Emerson High School - Altruist Yearbook (Union City, NJ)

 - Class of 1946

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Emerson High School - Altruist Yearbook (Union City, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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fafwi' 1 .J -l- 1. - 1 -ill-.- -1.1 - l, - .i.i.1-.1-1 .iii-. i 1-ini-i . ' ' X N 1 y ' 5-' ,F '-- ,6 Qf' Z fl N ' ,iff x yu' m . Q l . 0 : mme THE ALTRUI T January 1946 Emerson' High School Union City. New .le-rsoy lllll . 1345 .? 'ii i lx, I 5 li I '55 , , iM , im . 1-l 'ii iii: .. il? l 0 r e w 0 r sl - ra A-S we the January Class of l946, leave our Alma Mater, we en- ter a world again filled with peace. During the past four years we have received an education in a wartime atmosphere. We have heard and seen the effects of this horrible period. lt has become a part of our education. At Emerson, during the past four years, we have carried on our search for knowledge, we have carried on our competitive spirit on the athletic field, we have found recreation andsocial contacts in the various clubs. We have been imbued with that Em- erson spirit that is so evident but so difficult to define. We have been guided in the ways of .fine character and conscientious citi- zenry. The realization of a lasting peace demands men and women who have the qualities we have developed. And it is with a feeling of gratitude for these principles we have learned and a feeling of faith that we will use them to better this peacetime world that we Seniors take leave of our cherished Alma Mater. 4 di ation E, the January Class of l946, humbly dedicate this yearbook to all Em- ersonians, both faculty and students, who served in the armed forces of our country and helped bring this war to a successful finish so that we and other classes following us might have the privilege of graduating into a world blessed with peace. We know we can never hope to repay fully all those who strived to do their utmost for us on the various battlefields of the world, but we do hope that through this book we can in some small measure give thanks to them and express our sincere gratitude for delivering peace to our world. 5 Contents SENIORS LITERATURE SPORTS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS ll? FTHV rg FR fgllml' f' ,H SSA All' , lg JH ffl HV ff l1 P ff ffff l .:.fl,-,li JJ, rf if HU VLJJ l ' l fl Qllfl' fl' ff D Fr .ff .. Alma: M Oh, Emerson upon the Summit That towers o'er the Hudson still, Thou art the flowing fount of knowledge From which we students draw our fill, Here are we gathered 'neath thy portals To join in loyal praise of thee, And raise on high our lusty voices To sing of victory. But high school days will lllllbl' To Alma Mater we'Il be faithful, For Emerson we'lI do or die Return victorious o'er our rivals Who from our onslaughts vainly fly. No matter where or what the contest We'Il fight with vim until its won And keep this motto as our watchword To fight for Emerson. soon be over, Then comes the time when we must part, And pleasant days become a mem'ry Held sacred to each student's heart. Whatever there be in the future, Though life's long race be nearly run, We'Il always love our Alma Mater, Our dear old EMERSON ..... faq'-Zeff-ffymf.. ij..-W mr -sf ' mfr- " --W 2 ..-2. ...3'..-.4f'..1-'Eu 1- V AV .V V ,.,, ' ':""if' 'I.:1rC"'f "1 . ',f':5.g?':f.'T".Vzyzq-.gjiig-".' . -.-H..-"K.Z"FP'I,, " 1 -' 115 ww, gf' f- -:fy 4 .iff Ly-1i:,.2:..V. . .L ., .. H4 ' .HQ-5':?'i I'.,-7'-1Qf:,.'9 15" 37 - 1 pi-.-'giV.?'g.V ,-'5,.'Q5Vy.3512g,- ,..-f.vv. :f'2.-Q L A 'QA---ra.: 151. -175' 1? ,- -'iz-. , ' . - V.5.y,',.. .V A .Vx V,-Vg... V V V . v.--- VLVV: , ,. ' . V, if , , . . V, f if: - A ,-:Vg . Y' "f'-'f Sk- . A , -. -, nl,-f 4-VV -V -fa '-14-.Q "2 W f '-'I-F "g 'i-Sf:-' 'ig-.x.V,V.VVV.i,G,.. A 1.'I',..V1f. A., 5 a1'.q,'v L 'Q WNW , . ...sf -- 2- --.w'5g.fX4y',...f.-V,-V. ,VV "- F,-?.1:"fE.f15.,1-iw." QT' ' -- .4 1-nf-urge '- V ' -2 f '!C:"'.' nz,- Kixl 3' V .V ..V.:-,QFVQVVVV V ..J.,.,.L ' x ws - -3.-M 1 gfVV,.- .f V- , 5 . 4. r ' ' 'Evil- 'a f-.T . V .r,VVV.V,ggVV VV. 3' gg- 'z-'Sy .- .2 .iw-'ESQ' -'H - - f F- 4 1' 2. x - . . ,ive Im Q V ,.,,.,VVi,,-V,.. .V-V L. V3 27, -emi? 6.5-:- - ww x"'1?.- .,V,,Vvq-VV -V: 'LW " 'VV .,. ' 1- - fv J 'T ' fl - 'Q -wf'VVg3"Vw" V x 3 -:1-V..-.. QQQI . 4 :- .VVV Vai.. .-VV V V, 4 q 9 VVV MFI. V ' . 1 . Q. ..j ' f 2 1 - - ,WB "Zim V, . .' Q-.1"'j:'2, .wg be A gf ' 4- 5. if-ff.. 3.13 rsdimffz ffm 3?3S'Efi?A.- 'f-3.529'f.,2e1-.4-,-skws. ,. kZ.gs2i:-1a-gff'gf?f,.7- -,Yi " 4-'NZ' E7 'v,"'2'2. 3 F1 . - , . .. 'W' ' Q51-2 "rf ,f'ff'-55 7 '1 ' ' -f Sr. 5. ,.i?Zf1...- 9-giifj .559 +2,,'iV'H, ,gg,,,2-LfwgVf'.2t "-flsyz-', jf, 'A .gif L. --'ff M ,-,V--.VVVa5FVVVffQQ.,.5-,.,VJ:gV, V- :Vp-L, - -1.14 ..- .V .VK Viv.,-. gm, ,V,V'VV5 V . .. . V ,,--VV.VVV-. 53-V..VV3V -. VV.1.V-.V.n-- .V.-V VV.,..V:. VV4.'V.- V Awful'-ff' . '.:'f-N .Fw-1 ' '. 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'ISQE 31 -3 K Nix rm xi is i 5 Ng wg SQ N X xx X xx 'xx N . .4 gig ' . 555 X Q ..N,...... .41 MR. ALBERT C, PARKER E are indebted to Mr. Parker whose whole-hearted interest, under- standing, supervision and patience have guided us through our years of learning. 'TT ALBERT C. rfww' MR. l Superintendent Of Schoo S r BOARD OF EDUCATION E are indeed grateful to the Board of Education whose wise leadership and direction have en- abled us to secure a thorough edu- cation so necessary for our part in the formation of a lasting peace. MR. CHARLES A. BROWN MR. PATRICK E. MUSTO President Vice-President MR. CLARENCE j. RIEMAN MR. ABRAM C. SAFYER MR. EDWARD GROTH 8 Admlnlstratioi ,.Q., n . ...mvty P"""C5DaI GRATEFUL sense of indebtedness to Mr. Maney for his help and encouragement is felt by every student. His sym- pathetic interest and disciplinary guidance have strengthened our characters and aided us immeasurably in starting on the road to success. In years to come, the high ideals he has instilled in us will be displayed and will prove that his work and efforts have been well worth the time spent. 9 ima Alfxander Qftice llie BBYMSS com mercial - a S Acinapul Abbott J anziematics and Charlotte dax Ma Counsellor Con-,mer e herifte Bvm it - Kat Office Adele Bunhng race Boutelle t 06660 Cora Flood Helen Frieman Frances Gallagher ewgcyc H0 Deparfmen Mathematics Social Studies Industrial Arts phtne 357' I Science Head Josecommercial ag N fy ,..: Ia I S l ,, f , P I: f f f A 5 Anna KUQIEI' Howard Hillas Hedwig Hunsdorfer Language English Health Joseph Cahill Bernice Campen George Campen Eugene Candeloro Department Head Language Home Economics Mathematics Language Lillian Cardiff English Elso Chioccla Science f ' Q- I . , fs, M if Xi A. Carl DeGennaro Science Irma DeSilva Language Jay Chrust Lillian Davidson Social Studies Department Head Nathan Devine Social Studies smfiev Moloyfsw Anna Llfziis Enghsh English Wimam Larsen Social Sl rriallxlts lndus ' 5,a sit acult I ,K I IOHN CHIOCCA . . U. s. Army L VINCENT CIERI . . U. s. Army Emma Dolder Language SAM COOPER . . . D. s. Army WILLIAM ENNIS . . . U. s. Army EUCLID GARBACCIO . U. s. Army - FRANK GINSBERG . . U. s. Army Q S ,J gg DONALD MCEWAN . . U. 5, Army A' ' Ss, .3- 4 , me-I fxi 35 5 ' - gi .l,g,51',zf2YIfl' L If- , a,,fI IL.: F lO John Drake Thomas Eckert Emma Ehrenberg Vincent Falanga nAMa-thematicsf I Physical Education Fine Arts Language :FRAYMOND MILLER . . U. S. Navy lt 'vl l -2' I John Garbarini Ruth Gifford Caroline Gilberli science English Sfience and Counsellor Marjorie Moun . CSV English Lena Musumeci Language Miriam Otonneu Comrnerciai Anna Piana Langl-'aQe Flore hte pins 371 -. Q John Kearton Social Studies Frank Korbett Mathematics M. John Lacchia Social Studies Commef' L - c 1 ons - ia lhdusszriqdi Minn' ' S 'S Rirrge Enough rs Em - fha Riven. Social Sf ' Udies XX , . Q . K Se A i . fi' i 3 Mary Roberge William Satz Gertrude Savory Elizabeth Schmidt English Commercial Social Studies Language Department Head J! sidnez-1Mandelk0,,, f I I J A i nghsh Gewge Manfredi Dorothy Seyter Louise Harm Seyter Edna Sinclair Mildred Snelling Commercial Armen Mafossia English Mathematics Mathematics Physical Training Science ry ck 0 A t Q i n S e r v 1 c e EMIL rviozzi . . U. s. Aimv it L X ROSE NAJARIAN ' ' ' U' S' Army Jenny Stefansin Anne Steftens William Tomka Marjorie Turner i Sc'e c Mathematic a d M s'c C e c l d HAROLD OCONNELL . - U- 5' Afmv ' 'l e counseiiif " U' O'SSFmZ.!ii.,?" IRWIN PALIUGHI . . U. S. Army ARNOLD RUEGG . . U. S, Army I ,, . ANNA RUSSO . . . u. s. Navy HARLAN UMANSKY ..... U. S. Army it ' Q 3'Honoral:ly Discharged from Service l I Gladys Tozier Jane Verdon Ethel Walsh Floretta Witzig Counsellor Science Librarian Social Studies Yearbook Staff Teresa Bi SPORTS Raymond Durante ART anchi, Theodore Sladoyich Robert lfleider, Sanford Schor, Associate Editorg Mrs. Louise Seyter, Literary Adviserg George Keller, Editor- in-Chiefg Janet Grosskopt, Associate Editor. ks. Frank Bisceglie, Sports Editorg lda Romano, Pho tography Editorg Xenia Didyrnos, Art Editorg William Natash, Literary Editor. ' x' M-.N Korbett, Business Adv ,f PHOTOGRAPHY Michael Caivano BUSHNIESS Frank Franzetti UTERATURE X Zelda Vinik, Marilyn Tauber, Louis Clave oux Emanuel Weisberg, Norma D'Annunzio, Ann Richter, Victoria Froniian, .lack Berardi, Walttr Liesegang, lsabelle McClung. ..f"' Ruth Weisshaupt, Business Managerg Mr. Frank iser. Florence Bartoldus, lune Macchi, Circulation Managersp Antoi- nette Amodio, Dolores Schroeder, Picture Editorsg Elvina Schlemm, Shirley Eberlein, Advertising Managers. N F, Q14 SENIIIRS ,, , CT VI U 5 avy EDWSIRD COCCHIO ' S- Navy LL A A , :gh .3 f,:. s I 1 MARTIN DI GIOIA U. S. Navy U- 5, Arl'T1Y ARTHUR NASH U. 5. Army LOUIS AMORATI U. S. Army Boys FRANK QUAG Q73 if ROBERT OTTMER U, S. Army LIARIELLO U. S. Navy f rw ARTHUR SLOVER U. NBVY 'Tw N.. ff-mLtS MATHEIS U yiev JOHN SOLDAVINI 5. Navy U. S, Army ,.a, QFQK FR Merchant Mari ANK JOUTRAS FIB . o V MRS. LOUISE SEYTER MISS MARJORIE TURNEF Class Adviser Counselor Q. MR. M. JOHN LACCHIA MR. ELSO CHIOCCA Homeroom Teacher Homeroom Teacher E, the Graduating Class of January, 1946, wish to express our indebtedness to Mrs. Seyter for the time and work she so willingly devoted as director of our yearbook and as our class adviser, to our counselor, Miss Turner, who patiently guided us in our choice of subjects and careers, and to Mr. Lacchia, Mr. Chiocca, and Mrs. Seyter, our homeroom teachers, who for four years have been examples of understanding and leadership. We should also like to make known our deep appreciation to all our subject teachers who have con- tributed in our search for knowledge. To Mr. Korbett, business adviser of our yearbook, for his able assistance in its financial affairs and to the English Department of Emerson for their valuable aid in the literary work of this publication belongs our heartfelt gratitude We can never fully repay these supervisors for their wise guidance and helpful instruction. l6 ASS IIFFIC VICE-PRESIDENT John Keshishian Robert Waters Teacher Who never defers and never demands But smiling, takes the world in his hands. Latin Club l, 2, 3. PRESIDENT George Keller Hudson Business Athletic, intelligent and versatile, An amiable boy with a constant smile. J.V. Basketball lg Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4-Co-Captain, Latin Club lg Euclid Club 2, 3, 4-Pres., Service Club 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4- Vice-Pres.g Yearbook Staff 4. TREASURER Teresa N. Bianchi Hudson Artist Adept in art and constantly gay, Simply delightful in every way. Yearbook Staff 4. SECRETARY l s A 1 J Joan De Zeller Gilmore Secretary Here is a lass, pretty and petite With a personality no one can beat. Steno-Commercial Club 4-Pres.g Na- tional Honor Society 4. - il n u an sl' v v l l Eu enia Albera Evelyn M. Ackerman 9 Iimrny Gene Robert Waters Comptometry St. Michael's Business Her face and figure, both are A graceful lady with spirit neat, gay, Her manner charming, dis- She brushes all her cares a- position sweet. way. Tri-l-li-Y 4. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Antoinette M. Amodio A nn Robert Waters Stenographer Of softest manners, unaffect- ed mind, Lover of peace and friend of mankind. italian Club 2, 3, 4, Year- book Staff 4. Philip R. Avella Otis Fairview Junior High iFairviewi Policeman Not too quiet, not too loud, Yet never unnoticed in any crowd. Football 3, 4. 18 i Dorothy Aless Dotty Hudson Secretary Tall, graceful and serene, Bearing her dignity like a queen. Steno-Commercial 3, 4-Vice Pres., Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, Cheerleading 3, 4-Captain. I C Eugene R. Aloi Gent' Fairview Junior High 1Fairviewl Photographer Here's a worthy fellow, we confess, His smiles will surely bring SUCCESS. Track 3, 4, Varsity E Club 3, 4, ltalian Club 3. X , .,,f" f i Ronald Barsanti Ronnie Horace Mann iNorth Bergeni Medicine To be successful is his aim. l-le'll fulfill it, that is plain. National Honor Society 3, 4, Bank 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Debating Society 4, French Club 4. -'l 5. iii iii Florence K. Bartoldus Flu Gilmore Receptionist With charm and personality she was blessed, ln pretty clothes she is al- ways dressed. Euclid Club 2, 3, 4, Year- book Staff 4. 4 . ie Nancy Battone ISIIIS .Yun lison Secretary an's cheerful eyes and smile 'ill truly take her many a mile. Marion Boehm .llarion Donald R. Beck Jack L. Berardi Frank Bisceglie Brmm-Bimm Bull Knnk Gilmore College Robert Waters Business Edison Sports Writer l-le has a pleasant smile and is quite polite, ln the field of sports he finds great delight. Football 3, 4, Track 4, Ser- vice Club 3, 4, Varsity E 4, Prin. Cabinet 3, Assembly Comm. 2. Mark Twain's wit, ApollO's girth, Our everlasting source of mirth. Service Club 3, 4. Friendly and cheerful and everyone knows Happiness follows wherever he goes. Italian Club 2, 3, -l-Vice- Pres. Service Club 3, -l, Al- truist 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Ann Broojian Annie udson BUSW1955 Gilmore Secretary heerfulness and wavy Her witty nature oft belied, blonde hair Her manner, quiet and dig- haracterize this maiden fair. nified. Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Na- tional Honor Society 4. .ig X Harold Brown Cough Dmpx Edison Mechanic A quiet lad, there are but few, Who knows the treasures hidden in you? Gym Team 3, 4, Archery Club 3, Band 4, Safety Pa- trol 4. I9 Richard Brunie Brimlie' Hudson Ayiatibw A little quiet, perhaps to. meek, But success he's sure to seek Football 3, 4. O ' el ll ll Sl Q' 3? 4 i Michael Caivano Mike Edison College His humor, although good, is dry, A pleasant fellow, that is why. Football Mgr. 3, 4, Band 2, 3, Service Club 3, 4, Pan- Am. 2, 3, 4, Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4. Roy Calcagne Cokey Gilmore Aeronautical Engineer He's laughing, joking all day long, For this handsome lad life's one big song. Football l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity E 2, 3, 4-Pres. U.. 5 5 l Lawrence Castel Hat Gilmore Art School A tall, dark fellow who loves to lest, When joking and laughing he's at his best. Archery Club 2, 3, Chess Club 4, Orchestra 3, 4. Peter Cerrato Pete Edison Business Never a worry nor a care, A fellow like him is really rare. Football 3, 4. 20 Donald J. Camelli Don St. Michael's Music Arranger At a piano he does exceed- ingly well. Anyone who knows him thinks he is swell. Louis Cinquina Gigi - Robert Waters Army A quiet nonchalant young man, Try to beat him if you can. l 4 Anne M. Caserta Clrsry Robert Waters Stenogiaphm She's helpful and dependable l-ler work is most commencla able. Louis Claveloux Lon Edison Annapolis Knowledge of all is his bless- ing, His intelligence keeps us guessing, J.V. Basketball 3, Varsity Basketball 4, Chess Club 5, Euclid Club 4, National Hon- or Society 3, 4-Pres. 1, Althea Clemenson Thin: Robert Waters Missionary 3londe, good-natured and very gay, 'Ve hope she'll always stay that way. teno-Commercial Club 3, 4. Norma D'Annunxio Norm Jcttcison INorth Bcrgcni Secretary Her dark, brown eyes and ready smile, Make her friendship well worthwhile. Glee Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 4. CQ Margaret Conte Midge Robert Waters Music Teacher A golden voice she does pos- sess, To this smiling lass we wish success. choir i, 2, 3, 4. Vincent T. Conte Count Robert Waters Pharmacist l"le's full of fun and liked by all Even though he may be small. Track Mgr. 3, 4, Latin Club l, 2, 3, Orchestra 2, Ser- vice Club l, 2. lilli Edward Craviolo Eddie' Edison Aeronautical Engineer Whatever he does, he does well, He's smart, energetic and and simply swell. National Honor Society 3, -4. Andrew G. De Benedictus Benny Edison Armed Forces Witty, jesting, never a frown when he's happy, hold hirrl down. Football 2, 3, 4-Co-Captain, Track 3, 4, Italian Club 2, 3, 4-Pres., Service Club 2, 3, 4. Dina J. Delmenico Rrd Hudson Secretary A sweet, blushing maiden with lovely red hair, So perfect a blending is ex- tremely rare. Steno-Commercial Club 3, 4-Sec., Band 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Perry Del Purgatorio Gilmore Engineer Interested in sports, full of energy Describe our Perry to a "T", J.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Varsity E Club 4-Treas., Football 4. - an n u an or yr Louis De Noia Lou Robert Waters Mechanic A quiet man l like to be 'Cause then no one will bother me. Anthony De Polo Tony Jefferson l North Bergenl Business Tony always has a grin, a grouch he'll never be, And anyone who knows him well will certainly agree. Gym Team 3, 4, Arts and Crafts 2, 3, ltalian Club 4, Jr. Police 4. L i gli 4 Xenia Didymos NYM Gilmore College An all around sport in work and play, She is tops in every way. National Honor Society 3, 4- Sec. History Forum 3, 4, Service Club 3, 4, Chess Club 2. John Donnarumma Johnny Robert Waters GAMan Athletic, cheerful and full of fun, l'le's a popular friend of everyone. Football 3, 4-Co-captain, Garden Club 3, 4, Noon Hour Committee 3, 4. Raymond Durante Ray Hudson College In the field of sports he does excel, There's nothing that he can't do well, Gym l, 2, 4, l.V. Basket- ball 2, 3, Varsity Basketball 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4-Co-cap- tain, Varsity E Club 2, 3, Garden Club 3, 4, Altruist 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Euclid Club 4. Lawrence Early Earl Machinist Robert Waters A happy fellow always on the go, Pleasing to look at, even nicer to know. Service Club 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 4. 5? 4, a . ,.., , lv Shirley M. Eberlein Shirl Robert Waters Nurse Shirl is warm-hearted, a de- termined one, A girl that really gets things done. Latin Club l, 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 4. Alfred Fabris Al Edison Music Arrange Al is a sharpie, our jitterbug best, Wherever he goes, he's al ways well dressed. Noon Hour Committee 2, E 4-Pres. 2? Jr -.- - r , i .-Lil Rose Farah Ronnie Robert Waters Secretary A pleasant girl with a hearty smile, A lovely person, a friend worthwhile. Arcgery Club 45 Glee Club Rose Favato Ro Robert Waters Traveling Rose has been steady, gay and sincere From her freshman to her senior year. Steno-Commercial Club 4. Edison Manuel Garshofsky Tiny 4 - v Dolores Gerard ferry P. S. No. I Ucrsey Cityl Teacher Huge in stature, happy of heart, Tiny's mirth made troubles depart. Football 4. ee '2 Jima Edison Air Hostess lerry's clothes are the best of style, She'll win you over with her cheerful smile. Pan-American Club 4-Pres. O ISIIIU Frank Franxetti Frankie College Happy am l, from care I am free, Why can't they all be con- tented like me? Projectionists 3, 4-Treas.p Service Club 41 Yearbook Staff 4. xy f Victoria M. Fronjian Vicki Robert Waters Business A peppy cheerleader with personality plus This little girl will always rank high with us. Cheerleader 3, 41 Latin Club I 2 3 , . Walter J. Gigandet Walt Robert Waters Aircraft Technician He mixes well with every sort, Walt finds enjoyment in out- door sport. Aero Club 25 Radio Club 3. 3' wil . Q i, 5 S Madeline Giordano Mady Robert Waters Secretary A quiet nature, disposition sweet, Mady is a person you'd like to meet. fl an ll u an r v ,. Q Edwin Girardi Norma Grandi Ed Norma St. Joseph's Army Hudson SecretarY Neither too humble, nor too Laughing eyes and shining great, half, To lead a good life is his Always a smile and never a fate, Care. Aero Club 2, 3. ltalian Club 3, 4. Janet E. Grosskopf Jan Gilmore Nurse Brilliance to knock we do not dare, And ambition to boast is much too rare. Euclid Club 2, 3, 45 Food and Fun Club 3, 4-Treas.5 Latin Club 15 National Hon- or Society 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 4. Howard K. Hanna Howie Robert Waters College With a winning smile this happy soul Will most assuredly reach his goal. Cheerleader 2, 35 Latin Club l, 2, 35 Service Club 2. Robert Heider Heide Edison Tradesman A little nonsense now and then Has never harmed the best of men. Projectionists 2, 3, 4-Pres.5 Service Club 2, 3, 45 Safety Patrol 4. Josephine lndelicato Jo Horace Mann lNorth Bergen! Secretary Colorful clothing and gold- en l'l'eSSeS. That is the wealth our lo DOSSGSSSS. Norma Guinchi Su Gilmore Designer Su is a miss both pleasant and gay Who always finds time for work and play. Steno-Commercial Club 4. ilil Ann Jenisch Blondie Hudson Business Yon maiden, so sweet and fair, With eyes so blue and smile so rare. meg. 'O SDI v Mary Kenajian Mary ucison Secretary friendly smile and a quiet wav, cheerful companion through every day. Harry C. Kick Stretch Robert Waters Business Stretch is a lad who's tall, thin and lanky, He's usually smiling, very seldom cranky. German Club 2, 3, 4-Pres., Latin Club l. i i f : 2 C .li l l s Charles Korn lrmgard Krohn Charlie Rusty G'lmO"e C0lleQe Hudson Secretary One of the many to be ad- mired, To grant a favor he's never tired. Band 2, 3, Euclid Club 3, 4, Safety Patrol 3, 4, Service Club 3, 4, Football Mgr. 4' Baseball Mgr. 4, Gym Mgrl 4 This young lass with the twinkling eye ls the strawberry blond of Emerson High. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Walter Liesegang Lre Jefferson lNorth Bergen! Engineer X clean cut fellow, one of the best, ee has held his own in every test, irchimedes Science Club 2, , 4, Service Club 2, 3, lational Honor Society 3, 4, earbook Staff 4. JI Q0 Charles Lusto Lus Gilmore Engineer A natural at sports, this fel- low is one Who's never too busy to share in some fun. j,V, Basketball l, 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Garden Club 4, Football 4, Varsity E 4-Vice-Pres, l . . i S June Macchi Smiley Gilmore Secretary Smiley is a miss both charm- ing and chic. Finding another like her is quite a trick. Noon Hour Committee 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. s W- Elaine Marchesani HEI! Robert Waters Bank Clerk She's always ready with a gracious thought, Good nature like hers can't be bought. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. -I a n ll an r V " i Libero D. Marotta Lebs Robert Waters Lawyer Rare qualities as these are seldom combined- Tall, attractive and musically inclined. Euclid Club 2, 3, 4, Latin Club lg Band l, 2, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Service Club 2, 3, 4, Football 4. Felix A. Mesiavech Felix Jefferson lNorth Bergen! Mechanic He can be quiet, he can be Q3Yi All in his own friendly way. Earl F. Marshall Marsh Washington Business A worthy gentleman through and through, Any favor you ask he's will- ing to do. Service Club 2, 3, 4. if , 4 i . Dolores G. Martin Dee Edison Secretary A little gay, a little shy, Dee is sure to catch your eye. Tfi-Hi-v 3, 4. fs. l Isabelle McClung Issy Jefferson iNorth Bergenl Laboratory Technician Lovely to look at, delightful to know, The center of attraction where'er she may go. Glee Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3 Noon l-lour Committee 4 Yearbook Staff 4. Louise T. Milo Toto Edison Secretary Very agreeable and full of fun, Liked indeed by everyone. 26 Gabriel Modero Gabe Jefferson tNorth Bergenl College Through thick and thin and to the end, You're sure that he will be your friend. Safety Patrol 4. 1 l 3 l Clara G. Molino Clam Robert Waters Stenographer A radiant smile is worn by this miss, Her cheerful disposition everyone will miss. Italian Club 3, 4, Steno Commercial Club 3. -5 E?" Antoinette Monico Babe' Lincoln lNorth Bergenl Secretary Babe is a girl only five feet tall, Ket one of the sweetest of them all. Edward Musto Eddie Horace Mann 1North Bergenl Television Engineer We know him for his pleas- ing way Which will bring success to him some day. l.V. Basketball 3, Varsity Basketball 4, Service Club 3, 4. William Nafash Nafe Robert Waters Electronic Engineer Wise, versatile and true blue+ He should get whate'er he's due. Football 2, 3, 4, Latin Club lj Euclid Club 2, 3 4-V. Pres., Service Club 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. l Ann Naglieri .-lmiiz' Edison Comptometry Heres a girl who has what it takes, Friends galore she easily makes. Tri-Hi-Y 4, Yearbook Staff 4. WW f Lena Pascuoriello Lee Robert Waters Secretary Bright and smiling, never blue, Always loyal, always true. Vanda A. Pegoraro Vonnie Robert Waters Secretary One who's full of pep and Q01 A girl whom we are proud Steno-Commercial Club 3, 4, to know' Yearbook Staff 4, Food and ltalian Club 2, 3, 4. :un Club 3, 4, Prin. Cab. 4. 2 Q 27 -c :annum Mario Pesaresi M otz Edison Navy Great minds are rare indeed, But here is one to heed. Archimedes Science Club 2, 3, 4-V.Pres.g National Honor Society 3, 4. Edna M. Peters Pet e Robert Waters Foreigen Correspondent A thousand charms to cap- ture the heart, And an lrish wit of which she is part. 4' . -I as an u an I' y Dario Pia Dotz Edison Engineer Dark, agile and very "O.K." We hope he'll always stay that way. l.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Varsity E Club 4. Lucy Racamato Lu Robert Waters Cornptometry Like a ray ot sunshine, she's on the beam, Witty, friendly, a iitterbug's dream. Noon Hour Committee 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Joseph F. Brant iHobokenJ if . 3 , K A Ethel D. Pomeroy Presh Rome Junior High tN. Y.l Secretary She has that quiet, steady way Which marks success in work and play. g . Elsie M. Reddell Babs Nurse A cheery countenance and smiling face, Youth combined with gentle grace. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Glee Club 4. 28 James E. Potente Jim Gilmore Music Arranger Open-minded, frank and fair, Here's a boy without a care. Football 2, 35 Service Club 3, 45 Varsity E 2, 3, 4. Anna C. Richter Setrag Proodian Hermit Robert Waters Radio Announcer ln mirth and merrirnent he is supreme, To him belongs our greatest esteem. Basketball Mgr. 2, 3, 47 Euclid Club 3, 4. August Rohner Ann Gus Robert Waters Cornptornetry Gilmore Drattng Gay, amiable and attractive, Forever happy' gay and Cafe- A vivacious miss who's ever free active. That's the way he'll always , b . Noon Hour Committee 2, 3, e 4-Treas.p Yearbook Staff 4. T-SqUare Club 3, 4, ' If 41'-C ' tae f- f . 45 f sf 'O ISII I l , i Gertrude Romano D011-y acoln i North Bcrgenl Secretary fntle, sedate, a lady all through, ie of the nicest we ever knew. .1 V Ida F. Romano Nina Edison College Character, brains, personality plus, She is a favorite among us. National Honor Society 3, 4- Treas., Food and Fun Club 3, 4-Pres., Euclid Club 2, 3, 4-Treas.p Yearbook Staff 4. i E Shirley Rubenstein Lee Edison Buyer With her pleasant ways and sunny disposition, She is sure to attain her fu- ture ambition. Marie Sambarino Rce ison Secretary rre's a girl whom we all treasure :ause she gives us so much pleasure. i,..v 1 n. Q1 C X Lawrence Scacchetfi Larry Gilmore Business Easy going, obliging and fair, Describe this boy with the wavy hair. Football 3, 4, Noon Hour Committee 3, 4, Service Club 4. Lillian Scheck Lil Joseph T. Sacco Skvets St, Peter's Prep. Aeronautical Research Engineer Tall, dark and sharply dress- ed, One of the fellows we liked the best. Archery Club 4. Elvina H. Schlemm Edison Nursing Lil is gay, charming and petite, A friendship and appearance that can't be beat. Altruist 3, 4, Service Club 3, 4, German Club 2, Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Vinic Robert Waters Business All she may do and all she may say ls always done in the nicest way. German Club Z, 3, 4. Sluts Horace Mann iNorth Bergeni ' II. Il ll El I' V Sanford M. Schor Sandy Jefferson iNortih Bergen! Veterinarian Intelligent, witty, a man re- fined. A more perfect blending is hard to find. Ciceronian Debating Society 2, 3, 4-Pres., National Hon- or Society 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Assembly Comm. 4-Chairman, Chess Club 2, Latin Club 25 Archimedes Science Club 2, 3, 4. K. df , Gloria Sica Gln J, N. Wakeman Uersey Cityl Bookkeeper Ever charming, ever sweet, .lust the girl you'd like to meet. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Steno- Commercial Club 3, 4. Ediso Dolores A. Schroeder Lorrie P. S. No. 27 Uersey Cityl Designing School Charming, with a pleasant personality, A simply adorable blonde is she. Garden Club 4, Maiorette 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 35 Yearbook Staff 4. Theodore F. Sladovich n Artist killful artist whose man- A s ners are fine, lf you ask him a favor he'll never decline. 30 Wallace Schubert Wally A prince among good fellows is he, A better sport you'll never see. Archimedes Science Club 2, 3, 4. L Laura J. Sella Laura Gilmore Secretary Not too timid, not too bold, A balance here as rare as gold. Choir 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3. Evelyn M. Stein Ewy Jefferson iNorth Bergeni Secretary With a talent for speech and laughter to please, She accomplishes much with dignity and ease. Debating Club 2, Senior Play. Peter Sulich Pdf Restaurant Owner Pete is an extremely quiet lad, We never know if he's good or bad. Chess Club 4. I' fo ,g 'I U -gxx I. Marilyn Tauber l.ym1 luilson Journalist wtclligent, talented, all- around more dependable girl is seldom found. 'amatic Club l,' Choir 3, 4, :lmling Club lg Girls' Glee ul: 2, 3, 4-Treas. Altruist 2, 3, 4-As-it Ed, Year- Ok Stall 4. I!lll li Ann M. Tessitore .fl miie Jefferson 1 North Bergenl Secretary Ann, eager for the joys of life, Would abolish all discord and strife. Steno-Commercial Club 3, 4. Biagio Timpano Timpy Jefferson 1 North Bergen! College Not bold, nor shy, nor short, nor tall, But a swell combination of them all. Baseball 4, Safety Patrol 4. Paul Tinning lllllflfj' Robert Waters Printer Smiling, blond, a lover of clothes, The life of the party where- ever he goes. Euclid Club 2, 3, 4, Service Club 3, 4. l it , any l 4' 1 i Kathryn J. Tizio Winifred E. Triebe Kily Winnie 'Vnshinnlon Junior High Edlson Segretary iMnunt Vernon, N. Y.l iiftccl with beauty is this lass, milinq, sedate 'alone in her Class, ational Honor Society 4. ' sg: J 1' .,, The cares of the world can't weigh her down, lt's seldom that we've seen her frown. Steno-Commercial Club 3, 4. Mark Uglesich l'g Edison Navy He has wavy hair and eyes of blue, Well known for his person- ality, too. Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity E Club 2, 3, 4, Noon Hour Committee 4g National Hon- or Society 3, 4. ill . Vilma M. Ulicny Balm Robert Waters Dental Nurse Such a sweet and charming lass, A kind of attractiveness few can surpass, Food and Fun Club 3, 4. Q ai in ll an r 9 I 6 Rosemarie Vecchione Ro Lincoln lSe:aucusl Nurse Ro always provides a lot of fun Laughing and talking till the day is done. Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Ser- vice Club 4, Altruist 4. Marie Werner Lynn Edison Typist Marie is one swell girl, in- deed, We all know she will suc- ceed. German Club 3, 4. X zqeida vanak Zel Gilmore Journalism She has reason firm, temper- ate will, Much ambition, foresight and skill. National Honor Society 3, 4, Altruist 2, 3, 4-Ed-in-Chief, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Sen- ior Play. Emanuel L. Weisberg Manny Robert Waters College An excellent musician is he With a mind of great capacity. Latin Club l, 2, German Club 3, 4-Vice-Pres., Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4. The class is proud to be graduating with Eugene Brothers as one of our number. Eugene is being graduated from Emerson High School after 4 years of special instruction. f V X ff VNSX :X f Xi jff N ff 7, X Ex E-Tl H! , , 4. r- xiii! b V2 Bl as t , f' iii, 1 Zl' i . t iiliilii li 2 M :iv tl rl i i - :li -Q U t .Ki-r if-'iii - 1 W- ' U52 if ,I . 2 U :A ' 3, 'iil 1 -L 'i f, S . D is, gl, 'at' U giggl :Huge ,VN , . ff r if wa. fi ff f it ffl 32 Ruth Weisshaupt Ruthie Gilmore Secretary Ruth is a girl we have al- ways admired, Very well mannered and neatly attired. National Honor Society 3, 4, Euclid Club 3, 4-Sec.: Ern- erson Bank 2, 3, 4, Year- book Staff 4. Edward Wittke Wick Robert Waters Butch. A type of serenity to be pre served, ln every manner quite re served. Graduating Menahers of the National Honor Society LOUIS CLAVELOUX GEORGE KELLER XENIA DIDYMOS IDA ROMANO President Vice President Secretary Treasurer 'Q NN ess L3 6' KATHRYN TIZIO MARIO PESARESI ZELDA VINIK RUTH WEISSHAUPT SANFORD SCHOR JOAN DE ZELLER EDWARD CRAVIOLO WILLIAM NAFASH WALTER Ll ESEGANG JANET GROSSKOPF RONALD BARSANTI ANN BROOJ IAN MARK UGLESICH fs., IMT 4, my fm MWIMM f f f",, 1 f fi! an IM fees ge xx we IUITIXGC, Q I on vu 5 -r ul Scfrng Prooduan Norma Grands Most Popular Anna Rschrer John Dormarumma th p Best Dressed Paui Tmrmng ViJma Uhcrxy Dld Most For The Sanford Schor Marilyn T Most Athletic Ray Durante Best Lookmg Joan De Zeller Lows Claveloux Most Studlous Most Courteous Emanuel Weisberg Dcromy AJQSS Shndey Eberlem Janet Grosskopf Joseph Sacco of th ec Best Dancers lnmv l4.1r.u1mtm ANlr1'.Il.1lmw. Venus and Apollo Luuvc Milo Jud' Hvmnln l Aosl Likely fo Succeed M VV4-l','.lu.lup! Class Flirts H- wrwvwu' Bm lolllus Most Versatile Wulln.wvw1 N.1l.1slH lsnlvollc MICIUNQ e Class Class Musicians lrvwpuf Krmm l ' I NA, l , , ml' H ll! W.1llL'r Cn:'1.1r1.lc3I Um.: IB'-lvm-mul Class Artists 0-Ml 'rv Jlmlxwldw luwsa Hnnnflw min-W Du Bvmmllflns w-wmbnww Hn 1-4 Q 1-,NM X--.Mm A-.Mm --Q., -....,,Qf:l M-v...,,,,, --N.-.....,,.., ---,....,,.....,, 1 , f'-kN.N,, I fly H . 3 331 , ,V MM- V M1-W.. f It K , WK .ai rf ,- J 57' AT URE FIRST WAR TIME CLASS TO ENTER EMERSON FIRST PEACE TIME CLASS TO LEAVE EMERSON RADUATING from grammar school in that momentus year of January l942, we saw ourselves entering Emerson in the midst of a chaotic world struggle that was filled with the blood and misery of millions of people. Being the first war time class to enter Emerson, we naturally felt very strange in the midst of national unrest. Laying aside all these fears we supported the school in aiding and backing the government with salvage campaigns and bond drives. Not only were we con- centrating on our school work, but we were focusing our minds and bodies to the all impor- tant task of winning the war. Even though we in Emerson were buying bonds and salvaging paper during the conflict, there was still feeling among us of the war being far off. Those ideas rapidly vanished as the war continued and we saw not only our relatives go into the fighting but also our fellow classmates. Some were drafted, others enlisted, but they all had a determination to defend and protect our beloved country. We naturally were sad in seeing our boys going off to war, but everyone felt proud of them. As we neared graduation, many of our classes were minus the amiable faces of our friends. To remember and keep them in our minds, we erected honor rolls in the corridor, with not only the names of our own classmates who went into the service but of other stu- dents as well. There are many gold stars on this honor roll signifying young men who had willingly and unflinchingly given their lives for their country. As we gazed at these stars it gave us an incentive to work and strive more diligently to bring this horrible war to a victor- ious conclusion. Today, with the help of God, our prayer of victory and peace is answered and we look up with gratitude and thankfulness to those who gave their utmost that we might enjoy the bless- ings of freedom and security. This class is more than just another group leaving Emerson High School, it is a symbol of four years of war and a reminder to future classes to hold to their heart and protect the treasures of democracy. We are indeed grateful for being the first peace time class to leave Emerson, and we can now look forward unafraid with the assurance of future prosperity. In this re- spect, we honor the untiring and unlimited efforts of the men and women who fought in the armed forces of our great country and who brought this war to a successful termina- tion. EMANUEL WEISBERG THREE PART HARMONY ouR ALMA MATER, THE iNpivipuAL, THE FUTURE The theme is heard, the students sing Of those whom they'll no longer see, And as they leave to ioin the throng The world supplies the melody. BUT HIGH SCHOOL DAYS WILL SOON BE OVER, The cares of youth no more we'll see. The hours spent in pleasant pastimes Will take their place in "Reverie". THEN COMES THE TIME WHEN WE MUST PART, The time when high school forever ends, We leave our teachers' ceaseless aid, The classrooms, studies, and our friends. AND PLEASANT DAYS BECOME A MEM'RY, Of socials, drives, assemblies, plays. When life adds cares and sorrows, then Our thoughts relive our younger days. 38. HELD SACRED TO EACH STUDENT'S HEART Whether joy or sadness is his claim On leaving, each will wonder now How anything could be the same. WHATEVER THERE BE IN THE FUTURE, Whether life be kind to us or cruel, Ambitions realized or sought for Depend upon our days in school. THO' LlFE'S LONG RACE BE NEARLY RUN, The failure or success l see Is due to you, dear Emerson, The character you've built for me. WE'LL ALWAYS LOVE OUR ALMA MATER, Tho' details, time may soon erase, This song remains supreme, untarnished, A theme the future can't replace. OUR DEAR OLD EMERSONI MARILYN TAUBER CLASS HISTORY S we are about to leave Emerson, we think of the years that we have spent here together as classmates. As freshmen, we remained in our respective annexes waiting until we could be admitted to the main building. ln our sophomore year, we were gathered into the halls of Emerson, and became acquainted with each other. As sophomores, we also had the pleasure of meeting our homeroom teachers, and counselors who, with Mr. Maney, have gui- ded us along the path to graduation. ln our second year, we became established in sports, the respective teams selecting members from our ranks. The war, in our junior year, was beginning to be felt and members of our class left for service in ever increasing numbers, leaving us to carry on Emersonian traditions. This was seen in our being firmly established in all phases of Emerson's activities, showing that we needed only our last year to demonstrate how much our class could do. Now, in the senior year, our class is ready to leave Emerson facing a peacetime world. We who first entered in war are now first to leave in peace, a peace that will bring many opportunities to us. We of Emerson face the future with confidence. Louis Claveloux LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Class of January I946, being of sound mind and in complete control of all our faculties, do hereby bequeath the following: l. To the Freshmen--we leave a group of understanding and cooperative homeroom teachers and a counselor who will always be ready to assist you in whatever difficulties may arise during your stay in Emerson. 2. To the Sophomores-we leave the opportunity to learn a modern foreign lang- uage. Take advantage of this opportunity and learn the language well. No one knows what situations may arise which will require your knowing a language. 3. To the Juniors-we leave the opportunity to join the various clubs and take part in extra-curricular activities. These things will aid you immeasurably not only in college prep- aration but also in later life. 4. To the Seniors-we leave the advice that you will have to take our places and set an example for the rest of the school. Lower classmen are all going to look up to you, so don't let them down. 5. All of you remaining at Emerson will have to face a peace time world when you grad- uate, a world filled with keen competition for each position which will go to the person with the best ability. You will gain at Emerson those factors which comprise your ability. You are fortunate to be learning in a time of peace where your education will be thorough and without interruptions. Make the best of your opportunities! William Nafash 39 As Lincoln Would Have Said It Four long and hard years ago, we students brought forth on this foundation a new class conceived in joviality and dedicated to the proposition that all men must have their mirth. Now that we are engaged in a great matriculation testing whether that class or any other class so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. We are met on a great "Union City battlefield". We have come to consider that battle- field as a catapult for those who gave their efforts that this high school might be perpetua- ted. lt is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. But in a larger sense we can not dedicate, we can not regulate, we can not alter these halls. The brave men, past and present, who struggled in class have consecrated it far above our power to add or detract. The world will little remember what we say here, but it can never forget what we did here. lt is for us, the graduates, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought in these classes have thus far so nobly retrogressed. lt is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us that from these honored portals we take increased fervor to succeed in that life for which our brave comrades in arms gave the last full measure of devotion, that we here highly resolve that ' we students shall not have labored in vain, that this institution under Mr. Maney shall have a momentus birth of pros- perity and that the administration of the students, by the students, for the students shall not perish from EMERSON HIGH SCHOOL. SANFORD SCHOR Song Interpretations Something Sentimental ,...........,,.,............ Alma Mater Somebody Else is Taking my Place ............ Senior NS Some Sunday Morning .................,........ Baccalaureate On the Street of Regret .....-...........................-.... 2 D'S Remember When. .....,.......,... We Entered High School The Charm of You ............ A...., A r1r1a Richter Victory Polka .............,,., ..,......,. T hanksgiving Day Sleepy Time Guy ........................AA.........A Charles Lusto l'll .Buy That Dream ......... Temptation ..........,...... l Begged 'Her .....,... Lullaby of the lRain .... ....... 1 Thats for Me .............,............. A's -,------To Play Hookey .----,-.---Senior 'Prom --,-----One Session ,---------.--.-..-Diploma Everything Happens to Me .................... Examinations You're in the Army Now ..... .- ........... The Unfortunates How Many Hearts 'Have You Broken? ..., Senior B-Boys Sweet and Lovely ,.,.......,..........,...c,, Dolores Schroeder What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me for? .....,,.,.,.....,,,.......,..,.. Benny and Flo Close As Pages in a Book ,........,.. Norma and lsabelle Happiness ls a Thing Called Joe ...... Evelyn Ackerman He'5 3 Shy Guy ,,...,,,....,....,...,.......,.... Walter Gigandet LXHSSYYOEI Sag """"""""" """ E mersog Shlndgs Clarinet Serenade ........ ..,...... L ibero Mar0tf6 er ou ve emor 5 Dance With a Dolly ....... ....... L ucy and Alfred lt's Been a Long, Long Time ........ Since Freshman Year I l Flying Home 3,17 Dark Eyes ................. .........-. K ay TIZIO What a Sweet Surprise ............., No English Test Today My Pet Brunette """"' """' D orothy Ness Dream ---------------I-------',---4-----,-------A. Exam Exemptions So in Love ................... ....... L arry and Gloria You Can't Get That No More .......... ......... D etention l'l0me Sweet Home -------- ------- S feCl"ma"""'5 Bell Bottom Trousers ............... .....,....... N avy Boys Love Letters ................ ------.----- C rib Notes How Little We Know ......,. ........... D uring a Test Countin the Days ...,,, ...... U ntil Graduation Q Till Then ......,......a...... .,,..... O ur First Reunion We Hate fo Leave ---.-,- --,-,------k--,,--,-,----------, E me,-Son ISABELLE MCCLUNG NORMA D'ANNUNZlO Voice of the Future ELL, the last edition finally got out and now I can rest. Oh, yeah? . . . The city editor's job is never done. I guess I'Il relax now and look over the paper to see how it shapes up. Just a quick glance over the headlines. First page . . . January i960 . . . Evening Edi- tion of the "Daily Could-Be". "AdmiraI Louis Claveloux Takes Over Annapolis After Speedy Rise Up Naval Ladder." What a success story! Here's another good story . . . "Triumvirate of Engineers-William Nafash, Walter Liesegang, Eddie Craviolo--Rebuild Old Alma Mater." Remarkable accomp- lishment! "Althea Clemenson, noted Missionary Worker Among Hindus, Returns To States." Some gal-Hmmmm. "Aeronautical Engineers-Roy Calcagne, Perry Del Purgatorio, Jos- eph Sacco-Awarded Trophy For Inventing Motor That Runs Without Fuel." Those boys al- ways did have the craziest ideas. "Turkish Ambassador, Setrag Proodian, To Speak at The Radio Forum On 'Current World Problems and How l'd Solve Them'." He's the one to do it! "Airline Hostess, Dolores Gerard, Saves Maniac From Jumping Without Parachute." She de- serves a medal for that. "Trio of Nurses-Janet Grosskopf, Lillian Scheck, Shirley Eberlein, Tend Eugene Aloi, Photographer, Who Fell off Empire State Building Attempting To Snap Pics of G-Man, John Donnarumma, Capturing Sixteen Saboteurs Singlehanded." What a scoop! "Traveling Saleswoman, Rose Favato, Covers Ten Thousand Miles in Ten Minutes In New Machine Designed by Walter Gigandet." Call Bob Ripley, quick! ! ! "Ann Naglieri Holds Grand Opening of 'Ultra-Ultra' Beauty Salon On Fifth Avenue." Here's the Society Page with this ,headline . . . "Playboy Larry Scacchetti, Donates En- tire Estate to Worthy Charity." What a kind fellow! " Society Matrons, Anna Richter, Eu- genia Albera, Off to France to Spend Winter At Riviera Chateau." Tres, Tres, Gai! And in the field of entertainment-"Opera Star Margaret Conte, Continues Tour On Continent, 'Met' Frantic At Her Absence." "Screen Idol, Jack 'Tarzan' Berardi, Arriving In Town For Short Vacation, Mobbed by Girls At Station." Oh, my fluttering heart . . . "Music Arrang- ers, Donald Camelli, Jimmy Potente, Collaborate On New Broadway Show, Starring Famous Dance Team, Lucy Racamato and Alfred Fabris." That show is on my 'must-see list'! ! "Li- bero Marotta, Chosen Top Clarinet Player by Variety." Practice makes perfect. Here's a colorful ad . . . "Charles Lusto Testing Beautyrest Mattresses." The perfect job-Now he gets paid for it. Another is for Peter Sulich's night club where Victoria Fron- jian is the featured singer. Good food, too. Sports Page edited by Frank Bisceglie. "Andy DeBenedictus Chosen All-American by 600 Editors." He's good, too. "Evelyn Ackerman, Physical Training Instructor At Vassar, Wins Annual Athletic Award for Doing Five Thousand Kneebends Daily For Six Months." Amazing! Well, we have an interesting Business Page for once . . . "George Keller, Millionaire Business Executive, Finances Dress Designers, Norma Guinchi and Norma D'Annunzio, ln Exclusive Dress Shoppe Venture." Their clothes are sure to 'be terrific. "Well Known Clothes Buyers, Shirley Rubinstein and Josephine lndelicato, Leave for Europe to See Paris Fashions." What a life! Book Reviews, Lectures and Art Section . . . "Current Author and Critic, Marilyn Tau- ber, To Receive 525,000 For New Lecture Entitled 'Uselessness of Money'." That's the limit! "Teresa Bianchi and Xenia Didymos Commissioned to Paint Murals on New Union City Post Office." Superb is the word. "Cornell Professor, Manny Weisberg, Publishes Third Book, Entitled, 'The Idiosyncrasies of Warfare Within the Past Thousand Years." Brainy, eh, what? "Cartoonists Larry Castel and Theodore Sladovich Causing Sensation With Orig- inal Comic Strip Character, 'The Fuschia Mosquito'." That insect kills me. In the world of science . . . "Pharmacist Vincent Conte, Discovers Six New Elements In Veterinarian Sanford Schor's Prescription For Sick Horses." We learn something new every day, don't we? "Dental Nurse, Vilma Ulicny, Gives Overdose of Laughing Gas to Patient, Norma Grandi, and Causes a Riot of Hysteria." Oh, here's my editorial on "Fifteen Years Can Change The World and The People Therein." Well, the paper is now complete, so l'll just sign my name and go home! ZELDA VINIK 4l Movie Interpretations YOU CAME ALONG. ,,,.,,,. ,,,,,,, ,,A.., . . A SONG TO REMEMBER ,.,..,.,.. ....,,,,,. . OUR VINES HAVE TENDER GRAPES ,,,,,, ,7,,,, THE GREAT JOHN L ..,,,,,t,,,,,,,,,,,,, TOO YOUNG TO KNOW ..,,,,7.t, ONCE UPON A TIME ,,..,,.,, . SINCE YOU WENT AWAY ...,,. UP IN ARMS. ,,,....,,,.,,,......., . THE BIG HOUSE ,,...,..,...,,,, MINISTRY OF FEAR ,,,,,,, TWICE BLESSED EAAA,,,,, I SWING OUT, SISTER .....,,.,,,,,,,,,, INVITATION TO HAPPINESS ,,,..., ON STAGE, EVERYBODY .,..,,,,,7,, REMEMBER THE DAY ,,,, . .. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, wv,w , , , PRACTICALLY YOURS ,,,A,,, ,,v,.A,,,,,,V,,N OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY ..,,,,,,,, JANUARY, I946 ALMA MATER EMERSON GARDEN MR. M. JOHN LACCHIA .,....FRESHMEN NO EXAMINATIONS MR. CARTWRIGHT SENIORS IN SERVICE ROOM 2 MR. MANEY'S OFFICE FOOTBALL VICTORIES OVER ST. MICHAELS AND UNION HILL NOON TIME DANCING BID TO SENIOR PROM ......SENIOR PILAY THANKSGIVING DAY, 1945 DIPLOMA DURING OUR 4 YEARS IN EMERSON THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU ....,,...,,.,,,,......,, WORKING FOR A LIVING EASY TO LOOK AT. ,,...........,.,,. . HEAVENLY BODY ..,,.......,, ,... PRIDE OF THE MARINES,....... CASANOVA BROWN. ...... .. THAT'S THE SPIRIT ...... MISTER BIG ..,,,,,,,.,...,v.,,,,AA-,,,,,,-,,,,,, UP IN THE KLONDIKEW ..,.....,- ,,,,,,,,,,V, Y THE HORN BLowS AT MIDNIGHT ...... CAN T HELP SINGING ,..,. ......., . ,..,..,,, LITTLE WOMEN ...........,, ,.... THE WHISTLER ..,,,. V,.,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, Y IOHNNY OF THE CLOUDS .,....... RISE AND SHINE. ..,,....,....,.. .. ...,. .. BIRTH OF THE BLUES, ..... , ............... TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME ....... BEWARE OF REDHEADS ......... ...... . THE UNSEEN .........,..........,...,.. THE CONSTANT NYMPH .,..... NOTHING BUT TROUBLE ..... ...,...,.... MUSIC FOR MILLIONS ..........,,.......,,...., THE MAN WHO WALKED ALONE ....,... THE GAY SENORITA ....,... ............., ., GENTLE ANNIE ..... , ..... HAIL THE CHIEF ...,.......,,........ WONDER MAN ...,....,,.., , .... .,..,. . THE THIN MAN GOES HOME ...... THE THREE CABALLEROS ..,....... THE GAY SISTERS ...,..,.,,.,...... FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT ..,,...,,,,,, THE THREE MUSKETEERS .......,........,,. A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS .,.... KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY .,......,. TOMORROW THE WORLD ,..... ., SACCO'S CAR LOUISE MILO LEO ORLANDI ANDY DeBENEDICTUS EDNA PETERS VINCENT CONTE LOUIS DeNOIA MANNY WEISBERG MARGARET CONTE TERESA BIANCHI, ANN TESSITORE, ANTOI- NETTE MONICO, ANN BROOJIAN LOUIS CLAVELOUX PVT. JOHN SOLDAVINI MARILYN TAUBER VICTORIA FRONIIAN IACK BERARDI DINA DELMENICO AND LARRY EARLY MARIO PESARESI AND RONALD BARSANTI ELSIE REDDELL JOHN DONNARUMMA DON CAMELLI AND LIBERO MAROTTA SETRAG PROODIAN NORMA GRANDI ANN NAGLIERI GEORGE KELLER ROY CALCAGNE LOUIS CINQUINA DARIO, PERRY AND CHARLIE FLO, EMMY AND IUNE ZELDA VINIK VILMA, CLARA AND LENA STUDYING SENIOR B GIRLS DAY AFTER GRADUATION ANNA RICHTER LUCY RACAMATO 42 .1 'Qt g . N W: - 54:52 it Wai 1,',.-: .-,', J' , ,, .x ' 4x71 Z" AV X MV W3 L .6 ' Hu 4 Tf.,.'.,-'.!l:..-l..' M , fafif v A-0 252' ' -w. y -1 ' lf, V'-Q L7':L ' v 'F A 5 .xv .,n' NY E' . Ifmbblx L W 7 X 3 ,ff If ff! I fl ' I X j 1 f ,ff We P s 2 ' My gif l I P0 RT ,-,1' Y 1 Y Sw W 7, mf' . nf' 5 7' . 7 ' .qx4" '-,f iq Q. , ' h 'Q . ' K :N ,' af: f ' .531 2 .1,,, if T52 if L" WK -iwz, Q ' 6"1 ,,4 .',f7L?.L 'MA . ' :ff ' ' "H MWF Ll ' Mr". f V kmvllfl y, Y f V !, . N .. .9 .11 : ,.' elif- 'I' .Z ff I Yma- f X! E' 14 N I - H 1,-x V I . . ' 1 ,7 O x-fx ,f xv V df am , f Q f 11 I fr pf 'Q V, A, f I rf- , rf fr, ' f If Z X fs 9' 7 In gf X 2 xx , I I f f "5" 1 " ' .: f, W , f s f f l 'zwf J X Qu ' 7 tn! Wm , ' ' 1 1, f I '-'IQ -5' l 1 J 'Huw W4 xx ' .ff uwfw f , ff k. a-.3w'9'l. 'f ww..Ui5 ' , Ml' . ' W" My. I im if , 1 . ff2A'g,, K Foot ball na- De Benedictus and John Don di Joseph lpepl C tains Andrew rumma' ,.,GeorQe Manlifekelrt. CO' ap hind Slall nrt TON' C ll gn--W FOOTBALL SUMMARY M e services of three members of last year's backfield and four members of last year's line, Emerson, nevertheless, opened the season with an experienced football squad. They were under the guidance of two new coaches, namely Mr. Tommy Eckert and Mr. Joe "Pep" Novotny, plus Mr. George Man'fredi, from last year. INUS th Emerson inaugurated the season in grand style by beating Bayonne 6-O, a feat no other county team could accomplish. They then lost to a powerful St. Peter's eleven IO-O, in the mud, but came back with an im- pressive 7-O win over their arch rivals from St. Michael's and followed with another win over Lincoln I3-O. Emerson next faced Memorial in the role of underdog and came up with a 6-6 tie. The "Bulldogs" lost a 14-I3 thriller against Snyder and in the first night game played by an Emerson team were held to a scoreless tie by a hard-'fighting Demarest eleven. The Blue and White backfield "found itself" against Ferris and beat them de- cisively 6-O. Climaxing their season with a l4-O victory over their bitter rivals from Union Hill, Emerson ended the Orange and Blue's seven year winning streak and gained the City Championship and a tie with Memorial for the North Hudson County title. This year's squad brought Emerson its first good season in a long while with 5 wins, 2 losses and 2 ties. Much of the credit belongs to co-coaches Eckert's and Man'fredi's inspiring pep talks and helpful guidance plus assistant coach "Pep" Novotny's fine coaching and tireless work with the players. Tackle Artie Kaplan, and guard Andrew DeBenedictus were standouts on the powerful Emerson line which did not have a touchdown scored through it all season. Because of their smashing line play they were given berths on the All-County team along with the sensational plunging fullback, George Andrews. Next year's team will miss many players who are graduating this term 1- Co-Captains Andrew De Benedictus and John Donnarumma, Charlie Lusto, Perry Del Purgatorio, Bill Na- fash, Mark Uglesich, Roy Calcagne, Joe Sacco, Peter Cerrato, Larry Scacchetti, Donald Beck, Richard Brunje, Lib- ero Moratto, Manuel Garshofsky, and Larry Early, also managers, Charlie Korn and Michael Caivano. MQ my '4 i . ' d against B3Y0'me' 7 .. ' 8 me on a Play that was Corsi H95 Oll Val age l Q5 d WS Ugomg Ovjrgagxrlt glgfirgigggaof a violation. An fe Calle i A 4'- " f-,, ' .. -but-. " ", in A ... W , W 13-- lp .. - M, - K, .KW - . K ff . l -in 4, L.'Q,,4 E x 5 ' L- - In.. M AN l - , , "' " " M -..Q - The captains and coaches of Emerson and Union Hill meet wlth the officlals before the Turkey Day classic. 92 1: n am Donnarumma crosses that covered Ime against Union Hill. A 3 ' f +G e -, alll T-lam-b-e r Some flrst stringers get a rest. ,Sm s ,S,,, Q . -'-wg' -'E -Aw. -AX' Q' 'fm' 3264 1 " gqi. VI Chafles l-Uslo Andrew De Benedictus Hallback Guard lCo-Captainl ark Uglesich Llbero Marotta End Perry Del Purgatorlo End Center ROY Calgggne Larry Scacchettl Tackle Guard Donald Beck Quarterback d' T 'vin Principal Maney the ball used an vhe Tharwksgrvmg day victory. Co-Captain De Bene lC us Q1 Q W l Ullthall Joe Larry Early Peter Cerralo End Tackle Tackle Michael Caivano Wllllam Nafas End Richard Brume l'1 End l ohn Donnarumma Manager l ' l Quarterback lCo-Caplam Mr. Manallo pres ents the Alumni Trophy to the Ernerso Fl coachmg staff. 1 , H X r . 1 ARTHUR KAPLAN ROBERT SALMINI Guard Guard fr-1: XFA ' l g Sv Q Y , 1 s rr 2 3 F :WPI ,f U ,Q ra , f La M Louis CLAVELOUX F Center S' .. 9 RAY DURANTE JOHN YALDIZIAN Forward " Cenfer NICK TOMASINI Forward, Co-Captain a ket Y fs fx M . ir 1-'Wav . I GEORGE KELLER LY Forward, Co-Captain JERRY DePERNA Forward FRANK SCARAFILE Manager all THOMAS ECKERT truss REINHARDT C0-HCP' Assistant Coach PERRY DQIPURGATORIO Forward CHARLES LUSTO ITH seven members of last year's Hudson County Championship team returning to the Emerson lineup, Tommy Eckert's Blue and White dribblers figured to be strong contenders in the Northern Di- vision race this year again. The Bulldogs showed their terrific scoring power in the first game of the season when they crushed a Stevens Tech team 83-34. Demarest became the first league victim of the Blue and White when they were stopped 48-27. ln the next two games, the Em- erson team experienced a little difficulty in hitting the rim and there- fore emerged victorious by only one basket. Weehawken went down by a score of 40-38, and Cliffside met the same fate 35-33. Emerson got back into it's scoring ways against St. Michael's by piling up 66 points to the opposition's 48. This mid-season graduation will prove quite a blow to the Blue and White squad as three first team members and four able substitutes must leave Emerson. Dario Pia and Perry Del Purgatorio, all-county performers and brilliant ball-handlers, and Co-Captain George Keller are the three first team boys who along with Charlie Lusto, fleet-footed guard, have seen a great deal of action in the past two years. Ray Dur- ante and Louis Claveloux who led the Blue and White Jay-Vees to two succesive Championships are two of the Senior B's who also will leave while tall Ed Musto is the other. However, with such ball players as Nick Tomasini and Fred Stein- metz of All-County and All-State fame, Art Kaplan, Jerry De Perna and Bob Salmini still with Mr. Eckert, Emerson should be right on top when the end of the season rolls around. 1. s -.an X 'f' Q. xy I A ' t 5. 1 , . Xxx . . ,, , l DARIO PIA Guard Guard FRED STEINMETZ 5l Center asehall ' J, in 5 . .W , I A I :'-i 'V .. XV GEORGE MANFREDI F fi' Coach , 'L 'L 'M' A an 52, ' CL BOB SALMINI Center Fielder it . 9 J, FRED PROSPERO Leff Fielder 11, A K 1 3-A. I-. er: 'Ni 1 NICK TOMASINI Third Baseman 'QI W? 4 E .2 L D X AQ, t ,,w-v- ,fl W CHARLES KORN Manager FRED STEINMETZ First Baseman JERRY DE PERNA All-County Second Baseman X CHARLES LUSTO CBYCHCY RAY MORTON RUDY Dl STEPHANO Right Fielder Baseball INSPIRED by the formation of a HCIAA Baseball League, Emerson High School turned in one df the finest seasons in many years, Coach Manfredi began his ninth year by breaking in a flock of new- comers for the various positions. These youngsters proved their worth, however, when Emerson took the opening game from Demarest, 7-5. After defeating Memorial, 3-2, the Bulldogs received their first set- the team's lone dependable hurler, turned in the shut out Union Hill, 6-O, and Weehawken, 5-O. to Lincoln, Emerson showed its terrific hitting power the league standings. Then an 8-7 defeat by Me- of the most thrilling games of the season, Demarest playing rninus. the services of Co-Captain Bob Mc- victory over St, Michaels, the Saints came back and tie by downing them 7-4. The League playoff game with Weehawken will be long remembered. An exciting contest all the way, the lead changed hands many times with Emerson winding up on the short end of a lO-9 count. Emerson completed the season with a record of 8 wins and 5 losses. Graduation will leave two vacant positions, shortstop and catcher, as Captain Ray Durante and Charlie Lusto take their leave of Emerson, back at the hands of Weehawken, ll-5. Ray Morton, two finest games of the season at this point when he After defeating Snyder and dropping a l run decision by crushing Union Hill, I5-O, rnorial started Emerson on a eked out a 3-2 victory over Clung who le'ft for the U. S, forced Emerson into a League and taking first place in downward trek. ln one the Bulldogs, who were Navy. Even after a 7-4 4 l i Pitcher RAY DURANTE Shortstop Captain Coach Acinapura tim trio of dash experts' Ori mer poised fo ,md l, a c k JIEQQHSY A if HEN Coach Acinapura began the track season at Emerson this spring he was working with an almost entirely green squad. However, the boys improved steadily and climaxed a not too success- ful season by winning the Independence Day Meet. The current season revealed one of the most versatile track ath- letes to perform in recent years, Bob Santomenna. This sensational lad is capable of doing the l00 yard dash in l0:l and the 220 yard dash in 24 seconds. Also his broad jump record is l9' 4". Another capable boy is Bob Ottmer, Emerson's captain. Tall and strong, Bob is as fleet-footed as he is powerful. He ran the 100 and 220 yard dashes, and threw the shotput. George Quinn comple- ted the trio of dash experts. The 440 was run by Jacobs, Koslowski, and De Benedictus, while the 880 was handled by Scacchetti, Parisi, and Milano. Aloi and Arciola covered the mile run. In the field events, the high jumping and broad jumping was done by Santomenna, Beck, Quinn and Scacchetti. Douzgian, Ottmer, and Corsi participated in the shot put. Emerson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 30 Hasbrouck Heights , 247 Emerson .e,ss,,, ,,,,,,,, 2 4 V2 Lincoln ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 7 UE Emerson ,,,,, , .24 St. Peter's A53 Emerson ,,...,,,,,.,,,,, 26 Memorial, ,,,.,, .,.,, . 46 Independence Day Meet won by Emerson L UIPQEWIQ Rx " W I "1 ff' , 7 f mmuwqmuuf m f- L . f ' . - . I F f 1 le 2 4 L 2:12 . l , Y Mfgnnllullllln-fligslgisfi' ----. L I ,,,,,,,, , .. ,, , K I 1' 1 W ' A A jigwsll Q E ,, X , ,I M :J 1' fufmwff' enum W , 4154 K ACTIVITIE IN ff I J K XXX W F I -7111212 W ' i l 3 A H egg ' ahvfig-" W an . Q K iwfluu, ' A ' ' V! 9 L Z 5 i " QQ.. ff , f 13' gig- .. V, N , ' 51- -df ' 3? f r X, I JF sl 5' 1 ', " 'eefaxuf 7 ,w .. fffzlrflllullrmfy 3 ' 7 --- -,ik K QM, I QQ, f IA- .az-vm:-4 It 4-1 4 ,ll HI. I .-4, f W lllIIf5! !f"'f F5 1 J! flllf' lllll Y V T "SPRlNG GREEN" "SPRlNG GREEN" Characters As We Meet Them SYNOPSIS OF SCENES 0 Act l-Place: Playroom of the Cassell home in Elmwood. Timei The Present'-An afternoon in early Spring. Nina Cas5ell....,. .. EVELYN STElN Act ll-Scene lf-Same as above-3 weeks later. Act lll-Same-fAfternoon and evening of the next day. Mrs, Rumble ,..., ..,, . . ,.... ZELDAVlNlK lThe aunam W111 drop to 1m11aa1a me passage of several 1soL1fs.1 Scootle Cassell ,.,. .,,, . ., DENISE KUENZLER 0 Mr, Purnamn, H .,,,,,, CHARLES JUEQ1-TTER Curtain and Lights -rt charge of ARTHUR CROVATTO and JOSEPH CARUGATI Tony Cassell .... ...MARILYN TAUBER Prompt emu me by DORIS GRANDELIS , I An Cof1sL11ramfM1sS EMMA EHRENBERG, Head of the An Department P1nk1e Ames . .. . ...MARGARET HESS O Dunk Doyle ..... .. . .. .RALPH LAMO I b BUSlNESS MANAGEMENT AND TlCKETS Bmg H0'Chk'S5 r"""" "A'Ar ' 'MURRY DAWDSON M155 Lou15e HARM, Faculty Adwsaf, Class of Jamavy, 1946 . MRS. ANNA LLOYD, F ny Ad 2 , Class of June, 1945 Geneweve Janes- ---'-" 1--l-Ucll-LE BUSSAWCH MR. C1-11occA and M1Z5uR1vETTli samsf Fanny Advisers Mawr Todd a.a. ....,. ,..., .....,. R 1 c HARD DEL PRETE ROSE FARM JOSEPH BONWO ROSE FAVATO ENZO BURNCH1 EUGEN1A ALBERA PHYLLlS DATO T. Newton Todd.. ...... ...... W lLLlAM DOLLARD LENA PASCUORELLO BELLA WEISS H Eula Hmhkass ........... . ...... ARLETTE BRENNE15ER ARRIET Rm PROPERTY COMNllTTEE Dr. Luther Blodgett ...,. ..... J ACK ANTONOFF ARTHUR CROVMTO' Chairman LUCY DE LEO PATSY CESARO Officer Ryan. ....,... ...... . . ..... KENNETH LEVENSTElN MARIE MORELLQ Sewer Adnsers, M155 LOU1sE HARM and MRS, ANNA LLOYD Billy .......,..... .. .... .. ...., JACK JOHANSEN PUBLlClTY COMMlTTEE Outside of 5s1sQo1fsen1m Advvser, MISS RUTH GlFFORD wlfmn me School-fMR. J. M. LACC1-UA, sewer Adwser XENIA D1DYMOS MAR1LLYN TAUBER RUTH BERN1-MRO TFRESA BlANCl-ll WALTER LIESEGANG b the High School rc O hestra Co5tum1ng'MlSS FRANCES GALLAGHER 1n charge of receipts at the duor Mu51c Furnished y O CHlOCCA, Semcr Adviser, MR. A. l.OUlS The Play wi ll be followed by SCARMOl.lN, Dwector Dancing in the Gymnasium MR. ELS Senior Play N Friday, April 27, l945, the Senior Classes combined to present "Spring Green", a comedy in three acts by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clem- ents. Under the capable direction and supervision ot Miss Minnie Blanche Rittgers, the students worked diligently tor six weeks to make the pro- duction a success. The theme concerned a typical problem child, whose main idiosyncrasy was his uncouth hobby ot collecting and breeding earthworms. However, the difficulties taced by his father and newly formed friends were more than compensated tor by the tact that he, in his experimentation, had solved the world's earthworm problem. Although the characterization was extremely comical, there was an air ot pathos connected with the hopelessness ot the situation, and the sincere earnestness ot the leading character, T. Newton Todd made him admired and respected instead ot ridiculed. L i ajor... Officers President, Ethel Vesper Vice-President, Mario Pesaresi Secretary, Betty DiDomenico Treasurer, Steven Stover Adviser, Miss Gilberti Officers Pesident, George Keller Vice-President, William Nafash Secretary, Ruth Weisshaupt Treasurer, lda Romano Adviser, Mr. Drake ARCH IMEDES SCIENCE CLUB HE Archimedes Science Club was organized many years ago to encourage and further deeper study of science, to develop an appreciation for the increasing importance of science in everyday life, and to bring acknowledgement and honor in the field of science to Emerson. With this aim in mind it has taken part in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search and awards a prize at graduation to the Senior who has done the most for the welfare of the club. EUCLID CLUB HE purpose of the Euclid Club is to promote a general interest in mathe- matics, to supplement and enrich the reg- ular rnath program, and to give greater opportunity for self-expression to those students who have a reasonably high abil- ity and genuine interest in mathematics. During the course of the term, students have been requested to spend time on ex- tensive math projects, which have been presented and explained during the club's meetings. S8 President, Donald Petruno Vice-President, Helen Plue CHO I if Officers Sec reta ry, Ann Brady Treasurer, Anita Berger Adviser, Miss Rivetti STENO-COMMERCIAL CLUB HE Steno-Commercial Club acquaints its members with the qualifications of the business world. The efficiency and personality of the girls are developed with regard to their future. To secure and hold a well-paying position one must not only have a knowledge of various office appliances and be efficient in typing and stenography, but also have a realization of a cultural background. Officers President, loan De Zeller Vice-President, Dorothy Aless Secretary, Dina Delmenico Treasurer, Veronica Scimeca Adviser, Miss Bazewick Helps HISTORY FORUM HE History Forum was or- ganized to keep students adequately farniliarized with the rules of parliamentary pro- cedure and to discuss, inter- pret and comment upon histor- ical and current events. X N X X T A X Officers President V. , Mildre ice- Pres ' d Musto ident, Robert Schenot ecretarjg Grace Fortois reasureq Lucille lfreiser Adviseq Mrs Hess FRENCH CLUB HE French Club 's purpose is to aid in the understanding of France and the French language and to guide the members in so cial, parliamentary and executive procedures. 'X fel X I s W? ':',ff ,grey f I .--3, -SX 'X F F, ' -feat' , . K f "' " " Q 531' 31, X if -Q 'R N 5 4 L I Jail' wx. CQ? , 4: 1 , . ,, ,, , . ,. . " ,YK P- QF, ff! ,X 1 sf! ', ' ' .1 4 r , , ff! Q' q- 'F' 1. r -' f ff I " ,. Q , f' fix f 1 f LI f X 1 GERMAN CL UB HE German Club offers the opportun- ity for further study of the German language, literature, music and art. l ts L ssss purpose is to help develop characteq ini- tiative and the spirit of friendliness and cooperation, to cultivate worthwhile in- terests and hobbies that will carry over in- to later life. The German Club has taken part in the R. 7f A. and School Christmas programs, and has co-operated in the in- terests of the War Fund and Red Cross drives. At times the entire group unites for an evening at bowling, or an all day hike, ICEPS President Harry Kick I Wee-President, Emanuel Weisberg Secret-sly Christa Wennfnga Treasureg Joan Stanton Librarian, Jean Sparacino Historian, Mildred Oetting Adviser, Miss Schmidt Off HE purpose tate interest in the study itaiian ianguage. This is accompiishe by attending itaiian operas, cinemas and partaiaing in the deiicacies ot itaiy. Songs and dances have been prepared to entertain the student body at spec- iai assembiies, and proceedings have begun to send 'canned goods to the starving countries ot Europe. Officers President, Andrew De Benedictus ' ident, Frank Biscigiie ,J Ottin-.on President, Doiores Gerard t Robert Rosas Vice-Presiden , Secretary, Doiores Knapp Treasurer, Eiizabeth Huismari ,Adviser Mr, FaiaftQ3 fi i PAN-IKMERXCAN CLUB HE main obiective ot the Pan Ptmerican Ciub is tO Pfomoie hefmsphem peace through the creation ot triendiy reiations with our southern neighb- bgrg, Pts a high schooi group, they are interested in contacting peopie theif Own age and to this end carry on as one ot their proiects, a correspondence' with Latin Ptrnerican high schooi students, whose addresses are turnished ternationai Friendship LGBQN-ie' them by the in 5UNiOR CLUB iT PtLi AN organi'1.ed to HXS ciub was the educationa, turther aesthetic and sociai deveiop- ment ot the members through- out the medium ot cuiturai ma- teriai in the 'rieids ot music, art, iiterature and by intorm study, discussion, and apprecia- ! tion ot the same. Trips have been pianned to satisty bot d educationai in- the sociat an ot the members ot the Otticors nt Bruno Barteiioni co 's TSTCSTS ciub. 'r Preside , 9 S Vice-President, Paui Psamas Corresponding Secretary, Theresa Candeiora Recording Secretary, Christina Moscateiii SENXOB Treasurer, Leo Grassi Adviser, Mr. Candeioro CLUB Li AN tTPt ot the ciub is to stimu- ot the Vice-Pres Secretary, Nliima Maibe Treasurer, Enes Cerveiieri Adviser, Miss Piarta ,1 I1 ORCHESTRA Officers President, Libero Marotta Vice-President, Dorothy Aless Secretary, Dorothy Krikorian Treasurer, Arthur Cinquino Adviser, Elizabeth Schmidt Director, A. Louis Scarmolin HE orchestra offers to talented pupils the privilege of en- semble playing. lt is especially known for its assistance at school assemblies, evening programs, baccalaureate and com' mencement exercises at the high and grammar schools throughout the city. gixx K' lf- Q,-Q. Officers President, Remo Berardi Vice-President, Josephine Costanzo Secretary, Pauline LiCaIsl Treasurer, Clarence Mann Faculty Adviser, Mr. Tomka CHOIR HE Emerson Choir's purpose is to develop choral effects in choir singing, co-ordination and posture in good sing, ing to the extent that it combines both pleasure, music ap- preciation and education in the field of music. 62 Xu 'S TreaSU'e' an officers - -v. . Z lda Vm' Editor-in-Chlel' 6 n Tauber Assistant Editor, MariY Werrbaclq d General Manager' Helen . Mafllfedl Advisers' M355 Davidson, Mr iff F C3 S ervin ALTRUIST HE Altruist is the h sc ool paper which has been published bi-weekly throughout the term by the students, and for the students of Emerson High f"""' School. The paper is comprised of l ,.,,.,.- f,,f,""' gg school news, original humor, feature ,Q--"'l f-""f 'Z-ff' ,pf-f-"" stories, and latest sports events. A 'XF' fi: f""""! f""'f E, 'fwffr' f"""'A fwfr f"""'g,s f',','v' ff' X,,.f""' f ,,,,,,ff"" f---"" ,ff-"" ' ,f"' Af""'A ,fm-'t f-fr' fri eff' 5,21 ff: """f f-jf!! fi , I' 1. r i,..vi'f' 'L-fffi 5:5 e gsszu..-f iii!- j"'f:j" iff, C210 lf,:""""f.lf""' Z35?Wi NATlONAL HO NOR SOCIETY HE object of this ch GH apter shall be to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, ...,,-N' to stimulate a desire to render service, E...-f , to promote worthy leadership, and to en- courage the development of character in pupils of Emers ' on High School. Officers President Lo ' , uns Claveloux Vice-President, George Keller Secretary, Xenia Didymos T reasurer, Ida Roma no Adviser, Miss Musumeci 1-"""'-'D l l I Emerson Officers President, Alfred Fabris Vice-President, Claire Willis Secretary, Anne Sette Treasurer, Anna Richter Adviser, Mr. Devine 1 it W r 0 1 .kgs gr. O 2- 12: Y 5 x - .tg y 4 7 1 5 6 NOON HOUR COMMITTEE ENTERTAINMENT for the student during lunch time, and supplying the only free dancing held during the term is the theme and function of the Noon Hour Committee. The members have aided in keeping order during the musical interludes and the student body enjoys daily dancing to popular records. PRlNClPAL'S CABlNET THE Principal's Cabinet is made up ofa group of students elected by their fellow classmates. The purpose ot this group is to discuss matters con- cerning the welfare of the student body, particu- larly as they apply to the student activity of the school. Servin me-rson SAFETY PATROL ' HE Safety Patrol has been en- trusted with the responsibili- ty of insuring the safety of all students on their way to and from school. lt is part of a nation-wide system under direct supervision of the city police departments. Other functions include the reg- ulation of school traffic inside the building before each session and the control of the fire drill for- mation. 'YY PA 7' V V V Officers H iy., 5 V Captain, Joseph Bach ,V Lieutenant, Charles Korn A VVAVA i,iVI .,.i f l!x4.w"'E. I Lieutenant, Peter Perego A ,V if 7 Q lf, .,., Lieutenant, Edwin Borchert i c s l i S A P l,ii ,W l,V. ,, 7' , ,V ' i ,t,V . Officers Lieutenant, Andrew De Benedictus Lieutenant, Edward Musto Lieutenant, Marion Kolchakian Lieutenant, Alex Ceru Adviser, Mr. De Gennaro 66 SERVICE CLUB HIS organization, maintained for the pur- pose of keeping order in the halls and on the stairs between periods, is one of the main assets of Emerson High School. leasin astimes W..- - 'TTAT WW' gg , iw X S ,i 1 NN XWXQX W ix fi. Z Officers President, Ernest Schwab Vice-President, Frank Bina Secretary, Martin Nalbandian X Treasurer, Nicholas Gallipoli 5? Adviser, Mr, Larsen f AERoNAuTic HE Aeronautic Club is organized to interest students in the study of all phases of aeronautics, to develop skill in construction of model aeroplanes, and through these activities encourage students to continue this worthwhile hobby. l l A-nk ...awww vwss ' . i Officers ss s W President, Joan Bacchini 1 Vice-President, Grace Biase Secretary-Treasurer, Helen Johansen fr l Adviser, Miss Ehrenberg 3' H' ARTS AND CRAFTS HIS club was organized as a means to encourage stu- dents in creative arts and to ' 'N help develop a greater apprec- iation for them in our every- day life. 67 1. 1 9 3 4 1- CAMERA CLUB HlS club acquaints its mem- bers with the modern photo- graphic instruments and their uses. The instruction and ex- perience obtained through mem-- bership in this organization is helpful not only in the photo- graphic field but also in a voca- tional pursuit. CHEERLEADERS HE vitality and fervor shown by Emerson's cheer- leaders have done much to increase the school spirit of both the teams on the athletic field and the spectators watching them. Their rousing cheers have often inspired our teams to victory. easin nnm Officers President, Gene Maggio Vice-President, Bob Edgar Secretary, Richard Pavignano Treasurer, Marvin Sipnick Adviser, lvlr. Satz Captain, Dorothy Aless Faculty Adviser, Carl De Gennaro astimes Officers President, lack Meehan Vice-President, Bill Musto Secretary, Mary Romanin Treasurer, Dolores Bonn Adviser, Mr. Campen ui. Officers President, Sanford Schor Vice-President, David Landau Secretary, Rita Ehrmann Treasurer, Elsie Pereira Adviser, Miss Gifford CHESS CLUB HE Chess Club instructs its members in the theory and practice of the game of chess, It is educational inasmuch as it gives them a keen sense of observation and develops their power of thinking. CICERONIAN DEBATING SOCIETY HE purpose of this organization is to promote good public speaking and clear thinking on the part ot high school students, The Society partici- pates in interscholastic debates, radio programs, and speech contests throughout New Jersey. En- trance in the American Legion Oratorical Contest and sponsorship of Emerson's lnterclass Debating Tournament are two of its many vital activities. 69 -Alla DRAMATIC CLUB HE Dramatic Club assists students in overcoming any ditti- culties in public speaking besides being a pleasant pastime for its members and a large source of entertainment to the entire school through the plays and other programs which it presents. leasin Officers President, Sally Buontempo Vice-President, Gladys Tepman Secretary, Beverly Liskovsky Treasurer, Zelda Vinik Adviser, Miss Rittgers FOOD AND FUN CLUB l-lE purpose of this club is to create an interest among its members for culin- ary arts. Although it is chiefly a pleasant pastime in school, its value will increase after graduation. 70 Officers President, lda Romano Vice-President, josephine Costanzo Secretary, Ethel Vesper Treasurer, Janet Grosskopf Adviser, Mrs. Campen astimes Officers President, Rosemary Ferrara Vice-President, luliet Bechak Secretary, Janet Stefik Treasurer, Marilyn Tauber Adviser, Mr. Tomka GIRLS' GLEE CLUB HE purpose of this organization is to instill in its members appreciation of finer music and to create an interest in "part singing". lts activities this term include entertainment for our P. T. A. and planning a music concert. hr' NEEDLECRAFT CLUB HIS organization has ably put to use the art of knitting and crochetting. Not only does know- ledge of this art aid in making articles for the home but also for needy organizations such as the Red Cross. Officers President, Gloria Battaglia Vice-President, Martha Allenspach Secretary, Pat Scherotto Treasurer, Valerie Murphy Adviser, Mrs. Lloyd 7l Ll M PROJ ECTIONISTS HE Projectionists have undertaken the task ot studying the methods and laws of projection. The members are taught the operation of the movie pro- jector, spotlight and the slide projector. They have devoted much of their time serving the school in classes and at as- semblies. leasin Officers Pesident, Robert Heider Vice-President, James Maglione Secretary, Agatha Briguglio Treasurer, Frank Franzetti Adviser, Mr. Boutelle Officers President, Harry Streckfuss Vice-President, Daniel Balderacchi Secretary, Philip Leale Treasurer, Warren Rapp Adviser, Mr. Raimondi l A rj V ss- i ,.... . . l T-SQUARE cLuB f i 5 2 , .W V K A HIS organizationfs purpose lg N 5 j is to advance the pupil's it V558 ff Q'T?lT",,gf,N Y . , power of visualization, streng- M' ' T A Vffr' iii,-.-?,Yl , then the constructive imagina- h A f P . .P s k i :Li'iA"""ff22ff ,, --, 5:5 tion, develop exactness and -Q, j T is ,S v. . . . 'I' "' 'S' , fl ,,. 1 " W teach the reading and writing 2 1+-5" .j ?gf,-33 .gf ,Qfr j of the language of industries. --fe Y 2327-Q, K , flgr ' 55, l P iff 'T' A . ,ity .ffl if I 72 pastimes 1, TRI A junior Officers President, Lorraine Goracci Vice-President, Ruth Schwarzenbach Secretary, Ellen Firman Treasurer, Doris Herder Adviser, Mrs, Mouncey I TRI-l-ll-Y UUNIOR AND SENIORJ HE purpose of this club is t throughout the school and comm 't h Ill Senior Officers President, Florence Eden Vice-President, lean Emery Secretary, Enes Lidoli Treasurer, Vivian Sciancapore Chaplain, Marie Schloetzer Adviser, Miss Seyter o create, maintain, and extend uni y igh standards of character. The members have devoted most of their time to service projects. 73 1 'I Officers President, Roy Calcagne Vice-President, Charles Lusto Secretary, john Corsi Treasurer,, Perry DelPurgatorio Adviser, Mr. Chrust Varsit HE Varsity "E" Club's purpose is to promote sportsmanship and fair play in all the athletic competition, to inculcate a gentlemanly attitude on the part of all teams toward their opponents, to bring credit and honor to Emerson, and to cooperate with the Athletic Adviser for the general benefit of the athletic program of Emerson High School. Their plans include a din-- ner at the end ofthe term and obtaining gold keys for boys on the N. A. S. S. A X, 1 . 0? ! , T... -I 09' I 464 55 I Q, n.. K1 51 1 Q 5 K i , s-arp An invitation . . . The students of Emerson High School are cordially invited to become members of Junior Achievement. Find out from the inside what makes American bus- iness "tick", and have a lot of fun being an officer of a real, honest to-goodness business. Stop in at the Shop Center, 556-39th Street, Union City, some Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday night and look the place over. lt's fully equipped with a band saw, jig saw, drill press, and other wood- working equipment, Watch the Junior Achievers in action! A Junior Achievement background can mean a "Job Priority" for you. THIS ADVERTISEMENT SPONSORED BY Callite Tungsten Corporation UNion 3-7600 76 Do you get low marks? Are you unpopular? 1 Unhappy? x then have Mom serve I.ipion's Noodle Soup! It won't change circumstances a bit. But it's so delicious you just won't mind them any more l Lipton's Noodle Soup is a glistening, rich chicken broth that's fairly brimming with tender, golden egg noodles. And it's savory-seasoned to perfection with onion and parsley. One envelope makes enough of this slick soup snack to serve 4 to 6. . .in 7 minutes Flat! 10d a package-also in thrifty three package carton. 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On Route Q6 NO KIDDINGI We still sell Real-Estate with IOM down and give possession in 48 hours without red tape! 80 1'-1-'14-'Y'f---Av'-1 -.v--v ---- - C. BIHLER 61 CG. Manufacturers of ART EMBROIDERIES For Ladies UNDERWEAR and LINGERIE Part Time Employment After School Hours Offered to Girls V I304-13th STREET NORTH BERGEN, N Commonwealth - Merchants Trust Company UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY V Main Office-BERGENLINE AVENUE at 22nd STREET SUMMIT AVENUE at 7th STREET BERGENLINE AVENUE at 39th STREET Woodcliff Office-75th STREET at BROADWAY Weehawken Office-PARK AVENUE at 36th STREET V Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Our Offices are open Monday Evenings from 6 to 8 SI 'v',A-174-'4l'-'iy'-','-'fg.'-Av'-Av'-'-A,A-'lv Phone UNion 3-9305 "For Those Who Want the Best" The New Roosevelt Restaurant WE DO ALL OUR OWN BAKING Always Open PATERSON PLANK ROAD UNION CITY, N. J. Cor. Sixth Street Phone UNion 7-3033 WE DELIVER COLUMBIA QUALITY BEVERAGES VENUSTI BROS. 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Builder Home Made Ice Cream and Candies V V 1211 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Telephone UNiOn 7-4131 25 ,' '.iA 1213 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Phone: UNion 7-9590 A.,4-1..Q,A- SS ,A v A - 5 Y? v LF- A W- S-Ali?-1? -f-v .'- B. RUBENSTEIN KOSHER BUTCHER V I309 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Telephone: UNion 5-8023 Phone UNion 7-5542 CESARO BROS LINCOLN FUEL COAL-COKE-FUEL on. OIL BURNERS Installed Cr Serviced V 2609 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Telephone UN ion 5-6080 S. DAVIS CO. STATE EMBROIDERY Wholesale Dealers In GRAIN, noun, sALT, suGAn, THEO- BRUNNER Bakers Supplies HANDKERCHIEF EMBROIDERIES V V 4401 DELL AVENUE NORTH BERGEN, N. J. 5 V+-1131517-3-L'--ig' 2311 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. 42 COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES FROM Mr. and Mrs. Scacchetti Mn Funk Hanna COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. E. Craviolo A F R I E N D 90 lf' v' r--111-A-14 J-'fl -A THE SUMMIT THEATRE UNION CITY and TH E STRAN D TH EATRE UNION CITY Extend Their Best Wishes to the Graduating Class DURO TEST Offers many Opportunities for a bright and prosperous future. I NCAN DESCENT o FLUORESCENT ELECTRONIC DU RO TEST CORPORATION 2321 HUDSON BOULEVARD NORTH BERGEN, N. J. Tcl. UNion 3-9-457 COMPLIMENTS OF BOULEVARD ERNEST PEIA DANCING ACADEMY AND RAY PALMA P. TERRAZZI, Instructor VOCALISTS Dancing: Tues., Thurs., Sunday Eve. V 42I--I5th STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Private Lessons by Appointment Composer of "You're only Teasing Me" I-Ioney, l'd Be Romantic, I Took A Chance I'm Just A Fool, I'II Dream About You". Release Date January I946 NORDYKE PUBLISHING CO. HOLLYWOOD, CAL. l-flg-A - A .fl-v - , ' ,A Y - - ',.f,.4+-1A,.,' Tel. UNion 7-6339 Delivery Service Lamo's w3II'el'lS seI'VICe General Laundry EXCLUSIVE CLEANERS Tel, UNion 5-2097 8514 Hudson Boulevard North Bergen, N. J. Compliments of A Rothman Fur Co. Walter Embroidery Works New York City Woolworth and Co. Chappiels Flower MR, A. GALASSO 821 Summit Avenue Union City New Jersey Tel. UNion 3-1075 M. Staloft coNFsc1'loNsnY A- Dife CI' SONS INSURANCE of EVERY DESCRIPTION 915 Summit Avenue Union City, N. J. 415 - 22nd Street Union City, N. J. -n-A vilvnf vp' Jin' .'e' ,!i'Z1'.n-its-'fur'-ne' .uf .4 92 Tcl. UNion 7-4560 Ramasco Bros. Dealers in First Class BEEF, VEAL, LAMB and POULTRY 601 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J Compliments of Fisher-Beer Co., Inc. 3701 Bergenline Avenu Union City, N. J Compliments of Tunnel Pastry Shop J. SQUICCIARINI, Prop. Italian and French Pastry Wedding and Birthday Cakes OUR SPECIALTY 2906 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-9121 Wm. V. Musto, Ph.G. REGISTERED PHARMACIST 2700 Hudson Boulevard Union City, N. J Michael Conte ITALIAN-AMERICAN GROCERY 2507 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-7287 William Kerl's Meat Market Dealer in PRIME BEEF, VEAL, PORK 0 POULTRY 1902 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J. D. Ortega MEN'S and Bovs' CLOTHING and SPORTSWEAR 3214 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J La Viola's Service Station 511 Tonnele Avenue North Bergen, N. J - '-44"Q-n'.-fLfin'-ufi.4A-uf'.fLfi!- Te1. UNion 7-1492 Baumann Bros., Inc. WELDERS - ENGINEERS Tel. UNion 7-6331 Fred and Herb's Market FORMERLY BORCHER'S F. J. KULIN-Props.-C. H. HUSTE MACHINISTS CHOICE MEATS and PROVISIONS 2026 Bergenline Avenue 4711 Hudson Boulevard North Bergen, N. J Corner 21st Street Union City, N. J. Tel. UNion 3-6457 Oertell G' Swift WHOLESALE ONLY Distributors Mazda Lamps Lighting Fixtures - Appliances Electrical Supplies 419 - 44th Street Union City N. J. Tel. UNion 5-5146, 5-5147 REX Cabinet and Linoleum Co. FRED HASCHKE CABINET MAKERS Interior Woodwork Interior Decorators 531 - 23rd Street Union City, N. J. 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J Compliments of Scl1neider's M E N , S W E A R Metal Products Corporation 906 Summit Avenue Union City, N. J. 4l-47 West l9th Street Weehawken, N. J JQA '-Av'A-'-A---A--A' A A"-'-1A.'v','f-'A!-A.",'A1'A Compliments of Congratulations to LIBERO, JACK and JOHN Dominic Elia Ffom June and Minnie Compliments df compiamenis off Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pesaresi Louis Cerrato compnmenfs of Compliments df Mr. and Mrs. Leo Cerrato Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bosco Congratulations to Compliments of MY SISTER ANNE Mr. and Mrs. I. Castrucci Pvt. Carlo Caserta A A ..... A A --A-- A A A A ,A A A A I 96 Congratulations to Congratulations to OUR DAUGHTER ANNE Mr. and Mrs. Peter Caserta C0f'1Q"afUl5fl0f'5 to Congratulations to GERTRUDE Vera and AI Fialla BEN '38 AL '39 OUR DAUGHTER VANDA Mr. and Mrs. V. Pegoraro OUR SISTER JO VINNY '40 MARY ANN '45 Best Wishes to the Best Wishes From GRADUATING CLASS GLORIA GALFIONI ALMA MAZZOCCHI Mr. and Mrs. McCIung land Janetl NORMA AGLIETTI TINA FABRIS Ccngratulations to Compliments Of Dolores, Lucy and Vickie From ll I ll THE BENNY as PLO, Jan' ,43 NORMA, June '43 MARY RoMANlN DQLQRES BONN . LADYS, J '44 MARIE MANFREDI DENISE GUBLER G une opoizm MESSINA ELEANOR ROLLER MARG'Ef June 44 97 Beta Gamma Delta FAY, June '44 MARIE, June '45 HELEN, June '45 IRMGARD, Jan. '46 -iinilvnl - ' ,'7 4LAvlf1lVltlj- Congratulations to Compliments of DOLORES Max Z. Hurwitz Mother and Dad Congratulations to Compliments of MY SISTER DOLORES Mr. and Mrs. L. Schubert P. F. C. Wm. Schroeder Congratulations and Best Wishes to OUR DAUGHTER A Friend Mr. and Mrs. N. Gerard Congratulations to Congratulations to ANNE NAGLIERI BOB From His Fellow Workers of From Yardley A, Bauer Shipping and Stock Depts. ggfif-vu-,nf Qfvp' .r' - 'vp' - A-LAYP'i.4',1'2uf'-L'-4'4" -1'-nV'1Av1'ff 98 The American Gymnastic Society Inc. A Good Place for Relaxation and Pleasure SCHEDULE OF CLASSES Men and Ladies Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, 8:30 to I I P. M. Tel, UNion 3-2208 Supreme Novelty Co. Manufacturers o'f RELIGIOUS ARTICLES Greeting Cards for All Occasions Tuition Fee-5.50 Monthly Noyelfies Gm, Trial Period 30 Days Free of Charge 7615 Broadway North Bergen' N. J. 24l0 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J. Tel. UNion 3-8096 G. Bussanich Cr Son CARPENTERS and BUILDERS Metal Weather Stripping, Jobbing Done 727 - I7th Street Union City, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-4734 Gilsenan Piano Company Dance Records, Concertos, Operatic Vocal Selections, Symphonies, Novelties For your listening pleasure We have all your favorite records 4521 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J. Tcl. UNion 5-I62O Mr. Lawrence Early Sr. PAINTER and DEcoRAToR I Tel. UNion 3-83I8 LEO PLATONI Leo's Fuel Oil Service KEROSENE RANGE OIL FUEL OIL Metered Service 2602 New York Avenue Union City, N. J. SII Fourth Street Union City, N. J. Tel. UNion 3-9550 E, MESIAVECH, Proip. Tel.. UNion 7-294I William Bernatz Tonnele service station Tinsmith, Rooter Cr Sheet Metal Worker , TAR ROOFING Experts in GREASING and SPRAYING Oil Changes - Batteries 502 Tonnele Avenue North Bergen, N. J. Metal Cornices and Skylights Estimates Cheerfully Given Roofs and Leaders Repaired and Painted Ranges, Furnaces and Heaters Residence and Shop: 722 - I3th Street Union City, N. J. Congratulations and Best Wishes to OUR DAUGHTER MARION Mr. and Mrs. C. Boehm Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Macchi Compliments of John H. Petermann Congratulations to NORMA and ISABELLE GLORIA D'ANNUNZl0 VIVIAN RAURATTI MARION PIZZIO CAROLE NEGGIA EVE GARBACCIO HILDA LUCCHI FILOMENA DI RIENZO Compliments o'f Three Brothers-Three Soldiers CAPT. CINZIO DELLAVIA, U. S. Engineers MASTER SGT. FABIO DELLAVIA, U. S. A. Corp. SGT. ENNIO DELLAVIA, Reinf. Co. Three Emerson Graduates Compliments of Bieser G' Rosenbaum Compliments of A Friend Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Vesper Compliments of Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Star Louis and Sal -ilv - -L vvv- Y Y 100 Congratulations to Best Wishes to MY GRANDDAUGHTER EDNA E D N A On Her Graduation On Her Graduation Mrs. M. Doyle Mrs. B. Wapelhorst Best Wishes to OUR DAUGHTER EDNA On Hcr Graduation Mr. and Mrs. M. Peters Mrs. A. Schmidt Congratulations to "Rainbow RoIIers" 'RMGARD N- 1' Mr. and Mrs. Linke C0mDIimcnts of Best Wishes to not vAsi-I A N N nr FRANK Ffom and HARRY Novomv Uncle C0m9"mc""5 of Congratulations to ERROL Dr. Leo J. Brenwasser A CI' P Slaves l626l STAN - DON - HOWIE - JIMMIE Congratulations to To TESS ouk FRIEND EARL Hom Paul Gilbert John and Dorothy Yufer ,UNE ,45 Compliments of Compliments of Dr. Sidney S. Brenwasser Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Beck Congratulations to COVWQVBYUIGNOVWS to MY GRANDDAUGHTER DOLORES GERARD OUR DAUGHTER ROSE Mrs, 0, Gallq Mr. and Mrs. Ciro Favato 101 Tel. UNion 5-0506 C. D. B. Embroidery Cutting Works CHRISTINA DE BENEDICTIS, Prop. 714 Central Avenue Union City, N. J. TeI. UNion 3-4567 Fink's FURNISHINGS for MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN H. c. MINQK R, E. MINCK Petermann Co. Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE CARBONATED BEVERAGES Tel. UNion 7-1790 109-I1 36th Street Union City, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-4806, 7-9411, 7-3092 Joseph Parentini's Pharmacy Incorporated The Original Parentini Pharmacy CHARLES H. ARNOLDI, Ph.G. Established 1903 1227 Bergenline Avenue 809 Summit Avenue Union City, N. J. Corner 13th Street Union City, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-5277 CLARENCE T. MANN Al Torre ' CANDY d LUNCHEONETTE Mann's Auto Service an 1517 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES OF CARS Steering and Brake Service Ignition Electrical Repairs, Complete Lubrication 408-IO-12 Paterson Plank Road Near Sth Street Union City, N. J. Tel. U-Nion 3-4294 A. W. Holman Co. 5-I0 and 25: STORE A. W. HOLMAN 2029 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. UNi0n 7-8682 R. A. MOSIELLO Summit Flower Shop Don't Think for Hours-Say lt With Flowers 1002 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel: UNion 3-6277 Murray's Silk Store 3610 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-1537 Bartolucci Bros. CARPENTERS and BUILDERS 601-13tI'1 STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 5-4928 Marini's Market DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF SEA FOOD 1101 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. -A ,v-.-. 4' - -' - v - v - v - - W Emerson Meat Market 1800 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Monastery Flower Shop "FLOWERS FOR ALL 0CCASIONS" 1919 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N "Ramella The Hatter" 1815 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Bergenline Sweet Shop Proprietor-MICICH 2106 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N Tel, UNion 5-5973 G. Dipoto Walser's Stationery Store FRUIT and VEGETABLES CANDY - SODA FOUNTAIN - TOYS 2103 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION c1TY, N. J 2028 NEW YORK AVENUE UMON UTY' N Compliments of Savoye Meat Market Tel. UNion 5-1757 1129 HUDSON BOULEVARD NORTH BERGEN, N. J Compliments of O C Mlllles Homeroom 1912 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N Tcl. .IOurnaI Square 2-8573 Hudson Neon Company 339 PALISADE AVENUE JERSEY CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-8778 United Italian Co-Operatives, Inc. OF UNION CITY, N. J., 2312 SUMMIT AVENUE - 116 PATERSON PLANK Tcl. UNion 7-9547 Twin Sweet Shop CANDY and STATIONERY 415 WEST STREET UNION CITY, N. J Tel. UNion 7-8189 Paul Arnaboldi GROCERIES SOI CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. H. Borenstein DELICATESSEN and GROCERIES 379 MOUNTAIN ROAD UNION CITY, N. J. Toscano Provision F. TRIPODI, Proprietor 1319 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N Tel. UNion 3-0082 Dr. Milton J. Stark Dr. Frances L. Stark OPTOMETRISTS ' 3115 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N Compliments of Sunshine Laundry Tel. UNion 3-5737 2807 BERGENLI-NE AVENUE UNION CITY, N Y1- v4j4v4I4v'lL-4? Y Tel. UNi0r1 3-I7I5 John J. Parentini Tel, UNiorI 3-4069 Ludwig Klas FINE CUSTOM TAILOR PHARMACIST Tailoring, French Cleaning, Dyeing, Altering and Pressing 604 PATERSON PLANK RD. UNION CITY, N. J. 1724 NEW YORK AVENUE AT The Tfansfef SIGTIOYI OPP. EMERSON HIGH SCHOOL UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of Fox Dept. Store FORMERLY GEO. GOELZ'S SONS Wear for entire family at prices to suit your pocketbook 27OI BERGENLINE AVENUE COR. 27th STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNiOI'1 7-953I Mae 6' Sam's Candy Store 543 - 27fI'I STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Tel.. UNion 7-8483-4 Notary Public George H. Buess REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Automobile Licenses Issued Here Auto Bills of Sale, Estates Managed, Rents Collected 2900 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNiorI 7-6683 Chelsea Chenille Prod. Corp. 5119 BERGENLINE AVENUE WEST NEW YORK, N. J. Lindemann Confectionery Tel. UNi0n 7-I I77 Standard Sign Maintenance 2009 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION Cl-I-Y, N. J. FOR NEON SIGN REPAIRS and MAINTENANCE Te" UNM 77890 PRICE QUALITY SERVICE Michael Cleaners Kassubs Delicatessen Famous French Dry Cleaners and Dyers 1701 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N- J- 2015 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 3-2I75 Tom Puleo F. W. Snowtlack Cerveney's NEON SIGN SERVICE Stationery, School Supplies, Toys and Games 86I8 NEWKIRK AVENUE NORTH BERGEN, N, J, ZIO8 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N- J. Werbans Bakery HIGH GRADE BAKERY PRODUCTS Prompt Attention Given to Weddings and Parties Tel, UNior1 3-9708 E. Cr J. Service Station BLUE SUNOCO GAS Batteries - Repairs - Ignition 1306 SUMM11' AVENUE UNION CITY' N. J' IIIO HUDSON BOULEVARD UNION CITY, N. J. Tel, UNion 5-0525 A H 'd - el el' Emerson Fur Shop S T O V E R E P A I R S J. G. TARZIAN, Furrier 8I6 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. 24I3 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. -4-vi--1-,A-,A-','4pA,',', --v'--v'-'-'---'Y'f-'f."in6 IO4 ANTONIOTTI Cr GUALINO, Props. Union City Warehouses MOVING and STORAGE Short and Long Distance Hauling-Coal Dealers 706-708 SEVENTH STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Tcl. UNion 7-8249 Monti's Beauty Salon Specializing in COLD WAVES, PERMANENTS and HAIR DYES 9I3 SUMMIT Ave. At Iofh sf. UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-3I9O-3l9I Peplau 6' Petermann WHOLESALE and RETAIL PRIME MEATS and PROVISIONS 2lO9 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel, UNion 3-4643 L. Fritz GROCERIES - VEGETABLES PRA1"r's rnosfso rooos l7Ol NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments ot U. Laiolo Fruits and Vegetables Groceries and Delicatessen Tel. UNion 3-9446 ISI NINETEENTH STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Tcl. UNion 7-9765 TONY TEDESCO, Prop. Tedesco Restaurant Pizzeria RESTAURANT Sea Food Italian Spaghetti and Ravioli Dinner, Banquet and Private Parties Accommodated 6700-O7 BERGENLINE AVENUE WEST NEW YORK Tel. UNion 7-I238 Central Meat Market PRIME MEATS and POULTRY 2600 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tcl. UNion 3-9042 Thomas Lanzone STATIONERY STORE iii Tel. UNion 3-98IO Fox's Ice Cream We Make Our Own Ice Cream Fresh Daily SI7 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 5-I646 Royal Tailor LADIES' and GENTS' TAILORING Dry Cleaning - Pressing . Dyeing - Repairing 519 GRAND AVENUE NORTH BERGEN, N. J. Compliments of Midtown Sweet Shoppe JOS. CHIEFFE, Prop. 2805 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of Star Ravioli Mfg. Tel. UNion 3-2057 SIS BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of Kaeser's Bakery 7708 BERGENLINE AVENUE NORTH BERGEN NEW JERSEY Hilltop Bakery 86I4 HUDSON BOULEVARD NORTH BERGEN -NEW JER SEY Compliments of SC G' WC Manufacturers C 0. I62O MANHATTAN AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 5-l7I2 Prof. Remo Taverna MUSIC STUDIO 25IO CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. IQII PALISADE AVENUE UNION CITY, N- -I- if -LA f lv 'gr' J-A - A Tel. UNiorI 5-S915 Nick A. Samra TRUCK and AUTO REPAIRS Carburator - Ignition - Brake Service Motor Overhauling and All Types of Repairing Tel, UNion 7-7549 C Cr H Cleaners and Dyers 1620 BERGENLNE AVENUE 4000 PALISADE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J, CORNER Wfh STREET UNION CITY, N. J Cong,-afulafjons Tel. UNion 7-S095 ' I Central Valet Josie s Beauty Shoppe CLEANERS and DYERS . SPECIALIZED IN PERMANENTS 513 SUMMIT AVENTSE UNM 5"69BNION Cm, N J 1200 SEVENT1-I STREET NORTH BERGEN, N. I Louis Farah CARPENTER Tel. UNIOn 5-7190 Tes ' An Bridal Shoppe BRIDES and ATTENDANTS GOWNS Made to Order and Ready Made 2602 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY N J 5121 BERGENLINE AVENUE WEST NEW YORK, N.J Tel, UNIOI1 5-5705 Q .1 LIppI s Jules Meat Market . . Sanitary Flsh Market PRIME MEATS, POULTRY and PROVISIONS 16,0 SUMMIT AVENUE UN,UN CNY N' J' 2022 BERCENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. I Tel. UNion 3-9077 8912 Tel. UNion 5-7422 M. L. KAPLAN, Mgr The Arena Pharmacy P"enl"5 CI0l'I'e5 PHILIP J. ARENA, Ph. G. "FACTORY T0 YOU" 704 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY N J 3701 eERCEN1.1NE AVENUE UNION C1TY, N. I Compliments of Tel. UNi0r1 3-0264 Tel. UNior1 3-5837 Piantoni G' Costanzo T"3P3'1' and F'5l"ef Delicatessen PAINTERS and DECORATORS 1217 I3ERc3ENL1NE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. 907 - NWI STREET UNTON UTY, N- J- Tel. UNion 3-8128 HAROLD CANNON, Prop. Te" UNM' 349800 9 I Q HarQId'5 Jewelry SPIIO S Drug SGYVICG, II1C. Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY 320 - 4811- STREET UNION CITY, N. J. 501 - 32nd STREET UNTON CITY, N. J. ASK YOUR DEALER FOR "LittIe Shaver's Shoes" Frank Castellano GROCERIES - DELICATESSEN 2602 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. IO6 J. Tcl. UN1on 3-9390 Larry's Luncheonette CANDY - LUNCHEON - ICE CREAM Washington Park Modern Sanitary Barber Shop AT ITS BEST 2409 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. 411 BERGENLINE AVENUE Comphmcnts of Tel. UNion S-0376 S, C, 5- W, C, Mfg, CQ, William Brulisauer Manufacturer of Tel. UNion 7-2444 LACES and EMBROIDERIES 1620 MANHATTAN AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. 524 s1xTY-N1NT1-1 STREET GUTTENBERG, N. J. Comphmcnts of . - D. Ronchi Sillery Embroidery Works D I , ea er 1n EMBROIDERERS MUSIC and MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 1720 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY. N- J- 2910 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. TcI. UN1on 3-0524 Tel. UNion 7-8557 Modern Dairy Thgmas CQ.-,fe F. C- JOPP, Pf0P-- PAINTING and PAPERHANGING 563 . 559, STREET WEST NEW YORK' N, J, 2904 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tcl. UNion 7-1486 Tel. UNion 7-9610-9215 A. G. Hardware Co. Edmund J. Ziflk, Ph.G. DRUGGIST HARDw4rIggL:ncI T:h:'TssUPPLIEs Quality Is the First Thought Here 1616 SUMMIT AVENUE 2408 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. CORNER T7fh STREET UNION CITY' N. J. Toi. UN1on 7-9409 . . . I William Sollueau Ph.G. Benkelmann 5 Bakefl' PHARMACIST GROCERY and DELICATESSEN 1301 SUMMIT AVENUE CORNER 13111 STREET UNION CITY, N, J. 514 GRAND AVENUE NORTH BERGEN, N. J. COYYYDIIVIWCNS Of Compliments of Pipp's Food Center West New York Tel, UNM 5-1852 Lumber and Supply Co. 700 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. WEST NEW YORK NA J. Tel, UN1on 7-4375 Frank Spiekermann Bakery 2907 BERGENLINE AVENUE BET. 29114 C1 30th STS. UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of American Carpet Cleaning Works Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. K. Sahagian 82I2 HUDSON BOULEVARD NORTH BERGEN, N. J. -'-' tp' ...ali-,4'.1A v Y v-1-'1-,1-v Congratulations to CHARLES KORN and CLASSMATES Mother, Dad, Sis Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schor and Sons Compliments of Joseph Modero Mr. and Mrs. A. Rohner Congratulations to OUR DAUGHTER ELVINA Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schlemm Congratulations to OUR DAUGHTER On Her Graduation Mr. and Mrs. H. Pomeroy Congratulations to J A N E T On Her Graduation Mother, Dad and Jerry Congratulations to MY SISTER ISABELLE Robert McCIung SZfc Congratulations to OUR DAUGHTER GERTRUDE Mr. and Mrs. H. Romano Congratulations to THE GRADUATING CLASS The D'Annunzio Family Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Althanasion Best Wishes to All for a Successful Future Dr. J. Sinoway OPTOMETRIST IOI7 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Brod Best Wishes to OUR NIECE EDNA On Her Graduation Mr. and Mrs. H. Chasmer Best Wishes to OUR NIECE EDNA On Her Graduation Mr. and Mrs. A. Nineinger 25I2 ADAM PLACE UNION CITY, N. J. A, LY!'v!',lfv!-Av!-A -.ld Y -4? .7 - 5 T11 Q, 4, 1 ti v Taverna fr Ascari CII4 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Comphmenfs of Emil Ba rakat FANCY FRUIT and VEGETABLES Fresh Killed Lamb--Imported and Domestic Groceries I Tel. UNion 5-I78O Henrichs Record Shop SIOI BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J Compliments of Philip SpadoIa's Stationery Store WE SELL 2418 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. School Supplies, Ice Cream, Candy and Soda TEI. UNion 3-1306 ESI. 1903 Tel. UNI011 7-4685 I Suhr s Frank J. Cascardo, Inc. PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY LOUISE S. OHLMEYER, Ph.G., Reg. Phar. in charge. 2909 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Complnmcnts of N. H. C. Co. FRANK J. CASCARDO REALTORS - INSURORS 2912 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J Tel. UNion 7-6039 Negrini's Meat Market 622 - 22nd STREET UNION CITY, N. J Victory Beauty Shop H- F0l'SI'6l' sPEcIALIzEs IN PERNIANENTS C"EAN'NG and DYHNG IZI FRANKLIN STREET JERSEY CITY, N. J. Compllments of - MilIer's Union Farmery . Bunn and EGGS Grocery 6' Delicatessen Tel. UNion 7-5826 2705 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. 2316 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY. N- J Tcl. UNIon 3-2438 Tel. UNior1 3-4510 . . Havemeyer's C. F. Parentlnl FANCY GROCERY and DELICATESSEN 25,6 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. 2026 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J Compliments of Antoinette's Specialty Shop M I Sh e'l'Z el' S 0 FINE LINGERIE 9 44I2 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J, 903 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J 1-,ti-4-nr'-1'-nfvii-. ' .-T .'fv "- V'f1'-3 Congratulations to OUR DAUGHTER NORMA Mr. and Mrs. A. Guinchi Compliments of A Friend Compliments of Edward Plourde and Laura Sella U. S. S. THURSTON, USN Best Wishes to DOLORES GERARD Don Ballerini Congratulations to Congratulations to MARIE MY SISTER MARIE Louise Sambarino and Arlene Sambarino Ann Veloce Compliments of The Baron Congratulations to OUR BROTHER CAIVANO Mrs. 0. Paoloni and Mrs. R. Soldato Best Wishes to 0UR NIECE DOLORES GERARD Major and Mrs. J. B. Finnin Congratulations to NORMA From ELINOR, JOAN, ARLENE, GLORIA Congratulations to MY SISTER LUCY Cpl. Carmelo P. Racamato Congratulations to DOLORES GERARD From Mike Dal Pozzo Compliments of Daniel S. Cieri M. D. Tel. UNion 3-8894 l5l5 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J Congratulations to MY DAUGHTER ANTOINETTE Mr. and Mrs. A. Monico Congratulations to OUR SISTER LUCY On Her Graduation Grace and Lily Racamato O Congratulations to VINCENT From Mother, Father, Ann E. J. Lora, D.D.S. Compliments of A Friend Mr. Cf Mrs. Peter H. Johnson Compliments of Fred Macchi LYNWOOD, CALIFORNIA Compliments of Private Attallah Kappas Compliments of Thomas Tanner WEST NEW YORK Compliments of The Fifth Street Boys Congratulations to MY sou vic Mrs. V. Ceseretti Congrat lat 0 to CLARA MOLINO 4 Horse-Men JERRY - RAY . PHIL - JULES Congratulations and Best Wishes to OUR DAUGHTER IRMGARD Mr. and Mrs. Krohn Best Wishes to our sou Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fabris Congratulations to THE CLASS OF JANUARY '46 Mr. and Mrs. Sam Viola Good Luck to OUR NIECE DOLORES GERARD SC 3fC and Mrs. A. Gallo Compliments of MR. and MRS. J. ZUCKERMAN and DAUGHTERS, BARBARA and ANITA Congratulations to OUR DAUGHTER JOAN Mr. and Mrs. J. R. DeZeIler Compliments of A Friend Congratulations to OUR SON From Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Kick Congratulations to HARRY KICK Mr. and Mrs. David Hollingshead MY SISTER-IN-LAW MARILYN Cpl. Efrem Brauer MANILA, PHILIPPINES Compliments of "Just A Friend" J. H. JOHNSON F. McINTYRE E. VOORHEES J. BANGEMAN Congratulations to Congratulations to MY COUSIN, DOLORE From Evelyn Lisa S MARTIN OUR DAUGHTER Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martin Best Wishes to Congratulations to ELSIE Mr. and Mrs. A. Lowsky OUR DAUGHTER ELSIE On Her Graduation Mr. and Mrs. Bert Reddell Congratulations to OUR SON EARL On His Graduation Mr. and Mrs. E. Marshall Congratulations to L E N A From Mother, Dad and Jennie Congratulations to OUR SON MARTY Mr. and Mrs. Di Gioia Jack Broojian Best Wishes to OUR DAUGHTER GLORIA On Her Graduation From Mr. and Mrs. V. Sica ,1A.r'vA-','-'-'-' v-v-'- Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Zahn Compliments of A Friend ll2 in -14-1'-Y' QL'-me-lv' v A-QA-nf - -fSfif Congratulations to MY SISTER ROSE Louise Favato Compliments of Louis Iorio Congratulations to CLARA and VILMA From Lillie Palombini Congratulations to OUR NIECE DINA From Aunt Anita and Uncle Mike Congratulations to OUR DAUGHTER On Her Graduation Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Delmenico Best Wishes to OUR NIECE DINA From Aunt Lena and Uncle Tim FROM FAYSON LAKES Compliments of A. Nicoletti Compliments ot R. A. and Family Congratulations to OUR SON HAROLD From Mr. and Mrs. H. Brown Compliments ot Mr. and Mrs. Benkelmann Congratulations to S lffc Howard C. Brunje JUN: '43 EDWE On His Graduation P. F. C. Arthur R. Brunje Pfc. A. Girardi JUN: '42 C. F. Malanka Cr Sons Louis, Anne and Linda Kandel Congratulations to OUR DAUGHTER WINIFRED Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Triebe Pfc. Edwyn Triebe Congratulations to FRANK BISCEGLIE On His Graduation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Malizia Congratul t s to C OUR SON FRANK On His Graduation Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bisceglie g t I t s to OUR NIECE CLARA From Sgt. Angelo R. Spadaccini and Pfc. Anthony Spadaccini Congratulations to Compliments of VIC and MARTY From Ruth and Louise Mr. and Mrs. George Balich COMPLIMENTS OF MR. and MRS. LOUIS HIRSH IZO4 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF LITERARY AND BUSINESS STAFF SENIOR YEARBOOK JANUARY CLASS OF 1946 Congratulations to OUR NIECE, DOLORES GERARD Mr. and Mrs. J. Meyer Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF JANUARY '46 Mr. and Mrs. Alex Landau and Son Compliments of Emerson Business Office Staff Compliments of Joe's Barber Shop -T-A-'-1-A .ev A-.LA-17 - T - -6' - A -TTL 4 Pvt. George Witthoeft '44 Lou and Rudy Mr. Er Mrs. E. Eberlein B. L. Griffin Mrs. Fana Love, Mother Mr. G Mrs. Bartoldus Jacqueline Blangey Pauline C7 Lillian Weisberg "Yo" Zuccaro Mr. C1 Mrs. Dessow Mr. C1 Mrs. J. Castel The "Paddy" Girls Rose Cr Sadie Severino Mr. C7 Mrs. Tuddy DiStefano Mr. Adam DiSte'fano Mr. C7 Mrs. James E. Farnum Lillian Garabedian Max Barondess Home Room 209 Margie Perla Katherine Giordano Louis Spada Clara Giordano Mr. G Mrs. F. Retano Bill Green Mr. Cf Mrs. Charles Kasparian Linda Cr Lorraine Kasparian Mrs. H. Rifkin Kurt Heyn Mr. Er. Mrs. George T. Gaynor Mr. C1 Mrs. Levenstein Joe Zampalla Mr. G' Mrs. K. Fleischer Mr. James Cantelmo Mr. C7Mrs. Milton E. Mandel Mr. Cr Mrs. Joseph Davis Mr. C7 Mrs. David R. Smith Mr. G Mrs. Patrick Lamberti Mr. Cr Mrs. Louis Perego Mrs. Abler Mancino G Aragona Mr. Frank Tripodi Mrs. Martha Hug Anthony "Spike" Polcari Mr. C:rMrs. L. Palenik Mr. G Mrs. Aless Mr. Cr Mrs. Ferrilla Emil R. Agresta Mr. G Mrs. George Trenz Mr. Cr Mrs. James Tessitore Mr. G Mrs. O. Rohner Mr. GMrs. Golden Home Room 203 George Nasser Mr. 6' Mrs. L. Castelucci Home Room 2Ol Harold Bentz Mr. C1Mrs. H. Schreiber, Sr. Mr. 6' Mrs. M. Von Waldheim Mrs. Clemenson Mrs. Kay Zimmerman Mr. Cr Mrs. Charles Tackney Mr. John Hamilton Mr. August Appel Right Balcony Fifth Street Boys Charles Schultz Frank Hoffmann Betty Brown Shop Mr. C1 Mrs. R. Schreiber Josephine Macchi Peggy Van Pelt '45 Mr. C: Mrs. B. Van Pelt A Friend Mauro Massenzana Yolanda Franzetti Joe Quinn Dr. John J. Powers Dr. Rea J. Powers Fred Al'fano Mrs. J. Gaywood PATRONS William Nafash Sally Nafash Eileen Nafash George Nafash V Sgt. C7 Mrs. Gregory Sladovich Miss Edith M. Kaufmann Solomon Cohen Mr. 5' Mrs. Arthur Hemmlngsen Mr. Cr Mrs. Martin Strazzabosco Anne Brown l Bill Nafash Mr. E1 Mrs. Mr. 6' Mrs. Joseph May lsador Weisberg Mr. C1 Mrs. Claveloux Mr. C1Mrs. Jos. Potente, Jr. Mr. C-rMrs. D. Castelli Sylvia Botten Mrs. F. Hanna Kay Keshishian Mary Keshishian Isabel Enokian Mrs. Whitney Mr. 6- Mrs. Vito Spinelli Cpl. Thomas G Mary Cioce Miss Esther Timpano Mr. O. W. Clemenson Mr. Cr Mrs. R. Hall Mrs. Louise Trampler Ed lShultzl Miller Mr. Parker Adelberg Ronald "Zu-Zu" Zwersher Mrs. Lucy Broojian ' James F. X. Donnelly . Raymond Kaprelian Miss Nancy Milo Mrs. A. Camelli Home Room 2l l Pfc. George Grau Peppy's Foods lnc. Thaler Family Home Room Home Room Home Room Home Room Home Room Home Room Mr. and Mrs. 303 304 307B Bl l 3 l 4L 317 George Sladovich Lt. lJ.G.i and Mrs. Joseph J. Sladovich Angelo Femia . Fran 6' Sarah Mr. G Mrs. Joutras i Mr. Cr Mrs. G. Hoch and Daughter Mr. G Mrs. J. Stalo'ff f Carmen La Carubba . The Four Ah's Mr. CrMrs. R. Ranta 1 Mr. GMrs. H. Tatgenhorst TfSgt. H. R. Jenisch M. GS. Cutting Co. Mr. ErMrs. A. Sileno Home Room 213 Mrs. Liberata Naglieri Mr. G Mrs. A. Chiesa - Mr. C1 Mrs. Fred Emanuelli Mr. C1Mrs. Frank Martin Frank Ballabio Mrs. Fred Fiechter John Conte Mary Grandi Mr. 5 Mrs. Michael Kelleher J. Romano Alfred Ballabio Mrs. J. Romano Mr. G Mrs. A. Cerny M, J. Romano Mrs. Lorenz Cr Family Mr. G Mrs. V. Fugnitti Mr. Charles Muller Mrs. Mercurio Michael Scarpello Mr. Car Mrs. Vecchione Mr. G Mrs. H. Kantor ' Mr. Edward Steinel Mrs. J. Scarpello Palladino Family Helen Cr Roland Luciano Home Room 2lO Balcony Left Ben Lapidus Joe Pevarnick Mr. 6' Mrs. J. Cortese Mr. C1 Mrs. W. Albrecht Pfc. George R. Hofmeister Mr. C1 Mrs. Joseph Koenig "Chicken" "Howie" Mr. G' Mrs. George Anderson Home Room 200 X Mr. G' Mrs. R. Ellerman Mr. Gr Mrs. Francis Day Mr. C1 Mrs. H. Herr Mrs. Mary Lanza Rudy Carbora Mrs. J. Milo Rosemary Hanna Miss Diane Hanna Cpl. and Mrs. Frank Sladovich Mr. and Mrs. George Parker Mr. Andrew Andresen Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cochran Mr. and Mrs. Fred launale Miss Marie Boissom Eugene F. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rago Mr. Alfred Danchise Mr. Robert Rose Mr. and Mrs. H. Stein Kevin Raymond Orbach Mr. and Mrs. John K. Garabedian Robert Garabedian Grace and Gladys Habeeb Mr. and Mrs. V. Jenisch Dorothy Aless Mr. Peter Grandi Mrs. Grandi Rose Favato Mr. and Mrs. Charles Didymos Mr. and Mrs. Blackman Robert Blackman Mr. Joseph Sahagian Sgt. John Favato, U. S. M. C. Mr. and Mrs. Albert King Mr. and Mrs. C. Keller Mr. and Mrs. Wittke Anthony and Yoly F. Conod Marion Boehm Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Orr and Family Pfc. Charles E. Ulicny Mr. and Mrs. Ulicny Mrs. J. Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. E. Weisshaupt Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Mehaffey William Nafash Mr' Gigandet The Nurse's Helpers Mrs. S. Morrison Vanda Pegoraro Mrs. D. Schack Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Eli Mr. and Mrs. H. Stroem A Friend Joseph Passavanti Philip Cavese Mr. and Mrs. Bianchi A Friend A Friend Home Room lOO Home Room lO6 Home Room lO3 Mrs. Gigandet Claire Gigandet Home Room lO7 Home Room lO9 Home Room l l l Evelyn Ackerman Eugenia Albera Dorothy Aless Eugene Aloi Antoinette Arnodio Philip Ayella Ronald Barsanti Florence Bartoldus Nancy Battone Donald Beck Jack Berardi Teresa Bianchi Frank Bisceglie Marion Boehm Ann Broojian Harold Brown Richard Brunje Michael Caivano Roy Calcagne Donald Camelli Anne Caserta Lawrence Castel Peter Cerrato Louis Cinquina Louis Clayeloux Althea Clemenson Margaret Conte , Vincent Conte Edward Craviolo Norma D'Annunzio Andrew De Beneclictus Dina Delmenico Perry Del Purgatorio Louis De Noia Anthony De Polo Joan De Zeller Xenia Didymos , John Donnarumma Raymond Durante Lawrence Early Shirley Eberlein Alfred Fabris Rose Farah Rose Favato Frank Franzetti , Victoria Fronjian Manuel Garshofsky Dolores Gerard Walter Gigandet Mareline Giordano Edwin Girardi Norma Grandi Janet Grosskopf Norma Guinchi Howard Hanna Robert Helder Josephine lnclelicato Anna Jenisch George Keller Mary Kenajian John Kcshishian ' irector Harry Kick Charles Korn lrmgard Krohn Walter Liesegang Charles Lusto June Macchi Elaine Marchesani Libero Marotta Earl Marshall Dolores Martin lsabelle McClung Felix Mesiavech Louise Milo Gabriel Modero Clara Molino ,, Antoinette Monico Edward Musto William Nafash Anne Naglieri Lena Pascuoriello Vancla Pegoraro Mario Pesaresi Edna Peters Dario Pia Ethel Pomeroy James Potente , Setrag Proodian , Lucy Racamato Elsie Reddell Anna Rchter August Rohner Gertrude Romano Ida Romano Shirley Rubenstein Joseph Sacco Marie Samborino Lawrence Scacchetti Lillian Scheck Elvina Schlemm Sanford Schor Dolores Schroeder Wallace Schubert Laura Sella , Gloria Sica , Theodore Sladovich Evelyn Stein Peter Sulich Marilyn Tauber Ann Tessitore Biagio Timpano Paul Tinning Catherine Tizio Winifred Triebe , Mark Uglesich Vilma Ulicny Rosemarie Vecchione Zelda Vinik, Emanuel Weisberg ,, Ruth Weisshaupt Marie Werner Edward Wittke m

Suggestions in the Emerson High School - Altruist Yearbook (Union City, NJ) collection:

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