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emersonian 1972 f i- J Bm f u| - 11 ■HHH 21 M 23 4 administration Oliver woodruff dean of students richard chapin president of the college dr. richard pierce dean of the college; academic vice-president shelton forrest phyllis bowman william chevalier assistant deans of students 26 gene teixeira vice-president for administration winthrop carlson comptroller sam greeley director of public relations george blackwell business manager 27 dana k. denault director of admissions joan wallent assistant director of admissions william white assistant director of admissions faculty dr. Charles klim chairman dr. ernest moore dr. vilma boros dr. vito silvestri dr. john zacharis chairman melvyn bucholtz communication studies Sheldon feldner 34 fran me arthur dramatic arts dr. william sharp chairman dr. philip amato chairman education john zorn director of placement 35 dr. james randall leslie me allister 36 thomas dahill chairman joan brigham first level program fine arts reverend john coffee first level program james broschart mass communications 38 dr lancelot garrard philosophy dr glen snowden chairman director of first level program polly ritchell leonidas nickole chairman theatre education 39 leonard riendeau ,1 3 32-; ii I I 1 ' .,! [jfj ' Ulli ' iiJ ‘ ul i UttUUl i I 1 IlMUHi campus life 40 pres, steven shure, vice-pres. david goya. missing: ellen kane sec. student government senior class pres, nat humphreys, vice-pres. bob pronovost. missing: jane birnbaum sec. david marlowe treas. 41 pres, jerry niles, vice-pres. kevin greeley, sec. Caroline paulino, treas. skip peabody junior class sophomore class pres, ralph frongillo, vice-pres. amy lichtenstein, sec. cathy cooper freshman class pres, david cohen, vice-pres. david perkins, sec. andi jacobs, treas. sara powell athletics theatre 45 46 48 49 during the past year, two organizations have incorporated the essence of emerson’s philosophy— communication— into their functions as college services. with H.E.L.P., the students have gained an ear; a receptive listener who lends support to solve a problem, whatever its nature, with the berkeley beacon, the student newspaper, our community has had a voice to express itself, and thus, a chance to be heard. H.E.L.P. the berkeley beacon have taken the philosophy that emerson has taught, brought it out of the classroom, away from the podium, and put it into practical use. these organizations have taken large steps this school year to become real services for the student community, and not merely tools to be manipulated by the college’s power structure. 50 kel b beacon r; 1 «« ifm at the beginning of this school year several students set up a bail fund to service the emerson community. the trustees of the bail fund consists of two students, one faculty member, and three lawyers, bobby rook, jeffrey roth, and richard rubino, from a law firm of the same name. the student and faculty members of the board of trustees serve on a temporary basis due to the fact that they usually leave the emerson community. However, mr.’s rook, roth, and rubino are permanent members of the board, and will remain available to those people at emerson who may need their counsel. so— we would like everyone to meet some friends of emerson— rook, roth, and rubino. Smile In E.B.O.N.I. EMERSON’S BLACK ORGANIZATION WITH NATURAL INTEREST president— phil robinson vice president— robert j. moss jr. treasurer— deahdra butler secretary— terry nance public relations coordinator— pamela patrick community public relations— victoria everett faculty advisor— calvin I. forbes The Afro-American Cultural Center at Emerson College was formulated to perpetuate the ideas and aspirations of Black people on campus. The center has been the focal point for the development of strength and growth. The Afro-American Cultural center is one of our tools in achieving our goals and aspirations. The following pages reflect the mood that has been generated by black students in the center and around the campus. 56 A Day of Black Togetherness Parents came to share with the culture of those who they are near. Togetherness is the key to survival. 58 AS I GREW OLDER It was a long time ago I have almost forgotten my dream But it was there then, In front of me, Bright as a sun— My dream And then the wall rose. Rose slowly, Slowly Between me and my dreams, Rose slowly, slowly Dimming Hiding The light of my dream. Rose until it touched the sky— The wall Shadow I am black I lie down in the shadow No longer the light of my dream before me, Above me Only the thick wall Only the shadow My hands My dark hands Break through the wall Find my dream Help me to shatter this darkness To smash this night To break this shadow Into a thousand lights of sun, Into a thousand whirling dreams Of sun Langston Hughes JUST THINKING ABOUT SISTERS Just thinking about sisters Their strength Their cool Their cool Their changes The ones they can go through And the ones they put us brothers thru And how we cannot survive without them And how they cannot survive without us. After all They are us And we are them And together we are everything 60 mmm wtst DIGGING THE BEAUTIFUL Digging what is and seeking out its beauty. Knowing that I am and who digs is. Knowing that Black is and she is and so am I Because she is me and I am she and we are each other. And everything. And everything is us (as only it should be) you know Black love us and everything Black and everybody Black each others and beautiful. THOUGHTS OF WARMTH My Prayer of Thanksgiving Thank you for soft smiles and daffodils for drinking my tears and nourishing my soul Thank you for the mellowness and the enrichment you saw in me . enough to make me your woman. Thank you for being real real enough to be warm warm enough to feel . . . feeling real Thankyou for not shattering my plastic plated visions or crushing my fantasies . . . but instead gently peeling the coating away and fusing “my” fantasies into ' our ' hopes Thank you for life Amen 62 m Teaching— Challenge? Teaching is a hell of a job— It ' s got you running the whole damn day, It’s got you saying things You don’t want to say. Teaching . . . 1 64 n» » 1 1 w LJu 1 1 Mr j? ' . V 65 This reality must be clearly understood. We are the absolute contradiction. If you choose to respect nothing else, respect reality. There are no safe hid- ing places, clandestine runs at rush hour are wasted efforts. We are THE big deal of the day. You are not suffering ancestral D.T.’s. We are not modern men without the rights of privilege. We are only what we claim for ourselves. Academic abstractions postulated by blind men in synthetic vacuums an- swer nothing. Nude artists in pink hats produce the image of their own cor- ruption. The “avant garde” is an act of personality, it is hardly definitive. This is not conscience vis-a-vis. There are no chaste missionaries left in the world sleeping with bloody souls. Caution should be a way of life, suspicion of one’s own understanding, a habit. The important questions are ob- vious— did Freud know why players play? who edited book two of the His- tories? is the pope really jewish? who, in point of fact, is responsible for wai- ter cronkite? why isn’t truman in some hole of a jail rotting away? This is no burlesque show. All entertainment has been cancelled as the entire cast has gone cold turkey and there are no competent understudies available. We can shoot crap seven times in a row and never drop a dime. How is that losing? What’s being won? The contradiction is absolute. II We have lived four hundred different lives in the folds of history’s vulgar ass. Our manhood could not choose oppression, it has only one choice— liberation. All that is black shouts freedom. A sacred and holy tradi- tion will not see peace until the war is won. The struggle must end with us! Our birthright precludes any compromise. Various costumes can be easily mistaken and not understood as the cam- oflouges they are. We have one lifestyle, one health, one home. Lethal wea- pons are present wherever we are found. Honest lovers do not feed themselves, they plant seeds for the unborn. Fresh squares last no longer than five minutes. Brothers slap five to touch another blood ' s hand. Sisters smile. Whatshappin’ is a trade secret. Sharing equal poverty, playing each other’s drums, singing the same blues, laughing at common absurdities. (If you should ask “what’s going on " and expect an answer, you obviously don’t need to know). III Disciples of all disciplines, we are here for tools. A youth wise beyond our years. Itinerant slaves in love not with slavery, but other slaves. We will not suck dry bones and nod. The video image will show the myth of the people. (Re-runs of the six o’clock news will be watched as looney tunes). Chords, notes, and time will praise the spirit, salute the gods and damn the demons. (Outrageous lies packaged in stolen melodies have lost their audience). The theater, a court of law; the poets, educators. There is no longer time to play. This is for real. Tomorrow belongs to us or it will not come at all. We refuse to laugh less we have chance to forget. It does the heart good to see so many strong young brothers and fine young sisters around the house of late. There is no doubt as to the power of soul when you surrender your hand to the others and one voice says, “hold on, brothers and sisters, we gonna make it " just like you knew you would all the time. Then you close your eyes and say thank you to your moms and the ol’ man for having made you black. 66 67 68 • patterns dawn comes, clouds disperse followed by the rhythm of the days steady beats broken only by the sharp staccoto of your arrival, and the long pauses after you leave u 69 THE SAME BULLSHIT CYCLE She is tired of playing the game called life Men throwing flattery which she can’t distinguish between real or not. All which is taken by her to be a farce, because She was taught not to trust the beasts. Them building her with a lid label, like a product to be sold on the market, with good ratings for the cover; Never letting her get hold of her senses and womanly instincts to use. She is judged by the cover only. She is of the waters and wish-washy like the March winds Very indecisive, moody, and sensitive, thus leaving room for sores Creating animosity amongst people she loves because in them is a bit of satan just waiting to be utilized, while not understanding To them just another like a product they want to buy only to destroy. Attention was drawn, but it’s too late now No was said was too many times Now it ' s all demolished it’s too late Are you satisfied now Madonna What have you gained? What have you lost? She stopped nature’s forces Here, is the unbalance of nature, blocking the real game of life What have you gained? What have you lost? Some say never fight the feeling Others say The means are justified in the end When will she know Today, Tomorrow, maybe never. 70 THE YOUNG ONES With cotton to the doorstep No place to play; No time: what with chopping cotton All the day In the broken down car They jounce up and down Pretend to be steering On the way to town. It’s as far as they ' ll get For many a year; Cotton brought them And will keep them here. The spare-ribbed yard-dog Has gone away; The kids, just as hungry Have to stay. In the two roomed shack Their mammy is lying With a little new brother On her arm crying Another mouth to feed Another body to bed, Another to grow up Underfed. But their pappy’s happy And they hear him say; “The good Lord giveth, And taketh away. It’s two more hands For to carry a row; Praise God from whom All blessings flow.’’ Sterling A. Brown 72 tomorrow . . . 73 74 f s 76 waiter littlefield communication studies department . . . and there are those special teachers, growing from each other’s energies we share the experience of learning and are shown that we as students mean more to them than an hour and a half twice a week. calvin I. forbes english department laurence sennelick english department james spruill dramatic arts department 80 81 william corbett . man has no body distinct from his soul; for that called body is a portion of soul discern ' d by the five senses, the chief inlets of soul in this age. energy is the only life, and is from the body; and reason is the bound or outward circumference of energy, energy is eternal delight. the cistern contains; the fountain overflows exhuberance is beauty . . william blake 82 83 michael grais laurie thurschwell 86 susan boyles 87 wayne meredith dale avery robyn jaffee robert pronovost 90 Christina mason 91 92 geri turtle 93 michael yudin 96 Vincent defeo paula brown edith hunter susan kopelman 98 beth harlan diane hickey wendy larkin kurtz arthur cernigilia 99 ilene atkin 100 william bernheim 101 kristin lake 102 103 nancy dobrow enid brody 104 diana cramer felice shapiro 106 brian rich ellen peterkofsky 107 108 judy sonion roth ray winkler 110 carol caruso lisa morais 111 Stephanie lederman 112 k 113 edw ard symkus janet spahr barry c. brown 116 lily samuels 117 Ml 119 lynne garon 120 rhoni epstein -a 121 cynthia doty peter reinhard tim flaherty t charlotte bova 126 steven ostrow n 127 t marc chase sandra simcoe ■ I V ' y . j » - -w V ' -. ' i.-- •x- nelson emmons barbara Stryker bonnie matlick alan raichelle andrew cerone 131 sam lust 132 marjorie chalfin I 133 joan pichnarcik barry rosenthal freda leder 134 marsha gitkind peter gilmore sarah levine kelly blakeslee iris unger 138 bobbi stein ricky gurst 139 Jonathan fischbach 141 142 susan bugden leslie warren - roberta feiler 145 sandra rose joseph verange 146 carolyn hoffman U 147 alexander chanler barry schneider 149 laurence lowe 151 fred feldman 152 m ronni baiter 153 linda needle daniel weston 155 richard pimes jeanne brodeur robert parlante 157 kathleen marshall jeff glasserow 158 deborah gianourakos 159 beverly conte jerry goodin nathaniel humphreys 160 donna berger 161 norma popowitz 162 163 susan lipkin bartman joeffrey bartman adele abern 165 laurie ellenberg bloomfield 166 167 marsha greenwald alan alpert I ■ jerry margolis 170 I david m. coburn 172 ■ jane birnbaum 173 robert bogol marilin miller bonnie sadkin maryann lorenzo conk john conk evelyn byrd n — p t gene braunstein joe straight lorraine lee 178 john otis strandquist 179 sandra pough joyce miller ■ ! 183 m m karen schnittke robin keats 184 cheryl potts myles barbett » ■ mh james lowell roberta stagl arlene sandier brooks russell 186 david kasabian deborah freedman ann f. lepore lucy shonk jean panciera ' rMO ' y foil • ' . sara sloane leslie lenner 188 leslie heller deborah shelby richard sheehan edward schreiber kate sandleman patricia talmage sandra michaelson alison mackenzie bonnie salis paula katz 190 michael grais 193 I LOVE THIS GAME I can use the men’s room at M.l.T. without being enrolled (This has nothing to do with M.I.T.’s reputation) The situation is the same: The pedestrian sits and the car is parked (only ingenuous funny faces) Wow! I love this game because I’m playing poker without any money because I love this game Wow! the teeth in the apple when I bite fred feldman 194 jim lowell 195 isaw Tjgfc ‘ a 1 - ' : thomas bloom 196 peter w. wright 197 jennifer hershey 198 barry schneier 199 huntley nicholas 200 What makes the boy cry something when he watches the movies he shakes and trembles a tear or two or perhaps they slide down the wall behind his cheek, he regards that crying more difficult But what makes the boy cry sometimes thoughts of age, of yearly deteriorating, his parents twenty years, and only a few smiles and momentary cheerfulness they awaiting his success and he awaiting that fearful day, when the worms moisten their lips and split up from their ninth part What makes the boy cry on that day, or today a time when his lap is untouched and cold from the invisible infant, that unlike her parents never grows old the child who slipped her head outside her playpen, and caught by the shrinking planks cried and cried tangled in her mystery And those memorable, tangible events that somehow were public the time when to be kicked from behind, when it didn’t or did come he when unlocked from his closet, and the first words spoken to him were shrills of “Maggot”, that stained his dreams to the public from that day on; only to be forgotten as a dead poet or president And those dead presidents that lied cold before his television screen unaware and uncaring now for only themselves and the public shedding of tears, from their families’ perch the tears fell so much harder, landing in pools of gold which disappeared as quickly as the market crash, quicker And the dead poet whose volume was unwrapped at his funeral the public gathered up the ashes of his first edition and reprinted them, and all the words were ash black and the public sobbed for the poor boy and those that missed the funeral ran out to the book store to travel with another dead man’s thoughts, and the books turned to ash in their back pockets The dead presidents sat on the same ledge as the dead poets and with the dead Geronimo and George Jackson, and they wept beneath the cigarette smoke which fills their room, wishing that they could finally be cut off from the public, for real, no strings attached, they would say, and light up number one hundred and eight for the day marc jonathan matz 201 202 jeremy alliger marc jonathan matz 203 jeffrey selman 204 rand holston 205 FABLE FOR THE YOUNGBLOODS Once upon a time there was the dude. One day the dude happen to look in the mirror and see that his pants were on backwards, his white shirt was wrinkled and his shoes needed shining. Not a par- ticularly vain man, the dude was nevertheless surprised at his ap- pearance. “My goodness,’’ he said, “I must have forgotten some- thing.” This upset the dude as he took great pride in being able to remember all things of importance. Never having been in a similar situation, the dude called a conference of other dudes and said to them, “Gentlemen, we have a problem. We have forgotten some- thing.” This caused a panic in the conference room and all of the dudes grabbed their wallets as they were afraid someone had lifted their money and credentials. There was a collective sigh as they found everything in order. But they still did not know what was miss- ing so they sat in conference drinking glasses of ice and drawing pictures of bearded ladies, determined not to adjourn until someone came up with the answer. Finally, one of the dudes happen upon an ad on page sixty-three of the evening paper for folks. The dudes hugged each other and said, “Of course, we are missing the FOLKS.” They were quite happy and pleased with themselves and ordered wine for the celebration. The dude, like the other dudes, hired a mathematician who played ragtime piano on weekends with instructions to full his order for folks. The mathematician packed his statistics, abstracts, probability charts and a number of Joplin records and hit the road. His travels took him from the Empire State building to the Smithsonian Institute to the World’s Fair. The mathematician reported directly to the dude when he re- turned. “I have succeeded,” he said proudly. But the dude has grown quite nervous in his absence and had taken to eating pencil points. “You’ve filled the order?” “Yes. One hundred per cent full.” “Are the folks lab tested and proven?” “Yes,” replied the mathematician, “but they might be a bit weak in the area of trigonometric function. No cause for real concern however.” The dude rubbed his chin. “Well . . . okay . . . bring them on.” So the folks came, smiling because they weren’t used to being new, and the dude wearing a new suit and shoes met them at the door, had them in for tea and gave them each a bag of pretzels to take home which caused the folks to say, “Hey, this dude must be al-right.” That first New England winter was cold and evil and the folks had to stay together to keep warm. The cold came in waves making it impossible for anyone to leave. Knowing that they would be togeth- er for quite some time the folks put all their cools in one bowl and 206 poured all the coffee in one cup. After a week or two had passed they were able to say to each other, “We’re pretty down folks after all, considering that we are just plain folks.’’ The next day the folks got a phone call. It was the dude and he wanted the folks to come over to his house. So they got dressed and went out fighting the hawk all the way. Once everyone was seated the dude came on stage, welcomed everyone and went into his magic act. His best trick was pulling a white rabbit out of his hat. In fact he did it three times but the third time the folks stood up and said, “Magic is just illusion.’’ Then they left, mad being brought out into the cold to see a jive magic show. The folks called a meeting the next day with some elders who had some recollection of the ritual. The folks said to the elders, “Teach us.’’ The elders asked, “What would you learn?’’ “Us,’’ answered the folks. And the elders agreed. In the spring, the dude noticed that he had not seen too much of the folks lately so he went to find them. The dude was most sur- prised to see the folks so busy, hammering, mixing, and sawing. “What are you building?’’ he asked. “A woodshed,’’ replied the folks. “A woodshed? Why a woodshed? What’s wrong with the house?’’ But the folks didn’t hear him. “Can I help?’’ “Thank you but no.” The dude was furious. “WELL IF THAT’S THE CASE, I HOPE YOUR WOODSHED FALLS TO THE GROUND.” Then he ran off to the mathematician’s house. “We failed,” he said, falling into a nearby chair. “The experiment is a failure.” The mathematician sat up in bed and stopped drinking rust remo- ver. “What happen?” After the dude had finished his story the mathematician asked, “Did you send them a box of cookies?” “Yes,” the dude answered, “but they won’t eat.” That frightened the mathematician. He ran to his desk and lost himself in equalations. After several hours he threw up his hands and said, “It does not compute.” He went to the phone and called the construction site. “Hey folks, just one question. The dude and I would like to know what happened?” Over the phone the folks answered, “We noticed that the dude never cut his fingernails.” ron pittman 207 jerry margolis JWTi lilja ' MdBtM m 9Kk BS w X27W? x 2f " W Hliaarg £u ' -,’ljW 4» Qpj[ i Jr. !5 p -v f jB jon wishnick 210 211 jennifer hershey Black woman the autumn leaf from The tree of life and yet the root Without which the tree could not Stand so very tall Her color the color of starless night And brightest day for what she is Can only be defined through the Life she leads and the pain she bears Cold winds blow over her being But never upset the calm of her sea A sea sometimes torn by the passing ships in the night Mother of all that is life The warm breast we dream of when our tears Need a place to rest And our hearts need renourishing Look upon her love as a Never ending stream and you will know The power her hands enfold Mere woman I’d advise you to look again Mistress of life deahdra butler 212 ■ robert j. moss jr. 213 senior directory aberne, adele p.165 B.S. Speech theatre ed ade, jerome p. 1 1 3 B.S. Speech mass comm alpert, alan p.168 B.S. Speech mass comm atkin, ilene p.100 B.A. elem ed avery, dale p.88 B.S. Speech comm disorders baker, howard p.170 B.S. Speech dram arts baiter, ronni p.153 B.A. english handler, beth p.86 B.S. Speech comm studies barbett, myles p.185 B.S. Speech mass comm bardach, adele p.103 B.S. Speech speech ed bartman, joeffrey p.163 B.A. english bartman, susan lipkin p.163 B.S. Speech theatre ed bates, thomas p.95 B.S. Speech mass comm berger, donna p. 1 61 B.S. Speech comm disorders bernheim, william p.101 B.S. Speech mass comm birnbaum, jane p.173 B.S. Speech speech ed blakeslee, kelly p.137 B.A. english bloomfield, laurie ellenberg p.166 B.S. Speech comm studies bogel, robert p.174 B.S. Speech speech ed bova, charlotte p. 126 B.A. dram arts bowe, margaret p.120 B.S. Speech d a. mass comm bowley, craig p.120 B.S. Speech dram arts boyles, susan p.87 B.S. Speech mass comm brain, ellen p.87 B.S. 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Speech comm disorders gardner, carol p.1 04 B.S. Speech comm disorders garon, lynne p.120 B.S. Speech comm disorders gelb, betsy p.1 70 B.A. elem ed gianourakos, deborah p.1 59 B.S. Speech speech ed gilmore, peter p.136 B.A. english gitkind, marsha p.136 B.S. Speech theatre ed glasserow, jeffrey p.1 58 B.S. Speech mass comm goldsmith, raymond p.163 B.S. Speech mass comm goldsmith, paul p.109 B.S. Speech mass comm goodin, jerry p.1 60 B.S. Speech mass comm gould, lewis p.150 B.S. Speech mass comm gordon, andrew p.1 17 B.S. Speech mass comm grais, michael p.85 B.S. Speech mass comm greengross, paul p.100 B.S. Speech mass comm greenwald, marsha p.168 B.A. english grod, shelley p.108 B.S. Speech speech ed grose, james p.1 08 B.S. Speech comm studies gurst, ricky p.1 39 B.S. Speech mass comm harlan, beth p.99 B.S. Speech mass comm heller, leslie p.1 88 B.S. Speech comm disorders hersh, debra p.101 B.S. Speech theatre ed hickey, diane p.99 B.S. Speech mass comm hoffman, carolyn p.147 B.S. Speech comm studies humphreys, nathaniel p.1 60 B.S. Speech mass comm hunter, edith p.98 B.A. dram arts jaffe, robyn p.89 B.A. elem ed karon, thomas p.127 B.A. elem ed kasabian, david p.1 86 B.S. Speech mass comm katz, paula p.1 90 B.S. Speech mass comm kaufman, sharon p.89 B.S. Speech comm disorders keats, robin p.184 B.S. Speech comm studies kelman, mark p.103 B.S. Speech comm disorders kiley, janis p.1 67 B.S. Speech comm disorders kittrell, flemmie p.1 82 B.S. Speech theatre ed klein, brenda p.1 21 B.S. Speech comm disorders kopec, lois p.1 4 1 B.S. Speech mass comm kopelman, susan p.98 B.S. Speech comm studies kurtz, wendy larkin p.99 B.S. Speech comm disorders lake, kristin p.102 B.S. Speech comm studies lawn, joanne p.1 51 B.S. Speech comm disorders lazow, robert p.1 61 B.A. psych ed leder, freda p.1 34 B.S. Speech comm disorders lederman, Stephanie p.1 12 B.A. english lee, lorraine p.1 78 B.S. Speech comm disorders lee, margaret p.1 1 9 B.S. Speech dram arts leibler, beth p.96 B.S. Speech mass comm lenner, leslie p.188 B.S. Speech speech ed lepore, ann p.187 B.A. english lesser, barbara p.1 35 B.A. elem ed levine, sara p.1 36 B.S. Speech comm disorders levy, andrea p.1 64 B.S. Speech comm disorders lorber, gwen p.1 35 B.S. Speech speech ed lowe, lawrence p.1 51 B.S. Speech theatre ed lowell, james p.1 85 B.S. Speech mass comm lust, sam p.132 B.S. Speech mass comm lutzsky, laurie p.97 B.S. Speech speech ed mack, jamie p.88 B.S. Speech comm studies mackenzie, alison p.1 90 B.S. Speech theatre ed mackler, robert p.143 B.S. Speech mass comm madej, edward p.1 65 B.S. Speech mass comm malmad, susan p.1 18 B.S. Speech comm disorders manning, colleen p.1 62 B.S. Speech comm disorders margolis, jerry p.1 69 B.S. Speech comm studies marlowe, david p.1 67 B.S. Speech comm studies marshall, kathleen p.1 58 B.S. Speech theatre ed mason, Christina p.91 B.A. english matlick, bonnie p.130 B.S. Speech theatre ed me earthy, paul p.143 B.S. Speech comm disorders meredith, wayne p.87 B.S. Speech mass comm michaelson, sandra p.190 B.A. elem ed miller, joyce p.1 81 B.S. Speech speech ed miller, marilin p.1 74 B.A. dram arts molinaro, michael p.105 B.S. Speech mass comm morais, lisa p.111 B.A. english mularczyk, michael p.1 87 B.S. Speech mass comm needle, linda p.154 B.A. elem ed ogle, george p.1 16 B.S. Speech mass comm ostrow, steven p.1 27 B.S. Speech dram arts panciera, joan p.1 87 B.S. Speech comm disorders pappo, rose p.1 54 B.S. Speech dram arts parlante, robert p.1 57 B.S. Speech mass comm peterofsky, ellen p.1 07 B.S. Speech mass comm pichnarcik, joan p.134 B.S. Speech speech ed pigeon, Christina p.1 84 B.S. Speech theatre ed pimes, richard p.156 B.S. Speech theatre ed popowitz, norma p.1 62 B.S. Speech comm disorders potts, cheryl p.1 85 B.S. Speech comm disorders pough, sandra p.1 80 B.A. psychology pronovost, robert p.95 B.S. Speech mass comm raia, joseph p.1 77 B.S. Speech mass comm raichelle, alien p.130 B.S. Speech mass comm ranz, jeffrey p.1 22 B.S. Speech mass comm rebarber, marian p.1 19 B.S. Speech comm disorders rendell-baker, sheila p.91 B.S. Speech comm studies reinhard, peter p.1 23 B.S. Speech mass comm resnick, sheryl p.1 71 B.A. english rich, brian p.107 B.S. Speech mass comm rodes, janet p.1 61 B.A. english rose, paula p.106 B.A. english rose, sandra p.1 46 B.S. Speech comm disorders rosenthal, barry p.137 B.S. Speech mass comm ross, robert p.1 71 B.S. Speech comm studies roth, judith sonion p.1 09 B.S. Speech speech ed russell, brooks, p.1 86 B.S. Speech theatre ed sadkin, bonnie p.1 75 B.A. english satis, bonnie p.190 B.A. elem ed salzman, ellen prager p.166 B.S. Speech comm disorders samuel, lily p.1 17 B.S. Speech comm disorders sandleman, kate p.1 89 B.S. Speech theatre ed sandier, arlene p.1 86 B.S. Speech comm disorders sandier, donald p.147 B.S. Speech mass comm schecter, susan p.94 B.S. Speech comm disorders schneier, barry p.149 B.S. Speech mass comm schnittke, karen p.184 B.A. english schreiber, edward p.1 89 B.S. Speech speech ed segal, howard p.1 50 B.S. Speech mass comm segal, marlene p.1 31 B.S. Speech comm disorders shapiro, felice p.1 06 B.S. Speech speech ed sheehan, richard p.1 89 B.S. Speech mass comm shonk, lucy p.1 87 B.S. Speech dram arts shelby, deborah p.1 89 B.S. Speech speech ed shure, steven p.92 B.S. Speech comm studies simcoe, sandra p.1 28 B.S. Speech dram arts siracusa, loretta p.1 55 B.A. elem ed sloane, sara p.1 88 B.S. Speech mass comm smith, carlton p.1 14 B.S. Speech theatre ed smith, peter p.1 12 B.S. Speech mass comm sonne, lisette p.1 15 B.S. Speech comm disorders souza, donna p.126 B.A. dram arts spahr, janet p.1 15 B.S. Speech theatre ed springer, lisa p.93 B.S. Speech dram arts stagl, roberta p.1 85 B.S. Speech mass comm stein, bobbi p.139 B.S. Speech theatre ed stellefson, john p.1 05 B.S. Speech comm studies strandquist, john otis p.1 79 B.S. Speech dram arts Stryker, barbara p.1 29 B.A. history sullender, marion p.92 B.S. Speech comm studies sullivan, ann p.90 B.S. Speech mass comm symkus, edward p.1 14 B.S. Speech mass comm talmage, patricia p.190 B.S. Speech speech ed tanney, denis p.97 B.S. Speech mass comm thurschwell, laurie p.86 B.S. Speech speech ed turtle, jeri p.93 B.S. Speech comm studies unger, iris p.138 B.A. elem ed verange, joseph p.146 B.S. Speech mass comm vescuso, nancy p.1 79 B.S. Speech comm disorders warren, leslie p.144 B.S. Speech mass comm weber, gloria p.142 B.A. psychology webber, ellis p.142 B.S. Speech mass comm weiser, paul p.1 04 B.S. Speech theatre ed weston, daniel p.155 B.S . Speech mass comm willner, sarah p.135 B.S. Speech dram arts winkler, raymond p.110 B.S. Speech mass comm wnukiewicz, karin webster p.96 B.A. elem ed wolk, naomi p.1 24 B.S. Speech mass comm yudin, michael p.95 B.S. Speech comm studies zavidow, marilyn p.1 25 B.S. Speech dram arts zelle, joel p.1 51 B.S. Speech mass comm 215 editor-in-chief: bonnie sadkin, associate editor business manager: marilin miller photography editors: jerry margolis, marc matz additional photography in senior candid section: deborah feingold, david iseman, peter klein, roberta lane, lionel lee, edward madej, kenneth Stanley, kenneth wenger E.B.O.N.I. section— photography: lionel lee robert j. moss jr. writing: pamela cross p.69 tanya hill p.70 alberta phillips p.62 ronald pittman p.66, doug “arab” pugh pgs 60 61, philip robinson pgs 56, 58, 64 photographs of theatre: lionel lee, alex Washington, photographs of beacon hill sand and gravel base- ball game courtesy of jonathan fischbach art design: ronald cary layout: babe mar with a little help from friends jeremy alliger, moira keller, robert j. moss jr., Steven ostrow, debbie pearlman, philip robinson, lynn rosenblum, carol talkov cover: barry schneier faculty advisor: haig der marderosian we would like to say thank you to: ross farnham for his extreme patience and forgiving nature— the af- ter hours union housekeepers for the hot chocolate donuts— and special thanks to david coburn for going to California and leaving us richard for “area”, jeremy, p.d., and jeff. we dedicate this book to you, the members of the Black community at emerson college for making this school less of what it was and more of what it should be yours. 216

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