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SAI, IELYRIIAN W 1945 Pzzlzlishfffi by THE ELYRIAN STAFF ELYRIA HIGH SCHOOI, ELYRIA. OHIO BETTY PL.-XS IJOROTHY SKRILETX ED PALIK P.-rx' P1111,L1Ps , RUDY LJUSCHA HELEN BUTLER SYLVIA 'FAYLOR ,-l1I1fi.vw', NI.-XRGARET E. EDMARDS Ifizzanre, GLENN BAXTER Page Two 927.1 Sz.. E7 ROBERT LEROY ALHEIT, '41 FREDERICK J. CARLSON, Mid '33 ELDEN JEROME CAZEAU, '38 RICHARD J. DAVIS, '38 JOSEPH DEMPSEY, '43 RONALD A. FINDLAY, '32 VVILLIAM CARLE GAMBLE, '43 VVILLIAM B. HEARNE, '40 RICHARD J. HYSELL, '40 LAXVRENCE NI. JUSTIN, '36 XVILLIAM M. 1X"ICDER1N10TT, '36 ROBERT PERKINS, '44 RUDOLPH V. PESKURAN, '40 JUSTIN J. PLAS, '40 EUGENE VVILLIAM RAINEY, '28 DONOVAN REA, '29 LAYVRENCE S. ROSE, '35 EDWARD T. RYBARCYK, '42 JOE J. SA,BO, '41 EUGENE SCHMIDT, '39 ALVIN C. SCHNAAK, Mid '35 NICHOLAS SEDAR, '42 FRANK J. SERES, '37 JACK C. SHEWVELL, Mid '37 JOHN CARL SMITH, '30 JOE C. SMITH, '37 CLARENCE STANDEN JR., '41 JOSEPH RAYMOND STITCH, '40 r1'ED UNDERHILL, '37 THOMAS VAUOHN, '35 JOHN R. QJACKJ WOOD, '38 WILLIAM JOHN WOOD, '43 ulaerinfenclenf J. E. BOHN Page Three rincilaa J. D. SEVERS K . .fdafiirifanf principa U. K. C.,x1.1m ru Page F1 oarcl of glcluca fion Mr. Burton Ohlemcxcher Mrs. Anna Kennedy Mr. Pierre Smith Mr. H. C. Gollmcxr Mr. Richard Stevens W. O. MCCLELLAN Clerk of the Board ot Education and Assistant to the Superintendent Page Six FACULTY of x R V gg 5 -rw! is vgfgggfmm .NSYWWW ff '2 2 ,F 5.53 SENIURS SENIORS t1945f age Sixteen L , AHLBERG, BETTY ETTA 89 Laundon Ct.5 Gen- eral Course5 Library gvorker 1-85 Monitor Full of bliss This sprite Miss. ANDERSON, ROBERT I. 605 W. 15th St.5 Gen- eral Course. Quiet, Likeable lady Loyal, never sad. AUNGST, DONALD N. 417 E. Broad St.3 General Course5 Mon- itor 3-8. . He'll soon be seen As a U. S. Marine. BARTOS, HELEN 122 Neufer Ct.5 Gen- Zrgil Course5 Library An energetic gal- A worth while pal. BEU, IACQUELINE R. D. 2, E1yria5 Clas- sical Courseg Band 1- 85 Leaders' Group 7, 85 Latin Club 4-85 Jr. A Cappella 5, 6. Has words of cheer, Always sincere. ALBRIGHT, WYONA B. 89 Laundon Ct.: Gen- eral Course5 Athletic E-75 Spanish Club 7, 85 Glee Club 2-4. This cheerful lass re- ports That she like s all sports. ANTON, DAVID WAYNE R. D. 2, Elyria5 Sci- entific Courseg H-Y 3, 45 Football 1, 3, 5, 75 Basketball 4, 65 Baseball 4, 6, 85 Movie Worker 3-45 Student Cabinet 7, 85 Jr. Class Vice-Presi- dent 6, 75 Sr. A. Cap- pella 5-8. ' Sports, his Igame, May win him fame. BAKER, IANE FRANCES R. D. 3, Lake Ave.5 General Course5 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 25 Friendship Club 3-85 Library Assistant 5- 85 Sr. Choir 5-8. Lilceable gal- A great pal. BATIIORY, ZIGMOND G. 535 Fairmont Ave.5 General Course5 Jr. Choir 83-65 Basketball 2, 7, . Zig will be new To the Navy Blue. BIRD, ELAINE C. 518 North St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship 1, 2. This friendly lass Is hard to surpass. ALLEN, IOAN IEAN 907 West Ave.5 Gen- eral Course. Her warm smile Makes life w o rt h while. ARCHER, DOLORES MAY 206 Courtland St.5 Commercial Courseg Jefferson Jr. High School 1-25 Friend- s hip 1-45 Leaders' Group 5-85 Mimeo- graph 7. Dark eyes that shineg In sports she's fine. BAKSA, ALEXANDER R. 217 Beech St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Football 1, 3, 5, 7. There's been nothing to mar This football star. BAUER, ILAMARIE 118 Fairlawn Ave.5 General Course5 Friendship 1-45 Sr. A Cappella 7, 8. Pretty lass, always 9111!- Wears a smile every day. BOERINGER. RUSSELL A. 419 Cambridge Ave.5 General Course5 Hi- Y 3, 45 Cheerleader 4-85 Sapientes 3-65 Spanish Club 8. Cheers with vitalityg Lots of personality. SENIORS ALTEN, DAVID BAYNE 346 Second St.: Gen- eral Course5 Sr. A Cappella 6, 7, 8. His light, quielc step Shows vim and pep. ARMSTRONG, ELSIE MAE 101 Harvard Ave.5 General Course5 Mc- Keesport High School, McKeesport, Pa., 1-45 Friendship 5-85 Zoot Staff 5-65 Library Assistant 8. Her smile spreads cheer Throughout the year. BARNHART. LEAL IOE, Ir. 1415 Lake Ave.5 Gen- eral Courseg Jeffer- son2 Jr. High School Junior has shown A will of his own. BAUER, PATRICIA ANN 317 High St.5 General Course5 Jefferson Jr. High 1, 25 Office Helper 1, 25 Library Helper 1, 2, 7, 85 Glee Club 1, 25 Her- ald Staff 35 "Cuckoos On The Hearth" 45 Spanish Club 6-85 Monitor 8. An intelligent lass Who'll teach a class. BOGART, BETTY EDITH 346 Princeton Ave.5 General Course5 Cho- rus 1-25 Friendship 1-8. Tobus she'll always e A pal and friendly. f1945f AMSPAUGH, BEATRICE E. R. D. 2, Elyria: Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship 1-4: Spanish Club 6-85 Leaders' Group 7, 8: Chorus 1, 25 Library Assist- ant 1-4. B l o n d e hair, eyes true: Always happy, never blue. AUKERMAN, ROBERT E. 425 West Ave.5 Gen- eral Courseg Farm- ville High School5 Farmville, Va., 1-45 Band 5-85 Hi-Y 5-8. His trumpet tone's sweet- A joy to dancing feet. BARRES, DONNA RAE 129 Stanford Ave.g General Course5 Friendship 1-85 Cho- rus 1, 2. Quiet sort- Good Sport. BEAL, EUGENE R. 332 Louisiana Ave.: General Course5 Pro- jectionists' Club 2-85 Sr. A Cappella 3-85 Sr. Hi-Y 7-8. Radio's his studyg He's a swell buddy. BOGART, DOROTHY MAE 337 Stanford Ave.5 General Course: 1-45 Chorus 2-35 Her- ald Staff 8. Smiling all day Is'Dottie's way. Page Seventeen SENIORS +1945 af Page Eighieen BOGART, HARRY CHARLES 337 Standford Ave.: General COHPSQQ St. Ignatius, Cleveland, Ohio 1, 23 Hi-Y 3, 4. F r o m Engineers' Corps B a c lc to school's door. BRIGHTBILL, I EAN R. D. 2, Elyriag Gen- eral Courseg Leaders' Group 3-8g Spanish Club 7-82 Sr. Friend- ship Club 7-8. Jean in sports we find- Blonde, quiet, kind. BROWN. PHILIP EARL 51 Cedar St.3 General Course3 Slip Collec- tor 7. Burrts midnight oil- For fun or for toil? BURRER, CORWIN O. 576 Cleveland St.3 General Courseg Jef- ferson Jr. High School 1, 2. "Lil Abner" will be A farmer, you see. CARTER, VESTA 167 Wood St.3 Gen- eral Course3 Jr. A Cappella 5, 6. We'll remember her name, For singing will bring her fame. BOTAMER, LOIS MAE 1703 Lake Ave.: Gen- eral Courseg Jeffer- son Jr. High 1, 23 Friendship 1-83 Sr, A Cappella 7, 8. In A Cappella choir Many she does in- Spire. BRINK, MARY RACHEL Delaware Aveg Gen- eral Course. Always on the run- She's lots of fan. BROWNE, RICHARD C. Stop 5, Lake Ave.: General Course3 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 23 Football 1-83 Base- ball 6-8. In football's hall of fame Will be written "Wiener's" name. BURSLEY. SHIRLEY LOU 262 Marseilles Ave.3 General Cour se3 Friendship 1-83 Sr. A Cappella 5-83 Spanish Club 7, 8. Smiling and gay With a winning way. CAYWOOD. MARY RUTH 351 16th St.3 General Course. Cheerful and neat- Dancing feet. BOYLE, ROSE ANN 146 Elbe St.3 General Courseg Chorus 1-43 Office Assistant 3, 43 Friendship 7, 8. As a social worker She'd be no shirlcer. BRONSON. CLAUDE F., Ir. 214 Park Ave.3 Gen- eral COUFSGQ Football 1. 33 Monitor 3-53 Hi-Y 1, 33 Student Cabinet 2-4Q Track 1. Stubby by name- He's always the same. BUCKSER. DOROTHY IEAN 101 Furnace St.3 Gen- eral Course3 Jeffer- son Jr. High 1, 23 Glee Club 1-63 Friendship 1-4, 7, 83 Leaders' Group 7-SQ All Star Basketball Game 6. Sports are for Dot- Her basketball is hot. BURTON, PATRICIA I. 214 Harvard Ave.: General Cour seg Friendship 1-83 Friendship Cabinet 5-83 Majorette 5-81 Spanish C 1 u b 6-83 Leaders' Group 5-8. Pat, our majorette- A classy one, you bet. CHESLER, NELSON 332 Lodi St.3 General Course. Dark wavy hair- Complexion fair. SENIORS 1-1945 ax- BRAND. PAUL ARTHUR 133 Adelbert St.3 General Course3 Cho- rus 1-43 Hi-Y 7, 8. So big and tall- His favorite sport- baseball. BROWN. BERTHA MAE 102 Center St.3 Gen- eral Courseg Chorus 1-53 Spanish Club 5-8. Small and neat- Knows no defeat. BUMBACK. ROSEMARY 5 Crehore Ct.3 Com- mercial Course3 Stu- dent Cabinet 7-83 A Cappella Choir 5-61 Monitor 73 Friend- ship Club 1-8: Lead- ers' Group 7-8. "B um p y" is h e r name- Basketball her fame. BYCYNSKI, DOROTHY V. 1025 Middle Ave.g General Cour seq Friendship 13 Jr. A Cappella 4. Blonde and neat- Pleasant to meet. CHRISTENSEN, VIOLET E. 1237 East Ave.3 Com- mercial Course3 Berea High School, Berea, Ohio 1-4. To E. H. S. Vi is new- Q Many friends she's made, too. BRENZO. DANIEL R. D. 3, Elyria: Sci- entific Course3 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 23 Latin Club 5-8. Excels in Math- Farming is his path. BROWN, .TUNE K. 221 Miller Ct.3 Gen- eral Course3 Friend- ship 1, 2, 7, 83 Jr. A Cappella 3, 43 Spanish Club 7-8. Her shy little grin Will many friends win. BURR, LOIS ESTHER 247 Harwood St.3 General Course: Friendship 1-63 J r. A Cappella 5, 6. A auiet lass- No shirk in class. CALKINS. RUTH ELINOR 409 Earl Ct.3 Com- mercial Course: Friendship 1'8: Glee Club 53 Herald Staff 6-8Q Mimeograph 7, 8. Her happy smiling way Mak es friends every day. CHRISTMAN, RALPH ELMER 715 Park Ave.3 Gen- eral Course3 Band 1- 63 Monitor 5-6. Full of zest- One of the best. Page Nineteen .l. SENIORS +1945 if age Twenty CLARKE. IACK H. 210 Courtland St.5 General Course5 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1-2. Tall and handsoine, very fair- He'll go through life without a care. CRAWFORD. BEULAH A. 901 East Ave.5 Gen- eral Course5 Glee Club 55 Mimeograph 7, 8. 'fBoots"-a friendly lass- A credit to our class. DAVIDSON. GRACE L. 234 Wooster St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship 1-65 Movie Worker 3, 4. She's not very tall- Sh.e's "F0osie" to all. DILLER. DWAIN EDWIN 1025 East River St.: General Course5 Band 5-85 Orchestra 7-85 Hi-Y 3-8. Plays tram bone, not sa.r5 Like a gentleman acts. EGAR. RONAL BRUCE 313 Columbia Ave.5 General Cour seg Players' Club 4-85 Chorus 2-35 i'Cuckoos on the Hearth" 45 "Our Town" 7. Never gloomy or sad Al lliappy, carefree a . CLARKSON. LOIS K. 205 Cascade St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship 1, 25 Chorus 5. Raven-black hair- Dresses with care. CROMLING. BARBARA ANN 121 Aclelbert St.5 General Course5 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 25 Friendship 1-85 Lead- ers' Group 5-85 Sr. A Cappella 5-8. Dark, slender Bobbie, Dancinffs her hobby. DAWSON, DELLA DELPHA 614 Lodi St.5 General Course. There's always a smile: A friend worth while. DONAHUE. CATHERINE E. R. D. 1, Grafton5 General Course5 Movie Worker 2-45 Latin Club 45 Annex Worker 5-8. Takes responsibility Great versatility. EHRKE. GERALD A. 1113 East Ave.5 Gen- eral Course. To Navy blue This lad is true. COOK. LOIS IEAN 636 Clark St.: Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship 1-45 Junior A Cappella 3, 45 Or- chestra 3-85 Mimeo- graph 1. Quiet and modest is she Friendly as you can see. CROSSMIER. DOROTHY I. 839 Bond St.5 General Course5 Jefferson Jr. High 1, 25 Friend- shio 1-65 Glee Club 5, 65 Herald Staff 7. Cheerful, affable, Always dependable. DEMPSEY. PATRICIA M. 1135 West Ave.5 Gen- eral Course5 Villa Maria Academy, Villa Maria, Pa., 1-45 Mon- itor 5, 65 Friendship 5, 65 Office Worker 75 Leaders' Grouo 7, 85 Spanish Club 7. 8. Her pleasant smiles Fit her chic styles. DUNLAP. LOIS ANNE 440 Jefferson St.5 General Course5 Cho- rus 1, 2, 5, G. 85 Friendship 1-4, 7, 8. Pleasing to meet- Dresses so neat. ELKIN. GENEVIEVE L. 442 Sixth St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Manor Jr. High, Manor, Pa., 1, 2. This girl-sized ivren Is known as "Gen." SENIORS COOK. RICHARD E. 1600 West Ave,5 Gen- eral Course5 Track 2-4. A kindly way- A friend any day. DARABY. MARGARET I. 1330 West River St.5 General Course, Quiet and modest, But full of zest. DI BATTISTA. STELLA MAE 408 Oxford Ave.5 General Cour seg Friendship 1-85 Friendship Cabinet 1- 45 Leaders' Group 7. 85 Chorus 65 Library 1-4. Dark hair, flashing eyes Her. choices-always wise. DYE, ROBERT G. 115 Neufer ct.: 'sci- entific Courseg Movie Worker 3, 4. H He'll Choose his life's path In science or math. ELTON. ROBERT C. 235 Eastern Heights Blvd.5 General Course5 Band 1-55 Chorus 35 Hi-Y 1-85 Spanish Club 7-8. Like brother Jack Bob has music al knack. if1945f CRAWFORD. BETTY IANE 116 Edison Ct.5 Gen- eral Courseg Jeffer- son Jr. High 1, 25 Friendship 1-85 Lead- ers' Group 5-85 Sr. A Cappella 5-85 Friend- ship Cabinet 7-8. Good sport and tall- Excels in basketball. DATENA. ELEANOR L. 116 Garvin Ave.5 Commercial Course5 Jefferson Jr. High 1, 25 Herald Staff 3, 45 Mirneograph Work 75 Jr. Friendship 45 Li- brary Assistantg Of- fice Assistant 2: Glee Club 3-65 Cafeteria Worker 3-6. Dark snappy eyes- Also very wise. DIEDERICK. IEAN MARIE 143 Bath St.5 General Cgurse: Glee Club Her dancing feet Make a party com- plete. EDEN. LEDESSEL MAY 329 Clark St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Ridge- ville High School, Ridgeville, Ohio 1-25 Cafeteria Worker 4-8. A nurse sheill be, Helping humanity. EMARY. HOWARD 111 Wurst Ct.5 Gen- eral Course5 Spanish Club 7, 8. Quick and witty, VVith writing ability. Page Twenty-One SENIORS if 1945 if Page Twenty-Two EPPLY. FREDERICK C. R. F. D. 3, Elyria: Classical Course3 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 21 Latin Club 4-83 Band 3-83 Sr. Hi-Y 5-83 Sr. A Cappella 5-81 Mon- itor 63 Orchestra 7-8. In lessons, choir, and the rest Fred always gives his best. FICHTNER, MAXENE IUNE 365 North Abbe Rd.: General Co urseg Friendship 1-83 Glee Club 3-5. Max wears a smile- Has lots of style. FRANKOVIAK, HELEN IRENE 4 Glover Ct.3 Com- mercial Course3 An- nex Worker 5-8. Always does her bitg Frankie's a favorite. GENTZEL. PAUL MILLER 1003 Gulf Rd.3 Scien- tific Course3 H-Y 1, 23 Elyrian Staff 2-4. An intelligent lad- At nlath. he's not had. GOTRO. THOMAS N., Ir. 116 Williams St.3 General Co urse3 Football 1-3-71 Base- ball 2-63 Cafeteria Worker 2-4. Navy's got our "Gordo"- W isely he spends his dough. FANNON. ALONZO LEE 1322 West River St.3 General Courseg Mc- Kinley High, Chi- cago, Ill, 1, 23 French Club 3, 4. A bit shy-it's his way- But he's always gay. FITZPATRICK. ONEY DANTE 2102 South Oak St.: General Course3 Cafe- teria Worker 1-83 Football 1, 3, 5, 73 Basketball 1-83 Base- ball 4. 6. 83 Sr. A Cappella 3-83 Spanish Club 63 Projection- ists' Club G. Stoelcy nad short- Football's his sport. FREEMAN, WANDA MAE 394 Columbus St.3 General Course3 Cho- rus 2. Gets things done- Always on the run. GIBBENS, WILLIAM R. R. D. 3, Elyria3 Gen- eral Course3 Jeffer- son Jr. High 1-23 4'Our Town" 73 Track 63 Band 3-83 Hi-Y 5-83 Sr. A Cappella 5-8. He takes his bow In the navy now. GOTTFRIED, CLAYTON H., Ir.f 553 East Broad St.3 Scientific Course3 Lima Central High, Lima, O., 1-31 Track 43 Latin Club 83 Hi- Y 4-83 Announcing Staff 7-8. Cheerful and happyg Dresses snappy. FEES. CHARLOTTE M. 915 South Logan St.3 General Course. Pleasant to meet- So kind and sweet. FLOOD, BETTY IANE 225 George St.3 Gen- eral Course3 Leaders' Group 5-83 Friend- ship 1-83 Monitor 5- 83 Cafeteria Worker 7, 83 Library Assist- ant 7, 83 Spanish Club 7. 83 Friendship Cabinet 7, 8. Happy, full of fun- Forever on the run. GAGEN. VIVIAN LEONA 419 West River St.3 General Course3 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 22 Glee Club 3- 63 Friendship 1-4. This fun loving lass Peps up every class. GIBSON. LILA L. C. 107 Grant St.3 Gen- eral Courseg Friend- ship 1-83 Latin Club 43 Spanish Club 83 Cafeteria Worker 7, 83 Jr. A Cappella 5- 83 Leaders' Group 5-8. Sports, her joy hereg Homenzalcingis I1 e r career. GOULD. ROBERT L. 133 Fuller Rd.3 Gen- eral Courseg Band 1- 63 Hi-Y 3, 43 Track 2, 43 Orchestra 4-63 Sr. A Cappella 5-8: Players' Club 8. Blonde and tall, Friendly to all. SENIORS FEKETE, HELEN ANN 118 Hazel St.3 Gen- eral Course. A true friend to all- Her sport - volley ball. FOLLEY. IUNE MARIE 207 Marseilles AVe.3 General Co urse3 Friendship 1-83 Her- ald Staff 5, 63 Lead- ers' Group 7, 83 Span- ish Club 7, 8. Tiny blond e, eyes blue- Happy lass, troubles few, GARLAND. DORIS IANE 1377 East Ave.3 Com- mercial Course3 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 23 Jr. A Cappella 5-63 Band 3-5. Secretary she'll be: A good one, you'll see. GOODBAR. CHARLOTTE A. 1 Jean Ct.3 General Course3 lrving Jr. High, Lorain 13 Lo- rain High 2-42 Zoot 5-83 Herald 5. Artistic versatility- Pleasant personality. GRABOR, ROSEMARY S. 216 Wolf Ct.3 Com- mercial Course3 Friendship 1-81 Friendship Cabinet 7. 83 Leaders' Group 5- 83 Office Assistant 7, 83 Library Assistant 3-53 Spanish Club 7. ?18Student Cabinet Dolly's cheerful way Makes friends every day. +1945+ FELL. GORDON D. 320 South Maple St.3 Scientific C o u r s e 3 Monitor 4-6. Never niuch to say Yet a winning way. FRANK. IACK ARTHUR 345 Eastern Heights Blvd.3 General Course3 He has an artist flair,- His drawings are very fair. GEGENHEIMER, IUANITA MAE 217 West St.3 Gen- eral Course3 Friend- ship 1-8Q Jefferson Jr. High 1, 23 Span- ish Club 7, 83 Sr. A Cappella 7, 83 Li- brary Assistant 5, 6. Dancing eyes, raven hair- Cheerful, never a care. GOODMAN, THEODORE R. 119 Homesite Ct.3 General Co ursel Track 2, 4, 83 Foot- ball Manager 13 Basketball 2, 83 Baseball 6, 83 Moni- tor 4-6. - Not much, to say But always gay. GRUNDY. ROBERT A. 241 Seventh St.3 Gen- eral Course. A friendly sort- A good sport. Page Twenty-Three SENIORS +1945 if Page Twenty-Four GULETT, IACK EDWARD R. F. D. 3, Elyria5 General Co urse5 Longfellow Jr. High 1, 25 Lorain High School 3, 45 Herald Staff 7, 85 Monitor 3, 45 Projectionists' Club 1, 2. He's a friendly sort And a good sport. HAMULA, IOSEPH F. 8 Phillip Ct.5 General Course5 Jefferson Jr. High 1, 25 Hi-Y 1-85 Student Cabinet 7, 85 Sr. A Cappella 5-85 Monitor 5, 65 Tennis 75 Sr. Class Vice- president 7, 8. Dark and tall- He's known to all. HELD. RAE NELL 121 Chestnut St.5 General Co urse5 Chorus 1-45 Herald Staff 6. Eyes at times teas- ing- Srniles always pleas- ing. HIERPE. DOROTHY L. 247 Eighth St.5 Gen- eral Course. Rarely speaks a word- More often seen than heard. HRUBY. BETTY IANE R. D. 2, Elyria5 Com- mercial Course5 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 25 Glee Club 5. It's not dull when she's near- Betty brings good cheer. HAAG. GEORGE R. R. F. D. 3, Elyria5 General Course5 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 2. Short, full of fun- Lilced by everyone. HANSMAN. RICHARD E. 803 East Ave.5 Gen- eral Courseg Projec- tionists' Club 1. Plenty sharp, on the ball- Dicl-: is liked by all. HENSON, IUNE ANNE 230 Eighth St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship 1-85 Student Cabinet 2-85 Friend- ship Cabinet 1-85 Leaders' Group 5-85 Jr. and Sr, Class Sec- retary 5, 6, 7, 85 Chorus 1, 25 Herald Staff 75 Monitor 3, 45 Spanish Club 6-8. Junie's gay, full of fun, Many friends she has won. HOGAN. PATRICIA L. 100 Denison Ave.5 General Co urse5 Friendship 1-85 Friendship Cabinet 5, G5 Leaders' Group 7, 85 Office Assistant 7, 85 Monitor 5. Laughing, jolly all the day- Friendliness is Pat's way. HUFFMAN, IACK HARRY 310 Ninth St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Cafe- teria Assistant 2-7. His sense of humor Is not a rumor. HAAS, MYRTLE B. 128 South Olive St.5 Commercial Course5 Mimeograph Worker 7, 85 Library Assist- ant 75 Monitor 5, 65 Glee Club 3, 4. She has not much to say But has a winning way. HARRINGTON, ALICE MAE 191 Bath St.5 General Course5 Friendship 1- 85 Herald Staff 7, 8. A newspaper gal- A lifetime pal, HINDERER. IBMA IEAN 218 Boston Ave,5 Commercial Course5 Friendship 1-45 Cho- litgs 1, 25 Orchestra Likis music best of ll I Will college call next fall? HOLBROOK, HELEN C. 140 Stanford Ave.5 General Co urse5 Friendship 1-85 Jr. A Cappella 7, 85 Span- ish Club 7, 8. Quiet, modest, neatg To know her is a treat. HULSE. IAYNE CLARICE 318 West Ave.5 Gen- eral Courseg Friend- ship 1-85 Sr. A. Cap- pella 5-85 French Club 7, 8. Friendly way, lots of pep- , Seldom takes a mis- step. 1.-5 SENIORS HALLETT. BEATRICE MAY R. -D. 2, Elyria5 Com- mercial Course5 Friendship 5-85 Friendship Cabinet 5-85 Mimeograph Vvork 7, 85 Library Assistant 7, 8. Quiet and shy But a twinkle in her eye. HAUER, WILLIAM A. R. F. D. 2, Vvest Ridge Rd.5 General Course. Not gloomy or sad- A gay friendly lad. HINKEN. DOLORES Y. 203 Bellfield Ave.5 General Course5 Ver- milion High, Vermil- ion, Ohio 1, 25 Nor- walk High, Norwalk, Ohgo 3, 45 Zoot Staff Clever, witty- - Also pretty. HOPKINS, RUTH IRENE 218 East Fourteenth St.5 General Course5 Band 1-85 Jr. A Cap- pella 5-85 Spanish gluga 7, 85 Friendship A friend to allg And she's not very tall. IZOLD, MARGARET E. R. F. D. 3, Elyria5 Commercial Course5 Jefferson Jr. High 1, 25 Herald Staff 55 Mimeograph Worker 85 Friendship 5-8. Blonde, petite- She is neat. +19-15+ HA LPIN. GERALD R. 137 Garvin Ave.5 Commercial Course5 Jefferson Jr. High 25 Football 35 Basket- ball 1-45 Hi-Y 7, 85 Sr. A Cappella 5-8. Although modest and shy, Hopes to fly by and by. HEILMAN. WALDINE I. 323 Sixteenth St.5 Commercial Course5 Friendship 5-8. Quiet, but never glum- Sheis really lots of fun. HIERPE, DONALD R. 247 Eighth St.5 Gen- eral Course. Quiet, composed is he- A success he'll be. HORWITZ, MAXINE LEE 132 Broad St.5 Gen- eral Courseg Friend- ship 1, 2, 5-85 Glee Club 5, 65 Herald Staff 1, 25 French Club 7, 8. Hair so dark:- She'll m a lc e her mark. IACKSON. ARLYS FERN 1532 Grafton Rd.5 Commercial Course5 Band l-65 Orchestra 5-65 Friendship 1-65 Sr. A Cappella 7, 85 Figiendship Cabinet 1- . Quiet and shy- n In music rates high. Page Twenty-Five SENIORS -1:1945 if Page Twenty-Six IACKSON. ERNEST LOUIS 500 West Third St.5 General Co urse5 Track 25 Chorus 1-45 Football Manager 35 lglgojectionists' Club Blonde hair, quiet way- We like him more every day. KAMINSKI. DOROTHY M, 1601 Middle Ave.5 Commercial Course5 Friendship 5, 65 An- nex Worker 65 lgflimeograph Worker Happy all the while,' Her eyes do smile. KELLING, MARGARET V. 263 Columbus St.: General Co urse5 Friendship 1-85 Glee Club 5, 7, 85 Mimeo- graph Worker 7, 85 Friendship 1-8. Smiling and friendly, Full of vitality. KORZAN. IULIUS IOHN 1703 West Ave.5 Gen- eral Course. Quiet, confident wayg Works every day. KUBUSKE. DONALD E. 111 Riverdale Ct.5 General Courseg Football 15 Basket- ball Manager 3, 45 Hi-Y 5, 6. Teasing manner, al- ways gay- Happy-go-lucky in his way. IALOWIEC. BERNARD A. 152 Warren Ave.5 General Course. Never has much to say- Happy, friendly in his way. KAMINSKI, ROBERT C. 625 W. Fifteenth St.: General Course. Quiet, helpful, shy,' He always will try. KLESTA. RICHARD IOHN R. D. 1, Grafton5 General Co urse5 Track 1. In baseball he seems To be on the beam. KOVIAK. IOHN IOSEPH 552 Turner St.5 Com- mercial Course. A quiet smile- That's his style. LANG. IOYCE ADELE 915 East Ave.5 Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship 1, 2, 5-85 Chorus 1-25 Zoot Staff 45 Spanish Club 7-85 Frgiendship Cabinet A gay, attractive lass- Tops with our class. IANOWICZ, BENNY MYRON 42 s Fifteenth 5 We t St.5 General Course. Like a bright penny Is our friend Benny. KAMINSKI, STEVE EDWARD 1601 M i d dl e Ave.5 General Course. H appy-g 0-lucky, Winning and plucky. KLIMCZAK, FELIX IOHN 143 Huron St.5 Gen- eral Course. "Goosei' on our bas- ket, ll team- Answgg to a coach's dream. KRAFT. ROBERT IOHN 120 Longford Ave.5 General Co urse5 Band 1, 2, 4-85 Or- chestra 7, 8. Always on hand To enrich our band. LAPP, BEATRICE A. 280 Pasadena Ave.5 General Course. Friendly, quiet, kindg Success she aims to Jind. SENIORS IOHNS, IANET IOY 803 West River St.5 General Course5 .lef- ferson Jr. High 1, 25 Friendship 5, 65 Na- ture Club 5, 6, All she's ever done Has turned into fun. KAYSER, IEANNE EDYTH 115 Cleveland St.5 General Co urse5 Ebenezer High, Eb- enezer, New York 1- 45 Chorus 5, 6. Her happiness she shares +1945+ KAATZ. ROBERT S. 123 Chase St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Hi-Y 7, 8. You'll find Bob Right on the job. KEISLER. CARL ARTHUR 164 Pasadena Ave.5 General Course5 Mon- itor 4-65 Hi-Y 7, 85 Track 65 "Our Town" 75 Spanish Club 7, 8. W'itty, ingenious. Always studious. W'ith the smile she wears. ' -- ,xii 3 . KNITTEL. KOLARIK. THERESA M. DAN A. 137 Spruce St.5 Com- mercial Courseg Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 2. Loves fun, this lass: As secretary, lots of class. KRUECK. KENNETH A. 711 Foster Ave.5 General Course5 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 25 Band 3-85 Movie Worker 8. He takes quite a hand In the E. H. S. Band. LAVER. MARALYN I. R. F. D. 3, Elyriag General Course5 Band 3-85 Leaders' Group 7-85 Friend- ship 1-85 Friendship Cabinet 5, 65 Library Assistant 1-65 Sr. A Cappella 5-85 "Our Town" 75 Announc- ing Staff 7, 85 Play- ers' Club 7, 85 Span- ish Club 7, 8. Intelligent is she And good company. 317 Bell Ave.5 Gen- eral Courseg Jeffer- son Jr. High 1, 25 Hi-Y 5-85 Band 3-83 Orchestra 7, 8. "Dangerous Dan" Is our hot trumpet man. KRUPKO. LILLIAN M. 235 Bath St.5 General Course5 Jefferson Jr. High 1, 25 Office As- sistant 5-8, Hair so neat- Dancing feet. LEBER. MARGARET A. 416 West Third St.5 General Course5 Friendship 1-85 Jr. A Cappella 4, 5. Dark and small- A friend to all. Page Twenty-S even SENIORS +1945 if Page Twenty-Eight LEGIEL. IEANNETTE A. 217 Lake Ave.3 Gen- eral COUTSGQ Jeffer- son Jr. High 1, 23 Friendship 3, 4, 7, 8. A friend so trueg Her smile's for you. LORD. KENNETH W. 209 East River St.3 General Course: Cho- rus 1, 23 Monitor 7, 83 Hi-Y 3, 4, 7, 89 Spanish Club 7, 83 Players' Club 7, 83 "Our Town" 7. Pleasing to know- To success he'll go. MCCONVILLE. CATHERINE E. 192 Beebe Ct.3 Gen- eral Course3 Friend- ship 1-83 Friendship Caginet 7-83 Chorus With dancing feet Katie is Au reet. MARTIN. MERCEDES ANN 508 D e W e y Ave.3 General Course3 Friendship 3, 43 Glee Club 3-6. A pleasing smile- A friend worthwhile. MITCHELL, RANDOLPH 504 Twelfth St.: Gen- eral Course3 Basket- ball 1443 Football 13 Track 1-61 Sr. A Cap- pella 6-83 Library As- sistant 7, 83 Hi-Y 7, 8. Tall and sleelc- Known as "Deac." LEHMAN. ROBERT JOSEPH 211 Fifth St.3 Gen- eral course. Shy, modest, docile too, Bob's always loyal, true. LOYD. NANCY L. 1219 Lake Ave.3 Gen- eral Course3 Jeffer- son Jr. High 1, 23 Friendship 3, 4, 7, 8. Nan is always gay- Malces friends every day. MCMANAMA. KATHLEEN M. 245 Eastern Heights Blvd.3 General Course: Sr. A Cap- pella 7, 8. Short, friendly, gay,' We lilce her more each day. MASON. MELBA M. 505 Foster Ave.3 Commercial COUFSGQ Jefferson Jr. High 1, 23 Friendship 3, 4, 7, 83 Jr. A Cappella 5-8. Friendly and gay ls Melbais way. MOORE, IUANITA G. 154 Oak St.3 General Course. Southern gal- A real pal. LEKO. MARGARET E. 140 Beverly Ct.3 Commercial Course. With shining eyes She always tries. LUMADUE, DONALD LEE 314 Longford Ave.: General Course3 Sr. A Cappella 5-83 Track 2-63 Hi-Y 1-6. He is an ace At singing bass. MALANOWSKI. WALTER M. 348 Twelfth St.: Gen- eral Course3 Monitor O. Quiet, so they say- Friendly in this way. MEKKER, IRENE MARY 548 Vulcan St.3 Coni- mercial Course3 Friendship 7, 83 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 2. A fun-loving gal- A true blue pal. MOSSBARGER. PHYLLIS ANN 343 Princeton Ave.3 Commercial Courseg Friendship 1-6, Glee Club 5. A happy smile- Gay all the while. SENIORS LICHNAK, THOMAS E. R. D. 1, Elyriag Gen- Erag Course3 Track An all-round friend Whose smiles never end. LYSAGHT. BERNARD P. 1118 West Ave.: Gen- eral Course: Football 1, 3, 5, 73 Basketball 1-81 Baseball 2, 4, 6, 83 Movie Worker 5-8. An all around boy- Sports are his joy. MARKEL, RUTH ELEANOR 845 West Broad St.3 General Courseg Lo- rain High, Lorain, Ohio 1, 23 French Clug 3-63 Friendship 7, . Small and gay- A friendly way. MILLER. IACK DAVID R. F. D. 2, Elyriag Classical Course3 Student Cabinet 3, 43 Hi-Y 3-43 "The Fight- ing Littles" 53 Jr. Class Treasurer 5, 63 Track 1, 23 Sr. A Cappella 5-83 Sapi- entes 4-81 Monitor 5- 83 "Our Town" 7. Lots of fu-n-all- round boy- To know him is a real joy. MURAWSKI. THERESA 313 South Maple St.3 Commercial Course: Library Assistant 7, 83 lgiimeograph Work 7, . Small and petite- Dresses so neat. f1945+ LOHNES, BARBARA ANN 316 Columbia Ave.3 General COUFSQQ Friendship 1-82 Friendship Cabinet 5, 63 Sr. A Cappella 5-83 Herald Staff 8. Always neat, lots of fun- She's a pal to every- one. McCLUNE. PATRICIA ANN 140 Clinton Ave.: General Course3 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1-21 Friendship 3-83 Lead- ers' Group 5-83 griindship Cabinet She meets each day With a smile so gay. MARTIN. MARGARET M. 228 Gates Ave.3 Gen- eral Courseg South Park High, Buffalo, N. Y., 1-41 Sr. A. Cap- pella 6-83 Friendship Cabinet 7, 83 Friend- ship 5-8. Charming ways, love- ly voice- Always makes a wise choice. MILLER. WALTER LOWRY 104 Blaine St.3 ,Gen- eral Course3 Sr. A Cappella 5-83 Camera Club 2-42 Projection- ists' Club 3-6. His friendly drawl Is known to all. MYERS. ARTHUR F. 143 Fairlawn Ave.3 General Course. He smiles all day, In a cheery way. Page Twenty-Nine SENICRS +1945 af NAGY, ELEANOR H. 205 West River St.: General COUFSSQ Friendship 1, 23 Spanish Club 7, 8. Short, quiet, gentle, Sometimes sentim en- ral. NOSTER, FLORIAN A. 318 West Fifteenth St.3 General Course. Honest, hind, sincere Worked It a r d this year. OHLEMACHER. ROBERT L. 222 Columbia Ave.3 Scientific Course3 Hi- Y 1-83 Monitor 3, 43 Herald Staff 5, G3 Football 1, Track 23 Band 5-81 Library Assistant 1-4. An. ambitious lad- 0lllfll'S fun, 11 e v e V sad. PATANIA. DOMINIC A. 127 South Logan St.3 General Course. Obstacles he'll push away- Success he'll find one day. PETRUS, MARY FREDA 295 'West River St.3 General Course3 Friendship 1-83 Of- fice Assistant 4-83 Leaders' Group 5-83 Fr?-:ndsh ip Cabinet Eyes S1If17'1x7l6 merrily. Flash a personality. NICHOLL, RUSSELL KARR 236 Brandston Ave.3 General Course3 Jr. A Cappella 3-5. Well-dressed, q ui e I, tall Russ is lilccd by all. NOVAK. MARCELLA E. 830 VVest Broad St.3 General Course3 OI'- glgestra 23 Jr. Choir She ivallcs along Singing a song. OLDFIELD. SARAH IANE Oberlin Rd.3 General Course3 Friendship 1- 8: Chorus 1, 23 Friendship Cabinet 2- G3 Leaders' Group 5- 83 Library Assistant 1'4Q Spanish Club 7-8. Truest of pals Is our gal Sal. PATRICK. IOANNE E. 339 Cambridge Ave.3 Commercial COUYSBQ Friendship 1-83 Jr. A Cappella 5, G. Clear eyes of blue- A bright smile, too. PETRUZZI, PORTIA IANE 310 Lodi St.3 General Course3 Latin Club 5-8. Her lovely hair IS dark and rare. NICHOLS, MARCIA IANE 323 M i d d l e Ave.3 General Course3 Friendship 1-41 Friendship Cabinet 1, 23 Jr. A Cappella 2-63 Leaders' Group 5-83 Spanish Club 5-8. Pretty blonde hair- Complexion v e 1' y fair. O'BRIEN. NANCY LOU 371 High St.3 General Course3 Friendship 3- 83 Jefferson Jr. High 1, 23 Zoot Staff 73 Mimeograph Work- er 7. A smiling face- An easy grace. OSTER. IAMES RICHARD 203 Lake Ave.3 Gen- eral Course3 Jeffer- son Jr. High 1, 2. A warm personality Full of vitality PEABODY. DELORES E. 225 Winckles St.3 Commercial Course3 Herald Staff 73 Mimeograph Worker Her eyes so blue Tell us she's true. PHELPS, PATRICIA ANN General Course3 Friendship Cabinet 1. 23 Friendship 1-8: Band 1-5. Ever smiling, ever Have Fun in every way. SENIORS NORMAN, SHIRLEY E. 205 Harvard Ave3 General COUFSQQ Herald Staff 33 Friendship 1-83 Jr, A Cappella 5-8. A real pal- A cheery gal. O'CONNOR. THOMAS N. 222 Fifth St.3 Gen- eral Course: Hi-Y 1- 63 Student Cabinet 2- 83 Monitor 3-43 Foot- ball 5-73 Baseball 4- 6-SQ Track 2-4. Black hair, snappy reyes- Very friendly, very wise. PACHUTA. ALBERT A. 354 Bond St.3 Gen- eral COUFSSQ Jeffer- son Jr. High 1, 2. An ambitious lad is he- Friendly as can be. PEAK, 4 CAROL ANN 354 Oxford Ave.3 General Course3 Friendship 1-83 Friendship Cabinet 3- 83 Latin Club 4-82 Leaders' Group 5-83 Sr. A Cappella 5-83 Movie Worker 3-43 Monitor 53 Cafeteria Worker 53 Office As- sistant 7, 8. Sh.e's full of fun- Liked by everyone. PHILLIPS. PATRICIA ANN 412 West Ave.3 Gen- eral Course3 Chorus 1, 23 Friendship 1-83 Friendship Cabinet 1-83 Sapientes 43 Her- ald Staff 3, 43 Zoot Staff '3-83 Extemp Squad 63 Elyrian Staff 5-83 Spanish Club 6-81 Announc- ing Staff 7, 8. Artistic, energetic, lots of fun- Pat is lc no zu 11 to everyone. f1945f NORRIS, IESSIE LOUISE 17 Phillips Ct.3 Gen- eral COUFSEQ Friend- ship 3, 4. A helpful lass In home and class. O'DELL, NANCY A. 310 Thirteenth SL? Commercial Course3 Friendship 1-83 Jr. A Cappella 5, 6. Full of fun- Liked by everyone. PATAK. ELEANOR V. 354 Vulcan St.3 Com- mercial Course3 Friendship 3-83 Band 1-22 Art Service 33 Mimeograph Work- er 8. As a friend to you Sincere and true. PETER. MARGARET I. 310 Sumner St.3 Gen- eral Course3 Portage Boro High School. Portage, Penn., 1-3g Herald Staff 8. If a friend's in need, Shets a friend indeed. PIXLEY. GERALDINE R. 516 Bond St.3 Com- mercial C0urse3 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 23 Friendship 3-8. Laughing ey es, very .filly-' Happy all the day. Page Thirty-One SENIORS f1945 if + .. ,A..A '- A . 4 'flgz V "-'f r-s i g' , V ' - , . ,, , ' Q fgfl.: ' .A A g Q'- -s::5,:g,.f.,2:s'1: '1. . 5 , QM ..,.... ' A QR - W E1533 V ' .1 Q 1 NN ' " iviff ',4g?f'w:: E A Q M ,V ,, . Hg . Q NM,'xN,.A. Page Thirty-Two PLAS. BETTY I ANE R. D. 1, La Grange5 General Course5 Friendship 3, 45 Latin Club 4-65 Lead- ers' Group 75 Herald staff 75 Elyrian Staff 5-75 Office Assist- ant 7. Good natured lass- Tops in class. PUSBACH. IUNE ELIZABETH 427 Sixth St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Sr. A Cappella 7, 85 Friend- ship 1-85 Latin Club 5-85 Monitor 7-85 Her- ald Staff 75 French Club 7, 8. A hard working lassg Rates high in our class. RODIN. ZONA MARIE R. D. 2, Elyria5 Gen- eral Courseg Friend- ship 4-85 Zoot Staff 4-75 Chorus 2. Short and nice With lots of spice. RUGG. CHARLES W. 320 Sixth St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Band 3- 75 Monitor 8. Bass in the band- Right on hand. SALRIN. ROBERT EUGENE 247 Fourth St.5 Gen- eral Course. Speedboat Bob Soon will be a gob. POLK, IOSEPH LEO 243 Bath St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Jeffer- son Jr. High 1, 25 Hi-Y 5-85 Basketball 3-85 Baseball 45 Jr. A Cappella 3, 45 Ten- nis G, 85 Monitor 3, 45 Slip Collector 5-85 Spanish Club 7, 8. They call him Polky Joe T h o u g h he's any- thing but slow. RAIZMAN. THELMA S. 643 West River St.5 General Course5 Friendship 2-85 Cho- rus 2, 5. Smiling and gay is she- A secretary shefll be. ROHLF. HENRIETTA A. R. D. 3, Elyria5 Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship 3, 4, 7, 85 Latin Club 45 Spanish Club 6-35 Office Assistant 5- . Lovely and charm- ing- Smile, hea1't-war1n- RYAN, IOANNE L. G13 Gulf Rd.5 Gen- eral Course. Eyes, blue and clearg Manner, most sin- cere. SAVILLE. STANLEY W, 349 High St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Hi-Y 5- 85 Jefferson Jr. High 1, 25 Sr. A Cappella 45 Band 55 Slip Col- lector 1. Tall and manly- That's our Stanley. POMEROY. ELEANOR MAY 119 Grant St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship 7, 8. Blonde and pert She's always alert. RAY. NETTA M. 427 Kenyon Ave.5 General Course5 Friendship 1-85 Friendship Cabinet 1-85 Spanish Club 7, 85 Herald Staff 7. Dependable as can be- Ambitious, too, is she. ROSE. ELEANOR ANN R. D. 1, Elyria: Com- mercial Course5 Friendship 7, 85 Leaders' Group 5-85 Chorus 1, 2. The turn of her chin Says she'll win. RYAN. LOIS IEAN 222 Harvard Ave.5 General Course5 Or- chestra 3-75 Friend- ship 1-85 Latin Club 45 Spanish Club 6-85 "The Fighting Littles" 55 Players' Club 7, 8. Everything just so- Always on the go. SCHAREINA. MAX ALBERT 133 Morgan Ave.5 General Course5 Hi- Y 5-85 Jefferson Jr. Hi 1, 25 Sr. A Cap- pella 5, 6. Not much to say But he's always gay. SENIORS POWELL. PHYLLIS EMILY 446 Eighth St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Band 1- 85 Orchestra 3-85 Sr. A Cappella 5-85 Ex- temp Squad 3-65 Friendship 1-85 Friendship Cabinet 3-85 Announcing staff 7, 85 Sapientes 4-8. At public speaking- best,- Sheill have success, REYNOLDS. BONNA MAE 334 Fifth St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Friend- ship 1-85 Band 1-65 Sr. A Cappella 5-85 Spanish Club 6-8. She has a smile That can beguile. ROSENAU. RUSSELL EVERT 319 Harvard Ave.5 General Course5 Hi- Y 1-45 Library As- sistant 2-45 Monitor 3-65 Sr. A Cappella 7, 85 Tennis 75 "Our Town" 75 Announc- ing Staff 7, 85 Play- ers' Club 7, 8. A Zacl like this Just couloln't miss. SABO. IRENE ROSE 114 Blake St.5 Com- mercial Course5 Friendship 6-85 Leaders' Group 7, 8. Bashful they say- ll's just her way. SCHOENBACHLER. WILLIAM A. 169 Beebe Ct.5 Gen- eral Course5 Foot- ball 1, 3, 5, 75 Bas- ketball 1-85 Sr. Class Treasurer 7, 85 Base- ball 6-8. Bill, our football star In sports, is above par. f1945af POWERS. IOHN THOMAS 122 Emerson Ct.Z General Course5 Jr. Hi-Y 1-45 Basketball 1, 25 Football 3. Right on the beam- A debutanteis' dream ROBERTSON. WILLIAM D. 317 Kenyon Ave.5 General Course5 Cho- rus 15 Band 1-85 Hi- Y 5-85 Baseball 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 7. We know his band ls best in the land. ROTHGERY. HAROLD' F. 344 Princeton Ave.5 General Course5 Sa- Ilxiegites 3, 45 Hi-Y Always on the go, Pleasing to know. SABO. WALTER I. 125 Blake St.5 Com- mercial Course. Joy to spare- Never has a care, SCHROEDER. CAROL CLAIRE 341 Cornell Ave.5 General Course5 Ru- fus King High, Mil- Waukee, Wis., 1-45 Friendship 5-85 Friendship Cabinet, 7, gg Leaders' Group A blondeg blue eyesg She's neat and wise. Page Thirty-Three SENIORS -A' 19451: 'H ix , Page Thirty-Four SCHUE, CHARLES S. 277 Abbe Rd.: Gen- eral Course: Baseball 6: Basketball 1. A fine fellow is Chuck- To him, the best of luck. SHUMAKER, MARY 327 Denison Ave.: General Course: Leaders' Group 7, 89 Spanish Club 7, 83 Student Cabinet 7, 8: Glee Club 3, 4: Friendship Club 7. 81 Monitor 3, 4: Office Assistant 5, 8. Intelligent, neat- Hard to beat. SKLENAR, MARY 411 Bond. St.: Gen- eral Course: Jeffer- son Jr. High 1, 25 Friendship 1-4: Jr. A Cappella 4. A nurse she'll be With keen ability. SMITH, ROSE MARIE 253 E. Thirteenth St.9 General Course: Latin Club 4: Lead- ers' Group 7, 81 Spanish Club 6, 7, 8: Friendship 3-8: Cabi- nit 3-8: A Cappella 5- . To rank high-her aim: She'll make a name, SOMMER, GRACE LOUISE 130 Cedar St.: Gen- eral Course. A smiling face Welcome every place. SCHWEDA, IACK 868 Gulf Rd.: General Course: Band 1-8. A band player here is found lfVith wit and good sense sound. SIENKOWSKI, MARY R. D. 2, Elyria: Gen- eral Course: Friend- ship 1. Pleasant, small- No cares at all. SKRILETZ, DOROTHY I. 1299 East Ave.: Gen- eral Course: Leaders' Group 7, 8: Players' Club 7, 8: Spanish Club 6-8: Extemp Squad 6, 8: Orchestra 1-6: Elyrian Staff 7, 8: Office Assistant 7, 8: Friendship 1-8: Cabinet 5-8. Studious as can be- Success for her we see. SMITH, VERONA GRAY R. D. 3, Griswold Rd.: General Course: Zoot 5: Library As- sistant 7-8. Always quiet, sweet: She won't be beat. SOOY, . NADINE MARIE 215 Foster Ave.: General Course: Sr. A Cappella 7, 8. With lots of grace She'll take her place. SCOTT, MARY ELLEN 113 Monroe Ct.: Gen- eral Course: Office Assistant 7. Often on a No-Talk" diet. Modest. reserved, and quiet. SIGEL. NORMAN 221 Indian Hollow Rd.: General Course: Spanish Club 7, 8: Band 1-8: Drum Ma- Jor 7, 8: Orchestra 3-8: A Cappella 5-8. In musical art Could get his start. SMITH, FLORENCE E. 423 Poplar St.: Gen- eral Course: St. Catherine's College and Institute, On- tario, Canada 1, 2. She likes to go To a picture show. SNYDER, IANET LOUISE 420 Park Ave.: Gen- eral Course: Latin Club 4: Leaders' Group 5-8: Spanish Club 6-8: Student Cabinet 5, 6: Friend- ship 1-8: Orchestra 2-6: Monitor 7, 8: Office Assistant 5-8. Thoughtful girl we have here- Her success? Have no fear! STAYSNIAK. FLOYD T. 131 Fairlawn Ave.: General Course: Monitor 5. Maybe we'll hear Of Floyd, engineer. SENIORS SELLERS, DAVID 252 Harvard Ave.: General Course: Hi- Y 7, 8: Slip Collec- tor 7. Sure loves his fun: And gets things done. SIMMS, KARL E., Ir. R. D. 2, Elyria: Gen- eral Course: Foot- ball 1, 3, 5, 7. Willing to agree He'll usually be. SMITH, FLORENCE MAE R. D. 3, Elyria: Gen- fizrgzl Course: Chorus Pretty, you can see: A nurse she will be. SNYDER, NAOMI ESTELLE 1026 Gulf Rd.: Gen- eral Course: Latin Club 3, 4: Leaders' Group 7, 8: Spanish Club 6, 7, 8: Jr. A Cappella 5, 6: Li- brary Assistant 2: Monitor 7, 8. Always hard at work- In any task she'll never shirlc. STEWART, ELMER A.. Ir. 420 Cleveland St.: General Course: Hi- Y 1, 2, 7, 8: Basket- ball 1, 2. Quiet ways, friendly smile Show traits worth while. 4:19454 SHEDRON, HAROLD 204 Bath St.: Gen- eral Course. Always scorns dan- ger- Could be forest ranger. SIMPSON, ROBERT B. 245 Stanford Ave.: General Course: Ten- is 5, 7. Humor has this lad: Often serious, never sad. SMITH, IAMES ALVIN 223 Oberlin Rd.: Gen- eral Course: Band 1-4: Choir 1: French Club 7, 8. W'e sure do know That far he'll go. SOBOTKA, GENEVIEVE A. 352 Seventh St.: Com- mercial Course: Minaleograph Work- er . Full of vim- Bound to win. ST. MARIE, NADINE L. 430 Oxford Ave.: General Course: Spanish Club 7, 8. Modest, e a g e r to learn- Will meet success at every turn. Page Thirty-Five SENIORS f1945f Page Thirty-Six STODDARD. BARBARA LEE 528 Middle Ave.5 General Course5 A Cappella 5, 6. Barbara knows her ABCis: In all she does, strives to please. SURDOCK. ELIZABETH ANN 224 Bath St.: Gen- eral Course5 A Cap- pella Choirs 1-6. Success marks her course: She'd make a good nurse. TATTERSALL. IOHN C. W. 241 Hamilton Ave.5 Classical Course5 Football 1, 3, 5, 75 Basketball 2, 4, 6, 85 Baseball 2, 4, 6, 85 Latin Club 4-85 Stu- dent Cabinet 5-85 Monitor 3-55 Sr. A Cappella 4-85 Hi-Y 1- 85 Announcing Staff 7-85 Extemp Squad 4-65 Jr. Class Presi- dent 5, 65 Sr. Class President 7, 8. Politics, sports and good clean fun- Our prexy is tops with everyone. THORLEY. ALBERT P. 234 Harvard Ave.5 General Course5 Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 2. Full of jnviality, Never on anxiety. VAHEY. RUBY CLAIRE 117 Water St.5 Com- mercial Course5 An- nouncing Staff 7, 85 Extemp Squad 5-85 Jr. A Cappella 5, 65 Band 7, 85 Nature Club 3, 4. A charming lass Who shines in class. STROHM, KENNETH A. 327 Gulf Rd.5 Scien- tilic Course5 T. A. De Vilbiss High, Toledo, Ohio 1-45 Latin Club 65 Track 8. Friendly, yet shy- Studies to learn the why. SWEET. CHARLES H. 169 Caroline St.5 Gen- eral Course. Courage is his to command: His spirit will win Fortunes hand. TENNYSON. GEORGETTA 1525 West River St.5 General Course5 Cho- rus 1-5: Leaders' Group 5-8. She shines in sports And clever retorts. TODD. DORIS IEANNE 359 Brace Ave.5 Gen- eral Course5 Jr. A Cappella 3-55 Band 3-8: Herald Staff 7: Friendship 7, 8. Dark brown eyes That tantalize. VALASSIS. APHRODITE 351 Third St.5 Gen- eral Courseg Latin Club 45 Spanish Club G-8: Friendship 1-8. Denture, quiet, neat, Pleasant to meet. STROM. IOHN R. 146 Harvard Ave.5 Classical5 Football 1, 2, 75 Announcer 7, 85 Herald 3, 45 Latin Club 4-85 Color Com- rnittee5 Home Room Representative 5, 65 Players' Club 7, 85 Nature Club 3, 45 Extemp Squad 7, 8. Q ui e t, s h y, with kindly heart, Sure to finish what- ever he starts. SWINDLING. RITA MAE 415 Park Ave.5 Gen- eral5 A Cappella Choirs 3, 4, 5, 65 Glee Club 1. 25 Pic- ture Show Worker 3,845 Friend ship Dishes that you cook Follow rule of book. TERRELL. WILLIAM E. 1004 Lake Ave.5 Gen- eral Course5 Jr. Hi-Y 1, 25 Projectionists' Club 5-85 Chorus 1, 2, 45 Movie Work- er 5-8. At our movies he's right there, Seeing that we pay our fare. TONRY, ARTHUR E. 126 Broad St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Sr, A Cappella 5-85 An- nouncing Staff 7, 8: Movie Worker 5-85 Projectionists' Club 5-85 Hi-Y 1, 2. Never rn elaneh oly, Always jolly. VANDEMARK. ALICE LEE 1004 Park Ave.5 Gen- eral Course5 An- nouncing Staff 7, 85 Chorus 1, 25 Herald Staff 5, 65 Monitor 5: Office Assistant 5-85 Latin Club 45 Leaders' Group 7, 85 Players' Club 7, 85 Spanish Club 6-85 Friendship 1-85 Figiendship Cabinet 5- . Works on the run But always has fun. SENIORS STRUEBE. LOIS IANE 116 la. Broad St.5 General Course: Cho- rusg Gymg Friend- ship Club 1-8. Lois has what it takes For business or halc- ing cakes. SYFERS. MARY IEAN 148 Northrup St.5 General Course5 Vol- ley Ball 1-45 A Cap- pella Choirs 3, 4, 55 Glee Club 1. 25 Latin glub lg: Friendship 1. ,7, . Friendly - ll ready smile- lVe know that's her style. TERRY. IACK RALPH 417 West Ave.5 Gen- eral Course5 Hi-Y 1. 25 Band 5-8. Smiling as he goes, Always on his toes. TRACZEK. IOSEPH IULIUS 822 Lake Ave.5 Gen- eral Course5 Jeffer- son Jr. High 1, 2. Always full of joy- Our butcher boy. VAN DYKE, ' RONALD DEAN 606 Middle Ave.5 General Course5 Players' Club 85 Hi- Y 3-8. R 0 n ny ' s pleasing ways Brighten a ll our days. 419454 STUART. CHARLES H. 352 High St.5 Gen- eral Course5 Basket- ball 15 Football 25 Tennis 3-75 A Cap- pella Choir 5-85 Tres. Sesn. Hi-Y 85 l-li-x D- . Cheerful, he'll nel shirk From his work. TAKACS. THEODORE P. R. D. 2, Lorain5 Gen- eral Course5 Jeffer- son Jr. High 1, 25 Hi-Y 7, 8. Ted's full of fun VVhile workis being clone. THOMPSON. RUTH ANN 905 East Ave.5 Gen- eral Courseg Friend- ship 1-85 Nature Club 3, 45 Herald Staff, 35 Sr. A Cap- pella 7, 85 Spanish Club 7, 8. Friendly, neat, full of glee- A splendid n u rs e she'll be. TROUP. MILTON C. 245 Spruce St.5 Gen- eral Course. Quiet bashful way- Folks like him each day. VERBECK. HELEN LOUISE 326 West Ave.5 Gen- eral Course5 Jr. Friendship 1-4. Verbie's always gay, In her friendly u'ay. Page Thirty-Seven SENIORS f1945+ VIBBER. DEANE ROBERT 1237 East River St.3 Scientific Course3 Band 1-82 Basketball 3, 43 Hi-Y 4-83 Track 1, 2, 7, 83 Slip Col- lector 8. Vib's full of ftboogiev Piano is his "woo- meth WATSON. WILLIAM E. 116 Eastern Heights B'lvd.3 Gene ral Course3 Movie Work- er 5, 6. He thrives on song The whole day long, WIEGAND, FLORENCE R. 136 Bell Ave.3 Gen- eral COUFSGQ Friend- ship 1-8. Quiet, with p07:S8j. She nlalces no noise. WURSTER. KEITH EUGENE 1505 Lake Ave.3 Gen- eral Courseg Track 83 Band 1-8. Has a gay disp osi- tion . For eu ery situation. VORECH, MARIORIE I. 1608 Lake Ave.: Gen- eral Course3 Sr. A Cappella 7-83 Art Service 73 Monitor 51 Leaders' Group 7-8. Neat, quiet, shy, Pleasing to the eye. WELTON. CHARLES L. R. D. 1. Oberlin3 General Course3 Sen- ior Hi-Y 4-83 Cheer- leader 7, 8. Cheerleading with a smile- Dancing with style. WILLIAMS. LOIS IOAN 1052 Gulf Rd: Gen- eral Course3 Sr. A Cappella 5-83 Friend- ship Cabinet 5-8: Monitor 8: Latin Cgub 5-83 Friendship Quiet and brightg Sheis all right. YARSA. ALEX MIKE 104 Irondale St.3 Gen- eral Courseg Basket- ball 1-4. Gay and clever- A quitter-never. WAHL. LOIS RUTH 113 East Fourth St.3 General Course3 Sr. A Cappella 5-83 Moni- tor 83 Band 1'2Q Latin Club 4-83 Leaders' Group 5-83 Student Cabinet 3-6. Pleasant to meet: Her smile's a treat. WHITE. PATRICIA ANNE 241 Cornell Ave.3 General Course3 Cho- rus 1-5Q Herald Staff 3-43 Monitor 4-83 Of- fice Assistant 7-83 Slip Collector 7'8Q Spanish Club '7-83 Friendship 1-8. Cute and gay With a winning way. WILLIAMS. WILLIAM F. 107 Chase St.3 Gen- eral Courseg Foot- ball 1, 3, 5, 73 Basket- ball 1, 23 Herald Staff 33 Elyrian Staff 3. 43 Monitor 2-43 Hi- Y 5-8. Football hero, this lad: He's friendly, never sad. YLIOFF, ZORKA R. F. D. 3, Elyria3 General COUTSSQ Jef- ferson Jr. High 1, 2. Her intellect indeed Will nialce her suc- ceed. SENIORS WARGO. FRANK LOU 119 Riverdale Ct.3 General Course. FranIc's ,friendly way Lightens the day. WHITE. WILLIAM F. 118 Artemas Ct.3 General Course. Quiet, not so tall- Likes basketball. WILSON . NORMA LOUISE 318 Cambridge Ave.3 General Course3 Jr. A Cappella 5. Smiling and gay- Her pleasing way. YOSA, MARTHA IANE 1733 East Ave.3 Gen- eral Course: Jr. A Cappella 5-83 Band 1-53 Spanish Club 7- . Hair so blond- Of work she's fond. 4:19454 WATSON. ALLENE MAE 349 Eleventh St.3 Commercial Course3 Tiffin Jr. High, Tif- fin. Ohio 1, 23 Friendship 3, 4. This shy little gal Is a lifelong nal, WICKARD. NORMA IEAN 119 Denison Ave.: General COUFSQQ Jr. A Cappella 3-63 Friendship 1-8. Neither Il u i e t nor loud But always in the crowd. WIMSATT. MARGARET 483 Cleveland St.3 General Course3 Drum Ma jorette 5-83 Leaders' Group 5-83 Spanish C l u b 5-83 Friendship 1-8, Our majorette lass ls hard to surpass. YUCKA. BETTY IANE 160 Woodford Ave.3 Commercial Course3 Chorus 13 Spanish Club 6-8. Betty"s friendly, neat and merry. She wants to be a secretary. HUNT. RALPH EDWARD 105 Second St.3 Gen- erag Course3 Monitor 5, . Quiet, clark- He'll make his mark. ZIEGMAN. NORBERT 357 Seventh St.g Gen- eral Course. Electronics his play: Some day, his pay. No plmlograplzx -were of RUDER. ELINOR RUTH 33914 eral view Ohio High, She'll Quiet v Fifth St.3 Gen- Course3 Clear- High, Lorain, 1-43 O b e rl i n Oberlin, O., 5. always stay that's her way. ZOLTAI. ELMER R. D. 3, Elyriag Gen- eral Courseg 'Track 3,583 Jr. A Cappella Dark eyes and hair: Has friendliness to share. ferfd for their four MCCORMICK. FRANK RAY General COUPSGI Track 83 Jr. Choir 5, G3 Sr. Choir 7, 83 Band 7, 8. All round boy, friendly way- He wears navy blue today. SMITH, EARL LEROY 111 Pine St.3 General Course: Track 2, 4. 6, 83 Football 3, He's a flash On the 100-yard flash Page Thirty Nme x I y r...,....-w,...m,.,,.,-,.n, , , Miss JOSEPHINE WILCOX y SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Bill Schoenbachler, treasurerg Joe I-Iamula, vice presidentg June Ann Henson, secretaryg Bill Tattersall, president. CLASS POEM lfffe see before us a flaming world, .fl challenge, like a flag unfurled. Vlfe leave you now, Elyria High, To face this challenge, and so good-bye. Perhaps we leave to join the fight, To end the struggle and lift the niglzt. Perhaps we stay behind to keep The waters of freedom running deep. But whateier our course let's steer it true, To bring the victory and peace renew. Where others lzave failed, let us succeed, And make lasting peace and freedom our freed. ,ind so, Elyria Higlz, to you kVe lift our hearts in honor true, YYOIZITIE shown us the wrong and taught us the right, our flame in our lzearts will ever be bright. Senior Class Adviser Page Forty -Russell Rosenau SENIOR l1945J COMMITTEES Distinction Day--Girls Nlary Shumaker-Chairman Nadine Sooy Jeanne Flood hlarcia Nichols Carol Schroeder Colors Rosemary Bumbach--Chairman John Strom Jean Brightbill Bill Williams Kenneth Strohm Announcement Russell Rosenau-Chairman Norma Wickard Fred Eppley Dean Vibber Alice Vandemark Distinction Day-Boys Dave Anton-Chairman Oney Fitzpatrick David Sellers Harold Rothgery Flower Rose Smith-Chairman Bob Elton Nlaralyn Laver Betty Plas Dan Kolarik Social Russell Boeringer-Chairman Nlargaret Wimsatt Jeanne Flood Janet Snyder Bill Robertson Collectors Bob Gould-121-A Lois Burr-l 2 l -B Betty Crawford--123 Jack Schweda-l22 Ted Takacs--225 Eleanor Patak-222 Carl Keisler-120 Caption Committee Dorothy Skriletz-Chairman Pat Phillips Rosemary Grabor Jack Miller Dorothy Crossmier Henrietta Rohlf Tom Powers Eugene Tonry Lois Wahl Jacqueline Beu Pat Dempsey Violet Christensen Eleanor Datena Sally Oldfield Dwain Diller Barabara Lohnes Lois Williams Donald Aungst Bob Ghlemacher Pat Burton Aphrodite Valassis Carol Ann Peak Ruth Calkins Lindy Welton Memorial Pat Dempsey--Chairman Felix Klimezak Pat Bauer Betty Bogart Ralph Christman Page Forty'One i fi TETRA ETHYL CLOSE 1' A CHAMP warns 'ro co Sai Arvcn seo Y' REMOVED BOOTHS MU!-'F JOHNSON l'. I BALL ST' : um 1 WI-IOS WH Q YVON SES Xxx NU,-V TAG sau' f?l ' ...Em UN1'Of E sonwxv C LDSIDO HC COAL Rrgocn- RAYQAM CLASSES R JUNIORS N Left to Right, Top Row: Bob Adams, Jeanette Adams, Don Ames, Janis Amspaugh, Irene Andrzcjczyk, Diane Babich, Sue Bailey. Second Row: Betty Bainbridge, Ted Baksa, Marcia Ball, Peggy Baptiste, Rose Baracskai, Beatrice Barbknecht, Don Barlow. Third Row: Jean Barnett, Marge Bathory, Nancy Bauer, Esther J. Beal, Art Becks, Duane Bellingham, Joan Beltz. Fourth Row: Agnes Benjamin, Lila Bennett, Gerry Birkline, Bonnie Black, Marion Bock, Harry Bogart, Bob Bohn. Fifth Row: Joe Bornino, Bob Box, Muriel Brada, Page Forty-Four 5 Anthony Brattoli, Vera Brenner, Jean Brown, Ted A. Brown. Sixth Row: Nancy Browne, Eleanor Bruce, Ray Bruck, Bud Bryant, Nancy Buell, Art Bursley, Helen Butler. Seventh Row: John Bycynski, Lois Cahl, Herb Carlson, Lois Carpenter, Pearl Carter, Clarice Cave, Anna Cerra. Eighth Row: Lyle Chandler, XValt Cook, Ray goon, Marge Craft, Jo Czak, Helen Daraby, Betty avis. Ninth Row: Bud Deetz, Torn Dempsey, Louis Denes, Louis J. Denes, McKinley Dickerson, Rilla Dilgren, Mary Dobrowski. JUNICRS Af Left to Right, Top Row: Georgia Duensing, Paul Dumont, Marilyn Dunlap, Ruth Dunn, Jean Dutch, Tom Easly, Jack Eckler. Second Row: Bob Edwards, Gerry Ehrke, Jeanne Elbert, Ernest Ensign, Jo Eschtruth, Beryl Everett, Joe Farkas. Third Row: Art Farmer, Dan Feher, Polly Ann Figler, Beverly Filrnore, Barbara Filo, Bill Fitch, Albert Fitzpatrick. Fourth How: Bill Flaherty, Ray Fling, Betty Flood, Norma Foster, Alvin Fowl, Edna Friden- stine, Frances Fritz. Fiffh Rrlw: Harold Fritz, Herb Fulger, Richard Fulton, Mary Gamble, Joe Gardinsky, Anne Gates, Phyllis Gehring. Sixth Row: Irene Gembka, Howard Gensert. Shirley Gfell, James Gill, Sue Gillmore, Leonard Goode, Lester Gorbics. Seventh Row: Bill Graw, Bob Gray, Philip Gray, Audrey Green, Dorothy Gruse, Grace Hall, Don Hamilton. Eighth Row: June Hamilton, Marilyn Hange, Norma Harbour, NVilma Hendricks, Robert Henry, Margaret Herman, Jean Herrick. Ninth Row: Clayton Hess, Bud Hobert, Mary Hopewell, Gene Horvath, Marty Huebner, Vivian Hummer, Pat Humphrey. Page Forty -Five JUNIORS 7 . 4 Lefi L0 Right, Top Row: Leslye Hurlbut, Ted Jgneczi, Ernest Jackson, Dick Jacobs, Betty Jameson, Joe Janowicz, Betty Jarvis. Second Row: John Johnson, June Johnston, Mary Kaiser, Irene Keller, Rita Kelley, Jean Kelly, Joyce Keyes. Third Row: Betty Kirkpatrick, Steve Kochis. Theresa Kerdeleski, Bob Kowalski, Mary Kozel, IdaMae Krebs, Evelyn Krueck. Fourth Row: Jim Kushinski, Irene Lament. Doorthy Lansberry, Laura Lauer, Charles Law- son, Clara Leister, George Lengyel. Fifth Row: Virginia Lewis, Bill Lockard, Don Page Forty-Six il tx, Loogitpggy Loensky, Edna Lowry, Jim Lucas, Anna Lynch. . Sixth Row: Doug MacKay, Ruth MacKenzie, Jean Magel, Bill Mallow, Phil Martin, Priscilla Martin, Thelma McGaughey. Scvrfnm Row: Joan McGinley, Louise McGreix', June McGucken, George McNulty, Shirley Mel- linger, Rosemary Mengay, Helen Meschke. ' Eighth, Row: Mary Midelka, Catherine Miller. Geraldine Miller, Lois Mills, Ruth Minnich, Jettie Mae Moore, Helen Murray. Ninth Row: Mary Jane Murray, Bob Myers, Adele Nagy, Marge Nasipak, Gordon Nethercut, Lois Niemeyer, Mary Ann Nilges. X 1 Q T . .u . 'x ' wi -.vi 1 X ,S ri Z ,. -, X K ' JUNICRS V l l Left to Right, Top Roux' Bob Nuhn. Imelda Obringer, Annainae Opper, Frank Opra. Jackie Orr, Joe Otten. Lincoln Oviatt. Second Icollf' Ed Palik. Santo Paonessa. Emma genges. Ray Pileski, Art Plas, Gloria Plato. Dale os . Third lfow: Catherine Pronesti, Tom Pruski. Don Pusbach, Rose Rebels, Phyllis Refenning, Lois Reisinger, Bob Renouard. Fourth Row: Doris Rhodes, Lila Rhodes. Jane Ann Riddle, Rita Ritter, Jim Roberts, Ed Robin- son, Harold Robinson. Fifth, Row: Betty Rockwood. Rosco Ross, Gerald- in ine Rousseau, Eleonora Rupp, Bill Ryals, Shirley Sanders. Ken Sauer. Si.rHz Row: Geraldine Saunders, Betty Schawn. Virginia Schubert, Gilda Schultz, Bill Shaw, Don Shepard. Ruth Shepherd. Scvrznlh, Row: Myra Sheppard, Sanford Shindle, Shirley Shipman, Don Shuster, Don Smith, Neale Smith, Phyllis Smith. Eighltlz Row: Regina Smith, Betty Snoble, Toni Snyder, Ken Sprankle, Shirley Standen, Dick Stewert. George Stillwaugh. Ninth Row: Andy Strinka, Warren Sturtevant. Marian Sugaski, Edith Suhanic, Yoland Sumegi, Bill Sutliff, Nancy Symons. V Page F orly-Seven LLQMAN J 'Q n 1 it Q-ff L' Vw w JUNIORS ' 1 ' r f J N A N l,. 4 ,xx W QA E? li M N Wg 3 XE ,wi Left to Right, Top Row: Bob Takacs, Virginia Tarnowski, Dick Tarry, Sylvia Taylor, Don Telze- row, Geraldine Terry, Audrey Thomas. . Second Row: Sally Thomas, Dan Traicoff, Frank Traxler, Ed Trimmel, Gene Troup, Phyllis Tulk, Bernie Turon. Third Row: Louise Vakerics, Mary Vanco, Til- ford VanDyke, Vilma Vargo, Nancy Vaughn, Shirley VonBrock, Bill VVatson. ' Page Forty-Eight 1 fr. , 5, Vw X . Q A Fvurfh Row: Glen VVatson, Dorothy Wehman, Harold West, Joan Wetzel, Tom Whitacre, Gloria VViech, Dave Wiechman. Fifth Row: Dick Wiegand, Marie Wilburn, Mary Wilhelmy, Charlene Williams, Meredith Williams, John Wirth, Jack Wise, ' ' , Sixth Row: Ed Witbeck, George Wright, Walter garlzgough, Jack Yoo, Jennings Young, Don un er. J, My J fx -. 3 sf Y ,yin H SOPHOMORES Left to Right, To: Row: Louis Abahazi, Donna Adams, Joanne dams, Wallace Adams, Betty Allen, Betty Anderson, Joyce Anderson. Second Row: Sterling Ault, Olga Bailey, Frank Bainbridge, Ursa Lee Baker, Kenneth Frances Balock, Aletho Barr. Third Row: Elva Bates, Louise Bauer, Bauer, Pat Beattie, Russ Becker, Marguerite Beckloff, Harold Berens. Fourth Row: Shirley Betts, Irma Bhel, Donald Birkline, Alice Biro, James Black, Homer Black- stone, Gloria Blinzley. Fifth Row: Jo Ann Boddy, Mary Lou Bokay, Bales, Mark 1 Cf' Marian Botos, Ruth Bowers, Connie Boylan, Geraldine Boyle, Shirley Braddon. Sixth Row: Jim Brand, Pat Brecknock, Nancy Briggs, Phyllis Briggs, Florence Bristor, Chuck Brown, Bruce Browning. Seventh Row: Betty Bruce, Jane Brydon, Joan Brydon, Audrey Buckholz, Eleanor Bulger, Dick Burke, Lester Burr. Eighth Row: Burton Bursley, Mary Byam, Mar- garet Campagna, Mary Carney, Vivian Carr, Bob Cerlan, Gertrude Clark. Ninth Row: Kenneth Coffin, Betty Collier, Ann Conrad, Martha Cook, Shirley Cox, Jim Crayton, Chuck Crosby. Page Forty-Nine , 1 it SOPHOMORES I I. if 51,- X- 1' Y' t 1 . e ,,x Left to Right, Top Row: Margie Damm, Violet Datena, Betty Rose Davis, Phil Daykin, Yvonne Dean, Doug Dellelield, Gene Dellisante. Second Now: Bob Demos, Martha Dorko, Lorna Dewhurst, Booker Dickerson, Jim Diederick, Tessie Diedrerick, Pat Diewald. Third Row: Toni Doherty, Verda Doolen, Doris Dostall, Phyliss Dostall, Don Dougherty, Arline Drake, Ed Dumont. Fourth, Row: Pauline Dumont, Nancy Dunkle. Pharles Dunlap, Galen Dunlap. Rudy Dusehu. Joan Dyke, Marcia Eaton. Fffilz Razr: Betty Efldington, Dick Ehlke, Ota Page Fifty I", -u f Elden, Priscilla Elek, Melvin Emery, Harvey Evenchik, Lee Falls. Sirirth, Row: Betty Farkas, Shirley Fillo, Rich- ard Flood, David Ford, Evora Ford, Phil For- sythe, Georgia Gage. Seventh How: Dennis Garfield, Evelyn Gedriclge, David George, June Gerber, Phylis Giebel, Dick Gibbens, Joanne Giede. Eiflhllz Row: Joyce Gildennieister, Pat Goode, Doug Gotro, Dick Graham, Bob Gray, Gary Gray, Eugenia Greco. .Vinflz ROM: Gertrude Green, Sue Carol Green- ing, Harry Greer, Robert Gribben, Beverly Griggs, Charles Grundy, Mary Guenin. Y 'INLK x,- SOPHOMORES Left to Right, Top Row: Ruth Gunder, Marge Gurchick, Rosemary Gusky, Elmer Guthman, Carolyn Hann, Hal Haun, Herb Hallett, Second Row: Ruth Hambley, Donna Harbour, Al Hardy, Al Harriman, Shirley Haruitt, Anthony Hilli, Marilyn Henry. Third Row: Harry Hensen, Dick Hildebrandt, Doug Hines, Junior Hoffman, Ruth Hellingworth, Warren Hollis, Velma Hopkins. Fourth Row: Doris Hopwell, Shirley Horasce, Ed Horvath, Pat Houser, Paul Hubbell, Art Hudnutt, Joanne Hull. Fifth Row: Joan Hullman, Jack Hunt, Dawn r N I Hunter, Paul Hunter, Caroline Hurlbut, John lngersoll, Evelyn Jabbusch. Sixth Row: Jack Jackson, Stan Jalowicz, Jeanette Janas, Bill Jehlicka, Doris Jones, Audrey Joviak, Virginia Justin. Seventh Row: Betty Kadas, Raymond Kandt, Anna Kasper, James Kent, Charlotte Knowlton, Dart Keech, Gloria Keith. Eighth Row: Marge Kelovsky, Pat Kemmerer, Bob Kirkbride, Bob Klein, Maria Klesta, Joe Kovacs, Stan Koviak. Ninth Row: Steve Kozel, Margaret Kotai, Helen Krucinski, Susan Krugman, Betty Krupke, Ruth Krupko, Joan Lanioreaux. Page Fifty-One SOPHOMORES rx, Left to Right, Top Row: Rodney Lang, John Lapos, Bob Larkin, Maebell Law, Marie Law, Norman Lawrence, Jim Lee. Second Row: Ethel Leko, Dan Lenninger, Leonard Lesnick, Doyle Lester, Marvine Lemes. Leon Longbrake, Bob Longbrake. Tlzircl Row: Mary Jo Lump, Mary Lupinski, Pat McAVena, Tom McClements, Joan McCullaugh, Dick McDonald, James McFarland. Fourth Row: Dick McGregor, Claire Mclntyre, Annette McKelvie, Alice McKenzie, Marie Macon, Pam Maddock, Sally Maddock. Fifth Row: Lois Malin, Marge Maloney, Tom Page Fifty-Two Malonowski, Bill Maple, Peggy Marsh, Regina Marsh, Sally Marshall. Sixth Row: Verne Martin, Bob Matovick, Bob Mayhaw, Bob Miller, Charles Miller, Phyllis Moon, Dennis Moran. Seventh Row: Charles Morgan, Marcia Morcey. Bill Morgan, Charles Morris, Ted Morrison, James Myers, Richard Nelson, Eighth Row: Richard Nichols, Wally Nichols. Marjorie Nielson, Nancy Nielson, Shirley Niel- son, Geraldine Novak, Jackie Nuhn. Ninth Row: Betty Oates, Jack O'Brien, Dick O'Dell, Paul Olah, Loretta Olszewski, Bob Orr, Georgia Lee Osborne. SOPHOMORES I,1ffL Lo Right, Top Row: Burton Ostrov, Eugene Eugene Palinski, Nan Palm, Carol Palmer, Jane Parker, Beverly Patak, Sam Patania. Second Row: Estar Paul, Lila Pauly, Gary Pen- found, Jack Piper, Richard Pitkin, Claire Plas, Margaret Plas. 'Fhirrl Row: Antoinette Plato, Tom Pomelee. Jane Pondy, John Pope, 'Wanda Post, Betty Powell, Chuck Powell. l"ourth Row: Josie Provenza, James Provoznik. Dolly Puls, Frances Putnam, Frank Radachi. Beatrice Rahrig, Don Ransome. Fifflt Row: Lou Rawson, Alwyn Rea, Elizabeth Reger, Eugene Reitz, Evelyn Reynolds, James Reynolds, George Rezek. Sixth Row: Art Rhoads, Marian Rhodes, Mary Rhodes, Audrey Rice, Lucille Richards, Florence Ristas, Jack Roberts. Seventh Row: Naomi Rogers. Shirley Rogers, Tom Rolle, Irene Roney. Bob Roosevelt, Sarabeth Rose, Allen Roth. 1-Iigltth, Row: Ann Rule, Alice Rurk, Joanne Ryan, Bob Saddler, Dick Saclowski, Claire Sams, Art Scharein. Ninth Row: Dorothy Schlett. Betty Schmedt. La Verne Schmitkons, Carol Scott, Dorothy Shaffer, Kenneth Sheldon. Pat Shincller. Page Fifty-Three SOPHOMORES Left to Right, Top Row: Martha Simkovich, Lois Simms, Dick Sko, Carol Smith, Dayton Smith, Geraldine Smith, Jack Smith. Second Row: Joanne Smith, Joyce Smith, June Smith, Lloyd Smith, Ruth Anne Smith, Wanda Smith, Carol Smitkovvski. Third Row: Susan Spike, Rita Stanford, Don Stang, Jane Starchbill, Lillian Starkey, Ed Steele, Fred Steele. Fourth Row: Frances Stiles, Betty Stirzaker, Jere St. Marie, Barbara Stone, Etta Mae Street, Bob Supers, Bill Surdock. Fifth Row: George Suvar, Carole Swanson, Page Fifty-Four Gene Sweet, Dick Swiers, Florence Szlempa, Jeannine Talborn, Ed Tarry. Sixth Raw: Lois Tarry, Lillian Tkacs, Catherine Toth, Ray Traczek, Olga Traicoff, Helen Tsarones, Mary Lou Urig. Seventh Row: Plato Valassis, Molly Van Wormer, Bill Vargo, Margaret Vargo, Harriet Varsey, Geraldine Veitch, Donna Vibber. Eighth Row: Jean Virnpenny, Jaclyn Waite, Betty Waldron, Everett Walker, Bella Wallace, Pat Ward, Hilda Webb. Ninth Row: Norman Weber, Bernadine Weibling, Bill Wehmhoff, Albert Werden, Harold Wese- baum, Shirley Wissinger, Rita West. SOPHOMORES Left to Right, Top Whitlatch, Loretta Gerry Wieser, Bonnie Second Row: Hugh Betty Wise, Charles Bonna Wlech, Virginia Worden, Alma Wright. Third Row: Dick Wukie. Doris Wurster, Maxine Yost, Chuck Yothers, Zoltan Zoltai, Dorothy Zuris. Page Fiftyfive FRESHMEN Left to Right, Top Row: Gloria Abookire, Ruth Ahlberg, Jane Allen, Wayne Alten, Bill Ander- son, Lois Armstrong, Mary Arnold, Second Row: Dale Baker, Elijah Baker, Betty Barres, Karen Bauer, Wayne Baus, Emily Baz- ley, Lester Beal. Third Row: Marian Beal, Conrada Bednarz, Hilma Bennett, Harriet Bergman, Williard Betz, Barbara Birkbeck, Clarence Board. Fourth Row: Bill Bordy, Thomas Born, Helen Botor, Ronald Boughton, Bernice Bowen, Juanita Bozenan, Eugene Brattoli. Fifth Row: Raymond Brenner, George Brother- Pcrge Fifty-Six ton, Maureen Brown, Grant Brue, Harold Bruce, Don Bumback, Beverly Burke. Sixth Row: Donna Burrer, Barbara Bursley, Rose Marie Butkiewicz, Bill Butts, James Byam, Eugene Carter, Phyllis Casey. Seventh Row: Eleanor Cerra, Erma Chapler, Emily Christensen, Lyle Clapp, Patricia Clark, Gerald Cole, Dan Coleman. Eighth Row: Marilyn Collier, Carol Ann Con- over, Donald Cousino, Walter Cross, Nick Csouka, Shirley Davidson, Ted Daykin. Ninth Row: Janet Decker, Richard Decker, Mary Jane Dellefield, Betty Delp, Joan Dernetral, Carol Deuble, Alice Donahue. FRESHMEN LU!! to Right, Top Row: Patricia Dostall, Anna Dreier, Eugene Drellishak, Ann Dutch, Joanne Eckenroad, Herb Eddington, Ardith Eldred. Second Row: Conrad Ellis, Betty Englebach, .Ioan Erickson, Greta Ericson, Janet Feeley, Thekla Fees, Marjory Fell. Third Row: Ellea Fenimore, Tom Fitzgerald. Jane Forney, Max French, Carl Fridenstine, Gene Fritz, Jerry Gaines. Fourth Row: Nancy Gallen, Jerry Gaston, Mary Lou Gelnn, George Gfell, Charles Giebel, Ger- trude Glass, Ollie Glass. Fifth Row: Kosina Glavas, Rae Gilmore, Don Gleisner, Harry Gray, Eleise Green, Dorothy Greene, Ronald Grey. Sixth Row: Lawrence Grundy, Nancy Gwin, Don Hafferkamp, Phyllis Hambley, Bob Han- cock, Anita Handley, Donald Handyside. Seventh Row: Bill Knuff, Mary Lou Hardy, Pat Harr, Marion Harris, Diane Haury, Bob Heilman. Hob Hengartner. Eighth, Row: Bill Henson. Anna Herman, Art Hess, Darlene Higgens, Ruth Hildebrandt, Laruth Hill, Bob Hoffman. Ninth Row: Peggy Hogan, Phyllis Holliday, Bob Holt, Priscilla Horvath, Beverly Hyman, Charles Hyman, Phyllis Indicott. Page Fifty-Seven FRESHMEN Left to Right, Top Row: Eleanor Jacobs, Wilma Jacobs, Vic Janowicz, Roy Jensen, Rebecca John- ston, Sarah Jones, Carol Joy. Second Row: Pauline Kaatz, Janet Kaiser, Jo- seph Kaminski, Katherine Karas, Karl Kaszie- binski, Ruth Kay, Juanita Keiper. Third Row: Ethel Kerley, Edward Kiddney, Leonard Klein, Beverly Knipper, Jean Kohl, Delmar Kopp, Arthur Kovach. Fmwih Row: Albert Koviak, Beverly Krespach, Ruth Krieg, Bob Kritzell, Lois Krugman, Evelyn Krupka, Theresa Krystosik. Fifth Row: Harold Kunkle, Wanda Lament, Jack Page F iffy-Eight Lance, Audrey Leininger, Helen Leslie, Shirley Lesnick, Betty Locke. Sixth Row: Lois Longstreth, Clarabelle Lowery, Frances Lugas, Jean Lyndes, Mary McClurg, Donald McConkey, Jean McConkey. Sevemh Row: Paul McDonald, Dorothy McElroy, Jean McFarland, Paul McKitrick, Ralph McVay, Mary Anne Maehr, Bill Mahilo. Eighth Row: Felice Maiorca, Cris Manos, Gen- eral Marsh, Jane Mashinski, Glenn Mason, Rich- ard Mason, Charlotte Mayher. Ninth Row: Mary Lou Menclewicz, Joan Miller, Ray Mincy, Rolland Minnich, Shirley Mackin, Thomas Modock, Marilyn Moore. FRESHMEN Left to Right, Top Row: Oliver Morey, Ralph Moyer, Bill Mynchenberg, Julia Nagy, Jean Nash, Norma Nead, Mary Nivus. Second Row: Laura Oakley, Dick Obeshaw, Robert 0'Connor, Rosemary O'Connor, Teddy O'Dell, Richard Osler, Alan Page. Third Row: Thomas Paonessa, Frank Peterman, William Peter, Lodema Petruzzi, Margory Phil- lips, Shirley Pixley, Alan Page. Fourth Row: John Plas, Virginia Plato, Nick Poulous, June Powell, Joe Racz, Mary Radican, Albert Plas. Fifih Row: Jeannine Rankin, Marion Read, .1 Richard Reinhardt, Glenn Reisinger, Nicholas Resar, John Reynolds, Vernon Reynolds. Sixth Row: Norman Rifenburg, Ted Ristas, Jean Robinson, Helen Roka, Janet Roosevelt, Alice Rothgery, Sarah Rousseau. Seventh Row: Robert Rugg, Elizabeth Ryan, Joyce Ryan, Vvalter Ryan, Jeanne Sadowski, Donald Sage, Ronald Sand. Eighth Row: Bill Sanders, Eddie Schmitz, Janice Schreiber, Jim Schue, Howard Schuster, Ralph Schuster, Lillie Ann Scott. Ninth Row: John Sexton, Rita Shifkoski, Nor- man Shirkey, Phil Shook, Forrest Smith, Wilma Sonkoly, Mary Spain. Page Fifty-N me FRESHMEN sn S S Left to Right, Top Row: Helen Stellato. Dick Stewart, Phil Stevick, Patsy Stokes, Richard Stone, Ina Claire Storm, Larry Strainic. Second Row: Virginia Strand, Richard Strohm, Eleanor Sugaski, Marian Suhanic, John Taylor, Robert Taylor. Thi1'd Row: Art Tefft. Kate Tiefuhr, Xvilliam Thrist, Dorothy Tkacs, Charles Travers. Lois Trumpy, Mary Urseln. Page Sixty Qs Fourth Row: Chuck Van Amburgh, John Vanco, Dominic Venture-lla, Nancy VVagner, Mona War- ner, Wilda Warren, Loretta Waterloo. Fifth Row: Caroline Wawrzenczak, Tom Weh- man, Janet Wetton, Mary Ann Wilmot, Harriet Wilson, Alex Wajtko, Robert Wolf. Sixth Row: Martha Wonsink, Natalie NVoodin, Casper Wuebker, Eugene Wukie, Jeanette Yosa, Jean Yost, Mary Young. Seventh Row: Bill Yucka, Dean Bally. ACTIVITIES + CLUBS ik SPANISH CLUB On the first Monday of each month the Spanish Club, "Las lyiantillas y Los Serapes," meets. The purpose of the club is to incite more interest in, and gain more knowledge of, our Spanish-speaking neighbors. Senor Franklin Antonio Enrique from Panama, who is now a student at Ohio State University, ad- dressed the club in October. Senor Enriquez, an accomplished violinist, not only told of his native Panama, but also played several songs of his country, including a very beautiful tune which was his own composition. The first meeting in February was devoted to the initiation of the new members. After the amusing tricks and penalties had been performed, a solemn pledge was taken by each initiate. The oficers for the year are: President, Janet Snyder, Vice-President, Rosemary Grabor, Secre- tary, Bertha Brown, Treasurer, Alice Vandemark. The adviser is Miss Lois Littleton. PLAYERS' CLUB This year's Players, Club, under the supervision of Miss Nina Baker, is composed of 21 members who have come up to eligibility standards by accu- mulating a certain number of points which may be earned by performances in plays or services on crews. Meeting in 107 the third Monday of each month, the members enjoy brief dramas and discussions of current plays and phases of dramatics. The out- standing social event of the year was the theater party at the Hanna Theater in Cleveland, when the members saw 'fjacobowsky and the Colonelf' The Players' Club also sponsored the all-school play, "Our Town., It was through this unusual Pulitzer prize-winning play by Thornton Wilder that many students acquired the points necessary for membership in this organization. This year the members also decided on a new club pin, a combination of a comic and a tragic mask The annual spring picnic, at which the cast of the Senior Class play were guests, conclude the year's events. The officers for the past year were: John Strom, Presidentg Bob Gould, Vice-President, Dorothy Skriletz, Secretary, and Kenneth Lord, Treasurer. SAPIENT ES The Sapientes Club meets the second Monday of every month in room 107. Requirements for eligibility are a grade of B in Latin III and in other subjects no grade less than C. To become a Page Sixty-Two member while taking the last four semesters of Latin, a C must be the average. The initiation ceremony in February is always a very important meeting. Other outstanding events of the year are the Christmas program and the annual Roman Banquet in March. The club is under the supervision of Miss Edna Jones and Miss Eula Young. It is patterned after the Roman State with its officers as follows: Carol Ann Peak, First Consul fpresidentj 5 Frederick Ep- pley, Second Consul fvice-presidentjg Betty Rock- wood, Scribe fsecretaryj, Bill Tattersall, Quaestor ftreasurerjg jack Miller, Aedile fprogramj. ZOOT "Zoot,l' the art-humor magazine, is published twice a year by a staff of students under the super- vision of Miss Dorothy jones and Miss Barbara Plocher. Positions on the staff are achieved through competitive tryouts at the beginning of a semester for artistic ability and a flair for originality. Staff members receive valuable training in cartooning, illustration, page composition and layout, lettering, and cutting stencils for page reproductions. The high school commercial department is in charge of the printing and stapling of "Zoot," Staff mem- bers are assigned from one to five periods a week for work, and the weekly staff meeting is held in the art room every Wednesday after school. Pat Phillips served as editor of "Zoot'l this year and staff members for the year were: Joyce Ander- son, Marcia Ball, Nancy Ann Briggs, Dick Ehlke, Charlotte Goodbar, Norman Grahl, Yvonne Hinken, Caroline Hurlbut, Charles Hyman, Pauline Kaatz, Raymond Kandt, Harold Kunkle, Clarabelle Low- ery, Pam Maddock, Chris Manos, Wally Nichols, Nancy OlBrien, jackie Orr, Zona Rodin, Sarabeth Rose, Carole Swanson, and Albert Werden. FRENCH CLUB With the opening meeting a wiener roast in Ely Woods in September, the French Club launched the year's activities. Miss Thelma Mays, adviser, was presented with a vegetable corsage which she wore next day in class as a symbol of initiation. During the holiday season a Christmas party with a gift exchange was held. Faculty members and citizens have talked about France, great Frenchmen, and their achievements. Club members went together on April 25 to Cleveland to Public Auditorium to attend the opera "The Marriage of Figaro." The membership of 18 elected officers as follows: President, Betty Rockwood, Vice-President, Sanford Shindle, Secretary-Treasurer, Vera Brenner. f CLU + SENIOR HI-Y The Senior Hi-Y is an organization sponsored by the Y. M. C. A. for Senior boys to create and main- tain and extend throughout the school and commu- nity high standards of Christian character. The enrollment for this year was thirty members. The club had for its adviser for the first semester, Mr. E. W. Palmer, and for the second semester, Mr. Raymond Drushel. Some of the programs enjoyed by the club this year were talks given by Mr. Lester Gastq Mr. A. C. Hudnuttg Clyde E. Smith, an F.B.L agent, Mr. Carl Kurtz, a cartoonist, Mr. Howard Martin: Rabbi Lubaschg and Dr. Markham. The Club also had two educational movies. Some of the social events were a hayride, Christ- mas songfest with all of the Hi-Y Clubs and Friend- ship Clubs meeting together with Mr. J. Martin Beck directing the singing, Round-table discussion, Easter services, and a Sweetheart banquet with Rance Valentine, a Cleveland radio announcer, as guest speaker. The service projects were wrapping packages for overseas and serving dinners at the Y.M.C.A. for various organizations. The officers of the club for this year were as follows: President, Dwain Diller: Vice-President, Tom Gotroq Secretary, Frederick Eppleyg Treasur-- er, VVilliam Gibbens, and Chuck Stuart, who took Bill's office when he joined the Navy, Program Chairman, Clayton Gottfried, Chaplain, Robert Ohlemacher. IUNIOR HI-Y With Mr. E. W. Palmer as adviser Junior Hi-Y separated from Senior Hi-Y to form a new club. Officers of this new club are: President, Bud Deetzg Vice-President, Jack Yo, Secretary, Harold Robin- song and Treasurer, Gordon Nethercut. Interesting talks during the year were presented by Clyde Smith, Dr. Markham and George Novotny. Among social affairs were a hayride, a joint Hi-Y Friendship songfest at Christmas, and the annual Senior-Junior Hi-Y basketball games. Green and white Hi-Y sweaters were purchased by the boys. With 30 active members Hi-Y is continuing to spread its Christian ideals among the high school boys. SOPHOMORE HI-Y Sophomore Hi-Y, pioneering in its first year as a club for tenth graders alone, presented the fol- lowing as its more important programs. Coach A. N. Smith showed movies and talked on the Elyria football team. The following meet- ing Louis Kolopus spoke on six-man football. In- terclub competition was held in six-man football. The club sponsored a hay-ride. All the Hi-Y Page Sixty-Four clubs joined with all the Friendship clubs in a Christmas sing, led by Mr. Martin Beck. Mr. Harry Frankfather talked on the coaching of basketball and Les Gast explained the fundamentals of the game. Teams were chosen, and the club champion challenged Jr. Hi-Y. ' A formal induction of new members, with par- ents invited, was the most impressive meeting of the year. A father and son banquet and a co-ed get-together at the Y. M. are expected to rank among the best meetings of the year. The entire enrollment of the club throughout the year was twenty-five members. SENIOR FRIENDSHIP CLUB This year the cabinet decided to have only one meeting a month instead of two, as had been the custom other years. The club officers are: june Ann Henson, Presi- dentg janet Synder, Vice-Presidentg Carol Schroe- der, Treasurer, and Mary Shumaker, Secretary. Two service projects performed by the club were the fringing of scarves for the Girl Reserves and packing boxes to send to senior boys in service. Among the social activities were a Hallowe'en party on October 25, a talk and slides on South America by Mrs. Arnold Keller, and a skit pre- sented by several members of the club. The main social activity was the "Winter Nocturne," the Christmas formal, which was held on December 27. Other events were a tureen supper and a re- ception for the mothers. Cabinet members were: Mary Petrus, Carol Ann Peak, Alice Vandermark, Phyllis Powell, Beatrice Hallett, Pat Burton, Betty Crawford, Catherine Mc- Conville, Rose Smith, Marge Vorech, Patricia Dempsey, Rosemary Bumback, Pat Phillips, Rose- mary Grabor, Lois Williams, Dorothy Skriletz, Netta Ray, jean Flood, Margaret Leber, Margaret Martin, Joyce Lang. Miss Anna Catherine Hess served as the adviser. I UNIOR FRIENDSHIP CLUB An outstanding series of programs in junior Friendship Club has been vocational guidance talks. The subjects were nursing and home economics. Miss Kemble also gave a talk on choosing a college. Some of the other meetings were a Hallowe'en party, a panel discussion on formal dances, and a Washingtonls birthday party. The officers are: Shirley Shipman, Presidentg Eleanor Bruce, Vice-President, ,lean Dutch, Secre- tary, and Lois Carpenter, Treasurer. The chairman of the program and social committee is Dorothy Wehman, and her committee members are Leslye Hurlbut, Vera Brenner, Frances Fritz, Lila Bennett, and Marge Nasipak. The members of the service committee are Helen Meschke and Anne Gates, with Shirley Von Brock as chairman. The adviser is Miss Lenore Shumaker, . . . .fdcfiuifiefi go ,, The Cafeteria ladies prepare line food.-Busy in art work in 303.-The boys are lezirning p1'i11ti1'1g.-More boys are learning electricity.-More boys are making furriiture in 200.-These boys and girls are studying metals. Page Sixty-Five f CLIU ff SOPHOMORE FRIENDSHIP "Get on the Beam and Follow the Gleam" was the theme of Sophomore Friendship Club this year during their membership drive which was held in late September. One hundred and ten sophomore girls were en- rolled through this drive, to enjoy a variety of pro- grams planned by the cabinet. The programs consisted of a "get acquainted party," movies and a talk about Mexico by Mrs. C. Schmitkons, a "Kritter Kraft" meeting where Mrs. O. K. Caldwell helped the girls make clever lapel pins, a Christmas party, a tureen supper, a talk on hair styles by Mrs. Latimer, a carnival, and a Mother and Daughter tea. The oHicers for this year are: President, Mary Guenin, Vice-President, Mary jo Lump, Secretary, Donna Smith, Treasurer, Donna Vibber. The cabi- net members are LaVerne Schmitkons, Vivian Carr, Betty Krupko, Annette McKelvie, Olga Traicoif, jane Brydon, .Ioan Brydon, Jeannie Taborn, Sue Carol Greening, Shirley Rogers, Molly Van Wor- mer, Ruth Anne Smith, Nancy Neilson, Mary Lou Urig, Vilma Hopkins, Betty Collier and Margie Damm. FRESHMAN FRIENDSHIP Freshman Friendship girls are happily remem- bering their Mother-Daughter Banquet April 16, and their picnic in Cascade Park May 25. Other outstanding events included a rummage sale, a penny supper, doing the service for two teachers' dinners, packing boxes for boys in the armed forces, and a swim party at the Y. M. C. A. The Otlicers are: President, Shirley Mackin, Vice-President, Peggy Hogan, Secretary, Pat Radi- can, Treasurer, Ina Claire Storm, Adviser, Miss Helen Sherman. SENIOR A CAPPELLA CHOIR The Senior A Cappella Choir, which meets daily the eighth period under the direction of Mr. j. Martin Beck, Director of Music, is composed of 75 boys and girls. This group has performed on several occasions during the past year: Community Chest Dinner, Ro- tary Club, Christmas Assemblies, and the Chamber of Commerce Dinner. The choir staged two concerts: The Twelfth An- nual Christmas Concert, and the Annual Spring Concert early in May. Also listed among the year's activities were the exchange concerts with the Lorain choir. The choir also presented three smaller concerts at grade schools and one at Jefferson Junior High School. The officers are: President, Robert Gould, Vice- President, Jack Miller, Secretary-Treasurer, Arlys jackson, Librarians, Marilyn Smith and Shirley Bursley, Pianist, Phyllis Powell. IUNIOR A CAPPELLA CHOIR The junior A Cappella Choir under the direction of Mr. J. Martin Beck, gave two performances in Page Sixty-Six the Christmas season, they sang several songs for a P. T. A. meeting, and in the week before the va- cation they entertained the school one morning with HSilent Night". The junior Choir will join with the Senior Choir to sing at the Memorial Day services on May 30 and at the baccalaureate and graduation services in June. At the beginning of the school year the choir officers were elected. Herb Fulger was chosen President, Shirley Shipman, Vice-President, and Dick Graham Secretary-Treasurer. Because of schedule diliiculties Herb had to drop choir for the second semester. HIGH SCHOOL BAND The Elyria High School Band of 80 members has become a real attraction at the local football games. A new program was presented for every game and many clever formations were well executed by the group. After football season the band turned its at- tention to more serious music. Several public concerts were presented during the year. The Band was awarded the Music War Council of America citation last fall for its service to the war effort. Banquet and Concert April 24- and Z5 with Mr. Frank Simon, widely known director of Armco Band, Cincinnati, as speaker and guest conductor, climaxed the year's activities. The officers this year are: President, Dwain Diller, Drum Major and Vice-president, Norman Sigel, Secretary-Treasurer, Phyllis Powell, Di- rector, Walter F. VonBr0ck. GLEE CLUB Approximately 60 girls meet every Tuesday and Thursday, the second period, under the di- rection of Mr. J. Martin Beck: The members are chosen from the chorus. On December 7 the club sang at the Franklin P. T. A. and in the same month sang over the microphone. An assembly program was presented in the spring and there were several performances in various parts of the city. Otlicers elected for the year were: President, Audrey Green, Vice-President, Sue Carol Green- ing, Secretary-Treasurer, Clair Mclntire, Li- brarians, Caroline Hurlbut and Frances Balock. HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA The Elyria High School Orchestra is composed of -l-0 of the best musicians in the school. It affords an opportunity for talented students to participate in good music. The orchestra played this year for a special Christmas Assembly, Sunday Afternoon Concert, and for the Senior Class play. The orchestra has two rehearsals each week. Douglas Hines is the Concert Master. Mr. Walter F. VonBrock is the Director. Cufsfochana Left Lo Iiiylz!-'I'op row: Hugh Kirkbride, firemang Arthur Giebel, custo- dian Wlasliiligton Bldg.: Center: C. N Nikoloff. maintenance: B. R. Crisman. head custodian. high School: Curtis Atkinson, custodian Technical Bldg. Page Sixty-Seven OOTBALL VVon Oberlin-31-2 Sandusky-6-0 Niles-7-6 Cleve. Heights-21-7 LO RAI N-20-O Lost Lakewood-53-O Shaw-20-O Shaker-7-0 Fremont-1-I--0 -l..i1 From the wins and losses our season is not impressive, hut nevertheless taking all things in consideration, our boys gave a good HCCOUIH of themselves. They had a very line spirit, and week after week they improved steadily and in a hlaze of glory all the good things came to a head at Lorain on the night of November IO when We were victorious to the tune of 20-O. That night the boys had the determination and the desire to Win which pleased the thousands of fans Who ac- companied the team to Lorain. -Ike 'l'ruhey, Football Coach. Left to Right-First Row: NValt Cook: Bill 'l'atte1'sall: Neal Smith: Tom O'Connoi': Arthui' Tony Brattolig Joe Bornino. Back Row: Sherwood Byamg Bill Selioenlnzic-l1le1': Tom Gotro: Bill XVilliams: Bernard Don Schuster: Karl Simmsg 'Wally Adams: Dave Anton, 9441 Pll NEB SQUA VVe have learned from this War, if We value our freedom, that we must he physically and morally fit to light at all times. High army and naval officials have resolved that never again must we permit our young men to heeome so physically unfit for military service that they are not prepared to defend their Country. Our athletic competition in hasehall, haskethall, tootlfall, tennis, and track have proven to he finest form of physical and moral conditioning to play the game of life Whatever may come. -Carl L. Smith, director of High School Athletics Farmer: Joe Farkas: Iioh Box: Lester Gorbies: Bill Sutliff: Onej: l"ltzpatrit-k: Tilford Yun Dyke Igvsaghtg Alex Bakssa: Floyrl Lear: Thomas Prnski: Don Yunker: .lack Johnson: Richard Browne Cjoaclzing ln Ike Trubey, head coach and director of Physical Education, E. H. S. has a man who knows his football. Rough and tough, some assert-but he's always on the job. He stresses the 100-yard dash in his training. He is justly proud of the victory over Lorain. His famous words include "Hit the sled.', Grid boys realize that he is ably assisted by his five-year-old son Mike. Line Coach Dave Eaton, Assistant Varsity Coach, Trubey's right-hand man, is usually seen wearing his famous baseball cap. The boys say it is easy to get along with calm big Dave. He likes to reminisce of famous football days at Springfield, Ghio. His boys will recall his famous words "Now, get it!" Full of new ideas, out to win, Coach Hi Test Gast knows his rule book so well that now and then he can show referees certain items. He delights in having his basketeers be Lehi Champions. lt is said that he never smiled until the Championship game. Elyria's Bob Burns often speaks of his Wife and his little son. His net boys often ask him i'How do you pronounce 'Astabulaf Coach? Elyria's outstanding gift to the referee world, Coach A. N. Smith builds fresh- men for varsity material. He stresses fundamentals as he teaches the ground work. He is always on the go. lt was he who coached the frosh gridders prior to their 40 to 0 victory over Lakewood frosh. Chick, as he is kindly called-a tough Chick he is, too-goes about his business and gets results. Page Seventy Left to right: Coach Ike Trubey, Coach Dave Eaton, Coach Les Gast, Coach A. N. Smith. 17' gaeleidaf ...LAKE ERIE LAEMQE CHAMPS Left to Right-Firsl row: Bill Jack Johnson, Bob Kowaleski. Second row: Coach Geist. Bob Schoenhaehler. This year's basketball team, under the guidance of Coach Les Gast, Won the first Lake E r ie L e a g u e Championship Tattersall, Xvalt Cook. Felix Klimezak, Oney Fitzpatrick, Bohn, Bernard Lpsaght. .Ioe Polk. Sllerwoocl Byam. Bill xr District Champs 'll .' V Class A ,llOLlI'!lZlIllCIlt at Kent -ru . , .i f 1-Vw "gf "1 - X M X. 4 Elyria-555 Akron West-21 3 Since 1938' in Elyria--H-5 Ravenna-37 Won Elyria-535 Akron St. Vincent-- kt, p ,. Cleveland Heights 46-32 -- 'i 46 V , l Nlmwfiffld -- 1 151,-fie-46, Ashtabula-40 S. d ski' -,. cQ?erTinlp p p p +2-25 'f : lflyria-635 Klzissillon-7-l Shaker Heights . . ......... 38-30 1 ' Shaw .... .... . . 37-3+ A .xl LOS. Berea ,,,A ,,,, , ...H W., in ' Cleveland Heights . 39-36 QI' i f lv' Lakewood ' 35-32 Lakewood . . E .. 31-27 BJ, Shaw' eeee is +3-41 F ,,,, . .. 70-'6 . I fi' .remom . J A TN 43 Bellevue +3-50 bhaker Heights . .,.l 78-3-l n Qi ic N, Parma .. .,,,,,., ...., 6 5-39 -- - l Q 'fffi S se: -- Lorain ,,r.... 58-31 - TL :jfff If lf JOYCE LANG Page Seventy-one ir :S i .fdfA!efic:5 :N , , IX Left to Right-First row: Phyllis Refenning, Beatrice Ainspaugh, Eleanor Rose, Anne Gates, Dolores Archer, Jeanne Flood, Audrey Green, Dolly Grabor, Rose Smith, Bonnie Black. Second row: Marge Vklimsatt, Helen Lingenfelter, Dorothy Buekser, Lila Gibson, Pat Crowley, Coach Mrs. Genevieve Pais Mallow, Betty Crawford, Pat Dempsey, Georgette Tennyson, Dorothy Wehman. Pat Burton. Klountain peak heights of interest in girls' athletics were attained in the Girls' All-Star Basketball Game on Nlarch 23 when Reds battled Whites in the school gym after school, having been coached by Nlrs. Genevieve Pais Nlallow. VVhile the score stood l7-16 in favor of the VVhites, no figures could represent the enthusiasm, pluck, and interest of the contenders, their friends and families. MN Geueview The girls who acted as Guards in the game were Eleanor Pais Mauoll' Rose, Jeanne Flood, Helen Lingenfelter, Dorothy Wehman, Dolores Archer, Pat Dempsey, Beatrice Amspaugh, Marge VVimsatt, Dolly Grabor, and Rose Smith. Those who were Forwards were Betty Crawford, Audrey Green, Rosemary liumback, Georgetta Tennyson, Dot liuckser, Pat Burton, Lila Gibson, Ann Gates, Bonnie Black, and Phyllis Refenning. Intramurals have aroused a great deal of interest with 350 girls coming out after school for major sports such as volleyball and basketball. Hikes and bicycle trips are being featured this spring. The class hikes are being led by members of Leaders, Group. Page Seventy-Two ennid Left to right-First row: Joe Hamula, Joe Polk, Dick Stuart, Russ Rosen:-iu. Second row: Ed Palik, Martin Huebner, Bob Simpson. 'I'h,i'rd row: Frank Opra, Coach Mcllroy. Under the direction of Coach Don llcll- roy, the team played four Lake Erie League matches. These four matches, two with Lakewood and two with Lorain and a fifth with fac- ulty members of Elyria schools, were dropped. Dick Dowdell, Bob Simpson, Joe Polk. Joe Hamula, Russ Rosenau, Ed Palik, Frank Qpra, and Nlarty Huebner received letters. Coach hflcllroy hopes that enthusiasm in tennis will increase. Don Mcllroy Page Seventy-Three Ay, . ff 6Aeer' QP6 Left to Riglzl-First rmxf: Barbara Filo, Georgia Duensiiig, Sue Gilmore, Phyllis Refemiing Svrmid row: Lindy VVelf.on, Dayton Smith, Mrs. Manilow. Doug. lVIz1cKz1y. Russ Boeringei' Page Seventy-Four EXTEMP SQUAD Left to Right, First Row: Margie Damin, Lois Carpenter, Joan McGinley, Betty Collier: Second Row: Vvally Nichols, Anne Gates, Anna Lynch, Louise McGrewg Third Row: Leonard Lesnick, Vera Brenner. Diane Babich: Fourth Row: Dick Pitkin, John Strom, Ruby Vahey, Dorothy Skriletz. EXTEMP SPEAKERS Left to Right: Joan McGinley, Anna Lynch, John Strom, Dorothy Skriletz, and Ruby Vahey. Page Seventy-Five QP? and SAQPQ Page Seventy-Six Left to right: Betty Ahlberg and Joan Demetral are working at the charging desk in the sr-hool library.-Girls are in the mimeographing room compiling Zoot.- Centrfr: Dick Stewart is sitting at the control panel in the broadcasting studio in 30S.A- Bottom 'row:A.-Mr, C. A. Ohl's horse, wearing Mr. Ohl's sleigh bells, is drawing Mr, Vnarles Crehore's sleigh in which sit Mrs, Kzxrl Kaley and Mrs. Herbert Xlfootton. Student Puli- inet officers stand tleft to right? near: Dart Keech. treusurerg Toni O'Connor. president: Phyllis liefenning. secretary: and June Ann Henson. vice-president, The house in background is the Fred Tite property, formerly Bowen, at the northeast corner of Fifth Street Alley and XVest Avenue. The sleigh stands on Franklin grade school Lluy ground. The sleigh formerly belonged to Dr, XV. P. McClure. father of the lute Dr. H. H, McClure. '99, B.-Student Ciibinet, The Whole World Is Yours THE CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM XJ? When you read The Chronicle-Telegram you are really reading the whole world-yours to watch, to study and to wonder at. You are making each day of the year more vital and more exciting by a better understanding of each marching minute. You are reading of the worldls new hopes and triumphsg new achieve- ments of industryg new niches in history. You are watching wars eruptingg politicians schemingg statesmen planningg scientists searchingg plain people working, fighting, laughing and dying. You know the joy of discovering and learning. You know the great sense of contemporary life. The very best feature of this newspaper is that you read of people and places with which you are familiar. You read news made hy people with whom you are associatedg you read of events in which you and your friends have participated, or of things in which you are interested. Congratulations to the Students and Faculty of Elyria High School upon the completion of a successful year of outstanding work and effort. -A. C. HUDNUT'l', Publisher XJ? The Chronicle-Telegram l e r 7 The Family IN ewspaperv Page Seventy-Seven ROLL OF THE SCHOOL Edilurial Note: Names of Seniors do not appear here. Jeanne McFarland Born November 21, 1930, Died November 3, 1944 A Abahazi, Louis--533 Irondale St. .... . Abooki re, Gloria-1700 Middle Ave. .... .. Adams, Bob-R. D. 1, East River Rd.. .. Adams Adams, Adams Adams Ahlber Allen, Allen, ,Donna-217 Cleveland St.... Jeanette-701 East Ave. ...... . . .. , Joanne-352 Cambridge Ave.. .. .... , Wallace E.-2067 Grafton Rd g, Ruth-89 Laundon Ct. ......... .. Betty-1842 Middle Ave. ........ . . .. Curtis--1842 Middle Ave.. . ,. Allen, Jane--322 Princeton Ave.... Allen, Russell-125 Harwood St.. . .. Alten, Wayne-346 S. Second St..... Ames, Donard-342 Eighth St. ......., Amspaugh, Janis-R. D. 2 ............... .... Anderson, Betty-605 W. Fifteenth St.. .. .. . . Anderson, Joyce-210 Cornell Ave. .... Anderson, William-1835 West Ave.. .. .. Andrzejezyk, Irene-314 Thirteenth St.. .. . . .. Armstrong, Lois-101 Harvard Ave. ..... .. Arnold, Mary-711 W. Broad St. ...... .. Ault, Sterling-127 Courtland St.. . .. B Babich, Diane-748 West River St. .... Bago, Irma-241 West River St..... Bailey, Bailey, Olga-124 Rush St. .,....... . Sue-12+ Rush St. ........ .. .... .... Bainbridge, Betty-136 Garvin Ave.. ., .. .... Bainbridge, Franke-136 Garvin Ave.. Baker, Baker, Dale-143 Beebe Ct. ....... . Elijah-223 Oberlin Rd. ........ .... Baker, Ursa Lee-223 Oberlin Rd. .... Baksa, Ted--217 Beech St. ,.,,.,..., Bales, Kenneth-143 Madison St.. . .. Ball, Marcia-252 E. Hgts. Blvd..... Bally, Dean-305 East Broad St..... Balock, Frances--625 Middle Ave... Baltzell, Fred--939 Gulf Rd. ............... Baptiste, Peggy-I-08 Oxford Ave. ............. . Baracskai, Rose Mary-229 West River St. ..... . Barbknecht, Beatrice-132 Clark St. ......... . . .. Barlow, Don-238 Harvard Ave. ...... Barnett, jean-2172 Third St.. . .. Barr, Aletha-318 Bell Ave. ..... . Barres, Betty-324 E. Broad St..... Barton, Howard F.-609 Lodi St..... Bates, Elva-1035 East River St..... Bathory, Margaret-229 Lodi St.. . .. Bauer, Alfred-1321 East Ave.. . .. Bauer, Karen-1056 Gulf Road .... Bauer, Louise-340 Winckles St.. . . . Bauer, Mark-847 Walnut St. ..... . Bauer, Nancy-262 Spruce St.. . .. Baus, Wayne-R. D. 2, Elyria, O.. . .. Bazley, Emily-130 E. Bridge St..... Page Seventy-Eight Beal, Esther-R. D. 3, Elyria, Beal, Lester-R. D. 3, Elyria, Beal, Marion-ZSM West Ave. .... . Beattie, Pat-131 Warren Ave. ......... . Becker, Russ-14-S Pasadena Ave. .... . Beckloff, Marguerite-949 East River St Becks, Art-316 Furnace St. .......... . Bednarz, Conrada-Indian Hollow Rd.. Begley, john-702 West Broad St. .... . Beltz, Joan-135 Overbrook Dr. ....... . Bellingham, Duane-108 Longford Ave... Benjamin, Agnes-149 Longfellow Ave... Bennett, Hilma-117 Chase St. ......... , Bennett, Lila-117 Chase St. ......... . Benson, Constance-800 Park Ave.. . . . Berens, Harold-142 Bath St. .....,. . Bergman, Harriette-318 Lodi St.. . .. Betts, Shirley-315 Lodi St. ......... . Betz, Willard-118 Homer St. ....... . Birkbeck, Barbara-1850 Grafton Rd.. . .. Birkline, Donald-251 E. Sixteenth St.. . .. Birkline, Gerry-251 E. Sixteenth St..... Biro, Alice-Griswold Rd. .......... . Bitzilos, Joan..312 Park Ave. .... .. Black, Bonnie-249 Cambridge Ave.. . .. Black, James-332 Oxford Ave. ..... . Blackstone, Homer-335 Second St.. . . . Blinzley, Gloria-837 West Broad St.. . .. Board, Clarence--R. D. 2 ........,, Bock, Marion-303 Spruce St.. .. Boddy, jo Ann-263 Abbe Rd .... Bohn, Bob-24-2 Columbia Ave.... Bokay, Mary-266 Prospect St.... Bordy, Bill-365 Vulcan St.... Born, Tom-R. D. 2 ........... Bornino, joe-1320 VVest Ave .... Botos, Helen-542 Turner St. ......... . Botos, Marion-542 Turner St. ......... . Boughton, Ronald-211 Brandston Ave... Bowen, Bernice-+13 VV. Fourteenth St.., Bowers, Ruth-1105 East River St.. Box, Bob-319 Cambridge Ave. ..... . Boylan, Constance-80+ East Ave.. . .. Boyle, Geraldine-1-+6 Elbe St. ....... . Bozeman, Juanita-702 W. Broad St..... Brada, Muriel-311 Hayes Ave..... Braddon, Shirley-22+ Second St.. . .. Brand, Jim-133 Adelbert St. ....... . Brattoli, Anthoney-116 Bailey Ct.. . .. Brattoli, Eugene-116 Bailey Ct. ...... . Brecknoch, Pat-157 Longfellow Ave.. . .. Brenner, Raymond-405 Middle Ave.... Brenner, Vera-405 Middle Ave.. . .. Briggs, Nancy Ann-Elyria Hotel .... Briggs, Phyllis-R. D. 2, Elyria ..... Brink, Dorothy-Delaware Ave.. . . . Bristor, Florence-321W Eighth St.. . .. Brotherton, George-307 Clark St. .... . Brown, Sherman-409 Fremont St.. . .. Brown, Charles--131 Bellefield Ave.. . .. Brown, Jean-153 Oak St. ....,.... . .wifi 00 for the ELYRIA HIGH SCHOOL ELYRIA, OHIO is a product of GATES - BOURGEOIS CAHNEGIE HALL, 1220 HURON ROAD CLEVELAND 15, oH1o Creators of COLLEGE AND SCHOOL ANNUALS ADVERTISING, PRINTING ENGRAVINGS Attention Please, Graduates and Parents The Elyria Business College Way has boosted many high school graduates to good permanent office employ- ment and advancement. It adds student power for attainment in college and increases earning capacity for personal achievement in business or professional life. In wartime or peacetime, here's added power for preferred selective service. We have for your choice, three months, six months, nine months, and twelve months' term arrangements with assistance to office positions for qualified students. "We'll do well by every student." You'll find the E. B. C. a convenient, friendly, helpful school. Phone 2461 THE EZ RIA 12 E 1 Page Seventy-Nine Brown, Brown, Maureen--51 Cedar St.. . ,. Ted-32+ Oxford Ave. ..... . Browne, Nancy-Stop 5, Lake Ave.... Browning, Bruce-410 Earl Ct. ..... . Bruce, Betty-R. D. 1, Grafton, O.... Bruce, Eleanor-705 Clark St. ..... . Bruce, Grant-R. D. 1, Grafton ..,. Bruce, Harold-2019 Grafton Rd.. .. Bruck, Ray--624 West Ave. ....... . Brydon, Jane-166 Berkely Dr.. . .. Brydon, joan-166 Berkely Dr. ..... . Bryant, Don-324 VVashington Ave.. .. Buckho lz, Audrey-114 Bell Ave.. . .. Buell, Nancy-812 West Ave. ..,..... . Bulger, Eleanor--217 East Third St.. . .. Bumback, Donald-5 Crehore Ct.. . . .. Burr, Lester-247 Harwood St. ,..... . Burke, Burke, Beverly-126 Brandston Ave.... Richard-305 North Olive St.... Burrer, Donna-R, D. 3, Elyria .......... Bnrsley, Arthur-R. D. 2, Oberlin Rd..... Bursley, Barbara-271 Columbus St. ,.... . Bursley, Burton-262 Marseilles Ave. ....,. . Butkiewicz, Rose Marie-1618 Middle Ave.. Butler, Helen--332 Princeton Ave. ........ . Butts, William-319 Stanford Ave.... Byam, james-154 Eady Ct. ..... . Byam, Mary-154 Eady Ct. ..... . Byam, Sherwood-15+ Eady Ct..,.. Bycynski, John-1025 Middle Ave... C Cahl, Lois--741 VVest River St. ..... . Coon, Ray--236 Woodford Ave.. . ,. Corrao, Robert-105 Wurst Ct.. . .. Cousino, Donald-350 Fourth St.. . .. Cowley, Patsy-183 Bath St. ..... . Cox, Shirley-115 Park Ave. ..... . Craft, Marjorie-306 Blaine St.. . ,. Crayton, Jim-1365 East Ave.. . .. Crosby, Charles-210 Lake Ave... Cross, Walter--221 Oberlin Rd. .... Csonka, Nick-134 VVoodford Ave. ......... , Czak, Josephine-R. D. 3, North Ridge Rd.. ., D Damm, Marjorie-1723 Grafton Rd.... Daniels, Bob-321 Longford Ave.. .... .. Daraby, Helen--1330 West River St. .... , Datena, Violet-116 Garvin Ave. ......... . Davidson, Shirley Jean-229 Wooster St..... Davis, Betty--246 Eastern Heights Blvd..... Davis, Betty Rose-229 West Bridge St.. . .. Daykin, Philip--2-I-0 Sixth St. ,......... . Daykin, Theodore-240 Sixth St.. . .. Dean, Ruth-R. D. 3, Elyria ............ . Dean, Yvonne-R. D. 3, Elyria ............. Decker, janet--238 Eastern Heights Blvd.. . .. Decker, Richard-357 Oxford Ave. ...... .. Deetz, Lawrence-Overbrook Rd. ......... . Dcllefield, Doug.-516 Cleveland St. ....... . Dellefield, Marijane-R. D. 2, jackson Rd... Dellisanti, Gene-1328 VVest River St..... Delp, Betty-155 Caroline St. ............ . Demetral, joan-1117 VVest Ave.. . .. Demos, Robert-l-53 Earl Ct. ..... . Cairns, jack-136 Columbia Ave.... Callahan, Catherine-146 Elbe St. .... . Campagna, Margaret-Gulf Road ..... Carlson, Herb--235 Cornell Ave. .... . Carney, Mary-503 Dewey Ave. ........ . Carpenter, Lois-312 Cambridge Ave..... Carr, Vivian-+0-1 Hifrh St. ..... . Carter, Eugene-R. D. 1, La Gran Carter, Pearl-R. D. 1, La Grange ..... Casey, Phyllis Mac-149 Ridge St.... Cave, Clarice--26+ Harrison St... Ccrlzln, Bob-7 Lesnic Ct. ....... . Cerra, Anna-15+ Cleveland St... Cerra, Eleanor-151 Cleveland St. Chandler, Lyle-ZZIM Second St... fre ..... Chapler, Erma-R. D. 2 VVest Seventeenth St.. . ., Christensen, Emily-1327 East Ave. .......... ,. Clapp, Lyle-2-I-7 Second St. ........ . Clark, Gertrude-843 VVest Broad St.. .. Clark, Patricia-8-I-3 VVest Broad St.... Coe, David-A-9X Second St. .......... . Coffin, Kenneth-116 Middle Ave.... Cole, Gerald--129 Clinton Avo.. .. Coleman, Dan-S01 East River St.... Collier, Bctty-R. D. 2 ........... Collier, Marilyn-217 Harwood St.... Collins, Arthur--607 YVest Ave., .. Conover, Carol-248 Ohio St... Conrad, Ann--215 Cornell Ave.. . .. Cook, Martha-1600 VVest Ave.. . .. Cook, VValt-R. D. 1, Grafton... Page Eighty Dempsey, Tom-1135 VVest Ave.. . .. 12 Dcnes, Ann Louise-137 Elbe St. .... . 10 Denes, Louis-137 Elbe St. ........,... . 11 Denes, Louis -l.-R. D. 1, Ln Grange .,,..... De Nichola, Amelia-4-11 Iowa Ave., Lorain 11 Deuble, Carol-235 Harwood St. ...,,...... . 11 Dewhurst, Lorna-353 Seventh St.... 10 Dickerson, Booker-5 Shear St. ..... . 9 Dickerson, McKinley-5 Shear St.. . .. 11 Diedei-ink, Jim-143 Bath sf. .,.,.... . 9 Diederick, Tessie-130 Riverside Ct.,.. 11 Diewald. Pat-15+ Abbe Rd. ..,,... . 10 Dilgren, Rina-521 Park Ave. ,..,.. , 11 Dobrowski, Mary--1518 Middle Ave.... 9 Doherty, Tom-252 Franklin Ave.... 11 Donahue, Alice-R. D. 1, Grafton... 9 Doolan, Verda-356 East Bridge St.... 9 Dorko, Martha Ann-H5 Kenyon Ave.. 9 Dostall, Doris-206 East Bridge St. ....,... . 10 install, Patricia-206 East Bridge st ...,.. 9 Dostall, Phyl'is Mae-206 East Bridge St... 101 Dougherty, Donald-376 VVoodland Ave.... 19 Drake, Arline-555 Cleveland St. ..... .. 0 Dreier, Anna M.-1505 Middle Ave. ...... . 9 Drellishak. Eugene-118 Glcnwoozl St. .... . 10 Drifke, Arleen-825 West River St. ..,. . 9 DuBroy, Lozlisv-YVolf Block ........ . 11 Duensing, Georgia-114 Kipling St.. .. 9 Dumont, Eddie-165 LaFayette St. .... . 10 Dumont, Paul G.-165 LaFayette St.... 10 Dumont, Pauline-224 Seventh St. .,.,.. . IO Dunkle, Nancy Jane-1005 Middle Ave., .. I-I llmczrk Card St t INSURANCE LIFE - ACCIDENT - AUTOMOBILE - FIRE , if Q ELY3 OHIO STATIONERS--OFFICE OUTFITTERS Karl W. Plocher 901 Lorain County Bank Bldg. S h lS ppl Ch ld B k Nationally Famous Junior Dresses such as "Mary MulfeIs,""Trudy I-Ialls" "Doris Dodsons" and "J oan Mil1ers" C. H. IVIERTHE 81 C0. Gleisner, Don-R. D. 1, Oberlin ....... . Dunlap, Charles-R. D. 2, Elyria .... Dunlap, Galen-239 Seventh St.. . .. Dunlap, Marilyn-R. D. 2, Elyria... Dunn, Ruth-715 Middle Ave. ...... . Duscha, Rudy-210 Longford Ave.... Dutch, Ann-535 Ohio St. ........... . Dutch, Jean-535 Ohio St. ..... . Dyke, joan-+20 Oxford Ave... E Easly, Tom-316 Twelfth St. ..,.. . Eaton, Marcia-320 E. Hgts. Blvd..... Eckenroad, Joann-218 N. Olive St... Eckler, jack-R. D. 2 ................ Eddington, Betty Jean-110 Oak St... Eddington, Herb-135 W. Bridge St... Edwards, Robert-421 Fourteenth St... Ehlke, Richard-532 East Ave. ...... . Ehrke, Geraldine-1113 East Ave.... Elbert, Jeanne-449 Kenyon Ave. ..... . Elder, Ota-116 E. Fourth St. ....... . Eldred, Ardith-R. D. 2, West Ridge Rd. .... . . Elek, Priscilla--127 Parkview St. ..... . Ellis, Conrad-504 W. Twelfth St.... Emery, Melvin--210 Marseilles Ave... Engelbach, Betty-116 Kipling St.... Ericson, Greta-132 Caroline St..... Erickson, joan-103 Grant St..... Ensign, Ernest-R. D. 2 ............ Eschtruth, Josephine--R. D. 3 ....... Evenchik, Harvey-316 Oxford Ave... Everett, Beryl-18+ Parmeley Ave.... F . Falls, Lee-33+ Wlinckles St. ......... . Fannon, Alberta-1322 VVest River St. Farkas, Betty-367 Vulcan St. ....... . Farkas, Joe-237 VVest River St. .... . Farmer, Arthur--H3 Adams St..... Feeley, janet-105 Longford Ave... Fees, Theckla-915 South Logan St.. . .. Fell, Marjorie--320 South Maple St... Feher, Daniel-273 VVest River St.... Fenimore, Ellen-110 Glenwood St.... Figler, Polly Ann-123 Spruce St.... Fillo, Shirley-4-5+ Adams St. ..... . Filmore, Beverly-14-25 East Ave.. . . . Filo, Barbara-110 Denison Ave. .... . Finlay, Marion-647 E. Broad St.. . .. Fitch, Bill-358 Columbia Ave. ....... . Fitzgerald, Tom-R. D. 2, Oberlin Rd. Fitzpatrick, Albert-2102 S. Oak St... Flaherty, Bill--136 Beverly Ct. ..... . Fling, Ray-921 East River St..... Flood, Betty-215 VVarren Ave.. . .. Flood, Donald-233 Bath St.. . . . .. Flood Richard-215 Warren Ave.. .. Fogle, Ford, Ford, Betty-508 West River St.. . . . David-336 Sumner St.. . .. Evora-281 Hawthorne St.. . .. Forney, jane-R. D. 2 .......... Forsyth, Phil-204 Harrison St.. . . . Foster, Norma-1501 East Ave.. . .. Page Eighty-Two Fowl, Alvin-R. D. 2 ................ Franks, Charlotte-128 Northrup St..... French, Max--136 E. Hghts. Blvd. ..... . Fridenstine, Carl-R. D. 2, La Grange Rd Fridenstine, Edna-R. D. 2 Oberlin Rd... Fritz, Eugene-207 West River St.... Fritz, Frances-207 W. River St..... Fritz, Harold-238 Spruce St. ...... . Fulger, Herbert-1-I-0 Hamilton St.... Fulton, Richard-158 Abbe Rd. ..... . G Gailey, Donald-I-17 Middle Ave. ..... . Gailey, Gertrude-R. D. 3, Starkey Rd.... Gaines, Gerald-1832 Middle Ave. .... . Gallen, Nancy j.-308 E. Hghts. Blvd... Gamble, Mary-706 Middle Ave. .... . Gardinsky, joe-502 West St. ........ . Gardner, jane--600 Foster Ave. ...... . Garfield, Dennis-R. D. 2, West Ridge .... Garland, Cecil-325 Gulf Rd. ........ . Gasser, Jerry-244 East Seventh St.. . .. Gaston, Gerald-137 Longfellow St.. .. Gates, Anne-424 Second St. ......... .. Gedridge, Evelyn-169 Fairlawn Ave... Gehm, Mary Lou-337 Gulf Rd. ......... . Gehring, Phyllis Ann-504 Second St... Geisel, Charles-441 Ninth St. ........ . Gembka, Irene-428 East River St. .... . Gensert, Howard jr.-439 Kenyon Ave... George, David-219 Denison Ave. .... . Gerber, june-126 Chase St. ........ . Gfell, George-206 Harvard Ave.... Gfell, Shirley-206 Harvard Ave.. . .. Gibbens, Dick-Stop 6, Lake Ave. ..... . Giebel, Charles-SIZM West Ave.. . .. Giebel, Phyllis-SIZZ VVest Ave. .... . Giede, Joann-365 Furnace St. ......... . Gildenmeister, Joyce-316 Furnace St... Gill, James-R. D. 3 .................. Gillmore, Suzanne-349 Columbus St.. . .. Gilmore, Rae Ann-+15 W. Thirteenth St. Glass, Gertrude-R. D. 2, VVayne St..... Glass, Ollie-9 VVo0dford Ave. .... . Glavas, Kosma-26+ E. Broad St. ........ . Goode, Leonard-R. D. 3, Telegraph Rd. Goode, Patricia Ann-R. D. 3, Telegraph Rd Gorbics, Lester-715 VVest River St..... Gotro, Doug-116 VVilliams St. ........ .. Graham, Richard-451 West Eighth St... Graw, William-225 East Seventh St... Gray, Gary-725 West Seventeenth St... Gray, Harry-150 S. Abbe Rd. ....... . Gray, Philip-70 Laudon St. ............ . Gray, Robert-725 West Seventeenth St. Gray, Robert-311+ East River St. ..... . Gray, Rolland-34 East River St. ..... . Gray, Thomas-401 Second St., Apt. 1.. Greco, Eugenia-221 Cleveland St. ..... . Green, Audrey-1209 East River St.... Greene, Aleise-2 Woodford Ave.... Greene, Dorothy-806 East Ave. ...... . Greene, Gertrude-2 Woodford Ave.... Headquarters for Victor, Bluebird, Columbia, Okeh, Capitol and Decca Records WAGNER'S 'QP THE PEERLESS Laundry 8: Dry Cleaning Co. Dicrl 2378 338 Second Street Elyricr, Ohio usic Studio Music Sto CN, Compliments YOURS FOR THE BEST Of THE WORLD OFFERS THE MARSHALL DRUG COMPANY 382 Broad Street 'N Go After It C "LITTLE J UE" Sales A and Service Phone 2137 299 Lodi .Street P q EghyTh Greening, Sue Carol-+49 Earl Ct..... Greer, Dorothy-466 West Tenth St.... Greer, Harry-220 Roosevelt Ave.... Gribben, Robert-339 Gulf Rd. ...... . Griggs, Beverly--219 North Abbe Rd. ..... ,. Grundy, Charles-241 East Seventh St.. Grundy, Lawrence-241 East Seventh St. .... ., Gruse, Dorothy--1-43 Adams St. ........... .. Guenin, Mary-248 Sixth St.. ............ .. Gunder, Ruth Ann-934 Lorain Blvd.. Gurchik, Marjorie-107 Malcolm Ct.... Gusky, Rosemary--R. D. 3, Lake Ave.... .. Guthman, Elmer-1107 East Ave.... Gwin, Nancy-1-l-7 Cornell Ave..... H Hafferkamp, Don-317 Columbia Ave.. .. .. Hahn, Hal-834 East Ave. ..........., . Halasz, Bill-108 Irondale St. ..... . Hall, Grace-9 Nichols Apts. .,........... .. Hallett, Herbert-R. D. 2 ................ .. Hambley, Phylis-602 West Fifteenth St. .... .. Hambley, Ruth-602 West Fifteenth St. .... .. Hamilton, Don-549 Cambridge Ave.... Hamilton, June'-509k E. River St..... Hancock, Bob-125 Columbus St..... Handley, Anita-162 Bellfield Ave.... Handyside, Donald-212 Boston Ave.... Haney, Bill-336 Columbus St. ..,... . Hange, Marilyn-218 Harvard Ave..,. Hann, Caroline-132 Middle Ave.... Hansen, Harry-221 East Ave. ..... . rlarbour, Donna-318 Eleventh St..... Harbour, Norma-318 Eleventh St.... Hardy, Alfred-130 Taft St. ........ . Hardy, Mary Lou-448 Oxford Ave.... Harr, Pat-320 Columbia Ave. .,.... . Harriman, Albert-142 Bath St...., Harris, Marion-+38 Oxford Ave. .... . Harrison, George-1936 Grafton Rd.... Harvitt, Shirley-153 VVarren Ave..., Hasley, Helen'-10 Phillips Ct. ...... . Haun, Thelma-546 YVest Second St.... Haury, Diane-312 Columbia Ave. .... . Haywood, Edwin-25+ Pasadena Ave.. Heilman, Robert-341 Oxford Ave. .... . Helli, Anthony-524 Vulcan Henderson, Julia-342 South Maple St.. Hendricks, Wilma-117 Glenwood St.... Hengartner, Robert-364 Vulcan St.... Henry, Marilyn-246 Princeton Ave.... Henry, Robert-246 Princeton Ave.... Henson, Bill--230 Eighth St. ....... . Herman, Anna-611 East River St.... Herman, Margaret-S03 Bond St.... Herrick, Jean-527 East Ave. ..... . Hess, Arthur-723 E. Hgts. Blvd.... Hess, Clay-318 Sixth St. .....,.... . Higgins, Darlene-219 Chestnut St.... Hildebrandt, Richard-R. D. 2 .... Hildebrandt, Ruth-R. D. 2 .... Hill, Lilaruth-348 Sixth St..,.. Hines, Douglas-1031 Gulf Rd.. . .. Hinton, Paul-R. D. 3 ............ Hobert, Bud-313 Stanford Ave..... Hogan, Peggy-100 Dennison Ave.... Page Eighty-Four Holland, David--128 Homer St. ...... . Holliday, Phyllis-181 Longfellow Ave... Hollingsworth, Ruth-715 Bond St. .... . Hollis, Warren-R. D. 3 .........,.. Holt, Bob--296 Marseilles Ave..... Hoover, Joyce-509 VVest River St.. . .. Hopewell, Doris-1736 Middle Ave., . .. Hopewell, Mary-1736 Middle Ave..... Hopkins, Velma- 218 East Fourteenth St. Horace, Shirley-1 Frank Ct. ......... . Horvath, Edward-R. D. 1, La Grange Horvath, Eugene-378 Concord Ave.. . . Horvath, Priscilla-25 Artemas Ct..... Houser, Pat-103 Robson Ct. ...... . Houston, Fannie-124 Lewis Ct..... Hubbell, Paul-R. D. 3, Elyria .... Huber, Glenn-512 Lake Ave. ....... . Hudnutt, Arthur-345 Stanford Ave.... Huebner, Marty-R. D. 2 ............ Huffman, Junior-121 Tannery St. .... . Huffman, Robert-315 North Abbe Rd... Hull, Joanne-830 West Ave. .....,.. . Hullman, Joan-113 Longford Ave..... Hummer, Vivian-454 Earl Court ..... Humphrey, Patricia--401 Middle Ave... Hunt, Jack-105 Second St. .......... . Hunter, Dawn-418 West Ninth St.... Hunter, Paul-14-6 Bell Ave. ......... . Hurlbut, Caroline-R. D. 2 ..... Hurlbut, Leslie-R. D. 2 .......... Hyman, Beverly-311 Fifth St. ..... . Hyman, Charles--219 Hamilton Ave... I Igneczi, Ted-622 VVest River St. ..... . Indicott, Phyllis- 1l31 East River St ..... Ingersoll, John-243 Eastern Hts. Blvd. I Jabbusch, Evelyn-R. D. 3, Elyria Jackson, Ernest-246 Bath St. ..... . Jackson, Jack-R. D. 1, Grafton ....... Jacobs, Eleanor--553 VVest Third St.... Jacobs, Dick--553 West Third St.. . .. Jacobs, Wilma-R. D. 2, Elyria ...... Jatoweic, Stanley-152 Warren Ave.... Jameson, Betty-412 Adams St. ...., . Janas, Jeanette-330 Winkles St. ....... . Janowicz, Joe--425 West Fifteenth St... Janowicz, Victor-+25 West Fifteenth St. Jarvis, Betty--247 Ninth St. ........... . Jehlicka, VVilliam-332 Furnace St.. . .. Jenson, Roy-415 VVest Second St.. . .. Johnson, John J.-207 Bath St. ........ . Johnson, John YV. -R. D. 1, Grafton .... Johnston, June-R. D. 3, West Ridge .... Johnston, Rebecca-R. D. 3, West Ridge Jones, Doris-129 Jones, Dorothy-7 Jones, Sarah--R. Beverly Ct. ......... . Hope Ct. ......... . D. 2, Linwood St.... Joviak, Audrey-205 Cornell Ave.. . .. Joy, Carol-R. D. 2, Elyria ........ Justin, Virginia-247 Bath St..... BAUER DAIRY Elyriafs Famous Drive-I n Use Homogenized U Vitamin D Milk I LARRY S DRIVE-IN 6 For the best in Sandwiches Pho 506 Middle Ave 214 Middle Av Phone 45 SHAFER'S BARBER W and BEAUTY SHOP EMA HOTEL The Elyria Superior Electric Co. ,S 419 Middle Avenue "It Pays To Look Well" Phone 2900 CQ-2 K Kaatz, Pauline-123 Chase St.... Kadas, Betty--132 Lake Ave. ......... . Kaiser, Janet-434 Earl Court ............ . Kaiser, Mary Therese-123 Riverside Ct Kaminski, joseph-1601 Middle Ave. ...... . Kandt, Raymond-276 North Olive St ..... Karas, Katherine-315 West Ave.. . .. Kasper, Anna--361 Beech St. ........ . Kaszubinski, Karl-398 Oberlin Rd. ...... . Kay, Ruth June-200 Marseilles Ave. .... . Keech, Dart-962 Gulf Rd. ...,..... . Keiper, Juanita-R. D. 2, Elyria ..... Keith, Gloria-933 Foster Ave. .... . Keller, Irene-R. D. 3, Elyria ..... Kelly, Jean-1218 East Ave. ......... . Kelley, Rita Lou-507 West Third St. .... Kelovsky, Margaret-172 Cleveland St.. .. ... Kemerer, Pat--108 Stanford Ave. ...... Kent, James-234 Boston Ave. ....... . Kerley, Ethel D.--715 Clark St. .... . Keyes, Joyce-1206 East Ave. ....... . Kidney, Edward-2079 Grafton Rd. .... Kirkbride, Robert-211 Wooster St..... Kirkpatrick, Betty-324 Fifth St. .... '. Klein, Bob-129 Gulf Rd. ........... . Klein, Leonard-281 Pasadena Ave.. . .. Klesta, Marie Ann-R. D. 1, Grafton .... Knepper, Don-436 Jefferson St. ........ Knipper, Beverly-112 Mound St .... ...... . Knowlton, Charlotte-121 Hillsdale Ct.. .. ... Kochis, Steve-523 Furnace St. ....... . Kohl, Jean-912 East River St. ..... . Kopp, Delmar-4-05 West Second St.... Kordeleski, Theresa-1312 West Ave. ..... Kotai, Margaret--519 West River St. .... Kovach, Arthur D.-321 Fairlawn Ave .... . Kovacs, Joe-269 West River St. ........ Koviak, Albert-552 Turner St. ..... . Koviak, Stanley-552 Turner St.... Kowalski, john-1710 West Ave. ..... . Kowaleski, Robert-115 Kipling St. ...... . . . Kozel, Elizabeth Mary-2 Persons Ct.. . . . . . Kozel, Steve-416 jefferson .............. Krebs, Idamae--199 Sheriff St .... ..... Krespach, Beverly-1924 Grafton Rd ..... .. Krieg, Ruth-322 Tenth St. ......... . Kritzell, Bob-108 Chase St. ............ Krucinski, Helen-327 Eighteenth St. .... Krueck, Evelyn-711 Foster Ave. ..... . Krugman, James-127 Riverdale Ct. .... .. Krugman, Lois-127 Riverdale Ct.. . .. Krugman, Susan-Stop 77, R. D. 1 .... Krupka, Evelyn-351 Seventh St.. . . Krupko, Betty--235 Bath St. ....... . Krupko, Ruth-235 Bath St. ........... . Kruszewski, John-1306 West Ave. .... .. Krystosik, Therese-1305 Bank St. ...... .. Kuhn, Paul--609 Bond St. ................. Kunkle, Harold W.-338 Columbia Ave.... .. Kushinski, James-420 Kenyon Ave. ...... L Laisy, Darlene--Carlisle Ave. ...... . Lament, Irene-252 Fairlawn Ave..... Page Eighty-Six Lament, Wanda-252 Fairlawn Ave.. . .. Lamoreaux, Joan-R. D. 2, Schramm Rd Lance, Jack-14-5 Longfellow Ave. ..... . Lang, Rodney'-915 East Ave. ....... .. Lantsberry, Dorothy-223 Oakwood St.. Lapos, John-348 Vulcan St. .......... . Larkin, Bob-109 Parkview Ct. ..... . Lauer, Laura-R. D. 2, Elyria ..... Law, Maebelle-105 Tannery St. .... . Law, Marie-230 Dennison Ave. ...... . Lawrence, Norman-R. D. 3, Lake Ave.. Lawry, Edna-1410 East Ave. ......... . Lawson, Charles-226 Stanford Ave..... Leadenham, Carol-R. D. 2, Oberlin Rd Lear, Floyd-239 Erie St. ............. . Lee, James-1601 East Ave. ......... . Leininger, Audrey-423 Kenyon Ave.... Leininger, Daniel-423 Kenyon Ave.... Leister, Clara-129 Harvard Ave..... Leko, Ethel-14-O Beverly Ct. ........ . Lengyel, George-R. D. 3, Elyria ...... Leslie, Helen-1847 West Ave. ...... . Lesnick, Leonard-827 West River St.. Lesnick, Shirley--317 Harvard Ave.... Lester, Doyle-215 Louisiana Ave. .... . Lewis, Virginia-243 Winkles St. .... . Limes, Marvine-444 Lorain Blvd.... Lindway, John-909 Lake Ave. ..... . Lingenfelter, Helen-154 Oak St. .... .. .. Lockard, William-233 Harvard Ave.. Locke, Betty-222 Howe St. .......... . Longbrake, Leon-R. D. 2, Oberlin Rd.. Longbrake, Robert-R. D. 2, Oberlin Rd Longstreth, Lois'-154 Fairlawn Ave.... Looper, Don-240 Fifth St. ......... . Lorensky, Benny-126 Franklin St. .... Q Lowery, Clarabelle-327 Columbus St.. Lowry, Edna--1410 East Ave. ........ . Lucas, James-138 Dennison Avenue .... Lugas, Francis-1818 Middle Ave..... Lump, Mary Jo-354 Cornell Ave.... Lupinski, Mary-573 Irondale St.... Luppino, Don-612 Lodi St. ........ . Lynch, Anna-229 Columbia Ave..... Lyndes, Jean-R. D. 1, Grafton ..... M McAvena, Patricia-87+ West River St.. McCabe, William-230 Second St. ..... . M'cClements, Thomas-1 Persons Ct.... McClerg, Mary-1 Devon Ct. ........ . McConkey, Donald-1 Smith Ct. ....... . McConkey, Jeanne-1 Smith Ct. ....... . McConnell, James-844 West Second St McCullough, Joan-R. D. 2, Lorain... McDonald, Dick-131 Beverly Ct.. . . . McDonald, Paul-415 Cleveland St.. . .. McElroy, Dorothy-257 Hadaway Ct.. . .. McFarland, James-134 Hamilton St.. . .. McGaughey, Thelma-9 Smith Ct.. . .. McGinley, Joan--110 Hamilton St. ..... . McGregor, Richard-95 Tannery St..... McGrevv, Louise-219 West Ave .... .. McGucken, June-R. D. 3, Elyria .... McIntyre, Claire-169 Longfellow St.. . .. C g t 1 t th members ofthe 1945 G d t' g Class, and our sincere Wish for them is HEALTH WEALTH HAPPINESS A Manufacturers of the Famous LEFT AND RIGHT RUBBER HEELS That Keep You Treading Level McKee, Harold-139 Huron St. ...... . McKelvin, Annette-333 Foster Ave.... McKenzie, Alice-249 Pasadena Ave.. .. McKitrick, Paul-316 Prospect St.... McNulty, George'-1210 Lake Ave.... McVey, Ralph-R. D. 2, Elyria ..... MacKay, Douglas-238 Fourth St.... MacKenzie, Ruth--540 E. Broad St.... Mackin, Shirley Mae-8 Water St.... Macon, Marie-1700 West Ave.... Maddock, Pam-218 Blaine St. ..... . Maddock, Sally-1875 Lake Ave.... Maehr, Marianne-435 West Ave.... Magel, Jean-116 Cornell Ave. ...... . Mahilo, VVilliam-R. D. 2, Elyria ..... Maiorca, Felice-317 Eighteenth St. ..... . Malanowski, Thomas--348 Twelfth St.... Malin, Lois-2 Tattersall Ct. ......... . Mallow, William-416 Park Ave. ...... . Maloney, Margaret-126 Taft Ave.. .. Manos, Chris-328 East Bridge St.... Maple, William'-530 Park Place... Marsh, General-109 Berkely Dr. ..., . Marsh, Margaret-228 George St.... Marsh, Regina-228 George St.... Marshall, Sally--70+ Lake Ave. ...... . Martin, Philip-1251 East River St.. .. Martin, Priscilla-520 West St. ....... . Martin Verne-135 East Fourth St. .,.... .. J Mashinske, Jane-208 East Fourteenth St. .... .. Mason, Charles-435 West Thirteenth St. ..,. .. Mason, Glen-i13 Franklin Ave. ............ Mason, Richard-435 West Thirteenth St .... Matovich, Bob-Stop 7, Lake Ave. ........ Mayhaw, Robert-122 Northrup St.... Mayher, Charlotte-435 Third St. .... . Mellinger, Shirley-1355 East Ave. ...... . Menclewicz, Marylou-135 Cascade St. .... .. Mengay, Rosemary-786 Abbe Rd. ..., . Meredith, Billie-144 Clark St. .... . Meschke, Helen-136 Harvard Ave.. .. . Meyers, Robert-226 North Olive St.... Midelka, Mary-147 Woodford Ave.... Miller, Bob-104 Blaine St. ............ , Miller, Catherine-14-1 E. Broad St. .... . Miller, Charles-Stop 14-My Lake Ave. .... Miller, Geraldine-320 Ninth St. ...... . Miller, Joan-R. D. 1, Grafton .... Mills, Lois-105 Second St. ....... . Mincy, Ray-241 Temple Ct. ....... . Minnich, Rolland-201 Furnace St.. .. Minnich, Ruth-Chestnut Ridge ..... Modock, Thomas-301 Abbe Rd.. . . . Moon, Phyllis-R. D. 1, Abbe Rd, .... . Moore, George-243 Second St. ............ .. Moore, Jettie May-7012 West River St. .... .. Moore, Marilyn-251 VVashington Ave. .... .. Moran, Dennis-R. D., Elyria ........... Morey, Marcia-426 Cleveland St. .... . Morey, Oliver-426 Cleveland St. .......... .. Morgan, Charles-180 Brandston Ave. .... .. Morgan, William-142 Harrison St. .... . Morris, Charles-53+ East Ave.. . .. Morrison, Ted-94+ Lorain Blvd.. . . . Moyer, Ralph-243 Eighth St.. , . . Page Eighty-Eight Mueller, Margery-438 West River St..... Murray, Helen-402 Cambridge Ave. .... . Murray, Mary Jane-2 Shear St.. . .. Myers, James-ZIIM Rush St. ........ . Myers, Melvin-140 W. Bridge St. ...... . Mynchenberg, Bill-141 Dennison Ave.. . .. N Nagy, Adele-205 West River St.... Nagy, Julia-350 Vulcan St. ....... . Nash, Viola-R. D. 2, Oberlin Rd.... Nasipak, Marge-1240 Prospect St.... Nead, Norma-313 Ninth St. ....... . Neiding, Elmer-120 Worden Ave.... Nelson, Richard-218 West River St. .... . Nethercut, Gordon-331 Stanford Ave.. , .. Nicholl, Richard-236 Brandston Ave.. . .. Nichols, Wallace-319 Harwood St. .... . Nielson, Marjorie-944 East River St.. .. Nielson, Nancy-606 West Ave. .... . Nielson, Shirley-1114 Middle Ave.... Niemeyer, Lois-157 Oak St. ........ : Nilges, Mary Ann-1395 East Ave.. .. Nivus, Mary-246 Cornell Ave..... Novak, Geraldine-830 West Ave.... Nuhn, Bob-565 Ohio St. ......... . Nuhn, Jacqueline-565 Ohio St.. . .. O Oakley, Laura jean-326 East River St ..... Oates, Betty Mae-165 Warren Ave. ..... . Obeshaw, Dick C.-1009 Bell Ave.... O'Brien, John-118 Cedar St. .... .. Obringer, Imelda-14-5 Clark St. .... O'Connor, Robert-222 Fifth St. .......... . O'Connor, Rosemary-229 East Thirteenth St O'Dell, Dick-310 Thirteenth St. .......... . O'Dell, Theodore--310 Thirteenth St...." Olah, Paul-127 Beebe Ct. .......... . Olszewski, Loretta-127 Huron St.... Opper, Annamae-213 East Ave..... Opra, Frank-110 Floral Ct. ..... . Ordway, Bob-619 East Ave. ...... . Orr, Bob-1216 Prospect Ave. ....... .. Orr, Jacqueline-339 Hawthorne St. ..... . Osborne, Georgia Lee-432 Eighth St..... Osler, Richard-355 East Bridge St. .... . Ostrov, Burton-120 Columbia Ave.... Otten, Joe-1336 Lake Ave. ,....... . Oviatt, Lincoln-904 Park Ave..... P Page, Alan-1930 Middle Ave..... Palik, Ed-127 Mendel Ct. ......, . Palinski, Eugene-S01 Dewey Ave.... Palm, Nan-624 Middle Ave. ..... . Palmer, Carol-123+ East Ave.. . .. Palmer, Bill-1234 East Ave. ..... . Paonessa, Santa-1617 West Ave. ..... . Paonessa, Tom-1617 VVest Ave., Parker, jane-24-7 East Thirteenth St. .... . Patak, Beverly-354 Vulcan St. ........ . Patania, Sam-127 South Logan St.. .. Paul, Esther-12 West Ave. ....... . Pauley, Lila'-236 Fifth St.... FULTON'S 567 Broad Street Elyria, Ohio Elyriafs Medium-Priced Ready-to-Wear Store" COATS, SUITS, DRESSES MILLINERY, LINGERIE HOSIERY, SKIBTS BLOUSES We specialize in junior and half sizes. Please feel free to come in at any time to look over our Iner- chandise. We will be only too glad to Welcome you. -CHESTER FULTON INSURANCE It Pays to Have It and Be Happy Rather Than To Not Have It and Be Sorry ik THE HUFFMAN- HUBBARD CU. 204 Masonic Temple Phone 2141 I Page Eighty-Nine Pruski, Tom-137 Bath St. .........,.... . Penfound, Gary-1131 West Ave. ...... . Penzes, Emma-227 S. West River St.... Peter, William-310 Sumner St. ........ . Peterman, Frank-112 East Fourth St.... Peters, Tom-R. D. 2, Elyria .......... Petruzzi, Lodema-310 Lodi St. .......... . Phillips, Jack-336 Winckles St. ........... .. Phillips, Margery--R. F. D. 1, La Grange... .. Plleskx, Ray-223 Rush St. ................. Piper, Jack-143 South Olive St..... Pitkin, Richard-10+ Mendel Ct..... Pixley, Shirley--R. F. D. 2 .......... Plas, Albert-R. D. 1, La Grange .... Plas, Art-R. D. 1, La Grange ...... Plas, Clair-4-S4 Tenth St. ........ . Plas, Plas, Margaret-R. D. 1, La Grange ............ Plato, Antoinette-432 West Thirteenth St Plato ' ' , Gloria-356 Third St. ................... . Plato, Virginia-1529 West River St. ....... .. Pollrik, Betty--146 Woodford Ave.. . .. Pomelee, Tom-1392 East Ave. ..... . Pondy, Jane-235 West River St..... Pope, john-319 Hawthorne St..... Porter, Bill-251 Thirteenth St.. . .. Post, Dale-1403 East Ave. .... . Post, Wanda-1403 East Ave.. . .. Poulos, Nick-715 East River St.. . .. Powell, Betty-21 Artemas Ct.. . .. Powell, Chuck-178 Seneca St. .... . Powell, june-21 Artemas Ct. ....... . Pronesti, Kathryn-1826 West Ave. .... . Protvenza, Josie-391 Gulf Rd. .......... . Provoznik, -Iamese-R. D. 2, Oberlin Rd.... Puls, Dolly--R. D. 2, La Grange ....... Puls, Ellden-1053 East River St.. . . . Pusbach, Don-427 Sixth St. ..... . Putnam, Frances-510 Park Place .... R Racz, joseph-544 Turner St. ........ . Radachi, Frank-421 West Twelfth St.... Radican, Mary Rita--2092 Grafton Rd.... Radican, Patricia-1202 Middle Ave.... Rahrig, Beatrice-325 Winckles St. ...... . Rankin, Jeannine-369 East Bridge St.... Ransome, Don-R. D. 2 ............... Rawson, Lee-69 Samuel St. ..... . Rea, Alwyn-62 Samuel St. ....... . Read, Marian-258 Oakwood Ave..... Rebeles, Rose-222 Erie St. ......... . Reed, Norma jean-6182 Lodi St..... Reeves, Esther-248 West River St. .... . Refenning, Phyllis-1185 East River St.... Reger, Elizabeth-123 Columbia Ave.... Rehm, Stanley-895 West River St..... Reichard, Bob-976 Gulf Road ......... Reinhardt, Richard-402 Oxford Ave.... Reisinger, Glen-909 East Ave. ........ . Reisinger, Lois-909 East Ave. ....,.. . Reisz, Bernard-310 West River St.... Reitz, Eugene-214 Courtland St. ..... . Renouard, Robert-811 Middle Ave.... Resar, Nicholas--1435 East River St.... Reynolds, Evelyn-217 Marseilles Ave.... Page Ninety john--316 Nlnth St. .................. .. Reynolds, James-655 East River St.. . .. Reynolds, John--655 East River St., . .. Reynolds, Vernon-174 Adelbert St.. . . . Rezek, George-926 Lake Ave. ......... . Rhoads, Arthur-522 West Twelfth St.. .. Rhodes, Doris-347 Fifth St. .......,... . Rhodes, Lila-903 Park Ave. ......,.. . Rhodes, Marian--908 Walnut St.... Rhodes, Mary-908 VValnut St. ....,.. . Rice, Audrey-R. D. 3 ................... Richards, Lucille--212 VVest Bridge St..... Riddle, jane Ann-102-lf Middle Ave.. . .. Rifenburg, Norman-346 Thirteenth St.. . .. Ristas, Florence-1614 Middle Ave.. . ., Ristas, Theodore-161+ Middle Ave.. . .. Ritter, Rita-212 High St. .......... . Roberts, Jack-West River Rd. .... . Roberts, james-West River Rd. ..... . Robinson, Edward-205 Second St.. . . . Robinson, Harold-269 Spruce St.. . .. Robinson, jean-205 Second St. ....... . Rockwood, Betty-218 Harrison St.. . .. Rogers, Naomi-174 Bath St. ......... . Rogers, Shirley-236 Columbia Ave.. . . . Rolle, Tom-143 Erie St. ........,.... . Roka, Helen-240 West Bridge Street.,.A. Ronez, Irene--R. D. 3, Murray Ridge .... Roosevelt, Bob-239 Princeton Ave... Roosevelt, Janet-239 Princeton Ave .... . Rose, Sarabeth--R. D. 1 .............. Ross, Rocco-309 Eighteenth St. .... . Roth, Alan-513 Foster Ave. ........... . Rothgery, Alice-137 Clark St. .......... . Rousseau, Geraldene-ISOSM West Ave.... Rousseau, Sarah-ISOSM West Ave. ...... . Rugg, Robert-320 Sixth St. ..... . Rule, Anne-331 Columbus St..... Rupp, Eleanor-R. D. 3 .......,.. Rurka, Alfreda-120 Nickols Ct... Rurka, Alice--120 Nickols Ct..... Ryals, VVilliam-1912 Grafton Rd. Ryan, Elizabeth-118 Charles Ct... Ryan, Joanne-137 Lincoln Ct.. .. Ryan, Joyce-419 Elm St. .... . Ryan, VValter-320 Blaine St.. .. S Sabol, Anna-135 Erie St. ......, . Saddler, Bob-316 Park Ave.. , .. Sadowski, Jeanne-110+ South Prospect St Sadowski, Richard J.-110+ South Prospect St Sage, Sams, Donald-R. D. 2, Elyria .... Claire'-732 West Ave.. . .. Sand, Calvin-816 West Broad St Sand, Ronald-816 West Broad St..... Sanders, Bill-237 Wooster St. ....,.. . Sanders, Shirley-237 Wooster St..... Sarnovsky, John-Y. M. C. A. ..... . Sauer, Kenneth-444 Lorain Blvd. ..... . Saum, Allen-R. F. D. 1, Abbe Rd. ..... . Saunders, Geraldine-358 West River St.... Schallon, Robert--129 North Maple St.... Scharein, Arthur--440 West River St.... Schlitt, Dorothy--331 Cornell Ave. ...... . Schmidt, Betty-R. D. 1, East River Rd.... Schmitkons, La Verne-R. D. 3, Lake Ave.. Compliments of THE GAS C0 PA Y Q? lbyi. fgglh 364.44 0 W f I Iwi M I 11 "1-I In I A "Nw n ' HI v ' - SR. HI-Y IR. HI-Y SOPH. HI-Y ' FRESH. HI-Y YMCA Club Activities for Boys with a Purpose SPEECH SCHOLARSHIP SPORTSMANSHIP LIVING Page N1 y Schmitz, Eddie-1133 West Ave. ..... . Schreiber, Janice-117 Roosevelt Ave. .... Schubert, Virginia-1004 West Ave.. . .. Schue, James-277 Abbe Rd. ......... . Schultz, Gilda Ruth-236 Seventh St..... Schuster, Don-Murray Ridge Rd. ........ Schuster, Howard-Murray Ridge Rd. .... Schuster, Ralph--Murray Ridge Rd.. . .. Schwan, Betty-R. D. 1, Grafton, Scott, Carol-615 VVest River St. ..... . Scott, Lillie Ann--1902 Grafton Rd.. . .. Sexton, John-119 Cornell Ave. ....... . Shaffer, Dorothy--930 West Ave. .... . Shaw, William--1013 West Ave.... Sheldon, Kenneth-700 Foster Ave.... Shepard, Don--R. D. 1, Grafton ..... Shepherd, Ruth-19-P9 Grafton Rd. ..... . Sheppard, Myra Lou-630 Middle Ave... Shifkoski, Rita-2011 Grafton Rd.. . .. Shindle, Sanford-218 Wolf Ct. ......... . Shindle1', Pat-314 Eighth Place ........ Shipman, Shirley--211 East Hgts. Blvd. .... Shirkey, Norman-142 Pasadena Ave... Shook, Phillip-441 Eighth St. ......... . Shreve, Ralph-112 Highland Ct. ........... Simkovich, Martha-207 West River St. .... Simms, Lois-R. D. 2, Elyria .......... Simpson, Joyce-418 Second St. ....... . Sinegar, Gail-224 Erie St. ........... . Sittinger, Donald-680 North Abbe Skok, john--229 Oberlin Rr. .............. Rd..... Slack, Jack-R. D. 2, West Ridge Rd. .... Smith, Carol-1853 West Ave. ....... . Smith, Dayton-111 Roosevelt Ave. ..... . Smith, Don-209 Winckles St. ............ Smith, Forrest R.-208 East Fifteenth St.. .. Smith, Geraldine-236 VVinckles St. ...... Smith, Jack-253 Fairlawn Ave. ....... . Smith, Joann-336 Kenyon Ave.. .. Smith, Joyce-200 Fairlawn Ave. .... . Smith, June-153 Courtland St. .......... Smith, Kenneth-233 North Olive St.. . . . Smith, Lloyd-5 Tattersall Ct. ....... . Smith, Marilyn-272 Concord Ave. ..... , Smith, Neale Scott-1951 Grafton Rd. .... Smith, Phyllis-420 West Tenth St.. . .. Smith, Regina-939 Lake Ave. ......... . Smith, Ruth Anne--1951 Grafton Rd. .... Smith, Wanda-Griswold Rd. ............. Smitkovvski, Carl-508 West Twelfth St.. .. Snoble, Betty-545 Furnace St. ..........,. Stewart, Richard-420 Cleveland St.. . .. Stiffler, Helen-124 Woodford Ave..... Stiles, Frances-217 Rush St. .......... . Stillwaugh, George-920 Middle Ave.. . .. Stirzaker, Betty'-234 Bell Ave. ........ . St. Marie, Jere-I-30 Oxford Ave.... Stokes, Patsy-170 Fairlawn Ave. ....., . Stone, Barbara-223 Marseilles Ave.. . .. Stone, Richard-223 Marseilles Ave..... Storm, Ina Claire-321 Kenyon Ave..... Strainic, Larry-417 East River St.... Strand, Virginia-505 Park Ave.... Street, Etta Mae-655 Nelson St.... Strinka, Andrew-347 Third St. .... Strohm, Richard-327 Gulf Rd. ....... . Sturtevant, Warren-158 Northrup St..... Sugaski, Eleanor-333 Eastern Hts. Blvd... Sugaski, Marian-333 Eastern Hts. Blvd... Suhanic, Edith--1333 East River St..... Suhanic, Marian-1333 East River St .... . Sumegi, Yolanda-314 West River St..... Supers, Robert--258 East Sixteenth St..... Surdock, Bill-224 Bath St. ............. . Sutliff, Bill-333 Broad St. ............. . Suvar, George A.-R. F. D. 1, La Grange Swanson, Carole jean-145 Roosevelt Ave. Sweet, Gene-169 Caroline St. ........... . Swiers, Richard--115 Dennison Ave.. . .. Symons, Nancy-264 Ohio St. ........ . Szlempa, Florence-117 Hazel St.... T Taborn, Jeannine-317 North St.. . Takacs, Bob-116 Irondale St. ........ .. Tarnowski, Virginia-129 Quincy St..... Tarry, Edwin-419 VVest Sixth St. .... . Tarry, Lois-111 Lake Ave. ...... , Tarry, Richard-111 Lake Ave. ...... . Taylor, Elise-92 Riverside Homes ..... Taylor, john-143 Pasadena Ave. ..... . Taylor, Louisa-R. D. 2, Fuller Taylor, Bob-143 Pasadena Ave Taylor, Silvia-412 Kenyon Ave Tefft, Arthur-I-01 Second St..... Telzerow, Don-120 VVilliam St.... Terry, Geraldine-629 Lodi St. .... . Thomas, Audrey-1612 VVest Ave.. .. Thomas, Sally-424 Middle Ave. ...... . Thrist, William--315 Seventeenth St..... Tiefuhr, Kate-1525 Grafton Rd. ...... . Rd..... Snyder, Tom-R. D. 2, Elyria ........ Sonkoly, Wilma-243 Gates Ave. ....... . Spain, Mary K.,-15+ Woodford Ave. .... . Spike, Susan-460 West Ninth St. ..... . Sprankle, Kenneth-1111 East River St. .... Standen, Shirley-222 East Fourteenth St.. .. Stanford, Rita-127 Warren Ave. ........ Stang, Donald-268 Spruce St. .......... Starchbill, Jane--R. D. 2, Elyria ..... Starkey, Lillian-R. D. 3, Elyria ..... Steele, Edward-200 Harvard Ave..... Steele, Fred-200 Harvard Ave.... Stellato, Helen-1217 East Ave. ..... . Stevick, Phil-244 Oxford Ct. ......... . Stewart, Richard-242 Marseilles Ave. .... Page Ninety-Two Tkacs, Dorothy--220 Pasadena Ave..... Tkacs, Lillian-220 Pasadena Ave.... Toth, Catherine--323 Beech St. .... . Toth, Eugene-104 West River St.... Traczek, Ray-822 Lake Ave. .... , Traicoff, Dan-128 Blake St. ........ . Traicoff, Olga-128 Blake St. .......... . Travers, Charles-325 Cornell Ave.. . .. Traxler, Frank-247 Sixteenth St. .... . Trimmel, Ed--210 Franklin St..... Troup, Gene-245 Spruce St.. . .. Troup, Milton-245 Spruce St.. . ,. Trumpy, Lois-225 VVolf Ct.. . .. Trupo, Vincent--827 Bond St.. Cpl f Rgy Huliz To the Graduating Class F oster az Fitch, Inc Q' HEATING MENS AND BOYS EQUIPMENT WEARING APPAREL HASERODT JEWELRY C0., Inc. JF o Only the Finesi in Duality ai the Right Price Don't Go Home Until Y Look io Haserodfs Windows" P N Tsarones, Helen-201 Cascade St.. . .. Tulk, Phyllis-1195 East River St.. . .. Turon, Bernice-R. D. 2 .,.......... U Urich, Yvonne-35+ Princeton Ave. ........ . Urig, Mary Lou-336 Eleventh St. ............. . Ursem, Mary Cathryn-209 Marseilles Ave. ..... . V Vakerics, Louise-R. D. 3, Elyria .............. Valassis, Plato--351 Third St. ................. . Van Amburgh, Charles-344 West Seventh St.. . .. Vanco, john-239 VVest River St. .,......,...... . Vanco, Mary-239 West River St. ...... . Vanderson, Patsy-215 Bon Air Ave..... Van Dyke, Tilford-606 Middle Ave ..,. .. Van Wormer, Molly-109 Stanford Ave.... Vargo, Julius-243 West River St. ...... . Vargo, Margaret-101 Fremont St. ..... . Vargo, Vilma-243 West River St.. . .. Vargo, William-144 Irondale St.. . .. Varsey, Harriett-202 Harwood St.. . .. Vaughn, Nancy-141 Caroline St. .......... . Veitch, Geraldine-148 Northrup St. ........... . Venturella, Dominic-Butternut Ridge Rd. ..... . Vibber, Donna-1237 East River St. ........... . Vimpeny, jean-1944 Grafton Rd. ........ . Von Brock, Shirley-332 Harvard Ave.... W Wagner, Nancy-423 Ninth St..... Wagner, Russell-1334 East Ave.... Waite, Jaclyn-212 Seventh St. .... . VValdron, Betty-34-5 Seventh St..... VValker, Everett-321 Ninth St..,.. Wallace, Bella-187 Bath St. ....,,. . VVard, Pat-435 West Tenth St. ,.... . VVarner, Mona-145 South Olive St..... Warren, Wilda-425 West Eleventh St.... VVashington, Alfreda-524 North St..... VVaterloo, Loretta-406W Middle Ave.... VVatson, Glenn-253 George St. ......... . Watson, VVillord-349 Eleventh St. ...... . Waurzenczak, Caroline-1304 West Ave.... Webb, Wilda-125 Hawthorne St. .,.... . Weber, Norman-234 West Bridge St.... Wehman, Dorothy-225 Fifth St. ....... . W'ehman, Tom-225 Fifth St. .......... . VVehmhoff, William'-133 Princeton Ave.... Weibling, Bernadine-114 Homer St..... Weil, Florine-712 Park Ave. ....... . Welton, Janet-1811 Grafton Rd..... Wensink, Martha-R. D. 2, Elyria ...... Werden, Albert-106 Cleveland St. ...... . VVesebaum, Harold-270 North Olive St.... VVest, Harold-1231 East River St. ...... . West, Rita-213 Wolf Ct. ............. . West, William-213 Wolf Ct. .... . Wetzel, Joann--926 Lake Ave. ..... . Whitacre, Tom-120 Parkview Ct..... Page Ninety-F our White, Gilbert-340 West Fourth St... White, Joyce-340 West Fourth St.. . .. White, Robert-18 Artemas Ct. ,...... . Whitlatch, Bonna-West Ridge Rd., R. Wickleman, Loretta-119 Caroline Ave. Wiech, Arlene-843 Bond St. ......... . Wiech, Gloria-245 East Broad St..... Wiech, Ruth-145 Garvin Ave. ..... . Wiechman, Dave--Elyria Country Club Wiegand, Richard-136 Bell Ave..... VVieser, Jerry-4-O7 Lake Ave .......... Wilburn, Marie-541 West Second St. Wilhelmy, Mary-R. D. 3, Shaddon Rd. Williams, Charlene-160 VVest Ave... Williams, Janet-113 West St. ....... . VVilliams, Meredith-230 Second St.. . . . Willis, Bonny-160 Northrup St. ..... . Wilmot, Mary Ann-222 Third St.. . .. Wilson, Harriet-318 Cambridge Ave. Wilson, Bob-224 Washington Ave.. . . . Windsor, Hugh-242 Dennison Ave... Winiaz, Helen-124 Hawthorne St.. . .. VVirth, John-572 Cleveland St. .... . Wise, Betty-151 Cornell Ave. ...... . Wise, Jack-151 Cornell Ave. ....... . Wissinger, Shirley-347 Furnace St... Witbeck, Edmund-R. D. 1, Grafton.. Wojtka, Alex ........................ Wolf, Loree-1949 Grafton Rd. ..... .. Wolf, Robert-125 Hamilton St. ..., . Woodin, Natalie-227 Cornell Ave..... Woods, Charles-248 Hadaway Ct..... Worcester, Richard-213 Furnace St... Worden, Virginia-1385 East Ave..... Wright, Alma-119 West Bridge St... Wright, George-720 Woodland ...... VVuebher, Casper-2079 Grafton Rd... VVukie, Eugene-R. D. 1, Grafton .... Wukie, Richard-R. D. 1, Grafton.. Wurster, Doris-1505 Lake Ave. ..... . Y Yarbrough, Walter-150 VVest St.. . . . Yoo, jack-347 Eleventh St. ......,. . Yosa, Jeanette-1733 Grafton Rd.. . . . Yost, Charles-14+ Cornell Ave. .... . Yost, Jean-218 Miller Ct. .......... . Yost, Maxine-218 Miller Ct. ......... . Yothers, Charles-322 Dennison Ave... Young, Jennings-341 East River St.,. Young, Mary Marcella-524-M North St Yourkiewicz, Clem-235 Rush St. ..... . Yucha, William-525 Clark St. ....... . Yunker, Donald-2056 Grafton Rd.. . .. Z Ziegman, Eugene-357 Seventh St.. . .. Ziegman, Norbert--357 Seventh St.. . . . Zoltai, Zoltan-R. D. 3, Dellelield Rd. Zuris, Dorothy-Graystone Hotel ...... fw Y. W. C. A. Postwar Plans Include a New Activities Building The Elyria Hardware Co. 523 Broad Str t Paints, Awnings, Toys, Stoves . cg FACTORY SUPPLIES and SPORTING GOODS N U T S UPIHY Coal : , . . . to . . . and Fireproot Building Materials it Y 0 U since 1893 , The Murbach Coal S E G H Y S Salted Nuts and Candies 8z Supply Co. 201 West Bridge Street Elyria, Ohio 'Y it For The Uncertain Da s Ahead Never before Was special business training as necessary as it will be in the days just ahead. Build upon the good foundation you have laid in the High School. Get a thorough business or secretarial training, thereby preparing your- self for a good permanent position, independ- ent income and promotion to a Well-paid re- sponsible position vvhere you can satisfy your own wants and needs and also be of service to your community. Naturally you Will Want to get that training in The 0berlin eheel ei Commerce OBERLIN, OHIO Write for Information ik

Suggestions in the Elyria Public High School - Elyrian Yearbook (Elyria, OH) collection:

Elyria Public High School - Elyrian Yearbook (Elyria, OH) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Elyria Public High School - Elyrian Yearbook (Elyria, OH) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Elyria Public High School - Elyrian Yearbook (Elyria, OH) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Elyria Public High School - Elyrian Yearbook (Elyria, OH) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Elyria Public High School - Elyrian Yearbook (Elyria, OH) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Elyria Public High School - Elyrian Yearbook (Elyria, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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