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JEFFERY PALELLA 0 BARB PANIK 0 WILLIAM PARFITT 0 BRANDYNE PARKS 0 MARCO PARRILLA 0 DANIEL PARSCH 0 ANITA PASTOR 0 TIERNEY PAYNE ' BARBARA PEARCE ' CHRISTOPHER PELTIER 0 RANDALL PERKINS 0 MARY PIATT ' WADE PINTER ' BRENDA POLAND 0 BARRY PORTER ' WENDY POSEY f KIMBERLY POWELSON 0 ELFRIEDA PRICE ' PAUL PRUNTY 0 ROBERT QUAYLE 0 JACQUELINE RAINES 0 MELISSA RAINEY 0 BRYAN RAIRIGH 0 LAURIE REED ' DANNY REEDYJR 0 RANDOLPH REES U GREGORY REIDINGER 0 PAULA REINOEHL 0 DAVID RENZ 0 CHERYL REPAK 0 DUSTIN RESAR 0 GREGORY RESAR 0 STEPHEN REYNOLDS 0 CLIFTON RHODEHAM EL 0 SUSAN RICHARD 0 THERESA RIETH 0 PRISCILLA ROBERTS 0 ANGELA ROCKYMORE ' MICHELE RODERICK 0 MARSHA ROHAN 0 TAHSHONA ROSE 0 JEFFREY ROTHGERY 0 JEFFERY ROWE 0 WENDY RUDDICK 0 MARTHA RUNDELL ' JAMES RUTHERFORD 0 WAYNE RUTHERFORD 0 DENISE RYAN 0 RICHARD SANDERS ' PAULSANOW' STACEYSANTIAGO 'JOE SAUER0 MICHAEL SAWYERS 0 KELLYSAYERS 0 STEPHANIE SCHILDT ' DAVID SCHMIDT 0 DIANE SCHNEIDER 0 LAU RIE SCHOFIELD ' KYLE SCHOLLE 0 DAVID SCHURCH 0 JUANITA SEABOLD 0 FRANK SEARS 0 KRISTEN SEITH 0 ANGELA SHAKIR 0 KAREN SHAW ' JAMES SHEETZ 0 VICKY SHENK 0 SANDRA SHEPARD ' REBECCA SHILLING 0 BARRY SILVERS 0 JEAN SILVIDI 0 MARK SIMMONS 0 TODD SINGER 0 DOUGLAS SLACK 0 CHARLOTTE SLUSSER 0 TONYA SMALLWOOD ' SUSAN SMELKO 0 ANTHONY SMITH 0 BEVERLY SMITH 0 DEBORAH SMITH 0 KERRY SMITH 0 RICHARD SMITH 0 STACIE SMITH ' SUSAN SMITH 0 TROY SMITH ' LISA SNODG RASS 0 NICHOLAS SNODGRASS 0 KIRK SNYDER 0 RONALD SNYDER ' STEPHANIE SCHILDT 0 DAVE SCHMIDT 0 DIANE SCHNEIDER 0 LAURIE SCHOFIELD 0 KYLE SCHOLLE ' DAVID SCHURCH 0 JUANITA SEABOLD 0 FRANK SEARS 0 KRISTEN SEITH 0 ANGELA SHAKIR ' KAREN SHAW 0 JIM SHEETZ ' VICKY SHENK ' SANDRA SHEPARD 0 BECCA SHILLING 0 BARRY SILVERS 0 JEAN SILVIDI 0 MARK SIMMONS 0 TODD SINGER 0 DOUGLAS SLACK 0 CHARLOTTE SLUSSER 0 TONYA SMALLWOOD 0 SUE SMELKO ' ANTHONY SMITH 0 BEVERLY SMITH 0 DEBORAH SMITH 0 KERRY SMITH ' RICHARD SMITH 0 STACIE SMITH 0 SUSAN SMITH 0 TROY SMITH 0 LISA SNODG RASS 0 NICHOLAS SNODGRASS 0 KIRK SNYDER ' RON SNYDER 0 AMY SOLET' FRANK SPENCER 0 NEIL SPIKE ' MOLLY SPRAGUE ' KIRK SPRANKLE 0 BRIAN STAMCOFF 0 DAN STARKEY 0 AMANDA STASICK 0 CYNTHIA STEPHENS 0 JIM STEPHENSON 0 MIKE STEVANUS 0 LARRY STEWART 0 BILL STOLLER 0 SHERRY STONE 'JACKIE STRAUSS 0 KIM STREBEL 0 CHET SUDINA 0 WILFRED SULLINGER 0 TONY SUTA 0 JIM SUTTLE 0 MARK TAYLOR ' JIM TESTER 0 CARLA TETER ' MICHELLE THOMPSON 0 TOM THOMPSON 0 WENDY THOMPSON 0 NANNETTE THOMSON 0 JIM TOBIAS 0 MARK TOMASEK ' DAN TOMASZYCKI 0 PAUL TOTH 0 JUNE TRAICOFF 0 TODD TRAICOFF 0 DEBRA TRAMMELL 0 RICH TWINING 0 KIMBERLY ULMER ' ROENA VAN METER 0 ELIZABETH VAN PELT 0 JIM VASZILY 0 XIMENA VILLA GOMEZ 0 DAVID VOLNEY 0 STEVEN WAHLS ' JACKIE WALKER 0 PAUL WALKER ' STEVE WALSH ' DEBRA WARD ' LAKESHA WARD 0 JANA WATDEN 0 TERRI WEST 0 TIM WHIDDEN ' DONALD WHITE 0 KEVIN WHITE 0 RONALD WHITE 0 JAMES WHITMORE 0 DAN WHITNEY 0 DARREN WHITTEN 0 TAMMY WICKELMAN 0 KATIE WICKENS ' CORY WILLIAMS 0 DELMOS WILLIAMS 0 DENISE WILLIAMS 0 JESSICA WILLIAMS 0 ROBERT WILLIAMS ' TRACI WILMOTH 0 TIFFANY WILSON 0 RICHARD WISEMAN ' ANDREA WOCONISH 0 CHRIS WOCONISH ' TOM WOLFE 0 KENDRA WOOD 0 KELLY WOODS 0 MICHELLE WOODS ' RUTH WRIGHT ' ROBERT WYNIESKI 0 STEVE YEARLEY 0 JOHN YOVAN 0 LORI ZACOVIC 0 MARY ZAHNISER ' CHERI ADAMS 0 SCOTT ' :O l in . 'Q N W, ilk W, 1 '-'13 Wil 4"J-.f'5'Qr 2 ' 13434: il'-win L44 ' .,,' 3 fo Www,-'st 5-rw Q f'l,,,,i7, -als V, ' W- Rmf , -ff f 4, 1 ., , 'ijf' X fS' ,era f.Al..3,b43g I - I M !,,,1f5 vw They Put The Yearbook Staff Works All Year To Keep Memories Alive The yearbook staff, like Rodney Dangerfield, gets no respect, but this year is different. The yearbook staff consists of editor: Michelle Biegackig staff: Laurie Skillicorn, Chris Seiber, Denise Williams, Cris Bates, Jim Vazily, Polly Volk, Christy Rumph, Roni Batemang Photographers: Sheri Strong, Amy McLaughling Advisors: Mrs. Pongracz, Mrs. Quinn, and Mrs. St. Marie. All are working hard to put out this yearbook by selling ads, designing layouts, taking pictures, and writing copy. All these things put together to turn out the yearbooks. Thanks to all the other various people who aided in putting this yearbook together. i '1 "--t. .L ,. i emories Together '91 f' Q Always Remember . . . And Never Forget These words are very familiar to EHS students, as we hear them every day on the morning announcements. Since this phrase seems to state the purpose of any yearbook, this year's Elyrian staff has chosen it as a theme of the '87 book. We have tried to capture all the experiences of the school year - from studying to lounging in the halls, from fire drills to dances, from Freshman orientation to Graduation- so that students and gradu- ates reading this book will always remem- ber and never forget their years at Elyria High School. We hope that this book will be a reminder of all the good times and good friends from your high school years. Fire drills! They always seem to happen in cold weather. Mickey Bankson shows us the studious side of life at EHS, while Michele Gunter represents the dedicated athletes at our school. E George Th mpson and Warren D l are just h gin, out in th h ll . Could we ev forget the Hall D Laura Dull makes being a clinic aide l k lk f Ta ble Of Contents Activities Seniors Juniors Scrapbook Sophomores Freshmen Sports Faculty Advertising 17 39 85 97 115 127 143 179 195 mr' A ik . , 'x 6 fffwaqaf . . . the exciting times, the crowd scenes. The time that we shared with the whole student body are in our memories forever. Who could forget the wonderful feeling of watching the Pioneers score yet another touchdown as we stood in Ely Stadium sur- rounded by our friends? Basketball games, volleyball games, were even more exciting because we were a part of the crowd, a member of the EHS cheering section, And then there were the special times - the Homecoming Assembly where we waited breathlessly to hear who would be Princess, who would be Queen and King, spirit week assemblies, where we hoped that our class would be the winner, pep assemblies where we cheered on the team to win the big game- each of these exciting events will be forever part of our high school memories. They are, each one, a part of our lives that we will most surely ....... QQ ARR X. ,ff A is P f A. ffm...-wny, 2, ,, , 1 1 . ., gn.- . ,Q J in M I M 3? W? A 1 436.1 Jo qv.. 'La ,e. .,r Fpgji ,dr 'H' ,KJ WMS V' ., lflxfm i5 iff? ff f wr ' W, 1 2 V 1 Q- wat Q it W 5 '- T ww - W 3 '41 1 , .. 3ff'S i Q 1 J M' Z 13 ffl' , f"f1 FTf W f .A ff fm ifmi Nifa rf p 3. Yi- X! Af s, ,fp M pf' 1 1354 . t" Q9 .vp Friends Forever! Tina Showalter and Mike Connors find it's easy to make friends at the Freshman party in the ally. Willow Meadows and Laura Frederick enjoy Deca doughnuts together. With that smile, Bart Swain is everybody's friend. Remember"Alice in Wonderlandw? The cast made friendships they will "Never Forget". Tony Bailey and Garry Tribble loved being the March Hare and the Cheshire Cat in Alice. With cries of "See you next year" and "Have a great sum- mer", the friends you have met throughout the year are off. Many of them have shared precious moments with you that you will be reminded of when you hear that certain phrase, see that certain look, or feel that certain way. Friends create memories that will never be erased. Thoughts of that inside joke, the nights spent cramming for a big test, the first football game of the year are all yours to remember forever as you think of the friends who shared them with you. Friends also teach you how to survive in high school. Skills like how to get that special guy to notice you, how to persuade a teacher to give you a few extra days to work on your report, how to laugh, and how to cry can all be learned from friends. The laughter and tears you have shared with your friends at Elyria High will be remembered long after you graduate. Our high school friends are people we will Always Remember and Never Forget! 'gf 1. if I , f . 1 1 zu . , , ,-wg..-f,,4,v ., , ' , ,hav ax, r ,if . , D. .U.,,,, . . . f 'J-"'.'.' ".'..'.'4.".'v'."','.'.v'.'.'I'fM'I''T -3' . . K F, Amy McLaughlin, Jeff Lyons, and Sherri Graham make the dark room look like fun. Sheri Strong and Amy McLaughlin share a tennis joke for Halloween. Jim Knepper has his friends' names painted on his "Band Buggy". 19 6 Homecoming In The Still 0 The ight Elyria I-Iigh's First Annual Homecom- Saturday night's dance wash held in the ing Parade, which preceded the game, gym, which had been decorated in dusty included Homecoming royalty, the band, rose, turquoise, and black by Student and other organizations. The well-attend- Council. Music was provided by Rush. ed parade began at the high school and Special thanks to Mr. Sawinski and ended at Ely Stadium in time for these Student Council chairpersons for pregame. their workg Cheri Adams and Heather Queen Jenny Cooke and King Jeff Ly- Sprague, Dance: Janet Fairchild, Assem- ons reigned over pregame ceremonies. blyg Becky Oates, Pregameg and Cheri The Pioneers broke a 3 game losing Adams, Parade. streak and were victorious over Findley j S with a score of 20-O. X ir 4 'TE' 128555 Queen Jenny Cooke and King Jett Lyons. Queen Jenny Cooke and her father in the Homecoming Parade. A Mike Evans playing solo for the Homecomv ing ceremonies. The Girls' Basketball team showing their E.H.S. spirit. mil ffl!! Effff .TFTP 'IIII I 1 I 2 2 S? J? ir if ' gf-M-5 'is Y ,H-FM QMWM Fancy footwork by The football team. The cheerleaders are pepped up for the Homecoming footbali game as they march in the parade, V Becky Modock and Todd Hinds dancing the night away at Homecoming. The King, Jeff Lyons escorted by Mrs. Jan Lyons. L King And Queen Jenny,Cooke and Jeff Lyons Junior Court Court: Lisa Williams, Cathy Horton, Linda Sabo, Princess: Sherri Bartter Homecoming Courts e ' Senior Court Courtg Becca Shilling, Lisa Hill, Tammy Fox. Queen: Jenny Cooke ,I ig Student Council President Charlatte Slusser looks on as Jeff Lyons is crowned by Steve Moc, 19 6 Mkgu M -Q.. Qs-u"lJ Vx' e ,gif-wi xxx-sn-gki,fn,u,,fg fi :iz r lift' 'fe an ,girth ,axl' gs if Sophomore Court Court: Heather Kelly, Belinda Adams, Andrea Horton. Princess: Judy Tomasek Kari Majewski is escorted through the arch by Garth Grimes. 'ff af' k ,. yy sr h 1 7 A 5 M52 V4 , A W y bl A Q 4 i 27f f,zZ, . A , ' , P- 3 i t Al C' MQW '3 'z "1 C' 7 ,, : 'V ly , 13 M., 1 71 1 V V, , Z at V 'f ,, gi ' if 4 it it 2 M A 5 r ,Ar ff, JL V fn- fr 3 l bf' , , W M s fr we 4 X 4 1 , my fi' W 'W v Aff' , t ' f, M: Z ra? ,,ii QD l I rE2w:e:r:'H ' , ' Freshman Court Court: Kari Majewski, Michelle Fox, Tracey Burnett. Princess: Keisha Mitchell. The Courts The Homecoming Royalty and their attendants line up for the pre-game ceremony. L Always Remember Classes W lm. 5 'il' 'lin- """'w1w-v""' l , ,.,,ip'v" 1 mam,-,,,,w,.. , Top left: Lynn Kneghtes is really concentrating on her art project. Top right: Home ec in one of Tamika White's favorite classes. Center left: If everybody studied as hard as Jack Woods, we would all be on the honor roll! Center right: Kelly Seymour is pretty in pink. Bottom: Debbie McFolley shows her friends that gym class is the most fun of all. Dr. Calvin Leader Elyria Schools Bid Farewell To The Leaders The Elyrian Staff would like to dedicate this page to Dr. Calvin Leader and his wife Rose Leader. Dr. Leader retired December 31, 1986 as Superintendent of Elyria's Public Schools. He has served as superintendent for three l3l years and proved to be an extremely efficient and energetic man at fulfilling the needs of our school system. We are sad to see him leave us. Besides three years of service in Elyria, Dr. Leader has many years of service in other school systems including superintendent in Tontogany, Ohio and Gahanna, Ohio, and three years as superintendent in Warren, Ohio. Dr. Leader received his B.S. and lVl.Ed. degrees at Bowling Green State University with a major in mathematics and minors in English and Physical Science. He received his Ph.D. at Ohio State University. Dr. Leader has always been a believer in the value of a quality education, and that this country has developed because of the public school system. He believes that education is a partnership with the home and the combining of guidance from school and home increases the educational opportunities for students. During his time at the head of Elyria School, Dr. Leader worked hard to put into practice his educational beliefs. He and Mrs. Leader showed unfailing support for the students in the school system by attending many after-school functions as well as visiting the schools. The Leaders were honored by a reception at Elyria West High School upon the occasion of their retirement where many teachers, students, administrators, and other members of the community expressed their appreciation of the fine work that Dr. Leader had done while leading the Elyria City Schools. We will miss Dr. and Mrs. Leader very much. They have been a tremendous asset to our school system and community. We wish them both the very best. 4 S SW 299 be 0 Xa m,A,QNtQX-,,,ff' V905 CVT Q , A AU, , , '5'2Lx2,E9fi1'J'nx?g f,g,wK'5k V4 ',- 'A ,QL fwiff, 5 cxxlff ia-avi ,,Zm.ww1'-W jf,4wiV'Q1 E wg ,iw 'A , f , V ,p YW Mfr v W" M, ff"' wif' Y' me V1 Amit WM, 2 I' ,,n':,fQN-fy, .If-I' .. 'L .MWC wwgmx-:L1'KNK' ggwrff -""'f,5I?vQ',lwg',,g,'3y3"1f.f? ff, 4 1 w?k:w iw 'LW use ,Www W' Vx-' Wi' H 'Tyfi-v"" ' ,s ,, gr, 1 H1 A' -ewmfmiwcge. wfe dmv WY mx 11 i WM Y ilongqrf Cmwivgefiw Cm5,.-514068 pw- ,K M W9 wwW'e'Z QW " W W mpg K0 Wm wa1?I'PLV0GW4ig1,x1'f9,TW w W ww' as D' .Y ww " 'pf ,, W? ,mn W' was 96 me WK' ' 3, W sw ,mf-w W"Tl?Wk gin' aff' nu' M. wa, 3,53 gunz'-ECW nhl! 'Lovin 4 ww, so dui Lcrey I qqgh 9 HXS EW' R01 .WJ 'ww' f 'an J f ' 'ZW f i of f' yn, Q, I. 1 N! I 1 ,f fj- '-,, Q! y 4, fx, 'fi' ' f A , I 4, , f,v4m1g3 Cx, 274. I ,' -4' A .2 f 1:2 cg A 4 2' I ia upsets Admiral Kung P mms and Joey qu gf, AQ ff , rd f, W S rv A15 J ,ff A 1,4 'QQ 1 " hr Yr 'B n f 1 , ,QV W j A M949 ,f , 41 if , 'J 'Z gp ,yy Q A 4 L 7,5 if 'fa 55, 2 f A " 0 A' 9 - . 'f't'Zy'k va 4' wir N J' 4,s,"4f '39'9fV'fce, A 9' ew Q 'N f 10 'G-f,5,'? 045,601 0 '56 5 , fgjz 52 2:-3794, if U1 'af- ...- 5j"q,,"t Q i 'Fx "f6'2f4Z2 f 19 466 Qjff W Q v in My Q? QS- 4- sf 5 4 4' 0 E3 4 3 424 hae' Q12 fy, A b Qi , 1,77 fy, Qfrlffcyi 9,50 4 0' s ' p on seas W -P ff' 0 -1 r' 2 1 , zz fd? 3 U1 Q Q- 3 W Q V1 9 , Aw. Q59 Q56 Q I' -Q W, 'bm 4 . J-, .K Q oi 40 Qhfk , 45459 0 U' ' ni' M 1.2 VZ 45 1 , V X ' ,f 5 453, w, Z Af? 'aff ' pro' A4 V5 44' 2 V n 1 JV 0 sk o f A 4, 1 ,V gf 6, 1. 9012 of w '1 2. f 0, 1' 4- 4 OAK, AQ," 'bf J 9 9 " 1' Y? 15 0 4' f. 1, Q 43111, ,A 37 fudo, ,Affair G 53? V .5 6 ' f "Off 7432 Q, 64. 1, 5' ff , 1 1,4f F 'Q on A fig, v'gf3'!-Q, Q, A A f, ,it W Q, J' 'Z' ,Z 'V' A 42,6 114, Qi, 1, "av I 'Sn TU, 5 7 , ,V A ttendance Office Aids Please, no pictures. Cindy Stringer guards the attendance office. ft' i ' hs fl 1 , 5 7 6 Z ,fmt ff gg 2 s M ,Q , , Q, ff' we f :V 1 7 . 1 3 egg if 9 , ,,, A . izi J V: if,' fl 1 M ig ,"7 ev If if E 5 i is W L i Si gli ' - : 5 f ' Z lt 1,257 Q, i ' ' Si 1: V r if we , ei , ,W , , Q M Ha ' rw' 'EL ,",, , 5 77 I ' V . f 5 f 9 , . ,. iiiiiiii .W .um . zwfwswi . ,, ,iw Are you talking to me? Kesha Ward is too busy to answer! 18 it wx - ff ?"l s Row 1: Allison Zdrojewski, Melanie Cunningham, Robin Ganobcik, Jodi Shibley, Keshia Mitchell, Mrs. Plas. Row 2: Jennifer McCormick, Lisa Biancardi, Rhae Lyn Smith, Marjorie Bennett, June Traicoff, Stephanie Sullivan. Row 3: Amy Altomare, Jennifer Painter, Brenda Burchett, Kim Ensminger, Laurie Schofield, Ronetta Anderson, Chris Todak, Carla Parrilla. Row 4: Dawn Little, Vicki Jones, Nanette Thompson, Jennifer Hanson, Cindy Stringer, Cindy Stephens, Julie Peter, Jennifer Meyers, Kristall Truxhall. Row 1: Diane Jezewski, Michelle Moore, Lori Talerno, lvy Tarrant. Row 2: Lora Kuhar, Alisha Bennett, Ann Sole, Laura Frederick, Jeannie Moyes. Row 3: Jeff Powell, Niki Adams, Crystal Evans, Lisa Biancardi, Kathy Hamm, Jenny Anton. Row 4: Bill Davis, Jim Vaszily, Lucius Johnson, Darrell Rhoades. Uffice Aids A-V Aides we '34 QB Row 1: Mrs. Binkley, Laurie Frederick. Row 2: Todd Gainer, Karl Neitzel, Tim Garay, Mitch Mills. Row 3: Gerald Burton, Corey Williams, Mark Cannon, Greg Jones, Rick Twining. alll' ,,sa:: I WEE3 fi'f'mtwizNA71 T Row 1: Jennifer Painter, Tara Jones, Lisa Hill, Traci Nelson, Kerry Sprague. Row 2: Rebecca Eldridge, Jessica Williams, Paricia Wohlever, Grace Dauphin. Row 3: Tina Burge, Brenda White, Laura Dull, William Norris, Mark Komloski, Romona Jackson, Barbra Wohlever. urses Aids Scott Adams asks Tony Filiaggi what he forgot this morning. Sure! ls this a new way to get out of class? 19 7 W A l Library Aides Row 1: Teresa Sanders, Lois Coe, Rishelou Burgman, Lori Zacovic, Tracie Edwards, Clara Aley, Dennis Monshein, Elaine Jones, Kevin Noble, Don Easterwood, Mrs. Locke. Row 2: Steve Baeskay, Tony Maloney, Tierney Payne, Jessica Williams, Cynthia Edwards, Becky Brown, Barbra Pearce, Brad Spencer. Row 3: Missy Weber, Heather Roberts, Lyn Little, Jackie Shober, Shawn Allgood, Brenda Sharp, Christine Hewitt, Yvette Burks, Jill Powelson. Row 4: Brad Prescott, John Mugford, Niki Adams, Michelle Kristoff, Mark Cannon, Corey Williams, Ramona Jackson. Not Pictured: Marco Parrilla, Larry Brown, Mary Reel, Garth Grimes, Karrie Kois, Jim Ru- dolchick, Paula Reinoel. . J .39 -..fix Row 1: Warren Daniels, Wade Pinter, Laurie Reed, Leslie Sullivan. Row 2: Mrs. Andress, Doug Blaner, Scott Mclver, Neil Spike, Tammy Frymier. Row 3: Anita Bird, Kyle Scholle, Terrie West, Mike Harmon, Nicole Ottney, Lamar Jackson. Row 4: Paul Walker, Mike Sawyers, Steve Schroeder, Mac Andress, Dave Newman, Rick Montgomery. Not Pictured: Jeff Palella, Darlene Poole, Ronnie Palmer, Greg Riedinger. Counseling Center Aides J Teen Institute Row 1: Michelle Boothe, Linda Cox, Sue Taylor, Jackie Cawley, Dawn McNair, Row 2: Mike Lichstein, Becky Cutright, Julie Page, Renee Kintz, Jody Six, David Pierce, Meredith Thompson. Row 3: Larrie Kois, Michelle Reising, Darcie MacNair, Larry Kobelka, Kendra Wood, Michael Hill. Cliloi id Row 1: Laura Dull, Kim Powelson, Chris Peltier. Row 2: Laurie Lakocy, Bonnie Benson, Karen Tucker, Anne Densmore, Liguya Norton. Row 3: Leslie Lakocy, Shawnda Deramus, Bill Fernkorn, Mary Zahniser, Margret Smith, Tammy Novak. Row 4: Dawn Hubbard, Brenda White, Mike Lichstein, Dan Nelson, Allison Allgood, Lester Lynch. Key Club O.K. beam me up Scotty. Mark Simmons will try anything to get out of school. Mi, Mi, Mi. Paul Sanow keeps trying for the right note. 21 Row 1: Anita Pas Steve Reynolds, Uwe l' tor, Tonya Smallwood, Stacey Santiago, Sherry England. Row 2: Kim Brown, Tracey Brannon, Missi Rainey, Mrs. Ruth. Row 3: Derek Mahone, Steve Jones. Row 4: Rich Buga, Kevin Farmer, Sean Boggs, Albert Spurlock. ' V K xy, ,g ' . Q Q 3941! mg fiiikf ,ff J Row 1: Donna Buchanan, Becki Whitmore, Jacki Crutcher, Tina Wells, Deanna Smith. Row 2: Mr. Caywood, Angela Bradshaw, Lois Coe, Mike Novak, Pat Putnam, Eric Dorman. Row 3: Nicole Coar, Early Wright, Mark Stone, Jerry Ford, Duane Little, Joe Blair, Peggy Sanders. Uwe 0. W.E. 5? Row 1: Ron White, Ralph Amato, Debbie Grill, Kim Novak. Row 2: Nick Snodgrass, Kim DeRamus, Audrey Smallwood, Angie Dueley, Paula Hill, Mr. Don Gunsalus Row 3: James Cook, Ken Truxhall, Chrissy Erick, Stephanie Schiltz, Shirley Harper. Row 4: Demetrius Patouhas, Daniel Cutter, Kevin White, Jason McCloskey Row 1: Chuck Howard, Yvonne Cox, Karen Bruce, Doretha Glinsey. Row 2: Kim Huerner, Patty Masterson, Matt Whitmore, Debra Trammel, Mr. Varga. Row 3: Jack- ie Kirkendoll, Richard Clifford, Dan Demarco, Tony Garcia, Stacy Davis. Row 4: Ched Kewer, Erik Philipps, Susan Carder. O. W.E. Cafeteria Workers Row 1: Kathleen Metz, Tina West. Row 2: Eddie Kinder, Steve Wahls, Marty McKenzie. l l Row 1: Mrs. Shipp, Miss Rudd, Gwinettia Walton, Garnettia Walton, Tammy Reiser, Tina West, Tina Sykes, Tracy Miller, William Cummings, Mrs. Mitchell, Row 2 Beth Burks, Angela Martin, Shannon Degraphenreed, Dawn Deisher,Vicki Combs, Chris Quinlan, Fabian Barth, Row 3: Verna Kravec, Martha Rundell, Julie Sobol Tracey Surace, Tom Boyd, Kathleen Metz, Marvin McKenzie, Berry Fisher, Darin Johnson. Row 4: Marcus Martin, Scott Hamlin, Eddie Kinder, Steve Wahls, Keith Pa lagyi, Jake Koepke, Patrick Curry, Richard Carlson. Production Room Row 1: Willow Meadows, Tammy Weisman, Cris Bates, Eric Fenwich, Darcie MacNair. Row 2: Jennifer Burdick, Jody Six, Melissa Meadows, Tony Bailey, Jim Ging, Kimberly Sooy, Alan Tyree, Mrs. Strong. Row 3: Kathy Ursem, Dana Mastney, Jennie Kime, Christine Seiber, Laurie Wickens, Lauren Gutkowski, Chris Peltier, Lester Lynch. Row 4: Carrie Stevanus, Cheryl Pullen, Gina Sohramm, Gary Tribble, Mark Simmons, Anne Densmore, Kelley Robinson, Karen Carney. Row 5: Kathy Reich, Dave Schmidt, Steve Miller, Andy Pongracz, T.J. Gorman, Ed Doehne, Paul Sanow, Matt Pollock I Row 1: Mrs. Sandra Strong lAdvisorl, Anne Densmore iSecretaryl, Tammy Weisman lVice Presidentl, Cris Bates KPresidentl, Paul Sanow lMaster Electricianl, Darcie MacNair lBusiness Managerl. Row 2: Ximena Villa-Gomez, Tracey Giddich, Kristen Bozman, Amanda Johnston, Jennifer Weigh, Jody Six, Kelley Robinson, Kimberly Sooy, Mark Simmons, Alan Tyree, Willow Meadows, Heather Roberts. Row 3: Laura Ursem, Dawn Bage, Kathy Ursem, Jenny Kime, Chris Seiber, Laurie Wickens, Lauren Gutkowski, Tony Bailey, Eric Fenwick, Bev Earl, Beth Dorman, Andy McGuire. Row 4: Melissa Meadows, Carey Stevanus, Cheryl Pullen, Dana Mastney, Gary Tribble, Gina Schramm, Karen Carney, Stephanie DeChant, Sarah Fredrickson, Monica Raber, Meredith Thompson, Tony Maloney. Row 5: Michelle Reising, Jennifer Burdick, Kathy Reich, Dave Schmidt, Andy Pongracz, Thomas Gorman, Steve Miller, Ed Doehne, Lester Lynch, Chris Peltier, Matt Pollock, Dave Renz. ID ECA Row 1: David Diewald, Jean Silvidi, Roena VanMeter, Darlene Conley. Row 2: Sue Minnich, Sherri Stone, Sondra Lempke, Kimberly Strebel, Angie Shakir. Row 3: Mr. Dovin IDECA Advisorl, Angie Kirk, Lesa Gidlin, Cathy McFolley, Keith Baker. Row 4: Michael Green, Dan Starkey, Steve Jacobs, Angie O'Quinn, Trina Harris. lain Row 1: Chris Peltier, June Traicoft, Jim Vaszily. Row 2: Greg Jones, Greg Hudson, Jim Grimes. This school was the second year for Elyria I-ligh's Academic Challenge team. Members were chosen by teacher recommendation and a selection test. Academic Challenge participated in three con- tests this year: one in Amherst, one in Sandusky, and one which they hosted at Elyria High. The team was pleased to win the 2nd Amherst Competition, which was televised by Cable TV. Academic Challenge 26 A thletic Uffice gilt Row 1: Denise Ryan, Diane Schneider. Row 2: Kristen Barney, Michelle Ryan, Rhonda Pfeiffer. 2 .. , use k .t...L Row 1: Michelle Woods, Kyle Scholle. Row 2: Mike Sawyers, Mr. Stuart lAdvisorl, Rosalind Corn, Mike Lichtcsion. Future Teachers of America has a new advisor this year. Mr. Terry Stuart, an English teacher, has taken on the job of helping these collegebound students work toward their goal of becoming teachers. One of the highlights of their year was a trip to Baldwin Wallace college to tour the Department of Education there. F TA Announcers nj fi? Row 1: Wendy Thompson, Ingrid Gomez, Sheri Strong, Amy McLaughlin. Row 2: Dawn Bage, Beth Dorman, Willow Meadows, Thom Thompson, Dave Moc, Rebecca Shilling. Row 3: Kimberly Powelson, Bill Fernkorn, Andrea Lawson, Shawnda DeRamus, Felicia Baggett, Alecia Gause, Greg Hudson, Mark Cannon. Row 4: Lester Lynch, Chris Peltier, Andy Pongracz, Karen Carney, Paul Sanow, Todd Hinds, Mark Peaks. Row 1: Michelle Biegacki, NA, Sheri Strong. Row 2: Mrs. Pon- gracz, Mrs. Quinn, Mrs. St. Marie. Row 3: Christy Rumph, Amy McLaughlin, Polly Volk, Debbie Meese, Denise Williams. Row 4: Melissa Meadows, Michelle Reising, Roni Batman. Yearbook Staff Row 1: Willow Meadows, Mrs. Bigglestone, Laurie Frederick. Row 2: Sheri Strong, Shelle Remick, Jenny Burdick, Shawnda De Ramus, Becky Brown, Anita Bird, June Traicoff, Laura Anderson, Kendra Scholle. Row 3: Alan Tyree, Jason Sokol, Nicole Gelman, Cheryl Pullen, Randi Batman, Amanda Johnston, Eric Fenwick, Lisa VanPelt, Andrea Lawson. Herald Staff Spanish Club dw Row 1: Lisa Adkins, Willow Meadows, Ingrid Gomez, Mike Sawyers, Greg Jones, Mrs. Hemminger, Row 2: Brian Schandorsky, LaKesha Ward, Shelly Witherall, Carla Parrilla, Patti Monroe, Robin Ganobcik, Denise Davis, Shelly Remick. Row 3: Sheryl Carey, Shawnda DeRamus, Erin Coy, Sean Kersey, Charlotte Slusser, Lisa Biancardi, Monica Ruiz, Ximena Villa-Gomez, Kathy Moore. Row 4: Alan Nay, Gain Moyes, Shonte Armstrong, Vicki Jones, Dana Scott, Shawn Roth, Heather Sprague, Dena Moran, Wade Pinter, Matt Pollock. Row 5: Rosa Brown, Brenda Sharp, Denise Ryan, Andy Pongracz, David Renz, James Vaszily, Anthony Olic, Marco Parrilla, Dale Balas, Greg Hudson, Jim Grimes, Bart Swain. Row 1: David Haupt, Lance Lawson, Danielle Webber, Jennifer Springer, Dawn Bage, Jeremy Verburg, Graham Allison. Row 2: Amani Jones, Dawn Little, Alison Zdrojewski, Pam Handyside, Jennifer Weigl, Kristen Boxman, Marshonna Forgues, Nicole Gelman, Regina Schramm, Robin Jabbusch, Andrew McGuire. Row 3: Melissa Meadows, Amanda Johnston, Alecia Gause, June Traicoff, Carole Brown, Randi Batman, Steve Miller, Diane Burnworth. Row 4: Mrs. Jeannine Takacs lAd- visorl, Jennifer Cheney, Cathy Cheyney, Lori Westerfeld, Beth Woodrum, Laurie Lakocy, Kristen Wehman, Kelly Robinson, Meredith Thompson, Caroline Curney, Becky Modock. Row 5: Brian Hickam, Mike Blazak, Douglas Todak, Rhonda Pfeiffer, Denise Ryan, Nikki Taylor, Cyndi Seiber, Jennifer Myers, Jennifer Gardinsky. Not Pictured: Tom Bayne, Mrs. Patrice Nuttall fAdvisorJ. French Club Bowling Club i 1 1 Row 1: Bob Carter, Pete Gembka, Tara Martin, Vicki Jones, Scott Balmuta, Tom Chernitsky. Row 2: Eric Beckett, Gary Henry, Sean Kersey, Scott Mauser, Steve Donley, Row 3: Barry Kovach, Ed Kinder, Jeff Washington, Scott Pierce, Kevin Sears. Row 1: NA, NA, Lisa Williams, Linda Szabo, Tammy Wickelman, Wendy Thompson, Heather Sprague, Rosiland Corn, Michele Roderick, Becky Oats, Jenny Cooke, Anita Bird, Cynthia Edwards. Row 2: Felicia Bagett, Hope Madera, Sherri Bartter, Charlotte Slusser, Becca Shilling, Leslie Maiden, Debbie McMillan, NA, Dawn Freeman, Judy Jezewski, Dana Scott, Joel Watson. Row 3: Erin Coy, Martha Evans, Mary Hayes, Laura Anderson, Lisa Biancardi, Ingrid Gomez, Kelley Fri- day, Karen Shaw, Kristi Vincze, Michelle Lowery, Tony Filiaggi, Stephanie Lowery, Sue Keener, Jennifer Jaroch, Shawnda DeRamus, Jeff Besecker, Anne Jewsecki, Dan Ransom. Row 4: Stephanie Bradon, Melissa Mole, Kathy Ursem, Rhonda Piefler, Amy Stomierski, Tamika White, Alicia Gause, Jim Stephenson, Jim Tobias, Janet Fairchild, Lisa Kirby, Katie Wickens, Amy Solet, NA, Dena Moran, Brenda Burchett. Row 5: Bob Kish, Tammy Resar, Andrea Lawson, Denise Ryan, Jani Tomlin Greg Hudson, Jim Vaszily, Neil Spike, Gwen Ehlke, Terri West, Kyle Scholle, Thom Thompson, Todd Traicoff, Rick Montgomery, NA, Cheri Adams, Thomas Bayne. Ski Club E.H.5. Pioneer Marching Band lf u , ,, 'Q ,A ,mlm ,W , ,- ,, ,W H .,, , 1, ., . .. -. H , -52 , 0 X X Drum majob Bill Fernkorn leads the band through the pre-game ceremonies at the Greg Raycher gets "fired-up" before the pep assembly. Cleveland Stadium in November, 1986. guard Zend gazed gcmd gand 34nd gmnd 34nd Zend 34nd gazed Zend , an Q 'K f, - 7 ..', ,. rr 1' A -2 fi : V f-we . K+ VN, er' i f 'il f T ffl: if V, .ff 1 , f ww wifi Wifixize Y 4- ,Vane ,. 'fi . 2, M uf rife 5 . ,f it e, wr 1 'W' , i in 5 5 5 pf, : f p-5 gif , , - ,, ., win-H4 Mum, EHS Jazz Rock Ensemble Jazz Group WSL Performs At 1 z lfrti l XL-Y 1: Jennie Kime, 2: Garry Tribble, 3: Kevin Boggs, 4: Nick Stevens, 5: Michelle Thompson, 6: Kerrie Taber, 7: Beth Woodrum, 8: Jason Hicks, 9: Chris Ferrell, 10: Andy Pongracz, 11: Darrick Atkinson, 12: Alan Nay, 13: Elaine Brunschwig, 14: Dana Clarke, 15: Kevin Braden, 16: Paul Eldridge, 17: Jason VanlVIeter, 18: Paul Sanow, 19: Bill Fernkorn, 20: Chris Peltier. Jazz Fest On April 8, the EHS Jazz-Rock En- semble traveled to Cleveland where they performed in the Atrium of the new Sohio Building as part of the Tri-C Jazz Fest. The Jazz Fest is a presti- gious event which Tri-C sponsors ev- ery year and participation is by invita- tion, so the members of the Ensemble were justifiably proud of being invited to perform there. Other appearances by the group included noon-time con- certs at Ely Park and participation in band concerts. The Jazz-Rock Ensem- ble is directed by Mr. Benford. 2,4722 84722 314729 2:4722 2,4729 2:4729 3,4720 C Concert Band Z Wiwwwf ,,,,,, ., V H V Wir egg 2 it wi I Ea C Symphonic Band Varsity Band Members L Flutes: Kathy Altonen, Jana Briner, Mary Bruner, Jennifer Burton, Tara Caughlin, Rosalind Corn, Heather Davieau, Kim Goodwin, Jennifer Grahovic, Leigh Harrold, Andrea Horton, Dawn Hubbard, Jennifer Jaroch, Lisa Michalek, Valerie Nay, Kim Porter, Kathy Reich, Shalley Remick, Kristen Roderick, Melissa Schmittgen, Vicky Shenk, Amy Solet, Vicky Thompson, Jani Tomlin, Danielle Webber, Denise Williams, Amy Stomieroski, Clarinets: Bonnie Benson, Tina Burge, Cheryl Carey, Jennifer Carroll, Carolyn Curney, Laura Dull, Tammy Fox, Dawn Freeman, Kim Holloway, Deanna Hyre, Judy Jezewski, Tina Johnson, Sue Keener, Brenda Krupp, Terri Legeza, Leslie Maiden, Debbie McMillan, Dana Michalek, Becky Modock, Tammy Sciulli, Karen Shaw, Michelle Thompson, Stephanie Zirkman, Amy Gilbert. Saxophones: Kevin Braden, John Dixon, Nicole Gelman, David Haupt, Rodney Hooks, Jennie Kime, Rod McGuire, Vanessa Payner, Scott Pierce, Gina Schramm, Troy Smith, Kerrie Taber, Garry Tribble, Damon Wilson. Trumpets: Darrick Atkinsen, Mike Evans, Scott lnnis, Annemarie Jezewski, Leann Johnson, Mark Lindsey, Laura Love, Karen Lowery, Alan Nay, David, Negin, Randy Rees, Teri Rieth, Sean Sheldon, Troy Stang, Nick Stevens, Stacy Tingler, Kristen Wehmen, Elaine Brunschwig. Bells: Carmen Brooks, Yvette Davis. Percus- sion: Tom Ault, Kevin Boggs, Joyce Buckland, Shawn Carmen, Brad Essex, Bobby Gustis, Todd Hinds, Blandon Johnson, Kim Kitson, Jim Knepper, Charles Kopp, Jason McClean, Scott Monos, Ann Panik, Andy Pongracz, Brian Schandorsky, Kirk Snyder, Chris Toler. Horns: Celeste Brooks, Carol Brown, Shawnda DeRamus, Dawn Fernkorn, Kelly Hayes, Jennifer Hull, Amy Maiden, Megan Mansfield, Megan McCarthy, Jill Pacacha, Lori Westerfield, Mary Zahniser. Tubas: Geoff Besecker, Stephanie DeChant, Jay Martin, Julie Peter, Greg Raycher, Mark Simmons. Trombones: Patty Cawley, Paul Eldridge, Bill Fernkorn, Jason Hicks, Anne Jezewski, Chris Peltier, Paul Sanow, Matt Permelia, Beth Woodrum. grand gdltd 3-and 34nd gem! gem! 24ml gated 34nd gdltd ?andeZ4.,4 li lniltl will Above: Robert Cordrick takes a break. Above right: Orchestra seniors demonstrate their abilities. Right: Mr. Flowers explains the music, but Tracy Manning seems to have something else on her mind. it ii fn Q- , s: 'E :iii If sw X, ,.' 'Hi EHS Orchestra Violins: Tracy Manning, Denise Davis, Hedi Bowser, Myesha Atley, Cathy Cheney, Cer' ena Brooks, Amanda Johnston, Shonna For- gues. Viola: Andrea Lawson. Cello: Tammy Weisman, Matt Toler, Mike Pullen, Rhonda Stovall, Basses: Robert Cordrick, Gerald Toler, Mike Varady. Tuba: Mark Simmons. Trombone: Chris Peltier, Anne Jewzewski. Trumpet: Elaine Brunschwig, Matt Permelia. French horn: Laura Lakocy, Laura Dull, Shawnda, De Ramus. Oboez- Beth Woo' drum. Clarinet: Michelle Thompson, Kim Holloway. Flute: Tara Coughlin, Rosalind Corn. mi' :K ,, K fzgahi 33 -4.- A Cappella Choir Row 1: David Negin, Jason Lee, David Moc, Dana Clarke, Bonnie Benson, Andrea Woconish, Melissa Schmittgen, Anjie Woconish Row 2: Matt Pollack, Jim Stephenson, Mark Simmons, Jeff Luce, Tim Cabrera, Dawn Bage Michele Roderick, Judy Jezewski Row 3: Guy Owen, Jim Miller, Jason Hicks, Joe Dallas, Darren Kubel, Beth Woo- drum, Laura Lakocy, Sue Smelko Row 3: Paul Sanow, Jason Warze- cha, Steve Baker, Paul Meiss, Shawn Kersey, Karen Carney, Darcie MacNair, Michelle Thompson, Kristen Wehman, Kim Powelson Row 5: Lester Lynch, Dave Schmidt, Randy Rees, Kirk Snyder, Neil Spike, Denise Ryan, Tammy Weisman, Felicia Baggett, Mary Zahniser A C appella Choir Officers: fstandingl Kim Powelson, secretary, Chris Pel- tier, Treasurer, lseatedl Lester Lynch, President, Sue Smelko, Vice President. .4 14 14 A Cappella Choir Row 1: Stacy Jones, Norman White, Keith Ripley, Chris Woconish Lisa Williams, Jenny Cooke, Cheryl Repak, Myesha Atley Row 2: Kevin Boggs, Wade Pinter, Matt Permela, Anne Jezewski, Heather Sprague, Nicole Gelman, Leslie Begany, Stephanie Zirkman Row 3: Rick Twin- ing, Tony Bailey, Bill Davis, Gerald Toler, Kelley Friday, Kristi Vincze, Alicia Gause, Dawn MacNair, Frances Chisler Row 4: Bill Fernkorn, Paul Eldridge, Charlie Aldrich, Rob Lichman, Alan Tyree, Shawna Johnson, Tammi Masten, Deanna McKinney, Kim Sooy, Amanda Sta- sick, Leslie Schroder Row 5: Scott Smith, Chris Peltier, Andy Pon- gracz, Matt Jaroch, Ed Doehne, Jennifer Jaroch, Andrea Lawson, Nicki Adams, Julie Peters, Dawn Hubbard, Tracey Mertz 14 ,4 14 A Cappella Madrigals Concert Choir Wiaade Wana Wana 7114444 Wwe Wwe Freshman Choir Senior Lester Lynch sings the national anthem with the band as accompaniment. Madrigals lOpposite page, topl Row 1: Chris Peltier, Bill Fernkorn, Andrea Lawson, Stacey Jones, Shawna Johnson, Deanna Mc Kinney, Tammy Masten. Row 2: Mary Zahniser, Micelle Thompson, Kimberly Powel- son, Christopher Woconish, Anne Marie Jewzewski,. Row 3: Neil Spike, Susan Smelko, Dana Clarke, Jennifer Jaroch, Alicia Gause. Row 4: Tammy Winkleman, Lester Lynch, Andrew Pongracz, David Schmidt, Nikki Adams, Jason Hicks. Concert Choir Opposite page, bottom: Row 1: Kendria Brown, Vonya Hill, Sharon Adams, Jennifer Burns, Martha Evans, Kelly Raynes, Wendy Vayda, Tara Betz, Dennis Monschein, Robert Walton, Robert Hawk, Amy Altomare, Jennifer Weige, Tricia Case, Shannon Murray. Row 2: Dan Nelson, Garry Tribble, Sherri Skillicorn, Robin Powelson, Rachael Woconish, Yvette Nelson, Steve Miller, Glenn Smith, Chris Hart, Kris Bozman, Sharon Cawley, Jody Six, Connie Slanczka. Row 3: Rodney Hooks, David Merigold, Delmos Williams, Cathy Horton, Holly Schofield, La Nesha Drummond, Christina Lockhart, Cheryl Carey, Kenneth Liddle, James Milchen, Kelly Robinson, Raconda Manning, Tammy Basnett, Rhonda Pfeiffer, Row 4: Eric Payne, Scott Pierce, Larry Baraga, Tim Warner, Tony Pluta, Megan Mansfield, Sheila Allgood, Regina Schramn, Meredith Thompson, Doran Bates, Chris Taylor, Celeste Howse, Tina Spisak, Catherine Taylor, Anita Pastor, Laura Fisher, Patty Monroe, Freshman Choir lThis page, abovel: Row 1: Wendy Marshall, Heidi Bowser, Angela Whetely, Cheryl Brunschwig, Bobbie Joe Burey, Diane Kelly, Renee Robins, Kelly Oates, Rick Moore, Lenny Brown, Michael Stavely, Adrian Thomas, Mark Stern, Carrie Majewski, Angie Jones, Michelle Guyeska, Judy McClure, Me- lanie Cunningham, Leslie Sullivan, Melissa Jaroch, Tracey Burnett, Pamela Handyside, Tina Showalter, Diane Jezewski, Row 2: Elaine Jezewski, Lisa Westfall, Monica Turner, Wanda Bright, Jenny Thompson, Julie Adams, Kristy Ferguson, Lawrence Lavigne, Matthew Toler, Tony Maloney, Scott Balmuta, Alisha Bennet, Melinda Pierce, Sabrina Adams, Tabatha Andrews, Ligaya Norton, Kim Griffin, Amy Peterson, Judi Goldstein, Barbara Bankson, Isabel Huff. Row 3: Cari Grdjan, Ernestine Burke, Sherry Smith, Danya Keesee, April Rombach, Tina Mowery, Tracy Gidich, Roni Batman, Chris Meecha, Chris Rucker, Kevin Worden, David Manley, Chad Strickland, Laurie Skillicorn, Lori Hefferman, Tami Boyer, Sheryl Hottenrott, Kendra Scholle, Kathy Filiaggi, Stacy Reed, Lois Thompson, Yolanda Taylor, Susan Stump, Christina Rumph. Row 4: Jenny Thompson, Lisa Herod, Madonza Tillman, Jennifer Reith, Sara Frederickson, Allison Allgood, Margaret Smith, Monica Raber, Shannon Ferren, Mike Merigold, Scott Pawlikowski, Shawn Stewart, Garth Grimes, Ty Shirley, Leslie Lakocy, Nikki Simons, Debbie Dallas, Candi Salle, Christina Boone, Skyler Boddy, Tacy Lewis, Tanya Wilkison, Polly Volk, Amy Repak, Linda Hessler, Micelle Beagle. Wana Www 0 0 4 0 4 S Row 1: Jeff Lyons, Tony Filiaggi. Row 2: Becca Shilling, Cheryl Repak. Row 1: Jim Grimes, Lisa Hill. Row 2: Michelle Lowery, Rosalind Corn. L..-N' Row 1: Kevin Jameson, Mike Trombetta. Row 2: Rich Auxer, Micki Bankson. 0 1 38 Row 1: Amy Bane. Row 2: Garth Grimes, Mike Merigold, Kathy Filiaggi. YL QKTRAU Wig Roi EWR' 4, ww f F X no mm w , Q , Q ' - V , Q, -9 f 55 L1'5h5Ux ei! ' F lg, X293 gf ?,.- A 0 gm M W.,5g . !vf4,JhQ, 2,?rZ fvfi, ,Q I .ev wwf N' wwnxnv WW" 34457 "V, , w - 2 iff? 'L ffl, 7 .wmv 2196 9 832032, WU "F1",4sw. W 0, 1 4 2 72 ' 1' ' A ,Amari 'x X , fy' ,M,,v'fG" -in , Q 2 Q, ', VW an me V09 Annum "'M7fX2w ,mv A-v"zl'f 4,3639 3 12 12, 0 f ,, , , W W ,, I 5 fuhwfg Q5 , Wrqyyx 'f:f3'f""5' w""ff1 ?fv:w'f""'f W' 7 QF 6. 1, 4 5, Q f wiv? .HW " ',, ww ,,,,Mf 'A X4 -,f , ,A f wiffffw' sm WWW' " .. Y- " 5' -1' 4 V A Q covifmccb sag-'Aww W '94 "97'N1h 7 Y 9 xii 33? Bucjwwe iigpnxm f 'UV ,Mm f . v , QV G, ff? 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With The Seniors fa f'W'fQ'75"'1" ., V' :WM A . L aw, V A ..,' E41 Q 'V ,, L ' 1 - , K ' 2 A ' ' :w e . V V. in f fi , V M- ff was 'fi Q i ,Q fy 4 In A My q iyd 'i i f ,BO ,f 5 M y W i ga .5 JW" ww' W we gy me we Kiwi vqgfff-,, A at . . "" V . 'P isfwig Mx, :Bmw WMA ,,.,4'f'yW Vfvr I 3 . W ' i S 9' f y M, ff '-N , y y V V My ff Q A , ',L, V Q ,,L,,.- Eric Bush and Shawn Allgood work out in the weight room. i w yf., 7' ,gg 535. F W 5 ff? 3 0, jzi , in ' Q '35w2'iQ7 , " , . 5? i Law? ' - i . A, X M, ig?" ',.f gi-sv 5 1 . V , f 6,fiKQvwif?F"',7' 10? Viggo I T 1 '.i'i M: iam, C .gfuff N y 5 a,,Q1g V A O Q '.,, ' , A ,.,i,,,A, .sq A 15. A 1 M .f-" 4,,f I H iv, K If , -V W ? if l Q i 5 ? 2 Lenny Leweski takes time out for from physics to take a picture. Tom Bayne is the designer of Cheryl Carter's Prom dress as well as her date. 41 Senior Poet Sue Marie Smelko 'Me P414 'ima' .dew ,-Mead Aawdegafaualege '74e,uz4z44zdae4a4ea4, Wekaddadmdauguwzdaw z4tt4e6aulaf!d,'ea1e'aeled, 74e,fwzd4ez94me4md,emuu !MMe Maw'wumu, f4!!t4o4e,b'zecdaa4momenz'4 Wewoaldawaatddnlhhade. 74-zaag4t6egeaa4,we'aeZeen,4ae,64zed ?wzw4at7'7t4eemedfmcZeevz, ?atnowcae'aecometofmdeutaad 76d4!44:muZ,f-walgeafz. 74'fc94Se4wea4wa,4nawzmu: 0nt4efzo4dz'4az'wenuc4tt446e, Hndmwwewmtmowawmd 74676W!6d4d6664W60td4f0td66. ffawewfledfeqeantiennemoadea, Aelzdeacuuwmwzdeelem, f4ZZf46 W6'064gl416dr Aeezdewdzwmwzaeerdeuau, 746704df64fW60tl64lfdidl f-iawedeaaetoidaaldfeldvaei, gaaagafoatdahandnewcdalleange fs'acwe'eema4q4-6ee,aafma,4... 744tw64z'eaez,eat4wec6ao4e Aawegaamaepamtewaqa, 70e'ZZzememKezc'4e4pecdaZmoment4 ffaweeozdtldaedapteaaaowzldaea, W0 W44tWed0'f 74ee'mp6z4Zdont4atwe'ae94c'ned Wdllumdeundzmawwawhu. Spotlight On Excellence Elyria High is proud of all its graduates and each year graduates many students who have been great achievers during their school careers. Few, however, can rival Jim Vaszily in the number of honors accumulated in high school. Jim was one of the Top Seven National Honor Society inductees this year and also earned his Scholastic E. During his Junior year he was the 2nd place winner of the Voice of Democracy Contest and was chosen to attend Wash- ington Workshops 1986 Model Congress, and Washington Workshops Congressio- nal Seminar. He is an alumnus of the Martin W. Essex School for the Gifted, the Freedoms Foundation seminar at Val- ley Forge, Pennsylvania, and has served on the National Student Advisory Council of Washington Workshops. He has been declared a Union Carbide Scholar and a Century Ill Leader of 1987. Congressman Donald J. Pease awarded him a Bronze Congressional Medal. Among the many essay contests he has won are the 1986 Army Reserve Essay Contest, the Americanism Founda- tion Essay Contest, the American Bar As- sociation Essay Contest, and 2nd place in the Constitutional Bicentennial Commit- tee Contest of Great Northern Mall. Winning contests was not the only thing that kept Jim busy in high school. His school activities include being an of- fice aide, working on the Elyrian staff, being in Spanish Class, Quill and Scroll Society, and serving on the Senior class announcements and ways and means committees. He participated in Freshman choir, Concert Choir, Ski Club, Math Club, and the Academic Challenge team, and played on the tennis team during his Sophomore and Junior years. He has also volunteered his time as an assistant for the Special Olympics, at the United Methodist Home and as a speaker for the Elyria Speakers Committee for Quality Schools. Jim is a long-time Boy Scout who has attained Life Rank and is currently working toward becoming an Eagle Scout. One of his proudest honors was win- ning a S1000 scholarship from the Elks Club. Jim will attend Case-Western Reserve University in the fall to major in Engineering. Congratulations to Jim Vaszily, one of Elyria High's top Achievers! Is, fi 4 2 EW! Scholastic E The following people were recognized at the Scholastic E banquet in May. Row 1: Chris Peltier, Becca Shilling. Row 2: June Traicoff, Danielle Hickam, Willow Meadows, Kathleen Wickens, Lisa Biancardi, Brenda Burchett, Rebekah Brown, Jeffrey Rothgery. Row 3: Gregory Hudson, Jennifer Bender, James Vaszily, Colleen McKinney, Anthony Olic, Jim Ging. Row 4: Anita Bird, Norm Marks, Jeff Palella, Tim Garay, Alecia Marie Gause, Elaine Brunschwig, John Jones, and Cheri Frymier. -,,f ' J i 1 U04 v,,,,.1,j ', J 'HMM W fffff?fEi w , fe , ' U E ,JEZWX Elaine Brunschwig shakes hands with Mrs. Wise and Mr. Wammes, BQCCB Shilling Signs in to fegisfel' HS 5 member of 5Ch0lBStiC E. National Honor Society Row 1: Colleen McKinney, Jennifer Bender, Chris Peltier, Willow Meadows, Rebecca Shilling, James Vaszily, John Jones. Row 2: Timothy Garay, Tamara Fox, Jeffery Arbaugh, Cristen Bates, Rebeka Brown, Elaine Brunschwig, Alecia Gause, James Ging, Jana Briner, Diane Schneider, Kyle Scholle, William Fernkorn, Anthony Filiaggi, Jennifer Burton. Row 3: Anne Densmore, Janet Fairchild, Theresa Rieth, Lisa Biancardi, Anita Bird, Richard Blaszak, Laura Fredrick, Danielle Hickam, Michael Hill, Gregory Hudson, Judith Jezewski, Kathleen Wickens, Mary Zahniser, Jennifer Kime, Christy Legeza, Dawn Freeman, Row 4: Kelley Friday, Debra Harmon, Laura Love, Jeffry Lyons, Leslie Maiden, Norman Marks, Deanna Meecha, James Stephenson, Jennifer Goforth, Lisa Michalek, Denise Ryan, Dena Moran, Valerie Nay, Anthony Olic, Jill Pacacha, Jeffery Palella, Rebeca Oates. Row 5: Amy So- let, Neil Spike, Michelle Thompson, June Traicoff, Hope Grattan, Tammy Griffith, Barbara Panick, Kimberly Powelson, Greg Reser, Jeffery Rothgery, Karen Shaw, Susan Smelko, Denise Bober, Kevin Boggs, Daniel Whitney, Cheryl Frymier, Michele Rodedck. NATIONAL 3 S I I.. HONOR SOCIETY w 'f Z ' Qi W l Mr. Raber addresses the inductees to welcome them into Elyria Highls chapter of the National Honor Society. i in Senior Brunch '8 7 ' ff The theme of the Senior Brunch is "The Sky's the Limit," Wait a minute- Who's taking the pictures here? 5 QQ1- '-5 Gee, look at all the food, Kelley. 1 R, Y, l 3 V 'mf V' T .,,. y, And here's president Jeff Lyons . . . again! j 'R These seniors enjoy Brunch. Seniors Enjoy Brunch The theme of this year's Senior Class Brunch was "The Sky's the Limit". This year's brunch, like the many brunch- es before it, was at De Luca's Place in the Park. The menu was orange juice, sausage or ham, scrambled eggs, crepes, quiche, hash browns, Danish rolls, fruit cup, coffee, tea, or milk. An invocation was done by Lester Lynch and at the end, the Benediction was one by the senior A Capella members, and a speech was done by the Senior Class President, Jeff Lyons. Special thanks to Kelly Friday, Michelle Roderick, Bren- da Burchett, Dena Moran, Karen Shaw, Sue Smelko, Dean- na Meecha, Sheri Adams, Lisa Kirby, Terry West, and all the mothers for their support. Gift Committee Poem Committee 'iff Row 1: Kim Koepp. Row 2: Wendy Ruddick, Leslie Maiden. Row 3: Michelle Woods, Debbie Gregor, Kelly Sayers, Jackie Fisher. fig .12 Row 1: Kesha Ward, Denise Ryan. Row 2: Anita Bird, Anne Jeweski, Valeri Nay. Row 3: Keith Baker, Sandra Lempke. Prom Committee i - A . Q A F ... Row 1: Shawn Allgood, Lisa Hill, Michelle Gunter, Angie Kirk, Judy Jeweski, Danielle Hickham, Tami Fox, Jenny Cooke, Tammy Winkleman, Cheryl Repak, Janet Fairchild, Jennifer Bender. Row 2: Jessica Williams, Kesha Ward, Jackie Stauss, Jeff Lyons, Becca Shilling, Lisa Biancardi, Tony Filiaggi, Wendy Thompson, Sue Smelko, Gwen Elke, Charolette Slusser, Kelly Friday, Lisa Milanchek. Row 3: Mark Taylor, Andrea Brown, Becky Oates, Molli Hopkins, Alecia Gause, Kelly Sayers, Di' ana Cooco, Jenny Anton, Darlene Conley, Rob Barres, Debbie Gregor, Cheri Adams, Sondra Lempke, Kim Strebel, Leslie Maiden, Diane Schneider, Kristen Barney. Row 4: Monica Jackson, Lisa Kirby, Katie Wickens, Teri West, Karen Shaw, Karl Neitzel, Greg Hudson, Jim Knepper, Steve Yearly, Dawn McNair, Hope Gratton, 47 Sandy Shepard, Andrea Lawson, Kristen Seith, Kim Powelson, Cap 49 Gown Commitee Row 1: Dena Moran, Kyle Scholle, Brenda Burchette, Tara Jones. Row 2: Annmarie Ault, Jenny Kime, Hope Gratton, Lisa Van Pelt, June Traicoff, Chris Warden, Kathy Hamm. Row 3: Michelle Anderson, Denise Ryan, Carmen Brooks, Michelle Woods, Wendy Rudick, Mary Putnam, Kristen Seith, Stacy Smith. Ways QQ Means Committee Row 1: Cheryl Repak, Charolette Slusser, Todd Traicoff, Andrea Lawson, Becca Shilling. Row 2: Jim Vaszily, Jim Knepper, Jeff Lyons, Steve Yearly, Tony Filiaggi. Row 3: Chris Peltier, Mary Zanhiser, Bill Fernkorn, Valerie Nay, Paul Sanow, Greg Hudson. Announcement Committee Row 1: Jessica Williams, Mona Jackson, Valerie Nay, Tara Jones, Dena Moran, Becca Shillings. Row 2: Jim Vaszily, Alecia Gause, Lisa Biancardi, Cheri Adams, Keren Shaw, Tammy Fox, Kim Strebel, Lisa VanPelt. Row 3: Brenda Burchette, Dawn McNair, Kyle Scholle, Jenny Kime, Dale Balas, Laurie Reed, Tammy Grifith, Chris Warden, June Traicoff, Michelle Woods, Wendy Ruddick. 48 , 5 Brunch Committee 2 l .. .. f Q Row 1: Laurie Reed, Lisa Hill, Shawn Allgood, Michelle Gunter, Angie Kirk, Tammy Wickelman, Charolette Slusser, Wendy Thompson, Janet Fairchild, Cheryl Repak, Kelly Sayers. Row 2: Alecia Gause, Jessica Williams, Catrina Harris, Kesha Ward, Tara Jones, Jackie Strauss, Becky Oates, Kelly Friday, Danielle Hickham, Sue Smelko, Sandra Lempke, Lisa Michek, Jenny Cooke, Debbie Gregor. Row 3: Tierney Payne, Jenny Anton, Darlene Conley, Diane Cocco, Diane Schneider, Dena Moran, Brenda Burchette, Rob Barres, James Knepper, Tony Filiaggi, Karen Shaw, Jeff Lyons, Cheri Adams, Lisa Biancardi, Jenny Bender, Hope Gratton, Ann Jeweski. Row 4: Tammy Grifith, Andrea Brown, Mona Jackson, Kristen Barney, Katie Wickens, Teri West, Karl Neitzel, Todd Traicoff, Chris Peltier, Jenny Kime, Mary Zanhiser, Bill Fernkorn, Kim Strebel, Sandy Shepard, Andrea Lawson, Kim Koepp. Spirit Week Committee has V , wi .' w 5 Row 1: Cheryl Repak, Jenny Cooke, Judy Jeweski, Jeff Lyons, Tammy Fox, Danielle Hickham, Kelly Friday. Row 2: Sue Smelko, Wendy Thompson, Becca Shilling, Jackie Strauss, Anne Jezewski, Leslie Maiden,Jenny Bender, Cheri Adams, Lisa Mihalek. Row 3: Becky Oates, Kyle Scholle, Janet Fairchild, Sandra Lempke, Jim Knepper, Rob Barres, Gwen Elke, Diane Schneider, Kristen Barney, June Traicoff, Lisa VanPelt. Row 4: Tony Filiaggi, Steve Yearly, Karl Neitzel, Dale Balas, Greg Hudson, Scott Mclver, Todd Traicoff, Jim Sutton, Lester Lynch, Kim Powelson, Paul Eldridge, Monica Jackson. Chair Persons Cap Sz Gown: Kyle Scholle Brunch: Kelly Friday, Sue Smelko, Michele Roderick, Deanna Mee- Poem: Lakesha Ward cha, Cheri Adams. Gift: Kim Koepp Ways 8: Means: Laura Anderson Spirit Week: Wendy Thompson, Becky Oates, Tammy Fox, Steve Yearly, Announcements: Valerie Nay Prom: Jennifer Bender, Jenny Cooke, Karen Shaw, Greg Hudson, Terri West, Senior Tammy Fox and Rebecca Shilling rest after skiing. Mr. Benford entertains the seniors with the spoon trick. E 1 to 1 l l il , , Q l , X , . Lester Lynch sings a song at Brunch. Mr. Master conducts the Senior A Cappella members in the benediction. fa 2 f 1 ,X i i ' if W " ' o Todd Moscovits was Master of Ceremonies at Brunch. Highlights n M-Ai i Senior boys bring out their bgst Clothes for brunch, Seniors Mark Simmons, Paul Eldridge and Jim Ging in the Sting. Moments to remember at BYUHCTI- Stacey Jones in the chow line at Brunch A Cappella choir sings at Graduation. Cheri Adams Shawn Allgood Michelle Anderson Scott Adams Lisa Adkins Paul Alonge Ralph Amato Ronetta Anderson Mack Andress Debbie Akers Laura Anderson Jenny Anton Salou Sendou Salou Salou Senavw Ed Antoniewicz Jeff Arbaugh Anmarie Ault Keith Baker Bob Bane Kristen Barney Robert Barres C1-is Bates i B i i Tom Bayne Ken Beach Vivian Beckham Thomas Begala Sendofw Salou Seoahu Seadou Senna 53 i Leslie Begfmy Christine Behner Jennifer Bender Kelly Bennett Q Marjorie Bennett Brad Betz Lisa Biancardi Anita Bird S Doug Blaner Richard Blaszak Kevin BOQSS Michael Braig 54 Sudan Seaton Salou Sendofw Salou risfaxim 1 Jana Briner David Brogan Carmen BYOORS Andrea Brown Becky Brown Rosa Brown Karen Bruce Elaine Brunschwig 5 Steve Bugg Brenda Burchett Kelly Bufneff Crystal Bugg Smm Senna Sauna Smm Swzafw 55 X l Beth Burks Constance Burns Jennifer Burton Eric Bush , -it. 4-2.- ' - . 4 .- -l'5r??Qff.H i- ' , l l i l Beth Cajka Jodi CaPP Richard Carlson Tara Caughlin l ,, , l i Q i s 2 2 5 Mike Cawley Frances Chisler Dana Clarke Steve Walsh and Scott Mclver relax between those difficult Senior classes. Sendou Sendofzo Sendofzo Sendofzo Smdoao Diane Cocco 3 . W0 57' 22332 l W1 11,3 1 .gps Q.1Qw-- M Donald Counter Christopher Curry i Darlene Conley James Cook Jennifer Cooke Yvonne Cox Misti Crauser Luann Cruz Tony Cutright Forrest Dages Tim Dalzell Salou Sendau Seadau Salou Salou S7 Paula Dancy Susan Daniels Bonita Davis N Mike Davis p ssi . , , , Ella Davis William Davis I ' Tonya Degraphenreed Anne Derlsmore Kimberly DeRamus Greg Diederich David Diewald John Doehne Sendofw Seaufou Seozavw Seackvw Salou Brian Dorman Donald Easterwood Gwen Ehlke Rfibeff Elder a l Paul Eldridge Kim Emsminger Charles Evans Crystal Evans Janet Fairchild Eric Fenwick Brian Ferancy Bill Fernkorn Sendau Seadofw , Seadofza Sendofw Sendou 59 Corey Fields Anthony Filiaggi Jackie Fisher Allen Fowler Tamara Fox Laura Frederick J i llee N t k: ' I sz Qi? iris? 1 .s.v,-75531, -f-- f .iislmz-'Il X Q 2 W 5 V,l,wQ.fzLS., Jodi Flint F Dawn Freeman 2 XM K - Kelly Friday Cheryl Frymier Brian Funk Timothy Garay 1 Alecia Gauge Legg Gidlin James Ging Jennifer Goforth Ingrid Gomez Ximena Gomez Theresa Gonczey Robin Gould Hope Grattan Michael Green Debbie Gregor Joseph Grier 5605044 Sendafza .Sendafw Seazdofw Sendofza 61 Tammy Griffith Debbie Grill Kevin Gruver Richard Gutowski Christine Hales Kathy Hamm Randy Hating Debra Harmon Catrina Harris Michelle Gunter Kelly Hardman A X5 1, i F ki. . ,K . 1 ,QQ ' fm Q fk Pam Harris Sendafw Sendafw Sendofw Seaavza Sendou 3- Duane Hawk Regina Heaton Tim Hempfling -2 F, we . - in Lisa Hill Michael Hill Mike Hill Donn Honey Molli Hopkins Charles Howard Danielle Hickam Paula Hill Greg Hudson 5605044 Seaview Salou Senavw Seoufou Mona Jackson Matthew Jaroch Lucius Johnson ' f Terri Jackson Steve Jacobs Alison James E X QSQQ' Anne Jezewski Judy Jezewski Scott Jobe Janet Jones Greg Jones Kent Jones Senavw Sendau Seaton Santana Seadafza Stacy Jones Steve Jones Tara Jones Kevin Kemp Michelle Kennedy Brian Kilgore eiie David Keffer Paula Kimbrell Jennifer Kime Tony King Lisa Kirby Jacquiline Kirkendoll Sendofw Sevufafw Sendau Senavuz Sendau 65 ,mb - N.:-If 5 Mike Kiser Bob Kish Kim Koepp Terry Komlosi Michelle Kristoff Paul KuCl1fa l l James Knepper Steven Kobelka Verna Kravec Ken Krescher Casimir Kudla Holly Kuss Seaukvw Salou Seadafza Sendou Sendafn Joy Lane Andrea Lawson Christy Legeza Sondra Lempke Lenny Liswesky Laura Love Lester Lynch Jeff Lyons Phillip Machovina Dawn MacNair Leslie Maiden Norman Marks Saufou Salou Sendou Sendou Sendafw 67 N X 1 " T Jay Martin Patricia Masterson Scott Mclver Marvin McKenzie Colleen McKinney Jeff McMillan Willow Meadows Deana Meecha Robert Messenger Lisa Michalek Rob Miller Todd Miller Sendau Sendofza Seozdww Seaton Senavw Tracy Miller Mitch Mills Sue Minnick Cheryl Molly ' i f ,,:..::. .. ,?.,,,.. . .1- : Q 4.:, ,5.,::::E:,n KT K kk I Sm Patti Monroe Rick Montgomery Rod Moore Dena Moran Todd Moscovits Randy Moyes Michael Muller Valerie Nay 5646044 Sendafu Senavw Seadafw Seaton 69 LL.h , mmmh. A V . M., H: ' fl- ' ei Karl Neitzel Mary Ann Nevedale Eric Nicholson ir Mike Novak Angela O'Quinn Becky Oates Nicole Ottney Guy Owen Jill Pacacha Kim Novak Elizabeth Orzech David Painter Sendofw Sendofw Seadou Sendofw Sendou f 4 Jeffery Palella Barbara Piinik Marco Parrilla Danny Parsch 313' Q 1 i i Anita Pastor Tierney Payne Barbara Pearce Chris Peltier S i Randy Perkins Mary Piatt Wade Pinter Brenda Poland Sem-Iafza Salou Seoufafw Seozdofu Saxau 71 1 Wendy Posey Kimberly Powelson Elfrieda Price James Pullen Melissa Rainey Bryan Rairigh Danny Reedy Randy Rees Greg Riedingef Paul Prunty Laurie Reed Paula Reinoehl Seadou Sendofw Sendafw Seadofw Semfou David Renz Cheryl Repak Dustin Resar Gregory Resar Steve Reynolds Sue Richards Teri Rieth Michelle Roderick Marsha Rohan Jeff Rothgery Jeffery Rowe Wendy Ruddick Saufafw Sendou Sendofw Senavw Sendau 73 Martha Rundell Wayne Rutherford Denise Ryan Stacy Santiago Mike Sawyers Kelly Sayers X- 32 Diane Schneider Kyle Scholle David Schurch Paul Sanow David Schmidt l Nita Seabold 5605044 Sendafn Sudan Sendau Sendau Kristen Seith Rebecca Shilling Doughlas Slack ri Si Karen Shaw Vicky Shenk Sandra Shepard Jean Silvidi Mark Simmons Todd Singer Charlotte Slusser Susan Smelko Anthony Smith Salou Salou Salou Smdou Seozdou 75 Beverly Smith Debbie Smith Troy Smith Litsa Snodgrass l S Richard Smith Stacie Smith Nicholas Snodgrass Kirk Snyder Ron Snyder Amy Solet Sazdofw Sendafn f :xi .5 ' . Neil Spike Molly Sprague Sendafu Senavw Salou Q .fx Kirk Sprankel Brian Stamcoff Daniel Starkey Amanda Stasick I 'gz Cindy Stephens Jim Stevenson Mike Stevanus Sherri Stone William Stoller Jackie Strauss Kimberly Strebel Chet Sudina 5605044 Seozdafw Salou Sazdou Swan 77 Fred Sullinger Tony Suta James Suttle Mark Taylor James Tester Carla Teter Michelle Thompson Thomas Thompson Wendy Thompson Nanette Thomson James Tobias Mark Tomasek Smm Semvw Smm Smm Smm Paul Toth June Traicoff Tabetha Turner Richard Twining l ROGDB Var1M0i2r Elizabeth VanPelt James Vaszily Dave Volney Paul Walker Steve Walsh Debbie Ward Smile, Wendy Ruddick, you're in the Yearbook. Sendou Seadou Salou Salou Sendafw 79 Lakesha Ward Jana Warden Kevin White Matt Whitmore Katie Wickens Corey Williams Terri West Timothy Whidden Daniel Whitney Tammy Wickelman Delmos Williams Denise Williams Salou Sendou A Salou Salou Salou M i ..' f as 4 E X 1 1 fr ina i.. wi Jessica Williams Rich Wiseman Chris Woconish Thomas Wolfe 7 , si Kendra Wood Kelly Woods Michelle Woods Bob Wynieski Steve Yearley Lori Zacovic Mary Zahniser Monica Ruiz Sentara Salou Seoufau Sendau Smzau 81 Senior Superla tives BEST DRESSED BEST LOOKING CLASS CLOWNS MOST TALENTED MOST SPIRITED FRIENDLIEST BEST SMILE MOST ATHLETIC MOST STUDIOUS CLASS FLIRT MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Seniors Shawn Allen Eric Alston Dennie Amburgey Rebecca Applebee Stacey Angton Bryant Baker Dale Balas Michelle Biegacki Robert Bishop Thomas Blevins Denise Bober Doletha Bowens Edmund Bowens Deborah Brackenhoff David Brown Kimberly Brown Anita Buchanan Bonnie Buchanan James Buga Donna Burghman Jennie Burks Gerald Burton Timothy Cabrera James Campbell Anthony Cannon Richard Carlson Lonnie Carter Mindi Connone Tina Cooke William Cummings Daniel Cutter Bonita Davis William Davis Renee DeMaison Michelle Demarchi Scott Dove Lisa Duckett Charles Dunn Thomas Elek Darin Emery Sherry England Finklea Diedrick Thomas Fortney Jennifer Gamble Florence Garrett Ronald George Amy Gilbert Elizabeth Gelba Doretha Glinsey Nancy Graham Jack Gigliomotto Juanita Hairston Julie Hampton Steven Hanboy Shirley Harper Michael Hazelton Kyle Hill Todd Hinds Melody Holmes Alverno Howse Sheri Hughes Lamar Jackson Donald Johnson Doughlas Johnson Michael Joppeck Constance Kepler Linda Kimble Angela Kirk Michael Klingshirn Sherrie Koepke Donald Krage Scott Leety John Lehner Joseph McDonald Crystal Bugg Tammy Fox Molly Sprague Sue Smelko Sue Smelko Jenny Cooke Jenny Cooke Anne Densmore Becca Shilling Sue Smelko Becca Shilling Rick Blaszak Jeff Lyons Todd Moscovits Lester Lynch Jim Knepper Mac Andress Rick Blaszak Jeff Lyons Greg Hudson Tony Filiaggi Chris Peltier Not Pictured Brian Mango Angela Martin Kelly McCrann Tracye McCray Catherine McFolley Pamala McLaughlin Kenneth Merritt Grace Milton Suzanne Moore Nicloe Mungin Manoj Nigade Kevin Noble Kelly Offenbergh Anthony Olic Betty Oliver Angela O'Quinn James Owens William Parfitt Brandyne Parks Barry Porter Robert Quayle Jacqueline Raines Priscilla Roberts Angela Rockymore Tahshona Rose James Rutherford Richard Sanders Joe Sauer Stephanie Schildt Laurie Schofield Frank Sears Angela Shakir James Sheetz Barry Silvers Tonya Smallwood Kerry Smith Susan Smith Frank Spencer Larry Stewart Daniel Taomaszycki Todd Traicoff Debra Trammell Kimberly Ulmer Steven Wahls Steven Walsh Donald White Ronald White Darren Whitten Robert Williams Traci Wilmoth Richard Wiseman Andrea Woconish Christopher Woconish Ruth Wright N-ugh QUXS , JO U tl Qfpffi or fd ' ! e Q W f, f 9 offv 029 12' , 4 ,N ,xy be Q QU ex IQ,-ff i '6'?q"c4 fel! f' " f y ' "W f i, L wa nf! QW' 1 425' 3' 42 2, '22 fc Cb L , A ,Z fb 2 fa A 1. DAL V, 1 I ,,,V 'A n wwf A A Q L CV UT' q.n-W ,, ,iv , .f ,W ' 0 4, 1, ,, X 4 A 'aww' W oi wif A Q A4 fm M, J- gacm A My iw wwf, -'-if ,A 1 L, 4. , 5 fl 4, ', Sr ,Q ffmewamf W2-Lf, W all 1 1'3" w f efvlvdmf A6f01Y3xQIKfg 'irmw "W'hQf,?ir? '1f',Qi"I :W TM? 1 5,24 ' G o - 4 , W "7,,..ff 2tg,wW f 4 ' fy rw A , mf 203' ,. www M ',, 'NG " " wav M ,,wW"'W1w1 "' :GJ 'VTL O , - wtf-I V? 95,1 5- M? .2 M , w- WW. , vc, A Z. fx www cazxiflhmfd' 'Q'-1!15"WGQgx 'W W sf' ' 'W f'le3,O4+f'3 kg l ,Q mv ,W Wwvf MM, Y'g,,, 1'Zv'i,'f, Q,-4 mm UU' team' M1892 w'f','1w- Q bf' 4. 3 1180 be COW V' G 'YW' wwf! W 4 , wi 4, fb Q VM! aff' wif WWW A um WX 'WSU wt" . Mu U V909 'PZ tim' aiwf vw W" ,WH Q. f J' X15 Q99 9 nav my V If 'D AQ, 5, If ap Wm Wye vb V aw! wl',!15f5'w MM ' '4".?v4'3off3 QAWWA' .md M M .A ' x an 643. Q 0 0 Q if OJ fi' ,cs ra QQ fl + 47. ircll Kin ' u sets Adm su dui Csarev I-'maids and Joey 393899 9 .A WP, m K 1- VC O fx W i 2 ...L 6 'S -" v fr fb 4 0 ' is z"bfo4if5L'- i av fqycfafl ' Q 72,65 4960 24 040 'Ya 6694 ' .1243 ggi if, If 0 '9a?v,, 4' ' ik W .30 wg, 'L' Q. 'QQ 4' , Q- Qty! 0 I 1- IAQ i'x,.4m 43709 qv SV ' ,- 'Zfb 'Zak f 8.1, Q an cf 7 4 agp is , .M L, 1' , f ,L 4, f .3 ff 4 f .2 1 -7 A I I 0 P73 Mn ofa 0 Aol, 0' ' J 43' Qbffh fiisxfzf ix , 'k'5s'1vV. 'pri 'cf f cvbf' fig -52", mmf", ' Q QM .H 4 ei 'Q ,Q z- 'ilf' V5 '44 99 4 Q4'Q,4",V A 'HQ any '59 9f"q.'3,W Q, 'A A ,.2Q:fq M V 9 I U6 ff 41. 1, f. "-,,,.1, 2 ZH 43 Of uw' QJ500 f ,QQ- -P? Q 'U fa? : 0 3 21 V0 0 C35 'Q 175 an 'Q 1 1 M., Ji K J? el' 2 ,V Q f '99 ffl? 4 1:37 rv' fy 33, Cf 'A K I. I fa. 2, ,, 5 -fy V K '35 iffy' , . f ' xg' ,' jfgryrzg' , 4, V 4, .,,7':ra, I 1 Tim Boesel, Christian Boehnen, and Bill Roll display the typical Junior attitude toward study halls, especially cafeteria study halls. Adams, Nicki Aldrich, Charles Alexander, Nyga Allen, Bruce Altonen, Kathy Anderson, Eric Anderson, Ted Arnold, David Atkinson, Darrick Auxer, Paul Bage, Dawn Baggett, Felicia Bailey, Tony Baisden, Terrie Barnes, Michelle Barnes, Tracey Bartlebaugh, Dave Bartter, Sherri Basnett, Tammy Beckett, Brooke Bedocs, Kristi Begala, Tammy Benson, Bonnie Bender, Vicki Bennet, Sandy Besecker, Geoff Blankenship, Shane Blaszak, Michael Boehnen, Christian Boesel, Tim Boggs, Sean Bowens, Cleo Braden, Stephanie Brown, Paul Brown, Larry Brubaker, Todd Bryner, Bob Burgess, Dona Burge, Tina Burnworth, Dianna Burks, DeDe Buga, Richard H These sports-mind- ed individuals show us how well-rounded the Junior class can be. We have every- thing from golfers to skiers, to baseball players, to -who is that person in the dark glasses? 5 ,Q P f K 3 , N-.."" sy Y nil' isa In RQ, 4. . 4-1.3 fwfr?- ..5 if fir! l l pr, X.. xxx? NN ,Si I 1 Buckland, Joyce Calhoun, Danielle Casley, Jackie Carter, Cheryl Carney Karen Carlson, Rick Carder, Susan Campbell, Ross Cameron, Trent Chizmar, Chris Coar, Rachel Collins, Suzane Conaway, James Copley, David Cordrick, Rob Corlew, Anthony Corn, Rosalind Cornell, Peggy Cox, Linda Coy, Erin Crawford, Cherie Culligan, Shawn Curney, Carolyn Dallas, Joey Daniels, Warren Davidson, John Davis, Gerald Davis, Stacy Dechant, Stephanie Degraphenred, Shannon Deramus, Shawnda Diesher, Dawn Dixon, Gretchen Dixon, John Donovan, Mark Dorman, Beth Edwards, Synthia Ellis, Micheal Elsasser, Bill Emery, Cathy Enord, Susan Essex, Bradley Juniors Enjoy Life Juniors Cherie Crawford, Rhonda Pfeiffer, Sean Lowstet- ter, Larry Brown, and Tammy Begala show the spirit of fun and enjoyment typical of this year's Junior Class. Some of the class activities this year have been a successful paper drive, green carnation sale for St. Patrick's Day, participation in Spirit Week and the Thanksgiving food drive. Under the able leadership of our advisor, Mrs. Love, the Juniors have had a terrific school year! Evans, Martha Fairbanks, Mark Farmer, Kevin Fenn, Stephanie Flatt, Michelle Fields, Rick Fisher, Berry Forgues, Marshanna Gainer, Todd Gelman, Nicole George, Albert Gardinsky, Jenny Gair, Charlotte Gibson, Allen Goodwin, Kim Grahovac, Jennifer Granger, Cynthia Greene, Dawn Grimes, Jim Hall, Michele Hamrick, Lisa ' ' is Harper, Anthony Harrold, Leigh Hartmen, Rhonda Hayes, Chris Hayes, Mary Helton, Patrick Hickam, Brian ,W k , , ,,., R: , w Hicks, Jason Hollingsworth, Barb Hilderth, Deanne Hollaway, Felicia Hollaway, Kimberly Holston, Troy Hooks, Rodney Horton, Cathy Hudson, Raylette Huerner, Kimberly Hylton, Vikki Ives, Ron Jabbusch, Robin Jacobs, Jamie 86 fgwsfi - ., Q 5 . Rfk vt, .Q uw. ii.'.' QIXSJ.-s.. D . 1, - k.. 1 , 1' F:-.,. 21 'Wl."'F:k X' ,,,N ,,..i zi X g my ....... 1, fi H' N 3 X 's Dana Clarke knows Jason Hicks Isn't really playing the piano. Bonnie Benson isn't afraid of the ghost in Mrs. Lakocy's Office. Jankowski, Shellie Jaroch, Jennifer Jezewski, Anne Marie Johnson, Danny Johnson, Darin Johnson, Shawna Jones, Sharon Jones, Mark Jones, Vicki Kalser, Nancy McCain, Michelle McCarthy, Megan McCoy, Valenti McKinney, Deanna McLaughlin, Amy McLean, Jason McMillan, Debbie Mertz, Tracey Merrell, Tricia Merrell, Thomas Merrill,' Hollie Meeche, Michelle Meecha, Darrin Messer, Chuck Miller, Jim Miller, Stephen Moc, Dave Mole, Melissa Moody Moody, Moore, Moyes, Doni Rich Michele Jean Murphy, James Myers, Scott Negin, David Nelson, Traci Neugebauer, Jeff Newman, David Noble, Brian O'Grady, Brian Pack, Hollie Amy McLaughlin and Amy Stomieroski show off their smiles. Scott Innes, Laura Love, and Valerie Nay practice some new choreography before band. Keefe, Kevin Keener, Susan Kirk Amy Kirschner, Kim Kitson, Kim Knapp, Cheryl Knapp, Mike Knapp, Robert Knechtges, Lynn Knepper, Dwayne Koepke, Jake Koepp, Marc Komlosi, Mark Krupp, Brenda Kubel, Darren Kuhar, Lora Kyer, Bruce Lakocy, Laurie Lobengood, Lloyd Lee, Daniel Legeza, Terri Lichtcsien, Mike Liddle, Ken Lindsey, Mark Little, Lavonna Littlefield, Jerod Lorbach, Michael Love, Matt Love, Mike Lowery, Michelle Lowery, Stephanie Lowstetter, Sean MacNair, Darcie Madera, Hope Modock, Becky Malick, Tracey Mallory, Henery Martin, Markus Mason, Matthew Masten, Tammi Matek, Christine Mathis, Tonetta Steve Miller and exchange student Ximena seem to enjoy a joke that the rest of the class, including Sue Keener, doesn't understand! Kalo, Aaron Palella, Jennifer Palmer, Ronnie Parrilla, Calra Pasenow, John Patel, Neil Pattie, Shjamil Patouhas, Demetrius Payner, Vanessa Peaks, Mark Peter, Julie Pfeiffer, Rhonda Phifer, Elise Phillips, Chris Phillips, Erik Phillips, Virginia Plymale, Kimberly Pollock, Matt Pongracz, Andrew Price, Patty Pritt, Dennis Pullen, Cheryl Purdey, Steve Ransom, Dan Raycher, Greg Reiser, Tammy Revercomb, David Ripley, Keith Rodgers, Patrick Roth, Shawn Rowe, Tammy Rudolchick, James Rudolph, Elliott Sanders, Teresa Sanders, William Santoro, Tony Sasack, Rodger Savina, Michelle Saxton, Jeffery Scarbrough, Kimberly Schneider, Dean Schoerwerth, Donnie Will you please hurry up, I want my picture taken." says Steve Purdey Beth Dorman is actually taking notes? hw'- Schroeder, Steve Scott, Dana Sees, Tom Seguin, Suzanne Seymore, Kelly Shorts, James Shober, Jackie Sigsvvorth, Danielle Seidle, Melissa Sinegar, Steve Singleton, Stephen Six, Jody Sizemore, James Skapura, Kim Smallwood, Audra Smallwood, Tanya Smith, John Smith, Scott Smink, John Smith, Tracey Sobol, Julianne Soltis, Mary Sooy, Kimberly Sprague, Heather Springer, Jennifer Stavely, Brian Stewart, Cathy Stomieroski, Amy Stone, Roger Stringer, Cindy Strother, John Strong, Sheryl Sullivan, Stephanie Suttle, Mike Surace, Tracey Swain, Bart Sykes, Tina Szabo, Linda Tarrant, Ivy Taylor, Sue Thomas, Stanley Thompson, Brian 5. i-g ti ix? x ig' X S' ts, ls this how you get extra- credit, Mary Hayes? Bart Swain tells Sherri Strong to hide and he will count. Sherri Barrter strikes a classic pose. Thompson, Vicky Toler, Gerald Tomlin, Jani Traft, Sarah Tribble, Garry Truxall, Lawrance Tyree, Russell Ursen, Kathy Verlotti, Rick Victor, John Vincze, Kristi Walker, Jennifer Walton, Garnettia Walton, Gwinettia Walton, Lori Warren, Salisa Warzecha, Jason Washington, Chico Watson, Brett Webber, Daniele Wehman, Kristen Weisman, Tammy Welsh, Brian Westerfeld, Lori White, Tamika Wiggins, Gwen Wiley, Tammy Williams, Lisa Witherspoon, Allen Wohlever, Patty Wolford, Grant Woodrum, Mary Woods, Jack Workman, Tony Wynieski, Julia Wylie, Becky Young, Yvonne Ziegman, Cheryl Adams, Theresa Barley, Doug Bender, Joyce Burns, Rex Carter, Patrica Chapman, Debbie Deruchie, Tim Flood, Billie Graf, Laura Hall, Brian Kemp, Lisa Linden, Lisa Nay, Tangeanna Stevens, Susan Strickland, Monica Jones, Patricia Bottom Leftg John Smith shows Carla Parilla his new purse and glasses. Bottom Right, Pia Mercado got caught whispering in class again. Right, Karen Carney certainly seems to be the cen- ter of attention here! Z. i 3 xwt. k -rv. 5 fa Y Z, '-.W , 4fL,f5?A V: , r41f,W4,fws,N'4'w ' Elyria High School ls A Family Affair Most students have to wait until school is out to share good or bad news with their parents, but for some 20 or more students at EHS, this isn't the case at all! These students have parents that are part of the staff-principals, teachers, the school treasurer, secretaries and aides all have children attending school here. What's it like to go to a school where your parent is a teacher? Students have mixed reactions. Jenni Hull says, "It's OK, but I don't always like it because sometimes he finds out my grades before I do." Laurel Skillicorn thinks its nice because, "I always have a ride home." Mrs. Blaner, attendance office secre- tary, voiced the opinions of all the par- ents here when she said it was nice to be in the building with her children-to know first-hand what goes on in the school. Mrs Blaner says she gets to see Doug and Holly often, expecially when they need money! Other teachers have been seen handing over car keys to their children. It can truly be said, EHS is a Family Affair. Mr. Raber makes sure Monica studies her way through her Freshman year Mrs. Love shares a laugh with twins Matt and Mike and daughter Laura . I :Y ' 'W w '15, A fr: Sheri Strong is happy her mother iS here. Mrs. Blaner with Doug and Holly. This is one time they're not asking for money I I i Mr. Raber and Monica share a happy moment. it vice. Mr. Hansen seems to be telling Jennifer to stay put. Mary Bruner likes having her mother here when she needs ad MW. l M 'M' r ' ll ' A it f . ,, e l nil ,nkrim ik .1... K , , Q si- Q l ,es 'f' :g i ff l i fi i A M me ssir 5 l Q f X E K 5 5 Y .,,... ,A N e a H tm 5 ' lift. .f : 1- we 1 4 i gl L , 2 i if 5 sl is s s Oh No! Denise Ryan and sister Michelle have to go to dad, Mr. Ryan, when they Mrs. Lakocy is proud to have Leslie and Laurie here. forget their lunch money. 4 NS.,- ls Mrs. Love giving money to her children again? Kim Porter has to say "Pretty please" for the car keys. Mr. Rieth and Terri seem to take things a bit more seriously than Fresh- man Jennifer' Mr. Hull and Jenni share a hug. ,N ' l 41 1 4. ,V 2 'df' f Q M... ...ul Mrs. Stasick is happy with look-alike daughters Jennifer and Amanda. "Now, Sheri." Mrs. Strong seems to have the upper hand here al '-X395 9595 YI fl I K . W-Off io! A. 1 Cp J- A be o awe 'rf fr 43- 'f 'a I . , ,i1,Qf'9 ,Q O 0 , , :XV gn. Q- 1 .fc . co 16 Q3 Y3"c'k'YM ' ' 345323, XF ,P 'D . Y I ,L c P., 5 4, 5 XASDBLWQGW1 ,QQ if 2 1 2 G 15. WWW' - at W' f , '5"f:s 3152 I' Rx ' 6,60 Www Q ' HRM- QNX" , mf' ftys A fe- 9 "-4 .9 w 8 sage iaggg 'ftmch xml. - 4 ,-,WN tk ' MPNX' I Q 'rf 35' f, fri? - ,., ,W , A A W' wdiggxxfifx SLXBQQQMDYV """U'K3" 'Q 'Mi Y. 7' ,- . ' an 4 , , Q, . vm me 5' use inf Aww ,?:,3:,g::,3w'13.31 Nyg,g,Q1.ff -f ' ,PQZQQ 'gps ' G 5 , . lx .Lx ,LLM Q V A3 vaorxkiliwil mag? lifiewl. im: L5 Q? Nw Q -'se Qzfaf or 0 'Wagga Qo!SW5ciers, i'.Qs1'-'1"fwf w ' 0 ,- A V 2 bfi' f wil wc'4-We A Q, 'Xu' XRMRVYLM 1 v-Pi " 'S if W - mfg ' Q. vw -Q "mwfZ,w-ff" ' 3-38-"ws fs -ip me W 3310- mmf- W! ..f--f' 1 1: SS -as mv' W- wwf NX- Q 'bf . 'Thug t Q61 be wgeawg T K rv" wk "iw .pq 0 'S-WZ A . A , A . , gpflm' WLS Y 75535 ww -wr-k'i"'QQfr+" l QQ' nf 8 A xeik 99396305 N' ,www Q.. gf -2 A Www M we f-f: f",f2f :wg QQ Q xy' x 4. 'Qfeq R 6 fi qv A agp A mira! King ets Ad IG u ps so did Corey Swhis and Joey Xcague 1,35 I .33 .5 M 'If o -e w X 1: . U Q CD :E T35 Q4 FEL :L G9 Q Q f. cv? '32' in f ,ex ,gi 66, o 'fa Zccgg 9 xg ib,H2P,:g A Qsfxgfp 'E a 'Q do fs 'es ff' Z o ' , .9 .f f 6, ' 461 Cf 996219 'QA 0905 69 3691 +994 'Q J' f oo f ffifif 53557 A 'bf .sv qu 4 pf, Qfbfb' ff vb 0' of 'P 'fifw 26" E'?4x f 1f 5 3'fff'ff Qfovo -4 4'zKi'3fgg9g.5,., ff 2355 4?jSAf, "Q esac? "' 5 6 Gzxfi ! Oqn-"VCf'Q'z ,221 15" N Q Q9 WCW s 6""7'..933, 9 5' 'iff 76' 4643 9, 2,14 2 15959. ww 4 ' -A C4437 o 01 LM 'W' . ' x 'S ,Q,,f?, afar 'slr 4' 'fffv zf0f?"9fr'1pif1n- ,Q V0 43,-Q if 1 ,ff if . "vu, 4 f 'iisjf '1 I 'S Q f' ly ,, ..... , .VJ -...Elm 1 , xl q ww, 5715 Q44- Where is Pioneer Paradise? Students and faculty found it in Spirig Week 1987. The Seniors won the competition based on announcements, hallway decoration, percent participation, and skits. Dress-up days included things such as hats and shades, sweats, college shirts, and red and white day. For the skits we saw "Wheel of Fortune" lFreshmanl, "The Newlywed Game" lSophomorel, "David Letterman Interviews" lJuniorsl, and "Paradise Island" lSeniorsl. The final standings for Spirit Week '87 were- First place - Seniors Second place - Juniors Third place - Sophomores Fourth place - Freshman Thanks to everyone who made Spirit Right: The big Elyria - Lorain game for the Buckeye Championship ended up Spirit Week. Bottom left: The i'Newlyweds" give their answers. Bottom center: The Sophomore L'Bleacher Crea- turesn show their spirit. Week '87 possible! Senior committee members included Jen Bender, Tammy Fox, Becky Oates, Wendy Thompson, and Steve Yearly. Junior committee members included Sheri Barter, Matt Love, Mike Love, Michelle Lowery, Stephanie Lowery, Jim Murphy, Steve Schroeder, and Sue Sequin. The Sopho- more committee members included Micki Bankson, Gina Madera, Steve Marsh, Heather Merriman, Mark Osborne, Kathy Pregan, Kevin Wallace and Sue Wiser. Freshman committee members included Suzy Ack, Becky Eldridge, Cari Grdijan, Diane Kelly, Keri Mejewski, Amy Peter- son, Ann Solet, Jenny Thompson and Madonza Tillman. Below left: "Pioneers" was the answer to the puzzle. Below center: These Freshman were a bit "puz- zledn in their skit. Below right: Even the teachers dressed up for Spirit ' fa , . .M .Mtv -4 I ft':': 1--we 'E Ep x . W '42, f F - e .1 ziwzfz K ' 'G-' S73 , fx W,.,,.aw,,wmof '-fff 4 - ' ,f --:-.f i 1 fr, fr , , , .Arg Week. Bottom right: The band started off the assembly. 3 A Y ww---ff ji 'X -gzm: ., fi? J .,,v.M.. f,,, W , , ' ew , ' tr, at X f E . M 1' , V r 5 hX J M f emu . ' .W N W' -ww.. . W-...www W L,,..-'-- M , W -nl 3,19 , :M A The Juniors get ready for their skit. The members of the Senior skit take time out for a picture. The Seniors bum around in their beach clothes. This years theme? Pioneer Paradise. At EHS Student Council Works! Does the Student Council work at Elyria High? Ask any active member of the group and his answer will be a decided "Yes"l Student Council sponsors most of the all-school activities during the year including Homecoming Parade, Assembly and Dance, Spirit Week Activities, Pep Assemblies, and many dances. Each one of these activities requires hours of planning and work on the part of Council members. School service projects include a party for in-coming Freshmen in the fall, an ice cream social for teach- ers during Teacher Appreciation Week, and fund-raisers such as message bunnies and message Valentine candy. In addition, the Student Council takes on several community service projects - a canned food drive, a Christmas project for Murray Ridge School, and a Battle of the Bands and Rockathon to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Council members this year traveled to the National Student Council Conference in Oklahoma City, to Ohio Association of Student Council workshops at Walsh College and Maple Heights High School, and to an OASC Winter Retreat at the Wooster Outdoor Center. The group, sponsored by Faculty Advisor Ernie Sawinski, was named an Honor Council by the OSAC, and received their Five- Star Award. Tammy Wickelman was named to the All-Ohio Student Council. Officers and Committee Chairpersons- Row 1: Leslie Maiden, Treasurer, Tammy Wickelman, Vice Presidentg Judy Jezewski, Secretary, Charlotte Slusser, Presidentg Wendy Thompson, Becky Oates, Michele Roderick, Heather Sprague, Janet Fairchild, Sherri Bartter, Kristi Vincze, Michelle Lowery, Toni Wickelman, Tony Filiaggi. Row 2: Amy Solet, Stephanie Lowery, Melissa Mole, Nikki Taylor, Kyle Scholle, Mona Jackson. Not pictured: Sue Smelko, Jennifer Bender, Mary Hayes. Q., Z' 'aiw - ,W Qs.. K , N, ,X A-...WN Sf' WHEN S30 NC 12 Student Council members include: Col- leen Love, Mary Hayes, Jennifer Stasick, Laura Frederick, Matt Pollock, Andrea Woconish, Kristi Schindler, Ann Solet, Shahin Naeem, Rob Hawk, Amy Maiden, Leslie Maiden, Janet Fairchild, Heather Merriman, Andy Boylan, Rob Barres, Becca Schilling, Laurie Reed, Stacy Reed, Micky Bankson, Beth Dorman, Dennis Monschien, Mark Simmons, Jenny Anton, Sheri Skillicorn,,Matt Jaroch, Bri- an Dorman, Jeff Rothgery, Mike Meirs, Jeff Fosselius, David Solet, Steve Purdy, Dana Michalek, Greg Reidinger, Tina Zimmerman, Michelle Savina, Duane Hawk, Jim Vaszily, Alan Nay, Mandel Jones, Ty Shirley, Garth Grimes, Jim Grimes, Steve Schroeder, Dawn Hub- bard, Jennifer Myers, Dave Haupt, Angie Jones, Judy Goldstein, Pam Handyside, Allison Clark, Jennifer Lewis, Allison Zdrojewski, Lisa Rogers, Cheryl Brunsch- wig, Ligaya Norton, Rhonda Manning, Bev Earl, Jennifer Reith, Debbie Meese, Tammy Brookover, Heather Stock, Ker- ry Sprague, Jackie Horton, Tara Martin, Cassandra Armstrong, Tracy Gidich, Kristy Bozman, Amy Petersen, Shelly Thompson, Kathy Filiaggi, Diane Je- zewski, Kristin Roderick, Jennifer Burns, Tina Figula, Michelle Ryan, Dana Turns, Jennifer Burdick, Ann Solet, Laura Ur- sem, Rammy Novak, Becky Cutright, Mi- chelle Evanich, Robin Powelson, Tracy Manning, Diane Kelly, Sherri Skillicorn, Gina Madera, Kim Porter, Tammy Boyer, Leslie Horvath, Teresa Kinder, Sesa Har- ris, Nikki Taylor, Rick, Hershey, Dave Merigold, Graham Allison, Mandel Jones, Allison Allgood, Chery Carey, Toma Grantham, Allan Nay, Toni Wickelman, Traci McCloud, Dave Solet, Scott Pawli- kowski, Mike Merigold, Elaine Jones Alrce In Wonderland u s ' lil 1' -'i i :im l k ig.. UA., l fzsf e :EFQTNX ' X if , 1 Laurie Wickens 1Alicel encounters Jennifer Burdick and Carey Stevanus in her trip to Wonderland. Matt Permelia is a very serious Mad Hatter. Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum were portrayed by Leslie Schroeder and Deanna McKinney. What a strange caterpillar! Could it be Karen Carney behind all those arms? Darcie McNair and Andy McQuire make a fierce Queen and King of Hearts! The Sting The Drama Department presented two major plays this year- Alice in Wonderland as a children's show, and the all-school play, The Sting. November 7, 8, 9 brought tidings from Wonderland as Alice attracted audiences of all ages who came to see this version of Lewis Carroll's famous story. The Sting was produced by a high-school group for the first time anywhere, and proved to be a challenging, but rewarding experience for the EHS Drama troup as they recreated the world of the '30's. Pictured above: Paul Sanow shows his skill as a master electrician. Tony Bailey holds the cast by the magic of his words as he explains The Sting. Paul Eldridge, Jim Ging, Mark Simmons and Kim Sooy look like the perfect group of gangsters! Another scheme unfolds as Jim Ging lays his cards on the table. Row 1: Cheryl Pullen, Brian Hickam, Melissa Sindle, Gregory Hudson, James Vaszily, David Renz. Row 2: Eric Fenwick, Anita Bird, Rebecca Brown, Lisa Van Pelt, June Traicoff, Cristen Bates, Willow Meadows, Amy McLaughlin, Sheri Strong, Laurie Frederick. ,wi so f ,ff .X ,ft ,ff Awww 1 f' ,' Above: Mrs. Bigglestone fastens Sheri's pin. Pictured at left: Greg Hudson and Brian Hickam light the Candle of Judgement. On March 25, 1987, the Elyria High Quill and Scroll chapter inducted eleven new members: Anita Bird, Eric Fenwick, Brian Hickam, Greg Hudson, Amy McLaughlin, Cheryl Pullen, David Renz, Missy Sindle, Sheri Strong, Lisa Van Pelt, and Jim Vaszily. Special awards were presented to Laura Anderson, Michelle Biegacki, and Dale Balas, The induction ceremony was given by two-year members Willow Meadows, Laurie Frederick, Becky Brown, June Traicoff, and Cristen Bates. Special tribute was paid to Mrs. Bigglestone, Herald advisor, who will be leaving Elyria High this year. Quill and Scroll is an International honorary society for high school journalists. The society encourages and rewards individual acievements in journalism and allied fields. Students must have a 3 point grade average to be considered, and are chosen by their faculty advisor for this honor. . 5 S . 'X 7:4 ri ,J gn A ,r 2 V2 l f I :li M z xii ll : 5 aj , is ii ,,, ,.s its i i rg 3 3 Z ,L Elm? ff 'ite if j ii ,Es 1' f L Q , zlifij ip 'E S5 iz 2 nie, . gf? f W ,ig H , ti. Uh 5 ,r E as flyer' f A 5' ,M j l Q 53571 Q i 1 M Mg , ,Q 5 ,, S - Our Eyes On The World In 1987, Elyria High was honored to have three exchange students, representing two countries from very different parts of the world. Ximena Villa Gomez came to us from Bolivia, as did Monica Ruiz. Manoj Babuiai Nigade is a native of India, here to complete his Senior High School career. We have also added to our student body Elham Lotfi-Shabadai, who is a native of Turkey. Elham and her family have now become residents of Elyria. All these students have been very active at EHS in everything from tennis, to drama and Spanish Club. They are opening the eyes of EHS students to a better understanding of the world. Above, left: Monica learns that computers can speak an international language. Above, right: Manoj likes just hanging out in the halls between tennis matches. Lower left: Elham is a welcome addition to the Freshman class. Lower right: Ximena stops typing to talk to our photographer. That's one way to practice her English! ' Prom - The Event 0 The Year Seniors Enjoy Last Fling The theme of this year's Prom was Moonlight Masquerade, and the colors of this gala event were black, red, and silver to provide a striking backdrop to the dancers. The Prom started promptly at 8 with a delicious dinner served by Wagner's Country Place, followed by dancing until 1:00. At 1:30 Senior parents came in to take over the after-prom festivities which included casino games and refreshments. At 4:00 AM., tired Prom-goers headed home with memories to last a lifetime. Opposite: Wagner's "dishes out" dinner to Terri Jackson. Below: Paul Alonge demonstrates how to pour Pepsi from a pitcher, while other Prom-goers smile their -delight at the evening. Opposite page, top: Katie Wickens wonders who is hiding behind the balloons. Top Right: Everybody check your feet! Is this how that new dance goes? Center: Steve Shroeder checks out the dance floor. Center right: Sue Minnich isn't sure she can eat all this food! Bottom: Kelly Friday, Jennifer Bender, and Steve Schroeder "party down" at the Prom, while Hope Grattan and her date dance until the wee hours of the night. loonlight Mascarade Mike Joppeck and Dana Clarke model the latest in Prom Gwen Elke and date strike a pose for the camera. tLlX9S. Prom Creates moments to Melanie Holmes and date. l08 lk remember for Lenny Lisewsky and Greg Hudson A'ham" it up. To Remember 'ke 4 Y , Randy Reese and date dance the night away. Jim Tobias, Janet Fairchild and friend take time out to strike a pose. Hows the food, Jennifer? "Girls just want to have fun,', as in the case of Diane Cocco, Hope Madera and Mary Hayes. A view of the chow line at Prom, 109 Senior Awards Assembly ,Ty fx it i f 2 Doug Johnson receives his art scholarship from Mr. Mateer. Lester Lynch's singing has earned him a music scholarship. Ls ri The seniors patiently await to receive their awards. "ls this really mine?l', asks Wade Pinter. 110 Ann Densmore receives her certificate of recognition. Graduation June 10, 1987- it was the day for 410 seniors to end their high school careers and begin their lives as adults. Chris Peltier, class valedictorian and class speaker, offered advice to the class of 1987, challenging them to "look to the future and control our destiny. We must never stop dreaming." So, amongst smiles and tears, hugs and handshakes, Elyria High School's 139th graduating class said farewell to their past and welcomed their future under a sunny, blue sky. We wish them well. ir' a V5 1 NHS Inducts 76 .Camera Captures Solemn Ceremony Top right: Jeff Lyons looks very interested as he signs the register. Center left: Anne Densmore registers as a N.H.S. member. Center Right: Greg Jones watches as Diane Schneider signs the register. Bottom: Presenting- the 1987 National Honor Society: Elyria High Chapter. Opposite, Top: The officers conduct the induction ceremony in their blue robes. Opposite, Center Left: Colleen McKinney gives her speech on the Emblem. Opposite center right: The smile of Amy Solet's face shows her pride in being a member of N.H.S. Opposite, bottom Left: Jenny Kime and Greg Jones seem to be discussing where to sign her name. Opposite, bottom right: Laura Love is about to be pinned by Willow Meadows. l 112 Y +A QM 5 f 4?-..-N ii? y Z F V' 4 I 5 fr ' sy 4 1 f 5'-.lg io Y gg YRS" '-X39 Wo QW .MA ,AA E0 , . NN X mx' .x if A L W sffxiff' '21 'f Q as S if f, 9 ,w,,Qff + Q2 O col-ixa . .wyff 1' R we vid' f' y,uM"3' Q,,L . n Qfivv Qi 4 fb f Qs B55 .gvwruxjgik xi Wifw. M S' M'.:f,,..,w Q is by gig In , 9 ,f CX ' fciikfs Q gxxalg tsvfylwlf 'Km' f fffxs-V' K 5 JC- 'lb 'gffiff 'iw NP K Q id- ,meh K , "Z:1NiK'fg,,,w'f' ffwf Nm P Q9 Q f 3. ,-, QQ ,vas 5359 any '3 S, ,YK U 5,4 Nj, ,nv-iw 1, uv' WW W A Q xi-' '- News-Q Buidwsfayk 21.39 guage W? axggxaiyljw H 95. ,gf ig '52 Q efmxa v,-Aki um 'rxfia gwgi ii.',g?i1,mfg1:X.f,AV2T,..f,.5,Q Q3 4 I W: H295 -. ns wav 5. X we , 'gk V QQTYW5 wwf QW WA. yt HN? -wh' . 5 F' JAG 1. 'Sv nge, X ic-1 , ff - .. f k , ,ws ,X 3 0 fe gggniitif CGgM,Q.3ef'5be csiwbgyrxlxw K" MLwM:lf2f'i'.lQ1Qf':x , - 01550 fl? f me W9 wv.wf2'm aww xg A-w?QT1lM 5,535 ' 0' fy iff? QUE X9 X 'K ueagxiv -95333 ' WSXQ WHA' k , Q vw . ww? 'wf ..w " -i x- Q ff' Q. qxxeive wg Kr'-g awspgxi mi? ,,.x-3w,f,Wv55i?,, Q -i'Qg,'Q.v,?,Jk A LQIN9' mis 39-WT ,,+w""fw?wN" K .Q " w QJ' 57 ,Mai wilfxgzws, .., . . sk i QRCQGQ4, W QW wf X -w' ' I 2? gel en A 2 0 Q . I K. as U U S615 A fnlfa In 'Q 9' p 9 okiaii fb so dmc! Cores' 1-'acids and Joey 3038119 93 Q ,fa Q LL ax- 3 'fee gil Saw, O off? 0 'B' 'Za fb 250 l 'C ,.. 'SJ-31 fnmx -Z? fft 3. QQQQ 'Y' gy.:-Q065? Q cz 0 . .vi 44312 0 uw Ego. O '. 'U X 5- if a 21 EQ o 2 'J Q an S- . Cir Qyzinfxr fp,-4 9, Z' ' Cf 'I 0 91- 'sn 3. 5:4 9 Qvffzfk I 26 Qantl OZ G A 'Z yllg, gy gf 3 ,, 4, gs,-2,0 fs, 4, -9 Q 55 1 eg, atv Sb, is lk Qi , fa. 'R J ocof. Qb-'nog' 'S"9,f 6a:,9'33'Q H 'i'1.'?lL 'Z Q72 '9 A 'Msg' 'L dx . nr, 94348 - Q91'C'fo 'Z-W G X 'Qi I .Q 6' 4, f J V G. fiffixrig. 1 ,ZXSQ3 if Jo, ak 4,24 I ag 06352. :kia 1,5 fggvv 4-bggf? 3, ff fad, 4 2? g I A f-I 5' M1223 , . ,,,,,,,,,, Sophomores are every- where in the school, mak- ing their strong presence known to all. Steve Marsh keeps an eye on the health classes, while Ryan Dicken and Heather Mer- riman take care of the halls. Leslie Schroeder is the study-hall lookout! s g! Y Ngtfbl Q vas X f. wg ,?511.f- N ,Mg Stl t li lik SAE, X wists Ji T mi 'iw-sf Q Acosta, Melissa Adams, Belinda Adams, Robbie Adams, Sharon Adams, Veronica Alexander, Richard Allgood, Shelisa Arizmendi, Joe Ashworth, Sandra Atley, Myesha Ault, Tommy Auxer, Rich Backus, Bob Baker, Jeremy Barry, Brooke Barton, Darla Betz, Tara Baughman, Brian Belfiore, Missi Bender, Bruce Bennett, Carolyn Allison, Graham Altomare, Amy Anderson, Bob Anderson, Seymore Anderson, Sonia Armstrong, Shonte Aulisio, Craig Baker, Michelle Baker, Shawne Baker, Steve Bankson, Micki Baraga, Larry Barnes, Earl Barnette, Thomas Beran, Melissa Berkel, Ron Beymon, Teresa Bishop, Pam Bishop, Debbie Blaner, Holly Blevins, Donald S S Joanne Niemeyer, do you always work with a smile? Kelly Robinson is one of our more stu- dious Sophomores. Laurie Wickens isn't so sure she likes Wonderland. Board, Leonis Board, Leslee Bond, Mary Boyd, Sha Boylan, Andy Bozman, Kristen Braden, Kevin Bradley, Shanna Brannon, Tracey Briggs, Mark Brightwell, Tameka Brooks, Celeste Brooks, Willie Brown, Carol Brown, Kendria Brown, Leann Bruner, Mary Bryant, Howard Buchanan, Bobby Buchanan, Tammy Buckhannon, Tim Bukowski, Kelly Bumphus, Tony Burgin, Vivian Burdick, Jennifer Burgess, Mike Burns, Jennifer Burrer, Missy Cagle, Misty Cajka, Jennifer Cameron, William Carey, Cheryl Carmen, Shawn Carroll, Jennifer Carter, Erika Carter, Kristen Case, Tricia Cawley, Patty Chando, Jason Cheney, Cathy Chester, Candy Goforth, Jerry ,K ffl 9 vxlwlvz? 2' A , . 1 f ,f ,,,A Angie Woconish tries to hide from our camera. Toni Wickelman thinks she has just bit a bug. Tom Philidora and Freshman Eric Olic stop by to get some munchies, 4 ar f, f f f as r rg : f., -,fi 2E3f,,,-'.- ' H '13, 1 , 9 ,j, W 1 ff ,sr f 452214. f 1 4 tx x GQLPXMD Church, Teri Church, Tim Clark, Paul Collett, Mary Collins, Tina Collins, Vicki Conkle, George Connolly, Patrick Corn, Janice Cooper, Bryan Cooper, Roy Curry, Pat Cutshall, Melissa Cutright, Becky Daniels, Derk Darnell, Tammy Davieau, Heather Davidson, John Davise, Denise Davis, Joe Davis, Yvette Dean, Jason Delzer, Angela Denson, Jackie Deering, Rodger Dicken, Ryan Dickerson, Kevin Doehne, Ed Donovan, Shawn Dossa, Eric Dotson, Mark Duffield, Wayne Dukes, Angie Dull, Laura Dummitt, Allen Drummony, La Desha Earl, Bev Easterwood, Sammie Edgell, Candy Edmister, Jennifer Edwards, Mark Eldridge, Kitty Tina Figula and Sherry Jankowske hang out with seniors Jeff Rothgery and Tim Dalzell. Erica Unger and Edie King smile pretty for the candid. Elkin Jessie Emerine Jeremy Emerson Ken English Cindy Evanich Michelle Fenderson Curtis Fernadez Maria Fernkorn, Dawn Figula, Tina Fisher, Jerome Fisher, Jim Fisher, Laurie Flowers, Tyrone Fleming, Chris Fogle, Bill Ford, Charles Fosselius, Jeff Friday, John Fritz, Chris Fries, John Frymier, Tammy Glass, Steffani Ganobcik, Robin Garrett, Roberta George, Yolanda Gerbasi, Shirley Gerhardt, Becky Gilles, Amy Givens, Cherie Goforth, Jill Gonczy, Donna Gookins, Kim Grantham, Toma Graf, Bill Gray, Kevin Grattan, Pete Greer, Jennifer Gregory, Scott Gregory, Stacie Griggs, Mark Gubeno, Jason f ii 9 A A ri! ,Q in , A A575421 ,M-.,g.-,..4 S Mrs. Brian takes a break from teaching and sits with her class. Dale Moore and Kevin Jones goof off, while Jer- emy Verburg does all the work. Gugliemotto Gina Hall Daniel Hall, Heather Hall, Kreigh Hallman, Paul Xf Q? Hamilton, Steve Hamlin, Scott Harju, Arlene Harmon, Mike Harris, Jesa Hart, Christopher Haupt, David Haywood, Dale Hawk, Robert Hayes, Kelly Hazelett, Greg Hill, James Hill, Robin Hill, Vonya Hollis, Eric Holstein, Mike Hoover, Sherry Horton, Andrea Horton, Tony Horvath, Leslie Howard, Angela Howard, Robert Hubbard, Dawn Hubbell, Mike Hudson, Tim Hull, Jenni Hyre, Deanna Innis, Scott Jackson, Tony Jameson, Kevin Janowski, Sherri Jarvis, Mlke Johns, Matt Johnson, Brandon Johnson, David Johnson, Edd Johnson, Leann Kris Bozman and Bev Earl awaiting their golden chariot. Students get cozy at the dance. Scott Mclver and friends clown around in the halls between classes. r Johnson, Tina Johnston, Amanda Johnston, Wilma Jones, Amoni Jones, Garcia Jones, Kevin Jones, Mandel Jones, Roxanne Jones, Roy Jones, Tina Kasler, Bill Kegley, Angie Kelly, Heather Kerns, Missy Kewer, Charles Kilgore, Todd Kimbrough, Pat Kinder, Teresa King, Michael Kinter, Ronnie Kirby, Carol Kirby, Kenneth Kirby, Robin Kitson, Jill Klingshirn, Tina Knapp, Daniel Knapp, Tim Kois, Karrie Kopp, Kostis, Charles Dina Kravec, Mike Lake, Debbie Lassen, Mike Lawler, Lecia Lawson, Lance Lee, Emmitt Lempke, Rhonda Lewis, Amy Linden, Tom Little, Dawn Lockhart, Christina Lones, Etoi xx .45 if t ...,. ... .Q f ,msg-f:" 1: . - . X gm' ll tiiff B. ,QQ , x Y S ik X .. Y . X K :X 1.19 S us N.-Cl X L ,L is 2, N12-71 il L l,'i Q a Y 1 ln X 5 25 Q M 4 ssii Jason Lee, Jessica Wil- liams, Shawn Allgood, and Mona Jackson are anxious to leave school. It's another exciting day in Spanish ll. Jiis -ff ff 4 r W.. -Zi ,Z 1 f X Q lz lz- 5 ,, , ,Hy Q3 r Jes' fl ,H 4 41 t ff 7 e Vs 2, , r f W I ' f Love, Colleen Lowery, Karen Lowery, Kathy Lubert, Berine Luce, Jeff Lukinac, Maria Lund, Neil MacKall, Steve Madera, Gina Madison, Derick Maiden, Amy Mancini, Dan Mann, Stacey Manning, Rhonda Manning, Tracy Mansfield, Megan Manuel, Ed Marks, Dean Marsh, Steve Martin, Annette Martin, Dawn Martin, Tara Mason, Timothy Mastney, Dana Maxey, Phil McBride, Destiny McCloud, Traci McDonough, Jerry McFolley, Debbie McGuire, Andy McGuire, Rod McHugh, Michelle Meadows, Melissa Meese, Debbie Meiss, Paul Messenger, Tina Merigold, Dave Merriman, Heather Michalek, Dana Milchen, James Mitchell, Dan Miller, Michelle Jody Six and Carol Spur- lock are mixing up anoth- er magic potion in Chemistry. Melissa Meadows stands out from the rest of the drama crowd. Miller, Tricia Mills, Roseanne Miner, Nikki Monos, Scott Monschein, Debbie Monschein, Dennis Moon, Tony Moore, Dale Moore, Kathy Mullins, Doyle Munsin, Vivian Murray, Dawn Murray, Shannon Myers, Mike Nay, Alan Nedwick, Missy Neiding, Lance Nelson, Daniel Nelson, Yvette Newton, Steve Nicolai, Erick Nicholson, Derrick Neimeyer, Joanne Nottingham, Ed Novak, John Novosielski, Dan Oats, Katie O'Connor, Lance O'Grady, Scott Oliver, Brenda Osborne, Mark Osbourne, Dennis Overall, Ivan Overs, Jon Overs, Tom Owens, Davon Page, Julie Paine, Bonnie Palagyi, Keith Panik, Ann Patalon, Randy Pawlikowski, Tom vim W at 'Ss sf, an A I i .blow Sophomores watch as other students pass by. Christie Hensley is "totally engulfed" in her work. . it-JwWf21?2 ' Alil , Ai, 5 .i X ft 'ii , S' VX, W 5 t t? I ef? KW A ' 42 fee M fe I ffst,, , , fy? I 5 fif r ' f ,Z A l -. w,'VJ ,... 5-1 f 45 4? T, ,Q y ,, W X 4 , K 1 lf l J Payne, Erick Permelia, Matt Phares, Darrin Piatt, Tim Pierle, Scott Platz, Jenny Pluta, Tony Porter, Kim Porter, Scott Powelson, Robin Powell, Michael Piewski, Philip Pregun, Kathy Prowant, Michelle Prunty, Dave Pucko, Todd Pyne, Dawn Rainey, Matt Ratliff, Kim Raynes, Kelly Reeser, Rex Reed, Ralph Reed, William Reich, Kathy Reising, Michelle Remick, Shelly Reynolds, Ezra Rhodenamel, Joan Rick, Jeanine Roberts, Betty Roberts, Heather Robinson, Kelly Roderick, Kristin Ruddick, Tami Ruggles, Alan Sanders, Alisha Santiago, Paul Schaefer, Greg Scheutzou, David Schandorsky, Brian Shibley, Erick Schindler, Kristi The display case shows the band's accomplishments. A couple of guys from band smile casually. if .-..,, -40" W ,A Z nf sl ' ll Schmittgen, Melissa Schofield, Holly Schramm, Gina Schroder, Leslie Schubert, Sean Sciulli, Tammy Scott, Bill Scott, James Sears, Matt Seguin, Jeanette Seiber, Chris Seiber, Cyndi Settlemire, Virginia Seybert, Paul Shaffer, Linda Shank, June Shannon, Bobby Sharp, Brenda Sheldon, Sean Sherrill, Mike Shibley, Jodi Showalter, Craig Singer, Jeff Sinegar, Sue Skillicorn, Sheri Sklenar, Kimberly Slanczka, Connie Slager, Steve Slusser, Michelle Smith, Amy Smith, Dennis Smith, Glenn Smith Rhae Lynn Smith, Teresa Smith, Theresa Sokol, Jason Solet, David Speer, Jay Spencer, Brad Spisak, Tina Spurlock, Tammy Stang, Troy . .g . ,: . x Zi .A t". s v-f sais, " -3 ..,.. iix I. 1233: - , . L S S , I , R - ' Yi Ss I Xl I Y l l l us S S ilil' ii, lil I il E RY I 4 S fi SPL T xy ip? S jx i ilfl Jeremy Wemerine is hav- ing fun finishing his work of art. The band shows their en- thusiasm while playing at Cleveland Stadium. .1 I r f J' f f Q f f 'X l f M We if 1 in 4 my EL 1 H-1 1 J , - is im, Vs., U - . . 'il' s ie . Stasick, Jennifer Stephens, Marla Stephenson, Bill Stevanus, Carey Stevens, Nick Stevens, Nita Storms, Mark Swabb, Anne Taber, Kerrie Talarek, Christopher Taylor, Charles Taylor, Monica Taylor, Nikki Teehan, Mary Thomas, Christine Thomas, Sheila Thompson, Meredith Thompson, Mick Thompson, Shelly Thompson, Steve Tingler, Stacy Todak, Doug Tolento, Delania Toler, Chris Tollett, Jim Tollett, Lonnie Tomasek, Judith Toth, John Towns, Kelly Trammell, Luther Travers, Kellie Trockley, Todd Trombetta, Mike Truxall, Alicia Truxall, Kristal Tucker, Karyn Tucker, Marci Uszynski, Susie Vacco, Hal VanCooney, Ed Van Meter, Jason Vayda, Wendy Verburg, Jeremy Virant, Robin Volney, Ray Vonya, Kevin Wagner, Darius Walker, Shannon Wallace, Kevin Walton, Robert Ward, Tracy Warner, Tim Washington, Kesha Washington, Mesha Watson, Joel Weese, Candy Weigl, Jennifer West, Blake West, Melvin West, Tina White, Amy White, Brenda White, Norman Whitmore, Heather Whitney, Denise Wickelman, Toni Wickens, Laurie Wiech, Kristen Wilcox, Darnell Williams, LaShawnda Wilson, Danon Wilson, Tammy Winningham, Brian Wiser, Susan Witherell, Shelly Woconish, Anjanette Wolfe, Matthew Wolfram, Patricia Woodard, Rachael Woodards, Dhee Wright, Andre Wright, Ebony Writh, Shirlena Wyckoff, Kimberly Zaborniak, Allison Zaborniak, Anne Zimmerman, Kristina Zirkman, Stephanie .0 ,,,, . iw ,I ze I ff 1 M 5, ., 'fwf' WW! , viii , wr, by X t X VA,V Q x X is, ,E ,.,, ff l if ff 'E'-7' S S . i iiirxlsii ,ge . 5 ,ni flflffbr i, 6 ' 3 4 1, Q 5 '1t W ff I Bill Bruce, Rob Wolfe, Steve Mack- all, and April Rom- bach stand in line for chow at the Fresh- man Welcome party. Ack, Suzy Adams, Julie Adams, Sabrina Allgood, Allison Anderson, Chris Andrews, Tabitha Arcuri, Kimberly Armstrong, Jheri Ashworth, Larry Bacskay, Robert Bacskay, Steven Bailey, Calvin Bailey, Kelvin Ball, Alysia Ball, Chandra Balmuta, Scott Bane, Amy Banks, Johnny Bankson, Barbie Baratko, Brian Barbee, Maurice Barnett, Merlin Barnhart, Jason Barrett, Sarah Batmen, Roni Bauford, Leroy Beagle, Michelle Beard, Brian Beckett, Erik Beebe, Emily Bemiller, Richard Benetto, Gary Bennett, Alisha Blaylock, Scott Bishop, Christy Blauvelt, Jim Blevins, Theresa Blinsey, Loyota Blue, Maurice Boddy, Schuyler Bogle, Dewey Bohanon, John E J-asv I -1, . 1 gm -0 'W X xiii VE .. X iii if "J X it V fiifcifiif-3'1" E ,,,, . Qgiis 1' i ii ,g W an 1 r 1 'X 1 X X -. , ,--k asia r -- is I S S f ,gf ' I .f ,van flags Slit' 3. Eric Stebel doesn't let anything bother him when it comes to studying. Chris Meecha looks at a camera for the first time. Judy Goldstein and Sarah Barrett show off their school sprit. Bolger, Brian Bolger, Michael Boothe, Michella Bowens, Tito Bowers, Amy Bowers, Michelle Bowser, Heidi Boyd, Tom Boyer, Tami Boyes, Bryan Boylan, Jennifer Bremenkamp, Mark Brenner, Carol Brent, Renee Bright. Wanda Brookover, Tammy Brooks, Jason Brown, Lenny Bruce, Bill Brunschwig, Cheryl Bryant, Bonnie Bryant, Columbus Buchanon, Missy Bugg, Darrell Burey, Bobbie Joe Burgman, Rishelou Burks, Donna Burnett, Tracy Bush, Phil Cabbil, Laconcia Cahill, Michelle Campbell, Chris Cannon, Kelly Carlson, Michael Carter, Bob Casey, Mike Cash, Robin Cawley, Sharon Chaney, Michael Chapin, Chris Charley, Leroy Barbara Lichlyter hap- pens to strike that perfect pose. Paul Sanow '87 and Mike Pullen '90 show their cre- ativity in the Drama One- acts, Cheney, Jenny Chernitsky, Tom Cisanti, Joseph Clark, Allison Coar, Nicole Coats, Erinn Coe, Lois Collins, Matt Combs, Ron Combs, Vicki Conrad, Mike Cook, Ray Cool, Eric Copley, Mike Costin, Mike Covey, James Coward, Eric Creel, Lynn Crouser, Billie Jo Crutcher, Jacqueline Cruz, Christina Cunningham, Jason Cunningham, Melanie Curtis, Tom D'Agustino, Rob Dallas, Debbie Daniels, Johnny Dartis, Tom Davis, Jennifer Davis, Michael Davis, Shannon Dean, Jason DeWeerd, James Dekins, Tammy Dembroski, Carrie Demyan, Rhonda Dewey, Doug Diederich, Hope Dietsche, James Doman, Eric Donato, John Donley, Stephen 1, 1 1 'T , Wil s F, 1 s, 1 1 ww- -' ' 151. wg, The scene behind the iron bars of Elyr- ia High. Jennifer Ha- zelett lays down the law. Another Lorain student got caught walking alone be- hind Ely Stadium. Drda, Dave Drepco, Matthew Duensing, Chad Dunbar, Robin Easton, Jason Edmon, Geneva Edwards, Tracie Elborg, Beth Eldridge, Becky Elek, Brad Eleck, Keith Elkin, Bill Ellingsworth, Erik Ely, Todd Emery, Faith England, Tim Evans, Brent Ewing, Roger Failing, Mike Fatstner, Silvia Fenn, Jonathon Ferguson, Kristy Ferrell, Chris Ferren, Shannon Fields, Gayle Filiaggi, Kathie Fink, Chris Fletcher, Tina Ford, Jerry Fox, Michelle France, Jason Frazier, Rosella Frederickson, Sarah Freeman, Keith Fuller, Stephen Fyffe, Thomas Gallagher, Chad Gambrell, Shane Ghoughi, Hagy Gidich, Tracey Glynn, Rosslyn Godbolt, Tony Jennefer Lycz- kowski CRD and Jen- nifer McCormick QLD Beth Kelly is a por- trait of high fashion even from behind. Golden, Don Goldsmith, Pam Goldstein, Judy Golson, Johnny Gomez, Nelson Grabowski, Christopher Grantham, Toma Ganobcik, Terri Grdjian, Cari Greer, Paul Gregory, Thomas Griffin, Dave Griffin, Kim Grimes, Garth Gross, Shelley Guignette, George Guignette, Tom Gunter, Tammy Guyeska, Michelle Hale, John Hales, Brian Hales, Michelle Hall, Bret Hall, Chris Hamilton, Brandon Hamilton, Davie Handyside, Brent Handyside, Pam Hanson, Jennifer Hardman, Kim Hardy, Allan Hardy, Trent Harlow, Shawn Harper, Tina Hartman, Erick Haskiell, Danielle Haugh, Bill Hawley, Kathy Hawthorn, Johnny Hazlett, Jennifer Heffernan, Lorie Heighberger, Bret Yes, '87 was the year the school rooms were all painted. Mike Meier wakes up just in time to smile for the camera. Hemlinger, Patty Henry, Anita Herod, John Hershey, Rick Hessler, Linda Hewitt, Christina Heyne, Kristen Heyne, Sarah Hicks, Louis Hildreth, Kwame Hill, Donnell Hill, Eric Hill, Greg Hill, Shawn Hills, Steve Hodgson, Julia Horton, Jackie Hottenrott, Sherry Howlett, Jennifer Howse, Celeste Hudson, Lee Huff, Isabell Huston, Thomas Jackson, Donetta Jackson, Jimmy Jackson, Paul Jackson, Quentin Jalowiec, Tammy Jameson, Patti Jaroch, Melissa Jeffries, Jonathon Jezewski, Diane Jezewski, Elaine Jirousek, Jennifer Johnson, Denver Johnson, Mark Johnson, Matthew Jones, Allen Jones, Angie Jones, Dennis Jones, Tricia Juillerat, Ken Jordan, Bruce Kaminski, Matt Keeper, Scott Keesee, Danya Keith, Yolanda Keller, Don Kelley, Beth Kelly, Diane Kemple, Jason Kent, Scott Kessell, Mike Kewer, Henry Kias, Bart Kilgore, Scott Kimble, Lorraine Kinder, Ed King, Kathy Kirkland, Valerie Kitson, Karen Klypchak, Eric Knapp, Robert Knepper, Julie Knipper, Barb Koch, Greg Kolasky, John Kovach, Barry Krage, Julie Kring, Julie Kwansny, Eric Ladd, Christopher Lakocy, Leslie Lane, Frank Lassen, Mike Lassen, Troy Lavigne, Larry Lawson, Shatikia Leidenheimer, Steve Lewanski, David Lewis, Becky Lewis, David Lewis, Jennifer , -KZ' ,,,,,,,q , ,, , nf: " fy f:,, ,fx 14? Mmm WMMWW umm . , , .. Az, 2 kumar W ' ,, Q mmm ,A Aw mmm rg 1 if mmm, ,pangs , I ,L , i li 9, W wwe, , E.H.S. is the corner stone of education. ,fr Aja, QSM 3. 2 Q si 4 5 eff!! 942354 ,qt ,nhw , V . y lfI..i"uwT7E Lewis, Tacy Lichlyter, Barbara Lieux, Jennifer Little, Diane Love, LC Luczkowski, Jennifer Lysaght, Don Maben, Tanesia Mahone, Chris Majewsik, Kari Majewski, Kelly Major, Andre Malone, Martin Malone, Valencia Maloney, Tony Manley, David Marks, Earl Marquez, Celsa Marsh, Joseph Marshall, Wendy Martin, Jennifer Martin, Mearl Martin, Melissa Mascol, Matthew Matesic, Jennifer Mathis, Robert Maugherman, Amanda Mausser, Scott Maxwell, Jacqueline Mazurek, Christine McClure, Judi McCormick, Jennifer McCown, Mike McCray, Dean McCray, Nate McGill, Nelson McGuire, Jason Mclver, Matt McMillan, Ricky McMillan, William Meecha, Chris Meier, Michael These group of freshman show just how spirited they really are. Is relaxing what you have in mind for spring break? Merigold Mike Merrell Rachel Merrill Lisa Mertes Chris Mertes William Metz, Michael Meyers Jennifer Milton, Angela Mitchell, Keisha Moon, Marvin Moore, Jerry Moore, Rick Moran, Jenell Moss, Connie Mowery, Tina Mugford, John Muhich, Jason Muzurek, Christine Nacarato, Lisa Naeem, Shahien Newman, Kelli Newson, Andre Nixon, Michael Norton, Ligaya Novak, Mike Novak, Tammy O'Quinn, Anthony Oates, Kelly Olic, Erick Ondrisek, Daniel Opel, Pamela Orzech, Staci Osborne, Chris Oswalt, Mike Owens, Dan Pack, Jimmy Painter, Jennifer Pankey, Nicole Parks, Scott Partin, Brenda Pawlikowski, Scott Paxton, David f ink 4. 3 .Q .fu YX WS , . X Sk 1 " ' :"' ' Ns 2 ' it xi Q - at that 11 i- -- 5, 'sfi f .t .5 N X Qi This is a Freshman's idea of paradise - a beach chair in the lobby. Becky Eldridge looks like she wishes she were at the beach! Dave Sito and Garth Grimes lead the line of hungry Freshmen at the first-day-of- school party. s .:,,, 5" NX :,. , Q is ,ver 'uk I .1 fi: , Q 'ON ' ' 33 r W I Q aw WWE ff as jun Q , ,, b :gi- if ,W . - I R ' . E r mfs , A sex. Peaks, Tara Pegler, Kimberly Perkins, Leonard Peterson, Amy Pierce, David Pierce, Melinda Pittman, Carla Pluta, Ray Powell, Daryl Powell, Jeff Powelson, Jill Powers, Greg Prescott, Brad Price, Sheila Pridemore, Kelly Pridemore, Tina Prokop, Christine Pullen, Mike Purciwe, Koty Raber, Monica Raines, Jim Rainey, Kevin Raycher, Andy Rediger, Lorin Redinger, Lisa Reed, Stacy Reel, Mary Regal, Margaret Reid, Kyle Renode, Jacque Repak, Amy Revette, Amanda Rhoads, Darrell Richards, Chris Rieth, Jeni Riggs, 'Melanie Robbins, Renee Roberts, John Roberts, John Rohan, Mark Roberts, Michelle Robertson, Danny For freshman it is only the beginning. A Remebrance of spirit week at E.H.S. Rogers, Lisa Roig, John Rombach, April Roseboro, Andrew Ross, Dwight Roth, Kristen Ruckert, Chris Rumph, Chris Rumph, Christina Runyon, Benjamin Russell, Charlotte Russell, Michelle Ryan, Michelle Ryan, Curtis Ryder, Jamie Sallee, Candy Sallee, Rhonda Sanders, Peggy Sandor, Michele Sanow, Eric Santoro, Andy Sayers, Cindy Sayers, Jason Schneider, John Scholle, Kendra Schroeder, Lorel Scott, James Serenari, Melissa Shaffer, David Shannon, Billy Shelton, Julie Shipe, Ralph Shirley, Ty Short, Kim Show, Jennifer Showalter, Shawn Showalter, Tina Sich, Hana Siembida, Billy Sito, David Skillicorn, Laurel Slack, Theresa M55 .Nd b Chad Deunsing shows just how brave Freshmen can el fl if Q 2- ,, 1 , firfffgz .. ,, i ' , , Q f f 2 f Qf i f ly is if :Nfl ,, ,, ,WV .- . V 5111, ,P if 4 f Ai,- Z if 3312 . ,, ,A I , f T 4 5 , , ff W We 7" f vm ff? Slagle, Jack Slanczka, John Smigelski, Nick Smith, Adrian Smith, Billy Smith, Deanna Smith, Margaret Smith, Shatamala Smith, Sherry Smith, Tiffany Snyder, Missy Solet, Ann Spike, Brian Sprague, Kerry Spurlock, Michael Stanberry, J.J. Stasienko, Catherine Stavel y, Mike Stefanelli, Laury Stephens, Danny Stern, Stewa Stewa Mark rt, Russell rt, Shawn Stock, Heather Stone, Marc Stonestreet, Robert Stoval l, Rhonda Strebel, Eric Streets, Randy Strick String land, Chad er, Cheryl Stump, Susan Sullivan, Leslie Suta, Lisa Suttle, Jeff Tallarine, Lori Tate, Bryant Tatum, Felicia Taylor, Yolanda Terne Thom Thom s, Dana as, Adrian as, Mike Freshman will re- member their first year as the year the building was paint- ed. The faces of the painters became very familiar to E H S students. Thompson, Diana Thompson, Jennifer Thompson, Kelly Thompson, Lois Thompson, Phillip Thompson, Audrey Thornsberry, Nicole Tillman, Charles Tillman, Madonza Timmons, Karen Todak, Chris Toler, Matt Tomaszycki, Gerald Trout, Jeff Truxall Robert Tucker, Michelle Turner, Dan Turner, Ken Turner, Larry Turner, Monique Twining, Jenny Twining, Scott Tyler, Christopher Tyree, Raymond Ursem, Laura Van Pelt, Charles Van Pelt, Vaughn Varady, Michael Vincent, Angla Volk, Polly Wagner, Eric Wagner, Ken Walker, Elizabeth Walker, Jerrol Walker, Sandy Walls, Christine Warden, Julie Warrens, Willie Watkins, Tonya Watson, Heather Waugh, Wardell Weber, Missie w u "'v V .-'M : " ', , , 14!r,,oga:Z'z-Sf? 1 ff A 12 f ,gi Y '?f6?E.'3,5gf3lg3T. f f' 'i 213,52 r ' ' ' it T -9' mgsn ffirnzz ' A, V 33112 . - L W if 164- W 1, J, , 5 2' " R Wx j fy, My 1, 4 W , V' Q JG 4 "" M w 4' if 1, I Q , ' an 'W 1747 .5 . fw,:, 'z, 0 - rw, in , ' ,, QW" ffflffw' V 5ff,w!,i1f!' . ' we , V A . A V i 'vans is . .,., ACE, XX' K N- -V 'H ' its . Q r, Some freshmen show what they do in study hall - nothing! On the other hand, they just love it when the bell rings! Wells, Brian Wells, Tina Welsh, Heidi Whatmore, James Wheatley, Angela Whitaker, Myeisha Whitmore, Becki Whitmore, Shannon Willkerson, Jody William, Rudolph Williams, Tracey Wilson, Dionee Wingate, Dawn Wisler, Jennie Wissinger, Kristina Wohlever, Barbara Wolfe, James Wolfe, Robert Worden, Kevin Wright, Troye Wilson, Michelle Young, lan Young, Timothy Younseberg, Jeff Yovan, Jeanne Zaborniak, Staci Zack, Becky Zdrojewski, Allison Zimmerman, David Fenn, Robert Staci Zaboriak shows us just how much she likes school. The Elyrian Staff Wishes To Thank Dr. Halverson Mr. Ra ber Mr. Beavers Mr. Solet Mrs. Lakocy Mrs. Billings Mrs. Ross Mrs. Fenik Paula Bainbridge Wayne Walimaki Mrs. Andress Mrs. Plas Reinker Studio For their help and support in making this yearbook possible. Also, we extend our thanks to all the people who helped identify pictures and to our advertisers for their patronage. -flfkvfns-'.T:-,' x. . , . ' ""'.a...M-" Rim Varsity Row 1: Lucius Johnson, Lamar Jackson, Corey Williams, Rich Moody, lvan Overall, Kevin Jones, Kent Jones, Jim Stephenson. Row 2: Mike Burgess, Kevin Jameson, Rod Moore, Tony Bumphus, Tony Filiaggi, Bob Shannon, Troy Holstein, Eric Bush, Tom Pawlikowski. Row 3: Bob Kish, Karl Armstrong, William Cummings, Jeff Luce, JimTobias, Demetrius Patouhas, Marc Fairbanks, Scott Smith, Kevin Keefe. Row 4: Pat Diedrich, John Davidson, Paul Kuchta, Kevin Wallace, Dan Whitney, Rich Auxer, Trent Cameron, David Solet, Jeff Arbaugh. Row 5: Matt Sears, Jeff Fosselious, Doug Blaner, Dave Brogan, Ezra Reynolds, Lu- ther Trummel, Jeff Lyons, Bob Bane, Steve Hamilton. Row 6: Coaches- Tom Murray, Bob Markovich, Tom Steiner, John Thrasher, Art Daniels, Mac Thomas, George Hammil, Bill Jones. its S f S is SE Q 2 E : kgs? 2 f , : si . 3 t fwiwtss S K-T 5 2 31- M 515 5. if f Rb 3 5 up Xgiwsikr -. li gs rf' s gras pf :: 2 I -2 was ' 11421, ,,,,, 1 Xi: , 5 xy x A 55 1 Q M X ' T A s K , - 5 X ys.EQ.,r-Qs. Wessex ,r...,t ,. Q , U, Q. " 1 -5 51 si - f :- J " X If , , O .. - .xii s v. .. z. ,sz A W . ' ' ll X xg 1 , X 7. U fx , Nwtiyxxy if-"Wi : 5235 BP' 5ufl1i'!ffi--i Q , j , . A Xi .. n o X '-1f'1s1':51S- xii-iEfk,:fYgTffi" 'F ff' iiiiipilfiif-sk 1 Q, Q5 - R QQ.:-5: iwcffiifkff55?fi??E5?s:3::s'-. . giiggifs5iEiY?SEssxSi5S55?533E?m ,elif - f5'iiliiE:lE:K5i?fi:354551r:3E5Z?i ?595?2S'F19:. Illfifisligffix 7 J -:Lv if .. .ftsgigk ' 5, in r . IV , ,f , on ni , ,K ,N .V ,. i. , ,,, E LX A EUHR HA, , , ..,1 Z,,. Q Q V 'I ,V ,, m y , A"' ei.. mall 'E mm' mm mm :i i fmnli A 2 H Z 0 if. ,:.:,,,, 1' 4,, ' V 'M ,: , NW' 363 5" "3 '11, mall, ,Q-,.7:.',, mm- Q., ELYPW 5H" -N i'ryp,4'1'M "' S i l at , ' -T I 'LT L- 341, M72 - 2 J 6' V- ' ' J J J i , ,, 6 ' f. Q i 1 i we y J N fr A , X I R? S i 1 f . 'fi e , ,, 0 W will i i sw L' , RETURNING LETTERMEN: Row 1: Jim Stephenson, Karl Armstrong, Eric Bush, Marc Fairbanks, Jeff Lyons, William Cummings. Row 2: Lamar Jackson, Kent Jones, Bob Bane, Paul Kuchta, Corey Williams, Dan Whitney, Tony Filliaggi, Jim Tobias. FRESHMEN: Row 1: Quentin Jackson, Bill Shannon, Tony Godbolt, Dave Sito, Shawn Hill, Ian Young, Leroy Charley, Mike Work. Row 2: Yancy Crawford, Daryl Rhoads, Tom Curtis, Bill Bruce, Dave Lewanski, Mike Kolaski, David Lewis, Leonard Perkins, Chris Rucker, Jeff Powell, Wardell Waugh, Chris Mahone. Row 4: John Slanczka, Mike Merrigold, Shawn Stewart, Ty Shirley, Garth Grimes, Nate McCray, Phil Bush, Eric Hill, Coach Below, Coach Leroy Williams, Coach Tim Johnson, Coach Dave Baeder. Scores - Freshmen WE THey Lakewood St. Eds 0 28 Southview O 6 N. Ridgeville 8 0 Lorain 8 15 Admiral King 0 10 Midview 0 16 Vermilion 0 20 7601140 Pioneers Scoreboard JV JV WE Vermilion 7 Southview 0 Lorain Sr. 6 Midview 20 Elyria Catholic 14 Sandusky 0 Vermilion 0 THEY 19 12 10 0 0 25 20 7 145 1 Q' " ' .'.- --1-' , , i., , r i .. . '14f llllfll C3 - 3. 5,1 fl 1- f ivllww t M Q '. . A ' 2 A 'P - Y J 759 gr - J' I , r me . .:,. i I 1 1 1 ?LZ J Y,,' L PTV, A 1 f:ff5l5-'V . 1 "'., 1 Cheerleaders Boost Pioneer Spirit The 1986-87 football cheerleaders started their season off by attending the UCA CUnited Cheerleading Associa- tionl cheerleading camp this past summer. They brought skills and ideas back to E.H.S to spark up spirit throughout the school. They also spent many hours making signs, banners, and special treats for the players before each- game. Dennis Pritt, the first male cheerleader Elyria has had in years, is to be commended on his pride in our school. The cheerleaders followed their team to a 5-5 record. Varsity, Top left. Row 1: Susie Uszynski Row 2: Shona Shullick, Sue Sequin, Hope Madera Row 3: Becky Oates, Rhae Smith, Barb Panik JV, Top Right- Row 1: Jeannette Sequin. Row 2: Holly Blaner, Kelly Bukowski Row 3: Katie Oates, Jenny Greer, Dennis Pritt. Freshmen, Middle Right- Row 1: Sara Barrett. Row 2: Polly Volk, Laura Ursem, Jennifer Lieux, Kristen Roth. Row 3: Wendy Marshall, Judy Goldstein. THe football cheerleaders lead the homecoming parade ' r I I f. A" Y., X -1 X s XP m,,V ,. , 1 , ,,1.7FHEYg,,, Freshmen Row 1: Jenell Moran, Jennifer Shaw, Barbie Bankson, Keisha Mitchell. Row 2: Heather Stock, Becky Zack, Becki Eldridge Stacy Reed, Amy Bane, Shannon Davis. Row 3: Kathy Filiaggi Kelly Oates, Jennifer Meyers, Coach Ray Pileski, Schuyler Boddy, Silvia Fatstner, Missy Snyder. rrl -w,,v' 1 e l Academy 9, 6 15, 15 Lorain Southview 'S 32215, 11115, '10, 15 Fairview 1215 , Ldrain Senior ISQWTB 8 15 15 Mfdvlew, Axion ' 5 1 tnli - Amherst, 151539, 15. 8 'Admiralf"King Vermilion 16,15 Q14 somhvfaw 1 15,15 4 Amherst y 15, ,,14, 15' 8 Fiflwiewg "" 714 , ,9,, 15 , 12 I 1,5 1 9 5 15 15, S , 113 15, 13 ,,15, ,wi w"gW' 'Zaman Www Woman Woman Woman Woman 'madman Junior Varsity Row 1: Stephanie Glass, Lisa Williams, Sheri Bartter Row 2: Candy Edgell, Sandy Walker, Robin Powelson, Amy White. Row 3: Coach Connie Rusynyk, Beth Dorman, Shawn Roth, Micki Bankson, Kitty Eldridge, Becky Gerhardt. .si .. - Volleyball Girls Dominate Buckeye The Elyria High Varsity Volleyball team had an outstanding season this year with a 20-4 record. The high point of the season was the thrill of capturing the last Buckeye Confer- ence championship. The Lady Pio- neers were also District runners-up and second in the Erie Shore Confer- ence. The 1986 season co-captains were Jennifer Bender and Tierney Payne. Tierney was also named to the second team all-Buckeye Conference. Senior Jennifer Bender and Sopho- more Monica Taylor were selected co- players of the year in the Buckeye Conference. Both girls were also named to the first team Buckeye Con- ference and the first team Erie Shore Conference. Jennifer Bender was named to the 3rd team AAA Volley- ball for the State of Ohio. The Junior Varsity Volleyball team had an excel- lent season as well, finishing with an undefeated record of 20-0. They were the 1986 JV Tournament Champions! Congratulations to both teams and their coaches! WE THEY. fx Lorain ...., 15, 6, 18 0 K Midview titi i--. . . 15,16 if ffi'-- -13, 14 Sandusky it s 15-.5-5i.li15 - T ssi sss -sis 0 15' i.ss. ,J -ss .1 ages. ' '-31-im-1s:'sz:'is7f 'ess-.f ,gs.susQggszrisisfigissi. ,, .. sl .,....s..r. ,U W. V ., tr, ms, . sti ....... l . ,st ..., ...,.. ,,........ . . .3 ,... 2... ,...,.... t . iss- ilfzisir r tt- -f'-i '-'- - -1i-'ii. V Admiral King if iT?r,i ,Beifrnilion - .15 8, 10 ffffflffl if N 1 ..7'f: 2, 4 ' Fremont ,,,-- ll155fi5-7 - 12, 4 Lorain g A ifz 15' a 2, 5 , Midview g 5 1, 4 .Sandusky B -C.,t.-, 8, 4 Y g:-Sandusky 2, 13 Q ,.., Elyria West li, 10, Westlake , - 5, . North Ridgeville if ---.l ,i'. 105 -2 -W -magma -weafwe 'mzqaa vfaezeuazz Walleglall 31. s ' 15, 15 11, 8 Findlay Admiral King 15, 15 10, 3 Vermilion 15, 15 10, 8 Southview 15, 15 3, 5 'magna 1VszQm5l1Qn Varsity Row 1: Susan Wiser, Dawn Bage, Stacie Hayes, Tierney Payne, Belinda Adams. Row 2: Coach Carol Russo, Felicia Baggett, Jenny Bender, Monica Taylor, Deanna Meecha, Michele Slusser. 333i1y5lla9e Y - .ll. ,..sr 1 2 sriic isili 1 King - Veififhilion Southview Fremont . L' iii - i-.,,L 1 i ii1 Ridgeville Findlay King Soiiiliiiiew A M3595'XBuCkeye'fl.ilfiiQ?Qf lrsr ' TQ?-wmenfl 1 King r 1519359987 is rrls iw:-.ss 1, - --1-fmsss L,'i 15, 1o,1Q1g5 i1111 15 15: fiifiii er.l- l L 10 15' 'qi sz::g5f::s1gg!i5'X 45610 z'..sg55-1355:-4155131Iii:f 154 ssr is 15 is 1-.. 1 15' 14,1335 15 5: . . 11 ,rI,rri 15 15 . 9, 1: 'r-- 1 15 11,111 10 A, -, 15 ' we '.:1' 1,-,z 416 irr 1 atttrf 15, 151g,Q,f1 13 .- ,- .:-z: 1 wmwwmw km 2.135 X 5 2 VZZA 3 l Z 4? ,, . , i 'XM VXVVKVV4 f,e,,3:kV 15 Li Coach Russo gives careful instruction to her team. W 'F W W W 'V W ew W as fBlyriarWest kkr. f berlin , Ali: k North Ridgeville . L Lorain jk ' We O., ry 5 lgainout 4, 4 3 1 5 2 2 ,gy i Rainout L 2 g.L , ,. 2 12 North Ricffjeyille 23 Q1 ' Admiraf--King N A, Rainout L . Vertiiilion -1l:1W' 'A" ' ' A"L C ' ' Southview 5 "N"'-:Qu Buckeye Conf. Josephs V Rainout Elyria Catholic" Rainout Admiral King i Midview t' ' th f th . gZ31i?rEz?srZ: alehfngggle 0 e game Maybe Sheri Strong will be the next Chris Everett Lloyd! mmky 2 ' i 3' c" ' ..' , Q 9 .4 ' -A - , 'T - ' ' ' i 5 w 'QM L . . , ',,. 1' L . 'S '1 " ,Q ,,f, . I sf is V, VLVL V, In We ,Q , if QL lr gh. K I - by Q E 9, l in l l l lRow 1: Ann Zaborniak, Heather Hall, Sheri Strong, Tina Figula, Allison Zaborniak. Row 2: Coach Jeannie Williams, Laurie Wickens, Angie Lisewsky, Dena Moran, Anne Densmore, Michelle Roderick. Missing: Nicole Gelman, Kristen Wehman, Laurie Skillicorn, Leann Johnson. 0 3 They .5 0 . 1-i. 1 1 2 4 0 3 3 4 2 O 5 2 6 l ,4 e.. K L' f I 1 'X 760054 7aurd4 7aurd4 7eamd4 7auu!4 7amd4 7eouzd4 7003621 701464 7eauzd4 Row 1: Dave Moc, Robin Gould, Tracy Manning, Mike Love, Matt Love, Bonne Paine, Mary Soltis, Jim Miller. Row 2: Mark Komlosi Mike Blaszak Dustin Resar, Scott Jobe, Norm Marks, Rick Van Pelt, Terry Komlosi, Jim Grimes, Greg Resar, Allen Dummitt, Dean Marks, Rick Blaszak Michelle Lowery, Coach Deryl Nalle. .K .,,--, Q V K ii K ' sliii L is We They iflCloverieaf G 4G Gili We Eloverleaf G 19 - , - orain 56, 33 Loram 151 45 Open Door, cj 37 1--5-Open Door 1,5 L 45 G Avon . - .f,l,, . A A Avon Lake SCf????9, place Midviewif! flrfs ciii 41 Midview at eiee 1 L 45 Sandusky llll 21 Sandusky lsr, ,,,.,, s 45 L Elyria West ,c,, Elyria West iilli 'lli D 1 45 North G T31 North 35 Cloverleaf ,r.,l ifff ,th,,,p1ace Cloverleaf placegy N r',,1 Admiral X3 1 si,', L- Admiral iiiii f issss ' as esiii vefmiiionici ,grate gg, Vermilion Clasgic3rd place - Q5 Vermilion, -GL1 C , , .eeic iess N , L Verftiilion- '-i1r, ,,,,,, ll,, i NEo'rcccA iii 10th riface iisi 5 Buckeye iii Buckeye ,,,,, syci, g g Conference 'g place .,e1s, Conference Swfhvfewf sss ' ,,sss N Southview N 15 ' 45 Keystone l siesicici Y 4 38 Keystone 15 ICCC Clefssiclls ,45 LCCCC1asSica, Qthfililace sscsc i eciisrs ' Erie Conference lst place L District ' iiii place Conference District i ,C t.. :s 1- A . ec, csiee T Gspelefe s ,, , 12th s Jim Miller and Dave Moc look as if they know what they're doing. Intensity shows on the face of Tammy Fox. Discussing a plan of attack during CC practice? Gnu 61044 2 i l 0:4144 .ur 611 . M K' 'n fa' F 5 :Jax 01, P n,, wi l Row 1: Todd Pucko, Anji Woconish, Brett Heighberger, Rob Wolfe, Shahin Naeem, Bart Kias, Ryan Dicken, Matt Mclver, Mike Pullen, Chris Mertes. Row 2: Eric Schibley, John Mugford, Kevin Dickerson, Neil Spike, Wade Pinter, Scott Mclver, Jason Warzecha, Brian Dorman, Jerod Littlefield, Chris Woconish, Matt Pollock, Coach Ron Charlton. Scoreboard K We They Open Door 0 2 Strongsville 2 1 Lorain Sr. 3 0 Ashland 2 1 A St. Eds 0 6 Y f North Ridgeville 0 4 it Admiral King 6 1 l A Vermilion 1 1 5 r Lake Ridge 5 3 I Southview 3 0 1 Q LE My js 1 Gahana Lincoln 1 1 ip K, Lorain 3 2 , fi North Ridgeville 0g 4 W Admiral King 0 0 Ashland 2 3 Vermilion 1 2 Southview 4 3 Admiral King 4 0 St. Eds 0 7 Soccer Soccer: Seneca Saccez Scam Scan - 1 -1,- new li' View X x 'iff X ' f xx 1 X 1 UI' I M 'inf nm, I rx fl X 7 111 X 'lf 1 7 , ' X '1 1 Y W Ill TZ. 7 lf, M 1, ll gf fff'1,:2is:g,svmv , ' H :7127w.fsww1 ig1,,gymz' :J 197174 .- 7 L,,:, ,v,,. , K H w1ff'3?G,. '5fU'5,?fr, 6? TW' A H ,-,i1. law' Row 1: Dwayne Knepper, Todd Ely James Scott Dave Newman Bart Swann Brad Paxton Jason Cunmngham Erlc Ellmgsworth Row 2: Dale Haywood, Ken Emerson Jason Gubeno Greg Hazelett Mnke Knapp RlCk Montgomery Pat Rodgers Rnck Verlottl Jeff Neugebauer, Coach Tom Wrllmg Mt' ' iilii , , Y X 11' mm, , .f,,wf-Q, ,,.r, ,,,,, ,. 1,171 aww, 7 "V'm:fLf'14i V ' fwt-fA1f,"1, . 'ff 5 L 7 as -."'f 1 tum 1 rrttl ' 'J 'Q 1 136 V ' 'Y ' WL, A " -'Qui ' 1 ff, 7 1 f1'uTjK"i'7i3"izv7'59'r L T V f' tt' ,A ,trr V . , gg, H 1 - , 1, gg Elyria 6511150116 yermilion 7 191 Wa, ,,.v, , Szifffge A A taarr- 1 77 Lorain - Sandusky Midview Lake Ridge -m e 'K 'A rrrte 235W 1 1117471 179' -177 171 162 190 162 OW' Door trt 182 177 Elyria west 164 147 North Ridgevilie 179 160 3rd in Buckeye CQ ? Adrr1iralKir1g1Q 160 157 vermmon 157 179 sounwaew 161 Bl'00kSid8 1177 7 1,161 1f7"'1 JLJ ifElmW235OUf13gklLft8Uf W 2nd-1-Erie Record 13-6-I7 1 Row 1: Daryl Powell, Matthew Johnson, Tony Godbolt, Duane Little, Maurice Blue, John Schneider. Row 2: Coach Bird, Brad Prescott, Mike Failing, Jonathan Fenn, Kwame Hildreth, Quentin Jackson, Chris Hall. Scoreboard - hite Avon I-like 52 43 Lorain ifii 25 40 Midview ,,',iei 38 44 Lakewood 38 36 North RidgevilleQ4, g,g,, 46 28 Admiral King 26 46 ElyriQCatholic 40 49 JJJ, riiiew if 'fili 2 ellir ,247 52 eo 52 ,riff AIII fkvz , ,y 27 21 43h , ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 3 5 ,,,4,, Wf " 4 1' ,h,,",i, gl 50 43 fCLak ewofo - Ffegghman l To amentl 4 1g,Southview Scoreboard - Red North Olmsted tctlo Lakewood lPurplel 54 42 44 21 60 26 52 44 48 45 41 40OT 33 47 31 42 34 38 784,24 54 42 Sandusky lBluel Lorain Catholic 4 St. Edward Sandusky lWhitel Vermilion Lorain Elyria Catholic Midview North Ridgeville ,ff t,Admiral King +34 is ' eo so Avon 41,5539 Wllidmiral Jtl King iirrsa A 4 St. Edward 392444438 Padua 43, Qyl St. Ignatious lGoldJ 4 S R 1: Todd Ely, Eric Coates, L.C. Love, Johnny Hawthorne, Martin Malone, Dwight Ross, manager. Row 2: Coach Strauss, J N t t ohn Mugford, Shaun Stewart, C pic ured: Troye Wright hris Anderson, Eric Hill, Greg Hill, Dave Sito. 7-was 7-was 744442 - 1 We They Cleveland Rhodes 46 Westlake l 1329 Admiral King 41 61 llllll 1 Sanduysky 36 63 Mafieih Frernont 1 1 Findlay Lorain Ridgeville Admiral King Vermilion lill Findlay Strongsville L Marion Fremont Lorain Southview 44 3 39 iii aiii 1 29 59 33 56 47 34 56 69 42 34 53 41 50 49 50 Q 49 32 40 50 37 49 65 82 Season Record: 9-11 Row 1: Ray Volney, James Scott, Tom Overs, Dean Marks, Scott Porter, Lamar Ball, L Row 2: Coach Sherman Jones, Jeremy Baker, Tony Bumphus, Roddy Moore, Tom Pawliko k D Smith, Chris Talarek, Coach John Srnis. . ..- Q Elyria High students c me out t upport the team and h th p t Elyria vars ty in actio ' gadlelfall geueetlall Zaalefldl sr. We They Cleveland Rhodes 66 46 Toledo Macornber 64 59 Westlake 64 39 Admiral King '4,A 49 Findlav . ,,.e ll, 53 Sandusky l'wifzi52.ii? 66 Marion r 43 Ffemonf ROSXS 56 Lorain ,,1' -4453 64 North Ridgeville 86.7 54 Admiral King 60 Vermilion '657 37 Findlay M H 60 Stroggsville 75 57 871 53 54 54oT 56 42 ..--,: , W l fi,. 'fzsifm ' V AVV, , ,5,2 3 . :,,. 48 7 ' filipl 72 53 fain 46 49 - 4 W Lii iaa' l Keep it up, Corey! 2 DY' Varsity Team Excels The 1986-87 edition of the boys' bas- ketball team accumlated a very success- ful 18-4 season record and came breath- takingly-close to a Buckeye Conference Championship, losing the Championship game by 3 points to a strong Lorain High School team. Mark Cannon, a three-year letterman, was named Most Valuable Player in the Buckeye Conference as well as Elyria's most valuabler player. Other players recognized as making outstanding contributions to the team were Todd Bru- baker, best free throw percentage, Corey Williams, best defensive player, and Chris Phillips, most improved player over the season. All in all, Coach Sooy's boys did a fine job of upholding the tradition of su- perior Pioneer basketball. MF MQ Standing: Coach Art Daniels, Corey Williams, Corey Fields, Mark Cannon, Eric Bush, Chris Phillips, Kent Jones, Coach Keith Sooy. Kneeling: Todd Gainer, Manager Doni Moody, Mark Jones, Anthony Corlew Gerald Burton, Joey Dallas, Mike Ellis, Manager. 2 Z B'BaII Cheerleaders Explode With Spirit The 1986-87 Varsity Basketball cheerleading squad had a very good season and a good year. At cheerleading camp in June, the squad not only learned new material but won a Superior trophy. During the season, this squad cheered their team on to an 18 and 4 record. Their advisor, Mrs. Dixon, was very helpful throughout the year. The cheer- leaders are: Varsity iAbovel Row 1: Anne Jewzeski. Row 2: Karen Shaw, Felicia Holloway, Jennifer Bender. Row 3: Jennifer Jaroch. Row 4: Jana Briner. Row 5: Tracy Man- ning. J.V. labove, rightl Row 1: Jeanette Sequin. Row 2: Katie Oates, Jenny Greer, Robin Powelson. Row 3: Becky Gerhardt. Freshmen, iAbove, middle picture on the rightl Row 1: Tracey,Burnett, Jenny Lewis. Row 2: Michelle Fox, Kari Majewski, Melissa Jaroch, Jennifer Boylan. Row 3: Diane Jewzeski. Ei 1 ,W 1 xx r?" -X- r. J exft Frosh Girls Basketball KRow 1: Jennifer Shaw, Kathy Filiaggi, Amy Bane, Tiffany Smith, Debbi Dallas, Keisha Mitchell Row 2 Rhonda Stoval Sandy Walker, Jenny Hazelett, Sylvia Fajnster, Michelle Head, Deryl Nalle fCoachl. Scoreboard We Lorain 25 Avon 26 North Ridgeville 26 Admiral King 18 Vermilion 25 Southview 28 St. Joseph Academy 36 Lorain 25 Wellington 18 North Ridgeville 21 Admiral King 28 Vermilion 41 Southview 32 Vermilion 45 North Ridgeville 35 Lorain 37 gaaldlall They 13 21 13 19 33 27 14 33 27 16 32 31 10 38 15 20 Fans say "Who's that? 3 3 2 JV Basketball fGirlsJ Row 1: Jodi Shibley, Susan Wiser, Kellie Travers, Denise Whitney, Stephanie Glass. Row 2: NA, Lisa Herod, Tina Spisak, Debbie Monschien, Clara Aley. ,W A-1 a"w-""" Scoreboard We They Sandusky 38 34 Lorain 41 16 Midview' 34 29 Bay Village 33 13 Southview 35 14 Admiral King 29 22 Cleveland Heights 32 22 Findlay 32 33 W V 3 g gggygh 3. s...rw- Vermillion 31 17 is A-""a"""'iM" ilri fslsrx rea 4 AMS is,iie,aaaa Admiral King 41 9 Xlxd Awww . Southview 47 16 Midview 31 19 Westlake 34 30 Sandusky 27 30 igigllgvg Marion 28 25 North Ridgeville 43 27 Fremont 51 40 Varsity Girls come out to support the team! 3a46etl4ZZ 3 3aa6eMa!! 3 3 344u6ez'6 55,3 , ,,3V, 1,1 Wg, gf f .-,, ,i fm., , ,Wei They, 3 Sandusky '49 40 Loman 1' 1 1697" 35 A Midviewr. 159i 27 H I :," gQA f :'f i 1'K"Y r"1 ,iil 'VV,'k ' Ll rii iris 1 1 ii, i rrai f ,t s 1 A , , isii ,r r ,f VmVVVA L i s 1 r,a fZ l 3 f T ,til 'Sf-i'5?5S5?fh 1 rrrea rai ' iClevelandl - MZ f S l , AZ Q c lfl'Q9fHHf51Qi??il,i North Olmsted ?fUi5trict i arrsa we .,,.. , - . .,W,,, V,,. . H Varsity Basketball QGirlsJ f f tl-YIM Wlllj mm 2 4 Girl's Varsity Basketball Row 1: Patty Price, Stefanie Glass, Susan Wiser, Michelle Gunter, Arlene Harju, Coach Vincent. Row 2: Assistant Coach Whittington, Shawnda DeRamus, Felicia Baggett, Monica Taylor, Lisa Herod, Angie Dukes, Manager Clara Aley. Missing from picture: Amy Gilbert, Andrea Brown k ,i,,.,., g all? ,I c,cict MIB Lady Pioneers Share Erie Shores Title The 1986-87 Lady Pioneers began this season with only one starter, Monica Taylor, returning from the 1986 Buckeye Championship team, Good team defense and strong inside play enabled the Pioneers to end the season with 19 wins, 4 losses. The '86-'87 edition of Lady Pioneer basketball averaged 53 points per game, while limiting their opponents to 40 points per game. The hustling young Pioneers ended the season as Erie Shore Conference Co-Champs and also earned the Sec- tional Championship at Westlake. Nine of this twelve member team return in 1987-88. 2 2 3 , Frosh Wrestling Score Board We They Wellington 65 2 St. Edward 18 44 Solon 43 19 Euclid 48 12 Vermilion Tourament 5th place St. Ed's Tournament 10th place Sandusky 36 30 Olmsted Falls 45 24 Elyria Catholic 45 21 N. Ridgeville36 15 St. Ignatius 32 15 Vermilion 63 13 Amherst Front Row-L-R-Chris Richards, Mike McCown, Dave Lewanski, Scott Twin g B k R T g Na'-ne Charles VanPelt, Jeff Powell, Jason McGuire, Dennis Jones, Coach Th Southview 36 21 Wrestling Stats Row 1: Rachel Merrell, Beth Kelly, Tikia Lawson, Row 2: Tina Jonhson, Judy Goldstein, Linda Szabo. R 3: Diane Schneider, Kristen Barney, Katherine Eldridge, Kelly Raynes. OW f Scoreboard Wrestling JV JV Wrestling We They rrr,r 2 Lorain 42 14 jli 1 li Midview 56 0 y Elyria Catholic 60 15 Amherst 51 13 A 4 St. Ignatius 56 11 Elyria West Varsity 26 44 Q t Sandusky 53 10 Trinity 55 15 Brooklyn 56 18 Olmsted Falls 32 39 Elyria Catholic 2 50 1 A':Z2l North Ridgeville 49 6 W' Vermilion 72 22 Southview 21 35 Holy Name 51 6 Amherst 54 9 1st Place in Amehrst JV Tournament Front Row-L-R- Jeff Pallela, Bruce Bender. BactlcVRZli11?ll?R- Troy Holston, Steve Singleton, Jack Woods, Place in Vennilion l Coach Fair- Tournament Wrestling Team comes out to show its style at the pep assembly. Wrestling takes skill and endurance. Scoreboard Varsity Wrestling We They Varsity Wrestling 33 26 Lorain Midview 49 1 5 Sandusky 40 24 Elyria Catholic 54 14 North Ridgeville 57 6 Admiral King 64 6 Vermilion 61 3 Southview 18 34 Dual Meet Record 7 8: 1 Avon Lake Tourn. lst Place Medina Tourn. 5th Place Buckeye Conference lst Place Erie Shore 2nd Place District 3rd Place varsity Picture o Front Row-L-R-Emanual Jordon, Jeff Lyons, Jeff Saxton, Paul Alonge. Back Row-L-R-Coach T 119910031 Place Coach Fair, Larry Truxall, Dustin Resar, Rich Moody, Tony Filiaggi, Coach Jayne. State 6th Place A Sandusky opponent show the strain of wrestling with a member of Elyria's The referee signals 2 points for Rich Moocly's takedown. well-trained team! State Champ Jeff Lyons Jeff Lyons captured his first state title this year. Jeff started his wrestling career as a freshman, and his years at Elyria High, has won Buckeye Conference and placed first in the triple A division in his weight class. He has also received national recognition in the wrestling field. We wish Jeff all the luck in his future goals. , ' St. Ignatius 6 ' ShakeriistHeiQh1Se 1, University School Kent Roosevelt Trinity iiiii R St. Edwards Shaker L h Bay Sf. Jciseph 4 is it 3 as f 4 rnnifyasstli f 0 Padua? gy ? y l 2 T9 Bay 7 Cleveland Heights Brooklyn .Rocky River 1 Olmsted Falls -f-msg: -11 .1--L ' 2 . 3 . K 1-131 f 1 1 i 4 7 2 8 5 Row 1: Ryan Dicken, Matt Mclver, Eric Schibley, Brad Paxton, Keith Freeman. Row 2: Sean Lowstetter, Christian Boehnen, Rick Blaszak, Dave Moc, Keith Ripley, Mike Blaszak. Row 3: Jim Tobias, Greg Resar, Steve Yearley, Rick Verlotti, Rick Montgomery, Jim Murphy, Todd Traicoff, Scott Adams, Tom Thompson. i 4 7faa6ey7faa6ef,7faa6ay7faa6q'3'fae6qW4a6a, Scoreboard YMCA Swimming Q, We They Parma Ridgewood 10 1 Parkersburg, W. VA. 5 6 Euclid 5 6 Westlake 1 1 0 Youngstown 1 1 0 Willoughby 1 1 O Ashtabula 8 3 Lorain 9 2 Painesville 1 1 0 Row 1: Kim Gookins, Michelle Reising, Jennifer Jaroch, Melissa Jaroch, Row 2: Tariq Naeem, Matt Jaroch. Absent: Andy Boylan, Shaeen Naeem. Swim Team Earns Credit y This years swim team in participation with the Elyria YMCA swim teams accomplished many goals. For instance, they won first place in the league championships for the fourth year in a row and also achieved first place in the Division Champion- ships. To finish off a great season, Matt Jaroch, team captain, went to Orlando, Florida, to compete in the Nationals. The Orlando competition hosts over 1800 swimmers from 300 different YMCA teams. This year's swim team is honored for its many accomplishments. Swan 'kann Swan 7mm Junior Varsity Row 1: Ray Volney, Joe Davis, NA, Mike Burqess, Craig Aulisio, NA, Tim Knapp, John Schneider Row 2 Daryl Powell Kevin Dickerson Tim Hud son, Chris Talarek, Steve Hamilton, Tom Overs, Kevin Wallace, NA, Coach Wegner. S Junior North Olmsted Normandy Admiral King Oberlin Berea Vermilion Midview Southview Westlake Midview Lorain Sandusky North Ridgeville Elyria Catholic Lorain Vermilion Admiral King North Ridgeville Varsity We They 22 5 6 4 13 2 26 3 11 7 5 1 3 7 5 2 12 6 2 5 17 6 9 2 9 5 0 1 5 1 10 1 1 2 16 6 Mike Knapp practices his curve ball Mr Zlemke gives instructions to Joey Dallas gddtfdw 84465436 34463435 gdddfdd 24466453 Varsity ,, W V V l ig E 1 9 X 2 3 ,. ,M ,,,,l A of ,... W ...gv V Row 1: NA, John Victor, Gary Henry, Paul Prunty, NA, NA, Dean Schneider, Joey Dallas, Manager Eddie Kinder. Back Row: Coach Thompson, Mac Andress, Rick Montgomery, Dave Newman, Chris Phillips, Mike Knapp, Jeff McMillan, NA, Tony Workman, Coach Ziemke. W W' 1' , I I W ,Am,g4,M S Varsity We They Parma Normandy 4 3 Admiral King 6 5 Lorain 9 10 Sandusky 3 6 Oberlin 5 4 Berea 4 8 Sandusky 2 3 Vermilion 11 3 Midview 8 6 Southview 6 15 Westlake fTourn.l 3 1 Midview 8 6 Lorain 10 7 Sandusky 7 9 N. Ridgeville 9 7 Southview QTourn.l 0 2 Lorain 6 2 Vermilion 3 5 Admiral King 6 3 N. Ridgeville 2 1 Admiral King 2 1 Dan coming in to home plate. At left. Dan Whitney prepares to hit a home run 2 Z Z 2 169 Scoreboard l . . Lorain 18 5 Lorain 9 2 Elyria Catholic 12 4 Midview oiii 3 o-'lo f 19 Admiral 17 7 10 Southvieug 8 7 Sandusky 1 7 2 Ridgeviile 15 Vermilion 7 Midview r oior f 8 Sanduskgf Ridgeville 7 Vermilion 4 Admiral 7 2 Southview 20 7 Lorain Catholic 16 7 Midview h 10 19 Keystone 'i'ii 21 10 Lorain 10 14 Girls Softball First Row: Michelle Miller, Amy Bane, Sue Collins, Peggy Cornell, Stefanie Glass, Brenda Krupp, Kathie Filiaggi, Kim Kirschner. Back Row: Coach Sito, Michelle Roderick, Crystal Evans, Lynn Knechtges, Debbie Monschein, Sylvia Fajstner, Judy Tomasek, Kellie Travers, Candy Edgell. lN.P. Becky Gerhardtl l sqzaaee Sagzdaze sap-daze sagzdaze some Boys Tennis i A s '1 5 .A M Q. 4 -ee -Q ' - 'Wag' if" . S., gn -5 . f- gas- E is S X- A - -Q Y f xg "iff ' .MMT 5, -: -: eff: , ' f'fif.s.,.:.. "" A 1 it is Q. 1- 1 V PM 6.3-I W Yizd 1 rm.. . . . Y i ' H GM .Q 5 mm : 7 ' f Q I 9? 3 N X F ' ' ' Q V ,, zb.. . E fm. was w wf : ,. ,5gfg-gf .7 X-. A M M.. ' - 1 .. f-153, .eff-fs f Row 1: Rick Blaszak, Ed Nottingham, Steve Thompson, Manoj Nijade. Row 2: Dave Renz, Steve Schroeder, Coach Hamill, Todd Gainer, Jason McLean. Not Pictured: Paul Auxer, Chris Meecha. , g7ZPl',2U73'CJP,2QZ3PIZf'UPlS-g??Q','fZ3PE,QZC csc 0 in as QQ-0 3 ---O O, were-wQ.Qlo cv D O ,.,, g: D' -1 7 -4 0.1-1 -4 3 Q. --N'-+--BQAD'-+:J"cm--f.,g,4:5!D-fm C I5 Qu, in H. 2 5- N E, ,.,. 2 :-sc vi -9 :fm -. 4-f ,Q gi . FglT,Qco '10 2'-'I figs cu, siizi 5553 ga--E 'rl Kc ,T-RS ,qsxm Q ,El ',,i Qiwxm o Q5 niis 45 5' B 5 w Iryx to GJ o ' - ' Ea' Yi' ,.,, 3 . 1 S O -P F-A Q71 OJ S Tim 3 , 5 Q S V E ,, ix gi , gg , ,,,, My a , X s,ii A S if iiti . S , Q S T f . fi ' w....g.gFiQ Maw A ,W wwf Sftfinxxl 'bi' 'UMM af . f ffl, . V u W ' ' , " 7 'H , . , Q 'F f l ' :ff "W: f 1. A , V, S . ,, "" 5 4. M, , 1 ,, 5 1-W-...M ,M , VV :,,V anna anew 60064 eauufa and Girls Track Team Row 1: Wilma Johnson, Jennifer Burns, Gwin Walton, Bonnie Paine, Megan Mansfield, Kelly Cannon. Row 2: Shay Boyd, Allison Allgood, Shawnda DeRamus, Kelley Russell, Cheryl Carey, Kathy Altonen, Monica Taylor. Row 3: Lisa Hill, Tina Johnson, Raylette Hudson, Etoi Lones, Tracy Manning, Anne Densmore. Row 4: Coach Tom Below, Mary Bond, Tara Jones, Alicia Truxall, Heather Merriman, Coach Teresa Brown. .,,. X f f ,,! 'heed 71466 '7ua6 Quia Boys Track Team l l ,Row 1: Norm Marks, Gerald Burton, Lucius Johnson, Rod Moore, Barry Porter, Kent Jones. Row 2: Allen Dumitt, Todd Ely, Dean Marks, Dale Moore, Mark Cannon. Row 3: Mike Love, Terry Komlosi, Scott Jobe, Dennis Monchein, Glenn Davies. Row 4: Chris Chizmar, Jason Gubeno, Marc Fairbanks, Tommy Dartis, Derik Madison, Blandon Johnson. Row 5: Managers: Chris Fritz, Laura Love, Rhonda Lempke. Row 6: Head Coach Deryl Nalle, Assistant Coach Tim Johnson. ' .., .V K, , ,,f!5""' W ...arm QE ,awww Scoreboard Track CBoysl We Sandusky 69 Vermilion 69 Southview 60 North Ridgeville 60 LCAAA Relays 3rd place St. Edward Boys 59 Comet Relays 5th place Lorain 82 Sandusky Relay 3rd 47pts. Sandusky Relay 8th 22pts. Vermilion 76 A. King 76 Westlake Relay 2nd place Midview 85 Buckeye Conference lst place AmherstfDistricts 1st place AmherstfRegional 3rd place State 8th place aw, W-.v They 87.5 10.5 31 61 65pts. 72 64-pts. 50 Relay open 11 79 72pts. 45 109pts. 83.5pts 35pts. 16pts. W W -min-. M f-WJ. s,i -v-.ai-. 'Que Wear :LW N, 2074 71446 gow 714446 gdyd 7ue6 gow Three' Time State li him WW 'Markie Cannon soared to his --third State Title with a record - breaking high jump of seven feet two and, one -l fourth inchs at Columbus Stadium in June of 1987. The jump is the highest for any high school jumperiin theination so fart thisiyear. Mark claimed his first title as a sophomore winning the high-jump crown-in Ohio Stadium with a six feet eleven inch jump. His second title came last year in the French Fieldhouse when he cleared seven feet. These titles make Mark the first Lorain County track athlete to wind three consecutive championships. -Mark is the all-time-Ohio lndoorfOutdoor record holder at 7', a three-time National High School Association all-Qimerican and a two-time member of' the All- USA Today Team in track and field. C Markiiis also its.ii a three yearfivarsity basket- ball letterrnan. Other basketball honors in- clude 3 years on tl1e,Bucl-:eye Conference team, the 1986-87 Buckeye Conference Most Valuable Player Award, and a three- time Lorain County All-Star'Team7rnember. Mark will continue his studies next year at Ohio State University-Q We expectlio hear a great deal more about him as he continues his pursuit of excellence on-the field and in the classroom as well. li l The Wonders Of Success And The Agony E' Of Defeat V H. S. 1986 X 1 987 Us fa Ymrfalfkwf, ,,, kgvfgw' V , ,e 0 H 2 8 1' S Elyria Domina tes All In Sports Q 101 19 6 1987 .,.. ff' 6 Dale Moore strives to reach the top. Ul- .Xe ,J The Elyria Soccer team reaches their goal. Mark Fairbanks warms up for the meet W This years tennis team has class. The Elyria Softball team has it all under control. Q if-if ,W W W Mwwww , , ' f V I iw, ,, , K , W UWM.-W , WU, , ,, ,A ,WMM -- 1 J V gli VW, . 2 W 1" R W f ,WM ffl I 'b2fiL'j'f?f . ' V , ,v in 'WL ' an W ,f 2 4 fy f in , ,,,,Vf,',f wwf f ,Hi-,Ziff 'lm fa W Last Year For The Buckeye. The final year of the Buckeye conference is coming to an end. There have been many victories here at E.H.S. in this confer- ence, among them are wrestling, basketball, football, volleyball, and all sports champs. The conference began in 1957 and consisted of the following teams: Elyria High, Lorain Senior, Admiral King, Marion Har- ding, Sandusky, Fremont and Findlay. Beginning in the 1987-88 sports season, we will be a part of the Erie Shores Conference. Our competitors next year will be North Ridgeville, Lorain Senior, Admiral King, Southview, Sandusky, Midview, and Vermilion. Some feeling and remarks were given by two of our coaches on the end of the Conference, Pictured below are some of the banners hanging in the big gym, including two banners indicating Elyria's years as All-Buckeye Conference champs. "The Buckeye has been one of the dominant leagues in the state of Ohio with many of its team being among the elite every season in a wide variety of boys' and girls' sports. I will certainly miss the competition with this great, old conference and I am sure many area fans will share this sentiment." Coach Jones Mrs. Russo commented that she will be glad the girls no longer have to take the long bus rides to the far away games on school nights, although being a member of the Buckeye was a very rewarding experience and provided good competition for our girls in volleyball. The end of the Buckeye will definitely be a sad occasion, but the beginning of the new Erie Shores Conference will be an exciting venture for all those involved in E.H.S. sports. . -.-.-- i fwgw' r..t,,.f.f 5-, L . Y ..,, Q . 4 i 6 ...uv K. ...fr NAR! UN , W ., , ,,,f,l-sn, wit? ,- f e , " ,., ,,,.,. ,,,, , Above: Banners of two formidable Buckeye opponents, San- dusky and Marion. .- The Elyrian Staff would like to welcome our new school superintendent, Dr. William Halver- son. Dr. Halverson chose to come to Elyria and we are pleased to have him as our head administrator. Dr. Halverson was born in Madison, Wiscon- sin. He graduated from Whitewater University in Wisconsin where he received his four-year degree. He later did graduate work at Roosevelt University and received a masters degree. He went on to receive his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Halverson also received a full scholarship to study mathematics at Northwest- ern University and a full scholarship to study physics at Temple University. Dr. Halverson taught math and physics at Adley High School in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin, for eight years and later served as principal. He gained thirteen years of experience as superin- tendent by serving as Assistant Superintendent of Monroe School District in Monroe, Wisconsin, and three years in Fon du Lac. He has a daugh- ter who graduated from lowa State University and a son who works at a bank in Fon du Lac. Since Dr. Halverson has been here in Elyria he has devoted much of his time to his job, visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art, and at- tending concerts at Oberlin College. He also enjoys collecting antiques as a hobby. Dr. Halverson believes keeping children in school and a strong academic program are es- sential to a proper education. He emphasizes mastery of basic skills along with post high school preparation in the job market or for col- lege. Dr. Halverson also feels that courses in liberal arts are necessary to develop well-round- ed students. He is tremendously pleased with the excellence our school system has achieved. We are grateful that Dr. Halverson chose to come to Elyria. He is a man of integrity who possesses the great leadership abilities our schools need to continue their tradition of quali- ty education. We wish him well in his endeavors for our school system. Dr. and Mrs. Halverson. Board Of Education Left to Right: Front Row- Martha Wise, Earl Wammes, Sonya Mareno. Back Row- Robert Repas, Gary Bennett. 180 4 l Thomas Solet Assistant Principal John Raber Principal Franklin Beavers Assistant Principal 77 Donald Langsdale Assistant Principal P l 181 l I it -A -.. X i Top - Donna Bogdanowitz: Typing II, Accounting I, Clerical Recording I. Cheryl Clouser: Business English, Computer Skills, Computer Business I. Gerald Coleman: Computer Skills, Business Law, Clerical Recordkeeping II. Center- Marcia Kanally: Computer Business I, Office Practice, Word Processing. Lisa Sooy: General Business, Computer Skills, Keyboarding. Lee St. Marie: General Business, Computer Skills, Keyboarding. Bottom - John Thrasher: General Business, Keyboarding, Typing I. Merry Wilson: General Business, Shorthand I and II, Keyboarding. Joanne Tyler: Accounting l and II, Clerical Recordkeeping I. Z fix.. wx if' ' , ,1 1 4 139 I . Fc uw f If? A XXI: BW war ,ff dw -2 fr ,,, , ., . ij ,.4i", I "W,n I , ' gigj Z. ' I fig? 1 fl 1 if I . fi V f"' I' "AH Top - Ellen Andrews: Independent Living, Home Economics III. Patricia Crehore: Family Living, Home Economics I. Sue Vin- cent: Home Economics II. Thelma White: Home Economics I. Center - Teresa Brown: Spanish I and Il. Patricia Habenicht: Spanish II. Patricia I-Iemminger: Spanish III and IV. Bottom - Tonia Kalouria: Spanish I. Patricia Nuttall: French II, III, and IV. John Stelnicki: Spanish I. Jeannine Takacs: French I, World History. 0086 5 7 183 L ....,.. My ..'Ng g.1 4i ai-ff' i ,A Arthur Daniels: Physical Education. Nancy Gerent: Health, Physical Education, Living Skills. Gregory Horace: Advanced Physical Education, Health. William Jones: Physical Education, Health. Janet Love: Advanced Health, Health, Physical Education. Frances Romino: Physical Education, Health. Carol Russo: Physical Education. Charles Ziemke: Physical Education. William Meyers: Health, Physical Education. WeaZz'65?94q4de46'5 Top: Jeffrey Bates: Elementary Band, Assistant Varsity Band. Douglas Benford: Music Appreciation, Varsity Band. Thomas Flowers: Orchestra. Tim Masten: Theory and Harmony I, Freshman Choir, Concert Choir, A Cappella Choir. Center: Carole Holl: Health Instruction, English, Science, Modern Urban World, American History. Margaret Kidd: Work Experience I and Il. Beth Mays: English, Math, Social Studies, Art, Work Experience. Ricky Mitchell: English, Math, Social Studies, Work Experience. Bottom: Terry Olive- Work Experience. Jim Vincent: Social Studies. Pauline Zsigray: Multi-Handicapped. a S 185 l an l... M71 fi, 4 I ,M gl ' W Q baggy iilz E ,l.,,V tk ,i 1 gt .A,, I aw.. Terry Doan: Algebra I and II, Basic Math. Janet Fathauer: Consumer Math I, Applied Math. Donald Grady: Computer Math I, Algebra I, Calculus. Curtis Karpinski: Basic General Math, Algebra I and II. Deryl Nalle: Consumer Math, Plane Geometry. Charlesetta Phillips: Applied Math, Algebra l, Plane Geometry. Donald Romeis: Calculus, Algebra Il Accelerated, Advanced Math I. Candise Sooy: Trigonometry, Senior Math. Victor Nieset: Plane Geometry, Consumer Math. James McQuown: Algebra I, Consumer Math, Plane Geometry Accelerated. N ,MMV - f fl, I ,VA1.A A AA.1 A I 3 f4 r , A : A V AA M ,,AA A A AAAAVV A , A :g if gg gg Ag......, ,,, A As ...M A As-r...sls ..... rr Top - Keith Sooy: Algebra Il, Basic General Math, Plane Geometry. Jack Strauss: Plane Geometry, Algebra I, Consumer Math. Richard Wegner: Algebra I, Applied Math. David Wessely: Algebra ll, Plane Geometry, Consumer Math. Center - Ronald Charlton: Production Graphics I and ll, Printing. David Durham: Industrial Arts IIA, Industrial Arts I, Metals. William Nuss: Industrial Arts IIA, Industrial Arts I, Electricity. Alan Porter - Advanced Woodworking II. Bottom - Dan Pycraft: Industrial Arts Ilb and I, Woodworking I. Ernest Sawinski: Architect, Engineer, and Advanced Drafting, General Mechanical Drawing. Thomas Steiner: Industrial Arts IIB, IODH, 9Dl-I, Industrial Arts - Drawing. 87 f-into Kay Bigglestone: English 11A, 11Ax, 12A, Herald Advisor. Victoria Brian: English 10B, 10A. Martha Bruner: Special Needs Reading 9-11. Susan Dixon: English 9B, 9A, 9Ax. Nancy Donnelly: English 1OB, 1OA, Creative Writing. Joan Grau: English 9A, 12B, 12A Fran Horn: English 9B, 9Ax, 1OA. Patricia Lenahan: English 9B, 9A. Phyllis Levine: English 9B, 9A, 10A. 5 ,xg .. LX , 2 ,,': V , R in K . aj K jg V, ' filirm .IQ Judith Mericle: English 9A, 9B. Carol Pongracz: English 1OA, 1OAx, Elyrian Advisor. Diane Quinn: English 1OB, 11A, Elyrian Advisor. Sally Rowe: Engliah 11B, 11A, 12A. Ruth Skillicornz English 11A, 11Ax, 12A. Sandra Strong: Drama I, II, Speech I. Terry Stuart: English 9A, IOB, 10A. Frank Toth: Announcements Advisor, English 11A, 12A, Speech l. Virginia Waratinsky: English 12B, 12A, 12Ax. f ..-69" ..-:iq ls , .L 3 5? as is ig Karen Andress: Counseling Center secretary. Ruth Billings: Main office secretary. Grace Dauphin: School nurse. Cheryl Fenik: Athletic office secretary. Carol Lakocy: School Treasurer. Sue McCain: Main office secretary. Donna Pierce: Main office secretary. June Plas: Attendance office secretary. Eileen Ross: Main office secretary. Susan Locke: Librarian. Joyce Vacha: Librarian. And! Sing Marilyn Bauer: Counselor, Louise Cutler: Counselor: James Day: Home Counselor. George Horn: Counselor. James Norton: Counselor. Robert Stroup: Counselor. Carol Day: Art I. Dennis Oaklief: Studio problems, Advanced Studio Problems. Fred Farschman: 3 Dimensional Art I, II. Richard Imes: Art I, Art Il. Counselors 8 Art Teachers 'SM X723 If ,f T tl si' H 'fl 4 Annette Contra: English 9, Occupational Orientation II, Job Skills. Tamara Colon: Math I, II, English 9-12. Marcella Jones English 9-12, American History, Science, Modern Urban World. Stan Mazur: Math 9, 10. Steve Newman: Science 9, Occupational Orientation. Kimberly Rudd: Production Room. Linda Binkley: Audio Visual Aide. Pat Rees: Vocational Education Aide. Blanche Shippe: Special Education Aide. S ffvtd '7 ,-faded . A 1 'Sami-. Carol Stasick: Work Study Aide. Marian Willing: Library Aide. Phyllis Zhitnik Library Aide Wayne Walamaki: Head Custodian. Ed Kylkovich, Jeff Miller, Terry Kidney Custodlans Cafeteria Staff: Row 1- Eleanor Parmenter, Edith Schaffer, Carol Blaner Shirley Hoffman Mary Fihaggi Marge Zeller Row 2 - Sandy Webber, Reba Minney, Helen Beauchamin, Rosary Perkins, Helen Farrar Joan Washburn Donna Fullmer Kathy Smith. 7 ffddea JMS I ,K William Birds Chemistry I, Physical Science B. Beverly Gallo: Chemistry I, Physical Science A. Nicholas Hanson: Chemistry I and II. Noel Huston: Physical Science A, Biology I. Jerome Kowalski: Physical Science A, B. Richard Lee: Physical Science B, Biology I. Glen Mikolanda: Physical Science A, Biology I. William Pierson: Biology I, II. Louis Hull: Physical Science A, Physics I Laboratory. Science Kam. 1 I Gary Parobek: Physics I, Il. Barbara Shelar: Biology I, Senior Class Advisor. Pat Whittington: Physical Science A, B. Dennis Wyman: Applied Science, Physical Science B. Wayne Dovin: Marketing Education. Don Gunsalus: Occupational Work Experience. Ron Varga: Occupational Work Experience. Miles Light: Occupational Work Adjustment, OWA Science 9. Peggie Ruth: Occupational Work Experience. dence 5 0.715 1 Adrian Caywood: OWA English 9, OWA Related, Work Supervision. David Baeder: Modern Urban World. Kenneth Barnes: World History, Senior Social Studies, Sociology. Al Fair: Modern Urban World, Senior Social Studies. George Hammillz American History. Frank Holt: Modern Urban World, Minority Cultures. Joyce Ignatz: American History, World History. Frank Jayne: Modern Urban World. Robert Markovich: Senior Social Studies. 504465 in Robert Rieth- Economics, Government. Dennis Ryan- American History. Paul Thiel- American History. Upperfleft hand corner: Mr. Parobek spoons out a lesson on friction. Left: Neil Diamond's number one fan- Mrs. Shelar. Above: "All you have to do is" ..... Mr. Horace makes it look so easy. ' Social Studies Mr. Holt gives new meaning to the phrase "camera-shy". ,if I ff fy 'mf ofiefirfy me Mr. Willings demonstrates his freeze-tag skills. Mr. Beavers enforcing the school's new "no-snacking po Mr. Sawinski demonstrates how to play Tic-Tac-Toe. sv licy. Mr. Toth assays another essay. Mrs. Hemminger practices her Spanish to welcome Manoj from India. Mrs. Ross, are you making prank calls again? ,1,, ' i Mr. Nalley strikes his centerfold pose. Mr, Ryan has a Master's Degree in Audio-Visual. W, Q -, lm... PA TRONS Amanda E. Abrigo, M.D. 508 East Broad St Hales and Kems Dry Cleaners 206 East Bridge Action Wear 333 Broad St. Dr. Jack Mclver 706 East River Dennis E. Weyhe, D.D.S. 1212 N. Abbe Sandra Strong 136 Meadow Dr. National City Bank 341 East Broad Jose C. Ocampo, M.D. 508 East Broad Joseph Morgan Strong D.D.S. Robert C. Skillicorn D.D.S. 511 North Abbe Rd. xx QW' U69 x W , mV:'g,,.w 5,14 699 ,fp K X f f 'ff. f, ff, z ,, 21' ,, i 4' 4 , ,ff f 'Cf Q cr fc! ,V ifw, db ' X f'44+'1, v:4f ' ow-lx -,uw ewnbf f 2 fp 'cw C ,AN G5 V' ' + i " Q an ' f is ' ' 1 f VQAXQS' , ag: W. V my. ' f"f",Q4, N 'fy 11,7 'Q f A sqm W ww! 375, Sgfxtfl . Q " W Y ' W 'vfwf JP' an '15 TG V 'P Cx M 2aC'J'3w S lr Wane W "itll" 'M '11 WH M""?,'Q 'Zaye 'Q I c 'P li ' ' aamge :we ifut, ,Wi we w,.j4qNi,5,qJW4 4 WW 4 H fm 4712! 1 gt J TW' 4 ,wi ,wi 12:0 wwf, Q4 ,,wjA ,agf1",h,.w ff, , QQ 4, 3,2 ham? fuk 'M Mm M 'ffm WV4 Wwwmff' Q 4 4 ' 95315123 '91 tn? guiw wifi W "f'gsZff"' ,, , 'bqf 1.94 4 in 7 o x, ,uwfxtig I WWW if wx ,J wil vwfw.. V 9' 3, ,G iz' 2 x qt. WWW' ' ff' V. Y ?v:f'7mi, "W" W A .42 A '71 'F' 4954134 cvnkffvgq ,.C,1W' ,,,w3u L,-L'm,,-fm gn -' V' 19 vw, EQ ff, 6- 1.042 8455465 ,ww A W4 Q 'Ta " We my eww, A 'Maia gn W,,fMu.,,, S V ,, 4 J. wwf? wie .go "+ , wif? 'TM ,WW W Q 9 J '54 Q1 t' XYZ 'ff -.df fn' w 90Yff4f Thigh ,mi , www 1 .Jw 1 wiffyvw wg, , 'H,. M,k ' ,Q Q? un, xxnff ,gmc W,,.,.6nV,W 43 ov V2 0 V! W3 ,wbwemz 'H-ww" " W 5 A402 Q W 15 M W Mffraf' R W 4:2 , A 355 QQ QE Bay-KQV' A wal King sets Adm so md Cure-v Fields and Joey VPQSUE bfisfgiyka W 01 Q at WZ' 2 '0 45953 to 7. :Fig I 93, 43? 'W I 6211235 o 3' 0 , W G, , Qoaawaf, X3 ,J 9 ff, J 'S 1 5 o fe 'YJ . + 4- A 1 A of f " Q 44. O", 'P' 46 ,J OV 42? 40 -1. , I I 6-"ZZ, 4 nf? ,, 4 f ff W eff f 2!1'Q0fa"5f,?t- 59" "z, 'wif Q '23 ff xqflg V, 6 '55 .1 Q4 ' g.,y2QL1'5a 3,515 ga P: 6- f, hg,Q,w Z 3 V 0 of iv ' 9 x f, Q, 4. 1. !"A I, f. 0 4 'Z' fs f'r?'Q a, Q A v M' 42 5 'K 6' Q uw E ,W mf G ,,.. 0 ,W '1 fav: 23 'J- Q2 ez- ,. Q D- 9 ,. U '1 w 7 't '32, 1? .f vw, I 'Y E 4 4' J, ,f 1 , JZ 1, 1' l 7, x f. kj Jw V fi ,V ' if AQ V! 1 ,U MVZ 'ft Qian 4, i, 'L 9, 94 I li . 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' ' . 365-3383 COEEMAN EAS!-1 ION EYEWEAR David CoFFman - Qpiician 720 CLEVELAND STREET ELYRIA. OHIO 44035 Nia-k Chrysler - ailifl NICK ABRAHAM Pruideni - Ru - oss-1so4 A BUICK Plymouih Ely - 366-6446 1111 Eos! Brand Lo: - 244-3312 Elyria, Ohio 44035 Clev - 236-3694 Medical Laboratory Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Services Sat. 8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. NORTH CENTRAL MEDICAL LABORATORIES 436 East River Street y Elyria, ohio 44035 E i Q 3 216-323-2021 E 4' Fw E Directed By D O R l I E Q Dr. R.G. Thomas and Associates, Inc. SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY HOUSE CALLS EMERGENCY SERVICE Elyria 323-7451 Lorain 244-3473 DOWNTOWN ELYRIA MALL OFFICE Main Office Midway Mall Blvd. y V, Middle at 2nd Elyria I 1 X7' COLLEGE PARK NORTH RIDGEVILLE Abbe Rd. at Center Ridge Road Community College at Root Road ZJUBHUIDST Elyria ll aoolil 9 rn T 900A.H500PM J ple ' 5 mmf my FOLLOW THE LEADER 1 Elyria Harley-Davidson Sales Co. SALES 5- SERVICE W 561 CLEVELAND STREET f ELYRIA, OHIO 44035 PHONE. 121613677354 W CEORGE STEVENS, PRESIDENT ' HONDA t :yr I I MATTHEW ZECHMAN CO. We Specialize In Candy Fundraisers 607 Middle Ave Elyria Ohio 44035 322 2426 LORHIN COUNTY INSURPINCG Q, FLOYDT DECKER cPcu PRESIDENT 105 CLEVELAND ST thelaank with independent spirit We Cherish Our Independence We understand that independence carries with it Certain obligations. Our people are dedicated to serving local peoplemserving their investment needsmserving their borrowing needs... serving the entire community. i freedom enter MEMBER FDIC wwf4k1Tc ownaaaanle in uwiuw PO Bo aoor erm omuoac 216029-HKU J 81 D Custom Engraving P O Box 94 Elyria Ohio 44036 Custom Made Dnk Door I Wall Signs PO BOX 1260 ELYR1A 216323-5150 12161366 6442 ELYRIA. OHIO 44036 LORAIN 216-244-2239 .sea wma Plastic I Mofol Badges Placquos Trophlol Jim G Donna McLoughlin Owners MMVWW' 6'0!' Qgzfa1zao are 664144 Q60 H045 3 if - O . . 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Suggestions in the Elyria Public High School - Elyrian Yearbook (Elyria, OH) collection:

Elyria Public High School - Elyrian Yearbook (Elyria, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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