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+ + 1 Your nld men shall dream dreams gnur goung men shall see visions. - OLD TESTAMENT T + ' w .1 U 1 E .JJ I' 1 w v 1 Val 'I . vu ' ' 1 ,i 1 V: ,1"' -Q xiii f ' fi 1: 1 wi 32 ? fl 1, 1 4 gif fl A55 K f .553 ii fu " . ,f , Lluigg kgtlywwlrng H , , . R . N? NW 95 . fa if 21 Q W fy I hm , ,1 1 "Haw 1 Ni 1' 1,1i:H.'1LfM ' ' T1 A Mr ,, , L rr mffgg 5 I Tn Q E 14, S151 ffl ,VI r L 1 Lwqgxf :gsm IL, xi, gs- .-1! 15 - Pwgiif Aj- 1' Wfjf 34' W Y- ,, 4' nf' 'gflfslgiffr 3 ik gi' Ai iii! ' 'xi MI? I. . , 1 -H' ., Egfii., , w W A . 1 4 4- 11 - ing.: kruv' . ,Na-gl . -A f. ,' ,hive 1 :J i,,'Vf' . . .. N. ' , I7f'.5.'T. -:fit 'ref' . T ' "1 ff.-ri,",KlQf7.vL," ' - ': , .", - 15- , Lrtfw- 1- f, i - Q , 4-'l '.:..g:-:XFN ' ,X N .U '-.4 u.7 -,- -- . '5 .l 4 : '42 '1' 'L,",' " ou' ' A' ' . 'H ' ' 1 .T 4 'D T r -3 .FV ,fp , . .19 Y v., K1 If ,qu The Class of JUNE 1959 affl Presents... THE ALTRIHST EMERSUN HIGH SIIHUUL UNIUN CITY, NEW JERSEY 1 'qw' I K s. A. ,px fx UMURRUWIS UURS . . . do . - ' s fl Q., an fx,-114' :.- - 5. . .Q .w. ,V 4- : ew n P U. .1 'G ll . , 5 'L '33- life. ,V 'Q ,'g Q24 . X L 4. Upon tha threshold of tomorrow, youth eagerly awaits a long- anticipated event. The moment has arrived when time must bequeath to this generation its most treasured possession -the future. Gazing into the world of tomorrow, each of us perceives a different concept of life. Each aspires to some particular goal and chooses his own unique course. Not all who strive will reach the mark. Selfish: ness, vice. folly, pride, conceit - these will cause the downfall of many, but some will meet the standard. The high ideals and unswerving determination of these few reflect the promise of a better world. Unfettered by the prejudices and superstitions of our predecessors, we seek to establish upon a foundation of truth, a bold new criterion: ?:'flVe look .not to the horizon for our hopes, but beyond. The scope of gdur ambitions is bounded by infinity and limited to eternity. - A., b,N.l I TG". :J up ' A F. ,u 's ,. v-' ,. 1. ,, .1 4 - e . -' We alone possess the zeal and energy to undertake the overwhelm-V -ing task that lies before us, but our youthful fervor, like any potential energy, must be harnessed and directed. Education provides the means by which we may develop that precious power of the mind and turn it to some useful purpose. 4 A K Opportunity beckons to us. Mindful of the great responsibility we must assume, we reluctantly bid farewell to the freedoms of child- hood. Then without hesitation, we stcp across the threshold and 'Tomorrow is Oursv. f Q I w. 7-A Fax, 2514 M ,K f K r Q-qw In :M uhm 1 WX "'- A 'I gig?-, wma: i NL Nkw x, W in ,Q x m x is ,M U 1 'K 79 l K, sxw-1 T- A, 'M , ri , 95 'Nm if "' A - QA N' ol '- - 1 -J l .M , 243 F ., , , "-:gin hit 3 :LBA , , 'E25 f i 54--.JL'v1? -Ni f ?'Nm.'4 .-.. LN, -.--...- -mme y yum- ,Wg ,awk-Qin H vw Nw N. qt 'S A. 'NX x ,Q-X , 1 4 1 v 4 li A :Ei ,.-.Ah W , N xg' Q l H-V, A X I Q X S Y , W. 'NN -NK 5 ,, X N' Xl.. XSN N 5 x l X-hu. - 'LUN MM "Hu lg: -3 l 1 F 5 'I "NN, ,Xu fl, -I 0 4 il 4 X ,M 115.,w'b-Wg .J-, H, , M W .z-Rim uk, Aijw Q.- xk. M aw-'X xv Z' A I p . W W -M M E W 1 1 Nw vw. ,D 0 1 ,QJLAZQM77 DEDICATIUN Upon Your Retirement Through the years, as teacher and head of the Mathematics Department, you have shown an unfailing interest in your students and in the activities of Emerson' High School. We feel certain that your stay with us has been as enjoyable as it has been suc- cessful. At this time we would like to express our gratitude and to wish you many happy returns in the future. 4 W! Miss Gertrude Savarg Our gratitude goes to you, Miss Savary, on the completion of your teaching career. Since 1932, you have dedicated your time and energies to counseling the students of Emerson High School. Your patience and understanding have helped countless students over their educational hurdles. Wishing you happiness unlimited, We know you will always share fond memories with us. Mr. John Drake Percy Holtje, Dr. Frank Spano, Albert C. Parker, Superintendent of Schoolsg Patrick E. Musto Presidcntg Thomas Nolan, Secretaryg Norman Schatell, Albert Calasso, NVilliam Fiedler Assistant Superintendent of Schools. BUARD UF EDUCATION A school system cannot function effectively without the unselfish assistance and active co-operation of the members of the Board of Education. These men devote considerable time and effort to help mold the future citizenry of the community. For your efforts in our behalf we feel greatly indebted. 5 TU THE Mr. William Fiedler ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS QActing Principalj A YCA ,E , ,J f WW QL Tomorrow belongs to those who are prepared for it. I am impressed with three things that I believe will help you as graduates: First: Get learning, get understanding, and don't be content to just "get by." Second: Have patience to do a job to the best of your ability. Patience is truly a virtue. Third: Hard work, persistence, and the desire to achieve must be part of your make-up. It will pay off. May I add one further thought. Faith, the power of prayer, is an absolute essential in our journey through life. Make it part of you. This poem tells the story of your class theme, "Tomorrow is Ours." One ship goes East, another West, Ti -1, ll' , , ' , 1 nl n 1 'I , , we Mr. James llcinapura ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Congratulations to the June Class of 1959. You have achieved the objective you set for yourselves four years ago. Now that you are ready to leave Emerson High School to go your separate ways, I am sure that you will always try to be worthy alumni of a high school that has always stood for the best in character, scholarship, and service. Graduation does not end our interest in you. Whenever you think that we can help you, we stand ready to 'be of service. M W refill aa A n U AT ES .1 ,Ztwi , QAM VV" Mr. Harlan Umanskg COUNSELOR Tomorrow is ours! It is a concrete and deHnite goal for youth to have. This can only mean that you know why you are putting forth every effort to obtain as much of a formal education as your aptitudes will permit. . The more preparation you can makeioday, the more facilities each and everyone of you will have tomorrow to meet the challenge of this ever-changing world. With this and faith in God, in your country, and in yourself, tomo11ow's success will be yours. Mr. Sidneg Manrlelkern We are grateful to you for inculcating in us ideals of integrity and fair play. In the years to come, we shall strive to uphold these principles, never forgetting at the ame time, that these are also the foundation of the American way of life. MQW so Mrs. Mildred Sippu Cagugcg-f-t,a,QlJ We like to remember you, Mrs. Sippo, for your Wx enthusiasm, delightful humor, and interest in our affairs. If impressions are ever lasting, yours will be among the longest and the best. HUMERUUM ADVISERS You will always be remembered as one of our X teachers, and you will be thought of as a X tri nu. Although we could write a book about Xiu thoughtfulness and your warmth of nature, w feel that the simplest expression of our appreciation is, "Thank you." Mr. John Lacchia Mrs. Miriam U'Ennnell A person's success should be measured by the service he renders others. Our deepest admiration, then, goes to you, Mrs. O'Connell, who for four years guided us patiently and diligently in the ways of Emerson life. Your helping hand was always near when we stumbled along the bumpy road of education. We shall always be appreciative of your strength, fortitude, and wisdom. f We X S 94,1 jlfwfvvb eww I e J , ' U ' f- "" A ' ' o' ' X' e. igggswefzwiw 'I HV!" E, i FACULTY Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. -TENNYSON MW' Lwfpm WWI ,fzw weft EUMMEREIAL Mr. I. Harold O'Connell Commercial Department Head Front Row: Mrs. Marjorie Hahn, Miss Deanna Friedman, Mrs. Miriam O'Connell, ,J '7 f ' " "7 Mrs. Sheila Weissberg. Back Row: Mr. Arthur Gerhardt, Mr. George Manfredi, ,Zrlhflffy Mr. William Satz, Mr. I. Harold O'Connell, Mr. Rocco Arciola. lex lf - 43 " A I. is , f . N Qfl ENGLIS if f 1 -:ffs.s:r,2 -1"'. ---,-, ,. 'N ll . ii :X it 3369? X. t w. r .1 ,.,.,, DA! Q ! ., 5 i-"ls f..'. Q e ri M ieeil ' Xi? ff A iin' 'is ' ' g 1 - -' 1' T-als-fs -". k"!f'f:fa15 K Mr. Howard Hillas '- English Department Head Front Row: Mr. Nathan Devine, Mr. john Lacchia. Back Row: Mr. Front Row:lMrs. Mary Roberge, Miss Dorothy Seyter, Mrs. Emma Farrell, Mrs. Lillian Shimshak, Mrs. Edna Sinclair. Back Row: Mr. Charles Dal Lago, Mr. Howard Hillas, Mr. Paul Suriano, Mr. Bruno Valente, Mr. Sidney Mandelkern. Miss Gertrude Savary, Mr. Frank Ginsberg, Thomas Siano, Mr. john Kearton, Mr. john Cione CStuclent Teacherl, Mr. Thomas Troyer, Mr. Nicholas Mazzucco, Mr. Louis Ccnsullo. 4, ,HQEIFUHY .. .1 . 'I rg. , L. , W Mr. Frank Ginsberg History Department Head 10 LANGUAGE Miss Anna Russo Language Department Head tx Front Row: Mrs. Emma Dolder, Miss Anna Russo, Mrs. Helen Henne Back Row: Mr. Eugene Candelogo, Mr. Renard Labriola, Mr. Louis Censullo Mr. Emil Mozzi. 1 .-1 1 'UML I C Front Row: Miss Armen Matossian, Mrs. Edna Sinclair, Mrs. Barbara Strobert fStudent Teaclierj. Bock Row: Mr. Martin Lang, Mr. John Drake, Mr. George Campen. :fb QM 1- will Mow: ATQMA' S,UMCQlL'i!l 1- .V , " as ' .W 1 l is SCIENCE i f Tw 1. H5 I' X fl I A M Ri I Al 'lf V KLV ' 17" 7 , Ii f las m 'z f NN j If f .f,,- Z ' 9 ..1,. in ., I Q R ff Mm A L A ,.r""' , a t is N95 Ki ' i'i,'ir f QP - :" 7 - . 5 tti ,',i , I .WW ffgk ji Science De-paitrnent Heax Q rf Mrs. Floretta Witzig F df K I A OL? ia, MATHEMATICS Mr. john Drake Mathematics Department Head 0 -jl if I Front Row: Miss Angelina Lampros, Mrs. Floretta Witzig, Mrs. Caroline FN j Hb, ' 'Af U Casazza, Mrs. Mildred Sippo. Back Row: Mr. Carmine Cappuccio, Mr I YQ Y? Q Iames Meaney, Mr. Benjamin Brancato, Mr. Victor Valente. Missing: Mr , 1 X - - W A ' John Garbarinl W7 gif 7 ai L jVAc7e2!r!4 f IVA .D1'liA:d . x HEALTH and PHYSICAL EDUCATIUN Front Row: Miss Helen Musto, Mrs. Helen Tarzy, Mrs. Nancy Allen. Back Row: Mr. Vito D'Orio, Mr. Joseph Novotny, Mr. Harry Brooks. Missing: Mr. john Eckert, Mrs. Mildred Snelling. iwwhn iii GUIDANCE .fi y i L' 12 SPECIAL TEACHERS Front How: Mrs. Mary Sloan, Miss Virginia Gallo, Miss Gladys Tozier, Mrs. Bernice Ganipen, Miss Rose Cambria. Back Row: Mr. Albert Pctrella, Miss Patricia Pannone, Mr. Vito D,Orio, Miss Jean Meurer, Mr. Loris Raimondi. Missing: Mr. August Bachmann, Mr. Donald Hunt, Mr. Iames McCarthy, Mr. Charles Guinta, Mr. ichael Russo. -' 62 4 in AW A gow .QM JZM4 AW A KXWVA TWA' Had l- Www WYTA NCLH Vyv.,,4 ,X HMA NK-5 N K ., UEEICE STAEE 'WW Maureen Cavone, Mrs, Jose ' e Raimondi, Mrs. Margaret Dooley. L Miss Gertrude Savary, Mr. james Acinapura, Assistant Principal, Mr. William Fiedler, Assistant Superintemlent of Schools, Miss Ethel Walsh, Mrs. Marjorie Hahn, Mr. Harlan Umansky. bk Oi 3 J 55 GRADUATES ? Seek, and ye sh7ll jindg knock, and it shall be pened unto you TESTAMENT Z Jog Ann Aqresta "Io" Dental Technician Affectionately called "Io", she has a tremendous ability to accomplish whatever she tries. She spreads cheer- fulness wherever she goes and is always willing to help others. Activities: National Honor Society, Yearbook Literary Editor, Future Nurses, Canasta Club. Judith I-lrgenta "Judy" Teacher Judy, with her happy-go-lucky way, will surely conf tinue making friends all through her life. What is lost in height is compensated by her intelligence. Activities: National Honor Society, Assistant Editor of Yearbook, Girls, State Alternate, Senior Poll Commit- tee, Girls' Athletic Club, Junior Designers, Choir, Future Teachers, Senior Play Prompter, Senior Chorus. James Arricale "Jimmy" Business A smart boy, our jim, whose all-around ability and fine personality have made him a friend well worth knowing. Activities: Talent Show, Usher, Senior Chorus, History Club, Science Club, Dance Club, Aeronautics Club. 14 Michael Balsamu "Mike" College Look for a boy who is considerate, courteous, but also at times comical, and you will find Mike, our "Typical Emersonianf, Activities: Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball, Yearbook Staff, Senior Chorus. Shirley Barnnian "Shirl" Medical Secretary This witty, sociable girl with dancing blue eyes is a nice person to know. Characterizing her personality is her indomitable effervescence. Activities: Yearbook Business Staff, Prom Committee, Senior Play, Senior Chorus, S,A.G.E., Dramatic Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Glee Club, Canasta Club. Catherine Blencke "Cgthie,' College Cathy is extremely dependable and eager to please. She will undoubtedly be an asset in whatever she chooses to do. Activities: Yearbook Art Staff, Senior Chorus, Dance Committee, Dramatic Club, Arts and Crafts, Prom Committee, Altruist, Debating Club, Future Teachers, Senior Play. 15 Kathrgn Blunck "Kathy" Katherine Gibbs Kathy's impeccable blonde page-boy is one of her outstanding features. Poise with perfection is one of her many possessions. Activities: Senior Chorus, Senior Play, Secretary of Noon Hour Club, French Club, Prom Committee, Service Club, Dramatic Club, Choir, Altruist Business, Girls' Chorus. Adeline Bnsiwick "Addie" C lerk-Typist Adeline's serenity surely impresses everyone. Pleasant is the word for this reliable senior. Activities: Senior Chorus, Drum Majorette, Glee Club, Choir, Girls' Athletic Club, Italian Club. Norma Eampolungn "Campi" Clerk-Typist Combine a warm-hearted disposition, with a shy smile, and you have our Norma, a friend worthwhile. Activities: Senior Chorus, Senior Play, Clee Club, Choir, Girls' Athletic Club, Ofiice Practice, Treasurer of Italian Club, Service Club. 16 Maria Carhajal "Marie" Bi-lingual Secretary A shy manner and a sweet smile combine to form Maria. She has acquired many friends during her short time at Emerson. Activities: Senior Chonis, Dance Committee, Senior - Play Committee, Future Nurses, Spanish Club, Dramatic Club, Pan American Club. 'Edward Caruso "Eddie" Beautician A humorous manner and a winning personality have earned Ed many friends. He will be remembered for his laughing smile and flirtatious ways. Activities: Football, Dance Club. Arlene Cesaro "Arl" Designer Being happy is Arl's main characteristic. "Why worry?" is her slogan. Arlene's easy-going good nature characterizes her personality. Activities: Senior Chorus, Senior Dance Committee, Junior Designers, Prom Committee, Future Nurses, Dance Club, Scrabble Club, Clee Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Italian Club. 17 S f S 1-L1 -f' sw:-12 t sr - f 2 4 5-11 X "" 1rf'1,ef:11f1:,ah,? lla , Y f F sir-W-gj,ffg,Q1gf l' 9 S ff'rsi'Hsss- w e 2 iiii2":'?'?3l5'55rErix 5 , 5, ,tj Ellen Chave "El" College Twinkling eyes and a radiant smile are synonymous with Ellen. Her respect for everyone has won our admiration. Activities: Senior Chorus, National Honor Society, Vice President of Senior Class, President of Spanish Club, Prom Committee, Yearbook Literary Editor, Home- room President, Majorette Club, Majorette Co-Captain, Girls' Athletic, Dance Club, Senior Chorus. Loretta Chenet "Loret" Nurse One of our future nurses with a lingering smile is Loretta. Her vivacity is unlimited. Activities: Senior Choms, Dance Committee, Red Cross, Cheerleader, Dramatic Club, Oiiice Service, Dance Club, Typing Club, Future Nurses. I Patrick Ehiecn "Pat" Navy Athletic- and loquacious, our Pat, a demon on the Held and sometimes in school, will be recalled for his quick-witted humor. Activities: Varsity Football, Varsity "E", Senior Chorus. 18 .,g, ' Ll ----'A--- N eu- 'ii' ' A -.mwgg w r . ""-' .. W M f 'Mg V, ,lv I ,rs '14, 1, w wf' ,, V ., i . ..., ., , W , -- ::::s ,.e.. " :ki feme-sr.,-UM. E - """ 5' i Thomas Christensen c1T0m:n Mischievous, blond, and likeable are only a few traits which have made this lad popular. Tom is a happy fellow who is never without a smile. Activities: Prom Committee, Senior Chorus, Senior Scrabble. . College Daniel Cieri "Dan" College Stocky and strong, Dan's outgoing manner and un- matchable wit have won him much fame in Emerson. He will always be remembered as the mischievous boy with the crew cut. Z Lorraine Cnmmerei "Lorrie" Pharmacist This quiet girl's personality and smile made her well liked. Her ability to attain, knowledge will assure her of future success. Activities: National Honor Society, Altruist Literary, Future Nurses, French Club, Dramatic Club, Yearbook Literary Staff, Altruist Representative, Senior Play, Senior Chorus. 19 Activities: Sports Review Varsity Football Track Varsity "E", Senior Play, Semor Chorus Peter Cranwell "Moses" Radio Operator Quick-witted, Peter always has the right answer at the right time. Intelligent and straight-forward, he will certainly attain his ambition to become a radio operator. Activities: Science Club, Scrabble Club, B.Y.A.A., Dance Club, Senior Chorus. William Dane "Billy,' Trade School Bill's smiling countenance and friendly laugh have made this senior a personable fellow. Activities: Aeronautics Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Band, Archery Club, Senior Chorus. ' John DeI.1hertn "John" Photographer His diminutive size is more than compensated for by his talking power. His witty comments make Iohn an interesting person to be with. Activities: Science Club, Senior Chorus. 20 1i:'ff12 --A , V .1 tieiifeifzfirgkcleli-tfKs,4 'W 2 - - Q- 2 , ,5,,5Pf.? ,L.. ,Ion if 1753 .5325if?X,i,312'.Uiw,1f Florence UePalma "Flon Secretary Look for a person who always has a good word for everyone and you will find "Flo." Her helpfulness and sincerity will be her tickets to success. Activities: Oflice Service, Typing Club, Italian Club, Scrabble Club, Secretarial Club, Dance Club, Prom Committee, Senior Chorus. Marie Dohrmann "Marie', Ofice Work Lovely blue eyes and blonde hair add to Marie's appearance, and her shy, friendly mannerisms comple- ment her personality. Activities: Altruist, Service Club, Noon Hour Club, Debating Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Senior Chorus. Arlene Donovan "Arl" Stenographer Arlene, an amiable senior with a pleasing personality, is one of our majorettes. Her smile is one you will not forget. Activities: Secretarial Club, Debating Club, Future Nurses, Majorettes, Majorette Club, Choir, Girls' Athletic Club, Senior Play, Senior Chorus. 21 Francis Dger "Frank" College A friendly, cheerful lad with a genuine interest in everyone, Frank personilies cordiality. Activities: Student Council, Yearbook Literary Editor, President of Senior Class, Stamp Club, D.D.G., Senior Chorus. Nicholas Ferrara "Mick" Architect Modesty and scholastic efficiency describe this lad. Intelligent and ambitious, Nick will, without a doubt, accomplish anything he undertakes. Activities: Student Council Representative, Yearbook Caption Stall, Boys' State, .Sports Review, Scrabble Club, T-Square Club, Student Director of Senior Play, D.D.G., Tennis Team, Senior Chorus. Delores Ferraris "Dee" Journalist Delores, better' known as Dee, is a witty, artistic senior who excels in strutting and twirling ability. Her thoughtfulness and courtesy will long be remembered. Activities: Yearbook Art Editor, Scrabble Club, Dance Club, Dramatic Club, Majorette Club, Twirler, Senior Chorus. 22 f- -1--:fi,f.ifff wfifmff.. ?'.rfJcfm 52LLfEam4ai'wff'E am , ,M , i . ., . li .s. . E.. r . Q W Y NME. . QE 3 r' e 5 , L . Q on wen i 1 S me M 2 ,rr 'gene we Qgggkgr eg.-1 as we ,,,A f Theodore FischetH "Ted" Teacher Ted is a personable senior with a quick wit and an exceptional knowledge of baseball. His geniality will always stand out in our memories. Activities: History Club, Scrabble Club, Senior Chorus 5 r Y ,Q wi fpwwm iw igrgp Q. ?fr.,.4N fl' FL frswwwur , ,gf Q, ei ag! X E3-M, , 6 Er K Meir .M M xi' fig, fW,.,f,.,i.5 ,.,,.,Q.,.e,, rf ffmw X , X -g2,ff'f'-15535, N, as 1h,2'5H:p 'ji l.L9l,,':g1--bl.:-5,55 SHN A-"ff,'ZjEl:"1f Qfnivbv g:i,le5azf'FQz4jfi,QVl iff' fi Q1 wid ie9i'fg:y-Qlfii fl ffm,--2,74iS5Q1m,,'5gQggQ:55fgr4V3 kg-'syg',':.V, U 1 iwjy Lip , v :i'QJg?lL. 3131: ,Heffel 2,-1gk1.3i,f1 --Leaf' gl efbf U r 1,i5'77,,.r: ?f'2w:r52,vf fef5'r,:JYe',r:y,-5xfggwi frwff X.sf.!3r..- 1 44 5: rf' eelr' fl 4 se iw X air ei fziiiigggikix .gi fi: Q ZW W X DMU BGB Mx J.,, r,if,,- f1.r t,M.r5..r.,, Y, V .W . , Wm, Q rr filwgf , W , f ff 434 at ,ow my 3. Q if f to j Mi, 'A,,,m's5fwf of viii? My ai. .Q W ,ig 5 Ngwrgvgx R :Sy 4.324 oemig, filwaggpg ,ev 1 -asa? gf' ,flew sw YN 5:Q1efrefr,,e+fg g,Q1g'52fMowl,Sf,f,k5 13 Q, ,firm WK? W 1 ,Je f gg .Mpff Roof. Q ,io T , ,, 5 me jf f. ejmw W if 3 he My Mafia ro, K H956 H., nx'h1,, , Carolyn Frezza "Carol" Secretary Carol can always be seen happily bobbing down the corridors with a merry beat all her own. Although she has a quiet way, she will go along with the crowd for a good laugh. Activities: Vice President of Italian Club, Service Club, Glee Club, Senior Play, Senior Chorus. Earolgn Gardiner "Carol" Secretary A carefree and gay manner best describes this blonde majorette. A cheerful outlook influences her every action. Activities: Altruist Literary, Office Help, History Club, Majorettes, Majorette Club, Senior Chorus, Scrabble. 23 Everett Eaglurd "E UD Bio-chemist A short crew cut is characteristic of Ev. His in- vestigative nature is sure to bring him success in the field of science. Activities: Vice President of Science Club, Service Club, Senior Chorus. i Diana Ginn "Di" Undecided A soft voice an an easy-going manner describe this girl to a Her cheerful outlook and thoughtfulness will be an asset to her in the future. Activities: Secretary of Italian Club, Yearbook Art Staff, Debating Club, Dramatic Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Senior Play, Senior Chorus. Arleen Broth "A1l,' Stenographer Cheering for the bulldogs has been Arleen's favorite pastime. Behind her infectious laughter hides a warm congeniality that is incomparable. Activities: Altruist Staff, Yearbook Staffs, Girls' Athletic Club, Cheerleaders, Senior Chorus, Service Club. 24 August Gunihner vfAugiev Augie is lively and full of fun. He makes exciting company and is destined for success. Activities: Spanish Club, Scrabble Club, Aeronautics Club, Senior Chorus. 52552 9' K sgjzlfilfgiglgf 5 A A ff: sm a1:t,,,+t f- f:wse1GJw, rg sy. 1 1,,fs,,:f -,msg F. 3 fgygrjaf- ,--its A Qtgfff,-,,sf,ffg,"' -gf 2- .. , 134 gg -5 ff?-LQ4i5faf'gffQ,1.w.1fQ: 'fQ?f4l27if'f3?'1i3z1al ails?-lfzmsxnfg,Q,,re3f1i,5fi5fiw:,gf?fQ1ggi3s.Sf-ay:fzffsrwiffmiiif.tggzvfggayirl.,V-gi.-as-ww ws ,-,, , lf.:-3 :wrist N igffwzsniig,-'gray-q,5'f'r:,r,,Ufmggiigfz4zq,g,,i,,f,,,Mg'vznA.frsizfksgywg,mplwW7Qw.gt1v,5,i.i ..ai.,,,t,..-hsisfrmwza.1.2-1-:zz7Qy,,,.W,,H-4--H.-2..- ,.,u'.,e1.. - . A mv ,. , a,U, ,, st.,,.. , gmgjxyggwgn. Ss , sgttkee if was Biafetgtxxwds 4 aj, SJ W vga? xl f NWN? l sis 'Sf li .55 xsiltfkff 'WI lst WM? 4-MNH 1 K 'ik Q t gi, V, .,,MBTs,, fe., W .. .. ..,, Y Q H .nays .ww sa Q- 5-fe: 1s.:fz2r1w-f-sem--ized A t f X iw -X fi :aigtt, fs fg, H of ,aware gffilwii sg fgkgsvsfagtzsssvfgwwsrgtsffftiff. fe 1 Q' , a t . Eleanor Guerrieri "Ellie" Private Secretary Shy, sweet, and soft spoken, Eleanor, with her shining eyes and quick smile, is and will remain, one of our favorite classmates. Activities: Secretarial Club, Library Staif, Senior Chorus, Music Club. Pharmacist Elsie Happel "Els" Ofice Work Elsie is an active girl who can always be found par- ticipating in sports, dancing, or mischief. With her winning personality and ability to enjoy a joke, she will long be remembered as a funmaker. Activities: Student Council, Cheerleader, Red Cross, Prom Committee, Yearbook Typing Staff, Office Service, Salamagundi Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Typing Club, Glee Club, Talent Show, Senior Chorus. 25 1- hifi ,Q lx m w gi la Helen Harrigan "Helen" Secretary Tailored good looks characterize this Senior. Being most creative, Helen will succeed in any undertaking she may attempt. Activities: Homeroom Vice President, Scrabble Club, Senior Chorus, Pan-American Club. Veronica Hart "Ronnie" Secretary Reserved, courteous, and amiable sum up Ronnie. Her smile has brought much cheer to our class. Activities: Majorettes, Future Nurses, History Club, Yearbook Caption Staff, Senior Chorus. Lgrlia Hertel "Lyd" Airline Hostess With her long, wavy hair and wonderful talent for dancing, Lydia will always be recalled as the happy- go-lucky girl with a pleasing smile and personality to match. Activities: French Club, Salamagundi Club, Canasta Club, Senior Chorus, Choir. if 1 it NJ. 1 Nap Tait? RM if fs -if 4' L Wa, Q Y 6, N iw X. Q , . X: 1 av 2 -fi ff T13f:.Q2f..'3l.-was-1.952 fin. fzwirfziwfzawisi Lifsf.-wrt,-gr. 'S a t ilwglilif iw 'al S if sp :SM ggi 1,525 ff 9 '- P 4 1 - J ' 4 or i2i'f?m:i Mgt if 22? Q W R253 Af' l bfi' A if W in f V ' K' .f ., loan College Ioan, in her quiet way, has made her way through high school with the respect of her classmates. We feel sure that she will succeed in her chosen Held. Activities: Future Teachers, Yearbook Art Staff, Arts and Crafts, Prom Committee, Senior Play. Alan Isola. "Al" Astronomy Reserved but always willing to help, Alan's shy earnestness is his trademark. His ability to get along with people will be an advantage in his future endeavors. Activities: President of Science Club, Yearbook Caption Staff, D.D.G., Senior Chorus. Paul Jones "Ionesy" Chemical Engineer Paul ranks high on the scholastic scale, but intelli- gence is not his only asset. His humorous ways and gallant manners also add much to his personality. Activities: Student Council, National Honor Society, President of Senior Class, Aeronautics Club, Orchestra, Dance Club, Prom Committee, Senior Dance Committee, Senior Chorus. 27 Jngce Karahatsos "Carrots" Nurse Laughter, joy, and happiness are Ioyce's constant com- panions. The warm smile radiating from her twinkling brown eyes has made many a heart grow fond of her. Activities: Homeroom Secretary, Future Nurses, Office Help, Salamagundi Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Dance Club, Senior Play, Prom Committee, Senior Chorus. Veronica Kirschner "Ronnie" Lab Technician Sincerity personified, Ronnie, as her friends call her, is polite, quiet, and studious. A more trusting friend could not be found. Activities: Future Teachers, Canasta Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Senior Chorus. Ehnld Krnmreg "E" Air Force Neat and well dressed, Ehold is always ready with friendly conversation. He also has ambition and industry, which will be his assets in the future. Activities: Homeroom President, Dramatic Club, Aeronautics Club, Archery Club, Senior Play, Senior Chorus. 28 Louise Kqdrl "Louise" Fashion Designer A small bundle of glee, Louise's vivacity and versa- tility as a cheerleader, combined with an endearing personality, have made her a strong link in everyone's chain of friendship. Activities: Cheerleader, Altruist Feature Editor, Al- truist Business, Class Secretary, Homeroom Secretary, Vice President of Canasta Club, Debating Club, junior Assembly Group, Yearbook Caption Head, Senior Play, Usherette, Prom Committee, Senior Chorus, Talent Show, Girls' Chorus, Choir. William Laccetti "Billy Electrician With his engaging disposition, Bill has acquired many friends at Emerson. His easy-going manner is sure to take him far. Activities: Scrabble Club, Aeronautics Club, Archery Club, Senior Chorus, James Lamatina "Jim" Engineer Jim is a good student who enjoys sports. Quiet, shy, and reserved, he is liked by everyone. He will make his future a bright one. Activities: T Square Club, Senior Chorus. 29 F K Juanita Lanza "Nita', Nurse Always willing to help, Nita has gathered much ad- miration at Emerson. As a future nurse, her -pleasing manner will cheer many patients. Activities: Senior Class Treasurer, Homeroom Treas- urer, Altruist Staff, Yearbook Art Staff, Secretary of Future Nurses, President of Canasta Club, Salamagundi Club, Prom Committee, Junior Assembly Group, Senior Chorus. Dennis Lavinn "Duce" Paratrooper Although he is often quiet, Dennis is a popular fellow. His handsome features will always stand out in our minds. Actwmes: Senior Chorus. Beverlg Jane Le Rug "Jane" Medical Assistant Here is a petite senior best known for her soft voice and shyness. jane is a true friend to all who really know her. Activities: Altruist Business Manager, Yearbook Busi- ness Manager, Future Nurses, Glee Club, Art Club, Senior Chorus, Choir, Treasurer of Canasta Club. 30 Barbara Liekefeit "Barb.s'ie" Secretary Barbara is one girl who is full of fun, loves dancing, and is always ready to help. Her blue eyes, light hair, and quick blush match her shy personality and cute ways. Activities: Yearbook Staff, Italian Club, Service Club, Prom Committee, Oflice Service, Typing Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Decorating Committee, Senior Chorus. Waltraut Luedemann Hlvallyn College 41 Wally can be classed as a quiet, reserved girl with a quick smile and a good sense of humor. Sports are one of her greatest interests. Activities. German Club, Senior Chorus. Eugene Lupetin "Gene" Business Gene is a tall, husky, good-natured fellow who is always willing to help a friend. His fine sense of humor L has made him a popular fellow. Activities: Salamagundi Club, Canasta Club, Senior Chorus. .E Peter Marehesani "Pete" Journalist This tall fellow is noted for his pleasant smile and disposition. There is never a dull moment when Pete is around. Activities: Football, Sports Review, Dance Club, Varsity "E", Junior-Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Prom Committee, Senior Chorus, Senior Poll Dance Committee, Usher, Talent Show, Senior Play. Patricia Marotta "Patsy" Nurse Petite in stature but abounding in energy, Patsy's effervescence has made her one of our most able cheer- leaders. Her sincerity and amiability make her a most popular senior. Activities: Cheerleaders, Homeroom Treasurer, Future Nurses, Future Homemakers, Canasta Club, Girls' Chorus, Altruist Business, Senior Chorus. Ramen Martinez Post Graduate "Ray" Aeronautical Engineer A welcome addition to our Senior Class is Cuban-born Ramon, who is very fond of American customs. His amiable personality has made him a worthy friend to those who know him. 32 Adriana Marus "A" College Adriane, a very reserved and intelligent girl, has made everyone her friend. Her kind nature shall never be forgotten. Activities: Arts and Crafts, Debating Club, President of Italian Club, Dramatic Club, Yearbook Art Staff, Future Teachers, Prom Committee, Senior Chorus, Senior Play. Rusemarg Matzek "Ro" S ecijetary We will always remember the bright smile of our "Rose.,' Her soft-spoken manner and sweet attitude contribute much to her already pleasant personality. Activities: Typing Club, Noon Hour Club, Dramatic Club, Choir, Prom Committee, Future Nurses of America, Senior Chorus. Patricia McGinnis "Pattie" I .B .M . Operator Our pert majorette will long be recalled for her friendliness, blue eyes, and dimples. Her cheerful spirit will bring her many friends. Activities: Majorettes, Majorette Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Service Club, Debating Club, Dance Club, Senior Chorus. 33 Diane Menconi "Diane,' Dental Hygienist Diane, with her winning smile, radiates good nature. As a dental hygienist, she will no doubt succeed. Activities: Yearbook Assistant Editor, Senior Play, Future Nurses, Secretarial Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Choir, Senior Chorus. Ruth Meger "Cookie" Ofice Worker Ruth's Hair for clothing and an attractive personality have made her a popular girl. Success is sure to follow her in future endeavors. Activities: Debating Club, Scrabble Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Senior Chorus. Joseph Nagg "1oe,' Engineer Joe is a versatile athlete who is at home on the gridiron as well as on the tennis court. A shy manner endears him to all. Activities: Varsity Football, Tennis, Track, Altruist Literary, Yearbook Photography, Cerman Club, Tennis Club, Student Council, Senior Play, Senior Chorus, D.D.C. 34 M f'ES li5i!iM-l7iZlf?Ij- ua 'awww fi ,I 1' if 5 9 17 5Piii'fs2iffs'fg2 :fl 2?s?'lQ?l-iii 9 Lillian Neininqer "Lil" Beautician Lillian's short red hair is the peak of her appearance. Her gentle smile reveals a pleasant serenity that is constantly with her. Activities: Treasurer of Art Club, Senior Chorus. Carol Nolan "Carol" Business Carol's eyes broadcast the warmth and friendliness behind her smile. Her personality will be an asset to her in the future. Activities: Altruist Business Staff, Yearbook Business Staff, Senior Play Prompter, Clee Club, Typing Club, Canasta Club, Senior Chorus. Barbara Nunella "Bobbie', Secretary Barbara's laughing eyes and easy-going personality make her one of our favorite classmates. As a secretary, she is sure to be a success. Activities: Senior Class Secretary, Homeroom Secre- tary, Yearbook Caption Staff and Head of Typing Staff, Altruist Business, Senior Poll Dance Committee, Service Club, junior Red Cross, Typing Club, Secretarial Club, Noon Hour Club, Prom Committee, Girls' Athletic Club, Usherette, Senior Chorus. ' 35 f E' l Tri l 1, it , f saw' 51' 1.f,'1Tf-ztzns fe fi- ffl?Y?Ti'5V2' ew 2:7 K 4' 12 i ws-:fax W is sf- ,,,,,W,l..,,.,,- ,f .,,, .mm 1- ,M ., 'V ,,f,., ,H ,rits 1.41 Helen Urdnokhanian "Helen" Receptionist An early arriver, Helen is always there to greet you. No matter how glum or depressed anyone is, she always manages to cheer him up. Activities: Future Nurses, Choir, Clee Club, Choraliers, Treasurer for Choir, Senior Chorus. Hose Urduukhanian "Ro" Fashion Designer Peppy, enthusiastic, and high-geared well describe Ro. Her gaiety is infectious. Activities: Majorette Club, Homeroom Treasurer, Junior Designers, Dance Club, Future Teachers, Girls' Athletic Club, Glee Club, Scrabble Club, Twirlers, Al- truist Business, Dramatic Club, Senior Play, Senior Chorus, Usherette. Donald Urrlss "Donn g College Don, our tall cage star, is equally home on the basketball court as on the dance floor. His blond crew-cut and sm'art clothes will always stand out in our memories. Activities: Varsity Basketball, Junior Basketball, Usher, Sports Editor of Yearbook, Varsity "E", Sports Review, Dance Club, Senior Poll Committee, Baseball Team, Prom Committee, Senior Chorus. 36 Irene Panagintuu "Rent" Secretary One of the most unpredictable members of our class is Irene. When you are with her, you are always prepared for a pleasant surprise. Activities: Altruist Literary, Italian Club, junior Designers, Senior Chorus. James Parascandula "lim" College Tall and collegiate looking, Jim's shy manner belies his athletic prowess. He is a true friend to all who know him. Activities: Yearbook Caption Staff, Varsity "E", Var- sity Football, Track, Baseball, Vice President of Senior Class, Sports Review, Scrabble Club, Senior Poll Dance Committee, Senior Chorus. John Parnuw "John" Agriculture A retiring lad, John, in spite of his shyness, is a popular senior. He is sure to be successful. Activities: German Club, Band, Senior Chorus. 37 J 0 s e ph A fine sense of humor and a pleasing personality have made Joe well-liked. As a friend, he has no equal. Activities: Senior Chorus. Angela Pepicelli "Ang" College Full of fun is this outstanding twirler who is as peppy as her name. Her radiant personality, dancing ability, and helpfulness are three of her assets. Activities: Assistant Editor of Yearbook, Vice President of Student Council, Majorette Club, Twirler, Homeroom Vice President, Future Teachers, Noon Hour Club, Italian Club, Safety Committee, D.D.C,, Prom Com- mittee, Senior Dance Committee, Senior Chorus, Girls' Athletic Club. Petrich Marines Albert Petschel "Petsch" Bio-Chemist This Emersonian is always busy with his' many activities. Possessing a jocular manner and a pleasing personality, Al is sure to be a success in whatever he may do. Activities: Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, Editor of Altruist, Orchestra, Biology Club, D.D.G., Projectionist Club, Senior Chorus. 38 4 Marilyn Pirnai "Marilyn" Business An ability to express herself has made Marilyn inval- uable to the Altruist. Her lively, Winsome personality has made her a line classmate. Activities: Feature Editor of Altruist, Yearbook Staff, Senior Play, Scrabble Club, Canasta Club, Girls' Chorus, Glee Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Service Club. Plant J ng c e "Joyce" Teacher Sincere, intelligent, and conscientious, Ioyce's ready smile is endearing to all. Her cheerfulness will continue to win her many friends. Activities: Vice President of Future Teachers, Year- book Caption and Typing Staff, Student Council, Altruist Business Staff, Noon Hour Club, Spanish Club, Service Club, junior Red Cross, Typing Club, Secretarial Club, Senior Chorus. Lung Pracilin "L1lLl4" File Clerk Look for a fetching smile and behind it you will find Lucy. Her quiet goo,d nature is her trademark. Activities: Scrabble Club, Canasta Club, Senior Chorus. 39 Senior Poll Dance Committee, Girls' Athletic Club, Marg Preissler 4rMary: Always willing to help others is Mary. Everyone will remember her as a lovely companion and a cheerful classmate. Activities: Scrabble Club, Canasta Club, Glee Club, Library Club, Senior Chorus. Secretary Georgia Puff "George" Teacher Match a sweet disposition with lovely blue eyes and you have Georgia. She is sugar, spice, and all that is nice. 4 Activities: Yearbook Business Staff, Future Teachers, Senior Play, Spanish Club, Canasta Club, Scrabble Club, Service Club, Choir, Glee Club, Senior Chorus, Girls' Athletic Club. Peter Pugnet crpeten Pete gives the impression of being shy, but anyone who knows him will tell a different story. Generous, polite, and conservative best describe this fellow. Activities: Senior Chorus. Tile-setter 40 'llwill5iVfQ'5iW5lff'iT if-' lei 5 7 1 --'15fei5,g.fS,.L?sl'f,i5iihl3jw,l1.s s 5 13425 51? ' w. iiigiii fiffii Tiff are ifii?ifi.?'fY ,QE Ti-Evwfi S J, B. t I "Ioan" Secretarial Work Two of Ioan's characteristics are friendliness and good looks. She is always bubbling with enthusiasm. Activities: Yearbook Art Stall, Senior Play, Future Teachers, Altruist Representative, Homeroom Secretary, Homeroom Treasurer, Dramatic Club, Dance Club, Service Club, Art Club, Prom Committee, Senior Chorus, junior and Senior Assembly, Talent Show. James Rawlins "Jim" Nurse Always smiling, jim's cheerfulness is sure to lift everyone's spirit. He will always be remembered for his fine voice. Activities: Service Club, Choir, Chorus. Anita Retanu "Nita" Nurse This charming co-captain twirls her way into every- one's heart. Her helpfulness will be remembered by all. Activities: Future Nurses, Majorette Co-Captain, Dance Club, Canasta Club, Junior Red Cross, Senior Chorus, Girls' Athletic Club. 41 Richard Rodinu "Dick" One of our more conservative classmates, Richard is usually found minding sincere friend could not be found. Activities: Senior Chorus. William Rieck "Bert" Teacher Bert is a tall, helpful individual with a keen and studious interest in science. He can be found in the lab in his spare time. Activities: Yearbook Photography Staff, Future Teachers, Science Club, History Club, Senior Club, Service Club, Senior Chorus. Construction Engineer his own business. A more Ali c e R 0 ge 1' s "Al" Secretary This blue-eyed blonde is care-free in all she does. Her Hirtatious ways and sense of humor are her trademarks. Activities: Future Nurses, Altruist Business Circulation Manager, Yearbook Art' Staff, Treasurer of Typing Club, Senior Play, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Chorus, Prom Committee, Senior Chorus, Girls' Athletic Club. 42 Lung Romano "Lu" Secretary Whenever you hear the name Lucy, you undoubtedly think of our sometimes talkative and othertimes quiet classmate. She is always surrounded by many friends. Activities: Senior Play, Noon Hour Club, Spanish Club, Secretarial Club, Salamagundi Club, Prom Committee, Glee Club, Choir, Senior Chorus, Typing Club. uR0v coming from within. Glee Club. Ada Rntnle "Add, Nurse Talkative, always laughing and well-dressed is our Ada. Her chamiing personality will take her far. Activities: Homeroom Secretary, Future Nurses, Scrabble Club, Dance Club, Sage, Prom Committee, Girls' Athletic Club, Senior Chorus, Dance Committee, Talent Show, Senior Play. 43 Rosalie Rosenberg Our class has been very fortunate in its supply of friendly, intelligent people and ROSHIIC ranks high among them. Her smile and bright eyes express the warmth Activities:'Salamagund1 Club Secretarial Club Prom Committee, Senior Chorus National Honor Society Marianne Scarpellu "Mar" Waf A tiny beehive of mischief is this jovial lass. Marianne has a well-rounded personality that pleases all. Activities: Girls' Athletic Club, Canasta Club, Typing Club, Prom Committee, Italian Club, Senior Chorus. Helga Schaarschmidt "Helga" Secretary One of our best imports from Germany is blue-eyed Helga. She is always welcomed in a crowd, has many friends, and will no doubt become an excellent typist and secretary. Activities: Secretary of German Club, Choir, Secretarial Kenneth Schenk "Ken" Writer A pleasant shyness and calm, easy-going manner are two of hobbies, have made him invaluable to the two of Kenny's characteristics. Drawing and cartooning Altruist. Activities: Arts and Crafts, Scrabble Club, Altruist Literary, Yearbook Staff, Senior Chorus. 44 Club, Prom Committee, Senior Chorus. Il ian e S e ck ar "Di" Secretary A perfect picture of strutting and twirling ability, Diane, with her long, wavy hair and quiet sophistication, is one of our favorite seniors. Activities: Majorette Club, Orchestra, Secretarial Club, Clee Club, Salamagundi Club, National Honor Society, junior Class Secretary, Homeroom Treasurer, Altruist Literary, Spanish Club, D.D.G., Senior Chorus, Choir, Twirlers, Prom Committee, Business Yearbook Staff. James Segrich "Yegget" Doctor Good in sports and intelligent in study is our Jim, whose sense of humor has helped make him a pleasant companion. Activities: Dance Club, Italian Club, Debating Club, Science Club, Scrabble Club, Senior Chorus. Frank Seite "Seite" College Versatility personified is Frank, our "Most Athletic" senior. Success is sure to follow him. Activities: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Vice Presi- dent of Varsity "E", Sports Review, Scrabble Club, Track, Senior Chorus. 45 Nicholas Silenn "Nick" Undecided Always smiling, Nick is our "Class Cutie." His genial personality and happy manner have made him a true friend. Activities: Art Club, Senior Chorus. James Simmons "Jim" College Dark good looks and a shy smile describe jim best. His athletic ability has made him an asset to our class. Activities: Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Track, Var- sity "E" Club, Scrabble Club, Salamagundi Club, Sports Review, Yearbook Stall, Senior Chorus. Patricia Smith "Pat" Beautician Pat is a sweet girl who is always willing to lend a helping hand. Ice-skating is a favorite pastime of hers. Activities: Pan American Club, Library Club, Senior Play, Senior Chorus. 446 -qu whim I -our , m,m ,Wie-..,.i..41.-., -I :--1.--,: mx ,::4,,...:es.,:, -- -- .M -.,..i... . , ., 5-,-.,,f,,. . ,. 1 f: WW ' - f ff, - - uzaiq 1 . ,I . E . 1 'i' -.i'E:5': 5,-?f't1ff5.i :wi-7" j." "::.izZ'i in we. . . W U 1 . A -- .ms 1 2 .cm W? . . . """' l .. I .. ,, h e ,... 1 V --- ,:,, , , -'-'aW- A V: -- ,,k. . ,-V- 1' N -. -"". 2 .:,.,- ',-.', f ff 'f..'i.. Lorraine Sngder Lori Nurse Lorraine is sure to succeed with her good traits. Her intelligence and attractiveness will help her in whatever she attempts. Activities: Library Club, Pan American Club, Home- room Secretary, Future Nurses, National Honor Society, Canasta Club, Prom Committee, Girls' Athletic Club, Senior Chorus, Homeroom President, Senior Dance Committee. Patricia Stellar "Pat" Secretary Pat's pretty blonde hair and sunny disposition make her outstanding. She will become a perfect secretary. Activities: Debating Club, Arts and Crafts, Dramatic Club, Drum Majorettes, Senior Chorus. Robert Siiiz Bob is an intelligent lad with a fine personality. His sense of humor- and pleasing smile have helped him make many friends. Activities: Debating Club, Dance Club, Science Club, Scrabble Club, T Sqaure Club, Senior Chorus. 47 .ww f D rwswwf. 7 fs.:-was ., ,,,.. . - 1, mf , i W , ms..,...e.'2fs,Wff view s.'.':xn,-'YY213 54:51. iwlfiiff-.'ig wi 154 gs -sf ,. 5-iii? rl laying flWs1.f,L.?','gL ., .T ., z 5 5.1, if. f 3-9 ' J 4 1',f.fz:f.5 V .mga .,a,. ,,.. W5'Y?'? in iiiflii., , 1 ffii 2 yi! if-3 1,4 - . fag I T' 1 HE' gift James Tagerig "lim" Lithogfapher Always quiet and sometimes shy is Jim. A genuine friend to all who really know him. Activities: Science Club, Senior Chorus. Lorraine Taglur "Laurie" Secretary Ready, willing, and reliable is Lorraine. She is as clever as she is charming. She is sure to go far in the commercial world. Activities: Salamagundi Club, French Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Senior Chorus. Lawrence Tedescn "Tv C.P.A. Larry has a reputation for his calm, easy-going dis- position. His intelligence and determination for success will move him up the ladder. Activities: Tennis Club, Tennis Team, Yearbook Sports Editor, Senior Play, D.D.G., Sports Review, Italian Club, Senior Chorus. 48 5 R s s George Traiger "Georgie,' Pharmacist When thinking of George, the picture of a care-free bespectacled blond whose presence adds gaiety to any group, comes to mind. His warm nature has won him many friends. Activities: French Club, Student Council, Senior Chorus, Homeroom Treasurer. frEu Committee, Talent Show 49 Audrey T1et1en 'fAud" Nurse An extremely jovial girl Aud can be found simply by listening for her laughter Her long red ponytail and slim, neat appearance will be remembered Activities: Girls' Athletic Club Salamagundi Club Canasta Club, Homeroom Secretary Yearbook Business Staff, Office Help, Altruist Business Prom Committee Future Nurses, Senior Chorus Elaine Traverse Elaine's warm smile and impish ways highlight her vivid personality. Sweetness 'ind honesty 'ire two traits Elaine can be proud to possess Activities: Girls' Athletic Club Spanish Club Home room Secretary, junior Assembly Group Senior Play Prom Committee, Senior Chorus President of Future Nurses, Dramatic Club, Usherette Senior Poll Dance Sandra Vagn "Sandy" College Sandy is a senior with a combination of poise, in- telligence, and loveliness. Her radiant smile broadcasts an incomparable happiness. Activities: Yearbook Literary Editor, Twirler, Future Nurses, Treasurer of Secretarial Club, Altruist Literary, Glee Club, Majorette Club, Homeroom Treasurer, Choir, Senior Chorus, National Honor Society. Eugene Van Nuiti "Gene" College Long, lanky, and riotously funny best describe Eugene. His sense of humor is unsurpassed and will probably be the springboard to his success. Activities: Aeronautics Club, Dance Club, Science Club, Prom Committee, Spanish Club, Usher, Talent Show, Senior Chorus. uR0n Rosalie Verdina Ofice Worker Ro, with her flawless complexion, has a personality to match. One of our best-dressed girls, she always has a cheery "hello" for everyone. Activities: Secretarial Club, Italian Club, Commercial Club, Scrabble Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Vice President of Typing Club, Senior Chorus. 50 ,si ,lem-,,t11, ,tai gtiw- N, an ,, 5 Q ,. 1: Q: ,1 Av, ,, A ,te H fb , f fi ,., , .M f Q isfweegwf ' i bm: za i3r!tg1W1ei'1:5"f lifwfw 'ii iii 1 5 ? ill if N wif is a sw Q Q6 lwwmnf N5 swim M5,,.,Si? r ' ic 135.2 171'f'tUll "iff I. 'iifsq l ,Zi 131 ,, Left. mt ,ggriw . pgfp 1, f at ,-it A, 1 ,gi , My-Xie,-:5, ,fl ,yi Q33 as ,1,,,,,,, ,, , it ,1, ,, ,f,,,1, 1 , , , , . f,,,a,, at ii, gffwii-,Qif,,e2,se,g,gg,3?ggf,ig5l5ii,,nitylg,,,g.,?,,5,,EiX r -,i re, ,,,,,. ffiiflii, 1 2:'?1a-'rzgszzsf Q 'gg gw wa' 1,11 4 , :ix i:zg1a:fw.:,zggtrim, sl I if Y it Q? Q 5 J.,..,,si,,l, . ix K as uw 5 ,, WSJ, aim if iii, ifiiiii Ns 1 2' ,ti , Q s jfwfriiaesiilQswzitgfg- M T ,11gl,'fi1iklfffkfii'Zi , 4 Mia 2- W, ,,,,.,f.,-Wa, ,,.:.f ,MV U, fiifciffilgll ' ,, r ,' iisiiflf ,jg -,fniiaiiiriiaEgfi1'ss5ii2i,1i,f121g - 1 ' iii 113151 it !f3lf'LJ'l I 'ff'11i?.fz i1fA57lif,i1 ,li 15-f7i'iI'?!f7i15S3iH,, f,KU5ji?'t,Q1fASif1riSfSS Alfie V515 , K ,si ..,, Z Mg, X ,W . ., , S, .M Kaz:-V irixzii we wi? zfgk if filiyfvg f,2w1eef9gQ1f1rfas4g,ifeV,fhffasrat ,,,:,,,...i.,, ,H -ff :W tp: -, if ,i ' 'liarfr-,,:i,:c?,,w2i3f , l Y P at Jie , , .,.,, , 1 , ti X Z s 11, w 1 qi ' A 4.. , ' 'W env 'X' Saw- Q Hr: -'V 1-A A-"mf .:,fl.., 4' 9' ,,,,..ixw We i, ,sin ig, , , 1 -, , :zz '- fi --gy:f'1fffgw?1, ' ffwzzsiwg ftiiwwfei Louis Vetter "Louie" Mechanical Engineer Good looks and a winning personality are two of Louie's trademarks. A smile for everyone has won him many friends. Activities: History Club, Aeronautics Club, Dance Club, Prom Committee, National Honor Society, Senior Chorus. ..ElS,. Elsie Villaveec ia William Waananen "Wamba" Navy Although his manner is reserved, Bill's generous spirit and cordiality have made him a nice person to know. Activities: History Club, Scrabble Club, Senior Play, Ambition and industry are two of Elsies numerous qualities. Her smile and genial personality make her a wonderful person to have as a friend. Activities: President and Secretary of Student Council, President of National Honor Society, Yearbook Editor- in-Chief, Homeroom President, Girls' State, President of Future Teachers, Vice President of Salamagundi Club, Safety Committee, Junior Class President, Treasurer of Dance Club, Senior Play, Senior Poll Committee, Prom Committee, Noon Hour Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Usherette, D.D.G., Senior Chorus. 51 Herman Witziq "Josh" College Herman is a good sportsman who possesses a keen sense of humor. One of our leading classmates, this lad is headed for success. Activities: Debating Club, Yearbook Photography Editor, Altruist Literary, Science Club, Tennis Club, Tennis Team, Basketball Manager, Senior Play, D.D.G., German Club, Prom Committee, Senior Chorus. Carol Young "Penny" Business School A reserved girl with a line sense of humor, our Penny likes cooking and sewing. She is sure to be happy with them after Business School is completed. Activities: Treasurer of Homeroom, German Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Choir, Senior Chorus. Lorl Zett "Lori" Undecided A shy intelligent girl with an air of sophistication is Lori. She radiates cheer wherever she goes. Activities: Italian Club, Altruist Literary, Service Club, Senior Play Representative, Senior Chorus. 52 SENIUR MEMBERS of the STUDENT EUUNEIL One of the most important organizations in Emerson High School is the Student Council. It acts as the essential connecting link between the faculty and students, builds and molds public student opinion, and presents to the students and faculty plans and policies that will help build a better school. Front Row: I. Plant, A. Pepicelli, E. Villavecchia, E. Happel. Back Row: P. Jones, F. Dyer, C. Traiger, N. Ferrara. SENIUR MEMBERS ni the NATIUNAL HUNUR SUEIETY The National Honor Society is a school organization for outstanding students who attain grades of 89.5 during their years at Emerson. Mem- bership in this chapter is based on Service, Leadership, and Character, as well as Scholarship. 53 Front Row: E. Chave, E. Villavecchia, D. Seclcar, R. Rosenberg. L. Commeret. L. Snyder. Back Row: A. Petschel, P. jones. Missing: I. Argenta, L. Vetter, J. Agresta, S. Vago. MRS. MILDRED SIPPO SENIOR MR. SIDNEY MANDELKERN HUMERUUMS e.-WW ,sg?,?r1m.,sm..?j,.MwQ.?pg9w:i-Nqmfggifggagfgrgiqmggyfrgg,ae Y .Q ,. ,. ..qg..i?.,..W.. wifi., .3 ...X Ewa any ,.V.,,,,gKQ,S,?Z,,,,W,. .,,g,,...i,,,.R,,!?i,.W?aJa,igEQg5 WX EQ we ,, ,. . ..,, . ,, .. ,, ,,,. , ,, ,, V., U.U. . . ,W X, ,L ,, , . aww, , ffm-i f-.M ff fe- we 1-. .- . M A anyt::sif::ffrmf:2,f:.,,1.,, ,- ,naw .wieneie-.,f :.s-Mwit-, ffnfttm., X' W, . . - ,yu-f,,,,,, .eng eg, g3t,,w,f.,.,f,,,,,sm,,,.,,,.,.x,gq,y..'m: w.,:t,,'.. ,.., . 2,.m,:c?.,,.,..t,.-ezffezsw-was -5. .. f f ws.s.ee: g,i-Mix, 1 in ,Jr .. H i it fkfrfkfrfkf el, 3 ' i 1 .ii 1,1 i tf ' 5 if flifii E ffl" . .... .... y , , ll ..,, ey THE ALTRUIST EMERSON HIGH SCHOOL, UNION CITY, N. J. JUNE 16, 2000 DASHING EASHIUNS Earth: June 16, 2000-A fascinating new hair style created by Caruso is sweep- ing the nation. "The Coiff as the famed beauty expert has dubbed it, is actually a clever variation of the pixie cut, popular a half- century ago . . . From the "House of Ordookhaniann comes news of a startling revolution in the fashion world. The natural waist line will disappear entirely from the scene when the empire waist returns in lines of graceful simplicity ac- centuated by dazzling new colors. NUBEL PRIZE AWARDED Earth: June 16, 2000 - The Nobel Prize for outstanding achievement in the field of elec- tronics was awarded today to Peter Cranwell, inventor of the universal communications system. The complex transmitters and re- ceivers make possible audio- visual communication within a scope of fifty light years. The incredible speed of the waves used enable the receiver to get a message sent from the maxi- mum distance within a period of one hour. Dr. Cranwell predicts that with improvements, the transmission time may be de- creased to half of what it is at present. . , A... ef' 'a Representatives Leave Eur Conference Earth: June 16, 2000 - Daniel Cieri, Earth delegate to the United Planets, left the United States space port today for the annual conference at the inter- planetary center on jupiter. Ac- companying the representative will be Francis Dyer, chairman of the U.P. Interspace Traffic Coordination Commission and Herman NVitzig, of the Economic and Social Council. The basic issues to be brought before the assembly this year include the construction of emer- gency rocket refueling stations, the creation of a universal lan- guage for promotion of greater co-operation among scientists, technicians, and engineers, and the establishment of a U .P. court on Mars. VX It DREAM CITY EREETED UN MUUN Earth: June 16, 2000 - A celestial paradise has material- ized from a "lunatic'sv project into a glamorous vacation spot. Location? Why the moon, of course. Nicholas Ferrara, an architect with imagination, collabor- ated with Allen Isola, noted American physicist, and engineer in his elaborate and highly technical planning of a honey "mooners" haven. Most of the resort area is specially equipped to simulate the earth's gravitational conditions. In the recreational center, however, the weird phenomenon of weightlessness becomes an amusing novelty when would-be athletes practice their favorite space sports in uninhibited freedom. Hungry vacationists dine on a spacious moonstone patio decor- ated with exotic flora chemically cultivated in lunar soil. To supplement the basic green cheese diet, Louise Kydd, galaxy seven's First Lady of Food, has created an appetizing array of unique dishes. V For the perfect ending to a lovely day, couples dance bliss- fully under the stars in the magnificent glass canopied ball- room. No wonder our young lovers are moonstruck. New Dean Appnintedllt United World Academg Earth: June 16, 2000-The United World Academy of Higher Learning today announced that upon retirement of the pres- ent dean, Dr. Oliveoil Schmidt, Dr. Elsie Villavecchia, PDQ, OXP, MAD, ABE, PHD will be newly appointed. Her two staff assistants will be Dr. William Rieck, BS, DEF, IOU, as Dean of Men and Professor Angela Pepicelli, PHD, EFG, DDT, POT as Dean of Women. Upon acknowledging her ap- pointment, Dr. Villavecchia said, "It is indeed an honor to be chosen as head of this worthy educational institution and I shall do my maximum utmost to main- tain the high standards already set by the school." Q Plag Presented Earth: june 16, 2000-The Entertainment Guild of the Nations of the Solar System is soon to present a star-studded spectacular of the far-flung space stations of the Universe. The play NHEN FRUIT AND MRS. MacDONALD," will be enacted by Lorraine Commeret, noted Shavian actress, Kathryn Blunck, popular singing star: Lawrence Tedesco, and Ioseph Nagy, popular comedians, will fill the leading roles. Much credit goes to these won- derful performers who will travel to the ends of the universe to bring a little brightness into the lives of the men who guard our solar system. 'Q FEATURES Q-""-5. N fel! RF ' r ' ' -e Xg ii ' .. J ,R ff - Q S t 5 , 1 1 -Q ' Q S I Er Q 'f35??5?,, , .X Q4- L ,R X Nw . A place for everything and everything in its place --SAMUEL SMILES HERE... .4-" XOY. T's got the apple. A heat hunch of heat-niks. 60 WC W I might ever have homework now. ff-11, . 1' . oem" 01111513 X - l row' ag Aepxh Vofft you l and THERE 13 So there! The reigning queen, Miss North Jersey, 1958. Make the gruel thick and slimy, Have Horse, XVill Travel. Chargefilli The early arrivals. JUNIOR PROM Spring Carousel The Jun 9 Class Card of 1959 frilly invites ya to Qtbgnd the U ' Sp ' . Plf-lg Cal-weasel E212 Friarson, 8:30 0,810 R day Ha C ' Y 23 Admit " 1958 L Two S0mi..p0rmal Our Iunior Prom, the "Spring Carousel," was a merry-go-round of fun. Happy couples danced everywhere, while the enchanting gaiety of the evening radiated light-hearted warmth. Many fond memories of this magic night will linger through the years. 'VVhere's the monkey-wrench? A few more nqilcg, Silver! The pause that refreshes. Who said weire full of hot air? 61 Busy Bees. WllCfC,S my escort? l 5 A 1 as -i Q . t Q Q The stars are shining. Attending the "Shower of Starsv on February The belles of the ball. 4 27, 1959 was like visiting heaven. The sparkling celebrities whirled around the dance floor to the lilting and lively melodies of "The Ravens." Glamour and excitement reigned hand in hand with the glitter of the stars, SHOWER R195 gmg S Vffwttt 1 i Q Hurry up with fl that scotch-tape! Only 381k more trophies to go. Best dancers team up. And now for the best . . . mu,z.,,a Qs. ,E M If 1 . 51 -1-Q :iff ,,,. Qgifzrfgigmf- ?'Q5k?wgff :- ., '- A n flllllllimif' I I!LBll!lDlll1l HL 2 -37 gl . WE E E l .... .551 ru - fag-'W f' DID MOST FOR EMERSON Albert Petschel Elsie Villavecchia Y gan -v AJ K ,Q we ,MW . A , if N N., M xxx, K fi 'A 0 " NK 'fn .' X-X-L4....,,,. ,li Ima..-s . ..,. 3 .L SENIUR iirjffi 9 if ff . , A-4... .,... ,cpu 5 4 N- MSM 1 f A1' A PULL MOST POPULAR VENUS AND APOLLO Barbara Liekefett William Laccetti 63 Eugene Van Notti Ellen Chave 1.00 A ' :mm-: - ' ry ,"' x Ak M f if , ll H111-I,,,iM BEST DRESSED C l 3l'0 yn Fl.eZZ a James Paragcandola Q " I BEST DAN CERS Angela Pepicelli Donald Orriss CLASS CUTIES Louise Kydd Nicholas Sileno CLASS QUIETS Francis Dyer jane Le Roy MM A 1 2 TYPICAL EMERSONIANS 64 Louise Kydd Michael Balsamo Pr CLASS PALS CLASS BLUSHERS james Arricale Elsie Villavecchia Eugene Van Notti Barbara Liekefett Frank De Marco Angela Pepicelli CLASS FLIRTS Patrick Chicco Elaine Traversa 65 ,JK it 4... W-vf""' in M4 MOST ATHLETIC Elsie Happel Frank Sette 4 ' f , A .f ,- "4 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Albert Petschel Elsie Villavecchia LONG AND SHORT OF IT CLASS COMEDIANS Ioyce Karabatsos William Arnebold Eugene Van Notti Shirley Baronian BEST PERSONALITY Arleen Croth James Arricale MOST TALKATIVE Eugene Van Notti Elaine Traversa ll, CLASS ARTISTS BEST LOOKING Louis Vetter Ellen Chave Kenneth Scheck Dolores Ferraris MILLION-DOLLAR SMILE Herman Wltzxg Patncla McC1nn1s THE EGG AND I of EMERSON H IGH SCHOOL KQJQZE 1Produced by Special Arrangement with the , Daman: Publishing cw 3 kxyw FRIDAY EVENING. APRIL 24, 1959 and X SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL 25. 1959 KSUQZ5 cunnm AT ms ml. 33175 EMERSON HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM UNION CITY, New JERSEY Y H Q, Q , M 1 , I . 0 Q? , 2 X . fn, ' fx K t. L! A Mr. Director H Q ' us bealmfux bathm f i A A heqvcnw, gorgeo " Get me out of this straight-jacket! --w""" Encore! Q 40. 1.0. I should have married him when I had the chance. Q I SSM, Qsmwwx This is our bathtub. pw Do you ever long to return to your own henhouse? We he QVFUIQ Can we help it if the roof leaks? SENIOR PLAY Sit still, itis only make-up. 69 PET PEEVE Weekend homework. ....... .-.--. ..... -.. NAME ADDRESS AGRESTA, I0 ANN-- ....... -.. ...... 1202 27th St., N.B.---.-..-.-..- ARGENTA, IUDITH-..-..-.--..-.-1304 9th St., N.B........--...-.- ARRICALE, JAMES..--...-...--- BALSAMO, MICHAEL-.--..-. 727A 25th St., U.C.-.-.--..-... 421 17th St., U.C..---.....-..- BARONIAN, SHIRLEY..-.....-..-408 25th St., U.C.....-...--.-.. BLENCKE, CAT1'lERINE-....-.... BLUNCK, KATHRYN.-.--.-..- BOSTWICK, ADELINE..--......... 9108 Bergenwood Ave., N.B. ...... . 725 18th St., U.C.-.--.-.-.-.... 608 6th St., U.C....-.---.......-- A crowded bottom locker ,... ........ - -... Girls with short hair-... .... .......--.... Senior history with him!-..-. ..,. .----. People who love themselves.-. .... ...-- Cranky bus drivers. ..... - ..... .--..-..- Getting up in the morning. ....... ....-.- Guiys -who "think" they're Big Deals -..-.--..--.-..-...-.... CAMPOLONGO, NORMA .... --1803 New York Ave., U.C...--, CARUSO, EDWARD...-. .... -.-. 1121 16th St., N.B.-...-.-. .... .-.. Getting up early.. ..................... ,.... . ..-. My Kaiser... ....... ...-- .... -..-.---. Making a speech..--..-..--.-.....-..-- CARBAIAL, MARIA-.-....-.2516 West St., U.C...-.-.-.-... CESARO, ARLENE.-..-.-..-.-... 2512 Central Ave., U.C.-..-.-- CHAVE, ELLEN...-....-..--..--2714 Summit Ave., U.C...-.-.- crmnsxr, LORE'1'I'A..- .... ---.. Being in a taxi cab-...-........ FAVORITE EXPRESSION SECRET AMBITION S-U-R-E..--.-.-.......-...-.--.....-.To pull teeth It's possible!..-..-.-..--..-..--.-.-- Then again I care.-.-....--..-..-..-.... You know?-...--.- .... -..-..---.- Good things come in small packages, To be about 5'8" tall To make a hit record To have a son who plays professional baseball so does dynamite.-.-..-.... ...... --.-To have a winning personality and to find a good ancing partner My hair looks awful today.-.-.---.To be successful in everything I do Pm embarrassed!-...-.-..-...-.-..To be a corporation head So, what do you want me to do?- ...... .To pass history with an A Hey, Addie, where's Cookie?...-.-..-To be an airline hostess Who cares?....-. .... -.--..--.Taxicab driver for Rose For goodnessxsakel..-......-.i.-..-To travel around theworld What? .-.... .- ...-To be a millionaire Trig tests over the weekend ...... -...-. Did you do the Spanish?.-.......-....-. Where is he?..-.-.-.--......... 812 22nd St., U.C..--.--.--A Waiting for people ..-..-- ...... -...-.-.-. CHIECO, PATRICK.-..-...........-... 7511 Durham Ave., N.B........-.- CHRISTENSEN, THOMAS,-. ...... 1700 New York Ave., U.C.-......-. Mr. Mazzucco..--- .... -.........-.-......... CIERI, DANIEL.....---..-.-..- 1515 Central Ave., U.C.-...-...... OOMMERET, LORRAINE.-.-.-. CRANWELL, PETER--...-...-. DANE, WVILLIAM-..-.. DE LIBERTO, JOHN--.-...-... DE PALMA, FLORENCE- ....., .-. DOHRMANN, MARIE.-.-. ..... - DONOVAN, ARLENE-.-.-..-. DYER, FRANCIS.-......--.-.-A FERRARA, NICHOLAS .... - .... .-... FERRARIS, DELORES---..---. 405 8th St., U.C...-.....-....--.--. 818 15th St., U.C ..... -.-.....-.-- 1029 Garry Terr., Secaucus--.- 379 9th St., Fairview...-.-.-...- 1300 9th St., N.B...-.-...---.- 2005 Bergenline Ave., U.C...-, 905 18th St., U.C..--.-.-... 714 25th St., U.C.-..-..--........- 1121 27th St., N.B.----...4 502 12th St., U.C..--...-.--.---. Irregular Spanish verbs. ...... - ...... -...-. Mr. Mazzucco ..,........ .-.--...-..---. Teachers telling me to stop singing..- Dropping books -......-.-.....-- .... -... Buying groceries instead of selling them --..---To be tall Skip olfl--...-.-.-....-.-.---.-.-To be an international playboy You count.---...--.-.-.-.-.-.... Skin diver in Acapulco Bag--.- ....... .... --. ...-...-.-..-... To fight Mr. Troyer It's ridiculous-.-......... ..... .-..-- To meet a Martian Hello, Mr. Petschel-.-... .... -.. ....... Trash collector Uniforms that don't fit .... ..,-,-..... ...... , Ah, come on now-.-. ..... -.-.-..-...To become a racing car driver 1-LR, 2o9-,-.-,,- ,,,.. -.-.--- Fesmng--..-..-....--.-- ...... -..-To be six feet an A dock sweeper- ..,... --.-.. .,.... .-.-...Obi I care...-.-.-.-.........-......T0 be P1'9lid6'll.f'0f B bank Gym.-,.,--., ,,,,,.,, -,,,.,-.-.---...I doubt it-...-..--.--.-.-.-.-..-..-To go out with L. A. The 'late Bell" ,,.. --.,-,,--.. ...... --. You know--.,....,-.----.-..--.-..-To be an airline hostess A certain Swiss--- .......... -,.......--... Sunday drivers.-...--.... .... .-....--... FISCHETTI, THEODORE-..-,,-.814 23rd St., U.C.---..--..-.. Herman and Ioseph--.--- .... - ..... - Don't worry, Elrie....-.--....-.....---. .To be a millionaire Boy, you've got your gal1l.....-..--..- To be early tor Italian Let's go for coffee, Ada.......-..-.--.- To be a mathematical genius Getting up at 7:30 in the morning...- 'l'hat's the way the cookie crumbles.-To pass a 12A history test FREZZA, CAROLYN-...--....-111 19th St., U.C.-.-..-.-.--Earrings and socks worn together .... -.Norma,,you got a tissue?.-.--.-..-To be on the National Honor Society GARDINER, CAROL-..-.-..-..--1143 50th Sz., U.C...--F,-,-,My short nai1s..-.-.-...-....--- Forget it!-.-.-..--.-......-.-.To be successful in whatever I do GAYLORD, EVERETT-.-.-.-.-... GINO, DIANA..-----..-... GROTH, ARLEEN---...-...-.-.- GUERRIERI, ELEANOR-......- 155 19th St., U.C...........-- 131 20th St., U.C...-..-...-..-..- 1152 51st St., N.B.-....-..-..-..- 1800 West St., U.C.----... Up and down stairways.-..- .......... Opening the windows in room 209...Was ist 1cs?..-.........-.....-..-...-.....T0 pass math Shhhl Wait a minute ....... --..-...--To be a mad scientist People with neat hair-.----..-.-. ..... Hey, Elsie..-.-........-..............-..T0 be' 8 football Pllycl' Wondering eyes..-,-.-..--.-...-.......-.Enahl...-.-.......-.-.-.--.......--...T0 tour the W0rld Going to Spanish class.-,,,.,,. ..,,. The heck with it,-,.-............-...TD own R Cadillac El Dorado GUNTHNER, AUGUST...-..-...422 Srd St., U.C..-...-..-.-....-.- HAPPEL, ELSIE-..-.--. HARRIGAN, HELEN...-......- 2207 Kerrigan Ave., U.C...-......- 1009 Central Ave., U.C.-...-. I-Iero football players--.--.-.-.. Teachers going up the down stairway:-..-..-..-..-. ....... .. Arl - een.-...-......-.-..--. We all gotta gc sometime.-.-.--.--. ---To have a high voice To join the navy but not in the Waves Concerted men-.-.---.-.-,.,,-.,--,--.But, I don't know it.--.-..-......--.-To 50 UP the Lazy HW! What? Who? Where?---.....-,..-...-.. To become a professional dancer HART, VERONICA..-...-.--.-.410 19th St., U.C.-........----.-. ' HERTEL, LYDIA....- ................ .- 822 19th St., U.C.-...----.-.-.-'I'he crowded stairways and halls-....- HOFSMITH, OAN.-b----. 1514 B nlin A ., U.C..-.-.-M th h ak th ' child: J use e ve tlfrildwofodlggsi--Alf.---.lin----Am I lame?--.-.--.--.....--.-.To go into diferent fields of sports professionally 1501-A, ALLEN...-..--.-.-.-. 717 West St., U.C.-..-.-.-.-..Conformist.s.............-...--..-....- Tough grind...--.. .... .-..-.---------MOVB to COHDGOUCUI JONES, PAUL...-.----...-.-415 6th St., U.C.-.....-.--....,,-Mr. Campen's "Trig" homework..-...Yesl I did the Spanish-.............-.TO ge! Nl A in Phyiivl KARABATSOS, ,l0YCE-.- ..... -.. KIRSCHNER, VERONICA...-..-. KROMREY, EHOLD..-. ...... ---, KYDD, LOUISE..-----,,,,--,,,-.,. LACCETH. VVILLIAM.-..-.-.. .... LAMATINA, JAMES.-....-..- LANZA, IUANITA..--.---.--. LAVINO, DENNIS--..-.-...- .... .-., 708 27:11 Sc., U.C.---..-...-Waiting for Ar1ene...-..- ..... --.--Yeah, I iust mighL..........-..-.-.- .... -To own a Lincoln Continental 2404 Central Ave., U.C....-.....-.- I .G.'s physics class-.-.-..-.....-...If ye have as much faith as B ' mustard seed, nothing rs ' impossible Mechanic 554 38th St., U.C...--.....-.--.- Get something from Myerson's.--.--Yeah, man..-.-.....-.-.........-.........T0 139001119 PD 8010! 1719 Central Ave., U.C..-.--. Our "Emerson Ballroom"..--...- ..... -.But you don't understandl...-..........T0 go Mound tho world in 79 dBYl 811 24th Se., U.C.------.Sindy hall.---.---.-.-.-..-Yeah, right.--- .... -.-.......-...To be a state trooper 1015 Central Ave., U.C.--.-.-.- 8810 Fourth Ave., N.B.-....-.-,- 2006 Kerrigan Ave., U.C..--.. .... L English ...... -.-..-..-.-.-....-......-..- Knee socks and leotards-. .............. ...- Radar traps..-.-.-..-..-..-....-....-.- LE ROY, JANE-.....-...-...---308 2nd St., U.C .... .-.-..-...--.- LIEKEFETT, BARBARA-.-.-. LUEDEMANN, WALTRAUT.. ..... LUPETIN, EUGENE..-.-..--.. MARCHESANI, PETER..-....-..-. MAROTTA, PATRICIA- .... - .... - MARUS, ADRIAN-.Q-.-.-.-.. MARTINEZ, RAMON-.-.-.-.-. MAIZEK, ROSEMARY..--...... 812 Grand Ave., N.B.-..- .... --,-.. 1115 14th SK., N.B.--.............-..- 605 Grand Ave., N.B..-.--.....- 602 15th St., U.C.-..---.-..-.-. 1709 West St., U.C ..... .-.-..-.-.--. 1302 7th St., N.B ..... .. ..... -.-- . .-. 708 27th St., U.C........--..--..- 1524 43rd St., N.B.......--.---- Oh, yeah-..-..-.-.......-..+...-....- Things are rough all over...-..-.......-. Show me something...-....-..--.-.-..-.. To be a hockey player To be an Armenian To afford a motorcycle- Repeating something..- ----- --...--. How about thatl.-..-..................-T0 become Mrs- G- Sneakers and stockings .... --.-.-...Going down noon hour?..-......-.-..-To be skinny ' The coldness of room 100 during , history second period.-.--.-.. ..... -What, are you sickl. ..... --....-.... .... :TO be I chemist Gas for my car- ,,.., -.. ,....... -.---.-I don't wanna know nothingi..-...-...To own a fleet of Cadillacs Teachers telling me to shave ......... -... Tuifl...-..---..- .... ...-......-.....--.-MUSCIS mill ill side show of Cll'hiVll Having to change for gym ....... ..-.-... Forget it!...--...-...-.....-.........To be 8 Kelli!!! in H1801-in Gym snim,-,,,,-,--,,,,,,,-, ,,,, -,Ma ehel ................. - ..... --.-..--To get to the moon- Ushers.- ...... ...-.---.---...-.-..-.--Carambal--..-......-..-........-........G0 straighfl Damp weather...-.-...-...--.......... -Never mind.-.---...-......-.- .--...-.. To work for Warner Brothers DIRECTORY NAME McGINNIS, PATRICIA ..,,...,,,....., MENCONI, DIANE ........ ,,.,,,.. MEYER, RUTH .,....,....... ........ NAGY, JOSEPH ................. ........ NEININGER, LILLIAN ...., . ,,.,... .. NOLAN, CAROL ............... .- ..... NONELLA, BARBARA ...,........,,.. ORDOOKIIANIAN, HELEN ........ ORDOOKHANIAN, ROSE ...,,.,,.., ORRIS S, DONALD ,.,,........,.,,....... PANAGIOTOU, IRENE ,.............,. PARAS CANDOLA, JAMES... PARNOW, JOHN ....... - ...... .. ...... -. PEPICELLI, ANGELA ................. PETRICH, JOSEPH ........... ....,... PETSCHEL, ALBERT .................. PIRNAT, MARILYN ....... . PLANT, JOYCE ........... ........ PRACILIO, LUCY ....... ........ PREISSLER, MARY ....... ........ PUFF, GEORGIA ........... ........ PUGNET, PETER ............. ........ . QUINLAN, LORRAINE ............... RAGATI, JOAN ........ 1 ....... ........ RAWLINS, JAMES ............ ........ RETANO, ANITA ....... .. ................ RIECK, WILLIAM ............ ........ . RODINO, RICHARD ........ ......... ROGERS, ALICE .......................... ROMANO, LUCY ............... - ..... L.. ROSENBERG, ROSALIE ....... 1 .... ROTOLO, ADA ............... 1 ............ SCARPELLO, MARIANNE ..... . .... SCHAARSCHMIDT, HELGA ...... . SCHECK, KENNETH ............ SECKAR, DIANE ........... ........ . SEGRICH, JAMES ....... ........ SE'I'I'E, FRANK ..........................., SILENO, NICHOLAS..i- ........... ... SIMMONS, JAMES ....... 1 ....... SMITH, PATRICIA ........ ........ SNYDER, LORRAINE ....... . STELLER, PATRICIA ....... . STITZ, ROBERT ......... ........ . TAGERTY, JAMES ........... ........ TAYLOR, LORRAINE .................. TEDESCO, LAWRENCE ............. TIETJEN, AUDREY ..................... TRAIGER, GEORGE ......... A ...... TRAVERSA, ELAINE ....... ........ VAGO, SANDRA .................... VAN NOTTI, EUGENE ............... VERDINA, ROSALIE. ..... . VETTER, LOUIS- ........................ VILLAVECCHIA, ELSIE ...... WAANANEN, WILLIAM ............. WITZIG, HERMAN ........... . YOUNG, CAROL ...... ................. ZETT, LORI ........ .. ...... ..- ........ . ADDRESS 602 11th St., U.C. ............ ....... . 324 Mountain Rd., U.C ................ 138 77th St., N.B ............. ........... 1808 Manhattan Ave., U.C. ....... .. 2512 Adam Pl., U.C ......... ............ 1109 11th St., N.B. ....... 518 6th St., U.C. ......................... 2608 New York Ave., U.C. .......... 2608 New York Ave., U.C ..... ...... 1509 Kerrigan Ave., U.C .............. 2112 New York Ave., U.C ........... 1302 27th St., N.B ............ ........ 427 18th St., U.C ....... ........ 2515 West St., U.C ...................... 1505 Kerrigan Ave., U.C .............. 1305 86th St., N.B ................. ..... 1216 9th St., N.B ......................... 220 New York Ave., U.C ............ . 810 22nd St., U.C ...................... . 711 28th St., U.C ........................ 706 Columbia Ave., N.B .............. 803 22nd St., U.C ....................... . 1100 West St., U.C ........... ....... . 42 8th St., Fairview ..................... PET PEEVE Gym class ................1........................... Being ribbed about the boyfriend ...... FAVORITE EXPRESSION Believe me! ........... . .......... . ................ .- Great as anything! ........................ ...... SECRET AMBITION To go to Kings Point Academy To beat a certain someone in checkers To get an A from Mr.,Mazzucco To be a world traveler .........To fly into the blue Tests ,................................................... Nope .....,.............................................. Get all A's Fur Morgen ......................................... Heute ist die Biene Maia, Petschel .... Being short ............ .............................. H m. What did you say? .................... Smokers who have no consideration for non-smokers ....................,........., Ah, come on .................. Short noon hour ................................. I'm so embarrassed! ........ Fifth period fire drills ........................ Paisan ......... . ..... ....... Beautxclan schools .... .......................... , Keep it up ................ Having to go to basketball practice.. Mr. Lacchia pulling my hair for ..What! Me worry .............. . To be a foreign correspondent ........To be a doctor's receptionist ........To be a designer ........To have a physique like Pete M. chewing gum ..........................i........ What was that, Helen? ........ ......... T o travel to Europe H.R, 211 ...........................................,. Forget it ,.........................i........ ........ T o take twelfth grade Italian with Miss Russo Vocabulary in 209 ....... .....i.. P lease don't initial my report card Mrs. Dolder .....,......................, To teach Latin like Mr. C. Sneaky friends ...................... ........ . What did you say? .................. ..i..... , To lead a symphony Getting up in the morning ..... ........ H i guys ........................ - ....... ........ . To get a '57 Olds Fur Morgen ........................... ........ R elax! You'll live longer ......... ..- .... Be Adolf Hitler, Jr. Big Feet ,........ ..................................... Th at's beside the point ....................... To get an A in typing Sharing lockers ........................ ........... . Itls hysterical .................... .................. . To obtain a driver's license Being "isolated" in study halls .......... Oh! Gee! Reallyl, How Come? ......... Changing my initials to L. K. Having to be quiet in homeroom ........ Boys with the name of "Bob" .......... .. Term papers ............................. ........ Conceited boys. ......... ............... ....... . People who aren't' on time ..... 1 ........... Well you know, Fabulous. ................. .To get an A in history Crunch ............ .................... ............ .. . To get all A's on my report card What time is it? ....... ................. . Join the Air Force Go skip oft! ............ - ........... My long hair Fazool ................. ........ T o own an M.G. 1310 Summit Ave., U.C ............... Teachers using wrong stairways ......... Babe ....................... ........ T o get married someday 909 21st St., U.C ..................... Chemistry ............................................ I'm embarrassed! ...... ........ . Change my initials to A. S. 31 Anderson Ave., Fairview ......... Exams on my birthday ............ ......... H uh? ................... - ...... .... - ...Science teacher 426 5th St., U.C ............. ............. U .S. History- room 100 ........ ........ W hy? ......... ........ E xpert builder of houses 514 18th St., U.C ........................ A prejudiced person ...........i. ......... Y es, dear ............. ........ A trip to Florida with a certain P. M. 5108 Liberty Ave., N.B ..i............. Too true people ........... .... .... .What? ............................. ......... T o get married 2026 Bergenline Ave., U.C .........., Monthly collections ......... ........ O hi How fabulous...- ....... ........ T o be stranded on a naval base with a certain T. S. 900 Central Ave., U.C ...... ......... S hort weekends ........ - ...........i.. Am I late? ............. ........, T o own a Fiat 1401 14th St., N.B ........... ......... M r. Mazzucco ........ ........ , Be cool ...................... ........ T o become Mrs. O'. 6501 Smith Ave., N.B .................. Sideburns ............ ........ . Great as anything ........ ........ T o travel around the world 809 New York Ave., U.C ............. Mr. Campen .................,..... ........ S lough off! ................ ........ T o dance the lindy 815 27th St., U.C ........................ A crowded locker room ........ ........ Y eah, right? .............. ........ T 0 travel around the world 1004 Central Ave., U.C ................ Anita tthe spyj ................... ........ B ut I almost care ......... ........ T o pass an English test 316 6th St., U.C ......i........ ......... H .R. 211 ......................... ...... - Oh my God! ..... L .................... ........ T o pass algebra' 525 5th Ave., U.C ....................... Crowded dance floors ........ ........ I don't know ............................ ........ T o dance the Lindy 600 Grand Ave., N.B ...... .............. H .R. 211 ............................... ........ W hat's the matter with you ................ To pass Italian 1712 Bergenline Ave., U.C .......... No money ................................ ........ . How fabulous!! ................................... To enroll in Annapolis 721 22nd St., U.C ................ - ...... Doing the wrong homework ............... What do we have for homework? ...... To marry Danny 1317 7th St., N.B ....... A certain history teacher ......... ........ Guess who I saw at the dance last night? ,............................................ .. Do a lot of traveling to other countries To pass Mr. Hillas' English To become Mrs. Pacailler ........Bowl a 200 game ........ To be the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Amphion ......,..Drop history ........To be in H.R. 310 Beating Paul at chess Get to Mr. Gerhardt's study hall on time ........To be a millionaire .......-To ride a motorcycle on the second floor .......-To play the piano To be rich 341 77th St., N.B ..... .. ....... ........ W hen my car doesn't start ................. What do you want from me? ............. To own a Cadillac 717 12th St., U.C ............. ........ H .R. 211 .................................. ........ F orget it ,....... ..................................... . 617 11th St., U.C ........................ People who come in late ......... ........ F abulous! ............................. . 1301 New York Ave., U.C ........... Homework ................................ ........ N ow just wait a second ....... . 8808 4th Ave., N.B ...................... Mr. Mazzucco's oral reports ............... How 'bout that ................. . 3901 Hudson Blvd., U.C .............. Trying to get a parking space ............ I might ever care ........ 601 13th St., U.C ........................ Study hall ............................i............... Forget it ................. ..... 112 Washington St., Wehwkn ....... Double negatives. ............................... Really! .............................. .. 508 6th St., U.C ......................... .Pay class dues when I'm broke ....... 1 ..Then again you count ........ ...... . . 1308 27th St., N.B ....................... Getting up early for school ................ Forget it. ......................... 1211 Summit Ave., U.C ............... Late room ............................. ........ , Don't bother me! ...... 701 24th St., U.C ............. ........... . Men drivers ......................................... Fabulous! ........... . 1505 Kerrigan Ave., U.C ............., English, history, Spanish, algebra science, etc ...... ................................ Y eah, right ................... 213 Palisade Ave., U.C ................ Fur Morgen ..................i...................... Who has the trig? ...... . 613 11th St., U.C .... .... . . 702 7th St., U.C. .... . Waiting for Flo ........ 12A history ............ ,71f It's not fair ............ Mamma mia. ...... . ...........An A+ in math .... .... .Comptometer operator ........To see the world Q , 7' 1 fix, X , "' Y , ,H wail V in S i 2 gi li 3 if , , if ' V, ' 2 ' 3 it ' E 2 . V52 W, S X H' 9 STAFF A ASSISTANT EDITORS LITERARY EDITORS Lorraine Conuncrct, Angela Pepicelli, Judy Argenta, Diane Menconi. JO Ann Agresta, Francis Dyer, Ellen Chave, Sandra Vago. BUSINESS STAFF CAPTION WRITERS Sitting: Juanita Lanza, Barbara Liekefett, Jane Leroy, CManagerJg Sitting: Georgia Pull, Louise Kydcl, fEclitorJg Elaine Traversa, Juanita Audrey Tieticn. Standing: Carol Nolan, Joyce Karabatsos, Diana Lanza. Standing: Marilyn Pirnat, Arleen Groth, Ellen Cliave, Allen Gino, Lucy Romano, Helga Schaarsclunidt, Lorraine Taylor, Diane Isola, Theodore Fisclietti, Barbara Nonella, Joyce Plant, Diane Seckar. Seckar. ART STAFF TYPING STAFF Sitting: Joan Ragati, Delores Fcrraris, CEditorJ, Ada Rotolo, Juanita Sitting: Barbara Liekefett, Barbara Nonella, fEditorlg Elsie Happel, Lanza. Standing: Alice Rogers, Catherine Blencke, Joan Hofsmitli, Arleen Groth. Standing: Helga Schaarschmiclt, Diane Seckar, Joyce Diana Gino, Adrian Mams. Plant, MUMENTS TU REMEMBER We have had such unforgettable times during the last fonr years. This very last one - what a hectic time! WVe were seniors and on top of the world. Some of our teachers must have quietly been on the verge of nervous collapse this year, and We are grateful to them for helping so much. Most of our time and energies went into the Yearbook. The things We did, the fun We had- our trip to the United Nations, to Hyde Park, our "Shower of Starsf, our Senior Poll Dance, and our great production of "The Egg and If' This year We planned our futures -so many different pathsl Senior Year has gone by on Wings. There were headaches at times, but it was Wonderful, completely Wonderful. Remember Innior Year? VVe Worried over chemistry and stenol Dan Cieri was elected most valuable football player. Our Ellen Chave Was elected "Miss North Ierseyf, Along with this, Elsie Villavecchia, Indy Argenta, Albert Petschel, and Nick Ferrara were our class representatives to Boys, and Girls, State. "Spring Caronself, the junior Prom, climaxed the year, along with a trip to Bear Mountain fit rainedj. That June we ordered our graduation rings and had to wait ages-it seemed-to get them nest September. Sophomore Year still seems like yesterday. No longer anonymous freshmen, We became identities -joined clubs, took part in sports and everything we could. VVC had our First outing to Bear Mountain fit rained that year, tool. Football, basketball, parties, and dances are pleasantly jnmbled on our memories. How We have changed since Freshman Year! Remember that day?- September 8, 1955. This Class of '59 entered the halls of Emerson for the first time. A group of nervous kids. Wfe became familiar with Emerson finally foh, We thought We Wonldlj That year We laid the groundwork for our stay in Emerson. Four years. How fast- Where have those years gone? It is graduation night, and in a short While we shall receive our diplomas and leave Emerson - not children, but men and women looking ahead. Can We ever forget our four years in Emerson? Qin fa? N3 QQ C Kid RH GO Y 2.5 r S14 Kim Q29 ACTIVITIES Variety is the very spice of lye, That gives it all its flavor. --COWPER ALTRUIST BUSINESS AND LITERARY STAFF S Advisers NIR. THOMAS TROYER - Business MR. PAUL SURIANO - Literary Editor-in-Chief News Editor Feature Editors Sports Editor Business Manager ALBERT PETSCHEL THOMAS POOL MARILYN PIRNAT, LOUISE KYDD AUGIE BORGOCNONI JANE LE ROY CHOIR Adviser MISS JEAN MUERER we ,-N r.,. as W A if? ig k,,15QE. ,. A 1 W ' W' Q2 ' W1 aw X If qfgaf, Q 0 Q bf DRAMATICS CLUB MISS VIRGINIA CALLO IAMES CRAF MARY LEE BORCHI ALICE KEESSER ROBERT XVATT r gl FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA MRS. NANCY ALLEN, MISS HELEN MUSTO Presldent ELAINE TRAVERSA V106 President PATRICIA IYIAROTTA Secretfmry CCor.j LORETTA CHENET Secrctlry CRQQJ IUANITA LANZA Treflsurer LOUISE HILLAS CHERS OF AMERICA MRS. MARJORIE HAHN ELSIE VILLAVECCHIA JOYCE PLANT JANET STRICLIABOTTI JOAN METCALFE i' ' - ' X Gigi: Q We, 0 U, -I 5 A Csvitavecchcm QC, 4 ll mm N4'."gg,'K'- 7 if CA 'M mg? .Pi"m':'Es ,Sf 2 won v new GC 4 eqemgzgoijgsg gg XR . mm 1f1:aw,.,,,,,6' M dd 1 gxxoutinaeo flqll i ir when 1 .f lnfwdoma Q T4 MM im: Q A' wwf? Q in ITALIAN CLUB v'QD"ff'D+'2 . yeas! Advber MR. EUGENE CANDELORO W if-' Presldent ADRIAN MARUS :R If , vlce Pres1dent CAROLYN FREZZA Jnfwm' c Secretary DIANA GINO " Tre'1Surer NORMA CAMPOLONCO V IC 4 HRM. I awp-mf 'wgikathnzbnx X' ' Q - . Ianni up-and .Pam if KH? Tragiagygyi' Pgszmo anesffg? J I 'S0LH'f.::2::Qfm 'f r x A , 1 rmmw ' 3, 5 am, Mm ""918fSde5 Wo swigsrggfgscsffsaQPaff:5E5""2"pi' 2 A Sven a CSGFCEHS wgzgfnfli f93f9 '-4,44 X 9 Jn AUNQBM Q 0 I Lenifgma Owe J oXq5?nfF.O3m 40 paw fN wa u ' . WYDUGMSIYEC U86 Q .'7"N-S , LIBRARY STAFF Adviser MISS GLADXS TOZIER I G , V: VLAL K "em, A gia. 4 M V' S5132 M Advlser .HWRLHIE f "" MANSKY ELSIE VILLAVECCHIA THOMAS POOLE ADELE PERINO HARVEY CREENXVALD Sdn-i 5 .ZA ' ,w ' . gf V' , 4 3 ? fr in si ,Egg LEQ N xg ga -s if ...X wmv M. ' - ' -partir SW . . xx Q w , Mex., , f-Ik M , y Q35 ,, Fifi 2+ ,, 2 T gf f' gfmsssi' imma! y, N -ww 'W 21 -ASW Adviser Captain Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant SERVICE CLUB MR. CHARLES DAL LAGO WVILLIAM RIECK HELEN BASSIO MICHAEL MORCUESE MARIE DOHRMAN BARBARA SCHUMACHER SCRABBLE CLUB Adviser MR. WILLIAM SATZ President PETER LAURINO Vice President RAYMOND VILLANO Secretary BARBARA DEBALER Treasurer GAIL KUNSTLE SPANISH CLUB Adviser MRS. HELEN HENNE President ELLEN CHAVE Vlce Presldent RANDALL CHAVE Secretary ENIS STICCO Treasurer FRANCIS FILA udent Council The Constitgtion of the St of 'werson High School 'fiaviaed - March, 1959 STUDENT CGUNGHL ?REM'BLE STUDENT COUNCIL wdents of Emeraon High School, in order to Adviser MR. mms ter responsibility in the govern- Pwmdmn ELS' IMHNAPURA is a higher standard, Vicep .- J IE VILLAVEC tl d resldeut ANGE CHIA 9 Q Secrvtary Y LA PEPICELL1 JANE'r STRICLIABOTTI We, the a lvee a grea ur school o , and studen JOAN CATTANI 1 for curse to raise o een faculty he Student ITICZISLIYQI' obta n ing of our School, and to foster understanding betw dain and establish this constitution for t or Council. Article I. Nvvm Adviser President ViCc President Svvrcmry Treasurer XHLJOSEPH NOVOTNY FHANKSETTE PAHUCKQHHECO cfARLos MOHALES 1mnTu1MAuCHEsANI sz SPORTS A sound mmd UL a sound body H- JUVENAI, VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM -COACH, MR. JOSEPH NOVOTNY Sitting: V. Ferraris, P. Mohr, L. Parachini, J. Urciuoli, J. Ropers, F. Sette, R. Schult, C. Scerbo. Kneeling: J. Azzolini, D. Cece, G. Vartian, D. Cieri, P. Chieco, C. Morales, M. Maniscalco, R. Orlando. Third Row: N. Lanni, V. Schiaccetano, R. Bello, J. Caci, H. Vitali, A. Williams, P. Scarperi, A. Murri, E. Liebl. Fourth Row: C. Ferrari, J. Miele, F. Foerster, J. Lahr, J. Parascandola, J. Laterra, R. Ronchetta, J. Nagy. Back Row: V. Schrumpf, E. Rittberg, M. Azzolini, C. Mirasola, A. Hensler, M. DeGennaro, A. Biroc. DANIEL CIERI A sturdy lineman and magnificent blocker, Dan was instrumental in our fine season. Danis greatest play was the touchdown-saving tackle he made against Memorial to preserve the victory. Such plays will make No. 61 hard to replace next year. JAMES PARASCANDOLA Jim's speed and desire made him an outstanding back. He could always be counted on for that extra yard, and his passing activity made oppon- ents especially wary of him. This combination was a continuing source of comfort for the team. JOSEPH NAGY Being an extremely capable lineman, Joe provided the depth a football team always requires. This hard- charging veteran could always be depended upon to open those holes for our speedy backs. FUUTBALI. Despite the fact that we lost to Union Hill in the final game, no one could deny that Emerson had a very successful football season with a 6-2 record. Pep Novotny's charges high- lighted the autumnal madness with a 7-0 victory over Memorial in a thrilling contest which every Emersonian will long remember. The last of victims, including St. Michael's and Demarest, re- sulted in Emersorfs being proclaimed Champions of North Hudson. KE? A:L.,,, vt ik,,3 A J ,Q-:EW , V N gingiff-,JQIQ M , We as az M 1 W' ' ' UAE FA 3 Q 52 , jg W rf W1 XS XM Y if ma X W 4, -1 2 KN A Q ,N .L 1 wznn lf 5 img X 1 Y Wh 'X . 'Q' -.- YM fx ,W , f f 'K - imsgiffwmz f fqyizigs f , M as 1 I I 8 8 I 1 B 9 A , if ' 1 , ' f fff1i5g 6fQ,f I X K 1 ,, 4 'A 1- W- 4 V gg- jig ,5 3,11 MW Kg 2 as 59 1 f"'5 1 Q 1? was R .Q N I N K ur .mm mmx . M W, wh., Z6 . ',f. A . , ,-,V . Y' n 3 my Q ' x ' 1 , 1. 6 Y A 4 SV 6' ,fa it if mmf wk 5 4 f . l f Q . V, 7-1fk ,, 11' K Q QA V H 1. V Q? ' 'L ' K 5 259 5, ,M J? ,iam . K " ' Q U 1' Let's et lum fellows! ws . 4,,M-f addition to the maiorettes. An gf' ARLENE DONOVAN Arlene is tall and graceful and sets a K good example for the . . squad. Her delightful approach to life serves as a magnet for the happy memories she will always have. PATRICIA McCINNIS Pat is a high-stepper with plenty of zest. Her sense of humor is aptly demonstrated by her winning smile. Blue-eyed Pat has been with the major- ettes for three years. MAJURETTES Half-time entertainment can never be at a standstill when this lively group of high steppers is on the field. Their intricate routines and flashy twirls never fail to bring warm ovations from the audience. Adviser: MR. ALBERT PETRELLA CAROL GARDINER Two years a major- ette, Carol has given full support to Emer- son's players. Her shining blonde curls accentuate her uni- form and add to her qw already attractive ap- iflv' 'silfi , .wx , 5. K an is x 1 t I if Y. 1 p X i ru. I ANITA A RETANO Sophisticated, brown-eyed E Anita was a much-admired pearance. .V I 9 1- i we l K ELLEN CHAVE it -Q Ellen's statuesque ap- J' pearance has charmed many during the A "half". While on the .. squad for four years, 7' , and as Captain, she M has always displayed fine twirling and strutting ability. excellent Captain, she guided the girls to the best of her ability. This is the chief reason why the majorettes are an asset to our school. ROSE ORDOOKHANIAN WVit and joviality smiled on each practice when Rose was around. Besides these extras, she has aided the squad with her expert twirling and high- spirited enthusiasm. ANGELA PEPICELLI Friendly and sincere, Angela has been one of our favorite twirlers. Having been a majorette since she was a freshman. she has added to the delight of many Emerson victories. DELORES FERRARIS A tall and attractive credit to the twirlers, Dee is a per- fect example of a good major- 'ette. Her many qualities and skills make her a. likeable individual. DIANE SECKAR Di, with her long, dark hair and admirable style is an all- around twirler. Her helpful hints have contributed to per- fecting the routines of the squad. 5 """:..!4 SANDRA VAGO Sandra, an attractive twirler with an extremely good na- ture and warm personality, has impressive batoning abil- ity. These combinations plus her friendly ways make her an unforgettable majorette. Adviser: Mrs. Bernice Campen, Captain: Elsie Happel Front Row Patricia Marotta, Judy Conklin, Louise Kydd. Back Row: PATRICIA MAROTTA Pit is a cute and bouncy little girl possessing '1 power- ful voice and precision cheer- ing movements. VVith an out- standing supply of energy, she did .her best to keep our Bulldogs shining. Isabelle Mitchard, Stephany Stefani, Arleen Grotli, Elsie Happel. to 2 . - . A 1-an f CHEERLEADERS Versatility and vigor are the key words in de- scribing our cheerleaders. NVe, as students, owe them a debt of gratitude for their ceaseless con- tributions to the games, their matchless energy and unhindered spirit. R ELSIE HAPPEL This deep voiced, spirited blonde is the Captain of the cheerleaders. Elsie has given her all for Emerson. LOUISE KYDD This sweet blue-eyed bundle of dynamite with a likeable personality, possessed with an amazing amount of energy, has always contributed her best for Emerson. Fight! WW ARLEEN GROTH Vivacious and devilish hep describe the squad s pert Ar leen who bubbles with school spirit. Her amicable ways and happy outlook have won her many friends. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-COACH, MR. HARRY BROOKS R. Orlando, M. Buzzelli, F. Foerster, R. Chave, E. Rittberg, R. Sehult, L. Trabattoni, D. Orriss, J. Casey, J. Simmons, F. Sette, H. Brooks, Coach. BASKETBALL Winding up its schedule in a blaze of glory, Emerson's basketball forces piled up an enviable record of fifteen victories with but six defeats. The team showed its power by emerging first in the Christ- mas Tournament and then finishing the regular season in a tie for top place. Coach Harry Brooks initial efforts were a huge success. is-ffl f v 3324.7 DONALD ORRISS An assortment of shots coupled with excell- ent rebounding ability made Don.an invalu- able member of the Emerson Five. His graduation will leave a void next year. wfrfiff-A . ,iw sr FRANK SETTE A fine jump shot is the feature of the sharp-shooter's talents. Frank, the county's championship foul-shooter, was a superb backout man and will be long remembered in Emerson annals. 88 JAMES SIMMONS Iiin's defensive work was an important contribution to our successful season. XVhen not occupied in limiting the oppositiolfs high scorer, jim set up plays and added to the Bulldog's morale. i awww g 4 5 .. 2 2 2 E ? -Qi' f .5523 Ji, i , gf. K, ' ' ' 5- . . . - VQUAQQA ff wr . , , J fr 34 x " W. f -V-lg, , fb 95 5 X ,. . . f 0,4 5 1 X W M994 , ef ' W -ev, . . Wfgf X. A K K 5 ' Vw, xt gm S: I ? ,m,.,........a--v----H' -ffk --'K Q in K , ,I 'Y i if HQ ,iii x an ii? e ' x sf! af 1 f FQ ,. S! s 41 H' 'iv E i ...mma- QR 5 M ..-M., - aw ,Q L sg AAQK, x,,,.m x " ,lj Mr' WF? 358,61 nth' 9-tan x ix " f' ff, x QW ' 9? sf ,, , 35, mnqqw 1' .ni a 3 O 'liifiiiea flWl!I!!!P! S' Q . .. , is X 5 Y 9 . lu Kneeling: S. Beck K s sf! 0? Q -wr. J' I .. BASEBALL TEAM-COACH, NIR. HARRY BROOKS A , C. Morales, R. Orlando, I. Simmons, M. Buzzelli. Sitting: R. Chave, I. Casey, F. Foerster, NV. Nagel, H. Brooks Coachg R. Bello, C. Brema, I. Palestini, B. Zenzer, P. Dirniglio, E. Kingwell, R. Hillas, V. Schiaccetano, V. Schrninpf, M. Iodice. BASEB TRACK Coach, Mr. Pep Novotny Front Row: E. Zinn, F. Cerelli, D. Parisi, I. Mattiace, I. Chilin- gian, C. Matteis, R. Civitillo, C- Zucca. Second Row: A. Murri, D. Murri, R. Spadacini, J. Azzolini, H. Turse, G. Cracis, F. Romano, D. Cazzillo. Back Row: C-. Vartian, I. Lahr, R. Bello, A. Peroni, D. Delle Fave, M. Patapow, R. Vergnani, E. Kawiecki. 90 in Starting his second season, Coach Harry Brooks had a fine record for the Blue and 1' 7 White baseball team. Emerson had been a distinct threat for the North Hudson and County f ALL titles, as timely hitting complemented the team,s excellent pitching and defense. 5 E JAMES SIMMONS Quick hands and speed afoot make jim an outstanding defensive second-baseman. Add- ' t h' 1 is his bat which had ing 0 is va ue . . , . always been relied upon for several key hits during the season. With two senior boys sparking, our track team has gone far. The team has immense promise and Coach Novotny had been gratified by the large turnout for berths. The dashes and long distance races have been the team,s strong events. I Y i . 1 ans returning, the team was considered a dark horse contender in the North A successful season was completed bv our tennis team. XVith several veter- TENNIS Coach, Mr. Frank Ginsberg Kneeling: I. Nagy, N. Ferrara, B. Hanna, I. Smith. Stancling: A. Isola, H. Witzig, F. Ginsberg, Coach, L. Tedesco, R. Andrews. Q HERMAN WITZIG "The Cat", our No. 1 player, featured a driving serve and superb net play. A four-year veteran, Her- man has been an import- ant cog in our triumphs. Hudson title race. This has been a remarkable feat because practice facilities ALLEN ISOLA Another novitiate, Allen had a bullet-like first serve. In addition, a backhand, accurately placed, augmented Allen's promising game. of our boys. haven,t been available for years. It can only speak well for the determination LAWRENCE TEDESCO Also a four year veteran. he has been an extremely solid player for Emerson, His excellent comprehen- sive play, especially the forehand smash, again aided the tcam's quest for the coveted championship. JOSEPH NAGY A fine all-around athlete, Ice played tennis with the same fervor he displayed in other sports. His never- say-die attitude was a characteristic feature of his play and has pulled him through several matches. I Vyklrk Ex K X K K k,,L .I .3 NICHOLAS FERRARA A newcomer to the team, Nick provided a needed lift for our doubles. A backhand was Nick's strongest asset. 91 w -g. W4 WV -fy. A FRIEND A 8: P 19th Street A. Reo Provisions A 8: S Appliance Co. Ace "Embroidery Company Josephine Acocella Santa Acquafredda Ada, Good Luck, Irene and Arty Addie and Bobby Fabian Agresta Louise Agresta Joseph Aiello Al Aimone Boo-Boo Aimone Al's Flowers Lucille Aljian Allan and Arthur Ray Allen Alma and Johnny Frank Amato Amelia and Flora Ambrose Day Andrew and Joyce Angelicola and' Konsevick Angelini Family Larry Antonietti Appenzell Embroidery Company Charles E. Arfert Arleen Arlene and Kathryn Arlene, Lois, Barbara, and Anne Marie Willy Arnebold Charles H. Arnoldi Laura Arnoldi Philip Arpiarian Lana Marie Arricale P. Arricale Richard Assoian Avenue House Bill and Dick C. Bachia Geraldine Avia Gerry Avia Mrs. Ida Appicci Mrs. Arthur Agresta Mrs. Clementine Agresta Mrs. Marie Arm Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Abrado J. Adriaenssens Michael Acocella G. Aimone P. Albanese James Allen Mr. and Mrs. Andriani Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Babette, Rae, Antionetti J. Argenta J. Arricale P. Avia and Cindy Best Wishes Best Wishes Class of '59 Best Wishes For the Future - Mom Best Wishes - Gerry Best Wishes and Luck Best Wishes - Me Best Wishes Patricia Best Wishes Roe-Mr. and Mrs. Staiger Best Wishes - Spadola Best Wishes to Dee- Carmella and Jacqueline Best Wishes to Dee - Joan and Ronny Best Wishes to Delores- Danny Best Wishes to Delores - Debra and Dorein Best Wishes to Delores - Mom and Dad C. 8: J. Bianchi- Gabain's Restaurant Big Bundle Launderette Charlie Biml Alice M. Bird Edward F. Bird, Sr. Jean Blake Blencke Family Roger Blunck Bobby and Addie Leo Bobner John Bodmer Kate Boese Boggio and Pietro Bolleia Family Arthur Bollinger Harold Bollinger Harold C. Bollinger Gloria Bonney Henry Bontemps Ruth Bontemps Herbert Borneman, '39 Grad Joyce Borrelli Bottoni Tavern Borough Hall Sweet Shop K. George Bournazian Marie Bove William Bower Boys from 39th Street Brazzale's Amico Ser. Mary Brendel Bret and Bart J. Brinkerhoff Margaret Brinkerhoff Joyce Brodmerkel Donna Lynn Bruker M. Bruno Theodore Burbank John Burner Donald F. Byrne Mr. and Mrs. Bielitz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Branagan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Donna Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boesch J. Bollermann H. Borghesi Charles H. Breanski George Breuder T. Brodmerkel Donald Bruker J. Bruno Louis Bruno Mr. and Mrs. George Buess, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. Burmeister H. Burton Fred Busch David Butler Anthony J. Calabrese 81 Son Anna Caporino Cappelletti Florist Shop Joseph F. Cappiello Sergio Caputo Fernando Carbajal, Jr. T. Bachia Catherine Balbo Charles Baldini, M.D. Arthur Balsamo Edward Balsamo Ray Balsamo Robert Balsamo Dr. Anthony Balsamo Dr. Louis J. Balsamo Dr. Michael R. Balsamo Helen Barchi Richie Barchi John R. Bartlett B 8z C Radio and Television Harry W. Beck BENGUE, INC. Clara Bennett Benny's Grocery Felice E. Bentz Pauline Beringer Raymond Berni William Berni Family Lou Berruti Best of Luck-Mopang Lodge Mr. Mr. Mrs Mrs Bachmann Brignola M. Bahl . Rose Balsamo Mrs. Herbert Borneman, Sr. Mrs. H. Bollinger Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mae Boyd . Anna Burbank . Grace Butler V . Fannie Buzzelli Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs A. Bachia . T. Bachia . Balestrino . M. Barabas and Family Robert Barbi Mr. and Mrs J. Bardt Mr. and Mrs. R. Barreca Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barry Mr. and Mrs. W. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. A. Berndt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Domenick Bertodatto Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . John Bertodatto . G. Biava Francisco Carbajal Mario Carbajal John Carbajal Marvel Carburetor Carmine's Barber Shop Carol and Dave Carsetti Family Robert and Edward Caruso Jimmy Caruth Jimmy Casey Fran Caso Helen Catryine Cattani Wines 8: Liquors Dr. P. V. Cavalli Central Bakery Charlie Cerrato Gene Cesari Miss Ann Cesarini Curt Chave Randy Chave Chemistry Period 1 Chemistry Period 3 James Chieco and Family Eleanor Chooljian Chris and Maureen Arthur Christensen George Christensen Chubby Catherine Chucchini Julie Ciarcia. Claire and Enis Claridge Candy Store Maureen Clark T. Clausen Clinton Market Dennis J. Collins Kathy Collins Carol and Donna Commeret Sadie Cooke Cora Cora C. Paul V. Corbutt Corky - Mil and Bils Carmen Corrado Bill Corts Cozy Corner Luncheonette Dr. A. P. Cranwell John Cranwell John E. Cranwell George Crimmins and Family Shirley Crossley Cub Master, J. F. Smith Compliments of Altruist Mr. and Mrs. Petschel Michael Petschel, Jr. Sandra Beck Mr. and Mrs. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Castelli Mickey Gesner Mr. and Mrs. Gesner Mrs. Ada Le Roy Miss Janeen Bianco Frances Pirnat Deborah Dovico Charles Dovico Mr. and Mrs. M. Pirnat Ray Orlando Mr. Suriano Terese Mary Kydd Geoffrey Wagner Thomas Troyer III Compliments of Dauria Family Compliments from a Former Student ' Compliments of a Friend Compliments of Giulio R. Menconi Compliments of Rebecca and Debra Compliments of Zanza Bar Congratulations Congratulations Alice Congratulations Augie -- Mom and Dad Congratulations Elaine Congratulations - The Hutchinson Family Congratulations - Lou Marchesani Congratulations - Nanny and Grandfather Congratulations Norma, John Gerhold Congratulations Norma, Love Mom Congratulations Pat- Dad Congratulations Patricia Congratulations from Pratesi Family Connolly Family Mrs. Anthony J. Calabrese Mrs. Molly Capone Mrs. Christensen Mrs. P. V. Corbutt Mrs. A. P. Cranwell Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Cabrielian Mr. and Mrs John Cacace Mr. and Mrs. R. Canose Mr. and Mrs. W. Canose Mr. and Mrs R. Carabetta Mr. and Mrs. Carlone Mr. and Mrs. D. Castiglione Mr. and Mrs N. Catracchia Mr. and Mrs. G. Cerulli Mr. and Mrs. Leo Carvati Mr. and Mrs. H. Chasmer Mr. and Mrs Jack Chasmer Mr. and Mrs. M. Chave Mr. and Mrs. M. Chenet Mr. and Mrs. L. Chucchini Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cibrowski Mr. and Mrs. Cima Mr. and Mrs. A. Coda Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Commeret Mr. and Mrs. T. Contos Mr. and Mrs J. Coppinger Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . J. Costanza . A. Covone Mr. and Mrs. William Crossley D. D. G.'s D. F. Service Station Denny and Jeff Anne Dadian Angela and Jerry D'Alessio Bob Dane William Dane Frankie Dauria De Clinton Barber Shop Robert De Genaro De Julia Family Ida Delliacona Carole De Liberto John Peter De Liberto Paul De Liberto Richard De Liberto Thomas De Liberto Joseppe De Lorenzi De Luca Family Robert De Martin John and Loretta De Palma Sal Deri Hank and Mark Detering Ronnie de Val Nathan Diamond Diane and Linda Mr. Di Clemente P. DiLallo Di Poto's Nest Herman Dohrmann Mrs. A. Dolaney Don's Auto Speed Shop Dondero Floor Waxing Dot and George John Drasco Frank J. Ducate Dukich Family Francis Dyer Odette Dyer Mrs. Elsie Dane Mr. and Mrs. M. Eysmann Victor F aiano Family Ralph Famiglietti S. John Famiglietti Ellen Farnkopf John Fay, Jr. Robert J. and Mary V. ,Feneis and Family Dolly Ferguson Joseph A. Ferguson J. Ferrara Nick Ferrara Ronald Ferrara Elsie Ferrari Val F erraris Joey Ferrigno Henry A. Fiala Leo F. Fiala FISCHL'S BAKERY Flo's Friend Flo and Loretta John Floriani Fran and Louis Frank Foerster and Roger M. Richard Folger Good Luck Norma, Your Sister Good Luck Patricia Wayne Hertel Ned W. Higgins Highland Lumber Yard Hinky Mrs. Georgina Dane MRS. LILLIAN DAVIS Mrs. E. De Farkas Irene Foss and Family Louis Fossa Fredi Grace Frey Good Luck Roe, Love Nunzie Good Luck to Augie Good Luck to Carolyn Good Luck to Judy-Terry Good Luck to my Brother Pete - Bob Good Luck to my girl, Elsie Good Luck to the stoner- Rene Gordon Jewelers George Gottberg Grand Pop Rosalie Grastola Duke Gray Thomas Gray, Jr. Greenville Oil Company L. Greenwald S. Greenwald John Greiner Raymond Greiner Donna Griffin Glen Guaslini Anselmo A. E. Guerrieri Eleanor Guerrieri Guido's Market Hazel Gutberlet Charles Guzzo Bette Hofsmith Carol Hofstede Hollenbeck Family Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Room 100 Room 105 Room 106 Room 109 Room 200' Room 205 Room 213 Room 304 Room 305 Room 307A Room 307B Room 308 - Mr. W Satz Home Home Home Home Home Charle Room 311 Room 313 Room 314 Room 314L Room 317 s Hoppe Edward P. Horgon A. Ralph Horlbeck Horlbeck Metal Crafts Claire and Zaven Horsepian Mrs. J. Di Clemente Mrs. Doyle The Friday Nite Fawns Gabriel Frigerio D. Guzzo - Shoe Repairing Hudson Graduates Mr. and Mrs. . John Isola Erica Haas Jack Ekizian Mrs. H. Draeger Mrs. J. Dunt Mrs. Odette Dyer Mr. and Mrs. Lago Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Edward A. Daly Mr. and Mrs. . P. D'Auria Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs and Family Mr. and Mrs. De Marco Charles J. Dal A.. D'Allesandro Joseph D'Anna Davison J. Delliacona Patrick Mr. and Mrs. A. De Palma, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A. De Palma, Sr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs M. Derigibus J. De Santis B. de Sisti Henry Detering Mr. and Mrs. Peter De Vito Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Family H. Dickel Vito Di Salvo Di Stefano . Dittner and Mr. and Mrs P. Diviaio Mr. and Mrs. J. Donatich Mr. and Mrs. B. D'Onofrio Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Donovan Mr. and Mrs C. Dovico Mr. and Mrs J. Doyle Edie and Jerry Fred G. East Edward Vincent Anthony Morry Bryan Egan Walter M. Fugman Furs by Seckar Mrs. Dorothy Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs F araldi Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. Fabiani Mr. and Mrs. . M. Facchina . Albert V. N. Ferrara . C. Ferraris Mr. and Mrs. . Robert Fields N. F erraris L. Fiskelta M. F lorio Mrs Mrs Mrs . Rita Gatti . Helen C. Gehm . Anna Gleyre Alfred E. Hurley Dorothy Hurley Husni's Pharmacy Mrs. Clara Happel Mrs. Edith Harrigan Mrs. Heim Mrs. J. Heuston Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haberman MR. AND MRS. A. FREZZA Virginia Gallo Frank Gangemi Alice J. Garabedian Louis A. Garibaldi Everett Gaylord E. F. Gazo, D.C. Gennari Steel Fabricators Gentile and Family Richard Giachino Pierro Giannasi Fred Gino Jack Gino Marge Gino Mrs. V. Gino Girodo Family Nancy L. Girone Gladys, Al, and Steven Stripp Mrs. Marcella Gleyre Mrs. T. Gray Mrs. Ann Graziano Mrs. E. Greiwer Mrs. J. Guth Mr. and Mrs. John Gadino Mr. and Mrs. H. Galiani Mr. and Mrs. J. Garbarino Mr. and Mrs. A. Gartiser Mr. and Mrs. HL Gatti and Family Mr. and Mrs, R. Gatti and Linda Mr. and Mrs. Everett G. Gaylord Mr. and Mrs. John Gazo Mr. and Mrs. Gesser Mr. and Mrs. Goettel Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Graziano Mr. and Mrs. E. Greiss Mr. and Mrs, S. Gremmo Mr. and Mrs. Groh Mr. and Mrs. H. Grosskopf Mr. and Mrs. R. Groth Mr. and Mrs. Annio Guerrieri Mr. and Mrs. Sal Gullo Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gumina Mr. and Mrs. R. Hammill Mr. and Mrs. John M. Harrigan Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harris Mr. and Mrs. John Havlice Mr. and Mrs. Hedderich, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs J. Sr. J. Henderson S. K. Herlitz E. Herring S. Heuston F. Himsel, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. . Hofsmith Don and Marie Iaccheri Ann Intermaggio Irene and Al Irene, Skip, Kathy, and Gail Isabel and Donny Italian Club Lynn Gleyre Marcel Gleyre Michelle Gleyre Golden's Confectionary Alfred S. Goldsmith, M.D. Good Luck Augie, Aunt Mathilda and Uncle Ed Elaine and Fran Eljays Food Market Elk's Market Elsie and Jack Emerson High School Choir Emerson Parent-Teacher Association Emil's Market Ercole's Bar Robert Esselborn Evelyn, Charlie and Judy Mrs. C. Ehmann Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Eckhardt A. Ehmann W. Ehmann Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . J. Engel and Son Good Luck Augie, Pat and Tony Good Luck Barbara Good Luck, Bob and Joan Ann Good Luck from Brunert Family Good Luck from Myat and Bill Good Luck Graduates Good Luck Norma, Dad Ketler Good Luck Norma, Love Bill Good Luck Norma, Mom Ketler Carol Haemmerle Halstead Family Hammill Girls Veronica Hammill Lou Hanley William Happel Helen Cathyrine Harrigan John Harrigan Harry's Furniture Harry Market John Hart Thomas Hart Audrey Hartley Anne Havlicek Andrew J. Healy Helen and Jerry Dan Henderson Al Hepner Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Iacone . R. Impreveduto Mr. and Mrs. V. Impreveduto Mr. and Mrs. J. Ingignoli Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Jack Peter Isola Jack and Terri P. Jacovino Jule and Lou Jakubowski Janet and Al Janet, Susie, Sophie, and Herbie Theovaldo Hernadez Syl and Ed Herring Crystal Hertel Lorraine Jean and Joe Faye Jenkins J. and G. Tydol Service Joan and Elvria Joan and Harriet Joan R. and John C. Joe and Mary Joe and Phil Joey and Barbara John and Rusty John and Toni's Confectionery Store Johnny and George Johnny's Luncheonette Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oddo Nancy Ethel Johnson Ronnie Jones Joyce and Ronnie J. R. Pastry Shop Judy and Marco Judy and Ronnie June and Jackie Mrs. Louise Jackson Mrs. Alice Jones Mrs. Helen Jones and Son Mr. and Mrs. Lou J akubowski Mary Kaden Charles Kalajian Kenneth and David Kalbian Karabatsos Family Kathleen and Carole Kathleen and Eddy Kathy and Ray C. Kawko Kay and Louie Keesser's Luncheonette Alan R. Keins Joan Kennell Kenny and Ray - June '60 Ruth Kent Mr. Kerl Tracy Ann Kerl KERL 8: SON-Prime Meats George Kerr Bethann Kervern Mary K. Kerwien Gerald Kevorkian S. Kiss Richard Kleber Lily Kolmos George Koontz Robert Kraus George Kreiger Eliot Krauth A1 Kunz Mrs. Frances Kerr Mrs. Anne King Mrs. Elsie King Mr. and Mrs. Karabatsos Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kauffunger Mr. and Mrs. H. Kawko Mr. and Mrs. W. Kehoe Mr. and Mrs. J. Kennell Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kent Mr. and Mrs. Keuntje and Family Mr. and Mrs. A. Kirschner Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kleinke Mr. and Mrs. R. Kroszner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kydd Austin Labue Helen Laccetti Joseph Paul Laccetti Michele Laccetti Paul Laccetti La. Forgia Family Dominick Lamatina EDWARD LAMATINA Louis Lamatina Maria Lamatina Rose Lamatina Theresa Lamatina Martin Lang Bea Lanza Charles Lanza John Lanza Lasberg Barber Shop Joe and Rose LaTorre Launderbrite Peter Laurino Reno Lavino Virginia Lavino Joseph LaViola Al Lefanto Lemendola Grocery Orlando Lenzi T. J. LeRoy Bertha Liekefett Helen Liekefett Lifetime Eastern Co. Lillian Lincoln Cleaners Linda and Tommy Lindemann's Ruth Linhart John Lione and His Band Lionetti Fuel Co. Little Atoms Little Buster Mr. and Mrs. A. Loret Lorraine and Charlotte Lorraine and Jimmy Lorraine and Lois Dewey LoSasso Lou's Luncheonette Lou's Meat Market Louise and Sam Louise Pizzeria - Fairview Lucky Margaret Lucy E. Lupetin Mark John Luther Agnes and Walter Lutinski Harry Lynch Mrs. Claire Lemmer Mrs. Betty Lennon Mrs. Ruth LeRoy Mr. and Mrs. R. Labriola Mr. and Mrs. Gerald LaChere and Family Mr. and Mrs. P. Lamendola MR. AND MRS. A. LANDAU Ed and Mary Mihok Joe Miick Mike and Priscilla Walter and Mae Miller Mixed-up Molecules Richard Molinari Kenny Monaco Sam Monaco Richard Morbidelli Morgan Family Peg and Bill Motto Mouncey Family Joe Mullica Julia V. Mullica Lorraine Mullica Victor P. Mullica David and Jim Murray Mr. and Mrs Lanza. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Langley Mr. and Mrs. . Frederick . Louis Lanza John Laterra H. Lawson Fred Liekefett George Liquori H. Luedemann Mr. and Mrs. Emil Lurig Mabel's Confectionery Store William E. Mackenzie Mae and Ralph Cynthia and Joe Mangino Pete Marenghi Margaret and Bobby Marge and Eddie Mario and Andrea Marini's Shoes Joe Marionni Mark and Gene Michael Maroney Charles Marotta Patricia Marotta Pat and Vinny Marrone Martinizing Cleaners Mary and Janet Mary Ann Trimming Store E. Marus Marzone Family Pete Mason Mastromonica Family Carole Mastromonica T. Mattaliano Matty Matty D. and Richie A. From 210 May's Luncheonette Peter McElroy James McGinnis James and Alice McGinnis Marilyn McKenna Bob McMonegal Dave McNeil Joseph Mendelsohn Diane Menzel H. Merkel Lucy Metallo Miami Bar 8: Grill Fannie Miele Joe Miele Murray's Silk Store Helen Musto MUSTO'S PHARMACY Mutual Provision Co. Mrs. Carol McCreary Mrs. Ella Stewart McMahon '16 Mrs. E. Marus Mrs. Mary Matzek Mrs.'George Myer Mr. and Mrs. D. Mallardi Mr. and Mrs Manalio Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Sons Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Masler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . James A. Gene Mancinelli F. Marchesani . J osepb Marionni . P. Marotta . Martinelle Adolph Martone Joseph A. Mastrangelo . Paul Matzek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. McAuley Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. McDermott . Meile Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Richard McCann James P. Mercandino Mr. and Mrs. L. Mezzina Mr. and Mrs. John Miller Mr. and Mrs. R. Milne Mr. and Mrs. Charles Monti Mr. and Mrs. P. Morale Mr. and Mrs and Mrs Mr. . JOSEPH NAGY L. Mozzi Charles Murray Haig Najarian Mr. and Mrs. M. Nicolosi Mr. and Mrs. Nocchi Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nolan Mr. and Mrs. J. Nonella Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Notre Mr. and Mrs. J. Nuziole and Son Pat O'Donnell John Ofniani Bella. 0'Keefe Gerardo Oliva Bruce Orriss Mabelle E. Orriss Ray Orriss Otto Oval, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ofmani Mr. and Mrs. J. Orriss P. S. Sonny Pallotta Palmer and Son Dairy Products Edna Palmiotti Scot Pampaloni Sam Panagiotou Patricia Pannone C. F. Parentini Pharmacy Nunzio Parisi Louise Parkin Charles Parnow Albert Passerini Pat and Mike Peckville, Pennsylvania Ernest Peia Bob Peirano Penny Royals Pepicelli Family Jose Perdomo Nick Perrine Philip A. Perrini Pete and Douglas Julie Peterson Pete's Gulf Service Joseph Petrich, Sr. Rita Petrich Robert Petrich Edith Pfitzner James Pfitzner Wilma Gazo Philiponis Photo Center Photographic Center Nicholas A. Picca Arnold C. Piche Piedmont Bakery Piemont Bakery Nouvel Pieroni Joseph Pirro Nancy and Anne Rose and Richie Nanni Louis Napolitano - Savoye Market Tony Nardone Nattie Stationery Vero Neggia Mario Negrini E. Negro Mr. Neininger Nelson and Pat Helen Nemeth New Jersey Paper Co. Nickie and Susan Nicky Mike Noi June Nolan Carl Noller Enes Nonella Rose Norian Bot Novotny A. Nowokowski Mrs. Joseph Nagy Mrs. R. Nagy Mrs. Lena Negri Mrs. Pat Neininger Mr. and Mrs. M. Natale Louis J. Pirro Mkt. Carol Plant Dallas Plant Pogo Greg Poller T. Malcolm Pool Raymond Povinelli Emest Pozzi Terry Pralotto Set and Mary Proodian George Puff Jack Pugnet Purity Restaurant Purvin Family Purvin's Stationery Peggy Pushaw Mrs. Louis Pareti Mrs . D. Parnow Mrs. B. Peichl Mrs. Peirano Mrs. Loretta Peluso Mrs. Louis Petermann Mrs. J. Piccardi Mrs. Jack Pra Mrs M. Pufahl Mrs. George Puff Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Palmer Petrosino Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. Palubniek Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Patterson E. Pavignano Mr. and Mrs. J. Petracca Mr. and Mrs. George Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Pfanner ' L. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. John Pindar Mr. and Mrs. A. Piombino Mr. and Mrs. F. Pirnat Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Polise, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. M. Radolsky Michael Rain H. Plant Joseph J. Posselt John Pra M. Pracilio N. Pracilio Puff, Sr. George Puso Joseph Puso R. Puso Edward Quinlan Quirico, Sr. 0118 Nick Rainone Dave Ranchetto Marion and Frank Rauth Rita and Bill Rawlins Yah Razim Re Birbs Ann Marie Reina Vincent J. RenzuHi Mary Richards Richie, Kenny, Frank, and Robert Davis Rieman Raymond Rieman, D.D.S. Mrs. A. P. Rieman Ries Zig-zag Express Rios Meat Market Louis and Marie Rizzi Elizabeth and Anthony Rodino, Jr. Rosann Rodino Ron and Tony Ronnie Ronnie and Frank Susan Ross Michael Rotolo Frank Rovelli Robert Rotola Joan Rubino Frank Russo Rutledge Family Gerry Rutledge Kathryn Rutz E. Rivenburg 'Mrs. A. Zucca Mrs. Dora A. Rawlins Mrs. Harriet Reel Mrs. Reo's D Mrs. Madlyn Mrs. A. Roge Mrs. Rita Ro Mr. and Mrs. Raccioppi Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. eli Richner rs selli Joseph A. Ragati J. Ragati R. Ragati Paul Ramasco Jack Ramezzana J. H. Rawlins and Family Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Reggo Mr. and Mrs. William Repsher Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Son Roach Mr. and Mrs. A. Rodino Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Romano Frank Romano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Romano Dr. and Mrs. O. W. Rosanelli Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Rubino Mr. and Mrs. T. Runco S. and R. Photo Service Fred Sabato St. Anthony's Junior C.Y.O. Ralph and Louis Salvatore Tina and Lou Salvatore Lorenzo Sanchez Sandy and A1 Ivy and Guido Santostefano Sarge Sator's Pork Store Savoye Meat Market Scarpello's T. V. Repair Scarpy Danny Schack Ardell Scheck Emil Scheck Kenneth Scheck Vincenza Schenone Gerald Schilling K. and H. Schmelz Louise Schollmeyer Tillie Schroeder Thelma Schweikert Otto Schweikery Janet Sciacchetano Stella and Mike Scilingo Kim Segrich George Seibel Select Restaurant Paul Servo Alberta Sette Tom Shafer Joan Shataian, R.N. Ruth and Bob Shaw Tommy Sheba The Sheppards Shiela and Paul Richard Siero - June '56 Albert Sileno Angela Sileno Bernadette Sileno Nick Sileno Ann Marie Silkowski Vim and Ann Simmons Simmons Upholstery K. E. Simone Sippo's Cyclotrons Sippo's Science Class Sippo's Scientific Screwballs Nora Sloyan Patricia Smith Solda's Esso Servicenter Sonny Fruit Exchange Sonzogni Brothers Bradley South Walter Spach ' Spada Grocery Spadaccini Family Vera Specrale Spiekerman's Bakery John Sqombick State Esso State Motor Sales Staten Island HERB CSTECHMANN'SJ Debra Stigliano The Stitz's Jim Stitz Joseph Stitz Sugar Bowl Charles Sullivan Sullivan's Stationery Super Cleaners Mrs. Bertha Spitzer Mrs. Elizabeth Stillwell Mrs. Alice Sturges Mr. and Mrs. R. Sabatino Mr. and Mrs. George Mr. and Mrs. Patsy Tatulli, Sr Mr. and Mrs Taylor Mr. and Mrs. J. Taylor Mr. and Mrs R. Termini Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomsen Mr. and Mrs I. Tomei Sargent, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Silvestri Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Stitz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Family G. Sargent C. Scarpato V. Scarpello W. Schaarschmidt Schack J. Scherotto Schmitt A. Scievani R. Seckar V. Serventi Joseph Sette W. Shalhoub F. Shulfield Domnick Spath George Steele W. Stefani R. Stefano Emil J. Stitz Emil William J. Storm Sweet and T and G Club Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Topjian Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tranchetti Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tricoli and Sons Mr. and Mrs. R. Truatt Mr. and Mrs. A. Tarzy Uncle Freddie Mr. and Mrs. F. Urciuoli M. Vanderburg Morton R. Vanderburg Vanetti's Market Edward Vanzil Phil and Linda Verdina Marlene Vetter Ray and Pat Villano Madallena Villavecchia Hank Vitali Gene Vitiello Millie Vitiello Harry Supply Alan Sutherland Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Pauline Santoro . William Schopmann Rose Sileno Mildred Sippo Angie Skifitch Rose Sorrenti 96 T. W. S. Rocketts Taborelli's Pharmacy John Tagerty, Jr. John J. Tagerty, Sr. Herb Takakjian Talent Work Shop, Inc. Joseph Tavano Henry and Santina Taylor TED Teddy and Eleanor Dom Tedesco Neil and Keith Tergesen Robert and Rita Termini William J. Terrazzi Anne and Theresa Teti Tillman Lennett System Uncle Tilo To Ada, Love Elaine To Ada, Terry and Jerry To Addie from Patty To Addie from Mrs. Winters To Dee - Margo To Elsie, Sharon and Marty To Loretta from Charlie To Sis - Charlie Tom and Grace To Norma, Alu Family To Roe from Darlene Loren Torello Anne, Rosemary, and Gayle Torre Frank and Anna Torre Patty and Michael Torre Tom Torre Townsmen, Vin, Re, Rol and Guy Joe Trainor John Traiger Matthew Traiger Transfer Sporting Goods Traversa Family Thomas Troyer Tru-Mask Products Co. Francis and Joe Tubertini Peter Tudor Mrs. M. Thoss Mrs. Loretta Tietjen Mrs. Mary Traiger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tagerty Mr. and Mrs. Tamburini h Mr. and Mrs. Patsy Tatulli, Jr. Mrs. Lillian Vartanian Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Vago Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs F. VanNotti Mr. and Mrs. . A. Verdina . J. Verdino . O. Vetter . James Viccaro Mr. and Mrs. Ercole Villavecchia Mr. and Mrs. J. Villavecchia Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Visconti Mr. and Mrs. Fred Von Cappeln Mr. and Mrs. S. Vosilla A. Wagg Constance Wain Robert F. Wallace Walsh's Flower Shop Edward Wargo, Jr. Emily Watts Catherine Weir Rose Weltner Teddy and Scott Whateley Chester Williams Jane Wilson With Love from Jerry Florette Witzig Mrs. Carrie Wallace Mrs. Helen Weber Mrs. Floretta Witzig Mr. and Mrs. F. Waananen Mr. and Mrs. . Hugh Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs A. Wallace R. Wallace Fredrick Weidemann and Sons Mr. and Mrs. H. Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. Willse A. Young Bradford Young '56 Joan Young Mrs. A. Young Mr. and Mrs. R. Yufer Mike Zaccaria Frank Zielinski Alfred Zorio George and Roy Zucca Lena R. Zuccaro Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs A. Zampella . V. Zanna George Zucca Mr. and Mrs. Leo H. Zucca Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zuccaro Mr. and Mrs. John Zuccaro, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. Zuccaro mg 41.. .-1-f fu ' Q. . 5 7.1 V l Q 4" A .JN ' Y L- v . r , " Q , 4 . .W , . W A.. .. L., A . ,., -.. m4..,y.-. A ' f 1' ' g 1, ., , A, 1, W 1 . . . t' v . V? 1 ' ' e haw? fm- 'Q TY, .Y g Ye-' , w,af.,-, 1 1 1 j J5.:'f1fJJ- ' 1 TG. I , iff Q" f Q ELK, Q: ' ' x r . .- ig ,. ,zrsgvz Wm I 1 .LL-N' 'T 4 ,A U :kI'34I7?" ' :-f,1i,.,V, -4 A v "H : ,ii , ,A n 1 lf 2 - 'gs K U I 14, Lp 15:1 f.':'.,' 'a xf V: ' 3 3 ' if . ,Am Q- E, , Q' LEA V J' .. 3517 I I ,M wftffu-'I ,1 I-f x . 1 ZZ' 1- fx-,-Ziff, J .- 1 ,fif -if JL? LT? ,ffjgb 5" '. 3 :A:ifEE1AiZ.'. .L P- - H17 , Wy-, V1.3 1 Wg: .7f?355',q-1 ' 'E , ' . . -L1 . !2.J:::' . 'A' E' -....5-4.- -1 '. 57- ,'.?:g-- 3 ' . 'IL-'iw 1.fy4'hf 2 fig, ,.,3fM??! 35 , L 5 53,2 W .' - , 1 n. ,,'-ggi 5:15 gr - 1, M - 15, 4 :Qt A'3"i4555L E3Eig 5s13?i, ' '1+,.im:f iv- ga. 5 A . -ffgrrm-'-4-ee -sqmyz, ,-545. ' -fuwff 5C.f','-llhf' 1 is - .. --'Mg lt "'1. T1 Q - 11:4-vu-' - . ', .4'- 7' f" UL ,ITF ii V q J- - Ulf' ,gjfgz QL. ,gcfffv-L1 'H-il ' ' 'fjj-5 , if 4 I :' I iz. .":2fl. f 4 Q 2 ATV ,, T34 "iw A , . ,N U- Xl g w l gaiy .:. Y: . 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Suggestions in the Emerson High School - Altruist Yearbook (Union City, NJ) collection:

Emerson High School - Altruist Yearbook (Union City, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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