Emerson High School - Emersonian Yearbook (Gary, IN)

 - Class of 1939

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Emerson High School - Emersonian Yearbook (Gary, IN) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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I M Q N . W fgffiif M QU 1 NAM s ww Hgafwwjld 7, ,M MSQM wif M427 M W ww xq A fwiwww W W 'Mfffx K Y. -:xafay yiiiiwiiw ff !'ZV Lf"A Q3 wWf,, jff,fj W' . J My M, lj , M yuWaZjl7f,MW W f www , ,ff , wifvjw WMQWW QW X WQQJMMWM W WV W w W ,JJWZQMMQ ww 225255 N 5 f- "" -1:1 - K S 'P Gr, 'fri X gk N H V .D bl h lm ,. I 4 v ' I R914 N j g .S " f Q x 'P 52 W A F . .r A "I 0 . X:-:R A J x. gs I - -I' I , 'X y, ' '. Q X -'-,Zvi ,,, xx - SX Q 5 's -X " l- ' ' '- ix 'Xi -. Q-Q - 5 1 Q ' - , i" ir Y --. l'1rf2li.vfu'J by Hu' X n 'ff SEN IOR CLASS EMERSON HIGH SCHOOL GARY, INDIANA intless Sclaool claysl Tloe niere intention ot tloe words brings baclz cot nieniories: tloe tlarill ot being at treslonian, siirpasseil only by tloe prestige tloat is granted a seniorg tlae annually recurring attaclzs ol spring lever, tollowecl in tloe tall by an equally fatal inalacly, tloe sport's inaniag tloe loectic niglots spent in reluctant stncly, offset by more eager participatioii in tloe treqitent social activities of tloe scloool, tloe encluring trienelsloips tornieel ivitlo stnclents ancl teacloers. No matter tloat our little reel sclnool loonse is as tar aclvanceil lroni fl's clay as titty years ot progress in ecliicational science ' s tloat we leave torinecl are iiist as dear to ftage ot eaclo generation f randa ationc is loeit es ol that ol G can inalze it. Tloe associ ns as Granclailk are to loiin, a precioi, memories ot "clear olcl golcg rule days." lt is our loope tloat tlais boolz, will preserve lor yon nieinori YOUR Emerson scloool elays. M dh ood O Uv Otffben SJMQU WMU AW WM Rwlle! THE WAY TO A MAN'S HEART THE BOYS LEARN NVHAT MAKES THE XVHEELS GO ROUND THE EYES SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE IT HOLD THE PRESS, HERE COMES THE NEWS FIRST AID TO THE INJURED AND THE CALORIE WATCHERS 3 gi ST M xx X - I ' W x ip f -,, , 'f , . 1 V2 4 R Q ,fa , 1 fs 'K 4 g E ' named THE BEST TIME OF THE DAY UNDERSTUDIES FOR CURIE AND PASTEUR ART FOR BEAUTY'S SAKE MORE SAND THAN STEEL AN AUDITORIUM AUDIENCE BETSY ROSS AND HER COMPATRIOTS ze 1 I 4' Utah Qwddance 7400094 Be WML Ha. I-IERBERT S. JONES SIl17Ul'jl7fl'1lC1l'lIf of Gary Public Schools Getting his three R's in Wells County, Indiana, and attending several colleges, our recently-elected superintendent of schools, Mr. H. S. Jones, taught social studies and served as a high school princi- pal before coming to Gary. Social studies director was his first Gary post. The Steel City is highly fortunate in having such a progressive school leader. . T A SPAUUHNG .ha qv: :VY . xxx! liondly, but never disrespectfully called ull. A.", Mr. Spaulding suc- cessfully administers the affairs of Emerson. Before his prineipalship, Nlr. Spaulding taught all grades and many subjects. As an enthusiast of nature, he frequently shares his experiences with students. NWC seniors gratefully acknowledge his constant help and unfailing friend- liness. , , ix? . ,- J' l'r1nL1lldllll I '- oo linzvrson N 'l ELIZABETH LEEDS Nfliss leeds, our assistant principal, has - - 4 L 'V ' R' i' "L Q tra' - Amlsmnf P,.lm.,lm1 hid uidt cxperiencc ISV 1 p ysiei in ing teacher and as a kindergarten super- visor. One of her particular joys is the lfmerson Art Gallery. Her constant aim is to hetter Emerson. To effect this, Miss leeds, insists that character must come first always. Wray Qnafmnzfee Um cfducwfion. BOARD OIT EDUCATION PARENT COUNCIL -,. T011 Row: Maynard lf. Suley, Asslt Secretnryg Edward NV. Selmnf, Trcasurerg Dnnnld XV. Milliren, President. Bllfffllll Row: 111111135 A. Craig, M. D., Vice-presidentg Herbert .S Jones, 1Superintendentg Iidwnru T. Duyne, Secretary. A M N-'N A M ,mr - I v W A 'F .ef 'T' - Q f, N 4. . A,g.,m K 'Q H in M, ,, Tull Row: Mr. lirnest Knening, Mrs. Henry Mowry Qvisitnrj, Mrs. Floyd Kellstrnm Qvisimrj, Mr. Floyd Kellstrnm, Mr. George Garner, Mrs. Gabriel Slmlmz, Mr. Gabriel Slmbaz Cvisitorj, Mr. liverett Allen Spaulding, Mrs. John Preuss. Buifow Rauf: Miss lllimbetli Leeds, Mrs. Leu hlnnncy, Mrs. Xviillll'lIT1 Mirchell, Mrs. Henry Gordon, Mrs. NV. A. Kelly fvisitorj, Mrs. Milton Rottenlscrg, Mrs. Louis Rottenberg Cvisitorl. Mrs. Snmuel Bnbillu, Mrs. Gwendolyn Griffith. No! PI'l'Xl'IIf for 1'irf1m': Major T. F. Samsel, Mr. Allen Combs. Jiggew, Me feadtew. Hearty applause follows the commencement orator's reference to the graduate's debt to the faculty, for seniors know their mentors have worked at being guides, instructors, sponsors, and friends. Nor do their efforts end with the school day, for all our extra-curricular activities are aided by this tireless group. The harrowing task of managing large groups falls to our auditorium and physical education staffs. Theirs also the duty of instructing us in the rudi- ments of speech, drama, games, and health. s. . 41 .V '-J V TN, rj, -f S4 V S, by 'X 9' f xg, 'K ' V X- lull: Rauf: l'lAZliI, HARRISON GERTRUDE PALMICR SUIZ DIKEMAN DALICY ANN CUTSHALL MARGARET PAUL Bottom Row: GRACE SAYERS MICLBA CROMER 1llHlifUVfl1HI Twp Row: ART ROLFE Tr ICDXVARD MOORE ,J 2 .' xt A i J 3 EJ Q . Q' .J 3 XX, Q2 R A LPH BRASAEM Lli Iioflmn Roux: """""""""" GIZRTRUDE j. REYNOLDS """"' uxviaNDoi.YN c3R11111lTH 'f""' viom VOGT "f""""" no1zoTHY ttsrtx Pfnyxi r'11 1 Elf 1ir'i: lion el.. i......r...... 7504 'famamaw 4, Hamwfofmk We MM! Yalce CLARA REYHER CLARISSA SMITH liorvigu Imllglnlgv CATHERINE GREEN WALD GIADYS PIERCE NELL LEACLUWAN BIARJORIE STONILR GRACE BENSCOTEK English Allltl 1,iI1nu ADELE GWINN MINNIIZ TALBOT DONALD CONNERLY Matbcmulirs ANN KOTORA HUBERT WARREN SAM BOBELIL Igzsfrumcrflul Music LSTHER TINSMAN FLOYD PLINN .lliSSE WARRUM Sriwzrc 'J Our curriculum includes three divisions of social sciences: history, civics, and economics. Military discipline and marks- manship are taught in the R. O. T. C. In commercial classes we learn to be accurate, neat, and competent clerks or secretaries. Our vocational sliops turn out skilled industrial worliers. Individual artistic talent expressions in art. Tecli- nically inclined students talte drafting. Tlwe universal feminine calling. lmomcmaking, is studied in our domestic science classes. Anal Did We feet Take. MARY BAN CHARLES xl. WISH HLNRIILTTA NEWTON AARON B. CARLBILRG HAZIQI, GRILIGLR llistury DONALD Q. HARRIS HIfRSI'IIil, SOUDICRS R. O. T. C. DAISY ROXVE WILLIAM K. QIIANCIZ Cu111fm'i'4'ii1l Aff: GI-.ORLSIL WIRT CHARLES ROGICRS FRANCIS Al. GARRIOT luilmlriul Arla MARTHA SIIIQRMAN OTTO N. YIZAGER Ar! ISliRTI'IA ADL CHRISTINE IIAYIS IJUIIIUXHI' Arlx 3-, Mr. Yeager mounting the Golden Stair . . . l'Now when I made the winning touchdown-" D. C. Connerly . . . Mr. Bobelels uniform gives a martial air - he plays martial airs, too! , . . Shades of Robin Hood in Sherwood, Coach Moore! . . . Fearing baldness, Coach Rolfe covers his curly QU hair QQ . . . Mr. Flinn preparing to Hll out his health chart . . . "To take a Chance or not to take a Chancen . . . Heis got a pocketful of song 3 Mr. Warrexi . . . "Vanity, vanity - all is vanity," -- Miss Benscoter . . . The "barefoot girl" considers paying a debt for betj to Mr. W'ise . . . Mrs. Vlfarrumls Hrst husband according to J. J. Miss Tappan taking homework home -- "just a Quiet Evening" . . . Mrs. Hayes awaiting the jingle of little coins . . . Jaunty and jolly Miss Cutshall looks to see what she can see . . . Miss Sherman! the "Big Apple" is outmoded . . . Miss Sayers getting a picture of her cute choir members taken in good order . . . Post-luncheon eomraderie of the Daley, Cromer, Reynolds triumvirate . . . Mrs. Stoner watches the VV. K. birdie . . . Watching kiddies build sand-castles, Miss Elster? . . . Sergeant Souders, a military man in musing mood . . . Colleagues Pierce and Newton discussing 1ife's problems. C143 Mx Way Y zilaue 14 Pau Plame. W F ww- 5- QQR yAZ4iiJjWWAgA524fZ 'Qi Yi ESM ff 2 XG Q 22 My 7 74 fy CM ' 0 jf-ijgi 9 MP' Ck . -w Csxlpwydwyi 'vw XM gg . Um Seven Pilfaw of Wisdom. "Is Mr, Spaulding here?" "May 1 use the phone?" "Short hours today?,' "I want to pay my book- rentalf' "A ticket for the game please." These things our office staff contend with everyday of the school year. They serve the student body efficiently and courteously. Miss Link, Miss Beveridge and Nliss Hodglainsong, V X preside in Mr. Spauldings' officeg Miss Thomae, IMrs. . Jones and Miss Chuba, Miss Leeds, office. The Primxry . .H Building is under the guidance of Miss Hoffman. .1 .D 53 X ll f Jul B'lN"ll0's l-lat' JN Q l ' j ' ' .A ' XX, wld flee Q fl., r l lf l ' ,l Ei' .VX K .Q T 9 . n l , N X ' all ' x Q' v -. rl X 'ly s 'X l xl X- . e' -- 1 fi -1 I X Q Nh oFF1ch s F 'Q , Nelle Hoffman, Greta Beveridge, Lruzi-el Hodglainson, Nellie jones, 'Elizabeth Clxubu, Mildred Thomue, Maurine Link. oo Cfaww 'Q W 9 Os 'Q 4, 5 MZ! ye mean. ' 7-ea,c5Le2L fled making, fiacea at We. SEQNIICDRS wb! A 'X MAURICIE ALLCORN V-f ' GEORGE ANASTOPOULAS'!f,jj ARLENIQ ANDERSON jf! 11OR1s ANDERSON TINY ANDREWS V, UGO ANGOTTI ,df J Qmff 'ff 1 MARIAN BABIARCYK fr - Y Q3 ,,jy-4,21-Rf! GUINAVERE BALTICH J IJRICD BIZREZIN EEMA BLACHLY MILDRIED BLACHLY -IUNIZ BLICKFNSDFRFILR O V, . 1 O ' ' ' 1 A f ROSALHZ BOKICH K"QL4j1' f GLORIA BOXVMAN f , f ' ' 11, 1 ,1- xf WMA! E,ff1f,,vf iff! I I Y , 1 1 1 ' I I Ar' fffg' - V Y' V X, 1 E . Dx" Exif'-ff V if H 'Q ' 1 Y "' mx ' .1,,"X VERA ROWRONA I A' ' A -' 'N r JOHN BOSAK .lfjwfpsu JW" " ROR BRIGGS .-MQ .jJ,,,j4f HELEN BROWNf 1 -b ' Q PATRICIA BROWN XVADE BROWN TLD BRUGOS K If f , 1 .1 I' 'f , , , -.ff f' , 4 ', , e -I - , -- 1 .M A . ISALBINA BUCLZIQR ROBERT' BURGICSS .lliANIf1"1'lL CAN l Wlil,l. RALPH CLARKIQ ,f ORVILLA CLAUDE AI,liX COLLH1 Mll.I4ORD CONQUliS'1 an I r RIQNNIQTH COl'li MAR Y CRAIG -IDL CRAYTON INRLNNY CROCKIZR M . . -- f -' ' 1moNA1,1J CROLL Q -,V 'Vif kmmris CULVICYIEDUSI-Q 2 ." X 4- Z ,Q ,Q ,- ROSINA CUNNINUHXM ,. I, e- ide, lattfe- lafe. C193 IIIQRISIQRT CURTIS A R Olili R 'I' DAVIDSON AIANIC DIQMMOND WINllfR I-,D DRAVLS l5I,SlIi -IANIL DUNN I'A'I"RICIlA DNVYER ,IOAN 1 1Nc51 12R'1'Q, f if "1 mation Plame," Saga the Eeackm. VERA EVERY VILRA FIZRHAT i JAMIQS F1Nn.N,EfVwN 7 -x MHDRED FISHER JAMES FITZPATRICK PETER FOGO, A 3' PAULINE GASPER SEIXIIQ 4 1 ft I Q n . ROBERT GEROMILTTA ,IT 11LA1NIi GEYER 4f'L,, RS 1.1fq,!,f . GERALDINE GIBBOPIS f DEAN GLANCY f',',1fff W - ff ' ROBERT GREENBILRGV .' W" . "7 -' f f'R' n " M -. , CHARLES GUST 7165 9 f 4 DOROTHY HELWIG I ,'Lj.s ' 1 WASSIL HILRBACK 7,1 W gf if ' NHLL JANE HIGGINIBOTHAM X BONNIE HIXON X, 1 f . , ,- KENNETH I-IOEG M .1 FRIQD HOLPORD gp.-V A T, Mft, JAMLS HOLMAN J LETHA HOLT N., ,ff .lb 61' .f , ,Af , WILLIAM HOLZMAN .,f 124' HARRY IDDINGS ELIZABETH IATAROLA MARY IATAROLA 'A DOROTHY IRVINE fd. BARBARA MIACKSON JAMES JACOBS A-A . Q L! Y F' If 1 1 I, y7f", - .1 l,' sovmu JATKOXVSKI ,IANIZ JENSEN Lois JOHNSON .IUSTINI2 JOHNSTON IZVELYN JUCEWICZ 14oR1aA1NE JUNCQHMM V' 1 ous KARAS f,,1,.L-,I Zhang howndem, 5044 1 C213 , .., J MARY ANN KASPER 'iff 110141-im' 1412151511 JACK KIERLIN KAY ROLLS IIIZDWIG KOMOROWSKI 11111-Lx KORDYS .XGNICS KOZAK Lf,"-f A -.-L, ,f ,J A ,V . Mme me Wide-- SENIORS mf 4 yi! J r NVARREN KRAFT wi" "fM'f " e VY ' I A 1 ' DOROTHY KRAJAC LORETTA KRALIS ANGELINE KROLL EDWARD KUESTER JACK LANDES f WILMA LANDIS DEN NIS LANVRENCE GRACE LEADY b f WALTER LEECHTff I A BETTY LELAND f GEORGE LESENYIE w:"f""4 I JOHN LEVAOK I, A ' V WILLIAM LEsLNYIEf,-f,! ilfi' .Z , WALTER LEXVANDOWSKI QIEOBERT LEWIS HOWARD LIND ELEANOR LOCKE JAMES LOGAN ' ,f NICHOLAS LOGAN ff I GEORGE MACHAQEK .H ,O I E '. I 5-. I X 1 Q .AAI .I f 'ww Kfv"v!'lf1' l . 3 ELIZABETH MACKENZIE , l . MARILYNN MAISEL 7,2 fn ,Ax lg ROBERT MARTIN 'fic' ' BIZTTIZ MATTHEWS JOHN MuCAIiTHY WINFILLD MCCATHRLN XVILLIAM McCONN1iLL Mme me Utfbefwrfme. x Hex-1. H j' as L ,I . Ri f f? 1.-f - , R !,. f f,f1,!V!4!2f.,,1,a4 11vL2RuT'T Mcc:oRM1cK RUTH MCCRLL .IACK MCRINNRY STUART MCLTZAN K MARHIORIE MCNHQCIQ liI.AlN1i Muqvlen cimuma MEFITORD 4235 T X 5 L I ,, Y,,.4p7 Nlklx Nil-,NAKIS Mllili MISTROVICII I,Il.I,lAN MOORIC 'VRICIC MORRILL LlllRI5TINli MORRISON XIARLLARIZT MOSS tl.XNli MOUNTAIN Plane Qeomezfng, dy Utd and Cffanlc. S E N l Q R , ig, 5,1 " X1 r,', Q , , CONCI-I'l"l'INA MUFIVOLIQTTO ,r'3,f,,f,f'f'1 - ff' X" Af'-' " JOSEPH MUVFOLETTO ANNA MAE MULLOY ' 2 I f f. .. ,Q JAMES NIULLOYV-4':M'f"" ffq ' , RORIQRT MULR ' f , f "' A MAROARIQT ELLEN MURRAY A A ff . , f X MIKI-, MURRAN Mjifgjfby Qfbw-1-fbpfkw WAl,'l'liR NAWROCKI , v f' - -if lf' '11 .. V ROBERT NOLAN R-JJ" fb x X ' 1' . 1 . ciH11sT12R NOWAK 1215" Q Cfffkf' f""' 'W V ROSIQ NOWRQRI BILL NUTE 1 fiffw DOROTHY O'BRADOv1C ,MAJ J , rj -H ' X. MARIAN O'DONNELL DAVID O'HARA JAMES ORR . l , X ROBERT PARKERq4f'! f X : CHARLOTTE PARRISH V, VIOLET PAZO 7 Lkjf' xy! MARJORIE PENDLETON - MIZLVIN PETERSON XX W I iff f I ,. I , 7 , f I ,r 1, If f 'I I-741.1 I , vi' ? GEORGE PETRAIN 'I'IiD POLEVVSK1 DOROTHY POWERS , 1ux'r1uc1A much ,X - IQ .X IIONVARD Plauuss XX-W-, my . Alllblli QUICK ' Iiucnaxli RACHON I 'f I MARY RAYSSES CI IRISTINA RIil1J non main , . f N ' MILIJRI-,D RLPYA q . if K , "I I 4 I I ,' I. ', G1iNIiVIIiVIi RII,liY x,fJH+Qv ffl- x X , B ,,1fx i UAN ROMAN 110511 RUSCI-IAK MMQIUN 1aUz1'1'Y 'f 'UV 'LZ you Doffzft Succeed --- Quit. bf, DORIS SANIJIIACZII IIINRY SANVA IJORUTI IY SCHIQICRICR CARI, SCHOONOYICR LUIS SCIIXVANIYI' TI II-IMA SCOPIQI, fi, I -ff-L1 , ! f 14.7, Q f 1 1 "L fff Guam and HDL Qamg, Milfeci Hwnaiwdfa --- SENIQQS gk' f "K 1 Kwgvf- ,fv,,'-KK ' , 1 1-:v1a1AYN sco'1'T C- --L-.-L,1fj-Y h mcgi-1ARD s111TZ1NGfI21x ' Ji' 1,1 I SUSIIZ Sl-IABAZ f ' Q f x" 4" ff 5' X-J, 'f!f1,..,"f', DAYTON SHAFILR -"" ' Tl'1liI,MA SHEPPARD LENOR li SHUSTER R OBERT SICKLIZS .1 ,f 1 MANUIQL SILRRA ' j'1"lfL 1 . f :I ', XJ ANN SIPORA DONABIiLLIi SMHH A f f J . Y-1 ff , I -5, ,W OAN SVIITI-I '.- . Y' 1 A Linn ff MARQQARET SMITH f ,rff ' L19 A LiliORGli STANKO MITCHELL STAWICKI ff f 4 "1xU'rH STOLBERG ' ..4,- ' l' XHRGHUA STOVALL LILL1AN STR-OM K, X JOHN SULLIVAN f x'X,- f 1 I 1 A . 7, 1 . , , Je X A JAY SWAN 3-L-TWV-5-'.1..f,--N. iw --1k mel-IARD S'1'M1iS XlQf.,. Roni-:RT TAYLOR ,Q Ak. ' . Xfhk-' RL- x,-'A H- ' r ., gr' CLARA THOMAS EMMITT THOMAS JAOR THOMPSON 'iii yy' , , DOROTHY THRASHLK , --7 f ,I Af ROBERT VITTOZ f'. " 'Y 11' ff'L.f f ' JACK WAHLMAN , BETTIE WALES KATHRYN WALLACE , f WILLIAM XVALTON f - 1 HARRY 'WARNKE fV,Q1,J,,, -,QAM ,, ,L,1,f fi' 541. I A MARTHA XVILDIZS DOROTHY XVILLIAMS GEOR GE XVILSON LILLIAN WOLITAN cfng,ZQE, ffawgktem WLZZLam 275 1 NORMAN WOLF 73 POLLY ANNE WOLIL CHIZSTILR XVROBELLXL LIILLLN YASELSKY ATHLNA ZEGOLLS' I NVALTER ZLAMAL iff SOPHIE ZUKOWSRI fd, ,A ' ll 1,-,A.4,, 1939 i DONQLD CROLL MARGARET' MOSS NIITICHELL STAWICKI JANE JENSEN ROBERT MARTIN 'S0f""ff"'3' V'Ve'P"f'Wlf'1f P1'l'klfll011i, LVN Girls, Treasurer Boys' Treaizncff - P ,aff if Q , 'P f ' WM f bw ssl 'fm um! School Days mean happy days, carefree hours, and joy- filled minutes. Now the doors of our little red school house are closing all too quickly. 1935 saw us 'wide-eyed, innocent freshmen, budding a year later into sophisticated sophomores. Being educated, such traditions as the Hop and Class Play. 'ilsittle XVomen," soon became history for the class of '39. The thrill of becoming juniors was topped only by such satisfaction as a record Rose Day, a superior Class Play, "Remember the Day,', and a delightful Junior Prom filled with showers of flowers. Our senior year has been packed with honors and activities galore, such as championship football and basketball teams, "Three Cornered Moonf' and the couple dance which featured lovely blue umbrellas reminiscent of fickle April, the Farewell, where we realized that "auf wedersehnf' "alohoa,,' and "goodbye" were sad words in any language. Emerson, our school, you will always be in our hearts. ,s ' Hmzf Paine' ea of Cfzembsrbty -- DMZ! fn Beaoufqfoai Red Rows and ha 1'-mdinanct. IIlaI III, WAIIS, l71n'ln',c.x IANIZ -IICNSIQN, lllfrfnqn IUOROTIIY POXVLRS XIARIAN O'DONNIiI,I, ROSINA CUNNINGIIAM NIARY ANN KASPICR PATRICIA BROWN IQUGIQNIQ ISRINEY .'XTIII'NA ZIXGOLIS NORXIAN WOLF GI-.ORGI-. RAND IANIIS MULLOY l,If'I'IIA IIOLT NICR MLNAKIS IISIIIIUSIUIII 'X W'AI.'I IIR I,I IIC H, King 29,27 MARTHA WILDIQS, f2lll't'!I T' "'Ei -,, , , 7254 MARGARICI MURRAY, I'ir'xl l'r'i11u'xI Q fiiifry- IfLAINIf GIfYIfR SL"0r1'f Priu 'cv X! . , , . , . 1 . 14,. XIARGARICT MOSS, Tkirfl l'f'im'ru BOB BRIGGS, Croun Priun' MARY MIIIOSI-IVICH DOROTHY IIIiLNX IG KATIIIQRYN KUROXVSRI -IOHN MLCARTHY TINY ANDRENVS ARLITNIQ ANDERSON MARY CRAIG DOROTHY WILLIAMS ANGIQLINIQ KROLL MAR-IORIIC NICNIIQCIC CHICSTIZR NOWAK XVINIIRI-QI7 DR.-XYIS DONALD CROLL RUTII McCRIiIi ICLAINIZ MICDVIZD C393 DONAIBICLLF SMITH GICORGIQ MACHACILK. IQVELYN AILICIAVILZ XVADI, BROWN MILLIE RICPYA DICK SIQITZINGLR XVIIIIAM WAI TON I,iLIZABIiTH IATROLA PIiT'Ii FOGO GLORIA BOWMAN MARY Ii. CLEMENS NICK LOGAN WILLIAM AICCQDNNIISLL QIOHN BOSAK YILRA ISOVVRON 'in Seating, a Stiidentk Fancy, 0 ARLENE ANDERSON . . . Popular and smart, what more could you want? . . . President of Senior Honor Society and junio-r Class, F. A. B.g Annual Staifg Everyman. 9 DORIS ANDERSON . . . As a dancer, jitterbugging is her speciality . . . Orchestrag A Cappellag G. A. A., Glee Clubg Spice. 9 UGO ANGOTTI . . . Possesses artistic qualities, really an actor at heart . . . Everyman, Christmas Pageantg Varsity Footballg Operag Gavel Club. 9 MARIAN BABIARCYK . . . A cheery girl with a winning smile . . . G. A. A.g Sophomore Play Committeeg Christmas Pageant. 9 ANN BAL- DAUF . . . Vivacity, and a high babbling average . . . Tarpon Clubg Girls' Bandg G. A. A. Vice Presidentg Sophomore Class Officer. 9 GUINAVERE BALTICH . . . A teinperafinent as soothing as Wayne King's 'music . . . Tri Sigmag A Cappellag Spiceg Christmas Pageant. 0 FRED BEREZIN . . . Master of loquaciousness in history and Chef de Cuisine in the boy's coolzing class. 9 TOM BITTNER . . . Tall and slim, definitely the debonair type '... Class Basketball, Spiceg Opera. Q ELMA BLACHLY . . . Fin forever typewriting, her thezne-song . . . G. A. A. Councilg Glee Clubg Prom Committeeg Spice. 5 MILDRED BLACHLY . . . Fetch- ing and sweet, short and small, and a blond besides . . . Tri Sigma Secretaryg Rose Dayg Spiceg Glee Clubg G. A. A. Q JUNE BLICKENSDERFER . . . Not too delnure to be a slide trombone artist . . . President of Girls' Bandg Drum Majorg Orchestra. QROSALIE BOKICH . . . Laughing eyes and lilting 'voice . . . Glee Clubg F. A. B.g Spiceg Christmas Pageantg Rose Day. 0 JOHN BOSAK . . . Placid as a rule, as a yell leader he was terrific . . . Booster Committeeg Rose Day. 5 GLORIA BOWMAN . . . Personality, plus poetical powers . . . Tri Sigmag Annual Staffg A Cappellag Spice, junior Play Committee. 9 VERA BOVVRON . . . A srnile as irresistible as ice cream . . . Sophomore Play Committeeg Rose Dayg Freshman Dramatic Classg G. A. A. 9 ROBERT BRIGGS . . . Mighty midget, peppy as a stick. of dynamite . . . Basketball Varsityg Board of Controlg I-Ii-Y, Bandg Yell Leader. QHELEN BROWN . . . E1nerson's own Ginger Rogers . . . Spiceg Yell Leaderg Tri Sigmag Booster Committee. QPATRICIA BROWN . . . Happy-go-lucky, good nature, her second nature . . . G. A. A. Councilg Tri Sigma Treasurerg Girls' Band. 9 WADE BROXVN . . . Handsome, blond, why say more? . . . R. O. T. C.g Bandg Junior Playg Christmas Pageant. 9 BALBINA BUCZEK . . . Speed deinon in typing and shorthand . . . Rose Day. 9 ROBERT BURGESS . . . A tranquil young uzan int r'1'r 'sted in radio and electricity f... Bandg Spiceg Q CHARLES BUTLER . . . Young virtuoso on the guitar . . . Spiceg R. O. T. C. QJEANETTE CANTWELI .... For her the perfect combination, "Stardust" and Kay Kyser . . . G. A. A. 9 RALPH CLARKE . . . Typical of the old proverb, "Still waters run deep." 9 ORVILLA CLAUDE . . . Sweet, dilnin- utive and oh so charming . . . Christmas Pageantg Spiccg Glee Club. 9 ALEX COLLIE . . . Mighty handy with his dnlzes, both as an artist and as a box cfi' . . . Footballg Trackg Spice. 9 MILFORD CONQUEST . . . Tops as end on the varsity football squad . . . Varsity Foot- ballg Class Basketball, Spice. QKENNETH COPE . . . "Pat's" his 'rnajor interest, fond of football too . . r. Varsity Football, Class Basketballg Spice. 0 ANGELINE COVERIS . . . Smooth as chocolate ice cream., Ange's eyes . . . Spanish Clubg G. A. A.g A Cappellag Rose Day, Spice. QMARY LOUISE CRAIG . . . First assistant to old "Sol" . . . F. A. B. Presidentg Vice President of Sophomore Class and Con- cert Orchestrag Spice. QDONALD CROLL . . . Reserved, dignified, and irresistible to "Irene' '... Spiceg Class Basketballg Hi-Y. 9 JAMES CULVEYI-IOUSE . . . Of a jocund tenzperarnent . . . Class Basketballg Spiceg Rose Day: Band Officer. 9 ROSINA CUN- NINGHAM . . . A "wee bitt of a Scotch lass . . Glee Clubg Christmas Pageantg Rose Day. C303 0 HERBERT CURTIS . . . Sing, Herby, Sing, refresb- ing to tbe ear, too . . . Opera, A Cappella, Freshman Play, Gavel Club . OROBERT DAVIDSON . . . Sartorially correct, bis ufavy bair is tbe envy of tbe girls . . . Band, Orchestra, Swimming Team. 9 JANE DEMMOND . . . Stately, capable, tbe ideal type for a grand nurse. 9 WINIFRED DRAVES . . . A sweet little beadacbe for some Romeo . . . F. A. B., Sophomore Play, A Cappella, Glee Club, Spice. 9 ELSIE JANE DUNN . . . Versatility is ber speciality f... G. A. A. Council, Senior Honor Society, Tri Sigma, Annual Staff, Co-Editor, Social Committee. ,PATRICIA DWYER . . . As sweet as tbe proverbial boney . . . G. A. A., Girls' Band, Spice, Rose Day. 9 JULIA DYNAKOWSKI . . . To follow a beart's desire, sbe'll be a secretary . . . G. A. A., Band. QROGER ELDRIDGE . . . Nimble, ilroll, with red bair besides . . . Class Basketball, Sophomore Play, Junior Treas- urer, Basketball Manager. 5 JOAN ENGLERT . . . Tbat nice, calm-and-collected girl ..., Junior Play Committee. 9 VERA EVERT . . . A neat little bundle of couijudence, particularly in commercial courses. 9 VERA FERHAT . . . Glamorous in tbat mysterious Oriental manner . . . A Cappella, Spice, Opera. 9 JAMES FINAN . . . Scottyls glib yet be accomplislaes nzucb . . . Building and Grounds Committee, Scholar- ship Committee. 9 MILDRED FISHER . . . Agile and graceful exponent of tbe dance . . . Tri Sigma, Rose Day. 9 JAMES FITZPATRICK . . . Desirous of be- coming manager of a business enterprise '... Frcslr 111. 1 n Play. 9 PETER FOGO . . . Outstanding for bis pop- ularity and basketball ability '... Varsity Basketball, Sophomore Class President, Spice, Board of Control. 9 PAULINE GASPER . . . Pert and engaging socialite of Emerson . . . G. A. A. Council, F. A. B., Social Comittec. 9 ROBERT GEROMETTA . . . He takes 'burma to to water like a fisb . . . Swimming Team, Booster Com- mittee, Hi-Y, Yell Lender. 9 ELAINE GEYER . . Tbeatre Guild, maize way for anotber . . . Christmas Pageant, Everyman, F. A. B., Senior Honor Society. 9 GERALDINE GIBBONS . . . Petite, unassuming, fond of boolzlore. 9 DEAN GLANCY . . . Not wbat be does, but bow be does it . . . Gavel Club, Boys' Band. Q MARIANNE GRAVES . . . Tbat deligbtful young miss, wbo really takes ber acting seriously . . . Everyman, Annual Staff, Senior Play. 9 CHARLES GUST . . . Typical of tbe earnest and level-beaded . . . Junior Play. 9 DOROTHY HELWIG . . . Einersorfs feminine Walter Winebell . . . Rose Day, Sophomore and Junior Play Committees. 9 NELL JANE HIGGINBOTI-IAM . . . Sincere to tbe 'ntb degree . . . Gavel Club, F. A. B., Senior Play, Everyman: A Cappella. 9 BONNIE HIXON . . . An unusual com- bination, beauty and brains . . . Board of Control, F. A. B., Spice, Everyman, A Cappella. QFRED HOLFORD . . . Laconic, a man of few words . . . Band Secretary, Annual Staff. Q WYILLIAM HOLZ- MAN . . . Belieees atbleiics make tbe man . . . Class Basketball, Track, Reserve Football, Rose Day. 0 LETHA I-IOLT . . . Distinguisbed by ber poise and serenity . . . Tri Sigma Vice President, Rose Day. 9 ELIZABETH IATAROLA . . . Renowned far and wide for ber accordion playing . . . Glee Club, Spice, Girls' Band, Rose Day. Q MARY IATAROLA . . . Also adept at playing tbe pleated pianr i... Girls' Band, Sophomore Play Committee. .HARRY IDDINGS . . . Scbolarly, diligent - a uiatb sbarlz . . . Senior Honor society, R. o. T. cz., B0-ys' Rifle Team. 0 DOROTHY IRVINE . . . The maid with tbe inf i'e' tions langb . . . G. A. A. Q BARBARA JACKSON . . . AIllldblL', svelte, well-groomed . . . Junior Class Officer, Board of Control, Glec Club, Spice. C317 au lltwte Wtu Queen in Calico. 9 JAMES JACOBS . . . Allergic to economies falong ufitb tbe rest of usJ, just tbe opposite with baseball . . . Hi-Y. 9 SOPHIE JATKOWSKI . . . Iinpresseil by Emerson, fonit of zlaneing. 9 JANE JENSEN . . . Captiuating as a woznan in wbite, nurse to you . . . G. A. A. Council, Spice, Tri Sigma, Senior Class Officer. 9 LOIS JOHNSON . . . Tbe perfect secretary, stylisb as well as ejfieient . . . G. A. A., Sophomore Play Com- mittee. 9 JUSTINE JOHNSTON . . . Puts over a itramatie role witb finesse . . . Spice, Everyman, Senior Honor Society, Tri Sigma, French Club President. Q EVELYN JUCEWICZ . . . Witb ber, a ping pong parlctIe's a babit . . . G. A. A., Girls Band, Orchestra, Rose Day. 9 LORRAINE JUNGHEIM . . . Anotber young larty yearning for tbe nurse's eap . . . Girls' Band, G. A. A., Sophomore and Junior Play Committees. 9 GUS KARAS . . . A coming rooltie in big-time base- ball . . . Basketball Varsity, Spice, Prom Committee, Spanish Club. 9 MARY ANN KASPER . . . A wel- eonze arlrtition to sonzeboily's leiteben . . . Girls' Band, Rose Day, Ring Committee. 9 SMILIE KNEZEVICH . . . Cbeerful manner iloesn't belie ber nam: '... Sopho- more Play Committee: A Cappella, Spice. QKAY KOLLS . . . Gerumnfs loss was Emersonts gain . . . Glee Club, A Cappella, Tri Sigma, Senior Honor society, space. OHEDWIG KoMoRowsK1 . . . Airplanes in the sky, bikes on tbe eartb, tbat's wbat Heflu"ig's crazy about . . . Girls' Band. QHELEN KORDYS . . . In neert of a goorl stenograpber? Helen's tbe girl. 0 AGNES KOZAK . . . Clever, afnbitious, rliseiple of Jobn Gregg . . . Senior Honor Society. 9 WARREN KRAFT . . . "Dee-eep River," bis tberne song, be's fisb-faseinateal, baseball-batty, an arebery ace. May we present Warre1z? 9 DOROTHY KRA- JACK . . . A sunsbine spreaeter . . . Girls' Band, Latin Club. 9 LORRETTA KRALIS . . . A uiaicten never bolil of spirit, still ana' quiet . . . Girls, Band Officer, Spice. Q ANGELINE KROLL . . . An unzterstuily for Floreuee Nigbtingale . . . Girls' Band, Rose Day. Q EDXVARD KUESTER . . . Just one of tbose table tennis entbusiasts: P.S.-be plays grown-up tennis, too . . . Spice, Table Tennis, Tennis. 0 JACK LANDES . . . Irony: bis bobby is loafing, but bis ambition is to get a job . . . Class Basketball, Baseball, and Football. 0 WILMA LANDIS . . . Has tbat friendly Iowa ebarni about ber . . . F. A. B. Secretary, Sophomore Play, Junior Play, Spice, Dramatic Club. 9 DENNIS LAXVRENCE . . . Stalwart eo-captain of tbe football team, banzlsome zteeoration of tbe balls . . . Rose Day, Board of Control, Track, Varsity Football. 9 GRACE LEADY . . . Anotber rteuotee to tbe nurses' ranks . . . Band, Orchestra. 0 XVALTER LEECH . . . A protege of Frerl Astaire . . . Boys' Band, R. O. T. C., Spice. 9 BETTY LELAND . . . Pretty, pleasant, and perl . . . Senior Honor Society, F. A. B., G. A. A., Junior Play, Annual Staff. 4 GEORGE LESENYIE . . . Atbletieally inelinerl, off ana' on . . . Football, Track, Cross Country, Athletic Finance Committee. 9 WIL- LIAM LESENYIE . . . Warning: rt0n't say "Carlberg's Tests" to Wililialzig inigbt prove disastrous . . . Basketball Manager, Boys' Band, Spice. 9 JOHN LEVACK . . . A lail wi' a goozlly ilrop o' tbe Seoteb in 'im . . . Boys' Band, Hi-Y, Rose Day. 9 ELEANOR LOCKE . . . "California, bere I rome" nzigbt be Eleanor's tbeme song, instead it's ber grailuation present. QJAMES LOGAN . . . Cute little "egg" ufitb big, black eyes . . . French Club, Board of Control, Prom Committee. 9 NICHOLAS LOGAN . . . A popular candidate for tbe zfire presideney 1... Freshman and Junior Class Vice President, Spanish Club, Varsity Basketball, Rose Day. Q GEORGE MACHACEK . . . Eniloweit, as tbe olil adage goes, witb tbe gift of gab . . . R. O. T. C., Band, Annual Staff, Booster Committee, Rose Day. 9 ROBERT MARTIN . . . Sparkles botb witb brains and a sense of bumor . . . Senior Honor Society, Annual Staff, Co-Editor, Hi-Y, Senior Class Officer. 9 BETTY MATTHEWS . . . Rare combination in a girl: prettiness anrl quietness. Betty bas botb . . . Orchestra, Tri Sigma, Sophomore Play Committee. 4325 9 JOHN MCCARTI-IY . . . Sure, aml it's the Irish in 'im . . . Annual Staffg Board of Controlg Senior Honor Societyg Rose Dayg Hi-Y. 0 WINFIELD Mc- CATHREN . . . It's still McCathren and Prenssg a sort of McCarthy--Bergen duo, but who's the dummy here? Q YYIILLIAM MCCONNELI ,... "Slats', is up in the air about aeronautical engineering . . . Hi-Yg Rose Dayg Boys' Band. 9 EVERETT MCCORMICK . . . Sure is embarrassing, looking for your cap anil finding il on your head. Love? Could be . . . Scholarship Committee. 9 RUTH MCCREE . . . Miller's gift to Emerson . . . Spiceg Rose Day. QJACK MCKINNEY . . . Miss Sherman's pet peere, but then all great artists are tem- jreramental . . . R. O. T. C.g Hi-Y. 9 MARJORIE MCNIECE . . . "Shylock" McNiece wants to leave twenty pounds of flesh to her little brother . . . Spiccg Glee Clubg Junior Play Committeeg Everyman. 0 ELAINE MEDVED . . . She of the soothing voieeg could be that's why she wants to take up nursing . . . Spiceg Glee Clubg Prom Committee. 9 CLAUDE MEFFORD . . . Suaue, with that :lark Latin charm . . . Class Basketball. 0 NICK MENAKIS . . . The gar- rulous Greek, according to Corky, small but mighty . . . Bandg R. O. T. C. 9 MARY MILOSEVICH . . . Rarity: a bashful girl. fOr is she?j . . . Rose Dayg G. A. A. Secretary. 9 MIKE MISTROVICH . . . May be heard humming "You Go to My Headf, Wfho, Mike? . . . Varsity Football and Basketballg Trackg Board of Controlg Prom Committee. 0 TRICE MORRILL . . . Casanova of the art classg late of Horace Manng future 1 rzz' mber of the W. P. A. .CHRISTINE MORRISON . . . Leans toward the domestic type, wants to be head cook in a restaurant QPJ. QMARGARET MOSS . . . As Irish as the Blarney Stone . . . Senior Honor Societyg Tri Sigmag Annual Staffg Vice President of Girls' Bandg G. A. A. 9 JANE MOUNTAIN . . . Red hair with temper to matcl 1... Orchestra Officerg French Clubg G. A. A.g Spice. Q CONCETTINA MUFFOLETTO . . . One good stenographer coming up . . . A Cappellag Spiceg Prom Committeeg Junior Play Committee. 9 JOE MUFFOLETTO . . . Tops as a baseball jrlayerg "Muff" does all right in basketball, too . . . Varsity Basketballg Spice. 9 ANNA MAE MULLOY . . . The fourth in that steady quartet of Dwyer-Casper-Milosetfieh-Mulloy . . . G. A. A. Treasurerg Band. 9 JAMES MULLOY . . . "Zip" uiouldrft be halljly without McCarthy - maybe . . . Annual Staffg Scholarshipg Junior Playg Rose Day. 9 ROBERT MULROE . . . These Mulroes are getting to be Emerson Traditions . . . Varsity Football and Basketballg Trackg Spiceg Sophomore Play Com- mittee. QMARGARET MURRAY . . . A lass with as pleasant and pleasing a personality possible . . . Operag Sophomore Playg Junior Playg Spiceg Gavel Club. 9 MIKE MURRAY . . . "Flaming Youth," "Tomato Head,', "Flash" Murray - he answers to any of them, so take your pick. 9 NICK MUSULIN . . . Presenting "Mu:zy', our future big business man, he hopesg he does, however, 'make quite a business of tennis . . . Tennis. 9 ROBERT NOLAN . . . Crazy about cross country and crossword puzzlesg ambition - mailman. Nice footwork there, Bob . . . Trackg Cross Country. 9 CHESTER NOWAK . . . What some girl wouldnlt give for those cute little ringlets . . . Varsity Footballg Rose Dayg Junior Play. 9 ROSALIA NOWICKI . . . Rose is smitten with "travelaria," traveling to you . . . G. A. A.g Band. 9 BILL NUTE . . . Demon of the dance floor . . . Trackg Social Committeeg Football. Q DOROTHY O'BRADOVIC . . . Her wit is exceederl only by her giggles. If you can't se her, you can always hear her . . . G. A. A. Q MARION O'DONNELL . . . Iraq constituted Mari0n's entire curriculum . . . G. A. A. Councilg Rose Dayg Prom Committee . . . 9 JAMES ORR . . . His favorite position is in reverse, adejvtness at walking on his hands . . . Bandg Rose Day. 0 CELIA OSPALSKI . . . Member of Senior Honor Sorietyg likes to read g yearns to see the world. 9 BOB PARKER . . . A mechanical drawing maniac . . . Orchestra. 7 litazs out Bafsittut, Baseioat Beau. C333 Y ldaatd hot Q41 ataae u 0 CHARLOTTE PARRISH . . . Proficient in the art of conversation . . . G. A. A., Sophomore Play. 9 VIOLET PAZO . . . Don't let those big, brown eyes and that beguiling smile deceive you, Vee's a determined girl. 9 MARJORIE PENDLETON . . . Sewing, bi- cycling, and the words, "You don't know, do you?', add up to that pert little girl, Marge. 9 MELVIN PETER- SON . . . Likes to draw, though his interests are varied . . . Operetta, Declamatory Contest, Preps' Baseball. 0 GEORGE PETRAIN . . . Nickname, "Coffee Nerves", ambition, to graduate . . . Booster Committee, Yell Leader. 9 DOROTHY POWERS . . . How did you like being snapped with Willie Boswell by the photographer in the Easter Parade? . . . F. A. B., Girls' Rifle Team. 9 HOWARD PREUSS . . . Another ace at mechanical drawing . . . Spice, Volleyball. 9 PATRI- CIA PRICE . . . She majors in athletics, and minors in Kenneth, or vice versa . . . G. A. A. President, F. A. B., Annual Staff, Senior Honor Society, Board of Control. QADDIE QUICK . . . Biggest thrill: receiving diploma, hobby: collecting post cards. 9 EUGENE RACHON . . . Plans to attend Notre Dame, can always be found in the school gym . . . Class Basketball. 9 MARY RAYSSES . . . Unforget- table portrayal of "Evil" in "Everyman', . . . Spice Committee Chairman, Dramatic Club, Gavel Club, Contest Play. 9 CHRISTINA REID . . . Her hobby, swimming, her ambition, to get a job. 9 MILDRED REPYA . . . Surprised us all by being a feminine Hank Greenberg . . . G. A. A. Council, Spice, A Cappella. 9 GENEVIEVE RILEY . . . All the Big Bens couldn't make "jenn get anyplace promptly, Richard might . . . Social Committee Chairman, F. A. B., G. A. A. Council, Tarpon Club President. 0 DAN ROMAN . . . Dan really went to town this year . . . Opera, A Cappella, Everyman, Contest Play. 9 ROSE RUSCHAK . . . Her specialty is assisting English teachers, although her 4347 ambition is to become a nurse. 9 MARIAN RUZITY . . . A contralto well known to music lovers . . . Gavel Club. 9 DORIS SANDBACH . . . Has the knack of accomplishing a lot without any fuss . . . G. A. A. Council, Tri Sigma, Annual Staff, Senior Honor Society Secretary. 9 HENRY SAWA . . . A boy with a love of the great outdoors, aspires to be a forest ranger. 9 DOROTHY SCHEERER . . . Emersonls Deanna Durbin, won trip to New York World Fair by her singing . . . F. A. B., Gavel Club, City Solo Con- tests. ' CARL SCHOONOVER . . . This military man has a yen' to hunt . . . R. O. T. C., Band. 9 LOIS SCHWANDT . . . Here she comes, Purdue - a cook and an athlete . . . Senior Honor Society, F. A. B., G. A. A., Freshman Class Secretary, Annual Staff. 9 THELMA SCOPEL . . . Dancing, singing, and sew- ing comprise Thelma's chief pleasures . . . Spice, Pina- fore, A Cappella, Glee Club. 9 EVELYN SCOTT . . . "Red" -- a girl of few words and her own ideas . . . G. A. A. Council, Band. Q RICHARD SEITZINGER . . . Biggest thrill -- when the football team won the N. I. H. S. C .... Football Varsity, Sophomore and Junior Plays. 'SUSIE SHABAZ . . . "Susie Q's" hobby is collecting poems, favorite subject, commerce, ambition, to become a court reporter . . . Everyman, Spice. 9 DAYTON SHAFER . . . Chivalry is not dead - Dayton is a proof of this . . . R. O. T. C., Orchestra. QTHELMA SHEPPARD . . . "Good things come in little packages" . . . G. A. A., Band, Scholarship Committee. 9 LENORE SHUSTER . . . Lenore wishes to become the foremost designer of the world. We wish you luck! 9 ROBERT SICKLES . . . Robert says his pet peeve is women. That's not the way we heard it . . . Band, R. O. T. C., Annual Staff. 0 MANUEL SIERRA . . . Perpetually in need of a cough drop . . . Junior Play, Rose Day, Sophomore Hop Committee. 9 ANN SIPORA . . . Ambition: To be- co1ne a cook - does that mean on a commercial or a matrimonial basis? 9 DONABELLE SMITH . . . Wfants to be a good wife, an honorable ambition . . . Sophomore Class Officer, Rose Day, Band Officer, Prom Committee. O JOAN SMITH . . . Nslilljyu maile her "Conquest', . . . Junior Class Officerg F. A. B.g A Cappellag G. A. A. 9 MARGARET SMITH . . . "Kill the ref."' was flung at "S1nifty', many tinzesg despite this she was well- likeal . . . G. A. A. Council Glee Clubg Spice. 9 GEORGE STANKO . . . Number one raelceteer in tennis . . . Orchestra Presidentg Spice. 9 MITCHELL STAWICKI . . . Prefers blonfles: ean't s z'r' him for ilust on the gridiron . . . Senior Class Presidentg Football Co-Captaing Hi-Y President. 9 RUTH STOLBERG . . . Says "fresh" when the fellows eall her HBl0lll1IK'H . . . G. A. A.g Operag Spiceg Orchestrag F. A. B. 0 VIRGINIA STOVALL . . . Virginia's favorite sub- jeef is bisfory, yet ber izlea of misery is r'c' onomies. Wfhaf ilo you make of that? 0 LILLIAN STROM . . . Likes to :la rzz' e but is also a Hhonzeborly' . . . Operag Glee Clubg G. A. A. Q JOHN SULLIVAN . . . MRl'l1 iloes not like his pals to eall him Jobng married life would be misery, he thinks . . . Class Baseball: Rose Day. 9 JAY SWAN . . . The ambition of the "Blond Vik- ingl' is just to be a sue c'c' ss . . . Varsity Basketballg Varsity Trackg Board of Control President. 9 RICH- ARD SYMES . . . "Deafleye" says he will be fooling the college professors a year from now! How is if done? . . . Rifle Tea 1111 5 R. O. T. C. QLILLIAN SZOSTEK . . . Lillian's ambition is to be a good wife and mother, but ber pet peere is flrying dishes . . . Rose Day. OROBERT TAYLOR . . . Not only Hollywood elaims a Taylor . . . Bandg Annual Staffg Freshman Treasurer. QMURLEEN TEETER . . . Wfitty, wiseeraeking. optimistic outlook on life . . . Girls' Band. 9 CLARA THOMAS . . . Open the ranlzs, he l'z' is another affraetiue would-be nurse . . . Girls' Bandg G. A. A. Councilg Tri Sigma. QEMMITT THOMAS . . . He's joining the navy "to see the world" . . . Football Managerg Swimming Teamg Spice. 9 JACK THOMPSON . . . Future enterprising young engineer Became Zan. fee, Y fave et. 135D . . . Class Basketballg Ping Pong Team. 0 DOROTHY THRASHER . . . "Dot" left Emerson for Crown Point, but not for very long . . . G. A. A.g Glee Club. 9 BOB VITTOZ . . . Too bail his artistic talent will be wasted on the eurves of a baseball . . . Annual Staff. 9 JACK NVAHLMAN . . . That f'lIl'i0IlX qualify of getting along with most 4-i'erybofly f... Football Manager. 9 BETTIE XVALES . . . Domeslie, hobby is cooking, goal - rlietieian . . . Rose Dayg Spiceg Junior Play Committeeg Glee Club. 9 XVILLIAM WALTON . . . History has a potent power orerl 1.:1 n . . . R. O. T. C.g Rose Day. 9 HARRY WARNKE . . . Getting his elassring, his biggest tbrillg what about giving it away? . . . R. O. T. C.. A Cappella. 0 MARTHA WILDES . . . Beauteous bowling :ealol . . . Girls' Rifle Teamg Sophomore Play. QDOROTHY WILLIAMS . . . Counting the days, "Sis's waiting for that "last mile" . . . Tri Sigma President: G. A. A. Councilg Annual Staffg Senior Honor Society. 9 GEORGE WILSON . . . An almost exfinrt ereature - a boy who likes English . . . Hi-Yg Class Basketball. QROBERT NVILSON . . . Puns are Bob's rlishg a handball whizz, too. 9 LILLIAN NVOJTAN . . . "Deep in a Dreamf' fatorite song, but if zloesnlf show in her sebool IUUVIE . . . Senior Honor Society. 9 NORMAN WOLF . . . Determinezl to beeome an arebiteet . . . R. O. T. C. 9 POLLY ANNE WOLFE . . . Wfishes to follow in the footsteps of Cornell . . . Sophomore and Junior Playsg Senior Honor Societyg Board of Controlg Annual Staff. 9 HELEN YASELSKY . . . Being hostess of a summer resort is Helen's ambition. We woncler what sbe'll do in the winter! 9 ATHENA ZEGOLIS . . . Came to us in the Sophomore yearg always happy about the whole thing . . . G. A. A.g Rose Day. 0 JOE ZELIBOR . . . Doesu't want nzueb - just to be Ailnziral of the Navy . . . R. O. T. C.g Board of Control Secretaryg Class Basketball. 0 SOPHIE ZUKOXVSKI . . . Never see Sophie wifbout Lillian or Lillian without Sophie . . . Glee Clubg Christmas Pageant. THEY GO DOWN PRETTIEST GIRL . ,A, ,..7 MOST HANDSOME BOY .,.,. MOST POPULAR GIRL ......, in HISTORY as Nelle Jane Higginbotham Howard Lind -----,,- Arlene Anderson ---L Mitchell Stawicki MOST POPULAR BOY .........,.... ...........,,. MOST COURTEOUS GIRL ...., MOST COURTEOUS BOY ,,,.. MOST RELIABLE GIRL ...... MOST RELIABLE BOY ,,,..,,r BEST GIRL .ATHLETE .,,. . BEST BOY ATHLETE .,,.. MOST TALENTED GIRL .,,,.. MOST TALENTED BOY ,L,. MOST STUDIOUS GIRL ..... MOST STUDIOUS BOY QUIBTBST GIRL ......,O QUIETEST BOY ,,....... MOST IMPISH GIRL ,,.... MOST IMPISH BOY ,...... MOST BASHFUL GIRL ,S... MOST BASHFUL BOY ...,.. BEST ACTRESS .,..,.,,,S. BEST ACTOR ,,........,... BEST GIRL DANCER ,,,,,,,S BEST BOY DANCER ,,,,. NEATEST GIRL .,,. , ,,,,..,. - NEATEST BOY ...,,S..,.,,. , ,.., MOST ORIGINAL GIRL .,,,. . MOST ORIGINAL BOY ,,,.,,,, WITTIEST GIRL ,,,,,,, WITTIEST BOY ....,, LITTLEST GIRL , ,,.,. . LITTLEST BOY ,,,.,,.. . S,,,,,. ,- MOST ALLURING GIRL .,,,,, MOST DDEMURE GIRL ,,,,,,,, MOST VIVACIOUS GIRL ,,,,,... MOST INTRIGUING GIRL .- MOST GRACIOUS PERSON . MOST VERSATILE PERSON MOST DRAMATIC PERSON MOST CAREFREE PERSON ...,,. MOST NATURAL PERSON MOST PESSIMISTIC PERSON MOST OPTIMISTIC PERSON MOST DEVOTED COUPLE .,..,,, , .,... ,,,, .,...,. . .,....,, B o nnie Hixon L ,..,.,.,,..,,,..,,,,, Jay Swan - .,..,,,. ......,. S usie Shabaz George Stanko Patricia Price Robert Mulroe I, ,,,. Dorothy Scheerer Walter Leech Elaine Geyer Harry Iddings Joan Englert Ralph Clarke Genevieve Riley Bob Briggs Mary Milosevich Fred Holford Polly Anne Wolfe Manuel Sierra Doris Anderson Bill Nute Winifred Draves Robert Nolan Margaret Ellen Murray Robert Greenberg LL, Dorothy O'Bradovic Roger Eldridge - .,I. -,.,,,, , ,,,,,, Helen Kordys -,,,,,,,,,,,v,,, Dean Glancy L-- ..... , ,,.,,,.,. Violet Pazo Margaret Moss - .,,,,..,,,. .,.,,, A thena Ze golis Evelyn Scott Elma Blachly Dorothy Williams Mary Raysses Bob Quine Hedwig Komorowski Michael Mistrovich Peter Fogo ames Holman and Betty Willie We .fame Um Mamffe of Qing ta the Quantum C361 4'- Anythmg 30115 5maZZ My 1 u N I o R s Our juniority has made ll fine showing in their three previous years. Forgetting the greenish hue exhibited as freshmen at the Frolie, they took the house in the stage production, "The Merchant Gentleman" and danced to rho rhythm of the Big Apple at the Hop. The juniors had other high lights. "The Cut and the Canary" wroduced Ll new high in shivers. Next they cornered rhe Middle l . . Wfestern rose market and were forced to Charter planes to get l enough roses to fill all the orders. 780 dozen!! There,s a record which CLlI1,E he tied. Small wonder that they thoroughly enjoyed their first formal class dance, rhc Junior Prom. Xi X .xjl K. . if . fauna: 'K I I . ., o 3, Y 1 - ::'. ' ' ,I 'rf-2' X V 1559. ' ,f' '19 ' Q 135. '-. ,.l fini, .T 3 t En ,I .t ,. t t James Mason, Viee-Presidcht: .lack O'DonnelI, Boys, Treasurer: lS.irh.1r.1 jackson. Girls' Treasurerg Secretary, not present. jack Movineo, President. .hmes 's'.1sil, REGISTER 210 Toll Row: Lois Johnson, Lorraine Jungheim, Louise Hall, Kathryn Banker, Winifred Fogler, Dorothy Krajac, Martha Gardner, Julia Mishanko, Marilynn Maisel, Violette Huneh, Jane Demond, Lois Wood, Kathryn V7allaee, Mrs. Reyher. Mizlzflrf Row: Sylvia Lcllo, Helen Felts, Helen Russell, Lillian Strom, Dorothy Wfitt, Alice Kieft, Shirley Goldberg, Irene Fles, Sophie Galka, Agnes Witkowski. Boifouz Row: Geraldine Gibbons, Ruth Duranleau, Barbara Jackson, Jane Guth, Orvilla Claude, Elizabeth Mackenzie, Anne Smiljanie, Carol Goldman, Reinetta Piel, Sybil Fleish- man, Wanda Haj, Irene Hansen. REGISTER 307 Tuff Row: Miss Sayers, Donna -Ieanne Dunn, Gertrude Knel- leken, Clementine Kuehar, Betty Harbaugh, Lois House- holder, Florence Kostoff, Eleanor Hulting, Helen Harmon, Margaret Ferguson, Josephine Cobo, Camille Genduso, Helen Karaffa, Bette Francis, june Beisler, Marcella Cantowine, Freida Batalis, June Rose Krause, Rita Egan, Laura Baldauf, Elizabeth Dwyer. MMIII., Row: Loretta Faherty, Ruth Fogo, Irene Kish, Mary Margaret Hinsberger, Louise Ballinger, Margaret Lee, Mary Georgieff, Lillian Dominick, Sophie Krol, Mary Hawrys, Helene Belevich, ,leanette Lewandowski, Betty Jackson, Ruth Ann Blankenship, Anne Kent, Jean Ewing, Martha Forenski, Sara Fairley, Jeanette Lautenbaek. Boilom Row: Evelyn Blair, Ann Letherman, Norma Allen, Lucille Ifletcher, Ann Bianchi, Lillian Draves, Dorothy Gant, Ellouise Andrews, Rosemary Bennett, Georgianna Adams, Maximena Garcia, Ann Abraham, Lillian Bianchi, Doris Carlson, Sally Lyman, Margie Barnes, Loretta Brisar, Hilda Clark. REGISTER 113 Top Rom: Manuel Sierra, Vernon McLean, Ray Duteher, Herbert O'Brien. Third Row: Mr. Connerly, Alex Collie, Robert Reid, Robert Lewis, Henry W'eissbuch, Bill Stephens, Edward Ashley, Roy Neil, Albert Fedorehak, James Smith, Stanley Smalley. SITUHIII Row: Everett Martin, Ugo Angotti, XVilliam Franzen, Albert Kish, Ernest Kaplar, John Gajda, Aurel George, Thomas Toceo, Don Struble. 130110711 Row: Wendell Biggs, Edwin Butler, Harold Lubez- nick, Bill Bennett, Ted Brugos, Frank Saetes, William Holz- man, Charles Hamilton, Teo Esposito, Sam Boswell. REGISTER 3 26 Tofr Row: Nick Bunda, Jon Evans, W'illiam Abraham, Hip Fernandez, Bernard Kwiatkowski, Arthur Emershy, Bill Gray, Richard Bolinger, Bob johnson, jack Drake, Thad Iarobs, Karl Kumlander, Robert Adams. Mizfzflr Row: Wayne Day, Walter Hamilton, Bill Jennings, Jay Frischkorn, Leonard Alterwitz, John Dumitru, Louis Eliopulus, Miss Paul, Edward Kowalzik, Johnny La Mano, Tom Ku7ma, Dave Gustafson, Harry Cialkowski, Eddie Boland, Robert Durfos. Boflom Row: Bob Bokich, Bill Gilbert, john Lyons, Frank Kralis, Robert Fife, John Friedlein, Ton. Gibbons, David Amos, Carmen Gagliardi, Tom Egan, Stanley Kwilasz, XVassil Kissel, George Eliopulus, Harold Goldstein. MZ! Soon Rule Ute Roaaf. 1 U N I o R 5 ' REGISTER 208 T011 Row: Mr. Carlberg, Agnes Rae, Clara Stage, Marilyn Renn, Ann Plummer, Hazel Wolfiiigtoii, Peggy Pearse, Lorraine Quail, Muriel Moldenhauer, Angeline Topsis, Pearl Schultz, Helen Moos, Jeanne XY'oodrutf, Elizabeth Strilak, Josephine Panek, Betty Murray, Marie Naniys, Kathleen Settle, ,Ieanettc Radcmaker, Cainelia Smith. Y . va 5' tif, Mizlzllf Row: Rose Mary Muckin, Mary Reddell, Yolanda Roperti, Elinor Sinallwood, ,lane Nightlinger, Bettv NVillie, Elaine Umplehy, Mildred Wood, Norcne Owen. Theresa Rebcek, Anna Stark, Betty Shore, Katherine Pappas, Antoinette Sol, Bette Wilsoii, Bonnie O'I.eary, Roberta Obcrding, Geraldine O'Halloran, Phyllis Price. Ilollom Row: Ivaloo McCall, Josephine Sullivan, Rosalie Smith, Doris Wimlfziiigle, Lydia Marasco, Lillian Wilscmii, Rose Piseione, Clementine Murray, Isabell Wiwjeik, liluine Pesclan, Sophie Rogolinski. REGISTER 3 0 8 Tnjr ROW: Leo hlaisel, Leonard Romans. AI Mikolajfzylt, Roger Paul, Xveltlon Stan- ford, Raymond Shorts, James Pantell, XValter Moos, Ralph W'ells, w,LllICl' Shepard, James Mason, Vernon Rutherford. Tbirif Row: Henry Moses, Al Sgambelluri, Andrew Smolen, Charles O'Neill, Wayiie Snodgrass, Robert Stump, Steve Polomchak, junior Miller, jack O,Donnell, Glen Vantrease, Winston Morrison, Norbert Smith, -lim Me'Iiigue, Mrs. Pierce. Svfoufl Row: Alfred Shipley, Chris Trakas, john Sullivan, John Minich, Williaixi Minich, Harvey Sides, Manuel Millan, Robert Mercer, james Vasil, William MeNeiee, Chester Pesko, Paul Thanos. Boffom Row: Armand Maraseo, Jack RIO7ll1g0, Carl Shoub, Bill Moriarity, ,Iohn Nosko, George Slick, Dale W'ineiger, Mitchell Sztranski, Bob Quinn, james Middleton, Russell Robbins. A514-.355 S is I -TIWJ 1 REGISTER 401 Tuff Row: Dorothy Griffith, Maxine Haviland, Irene McLennan, Margaret Kresno, Rose Marie Moore, Evelyn Kieft, Dorothy Kupchik, Mr. Yeager, Helen Leeper, Darlene Leonard Viola Lehocky, Margaret Mountain, Nilah Gene Hudson, Demitria Magrames, Katherine Lavikus. Mffldlf Row: Betty May Gunderson, June McCalla, Estelle Gondek, Mary Hovanee, 'Sophie Hodorek, Shirley Kaplan, Julia Lazar, Dorothy Marker, Patricia Mahoney. Boflom Roux: Lorraine Johnson, Bruna Kroll, Fern Miller, Yvonne Gauthier, Gloria Kemp, Sylvia Ippol- ito, Pauline Hammako, Mildred Mulhern, Eileen Grogan, Irene Jurchenko, Catherine Klimes. REGISTER 211 Tuff Row: Robert Cash, Monroe Sehwimmer, George Eossey, Wgtlter Vickroy, Mike Greco, Hugh Trimble, Allen McCathren, Kenneth Geisert, Albert Price, Sam Cherry, Francis Boyer, Harold Krohn, john Woolridge, Raymond Schmidt. Tfzirif Row: Matthew Kozar, Melvin Marcus, Arthur Gawlik, W'illiam Quallich, Gerald Kaufman, Phillip Swan, John Schultz, john Westerstraliid, Michael Steffus, Isac Lincoln, George Trbovich, Robert Watkins. Svrolzzf Row: Avery Donley, james Bond, Eugene Nix, Anthony Snegowski, Mike Botsko, Raymond Carnahan, Stanley Ferrero, Alex Crossman, Bill Murray, R. S. Kelley, Bob W'estegard, Harry Hol- man, Dan Mistrovich. Boffom Row: Anthony Startek, and Frank Sauline. REGISTER 101 Tujf Row: Dolores Dolaro, Doris Bailey, Evelyn Anderson, Emily Burke, Shirley Brickley, Mr. Chance, Margaret Benjamin, Evelyn Carlson, Blanche, Aton, Helen Bruges, Aladean Allison, Helen Dominick. Boiiom Row: Irene Cupirinski, Elaine Austin, Shirley Alger, Patricia Brink, Eunice Flaharty, Beatrice Abraham, Irene Berg, Grace Eckstrom, Stella Eliopulus. REGISTER 10 3 T011 Row: Ann Mulroe, Janice Cunningham, Sylvia Green, Rosalie Franlcovieh, Irma Lodney, Delores Umrath, Stella Grabos, Helene Belevich, Anna Louise Copeland, Anne Puskas. Nfirfrflc Row: Virginia Melton, Elsie Wallace, Stella Tarnowski, Collette Grembewiez, Lucille Ragan, Caliope Raysses, Margaret Titak, Anna Mae Gondell. Boffogz Roux: Denna Charges, Phyllis, McGuire, June Rice, Genevieve Rutkiewicz, Miss Gwinn, Evelyn Van Atta, Louise Strain, Agnes Benjamin. REGISTER 305 Tujr Knut Bob Dwyer, Paul Berkau, Robert Carlson, James Iiinn, Matthew Bleieher, Robert ii1ll'.lIJ-lllgll, Don Bittner. Patrick Cassidy, Henry Bando, Samuel Iivanoff, Mr. Wise. Buflouz Row: Joseph Brauneis, Raymond Decker, Tony Candiano, Donald Beck, Ted Fraukowski, Robert Bolinger, Tony Iinsalaco, James Coveris. REGISTER 3 09 Tuff Row: Yolanda Piscione, Bette Romans, Anna- belle Shayotovich, XVinifred Stanton, Iola NV.igner, Alfreda W'erbaehoski, Miss Sherman, June Ralph, Kathryn Sablovic, Evelyn Nowak, Mary Ann Nowicki, Elizabeth Orosz. Miilflle Rout Rose Pessolano, Cecile Stachura, Sophie Rocoff, Ruth Priddy, Pauline Spitler, Jayne Trimble, Irene Stropke, Roberta NX'ilkins, Rosemary NVilson, Marie Rolewicz, Betty Shinners. Bllfflllll RIIIFI Laura Russell. Marie Vokorokos, Helen Polomchak, Mary Strong, Martha Wlieat, Jennie Pilla, Magdalene Rospierski, Ilelen Stark, Jean Pogo, Vera Powenslti. REGISTER 102 Top Kon: Ifdward Pogo. Lewis Scott. Ifdward Xlfegrlyn, Robert Nystrom, Iidmund Zaiaelx, Bob Xvaltou, Tyron Rosco, Robert Plunkett, Xlatthew Sobczak, Bronko Tarailo. Miilfllf' Row: Jerome Rotenberg, Casmir Sielski, Howard Reily, Tony Ottomanelli, Miss Rowe, Harold XVistroIilt, Louis Orosl, Iiugene XVaytoselt, W'illiam Reberg. Iiolfom Rout Samuel Pillar, Leonard Predaina, Edward Poplonski, Rex Zinn, Joe Scheck, Jerome Rottenberg, Bob Randall, Walter Pasiut, Chester Szostek. REGISTER 312 fofv Run: Bob Irwin, Mike Kruse, Bill Maxon, Bill Miller, Richard Lewlte, Stew: Guest, Peter Lewan- dowski, Harold Morris, Joe Killens, George McLennan. Miililli' Row: Malcolm Miller, Phillip Green, Mitchell Maleclsi, Keith Locke, John Koltos, Isadore Marcotte, John Klimis, Joe Ivan, Lloyd Johnson, Charles Ilahn, Royce Maxwell. Boflom Ron: Feldon I'I.1mmond, Bill Irwin, Charles Hodges, James Ingersoll, Ralph Kaplan, Henry Malec, Tom McMahon, John Gasper, Henry Letherman, John Gutowski, Mitchell Lempart, Donald Gant. T011 I0 Boifonzz Al Price, Secretaryg Phil Swan, Boys, Treasurcrg Bill Maxon, Vice- Prcsidentg Rosalie Frankovich, Girls' Trcasurerg Alex Crossman, President. Afvmya PWM, sam farm SOPHOMORES With perfect complacency and feigned sophistication, the sophs seem to say: "We know it." They assume infinite wisdom and conceal regrets about not being able to do everything. Using this philosophy, chalk up a hit for 1941 in the class play, "Anne of Green Gables." Despite their attempted sobriety, the sophomores chose a comic theme for their Hop, - Ferdinand the Bull! Class problems? ln our midst are real orators who jump up on such occasions like inspired Roman senators. Grow gay, child prodigies, Latin and geometry won,t go on forever!! 21 7 C427 -Lk' 'RMT 'R REGISTER 2 04 'liofi Run 1 Milton Zukowski, joseph Sanok, Phillip Smith, Alfred Rntkiewicz, Ovie Swim. Steve Wlojcik, Miss Tinsnian. Nick Relic. Billy Nelson, john W'othcrspoon, Richard Stozek. Hollow Rum: Homer Wells, Theodore Nowakowski, julian Strizak, Chester Ospalski, Eugene Wise, Tom Sheehy, Walter Pisarski, Ieonard Olenik, Bill Snelling, Frank Siemiaszko. REGISTER 316 Toj' Rllldfl Sylvia Rissman, Ilelphine Smith, Diane Orlicli, Grace XY'rn'd, Annabell Pado, Miss I,e.ichinan, Helen Stefanelli, Helene Strauss. Mary Robinson. Ethel Strain, Celic Warlyiiipik. Miililli' Row: Olive Quick, Irene Pomanoski, Betty Turals, Peggy Nealon, Marion Plummer, Dorothy Schow, Gloria Powlen, Garmela Stramaglia, Helen Nowak, june Romans, Mary Sharp. Bullnw Row: Ruth Wfoodruff, Catherine Zinanni, Wfanda Pasiut, Irene Paskewicz, juanita Reprogle, Babettc Shuster. Georgia l'endleton, Margaret W'ellnian, Ruth Nvellman, Lorraine O'Brien, Catherine Ruschak, Gerthel Pierce. REGISTER 217 T011 Ron: Donald Burgess, Glea Atsas, Emil Fadiga. De Von Cunningham, Miss Ban, Ralph Drnlsulicli, Lyle Button, XVillard Ferhat, Theodore Anderson. Miflflli' Row: john Iiles, Stanley Iirankowski, Edward Augustyn. Paul lilliott, Vernon Iiasterlin, Tony Abeldua, Ixdward Carna- han, Peter Dombrowski. Robert Bolingcr. Hollow RIIIUZ john Apathy, john Conroy, Robert llutllaach, Frank Conroy, Ted Fuller, Victor Ferklic, Russell Buehrle, Ben ny Bilek. REGISTER 207 Top Row: Alex Lucich, Edward Kalloek, Bill Huetlner, Walter Mulloy, Buford Morgan, Arleigh Long, jerome Goldman, Ilarry Gurband, Miss Newton, Everett Lewin, Emmit Maxwell, Ken- neth Lockwood, Tom Mulloy, Gaylord Hatch, Michael Kane. Michael Kurowski, Frank Manski. Srroriil RIIIPZ Don I'Iudson, Ifred I-Iaslett. Bob jones, Carlyle Hamilton, Clay Kent, Edward I,ehocky, Eddie Guntrum, Ildward Kuzma, Dan Mercer, Troyan Gal, Chester Mihalek, john King. Robert Monfort, V'illiam Gresh. liolmm Row: Tony Lavedas. jack Maurer, Billy Mathe, john Karagas, George Lcngyel, George Klimis, I.eo Laczny, john Gutowski, Thaddeus Ivan, Richard Lee, Chauney Ilunker, Thomas King. rzwiltmen REGISTER. 109 Tull Row: Ruth Frazure, Evelyn Bubinan, Eleanor Casbon, Eileen Davidson, Betty Lou Iiogler, Miss Ade, Katherine Col- leran, Catherine lillman, Betty Barthel, Rita Baldauf, Ann Dudash. Boflom Row: Gloria Angotti. Leah Aron, Elizabeth Adams, Dorothy Batalis, Helen Day, Marie Costello, Gloria lilowers, Loretta Ciesielski, Marie Dubowski, Dorothy Antezak, Yolanda Bruno. REGISTER 212 T017 Row: james McConnell, Robert Kucster, NValter Schafer, Carl Cowen, Mrs. Palmer, Garrett Major, Stanley Vlarieh, Roger Carter, Spiro Cappony. Bfllifllfll Row: Tom Kroll. .lim Mako, Carl Buse, Wiirreii Banker, Peter Yaselslty, Lloyd Hamang. REGISTER 5 04 Toll Row: Mary Ifllen Lawson, Myrtle Mohardt, Isabelle McGregor, Frances Kuehar, Dorothy Kornorowski, Ruth Heasley, Waiicta Mosier, Mr. Flinn, Margaret MacKenzie, Celia lrzyk, Bernice Kolodlinski, ,lennie Mach, Marian Miller, Frances Hayes. Miffrffr Row: Audrey Gardner, Theodora George, Charlotte Hood, Stefany Kuehar, Gertrude Gust, Martha Musulin, Dorothy Messina, Genevieve Marcieh, Betty Dynakowski, Harriett Lyseck, Naomi Kelly, Matilda Helwig, Marjorie Hogdahl. Boflom Row: Katherine Guth, Margaret Greever, Antoinette Gagliardi, Ann Lnzar, Mary Gregor, Josephine Genduso, Helen Kuchta, Irene Kuehta, Evelyn Lane, Tiffany Moss, Catherine Lee. REGISTER 322 T011 Row: Lueile Sehwandt, Betty W'oodwarcl, Norene Melvin, Mary Thcoharis, Betty Lou Page, Mrs. Daley, Mary Lalar, Janette Olafson, Witiicla Misevieh, Bernice Verba, Mary Ann Bucko. Mirlillz' Rolf: Arrlath Matthews, Adele Greenberg, Janis Shuster, Mary Demetrakis, Katee Vee Ilarber, Mary Rae, Doris Moses, Bette Lyon, Lillian Saeketos, Ruth Novick. BUHUHI Row: Marie Iierrero, Lois Irwin, Esther Ferguson, Rose Poso, Helen Santelik, Audrey Dinkelman, Ruby Lee Hall, Virginia Berg, Helene Zelenalt, Helen Fenton. 9 5 Actdwdtdea 5 'Q v, X , 4 4 5 5 5 4, "J Wan Daw Sa Ya fl ithmzfafang, A CAPPELLA CHOIR else. CLUB at J il J QQ L 'H er i y K I 1 lcggw 1. , S W, A , J, ,J +4 t, , L ' Taj: Row: Alice Kieft, Kay Rolls, lilaine Geyer, Bonnie Hixon, Marion Patterson, Guinavere Baltich, Joan Smith, Richard Lewis, Thomas lidwin Engle, Jerome Rotenberg, Richard Lewlie, Alex Bartosh, Herbert O'Brien, Gertrude Knellcken, Norene Owen, Marion Miller, Justine Johnston. Third Rvws W'inifred Fogler, Bette Francis, Smilie Knezevieh, Coneettina Muffoletto, Leora Bradley, Phyllis Price, Robert Kuester, Herbert Curtis, Nick Bunda, Bill Stephens, Gus Cominus, Harry Wfarnke, Peggy Pearse, Betty Lou Foglcr, Mary Rae, Sybil Fleishman. Sf'1'or11f Row: Virginia Melton, XVinifred Draves, Angeline Coveris, Donabelle Smith, Gloria Bowman, Dave Gustafson, Manuel Millan, liverett Martin, Ray Decker, XVendell Biggs, Jerome Rottenberg, Russell Robbins, livelyn Bubman, Reinetta Piel, Grace Leady, Nell Jane Higginbotham. Top Row: Kathryn Wallixee, lilaine Medved, Marian Ruzity, Lois Householder, Gertrude Knelleken, Marjorie MeNieee, Jane Guth, Margaret Ferguson, Thelma Seopel, Betty Barthel, Jeanette Lautenbaek, louis Hall, Rosalie Bokieh, Lillian Moore, Virginia Melton, Margaret Ellen Murray. ,lliilfllr Ron: Mary Raysses, Betty Lou lfogler, Yolanda Piscione, Agnes Benjamin, Margaret Mountain, Rosina Cunningham, lireida Batalis, Lillian Strom, lda Godfrey, Roberta Wlilliins, lrene McLennan, Helen Russell, Jayne Trimble, Nlary Hmsberger, Annabell Pado, Helen Brugos, Diane Orlieh, lrene Stropke, Margaret Lee. liolfmu Role: Ethel Calhoun, Margaret Smith, lflma Blaehly, Bettie XVales, Urvilla Claude, Nlarie Pappas. Lydia Maraseo, Gloria Angotti, Pauline Spitler, Lilyanetta Blumenfeld, Miss Sayers, Ruth Duranleau. Barbara laeluon, Patricia Mahoney, Pauline Kakuris, Helen Stefanelli, Catherine Klimes, Susie Shahav, Shirley Alger, Rosalie Smith, Lorraine O'Brien, C463 - v .7107 V 'QL BOYS' QUARTETTE james Snodgrass, Alex Crussman john Klimis. Hcjbnit Curtis. hlif 'fi' 1, J A CAPPELLA CHOIR ,4 ' T 'ff Recently students and faculty were besought to buy eggs by members of the A Cappella Choir. Thus, the lovely gray robes and golden stoles, official costumes, are maintained. The choir assembles under the direction of Miss Grace Sayers Tuesdays and Thursdays during the first period. Its repertoire includes sacred and secular music. "Faust Flashes" in Spice, a radio broadcast, special numbers for "The Birthday of a King" and "Everyman,,' the Spring Concert, Baccalaureate, and Commencement were the major events. GLEE CLUB This club attracts girls of all high school classes who who Wish to end the day with a song. Under the very able direction of Miss Grace Sayers, the girls meet every Wednesday and Friday. Much of the charm of this club is the appearance the girls make. Attractively gowned in pastel formals, they seem the very essence of spring. The Glee Club contributed its talent to' "Spice and Variety,', the Christmas Pageant, the Spring Concert, and Commencement. me Da, www ami aaa. C475 14 little hanaeme how and Then SPICE AND VARIETY ENTR'ACTE: Swan, Rae, Hall, Slick, Murray, McMahon, Kralis, Iatarola, Moses, Bradley, Zinn, Butzbaek, Murphy, Melton, Bilski, Nowakowski, Goldstein, Skingley, Greever, Hagdahl, Blair, Landis, Frankovich, McGuire, Keister, Blick- ensderfer, Thomas, Carlson, Moss, Fletcher, Fogler, Reprogle, and Klimis. WALLY'S GRENADIERS: Leech, Millan, Reid, Adams, Lewis, Gustafson, Curtis, Wood, Maehacek, Gilbert, and Rotenberg. STEPPIN HIGH: Blankenship and Fisher. VIVE LA FRANCE: Adams, Geyer, XVolfe, Collie, Orr, Topsis, Stolberg, Gilbert, Oberding, Lyons, Anderson, Landis, Greever, Householder, Hall. PIANO INTERLUDE: Gauthier. SWEETHEARTS IN WALTZTIME: Glee Club, Roman, Murray, Strom, Scopel. Marasco, Orlich, and Klimis. ALL AMERICAN BEAUTIES: Francis, Renn, Cantonwine, Woodrud, Larson, Topsis. Karaifa, Johnston, and Beisler. CORN CRIBBERS: Logan, Muffoletto, Karas, Bittner, Polomchak, Jacobs, Sullivan, Tarnowski. OH MA! MA!: Lewandowski, Murray, Lewis, Hixon, Murray, and Sierra. ' RAINBOW BALLET: Wfillie, Hansen, Marasco, Krause, Pearse, Andrews, Bennett, Lautenback, and Smallwood. Mulroe, Holman, Quine, Swan, Fogo, Conquest, Cope, and Thomas. FAUST FLASHES: A Cappella Choir, Scheerer, Lewis, Crossman, Lewke, Orlich, and Raplor. RUSSIAN DANCE: Romans. A TUNERTOO: Rumy. DOUBLE ACROBATICS: Brown and Fisher. BUTLER BROTHERS: Charles and Edward. SING BRETHREN SING!: Piel, Goldberg, Kieft, Bowman, Palo, Jensen, Coininus, Day, Smalley, Dutcher, Rae, Leland, Helwig, Crocker, Shephard, Hawrys, Angotti. THE HARMONY FOUR: Snodgrass, Crossman, Klimis, Curtis. THE BEYONETS: Kerlin, Stump, Sauline, Croll, Brugos, Kaplan, Zelibor, Lesenyie Scheerer, Schultz, McConnell, Riley. . C483 XVith songs from hill-billy revelry to snntches of grand operng with dances from briskcst tap routines to ballets, sublime and otherwiseg with heavy drama and ehoicest comedy, our annual "Spice and Varietyl' lilled the auditorium to capacity three performances. It was only possible, however, through the efforts of the entire auditorium department, aided by the instrumental music and art departments, the Spice committee, the Booster committee, and an enthusiastic student body. SWEETHEARTS IN WALTZ TIME O, IVIAIVIIVIA RAINBOW BALL VIVE LA FRAN and ha lliomy, adowf 1491 Anne of Qneen "Wa-al, Can? Say I Dog Cain'T Say I Dorff." lE1.0RENCE RANISEN . lWINN11i STEARN ,, ,, ANNE SLHRLLY ,,,,,,7,,,,,,,7, ,S MRS. AIAEXANDEIK SP1 MoR1LLA CUTHRLRT MRS. BARRY ,,,,,,, RACHEL LYNDE L . ,,,7 , MATTHEW CUTHBERT iNCll'.1l ,,,, josm PYIE 7 Y,,,,7 ,,,, , GiLB1aR'r BLYTHE D1AN1X BARRY , Moons SPURGEON ,,,, MRS. ALLEN ,,,.,7Y . IVA MII,I..S lDlREC'1'OR fl - , .r,,,Il, Yolanda Piseione, Lorraine johnson . ,,,, Vera Fanelier, Helen Leeper ,, ,,,,,,, Fern Miller, Elsie Wallaetr Virginia Melton, Evelyn Vnnatta W Viola Lehoelxy Nilah Gene Hudson, Shirley Brickley ,, L ,,,, Stella Tnrnowski, Elaine Austin Alexander Crossman, Jerry Rotenberg Calliope Raysses, Margaret Mountain Wfilliam Murray, R. S. Kelley , ,,s,, Irene Stropke, Mwrthn Wl1CLlK ,,,,,, ,. Rex Zinn, Paul Berkau ,, , Ella Skingley, Aladeun Allison L Richard Lewke, Robert Nystrom ,, ,,,,,, ,, ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,, Miss Paul ROGER CIKOSBY ..,, MAMMY PLEASANT HARRY BLYTHE CICLY YOUNG ,,,,, SUSAN SILLSBY ,,,Y,.Y CHARLIE WILDER ww,L,L PAUL JONES ,,L, .,,, ANNABELLE WEST HENDRICKS ,L PATTERSON IDIRECTOR ,,,,,,, LL,L O, I Felt an Icy Breath Bill Gilbert June Rose Krause John Woolridge, Gus Cominus Carol Rose Goldman Reinetta Piel , ,,,, David Gustafson Robert Adams Alice Kieft Harold Krohn Nick Bunda MRS. DALEY Une Cat and 7-he Cammy. C513 Weiadnga -f4JL6VL,1f Unimed Und! loaf. THE BIRTHDAY OFAKINC y Alfur Sn'm': XVnlter Lewimdowski, NV11de Brown Nick Bunda. Crib: Elaine Geyer, Nclle Jane Higginbotham, Ugo Angotti. 'QTreatsn and the speaking of ':pieces" are in order just before Christmas. Emersorfs "treat," however, is the Christma- Pagennt, appropriately named Q'The Birthday of a Kingn by tht author, Miss Hazel Harrison. The memorable story of the Christ Child's birthday, the angel, the shepherds, and the three kings is inspiringly told with the music of the Treble Choir, Glee Club, and A Cappella Choir. The gifts used in the production are taken to the Post- Tribune for the Christmas baskets. 4529 THE READING MEET Open to all interested auditorium students, the reading meet this year had more boys than girls competing, which is very unusual. Students selected their own readings, free to choose readings best suited to their personalities. This made the tryouts more interesting to the listeners because of the variety. Polly Ann Wfolfe, by her excellent reading of a cutting from Slljllf Ioan of Arr, represented Emerson in the City Meet. Mrs. Palmer, who was in charge of the Work, was well pleased with results. Tuff Rout Wade lirown, XY'alter Lewandowslai, Herbert Curtis, Dan Roman, lyron Rosco, Shirley Goldberg. Tbirif Razr: Manuel Sierra, Robert XY'alton, Donald Bittner, W'ilma Landis, Nell .lane Higginbotham, Alustine Johnston, Albert Price. Sf'l'0lIll,R0lL'Z Jack Moffatt, john Klimis, Matthew Bleieher, Mike Kruse, Knteo Vee Harber, Helen Fenton, Irene Kuchta, Sam Cherry. Bofiom Raw: John Kolcos, .loe Ivan, Raymond Decker, Mrs. Palmer, Susie Shabaz, Mary Raysses, Elizabeth Mackenzie, Tom Croll. Poets Ate Bam, Umtaw me Made. Top Row: Justine Johnston, David Gustafson, Polly Anne Wolfe, Alex Crossman, john XVoolridge, Dan Roman. Miilrllw Rout Ugo Angotti, Alice Kieft, XVilma Landis, Mary Raysses, Carol Rose Goldman, Bill Gilbert, Robert Adams, Edward Lehoekey. Bolloul Raw: lllaine Geyer. Marianne Graves, Nick Bunda. Nelle -lane Higginbotharn, Susie Shabaz, Margaret Ellen Murray. Yvllp Row: Charles Gust, Ugo Angotti, Dan Roman, Harold Lu- belnick, Patrick Murray, Herbert Curtis, Wade Brown. Ifunrlln Row: Dean Glancy, Walter Leech, Manuel Sierra, Marjorie McNiece, w'lll11LI Landis, Williain Holzman. g Tbirrl Row: lilizabeth latarola, Nelle .lane Higginbothani, Bonnie Hixon, klustine Johnston, Polly Anne Wfolfe, Peter Fogo, Trice Mor- rill, ,lohn Sullivan, Howard Lind, William Lesenyie, Srrn11rl Row: W'inifred Draves, Marian Rulity, Dorothy Irvine, -lane lensen, Virginia Stoval, Agnes Kolak, Betty Leland. Bflfffllll Raw: Lenorc Shuster, Christine Morrison, Vera Bowron, Mary Raysses, Rosina Cunningham, Marjorie Pendleton, Arlene Ander- son, Rosalie liokich, Margaret Ellen Murray, Mrs. Palmer. THE SUMMONINC OF EVERYMAN Aprrl sixth saw the second annual performance of the spectacular Eastcrtide production, "The Summoning of Everymanf, The portrayals are: Nick Bunda, Everyman, Elaine Geyer, Knowledgeg Nell jane Higginbotham, Good Deeds, Susie Shaboz, Malice, Polly Ann Wfolfe, Messengerg Mary Raysses, Evil, Alice Kieft, Faith, Marianne Graves, Beauty, Alex Grossman, Death, Bill Gilbert, Deceitg John Wool- ridge, Fellow and God, Dan Roman, Conscienceg Ugo Angotti, Cowardice, Conceit and Torchbearerg Dave Gustafson, Cousing Ed Lelaoeky, Kindred, Justine Johnston, Goodsg Robert Adams, Strengthg Carol Rose Goldman, Five Wits, Margaret Ellen Murray, Discretiong Wililaa Landis, Confession. C541 Smcbde 7LZauen'1f Thought of Uni The outstanding dramatic event for seniors is the Senior Play. The humorous and modern "Three Cornered Moon," by Gertrude Tonkonogy, gave the senior dramatists an interesting subject in which to display their ability. The plot concerns the cscapades of the crazy Rimplegars, who, after having reached the age of maturity show remarkably little traces of it. THREE CORNERED MOON The rattlebrained Mrs. Rimplegar, played by Justine Johnston and Arlene Anderson, is responsible for the family's misfortune. Her daughter, Elizabeth, enacted by Marianne Graves and Nell Jane Higginbotham, has no dignity whatsoever. Douglas, Kenneth, and Ed Rimplegar were played by Bill Lesenyie and Dick Seitzinger, Herbert Curtis, and Jim Mulloy and Pete Fogo, respectively. Manuel Sierra and Tom Bittner hadlfzfdfi ff the role of the mature Dr. Stevens. Robert Greenberg, quite untrue to his nature, was seen as the awkward Donald. Kitty, the Brooklyn beauty, and Jenny, the Czechoslovakian maid, were made convincing by Betty Leland and Wilma Landis, and Marion Ruzity, respectively. The incom- parable Ugo Angotti played the Messenger Boy. fdnce Y zilomlced Afgeba C557 onefemfamaaw BOARD OF CONTROL At Emerson, an opportunity is provided for any student sufficiently interested to make known his opinions regarding any matter concerning the school. If students have become lax in making their wishes, known, the fault lies with them. This spring saw an ,-,agitation on the part of, some to revise parts of the constitution which have become slightly archaic. The Board of Control ruled this year that hereafter it will reserve the right to approve candidates for class offices on the theory that it can consider more fairly the meritsof the nominees. Other suggestions were taken under advisemcnt. President: Jay Swang Vice President: Bob johnson: Secretary: joe Zelibor. Senior Girls' Representative: Polly Anne Wolfe. Senior Boys' Representative: Robert Greenberg. Junior Girls, Representative: Barbara jackson. I A junior Boysl Representative: Albert Kish. Sophomore Girls' Representative: 'Evelyn Anderson. Sophomore Boys' 'Representativcz Billy Maxon. Freshman Girls, Represenftativez- Mary- Rae. Fresh-man Boys' Repeesentative: John Paligraph. H Sponsor: Mr. Carlberg V Booster Committee Chairman: Elsie Jane Dunn Cheerleaders: Ruth Blankenship, Helen Brown, Wfalter Lewandowski, Bob Briggs, George Petrain Sponsor: Miss Harrison Social Committee Chairman: Genevieve Riley Sponsor: Miss Reynolds Building and Grounds Committee Chairman: James Holman Sponsor: Miss Ban Scholarship Committee Chairman: Doris Sandbach Sponsor: Mr. Connerly cm C573 BOARD OF CONTROL Tofu Kun: .lack Muzingu, limb Briggs, Michael Miirrovich. George Pctrain, Phil Swan, Billy Pitehford, Howard Lind, llqunes Einan, .luhn McCarthy, Albert Kish, Dan Mixrruvieh. I:IIlll'f!7 Knut Miss Harrison, Agnes Rae. Betty Turak. Shirley Alger, Diane Urlicli, Genevieve Riley, lilsic -lane Dunn. Polly Anne NV'olfe, Helen Brown, Ruth Ann Blankenship, Pauline Gaspcr, Elsie w'71lllQlCC, Miss Ban, Mr. Carlberg. Tfiirff Rllllf ,lime Muunt.iin, liarlsara 'l.1ClKNOI1, Reinctta Picl. qlune Iilickcns- derfcr, Dorothy NY'illinms, Patricia Priec. Doris .lean Sgindbncli, Mary Rue, licrn Miller, Irene Kish. Serum! Rout Alice Kieft, George Macliacek, W'arren Kraft, -Iamcx Xlasun, Chester Ospalxki, Dave Gust- afwor., Carl Cowen, -Innicx liinn. Eugene Nix, Ruth Engle. Hollow Row: Richard Lewis, ,lay Swan, IIFLIIIR Kralis. lfvcrctt MC- Cormicli. Mitchell Stawiclci, .Iamex ilolnmn. Harry lrlulninn, .lim Mc- Trixgue, limb klohnwvn. Edward XY'egr1yn. BUILDING AN IJ GROUNDS COMMITTEE Inf: Run: Xvarren Kraft, limb Briggs, Ruth lfnglc, Min Ban. Alice Kieft, Howard Lind, james l'inan. Dave QiLlSl.ll-SOIL Hollow Row: Michael Mixtrnyich, Iames Holman, Dennis Lawrence, .luhn Mcflartliy, james M Ason. SOCIAL COMMITTEE T011 Rout Elsie w'.lll.1CC, Genevieve Riley, Miss Rcynuldx, lflsie AIQIHC Dunn, Pauline Gmpcr, lilinur Small' wimd. B,,f1f,W Run: Bill Nurc. -lack Muzin go, Rielm-il Lewis. Phil SYYIIII. ha Pau and fadteung. TRI SIGMA T011 Row: Justine Johnston, Kay Kolls, Anne Kent, Bette Matthews, June Blickensderfer, Guinavere Baltieh, Helen Brown, Doris Sandbach, June Rose Krause, Marjorie Barnes, Loretta Brisar. Mifhflrf Row: Norene Owen, Gloria Bowman, Margaret Moss, Gertrude Knelleken, Dorothy Williaiwis, Elsie Jane Dunn, Clara Thomas. Boflom Row: Geraldine O'l Ialloran, June Beisler, Bette Francis, Eliza- beth Mackenzie, Ruth Ann Blankenship, Mildred Fisher, Mildred Blachly, Patricia Brown, Phyllis Price, Doris Carlson. Top Row: Harry lddings, Leo Maisel, Walters Vickroy, Jack McKinney, James Jacobs, Mitchell Stawicki, Donald Croll, Jack Kerlin, Robert Gerometta, George Stanko, Wiiltei' Lewandowski, Mr. Holm. Mirlfllz' Row: Jack O'DonneIl, John McCarthy, Bob Bokich, Roger Eldridge, George Wilson, John Shultz, William McConnell. BUff0IlI Row: James Mason, Dan Mistrovich, Kenneth Hoeg, John Levack, Robert Cash, Billy Maxon, Phil Swan, Joe Zelibor, Steve Polomchak. FRENCH CLUB Top Row: Mrs. Reyher, lrene Hansen, Dorothy Griffith, Betty Leland, Gerald Kaufman, W'iIIiam Murray. FOIU'fh Row: Reinetta Piel, W'inifred Fogler, Patricia Price fleftj, Elsie Jane Dunn Crightj, Sally Lyman, Justine Johnston, Nell Jane Higginbotham flcftQ , Bonnie Hixon frightj , Peggy Pearse. Thin! Row: Sybil Fleishman, Jeanette Lewandowski, Sophie Rocoff, Marilyn Renn, Evelyn Bubman, Shirley Goldberg, Julia Mischanko fleftj, jane Mountain frightj. Svcoml Row: Louise Hall, Mary Rae, Babette Shuster, Helene Strauss, Mary Georgieff, Elaine Pesdan, Ruth Stolberg. Hollow Row: Doris Moses, Martha Wlieat, Jane Ellen Doig, Doris Snndbaeh Qleftj, Doris Bailey frightj, Lois Schwandt, Qlefty, Phyllis McGuire Qrightj. John Klimis Qwith flagj. cw TRI SIGMA The initiation of pledges opens the array of activities that occur in the Tri Sigma. A Theater Par Scavenger Hunt, and Skating Party lead up to the gra festivity of the year, the Spring Formal. SOC. By city Wide discussions, featured speakers, and ba quets, Hi-Y members exchange views with other membj in the city. Initiation is held once each semester. Our I-li Basketball team won the 1939 State Championship. ROSELETTE CLUB Organized on Junior Rose Day, the Roselette Cli recently celebrated its first anniversary. It is an electi club for under classmen. Purely social in purpose, it hol initiations, parties and dances. ROSELETTE CLUB Top Row: Marian Miller, Janis Shuster, Bette Lyon, Mary Theoliaris, Miss Jones, Mary Rae, Betty Wfooclward, Lucile Schwandt, Jennie Mack. Bottom Row: Virginia Berg, Ruby Lee Hall, Katee Vee Harbcr, Martha Wheat, Doris Moses. Lois Irwin, Leora Bradley. SPANISH CLUB T017 Row: Dorothy Messina, Jon Evans, Lucille Ragan, Emma Jane Spurr, Doris Carlson, Stanley Smalley. Third Row: Anna Louise Copeland, Lueile Fletcher, Chester Ospalski, Janice Cunningham, Matilda Helwig, Raymond Dutcher, Grace Ward. Second Row: Maximena Garcia, Norma Allen, Paul Thanos, Sylvia Lello, Robert Bolinger, Ana Mae Boyer, Annabell Pado. Bottom' Row: Sylvia Ippolito, James Bond, Diane Orlich, June Rose Krause, Angeline Coveris, Gloria Angotti. F. A. B. A Top Row: Ellouise Andrews, Lydia Marasco, Bonnie Hixon, Dorothy Scheerer, Mary Craig, W'inifred Dravcs, Sue Tuttle. Middle Row: Arlene Anderson, Nell jane Higginbotham, Elaine Geyer, Polly Anne Wolfe, Genevieve Riley, Patricia Price, Lois Schwandt, Betty Leland, Peggy Jeanne Pearse, Evelyn Blair. Bollom Row: Betty Willie, Martha Gardner, Alice Kieft, Wilma Landis, Joan Smith, Dorothy Powers, Pauline Gasper. SPANISH AND FRENCH CLUBS Both the Spanish and French clubs have a three-fold purpose. Their programs feature current events concerning the countries, an extensive study of native authors, books, and famous persons, the singing of songs and playing of games characteristic of these lands. The clubs assemble with other like organizations in the city. F. A. B. An annual tea, honoring freshmen girls, introduces the social activities of the F. A. B. The initiation of prospec- tive members, a progressive dinner, an intra-club dance, and the formal dance are the yearly activities. C595 -il Q Ewtydadya .famed a, 5 ' 1 In i 5 affix, liljvflu' l V il R. o. T. c. X ,J,,,,,Jff fl I Viz' 4 i ,Xi I, ' if f ' - f l . .4 2 1 ,al 'fl !l.f'l ' if W f .r .- f" JJ- ' B ,Z Awfylnv .Q LM aff!!! lr K ,lpn SXX5- jf!! Vxhff Q ABN jf J N zffjfgljc vi Jtl .-f",.lQf'wM A X, 4 I 4 ,,4 A 1' 1 Miff fl 5 ,-', ,lfjfw aff' OU, B lsjflsx sz 2? :Z EF A lk , 12-.4 7 , cctc .U A : . - COMPANY A . Top Row: Michael Murray, Allen McCathren, Sam Roth, Raymond Shotts, Zivko Zivanovich, Weldon Stanford, Jon Evans, Bernard Kwiatkowski, Tom Martin, John Shultz, John Gutowski, James Vasil, Patrick Murray, Norman Wolf, Glca Atsas. Fifth Row: Vernon Rutherford, Bill Stephens, Vernon Easterlin, Nick Bunda, Everett Martin, Robert Kuester, Dave Gustaf- son, Jerome Rottenberg, Joe Killens, Richard Decker, John Friedlein, Bob Mercer. Follrlb Row: Thomas Engle, Kenneth Lockwood, Wendell Biggs, Charles Lemick, Manuel Millan, Lewis Simmons, Mike Botsko, Clay Kent, John Woolridge, Ribert Stump, Nick Tsacrios, Lew Webber. Third Row: William Walton, Russell Robbins, Gaylord Hatch, Keith Locke, Don Boswell, Raymond Decker, Harold Lubez- nick, Dan Mercer, Peter Yaselsky, R. S. Kelly, Joe Iatarola, Bill Bennett, Robert Durfos, David Amos. Sr'1'011cl Row: Jack McKinney, Thad Jacobs, Harry Warnke, Bob Emerson, James Mako, Carl Buse, Godfrey Coons, Alex Taylor, Warren Banker, Ted Fuller, Richard Symes, Dayton Shafer. Boflom Row: Joe Zelibor, Edwin H. Butler, Burton Rosen, Sam Pillar, Billy Snelling, Louis Eliopulus, William Wallace, John Wotherspoon, Donald Bond, George Eliopulus, John Nosko, Richard Lewis, Charles Butler, Sergeant Souders. COMPANY B Top Row: Francis Boyer, Monroe Schwimmer, Harry Cialkowski, Walter Schafer, Glen Vantrease, Robert Quinn, Stanley Vlarich. Tbircl Row: Estill Krohn, Homer Coonrod, Frank Schwartz, Wayne Snodgrass, Walter Shepard, Robert Lewis, Paul Thanos, Gerald Kaufman, Donald Gant. Srmml Row: George Machacek, Walter Zlamal, Kenneth Hoeg, Fugene Waytasek, Buford Morgan, Everett Lewin, Richard Lewke, Emil Fadiga, XVilliam Moriarity, John Lyons. Bofiom Row: Harry Iddings, Robert Sickles, Denny Crocker, David O'Hara, Jay Frischkorn, Roger Carter, Sergeant Souders, Eddie Boland, Joe Scheck, Ray Carnahan, Lloyd Hamang, Robert Irwin, Wade Brown, W'alter Leech. mop f ff 1 rf' ,., l .ui fxfff V I, 1 f f Attention, leaders of the future! In this manner might Captain Donald Harris or Sergeant Hershel Souders, R. O. T. C. instructors, in the Gary Public Schools, address the members of Companies A and B of the Emerson Reserve Officers Training Corps. This im- portant department not only Hlls the need for trained officers and men, but also instills the ideals of good citizenship, leadership, and teamwork. This year's force attained the privilege of carrying the colors, both National and R. O. T. C., first in all Gary R. O. T. C. appearances. This came as a result of having the largest enrollment in the city. The rifle team, sponsored by both companies, tailed to capture the honors in inter-city and outside competition. However, what they lacked in success was gained in experience and future potential strength. The Annual Miltary Ball was held on April 22, in the Gary Hotel with the attendance of 250 couples. On May 23 and 24, the Emerson Battalion was given a test on military tactics and was reviewed with the other Gary units by a group of prominent school, military, and American Legion officials. The boys who during the past year showed ability in R. O. T. C. work were awarded medals by the reviewing group. wma fm BM Baum PW.. 44.13 'fmewon fayafzfy " MZ! faffmci Sweet BOYS' BAND Beginning its season auspiciously, the band was invited to play in the Hotel Gary for the inter-city Mayors' Convention. In October the Boys' Band greeted the United States Marine Band as it paid a visit to Gary under the sponsorship of the Emerson band department. Arrayed in snappy gold and gray uniforms, the boys added even further brilliance to a spectacular pigskin season, as they marched in formation to the stirring melodies of school songs. Patriotism was well served by the Boys' Band presenting a concert at the Legion Hut on Armistice Day. The winter months found the boys busier than the proverbial bees: marching in the Annual Christmas Paradeg the auditorium program in January, February brought the annual dance in the Y. W. C. A. The proceeds of the dance buy band pins for members graduating "Joe and Judd," a cornet duet composed by Mr. Warren, was given its debut at the Boys' Band Annual Concert in March. This piece was dedicated to two former Emerson band boys, Joe Spurr and Judson Kierstead. Another highlight of the concert was the Chicago director-composer, J. Olivadotti. If the Band Department and The Parents Committee have their way, the greatest achievement will be the trip which the Boys' Concert Band plans to make to the New York World's Fair. The officers of the Boys' Band are: President, Walter Leech, Vice- president, Donald Crollg Manager, W'illiam McConnellg Assistant Manager, Joe Zeliborg Secretary, Fred Holfordg Librarian, Wade Browng Assistant Librarian, Robert Reidg Property Man, Robert Davidsong Assistant Property Man, Jack Kerling Horn Inspector, James Culvey- house. The drum majors are Robert Adams, james Mason, and Frank Kralis. The girl sponsors for the Boys' Band are June Blickensderfer and Margaret Moss. The talented director of the band. Mr. Hubert S. Warren, has the expert assistance of Mr. Sam Bobele and Miss Anne Kotora. t 4623 lfilvl cfItll'IIIt'f.Y ID,-XVII CJUSTAFSON IRANR RRALIS XVARRIQN KRAFT DON CROLL CARL KUMLANDIQR MIQLVIN MARCUS .IAMIIS MASON ROBERT' STUMP Sfflllltl cIlLlI'iHf'fX HOB ADAMS IEOIS TAYLOR IACK KERLIN KIA MES CQULVIQ YHOUSI. GIZORGI-Q WILSON PAUL BIiR KAU GEORGE IfOSSYIi GECRG Ii ELIOPOLOUS Tbinl Clurincix BILL MISCH BILL SKINGLEY FLOYD JOHNSON RICHARD IJIZCKIZR NICK BUNDA , 'lr , , ,f ,fffff H lf" 0 UtHIIf0Il!'S IQRNIIT KAPLAR BILL MILLER DON BOSWILLL ALEX TAYLOR l7ir'.x'f C01'u1'lx PHIL SWAN jliRUME ROTICNIBICRG BILL GILBERT KENNETH SCI'IW'ARTZ BOB MARTIN LINCOLN ISAAC 5l'!'0ll J Corurls BILL MCCONNILLL BILL MAXON ROBER 'II' BURGESS WA DE BROWN PHIL GREEN RAY DECKER Third CUfl1K'fX ROBERT NYSTR OM JOHN WYOTHIQRSIIQJON Bfzxs-A110 Clarizlvls IOI: IATAROLA DAN MIS-I-ROVICLI 'ICHIX XVOOLRIDGIL IEII,I. STEPHENS IBOB MERCER Iiuxxmm TOM IZNGLE I'l1fl4'x-l'iz'1'oIos IKOISICRT' FIFE ISILL BENNETT ARNOLD COOK l"r'rm'lv Hornx BOB DAVIDSON WIZNDALL BIGGS HARRY NIELVIN BOB CASH .IOE REEVES DIACK MCM1XHON T ra nz bones BOB LEWIS GAYLORD HATCH i S1015 ZIZLIBOR nu 1, LIQSIQNYIE Louis 1a1,1oPoLoUs CARI, COXVIQN .lklli KILLIZNS liu.v.w'x I7RI?D HOLFORD IiDDIIi GUNTRUM IIIQONARD XVOOD ,IOHN SLHULTZ IiII,I, RLISIQRG IIAROLD RROHN Ufwiuv ITRA NK STONEI-IILL ,IA N1 ICS R ENN Drfzmx wIx1,T1a1x LEECH Amex LUCICH ,IOI-IN LYONS DIWXN QLANCY ID 1s1aUL,o5 0iLLf?7fLiZjfE?Lf2? LJIL-fl Af, EI .-.-..--ag? ..- 4- Un Me Siclewaflca of new C633 GIRLS' BAND "Drums roll off!" "Corners be softer on the trioln These familiar phrases are heard in the practice room of that famous institution, The Emerson Girls' Band. The organization is under the splendid direction of Mr. Warren, along with his co-directors, Miss Kotora and Mr. Bobele. One of the eagerly-anticipated events of the year is the concert which the girls play at Ross. This year was no exception to former years. On March 31, the band presented its annual spring concert. The girls put forth a great effort to attain the results they had. Trombone smears, overtures, marches, and a mock Wedding constituted a greater part of the program. Each year it is customary for the girls to sponsor a tea in honor of their mothers, which is usually held in the fall of the year. President, june Blickensderfer, and Vice-President, Mar- garet Moss poured, while other officers served on various committees. 7-hey Wake Www: On February 15, the Formal Dance took place at the Y. W. C. A. The officers of the organization led the grand march to the fam- iliar air of "Emerson Loyalty." An added feature during the past year, was a Twirling Club for those interested in this feature aside from concert work. of the band are: Donabelle Other officers Smith, Managerg Kathryn Wallace, Assistant Thomas, Librarian, Loretta Manager, Clara Kralis, Assistant Librarian, Elizabeth Iatarola, Property Managerg Mary Ann Kasper, Assistant Property Manager, Thelma Sheppard, Secretary, and Marflynn Maisel, Horn Inspector. C645 First Clarinels MARTHA GARDNER DOROTHY POWERS DONNA JEAN DUNN THELMA SHEPPARD ELIZABETH IATAROLA JUNE ROSE KRAUSE PHYLLIS PRICE ANNABELLIZ SHAYATOVICLI Svvoml Clarincls ELLOUISE ANDREWS IRENE JURCHLNKO MARY IATAROLA MARGIE BARNES MARGARET TITAK LILLIAN WILSON JULIA LAZAR IVIAXINE HAVILANIJ Tbird Clarinvls ALICE AUSTIN ISABEL INICGREGOR WINIFRED STANTON TILLTE WINTOZ JEAN ANDERSON ROBERTA VVILKINS KATHERINE COVERIS HELEN NOWAK Basses DONABELLE SMITH LORRAINE ,IUNGHIZIM ROSALIE FRANKOVICH RENA MCMAHON I-'ml Corwls ROBERTA OBERDING ANN LETHERMAN LORETTA KRALIS MARY SHARP HEDWIG KOMOROVVSKI LAURA BAULDAUF S c'44 UNK, Cornvlx DORIS CARLSON IZLINOR HULTING DOROTHY GOLD BEVERLY PEHR STELLA ELIOPULUS PAULINE HAMMAKO Third Corrzcls MARGIE PAUKIN PHYLLIS SAFFRON ANGELINE KROLL DORIS REAVES They Can Caak Too. C653 W0 r - M' .lu lf f-f':11' b Horns MARGARET MOSS DORIS ALLEN RUTH NOVICK KIUANITA REPROGLI5 SHIRLEY OWENS HELEN LEEPER Tl'UIN1l0lIF.S JUNE BLICKENSDERHLR JENNY PILLA MARILYNN MAISEL BEA HUTCHINSON DOROTHY DEAN OETH LAURA AYDELOTTE meme, , Plame. MR. VVARREN, Dfl'L'L'fUl' MISS KOTORA, Ax.vi.vhml Dirm Violins BURTON ROSEN EDWARD KISH ANGELINE TOPSIS HERBERT OIBRVN , HELEN EELTS +fJUf"V f CHRISTINA REID DOROTHY GANT MARGARET FERGUSON RUTH STOLBERG VIRGINIA MELTON ELSIE WALLACE GEORGE KLIMIS DEMETRIA MIGRAMIFS SHIRLEY ALGER HAROLD ALTERWITZ MARGARET MOUNTAIN ROMY PANTEA JOHN MINICH ALFRED RUTKIEWICZ ELAINE PESDAN NORENE MELVIN ANNA MAE GONDELL NINA BOBRIGK JOE BRAUNEIS EDWARD SHAYIOTOVICH IIETTE MATTHEWS JOHN KLIMIS 'lor 9 MJD Hflvx Violins MARY HINSBERGER ELIZAIIETH DWYER MARTHA WII.DES LEORA BRADLEY ELLA SKINGLEY GEORGE STAIXIKO DONABELLE SMITH JJOHN SCIIULTZ LEONARD WOOD Dl'll'l!IX DEAN GLANCY NORMA ENGLISH I'iI1:m JANE MOUNTAIN Tromlmue JUNE B LICKENSDERFER JOE KILLIZNS Cornvf JERRY ROTTENBERG PI-IILLIP GREEN BILL GILBERT Harp MURYL JENKINS ORCH I"rr'm'b Horus ROBERT DAVIDSON XY'IfNDIfL BIGGS JACK INICMAHON Ohm' MAR Y CRAIG Finfc TOM ENGLE cllrlfillff MARTHA GARDNER WARREN KRAFT Viola RUTH FOGLE JIZRONIE ROTTEINIBERG DAN MERCER KATEE VEE I-IARBIIR IGERNA GREEN Cvilo WINIFRED FOGLER If LUCILE RAGAN fi J . GRACE LEADY LORRAIINIE .JOHNSON KATITIRYINI BANKER HILDA CLARK WANDA HAJ I , 4669 STRA Emerson's orchestra, featuring up-and-com- ing Rubinoffs, Stokowskis, and even Paderew- skis, has a membership of about one hundred fine musicians. Mr. H. S. W'arren and Miss Anne Kotora are the director and assistant director respectively. The Little Symphony, consisting of about fifty orchestra members, during the past year has gone out to play for theatres, commence- ment exercises and various other activities by request. Every year this organization plays for Commencement. This year they went to Lafayette, where they presented a concert which was received very favorably. Besides these functions the orchestra also played for various events occuring in school, Spice and Variety, and class plays. Ping, Zona, .gifting me! ' Their annual concert this year came in the latter part of April. The girls in their gold and gray formals and the boys in their light suits made a striking appearance before a capacity audience. Adding color to the appear- ance of the orchestra, the members wore red roses. George Stanko, the president, directed the first two num- bers, "March Magnificenti' and "Ambition" judged by the spirited applause which welcomed the efforts of the members, the concert this year was a decided success. The oificers of the orchesw- tra for the past year were: President, George Stankog Vice-President, Mary Craig, Secretary, June Blickensder- ferg Manager, Martha Wildesg Assistant Manager, jane Mountaing Librarian, Ruth Stolbergg Assistant Librarian, Grace Leadyg Property, Ed- ward Kish, Assistant Prop- erty, Kay Kollsg String Girl, Marilynn Maisel. 7152 the ' 4 in Umm. SENIOR HONGR SOCIETY Left Row: Miss Grieger, Robert Martin, Herbert Curtis, Dorothy Williams, Polly Anne Wolfe, Patricia Price, Elaine Geyer, Justine Johnston, Celia Ospalski, Julia Mischanko, Jay Swan. Rigbf Row: Arlene Anderson, John Mcflarihy, Margaret Moss, BeLty Leland, Doris Sandbacli, Alice Kieft, Carol Goldman, Lillian Wojtan, Lois Scllwandi, Agnes Kozak, Harry Idclings. 'L ' ij ,V ' ' C633 It has been a tiring day. With the ringing of the last bell, there is a joyous shout as the students prepare to leave for home. But the day's work is just beginning for the Senior Honor Society. We see them willingly take their benches and bending over the crude wooden table ponder over the preparation of the monthly edition of the school newspaper, the Blast. The Blusf editors this year were: November and December, Elsie Jane Dunn, February and March, Patricia Price, April, Polly Anne Wolfe, May, Justine Johnstong June, Carol Rose Goldman and Alice Kieft. Part of the credit for the success of the Blast goes to Robert Greenberg for his fine work as Art Editor. Since the transfer of Miss Peters, former sponsor of the society, Miss Hazel Grieger has assumed the duties of sponsorship. Officers for this year were: President, Arlene Anderson, Vice-President Robert Martin, Secretary, Doris Sandbachg Treas- urer, Robert Greenberg. Urat Wlalcea tire 1. Q. QZQW. ie 'X- Wi CO Twice a year members are chosen by the faculty council on the basis of leadership, character, scholarship, and service. The nominees are inducted at an impressive ceremony, where they pledge to uphold the high ideals of the society. The society also maintains a scholarship fund, derived from the proceeds of the Blaxl and candy sales. Two sales were conducted this year, Elaine Geyer directing both. However, the society could hardly be accused of advocating "all work and no play," for each year they enjoy an inter-school banquet. Some- thing new was tried with success this year, a party for the Emerson chapter at the Ambridge Scout Hut. Hy, and Coming. HJNIOR HONOR SOCIETY The Junior Honor Society is an organization whose aims are to better the conditions in the grade school, set an example for the younger students of Emerson, and maintain the grade school scrapbook. New members are selected semi- annually on the principles of character, leadership, scholarship, and service. The officers are: President, Betty Turak, Vice- President, Carl Cowen, Secretary, Diana Orlichg Treasurer, Robert Kuesterg Program Chairman, Wfilliam Willlaeeg and,Scrapbook Manager, Marion Miller. i -P gif. The new Sponsor, Miss Evelyn Jones, replaces Miss Alice Ludberg, who is now Mrs. Wilbur Smith. ' C707 TUX? Roux: Harvey Tidwcll, Carl Cowen, Robert Kuester, Miss Ludherg, Garrett Major, Jerome Goldman, Ed- ward Madden, Bill Plunkett. Mizfzflr Row: Joann Landes, Marian Menzie, Sylvia Rissman, Carmela Stiamaglia, Diane Orlich, Dorothy Messina, Betty Turak, Marian Miller, Betty Woodward, Lucile Schwandt, Mary Rae, Mary Demctrakis, Matilda Helwig. Dorothy Palasz, Lucille Bed- dingicld. Hollow Row: Daisy Shabaz, Phyllis Underwood, Mary Sivak, Mary Pitch- ford, Mildred Zivanovich, Elizabeth Adams, Babette Shuster, Dorothy Baralis, Mary Gregor, Ann Rademaker. 7456565504 6 5 4 9 0 5 S 4, y 0 'Q 4 0 4, 4, s ,J 5 ',..' ' gadyfl . ci Ln Q, Sdbind A fgpgnd mm 4 I Y F : nw K ,i ,. I hw 1 f -'Q' Q' 1 -1 LQ . " ' 1 vs, dl v ' I L .. img H1 m f- 1 K kTQ,,,, A I' ..,., , fh ww, was ' I , , -ii i - I 'V a Eg fm I if I mix ggi? K Q. V W g' V V w K J I I L IV Q Q. 'Aj . gl- . ,,,, fl' ,-, LL ,- gw., ,, X 5 ' L ,. I h W ' A is . K ,ff 'X ' . 52595 , ,S 7 QE S., -: in k J, gist i' I , . I 4:15 2 xg , . Y A, V 'h Q '22:wJlZF-E ' S., 'L .. - f .evlkw f 1, wwf F-fx 5 A ff 145514 ' QHAMMONS I 958 Sam Boswisll Richard F N.l.H.':1C. Hi Y A Y I 1 5? f sb A : ..: in . X Bollngor Bob Quinc Matthew Kozgggay Mill ford Cohquestlfjgignncrh Cope, Leqnard7Roh1nns2, Sam Cherry, Coach Rolfe, Mitchell Staw- icki, Richard Seitzingcr, George MCLcnnan, Robert Mulroe, Chris Trakas, james gif. 452 1:2 ik, 7 .. -. W-v,f,fA ,A gt,-We? fag. ,-.W L,-, V ,, fy -3 mf' F' xg 1 fb ff mx K 1 6 ! I 'E A 5, I x - - 3 , , ., , ,f ' A? Q W ,. 1 . 4. Y' 4. f ,xv f f i O in 5 -Y 4 KL X I " ii .. .. li if ' 'TW ' " . . - ,, wif, N, 95 f i 5' H uf' ' "1 ' fi x M Sk A XJ Q pn., 5 -u v I .A ef ff an rf' 5 , 0 'Q W 2 f ,,.5 --.4--f ix " :'.. mu ig M I -, . any ,, W ,?..,, 'g i K Sw 4 5iQg142JiQ:l J ' . Y' 9 l x In ,X 4 5 4, xr- X H S.C. CHAMPIONS I 38 Nozinbo W'i1iam 2, 45 ? If N. l. . Thom as qfocco, Jack I v , I Franzcn Bob johnson Tom Kuzma, Mike Mistrovicll, Walter Vic k roy , Bronko Tnrnilo, Al Price, Em- mitt Thomas, Jack XY,klhIl'l1.lI'I, Dan Law- rcncc, lack Drake, Roy 'ci Ubu Anbutri -ss. , a I All S f . ,Ji qjggyf, K, A , .XM ,M-533.2 my! ofa Pia aaa Pam. Champs! Coach Rolfe's laurel-gathering crowd! That's the '39 Tornado. Battling through a gruelling schedule, the eleven proved one of the best in the state. They began by trouncing the Tolleston Blue Raiders, then journeyed downstate to acquire their only defeat at the hands of Memorial of Evansville and Father Time, for Emerson had the ball on the one foot line as the gun sounded. However, they bounded back to take Hammond with Mulroe and Stawicki scoring for Emerson, the later on a brilliant run. The breaks fell against Emerson in the New Trier game, and the boys were held to a tie as ?'FT:'-s 'N'-'- i: :f. :ff-P' ,. to.,- Q-I' f C745 New Trier recovered a Tornado fumble behind the goal line. Next, by the combination of a hard-charging line and a fifty-one yard gallop by Jimmy Holman, Froebel was vanquished. Horace Mann fell an easy victim to the Norse- man's powers as the tally gave the E's sixteen first downs to Mann's one. They kept this pace in the Wfashington, E. C., game, taming the Senators as Stawicki scored on a pass from Holman, and Conquest raced over with a Washington kick blocked by Mulroe. Later the Tornado removed a considerable bit of the sting from the Wallace Hornets, doing the greater part of the scoring via the aerial route. 0 Y' '2-.J .... Forced to play two games in four days, Emerson won the first, easily downing Roose- velt, E. C., to clinch conference honors. How- ever, the strain proved too much and they were held to a tie by a fighting Washington, S. B. team. The Golden ,Iuggernaut put a fitting climax to their successful season when they defeated Elkhart in the championship playoff. Emerson scored first when Mil Conquest made a finger-tip catch of Jimmy I-1olman's end zone pass, only to be tied 6-6. This deadlock was broken when Tom Kuzma drove over from the seven yard line to cinch the game. Za a lldczfofmy Watch i755 Emerson's individual stars captured numerous honors this year. Bob Johnson was first team all-state, Bob Mulroe, second team, and Mitch Stawicki third. First team all-conference vic- tory wreaths were gained by Johnson, Mulroe, Stawicki, Quine, and Nowak. Kuzma made the second team, and Conquest, Tarailo, Holman, and Mistrovich the third team. Mitch Stawicki and Bob Mulroe were presented trophies by Club Deb and Emerson Drugs for the most valuable backiield player and linesman respec- tively. The lineup that started the majority of the games had Mulroe and Conquest at ends, Quine and Tarailo at tackles, Nowak and Cherry at guards, Johnson at center, Mistro- vich at quarter-back, Holman and Stawicki at halfbaeks, and Kuzma at full-back. Hit' ', Top Row: Bob Johnson, Bob Quinc, Robert Mulroe, Michael Mistrovich, Milford Conquest, Chris Trakas, jack Mozingo, Roy Neil, Kenneth Cope, Leonard Romans, Albert Price, George McLennan, Sam Boswell, Coach Moore, jack Drake, Mitchell Stawicki, James Holman, Walter Vickroy, Chester Nowak, Dick Seitzinger, Sam Cherry. Fifth Row: Coach Rolfe, Hugh Trimble, Bob Walton, Robert Cash, Kenneth Geisert, Steve Guest, Steve Polomehak, Tom Kuzma, Ugo Angotti, Richard Bolinger, Bronko Tarailo, Billy Maxon, Bill Gray, XVilliam Franzen, john Churehia, Coach Brasaemle. FOIl?'flJ Row: Dan Mercer, Russell Buehrle, Garrett Major, Lyle Button, Harry Gurband, Kenneth Lockwood, Frank Schwartz, jack Moffatt, Matt Bleicher, Roscoe Carnahan, Frank Lucich, Ralph Drakulieh, john Kokos, Robert Carlson. Third Row: Bob Randall, Robert Dwyer, james Mason, Francis Boyer, Isadore Mareotte, Monroe Schwimmer, Glen Vantrease, james Pantell, Donald,Bittner, Avery Donley, Chuck Hamilton, Matthew Kozar, Gordon Churchia, Teo Esposito, Patrick Cassidy. Second Row: Emmet Maxwell, John Paligraph. Teddy Rocoff, William Fcrhat, Edward Kallock, Paul Elliot, Eddie Guntrum, Charles Kostel, Milton Zukowski, Edward Augustyn, Carlyle Hamilton, Eddie Carnahan, Edward Kuzma, Tony Abeldua, Dennis Lawrence, Robert Geromctta. Bottom Row: James Swan, Alfred Shipley, Billy Pitchford, Emmitt Thomas, Jack Walilnian. Um Conquest is as good as his name Mulroe breaks it up The frosh "will-be's" padded, helmeted, and cleared Coach Rolfe explaining the tricks of the trade Ready for the kill FOOTBALL RECORD EMERSON H ..,,,f, ,,,,,. L TOLLESTON 6 EMERSON 0 --f--- .,.,.. M EMORIAL, EVANSVILLE 6 EMERSON J f ,. H ,,,,,,..,. , HAMMOND 0 EMERSON 6 . ,,,, Y NEW TRIER 6 EMERSON 7,77o,,o, o7,o F ROEBEL 0 EMERSON ...77,, , HORACE MANN 0 EMERSON 12 ,.,,,., WASHINGTON, E. C. 0 EMERSON 25 ,,,,, LEW WALLACE 0 EMERSON L L ROOSEVELT, E. C. 13 EMERSON 7 ,,.,. ,,,, W ASHINGTON, S. B. 7 EMERSUN 12 S oooo ELKHART 6 r 'fy WW W9 ,Mas 'am AWA Hamer 4771 Um Mc-ating Steam. BASKETBALL RECORD REGULAR SCHEDULE EMERSON 47 ,--.E -EE.. . .- ...... . .... .A.EE 2 O EE.EEE , . E...,EE..EEE. ROOSEVELT, E. C. 34 EMERSON 37 L ,..,. WASHINGTON, E. C. 18 EMERSONJ9 --.. ,.E,......EEEEE, A.,..E L L A WHITING 25 EMERSON 26 EEE. E.EEE..EEEEEE..EEE.EEEEEE..,E., H AMMOND 19 EMERSON 22 ffE-ffEffEffEff.ffEE..Ef....E,,E..fEf, .,Ef,E.,E L .. HAMMOND TECHNICAL 17 HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE EMERSON 20 ffL.f- L fL.,L.f,.fLO. ...Of,O.... , 1 f..f,Of,O,,-O,L L,,w .,.....O,,,L,.. . L vwLv,,..,, F ROEBEL 24 EMERSON 31 ...A. OOO.O....fOO...................,.....,LLLL L L ......, ,, LEW WALLACE 25 REGULAR SCHEDULE EMERSON 34' 222,2 LLLLLLLL G EORGE ROGERS CLARK, HAMMOND 26 EMERSON 25 L L22.42 ...2 L LL., ..... 1 LL222LLL........ .... XX 1 A SHINGTON, E. C. 20 EMERSON 22 ..... ..OO.,.L2L2222 L A LL22.,....2222., LEW WALLACE 40 EMERSON 43 2222. , 2,2222222 WABASH 32 EMERSON 38 22,.2 VALPARAISO 26 EMERSON 14 LL22. 2....L 222222 S L L LLL2, FROEBEL 16 EMERSON 41 ,222. LLLL , ,,2L2L... HORACE MANN 32 EMERSON 24 ....2 ..LL2LL2 C ENTRAL, SOUTH BEND 22 EMERSON 39 ,2S. 2.2.. L .LL2S.O...2......2 L L..,,,S2SS F ROEBEL 24 EMERSON 34 S2S..,,222,S2S, LEW WALLACE 33 EMHMON33 ,,,,, ...,....... HAMMOND31 EMERSON 45 2,,2 2,,........2,,2.,,,.,,,,,..,,2,.... B ERNE 23 EMERSON 27 ,S2,S ...L L do 22..LLS2.SSSSS HORACE MANN 25 EMERSON 22 ,22,S S,2L. H AMMOND TECHNICAL 24 EMERSON 47 ..2, ..,,.,,, ,,,,,7,.,, , , , .... Y,,. . ,,,...,.,,....,,,,,L,, T OLLESTON 30 SECTIONAL GAME EMERSON 21 ,,-, ,,., . , 2.,2.....,2L,,.........L ..L. ..,S2 .,... V A L PARAISO 26 Did you know that the Norse had at least three seniors in the starting line-up of every game that they played this season? Did you know that during a heated action game between South Bend Central and Emerson at the old Y. M. C. A. at South Bend, "time outv was called to dry up rain that dropped through the ancient roof? 4733 Did you know that the present coach of the Wfabash Eve, Vic Dauer, was a former basketball player at Emerson and it was teachers against students in the Wabash Emerson game this season? Did you know that Emerson lost sixty percent of its total games lost to city rivals this season? E. , -My I L. . fJ.fw.:,, .ggi-is . - .sezfsiii -- 2, ,..,., , 3 MIKE M15TRCiV1CH N 1 H JOE SAUFFOLETTO , K NIICK LOC ROGLR CHAMPIONS 565569 ""'-6... .f-4""m' '-w---Q--..,N..-wwf "" COACH 'BRASAEMLE BRIGGS L LEQNYIE Wray, heum Mika. When the 1938-39 basketball season was about to open, Coach Brasaemle probably thought he had better material to work with than he had had in many years. The team had height, experience, and above all, each and every player had a love of the game. The team had such brilliant and star players as Pete Fogo and Jay Swan, two of the most feared players in thc conference. They also had the experienced Bob Mulroe, sturdy guard, and Bob Briggs, diminutive forward, who was perhaps the quickest and trickiest player to be seen on Northern Indiana hardwood courts this season. Bob Johnson, a shark on defense and Al Price, high scoring forward, were the only players on the starting five that were not seniors. Many credited Emerson's very success- ful season to thc vast amount of excellent reserve material which could be called upon: Gus Karas, number one reserve, with the eye of an eagle in taking a shot from the floorg Joe Muffoletto, another speed merchant with a good eye for the basket, and Mike Mistrovich, a very good defensive player, were a big factor in the Norse wins this season. Bob Quine, Nick Logan, and Tom Kuzma rounded out the re- mainder of the varsity squad, and any one of those boys could be depended upon to come through in any situation no matter how tough. FQ F ""' on ,Q- ." 3 C50 1 . ,fl Q.. C307 The iob for the Norse coach was to take these players and to try to mould them into a well-coordinated team. This Coach Brasemele did in a very successful way, as he and the boys fought for victory in every game. Every position on the team was very well covered except for the misfortune of not being able to find a suitable floor guard to work along with the other players and direct them in their play. This fighting spirit along with the expert quality of basketball played by the Norse gave them the N.1.H.S.C. Championship for the first time in school history. Prospects for Emerson's 1939-40 team look fairly good at the present time. Although the reserve team did not compile a very good record of games won and lost during the season, a few boys such as Don Struble and Leonard Romans did show considerable class and look to be potential stars for Emerson during the next basketball season. Other boys that played varsity season will be back again to continue helping the Norse in gaining further honors next season. It is hoped the next year's team will follow in the footsteps of the 1938-39 team and win the conference Championship. Since hopes are being mentioned, let the team's slogan be, "On to Indianapolis." Emerson started the 1938-1959 basketball season like a whirlwind by downing five con- secutive conference foes. In the first three games they rolled up over 120 points while holding the opposition to less than 80. Roose- velt, Washington of East Chicago, and Whiting were the victims of those games. Emerson's next game was the first crucial game of the season as they encountered the Hammond XVildcats for the conference lead. With the Norsemen sniping with uncanny accuracy, they defeated the NWildcats 26-19. Fogo led the scoring with eleven points. The Norse had to call on reserve power against the Tigers of Karas, reserve guard, fielders in the waning to come through with the Norse. to win its next game Hammond Tech. Gus connected with two moments of the game a hard-earned win for The Norse quintet tasted defeat for the first time this year against the Blue Devils of Froebel in the first game of the holiday tournament, but came back strong to win its consolation game against Lew Wallace. Hammond Clark and Washington of East Chicago were the next to be defeated by the Norsemen. In its game, Lew W'allace trounced Emerson by a top-heavy score with the Norse getting many shots, but missing on most of them. In its next two games Emerson seemed to regain its early season form by defeating a down-state Wabash team and the Valporaiso ZUQZZ, Naudia cfueft. 4513 2 Vikings in succession. The Norse scored a total of eighty points in those games. Froebcl again was the team to defeat Emerson when they seemed to be heading in the right direc- tion. It was a very slow game with the Norse- men going down in defeat 16-14. After this game the Norse hit their victory stride again winning seven consecutive games without a defeat, and leaving such teams as South Bend Central, a team that had rolled up fifteen consecutive victories, Lew Wfallace and Ham- mond in their wake. They also found sweet revenge for two previous defeats by Froebel, by beating the Blue Devils 39-24. They de- feated Horace Mann, probably their deadliest rival, twice and Berne, a southern team, before they were finally defeated by Hammond Tech after the Emersonians had cinched the Con- ference Championship. Bras' boys ended up their regular season by defeating their young city rivals of Tolleston 46-22. The Norsemen had the misfortune of playing their first game of the sectionals against the Vikings of Valporaiso, ultimate sectional champions. Pete Pogo, star forward was ill, and this handicaped the Norse considerably. Bob Mulroe was high scorer of the game with eight points. It was a very good game with the Norse taking an early lead, but dropping it midway in the second period. Never able to catch the Vikings, they were a few points behind at the final gun. It Wad Uiebz, Duty --- Top Row: Jay Swan, Bob Johnson, Peter Fogo,'Al Price, Bob Quinc, Bob Mulroe. Tbirrf Rauf: Bob Bokich, Nick Logan, Gus Karas, Coach Brasacmlc, joe Muflfelcto, Mike Mistrovicli, Bob Briggs, Roger Eldridge. SUVOYIKI Row: Don Struble, Richard Bollinger, Tyron Rosso, Bronko Tarailo, Lcnard Romans, Sam Cherry. Botlonz Row: Stanley Fcrrcro, Matthew Kozar, Bill Maxon, Dan Mistrovich, Phil X, Swan, Sam Boswell. qsazp lx x, SENICR CLASS BASKETBALL off Rout Donald Croll, Mitchell Stawicki, Emmitt Thomas, Milford Conquest, eapt., William McConnell, Roger Eldridge. Middle Razr: XVilliam Holzman, james Finan, Howard Lind, Chester Nowak, eapt., james jacobs, Walter Lewandowski. Ballon: Row: George Lesenyenic, Ugo Angotti, George W'ilSon, james Logan, james Mulloy, Dick Seitzingcr, Capt. l JUNIOR CLASS BASKETBALL V011 Row: Andy Smolen, Steve Polomchak, Chris Trakas, Roy Neil, james Mason. rbiril Row: john Sullivan, George Trbovich, Walter Hamilton, Harry dolman, james McTigue. iecoml Row: Karl Kumlander, john Churchia, john Gajda, Winston iviorrison. l Bullom Row: George Slick, Bill Misch, Al Mikolajczyk, Wassil Kissel, frank Saetes, Glen Vantrease. And ZW ma af. SOPHOMORE CLASS BASKETBALL Top Row: Avery Donley, Capt., Robert Cash, P. K. Geisert, Lincoln Isaac, Edward Wegrzyn. Miifzlli' Row: Allen Gust, Alex Bartosh, Edward Pogo, eapt., Royce Maxwell, Billy Pitchford. Bofforu Row: Bob Randall, eapt., joe Ivan, jim Coveris, Tony Ottomanelli, Gordon Churchia, Charles Hahn. FRESHMAN CLASS BASKETBALL T011 Row: Carlyle Hamilton, Tony Abeldua, Ralph Drakulich, Willard Ferhat, Frank Byers, Edward Augustyn. Tlvirif Row: john Apathy, Donald Burgess, Stanley Frankowski, Nick Relic, Ted Rocoff, john Paligraph. Srrruzzl Row: Edward Guntrum, Tom Croll, George Mihal, Walter Mulloy, Walter Kane, Frank Roman. james McConnell. Bollom Row: Billy Mathe, Robert Butzbach, Russell Buehrle, john Fles. C333 comma, wma, za. TRACKXJ' VARSITY TRACK TEAM T017 Row: Al Matunas, George McLennan, eLonard Romans, Jay Swan, Sam Cherry Bronko Tarailo, Bill Maxon, Phil Swan, Pete Fogo, William Holzman, Chris Trakas Robert Nolan, Robert Mulroe. Middle Row: Harry Holman, Emery Galassini, Edward Wegrzyn, John Gajda Dick Bolinger, Bob Johnson, Roy Neil, Tom Kuzma, Lincoln Isaac. Bolfom Roux: James Mason, Matthew Kozar, John Bosak, Jim McTigue, Jack Mozingo Armand Maraseo, Ted Frankowski, Walter Lewandowski. TRACK SQUAD Top Row: Tom Kuzma, Leonard Romans, jack Mozingo, Bob Johnson William Holzman, Roy Neil, Chris Trakas, Alex Collie, Bronko Tarailo, Emery Lialassini James Pantell, Al Mikolajczyk, John Gajda, Karl Kumlander, Winston Morrisor Edward Augustyn, Ted Frankowski. Third Row: Harry Holman, Jay Swan, Phil Swan, James Mason, George McLennan Al Matunas, Sam Cherry, Matthew Kozar, Dick Bolinger, Avery Donlev Bills Maxon, John Shultz, Dan Mistrovieh, Bob Bokich, Don Struble, Ed WBSFYYI1 Harrv Gurband, Bob Mulroe. Second Row: Lincoln lsaac, Vfalter Lewandowski, Jim McTigue, John Bosak Iohn Sablovic, Stanley Kwilas7, Ed Pogo, Bob Dwyer, Bill Murray, Walter Mulloy Donald Burgess, Spiro Cappony, Bob Randall, Tyron Rosco. Bollonz Row: Billy Georgieff, Eugene Wise, Wassil Kissel, Al Sgambelluri Bob Butzback, John Romisclaer, Teo Taeny, Joe Wasick, William Lesenyic, Bob Nolan George Mihal. C849 In past years, the Gold and Gray was not very well represented in the spring sport. This year with seventy boys answering the roll call of Coach Ed Moore, competition for varsity berths was rampant. The foremost point getters of the cinder squad were Swan in the 440, Fogo in the high jump, Bolinger in the shot-put, Lewandowski in the dashes, and crack mile and half-mile relay teams. These boys formed the nucleus of a squad that was a first-class menace in all competition. Emerson began its 1939 track season by placing third, behind Froebel and Horace Mann in the Gary indoor track meet held at the University of Chicago Fieldhouse. In the Gary Invitational held at Notre Dame Fieldhouse, the Norse finished eight in a field of nineteen, with Jay Swan, in the 440, attaining Emerson's only first. In their first dual meet of the season, versus Froebel, they took a solid trouncing from the Blue Devils, who were regarded as one of the most high-powered teams in the state. In a quadrangular meet with Tolleston, Lew XVallace, and Hammond Clark, the Norse squad broke into the win column with Swan, Kuzma and Fogo grabbing first for Emerson. flew We Came. WU Rememdm the Eofttabse and Me flute. ? , 5,3 17.4. ' -I -41 are-f CROSS COUNTRY For the Hrst time in some years, a group of Emersonis harriers donned the Gold and Gray to form a cross-country team. Under the tutelage of Coach Ed Moore, they trained rigorously but at the end of the season their record showed five losses and one win. The season began adversely with Horace Mann defeating us 19-47. Next, our boys got their only win, taking Washington, E. C. to the cleaners. to the score of 32-23. Nolan was the first to breast the tape, and Holman placed third. Nolan again captured victor,s laurels in their following, meet with Roosevelt, E. C., although Emerson was defeated. In their next three meets they bowed to Hammond, Lew Wallace, and Froebel con- secutively. The city and conference meets were disappoint- ments as they came in fifth in the city meet, and failed to place in the conference meet. Bob Nolan and Harry Hol- man were the leading Emerson runners. Other major letter winners were John Bosak, Walter Lewandowski, Armand Marasco, Joe Ivan, and Iincoln Isaac. TENNIS Under the leadership of George Stanko, the Emerson tennis squad came up with another very fine record of winning four matches while dropping only two. Every player with the exception of one won the majority of his matches. Lew Wallace, Hammond Clark, Washington of East Chicago and Horace Mann were the victims of the Emersonians, while they lost to both Hammond High and- Whiting. Bob Greenberg ended the season with the best record of games won and lost, while George Stanko, Durfus, and Beck were close behind. Kuester and Culveyhouse also had a good season though winning fewer games. 1365 CROSS COUNTRY Top Roux: Bob Nolan, joe Ivan, Harry Holman, John Bosak, Bill Stephens, Lincoln Isaac, Walter Lcwandowski, Armand Maraseo, Al Mikolajczyk, Coach Moore. Fronf: George Trbovieh. TENNIS TEAM T011 Raw: Robert Greenberg, James Culveyhouse, Edward Kuester, George Stanko. Boifonz Row: Donald Beck, Robert Durfos. 1 f l 7152 a Qaaci Racket. 1 Rl flgjax ' Q COUNCIL www are gm owfi G. A. A. G. A. A. ATHLETIC COUNCIL Boflom Row: Miss Reynolds, Mildred Repya, Ann Baldauf, Patricia Price, Anna Mae Mulloy, Mary Milosevieh, Dorothy Williams, Elsie Jane Dunn. Top Roux: Miss Elster, Pauline Gasper, Doris Jean Sandbach, Clara Thomas, Marilynn Maisel, Jane Jensen, Genevieve Riley, Lois Schwandt, Marian O'Donnell. G. A. A. Top Row: Kathleen Settle, Lois Sehwandt, Lueile Schwandt, Mary Rae, Juiia Lazar, Ann Lazar, Mary Lazar, Grace Eckstrom, Miss Elster, Irene Jurchenko, Josephine Coho, Miss Reynolds, Bea Abraham, Emily Burke, Helen Dominick, Cecile Stachura, Irene McLennan, Geraldine O'I-Ialloran, Irene Hansen, Laura Baldauf. Iiifffa Row: Justine Johnston, Jennie Mack, Doris Moses, Rose Pcssolano, Shirley Kaplan, Elsie Wallace, Ann Mulroe, Betty Shinncrs, Mildred Mulhern, Frieda Batalis. Pauline Kakuris, June Rose Krause, julia Mischanko. Fnurlb Row: Doris Carlson, Ruth Pogle, Jeanette Lautenhaek, Camelia Smith. Catherine Theoharis, Jeanne O'Brien, Jeanne Vfoodruff, Loretta Faherty, Helen Polomehak, Norma Allen, Rose Mary Mackin, Angeline Topsis, Rosalie Nowieki, Mary Craig. Third Row: Mary Hinsberger, Gertrude Knelleken, Elaine Umpleby, Lydia Marasco, Lillian Strom, June Rice, Ruth Ann Blankenship, Phyllis Price, Mary Hawrys, Pearl Schultz, Donna Jeanne Dunn, Lillian Dominick, Marie Namys, Margaret Lee, Irene Kish. Serfomf Row: Joan Smith, Josephine Sullivan, Lois Woocl, Jane Mountain, Dorothy Witt, Betty Leland, Evelyn Scott, Dorothy Irvine, Dorothy O'Bradovic, Violet Pazo, Vera Bowron, Mildred Blaehly, Margaret Moss, Doris Anderson, Ruth Stolberg, Evelyn Jucewicz, Julia Dynakowski. Bolfom Roux: Marilynn Maisel, Doris Jean Sandbach, Dorothy Wfillifims, Elsie Jane Dunn, Genevieve Riley, Clara Thomas, Marian O!Donnell, Pauline Gasper, Patricia Price, Ann Baldauf, Mary Milosevieh, Anna Mae Mulloy, Patricia Dwyer, Margaret Smith, Patricia Brown, Jane Jensen. C337 Emerson girls' athletics in 1939 were a far cry from the recess of the little red school house days. The thrills and bruises of the hockey games, the sport spreads, and the antics of the Tarpon Club will not soon be forgotten. We fancied sharpshooting and so organized the Girls' Rifle Team. cf? il?- Evenly-matched Senior and Junior teams and the severely initiated under- classmen made the tournaments hectic the 1-.rl-4 year round. Individual sports gained new C importance in the G. A. A. curriculum. X-fvfx-1 ,A .fx-"'-"' XVe were serious about making teams, and competed for points toward mono- , . " - if-M-, .... - ' ' , . ..,..- h.'-' grams, banners, and the much-coveted e Y ' 1 1 , 5 J K loving cuP which was Presented to Doris 1 X E ,L i rfjfs Krjvfive :V Y M 6 Richardson in 1938. i' gk' S' T' 5 E .5 vi?-W-L-fi V Q 5 E, t .E llisia .-15 fqksft, , SMI? iii, in ,Lt 'gina . .1-:..,..l....i ..t- - , , or 4 Our formal banquet and the Christmas 5 , 5 A if f 5 1 ' f ' 1, I. - ...M , .,e,,,,,,,,, -LL , A ,Q ...I Partv made the year even more memor- f , ' M.. - I ' able: ,.L f :su Qs lull I 1 ii A. ,A V gp 'Q , 1 ' me-1 . , . . . I 1' g,,"- -, 1, "' . The success of girls athletics is attri- , - Q.. -- ?""- ,U buted largely to Miss Gertrude Reynolds, I-I I ,l Q E A . . ,Q , . . ' ' 4 if YF- fl, ' giifl' 1 Miss Dorothy Elster, and Miss Viola Vogt, ' in ' ,, m 2 xwigx ami.. physical education instructors. , '-- , "X 'SF ', UFWHIR S1 Q 311 -A y If 'X . ' iiliilll I V it ...., A 1.4 K . kr ii K .Al , ' f its: " uint s 'f A. 1 , .2 4, ,. ,... A 4-1. . I gy L " ' . ., 'f , fr is kJ., ky if . TARPON CLUB Tvl' Row: Dorothy Witt, Genevieve Riley, Pa- tricia Price, Miss Elstcr, Donna Jeanne Dunn Evelyn Blair, Lois Schwandt. Boliom Row: Mary Margaret Hinsberger, Elsie P jane Dunn, Marilynn Maisel, Gertrude Knelleken, Ann Baldauf. i 0 GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM Top Row: Sergeant Souders, Miss Vogt, Richard Lewis. Mifldlv Row: Martha Wildes, Dorothy Powers, Kay Kolls, Patricia Price, Polly Anne Wolfe, Clara Thomas, Evelyn Blair. Bolfom Row: Donna Dunn, Elizabeth Mackenzie, Genevieve Riley, Elsie Jane Dunn. Anytime, Anyylace, Anwkme. Unch, my Main. SENIORS Taj? Row: Lois Schwandt, Elsie ,lane Dunn, Patricia Price, Genevieve Riley, Miss Elster, Mary Milosevicli, Anna Mae Mulloy, Doris Jean Sandhach, Betty Leland. Boilom- Row: Lillian Strom, Thelma Sheppard, Jane Jensen, Evelyn Scott, Pauline Gasper, Marian O'Donnell, Patricia Dwyer, Ann Baldauf, Clara Thomas. JUNIORS T011 Row: Freida Batalis, Julia Mischanko, Lillian Dominick, Evelyn Blair, Dorothy Witt, Miss Elster, Gertrude Knelleken, Camclia Smith, Louise Hall, Donna Jeanne Dunn. Botlom Rowr Laura Baldauf, Rose Mary Mackin, Sophie Krol, Marie Namys, Margaret Lee, Phyllis Price, Mary Hawrys, Pearl Schultz. SOPHOMORES Top Row: Mary Strong, jeanne O'Brien, Beatrice Abraham, Irene Jurchenko, Miss Elster, Marie Rolewiez, Helen Dominick, Cecile Stachura, Grace Eckstrom. Boffom Row: June Rice, Betty Shinners, Ann Mulroe, Helen Stark, Pauline Hammako, Julia Lazar, Helen Polomehack. FRESHMEN Top Row: June Rice, Rita Baldauf, Lucile Schwandt, Betty Vfoodward. Mary Rae, Miss Elster, Delphine Smith, Sylvia Rissman, Mary Lazar, Dorothy Messina. Bottom Rauf: Dorothy Batalis, Katee Vee Harbor, Doris Moses, Helen Santelik, Margie Rankin, Helen Nowak, Mary Sharp. HOCKEY C907 Qaafa, Went? and Weed SPEEDBALL P" 1 l wi SEN IORS Tojv Roux: Lillian Strom, referee, Mary Milosevich. Dorothy lrvine, Ann Baldauf, Dorothy Williains, Marilynn Maisel, Elsie Jane Dunn, Doris jean Sand- bach, Patricia Price. Iiollom Rout Evelyn Scott, -lane jensen, Margaret Moss, Clara Thomas, joan Smith, Thelma Sheppard, Millie Repya. I JUNIORS Top Row: Donna Jeanne Dunn, Gertrude Knelleken, julia Mischanko, Camelia Smith. N. Mi.lillv Roux: Evelyn Blair. Loretta Fxherty, Miss Vogt, Lillian Dominick, Sophie Krol. Buffum Rout Pearl Schultz, Mari' Hawrys, Phyllia Price, Elaine Umpleby, Elizabeth Mackenzie. SOPHOMORES Toll Row: Helen Polomchak, Betty Shinners, Viola Lehocky, Ann Mulroe, Grace Eckstrum. Mizfzfla' Row: Irene McLennan, lflsie Wallace, Marie Rolewicz, julia l.a7ar, Cecile Staeliura. Ballon! Roux: Mary Strong, Elaine Austin, Catherine Theoharis, Jeanne O'Brien, Helen Dominick. FRESHMEN Tofu Row: Lillian Sacketos, -Iosephine Gendubo, Mary Theoharis, Delphine Smith, Sylvia Rissman, Nlary Lazar, Ruth W'oodruff, Rita Baldauf, Mary Sharp. Bullrlnl Rout Dorothy Batalis, lrcne Kuchta, Yolanda Bruno, Helen Nowak, Lucile Schwandt. l J SENIORS Top Row: Mildred Rcpya, Mary Milosevich, Evelyn Scott, Anna Baldauf, lflsie jane Dunn, Genevieve Riley, Clara Thomas. 130110111 Row: Doris Sandbaeh, Patricia Price, Dorothy Williariis. JUNIORS Top Row: Loretta Faherty, jean Woodruff, Camelia Smith, Phyllis Price. 1301111111 Row: llvclyn Blair, Donna Jeanne Dunn, Pearl Schultz, Gertrude Knelleken. Elizabeth Mac- kenzie, BASKETBALL SHADES OF OLD NAISMITH SOPHOMORES T011 Row: Grace Ekstrom, Cecelia Stachura, Helen Stark, julia Lazar, Marie Rolewicz, Betty Shinners, Mildred Mulhern, Helen Dominick. 130110111 Kaur: Pauline Hammalso, Helen Polomchak. FRESHMEN Tull Row: Dclphinc Smith, Mary Thcoharis, Ruth Wrimxdruff. B0110111 Row: Dorothy Komorowski, Martha Musulin, Irene Kuehta, Helen Nowak, Carmela Stramaglia, Dorothy Bntalis, Katee Vee Harber. Q92 SWIMMING YOU'RE ALL WET C939 Lvff lo Rigbi: Gertrude Knelleken, Donna Jeanne Dunn, Marilynn Maisel, Patricia Price, livclyn Blair, Mary Hinsbcrgcr, Genevieve Riley, Dorothy Witt, Phyllis Price. Tnlv Row: Ann Mulroc, Marie Rolewicz, Margaret Kresno, Helen Gregor, Katherine Tlicoliaris, Ruby Babbitt. Bllfflilll Rout Ruth W'o0clruff, Lcora Bradley, Lucile Schwandt, Mary Tlieoliaris, Cnrmcla Stramaglia, Doris Moscs. At the focal point -- a quartet of vim, vigor, and vitality kids . . . What d'ya see, gal? . . . Forget your collar and tie? . . . An air raid from Mars? . . . Picture of contentment . . . Looking darn sly, Miss Francis! . . . All three in suits? It's posed! . . . Looking sidewise at life . . . Example of military bearing . . . Some smile -4 others laugh ,... Anderson and Bowman of the Board of Swedes . . . Gleesome, girlish giggles . . . Another McCarthy - related to Charlie? . . . Gabby Girls, Inc. . . . Hate photographers, Ernie? . . . Toothpaste ad, Ellouise? . . . The spectator . . . Engrossed? . . . An emigrant? . . . Palsy-Walsies . . . Carefree Cantonwine . . . Fascinating, photogenic face . . . Sweet dreams! . . . "Safety firstn - or you don,t graduate! . . . For the pause that refreshes . . . Hot-heads? . , . End-man of a minstrel show, Mr. Kuester? . . . Sunny Symes? . . . Don't swallow the pencil, Janie! . . . "Life is real, life is earnest" . . . Keep smiling, Eddie and Harry, it becomes you! 494m High noon finds Walt and Doris in high spirits . . . Steady and reliable - that,s Bob and June . . . Bosak and Pauline with eyes downcast demurely . . . All things come to an end save the romance of Jimmy and Betty . . . Both call and slender are Elsie and Jay . . . Contrastingly blonde and brunette are Donna and Gus . . . A deep, deep friendship - Johnson and Jensen . . . Now don't be tempermental, Bonnie and Manuel! . . . Mason looking assured - Donna looking doubtful . . . You did make a good-looking two-some, Ruth and Trice! . . . Is Weldon kneeling to you, Lois? . . . About face! Russel and Marilyn! . . . Jay and Marie, serious little underclassmen . . . After lunch relaxation is fine, Pat and Kenny! . . . Didn't we see Mitch and Helen somewhere at the football games? ,fl t ,ax 1, C955 Rosemary Mackin, Edward Kuester, Robert Mulroe, George Stanko, Chester Wrobel, Charles Gust, Jack Kerlin, John McCarthy, Julia Dyn- akowski, Mary Iatarola, Angeline Kroll, Robert Nolan, Wfilliam Emershy, Charles O,Neill, Rose Nowieki, john Sullivan, Mitchell Stawicki, XValter Nawrocki, Celia Ospalski, Theresa Finn, Betty Wil- lie, Pauline Gasper, Patricia Brown, Jane Iensen, Margaret Moss, Mar- garet Lee, Bob Parker, Wfinifred Draves, Joan Smith, Harry New- ton, Jack Landes, Rosalie Bokich, Pat Price, Norman XVolf, David O,Hara, Joseph Hart, Rita Egan, Andrew Snegowski, Helen Kordys, Mary Craig, Margaret Ellen Mur- ray, Patricia Dwyer, Howard Lind, Armand Marasco, Anna Mae Mul- loy, Lillian Szostek, Ted Po-lewski, Ann Sipora, Sophia jatkowslii, Bal- bina Buczek, George Wfilson, James Finan, Bob Quinn, Carole Lombard? WHEN THEY WERE VERY YOUFX 6 3 MS. . ., isa. f- We :.- . ,Ji Can you bake a cherry pie, Billy Boy? . . . Bob Adams struts the shako . . . Remember the splash in the lagoon, Register 310? . . . Niclfs anything but nonchalant . . . How that band did strike up! . . . Hank Greenberg summons the Muses . . . Steve Polomehala and Louis Eliopolus pose with their creations . . . Snow men and snow fights . . . Twirling Club, the gals with the nimble Hngers . . . Violet Pazo and Thelma Sheppard talk things over . . . Maehacek gets ready for the business world . . . Wl1Cl'C,S the mistle-toe, French and Spanish Clubs? . . . Dave Gustafson in a gay mood . . . Jerry Rottenberg on flag detail . . . Mr. Rotschild says, "A nice big smile -- just look at me." . . . Annual ad that should be unnecessary . . . A store on wheels - Fmerson's Xmas float. 4969 ff X Milli? .X I I E -.M . . K , ,,.z,., . i y. H fm., - is K ' xx z ' if ,rw , -gwjgx, I A " ' v , ,. . 'fl 3. jwww-" , 7,5 -ft f .... 1 ' ' " Sz ' ,.- ,x- , -H. M s' ":. ' ' 'il'-.Thi A t l . r 5 . 5 . 2 v a 75 'I f .L . fig. ., -f , ' 'g 'W '- 4- X 1 , L. ' 1 ' 'L A fr I - Y . Y . 5 . f ' , , M . i ,,.,, sg - I .buf 4 RM' 7' K f K ,,, 14 .,, ,, ,Q fv I .Q b K , ... .I 43: A. ,ax W 1 - 3 A M-8 . f- ' T1 L K 5' -' ,. , , . , ,nf ' . ,11!fgf5fYfQg ' v 'f:7?IQ?i..J'1zf2'i:?5"5S 1, A we M K W ' 5 ' 5 A 5. .fisfwwifa - .: ' ia:-. 'ii 3 K V , . ., K K My . y , Q-1 . - - . " I S? N ' 5 Q - - K -af M. . ' 'Q' QE ' . '-'gig ' Wg, Hmgmfffl f1.Jffw,f - K ,,. . .. .L .. , . f , W W- -- . A "M-Mi: ' V f ,iid-Lf iwwmfmw , :mYi..fWff' Q -'A- :fm .ww xaavmwmw ' H X ' L' U "fm,-w.,QrrtrWf -w V W," A ' NW Wdwaweff. 5922,-wi Sszfa.w73fsfr 'gfQQkEklfilfVfilif7T? I 'W M7.,'fm'? NRM' 'wwf 5'f"'W , , ' imaumnmwwxmvxg ,Wm xgkw gkygf-5-ml. 5 Q, fm www , , , . V sm, Nuns ww w,mAf",,gQgQ3g,Lf'L,, .. jf Vw-2' fr-fmf fx 'xx-1.7 Q fn, me ps , ,awww W, W ,N NM sewn.. :wrap ww wg... Q X , . S 4 Y fn 'fm-f,.,,...., . ,. gl wswmgwwy-MH Mm WM Nw wg Qf,W.,,..,.-, ,..., , A fm ..... .......... . . .. ,M . . -. ,.., M ,.,. ,...,R,,,.,.... ,,., , , .. ,,L, N ,- mssmw gf, qg:fzs,31-wffw-,ygasg y, f- W ,, ,.. . K . f. "Anne of Green Gablesn 92 I vlmn' f 7 f W "ff HA, 2 ft, e, .IQ-E3.li5'.p"'if Sndmam Ovfolvm' Sfffwffffzllwf' 6 . lt's in again - School! XYfe're off - Tolleston at Emerson. Tornado makes a manship record at Evans-- ville. SpOl'I5- XVC re-discover li 0 m e - work - Hammond here. F. A. B. traditional tea for freshman girls. Annual Benelit show with comic iilm and prizes galore. 11 U. S. Marine Band brought by our band honors community. 18 Ainnual staff dine and talk shop with Horace Mann. 20 Xvashington of Fast Chi- cago keeps a date at Gleason Field. 3 7 11 21 23 30 ocvouk. 21 : XR 25 0 s za 4 Q N GRQC5 Suas NCll'Ullll7l'l' Jitterbugs swarm at An- nual Subscription Swing. Emersonians Hon the air" in Education Week Program - NV I N D. 7-7 deadlock with Wasl1- ington of South Bend. Almost an S. R. O. sign hung out for Spice and Variety. G. A. A. Couple Dance. F. A. B. Matinee Dance. wsu draws the sophs and their friends. Spice tryouts with a yummy dinner for the committee. The teachers "wanted to be alone" - no school? NOVEMBER 'SPICE' Ifvlar 6 11 17 Z5 tw. Santa Claus, mummers, 0 0 bands, and floats-Div ' ' 5 R f g Q 7 missed for the afternoon. J ' 1, lf 3. f.l 8 WlND's"Mike',gets har- IJ!! :fx ie! t mony from A Cappella J ' if SN Choir Concert Orches- A S F , tra, and Dick Lewis. L LH' Spice participants dance ,7:FTf"'f""1' B ivgmgkb around large Xmas tree. if KHNCV E5 Trekked and trueked to ,NOD Hammond to cheer a 26- :D 4 N 14 game. Y Juniors, Xmas Party. x Q-, "No men allowed" - E. C A 'ef -. , ' G. A. A. Xmas Dance. French and S p a n i s Ii JAN A DICUWBUR. Clubs have dessert artv. U R P . Illflllllftj' XVC take George Rogers Clark in basketball. We visit W3ShlHgfOl1 of MU n.,.,,,.n.-f East Chicago with fav- New classes - new faces GQ Ofllblv results- '- new Semester' 9 F. A. B. Formal uswungu Berne Basketball team ' at Y- W- our guests' juniors give us thrills Behold the victors - 1 -7. and chills in wfhe Cat Horace Mann the van- HU uni" and The CimafY- - " nv qulshedl at 9-u""o Gary snowed under - r Many instruments, many f"'v B00 hoo, N0 5Ch00'l- boys. much music - . x' Boys' Band Concert. ff' when AIIIVVZJ Wg f , 351' 4 Sectionals - alas and -Q, alaclil X 17 Truly the uwearin of the green' for the frosh. 22 We offer "While the Silk Is Spunw at city play festival. 25 Ferdinand the Bull romps with the sophs at the Hop. 31 The Girls' Band performs with many solos. U95 -4 6 'nal I I ln.- 1 1' bd I 'ln W ' " 41119 I I 1.3 J 4 . ':7:5:15 -I I I I I l , X .il 1 n'5.. ' .' ' ' '-' 1:2- -'- -1"':75 1:Z:Z' ' '5""'o' s Z- I Rv 'gil ' er-R1 Nor WUN i TIRDINAID AP'-'L April Ni, 15 In lovely Forest osf Ar- den, Tri - Sigmas and ' f' their friends dance. 9 H 21 A sweet fragrance Hlled j Xxx gmc bgilding - Junior K, X- osc ay. if 25 Chorouses and soloists in K Q R city poetry meet. lx' I E " K 28 The perennially-excellent 7 Xsfxlwv I-. 'Thlli Sondlnug Amo-9 A Soleil! P- - - - May 8 Spoiling our appetites - F. A. B. candy sale. 13 The harvest of Rose Day - the Junior Prom. orchestra. G rl . Q 3 .9 .1 A F V X JMR!- Q UF! "C HWY Hard-earned awards to girl athletes - G. A. A. banquet. Our last day as Emerson Students. Our last class dance - Senior Farewell. Solemnity and a sermon - Baccalaureate. Au revoir, Emerson, but not goodbye. QIUOJ Km In 19 Our last official dramatic representation - "Three Cornered Moon." Our three singing groups unite for a harmonious Spring Music Festival. , QI! :Bill TT 'SLTLQCY sm ? Q my Juni A SENIOR'S IDEA OF A PERFECT FRESHMAN "There ainlt no such animal." They ceased to exist when the class of '59 became Sophomorcs! HAIKRY IDDINGS FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS Stop me if ,j'0ll,L'!' beard fbix one before e,..,e,e MR. SPAULDINQ DfIl7,f you see! 7 7 77 ,,,e,,,, .,,. ..,,,,, M I ss NEWTON Tlais class is just lojis 7 ,e.,,.. MIss BENSCOTER Maebmes quief, please 77 ,,e. e,eee, 7 77MIss Rown A word to the wise is s111ffieieizl777 7 ,..,,., Miss TINSMAN Tbufs illogical logir 7 ,,,,e ,,....ee,, 77MIss TALBOT Now, lisieu, darlizzgm eA,,e MRS. GREENWALD Have you a jmssP7777 s..e,,e,,,v..,. Miss BAN Wire noi bearing you 77 7 7 77777 7777 7 7777 M ISS HARRISON Are there any quesfiom growing out of the study of this elaapfer? 777777 7777777 7 7 777777777 7777.77777 MR. CARLBERG Lefs bare ra 'few minulex for orgaz1izu!ioi17777MR. WARREN .U liil' 3 NX- ff' ' Q ffl W ., llllll 5 ODDS After one of Mr. Carlberg's tests. William McConnell went to Mr. Carlberg's desk and asked him if he had the same book as he, William, had. Blotter: Something you look for while the ink is drying. Question: What do you call a midget on the way to the electric chair? Answer: Small fry. A FEW BONERS CF 1939 History: Identify the Near East and the Far East. In the Near East the- sun always falls and in the Far East it hardly falls at all. Biologyi Noah docked the Ark on Pike's Peak. English: Mr. Smith asked Mr. Spaulding for my allusion when I applied for the position. C1015 Camuciniam in Deiignf and Dumtefi. Row Near Wfall: Fred Holforcl Henry W'cissbucl1, Bob Vittoz, Mrs, Greenwald, Harry ldclings, Justinc Johnston, Lois Wood, Arlene Anderson. Mirfrflf' Row: Robert Sicklcs, Robert Martin, Patricia Price, Bonnie Hixon, Nclle Jzmc Higginbotliam, Polly Anne Vfolfc, Doris Sandbacli. Margaret MOSS, Marianne Graves, Roux Near Rail: Robert Taylor. James Mulloy, Jolm McCarthy, Lois Schwandt, Betty Leland, Dorothy Williams, Gloria Bowman. ANNUAL STAFF Co-Editors ELSIE JANE DUNN ROBERT MARTIN Ari Editor -. Sponsor .,.,, ARLENL2 ANDERSON ..,,. ,r.,V M imager Candy Sale GLORIA BOXVMAN ,v,,w ,,,,, - MARIANNE GRAVES .Lf .,,...., 'LL JANE HIGGINBOTHABI ,,,,, ,N BONNIE HIXON .,,,....I,,,,, ,, , A FRED HOI.FORD HARRY IDDINGS ,,,,,,,, , JUSTINE JOHNSTON ,,,,,. BETTY LELAND ,,,,,,, GEORGE MAOIIAOER , ,,,, Business, Copy Art, Business Business, Copy Business, Copy Business, Copy .- Plaotograploy Snaps, Copy Senior copy Business QIUZJ Business Managers MARGARET MOSS JOHN MOCARTHY ROBERT VITTOZ MRS. GREENWALD JAMES MULLOY E PATRICIA PRICE ,,,, DORIS SANDBAFH L , LOIS SCHVVANDT ROBERT SICKLFS ,,,, ROBERT TAYLOR ...,. HFNRY XVEISSISUCZH , ljOROTHY XVII.I.IAMS I,., Business, Sports copy . ....... Businvss, Copy Business, Copy Composition work Business Business, Copy Co1n position work. POLLY ANNE WOLFE , ,,,,Ir..,,..,,,,Ir,,,.I,, Copy LOIS QYXSOD ' , ,,,, Photography, Busincss VALEDICTION Plmlu 115 Tbmi Hlmfl1v4'fc,i 'I'fm11glw in ffm .vfn'lh'r of lfnnw' lwzlls Tfn' ffishzflw zu' xluzll Nfray pzjnzrz' 'Wm' folzmf ffm AifVtI-3' afzlyx flrigfnl, I'n 4'fxr'14'fu'z'f' mn! our ini, Iyf ,mf fluff tgfnu' of 'fl1l'I,'lt'!' Jays Wulf! xml vffflu' .ffm 1m'1110:'Ir's 131111 ffm' fIlfIH'4'7X figfnf. ffm! Ktlllllfif fu' furgol. lu YYIIIZPUI zu' fm' fJ1lI'fjiI.Q 110113 ffm ffulsg HON' zczzzvx lnzff-fmuf, fjlll' rfavx Ji.vxf1fz'rx l'1'LfJ'1'f-fl Af fm! fflt' zfil' ix mixf. 11053 I v 7IlXfjIl1' Iufmm ENcRAVLNG--l1zdiurzapolix Engruviizg Cwzzpany, Imliunajrolis. 1,RIN'l'ING1DL'Ldl1UJ! Pl'il1'fif7g Comjmny, Hzxlnmouzl. Pl"IO'l'OGRAPHY"-"x,iCfU7' Sluclio, Gary. mv., V ,ff v.- ,,5Q . I ff Nazism, 'i' , KX, I A D 2,5 , X lfgiik X Y NSEQx?: .A,, HIE , XXX 'X 0 .K xx " '31-Q VTVW X5 it N .,,-..,, :Y xXx :NL X. X J., ' W 3 X ,f ,, , 5 ffi iix : fsx 'X ii f-l zu YY,, V- . -Sl q.1l+?' QTQQQ.. X ' X 5 'fx l -'ig ' KX ? :SSRN x xx . x Mi '21 , +, Ei " ,amfing 74 Such fweezf 5omaw." ,2fWL o51QW 3 - X IWWMWJQ MMWJ A gk WW I W T Hiwffwfffgff n TZMQQKWIOMK gfiffmfiw W ' M QQQMMMWWWLJQE fl JW ' Qgganhnhaakaf - I Nb J , ,Aff 5j , A9 7 jizz Nfgf 'aZ,iQT27g,,W M J f wglwaw if WW ' fad I 4- 71 'WW' 'I X914 W - Q, N,.Q.,..,g.,,,,. sums WMA -3-ewgmm :MS-YD-QW

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