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EMERSON C Founded 1880 What purpose? In l rerj« orator’s own indivijpfeality ni pression in seeking Im od Sm but wfe and us. The%j|atcsr lsfec? good pf others. ift ' tk the highest CQnditiJplf the soli help o ers to see and to obejJ fulfilment of life, that “the tfl everlasting thirst of the soulK freedom; is satisfied and find® dom being born of obedie®. KEY-STONE OF THE ARO!« in the is Ipdjse is to W0: is the ||| ” The unfilled in f and free- unes THE WMMm Memories light the corners of my mind . . . 2 3 4 5 h 7 fj Scattered pictures of the Smiles we left behind . . . 9 Smiles we gave to one another Of the way we were . . . 10 11 12 13 Whenever we remember The way we were. 14 15 ■ 16 DEDICATION The Communications field has had its share of brilliant and talented people. But seldom do we find a person willing to share his talents and knowledge. In grateful appreciation, we dedicate the 1979 Emersonian to a man who raises Audio Visual Communication to a form of art. Mr. Daniel Lounsberry The senior class wishes to thank Mr. Oliver Woodruff for his con- stant support and leadership. During hi s term as Acting President he has helped to keep Emerson the fine institution of learning that it is, a school that we are proud to have graduated from. 20 Dear Seniors: I have come to expect a lot from an Emerson graduate. Reports from the outside world confirm my belief that Emerson graduates are uniquely prepared to communicate with people. This means to me that you are on the right track for becoming a happy and productive person. 1 expect to hear great things about you. The Dean ' s Office stands ready to support you whenever we are needed. Please keep in touch. S i rice rely, Shel ton Forrest 21 PRESIDENT’S OFFICE Oliver Woodruff, Acting President Ruth Fritz, Executive Secretary ADMINISTRATIVE AFFAIRS Mary Linda Merriam, Vice President Frances Sargeant, Administrative Asst. ACADEMIC AFFAIRS John Zacharis, Acting Vice President Geri Grande, Administrative Asst. DEVELOPMENT ALUMNI PUBLIC RELATIONS Christine Chevoor, Development Coord. Barbara Morgan, Alumni Affairs Coord. Brooks Russell, Special Events Coord. Mary Beth Connolly, News Bureau Dir. ADMISSIONS OFFICE Helen Cross, Director Sheila Rehrig, Assistant Director Linda Cramer, Assistant to the Director Maura Kelly, Counselor David laney, Counselor Minority Recruiter REGISTRAR S OFFICE Gerd Bond, Registrar Kathleen Rollins, Assistant Registrar David Crass, Assistant to the Registrar Pamela Chaloge, Rigistration assistant Louise Pellegrino, Registration Asst. OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF STUDENTS Shelton Forrest, Dean Toby Barthoff, Assistant Dean Helaine Baler, Administrative Assistant Diana Segara, Personal Counselor IWtliml-a ■ ,s LIBRARY Donna Tripp, Director PRINTING AND PUBLISHING John Chase, Director HEALTH SERVICES Elaine Mgrath, Director Lorraine Bell, Resident Nurse STUDENT UNION-ATHLETICS OFFICE James Peckham, Director Jean Peckham, Assistant Linda Slowe, Director of Union FINANCIAL AID DIRECTOR Paul Diangelo CAREER SERVICES Ronald Ludman, Coordinator Marilyn Krivitsky, Placement Barbara Boles READING LEARNING SKILLS CENTER Sharon White, Counselor Bill Chuck, Reading Specialist BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS DEPARTMENT Brian Suzan, Director Bernie Sugerman, Assistant Director COMMUNICATION DISORDERS Dr. Charles Klim 24 Dr. David L. Maxwell Dr. Jaqueline Liebergott Charles Klim — chairman, David Luterman, Sue Colton, Jackie Leigott, Judy Chasin, Suzanne Swope, Jane Brown, Colin Painter, David Maxwell, Irma B. Di Russo. Mrs. Irma B. DiRusso 25 FILM Ann Carol Grossman Chairperson — Ann Carol Grossman William Jackson Linda Podheiser Steve Tringale David Parry Film Stockroom Co-ordinator — Brian Anthony 26 The film department at Emerson offers courses ranging from those using Super-8 to courses using sync sound and 16mm color, giving the student an intensive background in the technical side of film production. There are many film appreciation courses offered each semester, giving the student a comprehensive knowledge of film asthetics. Steve Tringale Billy Jackson 27 DRAMATIC ARTS Majors in Dramatic Arts must be pre- pared to work in every aspe ct of dramatic production, but the efforts are all worthwhile. There are countless oppor- tunities to perform or work in technical as- pects of major productions staged at Emer- son or off-campus. Emerson students are often involved with professional and semiprofessional companies. Herb Propper 28 29 SPEECH June Hamblin Mitchell Haig Der Manderosian 30 Marilyn I.ewis-Scott THEATRE EDUCATION Theatre Education at Emerson combines the academic with the practical. Students at Emerson have opportunities to work in musical theatre, children’s theatre, dance education, and in the community theatre, in addition to a varied curriculum in the communication arts and sciences. Harry Morgan Leo Nickole j 2 MASS COMMUNICATION Ted Phillips-chairman Marsha Della Giustina George Quenzel Paul Rabin Marion Thompson Melissa Shook Dan Lounsbery Ruth Zeiring George Douglas The Mass Communication Department offers major programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science. Bachelor of Science in Speech and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Students in the Mass Communication Department concentrate in Radio, Television, or Journalism. The school’s two radio stations and television station allow the student to get hands on experience. ' ib George Douglas Paul Rabin mk. Dan Lounsbery FINE ARTS Tom Dahill Thomas Dahill-chairman Joan C. Brigham Francis M. Forbes L. Lindley Powers Laura Blacklow Lauren R. Shaw Stephen Shipps The Fine Arts department at Emerson offers many art, art history and design courses. This year the department sponsored a fine arts trip to Great Britain. ENGLISH Charlotte H. Lingren— chairperson Roy T. Hammen Lloyd ). Lanick Irene Harris Sharon Philip James Randall Lynn F. Williams Anne Barbernitz Charlotte H. Lingren Roy Hammer 38 39 PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Peter Y. Corea co-ordinator Dr. Peter V. Corea The Department of Psychology, in conjunction with the Department of Education, offers two major programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree. The Psychology-Education program is designed to serve both as a foundation for students considering an advanced degree in various areas of psychology and as a urogram of study for students interested in pursuing careers in psychology-education related areas. The Secondary Psychology-Education program is designed to provide the basic foundation for a teaching career in secondary education Dr. Henry Sronie 40 PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION Theodore E. Romberg co-ordinator Courses in Philosophy and Religion offer a challenge in philosophical and religious thought. Students have an opportunity to confront todays complex social, political and personal problems. Reverend Coffee Glenn Snowden Ted Romberg 41 LANGUAGE Roger W. Arnold — T MUSIC 44 . v;.-: tei I 47 tPHii nriM ■HI v V 5 “ s $8i i : ► i V ' ' $a !K8i fr As the story goes, it was forty-one years ago that a would nam e it, she looked out the window, and in a flash it student entered the Presidents office with the desire to came to her. There on the street corner, like a message publish a student Newspaper. When asked what she from above, was the... Volume 41 Number 5 Emerson College November 10, 1978 50 51 EMERSON REVIEW Numero Uno Toy personae old; fix on you know- glitter Bruno. Others left me cold, naked down Juneau. — Katy Bolger JUST NOW I fleece a furrow of genuine lust out my tensive soul’s velvet gamble pitch it anxiously to you seated with legs crossed eyes closed mouth open oh Shelia it’s your emptiness I envy — Denis Leary 1-r: Diane Lilli, Denis Leary, Katy Bolger. The EMERSON REVIEW is published twice a year at 130 Beacon St., Boston, Massachusetts, by the undergraduates of Emerson College in Cooperation with the Department of English. POETICIDE other murders haunt me “Use the scalpel” he orders “Erase me” whispered as the raincoat in platinum heels scatter thru’ the night — Diane Lilli 52 KODAK SAFETY FILM 5063 EMERSON ANIMATION SOCIETY S.G.A z j4 Top Row 1-r: Joel Colbenz, Freshman Class President; Beth Davis, Sophomore Class President; Lonnie Hilfman, Junior Class President; Barbara Lovely, Senior Class President; Bottom Row 1-r: Andy Acard, S.G.A. Treasurer; Carol Savage, Secretary; Teri Cohn, S.G.A. Vice President; Richie Nastasi, S.G.A. President. EMERSON DANCE GROUP Top Row 1-r: Harriet Robinson, Erin Foley, Stacy Vladinar,, Roberta Ingemi, Lisa Swann, Leslie Lopata, Ann Szwane, Eileen Dolan. Middle Row 1-r: Kendell DeLong, Lisa Lepore, Fran Shtull Adams, Joni McDonald. Floor 1-r: Spence Waugh, Robert W. Kearl. 1 be Emerson Dance Group is in its first year of operation. It’s twenty-five members have various levels of technical dance background ranging from beginners to professional dan- cers Our yearly activities include weekly dance workshops led by group members, two major performances and educational guest teachers and film. The group has provided Emerson with a forum for dance as an artistic expression. HILLEL Emerson’s chapter of Hillel was revived this year to serve Emerson’s Jewish as well as non-Jewish communi- ty. Hillel’s events include a Bagel Nosh, a Channukah Party, films, guest speakers and programs with other chapters at various schools in the Boston area. OFFICERS: 1-r: Jeff Landes, Abby Casper, Jeff Murchon. 57 The Emerson Free Press T op Row 1-r: Elizabeth Thompson, Valerie Becker, Raul Sundick, Chris Ferrio, Ken Hartman, Barry Drogin, Peter Kurey, Bob Soron. Bottom Row 1-r Veronique Merakian, Lori Kahn, Bob Mandlebaum, ]ay Eidt, Mark Cofman, Joanne Ciccarello. The Pimerson Free Press is Emerson College’s “alternative” newspaper. The Free Press focuses on stories and controverseys of interest to the Emerson student body. The Free Press with its hard hitting articles and interviews is a vital part of communication and expression at Emerson. THE EMERSON ALTERNATIVE PAPER Volume 1 No. 1 BEACON TRIED? On Tuesday, March 5, a oroooaal will b« mad at Rap. Assembly to put tha Berkeley Beacon Tub li ci y on trial. The proposal ' s soonsor will, ba Martin Johna. This proposal would, If oaased, aat uo a 3-5 member committee which would " hare tha respon- sibility of probing into legal, moral, and athical bastions in- volving tha Baacon. " Tha coamxittaa would hoLd " ooen meetings " at which witnaaaaa would " testify " and answar cuestions. Eventually, a final racansandation would ba wrlttan uo and Rao could aithar act on it or dismiss it. Tha main objaction to tha original committaa was that it had no da in ad diraction or .yoal. Johna hones this jaw proooaal is soecif- ic enough to prarant similar objections from arising. Ona major problem may ba " conflict of Inter- ests. " Johna is tha aditor of Emerson ' s alternative paper and Ran ' s decision could only ba haloful to that effort. ANNOUNCEMENT The Freshman class dance, originally set for Friday, March 11, has been oos toon ad un- til Friday, Aoril 1. The location, and other specifies, have not yet bean finalised. HIGH Y’ALL, March 8. 1977 President’s OPen Forum The Msetar Plan was tha major issue discussed at tha Preaidant ' s Ooen Forum held on Thu reday , March 3, in tha Union ' s Faculty Lounge. President Turberrille stated that several ooesibllities still exist. ' To ootlons have bean d r oooed fron consideration and Emerson has aot yet ' .omitted itself in preliminary negotiations (September, 197? , was given as tht earliest data th-4t any move could begin). According to tha estimates orovided by Payette Associates, Or. Turberrille said, the Maval Yard would ba the moat expensive of the five sites currently ' under consideration to move to and renovate. The least expensive aooears to be the Bradford Hotel nro-ertv. Emerson, Or. Turberrille added, has " no plans at this time... of going out into the ' boonies ' " — the hooe is to remain in Boston. Another tonic of discussion was the tuition increase. Asked diere the money was going. Dr. Turberrille resoonded that the increase " only enables us to stay where we are. " He explained that there had been a national cost of living increase of , and that fuel costa had risen she roly. " ETo institution exists in a vacuum, " he said. In response to a cuestion about the ' " ualitv of food end service at 3AT.A, President Turberrille said that there are " inherent limitations in institutional food. " He suggested that students with specific comolaints sneak with Art Main. Also discussed were the inadeouaciea of the current method of registration, the decline in. student enrollment, and a orooosed Physical Education remirsoent. Another Rep Bites The Dost On Tuesdav, March 1, Ed Aarons on resided from Ren. Assembly saying it was not because of Reo ' s ineffectiveness and was , in fact, " no re- flection on the body whatsoever. Between members who had left pro x y s an 4 re- cencies which the class presidents have not yet filled. It was all but impossible to obtain a cuorum. At about 6:20, having waited " long enough, " Paula Flsndne cancelled the meeting. It was the second time this year that a cuorum could not be reached. Rao Assembly has seldom met since the beginning of Term IA. Other Reos who have resigned this rear ' include Joe Tennyson and Mike Johnson. THE INAUGURAL COVER 1 1 1 1 1 ii 1 1 f iii i MiiiNiiii illiill ll BETA PHI THETA Top Row 1-r: Cindy Crothers, Amy Fitz-Gibbon, Peg Malonphy, Treasurer-Secretary Julie Kelleher, President Karen Richards. Bottom Row 1-r: Vice President Stacey Young, (Jaime Cohen) Beth Perella. Missing: Kathy Deleon, Jackie Maguire, Doreen Vaillette, Advisor Mrs. Peckham. Beta Phi Theta is a social sorority founded in 1977 with the purpose of serving the Emerson College Campus and the greater Boston area. Beta sponsors the Emerson Cup Races in the spring and their other activities include flower sales, Christmas Caroling for the Toys for Tots program and entertaining at Nursing Homes and Veteran’s Hospitals. 60 KAPPA GAMMA CHI l-r: Teri Cohn, President; Carol Savage, Vice President; Merle Zamansky, Secretary-Treasurer; Chris Ann Mellie; Beth Davis. Kappa Gamma Chi is a professional sorority which was reactivated with the help of its brother Phi Alpha Tau, in April of 1978. The sisters’ activities focus on the Emerson College community and service to the Boston community. FORENSICS Top Row 1-r: Ed Rowley, Elaine Sadowsky, Karen Conrad, Rhoda Gibson, David VanLeesten, Anita Rowe, Lisa Swann Charly Tucker. Cynthia Fitzpatrick. Bottom Row 1-r: Cindy White, Jody Mazur, Ellie Cypher, Marsha Mason, I The Emerson College Forensic Society is an organization of students interested in developing and advancing their talents and skills in communication. Members of the orga- nization compete on an intercollegiate level in activities such as debate, public speaking, oral interpretation, and dramatic events. The diverse nature of intercollegiate forensics attracts students of many and varied interests. Throughout the years the Emerson Forensic team has dem- onstrated a high standard of competition and maintained a high level of achievement. In recent years the team has consistently achieved a high national ranking and closed its 1977-78 season by becoming the only team from a New England school to place among the top ten schools throughout the nation leaving Emerson number one in New England. Forensics best exemplifies the Emerson credo, “Expression Necessary to Evolution.” 63 Society for Advancement of Management of the American Management Association Fatima DeSilva, V.P. of Membership Sales 1978; Roslyn Sigal, Treasurer; Margaret Kilby, V.P. of Programs 1978; Nancy Balik, President; Colette Phillips. Advisor; David McGee, V.P. of Membership 1979; Jim Brown, V.P. of Public Relations. The Society for Advancement of Management is an organization devoted to the study and application of management skills and insights. Founded at Emerson in 1977, SAM offers programs, workshops and informa- tion valuable to students in all majors, for example, “Broadcasting Management,” “Marketing and Promotion at Gillette Corporation: and “Theater Management.” Emerson’s SAM, recognized as a high-powered and innovative chapter, is ranked among the TOP TEN campus chapters in the nation. 84 RHO DELTA OMEGA l-r: A1 Eaton, Frank Gilman, Bob Coleary, Jeff Pettee, Tom Hutchinson, Mark Quenzel, Billy Gonzalves. 65 Benita Rosenshein President, Elaine Robinson, Linda Pellagrini, Nancy St. Michael, Rita Morissette, Kate Durham, Kathy Berry. Joyce Blundell, Beth Casadei, Dr, Colin Painter. N.S.S.H.A. ZETA PHI ETA Bottom row i-r I vnn Scheiner Marshall; |udi Holmes, Treasurer; Michelle Snowden. President; Jane O ' Reilly, Vice-President, Middle Row ie Flamm. Marhta lussaume, Syndi Zook. Tobie Stein, Beth Casedei, Linda Pellegrini, Anita Rowe. Top Row 1-r: Ina Buckner, Andy A. arc Marie Grimm. Richard Nastasi. Betsy Ballard, Alan Willison, Cathy Finlay, Ka LaShoto. Phi Eta is a National Professional Fraternity in communication arts and sciences. The organi- zation specialized in working for the school departments and the community around Emerson. Some of its main projects are tutoring at the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, and a traveling children’s literature theatre show for grammar school children. Missing from the picture are: Pat Barker, Sue Fuhs, Steve DiFran- cesca, Beth VanCourt, Kathy Kelley, Rhoda Gibson, Ellie Sypher, Jody Mazur, Joan Boria, Ray Nicolato, Tina Bynoe, Miriam Rankin, and Faculty Advisor Mrs. F. LaShoto. PHI ALPHA TAU Left: Joe Amato, Earle Ziff, David Ziff, John Dalzell. Middle: Edward Aaronson. Right: John Davis, Jerry Carter, Gary Middleton, Faculty Advisor Lenny Riendeau. Phi Alpha Tau was founded at Emerson College in 1902. It is the oldest National Professional Communica- tions Fraternity in the country. The fraternity’s objectives are to honor excellence in the field of communication arts and to provide humanitary service to the Boston community. Each year the fraternity presents the Joseph E. Connor Memorial Award for distinctive service in the field of communications. Past recipients include Jack Lemmon, David Hartman, Walter Cronkite, Yul Brynner and Arthur Fiedler. 69 EMERSON FILM SOCIETY Barbara Lovely, Jay Fedigan Liz Peter Kiwitt The Emerson Film Society was founded to provide the student body with Entertainment as well as education. We do this by sponsoring film screenings, publishing newsletters and through the publication of our own film magazine GRAND ILLUSIONS. Our advisor this year is Ann Carol Grossman. The rest of the staff officers are: Alice Chevalier, Trea- surer; Monica Thompson, Production Coordinator, Peter Kiwitt, Public Relations; Nora Linda Cassar, President; David Rob, Advertising; Barry Fonseca, T-shirt designer. Nora Linda Cassar Mara Tendrick Alicia McGrath Billy Jarcho 71 CHORUS 72 73 N.D.P.C The New Directions Production Company was formed to give people practical experience in the complete production of a play. As this is a learning experience, people who have no experience are encouraged to participate. Officers: Producer — Marilyn Cohen. Assistant Producer — Nancy Sagrestano, Secretary — Arlene Mantek, Treasurer — Lynn Scheiner, Technical Director — Meryl Slobins. 74 MUSICAL THEATRE SOCIETY Hank Zappala, Christina Bynoe, Bob Forget, Bob Friend, Chad Shipley. Advisor Leo Nickole and Ray Bolger The Musical Theatre Society, under the direction of Leo Nickole, has produced some of the finest shows of the Emerson stage. Each Spring the society presents the Spring Production to cap off their season. Last year’s production was “Where’s Charley?”. Ray Bolger was on hand to receive the society’s award of distinction. This year MTS will present “Oklahoma”. WECB WECB-AM serves the Emerson student with the latest in music, news, sports and weather. The station gives the student actual working experience in different phases of radio, and an understanding of what it takes to run a radio station. o r 78 ALPHA PI THETA Bottom: Bob Friend, Brian Strickland, J. Greg Palmer, Matthew Hamilton. Top: Dave Rotondo, Art Stewart, John Glynn, Tom Smith, Ken Willinger, Mike Loveridge. Alpha Pi Theta is a local social fraternity with goals of brotherhood and service. Founded in 1946, the “men of the green” are dedicated to healthy fun and the welfare of the college. 79 I EMERSON COMEDY WORKSHOP 80 ORAL INTERPRETATION SOCIETY Scenes from “Peter Pan” 83 H4 EIV Emerson Independant Video is the student organization providing additional training in television production not found in the general classroom. EIV serves the Emerson Community through closed circuit broadcasting. YEARBOOK Editor-in-Chief — Jon May Photography Editor — Jay Lichstein Layout Editor — Michael Kirk Art Editor — Merle Zamansky Secretary — Alice Schmitt Treasurer — Steve Soep Advisor — Tom Dahill 88 LAYOUT: Spence Waugh, Phyllis Ekins, Michael Kirk, Monica Thompson PHOTOGRAPHERS: Steve Moore, Phyllis Ekins, Ed Jones, Monica Thompson, Linda Pellagrini, Kiki Kazanas, Bobi Brown, Phil Adler, Woody Shelton, Eli Sherer, Jay Lichenstein, Stacey Young COPY: Julie Kelliher The yearbook staff wishes to thank Photoworks, Dick Sweich and the Hunter Publishing Company. 89 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS L to R: Vice-President Steve Shaw, President Joe Coblenz, Secretary Iris Greenberg, Treasurer Lisa Federico. 90 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS L to R: Treasurer Ed Joyce, President Beth Davis, Secretary Linda Manning, Vice-President Vicki Caeser. 91 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Linda Pellagrini — Treasurer Lonnie Hilfman — President Chris Ann Melle — Vice-President Merle Zamansky — Secretary 92 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ri Julie Kelleher — Treasurer Greg Bush — Secretary Barbara Lovely — President Ira Raff — Vice-President 93 THE CASTLE HILL OUTING 97 maamSi W»M£SmM B r mms msk f PfiilsSlSiMI THE CRUCIBLE 101 NIGHT MUST FALL EMERSON COMEDY WORKSHOP PRESENTS MAINSTAGE!! EMERSON COLLEGE ATHLETICS DEPARTMENT d mth in One’s Self ' When things go wrong, as they someti mes Jo, thnj have gone wrong with me, and they may with you-, When your cash is low and the hills run high and your worries are hearing you down to wit, have faith in yourself and don ' t cjuit Tor life is strange with its twists and turns, as everyone of us sometimes learns; And many a failure has come about that he might have won, had he fought it out; So don ' t give up. ' Point uour chin to the shy Have faith in yourself, have another good try! Success is hut failure turned inside out It ' s the silver lining of the clouds about and you never can tell just where you are, it may he near when it seems so far So don ' t give up when you ' re hardest hit Han faith in your (god, and in yourself and you will never amt Author unknown Athletics Director n j-dss jXJ F c i VARSITY CLUB President — Mark Cofman Vice President — Jerry Carter Treasurer — Ira Raff Secretary — Nancy Faddis 109 Coach Peckham Mrs. )ean Peckham The 1978-1979 Emersonian staff wishes to thank the coach and Mrs. Peckham for their constant support. Whether it be moral support, or just keeping an eye on things, Mr. and Mrs. Peckham have been an important element in the successful completion of this yearbook. 110 BASEBALL Our Emerson baseball team wound up the season with a 6-6-1 record this year. Captain Mark Cofman led the team in hitting while Rich Nastasi was the pitching standout. Newcomers John Sroka and Brian Edwards will lead next years squad. Graduating are Mark Cofman, Rich Nastasi, Steve Bell, Jay Eidt, Jim Brown and Frank Gelman. Leaving the school are Robert Colieary and Rod Parker. V: SOCCER Front L to R kneeling; Gary Middleton, Tom Hutchinson, Jam Hakin Standing: Dan Rosen, Paula Demopolous, Lance Douglas, Mike Loveridge, Matt Shannon, Brian Heath, Scott Gow, Peter Forest, Sam Scholz, Coach Dan Maker. 113 BASKETBALL Front — Ronald Milton, David Brooker, Jeff Mershon, Jaibe Sivad-el, Bruce Catania. Rear — Coach Jim Bradley, Doug Jenkins, Asst. Coach Scoville Jenkins, Jake Demmin, Roger Fountain, Vin Iuli, Bob Sylvester, Ron Forsheimer, Okowah Garrett, Richard Mitchell, Lou Petrucci. 114 115 WRESTLING Coach Jim Peckham had high praise for members Joe Quatato and Mike Tessta, who he singled out for their efforts and abilities. It was a season long on problems and short on wins. Jack Suissa badly injured his knee early in the season and individual problems arose with other team members that hurt thte teams chances; however with five starters returning, the coach expects to make an improved showing this year. HOCKEY With many freshman starters, the Hockey team took it’s lumps this year. Coach Dan Grande had high praise for a number of players among them were freshmen Joe Trudeau. Russ Worthington, Michael Paze, Sophomore Craig Anderson, and Senior Tom Hutchinson. 116 117 tM- |gH |P f 1 " • " !ri y - r Jfc j B . - I THE CASTLE HILL OUTING Dramatic Arts Bobbi Brown 120 Anne Pasche Communications Disorders 121 L Tony Domenick Speech Karen Engelmyer Mass Communications Stephen Gambino Dramatic Arts 122 Amiee Pritcher Mass Communications Sharon Kuzmiak Mass Communications 1 a I H James P. Liversidge Mass Communications 123 124 Angela Lifsey Speech Carol Eisner Mass Communications Tobie Sabrina Stein B. O. Communications D. A. 125 126 Rhoda Gibson B. O. Communications Nanci A. Isaacs Mass Communications William Cotreau Mass Communications 127 Patricia Ellen Barker Dramactic Arts Acting Robert B. Friend Theater Ed Secondary School 128 Lisa J. Levine Film 129 William J. Smith Dramatic Arts 130 Nanci J. Gorman B. I. Communications Sue Lezon Interdisciplinary Cindy L. White History 132 . 133 Phil Adler Mass Communications Jesse Dennis Cain Ill Mass Communications 134 -» p yfi- Dr. Jeff H. Haymes Mass Communications Jane S. Greenberg Mass Communications 135 Teresa Burrell Dramatic Arts Greg Tinnerman Creative Writing 136 Mark D’Oliverira Mass Communications D. Michael Loveridge Radio Ken Hartman Speech 138 Fernando Caramanzana Mass Comm. Speech Ira Raff Mass Communications 139 Ellen Sedell 140 David B. Seidner Speech Greg Bush Speech 141 Mark Plukas Radio Paul Ciccotelli Mass Communications Laura Melanie Whipple Creative Writing 142 143 Matthew Shannon Theater Education Richard Wentworth History Diana R.K. Hunter Mass Communications 144 Roger Eric Fountain Speech Mass Comm. Jackie Maguire Psychology 145 Veronica Kooy Mass Communications 14f Victor Kovich Mass Communications Doreen Ferretti Dramatic Arts 147 Robin Margulies B. I. Communications Fran Shtull Adams Dance Paul Levine Mass Communications 148 Larry Cerullo English Education Barbara Lovely Mass Communications 150 Elizabeth P. Temkin Speech Rebecca J. Karlin Mass Communications (| « 151 152 Kenny Arnold Mass Comm. History Doreen Vaillette Mass Communications Barbara J. Owens Communications Disorders 153 Denis Leary Creative Writing Anne Candace Schmidt Dramatic Arts 154 Barb Greenhoe Film SsfSfc V-v ' -4 : ' Jk, p • » Deborah Ann Luisi Film Spence Waugh Speech 155 156 157 Mass Communications 158 |mm| Bob Forget Dramatic Arts Alexandra Hahn Mass Communications 159 Michael Kirby Journalism Carl Piermarini Film Benita Rosenshein Communications Disorders 160 Tina Badolato Dramatic Arts Ron Milton Radio Peter Henry Mass Communications 161 162 Speech Linda Sutherland Elementary Education Cherly Ann Bonda Speech 163 Karen Carbone Interdisciplinary 164 Earle Ziff Television Nancy Cirka Communications Disorders Larry Gorfine Mass Communications 165 Cheryl Williams Creative Services Jay Stearns Mass Comm. Speech Bruce Kaufman Speech 166 Vincent Elizabeth Barnett Dramatic Arts Mark Levey Mass Communications Julie Therese Florence Kelleher English Literature 167 Leslie Lopata Theater Ed. Dance Lance Anthony Douglas Mass Communications James L. Brown Speech 168 Richard R. Torreullas Mass Communications Bob Brown Television Dorothy Fleischer B. O. Communications 169 Jeffrey Trenner Dramatic Arts Karyn M. Altman Philosophy Psychology 170 John Arezzi Speech Jeffrey J. Rosenbaum Television 171 Don Thomas Mass Communications Jay Eidt Mass Communications Alice Chevalier Film 172 iiiiiiiiMHiiii Syndi Zook Dramatic Arts Stephen Ball Television 173 Judi Holmes Costume Design Denise }. Peck Mass Communications 174 Edward Aaronson Mass Communications Laura Elena Surillo Dramatic Arts Janie Lewis Speech 175 Cara Houlihan English Joyce P. Campbell English-Secondary Ed. 176 Andrea R. Curtis Visual Design Thomas M. Zero, Jr. Mass Communications Karl Douglas Wall Speech 177 178 Leonard C. Fico Mass Communications 179 180 Richard John Nastasi Speech Mary Flood Mass Communications 181 Jeanne Marie McMann Acting Nancy Balik Speech 182 Merle Rose Eisman Television Jamie Goldman Interdisciplinary Kevin Lyles Radio Broadcasting 183 184 185 Chuck Willis Film Debi Ruffin Broadcast Journalism 186 Marlene McCurtis Film Kim Williamson Mass Communications 187 Carla Raswyck Radio Nancy Faddis Theater Education 188 Nicole E. West Communications Disorders 189 Haibe Sivad-El Broadcast Management Julie Himelstein Speech 190 Carol Savage Radio 191 Anne Marroni Speech Kathy Bolger Creative Writing 192 Kevin O’Brien Radio Television 193 ■ - 1 r i4 Okawah Garrett Film 195 Michelle Rosa Speech Bill Gonzalez Mass Communications 196 Julie Dawn Jepsom Speech Gary Middleton Mass Communications Patricia Kramer Mass Communications 197 19ft Gary A. Powers General Theatre 199 200 ■■ Jim Dunn Mass Communications Ken Willinger T.V. production T NCJtW T ! ' AJJ K ' St iiL3 ■ Mfcdl 1 . ' iuj 203 EDWARD AARONSON Mass Communications Brookline. Mass. JOHN AREZZI Speech STEVEN BALL Television 334 Hacking Circle Mashpee, Mass. 02649 FRAN SHTULL ADAMS Dance 428 Marlborough Street Boston, Mass. KENNY ARNOLD Mass Communications History 208 Walnut Street Revere, Mass. 02151 PATRICIA ELLEN BARKER Acting 21 Marlboro Street Newburyport, Mass. 01950 PHILIP ADLER Mass Communications 16 Malcolm Court Tenafly, New Jersey DEBRA M. BACHAND Dramatic Arts 12 James Avenue Sanford, ME. 04073 VINCENT ELIZABETH BARNETT Dramatic Arts KARYN M. ALTMAN Philosophy Psychology 363 Beacon Street Boston. Mass. 02116 TINA BADOLATO Dramatic Arts 185 Nettleton Avenue Milford, CT. 06460 MARTHA BENEDEK Mass Communications 53 Hereford Street Boston, Mass. 02215 KATY BOLGER Creative Writing CAROL ANNE ALUKAS Speech 34 Pinehurt Avenue Auburn, Mass. 01501 NANCY BALIK Speech 97 Roseville Avenue New Rochelle, New York 10804 CHERYL BONDA Speech 204 mm rw y u . j 4 v ' • t ? i } Li 1 Uh] Mmm; SjllL Hfijii tiki- Ht, ■ U ; • iU - ■ C t -T jfT’N ■ Ml TERESSA BURRELL Dramatic Arts 15 Eastfield Drive Brockton, Mass. ROBERT GREGORY BUSH Mass Communications CHRISTINA MARIE BYNOE Dramatic Arts Music 83 Lyme Street Malden, Mass. 02148 JESSE DENNIS CAIN III Mass Communications 58 Cottage Street Hingham, Mass. 02043 JOYCE P. CAMPBELL English Secondary Education 12 Jefferson Park Cambridge, Mass. FERNANDO CARAMAZANA Mass Communications Speech 16 Francis Street Boston, Mass. 02115 KAREN CARBONE Interdisciplinary 208 South Avenue Whitman, Mass. 02382 NANCY CECCA Communication Disorders 139 Endicott Avenue Revere, Mass. 02151 MIMI BORDOW Communication Disorders 120 W. Indiana Crk. Ct. Milwaukee, Wis. 53217 JAMES L. BROWN Speech 144 Sammett Street Malden, Mass. 02148 LAWRENCE J. CERULLO English Education 8 Billings Avenue Medford, Mass. JOAN BORIA Speech 19 Croroningehield Drive Paxton, Mass. ROBERT BUCKLEY Mass Communications NORA CASSAR Film 700 Closter Dock Road Closter, N.J. 07624 BOB BROWN Television 9 Parkvale Avenue Allston, Mass. 02134 ROBIN BURKHOLZ Communication Disorders ZACHARY CHESSIN Mass Communications 3836 Poinciana Drive West Palm Beach, Fla. 33463 ALICE CHEVALIER Film PALL CICCOTELLI Mass Communications NANCY CIRKA Communication Disorders 53 Hereford Street Boston. Mass. VICTORIA CLEMENTS Journalism Acorn Lane Royal Oak. Maryland MARK COFMAN Mass Communications 50 Franklin Street Worcester, Mass. 01608 WILLIAM COTREAU Mass Communications 106 Bartlett Avenue Arlington, Mass. ANDREA R. CURTIS Visual Design Communication .Arts 350 East 36th Street Patterson. New Jersey 07540 KAREN DEPOLITO Television PAUL DINT Creative Writing 32 Acacia Drive Orinda, California 94563 MARK D’OLIVEIRA Mass Communications LAUREN E. DOMBROWSKI Dramatic Arts Manchester. Mass. ANTHONY DOMENICK Speech LANCE ANTHONY DOUGLAS Mass Communications 67 Fairview Avenue Lansdowne, PA. 10050 LORRAINE DURATTI Mass Communications 1 04 Middle Street Woburn, Mass. 01801 ALBERT EATON III Mass Communications JAY EIDT Mass Communications 2 Burtis Avenue Rockville Centre, N.Y., N.Y. MERLE ROSE EISMAN Television 99 Boulevard Glen Rock, N.J. 07452 CAROL EISNER Mass Communications 316 Newberry Street Boston, Mass. 206 TIM FLYNN Broadcast Journalism 664 Main Street Woburn, Mass. BARRY M. FONSECA Mass Communications Fernandes Circle Norton, Mass. 02766 BOB FORGET Dramatic Arts 47 Irving Street Boston, Mass. ROGER ERIC FOUNTAIN Speecy Mass Comm. 1713 Glenside Drive Hamburg, PA. ROBERT B. FRIEND Theater Education 2306 Chain Bridge Road Washington, D.C. AMY FRIPP Elementary Education 21 Chauncy Street Cambridge, Mass. 02138 SUSAN FUHS Theater Education STEPHEN GAMBINO Dramatic Arts 228 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. KAREN ENGELMYER Mass Communications 119 Charles Street Boston, Mass. NANCY F ADDIS Theater Education 271 Mass. Avenue Arlington, Mass. 02174 DOREEN FERETTI Dramatic Arts 32 Union Street Randolph, Mass. 02368 LEONARD C. FICO Mass Communications 39 Wedgewood Drive Woodbridge, CT. 06525 DOROTHY FLEISCHER Speech 221-53 Manor Road Queens Village, N.J. 11427 MARY FLOOD ANN GAMBRO Communication Disorders OKAWAH GARRETT Film RHODA GIBSON Speech JAMIE GOLDMAN Interdisciplinary BILL GONZALEZ Mass Communications ZELDA GORDON Industrial Fine Arts Wilmington. Delaware LARRY GORFINE Mass Communications 6 Greenside Lane Rochester. N Y. 14617 NANCI f. GORMAN Business and Industrial 57 Myrtle Street Boston. Mass. 02114 JANE S. GREENBERG Mass Communications 30 Chestnut Lane Valley Stream, New York BARB GREENHOE Film Rte. 2 Putney, Vermont 05346 ALEXANDRA HAHN Mass Communications GEORGE HANSON Mass Communications 48 Irving Street Boston, Mass. 02114 KEN HARTMAN Speech 539 Alewife Parkway New London, CT. 06320 JEFF HAYMES Mass Communications PETER HENRY Mass Communications 173 Uncatena Avenue Worcester, Mass. JULIE HIMELSTEIN Speech 450 North Rotbury Drive Beverly Hills, Calif. 90024 JUDI HOLMES Costume Design 11 Amos Street Tewksbury, Mass. 01876 BRUCE KAUFMAN Speech 20 Wood Hollow Lane New Rochelle, N.Y. JULIE T.F. KELLEHER English Literature 187 Willow Avenue Somerville, Mass. 02114 MICHAEL KIRBY Journalism 414 Kelly Blvd. No. Attleboro, Mass. 02760 VERONICA KOOY Mass Communications 44 Joy Street Boston, Mass. 02114 VICTOR KOVICH Mass Communications JOHN H. KRATOVILLE JR. Mass Communications 108 Sunrise Avenue Riverhead, N.J. 11901 SHARON KUZMIAK Mass Communications DATHY LASHOTO Speech 131 Doty Street Waltham, Mass. CARA HOULIHAN English R.F.D. 3 Winstead, CT. 06098 J. DAVID HOWARD Film 125 Hennessy Drive Portland, ME. 04103 NANCI A. ISAACS 30 Mystic River Road West Medford, Mass. EDWARD J. JONES Mass Communications 206 Elmwood Avenue Roosevelt, N.Y. 11575 DENIS LEARY Creative Writing 907 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. 02115 JEAN LENVILLE Dramatic Arts DIANA R.K. HUNTER Mass Communications 32 Anderson Street Boston, Mass. 02114 REBECCA J. KARLIN Mass Communications 278 Lawrence Road South Windsor, CT. 06074 MARK LEVEY Mass Communications 707 Mix Avenue Hamden, CT. 06514 209 iiiiil LISA J. LEVINE Film PAYE LEVINE Mass Communications 58 Revine Road Medford. Mass. JANNIE LEWIS Speech SUE LEZON Interdisciplinary 76 Cushman Road Levrett, Mass. 01054 JAY LICHENSTEIN Mass Communications 4 Clark Street Randolph, Mass. 02368 ANGELA LIFESEY Speech 218 West 20th Street New York, New York 10011 JAMES P. LIVERSIDGE Mass Communications LESLIE LOPATA Theater Education Dance 44 Watchung Road Short Nills, N.J. 07078 BARBARA LOVELY Mass Communications 24 Carven Street Pawtucket, R.I 02860 MIKE LOVE RIDGE Radio DEBORAH ANN LUISI Film 8 Hickory Hill New Britain, CT. MADELINE LUSK Mass Communications KEVIN LYLES Radio Broadcasting JACKIE MAGUIRE Psychology Nevada Street Newton, Mass. ROBIN MARGULIES Speech ANNE MARRONI Speech 42 Hancock Street Reading, Mass. 01867 210 JODI MATHISON Mass Communications 3 14 East 41st Street New York. N Y. 10017 JODY MAZUR Theater Education 114 james River Drive Newport News. YA. 23601 MARLENE MCCURTIS Film 274 Valley Way Montclair. N.J. 07042 IE ANNE MARIE MCMANN Acting 58 Kiley Street No. Providence. R.I. 02911 RON MILTON Radio STEVEN MOORE Mass Communication 80 Marlborough Street Boston. Mass. KATHLEEN MURPHY Communication Disorders RICHARD JOHN NASTASI Speech 197 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. 02116 ... — X ) ANNE PASCHE MARK PLUKAS KEVIN O’BRIEN Communication Disorders Radio Radio Television 19 Longview Drive Whippany, N.J. 07981 DENISE PECK Mass Communications 83 Clifford Street AMIEE PRITCHER BARBARA J. OWENS Wayne, N.J. 07470 Mass Communications Communication Disorders 1 5 Corman Road Mattapan, Mass. 02126 JEFF PETTEE JOSEPH PALMIERI Mass Communications CARL PIERMARINI IRA RAFF Mass Communications Film Mass Communications 311 Pine Road 208 Central Street 408 Cranburry Road Hammonton, N.J 08037 Leominster, Mass. 01453 East Brunswick. N.J. 08816 212 MIRIAM RANKIN Theater Education 79 Norwell Avenue Norwell, Mass. CARLA RASWYCK Radio MICHELLE ROSA Speech 742 Shawmut Avenue New Bedford, Mass. 02745 JEFFREY J. ROSENBAUM Television 855 Broadway Chelsea, Mass. 02150 BENITA ROSENSHEIN Communication Disorders 57 Longwood Avenue Brookline, Mass. 02158 DEBI RUFFIN Broadcast Journalism ROBERT SAMSON Mass Communications 72 Old Bedford Road Bedford, N.H. 03102 CAROL ANNE SAVAGE Radio ANNE CANDACE SCHMIDT Dramatic Arts 63 Claypit Hill Road Wayland, Mass. 01778 ELLEN SEDELL Dramatic Arts 118 Capt. Pierce Road. Scituate, Mass. 02060 DAVID SEIDNER Speech 21 Cortes Street Boston, Mass. MATTHEW SHANNON Theater Education 212 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. 02116 SUSAN SHISHIDO Communications Theory 186 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. KAREN SIMMS Speech and Pathology HAIBE SIVAD-EL Broadcast Management 792 Tremont Street Boston, Mass. JAY STEARNS Mass Communications Speech 53 Carriage Drive Glastonbury, CT. 06033 213 GARY POWERS General Theater 231 N ' ewburv SE. Boston LINDA SUTHERLAND Elementary Education RICHARD R. TORRUELLAS Mass Communications 150 Labra Santurce, Puerto Rico 00907 TOBIE STEIN Dramatic Arts Speech 106 Shore Road Ogunquit. ME. 03907 ELIZABETH P. TEMKIN Speech 58 Lafayette Street Pawtucket. R.I. 02860 LAURA TRUBNICK Communication Disorders 92 Powder House Road Somerville, Mass. BRIAN SHAW STRICKLAND Speech 83 Lamplighter Lane DON THOMAS Fairfield. CT. Mass Communications PATRICE S. TURNER Elementary Education 330 E. Price Street Philadelphia, PA. 19144 CORNELIA STRYKER Dramatic Arts LAURA ELENA SURILLO Dramatic Arts Paseo Del Parque DA-14 Garden Hills, Guaynabo Puerto Rico 00657 MONICA THOMPSON Film 35 Brookline Avenue Cambridge, Mass. 02139 GREG TINNERMAN Creative Writing 23 Irving Street Boston, Mass. 02114 DOREEN VAILLETTE Mass Communications KARL DOUGLAS WALL Speech 109 Dawn Drive Mt. Holly, N.J. 08060 214 SPENCE WAUGH Speech 95 Elmgrove Avenue Providence, R.I. 02906 FRED WEISS Film KATHERINE WELTS Film RICHARD WENTWORTH History NICOLE E. WEST Communication Disorders 28 Tip Top Street Brighton, Mass. 02135 CINDY WHITE History 26 Davenport Drive Stanford, CT. 02902 CHERYL WILLIAMS Creative Services 20 Barberry Road Lexington, Mass. 02713 KIM WILLIAMSON Mass Communications Wakefield Blvd. Winsted, CT. KENNETH WILLINGER Television THOMAS M. ZERO, JR. Mass Communications 22 Wright Avenue Medford, Mass. 02155 EARLE ZIFF Television 27 Sagamore Road Marblehead, Mass. SYNDI ZOOK Dramatic Arts 10906 Candlelight Lane Potomac, MD. 20854 JON MAY Film 5 Concorde Ave. Charlestown LAURA MELANIE WHIPPLE Creative Writing 60 So. Russell Street Boston, Mass. 02114 CHUCK WILLIS Film 119A Brainero Road Allston, Mass. 02134 215

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