Emerson High School - Altruist Yearbook (Union City, NJ)

 - Class of 1941

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Emerson High School - Altruist Yearbook (Union City, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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'ND IIE, IIE NW 11D IIQ IID OR a quarter of a century Emerson High School has been emi- nent in shaping the courses of a cross section of American youth. Able administration, an understanding faculty, careful guiclance, and improved methods of teaching are some of the elements which have contributed to the success of this great under- taking. The literature in this Yearbook reflects the image of these twenty-five years of progressive education at Emerson. We pre- sent it now not only for the purpose of serving as a cherished memory for us, the graduates, in the years to come-but also for the purpose of lightening the cares of those who have become depressed and of incutcating in them a more optimistic View to- ward life. IUIDNIIIIIENIIS SENIQRS LITERATURE SPECIAL FEATURES ACTIVITIES SPORTS IND 145118 Ili 'IU 1AWHli4lD N WE dedicate this Yearbook to Mr. Walter A. D. Clark, who has for many years served as a progressive leader in the administration of the commercial department and in the faculty at Emerson High School. He has endeared himself in the hearts of all who have come in contact with him through his warm under- standing and his cheerful manner. These very characteristics assure him of continued success in all his future undertakings. To iwir. Parker, our school superintendent Your unfaiiing assistance and cooperation Along VVitil your participation in support of our every function, Has been an incentive throughout our iiigii SliilO0i education. MR. ALBERT C. PARKER Supcrinienclcnl till THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Fir. Alumni C. Saiycr, Fir. Eniwarri Grollu, Mr. Charles A. Broun, Pri-simicnt: ixir. Patrick E. ixiusto, Vim-Prcsirtn-nil: Fir. Ciurencc J. Rienmn Vve also Wisil to SIIONV Our very sincere appreciation For tile interest silown us By time Board of Education. NIR. JOSIQPH 1. NIANFY Prim iyml To our principal, lxlr. lxlaney. Nve are grulclul lor all youive done ln giving your lielp and guidance, And lor your patience witlr everyone To Nlr. Curlwriglil, our vicv-prinripal, Vvllo is our inspiration, lxlany a tlranlxs to you For all your cooperalion. HR, FLAUDE VV. CARTNYRIGHT Vin- Prinripul LILLIAN CARDIFF lltii QID IW IKE IIQ 'ID HD IW 1HE2AMU1IHi1!E1iQ Y HELEN ASTON HOWARD HILLAS XVINII RED 'WEN ER DONALD Mt-EXVAN SUR ilome room tencilers have been of immeasurable aid in ileip- ing and encouraging us in our individual trials and ideals. We cannot fuiiy express our heartfelt tilaniis for tileir unfaiiing assistance. IE MI IIE IIE, S UD N 5 GUIDANCE ENGLISH FOREIGN LANGUAGES FINE AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS PHYSICAL EDUCATION LIBRARIAN IF A IIIZ IIU IL II NY HISTORY MAH IEIVIATICS SCIENCE COMMERCIAL OFFICE STAFF I IEALTII Editorial Staff Of Senior Altruist Editor-in-chief Caption Efiitors Literary Staff Special Features MARY KRIKORIAN Associate Editor DOROTHY NARA Composing Editor SEYMOUR SCHXVARZ Literary Editors RUTH NEUBERT RUTH SLOCKBOVVER JOHN TAGLIABUE CAROLYN CASEY PAT TORRE Club Editor EDMUND AINIARA Sports Editor AUGUST CATTANEO Art Editor LOUIS BORC-HI Pilotograpliy EUGENE TEMPIA ALFRED YABROUDY Carinclla Avoglia Arilwin Barsanti Norma Botwinilx Iiclcn Caplovitz VLIIPTCSR Grulwclicln Liawrc-m'e Ilarl Calvin KOCII Sylvia Pinnc-r Eleanor Rvirll Russell Benigno Ancirew Brown June Kenna-II1 Claire Lainiuiasi Jolm IVIuniz Irla Palazzo Hilda Ijozner Laura Tcnnaro Ificigar Tis Virginia Troycr Arr Stuff AIIQPIU CTYIIPHIIZUIIU Gcralfline Dilwortli INIary Krilcorian Business Stall Of Senior Aitruisi Business Manager EDWIN JOHNSEN Assistant Business Managers PETE AIVIERIO GLORIA FERRI Advertising Mririayer EUGENE MINATELLI Picture Mariciger FRED INIALIZIA Sales MGYIUQQT ADELINE GAETA Bn Rosalie Bcnigno I"ranr'c-S Dc Luca Carolyn Dc- Stefano Ilope I7orsIeI Lena Gllignone Claire Lainlyiasi Jolm IVIuniZ Virginia Troycr Stuff Cvisela Gun-Izlall June Kennetll Anna Lalrcnz Jollanna IVIiIIcr Jennie Ruggieri Allxa Bosfono I1-Iiw Carciinali Irene I..eo Dam iNIal-fella Norma Botwinilc Ev:-Iyn Lalwouseur Icla I,ovrirIi Nlary Ross ADV ISERS MR. IIOWARD L. IIILLAS, Literature Miss EMMA EHRENBERG, Aff MR. J. HAROLD OCONNELL. Business ZMLTIIQITUIVTSFITV STTYMFIIF iriitnittinittmittgm ti DOROTHY NARA SEYMOUR SCIIXVARZ LOUIS BORGHI EUC-ENE TEMPIA MARY KRIKORI.-KN Associate Editor Computing Eftitnr An Eftnor I'imt0gmpI-y Editor Iittim-m-Chief ALFRED YABROUDY AUGUST CATTANEO EDMUND AMARA CAROLYN CASEY Pixotoqrapixy Editor Sports Ertitor Fluid Editor Caption Ertitnr EDXVIN JOHNSEN A Business Blauager ffijkwk . My V7 MV WTO i ' W M 5 1 ,gl ' i g: A312 gg i : -'tv ' ' ET an Q: 32 .s PX i irszigrmig M at X V .tflfxzfigg V 7 O f 'L .szaymzwgf .. 'Q -if T is 4 KF Q 'Q af if 5, 4 . r gl? 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Hallloauer "Peewee" Hudson Navy Footlaall "1 don'l know." 4 in L , 6 kv! lf Muriel Hamann "Bul:lJles" Sarali Gilmore Business Swimming Noll geell' ll llll li X James Hansen "Slim" Hudson Civil Service Model Slliplnuilding "Well, il's like this . . Lawrence E. Hart "Larry" No. 25, il. C. Eleclrical Engineer Football 'AOpen the floor, Riclwielu 26 George VV. Handley K ' George , ' Edison Mechanics Baseball "Good for you." Marie T. Healy "MaCh,. Sl. lvlicllaels Secretary Riding 'lWhere's McCormacla?" 0 -. Hx 4.1, 5' A 27 'QI Auf ill i X 1 HQ UU li S if Hope E.. Hofmann Hcvrumpyn Florence E. Horlaciier "Flo" No. 27, J: C. Bcaulician Bowling "Stop that Bessieln Robert Vvaters Secretary Skating Manfred Hilpmann "Manny, ' Sarah Gilmore Reporter "Oli gosh!" Baseball .. . .. Its no use to worry. Mary A. ltalino "my" Jefferson, N. B. Business Reading "Did anybody see .?' George Paul Jindela "Georgie" Jefferson, N. B. Radio Engineer Ham Radio 'Don'I give me any lullalniesf' 27 Edwin M. Johnsen Jefferson, N. B. Accountant Driving 'lTIldf'S purify good." Harold W. Johnson "Johnny" McKinley, N. B. Machinist Super Seven No. 5 'Tm not proud." Eciytile D. Kasten "Edie" ke - 6 1: X X fgg pg. a , .Mn N r, -ali' ' we xv. na' I 5 wf Robert Vvatcrs Teaching M Ulf H IIE X June E. Kenneth "Red" Jefferson, N. B. Cosmelician Dancing ufeepersin Swimming "Oh, how cute!" Natalie C. Kessler "Nat" Jefferson, N. B. Business Swimming "Thats right." 28 Agnes Kematjian "Aggie" Horace Mann, N. B. Business Roller Skating 'OIL for goodness saizesin nf we Q Q 5, iii . ii iiiiiiiii Gladys C. Kieininerg "Gladie" Sarah Gilmore interior Decoraling Tennis "Oh my goo ness!" 1,v 0 -X. :ll ' , x - i xl! ul 5 oo. IIQ IU li S if ws' W 3, Mary A. Kriicorian "Krazy" Robert Waters Commercial Artist Art .. , ,. Listen now. Calvin Kocii "Cai" Horace Mann, N. B. Cert. Accountant Tennis "Ti1at's an oversized job." Liiiian F. Krapeis "Lil" Robert VVaters Business Reaciing "Hi izicl. " Thomas R. Kyle "Doc" St. Pauis, J. C. U. of So. Calif Basicetinaii "Winat cfya know?" Margarete E. Kunz N I "MiciQie" Hudson Nursing 2 L - Skating , i --Th... 1 ,,., ..g..fnr" Gertrude A. Kumpa Popla' Valley' Pa' SeC'e'a'V Attending iootinaii games 20 ..... ....-. -.-,A ..... -. "cryin, out ou ii . Qs, . K. Evelyn G. Labouseur "Evie" Sarah Gilmore Secretary Attending baseball games "Dang bust it!" Claire Lambiasi Lamby Lincon N. B. College Roiier s ating "What do you think-No?" ngg n g fs 1 0 l-gk -.fn '-ww W an-wx, f X Y r jf 'Env' 'HHH . . ,, Anna K. Lafrenz .'Ann', Hudson J. C. State Teachers Reading "For iieavenls saizeiu Mildred K. Lang "Millie" Edison Business Dancing "'Wi1ere is everybody?" 30 W if ini ii X 5 Dominick La Guardia "Stonewall" Edison Mechanics Sports "Hey, Boy!" Louis Lee "Lee" Edison Business Sports I4 Rayrioi Avenue. Secaucus "W'l8T6,S Sai?" 0 : I -X, an 'Y K' ' uf' : V UQ UU III S W Robert P. Leiser "Bob" St. Josephs Shoot lwctal Fooilmn HHy'a Cfuunpfn ew . we 5 Irene Leo HRen0,' Robert Vvalers Private Secretary Dancing MOI! d90.l'.H Edwin A. Leemann UEJ., Silfilll GiIlllOIC BUSillCSS Swimming "Go afleavlf' Philip E. Lilgeberg "Phil" Horace Mann. N. B. BUSHICSS Asironomy "EgaJY" Gus VV. Lichtenberger "Lew" XfxyilhRlllSl0NVl'l, Y. Business lxlanagcr Baseball "Hana fools!" ..,, ,,,, Robert J. Leonard Edison Aefonmifal Engineer Dm-me n I J .,.,.,.,,4.,.,.,.,.,.,.. .. 7. How are you. Shirley Lisson "Shui" Horace Niann. N. B. N. J. C. for Vvomen - Horseback Riding "Mr, Cartwright again?" ex 6 V 'Ku' ,DJ . f EITIH Loos ..Ed.. Jefferson, N. B. Dental Assistant Q Clarice R. Maianka 'lFG9Clli8,, Edison College ice Skating "Time's a wasting." . . .. Bowling "Oh, Christmas!" if lliilli IIE X Vi iiii ,i:'l?ffYi Ida E. Lovrich "Sugar" Robert Waters Secretary Dancing UNO lzidzlingfl Fred Malizia ' 1 Curly' ' Rolvcrt Vvaters Business Football "H'ya honey." 32 9 Catherine E. Manning "Katie" Ediggn Private Secretary Collecting Cartoons 'Don't speak io me." 'JK O .,, , ff ssggszzart a t IIQ IU tit S lt Dorothy F. Mara "Dot" McKinley. N. B. Nursing Caesar R. Ntarronf- "Haute" IQOIUCH Xvatvrs Plylili, 5 Foottuatt "VVlwrv's Mario?" Swimming "I title them taut" Leonard J. Massaro "Leo" Saratl Gitniore Printing Compositor Basetaatt HHave you got your story in. Ray McKenna "Mac" Edison Civit Service Foottxatt HDon't be a Lift." 73 Actora A. Marietta "Tiny" Sarati Gitmorc Secretary Singing "I beg your pardon." Johanna M. Mitter NIO.. Jefferson. N. B. Business Rottcr Skating "I: ain't hay." Eugene Minateili "Minnie" Jefferson, N. B, College Sports "Wtiai a Ixeaiinfn Robert E. Minck "Bob" ,r-X ,V V :Si ik! "6 I ku' Aid . 'H Hudson Business iii iiflli IVE X k"i"f" Q K ' 4 . e f Violet E. Monskie "Shorty" Steven Gerard, Pa. Nursing Reading "OH Gosh!" Sports "Oh Yeah?" Henry J. Moreiia "Henny" St. Josephs Music Photography "Woiui S,l9'S cute." 34 'i Esttier Nioiinari "Dimples" Edison Secretarial Work Skating "Jumping grasshoppersin Louis A. Morton "Sleepy" Sarah Gilmore Engineering Su er Seven No. I "So what?" 6 - X Q i5 , i' 4 f Engl 'ar IAQ HU Ili S IVF Virginia Neri "Virgina" Edison Private Secretary Roller Skating John F. Muniz ulofmny Wolf" Ecgson Short Story Vvritef "Oh crumb." Super Seven No. 6 "Hello mess, 1 mean Miss." Louis Muller "Lou" Edison Machinist Sports 'We look a liooizinfn Rutil H, T. Neuibert Henrietke P. Neustein ..Henny., Sarah Gilmore Adress Dancing HSD iiiere ya are.' "Nelly" Edison Bacicrioiogist Dramalics "YO" UH from 'he S"""'?H Alma Nefvi "Al" Edison Secfffafy h .... ,,.,. TMI iiii 35 :s:2:2:3:5:2:2:5:5:2:s:5:3:s 2:s:5:s:5:5:s:sf5:. "Of: iiggersin i VV. Roy Ottmer "Fins h" Hudson Navy Fishing Y HDo you like Calle?" John P. Pampaioni Hpampn Hudson Civii Engineer Baseimii "Go 'heaul will ya?" ,. 1 6 " ll 0 ,, ,, , Twlflf' . 9 1 A 1 if H IIE X Vera Ottone "Vi" H Hudson Business Niaiiing inricncis Moll, COII C on H Icia M. Palazzo "Chick" Horace Mann, N. B. Secreiariai Work Ice Skating 'Tm generous that way." Mary Louise Pastore 'lMary" Roiscrt Vvaters Teaching Niusic Hlsrft thai pretty!" Antoinette E. Pecirani "Neem" Edison Business Reading 36 MOH Christmas" 0 ,A-, -,, 1:1 , ' 2' Qi ul 1lQ,llUiliS If Eclis .af . . , V Josephine M. Perez NIO., Un Receptionist Dancing nlingoesln HDFR J V Sylvia Pinner Upennyu ce Mann, N. B. Business Roller Skating "Oli, how adorable!" Samuel A. Perpetuo rvsamv, Eclison College Mark L. Perucicli Hpoocliien Eclison Electrical Engineer Baseball 'lvvllai a brainln Driving "Vv'afch out for the cattle." Joliln Placlco Hlolmnien Horace lvlann. N. B. Football "HH Coke." 57 Politics Hilcla E. Pozner f.Hep,. Sarall Gilmore College Collecting oclcl jewelry "1 Betf' isi K ..Sz ...,. F ,. 3 1 .w ,5,,:g51gm Eivera C. Preziosi ' ' Vera" Hudson Designer Dancing "Where's Addie?" ,N 1 "'. , . :E ' y n. , r m , 'M v -,A "" ' 'Toi lf' 2 W' Joseph F. Psztur Hloe Sturm Robert Waters Avlahon Super Seven No. 7 Eleanor E. Reicil "Take it easy, son." if H IIE X Delia Marie Rapetti "Del" Hucison Dressmaicer Swimming HAM Come on, leli me." "Duci1ess" McKiniey, N. B. Traveiing Swimming 4'Wll0f'S playing at line Paramount?" Elsie R. Riccarcii HEI., Eciison Secreiariai Woric A Dancing "Winn is if C05f'w7" Fred Roberto is:555sgsgsgs:.,-2:I:1:1:2-' :5:f:5555sSsSs .. ., ' Freddie Edison Aefvnnuliwl Engineer 5:5553 :gg5:5:5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5: Model Airplanes 38 "Hello, son." o , -K. wg, .K . AQ IIE, HU Ili S if Rita Rocca "Rua" St. Josephs BV-lSiFl9SS Dancing "Am I late?" George C. Robbiani "Rob" Robert Vvaters College Basketball "lt isn't Suzabella so it must be . . Philip Rouini "Phil" Hudson Advertising Sports "Your mofor's running." Mary Ross ..May.. Robert VVaters Secretary Movies 59 "Oh, my goodness!" Eleanore Rose UE-lu Horace Mann, N. B. Nursing Horseback Riding "My goodness!" . .,,. 2 3 . ,Z I , .. , f - .L : -mir ' . ' Jennie A. Ruggeri Mlm.. E-diS0H Secretary Dancing "Oh sugar." Daniel P. Rumi "Dan" St. Josephs Business Sports .lWll9f9'S Charlie?" I Emil Scacchetti "Scotty" ' .. ,-.. .4 6 Edison Fordham University TIF H IIE -an Evelyn May Schaefer "Sched" ff No. 8, J. C. Secretarial Vvork Daydreaming A "Oh, what a riot!" . .. Sports 'Pass the ball io Scaltyf, ii Doris K. Schmidt ..Kay.. St. Miciiaeis BUSUICSS Dancing "Where's Rosie?" 40 Mary Scala UTiny" Edison Secretary Dancing "Wflere's your Altruist money?" Seymour Schwarz "Seen Robert Fulton, N. B. Lawyer Slam Collecting "So w at. l' V. s 'eg O . F fs in N is 1... K ,I I. 'C 43- 'iflw IPQ IIU ll S ll 4-. Antliony J. Sferrino Anna Simone ..Anne.. Sarali Gilmore Secretary Singing ulinglesfl Eleanor A. Sladovicll "Ellie" P. S. l, Gulienloerg Business Dancing "OM Gosh!" "Tony" lVlcKinley, N. B. Pliolograplny "Hello, hid!" Radio Rufll A. Sloclxlgmower Hsloclzyn Roluert Vvaters College Delnaling "Good grie . X 'T Gloria P. Speciale "Pal" Hudson Business Teasing "You're wrong abou! ll1af." 4l Edith V. Spiro "Edie" Horace Mann, N. B. College Harmonica uTllere'll come a olayf' Miriam Spitz nlvliclzeyn Roosevelt Arlisf Dogs 5, "And zlon't call me Shorty." Helen Sfefanolo "Helen" ,fx , - 6 ul 0 " R I H sp il 3 ,, f EdiS0n Business Sclwol Ill lil li IAM Dancing George H. Strollsalil "Georgie" Horace Nlann, N. B. Business Boals ..Heyy.. "Oh gully." Paul B. Stucler Marian Auclrey Strolimeier uBUtChn Sarah Gilmore Secretarial VVorlc Collecting Oriel Jewelry Hleepers Creepers." "Slim" St. Brigicls, N. B. Nlecllanics Sports I V V ililiffff li' 5 151212151 iii X .,... . ., . .,.,.,. .,.,,,.., "Well, add me daddy." 5 ':': Lucille T. Sylvester :" Dumont High Dressnlaliing Z izz zzi Swimming d---,.,.,.,.:.,.,.,.:.:..:.:.:V--A 42 "That ain't Elle way I heard iff' 4. 4' 0 , M., 1,1 5. f arm? ,,., ,Q Q- Y 5 in IIQ HU it S if John Tagtiabue ..Tug., Herman Tarelto "Red" Edison Electrician Hunting "So rvflatfr' Nlclfintey. N. B. Teacimcr of Literature Acting ..Hy.a!.. Eugene Tempia mremp.. Horace BIRDH, Sports Business "Tell it to Sweeney." Laura Tennaro "Laurie" Horace Ntann, N. B. Business Sctioot Baseball "Live and learn." 45 Antoinette F. Tatano "Annette" Robert Waters Business Collecting Pictures "Oil, you two by four!" Edgar R. Tis ..Ed.. Edison Accountancy Music "Come on, will ya?" Patrick A. Torre "Pat" Jefferson, N. B. Civil Service Baseball Uyvlial a riolln fe 6 w :KH ' 4 ,i 'hill' 1 Af" Virginia C. Troyer "Glamour Girl Ginny" lf H li X Edison Commercial Artist Robert J. Ullmer Singing uVVlio's Yeliurlify' V J Cecelia B. Tynclell "Moey" Sarali Gilmore Private Secretary Dancing "Oh gee. I don't know." "Bob" Sarali Gilmore Engineering Baslcellaall "Yep, sure, tliafs right." Peter J. Ulricli "Pete" Sl. lvlicllucls Uusine Roller Slinling Ralph P- Ulfifh SL Midmf'S Bwlwss 55555E5255335S5S5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5f5iS52555E5E52555E3E5E5E5E3E5E5E5E5E5E? F0 0,11 R I I 44 Hymn look if. if . 'A n lf !- IIQ IU ii S if iIOS6pl'l XIHICIIZHIIO nlitln P, S. S, Jersey City Band Lcaclcr Popular Ixiusii' "OM iwy Horrors!" Q -Kiwi! Peter Xjeilh 'ASpvvJ" Samii fiilmurr- Navv Fishing 'lxxvlatfliania ca il. HOWVHICI Xfafl THSSPII, JT. HV HU a Duliluiit Businvss Carmine R. Varano Hcarmieu Edison Chemist Fishing HYou think so?" Baskotimli fo be tau is to iw Great. Mildred H. Vvatson "Shorty" Jefferson, N. B. Secretary Swinuning "I Joni get it." 45 Edna A. VVinarsI4i MEJ., Jefferson, N. B. Business Dancing "Oli, gee!" Alfred Yabroucly Irene Rose Yacabucci "Al" "Rosie" 1VIcKinley, N. B. Business Edison Business Photography Vvalkmg Y "Auf: if :he muh." Mm ya Bmcmu 'PUIILASS 4lD1IF1IE1II1IEZllE1lQS ANDREW BROWN ARDWIN BARSANTI President V ice-P resident CASEY DAN1 S ecf gklfy Treasurer O ARDWIN BARSANTI EDVVIN .IOHNSEN PresicIenI Vir'c-President FRANCES DE LUCA CAROLYN CASEY Corresponding Secretary Treasurer HONOR socnzw X 4 3 5 Li GLORIA FERRI Rerording Secretary SCINTILLA BERTINI HELEN CAPLOVITZ I MARY KRIKORIAN CATHERINE IVIANNING Q I dig! if M AAA E EEQ A ALMA NERVI HENRIETTE NEUSTEIN ff' , ELSIE RICCARDI HELEN STEFANOLO , ,W LAURA TENNARO EDGAR TIS NATIONAL XX x 1 X X ff XX v I THE SENIOR PLAY N the night of April 25th, loelore a record-hrealcing crowd, the curtain of the Emerson stage rose on the Senior Play, that celebrated Broadway comedy, "You Can't Take It With You." Our talented Seniors in the roles of memhers of the lovahle Sycamore family comhine most of the elements of comedy in revealing to the aristocratic Kirhy's the philosophy that the time to enjoy lite is now. A su- perh performance was given hy John Tagliahue as Czrandpa Vanderhol in depicting the philosophical old man. Aft l, Scene ll, will always he thought of in connection with Elsie Riccardi and Edwin Johnsen who admiraloly portrayed Alice Sycamore and Tony Kirby, the two lovers lirrllie playl. The young girl who was dancing throughout most of the play was Edith Spiro as Essie Sycamore whose amhi- tion it was to he a toe dancer. However, in the words ot her dancing teacher, 'She stinlcsln Philip Lilgeherg as Paul Sycamore and Louis Berutti as De Pinna deserve special credit for their humorous portrayals. The sight that Louis pre- sented in his Roman Toga will never he forgotten. Ardwin Barsanti and Gladys Kleinloerg as Mr. and Mrs. Kirhy provide an excellent contrast to the rather wild Sycamore family. Fred Roherto as the income tax collector really grows red with anger in his interview with Grandpa who tells him he doesnyt helieve in income tax and will therefore not pay any. Ruth Neuhert was certainly charming as the Grand Duchess Giga Katrina. Her stately wallc into the lcitchen to malce hlintzes is still vivid in everyone's mind. Eleanor Rose did a splendid portrayal of Gay Vvelling- ton. Last hut not least was lvlario Alhanese, the G-Man, whose last words are still ringing in our ears, "Line up, everyhodyl Line upl The audience was most en- thusiastic in their reception of the play, and all concerned were overjoyed at the tremendous success of our Senior Play. 48 ,,v,,.4g5 -.-. , ,agf-fail '- -1 f- W - fag., X Q ' 'H - 1' Q19 ,, ' , , ' V , 1 .+Qf.a13ff" "a, I .M - t., - Pe S 4 ggi, A . .4 .- " . , . . " Xcifiqiigv. A?-3,2 Q? ,' 1' ' EA ,121 J .1 ,. " 1, ' . , -. - ',1"Q'I-95' b 5 A X "1 HA? f -2 .5 - , 'Q 'ig .-'X :P g i 3,12 Q .5 Af ,. ' .-,I - N- Hifi. -A 'Q-.4 f 5: Q ' ' - '-. -, ,, W- g - m y " , 3 f -K, S- Ml m 1 ,,l,:.- ,, u-3 . .gy x-' Gy I 1 fx .gs-, .Y , I Q A f., I r d- , 'jcL .:,fX e u. ,cs 155' A i 1 . Ep Ah . 1. -QA: xx gf , -,,:.. f 1- - t , f--, fe, , 5 , :X ,, --f, A, 1, N - 1 --1- ' 2 , ' I - ' .. -1- 1: L f' , - I ' - . ' 5, - X f' - yy- 45 f '. 2- 4. ' .. ' g ,J X 1-xy , ww i , Q. I ii 1, 1 1 . ' 'V . - . ,, Q. 4 ig-9-, - - f : '1 +I , ,?' ?.. . , ,. f it ' ' X - ',:-" ' - 1 1 V V 3 . . Y 75 Eg , ' . , K . : , 2 -6 ,1647 - , . V -,,-9 r' L 1 - vig' ' . Q - , '-ai . x 5' ,K '-, ". , ' ., 'V , L , ' . . -.wk , -. V -225,2 . ,E-'f"""' ,' 4 L. ' 'A ' X- L , W. -' Y 'f' ,J 'Q '- V if '-a ii .F -HAI 5. . g . ml.-. -sq , . f 1:1 - U s E -Q X i f nfl : A Q - 'A Ji 4 .za 4- . r --1 I pa' 1 ' . I 5- A A, i 53 . ' ,' K 1, 3' ' -' , ' 3 1 .V . ' Q ,S Q '- Y ji . -A I 5' A ,fl " ,, ' ., - A A ' Q 1. 1 ' i 3. 4 3 F .I-4. -V k f' , -L.: 1 ff, . 'Ax ' Effi 'V " 1,-' ,ff.,f3m:5?5' Wfigk Q t ' - - : sm -W- , - ,1 .M - -H vm H V F' '3'-F "Hs, , is., If ny A.,-V,, x . I J" A -Y. 'i 'V' ' ' Q -Jr, mix ,YQ J' Y 'M ' . V: ': it ' I A39'fQw':QQ?l-. , Y. ,' , ' 'X 1 f' . ?f'f :."',i' - . " F 5- ,ig 1 5' - " f 1- , Xp-Q l.,,..-W, " 1 Q .',- , X L SKA A Q Q A 1 Q, 3, fr ,Q f ' , gpg- 3 12,5 - -N ...y - ' ' 3: 1 A ,' 1 ..f ' ,-I in , ,115 ,, 3-, -1 I 1, N '--2' 5 , 3 .5 . g.:1,' , 'T' "' .a',2'-' at 9- -' "'7gQ?Qfg,.fxv'5 -- ' , , gf' ., , , , ,iw ' , sniff ' 'W 1- mi-'-"W - . -' I- -Jr' 4: ' J ' Y rl! Y , , Q, 1 4,3-,5 4' . f 'Fu . - - I 365.95-15 . --iv -'vm - . -2- -- , 59, - -1' rf fi ff LM -J-new ' 1- 1 'v ' . ' W f -s , . x- - "1 .- 'f ,, ,. . 2' , -' LE ., al - Q H - - I 1 1 vm 4 qv' ' ,- .gi f Mir, .-' 3' , ' S Z .Q xg T :nf , :IP-' ' X-.H ' f 0 ,1 T- ir -L ff, , : ' -Pj:-gf-. - , - ' ' Y- ' N. - ,X V , : 5 gg ,ff - r f. , ,.r -- 4 -, ,.. a, ' A 3 -Ml - ' E"j"..5Qf:' -g' -1- -. , . f' V ' D 'f- ,J Q' NNW' 5,-2955. V . im ff' Q22 , -. We 1- ' m X, I , - , :Q .g,::'-1g,,.g- 5,-Sf. .f Q, ,,, f - L- ,f .- .1 .-1 . Q 51: 133-3!f.'6 .E" 5- N, '1 2-ig ,-f ,- ' . ' - 2 av fa-4., ,iiliz -fi' -. - -1 , 5 k 'Q E11 - , g"',' QA ' f ' ,gfgw Q --gf e x. ,if V-x . - 2, . .V1 wx -5- w- x , vim' f ' Q Q. ,M --. -1: -mga, w:L "j-5' HQ, gi ff f' 1' 1' ,sith vwiq iga -32,9 1 .Ni ,,, b.4.,Y,,,Q-, my f - ' f -w -'1 - , 'w-U.-1 - " " A N ' - , W-'E 3 ,-.ffywf-'45 ,u,553.. 1- ,xl n"4f,- -.f'-if-i1QivEgky""' ' "" 'lf---.-.,l'1Ku-' , ., .f '-'-125 1 ' J I AT.. ,IMI HUlHlEI1Q!XU1FliUlIQllE Twenty-Five Years of Liberal Education in Emerson High School NION CITY is closely allied to the growth and development of Emerson High School. Until 1895 graduates of West Hobolcen grammar schools were forced to attend high schools in other municipalities if they wished to continue their education. ln 1895 a high school class was established in old No. 1 school where a three year academic course was offered. In 1901 the high school classes, by then grown to three, were moved to the First Baptist Church building. However, after three years of steady growth the school again moved baclc to old No. 1 school, the course being lengthened to four years. Realizing the great need for a new high school to accommodate the needs and desires of the increasing population, construction was rushed on a new school building. In April 1916 the school was renamed "Emerson High School" in honor of the great American essayist and writer, Ralph Vvaldo Emerson, whose ideals and principals have been the stepping stones of the school's growth. It is extremely interesting to note that in 1916, World War period, the first floor was a recruiting station, the second a grammar school, and the third the high school. Today all space in the building is used for the ever-increasing student body. The year 1916, therefore, marlcs the first step in the history of this educational institution. Throughout the twenty-five years new subjects were slowly introduced to meet the social and economic changes of the country. The constant expanding of the curriculum has greatly increased the scope of advantages offered to the stu- dents of this school. Today this institution not only offers four courses, Boolclceep- ing. Secretarial, General, and Academic, but also a wide choice of electives and minor subjects to fit the talents and desires of the majority of students. Emerson High School offers a course to fit anyone'-fa place for everyone. However, education does not stop with text-bool: lcnowledge. An extremely important part of school life is the extra-curricular activities a school offers to its students. These activities have steadily increased in our school until they number thirty-four. The aid rendered by such a program is invaluable. The various clubs not only supplement classroom worlc and add to the interest of subjects, but also provide social facilities for the student body. Such a program is an important part of the school's growth. A history of Emerson High would hardly be complete if the increased registra- tion was not mentioned. ln 1916 the student body numbered 475: in 1941 it numbers 1855. The graduating class of 1916 numbered 16 students. Our class of 1941 numbers 194 graduates. Thus you can readily see how Emerson High School has grown in regard to its student body. Here is a school that offers every possible advantage to its students. Guid- ance Program, congenial faculty, a banking system, and a school paper, 'The Altruistf' are but a few of these advantages. Here is a school that for twenty-five years has been the foundation for a growing community, constantly offering its services to community life. ,-RUTH SLOCKBOWER 50 Qur Constitution-Qur Government HE historical background of our Constitution-our government-was one of the most dramatic and inspiring phases in the firm establishment of our country as a world power. All the sacred privileges and infinite opportunities, that we, as proud Americans enjoy, have come as a result of this great document. Through our Constitution, no other government in the world so completely and carefully protects the rights of the individual: no other country in the world has ever so prospered under any governmentg no other country has ever enjoyed such a long period of comparative peace, of prosperity and liloerty within the law as we have under this great instrument. Under its protection, the United States is today the richest, the most intelligent, the most powerful and the happiest nation the world has ever seen. But can we truthfully say that we fully appreciate this fact? It seems that we have come to talce this government of ours as we talce the air and the sunshineg as a matter of course. It was a free gift to us. It has cost us nothing. We forget. however, that with our own race it is the result of a struggle that lasted for more than seven hundred years, from the Norman Conquest to the surrender at Yorlc- town. Vve forget that this freedom of ours was not peacefully won: that our fathers bought it with a hitter price: hought it with their bloodshed on a hundred battlefields: bought it with wounds and stripes: with hanishment and confiscation of their property: with confinement in foul dungeons: subjection to the raclc and thumlnscrew and every cruel punishment that wiclced and despotic lcings could in- flict: we forget that every line of that great instrument was bought with the blood of our fathers. They gave it to us-is it too much to ask that we cherish, guard and preserve it? -ARDWIN BARSANT1 CX9QI5 "He Who Builds On Ideas Builds for Eternityu 1-'EIVIERSON ORDS are interesting playthings. Have you ever taken a simple word and sought for its derivation? Let us talce the four-letter word idea. Dea is the Latin word for goddess. Because men were made in Gods image they are capable of possessing ideas: these thoughts that originate in a man's mind, develop and grow to become factors which permeate and dominate all of our everyday life. What in reality are ideas? The dictionary defines them as thoughts or plans. Thoughts that made Joan of Arc save a nation: thoughts that made Napoleon conquer an empire. Every act and every move of all the great men and women that have definitely contrihuted to the history of the world was first an idea. A thought that grew and grew and hecame a great plan that has left its marlc in- delihly on the pages of history. Each of us is a general or leader in his own little world. To get ahead we must develop and use the ideas that come to us. Launch your Ship of Success manned loy the crew of Ideas. -HELEN CAPLovn'z 51 "The Youth That is American MERICA is the slow hut ever forward movement of Art, Science and Education. The greatest guarantee for the continued existence of democracy is the con- tinued existence of a democratic school system. For the school more than any other single institution is concerned with the development of free inquiry, discussion and expression. President Jefferson warned the nation that a democracy cannot expect to remain free if it is uneducated. With this realization in mind the founders of our Repuhlic set forth in the serious taslc of educational construction. Although the traditional little red school house order of discipline has given way to a tretter un- derstanding hetween teacher and pupil: although social conditions continually make demands upon the student bringing such changes as school expansion in sutnjects and courses: there has loeen no fundamental change in spirit and motivation. Our hest defense of Americanism is lmowledge. Knowledge will malce us love and cherish. Here the school is attempting to develop the insight and understanding which enables youth to talce part in the construction and organization of the nation. Here the school is faced with the taslc of equipping youth with attitudes and apti- tudes in lahor which will malce his mastery of his subjects practically effective. The American youth is thankful for this. Whether he is conscious or unaware of this gratitude: it is there in his heart. A little thought will provolce it. But this Ameri- can will not display his gratitude hy superficial exultation-it is not the American way. Lilce his loyalty, his gratitude is not dominated toy spasmodic emotionalism hut hy undeviating Logic. It is simple and sincere. This is the Youth that is America. Hand in hand with the development of education has come the development of the arts. Through art comes tolerance, undertsanding. In a democracy there is no class or race which is prohibited the opportunity of placing itself loefore the country hy means of its works of art. A suppressed minority for decades, the Negro has awakened interest, sympathy, understanding through his Dorothy Maynor, his Boolcer T. Washington, his painters, actors, singers, writers. He has tween permitted to bring his art and with it himself through the curtains of misunderstanding into the halls of fame where those who would persecute may see him in his hest light, may clear their visions, become true democrats hy recognizing that hate and perse- cution are wrong: that each and every group has something to contribute to civili- zation. Through the development of Art comes understanding, and through that understanding comes Peace. ls it not logical then that Freedom is the greatest cause for achievement and for the public welfare? Proud of this the American youth raises his voice to say: "I sing of America . . . hecause it is the citadel for all educational, scientific and artistic achievements: because puhlic discussion is a political privilege and the Bill of Rights a political blessing: because Equality is the main element of demo- cratic credo: because we are endowed with certain inalienable rights and among these are Life. Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Yet, the material and spiritual progress has been small compared to the pro- gress the American Youth must attain in the future. He has only caught a glimpse 52 of the democratic Horizon-and the horizon widens. l'le has simply discovered that democracy is the hest way of life and that it is his duty to develop that theory to its fullest degree. lnstitutions have grown, nobler institutions must grow. The Amer- ican Youth must sacrifice'-'must cooperate-must strive forward. He is not a dream- er pursuing the mirage of Utopianism . . . he is working to build a solid and hetter government. He will he fully aware of the danger, hut he will cope with it, with young vigor and not senile pessimism. As youth is confused in adolescence, so is a nation young as ours, confounded with ever rising perplexities. It is a dangerous period in growth. But God willing this nation of free men shall not perish: and God willing America shall stand for- ever firm as a Symlool of Faith . . . Amidst the darkness of a tattered world, Glory is being loom. God is creating a new lVlanl Excerpts from I0llfl Tuglinhuels prize winning orution. CYQQY5 Gur Twenty-Fifth Anniversary We raise our hearts in exaltation To mark this. our Julnilee. This year for glorious celelsration Will he a lasting memory. Our second home, and our salvation, ln this world of greed and hate. The flowing knowledge of a Nation. The juvenal that is its Fate. Fair play and Honor, its creation, Guidance which has bridged the span. To Emerson goes our Ovation, From the Youth you mould a Man. Emerson High School 0, fair, majestic huilding, towering o'er the Hud- son still, You are noted for your heauty and teachers of rare skill. You dispense your store of knowledge with a free and lavish lland, O, Emerson, dear Emerson, for you I take my stancl. May your splendid work continue, gaining laurels year hy year: Till in records of achievement, you stand without a peer, A credit to the nation, the glory of our state. O, Emerson, dear Emerson. you are numloered -CARMELLA Avocufx with the great- -LAWRENCE HART Self-Reliance ELF-RELIANCE is infinite belief in one's veracity, integrity and aloility to accom- L plish all the things that may arise in life. It is the capalaility of an individual to strive ahead when he or she arrives at a prololem of either great or little import- ance without asking the other fellow how to do it. The permanence ol' an original idea is the usual result of self-reliance. Therefore, possess the infallible idea of self-reliance and the infallible idea of God-reliance and you shall conquer alll -THERESA Gnusraucu 53 Reminiscenses And Prophecies E are graduatingl Never again are we to meet in this world as a high school class. All our worlc has been completed, sufficient credits are marlced on our cards and we as a group are considered intelligent enough to he sent out into the world. But are we actually ready to face the future? Can we possiloly enter the world filled with people of experience and compete with them? Let us close our minds to the future and recall the past for a few moments. Freshmen in High Schooll The students who were considered verdant. The students to whom elevator ticlcets and auditorium seats were sold. Yet those were days full of fun. Then Sophomoresl Those were the days when we hegan to talce an interest in school work and cluh activities. Some of us even learned to dance and attended socials. Our Junior year was even more exciting. The thought in all our minds was, "One more year and we'll he out of school. No more lessons, no more homework or exams. Will we he lucky." And last hut not least-Our Senior yearl The dreams of the Junior year were to come true. Pictures were taken, rings were received, and spirits were dampened. Yes, spirits were dampened. Now that the time had come to graduate each and everyone of us wished that the fatal day had never come. Now we shall face the futurel What will it hold for us? Will we he success- ful? Are we to fail? None of us can answer these questions as yet. Still, we our- selves, shall he responsible for the future. No more depending on our teachers for increased knowledge. Our parents are not going to shelter us any longer. Now we must fight our own battle of life. Yes, we are graduating but it is of minor importance. This graduation is only one step up the ladder of life. Some of us may reach the top. The only thought we will have to comfort us if we do not succeed is that we did our laest. That no matter what step of the ladder we reach it will he the highest we could possibly reach and no one could do better than that. Naturefbs Wonders Nature has the profound power To create a lovely flower, To devise a summer breeze, That whispers through the stately trees. Singing birds and hahhling hroolcs, Mossy hanlcs and shady nooks, Are talcen for granted hy most who live, And not fully appreciated for the pleasure they give. Colorful rainbows, drops of dew, Snowy clouds, a sky of blue. Even though it may seem odd, This isn't nature . . . it's GOD. --NORMA BoTw1N1K 54 -Dorzornv lVIARA fd Rather Be . . . fd rather he a Could Be If I could not he an Are: For a Could Be is a May Be, That might come up to par. fd rather he a Has Been Than a Might Have Been-'hy far: For a Might Have Been has never been But a Has was once an Are. -ARDWIN BARSANTI FOFCVCTUIOFC Two men- One famous--one unlcnown Over whose graves A flag will he flown Forevermore. The Star Spangled Banner Was the child of one Aye, his "flag was still there" Vvhen the battle was done. Now child will guard parent Though twilight does come- Forevermore. The other-1 A son of Uthe flag of the free",-1 Fought, for his mother, Over the sea: Died for that mother. The other-is he Who sleeps neath her till sunset Forevermore. -'CALVIN KOCH Eternal Puzzle The sun descends drawing the curtain of night across the slcy, The stars circle in their orhits, unconcerned and aloof. Mere man-gazes and wonders-1 This world-why? -ELEANOR REICH Recollectin g The chairs were in disordered array. The seats were vacant, and silence prevailed. The flowers around, though drooping, seemed gay. And the whole auditorium was with memories veiled I Ioolced all 'round the forlorn place And thought of the happy days spent there. I smiled for just then I saw a face And heard laughter of classmates everywhere. Blll' alasl :TWHS only H dl'68,Il'l I IIOUIICI. Suddenly someone really was there, And when I silently turned around, I saw A face that was wrinlcled with care. "Graduation is over: the others have gone. Don't you thinlc that you ought to leave too? So with tears in my eyes and a last Ioolc around I said, "Emerson, farewell to you." an -VIRGINIA TROYER Defiance To The Banner Of Idealism To those that say that life is filled With hardships, turmoils, and despair: And yet will face it with head high, Should go the blessings that are rare. To those that would a castle build To shut themselves from all the world Because they fear reality- A gust of truthl Their outward Ioanner has unfurledl -ARDWIN BARSANTI 011 TCHCIICTS Perpetuators of learning Who help us along Iife's path. Lest we fall into the deep abyss of ignorance. --THERESA GRUBELICH 55 Valedictory To Idealism Come, Morpheus, my crumhling spirit do devour, And straight unto blaclc Lethe's shore Convey this flesh from its diurnal bores, To dwell forever in thy lvory Tower. That night the God did come and bore me gently Unto the land of dream Where I would deem Sweet peace efface life's harsh reality. But even in my dreams I find That closing eyes to facts is all in vain, For loom forever in my mind Those sacred visions of youth's joy and pain. Free from the thoughts of theology, Free from the slime of the schemer, Free from the sneer of the liar, Free from the smile of hypocracy, Were the gay mad days of my youth. Never feared friends turning, Never felt unjust defeat, Never felt corruption's heat, Never saw my ideals burning, In the light lcind days of youth. Here I built my towering temple Nursed the fondest hopes to see The spirit of the righteous reign o'er humanity. Now I look and find that temple Broken by a weakened faith, Shattered by man's hitter hate, Blashphemed hy bigotry, Crushed hy reality. Vain is the aiming high: Swift do my Hopes all fly. Nothing is left it seems, Naugllt-naught but these Airy Dreams . . . A holy whisper heard I as I dreamt'-1 UTis better failure of a high attempt Than to succeed at something low. There is a ladder we must climb to fame Aiming high we climb, hut low Our ground remains the same." As Merlin caught the Gleam, so I the song, Grey thoughts of night passed to the light of dawn As once again the tmright laelief toolc form, Renewing hopes that right would conquer wrong. Adieu, adieu my parting youth And Hail to thee New Life, Make me grow strong thru daily strife. Renew that courage, as facts talce root, Abandon not your ideal's pursuit. Nothing is nobler than simplicity, Nothing is sweeter than sincerity, Nothing more pleasant than the truth. Grow, manl and face with ardor The facts which all must face. Love, manl and seelc to aid all, For naught is fundamentally base. Reach, Wisdom! to the highest realms above And let me feel once more our God's immortal love. -JoHN TAGLIAGUE so 4 1 . 4 , m , X K X 1 ' ' ,f 'X xv .NME , XX , X 1, ,yd ...4v.-- . r , x ,X wzh-'92-f'5-f', "J V M X ' U, xf,?fLiXffi,,:"Z'f ,ikiv h I ' v-:Jilin W, I - .,7.,,.u , V , 1:-jay NM- -X X X' '53, XXY's,f4fW4iX5e--X,- 'gag Q A-ff W'-gf X - 'Q X X ,,f,,,xg!1. .XJXX I- F- ,:,X5.,,.- Q 11 - '53 if X ' kg' ,X .S 5 -x'Y?,fYQ9,vf X X 55- ' If 321, 'flaw Fey- X.. 's'1'1X. X . 1, I X , ,gp - - ,., XJ. VX vc.. Y. 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L Qjlgrn fl XG: A Pl A PVJPS iff Herman Keen ,,,. ..,,,A.,,, H erman Tarello 'l , at Tillums ,,,...,..w,, ,...,,....,,, E iieen Ford V : V Q NW U' 2 , -. Pop Yenkinsn. ........... Philip Lilgeberg F: l' F 4' ' , A Q in t , m .A L in T 'wgbb e- - 1 '- f i . X' L Squcczix ,.,,..,,,,,,. .,.,,... E clwin Johnsen , ff ' Q ' Q H I Uncle Mall ,,,..,,,A..,,,,,,,,,, Richard Cvaicher E " A Trudy .....,,.,...,...,.,,.,,,.,,, Theresa Gruhelicii 'I I - ' ' Q? Q L 6 VL 1 , fr: . ' X, Q , , Qfqxify I ' A 4 Ski 5: 4 , . 9 ,. 3 L 'L 11, F 111 6 P-A ,,,-aiu!!! qi , .': .J-...e ,,,... :gs 12 " " , -uu- S Pai Tryan ,,,,,,........ ...A,..,.,.....,. L ouis Lee N I Eddie .Y,,....YY..Y..Y......,...,,.,,, Edwin Leemann V F The Dragun Lady .........,,,,,,, Phyllis Arena 4 f ,N IACY THQ Tracy 'IIC Dick .,.......,.,,....... Louis Berrulr Tress Teehark .,...., ,..,,, M arian Sirohmeier Pral , ,.,. ...,,.r,,..,,,,..,..,,,,,,,, R olmcrt Leonard Junior, ,.......,...., . ,,.,......,.. Daniel Dato Iflhlb X C .,, 'ic ' ' 11. f V3 hz if' -.gm gh , 1' 4 M.-154244 ' L v , i PM Ja.. ' T 'i'k:f-'Y W' Lg ijjf -'A I . X., grid-Lf.-age V qw-li-.-13 if -sift , ' Q i fi f- hz if ,gif 4 Aix Jlxffkv 1 ,I dl if Cartoons by CLAIRE LAMBIASI We? If ru I ll X K J if ff' ,Y I , .MA , xhfilif A if Q TQASSK wiimtv A5 'Q-52? fg., I ck 3 isa M' A ,-4 Minn P' ld ,.. .,.,,A , .... G Iona Gigli Y -Tiff? "' XVilleRit:T,,i,, ,,..,,..,. Eugene Minatelli u 1 , J 'A Nia Pinlde ,.,.,,.. .,....,,,, A gnes Conocl Y' V W 'W-A M A The .an BA Q E :gm A' wb 'J' f F www" ff, . . 5 'Q Yu , Q -ff' fzgffieisz- Q-.,.,.- -- 'f.,,k"5pY qi-1,1f,,x'if1c,-:.. ' 'ST it REIIZCIIIIRIIIIIICI' Kids. ffl ,f 0 ' W 'F PM Charles Bickart and Joseph Psztur K f:""'EY Pollo ,,....,,,......,....,.......,,, Ardwin Barsanli it ? fx 4, . 1' Qi 1-'Lf -.W A Leenah ,,....,....,.....,.............. Anna Lafrenz "'-'ff':'i 7 Ml L Ll E Q17 ,,,.. V ' 24 A V.. . A ' 5-Q-ix'-.Y 1:3135 'QQ q Q9??fi: Vi Nj 4 A 597 , .f1r""'. ' f , , ' f' Nlillie llle Toiler ...., ,..,.., E lena Argenti Y j I V I Rally .....,..,,......., ....,..., F red Malizia 4 1 .. 1, 1 R 1 1. - fini ' :Q 'gif' T' K. U 7 Bob Gordon ,,,,.. .,......,,,,, R oberl Leiser E Kale Pan-Jen ,,.,,..,,,.,.,.. Antioneite Taiano 'E I Dr, Nlarkoff ......,,. ,,,,.,...,.,.. J olm Favaio IDA PALAZZO LAURA TENNARO S IE N Ili aD HQ George Handley Hcnriette Neuslein Claire Lambiasi Louis Borgili Elsie Riccardi John Tagliaiaue Gloria Ferri Andrew Brown Anna Simone Emil Scacciietti Alba BOSCOHO John Piaclco Mary Pastors Raphael Cascardo Gisela Gueiziaff August Cattaneo Virginia Gross Calvin Koch Helen Stefanolo Edgar Buschmann Carolyn De Stefano Seymour Schwarz Carmella Avogiia Thomas Kyle Virginia Troyer Philip Rouini I6 Vanus and il? D IIL iiL 14. Class blushers 15. Class fiir Class ADIIU I..flrff'llZ I iowurci rioimson Ifivira Prcziosi ijrefi ixiaiizia Eleanor Rose .ioim Pampaioni .iune Kennetii Herman rl areiio Ruiii Siofiiivower Arciwin Barsanli ixiary Kriicorian George ,iinciciiu A lll'l BHOII lgllllil Ririiard Caifiler X III Q Dc Fl 1 I ICS lf IHff0l'lC Niiidrr-ci Lang Louis Loc Doroiiiy 3 ara Freci Roberto Hicia Pozner rioim iviuniz Curoiyn Casey ixiario Cannaia Natalie Kessier Sam Perpeluo Last Will and Testament of the Class of June 1941 E, the graduating class of Emerson High School, ofthe City of Union City, County of Hudson, and State of New Jersey, heing of sound mind, memory, and understanding, do malce, publish, and declare the following as and for our last Will and Testament: that is to say: First: We hereby revolce all wills and testamentary instruments hy us at any time heretofore made. Second: To our esteemed Principal, Mr. Maney, our everlasting gratitude for his long enduring patience and kindness. Third: To our understanding Assistant Principal, Mr. Cartwright, and our beloved leaders, Mrs. Cardiff, Mrs. Aston, Mrs. Nleyer, Mr. Hillas, and Wir. Mc- Ewan, our grateful thanks for their inspiring aid and guidance. Fourth: To our loeloved faculty we do solemnly leave the memory of having had the most easily managed and the hest natured class in the history of Emerson. Fifth: To the industrious Janitorial Staff we leave the innumerable pieces of chewing gum in the haslcets through the courtesy of hir. Hillas and his classes. Sixth: To the next 12B class we will the excitement and thrills which we ex- perienced as Senior Bis. Seventh: To our Freshman fthe poor mistreated angelsll we hequeath our dignity, courtesy, politeness, and sportsmanship. in Witness Whereof we have hereunto set our hand and seal at our residence in the City of Union City this twenty-fourth day of June in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-one. COMMITTEE cW47.fa.,7 1322, On this twenty-fourth day of June in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-one, the graduating class of Emerson High School, the above named testator, In our presence and in the presence of each of us, signed and sealed the foregoing instrument and published and declared the same to he their last Will and Testa- ment, and we thereupon at their request, in their presence and in the presence of each other, hereunto suhscrihed our names and residences as attesting witnesses. WITNESSES lla 2 a ,,,,,,,,,g,,t,P bf.,-ea, ,Beams ' Tsxuswolf-YX 62 v if V Miscellaneous Nonsen e Wooing Morpheus On A Summer Night There goes the clock again: eleven this time. What is so rare as a night in July? Hot and haggard, I roam the smothering expanse of my bed, seeking in vain a cool patch of bedspread upon which to deposit my perspiring frame. My room is insufferably hot. It ap- pears that there is nothing in the world but heat. Were I a hypnotist I could persuade all thought to leave my mind, assuring prompt entrance into the realm of blessed oblivion. Did you ever try de- liberately not to think? If you have ever succeeded, you are a better man than I. I tack a "No Trespassingn sign on my mind, and what happens? A whole family of ideas settle down in my head to have a picnic, try as I may I cannot evict them. A worn-out pair of screeching brakes starts the merry-go-round that never breaks down or pauses for breath. My mind wanders geographically from the South Pole to Siberia and intellectually from cube roots to Charlie McCarthy, in general, from the sublime to the ri- diculous. My thoughts make no sense, their sole raison d'entre is to keep me awake. The clock strikes again, another half hour has terminated its earthly exist- ence, and gone its way. But now its successor has the throne, and a whole painfully long dynasty of its kind must reign and fall before I am overtaken by either sleep or-unhappy alternative -dawn. To my mind, I have lain here, unresting, since the beginning of time, and it seems, to my pessimistic way of thinking, that I am fated to continue to do so until the end of etemity. As I writhe and roast in my plaster-walled oven, basted with my own sweat, I thank the Almighty God for but one thought-if summer comes, can fall be far behind? Annwnv BAnsANn -Ol.. Social Crime No. 1 I was so 'innocent and young- He a boy with experience great. All cares to the wind I had flung For with him, I had my first date. Eagerly I sat, waiting for him My thoughts were bright and gay, But soon I knew, with eyes so dim- He'd not be coming my way. My heart just sank-the mind went dull, Sorrow reached me at last- In my happiness came a tragic lull And I felt like an outcast. Need I say more? My pride was hurt- So now I shall explain- It's no fun to be treated like dirt- And the wound shall always remain. Donornv MARA 4x1+axy"4Yi5: O mm "Suspense" Of war and hell and strife and greed, And many a dark and dastardly deed, Are books and volumes for all the breed -Who like them. But to a kind and simple man, There is no book in all the land, That can describe how slow the hand -That wields the pen. And as I said there is no bard, Who can sing of just how hard, The teacher is who signs your card -So slowly. She looks at you just with a glance, And then your heart begins to dance, She takes her pen as it were a lance -and-doodles l And then she dips it in the ink, A cup of poison you could drink, But then with joy your heart does leap -It's Blue! JOHN Mtmtz -Q10-1 Confession of a Poet?? You wouldn't think to look at me I have poetic ways, To write a sonnet or a verse A baby rhyme or phrase. You'd never even guess that I Could even write a play, A Novel like "The Citadel," Or "Arrowsmith" someday. I often tell myself each day "To mockers give no heed" For when you reach the top in fame They'll buy your books to read. Perhaps you think my work of art No place will ever fill. CI'll tell you now, my fine young friends, You're right: they never will.J -CARMELLA AvocuA The Sketchbook "She Stoops to Conquer" "MacBeth," but he is having a "Midsummer Night's Dream" of a "Lost Horizon." While dreaming of this "Paradise Lost" he is "Kidnapped" by "Nana" who has been trying to conquer his heart. She takes him away to a "Treasure Island" where they meet "Robinson Crusoe." On the "Twelfth Night" she. realizes that her "Great Expectations" are "Gone With The Wind" for the peace- ful scene is interrupted by "Kitty Foylen of whose charms "Macbeth" be- comes enraptured. "Treasure Island" is no longer a "De- serted Village" for a "Pilgrims Progress" in search of the "Faerie Queen" happens along. The pilgrimage consists of the "Little Minister," "Romeo and Juliet," "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydej' "Oliver Twist," "David Copperfield" and many others. , Due to the fact that "The Rains Came" the pilgrims are forced to re- main. They decide to build a "House of Seven Gables." ' Things proceed smoothly for a time until the "Lady of the Lake" and "The Ancient Ma- riner" permit the "Sea Fever" to per- meate the veins of the occupants of this "Garden of Allah." Soon the ma- gic powers of the fever enslaves the victims. "King Lear" the god of the winds, frees a violent "Hurricane" "After Twenty Four Hours" the "Tempest" subsides and only "The Bells" disturb the quiet atmosphere. "Macbeth" awakens to find himself back on "Dover Beach," the "Earthly Paradise." He is then shaken by "La Belle Dame Sans Merci," his wife, "Nana," The only words that he can utter are "Ah, 'Paradise Regained'." Hmm Pozmzx ...Q- To Actors and Noise In General Speaking, Conceits' display, After ostentatious trials, Hurts us, and teaches golden Silence. JOHN TAGLIABUE ...-01 "To Someone Lost" There was a youth with soft dark hair That ruffled in the wind, A stubborn chin, and laughing eyes That brightened when he grinned. His smile would win a friend, indeed For always loyal was his trait, A noble lad I'd say because He scorned all greed and hate. He was so straight and clean and fine, So, understanding, true- But how was I supposed to know That he was human too? -ANONYMOUS PageTw0 MISCELLANEOUS NGNSENSE Graduation Night Gee, but I'm excited And scared as I can be. Of course to lead the graduates They'd have to pick on me. rfaji J W "fx,-"w. . ' of Img' . 0 4 .Jn fc ,is -'-I When you're walking down the aisle It seems so terribly long. There goes the leader now Beginning the graduation song. Oh look there's my mother What can she be crying about? The Valedictorian's speaking, He's smartest beyond a doubt ig ,645 .JQQY At last, it seemed like ages, The speeches have come to an end. They say we ought to sing again, How nice our voices blend. What is that song they've started? It's the Alma Mater dear. The lights must make my eyes water, This couldn't be a tear. Gee, my throat is very dry, I wonder what it could be. It isn't that I want to cry, It couldn't be, not me. Look at all my teachers, My, but they look swell. They always tried to help us- Even when we didn't do so well. Well, graduation's over, I'm out of school at last. I must look toward the future, Forget about the past. I have the funniest feeling Sort of numb around my heart. I wish-I wish I was a freshy Just getting ready to start. JUNE KENNETH Description Description of all kinds is found every- where Telling of eyes, lips,knose or hair. But me-I'm different-I like to tell Of the many ideas people try to sell. Some are false and some are true And some are of things that people do. A man once thought it a good plan- To fill with holes a tiny fan. This, he explained, would cause more breeze, For then air through the holes could squeeze. Then there was a whacky goon Who tried to prove he wasn't a loon. By dancing all night on a tiny white feather- Because it was harder than a soft piece of leather. I forgot to tell you of the man eating nails, Because he liked to pull lion's tails: Of course, it doesn't make sense at all- But as a baby, he had a fall. Now for the actress who thought she was "purty," Who since she was born was known as Gertie But her buck teeth and crossed eyes didn't go with her beauty- So she wasn't considered even a cross- eyed beauty. And last but not least comes the nicest Chemistry Blues Test tubes, beakers, acids, bases, Equations, formulas, problems, cases. Even in dreams I'm sure to see, Experiments and more chemistry. Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and neon, Carbon, silicon, argon, and xenon. Sulphates, carbonates, nitrates, silicates, Troubles, groans and countless other hates, Atoms, electrons, and molecule grams, Tests, reviews and hurried exams. Test tubes, breakers, acids, bases, Endless is the march of cases. -CALVIN KOCH of all, For she has the looks for which the A rboys fall 0. , But I suppose all immediately can see x V ' I'm talking of no one but me. - . X DOROTHY MARA 1 X if . , Q 2 :Q ' I N X Fi ,av X f . I- 'Yung L 365+ , .- ab , , Woof S Sf nu " Eight O'Clock x X Eight o'clock and all is right- The rest of the world can say good night, va . But I'm going out, gonna show my in n speed- Apostrophe To Algebra O Algebra, thou soulless maid, With ever changing figure, Thou art the root of my misery. O Euclid's babe, with X and Surd Thou art absurd. 0 maiden Fair Why not be square and end by misery? O Algebra, unknown at fisrt and still unknown to me, Be not so base But leave me soon! -She answers, "Nay, not till this June." So on my misery! JOHN TAGLIABUE That's the kind of life I lead. When the lights go on at night- Mom and I start to fight. I've got a date, but she says no- She tells me that I'm always on the go. Why can't I, if I see fit- Go out with a guy, and make a hit. Eight o'clock and all's not well- Mother conquered, I just fell. Now I go to bed at eight- l'1l never have another date. -ANONYMOUS MISCELLANEOUS NONSENSE PageTlm:e Patient Shirley Lisson ............ Helen Caplovitz ..,..,.. Ardwin Barsanti ....... Clarice Malanka- ..... John Tagliabue--..-- June Gross ..... ,..- .... Norma Botwinik ....... Caesar Marrone ........ Hilda Pozner ........ -. - Anna Lafrenz ..........,. CHECK-UP CHART - EMERSON HOSPITAL NURSE-HILDA POZNER Room 104 Disease Symptoms Remarks Telephonitis ,,..,,,,,, ,, ,Is always within reaching distance of a telephone..There's nothing we can do. Scholarum, ,.,..,............ Those marks! .... ....,..,.,.,....,..,....,,........,.....,,....... ....... - . . She was born that way. .Oratorcosis ..,.............. Can't forget debating. .,,,.. ..... .7.... . ,It's often useful. ,Perfectionorum ,..,... -Always perfectly neat .,,... ..,............... ....,., W e don't object. ,Actor-osis.-.- ............... Continued attacks of make-believe..-. -.. ....... He may outgrow it, but we don't want him to, Quietosis r....r...,......... LNothing can make her speak ....,..,,.,.. . ...... Can't ever get delirious. .Drvertum ...,.........,..... . Latinerium. ..,.., - ...., Leisurelosis .......,........ Cleverism. .,........,...... . Snappy comebacks A.,................. ...................,.... ...... Wide range of topics to divert the teacher .,....,..,...,. She can't get Latin off her mind ..............,. .,... ...... One can't make her hurry ..,..,........ Can't stop her ............,,.,........,,A,,.,... Eleanor Rose .., .......,. ,Gigglethera ...i.,,,...,..r.,. John MUHIZ .......... L.. Wrltrsis ...,,..,..,..... ......,, Always has a pencil in his hand .... -,,- , ....,.. L Ruth Slockbower ...... Debatorum .,.....,..,......, Calvin Koch..-...,.-. Talkxtis .,,...... ......,... ,We liketo have her around. Handy to have around. .Should wear a robe and sandals Easy does it! .......It keeps her busy. ,Another Shakespeare! Always ready for an argument ......... .,.......,, W atch her tongue. He talks on and on ......,............... Refuses to be ruffled. .,,... . Edwin Johnsen .......... Dignitysis ...s............... Josephine Perez ........ .Songateria ..,....., . ,..... .. Ruth Neubert ,..,........ Contestosis ........ ..,...., . Edgar Buschmann .... Girls ....,......,..,............. Boys ....,.... - .... L. -Athletlcosis ........ - .... Numberitis ...,......,.,. -. Powder Pufforum .,,, ..Exercise at most any time ..,,............, Scaly manifestations .,.. .... Always competing ..,...,,. He'll die a natural death. .Goody for him l isn't contagious. .W ,..... Orchids to her! Math marks .,.....,.......................... .,,,...,.. ..,,,,,.,,, B i ngo ! .Use the puff at all convenient times ,.,,..., .. ,, .Incurable ! . ,.,..,,,.. Boys will be boys. EMERSON IN HOLLYWOOD "Gone With the Wind" ....... ...,..... P ads on Mrs. Aston's desk "Bl2lCk0ul" .....--,-.--,.-............ ......,.....,...v... E merson at 3:17 "VI-4-'i0fy" ....... - .... --..-- ..,..., -. ....... ,.....,....... P assing all exams "Northwest Mounted Police" .... ........,,..,........, E merson's junior Police "So Ends Our Night ".. .f...... - ...Y...,..... ........ M 0 rning after the farewell dance "They Knew What They Wanted" ......,...............,,...,........,.,... - .,.,,.....r,, The senior class "ESCape" .......,,..........,............... Period omitted when you're going to get a test "Flight Command" ......... - ......... ....,........,,......................,........ A slip to see Mr. Maney "A Dispatch from Rueters" .,...... ...c,,, ..,....,.,,...,,.., I N otice for one session cl No Time for Comedy" .,,...., "The Mark of Zorro" .......When teacher walks into the room Augie Cattaneo's black eye "Love Thy Neighbor" .,.......,... ,, ,,,, ,, ,..........,,,,.,.,,,,,,, During 3 test "Tall, dark and handsome" ...V ...,,..................,, .,.........t.. T he boys in the Senior Class "P0l2 0' Gold" ............ ..,.,..... ......, J ohn Tagliabue winning the Law Alumni Contest "DOCl0r Kildal'e'S Crisis" ..,..... ........ , . ...,..... Going into an exam with a 70 average "Lady With Red Hail"' ......,. ,... M .. ...........,,,.,...,,......,..,,,..........,.,., June Kenneth U The Awful Truth" ,....... Flunked a subject RUSSELL BENIGNO PugeFour MISCELLANEOUS NONSENSE SAY IT WITH A SONG "Beat Me Daddy "S.A..,............SSS SS.S SSSS I . I ...,.. REPORT CARD DAY f'Do You Know Why? ",SSSS I, ....., ,.... .,,,,,,S I I ASR,,. ....,.,, SS,RSAS......... . , SSSSS.A.R B O OK REPORTS "Meet The PeopIe' ',,,...,..,....,...POO OO,,O A.OT,..T.... ,.P,,OTAO., . , ...,,, PPP,.,..A..,. P R I NCIPAL'S OFFICE "The Bod Humor Men ",ETTTE.. so .TT,....... STUDENT ON MONDAY MORNING "OhI Look At Me Now ",.E,E,...... ..... - ,...,..,.,.., ...,oE,.,EEo....... .... G R A DUATION NIGHT nBIue September "...,....,.o...I..,. .,III.I .,.... A FT ER VACATION "High As A Kite ",,,,I,o., ,,.....,I,I,IIII,...o.,.,,,..,.I,,,IEI..........,, 3 A7 "Just A Little Affection ".,.i. .,oooo..o,,..... A LMA MATER "Practice Makes Perfect ",........,oo I, .,....o,oo, A. A. SHOW 'Singing in the Rein "..,.. oio.i..,i,..........., O NE SESSION "I Hear Music "i,., .........,,,..s,s,ssii..,............., , so s,,., ..,,,.,s.,iss.ss..,.. . . ....sssss EMERSON BAND "It All Cornes Book To Me Now ".,...,,,s..s ....,,.,ss,ss R ETURN OF TEST PAPERS "So You're The One ".is,.,,.,.... - .......,,I ....s ,.... .......s.. - .,..........,i.i,ss P R A CTICAL JOKER "This Is My Lust Affair ".ssssssis , s................., ..,,.....,.,,s,ss F AREWELL DANCE "There'II Be Sorne Changes Made ".,ssssi. si.s.......,.s N EW SCHEDULES "Happy Days Are Here Again" ......., "AnviI Chorus ''.....,....,...,,,,,e,.,s.,.... .. "What 'cha Know, Joe?" .....,,,,,,,.. .,,.....,. . . u n I've Got a Right to Sing The BIues .,.,....s ' 'Yesterthoughts' ' .....,,......,................................. L ..., l "I"IeIIa, Ma, I Done It Againn... "I Hear A Rhapsody '',,..I...,.............,. . "Everything Happens To Me ",s.,, .I "The Same Old Story ".is,,i.......... . "Sing, Sing, Sing ".....,......,,s, , "Time On My Hands ''.I...................,,.,.., sss..ss ii...... ...... . , u What VVouIcI Shakespeare Have Said?" MANUAL TRAINING CLASS BACK FRESI-IMAN DAYS ..i...i....,...,EMERSON ORCHESTRA is sI,.. "CLASS DUES ARE DUE" .. .................,,. THE GLEE CLUBS STUDY PERIOD .............,,,..SENIOR PLAY CLAIRE LAMBIASI EDGAR Tis fwyfa- fu, 11" - ' 'Q- , .,, 1 A , i f Y Ni na A' ,many -421 1 , ug wuwnrmwvd x ' -:JL . ,:, ,.,, 11 -... I 55,21-1W.,.k ',.:uv.n::,'c ,M ,,.,, , A 1 J.-.1w-V, pf,-'1 ' ' 1 , F'25jgf1 1 2 ? v .1 2 . ff J 3. Q 115 Y .X 1 155 'i Eff Q 'wi . M , .:. E Lx, 1 9 'QS i E 3 1231" ' , ibiif 1' A f 'f ff ' G, 1. 15. t , ,FV A ,HQ N. 1 "'-sf:,,-. ' " '- ,Q 7 , , , " . r v-45, ..... -.. ...:,L""S 'W'-' -L '53 , . ,Ia,M-W5g1-1fa.-1:zbf+w:21w'11H--awww:wwwMivci'1wuva1,es-uxwwsefafvawelliw 1 4 .1 in is P ,I N 5? Y S' 1 ..1,, ,,mQAnc11v1:. .. 2.1-'wm1r1:1g,1wq1:1,,y,fs.f.:,,,111y1.fgw X lg, A IC 111 111 W 111 111' 111 W' Vveeidy Aitruist EDITORMT. BOARD D'1olwfUp lfrliton SEYMOUR SCHVVARZ lfxrimnge lfditor: ,IOHN ixiljxif Piiotogmpity Editor: iVtift-VlN KLAUSNER ilroofroaderz BEATRICE APPICCI Art lfrlitorz THOBIAS TL'FANK.llAN Editor-in-Ciriefz LEONARD NASSARO iwanaqing Editor: JENNIE RUGGERI Feature Editor: GISELA GUE'l'ZLAFI" Feature Editor: BENIGNQU Sports Editor: AUGUST CATTANEO Fafuity Advisor: BCJRG BUSINESS BOARD fDAlSY EBERT 1 - A Circulation Marlngers ANN MEZNAR A Treasurer MARIAN SIROHNEILR Facility Adviser: fJ'CfJNNEi.L N the Vveeidy Aitruist, students and teactlers see n reflection ot our ever-progress- ing sctlooi activities. Ttlrougtl it, sctloot spirit is strengthened, tucuity and stu- dents are drawn cioser together, and outsiders get a View ot lite in Emerson. Proud ot time tact that tide Attruist is the only seit-supporting imigti sctlooi pnper in norttlern New Jersey, tile staff is ever striving toward better iligtl sciioot journalism. XVEEKLY ALTRU I ST I IOMEROOM REPRESENTATIX 06 Aero Ctutm OFFICERS President C-ROVER ASMUS Vice-President ROBERT LEONARD Secretary GILBERT PARACHINI '1qI'9flSlU'9l' ROBERT XVILLIS Faculty Adviser MRS. S. SMALL HE Emerson Aeronautic Club was organized in 1935. It tias given many air- mindeci Emersonians a ctlance to express and actiieve ttleir desire. Club meetings give an opportunity for tectlnicai discussion and visits are made to air- ports anct aviation plants. 1V1ost members are moctei-builders and ttiese mocteis are shown in an annual SIIOW and contest. 1 Arctiimectes Science Club 1 OFFICERS Prcsictent JOI IN LOPORTO Vice-President FRANK MONFORTE Secrv tary ROSENIARIE BERNETT Treasurer ROBERT ORR Faculty Actviser ARMEN MATOSSIAN N 1926, under the guictance of 1N'1rs. Stettens, the Archimedes Science Club, one of the otctest ciuims in Emerson, was founrtect. Started as a group interested in biology, the ctutm tias increase-ci its activities to inciucte a11 sciences. 1n 1957 the ciutr was taken over by ixirs. Aston, wtio tlas acted as its faculty actviser until ttlis year Wtlen Bliss iX'1at0ssian became its ieacter. Tile ctutmys activities inctucie iectures, demonstrations, trips, and memtaerstiip in ttie American institute of Science and Engineering Clubs. If miie. mr-Hrs-P' FA Arts and Crai Club OFFICERS President MARY KRIKORIAIN Vice-Presirtent ARTHUR BERNRO1 Secretary CLAIRE LAMBIASI TTQUSUTGF VIRGINIA TROYEF Faculty Artviscr EMMA EHRENBER4 1 55'-N' M, HE Emerson Arts and Crafts C1u19 was organized as Emerson Art Ctuta try a group ot art stuctents in 1055. The purposes ot ttre ctutm are to encourage stuctents in tile creative arts and to cieveiop a greater appreciation ot anci a ciesire for art in everyday iiving. Membership is open to art students and ottrers wtro sutamit satisfactory evi- cience ot interest in art. Band orfrlcmes Director MR. VV. TOMKA Drum Major ROY CUNY Maioreltes GERTRUDE RULAND FLORENCE MANO Manager MORRIS ESPOSITO 68 H 22 HE Emerson High Sctloot Band was organized in 1957 under time supervision of Mr. Ruegg. Vvittr IV1r. Ruegg ioeing marie treaci ot the mattrematics department in 1940, Mr. Tomica, time new music teaciler became tire ciirector. Any student wtio possesses ttwe capabilities Io pass an examination on tris or her major instrument, is eiegitwie to become a merniaer. insofar as achievements are concerned, tire band has played at toottoaii games, marctneci in numerous parades, and tras given ttiree concert performances in the past. Banlc Stall OFFICERS TTCClSllYGT EDVVIN JOHNSEN Assisluni Treasurer VVILLIAM ZAMEIT Head Booleleeeper DONALD STILL Assistant Boolzleeeper EMIL DQSIMONE Leflger Clerlz RUBY VICKERY Supervisor of Annex RUTH REICHVVALD Teller HELEN STEINERT Faculty Advisers MR. P. FROEIILICH MR. VV. CLARK HE Emerson High School Savings Bank was organized by lVlr. Clark in 1921. It has helpecl to teach stuclents thrilt and has given many the opportunity ol getting experience in the business proceclure ol luanlcing. HE Ciceronian Debating Society is one of the most progressive associations in Emerson. Through its varied activities it has won much acclaim for Emerson. lts members are privileged to enter oratorical, dramatic, and humorous cleclamation contests held throughout the state. The highlight ol the year is its entrance into the State Debating Tournament sponsored lay the New Jersey Forensic League in which Emerson placecl fourth this year. The lnterclass Tournament helcl eacll spring grooms spealiers lor varsity fle- bating in the State Tournament. Ciceronian Deloating Society OFFICERS Presiclenl RUTH SLOCKBOVVER Vice-Presirlent JOSEPHINE PEREZ Secretary RUTH NEUBERT VTFOCISUTQY' AUDREY ZVVEIG Faculty Adviser RUTH GIFFORD 69 OR tlie past twelve years tlne Deutscller Kreis has enjoyed a most active and OFFICERS 4 President X Deutscher Kre ANNA LAFRENZ Vice-President A -,e1, JOHANNA MILLER ? Secretary ELSIE PURKERT Treasurer ERNA LOOS Librarian ELAINE HENRICHS Historian ARTHUR DIETRICK Faculty Adviser ELISABETH M. SCHMI varied program designed to fulfill several ends: to provide an opportunity for tlie furtller study ot the German language and literature, to lielp develop cllaracter, initiative, and time spirit ot friendliness and co-operation, and to promote worttl- wllile interests and ltoinlnies wllicll will Hcarry over" into later lite. Club activities have included visits to outstanding universities and museums: attendance at concerts, illustrated lectures, and plays: participation in programs for scllool assemblies, P. T. A. meetings, and old peoples' llOIHC1 llilces, swimming and loowling parties: tolli dancing and singingg awarding ot commencement prize. Dramatic Clulo oififlciiiks Presirlent JOHN TAGLIABUE Vice President CATHERINE DE CARLO Secretary RtI'l'll NEUBERT Treasurer CLARICE MALANKA Faculty Adviser MISS G. ROSENBERG T0 V ,- H ll URING tlle past year tlie Dramatic Clulm. under time guidance of Nliss Rosenberg, lias estalalislted an excellent reputation lor itself. The club is divided into make-up, scenery, costuming, directing ,and acting groups. Tliese committees pre- pare the weelcly clulm programs. Every group had an opportunity to participate in tlle Dramatic Clulols HFun Fair" an unusual and original sllow, lleld in ttle Emer- son auditorium last December. The spring program included a survey ol tlle tliealer from tlle Qireelcs to modern times. Euc1id C1uh OFFICERS President HELEN CAPLOVITZ Vice President ANN BIEZNAR Secretary RITA MALOYVSKY Treasurer ERTRUDE NENINGER Faculty Adviser LOUISE HARBI HE purpose of the Euc1id C1u1o is to promote a 14eener interest in mathematics, and to promote sociahi1ity among its memhers. Any person attending Emerson, having coinp1eted two terms o1 A1gehra and one term of P1ane Geometry, or having heen recommended hy a mathematics teacher. may apply for memhership. Vve award a prize at the end of each semester to the person having the high- est average in four years 01 Co11ege Preparatory N1athematics. -trek 4 Q. ' rv I 7 ,Q ' HE Food fr Fun C1u1J was started in Septernher, 1939, hy 1x'1iss Moore, Shir1ey Gerhart, Evelyn Roth, Daisy Rudert and Ruth Diamond. 1n December. 1940, we hecame affiliated with the American Home Economics Association. We received our nationa1 pins in December, 1940. Members must he UAH students in cooking and rnust have taken 9B and 10B cooking. At present our c1uh has eight members. Food and Fun Club OFFICERS pre sideni LILLIAN GOELZ Vice-President CONNIE MACCHIERALDC Secretary " RUTH DIAMOND Treasurer GLORIA SCALA Faculty Adviser 'H' MARY MOORE Tl CCl'CiC FTB!!! OIfl7It'IfRF lIl'1'si4i1'llf l.l'.fN:X t,'.XfXl7I1R xiicv lirvsifivrli IRXYIN Rl 'tiINS'I'lfIf 54'4l'4'i1H'y IDA Dti fiifNNARt wt ,lift-usurm' ANNE fifXii.iANifS Ifucuity ittivisvr ADILLINA HILLAS IIE French Ciuim was otiiiciatly organized on ixiklffil 24, 1950, uncier time ad- visorstlip oi Fir. ixterte Jones. in Septemimer, 1053. ixtrs. A. iiiilas ibecame iacuity aciviser ami iias confiucteci our ciulx since. To give us fluency in speaking tile iangiuige, ttle iirst part oi our meeting is conducted in Ff6IlC'il. In the past years our ciuiu tias contriiiuteft to tile Christmas, Easter and interciuia programs. in future years we xviti ijuiici ourselves and advance to preserve Frencti in Emerson itigti Stiiooi. ' E3 it 5 ki History Forum Ol'l-'IFERS Presirient HAROLD JOHNSON Vice-Presirivut JOI iN FARLEY 2 f Y1fl'USlll4CI" -14, IDA LOVRICII Secretary ,IENNII-I RUGGERI ifuruily Adviser FIR. G, CAMPEN IIE aims of tile Emerson iiislory Forum is to promote a better understanding of our counrty, of the otiler countries of ttle wortci and to stimuiate an interest in worici events, ihotti past anci present: lo arouse anti encourage patriotism in every possiimle way: anci to aici in obtaining cooperation between time stuctents ami tile teachers oi history. 72 jircoto Itaiiano oifzfichizs President IOI IN TAC-LIABUE Vice-Presictent GLORIA I-'ERRI Recorcting Secretary LORIA GESSAROLI jorresponding Secretary LENA GHIGNONE YITEKIS U TGI' JORMA PAUIASSO Facutiy Adviser ANNA C. RUSSO Purpose: To stimuiate interest in time study of ttle ItaIian Ianguage and civiiization. Activities: Among ttie many interesting activities ot tI1e ItaIian Ctutm tI1is yedr, are its participation in ttie annuai Interciutn Program: its visit to Itatian cine- mas, its participation in Coiumtnia University programs: anct tile enjoyatnie tlitces it tias trequentty marie. Even more ttian ttle coIortuI sociat significance of ttne Circoio Iias Ioeen its devotion to time cteveiopment ot a Iceener apprecia- tion ot music and tire deeper understanding of Art. it Soctaiitas Latina E OFFICERS fly Prvsirtvrrt my ANGELO I"OR'I'UNA Vice-Prvsirlcnl H ILDA POZNER Secretary R ITA INIALOYIASKY TIN-ZCISIITUI' Us INIURIEL CUNY Y rl? .1 Faculty Adviser MR. J. CAHILL N I953 IVIr. Joseph Catiiii organized tI1e Sociaiitas Latina. Its first president anti recipient oi tile I-aIin awarci was ixir. Donaict IVIcEwan, at present a member of our tacuity. Dr. Dusaneix, an aiumnus oi Emerson. ctonates a goict meriai eacii term for time member wiio Iias exceiieci in Iris Iour years oi Latin anct wtlo Iias been soiicitous tor time weifare anci progress ot tim cIuIJ. 'The purpose ot II1e society is tor tile cuilurai. social. anti inIeIIectuaI growlii ot ils members. IJ Orchestra OFFICERS Presirlcnt MARIO ALBANESI Vice-Presirlent FRANK ARRICI ll Secretary JULIA UANTONIC 71f'l'U.SlIfUI' PETER ANERIO Litnrurirm JOSEPH ITURBE a Director A. LOUIS SCARINIOL Faculty flilviser liLlSABE'l'l'i N. SCIIN OR more than twenty years tlie Emerson lligll Scllool Qrcliestra has ollerecl ta- lented students tlie privilege ol classical ensemlmle playing. Tlxeir splenclicl achievement llas macle itself eviclent at sclmool assemblies, baccalaureate and com- mencement exercises tlirougllout tlle city: lmy tlieir participation in tlie annual P. T. A. Inter-Club Programg and by tlxeir appearance in County anal even State sym- plmony programs, as well as in many laenelit concerts and musical lestivals. Safety Patrol OFFICERS Captain LOUIS BERUTTI Lieutenant MANF RED H ILPMANN Lieutenant JOHN TAKAJIAN Faculty Aclviser MR. E. CHIOCCA Supervisor SERGEANT KASCHEL T4 Ch!-D WQ IIE Emerson Higli Scllool Safety Patrol is tlle oldest established patrol ot the city scliools. It servecl as a moclel for tlle estalalisllment of the other school patrols and even toclay it serves as a model tor scliool superintendents and public officials wlio come from oll1er towns ancl cities in tlle state to investigate tlxe set-up and working ITlClllOdS of tlle Emerson Patrol. The duties of tlle patrol consist not only in regulating pedestrian trallic before and alter scllool session, lout also to aicl in tire clrills and other school functions. Service Ciuio OFFICERS Captains GEORGE ROBBIANI EDMUND AMARA Lieutenants MARIO CANNATA ADELINE GAETA JOHN MUNIZ DORIS SCACCHETTI LOUIS BERRUTI ETTORE MAGLIOLA Faculty Adviser MR. N. DEVINE , , - .. - HE Service Ciuta is made up oi over one hundred boys and giris, each recom- mended by a memtner ot time facuity. Ttleir duties are to Iceep order in the Iwaiis and on tile stairways wtliie ttle student body passes from ctass to ciass. Another important function of tile organ- ization is maintaining an orderly exit from ttie building during tire driiis. N ttie fait of Qctotoer, 1936, iviiss Bazewicic organized ttie Steno Ciuio. Certain sociai activities ot the ciuio give tile memioers an opportunity to Iearn correct sociai usage. Tile vaiue ot a cuiturai tpacicground ttlrougti good education is em- phasized. An opportunity is also given for greater siciii in typing and steno. Dem- onstrations of various office Inactlines are often given. Steno Ciuio OFFICERS President FRANCES KIRCHER Treasurer CATHERINE MANNING Secretary MARY SCALA Faculty Adviser JOSEPHINE BAZEVVICK J OFFICERS President MARIO DI PIETRC Vice-President ROBERT LEISER Treasurer DANIEL RUMI Secretary ANDREW TREVELII Sergeanteat-Arms MICHAEL BEATIN Faculty Adviser MR. JAY F. Cl-IRUf Organized in January l Main Qhjectives of the Varsity UE" Club l. To promote sportsmanship and fair play in all athletic competition. 2. To inculcate a gentlemanly attitude on the part of all teams towarcl their opponents. 3. To bring creclit and honor to Emerson loy our concluct ancl athletic com- petition and in our general loehavior. 4. To prevent all persons who have not earned their "E" from wearing Emer- son letters in school or elsewhere. 5. To cooperate with the Athletic Adviser for the general benefit of the athletic program of Emerson High School. C'X9Ql5 Today the American High School is stressing cooperation with the community. The High School, by sponsoring the clubs, aids the stuclent in placing himself to advantage and thus contriloutes a willing and satisfied worker to the community. At Emerson High School the student may test his ability before the friendly criticism of fellow students. Clubs have accomplished this aim. They present a preparation for the taslcs of citizenship which lie before every American student. 76 saggy My , 1:1 6 . I V 5 f4'ffW X Q I 1 45' 4' if 4 5 ' j i f Y-if N 1 x9 S119 UIQ WIP S Captain GUS DRAGONI Managr-r EUC-ENE SELLA CO!l1"l SIR. If ZljCC'ARO GYM TEAM HIS yeargs Biue ami Vvimitc gym season saw time inauguration of a new Coactl, Wir. Fred Zurcaro. Uncier time capainie guiciance of time newiy acquired men- tor, tilt? Buiiriogs tract quite a SlIl'K'f'SStlIt season. rotting up tour Wins against ttlree defeats. Time victories were afquireci at time expense oi Princeton, Snyder, Lincoin and Dickinson wtliic' time setinavics Came ily way ot two from Union tiiii and one from Lincoin. Anotimer feat arcompiistlefi imy time Zuccaromen was piacing tturci in time state finais. Danny Dato, c'racicerjaci4 tuminier, is time only graduating member of ttie team anti tlis absence next year wiii tx' soreiy missefi imolim tw CjOEll'il Zuccaro anct iris teammates. BASEBALL HE Emerson appleelcnoclcers opened llneir l94l diamond season lay drop- ping tlieir first six Contests to suclx lormiclalmle opponents as Engle- Woocl, Demaresl, Vvoorirow Vvilson, Sl. lxlicllaels, ancl lwo at tile llands of Memorial, wlio al tile present lime is leacling tlue inlersclwolaslic race for tile county Cilampionsliip. O11 Friday, lxlay 23, llle lwlanlreclimen finally larolce into tlle win column lJy clelealing a ligllting Ferris squad by the Score of 9-8. Next year, Coarli lxlanlrecli will lose lllC services ol pilcller, Danny Datog outlielclers, John Pampaloni, lxlarlc Perucicll, ancl Raipli Ulriclig' tlie ioattery ol Cilllf Gilino anci Caesar lxlarrone, along witli inlielders Phil Rottini ancl Pat Torre. However, laced with clilliculties sucli as lllese, Coacli lxlanlrecli is preparing for tlle future lay experimenting with a roolcie infield wliicll at time time is Sll0VVll1Q great promise. Cofcuplains JOHN PAMPALONY CLARENCE HAMLIN Muvifigvr LARR Y HART COUCII MR. G. MANFREDI Cupluin ROBERT LEISER Assistant Caplain KENNETH MAGEE Manager RAYMOND BOljDlE'l"l'E TRACK HOWING fine form and geliing oil! to El NVilil'iXViIld siarl by registering wins kJ over Si. Peters ami St. .iosepias respectively, it certainly iooics as tirougir tire Emerson tracicsters are weii on lileir way to a successful season. Not lo be oulcione imy Corwin Zuccuro and Coacir ixianirecii, Coacim Cailiii is aiso losing iris silare oi iellermen. Among tiwose who wiii ide missing from iile ranks oi the CZliliiiIH?ll nexl year are Robert Leiser anti Daniel Rumi, silotpultersg ,iosepir Vnienzano, miier, and .ioiin Favalo wilo specialized in tile 440 yard sprint. COLICIL NR. .l. CAI IILL 'i TENNIS ITH Tennis slowly stepping into the County spotlight, the Emerson courtmen opened their 1941 season by being defeated by such worthy opponents as lxlemorial and St. Peters. Nevertheless. Coach Ginsberg feels confident that his squad will finish up the season with quite an enviable record. However, Coach Ginsloerg will not he hindered lay the graduation of any of his netmen, and will have a stronger and more experienced squad next year which may easily prove a serious contender for the county laurels. Couch lVlR. 17. GINSBERG Captain JOSEPH TELMOSSE THOMAS TUFANKIIAN Mariager if A.1lP1lP91lQ,1?E1lEZ1ll2AMfii'IDN WE of ourselves could not materialize a book of this type. Mr. Hillas, our literary adviser, Mr. O'ConneH, our business adviser, and Miss EIITCHIIJCTQ, our art adviser, have handled with interest and patience the numerous tasks involving the experience which they possess. Their help has been the foundation of this book. 82 .V af" ,,,w.,-qw 1 . . ,mx SV? Qi?" Q ,NM ai 2 991- 'v'fbf'v-1-M Kava MQW: 1527? i , . wx U1 .1..14sr5b.n,. ,v, W. A" Scania - U- wx.-rv , Ll. Jgi 'fy-'Q 'i 1. "1 :VZ , ,Nw.4.f.fY-'f' S1 Y M355 Qu , B"fis2 40' www WMM Z-MDX . piggy ,.-W7 - 1 x .6 - 1351: 3' S' ff N 41' ,: Lg ,VH -, 1-..-.r . Tiiii No Portrait is so Completely Satisfying as Une Made by a Professional Photographer Memories Fade--Photographs Stay Yearly-On Your Birthday-Be Photographed Better Than a Letter-Your Photograph Between Friends-A Photograph For Friendship's Sake--A Photograph Send Your Love-And a Photograph Photographs-The Super-Gift Memory Insurance-Your Photograph Always a Suitable Gift--Your Photograph Write--And Send Your Photograph For Every Occasion-Your Photograph Photographs-The Universal Language Photographs-The Suitable Gift for Every Occasion A Photograph ls Yourself on Paper A Good Photograph Is a Necessity Give Photographs Photographs Preserve Friendships si- D 9 . HMA- LIVQ FOFIQVQH ESPECIALLY IF MADE AT THE MATERNE STUDIO I48 FORTY-EIGHTH STREET UNION CITY itz -nr-gr Y viii wtttiiir ar 1i777i'7'7u .7 gq Standard Ring Company OFFICIAL JEWELERS TO THE CLASS OF JANUARY '40 cf I5 John Street New Yo k Tel. UNion 7-3929 ARTHUR VILLAVECCHIA JEWELER and OPTICIAN Gifts of Quality for the Graduate Hamilton - Longines - Elgin - Waltham - Gruen Watches JEWELRY OF ANY DESCRIPTION A COMPLETE OPTICAL DEPARTMENT IOI7 Summit Avenue Union City, N. J. 58th YEAR .fa Secretarial College A College Devoted to the Highest Principles of Modern Business Training CALL FOR l94l BULLETIN 4808 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J. Telephone UNion 7-0943 48th YEAR EAGAN SCHOOL SECRETARIAL, SHORTHAND ACCOUNTING and BUSINESS MACHINE COURSES DAY and EVENING State-Capitol Building Bergenline Avenue at 48th Street UNION CITY, N. J. The EAGAN SCHOOL enjoys a large High School Patronage Summer Term Begins July l to 8 Fall Term Begins September 2 to 9 CALL, 'PHONE OR WRITE FOR CATALOG Telephone UNion 7-O6l 5 . .Wim Graduation gifts chosen from our extensive display will serve as permanent remembrances and permanent inspirations. 6Ol I Bergenline Avenue at 60th Street West New York, N. J. Telephone UNion 7-6368 -----o+Q,-+gqlp3 MQW aww ,saw eta ,azz In all phases of this bank's service, individual attention is accorded to each depositor's requirements, Our officers realize that banking needs vary greatly We will welcome the opportunity to meet your particular requirements. A cordial welcome awaits you at any ot our tour conveniently located offices. Commonwealth -Merchants Trust Co. UNION CITY OFFICES Bergenline Avenue at 22nd Street Summit Avenue at 7th Street Bergenline Avenue at 39th Street WOODCLIFF OFFICE Broadway at 75th Street MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION UO YOUR SHARE- EARN YOUR SHARE! I N ynmnntcmsfg 'k 'A' if D II I' E N S E I IN D U s 'r n 1 1: s Q TOBLERS SPORT SHOP Men who have iust graduuted intensive t N' training courses ot Technicians Institute for i defense production work are now' em- if ployed in various divisions ot these fields. uk i' Thousands more trained men are noededl iv 'k MACHINIST ' SHEET METAL I mvttmc - wtlmuc I NEW JERSEYS wk lor 'Av wk AIRCRAFT, SIIIPBUILDING, AUTIJMOTIVE 1- OLDEST SPORT SHOP ,k andotherbefenselilndustrial Production i, 1' l.Yl'i'?l?l1'i"'i.l1'5i'.lI'iT.."51ilLZi"'Z.'f:.31Z'.llT. ff if and staff has been passed upon by the f iv Sta? Authority. It is :ul oahznlly ox: t o or onizuionp u at 0 c to - ir Non to? accsvyplishment, competent: in- 'A' t t , ' ' t. : s nNeoop::ot::sioi1':I::I:3,ri1ne't:dsoIitiaots or Q: . ' 5 ,, 12?iIiif.I' ZZ2.L".lI'.1"Z,..i",I..f."..'.5 3'i'Z3'I ,I 507 - 32nd Street if """.I'Z,'ZZli'II.l.'L'?I2i'IZ'L'33ilT.'b"l" af 'A' INTENSIVE SUMMER COURSES-Day and Eu. Ht' . . ttcumcmus mstltutt UW C"Yf N- J' Licensed by the State ot New York 244 Wm uni si., N.v. tm. lin Ave., wmim 9-mo 87 Advanced Secretarial Courses for High School G ' gl and Finance ses. raduates. Accountin Day and Night Clas Phone: J JOurnal Square 2-7156 OPEN ALL SUMMER Placement Bureau Switchboa 910 BE ' ' RGEN AX E.. near Journal Sciuare rcl, Comptometer, Dictaphone, and Adding Machines JERSEY CITY. N. I. Tel. PAlisad The BEST of EVERYTHING for the Table Cardinali Cr Cardinali ITALIAN - AMERICAN GROCERY and DELICATESSEN Fancy Fruits and Vegetables 500 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J. e 6-8269 We Deliver-Phone Us F. W. Snowflack CERVENY'S Stationery - School Supplies - Toys Games - Greeting Cards 2lO8 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J Royce Chemical Company CHEMICAL MANUFACTURERS VATROLITE-DISCOLITE-VELVORAY Reg U. S. Pat. Off. Carlton Hill New JerseY Tel. UNion 7-OI 7I Prompt Service J. Frezzo Oil Service KEROSENE MOTOR OIL FUEL OIL OFFICE 220 New York Avenue Union City, N. J. Robert F. Holoch REPRESENTING National Aniline G' Chemical Co., Inc. 40 Rector Street New Y0I'l4 iii 'n P"""" :il llllllllll .z'3':2::s:.1fAv-I our N.wYo-Wu f ln' - and 0".e'Yeah ol T7 af Comprehemllries IOP lllqh-stlv:lY' lwomz secretarlelxco e women Sli?-:id In. 'fiffli-e'eT'fid Fflfili- "idlQ'Cli'?n'siudi0f' . - ' e . - 'fcsnsisai 2211?-I T08 . piacemen DDR:-:ss mRE0 Ellef-me Lbmis. A x-'08 W X 88 29 L34 A Q Qialaxgl Tel. UNion 7-5952 Imported G Domestic Candy Castrucci's Pastry Shop BAKERS OF EXCLUSIVE PASTRY and CAKES FOR OVER 20 YEARS Tel. UNion 7-l590 Petermann Co. MANUFACTURERS OF W S . I. I High-Grade e pecua :ze n RB Bridal, Birthday and Anniversary Cakes CA ONATED BEVERAGES 1219 Summiambintiesummit Thliggnen City, N- J- 109-II 36th Street Union City, N. J. Tel. PAlisade 6-2840 Guido's Meat Market 24Ol Central Avenue Corner 24th Street Union City, N. J. Schwaba Mosquito Ointment An ideal greaseless aromatic preparation applied to -Face, neck, hands, legs and all parts exposed to mosquitos and other insects. Will not soil clothes. USED BY MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN I oz. Jar 30: Family Size, 2 oz. Jar 60: Ask your local dealer or send money order to JOHN P. SCHWABA TOILETRIES 37l4 Bergenline Avenue Union City, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-9229 WE DELIVER PALISADE DELICATESSEN AND GROCERY Birds Eye Foods - Home Made Salads Delicious Sandwiches on Palisade Avenue For The Students Corner Palisade Avenue and l9th Steet Union City New Jersey BEST WISHES TO THE JUNE CLASS '4I Boulevard Flower Shop 8406 Hudson Boulevard North Bergen, N. J. Tel. PAlisade 6-6037 AntinelIi's Pastry Shop HIGH GRADE ITALIAN and FRENCH PASTRIES Wedding and Birthday Cakes Our Specialty IOO9 Summit Avenue Union City, N. J. Tel. PAlisade 6-9497 E . T e m p i a FINE GROCERIES and DELICATESSEN 6l4 - 85th Street North Bergen, N. J. lv iiiiiiiir -If dr Tiiitiitf -lv iiiiiititr Jiii Compliments of Ann Casting Co., Inc. 27O West 39th Street New York City Novelty Jewelry of Every Description SALVATORE BENIGNO TALBOT FLAUM Joseph Benigno WHOLESALE PRODUCE 723 - 24th Street Union City, N. J. Tel. UNion 5-3345 Boulevard Tire G' Battery Service WHOLESALE and RETAIL 3883 Hudson Bulevard North Bergen, N. J. Compliments ot Garrou Wine Corp. 860 Ninth Avenue New York City Compliments of Metropolitan Baking Co. 208-ZI O Webster Avenue Jersey City, N. J. Compliments of Wm. Betschart RADIO SERVICING Home Radios and Public Address Systems Repaired Electric Phoriograph Attachments Installed on Home Radios I723 13591 Summit Avenue Corner I8th Street Union City, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-2084 Gildo Aimoine, Inc. GENERAL INSURANCE AGENTS TAX CONSULTANT 802 New York Avenue Union City, N. J. Compliments of James Vincent 85th STREET and BERGENLINE AVENUE NORTH BERGEN NEW JERSEY Tel. UNlon 7-6453 Paul G. Krikorian Representative for the World Famous ELECTROLUX CLEANER and AIR PURIFIER 4808 BERGENLINE AVENUE MILLIMET BUILDING UNION CITY, N. J. 1.7-iii? Y Y tif-rziiitr -ry v iiitiizwlv Jiitii ,LL LLLLQ4 glllllgL3+ Q Qlinl-Q1 The North Bergen Royals Coached and Managed by LOU PADAVANO Roster Gene Bruno, Arthur Abrahamsen, Wally Bernardini George Tooker, Pat Torre, Ray Castelli, Bob Coane, Ken Fitzpatrick, Russ Burnett, Bob Bernardini, Paul Studer, Gene Minatelli, George Zumkley, Bob Kelly, Joe McLaughlin. Compliments of Swedish Venetian Company North Bergen New Jersey Tel. DElaware 3-8800 John Eggers G' Bros., Inc. Coke COAL - Fuel Oil OiL Burners and Stokers Foot of Culver Avenue Jersey City, N. J. Tel. Union 7-O9l8 Orders called for and delivered Weber's Market QUALITY MEATS POULTRY and PROVISIONS 807 Summit Avenue Near Eighth Street Union City, N. J. Compliments of The Emerson Parent-Teacher's Association is organized to Help the parent to . . . Help the teacher to . . . HELP THE CHILD Compliments of George Cattani Corner of 6th Street and Central Avenue Union City New Jersey Tel. UNion 7-5960-W Fred W. Trautmann Cr Son Tel. PAlisade 6-l 75l DEALERS IN John J. Parentini Middletown Cremi-Rich Milk Products PHARMACIST GRADE A and B HOMOGENIZED Dari-Rich Chocolate Golden Guernsey 604 Paterson Plank Road 634 - 39th Street Union City, N. J, Transfer Station Union City, N. J. T' 1ii iiiii -1li'77vi1ii Tiii ---wvit Tel. UNion 7-9209 ARTHUR HAND Cheap Save SPORTING GOODS, TOYS, STATIONERY 816 SUMMIT AVENUE OPPOSITE WOOLWORTH UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-5978 L. Petaccia IMPORTED GROCERIES WHOLESALE and RETAIL 813 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of William Koenemund - 1 Tel. UNion 7-9339 H. Borenstein DELICATESSEN and GROCERIES 379 MOUNTAIN ROAD UNION CITY, N. J. Paris La Mode TAILORING 3692 HUDSON BLVD. JERSEY CITY, N. J. J. F. Fisher wHoLssALz vnovisious RIDGEFIELD NEW JERSEY Tel. PAlisade 6-6906 Phone Orders Delivered A PLEASED CUSTOMER IS OUR BEST ADVERTISEMENT Boulevard Markets FRUITS and VEGETABLES F. SAVARESE, Prop. 5537 HUDSON BOULEVARD NORTH BERGEN, N. J. Branch: 5505 Hudson Boulevard Jack Kaplan Stationery, Cigars, Confectionery, Newspapers Periodicals and Magazines Kodak Supplies - Developing and Printing 1618 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. M. D. Fiore Bakery 2305 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Telephone Connection Edmund J. Zink, Ph.G. D R U G G I S T QUALITY IS THE FIRST THOUGHT HERE 1616 SUMMIT AVENUE Corner 17th Street UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. PAIisade 6-4069 Opp. Emerson High School Ludwig Klas FINE CUSTOM TAILOR Tailoring, French Cleaning, Dyeing Altering and Pressing 354 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of Modern Dairy F. C. JOPP, Prop. Tel. PAlisade 6-0524 563 -65th STREET WEST NEW YORK, N. J. Compliments of V a n R o o n Hosiznv snows 819 SUMMIT AVENUE Next to Woolworth UNION CITY, N- J- Tel. PAlisade 6-9057 L . F u r e r CANDY - STATIONERY - CIGAR STORE Breyers' Ice Cream - Fountain Service School Supplies - Magazines - Toys 2028 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-1963 Prompt Delivery Frank's Market QUALITY MEATS AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES LATTICINI FRESCHI 914 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N- J- Tel. UNion 5-1631 C. Donges 6' Son LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR 729 MINNIE PLACE SECAUCUS, N. J ur -nr -nr xiii, -nrtiiiiiiu 5 2 -yiiiiiii ati 92 llglle 1 gli-32:31 Q - Aglpilgl Tel. UNion 7-9390 Charles J. Podesta G R O C E R I E S 714-25th STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 5-7537 Italian-American Grocery IMPORTED and DOMESTIC C. VILLATA 700 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Martini Cr Sons Bakery Shop-65 LIBERTY AVENUE, NORTH BERGEN, N. J. Store-723 SEVENTH STREET, UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of A F r i e n d Tel. UNion 5-0623 Walter H. Neubert o P -r I c I A N Office Hours: 6:30 to 8:30 P. M. 1901 PALISADE AVENUE CORNER 19th STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of S t a r D a i r y UNION CITY NEW JERSEY ALL GOOD THINGS TO EAT AT Golzwarden's Market A. C. GOLZWARDEN, INC. NORTH BERGEN NEW JERSEY Tel. UNion 5-7 I 24 Perfection Rayon Dyeing Co. COTTON and RAYON YARNS 777 DOREMUS PLACE NORTH BERGEN, N. J. Tel. PAIisade 6-0720 Call and Delivery Service M. 6' C. Meat Market N. E. COLUMBO-Props.-VICTOR MONGA PRIME MEATS, POULTRY, EGGS and BUTTER 2701 CENTRAL AVENUE CORNER 27th STREET Bamboo Garden RESTAURANTS UNION CITY WEST NEW YORK Tel. Union 5-3577 S. John Setti ARCHITECT 628 EIGHTH STREET AT CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Piemont Bakery FRENCH BREAD and ROLLS BISCOTTI and GRISSINI 539-28th STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. PAIisade 6-5454 Rr-25.2 PAlisade 5-8I39 Joseph D. Malanka A R C H I T E C T 308 NINTH STREET UNION CITY, N. J- Compliments of Three Frenchmen Tel. JOurnaI Square 4-0259 Palisade Dairy 203 WEBSTER AVENUE JERSEY CITY, N. J. Tel. Union 7-2749 V. MATTOSIAN, Prop. Artistic Upholstery Shop UPHOLSTERING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES FURNITURE and CARPETS 4401 BERGENLINE AVENUE CORNER 44th STREET UNION CITY, N. J. viiiiiii--lr-A' iii--as tiit-it-ri :sl H I Tel. UNion 7-7120 A I ' s M a r k e t PRIME MEATS - FANCY POULTRY 1011 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. WEbster 4-7353 TASTE THE DIFFERENCE Atzingen Bros. FAVORITE DAIRY TUBERCULIN TESTED MIILK 1141 SUMMIT AVENUE JERSEY CITY, N. J. Tel. UN ion 7-2693 V a I ' s M a r k e t QUALITY MEATS IIO9 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNior1 5-8561 Barbara Mfg. Co. NECKWEAR and NOVELTIES 416-38th STREET UNION CITY, N. J. F. CASTELLANO, Prop. Staple and Fancy Groceries IMPORTED and DOMESTIC ITALIAN CHEESE and full line of Groceries and Special Italian Pastries 2602 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-4349 F r a n k S a t o r P O R K S T O R E HOME MADE BOLOGNAS FRESH DAILY 1014 SUMMIT AVENUE BET. 10th G 11th STS. UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-1754-W F. Conod Self-Service Market at Your Door Step FRUITS and VEGETABLES - Night and Day-Pfxiasade 6-0154, 0155 J. J. Cullen Plumbing Supply Co. Plumbing, Steam and Factory Supplies Wrought Pipe, Valves and Fittings All Makes of Ranges and Steam Boilers 121-123 GARDEN STREET, HOBOKEN, N. J. 3775-3777 HUDSON BOULEVARD, NORTH BERGEN, N. J. 4l6-ard STREET UNION CITY' N' 'l' IT's Nice to Deal with a Good House TSI- JOHN' Square 4-7787 Tel. ciaffside 6-1115 K. BENDIAN o ll ll Rondout Valley Dairy Herald WILLIAM szsiumr CLEANERS and DYERS 266 HANCOCK AVENUE JERSEY CITY, N. J. 386 FAIRVIEW AVENUE FAIRVIEW, N. J. Compliments of Dr. Leo Brenwasser Compliments of JOHN ANGARONI JOHN KELLY HARRY MAGINI LEO PIA JERRY VARANO Tel. PAIisade 6-4377 Robert J. Franzmann, D.D.S. 79th STREET and BERGENLINE AVENUE NORTH BERGEN NEW JERSEY Van Ba rgen Bros. HARDWARE FAIRVIEW NEW JERSEY Tel. UNior1 5-2380 Eagle Printing Service COMMERCIAL PRINTERS 1313 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. PAIisade 6-2667 Hines G' Musto, Inc. PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS 1919 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N, J. iii' v W i-tr -76771 iiiiiztr ar at L9 llpl l1lllLll.9.9Q9gl3p.1 Tel. PAIisade 6-9877 J. Bellotti Cr C. Perla DISTRIBUTORS or SISCO DAIRY PRODUCTS 1210 NINTH STREET NORTH BERGEN, N. J Compliments of C. F. Malanka G' Sons Compliments of Chas. S. Goldberger, Inc. R E A L T O R S 5308 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J Tel. UNion 7-8792 Reasonable Prices Taverna G' Mognoni MEAT MARKET LIVE and DRESSED POULTRY 614 CENTRAL AVENUE CORNER 7th STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. PAlisade 6-4190 Werban's Bakery BAKERS OF THE BETTER KIND Prompt Attention Given to Weddings and Parties 1306 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Paradise Shoes EVERY PAIR GUARANTEED 3109 BERGENLINE AVE. 1013 SUMMIT AVE. UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. PAIisade 6-5799 D . M a r i n i sHoEs ron THE ENTIRE FAMILY Agent for POLLY PRESTON and suN om. SHOES IOO5 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. PAIisade 6-2409 D . O r t e g a TAILOR and CLOTHIER Sample Clothing Our Specialty-Tuxedos To Hire 3214 BERGENLINE AVENUE BET. 32nd G 33rd STREETS UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. PAIisade 6-S774 Emerson Meat Market FRED MARCHETTI and AL BRACCO, Props. PRIME MEATS and POULTRY CORNER 18th STREET and BERGENLINE AVENUE Tel. PAlisade 6-1146 "Ring and We Bring" Herman Spirer DAIRY PRODUCTS - FANCY GROCERIES All Kinds of Cold Cuts and Delicious Appetizers 2516 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. BRyant 9-0745 Established 1890 Julius Sargavy MANUFACTURING and IMPORTING FURRIER Cold Storage - Expert Remodeling and Repairing 7-9-11 WEST 45th STREET NEW YORK Compliments of A F r i e n d Tel. Union 7-5125 Quality is Our Specialty Otto W. M. Lindig BAKERY and LUNCH ROOM 2412 BERGENLINE AVENUE BET. 24th 6' 25th STREETS UNION CITY, N. J. W a r t m a n LUNCHEONETTE - CANDY - ICE CREAM 2608 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-4165 Annibale Galoppo FINE GROCERIES and DELICATESSEN 1801 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J, Tel. UNion 5-1631 C. Donges Cr Son FRAME SUPPLIES Moss by Bale-New and Reconditioned Frames 729 MINNIE PLACE SECAUCUS, N. J. nr t77'1i7iir-nr -nr i ii- 1 1 Tutu :iii 95 Tel. PAIisade 6-8877 J. Placko TAILOR - FURRIER SPECIALIST ON LADIES GARMENTS 1620 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Pozner and Spike Tel. PAIisade 6-6296 Phone Orders Taken G Delivered Jay C. Grocery Co. Imported and Domestic Groceries DELICATESSEN OUR SPECIALTY lOOl BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of W. B. Compliments of Iron Workers Bowling Team Compliments of A Friend Tel. PAIisade 6-0082 Roosevelt Restaurant sgafli Accomodations for Parties and Banguets ' ' tar OPTOMETRISTS 715 EIGHTH STREET UNION CITY, N. J. 3115 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J Tel. UNion 7-2918 Chappie's Flower Shop FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 2918 BERGENLINE AVENUE Bet. 29th and 30th St. UNION CITY, N. J. Dixie Food Center 6100 BERGENLINE AVENUE WEST NEW YORK, N. J. Tel. UNion 3-9800 Spiro's Drug Service 501 -32nd STREET UNION CITY, N. J. To The Graduate! SEE YOUR OBJECTIVE CLEARLY, THEN TRAVEL STRAIGHT. Tel. UNion 7-9478 Henry Kuck's DELICATESSEN and GROCERIES BEER - LIQUOR - WINE 1023 PATERSON PLANK ROAD NORTH BERGEN, N. J. Compliments of Sparrow Cigar Co. HOBOKEN, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-2344 W. Glock CANDY - CIGARS - STATIONERY 407 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J Tel, UNion 7-3191 Peplau 8' Petermann Wholesalers and Retailers of CHOICE MEATS and PROVISIONS 2109 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J 7-iiiqi-Q, ,rg-jaiiu at fri' -r iitiiiiv -r at Tel. UNion 5-6706, UNion 7-0792 La Parisien Baking Company One of AMERICA'S LARGEST Clothing Chains Crawford Clothes Worn by Millions of Satisfied Men USE 'I 2 PAY CRAWFORD'S PLAN 535 ,M STREET ,NON CITY' N, J, seoo BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Te'4 UNion 7-5764 Comuliments of I O G. Gilino Prime Meats, Poultry and Provisions MT. and Mrs. D. F. IOOO BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. R' Fox Compliments of Tel. PAlisade 6-2628 CANDY - CIGARS - STATIONERY We Make Our Own Ice Cream Fresh Daily 20M discount to all organizations 517 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Ferrante Bros. Kopper's Coke - FUEL OILS - Blue Coal A COMPLETE FUEL SERVICE Tel. JOurnal Square 4-7651 Hentz's Dairy MILK and CREAM 570 PALISADE AVE. 415 -12th STREET JERSEY CITY, N. J. UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of Dr. Ernest J. Giglio OPTOMETRIST K. B. L. F. G. G. Vesper's Bakery F. A. VESPER, Prop. Home Made Cakes - Pies and Pastries ASSORTMENT OF ROLLS and BREAD 178 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-1913 ' I Lagazio s Stationery, Cigars, Confectionery, Newspapers PERIODICALS and MAGAZINES Kodak Supplies Developing and Printing 1405 NEW YORK AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 7-2490 Free Delivery Rossi's Sea Food FRUITS and VEGETABLES IIO4 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 5-7583 Eugenio Pla CUSTOM TAILOR SUITS MADE T0 ORDER Cleaning - Dyeing - Pressing and Repairing 714 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNion 5-8052 Jobbing Promptly Attended To Aljian Brothers PLUMBING - HEATING - JOBBING OIL BURNERS 408 THIRTY-THIRD STREET UNION CITY, N. J. Treadmore Shoe Store, Inc. 1510 SUMMIT AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Compliments of Mr. G' Mrs. A. B. Avoglia iiwtrirw Jviiiiituv- v ziiiivavwp-ar-Arafat Tel. PAIiSade 6-9336 Erwin Hagdorn HOME MADE BAKERY GOODS 1701 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. Melody Automatic Phonograph Service AUTOMATIC PHONOGRAPHS INSTALLED ON RENTAL OR COMMISSION BASIS Tel. PAIisade 6-3781 Tel. UNiOrI 7-2829 French Style Shoppe GOWNS, SUITS and DRESSES FOR ALL OCCASIONS STATE CAPITOL THEATRE BLDG. Tel. JOurI'Ial Square 4-7352 Value Vacuum Cleaner Co. NEW and RECONDITIONED CLEANERS SALES - REPAIRS - PARTS 4702 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. 237 CENTRAL AVENUE JERSEY CITY, N. J- Tel. Umor, 7,3954 Tel. PAIIsade 6-9574 . . D TILE WORKERS FLOOR SHOW WEEKLY Dining and Dancing - Friday Amateur Night 527 - sm AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. SI-4 BERGENLINE AVE., Cor. Em SI., UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNiorI 7-9302 Tel. PAlisade 6-1135 "Say It With Flowers" . . O C Caesar F. Pafehflhl -I . V . T I' 0 I S I PHARMACIST FLORIST and GROWER Cut Flowers, Pot Plants, Wedding and Funeral Designs 2516 CENTRAL AVENUE CORNER 26th STREET UN,ON CNY N' ,A 9148 TONNELLE AVENUE NORTH BERGEN, N. J. Tel. UNiOn 7-4349 Tel. UNion 5-6701 WE DELIVER Tel. UNion 7-2529 Frank Safof Q.CrS.Markets PORK STORE OUINTANO O SONS HOME MADE soLoGNAs FRESH DAILY GROCERIES - BUTTER and EGGS ,OM SUMMW AVENUE 52I WEST STREET 714 BERGENLINE AVENUE BET. Iofh cf Inn STREETS UNION CITY, N. J. UNION CITY, N. J. Te-I. UNion 5-4991 Compliments of O Andrew Trunlk J ki S O S R a s r IC tatl n CHOICE MEATS and PROVISIONS C e V e 0 2210 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. I6fh ST. Cf MANHATTAN AVE UNION CITY. N. J. Y We Barber Hair With Special Care Tel. Delaware 3-7187 L. H. FONTANA, Prop. O Kasper Barber Shgp Montgomery Glass Servlce IT PAYS T0 LOOK WELL DISTRIBUTORS OF Window - SAFETY GLASS - Plate 547 BERGENLINE AVENUE EET. 27III C1 28fI1 STREETS UNION CITY' N- J' 389 MONTGOMERY STREET JERSEY CITY, N. J. Tel. UNION 7-1827 Tel. UNI0n 7-1955 FRANK PECORA Union City The Modern FruIt Shop . FRUITS and VEGETABLES MIrror Cr Glass Works, Inc. .Where QUERY Rem Supreme., 124-45m STREET UNION CITY, N. J. 2013 BERGENLINE AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. wwlrvtrviiiuritowr-iivri 1----Ivvv -is-it 2 V Cqmplimenfg of Tel. UNion 7-4375 ' O 5 I I I B I 0-I1 I11 Frank Splekermann GROCERY and DELICATESSEN BAKERY and LUNCH 2907 BERGENLINE AVENUE 2Ol - l5fl'I STREET UNION CITY, N. J. BET. 29th G 3OI'l'l STS. UNION CITY, N. J. Tel. UNIOI1 5-2078 PETER MAINO, Mgr. Orders Delivered Free of Charge Central Live Poultry Market Specializing in All Kinds of Live Poultry 2709 CENTRAL AVENUE John Prezioso AMERICAN-ITALIAN GROCERIES 2707 CENTRAL AVENUE UNION CITY, N. J. 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Suggestions in the Emerson High School - Altruist Yearbook (Union City, NJ) collection:

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