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M W JJ ' 'A WL' 0 ' 2 3 '77 -24 S 'fyti " . . k I in .' , .ds ' Rf 7fze I rian 194 Pfrfzfifhmf by THE ELYRIAN STAFF ELYRIA HIGH SCHOOL ELYRIA, OHIO ...S'I'AFIi... Pat Kemerer - Esther Paul - Carol Conover - Pat Radir-an Robert Strohm - Harvey Xwinckles - Ishmet Ali - Pat Andrcss Sally Gehrke - Ruth Oekajik AJz'i.a'w': Miss Margaret E, Edwards l:fU.11!l't'Z Mr. E. Glenn Baxter Plwfngzuzfvlv-1': Ari: Miss Edith Harman Sflwnl: Mr. Earl Lautensclmleger Miss Barbara Plocher Cw1fme1'ri.1l: Mr. Ed Nano 713 102113: Senior Stenography Classes and Mimeograph Room Workers FOREWORD. This is introducing our Sixth Street Squirrels. These little creatures have been living in the trees around E. H. S. for several years. Now two of theni have finally decided to venture into the building to look around. Chatter is a grey squirrel with a big bushy tail, little pointed ears and tiny, black, heady eyes. He is a mischievous little fellow who loves to tease the girls, especially his friend Patter. Patter is a cute little red squirrel with soft fur and shy little face. Although she is timid, she can do her share of talking, and she, with Chatter, has lots of laughs in their strange adventure through school. X- . ,Kg xv QW 4' fy ff +9 0 ff W 0' ff? ff K ,fl wr ,, dfffffr r-',.. if. f, ,..,, 2 DEDICATORY.. We dedicate this book to the future happiness of all the seniors who, we know, will cherish through the coming years the friendships formed at Elyria High. XXXXV Q 'L 4525 I' fff.g A5 K 0 'Nj 1 V ' dl r Ilfff, ff K W f if f' 2 X l 1 1 V 6 y MIN!!! xxx E f M h ' f rw X , X f XX , ' Xa ' .f I, f X - X If I if pain XI 1 ,f' . U, If IU f 3 In Grateful Appreciation Mr. William A. Ely, grandson of the foundqg of Elyria, passed away October 5, 1947. His generosity in giving the Stadium to Elyria High School in 1927 deserves the constant gratitude of the students. The senior A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Mr. Martin Beck, sang at his funeral at the Congrega- tional Church. 4 QQ I NNW, f ly . , Wg . f f' f " ' mf .1 K I ,-'Q b I -s-QS f 9 5 E43 4 'O' 337 9 X3.QQ P0600 , I uwk f V Q: K 5 x 1 r O x 1 ' , 1 if 6 ff DY .2 A9121 ISTRAIMN I --I 'S 2? 095' , 39606 P 055. 2. Y!! 5 Sllf76i'i17f?llfl97lf E. BOHN 6 Priflrillml D. SEVISRS Miss ELIZANOR BRUCE Se1'l'vf.1I"1' In ffm P1'fJl1'fllmf A.f.fiJfz17If Prfzlfipal GEORGE B. MIRABEN 8 Miss LUCILLE BRIGHTBILL C lerk Board of Education MR. WQRTH FAUVER MR. HOWARD GOLLMAR MR. A. W. Mc MANN MR. BURTON OLEMACHER MR. PIERRE SMITH MR. W. O. Mc CLELLAN Clerk of Ibe Board of Edfzmlimz and Axfimmt fo ibe Superinferzdenl 9 IN MEMDRIAM MISS THELMA MAYS Teacher of French Died Icmuary 22, 1947 IOE YOURKEWITCH Born September 26, 1929 Died September 9, 1946 CLARABELLL READ Born March 20, 1931 Died February 11, 1947 10 7 'XX J 11 ...dy- -.fr NINA I. BAKER Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio University, Northwestern Uni., Columbia University, ADELE BROWN Oberlin College. Columbia University, Univ. ot Wisconsin, Harvard Middleburg College in England AGNES H. PAY Western College for Women, Ohio State, Western Reserve. LLOYD HENNINGS Oberlin College. Bowling Green State University. ww. fr 'Y RALPH F. BAUER Wittenberg College, Columbia University. EDWARD I. BURTON Wilmington College. EBBA FOSSELIUS Ohio University, Ohio State, Colorado University. MABEL S. I-IERD Ohio State University Transylvania Col., Univ. of Colorado. if -n....,-f mommy .en--1 SL' E. GLENN BAXTER Bowling Green State University, Ohio State University IDA COEELAND Ohio State, Columbia University. I. D. FUNK Michigan State Nor- mal, Ohio Northern, Cleary College, Michigan, Oberlin School of Commerce, Western Reserve. ANN CATHERINE HESS College of Wooster, Mt. Union College, Muskingum College, Oberlin School ol Commerce. I. MARTIN BECK Eastman School oi Music at University of Rochester, Cornell University. P. EMORY DILLER Bluitton College, Ohio State. LESTER GAST University oi Toledo, Univ of Colorado, Univ. of Missouri. RALPH BENEDICT. lr. Baldwin-Wallace College. F. A. EATON Wittenberg College, University of Illinois y . OWEN GLEASON Miami University, Univ. ot Cincinnati, Ohio State. PHILIP HOFMANN ELIZABETH University of Chicago HORNYAK Leland Stanford Ir. Bowling Green State University, University. Oberlin College. Cleveland College. Univ. of Pittsburgh. Elyria Business Col. , . ,sn Q, HAROLD BLO Findlay Collet Univ. of Wisc IVIABEL E. EI Otterbein Col U. C. I.. A. MURIEI. REN HARRISON Fenn College EDNA IONEE Ohio Wesley Ohio Univers Rio Grande Kent State U1 Univ. of Wi Univ. of Col. OUR SQUIRRELS, CHI-ITTER AND PATTER, VISIT THE TEACHERS Chater, the fat bushy-tailed squirrel so often seen racing to the maples on Sixth Street near Tech, says to his sister Patter, "You know, we never see much of the teachers. Let's go in- side the buildings and hunt 'em up-the ones we can't seem to see from favorite window sills. What say, Patter?" "O. K. with me," replies Patter. "There goes a blonde student to the front door of Tech. Let's follow her!" "Oh look, what is that boy doing on the stage with a golf club in his hand?" asks Patter. "I never knew Miss Baker gave golf lessons." "That is a speech student," replies Chatter, "and everyone has to give one demonstration speech in the course." "Miss Baker is also very much interested in plays and stage productions. She certainly does know what adult and school age audiences like. You know if you don't get the leading role, there is always crew work which is neces- sary ot make a play a success, Miss Baker tells us' Q Q C D "Do I hear a stampede of elephants? What would they be doing in high school?" asks Patter. "lt does sound like a stampede, but it is only Mr. Bauer's gym class running around the gym." "I hear Mr. Bauer's classes have good basket- ball games. That must be because he is head basketball cogchf' i i i "Washington was president during the Civil war and Lincoln during the Revolutionary," re- cites happy Chatter. "No, No, you have them twisted, Chatter. My! Mr. Baxter would never give you an A for that recitation," scolds Patter. "Does he teach American History and Gov- ernment?" asks Chatter ignoring the reproof. "Yes, and his students know much more than you," chimed Patter as she ran. I I l i' While hopping merrily along deserted halls, Patter suddenly hears a musical voice. "I know who that is," says Chatter. "That's Mr. I. Martin Beck, the great music teacher. You've heard of him. He's the one that swings his arms in front of the A Cappella Choir." "Oh, yes, I know him. He's the one in room 130 that has the kids make all the pretty noise." Q i l i Hearing no music they decide to go on. "Take a look at all the lines Mr. Benedict is putting on the blackboard," gasps Chatter. "That sure looks like a Chinese puzz1e," laughs Patter. "I-Ie's the teacher that coached Freshman football and basketball." "Guard that guy! Don't let him shoot! lump!" those are the words heard by Chatter and Pat- ter as they near the gym. Upon entering they find the explanation for all the noise ,for it is Mr. Block trying his best to keep his basketball team in training. "Boy! look at those boys go, and all the bas- kets they make," exclaims Chatter, "that goes to show what training does." "If they keep up the good work, we should have a winning team next season," says Patter. "Yeh!", answers Chatter, "and Mr. Block teaches Commercial Science too."' l' I "True, True." "Somebody must have answered a question correctly," says Chatter. "Isn't that Miss Brown's English Class? I understand those are her favorite words," he adds. Q i i Q "Patter, those sophomores act as though they were walking the last mile," says Chatter. "You would too, Chatter, if you had received the terrible shock they just got. Mr. Burton is requiring an essay on the French Revolution from all his.history students," replies Patter. R R Q t Suddenly becoming hungry after looking in classrooms, they decide to eat lunch and exit when Lincoln south door opens between classes. Finding no nuts on the squirrel feeder, Patter says, "I know where there is really some good food." "Where?" asks Chatter. "Why in Miss Coffland's cooking class. She is really a good cook. All the girls learn to make good things to eat there. Once in a while there is an accident as someone burns some- thing or a cake falls, but as a rule things are pretty good." "Do they have any nuts to eat?" Chatter questions. "I don't know. It all depends on what period it is. Let's look in here and see what the clock says." 1' Q i l "Oh! Chatter, let's look in room 318 where Mr. Diller is teaching mathematics," chatters Pater. "That boy in the red shirt doesn't know how to multiply," exclaims Chatter. "That's nothing," laughs Patter, "I only got to addition." l 1 l 'I "That well-built man on the stairs, Patter, ls Mr. Eaton. He has charge of work permits. He teaches history too." "Patter, what do you suppose that noise is?" asks Chatter. "I don't know, Chatter, but it sounds like a buzz saw I once got my tail caught in. Maybe we shouldn't look in this room." "Of course we'll look. Say, this doesn't look like a classroom. See those funny machines, they are sewing machines, they sound like a buzz saw." "Oh! Then this is Miss Eubank's sewing class, where the girls learn to make pretty dresses," exclaims Patter. MARY KELLY Oberlin College, Western Reserve, Univ. of California. LEE H. LYMAN Denison University. MARGARET SCOTT Flora Stone Mather KWestern Reservel Library School of W. Reserve, Cleveland College. S. C. SMITH Wilmington College, Univ. of Cincinnati, Western Reserve. MARIAN KEMBLE Oberlin College, Columbia University, Univ. of Colorado, Oberlin Bus, College. D. A. MORRIS Ohio State University Ohio University. CLARE SHORT Baldwinewallace College, Western Reserve University. MAY SPEER Ohio University. EARL LAUTENSCHLEGER Ohio State University U. C. L. A. BARBARA PLOCHER Ohio Wesleyan, Oberlin College, Univ. of Colorado. LENORE SHUMAKER Ohio Wesleyan Univ. Harvard University, Western Reserve. MARY K. TAGGART Bliss Busi. College, Ohio State University Greqg College fChicagol. E. R. LAVER Toledo University, Bowling Green State Normal, Ohio State University Western Reserve, Miami University. ALLYN S. ROSE Ohio State University A. N. SMITH Ohio Northern Univ., Univ. of Illinois, Northwestern. L GEORGE THOUROT Bowling Green University, Ohio State University guar- an-sq. I. CARL LINVILLE Ohio University Ohio State University Western Reserve. WILLIAM H. RICHEY Ohio State University Capital University. A. T. SMITH Ohio University. D. W. TRUBEY Wittenberg College, Columbia University , . , , .. ' - wwf .l!" SW 'Q LOIS I. LITTLE1 Wittenberg Coll Columbia Unive Ohio State Univi MARK SCHLIEP Bradley Polytec CARL SMITH Otterbein, Ohio State, New York Univ: F. E. TUTTHILL Kent Normal, Wooster Colleg bsrqg "Yes and just look over here. lsn't this a pretty tormal? I know one girl who is planning to go to the Spring Formal." Q i i D "Chatter, let's you and I go to Mrs. Fay's room!" exclaims Patter. "Why?" "Oh! didn't you recall that we are entertain- ing our club next week, and I want to learn how to conduct the meeting. Mrs. Fay's classes are studying how," exclaimed Patter. I i' I Q "Watch out!" cries Chatter. "Here come the girls around the gym track." "Oh!" shouts Patter as he narrowly missed being trompled by running feet. "I believe that's Miss Fosselius down there." "Yes," nodds Chatter, "She's the girls' gym teacher." "I wou1dn't mind staying here a little longer," hints Patter. Q 1 -A w , "Hey, Patter, look in this room. There seems to be a discussion over something," shouts Chatter. "Yes, l've seen it many times," explains Pat- ter. "You see Mr. Funk's classes are learning how to be A-1 on the subject ot bkookkeeping. R i "I certainly did learn a lot about personali- ties, the developing and use of them, when I dropped into Mr. Gast's Sociology class last fall," said Chatter. "l understand that he gave a General Ques- tion test to his Soc. classes that really went over big with the students. You know Mr. Gast is in the insurance business now and he insured me, so now I'm worth a lot more than most people think squirrels are worth." Y Q i 1 "Psst Chatter, come here a minute and look at this class. How quiet everything is! This is the quietest class we've been in. They must really like this subject." "It's a nice thought, Chatter," replies Patter, this is Mr. Gleason's 7th period History class and look, there he is trying desperately to keep them awake. Shus-listen-" "Come on you guys, up and at 'em. Rome wasn't built in a day and you can't learn His- tory by sleeping. It you aren't careful, l'll tell you another one ot my jokes. "Oh! no, Mr. Gleason, not that! We'll pay at- tention," cries the class. "Gosh, Patter, do you really think the kids don't like history." "No, Chatter, they really love it. It's just that they eat too much at lunch. Iust to show you how smart they are l'll ask that boy over there a question. "Iohnny, who sailed around the tip ot South America?" "Well, ah-oh-Mr. Gleason did." "Why do you say that, Iohnny," asks Patter. "Well, he's been almost everywhere elseg he must have been down there somtime," replies lohnny. "Oh! come on, Patter! These kids are too smart for us, Let's go." Q' 'I' Q i 'I "Hey Chatter, look at those two girls lying on the floor. That one looks like she's dead. What kind ot a class is this anyway?" "Oh! Patter, she's not dead. They're just demonstrating how to give artificial respiration. Everyone in Mrs. Harrison's speech class has to do a Pan-a-mine." "What's a Pana-pana-" "Pantomime is the word, Patter, and it means doing something in front ot someone without any words, using actions, and making them guess what you're doing." "Guess what I'm doing, Chatter." "Oh, all right, I don't even have to look at you to know what you want. We'll eat as soon as I watch this boy demonstrate how to swimp maybe l can pick up some good pointers." Q i 1' "Chatter! Do you have a guilty conscience?" asks Patter teasingly. "Where can I study about American History and Government?" asks studious Chatter. "I would like to go to Columbus with the class next year." "Then you've got plenty of studying to do," says Patter trying to hide his laughter," atter all you aren't too brilliant." "Do you suppose Mr. Hennings will help me?" hints Chatter, hurt at Patter's laughter. "I'm not sure," cries Patter as he runs swiftly down the hall. i l 1 i "Look at Miss Herd's class: it's laughing," chatters Patter. "Yes, that's one class where they have a lot of tun and still get their lessons," gasps Chat- ter. H 1 Q 1 l At an open door he paused, peers in, says to Patter- "What I see looks like a good example ot the art ot scribb1ing." "Don't be nosey," warns Patter. "Miss Hess is writing a letter to her students in shorthand." i I i i "Look in this window," says Chatter. "That's Mr. Hoftamn's English II class. Every- one in there is learning about intinitives," de- clares Chatter. "Oh, infinitives and verbs would drive me crazy. Let's go somewhere else," impatiently replies Patter. . Q' Q 1 "What are these students in that room trying to learn, Patter?" "Miss Hornyak is trying to teach them how to be good salesmen, and I am sure they will be before they are through." ':?Patter, didn't we see her teaching typing too." "Yes, Chatter, she does teach typing too." I f Q Q "I think l'd like to learn Latin, if Rome was anything like this," dreamed Chatter. "Do you mean "porto" and "Puer" and things such as that?" questioned Patter. "Yes, Miss Iones' room is right hereg let's go look in," prompts Chatter. The students are reciting declensions and conjugations. "Boy, I wish I could say my Latin like that. These kids must really know what they are talking about. Let's go. I'm hungry." Q l Q f "Here is Miss Kelly's English class, Chatter. Let's go in and see what they are doing." "Patter, do you understand what they are talking about? Cacaues and Citizen don't mean anything to me." "Why, Chatter, don't you remember reading Dickens' A Tale ot Two Cities, every sophomore reads it in English." tContinued on page 923 W. L. Lawrence College, De Kalb Normal, Battle Creek College. EULA YOUNG Ohio Wesleyan University, Univ. oi Wisconsin. Miami University, Bu? MAB EL VOGAN Fairmont State Teachers College Zanerian College, Business University Bowling Green Kentucky. 5 Ru - , 0 me, , WALTER VON BROCK De Pauw University, Ohio State University No photos fo MARGARET E. EDWARDS Baldwin-Wallace, Univ. ol Colorado. Ohio State, Western Reserve. EUGENE EVANS Oberlin College, Univ. ol Colorado. IOSEPHINE WILCOX Baldwin-Wallace College, Columbia University, Wisconsin University. r the following : GLADYS E. POWELL Oberlin College, Western Reserve, Columbia University, Photo on page 75 EDITH HARMAN Wittenberg College, Ohio State, Darvas School of Design. DON PHILLIPS Baldwin-Wallace 07 16 '.VJ"'x I HAROLD WILSON Denison University, Baldwin-Wallace College, Ohio State Uruversity I ' s RALPH WOOD Ohio Wesleyan University, Univ. oi Wisc Ohio State Unit Oberlin College W W Cf" fr"'r f 4 N1 I 4 Xlzii lx! I r Q I X irr1,,,? 1 f Wx ' , f . 1 ,ff , 'Uv if f ,W f', ff 4 , E if , Sam Senior Freddie Freshman 5 1 I Rm f1,JHM VQ- fs 1 M In frm " , NmmUw"i mffls! 4 X' I QV In N im r xii L +3 'if if Wu Q S N 1 wwmnl fl 'K A 7 1 'iv K I Susie Sophomore Ierry Iunior 17 f C-W BETTY M E ANDERSON 613 W. Fifteenth St.5 Gen, Course5 Herald Stall 5-85 Spanish Club 7, 85 Chorus 1- 25 Cafeteria Worker 7. BETTY MAE BAINBRIDGE 136 Garvin Avenue5 Gen. Courseg Ieller- son Ir, High 1, 25 Friendship 1-5. ALETHA MAE BARR 318 Bell Ave.5 Gen Course5 Friendship 5-85 Chorus 1-5. DONNA RUTH ADAMS 217 Cleveland St.5 ,GeHera1 Course5 frighdship l, 2, IOYCE EUNICE ANDERSON 210 Cornell Ave.5 General Course5 Amherst High 15 French Club 5-85 Zoot Stall 2-4. ELVA NONETTE BATES 1035 E. River St.5 Gen. Course5 Friend- ship l-4, 7, 85 Cho- rus l, 25 Zoot Staff 35 Library Asst. 2-4. IOANNE ADAMS 226 Fourth Street5 General Course5 Friendship l-E. CARROLL GENE ARNDT 31 Artemas Court5 Gen. Courseg Sulli- Ycisn High School URSA LEE BAKER 338 Seventeenth St.5 Commercial Course. ALFRED GILBERT BAUER. IR. 1321 East Avenueg Gen. Course5 Cafe- teria Worker l-4' Basketball 1-3. WALLACE E. ADAMS 2067 Grafton Road5 Gen. Course, Foot- ball 3, 5, 75 Basket- ball 35 Kentucky Military Inst. 1, 2. STERLING ED- WIN AULT 127 Courtland St.5 Scientific Courseg Hi-Y 3-85 Ieflerson Ir. High 1,2. KENNETH WAYNE BALES 928 Walnut Street5 Gen. Course5 Ieller- son Ir. High 1, 2. LOUISE KATI-IRYN BAUER 340 Winckles Street5 Commercial Course5 Friendship 1, 25 Glee Club 4-65 Mime- ograph 7, 8. BETTY VIRGINIA ALLEN 1842 Middle Ave.5 Commercial Course. IRMA IUDITH BAGO 245 W. River Street5 Gen. Course5 Friend- ship l-65 Chorus 1, 25 Herald Stall 7, 8. CARLTON RAY RALLY 305 East Broad St.5 General Course. MARGUERITE ELIZA- BETH BECKLOFI' 507 E. River St.5 Fen Courseg Chorus -ke 5 .H , DONARD NOR- WOOD I 342 Eighth S Gen. Course5 For 1-55 Basketball Hi-Y 2-6. OLGA BAILEY 527 Dewey Av Gen. Course5 I son Ir. High 1, FRANCES MARY BAI 525 Mid. Ave.5 Courseg Friendsl' 85 Friendship C net 5-85 Stud. 7, 85 French C11 85 "Our Town" "Kind Lady"5 f Class Vice Pres. nouncinq Stall Home Room R1 sentative 1-4. EVELYN MAE BEI 146 Adelbert St Commercial Cov Pleasant City School, Pleasant City, Ohio 1-6. SENIOR SENIORS RLEY ANN BETTS Lodi St.g Gener- Sourse. RIANNE VER- ONICA BOTOS Garvin Ave., n. Course, Chorus 3 Glee Club 5,65 endship 5, 6, rman Club 5-B.. JRENCE ELIZA- BETH BRISTOR V2 Eighth Street, mmercial Course, endship 3-8, An- i Worker 3, 4, orus 1. STER HERMAN BURR. IR. 1 Harwood St. ingral Course, Hi- "vi DONALD CHARLES BIRKLINE 251 E. Sixteenth St., General Coursep Hi- Y 1, 7, 8. RUTH BOWERS 1105 E. River St., Gen. Course, Friend- ship 1-8, Library Assistant 3, 4, Art Service 3, Herald Staff 75 Tax Stamp Collector 7, BETTY IANE BRUCE R. D. No. 1, Grafton, General Course, Friendship 5-B. BURTON IAMES BURSLEY General Course. IAMES IOHN BLACK 332 Oxford Ave., Gen. Course, Movie Worker 1, 25 Foot- ball 1, 3, 5. CONSTANCE ANN BOYLAN 804 East Ave.g Scien- tific Course, Friend- ship 1-8, Friendship Cabinet 1, 2, Lead- ers' Group 5-8, French Club 5-8, Latin Club 45 Or- chestra 1-8. IANE COLLINS BRYDON 166 Berkely Driveg Gen. Course, Friend- ship 1-8, Friendship Cabinet l-6, Student Cabinet 5-7, Chorus 1, 2, Leaders' Group 5-B, Monitor 4, Iunior Class Sec'y, Herald Staff 6, 77 Office As- sistant 5-7g Athletic "E" and pin. MARY LOUISE BYAM 154 Eadv Ct.g Com. Course: Friendship 1- 8, Leaders' Group 7, 85 Cheerleader 7, 8, Friendship Cab, 1, 2, Office Worker 7. 'sz x -YY I , .3 -i-' 3:17 fix .,r' if GLORIA ANN BLINZLEY 837 Broad St., Gen. gourse, Cafeteria 1, GERALDINE MAY BOYIJ1 146 Elbe St., Gener- al Course, Friendship 8, Library 7, B. IOAN VINCENT BRYDON 166 Berkley Drive, Gen. Course, Friend- shipl-8, Friendship Cabinet 2-4, 7, 8, French Club 5-B, Herald Staff 6, 7, Leaders' Group 5-Bg Chorus 1, 2, WARREN WILLEY BYARS 340 Eighth Street, General Course, IO ANN CLAIR BODDY 263 Abbe Roady Gen- eral Courseg Friend- ship 1-8. SHIRLEY ANN BRADDON 224 Second St., Gen- eral Course, Band 1- 8, Friendship l-85 Friendship Cabinet 5-B, Leaders' Group 3-BE Spanish Club ELEANOR MARIE BULGER 217 E. Third Street, Gen. Course: Na- trona Heights Ir, High, Natrona Heights, Pa. 1. IOHN ALFRED CAIRNS 136 Columbia Ave.g Scientific Course, Football 17 Monitor 3, 4, 5, Slip Col- lector 7, MARY LOU BOKAY 266 Prospect Ave., Gen. Coursey Ieffer- son Ir. High 1, 2, Library Assistant 3, 4, Office Worker 6, 7, Cafteria Helper 3-75 Glee Club 1, 2, Orchestra 1-5. PHYLLIS ANN BRIGGS R. D. No. 25 Gen- eral Courseg Friend- ship 7, 8. RICHARD ARLAN BURKE 305 N. Olive Street, Gen. Courseg Track 4-6, Football 1. CATHERINE MARIE CALLAHAN 146 Elbe Street, Gen- eral Course, Ieffer- son Ir. Hiqh 1, 2, Friendship 7, 8. Qu 'W' SQ X 4 1 f E if ' 5 . VIVIAN IOAN CARR 404 High St,5 Gener- al Course5 Ietferson Ir. High 1, 25 Friend- ship l-85 Friendship Cabinet 1-65 Leaders' Group 5-85 Monitor 7, 85 Home Room Rep- resentative 5, 65 Chorus 1-45 Letter'E.' IAMES HOWARD CRAYTON 1355 East Ave.5 Gen. Course5 Herald Stali 5-B5 Monitor l-6. YVONNE ALICE DEAN R. D. No. 35 General Course5 Chorus 1, Z5 Glee Club 35 Ieffer- son Ir. High l, 2. PAUL GEORGE DUMONT 331 N. Abbe Road5 Gen. Course5 Band 35 Norwood High School, Norwood, New York 1, 2. GERTRUDE ANN CLARK 843 W. Broad St,5 Gen. Course5 Nor- walk High School, Norwalk, Ohio 5, 65 Friendship 5, 6. CHARLES WILLIAM CROSBY 210 Lake Avenue5 Gen. Course5 Track 25 Ietierson Ir. High 1, 25 Sr. A cappella Choir 5-8. if DOUGLAS MADDEN DELLEFIELD 154 Belllield Avenue5 Scientific Cours-25 Hi- Y 6, 75 Football 55 Track 5, 85 An- nouncing S'aff 7, 8. PAULINE MARY DUMONT 331 N. Abbe Road5 Gen. Course5 Nor- wood High School, Nolrwood, New York KENNETH CHARLES COFFIN 114 Middle Avenue5 Gen. Course5 Robin- son Ir. High, To- ledo, Ohio 15 Central High, Lima, Ohio 25 "Our Town" 3. MARIORIE ANNE DAMM 1723 Grafton Road5 Gen. Course5 Friend- ship 1-85 Friendship Cabinet 1-45 French Club 5-B5 Players' Club 5-85 Latin Club 45 Herald Staif 5-85 Library Assistant 2- 55 Office Assistant 3- 85 Announcing Staff 7, 85 Tax Stamp Col- lector 7, 85 Monitor 3, 55 Extemp Squad 3-85 Athletic "E" and Pin. ROBERT LEROY DEMOS 453 Earl Court5 Gen- Era1ICourse, Monitor NANCY IANE DUNKLE 1005 Middle Avenue5 Gen. Course5 High School, New Castle, ga. 15 Friendship 5- ELIZABETH MAE COLLIER R. D. No. 2 ,Blyria5 Gen. Course5 Friend- ship 3-85 Friendship Cabinet 3-85 Latin Club 4-65 Band 7, 85 Orchestra 1-85 Athletic "E" and pin guard. VIOLET MARIE DATENA 457 Cleveland St.5 Gen. Course5 Ieffer- son Ir. High 1, 25 Friendship 1-85 Friendship Cabinet 5-85 Leaders' Group 7, 85 Monitor 7, 85 Spanish Club 7, 85 Glee Club 3-5. LORNA IEAN DEWHURST 353 Seventh Street5 Gen. Course5 Friend- ship Club 1-75 Herald Staff 65 Library As- sistant 2, 3. CHARLES RALPH DUNLAP R. D. No. 25 General Course5 Hi-Y 5-8. ANN LOUISE CONRAD 215 Cornell Avenue5 General Course. ELIZABETH ROSE ANN DAVIS 229 West Bridge St.5 Gen. Course5 Friend- ship 3-85 Players' Club 2-85 "Fighting Littles" 35 Drum Ma- iorette 5-85 Zoot Staff 65 Chorus 1, 2. MARTHA ANN DORKO 445 Kenyon Avenue5 Commercial Course5 Friendship Club 1, 3. RUDOLPH ALBERT . DUSCHA 210 Longford Ave.5 Gen. Course5 Student Cabinet 7, 85 Foot- ball 3, 5, 75 Track 4, 6, 85 Elyrian Staff 1-45 Monitor 5-5: Her- ald Staff 65 Home at -5 af- 1 ,5 A i SHIRLEY ANNI 115 Park Ave., Course5 Frencl' 5-05 Leaders' 5-85 Friendshi Friendship Cab 65 Home Roorr resentative 3 ,- Collector 65 Worker 7, 85 A "E"5 Pin 4 Chorus 1, 2. PHILIP DALE Dt 218 Columbus 1 Scientific Couri Y 1-85 German 5-85 Band 1-85 era Squad 7, 8 DONALD RAYM DOUGI4 376 Woodland Gen. Course5 son Ir. High Basketball 1-8. IOXN LOUISE DYl 420 Oxford Av Gen. Course5 F: ship 1-8. Room Represen 3-65 Buckeye State 5. RCIA IEANNE EATON E. Hts. Blvd., 1. Course, Friend- o 1-8, Home Room Representative 3, Jrus 1, 2, Ir. A Jpella 4, Sr. A Jpella 5-8, French b 5-8, Announc- Siatt 5, 6. STAFFORD FINLAY E. Broad St., entitic Course, rnsend High Schl, lins, Ohio 1-3, aden High School, ton, Ohio 4, Band Hi-Y 5-8, Or- stra 5-8. EILYN EILEEN GEDRIDGE Fairlawn Ave., 1. Course, Latin b 4, Cateteria rker 1-6, Monitor Friendship 1-8, neograph Worker 8, Leaders' Grp. Library Assist- 5, Athletic 1'RICIA ANN GOODE West Avenue, i. Course, letter- Ir. High 1, 2, zndship 1-8, Her- Statt 5-8, Chorus -L GLORIA MAE EDDY Telegraph Rd., R.D. No. 3, Gen Course, Harding High, Fair- port, Ohio 1-5. THOMAS CHARLES FITZGERALD 325 N. Abbe Road, General Course. DAVID CHURCHILL GEORGE 219 Denison Ave., Gen. Course, Moni- tor 3-8. DOUGLAS E. GOTRO 116 Williams Street, Gen. Course, Movie Worker 1, 3, 8, Mon- itor 1, 6, 71 Herald Statt 5-8, Sr. A Cap- pella Choir 6-8, French Club 5-8, Hi- Y 4-8, RICHARD ALLAN EHLKE 532 East Ave., Gen. Course, Hi-Y 5-8, Band 1-8, Orchestra 7, 8, French Club 5- 8, "Kind Lady" 5, One-Act Play, "I'ne Courting ot Marie Ienvrin" 7. RAYMOND FLING 986 Chestnut Street, Grafton, Ohio, Gen- eral Course. RICHARD LEE GIBBENS Stop 8, Lake Ave., Gen. Course, letter- son Ir. High 1, 2, Sr. A Cappella Choir 5-8, Football 1, Track 2, 4, 8. RICHARD ZOLL GRAHAM 451 Eighth Street, Scientit. Course, Hi- Y 1-8, Monitor 2, 3, 7, 8, Projectionist 2, 3, Cheerleader 5-8, Goll 6, Announcing Statt 5, 6, French Club 5-8, Home Rr. Representative 1, 2, Ir, Choir 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 1, 2. 85' MELVIN CARL EMERY 210 Marseilles Ave., Gen. Course, Hi-Y 1-8, Track 6, 8, Her- ald Statt 6-8. RICHARD EDWARD FLOOD 215 Warren Avenue, Gen. Course, French 5:11213 5-8, Play Crew PHYLLIS LUCILLE GIEBEL 812112 West Avenue, Gen. Course, Friend- ship 5, 5, Movie Worker 3, 4, Moni- tor 6. IAMES IOSEPH GRAMBLEY 230 George Street, Gen. Course, Ridge- ville, Ohio 1, 2. it WI' -new HARVEY BURTON EVENCHIK 316 Oxtord Avenue, Gen. Course, Hi-Y 1-8, Spanish Club 5-8, Sr. A Cappella 5-8, Band 1-8. EVORA IEAN FORD 281 Hawthorne St., Gen. Course, Library Assistant 8, Monitor 7, 8, Mimeograph 8. IOAN CLAIRE GIEDE 359 Furnace Street, Gen. Course, Friend- ship 1-8, Friendship Cabinet 5, 6, Alh- letic UE." THOMAS IAMES GRAY 320 Eighth St., Gen. Course, Hi-Y 1, 4-7, Monitor 5-7, Boys' Chorus 1, 2. are 3 LEE WAYNE FALLS 443 N. Abbe Road, Gen. Course, 1-Iawre De G r a c e High School, Havre De Grace, Maryland 1. PHILLIP LELAND FORSYTHE 204 Harrison Street, Gen. Course, Hi-Y 1- 8, Sr. A Cappella 5-8, Spanish Club 3- 5, Monitor Z, 3. IOYCE EILEEN GILDENMEISTER 316 Furnace Street, Gen. Course, Lead- ers' Group 5-7, Sen- ior A Cappella 5-7, Friendship l-4, Iet- terson Ir. High 1, 2, Athletic EUGENIA ROSE GRECO 221 Cleveland St., Gen. Course, Chorus 1-4, Friendship 7-8. m ' mari - 7- 'WERE' - ,Y , Q , . .-fm' Y 4 ' . t fix All ,- 1 SUE CAROL GREENING 449 Earl Ct.5 General Course5 Band 2-45 Latin Club 3, 45 French Club 5-B5 Friendship 1-85 Fnd- ship Cabinet 2-85 Leaders' Group 5-8: Sr. A Cappella 7, 85 Announcing Staff 7, 85 Athletic Pin. ROSEMARY RITA GUSKY R. D. 3, Lake Ave.5 Gen. Courseg Monitor 5, 65 Ieiferson Ir. High l, 25 Chorus 1- 35 Friendship 1, 2. HARRY CHARLES HANSEN 221 East Ave.5 Gen. Course5 Hi-Y 1-45 Projectionist 2, 35 Boys' Chorus 1, 25 Ir. A Cappella Choir 3-5. HELEN MARIE HASLEY 10 Phillips Ct.5 Gen- eral Course5 Spanish Club 75 Friendship 1-65 Ietlerson Ir. High 1, 2. Wifi? ' ilk ' Aw--2" if A-4'A't'i - 5 -r -, ae 335713 gn r fifth f' HARRY HASTON GREER 220 Roosevelt Ave.5 Gen. Course5 Movie Worker 5-8. ELMER H. GUTI-IMAN. IR. 1107 East Ave.5 Man- ual Arts Course. DONNA FRANCES HARBOUR 318 Eleventh Streetg Gen. Course5 Friend- ship l-7. EDWIN GEORGE HAYWOOD 254 Pasadena Ave.5 Gen. Course5 Hi-Y 2-85 Sr. A Cappella Choir 5-85 Basketball 2. SENIORS BEVERLY IEAN GRIGGS 219 N. Abbe Road5 Gen. Course5 St. A Cappella Choir 5-E5 Friendship l, 25A1h- letic HE." WILLIAM IOHN I-IALASZ 108 lrondale Street5 Gen. Course5 Base- ball 6-B5 Football 7. ALFRED DAVID HARDY 130 Taft St.5 General Course5 Track 2, 4, 6, 85 Chorus l, 25 Ir. A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Senior A Cap- pella Choir 55 Bas- ketball 6. ANTHONY GEORGE HELLI 524 Vulcan Streetg General Course. CHARLES WIL- LIAM GRUNDY 241 Seventh Streetg Gen. Courseg Hi-Y 5-B5 Band 3-85 Or- chestra 7, By French Club 5-85 "Kind 1..ady"5 Players' Club 5-8. HERBERT WILLIAM HALLETT R. D, 25 Gen. Course. ALBERT RAY HARRIMAN 601 Furnace Street5 Manual Arts Course5 Iefferson Ir. High 1, 25 Track 2, 4, 6, 85 Football 5-75 Basket- ball 1. MARILYN MAR- GARET HENRY 246 Princeton Ave.5 Gen. Course5 Fr'nd- ship 1-45 Library Ass't. 2, 35 French Club 5-B. Q 5 - '- 3 r X of N Rm - 3' 1 S 5 MARY ELIZABETH GUENIN 248 Sixth Sl.5 Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship Club 1-85 Fr'nd- ship Cabinet 1-85 Latin Club 3, 45 French Club 5-85 Leaders' Group 5-85 Announcing Stall 7,8. ALICE MARIEAN HALLIWELL 347 West 15th St.5 General Course. GEORGE EDWARD HARRISON 1936 Grafton Road5 General Course. CLAYTON EDWARD HESS 820 Park Ave.5 Gerl- eral Course. RUTH ANN GUNI1 934 Lorain I Gen. Course5 I son Ir. High Girls' Glee Cli 25 Chorus 1, 25 itor 5-85 Frienl 1-85 Leaders' C 5-8. CAROLYN CAMILLA I-l 132 Middle Avi Gen, Course5 Fr ship 1-85 Chori 25 Glee Club DORIS IEAN HART 901 Park Avi Commercial Cc Band 3-65 Chor' 65 Friendship 5. MADELEINE SYNYERH 132 Overbrook 1 Gen. Course5 Park High Sc Oak Park, Illinc 55 French Clul: Latin Club 6 Friendship 6-7 Friendship Cabil RREN EUGENE HOLLIS J. 3, Gen. Course, arson Ir. High 1, 'Ii-Y 5-8. IRICE IOAN HULLMAN Longford Ave.: 1. Course, Friend- J 1-8. DREY IEAN IOVIAK Cornell Avenue, 1. Course, Friend- 9 1-4, 7, 9: ders' Group 5-8, letic "E", Pin 1 Guard, DRIA MARIE KEITH Foster Ave. Gen- l Course, French b 3, 7, 8.. STEPHEN EDWARD HONOSHOFSKY 532 Vulcan St., Gen- eral Course, Carroll- ton High, Carrollton, Ohio 1, 2. CAROLINE ESTHER HURLBUT R. D. 2 Oberlin Rd., Gen. Course, Friend- ship 1-3, Zoot Staff 3, Sr. A Cappella Choir 7, 8, Friend- ship Cabinet 5, 6. VIRGINIA ANN IUSTIN 136 Garvin Avenue, Gen. Course, letter- son Ir. High l, 2, Glee Club 1, 2: Chorus l, 2, Ir. A Cappella Choir 3-6: Friendship 1, 2. PATRICIA ANN KEMERER 1002 East River St., Gen. Course, Friend- ship 1-8, FriendshiD Cabinet 1, 2, 5, 6, Latin Club 4, French Club 5-8, Library Assistant 2, Elyriain Staii 6-8, Ir. A Cap- pella Choir 2-6, Ath- VELMA IEAN HOPKINS 218 East 14th St., Gen. Course, Friend- ship 1-8, Friendship Cabinet 3, 4, Orches- tra 1-4, Sr. A Cap- pella Choir, 7, 8. IOHN EDWARD INGERSOLL 243 Eastern Heights Blvd., Scientific Course, Hi-Y 1-8, Cafeteria l-8, "Our Town", "The Court- ing of Marie Gev- reau", Sr. A Cappel- la Choir 5-8, Band 1-5. HARRY KACZMARCZYK 1409 Middle Ave., Gen. Course, Foot- ball l, 3, Basket- ball 2, 4, 6. ROBERT HUGH KIRKBRIDE 211 Wooster Street, Gen. Course, Cate- teria 2-6, Track 2. letic "E" and Pin, Home Room Repre- sensative 3, Tax Stamp Collector 5, 6. SHIRLEY ANN HORACE l Frank Ct., General Course, St. Peters- burg Sr. High Schl, St. Petersburg. Fla. 3-4, Friendship Club l, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8: Herald Staii 6-8, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Ir. A Cappella Choir 7, 8. EVELYN KATHRYN IABBUN R. D. 3, Griswold Rd, Gen. Course, Ieiier- son Ir. High 1, Z, Latin Club 4-5, Friendship Club 1- 8, Friendship Cabi- net 1, 2, 5, 6, Lead- ers' Group 7, B, Ot- iice Worker 3-8, RAYMOND LEROY KANDT 276 N. Olive Street, align. Course, Zoot ERNEST ROBERT KLEIN 129 Guli Road, Gen- eral Course, Spanish Club 7, 8, Monitor 8. 'ki lx. -me J. K .. . . . 6 . V .,. ,, , . A x 1 3, qm gig. r. -,-i:'...,,, , f .ll . rii1f"f59i'l -.I 7 ARTHUR DEAN HUDNUTT 345 Stanford Avenue: Gen. Course, Hi-Y 1-8, Band 1-8, Orch- estra 7, 8, Student Cabinet 5-8, Extemp. Squad 5, 5, Speak- ers' Bureau 5, 6, Goli 6. IEANETTE MAE IANAS 330 Winckles Street, Commercial Course: Friendship 1-8, Library 7. Athletic "E", Ir. A Cappella Choir 3-5: Mimeograph Room 7, 8. EARL F. KAYSER 115 Cleveland St., Gen. Course, Eben- ezer High School, Ebenezer, New York 1-6. MARIE ANN KLESTA R. D. 1 Grafton. Ohio, Gen. Course, Friendship 3-8, Cho- rus 1, 2. IOANNE MAY HULL 830 West Ave., Gen. Course, Friendship Club 1-B, Band 3-8: Players' Club 6-8. DORIS MARIE IONES 129 Beverly Court, General Course. DART FRANKLIN KEECH. IR. 952 Gult Road, Gen. Course, Student Cab- inet 2-8, Chorus 1, Football 3, 5, 7, Basketball 2, 6, Track 2, 4, 6, Ir. Class President, Movie Worker 2-8. CHARLOTTE MAY KNOWLTON 121 Hillsdale Court, Gen. Course, Friend- ship 1-8, Chorus 3, German Club 5-8. S . R Qin. if IOE ANDREW KOVACS 269 West River St., Gen. Course, Foot- ball l, 3, 5, , B s- ketball 2 B Seb 7, 8. 1 of SUSAN LOU KRUGMAN 217 Lake Avenue, General Course. 3 8 Vulca St GQ, LARIUN I? ELM!! APOSQ 'SOBERT Lrzsm: ' l O . ' General C L7 D9 Park View Ct., Football 1, 3, -, Basketball 3 5, Golt B, 8, Tre rer, Iunior Class. DOROTHY IEAN LEONARD 142 Pasadena Ave., Gen. Course, Lan- caster High School, Lancaster, Ohio 1, Linden McKinley, Columbus, Ohio 2- 6, French Club 7, ig, 8Friendship Club THOMAS IAMES MCCLEMENTS 1 Persons Court, Gen. Course, Iefter- son Ir. High 1, 2. Gen. Course, Foot- ball 1, "Our Town" 3, "Kind Lady" 5, Players' Club 5-8, Herald Staii 7, 8, Hi-Y 7, 8, Photog- raphy Club 7, 8. LEONARD MARVIN LESNIf"' 347 Third Street, Gen. Course, Ieiier- son Ir. Hiqh 1, 2, Herald Staff 7, Iun- ior Choir 3, 4, Sapn- ish Club 5-7, French Club 5, 6, Senior A Cappella Choir 5-7. RICHARD IOHN MCDONALD 455 Earl Court, Gen- eral Course, Hi-Y 1- 8, Track 2, 4, B, 3, Football 5, 7. N . BETTY MAE KRUPKO 157 Erie St., General Course, Iefferson Ir. High 1, 2, Friend- ship Club 1-8, Glee Club 3-6, Leaders' Group 5-8, Friend- ship Cabinet 3-6, Chorus 1, 2. IVA-LEE MARIE LAW 230 Denison Avenue, Gen. Course, Band 1-8, Friendship Club l-8, Players' Club 6- 8, Spanish Club 7, 8, Athletic "E," MARVINE CAROL LIMES 444 Lorain Blvd., Gen. Course, Chorus l, 2, Ir, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Senior A Cappella 5-9, Friend- ship 3, 4, 7-8. CLAIRE MARIE MCINTYRE 169 Longfellow Ave., Gen. Course, Friend- ship 1-8, Friendship Cabinet 1, 2, 5, 6, Leaders' Group 5-8, Senior A Cappella 5-8, Herald Staff 6-8. RUTH ANN KRUPKO 157 Erie Street, Gen- eral Course, Ieiterson Ir. High 1, 2, Glee Club, 2, Chorus l, 2, Sr. A Cappella Choir 7,8, Friend- ship Club l-8, Cate- teria 5, 6. MAEBELL IANET LAW 105 Tannery St., Gen. Course, Friend- ship 1-8, French Club 5-8. MARY IOAN LUIVIP 354 Cornell Avenue, Gen. Course, Friend- ship l-8, Leaders' Group 5-8, French Club 5-8, Latin Club 4, Library Assistant 3, 4, Friendship Cab- inet 1-8. IANET SUTTIE MCKELVIE 333 Foster Avenue, General Course, Ief- ferson Ir. High 1, 2, Friendship Club 1-8, Leaders' Group 5-8, Senior A Cappella 5- 8, Friendship Cab- ingtu 1-B, Athletic IOAN LAMOREAUX R. F. D. 2, Schramm Road, Gen, Course, Sr. A Cappella Choir 7, 8, Monitor 7, 8, Chorus 1, 2, Glee Club 3, 4, Ir. gi Cappella Choir 5, NORMAN RALPH LAWRENCE R. D. 3, General Course, Ieiferson Ir. High 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, Sr. A Cappella ghoir 4-B, Hi-Y 7, MARIE THERESA LUPINSKI 1024 West Ave., Gen. Course, Friendship 1-8, Leaders' Group 7. 8, Library 7, 8, Art Staff 2-4, Chorus 1-3, Tax Stamp Col- lector 7-8. ALICE FAY McKENZIE 1930 Lake Avenue, Commercial Course, Glee Club 3, 4, Ir. Choir 5, 6, Sr. A Cappella 7, 8. aonmzv csonls 915 sas: Ave., 1 Course, Hi-Y 3- ETHEL., MARY L 140 Beverly C4 Gen. Course, Fri ship 3-8. PATRICIA FLORE McAV 874 West River Gen. Course, Ie son Ir. Hiqh 1 Glee Club 3, Friendship l-6, S ish Club 6-8. MARIORIE LUCILLEM 1840 Middle I Gen. Course, 1 Club 3, 4.. PAMELA ANN MADDOCK 218 Blaine Streetg Gen. Course: Friend- Ship 1-8, Friendship Cabinet 5, 6, Zoot Staff 1-3, Senior A Cappella Choir 5-B, Oilice Worker 7, 8, Monitor 7, 8, French Club 5-85 Tax Stamp Collector E, 7, Ath- letic Award. SALLY LOUISE MARSHALL 704 Lake Ave.g Gen. Course, Ieftersori lr, High 1, 2, Friend- ship l-8g Friendship Cabinet 5, 65 Lead- ers' Group 5-Sg Cho- rus 1, 2, Glee Club 3, Mimeograph Rm, PHYLLIS ANN MOON R. D. l, Abbe Road, Gen. Course, Ieffer- son Ir. High l, 25 Iunior A Cappella 6, Senior A Cappella 7, 8. NANCY ANN NIELSEN 606 West Ave., Geri. Course, Student Cab- inet l-8g Friendship 1-87 Friendship Cab- inet l-4g Band 1-43 French Club 5-B5 Latin Club 3-5, Ring Group B, Athletic Pin and Guard, Leaders' Group 5-8. SALLY ANN MADDOCK 1875 Lake Ave.: Gen. Course, Ietierson Ir. High 1, 2, Friend- ship l-8, Chorus l, 2, Glee Club 1, 2. VERNE STANLY MARTIN R. D. 3, General Course. DENNIS HERRICK MORAN R, D. 2, Gen. Course, Hi-Y 5-8, Senior A Cappella 5-8, Span- ish Club 6-85 Latin Club 4. SHIRLEY ANN NIELSEN 1114 Middle Ave,g Gen. Course, Latin Club 3, 45 Friend- ship 1-8, French Club 5-87 Athletic "E", Friendship Cabinet 1, 2. MARGARET ELEA- NOR MALONEY 125 Tait Ave.7 Gen. Course, Iefterson Ir. High 1-2, Friendship I-3, Spanish Club , 8. CHARLES WILLIAM MASON 154 Adelbert St., Gen. Courseg Foot- ball Manager 3, 5, Basketball Manager 1, 3, 5, 7, Baseball 6, 8, Baseball Man- ager 2. WILLIAM I. MORGAN 142 Harrison St..7 Gen. Course, Hi-Y 1- 8, Orchestra 4-6, 8. IACQUELINE LOU NUHN 565 Ohio St., Gen. Course, Orchestra l- 8g Cafeteria Assist- ant 1-3, Library As- sistant 7-8, German Club 5-8. WILLIAM IAMES MAPLE 530 Park Place, Gen. Course, Football Manager l, 3. ROBERT IOHN MATOVICH Stop 7, Lake Avenue, Gen. Course, Ielter- son Ir. High 1, 2. MARY IANE MURRAY 2 Shear St., General Coarse, Friendship RICHARD I. 0'DELL 810 Thirteenth St., General Coursey Sen- ior A Cappella 7, 8. MARGARET MARY MARSH 228 George Streetg Gen, Course, Friend- ship l-Bg Athletic "E" Award and Pin. WALLACE NICHOLS. IR. 319 Harwood Street, Scientific Course, Band 1-8, Orchestra 3-85 Extemp. Squad 3-8, Zoot 1-47 Latin Club 45 Home room Representaive 1, 2g Track 2.. PAUL IOHN OLAH. IR. 127 Beebe Ct., Gen. gourseg Herald Stall r 'H - - - M YiWE STANLEY DALE OLMSTEAD 535 Second St.y Gen. Coursey Football l, 3. EUGENE IOSEPH PALINSKI 5Ul Dewey AVG-I Gen. Coursey letter- son Ir. High 1, Z. IACK LEE PIPER 143 South Olive St.: Gen. Coursey Foot- ball I, 3y Basketball 1, 5y Baseball 2, 8: Monitor l-Sy Herald Staff 6-8. THOMAS MILTON POMELEE 1392 East Ave.y Gen, Course. LORETTA ALICE OLSZEWSKI 169 Erie St.y Com- mercial Coursey lef- terson Ir. High 1, 2. NANCY RUTH PALM 624 Middle Avenuey Gen. Coursey Friend- ship l-By Friendship Cabinet 5, Gy Latin Club 4-Gy French Club 5-By Homeroom Representative 3, 4y Chorus 1, 2y Monitor 3, 4y Herald Stati 8- 8y Elyrian Staff 5, By Movie Worker 2. RICHARD DAVIS PITKIN 104 Mendel Courty General Coursey let- ierson Iunior High 1, 2y Extemp Squad 3- Sy Spanish Club 6, 7, By Library Assistant 4-7y Sr. A Cappella Choir 4-8. IANE MARY PONDY R.. D. 2y S. Middle Ave.y Commercial Coursey Monitor Sy Home Room Repre- sentative ly Mimeo- graph 7, 8. ROBERT LEWIS ORDWAY D19 East Ave.y Gen. Coursey Football 1, 3. CAROL DELORES PALMER 1234 East Avenuey Gen. Coursey Senior A Cappella Choir 5- Sy Home Room Repre- sentative 5, By Fr'nd- ship 1, 2, 5, Sy Friendship Cabinet l, 3-8y French Club 5- SHIRLEY IEAN PIXLEY R. D. 2y General Course. IOHN PAUL POPE 319 Hawthorne St.y Manual Arts Coursey Cgerlin High School GEORGIA LEE OSBORNE 432 W. Eighth St.y Commercial Course. REVERALY IEAN PATAK 321 Concord Ave.y Gen. Coursey Chorus 1, 2y Friendship l, 2, S-By Athletic "E" EUGENE CLARENCE PLAS 326 Seventh St.y Gen- gral Coursey Football BETTY ANN POWELL 21 Artemas Courty General Course. L44-q BURTON KAY OSTROV 120 Columbia Ave.y Gen. Coursey Boys' Chorus 1, Zy Iunior A Cargpella Choir 3, ESTHER MAY PAUL 12 West Ave.y Gen. Coursey Friendship 1-By Tax Stamp Col- lector S, By Friend- ship Cabinet 3y French Club 5-By Elyrian Stcril 7, 8. MARGARET MARY PLAS R. D. l, La Grcmgey Gen. Coursey Office Assistant 4-6. CHARLES STAND- LEY POWELL 25 Samuel Streety Gen. Coursey Sr. A Cappella Choir 7, Sy Football Reserves 5y Monitor 6. IOHN MARTINP 59 Y. M. C. A.y eral Coursey Stat! 1-5y Hi-Y GARY ELLIS PENF1 1131 West Aw Scientific Cours Y 5. GLORIA ANN P 356 Third St.y eral Coursey Chorus 1, 2y Club 1, 2y I4 Stati l, 2y Chl 4y Friendship l IOSEPHINE PROVE! 391 Gulf Roady General Course SENIORS SENIORS DOLLY MAE PULS 212 Gates Ave.5 General Course. ROBERT H. REICHARD 976 Gulf Roady Gen. Coursey Basketball 25 Monitor 5-65 Foot- ball 5-8.. SAM RISTAS 339 Furnace St.5 General Course. ALYCE NORA RURKA 120 Nichols Courtg Gen. Coursey Ieffer- son Ir. High l, 2. LUCY FRANCES PUTMAN 546 Cambridge Ave.5 General Course. EUGENE ANDREW REITZ 214 Courtland St.5 Gen. Coursey Iefier- son junior High 1, 25 German Club 5-8. SHIRLEY ANN ROGERS 236 Columbia Ave,5 Gen. Coursey Friend- ship 1-85 Friendship Cabinet l-65 Latin Club 3-45 French Club 5-85 Leaders' Group 4-85 Home Rm. Representative 5, 65 Tax Stamp Collector 5, 65 Chorus 1, 25 Office Worker 7, 8. IOANNE RUTH RYAN 137 Lincoln Streety Gen. Coursey Friend- ship 1-85 French Club 5-By Office As- sistant 5-85 Friend- ship Cabinet 5, 6. FRANK VINCENT RADACHI 421 Twelfth Streety General Coursey Football 5-B. EVELYN IEAN REYNOLDS 217 Marseilles Ave.5 Gen. Coursey Friend- ship 1-8. IRENE MILDRED RONEZ R. D. 3 Murray Ridge Rd,5 Gen. Coursey Iefferson Ir. High 1, 2.. ROBERT ALEX- ANDER SADDLER B19 Middle Avenuey Gen, Coursey Foot- ball Manager 35 Wellington High School, Wellington, Ohio, 6. EDWARD CLEVE- LAND RAMSEY 250 North Main St.5 Oberlin5 General Coursey Adamston Ir. High 1,25 and Victory High 3, S, both in Clarksburg, W. Va. MARIAN LOIS RHODES 908 Walnut Streety Gen. Coursey Glee Club 1, Z5 Chorus 1- 45 Iefferson Iunior High 1, 25 Friend- ship 1-45 Spanish Club 6-B. SARABETH ROSE R. D. 15 General Coursey Monitor 3, 4: Movie Worker 5-85 Friendship l-85 Fr'nd- ship Cabinet 5, 6: Leaders' Group 5-B5 Zoot Staff 3, 4. IOHN RICHARD SADOWSKI 1104 South Prospect St.5 Scientific Course5 Hi-Y 4-85 Band 2-B. ALWYN IACK REA 62 Samuel St.5 Gen. Courseg Iefferson Ir. High l, 25 Band 3-B, MARY LOUISE RHODES 908 Walnut Streety Gen. Coursey lei- ferson Ir. High 1, 25 Chorus l, 25 Glee Club 1-45 Friendship 1-45 Spanish Club 6- 8. ALAN ROTH 518 Foster Avenuey Gen. Coursey letter- son Ir. High 1, 25 Chorus 1-25 Sr. Choir 5-By Band 3-8. RUTH CLAIRE SAMS 732 West Ave.5 Gen. COUISG, Chorus 1, 25 Glee Club 3, 45 Band 1-65 Friend- ship 1-8. ..' 1r:' -le t -91' Ti'-3ii5!K iH"'Y'V"""" RICHARD GEORGE SHALLON 129 North Maple St,: Gen. Course. LOIS II. SIMMS R. D, 2: General Course: Leaders' Group 7, 8. IOYCE MARIE SMITH ZUU Fairlawn Avenue: Commercial Course. SUSAN SPIKE 460 West 9th St,: Gen. Course: Wil- loughby High School, Willoughby, Ohio 1: Thomas High School, Philadelphia, Pa, 2: German Club 5-8: Tax Stamp Collector , B. ARTHUR FREDERICK SCHAREIN 440 West River St,: Gen. Course: Iefter- son Ir. High l, 2. IOHN IULIUS SKOK l3U3 West Avenue: Gen. Course: Track 6, 8: Basketball 4: Football 5. IUNE ELLEN SMITH l53 Courtland St,: Gen. Course: letter- son Ir. High 1, 2: ers' Group 5-8: Span- ish Club 6-8: Friend- ship l-B: Leaders' Group l-8: Players' Club 6, 8: Band 3- 6: Band Letter: Ring Group 6. KENNETH EUGENE SPRANKLE llll East River St.: Gen. Course. DOROTHY ANN SCHLITT 331 Cornell Ave.: Gen. Course: Friend- ship l-B: Leaders' Group 5-8: Athletic E: Pin G Guard: French Club 5-B: Chorus l, 2. DAYTON WALLACE SMITH lll Roosevelt Ave.: Gen. Course: Basket- ball 2: Cheerleader 3, 6: Track Manager 236 Winclnles Street: KENNETH FRANCIS SMITH 233 North Olive St.: General Course. RITA ANN STANFORD l27 Warren Averue: Gen. Course: F:iend- ship l-8: Office Worker 7.. LA VERNE MARIE SCHMITKONS Stop B, Lake Ave.: Gen. Course: Iet- terson Ir. High 1, 2: Band 3-8: Band Let- ter: Orchestra 3-8: Sr. A Cappella Choir 7, 8: Leaders' Group 7, 8: French Club 5-8: Friendship Club 1-8: Friendship Cabinet I-4: 7, 8: Latin Club 3, 4: Herald Statt 5, 6: Athletic Pin and Guard: Ring Group 6. GERALDINE VIR- GINIA SMITH 236 Winckles Street: Commercial Course: Friendship 1, Z, RUTH ANN SMITH 1951 Grafton Road: Gen, Course: Friend- ship l-B: Friendship Cabinet 3-6: Gleee Club 3, 4: Leaders' glrolup 5-8: Monitor DONALD HUGH STANG 268 Spruce Street: Gen. Course: letter- son Ir. High l, 2. ,Q CAROL VIRGINIA SCOTT 615 West River St.: Gen. Course: Chorus l, 2: Glee Club 3, 4: Ir. A Cappella 5. IACK LEROY SMITH 253 Fairlawn Ave.: Gen. Course: Hi-Y 3, 8: Zoot Staff 6: Art Service 6, 8. CARL IOSEPH SMITKOWSKI 220 East l5th Street: Gen. Course: Monitor l, 2: Track 6, B. IANE MARIE STARCHBILL R, D. 3, Murray Ridge Road: Gen. Course: Annex As- sistant 3, 4: French Club 5-B: Herald Statt 5-B.. DAVID LESLIE SH 321 North Abbe Gen. Course: S' van High, Sullii ghgo l-4: Basket IOANN RAMONA SM 336 Kenyon Aver Gen. Course: Frie ship 3, 4: Monito 8: Mimeograph 7 MALCOLM HOWARD SPEI 218 East l4th General Course, LILLIAN ISABELLI STARI R. D. 3, Lake A Gen. Course: let son Ir. High 1, Library Assistant SENIORS DWARD M. STEELE 10 Harvard Ave., en. Course, Hi-Y 7, IRE ST. MARIE I0 Oxford Avenue, en, Course, Foot- xll 1, 2, French lub 5-8, Zoot Stafi 4.. LLIAN VERA TKACS 10 Pasadena Ave., en. Course, Friend- iip 1-8, Band l-8, rchestra 6-8, Ma- rette 5-8, Home Rm. :presentative 5, 6, lee Club 3, 4, ring Ensemble 6- Library Assistant ARY LOUIS URIG 6 Eleventh Street, an. Course, Friend- ip l-8, Tax Stamp illector 5, 5, Athlet- Pin, Athletic "E", aders' Group 7, 8. FREDERICK EARL STEELE 200 Harvard Avenue, Scientific Course, Hi- Y 1-8, Band 1-8, Or- chestra 4-8, "The Fighting Littles" Crew l. BARBARA IEAN STONE 223 Marseilles Ave., Commercial Course, Friendship l-8. CATHERINE E. TOTH 323 Beech Street, General Course. PLATO VALASSIS 351 Third St., Scien- tific Course, Hi-Y 5- 8, Monitor 1-8. HELEN L. STELLATO 1217 East Avenue, Gen. Course, Drum Majorette 5-8, Friend- ship 3-8. RICHARD HOWARD SWIERS 115 Denison Avenue, Scientific Course, Hi- Y 1-8, Track Man- ager 2, Football 3. RAYMOND ALVIN TRACZEK 822 Lake Ave., Com- mercial Course, Hi- Y 1-8, IVIOI1iIOl' 3-8, Movie Worker 7, 8, Iefferson Ir. High l, 2, Basketball 1, 2. MOLLY ELIZABETH VAN WORMER 109 Stanford Ave., Gen. Course, Friend- ship 1-8, Senior A Cappella Choir 7, 8, Library Assistant 3- 6, French Club 5-8, Friendship Cabinet 1, 2, Athletic "E" and Pin. FRANCES MARY STILES 217 Rush St., Com- mercial Course, Ief- ierson Ir. High 1, 2, Friendship 1, 2, Leaders' Group 5, B, Glee Club 3-5, Mime- ograph 8. FLORENCE MARIE SZLEMPA 117 Hazel St., Com- mercial Course, Friendship 1, 2. OLGA TRAICOFF 128 Blake St., Gen- eral Course, Friend- ship 1-B, Friendship Cabinet 3-8, Movie Worker 1-4, Monitor 5, 6, French Club 5-B, Mimeograph Room 7, 8, Chorus l, 2, Leaders' Group 5- 8, Home Rm. Repre- sentative 3, 4, Ath- letic IOHN WILLIAM VARGO 241 West River St., Gen. Course, Foot- ball 7. 0 0- ulti- GEORGE FHILLIP STILLWAUGH IR. 320 Middle Avenue, Gen. Course, Hi-Y 3, 4. LOIS IEAN TARRY 111 Lake Ave., Gen- eral Course, Ieffer- son Ir. High l, 2. HELEN TSARONES 201 Cascade Street, Gen. Course, Friend- ship l-8, Friendship Cabinet 1, 2, 5-8, Latin Club 4-6, French Club 5-8, Elyrian Staff 6, Ex- temp Squad E, An- nouncing Staff 7, 8, Senior A Cappella Choir 7,8, Tax Stamp Collector 7, 8. MARGARET PEARL VARGO l0l Fremont Street, Ge Course, Mimeo- Ogra Room 7, 8, BETTY LOU STIRZAKER 234 Bell Ave., Gen. Course. ESTELLE NORMA TEICH 128 Hawthorne St., Gen. Course, Friend- ship 5, 6, Iulia Rich- mond High, New York City, N. Y. 1, 2. YVONNE EUGENIA URICH 354 Princeton Avenue, Gen. Course, Friend- ship l-8, Spanish Club 8-8. HARRIETT MARY VARSEY 202 Harwood Street, Gen. Course, Office Assistant 5-8, Band 1-8, Orchestra 4-B, Friendship 1-8, F'nd- ship Cabinet 5, 6, Drum Major 5-8, Her- ald Siatf 6-8, Room Representative 5, 5.. R -Yli -EMIL- . ., fkfe GERALDINE AGNES VEITCH 238 N. Olive Street5 Gen. Course5 Friend- ship 7, 8. I l MARGARET IOANN WALSH R. D. l. Box 192 Oberlin Ave.5 Gen- eral Course5 Seton nati, Ohio 1-45 St. Mary's of Redford Detroit, Michigan 5, 6. RITA ROSE WEST 213 Wolf Court5 Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship 3-85 Drum Ma- iorette 5-8. HUGH IVIucDONALD WINDSOR 242 Denison Avenue5 Scientific Course5 Hi- Y l-45 German Club 5-85 Band l-85 Orch- estra 7, B. DONNA GAYLE VIBBER 1237 East River St.5 Gen. Course5 French Club 5-85 Band 1-85 Orchestra 2-85 Sr. A Cappella Choir 5-85 Leaders' Group 5-85 Library Assistant 5- 65 Friendship l-85 Friendship Cabinet 3-45 Athletic pin and guard. PATRICIA ANN WARD 821 Park Ave.5 Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship l-85 Monitor 5, 65 Sr. A Cappella 7, 85 Mimeograph 7, B. BONNA IEAN WHITLATCI-I R. D. 2, West Hidge5 Gen. Course5 Iefier- son Ir. High 1, 25 Chorus 1, 25 Library Worker 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Friendship l, 2. BETTY LOU WISE l5l Cornell Avenue5 Gen. Course5 Cheer- leader 5-85 Friend- ship l-85 Herald Statf 5, 65 German Club 5, 6. IEAN EVELYN VIMPENY 1944 Grafton Road5 Gen. Course5 Friend- ship l, 2, 7, 85 Mov- ie Worker 2-85 Office Worker 7, 85 Leaders' Group 5-8. IOSEPH NORMAN WEBER 78 Chestnut Street5 General Course. ARLENE MAE WIECH 843 Bond St.5 Gen- eral Coursey Iefferson Ir. High 1, 25 Cho- rus l, 25 Glee Club 3, 45 Friendship 2. SHIRLEY ANN WISSINGER 347 Furnece Street5 Gen. Course5 Iefier- son Ir. High 1, 25 Friendship Club l-8. IACLYN ANN WAITE 212 Seventh Streetg Gen. Course5 Friend- ship 7, 85 French Club 5, 6. WILLIAM HARDING WEHIVIHOFI' 133 Princeton Ave.5 Scientific Course5 Hi- Y l-85 German Club 5-85 Herald Staff 5- 85 Sr. A Cappella 7, 85 Monitor 4. IERRY ALLEN WIESER 407 Lake Ave.5 Gen- eral Course5 Ieffer- son Ir. High 1, 2. CHARLES ARNOLD WOODS 248 Hadaway Court5 Gen. Course5 Moni- tor 1, 25 Cafeteria 1-75 Track 6-8. BETTY IVIAE WALDRON 921 East Ave.5 Com- mercial Course5 Fnd- ship 7, 8. ALBERT HERRING- TON WERDEN 103 Gulf Road5 Gen- eral Course5 Hi-Y 4- 85 Zoot Staff 2-65 Monitor 4. BONNY LEE WILLIS 160 Norihrup St:'eet5 Gen. Course5 Sr. A Cappella Choir 5-8. RICHARD HAROLD WORCESTER 213 Furnace St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Iefier- son Ir, High 1, 25 Hi- Y 3, 4, BELLA IVIARTI W1 187 Bath St. eral Course5 ship l-85 Club 5, 65 . Basketball 2, HAROLD HEN WES 270 N. Olive Gen. Course5 estra l-8. nonrznr K. Q WI. 234 Washingti Gen. Course 1-85 Monitor Players' Clu French Club A Cappella I DORIS ELLEN WI 1505 Lake Ave eral Course5 ship l-85 Frii Cabinet l, 2 A Cappella 7 Band 1-85 L Group 5-85 nouncing Stat SENIOR! :I-IARLES DANIEL YOTHERS 122 Denison Avenue, Ben. Course, Hi-Y ,-B, Home Room Rep- 'esentative 3, 4. ZOLTAN DANIEL ZOLTAI R. D. 3, Gen. Course, Chorus 1, 2, Ir. A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Senior A Cappella Choir 5, 6, 7, Track Z, 8. Herbert Bacher 837 Lake Ave., General Course. Louis Baraskai 229 W. River St., General Course. Ernest lames Brand. 123 Furnace St., General Course, Hi-Y SAS. lack Harding Clarke, 1228 Lake Ave., General Course. Booker Dickerson, 5 Shear St., General Course. Louis Greene, 2 Woodford Ave., General Course. lulia Nell Henderson, 63 Riverside Homes, General Course. loseph Ianowicl, 425 W. 15th St., General Course, Basketball 1,3, Football 7. No photos for the following: Harold lensen, 204 Marseilles Ave., General Course. Robert Davis Kemp. 174 Pasadena Ave., General Course. lames Nelson Kent. 234 Boston Ave., General Course. lames William Kushinski. 420 Kenyon Ave., General Course. David F. Lear. 429 Abbe Rd., General Course. Patricia Clarabell, Lyon. 1251 East Ave., General Course, Friendship l, 2, Spanish Club E, 7, Sr. A Cappella 3, 8 Drum Maiorette 5, 6. 31 William Francis Minch. 241 Harwood Sl., General Course. Lawrence Mike 0'Grady. R. D. 1, General Course, Buchtel High Akron, O., 1, 2, Falls High, Cuya- hoga Falls, O., 3-5. Frank Opra, 110 Floral Court, General Course. lane Margaret Parker. 335 Second St., General Course, Band l, 2, Chorus l, 2, Glee Club 1, 2. Eugene Clarence Plas. 325 Seventh Si., General Course. lohn Steve Popovits. 329 W. River St., General Course. Melvin Arthur Smith. R.D. 2, General Course. Warren H. Sturtevant 910 Lake Ave., General Course. William Frank Surdock. 224 Bath St., Manual Arts Course. Robert C. Trautman, 415 Earl Court, General Course. Ralph Donald Travis, General Course. Richard Iames Wukie R. D. 1, Grafton General Course Senior Class Otiicers Left to Right: Nancy Nielsen, Dick Graham, Rudy Duscha. Standing: Bob Wilson. Class Poem We came together four years ago To fashion our lives for Life's race, We struggled for character, loyal and true And learned the true meaning ol grace. Our eyes are set on a worthy goal, We'l1 strive to make it through, To forward our Nation and make it strong With Peace and hope renewed. To love our fellowmen is our creed Our aim to let freedom burn bright. We leave you now, Elyria High, To separate wrong from right. When we've come to the end ol Liie's fleeting day And our earthly race is run, May we see our Maker face to face And hear him say "Well done." -IOYCS Anderson Miss 1osEPH1NE Wricox 32 Class Play 0 Death Takes A Holiday 11 y ALBERTO CASELLA H. S. Auditorium, May 15 and 16 Prince Sirki ,,,,.. Grazia .....,........,. Duke Lambert ...,,, Corrado .,...,... Alda ......,,.....V...Y.... Princess of Sun Luca Duchess Stephanie .S Baron Cesarea ...... Rhoda Fenton ,,,i,i Eric Fenton .... Cora ..,,.,.. Fedele ..,.. Carl 33 Richard Ehlke Helen Tsarones john Ingersoll Arthur Hudnutt Pamela Maddock Frances Blaock Shirley Rogers Stafford Finlay Nancy Nielsen Rudy Duscha Betty Collier William Wehmhoff Committees - Class ot 1947 Color-Royal Blue and Silver Pat Ward, Chairman Caroline Hurlbut Bill Wehmhoit Shirley Cox Flower-Red Rose Olga Traicoff, Chairman IoAnn Bocldy Charles Yothers Tom Gray Annette McKelvie Home Room Collectors Pat Kemerer - 120 Ioan Brydon - 121A Charles Grundy - l2lB Shirley Rogers - 122 Marcia Eaton - l23 Helen Tsarones - 220 Nan Palm - 222 Rita Stanford - 225 Announcements Doris Wurster, Chairman Iane Brydon Stafford Finlay lack Cairns Evelyn Iabbusch Ways and Means Connie Boylan, Chairman Dick Ehlke Dick Pitkin Frances Balock Mary Guenin LaVorne Schmitkons Distinction Day-Girls Nancy Dunkle, Chairman Frances Stiles Maebell Law Donna Vibber Evelyn Gcdrige I Distinction Day-Boys Ray Traczek, Chairman Gary Penlound A1 Werden Charles Wood Dennis Moran Memorial Ruth Ann Smith, Chairman Philip Daykin Richard O'Dell Violet Datena Carol Palmer Social lane Starchbill Doug Gotro Mary Io Lump Vivian Carr Iere St. Marie Nat1ona1 Honor SOCIETY TlIeSe members of the Class of 1947 were inducted Into membership In the National Honor Society April 50 1947 FRANCES EALDCK CONNIE EDYLAN SHIRLEY ERADDON BETTY COLLIER MARJORIE DAMM RUDY DUSCHA VIDLET DATENA PHILIP DAYKIN STAFFORD FINLAY RICHARD GRAHAM SUE CAROL GREENING MARY GUENIN ARTHUR HUDNUTT EVELYN JABBUSCH MARY JOE LUMP PAM MADDOCK NANCY NIELSEN RICHARD PITKIN ANN RULE LA VERNE SCHMITKONS JUNE SMITH RUTH ANN SMITH HELEN TSARONES OLGA TRAICOFF DORIS WURSTER The Installing Officers were: EVELYN JABBUSCI-I SUE CAROL GREENING LA VERNE SCHMITKONS HELEN TSARONES DORIS WURSTER and BETTY COLLIER 35 E ,, N0 . ,.--F5 C? L: K E -' fl- ff, X f J-i VV'-'N 1 w , It.s Surlfmdh It's Mouser Goose, 1 I'- k E 753.5 S PQ ' ,QJQ Pu 1 1 MA KK Its a ,Freshman ' E.LEKo . 1. gangs .K A L' ' chem? Blcner ? ?? ulC0l:N':CI- on Chom an Y X N f f We manger 6 I ,I xx THA WlS.E 'na W4 ' lihat slrxcks Bubble. Gum . . . Dlwowfwi : J.-.. Foot ou . . 9 K No! He lsrft ionncl out 'f For track. He Just Saw g i 2 'W one of those Clrnvers' ' "gi 6 X b ni n I 4 Y 0 I Us .af slsucianliz E W ' j 'Si commq- -,M + I Il , X ' 332m :l:l,:lfAX l 6 55 , -- i .iw QQ 1, f l y , x' K A ir 0225 E LEKO l946'4-7 Me.n'S High School sryg-I on Cafel 7 Wits" W' H X They .Sure P uh q I L.'l xl fl A1 are lh I A 1 ,I ,f f-Pb ...tv T f , I .-N... S ' Lunch A K Q5 ' Panfs with Q E S , ,Y I Side f ll F55 , Pockets? 0 X' H .uw 5 ' r ,' 1" ii ' I ' "X . H A I E To avold "between "Ov N MARILYN pqgpqpg es" STA PETER Moyhrne Auinktn I S T,fX"ff 'V4,,'i, I J! 0' if 4 E HX Sam Senior 5 r iM"!I'w Of x f, M I X ff f X xx fu , f f Mix 1 4 In SJ , 0 ' K 1' Y NH xi, 7 r U rr ff fl S iwmulflyfr Freddie Freshman x if fix I 5 , N , wwrHWif1lKfrwf,r.' X 1- f , QA Wil, N Lffyf X, Xi lj, f Xi , ff ' xi , Mimfi Susie Sophomore Ierry Iunior IUNIORS Lett to Right-Top Row: Gloria Abookire, Ruth Ahlberg, Allen Ahlgrim, lane Allen, Russell Allen, Wayne Alten, William Anderson. Row 2: Lois Armstrong, Dorothy Arndt, Mary Arnold, Dean Bally, Fred Baltzell, Wayne Baus, Emily Bazely, Row 3: Conrada Bednarz, Hilma Bennet, Harriet Bergman, La Donna Billingsley, William Bock, Bill Bordy, Betty Bom. Row 4: Tom Born, Helen Botos, Eugene Bradner, Ray Brenner, Ieannette Brenzo, George Brotherton, Iohn Brown. Huw 5: Grant Bruce, Harold Bruce, Ruth Brucker, Don Bumback, Beverly Burke, Evalyn Burnett, Don- na Burrer. Row G: Barbara Bursley, Rose Marie Butkiewiez, Bill Butts, Iim Byam, Iohn Carney, Phyllis Casey, Betty Carlan. Row 7: Bob Cerlan, Pat Clark, Marilyn Collier, Carol Conover, Don Cusino, Iim Couture, Neil Crosby. Row 8: Ioanne Crossmier, Iack Crawford, Nick Csonka, Shirley Davidson, Ted Daykiri, Ianice Dean, Dick Decker. Row 9: Ianet Decker, Betty Delp, Ioan Demetral, garol Deuble, Alice Donahue, Patsy Dostall, Anna reier. c 1 f f .fl , rf I. U fl! IUNIORS JW fa-9 Left to Right-Top Row: Ann Dutch, Conrad Ellis, Kaiherin Engel, Greta Ericson, Glenton Everett, Nancy Faldon, Dick Farmer. Bow 2: Theckla Fees, Marge Fell, Donald Flood, Ellen Fenimore, Dave Ford, Max French, Carl Fndenstine. Row 3: Gene Fritz, Gerry Gaines, Ken Gall, Nancy Gallen, Cecil Garland, Ierry Gaston. Row 4: Mary Lou Gehm, Chuck Giebel, Rae Gil- more, Kosma Glavas, Don Gleisner, Harry Gray, Roland Gray. Row 5: Alise Green, Bob Grebber, Larry Grundy, Naomie Gagenheimer, Richard Gula, Shirley Gul- i 1 l i l 1 letle, Nancy Gwin. Row B: lean Hahn, Phyllis Hambley, Bob Hancock, Anita Handley, Mary Lou Hardy, Pat Harr, Marion Harris. Row 7: Shirley Harvieit, Diane Haury, Fay Hawke, Eau Hayes, Dolora Heathcote, Eloise Heleman, Bill enes. Row 8: Bob Hengartner, lim Hettler, Darlene Hig- gins, Lilaruth Hill, Peg Hogan, Dave Holland, Pris- cilla Horvaih, Bow 9: Bill Holizman, Paul Huhbel, Beverly Hyman, Charles Hyman, Edward lgneczi, Phyllis Indicott, Minda Iackson. IUNIORS Left to Right-Top Row: Eleanor Iacobs, Vic Iano- wicz, Rebecca Iohnston, Ralph Iones, Carol Ioy, Pauline Kaatz. Row 2: Dolores Kaiser, Ianet Kaiser, Ioe Kaminski Kathrine Kares, Karl Kaszahinski, Margaret Katsi fis. Row 3: Alice Kean, Mageline Kadas, Iuanita Kieper Rita Kiser, Marie Klenz, Frank Knittle, Bob Koenig low I: lean Kohl, Delmar Kopp, Arthur Kovach Arnold Kovach, Albert Koviak, Beverly Krespach Ruth Krieg. Row 5: Bob Kritzell, Lois Krugman, Theresa Krysto- sik, Harold Kunkle, lack Lance, Charles Lee, Don Leininger. Row 6: Bob Lesher, Helen Leslie, Shirley Lesnick, Iohn Ligas, Leon Longstreth, Charabelle Lowery. Row 7: Frances Lugas, Iean Lyntes, Eugene Ma- chock, Shirley Mackin, Betty Macintosh, Marianne Maher, Phil Mocorca. Row 8: Tom Malanowski, Chris Manos, General Marsh, Iane Mashinski, Bob Mason, Mary Mavro- matis, Mary McClerg, Row 9: Bill McMullen, Iames McNulty, Charlotte Mayher, Mary Lou Menclewicz, Albert Miller, Tom Madock, Ted Morrison. L 1 I fi ,5. IUNIORS Lett to Right-Top Row: Ralph Moyer, Bill Mynch- enberg, Jean Nash, Norma Read, Bill Nielson, Mary Nivus, Dolores Novak. How 2: Robert O'Connor, Rosemary .O'Connor, Ted O'Dell, Allan Page, Eugene Palm, Tom Paonessa, Gilbert Papay. Row 3: Carol Parker, George Patrick, Nick Paulos, Frank Peterman, Bill Peters, Tom Peters, Lodena Petruzzi. Row 4: Albert Plas, lack Plas, Virginia Plato, Bill Powell, Iune Powell, Ioe Racz, Pat Radican. Row 5: Jean Rago, Marian Read, Dick Reinhart, Glen Reisinger, Nick Resar, Iohn Reynolds, Lois Reynolds. Bow 6: Vernon Reynolds, Norman Riienburg, Bill Rippetoe, Ted Ristas, Alan Robinson, lean Robinson, Mary Robinson. Row 7: Tom Roelle, Ioan Rodman, Alice Rothgery, Shirley Rousseau, Bob Rugg, Betty Ryan. Row 8: Ieanne Sadowski, Don Sage, Bill Sanders, Ronald Sands, Ianice Schreiber, Phyllis Schmitkons, Luther Schwin. Row 9: Catherine Scott, Lili Ann Scott, Glenn Seibert, John Sexton, Rita Shikoski, Howard Shus- ter, Phil Shook. , il ff X X3 7 R rl Qtr AU IUNIORS w Left to Right--Top ROW: Helen Slanczka, Forest Smith, Lois Smith, Wilma Smith, Bob Snodgrass, Wilma Sonkoly, Dick Sooy. Row Z: Marilyn Stamptli, Don Standen, Myra Stevenson, Phil Steivick, Richard Stewart, Pat Stokes, Dick Stone. Row 3: Ina Claire Storm, Virginia Strand, Larry Stranic, Richard Strohm, Bernice Stydicki, Frank Stydnicki, Eleanor Sugaski. low 4: Marion Suhanic, Darlene Sutliit, Elizabeth Stucliife, Louisa Taylor, Rita Terrell, Kate Tiefuhr, Dorothy Tkacs. low 5: Chester Tomkins, Mary Tomski, Charles Travers, Lois Trumpy, Ed Turton, Violet Ujlaki, Mary Catherine Ursem. Row 6: Iohn Vanco, Iulius Vargo, Nancy Wagner, Bella Wallace, Ruth Walters, Wilda Warren, Loret- ta Waterloo. Row 7: Hazel Waterman, Carrie Wawrzenczak, Tom Wehman, Florine Weil, Ianet Welton, Martha Wensink, Bill White. Row 8: Catherine Wilhelmy, Robert Wolf, Natalie Woodin, Eugene Wukie, Eugene Ziegman, Helen Zoltai, Clementine Yarbrough. Row 9: Ieanette Yosa, lean Yost, Bill Yuca, Frank Sampsel. Ll IUNIORS Class Officers Left to Right-Ierry Gaston, Carol Deuble, Shirley M Don Gleisner. 4X N 5 Al c ,' 43 SOPHOMORES Left to Right-Top Row: lack Abbey, Bob Alexan- der, Ishmet Ali, Pat Andress, Ossie Armstrong, Carolyn Arnold, Andy Arvay. lbw 2: Kenneth Atkinson, Dale Baker, Elijah Baker, Nancy Baker, Eugene Baldwin, IoAnn Bally, Norman Barr. Row 3: Eileen Baxter, Booth Bazley, Betty Beal, Alan Beauchemin, Kenneth Beckstein, Bill Billings, Shirley Bills. Row 4: Betty lane Bisbing, Roy Bixby, Ruth Black- stone, Charles Boals, Charles Boeggeman, Carl Boughton, Pat Bowden. How 5: Nancy Brodbeck, Sherman Brown, Bruce Browning, Stan Bundy, Bernard Bycynski, Marilyn Calkins, Hugh Callahan. Row 5: Norman Camp, France Campagna, lacque- line Carmel, Iackeldine Casey, Ioseph Cebula, Iune Chambers, Nancy Claycomb. Row 7: Dan Coleman, Don Coffin, Dorothy Cooley, Audrey Coon, Eileen Coon, Edith Corn, lack Corts. Row 8: Adronee Cromling, Lyle Crosby, Walter Cross, Tony Curcillo, Margaret Dages, Reggie Daley, Bob Daniels. Bow 9: Dwain Davis, lim Demetral, lim Denes, laiartha Denes, Theresa Denes, Bob Denson, Dorothy ermer. SGPHOMORES Left to Right-Top Row: Ioe Dobrowski, Ann Dunn, Donna Dyer, lonan Eckenroad, Ardith Eldred, Ioan Ensign, Richard Eschtruth. Row 2: Bernard Evenchick, Glenn Farrand, lim Fawcett, lim Ficktel, Ieanne Filo, Bob Findley, Pat Finnell. How 3: Laura Fisher, Evelyn Fitch, Ruth Fitch, Linda Fitzgerald, Bob Fitzpatrick, Harold Fitzpatrick, Connie Flood. low 4: Margaret France, Iames Francis, Lois Full- mer, Dan Fulton, Gwendolyn Gage, Russell Ganiz, Steve Gotbics. Row 5: Howard Gard, Alan Gaston, Clayton Gatch- l ell, Lucille Gatens, Ann Scrivens, Ray Gehl, Iane Gentzel. Row 6: Pat Gibbens, Ronald Gusky, Iim Gill, Ierry Given, Phyllis Givens, Gladys Glass, Tyler Good- man. Row 7: Gerry Gorham, Kenny Graber, Irvin Gray, Dick Gribben, Rita Gunder, Frank Gurchikg Shir- ley Guth. Row 8: Don Hallerkamp, Phillip Hahn, Donna Hambly, Fred Hammons, Bill Hand, Robert Harold, Barbara Harris. Row 9: Beverly Hartman, Nancy Hawk, Earl Haw- kins, Pat Hawthorne, Eugene Henes, Wanda Henes, Wilma Henes, bffieivytbrg, WVWMMX SOPHOMORES Left to Right-Top Row: Iacqueline Henry, Ann Herman, Helen Herman, Bill Henson, Bob Hoc- henedel, Ianis Hoffman, Bob Hogan. Row 2: Roger Hogan, Ioann Hollis, Alex Horvath, Marilyn Humphrey, Mary lane Hurst, William Hyer, Marilyn Hyman. Row 3: Norman Ingold, Audrey Ives, Ruth Iackson, Dan Iacobs, Wanda Iacobs, Beatrice Iagusch, lean Iensen. Row 4: Lawrence Iezewski, Richard Iohns, Mar- jorie Iohnson, Barbara lanes, Iohn Iones, Iames Iordan. Clare Kaiser. Row 5: Edward Kaylor, Martha Keech, Kathleen Kelling, Don Keller, Dave Kelley, Ray Kemp, Rob- ert Kerr. Row 5: Moira Kirkpatrick, Gilbert Kleeby, Leonard Klein, Stanley Klesta, Marjorie Knight, lack Knipper, Ice Knittel. Row 7: Willis Knowlton, Sue Kolek, Barbara Kolo- pos, lack KostYO. Leona Kotai, Charmaine Kranyak, Mary Ioe Krebs, Row 8: Ioan Krespach, Fred Kreutzke, Beverly Krueck, Iohn Kruszewski, Hose Kurek, Donna Law- rence, Iim Lear. Row 9: Audrey Leininger, Virginia Leininger, Alex Leko, William Leonard, Patricia Lesher, George Ligotke, William Lilley. SOPHOMORES Lett to Right-Top Row: Bessie Livermore, Bill Lohnes, Carmella Leuzzi, Antoinette Luppino, Bill Mahilo, Della Malanowski. Phyllis Markel. Row Z: Evelyn Martin, Tom Mathewson, Bill Meek- eer, George Mekker, Iohn Melvin, Barbara Men- clewicz, Ianice Meredith. Row 3: Mary Lou Miller, Tom Molich, Blanche Montgomery, Howard Moore, Ed Murphy, Pat Mur- phy, Betsy MacDonald. Row 4: Wayne McClune, Eleanor McCord, Barbara McDivitt, Iean McDivitt, Eleanor McDonald, Dorothy McElroy, Don McGinley. Row 5: Elaine McIntyre, Paul McKitrick, A1 Mc- Man,Iu1ia NGQY. Glenn Nead, Shirley Neeson, Mary Newton. How 6: Ianet Nesbitt, Maryruth Nitch, Lillian Noster, Barbara O'Brien, Mary O'Connor, George O'Dell, Ioy O'Ferrell. Row 7: Fritz O'Grady, Eleanor O'Million, Dave Ody, Dorothy Olsen, Violet Opra, Iohn Oseka, lim Over- street. Row 8: Ieanette Parker, Mary Lou Parsh, Iohn Patak, Bill Paul, Robert Pierce, Bob Peters, Beverly Rodgers. Row 9: Barbara Rodgers, Robert Rothgery, Ioyce Ryan, Lois Sanders, Deloris Sauer, Ioan Schaber, Paul Schroeter. SOPHOMORES Lett to Right-Top Row: Dorothy Schuster, Ralph Schuster, Ioan Scott, Lawrence Selka, Chuck Shal- ler, Ianet Sharrer, Iean Sharrer. Row 2: Iames Shebek, Dick Shedron, Helen Sher- wood, Dick Shindler, Mary Iane Schimkus, Ronald Shreve, Shirley Shrubsole. 0 Row 3: Ralph Shuster, Bob Simon, Zelma Sittinger, Glen Slusher, Ioan Smith, Barbara Snyder, Marge Snyder. Row 4: Don Summers, Warren Sotherden, Allen Sparks, Lester Spike, Richard Sprague, Ioan Stan- ford, Gerry Stauder.. Row 5: Ioan Steele, Ethel Stienberg, Ruby Stiles, ' 1 ff 1-' X. if l Frances Stillwaugh, Bob Strinka, Allen Struck, Iimmy Stone. Row 5: Virginia Stone, Bob Strom, Dorcas Strouse, Dave Taylor, Don Taylor, Elise Taylor, Myrna Tel- zerow. Row 7: Nadine Telzerow, Ioe Thomas, Donna Thompson, Robert Tokas, Andrew Tomcko, Ted Tracey, lane Turnbull. Row 8: Ioe Udvardy, Ralph Underwood, Don Urp- schot, Iohn Valach, Bill Valerius, Charles VanAm- burgh, Doris Vandersommen. Row 9: Shirley VanDyke, Laura Vargo, Pete Van Warmer, Bill Walker, Ted Walle, Dick Wangarien, Chloe Washington. K, . 1 !l,Qi.I,f" " lf 7 f , 1 Aff ,ffl ' f t I !. .fn gjlbl SOPHOMORES Lelt to Righi-Top Row: IosephineWebb, K Clark Row 3: Phyllis Wirih, George Witelneck, Ruth Welch, Nancy Weisman, Barbara West, enneth - A ' West, Rose Whitefield, Mary Whitman. xlg,::j'Y:3Y1hs Wood' Elleen Wooden' Dan Yost' Row 2: lohn Wilbert, William Wilshire, Bill Wil- R I ' H L Y bert, Nancy Williams, Peggy Willis, Harriet Wilson, 'W 4' Don Young' elen Young' 'mm 'Jung' Harvey Winckles. Richard Zollar. I' lg W If lx IW W M lj, xl i ,' X will F A 'sf 49 1 w FRESHMEN I .jj in If I fl 7 . !li.sfp'vi':"Lf , .. I . ,a- , bf- 'Q' if' M , a s-1' rf' r . lp , . tbl my D if ,,..-- 5, -V' i X' ,wmv X ,Af ' " " l V . ff .W . 2' li ' 'W 'N . Nan V if W N E72 'ir -jf. . : . r r ...f gf '44 "rf , ,gf 'rj V- ,. -:A .fl Alfr Arcl .., . ..... -......,. iffy Row 2: Audrey Bainbridge, Evelyn Bakos, Charlene Barbknecht, Gene Barres, Norman Bauer, Ruth Marie Bauer, Norah Beattie. Row 3: Irene Bendik, Helen Bennett, Anna Berger, Arlene Bergman, Mary Blitch, Margie Bokay, Iim Borthwick. Row 4: Ioan Bruse, Emogene Bouy, Ioan Brasselle, Ray Brunner, Ioline Bridgeman, Russel Briggs, Ronald Brotherton. Row 5: Alvin Brown, Barbara Brown, Donna Brown, T16 .ww ui nuis nuraicn, vvaroiyn nuriu, rauune burns, loyce Burr, Dolores Buswell, Gwendolyn Butler, Molly Butler. Row 7: Iay Byam, Pat Carlson, Iames Carner, Pat- rick Carney, Calvin Carstensen, Betty Carter, Eva Carter. Row 8: Larue Casey, Iim Cayn, Gardner Caywood, Iudy Caywood, Mike Checkuck, Robert Cheney, Bar- bara Chesmar. Row 9: Alice Chismar, Eleanor Chomi, Emily Chor- Dening, Evelyn Clarke, lim Clifford, Nancy Clifford, Elma Cochran. ,4 My , .UK LA . NX if l ,Q FRESHMEN y Q D My 7 1. r V 'ffl :ac-I, t N V ,Aff D . A' r cr'U V F 0 4 . ' lr -vi , ti-A , A.V V 'U Q X I t 'N u I X L44 l ' t N Q , AJQ!y'J'n 1 N Ml' ' of - Y :.f U . V7 ,if 41 50! ir' ' if ' f .C wb' . ' F' ffl, . 'F ' , ,!'L,L'J er f ' was 'Av-A 1 -W D s , Of1-4,ZT:La L , 45' , 'il' M 'kltij 1-L if ,wp My - lb! I ' ' ll n ' 7 fry"LuZf'- " 1 I ,. f , ll, W. l tzlfvfcd if , t fiivflg L G Tom r Cl J- H Yvwv vm, YVYYYV' V . . V xna- gan, Leonard Fleisher, Iames l-oglyano, Don john- Row Z: Rudy Cross, Warren Cuson, Bob Dean, Lois Dean, Tony DeMarco, Esther Demetral, Magdaline Denes. Row 3: Bob Dickerson, Malcolm Diederick, Shirley Diedrick, Dolores Diewald, Dorothy Diewald, Don Dombrosky, lack Dostall. Row 4: lack Drager, Helen Dugar, Don Dumont, lack Dunfee, Rosemary Eaton, Richard Eddy, David Edwards. Row 5: Carole Elbert, Pat Elbert, Nelda Ioan Eldred, son, Norman Folley. Row 7: Eleanor Ford, Marianne Frank, Lester Freeman, Lewis Fitzpatrick, Rita Fritz, ,Harold Fyre, Letha Frye. Row 8: Beatrice Gagen, Io Gallo, Galen Gardner, lim Gardner, Iean Garfield, Don Gates, Maryanne Gawura. Row 9: lean Kelly, Lawrence Gedridge, Carol Gehl, Sally Gehrke, Richard Gibbs, lean Gilles, Donna Gisman. l A ,ay FRESHMEN :ri K i X, , wi xi" " ,, L 'xv X' 7 I .., 5 , Q 7 Q ,MJ if QM lm? l 'ij' . ' v Arai!! K x' W . . .K X J -.,, w e, f .V Wj., Q . ! 'g . J . X l xtl , ' , A A 4 -. ,Q X X .Qty R u ,gg AHXV V r Left . Shirley Gray, Robert Greetham, Iohn C Halliwell, Richard Hallrady. Row 2: Floyd Hamilton Helen Hamlin, Carlos Han- chett, Donald Hange, Ioan Harding, Leona Harring- ton, Beverly Harris. Bow 3: Beverly Harvitt, Pat Haury, Don Hawke, Lora Hayes, Donald Hebebrand, Betty Hein, Sue e . Row 4: Darlene Hemminger Marie McHenry, Betty Hilovsky, Leila Hinkle, Anita Hist, Don Hoffman, Don Hogan. Row 5: Amy Hollis, Dick Homes, Bill Holt, Beatrice Rini , KT gr-f 1 in- son. Row 6: Kenneth Huskinson, Eleanor Huston, Violetta Iddings, Donald Ignasik, Beverly Ives, Ester lack- son, Iames Iackson. Row 7: Ierry Iackson, loanne latfe, lohn Iasuer, Ioe Iiovanazzo, Albert Iohnson, Don Iohnson, Fred Iones. Row 8: Sarah Iones, Iim Kaiser, Frances Kalman, Gaylord Kauffman, Fern Kaye, Dan Keleman, Willie Dell Kellam. Row 9: Ianet Keller, Carl Kelly, Ioan Kelling, David Kirk, Steve Kisel, Barbara Kiser, Art Ketchum. 7 a ,yi X Ml, , if fW , 1, Y ,ff :fri if Lug: . .. I 1 xx, li ' ,f Ml 'r I xv ,x FRESHMENuwV7,- 13 :WS 1 :Er xr xg' .NI I- , 040: D' x S V3 K .I . . - .i.-...., ein V Left to Right-Top How: Iack Klocek, Betty Knapp, Bev Kneiss, Edwin linippcr, lerry Koehn, Pat Koons, Arnold Kopriva. Row 2: Pearl Kovach, Dorothy Kozyzauick, Ioan Kritzell, lean Kuha, Pat Kuhn, Iohn Kurek, Edward Lacey. Row 3: Lorna Lambert, Pat Lane, Iohn Lautsberry, Earl Larkins, Frances Larkins, Herman Larkins, Richard Lawrence. Row I: Charles Lemasters, Dick Leister, Nancy Leonard, Coletta Lesher, lack Lesnick, Carole Les- ter, Howard Looks. Row 5: Bob Loper, Don Lottman, Virginia Lyman, Richard Lyndes, Douglas Mitchell, Harry Mogg, Bill Monti. Row 6: lack Moran, Sally Morgan, David Moscany, Edwin Moss, Ruth Matter, Barbara Moyer, Wm. Mudge. Row 7: Elsie Martin, Ruth Matter, Helen Mavro- matis, Harold Meinke, Mary Meirick, Margaret Mel- vin, Mike Merba. Row 8: Patricia Meredith, Mary Merphy, Mike Merva, Robert Messaras, George Miller, lack Miller, Helen Minnick. Row 9: lames Maloney, Chris Manas, Yolanda Marozsan, Edward Marsh, Walter Marshall, Darlene Mason, Fred Monschien. f 1 -Q' . 5, w 1 L ! og. . I fy!! y 1 X x xg! may Nl x , W X V, 5. Q Y N - L l is Xxx- X X" rj? 4 4 X . , Ni! Nl ff, ei N FRESHMEN , Henry Nancy Ruth Ioyce Penson, Anastasia Peppas, Don Norman Peterson, Sally Piazza, Richard Roland Poling. Mary Poulous, Frances Provoznik, Nancy Irene Rage, Richard Roth, Ianet Rawson, J 4 l I ,. ' Row 5: Gilbert Reed, lean Reisinger, Ioan Reis- inger Geraldine Riesz, Marilyn Reitz, Victor Resar, Eugene Reynolds. l Row 7: Patricia Reynolds, Iames Iones, Nancy i Rimbach, Tom Ristas, Ierry Rodgers, lay Ross, Iune T Ross. J Row 8: Laurette Rothgery, Darlene Saddler, Bob Sampsel, Roland Foster, Grace Schilling, Ronald . Schilke, Louis Schmidt. Row 9: Ierry Schon, Clyde Schroeder, Bill Schus- j ter, Donna Mae Seiling, Howard Schwan, Conna Schwind, Eddie Seebold. -v 5. .r 54 T3 4 - Clarabelle Read. f' W .1FRE:sHMEN,,? w x fl' . 5 ,om 5 !' x . .fy f-,- LA, . 4' . lx. fl P X.- lf x1'K5"4""4 91 1 Left to Right-Top Row: Kay Sexton, Mary Shep ,-5. fziiff erd, Russell Sherman, Zennith Shick, Dave Sieg ,, Dellwin Siekierski, Margaret Siler. ' Row 2: Paul Stnegar, Leonard Siwierka, Ieanette Slashkiews, Bob Smith, Calvin Smith, David Smith, Dick Smith. Row 3: Earl Smith, Iames Smith, lane Smith, Mary lane Smith, Shirley Smith, Iean Snoble, Evelyn Sokol. Row 4: Iim Sprague, Gilbert Squire, Eugene Stan- den, Pat Stanko, Phil Struthers, Alda Sturtevant, Iames Suhanic. A Row 5: Phil Surdock, Iacqueline Tarry, Lois Tat- X 55l f.v"'t ge- S I I QQL' ri' All Q.-,Q It X, 1Jl'.f'J" 'SJCWV gl Q - vu' C of' -- is 4,119 .L H K Nvl' V ieJLi,,fU U, , 1, bl ,i ,uw- ex N R xr 1 fersall, Lois Ts-drow, Bob Thomasson, Richard Thompson, Fred Thornton. Row 6: lack Tillack, Rav Tompson, Carl Tomski, Raymond Towler, George Traicoit, Connie Trescott, Ailene Troup. Row 7: Ioanne Tsarones, Yvonne Turek, Ralph Turn- er, Ethel Turon, Frances Vaisicca, Marcella Vak- erics, Ray Vandersommen. Eleanor Varaa, Norma Van Duyki, Bill Bow 8: Vought, Nancy Wainwright, Marilyn Walker, Norine Walker, Robert Warner. Walter Warner, Paul Waterloo, Shirley Row 9: Webber, Ted Wehman, Iay Weichel, Larry Wells, Kenneth Welton. in-L Ji avr? ,llfll :I lftlfltf ff" 5 ,' . . t r t , - .'- 4 , 'ii' ,, v' 17-',1J AV .f -'HC . 5, BN- .. 1. ff I ' ' 0-'l.:.' s f ft wi-44 We xvtl X flfj W1 'QV Left to Right-Top Row: Leon Wenzel, Roy West, Rosa Wheeler, Shirley Whitacre, Alex White, Bob White, George Wilcox. Row 2: Louise Williams, Shirley Williams, George Willis, Viola Wingard, Fay Wisser, Anna Mae F SHMEN JN . rx, Q , 5 5 Lf Wojtko, Bill Wooden. Row 3: Dick Vloods, Harold Worcester, Tom Wor- den, Dale Yost, Walter Yourkvitch, Mary Arm Zgoda, lack Zohn. Row 4: Frank Bago, Bob DuBray. l 1 he f L, M rfffffw ,hfl W' V X W 17, ,f X Wflf , ,ill If , X Y Wgrhlh f X , lx 7 W 56 I A N M2934 6200 G NR 194 1, 4' ,., 0,65 Q Q M9 WM haha F if 4..- - - - .----7+ I Q X , 5 5-if ' X J I 1 '37 6 A' Aflfv' Q 15 W fl-x A 4' lf"'-'L 11.-1 .-1. . Z7 m . , QQQ img , f- Q 4 ff fg ?f ,ug syn '1 P 5 ul, sg X N? i ii g f M YT' it is 4 V ,M an Q, gimme fwxuk-iii M Q 355' 'A ' K ' - - Y, MH A WS' ' ' A1'4 ag .,.:-: ' .bw 'US 2 . , .. W? KS? 3 Q 415 IEW? X W Q M , ES 55: Z gs 0 25 Kg ga Q fx ? Jang? K MQW K gb Q ,, ve 5 E .1 .hx iw, .ai 3 Y ? R K , gms' W 3 s Q as 5 K it H 1 R Y A 1, s f 5 5 f y 1 E P Q 2 1 ' 3 5 'F 5' 5 Ns Q 1 " .:e , -f FW' J Q 1 sas :.. X N ,Q E ,gig 'Q ,283 W 'E X x., X , iw 4 fxkliw 2 SH Spanish Club The Spanish Club has had several Spanish- speaking visitors at its meetings. Among these were Miss Garnet Knight, Y. W. C. A. Secretary in Guadalajara, Miss Feliciano of Puerto Rico, who is attending Flora Stone Mather as an ex- change student, and Mr. Diogenes Rocha of Nicaragua, an exchange student attending Ober- lin College. During Pan-American week in April the club had their annual banquet at which new mem- bers were initiated. On April ll, the club held a dance in the high school gym. At the Halloween party the members appeared in colorful costumes. ' The following have served as officers: Presi- dent, Pat McAvena, Vice-President, Doris Wur- sterg Secretary, Helen Hasleyp Treasurer, Dennis German The German Club of Elyria High is a fairly new club, which started September, 1945. There are twenty members, and they meet every two weeks on Wednesday A dance and a picnic were sponsored by the club. The adviser is Mr. Owen Gleason, and the officers are: Presi- dent, Philip Dayking Vice-President, Hugh Windsorg Treasurer, Ann Rule, and Secretary, Bill Wehmhoff. French The French Club of E. H. S. met a great loss with the passing of their devoted leader, Miss Thelma Mays. Through her tireless effort Miss Mays had been a spark of encouragement to every member who wanted and helped to make the club the big success that it is. Always on hand with her smiling, winning personality, she listened to the problems of the club and always advised as she thought best. One of her hopes for making the French Club meetings more interesting and also a help to the French Department was to buy a phono- graph and some French' records, familiarize her students with the conversational French used by people, native of France. A joint meet- ing some evening with a French Club from another high school was another desire often expressed by Miss Mays. ln the fall the club had the annual picnic at Cascade Park. A Christmas Party and gift ex- change was called off because of the coal shortage. Left to Right-First Row: Dorothy Leonard, Morang Program Chairman, Dick Pitkin: So- cial Chairman, Iune Smith. The club meets in 317 the first Wednesday nights of the month. Miss Lois Littleton serves as Adviser. Left to Right-First Row: Violet Datena, Sally Maddock, Betty Rose, Shirley Wissinger, Yvonne Urich, Pat Andress, Marie Law, Betty Waldron, Ioan Lamoreaux. Second Row: Sarabeth Rose, Shirley Braddon, Elinor McCord, Mary Rhodes, Marion Rhodes, Gertrude Clark, Harriet Varsey, Ioanne Hull, Naomi Gildenmeister. Third Row: Iune Smith, Peggy Marsh, Pat McAvena, Pat Murphy, Catherine Wilhelmy, Bonny Willis. Fourth Row: Clayton Gatchell, Iohn Pakos, Bob Klein, Dick Pitkin, Dennis Moran, Harvey Evenchik, Leonard Lesnick, Paul Hunter. Club Left to Right-First Row: Charlotte Knowlton, Margie Nielsen, Hcxriette Bergman, Second Row: Iackie Nuhn, Helen Botos, Marian Botos, Mr. Gleason, Third Row: Alan Roth, Ann Rule ,Anna Drier, Dorothy Tkacs, Kate Tiefuhr, Susan Spike, Eugene Reitzg Fourth Row: Dick Decker, Hugh Windsor, Bob Hancock, Philip Daykin, Ted Daykin, Bill Wehmhoff. Club Marilyn Henry, Jeannette Yosa, Ianet Welton, lean Hayes, Virginia Strand, Betty Stirzaker, Mary Andress, Mary Marmovotis, Ioan Brydon, Molly Van Wormer, Ieanne Sadowski, Marge Fell, Eleanor Iacobs. Second Row: Iune Powell, Connie Boylan, Marcia Eaton, Nan Palm, Carol Palmer, Wilma Sonklev. Ianice Schreiber. Anne Dutch, Esther Paul, Nancy Nielsen, Maybell Law, lane Starchbill, Ioanne Ryan, Shirley Mackin, Florine Weil, Olga Traicoff, Mary Guenin. Third Row: Betty Reager, Laverne Schmitkons, Frances Balock, Betty Powell, lean Marsh, Margie Damm, Ioyce Anderson, Mary Io Lump, Shirley Cox, Shirley Nielsen, Shirley Rogers, Dorothy Schlitt, Pam Maddock, Lois Trumpy, Iane Allen, Donna Vibber, Pat Kemerer, Iacklyn Waite, Carol Ioy. Fourth Row: Charles Grundy, Dick Zollar, Iere St. Marie, Bill White, Iim Hetter, Dave Holland, Dick Flood, Helen Tsarones, Sue Carol Greening, Madeline Hoch, Doug Gotro, Dick Elkhe, lack Piper, Chris Man- os, Bob Wilson, Dick Graham, Al Page, Tom Wehman. 1 Maw Mgmw- : wi 1 bi af 22253 Sv S 2 Swan ' W A 22? 2 sf lwwxwyffyg ,z.,w..nM-m,,,3mfomM-.nm,, hM.W,,,, MWA N N, KW., .M , . W. ,N H . . , . , V , M , V qw ww wmawmx, fx., , ., MW--N-wwf 'N f ,.,.- Q15 Q rf Mig, 5 514 'T.UER'K Senior Hi-Y Senior Hi-Y meets every Tuesday. In the line of sports this year the boys organized four basketball teams and Ray Traczek was chosen to lead this program. With "atomic science" playing such an im- portant part in the world of today, Dr. Arthur Campbell, of Oberlin College, told the boys many phases of atomic energy and demonstrated his talk with experiments. W. B. Lancashire of Elyria talked to the boys about "Choosing Their Vocations." He told them the favorable and unfavorable points of various professions and businesses and the op- portunity which Elyria affords Youth in the future. The club also took a trip to Nela Park in Cleveland. Here they were shown the progress being made in lighting and in electricity and the possibilities in this field. Senior Hi-Y lists 36 members: the boys who manage the business of the club are President, Stafford Finlay: Vice President and Program Chairman, Fred Steele: Secretary, Bob Larkin: Treasurer, Art Hudnutt: and Devotional Chair- man, Iohn Ingersoll. Left to Right-First Row: Don Birkline, Plato Valasis, Ed Haywood, Fred Steele, Torn Gray, Charles Grundy, Bill Wehmhoff, Arthur Hudnutt, Dick Graham, Stafford Findlay. Second Row: Warren Hollis, Bob Matovitch, Iohn Pakos, lack Smith, Bill Morgan, Charles Dunlap, Phil Forsyth, Bob Larkin, Phil Daykin, Doug Gotro, Bob Wilson, Bob Reichard. Third Row: Al Werden, Rodney Lang, Dick Swiers, Dennis Moran, Mel Emery, Lester Burr, Iohn Ingersoll, Dick Sadowski, Dick MacDonald, Sterling Ault, Dick Ehlke, Harvey Evenchik, Charles Yothers, Ray Traczek. I Iunior Friendship This year's Iunior Friendship membership totals 95. During previous years Friendship Cabinets have had outside of the four officers, eight committee chairmen with five girls on each committee, but this year the Cabinet has been streamlined to consist of only eight chairmen. A sale of articles for the benefit of the Rus- sian War Relief, Penny Supper, Square Dance, a guest speaker, Mrs. A. C. Schirmer, who spoke on "The Isle of Pines," a talk on college life by six girls from Oberlin College, and, of course, the big event of the season-Iunior Friendship's Annual Spring Formal-all these kept the girls busy. The President this year has been Eleanor Sugaski: Vice President, Mary McClerg: Secre- tary, Greta Ericson: Treasurer. Rose Marie But- kiewicz: Member at large, Shirley Gulett. The various chairmen are as follows: Programs, Peg Hogan: Social, Ianice Schreiber: Service, Shir- ley Mackin: Devotions, Margie Fell: Music, Ieanne Sadowski: Publicity. Rae Gilmore: Ring Group, Carol Deuble: Leaders' Council, Carol Conover. Left to Riaht-First Row: Diane Haury, lane Maskinski, Wilda Warren, Alice Donahue, Lo- dema Petruzzi, Marilyn Stamfli, Carol Conover, Freshman This club has helped many girls become bet- ter acquainted with high school and its activi- ties. The first main event the club had was a Hallowe'en Party. The girls came dressed in many colorful costumes and during the evening judges decided which was the prettiest and most original. During the Yuletide Season they enjoyed a Caroling Party. The meetings were usually held Wednesday after school. They featured many interesting talks given on a variety of subjects. Officers were as follows: President, lane Smith: Vice President, Rosemary Eaton: Secre- tary, Carol Elbert: Treasurer, Marianne Frank: Mrs. Thomas Bowen, their first adviser, was succeeded by Mrs. Greening and Mrs. McDon- ald. There are approximately seventy members in the club. Left to Right-First Row: Io Galla, Arlene Bergman, Carolyn Burill, Beverly Harvitt, An- nastasia Pappas, Eleanor Ford, Kay Sexton, Anne Huffman, Grace Schilling, Barbara Brown, Margie Fell, Theckla Fees, Shirley Lesnick, Harriett Burgman, lean Rankin, Shirley David- son, Helma Bennet, Donna Burr, Wilma Sonkoly, Eleanor Iacobs, Catherine Scott, Betty Macin- tosh, Mary McClerg, Pat Radican. Second Row: Rosemary O'Connor, Peggy Hogan, Carrie Wawrzenczak, Ginny Strand, lean Lyons, Ianet Welton, Betty Delp, Charlotte Mayher, Barbara Bursley, Emily Bazley, Rita Kaiser, Nancy Gallen, Mary Arnold, Ieanne Sadowski, Patsy Stokes, Eleanor Sugaski, Rose Marie Butkiewcz, Natalie Woodin, Rae Gilmore, Lila Ruth Hill, Carol Parker: Third Row: Shirley Gulett, Anita Handley, Ruth Kay, Shirley Mac- kin, Ianet Decker, Nancy Gwin, Beverly Burke, Marilyn Collier, Ann Dutch, Carol Deuhle, Ellen Fennimore, Greta Ericson, Ianice Schreiber, Mary Lou Gehm, Marianne Maehr, Anna Drier, Catherine Wilhelmy, Dolore Kaiser. Pauline Kaatz, Pat Clark, Nancy Wagner, Alice Roth- gery, Florine Weil. Fourth Row: Marie Fitzger- ald, Kate Tiefuhr, Mary Lou Hardy, Marian Has- ris, Mary Nivus, Iane Allen, Ioan Demetral, Elizabeth Sutliff, Iean Robinson, Fay Hawk, Pat Harr. Dolores Norvak, Mary .Menclewicz, Fran- ces Lugas, Ina Claire Storm, Betty Ryan, Mary Catherine Ursem, Ioy O'Ferell, Dorothy Tkacs, Iune Powell, Wilma Smith, Darlene Sutliff, Ioan Hahn. -Friendship Davis Cook, Beverly Ives, Ioyce Penson, Amy Hollis. Second Row: lean Kelly, Mary Couglin, Rita Fritz, Lois Tedrow, Nancy Leonard, Marilyn Reitz, Nancy Wainwright, Connie Trescott, Bar- bara Moyer, Iune Ross, Shirley Whitacre, Ioan Kelly, Loretta Rothgery, Frances Vaisicca, Pat Lane. Third Row: Zennith Shick, Pat Reynolds, Iudy Caywood, Ruth Bauer, Nancy McLaughlin, Mollie Butler. lane Smith, Marianne Frank, Sal- ly Sayers, Sue Helfrick, Fay Wisser, Evelyn Sokol, Yvonne Turek, Virginia Lyman, Margie Patania, Ianet Keller. Fourth Row: Ianice Hus- kinson, Sally Gehrke, Barbara Kaiser, Rosemary Eaton, Gladys Court, Pat Meredith, Beverly Harris, Evelyn Clark, lean Snoble, Clarabell Read, Emogene Bouy, LaRue Casey,, Lois Page, Esther Demetral, Elma Cochrane, Ioann Tsar- ones, Ruth Ockajik. Fifth Row: Betty Nagy, Ioan Penfound, Pat Elbert, Nan Radican, Mary Shepard, Norah Beattie, Pearl Kovach, Fern Kaye, Carole Elbert, Pat Haury, Ann Bruck, Carol Gehl, Barbara Pasenow, Ioan Kritzel, Ieannette Staskiews, Shirley Williams, Iune Glass, Pat Ames, Betty Parker. li Monitors Our monitors have many duties which bring interesting and helpful experiences. Their main duties are: to see that no student leaves school without a permitg to look after any visitor 'and see that he finds whomever he is looking for, and to suppress any unnecessary noise in the halls. During the lunch periods, the monitors check out those students who have permits to go home for lunch. To some, this may seem like a soft job and an easy way toget out of a study hall, but any monitor will tell you it is more than that. It is an honor to be given a monitor post and the assignment should be treated accordingly. lt is not hard to see how it is helpful to the school. It makes the temptation of skipping school a little less tempting by providing someone to check exits. It is the monitor's duty to report anyone who leaves the building without a per- mit. Disturbances in the hall are kept to a minimum by student management ,thus elimin- ating the necessity of having teachers in the hall every period. Visitors to our school are favorably impressed when they are greeted by a cheerful student who is ready and willing to help them in any way he can. Needless to say, the monitors themselves benefit from their experiences. A taste of ac- cepting responsibility develops oneg yet being a monitor for a period does not take away all of that study time. The experience teaches one to be faithful to his job. The experience in meeting people will prove valuable. I don't believe there has ever been a monitor who wouldn't agree that he has gotten a cer- tain feeling of satisfaction out of his job well- done. Left to Right-First Row: Ianet Welton, Ioan Lamoreaux, Eugenia Greco, Betty Collier, Ruth Gunder, Ianet Rawson, Rita Stanford. Second Row: Clarabelle Lowery, Mary Rhodes, Vivian Carr, Marvine Limes, Evora Ford, Shirley Cox, Carol Palmer, Anne Rule. Third Row: Plato Valassis, Ray Traczek, David George, Helen Tsarones, Barbara Rodges, Pm Maddock, Frances Balock, Mary Arnold, Don Urpschot, Doug Gotro, Alan Robinson. Fourth Row: Doug Delleiield, Art Hudnutt, Tom Gray, lack Piper, Larry Selka, Eugene Palm, Bob Klein, Bill Powell, Charles Hyman, Iohn Pakos, Bob Wilson, Walt Marshall, Bob Rugg. -Pam Maddock. Senior Friendship Club Lots of fun, comradeship, sportsmanship, and friendship was the aim of the Senior Friendsihp Cabinet for our last year in Elyria High. Long before school started the cabinet planned a program for each month of the year and ex- cept for one or two changes the programs have been carried out. At the first meeting of the year in September. a get-acquainted meeting, plans were explained for the coming year and each Senior Friendship girl pledged her support. In October a penny supper was held. The proceeds went to the World Fellowship Fund. Extra money was collected by charging a penny for every two inches of the girls' waistlines. November brought in plans for the Christmas Formal. A Thanksgiving Playlet under the di- rection of Shirley Braddon was the program for our November meeting. The annual Christmas Formal took the place of our regular December meeting. Much plan- ning and hard work went into the success of the Formal. On December 30, 1946 The Snow Ball was held in the Elks' Ballroom from 8:30- 12. Music was furnished by the Stardusters from Medina, Ohio. The grand march was led by Sue Carol Greening and her escort. Ianuary provided us with a book review of "Spoonhandler" which was given by Mrs. H. Ingersoll. In February we saw movies of the Ohio State Fair and Ohio Conservation. Following the movie Iackie Nuhn and Dorothy Tkacs enter- tained with piano selections. On account of the snowstorm our March meet- ing was postponed. In April the Cabinet and chorus of Friendship members presented an Easter assembly for both the upper and lower grades. We enjoyed do- ing this and we hope the tradition will be car- ried on. The Shipwreck Party was also held in April. . A reception for our Mothers was held in May and our year of activities will close with a Iunior-Senior Brunch and a farewell campfire in Iune. Our service projects for the year have been many. We served at the Community Chest luncheon, decorated the tables for the chest's Kick-Off Dinnerg took part in the World Fellow- ship Drive as well as the Round-the-World Reconstruction Fund, and we aided in the sell- ing of Easter Lilies. Officers and Cabinet follows: President, Sue Carol Greeningp Vice President, Olga Traicoffg Secretary, Mary Io Lump, Treas- urer, Helen Tsaronesp Member-at-Large, Betty Collier. Devotions, LaVerne Schmitkonsy Leader's Council, Carol Palmer: Music. Madeleine Hochg Program, Shirley Braddon: Publicity, Ioan Bry- dong Ring Group, Mary Guening Service, Violet Datena, Social, Frances Balock. -Sue Carol Greening. Left to Right-First Row: Violet Datena, Ruth Gunder, Nancy Palm, Betty Collier, Betty Rose Davis, Carol Palmer, Harriet Varsey, Ioanne Hull, Betty Waldron, Rita West, Marcia Eaton, Helen Stallatog Second Row: Iune Smith, Sara- beth Rose, Ruth Ann Smith, Shirley Braddon, Mary Lupinski, Marie Law, Pat Goode, Ioyce Smith, Ieanette Ianis, Mary Guenin, Nancy Dun- kleg Third Row: Connie Boylan, Carol Hurlbut, LaVerne Schmitkons, Mary Lou Urig, Peggy Marsh, Yvonne Urig, Betty Anderson, Evelyn Gedridge, Carolyn Hann, Shirley Pixley, Olga Traicoff, Donna Harbour, Ruth Bauer: Fourth Row: Helen Tsarones, Frances Balock, Helen Hasley, Pat McAvena, Doris Wurster, Audrey Ioviack, Lillian Tkacs, Evelyn Iabbusch, Cather- ine Calahan, Elva Bates, Pam Maddock, Sue Carol Greening, Nancy Nielsen. Left to Right-First Row: Barbara Stone, Mary Io Lump, Charlotte Knowlton, Dorothy Leonard, Gloria Eddy, Ioan Dyke, Geraldine Veitch, Eu- genia Greco, Pat Ward, Velma Hopkins, Rita Stanford, Sally Maddock, Miss Hessg Second Row: Gerry Boyle, Claire Mclntyre, Molly Van Wormer, lane Brydon, Iackie Nuhn, Marjorie Nielson, Evelyn Reynolds, Gloria Plato, Claire Sams, Betty Stirzaker, Bella Wallace, lean Vim- peny, Ethel Leko, Florence Bristorg Third Row: Betty Powell, Ann Rule, Shirley Cox, Shirley Rogers, Shirley Horace, Esther Paul, Sally Mar- shall, Ruth Krupko, Vivian Carr, Ioan Brydon, Ioanne Ryan, lean Marsh, Lorna Deuhurst, Mary Byam, Mabel Law, Iacqueline Waite: Fourth Row: Pat Kemerer, Donna Vibber, Madeline Hoch, Dorothy Schlitt. W sk M .na 1'- Ag, Q! m lm L K , , 4 ., 5 Q -1191 1 I9 Iunior Hi-Y The Iunior Hi-Y with about twenty-six mem- bers is a club of juniors that meets every Wed- nesday night. The activities for the year have been a skating party, Annual Sports Banquet, basketball games played every other Tuesday night. The club has a four-fold purpose: clean liv- ing, clean speech, clean athletics, and clean scholarship. The adviser is Mr. Everett Palmer, and the officers are: President, Kosma Glavas, Vice President, Ierry Gaston, Secretary, Bob Wolf, and Treasurer, Charles Hyman. Left to Right-First Row: lack Lance, Iohn Ligts, Phil Stevick, Kosma Glavas, Dick Decker, Russel Allen, Second Row: Dick Gula, Charles Hyman, Bob Hancock, Bill Butts, Cecil Garland, Bill Mynchenberg, Harry Gray, Third Row: General Marsh, Ted Daykin, Art Hess, Gerry Gaston, Eugene Palm, Bob Wolf, Dale Baker, Wayne Baus. Sophomore Hi-Y The thirty members of the Sophomore Hi-Y have met every Thursday night since late in September. Among the special activities were a hayride, a talk by Mr. Carl Curtiss, Chief Probation Officer of the Iuvenile Court, and a joint Hi-Y and Sophomore Friendship sing. During the besketball season six teams were chosen from the members to play in Hi-Y leagues. At the end of the schedule, All-Star games were played. In August, two officers attended the Hi-Y training camp at Camp Nelson Dodd, in the Mohican Valley of Ohio. The officers are: President, Charles Schaffer, Vice President, Alan 'McMan, Secretary, Lyle Crosby, Treasurer, Robert Fitzpatrick. Left to Right-First Row: Bob Simon, Norman Camp, Warren Sotherdon, Dan Yost, Alan Gas- ton, Iames Stone, Second Row: Ed Gedridge, Malcolm Diederick, Robert Pierce, Don Taylor, Bill Hand, Dave Yost, Bill Walker, Third Row: Robert Strom, Bernard Evenchik, George Ligothe, lack Kostya, Roger Hogan, Glen Slusher, Earl Hawkins, Bill Billings, Fourth Row: Dick Iohns, Raymond Gehl, lim Iordan, Charles Shaffer, Bob Tokas, Don Sommer, Al McMan, Glen Nead, Lyle Crosby, Bob Fitzpatrick. Freshman Hi-Y This group, composed of about thirty fresh- man boys meets on Thursday evening at 7:30. Business meeting is followed by a program or an hour of fun. This year the boys have had a basketball league, composed of the Hi-Y members, a vol- leyball team and a circus, which later was given in February. At the induction which was held in February the members of the club received their pins and membership cards. The officers of the Freshman Hi-Y are Pres- ident, Bob Smith, Vice President, Bob Palmer, Secretary, Phil Struthers, Treasurer, Iay Weich- el, Adviser, Mr. Everett Palmer. Left to Right-First Row: Larry Wells, George Miller, Tom Worden, Bob Cochrane, Mickie Col- lier, Iack Lesnick, Paul Sinegar, Iim Clifford, Second Row: Robert Warner, Roland Foster, Ierry Schon, Clyde Schroeder, David Mocsyn, lim Smith, Bill Wooden, Roy West, lay Weichel, Third Row: Richard Thompson, Franke Bago, Don Hange, Iay Byam, Ierry Iackson, Bob Smith, lim Borthwick, Floyd Hamilton, Eddie Seabold, Bob Palmer, Fourth Row: George Wilcox, Bill Thomasson, lack Zahn, Eugene Reynolds, Eric Otto, Dale Yost, David Smith, Phil Struthers, Bill Mudge, Ierry Koehn. X4 S 3 2 s bi 3 'E 5 5 , 2 Q 5 3 Q. , 5? li ix EQ 'Q gs Q, 45 2 3 5 M M 8 v .IN 1 U i if Win! ?m1' Announcing Staff Left to Right-First Row: Margie Damm, Helen Second Row: Donald Thompson, Douglas Del- Tsarones, Frances Balock, Doris Wurster, Mary lefield, Richard Pitkin, Sue Carol Greening, Guenin. Arthur Hudnutt, Leonard Lesnick. Elyrian Staff Cooperation on the part of members of the Elyrian Staff spells the production of the annual. At times extra hours beyond just the daily eighth period were spent in preparing the book. Subscriptions, advertising, club payments, tax stamps, and senior engraving payment all add up to enable the staff to pay the bills. Photography, interviewing, typing, dummy- making, composing articles, soliciting ads, tau- ulating tax stamp donations, and proof-reading plus everlasting checking and double-checking occupy staff time. By March the book assumed definite form, the color of the cover was chosen, and printer and binder took up their tasks. However, this did not mean the staff was through. Their next job was to check subscription blanks which had Heral The Herald Staff is composed of some students interested in newspaper work, who volunteer their time, and others who are studying journal- ism. They work together, from the collecting of the news to the final distribution of it, to insure the success of the paper. Probably the biggest job for a reporter is the interviewing of people and the write-up of the story. After his page editor assigns him a certain story, he must make an appointment with the person whom he must see, and then take accurate notes. He must be especially careful to spell all names and titles correctly. The reporter then writes up his story, and a head ftitlel for it. All feature stories, columns, editorials and poems must be turned in by a certain dead- line. News stories are allowed a few days ex- tra because of week-end happenings. When all material is collected, it is sent to the typing room to be typed. On a later day, it comes back from the typing room ready to be copy read. This, in journalis- tic language, means to read over the typed copy, correcting any mistakes and making any final revisions. Then the size of type wanted is clipped to each story, and the copy is ready to be sent to the printer. ' In a few days, the copy comes back, printed on long strips of pink paper called "galley" proofs. Each galley proof has a duplicate one d 67 been lying in a drawer since Ianuary, when the membership drive had been staged. As soon as the finished books arrived from bindery, the staff was called to count them so that distribution could be made to the E. H. S. students who excitedly awaited their delivery. Then the traditional chase for autographs be- gan. Meanwhile, the staff was looking over the finished book, hoping to find no screaming er- rors. If none appeared, they could breathe a sigh of complete satisfaction. Left to right- First Row: Carol Conover, Pat Andressp Second Row: Pat Radican, Pat Kemer- er, Esther Paul, Third Row: Bob Strom, Harvey Winckles. Staff on orange paper. The pink proofs are proof- read, which means making final corrections. The orange ones are cut up and pasted on an old Herald exactly the way the page editor wants them to appear in the coming issue. This is called "making up the dummy." The dummies are next sent to the printer, and he prints the final Herald, which is distributed every other Thursday morning in homerooms. Other very important jobs on Staff are cir- culation, advertising, financial problems, ex- changes and photography. Putting out a school paper is not only fun, but educational as well. -Nan Palm. Left to Right-First Row: Stafford Finlay, Marilyn Stampfli, Marilyn Henry, Nan Palm, Shirley Horace, Claire Mclntyre, Harriet Varsey, Bob Larkin. Second Row: Paul Olah, Connie Boylan, Irma Bago, Iane Brydon, Ioan Brydon, Margie Damm, lane Starchbill, Eileen Baxter. Third Row: Dayton Smith, Carolyn Hurlbut, Betty Anderson Gloria Plato, Charmaine Kran- yak, Pauline Kaatz, Betty Powell, Leonard Les- nick. Fourth Row: Rudy Duscha. Doug Gotro, Bill Wehmhoff, lack Piper, Dick Flood, Mel Emery, Dick Pitkin, Dick Ehlke, Phil Daykin. 1 5 QE? . 255 .1 if . ' . Wig if , as Q ly F 13 E 1+ 1, 'GSP in 5 4 ' at Vwwbmimwikivxiwdxm M f . 4 is fe M X .n at XGQUW Pro'ectionists This group consists of eight specially trained boys under the leadership of A. N. Smith. The purpose of this group is to provide service for teachers in the showing of films for visual edu- cation in Lincoln Basement North. Every period finds a boy in L. B. N. ,ready to show any desired film. During the fifth and sixth periods, they also act as monitors. This club formed of boys who have either learned how to operate a projector while in high school or back in grade school, was formed for the purpose of bringing visual education to all of Elyria's public schools. Beside the regular operators, there are apprentices who will take over for a few of the boys next year. After some discussion, the boys have decided to purchase pins one year and emblems the next to distinguish themselves. This plan, it is ex- pected, will be adopted by all future members. The machine now used is the most recent Model 60, RCA, Victor projector out. Each time a new model appears on the market, Elyria High School procures it, trading in their old one. The idea of visual education has worked very well so tar. All of the students seem to like it, and the teachers are for it. Many times the students get more education from films than from text books. Besides learning something from the films they show, the boys learn about the mechanism of the machine. They learn how to properly oil, clean, and replace broken parts. For mend- ing any broken film Mr. Smith has a film- mending device in Room 202, which is easy to operate and takes only a minute. Although not complicated to run, the machine looks complicated. It takes little skill and with pratcice, the boys soon know about the machine that they operate. Left to Right-First Row: Iames Shebeck, lim Fawcett, Vic Resar, Roy West. Second Row: Ioseph Cebula, Bill Lohnes, Harold Bruce, Peter VanWormer. -Roy West. Extemporaneous Speaking Squad "Russia and the United States" was the topic of discussion for the Extemporaneous Speech Squad this year. Mrs. Iohn Harrison was tem- porary advisor in the absence of Miss Alice Stofer. Fourteen students were active on the squad this year. These included Emily Bazley, Beverly Burke, Marilyn Collier, Margie Damm, Harold Kunkle, Pam Maddock, Wally Nichols, Dick Pitkin, Ierry Schon, Ianice Schriber, Iames Smith, Phil Struthers, and Helen Tsrones. These students met with Mrs. Harrison and discussed their topics, individual ideas, and specific phases. The general topic "Russia and the United States" was chosen from four other topics. The others were, "Labor's Responsibil- ity to Government," "Housing Problem," and "Radio and Communication. Dick Pitkin was the Elyria representative at the Lake Erie Speech Contest. His specific phase was: "Will our Loan to Greece stop Rus- sia Expanding in Greece." Irving Gray of Shaw won first prize. Margie Damm was al- ternate to the contest. A panel of five squad members spoke at High School P. T. A. and at a Rotary Luncheon. They were chairman Margie Damm with Helen Tsar- ones, Dick Pitkin, Wally Nichols and Harold Kunkle assisting. Their topic was "Youth Looks at Russia." Left to Right-First Row: Margie Damm, Pat Hawthorne. Second Row: Emily Bazley, Ianice Schreiber, Mary Louise Parsh. Third Row: Wallace Nichols, Helen Tsarones, Shirley Bills, Richard Pitkin. -Margie Damm. Photographers Perhaps you've seen several boys walking down the halls carrying a large black box and a long case. They are the E.H.S. Photographers. This organization under the direction of Mr. Earl Lautenschleger in cooperation with the Elyrian, Herald, and other extracurricular activities around school. The meetings are held in the darkroom built by the boys off the cooking room in the Wash- ington Basement. These meetings consist of printing and enlarging the pictures recently taken. Then these pictures are sold for a small profit by the club, supplies are bought with the profit. The club processes these pictures with a minimum equipment. Among this equipment is an Omega condensing enlarger, an electric timer, a contact printer, and a diffusion enlarg- er. Each boy has an opportunity to learn to use this equipment properly and gain experience in darkroom contact prints and then he can ad- vance to the diffusion enlarger. After he has shown that he can make good enlargements, he is instructed in the use of the condenser. From there he can go into the field of his own special interests. If you happen to drop down at the darkroom about four o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon, you will probably find Alan Robinson and Larry Grundy making enlargements and Dick Iohns doing their developing. lack Kostyo would probably be arguing with Mr. Lautenschleger on anything but photography, and Leon Wenzl fnot in the picturel desperately trying to make a good enlargement. The boys who take most of the pictures are Bob Wilson, Al Robinson,and Bill Hand. They are usually helped by other members of the club with setting up the equipment. They use the speed graphic which is owned by the school. ln the future the club hopes to make it pos- sible to do most of the photographic work around school and to have larger facilities for doing the different types of photography. -Iack Kostyo. Lett to Right-First Row: Bill Hand, Ray Tow- ler, Iack Kostyo, Larry Grundy, Allen Robinson. Second Row: lim Fawcett, Robert Wilson, Richard Iohns, Mr. Earl Lautenschleger. Third Row: Glen Nead, lack Smith, Dick Sooy, Philip Daykin, Bob Larkin. I Wm Orchestra The Elyria High School Orchestra, an active musical organization, has presented a varied program this year. Under the direction of Mr. Walter Von Brock, the orchestra furnished music for both school and civic events. ln February an assembly program was pre- sented to the school. The orchestra also played for dramatic productions and appeared at the Knights of Columbus lecture series. In April the orchestra again shared honors with the Band when they gave the annual Spring Con- cert. The following instruments were played in the orchestra: Violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, calrinet, oboe, French horn, trumpet, trombone, saxaphone, baritone, piano, and drums. Mr. Sidney P. Davis assists in the orchestra, and Betty Collier heads the string section. Left to Right-Row l: Betsy McDonald, Elean- or O'Million, Ioan Hollis, Nancy Pickard, Harold Wesebaum, Dorothy Tkacs, Adronee Chomling, Betty Collier- Connie Boylan, Nancy Wainwright, Arline Bergman, Betty Knapp, Iacqueline Casey, Eleanor McClurgg Row 2: Lois Trumpy, Dick Decker, Komas Glavas, LaVerne Schmitkons, Alan Page, Fred Steele, Charles Grundy, Staf- ford Finlay, Wally Nichols, Mr. Von Brockg Row 3: Bob Hancock, Catherine Scott, Charmaine Kranyak- Dick Ehlke, Arthur Hudnutt, Norman Folley, Phil Stevick, Hugh Windsor, Ierry Gas- ton, Bill Butts, Harriet Varsey, Phyllis Schmit- kons, Lillian Tkas. . Iunior I-l Cappella Choir The Elyria High Iunior A Cappella Choir, which is made up of both boys and girls of 10th, llth and 12th grades, is a preparatory choir for the advanced senior choir. The students meet every week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They have sung for the P.T.A. and with the senior choir at the Christmas program, Baccalaureate, and at Commencement. There are about seventy-eight in the choir. The director is Mr. Beck, and the officers are: President, Bill Andersonp Vice President, Andy Arvayg Secretary, Adronee Cromlingg and Treasurer, Alice Rothgery. Left to Right-First Row: Hilma Bennett, Con- rad Bednarz, Mary lune Whitman, Ianet Wel- ton, Florine Weil, Virginia Strand, Phyllis Wood, Carolyn Zoltai, Magdalene Kadas, Char- maine Kranyak, Lois Fullmer, Violet Uilaki, Iean McDivitt, Mary Miller, Myra Stevenson, Rita Ter- rell' Shirley Horace, Violet Oprag Second Row! Ioan Eckenroad, Pat Gibbens, Marilyn Collier, Ianet Decker, Nancy Faldon, Moira Kirkpatrick, Catherine Wilhelmy, Gloria Plato, Wilma Smith, Alice Rothgery, Betty Delp, Sara Worthington, Adronee Cromling, Ioanne Crossmier, lane Gent- zel, Carolyn Hahn' Mr. I. Martin Beck, Third Raw. Wayne Alien, Ed Murphy, Irwin Gray, Don Urpschott, Robert Simon, Lester Freeman, Donna Brecknock, Ioan Demetral, Mary Nivus, lane Al- len, Pat Clarke, Mary Lou Parsch, Kate Tiefuhr, Barbara Snyder' Steve Gorbics, Stanley Klesta, Howard Gard, William Holt, Ioe Iiovanozzog Fourth row: lack Abbey, Harry Gray, Richard Eschtruth, Robert Rugg, Bill Lohnes, Harvey Winckles, Bob Kritzell, Norman Rifenberg, Larry Stranic, Iack Crawford, George Ligotke, Charles Shaffer' Gene Palm, Fred Hammons, Kosma Glavas, Phil Stevick, Arthur Garries, Ed Ged- ridge, Burton Ostrov, Bernard Evenchik, Wil- liam Anderson, Andy Arvay. N? Q Sul Mimeograph Workers "Mr, Block wants this test run off. Will you set it up and type the stencil?" "Mr. Burton wants 150 copies of this History test by second period. Will you run them off on the mimeograph?" These are just two of the many assignments Miss Mabel Vogan hands out to the girls who work in the Mimeograph Room. Some of the other jobs they do are: programs and bulletins for organizations outside of school: letters, tests, :rnd outlines for teachersg copy for the school paperg copy for the "Elyrian"g postcardsg min- utes of meeting foften with three carbon copies for teachersg' and many miscellaneous jobs. In doing these jobs the girls get actual busi- ness practice. They learn to set up manuscript typing, charts, tables, and letters correctly. They learn to cut stencils neatly and to run the mime- ograph machines. Whenever there is no one in the Athletic Office across the hall, it is the job of the mimegoraph workers to answer the tele- phone. After a year of such training the girls are much better prepared to go out into the business world. The workers are selected in the last semester of their junior year by their Stenography teach- er. They must meet qualifications in ability, service, and willingness to work. Most of them devote one period each day to this work. Miss Mabel Vogan deserves most of the credit for the fine jobs the girls do. It was her job at the beginning of the year to train all the girls in a field of work in which none of them had had any previous experience. She showed each girl how to do her job and supervised them all. She felt responsible to the teachers for getting the work out on time, no matter how rushed she was, and wanted the girls to accept res- ponsibility too. The girls all feel that Miss Vogan has worked hard, and has clone a fine job. Many junior girls are already being trained for next year's mimeograph work. These girls come into 208 B for a period each day and see the mimeograph girls in action. In this way they will gain valuable experience and will be ready to take over next year's work. -Evelyn Iabbusch. Left to Right-First Row: Sally Marshall, Gloria Eddy, Pat Ward. Second Row: Evora Ford, Evelyn Gedridge, Betty Allen, Evelyn Bendik. Third How: lane Pondy, Margaret Vargo, Louise Bauer, Ioan Smith, Evelyn Iabbush, Olga Traicoff. Office Assistants The office assistants are girl students, who are chosen for their good grades and pleasing personality and willingness to give up one study period each day to help in the office of the school. ln the Principal's office, under the direction of Miss Eleanor Bruce, the general duties of these girls consist of recording grades, copying and filing records, running errands, delivering slips, meeting people who come to the offices, and giving out necessary information. The procedure is much the same in the Annex and in the offices of Mr. Eaton and Mr. Smith. The assistant principal's office is in charge of Miss Lucille Brightbill. There the girls answer the telephone, make out the absence lists, file pink slips, absence excuses, and trady slips, and help keep the detention-records in order. The first few days are confusing to a girl, but soon she learns what is required of her and gets along quite well. The girls had a meeting under the direction Movie Through the efforts of 14 teachers and 18 volunteer movie workers, our noon movie is operated smoothly and harmoniously. Mr. Ralph Wood, assisted by Mr. Lauten- schleger and Richard Strohm, are in charge of the projection department. Mr. Wood orders all the films used through agencies in Cleveland. Sometimes substitutions for these films are made by these agencies. Mr. P. Emory Diller supervises the student movie workers and sees that they do their work correctly. During the four movie periods there are 12 teacherson duty who, through the cooperation of many fine spectators, make it possible for all to enjoy the movie. Occasionally students are found munching on the little tidbits of life, talking unnecessarily, or trying to forget to deposit their coin on the little brown box placed before them. These un- fortunate souls are forcefully requested to go of Miss Kemble, who gave several examples of corr,ect office procedure,, which helped the girls to be more gracious in meeting people and in answering the telephone. This work has great value for high school students. It trains them in clerical work, in speed and accuracy, and in consideration and courtesy toward others. -Conrad Bendarz. Left to Right-First Row: Conrada Bednarz, Ruth Ann Smith, Violet Ujlaki, Iean Vimpeny, Sarabeth Rose, Iune Smith. Second Row: Marge Fell, Emily Bazley, Shirley Mackin, Florine Weil, lane Brydon, Marge Damm, Harriet Varsey. Third Row: Peggy Hogan, Iune Powell, Cather- ine Wilhelmy, Ioanne Ryan, Lillie Ann Scott, Mary Lou Gehm, Marcia Eaton, Shirley Cox. Fourth Row: Adronee Cromling, Mary McClerg, Pat Radican, Frances Lucas, Mary Nivus, Pam Maddock, Evelyn Iabbusch, Nancy Dunkle, Rita Shifkoski, Mary Io Lump, Nancy Weisman. Workers to 105 for study until they are willing to co- operate in keeping the movie so that it can be enjoyed by everyone. The duties of keeping students in a single line, taking the pennies, and guarding the in- ner door, are alternated by the 12 student workers. Two cashiers make change for the students at the ticket booth. There are four student monitors in the movie who open the doors between periods for venti- lation and prevent students from entering or leaving by the side door. -Ioan Krespach. Left to Right-First Row: Nancy Hawk, Sara- beth Rose, Beverly Krespach, Barbara Kaiser. Second Row: Howard Schwan, lean Vimpen- ny, Ioan Krespach, Ruth Blackstone, Sue Kolek, Iack Abbey. Third Row: Doug Gotro, Harry Greer, Dick Strohm, Dart Keech, Dave Holland, Ted O'Dell. ,,,m, A .:':: '9 nv 3- ZLL fr A i n x Tax Stamps for the Elyrian "Any stamps this morning?" a cheery voice asks you every morning before announcements. And of course you hunt through your pockets and purses in hopes of finding at least one stamp. fCont'd. on Page 1231-Betsy McDonald. Left to Right-First Row: Ruby Stiles, Alene Troup, Betsy McDonald, Iane Smith, Nancy Williams, Doris Cook ,Iune Ross. Cafeteri When you go through the line and pick out your lunch, do you ever stop to think of the work behind the buying and preparing of the food you eat? Miss Evelyn Gordon, our able supervisor of the cafeteria, could tell us how absorbing it is to buy and prepare food. Some of the members of our student body help bring you this service. About 15 students work each lunch period. This work teaches us to appreciate the work involved in preparing and serving food, to co- operate with others, and to enjoy friendship with our fellow students. We who work lunch periods get lunch for this service. In later life we will be grateful for having learned to cooperate and work cheer- fully with others, also when we go to secure certain types of jobs, we will find our exper- ience helpful. The boys carry trays to the stack shelvesg un- load the milk bottles from your returned tray: and render various other services. The girls act as cashiersg serve some of the foodg set up the milky and serve the ice cream. One thing very commendable about our cafe- teria is the smoothness with which it works. The students show by the way they hurry into d Second Row: Theckla Fees, Betty Plas, Ruth Gunder, Marie Law, Margie Damm, Arlene Berg- men, lean Rago. Third Row: Marilyn Calkins, Mary Lupinski, 'Virginia Lyman, Zelma Sittinger, Anna Herman, Pat Murphy, Rita Shifkoski, Conrada Bednarz. Fourth Row: Nancy Baker, Barbara Kolopus, Iane Gentzel, Edith Corn, Susan Somebody, Mary Louise Parsh, Helen Tsarones, Ruth Bow- ers, Marilyn Collier, lean Hahn, Bob McDonald. Workers A line that they appreciate the good food at reasonable prices. The working students pride themselves on being at their posts to see that the students are efficiently served, that the line moves quickly and smoothly, and that Miss Gordon can find everything progressing satis- factorily. -Ianet Welton. Left to Right-First Row: Doris Iones, Marjorie Iohnson, Helen Minnich, Wilma Sonkoly, Mary Coghlan, Sally Gehrke, Bessie,Liverrnore, Elea- nor Iacobs, Rose Marie Butkiewicz, Pat Andress, Magdalene Kadas. Second Row: Marguerite Beckloff, Mary Lou Gehm, Pat Radican, Barbara Kaiser, Betty An- derson, Ianice Huskinson, Norma Nead, Barbara McDivitt, Leila Hinkle, Ianice Schreiber, Ianet Welton, Patricia Finnell. Third Row: Harold Fitzpatrick, George O'Dell, Frances Stillwaugh, Theresa Krystosik, Ianet Kaiser, Rosemary Kurek, Mary Ann Zgoda, Clarabell Lowery, Gerry Gorham, Shirley Wil- liams, Evelyn Clark, Art Ketchum. Fourth Row: Ken Welton, Lawrence Gedridge, Edward Gedridge, Eugene Henes, William Wil- shire, Iohn Ingersoll, Tom Paonessa, Bill Thom- asson, Ray Thompson, Glenden Everett, Iames Overstreet, Ralph Turner. Student Cabinet Left to Right-First Row: Mary Guenin, Wil- ma Sonkoly, Marge Snyder, Iean Filo. Second Row: lane Brydon, Nancy Nielsen, Frances Balok, Ianice Schreiber, Shirley Mackin. Third Row: Richard Graham, Rudy Dusha, Dart Keech, Wayne Baus, Don Gleisner, Art Hudnutt. When the members of the Student Cabinet of Elyria High School, composed of eight seniors, six juniors, four sophomores and two freshmen, meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, they are ready to discuss problems pertinent to school life. Before school began, as in former years, the cabinet sponsored an orientation program for the Freshmen to acquaint them with the school and its rules. The cabinet had as their first assembly a football Pep Rally at which time The Reverend G. Russel Hargate was the speaker. During'the Lenten Season the Student Cabi- net arranged for Professor Harold Haugh of the Voice Department of Oberlin Conservatory to present a program of Easter music. ln April the cabinet brought to the high school Dr. Grace Overton, psychologist and anthropologist for a day of individual and group counseling in "Boy-Girl Relations." 75 Also in April the council presented to the faculty a student panel on "Pupil-Teacher Re- lations." In May the cabinet sponsored an assembly at which Dr. Howard Lowery, President of Wooster College, spoke on a phase of education. This year the council originated a plan to aid a worthy senior by establishing a S150 schol- arship fund. A group of four students from the cabinet de- veloped and helped put into effect a plan en- larging the monitor system in the halls. During the year the cabinet has given a "Games - Party" and four dances, including a "Dress-Up" Dance and a "Coke Party." For the first time Ely- ria High School has a Senior Prom-thanks to the efforts of the Cabi- net. -Nancy Nielsen. Miss Gladys Fowell fa- f. mi Q :gk 35, . ,arf Xi 5 SEW- ., N f' :ei N. iw , WH , ' qv WW! is Q W? was W 'KN - 5 2. Library As you enter the library, you are greeted by a cheerful staff member who is willing to and you in any way he or she can. This staff consists of desk assistants, typists, mender, and people for shelving, filing and bul- letin boards. They have a twofold purpose in mind and that is to keep the library running smoothly and to help you. Special displays and attractions draw much attention in the library. For instance Book Week comes around with its issue of library permits. How would you like an extra diploma at graduation time? All you have to do is read three "Ohio Public Reading Circle' 'books a year. Books are not the only center of attrac- tion. There were the National Photography Contestant winners whose pictures were placed on display above the book cases. There are also Latin and Pan American Weeks, so you see we follow the calendar also. This year a special event was planned by the library workers. A Valentine Party with all the gay trimmings. They had fun playing games tor which prizes were awarded and initiating new workers. There are many distinct advantages gained by working in the library. As a freshman you learn how to use the Reader's Guide and Dewey Workers Decimal System, but if you have ever lent your services there you'll soon find that after having used the material daily you will have acquired a much deeper impression of these matters. For instance, when you know the Dewey Decimal System more completely, your knowledge will enable you to locate immediately what ever book you are looking forg you will abandon blind or haphazard searching for books or ma- terial. Here for those who wish to become librarians this service is especially recommended since it provides needed experience. For those eager to render a service to their school this job enables them to be helpful to many, to acquire more friends and to make stronger the friendships they already have. After one has worked there a year, a beautiful service pin is given in rec- ognition. Left to Right-First Row: Nancy Gallen, Ann Dunn, Donna Burrer, Ieanette Parker, Patricia Hawthorne, Helen Dugar. Second Row: Eileen Baxter, Shirley Guth, Mary Lupinski, Phyllis Markel, Martha Wensink, Phyllis lndicott, Betty Cerlin, Ierry Boyle. Third Row: Iackie Nuhn, Lillian Tkacs, Pat Clark, Ioan Demetral, Dick Pitkin, Rosemary O'Connor, Ieannette Ianas, Dorothy Shuster. Players' Club The Players' Club, under the direction of Miss Nina Baker, is in charge of all dramatic productions put on by high school students with the exception of the Senior Class Play. "Clar- ence" by Booth Tarkington, given Nov. 21-22, was the fourteenth Annual All-School play put on at E. H. S. On Feb. Zl a group of three one-act plays was given. At the meetings reports are given on various phases of dramatic productions, and also on current Broadway successes. The students are also instructed in such things as the proper uses of costumes and make-up. ln April of Latin The Latin Club, known as Sapientes, has met the second Monday of every month under the leadership of Miss Edna Iones and Miss Eula Young, Latin teachers. The purpose of the organization is to encour- age and develop interest in the classics. Any sophomore with an average of B and any junior or senior with an average of C in Latin is eligible to membership. The main event of the club's activities this year was the annual Roman banquet, which was held in true Roman style, March 19. Re- clining at the tables, the juniors and seniors were served by the sophomores, who were the slaves and provided the entertaiment. The officers are as follows: First Counsul, this year the group was represented at the Ohio Wesleyan Shakespearian Reading Festival. The officers for this year are: President, Charles Grundy: Vice President, Bob Larking Secretary and Treasurer, Margie Damm. Left to Right-First Row: Margie Damm, Marge Snyder, Betty Rose Davis, Ioanne Hull, Marie Law, Iune Smith, Natalie Woodin, Pauline KaatzgSecond Row: Arthur Hudnutt, Emily Baz- ley, Frances Balock, Sue Carol Greening, Martha Keech, Lilianne Scott, Nancy Dunkle, Bob Wil- son, Charles Grundy, George Ligotke, Bob Lar- kin, Iohn Ingersoll, Lawrence Selka, Harold Kunkle, Richard Elke, Richard Stone. Club Conrada Bednarz, Second Consul, Charles Hy- manp Scribe, Mary Lou Hardy, Quaestor, Nancy Gallenp and Aedile, Audrey Coon. Left to Right-First Row: Conrada Bednarz, Marilyn Humphrey, Nancy Hawke, Nancy Gal- len, Iacqueline Carmel, Betsy MacDonald, Mary lane Whitman, Second Row: Ioan Krespach, Wanda Iacobs, Ianet Decker, Donna Hambley, Shirley Bills, Ianice Meredith, Barbara McDivitt, Mary Louise Par-sch, Third Row: Pat Bowden, Mary Tompski, Nadine Telzerow, Mary Lou Hardy, Audrey Coon, lane Gentzel, Charmaine Kranyak, Bob Stromp Fourth Row: Nick Csonka, lack Kostyo, Steve Gorbics, Pat Harr, Beverly Harvitt, Madeleine Hoch, Mary Nivus, Charles Hyman, George Ligotke. L V m W W ,A V . A tg, iw y if an K H332 W5 5-5' W 4 Wh Xgfg! S A W qi W , , 1 x , ,wi , -, A152 W, 1 , .Mu Q N 1 kim g ' X Lp? , ,xg ' ef Q 1 1 A wish' f' , , 1 f S kifxifih 'fm' . Q , 5 jgffayf if E Q H. W if K bs! I M L U A 'aa Ri Y SS ' ix ,L "" V it 1 , 'Q J 5, W. Q5 is fm 'env-l""""""" A 7 f pl' 5 XS Senior A Cappella Senior A Cappella Choir, 78 strong and con- ducted by I. Martin Beck, has participated in various events of importance. In December the choir, making its first public appearance of the year, presented the Fourteen- th Annual Christmas Concert. In March the choir journeyed to Cleveland Heights to partici- pate in the Lake Erie League Festival when numerous choirs gathered to sing for each other and as a whole.. The choir sang at the Cham- ber ot Commerce Banquet on April 23, at num- erous Parent-Teacher meetings, and at various school assemblies. One of the main events of the year was the Annual Spring Concert on April 25. The combined lunior and Senior Choirs will ap- pear to bid farewell to some ot its members and to the graduating class of 1947 on Corn- mencement Night.. The officers ot this year's choir are: President, Doug Gotro, Vice President and Student Con- ductor, Connie Boylan, Treasurer, Dick O'Dellg and Secretary, Annette McKelvie. Left to Right-First Bow: Clementine Yarbor- ough, Emily Bazley, Pat Ward, Cla're Mclntyre, Kathryn Karas, Peggy Willis, Catherine Scott, Ieanette Yosa, Pat Harr, Donna Vibber, Ieanne Sadowskig Second Row: Doris Wurster, Carolyn Hurlbut, Connie Boylan, Annette McKelvie, Carol Palmer, Wilma Sonkoly, Ioan Lamareux, Velma Hopkins, Natalie Woodin, Greta Ericson, Ruth Krupko, Marvine Limes, Molly Van Wormer, Shirley Guth, Marcia Eatong Thirdllow: Beverly Griggs, Carol Ioy, Sue Carol Greening, Pam Maddock, Ruth Kay, Mary Lou Hardy, Alice Mac Kenzie, Bonnie Willis, LaVerne Schmitkons, Car- ol Deuble, Ellen Fennimore, Ina Claire Storm, Ruth Brucker, Betty Reger, Pat Murphy, Phyllis Moon, Fourth Bow: Alan Roth, George Brother- ton, Ierry Given, Phil Shook, Don Bumback, lack Kostyo, Norman Lawrence, Bill Wehmhoff, Richard Pitkin, Iohn Ingersoll, Allen Ahlgrim, Neil Crosby, Iohn Vanco, Chuck Crosby. Mr. Beck. Fifth Row: Ted O'Dell, Ed Haywood, Chuck Van Amberg, Tom Wehmen, Max French, Iohn Sexton, Harvy Evenchik, Doug Gotro, Bob Wil- son Dick Gibbens, Leonard Lesnick, Phil For- sythe, Dennis Moran, Dick O'DelI, Tony Curcillo. Girls' Glee Club Under the direction ot Mr. I. Martin Beck the Girls' Glee Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday the second period. In December they had a program planned which had to be canceled on account of the coal shortage. At Christmas time the girls gave a broadcast over our Public Address System. The P. T. A. has had the pleasure ot hearing String The E. H. S. String Ensemble was organized in May of 1946 to provide music for the Senior- Faculty Tea. The program ,made up of popular, classical and semi-classical numbers was so well received that the group decided to remain together, and in the remaining weeks of the school term played six other programs. With the opening of the l946-47 term the En- semble was asked to provide music tor a num- ber of social functions. Among the engagements played were the Lorain-Elyria football banquet, the Community Chest dinner, the Homecoming Dinner at the Methodist Church, two programs for the K. of C. Lecture Series, the annual din- ner of the IOOF, the installation dinner ot the Eastern Star, the annual dinner ol the Grafton Kiwanis Organization, the Elizabeth Stevens Society of the Methodist Church, and the Medina Ministerial Association. The Ensemble also gave three programs for the students of Hamilton and McKinley School, and participated in a High School assembly. More recent appearances have included the annual Spring Concert of the A Cappella Choir, two luncheons lor the Dist- rict Rotary Convention, and the May Breal-:fast at the Methodist Church. In competition with other similar groups in neighboring schools, the Elyria Ensemble made a very creditable showing, receiving a Superi-r Rating at the District Contest held at Fremont. This rating qualified the organization for the state final auditions held in Columbus, where again the judges awarded them a high rating. The music used by the Ensemble consists largely of special arrangements of selections designed to interest any type of audience. These numbers range from the contemporary "Iazz Pizzicato" by Anderson to the "Minuetto" from them several times. The officers who served during the year were: President, Ianice Schreiber: Vice President, Beverly Krespach, Secretary, Betty Cerlon. This group of about eighty girls has done a marvelous job and in the Spring they went to several organizations in town to give short pro- grams. Ensemble Shubert's Fifth Symphony. The regular rehearsals of the group were held once a week under the direction of Mr. Sidney P. Davis. Extra practices were arranged last summer so that the group would be ready to play early in the new school session. The members are as follows: Violins-Mr. Davis, Betty Collier, Adronee Cromling. Viola-Connie Boylan. Cello-Catherine Scott. String Bass-Lillian Tkacs. Piano-Charmaine Kranyak. Mr, Sidney Davis me 3 nam fx V 4 X 3 5,5 .32 Q - I K X 1.5-wh A fi-5 ' X -, 'r-A . ,iv -fx '-" fd ce g if 'jf .lfwgvxwdvh V V 1 L 1? WWE! V an -lungs ,3 Q M Q Q , Q xx ?"ET !"!"' ,. X 4 A , A KA I ww 9 A W., We V , ' A 4 f I ,fm V A55 , X ,wx ao. HW 'K f , H, r Biology Biology, the study of life, covers a vast range of subjects. The person who takes biology will never regret it, since it offers material from so many different fields. These include zoology, botany, anatomy, physiology, ecology, histology, pathology, embryology, and heredity. The study of biology affords limitless possibilities and teaches one to be accurate and scientific in his viewpoints. Biology, contrary to what some peo- ple believe, is not just biology. The student of biology will have endless advantages, since much progress is being made in discovering new facts that will make life healthier and happier. The study of biology benefits everyone-scien- tists, doctors, nurses, farmers, and even office workers. Biology is useful in many other in- In 315 dustries, from agriculture to mining. The students in the picture are learning with the aid of a microscope. They learn how to use a microscope in order to get first hand information in their study. They learn how to take the best care of themselves in order to make the most of themselves. They learn prac- tical everyday things, as what foods to eat and how to raise plants. Biology prepares a pupil for such vocations as a doctor, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, veterinarian, research worker, teach- er, farmer, forester, museum curator, nature artist or photographer, and entomologist or "bug specialist." Thus these pupils are learning to become well-educated, useful citizens. -Maryruth Nitch. Left to Right: Rolf Kresting, Barbara Kolopus, Mary Ruth Nitch, lack Abbey. TY Typing is a very interesting subject and, when learned as it should be, can be very use- ful. When you first start typing, you learn the home keys, proper fingering, and the mechan- ism of the machine. The first semester is the hardest, but soon your fingers become accustomed to the keys. After that is accomplished, it takes little thought or effort to type, but this is only a small part of the actual job of typing. In order to build up your typing speed, you are given timed writings. This type of exercise takes concentration and not only builds up speed but also aids you in becoming more ac- curate in your spelling. Another thing that is very important is to have correct stroking. The stroking should be kept at an even pace and you should have an even pressure with your fingers. Even strok- ing gives your paper a neat appearance. Punctuation and spelling play an important part in typing. Letters that are not correct in spelling, punctuation, word division, spacing, and placement are not mailable. Seated, Ioanne Smith: standing, Ioyce Smith. Pri Learning printing at E. H. S. requires two semesters of work. The first week is spent learn- the California job case which consists of all type being used in this shop. In the case letters aren't arranged alphabetically, but set up according to their common use in ing the the are composition. After the case is completely mem- orized, the student is given a simple job to set up such as an envelope address or his name. Later, as he becomes more familiar and skilled with the work he is given harder jobs for exam- ple like library slips and other notices from the office. The printer's tools consist of a pica stick matching his job and a rule which is lined up in units of picas. fA pica composes the Left to Right: George Patrick, Richard Gula. pi nt m U9 Proofreading of work is important and essen- tial. It requires careful concentration to detect all mistakes, no matter how slight. Erasures are permi sible if they are neat and do not mar the paper. Two things to remember about erasing are: to have a clean eraser and only to erase in one direction. In advanced typing you are given tests that enable you to qualify for certificates, designat- ing your accuracy and speed in typing. One way in which you learn to use the dif- ferent keys and mechanism of the typewriter is by doing budgets. They give you frequent use of the tabular key and number keys which are not used as much as your home keys. These are very interesting and will be very helpful in your work after graduating from high school. ln training you to be skillful, you are given a chance to take dictation from teachers and do their typing.. Also, there is typing to be done for the "Elyrian"' "Herald" and quite often work for other schools and organizations. The art of typing is one in which any high school student can find pleasure and profit. -Ioyce Smith. 1ng printer's measure.l After the job is completed in the stick, it is transferred to a metal tray called a galley. Here the job is tied up, a proof is taken, corrections are made, and then it is transferred to a metal frame called the chase. The chase represents the place where the job is tightened up to be printed and prepared for th press. The next step is cutting the paper, then the correct grade of paper is selected and cut to the dimensions of the original job. The press is inked, a sample print called proof is taken, ad- ditional mistakes are corrected, and then the job is printed. -Richard Gula. 'kwumm ,ka' wfv Aim? ,f ,ef 5, 1 fy X, .,..... in X ' F L5 ..,. A t . 1 ' L1 , ' ' 2 ET ' "-' ik -:...:::j"g:-' :L Q N 15, A S, ! 4 yi A . will 73" :ilk x 'O' W f, wmv xv 1 ,A,, :E , Q ww IH? 'is 41 is I A 'Wg H ' 5 , w ,1 . .N V, F 94" Qt' . .-A X xl Pro'ect In this photograph I am about to show a moving picture toia Practical Science class. Every school day at l:4U I come to the projec- tion room, which is L. B. N. to show pictures that deal with science, English, history or other subjects. There are eight boys who run the projector through the day and two or three boys to fill in when someone is ill. Visual Education is a coming thing and great Harold Bruce. P a 1 n t 1 n The painting I'm working on in the picture is the first one I did when I entered oil painting class at the beginning of the second semester. It is a landscape, which, by the way, is not the best type of picture to begin with when start- ing to use oils. However, I had done some paint- ing at home and knew a little bit about how ot work with oils. This picture was painted on the back of oil cloth, the most popular paint support in our class because it is inexpensive and suitable for practice work. It took me about three weeks to complete the picture. The color con- trast in the picture consisted mostly of yellow- greens, blue-greens, brown, and violet besides the sky coloring. To get varying shades of green and yellow to resemble a natural outdoor harmony, I used several shades of green, from a light chartreuse to a dark blue-green, plus shades of brown. In making the picture I used the procedure which Miss Harmon had recommended to us. There are unlimited subjects to inspire people who are interested in painting. We may do any subject in oils that we want to, but for those who are just beginning still-life studies make the best material. First of all, we make several small, thumbnail sketches. These are rough outlines of the sub- jects we've chosen: they help us to organize our ideas. Then we decide which one we like best and work it out in detail on a larger piece of paper. Next, it is sketched onto the canvas. A hard pencil is best for this because any soft substance such as charcoal, mixes with the paints and smears the lines. After the plan is put on the canvas, the color plan has to be worked out. The paint is massed on in a thin Elva Bates. W o o This picture was taken in Mr. Schlieper's Cabinet Making II class in Room ZUU the fifth and sixth period. The machine I was working on, a band saw, is a three horsepower machine and cost approximately S400 to 5500. In cut- ting wood on the band saw you can cut a piece of wook up to three feet in diameter. In the picture, I was cutting a piece of wood for a table. I am making the table out of maple, costing approximately Z3 cents a foot. In addition to the band saw, we have other machines at our disposal, such as the jointer, planer, circular saw, drill press, jig saw," and other machines which we may use. Two 'other machines which we have are the Shaper and Heavy Duty Saw, which are operated by our in- structor, because it is felt that it would be bet- ter if he would operate them. In the Cabinet Making II class we make any- thing from a table to a knee-hole desk. io 9 n Room numbers of schools will use films for the pur- pose of instruction. I feel that this will be a means of understanding other peoples and their ways of life better than we ever have. Our Elyria school system has a large selec- tion of films to use in all classes. The school is adding to its film library as the films are needed. The school can also get films from the State Film Library. -Harold Bruce. In Oils wash enabling correction of colors if necessary. Sometimes the paint looks much different on the canvas than it does when it's mixed on the palette, and for the amateur this can be an unpleasant surprise, When we've gotten the most pleasing color harmony for the subject, we put on the lights and shadows to create a three dimensional effect. These are the most import- ant preliminary steps. From then on, we pro- ceed with the painting, using different types of brush strokes to create the effect of different textures. While putting on the thicker masses of color, we should take time to correct any de- fects in drawing or perspective that have been overlooked. We work with the' intention of giving volume and form to the subject. Still- life pictures of jars, trays, and simple curios are excellent subjects to practice on. By using them, we learn design and color harmony along with becoming acquainted with perspective, volume, and form. Last of all, the painting is set up at a distance so that any defects can be easily detected, and the finishing touches are added. Painting is an interesting pastime for those who want a hobby, and a profitable wav to earn a living for those endowed with talent and ambition. The most important aim in oil painting in or out of class is originality-ex- pressing individual ideas and interpretations in a person's own way. In order to express one's own feelng well, through the medium of oil paint, it is necessary to first have a good ground work in the fundamentals of composition and a thorough knowledge of color. Therefore, pre- requisites for this course are Freehand Drawing I and II. -Elva Bates. dwork w 4 83 We were taught by our instructor how to panel, how to use a mortice machine and other machines. We also learn the fundamentals of furniture making. In this class we make about the same things as the Cabinet Making III class. The Cabinet Making III, however, is expected to give a higher quality of work than the other classes. In finishing our products. we have many dif- ferent kinds of materials. We may use shellac, lacquer, wood filler and stain and other ma- terials. Woodfilling brings out the natural grain of the wood, which makes a piece of furniture look very nice. Lacquer may be sprayed, giving the surface a highly polished look, provided adequate sanding has been done. The projects are interesting and, if the work is done with interest, the student will have a very pleasant time in this interesting work. -Ted Ristas. Mr. Eaton's Office Students desiring work permits and living within the Elyria City School District apply at Mr. Eaton's office. All persons who employ a minor ll4 to 18 years of agel, either part or full time, must secure an age and schooling certificate fwork permit.l This is a provision of the State Child Labor Law. During each period of the day in Mr. Eaton's office there is an assistant present who is quali- fied to take an application. After Leonard Kline, the applicant in the photograph, has filled out the necessary application, he is given a pledge which must be signed and filled out by his employer and a physical examination card which must be filled out by a physician. When these cards are brought back to the office, signed and filled out, the applicant signs an age Left to Right: Leonard Kline, Violet Ujlaiki. and schooling certificate. These certificates are typed out by the assistant. The original copy is sent to the employer, and the carbon copy is sent to the State Department of Industrial Relations. In addition to issuing work permits, the as- sistants keep attendance records. They also take telephone calls concerning attendance coming in from public and parochial schools and requests for employment. Filing work permits, typing warning notes to parents, and taking care of Mr. Batons correspondence are other duties of the assistant. The assistants are ready at all times with in- formation for the student applying for a work permit. -Violet Ujlaki. H e r al d S t a f f Left to Right: Rudy Duscha, Iane Starchbill, Bob Larkin, Stafford Finlay. Arts and Crafts These slippers are being made in Design and Craft Il. A pattern must first be drawn. After that, the pattern is laid on the material and cut out. lt is pinned together and hand sewn with various colored threads of yarn. ln this class we not only do craft work but also work out designs for these projects. De- sign and Craft is a two year course. For the first two semesters no previous art courses are necessary. However, to take the third and fourth semesters, a semester of free-hand drawing and two semesters of previous Design and Craft are necessary. Ioan Ann Giede-Working on slippers. During this year we have worked in several crafts. ln the first semester we made bowls and figures of animals from clay. In the second semester we have worked with leather and metal. In the design part of the course we spent time before each craft project, creating an orig- inal design for it. In addition to this we rnade designs for dress or drapery material, wall- paper and the like. All of these patterns or designs are carried out with a variety of art tools and materials such as pen, pencil, paint, crayon, chalk, and charcoal. -Ioann Giede. ," In Cooking Classc These girls represent a part of the work done in the cooking classes. The girls' main interest is to learn how to plan balanced diets and choose the correct foods for a well developed body They also are taught correct table setting, the how of serving food appetizingly, and the proper entertainment of guests. Girls have had the pleasure of making rolls for various dinners served at the school. They Left to Right: Ethel Turon, Alberta Fannon, Lucille Physi Read Statement- Work in Physics class not only involves study- ing material in the text books but the students are also able to prove for themselves experi- mentally the statements found in the books. About the middle of the year the classes studied sound reinforcement. They learned that a sound wave would be amplified by a closed tube one fourth the length of the sound wave. Here in the accompanying picture we see four students proving it experimentally. Lee Falls is holding a breaker of water connected to the glass tube by a long rubber tube. By raising or lowering the breaker, Lee can adjust the have also had a few tea parties. Students work in groups, thus learning to co- operate with one another besides enabling them- selves to become efficient in Cooking. While doing this they become skillful cooks and have a knowledge of how to choose foods for a cor- rect balanced diet so it will be appetizing as well as healthful. -Lucille Gatens Gatens. cs -Proved Same height o fthe water in the tube. Wally Nichols is holding a vibrating tuning fork just above the tube and when Lee adjusts the water at such a height as the sound of the fork is am- plified the boys can easily find the wave length of the fork. Art I-ludnutt is busily engaged trying to find the wave length by employing one of the many formulae found in Physics. Staf- ford Finley is carefully observing the height of the water where he gets greatest reinforce- ment. This data will b given to Art for use in the mathematics. -Wallace Nichols Left to Right: Stafford Finlay, Lee Falls, Arthur Hudnutt, Wallace Nichols. General Shop General Shop, a manual arts subject, takes up three phases of shop work: electricity, metal work and, printing. In electricity a student studies magnets and magnetism. He also studies how to produce electricity and how to use it. Students learn how to take an electric motor apart and put it together again. Students learn what kind and size wire is used in wiring a house. Metal work deals with the fundamental work in sheet metal work. The student learns in this to handle tools and to do metal work. He learns how to solder. He uses all the machines that are used in working with metal such as the lathe and drill press- ln metal work and elec- tricity the project that is required is a heater. ln printing, a student learns how to set type Left to Right: Wally Adams, Al Bauer. and use the printing press. He has to mem- orize the California job case in which type is kept. After a student has learned this, he is permitted to put these things into pracice. It is useful to know these things. General shop is not an advanced subject. lt deals with the fundamentals of the three sub- jects mentioned. The real purpose of a Gen- eral Shop class is to find out what the boys coming into school are adapt to and what they like. lf they are talented in any one of the three they may go on to the advanced course. From electricity a student may go into Elec- tricity and Radiog from Printing he may go into Advanced Printing: and from Metalwork he may go into Machine Shop or Mechanical Draw- mg. -Wally Adams. May, l946 National Honor Society Installation Left Side. Left to Right--First Row: Bob Kovaleski, Ioe Bornino, Bob Bohn, Eleanor Bruce, Vera Brenner, Geraldine Birkline, Phyllis Tulk, Danny Traicofi. Second Row: Bud Deetz, Lesley Hurlbut, Lila Bennett, Helen Meschke, Lois Mills, Gordon Nethercut, Shirley Von Brock, Annamae Opper. Center-Standing: Ed Palik. Right Side. Left to Right: Mr. Severs, Nancy Symons, Dorothy Wehmen, Sylvia Taylor, Jean Dutch, Ann Gates. 88 n 1ome room when X drzam l 4 the Herald comes oul' A 1 0 Hslzlgilljftln w yy E Xsfx , K. X fi: L QW 37' .1 L, H -Q glaciers oup M .1 4 xx X f if I W Qffmlf Q fubof xf' -- X f mnlm mn -1- Qi , l ix .. ,A VA T'a,ac.hzr 5 f ku Svuoy HALL! ES- QS, A S h u .. ff" :nt fsmfzag-sfAzQ5'1 lj E Don t they ever get hml df G : H iabbmf ll'l the halls and 'fvx DH lm Mock nj traffic L.J f 0 A N Swiaff X r l X , IM fy' E SE -2. -Y,. .Z I' 0 211+ E 0 ht 0 do th hm, X ' ' NJ 4'2- - .7 x 5 PH Why Jon! some of khtsc. boys wcar bobbypl ng xy El? ,- 7 fn. ',' f ,R 2 f . VZ! ' M5 The Students and Teachers Appreciate the Good Food Served in the Cafeteria Did you know that the cooks of the high school cafeteria on the third floor of the Technical Building are at work before most of the students even start to school? That is true because at a quarter of eight every morning the task of preparing food is begun by the eight cooks. The supplies that the cooks use are ordered by Miss Evelyn Gordon, the manager of the cafeteria. The food for the cafeteria is kept in a store- room on the ground floor of the Technical Building. Food is also stored in the refrigerator room to keep it from spoiling. It is brought up to the cafeteria by an elevator. Upon arriving the women remove street clothes and don white garments. Each knows her jobg one attends to meatsg another sand- wichesg though each has a particular job, she helps the others. At nine o'clock the cooks eat breakfast and rest a little because they will be busy until about two o'clock in the afternoon. At ten o'clock they start setting the food on the serv- ing counter from which students will be served. Iust before the fourth period student helpers come into help the cooks. Miss Gordon has these helpers serve food so some of the cooks can continue their job of cooking. Some helpers carry trays, some serve vegetablesg some serve milk, chocolate, orange-ade, or coffeeg some serve ice cream bars, others help with soiled dishes. In return for one whole period's work a student receives a forty-cent lunch. In passing by the lunch counters the students of Elyria High School :find a satisfying menu. The cafeteria and its workers try to serve appe- tizing, wholesome, clean food at reasonable pricesg the workers want the students to enjoy their meals. Thus we see that students, teachers, cafeteria workers, all try to make Elyria High's lunch periods the nearest thing possible to home. -Mike Merva. Left to Right: Charles Woods, Beverly Hyman, Iean Hahn, Barbara Iones, Iim Grambley, Gertrude Greene Eva Carter Lodema Petruzzi, Bob Taylor, Roland Poling, William Willshire, Ishmet Ali, fcan't identifyl, Iim Fawcett Workers: Mike Merva, Mrs. Fish, Elizabeth Popovitz. Miss Gordon Directs Skilled Work oi Cafeteria Staii i MlSS GORDON Cafeteria Manager These Ladies Prepare Nourishing, Appetizing Food Right-First Row: Mrs. M H y Mrs. Anna Reed. S d Row: Mrs. Elizabeth Hellx M M g L k y Mrs. Ethel Fish, Mrs. Edna G b l M E ary Tomori, Mrs. Bertha Mills, Mrs. Helen Kalmar, Mrs. Helen Graw M E t ll lFeher, Mrs. Emma Me-inke, Mrs. Frances Trumpy velyn Gordon. 91 "Oh yes, I remember now, and it sure was a welcome relief from verbs cmd all the other grammar," says Chatter. 1 1 1 1 "Let's follow that blonde," begs Patter, "Oh there she goes through that door." "Patter, she's going to see Miss Kemble, the Dean of Women," says Chatter. "Probably to geet advice bn her schedule." "Do you suppose Miss Kemble will help me too?" asks Patter hopefully. "Well, I believe she's too busy. But you might try one of her Orientation Classes," sug- gests Chatter, as they dart out int? the corridor. 1 1 1 "What's Biology, Chatter?" inquires puzzled Patter. "Oh, I guess it's the study of bees, frogs, and various kinds of bugs," says Chatter. "Sounds interesting! Maybe Mr. Lauten- schleger will let me join one of his classes," pleads Patter. "There's an empty seat by that girl near the window." "I'm sure he wouldn't!" reproved Chatter pulling him by the ear. "I think l'll go over to the Chemistry lab and have Mr. Laver mix me up some H2-O2 so my tail will be blonde: then maybe you'll notice me like you did all the girls while we were on that last window sill," says Patter. "They certainly can make some good con- coctfions in that room, and I understand very few accidents occur under Mr. Laver's careful supervision," says Chatter, "but for some reason I think my hands would be too clumsy to make all those angle bends and jets out of glass tubing." "Did you know that Mr. Laver also teaches Algebra I and II, Patter?" "That always is a big help when it comes to balancing equations in Chemistrw too." 1 I 1 "Whew!! What was that?" inquires frighten- ed Patter. "Nothing at all, just one of Mr. Linville's Science classes performing an experiment," laughs Chatter. "Look, he's writing Henry Ottenslin's initials on the board," cries astonished Patter. "No, stupid, that's H2-D, the chemical formula for water," says disgusted Chatter. 1 1 1 "Eritrea Vds," comes a voice from room 317. "Chatter, they see us and that lady over there said something funny to us," says Patter. "Como se llama," says the voice again. "I-Iuh?" says Patter. "Oh, don't leave," says Miss Littleton, "won't you please stay and listen a while?" . "Oh, no, I'm leaving right now: Spanish is just for smart kids." "Oh, I wouldn't say that," answers Miss Lit- telton. "Take Iohnny Smith over there, fthis is just an anonymous name, but we could name many, REAL names, but I guess if we want to live we better notl when asked how old he is replies, 'hace doscientos anos,' because he thinks it sounds good, little realizing that he has just said he is 200 years old." 1 1 1 1 "Well, what do you suppose this is?" queries Chatter. "Doesn't that look like a human with part of his body cut away?" "Yes, Chatter, it is a figure of a human torso 92 for the better study of the organs, veins, and arteries. There is also a heart and ear in a large figure so they can be taken apart for closer study." "Mr, Lyman seems to make the study ot snakes, bugs and the intricacies of the blood stream interesting." 1' 1 1 1 "Shhh, listen - - - So that's who it was, well, l'll be." "Patter, what did you just hear?" "Oh, I just learned that Wilson won the presidential election in l916." "Well, who told you?" "Why, one of those smart kids in Mr. Morris' American History classz We could learn a lot 1 1 1 if we stayed here long enough, but I wonder if his Printing class is just as smart." 1 1 1 1 "Dear me, what is that terrible pounding." "Let's go find out. See in this room: some students are hammering metal and others are working on leather, and look, that girl is play- ing in that messy clay." "Miss Plocher seems to be helping all of them at once: she really has her hands full." "Yes, and this is only one of her Craft classes. She teaches Art Appreciation and'Sewing also." 1 1 1 "My sakes! look at that man standing up there grinning from ear to ear. I wonder what he could be teaching." "Oh, that's Mr. Rose. He's probably telling Marge that he knows she doesn't have her his- tory lesson, 'cause he saw her last night with Iimmy over at the Dog House? Come on, let's gorr i t t n Q "Poor Iohn! Look at himg he has planed too much off his board," says Chatter. "Maybe Mr. Richey won't know it's wrong," exclaimed Patter. "Oh! that's what you thinkg Mr. Richey isn't so dense," chuckles Chatter. 1 1 1' 1 1' "Do you see all of those wheels going around in Mr. Schleiper's woodworking shop?" asked Chatter. "Yes, wouldn't they be fun to play with and maybe make them go backwards," whispers Patter. "Oh! yes, and the poor boys wouldn't have anything to do," laughs Chatter. 1 1 1 1 1 "Come on, Chatter, let's go to the library and rest for a minute." "Patter, that boy is looking up material for a report he will give in his history class. Oi course, Patter, some go to the library to meet their friends and try to have some fun, that is until Miss Scott says it is time to quiet down. Then there is silence. But come on, we must go across the hall." Finding an open window they decided to sit on the ledge and listen. This happens to be Mr. Short's history class. All is quiet, they don't hear a sound except the scratching of pen- cils and once in a while the rattle of a paper. "Sh-h-h, it's a test," says Patter. "I heard a couple of girls saying that he was alway giving tests and making them study real hard." "Oh, it's always that way with girlsp he's real nice to me. He always gives me some nuts when I sit on his window sill." tContinued on page 1217 75 4? Agia I N:-jr. X 5995? my K Z 1 I A 5 53' f K XXX A , D X X -if 4 ' jzik , I' Z S X ig f S314 L CD P if 43 K-f Q'f ' -4q X Leader-s' Group Leaders' Group, an athletic organization for junior and senior girls, elects members on the basis of skill in all types of physical education, willingness to accept responsibility, cleanliness in both body and mind, scholastic standing and the ability to lead. The members of the Leaders' Group assist with gym classes by calling classes to order, taking the roll and supervising activities. Ser- vice is also rendered by acting as referees, um- pires, timers, and scorers in after-school activi- ties. Some of the girls served as coaches for the freshmen and sophomore basketball teams. Among the programs given at the monthly Leaders' Group and one on dancing by Mrs. Lowell Stone. The Red and White All-Star basketball game in April was sponsored by Leaders' Group. Many of the girls helped out by making posters, selling tickets, collecting money, managing the teams, and helping officiate. At the Play Day program at Shaker Heights on March 22, Elyria was represented by ten girls from this organization. These represen- tatives participated in volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, darts, and swimming. The officers of the group are: President, Sara- beth Rosep Secretary-Treasurer, Violet Datenag point chairman, Ianet Deckerg and advisor, Miss meetings in the last year were talks by Miss Marion Kemble on the background of Elyria's Lett to Right-First Row: Nancy Gallen, Sally Marshall ski, Eleanor Bennet, Beverly Krespach, Wilma Sonkoly, Second Row: Miss Fosselius, Ioan Brydon Carol Deuble, Kathryn Karas, Iune Smith, lane Mashinski, Sarabeth Rose, Third Row: lean Marsh, Shirley Mackin, Mary Io Lump, Boylan, Olga Traicoff, Rita Shifkoski, Cathryn Wilhelmy Carr, Lilaruth Hill, Phyllis Briggs. Ebba Fosselius. -Mary Io Lump. Ruth Gunder, Claire Mclntyre, lane Brydon, Mary Lupin Alice Donahue, Ruth Ann Smith, Violet Datena, Mary Guenin, Annette McKelvie, Myra Stevenson Marge Fell, Peggy Hogan, Betty Krupko, Wilma Smith Ioanne Giede, Mary Lou Urig, Shirley Braddon Connie l..aVerne Schmitkons, Ianet Decker, Lois Trumpey Vivian Fourth Bow: Shirley Rogers, Nancy Nielsen, Shirley Cox, Donna Vibber, Evelyn Iabbush, Dorothy Schlitt Sue Carol Greening, Audrey Ioviak, lane Allen, Rosemary O'Connor, Pat Clark, Francis Lucas, Lois Simms, Anne Dutch Evelyn Gedridge, Clementine Yarbrough, Nancy Faldon, Doris Wurster. 94 V o l l ey ball Over the Net She Goes! Girls En'oy Gym Experiences Left to Right: First Row: Vivian Carr, Peggy Willis, Dorothy Cooley, Betty Collier, Eileen Baxter. Second Row: Claire Mclntyre, Delores Novak, Nadine Telzerow, Eleanor MacDonald, Donna Burrer standing on her head, Pauline Kaatz, Donna Thompson. In the beginning of this school year Miss Fosselius came to Elyria High as the girls' phys- ical education teacher. The exercise pictured herewith are just a few of the interesting things that are done under her leadership. In the last three months the girls have been learning new exercises and tumbling to improve their posture and health. The first game of the year was volleyball. After allowing enough time for the new pupils to learn the principles of the game, after school games were scheduled. Squads from each grade were formed and tournaments were held. Gym leaders gave much of their time to referee the games. Many looked forward to the basketball season. This year the girls practiced a new way of guarding which allowed the guard to play more of the field thus making the game faster and more exciting. The practice of teamwork and shooting for baskets was practiced several weeks before the tournaments between the grades were held. Some sophomore girls were given the practice of refereeing. Much of this was from carefully observing the leaders. Basketball came to a close by having an all- star game. The girls were chosen from the different grades who had gone out for the after school games. The last game of the year is outdoor baseball. Practice of pitching and catching was done in the gym before the outside games. After school games are held outside with each grade competing with another grade. Indoor games which are played year round are ping pong, badminton and shuffle board. Tournaments are carried on in Friday gym classes only due to the large classes during the week. Letters, awards, and pins are given to the girls, who have accumulated a certain number of points, which are given for outside work. This may be for hikes and after school games in different sports. 95 Versity Gridders Meet Opponents Maniul Left to Right: First Row: Ray Kemp, Howard Schuster, Ollie Glass, Bob Reichard, Ralph Schuster, lack Crav ford, Dart Keech, Ioe Kovacs, Wally Adams, Iames Lear, Iohnny Lapos, Ice Ianowicz, Vic Ianowicz, Tony Curcill Ralph Moyer, Ierry Gaines, Danny Coleman. Second Row: Bob Hengartner, Dick MacDonald, lack Plas, Larry Stranic, Cecil Garland, Neal Crosby, Frank Radach, Don Hafferkamp, Eugene Brattoli, Iim McNulty, Clarence Board, Ed Turon, Nick Resar, Don Gleisner, Iol Vargo. The Ball! The Ball! KEQ 'fd-Xl! W if N 3 l ly fl 52' Qs ' 'g794XX35 Ml ee Xia XX 1 . 1" , ill ' fd!! XNXX XX "fx 'I Cf' df 1 f XX l ,IX f QV X N V fsiifffjo , , l X 9' 1 I ff J I mi X Wi? f f W K Left 'zo Right: Ralph Moyer, Ollie Glass, Coach Trubey, 5 f, X! Vic Ianowicz, Iohnny Lapos. My of 96 The Reserves, I-liming for Varsity in '47-'48, Played With Vigor X , , W Left to Right: First Row: Don Gleisner, Cecil Garland, Clarence Board, Clayton Gcdchell, Steve Gorbics, Dick Pycrcxft, Don Thompson, Chris Manos, Larry Strcrnic, Dcrve Kelly, Ioe Rucz, Iohn Sexton, Dick Iohns, George O'Dell. Second How: Bob Pierce, Ralph Shuster, Ken Grcrbor, Don McGinley, Bill McMullen, Andy Arvy, Allen Struck, Bob Tokcs, Don Sommers, Ed Kcrylor, Phil Hahn, Dcxn Coleman. X 4 1 ' ln, I Lett to Right-First Row: Betty Rose Davis td. m.l, Rita West fd. m.l Mr. Walter F. Von Brock fDirectorl, Dick Ehlke, George Miller, Donna Thompson, Betty Collier, Bernard Evenchik, Robert Pierce, Ron Gusky, Richard Sadow- ski, fd. m.l, Lillian Tkacs fd.m.l, Harriet Varsey fd.m.l Second Row: Richard Decker, lim Couture, Ieanette Yosa, Marjorie Snyder, Nancy Brodbeck, Lois Trumpy, Richard Eschtruth, Al Rea, Don Hange, Richard Roth, Carolyn Burill, Barbara Brown, Ray Brenner. Third Row: Fred Steele, Bob Hancock, Lois Tedrow, Marie Law, Arthur Ketchum, Ruth Krieg, Shirley Braddon, Ioanne Crossmier, Laura Young, Iacqueline Carmel, Bob Palmer, Ioanne Hull. Fourth Row: Ted Daykin, Ianice Dean, Philip Daykin, Ray Fowler, Robert Strom, Allan Page, Ierry Koehn, Alex White, lane Smith, Marianne Frank, Iohn Harper, Laverne Schmitkons. Fifth Row: Stafford Finlay, Charles Grundy, lay Ross, Glenn Nead, Paul Hubbell, Iohn Grundy, Wally Nichols, Ierry Gaston, Bill Butts, Donna Vibber, Kosma Glavis, Shirley Van Dyke, Mary Ursem, Al Roth, Hugh Windsor. Back Row: Wayne Baus, Don Standen, Norman Barr, Harvey Evenchik, Arthur Hudnutt, Doris Wurster, Norman Folley, William Hand, George Traicoff ,George Wilcox, lames Fichtel, Phil Stevik, Iames Iordan, David Simth. Band Under the direction ot Mr. Walter F. Von Brock the band began its long and steady prac- tice when 80 members were scheduled to meet the tifth period on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at the opening of school this year. For the first two weeks the band worked on marches and drilled on formations in preparation for the football games The lawn of the Home lor the Aged, on West Avenue became the practice ground for the band during football season and city buses were hired to furnish transportation to the stadium once a week The band attended all games, home and away, this year except the Lakewood game and had chartered buses for all the out-of-town games During football season the band marched in the Hallowe'en parade and put on an assembly for the upper and lower grades One of the most looked forward to and color- ful activities of the band is the Military Ball which was attended by many of our members on November 19, sponsored by the Cleveland Heights Band. This formal was for the members ol the Lake Erie League Bands only. Then in February all the bands of the Lake Erie League were invited to the Arena at Cleve- land to play for the basketball games being played between the six teams of the league. The Lake Erie League Band Festival, which had not been held since 1942, was at Lorain April 18. Each band played a concert of three or four pieces in the afternoon. The evening program was a concert by a selected band ot about one hundred fifty pieces made up of the best players of each band under the direction ot Manley Whitcomb from Ohio State University. Officers are as follows: President, Fred Steele: Vice-President, and Drum Major, Dick Sadowskig Secretary and Treasurer, Donna Vibberg Direc- tor, Mr. Walter F. Von Brock. The band gave its annual Spring Concert May 6 and also marched in the Memorial Day Pa- rade. Participating in many civic enterprizes, the group completed its services by making its final appearance at baccalaureate and com- mencement. X I Q W , A 4, Wifi L - W -- Q ff skgipa QQSEAXLWQ wi Q Q W if 'Ur gf' H ik 'ass' n faeigaaxqaev fi' 'len Q, 75 f f f Y W 3 'I Q 5sx 44i ou?faew77Waa ,E W L , N. , r Y 5 if H 'ff f 2 4' fa X5 Ms if Letter Men Don Dougherty Vic Ianowicz Bob Hengartner Iohn Kruscz Iohn Vanco Ollie Glass Bill Bock Ralph Moyer Senior i i SCHEDULES Varsity Basketball Lost To Cleveland Lincoln .i........ 4 3-41 Cleveland Heights ......,... 63-45 Lakewood ................ ..... 5 5-42 Mansfield ............... ..,.. 3 5-34 Shaker Heights ...... ,.... 4 3-30 Lost To Ridgeville ...........,.....,...,,. 25-18 Sandusky ...... 32-28 Sandusky ...,.. 18-14 Norwalk ...,,... 27-24 Norwalk ........ 3 5-14 Ridgeville ,..... 31-19 Lost To Lakewood ...,....................., 31-U Clearview Reserves 18-13 Won From Sandusky .......................,.. 31-0 Sandusky .......................... 13-7 Rocky River .. ....... 35-0 Managers Iack Lesnick IG Fr Ashland ....... .,.. . .. ...... 50-48 Shaw ..............,,................ 35-34 Lorain ............................,. 39-35 Cleveland Heights ...,.... 50-47 Shaw ..............................,. 55-43 Bellevue ,........ ................, 4 7-33 Massillon ........................ 63-57 Dec Dec Dates of Games 7-Amherst 11-Cleveland Lincoln Dec 13-at Cleveland Hts. Dec 17-Sandusky Dec. 20+Lakewood Dec. 27-Mansfield Ian. 17-Fremont Ian. 10-at Shaker Heights 31-Cleveland Heights 14-Shaker at the Arena Ian. 24-at Lorain Ian. Feb. 7-at Lakewood Feb. Feb. 21-at Shaw Feb. 22-Bellevue Feb. 25-Lorain Feb. 27-Wooster at Akron Mar. 3-Massillon at Akron Won From Amherst ..,....................... 45-33 Sandusky ........................ 52-49 .Fremont ....... 43-35 Lakewood ..... 41-39 Shaker ......,. 50-3 6 Ian. 14-at Ashland Lorain ........ 47-39 Ian. 17-Shaw Wooster ...... 53-39 shman BasketbaH Won From Don Hawke Amherst ..............,........... 35-13 Mike Merva Amherst ........................,. 26-16 Rudy Cross Clearview Reserves ...... 33-32 Bob Messaros Rocky River .................... 29-18 Howard Looks Bob McCallister Letter Men lim Carner Tom Farmer Ed Marsh eshman FootbaH Dale Yost Iames Carner Bob Cochrane Don Hawk? Rudy Davis Lane' Men Bob Messaros Iames Anton Albert Iohnson . Russel Sherman Dick Holmes David Sigel Iohn Lantsberry 100 Roy West Tom Farmer Iimmy Iones Rudy Cross Iirn Clifford Torn Ristas lim Borthwick Tennis Left to Right-First Row: Don Ignatz, Ed Haywood, Bill Walker, Iohn Iasper Second Row: Ray Gehl, Eugene Palm, Bernie Evencliick, Mr. Don Mcllroy. Lost To Letter Men Lorain ..,..................... ..,.... 5 -O B11 W lk Lorain ...,.,,,...,,......,. ....... 5 -0 I G er Lakewood ......., ,...,.. 5 -U Iack Lance Lakewood .................. ....... 5 -U Gene Palm Won from 'Ed Haywood FQCUMY '--'--'----"""-'-"'---'---'- 3'2 Bernie Evenchik . Dales ol Games George Ligotke Sept. 12 ...,...................... Lorain Ray Gehl Sept. 17 .................. Lakewood Oct. 24 ....... ...... a t Lakewood Oct. 25 ....... ,,.,.. q t Lorain 'Senior 1947 Track Schedule Friday, April 18-Sandusky. Friday, April 25-Parma and Rocky River. Wednesday, April 30-at Ashland. Saturday, May 3-at West Tech-Relays. Wednesday, May 7-at Lorain. Saturday, May 10-Lake Erie League Track Meet. Wednesday, May 14-Lorain. Saturday, May 17-District Meets at Rhodes. lUl 1 X Q? 2- db Slttlfl UN 5 on Sli mf l" 0' sa P A ' so had Some fun u am ,Q 3 ,I N r X B r M aofkh Lx' AME' gd , I y-"1" TL S...zL'::... X' 4' g I I1 , r Q- -meg-ir 4- J r s ! M. 52?-JJ I Q of ash X: ! fymlx . X5 X I XX 1. M fm Nl V I X U A- I 'x , ,Q LE AG F .. Dr J liiilllil 7 Mx .,T..:z:e1:1ig psrafsmm. H QLQN nel look Wlmb Hap ons. The SC'1eo'Y:Tdl0fy S .. F .. - I Howr-n'lcS2 Foftbau Q82 Hair Do's OF of . Players RQRQQQ 3 N' j7" "M4 -1, AQ we ' . 4-A gy? , vxqvx Oi' 5 w U f 'V ' WJ E of Q lg 5' 4: I YZPXOOX Ax 12650 A 7 : 5 E J 4.2 , Q" 1 , P V sg' I I, ' Q xg- ,?.6..,,iAg ' szgxf 7' 't N7 9 A 5' Do! I nuese Y iw U ff KZ '5 Q z Barret zu- I l , g fb gr K n ' if 'Q i 'a-. -15' LV TI Smfnfs ? X X Q 12,G,eeH,,,,,, B cf can rf J' 'h x A i fl f" - ,I Sbcxmfsfll' q Z os., me lead 5 .-a...m ss , pipe Seniar-CI1o'lrY,V5P WW4 2 -- ,E Z1 r was X buff is P W Or4elSe U x Q MDX 3- Q? '-'Q : 'sw'v:"wf:'f A lu Q r - - A Ep 1 ' 3 We Finally rm.: out r - If' wlmk we really ?-' mm Sr,,g5JE,'::ii- . 'N look Uke! - r 1 -K i '-W b G I Rtnderod 51 E- L' ROLL 0F THE SCl'l00L A Abbe ack-R D. No 2, El ria y, I . . y ........ . Abookire, Gloria--1505 Middle Ave. Adams, Robert-65 Riverside Homes ,... Agler, Iack-193 Spruce Street .............. Ahlhurg, Ruth-89 Laundon Ct. ....A...... . Ahlgrim, Allen-916 Walnut Street .....,.. Aldrich, Keith-512 Woodland Ave. ........ . Alexander, Alfred-251 Stanford Ave. Alexxander Robert-162 S ruce St . P - ------ W Ali, lshmet-714 Middle Ave. ............ . Allen, Iane-322 Princeton Ave. .,.. . Allen, Russell--125 Harwood St. ....... . Alten, Wayne-346 W. Second St. .... . Ames, Patricia-342 Eighth St. ....,........ . Anderson, William-1835 West Ave. ...... . Andress, Pat-432 Earl Ct. .......................... .-.-.. - Anton, Iim-South Middle Ave. ..............--..----.------ - Archer, Bonnie Marie-206 Courtland St. ........... . Armstrong, Lois-101 Harvard Ave. .....r.r.... ...... . Armstrong, Ossie-346 Sixteenth St. ...... . Arndt, Dorothy-31 Artemas Ct. ........... . Arnold, Carolyn-No. 6 Plaza Apts. ..... . Bock, William-303 Spruce St. .,....,.........,..... . Boeggeman, Charles-124 Marseilles Ave. .. Boggs, Floyd-Perkins W. Va. ..................... . Bokay, Margaret Ann-256 Prospect St. ...... . Bordy, Bill-365 Vulcan St. ....................... . Born, Betty Lou-115 Edison Ct. .................... . Born, Thomas-R. D. No. 2 ............................... Borthwick, Iames-312 Eastern Hgts. Blvd. . Botos, Helen-154 Garvin Ave. ...................... . Boughton, Ronald-211 Brandtson Ave. ...,.. . Bouy, Emogene-912 Middle Ave. ................ . Bowden, Patricia-953 East River ..........,.....,.. Braeudigan, Nanett-Oberlin Rd. R. D. 2 ..... Bradner, Eugene-366 Frnace St. ................. . Brasselle, Ioan-140 W. Bridge St. ........... , Brattoli, Eugene-112 Eady Court ........ Brattoli, Theresa-112 Eady Court ..........,....... Brecknock, Donna-157 Longfellow St. ........ . Brenner, Raymond-405 Middle Ave. ..........., . Brenzo, Jeanette-R. D. No. 3 Griswold Rd. Bridgeman, Toline--197 Parmely Ave. .......... . Briggs, Russell-219 East Ave. ...................... . Brodbeck, Nancy-206 Harvard Ave. .... . Brotherton, George-307 Clark St. ..... . Brotherton, Ronald-307 Clark St. ..... . Arnold, Mary-170 Lafayette St. ......................--.-A - Arvay, Andy-122 Beech St. ................................- . Atkinson, Carl-625'fz Lodi St. ............................. . Atkinson, Kenneth-R. D. No. 1 Cleveland Rd. Bago, Frank-140 Woodford Ave. ...... . Bailey, Mike--527 Dewey Ave. ...... . Bainbridge, Audry-551 Lodi St. .... . Baker, Dale-143 Beebe Ct. ............ . Baker, Elyah-338 Seventh St. ............ . Baker, Nancy-264 Roosevelt Ave. ....... . Bakos, Evelyn-613 West Third St. ..... . Baldwin, Eugene-163 Bellefield Ave. .... . Bally, Dean-305 East Broad St. ........... . Bally, loAnn-305 East Broad St. ...... . Bally, Ray-305 East Broad St. ...... . Baltzell, Frederick-939 Gulf Rd. ......... . Barbkneckt, Charlene-132 Clark St. Baltzell, I. G.-936 Gulf Rd. ................ . Barr, Norman-318 Bell Ave. .............. . Barres, Gene-324 East Broad St. . ..... . Bauer, Norman-255 Warren Ave. .... . Bauer, Ruth M.-340 Winckles St. .... . Baxter, Eileen--336 Twelfth St. ........... . Bailey, Booth-130 East Bridge St. .............. ..... . Bazley, Emily lean-l3U East Bridge St. .... ..... . Beal, Betty-Z51!z West Ave. ...................... . Beattie, Norah E.-119 Ridge St. ......,. Beauchemin, Alan-247112 Bath St. ....... . Beckstein, Kenneth--R. D. No. 2 ................. Bednarz, Conrada-R. D. No. 1 Grafton Bechtel, Dennis-154 Clark St. ...........,...... . Bendik, Irene Marie-146 Adelbert St. .... . Bennet, Helen-118 Woodford Ave. ....... . Bennet, Hilma-ll7 Chase St. ............ . Bergman, Arlene-318 Lodi St. ............ . Bergman, Harriette-318 Lodi St. ...... . Berger, Anna lane-1103 East River ...... Betounes, Katherine-545 Broad St. ............ ...... . Billings, William-210 Harrison ..........................., Billingsley, LaDonna-Stop 12Vz Lake Ave. ...,... . Bills, Shirley .... 426 Tenth Street ..........................,... Bixley, Roy-263 Harwood St. ...................... ...... . Bisbing, Betty lane .... 405 Oxford Ave. ...... . Blackstone, Ruth-1706 West Ave. ....... . Blitch, Mary-1904 Grafton Rd. ........... . Boals, Charles-252 Third St. ....,............. . Board, Clarence-R. D. No. 2 Fuller Rd. Brown , Alvin--IU4 Center St. .,.,.,.,.,,,, . Brown, Barbara-324 Oxford Ave. ..... . Brown, Donna-221 Miller Ct. .,........... , Brown, Eloise-42 River Side Homes ..... Brown, Harrom-42 River Side Homes .... Brown Brown Brown Brown Bruce, Bruce, , Harry-221 Miller Ct. ................ . , Sherman-IU Shear St. ..,.,..,.,. , e, Iohn-Stop 5, Lake Ave. .......... . ing, Bruce-193 Longfellow St. Gerald-124 Williams St. ,,.,,,.,,,.,, , Grant-R. D. No. l, Grafton ....... . Bruce, Harrold-2019 Grafton Rd. ...... . Bruce, Launa-500 West Third St. ..... . Bruse, Ioan-413 West Twelfth St. ..... . Bruck, Anne-624 West Avenue ......... . Brucker, Ruth-119 Neuter Ct. .........,,.,.........,, , Brunner, Ray-122 Rush St. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Brushaber, Zane-Cleveland Rd. N. Olmsted i f l I 'flu mfs I lklllttr,ltfff,f,?-AI I , , nv VV, Q f l 1' X llxi , '- WU i U 1 .K I K I Best Wishes to the Class oi "'47 7fzama44.an 'ft v -1 POTATO CHIPS POPCORN PRETZELS Always Fresh - Always Crisp El 206 Clark. St. Phone 3245 Elyira, Ohio Bundy, Stanley-128 Warren Avenue .... ....,.. Bumback, Don-5 Crehore Ct. ............ --'-w- - Burdik, Lois-124 Harwood St. .......... . Bm-ill, Carolyn-358 Sixth St. ............... -v---- - Burke, Beverly-121 Pasadena Ave. ........ ..-.-. - But-nette, Evalyn-484 Cleveland St- .----- ------ - Burns, Pauline-Overbrook Rd. ............ . Burr, Ioyce-247 Harwood St. .v......... . Burr-er, Donna-R. D. No. 3, Elyria ....... --v.-'- Bursley, Barbara--271 Columbus St- ------ ------ - Buswell, Delores-440 High St. ........--.------,- --,--- A Butkiewicz, Rose Marie-317 East Ave. Butler, Gwendolyn-212 Longfellow St. .... . Butler, Mollie-334 Hawthorne St. ......... . Butts, Bill-319 Stanford Ave. ........-,.--- - Byam, Iarnes-l54 Eacly Ct. ....v.......-- - Byam, Iay-l 54 Eady Ct. ..................-.-. . Bycynski, Bernard-lU25 Middle Ave. Decker, Dick-357 Oxford Ave ..,............... C Cahl, lim-524 West River Street ..........., ........ Calkins, Marilyn-242 E. Broad Street ....... -------- Callahan, Hugh-145 Elbe Street ..........-. -------- Camp, Norman-237 Hawthorne Street ---------------- Denes, Magdalene-137 Elbe St. ......... . Carnpagna, Frances-Gulf Rd. ..................v-.---- ---- - Carlson, Carmel, Carner, Carney, Carney, Carney, Carsten Patricia I.-328 Ninth Street .................. Iacquelin Ann-144 Pasadena Ave. ....... . Iames M.-186 Bell Avenue .................,.- Patrick E.-503 Dewey Avenue ....l...l....... Iarnes-503 Dewey Avenue .,....... Iohn-503 Dewey Avenue ..,......, sen, Calvin-N. Abbe Rd. ..... . Crofford, Dick-Stop 6, Lake Ave. .........,. , Cromling, Adronee-121 Adelbert Street Crosby, Lyle-122 Longfellow Avenue .... Crosby, Neal-210 Lake Avenue .,.,,,,,.,,, Cross, Rudolph-221 Oberlin Rd. ..r...,.... . Crossmier, Ioanne-711 Cleveland Street Csonka, Nick-134 Woodford Avenue ,.., Cuson, Warren-847 W. River Street ...... Curcillo, Tony-144 Clark Street ......... Dages, Margaret Ann-227 Spruce St. .. Daly, Reggie-213 Chestnut St. ........ Daniels, Bob-321 Longford Ave. ...... . Davidson, Carl-315 E. Broad St. ...... . Davidson, Shirley-229 Wooster St. ..... . Davis, Dwain-651 East River St. r..... . Davis, Rudy-1922 Middle Ave. ..... . Daykin, Ted-240 Sixth St. ......... . Dean, Bob-Ford Rd., Elyria ........... . Dean, Ianice-R. D. No. 3, Elyria ....... Dean, Lois-R. D. No. 3, Elyria ...... Decker, Ianet-238 E. Hts. Blvd. ...... . Dellisanti, Gene-1328 West River St. .... . Delp, Betty-155 Caroline St. ............... . Demarco, Tony-124 Quincy .......,....... Demetral, Dimitri-1117 West Ave. Demetral, Esther-1117 West Ave. .... . Demetral, Ioan-1117 West Ave. ........... . Denes, Iim-R. D. No. 1, La Grange ....... Carter, Betty-R. D. 1, Lagrange .,... Carter, Eva M.-167 Wood Street ..... Casey, Iackeldinc-+151 Spruce ......... Casey, Larue--149 Ridge Street .............. Casey, Phyllis 149 Rid e Street - g ,....,.................... Caywood, Gardner-351 Sixteenth Street Caywood, Iudy A.-309 Spruce Street Cebula, Ioseph-232 West River Street Cerlan, Betty M.-No. 7 Lesnick Ct. ....... . Cerlan, Robert-No 7 Lesnick Ct. ........... , Denes Denes, , Martha-137 Elbe St. ...................... . Theresa-R. D. No. 1, La Grange Dennison, Bob-220 Howe St. .................. . Dernier, Dorothy-1385 East Ave. ....... . Deuble, Carol-235 Harwood St. ......... . Dickerson, Robert-5 Shear St. ................ . Diederich, Malcolm-130 Riverside Ct. .... . Diederich, Shirley-143 Bath St. ........... . Diewald, Delores-154 Abbe Rd. ........ . Diewald, Dorothy-154 Abbe Rd. ......... . Chambers, Iune-Route No. 3, Ford Rd. ............... . Chapler, Erma-R. D. No. 2, West 17th Street ...... Chechuck, Michael-126 Homer Street ................ Cheney, Robert-202 Blaine Street ........................ Chesmar, Barbara L.-R. D. No. 3 .......... Chismar, Alice I.-312 Clark Street ........... Chorni, Eleanor-203 West River Street ..... Chorpening, Emily-348 6th Street ...i.... Clark, Evelyn-843 W. Broad Street ........ ........ Clark, Patricia-843 W. Broad Street ....... ........ Cla comb Nanc -124 Courtland ........ Y . y -------.-. Clifford, Iames-123 Longford Avenue ....... Clifford, Nancy-123 Longford Avenue ................ Cochran, Elma-920 East Avenue .......................... Cochrane, Robert-317 Cambridge Avenue ........ Coffin, Donald-114 Middle Avenue .................... Coghlan, Mary-362 Furnace Street ............ Coker, Della-425 Sixteenth Street ....... Coleman, Dan-801 E. River Street ....... .....,.. Collier, Iames-217 Harwood Street ........ Collier, Marilyn-217 Harwood Street ...,... ........ Conover, Carol-248 Ohio Street ............ ........ Cook, Iuanita-1701 Lorain Blvd. ......... ....... . Cooley, Dorothy-333 Oberlin Rd. ....... ...... . Coon, Audrey-1300 East Avenue .......... ....... Coon, Eileen-235 Woodford Avenue ...,,.. Corn, Edith-227 West River Street ........ Corts, Iock-205 Cleveland Street ...... 1 Coughlin, Helen-25 West Avenue ....... Court, Gladys-807 W. River Street ..... Cousino, Don-350 Fourth Street ............ Courture, Iames-1885 Lake Avenue ...... Crawford, lack-116 Edison Court ....... Dobrowski, Ioe--1518 Middle Ave. ..... . Dombrowsky, Don-153 Erie St. ........... . Donahue, Alice-R. D. No. 1, Grafton ..., Dostal, lack-140 Harwood Ave. ........... . Dostal, Patty-230 Middle Ave. ........ . Drager, Iack-221 Harwood St. ....... . Dreier, Anna-1505 Middle Ave. ...... . DuBray, Robert-359 Middle Ave. .... . DuCoty, Donald-340 Furnace St. ...... . Dugar, Helen-113 Nichols Ct. ............ . Dumont, Donald-331 Abbe Road ..,.... Dunfee, Iack--R. D. No. 2, Elyria ....... Dunn, Ann-lll Hillsdale Ct. ....,.... . Dutch, Ann-535 Ohio St. ........ . Dyer, Donna-ll73 Gulf Rd. .... . E Eaton, Rosemary-320 E. Hts. Blvd. ..... . Eckenroad, Ioann-218 North Olive St. Eddy, Richard-R. D. No. 3, Elyria .......... Edwards, David-R. D. No. 3, Griswold Elbert, Carol-449 Kenyon Ave. ......... . cl Elbert, Pat-1268 East Ave. ........,.,,,,,...,,.,.,, , Eldred, Ardith-R. D. No. 2, Elyria ...., Eldred, Nelda-119 Woodbury St. .... . Ellis, Conrad-504 West 12th St. .........., , Engel, Katherine-R. D. No. U, Elyria Engelbach, Betty .........,,. ..,, ,,., ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, , , . Rd Ensign, Ioan-R. D. No. Z, West Ridge Ericson, Greta-132 Caroline St. .,......,.,,,,. . Ervin, Pearl-237 Oberlin Rd. ............. . Eschke, Howard-427 First Place ......,. Eschtruth, Richard-R. D. No. 0, Elyria--Ill.. Lovely Line ot Stationery Fine Cosmetics KI k ll 1 J . n S Q co OTS Houbrgant, Tussy, Coty, Fountain Pens, Books, Gifts, Revlgnl Barbara Gguld School Supplies Paliner's Perfumes Elyria Stationers Crandall's Drug Store 533 Broad Street Prescriptions, Sick Room Supplies LNGXL to LlI1COl1'1 Theatrel Ave. Phone . Your Photographic Headquarters CAMERAS, ENLARGERS, SUPPLIES, FILMS THE ll. E. LOOlVllS CO. l34 Middle Avenue Ph ne 2440 CAREK FLOWERS FIRST A B U N D A N C E b e c a u s e f G f CAREK'S FLOWERS LAST O Service or Your Cm Phfme 2132 BILL PALM'S Carek Florist, Inc. Hi-Speed Service Broad St. Elyria, 137 Cleveland St. Phone 2167 INSURANCE It pays to have it and be happy - Rather than not have it and be sorry 'FHE HUFFM1-lN - HUBBARD CO. 106 Evenchick, Bernard-316 Oxford Ave. Everett, Glendon-184 Parmely Ave. .... . F Fahrney, Richard-359 West St. ............ . Faldon, Nancy-511 Woodland Ave. .... . Falkenhof, lack-245 Howe St. ........... . Fannon, Kenneth-1322 W. River St. ...... . Farmer, Richard-400 Morgan Ave. Farmer, Thomas-443 Adams St. ...,. . Farrand, Glenn-358 Columbia Ave. .. Farrand, William-128 Bath St. ..... . Fawcett, Iames-1045 Gulf Rd. .... . Fees, Theckla-915 S. Logan St. L ....... Fell, Marjorie-320 S. Maple St. ..... . Fenimore, Ellen-249 Gates St. .... . Ferber, Eugene .................................... Fichtel, Iames-312 E. Broad St. ........ . Fields, lack-Cleveland St., Gratton ...... Fillo, Eugene-454 Adams St. ............. . Filo, Ieanne-110 Dennison Ave. Fimdi, Hilda G.-25 West Ave. ........ . Findley, Robert-Abbe Rd. North ........... Finnell, Patricia-326 East River St. .... . Fisher, Laura-109 West St. .................... . Fitch, Evelyn-R. D. No. 3, Elyria Ave. Fitch, Ruth-R. D. No. 3, Elyria ............... Fitzpatrick, Harold-213 Oberlin ........... Fitzgerald, Linda-349 Denison Ave. .... . Fitzpatrick, Lewis-2102 So. Oak St. ....... . Fitzppatrick, Robert-139 Bellefield ...,.................. Flanagan, Kathleen-R. D. No. 2, Lorain ............ Flanagan, Patricia-R. D. No. 2, Lorain ....... ...... Fleisher, Leonard-821 West River St. ............... . Fling, Raymond-986 Chestnut St., Grafton Flood, Connie-215 Warren Ave. ......................... . Flood, Donald-233 Bath St. ................................... . Foglyano, Iames-15 Smith Ct. .... . Folley, Norman-210 Erie St. ......... . Ford, David D.-336 Sumner St. ..... . Ford, Eleanor-336 Sumner St. Foster, Roland-318 Blaine St. .... . Fox, Arnold-416 Third St. ..........,,........ . Fox, Richard-Iackson Hotel ...................... France, Margaret-618 Woodland Ave. Francis, Betty Iane-lZl Waverly St. .... . Francis, Iames-121 Waverly St. ......... . Frank, Marian-312 Cornell Ave. .......... . Freuman, Lester-394 Columbus St. ........... r.... . French, Max-136 Eastern Hei hts Blvd g . ........... . Fridenstine, Carl-R. D. No. Z, Oberlin Rd. Fritz, Gene-207 West River St. .,.....,.,.,......,.,.,.,.. . Fritz, Rita-207 West River St. ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , Frye, Harold-347 Wesley Ave. Frye, Litha-347 Wesley Ave. ......... . Fullmer, Lois-1620 Grafton Rd. ......... . Fulton, Donald-158 South Abbe Rd. G Gage, Gwendolyn M.-303 Clark St. .... . Gagen, Beatrice-416 East Ave. ........ . Gaines, Gerry-1832 Middle Ave. ..... . Gall, Kenneth-1123 Lake Ave. ....... . Gallen, Nancy-3U8 Eastern Hts. Gallo, Earls-321 Bell Ave. ........,.,. . Gallo, Io-315 Eightteenth St. Gantz, Russell-109 High St. ..... . Gard, Howard-308 Broad St. ...... . Gardner, Galen-600 Foster Ave. Garfield, lean-R. D. No. 2 ......,,........ Garland. Cecil-325 Gulf Rd. ..........., . Garries, Arthur-223 Brandson Ave. Gaston, Alan-137 Longfellow Ave. .... . Gaston, Gerald-137 Longfellow Ave. Gatchell, Clayton-261 E. 16th St. .... . Gatens, Lucille-164 Cleveland St. .... . Gates, Donald Charles-247 E. 13th St. Gawura, Maryanne-414 High St. ......... . Gedridge, Edward-169 Fairlawn Ave. Gedridge, Lawrence-343 Furnace St. Gegenheimer, Naomi-217 West St. ....... . Gehl, Carol--809 Baetz Ct., Lorain ........... Gehl, Roy-R. D. No. 2, Baetz Ct., Lorain Gehm, Mary Lou-337 Gulf Rd. ............. . Gehrke, Sallye-360 High St. ........-.------- - Gensert, Danny-439 Kenyon Ave. ...... . Gentzel, lane-1003 Gulf Road ................ Gerhardinger, Iack-Butternut Ridge .... Gibbens, Patricia-Stop 6 Lake Avenue Gibbs, Richard Eugene-123 Clinton Ave. Giebel, Charles-8121!z West Ave. ....... . Gill, John-R. D. No. 3, Elyria ................ Gilles, Iames-411 West River St. Gilles, lean-194 Adelbert St. ........... . Gilmore, Rae--131 Beverly Ct. .............. . Gisman, Donna Lee-910 Lake Ave. ..... . Gilles, Mary Ann-411 W. River St. ..... . Given, Ierry--623 Gulf Rd. ..................... . Givens, Phyllis-275 West River St. ..... . Glavos, Kosma-264 East Broad St. .... . Glass, Gladys-9 Woodford Ave. ..... . Glass, Ollie-9 Woodtord Ave. ...... . Glass, Sylvia-9 Woodford Ave. .... . Glasse, Iune-540 West 2nd St. ....... . Gleisner, Don-R. D. No. 1, Oberlin ..... Goodman, Tyler-111 Homesite Ct. ..... . Gorbics, Steven-715 West River St. ..... . Gorden, Norman-181 Beebe Ct. .......... . Gorham, Geraldine--1389 East Ave. ..... . Gould, Lowell--320 W. 3rd St. ............ . Gray, Harry-150 South Abbe Rd. Gray, Roland--344 East River St. Gray, Irwin--l50 South Abbe Rd. Gray, Shirley-344 East River St. Grebor, Kenneth-161 Clark St. ....... . Greene, Aleise-2 Woodford Ave. ...... . Greene, Gertrude-2 Woodford Ave. ..... . Gribben, Dick-339 Gulf Rd. .............. . Gribben, Robert-339 Gulf Rd. ......... . Grundy, Iohn-241 Seventh St. ............ . Grundy, Lawrence-241 Seventh St. Gruthman, Robert-112 Beverly Ct. .... . Gula, Richard-519 Bond St. ............. . Gulett, Shirley--R. D. No. 3, Elyria ..... Gunder, Reida-R. D. No. 3, Elyria ....... Gurchik, Ioe-107 Malcolm Ct. ......... . Gurchik, Frank-107 Malcolm Ct. Gusky, Ronald-R. D. No. 3, Elyria ...,..,... Guth, Shirlianne-341 Dennison Ave. .... . Gwin, Nancy-147 Cornell Ave. .......... . Haiterkaxnp, Don-15 Devon Courts ..... Hahn, Edward-834 East Ave. ......... . Hahn, Ieanne-Race Road, Elyria ....... Halliwell, Reita Hambly, Donna Lu-R. D. No. 3 ..... Hambly, Phylis-602 W. 15th St. .... . Hamilton, Floyd-lU77 E. River St. Hamilton, Mary-124 Charles St. ........ . Hamlin, Helen-South Middle Ave. ....... . Hammons, Frederick-402 Fuller Rd. ..... . Hanchett, Carlos-1710 Middle Ave. ..... . Hancock, Bob-125 Columbus St. ........ . Hand, William-320 Park Ave. .,........., . Handley, Anita-419 Cambridge Ave. Hange, Don-218 Harvard Ave. ,.............. . Harding, Evelyn-512 Woodland Ave. Hardy, Mary Lou-1410 East Ave. ...... . Harold, Robert-636Vz Lodi St. ,..,........ . Harr, Patsy-320 Columbia Ave. ............. . Harrington, Leona-119 Parkview Ct. Harris, Beverly-438 Oxford Ave. ........ . -347 15th St. ........... . INSURANCE LIFE - ACCIDENT AUTOMOBILE-FIRE KARL W. PLOCHER I Lorain County Bank Bldg. PHONE 2433 Elyria, and Compliments THE KIDDIES' SHOP ROTH A TAILOR SHOP 572 B d sf 1 Elyria mplzments f THE ELYRIA TELEPHUNE COMPANY Hist, Anita-209 Cascade St. .............,.A........ . Harris, Marion-438 Oxford Ave. .... . Harrison, Barbara-108 Grant St. .... . Hartman, Beverly-901 Park Ave. ..... . Harvitt, Beverly-153 Warren Ave. Harvitt, Shirley-153 Warren Ave. ,. Haury, Diane-312 Columbia Ave. ..... . Haury, Patsy-312 Columbia Ave. ...,. . Hawk, Nancy-215 West Ave. .......... . Hawk, Beulah-118 Charles Ct. ..... . Hawkins, Earl-706 E. River St. ........... . Hawke, Don-118 Charles Ct. ........,....... . Hawthorne, Patricia-325.0berlin Rd. Hayes, lean-355 High St. ...................... . Heathcote, Dolora-172 Seneca St. .............. . Hebebrand, Donald-925 Walnut St. ............ . Hein, Betty lane-R. D. No. 3, Griswold Rd Helfrich, Susan-412 Gulf Rd. ...................... . Hemminger, Darlene-170 Beebe ................. Henes Eu ene-R. D. No. 3, N. Murray Rd. ..... . . 9 Henes, Wanda-453 Bell Ave. ...................... . Henes, Wilma-453 Bell Ave. ............................... . Hengartner, Bob-364 Vulcan St. ............. . Henry, Iacqueline-R. D. No. 2 Hall Rd. .... . Henson, William-230 Eighth Street ........ Herman, Anna-East River Street ........................ Herman, Helen-122 Mound St. ............................. . Hess, Arthur-232 Eastern Heights Blvd. Hess, Clay-820 Park Avenue ................................ Hettler, Iames-1212 West Ave. .....,......... . Hewitt, Harriet-239 Rush Street .............. Higgins, Darlene-219 Chestnut Street .,..... Hill, Lilaruth-427 West Second ................ Hilovsky, Betty-419 West River St. ...... . Hinkle, Leila--232 Prospect St. ................... . Hochenedel, Robert-415 Woodland Ave. Hoffman, Donald-125 Lake Ave. ................ . Hoffman, Janis-125 Lake Ave. ................... . Hogan, Donald-144 East Bridge St. ............ . Hogan, Marguerite-100 Dennison Ave. ........... . Hogan, Robert-100 Dennison Ave. ............ . Hogan, Roger-R. D. No. 3, Elyria ............ Holland, David-580 Cleveland St. ........... . Holliday, Richard-181 Longfellow St. Hollis, Amy-R. D. No. 3 Ford Road ...., Hollis, Ioann-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ........... Holmes, Richard-1732 Grafton Road ......... Holt, Robert-296 Marsielles ....................... Holt, William-1349 East Avenue .......................... Holtzman, William-R. D. No. 3 Griswold Road .. Horner, Beatrice-515 Dewey Avenue ...........,...... Horvath, Alex-512 Dewey Ave. ........................... . Horvath. Priscilla-149 South Olive St. ............. . Huffman, Ann-231 Dennison Ave. ....,,,.,.. . Humphrey, Marilyn-216 Third Street ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hunt. FlOyd-1375 East Avenue ............................ Hurst, Mary lane-R. D. No. l La Grange . Huskinson, Ianice-206 Lexington Avenue Huskinson, Kenneth-206 Lexington Avenue ........ Huston, Elnora-103 Riverside Homes ..........,....... Hyer, William-R. F. D. No. 2 Middle Ave. ......... . Jackson, Manda-329 iaih st. ......... .. Iackson, Ruth-706 West River St. .................. . Iacobs, Donald-553 West 3rd St. ................ . Iacobs, Eleanor-553 West 3rd St. ................ . Iacobs, Wanda-R. D. No. 2 Hall Rd. Elyria . Iacobs, Wilma-R. D. No. 2 Hall Rd., Elyria . Iqgusch, Beatrice-119 Oak Street ................ Ianowicz, Victor-425 W. 15th Street ........ Iasper, Iohn-318 Furnace Street ............ Iensen, lean-54 Samuel Street ...................- Iezewski, Lawrence-238 Wooster Street .... Iiovanazzo, Ioe-1707 West Avenue ............ Iohns, Richard A.-803 West River St. .... . Iohnson, Albert E.-348 So. Maple St. Iohnson, Don-R. D. No. 1, Grafton ......,. Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnston, Ivan C.-715 Woodland Ave. ......... . Iohn I.-188 Beebe Ct. ................... . Marjorie-R. D. No. l, East River Rd Rebecca-R. D. No. 3 West Ridge Iones Barbara-322 West St. ....................... . Iones: Fred-419 Adams St. ........................... . Iones, Iames-R. D. No. 2 Linwood St. .... . Iones, Iohn-322 West St. ......................... . Iones, Ralph-419 Adams St. ................. . Iones, Sarah-R. D. No. 2 Linwood St. .... . Iordan, Iames-232 Oxford Ct. ............... .. Ioy, Carol-R. D. No. 2 Elyria ...... Kaatz, Pauline-123 Chase Street .......... Kadas, Magdalene-132 Lake Avenue ........ Kaiser, Clara Ann-225 Gates Avenue ..... Kaiser, Dolores-809 Woodland Avenue ....., Kaiser, Iames-434 Earl Court ...............,..... Kaiser, Ianet-434 Earl Court .................. Kaminski, Ioseph-1601 Middle Avenue Kaplan, Frances-329 West Avenue ........ Karas, Katherine?-315 West Avenue ...... Kares, Iames-136 School Street .................... Kaszubinski, Karl-398 Oberlin Road ........ .. Katsifis, Margaret-R. D. No. 2 West Ridge Kauffman, Eugene-128 Fuller Road ............ Kauffman, Gaylord-551 Lodi Street ...,........ Kay,-Ruth Iune-200 Marseilles Ave. Kaye, Fern-449 Poplar St. ..................... . Kaylar, Edward-125 Williams Street ....... Kean, Alicc-+730 West Broad St. ............. . Keech, Martha-952 Gulf Road ...... Keiper, Iuanita-Carlisle Ave. ..,........ . Keleman, Daniel-309 Foster Ave. Keleman, Eloise-309 Foster Ave. Keller, Don-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ....... Kelley, Carl-1218 East Ave. ........,.... . Kelley, Patrick-No. 3 Smith Court ..... Kelling. Ioan-1106 Park Ave. ........... . Kelling, Kathleen-1141 West Ave. ..,... . Kelly, Dane-133 Columbia Ave. ..... . Kelly, Ieanne-500 Park Ave. ........ . Kellam, Willie-332 W. 16th St. ...... . Kemp, Raymond-235 Erie St. ...... . Keller, Ianet-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ,.,,,,.,,,,,,, Kielv, Nancy-150 Northrup Street ....,....... Ketchum, Arthur-311 North Abbe Road .... Keirr, Robert-Indian Hollow Road .,.....,...,,. Kirkpatrick, Moira-115 Elizabeth Court ...... Kisel, Steve-319 Hayes Ave. ..........,.,..,.,...,. , Kiser, Barbara-R. D. No. 1 Grafton, O. ...,. . Kiser, Rita-R. D. No. l Grafton, O. ........ . Kleeby, Gilbert-1535 Grafton Road ....... Human, Beverly Sue-311 Fifth St, ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Hyman, Charles-219 Hamilton Ave. Hyman, Marilyn-1101 Park Ave. ..... . I lddings Viletta-Case Avenue ............ Ignasik, Donald-521 Second St. .......... . lgneczi, Edward-622 West River St. ,... . Indicott, Phyllis-1131 East River St. .... . Ingold, Norman-R. D. No. 2 Elyria ....... Ives, Audrey-810 West Ave. .................. . Ives, Beverly Ieanne-810 West Ave. .... . I Iackson, Esther-706 West River St. Iackson, Iames-405 W. 14th St. ..,... . Iackson, Ierry-1017 E. River St. .... . Klein, Leonard-281 Pasadena Ave. Klenz, Marie-805 Woodland Ave. ......... . Klesta, Stanley-R. D. No. l Grafton, O. ...... . Klocek, lack-R. D. No. 1 Chestnut Ridge ..... Knapp, Betty Lou-243 Spruce St. ,..,......,,. , Kneiss, Beverly-430 E. River St, ..,,.,.,,,,, , Knight, Margie-121 Longfellow St. .... . THE MUSIC SHOP Everything In Music RADIOS - RECORDS - PHONOGRAPHS INSTRUMENTS - SHEET MUSIC - ACCESSORIES NOVELTIES Instrumental Instruction Phone 3368 529 Broad St. lOverIsaly'sl "Doug" Gihbens "Bob" Mallory Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL , OUR FRIENDS HHZISII S Grocery A 639 Cleveland Street M E N ' S S H O P . Compliments of Home of CABIN SPORT SHOP ON THE SQUARE Indicott Photo Shop 544 - 546 Broad sf. Louisville Title Insurance Co. PARADISE TITLESZQETNTEES RESTAURANT Title Insurance Policies Knipper, Beverly-51 Cedar St. ...... . Knipper, Edwin-51 Cedar St. ............... . Knipper, Iack-Stop 6112 Lake Ave. .,,....... . Knittel Frank R D No 2 El ria Ohio , - . . . y , ............ .. Knittel, Ioe-R. D. No. 2 Butternut Ridge ............ Knowlton, Willis-121 Hillsdale ................. Koehn, Ierry-223 Glennwood St. ........... . Koenig, Robert-222 Marseilles ....... Kohl, Iean-912 E. River St. ..,.,.,.. . Kohl, Regis-912 E. River St. ....i....... . Kolek, Sue-125 Quincy St. ....,............. . Kolopos, Barbara-112 Stanford Ave. Konsesky, Paul-234 Marseilles Ave. ..... . Koon, Patrick-164 Woodbury St. Kopp, Delmar-405 W. 2nd St. v..,,....... . Kopp, Harlan-235 W. River St. ............. . Kopriva, Arnold-104 Princeton Ave. ..... , Kostyo, lack-238 Foster Ave. ................. . Kotai, Alex Seaby-1810 Middle Ave. .... . Kotai, Leona-1810 Middle Ave. .........,... . Kovach, Arnold-321 Fairlawn Ave. ..... . Kovach, Arthur-321 Fairlawn Ave. .. Kovach, Pearl-321 Fairlawn Ave. ...... . Kovach, Iohn-416 Third St. ............ . Kovacs, Louis-569 Irondale .......... ....... Koviak, Albert-552 Turner St. .................. . Kozel, Steve-416 Iefferson St. ............................. . Kranyak, Charmaine-231 Princeton Ave. Krebs, Mary low-176 Longfellow Ave. ........ .... . Krespach, Beverly-1924 Grafton Rd. ........ . Krespach, Ioan-1924 Grafton Rd. ...... . Kreutzke, Fred-455 West 9th St. Kritzell, loan-108 Chase St. ....... . Kritzell, Robert-108 Chase St. ..... . Krieg, Ruth-1015 Foster Ave. ....... . Krotseng, Rolf-359 Cornell Ave. .... . Krueck, Beverly-711 Foster Ave. Krugman, Lois-727 Riverdale Ct. Kruszewski, Iohn--1306 West Ave. ......... . Krystosik, Theresa-1305 Bank St. ............ . Krzyzaniak, Dorothy-214 East 15th St. .... . Kuba, Ieannine-520 Dewey Ave. ........... . Kuhn, Patricia-609 Bond St. .................... . Kurek, Iohn-R. D. No. 2 West State St. .... . Kunkle, Harold-338 Columbia Ave. Kushinski, Iames-420 Kenyon Ave. ................... . Lacey, Edward-Stop 80 Oberlin Rd. ........,........ . Lambert, Lorna-R. D. No. 1 Grafton, Ohio Lance, lack-145 Longfellow Ave. ....................... . Lane, Patricia-435 W. llth St. ..................... Lantsberry, Iohn-223 Oakwood St. ........., . Larkins, Earl-R. D. No. 2 Middle Ave. ......... Larkins, Frances-R. D. No. 2 Middle Ave. Larkins, Herman-R. D. No. 2 Wayne St. ............. . Lawrence, Donna-1104 East Ave. ....................... . Lawrence, Richard-R. D. No. 3 Elyria, Ohio ......., Lear, Iames Ronney-429 Abbe Rd. ...............,... . Lee, Charles-564 Lodi St. .......................... . Leigas, Frances-601 Woodland Ave. .... . Leininger, Audrey-423 Kenyon Ave. Leininger, Virginia-423 Kenyon Ave. Leko, Alex-140 Beverly Ct. ...................... . Lemasters, Charles E.-Box 558 Elyria ..... Leonard, Nancy-232 West Bridge St. ...... . Leonard, William-142 Pasadena Ave. .... . Lesher, Coletta-114 Mendel Ct. ............. . Lesher, Pat-114 Mendel Ct. ,..,......,,,.,. . Lesher, Robert-114 Mendel Ct. .....,.... . Leslie, Helen I.-123 Marseilles Ave. ..... . Lesnick, Iack-317 Harvard Ave. ....,......... . Lesnick, Shirley-317 Harvard Ave. .. Lester, Carole-215 Louisiana Ave. ..... . Leuzzi. Carmelo-345 west Eighth et . .,........ . LIQGS, lohn-1147 West Ave. .........,........,..........,.,, , Ligotke, George-201 Brandston Ave. ...... . Lilley, Bill-244 Stanford Ave. ............ . Livermore, Bessie-237 Fairlawn Ave. ........ . Lohnes, William-316 Columbia Ave. ........ . Longbrake, Leon-R. D. No. 2 Elyria, Ohio Longstreth, Lois-307 Dewey Ave. .............. . Looks, Howard-8 Water St. ........................ . Loper, Robert-R. D. No. 2, Elyria, Ohio Lottman, Donald-P. O. Box 361 Elyria ...... Lowery, Clarabelle-327 Columbus St. ..... . Luppino, Antoinette-B12 Lodi St. ........., . Leister, Dick-129 Harvard Ave. ........... . Lyman, Virginia-345 Columbia Ave. .... . Lyndes, Dick-R. D. No. 1 Grafton ......., Lyndes, lean-R. D. No. l Grafton ..,..,,. McCallister, Robert-406 Woodland Ave. .. McClerg, Mary-660 West Broad St. ...... . McClune, Wayne-140 Clinton Ave. ...... . McDivitt, Barbara-215 Cleveland St. .... . McDivitt, lean-234 West Bridge St. ...... . McDonald, Eleanor-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ...... McElroy, Dorothy-256 Hadaway Ct. .... . McGinley, Don-110 Hamilton St. ......... . McHenry, Marie-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ......... Mclntyre, Elaine-169 Longfellow St. .... . McKitrick, Paul-315 Prospect St. ......... . McLaughlin, Nancy-209 Temple Ct. ..... .. McMan, Alan-148 Courtland St. ............... . McMullen, Alan-R. D. No. 2 Oberlin Rd. McMullen, Win-229 Columbia Ave. ......... . McNulty, Iames-1210 Lake Ave. ................ . McNulty, John E.-1210 Lake Ave. .............. . MacDonald, Elizabeth-Indian Hollow Rd. McDonald, Robert-250 Gates Ave. .......... . Mahilo, William-R. D. No. 1 Ford Road Machock, Eugene-160 Bath Street .............. Mackin, Shirley-204 Fifteenth St. .......... . Macintosh, Betty-124 Monroe St. ..... , Maehr, Marianne-435 West Ave. .... . Maiorca, Felic-317 Eighteenth St. ......, . Maiorca, Grace-317 Eighteenth St. ...,.... . Majesky, Henry-1007 Lake Ave. ............. . Malanowski, Della-428 West Twelfth St. . Malanowski, Tom-348 Twelfth St. ............. . Maloney, James-126 Taft St. ........................ . Manos, Chris-328 East Bridge St. .....,........ . Markel, Phyllis-363 Hawthorne St. ........., . Marozoan, Yolanda-R. D. No. 1, La Grange Marsh, Edward-228 George St. ................ . Marsh, General-346 Cambridge Ave. ........ . Marshall, Walter-704 Lake Ave. ............ . Martin, Elise-R. D. No. 3, Griswold Rd. Martin, Evelyn-275 Bellfield Ave. .,...... . Mashinske, Iane-208 East l4th St. ..... . Mason, Darleno-114 Floral Court ..... Mason, Robert-505 Foster Ave. .... . Mathewson, Tom-203 Erie St. ...... . Mavromatis, Mary-578 Broad St. ....,, . Mayer, Charlotte-435 Third St. ..... . Meeker, William-419 Tenth St. ........ . Meinke, Harold-325 East River St. .,.... . Mekker, George-R. D. No. 1, Grafton ..... Melvin, Iohn-248 Stanford ....,.................. Melvin, Margaret-248 Stanford .....,.,,..,...... Melclewicz, Barbara-135 Cascade St. ..... , Melclewicz, Mary Lou-135 Cascade St. Merante, Iohn-18U6 West Ave. .............,,.,. . Meredith, Ianice Ellen-327 Hawthorne St. Meredith, Patricia-327 Hawthorne St. . Merrick, Mary-125 Samuel St. .,.....,...... Merva, Mike-119 Floral Court .....,........,,,., Messaros, Robert-237 West River St. ..., . Miller, Albert-1 West Avenue ,,,..,,.,,,,,, Miller, George-143 East Broad St. ..... . Miller, lack-113 Williams St. ......,,.... . HARRY D. BURR IEWELER FINE DIAMONDS AND WATCHES 228 Second Street Phone 2650 ALWAYS PLACE TO PARK T H E P E E R L E S S LAUNDRY 5. DRY CLEANING co. Dial 2378 336 Second Street CALL HALL'S PIES for BREAD - ROLLS - CAKES PIES - COOKIES - BUNS and SPECIAL ORDERS 501 Lake Avenue Phone 2845 112 Miller, Mary Lou-l8U5 Grafton Road ------- -------- Minnick, Helen-25 West Avenue .......... Parker, Betty-989 East River St. Parker, Caroe-989 East River St. ,........ Minnich, Roland-127 Huron St. ............... . Mitchell, Douglas-504 West 12th St. Mocsny, David-161 Longfellow St. Moddock, Thomas-301 Abbe Road ...,.. Mogg, Harry-309 High Street .................. Molich, Tom-R. D. No. 3, Elyrid ......--.----v- Monschien, Fred-514 East River St. Montgomery, Blanche-1367 Grafton Rd. ...-------- . Monti, Bill-225 Longfellow Ave. .............. . Moore, Howard-103 Roosevelt Ave. ....... . Moran, Iack-937 East River St. .,.... . Morey, Oliver-425 Cleveland St. .... . Morgan, Sally-124 S. Olive St. ...... , Morrison, Ted-944 Lorain Blvd. ...... . Moss, Edwin-319 Princeton Ave. .... . Motter, Ruth-Sll West River St. ...... . Moyer, Barbara-243 Eighth St. ...... . Moyer, Ralph-243 Eighth St. ........ . Mavromatis, Helen-578 Broad St. ......... . Mudge, William-115 Beverly Ct. ......,..... . Murin ger, Robert-R. D. No. 1 La Grange .,.......... Murphy, Edward-818 West Broad St. ............... . Murphy, Mary-818 West Broad St. .......... . Murphy, Pat-1199 East River St. .......,... . Murray, Oliver-No. 2 Shear St. ................ . Mynchenherg, Bill-141 Dennison Ave. .... . Nagy, Andy-350 Vulcan St. ......,...........,.. . Nagy, Elizabeth-881 West River St. ..... . Nagy, Iulia-350 Vulcan St. ................... . Nash, lean-R. D. No. 2 Oberlin Rd. ..... . Nead, Glenn-247 North Abbe Rd. ..... . Nead, Norma-313 Seventh St. .......... . Neeso Nesbitt, n, Shirley-318 Furnace St. ........... . Newton, Mary Wade-137 Princeton Ave. ........... . Nielsen, Peer-249 Cambridge Ct. .,.......... . Nielsen, William-249 Cambridge Ct. .,.. . Nitch, Maryruth-1836 Grafton Rd. ....... . Nivus, Mary-246 Cornell Ave. ............. . Noster, Lillian-128 Hazel St. .................... . Novak, Geraldine-830 West Broad St. .... . Nowak, Delores Ann-235 Spruce St. O Obeshaw, Kenneth-1009 Bell Ave. Obeshaw, Richard-1009 Bell Ave. O'Brien, Barbara-316 Seventh St. ..... . Ockaj ik, Ruth-1045 Bell Ave. .......... . O1Connor, Mary-222 Fifth St. ..............., . Ianet-274 Wmckles St. ........................... . OConnor, Robert--225 Fifth St. ................,.......... . O'Connor, Rosemary-229 East Thirteenth St. Parker, Ieanette-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ......... Parsch, Mary Louise-313 E. River St. Pasenow, Agnes-619 West 15th St. ....., . Pasenow, Barbara-715 West 17th St. .... . Patak, Iohn-371 Concord Ave. ............-- - Patania, Margaret-l27 South Logan St. . Patrick, George-184 Bath St. .................. . Paul, William-12 West Ave. ............... . Payne, lim-311 llth St. ................ . Peden, Leland-125 Fairlawn Ave. Pierce, Robert-100 2nd St. ............ . Penfound, Ioan-1131 West Ave. ......... . Penson ,Ioyce-526 Wesley Ave. .............. . Peppas, Anastasia-251 E. Broad St. .... . Peter, William-310 Sumner St. ............. . Peterman, Frank-112 East 4th St. Peters, Donald-411 Oxford Ave. .... . Peters, Robert-310 Sumner St. ......... . Peters, Thomas-R. D. No. Z Elyria ...... Peterson, Norman-1386 East Ave. ....... . Petruzzi, Lodema-310 Lodi St. ................ . Phillips, Iohn R.-120 West Bridge St. Piazza, Sally-R. D. No. 2Elyria ....,........ Pickard, Nancy-R. D. No. l Elyria ........ Pietch, Ierry-209 Gulf Rd. ............... . Pitcock, Richard-134 Purdue Ave. ....... . Plas, Albert-R. D. No. 1 Lagrange ...... Plas, David-1398 East Ave. ............. . Plas, Iim-R. D. No. l La Grange ...... Plas, lack-316 9th St. ....................... . Plato, Dorothy-432 West Ave. ............. . Plato, Virginia-1529 West River St. ...... . Poling, Ralph-914 Lake Ave. ............... . Poling, Roland-914 Lake Ave. ................ . Popovits, Elizabeth-329 W. River St. Poulos, Mary-715 East River St. ......... . Poulos, Mike-715 East River St. ....... . Powell, Iune-21 Artemas Ct. ............... . Powell, William-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ....,. Pronesti, Ioe-1826 West Ave. ................ . Provoznik, Frances-R. D. No. 2 Elyria Provoznik, Ioe-131 Huron St. .................. . Pycraft, Richard-137 Clark St. ............. . 9 Quine, Delores-208 Bath St. R Racz, Ioe-544 Turner St. ................. . Radican, Nancy-1202 Middle Ave. Radican, Pat-1202 Middle Ave. ........ . O'Dell Geor e 579 Turner St , g - . ........................... . O'Dell. Theodore-310 Thirteenth St. ................. . Ody, Dale-509 Woodland Ave. .,....................,.. . O'Farrell, Ioy-638 West Broad St. ..................... . O'Grady, Fritz-32 Redington Block Middle ........ Olsen, Dorothy-R. D. No. 2 Carlisle Ave. ........... . O'Million, Eleanor-15 Chestnut St. Opra, Violet-llU Floral Court ....... Ordway, Robert-619 East Ave. Oseka, Iohn-117 Franklin Ave. Otto, Eric-350 Vulcan St. ................ . Overstreet, lim-205 Parmely Ave. ,.... . P Page, Alan-210 East River ...,,... Page, Lois-207 Columbus St. ...... . Palm, Eugene-ll Phillips Ct. ..... . Palmer, Bob-419 Park Ave. ......... , Palmer, Earl-1234 East Ave. .......................... Papay, Ernest-R. D. No. 3 Ford Rd. Elyria ........ Paonessa, Thomas-1817 West Ave. Papay, Gilbert-R. D. No. 3 Elyria . Rago, Irene-245 Bath St. ................. . Ragc, lean-245 Bath St. ....................... . Randles, Thomas-417 E. Broad St. .... . Rankin, lean-369 E. Bridge St. ....... . Rawson, Ianet-69 Samuel St. .............. , Read, Clarabelle-258 Oakwood St. ..., . Read, Marion-258 Oakwood St. ....... . Read, Gilbert-1700 West Ave. ....... . Reed, Iean-162 Lafayette St. .............. . Reinhardt, Richard-402 Oxford Ave. . Reisinger, Glen-909 East Ave. ............ . Reisinger, Iean126 Warden Ave. ........ . Reisinger, Ioan-126 Warden Ave. ...... . Reisz, Geraldine-R. D. No. 3 Lake Av Reitz, Marilyn-214 Courtland St. . Resar, Lawrence-1435 E. River St. ........ . Resar, Nicholas-1435 E. River St. Resar, Victor-R. D. No. l Grafton 6 Reynolds, Eugene-217 Marseilles Ave. . Reynolds, Iohn W.--141 Lake Ave. ,....... . Reynolds, Lois-205 High St. ................. . Reynolds, Pat-141 Lake Ave. ...... . Reynolds, Vernon-174 Adelbert ........ HELDMYER HARDWARE Serving Elyrians tor 66 Years Magic Chet Ranges General Electric Appliances Congratulations, Seniors! Compliments of IACK KNIGHT KAHN AND THE ANDERSON DRY CLEANER MEAT MARKET CARPENTER'S LIKLY-ROCKETT BEAUTY SHOP LUGGAGE-TRUNKS HAIR STYLES GIFTS WITH DISTINCTION 507112 Broad St. Phone 2l35 Congratulations To the Class of '47 Martin's Restaurant Thomas A. Monti, Prop. LEATHER GOODS 571 Broad St. Phone 3262 The INSKEEP SHOP DISTINCTIVE LADIES APPAREL Phone 2540 356 Broad St. Elyria, Ohio Rifenburg, Norman-346 13th St. Rimbach, Nancy-130 Lincoln St. ....... . Rippetoe, Bill-239 N. Olive St. ............ . Ristas, Theodore--1614 Middle Ave. .... . Ristas, Tommy-1614 Middle Ave. ..,.. . Robinson, Alan-269 Spruce St. ..... . Robinson, lean-205 Second St. ......--A-v--- Robinson, Mary-341 Bon Air Si- ---.------------ --'- - Rodgers, Rodgers, Rodgers, Rodgers, Rodman, Barbara-R. D. No. 2 Oberlin Rd Beverly-418 W. llth St. ....................-.- - Ierry-R. D. No. 2 Oberlin Rd. ...-.-------- V Paul-418 Eleventh Si. ...,..........-..-------- - Ioan-R. D. No. 3 Griswold Rd. Roelle, Tom-l43 Erie St. ...................--.---- - Ross, Iay-373 Furnace St. ...................... . Ross, Iune-517 E. River St. ..... . Roth, Richard-518 Foster St. ...... . Rothgery, Alice-918 West Ave. ..... . Shewell, Richard-209 Erie St. ......, . Shick, Zennith-321 N. Abbe Rd. ..... . Shifkoski, Rita-2Ull Grafton Rd. Shindler, Dick-314 Fifth Place ........ Shook, Phillip-441 Eighth St. ........... . Shreve, Ronald-241 Temple Ct. ........ . Shreve, William-112 Highland Ct. .... . Shrubsole, Shirley-1281 East Ave. ....... . Siekierski, Dellwin-420 West 12th St. .,... . Sigel, David-221 Indian Hollow Rd. ...... . Siler, Margaret-126 Indian Hollow Rd. Simon, Robert-909 Gulf Rd. .................... . Sinegar, Paul-130 Marseilles Ave. ,.,. . Sittinger, Zelma-1515 Lake Ave. ...,. . Sivard, Iames-3U6 East Ave. ........,..... . Siwierka, Leonard-300 Spruce St. ...,.. . Slanczka, Helen-254 N. Olive St. ...... . Slusher, Glen-354 Kenyon Ave. ..... . Rothgery, Laurette-918 West Ave. Rothgery, Robert-818 West Ave. ....... . Rousseau, Sally-711 Cleveland St. ...... . Rugg, Robert-320 Sixth St. .............. . Rutter, Harry-108 Furnace St. ,...... . Ryan, Elizabeth-343 Kenyon Ave. ..... . Ryan, Ioyce-419 Elm St. ................. . Ryan, Walter-320 Blaine St. ........ . S Sadler, Darlene-163 Parmely Ave. ........ . Sadowski, Ieanne-llU4 S. Prospect St. . Sage, Don-R. D. No. 2 Elyria .................-- Sampsel, Frank-393 Furnace St. .......... . Sampsel, Robert-393 Furnace St. Sand, Ronald-816 W. Broad St. ..... . Sanders, Bill--226 Fourth St. ........ . Sanders, Lois--644 Clark St. ........ . Smink, Richard-316 Furnace St. ...... . Smith, Calvin-1255 East River St. ...... . Smith, David-109 Princeton Ave. ...... . Smith, Dick-1951 Grafton Rd. ......... . Smith, Earl-128 Northrup St. .... . Smith, Forrest-113 Sheriff St. .... . Smith, Fred-520 North St. ............. . Smith, Hene-209 Winckles St. ..... . Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Iames-827 Middle Ave. ..... . lane-304 West Ave. ......... . Ioan-South Middle Ave. .....,.... . Lloyd-3 Tattersall Court ............ Smith, Lois-R. D. No. 3 Stop 5 Elyria ......, Smith, Mary lane-233 North Olive St. ....... . Smith, Robert-332 Stanford Ave. ................. . Smith, Shirley-R. D. No. 2 Butternut Ridge Smith, Wilma-110 Franklin St. ................... . Snoble, Iean-545 Furnace St. ........... .i....... . Sauer, Deloris-223 Huron St. ......... . Saxon, Iames--142 Cleveland St. Sayers, Sally-209 George St. ....... . Schaber Ioan Sto 12 Lake Ave , - p . ..... . Schilke, Ronald-244 George St. .............. . Schilling, Grace-241 Columbia Ave. ..., . Schimkus, Mary Iane-289 Bellefield Ave. ......... . Schmidkons, Phyllis-151 Adelbert St. Schmidt, Louis-R. D. No. l Elyria .......... ........ Schmitz, Eddie-514 West River St. ...... . Schon, Gerald-400 East Ave. ................ . Schreiber, Ianice-ll7 Roosevelt Ave. .... .. ..... Schroeder, Clyde-341 Cornell Ave. ...... . Schroeter, Paul-IDO8 East Ave. .......,.... . Schuster, Dorothy-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ...... ........ Schuster, Howard-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ....... ........ Schuster Ralph-R. D. No. 3 Elyria .,........ ........ Schuster ,William-R. D. No. 3 Elyria .......... ..... Schwan, Howard-R. D. No. l Grafton ........ ..... Schwind, Conna-R. D. No. l Grafton ................ Schwinn, Luther-128 Grant St. ...,............... ....... . Scott, Catherine-184 Adelbert St. ,,...... . Scott, Ioan-615 West River St. ........, . Scott, Lilli Anne-1902 Grafton Rd. Scrivens, Ann-509 East Broad St. ..... . Seabold, Eddie-447 West River St. .... . Seibert, Glenn-191 Adelbert St. ..,,... . Seiling, Donna Maie-148 Erie St. ..... . Selka, Lawrence-220 Spruce St. .... . Sexton, Iohn-119 Cornell Ave. ...,, . Sexton, Kay-119 Cornell Ave. ........... . Shaffer, Charles-1116 East Ave. ,.... . Sharrer, Ianet-415 West Ninth St. Sharrer, Iean-415 West Ninth St. ...., . Shebek, Iames-415 Cambridge St. ...... . Shedron, Richard-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ...... ........ Shepherd, Mary-1245 East River St. ...... .... , Sherman, Russell-3ll East Broad St. ...... .... . Sherwood, Helen-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ....... Snodgrass, Robert-840 West River St. Snyder, Barbara-R. D. No. 2 Telegraph Rd Snyder, Marjorie-224 Third St. ................. . Sobotka, Casimir-428 West 15th St. ....... . Sokol, Evalyn-118 Riverdale Ct. ........ . Sommer, Don-711 Cleveland St. ..... . Sonkoly, Wilma-223 E. 14th St. ...... . Sooy, Richard-215 Foster Ave. .......... . Sotherden, Warren-354 Oxford Ave. Sparks, Alan-106 Woodbury St. ......., . Speros, George-606 Middle Ave. ...... . Spike ,Lester-460 West 9th St. ....... . Sprague, Iames E.-611 Tyler St. ........... Sprague, Richard E.-Bll Tyler St. ........... . Squire, Gilbert-R. D. No. l La Grange ...... Rd Stahl, Donna Iean-R. D. No. 2 Oberlin Stampfle, Marilyn-144 Emerson Ct. ......... . Standen, Don Willard-208 Second St. Standen, Eugene Henry-704 Clark St. ..... . Stanford, Ioan-127 Warren Ave. ......... . Stanko, Patricia-639 W. River St. ......... . Staskiews, Ieanette-485 W. llth St. ..... . Stauder, Gerry-712 E. Broad St. ...,.... . Steele, Ioan-323 Parmely Ave. ......... . Stienberg, Ethel-451 Earl Court ......... Stevenson, Myra-6 Persons Court ....... Stevick, Philip-244 Oxford Ct. .......... . Stewart, Richard-420 Cleveland St. ..... . Stiles, Ruby Louise-217 Rush St. .......,. . Stillwaugh, Frances-920 Middle Ave. ..... . Stokes, Patricia A.-170 Fairlawn Ave. Stone, Iames-223 Marseilles Ave. ......... . Stone, Richard-223 Marseilles Ave. ..... . Szymczak, Walter ..,..,........,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,, Stiles, Ruby Louise-217 Rush Street ........ Storm, Ina Claire-321 Kenyon Avenue .... Strainic, Lawrence-417 East River Street .. Strand, Virginia-505 Park Avenue ............ Strinka, Robert-242 Woodford Ave. ......... . STEWART RADIO 5 ELECTRIC Sales and Service DICK STEWART '46 242 Marseilles Ave. Phone 43-I34 GENES PASTRY SHOP PARTY CAKES, WEDDINGS and BIRTHDAY CAKES Special Attention To CHURCH, LODGE, and PARTY ORDERS Also a Full Line of Delicatessen Let Us Do Your Baking Compliments of MACK? RESTAURANTS ELYRIA 116 Strohm, Richard-327 Gull Road ....... Strom, Robert-146 Harvard Ave. ...... . Strouse, Dorcas-313 East Ave. .....v.,..v................ . Struck, Allen-R. D. No. Z, Hall Road ................., Struthers, I. Phillip-254 Washington Ave. Stydnicki, Bernie-lll Bath St. ............,..., . Stydnicki, Frank-lll Bath St. .......................,..... . Sugaski, Eleanor-333 East. Hgts. Blvd. ............. . Surdock, Philip-224 Bath St. ................... . Sutcliffe, Elizabeth-l36 Emerson Ct. Sutliff, Darlene-517 Dewey Ave. .... . 'l' Tarry, Iacqueline-lll Lake Ave. ......... . Tattersall, Lois-241 Hamilton Ave. ..... . Taylor, Dave-SDSVZ East Ave. ....................-..-.---- - Taylor Donald-235 Stanford Ave. ............-.------- - Taylori Elise Virginia-92 Riverside Homes Taylor, Louisa-R. D. No. 2 Fuller Rd. ................. . Taylor, Robert-143 Pasadena Ave. ................... . Tedrow, Lois Iean-1814 Middle Ave. .. Telezerow, Myrna-256 Spruce St. ...... . Telezerow, Nadine-107 West Maple ........ Terrell, Rita-1004 Lake Ave. ................. . Thomas, Ioseph-l225Vz West Ave. ,........ . Thomasson, William-107 Williams St. Thompson, Donald-905 East Ave. ........... . Thompson, Donna-933 East River St. ..... . Thompson, Ray-242 Wooster St. ............. . Thompson, Richard-212 Denison Ave. ..... . Thornton, Frederick-255 Winckles St. ..... . Tietuhr, Kate-1525 Grafton Rd. ........... . Tillack, lack-327 Beech St. ................ . Tkacs, Dorothy-220 Pasadena St. ........... . Tobiasz, Stanley-352 South Maple ............ Tokas, Robert-R. D. No. 2 Route 113 .................. Thompkins, Chester-433 Louisiana Ave. .. Tomski, Carl A.-R. D. No. 2 Elyria .......,.............. Tomski, Mary-R. D. No. Z Elyria .............. Tracy, Ted-1509 East Ave. .............. . Traicotf, George Ir.-128 Blake St. .... . Travers, Charles-325 Cornell Ave. ..... . Trescott, Connie-613 East Ave. ............. . Troupe, Ailene Frances-245 Spruce St. ..... . Trumpy, Lois-225 Wolf Ct. ....................... . Tsarones, Ionne M.-201 Cascade St. Turek, Yvonne-242 Howe St. ............ . Turnbull, lane-406 Furnace St. ........ . Turner, Ralph-1000 Lorain Blvd. ..,. . Turon, Ed-R. D. No. 2 Elyria ................. Turon, Ethel-Route No. 2 Slang Rd. U Udvardy, Ioe-154 Lake Ave. ......,.. . Uilaki, Violet-661 N. Abbe Road ..... Underwood, Ralph-101 W. River St. ....... . Urpschott, Donald-307 Columbus St. ..... . Ursem, Mary Cathryn-209 Marseilles ...... V Vaisicca, Frances-225 S. West River St. .....,..... . Vakerics, Marcella-R. D. No. 3 Griswold Rd. Valsch, Iohn-492 Cleveland St. ...............,......... . Valerius, Bill-628 River St. .,........ ....................... . Van Armsbur h, Charles-344 W. Seventeenth .... 9 Vanco, Iohn-234 W. River St. ............................. . Vandersommen, Doris-227 Oakwood St. ........... . Vandersommen, Ray-Carlisle Ave. R. D. 2 Van Dyke, Shirley-141 East Broad St. ............... . Van Wormer, Pete-109 Stanford Ave. ............... . Vargo, Eleanor V.-No. 1 Laura Ct. ..,.. . Vargo, Iulius-243 W. River St. .............. . Vargo, Laura Mae-113 Lexington ............ Von Duyke, Norma-645 Cleveland St. Vought, Bill-325 Tenth St. .................... . W Wagner, Nancy-423 Ninth St. ............ . Wainwright, Nancy-109 Wurst Ct. ..... . Walker, William-717 E. River St. ..... . Walker, Marilyn-1025 Middle Ave. .. Walker, Norine-326 Clinton Ave. ..... . Wallace, Bella-187 Bath St. ......,........ . Waller, George-ll5 Beverly Court ........ Walters, Ruth-212 W. Bridge St. ....... . Washington, Chloe-524Vz North St. Warner, Robert-R. D. No. 1 Oberlin ...... Warner, Walter-R. D. No. 1 Oberlin ...... Warren, Wilda-425 West Eleventh Sl. ..., . Waterloo, Loretta-406Vz Middle Ave. ..... . Waterman, Hazel-644 Cambridge Ave. .. Wawrzenczak, Carrie-1304 West Ave. Weaver, Albert-122 Mendel Ct. ............. . Webb, Iosephine-243 Oberlin Road ...... Webb, Harold-426 W. 13th St. ......... . Webber, Shirley-1604 Middle Ave. ..... . Wehman, Theodore-225 Fifth St. ....... . Wehman, Tom-225 Filth St. ................... . Weichel, Iay-110 Eastern Hgts. Blvd. ..... . Weil, Florine-712 Park Ave. ................. . Weisman, Nancy-150 Stanford Ave. Welch, Clark-775 West River St. ..... . Well, Larry-144 Longfellow St. ............... . Welton, Ianet-1811 Gratton Road ............. Welton, Kenneth-1811 Grafton Road ...,.. Wensink, Martha-R. D. No. 2 Russia Road Wenzel, Leon-245 George St. ..,................ . West, Barbara-213 Wolf Ct. ..................... . West, Kenneth-429 West Ave. ..... . West, Roy-1231 East River St. ..... . Wheeler, Rose-127 Wood St. ............. . Whitacre, Shirley-626 Foster Ave. ..... . White, Alex-18 Artemas Ct. ............ . White, Bob-571 East River St. ............... . White, Lillie Mae-967 Foster Ave. ......... . White, William-671 East River St. ........... . Whitman, Mary Iune-1085 Gull Road .. Weiland, Kurt-251 Lexington Ave. ......... . Wilbert, Iohn-331 Furnace St. ............... . Wilbert, William-240 Foster Ave. ............ . Wilcox, George-241 Washington Ave. Wilhelmy, Catherine-R. D. No. 3 Schadde Williams, Iames-1850 Middle Ave. ......... . Williams, Louise-435 West Thirteenth St. Williams, Nancy-129 Warden Ave. ........ . Williams, Ronald-129 Warden Ave. ........ . Williams, Shirley-231 Howe St. ........ . Willis, George-160 Northrup St. ....,.... . Willis, Peggy-160 Northrup St. ................ . Wilshere, William-333 Dennison Ave. .. Wilson, Harriet-318 Cambridge Ave. ...... . Winckles, Harvey-401 Cleveland St. Wingard, Viola-115 Cleveland St. ....... . Wirth, Phyllis-221 West River St. S. West, Roy-1231 E. River St. ............,.,., , Wisser, Fay-545 East Broad St. ................ . Witbeck, George-R. D. No. 1 Grafton ..... Wojtko, Anne Mae-550 West Second St. . Wolf, Robert-125 Hamilton St. ,,,.,.,..,...,.... . Wood, Phyllis-112 Bell Bell Ave. ......... . Wooden, Bill-No. 4 Colonial Apts. Wooden, Eileen-333 Broad St. ........ . Woodin, Natalie-227 Cornell Ave. Woods, Richard-111 Garvin Ave. ......... . Worden, Thomas-621 E. Broad St. .....,..... . Worcester, Harold-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ..... Worthington, Lowell-346 9th St. .............. . Worthington, Sarah-R. D. No. 1 Elyria ..... Wukie, Eugene-R. D. No. 1 Grafton ....... Y Yarbrough, Clematine-150 West St. ..... . Guudluck, Seniors! VVe wish you well on the journey of life. The knowl- edge you have acquired in school will be the founda- tion for your success. . . The Chronicle-Telegram "Me family Newspaper" A. C. HUDNUTT, Publisher 118 Yonkings, Nancy-312 East Ave. ...... Yosa, Ieanette-1733 Graiton Rd. Yost, Dale-353 Kenyon Ave. ....... ........ . Yost, Dan-144 Cornell Ave. ......... ........ . Yost, Dave-349 Stanford Ave. ..... ........ . Yost, Iean-218 Miller Ct. ......,..,... ..... ........ . Young, Donald-1307 Middle Ave. ..... ........ . Young, Helen-522 East River Ct. Young, Laura-949 Gulf Rd. ......... ....,... . Yourkvitch, Walter-404 West St. ...... . Yucha, William Donald-525 Clark St Zacharias, Iohn-1005 East River St. . Zahn, lack-125 E. Hgts. Blvd. ........,. , Zgoda, Mary Ann-544 Furnace St. Ziegman, Eugene-357 Seventh St. Zollar, Richard-312 Harvard Ave. .... . Zoltai, Helen-R. D. No. 3 Elyria ..... 41 fffifu, f ffll! ' , 6 tl! If XXXZX 4 'HX We Have No Ambition Kelvinator, Easy, T M k o a e RCAVMOII ALL THE CANDY Sunbeam, ROYGI in Elyria. .. O n ly A T I-I E B E S T ! Elyria Electric, Inc. I NUT Horne of Nilijlnglgrefdvertised Masonic T mple E 1 y O h illllillvfz Evantg Salon 112 West Avenue - Telephone 43-114 PERMANENT HAIR STYLING and HAIRSTYLING TO SUIT YOUR INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITY CURLEY'S C F l M A R K E 'I' S 1 . T iters, Adding Machines Eastern Helghls Steel Office Equipment E.C.Baum BAKEIVS TYPEWRITER SAL S SERV C OH' Machines - F - E 230 Second Str 120 Cl-IATTER-tCont'd. from Page 92l "But - - ," starts Patter. No but's about it. Let's not argue. Lots of teachers are nice. You know what kids are like. I I I I I "We certainly have had an interesting day but before we leave let's visit Miss Shumaker's English class. I'm sure we could greatly im- prove our vocabularies with these new words, we could even refresh our minds with the works of Shakespeare, Thackeray and Burns." "I always enjoy sitting on her window sill," speaks up Chatter. "As if you ever knew anything about those great writers," answers Patter jokingly. I I I 1' I "Ouch my toe! lt's dark in here," cries Pat- ter as she bumps into the door. "sh, can't you ever be quiet?" scolds Chatter, "Look! Mr. A. N. Smith is showing his Science classes a movie." "'Say, I wouldn't mind this a bit," laughs Patter. "lt's an interesting way to learn about friction and such." "Yes, but let's leave before the lights are turned on," whispered Chatter. I I' I I Q "What are China's exports, Patter?" asks Chatter thoughtfully. "Silk, tea, and China ware," answers Patter. "Don't you remember your Commercial Geog- raphy course?" "No, but listen-I do believe Mr. A. T. Smith is telling his class about trade with other coun- tries," whispers eager Chatter. "Chatter, if you aren't careful, you'll be an American export," warns Patter. I I Q I I "And where would our Athletic Dep't be without the careful management of Mr. Carl Smith. Why, I understand that he has ever so many figures to keep straight," says Chatter. "Economics is the subject he is responsible for." I I I' I I "Look at all the pictures the man is drawing!" exclaims Patter. "Don't be silly," Chatter replies in a dis- gusted tone. "Don't you know what geometric figures are? Well, if you don't know what they are, you better be finding out. They are im- portant. That is why Mr. L. C. Smith teaches geometry." "All this talk of g-ge- geometric figures and big words are too much for me. Let's go some- where else." Bzz, Bzz, Bzz. "Hey, Chatter, listen at this door. It sounds like some bees at work,,' says Patter. "Open the door just a little so as not to let any of them out. I've always wanted to see bees at work," says Chatter. "Hey, look, they're only girls sewingg those funny looking things over there are making all the racket," whispers Patter. "They're sewing machines." "Yeh," replies Chatter. "These girls are work- ing hard. They must really like sewing and Miss Speer." Q . i t "l-Iey! Chatter, come here a second. What's going on in here anyway? Iust listen," shouts Patter, "a--pre--shun" are the strange sounds coming from 209. "What kind of a language is this? They must all be nuts," says Chatter. "Don't you know that this is only Mrs. Taggart trying to get those girls to learn short-hand," replies Patter. "Well, what are all those funny little things on the board?" asks Chatter inquiringly. "Well ---- ah--ah--, stutters Patter, "quit trying to get me mixed up. You know very well I can't even' spell.' ' Q I "Shall we hop on the rear bumper of this new Ford which the driving class is using and go for a little ride with these beginning drivers?" says Patter. Chatter replies questioningly, "Are you sure it will be safe? I'm afraid we'll get a jerky ride." "Enough of that! Mr. Thourot is a first cla s instructor," Patter informs him. "I think I'd rather visit the Physics lab and learn all about static electricity. Those pictures the boys are developing of their latest flames catch my eye," suggests Chatter. Q I I I' "Stop it, Patter! You'll burst a seam if you don't quit laughing!" warns Chatter. "Quick, Chatter, look in the gym. Coach Trubey's boys are mixing it up in a bit of wildcat, and it's giving "Ike" and me tespecial- ly "Ike"l a big charge," laughs Patter. I I I I I "Look, Patter, at all those machines! Those boys expect to work in the manufacturing plants. That pleasant man teaching them is Mr. Tuthillf' . t ' a Playfully scampering through the trees the squirrels suddenly stop. "Listen," commands Patter with a sudden puzzled look on her face. All at once Chatter starts to laugh. "Well, what's so funny?" Patter asks indig- nantly. "What are all those funny words that that teacher is saying. I never heard anyone talk so crazily in my life. By this time Chatter is so doubled up laugh- ing that he nearly falls out of the tree. Finally he stops and begins to answer Patter's ques- tions. "That's Mr. Vanghn's trig class," explains Chatter. "He really is a good teacher. l sit here lots of times and listen to him. It's real interesting but I don't quite understand every- thing he talks about. You have to have al- gebra first. He teaches that too." I I I I I "Patter, I seem to hear a metallic click," whispers Chatter. "Do they have a pool hall in high school?" "Chatter, don't be silly," scolds Patter. "Don't you know that is just Miss Vogan's students learning the finer points of typing. 1' I I I 'I "Chatter, every day around noon, I've noticed you scurry over to the band room. How come?" asks Patter. "Well, Patter, I can't miss Maestro Von Brock and his Sixth Street Syncopators. Their broad- casts really send me!" sighs Chatter. I I I I I "Hey, Chatter, listen at this door." "Iune, moon, croon, spoon-you mean that's poetry. Why, I could write - - - . What kind of a class is this anyway?" "This is Creative Writing and that's Miss Wilcox. She is really swell at this sort of stuff. Those kids may sound pretty corny now, INTO COLLEGE . . INTO BUSINESS . . . Good social contacts prove extremely valuable. Beinga good dancer helps more than you realize .... STONE DANCE STUDIO Faculty, New York Dance Mastersg Faculty, Chicago National Association Officer, Cleveland and Ohio Associat Prepare For A Prosperous Future ff E L Y R I A xi vi? , .I , MZZQ APPROVED Pon VETERANS 340 Broad Street Telephone 2461 Good Luck To the Class of '47 REAL CLEANERS Middle at Fifth Harry C. Rankin Leo Deutsch 122 CHATTER-lCont'd. from Page 1211 but just you wait. At the end of the semester some of them won't be bad at all." "ls that all Miss Wilcox teaches?" "Oh, no, she teaches other English, too, but come on let's get going." K i H i U "The next time you run from danger, Patter, go straight to the tree instead of running in a curve," says Chatter. "Why do you say that, Chatter?" asks Patter. "Because yesterday I learned in one of Mr. Wilson's classes that the shortest distance be- tween two points is a straight line," exclaims Chatter. 1 D i f Q' "This teacher is a science teacher," explains Chatter. "I-Ie's very good at electricity and radio too. I-Iaven't you heard the boys talk about Mr. Wood?" "I'm not sure," says Patter, thinking very hard. "What do you learn in his classes?" "Oh, you learn about watts, volts, and in the science classes you learn about plants, blast furnaces, gas enignes, and all such important things that humans need to think about. We're really very lucky we don't need to know all those things," says the intellectual Chatter. "Oh, let's go eat," impatiently whines Patter. "Iiminy crickets, all you can think about is eat," Chatter retorts. t 1' i Q 'A' EXZ "Pstt, Chatter! Whence that jumble ot vowels and consonants?" whispers Chatter. "Why, Patter, they come from room 316, and it isn't gibberishp it's Miss Young's Latin class steeping itself in the culture of the ancients," disgustedly scolds Chatter. "Hey, Chatter, let's stick around a while. I likt it here." "1-tw. come on, Patter, I want to see what's going on next door," whispers Chatter. 1' Q U 1' i Iust then the fire gong sounds. Hundreds of boys and girls make exit at every door. Pat- ter and Chatter manage to get out via Front Door Technical and dart up into a friendly maple tree. "This is a big school, Patter! Let's go into that room just east of the front doors." In due time students hear the gong sound, "Return to your duties." Patter and Chatter find the number 105 on a door. "Look at the teach- er," whispers Patter. "She's a red-head!" "Oh, that's Miss Edwards. She's explaining Shakespeare's "As You Like It" to those fresh- men. Let's move on." l 1 Q D R "Bon jour, classes," greets the squirrels as they go into Mr. Evans' French class. "Chatter, what do you think I should say in reply?" "You don't need to say anything because you aren't in the class. But that can't be French he is speaking now-is it?" asks Chatter. "No," Patter replies, "that is not French 7 it is Russian. Mr. Evans is also a student of Rus- sian and sometimes amuses the class by speak- ing Russian." 1' Q Q 'I 1 "The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer," read Chatter peering over someone's shoulder. "Who's Chaucer?" asks Patter curiously. " tlhink he's the first English anthor," says Chatter thinking thoughtfully. "Miss Fowell just said so." That's right! she also is Adviser of the Student Cabinet," chimes Patter. "Come, you know our time is limited." "Oh Chatter! just when Chaucer is becoming interesting," pouted Patter. i i 1' I i "Say, Patter, this looks like an interesting class. All the kids are drawing pictures and the teacher doesn't make them stop." "Of course not, Stupid. This is Miss Har- man's Freehand Drawing class." "Yes, now I remember, she teaches Commeer- cial Art and Design, and Oil Painting, too. l I D l i' "On your mark, Get set, Bang!" "Let's get out of here, Chatter: someone surely thinks it's squirrel season." "Don't be silly, jittery, that's only Mr. Don Phillips, the new track coach training his boys." "I understand he also knows quite a little about football. Perhaps we'll visit his Sociology or American Government class soon." "Say Chatter," says Patter, "have you heard the music of an ensemble out of Washington basement?" "Yes, I hear that it is directed by Mr. Davis," exclaims Chatter. TAX STAMP CDLLECTUR fContinued from page 75l Every morning in each of the forty-seven homerooms that question is asked by your home- room tax stamp collector. Then on Wednesdays someone brings that brown envelope with the smaller envelopes in it for the various denomi- nations to your collector. If the jar is full on Thursday the way your representative hopes it is every day, then she or he, as the case may be, starts to sort out the stamps, putting the one's together, the two's to- gether, and so on. Sometimes when she was rushed and had a lot of stamps you were asked to help. This you did with a smile, I am sure. But the poor, unfortunate collector who has only a few stamps in the jar waits for Friday to separate with hopes of more coming in that morning. Then she takes the big brown enve- lope down to 105 before first period every Friday. . Perhaps you have been asked to come to room 105 some night after school to count stamps. When we collect an unusually large amount of stamps we have to ask some other volunteers besides the collectors to help in our weekly counting of the stamps. We wish we had so many, many stamps that we needed to ask for people to help count stamps every week. Last year we collected enough stamps to re- ceive S502 from the state. This money was the dividends from about 516,700 worth of stamps. Probably this amount included the stamps from a new car or two, a new washing machine or a new fur coat. But much of this money came from the few insignificant stamps, or so you thought, that you put in the stamp jar every morning. Our aim this year is 5750. That money helped to make this very Elyrian that you are reading a little cheaper. At the time the Elyrian went to press we had almost 3500.00 in money. The home room collector whose homeroom brings in the most stamps gets a free copy of this Elyrian as a gift. Remember next year the more stamps you bring in, the cheaper your "Elyrian" will be. So when your collector asks "Any stamps this morning?" try to find at least one stamp for him or her. Compliments of The Gm Company Compliments to the e Fashion Oppe 140 Middle Ave. WAGNER Phone 2965 Music 6' Appliance C0- Outiitting the "Miss" Broad St. Elyria and "MIS"' Class of 1947 CONGRATULATIONS from READS 386 Broad St., Elyria FINE IEWELRY, DIAMONDS AND WATCHES 124 D, 5, N, CENTRAL B O O K CONEYANESLAN D S T O R E RESTAURANT ALL EVIYTIITSXE LATS BEST WISHES The Only Coney Island E D N A Sandwlch In Town Photographer pl ents of Sears, Roebuck mm' C0111 pany NATION!-lLLY FAMOUS IUNIOR DRESSES Such As "Mary Mufiets," "Trudy Halls," "Doris Dodsons," and "Ioan Millers" are exclusively ours. C. H. MERTHE 5: CO. Compliments CAPITOL MARSH RIVOLI LINCOLN GUENIN Theatres Co mpliments of BIRKLIN E BEAUTY SALON and SCHEB GIFT Sf ACCESSORY SHOP 26 Years in Business Well-Experienced Staff of Beauticians O n e o f E l y 1' i a l 250 S d St eet Ph 3319 RESAR FLORIST G d L k T 1435 E. River Street Cl t 1947 Ph 3 156 TATTERSALL Compliments DAIRY of , OSTBOV S For Better Shoes "The cheapest that's made . to the Best Thcxt's Made" Compliments of ROSS FURNITURE CO. The West Side Complili TlsTs.Trnr?o113T':5h1ngS 406 - 408 Middle Ave. Phone 2905 G CO. 378 Furnace St. Phone 2685 STOP IN AND S M. L. PARRISH L MEATS - FRUITS - VEGETABLES GROCERIES - - - FROSTED FOODS Phone Your Order Early to Phone 3l36 Delivery leaves at 9:30 "GENERAL INSURANCE SINCE 1902" lust DIAL 2491 or 3350 GEO. R. ALLEN and SON 604 Lorain County Bank Bldg. - - Elyria, Ohio Mc CARVEL Ieweler and Optician 128 At the Gold Clock Established 1859 Q41 fe Ga. 505 gmi swf "Don't Go Home Until You Look in Haserodt's Windows" 129 -The- C t I t' T th . ongrgfisi f-filiiv O 9 Elyria Hardware Co from PAINTS, AWNINGS, H H TOYS, STOVES Elizabeth H. Benham, Associate F5-CTOIY Supplies INSURANCE Sporting Goods BEST OF LUCK TO EACH ONE OE YOU GO0D EAI! 'mais HOTPOINT HOME APPLIANCES GE - SONORA - MOTOROLA CAR 51 HOME RADIOS DON MCGINLEY Broad' 6 East Ave. "Opposite Post Office" Phone 2062 Compliments of The Ohio Pzihlzc 56712266 Ca. "Save Your Sight With Better Light" 130 N e e d - BUILDING MATERIALS Boriuvirn Fiona CML THE ElYTid, Ohi0 LUMBER NUMBER 2 2 1 1 0 The Elyria Lumber Opposite the Hospital Sc Coal CO Compliments of THE Wonrnmcron BALL co. MANUFACTURERS OF GOLF BALLS ELYRIA, OHIO GOOD PRINTING IS GOOD BUSINESS Wilmot Printing Company 209-15 Masonic Temple Elyria, Ohio Phone 3183 Electrical Supplies and Con- B F struction - Lighting Fixtures ' ' . , Tires - Batteries, AU-tg Accessories, Electric Company Housewares 419 Middle Ave. 541 Broad St. 131 'TIIE IBIEILIIJ C3 CJ hd Itiktlq if E L Y R I A, O H I O W i s h i n g SPIKES SUCCESS T h COMPLETE 0 t e Future Citizens Eoon MARKET of our Community The Home of F ine Foods . A HOTEL SEDERIS Broad at West Avenue ON THE SQUARE Phone 3441 WeDe1iver Phone 2217 132 AUTOGRAPHS Congratulations ELYRIA HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES You are indeed fortunate to graduate at this particular time when there is real opportunity ahead. Lorain County has become one of the outstanding industrial and business sections of the United States. The new industrial and business develop- ments in this vicinity are calling for more and more welltrained office help. Never before have there been better prospects ahead for the young men and young Women who have the neces- sary business training. We are having more calls than We can fill for our graduates. They are in demand because they have had a thor- ough training. loin your friends who will also be getting that necessary training here in Oberlin. The Summer Term Will begin Iune 9. The Fall Term Will begin September 2, 1947. Write or call for further information , Wee, flherlin School of Commerce OBERLIN, OHIO Over One Hundred Years of Service in Business Train g 134 ll.: ,iIxL."iv'm i ' , 11 -L.l-I-IIBEH fi if E1 I l I i i I i I n

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