson. The Senior A clinched the title by defeating the tough Senior B and Senior C. teams in the last two games. Page 95 JUNIOR D. Hall, Finton, tinez. SENIOR Top: Ward, Evdokiou, Bouque. Middle: Bell- afiore, Daras, Wallace, Roytan, Clifton. Bottom: Johnson, Metrakis, Mc- Ewan, Conroy, Sulich, Charlebois. Cherry, T. Karras, Jones, Francis. Bottom: Za- harias, Brown, Malast, Boyden, Franke, Mar- SOPHOMORE Top: Ennis, McGuire, Furlin, Roknich, Klim- izewski, Beddingfield, Hanson. FRESHMAN Top: G. Bodnar, Parker, Butcher, E. Mason, D. Mason, K. Callaway, Groves. Middle: Hamer, Benjamin, Kellstrom, Piasaki, Croney, Gal- linatti, Boswell. Bot¬ tom: Castellani, Bur- bee, Molnar, Pujo, Don¬ ley, Cash, Gunnett. Page 96 Dick Bamhouse - Dashes and Relay Art Evdokiou - Dashes and Relay Jim Johnson Hurdles Donn Gunnett - Dashes and Relay Harold Connelly - Coach Bottom Row: Francis, D. Previs, Smith, Fitch, Mulholland, Brown, Merlo. Middle Row: Flynn, G. Onofrey, Enderlin, Barnhouse, Krampean, Johnson, Hall, Evdokiou. Top Row: Coach Connelly, Brumfield. TRACK The Track season opened up this year at the Chicago Fieldhouse on March 20th. Emerson, led by Donn Gunnett, Jim Johnson, Ken Enderlin, and the mile relay team, finished second with 33 points. The second meet was the Conference meet. Emerson finished second again with 33 points and again was led by Donn Gunnett and Jim Johnson. The third meet, which was a dual meet, was against Lew Wallace. Emerson lost by a 62 %- 46 % score. This year’s thinclads have lost seven letter- men, three of which were on the state champion¬ ship mile relay team, but again the Emerson athletes are tough in everything but field events. Ken Enderlin, Dick Barnhouse, Ray Francis, and Donn Gunnett are the mile relay team with Gunnett also running the 60, 100, and 440 yard dashes. Jim Johnson runs both the high and low hurdles. Ken Enderlin and Bob Hall take care of the distance runs. Dick Barnhouse, a good Sophomore prospect, also runs the 100 and 220 yard dashes, along with shotputting. Dar¬ rell Previs and Ray Francis help Gunnett out in the 440 yard runs. The half mile relay team is composed of Jim Johnson, Don Merlo, Bruce Smith, and Bob Cherry. EMERSON TRACK SCHEDULE March 20 City March 31 Conference April 3 Lew Wallace April 6 Gary Roosevelt April 10 E. C. Roosevelt April 13 Froebel April 17 La Porte April 21 Goshen Relays April 25 E. C. Washington April 28 Conference Preliminaries May 1 City May 5 Conference Finals May 8 Hobart May 11 Sectional May 19 Regional May 2 6 State Page 1st Row: Darrell Previs, Paul Fitch, Lester Brown. 2nd Row: Coach Connelly, Ken Enderlin, Bob Hall, Tony Radinsky. CROSS COUNTRY This year’s ' Cross Country team was one of the toughest in Northern Indiana and was one of the best teams Emerson has had in many years. The team did not quite reach its hope and goal of going down state, but it gave other teams who thought they had poihts to spare quite a bit of trouble. At the Hobart Invitational Meet the Emerson thinclads placed third in a field of nineteen teams. They placed sixth in the N. I. H. S. C. out of a field of twenty teams, and they placed sixth again in the Sectional out of a field of fourteen teams. The Emerson boys finished third in the Gary meet, and won many dual and triangular meets. Page 100 The Emerson Cross Country team was led by Seniors Bob Hall and Bob Wallace; Juniors Ken Enderlin, Darrell Previs, and John Carew; and Sophomores Tony Radinsky and Paul Fitch. CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE Tolleston Benton Harbor Hobart Invitational Gary Roosevelt Froebel and Valpo Lew Wallace Tolleston and Horace Mann Conference Sectionals City EMERSON ' S BASEBALL CHAMPS 1st Row: K. Callaway, L. Zervos, B. Bodnar, P. Kottardis, V. Lodovisi, B. Chirby, J. Morely. 2nd Row: J. Bedingfield, N. Rotnic, B. Suarez, S. Glusac, J. McEwan, D. Chirby, C. Guilly, Coach Rolfe, 3rd Row: L. Carrabine, C. Kirkpatrick, T. Callaway, G. Carrabine, B. Locke, Z. Niepokoj, C. Selby. Page 101 OUTDOOR SPORTS Isn’t there a game here? This looks easy. Playing for points. Page 102 ARTISTIC LEADERS OF G.A.A. To the Emerson girls the G. A. A. is a most important organization. For twenty-three years the club has progressed at Emerson. The largest enrollment in this club’s history has been en¬ joyed during the past year. Rated as one of the city’s best, the Emerson branch is led by a group of capable girls. Many events highlighted the year’s activities. The most important were the Couple Dance held on March 30 and the Banquet at which monograms were awarded to the girls who had earned 1500 points. In addition to the monograms, a loving cup is awarded to the outstanding senior girl. Miss Reynolds OFFICERS Pat Soutsas, Sports-Coordinator; Marie Werhowatz, Treasurer; Shirley Sides, Secretary; Helen Platis, Vice-President; Del- ores Bozish, President. G. A. A. BOARD 1st Row: Nancie McNiece, Marlene Hollingsworth, Clara Zarakas, Sophie Sisamis, Delores Cole, Helena Malast, Delores Bozich, Helen Platis. 2nd Row: Carmen Fortes, Sally Henderson, Nancie Prasco, Mary Crowe, Rosi Carson, Vi Ranzino, Pat Soutsas, Marie Werhowatz, Shirley Sides. Page 103 JUNIOR-SENIOR GAA. 1st Row: C. Fortes, N. McNiece, C. Zarakas, S. Sisamis, S. Sides, P. Soutsas, D. Boz- ich, H. Platis, M. Werhowatz, S. Henderson, V. Ranzino, M. Crowe, R. Carson, D. Cole, H. Malast, M. Hollings- wotth. 2nd Row: J. Wilmore, C. Bikos, J. Tidwell, B. Kelly, P. Hamilton, J. Neubaum, M. Linkowski, M. Pis- eione, J. Gootee, M. Karas, G. Karski, C, Combs, J. Calhoun, D. Wiser, B. Borter, H. Elencik, M. Beard. 3rd Row: P. Osika, J. Potts, T. Binns, C. Smith, J. Potts, B. Culbreth, M. Elia, A. Amabile, A. Sposato, M. Juarez, R. Evanovich, G. Hampton, C. Gilev, D. Narancich, A. Christakis, M. Garner. 4th Row: S. Sayles, B. Shultz, F. Pernois, M. Rogers, P. Connors, M. Zielinski, M. Traina, V. Metz, B. Reed, J. Greenwald, L. Barnes, L. Hard- low, S. Owen, B. Conway, Y. Greenwald, J. Vigna, R. Coverstone. 5th Row: C. Meyers, H. Hydman, R. Lucas, P. Depanion, E. Cato, D. Woolridge, G: White, A. Franke, S. Bentley, E. Wilburn, V. Kirla, J. Miklos, M. Gas¬ per, M. McDowell, B. Reid, W. Symons, M. Sharp, R. Ringos, S. Huff, H. Cowen. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE GAA. 1st Row: M. Koulianos, R. Apostle, S. Means, F. Logan, D. Demos, C. Cagian- tis, D. Nicoletti, S. Chipokas, M. Morley, D. Vallance, S. Shirley, E. Zacker, P. Jensen, E. Shay. 2nd Row: B. Claypool, B. McClean, M. Danskin, P. Yenco, P. Stewart, S. Swim, G. Keehn, A. Boukis, L. Schaffer, N. Hamp- sten, P. Karlsrud, L. McKim, S. Startup, M. Green, B. Krajack, M. Vakik. 3rd Row: M. Magee, C. Fedyna, J.Krie- jta, M. Vritikapa, P. Mulloy, S. Parthum, G. Malham, S. Crane, R. Richards, M. Hile, P. Settle, H. Klazura, A. Stillinovich, B. Garwood, B. Reo, N. Lowe, S. Bollen, S. Binns, C. Kasperick, C. Wiser. 4th Row: G. Dunbar, E. Baker, N. Thrasher, J. Rich, S. McEvoy, S. Klug, V. McDougall, L. Blumstein, M. Green, A. Franke, P. Grant, B. Thomas, E. Chareboneou, N. Walker, H. Long, D. Kokos, R. Vance, S. Grimes, J. Dittrich, R. Blumenthal, M. Christakis, M- Paligraph. 5th Row: D. Valant, E. Oliver, J. Rogers, S. Stimson, J. Workman, P. Reaper, A. Mas- sa, T. Gerismo, P. Bokich, B. Christakis, L. Fernandez, F. Traina, C. Mirkovich, Y. Spann, R. Rushing, D. Kal- lous, I. Bartfai, R. Brackett, J. Brannon, C. Williams, D. Irvin, S. Blenko. ARTISTS AT SPEEDBALL Sophie Sisamis headed the speedball games held during the past year. Varsities were chosen after a series of interclass contests. This year’s champions were the Seniors, with the Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen placing respectively. SENIORS. 1st Row: Pat Soutsas, Shirley Sides, Sophie Sisamis, Mary Crowe. 2nd Row: Helena Malast, Gene Hampton, Delores Cole, Vi Ran- zino. 3rd Row: Clara Zarakas, Delores Bozich, Helen Platis, Carmen Fortes. JUNIORS. 1st Row: Alice Amabile, Mary Sharp, Carol Smith, Gerrie Miklos, Rita Lucas. 2nd Row: Valiere Metz, Joyce Potts, Barb Culbreth, Mert Elia, Louise Hardlow, 3rd Row: Donna Woolridge, Mary Kubrick, Betty Reid, Joan Tid¬ well. SOPHOMORES. 1st Row: Pat Kardsrud, La Rae Scaffer, Marge Paligraph, Rita Apostle, Mary Koulianos. 2nd Row: Delores Valant, Dubby Reo, Nancy Lowe, Sara Shirley, Mary Morley, 3rd Row: Beba Vrtikapa, Sally McEvoy, Vivian McDougall, Stella Chipokas. FRESHMEN. 1st Row: Pat Bokich, Ange Franke, Lillian Fernandez, Tula Gerasimo. 2nd Row: Sandra Grimes, Darlene Kallous, Becky Chris- takis. 3rd Row: Joan Dittrich, Pat Settle, Cornita Williams. Page 105 ARTISTS AT BASKETBALL Under the leadership of Rosalie Carson, G. A. A. Basketball went smoothly through an exciting The Seniors and Juniors both placed first, and the Sophomores placed a close second, with the Freshmen underdogs placing third. JUNIORS: 1st Row: Ethel Cato, Mert Elia, Jack¬ ie Gootee, Joyce Potts. 2nd Row: Barbara Culbreith, Jerry Miklos, Alice Amabile. 3rd Row: Donna Woolridge, Mary Ann Gasper. SENIORS: 1st Row: Gene Hampton, Pat Soutsas, Helen Platis, Mary Crowe. 2nd Row: Vi Ran- zino, Rosalie Carson, Delores Bozich, Shirley Sides. SOPHOMORES: 1st Row: Marge Paligraph, Rita Apostle, Mary Koulianos. 2nd Row: Delores Nicoletti, Nancy Lowe, Sara Shirley. 3rd Row: Beba Vrtikapa, Sally McEvoy, Stella Chipokas. FRESHMEN: 1st Row: Pat Bokich, Ange Franke, Lillian Fernandez, Filomae Traina. 2nd Row: Charlotte Wiser, Darlene Kallous, Becky Chris- takis. 3rd Row: Sandra Grimes, Pat Setfle. Page 106 immmirr VOLLEYBALL ARTISTS SENIORS. 1st Row: N. McNiece, S. Sides, G. Karski, V. Ranzino, S. Sisamis. 2nd Row: D. Bozich, M. Crowe, G. Greenwald. 3rd Row: P. Soutsas, H. Platis, C. Fortes. JUNIORS. 1st Row G. Mikolos, M. Elia, E. Wil¬ burn, A. Amabile. 2nd Row: D. Woolridge, E. Cato, R. Lucas, G. White, M. Gasper. 3rd Row: M. Sharp, C. Smith, B. Reid, B. Culberth, J. Po¬ tts, P. Depanion. INDOOR SPORTS TTTTTTTT INDEX A Capella. 68 Annual Sales Staff.83 Bands Concert.73 Girls. 71 Basketball Class. 96 Lettermen.92 Reserves. 94 Varsity. 94 Board of Control. 22 Booster Committee.23 Building and Grounds Committee.23 Chemistry Club.76 Coma Club. 76 Commercial Club.77 Cross Country.100 D. M. S. T. Officers.80 Rifle Team.81 Drill Team.80 Company K. 82 Company L.81 Company M.82 Dramatics Junior Play.66 Senior Play.67 EMERSONIAN.84 Faculty.17 French Club.79 Freshmen Officers.27 Sponsors.27 Registers.28 Football.88 F. T. A.76 Glee Club.69 Golden Gazette.74 Guidance Counselor. .16 Juniors Officers.35 Sponsors.35 Registers.36 Latin Club.79 Majorettes. 70 Nurse.16 Orchestra.72 Principals. 14 Seniors Officers.39 Sponsors.39 Class.40 Senior Personalities.58 Social Committee.23 Sophomores Officers.31 Sponsors.31 Registers.32 Spanish Club.78 Track Lettermen.98 Team.99 Page 108

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