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y rf •4 1 L j „ ' 4 IQ Climb High Climb Far Your Goal the Sky Your Aim the Star And these are deeds tlfat should net. pass away, f And names that must not whither. XX Reaching fortheStars S 51118 talmw A. .45 Top left: Medntation. Top right: Checking with Bottom left: No com- Bottom right: Pm-up boy Mother? ment! at work. 6 Top left: Please do not Top right: Boys on the feed the animals. square. Bottom left: It ' s all done Bottom right: In the good with mirrors. old days! Reaching forthe Stars X A "Wi F ' - M... ,. Top left: Undiscovered Lower left: Ye Ole Hang- Upper right: F I in n ' s Lower righi: Nice Clouds talent. out. Fakers. 8 hrough Our Sc er left: Om Om-hw' L o w e r left: E U 5 b Upper right PP r bw EVE - E X T df VYNBVW. Is there not a tongue in every star That talks with man and woos him to be wise? —Barbauld Left: Principal, Mr. E. A. Spaulding. Top right: Assist¬ ant Principal, Dr. L. Gilbert. Counselor, Mr. T. Hooper. Right: Home Visi¬ tor, Mrs. A gn e s Fonville. 12 MUSIC AND DRAMATICS Left to right: Miss Julia Alford, Mrs. Gertrude Palmer, Miss Melba Cro¬ mer, Miss Hazel Harrison, Miss Grace Sayers. SCIENCE Seated, left to right: Miss Esther Tinsman, Mr. Floyd Flinn, Miss Ruth Martindale, Miss Esther Boal. AUDITORIUM DEPARTMENT—Miss Alford: speech; directed Junior Play; sponsors Sophomore Class. Mrs. Palmer: speech; directs Senior Dramatic Cass; Senior Play. Miss Cromer: vocal music; directs Junior Choir; Register 45. Miss Harrison: heads the auditorium de¬ partment; sponsors Freshman Class. Miss Sayers: vocal music; directs A Cappella Choir, Glee Club; sponsors Freshman Class. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT—Miss Tinsman: biology; spon¬ sors Freshman Class. Mr. Flinn: chemistry, physics; spon¬ sors Sophomore Class. Miss Martindale: physical science; Register 44. Miss Boal: nature studies; Register 48. 13 ENCLISH DEPARTMENT—Mr. DeLeurere: Latin and English; sponsors Latin Club, Junior Class. Mrs. Reyher: Spanish, Freshman English; sponsors Spanish Club, Sopho¬ more Class. Miss Anderson: Sophomore English; sponsors Junior Class. Mrs. Pierce: Junior and Freshman English; sponsors Sophomore Class. Mr. Clary: social living; spon¬ sors Patrol boys. Miss Benscoter: Freshman and Senior English; sponsors Sophomore Class. Miss Monahan: social living; Register 46. Mrs. Baughn: Junior library; sponsors Projection Club; Register 42. CYM AND D.M.S. T.—Coach Connelly: sponsors Fresh¬ man Class. Sgt. Savanovic: D.M.S. T. Coach Klug: sponsors Sophomore Class. Miss Heimberg: Register 47. Coach Rolfe: sponsors Senior Class. Miss Reynolds: spon¬ sors C.A.A., Freshman Class, ENGLISH Seated, left to right: Mr. Law¬ rence DeLeurere, Mrs. Clara Rehyer, Miss Rom a Ander¬ son, Mrs. Gladys Pierce, Mr. James Clary. Standing: Miss Grace Bens¬ coter, Miss Mari- e 11 a Monahan, Mrs. Elizabeth Baughn. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Left to right: Coach Connelly, Sgt. Savanovic, Sgt. Lang, Coach Klug, Miss Heimburg, Coach Rolfe, Miss Reynolds. SHOPS Left to right: Mr. Harry Vaughn, Mr. Francis Gar¬ rett, Mr. Russell Adams, Mr. George Wirt, Mr. Charles Rogers. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Seated, left t o right: Mrs. Bertha Jesse, Mrs. Chris¬ tine Hayes, Miss Clara Nilsson. Standing, left to right: Mr. Harry Tangy, Mr. Henry Rowland. SHOPS—Mr. Vaughn: woodshop; sponsors Junior Class. Mr. Garrett: machine shop. Mr. Adams: technical class, principal of shop. Mr. Wirt: machine shop; sponsors Junior Class. Mr. Rogers: foundry; sponsors Freshman Class. INDUSTRIAL ARTS—Mrs. Jesse: high school sewing; sponsors Senior Class. Mrs. Hayes: home economics; man¬ ager of cafeteria. Miss Nilsson: grade school sewing; Register 41. Mr. Tangy: fine arts; sponsors Annual; Reg¬ ister 21. Mr. Rowland: mechanical drawing; sponsors Sophomore Class. 15 HISTORY DEPARTMENT — Mr. Carlberg: economics, civics; sponsors Freshman Class, Board of Control. Miss Newton: U. S. History, civics; sponsors Senior Honor Society, Senior Class. Miss Ban: history; sponsors Senior Class, Building and Grounds Committee. Mr. Clary: social living; sponsors Patrol Boys. MATH COMMERCE—Miss Rowe: shorthand, typing; sponsors Junior Class; Register 123. Miss Talbot: math; sponsors Junior Class. Miss Beeler: commercial math, typing, bookkeeping; sponsors newspaper, Commercial Club, Freshman Class. Mrs. Housekeeper: math; Regis¬ ter 54. Mr. Connerly: algebra, general math, commercial math; sponsors Junior Class. Miss Keller: grade school math; Register 52. HISTORY Standing: Mr. Aar¬ on Carlberg. Seat¬ ed, left to right: Miss Henrietta Newton, Miss Mary Ban, Mr. James Clary. MATH AND COMMERCE Seated, left to right: Miss Daisy Rowe, Miss Minnie Talbot, Miss Ber¬ nice Beeler, Mrs. Evelyn House¬ keeper, Standing: Mr. Donald Con¬ nerly, Mr. Jerold Rayl, Miss Mabel Keller. 16 Guided By T hese Stars Top left. Larry, Mary, and Henrietta. Top right: You don’t say! Bottom right: “It ' s your Annual!” Leaders, Scholars All rpHE executive committee, the Board of Con- L trol, which directs the successful student self-government at Emerson School, is com¬ prised of the Booster Committee, the Building and Grounds Committee, and the Social Com¬ mittee. The Booster Committee raised the school spirit to a new level by means of pep sessions and by publicizing school activities. The Build¬ ing and Grounds Committee achieved an im¬ proved condition of the halls at Emerson. The Social Committee put spirits in high gear with numerous social activities. BOARD OF CONTROL First row, left to right: Nick Franke, Jim Bodnar, Bill Lautenbach, Don Gunnett. Second row: Helena Malast, Lillian Kaplar, Don Onofrey, Victor Lodovisi. Third row: Melvin Edwards, Catherine Green, Sue Lowe, Phedon De¬ panion. Standing: Art Evdokiou, Ziggie Niepokoj. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Left to right: Helen Pla- tis, Phedon Depanion, Bill Young, Tom Mercer, Sue Lowe, Jim Aydelotte, Dave Sartoris, Bill Bod¬ nar, Bob Richardson. BUILDING AND CROUNDS COMMITTEE Left to right: Bill Lauten- bach, Carolyn Combs, Gerrie Valenti, Frank Marteniz, John Deme- trakis. BOOSTER COMMITTEE First row, left to right: Joyce Potts, Jackie Goo- tee, Violet Ranzino. Second row: Jo Ann Cox, Delores Bozich, Jerry Mickalos, Lois Wellman. Third row: Delores Val- ant, Eleanor Wilburn, Cathy Green, Isabelle Frame, Joan Wellman, Marion Elia. Fourth row: Pete Kottar- idis, Jim Rupp, Nick Gur- gevich, Mr. Hooper, Nick Franke, Robert Chirby. 19 The roots of education are bitter, But the fruit is sweet. —Aristotle There is only one good, that is knowledge; There is only one evil, that is ignorance. —Socrates T HE transition from grammar school to high school was made with comparative ease by this class of 1953. At an officers meeting, green and white were chosen as the class colors and “We enter to learn; We leave to serve” as the class motto. The highlight of their F reshman year was the Freshman Frolic held on March 17, in the Emerson gymnasium. JUNIOR OFFICERS Left to right: Delores Bozich, Girls’ Treasur¬ er; Martha Garner, Secretary: Arthur Ev- d o k i o u, President; Nick Gurgevich, Vice- President; Eugene Carrabine, Boys’ T reasurer. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Left to right: Sue Nell Owen, Girls’ Treasur¬ er; Bob Locke, Boys’ Treasurer; Don Ono- frey, President; Phe- don Depanion, Secre¬ tary; Jim Aydelotte, Vice-President. FRESHMAN OFFICERS Left to right: Margua- rite Paligraph, Girls’ Treasurer; Victor Lo- d o v i s i. President; Gene O’Connell, Vice- President; Gus Scoa- o u p I u s, Secretary; Luke Carrabine, Boys’ Treasurer. 22 JUNIOR SPONSORS Left to right: Mr. Lloyd Vaughn, Mr. Arthur Mowbray, Miss Roma Anderson, Miss Minnie Talbot, Mr. Donald Connerly, Mr. Lawrence DeLeurere. SOPHOMORE SPONSORS Left to right:Mr. Bill Klug, Miss Grace Benscoter, Miss Clara Reyher, Miss Julia Al- f o r d, Mrs. Gladys Pierce, Mr. Francis Garriot, Mr. Henry Rowland. FRESHMAN SPONSORS Left to right, seated: Miss Grace Sayers, Miss Hazel Harrison, Mr. Aaron Carlberg, Miss Bernice Beeler, Mr. Floyd Flinn. Standing: Mr. Harold Connerly, Miss Esther Tinsman, Mrs. Chris¬ tine Hayes. Guided by These Stars T HE Sophomore year was begun by the class of 1952 with eager en- thusism and hopeful confidence. The year of despondency and blunders—their Freshman year—was behind them. Don Onofrey presided as president of this unparalleled class, which shows promise of becoming one of Emerson’s outstanding cla sses. 101 MISS BEELER Front row, left to right: S. McEvoy, M. Vaidik, P. Walter, S. Shirley, L. McKim, V. McDougall, P. Morley, D. Schewa- nick, B. Reo, P. Stewart, Second row: Miss Beeler, P. Yenco, E. Wilds, D. Vallance, P. Noyes, M. Pace, E. Shay, S. Means, E. Swim, S. Taylor, J. Rich. Third row: D. Villarreal, E. Taylor, M. Paligraph, D. Nicoleti, J. McGovern, P. Nie- house, E. Zackar, D. Val- ant, D. Valant, N. Thrasher, L. Schaeffer. 208 MR. CARLBERG Front row, left to right: Mr. Carlberg, L. Carra- bine, H. Lucaites, J. Lar¬ son, G. Kampouris, J. En¬ nis, J. Kapnas, F. Hornick, G. Hyndman, N. Franke. Second row: A. Camery, H. Crosson, J. Crew, S. Furlin, R. Lach, T. Flan- ery, J. Beddingfield, P. Kottaridis, V. Lodovisi, J. Hansen, S. Glusac. Third row: R. Barnhouse, M. Flynn, B. Butcher, P. Fitch, ). Cook, J. Clark, J. Krupa, V. Cornich, E. Klimaszewski, J. Freed- 31 MRS. HAYES Front row, left to right: Betty Kelly, Patsy Ham¬ ilton, Elizabeth Murphy, Mary Jaurez, Donna Ran¬ dolph, Lucille Emershy, Barbara Phelps. Second row: Mrs. Hayes, Rose Evanovich, Ann Spo- sato, Gloria Keehn, Helen Gul ledge, Mary Didelot, Sandra Davies. 24 We Leave to Serve” ISI ■ . .SSL mi 204 MISS TINSMAN Front row, left to right: L. Zervos, S. Schaeffer, T. O. Reilley, L. Owens, M. Sposota, J. Zeronis, N. Roknich, D. Rodrig¬ uez, M, Maragos, M. Ze- man, T. Oiika, P. O’Reil- ley. Seccnd row: Miss Tins- man, N. Stavem, T. 0 ' - Laughlin, J. Weland, J. Malloy, S. Washko, ). Piscione, I. Merlo, D. Roy, R.McGuire, T. Smel- ko, B. McDermott. Third row: B. Turly, C. Siar, G. Marrs, B. Smith, G. Sacopulos, B. Nelson, E. Staege, T. Rocoff, N. Toneff, T. Rodinsky, J. Vagner, J. Sandlin, E. Ward. 209 MR. FLINN Front row, left to right: D. Galinatti, R. Nix, A. Lennon, S. Starzynski, B. Bodnar, B. Brown, Leon¬ ard Lis, T. Betts. Second row: S. Elencik, D. Previs, J. Burger, J. Wahlman, C. Malast, D. Hall, J. Barry, L. Previs. Third row: Mr. Flinn, B. Beers, C. Kenady, J. Mc¬ Henry, G. Onofrey, D. C. Trainer, E. Stypula, M. 307 MISS SAYERS Front row, left to right: L. Cotter, B. Goad, B. Bullock, M. Emershy, A. Kappas, D. Demos, P. Connor, P. Karlsrud, A. Boukis, I. L. Ekelman, L. Blumenstein. Second row: M. Loyd, P. Janssen, E. Alexander, S. Binns, F. Logan, C. Cog- iantas, B. Keyes, S. Be¬ lenko, C. Bess, J. Binkley. Third row: A. Frank, A. Lello, B. Claypool, S. Konz, M. Christakis, B. Buchanan, N. Hampston, B. Krajack, N. LaRussa, Miss Sayers. Fourth row: A. Bollen, N. Larson, M. Cox, S. Klug, N. Lowe, S. Chi- pokas, M. Cerda, M. Green, N. Arnold, C. Fed- yna. ‘From Little Acorns 211 MRS. REYHER Front row. left to right: M. Rupert, M. Zielinski, C. Mickavich, S. Owen, S. Runion, M. Rogers, ). Wilmore, M. Trainer, M. McDowell, C. White. Second row: M. Marti¬ nez, E. Ogiego, B. Reid, J. Potts, C. Miklos, T. Moore, F. Pero nis, D. Wooldridge, B. Reed. Third row: Mrs. Reyher, R. Ringas, V. Metz, D. Wiler, P. Osika, C. Staf¬ ford, B. Shultz, S. Sayles, ). Vigna, ). Potts. 312 MISS BENSCOTER Front row, left to right: D. O ' Conell, C. Downey, H. Becham, K. Bassett, R. Metrakis, S. Munis. Second row: S. Cowen, B. Locke, F. Clifton, ). Copeland, Miss Bens- coter, J. Daras. Third row: C. Selby, R. Heistand, C. Brockman. 401 MR. ROWLAND Front row, left to right: H. Ivancevich, C. Giley, B. Conway, C. Bavdik, C. Fortes, J. Tidwell, J. Neubaum. Second row: M. Solon, M. Lewa, C. Smith, M. Sharp, W. Symons, J. Calhoun, P. Wallace, M. Crowe, Mr. Rowland. Third row: M. Coutouzis, M. Peronis, B. Decker, N. Vitikovich, T. Wain- man, S. Sides, N. Mc- Niece, W. Dunlap, B. Dobrick. 26 308 MRS. PIERCE Front row, left to right: B. Plenus, B. Jones, D. Sicol, A. Rosoff, P. Turn¬ er, B. Trabek, D. Ono- frey, P. Jurdzy, N. Za- Second row: J. Morley, D. Johnson, A. Svantner, E. Vician, W. Rigers, B. Suarez, B. Wickham, R. Thomas, S. Kovich, Mrs. Pierce. Third row: B. Young, P. Spence, D. Somers, B. Stella, C. Lorandos, L. Spears, F. Martinez, J. Thanos, C. Vrtikapa, T. 309 MISS ALFORD Front row, left to right: E. Diehl, M. Corski, M. Casper, P. Depanion, A. Amabile, L. Harlow, J. Cootee, B. Culbreth, R. Lucas, A. Franke. Second row: W. Jackson, M. Jatzak, P. Jurdzy, R. Coverstone, Y. Green- wald, M. Hollingsworth, M. Kaburek, E. Cato, S. Bentley, C. Bikas. Third row: L. Lach, D Johnson, N. Houstetter, H. Cohen, J. Cobbler, S. Huff, A. Christakis, Miss Alford. 306 MISS PLUM Front row, left to right: A. Freedman, L. Harnes- ky, K. Enderlin, T. Franke, J. Friel, J. Carew, E. Ciesielski, L. Cox. Second row: R. Francis, D. Chulilrk, J. Cullidge, R. Barry, J. Harter, B. Brown, B. Chirby, D. Third row: Mrs. Plum, B. Cherry, B. Huck, J. Dy- wer, F. Carew, T. Flynn, A. Burring, J. Hall. 27 MISS ROWE RECISTER 123 First row, left to right: Pat Sougas, Mary Karas, Dolores Cole, Sally Henderson, Bar¬ bara Borter. Second row: Marie Werhowatz, Jean Hampton, Jean Doane, Miss MR. CONNERLEY RECISTER 103 First row, left to right: Charles Cant, Guy Vitucci, Pete Tsikouris, Harry Wiser, James Hall, Lee Christakis, Jim Cagiantas, Sam Evana- vich. Second row: Robert Dotlich, Richard Sowards, Richard McCuire, Bob Hall, Ziggie Niepokoj, Nick Gur- gevich, Donn Gunnett, Mr. Connerley. 28 “Live and Learn’’ N INETEEN hundred and fifty was the first time that the class of 1951 was included as upper-classmen, the first year they produced a play of “their own,” but, most of all, it was the year of their first Prom, held on April 28. The success of their Prom was due to the diligent work of the members of the Junior Class Prom Committee: Ted Charlebois, chairman; Gene Carra- bine, Delores Bozich, Ziggie Niepokoj, James Johnson, Martha Garner, Ar¬ thur Evdokiou, Pat Soutsas, Nick Gurgevich, Lucia Barnes, Bob Hall, De- ores Cole, Helena Malast, and sponsored by Miss Roma K. Anderson. Their first class assembly was held in the auditorium on October 12. Of¬ ficiating at this meeting were Arthur Evdokiou, president; Nick Gurgevich, vice-president; Martha Garner, secretary; Delores Bozich, girls’ treasurer; Gene Carrabine, boys’ treasurer. Delores and Gene were kept busy collecting the dollar dues so that the Juniors would be eligible to attend the Prom. Live and Learn’’ In December the Juniors received their class rings which were the center of attraction for months. The Junior play, “Brother Goose,” was successfully presented on March 3. June 8, Junior Stunt Day, was presented in the audi¬ torium. The Juniors also took part in Senior Class Day on June 13, when Arthur Evdokiou, Junior Class President, received the sceptre of leadership from Melvin Edwards, Senior Class President. The Class of 1951 made a big contribution to the athletics of the school. There were eight Juniors on the varsity football team, three Juniors were on the starting basketball five, the track team was aided by five members of the Junior class, and six Juniors were members of the varsity baseball team. The Seniors received their diplomas on June 19 as the Juniors watched, thinking of their class motto, “Live and Learn.” MISS ANDERSON RECISTER 310 First row: V. Ranzino, D. Wiser, C. Karski, A. Mich- nik, N. Prasco, S. Sisamis, C. Zarakas, H. Platis, P. Mason, L. Wellman, L. Pfile. Second row: L. Barnes, H. Malast, D. Bozich, R. Carson, M. Carner, B. Yur- acin, D. Blackwell, J. Hardy, J. Creenwald, C. Minelli, M. Linkowski. Third row: W. Fletcher, S. Cole, S. Dorl, L. Klippel, M. Chrisman, H. Hyndman, B. Cillan, S. O’- Laughlin, M. Singleton, B. Anderson, E. Kaprak, D. Ko- zar. Fourth row: M. Pis- cione, M. Beard, H. Elencik, A. Caffin, C. Myers, Miss Anderson, C. Combs, B. Jenkins, M. Palmeri, M. MISS TALBOT RECISTER 206 Becker, Somers, Classon, C. Becker, T. Somers, D. Classon, J. Sangaris, B. Rich¬ ardson, T. Motto, J. Mason, I. Frailey, D. McCorkle, T. Charlebois. Second row: T Calloway, C. Carrabine, T. Taylor, J. McEwan, B. Bub- man, J. Dziewicki, D. Chir- by, J. Malamatos, A. Evdo- kicu. Third row: J. Ward, K. Binkley, D. Conroy, J. Ihnat, T. Lempart, J. Sulich, A. McCosh, J. Johnson, M. Dakich, B. Toth. U A ND from the glory of the past we get a Xl new future.” With this, the class motto, in mind, the shy, bewildered Freshmen of 1946 advanced to become the proud Seniors of 1950. As Seniors they have dreams of a golden future and memories of tasks well done. A lifetime of memories were packed into four short years. The Freshman Frolic . . Sophomore Hop . . . Junior-Senior Prom . . . Class dues . . . Football and Basket¬ ball games . . . Dances . . . Class Plays . . . Christmas Pageants . . . Baccalaureate . . . and finally a hushed and solemn commencement, have all contrib¬ uted to make four unforgettable years at Em¬ erson High School. The year of 1950 finds them reaching for a star ... a star to guide them through the uncertain future. SENIOR OFFICERS, left to right: Carole Konz, Secretary: Mary Kottari- dis, Girls’ Treasurer; Theresa Lelak, Vice Pres¬ ident; Melvin Edwards, President; George Evdok- iou, Boys’ Treasurer. SENIOR SPONSORS, left to right: Mr. Art Rolfe, Miss Henrietta Newton, 1 Mrs. Bertha Jesse, Miss 1 Mary Ban, Miss Melba a Cromer, Mrs. Gertrude 1 Palmer, Mrs. Adeline 9 Golkowski. ■Li ELEANOR BABACAN C. A. A.; Spanish Club; Commercial Club EDWARD BAJCROWICZ Baseball; Class Basketball; Spanish Club SHIRLEY BABILLA Vice-President, Commercial Club; A Cappella; Sophomore and junior Plays HUSTON BINKLEY Latin Club; Rifle Team; D. M. S. T. BARBARA BOCK C. A. A.; Commercial Club; Class Day Committee DONALD CARTNER |OE COOK Basketball; Rifle Team; Spanish Club DAVID BRUGOS Senior Honor Society; Latin Club TOM COMBS Football; Class Basketball; Freshman Class President JO ANN COX Editor, Golden Gazette; Chairman, Booster Com¬ mittee; Secretary, G.A.A. JOHN DEMETRAKIS Football; Senior Dramatics; Senior Play PAULINO COY Cross Country; Spanish Club Reach i n g F or The Stars JAMES DEVANY BILL DRYSDALE Track; Cross Country GEORGE DERNER Spanish Club; Class Basketball DOLORES DUNSWORTH Convocation Committee; C.A.A.; Prom Committee MARY DOUMIS Christmas Pageant; Head Majorette; A Cappella RICHARD ELWOOD Football; Class Basketball; Senior Honor Society BILL DUHNOVSKY Football; Track; Class Basketball MELVIN EDWARDS Senior Class President; Basketball; Track ALLEN FINK Senior Honor Society JAMES FLYNN Track; Cross Country; Prom Committee Chairman JOHN FINN Junior, Senior Class Plays CEORCE CALOOZIS Junior Class Secretary; Class Basketball; Cross Country Reach i n g F or The Stars ALVIN GOLDSTEIN Vice-President, Orchestra Mgr. Band; Spanish Club HERSCHEL HARBISON Track; Basketball; Spice and Variety RONALD GAUSVIK Latin Club; Class Play Committee CATHERINE CREEN C.A.A. Board; Board of Control; Head Cheerleader JOYCE HOLMES Sophomore Play; Commercial Club; Projection Club DOROTHY HARDY Chairman of Committees, Senior Honor Society; Annual Staff; Latin Club TED HANSEN Freshman Boys’ Treasurer; Football; Baseball PETER HALKIAS Latin Club; Cross Country; Senior Play Committee MARY HUBER Honorary Colonel, D.M.S.T.; C.A.A.; Football Queen CUY JANSSEN Basketball; Baseball; Annual Staff RICHARD JACKSON Freshman Football; Junior Honor Society; Class Basketball SALLY JONES C.A.A.; Spice and Variety; Benefit Revue JULIE KANE Commercial Club; C.A.A.; Sophomore Play Committee ERMYL JOHNSON President, Concert Orchestra; A Cappella; Newspaper Staff MARY KACHIS C.A.A. Board; Annual Sales Staff; Newspaper Staff Officer R e a c h i n g F or The Stars ANNA KEHAYIA JAMES KIRKSEY Booster Committee; Latin Football Co-Captain; Class Club; Reserve Cheerleader Basketball; Track LILLIAN KAPLAR JOHN KERSTEFF President, C.A.A.; Board Class Basketball; Band; of Control; President, Football Commercial Club FLORENCE KOTFER MARTHA KRAFT Commercial Club; Clee C.A.A. Board; Spanish Club; A Cappella Club; Newspaper Staff CAROLE KONZ MARY KOTTARIDIS Secretary, Senior Class; President, Sophomore Class; Senior Honor Society; C.A.A. Board; Annual Copy Editor, Emersonian Sales Staff JOE KUZMA Football; Class Basketball; Manager, Football MAYNARD KRUECER Senior Play Committee; Spice and Variety; Camera Crew THERESA LELAK Vice-President, Senior Class; Sports Coordinator, C.A.A.; Assistant Editor, Colden Cazette WILLIAM LAUTENBACH Chairman, Building and Grounds Committee; Vice- President, Senior Dramatics; Assistant Editor, Emersonian SHERRI E LAU Commercial Club; Junior Class Play; Spice and Variety JAMES KYPREOS President, Spanish Club; Cross Country; Baccalaureate Committee JAMES LIERMAN Football; Track; Class Basketball BETTY LIEBER Business Mgr., Emersonian; President, Senior Honor Society; G.A.A. Board Reach i n g F or The Stars VERA LUCAS C.A.A.; Spanish Club; Commercial Club HELEN MALHAM Clee Club; Baccalaureate Committee; Spice and Variety SUZANNE LOWE Editor, Emersonian; Chairman, Social Committee; Valedictorian; Vice-President, C.A.A. RICHARD McCUIRE D.M.S.T.; Track; Band Officer VICTORIA MALAMATOS Glee Club; Orchestra; Commercial Club THOMAS MERCER Football; A Cappella; D.M.S.T. MARTIN McCUIRE Latin Club; Junior Class Play; Class Basketball william McPherson Football; Track; Commencement Committee MARY ANN MORLEY Senior Honor Society; Annual Staff; C.A.A. DON NEMTUDA Football; Track MARY MICCICHI Spice and Variety; C.A.A.; Commercial Club KENNETH MOSIER President, Orchestra; Cross Country; “Mikado ' VINCENT MRZLAK Football; Chairman, Cift Committee MARY NEPSHA C.A.A.; Commercial Club; Senior Class Day Committee MALVINA MURAWSKI Annual Sales Staff; C.A.A. Board; Newspaper Staff STEVE NASIATKA Baseball; Class Basketball The Class Of 1950 40 Reach ing For The Stars MICHAELINE OCIECO Secretary, Commercial Club; C.A.A. Board; Prom Committee JOHN PALMERI Latin Club; Commencement Committee ADELINE NOWAK Commercial Club; Senior Class Play Committee; Junior Play EMMAORCON C.A.A. Treasurer; Annual Staff; Commercial Club TED PIATEK Class Basketball VICTOR PRASCO Spanish Club; Sophomore Play TOM PETRAKOS Baccalaureate Committee; Spanish Club; Junior Honor Society THERESA POLAK C.A.A. Staff; Newspaper Staff; Commercial Club ANCELINE PUJO C.A.A. Board; Newspaper Staff; Commercial Club MIKE PROKOP Football; Baseball; Track MORRIS ROBINSON Baseball; Senior Dramatics; Chairman, Senior Play Committee JOYCE REO C.A.A.; Newspaper Staff; Commercial Club The C I a s LEONARD RENDZ A Cappella; Spanish Club; Class Basketball MARCARET RATKAY A Cappella; Commercial Club; Class Day Committee ELEANORE ROSPIERSKI C.A.A.; Clee Club; Spanish Club GLORIA ROGERS Latin Club; C.A.A.; Senior Class Day Committee Of 19 5 0 42 Reach i n g F or The Stars JAMES RUPP “H.M.S. Pinafore”; Booster Committee; Senior Prom Committee DAVID SARTORIS President. Board of Control; Vice-President, Junior Class; Class Basketball DOLORES RUDINE French Club; Spanish Club JOHN SCHEERER Baseball; Basketball; Junior Class President JOHN SANTELIK Junior Honor Society; Sophomore Hop Committee; Latin Club ALBERT SHIPLEY MARILYN SAYLES C.A.A. Board; Latin Club; Board of Control MARCARET SHEEHY C.A.A. Board; Chairman, Class Picture Committee; Commercial Club LORRAINE SHORT Salutatorian; Senior Society, Treasurer; Senior Dramatics NAN SHULTZ Junior Class Play; A Cappella DONALD SMITH Baseball; A Cappella; Spice and Variety DELORES STEFANELU C.A.A.; Commercial Club; Newspaper Staff Reach i n g F or T h e Stars RICHARD STEINKE President, Concert Band; Manager, Orchestra; D.M.S.T. LARRY THRASHER Spanish Club; Latin Club; D.M.S.T. CLARENCE STEINKE D.M.S.T. RAETOCKSTEIN Newspaper Staff; Latin Club; Junior Play Committee JOAN STRASBURG Commercial Club; Sophomore Play; Spice and Variety GERALDINE VALENTI Commercial Club; Building and Grounds Committee; Newspaper Staff SHIRLEY TIMMERMAN C.A.A.; Sophomore Play; Junior Honor Society PETE TSIKOURIS STEVE VICIAN Cross Country; D.M.S.T.; Class Basketball MARCARET WARREN C.A.A.; Senior Picture Committee; Spice and Variety JOAN VOKURKA Latin Club; Spanish Club NORMA VLAMOS Junior, Senior Honor Society; Invitation Committee; French Club CUY VITUCCI Freshman Vice-President; Football; Junior Play Committee JOAN WELLMAN Booster Committee; Board of Control; Scphomore and Junior Class Treasurer RONALD WARD Cross Country; Track; Band Reach i n g F or The Stars PATRICIA WHITE NORMA WOODS C.A.A.; Senior Class Committee Senior Honor Society SHIRLEY WHEELER DE WAYNE WOODRINC Sophomore Play; Masque and Cavel; Junior Play Senior Play; Operetta ANTHONY YUCO HELEN ZWEIC Track; Football; Clee Club; Class Basketball Commercial Club Senior Top left—left to right: Mary Huber, Dave Sartoris, Mary Kachis, George Evdokiou. Center left—left to right: Lillian Kaplar, Jim Platis, Theresa Lelak Manuel Vidal. Bottom left—left to right: Jim Kirksey, Sue Lowe, Cathy Green, Jim Bodnar. Top right—left to right: Guy Janssen, Mary Kottaridis, Betty Lieber, Nick Franke. Bottom right—left to right: Melvin Edwards, Jo Ann Cox, Mai Muraw- ski, John Sheerer. For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He marks—not that you won or lost—but how you played the game. —Grantland Rice Emerson’s Golden Tornado T HE Emerson Tornadoes opened their 1949 season September 9th, playing against the Panthers of Roosevelt. The Seniors of the pre¬ ceding year had held most of the starting posi¬ tions. This left the team with only five return¬ ing lettermen. Confronted with bad breaks and ill-timed injuries, their season’s achieve¬ ment was: four wins and five losses. For the Freshmen, the season was hard, grueling, and seemingly endless. They won only three games, but lost five. The unconquerable Varsity Reserves were unbeaten in a full season of play. Coach Rolfe searched hopelessly everywhere for suitable competitors for the Regular Reserves to con¬ quer . . . not a victory. First row, left to right: Nick Beleff, Jim Bodnar, Tom Cal¬ laway, Gene Carrabine. Second row: Ted Charlebois, Tom Combs, John Deme- trakis, George Evdokiou. Third row: Terry Flynn, Ted Hansen, Jim Kirksey. Roared Through Another Season We They 12 Roosevelt of Cary-19 14 Tolleston 0 6 Whiting 7 13 Fort Wayne Catholic Central 12 12 Froebel 20 First row, left to right: Jim Lierman, Tom Mercer, Tom 6 Evansville Memorial-20 Motto, Ziggie Niepokoj. 20 Horace Mann- 6 Second row: Jim Platis, Joe Settle, Bill Roytan, Charles 20 Hammond-45 Selby. 21 Lew Wallace- 7 Third row: Mike Prokop, Manuel Vidal, Anton Yugo. Total 139 123 First row, left to right: T. Callaway, C. Evdokiou, T. Motto, M. Vidal, J. Settle, T. Combs, R. Francis, D. Cunnett, S. Bellifiore, T. Flynn. Second row: T. Hansen, H. Hatch, M. Prokop, T. Mercer, N. Beleff, T. Charlebois, D. Chirby, D. Onofrey, B. Locke, A. Buring. Third row: J. Schaff, ). Platis, T. Yugo, C. Selby, B. Roytan, G. Carrabine, Z. Niepokoj, ). Kirksey, J. Lierman, J. Bodnar, J. Demetrakis, T. Karras, Coach Rolfe. Page 54, center, front row , left to right: Somers, Jones, Turner, Bubman, Bouque, Dwyer, McEwen, Huck, Finton, Svantner. Second row: Christakis, Taylor, Somers, Thanos, Chulibrk, Enderlin, Hall, Klein, Spence. Third row: Franke, Aydelotte, Barry, Tanski, Metrakis, Zaharias, Saure, Ono- frey, Platis. Fourth row: Brockman, Connelly, Daras, Ward Page 54, lower, front row, left to right: Osica, Zima, Welman, Nix, Piscione, Rodriguez, Beddingfield, Flynn, Lawrence. Second row: Roy, Roknich, Ward, Marrs, Arthur, Merlo, Larson, Bodnar, Hansen, Lodovisi, Kapnas. Third row: Kottaridis, Smith, Olinski, Zervos, Carrabine, O ' Connell, Clusac, Calinatti, Toneff, Klug. 55 n BASKETBALL VARSITY—Kneeling: Edwards, Cartner, Scheerer, Motto, Selby. Standing: Harrbisc sen, Neipokoj, Calloway, Coach Klug. E MERSON’S ’49-’50 basketball season was highly creditable. They finished the season with a record of 12 wins and 8 losses for a .600 average; their conference record was 6 wins and 5 losses for a .545 average. Having five returning lettermen plus many aspirants from the previous year’s reserve team, Coach Klug sent a well balanced team into the scuffle and tussle of the season compe¬ tition. The Norsemen had their good and bad moments, but their finest endeavor of the sea¬ son was the 38-31 dressing they handed Horace Mann in the second round of the sectional tournament. Mann had previously beaten the Norsemen twice, were the favorites, but proved no match for our boys. We They 40 Elkhart-§? 34 Fort Wayne Central-dV 56 Roosevelt E. C.-58 56 Terre Haute-50 44 Cary Roosevelt-3Z 40 Washington E. C.-63 58 West Allis, Wise-52 52 Lew Wallace 45 57 Hammond Tech.-45 38 Froebel--50 48 Hammond 61 46 Tolleston 32 64 Whiting 57 58 Valparaiso-48 81 Fort Wayne Concordia-47 34 Horace Mann 43 53 South Bend Central-61 38 Hammond Clark- 29 HOLIDAY TOURNEY- 47 Wirt 43 41 Horace Mann 60 SECTIONALS— 41 Roosevelt Cary 38 38 Horace Mann 31 37 Froebel 52 57 CLASS BASKETBALL, Top left SENIORS—left to right: Settle, Smith, Finn, Nashatka, Sartoris, Bajgrowicz, Kuz¬ ma, Angelos. Second row: Vician, Flynn, Bodnar, DeFore, Kirksey, Lierman, Elwood, Combs, Caloozis. Bottom left, SOPHOMORES—First row: Dwyer, Saurez, Chirby, Bering, Francis, Enderlin, Karras, Spence. Second row: Franks, Thannis, Brown, Malast, Tarnowski, Fenton, Hall. Top right, JUNIORS—First row: Metrakis, Somers, Bou- que, Dairas, Clifton, Copeland, McEwan, Taylor. Second row: Barry, Heistand, O’Connell, Ward, Settle, Karas, Chirby, Burring., Bottom right, FRESHMEN—First row: Roknich, Clusac, Lodovisi, Zerous. Second row: Merlow, Arthur, Carrabine, Karras, Ferland. BASKETBALL RESERVES—First row, left to right: Merlo, Clusac, Bodnar, Lodovisi, Evdokiou, Pujo. Second Flynn, Loche, Curgevich, Carrabine, Bamhouse, Jones. Rough Huh, Cuy! Carrabine shoots for two points CROUP PICTURE—First row, left to right: Ray Francis, Art Evdokiou, Darrell Previs, Ken Enderlin, Manuel Vidal. Lester Brown, John Carew, Dave McCorkle. Second row: Bill Drysdale, Bob Hall, Soc Evdokiou, Bob Wallace, Mike Prokop, Craig Downey, Jim Rupp, Steve Mast. Third row: Tony Yugo, Art McCosh, Duke Edwards, Ziggie Niepokoj, Donn Cunnett, Terry Flynn, Jim Johnson. T HE City Indoor Track Meet was for Emerson’s thinclads the beginning of a fast and high stepping season. They placed third in both this meet, and the Conference Indoor Meet which was held one week later. Though they lack strong field event men, early season indi¬ cations are for a successful ’50 track squad. Times That Are Encouraging Donn Gunnett, 10. in the 100 yd. dash; Duke Edwards, 14.7 in the 120 yd. highs; Duke Ed¬ 60 wards 23. in the 200 yd. lows; Jim Johnson running very close in both. Mile relay: Drys¬ dale, Evdokiou, Gunnett, Edwards, ran a 3:29.8, all members have made better than 52.6. Mike Prokop and Bob Hall have both run the mile under 4:50. Ziggie, 5.9 in the high jump, Steve Mast under a 2:05 half mile. Times and distances are very encourag¬ ing, prospects seem excellent for a particularly bright track picture. T HIS year Emerson had one of their finest Cross Country Teams. In the regular sea¬ son they piled up seven wins and lost only two. They placed eleventh against terrific competi¬ tion in the Hobart Invitational and emerged eighth in the Conference. The City Contest in which they gained a splendid third place, saw Steve Mast break Emerson’s record for the two miles with a smashing 9:57 performance. Major letters were earned by Bob Hall, Steve Mast, David McCorkle, Darrell Previs, Tony Radinsky, and Bob Wallace. LETTERMEN, Clockwise: Bill Drysdale, Duke Edwards, Soc Evdokiou, Donn Cunnett, Bob Hall, Jim Johnson, Steve Mast, Al Messock, Niepokoj, Prokop, Roytan, Vidal, Yugo, Coach Connelly. TRACK TEAM—Top row, left to right: Murlow, Karras, Carrabine, Arthur, O’Connel. Second row: Beddingfield, Clusak, Rocnick, Tsangaris, Zervos, Furlin. Bottom row: Toneff, Bodnar, Lodovisi, Kottaridis, Cyprian, Fitch. Upper left: The distance Lower left: Hot cinders. Top picture, first row, left to right: Angelos, Elwood, Prokop, Robinson, Smith, McEwan, Jones, Bajgrowicz, Coach Rolfe. Second row: Janssen, Curgevich, Neiopokoj, Carrabine, Calloway, Bellafiore, Nasiatka, Chirby, Mercer. Center picture, kneeling, left to right: McCorkle, Previs, Hall, Mast. Second row: Muniz, Cyprian, Coy, Radinski, Upper right: The dash men. Lower right: Good morning, Manual! Wallace, Drysdale, Furlin, Brown, Fitch. Third row: Carew, Richardson, Cliffton, Beers, Vician, Coach Con¬ nelly, McKosh. Bottom left: Setting the pace with a smile. Bottom right: It’s in there for a hit! 62 C.A.A. OFFICERS—left to right: Lilliam Kaplar, President; Sue Lowe, Vice-President; Jo Ann Cox, Secretary; Emma Orgon, Treasurer; Theresa Lalak, Sports Co-Ordinator. Inset: Miss Reynolds, Sponsor. Left to right: Lillian Kaplar, Sue Lowe, Jo Ann Cox, Olga Vrtikapa, Angeline Pujo, Theresa Polak, Emma Organ, Theresa Lelak, Catherine Green, Mary Kachis, Mai Mura wski, Mike Ogiego, Marge Sheehy, Marilyn Sayles, Mary Kottardis. A pproximately 95 % of the girls at Emerson belong to the only organization for the girls, the G.A.A. The Girls’ Athletic Association is a tradition, and is just as im¬ portant to the girls as football is to the boys. The G.A.A. offers five main sports: speed- ball, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and swim¬ ming. In each sport eight games are played by each individual to earn 100 pt. Varsities are chosen and are primarily composed of girls 64 who excel in a particular sport and in sports¬ manship. Also traditional of the G.A.A. is their an¬ nual Couple Dance and Banquet. At the ban¬ quet the monograms are given to the girls who have earned 1500 pts. The loving cup is al¬ so awarded to the outstanding Senior girl. Under the guidance of Miss Reynolds, our sponsor, the year was replete with enjoyment for all the girls. C.A.A. JUNIORS AND SENIORS—front row, left to right: Pavicic, Frame, Green, White, Cox, Vrtikapa, Polak, Babilla, Valenti, Tockstein, Ogiego, Morley, Kottaridis. Second row: Wellman, Bock, Greenwald, Piscione, Linkowski, Giley, Sout- sas, Hampton, Wehowatz, Hardy, Hyndman, Karas, Pfile, Mason, Babagan, Sheehy, Jones, Galnares. Third row: Fortes, Orgon, Kachis, Lowe, Kaplar, Leiber, Huber, Kehayia, Reo, Lelak, Sayles. Fourth row: Rospierski, Lucas, Micknik, Kar- ski, McNiece, Bozich, Sides, Trainer, Bavdek, Carson, Ka- burek, Crowe, Peronis, Short, Borter, Henderson, Garner, Platis, Cole, Malast, Barnes, Fletcher, Beard, Myers, Jenkins. Fifth row: Prasco, Ranzino, Hollingsworth, Zarakos, Sisamis, Pujo, Stefanelli, Nepsha, Minelli, Elencik, Calhoun, Wiser. C.A.A. FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORES—front row, left to right: Osika, Wilmore, Trainer, Cato, Woolridge, White, Newbaum, Kelly, Runion, Amabile, Bavidik, Chipokas, Goo- tee, Owen, Potts, Culbreth, Reid, Harlow, Franke. Second row: Shultz, Stafford, Ringas, Cowen, Binns, Depanion, Mc¬ Dowell, Tidewell, Smith, Conners, Rogers, Mickales, Gasper, Kuburek, Lucas, Moore, Peronis, Greenwald, Karlsrud, Be¬ lenko, Bently, Potts.Third row: Wilburn, Sayles, Phelps, Jack- son, Simons, Sharp, Hampstein, Noyes, Eckelman, Vrtikapa, Demos, Logan, Cogiantias, Claypool, Evanovich, Sposato, Keehn, McKim, McDougall, Nicoletti, Bess, Reo. Fourth row: Danskin, Reed, Elia, King, Pace, Christakis, Carter, Klug, Lowe, Vallance, Paligraph, Owens, Krajack, Morley, Shirley, Janssen, Fedina, Zacker, Bloomstein, Vaidik, Shay, Keyes, Stewart, Swan, Buchannan, Swim, Valant. Fifth row: Mc¬ Govern, Means, Valant, Yenco, McEvoy, Schewanik, Franke, Wiler, Naranscich, Jurdzy, Christakis, Emershy. 65 U JNDJtiK the leadership ol Mary ivottardis the girls in G.A.A. had an enjoyable sea¬ son of speedball. After playing inter-class games, varsities were chosen. Competition then grew keen and each game came to really mean something. Running true to form the Juniors again gave the Seniors a few headaches. The Sopho¬ mores and the Freshmen gave some competi¬ tion to the upper-classmen, but just couldn’t rolak, Ulga Vrtikapa, Delores btettanelli, Michaeline Ogiego. JUNIORS—Front row, left to right: Mary Crowe, Nancy McNiece, Delores Cole, Pat Soutsas. Second row: Shirley Sides, Helen Platis, Marlene Hollingsworth, Violet Ran- zino. Third row: Delores Bozich, Nancy Prasco, Clara Zarachis, Sophie Sisamis. SOPHOMORES—Front row, left to right:Carmen Fortes, Sue Nell Owen, Mary Ann Kaburek, Rita Lucas, Joan Tid¬ well. Second row: Mary Sharp, Mary Ann Casper, Alice Amabile, Barbara Culbreth, Jackie Cootee. Third row: Ethel Cato, Donna Wooldridge, Phedon Depanion, Joyce Potts, Betty Reid. SENIORS—Front row, left to right: Isabelle Frame, Cathy Creen, Jo Ann Cox, Shirley Babilla, Cerrie Valenti. Second row: Norma Calnares, Lillian Kaplar, Mary Kachis, The¬ resa Lelak, Emma Orgon. Third row: Angie Pujo, Theresa FRESHMEN—Front row, left to right: Stella Chipokas, Vivian McDougall, Bernadine Reo, Sondra Binns. Second row: Sara Shirley, Delores Nicoletti, Margie Pauligraph, Delores Valant, Dianne Demos. Third row: Mary Jurez, Patty Stewart, Nan Lowe, Lois Blumenstein. 66 U NDER the guidance of Olga Vrtikapa, head of G.A.A. basketball for this year, G.A.A. members had a tremendously exciting and suc¬ cessful season. The Seniors, after a tough battle with a skilled Junior team, took first place in the tournament. The Juniors, although favored to win, ranked second. The Sophomores who had one year of ex¬ perience behind them, placed third in the tournament. The underdogs, which of course were the Freshmen, came in in fourth place. SENIORS—Front row, left to right: Isabelle Frame, Jo Ann Cox, Theresa Lelak, Emma Orgon. Second row: Cathy Green, Lillian Kaplar, Mary Kachis, Gerrie Valenti. Third row: Katherine Pavicic, Theresa Polak, Olga Vrtikapa. JUNIORS—Front row.left to right: Nancy McNiece, De- lores Cole, Pat Soutsas. Second row: Marie Werhowatz, Shirley Sides, Helen Platis, Violet Ranzino. Third row: Delores Bozich, Clara Zarakas, Sophie Sisamis. SOPHOMORES—Front row, left to right: Carmen Fortes, Rita Lucas, Jackie Gootee. Second row: Mary Ann Gasper, Alice Amabile, Barbara Culbreth, Joyce Potts. Third row: Betty Reid, Barbara Reed, Phedon Depanion. FRESHMEN—Front row, left to right: Stella Chipokas, Margie Pauligraph, Vivian McDougall. Second row: Sara Shirley, Delores Nicoletti, Delores Valant, Nan Lowe. Third row: Beba Vrtikapa, Doris Valant, Sally Klug. 67 T WENTY-FIVE young Thespians overflow¬ ing with theatrical energy, participated in successful productions this year. These in¬ cluded: “Rising of the Moon,” “Our Town,” and “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Theatre parties were organized and the class went into Chicago to see the latest Broad¬ way plays. The class saw Thomas Mitchell in “Death of a Salesman,” and Katharine Cornell in “That Lady.” The latter proved to be quite an experience, for the class received an invita¬ tion from Miss Cornell enabling them to visit her backstage. The annual picnic; the final exams, and the farewell to the seniors in the class, ended the eventful year. Croup photo, bottom, opposite page, first row, left to right: Judy Cockrill, Christine Bikos, Sue Owen, Elnora Wilburn, Sue Sayles, Bettie Jenkins, Kathryn Pavicic. Second row: Morris Robinson, Bill Lauterbach, Craig Downey, Mrs. Palmer. Third row: Frank Martinez, Art McCosh, Jim Johnson, Bob Chirby, DeWayne Woodring, Nick Franke, John Demetrakis, Jackie Cobbler, Martha Garner, Shirley O ' Laughlin. F OUR years of intensive, yet entertaining work, a congratulatory letter ,and a cli- matical banquet merited a glorious end for those who qualified entrance into the National Society of the Masque and Gavel. The nine new members were especially proud, because they made the new “stiffened” requirements. The requirements for entrance are now: four years of auditorium and a vocational diploma; participation in class plays, the Christmas Pa¬ geant, and “Everyman”; work in debate, dis¬ cussion and interpretation; an original speech entered in an oratorical contest; and the unan¬ imous consent of the auditorium faculty. SENIOR DRAMATICS OFFICERS Jackie Cobbler -Treasurer Bill Lautenbach Vice-President Bettie Jenkins Secretary Nick Franke President SENIOR PLAY T HE gay and colorful “Meet Me In St. Louis” was the senior play. The nostalgic setting and Mid-Victorian costumes vividly brought back memories of the 1904 World’s Fair. The enthusiastic cast was inspirationally directed by Mrs. Palmer. JUNIOR PLAY T HE greasepaint gang from the Junior Class successfully presented the three-act comedy “Brother Goose” on April third. The story of an orphaned family mothered by the eldest brother was enthusiastically received as well as enacted. Miss Julia Alford was director. 72 A CAPELLA CHOIR—Top picture, front row, left to right: Gootee, Shirley, Belenko, Stewart, Jurdzy, Galnares, Cox, Greenwald, Bentley, Minnelli, Depanion, Doumis, Kottaridis. Second row: Malast, Murawski, Konz, Vitko- vich, Kachis, Morley, Cobbler, Johnson, Sayles, Vallance, Lau. Third row: Johnson, Garner, O’Reilly, Kampouris, Morley, Carew, Friel, Franke, Friedman, Franke, Cutler, Finton, Hansen, Ratkay, Lelak. Fourth row: Kotfer, Lach, Carew, Chirby, Karras, Evdokiou, Aydelotte, Rendz, Scheerer, Harbison, Demetrakis, Mercer, Classon, Ba- bi I la, Shultz. GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB—Bottom picture, front row, left to right: Malamatos, Kelly, Potts, Owen, Lucas, McKim, Taylor, Wheeler, Valant, Bock, Elia, Bavdek, Lello, Bow- len, Karlsrud. Second row: Wilmore, Hardy, Harlow, Cagiantes, Corski, Singleton, Kaburek, Arnold, Osika, Morley, Rospierski, Huff, Reid, Miklos, Sayers. Third row: Vigna, Zweig, Rupert, O ' Laughlin, Nepsha, Solon, Wain- man, Swan, Borter, Henderson, Klug, Reed, Keehn, Cohen, Cato. T HE Girls’ Band has grown, from yester¬ day’s humble beginnings, into today’s splendid musical aggregation. Thirty years of perseverance, patience, and arduous labor have been Mr. Warren’s answer to the herculean tasks which confronted him in the creation of bands and orchestras. Each year the most diligent and promising players of both the boys’ and girls’ bands are drafted into Emerson’s gay and lilting, melodi¬ ous Marching Band. The Marching Band GIRLS’ BAND OFFICERS—Top left, front row, left to right: Isabelle Frame, Barbara Siebenhaar, Margaret Beard. Second row: Barbara Dobrick, Helen Elencik. ORCHESTRA OFFICERS Top right: Bernard Bubman, Al Goldstein, Connie Bavdek, Ken Cutler, Richard Steinke, Don Classon, Ermyl Johnson. played at the football games and once again played for the Legionnaires on Armistice Day. It is an awe-inspiring sight to see the Emerson Marching Band, resplendent in gold and grey uniforms, as they march in consummate ex¬ cellence to the harmonious strains of music. This year a solo contest night was held in Crown Point. Emerson’s victorious participants in the Northern Indiana State Solo and En¬ semble Contest were: George Kampouris, Rich¬ ard Steinke, Barbara Vokurka, Glen Reavis, Al BOYS ' BAND OFFICERS—Bottom left, front row: De Wayne Woodring, Al Goldstein, Mary Doumis, Mary Karas, Richard Jackson. Second row: Don Classon, Ken Cutler, Richard Steinke. MAJORETTES—Bottom right, first row: Pat Hamilton, Mary Karas, Mary Doumis, Joan Potts. Second row: Ruth Richards, Betty Kelley, Joyce Potts, Martha McDowell. Goldstein, Stanley Walker, James Adams, Ron¬ ald Dixon, Joe Moluar, Charles Lawson, Joe Sipos, Charles Becker, Richard McNair, Mary Sharp, Nancy Hostetter, Helen Elencik, James Ward, Martha Garner, Nick Roknick, Ken Cut¬ ler, Don Glasson, and John Burger, first place; Nick Roknick, Robert Fitch, James Critchfield, Denton Dilling, James Ward, John Ihnat, Al¬ lan Friedman, Kenneth Cutler, Alvin Gold¬ stein, Richard Steinke, Robert Gunnett, James Wright, Ted Ringas, Ed Stypula, Don Glasson, Dennis Dewyer, John Burger, Joe Sipos, James Morley, Sue Crane, Mario Sposato, Nancy Hos¬ tetter, Margaret Beard, Yvonne Span, Mickey Finton, Mary Martinez, and Sandra Stenson, second place; Homer Short, Robert Sawansky, Eddie Dolch, and Glen Hyndman, third place. The Majorettes of Emerson meet every Tuesday night to practice, to make the girls more efficient in leading the band’s parades. They go through their paces with ease, agility and vivacity, and are an inspiration to the band. First row, left to right: Sharp, Elencik, Hostteter, Crane, Krasta, Bokich, Karedas, Cohinen, Ooumis. Second row: Creen, Lach, Vas, Stinson, Kallaus, Dell, Demos, Gootee, Conway, Frame. Third row: Siebenhaar, Bloomental, Spann, Richards, Beard, Kelly, Bock, Phelps, Martinez, Smith, Coverstone, Diehl, Ruszel, Certa, Russ Vellero, Reed, Rich, Thrasher, Rupert, Vigna. Back: Mrs. Masters, Malast, Murphey, Nix, Karas, Dobruk. tained at Emerson in later years. It is this carefully guided instruction that enables them to obtain excellent jobs and to gain renown in the music world. The Intermediate Orchestra and Concert Orchestra presented the Emerson Mid-Year Concert on January 28. The Emerson Combined Band and Or¬ chestra Concert was held on April 21. T HE Boys’ Band is comprised of students from the fifth to twelfth grades inclusive. The initial outlay was about five thousand dol¬ lars. The orchestra and band are under the di¬ rection of Mr. H. S. Warren and Mrs. A. Masters. There are many former Emerson students who have utilized the musical ability they ob¬ «■ 7 ORCHESTRA—Front row; left to right: Boswell, Kamp- ouris, Bassett, Bubman, Lloyd, Nicolleti, Binkley, Cotter, Taylor, Vokurka. Second row: Malast, Jatczak, Depanion, Osika, Wilmore, Bloomstein, McDougall, Frank, Wellan, Arnold, Ringas, Huff. Third row: left to right: Arthur, Potts, BAND—Front row, left to rightilhnat, Hostetter, Fried¬ man, Crane, Zervas, Maragos, Cyprian, Svantner, Ward. Second row: Starrinski, Stypula, Biers, Wade, Beers, So- wards, Kennady, Davies. Third row: Phelps, Lach, Mason, Traber, Friel, Fenton, Hall, Carew, Bramfield. Fourth row: Rushing, Green, Vangel, Lach, Molchan, Adams. Standing: Mrs. Masters, Doumis, Karas, Hamilton, Kelly, McDowell. Potts. Potts, Richards. Front Row: Sharp, Freedmon, Richard, Ward, Simons, Strage, Plenis. Second row, left to right: Steinke, Goldstein, Dill, Classen, Cutter, Buger. Third row: Warren, Potts, McDougall, Mercer, Johnson, Vigna, Critchfield, Fitch, Masters. Front Row: Stienke, Goldstein, Jackson, Cox, Duyer, Dachich, McGuire, Taylor, Classen. Second row: Sires, Wright, McNair, Dickson, Lawson, Goldstein, Dell, Molnar, Wahlman, Mynatt, Morley, Short, Cuttler, Burger. Third row: Sananski, Critchfield, Dolch, Fitch, Hall, John¬ son, Scepos, Becker, Johnson, Malast, Rupert, Murphey, Visna. Woodring, Warren. Leadership, Courtesy, and Drill The program of the National Defense Act issued by order of the Secretary of War, in 1946, was “to lay the founda¬ tion of intelligent citizenship by inoculat¬ ing in the student habits of precision, or¬ derliness, courtesy, correctness of posture and deportment, leadership, and respect for and loyalty to constituted authority, and to give the student basic military training which would be of benefit to him and of value to the military services if and when he would become a member thereof.” The Emerson Rifle Team is composed of ten men. They participated in the Fifth Army Match, held from the first week in February to the middle of March. Of the four schools in the city Emerson placed second. D. M. S. AND T. T HE Department of Military Science and Tactics of Emerson High School is com¬ posed of eighty-four cadets, who in turn com¬ prise the two companies, L. and N. D. M. S. and T. cadets learn map-reading, first aid, group co-ordination, leadership, and drill. They are taught the value of personal health, group behavior, personal manners, grooming, and the art of self-defense. Supervised marksmanship training is given on their regulation rifle range. The greatly anticipated social event of the year, the Military Ball, was held April 15th in the Crystal Ballroom at the Hotel Gary. The Regimental Revue was held May 10th at the Tolleston football field. Donald Small from Tolleston High School, regimental com¬ mander of the city, was presented with a sabre and the ten highest riflemen in the city were presented with the Gary Chamber of Com¬ merce award. 78 Top, foreground, left to right: Sgt. Savanovic, Sgt. Lang. First row: Darold Previs, Larry Thrasher, Tom Chandler, Jim Weland, George Lorandos, Vance Cornish, Richard Lach, Ben Toth, Jack Krupa, John Tanski, Richard Chirby. Second row: Steve Vician, Alvin Goldstein, Bill Wicham,Charles Siai, Roy Wellman, Johnson, Joe Vagnar, John McHenry, Barry Beers. Bottom, foreground: Sgt. Savanovic, Sgt. Lang. First row: Don Cartner, Andy Svantner, James Dziewicki, Charles Tsangaris, John Tsangaris, Robert Trabor, Craig Kennedy, Sam Peronis, Bill Turley. Second row: Kenneth Mosier, Sheldon Cohan, Bob Huck, Edward Stupuls, Alex Sigler, Houston Binkley, Lonnie Spears, Jim Crew. RIFLE SQUAD (Page 78), kneeling, left to right: Jim Weland, Houston Binkley, Jim Dziewicki, Don Cartner. Stand¬ ing: Don Coleman, Chuck Becker, Richard Chirby, Sheldon Cohan, Bob Skinner. Bottom: Bob Skinner, Richard Steinke, Steve Vician, John Malamatos, Irwin Fraley, John Ihnat, DeWayne Bittner, Richard McGuire, Charles Becker, Don Coleman. 79 T HE National Honor Society is perhaps the most splendid and admirable of school or¬ ganizations. Its members are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. A working organization, the Emerson High School chapter of the National Honor Society was the sponsor of many events, which bene¬ fited both the community and the school. A combined fund was started, the S. O. S. Humanity Drive, which was for the benefit of crippled children and the victims of Heart Dis¬ ease, Polio, Tuberculosis, and Cancer. This was one of the main projects of the Honor Society. Career Night, held on March 29, for the bene¬ fit of the Emerson students, was received with SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY SPONSORS—Standing: Miss Tinsman, Mr. Spaulding, Mr. Rowland. Seated: Miss Tal¬ bot, Miss Beeler, Miss Newton, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Palmer. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS — left to right: Dorothy Hardy, Chairman of Committees; Lorraine Short, Treasurer; Betty Lieber, President; Sue Lowe, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Allan Fink, Secretary. much enthusiasm by the students. This year, the induction ceremony was held on March 29, in the Emerson Auditorium. New members, who were inducted were: Theresa Lelak, Carole Konz, Mary Ann Morley, Sally Henderson, Norma Woods, Norma Vlamos, Margaret Beard, De Wayne Woodring, May¬ nard Krueger, David Brugos, Sue Dorl, Shirley O’Laughlin, Ben Toth, Wilma Fletcher, and Richard Elwood. Mrs. Greenwald, a former Emerson teach¬ er, provided an interesting speech for the in¬ ductees and the spectators. The traditional candlelight ceremony was followed by a tea, to which parents, members, and the faculty were invited. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY—Sitting, left to right: Lor¬ raine Short, Norma Vlamos, Sally Henderson, Betty Lie¬ ber, Dorothy Hardy, Mary Ann Morley. Standing: Theresa Lelak, Norma Woods, Richard Elwood, Allan Fink, Carole Konz, David Brugos, Sue Lowe. Character, Leadership, Service A FTER an impartial evaluation, the stud¬ ents who have made the greatest contribu¬ tions to the school, are honored by acceptance into the Junior Honor Society. The purpose and goal of the society is to make Emerson School a better place to live! One of the major projects which it spon¬ sored was the school’s lost and found depart¬ ment. It gave the splendid Twilight Dance last fall for the seventh and eighth grades. Its JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY—Front row. left to right: Sue Crane, Sharolyn Swan, Pat Yenco, Margaret Vaidik. Second row: Iris Reynolds, Arlene Massa, Evelyn Shay, Marilyn Pace, Sara Shirley, Sonia Belenko, Patty Stewart, Nancy Lowe, Sallie Klug. Third row: Yvonne Spann, Pat members worked diligently and provided the outstanding speaker for the general assembly. One of its members was selected as a repre¬ sentative of the newly organized Student- Faculty Committee. The members of the Junior Honor Society ended the year with a feeling of pride and satis¬ faction because of their fine efforts and ach¬ ievements. Rushing, Jessie Shaw, Harriet Long, Janice Holt, Frances Logan, Mary Christakis, Eugenia Sacopulas. Fourth row: Miss Nilsson, Homer Short, Steve Vangel, Robert Schultz, Ceorge Kampouris, Victor Lodovisi, Vance Cornish, Cus Sacopulas, Sheldon Cohan, Judy Cockrill. LATIN CLUB—Bottom picture, first row: Calhoun, Jans¬ sen, Cotier, Lemon, Schultz, White, Combs, Lowe. Sec¬ ond row: O’Laughlin, Bess, Schaeffer, Henderson, Cowen, Sayles, McAvoy, Yohe. Third row: Charlebois, Sacopulas, Hall, Cohen, Clark, Chandler, Freil, Zuma, Kottaridis. SPANISH CLUB—Top picture, front row, left to right: Lawrence, Thrasher, Smith, Zeronis, Cornish, Toneff, Ro- seff, Marigus. Second row: Cox, Vallance, Shirley, Dorl, McKim, Cole, Creenwald, Greenwald, Singleton, Yuracin, Reed, Kuburek, Fortis. Top row: Hostetter, Logan, Christ- akis, Wiler, Vilarila, Certa, Christakis, Bubman, Turner, Hoff, Butcher, Rocoff, Martinez, Mrs. Reyher. Business Leaders Of Tomorrow T HE purpose of the Emerson Commercial Club is to develop competent, aggressive business leaders, and to encourage members in the development of individual projects and in establishing themselves in business. It en¬ courages improvement in scholarship and pro¬ motes school loyalty. They sponsored Emerson’s newspaper, “The Golden Gazette.” The staff of the paper was chosen from this Club. Membership requirements are: 1. Junior or Senior student. 2. Completion of two semes¬ ters of any commercial subject, and enrollment in one or more. 3. An A or B average in the commercial subjects they are now taking. Presiding officers of the Club were: Presi¬ dent, Lillian Kaplar; Vice-President, Shirley Babilla; Secretary, Michaeline Ogiego; Treas¬ urer, Jo Ann Cox. Serving as sponsors for the organization were Miss Beeler and Miss Rowe. COMMERCIAL CLUB—Front row, left to right: Mary Ann Morley, Nan Shultz, Juanitta Shotts, Barbara Bock, Joyce Reo, Joan Wellman, Ann Kehayia, Mary Miccichi, Julie Kane. Second row: Theresa Lelak, Mai Murawski, Dolores Stefanelli, Shirley Babilla, Cerrie Valenti, Emma Orgon, Margaret Sheehy, Cathy Creen. Third row: Mar¬ garet Warren, Shirley Timmerman, Joan Strasburg, Mary Nepsha, Margaret Ratkay, Mary Huber, Sherrie Lau, Judy Creenwald, Lillian Kaplar, Michaeline Ogiego, Theresa Polak, Helen Zweig, Adeline Nowak, Angeline Pujo, Mary Kachis, Miss Beeler. PROJECTION CLUB—Front row, left to right: Dick Sum¬ mers, Alice Amabile, Stanley Walker, Leonard Lis, Bill McHenry. Second row: Sue Cole, Sue Dorl, Joyce Holmes, Donna Wiser, Nich Saharias. Third row: Wilma Fletcher, Barbara Phellps, Mrs. Baughn, Frank Martinez. COMMERCIAL OFFICERS—Left to right: Shirley Babilla, Vice-President; Jo Ann Cox, Treasurer; Lillian Kaplar, President; Michaeline Ogiego, Secretary. NEWSPAPER STAFF—Seated, left to right: Jo Ann Cox, Theresa Lelak, Second row: Nick Franke, Mary Kachis, Lillian Kaplar, Shirley Babilla, Michaeline Ogiego, Joyce Reo, Angeline Pujo, Rae Tockstein, Miss Beeler. Third row: Jim Aydelotte, Charles DeFore, Guy Janssen, Olga Vrtikapa, Dolores Stefanelli, Theresa Polak. NEWSPAPER TYPISTS—Seated: Angeline Pujo, Dolores Stefanelli. Standing: Lillian Kaplar, Shirley Babilla, The¬ resa Polak. L INES formed by the sales stand; students sat on the foot-warmers; girls gathered in small groups; the halls were unusually quiet. It was just another day of school, but some¬ thing had happened! THE GOLDEN GAZETTE was on sale and everywhere you looked, there were students reading the school news. THE GOLDEN GAZETTE, a project of the Commercial Club, was started in 1949. NEWSPAPER BOARD:Theresa Lelak, Mary Kachis, Jo Ann Cox, Jim Aydelotte. Since then it has increased in circulation and has become a bigger and better paper. It is a monthly paper, published for the students, re¬ lating the latest school news, events, and sports. With the assistance of Miss Beeler, the sponsor, and under the management of Editor Jo Ann Cox, the paper has proven to be a great success. SALES STAFF—Front row, left to right: Mary Kachis, Joan Wellman, Catherine Green, Isabelle Frame, Mary Kottar- idis, Lillian Kaplar. Back row: Melvin Edwards, Tom Mercer, George Evdokiou, David Sartoris, Joe Kuzma, Jim Platis. O F the many problems which confront¬ ed the Annual Staff, one of the most difficult was the selection of a group of compet¬ ent seniors, who were to sell subscriptions for the 1950 EMERSONIAN. The goal was 500 copies and these were to be sold before January 21. After much discussion, those students who were best qualified were chosen to comprise this staff. Fourteen seniors, under the management of Melvin Edwards, began the campaign for subscriptions. Signs were posted in the halls and students were rushed at the dances. Fac¬ ulty, students, and alumni were urged to buy subscriptions from this staff. They not only sold annuals, but it was through this staff that all the projects spon¬ sored by the Annual Staff were successful. They sold tickets to the Roller Skating Party, encouraged students to help support the an¬ nual, sold apples and bows, and contributed to the bake sales. They worked hard to help make this book a success. 85 Money! Money! Money! PICTURE SCHEDULES, LAYOUTS, IDENTIFICATIONS, COPY, SALES, DEADLINES These were just a few of the many problems facing the Annual Staff in the production of the 1950 EMERSONIAN. With Sue Lowe as Editor, Bill Lautenbach as assistant Editor, and an inexperienced staff of thirteen stud¬ ents, they began conquering these prob¬ lems. The theme was chosen and a dummy of the book was made showing the layout of every page. Jo Ann Cox and Nick Franke made picture schedules. While Guy Janssen and Theresa Lelak made layouts for the pictures, Mary Ann Morley, Emma Orgon, and Dorothy Hardy were busy identi¬ fying each person in the pictures returned from the photographer. Meanwhile Melvin Edwards and Betty Lieber checked sales, and balanced the budget. Ends just wouldn’t meet! Projects to raise money were planned. Among these were: the Annual Personality Dance; a Skating Party; Bow Day; Candy Sales; Bake Sales; and Apple Day. ANNUAL STAFF—First row. Istt to right: Emma Orgon. Betty Lieber, Carole Konz. Second row: Mr. Tangy, Theresa Lelak, Sue Lowe, Art Evdokiou, Bill Lautenbach, Nick Franke. Third row: Jo Ann Cox, Mary Ann Morley, Jerry Copeland, Melvin Edwards, Dorothy Hardy, Cuy Janssen. ANNUAL STAFF Editor. Sue Lowe Assistant Editor.Bill Lautenbach Picture Schedules.Jo Ann Cox Business Manager.Betty Lieber Assistant Business Manager.Nick Franke Layout Editor.Guy Janssei Layouts.Theresa L( Identifications ... Emma Orgon, Dorothy Hardy, Mary Ann Copy Editor.Ca Sales Manager.Meh Junior Representatives.Art Evdokiou, Ed Charlebois, i Sponsor . Money! Money! Money! While these people were doing their specified jobs, Carole Konz was writing copy, cap¬ tions, and headlines, and working frantically to meet printer’s and engraver’s deadlines. The Junior representatives, Art Evdokiou, Ed Charlebois, and Jerry Copeland assisted whenever they were needed, doing miscellaneous tasks. With the appreciated cooperation and wholehearted sup¬ port of the faculty and students, and under the able guid¬ ance of Mr. Tangy, their sponsor, the staff was able to publish this book. INDEX A Capella Annual Sales Staff Annual Staff Band, Boys’ Band, Girls’ Basketball, Class Freshmen Lettermen- Reserves Board of Control Booster Committee Building and Grounds Committee Commercial Club Cross-Country D. M. S. T. Dramatic Class- Faculty, Auditorium Department Industrial and Fine Arts Guidance Counselor Language and Arts Math and Commerce Physical Education Senior Sophomore Orchestra - Principals Projection Club Registers, Freshman Junior Sophomore Rifle Team Senior Personalities Senior Play Social Committee Spanish Club Sponsors, Freshman C.A.A. Honor Society, Senior Sophomore Table of Contents Track, Lettermen Page ... 73 ... 85 86-87 76-77 75 — 58 ... 58 ... 56 ... 58 ... 57 ... 18 ... 19 ... 19 ... 83 ... 63 ... 79 ... 71 ... 13 ... 15 ... 12 ... 14 ... 16 ... 12 ... 14 ... 30 ... 22 76-77 ... 12 ... 83 .24-25 28-29 26-27 ... 78 48-49 ... 72 31-47 ... 19 ... 82 ... 23 ... 64 ... 80 ... 23 — 30 — 23 -. 3 60-61 60-61

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