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Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Phoenix Yearbook (Daytona Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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1 5375, , . 551,37 inf X, f :SWA-9 ,, ., pa. www ,X--.-1 ' mu :wil I . 'Tin-film ., J gy, -gk li Tfffff, gag? 2 95,53 " k - - yr ww Y 'f fc v 'MW . , 4 , ew ' f ff , , ' . 4 mmm M gg, mms fff"'mf4H+ f ggiff dxffkfwmwwww ffjgxnglfm NVQ? Q f ty yy than-3 ?5h?!W"Q1h' A M w , V,. -5 :257 7 W M A , , , Q M y 4 A K y 4 V -3 'fi M .. 'M' 49:4 ,gp-::aE:1: ::-Q, r X ,mn ' ,. - , , ,- ,f , TM' ' " . , ' . W ' ' "1 m-:2:aEC,i2,,QQ 'A' " 5 33' A. . 5 ..,v up. A , -M., X-J'wiff..,A fi - M5 - sw" " 'wiv ' " , I 1 PHOE IX EMBRY RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY I DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA Dedicated to Paul Erling, Randy Scott Roe Blake Frankenberg, William McGrade, Kevin joseph Navickas Embr E2 1 y-Riddle Auncm IT W. L J, ,V n 1, . "N' wi, "x v,-M V, w M, Xcgw , ,, , A W ' .ef'?tf:?4fi. ' 'f 'Q Q , i'?1?.'- " 5' " fmmwmv, .2 5 Wm I ' I 1 i ' v MIK: "" b Ml'? " " " . 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A 0 A 11 1 S 'i 4 M I., . ., V 'ff .fn , I, M-M Q-,Mm-ggfrwvi W'ff12f5 "'1Q,f ,K 4' V I k-1Wyi K wif . figfj , :Q-fgwQ5 ggj ' n i. W A ' fe, 'Eff' uf " .. V N " 1 34,35 j' X H552-fQ"ff if. 4 J. 2.5 s .,.. W.. ,.,, w V R FAX ff JV? ,f w.,-f"M df'- fs, , y 0 'aw XM 1 S in , ,A nf N 1 4 3 ! .4 1. wb up 5-N Q, 3 , JF xx V Y 1' S f ,: Q ' qi 'H 'W u pf: SN 5 Aw , 1 .""i 'r - ' Wim V , 1 - M A ,A 4: L, 'f WI N- 11 , iv' . ' 4-"4 "5 ' N f' f 6" "N'r"'P Q5 Z3 it U my 1 P, - , A 'i FLI 3' A,--, L , xx 2 Mg, wwnw if My Sfffgx M ,Miglia Wi? , F w g4i'S'vgi:L,m in 3, 5' Q 4 K im Q rjiaiga . x..w-W. ,UA 'I' 1 L 1 S ai QL ., .2 if R 44 Q ,A A wa, 1 's 'MQ W fi ff AJ sq,.!'.w Q e J ,", "y, Q., .L ' F' , I 5 .. 74? .g, .gn fn' , ,.. ' W ' qu , Qim rv"""7 x' 4 I Q K A ?'9'v vs. 4 f 1 35: fi' WN Ajit! . Q J 'spyi- ,dgi z-:z 'nS3g '.:A-f.k-, Y Y b Y .N fs-Jsiff'-E H " f ,K 1 ,- 'I is ' .1 'ZZ J A 4-kr iw Q -1 f ' W ' 'mxffm 3 5 Q,g,'q'fl fgkgw, M' 42. ffm 1' 621' "' H. .31 fr ' 6 nik flak. Q ,xg W 4 QQ, 1- 4 xi ' Q - .- Q - '5 S . 4 , 'V K 9 3' in Q. "' 4 'R W' W- M 11 " 'fn' ff 45,2 wnJ4g31l.,,if- , Y, sri-" ' T, v-' "" W, jf. 3, " Z-v s.r44if2l'q7 Y fu- A " sl as-f. .mf -11.242-. J ' ' V A. - -x K- ..,f5,..f15w, ,fjfj n ' ,, - .wr W" 'W' arf' 3 mv?-.E 4 ,X 1 A? X .'H 4- S If a E Q .,, my ig. Fagan .3 1 ...U I wi 1-, P egg! n fm fibre W.-wma., 'q.1.w.... WURLDS V , 1 mx M " 3 I , 1 I-.iii 41 :!e15.M,'i rs 0"'?.-Q20 - AJ' V V kg . I V K I w,m,wmif , ' .f W, ,.,,,,,,,. . Sirfwgzreqsagg , ' V 2 , 4' L Y L .ff 13. X 'J , S .J -Kqifmzzzg 1 i 11212,-efqhff 1-f-fm-fffq22ff1,1',1 :fm.sL4,.,f1fa- OST 'gh ji , WW. ' x ww' W, , K..-- -dm,,,,,, -an Awzvowgg claw? iw-r 1:TEJ"F?1kt ,SE 1 X M: QW? wife am W Wm MW am my 48 Wg? QW W A A . Wm, x P 'a fv- S-I"' 4 :- SX y , .W-ff ' X X M,.e,f ,,.n W ..... WMM E Ll VLC. . ' "'V ' A L'-I' W- V is Y a K 1 I 1' Xxvntilun i V Y,-3 f -, W -1-asv--af ,1v2'1 N ' .WHITE I at A .. - --', 355,-f frvx ,H - gf- "y u, 91 , , ' - .M Q , , A . , M ff-W 'i'i'1lv 3- Taiwan., La' 3 v3"" 2' 2 f Vw, 5 K M y :mv -A I , V 1 www ,Jn-at f ML' , ,W .,,u. ww ,,,f.n.v, M- .J ,...,, 1 vvnv wif., A M W r svn 'Wm W . ,uf-M, - ' - ,np 0 .,-g,,-- ug U-...J 3 a w, V.....,,M., 7 L we MGT 'W I iiQ2'fW'i'K3wmE72 L'tN.Qwx W- .gfggmgg L f ga 'N-Mm.N . , ff' "A " A ff . E Q-6 ,.WW..wM,..M.V.,,,M,,. 37 'nay-4.,fg,,5 v1-,- - vh,5w,f2'-vagigrrire Z: My " gm. .Ab -, Xb ja X J A a fr 14? 'raw' w 1 1 .-f- . -my-. ' ,.---- lf- f., .., . 1 v v l ' .I 'I 4 X J QP" " . - . MF U., ,K 5 'i 'le ','l.,,,..,,,, ,M .,,,?.,5h, f 9 o "Q, ',. I ' ' - 'u 'I' ' . , n a o' ' . -n-in ffm BBDE...,.1'ElU Lg , . s 4 n 1 ' ' . 5 n ' Minn--me XA-.7,,,, ,,. 1' " C Y'a,-JJ '- 1' nm. G. ww, V ,D ww , UELI V .,..,, gp., ff? if h .-.I Ill: l"-d P 3 'gX 'TQ' 4. ,nl Cocktail ? 'f TT HVQI' Bs -...una-g,,:, vi J w A I wal? 5 .s, , 'R 1 2 hang . .,,. , I RS Q 1315+ 2- 139 gp at -e QB, 1+-XX M . ,L ,, M 4+ ,, ,ggi -of 'W- N S SW f J- J , , ,ew . fi ,- Q uma at ., . - - ...Q . , MWMALV v was 41 3 --H 17:2 ' ' vw 5 L 1- - ,ia Lgmizngg W: A ,T iz wf,muf1'f" ft filf K, ,Q " 71 f a fx im ' www 1 ' ,B . yy' L if 1 QQ4, gl if B T Q 'lf ' Mil ' T ,. ', V. ', is T iwqyhgwakgfyv VV,, 1 :y Woyivm 'whyiw VqQWtmMa7ii'l 3' A ' ' I ' l "1 j' l, f " ' new ' If -- alt T gftiiajfit , , , T ' ,T , fi T 1 ' L l M1 -I - 4-,gtk 'l li fi:,'i'i E-RAU gets the low-down, on ho-downs!! If you can't "get down" - just stop to snap your fingers!! l've got everything 81 everybody We couldn't get enough pictures of lack and Vaughn! They could get enough beer!! l need! OUTDOOR BLUEGRASS CONCERT Country-time at E-RAU hit with a giant tvvang! The sounds of Sunshine Bluegrass Boys, The Bluegrass Pardners and Red 84 Murphy 84 Company made this afternoon session a time of basic knee-slapping, hand clapping and foot stomping. Beer flowed, the sun blazed and Daytona Beach Community College, Embry-Riddle and WELE Radio gave the students and community a great day of country! Cruisin' on green grass - listeninf to Blue Grass - Mellow Day!! OCTOBERFEST - BRINGS OUT THE GERMAN "SPIRITS" IN US. Your SGA provided a unique and lively evening drunk October 20 with an evening Concert featuring the "Hungry Six'f a real German Com, Pah, Pah, Band. To say the least- everyone was busy singing and drinking - to say the most- most of those attending were totally mellowed out by evening's end. Being German - at Octoberfest - can be a vvild and crazy experience! ll' You would not have BELIEVED how muc h beervvas Consumed! The band provided fine sounds -though some "children" found shooting airplanes at the performers a "fun time" - No Oomp Pah Pah for you!! Oomp Pah Pahfouplell 'iii I if 'I if X Kelly Monteith - so much humor- hurts your stomach - you laugh long and hard! Flying enthusiasts learned much from Richard Collins, Flying Mag. Ed. arm? Rocking, hard sounds 84 rough times made up the formula for Rotagilla. FALL BRINGS A DIVERSITY OF ENTERTAINMENT TO EMBRY-RIDDLE STUDENTS A diversity of entertainers and personalities provided good, informative and fun evenings here. Kelly Monteith, nationally known comedian gave a fantastic, one-man-act - providing two hours of belly-laughter as he gave his show. For you flyers - Richard Collins, Editor of FLYING Magazine was extremely interesting and well-received. Rotagilla gave their ever-popular wild hard-rock get-down show and the audience was wild and wonderful in their response. Also presenting his unique abilities as a trick pool player was Paul Cuerny, who added to the fun during the Fall Trimester of student activities. Eye on the cue ball - plenty of english in Paul Guerny's game. 20 i S I 5 E He was riding tall in the saddle till his blister broke. . .old joke - sorry - but it fits, now, doesn't it?! i IE YOU EVER THOUGHT THIS PLACE WAS STRANGE -THIS HALLOVVEEN'S NIGHT!! This mild-mannered monster took one too many progs - now he gets a mad desire to stick his head under water - instead of in the air- Notice that he for UNE Chuckignchuckig nurse! just a KISS away from looking like the real thing!! There were pink panthers, two coneheads, an ape and a number of togas, as spirits kept high and the music of "Devastation" played on for the Halloween Party this year. ln the group category, lst prize with S30 award went to "Kl5S"- featuring john Smaltino and friends. Second place in the Group Division went to lamily Vermicelli which included Kevin Quinn, Mark Ridolf, and Paul Strevy. The group won 515. First place in the Male Division won EB25 and dressed as "Calculator" - the 'figurative' character was really Hank McConnal. Second prize in the Male Costume Division went to Kelly Lyons who dressed as Fokker Biplane - and he won 515. The Ladies Single Award was given to Ms. Dollan who came as a Balloonist. She won 525. And The Student Publications' secretary, leanie Snyder won second prize in the Female singles division and won S15 for her 'Newsman' costume. EESTIVITIES REAEFIRMED YOUR SUSPICIONS. THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE This noteless trio will be featured on the first edition of the new Gong Show! Hey Chuckie I-Iey, you on the left -your tongue just isn't long enough. . .a sure give-a-way that you re Santa goes Air MALE at E-RAU Christmas time is a time for festive songs We will now sing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall' Somewhere in this picture lack Hunt is hiding-find him - then, let us know what you were on! O.K,? CHRISTMAS PARTY - '78 Actually, this Christmas provided E-RAU stu- dents with the 2nd Annual Christmas Party. Bethune-Cookman College's Choir and Daytona Beach Community College's choral group pro- vided the main musical moments, Special note, however, should be made to the infamous Dorm group who sang their little sore lungs out in original renditions of favorite holiday tunes. Santi Claus needed more fat, but he was jolly and everyone presentfelt the spirit of the holi- days, no matter what the religious persuasion, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! 24 And now children we re going to show you how to Santie Claus cant please all the kid makea. . Slow Gin Fizzl' dies all thetime THE ANNUAL ERAU DORM PIG ROAST This event features a sacrificed sow for twol, people Upigging out" and WERU vvailing. Great Day for every- one except Porkie! Pigging out at the Pig Roast l, This little porker never got away! He is indeed -"out-to-lunch!" 5 V 5 lk k J 'f3:?g5u,. ,-' .14 it . . .and All the King's men Couldn't put piggie together again! Th' ' I l - t ' t . T Olflsplzczsrig pE,?ESiCan?jliUllSri5elAf This pig got the point for the benefit of all! A RUMP ROAST!!! This act is so funk that we can't stand our- V selves. Whoooo! Get down, low! Sunshine day brings lay back looks - happy glows as we listen to the mel- Ladies, Ladies everywhere - some low. tall -few square, today! H S , J g , hx ,t., ' riri st s n 1 , r,ee ,t ., 'tgz:f1w,:!:g,g ,,,,t.. ,,. ' f Larry, Moe and loe's female counterparts. Becky Boo, Sally Poo and Susie Loo. Don't be shy now, this is your big break!!! PRI' 26 Oh, You can call me johnson or you can call me Keith, or you can call me Kor you can call me Wor you can call me KWor you can call me KWjoryou can call me KWlohnson, but don't call me a red head - because my hair is ORANGE. w if , ,,,.f,,.t-1a51:Qm.s . U Y if md iw' asx ' zz: ,,?,1:"-,'J ff ,. " f f . V 1- , if , ,Q y Country-rock hits the big time - with picker plucking pea-pickin' players. Oh my God, I think I broke my mouth. Fu Keith always Wanted the staff to lend him a hand with the Avion -it took FOOD to bring this "hand" out good goingloel By the time the comedian hit the stage, some of us had mellowed ourselves one foot under- ground - maintaining permanent eye-glaze and lack of coherent speech. You couIdn't help feeling the warmth and beat of the day and the music. Only problem is it's raining and the concert ended three hours earlier -these people are STONEDI! SPRING FLING 1979 Spyro Gyro, voted "most promising group", Bobby Kelton - comedian, and Delbert IvlcClinton "King of Texas Rock" brought such excellent music and fun to this year's continually beer-laden concert that everyone was getting off on the day and I'm sure - were getting off that night. You know what I mean, say no more, say no more. Wink, Wink, nudge, nudge! What a uniquely great day at E-RAU. 27 Q : , il ,gs 1, 1, is ,. gf - YL, . 5, S 5 5 3 N m y ' mu v a -4 f: 'Lf 1 Qi in fn 15015 M mmm-Q-I It 'Ka UMW 48 ll uf' R ww W M , .qawwwfm EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY NATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL Captain Kimball j. Scribner ................. Pan American Airways lRet.j Chairman George E. Burns ........................... Public Relations Aviation Writer Maj. Gen. joesph D. Caldara QRet.j .......... Aviation Consultant Honorable Donald H. Clausen .............. Congressman, California Dr. james E. Crane ........ ...... A viation Medical Consultant William L. Donovan .... ...... P ublisber, Flight Operations George A. Doole .......................... Arntzen 84 Company Frederick Einsidler dent, Dr. Herbert O Fi james Captain james M Leonard I lee T. Paul Freeland EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL john C. Adams, jr. Robert A. Carlson Austin O. Combs Tine W. Davis Dr. john Eberle Philip H. Elliott, jr. at Captain Faes George R. Fairniham Jr. C. B. oambraii eanne Go a d UNIVERSITY B ARD OF TRUSTEES A LTC Frank H. Mayer , john C.. McKay, jr. Captain john j. O'Donnell C. David Owens Dr. james O. Plinton,jr. Dr. Charles L. Proctor john M. Rice l Riddle A Ruddell Pau r ames L. Scha madan L .W '--I zli W,11f:1. ,L' ,:f, T V .,,A., ,b,,-l ,m,11W,1mW:fL:,1W, L,L,L,.. . . ,m,L,mL,L,L,LL . , We A : Q . , , W E15 E if i 1 ,i L 1 . : , ll l o . l . EMBRY-RIDDLE AERON UNIVERSITY . Arthur Agett Biemann HarryBaird George H. Baker Vernon T. Bartlett - Trevor V. Lamb Don Beers Frederick Waltef B lr, lrr .,,. 'f,r,fe1 rfzr e.:f2.:.+ nefal C Bunk loan N. Bun Gigi Butts Lee C arence ICHN PAUL RIDDLE C0-FOUNDER or EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY W F 5 i 35 Richard Queenart Vice President of Marketin 8 . IefferyLedew1tz Vice-President of Student Affairs lulia C. Futch Director of Personnel Y .,....-1 john Reffa Chief Account Dr. L. William Motzel Provost Continuing Education john A. Fidel Executive Vice President Provost ,AN Edward E. johnson Chairman of Computer Center james Cooper Director Material Management 0 ' , Robert Rocket Dean Of Students '-uztfk 'W-. -Q-an W -x 'w ' , M fx, Q, gm 'mfr-1' jlff'-Q4 ' "7"-e.fl'L3'1-"',. .., A + mm 'W Eng-,123 hh wa if 2:9 ' s .J-K5 , 3 ,f .gl . 5 f e-'-EK r 41 ! -'wr 5 x 5 kb 1 Iv2 called l'h.'.s mggling GF -I-he Flicuf-fy fo fell you 'Hia-F .ihffhe dead' Year -Hse Dumber gf-"5-Q-udqh-I-5 will 1 C.OTI+i nue +9 'gt-4o,w, wo:-'K lodols' wi U1 Increase and Y' A T72 know -H1414 ya ur deafft affba +0 ,Che professfbn QF-l't0CfI7"5 wfll ku? yau workfhg w:Hn -Me same high qunfih' G5 ,. inf 'Hue pas-I-... 'Fbitul-fy wages' will ' Qwgmgin +p,f, same... V HMA Q3 5 ' 51699. H Enya 4 ' p wcogxglk - Z5 A ' " ,Umm 1 A 4.1. fF5k+CfSf1T op WOOD """Hf2 i'::8i:,?::3.if':2.'2,i+ xAPfVx H412 Nfl. +M fQw'+v PM"-H . , , ' g. N Q , , . ,.,:,-, ,V f. 41 pq:-.7--511.-:p,.'j3f1x . 5- ,- -z -, A,,,.4,,---,,. M101 4,,,. f,,.. . ,., Q z?gf35,y,Q::,k,5G,x.. f. -,fly 4 x.4,3.1,1 f MATH AND PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENTS BROWN, ROBERT A I CLARK, IO ANN I COLLINS, IAN I ,,.,, f, 4 DU NMIRE, ROBERT HEATH LE ROY HILBURN, THOMAS HIRMANPOUR, IRAI PALMER, ELLIOTT PERRY,lOANNE MATHXPHYSICAL SCIENCE HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES DEpARTMENT DEPARTMENT PHELPS, CHRISTOPHER QDRJ ADAMS, MARLEAU CUNNINGHAM, IAMES Q 525:53 K' Qi, SffAA hz DEISSLER, KENNETH APPERSON,ANN YOU NGE, RAYMOND I ww A 45 A .. . CAMPBELL, ROGER FOCLE, SARAH HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT MC LEMORE, MARY SHARP, DIANNE HETTEL, TONI MAGAHA, ANN MC COLLISTER, IOHN KDRJ J 1' NELSON, ELIZABETH , uxkskiikaixiiiiiiw A SAU LS, H EYWARD WHEELER, IOHN QDRJ ' i WILLIAMS, NANCY I W "' K V , I mtg I ,E WSSE K Z "s, V L' ' EL 5 COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT ' .liiiafi ,E VL., . Q Q DAVISJERRY FEDOROVICH, SHIRLEY M. IOHNSON, ED KATZ, JOSEPH KEMERAIT, DONALD 1 KNABE, RUDOLF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCE DEPARTMENTS BROWN, WILLIAM LU CHADBOURNE, BRUCE CALCAGNI, RONALD A CHRISMAN, LOWELL ..., , ,K I,.,., ,uk DURHAM, DON EBERLELOHN HAMILTON, FRED ECONOMICS 84 MANAGEMENT SCIENCES ff ,ff ' J:..le 'rf ' I :av wp fin' ,, PROSSER, LARRY WEATHERFORD, PHILIP AERONAUTICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT GARRETT, EDWARD BLACKWELL, BISHOP HEINZER, THOMAS CONNOLLY, THOMAS KLUGA, N. R. DIGIROLOMO, ANTON in AVIATION MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT CRIFFITH, RANDY PRETTYMAN, WALT KLAUSKYJOSEPH VVICKARD, WALTER L. E-RAU'S FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS ff' f CH RISTISON, SANDY ALDRICH, MASON ANc3ULO,AL X ,W BRAINS, DON COREY, BOB V "" 1 N ' D 4 H DALY, PETER E-RAU DE GROOTE, STEVEN DUEMLING, GARY FETSKO, MARK FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS VV.k ,kkk 7 ,. as ..k, x Sx A A 5 e3 N A FLANAGAN, GEORGE ERANGOIS, ROGER GARRETT, IAMES E-RAU FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS HALL, GARY HANSEN, BRIAN Q is LIVERNOIS, DOUGLAS MC DUFFY, PAUL MENIETTI, MARY MOORE, MIKE Mx i E-RAU FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS MOLZON, RICHARD NELSON, RICK " ' POWE, MARK PATA, ROBERT .I. I SHELBURN, KEITH VIVINETTO TONY WIGGINS, MIKE E-RAU FLIGHT STANDARDS MARTIN, WILLIAM BU RNAL, RUDY il- IL,, RUTT, RAY LA FRINERE, MICHAEL WILLIAMSON, ROBERT MURRY, MICHAEL I I IQI ADVANCED FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS ALONZO, DON HOPEWELL, RICK GAETANIELLO TOM ADSIT, GUY KONSTANTINIOUS, KONS GREENVVAY, ROBERT HINTZE, CHARLES L., ' " K - Q M", , rkb, I JE:-F it LACY, KEVIN MANFREDI, FRANZ E-RAU A VANCED FLIGHT INS RUCTORS O MALLEY, MIKE GUSSATY, NANCY POMROY, JAMES RAMSEY STUART I SIMMONS, GREG KEN NY, ROGER --if , i Ex. . L EA STA SPURRIER, PAUL IFLIGHT STANDARDSI 5"-5 wr., fffff SE L , Rpm 1, X 1 k N N . - .4 , r-.W .-1 62 Q , . ' , ' ? , k I1 'is X 9 X., 1- SOCCER - YOU TOO CAN WORK YOURSELF INTO A TOTAL BALL OF SWEAT FOR THREE LOUSY POINTS GREAT GOING TEAM" l The pace continues, as two players both seize Lack of balance it would seem is this player s basic problem but it sure shows the opportunity to kick the ball- next film stamina as he wipes his face in the dust just to get to the ballll frame shows two players - no ball - lack of consciousness. 64 This is the ol' one two step in Soccer. One - leap up in mid-air and whack the dung out of your brain - and while in mid-air - Two- experience the new pain of cleated Soccer shoes whamming into your hind side. All for the love of Soccer. When it's time to relax - bring out the beer and STOP THE PLA Y! EMBRY-RIDDLE'S VARSITY SCCCER TEAM 1978-79 SEASO This international team has brought the qualities of all of their country's soccer style to the Embry-Riddle field of battle. Their efforts were rewarded with a fairly good season and good representation for this University to the community of University Varsity Soccer play. The fellow on the left is a member of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and is demonstrating his hidden space-age flight belt. The only problem for him is that the last time this team member was seen he was somewhere over Alburquerque. As for the rest of the Eagles - even their internationally flavored maneuvers are being thwarted by a sexy- legged Goalie -who will be featured in the next issue of Playgirl. 65 5 Q is QS X" 3 if af Q -'fmv , jf. . me '-fI N""'ga'M,f' " ' X n fl ii, ...Je , J 5.35. ,. s-if in .. J, Q. ff -N.. HQ .N , , "Y ,. .L QESE? - A 1i X. SEA ' gf Q-, . amen. -, ""' .b ,. L "fs ffkfiwiikgi .w. Q i -Q-. f- , ,g gg ...X ,, 3 gfQQlg E 5 , W.- 5 a ,g Singletary takes his time and checks the lie of the green before trying not to miss the hole. GRE TIMPRO EME TIS SEENINTHI YEAR'S GOLFTE M Embry-Riddle's Golf Team showed great improvement in their putting, iron and woods game as they faced each new collegiate competitor. For a school that sees fit to provide very little enthusiastic side-line support, our varsity Golf Team has represented this University well, and for the first time in the team's history, was able to get a 302 team score, the lowest in the history of E-RAU's team in one of their many season's games. We of the Phoenix staff salute your spirit. May you always make the green and may you never find the sand! This is the E-RAU Golf Team. Take a look, most of you didn't even know we had one' What we have here is your rather fun and kinky Wesson Oil Party. These guys had so much fun playing the Twister Parlor game that they decided to hook themselves up in that immovable position permanently - notice how excited everyone is. Everyone loves Twister!! 68 The next picture on the film roll saw this athlete eating dirt. FOOTBALL WILL ALWAYS BRING OUT THE BEST IN FRIENDS AND THE WORST IN COMPETITORS . . . THIS YEAR WAS A TOUGH ONE, Congratulations, Brothers of the Wind for winning this year's Intramural Football tFlag-footballl and becoming the 1978-79 Champs. This irresistible force will soon be hitting this immovable object and the result will be a new form of non-objective art- with the consistency of mush, Great Sport, FOOTBALL. The brothers of Brothers of the Wind will soon be Brothers in the dirt! lt's mine, no it's mine. . .CRASH -give it to anyone else - I'm going back for a beer! ASEB LL SEASO 1978-79 What we have here are six grown men playing stick-ball. But in their eyes -this is a powerful game of strength, precision, luck - and team work! This is the Egyptian God - Bendtoo- much - who is said to have died from a pulled ligament. The story has it that when Rip Van Winkle woke up he realized that he had to play in the E-RAU Varsity Baseball game, Little did he know that while he had been sleeping, so had the team - so the game was called on account of sluggish hitting. Sorry - So don't get Ripped because of this news - do you hear, Winkle! 70 This man can disco, jump over rocks and may possibly catch this ball in his l - ll ' . gOVG Ei ati GSBFOGIIFTIQ EMBRY-RIDDLE This is the brother to the Egyptian god on the left -this is BITEMYLIPOFF, and he is waiting for someone to bend him back in shape. You can see that the fans at these games just go wild as this young man puts his entire system -every sinew into his play- l hope to God he hit the ball! 71 1' CLUBS i '? 5 -J ' 4? ' .ug 3 , Q IGMA cHi President Pete Eggler Vice President Bill Palmer Secretary Berrae Meixsell Treasurer Frank Bloomer Out Sweetheart Cheryl and Don il MEMBERS Larry Ammirata Dave Biddiscombe Steve Boyd Mike Clohisy Ron Delle Donne Scott Ekey jamie javurek Paul lensen lim locel Mike Mathewson Don Miller Tom Moore Brad Nunn William Oehman leff Oltman Mike Pelosi Mike Plapp Scott Reiter Mike Ruganis Wolfgang Schuster Dave Stuart lim Vittetovv Glenn White Gary White john Wrightington George Zimmer A Cone Head? Taking a breather ,- -r N, .. , 1. 'Ti 4 i 8 I 1 .af 1- . if 'I -.- Reunion at the White Rose just a little more Q N .W LL,, Blood Drive SPRING PLEDGES '79' Ted Branscornbe Greg Chase Lynn Hall Chris Holloway Gary Homanick lay Marjanian Mark Milham Bill Mitchell loe Mullarney Paul St. Amant Danny Schult Gary Towers Bill Wrobel Dave Zabilansky Let's Party! Going forthe Gusto Congratulations, New Pledges LPH ET RHC A THEGANG BGOZING IT UP AGAIN PLEDGES Tom Chapman Earl Bradford Neil McWilliams Greg Bergman Robert Sturdevant Kevin Willians Daniel Michuc Martin Monteiro Tom Stone Chathey Wilkins Anna Marie Fadden Terrell Thomas Erine jones Maurice Vanderhan 2 25 . 5 to X Zia A TOM CONNOLLY- AHP FACULTY ADV SOR FALL TRIMESTER GFFICERS President Graig Saloatke Vice President Dave Waldman Secretary lack Chernovv Treasurer Sandy Markmna Parliamentarian Randy Feldt Pledgemaster joe Filebank Historian Gail Tworek Alumni Secretary Cheryl Galloway E NEW BREED A TOAST TO THE NEW PLEDGES SPRING TRIMESTER OFFICERS President Gail Tworek Vice President Cheryl Galloway Treasurer james Zurales Parliamentarian Sandy Markman Pledgemaster Dave Henshey Historian Keith Kollaik Alumni Secretary Tom Ridley MEMBERS John Baker Don Bozzo -orene Brown lack Chernovv Vince Crow ,erome Diehl John Engberg Randy Feldt ,oe Filebark Cheryl Galloway Phil Gibson Dave Gordon Steve Henshey Sandy Markman Allan Matzek Tom McDonald Tom Ridley Steve Rothstein Linda Tanner Gail Tworek Craig Sabatke Dave Waldman Don Eick Debbie Kitzmiller Ray Sofranko james Zurales Paul Erling DELTA CHI President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Alumni Secretary Sgt. At Arms OFFICERS: FALL1978 Tom Reres Charlie johnson Don Seavey Peter Bix Bob Harris Chuck Stroup The Gang ,f Chi Deiphia Little Sisters I X 1 What is ITZ? OFFICERS: SPRINC1979 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Alumni Secretary Sgt. At Arms Peter Bix Kurt Hathaway Tom Read joe Deni joe Goodearly Chuck Stroup Alumni Board of Trustees Greg Nelli Mark Fetsko WaIIy Tiedemann Ed Fusco Rick Larvtontagne MEMBERS Peter Axelsen Lee Clements Kevin Corbin Peter Denucci Kevin Doherty Fred Drake Mike Dregalla Dan Erdman Dave Gallager Bill Goebel Scott Granger Lou Harley Brett Lane Tom Lavrisa Steve Lee Charles Mathews Karl Marusack Rocky Monte Ken Muztafago Dave Paladino Barry Sheldon Steve Rice Barry Sheldon lim Wait Paul White Paul Workman Wade Young Ed White Chi Delphia Little Sisters lean Bellm Terry Bellm Berta Degenhardt Lynn Dreisbach Brenda Fielder lean Larkin ludy Madonna Michelle Maykowski Debbie Rizzo lune Ziegler gif OMICRO DELT PPA President Craig Sabatke, Gustano Ordonez Secretary William Palmer Faculty Secretary Dr. john Wheeler if . wil , P --A m f?" S2 2 YY i All mmf VETS 'fa Y 81 OFFICERS President Vice-Pres. Treasurer Secretary Alvin Brown Greg Huggins Dennis Henderson jeff Hendricks MEMBERS Keith Alston Ronald Boyce Daryl Brewin Terry Brewin Alvin Brown Carlton Brown Donavan Cushine Bryan Davis Eleanor Davis Howard Griffin Dennis Henderson leffery Hendricks lerry Henry Greg Huggins Evelyn lohnson Lawerence Leonard Keith Manning Kathy Mason lerome McDonald james Modeste P. C. Noble Mark Phillips Natalie Sykes Clinton Weekes Ken Wilder Zan Williams Maurice Williamson Edward Gaskin Clive Green Michael McCray Anthony Avington Thomas Carter We entered Embry-Riddle with determination to accomplish and endure the right for recognition, vve searched endless days for notification, vve vvanted unity in the form of an organization. We're a group of men and women vvith one common aim in sight, vve're the "brothers of the vvind our aims and purpose as you see is to encourage others to join the aerospace society. We aim to help those in need and better ourselves by doing the deed, each member we hope will be a better person by being a part of this organization. Dur wings are spread vve take to flight, like an eagle vvho soars through the heavy winds of the night, to encourage others to continue to strive in bettering themselves and obtaining self pride. llzoiell pa i ll I Miller 83 av'F"""' 5 BROTHERS Steve Tedrow lack Kelch Rick Pinar Pat Hasset Val Escobar Ali Escandry Luis lzaguirre Rich Garber LAMBDA CHI ALPHA QFFICERS President, Doug Baston V. President, Bill Prescott Treasurer, Hisao Miwa Secretary, Pete Coulon Ritualist, Phil Metz Social Dir., Steve Bell Alumni Affairs, Ken Kluttz Scholarship, Tim Nares Alumni Pres., Clay Owens 1 IAQ A , DSW' CRESCENTS Ann Dominy Terrie Prescott Laura Lemire Nancy jenkins Kitty Blaisdell Edic Kruse Arnold Air Society, Gill Robb Wilson Sq. Members Spring '79 Pledge Class- Robby's Pledges Eric Gibson singing "The Soggy Pizza Blues" MEMBERS janet Aiken Kitty Blaisdell Mike Burkly Dale Faust Rick French Eric Gibson Bob Graham Keith Kollarik Ernie Liberatore Bob Martin Al Matzek lohn Mazur Hugh McDermott Dennis Mitchell Helmut Reda lohn Renkas Tim Robinson Randy Russell Hal Scripka Russ Severino Mike Tucker Dan Woodward Pledges 81 members get n it on at the car wash. PLEDGES leff Barath Dave Crabtree Dave Hysong Margret Maslowski leff Post Scott Restivo leff Sicard A.A.S. ADVISORS Captain Richard Merlin Commander Al Matzer Offi- DV- Milton Horwitz lAUX'l'HfYl cially Opening a Meeting i 1 W 5 Q ,ff AC TE i if-Q.: CLUB Annie - you've come a long way - doing so much for so little but where'd you go? Did we scare you off? This lady is smiling because the Phoenix can't find her - she is out to lunch for the week- end!! l OK - You staffers - now that l'm in control - let's get this book finished . . . Hey, Where'd everybody go? Q 3 'NN W PHOE IX i 88 There are many people in this school who are still looking for this guy! PHOENIX STAFF l 3 Editor Michael Toth . 3 :4 Assistant Editor Michael Simmons 3 - ' Underclassmen Editor Anna Marie Fadden Faculty Editor Keith Cordon Photography Staff Mike Sturges Mike Toth Scott Bowman Earl Bradford Chuck Henry I I I .Q H I I 8 I I l I l l I Faculty Advisor Eric Gruber Technical Advisor and Typist leanie Snyder Avion-Phoenix Secretary This man is the terror of the 25 mph zone! And is a pretty nice guy - even though he's from Connecticut- but we won't hold that against you Mike! THE PHOENIX YEARBOOK '79 This has been quite a year- with people coming and going and coming and going and phew! it got pretty hairy some times when deadlines hit and we weren't quite - that's a nice way to put it- we weren't quite ready for the deadlines. Chuck started with some good ideas - but then again so did the others who wanted to help and there were lots of words but few actions. But the staff grew - at one point there were some 21 volunteers who showed up for the Phoenix meetings. Mike Simmons - even with all the hassles from the hecklers came through and helped put much of the beginning work into finished form. For such a new person he really hustled for us. Chuck kept taking photos, and so did Mike and Scott and Brian and gosh knows how many other Canon toting "experts" who came and went and flashed the staff their "professional" photo notebooks. We do, sincerely, thank all for helping - no matter how short-lived your stay. Back at the old Phoenix office, Mike needed help and found it time and time again from Mike Toth - who, following a middle ofthe trimester election - became the new Editor of the Phoenix for the Spring Trimester. With the aid of the staff who stayed here - many times - most of the night, a good looking Phoenix Yearbook has been designed and sent in on time. Thanks must also be given to Marvin Meyer, Taylor Publishing Company's representative for ALL his help and to Eric Gruber and lean Snyder for their support. But most of all the Phoenix Yearbook would not have been finished if it were not for the enthusiastic staff who continually supported and worked for FREE. 89 , ,mAm,A K V 5 . imma K B me is A A A . SQ . The Administration told these reporters that the lack Hunt World story was too hot to handle and to sit on it for a while. To do as we are told -this group is doing IUST THAT!! ,ye Why are most of these people smilin - because the Aust ot oosed! And wh are the 8 VI 8 S Y 3 guys on the end so somber- they were standing in the jungle Cruise line at the time of the goose! 90 i iff A 90" ff thi! ' fur ,. '33-'WW UU 70" ' V" Q 4. wiki, xfa:-'Wiz ' wha it Mtv- tt f 'fer Ieff works at typing bythe hunt and peck method - he hunts for the typewriter and uses his nose to peck out his story! pr 5 lt took 20 years - 4 in the service, marriage, thousands of dollars in debt and close to grad- uating - he learned to cut and paste. This wild and sexy guy puts two tuna fish sand- wiches under each arm - because he doesn't want to smell like "any other guy". 'W This woman is smiling because she's free, lib- erated and three sheets to the wind - one must to work with "creative people" Ack! THEAVIO STAFF 1978-79 y Much can be said about each and every member of this infamous lot of perverse individuals- their l ways are the ways of all budding journalists - trying to see how wild and crazy they can stay every hour of every day and still get out an "award- winning" newspaper to this university's student body every flipping week. At the helm this fall and spring was Keith Kollarik, jeff Barrow, Ed Milner, Marty Monteiro, KW johnson, joe McEvoy, Chuck Henry, Rick Arndt, jimmy Blinker, Dennis Mitchell, joe Armetta, Dan Mihuc, joe Rossi, Wes Oleszewski, Shawn Meagher, john Bean, joe Rossi, Mike Sturges, and others. To say the least their secretary - lrecently deflated to a more fashionable clothes sizej - jeanie Snyder - was never bored and always busy telling KW to stop bugging her, and for West to go away and for Keith to come in and for the staff to think pay increase. Marleau Adams also played a unique part in the Avion - he is our advisor- and we thank him for all his advice. We at the Avion Staff want to thank all of the student body and the administration's support in lj reading the paper and reacting to it and Zj for not trying to interfere in the freedom of the press. FLASH: More on jack Hunt World this summer- for all you folks who love to spend money - have we got a park for you!!! And we still want a recall - the Avion has reason to believe that Klyde Morris should have won this year's SGA elections. He was the popular candidate fthe only other candidate to get his act togetherj. Sorry about that, Dave! vffffffwwffrw-riff-A'-:tariff Now, this looks like a pretty innocent guy- ready to help write great articles for the AVION. He's really a crazed soul brother- the only E-RAU student to attend E-RAU Sex Seminar. 91 W.E.R.U it l FALLTRIMESTER OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Program Chairperson Services Chairperson March of Dimes Chairperson Membership Chairperson Public Relations Chairperson Faculty Advisor Kim Clark Pat Wilkinson Greg Holst Gwen Holkeboer STAFF Randy DiGirolamo Vaughn Watkins Bill Dove Craig Stechman Pat Neuzil Mr. Rudy Knabe A it , MEMBERS Gene Abel Randy Alexander Ron Arroyo Helen Barr Denis Barret Steven Calder Alan Chwalek Randy DiGirolamo jim Dropler Brian Fitzgerald Ken Gordon Randy Hardy Greg Hetzel Scott Hinze Gwen Holkeboer Gary Hughs Mike Hyles Dave Kerr Bruce Lieberson Fred Luthy john Maddox Tom Mahoney Margaret Malslowski josh Marion Richard Mathews Michael Mathewson jeff Peterson Rick Pinar john Pourshann Brett Richart Doug Robinson Donald Seavey Ken Schlect Larry Sibbit julia Solymossy Clayton Spanton Craig Stechman Michael Thompson Frank Tien Mark Truesdale Oko Usun David Weipert Wade Young tix? W t A s Q f hi s f A hm Q- MANAGEMENT Cl.U B sPRiNc TRiMEsrERorricERs President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Program Chairperson Services Chairperson March of Dimes Chairperson Membership Chairperson Public Relations Chairperson Faculty Advisor Randy DiGirolamo Craig Stechman Brian Fitzgerald Gwen Holkeboer STAFF Randy DiGirolamo Randy Alexander Randy Hardy Ron Arroyo Richard Belotti Mr. Rudy Knabe 93 Preparing for Preflight Competition joe Capicotti and lim Zurales inspect a Chickenhawk. The Flight Team at its finest! FLIGHT TE Tom Connolly Flight Team Faculty advisor OFFICERS Captain Co-Captain Secretary Treasurer Advisor Faculty Advisor james Zurales loe Capicotti Dan Mihuc Allan Bluminthal Randy Feldt Tom Connolly MEMBERS lack Chernovv Greg Bergman Earl Bradford Dan Lampkin Wes Oleszewski Gail Tvvorek Ana Vegega Kevin Williams Brain Becker Mark Phillips Dave Gustafson Debbie Redhed Scott Latham jeff Butler Valentin Hofmann K, C. Silvers Tom Chapman loan Shelson EQ lim Flight Team members love to hang around airplanes lim Zurales Flight Team captain Practicing their flight planning skills loe Capicotti and Al Blumenthal prepare a hypothetical cross country flight. Social Functions: Howard Less Nena Baker Avion Newspaper: Keith Kollarik Marleau Adams Phoenix Yearbook: Chuck Henry Eric Gruber VV.E.R. U. Radio Station: Greg Sterling Andy Brahhold SGA: Mike laworski ' 'L Lazio Playes Referee Andy Brachhold Making a Point Dave Tries His Approach A.C. . These are the first honorary members in the E-RAU Sh -Grin Mike, this is Frank Park- Frank, this is Michael lavvorski -ever , - hou ht of workin in Student Government . . . Oh ou sa Contest What s the matter, Howard bite your tongue. you Werer! Small, Worrd! As soon as they heard "GROUP SGA PHOTO" - everyone wanted to get in the act - A QUORUM! S.G.A. 97 President Iohn Czibik Vice President Keith johnson Secretary Gary Francis Treasurer Iohn Keck BUWLI an 5 78'-'79 'W sg ,QL QM, 'f , ' -x S za.-. ,, . 11- '53 -- ' -fzfef El ' f .4 , iibif vl A R 0 C I OFFICERS President Raymond Kelly Vice President Peter Rush Treasurer Andy Agromonte Secretary Andy Agromonte ? 1, ,N 'QL 'QFAU' MEMBERS L. L. Brice Al Casby Tom Chapman lames Coleman lose Custodio lr. Philip Doyen Edwin Ducz john Eppslit' George Eoushi Craig Levine Bob Malik Tad McC-ee jim Morano Les Panek Bob Pasi Pat Powem David Rose Chris Slaney Michael Sperry Philip Stein Stephen Witkovvski David Bennett jim Bevacqua Scott Bowman Keith Bauer , 7+ F Beau Birch Don Carey Gideon Carpenter Dave Casper Darryl Cozza jeff Culbert Mark Donigan Ron Djuric jim Dunlea OFFICERS President Charles Kidd Vice Pres. David Russell Treasurer Steve Muschler Secretary Peter Rush Andrew Ken Holm Agramonte Fred Hunt john Ingalls Doug Kirkpatrick lorge Lein john McDonough Ned Moore Ward lvlotz Tim O'Donnell Bob O'Sullivan john Pagano Rick Park Bill Reaves Scott r SCUBA CLUB i -f SIGMA PHI DELT THE CODE OE ETHICS The Code of Ethics of Sigma Phi Delta is founded upon the basic principles of truth and honesty. The quotation "What- soever things are true, whatsoever things are honest," should be the light guiding the footsteps of an Engineer towards service and success. An Engineer should at all times be mentally, physically, and morally clean, and should conduct himself as a gentleman. He should be courageous in following his own convictions, men- tally awake to make use of every opportunity, and consider the welfare of others before his own. To his superiors, an Engineer should be dutiful, to his work- ers, helpful to his subordinates, generous, to all men, broth- erly. An Engineer should take a good guy on the joys of life. He should fight against nothing so hard as his own weaknesses, and should endeavor to gain in strength. He should live that his actions shall never besmirch his own honor, and thus maintain the honor of the Engineering Pro- fession. The Fall of 1978 saw the Sigma Pi chapter of Sigma Phi Delta graduate three engineers into the surrounding community. We continue to expand every trimester, in the fall seven new brothers were initiated and in the spring a six man pledge class ensured. The spirit of Sigma Phi Delta continues. We maintain our standards here at school, and our graduating brothers carry the brotherhood they have enjoyed with them wherever they go. Memories live on! We wish the best of luck to our graduates as they expand their horizons, seeking the future which waits forthem. 102 l LITTLE SISTERS Sue Browner Sally Silliman Pat Larsen Marsha Launa Noreen Hohn Vicki Ockermann Zllll " , ,fiiix K 15. .,,., L .5 MEMBERS Gary Stetcler Keith Columbo Steve McKiennam Dennis Lovejoy Hal Scripka joe Biebel Bill Sillman Mike Steininger George Fravvley Dave Henry Tony Phillips Bob Smith Oz Alfert jerry Walker Pat Farrelly john Stokes john Frawley Pete LaPiana Scott Restivo Chris Slaney Rich Svvandby junichi Kent Rick Larsen Pete Garnevicus Randy King joe Zikasas SPRING PLEDGE CLASS john Barci Mark Holmes Rich Levitt Ken Watson Michelle Weingel Randy Zilly 4 , .... Q. - ,.,,- ..., 1 Q- , . K K V 155.2 F' W 44" 5!Ei?1I5f??f5?f35515215 it W 5- ' :- 15, ff 4 .gm 1 1. Q I W.. grim? uggv? WM fb . ' . Q .. I i i kk f..k3i.. I in Y Valk i 'iii ..,,M.f. ,aa 0.5. .Miki --., ii f -w-........, 'AW 4 W 6 David L, Adams jeffrey Addis Flight Technology Aeronautical Science if nl aff , ,Ji ' W' mv' - 1 2 Q e Hit . it ,, Wim TH ,jgu,7 if xg? , 'N f 1 X t f X J W2 in ' ' .R-?lDh L. Alcock Fred Allen juan R. Alvarado Aviation Management Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies in X 4 Vahe Andreasian Aeronautical Engineering M A t Peter Axelseln Douglas K. Baldauf lohn K. Barker Helen Barr Aeronautical Science Aviation Management Aeronautical Studies Aviation Management X Ronald I. Asin Aviation Management Myron 1. Barrett Aeronautical Studies i l Douglas B. Batson Adolfo Bauza Professional Aeronautics Aeronautical Science Robert S. Bills Brian Bissey Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science Mark Stephen Baslord lsam A. Bashiman Aviation Mainten. Aeronautical Engineering Technology Richard Belotti Dave Bentley Aviation Management Aviation Maint. Technology - if Lenwell l. Bivins, lr. Peter Bix Professional Aeronautics Aviation Main. Management jeffrey Blythe Carlos C. Bocock Aeronautical Science Aviation Management A. Spencer Bass, lll Aviation Mainten. Management loseph A. Biebel AKC Engineering Technology Williaml Blankenship Aeronautical Studies I-11- Q Richard Bodzek Aviation Maint, Management .... aiaii i ,qw-qv., 1 'S'-if Steve BouBoudakis Scott Bowman Daryl 1. Brewin Enrique Briceno Aeronautical Science Aviation Administration Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Engineering ,S Susan Brockington Alvin Brown Aeronautical Science Aviation Management Kim Clark Aviation Administration Garnard W, H, Burnside Mark P. Capra Aeronautical Science Aviation Maint, Technology w45i 3 Q,,e, as vwgj Barry R. Cohen Antonio Corcione Matthew W. Corcoran jeff Crane Vincent Crow Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science 114 jeffrey Culbert lon Marcus Custer lohn D. Czibik Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies Professional Aeronautics Z Q in 1 Reid E. Dahart Robert Davies Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Science t t Z Gary Dayton Scott E. Denison Sherman A. DeSouza Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science AKC Engineering Technology William N. Dove Cary M. Duemling Carl N. Duncan Management Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies 'Q 'W lohn E. Dettia William A. Dotson Aeronautical Science Professional Aeronautics K-wont x l' ., Xl i as S Donald E, Eick lohn l. Engberg, lr, Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science N31 ,ii pf KK? i , Manuel Falero Daniel F. Farren Greg Feith Randy M, Feldt AKC Engineering Technology Aviation Mainten. Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science Management i" loseph I. Filebark Aeronautical Science A Gerardo M. Filippone Herman Ford Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies H 4 A - QI in - -x Christopher I. Forte George W. Frawley Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Engineering -4 is 1 U A l f Y 'Wg Tony E. French Martin E. Fryer Richard A. Furman Andrew Kyle Galloway Aviation Management Aircraft Engineering Tech, Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science 116 -rx N5 TM ,aff David K, Freilinger Aeronautical Engineering el Anolis D. Garcia Aircraft Engineering Tech. - - Timothy Charles Glover Kenneth Gordon Aeronautical Science Aviation Management Feredoun Hajtamiri Craig R. Hanlon Aircraft Engineering Tech. Aeronautical Science Carlos Garcia-Espino james H. Geiser lr. Mostafa Ghyabi Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies Nw., Eric C. Gibson Marc S. Gittleman lohn I. Gleason Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science tid Robert Grabowski Aeronautical Science Ezra L. Graham Aviation Mainten. Management Michael Greenlee Aeronautical Science leff L. Hanscom Preston K. Harpe Aviation Mainten.Tech. Aviation Management Douglas D. Haynes AKC Engineering Tech. Carolyn M. Heil Management Gregory P. Hetzel Aviation Management Sa? JE! "Wil Clayton D. Hewitt Aeronautical Studies Patrick R. Hassett Charles H. Hatch Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies Q Kenneth 1. Hauser Aeronautical Studies ...-1 Charles E. Henry IV Robert G. Herold Ill Kim Hershberger Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Engineering Cordon Hill Aeronautical Science O' U he 2 V, 7 J' L 29 5 its f - 2 ' ,"' , ,,,, gy .f A V., M t- S A t e K A I ,- ,,,, 27 - , f ' ' , , 4' I I v, -I " M WM A V W, fgi:TT.,W , v , s . f F ,-. ik Scott A. Hinze Glen L. Hisert Robert I. Hockenhull Calvin M. Hollis Greg M. Holst Aviation Management Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Science Aviation Management Morteza Hosseini Mitch Houff Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Studies Paul Hughes Aeronautical Engineering Michael Andrew lanowski Aeronautical Engineering Q x WEs:,Ji W 1 Mike Hvles john Ingalls Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science ,ta Michael S. laworski Charles R. johnson Aviation Management Aircraft Mainten, Tech Q, i David A. johnson Charles B. jones Professional Aeronautics Professional Aeronautics In 5 F CX g i 3 if Y james M. Kaiser Gregory j. Kalski Tayeb Kamali john P. Kane Douglas P. Kaufman Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies AKC Engineering Tech. Aeronautical Science Aviation Management g S AKC i sci si' . ai ' 1 r i A A l Robert V. Kaye john Keck David j. Kerr Charles Kidd Nathaniel B. Kidder Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science Aviation Management Aeronautical Science Aviation Mainten, Management QE is Randall S. King Timothy I. Kolysko Scott Kragrud Aeronautical Engineering Professional Aeronautics Aviation Management Gerald Lancaster Benjamin I. Landry Laura Lemire Professional Aeronautics Aeronautical Science Professional Aeronautics ,N Howard K, Less William H. Liberty Hans Lindeboon Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Studies Aviation Mainten. Tech. Gerard I. Kraus Rohert Patrick Laird Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science Roy Alan Lemmermann Cynthia Lemnan Aviation Mainten. Tech, Aeronautical Studies 4 N B f swhjc' Douglas Livernois Darryl Lobo Aeronautical Science AIC Engineering Tech Si X Q Gary Loyd ' Aeronautical Studies I lk , by -A 1 xl! 1,7 '13 john A. Maddox Aviation Administration john L. Maddox Thomas Mahoney Cary A. Mallett Lharles K. Manassa George Mancuso Management Aviation Management Professional Aeronautics Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science -.TXXX L A A Y Sandra L. Markman George W. Martin Aeronautical Science Aviation Administration joseph M. Martinho AKC Engineering Tech, 17" 1' V Allan D. Matzek Aeronautical Science Shawn M. McBride Aeronautical Science wa is P john R. McCarthy Tom McDonald William R. McGowan William M. McKinney Nell McWilliams Aviation Management Aviation Administration Aviation Mainten. Tech, Aviation Administration Aeronautical Studies Zf lohn Meir Mary Kay Menietti Aeronautical Science Flight Technology 4 4, 19 .mwmmdz Don A. Miller Dennis R. Mitchell losehp D, Moon Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Science is T52 A I M M A , g ,, h 76, . ak ,.,,.,,, ,a d Mike Moore Charles R. Moren Marco Morin Nicholas D. Mostert David C. Mulhall Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Studies 123 4 Dwayne Musser Aeronautical Studies Patricia L. Nevzil Aviation Management William E. O'Connor Aeronautical Studies Antonio A. Navarrete Aeronautical Engineering 114454 M E Gerald Novak Aviation Mainten. Tech. Austin N. O'FodiIe Aeronautical Studies john P. Nefflr. AKC Engineering Tech. joseph E. Obi Aviation Management Emmanuel Oiedeji Aeronautical Science Lloyd L. Omps Aviation Management av W, A+ Gustavio Ordonez Del C. Padgett Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Science 'Mc , S William F. Palmer lr. Nancy Pastine Steven B. Pearson gn V, Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies 4, pp s gn it sian., Hy k u up in W , .W 2- . 'Um gf ,W wf?f'w,,1ay1 T,"x 'K V . ' a.,'w"v3 ,. ay. lah 5 4. H 1 f 0 pw M, an . af 14:2 5 'W 4 Anthony R. Phillips Aeronautical Engineering Russell Phillips john E, Phipps Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science lorge A. Provenzali Kevin Quinn -Keronautical Science Aeronautical Science Stephen Rinne Donald A. Robinson lr. Aviation Administration Aeronautical Studies Bill Pimble Rick Pinar Stuart I. Pollak Aeronautical Studies Professional Aeronautics Aeronautical Studies Nader Poursartip Marden L. Pride Bradford A. Prindle Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Studies Aviation Management Thomas Reres Peter G. Reynolds james Rice Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science Aviation Mainten. Management 1 t, Nur Sf g we all """" 5 W u iii- William Daniel Robinson lr. Mark Romero Miguel A. Rosa lr. Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science RW tut.t Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Engineering Steve l. Rothstein joseph E. Rotunda ww' JZ A iisi i'ci i iii? Robert C. Rufflr. lohn G. Russell lr. Aeronautical Engineering Aviation Management 7'94n. i S i "s Craig A. Sabatke Majid Sadrzadeh Shahria Saraj-Motlagh Kenneth Schatz Robert Randolf Schatz Management Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies 127 Kenneth D. Schlect Chris E. Schoen Aviation Management AKC Engineering Tech. ' - a.t....u.nas!ll"""' Barry D. Sheldon Olodutun Shenbanjo Michael Sharbaugh Aviation Mainten. Management Terry L. Shobert Aviation Management Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Engineering 5 .. ...3 ' 'N' cas ' V X -wc, . '-1 ' H . Q 2 Sally Silliman lorge Silva Management Aeronautical Engineering Manuel Silva AXC Engineering Tech, Larry A. Shoot Larry W. Sibbitt Aeronautical Studies Professional Aeronautics lim Singletary Aeronautical Science Robert L. Skoog Aviation Mainten Management R. H. Taylor Smith Aeronautical Studies Robert F, Smith David Sowerby Cordon E. Spotteck Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Science Nelson Solari Craig A. Sonnenberg Carl Sorg Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Studies fi . i 1--i ix' Wash unanisunai . ' E in in ' Kenneth Springer Cary L. Stetzler Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Engineering Iohn V. Stokes Aeronautical Engineering Paul L. Strevy Marcia L' Swett Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Science Stephen C. Sypniewski Mohamed Ben Taleb Bamanthia Tandia Aeronautical Science Aviation Mainten. Management Nmfltamwq Allan j. Tanguav Linda Tanner Michael Teixeira Robert P. Terbetski lames B. Terrell Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Engineering lerrv W. Tilenis Iohn Torres Ronald Torres Gail A. Tworek Luis A. Urdaneta Aviation Management AXC Engineering Tech. Aviation Management Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Engineering . t i . i it A A I Oko Usun Michael K. VanDoren Francisco E. Visconti Robert S. Wagenaar Richard A. Waggoner lr. Aeronautical Science Professional Aeronautics Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Science Aviation Mainten. Management james R. Wait David Bruce Waldman Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Science 'wwnnpww . n W-+"""""""' WN' Alan D. Walker Alan M. B. Wallace john M. Waples Aeronautical Studies AKC Engineering Tech. Professional Aeronautics A 234321 Vaughn Watkins Brian R. Watson David 1. Watton Aviation Management Aeronautical Science Professional Aeronautics 9+ i It yl 'K I ,ig .Q if '53 Q' 'Q E i S -i - l Cathy Wilkens Aeronautical Studies W 5 . ' ,San . it -c - W WHY 4 "f"Q'f.f,7m " K ?4i,,,,, ,,.,4 9 ' e -att ffw? ,V fi, , . 1 'M I' A J 'M i it at - , W , Vg i , , , W pm., , - .V gh f P ,gown A luv I f. rr .. I ' . .J ,. 5, -I A N WK , g A -, 1 V ,gif 6 vgvld Q - ' .- -i A ' V. U" , A v kg Q Www J, ":,:sfw ' 'VW' LJQNVQAJE w aa? i V ft w 'IA' ,.. 5 ,Q Patricia Marie Wilkinson Henryl.Winbrow lohn A. S,Wrightington james F. Wyatt Aeronautical Science Aeronautical Studies Aviation Management Aviation Administration i V, :JE 1 ,f , A 4 V 4 I VW , ,Ag 4 -2 WJ ' . f, zf. if .6 'aft 4 M? 1 . ,I , 4 fi. if V at I I 1 W '- tw i Hi ',.4,5f ' X 7' , f vga, ' ,-fa A I I S . f-KM 'V' "4 Y "V .4 .H W -lg" AQ. WL' I 4 ' ' ,' ' A ' 4 . 5 '-a ' ' X -- 'L - . WA 5. t v my .K iw 4,4 Mu, V 1 i ' ' il x 4. fu ' J . B . ya. L P- kwin. ' - "LH i . 1 z., G . ,e gl. I V 15 -1 jamie A. Yarbrough Wade L, Young Sarvnas 1, Zikaras William I. Zorc Ialaedin Zoughi Aeronautical Studies Aviation Management Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Studies Aeronautical Engineering l33 ,,., . ,i.,.,,:, ,gf , , 54, 1315? F M UN DER CLASSMEIN I 34 W, W I U5 QM DIED. gg 5. Q.. ik! BAN' KH' john Aanonsen M. Ali Abdullah Omar Abdussalom Abdelmagio A. Abodena Khalif A. Abu-lanihoor Charles T. Ackey Richard D. Adams Richard E. Adams Roosevelt A. Adrianza Kissten Agboola Tom Ahrens Ianet E. Aiken Francis O. Akirbote A. A. Mohamed Behrooz H. Alashti Kamal Alani AA David I. Albright Abdulrahman Al-Busaidy Cassandra Alexander Dale O. Alexander Randy S. Alexander Eddy A. Alfonso james F. Alfonso Issac Algaze Frank P. Alioto Shahin Alipanah Norman R. Allaby Atton Allan Brian Allen lohn M. Allen Steve A. Alliman Barry E. Alpern Mohamed S. Alqasimi lonathan K. Alston Keith Alston Gary I. Alvino Abdulwahed M. Alzaidi Abdul Alzarawani Bud Amabile Larry Ammifata Elias S. Anagnostoy Michael Anderson Steven Anderson lose Araujo Bill H, Archer Susan A. Arechavala Anthony Aresu loe Armetta l 'fa 4 Z 2 Ridjard A. Arndt Rick Arnaot Ronald H. Arroya George A. Assaf Earl Aston Keyes Aton Misty Atwell Toure Marie Auguste Scott Austin Luis j. Ayila Anthony D. Avington Norick Baboomian Wayne Bach Randy S. Bacher Shojaee Bahman David N. Bailey Thomas A. Bailey Kenneth Baker Robert K, Ballard Clint R. Balog jeffrey S. Barath john A. Barci Robert A. Barczynski Dean W. Barnes Terry Barnett Vikenneth Barnett james Baron jr. Denis Barrett Kenneth Barrett Michael Barrett George Barron jeffrey W. Barrow Kenny Barrows Laszlo Bartha David Allen Bartlett Trina A. Barto Brian K. Barton james R. Barwick William E, Bates Richard Basile joseph E. Batten Todd A, Baverle Mohamed O. Bawondy Edward D. Bayless john R. Bean Charles E. Becker Christopher j. Becker john Bedway Naudy E. Belisario Mohamed Belkhir Erik W. Bell Lance Bell Richard C. Bell Steve Bell Richard Benn Patrick Bennett Arthur V. Benson Timothy A. Benton Andrew B. Bereford Shane M. Berg Glenn B. Bergman Greg Bergman Brett P. Bernado Lloyd B. Bernsten Vincent Berry Benedict Berwanger Lawrence james Bevacqua Brett D. Bibb Leroy Eric Bickmann Dave Biddiscombe Stanton D. Biernacki john j. Bigos Donald Bionde Phillip W. Birch jeff Biro Don Birton Tom Bischoff Michael Bishop Steven Bishop Barbara Bitzan Corden M. Black Kitty Blaisdell james Blinker jay S. Bloom Randy Bloom Alan Blumenthal jeffrey Blythe Richard R. Boeke Bill Boemmels i 138 'Y l Y A 5-.st AXA ,vm Lindsey Bond Rick A. Bonner Timothy P. Bono Richard Boor Kevin Bopp james F. Borden Arthur D, Borger Cythia Bosk Paul C. Boutin Randy L. Bottieri Greg A. Bowen james C. Bowon Iames C. Bower Stephen Bowman Ronald R, Boyce Steve Boyd jerry Bozant Barbra Bozzella Earl Bradford Philip G. Bradshaw Dan Brady Gary A. Brand lim Brandeburg Ted Branscomb Edward F, Breau Kevin L. Bredenbeck Mary Beth Brennan Charles Brick losefh Brint Mar N. Brodsky Andrew S. Brody Barbara A. Brown Booker T. Brown Carlton C. Brown Derek Brown Eric D. Brown Robert Brown Russell Brown Richard P. Buccio jeff Bucher Ken Buck Terry Buford Mike Burger Albert Burgunder Christopher M. Burke lim Burke Roy Burton Bradley G. Burns Ric hard L. Busbea Mark I. Bushnell lavier V. Bustamante lefl T. Butler Allen Byrd Peter Cagliard Vim ent I. Calderon Ronald L, Cambridge Brian Camgros Angus Campbell Derron Campbell Mir hael E. Campbell Rir hard M. Campbell Roger A. Campos Tony Canday George Capella loseph Capicotti Anthony Capozzi Kim W. Cardon Creig R. Carlson Thomas Carlson Cary W. Carlton Christian N. Carnevale Timothy R. Caroe Harold M. Caroen Chris W. Carouthers Morris Carpenter Ed Carpinello David B. Carr Steven Carrasca Vincent Carriveau lrving R. Carter Thomas Carter Charles Caruana Mary Case William B. Case luana Castello Douglas A. Cates Kevin F. Cavanaugh lames W. Caver lV Stephen Cerone Rodger Cerovsky Thomas A. Chapman Doug S. Chappius AM L W ff' X - ,ff Leaf ff N, P .1 W ..'A 4. 'L ff. . -1 ! sg I f . . - ... ,. .,,.- , Mn, XL. l .15 Gregory P, Chase Trent Chatman joe D, Chenoweth F. S. Chiang Laurence Chin Gary Chrisman Tom Christian Dean Christiansen Michael F. Chrzan Sal Cimino Douglas Clapp Christopher S. Clark Duane N. Clark Edward 1. Clark loseph B. Clark Christopher W. Clarke Donald W. Clay Mike Clohisy Michael Cloninger Marisa Coccia Mark D. Coccia Robert I, Coffey james B. Coleman Rick E, Colin Tim M. C. Colldon Alan Brent Collins Robert Collins Angel F, Colon Carlos R. Colon luan A. Colon Cintron Sylvia C. Colon lose F. Colorado Charles C. Concannon William A. Conner David Connolly lay C. Connors Pedro Contreras Ranger L. Cook Steven L. Cooley jeffrey N. Coombe David Copal Kevin H. Corbin Keith L. Corn Manuel Correa Michael A. Corujo Greg Costa Manuel Costa Mario A. Costa Adarna Coulibaly Peter I. Coulon Rebecca I. Cox Darryl I. Cozza lames T. Craig lohn R. Y. Craig Ill Bill Crawford Edward P. Crawford Iames T. Creasy loseph P. Crews Vincent G. Crossley Dan N. Crotty Dand Crowne Paul A. Csibrik Kelly Culbertson Kerry B. Cummings Donavan Cushnie Andrew S. Daal Patrick Dangerfield Dave Darrin Victor G. D'Avanz0 Bobbie Davis Bryan D, Davis Charlton B. Davis Edward D. Davis Eleanor Davis Iames W. Davis Vincent Davis Darren Day Christopher M. DeAngelis William T. Dedrick Cary Deerhake Brad A. Deflin Gary M. Defrancesco Roberta D. Degenhardt lohn P. Delaney Leslie I. Delano Steve Delceg Ronald Delle Donne lr. Brian DeLomeau Peter I. Delorme H2 115. Robert M, Denehy john Denes Bob Dennerline Derrick Dennis Timothy A. Dennis Peter DeNucci jeffrey A. DePaolis Marvin Deprez Richard Devery Edwin Diaz Timothy A, Diaz Victor Diaz deleon William DiCarlo Steven H. Dickerson Susan Dickerover jay DiGirolamo john R. Dillman Bruce S. Dillon Dan A. DiMicheIe Robert W. Dixon Kevin Doherty Thomas Dolan joh F. Domeij Anibal Dominguez jorge Dominguez Edward Donahue George R. Donaldson Charles Donovan, jr. Robert j. Doran Brian Dormer Paul F. Dosch Phillip E. Doyen Charles Dtroup Shawn Duchesneau Thomas F. Duda Michael Dugan jim R. Dunlea Lawrence DuPont jim Dwyer Richard A. Dyer Clark Eadie Kevin Eastley Don R. Ebert David V. Ebiz Charlie Ebner Douglas C. Echard Robert L. Eddlrman Steven Efken Steve Ehlinger Vidar Einarsson Millie Eisele Scott T. Ekey lbraham EI Azzabi Dave Elder Ali Mohamed Elgrawi Abdalla M. Elhammali NASX I 1 I s Bruce E. Ellington Maurice A. Ellis Ali Salem El-Maeli Clemens Elsner Horace M. Eltonhead Cordon H. Elwell Omar M. Elwihisi jeff Engborg Douglas A, English jeff English Mark Erkkila Valentin Escobar Meredes F. Esperanza Eugene Essex Bredell M. Evans Michael Evans Stephen A. Ewing Sarah Elizabeth Faas Anna Marie Fadden Akil Falaknaz Nasser Farhid Stephen P. Farkas Patrick 1. Farrelly Dale Faust Rocco A. Fazio Craig E. Feese George Feise Daniel S. Fergus DeLara A. Fernandez Michael Fernandez Peter Ferraor Peterl. Ferraro .li rl1l"lVER5" W .1 ff 'x X 1 ff ,ff !y,,,,.,z ,....-f'-' ,hc igla 1 W...-,.N-mn-1 ,-,. juan lose Ferres Lugo Norman E. Ferris Raymond joseph Fetick Kenneth Fields Tom E. Figuly Ron R. Fisher Douglas A. Fisher Brent D, Fitzgerald Brian P. Fitzgerald Larry l. Flevry Veronica M. Flood Evelyn Flores lose C. Flores Stephen Flowers Carl Floyd Karen L. Flynn Wayne Flynn Paul A. Folmsbee Oswaldo Fonseca Karen l. Fontaine Domingos Fontes Thomas A. Ford lr. Michael A. Forest leff Forgey Nick Forsythe Michael H. Foster Christopher Frandino C. I. Frank john T. Frawlwy Rickie A. French Thomas Frerk Richard R. Friedrich Louis D. Frohman Charles Fruth Tony Fryman Dana 1. Fulks lim Fuller Dean Furman Peter Gaddy Michael Galaida Donald K. Gallion lr. Kim Gallion Cheryl Galloway lames A. Galvin Thomas Ganley lr. Kenneth H. Gante Grayson Eric Garb Felix A. Garcia Michael Garcia Rojelio j. Garcia William A. Garcia Mike Gardner Mike Garner Mohamed Garra john R. Garrett Edward Gaskin Norman Dale Gates Cindy M. Gouthier Kenneth Gebhard Warren Geist Ayad I. Ghandour Phil Gibson Felix Gil Ben Gimbert james j. Giuntha Ivan D. Glymph William R. Goebel Tim A. Goldman Tim A. Goldman john S. Goldmark Gregory W. Goller Roland Gonzalez joseph R. Goodearly john W. Goodloe Todd j. Goodrich David S. Gordon Keith A. Gordon john Gorton Keith Grange Scott R. Granger Ronald j. Grant Danny Graves jay T. Graybill Belle F. Green Stanley R. Green Clive Greene Kevin D. Greenwood Buck Griffin Howard Alfonso Griffin jr. james T. Griffin Robert W. Griffith Andrew Grimm john P. Grosserode Ricardo Guarismo Andre R. Guillemot john T. Gunnoe 146 rw., MW, ,,.. ,Wy , iii 4' "f..': 3,35 . 'ldv' -ff V V' - . 4,,.:w:411f.v f.fifT""4a42s'i L ' 'Y' 'frjff' 2' 'vie fag: -min' .1-. 24435653 A" 1 x. li3?l'?"1!7f2q ", gslfaht C'-,' . A 1.1, . mf.:sf'- gs My 'Q-,Li Y I I i R, X iff. ..?,.i'jW,,fiiij',:. QfrQ.1,X. V if 'Gag W -1 - I. M., .Q L i,i.MJJ-:,z,wA QE i"fH.flU',gx1Qu 'W T .,. ' ,ifigibf H 5,44 . ' L :af lib. .44 Q A1 ,wa L Al ,xnxx ff"- - . ,N 's fi! , AL. a .gig Mike Curhard Pedro A, Guzman Samuel K. Gyapong Randal Habick Thomas E. Hair Ozana Halik Kevin M. Hall Steve A. Hall Thomas P. Hamilton Murad M. Hamima Miguel Hamlett H. L. Hammatt Mark Hancock Mike Handschin Russell Handy Mike P. Haney Glenn D. Hansen Paul H. Hardin Randall A. Hardy Louis D. Harley Ill Preston K. Harpe Edward Harrigan lr. Edwin Harris Robert Harris Scott Keith Harrison David Harvell Mark C. Harwood Pat Hassett Michael C. Hatcher Stephen G. Hawkes Betty L. Hawkins Richard J. Healy Klaus Heath Michael l. Heath Brett F, Hebeler Craig Hedgecock Robert Hedghes Philip Heise William A. Heleen john Helffrich David W. Henderson Steve Henderson leffreyl. Hendricks Anthonyl. Henriquez Albert L. Henry David W. Henry William G. Henry Frederick E. Hensley Rusty N. Hensen A. Erih Osca Hernandez Alfredo Herrera Mark P. Hetterly Dennis R. Hevener Paco Higuera limmy Hilburger Donald S. Hill Henry C. Hoffman Robert W. Hofmann Terry Holbert Carlyle Holder Gwen Holkeboer Christopher M. Holloway Ken Holm William Holman Dan Holmes Mark E. Holmes Gary Michael Homanick Robert Wayne Hood lames Hopkins Ellen Horlander Scott 1. Horne Maryam K. Hosseini Mojtaba Hosseini David A. Howard Tony O. Howell Edward T. Hrvoich Charles l. Huber james T. Huddleston Thomas Hudgins Gregory Huggins Donald Hunt lames Hunt lack E. Hunter Sumner W. Hurlburt Abdulsalam Hussien Bob Hutchens David W. Hysong Egil Ingualdsen Robert loan Mark lsham Greg l. lski leffrey luvone H8 QX., xslt S... 4.35 5 A. 2 A? ,.,.. . K , jaime lzquierdo Arthurjackson Richard K. jackson Leigh jacobs Timothy jacobs Kathryn j. jacobson Robert E. jenkins Paul jensen Kris jerome Harold jesurum Arlington E. johnson Evelyn johnson Gary johnson jeff johnson Keith L. johnson Marvin johnson Presidenf' 'HOP Bubbles :'1I"':oPI'5-5 Then hd flecllvlt his bdh QUEEN... eh er hay- I, d d a J me t i..P2i.O:.f':iZ'i2,.? M me 2,323 ..J,.S2:. in... Mr ++S5+ S Q +0 onwpgilfnifiiifwn "Helme1l- laws suck 9 Jac K fhR'l'.i! +dK"'13Bfaroi'J OYI my back., hOf'f'lb le. . 1, pic ures... Q, 1. 4. i'Q,,!iil-.. -l - i:J ' I 2s .o"'P ' Z-EA if 12" " - A f: .- - - 1 5-.,..,a 4 t "-"- 'FH : t 5-12 Q" 2 I ffk 5 Q x Mike johnson Kenneth S. jones Meridith S. jones Michael A. jones Vicki jones Wesley j. jones Thomas A. jordak Leona jordan C. Russell joyner Walter L. jubien jr. Ibrahim lsmaila Kaita johan l. Kala Chris j. Kalishek Douglas Kane Daniel Karger Behzad Karimi David Kasper George j. Kayati john Kaye Philip R. Keay Kevin R. Keenam Randy Keever Patrick M. Kelley Dennis E. Kelly Francis j. Kelly Norman E. Kelly Raymond M. Kelly Darwin Kemper Howard T. Kendrick Michael H. Kessler David Kettelbut Awad A. Khairallah 'aramarz S. Khalili Ayatolloh Khomaini jess W. Kiewiet john A. Kilker Dwayne F. Kimball Philipl. Kines Raoystan King William King Mark S. Kinnane Charles T. Kinney William W. Kinrad Steve M. Klemka Ben Klepek Peter S, Klofkenbrink john R. Kloss Kenneth Klutz james Knapp William Knrfpshield Tom IJ. Knight Charles Knittcl Timothy j. Knopf David W. Knowles Stool Stott S. Knutsen joseph L. Kocon Boma Koko Stewart Kokot john K. Kolb Keith Kollarik Tony Korn George F. Kothe john F, Kowaleski Allen R. Kozal joseph Kozarewiez Tom P. Kozlowski Robert Krauss Robert D. Krell Christopher Kroll joseph Kroupa Valentin T. Kruza Ashworo K. Kuale john Kufartnaski Randal W. Kulp Dave j. Kupiec Paul D. Kurtz Mark Kush Myron Kuzyk Brian L. Lachapelle Paul L. LaFrance in -Q X . .Ai A 1. fi: 1 Ar RELAXINC AT THE FLIGHT LINE Normand Lagasse Rhett Laird Todd Lake Dan S. Lampkin David L. Landin joseph R. Landsiedel Brett M. Lane Susan Lane Carlos B, Lantes Peter LaPiana Richard A. Lardner,l David L. Lattanzia Mark Laubenthal Tim Lauder Thomas Laurisa Kenny I. Lauer Qinn P, Lawrence Harry L. Lawther Mark Lechner Steven Lee Steven Lemos Lawrence Leonard Craig S. Levine Craig S, Levine Richard Levitt Paul A. Levy Steven R. Lewis Ernest R. Liberatore Bruce L. Liebarson Michael Liguori Klan C. Lim R. Bruce Limbach Alan Lindenmoyer Richard Lindo Greg C, Link Gaetano M. Lipane lohn Liro George R. Little Bernsten Lloyd Bart M, Lomans Barry B. Loomis lose Alberto Lora Charles Lott Steven R. Lovedahl Dennis L. Lovejoy E, DeVon Loving Robert B. Lowery David Lowry Claude Luke William G, Luke Richard Lund Michael A. Lundeen Fred R. Luthy Kenneth Lutterbach Kenneth I. Lyons Charles L. MacArthur Kevin M. MacDonnell Gary MacFarquhar Brian Macho Scott MacKenzie Larry C. Macko lohn A. Maddox Brian l. Madgett ludy Madonna Steven F. Mahoney Thomas L. Maisch Steve L. Maksymowski Dennis R. Maldonado Israel A. Maldonado Karl Malecki Robert L. Malirk Gary Maltese Bill G. Malthaner Mark Mamulski Louis Mangieri lohn Mangona Randell Mangum Coulibaly Maniadou Lawrence G. Manofsky Stanley Mansfield Max Robert Marcano Lawrence Marchihi lohn H, Marfiak Lori A. Marinelli Ed Marish lay Marjanian Frank Markowski Peter A. Marquart Ramon Marques Aliffr X ff .IWM M55 ,sub 'diff . .lm . lltlr mal. 'X 4 K 'V ' 'U 4 4-lk AQ X uxuv Za g x T Rx ,N I ' V 'vi I QTY! I N I-.I uauu F? --W f leff R. Marquis Carlos F. Martes Steven Martilla lames R, Martin Adrian Martinez Manuel I. Martinez Gaspare Martino Karl H. Marusak Wayne A. Mascolo Khaled Maski Margaret Maslowski Dave Mathes Michael Mathewson Isaac Mathis Angelo R. Mattei'Ortiz Dennis R. Mattson Randolph K. May Robert Blenner May Steven Iohn Maynard Iohn M. Mazur Timothy N. McAllister lay McCarty Iohn McConnell Michael McCray Hugh P. McDermott Bruce D. McDonald Michael McEIvaney loseph P. McEvoy Thomas I. McEvoy Matthew L. McGary Tad V. McGee Iohn McCinty Barry McGIade Brian McGraw Thomas McGuirk Scott B. McKee lim A. McKenzie Stephen M. McKiernen Don McMillan Roger McNamara Shawn Meagher Tom C. Meers Makhzum Milad Mefta Miluk Mefteh Chris 1. Menne Richard 1. Mercadante Fred Mercado Mike Merrike Agnero Metch Thomas A. Messeder Calvin G. Metz Philip Metz Brian Meyer Christopher A. Meyer joseph A. Miara Nicholas Milakovic Mark Milham Andrea S. Miller joseph B. Miller Marc A. Miller Paul R. Miller, jr. Tom Mills Ed Milner Karl P. Minter Kathy A. Mitchell William Mitchell William L. Mitchell, jr. Miguel A. Molina james C. Mollenhauer john E. Montanari Tilden Montant Rock j. Monte Martin Monteiro Edmund C. Moore Geoffrey Moore Thomas F, Moore Richard IJ. Morales jimmy Morano Klyde Morris Brute H. Morrison julio Moreno Michael Morrone Connie Moser Luis Motta Ward Motz Brian Moura Robert j. Moyer Andrew C. Moynihan joseph H. Mullaeney Patrifk j. Mulligan jaime H. Munoz-Alvarado Robert L. Murrer, jr. 4 l t lll l K! 5, .VN 4' 'Q-lyfttr mvyyji. It Q, , . W., '- , lf' Philip O Murphy Winston T. Murphy Bret R. Muse Andrea Musc io Alex Mussak Hassan E. Mustafa Harold D. Muth Kenneth Mustafago lohn Myslinski left R. Nagle Ellen L. Nagourney Robert l. Nagy Quirino Nardafci Timothy D. Nares Stephen l. Nash Kurt K. Nault Neda Nazem Mark W. Nebbia Daniel T. Nehring Harold N. Nelson Mark l. Newman Vesa Nikunen Paul Nix Roger W. Noble Philip C. Norkus William l. Norris Thomas Oat Sean l. O'Connor William A. Oehman Edward Ogilvie Paul S, Ogle Starret G. Oko Michael P. Oleary Gregory Olesen Wes Oleszewski Robert l. Olewinski left Oltman Mohamed Omar Godwin R. Opara Esteban Oquenedo, Mark Ordman lepson W. Ordway Michael Orlando Miguel A. Ortez Michael Osborne Stephen M. O'Sulliyan Mike Overbeek Carol A. Owen 2512? We ai 45" ,git fl Z ' f i new 11555 'gi W 1 t gy I i Jf3r'f'f:l , Z -M .f if f Alice Owens Kenneth D, Owens Brian j. Ozark Federico Pabon Eric W. Pacala Dewitt T. Pace, jr. Carlos Pacifici Marc Pacifici john E. Pagano Cliff Page Mark G. Palazzo Dan Palmer Henry Pane jeffrey j, Panioto Santiago Panzardi Sammy Don Parish Howard Paritsky Frank X. Park Michael james Parker Thornac C. Parker Steve Parrella Thomas Passarelli Doug B. Passmore Kevin L. Pasternack Bob Patton Humphrey C. Paul Brian A. Paulsen Dixon Pearce Albert F. Pearson john C. Pearson james Pedra Phillip E. Pedron Kenney j. Pellegrino Michael H. Pelosi Demostenes A. Pena Brad D. Penrod Phillip C. Perry Ronald L. Perry Vishnu Persaud Eric L. Peterson jeffrey Robert Peterson Thomas C. Petsinger john K. Petroulias jim Petruso H P-v i. .UBB -s I Xxiu L Cary S. Pfeiffer Michael Phelps Victor Phil-Ebosie Mark F, Phillips john M. Phipps Ron Pick Frederick T. Pierson jeff Pietka Scott Pilato john Pineiro Craig j. Pinto jack S. Piper Bryan Pittman Robert E. Polarolo Lawrence P. Polinski Craig Pope Lannie Pope jeff M. Post Heather Pound jahanshah Pourhassan Peggy A. Pouyer Samuel S. Powell Brett G. Prentiss Tom Preston David A. Prestwood Moira Preziose Bill E. Price Greg Price Arthur B. Psathas Steve Puglisi john Pulsinelle Robert S. Putnam Douglas B. Pyles Carlos Quinines Anthony Quirk Mansoor Mohsenzadeh- Rabbani A. Garces Rafael Diaz Rafael Chris B. Ragot Amir Farhad Rahimpour Thomas Ramirez jose Ramos Mark Ramsay Stuart Ramsey Darryl Ramson julie Rankin 157 lohn L. Rapier Maied Rasheed William H. Rathmanner Robert L. Rayburn C. Randy Rayl Helmut H. Reda Debbie Redhed Paul Reding john W. Reeder, lr, Walter C. Reedy Drayton Reese Alfred Reeser Franklin C, Reeves Anna Maria Regina David S. Reidy Iohn P. Renkas Scott D. Restivo Eddie G. Revell lerry Reymond David B. Reynolds lose R. Reynoso Steve C. Rhodes Ronald F. Ribero Richard A. Ricciuti Stephen l. Rice Stillman H, Rice, IV lohn Richard Brian K. Richardson William l. Richardson Robert Richart Mar Ridolfi lon R. Rieba Leopolbo R. Riera Michael P. Riley Thomas Riordan Donald H. Ritter Lonnie Lee Rivenbark Anibal Rivera Geraldo Rivera lose A. Rivera lose A, Rivera Fernando I. Rivero Deborah Rizzo Carl Roberto Rodney Roberts Mark Roberts Mark Robinson Timothy M. Robinson ,4- '7 X 'rf' at .la-me nl :Avia l ,xy . . . fa Y' .sr 'links Mark Rockey Roger F. Roden Paul Rodgers Federicoj. Rodriguez Fernando j. Rodriguez Hilda M. Rodriguez Barbara j. Roggen David R. Roma Ariel j. Romero Alberto Romo john C. Rooker, Il Dave Rosante Wilfredo Rosario George Rosa Bill A. Rose Glenn F. Rose Carl Rosensweig Karl S, Ross james Rossides Peter D. Roug David M. Roxbury Beverly S. Royster Roslyn R. Royster Alfredo R. Ruiz Mike Ruiz Raymond E. Rusche Charles T. Rushing john R. Russell Randal T. Russell Anthony Russo Megan M. Rust Raiford Rustin jerry A. Rutherford jonathan E. Ruzicka james F. Ryan Timothy M. Ryan William B. Ryan David D. Ryer Frank C. Sabo jeffrey M. Sabo Mahmood E. Sabra Ralph Salgado Michael A. Salyers Barbera L. Sama leanne A. Samarotto Karen Sarnluk Marc R. Sammis Gregory 1. Sanchez lorge Edvaldo Sanchez Richard I. Sanchez Mitch Sander Rick Sansoni Luis R. Santiago Victor Santiago Michael D. Sartorius Ali Sarwi Roy F. Satikas Scott S. Saunders Claire Savard lsidora A, Savona U B. lames Sawinski Stephen Sbrolla Sennis Scauso David I. Schaefer Gary R. Schiff lohn Schlemmer Randy R. Schmidt Candy Schoch Ed C. Schrom Edward M. Schubert Seth Schulman Kirk Schultz lim Schupick Glenn Schwoegler Larry R. Scoby David I. Scott Mark K. Scott Robert W. Scott Giovanni E. Scuotto Donald Seavey Christopher W. Seely Clifton F. Seigworth Trina Sejd Christopher R. Servis Russ Severino Farhad Shabazian Terry W. Shalan lohn L. Shanahan Steve Shattuck Robert M. Shea Kevin A. Sheen loan Shelson :Mini Qi N Tim Shields Iody Shilan Thomas Shipp lerry H. 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Bradley Stoddard Roland Stoklosa Kimball Andrew Stone Thomas Stone Scott Stotelmyer limmie Stratton Michael W. Stuart Anthony L. Stutts Claude Sullivan Colleen Marie Sullivan Daniel l. Sullivan Curt Sullivant Stanley Sutkowski Richard G. Swandby Randolf Swinburne Natalie D. Sykes Chester 1. Szmal Fred L. Tate lerelyn Taubert Oscar Taylhardat Gary W. Taylor Howard Taylor Dale Teetor Robert D. Terrall Peter Terreri Peggy A. Terrill Hans Tetzner Christopher S, Thomas Keith Alan Thomas Lannis Thomas Robert E. Thomas Stephen M. Thomas Terrell Thomas Michael E. Thompson Marc Thorner Robert Tibs 4, ., ,,5k lllllllXXXXXXXQXXXXXXXXXXX A .4 Ns N XX .dll if!!! 73- .fs all fir ' 1 X l 4,4 R X4 Frank S. Tien Michael Timothy jeffrey D. Titus Linda Titus Willfred A. Toledo Ralf W. Toles Tim Tomajer Robert K. Tompkins Michael S. Toth Cary M. Towers joseph M. Trainor joseph Tramonte jeff Traudt Michael Trejo Chris Tripi Robert Tripka Richard Tripodi Steven L. Trivett Steve Tuma john P. 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Wesner Richard Whaley Edward I. White Holly White Michael Whitfield Nate l. Whorton Iohn W. Wiebener Stephen C. Wielder David Frederick Wiepert Matthew Wilbur Alan Wilfox Robert Wilcox Kevin D. Wildermuth Eric IJ. Wilkins Thomas Willey Bruce H Williams ,Jig mtl" . ,gi L.. nf l' Qi? l xxx ,f- Kevin I. Williams Steven G Williams Zanthony Williams PaIrickWiIliamson David l.Wilson Mark E. Wilson Thomas Wilson Ross D. Windom Kenneth Wingert Kurt V. Wipior Lawrence A. Wise Stephen R Wisler Thomas Wiswell Cary Woli loe Wolf Stewart Wolf Wayne A, Walke William F. Wood Daniel P. Woodward james D. Woody Michael D. Worley Alan Worontsoff Christopher A. Wray Anthony Wright Dave Wright left P. Yates Wayne Yohe Chung Yoo Kevin A. Young Mic hael S. Young Douglas B. Youngblood Errol Yur Richard H. Zack Mark Zagorski Shaaban I. Zanbuzi Mark P. Zangetti loe Zellers Bob K. Zion james C. Zurales Pele Zytko IN MEM URIAM Born of the sun they travelled a short whrle towards the sun And left the signed with their honor Stephen vivid air Spender Tragedy, Monday evening, November 20th. A rainy, windy evening. It is 7:30 pm, and the tower loses contact with an Em bry-Riddle Cessna 172 on a routine training flight. On board are two students, Blake Frankenberg and William lvlcGrade. Accompanying them is instructor Paul Erling. At 8:37 p.m. an Apache disappears off the radar screen a few miles northeast of Ormond Beach. An Embry-Riddle flight instructor, Randy Roe, and a former Embry-Riddle student, Kevin Navickas, are on board. With the rising of the morning sun comes the news. This is the news of classmates, of friends, of fellow aviators. Ufficials confirm the worst. Both aircraft have crashed, and rescue workers report there are no survivors. We remember the shock and the lingering grief brought by this day of tragedy. In the memory of our lost comrades, we re- dedicate ourselves to man's continuing conquest of the sky. And, we carry on. df, L, Q 5. wr ,J F Q ,ff MAX CONRAD 1903-1979 1928 LEARNED TO FLY Year later, his life changed dramatically. Trying to rescue a girl who was walking into a spinning propeller, he was hit himself, sustaining brain damage that affected his speech, reading, and writing skills - but not his ability to fly. Six distance and endurance records logged more than 50,000 hours in light planes. 1954 Soloed nonstop New York to Paris. 0 Ferried 150 Light Planes across Atlantic. Ferried 30 Light Planes over the Pacific. Soloed Single-Engine Plane from Casablanca to Los Angeles staying aloft 58 hours and 38 minutes. 5. if DA YTO A BEACH-I 'VF WIS QQ-- .D 0 'Q as - --J 'VS 1 1 1 :KLM -' -ut I C UMM ERC E " 'Y"'T ""'Y . ' X '-Q-I' f-v 4 0 . V , . lCUtl -!f-l-.--u-unv'- ,,,,.... F' .I Wlllllll IHUUUF FT CCASIE One ofthe neatest and most unique Discos on the beach .... 905 SOUTH ATLANTIC AVE XPH 255-5432 , llnrslnl: Topo Tnefurf DIICQTHECUE A sophisticated adult discotheque for those who appreciate the finest in Disco sounds, lighting 84 atmosphere. 2700 N. ATLANTIC AVE X PH 672-3770 Svwx. Pb B0 RD ro ably the hottest Disco on th strip . . . located where the action is and the cause of 400 N, ATLANTIC AVE XPH 255-0251 5BEfT DIICOI III DHYTOIIH . M ,Q Hf UQ W 7 H3 W, - 1 --E ,,,,, HERBIS DIVE SHOP 2434PShOoIgcII img' L -M 'i,,,,J'Qf var5't2,,,.J"'V "qZn,,,'Q THE "NAME BRAND" DEPARTMENT STORE -BELLAIR PLAZA A-I-A DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA PRIDE IN EXCELLENCE ALSO er SHUI' ORMOND MALL A I A ORMOND BY THE SEA RIDDLE DIVE CLUB if - -' 1 I I5 ac - - ' ' 7 7 I72 5 vixvfxv -if-xv:-1 -Ai .- -I 'A Ax I.. ,- ,Ax IA- I- fi.. W. I '-- ,im 'W' ll iw- ,gh 'W' 4 nw- ,LMI 'Zu . '- THANK YOU 4 X E g . I o I IF YGU VE GCT THE TIME WE VE GCT THE BEER CGMPLIMENTS CDF S R PERRGTT INC 1' '4 " ..' . ? .jg ol Q , . xx' 7 7 Wt! ' " f:L-,X owmuw O l , O With The Appreciation I of Budweisert MICHELGBQ MICHELGBQ I ' Ea!!! Distributed by: J ff 9 Daytona Budwelsen, Inc Wholesalers of Anheuser - Busch Beer 406 oak Place 1 Port orange, Florida 32019 1 904 + 767-001 ,-...... S l i Y 5 Cv UASEW' 51555 BENCH SHAK HEY! WHA T DID WE F D0 ALL YEAR ? 5 i :MW . . K Nm S ' 7Ei ' -ww? ,-f f . K 14412 eg. K sf R35 M-MN,,.w-if fi , s QW 1 .-A A 88416. ALCOCK, RALPH LISTER - Associate in Science - Aviation Management. Assistant Supervisor of Flight Opera- tions 84 Maintenance QE-RAUI, License: Commercial, Ratings: Instru- ment, Single engine Land 8f Sea, Multi-Engine Land. ALLEN, FRED B. - B.S. - Aeronauti- cal Science Member -- Sigma Chi Fraternity, Licenses: Private, Commercial Instru- ment, Multi-Engine, CFI. BALDAUF, DOUGLAS K. - B.S. - Aviation Maintenance Management Technology,1979. A.S. - Aviation Maintenance Tech- nology-1979. Executive Vice President - Veterans Association -1976, President- Embry-Riddle Bowling League - 1977-78, Certificate in Airframe 84 Powerplant Technology - 1975, E- RAU Varsity Baseball - 1977, A.S.E.L. BASFORD, MARK S. - A.S. - Avia- tion Maintenance Airframe!Powerplant License, Private Pilot License, Honor Roll, Dean's List, Certificate of Helicopter Mainte- nance. BELOITI, RICHARD - B.S. - Avia- tion Management Public Relations Chairman - E-RAU Management Club, Dean's List Mem- ber - Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society. BOCOCK, CARLOS - B.S. - Avia- tion Management. FAA Private Pilot Certificate. BODZEK, RICHARD S. - B.S. - Avi- ation Maintenance Management. Magna Cum Laude lhopefullyl, Dean's List, Airframe 84 Powerplant License, Commercial Pilot's License, Instrument, Senior Class Fund Rais- ing. BOWERS, GEORGE ZACHARIAH RAY- B.S. - Aeronautical Science Commercialflnstrument, Multi- Engine!Single Land!Sea, E-RAU Var- sity Baseball. BREWIN, DARYL I. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. Multi-Engine rating, CFII, ASEL, Presi- dent and Vice-President of The Brothers of the Wind, Varsity Baseball -Zyears. BROCKINGTON, SUSAN C. - B.S. - Aeronautical Science. Commercial - Instrument, Multi- Engine, CFII, E-RAU Precision Flight Team. CAPRA, MARK - A.S. - Aviation Maintenance Technology. Airframe 84 Powerplant Licenses. CARYL, RAY G. - B.S. - Aeronauti- cal Studies. Member- Quad A. CLARK, IOSEPH K. - B.S. - Aviation Administration. Honor Roll, Fall 1976, Membership Chairman, Management Club - 1977-78, President - Management Club-1978. COHEN, BARRY - B.S. - Aeronauti- cal Science. AFROTC - 4-Year Scholarship Recipient, Commercial-Instrument - Airplane, CFI-AS 84 Multi-Engine 3b - AGI, 2nd Lieutenant, USAF, "Boo-Boo" - Nickname. DRACOPOU LOS, THEODORE NICOLAS - B.S. - Aeronautical Engineering. Dean's List tFall 1977 and Spring 19781, Honor Student in all the other trimesters except Fall 1978. Under- graduate Physics Lab Assistant, Var- sity Soccer player l1977 and 19781. DEITCH, DAVID M. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Studies. Private Pilot's License las Flight Elec- tivel, Intramural Sports - Football, Softball, Tennis, "Sales Man of the Year Award" - Pool Boys Interna- tional, Member - Water-Skiing Club. DOTSON, WILLIAM A. - B.S. - Pro- fessional Aeronautics. Member - Quad A. DUNCAN, CARL N. -- B.S. - Aero- nautical Studies. First Class FCC License - Technician with Ship Radar Endorsement, Private Pilot -AirplanefSingIe Engine Land, Member - Vets Club, Dean's List, Graduated Cum Laude, Technical Assistant to WERU Radio Station. DUEMLING, GARY M. - B.S. - Aer- onautical Science. Dean's List: Fall '76, Spring '77, Spring '78, Honor Roll - Fall '77, Commer- cial Pilotflnstrument, ASEL, ASES, AMEL, CFI-A8tI, BGI, AGI, IGI. FARREN, DANIEL F. - B.S. - Avia- tion Maintenance Management. A.S. - Aviation Maintenance Tech- nology. Airframe 84 Powerplant License, Maintenance Fellowship Program - Turbine Engine Lab. FELDT, RANDY M. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Studies tConcentration in Flight Technologyl. A.S. - Aeronautical Science. Alpha Eta Rho - Parliamentarian, Embry-Riddle Flight Team - Captain and Advisor, Commercial and Instru- ment Ratings, Certified Flight Instruc- tor - Single Engine Land, Multi- Engine Rating. FURMAN, RICHARD A. - B.S. - Aeronautical Science. CFII, IGI, Multi-Engine, 3 years in University Weather Room as Lab Assistant. FILEBARK II, IOSEPH I. - B.S. - Aer- onautical Science. Member - Alpha Eta Rho, Dean's List, CFI-AI, Commercial Instrument, ASMEL, BGI - IGI -AGI. FILIPPONE, GERARDO M. - B.S. - Aeronautical Science. Commercialflnstrument, CFI, Multi- Engine, Softball, Football, Intramu- rals, Tour Guide for Public Relations, President- Sigma Chi Fraternity. GALlAGH ER, DAVID - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. Member- Delta Chi Fraternity, Sen- ator- Student Government Associa- tion, Commercial!lnstrumentfSingIe 8. Multi-Engine Land!Single Engine Sea!BGl!AGI!lGI!CFI-A Land 84 Sea. GRAHAM, EZRA L. - A.S. Degrees - Aviation Maintenance Technology 84 Aviation Maintenance Management. Airframe Licenses, Powerplant Licen- ses, E-RAU Vets Club member, Co-op - Lockheed Aircraft Corp. for 6 tri- mesters. GULLO, SANTO I. - B.S. - Aeronau- tical Science. Commercialflnstrument, Multi- Engine, CFI - Instrument, Multi- Engine, BGI, AGI, IGI, Varsity Basket- ball- 2, 3, Varsity Baseball - 3, Ski Club--3. HARLEY, LOUIS D. III - B.S. - Air- craft Maintenance Technology. Delta Chi Fraternity member, Honor Roll, President of Cellophane Club, Commercial-lnstrument-MuIti- Engine Ratings. HATCH, CHARLES H. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Studies. Dean's List I5 trimestersl, Manage- ment Club member, Vet's Club mem- ber, Commercial-lnstrument-Multi- Engine Ratings, Certified Flight Instructor Airplane - Instruments. HANLON, CRAIG R. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. A.S. -- Aviation Management. Honor Roll, Dean's List, Commercial Pilot Airplane Single and Multi- engine Land, CFI ASII, AGI, IGI. HANSCOM, IEFF L. - A.S. - Avia- tion Maintenance Technology. Airframe and Powerplant Certificate, Dean's List- '76-78. HERSHBERGER, KIM B. - B.S. - Aer- onautical Engineering. Omicron Delta Kappa member, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges 8. Universities, Arnold Air Society member, Air Force ROTC Scholarship, Private Pilot's License, Dean's List, Scuba Club member. HEROLD, III, ROBERT G. - B.S. - Aeronautical Studies. Senator - Student Government Association, Scuba Club member, Avion Newspaper Cartoonist. HOLST, GREGORY M. - B.S. -- Avia- tion Management. E-RAU Rising Senior Scholarship, Dean's List tFall '75 through Summer '78I, Secretary - Management Club, Private Pilot's License IE-RAUI, Magna Cum Laude. HOLLIS, CALVIN M. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. Dean's List - 2nd Trimester, Honor student - 4th and 6th trimesters, Commercial License with Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings, Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Flight Instructor- Instrument. HOSSEINI-KARGAR, MORTEZA - B.S. - Aeronautical Studies. Dean's List, Cum Laude, Commercial Pilot with Instrument Ratings. HUME, WILLIAM - B.S. - Aeronau- tical Science. Business Manager- Avion Newspa- per, Co-op - Fall '78, Dean's List I6 out of 7 trimestersj, Commercial Pilot SEL +S!MEL, CFI SXME, CFII, AGI, IGI. INGALLS, IOHN C. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Studies. CFI-A, Commercial ASMELS - I, Dean's List 15 trimestersl, Honor Roll C2 trimestersl, Honor Roll 123, Riddle Packers, Water Skiing Club. INGERSOLL, RONALD K. - B.S. - Aviation Maintenance Management. IIMENEZ, LUIS A. - B.S. - Aeronau- tical Engineering. Honor Roll - two trimesters, Mem- ber: American lnstitute of Aeronau- tics 81 Astronautics. IOHNSON, CHARLES R. - B.S. - Aviation Maintenance Technology Who's Who Among Students In American Colleges 8. Universities, Honor Roll, Dean's List, Airframe and Powerplant Licenses, Delta Chi Fra- l ternity - Vice President, Social Chairman. IONES, CHARLES B. - B.S. - Profes- sional Aeronautics. Dean's List, Lambda Chi Alpha Frater- nity ISecretaryI, Vice President Pro- grams, AAAA IArmy Aviation Associ- ation of America.I IONES, WESLEY I. - B.S. - Aeronau- tical Science. CommercialfInstrument7CFI!MuIti- Engine!Cessna Citation Type Ratings. KACZMAREK, H. PAUL - B.S. - Aer- onautical Studies. President - E-RAU Chapter Army Aviation Association of America, Dean's List Fall '77, Spring 78, Sum- mer '78. KAYE, ROBERT - B.S. - Aeronauti- cal Science. Private, Commercial, Instrument, Multi-Engine, CFI, CFII, Water Ski Club. KEENAN, KEVIN R. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. Senator - Student Government Association, Commercial, Instru- ment, Multi-Engine Ratings, Presi- dent- E-RAU Sport Parachute Club, National Collegiate Parachute Cham- pionships, - 1977 - 3rd place Team, 1978 - 2nd Place team, Avion News- paper Contributing Writer. KENT, IUNICHI I. - B.S. - Aeronau- tical Engineering. Who's Who Among Students in American Universities 84 Colleges 1978-1979, Sigma Phi Delta Profes- sional Engineering Fraternity lSecre- tary-Treasurerl 1978-1979, American Institute of Aeronautics 84 Astronau- tics lSecretaryl - 1977-1978, Honor Roll - 1978, CCO Representative, IFC Representative, Intramural Sports. KERR, DAVID l. - B.S. - Aviation Management. Management Club, Speeding Ticket During Road Rally, Survivor of 4 Race Weeks, Supported Eastern AirLines, Co-op Summer 1976 Oshkosh, Wis- consin and survived, Co-op Summer 1978 - Tulsa, Oklahoma and Didn't Survive, Dorm Home for 75-76 and Survived, Engaged To Miss Gail Lynne Monauni, The Woman I Love. KEYSER, DAVID S. - B.S. - Aviation Management. Airframe Mechanics License, Power- plant Mechanics License, Private Pilot's License, Dean's List. KIDD, CHARLES W. - B.S. -- Aero- nautical Science. Commercial Pilot, Single and Multi- Engine, Instrument Ratings, Scuba Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Vice Pres. 2 and 3, Pres- ident 4. KRAGRUD, SCOTT I. - B.S. - Avia- tion Management. Honor Student, Spring '77, Dean's List, Fall 77, Spring 78, Fall '78, Spring '79. KRAUS, GERARD - B.S. - Aeronau- tical Science. Ratings: CFII, Multi-Engine, BGI, AGI, IGI, Scuba Club member. LANCASTER, GERALD - B.S. - Pro- fessional Aeronautics. LEMMERMANN - A.S. - Aviation Maintenance Technology. Airframe and Powerplant Licenses, Dean's List. LEMIRE, LAURA A. - B.S. - Profes- sional Aeronautics. Crescent Sister, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. LESS, HOWARD K. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Studies. IAir Transportation Managementl, A.S. - Aviation Management. Commercial License - Instrument Rating, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges 84 Universities, Dean's List7Honor Roll, Student Gov- ernment Association Social Functions Chairman, Student Government Association Senator, University Rep- resentative to NECAA Regional Con- vention, Oct. 1978, National Conven- tion, Feb. 1979, Contributing Writer! Advertisement Salesman - Avion Newspaper, Management Club, Stage Crew, lWhen did you have time to sleep, Howard?l LIVERNOIS, DOUGLAS - B.S. - Aeronautical Science. AFROTC Scholarship with Pilot Slot, CFII - Multi-Engine Ratings, Arnold Air Society member. MAC FARQUHAR, GARY I. - A.S. - Aeronautical Science. Sky Dive Club - 1, 2,, Secretary - Sky Dive Club - 2, WERU -1, Com- mercial!lnstrument!CFl Ratings. MADDOX, IOHN L. - B.S. - Man- agement. Dean's List, Honor Roll, Thenio Honor Society lUniv. of So. Fla.l - Management Club Member. MAHONEY, THOMAS I. - B.S. - Aviation Management. Member - Management Club, Dean's List - Spring '78-Spring '79. MARTIN, GEORGE w. - Bs. 4 Avia- tion Administration. Layout Artist- Avion Newspaper. MARKMAN, SANDRA L. - B.S. - Aeronautical Science. Ratings + Licenses: SESXMLE, CFI, CFII, Who's Who Among Students In American Universities 84 Colleges - 1978-79, Alpha Eta Rho Fraternity Treasurer lProfessional Aviation Fra- ternityl, Senior Class President- April '79, Volusia County Hot-Line, Inc. - phone counselor and execu- tive board treasurer, Weather Room Assistant. MC CARTHY, IOHN -- B.S. - Avia- tion Management. Dean's List, Student Government Association Senator, Football, Soft- ball, Bowling. MC GOWAN, WILLIAM R. -- A.S. - Aviation Maintenance Technology. Airframe and Powerplant License, Dean's List, Karate Club Member, Certificate in Helicopter Mainte- nance. MC MENEMY, KEVIN P. - B.S. - Aeronautical Studies. Commercial Instrument - Multi- Engine Ratings. MEYER, MICHAEL B. - B.S. - Air- craft Engineering Technology. Student Pilot. MOREN, CHARLES R. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. Dean's List - lall trimesters except onel, Com mercialflnstrument!MuIti- Engine!lCFI and CFIII. MULHALL, DAVID C. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Studies. Commercial License, Instrument Rat- ing, CFI, Intramural Softball and Bowling, Volunteer Big Brother. NEUZIL, PATRICIA L. - B.S. - Avia- tion Management. Who's Who Among Students In American Universities 81 Colleges, Senator - Student Government Association, Publicity Chairman -- Membership Chairman and Vice- President of Management Club. NOBLE, IOHN E. - A.S. - Aviation Maintenance Technology. Ratings and License: Commercial! Instrument, CFI, A8tP. O'CONNER, WILLIAM E. - B.S. - Aeronautical Studies. Vet's Club, Riddle Regatta Commit- tee, Dean's List - Fall '77-Spring '79, Helicopter ASIP, Instrument!CFl, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities 81 Colleges - 1978-79. OFODILE, AUSTIN - B.S. - Aero- nautical Studies. Who's Who Among Students in American Universities 81 Colleges, Dean's List, First String -Eagles Soc- cer Team - '75-'78, PPL, CPL, -- Instrument. OMPS, LLOYD L. - B.S. - Aviation Management. Honor Roll - Spring '78, Dean's List - Summer and Fall '78, Vice-Presi- dent of Publications - Quad A, Management Club member. ORDONEZ, GUSTAVO G. - B.S. -- Aeronautical Engineering. Dean's List - September '76-April '79, Honor Roll - September '76- April '79, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres- ident lSpring '79l, Who's Who Among Students in American Univer- sities 84 Colleges -- '78-79, Physics Laboratory Instructor - May '77- April '79, Soccer Team, Private Pilot, ASEL. PADGETT, DEL C. - B.S. - Aeronau- tical Science. Commercial - lnstrument!Single + Multi-Engine!CFl!CFII, Dean's List, Graduated Cum Laude. PALMER, IR., WILLIAM F. - B.S. - Aeronautical Science. Commercial, Instrument, CFI Air- plane and Instrument - BGI, ASME1 - Honor Roll, Dean's List leach twicel, Sigma Chi Fraternity Brother, Student Government Association Senator, Inter-Fraternity Council member, Omicron Delta Kappa HonorSociety, Tour Guide. PFAHL, WILLIAM - B.S. - Aeronau- tical Science. Member - Vets Club, Coach - Vets Club Softball Team -1979, Intramu- ral Champions. PHIPPS, IOHN - B.S. - Aeronautical Science. E-RAU Management Club, Dean's List- 4 years, Commercial Pilot ASMEL and Instrument Rating, CFI and CFIl,AGl and IGI. PINAR, RICK - B.S. - Professional Aeronautics. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Brother, Dean's List -- Summer and Fall '78, PRIDE, MARDEN L. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. Photographer for Avion Newspaper - '78, Phoenix Yearbook - '79, Obtained Amateur Radio Call: WBIGGI and Member of Daytona Beach Repeater Association, Wrote for Avion - '78, WERU Radio Electri- cian and D.l. Work, Helped Start WSST - Commercial ASEL, Instru- ment - Fixed Wing, Learned Boom- erang Flight, Member of Roadable Aircraft Club, Member of Amateur Radio Club, Screaming Eagles Model Aircraft Club and Hellocopters. RERES, THOMAS I. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. E-RAU NIFA Flight Team, Team Cap- tain, Vangozzi Scholarship, Delta Chi Fraternity Brother - Peter Moyer Memorial Scholarship Recipient, Delta Chi - President, Social Chair- man, Outstanding lunior Scholar, Student Government Association Senator, Who's Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges 81 Uni- versities, Member of Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, Recipient of the Outstanding Young Men of America llaycees Award - OYMI. RAY, EMILIO - B.S. - Aeronautical Science. B.S. - Aeronautical Engineering. A.S. -Aeronautical Studies. Member of American Institute of Aeronautics 84 Astronautics, Com- mercial Pilot, Instrument Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land, Certif- ied Flight Instructor Airplane and Instrument, Honor Roll. RIDLEY, COLE E. - B.S. - Aeronauti- cal Science. Single!Multi-Engine!CFI - Single Land!Multi-Engine - Instructor Land, Inter-Fraternity Council Presi- dent - Spring '79, Alpha Eta Rho Avi- ation Fraternity - Vets Club Mem- ber, lWent to E-RAU - Long Enough, Right, "Tom"?I. ROBINSON, IR., WILLIAM D. - B.S. -Aeronautical Science. Participated in ROTC Football and Baseball, Won First Place in E-RAU's First Weight-Lifting Contest, Licenses Received - CFI, CFII, CFI - Multi- Engine, l'm a Riddle Flight Instructor. ROSA, MIGUEL A. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. Dean's List lHonor Rolll, Commercial Instrument!Multi-Engine, Airframe License, Flight Dispatcher's License, CFI-A. ROTHSTEIN, STEVE R. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. Comm., SMEL, CFI-AI, AGI, IGI, On- campus Instructor, Flight Team Coach, Alpha Eta Rho, Screaming Eagles Model Airplane Club Member. RUFF, IR., ROBERT C. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Engineering. President- Screaming Eagles Model Airplane Club - '76-'79, AIAA - Vice-Chairman, Dorm I Resident, Advisor. RUSSELL, IR., IOHN G. - B.S. - Avi- ation Management. Who's Who Among Students In American Colleges 81 Universities - 1978-1979, Treasurer of AAAA - 1978-1979, Head Proctor of EC 110 - Self Paced - Fall 1978, Dean's List- Summer1978. SABATKE, CRAIG A. - B.S. - Man- agement. Commercial, Instrument, CFI ASEL, Vet's Club - IFC Representative, Dean's List IAII Trisl - Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Alpha Eta Rho Aviation Fraternity President, Vice- President, Historian, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society - President, Vice-President, Senior Class - Presi- dent and Chairman Senior Class Committee, Selected -1st Out- standing Student, iWinter '78 Gradu- ating Classl - Research Grant- Wallace Research Center CACFT Igni- tion Systemsl, Distinguished Service Award iFIa. Dept. of Health and Rehab. Services - '76-'78I, Who's Who Among Students In American Colleges 81 Universities. SCHATZ, ROBERT R. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Studies. Commercial-Instrument, CFI-A, Multi-Engine Land, E-RAU Stage Crew - 2 years, Newspaper Reporter for Career Center iAVION Newspa- perl, Member of WERU Radio Sta- tion, Intramural Softball 12 yearsl. SCHLECHT, KENNETH D. - B.S. - Aviation Management. Dean's List, Alpha Tau Omego and Alpha Phi Omego Fraternities' Brother, E-RAU Management Club, A.A. - From Miami University fOhiol. SHELDON, BARRY D. - B.S. - Avia- tion Management. Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, Who's Who Among Students In American Colleges 84 Universities, Delta Chi Fraternity Brother, AVROC Club and Management Club Mem- ber, Private Pilot, Resident Advisor. SHOBERT, TERRY L. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Engineering. SIBBITT, LARRY W - B.S. - Profes- sional Aeronautics. Management Club Member, Riddle Bowling League Team Member. SILLIMAN, SALLY B. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Engineering. Who's Who Among Students In American Colleges 8t Universities, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society Member, Dean's List - 9-'76!4-'78, AIAA - Chairman, Little Sisters of Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity - Presi- dent, Sigma Phi Delta Chapter Key Award. SINGLETARY, IIM F. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. Commercialflnstrument ASEL, CFI, ASEL and AMEL, Who's Who Among Students In American Colleges 84 Universities, Captain - E-RAU Var- sity GolfTeam. SKOOG, ROBERT L. - B.S. - Aircraft Maintenance Management. Dean's List, Scuba Club Member. SOLARI, NELSON l. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. Ratings - Commercial, Instrument, Multi-Engine, Dean's List, Varsity Baseball - Played 4 years - was Captain last 2 years, Intramural Base- ball, AFROTC - Scholarship 14 yearsl, Commissioned Second Lieu- tenant, on Graduation Date, QUPT - Starting 11 Oct. 791. SONNENBERG, CRAIG A. - B.S. - Aeronautical Studies. Minored in Maintenance Technology A8tP License - Private Pilot, Intramu- ral Softball, Dean's List- Spring '77 and Spring '78, Volunteer for Florida Health and Rehabilitative Services. SORG, CARL D. - B.S. - Aeronauti- cal Studies. Commercial Flight Instructor Rating. STETZLER, GARY L. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Engineering. Sigma Phi Delta Professional Engi- neering Fraternity Brother, Private Pilot's License. STEWARD, RICHARD W. - B.S. - Professional Aeronautics. iAir Traffic Controll Commercial! Instrument Ratings, Born in Pem- broke, Ontario. STREVY, PAUL L. - B.S. - Aeronauti- cal Science. A.S. - Aeronautical Science. A.S. -Aviation Management. A.S. - Aeronautical Studies. Commercial Instrument- Single! Multi-Engines, Resident Advisor Dorm I, Resident Director- Dorm I, Senior Class Vice-President, Intramu- ral Volleyball and Softball. TAAFFE, KEVIN - B.S. - Aeronauti- cal Studies. A.S. - Aeronautics from S.U.N.Y. at Farmingdale. Embry-Riddle Flight Instructor - 2 years, Certified Flight Instructor Air- plane, Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument, Advanced and Instru- ment Ground Instructor, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rated, Airplane Sin- gle and Multi-Engine Land - Single Engine Sea, Member- Aeronautical Instructors Association. TANNER, LINDA I.. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Studies. Who's Who Among Students ln American Colleges 84 Universities, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society Member - 1978-79, Alpha Eta Rho Fraternity Aviation Fraternity Brother - 1977-79, Phoenix Yearbook - '78 Yearbook Editor, Activities and Com- munications Board Member -1977- 78, Miller Beer Campus Representa- tive - 1978-79, CO-OP Student - 1978-79, Private Pilot IASELI. TERBETSKI, ROBERT P. - B.S.- Aer- onautical Studies. Who's Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society Member, Cadet Commander - AFROTC, Chaplain - Arnold Air Society, Vet's Club Member, Com- mercial Helicopter Instrument, Pri- vate Pilot -ASEL. TERRELL, IAMES B. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Engineering. Who's Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities, Dean's List, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, AFROTC, Private Pilot License. TORRES, RONALD - B.S. - Aviation Management. Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, Graduated Cum Laude, Vice-Presi- dent -- E-RAU Bowling League - COBOL Tutor, Dean's List, Private Pilot and "One Step Closer." TOWNER, ROBERT CRAIG - B.S. - Aeronautical Studies. Twice on Honor Roll, Flag Football Team '77 and '78, Softball Team '77, Bowling '78. TWINING, DANIEL - B.S. - Aircraft Maintenance Technology. VAN DOREN, MICHAEL K. - B.S. - Professional Aeronautics. Vet's Club Member, Maintenance Officer Test Pilot, U.S. Army, Left Army Aviation in the hands of the Professional Ground Pounders. VAN HEST, IAMES C. - A.S. - Avia- tion Maintenance Technology. Commercial, Instrument, Multi- Engine Ratings, CFI Afl, Basic, Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor, Aeronautical Instructors Association - 1976-1977, Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. VILLARREAL, IOAQUIN A. - B.S. - Aircraft Maintenance Management. Who's Who Among Students In American Colleges 81 Universities, Dean's List, FAA Airframe and Power- plant Certificate, Member- Vet's Club, Member - Sigma Pi Fraternity IHowever, this is not a fraternity at E- RAUI. WAGENAAR, ROBERT S. - B.S. - Aeronautical Science. ATP IASELI, Commercial Privileges ASES, AMEL, Helicopter, Instrument- Helicopter, Glider, IGI, AGI, CFIASE, CFI-IA. WALDMAN, DAVID B. - B.S. - Aer- onautical Science. Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges 84 Universities - '78-'79, Alpha Eta Rho - Vice Presi- dent - '78, E-RAU Flight Fellowship! Leadership Program, Dean's List Once, Honor Roll- all other Trimes- ters, Commercialflnstrument, ASEL and AMEL, CFIIA and CFII ACEL, Part- time Instructor at E-RAU Flight Line. WALKER, DAVE - B.S. - Aircraft Maintenance Technology. Dean's List every trimester from Freshman to Senior Year, C!Major Air Force ROTC. WEBBER, IOHATHAN A. - B.S. - Aeronautical Science. Commercial-lnstrumentfCFl - AIG - Multi-Engine, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges 84 Universities, Magna Cum Laude, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society - Treasurer, Management Club, Tutor - Humanities - Computers, Weather Room Assistant, Advisor Board - Faculty Evaluations, Dean's List. WELTER, PHILIP K. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Science. Commercialflnstrument - Multi- Engine- CFIA, Intramural Softball- '76-'79, Intramural Flag Football - '76-'78, Ski Club - '76, Senior Life Saving Class. WILKINSON, PATRICIA M. - B.S. - Aeronautical Science. Vice-President - Management Club, Secretary!Treasurer - Senior Class, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges 81 Universities, Co-Chairperson: March of Dimes National Fund Drive, Proctor, Aero- nautical Science Division, Honor Roll - Fall '78, Commercialflnstrumentf CFIXASELXAMELXASESXBGIXAGIXIGI. WIMBROW, HENRY I. - B.S. - Aer- onautical Studies. Aircraft and Powerplant Licenses. Commercial Single Engine Land, Commercial Glider, Dean's List. ZIKARAS, SARUNAS I. - B.S. - Aer- onautical Engineering. B.S. - Aircraft Engineering Technol- ogy -12777. Sigma Phi Delta Professional Engi- neering Fraternity Brother, American Institute of Aeronautics 84 Astronau- tics, Private Pilot Certificate, Aircraft and Powerplant Mechanic, Intramu- ral Football and Softball. ZORC, WILLIAM I. - B.S. - Aero- nautical Studies. CFIAI, and AGI, Member - Experi- mental Aircraft Association, and International Aerobatic Club Mem- ber. GALLOWAY, ANDREW K. - B.S. - Aeronautical Science. Area of Concentration - Aviation Management, Certified Flight Instructor. 4 9429 ws 'nf 3' I would like to thank the few that helped put the Phoenix '79 Yearbook together. These few are the ones who stayed aboard through the hard times, frustrations, missed deadlines, and blind guidance. Without Mike Simmons, Keith Gordon, Anna Marie Fadden, Chuck Henry, Glen Bergman, Mike Sturges and Scott Bowman, the Phoenix '79 would never have made it. A very special thanks to lean Snyder, Avion-Phoenix Secretary for her help and guidance through those very hard times. Thanks to the SCA, julie Rankin and Dave Wiepert for getting the Phoenix '79 back on its feet when we needed it. Finally a special thanks to Eric Gruber for his time and efforts in the production of the Phoenix '79 Yearbook. MICHAEL S. TOTH Phoenix Editor: Michael Toth Assistant Editor: Michael Simmons Underclassmen Editor: Anna Marie Fadden Senior Class Editor: Mike Simmons Faculty Editor: Keith Gordon Photography Staff: Mike Sturges Mike Toth Scott Bowman Chuck Henry Now, we're either building a helicopter or the ferris wheel at lack Hunt World! ir t 'Q Q , sw Q ki to Q ' d I , . 1.A ,- R x 3 .SXX r N, When it comes to anything related to booze -there are volunteers. This is the 12th hour of the Marathon Greek - One-Arm Sign Holding Contest Guys! VVI-llERE'S ALL Tl-IE A PA TH Y. Yes, these b through the S29.95!l! Good 'Coin' f 3 reathing devices will help you get PFM food line - and they're only lWhat'd you do, quit, Sal?l 193 1 V Q ,,.4WA 'iw Q U17- 1 if J Q ,fax 1 f Chrome sparkling, I-----nf ' MOTORS HOT!! I F11 9 K 'Q' 5 Y' v E. . Q, X sq, M I 4" 3-f I"'i.1' I W' 4 ry ' ll ll DA YTO NA 00 CLOSE QUARTERS - TIGHT COMPETITION. ,VIOAREFUL BALANCE OR YOUR RIGHT SIDES Hom To LU New , , . .H ,-v,,',f- X -.:'a-+20--Rizffm JR , . 1, ,g . ,,.Q.::f,.Rxw,,,-4 1 - , Wy ,Q I - . . s , 1 wg '5?fXg-hgqr.'-- ,, if m Z my xx Chu. S' 3 s 'I , we was r ik L iwfbf 9'4f9iVI if , v"'X X yevat. Q, Xf' fx gl - f . K in ., xx ,V , .- ,M , HERE'S TO MY HEALTH I .tt if ' Q3 4 ' g, Z , ,W , Hg tg- 'QL 2 ,ta L we 9 Q! Ui M, iziify " A CLOSE-KNIT GROUP- AH, YES! HOW SWEET IT IS! 4 WELL I GUESS THIS WILL HAVE TO DO! fed Ox, f-ah. What a predicament - alone, and i T98 eating university food' CHOW DOWN!!! VVE NEED FUUD AND DRINK FGRTI-IQUGI-IT if 5 hr ,AB- F 1 ' z X' ,ix ' A .,.-suf"'. w 1- 9 f Q 1? ,. 1' 1 Wa: l if 'yn . In "wi 2 E E i 4' ii, 2 If ,J. 1 2 S f' M. 4' F I '-egg, - , ,X ...yn FMMKMU'-k, K - - Q 2 1 15: ff ...J PM "' , I, n 1 wi .an v Q z s w NX 201 ' H- NVQ, I -M: N. gg , V- -Mu .ww- ' A 5 4 I -. X., X Q ' Q '5- QV., 'iq f :wtf 1 an Y -+- '. e?1"'Q'1 , 2 '7 ' if W W, if ,ga V 1 wwf ' '45 'Wiz-g Aw L.f:' aw Law- VP? X , S rw an 4? NSE' 2 5 5' x, , J gfvww Xia' 'WMM x ,A , ,, ,, 1- 3 , gf: .2 1 SI ' if Q' 1 Q .... ' 5 4:5 . -- 7 Q V U 5 , I - - ,,. V Qfywv g is -, ,, , . L V K , M- fm -- Af Qf,3,i5gig 3 4 H a , 4 K at A L , X M Y A 'A WM ' 9, ' ' ' ,4- S' 1.9. .. ..--v 4 A R f ff: 1 H H z. + .M ffW""'1' i?52. -' 'HN " 132 fuk ..-Y,-ggi:-.1 AA . -M as2.'!"5l"'f? M 1 x m S t . l. 11' A , Ui'- .a.6l:.s' 1 S4 16' I 'W K A ' 1 ks 4 fi L r I f m,m.L,. ., .- H'!52MMM- -' v.-, 'ff WB' -a.., ,P ww qessrfwal-:mn nnmrmm in-mm mm. Aww 4-. u A Wwwwwwwmw- Hmm W5 ,yn ...Q 14 ' 'fi -Sad, ' :L+-w""Q..if' M 'T ,nr--X -vw-1 Q. ,,,,"'W J.. ,-4?.3"" 'S :cf -in ,- , 'A' .11 ""',,.,. W ' 7 Q:.,,Q5,f,:. .gn M W" N - TJPWNY ' f ff' N' 'n 'NM W W , ' ,f"1."'fW'.f,w' Al' . m. .H 4 L," WN' V ,awww ..., ,Nw M ,, wk ...-, 7 ...A , .. M IV, W' -' s. 4 l MW ,ryxl I .af -.,-1. M . xg' 2' J, W5 .fi:w4ie5QQr."vlnf, L 6 Q 4 ,X 1-wgwsaif wwif 1 ff 4,,'7'cr.f1:,5,1:WV155, - x .- .J '35 4. WL ef" " mt I QB, M!- ilig A Zig? ' . SEE. ,. fx A ' , vi. Z O 4A ,gf My ffl 'I' : .. .'.. ,.-V. P vw-f'?'r"'.1'-Tf3'7ff?'f..g1i - . Qs I. v ,A M ..A.,-,gf'-- 4. g.XQ,a-.fiw .ff Q xlktsf- ' , . V ' , fi? '- '1 ' 7 . -. , . if Fl gd! 5 S f sf k . ,argggaaazfgfizf-.Qif - f- . ff w- ,nf f- ' , - Y- :sf ' " - M. .9 W , V K . . V ,' ,- ' ,, Y, ,,.- r .3 -:5,,t.A.!!Qqa 'Q ! - 'LT , , ' - -A , -. 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Suggestions in the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Phoenix Yearbook (Daytona Beach, FL) collection:

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Phoenix Yearbook (Daytona Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 7

1979, pg 7

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Phoenix Yearbook (Daytona Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 186

1979, pg 186

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Phoenix Yearbook (Daytona Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 111

1979, pg 111

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Phoenix Yearbook (Daytona Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 97

1979, pg 97

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Phoenix Yearbook (Daytona Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 146

1979, pg 146

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Phoenix Yearbook (Daytona Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 102

1979, pg 102

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