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2 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Faculty and Administration Seniors Underclassmen Activities Directory 7 10 39 62 70 118 PREFACE On the following pages you may note the activities of more than six hundred Emerson students, and the achievements of the graduating class of nineteen sixty- two. Far more is reflected here than is apparent to the casual reader, and much more is implied. These pages, pictures, and covers are an obelisk beneath which is buried the memory of our youth; the first third of our lives. This was an era devoted to the completion of our formal education. Graduation appears to many of us to be the end of a period which permitted freedom to slowly and often painfully determine values to live by, and then granted the luxury of time for the exami- nation of tentative conclusions. It is sad too, in looking back, that we must admit the years have gone by too quickly and so unnoticed. If, then, this yearbook proclaims to those who read it and to us the end of questioning, then it must also mark the end of existence as men. If we clothe ourselves in the shroud of prejudice, lethargy, and apathy, then the whole of our lives may one day be recorded in a volume far slimmer than this. Our book must show us our responsibility to be consciously, constantly, eagerly, and earnestly aware of the world about us. Let us cherish and try to understand every moment of our lives. Stephen Barry Y oung LET NOT KNOWLEDGE HALT HERE PURSUE IT Mr. Kenneth C. Crannell DEDICATION We were four years younger. We knew so much, then. 1962 was four years hence; it might have been forty. Now we’ve grown, and now we leave. We re- member first impressions. New friends, small rooms, and large assignments. We remember our initial confrontation with tasks that seemed beyond our means, with more responsibility than we had ever known. Somehow, those tasks were done. We also recall a curious, overwhelming desire to be every- where at once, to do everything at once, and to be more than ourselves. And we acknowledge a grow- ing sense of discipline within us. It is in appreciation of and for this new-found maturity that we, the Class of 1962, dedicate our yearbook to a man who de- manded that we meet his requirements, and in so doing, taught us to meet life’s requirements. We dedicate this yearbook to a man who taught us to be someone else, that we might learn to be ourselves. And most of all, we dedicate this yearbook to a com- passionate man who has given us his understanding. We the Class of 1962 dedicate this yearbook to our friend, Kenneth C. Crannell. 7 Dear Emersonians: The bewildering complexities of our age offer an insistent challenge and an unparalleled opportunity for all individuals and institutions with still undeveloped potential for growth and service. What we have available in our science and technology, our productive capacity, our mobility, our means of exchanging goods, information, and ideas is far out of line with our individual capacity to grasp its relation to ourselves or to organize ourselves to use it to achieve human aspirations and values. The continuance of a free society and the achievement of balanced progress will require the development of the full capacities of every man and woman to the point that they may think and work at their highest level and live in full communication and free asso- ciation for the definition and achievement of common goals. We believe the pattern of educational experiences you are now completing has been the one best adapted to your balanced growth. The insights from reading have been balanced by the challenge of oral expression. The confidence from growing professional competence has been enhanced by the emphasis on initiative, leadership, assumption of responsibility, and the necessity to do your very best in public performance. But this growth has only increased your capacity for further growth. You have skills and the potential capacity for creative thinking and leadership which are needed as never before. You have developed the capacity for a life of service and, increasingly, in our society the great rewards are associated with service in helping people live and work together But a career in the service of our society must be firmly based on personal and professional integrity if it is to endure. The temptation to seek short-cuts must be resisted, there must be a curtailment of egotism, there must be a real respect and concern for those you seek to serve. This is also a period of growing responsibilities and opportunities for your college. Year by year the Class of 1962 has built its leadership in campus thought and activities. We look forward to the steady growth of your influence in the alumni thought and activities which are essential if Emerson is to fulfill its responsibilities and take full ad- vantage of its opportunities in this age of educational crisis. We will miss you on campus and will look forward to your Founder’s Day and Commencement visits and to the Beacon’s reports on your activities. Whether it be one year or sixty years from now you will always find on campus members of our Emerson family who are deeply interested in you and in your life and career. Sincerely yours, 8 S. Justus McKinley, President s. Justus McKinley President of Emerson College " He who knows, and knows he knows , — He is wise — follow him.” Arabian Proverb Education is both individual and collective. The life of the student is, at one and the same time, lonely and gregarious. From the moment of birth until the moment of death, one learns and is taught; leads and follows, or more accurately, follows, that the ability to lead may be acquired. This then, is one of the primary goals of the academic institution. We listen, we com- prehend, we question, we assimilate. This is learning, and the attitudes and abilities it inscribes on the individual may be measured in direct ratio to the leadership experienced during the process. In many ways, the ultimate responsibility for this leadership may be attributed to the President of the institution from which it stems. But leadership must have a place to develop. Just as equally, the responsibility for the growth of the physical plant may be laid at the door of that office at 130 Beacon Street. In relation to the Class of 1962, Dr. McKinley has faced and accepted these responsi- bilities with equal success. We do not presume that following a wise man has made us wise, or that we know. We have grown as the college has grown. Let us now prove ourselves worthy. DR. RICHARD D. PIERCE Dean of Emerson College " He who knows not and knows he knows not — He is a child — teach him.” Arabian Proverb We believe, Dr. Pierce, that this may be part of your creed. When we entered this college, we were children. Some of us dared to believe that we knew. You taught us we did not ! Some of us tried to show the rest; you showed us all. Some of us " knew that we knew not”; you accepted this challenge and directed our energies. In many ways we are still children, for we have much to learn. We do not shrink from this challenge, as our perspective is more clear and our thinking properly channeled. As Socrates said, " The unexamined life is not worth living.” Let this be our guide and our goal. MRS. RUTH SOUTHWICK MAXFIELD Counsellor of Women " If you have a task to be done, give it to a busy person.” An instructor is many personed, with many and varied problems. But add to the duties of the classroom, the care of the academic and social problems of some six hundred Emerson students, and life can become complicated. Many of these duties can be delegated, but responsibility does not end there. Then exists the duty to see the delegated work carried but with a kind word and a smile. A kind word and a smile — this is the manner of Mrs. Maxfield and Mr. Nickerson. The Class of 1962 has come to recognize and value the strength of their character and ability. 12 MR. HARRY N. NICKERSON, JR. Counsellor of Men The days and weeks of our college life are too short; the problems are sometimes too many. We are thankful for their advice and council — their efforts and successes in our behalf. Conferring with our counsellors is a learning experience, for it helps us to " see the trees or the forest,” and enables us to better face tomorrow with the ability to stand alone, because they have once stood with us. 13 " You need counselling?” Mr. William Ferrara L L 0 Miss Edna Ward R S Mr Carl Schmider Miss Bernadette MacPherson 14 ADMINISTRATION Mr. Harry N. Nickerson, Jr. Director of Admissions Mr. Winthrop S. Carlson Comptroller 15 Mrs. Clara J. MacMillan Secrc nr) to the President Miss Louise Pellegrino Assistant Registrar Mrs. Lucy Jones Bookkeeper Mrs. Mary-Jo Stonie Secretary to Business Manager Miss Joan F. Wallent Secretary to Director of Admissions Mrs. Joan Cumiskey Mailing Office Supervisor 17 Mr Anthony K. VanRiper Public Relations Director Director of Development Mr. John Chase Director Alumni Relations Miss Paula Shaer A i distant, Public Relations Miss Joan B. Whitney Director of Permanent Placement J Mr. Lawrence A. Bloom Clinicians Supervisor Mrs. Helena Beale Receptionist, Speech Clinic Mrs. B. Mae Loring Mrs. Ruth Sweet Secretary, Speech Clinic Assistant, Theatre Arts Department 19 Mrs. Mary Stuputas Bookstore Cafeteria Staff 20 " What’s this I hear about . . . ?” " I’m not late, your clock is fast!” " She said . . . and then, I said . . . ” 21 BROADCASTING CHARLES E. PHILLIPS Chairman University ot Illinois, B.S., M.Ed. CONRAD PAPPAS JAMESON Boston College, A.B. Boston State Teachers College, Ed.M. GERALD W. KROEGER Monkato State College, B.S. Ohio Wesleyan, M.A. GEORGE MATSON University of Massachusetts Boston University, B.A. Emerson College, M.A. GEORGE Q. QUENZEL Hofstra College, B.A. State University of Iowa, M.A. THOMAS COVEY University of Virginia 22 EDUCATION WILLIAM FERRARA Rhode Island College, Ed.B. Boston University, Ed.M. Emerson College EDNA M. WARD Emerson College, B.A. Tufts University, M.Ed. ENGLISH RUTH SOUTHWICK MAXFIELD Chairman Emerson College, B.L.I., A.M. Boston University, A.M. DONALD JUNKINS University of Massachusetts, S.T.B., S.T.M. Boston University, A.M. CHARLOTTE LINDGREN Boston University, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. HARRY N. NICKERSON, JR. Bridgewater State Teachers College, B.S. in Ed. Emerson College, M.A. 23 V ELLIOT NORTON Harvard Universitv, A.B. Emerson College, A.M. Suffolk, l ' ). Jour. HORACE REYNOLDS Harvard University, A.B., A.M. STANLEY M. VOGEL New York University, A.B. Yale, A.B., Ph D. RK HARD COFFIN BETTY MORRIS Emerson College, B.L.I. fOHN i McCaffrey Suffolk, B.A. NOEL PEYROUTEN Northeastern, A.B. Boston University, A.M. 24 FINE ARTS ROBERT PF.TTITT Chairman Boston University, B.Mus., M.Mus. LANGUAGES THOMAS DAHILL Tufts University, B.S. DOROTHY H. PARKHURST Chairman Antioch, A.B. Boston University, Emerson College, A.M. New York University, PhD. Sorbonne, Diplome d ' Etudes Superieures JOAN EVANS DeALONSO Newnham College, Cambridge University of Madrid University of Buenos Aires JOHN S. WYETH Harvard University, A.B. Middlebury College, A.M. 25 PHILOSOPHY DR ROWLAND GRAY-SMITH Pennsylvania, A.B., Ph D. Emerson College, A.M. PHYSICAL EDUCATION ALBERT PESSO Bennington College Davis and Elkins College ANNE CULLITY CHARITY SMITH Emerson College, B.S. 26 PSYCHOLOGY THEODORE THASS-THIENNEMAN University of Budapest, Ph.D. University of Leipzig University of Paris HAROLD J. WILSON Notre Dame, A.B. University of Chicago, M.A. University of Ottawa, Ph.D. SOCIAL SCIENCES RICHARD D. PIERCE Chairman University of New Hampshire, A.B. Andover Theological, B.D. Simmons, S.B. in L.S. Emerson College, A.M. Harvard University, S.T.M. Boston University, Ph.D. dr. s. justice McKinley Franklin and Marshall, A.B., LL D Emerson College, A.M Harvard University, A.M., Ph.D. david r. McConnell Ohio State University Manchester College, A.B. Bethany Newton Theological School, M.R.E. Boston University PETER F. SMITH Colgate University Denison University, B.A. Harvard Divinity Harvard University, A.M. K, 27 SCIENCE HENRY JON STONIE Northeastern University, B.A. Newton Theological, B.D. Boston University, A.M. SPEECH COLEMAN C. BENDER Chairman Pennsylvania State University, A.B., A.M. University of Illinois, Ph.D. PHILIP JOY( E Emerson College, B.A., M.A. 28 BERNADETTE MacPHERSON North Adams State Teacher’s College Boston University Emerson College, B.L.I. HAIG DER MARDEROSIAN Emerson College, B.L.I., M.S. 29 SPEECH PATHOLOGY AND AUDIOLOGY CATHERINE C. PERRY Chairman Emerson College, B.L.I . M.A., A.M. Hartford Seminary Foundation, M.A. IRMA DiRUSSO Emerson College, B.L.I., M.S. GRACE KENNEDY Salem State Teacher’s College, B.S. Emerson College, M.A 30 FRANCES LASHOTO Emerson College, B.A., M.A. JOHN ZORN Emerson College, B.L.I., A.M. Boston University, Ed.M. CHARLES J. KLIM Emerson College, A.B., M.A. University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D. MARTHA R. THOMPSON Syracuse University, B.S. MARY DOEHLF.R New Jersey State Teacher’s College for Women, B.A. Emerson College, A.M. 31 THEATRE ARTS LEONIDAS NIC ROLE Chairman Emerson College, B.A. Columbia University, A.M. RICHARD E. ARNOLD Bob Jones University Belleville Junior College Florida State College University of Washington, B.A. Columbia University LInion Theological Seminary WILLIAM VAN LENNEP Harvard University, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. a 33 CARL KASTMAN Emerson College, B.A. JOHN GOODWILL Emerson College, B.S. RICHARD LEWIS Emers College, B.S. LOUIS LOPEZ-CEPERO Emerson College, B.S. FRANCIS L. O ' MARA Emerson College, B.S. GRADUATE ASSISTANTS ANN PALMER Emerson College, B.S. GRADUATE STUDENTS Take out a piece of paper.” 34 CAUGHT IN THE ACT " If you’re good, Santa will put presents under it !’’ 35 1 1 E 1 ] HI : 71 IB M 1 ■BE 2 • i-A-Ii 1 f H — ■ H 1 i. J ===: ms w J 1 1 — - — ■ ■- " • ' • - l = : 1 — 1 SENIOR Linton Nelson President Barbara McNurney Secretary Brenda Johnson T reasnrer OFFICERS John Lingley Vice President WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Michael Woodnick, Anthony DiFruscia, Jane Seastrom, Frank Sansone, Gail Phillipson, Blaine Townsend, Brenda Johnson, Steve Young, Ellana Litch, Linton Nelson. 38 MAXYNE BELOSTOCK ALEXANDER " Max” B.S. Speech Pathology A flair for the dramatics . . . vivacity . . . wife and student . . . Tuesday nights at Norma’s ... I passed the Jr. Speech Exam.” Actitvities : Zeta Phi Eta 2 ■ 3, 4. Representative to Pan- Hellenic Council 3, Secretary 4: Pan-Hellenic Council 3: Hi! lei 1: Berkley Beacon 2; Choir 1; Public Productions 1 DANIEL ARNOLD ALPERIN " Danny” B.S. Broadcasting Commuters club . . . motorcycle fan . . . pipe smoking . . . always seems to come to school when its called off . . . " One by one, ...” Activities: Wrestling 2; Hillel 2. 3. 4: WERS 2. 3. 4: WECB 2, 3: Northeastern University l. JON ANDERSON B.S. Broadcasting Only Emersonian with an arsenal ... A touch of Merry Old England in his blood . . . Capable, original, dependable. Activities : Alpha Pi Theta 3, 4- SUSAN BEVERLY ARKIN " Sue” B.A. Education Vivacious . . . cute and petite redhead . . . Summer school, bulletin boards and posters . . . " But Dr. Bender . . . ” " Coming to the STEAM meeting” . . . " But, Mr. Crannell, I may be a soprano but my name’s not Rhoda ! ! !” Activities: Kappa Gamma Chi 3, 4i Hillel 1 , 2 , 3 STEAM 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4: Choric Speech 1, 2, 3 ■ Vice Pres. 2, 3 Public Productions 1 . 39 JOY PALMER AUERBACH B.A. Broadcasting Born to teach . . . R.D.O. memories . . . challenging the future . . . " With a song in my heart . . . Acfirith s: Zeta Phi Eta 2. b 4- Emersonian 3; II ' VMS 2. 3- 4- Debate 1: Chor c Speech ]; Chon- 4: Public Produc- ts is b -V- ' Dorm Council 2. 3- President 3 Scholarship 4t D t ait ' s List 1. 2. MYRNA JOAN AUSTIN B.A. Theatre Arts " Let ' s sing to president Bert " . . . Image . . . Paul, Mark Leonard . . . Emerson’s natural comic. Activities : Public Productions 1. 2. 3. 4 • ' Dorm Council 1. 2- ANDREA BAR I SON " Andi” B S. Speech Pathology I have a story to tell” . But I know someone . . . ” Andi. how come you ' re walking to the filth floor- ' " Hum and Strum on the guitar. : $ m A pha Eta 2 3, 4, Secretary 3: Hillel 1; I Chori Speech , 2. 3: Library Fund Committee 2- CONRAD PAUL BISSONNETTE " Paul” B.S. Speech The organization man . . . " This is going to be our best year " . . . " I just got a wonderful deal; I ' ll get ten thousand m ten years " . . . " Roy told me today . . . " . . . " Oh, you always say that I " . . . " One of these days! " . . . will wonder when he ' s successful, how it happened . . . quiet, well-man- nered, a gentleman. I tiri n : Phi Alpha Tau 2. b 4, President 4i Intra-Fra- ternity Council 4- Secretary-Treasurer; Athletic Association . 2. 3- 4i Basketball and Baseball Representative 2, 3. 7 - as toe r 4 • ' Basketball I 2. 3. 4. Co-captain 4 • ' Baseball 1 . 2. 3 4 ■ Captain 4 • ' Newman 1 . 2; WECB , 2; Southwick (.nation 1.3- 40 FRANCES RUTH BORSUK " Fran” B.S. Speech Pathology " California Here I Come” . . . young man with a horn . . . cool grace with a warm heart . . . " Guess what girls? I ' m snowed !” . . . sophistication + youth = friendship . . . a truly ideal woman. Activities: Kappa Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4 - Recording Secretary. Vice President 3, President 4; Pan-Hellenic Council, Secre- tary 4 : Hillel 1 , 2; S.T.E.A.Al. 4: Dorm Council, Secretary 2. ROBERT FREDRICK BRAUER " Bob” B.S. Broadcasting Quiet . . . the brains behind the WERS engineers ... al- ways steps out of the woodwork when you need him . . . can listen to WERS on his steam iron . . . " What’s goin’ on?” . . . dreary, sleepless hours in the control room. Activities : Rho Delta Omega 2, 3.- 4: Newman 1. 2, 3, 4i WERS 2, 3, 4 ■ Head of Productions 4; WECB 1, 2, 3, 4- ROSS FREDERIC BURNEY " Peeter” B.S. Broadcasting Wine, women, and song . . . " Hey, fellas, ha, ha!” . . . " Same to you fella” . . . good-looking . . . Mr. Brooks Brothers, Jr. Activities : Phi Alpha Tau 2, 3 ■ 4: Hillel 2 , 3: Berkeley Beacon 1, 2; WERS 7. 3, 4 ' - WECB 2, 3- ' Public Productions 2. 3. 4- PAULA WATSON CAROTHERS B.S. Theatre Arts Southern belle . . . hails from Texas . . . prima ballerina . . . " Friends are everything” . . . " Where am I going to get actors for my scene?” . . . soft spoken, interesting and in- telligent. Activities: Dean’s List 3; Southwestern University 1, 2. 41 ROBERT DONNELLY CASSIDY " Bob” B.S. Speech Pathology Quiet but observant . . . sincere and dedicated . . . all the qualities of a gentleman . . . " Sleep, what’s that?” . Ictivities: Alpha Pi Theta 2. 3, 4: Neuman l, 2. ALAN PAUL COHEN " Al” B.S. Speech Pathology A person to watch (a real riot) . . . " But she’s one of the most gorgeous, fabulous. " Your girl is the most” Let me tell you " . . . says the wrong thing at the right time. . : P ' i Alpha Tan 3, 4 ■ Pledge Master 4 ; Wn stling 3 : ll illt l 3- ' Boston l nh ersit ) 1 . 2. BARBARA FRANCES COHEN B.S. Speech Pathology Mr. Skelton, may I have your autograph?” . . . Columbia, the gem of the ocean . . . unexpected remarks . . . " Six hours on a bus; but, my father won’t let me fly!” Activitie i; Phi Mu Gamma 3, 4, ' Sigma Alpha Eta 3, 4: Dorm Council 3 • 4 • Vice Pn Anient 4: Dean ' s List 1, 2- KENNETH AGEE COLLINS " Ken” B.S. Broadcasting Chief Thundercloud” . . . " Ray, " And what is your opinion? " . . . " But my car was right here!” ... on the go . . . reporter at Hyannis Port. Activitie ; If 7:7? .Y 4i WllCB 2: Avert! I College I. 2- 42 NEAL P. CORTELL " Scoop” B.S. Broadcasting Ambition personified ... " I gotta send a tape to New York” . . . " Hey, I’ve got a new idea” . . . " But. Mr. Rey- nolds, I’m sure Milton is a tranquilizer” . . . " It’s gotta be big” . . " Who erased the blank tape?” . . . beep . . . beep . . . beep . . . Activities: WERS 2, 3, 4 • News Director 3, Summer Pro- gram Director 3 ■ 4 ■ News and Sports Director 4; WECB 2. 4: Boston University 1. ANTHONY R. DI FRUSCIA " Tony’ B.A. Social Sciences Drive ... as Socrates? . . . Debate . . . Always sees " Red” . . . " Celeste, take a note! " . . . " Oh, you have a soft heart.” Activities: Phi Alpha Tan 3, 4- Parlimentarian 4: Newman 2, 3t Berkeley Beacon 3, 4; Debate 1, 2, 3 ■ 4; Forensic Council 1, 2, 3. 4. Treasurer, Vice President 3: Public Pro- duction 2; Extemporaneous Speaking Contest 3; Boston University Orator y 3 New England Forensic in Orator y 3; University of Maine Oratory 3; Merrimach College 1; Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. ELIZABETH MYERBERG DUBIN " Liz” B.S. Theatre Arts Bon vivant! . . . charming . . . theatre . . . " Dickie, it’s simply divine!” . . . personality-plus . . . acts on impulse. Activities: Boston University 1. JACOB FARBER " Jack” B.S. Broadcasting " Everything under control” . . . casual yet concerned . . . Mr. Easy-going . . . youth and marriage go together . . . " Lights, camera, ACTION ! ! !” Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3; WERS 3, 4 ; WECB l, 2; University of Connecticut 1. 43 MUR AY ALAN FRIEDMAN B.S. Dramatic Literature Hey Ed, can I sec you lor a minute?” . . . very . . . " Come up and see my weapons” . . . cool on the outside . . . B.M.O.C. ? . . . tun . . . serious . . . big thinker . . . those memorable years and all their events. Act ivitiis; Public Productions 3 A. A. degree from Boston University: Boston University 1. 2. MERYL ANN GISSER B.S. Theatre Arts An unexpected remark at a very suitable moment . . . Peter Pan’s mother and Peanut ' s Lucy . . . teaches in Children’s theatre . . . the life of the theatre arts office . . . " My brother gave me the pin with the pearls ...” Activities: Phi Ain Gamma 2, 3- 4. Vice President 3. ' Hillel 1, 2: Berkeley Beacon 3: Choric Speech 1: Public Produc- tions 1. 2, 3, 4- FELICE MARSHA GOLDBERG B.S. Speech Pathology Questioning and searching mind ... a true intellect . . . one who knows the true meaning of friendship . . . Shakespeare couldn’t spell either!” . . . " Anyone for Ken ' s? . a wonderful person with a big heart. .Ulii tin : Kappa Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4. Recording Secretary . Si m Alpha I ta 1 L 4- ' I IdlG 1; Dorm Council 2: Dean ' List 3- DONALD G OR DAN " Don” B.S. Broadcasting - English " Hot ticket” . . . " taxi Mister?” ... a real nice guy . . . always has a smile. Adivitii : Rho Delta Omega 3 WliRS 3, 4: Boston Uni- versity 1 , 2. 44 WAYNE KENNETH HAMLIN " Squawk” B.S. Broadcasting Bill Marlowe’s right hand man . . . quick smile and timely stories . . . married life agrees with him to the tune of 22 extra pounds . . . " Does anyone need directions to Prides Crossing?” . . . long un-airconditioned hours in the WF.RS control room. Activities : Rho Delta Omega 2, 3, 4: S. C. A. 1, 2; WERS 1, 2, 3 • 4, Engineering Scholarship 2, 3- RAYMOND PAUL HERNE " Ray” B.S. Broadcasting " How are ya fella” . . . quiet in his manner, genuine in his beliefs ... a passion for motor scooters and T.V. studios . . . No place like " Old Cape Cod.” Activities: Alpha Pi Theta 2, 3, 4: Newman 1. 2; Berkeley Beacon 4; WERS 1, 2, 3.. 4, Vice President 2; WECB 1, 2; Public Productions 3, ' Extemporaneous Speaking Contest 3, 2nd place. BERTRAND PAUL HOULE " Bert” B.A. Theatre Arts Charlie Brown . . . Is that really the method?” . . . " About that routine, Bert” . . . " star of the day” . . . work plus learning equal success. Activities: Phi Alpha Tau 2, 3- 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 3: Public Productions 2, 3, 4i Dean’s List 1, 3- BRENDA C. JOHNSON B.A. English Wit, charm and delight personified . . . willowy " Model Type” . . . friendship based on sincerity and truth . . . girl with a pen, who knows how to use it ... a firm believer in laughter, the fine art of living. Activities: Kappa Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4. Representative to Pan-Hellenic Council 3; G.A.L. Basketball 1. 3, 4 Newman 1, 2, 3, 4 , Secretary 2; Scribe 2, 3, Head of Advertising 2, Associate Editor 3 Berkeley Beacon 1, 2, 4, Activities Edi- tor 4 Emersonian 2; WERS ' . Continuity; WECB 1 ; Public Productions 1; Psychology Club 2; Junior Prom Committee 3; Class Officer ; Treasurer 3, 4; Who’s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges. 45 JOANN 1 S. KOLODNEY " Klod” B.A. Education Listen, I want to tell ya something” . . . Oh, lie’s just my ’friend’ from Cornell’’ . . . always running up to the speech office . . . outspoken, sincere, and an ’experience’ to know . . . a wiz at finance . . . " Time for dinner, virls!” . . . To-dadoo. everyone!” . lit ; :tn i; Kappa Gamma Chi 2. 3, 4- Treasurer 4; Hillel 1. 2. Secretan- Treasure r 2: Ser he 2; Berkeley Beacon 1, 2; T.mer .. man a- ' S.T.E.A.Al. 1. 2, 3, 4; Psychology Club 2; Dean’s L st 2. LINDA KONESKY B.S. Speech Pathology A friend in need is a triend indeed’’ ... a lady personified . quick wit . . . dependable?? . . . one of the Three Musketeers . . dear to all who know her. Activith : Kappa Gamma Chi 3. 4- ' University of Indiana 1. GEORGE K. KREISBERG " George” B.A. English Man with a camera . . . small but swift ... a sincere friend if ever there was one . . . theme from Playhouse 90 . . . if there is a job to do, let George do it . . . " From Pitts- burgh, eat hamburg ...” Activities; Rho Delta Omega 2, 3, 4. Historian 4i Wrestling 2, 3, 4; WERS 1, 2; WECB 1, 2. SANDRA RUTH LEVY " Sandy” B.A. Elementary Education Auburn hair . . . always smiling . . . sparkling, twinkling eyes . . . An effective student teacher . . . " Miss Levy, may I please ...” Activitn ; Phi A In Gamma 2. 3- 4. Historian 3, 4: Hillel 1 : Into Pai h Council 1 : S.T li.A.Al. 3 , Secretary 3- 46 IAN WELD LEWIS B.S. Speech Analytical mind . . . serious ... a debate devotee . . . " It is the contention of the negative team ...” Activities: Debate 3, 4: forensic Council Vice President 4; S.T.E.A.M. 4; S.C.A. 4 Scribe 3, 4; Norwich University 2- JOHN RUGGLES LINGLEY, JR. " Jack” B.S. Broadcasting Grandson of Mrs. Bates . . . owner of Ling Lee’s Chinese Hand Laundry . . . likes to have things going well . . . Psycho fan . . . Always there with two helping hands . . . King of the Dream Girl Ball. Activities: Rho Delta Omega 2, 3, 4, Historian 3. Vice President 4; Athletic Association 2: Basketball 3, 4: I VERS 3, 4; WECB 1, 2; Class Officer, Vice President 4: Boston University 1. I i ELLANA RUTH LITCH " Lana” B.A. Theatre Education " With a voice of singing” . . . " Jane, you can’t join the choir!” . . . early riser . . . make-up artist . . . ' - ' Well, when I was in Europe . . . ” . . . classes at 1895 . . . " As sparkling as the diamond she wears around her neck” . . . a conscientious and considerate person. Activities: Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3. 4, Vice President 4 S.C.A. 1, 2; Emersonian 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3. Co-editor 4; Choir 1. 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, 3- 4; Public Produc- tions l, 2. 3, 4 Dorm Council 3; Junior Prom Committee 3 Library Fund Committee 2; Make-Up Assistant Scholarship 3, 4; Scholarship 1, 2. 3, 4: Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. RUTH MILLER LITTLEFIELD 40 " Ruthie” B.S. Speech Pathology " Oh, those weekends in Vermont!!” . . . escapades at 373 . . . the Connecticut Yankee . . . " What are you knitting this time, Ruthie?” . . . the pool terrace. Activities: Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3, 4, Pan-Hellenic Representa- tive 4 Sigma Alpha Eta 3, 4 , Recording Secretary 4; S.C.A. 1; Dorm Council, Recording Secretary 2. 47 DOROTHY LINDA LITWIN " Dotty” B.S. Speech Therapy Fun-loving . . . " Hey kids, guess what? .. . I’m going to Panama! " . . . Fresh air fan. Activities: University of Miami 1, 2. ROBERT JOSEPH LONERGAN " Bob " B.A. English Mister Ivy League ... a number one Spanish Student . . . outdoor sports . . . always a ready smile and a bad joke . . . Speech Choir’s favorite chauffeur ... a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and WOW! Activities: Alpha Pi Theta 2, 3, 4 . Vice President 4: Neu- man 2, 3, 4: Berkeley Beacon 4; Emersonian 4; WECB 2; Chonc Speech 2, 3, 4. Vice President 3, President 4; Willi- mantic State College 1. SUZANNE ALICE McELROY B.S. Broadcasting I ' ll be in the broadcasting department” . . . red hair . . . charm . . . quietness all of her own. Actnitn : Newman 1. 2. 3, 4 ■ Secretary 3: WERS 4: WECB 1 : Chonc Speech 1. WILLIAM J. McGEE " Fibber” B.S. Broadcasting Quick wit . . . " Want to talk about it?” . . . smart remarks . . . world traveler thanks to Uncle Sam . . . slowly fades out , . . desire to oust the coffee urn from the cafe . . . meatball sandwiches and beer. Acini In : Rho Delta Omega 2, 3, 4. President 3, Editor of Stic. letter 4- nlra-E raternity Council 3; Newman 1. 2, 3. 4 ; WERS 4- 48 BARBARA HELEN McNURNEY B.S. Speech Pathology Sophistication and sweetness . . . the twinkle of Irish eyes . . . Emerson’s " Dream Girl” . . . Happiness is the only good ... a friend to all . . . " Toujours gai.” Activities: Kappa Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4 , Sergeant of Arms, Historian, Parlimentarian 4: Newman 1, 2, 3, 4: Inter-Faith Council 2; Scribe 3: Emersonian 4 Debate 1, 2: Dorm Council 3 ■ 4 - Vice President 3, President 4: Class Officer, Secretary 3, 4: Junior Prom Queen Attendant 3- EDWARD CHRISTOPHER MELLO " Ed” B.S. Speech Patholoy and Audiology " How will I ever pass phonetics?” ... " I have so much work, Ell never get through” . . . great personality . . . charm . . . wit . . . and he sings well too ! . . . " Let’s go to the Berkshires !” Activities: Public Productions 3; Rhode Island College 1. 2- JOYCE MONTAG B.A. Speech Pathology An international traveler favoring Germany and Mr. Fun- gerhut . . . vivacious . . . zest for living . . . " What are we going to do tonight?” . . . " Let’s go to a lecture!” . . . pixish look together with a grown up air and mind of her own. Activities: Kappa Gamma 2. 3, 4, Social Director 4: Sigma Alpha Eta 2, 3- 4: G.A.L. Basketball 1; Hillel 1: Univer- sity of Vienna 3- REGINA MULLEN B.S. Speech Pathology " What does incipit mean?” . . . eyes that sparkle . . . " I ' m a transfer student from B.U. !” . . . " Yellow and Black again?” . . . " Oh, those 8:30 meetings; I commute!” Activities: Phi Mu Gamma 3, 4: Newman 4: Boston University 1,2. 1KANK MUSONE LINTON LEWIS NELSON Lint” B.S. Speech Pathology Soft spoken . . . " Will that mustache ever grow, Lint?” . . . " I like Ken’s, yes” ... if something has to be done, call Linton . . . the tops. Acxutn ; Phi Alpha Tan j. 4 ■ Recording Secretary 4i S . i: ha Eta 2. 3 ■ 4 . Treasurer 3, President 4: Berkeley B..:: n 1. 2. p: Choric Speech 1. 2, 5, 4: Student Govern- «. ' i 4; Cl a O pacer President 4: Psychology Club 3 ■ 4, Vice President 3, 4; I V hi ' j Who Among Students In American i hirer cities and Colleges. JOHN B. NICHOLSON LLS. Speech A gr eat talker . . . family man . . . Metrecal . . . big man, small car . . . keeper of spirits ... " I don’t believe it!” . . . key figure in Dr. Thass’s class. Activities : Rho Delta Omega 3 ■ 4: S.T.E.A.A1. 3, 4- WALTER PETER PAGE " Walt” B.S. Speech " Are we going to prison tonight?” . . . Employs debate techniejues in everyday thought and conversation . . . " Now, 1 submit to you that for these reasons labor unions . . . " . . . law school. . I livitte : Debate s. 4, Student Assistant Coach 3. 4: For- ensic Council 3; Librarian 3t 1st place Extemporaneous Speaking Conte a 2: Debator of the Year Award 3- 50 JOAN MARGOT PERLES B.S. Speech Pathology " Let’s make a long distance phone call’’ . . . music, music, music . . . New York, the greatest little city in the world . . . " Look guys, I set my hair’’ . . . fun, fun, fun. Activities : Phi Mu Gamma 2, 3- 4, Secretary 3. Pan Hellenic Representative 4; Sigma Alpha Eta 3, 4; Hillel 1; Berkeley Beacon 1; Emersonian 4; Dean’s List 1. GAYLE MAXINE PHILIPSON " Gaylie’’ B.A. English " Tower of strength " . . . diligent, determined and depend- able in work and in play . . . " Back to the locker room. I forgot my book” . . . " Let’s go, kids!” . . . excitable for the cause. Activities : Kappa Gamma Chi 3, 4, Pledge Mistress 4; Hillel 1; Scribe 4: Emersonian 4; S.T.E.A.M. 3- 4 ; Public Productions 1; Dorm Council 2; Student Government Secre- tary 4; Class Officer, Vice President 1, 2; Psychology Club 3, 4i Junior Prom Committee 3; Who’s Who Among Stu- dents In American Universities and Colleges. JOHN JOSEPH PIRRI " Jose” B.S. Broadcasting To him there is no such thing as leisure time ... a driving worker to better himself . . . " Man will someday become Devine” . . . night raider of 77 6. Activities: Rho Delta Omega 2, 3, 4, Parlimentarian 3, Treasurer 4; Berkeley Beacon 3, 4; WERS 2, 4: Librarian 4; Dean’s List 1, 2, 3; Elmer Metcalf Scholarship 4- HAROLD LENARD PLATZKER " Hal” B.S. Broadcasting Mr. News . . . " Hal, take the lens cap off the camera” . . . " But, Mr. Kroeger, we were off on time!” . . . aggressive. Activities: Phi Alpha Tau 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3 Hillel 1, 2, 3; Berkeley Beacon 4; Emersonian 4; WERS 1. 2, 3, 4 , Director of Special Events for News Department 4- 51 JUDITH ANN POLUSHUCK " Judy” B.S. Speech Pathology Iun loving slant on lite . . . " unlimited cuts for seniors” . . . vivacity . . . " but Mr. Crannell, I’m not Ruth Ellen” . . . blondes have more fun. Activities: University of Cincinnati 1. ANTHONY CARMEN PRIMO " Tony” B.A. Broadcasting Friend to all, a terrific guy . . . " How did you break your leg this time, Tony?” . . . Cute warm, sincere . . . " No, I was not named for a song!” Activities: Alpha Pi Theta 2. 3 • 4: Newman 1, 2, 3, 4: WERS 1, 2. 3, 4: WECB 1, 2; Chon 3, 4: Public Produc- tions 3- ROBIN SONDRA RAINES B.S. Speech Pathology The beauty of a China doll . . . love and medical school do mix . . . Let’s play Monopoly girls” . . . little bird . . . What’s trump?” ... a delight to know. . U tint t : K if pa Gamma Chi 3, 4i Cheerleader I. 2: HtlLl 1 : Choric Speech 1 : junior Prom Queen 3- JAY BARRY RA .IN B.A. Speech Pathology Behind the stern look he’s a bit of deviltry ... a thinker this man knows his goals and will perservere until he attains them. Activitu : Alpha Phi Theta 2. I, 4 • Historian 4: Sigma Alpha l.ta 2. 3, 4 ■ Vice President 3- 4; Berkeley Beacon 4. Editot Dc m’s Pvt I. 3; Clas President 3- 52 JAMES L. REID, JR. " Jim” B.S. Speech Everybody’s friend . . . Emerson’s Mr. Rhythm . . . " Let’s have a Party . . . " crazy” . . . " I’d give you a ride, but my drums are in the car.” Activities : Alpha Pi Theta 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. President 4; Intra-Fraternity Council 4 President 4; Berkeley Beacon 1; Debate 1, 2- STEWART H. ROBINOVITZ " Stu Robins” B.S. Theatre Arts Mixture of good cheer and seriousness . . . " It’s a good lighting board, but don ' t ground yourself” . . . Mr. Esturado speaks . . . " It’s a neat lighting plot” . . . " We’ll never be able to use it, but it’s neat” . . . public speaker deluxe . . . parties at 317 . . . " But Prof., it says here . . .” Activities: Scribe 4, Art Editor 4; Debate 4; Public Produc- tions 2, 3, 4; Li gh fining Workshop Assistant Scholarship 3, 4; University of Connecticut 1. MYRNA ROCKWOOD B.S. Speech Pathology Lover of folk music . . . " Anyone want to go to the Vanity tonite?” . . . Ken’s enthusiast. Activities : Hillel 1; Psychology Club 2. LINDA JANE ROSENBERG " Lin” B.A. Social Science Intelligence in a subtle manner . . . quick trips to Maryland . . . impulsive . . . member of honor dorm . . . little girl with large heart . . . owns stock in the N.E.T. T. Co. . . . " zoom to the moon!” Activities: Zeta Phi Eta 4: G.A.L. 1, 3; G.A.L. Basketball 1, 3; Hillel 2; Berkeley Beacon 3; Emersonian 4; Choir 2, 3; Public Productions 2, 3 : Dorm Council 3 Dean’s List 2; Simmons College 1. FRANK ALEXANDER SANGILLO " Big Daddy.” B.A. Broadcasting Commuter from Maine . . . a thinker . . . meatball sand- wiches and beer . . . Struzzierio’s . . . hates ballpoint pens that skip . . Ins only loves are Raymonde, Lisa and James Adam. Activities ; Rho Delta Omega 2. 3, 4. Sergea it-at-Arms 3- R Seen , 1.2. 3 ■ a: WERS 2. 4, En- •.. . Sch larship 4: WECB 1. 2 Continuity; Wrestling 2: Psycholog ' ) Club 2. FRANK EDWARD S ANSON E, |R. B.S. Speech Pathology and Audiology Cool. calm, and collected . . . Almost Always . . . The Human Dynamo . . . Weight lifting is good tor the soul Freud. Fantasy and l ame . . " Valetta!” . . . " In regards to the psychological factors ot the human mind, etc.. etc., etc..” . . . young man with a purpose, direction and a goal. .i . ; PI:: Alpha Tan 2. 3. 4- ' Sigma Alpha Eta 4-’ Atbletii As ciat ' n u 1. 2. - • ' Baseball 1. 2: Newman 1: 11 ECB 2: Chnrlc Spec eh a: Choir 3 ■ 4: Public Produc- es Derm Gnmctl 1. 2. Representative 1. Vice Presi- dent 1 $ nt C vein meat !. 2. 4 • Pis admit 4: Clam O P :dt nt l 2: Library Fund Committee 1. 2: Psy- 1 4 Tree urei 3. President 4: Student Direc- Tut ■ Workshop .■ . 4: Who’s Who Am n: Student In American Id niversities and Colleges. MARJORIE SCHNEIDER " Marjie” B.S. Speech Pathology " Which one, big or little” . . . ”1 can never get up in the morning” ... A good friend . . . sincere . . . industri- ous . . . full ot personality. Activities : Sigma Alpha Eta 3, 4- JANE SEAS ' ! ROM " Janie” B.S. Speech Pathology Good ole Suzibelle” . . . quick weekend jaunts . . . " Let’s have a party !” . . . organization woman ??! ! ... a sophisticated flirt . . . loving Middleton and P.T.A. speeches! . . . Hey, now I can join the world travelers!” . , " But, Lana, can I be the congregation choir leader?” Aclt rt tii ; Zeta Phi Eta 2 3, 4 • Corresponding Secrelar) 4: Sigma Alpha Eta 3, 4: S.C.A. 2. 3 , 4: Emersonian 3, 4- A : taut Edito i • . Co-ediloi 4: WERS 2. 3: Dorm Conn- Dean’s Li t 2; Junioi Prom Committee ; Pint Manor i 1 Who’s Who Among Students In American I ’nil enities and Colleges. 54 ELAINE DOROTHY SHAPIRO " Lanie” B.S. Speech Pathology " Hey guys!” . . . " For all we know . . . ” . . . little Bud- dah . . . our other world traveler . . . those oral finals . . . " A smile as bright as her hair” . . . the cuddly little girl . . . " . . . oops, I’m sorry, Lana, honest!” Activities: Zeta Phi Eta 3- 4: Hillel 1, 2. 3: Emersonian 3, 4, Assistant editor 4; Choric Speech 1; Public Produc- tions 1 . LOIS JAFFE SIMMONS " Lo” B.S. Speech Pathology A lady in the true sense of the word . . . " Did you get that license number?” . . . the quiet mind is richer than a crown . . . Purposeful aloofness used to its fullest advantage . . . conservative in mood and manner. Activities: Kappa Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4: H llel 1; Dorm Coun- cil 1, 2. President 2. MERLE NAN SILVERMAN " Ginger” B.S. Speech Pathology Diligent " class” worker . . . " Have you bought your Prom tickets yet?” . . . Summer school w r ith Mrs. Maxfield and Mr. Zorn . . . It’s a pleasure to be in your company. Activities: Hillel 1, 2; Berkeley Beacon 1, 2. 3; WERS 1; Junior Prom Chairman 3 Prom Attendant 3- WILLIAM R. STOCKWELL, III " Bill” B.S. Broadcasting Possessed with an unmistakeable laugh . . . behind a big voice is a big heart. Activities: Alpha Pi Theta 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 3, Recording Secretary 4 Basketball 4; WERS 2, 3 , 4i WECB 1, 2; Choir 2; Junior Prom Chairman 3- 55 LEE SVENNING B.S. Speech Green school bar? . . . debate minded . . . argumentation conscious . . . earnest student. . Ictivr it i ; Alpha Pi 1 beta 2, 3 Berkeley Beacon 2, 3, 4i Scribe 1 . 2. 3 : Debate 4 : II ' BCD 1. LAURENCE B. TILLIS " Larry” B.S. Speech Mr. Brooks Brothers with a twist for the continental . . . " There’s only one side to the argument — MINE” ... A Floridian New Yorker in Boston . . . studious . . . one goal — to graduate. Activities: University of Miami 1, 2- LINDA JEAN TONRY " Lin” B.S. Speech Pathology Quietness . . . capable worker . . . sports minded . . . ii " iking to the future . " Oh. let’s forego Parlimentary Procedure.” Actiutii : eta Phi lit a 2. 3- 4 ■ Corresponding Secretary 3- nl 4 S ma Alpha Eta 2. J, Corn {ponding Secre- um : . I i Prc tide nt a: C . l.L. Ba kethall • : Neuman 1. 2. 3- 4 Treasurer I. 2. 3: Debate 1. 2: I u-nac Council 1. 2. 3 ■ Secretary 2. 3: Scholarship 3. 4- JANET STRAUSS TOPLITZ " Jan” B.A. English " I’m snowed” . . . " Let’s study in a group!” . . . " There’s nothing wrong with my feet, it’s just that my joints are long!” . . . " This dorm is going to be the life of me” . . . George. I f vitn : S.T.E.A Al 2, 1, 4; Emei onian Junior Prom Committee 3 ■ BLAINE F. TOWNSEND B.S. Broadcasting Those mail-room blues . . . pre-exam panics . . . talkative . . . out-spoken . . . friend to all . . . an intelligent and conscientious worker . . . always willing to help in any way possible. Activities: Scribe 4 I VERS 2, 3, 4, Program Director 4t Dorm Council 2: Dean ' s List 2. 3- 4: University of Roches- ter 1; Who’s Who Among Students In American Universi- ties and Colleges. MARTIN JOEL TRACHTENBERG " Marty” B.S. Theatre Education A dancer . . . " and I didn’t even want to play that part” . . . from Brooklyn to Boston . . . " I’m depressed " . . . " ah, come on fellas” . . . height is short but heart is big. Activities: Phi Alpha Tau 2. 3, 4 ■ Pledge Master 3, Ser- geant-at-Arms 4t Hillel 2; Public Productions 3, 4 Scholar- ship 3; Brooklyn College 1. GRETCHEN VAN AKEN " Gretch” B.S. Theatre Arts General American Speech and the Kings English . . . Miss Showstop per . . . Emerson’s exchange student . . . " I say there old chap.” Activities: Public Productions 1, 2. 3, 4t The Central School of Speech and Drama, London, England 3- MICHAEL HARVEY WEIN " Mike” B.S. Speech Middle " M” . . . short, pudgy, a real teddy bear . . . " She may be the cutest girl I ever . . . ” . . . " Best investment I ever made” . . . championship bridge. Activities: Phi Alpha Tau 2. 3, 4: Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4i Emersonian 4, Assistant Editor 4 WECB 1; Student Government 4, Treasurer 4- 57 JUDITH LINDA WEISS " Judy " B.A. Education ( nu ' ii there ' s a S. T.E.A.M. meeting” . . . " How am I ever going to get my ' Bender ' papers done?” ... a real organizer and a hard worker . . . sincere . . . friendly. At tivitu : Hillel 2. 5, Public !) L Berkeley Beacon 2. 3- 4. Ewei man 4: S.T.E.A.M. 2. 3, 4. Vice President 3, President a: Debate a: Choric Speech 3: Dorm Council 4 Si ci tar) : Dean’s List s; Stephens College 1: University of California at Berkeley 1 . MICHAEL C. WHEELER " Mickey” B.S. Broadcasting Always hustling . . . Says what he thinks . . . " Everyone should belong to Hillel.” Adi: itn : Alpha Pi Theta 3 ■ 4 ■ Treasurer 4: Basketball 2; Bn -i bah 1: Hillel 1, 2. 3- 4. Interfaith Representative 3, Prt ' dent 4t l ■ Council 3, 4 ■ Treasurer 4: WERS 1. 2. 3 4: WECB 1, 2. NANCY LOU WILDSTEIN B.S. Speech Pathology Honest in thought and work . . . " who has a N. J. accent?” . . . pleasant, warm smile . . . a true friend indeed !” Activities: Sigma Alpha Eta 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Hillel 2; Choir 2: Dean’s List 3; University of Cincinnati 1. MICHAEL LEE WOODNICK " Mike” B.S. Speech Little " M” . . . personality . . . ' Peanuts’ . . . " The keys, Mike, play the keys” . . . " What a bunch of” . . . " Let’s be realistic” . . . Mike will go " straight ahead” to success. Activities. Phi Alpha Tan 2. 3, 4, Cones ponding Secretary 3 Vue Pre dent 4 Athletic Association 2. 3, 4. Treasurer 3; Bade! ball 1. 2, 3, Co-captain 4: Baseball 3; WECB 2; S.T I. . I M. ; D m’s List 2; Student Gove rnment ■ . Treas- urer 3 I ‘ 2 Stroudsburg Slate Teachen College I: Who’s Who Amour Students In American Universities and Col- leges. 58 STEPHEN BARRY YOUNG " Steve” B.A. English Never enough knowledge to quench his thirst . . . success will be his ... A true friend respected by all. Activities : Alpha Pi Theta 2, 3 ■ 4 . Vice President 3, Presi- dent 3; Intra-Fraternity Council 3t Berkeley Beacon 4, Editor-in-chief ; Emersonian 4, Literary Editor; W ERS 1, 2. 3. Scholarship Engineer 2. 3 WECB 1, 2, Chief An- nouncer 2: Dean’s List 1, 2: Fraternity Man of the Year 2- Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. MARJORIE JOELL YOSPIN " Marge” B.S. Speech Pathology Crew neck and Knee socks . . . brings the collegiate look to Emerson . . . the big " H” . . . let’s go to the shore . . . New Jersey’s Best . . . personality plus. Activities: Phi Mu Gamma 2, 3 , 4. President 3, Pledge Mistress 3, 4, ' Pan-Hellenic Council 3 Cheerleader 1; Dorm Council 2- " The History of the Theatre began with . . . ” " Now, on ' Sneak Day’ we’ll go ... ” " Crowded conference between classes ...” 59 Ginger Silverman, attendant; Robin Raines, queen; Judy Espinola, past queen; Barbara McNurney, attendant. Student Government Council Front Row. Michael Wein ( Treasurer ); Gayle Philipson ( Secre- tary ); Frank Sansone ( President ). Row Two : Robert Lopez - Cepero; Richard Gauthier; Linton Nelson; Albert Valletta. t $ I; F , UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIOR flout Row: Anne Epstein; Florence Levins; Margi Gutlon; Linda Pinsky; Hope Bender; Arnita Mongiovi; Leslie Maxwell; Beverly Nelson. Row Two: Liz DeSarno; Ellen South- ard; David Long; Judy Boorky; Penny Mason; Mary Rogers; Shirley Jordan; Mayine Kern; Martha Bortone; Nancy Sue Miller; A1 Valleta; Jerry Burman. Ron Three: Paul Dehill; Jerry Barton; Craig Worthing; Joe Huff; Nathan Custer; Robert Welch; Keith Brock; Walter Behringer; Jack Hines. 62 CLASS Front Ron 1 : Joan Morgan; Brenda Johnson; Susan Babola; Meredith Shapiro; Marcia McCombe; Leslie Kates; Roberta Jacobs; Wendy Schaefer. Ron Two: Dick Goldstein; Francis Hickey; Armando Martinez; Helen Kapsalis; Adele Lerman; Adele Newman; Pamela Whitcher; Linda Dane; Janice Nierman; Maddi Belitz; Janet Draghetti; Judy Beck. Row Three: Lenny Slosberg; Vin Buscemi; Roy Sharpe; Phil Hunter; William Reardon; Ron Bain; Bruce Bassman; Michael Pevzner; John Bertsch; Don Kasten; Art Spivak. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Albert Valletta Vice President Walter Behringer Secretary Sue Aversa Treasurer Penny Mason CLASS OF 1963 63 SOPHOMORE Front Row: Enid Grodin; Patricia Kelly; Penny Sharp; Robin Konnel; Virginia Crowley; Marjorie Cole; Marilyn Salmon; Holly Pataki; Sue Shrier. Row Two: Sue Arenson; Alberta Sablitz; Myrna Bresner; Brenda Kleinman; Carol Paretta; Vadena White; Cecilia Lyons; Carol Kritz; Maurie Harding; Roberta Miller; Claire Carpenter; Arlene Master; Virginia Carty; Carole Lavendier; Sue Demond. Row Three: Bill Streker; Steve Kasden; Dan Sapir; Garry Fox; Mike Pirylis; Bruce Baltin; John Koller; John Franzenburg; Jeff Field; Rett Rich; Charles Derkazarian; Dick Gauthier; Bernard Roberts. CLASS OF 1964 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Richard Gauthier Vice President . . . Everett Rich Secretary Carole Kritz Treasurer Barbara Miller 64 CLASS Front Row: Julie Mount; Karin Rothenberg; Judy Goldhair; Barbara Vescera; Carol Ardito; Sandy Bart; Carol Auerbach; Sandy Adler; Paula Borkum. Row Two: Tony Bel- fiore; Steve Ruzensky; Pat Valentino; Lisa Galt; Leslie Grossman; Nina Zolit; Karen Finkelstein; Suzanne Carroll; Jo Margolis; Merle Lear; Ellen Berkowitz; Pam Voislow; Phyllis Fand. Row Three: Jack Catanzaro; George Exoo; Denny Becker; Donald Lee Evans; Leonard Reindeau; David Lane; Alan Marston; Ken Banks; Mike Burke; John Welch; Neil Eloffman. Front Row: June Rosenstein; Barbara Siegal; Roni Oropallo; Felicia Balicer; Beverly Chalfin; Deena Sharp; Carole Raddock; Nancy Bell. Row Two: Victor Nunes; Pat Whit- ley; Roberta Kligman; Priscilla Dewey; Janice Sloan; Kathie Gough; Faith Musto; Joel Kramer; Victor Rubell. Row Three: Glenn Laxton; Warren Rhodes; David Adams; Charles Bargamian. 65 FRESHMAN Front Row: Joanne D ' Urso; Gretchen Highberger; Sandra Kutz; Jackelyn Schmerin; Arlyne Garrity; Linda Landt; Ellen Stephens. Row Two: Miriana Ludmer; Elaine Wein- berger; Barbara Cohen; Janet Ehrlich; Gail Brosk; Pamela Greca; Enis Camerano; Ann Power; Eleanor Halper. Row Three: Pat Griffin; Bara Cherry; Elaine Karp; Anita Ciar- fella; Dartha Broderick; Candy Hugo; Donna Hennessey; Michelle Stone; Virginia Ross; Larry Kavich. Row Four: Richard Bartlett; Dennis Brienzo; Brian Mackes; Tony Gold- man; John Byrnes; Martyn Schwartz; Jeff Pastorlove; Don Paulnock; Carl Buck; Ed Hale; Ed Imni; Mike Levi. 66 CLASS Front Row: Nancy Blum; Ruth Ansin; Naomi Prost; Ina Friedman; Margie Baron; Suzi Hermann; Maureen Cahild. Row Two: Joanne Alofsin; Rachel Blark; Joyce Freundlick; Jill Koenigsberg; Suzie Friedman; Anne Bollag; Barbara Rabin; Taffy Carpenter; Ellen Marks; Hedy Newman. Row Three: Norman Jacques; Frank Ploener; Bob Lopez-Cepero; Leslie Schatz; Jill Jaffe; Ilene Marcus; Diana Bachman; Linda Kahans; Jill Saxon; Joane Goldberg; Pat Mallalie; Kathy Berlin; Carolyn Waters. Row Four: Randall Meader; Mike Nach; Roy Young; Larry Hoffman; Richard Garrett; Langton Prue; Mark Zucker- berg; Alan Brill; Eliot Cohen; Chris McClaure; Ed Hurvitz; Bob Cortese. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President . . . . Vice President Secretary .... Treasurer . . . Robert Lopez-Cepero Taffy Carpenter Gail Brosk . . . .Norman Jacques CLASS OF 1965 67 BETWEEN CLASSES ALPHA PI THETA First Row: Mike Wheeler (Treasurer), Jim Reed (President ) , Bob Lonergran (Vice Presi- dent), Bill Stockwell (Recording Secretary). Second Row: Jay Razin, Steve Young, Phil Hunter, Ion Anderson, Merrill Whiting, Tony Primo, Dave Hartling. Alpha Pi Theta began the 1961-62 school year by presenting the annual " Theta Fair.” Its success was guaranteed by the traditional drenching booth, and the extra emphasis placed upon the late evening dancing. In keeping with the spirit of cooperation with the college, Theta offered its services to the Broadcasting Department for a Saturday afternoon clean-up campaign. The sports picture was anything but bright during the first semester, but Theta looks forward with optimism. Basketball looms as the big challenge. There will be competition in the bowling alley also. The " Thunder Jug” softball game with Rho Delta Omega proved very interesting indeed. It has always been a high point in the social calendar. On the more serious side once again, Theta presented a Jazz Concert in conjunction with the Berkley School of Music shortly after the Christmas vacation. It was another success in a year which proved to be highly success- ful all around. PHI MU GAMMA Front Roiv: Leonore Rovenger (Corresponding Secretary); Penny Mason (Recording Secretary); Florence Levins (Vice President); Marcia McCombe (President); Nancy Sue Miller (Treasurer); Joan Perles (Pan Hellenic Representative); Marge Yospin (Pledge Mistress). Row Two: Faith Musto; Carole Lavendier; Alexandra Russell; Barbara Cohen; Brenda Kleinman; Regina Mullen; Nancy Bell. Row Three: Sandy Adler; Ellen Berko- witz; Janet Draghetti; Carol Ardito; Linda Rogers. Phi Mu Gamma is a National Fraternity for Women which has the intelligent advance- ment of the Fine Arts for its aim. While fulfilling this goal, the sisters have an oppor- tunity to work together in order to benefit the sorority, the school, and the community. The main project was working with the North End Union Settlement Flouse. Children were brought to see the Emerson College Children’s Theatre productions. In December, a Christmas party was given for them. Other activities included sponsoring Emerson Night at the Charles Playhouse and the Dunster Dunsters at Harvard. Phi Mu Gamma encourages individuality, and each project is such that each sister is able to find a way to channel her particular interests. 71 PHI ALPHA TAU first Row: Michael Wein, Martin Tractenberg ( Sargent at Arms). Linton Nelson (Record- ing Secretary), Michael Woodnick (Vice President ), Paul Bissonette (Presid ent). Ronnie Bain (Treasurer), A1 Valetta (Corresponding Secretary ) , Jerry Burman, Tony DiFruscia, John Chase, Haig DeMardersion. Second Row: Carl Schmider, Ted Phillips, Charles Khm, Dick Averell, Rett Rich, AI Cohen, Ross Burney, Hal Platzker, Bill Streker, Mike Pevzner, Tom Hughes, John Bertsch, Paul Austin, Peter McLean, Horace Reynolds, David Luderman, Third Row: Jerry Barton, Frank Sansone, Michael Pi ry I is, Tom Neeley, Bill Reardin, Walt Behringer, Ken Banks, Mike Burke, Paul Dahill, Denny Becker, Dan Sapir, Fd Staples, Tony Belfiore. Phi Alpha Tau is a National Professional Communicative Arts Fraternity, with social life being second to its primary function of furthering the speech and communicative arts. Tau presents the Joseph E. Connor Award annually to a personage who best exemplifies outstanding communications in his field. The recipients of the award since its founding in 1953 have certainly proved worthy of the acclaim. This year the award won international applause when it gave the honor to the man who best represents the American field of comedy throughout the world, ’’The Clown,” Mr. Red Skelton. Tau also presented its annual Christmas Carol Sing, with an open house at 150 Beacon, with Dr. Mrs. McKinley serving as hosts. With the help of its sister sorority, Kappa Gamma Chi, it presented the Mad Ball which proved to be a huge success for everyone concerned. Tau also found the time to add the following to its ever increasing calendar of events; boat trip, hayride, film festival, father and son dinner, and school boosters. It proved to be the big year for Phi Alpha Tau in the Greek letter sports contests also. It regained its title of champion in football, while still reigning as basketball and bowling leaders. Phi Alpha Tau continued to show its pres- tige and dignity in all the works and events with which it was affiliated. KAPPA GAMMA CHI Front Row: Barbara McNurney ( Parlimentarian ); Margi Gutlon (Corresponding Secre- tary); Felice Goldberg ( Recording Secretary ); Fran Borsuk ( President ); Roberta Jacobs (Vice President); Joanne Kolodney (Treasurer) ; Joyce Montag (Social Chairman) . Row Two: Pat Valentino; Maddi Belitz; Penny Sharp; Brenda C. Johnson; Celeste McDonald; Carole Kritz; Barbara Livingston; Maurie Harding; Sue Perel; Gayle Philipson; Sue Aversa. Row Three: Enid Grossman; Robin Raines; Lois Simmons; Myrna Bresner; Judy Beck; Nina Frankel; Wendy Schaefer; Sue Arkin; Anne Epstein; Julie Mount ' ! The primary aim of Kappa Gamma Chi is the building of ideal womanhood, based on Love, Loyalty, Trust, and Harmony. The secondary aim is the endowment of Emerson College. Kappa Gamma Chi was founded at Emerson in 1902. Of the twenty-nine sisters in the sorority at present, nine reside at the new Kappa House at 191 Beacon Street. Some of the activities on the " Kappa Kalendar” this year included the annual Kappa Auction, the Homecoming Alumni Tea, a Christmas party held at the sorority house, monthly bake sales (the proceeds of which went to the Emerson College. Endowment Fund), the Kappa-Tau dance, and the highlight of the traditional sorority formal dinner- dance. A graduation breakfast for the Kappa seniors rounded out a busy and profitable year. wms ' -, 73 RHO DELTA OMEGA First Ron : Bob Brauer, Art Spivak, Chuck Howard (Social Chairman), Jack Hines (Presi- dent). Craig Worthing ( Pledge Master). Phil Novisky (Corresponding Secretary), Joe Pirri (Treasurer). Second Ron: Roger Arnold, Pete Eastman, John Nickleson, Ron Rit- schell. Wayne Hamlon, Bob Davidson, George Kreisberg, Dick Lewis, Dave Savoy, Peter Smith. Third Ron : Frank O’Mara, Bob Gatti, Joe Huff, Vin Buscemi, John Franzen- berg. Dick Gauthier, John Catanzaro, Charlie Bargamian, Steve Ruzensky, Philip Joyce. 1961-1962 was an active year for the members ot RDO. The fall season began with the annual smoker’’ at which members were chosen and during the last week of October the actives put them through their paces.” These pledges were formally initiated at a dinner at the Smorgasboard.” The first activity in which the new brothers participated was the inter-fraternity football game with Phi Alpha Tau. The highlight of the first semester was the annual Dream Girl Ball. Sandy Bart was chosen as the 13th Dream Girl RDO ended the first semester with a show featuring the Kapos and a benefit per- formance ot a movie, proceeds of which went to help telev ision station WGBH. The second semester began with a raffle in which one lucky student received his semester’s books courtesy of the fraternity. Most of the second semester found the brothers busilv engaged in the preparation and presentation of the fraternity show, directed by President lack Hines. Also on the calendar for second semester was the softball and basketball game with the other fraternities and the annual Thunder Jug game with Alpha Pi Theta. ZETA PHI ETA Front Row: Adele Lerman (Historian); Jane Seastrom (Corresponding Secretary); Ellana Litch (Vice President); Linda Tonry (President); Adele Newman ( Treasurer ); Brenda L. Johnson (Pledge Mistress). Row Two: Ruth Littlefield (Pan Hellenic Representative); Elaine Shapiro; Ellen Southard; Pat Kelly; Virginia Crowley; Virginia Carty. Zeta Phi Eta at Emerson College is the Alpha Chapter of the National Professional Speech Arts Fraternity for Women. This year has been a full one for the members. A tea was held during Homecoming Weekend for the alumnae at the home of an alumna; a Christmas party was given for the children of the Robbins Speech Clinic; recording for the blind was done in connection with the Library of Congress; the sisters have con- tinued to sell coffee at the Theatre Arts Department performances; and once again Zeta joined Rho Delta Omega for their show. The traditional Work Week was held in April which was a profitable success. During graduation week, a tea for seniors and their mothers, as well as visiting alumnae brought the year to a close. PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION The Pan-Hellenic Association is composed of the three presidents of the three Emerson sororities and represen- tatives from each. Its purpose is to serve the best inter- ests of all sororities by promoting college spirit and maintaining unity among them. It sponsors two teas — one each semester — lor those girls eligible for sorority. M iss Edna M. Ward is the adviser of the group. Front Rou: Wendy Schaefer (Kappa Gamma Chi); Marcia McCome (Prt udent); Linda Tonry (Vice Preside nt); Joan Perles Phi Mu Gamma). Rou Two: Fran Borsuk (Secretary-Treasurer); Miss Ward, Adviser; Ruth Littlefield (Zeta Phi Eta). INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The Intra- Fraternity Council is composed of the presi- dents of the three fraternities on campus. The Council ' s main job is to coordinate group activities such as Spring football and baseball games among the brothers of Alpha Pi Theta, Phi Alpha Tau and Rho Delta Omega. 76 Paul Bissonette (Secretary-Treasurer); Jim Reid ( President ); Jack Hines (Vice President). RELIGIOUS INTER-FAITH COUNCIL The Inter-Faith Council is composed of the Presidents of the three religious organizations, a representative from each, and a President. The officers are chosen on a ro- tating basis in order to insure equality between the or- ganizations. The council sponsors two chapels a month plus an annual Brotherhood Award to some person who, in the eyes of the Council, has given some outstanding service to the field of Brotherhood. Under the direction of Dr. Richard Pierce, the Inter-Faith Council strives for a deeper religious unity between and among the stu- dents of the College. Front oRu : Mickey Wheeler ( Secretary ); Joan Morgan (President); Paul Dahill (Treasurer). Ron Two: John Welch (S.C.A.); Steve Kasden (Hillel); Faith Musto (Newman). HILLEL The B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation at Emerson College presents to the Jewish students a combination of religious, social and civic embroadenment. This year was marked by noted lecturers, such as Rabbi Swarthchild, entertainment, and all round community service. Perhaps the most important function of Hillel is to present to Jewish students all phases of their religion. We accent all phases of the student and believe that a well rounded person is a definite asset in his community life. 78 Front Row: Howard Landy ( Treasurer ); Mickey Wheeler (President); Linda Dane (Cor- n ponding Secretary); Florence Levins ( Recording Secretary). Row Two: June Rosenstein (Social Chairman); Hope Shafif ; Carole Raddock; Myrna Bresner; Janet Schiff; Marilyn Salomon. Row ' Three: Steve Kasden (Inter-faitb Representative) ; Mike Levy; Frank Ploener. ORGANIZATIONS NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is comprised of Cath- olics at tending Emerson. Its primary pur- pose is to motivate the members of the club into learning more about their reli- gion, and to have a better understanding of themselves and their fellow men. The Newman Club sponsors dances, lectures, and group discussions. At Christmas time, the club helps out needy families by con- tributing food and clothes, and it also entertains the patients of local hospitals by singing Christmas Carols. Front Row: Virginia Crowley ( Secretary ); Joe Huff (Vice President ); Paul Dahill (Presi- dent); Vin Buscemi (Treasurer); Faith Musto ( Inter-faith Representative). Rou Two: Leonard Riendeau; Ann Power; Robert Welch; John Franzenburg; Julie Mount; Maureen Mahoney; Dianne Trulock; Ellen Stephens; Amy Forziati; Joanne D’Urso; John Byrnes. Row Three: Bob Brauer; Dick Gauthier; Ron Papile; Norman Jacques; Ed Imm; Auther Thibeault; Ron Ritchell. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The purposes of the Student Christian Association are to worship and work to- gether in the attempt to learn more com- pletely the meaning of Christianity in our time ,and to share together the task of strengthening brotherhood in this Asso- ciation and throughout the world. Com- mencing the 1961-62 season was the in- stallation of officers, followed by a steady schedule of business meetings, social ac- tivities, and service projects. The major service project this season was an all day program at the Ellis Memorial, with the prospect of having similar activities throughout the year. Front Row: Sue Demond; Gretchen Highberger; Merrill Whiting (Vice President ); John Welch (Inter-faith Representative ); Phoebe Yphantis (Treasurer); George Exoo (Secretary). Row Two: Jeff Field; Ken Banks; Charlie Stone; David Lane; Glenn Laxton; Pharon Dixon; Pamela Voislow; Lynne Brownie; Joan Morgan; Alan Marston; Wolfgang Binder. Row Three: Don Evans; Pat Whitley; Shirley Jordan; Janet Draghetti; Ed Hale; Karl Hattler. BROADCASTING Front Row: Neal P. Cortell; Bob Brauer; Blaine Townsend; Woody Witmer; Hal Platz- ker; Ken Collins; Bill Stockwell. Row Two: Nate Custer; Jim Deaderick; Ray Herne; Wayne Hamlin; Carol Roberts; Barbara Gold; Ross Burney; Robert Welch; Dave Hart- ring; Warren Rhodes. Row Three: Howard Landy; Ron Papile; Ron Ritchell; Dick Gauthier; Jack Farber; Vin Buscemi; Chris Lindsey. Behind the scenes of Emerson’s Concert Hall. " Where are the modern engineers?” WERS is Emerson’s 18,000 watt EM station. With lis- teners throughout the New England area, its programming features music ranging from pops to classical, news, and special information programs. The station, staffed by Emer- son students interested in broadcasting, provides valuable broadcasting experience for the students and a well-bal- anced range of entertainment and information for the listeners. During the year WERS has presented football from Florida, Presidential news conferences, live classical music, jazz, and interviews with famous persons, in addi- tion to its standard format of recorded music and news. I wish those people wouldn ' t move so fast when they speak !” DEPARTMENT Front Row: Neal P. Cortell; Ron Bain; Nate Custer; Mr. Matson; Art Spivak; Chris Lindsey; Mike Pevzner. Row Two: Dan Paulnock; Ed Michaels; Jell Field; Warren Rhodes; Mark Zuckerberg; Carolyn Roberts; Nancy Brackman; Carole Kritz; Ann Power; Chris McChure; Glenn Laxton; Rett Rich; Dick Averell. Row Three: Hari Datta; Phil Novisky; Bob Brauer; Ron Papile; Pat Whitley; Howard Landy; Bob Cortese; Ron Ritchell; Ed Imm; Charles Bargamian; Vin Buscemi; Merrill Whiting. This job takes concentration. WECB, " The Big and Brilliant Sound in the Back Bay,” is the commercial radio station at Emerson. WECB broad- casts on a low-frequency power and by closed-circuit to Emerson and two neighboring colleges. The student run station is maintained by both day and night students, giving them experience for the future in the departments of com- mercial radio — with its present day programming. The WECB listener hears a peppy wake-up show, a day of commercialized music, the present popular tunes, jazz, and lush music with study in mind. News just keeps rolling in. " Believe me, WECB is on its way up !” LITERARY PUBLICATIONS THE BERKELEY BEACON The Berkeley Beacon, Emerson’s news- paper, is published by and lor the stu- dents of the college. This year under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Steve Young the paper has been revised in order to better serve its readers. Covering such activities as debate, theatre arts produc- tions, and the Southwick recital series, the Berkeley Beacon keeps the student in touch with what is happening around the college. The Berkeley Beacon provides a valu- able service to the Emerson student who eagerly awaits each issue. Front Row ; Steve Young (Editor); Brenda C. Johnson; Jay Razin. Row Two: Steve Hal- pert; Gail Brosk; Alexandra Russell; Hal Platzker; Judi Weiss; Dan Sapir. Row Three: Don Hasten; Janet Shiff; Sue Demond; Chris Lindsey. L „ % r i h J 1 ■ R ■ -Wr 1 oil Rou Joel Kramer; Nancy Sue Miller; Martha Bortone; Dick Goldstein, (Editor). Rou Two: L t M well; Helen Kapsalis. Row Three: Don Hasten; Penny Mason; Maddi Belitz Gayle Philipson; Shirley Jordan; Jerry Burman. SCRIBE Scribe is the Literary Quarterly of Em- erson College. It is a creative effort of the undergraduate student body with the guidance and advice of the English De- partment. It features prose and poetry material submitted by the students, fac- ulty, and occasionally, guest authors. Each year Scribe gives an award for the most outstanding literary achievement on the part of an Emerson student. 82 SINGING CHOIR Front Row: Ann Power; Jerry Burman; Ellana Litch (Secretary-Treasurer); Walter Behringer (President) ; Dan Sapir (Librarian); Stephanie Kahn; Eileen O’Donnell; Pris- cilla Towers. Row Two: Frank Sansone; Jill Koenigsberg; Jane Reger; Marilyn Frank; Carole Lavendier; Kathie Berlin; Phyllis Scherr; Arlyne Garrity; Faith Musto. Row Three: Rett Rich; John Welch; Jim Deaderick; Ronny Papile; Richard Bartlett; Ed Hale; Tony Primo; Mark State; Walter Meyer; Robert Davidson. The forty member singing choir had a very am- bitious program this year. Along with singing at each Chapel service, the choir successfully presented selections from Handel’s " Messiah” and Christmas folk songs at the Emerson Christmas Convocation. During the second semester, the choir sang Faure’s " Requiem” with the Stonehill College choir and pre- sented the composition both at Emerson and Stonehill. The outstanding talent, co-operation and spirit of its members make this year’s choir one of the finest as well as the largest in Emerson’s history. SPEECH CHORIC SPEECH Front Row: Pat Griffin; Pat Kelly; Penny Mason; Leslie Maxwell; Mrs. Mitchell, Director; Bob Lonergan; Adele Newman; Holly Pataki; Jackelyn Schmerin. Ron Two: Mark State; Pat Griffin; Susan Abrams; Nancy Sue Miller; Paula Borkum; Meredith Shapiro; Pat Webster; Pat Valentino; Dartha Broderick; Adele Lerman; Sandy Goldstein; Young Hahn. Row Three : Tony Primo;- Linton Nelson; John Bertsch; Kevin Lordan; John Sferra; Frank Sansone. The Speech Choir under the direction of Mrs. M. J. Mitchell and Miss Edna Ward has experienced another successful year with a full schedule of en- gagements in and around the Boston area. The Choir performs such selections as " Daniel,” " Go Down, Death,” and " The Creation.” A special Christmas program features " Amahl " and " The Grinch that Stole Christmas.” Throughout the re- mainder of the season " Whither Bound,” an original composition by one of Mrs. Mitchell’s earlier pupils, and " The Music Man” are added to the choir’s repe- toire. DEPARTMENT DEBATE First Row: Ellen Southard (Secretary); Ian Lewis (Vice President ); Barbara Vescera (Treasurer). Second Row: Judi Weiss; Stu Rubinovitz; Haig DeMarderosian, Coach; Walter Page ( Student Assistant Coach); Miriam Ludmer. Third Row: Art Thibeault, Phil Joyce, Coach; Janet Schiff; Howard Zubick. The Forensic Association is a national organization designed to promote competetive speech activities among colleges and universities. The Emerson Coun- cil is primarily concerned with the organization of tournaments and other debate activities at the college. This includes a High School tournament, which leads on to the New Englands and various other events. Emerson College is one of the original members of the Greater Boston Forensic Association. In addition to the tournaments in the Boston area ,they also travel to various parts of New England to participate in their debate activities. Emerson has taken an active and successful part in these events and firmly believes that these debate experiences are both educational and worthwhile. FORENSIC COUNCIL Ian Lewis (Vice President); Ellen Southard (Secretary); Walter Page, Barbara Vescera (Treasurer); Missing: Pat Kelly, (President) 85 SPEECH PATHOLOGY Front Row: Frank Sansone; Flo Levins; Dorothy Litwin; Judi Boorky; Beverly Nelson; Barbara McNurney; Barbara Cohen; Margi Gutlon; Robert Cassidy. Row Tiro: Nancy Sue Miller; Meredith Shapiro; Maddi Belitz; Roberta Jacobs; Margi Yospin; Leslie Kates; Wendy Schaeffer; Linda Tonry; Brenda L. Johnson; Joan Morgan; Elaine Shapiro; Jay Razin. Row Three: Linton Nelson; Adele Lerman; Linda Pinsky; Regina Mullen; Hope Bender; Jan Adler; Lois Simmons; Ruth Littlefield; Marcia McCombe; Andrea Barison; Jane Seastrom; Penny Mason; Phoebe Yphantis; Carol Dower; Adele Newman; Janice Nierman; Maxyne Alexander. To separate Speech and Hearing is almost impossible, for one learns to speak by lis- tening to the speech of others. The Samuel Robbins Speech and Hearing Clinic is the training ground for those Emersonians interested in the field of Speech and Hearing. Here the student has the opportunity to observe and to work with children and adults handicapped by poor speech andlor hearing. The student may also " follow the child through " from the initial inter- view, to the diagnostic interview, to the medical and psychological examinations, and finally to actual therapy lessons. Students also have the chance to learn more at the Holy Ghost Hospital, the Woburn Public Schools, the Industrial School for Crippled Children, the Veterans Administration Out Patient Clinic, the Boston Dispensary and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital. 86 AND AUDIOLOGY Front Rote: Ruth Littlefield (Recording Secretary); Linton Nelson ( President ); Jay Razin (Vice President); Linda Tonry (Secretary). Rote Two: Beverly Nelson; Joan Perles; Ruth Kahn; Jane Seastrom; Felice Goldberg; Andrea Barison; Penny Mason; Joan Morgan. Rote Three: Wendy Schaefer; Nancy Sue Miller; Maddi Belitz; Barbara Cohen; Marcia McCombe; Joyce Montag. Sigma Alpha Eta is the national professional society for students in speech and hearing. The Emerson chapter is Beta Delta. Sigma is the only student’s national organization in this field in the country and the only student group that meets annually with the American Speech and Hearing Associa- tion in National Convention. The chief purpose of Sigma is to provide a medium for enriched professional and social experiences through co-curricular activities. This year, in addition to the regular program of guest speakers, panels and at joint meetings with the Beta Phi Chapter at B.U., the chapter was very fortunate in being able to be represented at the national convention of Sigma Alpha Eta and ASHA in Chicago in November. Two of the four delegates were able to attend through the inter- est and generosity of the Student Government Council. The chapter advisor is Dr. David Luterman, professor of Audiology. mm THEATRE ARTS The Department of Theatre Arts at Emerson is unique in that its goals are several and highly diversi- fied. The student may gear his curriculum toward ed- ucational theatre, theatre performance, directing, play- writing, or any phase of the technical aspects of theatre including lighting, costume and stage design. These areas, although taught in classrooms, are put into practice many times throughout the college year. The first major production of the year was " The Glass Menagerie " directed by Mr. Leo Nickole, chair- man of the department. The cast, production crew, and production designers were all students. Every method of theatrical presentation is explored in depth in order to afford each student an oppor- tunity to know and fully understand the theatre of yesterday and how it applies to today’s new and ex- perimental styles, i.e., readers’ theatre, arena theatre as exemplified in the production of " Valpone,” and formalistic productions such as " U.S.A., " with em- phasis on the script rather than on scenic and tech- nical elements. Through patient guidance and en- lightened growth, the student of the theatre is well prepared to meet any challenge the professional stage may present. The Emerson tradition of " Learning by Doing manifests itself to the highest refinement in the Department of Theatre Arts. " The Glass Menagerie” " U.S.A.” " Heidi” " Valpone” 88 DEPARTMENT " Please let the next call be mine " I ain’t goin’ wear no Brooks Brothers’ suit!” ' " Hello, hello there; Glad to meet you . . . ' " Good morning, Sue’s Answerphone " . . . Beethoven in Belmont Park . . . ” NEW ENGLAND MUTUAL HALL EMERSON COLLEGE - PRESENTS - MAY 11 12 13 THE BROADWAY SMASH HIT - EMERSON COLLEGE - 130 BEACON ST. BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Craig Worthing (Secretary); Jerry Burman ( Treasurer ); George Kreisberg; Ray McCoy (President); Mike Woodnick. The Athletic Association is the official agency which manages the activities of Emerson ' College sponsored sports, guided by Charles " Ted” Phillips, Athletic Director and his assistant Director, Carl " Pete” Eastman. Under the auspices of the A. A. are the Wrestling, Baseball, and Basketball teams, controlled and man- aged by students. It is the hope of the A. A., that there will be an expansion and growth of the organization within the near future. More and more the college is witnessing the competition of Emerson sports against larger col- leges and universities. BASKETBALL , . ve got a chance?’ .■Youthmkv eNeg . Ok, boys thi ,n a b as Lr hlS Is opposed to Front Row: Bob Sargisson; Tony Goldman; Rett Rich; Ron Bain. Row Two: Ed Hale; Paul Bissonette (Co-captain); Mike Woodnick (Co-captain); Denny Becker. Emerson vs. Mass. Art 1961 Championship 91 WRESTLING Front Row: Brian Mackes; Arnold Kroniet; Ray McCoy; Joe Huff; Vin Buscemi; Bob Lopez-Cepero. Row Two: Warren Rhodes; Craig Worthing; Ed Imm; Steve Kasden; Charlie Bar- gamian; Carl Buck; George Kreisberg; Mr. DerMarderosian. " Need some help?” " Well, you said you wanted to wrestle . . . ” BASEBALL Front Row: Rett Rich; Craig Worthing; Paul Bissonette ( Cap- tain . Ron Bain; Denny Becker; Mike Wein. Rou Two: Vic Nunes; Steve Ruzcnsky; Mike Woodnick; Dick Gauthier; Charlie Bargamian; Tony Goldman; Steve Kasten; Glenn Laxton. GIRL ' S ATHLETIC LEAGUE Florence Levins (Secretary); Linda Dane ( President ); Penny Sharpe (Vice President). Missing: Kathy Gough (Treasurer). The Girl’s Athletic League, an organization affording the female students of Emerson College an opportunity to par- ticipate in athletic endeavors, has completed its second year of activities. During the fall season the GAL basketball team practiced diligently in preparation for games played against the Army Wacs and the Boy’s Athletic Association of Emerson. During the spring months bowling and soft- ball were the two main activities on the agenda. GAL members have had a very rewarding year. Those svho participated in the athletic events improved their skills and increased their interests in the sports. GAL hopes that next year more girls will take advantage of the oppor- tunities that GAL offers and in that way make for a bigger and better season. Front Row: Ann Power; Linda Dane (Co-captain); Penny Sharp (Co-captain); Susan Herman. Row Two: Diane Bachman; Mi- chelle Stone; Amy Forziati; Miriam Ludmer; Carole Kritz; Julie Mount. CHEERLEADERS Liz DeSarno; Sue Aversa; Joan Alinkoff; Maddi Belitz (Co- captain); Roberta Jacobs (Co-captain); Anita Martin; Paula Bor- kim; Jo Alofsin. 93 PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Fro? ? Row; Julie Mount; Linton Nelson (Vice President); Helen Kapsalis (Secretary); Frank Sansone t President); Meredith Shapiro (Treasurer ) ; Bar- bara Vescera; Karin Rothenberg; Deena Sharp. Row Two: Nancy Sue Miller; Carol Ardito; Paula Borkum; Cathy Landt; Sue Arenson; Nancy Bell; Carole Lavendier; Myrna Beresner; Leslie Maxwell; Carole Raddock; Miriam Lud- mer; Marjorie Cole. Rote Three: Carol Auerback; Gayle Philpson; Margi Gutlon; Pat Whitney; David Turner; Charles Derkazarian; Janet Ehrlich; Penny Mason; Maddi Behtz; Sue Miller. The Psychology Club has made great headway since it was first started three years ago. Its recognized mem- bership now makes it one of Emerson’s largest organi- zations. In addition to the guest speakers, who lecture to the club on various topics pertaining to the realms of the organization, the Club has included in their program the organization of a chess club, and student participation in various psychological experiments. S.T.E.A.M. STEAM -Student Teachers Educational Associa- tif n of Massachusetts. This year STEAM has tripled its membership The programs presented at the monthly meetings coordinated Education with the major fields of interest at Emerson: speech, speech therapy, broadcasting, and theater. 94 Front Row: Joan Morgan (Secretary) ; fudi Weiss ( President ); Sue Arkin (Vice President ). Ron Two: jerry Burman; Karin Rothenberg; Gayle Philipson; Joanne Kolodney; Barbara Miller; Janet Draghetti; Diane Bachman; Janet Toplitz; Leonard Riendeau. Ron Three: Hari Datta; Alan Marsty; John Welch. Audiology Institute Graduation EVENING DIVISION i The Emerson Evening Division at Emerson College is the specific business of the Evening Division Advisory Committee which is composed of Emerson administrators, heads of departments, and the director of the Evening Division. In this connection, it is appropriate to state the educational philosophy of the Evening Division: So That All May Learn ! In order to implement this philosophy it is the complex task of the Evening Division to provide for the needs of individual students of differing abilities, interests, backgrounds and goals. Hence the Evening Division curriculum is of necessity re-studied and revised every term. Emerson’s sincere interest in a practical and stimulating approach to the field of continuing education, has led to the development of such dynamic new offerings as: Technical Writing Institute, Management Communication Institute, Parliamentary Prac- tice Institute, and Audiological Institute. Consonant with the philosophy so that all may learn, Emerson Evening Division offerings currently range from Elements of Acting to Seminars in Psychology. One year Broadcasting program Certificate Ceremony 95 SUMMER SESSION Mr. John Zorn Director of Summer Session The annual summer session from early July to mid- August offers concentrated study in areas of profes- sional specialization and in related fields on graduate, undergraduate and high school levels. The Emerson Summer Session is one of the oldest summer study institutions in the nation. Summer term courses were offered at Emerson as early as 1889. In 1941, the summer session at Emerson was the first fully accrediated New England college to offer a specially designed course for high school students (no college credit, just experience). The Emerson Summer Session offers small classes and individual attention for student growth. Gradu- ate and undergraduate students in the summer term are most enthusiastic about their educational experi- ence which is characterized as pleasant and profitable. Future theatre majors 96 " Behavorism . . . ” OUR STAFF Co-Editors Assistant Editors Business Managers Literary Editor Literary Staff Art Staff Typists Ellana Litch and Jane Seastrom Elaine Shapiro and Michael Wein Adele Newman and Ray McCoy Steve Young Janet Toplitz, Margi Yospin, Blaine Townsend, Gayle Philipson, Bob Lonegran, Judi Weiss, Ginger Silverman, Paul Bissonnette, Fran Borsuk, and Barbara McNurney John Franzenberg, Ed Titus Joanne Koldney and Linda Rosenberg to reflect.. 101 . . . and recall our four years here ♦ L 102 Correction does WORDS V like a savings bond- it takes a c oup ' e of ye ars College is A pe nn „! VS Ott- w . 0 H P ays ,v- aft N- OF blan s e ' Iso % t V St ' vbl e ’ lcvst .Ac biP ' - ' ,ce v taS feeSf ■ " ' ■ « of , 3St friend. ■ WISDOM before 103 CONGRATULATIONS mmw ® i ' f wsm mm Co-operation — From Symposium to Student FRANK E. SANSONE, JR ce President RAYMOND McCOY GAYLE PHILIPSON MICHAEL WEIN LINTON NELSON entor ALBERT VALLETTA RICHARD GAUTHIER amove President of Presbman Class ROBERT LOPEZ-CEPERO 104 § S | § § § § s TO THE CLASS OF 1962 : CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WASHES May all your future endeavors be successful. Sincerely, THE CLASS OF 1963 4 § § § § § § § § § AL VALLETTA WALTER BEHRINGER SUSAN AVERSA PATRICIA MASON CLASS OFFICERS Preside tit V ice-President Secretary T reasurer § ! EVERETT RICH Education is an ornament in prosperity adversity.’ Aristotle CAROLE KRITZ BARBARA MILLER 106 § § § § § BEST WISHES from THE CLASS OF 1965 ROBERT LOPEZ-CEPERO President TAFFY CARPENTER Vice-President GAIL BROSK Secretary NORMAN JACQUES T reasurer § f § § § $ § § § § § § § 107 KAPPA GAMMA CHI Remember this also and be well persuaded of its truth; the future is not in the hands of Fate but in ours.’’ -Jules Jusserand § § § § ! § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § ! § § § § § § PHI ALPHA TAU 108 ZETA PHI ETA ' -OY. s § f I § § Let fame and fortune be seconday considerations in relation to the more prominent ideals of health and happiness! § § § § § § § § § § § RHO DELTA OMEGA BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1962 THE INTER-FAITH COUNCIL HILLEL STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION NEWMAN CLUB § § § I § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § I § BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1962 from § EMERSON HALL " 100 Beaton” § § § § 110 CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF fr 62’ from EMERSON COLLEGE HILLEL OFFICERS MICKEY WHEELER ADELE LERMAN FLO LEVINS LINDA DANE HOWARD LANDY RABBI SAMUEL PEARLMAN President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary T reasurer Advisor BEST WISHES BEST WASHES from to the Class of 1962 STUDENT CHRISTIAN NEWMAN CLUB ASSOCIATION § § § I § § $ § § § § § § § § § 111 WRESTLING - 9 " - 5 ' - 5 1 ' - v ) . X BASKETBALL BASEBALL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION (Yours in Better Sports) President T reasurer Secretary RAY McCOY JEROME BERMAN CRAIG WORTHING G. A. L. BEST WISHES send best wishes to the from Class of 1962 “THE LOCKER ROOM” President LINDA DANE Vice-President PENNY SHARP C. Bargamian H. Landy Secretary FLO LEVINS M. Baron J Lingley T reasurer KATHY GOUGH V. Buscemi H. Marderosian J. Burman A. Marston GOAL: J. Catanzaro R. McCoy P. Dahi 11 B. O’Keefe To help Emerson build a gym. R. Davidson S. Ruzensky AIMS: P. Eastman R. Sharpe J. Franzenburg P. Whitcher Enjoyment Sportsmanship R. Gatti J. White Loyalty Sisterhood R. Gauther C. Worthing Friendship J. Huff S. Kasden I. Botticeli f § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § $ 112 TO THE CLASS OF 1962 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES from the SINGING CHOIR ROBERT PETTIT WALTER BEHRINGER ELLANA LITCH CLAIRE CARPENTER DAN SAPIR Director President Secretary-T reasurer s § § § § § Libr ' artans % h h h S S f § § f § § BEST WISHES EMERSON COLLEGE to the BOOKSTORE Class of 1962 from S.T.E.A.M. GOOD LUCK TO THE Class of 1962 JUDI WEISS President MAY YOUR CHILDREN SUSAN ARKIN Vice President ANNE EPSTEIN T reasurer BE OUR CUSTOMERS JOAN MORGAN Secretary DR. C. C. BENDER Advisor 113 $ I I t $ i I § § $ 4 WITH BEST WISHES BEST WISHES to the to the Class of 1962 Class of 1962 PHI MU GAMMA ALPHA PI THETA I I CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES THE CHORIC SPEECH CHOIR ROBERT LONERGAN A DELE NEWMAN LESLIE MAXWELL PENNY MASON President Vice President Secretary T reasurer 114 115 la ft THE REDISCOVERY OF THE ART OF THE THEATRE THROUGH RESEARCH AND EXPERIMENTATION BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1962 FROM The Department of Theatre Arts CONGRATULATIONS THE PSYCHOLOGY CLUB EMERSON COLLEGE Educational Tutoring Workshop — Homework away from Home President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary FRANK SANSONE, JR, LINTON NELSON BARBARA VECERRA MEREDITH SHAPIRO 117 a. STUDENT DIRECTORY Abrams Mrs Judith B . SO The Fenway. Boston Massachusetts A a ' David, -t 1 Fairhaven Avenue. Alexandria. Virginia Adams Jeremv 5 . 59 Warwick Drive . Westwood, Massachusetts Adess. Billie C . si Alberta Road. Chestnut Hill 67, Massachusetts Adler Janet R . 10S tth DiLido Terrace. Miami Beach. Florida Adler. Sandra F . 10-1 Van Arsdale Place, Teaneck, New Jersey ALorn. Clvde , Beverly Hospital. Beverly. Massachusetts Alexander. Mrs Maxine L . 1 i S 2 Beacon Street. Brookline, Massachusetts Ahnkott. Claire J . t i Pierce Street. Kingston. Pennsylvania A en. George B " i Botolph Street. North Quincy 71. Massachusetts ! 7 Bar; . I Road Scarsdale. New York Alperen. Selma H 21 ' College Street. Lewiston. Maine n. Daniel A . 3 i Solon Street. Newton 61, Massachusetts Andcrv n. Ion R McGraw-Hill House, 95 Farringdon Street. London EC a. England Ange Peter 1.15 Lincoln Avenue. Wollaston 70, Massachusetts Ansm. Ruth L . 25 Eastern Avenue, Lynn. Massachusetts Ardito. Carol A . 31 Millis Street. Hamden 1 1, Connecticut Arens n. Susan I . ' Mountain Farms Road. West Hartford 7. Connecticut Arkin. Susan B , 54 Quincy Avenue. Winthrop 52. Massachusetts r Margery S 657 Fast 26 Street, Brooklyn 10. New York Mr. Mahmoud A.. P.O. Box tso. Amman, Jordan Auerbach. Carol J . 2 Nancy Road, Milford, Massachusetts Auerbach. Mrs Jov P . 69 Highland Street, Hvde Park 36, Massachusetts Austin, Mrs. Myrna L 80 Huntington Avenue. Boston, Massachusetts Averell Richard P 5 22 Crestmont Avenue. Verona, Pennsylvania Avers.;. 8 u san F . 445 West 240 Street. Riverdale 63, New York A re P nt ;• M 26 King ' s Bridge Road. St. John ' s. Newfoundland. Canada Bachman. Diane G . 18284 Birchcrest. Detroit 21. Michigan Bain. Ronald E 68 Scotland Street. Hingham, Massachusetts Balbier. Carol E.. 7 3 Loomis Drive. West Hartford 7, Connecticut Balicer. Felicia M . 690 Rogers Avenue. Brooklyn 26, New York E3.i I tin. Bruce F . 20“ South First Avenue, Highland Park. New Jersey J3anks. Charles K . 74 Main Street. Salem, New Hampshire B; rg; ian ( harles A., 31 Hollywood Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island Barison. Andrea I.. 927 Commonwealth Drive. Teaneck, New Jersey Baron. Marjorie. 896 Cooke Street. Waterbury. Connecticut Bart San : : l G 25 Central Park West, New York. New York Bartlett. Ri.hard A . 199 Andover Street. Georgetown. Massachusetts Barton. Jerome D , 5 Ascot Way. Clark. New Jersey Bass. Karen L.. 62 Phillips Avenue, Deal. New ' Jersey Bassman. Bruce D.. 9 ' tan Oval New York 62. New York Batson. Susan A . 160 Ruthven Street, Dorchester 21, Massachusetts Beach. Linda I . 25 Audrey Road. Belmont 78. Massachusetts Beaton. Cameron Mad. R F D — 1. Box 94. Kingston. New York Beck. Judith A . 32 Winter Street. Marlboro, Massachusetts Becker. Rodney D 513 Chestnut Street. West Reading. Pennsylvania Behringer. Walter J.. Jr.. 751 Balsam Way, L ' nyin, New Jersey B( fiore Anthonv P 19 10 Haring Street. Brooklyn 29. New ' York Belitz. Madeline, 100 North 12 Street, New Hyde Park, Long Island, New York Bell Nancy A . 8 Columbus Circle. East Chester, New York Bellsey. Leslie B 179 Charles Street. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Bender. Hope J . 262 Freeman Parkway. Prov idence 6. Rhode Island Beresner Myrna I. Andrew Lane. Orange. Connecticut Berkowitz Ellen M . I 52 Leslie Street, Hillside 5, New Jersey Berlin. Kathie J 217 Brooke Drive. Hampton. Virginia Bernstein Dorothy A 10 North 7 Avenue, Highland Park. New Jersey Berts, h. John P . 1101 Race Street. Dubuque, Iowa Bin ler. Mr Wilfgang. Esslingen am Neckar. Schlosswiesenweg 34, West Germany B ss mnette Conrad P . 61 Jewett Street. Manchester, New Hampshire B . Maxene J 195 Newton Avenue, Port Chester, New York h .ml Helen R . 65 Somerset Road Brookline 16. Massachusetts ■ 1 1 " I 37 Woodchester Drive. Chestnut Hill 67. Massachusetts B m Nancy R.. 94 East Walnut Street, Kingston, Pennsylvania B1 .berg, Stephen E .1600 Alsace Road. Reading. Pennsylvania B ' bola Susan J 15 I.inda Avenue. Willimansett. Massachusetts Bollag, Anne L . 2 4 4 Fieldstone Terrace, Riverdale, New York ( irol A 361 1 Henry Hudson Parkway, New York 63. New York Boorkv Judith D . 69 Vassar Street. Worcester. Massachusetts B rk jrr Paula M . 159 Ward Street, Newton 59. Massachusetts Bor • France; R 52 3 West Beach Street, Long Beach, New York F. •rt ' .ne Martha M 18 I.ovel I Road, Watertown 72. Massachusetts Bra -m an. Nancy J 63 Broken Tree Road. Newton 59. Massachusetts Brauer. Rober F., 1927 Oakwood Parkway. Union, New Jersey Bra n. Karen F 20 Arbor Road. Lowell, Massachusetts bert I 1 6 Kensington Drive JRR 3 ), Princeton, Indiana Brewer J hth M 66 Silas Street Springfield 9. Massachusetts Brcssman Joan B 34 Amherst Road, Albertson, New York Brienzo, Dennis M , Churchill Shores, Lakeville. Massachusetts Brill, Alan C.. 2130 Broadway, New York 23, New York Brock, Keith N.. 23 Whitin Avenue, Whitinsviile, Massachusetts Broderick, Dartha A., 1 14 West Street, Milford, Massachusetts Bromberg, Paula N., 18 Burlington Street, Providence 6, Rhode Island Brosk, Gail J.. 150 East 69 Street, New York 21, New York Brown, Carolyn L., 15 Coburn Road, Manchester, Connecticut Buck, Carl H , 144 Pendleton, New Haven, Connecticut Buffington, Sidney L.. 1014 Meridian Street, Fall River, Massachusetts Buglio, Anthony A., 139 Rankin Avenue, Providence 8, Rhode Island Burke, Michael B., 1677 Post Road, Westport, Connecticut Burman, Jerome P., 60 Stratton Street, Dorchester 24, Massachusetts Burney .Ross F., 1999 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton 35, Massachusetts Buscemi, Vincent J.. 7 Espie Avenue, Maynard, Massachusetts Byrnes, John H , 326 Prospect Street, Stoughton, Massachusetts Cahill, Maureen J.. 31 Lexington Street, West Newton 65, Massachusetts Camerano, Enie Ann, 35 Phipps Lane. 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Box 918, Binghamton, New York Isacowitz, Stuart J., 138 Beach 149 Street, Neponsit 94, New York Isquith, Sharon L., 65 Meado y Lane, New Rochelle, New York Jacobs, Roberta G., 61 6 Ogden Avenue, West Englewood, New Jersey Jacques, Norman J., 184 Mineral Spring Avenue, Pawtucket, Rhode Island Jaffe, Suzanne J., 2248 Concord Road, Scotch Plains, New Jersey Javor, George G., 31 Lincoln Avenue, Highland Park, New Jersey Jenkin, Fred A., 1750 Ocean Parwkay, Brooklyn 35, New York Johnson, Brenda C., 18 Tyler Avenue, West Medford 56, Massachusetts Johnson, Brenda L., 25 Meridian Street, Melrose 76, Massachusetts Jordan, Shirley L , 105 Franklin Street, Watertown 72, Massachusetts Kades, Linda R , 1635 Emerson Street, Beloit, Wisconsin Kahans, Linda G., 6 Flower Road, Valley Stream, New York Kahn, Mrs. Ruth H , c o Mrs. R. C. Smith, Lincoln Lan e, Sudbury, Massachusetts Kahn, Stephanie J., 27 Woodhall Street, Lido Beach, New York Kalina, Richard, 44 Columbia Road, Rockville Centre, New York Kalman, Kay, 22-52 93 Street, New York 69, New York Kamens, Linda, 6324 Bandera, Dallas 25, Texas Karnens, Roberta A., 187 Colonial Parkway, North, Yonkers, New York Kane, Alice, 14 DeHart Road, Maplewood, New Jersey Kane, Charles S., 63 Valley View Avenue, Summit, New Jersey Kaplan, Susan L , 835 Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken, New Jersey Kappstatter, Roberta S., 39 Glenview Drive, Springfield, New Jersey Kapsalis, Helen C., 72 Mountain Avenue, Bayville, Long Island, New York Karp, Elaine G., 128 Harris Street, Revere 51, Massachusetts Kasden, Stephen D , 205 Bennett, Fairfield 4, Connecticut Kasten, Donald A., 85-11 Palo Alto Street, Hollis 23, New York Kates, Joan B., 29 Decker Avenue, Elizabeth 3, Ne v Jersey Kates, Mrs. Leslie V., 40A Harvard Avenue, Brookline, Massachusetts Katz, Sandra, 610-16 Street, Miami Beach 39, Florida Kavich, Lawrence I., 1607 North Broad, Fremont, Nebraska Kaye, Anne S., 63 Catalina Drive, Springfield, Massachusetts Keefe, Jacqueline C., 216 Hillside Avenue, Waterbury, Connecticut Kelly, Patricia L., 1 Highland Terrace, Malden 48, Massachusetts Kendell, Harriet D., 674 Washington Street, Brookline 46, Massachusetts Kenney, Virginia A., 17 Rich Road, Woburn, Massachusetts Kern, Mrs. Maxine B., 2A Winchester Terrace, Winchester, Massachusetts Kernis, Joan M., 329 Edward Avenue, Woodmere, Long Island, New York Khedouri, Eileen R., 25 Sutton Place South, New York, New York Kidd, Mrs. Virgiina E., 77 Elsie Road, Brockton, Massachusetts Killeen, Ellen, 112 Chestnut Street, North Reading, Massachusetts Klausner. Patti F., 63-49 77 Place, Middle Village 79, New York Klein, Alberta T., 14 Vanad Drive, Rosyln, New York Kleinman, Brenda J., 3618 Green Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Kligman, Roberta, 18 Sumner Street, Revere 51, Massachusetts Klin, Peter P., 17 Coes Street, Worcester 3, Massachusetts Koenigsberg, Jill D., 114 Lyons Avenue, Newark 12, New Jersey Kogos, Nancy P , 77 Maple Drive, Great Neck, New York Koller, John D., 9 Martin Road, Wellesley 81, Massachusetts Kommel, Robin R., 1271 97 Street, Miami Beach 54, Florida 119 STUDENT DIRECTORY Konesh. Linda D . 128 East 32 Street. Paterson 4. New Jersey K dney. Joanne S . 15S4 Stanley Street. New Britain. Connecticut K .-- : n R 10 Westfield Avenue. Bridgeport 6, Connecticut Kra ■ ' i M . 922 Bronx Park South. Bronx 60. New York Kvasmcka. Jerry W . Jr.. 190 " Berkeley Avenue. Petersburg. Virginia Kre ' here. George K . 30 North Long Beach Avenue, Freeport. New Y ' ork Kritz. Carole T . S2-09 190 Street. Jamaica Estates. New York 23, New York Kronick. Arnold P . 16 " Adley Road. Fairfield. Connecticut Laakko. Randall E . 48 Quincv Street. Cambridge 38. Massachusetts Laden. Bonnie S . 2933 Sheridan Road. Chicago 14, Illinois Landt. Linda A . Route — 1. Pound Ridge, New York Land’. . Howard B , 1534 Selwyn Avenue, Bronx 57, New York Lane. David M , Route 19. Wyoming, New York Lavendier. Carole E , 232 Cottage Street, Pawtucket. Rhode Island Laxton. Glenn V . 7 Cormier Road, Lincoln, Rhode Island Lear, Merle. 614 Bailey Avenue. Elizabeth 3, New Jersey Lean , Pamlea E , Oneida Drive. Indian Harbor, Greenwich, Connecticut Leonard. Madeline R.. 424 Beach 136 Street. Belle Harbor 91. New York Lepolstat. Hedda J.. 38 " Cochran Place, Valley Stream, New Y ' ork Lerman. Adele H.. 31 Kenwood Avenue, Newton Centre 59, Massachusetts Levenson. Susan J.. 40 Allen Circle, Milton 87, Massachusetts Levins. Florence R.. 87 West North Street, Manchester, New Hampshire Levinson, Jam ' s B., 10081 West Bay Harbor Drive, Miami 54, Florida Lew. Michael B . 215 Somerset Drive, Hewlett, New York Levy, Sandra R , 43 Rotch Street. New Bedford, Massachusetts Lewis. Ian W . 16 Bond Street. Claremont. New Hampshire Lewis. Richard J„ 7 Well Avenue, Danbury, Connecticut Lindsav, Christopher G . Stage Road, South Deerfield, Massachusetts Linglev, John R . Jr . 19 Greenfield Street, Brockton, Massachusetts Litch. Ellana R . 553 Prospect Street, Westfield, New Jersey Littlefield, Ruth M , Bethany Woods, Bethany 15, Connecticut Litwin, Dorothy L . 6 1 9 Sagamore Avenue, Teaneck, New Jersey Livingston. Barbara. 120 Dwight Street, New Haven 11, Connecticut Lombardo. Samuel A.. 296 Prospect Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts Lonergan. Robert J.. R.F.D 1, Box 320, Old Plains Road, Willimantic, Connecticut Long. David A.. Juniper Ridge, Danbury, Connecticut Lopez-Cepero. Louis J.. 25 Birchwood Circle, Fairfield, Connecticut Lopez-Cepero. Robert M.. 25 Birchwood Circle, Fairfield. Connecticut Lordan. Kevin D 75 Benton Road. Somerville 43, Massachusetts Lubin. Harold R.. 170 Stratford Drive North, Rosyln Heights, Long Island, New Y ' ork Ludmer. Miriam R . 105-10 65 Avenue, Forest Hills 75, New York Lyons. Cecilia M., 566 Auburn Street, Auburndale 66, Massachusetts MacKenzie, Donald W . 431 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts Mackes. Brian L . 918 Norwood Street, Easton, Pennsylvania Magnarella, Joann. 145 Plaza Avenue. Waterbury 10, Connecticut Mahoney. Maureen A . 154 Lowell Street. Somerville 43, Massachusetts Mallalieu. Patricia A., 2965 Hillcrest Road, Schenectady 9, New York Mangen, Myrna L . 10 Fountain Terrace. New Haven, Connecticut Marcus, Ilene D., 499 Albermarle Road, Cedarhurst, New York Margolis. Miss Jo, 94 Main Street, Newton, New Jersey Mariano, Donald R . 561 South Main Street, Naugatuck, Connecticut Marks. Ellen T 28 Moody Street, Chestnut Hill 67, Massachusetts Marshall, Elizabeth, 1017 The Parkway, Mamaroneck, New York Marston. Alan D Glenhaven Circle, Saco, Maine Martin, Anita B . 139-15 Newport Avenue, Belle Harbor 94, New York Martinez, Armando, 200 Courtney Avenue. Pawtucket, Rhode Island Martinez. Jose. 200 Courtney Avenue. Pawtucket, Rhode Island Mason, Patricia I. . 564 North Main Street, Leominster, Massachusetts Master, Arlene H 136 North Seventh Avenue, Highland Park, New Jersey Maxwell. Leslie L Litchfield, Maine Mazoh, Lois D 2214 Crest Road, Baltimore, Maryland McCarthy. Gerard L., 23 Samoset Road, Dedham. Massachusetts McClure. Christopher. 71 School Street, Melrose 76. Massachusetts M ' Combe Marcia E 123 Northwest Road Storrs, Connecticut McCoombe Althea S . 362 Waban Avenue, Waban 68. Massachusetts M Coy Raymond J 103 Chadwick Street. Haverhill. Massachusetts McDermott. P Michael. 4804 River Basin South, Jacksonville 7, Florida McDonald Celeste A 236 Webster Street. East Boston 28, Massachusetts McEIroy, Suzanne A 45 Francis Street, Needham 92. Massachusetts McGee, William J 13 ' Fremont Street, Marlborough. Massachusetts M Nab Jean A 733 Landing Road North Rochester 25. New York M Nurnev Barbara H 1 Otter Crescent. Toronto 12. Ontario, Canada Me a ier Randall W 151 Main Street. Fryeburg. Maine Mello Edward C 204 Beacon Street, Boston Massachusetts Messina V - tor J . 186 Walnut Avenue. Bogota, New Jersey - W 5 Gatewood Drive Hauppauge, Long Island, New York M ' r Barbara M 211 Harrison Street Passaic, New Jersey Miller, Karen A., .3483 Chase Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida Miller, Nancy S., 8703 Avenue L, Brooklyn 36, New Y ' ork Miller, Susan M., 4 Dartmouth Road, West Orange, New Jersey Milwe, Marjorie, 31 Marine Avenue, Westport, Connecticut Missel, Roberta D , 1411 Quincy Shore Blvd., Quincy 69, Massachusetts Mongiovi, Arnita L., 11 South Hancock Street, Revere 51, Massachusetts Montag, Joyce, 2 Hackfield Road, Worcester, Massachusetts Morawiec, Nancy-Lou G., 69 Enfield Street, Pawtucket, Rhode Island Morgan, Joan E., 21 Lothrop Street, Beverly, Massachusetts Morrison, Marlene E., 76 Wood Road, Lincoln, Rhode Island Moss, Mrs. Rita K , 123 Oriental Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey Mount, Julia A., 1 18 Hunter Avenue, Trenton, New Jersey Mullen, Regina E , 63 Union Street, Watertown 72, Massachusetts Murphy, Jerome E., 23 Whittlesey Street, New London, Connecticut Musone, Frank P., 18 University Drive, Fairfield, Connecticut Musto, Faith A., 75 Trenton Street, East Boston 28, Massachusetts Myerberg, Elizabeth A., Caves Road, Owings Mills, Maryland Myers, Dale Glenda, 431 East San Marino Drive, Miami Beach, Florida Nach, Michael I , 11-06 Charles Street, Fair Lawn, New Jersey Neely, Thomas C., 29 Longview Drive, Whippany, New Jersey Neil, Gilbert G , 8 Intervale Street, Roxbury 21, Massachusetts Nellos, George T,, 4 Diakoy Street, Pyrgos, Greece Nelson, Beverly A., R.F.D. 2, Newtown, Connecticut Nelson, Linton A., 1422 East 80 Street, Cleveland 3, Ohio Newberger, Judy, 77 Kerrigan Street, Long Beach, New Y ' ork Newman, Adele S., 115 Walnut Street, Malden 48, Massachusetts Newman, Hedy, 62 Stuart Road, Newton 59, Massachusetts Nicholson, John B., 1 Lakeview Avenue, Winchester, Massachusetts Nickerson, George T., 43 Johnson Heights, Waterville, Maine Nierman, Janice, 1 4 1 Ormond Street, Mattapan 26, Massachusetts Novisky, Philip J., 52 Green Street, Athol, Massachusetts Nunes, Victor T., 540 Adelphi Street, East Meadows, Long Island, New Y ' ork Ocha, Mrs. Ofelia H , 56 Kingsbury Street, Needham 92, Massachusetts O ' Donnell, Eileen A., 12 Farm Lane, Eatontown, New Jersey O ' Donnell, Melinda A., West Sand Lake, New York O ' Keefe, Bernard M., Colgate Drive, North Andover, Massachusetts Olszewski, Robert J., Main Street, Housatonic, Massachusetts O’Mara, Francis L., 67 Church Street, Gardiner, Maine Oropallo, Rosalie A., 114 Stoddard Road, Waterbury, Connecticut Ostrow, Jane P., 51 Lefferts Avenue, Brooklyn 25, New York Ouellette, Rose-Marie, 384 Rindge Avenue, Cambridge 40, Massachusetts Page, Walter P , Water Street, Meredith, New Hampshire Palmer, Ann F., 816 Crescent Drive, Parkersburg, West Virginia Palmer, Christine A., 105 West Neck Road, Huntington, New York Papile, Ronald F., 6 Mt. Pleasant Street, Winchester, Massachusetts Pareta, Carol A., 85 Alexander Street, Bristol, Connecticut Paris, Deanne R., 425 Beach 133 Street, Belle Harbor 94, New York Pastolove, Jeffrey H , 25 Clinton Lane, Jericho, New Y ' ork Pataki, M. Holly, Wiberly Avenue, Peekskill, New York Paulnock, Daniel M., 216 Catawissa Avenue, Sunbury, Pennsylvania Pearlman, Mrs. Priscilla A., 24 Creston Way, Providence 6, Rhode Island Pearson, Thomas J , 81 Pleasant Street, Methuen, Massachusetts Perel, Arlyn Sue, 108 West Hillcrest Avenue, Richmond 26, Virginia Perles, Joan M., 453 F. D. R Drive, New York 2, New Y ' ork Pevzner, Michael, 784 Columbus Avenue, New York 25, New York Philipson, Gayle M., 227 Lawrence Street, Mt. Vernon, New York Philipson, Zandra L., 227 Lawrence Street, Mt. Vernon, New York Picone, Paul A , 43 Temple Street, Arlington 74, Virginia Pinsky, Linda L., 199 Euclid Avenue , Waterbury, Connecticut Pirri, John J., 4 Willis Avenue, Endicott, New York Pirylis, Michael A., 76 Highland Avenue, Whippany, New Jersey Platzker, Harold L , 785 West End Avenue, New York 25, New York Ploener, Francis K., 16A Thomas Drive, Monroe Park Apartments, Wilmington 6, Delaware Poleshuck, Judith A., 468 Redmond Road, South Orange, New Jersey Pollock, Judy F., 50 Fairview Avenue, 3A, Norwalk, Connecticut Ponderoso, Louis M., 177 Broadway, Everett 49, Massachusetts Power, Ann T., Bullard Lane, Millis, Massachusetts Primo, Anthony C, 16 Putnam Road, Somerville 45, Massachusetts Prost, Naomi L., 51 Sevinor Road, Marblehead, Massachusetts Prue, Langdon J , 1216 West Fifth Street, Lorain, Ohio Pulsifer, Walter Hall III, 521 Washington Street, Abington, Massachusetts Quinn, Ann E., 13 Division Street, Beacon Falls, Connecticut Rabiner, Barbara J., 184-44 Midland Parkway, Jamaica 32, New York Rabstein, Jeanne, 412 Carroll Parkway, Frederick, Maryland Raddock, Carole J., 430 Claflin Avenue, Mamaroneck, New York Raines, Robin S., 25 Nassau Drive, Great Neck, New Y ' ork Ransom, Leah M., East Hartland, Connecticut 120 STUDENT DIRECTORY Ray, Harold L., 74 Hood Avenue, Rumford, Rhode Island Razin, Jay B., 626 Chandler Street, Tewksbury, Massachusetts Reardin, John W., Jr., 24 Village Road, Sea Girt, New Jersey Regan, Margaret F., 30 Ipswich Street, Boston, Massachusetts Reger, Jane, 35 55 Kings College Place, Bronx 67, New York Reid, James L., Jr., Mulliken Court, Augusta. Maine Rhodes, Warren, 330 South 24 Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ricci, Paul A., 238 Reservation Road, Hyde Park 36, Massachusetts Rich, Everett L., 174 High Street, Metuchen, New Jersey Riendeau, Leonard J., 14 Lawn Street, Springfield 8, Massachusetts Ritchell, Ronald H , 106-24 217 Street, Queens Village 29, New York Roberts, Bernard R., Mt. Holly Road, Katonah, New York Roberts, Carolyn K., 3 Atwood Street, Wellesley 81, Massachusetts Robinovitz, Stewart H., 884 Lindley Street, Bridgeport 6, Connecticut Rockwood, Myrna B., 6 Van Street, Worcester 2, Massachusetts Rogers, Linda J., 8 Mayfair Street, Worcester 3, Massachusetts Rogers, Mary C., R.F.D. 1 , Concord, Massachusetts Roidoulis, Arthur P., 12 Cazenove Street, Boston, Massachusetts Rolnick, Barbara, 78 Leighton Street, Bangor, Maine Rosen, Betsy E., 675 Fairway Drive, Miami Beach, Florida Rosenberg, Helene R., 20 Lehigh Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey Rosenberg, Linda J., 263 Highland Avenue, Fitchburg, Massachusetts Rosenblatt, Elinor, 15 Brookhouse Drive, Marblehead, Massachusetts Rosenstein, June, 1120 East Jefferson Blvd., South Bend 17, Indiana Ross, Ian D., 19 Clapp Street, Norton, Massachusetts Ross, Virginia L., 42 East Olive Street, Long Beach, New York Rothenberg, Karin R., 359 West Hudson Avenue, Englewood, New Jersey Rothschild, Ellen C., 12 Acorn Place, North Caldwell, New Jersey Rovenger, Leonore, 417 Tenafly Road, Englewood, New Jersey Rozefsky, Marilyn A., 7 Chalmers Road, Worcester 2, Massachusetts Rubell, Victor J., 43 Waterford Lane, Stamford, Connecticut Ruderman, Arline S., 54 Simmons Avenue, Belmont 78, Massachusetts Russell, Alexandra, 215 East Gaston Street, Savannah, Georgia Russell, Meredith, 5 Spring Lane, Canton, Massachusetts Ruzensky, Steven E., 30 Overhill Road, West Hartford, Connecticut Rybak, Michael A., 1071 College Avenue, Elmira, New York Sablitz, Alberta J., 45A Saint Lo Road, Fort Lee, Virginia Salomon, Marilyn J., 960 Country Club Drive, Teaneck, New Jersey Salzburg, Barbara E., 941 Gloucester Court, Westbury, New York Sandler, Edward, 17 Stimson Avenue, Lexington, Massachusetts Sangillo, Frank A., 301 Brown Street, Westbrook, Maine Sansone, Frank E., 17 Martin Road, East Haven, Connecticut Sapir, Arthur D., 12 Louis Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey Sargisson, Robert L., Ill Chester Pike, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania Saxon, Jill D., 90 Riverside Drive, New York 24, New York Schaffer, Wendy Alice, 250 Wilmot Road, New Rochelle, New York Schatz, Leslie J., 46 Deer Park Road, Great Neck, New York Scherr, Phyllis M., 33 Harwood Drive East, Glen Cove, New York Schiff, Janet S., 7 Webb Road, Sharon, Massachusetts Schlosser, Judith S., 248 Devon Road, Tenafly, New Jersey Schmerin, Jackelyn Y., 106 Bretton Road, Johnstown, Pennsylvania Schmider, Carl L., 68 Glendower Road, Roslindale 31, Massachusetts Schneider, Ira D., 100 Sperry Blvd., New Hyde Park, New York Schneider, Marjorie, 28 Henderson Road, New London, Connecticut Schwartz, Martyn J., 133 Miantonomi Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island Schwartz, Suzanne C., 288 Meeker Avenue, Newark 12, New Jersey Schweitzer, Naomi T., 11 Sycamore Road, West Hartford, Connecticut Seastrom, Jane, 4051 Washington Blvd., Indianapolis 5, Indiana Sentell, Thomas D., 270 Whitford Avenue, Providence 8, Rhode Island Sferra, John E., 145 Lawrence Place, New Rochelle, New York Shaff, Hope E., 70 Central Blvd., Mt. Vernon, New York Shapiro, Elaine D., 106 Sargent Street, Newton 58, Massachusetts Shapiro, Meredith L.. 263 Prospect Avenue, Little Silver, New Jersey Sharp, Deena S., 5320 Wynnefield Avenue, Philadelphia 31, Pennsylvania Sharp, Penelope J., Woosamonsa Road, Pennington, New Jersey Sharpe, Roy A., 197 Andover Street, Ballardvale, Massachusetts Sheinfeld, Toby A., 674 West Street, Keene, New Hampshire Sherin, Robert M., 34 Stanley Road, Swampscott, Massachusetts Sherman, Leonora Y., 67 Westfield Avenue, Bridgeport 6, Connecticut Shervanian, Anna E., 301 Corey Street, West Roxbury, Massachusetts Shrier, Susan M., 73 Puritan Road, Waban 68, Massachusetts Siegal, Mrs. Dorothy, 4 Ruth Street, Worcester 2, Massachusetts Siegel, Barbara S., 58 Glenview Road, South Orange, New Jersey Silverman, Constance C., 15 Cliff Road, Swampscott, Massachusetts Silverman, Miss Merle, 245 Ray Street, Manchester, New Hampshire Simmons, Mrs. Lois, 1870 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton 35, Massachusetts Sloan, Janice J., 28 Warren Street, Lynn, Massachusetts Slosberg, Leonard M., 5 Sheffield Street, Portland, Maine Smith, Lewis H , 98 Gainsborough Street, Boston, Massachusetts Smith, Michael G., 127 Cottage Street, Doylestown, Pennsylvania Snyder, Anne I., 69-10 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills 75, New York Sodowick, Carol S., 498 Ridgewood Avenue, Glen Ridge. New Jersey Sokoloff, Mrs. Joan, 304 Marlborough Street, Boston, Massachusetts Somers, Joan D., Barbara Lane, Woodbury, Connecticut Southard, Ellen M., Congress Street, Duxbury, Massachusetts Spivak, Arthur B., 26 Brightview Drive, West Hartford 17, Connecticut Sprague, Nadine M., 150 Tryon Avenue, Englewood, New Jersey Staples, Edward A., 195 Salem Street, Medford 55, Massachusetts State, Mark M., 86 Oak Knoll Drive, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Stephens, Ellen M., 156 Forbes Road, Milton 86, Massachusetts Still, Nancy- Ann, 284 Stevenson Road, New Haven 15, Connecticut Still, Susan I., 5 Colby Court, New Haven 15, Connecticut Stockwell, William R., 1514 Quarry Lane, Lancaster, Pennsylvania Stone, Michelle C., 207 Franklin Blvd., Long Beach, New York Streker, William S., 37 Brookside Drive, Cranston 10, Rhode Island Sullivan, Noreen M., 600 Hill Street, Whitinsville, Massachusetts Sullivan, Tandy L., 37 Church Street, Pascoag, Rhode Island Supple, David, 12 Grant Avenue, Newton Centre 59, Massachusetts Svenning, Lee A.v, Georgian Lane, Darien, Connecticut Tankel, Linda F., 307 East 36 Street, Paterson 4, New Jersey Thibeault, Arthur D , Main Street, Lancaster, Massachusetts Tillis, Laurence B., 8430 Byron Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida Titus, Edward G., 29-6 Garden Circle, Waltham, Massachusetts Tonry, Linda J , 763 Middle Street, Weymouth 88, Massachusetts Toplitz, Mrs. Janet S., 407 Lockwood Road, Fairfield, Connecticut Towers, Priscilla M., 1 Park Street, Lynnfield, Massachusetts Townsend, Blaine F., 3 Woodside Avenue, Oneonta, New York Townsend, Mrs. Marjorie L , 267 Beacon Street, Waltham 54, Massachusetts Trachtenberg, Martin J., 2044 80 Street, Brooklyn 15, New York Trillo, Joseph A., 120 Rankin Avenue, Providence 8, Rhode Island Trulock, Dianne, 48 Monroe Avenue, Larchmont, New York Tucci, Paul D., 6 Wilbur Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts Tucker. David A., 460 Wallis Road, Rye, New Hampshire Turner, David, 43 York " Terrace, Melrose 76, Massachusetts Valentino, Patricia, 20 Woodfield Road, Katonah, New York Valletta, Alberta M., 22 Lexington Street, Bristol, Connecticut Van Aken, Gretchen R , Main Street, Ridgeway, Pennsylvania Vance, John N., 11 Lowell Street, Lexington 73, Massachusetts Vescera, Barbara, 168 Hickok Avenue, Syracuse 6, New York Veves, Sally K., 67 Varney Street, Lowell, Massachusetts Vigman, Saralee, 300 Washington Avenue, Chelsea 50, Massachusetts Voislow, Pamela A., 23 Hyde Street, Quincy 69, Massachusetts Waldman, Barry D , 11 Ceylon Street, Dorchester 25, Massachusetts Warshaw, Linda S., 79-11 213 Street, Flushing 64, New York Waters, Carolyn J., 157 West Locust Street, Toms River, New Jersey Watts, Priscilla J., 72 Bow Road, Newton Centre 59, Massachusetts Wawer, Stanley G., 12 Spruce Street, Willimantic, Connecticut Weil, Richard L., 3 Canterbury Street, Scarsdale, New York Wein, Michael H., 949 Woodgate Avenue, Elberon, New Jersey Weinberger, Elaine S., 221 East 70 Street, Indianapolis 20, Indiana Weiss, Fredric A , 218 Locustwood Blvd., Elmont, New York Weiss, Judith L , 605 East Park Street, Stockton 3, California Welch, John B , Main Street, Raymond, New Hampshire Welch, Robert W., 1 4 1 Walnut Street, Newtonville 60, Massachusetts Wester, Patricia A., 122 West Bell Street, Glendive, Montana Wheeler, Michael C., 40 John Street, Chelsea 50, Massachusetts Whitcher, Pamela L., 217 Main Street, Hanson, Massachusetts White, Donald W., 34 Buswell Street, Boston, Massachusetts White, Nadene M., 5 Virginia Terrace, Saugus, Massachusetts Whiting, Merrill B., 67 Talmuth Avenue, Haverhill, Massachusetts Whitley, Patrick H., 682 Pelham Road, Anniston, Alabama Wildstein, Nancy L., 19 Lyons Avenue, Newark 12, New Jersey Winston, Lois M., 2 Claremont Drive, Maplewood, New Jersey Winter, Richard A., Penllyn Pike, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania Witham, Richard F., 282 Rockland Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire Witmer, John E., Jr., Lampeter, Pennsylvania Wolak, Richard J., 612 Brace Avenue, Perth Amboy, New Jersey Wolf, Adrianne M., 9 Oak Terrace, West Orange, New Jersey Wollins, Pamela S., 860 Fifth Avenue, New York 21, New York Woodnick, Michael L., Sutton Terrace, 50 Belmont Avenue, Bala, Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Worcester, Curtis, 243 Ridgeway Road, Weston 93, Massachusetts Worthing, Craig M., Camp Ellis Avenue, Saco, Maine Yospin, Marjorie J., 118 Golf Edge, Westfield, New Jersey Young, Deborah, 158 Sewall Avenue, Winthrop 52, Massachusetts Young, Donna N., 715 Hampton Avenue, Schenectady, New York Young, Roy, 14 Crest Road, Danbury, Connecticut Young, Stephen B., 42-42 Judge Street, Elmhurst 73, New York Yphantis, Phoebe A., 45 Ledge Lawn Avenue, Lexington 73, Massachusetts Zolit. Nina J., 37 Village Road, Roslyn Heights, New York Zubick. Howard H., 330 Stevens Street, Lowell, Massachusetts Zuckerberg, Mary H., 408 Barnard Avenue, Cedarhurst, New York 121 % V ■ " " llllllk II!’. Congratulations and the best of luck! We at Loring are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photo- graphs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Loring Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Loring portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices 1 LORING 0 STUDIOS New England ' s Largest School Photographers t. o’toole . sons incorporated offset printers and binders since 1891 heeler avenue ■ south norwalk, conn. ' P ivV yv S s '

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