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K imM If rJ 1 Professor Leonidas Nickole He is an educator in the classic sense. He has in- stilled within us the seed of knowledge, hoping that someday that seed will bear fruit. He is a man who has been instrumental in the devel- opment of Emerson College, helping it grow from a school already noted for its excellence to a school that is now making a major impact in the fields of Theatre, Speech and Mass Communication. The name and reputation of Emerson College is held in high esteem, due, in part, to the works of Professor Nickole. It is to this man, this leader in the fields of Theatre and Education, that we dedicate our yearbook. 2 as President of N.E.T.C. with Kitty Carlisle with Carol Lawrence with Hal Prince. as advisor to Alpha Pi Thata ■ n TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION 5 IN MEMORIAM 8 COMMUNICATION DISORDERS 9 DRAMATIC ARTS 27 EDUCATION 43 ENGLISH 53 HISTORY 63 MASS COMMUNICATIONS 67 MUSIC 97 EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY 101 SPEECH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 105 THEATRE EDUCATION 121 INTERDISCIPLINARY MAJORS 135 FIRST LEVEL PROGRAM 143 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 149 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS 155 STUDENT SERVICES 167 STUDENT LIFE 173 STUDENT DIRECTORY 193 THE SPRING SUPPLEMENT 197 STAFF CREDITS 199 ADMINISTRATION President Richard Chapin i I 6 I 7 I In erTieriarT] Dr Richard Donald Pierce 1915-1973 Dr. Richard D. Pierce taught at Emerson College for over a quarter century. As Academic Dean, Vice-President, and Secretary of the Board of Trustees, he was one of the principal architects of the College as we have known it. He was a renowned scholar, effective adminis- trator, and beloved teacher. “He enjoyed life and lived it fully. The path of his life was positive and crea- tive.” Ruth Southwick Maxfield 1894-1973 Mrs. Ruth Southwick Maxfield, Professor Emeritus, daughter of past President Henry Lawrence Southwick and Profes- sor Jessie Eldridge Southwick, served Emerson College for fifty years, as teacher, counselor, Dean of Women and Chairman of the English Department. “She loved teaching, she loved her field of dramatic literature, and she loved her students with whom she shared it. " 8 Communication Disorders FACULTY DR. VILMA BOROS SUZANNE SWOPE DR. ERNEST MOORE PAM SPILITORE RUTH SEGALL i 10 11 SENIORS ARLENE KLEIN MARJORIE WARREN LAURIE MCGREGOR 12 CATHERINE CARRE NADINE ESSENCY KATHY MUZZY HOWARD UMANSKI r " 13 JANE SABER 14 1 I ELENA RE SEAN S. MORIARTY 15 SANDRA BAKER LISA SANDERS SUSAN SMITH GILLIAN M. HALKERSTON 16 1 I 1 j i I FRAN D. SCHUR BETSY BALKIND I 17 MARTHA PRIMER SHELIA HOWLAND LUISA P. JOHNSON 18 RONA HALBREICH LINDA RICE SUZAN PFLUG 19 MARILYN LEVINE MAUREEN SULLIVAN KARLA SCHLOSS 20 i t F 4 - . ; t ? ' SUSAN I. COHEN ELLEN KALODNER DEBORAH FREEDMAN HELEN KIRK 21 JILL LEWIS PATRICIA GATES DEBBI ORLOFF 22 I SHARI RAVAGE 23 BETH PROLMAN SANDRA J. DE KOZLOSKI 24 SHARON R. WISHKIN MARJORIE ROSENBLUTH 25 WILLIAM CLARK 26 Li FACULTY SHELDON FELDNER 28 TANGO October 1973 GALLOWS HUMOR December 1973 30 1 GARY BERMAN BEVERLY BRETT SENIORS ANN FAWCETT 32 i 1 JULIE GOELL MARK SYERS 34 1 SPENCER KLEIN ROBERT MCDONALD CHARLENE TOSCA GREENHAUGH JUDITH SYMANSKI 35 MICHAEL HETU I ANNE BASSAGE I 36 NAN GILBERT TERESA NAUMAN WILLIAM BERHSOHN I I I PENELOPE HENES 37 ALAN CHAPMAN JANICE JENKINS GAIL FEIN JOHN CLANCY MICHAEL BIAS LISA ZEBROWITZ MAUREEN O’BRIEN LYLE SHAW 41 42 I FACULTY Dr Edna Ward Professor Zorn ’T n Dr Joyce Lancaster Bert Malatesta Dennis Humphrey I ■C 2 » I Tutoring Sessions SENIORS Ed Landau 46 Jamie Spirier Cindee Slater Lori Cole Laura McCoffrey TT ' V.v V 47 48 LYNN SINETAR BARBARA LEVINSON STEVEN SCHUMAN RHONDA BEGALMAN 49 50 i E h i ' i i I I -f ' Forest Leone Allyn Kamen Judith Ritter Nancy Karger English Department Dr Charlotte LIndgren Roy Hammer FACULTY DeWitt Henry 54 Activities The staff of WORDS and the EMERSON REVIEW The ENGLISH DEPARTMENT CHRISTMAS PARTY 55 SENIORS Michael Stern Robert Morse Claire Gevirtzman Robert Rayford 57 It Gregory Morell George Anthony Mastrianni Katharine Cooper 58 I GARY MITCHNICK ROBERT KWARTLER PAMELA MILLER 60 MATTHEW RUE KIM FROELICH 61 62 Colonel Harrison FACULTY George Ursel Richard Campbell Jf SENIORS Louis DeSorgher 65 I am a nomad of the Universe and for thousands of years I have been m search of life, undiscovered, exiting and new I have come to rest here. I have come to touch you Poem and Photo by paul davis Charles Phillips FACULTY 68 69 70 1 I i Burt Spiegel Michael Stump SENIORS John Simon Lucy Vicious 74 John Re Stephen Morales John Elliot 75 STEPHEN JONES 76 1 TONY PERILLO KAREN SCHNEIDER KIM AHERNS 77 Lewis Held 78 A " 1 Susan L. Cohen Scott Dennison Haig Papasian j i 79 Steven Gladstone Janyce Buchman Robert Duggan 80 . Diane Gilman Jack Arno James Marshall Pamela Patrick 81 John Campellone Daniel Abramson Alyce Myatt I I I 82 i i r i Lance Beckoff John Marques 83 84 85 Azalee Pittman Stephen Paymer 86 lUI Joyce Grossman Stuart Silverberg Stephen Young 87 Joseph Colella Jon C. Michel Richard Schwartz Nathan Lebowitz 88 Joseph Massesso Daniel Reinhard John Meagley 89 Gail Anderson David Gordon Russel Sarnoff 90 John Simpson Mary Maurier Richard Bjorklund David Alinsky I RICHARD SPENCER JAMES LUCE AL CAMERON 92 CHESTER TART MICHAEL WOHE 1 CARLA BRAVO STANLEY STEINBERG 0 93 LEO MAMORSKY CHARLES BARISANO DAVID VOLKER MATTHEW GANIS 94 RICHARD PRUFER BARRY BLANDER KAY WILSON JERRY D POSNER I 95 Paul Davis Ronald Garafano Anita Fisher David Sweedler 96 The EMERSON CHORUS rehearses Gary Zeller 98 99 100 102 103 ii 104 Speech and Communication Studies Faculty Dr. Kenneth Crannell Dr. Coleman C. Bender Mrs. Frances LaShoto Dr John C. Zackeris Hag der Marderosian 106 Walter Littlefield June Mitchell Ken Stanley 107 The FORENSICS Activities 108 109 At times I know my solemn moods Disturb your even flow When I go not paths I choose And work so far below A life to feel a peace with all It is by haze I’m pinned But through the mist I only want To be part of the wind poem and photo by paul davis 110 Mark McIntosh Randi Revitz Deborah Ross 111 Jeff Manning Ann DeCrosta 112 GerrI DiRoberto Charles Berman Eileen Wachs 113 114 JEFFREY DONAHUE CLYDE TERRY EMMY ASKLAR 116 A PAMELA FIASCHETTI VICTORIA EVERETT Mts ' , ,1 . T mu I ROBERT SNOOK 117 Penny Goldner Linda Jacob Deborah Peterson 118 119 JONATHAN KROM ROSE REED BETSY WIDES ■V BONNIE PETERSON 120 Leonard Riendeau Arthur Perry Leonidas Nichole FACULTY Polly Ritchell 122 Mary-Ellen Adams Harry Morgan Al Corona 123 Robert Martin I 124 rvir 1 STROLLING PLAYERS “The Man In The Moon”-Fall 1973 125 Barbara Fazio SENIORS Tracy Goehberg Joan Weiss 126 Valerie Ru ebush Kathy Klausner Joan Gurian 127 Steven Rosenthal 128 Danny Robinson Mary Weinstein 129 JENNIFER HERSHEY PATRICIA MAY CARYL TOOLE HOPE BROKMAN 130 ANN DE FRUSIA JANICE MYZAL 131 132 ! Edith Coren Carol Krim Vanessa Bargness 133 Patricia Sturges William Miller Lisa Passero 134 THE INTERDISCIPLINARY WORLD . . . . . . is universal; the phenomenon is a subtle secret mixture of methods aimed at evolving the most important issues regarding The Survival of Mankind on this small planet into tangible concepts suited to youthfully unhampered minds. The Interdisciplinary (IDC) World is crisp and clear, though frightening to those who believe it to be the embryo of a UTOPIA. Should we choose instead oblivion? Letting the mind transcent the ‘student body’, abandoning the traditional servitude which specialization perpetuates and learning to use the re- sources of the Universe with wisdom and efficiency are the bright goals of the Interdiscipline by which the IDC students and faculty make meaningful much of what others regard as non-existant, or choose to disregard entirely. Thus can we bridge the gaps between all disciplines to create something new--a dynamic understanding of our own worlds and the worlds of others. (The sun never sets— it never rises, either. These terms reflect a 16th Century attitude. Earth’s rotation produces the illusion of the sun rising and setting; nonetheless, these terms are common in contemporary speech.) At its birth in 1972 and now, the IDC major at Emerson brings the highest degree of personal commitment to the widest scholastic latitudes. The Interdisciplinary program is a sure step in the direction of Emerson’s proud future. . . . and to the Class of 1974 — If we let the light of joy shine from our eyes, we shall indeed illuminate the world. Thanks for the opportunity. H. Jeffrey Rosen, IDC., B.F.A. 136 Faculty — Fine Arts DR. LINDLEY POWERS WAYNE PERKINS 1 Additional Faculty DR PAUL MOYLAN FACULTY-FOREIGN LANGUAGES ROBERT HANEY FACULTY-PHILOSOPHY 138 Leyla Reddy Peter Hoffman I i 139 H Jeffrey Rosen Betty Jane Ludwin Richard Bruce 140 Catherine Sigel SYD SKINNER DEBORAH KAHAN DEBRA PEARLMAN 142 DR TED ROMBERG The Emerson graduating class of 1974 is very special to the faculty of the First Level Program. We began together in an untried experimental approach to interdisciplinary education. We knew we were the “first” of a new breed of Emerson students and faculty. We learned together failed together and succeeded together. We worked hard or very little. We struggled with a curriculum that was impossible to teach but from which much was learned. We were very aware that flexibility, freedom, self-motivation and personal growth were intangible but very real. We cared for each other with out knowing how to care and sometimes without knowing why this kind of student to teacher relationship was important. We were like a band of explorers, often reluctant explorers, with guides who did not know the way and with maps that were inadequate. We ran into all kinds of obstacles, some real and some imagined and some feared, but we made it. The graduating class of 1974 is unlike any other class of Emerson graduates and the faculty of the First Level Program knows this because we started with them. 144 F.L.P. Faculty MIKE BROWN JEAN KILBORNE DR. GLEN SNOWDEN GARY GROSSMAN JIM COOKE TIM RUPP JACK BERNSTEIN MARY LINDA MERRIAM 145 146 147 . V Coach James R Peckham 150 I 151 Mens Basketball 152 Womens Basketball 153 154 Clubs and s Organizations PHI ALPHA TAU presents SHOWCASE 74 156 Musical Theatre Society AUDITIONS 157 ZETA PHI ETA ZETA SPONSOR THE ANNUAL BLOOD DRIVE ZETA INITIATES IT’S NEW MEMBERS 158 . FORENSIC ACTIVITIES 159 The H.E.L.P. Organization Hillel 160 The ORAL INTERP SOCIETY presents Agnes Moorhead 161 THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL--(1 -r. ANNE LIEBOWITZ, RALPH FRONGELLO DAVID ISEMAN) ABSENT: KARLA SCHLOSS PRES.) JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS--(1-r. DAVID ISEMAN-PRES. FRAN SERVER-V. PRES. MARK B U R N S - - T R E A S . FERN SCHERDLERER-SEC.) at REP ASSEMBLY SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-(L.-R. CATHY COOKER-TREAS., RALPH FRONGILLO- PRES. CAROLYN LEVY-SEC. ABSENT AMY LICHTENSTEIN V P.) 162 E.B.O.N.I. Emerson’s Black Organization with Natural Interest For the Black students of Emerson College, 1973-74 has been a year of crisis and a year of decision. Along with many of the Black student communities in the United States, we have been faced with the harsh realities of a school administration changing and altering, for whatever reasons, its former committments to its Black students. We fully realize that many of these changes are due to the economic instability of the times but also feel that the economic crisis maybe used as a smoke screen to cover calculated efforts to destroy all the progress that Black Emersonians have achieved. We have made the only feasible decision: to rededicate ourselves to the goals and ideals on which Eboni was founded 4 years ago and let it be known that we will defend and protect them. It is very hard to express our thanks for the love, friendship, and guidance that Dr. Olatunde Ojo has given the members of Eboni over the years. His presence will be sorely missed on the Emerson College campus. Good luck Tunde, we love you. 163 out in the country together we think n sing n listen love n learn n talk truth n do n decide we are not retreating, livin’ for the city ain’t enuff. live just’. live for yourself people. 164 165 166 The Union 168 169 } 170 MS. SUSAN LEVENSON-DIRECTOR THE LIBRARY THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE 171 Health Dept Ms. Jane Gilberth Counseling Ms. Elaine McGrath X ■ T 0 Z 3 irtB Mrs. Alva Stanley 172 174 V “Whether I come to my own today or in ten thousand or ten million years, I can cheerfully take it now, or with equal cheerfulness I can wait.” Walt Whitman B 175 176 177 rrrjsar. . . TWO ROADS DIVERGED IN A WOOD, AND I TOOK THE ONE LESS TRAVELLED BY, AND THAT HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.” -ROBERT FROST photos by Ann Brunton 178 Isolation I sit alone And think back to when I called them friends. Where are they now? I see them, Standing over there in a crowd, Ignoring me. My so-called good friends putting forth the Great effort of a hello. And then they too pass me by. They laugh. Once their laughter was shared with me. Now that I can no longer see it. Their laughter is directed at me. When I was happy. They were there. Glad to suck the joy from my blood. Like little parasites. Now, Now when everything is not a utopia; When I need to borrow joy from them. Where are they now? Such empty people. No, Not even people. But mere shells. Strange, I think 1 pity them more than I do Myself. poem by Caasi Cohen photo by paul davis i i 179 180 photos by Paul Davis 182 photos John Campallone 183 184 [ 185 iu for Bogart STEVE, ALIAS EVERYBODY Illustrious lip-minister send us your almighty word half-paralyzed across countless Friday evenings Your disjointed syllables and wide lapels take me back to where I never was and never will be except now Anxious popcorn shivers in the air growing more expensive by the minute while veal cutlets are only 45C: in Chesterfield country and Steve, alias everybody, has a new woman Penelope Henes ' 74 186 187 188 189 photos by Jeff Rosen 190 1 photo by John Campallone 191 ti LATE COMERS Maxine Milstein Brent Jennings Barry C Brown Alan Mandel Nancy Rottenberg James Wallace 192 Student Directory SENIOR DIRECTORY Abrahamson. Ellen Highland Park. III. El Ed , B.S. Abramson. Daniel Flushing. N Y Mass. Comm . B.S ’Adkins. Krystle E . Monogahela. Pa. Ed . B A Ahrens. Kimberly W . Holliston. Ma Mass Comm . B.F A Anderson. Gail E . Maplewood. N.J. Mass. Comm., B.A Aronsky. Steven G . Allentown, Pa Mass Comm., B S Arno. John F , Watertown, Ma. Mass. Comm , B S. Asburn. Elizabeth C , Va Beach, Va. El. Ed , B S. Asklar, Mary Ellen P , Wethersfield. Ct. Sp. Ed.. B S Baily, William Jr Milton, Ma. DA. B A Baldi. Kathi Ann. Providence, R I El. Ed., B.S. Balkind, Betsy A , Harrison, N Y. C D., B S. Bargnes. Vanessa H.. Williamsville, N Y. Th Ed , B A Barisano. Charles A , Quincy, Ma Mass. Comm., B.S. ’’Barry, Grace H.. Milton, Ma. C D , B S ’Basha, Jacquiine P . Mass. Comm B A. Bassage, Anne O , Boston, Ma. D A , B F A Bassett, James N., Westfield, N.J D A. B S. Beckoft, Lance H , Brooklyn. N Y. Mass. Comm B.S. Begalman, Rhonde S., El. Ed , B.S. in Sp. Berg, Paul D., Holden, Ma. Th. Ed. B.S. Bergman, Lee W., Framingham, Ma. Sp. Ed Berkule. Arlene M., Mt. Vernon, N Y. El Ed , B.S Berman, Charles A., New York City, N Y. Sp., B.S. in Sp. Bernsohn, William B., D A , B.A. Bernstein, Wendy S., Woodbridge, N.J. Sp., B.S. in Sp. ’Bigeleisen, Ira S.. Rochester, N Y. C D., B.S. ’Bjorklund, Richard F., East Long Meadow, Ma Mass. Comm. B.S Blake, Devorah J., Camp Hill, Pa. Sp., B.S. in Sp. Blander. Barry B , Brookline, Ma. Mass. Comm., B.S. Bravo. Carla M , Brooklyn, N Y. Mass. Comm., B.S. Brett, Beverly, A., Winchester, Mass D A., B.S. Brokman, Hope S., New Rochelle, N Y Th Ed., B S Brown. Barry C . Baltimore, Md. D A B S ’Brown, Wilson H., Scituate, Ma. Eng , B F A. Bruce, Richard A , Burlington, Ma Ind., B.F A. Brunton, Anne R., Brattleboro, Vt Th. Ed., B.S. Buckley, Jack. Mass Comm., B F A. Buchm an, Janyce E., Greensberg, Pa Mass. Comm., B.S. Buck. William R . Brookline, Ma D.A., B.A. Cakounes, Ernest G., Saugus, Ma Th. Ed., B.F. A. Camerson. Alfred R., Watertown, Ma. Mass. Comm., B.S Campbell, Richard D., Garden City, N J Eng Hist., B A Campellone, John C Providence, R I. Mass. Comm , B.S Canavan, Colleen, A , Mountain Lakes, N.J. C D., B S in Sp Cargill, Mavlyn P., Boston, Ma. C D , B.S Carr. Clifford R , Lake Circle, N J. Psy, Ed.. B.S. Carre, Catherine, M , Needham, Ma C D . B S Cervino, Marilyn A Wayne, N J D A , B A Chalon. Mary Boston, Ma. Th Ed , B S. Chapman, Alan B , Bethel, Ct DA, B.F. A Clancy, John R , Ridgewood, N.J DA, B F A ’Clark. William L , Bethel, Ct CD, B S Cohen, Caasi, E , Brooklyn, N Y TH. ED , B.S. Cohen. Louise R , Waban, Ma El Ed , B S Cohen, Susan I , Mountainside, N.J. CD. B.S. in Sp Cohen, Susan L , Bronx, N Y Mass. Comm B.S in Sp Cole, Lori A , Bronx, N Y EL Ed , B S Collella, Joseph A , Newton, Ma Mass. Comm . B S. in Sp. Coletta, Francis S., West Warwick, R I Mass. Comm., B S. in Sp Collinger, George, Pittsburgh Pa , Mass. Comm. Sp . B S. in Sp Collins, Stephen. E Eng , B F A Cooper. Katharine D , New York City, N Y. Eng., B A Copman, Donna L . Newton Ct., Ma Eng., B A ’Coren, Edith J., Concord. Ma. Th., Ed., B A Cosgrove, Carolyn, West Weston, Ma. C D., B.S. Council. Patricia A , Woburn, Ma. Sp , B.S. in Sp ’Courchesne, Marc A., Worchester, Ma. D.A., B A Covich, Patricia A , D A , B.A ’Culver, Walter B., Boston, Ma. Psy. Ed. B A. Cusano, James D., Waltham, Ma Th Ed., B S ’Davis, Cindy, Revere, Ma. C D , B.S. in Sp De Koslowski, Sandra J., Phoenix Md. C D., B S. DeCrosta, Ann M , Arlington, Ma. Sp., B.S. in Sp DeSorgher, Louis L., Medford. Ma Hist , B A Devers, Deborah E , Millbrook, N Y. Ed B.S. Diehl, Maratha G., Bronxville, N Y. Mass. Comm., B.S. Diroberto, Gerri L., Port Chester, N Y Sp Ed., B S. in Sp. Donahue, Jeffrey W., Stanford, Ct. Sp., B.A. ’Dorfman, Alan, Union, N.J Mass. Comm., B.S. in Sp. ’Drazin, Marc, Bethesda Md., Mass. Comm., B.S. Duggan, Robert G., Mass. Comm., B.S. in Sp. Elam, Winifred, Hempstead, N Y. D.A., B.S. ’Elliot, John S., Wethersfield, Ct. Mass. Comm., B.S. in Sp. Ellis, Linda M., Pembroke, Ma. Int. B.F.A. Emigh, Jacqueline P., Wellesly, Ma. Mass. Comm., B.S. Esseney, Nadine G.. Hartford, Ct. C D,, B.S. in Sp. Everett, Victoria E , Dorchester, Ma. Sp., B.A. ’Falzett, Frank P , Boston, Ma. Mass. Comm., B.S. in Sp. Fawxett, Ann, Brighton, Ma. Ind. B.F.A. Fazio, Barbara, Elmsford, N Y. Th. Ed., B.F.A. ’Fein, Gail A., Wantagh, N Y. D.A., B.F.A Field, Susan M., Swarthmore, Pa. Psy, Ed B.S. Fisher, Anita, D. Chester, Pa. Mass. Comm., B.S. Fogel, Jan R., Ossining, N Y. Ed., B.A. Foilb, Sharon A., Mattapan, Mass. Mass. Comm., B S. ’Fontaine, Gary P., Lewiston, Me. Mass. Comm., B.S. in Sp. ’Freedman, Debra B. Boston, Ma. C D., B.S. Freilich, Kim, New York City, N Y. Eng. B.F.A. Frongillo, Ralph B., Woburn, Ma., Ind , B F A. Frimer, Maratha B., Levittown, N Y. C D , B S. Funk, Ronni K., Allston, Ma. Ed., B S. Gandolphi, Constance E. Reading, Ma Longy School, B.Mu ’Ganis, Matthew F., Brooklyn N Y. Mass. Comm. B.S. in Sp. Garafano, Ronald, Cranston, R.l Mass. Comm. B.S. Garris, Richard, Green Harbor, Ma. Th. Ed. B A. ’Gasecki, Robert C., Brunswick, N J. C D., B.S. Gates, Patricia M., South Gete, Ky. C D., B S. Gertz, Francine R., Cranston, R I D A. B S. in Sp. Gevirtzman, Claire L., Carteret, N J Eng , B A. ’Gilbert, Nan, R , Philadelphia, Pa DA, B.S. ’Gladstone, Steven J., Westfield, N.J Mass. Comm B S ’Gochberg, Gayle T., Stanfork Ct. Th. Ed., B.S. Goell, Julie P , Boston, Ma. D.A., B F A Goldner, Penny A., Teaneck, N J. Sp Ed , B.S. in Sp. Gonsalves, Dolores, Roxbury, Ma. Sp., B S in Sp. 194 ‘Gordon, David J., Shaker Heights, Ohio Mass. Comm. B.S. Gorman, Grendan, Boston, Ma. Th, Ed., B.F.A. ‘Greany, Janet, L. Sp., B.S. in Sp. Greene, Judith, M., Mt. Vernon, N.J. Ed., B.S. ‘Greenhaugh, Charalene, T., Fairview, N.J. D.A., B.F.A. ‘Greenhut, Laurie R., Massapequa Park, N.Y. Th. Ed., B.S. Grossman, Joyce E,, Evanston, III. Mass. Comm B.S. Gurian, Joan L., Springfield, N.J. Th. Ed., B.S. Halbruich, Rona I,. Brooklyn, N.Y. C.D., B.S. ‘Halkerson, Gillian, M. Shewsbury, Ma. C D., B.S. Hall, William, Somerset. Ma. Mass. Comm., B.S. in Sp. Hayford, Robert A., Beach Haven, N.Y. Eng., B.F.A. ‘Heifetz, Eleanor, J., Lowell, Ma. Th. Ed., B.S. Heinz, Deborah G., Hamden, Ct. Eng., B.S. Held, Mark L., Riverdale, N.Y. Mass. Comm., B.F.A. Henes, Penelope, Milton, Ma. D A., B.S. ‘Hershey, Jennifer J., New Haven, Ct. Th, Ed., B.F.A. Hess, Dwight O., Canbridge, Ma. Inda., B.F.A. ‘Hetu, Michael D., Dearborn, Mitch. D.A., B.F.A. Higley, Steven P,. Eng., B.S. Hock, Howard J., Paramus, N.J. Sp,, B.S. Hoffman, Peter B., Cheshire, Ct. Ind., B.F.A. Hoover, Curry L., Princeton, N.J. Mass. Comm., B.S. Howland, Shelia, Pembroke, Ma. C D., B.S. Jacob, Linda G., Sp., B.S. in Sp. ‘Jassem, Harriet, L, Forrest Hills, N.Y. C D., B.S. Jenkins, Janice M., Roosevelt, N.J. D.A., B.A. Jennings, Brent, Little Rock, Ark. D.A., B.A. Johnson, Lusia P., Brooklyn, N.Y. C D., B.A. Johnson, Stephanie A., Englewood, N.J. Th. Ed., B.F.A. Jones, Gloria J., Tuckahoe, N.Y. D.A., B.S. ‘Jones, Steven C., Mass. Comm. B.S. in Sp. Kalodner, Ellen H. Philadelphia, Pa. C.D., B.S. in Sp. Kamen, Allyn R., El. Ed., B.S. Kane, Ellen J., Bloomfield, Ct., Sp. Ed., B.S. in Sp. ‘Kane, Kristi, Roslyn, N.Y. D.A., B.S. Kahan, Leslie D., Mass. Comm. B.S. Karger, Nancy, Newton, Ma. El. Ed., B.A. Kazangian, Simon, D.A., B.S. in Sp. Kelley. Joseph, Sp., B.S. in Sp. Kenner, Kathy S.. Ed., B.S. Kirk, Helen J., Providence, R.l. C.D., B.S. Klausner, Kathy Brooklyn, N.Y. Th. Ed., B.S. ‘Klein, Arlene, Franklin Square, N.Y., C D., B.S. in Sp. ‘Klein, Spencer D., New Hyde Park, N.Y. D.A., B.F.A. Knapp, Jeffrey I., Eng., B.A. ‘Koffman, Joan A., Braintree, Ma. Mass. Comm., B.S. in Sp. Kossofsy, Ellen A., Meriden, Ct., C.D., B.S. in Sp. Krim, Carol, I., Great Neck, N.Y. Th. Ed., B.S. ‘Kripas, Michael E. Wethersfield, Ct. D.A., B.A. “Krom, Jonathan B., Hudson, N.Y. Sp., B.S. in Sp. ‘Kunst, Andrea M., RidgeField, Ct., Eng., B.A. Kurtz, Deborah, West Orange, N.J. Eng., B.A. Kwartler, Robert A., Fairlawn, N.J. Eng., B.A. ‘Lamberis, Lynne, Arlington, Ma. Th. Ed., B.S. Lampshire, Annette, Alexandria, Va. th. Ed., B.S. Landau, Ellen, Valley Stream, N.Y. Mass. Comm., B.S. Lank, Linda, Hist., B.A. Lebowitz, Nathan, Boston, Ma. Mass. Comm., B.S. Lefkin, Sharon E., Hartford, Ct. Mass. Comm B.S. Leone, Forrest R.. Waltham, Ma. Ed., B.A Levine, Marilyn D., C D , B S. Levinson, Barbara S., Brunswick, N.J. Ed.. B.S. Levinson, Paul C., Sp,, B.S. Levy, Carolyn, H , Raynham, Ma. Ed.. B.S. Lewis, Jill S., Yonkers, N.Y., C D., B.S. Lichtenstein, Amy R., Philadelphia, Pa., Sp., B.S. in Sp. ‘Liwack, Deborah, South Orange, N.J. Sp., B.S. in Sp. ‘London, Louise A., Malden, Ma. C D., B.S. in Sp. ‘Lowey, Marilyn, D.A., B F A. Lubin, Nina E., Psy., B.S. Luca, William J., Mass. Comm. B.F.A. Luce, James S,, Falmouth, Ma. Mass. Comm., B.S. Ludwin, Betty J., Jersey City, N.J. Ind., B.F.A. Males, Robert Fairlawn, N.J. Mass. Comm., B.S Mamordky, Leo J., Scarsdale, N.Y. Mass. Comm., B.S. Mandel, Alan J., Great Neck, N.Y. Mass. Comm., B.S. Manning, Jeffrey A., Arlington, Ma. Sp., B.S. in Sp. ‘Marques John, Central Falls, R.l. Mass. Comm., B.S. in Sp. Marshak, Nancy, Massopequa, N.Y. Ed., B.S. Martini, Kathleen J., Trenton, N.J. Sp., Ed., B.S. in Sp. Masterson, Patricia M., Oxford, Ma., Eng. B.F.A. Mastuanni, George A., Mechanicville, N.Y. Eng., B.F.A. Maurer, Mary K., Mass. Comm., B.S. ‘May, Patricia, D., Th. Ed., B.A. Mayes, Kristina, G., C D., B.S. ‘McCaffrey Laura M., El., Ed., B.S. McDonald, William H., Sp., B.S. in Sp. McDonald, Robert P., D.A., B F A. McGregor, Laurie J., C D., B.A. McHugh, Marc G., Ind., B.S. McHugh, Robert P., Eng., B.F.A. McSweeney, Margaret P., Ed., B.S. ‘Miller, Howard N., Mass. Comm., B.S. in Sp. Miller, Pamela F., Eng., B.A. Miller, William J., Th. Ed., B.S. ‘Miller, Robin, C D., B.S. Milstein, Maxine. C.D., B.S. Morales, Stephen, Mass. Comm., B.S. ‘Morganti, Michelle M., D.A. B.S. ir Sp. 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B.S. in Sp Re. John. Mass Comm.. B S Re. Eleana. CD. B S Reddy. Lela. Ind.. B F A Reed. Rosemary. Sp.. B S. in Sp. Remhard. Daniel. Mass. Comm . B.S. in Sp Revitz, Randi J . Sp.. B S. in Sp. Rich. Eugene. C D , B S Rice. Linda J. Sp.. B.S. in Sp. Rice, Pamela M., D A , B F A Ritter, Judith L . El Ed . B.S Roach. Patricia E., D A , B S, in Sp, Roberts, Rita L , El Ed . B S Rosen, Jeffrey H., Ind , B F A Rosenbluth, Marjorie A , C D , B.S Rosenthal. Steven. Th Ed.. B F A. Ross. Deborah G.. Sp , B S in Sp. Rothman, Nancy, Sp , B.S. in Sp. Rottenbert, Ruth T , El Ed., B.S Rowe, Katherine A., Sp . B.S. in Sp, Rue, Matthew L , Eng , B F A ®Ruebush, Valerie D , Th Ed , B S Rushon, Patricia, L , C D , B S Saber, Jane E , CD, B.S. Saia, Thomas E , Mass. Comm , B.S Sanders. Franklyn C., D A. B F A. ’Sanders, Lisa. CD, B S. m Sp. Santamaria. Marilyn A , C D B.S. in Sp Sawyer, Timothy. Sp , B.S. in Sp Schebaum. Lauren H , Eng . B A ’Schlesenger, Kate A . Th Ed,, B S ’Schloss, Karla F , CD, B S. in Sp Scholnick, Susanne, C D., B S. in Sp Schultz, Barbara, El. Ed , B S. Schwartz, Richard, Mass. Comm , B F A Seidman, Alan A , Mass. Comm Sp , B.S. in Sp ’Seegar. Charlene. Eng B F A Sewall, Barbara A . Sp Ed , B S. in Sp Shandolon, Barry J.. Mass. Comm., B S. in Sp. ’Shaw Lyle. M . D A , B F A Shell. Ray. D A , B F A Shore, Fredric, Ind , B F A ’Shuman. Steven H . Ed , B S. ’Sigal, Catherine, Ind , B F A Silverberg, Stuart Mass Comm , B S in Sp Simon. John C.. Mass. Comm , B S Simpson, John L., Mass. Comm., B.S. in Sp. Sinetar, Lynne El Ed , B.S. ’Slater, Cindee A , Ed , B S Smith, Roderick D., Mass. Comm . B.S. ’Smith, Susan M . C D . B S. in Sp Snook, Robert W , Sp , B S, in Sp, Solte, Lesley A., Psy Ed , B A Sousa. Alyson, Eng , B A Spencer, Richard, Mass. Comm,, B.S. Spiegel, Dale, CD, B S. in Sp. Spierer, Jamye R . Ed., B S. Spigel, Burt, Mass. Comm., B.S. in Sp. ’Staffel, Megan M , Eng , B.F A. Steinberg, Robert H., B.S. Eng. Steinberg, Stanley R , Mass. Comm., B.F. A Stern, Michael, R., Eng., B A. Strassner, Miles, Mass. Comm B.S. Stump, Michael, Mass. Comm., B S. ’Sturges, Patricia, Th Ed , B.S Stobierski, John, D,, Mass. Comm., B.S. Sullivan, Ann J., Sp , B.S. in Sp. Sweedler, David F , Mass. Comm., B.S. Sweet. Richard, Mass. Comm., B.S. in Sp Syers, Mark A , D A , B F A. ’Symandki, Judith K., D.A., B.F. A. Tart. Chester R,, Mass. Comm , B.S, in Sp. Terry, Clyde E., Sp., B.S. in Sp. ’Tesser, Robn, S., C D., B.S Testa, Dawn N , Th Ed., B S. in Sp. ’Thierry, Elyse M., Th. Ed , B.S. in Sp, Tinpson, Theresa L., D.A., B A. Todias, Barbara L , Psy. Ed , B A Toole, Caryl B , Th. Ed., B S. Trepeo, Karen E., C D , B.S Umandky, Howard W., C D., B.S. in Sp, ’Veloudes, Spiro V., Ind., B.F. A. Verdery, Donald A , Ind., B F A Vicious, Lucille M., Mass. Comm , B.S. Volker, David, G., Mass. Comm., B.S. Wacks, Eileen J., Sp , B.S. in Sp. Walsh, Karen E., El. Ed , B A ’Warren, Marjorie L., C D , B S. in Sp Washington, Alex J., Ind , B F A. ’Watson, Lawrence T., Mass. Comm., B.S. Wallace, James H , Th, Ed., B.A. Weiss, Joan E., Th Ed., B.S, ’White, Bonnie H,, C D., B.S. in Sp, Wides, Betsy G., C D., B.S. in Sp. Wilson, Kay M., Mass. Comm., B S. Wishkin, Sharon R , CD, B.S in Sp Whol, Michael, Mass. Comm B.S. Young, Stephen A , Mass. Comm., B S. ’Zebrowitz, Lisa K , DA, B F A Zemel, Jane, Th Ed., B.F.A Graduated with Honors 196 THE STAFF Editor-in-Chief SUE COHEN Assistant Editor CAASI COHEN Photography Editor JEFF ROSEN Photography Staff KARLA BRAVO RICHARD BRUCE JOHN CAMPELLONE SUE COHEN BOB DUGAN CAROLYN LEVY General Staff KARLA BRAVO RICHARD BRUCE ANNE BRUNTON JOHN CAMPELLONE ANN DE CROSTA CAROLYN LEVY RUTH ROTTENBERG JENNIFER VERMONT Business Manager CAASI COHEN Special thanks to: DEAN OLIVER WOODRUFF ROS FARNHAM WM. J. KeLLBR 199 The production of the 1974 EMERSONIAN was a difficult job. Lost rolls of film and inconsistant “people power’’ were a few of the many problems. However, I would like to thank several people who came to our aid during our final layout session: Pat Bowen Muriel Jackson Janice Jenkins Leslie Johnson Azalee Pittman Stephen Wood Aliene Hughes Sue Cohen editor ’ ' J|p V ' 1 ' ftfSrffTnrTTftr

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