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?f V THE 1957 EMERSONIAN EMERSON COLLEGE BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS C ' OCWX ' SOK Go W e BosVow , W ( ss. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Faculty and Administration Seniors 15 Classes of ’58, ’59 and ’60 43 Class Prophecy 47 Departments 49 Activities 55 Class Will 72 Student Directory 74 3 WE DEDICATE As seniors we are preparing to leave our world of college to enter a society where each of us must establish himself as a responsible human being. We look back now and remember those who have patiently guided us through these past four years, helping us prepare to meet this challenge and accomplish our objectives. We know we will carry with us always the vivid memory of a man we all admire and respect, a man who has not only been a teacher and advisor but also a trusted friend. In the classroom he has been the champion of thought, willing to listen to and evaluate our ideas and to strengthen our understanding of life and its problems. He has taught us the value of knowledge and good judgment, the importance of common sense, and, above all, the understanding of one another that is so necessary in this modern world. Through stimulating discussions with him we have learned to think, to employ our knowledge. Under his careful guidance we have grown and matured intellectually to open our eyes on a world of opportunity. Realizing his interest and sincerity we have often turned to him for thoughtful counsel in times of trouble and indecision. His knowledge and friendly manner never have been restricted to the classroom. Wherever one seeks him out an inner dignity and self-respect shine through the informality of easy conversation. With humility and sincerest appreciation, we want to say thank you for the many things he has done for us, individually and as the Class of 1957. It is with fondness and deep respect that we dedicate our yearbook to MR. JOHN W. DAVIS. 4 Mr. John W. Davis 5 To the Class of 1957: For more than three quarters of a century the members of the graduating classes included in the Emerson alumni have demonstrated the validity of the Emerson ideals of education in their character and personality, as well as in service to their community and chosen profession. Through alumni support and through alumni service as corporators, trustees, faculty, and administrators, the vitality of the Emerson educational mission has been maintained while being expanded and adjusted to the needs of our changing society. It is my privilege to welcome you as an alumni, with all the rights and responsibilities of that status. 1 also extend the congratulations of the faculty, administration, and student body. We shall miss you on campus, but confidently expect to be increasingly proud of you and your achievements in the years to come. Sincerely yours, f 7 — N ■ President 6 ADMINISTRATION Mrs. Sarah Zimmerman, Secretary to the President Mrs. Clara Fraser, Registrar Alumni Office: Mrs. Charlotte Bermudes, Mrs. Leah Scott, Richard Allen, Cynthia Hutchinson, Gar.ey Walsh ' Mr. Harry Nickerson, Director of Admissions Mrs. Alice Gallo, Director of Placement T i Mrs. Alice Dwyer, Receptionist FACULTY Physical Education: Mrs. Helena Cullity, Miss Elsie Riddell, Mrs. Shirley Paukulis it.u rfi 111 ufttHHA ft , dHt t f ft A - .JATi j SilCiC . . ■. • jy?- tanley Vogel Speech and Hearing Therapy: Miss Catherine Perry, Mrs. Marion Adams, Mr. Thomas Houchin, Miss Enid Lofchie Speech Mrs. June Mitchell, Dr. Coleman Bender, Mrs. Frances La Shoto, Mr. Bernard McCabe, Mr Haig Der Marderosian, Mrs. Rose Gordon, Mr. Joseph Ferri, Mr. Ernest Charrier Music Mr Grover Oberle, Mr. Robert Pettitt 10 English: Mrs. Ruth Maxfield, Miss Etta Wolpert, Mr. Harry Nickerson, Mr. Horace Reynolds, Dr. Stanley Vogel, Dr. William Knickerbocker Social Sciences: Dr. Richard Pierce, Mr. John Ahlin, Mr. Henry Stonie 11 Theatre Arts Mrs Gertrude Binley Kay, Miss Anne dc Coursey, Mr. Jack Stein, Lincoln Stulik, Harry Morgan, Garey Walsh, Mr Leonidas Nickole 2 COUNSELOR FOR WOMEN Mrs. Ruth Southwick Maxfield has served as counselor for women since the position was created five years ago, but long before she had been, and still is, a friend to all Emerson students. Through our four years she has been a patient and understanding advisor. The graduating class of 1957 would like to extend its deep and sincere thanks to Mrs. Maxfield in appreciation of the help she has given the members of this class during the past four years. COUNSELOR FOR MEN Mr. John Howard Ahlin joined the Emerson faculty on a full-time basis just this year as an instructor in Social Sci- ences. The fact that Mr. Ahlin has been counselor for men for only a little more than a year has made his accomplish- ment one of greater significance. A friend to all, he has quickly understood the problems of the student body and has been able to cope with all of these problems without prejudice and with an open mind. The class of 1957 would like to say " Thank you, Mr. Ahlin, for help when it was needed most.” 13 I really can ' t afford it this week, Mary . . . ” 1 N " The calm before the storm CLASS OFFICERS Robert Cathcart, President Vincent Bevilacqua, Vice-President Demetra Dalapas, Secretary 16 Richard Russell, T reasurer MAYNARD ALBERT Providence, Rhode Island B.L.I. Degree Broadcasting Major Personable . . . lots of chuckles . . . master of mimicry in fun . . . devilish charm . . . spontaneous wit . . . hearty friendliness . . . a way with the ladies. Activities: University of Rhode Island 1; Hillel 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Alpha Pi Theta 2, 3, 4; WECB 2; Business Manager 2; WERS 2, 3, 4; News Chief 3, 4; Assistant Chief of Special Events 3; Basketball 2; Base- ball 2; Student Government 3; Treasurer 3. RONALD P. ALLARD Manchester, New Hampshire B.A. Degree Broadcasting Major Courteous to all . . . friendly to many . . . friend to a few . . . enemy to none ... an easy-going personality . . . a big smile for all. Activities: Newman Club 2, 3, 4; WECB 2, 3; WERS 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Basketball 1, 2; Phi Alpha Tau 3, 4; Debate 2, 3, 4; For- ensic Council Vice-President 4. 17 JOAN ALLEN Reading, Massachusetts B.A. Degree Speech Therapy Major Still waters run deep . . . reliable, genteel . . . tact and diplomacy are hers . . . quietly efficient . . . do all the good you can. Activities: Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3, 4; Historian 4; SCA 1, 2, 3, 4; WECB 1; Berkeley Beacon 1, 2; Emersonian 4; Choric Speech 1, 2; Dean’s List 1, 3. RICHARD P. ALLEN Melrose, Massachusetts B.S. Degree Speech Major A heart to heart talk ... friends are all that matter . . . untiring devotion in every- thing he undertakes . . . little things mean a lot . . . these are moments to remember. Activities: SCA 2, 3, 4; Berkeley Beacon 2, 3, Editor 3; Scribe Assistant Editor 4; Stu- dent Government Secretary 3; WECB 2; Phi Alpha Tau 3, 4. 18 BARBARA ELIZABETH AREY Bucksport, Maine B.A. Degree Speech Therapy Major A happy disposition . . . he who talks least learns most . . . coffee in the cafe . . . hear- ing tests a specialty . . . plans for the future. Activities: SC A 1,2; Choir 1,2; Librarian 2; Choric Speech 1, 2; Dorm Council 1, 2, 3. JAMES ARENA Salem, New Hampshire B.A. Degree History Major Friends are all that matter ... a big hello ■ . . always a wise and helpful friend . . . life could not better be. Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; WECB 1, 2, 3, 4; Forensic Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Choric Speech 1. i ! 19 RICHARD BARBA Rochester, New Hampshire B.S. Degree Broadcasting Major Forcefulness . . . Athletics are important . . . always a gag . . . " Don’t want to say any- thing but — Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Rho Delta Omega 1, 2, 3, 4, Rec.-Sec. 3, Vice- President 4; WERS 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3; Athletic Association 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4. LOUISE BEAUDRY Stamford, Connecticut B.A. Degree English Major A spoonful of honey and a dash of spice . . . gaiety sifting through an air of sophisti- cation . . . charm with an enveloping smile. Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Mu Gamma 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Choir 1, 4; WECB 1; Choric Speech 1 ; Dorm Council 4, President 4; Pub- lic Productions 1, 2, 3, 4. 20 WILLIAM J. BELLISSIMO Belmont, Massachusetts B.A. Degree Broadcasting Major A big hello a la Southern drawl ... got a problem! . . . always in a hurry . . . the art of words is the culmination of artistic creation. ROBERT D. BERGERON Nashua, New Hampshire B.A. Degree Broadcasting Major Confidence, quiet humor and hearty friend- liness . . . qualities of a good leader . . . big plans for the future ... a tireless worker . . . you can depend on him to keep his word. Activities: Newman 1; WECB 2; WERS 3, 4, Chief Announcer 4; Berkeley Beacon 1, 2, 3; Emersonian 4; Basketball 2, 3; Debate 3; Dean’s List 3; Public Productions 3, 4; Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. 21 VINCENT BEVILACQUA Haverhill, Massachusetts B.A. Degree Speech Major A modern Beau Brummel . . . grandilo- quence of the Speech Arts . . . an MG for an ivy-leaguer . . . our prize-winning debater. Activities: Phi Alpha Tau 3, 4; Forensic Council 2, 3, 4; Emersonian 4; Class Vice- President 4; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4. RUSSELL W. BLOOD Somerville, Massachusetts B.A. Degree Broadcasting Major Red hair . . . the chance to make people laugh . . . red hair ... a jazz record . . . red hair . . . a basketball . . . red hair . . . comedy and sincerity. Activities: SCA 1, 2, 3; Rho Delta Omega 2, 3, 4; WECB 1,2; WERS 1, 2, 3, 4; Berk- eley Beacon 3; Emersonian 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Public Productions 1, 3. 22 EDWARD BLOTNER Haverhill, Massachusetts B.A. Degree Broadcasting Major A basketball and a chance to compete . . . suntans and white bucks . . . long sessions listening to George Shearing . . . quiet friend- ship. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Most Valuable Player Award- 2; Al- pha Pi Theta 2, 3, 4, President 4; Class Vice- President 3; Debate 2, 3; WECB 1,2; WERS 3, 4; Public Productions 3. JOAN E. CAPPEL Holyoke, Massachusetts B.A. Degree Drama Major Shyness . . . large expressive eyes ... " A string ?” . . . giggles and girl talk . . . even serious things can be fun ... a friend for keeps. Activities: Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3, 4, Correspond- ing Secretary 3; Emersonian 4; Dorm Coun- cil 2, 3, Vice-President 3; Public Productions 1,2, 3,4. 23 I ROBERT CATHCART Melrose, Massachusetts B.A. Degree Speech Major Sincerity . . . a warm smile and a twinkling eye . . . the ability to speak strongly but gent- ly .. . endowed with the gift of leculership . . . his friendship is highly valued. Activities: SCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Tau 2, 3,4, Secretary 3; Berkeley Beacon 3, Business Manager, Scribe 2, 3, Editorial Board 2, As- sistant Editor 3; Class President 1, 2, 4; Class Vice-President 3; Who’s Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities. THOMAS F. CARROLL Somerville, Massachusetts B.S. Degree Broadcasting Major Business , business , business . . . " What do you mean by that?” ... a pretty girl and a special date . . . a " punch line” and a hearty laugh . . . never too busy to take on one more job. Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Rho Delta Omega 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Cor- responding Secretary 3, President 4; WECB 1, 2, Production Director 2; WERS 2, 3, 4, Production Manager 4; Emersonian 4; Class Treasurer 3; Dean’s List 3; Public Produc- tions 3; Intra-Fraternity Council 3, 4, Presi- dent 4. 24 HDHMHBHna LORA D. CHASE Watertown, Massachusetts g Degree Drama Major One-and, two-and , three-and . . . John and Margaret and a chance to love them . . . danc- ing shoes and hard work. Activities: Forensic Council 3; Scribe, Edi- torial Staff 3; Choir 3; Choric Speech 3, Dean’s List 3; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4. ADRIENNE J. COHEN Atlanta, Georgia B.S. Degree Broadcasting Major An air of refinement and grace ... a touch of the old South . . . quiet efficiency . . . in- curable romanticist . . . charming and demure . . . sincerity a keynote of her personality. Activities: University of Georgia 1,2; Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3, 4; WECB 3; WERS 4; Choir 3, 4; Dean’s List 3; Public Productions 3- V 25 JAMES E. COLBY Cambridge, Massachusetts B.S. Degree Drama Major An eye for the Lillies ... a character role . . . ” whatum matter? " 1 . . . always new ideas . . . radio. Activities: WERS 1, 2, 3, 4; Forensic Coun- cil 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean’s List 1; Public Produc- tions 1 , 2, 3, 4. CYNTHIA S. CRANE Great Barrington, Massachusetts B.A. Degree English Major Musical comedy and three pony tails . . . almost late for class ... a beauty mark and u ' hite sneakers ... a chance to sing. Activities: SC A 1, 2, 3; Phi Mu Gamma 2, 3, 4, President 4; Pan-Hellenic Council Sec- retary-Treasurer 4; WECB 1; Berkeley Bea- con 1, 2; Choir 1; Choric Speech 1; Class Secretary 1 ; Student Government Secretary 2; Dorm Council 2; Public Productions 1, 2, 3,4. 26 NORMA DANA CROCKER Hartford, Connecticut B.A. Degree Speech Therapy Major A crinkly, good-humored expression danc- ing across her face . . . warmth, cheer, and plain liking humanity create her vibrant per- sonality ... a smoothness always in her ac- tions — emphasized by a pertness . . . simpa- tico, unflagging, expressive, enthused. Activities: SCA 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Inter- faith Council 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Cheer- leader 1; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Music Librarian 2, 3; Kappa Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 3, Vice-President 4; Dean’s List 3; Public Productions 3; Berkeley Beacon 4; Emersonian Co-Editor 4. DEMETRA DALAPAS Saco, Maine B.A. Degree Speech Therapy Major Friendship and a winning smile . . .secre- tarial timber . . . navy blue and gold ... a quiet voice with something to say ... be re- served but have fun. Activities: Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 2, 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Emersoni- an 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, 4; Class Secretary 3, 4; Dean’s List 3; May Queen 3; Prom Queen Attendant 3; Public Productions 3, 4. 27 MORTON N. DUBITSKY Fall River, Massachusetts B.A. Degree English Major Studied nonchalance ... an air of confi- dence . . . a twinkle of mischief ... a lady’s man . . . lover of pranks . . . a smooth man- ner combined with happy unconventionality . Activities: Hillel 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 3; Alpha Pi Theta 1, 2, Vice-President 2, 4, President 3; Inter-Fraternity Council 3, President 3; WECB 1,2; WERS 2, 3, 4; Berkeley Beacon . 1, 2; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Association 1, Treasurer 3; Public Productions 3. ELIZABETH A. FINDLEN Fort Fairfield, Maine B.A. Degree Speech Therapy Major " Liz” ... an infectious, girlish giggle . . . persistance and determination . . . zany im- pulsiveness . . . loyalty, sincerity and " Frank” - ness highlight her personality. Activities: University of Maine 1; Choric Speech 2; Choir 2, 4; Newman Club 2; Kap- pa Gamma Ch» 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 3, Secretary 4; Berkeley Beacon 3; Dean’s List 3; Public Productions 2, 3, 4, Emersonian 4. 28 MORTON GLOVIN Brighton, Massachusetts B.A. Degree History Major Solidity and facing of realities moulded in his chinline . . . actively interested in things that matter . . . a speaker, but even more a doer . , . serious, attentive, forceful, well- groomed. Activities: Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Rho Delta Omega 1, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Sec- retary 1, Treasurer 2, President 3; WECB 1, 2, Chief Engineer 2; Baseball 1, 2; Choir 4; Choric Speech 1, 4; Class Vice-President 2, President 3; Student Government President 4; Public Productions 1, 2, 3; Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. ROBERT HANDY Boston, Massachusetts B.S. Degree Drama Major The man worth while is the one who will smile . . . knowledge comes and wisdom lin- gers . . . composure and dignity ... a gentle- man and a scholar. Activities: WERS 2, 3, 4; Choric Speech 2, 3; Dean’s List 2, 3; Public Productions 1, 2, 3,4. 29 MORTON S. KAPLAN Passaic, New Jersey B.A. Degree Drama Major Warmth in the disguise of a lifted eye- hrotv” . . . wit is the salt of conversation . . . Actor ' s Studio ' s next James Dean. Activities: University of Pennsylvania 1, 2; Alpha Pi Theta 2, 3, 4; Hillel 2; Public Pro- ductions 2, 3, 4. RICHARD K. KEEFE Lawrence, Massachusetts B.A. Degree Broadcasting Major The smiling dimple is evident ... an un- derlying strength of purpose . . . capable of applying himself . . . congenial, good hu- mored. well versed, frank and patient. Activities: SCA 1, 2, 3; Alpha Pi Theta 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3; WECB 1 ; WERS 1, 2, 3, 4. 30 . a jl CAROLE KRINZMAN Elizabeth, New Jersey B.A. Degree Speech Therapy Major A page from Vogue . . . flair for fashion . . . simple and sincere ... an air of quiet sophistication . . . sun and sand . . . a glowing tan in mid-winter. Activities: University of Michigan 1, Zeta Phi Eta 3, 4; Public Productions 3. RICHARD J. LIBERTINI Medford, Massachusetts B.A. Degree English Major Quiet and observing . . . a lover of art, all kinds ... a sense of humor is a valuable pos- session . . .the witty comedian to those who know him best. % T 31 ROBERT J. LOVELING Katonah, New York B.A. Degree English Major Assurance and determination ... a job well done . . . when you speak, have some- thing to say ... a good listener ... a definite opinion. Activities: Phi Alpha Tau 1, 2, 4, Sergeant- at-Arms 2, Corresponding Secretary 4; WECB 1; WERS 2, 4; Forensic Council 2, 4; Base- ball 1; Class Vice-President 1; Debate Coun- cil 1, 2, 4. PRISCILLA LOVELL Havertown, Pennsylvania B.S. Degree Speech Therapy Major A pixie charm about her smiling eyes . . . sureness and expressiveness in her rich voice . . . friendly, helpful, considerate, determined, and spirited. Activities: Kappa Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3, President 4; Pan-Hellenic Council Vice-President 4; Choric Speech 2; Public Productions 2, 3; Dorm Council 2. 32 CHARLES McGILVRAY Oxford, Massachusetts B.A. Degree Broadcasting Major A tie? Well, for certain classes . . . always in a hurry . . . amazing naivete . . . now, what’s your name again? Activities: WECB 3; Choric Speech 3; New- man Club 3; Dean’s List 3; WERS 3, 4. . PAMELA ALLISON MERRILL Nashville, Tennessee B.A. Degree Drama Major Bubbling laughter . . . good nature and gullibility are her trademarks . . . sincerity and sympathetic understanding . . . Southern hospitality personified. Activities: WECB 1,2; Dorm Council 1,2; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4; Berkeley Bea- con 4; Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3, 4; Emersonian 4. 33 NANCY NEWMAN Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts B.A. Degree Drama Major A hearty laugh ... a special knack for a quick snack . . . the epitome of generosity . . . fun and good cheer ... a true and loyal friend. Activities: Choric Speech 1, 2; Class Secre- tary 2; Hillel 2, 3; Phi Mu Gamma 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Public Productions 2, 3, 4. DONALD PERKINS Boston, Massachusetts B.S. Degree Drama Major A true dei’otee of Thespes ... as romantic as Romeo . . . as sensitive as Hamlet . . . as witty as Fieste . . . a fellow of infinite jest. Activities: Phi Alpha Tau 2, 3, 4; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4. ( « ' 34 ROBERT RILEY Augusta, Maine B.S. Degree Broadcasting Major A guitar and a song .. . sharps, flats and curve balls , . . the little man who wasn ' t there . . . " You ain’t nothin ' but a — Activities: WECB 1, 2; WERS 3; Berkeley Beacon 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Public Productions 3. PATRICIA ANNE ROBERTS Annapolis, Maryland B.S. Degree Speech Therapy Major Sunshine in her hair and in her heart . . . a personality that sparkles with friendliness . . . thoughtful and decisive . . . her good counsel treasured by all who seek it. Activities: Texas State College for Women 1,2; Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3, 4; Cameo Reporter 3, President 4; Dean’s List 3; SC A 4, Treasurer 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Emersonian 4. 35 THERESA MARIE ROMANO Dorchester, Massachusetts B.A. Degree Social Studies Major Quiet dignity . . . long shiny hair . . . the color of midnight . . . a book in hand . . . always something important to get done . . . conscientious determination. Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 3, President 4; Inter-faith Council Presi- dent 4; Forensic Council 1, 2, 3; Public Pro- ductions I, 2; Emersonian 4; Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. RICHARD W. RUSSELL Concord, Massachusetts B.S. Degree Broadcasting Major " Lotsa Luck!” . . . a blond crew cut , a boy- ish grin and easy banter . . . decisive, deter- mined. dependable and a nifty dresser . . . " got to have a meeting " . . . a " Carole " in his heart though not because it ' s Christmas. Activities: University of Massachusetts 1; WECB 2, 3; WERS 3, 4; Berkeley Beacon 3, SCA 2, 3; Class Treasurer 4; Phi Alpha Tau 3, 1; Emersonian Co-Editor 4. 36 KENNETH SAUNDERS Whitinsville, Massachusetts B.A. Degree Broadcasting Major How ' ' Hi” the " Ft” . . . Benny Goodman is the greatest ... a practical joke . . . " If I can take it apart, I can put it back together.” Activities: WERS 2, 3, 4, Assistant Engineer 4. SUSAN M. SIEGEL Elizabeth, New Jersey B.A. Degree Speech Therapy Major Winsome, witty, and well-liked ... a stroke of the brush . . . statuesque ... an extraordi- nary mixture of intellect, art and practicality . . . sophistication underlined by naturalness. Activities: University of Michigan 1; Kappa Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Emer- sonian 4; Choir 4; Dean’s List 2; Dorm Council 2, 3, President 3. 37 JOHN SYLVESTER, JR. Milton, Massachusetts B.S. Degree Broadcasting Major Always on the go . . . laughter is contagi- ous . . . reliability is a serious business . . . Santa Claus is coming to town. Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Al- pha Tau 1, 2, 3, 4; WECB 1; WERS 3, 4; Forensic Council 3, 4; Emersonian 4; Public Productions 2. % HELEN TEITELBAUM New York, New York B.A. Degree Drama Major For she ' s a fabulous character . . . party giver par excellence . . . Marilyn A onroe with raven hair . . . talents unlimited. Activities: Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3, 4; WECB 1,2; Berkeley Beacon 4; Choric Speech 1, 2, 3; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4. 38 SHEILA WARD Watertown, Massachusetts B.A. Degree English Major The dignity of a scholar ... an impish twinkle in her Irish eyes . . . dependable and sincere in all she undertakes ... an artist, imaginative and impulsive. Activities: Newman Club 1,2; Forensic Coun- cil 1; Berkeley Beacon 1; Public Productions 1, 2, 3; Emersonian 4. KAY SUSAN WISHINGRAD Mount Vernon, New York B.A. Degree English Major Exuberance and enthusiasm for life ... in- telligence cloaked in a carefree spirit . . . effer- vescent energy . . . happiness is the only good. Activities: Debate 1; House Council 2; Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3, 4; Dean’s List 3; Hillel 1; Pub- lic Productions 1, 2, 3, 4; Choric Speech 2, 3. 39 ALEX WOLFSON Pawtucket, Rhode Island B.S. Degree Drama Major A puzzled frown . . . intent on knowledge ... an air of detachment . . . absorbed in thought . . en garde! Activities: Berkeley Beacon 4; Scribe 3, 4; Choir 1, 2; Choric Speech 1; Class Officer, Treasurer 1; Public Productions 2, 3. DOROTHY ELAINE ZIMMERMAN Fairborn, Ohio B.A. Degree Drama Major The voice of a nightingale ... as sparkling as a precious jewel, the sweetness of a sum- mer rose . . . gracious and dignified. Activities: Newman Club 4; Zeta Phi Eta 3, 4, Secretary 4; Junior Prom Queen 3; Public Production 3, 4; WERS 4. 40 S JOSEPH P. FAMOLARE Brookline, Massachusetts B.S. Degree Broadcasting Major Friendly . . . mature thinking combined with everlasting boyishness . . . earnest in his desire to succeed ... a business man with a future . . . genuine in his enjoyment of life. Activities: Choir 1, 2; WERS 4; Forensic Council 2; Rho Delta Omega 2, Chaplain 2; Public Productions 1, 2. FRANCIS D. MURPHY Milford, Massachusetts B.A. Degree English Major Quiet enjoyment of the humor in life . . . a coat in the boiler room ... a cup of coffee to start the day . . . nobody can be too Irish. Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Rho Delta Omega 2, 3, 4, President 3, Corre- sponding Secretary 2; Student Government, Vice-President 3. Alma Mater O’ Alma Mater, dear, thy name we praise, Our voices love-inspired to thee we raise. And we will cherish thee in days to come, And think with loving hearts of Emerson. Yours is the highest art, a shining goal, You are the star of each and every soul, And all thy Children’s hearts they beat as one. We love thee Alma Mater, Emerson. And all thy Children’s hearts they beat as one. We love thee Alma Mater, Emerson. 41 OZOX A 1 T§L| Junior Prom Queen, Elaine Zimmerman; Susan Siegel and Lora Chase. May Queen, Demerra Dalapas; attendants, Joyce Hunt, Nan Whelpley, and Sally Pom- eroy. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities: Robert Cathcart, Theresa Romano, Robert Bergeron, Morton Glovin, Vincent Bevilacqua 3 Z - O 1 1 m m Class Officers . Marge, Dick, Ken and George The Class of 1958 returned this year, upperclassmen at last! Beginning far in advance, the class planned enthusiastic- ally for the Junior Prom. The excite- ment had a snowball effect, building to the crowning of the Prom Queen, chos- en by the Student Body, as the happy climax of the biggest social event of the year. Held at the Sherry-Biltmore, March 9th, this Junior Prom is one we will long remember for its gaiety and splendor. Officers: President Richard Hamilton Vice-President Kenneth Desmarais Secretary Marge Whiting Treasurer George Wildey 44 r Tii 1 v 1 - ' ■ With a gleam in their eyes the Soph- omores began this year with the hazing of the new Emersonians. According to all reports they outdid themselves on the night of September 28th, the traditional " Hell Night.’’ This spirit is outstanding with the Sophomores and they are to be commended for their avid interest in each and every activity at Emerson. This year’s officers of the Class of 1-959 were: President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Harry Morgan David Greenberg Mary Connors Marjorie Graham Class Officers: Marge, Harry, and Ma ry 45 Class Officers Cindy, Nancy, Paul and Bo rr V On the 20th of September, 1956, many eager Freshmen started through the Emerson maze of schedules and classrooms. These Freshmen, who are to be the Class of I960, were appro- priately initiated into the Emerson fam- ily on Friday evening, September 28th, when they took part in the traditional " Hell Night” which followed a three day ordeal of hazing. This class of I960 is filled with enthusiasm and good-will, and the Class of 1957 sincerely hopes this spirit will remain with them throughout their four years of college life. They chose as their leaders: President Barry Mandel Vice-President Paul Austin Secretary Nancy Perko Treasurer Cynthia Whalen 46 mamm CLASS PROPHECY Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is Ken Saunders bringing you that widely acclaimed tele- vision program, " This Didn’t Have To Be Your Life”. Tonight we have as our guests the famous class of 1957, who five years ago graduated from Emerson College and went out into the world to make a name for themselves. I ' m sure that as the names are called off you’ll recognize each as an out- standing personality. Are you ready, Class of ’57? " This Didn’t Have To Be Your Life. " The entertainment field has claimed many of these Emersonians’ lives. For instance, Bob Bergeron has replaced Ed Sullivan as M.C. on Toast of the Toivn. Working for the same network is Tom Carroll. Rumor has it he’s about to step into Bill Paley’s shoes as Chairman of the Board at C.B.S. On the local level, Dick Keefe is the jazz authority currently being featured on WXHR. Other Emersonians with responsible positions in radio are Cindy Crane and Jim Colby. Cindy has replaced Leona on the Bob and Ray Show while Jim takes the part of Tonto on the Lone Ranger series. Mort Dubitsky is a young man on his way up the ladder at C.B.S. (washing windows at Cohen’s Butcher Shop). Bob Loveling on the international scene is doing a fine job for Radio Moscow. Fame has also been gained in the business world. Bob Cathcart is the new president of the New England Mutual Life Insurance Company. Chuck Albert is the counter manager for Brunch Limited while Charlie McGilvray is successfully selling yo- yos to gullible college students. In business for him- self is Joe Famolare, who is the most popular shoeshine boy on Broadway. Also operating inde- pendently is Dick Russell who manufactures " Do it Yourself Yearbooks.” Frank Murphy is the successful designer of the new all purpose shillelagh. In the literary field we find Dick Allen as the lead- ing columnist for the Midtown Journal. Barbara Arey’s autobiography, 1 Was a Teenage Test Pilot , recently broke into the best seller list. Helen Tietlebaum is running a series of articles in a leading newspaper on " how to get the most out of old coffee grounds.” Famous in the world of journalism is Alex Wolfson who has been offered a permanent position as drama critic for the Berkeley Beacon. Eddie Blotner, re- nowned psychologist, has been named successor to Dr. Roback on the strength of his book, Blotner-iana. Also making headlines in the literary world is Liz Findlen with her masterpiece, My Life In The Borscht Mines. I know you’ll all be glad to hear that Sheila Ward finally won her court case which entitles her to full rights as the actual author of Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man. In New York and Hollywood the names in lights are mostly Emersonians. Mort Kaplan was the new star on Broadway last night when little Sheba came back. Pam Merrill is the star of the musical comedy version of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Adrienne Cohen is replacing Carroll Baker in the road company pro- duction of Baby Doll while Bob Handy has landed the coveted roll of Jeeter Lester in the remake of Tobacco Road. Priscilla Lowell is competing with Zazu Pitts for the lead in Ltli. Joan Cappel, comedy star of stage, screen, and radio, is touring the country as Hamlet, while Lora Chase is the successful new choreographer at Toots Shor’s. Nancy Newman has achieved her ambition as a director — of traffic at Hollywood and Vine. In the field of education, Dr. Russell Blood plans to return to Emerson as head of the new " How to Get a Laugh” department. Joan Allen is an up and coming speech therapist for the natives in the Belgian Congo, while Norma Crocker is the only American to successfully slip through the Iron Curtain as speech therapist for Russians with a lateral S. Bill Bellissimo is teaching driver education for the city of Boston. Emminent sports authority, Richard Barba, is director of athletics at Radcliffe. Pat Roberts is instrumental in giving audiometric tests to hard-of- hearing Hungarians. It is rumored that Don Perkins is going for his Ph. D. in phychology at Burdett. In the music world Dick Libertini is the successful harpsichord player at the Gardner Museum, while Bob Riley is the assistant conductor of the New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. Elaine Zimmer- man is singing bass lead at the Met. Kay Wishengrad was recently crowned first polka queen on the Law- rence Welk show. On the political scene Emersonians have front page news. Vinnie Bevilacqua has just completed a successful three week filibuster in Washington in the prevention of the use of the yellow bellied sap sucker for experimental purposes. Mort Glovin has been instrumental in setting up student governments all over the United States and Canada, while Theresa Romano is taking a nationwide poll to discover how many people prefer personalized stationery. Mimi Dalapas has won the distinction of being the only lady admiral in the United States Navy. In the fashion world Emerson graduates shine again with Susan Siegel as a successful model of women’s ready-to-wear space suits, and Carole Krinz- man recently being voted one of the ten best dressed women in Outer Mongolia. In unusual achievements Ron Allard is the only man to ever debate both sides against the middle and win both arguments. Jim Arena was the first man to successfully reach the moon. A most fascin- ating discovery was made concerning one of the Emersonians; John Sylvester really is Santa Claus! 47 n I i T Don’t " wow " it. You’re on the air. This year was a big one for the Broadcasting De- partment. Together with an increase in staff, the depart- ment has seen a sizeable improvement in technical facilities to further the educational advantages of the department. The technical facilities of WERS have been improved to provide what might prove to be the finest radio facilities in New England. Of particular signifi- cance is the new WERS " live” production studio which represents a combination of aesthetic design and func- tional efficiency calculated to provide the ideal atmos- phere for the broadcasting of live music programs. Our closed-circuit station, WECB, has developed an increased awareness of the importance of closed-circuit operation in the extending of the opportunity for practi- cal broadcast participation and in the offering of a worthwhile program service which accommodates the desires of the Emerson College community. Still further progress in the Broadcasting department is reflected in the increased quality and scope of the television activity. Both in formal classroom training and in the extra-curricular work, the results were most gratifying. The television workshop has been responsible for several fine productions. Mr Charles Dudley, Arthur Hull Hayes, President of C. B. S., Dr. S. Justus McKinley. Election Central — 1956. Getting older by the minute . . . As I was saying . . . ( Anniver- sary Waltz ) Just a touch of gray . . . Again, as in years past, the Drama Workshop of Emerson provided its audiences with an enjoyable and varied selection of outstanding plays. The Drama De- partment is fortunate to have an extraordinarily fine roster of instructors headed by Mrs. Gertrude Binley Kay. The season opened with two works, " Anniversary Waltz” and " Bus Stop”, both presente d in arena style, the latter having also received accolades during the summer season at Martha ' s Vineyard. Our annual Founder’s Day Shakespearian production " Twelfth Night” was especially noteworthy for its excellent cos- tumes and scenery designed by Miss Anne de Coursey. " The Great Divide " , an experiment in melodramatic techniques, was followed by a concise history of the theater given through the Sophomore production " Ten by Two " . " Someone Waiting” and " Playwrites’ Work- shop”, which incorporated original student creations, brought us to the high point of the year: our spectacular musical " Guys and Dolls” given at New England Mutual Hall under the superb direction of Mr. Leo Nickole. " There Shall Be No Night”, the Commencement play, rounded off a full and exciting year. Just jesting . . . (Twelfth Night) i w H w H Finale scene from " Peter Pan " This year was a busy and prosperous one for the Speech Department. Through the course of the year the Debate Team, under the spirited guidance of Dr. Coleman C. Bender and Mr. Haig Der Marderosian enjoyed a successful season when they met M.I.T., Boston University, Brandeis, Rutgers, Boston College, Dartmouth, and Harvard among other schools. In the spring, they plan to visit the University of Maine, University of New York and possibly West Point. In February, Mrs. Frances LaShoto ' s Expressive Action Class gave a colorful and highly enjoyable presentation of Peter Pan. Under the direction of Mrs Frances LaShoto and Mrs. June Mitchell many fine dramatic readings were presented at various convocations during the year. Mrs. June Mitchell and her Choric Speech Choir have had a highly successful year; in fact, so successful that they are booked now through 1958! They entertained at three convocations and twelve different clubs. 52 Vinnie, our champion, and our up-and-coming debaters. The student Speech Therapists, Miss Catherine Perry, Director, and Mrs. Adams. Student therapists are gaining invaluable experience at the Samuel D. Robbins Speech and Hearing Clinic. The inauguration this year of a program for young cerebral palsied adults, made possible by a grant from the State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, is an example of the progress the Clinic has been making continually since it was established three years ago. This new program is under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Rubin, a 1955 graduate of Emerson College. A large monetary ' gift to the Clinic is being used to purchase auditory equipment for use with the enlarged group of hard-of-hearing patients. To cite another example of the Clinic ' s advancement under Miss Catherine Perry ' s direction, the case load has increased from 18 patients when the Clinic opened to 150 patients this year. The combined experience and interest demonstrated by Miss Enid Lofchie and Mr. Thomas Houchin has been more than dutiful in these important accomplishments. CLASS WILL We, the members of the Senior Class of Emerson College in the city of Boston , County of Suffolk . and Commonwealth of Mas saclmsetts , do ordain and establish this to be our last will and testament . Haring spent all our pennies that we might receive our degree . signed by the proper authorities, we leave the follow- ing items to our successors. Use them wisely. Chuck Albert gives the Evolution of Expression back to Charles Wesley Emerson. Ron Allard leaves to Andy Guthrie his power to maintain silence when the occasion demands. Joan Allen leaves to Bonnie Glovin the overdue file and library notices. Dick Allen leaves his tambourine to Jim Noel. Barbara Arey leaves her ability to remain inconspicuous to Dick Fuchs. Jim Arena leaves his amazing ability to pass Dr. Pierce’s courses without cracking a book to all Western Civilization students. Dick Barba leaves . . . finally. Bill Bellissimo leaves WERS for WRCA and big-time radio. Bob Bergeron leaves Hi Fi Heaven” and the ' Tower of London” to next year ' s proctors at 303 Berkeley. Vin Bevilacqua leaves his " shoe” sneakers to Dick Hamilton to be worn at Student Government meetings. Russ Blood leaves a referee ' s whistle and a pair of elevator shoes to Hap LeClair. Ed Blotner leaves his Shearing records to WECB. Joan Cappel leaves her ability to remain slender while constantly eating french fries, frappes, and spaghetti to all endomorphs. Tom Carroll leaves his polka-dot shirt and lace tie to John Locke to use in his western movies. Bob Cathcart leaves next year ' s Senior class president one full day each week for class meetings. Lora Chase leaves her worn out ballet slippers to be used by future " Guys and Dolls”. Adrienne Cohen leaves for Georgia with her Southern accent unimpaired. Jim Colby leaves his little black book to be sold at the next Kappa Auction. Cindy Crane leaves her two pony tails to any short-bobbed lassies. Norma Crocker leaves her two hard-boiled eggs to Nancy Holden. Mimi Dalapas leaves for Maryland and an Annapolis wedding. Mort Dubitsky leaves to Meredith O’Gorman his rendition of " When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” in Hebrew. Joe Famolare just wants to leave. Liz Findlen leaves Shirley Shay her " Glass Menagerie " to play with. Mort Glovin leaves a flattened head to the President of Student Government. Bob Handy leaves 7 Charles to John Ahearn. Mort Kaplan leaves his sarcastic remarks to any inhibited person, if one can be found at Emerson. Dick Keefe leaves to Mitch Sevajian all of his unused B M commuter tickets. Carole Krinzman leaves her red convertible and Florida tan to Judi Simmons. Dick Libertini leaves for Greenwich Village. Bob Lovehng leaves his sergeant stripes to Dick Hamilton. Priscilla Lowell leaves locker 14 solely to Ray and Charlie. Pam Merrill leaves her multi-colored fingernail polish to the paint and scenery department. Nancy Newman leaves the Newman Club to perpetuate her name. Don Perkins gives Hamlet, Romeo, and Feste back to Sir Lawrence Olivier. Bob Riley leaves his sweatshirt to Emerson ' s Hall of Fame. Pat Roberts leaves all of her unfinished business connected with Emerson to Ruth Silverman. Theresa Romano leaves her ability to remain calm under fire to future presidents of Inter-Faith. Dick Russell leaves his car for continued use as the Emerson Taxi. Ken Saunders leaves the AA-OO-GAH horn on his car to Bernie Gregoire. Sue Siegel leaves her fellow Siegels to continue the confusion. John Sylvester leaves his suaveness in handling certain affairs to Line Stulick. Helen Teitelbaum leaves to Emerson her cast parties, to be distributed evenly. Sheila Ward leaves her 2,000 lab hours to be divided among the freshmen. Kay Wishengrad leaves for Kukamonga to study the native dancers. Alex Wolfson leaves to take over Brooks Atkinson ' s job as America ' s dean of drama critics. Elaine Zimmerman leaves her pleasant voice to future switchboard operators. Drawn, signed and delivered this first day of February in the year of our Lord, one thousand, nine hundred and fft seven within the confines of Emerson College in Boston. Commonwealth i,f Massachusetts. 54 ACTIVITIES Our home a Walsh nd our " Mother” Mrs. Edward Kappa Gamma Chi has the distinction of being the oldest independent sorority in existence, hav- ing been founded in 1902. Being the social sorority at Emerson, the girls always have a number of activities on their " Kap- pa Kalender. " Some of these activities include the annual Faculty Auction, the Spaghetti Throw, and a Christmas party held at the Kappa house. One of the highlights of the year was The Under- water Fantasy, a semi-formal dance, which Kappa held in conjunction with their brother fraternity, Alpha Pi Theta. Among the festivities which con- cluded the school year were the May weekend and the Parents’ weekend. The aim of Kappa Gamma Chi is ideal woman- hood based on love, loyalty, trust, and harmony. President Priscilla Lowell Vice-President Secretary Co-Treasurers House Manager Social Chairman Norma Crocker Elizabeth Findlen Meredith O ' Gorman Honey Wilinski Shirley Shay Cynthia Hutchinson KAPPA GAMMA CHI 56 PHI MU GAMMA The Alpha Chapter of Phi Mu Gamma was founded at Emerson College in 1921. Phi Mu Gamma is a national speech arts sorority standing for the intelligent advancement of the arts. Be- ginning the season with the pledging of new members, the girls entertained their guests with a novel " delicatessen” style dinner at the home of Nancy Newman. The activities for second semester were highlighted by a musical melo- drama, " Love Rides The Rails, " which the Phi Mu girls produced in conjunction with their brother fraternity, Phi Alpha Tau. The success of its two performances was well worth the weeks of rehearsing. President Cindy Crane Vice-President Nancy Newman Secretary Sheila Krute Treasurer Nancy Dickinson Jj-Utl Making plans for the year Emerson College is the home of Alpha Chapter of Zeta Phi Eta, America’s first professional Speech Arts fraternity for women. Since the founding of the Alpha Chapter in 1908, Zeta has strived to keep its members closely in touch with the current events of the fields they plan to enter. Each year as a fund-raising project, the members sponsor a " Work Week " . During this period, a Zeta girl will do any type of odd job from washing your car to washing your baby. This phenomenally successful project has been recognized by the thirty-five national chapters of Zeta. Other events looked forward to by all Emers onians are the Zeta Christmas party for the Speech Therapy Clinic, its musical productions staged in collaboration with Rho Delta Omega, and this year especially, its Square Dance. OFFICERS President Patricia Roberts Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Marge Whiting Lois Bickoff Elaine Zimmerman Barbara Rosenthal ZETA PHI ETA 58 PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL J. Novick, P. Lowell, Miss Lofchie, P. Roberts, B. Regan, C. Crane. The Pan Hellenic Council coor- dinates the activities of the three sororities on campus. Its chief function is to initiate the rushing season with a Tea twice yearly. The Council has as its advisor Miss Enid Lofchie. The chief aim of the Intra-Fraternity Council is to establish and maintain standards and better relations among the fraternal organizations at Emerson Col- lege. The Council is composed of the president of each fraternity. R. Dempsey, T. Carroll, K. Desmarais INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL 59 ALPHA PI THETA Alpha Pi Theta is a professional speech arts fraternity at Emerson College. It was organized in 1945 to promote the use of speech and dramatic training in general education, to work for the advance of the standards of professional speech and dramatics, and to provide the benefits of frat- ernal cooperation for the students of Emerson College who are interested in a sincere and honest effort to improve themselves and their college. The members of the fraternity are drawn from all departments of the school to provide a well-rounded background in the organization. During the past year. Alpha Pi Theta has been engaged in many school and social functions independently and in cooperation with the other fraternities and sororities. One of the highlights of this year was the very successful Theta-Kappa Dance held in January in the Theater. Dick Richards and his orchestra accompanied the dancing couples through an evening of fun and entertainment. President Edward Blotner Vice-President Charles Durand Corresponding Secretary Richard Johnson Recording Secretary William Lewis Treasurer Donald Mills 60 Anyone walking through the buildings of Emerson College during the latter part of February would have seen young men in dark suits with striped blue and white ties, and each sporting a fresh white bouton- nier. The occasion was pledge time here at the col- lege, the men prospective brothers, and the fraternity Phi Alpha Tau. It was back in the year 1902 at Emerson College that this national fraternity was first organized. Its aims then and now are still for the development and promotion of the speech arts in all fields and professions. Phi Alpha Tau worked for many years toward the development of a speech award which could be given to people in whose fields speech was an integral part. In the year 1953 this annual national speech arts award became a reality in the " Joseph E. Connor Award’’. The late Brother Connor was for many years chairman of the Emerson College speech de- partment and was instrumental in nationalizing and spreading the doctrine of the fraternity throughout many institutions of higher learning in the United States. To date the ' ' Joseph E. Connor Award” has been presented to Edward R. Murrow, Bill Cunning- ham, Joseph Welch, and Eliot Norton, all men who utilize speech in the high OF President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer lest. FICERS Kenneth Desmarais Richard Hamilton James Noel Robert Loveling George Wildey i i i i 61 PHI ALPHA TAU RHO DELTA OMEGA Beverly Foley. Rho Delias Dream Grrl Rho Delta Omega had one of their most successful years since the establishment of the fraternity in 1948. RDO ' s Dream Girl Ball was held in October and provided a very pleasant opening to Emerson’s social season for this year. Miss Beverly Foley, member of the Sophomore class, was honored by the fraternity in being chosen " Dream Girl of 1957.” In sports Rho Delta was victorious in the Intra-Fraternity Football League, winning two games and losing none. The Smoker was held in February and a good time was had by both the active members and the many alumni who returned to Emerson for this annual event. In March the Alumni Council was formed and plans for the Tenth Reunion got underway. Other events during the year included a Square Dance with Zeta and participation in the Intra-Fraternity Softball League. President Tom Carroll Vice President Dick Barba Corresponding Secretary John Zacharis Plenry LeClair Recording Secretary Harvey Putterman Treasurer Paul McKeown 62 HILLEL II Officers: L. Freedman, President, H. Putterman, V. President, D. Dunn, Secretary, V. Levanthal, Treasurer. NEWMAN CLUB Officers: T. Romano, President, G. Gifford, V. President, T. Carroll, Secretary, J. Cal- laghan, Treasurer. fW STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Officers: N. Crocker, President ; Vice-President, J. Noel; Secretary, M. Graham; Treasurer, P. Roberts; Repesentative, J. Kay. INTER-FAITH COUNCIL B Foley, N Crocker, Se c. -Treasurer, T. Romano, Pres., L. Friedman, V.-Pres., Jerry Kay. Organized in May of 1956, the Council has as it’s chief func- tion promotion of the feeling of brotherhood at Emerson and co-ordination of the activities of our three religious groups toward that end. 64 Officers of Choir: Pres., James Noel, Secy.-Treas., Marge Whiting, Librarians, Marge Graham, Nor- ma Crocker. Directed by Mr. Robert Pettitt. Officers of Choric Speech: Pres., Marge Whiting, V . Pres., Garey Walsh, Secretary, Yvonne Perretta, Treasurer, Michael Binnette, Librarian, Sue Rei- singer. Directed by Mrs. June Mitchell. 65 Idbw’bw n-jaosn pjMQin B Rosenthal, R. Allen, R. Hamilton, Editor, C. Dur- and, Y. Perretta, D. Greenberg, J. LeBlanc, J. de- menti. Scribe, our literary magazine, published quar- terly, features verse, short stories, and reviews. These are submitted by the students, the faculty, and occasionally, a guest author. The Berkeley Beacon, popularly known as the " BB,” is our newspaper " by and for the students . . Each issue is designed to include news from all corners of the col- lege and the activities " on campus.” JhfL fcm Jibwv oUsacjjL t-arif Jflagajihe NUMBER TWO 3WN BUT TO GOD 2 Charles W. Dudley N A SAPLING OAK 5 Gerry Lalfin REQUIEM 6 James A. Walker , Jr. HOSPITAL SCENE 9 David Greenberg PATTERNS 12 Rockwell B. Schaefer GEORGE 13 Kenny Linden BYE-BYE BEOWULF 15 Robert McHaffey ONG OR WRIGHT 17 Warren Wright AN ACT OF CONTRITION 20 Robert McHoffey fierkeleu tfeacoh A. Wolfson, N. Crocker, P. Merrill, R. Mc- Haffey, Editor, J. August, E. Berezin, B. Foley, B. Gawron. EMERSO Boston, Founded I Editor -in-Chief Associate Editor Business Manager Art Editor Radio Editor Drama Editor Sports Editor Social Editor Staff Photographer Editorial Assistant Columnis J. August, N. Crocker, P Faculty Advisor 66 WECB WECB is the closed circuit radio station run by the undergraduate broad- casting students. It not only serves as a valuable source of experience for its staff members but also provides the school with varied programming through- out the day. 88.9 means good listening! WERS, Emerson College’s 18,000 watt educa- tional FM station provides the listeners of eastern Massachusetts with the finest in programs of information, education, and classical music. WERS is operated WERS by the advanced students in the Broadcasting department. i i 67 ■■■Hraamai ' uZBSr. 3JUM DEBATE Officers: Vincent Bevilacqua, Pres., Ronald Allard, V. Pres., John Zacharis, Secy., Mary Connors, T reas.. STUDENT GOVERNMENT B Glovin, M. Glovin, Dr S J McKinley, J. LeBlanc, J. dementi, R. Cathcart, H. Morgan, R. Hamilton, B. Mandel. Student Government has been outstanding this year in its efforts to improve the appearance of our College and to help all the students in a campaign to better the standards of dress and conduct. The success of this government is dependent upon the cooperation and interest of 68 its citizens. EMERSONIAN STAFF Co-Editors Art and Layout Literary Typists Business Manager Advertising Norma Crocker, Richard Russell Patricia Roberts, Susan Siegel, Sheila Ward Elizabeth Findlen, Joan Allen, Pamela Merrill, Joan Cappel, Robert Bergeron, Carl Schmider Maryann Gallant, Cynthia Whalen Thomas Carroll Priscilla Lowell, Theresa Romano, John Sylvester Liz, Pam, Joan, Carl, Pris, and Bob Sheila, Susan, and. Pat 69 Tom, Pris, John, Theresa i i t { I iim ' iuu UHOUflliU The basketball team, coached by Bob Bergeron and cheered on to victory by the pretty ' cheerleaders, wound up the season in March pitted against the Massachusetts College of Optometry at Boston Garden. Plans for April and May included several games for the baseball team and the climax of the season, the Most Valuable Player Award was given to the outstanding player in baseball and basketball. Cheerleaders: First row: L. Abrams, R. Rappaport. Sec- ond row: G. Cohen, I. Gerber, A. Karagias, V. May, J. Goldman, A. Cohen. 70 Athletic Association: Front row: J. Wolinski, R. Barba, G. Lewis, E. Blotner, L. Stamoulis. Back row: M. Dubitsky, R. Blood, R. Stoughton, R. Hein. Richard A. Thomas Director of Athletics STUDENT DIRECTORY Abrams, Linda 430 W. Hudson St., Long Beach, N.Y. Ades, Alice 1444 Rosewood, Louisville, Ky. Ahern, John J. Jr. 31 Arbutus Road, Worcester, Mass. Aiello, Roger 149 Massachusetts Ave., Providence, R.l Albert, Maynard B. 226 Sixth St., Providence, R.L Allard, Ronald 133 Biron St., Manchester, N.H. Allen, Joan 38 Temple St., Reading, Mass. Allen, Richard P. 7 6 Meridian St., Melrose 76, Mass. Amato, Philip P. 42 Dakota St., Dorchester, Mass. Andelman, Gerald 18 Brinsley St., Dorchester 21, Mass. Anton, Robert 83-25 98th St., Woodhaven, N.Y. Arena, James 12 Hird Ave., Salem, N.H. Arey, Barbara Franklin St., Bucksport, Me. Asch, Barry, 402 Jerome St., Brooklyn 7, N.Y. August, June C. 55 Dixon St., Bridgeport 4, Conn. Austin, Ernest Jr. 1 14 Cannon Rd., East Hartford, Conn. Austin, Paul J. 82 Berkeley St., Boston, Mass. Baltusnik, Janice T. Munnsville, N.Y. Barba, Richard E. 26 Linden St., Rochester, N.H. Barnes, Ellen H. 1 68 Stanwood St., Providence, R.L Barron, Marie A. 334 Yale Ave., New Haven, Conn. Barron, Raymond 40 North Front St., Sunbury, Pa. Becker, Carla R RFD 3, Route 44A, Coventry, Conn. Behrman, Barbara 865 Boulevard, Westfield, N.J. Bellissimo, William 41 Slade St., Belmont 78, Mass. Berezin, Elizabeth 154-60 10th Ave., Beechhurst, N.Y. Bergeron, Robert 303 Berkeley St., Boston, Mass. Berkeley, Ellen C. 17 Lewis Dr., Maplewood, N.J. Bernhard t, Sarah L. 354 47th St., Canton 9, Ohio Bertrand, Dorothy M. 69 School St., Lowell, Mass. Bevilacqua, Vincent 72 Lowell Ave., Haverhill, Mass. Bickoff, Lois 28 Howard Ave., Passaic Park, N.J. Bieri, Ramon 81 Elm St., Windsor, Conn. Binette, Michael R. RFD 3, Laconia, N.H. Black, Anne S. 1300 Orchard Terrace, Linden, N.J. Blackmar, Cynthia A. 47 Great Oak Drive, Short Hills, N.J. Blitz, Larry 490 West End Ave., New York 24, N.Y. Block, David 563 Norfolk St., Boston, Mass. Blood, Russell W. 21 Temple St., Boston, Mass. Blotner, Edward S. 10 Edward St., Haverhill, Mass. Blume, Gerald 575 Mountain Rd., West Hartford, Conn. Bordy, William 371 N. Richmond Ave., Atlantic City, N.J. Borzumato, Lawrence 59 Main St., Hudson, Mass. Botnick, Abby J. 23 Lessing Rd., West Orange, N.J. Bowen, Angela D. 17 Intervale St., Roxbury 21, Mass. Bowes, Alice 325 Washington St., Winchester, Mass. Boyne, Gerald J. Piermont, N.Y. Brecher, Ruth R. 45 Ridge Ave., Passaic, N.J. Brenner, Elinor 60 Gorham Ave., Brookline, Mass. Bridges, Rodney 37 Garden St., Boston, Mass. Buckley, Anna E. 1081 Washington Ave., Pelham Manor, N.Y. Budnitz, Harriet G. 285 Salisbury St., Worcester 9, Mass. Butensky, Natalee 2 Davis St., Danbury Conn. Butterfield, Ruell 153 Cony St., Augusta, Me. Callaghan, James M 159 Brown St., Pittsfield, Mass. Campeau, John 80 Greenridge Rd., Torrington, Conn. Canales, Armida A. 39 Fortney Place, Barre, Vt. Cappel, Joan E 34 Sherwood Terrace, Holyoke, Mass. Carrington, Alfred New Haven Rd., Naugatuck, Conn. Carroll, Thomas F. 94 Powder House Blvd., Somerville, Mass. Cassidy, Robert J. 90 Canton St., Lowell, Mass. Cathcart, Robert 1 1 Waverly Place, Melrose, Mass. Chabot, Leo L. 40 York St., Kennebunk, Me. Charles, Diana 2 38 W. Market St., Long Beach, N.Y. Charrier, Ernest L. 22 Central Ave., Revere 51, Mass. Chase, John 1 1 Bailey Ave., Watertown, Mass. Chase, Lora D 1 1 Bailey Ave., Watertown, Mass. Chazanov, Rita J. 42 E. 56th St., Brooklyn 3, N.Y. Gain, Karen 62 Thomas Rd., Swampscott, Mass. Clark, Denard 29 8th Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Clark, John B. 201 Mr. Pleasant Ave., Stratford, Ginn. Clarke, Robert L. Route 1001 Cumberland, Foreside, Me. Clement, Sandra 92 Water St., Rochester, N.H. Clementi, Joseph 17A Bennington St., Lawrence, Mass. Cohen, Adrienne 2558 N. Decatur Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Cohen, Ann 278 Brush Hill Rd., Milton, Mass. Cohen, Brenda Z. 35 Orkney Rd., Brighton, Mass. Cohen, Deborah H. 438 Sussex Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. Cohen, Stanley 1602 Avenue " R ”, Brooklyn 29, N.Y. Cohen, Susan 1219 Highland Ave., Fall River, Mass. Cohn, Gail N. 201 Whitehall Rd., Albany 9, N.Y. Colby, James E. 266A Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass. Cole, Lawrence 1 1 Ellis Place, Lynn, Mass. Colitz, Lois 326 24th St., Union City, N.J. Colton, Barbara 222 W. 83rd St., New York 25, N.Y. Comess, Loretta A. 5223 Rolfe Ave., Norfolk, Va. Connors, Mary E. 155 Woodside, Winthrop, Mass. Constantindes, Constantine 1 Statigou Doumpiotou St., Salonica, Greece Copeland, Patricia A. 100 Memorial Drive, Cambridge 42, Mass. Cosmos, Robert A. 36 Othello Rd., Worcester, Mass. Costello, Daphne Ninth St., Greenport, N.Y. Crane, Cynthia 48 Revere St., Boston, Mass. Crannell, Kenneth 1449 Eastern Ave., Malden, Mass. Crocker, Norma 428 Campfield Ave., Hartford 14, Conn. Cronis, Dean 15 Winter St., Melrose, Mass. Curtis, Karen 39 S. Pleasant St., Haverhill, Mass. Czarick, Mary J. 248 Henry St., Pottstown, Pa. Dalapas, Demetra 79 High St., Saco, Me. Darna, Edward 335 Adams St., Manchester, Conn. Daughn, Michael B. 9 W. High St., East Hampton, Conn. David, Ruth 23 Daniels St., Pawtucket, R.L Davis, Leslie 46 Walnut Park, Roxbury 19, Mass. De Fazio, Frank 6 Lakeview Ave., Wakefield, Mass. Dempsey, Raymond J. 87 Powell St., Lowell, Mass. Desmarais, Kenneth 35 Myrtle St., Boston, Mass. Dickinson, Nancy Maple St., Granville, Mass. Di Mascio, Domenic 70 Fountain, Cranston 9, R.L Di Russo, Irma 15 Locke Lane, Lexington 73, Mass. Dixon, Fred 40 Irving Rd., Scituate, Mass. Done, Chrisanne 82 Spring St., Lexington 73, Mass. Donlon, Paul J. 509 Washington St., Winchester, Mass. Donner, Peter L. 20 Marshall St., Irvington 1 1, N.J. Dow, Barbara A. 38 Eldredge St., Newton 58, Mass. Doyle, Ralph J. 76 Leonard St., Malden 48, Mass. Dress, Samuel I. 234 Warrington St., Providence 7, R.L Dubitsky, Morton 149 Ray St., Fall River, Mass. Dunn, David 900 Dumont Ave., Brooklyn 7, N.Y. Dunn, Marie 25 Whitelawn Ave., Milton, Mass. Durand, J. Charles 140 Farmland Ave., Lowell, Mass. Dwinell, Clark K. 30 Crestwood Drive, Wellesley, Mass. Dysart, Richard A. 12 Johnson St., Augusta, Me. Earley, George E. 30 Oak St., Newburyport, Mass. Eisinger, Jetta J. 296 W. 234th St., Riverdale 63, N.Y. 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Oros, Robert 1 1 Beatty St., Trenton 10, N.J. 73 STUDENT DIRECTORY Palmer, Joy RFD 3. Easton, Pa. Paltrowitz, Mi chale 8 Ridge Rd., Juniper Ridge, Conn. Papa, John G. 3 7 School St., Everett, Mass. Peck, George 101 Revere St., Boston, Mass. Peltier, Lawrence 53 Leeds St., Lowell, Mass. Perkins, Donald I960 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton, Mass. Perko, Nancy Evergreen Rd., Jeannette, Pa. Perretta, Yvonne 311 Cambridge St., Bridgeport, Conn. Peters, George 121 Elm St., Andover. Mass. Petsch, Charlene R. D. East Greenbush, N Y. Pheeroze, Nadir 86 Clifton Rd., Karachi, Pakistan Phelps, Ernest E. 73 Park St., Mansfield, Mass. Philbrook, Richard 453 Summer St., Lynn, Mass. Pierce, John J. 6 Fitz Rd., Peabody, Mass. Pietromonaco, John 1483 State St., Schenectady, N.Y. Pomeroy, Sally 106 Harriet St., South Portland, Me. Ponderoso, Louis 158 Spencer Ave., Chelsea, Mass. Potter, David 12 Winthrop Rd., Wayland, Mass. Pratt, Meriel 41 Walnut St., Arlington, Mass. Press, David 3512 French St., Erie, Pa. Proudfoot, Andrea 3703 Rusted Drive, N. Chevy Chase, Wash ington 15, D.C. Provost, France J. 2172 Elm St., Manchester, N.H. Putterman, Harvey 139 Hazelmere Rd., New ' Britain, Conn. Quinlan, John 62 Campbell St., New Bedford, Mass. Raciti. Vencent 18 Russ St., Methuen, Mass. Rappaport, Rosalind 200 Marvelwood Drive, New ' Haven, Conn. Ravich, Leonard 353 Garden St., Hartford, Conn. Raybold, Richard 1 Primus Ave., Boston 1, Mass. Regan, Barbara 53 Walnut St., Shewsbury, Mass. Reid, Richard 15 Marion St., Randolph, Mass. Reisinger, M. Suzanne 435 N. 32nd St., Harrisburg, Pa. Riccitello, Marlene l - 4 - Randolph Rd., Schenectady 8, N.Y. Richards, Janice Burnham Rd., Dover, Mass. Riley, Paul 3 Kilmer Ave., Taunton, Mass. Riley, Robert 71 State St., Augusta, Me. Roberts, Mary 694 N. Colony St., Meriden, Conn. Roberts, Patricia 800 Parkwood Ave., Annapolis, Md. Robillard, Ina 69 Central St., Leominster, Mass. Rodman, Joanne 349 Princeton Blvd., Lowell, Mass. Rogers, William Emery St., Salem Depot, N.H. Romano, Theresa 49 Bow ' doin Ave., Dorchester, Mass. Rosenblum, Carol 152 Coolidge Road, Worcester, Mass. Rosenman, Judith 94 Princeton St., Newton, Mass. Rosenthal, Barbara 17 Dawson Ave., W. Orange, N.J. Rossi, Richard 40 2 Ayers St., Barre, Vt. Rothman, E. Gael 9 Hillside Drive, Yonkers 5, N.Y. Rubin, Sandra 45 Hoeltzer St., Rochester 5, N.Y. Russell, Martha Chilmark, Martha ' s Vineyard, Mass. Russell, Richard Baker Ave., Concord, Mass. Russell, Stanley 155 Walnut Ave., Boston, Mass Rutana, Donald 146 Highland St., Northbridge, Mass. Sabin, Marilyn, 465 West End Ave., New York 24, N.Y. St. James, William 62 Market St., Brockton, Mass. Salowitz, Morton 60 Eddy Glover Blvd., New ' Britain, Conn. Sanders, Norman 200 Wyckoff Ave., Ramsey, N.J. Santos, Richard 1 7 9 Foster St., Low ' ell, Mass. Sargent, Barbara 18 Lafayette Park, Lynn, Mass. Saunders, Kenneth 49 Prospect St., Whirinsville, Mass. Savage, Allen 1908 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. Savoy, David 99 Monticello Ave., Dorchester, Mass. Schachte, Peter Kellogg Hill Rd., Westport, Conn. Schaffer, Robert Elm St., Baldwinville, Mass. Scheib, Margareta 8106 91st Ave , Woodhaven 21, N.Y. Schifrin, Rochelle 1287 48th St., Brooklyn 34, N.Y. Schine, Betsy 251 Inwood Rd.. Bridgeport, Conn. Schmider, Carl 68 Glendower Rd., Roslindale 31, Mass. ScFimidr, Andre 45 Grand View- Ave , San Francisco 14, Calif. Schwartz, Howard 1 124 Lindley St., Bridgeport 6, Conn. Scott, Janet 77 Beach St., Revere, Mass. Segal, Errol 2383 85th St., Brooklyn 14, N.Y. Segal, Stephen 20 Reynolds Ave., Everett, Mass. Seiden, Fred 79 Winthrop Ave., Albany 3, N.Y. Sevajian, Mitchell 350 Merrimac St., Methuen, Mass. Seyfarth, Leonard 7 Kenilworth Circle, Wellesley, Mass. Shapiro, Eleanor 74 Abbottsford Rd., Brookline, Mass. Shaughnessy, Peter 784 S. Chubb Drive, Doylestown, Pa. Shay, Shirley 45 Woodcraft Rd., Haverstown, Pa. Siegel, Susan 751 Vine St., Elizabeth 2, N.J. Siegel, Sybil 167 Uplan Ave., Newton Highlands, Mass. Silva, Joan 104 Adams St., Fairhaven, Mass. Silverman, Franklin 149 Rangeley Rd., Cranston, R.I. Silverman, Ruth 149 Rangeley Rd., Cranston, R.I. Simmons, Judith 82 Main St., Blackstone, Mass. Simons, Robert 30 Fitzbery St., Revere, Mass. Smith, Edward Jonesboro, Maine Snider, Christine 451 Bernhardt Drive, Snyder 21, N.Y. Snider, Constance 534 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. Solomon, Judith 1484 Dean St., Schenectady 9, N.Y. Solomon, Michael 535 Derby Ave., Woodmere, N.Y. Solomon, Michelle 74 Westervelt Place, Passaic, N.J. Spanton, Frances 135-34 78th Rd., Flushing 67, N.Y. Spekin, Roberta 125 North Adams St., Manchester, N.H. Sperberg, Frances 4107 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va. Stamoulis, Louis 107 Vernon St., Worcester, Mass. ■ Steeves, Wayne 93 Haverhill St., North Reading, Mass. Stevens, Roger 2229 4 1 st St., Astoria 5, N.Y. Stone, Beverly 91 Abbotsford Road, Brookline, Mass. Stone, Robert Danbury State Rd., New Milford, Conn. Stoughton, Robert 31 Hillside Ave., Plantsville, Conn. Stratton, P. Gail 44 Hillcrest Pkwy., Winchester, Mass. Strauss, Elinor 407 Lockwood Rd., Fairfield, Conn. Stulik, Lincoln 72 Larchmont Ave., Larchmont, N.Y. Stump, Susan 42 Arrandale Ave., Great Neck, N.Y. Swerdlick, Edward 54 Hill St., Malden,, Mass. Sylvester, Edward 5 Wiget St., Boston, Mass. Sylvester, John Jr. 32 Columbine Rd., Milton, Mass. Tabolsky, Marvin 32 Woolsow St., Mattapan, Mass. Tauss, Melitta 192 Taft Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Teitelbaum, Arthur 12-18 Alexander Ave., Fairlawn, N.J. Teitelbaum, Helen 11 Riverside Drive, New York 23, N.Y. Thompson, Martha 69 Oceanview ' Rd., Swampscott, Mass. Todd, Lowell 310 Clarkson St., Burlington, N.J. Toumajan, Thomas 10 Mont Vernon St., Milford, N.H. Trapp, Patricia 1457 Centre St., Newton Centre, Mass. Troy, Nancy 155 Autumn St., Passaic, N.J. Tucker, Barri 3 4 Vi Shepard St., Cambridge, Mas s. Tullman, Barbara 1348 East 3rd St., Brooklyn 30, N.Y. Vangel, Dorothy 6A Appleton St., Boston, Mass. Vengrove, Stephen 694 Crown St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Walker, David 9 Prospect St., Taunton, Mass. Walker, James 23 Greene St., Amsterdam, N.Y. Walsh, Francis 7 Carter St., Providence, R.I. Walsh, Garey RFD 1, Elmwood, Conn. Ward, Sheila 45 Bradford Rd., Watertown, Mass. Warren, Lael 3 Vi Patterson, Augusta, Maine Watson, Donald 365 Warren St., Needham 92, Mass. Weeks, Richard 297 Gilford Ave., Laconia, N.H. Weissblum, Walter 183 Mt. Vernon St., Malden, Mass. Whalen, Cynthia 724 Frost Ave., Peakskill, N.Y. Whiting, Marjorie 710 Pleasant St., Belmont, Mass. Whitney, Joan 155 Merriam Road, Grafton, Mass. Wildey, George 70 Ridge Rd., Yonkers, N.Y. Wilinski, Honore 551 Pequot Ave., New London, Conn. Willey, Carolyn Route 2, Garland, Texas Williams, Michael 62 Munsey Ave., Swansea, Mass. Winston, Michael 2069 63rd St., Brooklyn 4, N.Y. Wishengrad, Kay 30 Dell Ave., Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Wolf, Michael H. 404 Moraine Rd., Highland Park, 111. Wolfson, Alexander 182 Garden St., Pawtucket, R.I. Wolinsky, Julian 64-74 Saunder St., Rego Park 74, N.Y. Wolosewicz, Joseph 90 Arlington St., Chelsea, Mass. Yacawych, Robert Fall Mountain Rd., Bristol, Conn. Yang, Stephen 540 Araicho, Nakano-Ku, Tokyo, Japan Zacharis, John 49 Chadwick St., Haverhill, Mass. Ziemba, Casimir 198 8th St., Passaic, N.J. Zimmerman, Elaine 26 E. Hebble Ave., Fairborn, Ohio Ziskin, Marvin 122 Westbourne Terrace, Brookline, Mass. Zwerdling, Judith 187 Lefferts Rd., Woodmere, Long Island, N.Y. 74 I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE § I § SENIOR CLASS FROM STUDENT GOVERNMENT § . ss,s . yy. X 75 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS § i § § § § § § § § § § FROM THE CLASS OF ’58 76 T- Vj ' ■ BEST WISHES FROM § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § N X K . THE CLASS OF ’59 77 THE CLASS OF I960 WISHES THE SENIORS IN LIMITED WORDS AN UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF SUCCESS 6 78 ' ,-.j5r.Ss. y. The Brothers of Rho Delta Omega Fraternity extend sincere wishes to the CLASS OF 1957 Congratulations to the SENIOR CLASS from KAPPA GAMMA CHI and ALPHA PI THETA Through Communication of Brotherhood PHI ALPHA TAU wishes success to the CLASS OF 1957 Compliments of PHI MU GAMMA 79 HL Hi 1MJ % ESD i { 5 § I Best Wishes To The Class of l 957 s ZETA PHI ETA 80 Ll v -v - vSX 5 compliments of EMERSON COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION compliments of EMERSON COLLEGE CHOIR Best Wishes to the Senior Class from THE INTER-FAITH COUNCIL Hillel Newman Club Student Christian Association " The Fatherhood of God , the brotherhood of man ' 81 In Unison We Wish You Good Luck In The Future EMERSON COLLEGE SPEECH CHOIR FORENSIC COUNCIL 1957 § § § § § § § 82 WERS-TV closed circuit Best Wishes From the BROADCASTING DEPARTMENT WERS-FM 18,000 watts First in " live” classical music programming . . . serving Greater Massachusetts United Press News Service WECB campus radio station Compliments of THE DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH PATHOLOGY AND AUDIOLOGY Compliments of THE DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE ARTS For the advancement of Dramatic Arts through education Remember THE EMERSON COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Good luck to the Class of ’57 may your children be our customers f § § 83 Best Wishes To The Class of 1957 § I § § § $ § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § •ACr. BERKELEY BEACON 84 compliments of scnibt The Emerson College Literary Magazine RIVERSIDE CAFETERIA " The Hungry Student’s Best Friend " Excellent Foods at a Moderate Cost BREAKFAST — DAILY SPECIALS — REGULAR DINNERS 42 Charles Street Boston, Mass. LA 3-9418 85 ; v - ' «- ' - v? " - v ' ■s jy--sy ' 5 N I Discriminating music listeners buy high fidelity systems at . . . THE LISTENING POST 161 NEWBURY STREET BOSTON 16, MASS. Hi-Fi components and completely assembled units New and used equipment Jewelry of Jewelry for The Theater THE SILVERSMITHS’ SHOP 342 BOYLSTON ST. 225 BERKELEY ST. BOSTON compliments of EMERSON COLLEGE YOUNG DEMOCRATIC CLUB 86 -• — lut 87 direct sales I § SS?S l ! I SR J i P!lj? [flail I g personal service original layouts art service retouching composition mechanicals halftone and line negatives film and plate stripping plate making offset printing folding complete bindery service packaging delivery t. o ' toole and sons, in c. Stamford, Connecticut Stamford da 4-9226 new york me 5-4112 Lois Marcia Bickoff Barb Gawron Margie Graham Bernie Gregoire Dick Hamilton Jack Leblanc Barry Mendel BOOSTERS John Pietromonaco Stan Russell Sybil Siegel Dr. and Mrs. John P. Stump Cindy Whalen George Wildey John Zacharis 88

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