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fl QP R.. is pus- 1 v K VF' L VIL K , q. 1 VR.. .-e fl, 1, ,S R L r QT 4, QQ, k if Q35 ? -AQ" is .,. 955.gi- .. ,AV :gl F11-5235, W, .., , 1.1, V' x wvF,'2.+ n MP! x ,iw ' '51-ffl . -.1 K- Auf. 'V My , - - ,g than gg,Q 7n:i'11X'3f.f'.'. - -vi . mmf ,4, X - l Q V- ' f ' igx4QTY 4 .:v f'.f'S .gg N ' A ,P .H QLSQ . 1 v, 5 -1f'1r"5'f'9" 'T f 0. lit fx 1 S was-' - ww hx 'H' r, if M Qim. 5 i 3. 1. VY li S Xi Q S 5 4 1 Q 34' .5 ,V 'R J fl 2 , i 'i , . Q 4 - , , "' 2. , 4 ' , ' Q3 ,, A if at 7 B' f 1, u it Vx X :V t '- . . L 3 ,iv V K , 1 Q I f I If 6, l xii fl V uk ' ' 1 " 1 J , V ,Q I bf T ' ' f Q 2 iQ 'T '22 QQMXHOWHHYX ELYRXA HXGH SCHOOL ELYRXA, OHIO Y' Scholarship 0 Character 0 leadership 0 Service l.elr to Riglmtf-flfirst Row: Philip Surtlock, Philip Struthers, Helen Dugar, Ricliartl l.ynilcs. Lois luilrow, Victor Resarg Second Row--Siillye Ciuhrlcc, Jeanette Stasluews, Darlene Hemmingei. -lames Anton, David Sigel, Bolv Clocliravieg 'l'l1i1'd Ron: Cfonnii Sclmintl. ,Limos Smith, ,lane Smith. ,Iolm -luspcr, Lois Tiittersall, tletliratinn . . . The I950 Elyrian is dedicated to the seventeen students in the school who by reason of their scholarship, service, character, and leadership were elected to the National Honor Society. Their election is a challenge to them to maintain high standards throughout their lives. 2 Superintendent E K, L sz- , if ,. LYNN R. NICHOLAS SUPERINTENDENT ELYRIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS 3 hoard of education iiiaaam 'TREK gwnq av nr-- Left to Right-Seated: Superintendent Lynn R. Nichoiasg President Wcurth liitiwr. Howard C. Gollmar. Standing: W. U. MtClellan, Director of Housing and Finance: Burton Uhlemuthcr. Dr, Chas. E. Guth, Pierre Smith. - :nu '41 v-an Q 1 11 Q1 ui if ui :nun nun 11 ROBERT E. WILSON PRINCIPAL Education is effective only in so far as a change takes place. There is no learning if there is no change in how or what we think. Stated in reverse, as one's personality, ideals, and manner of doing change. there has been learning. Since such changes continue throughout life, learning is never ended. High school graduates will be the first to admit that they have just begun to learn. When change and learning cease, life has served its purpose.-R.E.W. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL GEORGE Br MIRABEN. Every individual faces a problem of finding his proper work and place in the world. Education helps to train him for his job and his duties as a citizen. lf our schools have stimulated in our young people a desire to perform well some portion of work and a desire to serve in his community as a helpful citizen, then we as teachers have not failed.-G.B.M. 6 QM! WWW I'an'uIt y IIIQIIIIIQ rs howling SLIIIJIIILQ' Mr. Hull. Mr. A, 'lf bmith, Mr. Ringer, Mr. I cm Qx ' Ml. lhxtcl' Nkklflki --A '. 5' l un, , Mr. Munn. Nlr. Ku N11 I IIUII, Ml. Lllulsmx lupu Our Teachers Q L.i Help Us To Understand Ourselves Nina J. Baker English Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio University, Northwestern University, Columbia University Adele Brown Fdward J. Burton Devlin College social studies ilumbia Uniwei sitv Wggllgggm iQ. . ""f . Ralph F. Bauer Physical Education Wittenberg College, Columbia University. John A. Cabas Mt. Union College. bba Fosselius Gladys E. Fowell my sical Fducation English no Unix eisitw Obeilin College, no State Western Reserve, loi ado Columbia ll'llX9lSllX University. Science E. Glenn Baxter Social Studies Bowling Green State University. Ohio State University. ps.-,Q Ida Coffland Home Economics Ohio State. Columbia University. , ,, -s J. Martin Beck Music Eastman School of Music at Univer- sity of Rochester. Cornell University. , X .YQ .ww Sidney Davis Music Oberlin, Northwestern. Katherine P. Emory Diller F. A. Eaton Margaret Dawson Math Personnel Edwards Home Economics Bluffton College, Wittenberg College, English Hillsdale College Ohio State. University of Baldwin-Wallace, Cornell Univel-Sify' Illinois. University of Ohio- Northern Olgglgleggi Umverslty' Western Reserve. A 5 l , 3 if -af If .4 ... if If P ' ' 1' , J. D. 'Funk Owen Gleason Evelyn Gordon Michigsglgfgfe Driver Training Cafeteria Normal' Miami University, Ohio State. gnu Ncertgern. Ufgxmeclglgbggf elsjlighuo ege' Ohio State, ' Oberlin School of Commerce, Western Reserve. S Harold Scie Findlay C University Wiseonsl Mabe Euba Home Eel Otterbein 1 U. C. L. A. and Others, To Increase Our Knowledge, To Strive Carlton I". Hall Edith Harman Lloyd Hennings Industrial Arts Art Social Studies Miami University, Wittenberg College, Oberlin College, Baldwin-Wallace, Ohio State. Bowling Green Colorado. Ashland. Darvas Sehool of State University, Western Reserve. Design. Edna Jones Latin Ohio Wesleyan, Mary Kelly Social Studies Oberlin College, Marian Kemble Dean-Girls Oberlin College. iii r v at i M' ,xt t :abeth rnyak siness Green Jniversity, d College, ty of irgh. usmess 2 Ohio University, . . Cflu b' Rio Grande College. gffxigigitgesfne' blqmeiiityy, Kem State cniiforrtia University of C9l0l'3d9- ' ' Colorado, WISCODSIIW. Oberlin Business College. tv Mabel S. Herd English OhioAState University, Transylvania Col. Umversitv of Colorado. Earl Lautenschleger Science Ohio State University. U. C, L. A. 10 jg Ann Catherin Hess Business College of Woost Mt, Union Colleg Muskingum College, Oberlin School o Commerce. E. R. Layer Lucille Leach J. Carl Linville Lois I. Littleton Lee H. Lyman Industrial Arts English Science Spanish Sgipnce Toledo University, University of Ohio University, Wittenberg College, Denison Univ '1 Bowling Green Akron. Ohio State Columbia ers' State Normal, University. University, Ohio State Western Reserve. Ohio State University. University. Western Reserve, Miami University. 'graret naffey glish te sity, A University. i ,Q .Zi ll. A. Morris Barbara Plocher Raymond Robert T. Ringer Industrial Arts Art Rillllard Industrial A115 0l3o,Statet ggiolweglelyan. Industrial Arts Btbwling Green niversi y, er in o ege, - 'fe 't , Ohio University. University of ml rsl y Colorado. ' ' 9 For Higher Ideals, To Think For Ourselves Allyn S. Rose Clarence W. Margaret Scott Social Studies Scarbrouzrh Library Ohio State Ohio State Flora Stone University, University. Mather. Library School of Western Reserve. Cleveland College. .2 Clare Short Social Studies Baldwin-Wallace College. Western Reserve University 5' if .F kq . T- tg" .f- , Y , W "- .Q 1 Q 45 4' ig Q if I . A. N. Smith A. T. Smith S. C. Smith Paul Stewart Alice Stofer Srience Business Testing Industrial Arts English rio 'Northern Chill University. Wilmington Ohio State Ohio Wesleyan JiiiV9-i'SliN'. College, University. University, ilYBl'SlU' of University of Northwestern llmois. Cincinnati, University, rthwestvrn. Western Reserve. University of Wisconsin. 5 6 'L 7 x 'QI L' --.., 1 """""' , 'f"' Mary K-.Tilgilafi George Thourot F. E. Tutthill W. L. Vaughn Mabel Vogan 4 Business Dean-Boys Industrial Arts Math Business BIESSHBUSIUBSS Bowling Green Kent Normal, Lawrence College, Fairmont State Ol io ggi- University, Wooster College. De Kalbe Normal, Teachers College, bo. 3, S Oh1oAState Battle Creek Zanerian College. G , nlvgfillty- Ui11Vel'S1iY- College Business 'egg 0 ege' University. Bowling Green Kentucky. -v-mp aephine Wilcox Harold Wilson Ralph Wood Steven Zvosec Jane Mashinski English Math Science Industrial Arts Secretary to the dwin-Wallace Denison University, Ohio Wesleyan Miami UYiiV6l'SiiY- Pfmflval A5 ollege, Baldwin-Wallace University. umhia College, University of niversity. Oh1o.State Wisconsin, :cousin University, Ohio State versity. University, Oberlin College 10 Lenore Sh Engll Ohio Wesle Universit Harvard Universit Western Re Walt Von B MUS De Pziuw Universit Ohio State Universit Florence Bloclf Secretary to sistant Princip. 1 1932-1949 Miss Nancy Myers, a iunior in Elyria High School, lost her life in a tragic automobile accident on Friday, November 25. Nancy was a member of the Senior A Capella Choir, Rainbow Girls, Senior Girl Scouts and Christian Alliance Church. Nancy had been granted the wisdom of a loving heart that she might say the right thing rightly each hour of the day. She had a quick perception of the feelings and needs of others and was eager-hearted in helping them. She had a quick eye for little kindnesses and was always ready in doing them and gracious in receiving them. Her pleasing personality, genial manner and good school citizenship will long be remembered by students and teachers. Nancy is sadly missed by her friends and family, but it is not rightly a matter for sadness, but rather a matter for triumph. It is we in our human weakness. who manufacture the sadness, not she. 1881-1950 Mr. Philip Hofmann, a teacher of English, Latin, German, History, Algebra and journalism at Elyria High School for 29 years, met his classes as usual April 13, 1950, walked to his home at ll5 Charles Court, and died there a few moments later. He will be remembered for his scholarly attitude and attainmenrs, as a student at Oberlin College, as a graduate student at the University of Chicago and the Leland Stanford University, at which universities he was a student of English, Greek, Latin, German, and science. He received an M. A. from the Univer- sity of Chicago. Born in Germany, he had come as a boy with his parents to this country. In China he taught at Szechnen Provisional University eight years. He also taught two years in California. His manner was always kind and gentle: he was always humble and self-effacing. He was admired for his honesty, humbleness, simplicity, love for humanity, and a relentless determination to do his work well. His fellow teachers and his students found in him the marks of a gentleman. He leaves to mourn his sudden passing his wife, Elfriedag his son John, a professor at Ames, Iowag and his son Bill, a business man in Los Angeles, California. His son, Philip, a navy airman, lost his life in a plane crash in the Pacific in the war. QM! Wikfixlm N DIP' The lass of I950 Honors Its Officers SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS IA!! ff, IJIAQXM- -,I-I'L'.lSIII'L'I', Cfnmlc Illbcrtg Vicc-President, Dick l,y1uIcs. Ilmsuicxmt, Duc Sigclg Secretary, Luis Page I 1 SENIUPIS UF 1950 PATRICIA AMES - 542 Eighth St.5 Generalg Baseball I, Z, 3, 4g Basketball 3, 45 Volley Ball 3, 45 Office Assist- ant 31 Monitor 45 Friendship I, 2, 3, 4. IAMES DONALD ANTON - 2119 South Middle Ave.5 Scientificg Basketball I5 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Play 45 An- nouncer 45 Extempore Speaking 35 Jr. A Cap- pella Zg A Cappella 3, 43 Monitor I, 25 Latin Club l, 25 H. R. Repre- sentative I, 4. BONNIE MARIE AR- CHER-206 Courtland St.5 Commercial5 Volley Ball I5 Chorus 15 Glee Club 25 Friendship I, 25 Cafeteria Worker 1, 2, 3, 45 Vice-President F. R. O. E. 3. RONALD DESMOND BAGLEY-315 Fourth St.5 Commercialg Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 45 Jr. A Cappella 2, 55 Hi Y 2, 55 Pres. F. R. O. E.5 Ashland High School I, Pomeroy High School 2, Wooster High School 3. FRANK ,IOHN BAGO - 555 Concord Ave.5 Gen- eralg Football I, 3, 45 Track 55 Hi Y I. EVELYN ELIZABETH BAKOS - 615 West Third St.5 General5 Glee Club and Chorus I, 2. 35 Friendship 3, 4. CI-IARLENE MAE BARB- KNECHT - 132 Clark St.5 Generalg Basketball I5 Volley Ball I5 Office Assistant 45 H. R. Representative 3. NORMAN E. BARR - 318 Bell Ave.5 Indus- trial Arrsg Basketball 3, 45 Band I5 Art Service 3: Monitor 4. NORMAN F. BAUER - 255 Warren Ave.5 Gen- eralg Movie Worker 2, 3, 4. RUTH MARIE BAUER- 340 Winckles St.5 Com- mercialg Baseball I, 2, 55 Volley Ball I, 2, 35 Basketball I, 2, 35 Mimeograph Worker 45 Leaders' Group 3, 45 Friendship 1, 2, 3. o you eniora of 1950 lgememger ow if Z I I . NORAH EILEEN BEAT- TIE - 119 Ridge St.: Commercial, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 31 Volley Ball 1, 2, 55 Glee Club 1, 25 Library As- sistant 45 Friendship 1, 2, 3, 4, Tax Stamp Col- lector 4. IRENE MARIE BENDIK - 146 Adelbert St., General, Glee Club 1, 25 Library Assistant 51 Office Assistant 45 Friendship 4. HELEN LAVONNE BEN- NETT - 338 Vulcan St.5 Generalg Volley Ball 25 Play Crew 4, Chorus I, 2: Secretary 5. ARLENE JOY BERG- MAN - 518 Lodi St., General, Baseball 25 Basketball 2, Volley Ball 25 Play Crew 15 Orches- tra 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Assistant 45 Friendship 1, 2, 5, 45 Youth Coun- cil 2, 3. 4. JO ANN FLORENCE BERTIE - R. D. ifl, Ford Rd.: Commercial. MARY PATRICIA BLITCH - 2029 Graf- ton Rd.1 General, Bas- ketball 35 Volley Ball 25 Chorus 1, 2. JAMES D. BOGDAN - 218 N. West River St.5 General. JAMES T. BORTHWICK, JR.-312 E. Hts. Blvd.5 Generalg Football 1, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 25 Glee Club 15 German Club 45 Hi-Y 1, 2. EMOGENE BETTY BOUY - 912 Middle Ave.5 Generalg Baseball lg Volley Ball 15 Play Crew 4, A Cappella Choir 5, 45 Glee Club 15 Office Assistant 5, 4, Friendship 1, 2, 3, 4. JOAN MARIE BRAS- SELLE - 126 Berkeley Driveg Generalg Base- ball 1, 2, 5, 45 Basket- ball 1, 2, 35 Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, Jr. Choir 35 Chorus 15 Elyrian 45 Spanish Club 45 Leaders' Group 3, 45 Friendship 1, 2, 3, 45 Tax Stamp Collector 45 Devotion Chair-Friend- shipg Athletic Mono- gramg Stadium Work- er 4. m jeg j0lU' eLll'5 g0 245 jI'e6Ll'neI1 RONALD F. BROTHER- TON - 50' Clark St.1 Generalg Cheerleader 3, 41 A Cappella Choir 3, -lg Noon Movie -l. ANTHONY R. BRAT- TOLI-l l2 Eady Courtg Commercial. BARBARA -IEAN BROVUN-321 Oxford Ave.g General: Baseball I, 23 Basketball l, 23 Volley Ball l, 2g A Cappella Choir l, 3, 43 Band l, Z5 Friendship l, 2, 3, 43 Vice-Presi- dent Friendship 2. IOAN LORRAINE BRUSE - 415 West Twelfth St.g Generalg Athletic Eg Chorus lL Herald 3, 'lg Quill and Scroll 5, 43 Art Service 43 Library Assistant 31 Cafeteria l, 2, 53 Ger- man Club- 33 Spanish Club 3, 4g Friendship l, 2, 5, -lg H. R. Repre- sentative 2, gil Conces- sion Stand 4g Usher 3, 41 Distinction Day As- sembly 3. LOIS A. BURDICK - l24 Harwood Street: Volley Ball lg Chorus Z3 Monitor I. 20 you M0620 CAROLX N L BLJRILI w Sixth St., Li rxr r .sistant ti: Of ic Assistant 51 Gem an Club 4: Friendship I, 7 3 i JOYCE ELEANOR BURR -- 247 Harwood Streetg Chorus lg Office Assist- ant 4g Friendship l, 21 H. R. Representative 2. DELORES FRANCES BUSWELL - 400 High St.g Volley Ball lg Chorus lg Office Assist- ant 5g Friendship 31 Cafeteria Cashier 3. 4. MOLLIE LOUISE BUT- LER - 334 Hawthorne St.g Volley Ball l: Chor- us lg Library Assistant l, 2, 53 Friendship l, 2. 3. 4. SHIRLEY GXWENDO- LYN BUTLER - 2l2 Longfellow St.g Baseball lg Volley Ball 11 Chorus lg Library Assistant 2, 3, 4g Office Assistant 43 Friendship 1, 2. ow Quielfg ,ML Gaaf JAMES M. CARNER - 186 Bell Ave.5 Generalg Basketball 1, 25 Football 1, 25 Slip Collector 32 H. R. Repr. 2. GARDNER CAYWOOD - 351 Sixteenth St.5 Track 3, 4. JUDITH ANN CAY- M WOOD - 309 Spruce St.5 General5 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Volley Ball l, 2, 31 Crew 45 Chorus 15 Monitor 15 Friendship l, 3, 45 H. R. Repr. 3. 45 Tax Stamp Collector 45 Athletic E. ICHA EL CHECHUCK - 126 Homer St.5 In- dustrial Arts5 Chorus 1. ROBERT C. CHENEY -- 241 Samuel St.g Gener- alg Intramural Basketball 3 4 . , . BARBARA LOU CHES- MAR - 1960 N. Ridge Rd.5 General5 A Cap- pella Choirs 5, 45 Chorus lg Glee Club 25 Office Assistant 4. ELEANOR H. CHOMI -- 203 West River St.5 Generalg Basketball 33 Volley Ball 2, 35 Chorus lg Glee Club 25 German Club 45 Friendship 3, 45 Bond Issue Parade Committee 45 Drum Majorette 2, 3, 4. NANCY CLIFFORD - 123 Longford Avenueg General. JINI CLIFFORD -- 123 Longford Ave.5 Manuel Artsg Basketball 25 Foot- ball 1, 2, 45 Golf 3, 45 Monitor 3, 45 Noon Movie 2. ELMA MAY COCHRAN - 920 East Ave.g Gen- eralg Tennis 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball 2, 3, 45 Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Crew 45 Noon Movie 2 3, 45 German Club 3, 45 Leaders' Group 3, 45 Friendship 1, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer of Friendship 45 President of Leaders' Group 45 Distinction Day Assembly 33 Ath- letic Eg Pin and Guardg All-star Basketball and Volley Ball. .fdaivle Our jmivbfg an Ecame .syolahiaficafecl . 1 Us Mui ROBERT H. COCH- M RANE -- 3 l ' Cam- bridge Ave.g Baseball Manager I, 2, 5, -ll Football Manager I, Z. 3, -Ig Announcer -Ig A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 German Club 5, 43 Hi- Y I, 2. 5, 'IL H, R. Repr. 4lL Sr. Announce- ment Committeeg Choir President -lg German Club Treasurer rig Buck- eye Boys' Stateg Vice- President Senior Hi-Y 4. A R Y ELIZABETH COGHLANH-562 Fur- nace St.: Baseball Ig Basketball lg Volley Ball I3 Chorus l, 23 Friend- ship I. 2. .IIM COLLIER - 217 Harwood St.g Monitor lg Spanish Club -Ig Hi-Y I 7 I .-,-. JUANITA D. cook H l'0l Lorain Blvd.g Baseball I, 23 Basket- ball IL Volley Ball 25 Chorus I1 Glee Club 23 Friendship I, 23 Cafe- teria Wtnrker 5. JACK D. CORTS - 205 Cleveland Street. DICK B. CROFIIORD - llll-'I Luke Ave.g Foot- ball l, 21 Monitor 2. EARL RUDOLPH CROSS - 221 Oberlin Roadg Baseball 2, 3. 4g Basket- ltall l, 2, 5, 41 Football l, 2, 3, 4g Jr. A Cap- pella Zg Orchestra 1, 2, S, 43 Latin Club lg Hi-Y -lg Varsity E Club. RUDOLPH H. DAVIS - l922 Middle Ave.g Bas- ketball lg Football 43 Track 25 Sr. A Cappella Choir S, fl. .,.. M3 ,.,, gi . ' li wif? I I - BOB DEAN-West River Rd.g Baseball 3, 4g Bas- erball lg Football 1, 2, Eg Monitor -I, LUIS ANN DEAN - R, D. 5. N. Murray Ridge Rd.g Chorus lg Office Assistant 3, 4g Friendship 2. QSDOPAOINOFBJ tm egan fo gef info 19 ESTHER G. DEMETRAL - IIIT West Ave.g General: Latin Club lg Spanish Club -'ig Leaders' Group 3, -ig Friendship l, Z, Sq Basketball lg Library Assistant l, 2, 53 Office Assistant l. VUILLIAM ROBERT DICKERSON-5 Shear St., General, Football lg Spanish Club 3. 4g Cheer Leader l, 2, 3. DONALD DOMBROSKY - 618 Woodland Ave.g General. ,lOl-IN F. DOSTALL - 343 Kenyon Ave.1 Com- mercial, F.R.O.E. Club -13 Library Assistant l, 23 Monitor 5. JAMES Q. DOYAL - 500 W. Third St.g Gen- eralg jr. A Cappella Choir 39 Sr. A Cap- pella Choir 4. JACR DRAGER - 221 Harwc od St.: General. ,ROBERT JAMES DU BRAY - 369 Oberlin Rd.g General, Track 3, -ig Spanish Club 4g Jr. A Cappella Choir 23 Sr. A Cappella Choir 3, 4. HELEN IDA DUGAR - 113 Nichols Courtg Scientific, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Volley Ball I, 2, 3, 4g Play 1, 2g Crew 2, 3, -ig Announcer 43 Library Assistant 1, 23 German Club 2, 3, 4g Latin Club I, 2g Leaders' Group 3, 4g Players' Club 2, 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 Friend- ship 2, 3, 4g H. R. Repr. lg Cafeteria Worker 2, ,Hg Monogramg Athletic li: Pin and Guard. OIACK DOUGLAS DUN- FEE - R. D. 112, lilyriag Generalg Foot- hall lg Monitor 3. ROSENARY EATON - 320 E. Hghts. Blvd., Generalg Volley Ball lg A Cappella Choirs 3, 43 Glee Club 25 Office Assistant 2, 33 Spanish Club 3, 4g Friendship 1, 2, 3, 4g H. R. Repr. lg Vice- President Friend- ship I. .7Aingd5 we frierl fo acf aa 'i' we AaJ DAVID RALPH ED- WARDS - R. D Q3 Griswold Rd.: General. CAROLE ELLEN ELBERT - 449 Kenyon Avenue, General, Announcer 4, Chorus I, 2, Herald 2, 3, 4, Office Assistant 2, 5, Spanish Club 3, 4, Leaders' Group 3, 4, Players' Club 3, 4, Play I, Crew I, 2, 3, Student Cabinet 4, Friendship 1, 2, 3, 4, and Cabinet I, 2, 3, 4, H. R. Repr. 2, Class jewelry Committee 3, Distinction Day Com- mittee 3, Treasurer, jun- ior Class: Treasurer, Senior Class: Vice-Presi- dent, Student Cabinet 4, Athletic "E" and Pin and Guard, Quill and Scroll 3. NELDA JOAN ELDRED - I23 Woodbury St., General, A Cappella Choirs 3, 4. HOWARD GEORGE ESCHKE - 427 First Place, General. THOMAS BERTRUM FARMER - 616 Fur- nace Street, General, Baseball I, 3, 4, Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Golf 1, 3, Track I 2, Monitor I, 2, 3, 4, Student Cabinet I 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, H. R. Repr. 2, 4, Dis- tinction Day Program 3, President, junior Class, Varsity E Club. LEONARD FLEISHER - 821 West River Street, General. JAMES JOSEPH FOGLY- ANO - I5 Smith Court, Industrial Arts. NORMAN FRANCIS FOLLEY - 210 Erie Street, Scientific, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Monitor 1, 4, Latin Club 2, H. R. Repr. 3, Flower Com- mittee 4, Secretary- Treasurer Band 3, Pres., Band 4, Junior Boosters Club 3, Distinction Day Program 3. ROLAND FREDERICK FOSTER - 318 Blaine Street, General, A Cap- pella Choirs 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, F. R. O. E. 4. MARIANNE ELAINE FRANK - 210 La Grange Road, General, Baseball 1, 2, Volley Ball 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Office Assistant 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Friendship 1, 2, 3, 4, and Cabinet 1, 2, 3, 4, H. R. Repr. 1, 2, Distinction Day Com- mittee 4. een in fhem a Ang fine. .7Len Le- if RITA MARIE FRITZ - 207 West River Street, Commercial, Baseball 1, Basketball 2 3, Volley Ball 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, Office Assistant 3, 4, Movie 4, Friendship 1, 2, 3, 4. BEATRICE ELLEN GAGEN - 1014 West Ave., General, Monitor 3, Office Assistant 2, Movie 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Friendship 4. .IO MARIE GALLO - 315 Eighteenth Street, General, Baseball 1, 2, Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, Play Crew 1, jr. A Cappella 3, Friendship 1, 2, 3, 4, H. R. Repr. 2. 3, Tax Stamp Collector 2. DONALD CHARLES GATES - 247 East Thirteenth St., Scien- tific, Track 3. MARYANNE GAWURA - 414 High St., Gen- eral, Chorus 1, 21 Glee Club 3, Office Assistant 4, German Club 3, 4, Leaders' Group 3, 4, Friendship 2, 3, 4, Ath- letic and Guard. i CAROL JEAN GEHL - 890 Baetz Court, R. D. 32, Lorain, General, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3. 41 Volley Ball Z, 3, 4, Crew 3, jr. A Cappella 3, Monitor 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Announcement Commit- tee 4, Treasurer Friend- ship 3, President Friend- ship 4, Distinction Day Program 3, Concession Worker 4: Leaders' Group 4. SALLYE JOANNE GEHRKE - 1,115 Raw- son Ct., General, Base- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. A Cappella Choir 2, Sr. A Cappella 3, 4, Elyrian 1, 2, Monitor 3, Office Asst. 2, 4, Latin Club 2, Leaders' Group 3, 4, Friendship I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD E. GIBBS - 123 Clinton Ave., Gen- eral, Basketball 2. JUNE DARLENE GLASSE - 540 West Second St., General, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4, Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Crew 3, 4: Jr. A Cappella Choir 2, Sr. A Cappella 3, 4, Elyrian 4, Spanish Club 4, Leaders' Group 3, 4, Friendship 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 2, 3, 4, Girls' Distinction Day Com- mittee 4, Tax Stamp CollTtor!3, Concession Wor er 1, SHIRLEY ANN GRAY - 344 East River St., General, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3 4, Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Leaders' Group 4, Sr. Class Color Com. 4. 1 ore we Lal-clfy Lnew if, we were lOHN FRANKLIN G R U N D Y - 2 4 l Seventh St.: Generalg lr. A Cappella Choir 4g Band l. 2, 3, 41 Orches- tra 2, 5, 43 Photogra- pher ll French Club 5. -'lg Hi-Y 4. ILOYD DUANE HAM- ILTON - l077 East River Streetg Generalg Football lg Hi-Y l, 2. 3. 4. DONALD WAYNE HANGE-218 Harvard Ave.g Generalg Band l, 2. 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Hi-Y l, 2. 3, 43 Color Committee 4. lOAN E. HARDING -- 512 Woodland Avenueg Generalg Baseball lg Basketball lg Volley Ball l, 2g Chorus lg lr. A Cappella 2g Sr. A Cappella 3, 41 Friend- ship 2. 3: Tax Stamp Collector. BEVERLY ANN HARRIS -438 Oxford Avenueg Generalg Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball l, 2, 3, 4g Volley Ball l, 2. 3, 4g Crew 23 Sr. A Cap- pella Choir 3, 43 Lead- ers' Group 3, 4g Student Cabinet 41 Friendship l, 2, 3, 43 H. R. Repr. l. 2. 3. 4. BEVERLY ANN HAR- VITT - 153 Warren Avenueg General: Latin Clubg Spanish Club 3, -'lg Friendship l, 2. 31 Sr. Gift Committee 4. PATRICIA A. HAURY -915 East River St.g Generalg Baseball 1, 2g Basketball 1, 2g Volley Ball 1, 2g Cheerleader 3, 4g Jr. A Cappella Choir 2, 32 Friendship 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice Presi- dent of F. R. O. E.g Varsity Cheerleader Co- Captain 4. DONALD J. HAWKE- ll8 Charles Ct.g Gen- eral: Basketball 3g Foot- hall 4. THOINIAS C. HAYES- 365 High St.g General: Chorus l. DONALD RAY HEBE- BRAND - 925 Wal- nut St.: Industrial Arts. funiom ana! L4 quife Auloerior. BETTY JANE HEIN -- 241 W. Griswold Rd.3 Generalg Basketball 1, 23 Volley Ball l, 23 Li- brary Assistant 1, 23 Oflice Assistant 43 Mim- eograph Worker 43 Friendship 5, 4. SUSAN JANE HEL- FRICH - 412 Gulf Roadg Generalg Chorus li Glee Club 23 Elyrian 2, 3, 43 Office Assistant 23 French Club: 3, 43 Friendship 1, 2, 3, 43 Gift Committee Senior Classg Tax Stamp Col- lector 23 H. R. Repr. Manners Assembly Committee 4. DARLENE ANN HEM- MINGER- 170 Beebe Courtg Generalg Chorus lg Glee Club 23 Elyrian 43 Office Assistant 3, 43 French Club 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Friendship fi3 Tax Stamp Collector I: Sr. Class Color Com- mittee 4. HARRIETT M. HEWITT - 239 Rush Streetg Generalg Volley Ball 23 Office Assistant 23 Sec- retary in Distributive Education Club. BETTY E. HlLOVSKY-- 419 W. River Streetg Genetalg Baseball 2, 33 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Vol- ley Ball 1, Z, 3: lr. A Cappella Choir 43 Herald I, 23 Ofiice As- sistant 2, 3, 43 French Club 3, 43 Friendship l, 2, 3, 43 H. R. Repr. 1, 43 Member at Large 43 Tax Stamp Collector 1, 23 Secretary French Club 3. ANITA MAY HIST - 513 Cleveland St.: Gen- eral, Baseball 4: Volley Ball 3. DONALD GENE HO- GAN - 115 Riverdale Court3 General3 Foot- ball l3 Band 2, 3, fig F. R. O. E. AMY CAROL HOLLIS-- R. D. 1, Ford Rd.3 Gen- eral3 Baseball 13 Basket- ball 1, 2, 33 Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Leaders' Group 43 Friendship 1, 2, 3: Office Asst. 4. RICHARD W. HOLMES -1605 Grafton Road3 General3 Football 13 Monitor 5. 4. ANN M. HUFFMAN - 231 Denison Avenueg General3 Baseball 1. Basketball 1, 23 Volley Ball 1, 2, 33 Chorus 1: Herald 3, 43 Oliice As- sistant 23 French Club 5, 43 Friendship 1, 2, 3. 4: H. R. Repr. 33 Secre- tary of Friendship 23 Tax Stamp Collector 3. we Zzurfk .szptelngef IWJLBJ UPON IANICE EDITH HUS- KINSON - 206 Lex- ington Ave., Generalg Herald Z1 Monitor 45 Friendship lg Cafeteria Wtmrker l, 2, 5, -i. RENNETI-I SAMUEL HUSKINSON -- 206 Lexington Ave.: Gen- eral: Cheerleaders 3, fig Slip Collector fig Future Retailer fi. DC PNALD LEE IGNASIK -Sll Second St., Gen- eral, Tennis I, 2, 3, -ig Track Manager Z. 3g Hi-Y -i. BEVERLY ,IEANNE IVES -810 West Ave., Busi- 'icssg Crew 33 Chorus 1, Friendship I. 2, 5. 43 Cafeteria Wtmrker 3, -ig Tax Stamp Collector 4. ILRRY LYNN JACK- SON-l0l7 East River St., General, Football I, 2g Tennis -ig Play -ig A Cappella Choir 2, 3, -ig Monitor 31 Hi-Y I, 2, 5, -ig H. R. Repr. 3, Youth Council Finan- tial Committeeg Treas- urer Hi-Y -i. IOHN GREGORY IAS- PER-IOO E. Second St.g Scientiticg Tennis I, 2, 3, -'ig Crew -ig Band I, 2, 3, -i1 H, R. Repr. 25 Hi-Y Secretary 33 Latin Club Vice Presi- dent SQ Latin Club Aedile 4g Youth Coun- cil Treasurer 41 Lake Erie League Band 31 Varsity 'E" 51 Alt. Boost- er Club 31 Youth Coun- cil 2, 5, 4g Elyrian Z. FRANCES CHEREL KAPLAN - 529 Wef-t Avenueg General: Base- ball l, 2g Basketball I, 23 Volley Ball 3: Sr. A Cappela Choir 4, Of- tice Assistant -ig French Club 53 Friendship li. FERN LIANE KAYE-- 99l North Washingtcmn Blvd.g General: Basket- ball I, 2, 5, -ig Volley Ball I, 2, 3, -ig Chorus Ig Herald 2. 3. -ig Office Assistant, 3, -'ig French Club 2, 'ag Leaders' Group 3, fig Friendship I, Z, 5, -ig Distinction Day, Sta- dium Usher. ,IANET KELLAR - 225-4 W. River Roadg Gen- eral, Otiice Assistant -i. JOAN MARIE KELLING - lI06 Park Avenueg Commercialg Baseball I. Z, 53 Basketball 2, 5, Volley Ball I, 2g Chorus I, 23 Friendship I, 2, 3. Aurlorifiing g ciuiclfg an we were AIEANNE PATRICIA KELLY - 500 Park Avenue1 General1 Base- ball l, 21 Basketball 1, 21 Volley Ball l, 21 Play Crew 41 jr. Choir 21 Senior Choir 3, 41 Library Asst. 41 French Club 5, 41 Friendship 1, 2, 3, 41 H. R. Repr. lg Senior Class Gift Com.1 Vice President French Club 3. ARTHUR KETCHUM- 511 N. Abbe Roadg Business1 Sr. Band I, 2, 3, 41 Herald 3. 41 Mon- itor I1 Distinction Day Play 31 Cafeteria Wturk- erl 7 5 4 v--.vA- BARBARA JOAN KISER -R. D. No. I Grafton, Ohio1 General1 Volley Ball l, 21 Chorus I1 Monitor 31 Friendship l, 21 Cafeteria Work- er 4. ROBERT il. KLOCEK -- R. D. No. l, Chestnut Rltlgel General. BETTY LOU KNAPP- 243 Spruce Street1 Gen- eral1 Basketball I1 Vol- ley Ball I1 Orchestra I1 Mimeograph Worker 41 Friendship I, 2, 51 H. R. Repr. I1 Major- ette 2, 3. 41 Distinction Day 3. BEVERLY .IOANNE KNEISS - -430 East River Street: Businessg Friendship 1, 2, 3. 41 Cafeteria Wtbrker 3. JERRY KOEHN - 225 Glenwood Street1 Gen- eral1 Golf 2, 31 Band I, 21 Monitor 31 Span- ish Club 41 Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4. ARNOLD R. KOPRIVA - 104 Princeton Ave.1 Industrial. LOUIS KOVACS - 569 lrondale St.1 Industrial. PEARL MARGARET KOVACH - 321 Fair- lawn Avenueg General: Baseball lg Basketball I, 2, 3: Volley Ball I. 2, 3, 41 Jr. A Cappella 31 Office Asst. 2, 4, Friendship I, 2. 3, 4: Friendship Cabinet 1, eniora. Ocfoger anal Wouem er ORN MARIE KRITZ- lfl.l.4l io S t a n I o r tl Axeg General: Spanish Club' Fri -n ishib I 7 S - . - - ' .-v,- I1 Baseball 2, 5, -lg Bas- ketball 51 Volley Ball 2. 5, -I: Crew I. 2. 5, Sr. A C.p1'ella Choir 5, 43 Fl rian Staff 43 Friend- sl'iu Cabinet 53 Dis- ti 'ctii,n D' y Program 53 Distinction Day Com- mittee I: S t a d i u m Wforker I: I-Ierald 'Fal- ent Assembly 5. PATRICIA .IANE KUHN --609 Bond St., Gen- eralg Friendship 2, 4: Office Assistant 5, I. LORNA LOU LA MBERT -R.F.D. No. I, Graf- rong Generalg Spanish Club I, 2, Glee Club and Chorus I, Z, 5. OI-IN HENRY LANTS .I ' - BERRY, JR.-22 5 Oak- wood St., Generalg Foot- ball 2. HERMAN MELVIN LAR- KINS, JR.--R. D. No. 2, Wayne St., General, Football 43 Track 33 I-li-Y Ig Monitor I, Boys' Distinction Day Committee -I. RICHARD R, LAW- RENCE Y II6 Law- rence Ave., Industrial, Baseball lg Basketball lg Football 41 Intra- mural Basketball. N A N C Y CATHERINE LEONARD - 232 W. Bridge St., General: Spanish Club 5, 41 Players' Club I, 2, 5, 4g Friendship I, 2, 5, 4, Volley Ball I, 2, Play I, Crew I 2g A Cap- pella Choir 5, 43 Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 41 Library Assistant 21 Monitor 29 Secretary of Spanish Club 4g Youth Council 2, 3, 4. COLETTA MAY LESHER -I I4 Mendel Ct., Gen- eral: Baseball 3, Basket- ball 3g Volley Ball 3. PATRICIA ANN LESH- ER - II4 Mendel Ct,: General, Basketball 2, 51 Baseball 2, BQ Volley Ball 2, 3. JACK LESNICK - BIS Ohio St., General, Foot- ball Manager I, A Cap- pella Choir 2, Sg Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 41 F. R. O. E. Club 4. Jaw ua Jiffing or our lalwfograp 6 6 IMQK CHRIS LONYO - -HIS Clcvelancl St.: Cien- eraI1 Hi-Y I: Office Assistant Ig Intramui Basketball. DON ALD I.. LOTTINI AN --R.I'.D. No. I, La iirangeg General. VIRGINIA Llili LYMAN AI-'Ii Columbia Ave.2 Lieneralg Basketball 21 A Cappella 3, -'Ig Office Assistant Z, -Ig Spanish Club -Ig Iirienclship I, 2, ,ig Tax Stamp Collector I, 3. RICHARD H A R V Ii Y LYNDES - R. D. No. I, Graftong General, Announcer I1 Speakers' Bureau 'Ig A Cappella Choir 2, 5, ,IL Monitor 2, 51 Stutlent Cabinet ,I - 1 w Ig Ili-N I H. R. Rc-pr. I. Z, 5, -Ig H, R. Repr. Pres. lg Correc- tion Council 21 Distinc- tion Day Program 53 Representative to Wcwrlcl Affairs Institute at Cinf cinnati ig Draltsnlan for Intlustrial Arts 33 Vice- presitlent. Senior Class 43 Social Chairman,Stu- tlent Cabinet Ig Youth Council flg Bu c It e y e Boys' State ill. Rt DBIERT L. McCALLIS- TIER - -106 Wtxtmcllancl Ave.1 Generalg Baseball 5, 41 Basketball I, 2, 5, Monitor S, Ig H. R. Repr. I. AIARIII M c H I3 N R Y- --ZIISO Lake Aveg Com- mercial, Baseball I, 2, ig Basketball I, Sq Vol- Iey Ball I. lg Heraltl -Ig 1 Iirientlship 53 Conces- sion Wcvrker -I. ALAN R. MCIVIULLEN- R.D. No. 2, Elyriag General: Golf 5, 43 Play rig A Cappella Choir 2, 5, -I1 Spanish Club 43 Hi-Y -I. ,IOHN E. McNULTY - BIS Griswnltl Rd.: Gen- eralg Football I, 2, 5. YOLANDA ETHEL NAROZAN --- PCD. I, La Grangex Generalg Chorus Ig Office Assis- tant 3. AI: Movie 5, 'Ig Spanish Club II. IELSIIE BETTY MARTIN -228 Griswolcl Rcl.g Generalg A Cappella Choir 3, 'Ig French Club 3, -Ig Bancl 2, 3, "Ig Or- chestra ilg Ifrientlship 2, 5. AI: Secretary Friend- ship 4. in fLe .xdnnuag jlnaf ma e ua gaala PATRICIA ANNE MER- EDITH - 32' Haw- thorne St.g Commercial, Crew 53 A Cappella Choir 33 Glue Club lg Library Assistant 'il Of- ticc Assistant ig Friend- ship I. MIKE MERVA - IW Floral Court, General, Baseball I, 5, 43 Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 41 Tennis Ig Spanish Club -ig Hi-Y 43 Cafeteria Worker l, Z. 3,-1. ROBERT MESSAROS - 234 West River Streetg Basketball I, 2. 33 Ten- nis I1 Football I, 2, 3, 41 Distinction Day Committee 3g junior Booster Club: Member F. R. O. E.g Vice Presi- dent Varsity "E" Club. CEORGE JOHN MIL- LER - 229 Eastern Heights Blvd.: General, Cheerleader 41 Play 45 Crew 33 Chorus Ig Band I, 2, 3, 4g Orches- tra 2, 31 Monitor Z3 Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 43 Vice President Senior Hi-Yg Lehi Band 3: Lehi 3, Distinction Day Assem- bly 33 Herald Talent Assembly 3. IOHN ROBERT MIL- LER - II3 Williams St., Vocational Arts. DAVID ROGER MOC- SNY-l6l Longfellow St.: Scientiticg A Cap- pella Choir 2, 5. -I3 Of- fice Assistant 4, Latin Club 21 Hi-Y I, 3, -I.. EDWIN THEODORE MOSS - 319 Prince- ton Ave.1 Generalg Monitor Lil Distinction Day Committee. B A R B A R A A N N MOYER-243 Eighth St., General: Herald 4, Library Asst, lg Moni- tor lg Ofiice Asst. 4g German Club 3. 4, Friendship I, 2. 3, 4. MARY CATHERINE MURPHY - 32 Arte- mus Ct., Commercial, Baseball I, 25 Basket- ball I, 21 Volley Ball Ig Crew 2. 31 Friend- ship I, 3. ommiffeea Zu' Cfodea Arr liafincfion ag, AP' I , A is PEER D. NIELSEN-249 Cambridge Ct., Scienti- fic, Football I, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, "The Traitor" 4, Jr. A Cap- pella Choir 2, Sr. A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Monitor I, 2, 3, 4, Office Assistant 2, Noon Movie 35 Slip Collector 5, Players' Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, H. R. Repr. I, 2, 4, Youth Council 3, 4, Distinc- tion Day 3, Jr. Booster Club 5, 4, President Hi-Y Club 4, Treasurer H. R. Repr. 4. RUTH BETTY OCKAJIK --1100 Bell Ct., Gen- eral, Chorus 1. 2, Ely- rian 1, Z, Office Assis- tant 1, 2, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Leaders' Group 3, 4, Friendship I, 2, 3, 4, President of Glee Club 2, Athletic Monogram and "E", Tax Stamp Collector 4. LOIS AUDREY PAGE- 277 Columbus St., Gen- eral, Sr. A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Monitor 2, Latin Club 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, and Vice President 4, L e a d e r s '- Group 3, 4, Student Cabinet 2, 3, Friendship I, 2, 3, 4, H.R. Repr. I, Sec'y of Student Cabinet 3, Sec'y of Senior Class, Sr. Dis- tinction Day Program 3, Athletic "E", pin, and guard. ROBERT LOWELL PALMER - 419 Park Ave., General, Tennis I, Track 2, 3, Band 1. 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Art Service I, 2, Moni- tor I, 2, 3. 4, Spanish Club 4: Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Photo Squad, Vice Pres. Hi-Y lg Sec'y Hi-Y 4, Distinction Day Assem- bly 3, Lake Erie Band 3. ERNEST JOHN PAPAY -IZIO R.D. No. 1, Ford Rd., Industrial Arts, Noon Movie 3, 4. AGNES LOUISE FASE- NOW - 619 West 15th St., General: Vol-- ley Ball I, 2, 3, Chorus I, Z, 3, Future Retailers of Elyria. MARGARET ANN PATANIA-247 War- ren Ave., Commercial, A Cappella Choir 3, Friendship I. JAMES W, PAYNE-311 Eleventh St., Industrial Arts. JOAN MAE PENFOUND - 1131 West Ave., General, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Sec'y 4, Spanish Club 4, Friend- ship I, 2, 3, 4. ANASTASIA S. PEPPAS -251 East Broad St., General, Volley Ball 2, Crew 2, A Cappella Choir 3, Band lg H. R. Repr. I, Leaders' Coun- cil 3, Y-Teens 3. ommiffeea Zu' Mid, Zu' fLaf, Aearing - 2' 2 DONALD ROY PFTERb ----Ill Oxford Avenue: General Senior Boyls Distinction Day Com. NORMAN LYSLE PETERSON - U36 East Ave.g Generalg Play -ig junior A Cap- ' pella SQ Senior A Cap- pella 43 French Cluh 5, tig Hi-Y -6. ROLAND E. POLING- 9l-1 Lake Ave., General. MARY POULOS 1 East River St.: Commer- ll l tial: Baskctlna Volley Ball ,ig jr A Cappella 31 Choir Vi. HENRY RADICAN - 1202 Middle Aveg Gen- eralg Footlwall 3. Al. WAR. , r s 7. wr.: . if IRENE MARY RAGO-A lltil West Aveg Gen- eralg Cheerleader 3. -fig Chorus lg Monitor Eg Office Asst. Eg Friend- ship l, 2. Ja, l. IANET EILEEN RAW- SON - M0 Lafayette St.: General: Monitor i, Eg Mimeograph Worker 4g Friendship 2, ig Home Room Collector. IEAN CAROL REIS- lNGER- 126 Wartlen Ave.g Generalg Mimeo- graph Worker 43 Office Assistant 4g Friendship 2, 4. IOAN MARIE RlflS- INGER - IZ6 Warden Ave.g Gcneralg Monitor Zg Friendshiu 2, -i. GERALDINE REBECCA REISZ - 1963 Lake Ave.g Generalg Monitor Eg Friendship 2. 3, -i. nalne of tLe c0lnh'lellCelnellt JPQHLQP, Lelllg 50 MARILYN ANN REITZ - 214 Courtland St.: Business, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4g Basketball l, Z, 5, 4, Volley Ball Z, 5, 43 Mimeograph Worker 43 Friendship Club l, 2. A. VICTOR ROBERT RESAR, JR, - 244l Grafton Rd., Graftong Classical Courseg Latin Club 2, 5, 43 L. B. N. Movie Operator l, 2, 3, 4g Student Cabinet 2, 5, 43 Hi-Y 43 H. R. Repr. l, 2, 45 Announcer 45 Extempore Speaking 3: Monitor 2, 5, 45 Pres. of Latin Club 5, 43 Pres, Student Cabinet 41 Cor- rection Council 4. EUGENE GLEN REYN- OLDS-2l7 Marseilles Ave.g Generalg Spanish Club 45 Players Club 2. 3, Hi-Y l, 2, 4, Basket- ball l, 2, Football lg Golf l, 2, 5, 43 Play l, .23 Library Assistant 41 Monitor 2, 43 Chair- man Boys' Distinction Day Committee. THOMAS E. RISTAS -- l6l4 Middle Ave., Gen- eral, Baseball 2, 5, 4: Basketball l, 2, 4, Foot- ball l, 2, 5, 4g Monitor 43 Treasurer of Varsity Club. lAY RODERICK ROSS -573 Furnace St.g Gen- eralg Baseball 41 Tennis 45 Crew 41 A Cappella Choir, jr. 5, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Monitor 23 Get- man Club 2, 51 Hi-Y 2, 3, Distinction Day Committee. JUNE DARLENE ROSS -Sl' East River St.: General, Latin Club 23 Friendship l, 2, 5: jr. A Cappella Choir 55 Tax Stamp Collector l, 5. RICHARD NOEL RUTH Q 518 Foster Ave.g Manual Arts, Glee Club lg Band l, 2, 33 Moni- tor 4. LAURETTE THERESE ROTHGERY - 9 l 8 West Ave,g Generalg Spanish Club 4g Friend- ship l, 2, 3, 4. HARRY W. RUTTER - 108 Furnace St., Scien- tifirg Baseball 2, 3, -ll Basketball 4, Football l, 7 5 4' Hi Y 3 4 -..i , ' .,'. SALLY ANN SAYERS- 209 George St.g Gen- eral, Latin Club 4g Sr. A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Elyrian 3, 45 Tax Stamp Collector 4. .ahh IYIQGJMFBJ fill' Cl cap all g0Wl1 fo llleal' GRACE L. SCI-IILLING- 241 Columbia Ave.3 General3 Basketball l, 23 Volley Ball I, 2, 31 Crew 1, 43 jr. A Cap- pella Choir 33 Sr. A Cappella 43 Friendship I, 2, 3, 43 H. R. Repr. I3 Tax Stamp Collector 2g'Distinction Dag 3. GERALD LEE SCHON - 1020 Park Ave.3 Classi- cal3 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Crew I, 2, 33 Extem- pore Speaking 13 Li- brary Assistant 1, 23 Monitor 3, 43 French Club 3, 43 Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 43 Gift Committee 43 President French Club 43 Treasurer of -Ir. Hi-Y 33 Repr. at Student Cab- inet for French Club 4. CQLYDE CLARENCE SCHROEDER - 614 West Ave.3 Generalg Herald 3, 43 Photog- rapher 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y I, Z, 43 Boys' Distinction Day Committee: Presi- dent of Photo Squad 3. 4. WILLIAM JOSEPH SCHUSTER - R. D. No. 2. Murray Ridge Rd.3 Generalg Basket- ball 23 Football 3, 43 German Club 4. CONNA KATHLEEN SCI-IWIND - R. D. No. 1, Robson Rd.3 Classical3 Crew 43 Chorus I3 Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra3 Latin Club 23 Spanish Club 43 Friendship 2, 3, 43 I-I. R. Repr. 23 Players Club 4. On- ED W A R D ANTHONY SEABOLD, JR. - 447 West River St.3 Gen- eral3 A Cappella Choir 43 Herald 2, 3, 41 Edi- tor of Herald 43 Moni- tor 33 Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 41 Vice-President of I-Ii-Y 21 Concession Wtmrker 4. DONNA MAIE SEIL- ING - 148 Erie St.3 Business Ed.3 Baseball lg Basketball 13 Volley Ball I3 jr. A Cappella 2, 33 Mimeograph Worker 43 Office Assist- ant 43 Friendship 1, 2. 4. KATHLEEN PAM SEX- TON - 431 W. Ninth St.3 Business Ed.3 Base- ball 43 Basketball 1, 2, 43 Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 3, 43 jr. A Cappella 3, 43 Glee Club 23 Monitor 23 Friendship l, 2, 3, 43 Announcement Commit- tee 43 Distinction Day 33 Radio Program for Problems of Everyday Living 4. MARY LOUISE SHEP- HERD-l245 E. River St.3 Business Ed.3 Chorus 13 Mimeograph Worker 43 Office Assistant 3, 43 Friendship 1, 2, 3. 4. RUSSELL A. SHERMAN - 311 E. Broad St.3 General3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Monitor 43 German Club 43 Gift Commit- ICCQ Varsity "E" Club une 70, 36? me ! Call-2 thin-gd DELL PHILLIP SIEKIER- SKI - 420 XVest lZth St., General, Art Serv- ice l,2:H1-Y l, 2: Con- cession Worker 5, 43 Future Retailers of Elyria 5, 4. DAVID MIELVIN SIGEL -221 Indian Hollow Rd.g Classical, Football I1 Chorus I1 Monitor -'ig Latin Club 21 Span- ish Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Senior Class President. MARGUERITE A. SILER -Ill: Fuller Rd., Busi- nessg jr. A Cappella Choir 21 Herald 2g Noon Movie 2, 3, 4g Cafeteria Worker 3, 4. PAUL EDWARD SINE- GAR - 344 Thirteenth St.: General, Hi-Y I. CALVIN bl. SMITH-1256 East River St., General, Hi-Y 1. DAVID E. SMITH-109 Princeton Ave.g General, Band I, 2, 5, 43 Span- ish Club 4, Office Assistant I, Z3 Hi-Y HARRIET JANE SMITH -304 West Ave' Gen- eral, Athletic E , pin, guard, Leaders' Group 3, 4, Friendship I, 2, 5, 4, Friendship Cabinet 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 3, 43 Band I, 2, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Student Cabinet 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, junior Class. JAMES H. SMITH, JR. - S27 Middle Ave., Classicalg Baseball 2, 3, 4, Play 1, 4g Crew 2, Announcer 4g Extem- pore Speaking Ig A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Elyrian 2, Librarff Assistant lg Office Assistant 2, 3, 4g Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Aedile 3: Players' Club 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 23 Distinction Dav Committee, Treasurer A Cappella Choir 4, Youth Council 2, 3, 4, President 43 Band Man- ager 4. MARY .IANE SMITH - 235 North Olive St., Commercial, Art Serv- ice 3, 4, Library Assist- ,int 4A Monitor 2 ROBERT NOLAN SMITH - 532 Stan- ford Ave.gGet1eralg Football Trainer 3, 4g Basketball Manager 1, 23 Herald 4, Photog- rapher 4g Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, and President lg Secretary Varsity E. Club 3. 5 ow up a gif? ilfwaf wif .9 Ae clam? SHIRLEY ANN SMITH --R. D. l, Butternut Ridge, Generalg A Cap- pella Choir 5, I: Moni- tor lg Office Assistant 3. I, Slip Collector 5. HERESA ,IEANIE SMITH - R. D. I. Oberlin, General, Bas- ketball 5, Volley Ball 51 A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Art Service 'ig French Club 3, lg Friendship H, I: Home Room Repr. S3 Cabinet. CASIMIR A N TH O N Y SOBOTKA--UH West lith St.: Industrial Iiducation. IVELYN AIEAN SNOBLE - 5-I5 Furnace St., General, Baseball l, 2, 5, ti, Basketball I, 2, 5, -ig Volley Ball I, Z, 5, I jr. A Cappella Choir 5, Office Asist- ant -lg Leaders' Group E, -'lg Friendship I, 2, 5. I, VALYN CAROL SOKUL-I IS Riverdale St., Generalg Crew 2, 5, -ig Ir. A Cappella Choir, Secretary ll, Glee Club 3, Band -lg German Club 5. Ai, V i ce A P re sident Leaders' Group 3, all Friendship I, 2. 5 Al and Cabinet 5, All Athletic Pin and Guard, Distinction Day 5: Tax Stamp Collector 5. G ILBERT LESTER SQUIRE - R. D. No. I LaGrange, Ohio, Gen- eral, Baseball 5, ,ig Movie 2, 5. 'lx Hi-Y -ig Concession Wcirker fl. EUGENE HENRY STAN- P DEN - SI5 Olive St.: General, Basketball Ig Football lg Track 5, Track Manager 2, Foot- ball Manager Z, Home Room Representative I, Z, 5, Senior Class Color Committee, Gym Assistant 5, jr. Booster Club 5. ATRICIA AGNES STANKO - 659 West River Stg General, F R O E I ,IEANETTE STASKIEWS -458 West llth St.g Commercialg Crew -iz Senior A Cappella Choir 5, ti, Library Assistant I, Z, Secretary -lg Friendship I, 2, 3, -Ig Mimeograph Wtxtker DARYL THOMAS STORER - Ill Pase- dena Ave., G e n e r a Ig Crew 53 Hi-Y Z. nexf year? in Lewin? auc a 9000! fume IIAMES PHILLIP STRUTHERS - l956 Grafton Rd.: General: Tennis 2: Reserve Cheerleader -'lg Play I, 2, 3, -"ig Crew I: Announcer -I: Extemp Squad 2, 3, -'Ig jr. Choir 2: Senior Choir 3, -I: and Vice-President 41 Herald 3, -1: Latin Club Z: Spanish Club 5, -lg Players' Club I, Z, 5, fl, and President 31 Presi- dent Spanish Club -lg Thespians 5, fl: Hi-Y I, 2, -lg Distinction Day Committee 5: Conces- sion Worker -I: Speak- ers' Bureau 2, 5. -ig Youth Council 5: Hi-Y Cabinet I. 2: Legion Essay Winner 5: State "Voice of Democracy" winner 4. PHILIP D. SURDOCK - ll-I Bath St.: General: Play I, -I: Announcer -1: -lr. Choir Z: Senior Choir 5, -lg French Club 5, -I: Latin Club 2: Players' Club I, 2, 5. -1: Proiectioniscs Club lg H. R. Repr. 4 and President -1: -lr. Ring Com mittee -1: Vice- President of -lr. Class 31 Announcement Com- mittee -lg Youth Coun- cil 2: Band Manager -1. .IACQUELINE MAE TARRY - Ill Lake Ave: General. I.OIS ANN TATTER- SALL - 2-ll Hamilton Ave.: General: Tennis 5, -1: -lr. Choir 2: Sr. Choir 3, -I: Chorus l: Glee Club l: Office Asst. 3, -lg Spanish Club -1: Leaders' Group 5, All Friendship I, 2, 5, -lg Chairman of Flower Committee 4: Friend- ship Cabinet I, 2, 3. 4: Buckeye Girls' State 5: Athletic pin and guard. DONALD G. TAYLOR - 235 Stanford Ave.: General: Monitor fi: Hi-Y I, 2, 3. -l. l.OlS TEDRCJW - ISI-'I Middle Ave.: General: Baseball l, 2, 3, 41 Announcer 4, Band 1, 2. 3. -lg Office Asst. -1: German Club 3, 4: Latin Club l, 2: Leaders' Group 3, -I: Student Cabinet 5, 4: Friend- ship I, 2, 3, 41 H. R. Repr, 3: Girls' Distinc- tion Day 4: Sec'y of Youth Council 4. JOSEPH T H O M A S - 1225 XVest Ave., Gen- eral: Football lg Track 2. XV I L L I A M EDXWARD THOMASSON - 101 Williams St.: General: Spanish Club -'IL Hi Y 1 RAYMOND FREDERICK THOMPSON - 427 West Ave.: Scientific: Basketball l, 3: Moni- tor 2: Slip Collector 2: Latin Club 2: Hi-Y I, 2. 3. -I. RICHARD H A R O LD THOMPSON - 212 Denison Ave.: General: French Club 3, 4: Hi-Y l. 2, 3. -11 Flower Com- mittee 4. ere. canf gear fo fAinL of af f L6 ,lACK E. TILLACK-if Beech St.: G e n eral g Basketball l. 2, Eg Track I, 2, 5, lg Monitor 53 German Club. CARL ADAM 'l OMSKI - R. D. 2, General. GEORGE TRAICOFF JR. --IZS Blake St.g Gen- eralg Cheerleader 3, -lg Band lg 2, 3, -'lg Office Assistant 2, 3: Student Cabinet 5, -lg Hi-Y 2, 5, -lg H. R. Repr. lg lg Hi-Y Cabinet 5. CONSTE NCE C L AIR E TRFSCOTT-ol 5 East Aveg Generalg Baseball lg Basketball lg Volley Ballg Chorus lg Monitor Eg Office Assistant 31 Noon Movie -'lg Friend- ship l, 2, -1. ilUAN MARIE TSAR- ONES - 20l Cascade St.g Generalg Baseball lg Z, 5g Basketball lg 2, 51 Volley Ball lg 2, 5g Chorus lg Drum Maior- ette 2. 51 Noon Movie lg lg Leaders' Group 5, -lg Friendship l, Z, 3, -lg Distinction Day Com- mittee fl. 'fl YVONNF HFLFNF TURFK 5 lil Dowd Td.: General: Tennis 5, li Athletic "li" .X Pin li Play Crew -lg hlr. A Cappella Choir 5g Sr. Cafirella lg Orchestra 2. 5g Latin Club 21 Spanish Club 5, -lg Lcaders' Graup 5, 'lg Fr'endship lg 2, 5, -lg H. R. Repr. -lg Distinc- tion Day Committee -lg Friendship Cabinet l. 2, lg Stadium Usher 11. FTHEL TURON-R. D. lg Stang Rd.g Commer- cial: Office Assistant 5, -lg Friendship 2. 3. MARCELLA G. VAK- ERICS e 255 Griswold Rd.: Generalg Library Assistantg Friendship lg 5 I ELEANOR V A L ER l E VARGA - ll5 Laura Courtg Generalg Base- ball 1, 2, 3, Jig Basket- ball 1, Z, 3, -lg Volley Ball lg 2, 5, -lg Jr. A Cappella 3g Glee Club 2: Chorus lg Mimeo- graph Wo1'ker-13 Leaders' Group -lg Friendship 2. 3, fl. FRANCES R. VAISICCA -225 West River St.g Generalg Volley Ball 3, 4g Glee Club 31 Chorus lg Monitor -lg Friend- ship 3. win ing up. me hna exama ea, NORMA ANN VON DUYKE - 655 Cleve- land St.3 Generalg Vol- ley Ball 13 Jr. A Cappella 23 Sr. A Cap- pella 23 Sr. A Cappella 5, 43 Office Assistant 3, 43 Senior Flower Committee 43 Distinc- tion Day 53 Librarian in Senior Choir. NANCY RUTH WAIN- WRIGHT-1119 Wusr Ct. General3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4g Distinction Day: String Ensembleg Friendship 1, Z, 3, 4. MARILYN ANN W A L K E R - 1026 Middle Ave.: General3 Baseball 1, 2, 5. 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Vol- ley Ball 1, Z, 5, 43 Mimeograph Worker 43 Friendship 1, 2, 5, 4. NORENA WALKER -- G 526 Clinton Ave.3 Gen- eral3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Volley Ball Z, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Y- Ser Teens 2, 5, 43 Sr. Girls' Distinction Day Committee, Y-Ser Teen Cabinet 3. EORGE THEODORE WALLER, JR. - 115 Beverly Court3 General. R ., ts X ROBERT M. XVARNER - R. D. 1, Oberlin O.3 Generalg Basketball 3: Track 2, 3, 43 Monitor 43 Hi-Y l. 2. 3, 43 Vice-President Hi-Y 5. JAY A. WEICHEL -- 208 E. Hts. Blvd.3 Scientific3 Basketball i, 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 3, 4g A Cappella Choir 5, 43 Latin Club 23 Hi-Y 1, 23 Ring Com- mittee Sr. Classg Treas- urer of Hi-Y 1. LARRY DALE WELLS - 144 Longfell0w3 Industrial Arts: Basket- ball Manager 2. 3. 43 Hi Y 1 LEON M. WENZEL - 245 George St.: Gen- eral Hi-Y 5. -1: H. R. Repr. 13 ROY A. WEST - 1251 East River St.3 GCHCf31Q Football 1, 2, 3, 43 jr. A Cappella 2, 3: Chorus lg Monitor 33 German Club 43 Latin Club l, 23 Projectionists' Club 1, 23 Hi-Y 1, 2, 55 H. R. Repr. 1, 23 Presi- dent V a r sit v Club 3. is 5 J 1 is is 1 s . yea, muaf :lo aome reviewing. af XVAN DA LEE XVEST- FALL - I20 Highland Court, Generalg Base- Ball I, Basketball Ig Latin Club 21 Future Retailers of Elyria 4. SHIRLEY ANN XIUHIT- ACRE 7 626 Foster Ave.1 General, Baseball I, 2, BQ Basketball I, 2, 53 Volley Ball I, 2, Ig Crew I: Chorus lg Glee Club 23 Library Assistant 5, -I1 German Club 3, 41 Latin Club 23 Frientlship I, 2, 3, -I. ALEX WHITE - IS Artemas Courtg Gen- eral1 Bantl I. V ELTON C. WHITE, IR. - 360 N. Olive St.: General: Basketball 4, Monitor 5, -Ig Office Assistant 3: Hi-Y 3, 4g Treasurer of You th Council fl. EORGE E. WILCOX -- 2-'ll Washington Ave.: Scientificg Foot- ball Ig Track 5, Crew rl, Banti I, 2, 3, fl, Monitor l, 2, 33 Slip Collector ,171 Latin Club - r J, Hi-X I, Z, 3, 4, Distinction Dav Com- fnitte S. CARRIE LOUISE WIL- LIAMS - 435 West Thirteenth St.: General Baseball I, 2, 3, ,ig Vollev Ball I, 2, 3, -I. LIAMb 7 31 How e bt General Chorusl Glee Club 7 Office Assistant 'S Cafeteria iw r er I 7 I wer man Club v Irient l F ' , i , SHIRLEY ANN WIL- - Q .1 4 Q Ml t 1 ' ":- - ...I ' .1 1 ' A A ff io k ' 7 'fir 'C ii GEORGE E. WILLIS I60 Northrup St.: Cafe- teria worker I, 2, 51 Home Room Repre- sentative 3: Future Re- tailer 4. DICK WILSON - IOI Furnace Stg Manual Arts: Art Service 4. I'AYl: WIbbER - 219 Eastern Heights Blvclg General: Friendship I, lg H. R. Representa- tive 3. fAe fun, memoriea of goo gra e.4 wif! Ae Let BILL WOODEN - No. 4 Colonial Aptsg Gen- eralg Footballg A Cap- pella Choir 3, 45 Li- brary Assistant 4g Ger- man Club 3, 41 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. 43 H. R. Rep- resentative 4, HAROLD JAMES WOR- CESTER - 220 Shad- down Rd.: R. D. No. 35 Generalg Art Service 4g Library Assistant 4g Monitor 45 Slip Collec- tor 4g H. R. Repre- sentative 4. MARY ANN ZGODA-- 544 Furnace St.g Gen- eralg Volley Ball 25 Chorus 1, 2, 31 Office Assistant 23 Friendship 1,2, 3. These Did Not Offer Photos JAMES R. BYAM, 154 Early court ...,....,.. . . RICHARD LYLE FULTON, 128 S. Abbe Rd.. . BETTY LOU FULTON, 128 S. Abbe Rd. ......... . LOWELL SHERMAN GOULD, 338 Longfellow St.. . . . PAUL BRYAN HUNTER, 172 Bath St. ,........ . BRUCE NED MCARTHUR, 687 Weller Rd.. . . MARK A. MCGINNIS, R.D. 3, Elyria ,.,,... DONALD J. MASON, 154 Adelbert St. .......,.. . THOMAS V. MESZES, 350 Rockfern Ave. ,........ . . . . .General . . . .General . . . .General . . . .General . . . .General . Scientific . . .General . , . .General . . . .General RALPH EUGENE TURNER, 1000 Lorain Blvd. ..... ..,. G eneral These Will Be Accredited Graduates After Completing Their Work In RUSSELL CHARLES BECKER, 402W East Ave. ............ General JACK L. GERHARDINGER, R. D. 3 ......,....... .... G eneral WILLIAM CAYWOOD MUDGE, 116 Beverly Ct. ....... . . General JOHN ROBERT MILLER Cphoto p. 285 113 Williams. . JAMES PAYNE Qphoto p. 293 311 Eleventh St.. . . . JOYCE ARLENE SAARI, 124 Vista Ct. . . . . . . CASIMIR SOBOTKA Qphoto p. 341 , . . . . . . PATRICIA ANN SWIGER, 126 Caroline Sr. . . VIOLA MAE WINGARD, 308 Broad St.. . . 39 Industrial Arts General . ..Classical . . . General . . .General .. General Summer School enior Class Committees ANNOUNCEMENTS Philip Surdock, Clmiwzmfz Robert Cochran Marianne Frank Carol Gehl Kathleen Sexton COLOR -loan Bruse, Cbairnmfz Shirley Gray Donald Hange Darlene Hemminger Eugene Standen FLOWER Lois Tattersall, Clmirwzfuz Norman Folley Richard Thompson joan Tsarones Norma Von Duyke GIFT Beverly Harvitt, Chairman Susan Helfrich jean Kelley Gerald Schon Robert Smith HOME ROOM COLLECTORS Joan Brasselle, 103 Esther Demetral, 104 Robert Du Bray, 105 joan Harding, 107 jerry Koehn, 109 Janet Rawson, 220 Conna Schwind, 207 Jean Snoble, 208 Shirley Williams, 209 GIRLS' DISTINCTION DAY Lois Tedrow, Clmirmmz June Glasse Beverly Harris Yvonne Turek Norene Walker BOYS' DISTINCTION DAY Eugene Reynolds, Cbairmmz Herman Larkins Edwin Moss Donald Peters Clyde Schroeder PROM BANQUET james Anton, Clmirvmm Elma Cochran Sallye Gehrke john jasper Fern Kaye Marcella Vakerics George Traicoff, Claairmmz Ruth Bauer joan Kritzell Victor Resar jane Smith Philip Struthers Poem 0 Adviser 0 Important Dates TO THE SENIORS Not so many years ago, With a challenge new and great XWe met together here. Our purpose plain: our goal to make. It took a little word or two From those who know what's best, And the will to do each day's work Taking the bitter with the rest. Now the time to leave has come: Time to meet another challenge great. With purpose new and goal to make, We set out for an unknown fate. From each of those who gave us help, Comes the wish "best of everything- Strive ever for a better life, Whate'er the future may bring." His courage, strength and truth, we'1l need To answer this new call. Only we ourselves can say If we shall stand or fall. ---Nan cy lflVtli1Z1U1'igbl CALENDAR Senior Prom-Saturday, April Z9-Gym Distinction Day-Monday, May 22, 8:30- Auditorium Senior Chapel-Friday, Iune 2, 8:40-Auditorium Baccalaurette Practice-Friday, june 2, 1:00 P.M.- Stadium Baccalaurette Service-Sunday, June 4, 7: 30- Stadium Senior Dinner 8: Dance-Monday, June 5, 6:30 P.M. Commencement Practice-Wednesday, june 7, 9:00 A.M.-Stadium Commencement Exercises-Wednesday, june 7, 7:50 P.M.-Stadium Alumni Meeting-Friday, Elks' Hall June 9, 8:00 P.M.- 41 MISS JOSEPHINE WILCOX Adrifer to Senior Clars IUNIUIH CLASS " ' A '-" Q, ' i Claribel Abicht it ffl ' .Q ' Q ' , Bob Allen YQ., .f ggi. " 1 Q -, .6 Ruth Amaro ' in ' . Emma Amspaugh Q- " ' ' , A. -" jf: -.'- - 1 Par Amspaugh gg'-A gag' ' ' ,Q Richard Anderson X- - Q Q " Ann Bailey . Y I .,.- F, I Bara . ' "f -1':- Q ii' " Berry Baracskal - tif3g.,.2- K' 'Y " ' Q Dick Bartholomew ii, bivz ' -- 1 ' ' B ' - Ioanne Baum I ""' 3 I Qloe Baumgardner ' 'bg Q- Q' H Karl Baun ' I -SQ? V :,,. -Q Rosemary Beal -' ' -Q 5 12: Q , " A, 'ff' Allan Beckloff ,- ':" I i Qf ,.:. f .:-- H Leroy Bellottie Q :" , -' Don Bennett V W , ,,...,, Q' Q' N' J . 5 it gf - 9 George Berg -I Qi .ji 6 je '," if ' .I Joan Berger y . " ' . ' v joan Betz it tqle "' Q W i ' Q Bruce Bierbower can my . D Q Barbara Black ' R Q b .,'.., V - Q James Bliss 1-iff 14 Zvi Q" A I :gag-"lf il? Q,,Q:,,-Qi'- Patricia Bokay Q i ,::' 1 Beverly Bow , iz f "::"' ' if Evelyn Botamer Q- 5 5 - James Botos 5' ' ' ' """ ' f - ' ,,,- Delight Bowser 1, y 'i g ,,,, Q-.' 5 QQ-'Q Marvin Bruce - fi ' W- -I .QQQQ g A Douglas Burgett Q ---. - A ' ,",' f ",--' ' ' 'Qi Betty Butts jack Byam jay Byam Sidney Byars Shirley Calkins - Pat Carney Patricia Carson Eva Carter . 1 ' ' if 1- SQA? ' UN' 'ijr' ms a 7 1 ' ' :jr Mary Carter I- 5' i 5 S N ' ' "' 1 E, Patricia Carter - . E , ,, S Q 35 Sam Cerra A f . 2 4, I Q E Qlanet Clement -- - - - QQ Richard Comstock - , Evelyn Cordy Q ,, I. Q z- I -I Q - Ralph Costello A' is 'gif' R a ' I. Iacqueline Cox ' ' b Q .Q S, r ,...q: W A Elmira Crawford .. 's t ' f '- Julia Cross f' A Q b If Marilyn Dawson I f . -. .N . Marilyn Dickens . 1' ' 1 fa' F Richard Dilgren 1 ' - Frank Donnelly 3 A ,E I Ierry Dunn ' X gt , Robert Eddy V it 'i if . Sally Eddy A 1 r. t - si Y' Joyce Dostall I Roberta Eddy r-" J 4' Betty Edwards ' ' - ' Barbara Eichenlaub . , , ii ii A I va 'W G r ' ' Pamela Elbert '- - 4 if ' ' 5 Eleanore Elbert 1 v 4 1 Faith Ellis ', f W A Fred Farmer :lil ,.. ' - ,--' l Bill Fm ", - Nancy Flaherty Roberta Fossett - ,Q " 1'-57 .Q Q ,Ioan Fowl 1 " ' M ' X is Theresa Frankoviak David Fraush Virginia Frye Donald Funk Edward El'ClCl .,,,.:- .... . ere are fke funiora a in fLeir rowa 42 I. it Fw IUNIUB CLASS Bill Gardner Eugene Gargas Lois Rose -Gunder Gayle Hazelton Audrey Hearne Gretchen Hoch Bob Hollins ,lim Hoffman Dave Jacobs Bob joviak jean Kader ff -rg-H - .. . l . .. in 14- -:Q 5 ,, ' yas 1 m N., x 1 ' - -' M - -A .ta ' xr, A, -:a.N,t J In af .t Y . " TBI Carolyn Gatchell Bob Gedridge Dorothy Gibbens Leroy Goodson Gunder Darlene Hambly Roxanne Handrosh joan Hargate Richard Hartman Harry Hebebrand Dolores Hendrixson Bob Hettler Bill Heyd Linda Holmes Elsie Homoki Abbie Hultz joan Hyman Mary james Mary Jensen Dick Johnston jack Johnston Dorothy Kangas Helen Karas Marlene Kelley Helen Kerekes t. .. . It . MM Nyrb F My xl Donna Keyser ,:,, I P- -r by - lf: en esta L ' A l,":' i Q L Dale Knowlton - 1 Q er - i y N h P - Keith Kochis , "" ' Perry Koepke til' B , L Estelle Koons r - fs x Q' fe Ted Lakocy ' is .T lane Lambert . , A 'L Jean Landen t 'Lf s ' - h Lois Lantsberry b- Q Dick Larkins f . - ,- Margaret Leczo X Dave Leonard -E E tw 'Z S -e F 1 if " Marilyn Leslie or it fx Edward Letterly tif L Y X gg 8' V I Kay Line ' S t Elaine Livermore , ss ' Ken Logan "" Mary Edith Ludwig . -ig . g ,x sg , A t. ' Nyla Lyndes Q , . as W ali Don Lyons anet Maclok ' ' i ' ' ,lack Mallery Carol Maringer ,lim Markel Mary Ann Marozsan Mary Marshall x ,. Q Joe Marsico N ' ' "': f- ' Bill Messaros 6 9 S 1 ve , ' s of 9 Q 'fc P - is , .:,r X t X " :: im A ry 'S - ' A. 5 Beatrice McClements Evelyn McHale Dick Mclntire Steve Mihalis wading Ar fAe fad year anal af ifa , woed 45 IUNIUI1 CLASS " ' ' ' ' z V,.'V' l l Richard Mika ' Q, , A V Q is Darlene Miner q I f 1 N. ,Q ,i 'fi Q Helen MiUniCli f P ' 1 Q F. .4 Byron Morris .ri A 1 . ,V ' Z - ,Q A Jim Mott . -Q . 'i M, V ' Connie Muntean 35: V Q Q Q K Oliver Murray 5' ' . ., 1 x . f Nancy Myers 2-2 " ' .F " ' 'Qi 2-if Q John Nielsen .. ' V' ' Ierry Novatney . ' ' qlbze Q, ' .,,., V,,.,' ' "" Q V Q Carol O'Brien l ' A xl b -A-' Q lim O'Conno: - 9 1 .5 is .. if hdPO1ah 31- if SI: me E - A if arty Otten , s 1 ' ,1 Z ',,. . r Q Ralph Orr ' r " - l A N ' ' Helen Parker L Q Q .V , Sally llsarks ls Q ' ' r .,..A 5 -' .Vv.' R - ' in Dic Payta' 9' -it ff H 3' -' Dick Pember ' i' '53 " - ':' Q ' , i Phil Perkins ' ' "" 'l" - S Q Nora Pickard gf W' ,Q Tom Pitts qibf f Q. I ' li.. gb ' ' Beverly Pohorence Qf wg? Jim Prochazka 1 " 'fi , ' 5 li' 'A , 36 Q ' Bert Provoznik ' Q ' ' Ann Rcafter , fQ ' --PQ .Z 'QQ :Q Q "",, QQ ' Dic Reisinger if V 'Q ,-" ' tr QQ-H - Q Frank Reisz .1 "rf 11. Qi' V Q 'S' :J T ' Dick Resar Q ' ' fl' I QQ gif , V .. A 1 Marv Ricco Shirley Roling Riggs Royer Ianet Rummery Donna Sargent Darren Sarver Dorothy Sauer Ann Schiesz John Schmidkons Frank Schoditsch Ed Schroeder Louis Schwartz Richard Schwind Evelyn Scott Bob Shafstall Silas Shannon Don Shuster Dolores Simms Dan Simon Helen Skufeeda john Sloboda Ianice Smith Ioan Smith Mary Lou Smith Ernest Sparks Dale Spiegelberg Dick Speigle Jim Sprague Joanne Steele Robert Stefko Janet Steller jerry Stephens Ruby Stiles Dave Stokley Margaret Strong Reva Strouse Bob Stein Patricia Swiger Betty Thatcher Bob Thatcher Connie Thornton Walter Tompkins olning aomeday lo join flue ran 5 44 IUNIUH CLASS Autlrey Tonry S' 5 Sophie Traicoff P 5 Betty Vargo f I X b Q if Q " Mary Lou Wagner is l' M ,LL1 Q S Bill Wallhead V , .S . W' Margaret Walton N .E Sandra Warmee 1, ' b . Iva Washington , , 1, Phil Webb 'Y' is d ' at l Stratton Webster ,. , t ' .lohn West ' Hubert Whitacre , U ,Qi X ' Sylvia Sue Widdowson , -. F f A' Wayne Wilbur P -'Q A H- Bob Williams ' , . A ' Norma Willis ' f ' X Viola Wingard ' Peg Yanega Walter Yourkevitch Clyde Young . JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PHOTO Dave Leonard, Byron Morris, Nora Pickard. Helen Karas. O! fkoae LUAO A6100 9008 ouf many tAdllL5 45 SllI'HlllVlllllES me F L 2' i f 1. .L , . , V ...... r . , -a, .,...u.., , . g ' f . gl , if fx, it 5 31 ii' ' ,, ii 3 il ZX' ' . ..,,E.. ..,:.. il , ...rv A ,. Annette Campagne Shirley Casey Carol Cerlan Harlan Chapman Alice Chismar Rose Christmoen Irene Cibrick Bob Cordv David Crossmier Paul Curcillo James Curie Phyllis Dahm Robert Decker Eugene Demos Carl Dombroski Phyllis Druckenmiller Joyce Dudley Judy Dunn Cliff Elbert Elliott Eldred John Eliot Merle Emery Joe Fehei Delores Ferguson Betty Findley Harry Fisher Dorothy Fitzgerald Fred Fritzpatrick Howard Flood Julia Flood Ray Flowers Pat Flynn Melvin Fogle Fred Forsyth Barbara Fowler Carol Fox i Ae Q J n ri , . ,, A O aw Bill Abahazi Diane Abbe Bill Adams Kathryn Albright Carol Aldrich Jaime Alexander Donna Allison Shirley Amos Tom Anderson Virginia Andress Betty Apperman Joanne Arndt Richard Acherton Gerry Balazi Ray Bartholomew Maxine Beal Myrna Beal Doris Ann Bearer Norman Beattie Janet Bell Joyce Bender Eleanore Bendik Harold Benson Delores Bierik Ed Bittner Norma Bloom Bernard Booth Carol Booth Bill Bowden Clarissa Boyd Bob Brandes George Brlas Jean Brown Barbara Burke Jack Burke Bill Bursley .,,.' .- " , 2 . ,.. - Q Q: .,f, ............ .rt.... ,W t F212 Q I J esta t A+' 'ft' a' to , M J ,af J or . Ms' ff V, , Q J ' ' . ls ,A , M Ax i f F '.., , 39 " we "" :"' "" , i,-: Z ,j --'r ' -rr-'F 1 ---:- 1 f e J - lli' ' ,ark jkeae .gzpkiaficafecl Sopkomorea are 46 SUPHUMURES Q a Margery For Jack Fun , 5 . Dorothy Gagen A fa 4- 1 av Mariorie Gall ' ' ' Marilyn Gehl t U' i w Q i Gerry Gill Q " ' X' V W ... QQ Q QQ Don Givens g ., i , I 3 Nancy Godfrey f S l , use Q, Q, lag" l Jacqueline Gotro 9 , , QQ ' If A i Q loan Grandstaff Q G , 1 'Q W ' , Dorothy Green - i i i 9-7' -" ' ,Q Geraldine Greene ' , Starling Grueser i Q r f' , Q ' , G ' ia I Ralph Gundy N il. , 1 QA! Marcia Guth QQ " W - ' Betty Anne Halsey Q 3' ' we Carol Hammons :" " fx 'Y f Wayne Handley ' Q5 7 ,Q J Yvonne Hardy -"f- fe Q Q. ' if Martin Hariar Q .-, e E 5 X - 2. ,QQ Sally Harrison Q f 1 W - ' Q . ...,. Q ' L Q . Ann Hasko . , ""' i Q Q , Ted Haury " Q iry. f Q 'QQ 12.7, ,lean Hecock i i fx? w' ,"-Q f 1 A 5 1 , 9' Rosemary Herwig - QQ ' ' ' 52:13,-.QQ Q '- JE .J Gerald Heskitt -- - J 1 e "- Q QQQ Eleanor Hess , Q f' Ray Hess - ' . Q 24, , Z, iQ Phillip Haywood 9 gi P 5 Raymond Hildebrandt - . 5 ":' 5 ' -, f ' Q Sandra Howard -. , X 5 Tom Howerth Ronald Hull Ronald Hummer Richard Hirth Grant Ingersoll Richard Jantz Adelia Jewell John Barbara Mary jezewski Lester Johns Barbara Johnson Bob Johnson Edith Kaplan Kehler Kellerman lane Kennelly Phvllis Kemble -lim Kimball Ronald Kleister Cecilia Klocek ,lean Kokai Ioanne Kokai Diane Kotai John Kovac Betty Kovacs Floyd Krugman Donna Krugman Larry Kuba Barbara K Ioanne Kuhl Robert Kunkle USS .lane Lahiff Nancy Lamborn Carl Larkin lohn Larkins Robert Lawson Chiquita Lee Wilma Leininger William Lingenfelrer Walter Loper Richard Lottman Dollie Lotz 66 reaming of nexf gear? fdeir Rfk, ower 47 SUl'HllNlUPiES ',:,-., N ., 'Z .,:,,b "1 ' ,"' ' ' Roland Lucker 'I 1 Q' N A Q : A ' Virginia Lyndes -fit 3 ' -' 'if 3 if 5. if Jackie Mason .. I . Axk, 4 :-- ., A lm C 1, jar- " V t im. 5 ' ' - ' 4 'N Ronald McDaniels 3 Vg ., I Bernard Mcoivm V ' S, 1 i A ' e . Sherman Mellinger A' ' A ' y I. X ,, Louise Mendenhall , 5 .. ,i -V 5 W, Frank Michowka ' v-W .lim Miller sw P If 2 f i . I , Don Morris pl i Q, . . - - , Q- ' 9 x, s W Karen Morrison g ' - ., i f tf Jeanette Nagy W 3' Y . .,., ' ' ames ay , ' ' , y Harold Nell V V H' - 'nh I 'LJ lt- i Marv Nicholson ' 'F 6' -I -A--..-' Alan Niemever iw ' ,,, 2, f Carl Norris i" - W zlll b U ku, Ruby Northrupd ii! A Q 1 Q loiilfff 5526.1 " ,. 9 5 fu " f' ' b il' ST Dorothy Olszewski , S A I . -1 s Aqlclv Palaggi .F . I ii' A .J ... , iz' E ommv asenow ' 5 " . ii -' f' - 3 ."' . Walter Payne , fi ' , Y ' 9 , 1 Frank Peter ' ' ' " V 2 Bob Phillips f - L . at Bill Pitkin Mary Ann Pluta Beryl Poherence Evelyn Poling Maglgaret lllratt- ancy restige T034 Pudef Q .,., .1 .. . S .lerrv Reed ' 2? ' . ' 2" ' 3' Gilbert Reichert i 'Q F li ' 2 Otto Rea Q , .I 53, 'js ' 'Q' Q1 M Gwendolyn Rifenburg 7 if J , B " Benita Ristas 6 "-." 2 ":" ' 1' 1 in , ' Carolyn Rodman gag '-" 2 . . Lois Rose Q . 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Barbara Webb Q lub Qi Roger Weil " A Q Lois Welburn A Q s y' may Dean Wells 4 3' -Q , - Barbara Westerfield QQ -Q . Q5 sg: A Phil Whimcre rf' V in Q . 79 Q Alice Wichlacz Q r'Q' Q QQ Q- i Arden Wilfon ' ' J Beatrice Willetts t Q R . , l Rose Williams , F Q ,., Kr pi, Bill Wilson 4- i , Q ' Rosemary Wilson Q . Q, Qxsl Q Q 3 Wayne Wise ' . .a..g-,., , fc. W ' S - ' Q Bill Wolf Q.Q Donald Wood 'f " - 1 QQ , Gladys Woods Q S ,Q S 5 ' -3 Thelma Yorks t QQ - B iff: Bill Yosa ' r ' if Eileen Young Stan Yourkvitch Ted Zak 49 FISESHMEN 4 Dale Abbe Barbara Abrams Omadelle Abrams Leona Ahlgrim Robert Albright Dick Atkinson Donna Auble Rosemary Bago Bob Bainbridge Sally Ball James Bally Kenneth Bossetr Phyllis Battle Betty Baum Jack Bauer -lack Beal Lois Beale Barbara Bedell Ronald Bellotie Sarah Birch Betty Bishop loe Blaner Arlene Bogart Ida Bokay Betty Boyd Nedra Bozman Dick Bramwell Isaac Brooks Bill Brown Don Brown Richard Brown " W ' Shirley Brown -lane Bucholz Iohn Buchner Ralph Burgett Sylvia Burgett Patricia Burill Barbara Burns Jim Burson Ronald Carstensen Diane Calev Rohnie Carr Dave Carter Garry Castle Carl Caywood Dale Chambers Alfred Chester Ronnie Clawson clean Clement Homer Davies Marcia Davies Velma Davis Donald Dean Thomas Dean Donald Diederich lack Dillman Bob Douglas Larry Doyal Kathleen Drake Maralyn Dunford Walter Edwards Gerrv Ehrlich Richard Eichenlaub Don Elbert Nancy Eschtruth Elayne Evenchick Diana Everitt Ronnie Fahrnev Worth Fauver Don Felty Ronald Fenik Yolanda Fidel 34.066 jfeifilllell are encbng AME Jfeadetl FHESHMEN Hallie Fitzpatrick Harriet Fobes Marv Folk Don Forbush Armenia Fortune Betty Bill Foss Ralph Frabotta June Francis Lois Fridenstine David Fullmer Barbara Gaehr Jim Gagen Carl Gardner Dick Gibbons Warner Giles James Gilkison Thomas Given Harold Glass Martha Glosser Tom Gray Jack Green Rollo Greer Joan Helen Guvnette Shirley Hahn Rav Halliwell Hardy Halloway Robert Halsey James Hambly Ruth Hammons Edwin Hemminger Fortune Grueser Patricia Hancock ' Dick Hengartner Ann Hennings Ruth Herrick Armand Hess Bill Heuser Jerry Hicks Ted Hinkle Jim Hoffman Grace Hogan Dick Holcomb Roberta Holliday Harland Holobach Tom Holt Shirley Holton Evard Hopkins William Hopkins Keith Horton Elmo Houston Ethel Houston Shirley Hovis Elizabeth Huebner Nancy Hurd Bill Huskinson Dick lndicott Rex Ingold Frank Jacobs Raymond James Ed Janaslty George Jewell Marina Johnson Ronnie Johnson Joan Johnston Donald Jones Douglas Jones Esther Kader Ernie Kasper Marvin Katz Bob Kauffman Joan Kaye geafi lleXt Z lftllll-J up 51 FIEESHMEN Sarah Keech Joseph Kelling Herbv Krebs Dolores Klesta Alvin Knepper Ronald Koepp Allan Kopp Dick Kosco Lvnn Kothe Sherre Kovach Pamela Krock Norma Krugman Ruth Krugman George Kushner Donna Lambert Glen Lamoreaux Bill Lance lrene Lantsberrv Flovd Larkins Iohn Lautner Gerald Lawrence Don Lenhart Barbara Lescher Rosemary Lesche Merna Livermore june Logan Arlene Longbrake Louis Longbrake Malcolm Lumadue Elizabeth Luzzi Nora Lvsaght - Carol McCov Lola McElroy lack Mahar William McHenry Woma Mclntire Shirlev McKitrick Bill McMann Regina Machock Gail Maddock Marv Maddoclc Goldie Mahila Bob Malin Isabella Malone Gloria Manns Bob Mansfield Maureen Margraf Peter Marozan Ronald Marsh john Marshall ,lack Meeks Dolores Mendoza Mary Merva Alerrv Messaros Dixie Miller Kav Mitchell Marv Mitchell Siebert Mitchen Gerald Morgan Beverlv Morris Carol Morton Katherine Mueller Virgil Munteen Fred Myers ,Ioan Myhrman Zelma Narv Garnette Nell Arthur Nemes Mariorie Nevin Marilynn Nicholas Iune Nielsen Mollv Nielsen a5 50,1 omorea anal cheery in flzeir fad 52 FHESHMEN Walter Noster Tony Olenek Lois O'MaIly Ruth O'Million Mariory Palmer Barbara Paonessa Patricia Pasenow Richard Perkins Ludwig Petkosek Milton Pippert Patricia Provoznik Shirley Rafter Barbara Ramage Dale Reed Iune Reichard Bob Rhymes Lola Richards ,lanet Richel Rita Rogers Glenn Rosenthal Iohn Ross Tommie Ross Betty Rowland Beverly Ruhl Richard Sabo Mary Lou Sabolitch Marlo Sandow Donald Schmittgen Chuck Schnuerer Tom Schofield Ken Schuster Nancy Schroeder Dean Shaffer Bernice Sherill Douglas Sheppard Don Shewell Naoma Shiley Larry Showalter Eugene Shroyer Howard Sittinget Earl Slonger Charles Smith Diane Smbith Jack Smith Iim Smith Patricia Smith Robert Snow Roy Sparks 1 lohn Stanfield Kay Stang Maurice Stark Carol Stearns Peter Stewart Clarence Stucky Stanley Stucky Thomas Sutliff Harold Sweeney Shirley Szabo Leroy Terrel Paul Thomas Raymond Thomas lim Thrasher Iudy Timms Nancy Timms lim Tintsman ,lohn Tite Carol Tonrv Patricia Trago loan Travers Ianet Updike Victor Vandersomen year fLeyy fkinlf fkirl pface ear. ss L m rc-mc XX Alu ik Dniil XY illxci X lx ii Wfllkcr Bucrlx XY'.iIllu-.iii Him ml W isliinutun Norma Wiihingtiiil Lauri Wchlu Rohuri Wfcisscrr Dirk W'cllcI' Pull Wlutlill Sallx Wulf.- Qhirlu XY'ilcy liner Wfiwirigci' Richard W'ulfc Alberta XVimoil Pdfflkld Ymt Rodney Young Dick Ymirlciewicz Mari Ann Xourlwirch Speech Class 1171 lo Rilulvfx Dun Siniim. ,lalcquclinc Cox, .lnhn Nielsen, Sally Parks. Siinilm XY'.irmcc. Student Announcers Lcff In RI4L'!7f.' Scutul: Victor Rcsiir, Luis Tc-ilrmx, Phil Surilmk. Xfrzlfrllialp' Ciarimlc lfllwcrt. Bnlw Ciwclirunc, Dick Lynilca, Phil Srrurhcrs, jim Amon. -lim Smith. The Llolgsh gfdfroslxuis Whdf row rccruifs for clwir souml Ohffo lr: FL::J,'SorlviS1icaTed9 'ik To Mr' Beck' f W 4 7 b "'m 9 , - Z " Q Q1 Cf-if 2 - A - 'I V! X I Qty . - ' '43 -- - vs? Q - f ' Nfl M12 JL 7 ' Y i O CAFETE .Lf f Q' f Z gg SPECIALTY .Q ' ,X Na - ff F 'xx E52 H Swv 'fi -'f- 1 ZBSYIFJ, ln' ml? HOPPH im ., 2 X '5KQ3'q.,a 6.3, Y is P BirTl'md0 , - Z i s-ff 1111 fs? ff 1 , i. X 9:2 l gan, ,A 51. V X, , il -. 'fm .- 02.5 - . I Q xp if 4 f f - Q K 1510 x- N - -. -- , - -5 X ...ii Ho1'RoclS -'humu-ous cHow mans 0 yearn NOW WE REMEMBER- GET FOUR I I "A I PP fx I fx A 1 ' ,N wr .. ,- Q.. 7-is M W 'I W 1' IV 7?-:eid'.--b'5"'x 4 u .4 ,J k g :Pon 'p -. x. x ' 'xpixi 5' Xw ff, f P L may H, RINIT NI Q K lg! M ,lf 'ff W r- :A L li m '-65" X.. W' ,fjissiif .. - R W rf, EJ ' xx! f TH E X Af iw Ss saw C J I Q W1 I, Nl I f XM mf TRAITOR "? s f "' 'A Nfl! f va . I W . ,F W0 9 vlyxw XU0 dv vf, V6 f Dear- Teacher-sz We are. offcn-ISK 'lhis- g.H.S. Drivers ,X r ' ' Cl , , .' L T 'N ,N s - - U 'X A - - NA ,,fe5f,f X fx P, !f-GLB' xf BUT- Jo we ever look HKQ. 'H-nis, Q Q If , J r A' w bmainv' s A 'A f ww 6 " JQTQ? """"H!"1" M, ' AN A 2 1 A If 1 A 'T A AA I ,Q A 1 Q ' - ---1 K 9 ?-:n This Po Q Rendered b Car-oL Morin cr 9 - - 9 - 9 55 Wim Y CLYDE SCI-IROEDER, president of the Photo Squad, with his interest in lighting, exposure, and developing, has served the school wholeheartedly. The Elyrimz Staff appreciates his tireless efforts. 57 Scholarships 0 Student Cabinet lolleue' luuene Reltz I , l'enn College, C,lex'el.1nd, lfnginc-ei lilhll lf i' e tl e r i tk llaininons '49, Miami linivetsity, Oxford, Ohio, Mnsn: Rithartl Decker, IS, llilltlvlll-vU.lll.ltt.' Col- lege, lleI'e.i. Ohio, Public Sthool Mnsiu Helen lsar- ones, 'lf llowlinu Green lanversity, Bowling Green, W lu Sl7L'.llxIllNl Student Cabinet l.ufl In llxylwr. Fira! Ruff! Sophie lraicott, Ci a r o I Aldrich. l.ois 'l' c d r o xx' , lane Smith, ,loan Hyman. Helen Karas Sci null Ron 5 Sid Byars. li e v e r l y Harris. -ludy Dunn, Carol lilbert, Tom l'.u'n1er. llnnf Roux R i t h .1 r d liyntlc-s, Byron M or t i s , Dick Loinstock. Don Lang. Yu RL'N.llA, licwmrlut' ll-l'kllLUil. The Student Cabinet in the last three years has helped to send four students to college: The 3150 given each year to a qualified student comes from giving dances and paid assemblies, and staging the Annual Student Cabinet Carnival. The cabinet regards this Student Cabinet Scholarship as its main project. The Green Pennant Program, Care Packages for France, and seating arrangel ments ar the Stadium have also received attention this year. The cabinet members elected from their respective classes meet the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month Period -1 in Room 310, with Miss Gladys Fowell and Mr. George Thourot as advisers. Officers this year are: president, Vic Resarg vice-president, Carole Elbertg secretary, .loan l-lymang treasurer, Don Lang, 58 1 lv Manners Assembly 0 Home Room Representatives HOMIE ROOM REPRESENTATIVES-The home room representatives for the year 1950-1950 pre- sented to the school on March Zl a manual titled Yon. Right or lllll'UIItQ and a double assembly in which students presented scenes showing right and wrong conduct in cafeteria, classroom, library, and study hall. Miss Mabel Herd and Mr. Clarence Scarborough are the advisers to the home room representatives. The manual and the assembly were designed to be reminders of some of the goals the students believe .ire desirable for good school citizenship. 5 9 Home Room Representatives I bottom picture! Ristas, Barbara Abrams, Shirley denhall, Dorothy Fitzgerald. Lois Tattersall. Nancy Flaherty Szabo, -ludy Timms. -lackie Cox, Beverly Harris. Betty Hilvosky, Nora Lysaght. Sally Tom Farmer. Fnurfh Ruin Nancy Waller. Dick Spietule, Bill Huskinson, Vic Resar, Phil Surdock, Dick Mika, Bob Decker, Paul Curcillo, Mar- ilyn Dawson. Edith Kaplan. june Glasse. Filth Roux' Miss Herd, Bev- erly Morris, -loan Payne, Kay Walker, Barbara Wellett, Betty Snow, Kay Line. Thelma Yorks, Nora Pickard, Marina johnson, Mr. Scarborough. Sixllff Roux' Sam Van Horn, Dale Chambers, Ray Bartholo- mew, Grant Ingersoll, Richard Lyndes, Dick Resar, Bob Wil- liams, Kenneth Kinzel. Don Funk. Dick Bara. Peer Nielsen. The blackboards throughout the school bore hand- written quotations and slogans for several days. Among them were these: Anyone cruz :lo zrbul be ii' mln' In cfm. 11111 fo do flu' right lliing al lbe riglvf lime rcitlwzfl being told fum fwfr in tl cluiii' by ynffmelf. -Hubbard SIlt'l'6'l'.li ffe1m1m1'.i ,ierinm ilmfy. -Winstimii Churchill Filflif Ruiz. Lal! In Rigllff Rose Steinberg, Carol Aldrich, Benita McKitrick, Patsy Hancock, Bill McHenry, Howard Seiling, Don Elbert, -ludy Caywood, Eleanor Hess, ,lane Kenelly, Louise Men- Secwnl Roux' Ann Schiesz. Sandra Wfarmee. Yvonne Turek. Berry Butts, Dixie Mailer, mst! Homoke, .loan Betz. Shirley Third Roux' joan Bruse, Gretchen Hoch, Helen Karas, Ball, Mary Folk, Dick Kosco, Thomasson, David Smith, Gene Spanish Class In 317 0 Spanish Club Spanish Club I bottom photo P l'ilVll Ruiz. Lal! tn KfKigl2l,' Carol Aldrich, Iaurette R o t h g e r y , Nancy Leonard. Marianne litank. Yvonne Tureix, Pat Swiegcr, Dototlly Ifitzyuerald. Y o I an d a Marafon, Sc'i'f1YliliRllIl'.' Lorna Lambert, Rosemary lfaton, listher Demet- ral. l.ois Tattersall, Lois Page, Virleiivia Lyman, lidith Kaplan. 'l'l:inf Ruiz: Barbara Brown, .loanne Penfound. vlune Glasse. -loan Kritzell. ,loan Brasselle, Carol Gehl, Carole lilbert. lfmu-flu Ruin Alerry Koehn, Bill Reynolds, Phil Struthers, Bob D u B r .1 y , David Sigel, Bob Palmer, -lim Collier. SPANISH CI.UBwCandilla EspanolaH'Every first and third Vifednesdays of the month the Spanish Club has its regular meetings in 517. Conducting the meetings is the president, Phil Struthers. The other officers are vice-president, Lois Pageg secretary, Nancy Leonardg and treasurer, Marianne Frank. On October 26 the Spanish Club initiated those seniors who did not become members last spring. The members consist of seniors taking Spanish and juniors with a grade of B or above. The club is also privi- leged to have Dr. Wilstmix, principal, and Mr. George Niraben, assistant principal, as honorary members. full One of the most unusual club activities this year was the painting of the chairs in SI7. They were painted red. black, and yellow, the Spanish colors. and have brightened up the room considerably. On February ll the gym was in its most festive mood for the very special Spanish Club dress-up dance. Spanish students enjoyed seeing the slides that Miss Littleton had had made from pictures she took on her travels in Central America. Another important event is the annual April banquet for the purpose of initiating the juniors. lt is a very nice affair with a real Spanish initiation. Junior Hi-Y I Junior Y-Teens Junior Hi-Y Luf! In Right, liirit Roux' Dick Nlclntire. Dave Stokely, jerry Qtephens, Leroy Bellottie, Dick ifomstock, jerry Novatney. .Ywwnl Roux' Dick Spiegle, Ted ..akocy, lid lirdei, Bert Provosnik. Doug Burgett, Dale Spiegleberg. im Mott. 'lfriril Roux' Dan Lyons, Don funk, Jack Alohnston, Leroy ioodson, Dick Bara, Ben Klesta, Junior Y-Teens I.t'fl fo Riglvl. Firivl Roux' Mary flarsliall, Ruth Amato, Cathrine llbright, 'lean Sandin, Roxann landrosli, Claribel Abicht, Nancy laherty, Mary Lou Wfagner, Nyle .yndes. .Yecwnl Roux' Mary Lou Smith, oan Hyman, Betty Butts, Carol J'Brien, -loan Berger, Ann chiesz, Sandra Warniee, Audrey 'onry, Iilaine Livermore, Tlwinf Roux' Nancy Slusher. ally Parks, .Ioan Betz, joan mith, Beverly Bongs, Joanne raum, Betty Thatcher, Carol laringer, Gretchen Hoch, Vir- inia Frye. Iionrtlw Roux' .Ioan I-Iargate, Iarilyn Dickens, julia Cross, larilyn Dawson, Evelyn McHale, arbara Black, Kay Line, Lois mrdan. Fifth Roux' Sophie Traicoff, eatrice oons, Helen Kereckes, janet I Donna Keyser, Helen aras, Silvia Sue Wfiddowson. 1 Mcfllements, Estelle teller, THB -IUNIOR I-Il-Y - Witli Basketball as the major winter activity of junior I-Ii-Y, the club boasts four teams: The jesters captained by Dick Com- stock, the Indians led by Leroy Bellottie, the Hoolif gans commanded by Ted Lakocy, and the Yoeman directed by Bob Stefko. The Indians won the first half championship and the Hooligans the second half. A playoff was neces- sary to determine the final champions. On February 28, a district I-Ii-Y conference was held at Norwalk. A penny supper and panel discussion for all Hi-Y's and Y-Teens of Elyria was sponsored by junior Y-Teens on February 20. The officers of junior I-Ii-Y are: President, Dick "Yogi" Barag Vice-President, Dick "Corny" Comstock: Secretary-Treasurer, Ted "Farmer" Lakocyg Chaplain. Dick "Mac" Mclntireg and Sergeant-at-arms, Bert "Cowboy" Provoznik. lvl Q , t . ,,..,. .. .W JUNIOR Y-TEENS-The -iunior Y-Teens, a group of about fifty girls, held their meetings in the Y gym on the first and third Tuesdays of each month The program of events for the year included a hayride, a penny supper, a style show, and an after- the-game dance. The club bought Y-Teen pins and had the distinc- tion of being the first to wear them. The big event of the year was the annual spring formal which was held at the E,H.S. gym on May 20. In June the traditional junior-Senior Breakfast was held in honor of the graduating seniors. Mrs. Gordon Smith is the adviser of the club. The officers are: President, ,Ioan Berger: Vice- President, jackie Cox, Secretary, Ann Schiesz1 Treasurer, Carol Maringer. Business acliines 0 Office Assistants Office Workers 1 hottom photol la!! In Rfgftl. lvriil Ron: Miss ,lane Mashinslse, Lois Tetlrow, Lois Tattersall, Betty Hilvosky, lit-tty Butts, Kay Thompson. Mrs. l-'lorente vlones. .Sttmznl Roux' limogene Buoy, Yolanda Marozsan, Shirley Smith, Sally Gehrke, ,lean Snolwle, Helen Karas. Nancy Lamlvorn, Nora Vitkard. 'llvim' Rout: Virginia Lyman, Norma Von Duyke, ,loyce Burr, D a r l e n e Hemminger, Carol Maringer, -Iudy Dunn, Marilyn Dickens. l'iIIlH'fZ7 Roux' lrene Bendik, Ruth Amato, Mary Marshall, Rose Steinherg. Marianne Frank, loan Reisinger, Nyla Lyndes. 'liwo girls work in the offices each period of the day. Florence Jones and .lane Mashinski they help in every way. 'l'hey file the cards, run errands, and answer the telephone too, lf someone sends a message, they'll deliver it to you. Sometimes when a student misbehaves and the office calls him in, Mt. Mirahen makes out a slip and they deliver it for him. Un days that they are busy, their homework stays undone. Wfhen there is a lull, and things are dull. they're studying, each one. Wfhen teachers come in and ask for things, they greet them with a smile. 'lihey fill their request as hest they can and are cheer- ful all the while. Ahsence. tatdiness and detentions are all recorded hv them. Mail is put in the teachers' hoxesg this is a must. 2 Now, the next time you go in the office and see girls busy there, You will know the plot of this storyg the girls are working diligently with care. BUSINESS MACHINES-One of the newest courses offered in E. H. S. this year is Business Machines, which may be taken either one-half year or a complete year. During the first semester the students learn the basic fundamentals of the Burroughs. the Sunstrand, and the Monroe calculating machines, as well as the Clomptometer. Those who really like the subject and care to acquire a higher degree of skill take the second semester course in which timed drills are taken and speed is gradually increased. Filing is also studied and each girl has a miniature filing set which gives actual filing practice. vu I N 4 0ui, le voici sur la carte o French Club LE CERCLE FRANCAIS-Members of the French Club are largely juniors and Seniors. and membership in this group is voluntary with no requirements. The officers of the French Club are: jerry Sclmu. president, ,lcanfle Kelly. vice president and program chairman, Terry Smilb. secretaryg and Numa .S'l1r.tlJer. treasurer. A formal initiation took place November 30, in the cafeteria, during which the newer members attended a French Club banquet given by the more advanced students. A dance was held january 6 in the gym as a means of raising money, French Club pins were purchased for the eleven members of the advanced class. Studying French, Gerald Schon Terry Smith, .leanne Kelly Patricia Haury. French Club Lefl In Righl. Ifirxl Roux' Elsie Homoki, Beatrice Gagen, Elsie Martin, joan H y m a n, Mary livenchik, Lois Beale. Secomf Roux' Ann Huffman Holcomb. Third Rnir: Miss Willcox Dorothy Greene, Nancy Slusher Helen Karas, D a r l e n e Hem minger, Terry Smith, julia Cross l:0lll'fl7 Rrmx' Gerald Schon john Grundy, Norman Peterson Larry Doyle. Ififilv Roux' Fannie Thompson Gladys Wfood, Sophie Traicoff Albright. Several students correspond with boys and girls in France which tends to bring a closer under- standing of customs and geography between these countries. A newspaper written in French, "Ltr G6'Il7lL'.I',IL'." is read and enjoyed by everyone in the second year class. This paper relates some French customs and holidays in contrast with our own plus articles on fashion, sports, and even a few jokes. The aim of the French Club is to bring to the members a better understanding of the French people. customs, and country as well as of the language. L u d w i g, Faith Ellis, Elayne Betty Hilvoski, Jeanne Kelly, Sur Helfrich, Joan Hargate, Martha Glo S 5 e r , Mary Folk, Dicls -lune Reichard, Catherine alesmansliip e Future Retailers of Elyria Sdesmunship l.t 'I In lffqfvff liarhara liitliene inlw. lflaine Livermore. Future Retailers of Elyria Luft In Right. Firit Roux' Pat Stanko, Pat Haury, Ralph Turner, .latk Lesnick, Agnes Pasenow, Wlandalee Westfall. .SLFLKUFIIJ Roux' Bob Dickerson, Ronald Bagley, Roland lioster, Dell Siekcrski, Don Lantsherry. George Willis. 'l'l1irtl Roux' Miss Hornyak, ,lack Dostall. Sam Huskinson. Don Hogan, Bob Messaros. SALESMANSHIP-This picture illustrates a demon- stration sale that is part of the Salesmanship Course. Students study the history of selling, different channels of distribution, selling by advertising. display, letters, radio, and television. The main part of the course deals with the steps in the sale such as opening the sale, presenting merchandiseg meeting objectionsg and suggestion selling. THE FUTURE RETAILERS OF ELYRIA-This club is affiliated with the state organization, the Future Retailers of Ohio and the national organiza- tion, the Distributive Education Club of America. Last fall one of the highlights was the North- eastern Regional Conference which was held at the Country Club in Alliance, Ohio. The Elyria and Lorain Chapters went together on a chartered bus. All members attended the conference. ln December they held a Christmas party at the home of Roland Foster. 64 On March 12 and 13 the State Convention of the Future Retailers of Ohio was held in Columbus at the Fort Hayes Hotel. It was attended by two dele' gates, Conna Schwind and Miss Hornyak. Members of the Distributive Education Class study English, Social Problems, Merchandising and Store Management. Their schedules are so arranged that the students leave at the end of the fifth or sixth period. ln the afternoon they obtain actual work experience by working in the local stores. This year the 16 students were employed in i4 different stores. Their jobs are varied. A few of the jobs are display, selling. marking merchandise, stockwork delivery and even helping to make ice cream at the Elyria Dairies, Each student works an average of 15 hours a week. Officers of the organization are: Ronnie Bagley. president: Patricia I-laury, vice-presidentg Harriet Hewitt, secretary: Roland Foster, treasurer. .J 1 K Phillip truthers 0 Extemp. Speaking Phillip Strtithers Exlemp Squad l,tfl In Rlgftlx Sally Parks, Wltlter Visinislai, Peggy Yitnegzt. Whtvtie XVise. Ann llenniiitsgs. Xl.trilyt1 Nithtwls, Dirk l-ttrl4ins, Wyln l.ytitles, john Nielsen, l.ttlxie Lux, bittitirtt XX .i r in e e. lt-len Dtiltgittg lliii Siiiitm. Stale Winner for "Voice of Democracy" Contest Un Ottuher wl, WN, the first eliiiiiirttititi, for the "Vuite ul' l,L'lllUkil'.lL'l'u etitttest spotisuretl by the kltittiur C'li.imher ul' Ciuttittierte. w.ts heltl iii rutwtn HW, The iutittges Miss M.trg.iret M.ili.tflAey, Miss Alice Stoliei' .mtl Mr. lletitiittgs, those seven sttitlents for the seunitl elimiimtinti, Un Nm't-mher 9, IU N. the six hest speeches were thuseti to he 'Qixeii twer st.ttimi XVPOI.. Phil Strttthers, .t senior, wits given first place. lle w.ts thuseti tu represetit sttitletits froth itll titlier uitiiities. Phil wtiti the st.tte tutitest .ttiti .t rettwrtl of his speeth w.ts sent to XV.tsliiiigtuti, D. C.. to cutii- pete with the speeches tif other 5I.lIC winners for ti.itititi.1l liunurs. ltt April, Phil itntl .tll the other st.tte winners were liuiimt-tl with .i trip to XY'.lSllillgl0I1, D. Ci. lYX'l'liMP SQUADi'l'he extemp squittl is .tn L'XII'.l- t'urrictil.tr Activity aiming to tlevelope .tlwility iii public speaking. C.11'if 1.if1w'1iui in Ifn Illllfttf Sfilfll wits the subject chosen for intensive sttitly this yeir. Contests were enteretl tit Wfesterti Reserve. it miami t.thle .tt Sh.tw High Selitmtml, one over XVUAR. .intl .t new -Itiiitur contest .tt Shgtlier Service Ciltih. liielt lstrkitis .mtl XY'.tytte XX'ise were the cwt1test.ttits. The Speakers' litxresti sent speikers to the high sthtitml .tssemhlyg XYTOI., Cfentrttl l..ihur lltiitmti, lXlL'IivS ifhih. Rotary, Ki.1w.mis, vlefliersmi Stliotil, .lllkl the CQtmiigi'eg.ttituii.il Clliurcli. Miss Alice Suiter is the .itlviseii German Club 0 Cadet Band i I i German Club ' Lt!! In Rfglrl. lu'r.i'l Run: i Ruthie Amato, Evelyn Sokol, ,Ianet Stellar. Nyla Lyndes, Helen Dugtr. l.ois Tedrow, H e l e n Kerekes, Dick Mclntyre. Summl Klllif' Carolyn Burill, li I ea nor Klhomi, Mary Ann Gaxxura, ,loan Betz, Marlene Kelly, -lane Smith, Elma Cochran. 'I filrif Ruiz! Sid Byars, Dick llartholemew, Bob C o c h r a n e, Bill Schuster. Don P e t e r s , George Berg. DIZR DEUTCH VEREIN - German Club is an organization composed of lirst and second year German classes taught by Mr. Owen Gleason. The officers for this year are: President, George liergg Vice President, -lane Smithg Secretary, Ruth Amatog Treasurer, Bob Cochrane. The meetings are held the first Wfednesday of every month in room 206. ln October one of the club's projects was the selling of personalized stationary. Later, in December. the club went caroling with the Latin, Spanish, and French Clubs. During the meetings the club has discussed plans for a bowling party and a skating party. Plans for a spring picnic are also being discussed. THE CADET BAND - The Cfucfe! Banff, conducted by Mr. Wailter Von Brock, is composed of between 56 and 60 students. All of the students in the Cade! Bam! have a basic knowledge of music. This band has been primarily concerned with playing march music which serves as a foundation for the more advanced music they will play when they become members of the Senior Band, Mr. Von Brock hopes to better acquaint the mein- bers of the Cade! 13411111 with music which will serve as a basic foundation for the time in the future when they, too, will become members of the Senior Band. The Cadet Band meets live days a week the third period in the XVashington Basement Band Room, Paying For Her lunch 0 Cafeteria taff THE CAFETERIA-'l'lie service given to the school through the cafeteria is greatly appreciated by all F. H. S. students. Approxi- mately 55 student helpers and 12 women, well-trained in food prep- aration, help to bring this service to us. Selective buying, .1 line vari- ety of food, and well-prepared food are a few examples of the service rendered by the cafeteria. Witli the introduction of the Federal Aid Program this year, the decrease in the cost of food and the excellent management of Miss Evelyn Gordon, the cafeteria is able to offer lower prices. Wliile the student worker is offering his service to the school, he is also gaining great experience to use later in life. A spirit of cooperation and comradeship is always present among the work- ers. Extending courtesy to all and working with the public, are a few more values gained by the student worker. One of the greatest assets the student receives is the quality of assuming responsibility. A stu- dent works in our cafeteria because he is willing to work and give his service. A student worker, in return for his service, is given a well- balanced lunch. The student body of E. H. S. cooperates in helping to make .1 better cafeteria. Showing courtesy to our fellow students and being able to select a nourishing lunch, are high aims which the student acquires. Students, by taking care of the dishes, glassware, and silver, and by using the correct amount of napkins and straws, can save enough money to have their favorite dishes put on the menu more often. Cafeteria Stuff Left to Right, First Rout: Mrs. Ethel Fish, Mrs. Hattie Mary Tommeri, Mrs. Margaret lfeher, Mrs. Anna Reed. Secomf Roux' Miss Evelyn Gordon, Manager, Mrs. lda Estella Henry, Mrs. Bertha Mills, Mrs. Helen Kalmar, Meinke, Mrs. Elizabeth Wilhelmyr, Mrs. Elizabeth Ondo. Grahar. Mrs. Hansen, Miss Mrs. Emma Miss Gordon also plans the menus, buys the food, trains the students, and, of course, supervises the cafeterit li. H. S. is very fortunate to have such a capable and efficient supervisor! on How We love the Band, the tlrrlng THE hlIN.O.l BANDA Many worthwhile activities have engaged the attention of the band this year. Aside from the regular playing during football season and from the concert preparations, the members undertook a project to raise money for new uniforms. A driving attack was made by band members to sell "Twinkles." The money made from selling these Christmas tree decorations went into the band uniform fund. This was the first thing in recent years that the band member showed such enthusiasm in raising money. Prior to this year, there had been no "Par- ents Club' for supporting the band. However, the bands effort to raise money for uniforms brought about the earnest desire of parents to help. Early in March, the parents met with Mr. Von Brock and discussed ways to raise the organization's financial status. Everyone is sure that this club, if continued, will raise the band spirits and build up the morale of the members. This year the officers of the band were: President, Norman Folleyg Vice President, Dick Spiegleg Secretary-Treasurer, Marianne Frank: librarian, john Grundy. E.H.S. Band Luft to Right, Fifirl Rrmx' Betty Knapp, Darlene Miller, Donna Keyser, janet Clement. Mary Lou Smith, Eleanor Chomi. Semin! Roux' Dick Spiegel, Ed Erdie, Elsie Martin, Bob Decker, Evelyn Sokle, Dick Larkin, George Berg, Lois liridenstein, Director Von Brock. Tliinl Roux' jim Wrtre, jim Knott, jim Nay, Waltei' Vischinsky, Eleanor I-less. lidith Kaplan, Lois Tedrow, Marianne Frank. jane Smith, john jasper, Marjorie Palmer. Bob Taylor. 150117717 lQ1m',' Bob Allen, jack Mallory. Art Ketchum, Dorothy Olszewski, Louise Mendenhal. Gloria Manns, Sally Harrison, Pat Tarry, Barhara Kuss, Marilyn Snolwle, Keith Kochis. lfillli Rolf: Don Hange, Bill Wilsciti. Ray Bartholemew, Betty Butts, Carol Aldrich. Dale Knowlten, Bob Cordy, Ron Hull. jim Smith. ,Xmffi Roux' Conna Schwind, Lester johns, Carol Sterns, Gretchen Hoch, Clifford Elbert. Dorothy Gihbens, Ralph Grundy, jim Brenner. Dale Spiegellwerg. NCIUIIII7 Roux' Ted Lakocy, john Grundy. Harriet liobes, Ann Hennings, Marilyn Dawson, Nancy Flaherty, joan Hyman, Bols Palmer, Mary liolk, Dick Comstock. lfiylrlli Run: Dick Schwind, jack johnston, Norman lfolley. jim McCord, Evelyn Cordy. l.ee W'uester, George Traicoff, Dick Barthole- men, Carolyn Rodman, George Wfilcox. .xvllllfl linux' Don Hogan, jim Koffman, Sam Van Horn, jay Ross, Harold Benson. Leroy Goodson. Douglas Burgett, David Smith. 252 5132 ibm J' ,gx x X nil ,.,, F A 1- P' 'xhfgjy N ' - Ng Wa, ,F 'fi' A ' 9 , "' x...gX Nw ss b- M,Qk'X XM 1' X X Q r 1 it 4 I , wnvk, +3 ' ' N52 " ' K3 . Snag 7 , I wiv .y H y 'P , .Q,, , S.. ,gi r,mkg 1, , ,QW 591: W ..E,l 1 ,:X 4-.X NSY? Q5 '- 2 G55 ff Q if X- p - l b Q A x Q , is u xx X: , N 53?-.l in-as lt X M K : JAJr XKV- , M .X G FJ? ::, . .N ' 'Q af 'V W 1 1 ' fm 3X ' , f fx 'M L A Alu.. :.' 5 ., FA , ?, ' 1 A X Q -1 hh f f"N' , ,, -". 51. vs? sm ' . 5 If FN X Wx rf ww' 2 ik,-5 . KV. 1,X ET 'gif' , V ' ' Qwbnb Q nm" - ,g . Q0 gg f-Hpww, 35, A w AZ -Q-' iw' 5 v -A . , x 1 'N Y ' LQNL. 1 Q WF QV' L...x,k. Nth! Freshman Y-Teens 0 Senior Y-Teens Freshman Y-Teens l Lvl! In Ri'Ql7f-Ffflf Row: l Karol Tonty, Elizaheth Huebner, loan Myhrman, Rosemary Bago, Pat Hancock, Sherre Kovach, Lois Beale, Molly Nielson, Leora Ahlgrim, Betty Baum. Scmzlrf Rout Dixie Miller, Marcia Davies, Helen Guignette, Sally Ball, Rita R o g e r S , Orlanda lfidel, Alberta Wfoods, Margery Palmer, Barbara Gaehr, Donna Auhle. 'l'lviml Roux' Ann Hennings, Shirley Szaha, -ludy Timms, Sarah Kec-ck, Shirley Hovis, Gail Maddock, Marilynn Nicholas, Alanet Rickel, Harriet Fohes, Barbara Wellert, Colleen Walters, Kay Mitchell, Kay Walker, -leanette Welsh, Nancy Timms, -loan Kaye. Senior Y-Teens Lvfl In Riglffl. Firrl Roux' Nancy Vfainwright, L a u r e t t e Rothgety, Nancy Leonard, Evelyn Sokol, Marianne Frank, Connie Trescott, Arlene Bergman, Lois Tattetsall. Yvonne Tutek, Jeanne Kelly, Rita Fritz. Semin! Roux' Betty Hilvoski, Ann Huffman, Frances Kaplan, Helen Dugar, Elsie Martin, Bea Gagen, .ludy Caywood, Lois Page, Mary Ann Gawura, Sally Gehrke, Carol Gehl. '1'lvirrf Roux' Eleanor Vargo, Mollie Butler, .lean Snohle, Betty Hein, Geraldine Reisz, jane Smith, Sue Helfrich, Eleanor Chomi, Norah Beattie, Pearl Kovach, Grace Shilling. Fnurllv Roux' Barhara Brown, -loanne Penfound, Jeanette Stas- kiews, Marcella Vakerics, Terry Smith, Elma Cochran, june Glasse. -loan Kritzell, Carol Elhert, Darlene Hemminger, ,loan Brasselle. FRESHMAN Y-TEENS-The Freshman Y-Teens got off to a good start this year by having Miss Alice Stofer lecture to them on parliamentary procedure. This information helped the officers: President, Alberta Wfoodg Vice President, Marilyn Nicholasg Secretary, Dixie Millerg and Treasurer, Lois Bealeg to conduct their meeting correctly. For their first service project of the year the group made favors hlled with candy for the Crippled Children's Home. ln February the club sponsored a Penny Supper for its members and earned enough money to pay for the group picture in the Elyrian. The meetings, which are held on the first and third Wfednesdays of every month in the Y.XV.C.A. gym, are devoted mainly to the business of the club: but on certain occasions movies are shown for part of the program. l r- SENIOR Y-TEENS-The members of Senior Y'Teens have been busy this year with many activi- ties. Among these was a Halloween party in Struthers' barn where Senior and -lunior Y-Teens and Hi-Y enjoyed square dancing. Something new has also been done this year: bowling. The girls Ify their luck at this sport every Xlifednesday night at the Bowl-O-Drome. The main project this year was the Sleighhell Seranade, a formal, held in the H. S. Gym on December 29. The meetings of this club are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month and the officer: are: President. Carol Gehlg Vice President, Mariannc Frank: Secretary, Elsie Matting and Treasurer Elma Cochran. Driver's Training 0 Problems of Everyday living Drivers' Training fl! .llolrzw -loan K e I I in g. George Miller, Ed Moss. A1 liumler: Beverly Kneiss, Sallye Gehrlie. Problems of Everyday Living Ron' Om' lj!II1'Il,' John Slobota. Lois Tattersall, Bob Dean, -Iohn McNulty, Carol Mari n g e r. Delores Buswell. Rou' Tivo IDUHVII Estelle Koons, Barbara Brown, Grace Schilling, Abbie Hultz, Dell Sickerski, Aloyce Burr, Ron' '1'lvrue lJUll'l1.' joe Thomas. Gilbert Reed, Frances Kaplan. lack Moran, ,luanita Cook. I DRIVERS' TRAINING - Many enthusiastic Stll- dents have been enrolled in Drivers' Training classes during the past year. The requirements for this one semester course are that the student be sixteen years of age, have good health, and have the written consent of his parents. These young drivers are not only taught the fundamentals of driving but also how to drive a car safely. This year the class has had the oppor- tunity to practice driving in a '-I9 Ford, furnished by -I. R. Dall. Besides the driving lessons in the car, one period a week is devoted to classroom work, During this period many movies are shown and the State High- way Patrol Officers make visits which prove to be very interesting and educational. PROBLEMS IN EVERYDAY LIVING - These boys and girls are concerned with a number of problems of personal relations that high school students frequently discuss in groups: friendships, dates, brother-and-sister arguments, parent problems. and the long look ahead to marriage and a home of their own. This class has presented such discussions on the radio and television. Units of study during the year include psychology. marriage and family relationships, personal health. personal hnances. and human relations. This course may be carried as a fifth subject by an eleventh or twelfth grader. if he can get the approval of a dean. glohn Liatgus, Llohn liovak. .lc-anne Helping Czech Boy lust Come 0 latin Club Latin "Atmosphere" .loanne Kolsai, Rose Steinberg. Kolvai. latin Club Lefl In Right, Fallilf Roux' Betty Ann Halsey, Rose Steinberg, Margaret Yanega, Eleanor Hess, .lean Lotz, ,loyce Dudley, Louise Mendenhall, -leanne Kokai, joan Hyman. Pat Tarty, Karen Morri' son, Alnanne Koltai. Sammi Rong' Margaret Pratt, Dorothy O l s z e ws lx i, -loan Olmstead. -ludy Dunn. Marilyn Snoble, -lim Smith, john Jasper, -lim Ware, Vic Resar, Fred Forsyth, .lamie Alexander. Tliinf Rouf Miss vlones, Miss Young. Dick Larkin, Don Lang, Ray Bartholomew. Bill Wlilson, Bill Bowden, Don Morris. lfnnrlft Rui: .' lid Schroeder, lohn Kovacs. Grant lnligersoll, lim McCord. ,lim Millet, l.A'l'lN - ln the upper picture -lohn Ciargus. a latin ll student recently arrived from Cfzechoslovakia, is being helped by Miss lfdna Alones who speaks to him in I.atin. The other students can speak a foreign laiigiiage that he understands. The lower picture shows the 58 members of the l,atin Cflub, the oldest language club in the schoolg it is more than 50 years old. lt was established to promote and encourage the use and appreciation of l.atin in daily life. Meetings are held the second Monday of every month and they consist of routine business, reports on Roman life, and entertaimnent in the form of Roman games and riddles. The highlight of the Club program is in March when the memliers sponsor a Roman binquet. li is then that the juniors and seniors tor the ofti, cialj recline at the banquet tables and enjoy a feast. livery oflicial is served by sophomores who act as their slaves. liverything is an exact replica ot a Roman banquet. Almost every club member attended the l.atin picnic given in early September. Miss lidna lowes and Miss liula Young serve as very competent advisers The oflicers are: Victor Resar, President tiirst consullg Dick Larkin, Vice President tsecond con' sul lg Eleanor Hess, Secretary tScriba ll loan Hyman. Treasurer lQuaestorJ1 Alohn ylasper, Aedile, Mr. Sclieide, Donor 0 Painting in Oils Art Room Lefl In Riglvl: -lohn Elliot Mr. Ci XV. Scheide, Don Lambert ART GIFT-f Proof of what Elyria Artists can do may be seen in the work of Mr. G. G. Finn, an lilyrian now deceased. Mr. Charles Scheide, veteran local photographer, presented two of Mr, Finn's water colors to Elyria High School on january 31, WSU. ln these paintings, which were done about forty years ago, the artist has used controlled water color in contrast with that done by students of roday's painting classes, Ari 303 Eldred, Starling Grueser. Wilstmn. Oll. PAINTING CLASS IN 303-eOil painting is being offered for the students who are particularly interested in advanced painting and drawing. The only prerequisite for this course is Free Hand Draw- ing. Students are encouraged to develop their own particular techniques and are allowed to select their own subject matter, with particular stress on compo- sition or design, pleasing Color, and individual and original ideas. Since Miss Edith Harman, the instruc- tor, has learned that students are interested in other media besides oils, the course next year will be called "Advanced Painting, including oils." Lefl lo Right. Sfdllllifllllf ,loan Seated: Carol Maringer. Dick '-Singing In The Senior Cappella Choir Senior A Cappella Choir Lvl! lo Right. lfirit Razr: Mr. Beck, Sally Sayers, Mary Loy Wagiier, Yvonne Turck, Elsie Martin, limogene Buoy, Joan Eltlretl, Joyce Saari, Marianne Frank. Nancy Leonartl, Pat Otten, Janet Steller, Barbara Chesmar, Rosemary Eaton. Delight Bowser, Jean Kelly, Lois Tattetsall. Semrnf Roux' Joan Hauling, Marilyn Dickens, June Glasse, Barbara Brown, Jeanette Staskiews, Joanne Penfouncl, Gretchen l-loch, Francis Kaplan. Virginia Lyman, Beverly Harris, Norma Willis, Marcia Guth, Joanne Kuhl, Julia Cross, Shirley Smith. Third Roux' Viola Wingartl, Marlene Kelley, Carol Maringer, Lois Jortlan, Margaret Strong, Sally Gehrke, Norma Von Duyke, Joan Hargate, Autlry Tonry, Helen Karas, Dorothy Gihlwens, Autlry I-learne, Joan Kritzell, Anastasia Peppas, Beverly Bongs. Fourth Roux' Pat Carson, Grace Schilling, Davitl Stokely, Etl Seaholtl. Paul Curcille, Douglas Mitchell, Jim Doyle, Rudy Davis, Jerry Stephens, Verne Potter, Melvin Schook, Tetl Hopkins, Ronald Brotherton, Phil Struthers. John West, Norman Peterson, Byron Morris, Dick Larkin. Fifth Roux' Bob Joviak, Rollantl Foster, Dick Lyncles. Bill Wcxntlin, Bob Cochrane, Jim Smith, Alan McMullen, Leroy Gooclson, Jack Johnston, Boh Allen, Phil Whitacte, Phil Surtlock, Jerry Jackson, Jim Anton, George Berg, Dick Spiegle, Jay Weichel. Peer Nielsen, Davitl Mocsny, Boh DuBray. 74 lllimaixes mliitions of E. H. f. omlists SENIOR A CAPPELLA CHOIR-This outstanding choral group of Elyria High School meets daily the sixth period. The Senior A Cappella Choir consists of about eighty-six members, both seniors and juniors. 'l'he officers of the group are: President, Bob Cochraneg Vice Presi- dent, Phil Struthersg Secretary, -leanne Kelly, and Treasurer, Alim Smith. Among the events in which the choir has participated this year .ire rhe Christmas Assembly, the Band, Choir and Orchestra Concert, .ind the Music Festival in Lakewood, ln these the choir featured such novelty numbers as 1.1ul'.y nf Spain. My 1lzrli11g Cflwzzwzfizic. and the .Vfvzwzlffiz Pvfitz. Under the able direction and guidance of Mrr Al. Martin Beck, the A Cappella Choir has learned harmony in both music and personal relationships. 'S Testing 0 Taliulating the Results Tcbulating Results of Tests Cilurlene Barhknecht Miss Vivian Cassidy The students in the upper picture are taking a test in the cafeteria under the direction of Mr. S. CQ. Smith. Supervisor of Guidance and Testing. who stands .it the microphone. lfach school day fourteen students are helping to score and tabulate the results of tests. They donate ii minutes per day on a voluntary basis. They are: llarhara XVellert. .lane l.ahiff, Janet Updike. Edith Kaplan. -loan Grandstaff, Patricia Trago, Diane Caley, l.ois Dean. Betty Hein, Charlene Barbknecht, Shirley Wfiley, Donna Keyser, Delores Hendrixson, and -loyce Dostall. Mr. Smith has supervised the giving of more than I5 types of tests in grades l thru I2 in lilyria Public Schools, and in three county schools, and he has personally given tests to more than 500 individuals this year. Mrs. Ruth D, Palmer of the Office of Pupil Personnel helps Mr. Smith now that Miss Cassidy has resigned. Auto Mechanics o Welding it Auto Mechanics Left to Riglvr, fa! the curl Don Hebebrand, Tom Pitts, Mr Stewart, Fred jones, Dick Mika ,,,,,.,.- ,,....fe v-""" l Ernest Sparks, Bob Thatcher. Welding Don Hawke. ,lerry Bruce AUTO MECHANICS- After two years' exploration in eight different industrial fields, ielectricity, sheet metal, woodworking, mechanical drawing, welding, auto-mechanics, machine shop, and printingb a boy in the Industrial Education curriculum is ready to decide his area of specialization. These boys have chosen Llllfll mechanics as their future vocation. During the funior and senior years they spend four periods .1 diy in practical work on the disassembly. repair, and reassembly of automobiles. ln addition to this time he spends one period a day in a class where instruction is given in learnings related to Auto Mechanics. Wiieti he graduates he is ready to accept an apprentice job in .1 garage or a factory where auto repairmen are needed or in a factory where welding is done. VVELDING - The vocational welding classes l and ll are designed to teach the students the fundamental techniques and safe practices of electric and oxy- acetylene welding. The students' attitude and ability to get along with others is a factor that is stressed as much as the basic welding skills. ln order to graduate the student must pass the practical welding tests prescribed by the American Welcliiig Society, The students spend four periods each day doing practical welding in the shop. ln addition they have one period each day in the class- room where they acquire the necessary related theory of welding. This course is not intended to produce an experi- enced operator, but rather an operator with enough skill and knowledge so that he will have immediate value to industry as a welder. Reporters Write Accurately, Herald Stuff l.zll In Rfgftlf Ihvfrilzlrlirrfl. Standing: Marie McHenry. Verne Potter. litlxi ard li r tl e i . ,loan Bruse and Philip Srruthers: Seated: Shirley Amos. Rnlrljalg l'mu!.' Barbara Moyer. li e r n Kaye. -lean Landin. and Ann Huffman. Stllmg Up First l'agc.' Dirk Mclntire, Edward S e a b o l d , Betty Ann Halsey. and Grant lnyersoll. HERALD-For the best news of the school, read tl Hemlzf. This is the motto used by the I-lemftl. Tl students have heard it again and again throughoi the school year. Wlien the school year is over, the stall' will hai published lo issues plus the big Senior issue. Witli Eddie Seabold as editor, and Miss Margar Mahafley as adviser, Room l09, Period 7 serves the meeting place of the Hwuzffl Starl. News aboi the school and about other schools, sports, gossi interesting pictures and jokes are all found the Hemfzf. The members of the Stat? sponsor dances .u sell ads in addition to being reporters on the papc They work at harnessing words into swiftly ru ning sentences and paragraphs. They weave time ness, immediacy, and matter-of-fact particulars in the news story. They bring out that compellir an-.M imply, Concisely, and Clearly iuality is an incident which plays upon our instincts ,nd emotions and is known as .1 feature story. They 'oice opinions in the editorial column where impar- ial observing is laid asideg linking themselves with he mood and events of the moment the editorial vriters seek to encourage, interpret, advocate, per- u.tde, censure, or endorse. Wfhile working with beats and runs, the 5 W's, eadline terseness, and deadlines the conscientious tail' member is developing specific qualities of ersonality such as dependability, perseverance, poise, :lf-confidence, tact, courtesy, fairness, tolerance, good lste, good nature, and broad interests. As George Horace l.orimer of the Sizlfmfay If1'e- ing Pm! used to say, "Newspaper work teaches one 1 do what one is told to do, to give no excuse for or doing it, and to do it quickly," Pldllllilly l'a,qe J: -loan Berger, Art Ketch um, Carole lilhert, ant Sally Parks. .Yfml'I,i .' Carl Larkins, Steve Mi halis, Boh Smith, ant Clyde Schroeder. Plazmialg A111 Im' Page 4. Seated' Rose Steinberg. ,loan Kaye, and Lawrence Tibbalsg Sfdllrffllll' Patri- cia Flynn. Ali! Those New toves 0 Here's M Penny. Cooking I Lzfl lo Right: -lo Gallo, Bonnie Archer, Esther Kader, Delores Mendoza: rear, Evelyn Cordy. Behind Bonnie Arches is Pat Bskay, "M Noon Movie Lvfl to Right: Fred Forsyth, Tom Sloane, Yvonne Hardy. COOKlNG-lf you had ever taken a look in the cooking room this year, you would have noticed the four new stoves that are now in use, Under a new system, the Ohio Fuel and Gas Company has placed three brand new stoves in the laboratory. lf anything should go wrong or become defective, the stove will be replaced. The Board of Education has purchased one electric stove to give the classes .1 chance to use both types of fuel. .ffm ,fl ' 9 at ,fail stef' M, J, gi! aiu Girls in their first year of cooking learn the funda- mentals and prepare single dishes. ln the more advanced classes, the main purpose is ro prepare foods on a meal-planning basis. Miss lda Coffland explains her classes, like this: .1 group of girls. each of whom learns to work with her pals who are working toward the same goal, being a good meal planner and a line cook. Annual Essay Contest 0 The inners AMERICAN LEGION ESSAY -With several hundred students reading, talking, and writing for the annual American Legion Essay Contest, January and February thoughts centered about how to improve the American way of living. Three boys and three girls in each grade were judged to have written the best essays, and were awarded first, second, and third prizes of 553, 32, and Sl, respectively. An extra S2 was given to Phil Surdock, senior top boy, for a grand prize. The winners in the various classes in first, second, and third places appear below: American Legion Essay Winners Lef! to Right. First Rows Alberta Wood, Shirley Szabo, Elizabeth Huebner, Jeanne Kokai, Rose Steinberg, Betty Ann Halsey, Joan Hargate, Carol Maringer, Betty Butts, Lois Tattersall, Terry Smith, Marianne Frank. Second Roux' Worth Fauver, Robert Walker, Keith Worcester, Ray Bartholomew, Walter Visiniski, Jamie Alexander, Mr. Rose, Dan Simon, Dick Larkin, Dick Dilgren, Eddie Seabold, Norman Folly, Phil Surdoclt. Boys--Seniors: Philip Surdock, Norman Folley, Edward Seabold. Girls-Marianne Frank, Terry Smith, Lois Tattersall. Boys-Juniors: Richard Dilgren, Richard Larkin, Dan Simon. Girls--Betty Butts, Carol Maringer, joan Hargate. Boys-Sophomores: Jaime Alexander, Walter Visniski, Ray Bartholomew. Girls - Betty Ann Halsey, Rose Steinberg, Jeanne Kokai. Boys - Freshmen: Keith Worcester, Robert Walker, Worth Fauver. Girls-Elizabeth Huebner, Shirley Szabo, Alberta Wood. Home Rooms Paratling for Improved Schools the Night Home Room 238, Grade 9 Xliss Marv Kelly, teaclief. at the right, Home Room 109, Grode I2 Mnss Nl.u'g.trct Mahalley, teacher. 'lihe Bond lssue Parade on Monday evening, November 7, l9fi9, will long be remembered by participants and spectators. Colorful, noisy, long, merry, gay it would from East Broad to West Avenue to Sixth Streetsa medley of floats, banners, decorated cars, and music, ending in .1 huge bonlire on the empty lot at the northwest corner of West Avenue and Sixth Street. livery voter was being urged to vote Yes next day for the School Bond issue for 32,700,000 and for the renewal of the 5 mill operating levy. Elyria Public Schools were facing a crisis for two reasons: A. a bumper crop of war-born babies who clamor for entrance: B. increasing number of school-age youngsters resulting from the 32 per cent growth in the city's population since 1910. These two factors had combined to tax the public schools to capacity f-- and beyond-bf-and the full force of the impact was yet to comer The building program to which the Board of Education is committed since the passage of the Bond Issue will I. Provide i7 new classrooms in the elementary grades and seventh and eighth grade centersg 2. Create four seventh and eighth grade centers which will permit the separation of these intermediate grades and 82 Before Elections Libra ry TBond lssuel 1.t'ff lo Riglll: lrene Hendik, Maxine Beal, Shirley Wfhitatre, sittingg Ruth Uckaitk. -lerry jackson, Lois Ciunder, Eleanor Bendik, Phyllis Kemhle. Rithard Kemhle. "Vote Yes" Dick Paytak, Bill Messaros, Basil Modock. Harold Meinke, Helen Parker, Sally Parks. 'Nancy Myers died November 25. 1939. Di iw! provide for a higher standard of educational opportunityg 3. lmprove the technical and applied arts classroom facilities in Elyria High and alleviate the congested condition in its cafeteriag -i. Add combination auditorium-gymnasiums in the grade and seventh and eighth grade centers and provide the high school with adequate gymnasium and auditorium facilities. W'hen the voters renewed the 3 mill operating levy, they were aware of the fact that without it. the Board of Education could not have operated the public schools tor a minimum of nine months as required by Ohio laws. There are IIB city school districts in Ohio. The tax rate for schools in them is as follows: highest 20.85 millsg average ll.95 millsg Elyria, H106 millsg lowest, 6.ll. l2lyria's total tax rate including the renewal of the 5 mill levy is L87 mills helow the average for all cities in Ohio. Elyria ranks 27th in population and 86th of the Ili cities in Ohio for total tax rate for schools. The Citizens' Advisory Committee with Mr. A. H. West as chairman, was very active and advertised that the Bond lssue if passed would cost the average home owner a hamburger and a cup of cotliee per week. X3 Le!! In Riglrl: Nancy Myers', Arts 81 Crafts 0 Electricity EEK Art Room 304 Shirley Nagy. Barbara Kuss. Bob Decker, Roland Kauffar. Sally Harrison. Electricity Le!! In Riglvff Walter Payne, Joe O'Grady. Mr, Zvosic, john Ross. Dale Reed, Bob Rhymes, Art Nemes, The craft room, 504, is a very busy place all year. The sound of hammers and saws, the wear of bufling machines and the smell of turpentine and shellac are ever present, The Design and Crafts classes meet there. During the year useful and decorative objects are made. The students work with metals, lsterling sil- ver. copper, and pewterp leather, plastics, and clay. In the picture, two boys are removing their tired clay pieces from the Art Department kiln or oven for baking clay ware. The students in the fore- ground are decorating theiry clay figurines which will be fired later. WOW" ell- it Many originally designed pieces of sterling silver jewelry and pewter plates and trays were made this year. Wfhen working in leather the students make bill- folds, purses, keycases, and belts. These classes cooperate during the year with the jr. Red Cross project. For Christmas they stenciled place mats and favors for several hospitals. At Easter time they made favors for Crile Hos- pital. A painted egg became a lady's face upon which was placed her "Easter Bonnet." Design and Crafts is under the direction of Miss Barbara Plocher. athematics 0 Theory of usic il HIZORY AND HARMONY-'l'his year. as almost everyone knows, .i new course is lneing offered to students of lflyria High School. lt is essentially an elementary treatise of the principles underlying the theory and harmonization of tntisic. To enroll in this course, the student must have had at le.ist one year of instrumental or vocal instruction. or be otherwise .tcceptalnle to the instructor, ln the first course offered. the instructor was Mr. gl, Martin Beck. The class here dealt with the harmonization of melodies, llowever, this was not .ts simple as it may sound. Wk- learned approximately six chords for use in harmonization and each chord has several inver- sions, As in any other study, there are set rules and standards to follow. bi Mathematics Lei! lo Rlgbff Mr. XY. l.. Vaughn, .tn.l David l.et3n.trd. Harmony Class l.el1 lu Riglil. .Yruzrifirzlg Nancy Douglas llurgett. xl! l'1.mo: Norman lfolley. Besides harmonization we studied the form in which music may be written and had extensive ear-training. 'lhe latter consisted of writing down melodies and chord progressions as Nr. Beck played them. Near the end of the course, each student enrolled was expected to compose a tune, harmonize it, and. if necessary, arrange it for instrumentations. The student compositions were played in a pulwlic con- cert, to which people from the Oberlin Cfonseryatory of Music were invited. Anyone knows that an intelligent person has some knowledge of music along with the other fine arts. One can see, then, that this course actti.illy helps to round out oneis high school education, Leonard, Shirley Ames, Marianne lfrank, Annu Peppas. ,lay Ross. ,Iohn Szlohoda, Douglas Mitchell. Kay Thompson, lfugene Demos, Kitty Grandstatf, Marcia Guth. Graders Help tall 0 They Maile The Book The production of the Iilyrianmeans cooperation on the part of the members of the Elyrian Staff. Their work begins early in September under the direction of Miss Margaret Edwards and Miss Mabel Herd. The staff this year consists of l7 mem- bers, each having an assigned department or duty. Photography, interviewing, dummy-making, com- posing articles, soliciting advertising, tabulating tax stamp donations and proofreading occupy the start S6 Tux Stomp Collectors Grades 7 and 8 Winegaate, Carol Uvercash. S1a1nliz1g.' janet Fitzpatrick Doris Goodwin, Anne NY'alters ski, Michael Moss. Elyrian Staff Lcfl lo Rigfrl. Flfifl Rout Dick Resar, Betty Baracskai, june Glasse, Mary -lensen, tSemester li, ,lune Brasselle. D a r I e n e Hemminger. Sue Helfrich, Doug Burgctt. .Sicmrnf Roux' ,lerry Dunn, -loan Hyman. ,lacqueline Cox, Norma Bloom, Janice Smith, Carol O'Brien, Sally Sayers. R u th i C Amato. time. At times extra hours beyond just the daily eighth period are spent in preparing the book. Perhaps some are wondering where the money comes from. Subscriptions, advertising, club pay- ments and tax stamps all add up to enable the staff to pay the bills. Compiling the school annual has not only proven to be fun, but educational as well. Lefl In Riglvz. Sc':Ilr.'rf.' Nancy Patty Fitzpatrick, Joanne hlahlon- Books, Magazines 0 library orkers THE LIBRARY W- An amazing array of periodicals greets the eye of any student who visits the library. A browsing case and three bulletin board displays otfer a variety of reading suggestions. Sixty maga- zines, two newspapers, and timely pamphlets offer up-to-the-minute reading. The library aims at all times to: l. Promote respect for books and care in han- dling them. -. Develop library citizenship. 5. Develop discrimination in book selection. bi. Teach library techniques to class groups, espea cially in the use of Readers' Guide and the card catalogue. , Promote the habit of going to library to satisfy individual or class interests. 6. Promote a voluntary reading program. 7 3 Browsing In The library I-ffl 10 Riglvlx Alack Alohnston Lois Gunder. Jeanne Kelly Carolyn Burrill. Dick Bara. Library Workers Lvl! In Riglvl. Firifl Run 5 Carolyn Burrill, Roxann Hand- rosh, Eleanor Bentlik, Aleanne Kelly. Arlene Bergman, Betty Vargo. Sewml Run: Elsie Homoki, Lois Gunder. Margaret Strong, Shirley Amos, Connie Thorton, Diane Von Boxtel, -loan Betz. 'I'l2irtf Rrnux' Phil Perkins, Phyllis Kemble. M a r c e l l a Vakerics, Linda Holmes, Mary -Iane Smith, Pat Meredith, Dick Bara. LIBRARY XWORKERS-Twenty-eight students assist Miss Margaret Scott in the library. Among the workers are students from all the grades, each one works one period each day. They perform many clerical tasks such as: writing slips for the reserve books, delivering library per- mits and notices, carding, lettering, typing, preparing books for circulation, arranging books on the shelves, and arranging bulletin displays. They also assist in giving instructions to the freshmen on how to use the library. Besides getting valuable experience in this type ot work, each one receives a pin after he has given a year of service as a library worker. lunior Cappella Singers re Un Steppin Junior A Cappella Choir Firrl Roux Left lo Rigbl: Estelle Koons, Dorothy Greene, Shirley Smith, Shirley Amos, Margaret Pratt, jane Kennlly, Carol Vanek, Betty Ann Halsey, Sophie Traicoff, Mary Marshall, Katherine Albright, Evalyn Sokol, Shirley Roling, Elmira Crawford, Kay Thompson, Joan Grandstaff, Mr. Beck. Second Roux' Helen Parker, Judy Dunn, Barbara Burke, Tom Pasenow, john Grundy, joe Feher, Fred Forsythe, Dave Crossmier, Bill Wilson, Elliott Eldred, Bill Bowden, Bob Brandes, Bob Gedridge, Juliette Sudau, Donna Allison, Betty Hilovsky, jean Lotz, Sandra Warmee. Third Roux' Kay Sexton, Virginia Frye, Yvonne Hardy. Bob Lawson, Grant lngersoll, Melvin Fogle, Philip Haywood, jim Kimball, Roger Weil, jay Ross, john Sloboda, Stanton Shaw. Silvia Sue Wirltlowson, Eleanor Elbert, Mary Poulos, Saundra Howard, Betty Lou Snow. SS tone To enior Choir, They Hope JUNIOR A CAPPELLA CHOIR-A Junior A Cappella Choir under the direction of Mr. II. Martin Beck will have given four performances before the year is over. The choir sang with the Senior A Cappella in a combined Christmas assembly in December. The singers will join with the Senior Choir to sing at baccalaureate and graduation services on June 7. They are planning to sing for the Employed Young W'omen's League in April. At the close of the year, they are planning a picnic. At the beginning of the year the following officers were elected: President, Grant lngersollg Vice President, Sandra Vlarmeeg Secretary-Treasurer, livalyn Sokol. S9 Glare of Footliglits, Smell of Paint Bring .lo si fr . 4, ii. 2 ws :fi 43 i Qi! 'S rf' t " V91 Pl K 5 My I .t , Z 2 'llllf NA'l'IUNAl. 'l'HliSl'lAN Sl KQIIETY Cllmpter 9 if- Memhers 1.15 the lffirirrn goes to pressr: Helen Ungar 'ill' Richard Larkin 'Sl Mary ,lensen 'Sl ' ' Phillip Strurhers 'SO' ' ' Philip Surdock 'ill' llirith star indicates ten more points earned after memhership was achieved! The productions which graduating Thespigins remember most vividly are: juan of l.urrai11e. l9fl'g Nihighl 1llllJ'I Full, I9 ASQ and The 'I'ruitnr, 1949. The high spot or their E.H.S. dramatic C.ll'L'Cl'5 came when they were chosen to present 41 scene from Nigb! rllur! Fall nt the National Dramatic Arts Conference in june, l9l9. Ol this scene the presiding critit said, "lt was extra- ordinarily good." These words our grad- Lmtinu Tliespiuns will always treasure. 90 ,,, orkers Projectionists 0 Movie Proiectionists Lcfl In Rfglvl. limi! Rimx' Mr. la. MOVIE XX'ORKl2RSf- All students enioy the movie, and one of the reasons for this pleasure is the eflicient service of the movie workers. There are three periods during which the school movie is shown. During these periods the twenty-one movie workers assist Mr. Diller with such tasks as Ol A. N. Smith, ,latlt Dillman, Eugene Demos, -lerry Hicks, Alfred Chester, Bolw Mansfield, lired Forsyth. Semml R011 5 George iliillverg, Vic Resar, Marvin Katz, Dick Resar, Hill Nt Nan, Doug Shepard. fl! P7'!JIL'LfIH',' Tom Anderson. Movie Workers Le!! fn Rigfvl, Fiiitl RUIIL' Connie Trescott, Bernite Strouse, Mary Ann Marozsan, Rita Fritz, Theresa Frankoviak, Be a t r i t' e Gagen, Marcia Ciuth. .Stmmf Razr: Helen Kerekes, Dorothy Green, Elma May Cothrane, Yolanda Marozsan, ,Iulia Cross, loan Kooley, Carl Morris, Gerald Squire. 'l'lvir'zf Run: Mfr P, lf. Diller, Gilhert Squire. Harold Sthwann, Ernest Papay, Ronald Brotherton, Norman Bauer, Pat Stuart, Ed Bittner. keeping the students in single tile while entering the auditorium, taking the pennies at the door, counting the pennies and placing them in rolls ready for banking and giving change at the box office. As a reward for their hne service the movie work- ers were taken to a movie and stage show in Cleveland. W gym! WWW Swv' , . 'x 1 JL leaders' Group 0 Gym Class insular . fs Leaders' Group I.rll fo Riglri, Firif Roux' joan Hyman. iPoint Chairmanpg Elma Cochran, 1PresidentJL M2lfllYU Dickens, Helen Karas, Nancy Slusher. julia Cross, Ruth Otkajik, june Glasse, Fern Kaye, Carol Elbert, Kay Line. Lois jordan, joan Brasselle, Carol Gehl. .Sammi k'rm'.' Sophie Traicoff, livalyn Sokol, lVice Presidentjg Mary Marshall, Beatrice McClem- ents. Rose Gunder, Elmira Crawford. Carolyn Gatchell, Mary Lou Wagner, Sandra Warmee, Helen Kereckes, Betty Vargo, janet Stellar, Ann Schiesz, Elsie Homoki. Third Roux' jackie Cox, joan Berger, Nancy Flaherty, Lois Tattersall, Lois Tedrow, Shirley Gray. Linda Holmes, Helen Dugar, Eleanor Vargo, Mary Ann Gawura. Sally Gehrke, jean Snoble, Yvonne Turek, fSecre- tary-Treasurer J. Fnurtli Roux' Miss Fosselius, joan Bruse, Gretchen Hoch, jane Smith. joan Hargate, Marilyn Dawson, Esther Demetral, Amy Hollis, Beverly Harris, joanne Tsarones. Lois Page, Mary Lou Smith, Virginia Frye. l l i 1 LEADERS' GROUP-Leaders' Group consists of junior and senior girls who have been chosen from a large group trying for this organization every year. Each year, when try-outs are announced, rules classes are conducted after school by Miss Ebba Fosselius, the adviser, to prepare the girls on athletic scoring and rules. Wlien the actual try-outs are made, the girls are requested to shoot baskets and bat balls so that the present Leaders' Group may vote for the most capable players. The requirements for a good leader are good iC1Ol2lI'Slllp, good character, and the ability to lead others. After the new group has been selected, the girls are initiated by the leaders already members. During school hours, the new group is the brunt of many harmless jokes. An informal initiation is staged downtown after school and a formal one that evening in the gym. Each old leader is assigned to a new one. All the old leaders play all sorts of tricks on the initiates. Later in the evening after a tureen supper held in the cafeteria, a formal initiation is held in the high school gym. Each girl wears her white suit, which marks her distinction as a leader. The officers of the organization light candles and recite a ritualistic service on the meaning of the group. Then the old leaders hand lighted candles to the new ones, welcoming them into Leaders' Group. Leaders hold their meetings the second Weclnesday of every month. Annually, Leaders' Group sponsors an Alumni Dance for all of their past members. Cheerleaders 0 tadium Ushers CHEERLIEADERS -The cheerleaders are grouped into two squads: The varsity and the reserves. The varsity cheerleaders are Pat Haury, George Traicotl, lrene Rago, Ken Huskinson, Kay Sexton, and Ronald Brotherton. They lead the cheering for all the varsity football and basketball games. The reserve cheerleaders are Benitta Ristas, Phil Struthers, Sophie Traicorl, and George Millerg they laid the cheering for all the reserve basketball games. Wfhenever the football or basketball teams go OLII of town, the cheerleaders accompany them to give their teams the rousing cheers that make them fight for victory.. os Varsity Cheerleaders L1-'fii iw Riybl, First Rong George Traicolr, Pat Haury. ton, Irene Rago, Kay Sexton Ken Huskinson. Sladium Ushers Lell In Riglvl. Fira! Rau: Mary Marshall, Rose Gunder, Elmira Crawford. Helen Dugar, Helen Kereckes, Mary Lou W' a g n e r , Sandra Nwarmee. .Yemllrf Roux' jackie Cox, Elsie Homoki, joan Hargate, Mary Ann Gayvura, joan B e r g e r , Yvonne Turek. Thin! Roux' -lean Sn o ble. Virginia Frye, lilma Cochran, Lois jordan, Kay Line, Marilyn Dickens. At the end of each year tryouts for cheerleaders are held. Students who wish to try out come to the gym at certain times during a period of several weeks to learn the cheers. ln due time they appear before a committee of the faculty. This committee chooses the candidates for the final appearance in front of the student body. The student body elects, by popular vote, the next years cheerleaders. The next year the winners of the election begin their work as lirsteclass Elyria High School Cheerleaders. Swarm! Roux' Ronald Brothere Coaches o tudent Managers Coaches It!! In Rfglvlx Robert Baetler. Neve Svoseli, Ralph Bauer. Harold Blotk. -lohn Clabas, l'rnest Clurcillo, Student Managers la!! lu Rlyltl. llj7',l'f Rota: Bob Lochrane. Dale Thompson, Don Scarbrouluh, Harlantl Hololwack, Art Nemis, Bob Stein. .Xtfrmnf Run: Tetl Hopkins. loin Sloane, Larry Wc'lls, Basil Motlnck. Teal Haurv, Don lflbert, Bill Thornton. STUDISNT MANAGliRSf'l'he managers start their season about the first of August in orcler to be reaclv for the squatl about the 20th. During practices the manager arrives before the squacl antl leave after the squacl. Every item of equip- ment must check in before they leave. 96 Being a stuclent manager isnt particularly hartl, but the hours are long and very little cretlit is given. Few people realize that without the stutlent managers the team wouldnt even get on the field or the Hoot. We managers take directions from the Equipment Manager, Mr. E, AI. Burton, He heacls all of the managers and has their respect. Varsity Football 0 eserve Football Vo rsity Football Lefl to Rigbl. Ffflf Roux' Manager Bob Cochrane, Sid Byars, lforry Wfalsh. Tom Farmer, Rudy Cross. Frank Baco, Russell Sherman, Bob Messaros, Roy West, Karl Baun, -lim Anton, Phil Perkins, Tom Ristas, Assistant Manaser Ted Hopkins. Semrzil Rauf: Coach Zvosek, Loatli Block, Jim Clifford, Rudy Davis. Alian Beckloff, Dick Lawerence. Ed Salcal, Dick Paytak, Nathanial Hopkins. Don Hawke, Herman Larkin, ,lim Borthwitk, Coach Baeder, Coach Cabas. Third Roux' Coach Bauer, Paul Curcillo, jack Tillack. Bill Farr, bill Schuster, Ron Bagly, jim Miller, Hank Radican, Dick Caywell, Henry Rutier. Bert Provasnik, Bob Williams. Phil Webb, Equipment Manager Ed Burton. VARSITY FOOTBALL-The Pioneers of '49 had moments of greatness. After losing four consecutive games the team charged into the winning column by beating Akron Buchtel l9-0. The season also saw Phil Webb romp IOS yards for the longest touchdown in Ely Stadium history. Doug and Don Alones, "the Gold Dust Twins," who accounted for the majority of the Pioneers' points, were the first freshmen to make the varsity squad in a great many years. The game with Cleveland Heights ended with Elyria on the large end of the score 59-7, handing Heights their worst defeat ever suffered at the hands of the Pioneers. Fremont came to Ely Stadium with the idea of trouncing Elyria for the defeats they suffered in '-i7 and 'ff8. They went home with the small score of 7-0. Reserve Football Le!! In Riglil, Front Roux' Xxfilber Hass, Carl Larkins, Carl Duvall. Fred Fitzpatrick. jamie Alexander. Harkin Chapman. Gene Board, lim Simins, Don Lang. Stfmml' Roux Coach Block. lnill Pitkin, Ed Sakai, Don Phillips. Rav Hess, ,lim Miller, George Tilberg. ltay Flowers. -lim Rutter. Dean Wells. By the time of the Lorain game the Pioneers were seasoned veterans ready for play. Lorain was not any tougher than Elyriag they just had the breaks A blotked kick, and intercepted pass. and many long shots won the game for the Steelmen 19-7. The one great handicap which held the Pioneers, down this season was the continuous injuries they suffered throughout the season. The first part of the season saw Tom Ristas and Sid Byars benched with ankle injuries. Later on Tom Farmer and Bob Messaros suffered broken noses. The loss of Nair Hopkins in the beginning of the season was sorely felt in the backfield. The Pioneers' record this year was not as impres- sive as in the past, for they finished the season with two wins and seven losses: however there were timts when the team was not just good-it was great. Varsity Basketball o Reserve Basketball Varsity Basketball Lvfl In Right. Filklf Roux' Tom Ristas, Phil Weblw, Byron Morris, Don Hawke, Tom Farmer, Phil Perkins, Rudy Cross, jerry Bruce. Seroun' Roux' Coach Block, David Froust, Dick Patyak, Ken Logan, Bob Hettler, Mike Merva, Dick Hartman, jim O'Connor, Larry Wells. Reserve Basketball Lvl! In Riglvl. Fiixtl Roux' Dick -lantz, Carl Larkins, jim McCord, Don Lang, jim Miller. Don Morris, Fred Fitz p a t r i c k , Cfoach Cabas. Semin! Roux' Art Nemes, Bill Yosa, Paul Srnis, Don Givens, Ray Hess, james Alexander, Paul Curcillo, Bill Thornton. Tlvird R1 un' Dick Pitkins, Tom A n d e r so n , Ed Sokol, Bob McArthur, Ralph G r u n dy, Bob Phillips. VARSITY BASKETBALL-The Elyria High Pio- neers opened the 1949-50 cage season with two returning lettermen, Tom Farmer and Mike Merva. The prospects for the season were not too bright, with the team short of experience, but loaded with height. The supposedly tough Mansfield squad, who were rated as the state champs, whipped us, as did Akron East. Then Cleveland Heights was beaten in the Pioneers' first Lake Erie League test, but Lakewood squelched the cheering by eking out a 36-31 decision on the following Friday. During the Christmas season, four independent teams were played, and Elyria took the measure of three of them. After beat- ing Shaker Heights in the league, we immediately l lost three straight to Lake Erie League teams. Later on, we took the measure of a couple more teams, ending the season with a respectable record, which was better than most people expected. XVith the interest in basketball, Elyria can look forward to having better sports. The Elyria High Freshman Basketball Team, coached by Mr. Robert Baeder, had a record of two wins against three defeats during the first half of the season. The freshmen proved that they had the spirit and ability to win quite a few games. Some of the players on the team should develop into very good players during the next few years at Elyria High. Freshmen managers were Don Elbert and Bob Stein. Maiorettes 0 Freshman Football if THE DRUM MA-IORETTES-When the Elyria High Band marched down the field at the football games this year, the drum maiorettes were right out there in front strutting at their best. The fans were very enthusiastic about the snappy new entrance routine which the maiorettes had worked out to go along with the band's Fanfare. Practicing for all the various programs at half-time takes a lot of time, this means that the girls have to practice with the band at the stadium besides doing their individual practice. The band members are very grateful to the maiorettes for helping them learn their new drill routine. After the football season the majorettes are kept busy participating in local parades and helping to sell tickets and to usher at the band's concerts. Since Mr. Von Brock had so much difficulty in selecting the majorettes from all the candidates, this year for the first time in five years there are six majorettes instead of five. Of these, Donna Keyser. janet Clements, Mary Lou Smith and Darlene Miller will be on the iob next year. but Betty Knapp and Eleanor Chomi are graduating this year. I l Moiorehes janet Clement. Freshman Football Luft to Riglvl. Fiitrl Roux' Bill Huskinsen. jim Smith, Dean Sbaffter. Harold Glass, Floyd Larkins, Bob Wagnc-r, Tom Holt W Ed janosdy. Bob Stein, Car Kaywood. Bob Albright, Tom Gwin. john Marshall, Wzllt Noster, Dick Perkins, Larry Doyal, Virgil Bob Ringer. Armand Hess, joe Blaner, Gerald Lawrence. Ernie Kasper, Earl Slonecker, jack Smith, Rollo Greer. Freshman Football Coach-Mr. Ringerg assistant coach, Mr. Zvosec. Managers--Art Nemes, Harland Holoback. Starting Lineup-Ends: Bill McMan, Rollo Greer. Tackles: William Hopkins, joe Blaner. Guards: Corky Perkins, Earl Slonecker, or Larry Doyal. Center: Captain john Marshall. Quarterback: Ed janosky. Halfbacks: Bob Rymes, Frank jacobs, or Dean Shaffer. Fullback: Armand Hess. Reserves-Ends: Carl Caywood, Lawrence, Terry. Tackles: Holt, Shroyer, Fenick, Kasper, Dean. Guards Noster, jack Smith, Muntean, Holocomb. Centers: Stein, Gwin. Quarterbacks: jim Smith. Halfbacks: Larkins, Huskinson, Glass, Wagner. Fullback: Albright. Games Won: Elyria Frosh Zl Norwalk Frosh 0 2 " " 19 " " 6 " " 6 Sandusky " .26 ' I8 " ' Zl Games Lost: ' I5 Lakewood " 26 5 ' 13 Lorain All-Stars Sl Left In Rigblx Eleanor Chomi. Mary Lou Smith, Donna Keyser. Darlene Miller, Betty Knapp. i Serozztf Roux' Harland Holo- bach, Art Nemes, Bill Hopkins. Bob Rhymes, Eugene Shroyer, Montein, Dick Holcomb, Mr. Thin! Rom' Henry Terry. Ronald Fenisck, Frank jacobs, Bill McMan, Donald Dean, My Friends Write Their Names 6 Typisfs . I . SURDOCK- HERMAN The girls serving during the 1949- I950 year appear in this picture. Sfudio of Pbofographjf Lvfi In Rzghl. Sfdllllillgf Eleanor . Varga, Ruth Bauer, Mary Shepard, Betty Knapp, Marilyn Reitz. Telephone Scufedt janet Rawson, Betty Hein, Donna Seiling, Marilyn Walker. Aye, Elyriql CONGRATULATIONS .jwlarof .iZ5icLen junera! .Home Licensed Funeral Director and Emlmlmer LADY ATTENDANT AMBULANCE SERVICE - Telephone 2424 323 MIDDLE AVENUE ELYRIA, OHIO IIII For The Best DESKS - CHAIRS - FILES CALCULATORS - ADDING MACHINES Portable and Standard T Y P E W RIT E RS P Your Local Dealer BAKER'S OFFICE MACHINES FURNITURE - EQUIPMENT TAP BATON TWIRLING BALLET BALL- ROOM PIANO INSTRUCTION o STONE Dance Studio Faczzlty-Menzher: Dance Masters 230 Second St. Free Parking SWEATERS I SLACKS osTRov s JACKETS For Beautiful Shoes ROTH TAILOR SHOP , 547 Broad St. Elyria, Ohio LORAIN IRV. GORHAM, Owner ELYRIA ELYRIA SURPLUS CENTER 248 Second Street O CAMPING EQUIPMENT SPORT CLOTHES - TOOLS - BOATS O Headquarters For Government Surplus Don't Go Home Until You Look IN HASERODT'S WINDOW 102 FLOWERS by Betty 156 Clark Street Elyria, Ohio Compliments ot THE CAREER SHOPPE Smart Apparel For The Career Girl Next to Lorain Co. Bank REN KENNELLY'S 460 CLEVELAND STREET Phone 62-601 The Place To Buy Good Automobiles Compliments of THE KAHN 8. ANDERSON MARKET Specialists in Better Meats 565 Broad Street We Deliver Keyed to all your wonderful new experiences teen -loved fashions SHOP MERTHE'S third floor 'for the dreami- est . . . beamiest fashions that ever went to school. Dresses, Coats, Skirts and Sweaters in a collection as versatile as a teen-ager's sense of humor. C. H. MERTHE Company 50 Years of Quality Service The Peerless Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co. Dial 2389 336 SECOND STREET The FITCH Chia public CCMPANY Service . Co- Men's and Boys' ' CLOTHING Electricity Is Best and By Aiiy SHOES Test Seifviitg People In All Welles of Life Regttwlless of Rank, Religion 01' Resoitrces. I Dial 66-771 Day or Night THE LECNARD P. REICHLIN FUNERAL HOME 327 Cleveland Street Elyria, Ohio 142 Broad Street Phone 2522 Boll of the 'chool A Abahazi, William, 140 Irondale St ..,,,..,.. Abbe, Dale, 249 Oxford Ct .,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, Abbe, Diane, 319 Middle Ave .,,,,,.,, Abicht, Claribel, 62916 Lodi St .,.7,,.,... Abrams, Barbara, 242 Warren Ave .... .,.. ....,. Abrams, Omadelle, 242 Warren Ave .YYVY.,..,..4....74,,..2.. Adams, William R., R. D. No. 3 Butternut Ahl rim Leora 109 B in ton Ct g , , Y s 2222222222-222.-,fA22242-2--4 Albright, Katherine, 220 State St .r,rrr,,,.r..,.,.r,.,,.r..r,.. Albright, Robert, 220 State St .,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Aldrich, Carol, 483 Eighth St .,.,,.,..,,,,.,,r,,,, Alexander, Alfred, 251 Stanford Ave .....,.,. Alexander, Jaime, 1321 East River Rd .,,,,,, Allen, Robert, 125 Harwood St .,.....,.,.... Allison, Donna, 141 Oak St ................. Amato, Ruthie, 127 Homer St ...,,,,,, Ames, Patricia, 342 Eighth St .,.,,,...,,,,,,,,. Amos, Shirley, 216 George Sr .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ams au h Emma R. D No. 3 El ria p 3 , , - , if --AA,----- ------ Amspaugh, Patty, R. D. No. 3, Elyria ..,,,,., Anderson, Richard C., 210 Cornell Ave ....... Anderson, Tom, 416 Third St .................. Andress, Virginia, 130 W. Bridge St ......,.... Anton, James, 2119 South Middle Ave ....... Appermon, Betty, 209 W. College, Oberlin .....,...... .. Archer, Bonnie, 206 Courtland St ..............,..... ...... Archer, Gerald, R. D. No. 1, Grafton ..... ,...,. ....,. Archer, Harold, R. D. No. 1, Grafton ...,.,,. Arndt, Joanne, 31 Artemas Ct ................ Atherton, Dick, 123W Cleveland St ....,,,,, Attkisson, Richard, 327 Huron St .....,........... ,...,. Auble, Donna Mae, 549W W. Broad St ........ ..,... B Bagley, Ronnie, 315 Fourth St ....,........ Bago, Frank, 355 Concord Ave ....r,...,...... Bago, Rosemary, 245 S. West River St ....... Bailey, Anne, 627 Dewey Ave ............,... Bainbridge, Bob, 244 Columbus St ...... .... Bakos, Evelyn, 613 W. Third St ....,...,, Balazi, Gerry, 2020 Lake Ave. ......... . Ball, Sally, 710 East Ave., ......,..,.. Bally, James, 305 East Broad St .,...., Bara, Dick, 406 Lodi St ................... Baracskai, Betty, 124 Blake St. ......... Barbknecht, Charlene, 132 Clark St. ..... . Barr, Norman, 318 Bell Ave. ........................ ...., . Bartholomew, Ray, 236 Dennison Ave. ..,............... Bartholomew, Richard, 236 Dennison Ave. .. , Bassett, Kenneth, Robson Rd., Grafton ............. ...... Battle, Phyllis, R. F. D., No. 3, Wayne St ........ .. Bauer, Bauer, Norman, 255 Warren Ave ...........,... Bauer, Ruth, 340 Winckles St., ........,,,, , Baum, Betty Lou, 116 Charles Ct ......... Baum, Joanne, 116 Charles Ct. ............. . Baumgardner, Joe, 317 Harvard Ave ......... Baun. Karl, 442 Adams St. ...................,........... .... . Beal, Joe, 122 Kenwood St. . ..............,... Beal, Maxine, R. D. No. 3, Telegraph Rd., Elyria ,.... Beal, Myrna, 1331 Gulf R. D. No, 1 ........,............... Beal, Rosemary, Telegraph Rd., Elyria ......,.,,,.,,... .... Beale, Lois, 324 Kenyon Ave. , .. ....... Bearer, Doris Ann, 211 Blaine St. Beattie, Norah E., 119 Ridge St. Beattie, Norman, 119 Ridge St ....... Becker, Russel, 148 Pasadena .. jack, 611 West River St ....,.............,. ....., Beckloff, Allan, R. D. No. 1, Elyria ..,..,,, Bedell, Barbara, 5514 Elyria Ave ........... Bell, janet, 1258 East Ave ...................... Bellottie, Leroy, 641 W. Broad St ..,..... Bellottie, Ronald, 641 W. Broad St ......... Bender, Joyce, 398 Woodland Ave ........ Bendik, Eleanor, 146 Adelbert St ....... Bendik, Irene, 146 Adelbert St ....,.. Bennett, Don, 338 Vulcan St .......... Bennett, Helen, 338 Vulcan St .,..... Benson, Harold, 110 Bell Ave ........ Berg, George, 17 Phillips Ct ............... Berger, joan, 411 Kenyon Ave ........,. Bergman, Arlene, 318 Lodi St .....,,,,,, Berry, jim, 111 Spruce St ......................... Bertie, joan, R. D. No. 1, Ford Rd ............. Betounes, Sam, Apt. 2, Nicholas Bldg ...,. Betz, Joanie, 118 Homer St. ,......,.......,,,.. , Bierbower, Bruce, 214 Lake Ave.. ........... .. Bierek, Dolores, 228 Foster Ave ...,..... Birch, Sarah, 301 Park Ave. ............ . Bishop, Betty, 220 Prospect Ave. ..,..,... . Bittner, Ed, R. D. No. 1, Abbe Rd ...,,,,, Black, Barbara, 332 Oxford Ave ............ Blaner, joe, 289 Hawthorne St .,,,........, , Bliss, James, R. D. No. 3, West River ...... Blitch, Mary, 2029 Grafton Rd. .,,..,,,,,.,,, , Bloom, Norma, 125 Berkeley Dr ,,.,,.,,,,,,,,, Board, Oswald, R. D. No. 2, S. Second St... Bogart, Arlene, 155 Lexington Ave. ...... . Bogdan, james, 218 N. W. River St. .... . Bokay, Ida May, 231 Stanford Ave ..,..,,. Bokay Pat, 213 Stanford Ave. ......,...... . Bongs, Beverly, 343 Concord Ave. ............ . Booth, Bernard, 1913 Middle Ave. .......... . Booth, Carol, 1913 Middle Ave., ,,,,... ,,,..,, , Borthwick, Jim, 312 Eastern Heights Blvd. Botamer, Evelyn, 238 Miller Ct., ....,..,,,.,., . Botos, James, 114 West River St ...,..,,.....,, Bottomley, Charles, 118 Cleveland St .,..., , Buoy, Emogene, 912 Middle Ave. ....... . Bowden, Bill, 953 East River St.. ...... . Bowser, Delight, 555 Lodi St. ...... . Boyd, Betty, 339 Maple St. ..... .... . Boyd, Clarissa J., 339 Maple Sr., ....... .. Borman, Nedro, 405 Foster Ave. .......,, . Bramwell, Dick, 233 Pasadena Ave ......... Brandes, Bob, 351 Harvard Ave. ......... , Brasselle, Joan, 126 Berkeley Dr. Brattoli, Anthony, 112 Eady Ct ......... Brlas, George, 252 Franklin St. .... . Brodslock, John, R. D. No. 2 .......,,.. Brooks, Isaac, 142 West St. ......... . Brotherton, Ronald, 307 Clark St. ....... . Brown, Barbara, 324 Oxford Ave. .......... . Brown, Donald, 368 South Maple St. ...... . Brown, Jean, 35214 West St. ..,,.,., ..,..,.,, . Brown, Richard, Middle Ridge Rd., Lorain Brown, Shelagh, 141 E. Bridge St ......,....,. Brown, ' Shirley, 215 West St. ..... .,.......... , Brown William E., 118 Cleveland St. ., . Brown,'William, Jr., 135 Wanda sf., R. D. Bruce, Jerry, 203 West St. .... ., Bruce, Marvin, 115 Quincy Ave. ,..,.....,,,. Bruse, Joan, 413 West Twelfth ....,.,..... Buchholz, Jane, 138 Berkeley Dr. ...,,..... .. Buchner, John. 33 Riverside Homes .... ., Burgett, Douglas, 421 Elm St. ..........., . Burgett, Sylvia, 421 Elm St. .,,..,........ . Burgette, Ralph, 117 West St. .,.... . Burril, Carolyn, 358 Sixth St ........, ESTERBROOK FOUNTAIN PENS fall styles and pointsj SHEAFFER and PARKER 51 PENS AND PENCILS Royal Portable Typewriters ELYRIA STATIONERS 533 Broad St. Qnext to Lincoln Theatrel R O Y E . H U L T Z Heating Equipment 232 Middle Ave. Phone 2128 STOPAT... HEIGHTS DRIVE-IN for the BEST HAMBURGERS HOME MADE PIE and CAKE Fourth and East River KAMM'S RECORD SHOP 320 Broad Street 0 "ELYRlA'S RECORD HEADQUARTERS" Compliments of K . a n cl M . SERVICE STORE 607 Cleveland Street Phone 65-514 THE WORLD'S BEST TYPEWRITERS ELYRIA OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. "Everything for the Office" MASONIC TEMPLE BUILDING ELYRIA, OHIO Telephone 3181 McCarvel's YOUNG HARDWARE 562 CLEVELAND STREET Phone 62-631 J e w e I e r s 0 Qpfgmefrigfg Full Line ot Hardware Appliances - Paint 106 Dean, Burdick, Lois, 124 Harwood St .A.,......,.,.. Burke, Barbara, 128 Pasedena Ave .....,.,. Burke, Jack, 104 Harvard Ave ...,.,, ,.,,. Burrill, Patricia, 358 Sixth St .,....A.,........ Burns, Barbara, 705 East River St .,....,.. Burr, Joyce, 247 Harwood St ...,,,,....... Bursley, Bill, 262 Marseilles St .,,,....,... Eichenlaub, Richard, 729 West River St. .. Buswell, Delores, 400 High St .,r...,........ Butler, Gwendolyn, 212 Longford St ..... Butler, Mollie, 334 Hawthorne St .......... Butson, James, 169 Courtland St .,......... Butts, Betty Jean, 319 Stanford Ave .,ttt,, Byam, Jack, 154 Eady Ct .,.,,,,,,.,r,,.,.... Byam, Jay, 154 Eady Ct. .,.,.,v.t,..,,. . Byars, Sidney, 340 Eighth St .,,,r,, C Caley, Diane, 110 Chestnut St .,,,,,,,,.,, Calkins, Shirley Ann, 514 Cleveland St Campagna, Annette, 1422 Gulf Rd .,,... Carner, James, 186 Bell Ave ...,.,........,. Carney, Patrick, 503 Dewey Ave ........,, Carr, Ronald, 442 Oxford Ave .,,.......,... Davis, Velma, 651 East River St .,.,.,......,,,,,, Dawson, Marilyn, 464 W. Eighth St.. ....... . Davis, Rudy, 1922 Middle Ave ...,....,....,..,... Dean, Bob, West River Rd .....,,......,..,.,,,..... Dean, Don, R. D. No. 2, North Ridge Rd Dean, Lois, R. D. No. 2, North Ridge Rd.. Thomas, 2807 West River Dr .........,. Carstensen, Ronald, 384 Ninth St ..,,,......... ...., ...,,,. Carson, Pat, 1108 East Ave ..,..,............ Carter, Mary, R. D. No. 1, La Grange, Carter, David, 167 Wood St .....,.....,...... Carter, Patricia Ann, 33116 Ninth St .,., Casey, Shirley, 161 Spruce St. .,,..,,...... . Caywood, Carl. 351 Sixteenth St ...,.,.,.. Castle, Gary, 408 Washington Ave ......., Caywood, Gardner, 351 Sixteenth St .,.. Caywood, Judy, 309 Spruce St .............. Cerlan, Carol, No. 7 Lesnick Ct ...,...,.. Cerra, Sam, 154 Cleveland St ..............r. Chambers, Dale, 114 Fifty-first St. ,..... . Chapman, Harlan, 2082 East Ave .,..,.,, Chechuck, Mike, 126 Homer St ..., ..,.., Cheney, Robert T., 241 Samuel St .,.,.... Chesler, Alfred, 332 Lodi St. ,....,. ,.,....,. . Chesmar, Barbara, 1960 N. Ridge Rd., Z .......... Chomi, Eleanor, 203 West River St., .,,.,..,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, W Christmon, Rosie. Route 2, Middle Ave. Cibrik, Irene, 166 Woodford Ave. ....... . Clark, Evelyn, 843 West Broad ,.........,,. Clawson, Ronnie, 235 Sixth St. ..,..,.,, , Clement, Janet. 1537 Grafton Rd ....... Clement, Clifford, Jean, 1537 Grafton Rd. .... . Jim, 123 Longford Ave. ..... . Clifford, Nanc 123 Lon ford Ave 8 Cochran, Elma, 920 East Ave. ..,....,.... . Cochrane, Robert, 317 Cambridge Ave. Collier, Jim, 217 Harwood St. . ..,... ,, Comstock, Dick, 416 Kenyon Ave. ,..... Z Cook, Juanita, 1701 Lorain Blvd. .... . Cordy, Evelyn Joy, 141 Courtland St....l Cordv. Robert. 141 Courtland St. . ,r Costello, Ralph, R. D. No. 1, Abbe Rd Costello, Wilma, R. D., Abbe Rd. ..,.., ,, Corrs, Jack, 205 Cleveland St. .,...,....... . Cox, Jacqueline, 562 Lodi St. .........,.,, ,, Crawford, Elmira. 241 Harvard Ave..... Crofford, Dick, 1924 Lake Ave. .. ...... Cross, Julia Ann, 221 Oberlin Rd ........ . Cross, Rudy. 221 Oberlin Rd. ,..,,.,,,,, , Crossmier. Dave, 206 E. Broad St. ..... . Curcillo, Paul, 144 Clark St. ....... . Currie, James, 28 Chestnut St. .. D Dahm, Phyllis, 438 Louisiana Ave. ...... , Davies, Homer, 350 E. River St. ....... r Davis, Marcia, 338 Oxford Ave ...... .... Y, X - ,--' , Co hlan, Mary E.. 360 Furnace St. ....,. , Ohio ............ one 7 Decker, Bob, 357 Oxford Ave .................... Dunford, Marilyn, 336 Prospect St ............ Demetral, Esther, 1117 West Ave ...... .......... Demopoulos, Eugene, 820 Woodlawn Ave .... Dezort, Bob, 266 Harrison St ........................ Dicken, Marilyn, 414 Earl Ct.. ................. Dickerson, William, 5 Shear St .................. Diederich, Donald, 237 Fairlawn Ave ........ Dilgren, Richard, 521 Park Ave .............. Dillman, Jack, 224 Eighth St .................. Dombrosky, Carl, 618 Woodland Ave.. ..... , Dombrosky, Don, 618 Woodland Ave ........ Donnelly, Frank, 224 Bath St. ............... . Donovan, Kenneth, 144 Garwin Ave ......... . Dostall, Jack, 343 Kenyon Ave.. ................. Dostall, Joyce, 230 Middle Ave. ................. . Douglas, Bob, R. D. No. 2, Sommerset Dr. Doyal, Bob, 500 West Third St. ................. . Doyal, James, 500 West Third St. ................ . Doyal, Larry, 500 West Third St. ........, . Drake. Kathleen, 555 Cleveland St........ Drager, Jack, 221 Harwood St.. ............. . Druckenmiller, Phyllis, 133 Bath St ......... Du Bray, Robert, 369 Oberlin Rd. ........ . Dudley, Joyce, 347 Cambridge Ave. ..... , Dugar, Helen, 113 Nichols Ct. ................. . Dunn, Jerry, 133 Lafayette St. ..... ............ . Dunn, Judy, 325 Eastern Heights Blvd ....... Dunfee, Jack, R. D. No. 2, Elyria, Ohio ....... Duvall, Carlton, 10 Woodford Ave ............ E Eaton, Rosemary, 320 Eastern Heights ,...... Eddy, Robert, 5807 Ahtrim Rd.. ........... . Eddy, Roberta, 5807 Ahtrim Rd.. .............. .. Eddy, Sally Ann, 2000 Lake Ave. .............. . Edwards, Betty Ann, R. D. No. 2, Griswold Rd Edwards, David, R. D. No. 2, Griswold Rd. Edwards, Walter, R. D. No. 2, Elyria, Ohio Ehrlich, Jerry, 180 Sheriff St ................. ....... Eichenlaub, Barbara, 729 West River St ...... Elbert Carol, 449 Kenyon Ave ............... .. Elbertl Clifford 349 Kenyon Ave ..........,, Elbert, Elbert, Elbert, Don, 347 Kenyon Ave ......,. Eleanor, 349 Kenyon Ave ........, Pam, 1267 East Ave ............. . Eldred, Elliot, 123 Woodbury St. ...... . Eldred, Joan N., 123 Woodbury St. ...., . Elliot. John, 29 Chestnut St. ............ . Ellis, Faith, 504 W. Twelfth St .........., Emery, Merle, 210 Marseilles Ave. .... . Erdei, Edward, 116 Center St. ............... . Eschke, Howard G., 427 First Pl ..... . .... Eschtruth, Nancy A., 2170 Detroit Rd. ...., .. Evenchik. Elayne, 316 Oxford Ave .,,....,.. Everitr, Diana M., 117 Laura Ct.. ...... F Fahrney, Ronnie, 354 West St.. ..... Falkenhog, Fris, 246 Howe St .......... Farkas, Joe, 367 Vulcan Sr.. ................ . Farmer, Fred R., 400 Morgan Ave ...... .,,. Farmer, Thomas B., 616 Furnace St. ..... . Farnsworth, Rav, 615 Middle Ave. .... . Farr. William, North Ridgeville ....., Fauver, Worth, 133 Columbus St. ...,.. . CURLEY'S MARKET East River South of Fourth O ERWIN C. BAUM Compliments of INDICOTT PHOTO SHOP Partmits International Trucks Commeycml P?0t0gmPby McCormick-Deering Farm Machinery Supplzes Parts and Service . ELYRIA TRUCK 8. 544 Broacl Street IMPLEMENT Phone 2180 Elyria, Ohio 220 Oberlin Road Phone 3264 THE BELL CO. CLOTHING SHOES SPORTSWEAR HESS SNACK BAR SANDWICHES, POP and ICE CREAM To Take Out 508 MIDDLE AVENUE CAREK FLOIVERS FIRST because CAREK FLOWERS LAST o Phone 2132 o CAREK FLORIST, INC. 322 Broad St. Elyria, Ohio Feher, Joe, 621 W. Third St ..,..,........... Fenik, Ronald, 2169 Lake Ave ..... ... ....... Felty, Don, 520 Park Pl ......................V Ferguson, Delores, 206 Samuel St .....w. Fidel, Yolanda, 528 Vulcan St ..l........,,.,.. Findley, Bette, 795 North Abbe Rd .,,...,.. Fisher, Harry, 109 West St. ......,......,,,-,-,.,llv r.., . Fitzpatrick, Fredrick, 231 Oberlin Rd .,,l, Fitzpatrick, Hallie, 231 Oberlin Rd. .,..,. . Fitzpatrick, Louis, 2102 South Oak .,.,..,,.,... ..... Fitz erald Doroth 249 Dennison Ave 8 5 yr ' -------' ---- - Flaherty, Nancy Ann, 136 Beverly Ct .,,,., ,,., ..,.. Fleisher, Leonard, 821 West River St ...,.,.. Flood, Howard, Mares Trailer Camp ....,.., Flood, Julia, 638 West Broad St .,...,.,... Flowers, Ray, East River Rd ....,,.,,.,,,. Flynn, Patricia, 689 Weller Rd .,,,,,, Fobes, Harriet, 803 Park Ave ....i,.r. Fogle, Melvin, 145 Sheriff St ....,,... Foglyano, James, 15 Smith Ct. ,.,,,, .. Folk, Mary, 231 East Broad ..,..,.. Folley, Barbara, 210 Erie St ...,...... , Folley, Norman, 210 Erie St ...,,,,..... Forbush, Don, 1521 East River St ....... Forsyth, Fred, 204 Harrison Ave .,..... .,.r,,,., .,... Fortune, Armenia, 4 Woodford Ave. ........ . Fortune, Betty, 4 Woodford Ave ...........,.. Foss, William, R. D. No. 2, Telegraph Rd .,,,r, Fossett, Roberta, 2802 East River Rd ............., .,,., Foster, Roland, 318 Blaine St .........,.,.,..,r,r.c Fowl, Joan, 403 West River St... ,,,, Fox, Carol Marie, 329 Eleventh St. ,,,, . Fox, Marjorie, 329 Eleventh St ...., .,., Frabotta, Ralph, 1335 East Ave ..,,l,.. Francis, June, 121 Waverly St. .,..,,,,..... . Frank, Marianne, 210 La Grange Rd .,.,,,,,,, ,.,,, Frankoviak, Theresa, 352 Seventh St ..,.. . Fridenstine, Lois, R. D. No. 3 ,,,,,,............ Fritz, Rita, 207 West River St ............... Fraust, David, 512 West Twelfth St ......... Frye, Virginia, 337 Eighth St. ,,,,.,..,,.. , Fullmer, David, 536 East Broad St ....... Funk, Don, 449 West Eighth St .,...,.. Funk, Jack, 202 Garford Ave. ...... . G Gaehe, Barbara, 365 Eastern Heights Blvd ......... .,,,, Gagen, Beatrice, 1014 West Ave ........,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,, Gagen, Dorothy, 1014 West Ave .......,. Gagen, Jim, 1014 West Ave .......,. ..... Galley, Donald, Overbrook Rd. ...,.. . Gall, Marjorie, 1123 Lake Ave...p...... Gallo, Jo, 315 Eighteenth ,.....,..,,.,,,.,,, Garcia, Gloria, l212M West Ave., ,.,.,,,, Gardner, Carl, 229 Washington Ave., ........ ,.., . Gardner, William, 600 Foster Ave .......,,,. Gargos, Eugene, 328 West River St ..,.,.,., Gargus, John, 111 Foster Ave. ,......... . Gatchell, Carolyn, 261 East 16th St .,,,..... Gates, Donald, 247 East 13th St ..,........ G0tr0, Jacqueline, 116 Williams St .,,............ ..,,, Gawura, Maryann, 419 High St. .....,,.,., H, Gedrndge, Bob, 169 Fairlawn ....,,.,,.,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,, . Gehl, Carol J., 890 Baetz Ct., R. D. No. 2, Lorain Gehl, Marilyn, 890 Baetz Ct., R. D. No. 2, Lorain Gehrke Sally, No. 5 Rawson Ct. ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , , ,, Giles, Warner, 109 Berkeley Dr. ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Gerhardinaer, Jack, R. D. No. 2 .l.....,.,,,, Gibbens, Dorothv, 201 Hawthorne St ........ Gibbons. Richard, 645 Taylor St, ..,,,,,,,.,, , Gibbs, Richard E.. 123 Clinton Ave. ..... .. Gilkison. James, 1714 East Ave. ,,,.,.,. . Gill. Jerry. 287 Griswold Rd. ,,,, Gillesnie. Don. 316 Cornell Ave. , ,,,. .. Givens, Don, 330 East River St. ,,,,. , Glass, Harold, 9 Woodland Ave ............. .. .... Glasse, June D., 540 West Second St ..... -.--.. Glosser, Martha, 1264 East Ave. ........... . Godfrey, Nancy, 126 Columbia Ave .... Goodson, Leroy, 235 Oberlin Rd .............. Gordon, Virginia, 238 Princeton Ave ....... -. Gould, Lowell, 338 Longfellow St ............ Grandstaff, Joan, 192 Longfellow St. .... L .... . Gray, Shirley, 344 East River St .................... Gray, Tom, 1020 Bell Ct ......,.................... - Greene, Dorothy, No. 2 Woodland Ave ....... Greene, Geraldine, No. 2 Woodland Ave ..... Greene, Jack, 1320 East River St ............... Greer, Rollo, 220 Roosevelt Ave .............. . Grueser, Joanne, 338 Furnace St .......... Grueser, Starling, 338 Furnace St ........... Grundy, John F., 241 Seventh St ...,....r..... Grundy, Ralph, 241 Seventh St ................... Guignette, Helen, 607 Woodland Ave ......... Gunder, Lois, 934 Lorain Blvd .................... Gunder, Rose, R. D. No. 2, Elyria .,,....... Guth, Marcia, 153 Harvard Ave .,..,,..., Gwin, Tom, 284 Washington Ave ......... H Haas, Wilber, 128 South St ....,...,.... Halm, Shirley, 618 Middle Ave ............. ....... Hales, Jack, 318 East Ave ................... ......... Halliwell, Raymond, 347 West Fifteenth St.. Halsey, Betty Anne, 325 Princeton Ave. ..... . Halsey, Robert, 325 Princeton Ave ............... Hambly, Darlene C., 364 49th St .............. Hambly, James, 364 49th St ........................ Hamilton, Floyd D., 1077 East River St ....... , Hammons, Carol, 107 West St .... .............. Hammons, Ruth Ann, 402 Fuller Rd ........ Hance, Marilyn, 323 East Ave ............... Hancock, Patsy, 120 Edison Ct .................. Handley, Wayne, 130 Longfellow St ........... Handrosh, Roxann, R. D. No. 1, Grafton ..... Hange, Don, 218 Harvard Ave. .................. .. Harding, Joan, 512 Woodland Ave ........., Hardy, Yvonne M., 1410 East Ave ......... Hargate, Joan, 245 Columbia Ave .,....,.. Hariar, Martin, 811 Sycamore St ........ Harris, Beverly, 438 Oxford Ave ....,.,. Harrison, Sally, 108 Grant St. .............. . Hartman, Richard, 901 Park Ave .............. Harvitt, Beverly Ann, 153 Warren Ave ..,..... Hasko, Anne, 523 West Third St ................. Haury, Cletus, 126 Fourth St.. ............. .. Haury, Pat, 915 East River St. ........... . Hawke, Don, 241 Cornell Ave ............... Hayes, Tom, 365 High St .......................... Haywood, Philip, 402 West Ninth St.. .... .. Hazelton, Gayle, 254 Boston Ave ........... Hearne, Audrey, 124 Lewis Ct ..... r............... Hebebrand, Donald, 837 Lake Ave .............., Hebebrand, Harry, R. D. No. 1, La Grange Hecock, Jean, 363 North Olive St. ............ . Hein, Betty, R. D. No. 2, 241 W. Griswold Rd Helfrich, Sue, 412 Gulf Rd. ,.,..,.. ., ............ .. Hemminger, Darlene, 170 Beebe Ct ............. Hemminger, Edward, 111 Monroe St ........ Hendrikson, Delores, 123 Kaiser Ct. .... . Hengartner, Dick, 264 Vulcan St. ..... . Hennings, Ann, 244 Stanford Ave. ...... . Herrick, Ruth, 32 Redington Blvd. . Heskitt, Gerald, 140 Courtland St. ..,. Hess. Armand, 807 Middle Ave. ...... . Hess, Eleanor, 150 Columbia Ave. ......... . Hess, Rav. 323 Eastern Heights Blvd ........ Heth. William, 143 Cleveland St. .......... . Hettler, Robert, R. D. No. 3, Elyria ......., Heuser, Bill, 430 Kenyon Ave, ,,,,,,,,,,,, , Hewitt, Harriet, 239 Rush St ......,..,.... Compliments of Sudro-Curfis Funeral Home HARVEY C. CURTIS Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer LADY ASSISTANT WE Z: S ILNQEREST THE ELYRIA SUPERIOR ELECTRIC coMPANY 419 Middle Ave. Elyria, Ohio 110 Middle Avenue Elyria, Ohio . C. H. INGWER, President VIC BREITENSTEIN, Exec. Vice President Electrical Supplies ELDRED PAPER CO. Masonic Temple Building Phone 2801 Elyria, Ohio o ' School Supplies ' Frozen Food Locker Supplies P Picnic Supplies PHILLIPS DRUG STORE HOWARD AND BLooM Successors 507 Broad SI. Phone 3381 "In the Heart of Elyria" o FILLING PRESCRIPTIONS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF OUR BUSINESS Heyd, Bill, 123 Longfellow St ........................ .,.. Hicks, Jerry, 1611 Grafton Rd .................,........... ...... Hildebrandt, Raymond, R. D. No. 3, Elyria .............. Hilovsky, Betty, 419 West River St ..........,.,...,.. .... Hinkle, Ted, 232 Prospect St .,,..,.,..... .,........... ..,. Hinton, Russell, 115 High St .,,,,,,,.,,..,.. Hirth, Richard, 243 East Broad St .,...... Hist, Anita, 513 Cleveland St .........,... Hoffman, James, 330 Eleventh St. ,,,.... . Hogan, Donald, 115 Riverdale Ct .,,,..., Hogan, Grace, 115 Riverdale Ct ..,,i.,,,. Hollis, Amy, Ford Rd., R. D. No. 1 ........ Holmes, Dick, 1605 Grafton Rd .,,,,,,,,,., Howard, Saundra, 521 Gulf Rd .......,.... Howert, Tom, 113 Cleveland St.. ............. . Hoch, Gretchen, 132 Overbrook Rd .,,,..... Holromb, Dick, 254 Pasadena Ave ........ Hollins, Bob, 5743 Elyria Ave ....,............ Holliday, Robert, 181 Longfellow St .....,. Hollis, Bob, 5743 Elyria Ave ..........,..... Holloway, Hardy, 419 Eleventh St. ,,...,.. . Holmes, Linda, 346 Eleventh St.. ................ . Holobach, Harland, 407 West River St .,,..,,,., Holt, Tom, 1349 East Ave ............... ............ Holton, Shirley M., 2003 Grafton Rd ..,.....,.. Homoki, Elsie, 111 Blake St ..... .................,.... Hopkins, Evard, 405 Fuller Rd ............... ...........,..... Hopkins, Nathaniel, 218 East Fourteenth St ..., Hopkins, Ted, 218 East Fourteenth St ....................... Hopkins, William, R. D. No. 2, Fuller Rd.-. Horton, Keith, 136 Cornell Ave ...................... Houston, Elma, 207 Ninth St. ...........,....... . Houston, Ethel, 207 Ninth St. ........., . Hovis, Shirley Ann, 420 Tenth St. ...,........... . Howard, Saundra, 521 Gulf Rd. ............................. . Howerth, Tom, 113 Cleveland St.. ......................... .. Huebner, Elizabeth, R. D. No. 2, Oberlin Rd Huffman, Ann, 231 Dennison Ave. ....,.. Hull, Ronald, 317 Oxford Ave. ...,..... .. Hultz, Abbie, 2060 Lake Ave. .,,.., . Hummer, Ronald, -454 Earl Ct. Hunter, Paul, 172 Bath St. .. ............. Hurd, Nancy, 635 Cleveland St. . .... .. Huskinson, Bill, 206 Lexington Ave. ...,.. . Huskinson, Janice, 206 Lexington Ave. .......... . Huskinson, Kenneth, 206 Lexington Ave. . . Hyman, Joan, 219 Hamilton Ave. ..,....,,,.,,. . I lgnasik, Don, 521 Seventh St. . . ..,,. Indicott, Dick, 1131 East River St. . .,,,.,,,... Ingersoll, Grant, 243 Eastern Heights Blvd. . Ingold, Rex, 150 Huron St. ..,,...,..... .,..,,,...... . lves, Beverly, 810 West Ave. ,,.,.................. . J Jackson, Jerry, 1017 East River St. ..... . Jacobs, David, 553 West Third St .,.,,,,, Jacobs, Frank, 1031 Gulf Rd .....,. ,,,.. James, Mary, 531 Case Ave .....,,,,.. James, Raymond, 531 Case Ave. ...... . Janasky, Ed, 332 East Bridge St. ....., . Jantz, Richard, 140 Emerson Ct. ..... Jasper, John, 100 East Second St. ........ . Jensen, Mary T., 415 West Second St. ...... . Jewell, Adelia, 299 Bellheld Ave .,.,......... Jewell, George, 299 Bellfield Ave. ..... , Jezeski, Johnny, 238 Wooster St.. .......,,. . Johns, Lester, 633 Lake Ave ............,,,.....,,,.. Johnson, Barbara A., 101 West River ....... .. Johnson,Marina, 415 West Twelfth St. Johnson, Robert. 203 Delaware Ave .......... Johnson, Ronald, 246 Eighth St. ........ . Johnston, Dick, R. D. No. 2, West Ridge Rd Johnston, Jack, 118 St. Clair St. .......... . Johnston, Joan, R. D. No. 2, West Ridge Rd Jones, Delphine, 11 Shear St ................ Jones, Dan, R. D. No. 2, Linwood .,..... Jones, Douglas, R. F. D., Linwood St.. Jones, Fred, 419 Adams St.. ................. . Jordan, Lois, 237 Oxford Ct. . .......... Joviak, Robert, 139 Homer St ......... K Kader, Esther, 130 Rush St .,............. Kader, Jean, 130 Rush St ......... ........... Kangas, Dorothy, 498 Schadder Rd ...... Kaplan, Edith, 329 West Ave .,.. ......, Kaplan, Frances, 329 West Ave. .... . Karas, Helen, 315 West Ave ..... ........ Kleister, Ronald, 248 E. Bridge St. ...... . Klesta, Ben, R. D. No. 1, Grafton ....... Klesta, Delores, R. D. No. 1, Grafton Klocek, Cecilia, R. D. No. 1, Elyria Klocek, Jack, R. D. No. 3, Elyria ....... Knapp, Betty, 243 Spruce St. ........ . Kneiss, Beverly, 430 E. River St. .... . Knepper, Alvin, 436 Jefferson St. .... . Knoth, James, 120 Stanford Ave. .... . Knowlton, Dale, 1724 Lake Ave. .... . Knock, Pamela, 387 Cleveland St. .... . Kochis, Keith, 359 High Street ...... Koehn, Jerry, 223 Glenwood St ........... Koepp, Ronald, 244 Fairlawn Ave. Koepke, Perry, 541 Second Street ..... Kokai, Jeanne, 315 West River St. .... . Kokai, Joanne, 315 West River St. Koons, Estelle, 328 East Broad St. .... . Kopp, Allen, 235 West River St. ...... . Kopriva, Arnold, 104 Princeton Ave. Kosco, Richard, 111 West River St. Kotai, Diane, 1810 Middle Ave. ..... . Kothe, Lynn, 142 Riverside Court ......... Kovac, John, 2760 West River Rd. Kovacs, Louis, 562 Irondale St. .......... . Kasper, Ernie, Murray Ridge, R. D. No 3 Katz, Marvin, 118 Mendel Ct. .......... . Kauffman, Bob, 981 Foster Ave. ...... . Kauffman, Jim, 443 N. Abbe Rd. .... . Kauffman, Ronald, 981 Foster Ave. Kawell, Dick, 321 Fourth St. ........ .... . Kaye, Fern, 991 N. Washington Blvd. Kaye, Joan, 991 N. Washington Blvd. Keech, Sarah, 962 Gulf Rd. .... ......... . Kehler, Barbara, 622 W. River St. Keller, Janet, R. D. No. 3, Elyria . Kellerman, Mary, 621 West River St. Kelly, Jeanne, 500 Park Ave. ..... .. Kelley, Marlene, 13116 Cleveland St. . Kelling, Joan, 1106 Park Ave. .... .. Kelling, Joseph, 1106 Park Ave. .. .... .. Kemble, Phyllis, 1005 Middle Ave. Kemp, Richard, Carlisle Ave., Elyria . Kennelley, Jane, 201 Harvard Ave. Kerekes, Helen, 617 W. Third St. Ketchum, Art, 311 N. Abbe Rd. .. .. Keyser, Donna, 133 Clark St. .............. . Kimball, James, 216 Boston Ave. . Kinzel, Kenneth, R. D. No. 1, Grafton Kiser, Barbara, R. D. No. 1, Grafton Kopp, Allan, 235 W. River St. .......... . Kovach, Pearl, 321 Fairlawn Ave. .... . Kovach, Sherre, No. 2 Glover Ct. ...... . Kovacs, Betty, 614 Lodi, Apt. 6 Fr. Krebs, Herbert Jr., 1618 Lake Ave. Kritzell, Joan, 136 Stanford Ave. .... . Krock, Pamela, 387 Cleveland St. Krugman, Donna, 319 Eleventh St. Krugman, Floyd, 127 Riverdale Ct. 5 H E SS 8m H E S S Pharmacies O Reliable Prescriptions O 148 Middle Ave. Phone 2557 'I12 E. Broad St. Phone 3427 Elyria, Ohio CHARTER BUSES FOR ANY OCCASION ELYRIA COACH CO. PHONE 3356 Compliments of THE BORCHERS CO. OFFICE EQUIPMENT and OFFICE SUPPLIES 247Vz Second Sf. Elyria, Ohio Compliments of SAY IT WITH FLOWERS C A p I 1- Q L FOR ANY occAsloN R I V 0 I. I We Telegraph Flowers UNCOLN HENES FLoRlsT Theqfres Phone 2952 315 Broad sf. For The Safely of I CONGRATULATIONS Your Ga rmenls TRY HALE CLEANERS Alterations and Repairs A Specialty 358 Cleveland St. Phone 63-601 TO THE GRADUATING ' cLAss or 1950 O RlGBEE'S Compliments of TH E E LYRIA TE LE P H O N E CCMPANY Gm' IMA fT2iOZ'il'l2?,,eSS SENICRS WILMQT . PRINTING CCMPANY T A T T E R S A L L An Elyria sm 1924 DAIRY 209-215 Masonic Temple Skate For Recreation Skating Nightly Except Monday cmd Thursday Saturday and Sunday Afternoons with Lloyd Lemmerman at the Hammond Organ SEMI OR PRIVATE PARTIES CAN BE ARRANGED o Special Prices To Church and School Groups o Roll Arena Skating Club Inc. 908 Cleveland St. Phone 64-462 O'DONNELL Paint and Wallpaper Co. 123 Court St. Phone 2920 o Dutch Boy Paint Acme Quality Paint Glidden Paint PIPPERT TIN SHOP Sheet Metal Contractor Heating-Ventilating-Roofing and Spouting 115 Chapel St. Phone 2837 MILTON'S Your Credit Jeweler 596 Broad St. Phone 3468 CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of 1950 from SEARS RCEBUCK A N D C O. R E S A R If lt's Sports, Be Sure To Shop At Sears For All Your Needs! F L o R I s T . 1435 E. RIVER STREET 8K CQ. PHONE 3156 328 Broad St. Phone 2225 4 Mellinger, Sherman, 811 East Avenue ...,,,,.v.A Krugman, Norma, 127 Riverdale Ct. ...,,, . Krugman, Ruth, 420 Third St. ..,,.,7,.. . Kuba, Larry, 520 Dewey Ave. ....... . Kuhl, Joanne, 2 Frank Court .,,r,,,.,,..,.. Kuhn, Patricia, 609 Bond St. ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, . Kunkle, Robert, 338 Columbia Ave. .,.... . Kushner, George, 650 Lodi Street ,,,,,,, Kuss, Barbara, 625 East River St. L Lahiff, jane, 327 Seventh St. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Lambert Lorna R. D. No. 1 Grafton Lambert Donald R D. No 1 Grafton Lamborn, Nancy, 325 Tenth Street ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,. Lakacy, Ted, R. D. No. 1, Sugar Ridge m Lamoreaux, Glen, R. D. No. 2, Schram Rd. Larkins Lance, William, R. D. No. 1, Grafton Landin, jean, 118 51st Street .......,................. Lang, Don, 315 Twelfth St. ............... . . Lantsberry, Irene, 223 Oakwood St. ,...... Lantsberry, john, 223 Oakwood St. ...,,.. Lantsberry, Lois, 223 Oakwood St. ....... Lanyo, Jack, 405 Cleveland St. .................. Laotner, John, 1048 West River St. ............,.....r.... . Larkin, Dick, 109 Parkview ..............r...................,. Larkins, Carl, R. D. No. 3, Wayne St., Elyria ........ Larkins Floyd, R. D. No. 3, Wayne St., Elyria ....,... Mihalis, Stephen. 408 East Avenue ........... Y I ' ' ' Y Y 3 Larkins, john, R. D. No. 2, Middle Ave. ..... . Lattner, john, 1048 West River St. .......... , Lawrence, Dick, 116 Lawrence Ave. ...... . Lawrence, Gerald, 1104 East Ave. .......... . Lawson, Bob, 226 Stanford Ave. ............. . Leczo, Margaret, 1760 North Ridge Rd. Lee, Chiquita, 510 West St. .................. . Leininger, Wilma, 423 Kenyon Ave. .,..,. . Lenhart, Donald, 504 Cleveland St. ...... . Leonard, David, 165 Pasadena Ave. ...... . Leonard, Nancy, 232 West Bridge St. ..... . Lesher, Barbara, 233 North Abbe Rd. ..... . Lescher, Rosemary, 1213 West Ave. ...... . Lesher, Coletta, 114 Mendel Ct. ...... . .... . Lesher, Pat, 114 Mendel Ct. ....................,... . Leslie, Marilyn, 1839 West Ave. ................. . Lesnick, Jack, 318 Ohio Street ...................... Letterly, Edwin, R. D. No. 2, West Ridge Rd. Leuzzi, Elizabeth, 345 Eighth Street .............. Line, Kathryn, 401 Clark Street ..................... Lingenfelter, William, 154 Oak Street ...... Livermore, Elaine, 238 Pasadena Ave. Livermore, Merna, 238 Pasadena Ave. ..... .. Logan, June, 136 West Street ..................... Logan, Kenneth, 136 West St. ............ Herman R D No 3 Wa ne St. Elyria .... McClements, Beatrice, 1 Person Court ........ McCord, james, 418 W. Eighth St. ......... . McCoy, Carol, 359 Hawthorne St. ........ . McDaniels, Ronald, 335 West St. ......,. . McDevitt, Bernard, 234 W. Bridge St. McElroy, Loal, 256 Hadaway ................. McHale, Evelyn, 204 E. Broad St. ., ., McHenry, Marie, 2030 Lake Ave. ........ . McHenry, William, 2030 Lake Ave. .... . Mclntire, Richard, 640 Weller Rd. ....... . Mclntire, Irma, 915 Eastern Hts. Blvd. McKitr-ick, Shirley, 316 Prospect St. ...,. McLaughlin, Nancy, 203 Valley View ...... McMan, Bill, 148 Courtland St. ............... . McMullen, Alan, R. D. No. 2, Elyria ....... McNulty, John, 318 Griswold Rd. ........... . Meeks, Jack, R. D. No. 3, Elyria ............ Meinke, Harold, 638 W. Broad St. ............... . Mendenhall, Louise, 201 E. Heights Blvd. ...... . Mendoza, Delores, 815 West River St. ...... . MacDonald, Bob, 250 Gates Ave. ........... . Machock, Regina, 985 West River St. Maddock, Gail, 111 Robson Ct. ............ . Madok, Janet, 332 Cambridge Ave. .... . Madok, Mary, 332 Cambridge Ave. ....... . Mahilo, Goldie, R. D. No. 2, Albrecht ....... Mahar, Jack, 119 Taft St. .........,............... . Majesky, Tom, 1007 Lake Ave. ............ . Malin, Robert, 2 Tattersal ........... Mallery, Jack, 375 Abbe Rd. ...... . Manns, Gloria, 129 Myrtle St. ............... . Mansfield, Bob, 333 Oxford Ave. .............. . Maringer, Carol Jean, 215 Princeton Ave. ...... . Markel, Jimmie, 363 Hawthorne St. .......... . Maron, Jack, 937 E. River St. ...................... . Margraf, Maureen, 132 Huron St. .................. . Marozsan, Mary Ann, R. D. No. 1, La Grange Marozsan, Peter, R. D. No. 1, La Grange ....... Marozsan, Yolanda, R. D. No. 1, La Grange Marsico, Joe, 115 Beebe Ct. .......................... . March, Ronald, 115 Elbe Ct. ...................... - Marshall, john, 341 Cornell Ave. .... . Marshall, Mary, 704 Lake Ave. ..... . Martin, Elsie, 228 Griswold Rd. .... . Mason, Donald, 154 Adelbert Sr. ........ . Meredith, Patricia, 327 Hawthorne St. Merva, Mary, 119 Floral Ct. ................ . Merva, Mike, 119 Floral Ct. ............ . Messaros, Bob, 237 W. River St. ........ . Messaros, Jerry, 2128 Lake Ave, .........., , Messaros, William, 237 W. River St. .... Meszes, Thomas, 350 Rocltfern Ave. ........... . Michowka, Frank, R. D. No. 1, Grafton, ....... Longbrake, Arlene, Oberlin, R. F. D. No. 2 ............ Loper, Walter, R. D. No. 2, Oberlin Rd. .... . Lottman, Don, R. D. No. 1, La Grange ..... . ...... ...... . Lottman, Richard, R. D. No. 1, La Grange ............ Lotz. Dollie Jean, 635 Cambridge Sr. ......,................ . Lucker, Ronald, 178 Pasadena Ave. ............ . Ludwig, Mary Edith, 220 West Ave. ....., . Lumadue, Malcolm, 475 Bon Air Ave. ..... . Lyman, Virginia, 345 Columbia Ave. ............. . Mika. Miller Miller Richard, 453 Poplar St. .............. . Darlene, 318 Seventh St. .. ........ Dixie, 206 Fairlawn Ave. ..., ,.., . Miller, George, 229 Eastern Hghts. Blvd. ...... . Miller, Jack, 113 Williams St. ....,....,..,..,.,. . Miller, Jimmy, 612 Middle Ave, .,.......,. , Mills, Kathleen, Carlisle Ave. ....... Mirmez, Burlin, 995 W. River Sr. .... . Minnick, Helen. 25 West Ave. ..... . Mitchell, Kay, 428 Lorain Blvd. .. Lyndes, Dick, R. D. No. 1, Grafton ........................ Lyndes, Nyla, R. D. No. 1, Grafton .... ............... Lyndes, Virginia, Indian Hollow Rd., Grafton Lyons, Dan, 435 Eighth Street ................................ Lysaght, Nora, 1118 West Ave. . ,..,., M Mason, Jackie, 154 Adelbert St. ........... . Mate. Alex, 1514 West River St. .......... . Mathewson, Phyllis, 509 Lodi Street ....... McCallister, Bob, 406 Woodland Ave. ..... . Mitchell, Douglas, 512 Twelfth St. ....... . Mitchell, Marv, 285 Roosevelt Ave. ........... . Mitchem, Seelbert. 546 Cambridge Ave. ...... . Mocsny, David. 161 Longfellow Ave. ....... . Mocsny, Mary Lee, 161 Longfellow St. Moran, Jack, 937 E. River St. ....,....., . Morgan, Gerald, 417 E. Broad St. . ....... . Morrison, Karen. 809 E. River St. ..., . Madock, Basil, 301 Abbe Rd. ........ , Morris, Beverly, 329 Twelvth St. . .... . Morris, Byron, 329 Twelvth St. ..... . Morris, Don, 329 Twelvth St. ..... . Florals, Landscapes, Marines, Birds, Religious and Children's o MCtlfll"e5 o Framed and Unframed Easel Frames For Your Photo S C H W I N D 'S PICTURE STORE 423 W. Second St. Elyria, Ohio Ea! llfuakea KAPLAN'S For Better Furniture O 638 west sRoAD smear ELYRIA, oHlo KNOWLES8m SNIEZEK 305 Broad Street Phone 2243 QUALITY FOODS, MEATS, GROCERIES, FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES - FROZEN FOODS We Deliver Every Day BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS from SCOTTY MORRISON'S BARBER SHOP JIMMY I STANLEY O SCOTTY Sixth and Middle Compliments of TED PRINDLE DRY CLEANING soo CLEVELAND smear Moss, Edwin, 116 Broad St. ,.....,.,.. . Mott, James, 616 Bell St. .,.......,........ . Monolder, Gerald, 1109 Lake Ave. ,..... . Moyer, Barbara, 243 Eighth St. .......... . Mudge, Bill, 116 Beverly Ct. ,................,,.,....,,........ . Munger, Bill, 1009 Gulf Rd. .,...,.............,....,....... P.G. Muntean, Constance, R. D. No. 2, Bechtel Rd. ........ 11 Munrean, Virgil, R. D. No. 2, Box 52 ................V... Murphy, Mary, 30 Artemas Ct. ..........,...v...........,,... . Murray, Oliver, 2 Shear St. ...,..,.,,....,... . Myers, Fred, 145 Bell Ave. ....,...... . Myers, Nancy, 222 East Ninth St. ,..... . Myhrman, joan, 511 Cleveland St. ...... . N Nagy, Jeanette, 2205 W. River St. ..,.,.,,,, . Nagy, Shirley Ann, 115 West River St. ,.e., , Nary, Zelma, 332 Sumner St. .................. - Nay, James, 135 Hamilton St. ............................... . Nell, Garnett, 159 Brandston Ave. ......, - ......... . Nell, Harold, 159 Brandston Ave. .,,... . Nemas, Arthur, 1130 Lake Ave. ,..... . Nevin, Marjorie, 432 First Place .....,..... Nicholas, Marilynn, 314 Princeton Ave. ..... . Nielsen, John, 249 Cambridge Ave. ...,... Nielsen, June, 140 Rambler Ave. ...... . Nielsen, Molly, 606 West Ave. .....,,... . Nielsen, Peer, 249 Cambridge Ave. ...... . Niemeyer, Alan, 130 Princeton Ave. ...... . Noel, Beatrice, Stop 6, Fuller Road .......... Norris, Carl, 1701 Lake Ave. ........................ . Northrop, Ruby, 1607 Lake Ave. ........................... . Noster, Walter, R. D. No. 3, East River Rd. ........... . Novatny, jerry, 1852 Grafton Rd. ............ . O O'Brien, Carol, 371 High Street ....... Ockajic, Ruth, 1100 Bell Ave. .............. . O'Conner, Jim, 229 E. Thirteenth St. ..... . Olah, Edward R., 127 Beebe Ct. .......... . Olensk, Tony, 140 Woodford Ave. ...... . Olmstead, Joan, 905 Middle Ave. .......... . Olsen, Robert, 1835 West Ave. ............. . Olszewski, Dorothy, 611 E. Broad St. ..... . O'Malley, Lois, 159 Pasadena Ave. .........., O'Million, Ruth, 259 Spruce St. .......... . Orten, Pat, 1336 Lake Ave. ........ . Orr, Ralph, 339 Hawthorne St. .... . P Page, Lois, 277 Columbus St. ........... . Palogyi ,Andrew, 365 Vulcan St. Palmer, Bob, 419 Park Ave. .............. . Palmer, Margery, 419 Park Ave. ..,..,.,,, . Papay, Ernest, R. D. No. 1, Ford Rd. ..... . Parker, Helen, 360 Oxford Ave. .........,....... . Parks, Sally, 1873 Lake Ave. ........................ , Pasenow, Agnes, 619 W. Fifteenth St. ......,.....,,..,,. . Pasenow, Patricia, 715 W. Seventeenth St, ,.,,,,,,,,,,, , Pasenow, Tommy, 619 W. Fifteenth St. .... . Patania, Margie, 247 Warren Ave. ......,..,.., , Patyak, Richard, 503 Middle Ave. .......... . Payne, jim, 311 Eleventh St. ,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,.,, , Payne, Jon, 231 East Ninth St. .............,.,. . Payne, Walter, R. D. No. 1, Grafton Rd. .... . Peder, Richard, 150 Case Ave. ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Pember, Dick, 1205 East River St. .......... . Penfound, Joan, 1131 West Ave. ......... - Peppas, Anastasia, 251 East Broad St. -- Perkins, Phil, 441 Adams St. ................ - Perkins, Richard, 441 Adams St. ..... . Peters, Donald, 411 Oxford Ave. ..... . Peters, Franklin, 310 Sumner St. .... , Peterson, Norman, 1386 East Ave. ...,. . Petkovsek, Ludwi, 5690 Elyria Ave. ..... Phillips, Bob, 618 Turner St. ................. Pickard, Nora, R. D. No. 3, Elyria .......... Pitkin, Bill, 135 Madison St. .......... --. Pitts, Thomas, 101 Erie St. ............. . Pluta, Mary Ann, 157 Fairlawn Ave. .... . Poherence, Beryl, 1504 E. River Rd. ..... . Poherence, Beverly, 1504 E. River Rd. -. Poling, Evelyn, 914 Lake Ave. ............ . Poling, Roland, 914 Lake Ave. ......... . Post, David, 1403 E. Ave. ................. . Potter, Verne, 479 Cleveland St. ..... - Poulos, Mary, 715 East River St. ........ . Pratt, Margaret, 226 Dennison Ave. ..... . Prestage, Nancy, 513 Furnace St. ......... . Prochazka, James, 524 W. Sixteenth St. -. Provosnik, Bertram, 2107 Lake Ave. ..... . Provoznik, Pat, 1101 West Ave. ........ . Puder, Tood, 142 Dennison Ave. ..... . R Radican, Henry, 1202 Middle Ave. .... . Rafter, Shirley, 431 E. Broad St. ..... . Rafter, Anne, 421 E. Broad St. ............ . Rago, Irene, 1141 West Ave. .................. Ramage, Barbara Jean, 1329 Lake Ave. .. Rawson, janet E., 140 Lafayette St. .... . Rea, Otto, 268 Samuel St. ................. . Reed, Dale, 421 Lake Ave. ......... . Reed, jerry, 604 Cambridge Ave. ..... . Reed, Gilbert, 213 Oberlin Rd. ..... . Reichert, Gilbert, 225 Bath St. ......... . Reichard, June, 317 Dennison Ave. .... . Reising, Richard, 614 Foster Ave. ........ . Reisinger, Jean, 126 Warden Ave. .... . Reisinger, joan, 126 Warden Ave. .... . Reiz, Frank, 1415 East Ave. ............. . Reiz, Geraldine, 1963 Lake Ave. ..... . Reiz, Marilyn, 214 Courtland St. ..... . Resar, Dick, 2441 Grafton Rd. ......... . Resar, Victor, 2441 Grafton Rd. ......., , Reynolds, Eugene, 217 Marcilles Ave. .. Rhymes, Robert, 216 W. Thirteenth St. .. Ricco, Mary, 296 49th St. . .................... . Richards, Lola, 118 Monroe St. ............. . Rifenburg, Gwen, 346 Thirteenth St. .. Rickel, Janet, 370 Columbus St. ............. . Ristas, Benita, 1614 Middle Ave. ......... . Ristas, Tom, 1614 Middle Ave. ............. . Rodman, Carolyn, 620 W. Griswold Rd Rogers, Rita, 229 Fifth St. . ................. .. Roling, Shirley Ann, 221 Howe St. ,,,.. . Rose, Lois, 703 E. River St. ............... . Rosenthal, Glenn, 320 Louisiana Ave. .. Ross, Jay, 373 Furnace St. , ......,,,....... Ross, John, 605 Weller Rd. ............ , Ross, june D., 517 E. River St. .... . Ross, Tommy, 529 Elm St. . ....., Roth, Richard, 518 Foster Ave. . Rothgery, Carol, 157 Clark St. ..... .... . Rothgery, Laurette, 918 West Ave. ....,. . Rowland, Betty, 161 Harvard Ave. ..... . Royer, Riggs, 350 Thirteenth St. ..... . Ruhl, Beverly, 814 East Ave. Rummery, Janet S., 1045 Bell Ct. . .... . Rutter, Harry, 108 Furnace St. .... ,, Rutter, James, 108 Furnace St. ...., 1 REGER and BINNINGER House of Diomonds 0 ELYRIA, OHIO Besf of Luck 'ro the Closs of 1950 REAL DRY CLEANERS MIDDLE AT FIFTH CONGRATULATIONS M A R TI N ' S TO ALL OUR FRIENDS 0 0 M E N I S "Where Friends Meet" o S H 0 P 144 Middle Avenue Home of Cabin Sport Shop Elyria, Ohio On the Square THE PARSCH LUMBER gl COAL Established I 8 70 'I03 Lodi Street Phone 2266 Schroeder, Nancy, 2053 Lake Ave. S Sarri, Joyce, 124 Vista Ct. . ...,,e,. . ..,, sabouch, Mary Lou, 5723 E1yfiaP"XJQ'1 Sage, Ted, R. D. No. 3 ...,.,,.,.....,.,,,,.... ..., Sabo, Richard, 163 Irondale Ct. .. .. Sakal, Edwin, 136 Irondale Ct. ....,,. . Sampsel, Eleene, 393 Furnace St. Sanders, Sandra, 234 Bell Ave. ,,,,,,,.V. . Sandow Marlo 118 Lon ford Ave , 8 . Sargant: Donna, 213 Spruce St. .. .r,,, . .. Sarver, Darren, 231 Lodi St. ..., . Saur, Dorthy, 223 Huron St. ........,. . .,,,.,,, ..... . . Sayers, Sally, 209 George St. .,.,,,,.,,.,.... . Scarbough, Don, 132 Bath St. ,,,,.,,..... ,,..,..., .,.... . Schafer, Evelyn M., 8.01 Woodland Ave. Schiesz, Ann, 423 Ohio St. ,,,.,.,..,,....,,,,,,..V .. Schilling, Grace, 241 Columbia Ave. ,,,. .. ,,,. Schmidkons, John, 152 Adelbert St. ....... ..,... . Schmittgen, Don, 735 N. Abbe Rd. .. Schoditsch Frank 674 N. Abbe Rd schodmchl Sally, ,674 N. Abe Ra. .Q..fQf . ,.r. Schoditsch, Gerald, 400 East Ave. ,.,..,,. .....,.., ,,,..-. Schnuerrer, Charles, 605 Cambridge Ave. .,... Schofield, Tom, 434 W. Ninth St. ........ . Schroeder, Clyde, 614 West Ave. .... .... ......... ...... . Schroeder, Edward, 385 Broad St. ....,, . Schuster, Bill, R. D. No. 2, Murry Rid ge Rd. ....,.. . Schuster, Burnell, 1422 Middle Ave. ........ .............. . Schwan, Howard, R. D. No. 1, Grafton .. Schuster, Ken,.R. D. No. 2, Murray Ridge Rd. ....... . Schwartz, Louis, 139 Beebe Ct. ............................... . Schwind, Conna, R. D. No. 1, Grafton .................... Schwind, Dick, R. D. No. 1, Grafton ...... ....... Scott, Evelyn, 113 Monroe St. .... ........,...... ...... . Scott, Louis, 615 W. River Sr. ............... ...... . Scuville, Alice, R. D. No. 1, La Grange ...... ....... Seabold, Edward, 447 West River St. ....... ...... - Sees, David, Box 622, Boston Ave. ........... Se er ean Ann 82 Riverside Homes s ,J , ------ ---'f-- Seiling, Donna Mae, 148 Erie St. ........... ...... . Seiling, Howard, 148' Erie St. .............. . Sexton, Kay, 1342 East Ave. ................... ...... . Shaffer, Dean, 112 Robson Ct. ...... . ........... ...... . Shaffstall, Bob, 270 East Sixteenth St. ...... ...... . Shamel, Betty, 1827 Lake Ave. .........,..... Shannon, Silas, 804 Lake Ave. .......... . Shaw Stanton, 258 Harrison St. .... . Sheetz, Ruth, 1332 Lake Ave. .... . Shepherd, Fred, 1391 East Ave. .... Shepherd, Joan, 1391 East Ave. .......... . Shepperd, Mary, 1245 East River St. .... .. .... Sheppard, Douglas, 303 Park Ave. ...... ..... .. Sheppard, Geraldine, 101 West River Sr. ..... Shenill, Bernice, R. D. No. 2 .... . ................. ....... Sherman, Russell, 311 E. Broad St. .... . ..... .. Shewell, Don, 312 Concord Ave. ...... . Shiflet, Dale, 1210 S. Prospect St. ...... . Shiley, Naoma, R. D. No. 3 .. .... .. Shook, Melvin, 441 W. Eighth St. ...... . Showalter, Larry, 128 Emerson Ct. , Shriver Barbara Chestnut Rid Rd , , ge . .... ..... . . Shroyer, Eugene, 374 Parmely Ave. .. . .. Shubert, Ralph, 802W East Ave. ...... . Schuster, Don, 251 George St. .. Siekierski, Dell, 420 W. Twelfth St. .. . Sigel, Dave, 221 Indian Hollow Rd. Silec, Margaret, 126 Fuller Rd. . Simms, Dolores. R. D. No. 2 ...... Simms, Jim, 121 Monroe St. Simon, Dan, 301 Louisiana Ave. Sinenar Paul 1421 Oak St Sittenger, Howard, 1615 Lake Ave. ..... . Skufeeda, Helen, 1041 Broadway Lorain Sloane. Tom, 138 Pasadena Ave, ...... . .. Slonecker. Earl, 202 Fourteenth St. 'Slusher, Nancy, 354 Kenyon Ave. .... .. Smith, Calvin, 1256 East River St. . . Smith, Chuck, 2002 Lake Ave. ..... . Smith, Dave, 109 Princeton St. .... . Smith, Diane, 221 Pasadena Ave. .... . Smith, Gene, 222 Milley St. ............ . Smith, Jack, 201 Columbia Ave. Smith, James, 827 Middle Ave. ....,. . Smith, Jane, 304 W. Ave. ............. . Smith, Janice, 201 Columbia Ave. .... . Smith, Jim, 333 Fifth Sr. .... ........ . Smith, Jim, 381 N. Abbe Rd. ..... . Smith, Joan, 1256 E. River Sr. ....... . Smith, Mary, 520 W. Sixteenth St. .,,. . Smith, Mary Lou, 110 Princeton St. .... . Smith, Mary Jane, 233 N. Olive St. Smith, Patricia, 113 Lincoln Ct. ............ . Smith, Bob, 323 Stanford Ave. ........... . Smith, Shirley, R. D. No. 13, Elyria .... .. Smith, Shirley Ann, 227 Brandtson Ave. Smith, Terry, R. D. No. 1, Oberlin Ave. Snoble, Jean, 545 Furnace St. .................. . Snoble, Marilyn, 323 Stanford Ave. ...... . Snow, Betty Lou, 136 Broad St. ..... . Snow, Robert, 136 Broad St. ......... . Snyder, David, 18 Shear St. ...... Snyder, Robert, 121 Fuller Rd, ............ . Sobotka, Casimer, 428 Fifteenth St. .... . Sokol, Evalyn, 118 Riverside Ct. ..... . Soules, William, 272 Middle Ave. .... . Sparks, Ernest. 219 Winckles St. ..... . Sparks, Roy, 219 Winckles St. ............ . Speigle, Dick, 247 E. Broad St. .............. . Spiegelberg, Dale. R. D. No. 2, Lorain Sprague, James, 611 Tyler St. .................. . Sprague, Janet, 611 Tyler St. .... ............. . Squire, Gerald, R. D. No. 1, La Grange .. Squire, Gilbert, R, D. No. 1, La Grange Srnis, Paul, 317 Beech St. .................... . Stalla, Nancy, 106 Floral Ct. .... ...........,. . Standen, Eugene H.. 313 Olive St. Stanfield, John, 144 E. Bridge St. ..... . Stang, Kay, R. D. No. 2, Elyria ...... Stanko, Pat, 639 W. River St. ...... ........ . Stark, Maurice, 213 Gates Ave. .............. . Staskiews, Jeanette, 458 W. Eleventh St. Stearns, Carol, 614 Lake Ave. .. ........... Steele, Jeanne, 323 Parmely Ave. .......... . Stefco, Robert, 165 Irondale St. .... . Stein, Bob, 126 Brandsten Ave. Steinberg, Rose, 451 Earl Cr. .... .. Stellar, Janet, 319 E. Heights Blvd. .... . Stephan, Gerald, 126 Caroline St. Stewart, Patrick, 308 Lodi St. .... .... . . Stewart, Peter, 1151 West Ave. ......... . Stiles, Etta, R. D. No. 3, Wayne St. .... . Stiles, Ruby, 217 Rush St. ............ .... . Stokely, Dave, 315 Park Ave. ............ . Stoker, Thomas, 121 Pasadena Ave. .... . Strickler, Richard, 431 Kenyon Ave. .... . Strong, Margaret, 222 Spruce St. ..... . Strouse, Bernice, 313 East Ave. ..... . Strouse, Reva, 313 East Ave. ............. . Stuckey, Clarence, 197 Warden Ave. .... . Stuckey, Stanley, 197 Warden Ave. .... . Struthers, Phil, 1936 Grafton Rd. ..... .... . Sturtevant, Alda, 2105 La Grange Rd. .. Sudav, Juliette, 126 Lincoln Ct. ........ . Surdock, Phil. 522 Middle Ave. .... . Sutliff, Tom, 517 Dewey Ave. ....... . Sweeney. Herald, 501 Oberlin Rd. ..... . Swiger, Par, 126 Caroline St. .... .... . Swiger, Shirley, 126 Caroline St. ..... . Szabo, Shirley, 167 Bath St. ............ . Szloboda, John, 512 Cleveland St. .... . STOP AT HEIGHTS FLOWER SHOPPE Reasonable Prices CORSAGES, CUT FLOWERS AND POTTED PLANTS Fourth and East River Compliments of Goodyear Service Store H. w. GRAHAM, Mgr. Broad Street at East Avenue Phone 2062 I N S U R A N C E All Kinds Except Life THE HUFFMAN - HUBBARD CO. Phone 2141 204 Masonic Temple ADAMS BAKERY Bakers Of Fine Products 204 Cleveland St. Phone 62-131 BITTNER FUNERAL HOME Licensed FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMBALMER "Every Woman Should Stay As Lovely As Sbe Can"-Kinner ' Complete Beauty Service P Expert Operators ' Atmosphere of Charm CARPEI'ITER'S BEAUTY SALON 507Vz Broad St. Bowl for Health at BOWL - O - DROME CENTRAL BOOK STORE BOOKS - STATIONERY GREETING CARDS 621 W. Broad St. Phone 2421 371 Broad St. Phone 2889 120 T Takacs, George, 607 W. Fifteenth St. ...... - Talarsky, Don, 1901 Oberlin Rd. ...... . Tarry, Geraldine, 111 Lake Ave. .... Tarty, Jacqueline, 111 Lake Ave. Tart Patricia 419 W Sixth St W Wagner, Bob, 230 Harvard Ave. ,.... . Wagner, Mary Lou, 423 Ninth St. ,,..,.,.. . Wainwright, Nancy, 109 Wurst Ct. ..... . Walczak, Lawrence, 609 West Third St. Thomas ose h 1225 W Ave v, . . - -.--. -. Tattersall, Lois, 241 Hamilton A VC. .,..... ....... Taylor, Don, 235 Stanford Ave. ..,.,,,.,. . Taylor, Bob, 235 Stanford Ave. ,,t..., . Tedrow, Lois, 1814 Middle Ave. Terrell, Leroy, 1004 Lake Ave. .,,,,.. . Thatcher, Carol, .....,,....,..,..,.......,...,..... Thatcher, Betty, 338 Hawthorne St. ....... ...... . Thatcher, Bob, 338 Hawthorne St. .,,.,,,...,,,. .,.,.. . Thomas, Fanni, R. D. No. 3, Fuller Rd. ..,... ...... . Walsh, Forrest E., 25 West Ave. ........ . Walker, David, R. D. No. 3, Butternut Ridge Walker, Marilyn, 1026 Middle Ave. .............. . Walker, Norena, 326 Clinton Ave. .............. . Waller, Ted, 115 Beverly Ct. .......................... . Waller, Nancy Joyce H., 115 Beverly Ct. .r..r. . Walker, Walker, Wallhea Wallhea Kathleen, 213 Glenwood ....,........,.. Robert, 717 East River St. ........... . d, Arlene, 1325 West River St. ...... . d, Beverly, 201 Infirmary Rd. ....... . , J P . - . ----..------- -v Thomas, Paul, R. D. No. 3, Fuller Rd. ...., . Thomas, Raymond, 123 Wood St. .......... . Thomasson, Jim, 107 Williams St. ............. . Thomasson, William, 107 Williams St. ..... . Thompson, Dale, 212 Dennison Ave. ...... . Thompson, Ray, 427 West Ave. .....,......, . Thompson, Richard, 242 Wooster St. ..... . Thompson, Richard, 212 Dennison Ave. .... . Thornton, Connie, 130 Parmely Ave. ..... . Thornton, Bill, 105 Fairlawn Ave. ........., . Thasher, Jimmy, 771 Fairlawn Ave. .,.... . Tibbals, Lawrence, 355 Princeton Ave. ..... . Tibbery, George, 212 Samuel St. .......... . Tillack, Jack, 327 North Beach St. ....... . Timms, Judy, 213 Ohio Street ...,...,. Timms, Nancy, 213 Ohio Street ........ Tinstman, Jim, 238 Kenyon Ct. ....... . Tinsrman, Nancy, 238 Kenyon Ct. ...... . Tita, John, 833 West Ave ...,............... Tkacs, Evelyn, 220 Pasadena Ave. .......... , Tomasheski, Phyllis E., 1251 East Ave. ..... . Tomkins, Walter, 433 Louisiana Ave. ..... . Tomski, Carl, R. D. No. 3, Elyria ........... Tonry, Audrey, 126 Broad St. .........,,... . Tonry, Carol A., 126 Broad St. ................. . Torres, Edna E., 118 Woodford Ave. ..... . Trago, Patricia, 338 Vulcan St. .............. . Traicoff, George, 128 Blake St. .......... . Traicoff, Sophie, 128 Blake St. .... . Traicoff, Steve, 113 Blake St. ........ . Travers, Joan, 401 Lodi St. .... .. .... Trescott, Connie C., 613 East Ave. ..... .. Tsarones, Joan, 201 Cascade St. ....... . Turek, Yvonne, 177 Dowd Rd. .... . Turnbull, Ruth, 406 Furnace St. .. Turner, Ralph, 1000 Lorain Blvd. ...... . Turon, Ethel, R. D. No. 2, Elyria ....... Turon, Janet, R. D. No. 2, Elyria ....... U Underwood, Chris, 101 W. River St. ...... . Updike, Janet, 456 Adams St. .............. . Wallhead, Bill, 1325 West River St. ........ . Walters, Colleen, 247 Seventh St. ......... . Walton, Margaret, 427 Cleveland St. ..... . Warner, Bob, R. D. No. 1, Box 87, Oberlin Ware, James, 207 Fullerton Rd. ............. . Warmee, Sandra, 125 Lincoln Ct. ......... . Washington, Howard, 524 North St. ..., . Washington, Iva, 19 Woodford .............. Washington, Norma J., 524 North St. .. Washington, Lorenzo, 524 North St. ..,. . Webb, Barbara, 346 Sixteenth St. ..... . Webb, Laura, 426 W. Thirteenth St. .... . Webb, Philip, 426 W. Twelvth St. ..... . Webber, Gordon, 150 School St. ..... . Webster, Stratton, 631 Weller Rd. ........ . Weichel, Jay, 208 E. Heights Blvd. .... , Weil, Roger, 1005 Gulf Rd. ................ . Weissert, Roberta, 417 Lake Ave. ......... . Welburn, Lois Ann, 505 Oberlin Rd. .. Weller, Dick, 239 Gates Ave. ............ . Wellert, Barbara, 354 Harvard Ave. .... . Wells, Dean, 610 Dewy Ave. ........... . Wells, Larry, 144 Longfellow .......... Welton, Ken, 1811 Grafton Rd. ..... . Welsh, Jeanette, 214 Glenwood Sr. ........ . Wenzel, Leon, 245 George Ave. ......... . West, Dorothea, 71 Riverside Homes .. West, John, 526 E. River St. ................ . West, Roy, 1231 E. River St. ................ . Westerfield, Barbara, 1095 Gulf Rd. .... . Westfall, Paul, 100 Highland Ct. ........ . Westfall, Wandalee, 100 Highland Ct. .. Whitacre, Hubert, 120 Parkview Ct. .... . Whitacre, Phillip, 120 Parkview Ct. .... . Whitacre, Shirley, 626 Foster Ave. ..... . White, Alex, 18 Artemas Ct. ................ . White, Velton, 360 N. Olive St. ............. . Wichlacz, Alice, 305 Huron St. ............. . Widdowson, Sylvia Sue, 454 Oxford Ave Wiele, Sally, 333 Eighth St. ................. . Wilber, Wayne, 138 East Fourth St. ..... . Wilcox, George, 241 Washington Ave. -. Wiley, Shirley, 213 Bath St. ................ . Wilfong, Arden, 114 Artemas Ct. ,......, . Willers, Beatrice, 119 Cornell Ave. ...... V Vaisicca, Francis, 225 W. River St. ......... . Vakerics, Marcella, 225 Griswold Rd. ..... . Von Boxtel, Diane, 175 Warren Ave. ........ . William William William William William William s, Ken, 598 Cleveland St. ............... . s, Louise, 435 West Thirteenth ........ s, Mary Elizabeth, 232 East Ave. ...... . s, Robert, 231 Howe St. ............... . s, Rose, 435 Thirteenth St. ........ . s, Shirley, 231 Howe St. ..... . Willis, George, 160 Northrup St. ..... . Vandersommen, Victor, 711 Cleveland St. ......... Vanek, Carol, 117 Quincy St. ................................... . Vanek, Marilyn, Stang Rd., R. D. No. 1, Elyria Van Horn, Sam, 257 Marcielles Ave. ....................... . Varady, Jack, 246 Foster Ave. .......,................. Varga, Eleanor, 113 Laura Ct. ....... . Vargo, Betty, 154 Dilworth St. ....,,..,.,,., . Visniski, Walter, 517 Foster Ave. ...,,....,,,, . Von Duyke, Norma, 106 Yorkshire Ct. ..... . Willis, Norma, 160 Northrup St. ..... . Williams, Walter, 247 Oberlin Rd. .... . Wilson, Richard, 101 Furnace St. ..... . Wilson, Rosemary, 114 Rush St. ..... . Wilson, William, 461 Eighth St. ..... . Wingard, Viola, 308 Broad St. ......... . Wirth, Barbara, 221 West River St. .... . Wise, Wayne, 710 La Grange Rd. ......... . Wisser, Faye, 219 Eastern Heights Blvd. FOX FURNITURE F U R N I T U R E O F C H A R A C T E R MIDDLE AVENUE AT FIFTH GARDNER JEWELERS Nationally Advertised WATCHES 0 DIAMONDS ' JEWELRY M A R S H ' G u E N I N Honest Values -- Easy Terms o Graystone Hotel Bldg. Elyria, Ohio Congratulations Compliments of To All Our Friends THE Elyria Lumber 81 Coal Co. T h e Women's Ready To Wear 383 BROAD STREET ELYRIA, OHIO Wissinger, Janet, 132 Fairlawn Ave. ,...,...,..,,., ..... 9 Wojtho, Raymond, 550 West Second St. ...,,,, .,.,. 1 0 Wolf, Bill, 146 Adelbert St. .....,......,,...,..,.5,....,,..,.,, 10 Wolfe, Dick, R. D. No. 3, Butternut Ridge .,.,..,..... 9 Wood, Alberta, 436 Eighth St. ...................,,.. ..... 9 Wood, Donald E., 112 Bell Ave. ................ ..... 1 0 Wooden, Bill, No. 4, Colonial Apts. ............ .... , Woods, Gladys B., 238 Caldwell Ave. ........... ..,,, Worchester, Harold, 220 Shaddown Rd. 12 10 12 9 Worcester, Keith, 128 Courtland St. ,...,....... .... . Wurster, Lee, 1505 Lake Ave. . ............. ,, Y 9 Yanega, Margaret, R. D. No. 1, Abbe Rd. ,,..,,, ..,, - Yorks, Thelma, 859 Walnut St. .,.,..........,,.. . Yosa, Bill, 1733 Grafton Rd. ..........,...... . 11 . ..... 10 10 Yost, Darlene, 223 Fairlawn Ave. .. Yost, Patricia, 144 Cornell Ave. ..... . Young, Clyde, 949 Gulf Rd. .....-. Young, Eileen, 121 Charles Ct. ..... . Young, Clyde, 949 Gulf Rd. ........ . Young, Eileen, 121 Charles Ct. .... . Young, Rodney, 949 Gulf Rd. ..... . Yourkiewicz, Dick, 235 Rush St. .. Yourkvitch, joan, 404 West St. ..... , Yourkvitch, Mary Ann, 404 West St Yourkvitch, Stanley, 143 School St Yourkvitch, Walter, 404 West St. .. Yousko, james, 155 Seneca Ave. .- Z Zak, Ted, 534 Park Place .............. Zgoda, Mary Ann, 544 Furnace St. THE HIGH SCHOOL ALMA MATER All hail to thee, Elyria High, In tribute halt we now. In reverence that's deep and true Our loyal heads we bow. For time can never more destroy The light of mem'ry burning bright. In days to come all thru the years, You'll guide us by your light. As forward to our goal we go From scenes and pleasures rare, Our lips must e'er their story tell, Our hearts fond mern'ries share. And tho the years roll on and on, We hail to her with heart and hand. As first our school rose in the west So first she'l1 always stand. Word: by Bernice Atkimon. FIELD SONG Hurrah for Elyria High School For she's all right. Keep the colors flying Of the cherry and white. Rah! Rah! Rah! Show the other fellows What we can do. Hurrah for Elyria High School For she'll break through. Remember, Elyria High, boys, When you have gone, Out in the wide world, Many things have won. Keep the red and white, boys, Always in sight. Hurrah for Elyria High School For she's all right. 123 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '50 jAOI'l'l6t560I'l 5 o 3 POTATO CHIPS PO P C O R N PRETZELS Always Fresh - Always Crisp 206 Clark Street Phone 3245 Elyria, Ohio THE ROSS ANYTHING IN REAL ESTATE CO. "Gel the Truth from Ruth" Wishes each and every one of the 1950 . Graduates the Best of Luck in the Future R U T H R E A and may we have the pleasure of serving . you some day. Fred C. Ruth Alice Powers Ruth Always "The Best for Less" 315 ' 4th SI-1 Elyria' ohio 406 Middle Ave. Phone 2905 Phone 2409 SMI-I--I-Y,S Sgecess tfagige CISS O G R o c E R Y . East Broad Street Bridge Wassermanfs Me'-fs o "A Stranger But Once At Smitty?" Clothing - Furnishings - Shoes 306 Broad St. We Rent Tuxedos I F: ' "v"'ff . , ,Q ,. pl C. , ., xi. f"-Y -9 ,X x K. In , lgt , x ELYHIA HIGH CHUUL is av ?""'f 'IQ , - 4. ,Q f A- ff -ff .mx Q si. Q LL J. S is Q N ,FO I Fai zwsygnb 5 .s -' , pi m 5,5 gg :Q ,Q X. L, at fr Q ,X L, was fggq 4 'QS ' N X 'iw 3glQlJifjfcf"A W1 93' - iff l , Q 'fbi , whip l . W xx? . W 3 i giurl 5,51 ws' LV BAS f g - SN ,Xfgigw its -Q 'Qi v V ' wk Q Q1 A ky ' Q R Q A xy Nksesxxisgii sv 'X f li fx, "mme V ,419 M s of ' 295 'W 'N l yu. of V K? ,xxgyxyg Q X X Q 1 "1 li i"f'.u'N,, rl ' w fl News-'MBs f' K. 5 ,X SQ i-Q X Ou Sixth Streef Looking Eau lf you want knowledge, you must toil for irq if food, you must toil for ir, and if pleasure, you must toil for it. Toil is the law. Pleasure comes through toil, and not by self-indulgence and imlolence. When one gets to love work, his life is a happy one. -RUSKIN. l25 fqcfzei of There's a famous story about a man in Persia who sold his farm in order to find riches. He traveled all over the world and finally died penniless in Cl distant land after many years of fruitless search. But the man who bought his farm dis- covered that every shovelful of that land contained diamonds, unequalled any- where in value. As you leave the Hallowed Halls of learn- ing in search of new and greater worlds to conquer, don't overlook the "great wealth" which is all around you. Look your fine city, look to your grand state, look to your glorious nation! Ferret out the underlying principles that have made our country great, and strive to further the ideals of true Americanism, for upon your shoulders falls the mantle of leadership, to your hands goes the torch of Freedom - "Be yours to hold it high." Look for the Acres of Diamonds, that is your own America! THE CHRONICLE -TELEGRAM OFFERS HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 THE CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM 126 MORE TRAINING FOR EARLY SUCCESS By THE BUSINESS COLLEGE WAY Approved Short Courses in Bookkeeping, Accounting, Typ- ing, Shorthand, Secretarial Science, are replete with daily practices leading to the "Know How" working ability for successful careers. Class instruction and personal instruction under experienced teachers assure rapid progress for ambitious students. Approz'ed for Veteran Trailziug Both Day and Evening Sessions Member of Ohio Business Schools Association Qualified Students Assisted To Positions Compliments of RED'S MOTOR SALES For the Best in Success and Happiness to Elyria High Graduates Used Cars , 527 Cleveland St. E-Z Terms 0 B I r k I I n e ' s COMP:-JQAENTS Accessory Shop P A R A D I s E And Beauty Salon Elyriffs . lforemosl Cl0l1'f8L'fi0l16l"1' tIIl!1R9.Cflllll'dllf 2nd Street 521 Broad Street Phone 4543 If There ls Real Cpportunity Right Here ln Your Home Community The Cloerlin School of Commerce offers you strong two-year courses in Business Administration and Secretarial Training Hundreds of trained young men and young women are needed to fill the many positions calling for our graduates. Plan now and prepare for a successful career. Our Special Summer Term opens June 5, 1950. Our Fall Term opens September 5, 1950. Over One Hundred Years of Service in Business Training .,,. - A, :'-rn ' A . ., . - A ,,' , 'r-K E? 2, '-If I - 'w 5,jL3k-J, . ,l I 1' rf-+,52wm "' 'JH if , , -Au 1? f, Thr w '-.-mgiflrrl vu- , Mi QV- f V X sw. ' 91125. fflsf-T gi.. g. "Zh AQ'f. .1111 f yu. " .w , A 511 Q, 415 K " .mf : -Q13-' . L, . f Ita Jgn.. Wwe, ,. .. A 'f' Q53-'Ai-sixxm T iwiffw. .k fw,:.:.ff',f-. ' . H,,3.,1.5!5y,H,,r' -gym ,,,. ,,.1,,.,. -, X., ,. 1' 'gf' ,g..N. 1-ia, ,.. ,gnv .-2f",1,5'f' , . 'ilizki-lf?-1' , 12 1 -ff :Q Silk L 4:1 35- M ' "4 'A ix' 1GLQ'Q5if:w A ' 'if' ii v -' . Q, . ,Wig-g5s,,,, my , , A -f, 121, 24 Eg, ,V f 'adrgriif -.gps-Y 1 .Aff vwfff- my-Q' 1 A-vp. - 5531 , . fgim, 1 143371: Lge 41. 2 UWM I 5: ,A ...L 1 11 .S G 9 21112-fv fff. kk. Wy- ggi ' :eg-I u,.- 152 ' fK..,m'A 1 ,'. -4:,,QE:?:E,., vary: ' Q A P 'V ,,1fi'5'1:-A g x , V. .'u.5g,L.:, 11 rim A . - f ,W ' an . !, , ,. 5Y' 'ga-3 ' .W wfrfttly -- ' La '1 vftc ,123 5 x . i I.. 'T M my W X Y ,af , T- . HHS ai 13,5 ,M-mx afiva g 'I

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