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F RR( jriuU ' ' M 1 1 M- u EMERSON COLLEGE THE 1956 EMERSONIAN Emerson College, Boston, Mass. DEDICATION Seldom, in this mechanical and atomic age of which we are a part, do we find someone who puts personal interests and pleasures aside in order to lend a helping hand and a helping heart; a person who strives tirelessly to succeed in attaining a particular goal until it is reached, and then upon reaching it, strives for new and even better pathways; a pe rson who is never too busy to listen to your problems and is able to make your troubles easier by a friendly smile and a few encouraging and well chosen words. Vie, the class of 1956 are fortunate to have witnessed the develop- ment of a new era at Emerson. We are privileged to have seen not one, but two people play an important part in this development. It is rare that one finds all the qualities of a gentleman in one person, and equally as rare to find a lady who truly connotates the real meaning of that word. And so, it is with deep gratitude, humble thanks, and great admira- tion for all that you have done to made our years at Emerson successful! and enlightening ones, that we, the class of 1956 gratefully dedicate our yearbook to - - - Dr. and Mrs. S. Justus Me Kinley The ties of the Emerson College family should be very close for we are bound together, not only by the shared experiences of our campus life and work, but by our idea of the role of vocal expression and oral communication in the develop- ment and well - being, both of the individual and the community and culture in which he lives. The experiences which my wife and l have shared with you, the class of 1956, have been so rich and varied and have some at such a critical time in our lives and in the life of our College that we feel you are in a very real sense our class, and in the years to come we will follow your lives and careers with a special in- terest and affection. When, as freshmen, you welcomed us on our return to Emerson in December, 1952, you gave us strength and confidence. Since that time we have worked to- gether in so many plf ses of our college life and have come to rely on you so much that it is hard to face the fact that you will not be back to share the pro- blems of leadership in September, 1956. But the basic strength of any college is in its alumni and when 1, as official head of our Emerson College family, welcome you to the ranks of ' the alumni, l rejoice at the new strength which you can, and will, bring to it. Your permanent class organization, the work of your class representative, your work in the alumni council, your vote for trustees in our alumni controlled college - all these will be of immediate importance and we can all look forward to the time when some of you will be ready to undertake the responsibilities of corporators and trustees. You have all seen the improvements that have been made in our work and facilities with alumni leadership, help, and support and can thus be counted on to do all in your power to insure that our growth and progress continues. You will, I am confident, in your personal lives, in your professional careers, and in the way you accept your responsibilities as citizens in our self-govern- ing democracy bring credit to all the Emerson family and to the Emerson idea of education. Our hearts and our thoughts will be with you always. May you find the happi- ness you deserve. MaZibi MAY VA E INTRODUCE THE SENIORS P. Trainor, Secretary; R. Lovett, Vice President; P. W ehkoja, President; R. Lyons, Treasurer. H. ELIZABETH ARUDA JOY P. BARTLETT B.A. Secondary Education “Beauty provoketh theives sooner than gold.” B.A. Drama Betty “I am not only wit in myself, but the cause that wit is in other man.’ Class Vice President 1; Junior Prom Committee 3; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4; W.E.C.B. 1; Choric Speech 1; Cheerleader 1; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 2, 3, 4. University of Vermont 1, 2; Kappa Gamma Chi 3, 4; Public Productions 3, 4; Dormitory Council 3; Student Christian Association 3, 4. JOYCE BATCHELDER B .A . Speech “Friendship is constant in all things.” Kappa Gamm Chi 3, 4; Pan Hellenic Council 4; De- bate 3, 4; Marygrove College 1, 2. CAROLE L. BEHRENS B.S. Drama “Casey” “For my coice, l have lost it with Hollaing and Sing- ing of anthems.” Sophomore Committee 2; Junior Prom Committee 3; Berkeley Beacon 1, 2, Business Manager 2; Co-Editor Emersonian 4; Phi Mu Gamma 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 2; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4; W.E.C.B. 2; Cheerleader 4; Dormitory Council 2, 3; Secretary 3; Hillel 1, 2. JAY A. BLOOM JEAN CALLAHAN HEFFERNAN B.A. English - Education “What my tongue dares not , that my heart shall say.’’ B.A. Broadcasting “I had a thing to say, but l will fit it with some better time.” New York University 1; Debate 3; Emersonian Busi- ness Manager 4; Public Productions 3; W.E.C.B. 2; W.E.R.S. 4; Athletics Association 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3 , 4; Hillel 2, 3, 4. Zet Phi Eta 3; Berkeley Beacon Business Manager 3; Dean ' s List 3, 4. RICHARD A. DYSART B.S. Drama “Doc” “And one man in his time plays many parts.” George Washington University 1; Sophomore Class President 2; Junior Prom Committee 3; Vice President Student Government 3; Berkeley Beacon 2, 3; Phi Alpha Tau 2, 3, 4; President 3; Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil 3; Public Productions 2, 3,4; W.E.C.B. 1, 2; W.E.R.S. 3; Choric Speech 2; Student Christian As- sociation 2, 3; Dean ' s List 2; ' ' Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities ' ' 1950-51 and 1955-56. JOHN R. CHASE B.A. Speech Education “Mine honour is my life. Both grow in one; Take honour from me and my life is done.” Hobart College 1, 2; Junior Prom Committee 3; Vice President Student Government 3; Debate 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; President 3; Phi Alpha Tau 2, 3, 4; President 4; Inter-Fraternity Council 4; W.E.C.B. 2; W.E.R.S. 3; Choric Speech 2, 3; Student Christian Association 3; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities " 1955-56. JOSEPH H. FERRI FRANCIS J. FIXARIS B.A. Broadcasting “Frank” “I am sure care’s an enemy to life.” Rho Delta Omega 2, 3, 4; President 3; Corresponding Secretary 3; W.E.R.S. 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; President 2, 3; Treasurer 4; Most Valuable Player 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Newman Club 4. B.S. Speech “Joe” “I’ll warrant him heart whole!” Boston University 1, 2, 3; Theta Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3; Martha ' s Vineyard, 1955. NATALIE M. GABER MARIANE GOLDNER ti.A. Speech Therapy “Nat” “And thank heaven, fasting, for a good men’s love.” Vice President Dormitory Council 3; Literary Editor Emersonian 4; Dean ' s List 1,2, 3. A B.A. English “Those about her, from her, shall read the perfect way of honor.” Zeta Phi Eta 3, 4; Choric Speech 2; Hillel 2. HENRIETTA L. GROCER B .A. Speech “Honey” “The very pick of courtesy and circumspection.” JEREMIAH L. GOLDSTEIN B.S. Broadcasting “Jerry” “The force of his merit makes his way.” Freshman Hazing 2; Debate 1, 2, 4; Choir 1; Editor Berkeley Beacon 2; Phi Alpha Tau 1, 2, 4; Public Productions 1, 2; W.E.C.B. 1; W.E.R.S. 2, 4; Base- ball 1; Hillel 1, 2, 4; Dean ' s List 1, 2. Debate 3, 4; Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3, 4; Public Productions 1; W.E.C.B 1, 2; Choric Speech 2. RONALD HALL NANETTE A. HELLIGERS B.A. Speech Education “Nan” “He was ever precise in promise keeping .” Dance Committee 1; Posture Award 1, 2; Debate 1, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Treasurer 2; Scribe 3, 4; Berkeley Beacon 1; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4; W.E.C.B. 1, 2, 3; Women ' s Program Director 2, 3; W.E.R.S. 2, 3, 4; Choric Speech 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 4. B.A. Broadcasting “ I am not of many words.” W.E.R.S. 2, 3, 4; Production Staff 4; W.E.C.B. 1, 2, 3; Program Director 2, 3; Berkeley Beacon 3, 4; Phi Alpha Tau 3, 4; Speech Choir 1; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Scribe 2 . BEVERLY A. HENDEL BARBARA L. HOOD B .A . Drama “Bobby” “The daintiest last, to make the end most sweet.” Choir 1; Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4; Choric Speech 1; Dormitory Council 2; Student Christian Association 1, 2. B.A. Speech Therapy “Bev” “I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my own friends.” Hazing Committee 2; Junior Prom Committee 3; Scribe W.E.C.B. 1; Basketball 1; Dormitory Council 1; Hillel 1 . GERTRUDE S. HUBBARD B.A. Psychology - Education B.A. P sy etiology - Education “Gen” “Romans, Countrymen and Lovers, hear me for my cause.” Junior Prom Committee 3; Debate 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 2; Treasurer 3, President 4; Choir 1; Berkeley Beacon 3; Phi Mu Gamma 3, 4; Manager, Boys Basketball 3, Cheerleader 1, 2; Basketball 1. B.A. Broadcasting “l will be the pattern of all patience.” Junior Prom Committee 3; Scribe 2, 3; Phi Mu Gamma 2, 3; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4; W.E.R.S. 4; Stu- dent Christian Association 1, 2, 3. ELAINE R. KAYE B.A. Broadcasting “Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an ex- cellent thing in a women,” Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3; President 4; Pan Hellenic Council 2, 4; Vice President 4; Public Productions 2, 3, 4; W.E.R.S. 4, Women ' s Director 4; Choric Speech 2, 3; Dormitory Council Treasurer 3; Hillel 1, 2, 3; Treas- urer 3, President 3; Dean ' s List 3. DOROTHEA J.LEBOFF B.A. English “Dotty” “Laugh yourself into stitches.” Westbroo k Junior College 1; Scribe 3, 4, Business Manager 4; Berkeley Beacon 2; Phi Mu Gamma 3, 4; Public Productions 4; Dormitory Council 3; Hillel 2. ROBERTA A. LYONS B.A. Drama “Bobbie” “She that was fair and never proud, had tongue at will, and yet was never loud.” Class Treasurer 4; Debate 3, 4; Secretary 4; Scribe 3, 4; Zeta Phi Eta 3, 4, Marshall 4; Pan Hellenic Coun- cil 4; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4; Choric Speech 1, 2, 3; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 1, 2. PAUL L. LOVETT A.B. Broadcasting “A lion among ladies is a most dreadful thing.” Class Vice President 4; Phi Alpha Tau 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; Inter -Fraternity Council 3, 4; Public Productions 1, 2, 3; W.E.C.B. 1? 2? 3; W.E.R.S. 2,3, 4; Choric Speech 2; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 3. ELIZABETH J. MARTIN BERNARD P. McCABE B,A. Broadcasting “Bernie” “Be good. Be good. " Forensic Council 2, 3, 4, President 3; W.E.R.S. 3, 4; Public Productions 2, 4; Dean ' s List 2. B.A. Drama - English “Betty” “ Age cannot stale her, nor custom stale her infinite variety. ” Class Committees 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, Vice President 2; Phi Mu Gamma 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 3, 4; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4; Choric Speech 1; Basketball 1; Dormitory Council 1; Treasurer 3; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4. JEAN ANN MYERS B.S. Speech Therapy “A mirror of all courtesy.” Green Mountain Junior College 1; Kappa Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4; Pan Hellenic Council 3, 4, President 3, Secretary 4; Dormitory Council 2, 3, President 3; Student Christian Association 2. DUKE P. MYERSON B.A. Drama ‘‘‘tis my vocation, Hal; ‘tis no sin for a man to la- bour in his vocation.” Los Angeles City College 1, 2, A. A. Degree; Public Productions 3, 4; W.E.R.S. 3, 4; Newman Club 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3. ANN C. OLIVER B.A. Psychology - Education “ And beauty, making beautiful old rhyme.” JOHN NADEAU B.A. English “l, thus engle.cting worldly end, all dedicated to closeness and the bettering of my mind.” Class President 2; Class Vice President 3; Scribe 2, 3, 4, Editor 4; Berkeley Beacon 2, 3, Assistant Editor 3; Alpha Pi Theta 1, 2, 3, 4; W.E.C.B. 1; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. " 1955-56. Phi Mu Gamma 3, 4, Pan Hellenic Council 4; Newman Club 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4. ELINOR M. PASCH ALL B.A. Speech Therapy “Ellie” “Wives may be merry and yet honest too.” Class Treasurer 3; Junior Prom Committee 3; Sopho- more Dance 2; Choir 1, 2, President 2; Berkeley Bea- con Exchange Editor 3; Co-Editor Emersonian 4; Phi Mu Gamma 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4; Pan Hellenic Council President 4; Public Productions 1, 2; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3.. ERNEST E. PHELPS B.A. Broadcasting “Ernie ' ’’’ “ Men of few words are the best men.” Rho Delta Omega 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4; W.E.C.B. 1, 2, 3; W.E.R.S. 4; Dean ' s List 1. JOAN A. PIKE B .A . English “ Jody ” Bates College 1, 2; Phi Mu Gamma 3, 4, Historian 3; Dormitory Council Secretary 3; Student Christian As- sociation 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3. LENORE SEFFER B.A. Broadcasting - English “ Lennie ” “Friendly counsel cuts off many fees.” Debate 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4; Public Productions 1, 2, 3;W.E.C.B. 2, 3; W.E.R.S. 2, 4; Choric Speech 1 . PATRICIA M. SMITH B.A. Drama Pat “As sweet and musical as Bright Apollo ' s Lute.’’ Choir 1; Scribe Business Manager 3; Phi Mu Gamma 3, 4; Public Productions 1, 2, 3, 4; W.E.C.B. 1; Dorm- itory Council 3; Newman Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 3, President 4. JOHN W.SIENKO B.A. Broadcasting “Big John” “Let not women’s weapons, waterdrops, stain my man’s cheeks.” Freshman Hazing 2; Alpha Pi Theta 1, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, Secretary 2, Treasurer 4; Public Productions 3, 4; W.E.C.B. 1, 2; W.E.R.S. 2, 3, 4; Choric Speech 3, 4, President 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JUDITH A. SOLOMON B.A. Speech Therapy “J udi” “There was a star danced, and under that was I born.” W.E.C.B. 1; Hillel 1. PAULINE L.TRAINOR B.A. Broadcasting “What you do still betters what is done.” Class Secretary 4; Rho Delta Omeqa Dream Girl 3; Phi Mu Gamma 3, 4; Historian 4, W.E.R.S. 4; Choric speech 2;Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 2; ' ' Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- versities. " 1955-56. PATRICIA A. WEHKOJA MARY L. VOEGTLIN B.A. Speech Therapy “A a” “Mend your speech a little , lest you mar your fortunes.” Massachusetts School of Art 1; Student Christian As- sociation 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Phi Mu Gamma 3, 4; Scribe 4; Berkeley Beacon 3; Junior Prom Com- mittee 3. B.A. Speech Therapy “Pat” “I will follow thee to the last gasp with truth and loyalty. ” Class Secretary 3; Class President 4; Junior Prom Committee 3 ; Freshman Hazinq 2; Commencement Com- mittee 4; Debate 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3; Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4; Cheerleading 2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; ' ' Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities. ' ' 1955-56. t EILEEN H.ZEKARIA B.A. English “T urk” “The hand that made you fair hath made you good.” Junior Prom Committee 3; Phi Mu Gamma 3, 4, Sec- retary 4; Public Productions 4; W.E.C.B. 1, 2; Bas- ketball i, 2; Dormitory Council 2, 3, Vice President 3; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4. HANNAH M. WHELPLEY B.A. Speech - Education “Nan” “Young in limbs, in judgement old.” Class Secretary 2; Class President 3; Commencement Committee 4; Student Government 3, 4, President 4; Debate 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 1, 2, Vice President 3; Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; W.E.C.B 1, 2; Student Christian Association 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. " 1955-56. Every senior always has faced a conflict in emotion. He speculates optimistically, though somewhat hesitantly , about the future, while he clings nostalgically to the past four years. As he prepares to leave the comfortable shelter of college, he develops certain doubts as to his capa- bilities. He wants to prove himself worthy; yet he wonders if he can suc- cessfully take the first step. Seniors before him have experienced this sudden floundering as will succeeding seniors, but he feels that he is unique. This is the period for sorting out memorable college experiences to be brought out, re-examined, and probably exaggerated in the years following graduation. This house-cleaning of experiences saves the most pleasant memories and discards the unfavorable ones. Thus, in retrospect, college life appears a kind of Utopian era. Perhaps it is. From our freshman year, we save the good-natured banter of hazing. Beanie Day at the Charles Street Meeting House, and the Valentine’s Day Dance in the theater. P.O.E., then productive of quivering knees and memory losses, now as- sumes value, lie remember that Western Civ stimulated our philosophic curiosity, that public speaking gave us poise. As we were introduced to college life, a new president was appointed which cemented a certain al- liance. It e savor the delights of revenge when, in our sophomore year, we initiated the freshman class to college life. It e sponsored a dance in May at the Hotel Kenmore. lie had found our niche in the school. It e had also grown enormously wise in nearly all academic fields. It e psycho- analyzed and philosophized with sophomore conviction. Out junior year found us subdued, but not withdrawn. Our junior prom at the Hotel Brad- ford ranked as the outstanding social event. To enlarge our treasury, we sold Christmas corsages and paper-covered books. It e acquired a new pur- posefulness, aroused by our realization of how much we did not know. W e scrutinized degree requirements, major and minor fulfillments, and nec- essary credit accumulations. It itnessing the last group od old faces grad- uate, we suddenly realized that we had stepped into their vacated posi- tion as leaders of the college. Cap and Gown Day, Hand-Me-Down Day, the Senior Banquet, and Bacculaureate Services slipped by until, with diploma in hand, we graduated. It e said good-byes tinged with promises of future reunions, at the same time knowing that the collegiate flavor can never be recaptured. H e were alumnae, divorced from the under-graduate , prepared to adapt theory to practice. IK COMMENCEMEN T SPEA KER JOHN NADEAU FIG’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES JOHN NADEAU NAN WHELPLEY PAT WEHKOJA PAULINE TRAINOR RICHARD DYSART JOHN CHASE JUNIOR PROM QUEEN LAURA CHASE RHO DELTA OMEGA DREAM GIRL PAULINE TRAINOR MA Y QUEEN JO-ANN VALLIER MAY U E PRESENT THE FACULTY.. SECRETARY TO THE PRESIDENT— Mrs.. Sarah Zimmerman BURSARS OFFICE — Bursar-Mrs. Caroline P. Holland, Asst. Bursar- Mrs. Gladys Anderson ADMISSIONS OFFICE — Mr. Harry Nickerson, Mrs. Alice Gallo BUSINESS MANAGER- Mr. Roger Wilder BOOKSTORE — Mrs. Mary Salzburg MAILING ROOM— P. Trainor, P. Miller, Mrs. Cooper ALUMNI OFFICE — Mrs. Margaret Hurley, Mrs. Leah Scott, Ernie Phelps, Richard Allen RECEPTIONIST— Judith Flynn DEAN OF MEN — Robert Gillespie DEAN OF WOMEN— Mrs. Ruth S. Maxfield Seated-left to right: Dr. Coleman, C. Bender (Chairman) Miss F. Crowley, Miss D. Schaad. Standing: Mr. H. Marderosian, Mrs. J. Mitchell, F. Dixon, Mr. R. Dysart. Mr. G. Oberle n 1 £ Seated-left to right: Mr. C. Dudley (Chairman) Mr. W. Pierce. Standing: Mr. J. Buerry, Mr. W. Daniels. Mr. R. Pettitt Mr. L. Bush (Chairman) Mr. H. Giese Seated-left to right: Miss A. deCoursey, Mrs. G. Binley- Kay (Chairman). Standing: Mr. L. Nichole. Left to right: E. Lofchie, Miss C. Perry (Chairman) Mr. T. Houchin. Miss E. Riddell (Chairman), Mrs. H.. Cullity. AND NOW- HERE ARE THE CLASSES JUNIORS li The class of 1957 showed itself to be one of the best yet, under the excellent direction of Mort Glovin, President; Ed Blotner, Vice President; Mimi Dalapas, Secretary, and Tom Carroll, Treas- urer. They had many money making projects throughout the year, culminating in the beautiful Junior Prom, at the Regency Ballroom of the Somerset Hotel. The Prom, always a great social event, was one of the best we have had. MM SOPHOMORES The class of 1958 is not only large, but it is active. The two main projects of this class were Beanie Day and hazing week, of course, and the Sophomore dance, in April. A great honor was be- stowed on the class when Marge Whiting was crowned Rho Delta Omega “Dream Girl”, the first Sophomore to be so honored. The class officers were: Jack LeBlanc, President; Joseph Clemente, Vice President; Bonnie Stone, Secretary, and George F erri s, Treas- !i urer. FRESHMEN The Freshman Class this year was the largest in several years. They survived beanie day and hazing week with great gusto, en- joying it almost as much as the Sophomores did. The class of 1959 elected as their class officers: Hugh Mintz, President, Harry Mor- gan, Vice President; Mary Connors, Secretary; and Margie Graham, Treasurer. The class of 1956 whishe the class of 1959 the very best of luck. ( LET ' S PARTICIPATE IN- ACTIVITIES . Z ETA PHI ETA A National Speech Arts Fraternity for Women, Zeta Phi Eta highlighted the school calendar by the pre- sentation of their annual musical. Active in rushing, the sorority initiated numerous new members.. Officers were: Elaine Kay, President, Mimi Dalapos, Vice President; Joan Allen, Historian; Patricia Wehkoja, Record- ing Secretary, Nan Whelpley, Treasurer, Joan Cappel, Corresponding Secretary; Roberta Lyons, Marshall. KAPPA GAMMA CHI Kappa Gamma Chi, Emerson’s social sorority, enjoyed its first year of living in a sorority house. Activities during that eventful year included a show and a “Faculty Raffle. “ Officers were: Jean Ann Myers, President; Sue Siegel, Vice President; Barbara Behrman, Secretary; Priscilla Lowell, Treasurer. PHI MU GAMMA Phi Mu Gamma, a National Professional Speech Arts Fraternity for Women, headed the Pan-Hellenic group this year. The sorority sponsored both a Christmas dance and a musical, the latter with the help of Phi Alpha Tau. Officers were: Elinor Paschall, President; Carole Behrens, Vice President; Eileen Zekaria, Secretary; Betty Martin, Treasurer. PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL Founded at Emerson in 1917, the Pan Hellenic Council co-ordinates and unifies the three sororities. The group sponsors a fall and a spring rea for sorority rushees. Elinor Paschall, President; Elaine Kay, Vice President; Jean Ann Myers, Secretary; Ann Oliver, Roberta Lyons, Representatives; Miss Lofchie, Faculty Advisor. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The newly reorganized I nter- Fraternity Council serves as a mediating board in the airing of fraternity prob lems. Mort Dubitsky, President; John Chase, Vice President; Mort Glovin, Secretary. ALPHAPI THETA Alpha Pi Theta, in association with the Jimmy Fund, sponsored a blood drive. Active in rushing, the group also held parties throughout the year . Mort Dubitsky, President; Joe dementi. Vice President; Dick Keefe, Recording Secretary; Ed Blotner, Corresponding Secretary; John Sienko, T reasurer. I PHI ALPHATAU RHO DELTAOMEGA Rho Delta Omega’s “Dream Girl Ball” annually opens Emerson’s social season. In addition to their fra- ternity affairs, the members are active in such college activities as WERS and WECB. Mort Glovin, President; Roy Mollomo, Vice President; Ernie Phelps, Treasurer, Tom Carroll, Recording Secretary; Frank Fixaris, Corresponding Secretary; Russell Blood, Sergeant at Arms. WEC B The Emerson College Broadcasting station is the student ' s station. Closed circut, it operates only for the Emerson student. “ECB” performs two function, it entertains the students with news and music, and it trains students for the job of broadcasting over “ERS.” WERS The Emerson Radio Station com- pleted another successful year of broadcasting. The excellent program- ming ranged from student’s discuss- ions, to full length operas. Because of this programming, and the quality of shows prod uced , " E RS” has earned a great reputation with listeners in the area. SPEECH THERAPY M v m (m Ml 1 ) ■ v A? !) feta. yjW The Samuel Robbins Speech and Hearing Clinic has made great strides during the past year. For the first time, the clinic has its own audiology department under the direction of Miss Enid Lofchie. There is more room for patients in the form of cubiciles, which serve to give a quieter and less d istracting atmosphere for lesson. The director. Miss Catherine Perry is to be congratulated for her excellent administration. DEBATE Debate, again, has had one of its most successful years. Connecticut, Norfolk, and the M. I. T. tournament are only a few of the trips that Emerson can add to its laurels. One of our freatest publicities, debate de- serves a great deal of commendation. The officers for the year were; President; Gertrude Hubbard, Vice Pres- ident, Vinnie Bevilacqua, Secretary, Roberta Lyons, and Treasu[er, Lennie Seffer. BERKELEY BEACON The Berkeley Beason has again this year improved itself over previous years.. Each year it betters what was done the year before, producing finally, a comprehensive wel I written college paper. The Beacon again improved under the excellent hand of its editor, Dick Allen. SCRIBE Now in its third year. Scribe has become one of the outstanding works of art at Emerson. It smarted at scratch, with nothing but a determined Editor, a lot of initiative, and some good material. Scribe has now grown to a literary publication which will favorably compare with any in the eastern section. The Editor this year was John Nadeau, Congratulations for a good job. f | JHBHg u i .e TT A if C ' - ’ 1 -HfvW t V 1 i v fj f ' " V " I 1 BT 1 Lr | CHORIC SPEECH Choric Speech has spread throughout the country and has become one of the new and great things in colleges and universities. The Emerson Speech Choir, under the direction of Mrs. June H. Mitchell, is noted for being the best in this area. Proof of its popularity is shown by the number of outside engagements that it has. CHOIR Under its new director, Mr. Robert Pettitt, the choir has finished one of its most successful years. Be- sides participating in all chapels and many convocations, the choir had its own convocation at Christmas time, which was a great success. With the membership the largest that it has been, the choir is looking for- ward to a very successful coming year. HILLEL Again this year, Hillel has had a large registration. The religious organization for Jewish students, Hillel meets once a month to hear a talk by Rabbi Perlstein, or some other noted speaker. NEWMAN CLUB The Cardinal Newman Club had a very successful year under the guidance of Rev. Father Basil Kennedy, C.S.P. Besides the religious aspect of the club, and the spiritual help from Father Kennedy, the club has had a very good social year, climaxed by the Snow Ball Hop in December. I STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The S. C. A. had been organized to give to the protestant students the chance to enlarge their knowledge, and to be of some help to the Christian Community. Under the able direction of Dr. Richard Pierce, the as- ' sociation has been able to reach this aim every well. S. C. A. was headed this year by Peter McLean. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The student government association has had a very active and successful year. The first function of the season, the Halloween Costume Dance was a great deal of fun, and the Inter-Class Dance, was the best yet, in the beautiful Casino on the Charles. Student Government wasn’t just active socially, they continually worked to improve the school, and to make it more just what the students want. The officers were. Nan Whelp- ley, President, Bob Cathcart Vice President, Richard Allen, Secretary, and Jim Noel Treasurer. The four class presidents rounded out the Student Government. ' CO-EDITORS Carole Behrens and Elinor Paschall BUSINESS MANAGER Jay Bloom LITERARY EDITOR Natalie Gaber SPORTS EDITOR John Sienho SPORTS Left to right: Rosalind Rappaport, Myrna Rich, Ann Cohen, Sandra Golden, Captain Carole Behrens. Co-Captains Sienko, Frank Fixaris. The 1955 -56 Edition of the Emerson College basketball team showed good potential and good material for next season. This year the A. A. was able to buy new uniforms for both the team and the cheerleaders. The biggest move made by the A. A. was to re-enter the Emerson Basketball team into next years Boston Small College Conference, (BSCC) after a three year absence from the league. Trophies for first and second place teams will be awarded. Two bus trips to away games were held and although not as successful as thought, they still provided fun and excitement for the team and their loyal supporters. A salute to Coach Dick Thomas and his able assistant, Bob Beregeron and to Jay Bloom, Frank Fixaris, and John Sienko, who did a wonderful job throughout their four years at Emerson. BEANIE DAY THE INTER-CLASS DANCE LL — — STUDENT DIRECTORY 1955-1956 LINDA B. ABRAMS •430 West Hudson St. Long Beach, N. Y. ALICE L. ADES 1444 Rosewood Ave. Louisville, Ky. JOHN J. AHERN, JR. 3 1 Arbutus Rd. Worcester, Mass. ROGER K. AIELLO 149 Massachusetts Ave. Providence, R. I. MRS. AORELIA AIROLA 647 Boulevard Revere, Mass. RONALD P. ALLARD 133 Biron St. Manchester, N. H. JOAN ALLEN 38 Temple St. Reading, Mass. RICHARD P. ALLEN 76 Meridian St. Melrose, Mass. GERLAD S. ANDELMAN 18 Brinsley St. Dorchester, Mass. ROBERT ANTON 145 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. JAMES J. ARENA 12 Hird Ave. Salem, N. H. LOIS J. ARENSON 143 Montclair Drive West Hartford, Conn. BARBARA E. AREY 101 Franklan St. Buckport, Maine HELE N E. ARUDA 670 Prairie Ave. Providence R. I. BARRY M. ASCH 402 Jerome St. Brooklyn, N. Y. JUNE C. AUGUST 55 Dixon St. Bridgeport, Conn. ERNEST A. AUSTIN, JR. 1 1 4 Cannon Rd. East Hartford, Conn. DEANNA R. BABBITT 1 5 Thatcher St. Brookline, Mass. MRS. JUDITH G. BACHMAN 305 Hillside Ave. Holyoke, Mass. RONALD J. BADGLEY Schodack Center Castleton, N. Y. WAYNE H. BAILEY 8 Shawmut Ave. Sanford, Maine RAYMOND E. BARRON, JR. 40 North Front St. Sunbury, Pa. P. JOY BARTLETT 6 North Main St. Waterbury, Vt., JOYCE E. BATCHELDER R.F.D. No. 5, Brook Road Portland, Maine LOUISE M. BEAUDRY 44 Fairmont Ave. Glenbrook, Conn. CAROLE L. BEHRENS 65-61 Saunders St. Forest Hills, N. Y. BARBARA A. BEHRMAN 865 Boulevard Westfield, N. J. ANN BELL 2800 Jerome Ave. New York, N. Y. WILLIAM J. BELLISSIMO 4 1 Slade St. Belmont, Mass. ELIZABETH S. BEREZIN 1 54-60 10th Ave. Beechhurst, N. Y. DIANE E. BERGER 103 North Laurel St. Hazleton, Pa. ROBERT D. BERGERON 1914 Newbury St. Nashua, N. H. VINCENT BEVILACQUA 72 Lowell Ave. Haverhill,, Mass. LOIS M. BICKOFF 28 Howard Ave. Passaic, N. J . RAMON A. BIERI 115 Maple Ave . Windsor, Conn. MICHAEL R. BINETTE R.F.D. No. 3 Laconia, N. H. RUSSELL W. BLOOD 20 Teele Ave. Somerville, Mass. JAY A. BLOOM 903 Park Ave. New York, N. Y. EDWARD S. BLOTNER 10 Edward St. Haverhill, Mass. GERALD BLUME 1 1 Morton Lane West Hartford, Conn WILLIAM J. BORDY 371 North Richmond Ave. Atlantic City, N. J. ANGELA D. BOWEN 1 7 Intervale St. Roxbury, Mass. MRS. ALICE H. BOWES 325 Washington St. Winchester, Mass. GERALD J. BOYNE Piermont New York, N. Y. CYNTHIA BRIER 352 West Hudson St. Long Beach, N. Y. JOSEPH BUERRY, JR. 24 1 F ederai St. Providence R. I. JEAN A. HEFFERNAN 13 Chestnut St. Binghamton, N. Y. MARY C. CALLAS 7080 Oregon Ave., N.W. Washington, D. C. ANN B. CAMPBELL Old Dublin Pike Doylestown, Pa. JOAN E. CAPPEL 34 Sherwood Terrace Holyoke, Mass. BEVERLY J. CARLSON 31 High St. Needham Heights, Mass. DAVID C. CARLSON Brown Hill Road Danville, N. H. NORMAN R. CARMEL 1218 West St. Pittsfield, Mass. THOMAS F. CARROLL 94 Powder House Blvd. Somerville, Mass. ROBERT H. CATHCART 237 Grove St. Melrose, Mass. DIANA N. CHARLES 238 West Market St. Long Beach, N. Y. JOHN R. CHASE 1301 Commonwealth Ave. Allston, Mass. ROBERT L. CLARKE School Street West Dennis, Mass. SANDRA M. CLEMENT 92 Winter St. Rochester, N. H. JOSEPH CLEMENTI 17a Bennington St. Lawrence, Mass. CONRAD G. COBB 7 1 7 Landing Rd. N. Rochester, N.Y. ADRIENNE J. COHEN WTTI N. Decatur Rd. Atlanta, Ga. 2558 ANN L. COHEN 278 Brush Hill Rd. Milton, Mass. ROBERTA M. COHEN 81 Lawjence St. Haverhill, Mass. STANLEY J. COHEN 1692 Ave. R Brooklyn, N.Y. SUSAN J. COHEN 1219 Highland Ave. Fall River, Mass. JAMES E. COLBY 226a Harvard St. Cambridge, Mass. MARY E. CONNORS 155 Woodside Ave. Winthrop 52, Mass. DAPHNE M. COSTELLO Ninth St. Greenport, L.I.,N.Y. CYNTHIA S. CRANE Egremont Plain Rd. Great Barrington, Mass. KENNETH C.CRANNELL 1449 Eastern Ave. Malden48, Mass. NORMA D. CROCKER 248 Campfield Ave. Hartford 14, Conn. DEAN CRONIS 15 Winter St. Melrose 76, Mass. ART CURTIS 58-31 150th St. Flushing, N.Y. KAREN C. CURTIS 39 South Pleasant St. Haverhill, Mass. DEMETRA DALAPAS 79 High St. Saco, Me. JOAN E. DANIEL 172 N. Livingston Livingston, N.J. WILEY DANIELS 5308 Avenue H. West Birmingham Ala. EDWARD S. DARNA 335 Adams St. Manchester, Manchester, Conn. MICHAEL E. DAUGHN 74 Sanford Ave. Unionville, Conn. NORA A. DA VIDIAN 109 Griggs Ave. Teaneck, N. J. NANCY E. DAVIS 61 Elm St. West Lynn, Mass FRANK A. DEACON 15 Norfolk St. Hartford, Conn. RAYMOND J. DEMPSEY 87 Powell St. Lowell, Mass. MANUEL de P-ONHO, JR. 4 Parker Court Glouster, Mass.- KENNETH J. DESMARAIS 290 West 6th St. Lowell, Mass. NANCY G. DICKINSON Maple Strett Granville, Mass. DOMENIC DiMASCIO 70 Fountain Ave. Cranston R. I. PETER L. DONNER 20 Marshall St., Apt. 3 Irvington, N. J. SANDRA A. DOTEN 775 Bedford St. Elmwood, Mass. BARBARA A. DOW 38 Eldredge St. Newton, Mass. MORTON N. DUBITSKY 149 Ray St. Fall River, Mass. DAVID L. DUNN 900 Dumont Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. JOSEPH C. L. DURAND 140 Farmland Rd . Lowell, Mass. FRANCIS DWYER 114 Newbury St. Boston, Mass. HAROLD F. DYER 77 Green St. Lynn, Mass. RICHARD A. DYSART 1 2 Johnson St. Augusta, Maine GEORGE E. EARLEY 30 Oak St. Newburyport, Mass. GEORGE C, EDWARDS 104 Delaware Ave. Dumont, N. J. JETTA EISINGER 296 West 234th St. Bronx, N. Y. BARBARA M. ERNST 1 740 East 33rd St. Brooklyn, N. Y. VERNA P. ERWIN 995 West Central St. Franklyn, Mass. JOAN M. FALK 1 0 Redan Rd . Long Beach, N. Y. MICHAEL F. FARRELL 151 Dorchester St. South Boston, Mass. GEORGE J. FARRIS 8 Phillips Ave. New Bedford JOSEPH M. FERRI 933 Atwood Ave. Johnston, R. I. ELIZABETH A. FINDLEN Densmore Rd . Fort Fairfield, Me. FRANCIS J. FIXARIS 600 Prospect St. Torrington, Conn. ANNE L. FLAHERTY 1 0 Presley Rd . Dorchester, Mass. BEVERLY E. FOLEY 64 Windsor St. Arlington, Mass. MARGARET M. FOURNIER 2872 Highland Ave. Fall River, Mass. DANIEL FRANK 1211 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan, Mass. LINDA M. FREEDMAN 95 Bradley Ave. Meriden, Conn. DANIEL E. FRERCKS 140 Locust St. Floral Park, N. Y. BARBARA L. FRIEDMAN 1444 North Union St. Manchester, N. H. RICHARD P.. FUCHS 103 Lefferts Rd. Yonkers, N. Y. 46 Calvin Court Bradford, Pa. ELIZABETH A. GALLAGHER 529 King St. Springfield, Mass. MARYANN GALLANT 187 Huntington Ave Apt 4 Boston, Mass. BARBARA C. GARBARINO Box 602, Lakehurst Rd. Toms River, N. J. BARBARA A. GAWRON 1 Burns St. Willimansett, Mass. ROBERT R. GENEST 194 Hughes Ave. Pawtucket, R. I. DOROTHY GEOTIS 1 1 Bowdoin St. Arlington, Mass. GILBERT M. GIFFORD 1 6 Scott St. Worcester, Mass. HENRY M. GITELMAN 18 7 Harvard St. Malden, Mass. MORTON GLOVIN 93 Williston Rd. Boston, Mass. ROBERT S. GOLDBERG 166 Branford St. Hartford, Conn. SUZANNE M. GOLDBERG 1925 Central Park Ave. Yonkers, N. Y. JUDY S. GOLDENBERG 160 Riverside Drive New Y ork, N. Y . SANDRA GOLDIN 399 Passaic St. Hackensack, N.J. FRANCINE M. GOLDMAN 23 Reynolds Ave. Chelsea, Mass. MARIAN GOLDNER 43 Ridgeway Drive Quincy, Mass. JERRY L. GOLDSTEIN 36 Colin Place Brooklyn, N. Y. MRS. ROSE F. GORDON 448 Puritan Rd. Swampscott, Mass. MARJORIE J. GRAHAM The Training School Vineland, N. J. DAVID J. GREENBERG 1 04 Webster St. Haverhill, Mass. PETER A. GREENHILL 31 Lexington Ave. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. BERNARD F. GREGOIRE 2 1 Spring St. Whitinsville, Mass. PATRICIA T. GRIER 184 East 93rd St. New York, N. Y. GEORGE E. GRIPPO 1565 F ulton Ave. Bronx, N. Y. ANDREW N. GUTHRIE 68 Luzern Rd. Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. RONALD D. HALL 15 Eastern Ave. Greenfield, Mass. RICHARD L. HAMILTON 30 Marlborough St. Lowell, Mass. ROBERT HANDY 7 Charles St. Boston Mass. RICHARD L. HARDING 68 Louis Prang Boston, Mass. SANDRA H. HART 62 F oster St. Keene, N. H. PAUL E. HEFFERNAN 23 Temple St. Boston, Mass. NORMAN R. HEIN 250 East Argyle St. Valley Streem, N. Y. CHARLES H. HELBERG 1 1 Chestnut St. Cambridge, Mass. 115 Pond St. Nahant, Mass. MRS. NATALIE MARKS GABER TIMOTHY G. HARTNETT ALLYS A. HELLEGERS 49 Church St. Guilford, Conn. BEVERLY HENDEL 135 Plant St. New London, Conn. JUDITH L. HENNAN 34 South Elm St. Lynn, Mass. NELSON A. HERSHMAN 88 Bonad Rd. South Brookline, Mass. JAMES M. HILL Paradise Rd. Ipswich, Mass. NANCY L. HOLDEN 63 Boutwell St. Dorchester, Mass. LINCOLN HOLMES 22 Temple St. Boston, Mass. WINIFRED M. HOLMES 25 Fenway Drive Framingham, Mass. BARBARA L. HOOD 223 Central St. Hingham, Mass. LAWRENCE H. HOOPER, JR. 28 Common St. Rochester, N. H. MRS. GERTRUDE SULLIVAN HUBBARD 88 Central St. Auburndale, Mass. JOYCE J. HUNT 1 7 1 Second St . Hallowell, Maine PHILIP C. HUNTER 4 Walnut Ave. Natick, Mass. RHODA S. HURVITZ 136 Pleasant St. Brookline, Mass. CYNTHIA I. HUTCHINSON 40 Hovey St . Watertown, Mass. LOUIS IACOVIELLO 144 Broadway Chelsea, Mass. MRS. YOSHIKO ISSHIKI 396 Kyodo-machi Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan DR. BERNARD A. JAFFE 2 1 Winthrop St. Roxbury, Mass. RICHARD P. JOHNSON 83 High St. Ipswich, Mass. E. ADELE JONAH 15 Edgehill Rd. Winchester, Mass. ANITA S. KAPLAN 718 North Lake Formosa Drive Orlando, Fla. ROCHELLE KAPLAN 740 Morton St. Mattapan, Mass. RENEE E. KARZ 2233 Beechwood Blvd. Pittsburgh, Pa. BRENDA L. KAUFMAN 1 10 West 86th St. New York, N. Y. ELAINE R. KAYE 8 88 Beech St . Manchester, N. H. RICHARD K. KEEFE 27 Allston St. Lawrence, Mass. LINDA E. KEERY 80 Vista Ave. Bradford, Pa. TIMOTHY J. KELLY 332 Boston St. Lynn, Mass. REV. WILLIAM R. KERSHAW 237 Locust St. Danvers, Mass. FRANCIS X. KOHLER 3 1 Elijan St. Woburn, Mass. EDITH A. KRAMER 53 Crawford St. Roxbury, Mass. CAROLE A. KRINZMAN 970 Coolidge Rd. Elizabeth, N. J. SHEILA KRUTE 29 Mt. Hood Rd. Brighton, Mass. RALPH D. LaDESTRO 1 2 Crandall St. Stamford, Conn. CLAUDIA D. LAWSON 27 Bayview Terrace Manhasset, N. Y. JOHN C. LeBLANC 65 Muriel Terrace Haverhill DOROTHEA J. LEBOFF 1 Grant Ave. Watertown, Mass. DAVID B. LEIPS1G 293 Montgomery St. Brooklyn, N. Y. GERALD S. LENNICK 1218 Commonwealth Ave. Allston, Mass. JOSEPH M. LENTINO, JR. 36 Roberts Rd. West Medford, Mass. ALBERT F. LEONARD 95 Common St. Braintree, Mass. VELMA J. LEVENTHAL 54 North East Drive New Haven, Conn. GLENN C. LEWIS 2 Lincoln Ave. Baldwin, N. Y. WILLIAM J. LEWIS 205 Carnation St. Pawtucket, R. I. JOHN A. LOCKE, III 18 Powder House Terrace Somerville, Mass. ROBERT J. LOVELING Pea Pond Rd. Katonah, N. Y. RAUL L. LOVETT 310 Doyle Ave. Providence, R. I. PRISCILLA LOWELL 1406 Edgewood Rd. Havertown, Pa. ROBERTA LYONS 28 Arlington Ave. Revere, Mass. DONALD W. MacKENZIE 80 Huntington Ave. Boston, Mass. BARBARA F. MacLEAN Manchester Vermont PETER D. MacLEAN 34 Torrey St. Dorchester, Mass. JEEN C. MANDROS 1082 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. RICHARD P. MARCOUX 8 Brooks Ave. Arlington, Mass. HAIG DER MARDEROSIAN 325 Hunnewell St. Needham, Mass. LOUISE D. MARDEROSIAN 325 Hunnewell St. Needham. Mass. CHARLES T. MARSH 501 North Electric Court Sturgis, Mich. ELIZABETH MARTIN 44 1 Hamilton St. Southbridge, Mass. LAURA-JEAN MASHRICK 37 Century Lane Milton, Mass. BERNARD P. McCABE 559 Maplewood Ave. Portsmouth. N. H Frances j. M cCarthy 65 Central St. Palmer, Mass. CHARLES J. McGILVRA Y 9 Huguenot Rd. Oxford, Mass. ROBERT H. McHAFFE Y 71-19 67th Place Glendale, N. Y. PAUL J. McKEOWN 125 Marlborough St. Boston, Mass. judith a. McLaughlin 14 Bates Rd. Arlington, Mass. RICHARD H. McLERNON 363 Lebanon St. Melrose, Mass. TOBY A. MENDELSON 9 Strathmore Rd. Brookline, Mass. PAMELA A. MREERILL 206 Mayfair Rd. Nashville, Tenn. JAMES MIADES 10 Granfield Ave. Roslindale, Mass. DAVID G. MILLER 2929 West Broadway Los Angeles, Calif. PATRICIA A. MILLER 1353 Regent St. Schenectady, N. Y. DONALD S. MILLS 1 08 Crary Ave. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. HUBERT A. MINTZ 1 06 Liberty St. Stamford, Conn. ROY J. MOLLOMO 89 Pleasant St. Hanson, Mass. HARRY W. MORGAN 2556 Doris Ave. Union, N. J. MYRA A. MOSKOWITZ 2020 East 13th St. Brooklyn, N. Y. STUART C. MOSLER 220 St. James St. Manchester, Conn. FRANCIS D. MURPHY 455 Purchase St. Milford, Mass. G. 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VIVIAN YASGOUR 5 Metropolitan Oval Bronx, N. Y. ERIC YOUNG 83 Marlborough St. Boston, Mass. JOHN C. ZACHARIS 49 Chadwick St. Haverhill, Mass. EILEEN H. ZEKARIA 6 1 Stratford Rd . West Hempstead, N. Y. DOROTHY E. ZIMMERMAN 26 East Hebble Ave. Fairborn, Ohio MARVIN L. ZISKIN 122 Westbourne Terrace Brookline, Mass. ENTERED FEBRUARY, 1956: RICHARD E. BARBA 26 Linden St. Rochester, N. H. LILLIAN BENNETT 60 Pemberton Square Boston, Mass. CYNTHIA A. BLACKMAR 47 Great Oak Drive Short Hill, N. J. ELINOR BRENNER 60 Gorham Ave. Brookline, Mass. NATALIE BUTENSKY 2 Davis St. Danbury, Conn. JOHN C. CAMPEAU 80 Greenridge Rd. Torrington, Conn. DENARD E. CLARK 29 8th Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. JONATHAN CLIFFORD 312 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. LOIS H. COLITZ 326 24th St. Union City, N. J . MICHAEL F. DeVINKO 32 Prescott Ave. Garfield, N. J. FRED M. DIXON 40 Irving St. Scitucte JOHN DOVAS 1 72 Auburn St. Manchester, N. H. MARIE T. DUNN 25 Whitelawn Ave. Milton, Mass. MICHAEL P. FREED 1 72 Myrtle Ave. Millburn, N. J. GAIL M. FREESE 69 W. Broadway Bangor, Maine LAUREL LEE FRIEDBERG 5636 Woodmont St. Pittsburgh, Pa. MARTIN N. GROSSMAN 35 Schuyler St. Roxbury, Mass. WILLIAM ' E. HENNESSEY R.F.D. No. 2, Box 124 E. Hampton, Conn. MORTON S. KAPLAN 293 Ayerigg Ave. Passaic, N. J. MARGOT E. LAING Ste. Agathe des Monts Quebec, Canada CHARLES R. MURRAY 560 Broad St. E. Weymouth, Mass. HAZEL A. RANDALL R.F.D. No. 1 Naples, N. J . PETER D. SCHACTE Kellogg Hill Rd. Westport, Conn. ROBERT S. SIDNEY 28 Mayflower St. Elmwood, Conn. WILLIAM SIEGEL 207 Richards Lane Hewlett, L. I., N. Y. ANN WHITE 443 Jefferson St. Glencoe, 111. BERKELEY BEACON Founded February 1, 1947 Member, Associated Collegiate Press BOOSTERS RON ALLARD DICK ALLEN JOAN ALLEN BARBARA AREY BETTY ARUDA BARRY ASCH ERNIE AUSTIN JOY BARTLETT JOYCE BATCHELDOR LOUISE BEAUDRY WILLIAM J. BE LLISIMO LOIS BICKOFF EDDIE BLOTNER RAY BIERI JERRY BLUME GERALD S. BOYNE JOAN CAPPELL NORMAN CARMEL TOM CARROLL BOB CATHCART JOE CLEMENTI MARY CONNORS DEAN CRONIS MIKE DAUGN WILEY DANIELS KAY DEMPSY MANNY DEL PINO HAIG DER MARDEROSIAN MICHAEL DE VINKO DOM DI MASCIO PETER DONNER HAL DYSART GEORGE EARLEY JOAN FALK JOE FERRI LIZ FINDLEN FRANK FIXARIS DAN FRANK LINDA FREEDMAN DICK FUCHS MARY ANN GALLANT GIL GIFFORD BARBARA GAWRON BETSY GOLDENBERG BEVERLY HENDEL NANCY HOLDEN BOBBY HOOD LARRY HOOPER PHIL HUNTER CINDY HUCHINSON LOUIS IACOVIELLO DICK JOHNSON SHELLY KAPLAN BRENDA KAUFMAN ELAINE KAYE FRANCIS X. KOHLER CAROLE KRINZMAN SHIELA KRUTE JACK LeBLANC ALBERT LEONARD BILL LEWIS GLENN LEWIS PRISCILLA LOWELL ROBERTA LYONS DON MacKENZIE JEAN MANDROS BERNARD P. McCABE CHARLIE McGILLVARY BOB McHAFFEY PAUL McKEOWN TOBY MENDOLSON DAVE MILLER ROY MOLLOMO HARRY MORGAN FRANK MURPHY PAT MURPHY JEAN ANN MYERS NANCY NEWMAN JIM NOEL ANN OLIVER JOHN PAPA CHARLENE PETSCH BARRY PFEFFER JOY PALMER HARVEY PUTTERMAN BARBARA REGAN NANETTER RICHMAN THERESE TOMANO BARBARA ROSENTHAL STAN RUSSELL LENNY SEFFER BETSY SCHINE SHIRLEY SHAY JOHN SIENKO SYBIL DIEGEL GAIL STRATTON LINCOLN STULIK SUSAN STUMP HELEN TIETELBAUM PAULINE TRAINOR MARY VOEGTLIN GARY WALSH LAEL WARREN WALKERS INC. PAT WEHKOJA GEORGE WILDEY KAY WISHEMGRAD EILEEN ZEKARIA MRS. MARION ADAMS DR. COLEMAN BENDER FRANCES CROWLEY MR. HARRY NICKERSON DICK THOMAS MARY SALZBERG MR. and MRS. ARLIE AMBLER MR. and MRS. ROBERT D. BERGERON MR. and MRS. RUSS BLOOD MR. and MRS. JACK DAVIS MR. and MRS. ANTHONY GALLO MR. and MRS. WARREN H. HUBBARD MR. and MRS. ERNIE PHELPS MR. and MRS. WILLIAM J. WEHKOJA MR. and MRS. KENNETH WHELPLEY BONNY and MORT. CAROLE and STAN ELAINE and JOE JOHN, LORA and MARGARET MARGIE and SMOKEY NAN and MIKE NAT and JOE GABER ELLIE and BOB PASCHALL Compliments of Kappa Gamma Chi Sorority and Alpha Pi Theta Fraternity Best Wishes from RHO DELTA OMEGA FRATERNITY Compliments of RIVERSIDE CAFETERIA Where Friends Congregate for Good Food 42 Charles Street BOSTON, MASS. Congratulations PHI ALPHA TAU from Congratulations to the SENIOR CLASS from STUDENT GOVERNMENT JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS Producers of college and high school annuals PHOTOGRAPHY BY HULT STUDIO M el rose, Mass. PHI MU GAMMA FORENSIC COUNCIL Best Wishes from ZETA PHI ETA SORORITY

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