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 - Class of 1955

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H.. C wsu.. L Jes-4 1+ fe. W Lwawf ws -mm? F' 1- + 11 ..,. .1.h.4nu-'iwefx-IW. W M 5. in AJ v -v 5' ,. 'R bi 4. L fb ZH. gunna Susanne W. ...,,...,....., .-.W NUUUA A J' QQ iiffxf! J QL if uf W1 'i A... I' 'in g fffw ,Fin Tfu wr... xg V4 6 ha XNQYP all Amr- P' '-mega... bi-3""' .,."! 1 A3--f ko 3-f "f:-34" x YL In ' Q?-1'W'fs.2+-f -' E I.,-"5Jf"'w vi' 'WA.1-74,5 Itfas 3 DX23,n1Q,iC5 1 335 . .?Q 'k :'l.:H E.-7 ' ff:K:,i1Q4 Q Q QQ Q Q ds 1 PQ .. M Y . I N ' Q f NVE, . I V 'X " Q IQQQJQQI' Q Sp .. if uf' NV' " Vs- . i . 52 13 .pf 2 fx. 1. H . Q ,,.,Q3f Q f .Q L . , , . f Q J .fu Q of , ,, M , ' -4 5' 3 , , ..h - 3 Nw . ,ff ' if if J' 42, QM" xifw ' J M rx S 'felf' ,' .P f f' . H - ,f . ff ,. .J 1 1 ' .fi XJ . gy . jff - cf" j ,nr - kg W QM ,'Q M1 -' X .4 'Q ' 1 , .V Q5 JJ' Q E1 L' MT? Q1 Vg ' V ,fsifgv N ! -Q, 5 ' r 'X Aff I wi' - 57- 4 W , X . . . 1 1 .f , . . . . if B f Q 1 YQQQ A QQQ fi Him! Q 1 Nb QQQ QF" if . ,f N .. lv . f . f 1. f' . A . f Jw- 7 f jf' J fair' . if 2 WH' Q, QQ, ', Q HJ cps Q jf ff.. 'XXX . E.-JV . 3 QQQ , 5 fi all Q Nw ,-x,,7'1'iV fy : Yifi 'P ' , 1? f - ff .-gf ,VJ v ui: 1 . ' V ' 75 i ' X -N Ji. L. L' 'h ' -XQQQQQ Q"-f, QQQQQQQEQQQI I J My Phi QQ ' Ji ' .QMS- :. vxjj A if! Hi .if :X - J . ' RJ i .- . Lf' if if f .1 'J 5 . - fi ' Q5 1 ' V . 'QQ j fn if Q' , ,, Q , QQ. ..,: QAQ .Q Q QE .im R: 3 ,WY w FQ 'E Q Wi. 5...-"fs ,. sm: xx , ,,,Q 4 M.. Q! Xa fQQ N 5 P5 Q ' 3: n if ji gtk 12,,1"g. V , : H 1 . -Al' . Lf . A 1' f -f ' , gs' . .- wk .af J .--P . pf , K n i -' Lf EN " .,, ,ffl 53" EW! .-A .,fi"' .-'Y V :af L 5.-F .W f 51 'II 5 ' ' ' ' 1 MV . X' .V - EW ' rf! ' ' J' K' Si . 5 "1 W 2 1 . fgi-"H - M i 'J M SQQQQQQ ,RQ Sw. Q Q.. QQ Q.. Q.. 3, QW HRA Q af. QQQQQQ Q, QQJQIPI .NM N w .sn Bi . ig . b ii, I' Qyf 'if' . " , s L -1' ,ff f fk ks-' M. .5 ,.-Mi g ,M , ,J -Q. . 2 -.f! Qwf Qu QQ . L: A .1 A Q E - QQQQQW QQQL. A QQ Ae QQ . ,Av Q 5. EQ 'li QQQ ,,-' QQ Q VQQFL' LP QQQ Q Ay QQ .QL ' Q , 5 f yu' Ja' aw 1 L ., J' .J gf' s 'W Q? .1 9- 7 f w,.v " " A . ' 'R Wy' " ri' ' fk 1 ' Q14 Q I QQ Lp! mg Gy, ,- K Q QQ h 3 Q 9,3 Q. X .1 'Qi' ff " 1f"f ag.: .LJ Wa' 'QN' " ' 3 .if ' ' ' ff , ,,,. . ' V Jw XX I ' ' , ., U ,. X Q' Q. , M'--e.Q Q1 - H -' I ,- w -' -' ' Q QQ , Qg Q Q , f- QQQQQQQQW- Q. QU XL 5, ft, fe! Q ew ' C, LJ' ., I . H Qin' ' - ' K - X tl , ' f x55 I ,,, M .-,,, .s .1 I QQ ' 1 n . km vp ' 'I xr vi V a Q " T' K Q -' , J .-5 Q 5. . Q . N , Q :Quay ,,. Q " QQ ag, ' 'g - . I F 1' .VF N ' ,. , Q YE ' f A' . W . I ' ' .1 J . - ' . A533 4 ' Y ' 1 Q ' .,,.."-1' 4" JV ' .c-5' - . QQ, Q Qu . ,Q QQQQQQQQD... QQQ ' , . XLT? - I . -. i Q - "nf" . A, Q. 1. .agp .1,r -mg M 'UQ"!w.f. Q MQW- :N- I Q fb '1 I' ll 1 x' N Q X153 :Rm ' rv ' X 12 1 n,. 1 1 Wff Zig-'f 71 "'4""U- 4 ffl! 4' i,W fig ? jwgkfff WWWMJWMM W Myffyffy rj , X Wfifjwf gf WWWWQMV gff 4 T rffyy wp adgidmwpy Xplff' ,fw I UMM 'CWXOLN brag, 94 MMEMW gr' fzggf GV-.L QQ V X 'wwvu W 5532 M it-fjfjfw F M A -Lk J My Mg POf7s I Sf ff KM 1 ' ' fz ff' ,. ' - " F ' ' CWM 41, ' L ,ly ' 'AA' - ' 4 C! fr 'V ity fn M 'J fbi 1' I Cf I I E WMM vi ff fl" C-, ' ,L ' ' - ,L f .U I , I , fl' , M 1 A ' I V! ' A Yi .i7':'A'? ' ,ffl ' 3 I f ,f ' P' m . f , ' ' ffl H9 Wwf Qw f f mQfM ' ' ,iff Xb! -f 'XY ww J V O it I , W A .WJ 4 Yvttxjgk . 'A I - TJ 14 5. Nfy 'vw I ' ' 9 LX! Y- :+C U ff' ' ' , ,j x !,71,f M K 1 '- Y WJJJP , LV, M NX' . - V I ,XVV,,C6,. If X I, I u ' A , ,Q I x 6 Krff I ' ,A rv V L. 1 A ff I ,f . Y' ' -4" I0 I,-I .7 Q l ' A yUj',r VJ ' 1 A f ' ' x A U Q1 . , , !, 1 W Yhojvt id 1 RG Q, J,,4f I 194' ' fY I ,M , I , G! I ,V . I I , 1 f , 6,6 f"'L'j j V . 1? 4 V, .lg 5 . , W. yuh . ffb I V' NjfC U-Y " . ' ' , J Q X , X j fqkil f X M. 1 y. Je ' 4 k X, X' . ,J MS Q ' 'D V I 41, - ' I' AX 6 Sgrvajv. l ' to Xb 5 S 'E ' 4 P r' F 'ly 3 A 9 4' 5 '1f1.ik'b1 Hx' 3 I' ' If . RL A, fx 1 V' x Q I l . 1.x J.-1 ,TW X-L V- ,Q A 4,1 -'gy j'f,,J, I, ,, SN ' .N ' I ' 'A-'LyY'3X- ' "" f 1 5 X 'wf'AJ f wf,w H f .VK , O , 'ill LZEXVJ X 9 Q , Q N ' 99 Q1 , ' ' t, ' . Q . ' A A I 1 A i ' an y f I I ' . . ,X . gf w Adu M . :J , f7 Q 'I , W! V ,1-1--1 X If ' '51 s 7 ,f . . ' 'A y 1" ' " -' ,f' . 'u MM fffw jydjf WMM 7' MM W ,J M af! WNW oiuxmjjw st' 11, Y vw 7 wf KY W5 QZWEQ CH H6 R if gf 'W fmxp MY XVQMQ wwf 1 X F K x QQ mf 65 S Ox Q if A, T Nywxg if 51? xg ' f , .IZ A WW Q . 5-'X3kx,Jf.. xx,-xx A I " F ofx, f U fgfgmm 'N9JJ.-'DN . x, if 6' 5 W Jx""vN9iL-3,,,,vx - M 'I Q ' 'Lfff..,, kNm:jf:J 1 U4 A W .jj mutt- Y ,R I , 'J ' -if 1 1 'if fb MQW v Mex' lxfqf' ' M D ,WWA YJWVVB GXNNMBN R . 01 A ' jj ,EEL O v J"'l' 'jx ' - Ak I ,---, my ' f icq I , A rc ' 0 V Q - x k M A -V ,Xi V '-.G , Q K, .jj 5 Q . RQ - 2 Xwjyyc ,fy -11.30 4 Q , Jy R R F Zu? WJ ,, f 7 f K V ff' v I 955 TIMBERLANE STAFF JONI JAMNICK FRORA MARGARET TOMS MARY ANN VRANESICH GERALD DOLENTZ ALAN RAUTIO MARLENI: MAJERLE .IEANETTE JASPER DONALD DIEDRICH JOHN SAYOVITZ DELORES ANN WOOD voLuME 6 Published by The Tlmberlane Board IOR IN CHIEF SENIOR EDITOR JUNIOR EDITOR SOPHOMORE EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR ART EDIIOR BUSINESS MANAGER PHOTOGRAPHER ACTIVITIES ADVISOR MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL Ely, Minnesota EDIT .....r..r....f-.f - - .-,.- . We the TIMBERLANE staff ot Ely Memor al Hgh School In order to to m a more perfect yearbook pro de enloyment fur sh humor a d record events do p nt and publish thus annual for o rselves and ou subscr bers TABLE QF CONTENTS MINERS Students Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen ENGINEERS Faculty Club Members Athletes 2 a catalogue of memor'es 'th pictures and sto 'es afford DEDICATIO v"" K' "Wil The TIMBERLANE staff proudly dedlcates thus book to the Mmmg Industry as a gesture of appreclahon for all the opportunmes both educational and vocahonal nt so generously affords the people of Ely 4 .l' CLASS HISTORY l955-When we first put those numerals on our letter sweaters it seemed a long way off. Thoughts of gradu- ation, caps, and gowns floated faraway on a cloud. There were other events much closer and more real to us. As freshmen we lived for the present. initiation in burlap and green ribbons, the snake dance, and the bonfire were all big things in our lives. As sophomores we took life as it came, sponsoring a dance, and enioy- ing ourselves at a toboggan party. ln '54 we hummed "Over the Rainbow" as we scrimped and saved toward our prom and banquet. Not everyone tripped the light fantastic but there were many there who had a good time. The same year we enioyed the excitement of choosing our class rings. We came back to school in the fall of '54 with mixed emotions. As seniors it seemed we should be filled with a glorious feeling of suprem- acy, but at the same time we were beginning to feel the strangeness of being on the threshold of inde- pendence. Homecoming activities with initiation, a big parade, and the Senior Girls' Tea followed closely by the class play, "The Heiress", left little time for philoso- phizing. We all rushed around trying to crowd our last year full of memories. We hope that the class of '55 has left a positive impres- sion with Memorial High School. f .W T4 I 1-1477! ff! ""f Ze J N 4 ' , I , 4 4.425 ,,,. ,ff A37 ' .rl 'ff A f ' Class Colors Class Flower Maroon and White White Roses Class Motto ln Ourselves the Future Lies Senior Advisers Giervik, Miss Standing, loft to right: Mr. Peninger, Mr. Strong, Mr. Bonovetz, Mr. Wilson. Sitting: Miss Johnson, Miss Gourley, and Miss Chimzar. I , I 1 ' 4 1 , .1 is '27 VICE-PRESIDENT James Koski "Jim" "Good-natured Jim is known for his prowess in the pool" Swimming l,2,3,4, "E" Club 3, 4, Bond 2,3,4, Class Treasurer lp Class Vice-president 4, PRESIDENT Robert Porthan "Moose" "Here's o good kid-too toll to be hid" Football l,2,3,4g Basketball l,2, 3,4, Golf 4, "E" Club 3,4, Cho- rus 2,3,4, Male Quartet 2,3,4, Class President l,4: Boys' State 3, DAC l,2,3, Thespion 23,49 "Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers" 1, "Huckleberry Finn" lg "Our Town" 2, "The Ugly Duckling" 3. TREASURER Calvin Lindbeck "Spider" "Cal" "His shyness is an asset" Hockey 3,4, Football 4, "E" Club 3,4, Hi-Lites 3,4, Student Coun- cil Organizing Committee 2,3,4. 6 SECRETARY Dennis Bunney "Smiley" "He is neither shy nor bold" Football l,2,3,4, Basketball Mgr. 3,4, Track l,2,3,4, "E" Club 3, 4, DAC l,2,3,4, Thespion 2,3,4, Chorus 2,3,4g "Huckleberry Finn" I, "Our Town" 2, "l Remember Mama" 2. x ' Q m m Mx fvfff mx I as N X Kr' JH ff N .,, r ,Ld 'X fifff f wx W M f Largs, E-A-if ll! W x f 4 JQQYP' I t ,ff T- , ' ,J ,, . ,f ' I 'N , A 4 ,ff X- 4' . ' . I - 15 l 1, A ' ' HQfx . V .lf X .A in ,X N 1 ,,, 4 A, N, , L ,J -411 1 MCV N f w .X 5 1 'n . ix M f 'QN ' mfg ' 'Y N X rp X . ' X ' A L? ,' h' six" 5. H K mf V , - I xxx, if KX I , X Q Xu X, X 4,7 , ' ,J x ' A X ve W f.-X , X .1 1 N , X ...X 'I --1" Q " 'XX ' l X I 'V X , l'l!!f'U'N,l X . U .3 r X ' .AA V y A A 4 I riff' ,' fr ' 3 1 x f, Ki' ' A " X X, S NJ ' ii, lp!" A F W , 465 Z f' ' E ' '5X'Q.- ' '. ' V ' Ag' ' ,f , M V' ff' 'X A KX- X 1 M fr, AX , K 417' ,A E 'X ' ,-- -35 NX, 'X X xx, I, X. A A N J ' V ,,i ,,- E Jill- .,f ' ,I .iff I U Y' it , X ' , - ,ff N - 5 f A ,f M 4 if' 'Q ' '- , W g X " .I . "Af I V I I u .ff-"7 '1 if ,:, -f 4' ,J . yx 5 ,Q , 41. xx . 'Yi KX . K I 4 s "oy 1. x X 2' ,. , , ggi ' ,ff A , ' , " +5 I ff 'N ,fw A ,- 'I X, N N ' V, -. . ,X I v - 4 fy , 4 v. t I A .KN 5--L,-n : , ' f if f.' Mix? 1 V I k k - --gj,,..-, 'b I , Q wb. ff ,1 -sf Mfg fgw ' f I G, M -V ff , , , I X Q Y I 1 X In I I 5 , izfrf I H Y tw x I I1 v , ff 1' ,J ,I I John Anderson "John" "Give me life, liberty, and an automobile to pursue happi- ness" Band l,2,3, Photography Club l,2, Class President 2. Joyce Berger "Joyce" "Calm, cool, and collected at all times" Chorus l,2,3, Library Club 2, 3,4. Gloria Bianchi "Gloria" "This miss is friendly, efficient, and attractive" Chorus I,2,3, Hi-Lites 2, Usher 2,3,4. Ruth Bachar "Ruthie" "Vivacious, fun-loving miss" Chorus l,2,3,4, A cappella Choir 4, Girls' Ensemble 4, DAC 4, Usher 4. louis Benko "Louie" "The harder I try the gooder to be, the warser I am" Football l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2, 3, Track 2, "E" Club 3,4, Class Vice-president 2. Rodney Biltonen "Rocky" "Looks and acts like an angel, but you never can tell what an angel will do" Football l,2, Hockey l,2,3,4, Track l, "E" Club 3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Science Club 4, Prom Committee 3, Class V-pres. 3, DAC l,2,3,4, Thespian 2,3,4, "Huckleberry Finn" I, "I Re- member Mama" 2, "Pot Boiler" 3, "The Ugly Duckling" 3, Stage Mgr. "The Heiress" 4. f' v H Pauline Childers "Polly" "Jolly as the day Is long" Chorus l,2,3,45 A cappella Choir 45 Usher 25 DAC 45 Thespian 45 Library Club 2, 35 Water Babes li "The Heiress" 4. Mary Fay "Mary" "Her red hair sets her off" Cheerleader l,2,3,45 Class Secretary l,25 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 A cappella Choir 45 DAC Treasurer 45 Thespian 45 "The Heiress" 4. Carol Buraglol Hilbert Butzke Carol COOTIS Softness of manner quietness Reserved and industrious of charm Chorus l234 A cappella 4 Hi Lntes 3 4 Usher 2 3 4 Donald Diedrich "Duke" "First we see him madly dash, then we see his cam- era flash" Hi-Lites l,2,35 Timberlane 2, 3,45 Photography Club 2,35 Chorus 45 A cappella Choir 45 Science Club 45 Audio E Rosemary Halliday Muon "I like all the days of the week, especially Saturday and Sun- duyn Library Club 2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3. Visual Operator 3,4. William Haley Bill" "A quiet man, but quite a man" Football 3,45 Track 3. ,-an Q97 77a,.,,3 . A444-J - Joan Jamnicl: "Joni" "Nothing is impossible" Hi-Lites 2.3.4, Timberlane 2,3,4 Quill and Scroll 3,4, Band l,2,3, 4, Dance Bond 4, Chorus 2,3,4 A cappella Choir 4, DAC 4, Thes- pian 4, "The Heiress" 4. Patricia Javor HPOVI "There are always two answers to every chemistry question, mine and Mr. Bano- vetz's" Transfered from Hibbing High School Cho- rus 4, A cappella Choir 4, Band 4. Dorothy Kangas "Der" "She softly speaks and sweetly sings" Library Club l,2,3, Chorus l,2,3, 4, A cappella Choir 4, Hi-Lites 4, Senior Teo Hostess 4. ef, -f ' Lf 4 -Q 1 9 fn if 1 . 1 ig, I sw, Gary Johnson "Gary" "Greater men may have lived, but I doubt it" Hockey l,2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, Golf 4, "E" Club 3,4, Science Club 4, Class Treas- urer 3, "The Heiress" stage 4. John Kastelec "Johnnie" "He has his troubles" Basketball 4, Chorus 3,4. Jeanette Jasper "Jeanne" "Always in the midst of things" Hi-Lites 2,3,4, Timberlane Busi- ness Manager 3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, DAC 2,3, Chorus l,2, 3,4, A cappella Choir 4, Usher 3,4, Senior Tea Hostess 4. Geraldine Kastelic "Genie" "Melodious voice and pep aplenty" Cheerleader l, Chorus l,2,3,4, A cappella Choir 4, Girls' En. semble 4, Hi-Lites 3,4, Pep Club 2,3,4: DAC 2,3, Senior Tea Host- CSS 4: Football Queen Candidate 4. Q-17 W D 1 Writ x PCMO Q1-,eau-Q if its A Harry Koslci "Harry" "Possessor of a bass voice" Swimming l,2,3,4, Golf 4, HE' Club 3,4, Chorus l,Q,3,4, A cop- pella Choir 4. Jo Ellen Kotzian HJOH "lt's nice to be natural if you're naturally nice" Hi-Lites 2,3,4g Water Babes l, DAC 2, Usher 3, Chorus l,2,3,4, A cappella Choir 4, Homecoming Parade Chairman 4, Football Queen Candidate 4. Joseph Kowalowski "Joe" "There's conversation in his eyes" "Little man from Babbitt" Football 3,4, Track 3, "E" Club 3,49 Football King Candidate 4. 1 1 Weston Krause "Wes" "The iolcer in the deck" Swimming l,2,3,4, "E" Club 3, 4, Chorus l,2,3,4: A cappella Choir 4, DAC 4, Library Club 2, Kenneth Lax "Kenny" "Say it with music" Chorus l,2,3,4g A cappella Choir 4, Male Quartet l,2,3,4, Foot- ball King Candidate 4, Thespian 45 "The Heiress" 4. Aarre Lehto "Aarre" 'Where's the card party to- nite?" laVonne Leu "Lulu" "Bait the hook well, the fish will bite" Trclnsfered from Garrison, ND., HS., Chorus 4, A cappella Choir 4. 'Ni W Awww ,QQW s Q Geraldine Leustek "Gerrie" "Music flows from her linger- tips" Hi-Lites 3, Usher 4, Chorus l,2, 3,4, Girls' Ensemble 4, A Cop. pello Choir 4, DAC 4, "The Heiress" 4. fb.: 'V we -au Q' Charlotte Lobe "Shirley" "Good noture without disguise" Chorus l,2,3,4, A cappella Choir 4, Hi-Lites 4, DAC 2, Senior Teo Hostess 4. Nancy Markovich "Marko" "Pep ond personolity prompt our rch-rch girl" Cheerleader 2,3,4, Hi-Lites 3,4, FHA President l, Chorus l,2,3, 4, A cappella Choir 4, Snow Queen, 'WU' Bernard Malner "Bernie" "His get up and go got up and went--and returned" Swimming 3, Track l. Al' fa' -1" ,fs fl' Elizabeth Lindbeck "Betty" "Liz" "A little quiet is the best diet Chorus l,2,3, Library Club 1,2 NI' T' C' Marlene Maierle "Marlene" "Her interests surround her ar- tistic abilities" Chorus l,2,3, Librory Club 2,3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Timberlane 4, Quill and Scroll 4, DAC 3,4, Thespion 3,4, "Joint Owners in Spain" 3, "The Heiress" cover design 4. Charles Mikolich "Chuck" "Merry men lead merry lives" Swimming l,2, Prom Committee 3, Chorus 3,4, Football King, 4 Z Mathew Musich Gayle Myers John Nicholas Catherine Maroni "Cathie" "Generally speaking, she is generally speaking-and well" Chorus 23,45 A cappella Choir 45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Student Council Organizing Com- mittee 3,45 DAC i,2,3,45 Declamation l,2, 3,45 Thespian 2,3,45 "Huckleberry Finn" lg "Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers" l5 "I Remember Mama" 25 "Joint Owners in Spain" 35 "The Heiress" Make-up Chairman 4. Marilyn Muhvich "Marilyn" "She builds for character not fame" Chorus 2,3,45 A cappella Choir 45 Declamation I,2,3,45 DAC l,2,3,45 Thespian 2,3,45 "Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers" lg "Huckleberry Finn" lp "I Remember Mama" 25 "Joint Owners in Spain" 35 "The Heiress" prompte' 4. "Butsie" "He sees every first rate motion picture three times-and gets paid for it" Basketball l,2,35 Football 2,3,45 "E" Club 3,45 Chorus i,2,3,4. flasbsw lL:,d-J.,.,J "Gayle" "A girl with a smile is ci while" Water Babes 35 "Swim Library Club 2,35 Chorus cappella Choir 4. Audrey Gayle Mitchell "Arid "My delight is the sons of men" Chorus 23,45 A cappella Choir 45 Library Club 2,3,4, President 3,45 Hi-Lites 35 DAC l,2,3,45 Declama- tion lg Thespian 23,45 "Huckleberry Finn" lg "Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers" lg "Pot Boiler" 3. girl worth- Time" 3: l,2,3,45 A tv' "Johnnie" "Nic" "The best way to lengthen the day is to steal a few hours from the night" Swimming l,2,3,45 "E" Club 3,45 Thespian 45 "The Ugly Duckling" 35 "Time Out For Ginger" 4. 19 h 5 . 'f"0"" Blanche Niemi "Blanche" 'Vx "The adiective "swell" fits her well" ,ai Hi-Lites l,2,3,45 Quill and Scroll -ang, 3,45 Chorus l,2f Library Club 2. 'ire- U if .,,. JL W3 Kimbel lpatterson Ummr, "A disposition to be envied" B0Slielb0ll 2,32 Football 3, Band i,2,3. 1 K D 5 , Q ,hw and Barbara Pecore "Bonnie" "True domesticity" Chorus I,2,3,4y A cappella Choir 4, Hi-Lites 2,3,4, Exchange Ed- itor 45 DAC 2, Pep Club 4. Jan Patka "Pega" "He turns the prettiest shade of red when he blushes" Football l,2,3g Swimming l,2,3, 4, UE" Club 2,3,4g Class Treas- urer 25 Prom Committee 3. Peggy Paulson Hpegn "Life is short, and so am l" Pep Club I,2,3,4, DAC 25 Hi- Lites l,2g Water Babes if Shop 4, Chorus l,2,3,4g A cappella Choir 4. Garry Persons "Garry" "Rugged individualism identifies this newcomer" Transferred from Duluth East H.S. Margaret Paun "Margie" "She rates raves from her chums" Hi-Lites 3,45 DAC 4, Chorus l,2, 3,4g A cappella Choir 4g Girl's Ensemble 4: Usher 3,45 Senior Tea Hostess 4. ,. F is-av! O O if Marlene Pucel "Marlene" "Dashingly styled on every oc- casion" Chorus l,2,3,45 A cappella Choir 45 Hi-Lites 45 Shop 45 DAC I,2, 3,45 Thespian 2,3,45 "Huckle- berry Finn" lg "Mr, Lincoln's Whiskers" Make-up lr "l Re' member Mama" Prompter 25 "Joint Owners ln Spain" Promp- ter 3. I nl IN X Delores Sever "Delor" "Full of pep and right in step" Pep Club l,2,3,45 Hi-Lites 2,3,45 Banquet Committee 35 Chorus I,2,3,45 A cappella Choir 45 Cootball Queen 4. Dorothy Sever "Dar" "lf only smiles were dollars" Pep Club l,2,3,45 DAC 35 Hi4Lites 2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 A cappella Choir 45 Senior Tea Hostess 4. Susan Rom "Suzie" "I iust can't understand it, Mr. Banovetz" Hi-Lites 2,3,45 Library Club 35 Chorus I,2,3,45 A cappella Choir 45 Girls' Ensemble 45 Usher 3,45 DAC 2,3,45 Thespian 2,3,45 "I Remember Mama" 25 "Thursday Evening" 35 "The Ugly Duckling" HA "The Heiress" 4. Phyllis Runn "Phyl" sunny disposition at all times" DAC lg Library Club 2,35 Usher l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 A cap- pella Chair 4. III I 0 .7 PM 41-. S. j I X, 11' A! 31 ' , rs 10' 1-in-' . S li Mary Jeanne Slabodnik "Slabs" "Boys may be a puzzle, but I've never given them up" Pep Club l,2,3,45 Hi-Lites l,2, 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Class Vice-president lp Chorus I,2,3, 45 A cappella Choir 45 Declama- tion l,2,3,45 DAC l,2,3,45 Thes- pian 2,3,4: "Huckleberry Finn' lg "Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers" I5 "Joint Owners in Spain" 35 "The Heiress" 4. W A 'Q' Jacqueline Smrekar "Jackie" "Blondes Prefer Gentlemen" Cheerleader I, Pep Club 2,3,4, Hi-Lites 3,4, Class Secretary 3, Student Council Organizing Committee 2,3,4, Chorus l,2,3, 4, A cappella Chair 4, Girls' Ensemble 4, Declamation l,2,3, DAC 2,3, Thespian 2,3,4, "I Remember Mama" 2, "Thursday Evening" 3. Flora Margaret Toms "Flora" Cheerful and responsible - that's Flora" Chorus l,2,3,4, A cappella Choir 4, Girls' Ensemble 4, Hi-Lites 2, 3, Timberlane 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Student Council Organizing Committee 2,3,4, Faculty Initia- tion 4, Senior Tea Hostess 4, Declamation l,2,3, DAC 2,3,4, Thespian 2,3,4, UI Remember Mama" 2, "The Heiress" 4. gn-re if , , sis . y fuk ,gin fp? rf? Y , vi 5 Ltl 1 . ol' A , J' inks. "Di-Q '57 -7-J Mary Louise Strutzel "Mary Louise" "What has she got that I have- n't got, and where can I get it" Pep Club 2,3,4, DAC 3, Chorus l,2,3,4: A cappella Choir 4, Senior Tea Hostess 4. Thomas Tomsich "Tommie" "Words not deeds" Hi-Lites 3,4. ,,,-ann! Jerome Snyker "Jerry" "OE," "Moose's understuclyu Track I, Swimming l,2,3,4, Foot- ball 4, Golf 4, HE" Club 2,3,4, Chorus 2,3,4, A cappella Choir 4, Male Quartet 4, DAC I, Thes- pian 2,3,4, "Mr. Lincoln's Whis- kers" I, "Huckleberry Finn" I, "Our Town" I, "I Remember Mama" 2, "The Pot Boiler" 3, "The Ugly Duckling" 3, "Time Out For Ginger" 4. C' r Virginia Strukel "Virgie" "Career conscious and campus bound" Hi-Lites 2,3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Usher 3, Pep Club 3,4, Li- brary Club 2, Girls' State 3, Chorus I,2,3,4, A cappella Choir 4, Declamation I,3,4, DAC 3, Thespian 3,4, "Overtones" 3, "The Heiress" Prompter and Properties Chairman 4. 'He puts his worries in the pocket with NOT PICTURED Joseph Pishler ujoen a hole in it" William Wagner "BiIly" "All the world loves o lover. I love me too" Band l,2,3,4, Swimming i,2,3,4, "E" Y Club 2,3,4, Thespion 4, "The Heiress" 4. Josephine Zaic HJOU "Clever, cute, and pleasant to boot" DAC l,2,3, Usher 3,4, Chorus l,2,3,4, A cappella Choir 4, Senior Teo Hostess 4. Richard Vipavetz "Vip" X "A little nonsense now and then does prevail in the best of men" Band l,2,3,4, Dance Band 3. Douglas Vollom "Doug" "A man among men, but mostly among men" Hockey 4, Golf 4, Science Club 4, Stu- dent Council Organizing Committee 3, 4, Class President 3, Chorus l,2,3,4, A cappella Choir 4, Thespion 4, "The Heiress" 4, "Time Out For Ginger" 4. Mary Wilkin "Mary" "Love is great" FHA I, Hi-Lites 2,3, Pep Club 2,3,4, DAC 2,3, Chorus l,2,3,4. Margaret Zgonc "Peggie" "A will and o way" Moiorette l,2,3, Hi-Lites 3,4, Usher 4, Chorus l,2,3,4, A cap- pella Choir 4, Girls' Ensemble 4, DAC 2,3, Senior Teo Hostess 4. .9- ff'- 1 l H Xt NN? Dorothy Ahlstrand Lois Anderson Duane Anderson Lowell Anderson THE JU IORS Junior Story Ah, Memoriesl The Juniors at '55 really have a few. Alter working and working on our prom by sponsoring a show, selling coffee at hockey games, and having a dance, it was a huge success, as proms usually are, Remember our basketball team, All iuniors except for two seniors? We certainly showed the rest of the Range what underclassmen can do. Ol course, we all hope that our senior year will be as eventful and exciting and even more challenging than this year, don't we? Roger Anderson Michael Armagost Robert Arola I 'Y Sheila Buskirk Margaret Joy Carol Buchite Joyce Beam Marion Bubash Kenneth Beam Noel Bartlett 'br it S. .Of :fy Bailey ,-.sg Qu w sl -,I' .4- 1 K ,' ' al var if" I -My - -' W if -'7 5... Q vy is-1 4.5 Sharon CCH Loretta Exenocheck 'i -J 'ci ..-4' Rayvnand Cavtson Joan Eranish 'M-r -JI' 'W 1 I ,Q-'-Q Vx 1- C tvie Carpenter Keith Christian Donald Church Joan Cooksey Ahnyra Coonrod John Deyak 'za Robert Eckardt Alice Donovan Adolph Dotenshak Donna Doian Robert Deyak J I C l .1 1 f 'T 1 1 V 0- s.4' si -omni -af Donna Jorvu Gerdd JC1rvi Q 5 Betty Kosdmk Qi '44 4-v--r -.al leon Junke fs l F fn" 1 X Kenneth Knapp D --1 - x x X rss xl Xl John KrolV James Lossi 'td N-no wqf W Gero ld Kovcxch r , I Mofiofie Krofn Gene Leroy EF. . gl Potricic Leustek James Loushin W...-can A Anim Luukkonen Delores Luulckonen fQ"" 1 Gerald Poslwok Perri Plurh Alon Rczufio pA,,,..ai3W L I 2 ,.-. L "-frm f' J' 2 ""' , gp J :il ff, lx N . ,re John Soyovitz Rose Scholz Daniel Scufso NIM J 'D Darlene Potter' Judith Pucel David Rovnilcor 'if '? -J Twp? Alon Rlwein John Rosondich Edward Ruzic 'U' wviwnlb- fi-Hn o 1 Rose Merle Sosek Not shown: Mury Schwegel Mary Kowoloviski Curtis Storkmon X John Seligo Carol Seme Donold Nelson -4' NJ' ,,,4-v ff" ' ,gn 9 A Ji' --09 'A , 1. a 1 .'.'. Bernard Skuiw Cor! Skcmtz CJK1N'C1 Sfopnp-nson Fremont To-,ffov Dmnu Thompson Robert Vxfilmurnen ,if rn wg.,-li' 1 X f 51' -0 ,fu X K Wh v-v,', Mcny Tkulriclv Jomes Zupcncich -"2 ,..s YAY ...sv W ..f , Rrdvurd Slnnh ff-Q.. l' ' ", Sharon Toutloff QP' Q ,T ,f VV4lJm:n Sony-,Q CJwc1:JOTTv Stoll Jowph Vane Emily VVCIJWJJDCVQ Thurwvscx Zuponcicn 4 N.. F ,LA-XJ! Joseph Zuponcich 4-4 "fig rf ' V Joan SICHJQOVRCJ1 Antolnctm Tcmkawxti Mary Ann Vrana-5icJw Lois VVicknwon Joonnc Zupec ""9 Ox -41" ..,.,.-ff 40' in-ni 'B vw'-9 '77 11. A Hi- xx- Q- X Everybody :mended the SODHOUWOVC coffee socxcd' Miss Vorachek s Homeroom G Bubosh J Deltrlch M Wxrkkonen E Tcmllonovnch E Torfm P Godec M Serson A Ken? V1 Boidme M Bcznovetz M Urmos H Sozdoff J T t B Solo N Toutloff C Rebrovxch M Koslr M LoTourelle 2:1 Class Officers: W. Bonney, Trecisurery E. Port- hon, veepg B. Solo, secretory, J. Hoglund, president. Sophomore Coffee Social Miss .lohnson's Homeroom - ., L 5 Y f fr X M. J. Preblich, A. Lempke B. Zgonc, L. McNeal, L. Snook. M. Seligo, J. Seligo, M. Skoiu, A. Torfin S. Seekei, D. Weisenger, D. Skrodski. .A IH sw '51 ia 92 mio, L, Merweluch, D Jovor, A. Olson, G. FiNson. B. J. Hqrxiebgn, L, Tomgr D, Zglql Miss Chimzar's Homeroom 5 'H' wr S. Herrolcl, H. Kehus, D. Lepisro, K. Lossi. P. Maki, D. Smhh, J. Tomsich. MW.. ,...-. , fi--f G. Dofenfz, P. Buccowich, E. Porthon, P. Smrekor Mmtiiio, R, Richards, J. GHnsek. J. Folz, S. Johnson. N x . Q i HA O J ,if , fini!! A J J. Hutor, VV' Burmey, R. Aholo, J. Williams. J. Anderson, G Nymrm, J Pmssi, J. BQQJ Mr. McReady's Homeroom ...M VS!! J. Hoglund, M. Germik. J. Pryofel, B. Berglund. M. J. Pucel, D, Zokrojsek I I D C. Melby, R Trimpey, J. Mistek. R. Anderson, L. Lindy, L. McNeal. 28 ' 11? . , xv I X. -J , , 4 V, A-Agil J"4i1, i.J 9 I 'Q yd-is 441 .Qi J. Masnori, L. Duchorme, A, Knuuffi, R, Wagner, G. Mostcxd. G. Mohovlich, D. Nikkinen, J. Molrwer. ' Y Mr. Bailey s Homeroom ,sms H M. Toumelo, D, Mobilio, K. Kosfelic, S. Poloson, P. Guwboy, M. Maki. D Chdesmk E ZUDODCICJW R Elnoff J Smre or D Klobuchor J Richards D Houiolo F Soyovutz 29 Miss Jaksha s Homeroom 1 sf PM Th F h f U0 M AL e res men Lv K -ff f , 1 3 X' j 1' V LW ' L L . QA if A gilt! -'JL , MU' 2, sl V V LH j VA I M01 . js? fi ' Vi' A L!! Lyft U' iff. VU,',' Q MJ! I V Q L fy-- 1 yw sy 1 Q W , b 'U' ' fl? V sf A V f J? f WJ I Miss CI9ncy's Homeroom , U Q ' "ff" . Mr. Ludvigson's Homeroom X .. Q J fyjlc. J 'fx X! J gs 1. C 'g Mei! 4 ,r ,M ,,r.,Q4J 'SJMVUZ '41 'C' s f MJ Mr. Gates's Homeroom The Freshmen Closs is divided into five homerooms: Mr. Ludvig- son's, Mr. Gates, Mr. Leino's, Miss CIc1ncy's, ond Miss Jokshds. Their class officers ore: Presider1TkGerdId Chernivec Vice President-Mory Ryan Secretory-Everett Esterberg Treasurer-Rudolph Jondrey Their chief odviser is Miss Gertrude Clancy. Z UN Q N' i av ..r'.il'fQ,, i! 1 .4 L", 1 Mr. Leino's Homeroom X PV, X JM J . 18: x rl A X. fki My f' H , as-'gif 7 I - 4,- , N QT Q fm: - -1-X AL S. -5--.,., wx , Y - 1 ff ff , Q lx -' I gl- vg- ! L- , ,J xv , xxx Lv l -1 ,X Sv eft-Regi a,lohr1son, foods, K therinAVoroclqek, sewin L '-' hXPatricia Enheldir and Ruth Ho e. XY we JXl"l Home Economics t E XX' N o A Physicalliducation ouli F7-Xilflkll T WORK 9. Librarians Coaches Left to right-Fred McReady, hockey, physics, advanced algebra, Gerald Ludvigson, football, basketball, track, science, geometry, Wilfred Braun, basketball, civics, English, foot- ball, track, Robert Drescich, football, basket- ball, history. Left circle-Leonard Klum, swimming. Right circle-Edward Buckley, athletic director, health. O rt , Il" left-Vida Thomas and Elsie Mosnik. Right Russell Sawdy. lily' Music Industrial Arts s umen1cIJa S ang a d D k Ek a Handb g Se e S ekar a d Thom Vocal F a k Wlson My fb,,4a,yl'- .-uf'-fk-4 4.211 Languages ,U J 6 eaes An Wod Latn Noma o e e an Both teach E glmsh Cla es also nfs lip Business nnerh Clark, Catherine C 'mzar, ond ara Mclver. 35 ,..., ....., l 1 l i The School Board Left to right, seated: Ed Porthcm, Rennold Theno, John Artisensi, Peter Moscotelli, Michael Rom, John Muhvich, Mrs. Emil Koski, 'J John Buccowich. fi J ,wfi Principal Lqngen Superintendent Murphy Clinic Jerry Dolentz is being examined by Dr. O. E. Snyker while Nurse Ann Stoll and Dr. Newgord, the Dentist, watch. tr! 1 kjifflvlfy rj! ll' P rx if 1 , , '1- Vi if f ,f L J I J will l English Left to right-Josephine Joksho, Eileen Scon- lon, ond Rose Fortier. 3 4 i ref Sealed: Irene Bnulo ond Angeline Perlz. Stand- ing: Michael Rom ond Louis Gornick. Speech Office Workers Elizabeth Gjervik, English ond speech instructor, dromofic coach. Intramural Director Janitors left to right-John Perushek, Vic Perushek, ond Jim Rolondo. Eldon Foster 37 XX N l. Regina Johnson, the cooking instructor is seeing to it that this Frosh will be a handy husband and cook, 2. Time out for coffee? 3, Delores Wood and Norma Gourley stand in line with the students at a Sophomore Coffee Social. Time Cut 4. Eileen Scanlon lends c hand with the cakes. How many girls forgot their diets? 5. Irene Brula, Mr. Lczngen's secretary, does a fancy iig. Q5 X xr-I QF ml These are the sensors' Left to rught first row C Buroglro J Zolc M Muhvuch P Chrlders J Jammck M Foy P Paulson C Moron: V Strukel Second row R Bochar J Berger D Kanoo J Sm ekor M utzel M Pucel F Toms N Markovuch Third ow S Rom J Jasper L Leu C Kostelrc D S v r Bunney A Mrtchell G Myers P Runn M Paun G Laustelc Fourth row D Sever P Zgonc P Jovor M Slabodnlck H Koskr D Vollom W Krause D Derdruclc J Snyker B Pecore J Kotzran The Chorus The Hrgh School Chorus composed of tenth eleventh and twelfth grades had a very active year As an prevrous years the chorus provided entertamment ot the Thanlcsglvrng and Chrnstmas programs sponsored with the Hugh School Band the Wnnter and Sprung Concerts and exchang ed concerts with other Range schools In addltlon to this some of the members attended a Duluth Symphony Concert An a cappella chorr was formed thus year and has become a great suc cess under the direction of Mr Frank Wilson 4-0 . ,. , , ', , . z . ,. , 5 s,. rr , . STV f - ,. , . '. ' r :, ,. ,. ,-. ', . ee,D. 1 - 1 r 1 ' 1 - 1 - r I . 1 - r - r I I - 1 I I 1 1 ' Q - I ' ' '- ' ' x R X N1 ' . ' A , , ,. QL ' - 'H ta: " ' ,vw mx An: N .xt UI - 1 X43 A X ,A -.'-r 1' , . wr ANL! ' -k Q . . - I . !.-.iL, 9 . ft. - ., an A aw W 1 03,5 ,,.l,- .- 'Q' . 'J -z5'.""' HQ". -- ' 'Of -Q '- ,, 31 mov f fffA""'p -Q cfg' , I 4 -1-' ' M" ' e A , mmf ' v " ur' A? ' W ' ' . . l . X . ,-J . Y 3 A Q O x A 9 . -Q ww., my -wr 'Wm 5 f 1 ij ' 'A q i 4 - x A nl. 44 Q w AFA'--f ,J VJ 4 rf' . HJR . . ' .. f- Q X. QJ , .4 , L. X I , ' Q n 1 U VX, eff?-1X . , A 3 'Y , ' ' X 3- L11 K 45'-9'3" 5"-f"f':? -A . A ' 7 T :SA uf Q' . . 5 V .. . f ,., ,,. , 05, 114, , M 1, .... - 4 ds! IL 4, x,,, I -5 rf x fy, y I' Q , . y .A -I - vc M., - f "ik gi? X K 'J' Q. ' ' I - -1 K I I 'Q . 42 X. r NX S Q? if s, I . X 4 I X K .W X . 4 u w L Q ,mf XA. , f f K o ""f qv-an . -wf-pgvlsv-me n- .4 L X, , . ' ' " i 7' I 5: -P' f 'f lJ A ,' 'L ,V 'V 9 X. 1 'E' l:lOI'Cl TON15 Joni JGrTtl'1lCk Jeanne Jasper senior editor editor-in-chief business manage: Marlene Ma'erle l art editor Donald Deidrich photographer Timberlane, the school annual. The yearbook staff had an unusually busy year. Funds were raised by the sponsoring of two coffee socials for Halloween and Valentine's Day, selling pop at the basketball games, selling basketball schedule pencils, and climaxing the eventful year with a jamboree. In the Homecoming Parade were floats from every organization. This trophy was presented to the first place winner, the Timberlane. This is the energetic i954-1955 annual staff. Seated left to right: M. Vranesich, J. Jamnick, J, Jasper, Miss Wood. Standing: D. Deidrich, M. Mcierle, B. Dolentz, F, Toms, J. Soyovitz, A. Rautio. Sitting: Alice Donovan, feature editor, Miss Jaksha, adviser, Virgie Strukel, editor. Standing: Blanche Niemi, art editor, Ken Knapp, assistant sports editor: Mary Jeanne Slabodnik, student ca-ordinator: Tom Tomsich, sports editor: Jo-Ellen Kotzian, business manager, Jack Niemi, photographer, Bonnie Pecore, exchange editor. The Hi-Lites, Our Newspaper CU Seated left to right: Reporters M. Banovetz, C. Seme, E. Wahl- berg, S. Toutloff. Standing: M. Kosir, J. Haglund, J. North, J. Coolcsey, B. Bunny, C21 Seated: Reporters J. Jarnnick, D. Sever, G, Kastelic, C. Buraglio, D. Sever. Standing: S. Ram, L. Hariu, S, Buskirlc, M. Maki, M. Bubash, H. Sazdoff, L. McNeal, and M. Mavetz. 135 Seated: Artists J, Starkovich, B. Niemi, M. Pucel. Standing: E, Tomlianovich, C. Lindbeck, J. Hillman, M. Schwegel, I. Torfin, and J. Pucel. H41 Seated: Typists L. Evenocheck, K. Holckenan, T. Zupancich, J. Smrekar, D, Thompson. Standing: M. Paun, J. Evanish, R. Sasek, S. Lobe, P. Murphy, C, Stoll, D. Kangas, J. Jasper. DeAnn Fortier v Our Pep Club Members of the P-'opy Pep Club ore: first row, left to right: C. Bolcline, B. Zgonc, M. Lolourelle, B, Solo, P, Paulson, P. Nichols, M. Maki, D. Jorvi. Second row: Miss Enhelder, B. Pecore, V, Strukel, J. Smrekor, C. Nicholas, J. Miller, l:. Wohlberg, D. Sever, Third row: .l. Lindbecl-4, D. Sever, G. Kastelic, M. Bciiley, L Starkovich, M. Strutzel, M. Slabodniclc, A. Donoyon, J. Cooksey, T. Zuponcich. The Cheerleaders First row kneeling ore: D. Fortier, D. Thompson, and L. Evenocheck. Second row: N. Morkoyich, 'T' M. Foy, and C. Seme. Below, theyre in o V for victory pose! Loretto Evenocheck Diem Thompson Mary Fay Nancy Markoyich " 46 Carol Seme w mx zo 5 4-4, J 7 -X Those liftleQema rl ! C6 The-re's n n slness 9 gem ,- Remernbef lillgfeyslwqnvlejgw 5 CF! ead 23767 O Prlnce Rudy Z 13 f X, All X -,J 15 33, sjgisc Fr osh Assembly ' K6 : ' mfs iff ' . J , ! Q, 25 re-'N xg! f Qu: d Scroll an S Ns l in lr l Princess Lois P X C' DOUQ as Sf. Peter? X X Mnnl Cneesecalre. k Dancing cigarette girls are r EX me G-ss N x X - Quilhwgoll X-rgrnlaers are cnosen by the Hi-Lifes and Tirnberlane ad- visers for outsufwdi Q work in journalism. F551 Front row-left fo right- Virgie Sfrukel, Joni Jam- nick, Flora Toms, Second row-lefl' to right- Jeanne Jasper, Miss Wood, acl- viser, Mary Jeanne Sla' bodnlck, and Blanche Nieme. The Majorettes Our strutting maiorettes are, from left to right: Caroline Johnson, Mcriorie Kromer, Sharon Toutloff, ond Elizabeth Tomljanovich. F. H. A. Future homemukers attending E.H.S. ore: left to right-N. Toutloff, J. Ward, L. McNeal, M. Kosir, M. Lc1Tourelle, B. Zgonc, B. Solo, L. Snoolc, C. Seme, E. Tomljcnovich. 6 if 4. N Q - 2, '- f ' ' 'B' 3 'il or . Q A' . ... .. . ' ' ,. S- , VJ' 45' :ft o H . gt f ,N 3 V IW.,-Q? A' Q Is . J . 4 ' ZAgs.xTf'Iwg5s ' Q If as lk Ji-5' :HQ fi Q . F - ' ..,' ' l f 4' il ' 5 '. , ' if , X W S' .3 14 , ' . .Q L P 1 5. Q f " . 'Ly 5 VM f . .giggg g 'fc -M-... . I l Ii I .XS ai N-.r,,-H -rf, Siandmg R Bultonen J Sfcrkovlch M J Slobodnlk F Toms M Pucel M Molerle Seated M Muhvnch J Smrekcr A Mntchell S Rom C Moron: Old Members The Thespla ns New Members Standing R Brobm J Nlcholos K Lux J Pcnko W Wagner C Mukollch D Vollom M Skolo G Juhnson W Bunney Seated G Leusfen M Foy J Jamnlck P Chnlders J Mosnorn J Tcst C Nncholcs M Moverz S 49 lg 'Bm nz'-g, -JA-'ly Bea. W anus-aanwu. . si 7 s A- - 1 4 A Q . 'Y-use 5 l Q . '4 .z"' y c '. K., HS? fr ', W, x Kr QQ. A Years Ago 1. Cathie M. is boss! 2. Susie R., a woods girl? 3. Everything's gay with Audrey M. 4. Peaceful Joyce Berger. 5. What's up, Ruth B.? 6. Get this over with! 'Jerry S. 7. I dan't like having my picture taken! 'Flora T. 8. Always helpful, Margie P. 9. All bundled up to go where? iAarre L.i 10. A school program, Mary Ff? 11. What's so funny, Josephine Z? 12. Well, they aren't exactly babies! 13. It's all over now, Gayle M. 14. Gerrie K's family. 15. Miss Kotchevar's SECOND grade. .X 1, ' ffm .., ...,, - My L. if F- 5,-ff "--.. ' l. -,. .,...,. ,,.,,,,.,ll W ' .1 N EIA -N A Q t .4--u V. itz. 6. .11 , ,- 3 1 f Q .if .gg my 1 ff, , as ' ff .152 W! aw Q' f P .L V. 4.1 W, V. if 21 iam. 3 4. l. Wistiul Joni Jamnick, 2. Bonnie P. had her smile even then. 3. ls this Virgie S.? 4. This sweet little miss is Peggy Z. 5. Pauline C. is singing away. 6. Helpful Slabs. 7. Carol B, seems to be having a good time, 8. Saucy Peggy P. 9. Smile at the birdie, Doug. IO. Little Miss Jasper poses, ll. Lavonne L,f2 weeks. l2. Big man, Chuckie M. 13. The Sever twins and Peggy Z. 14. Gerry L. and Margie P, l5. Were you shy, Marko? lo. Genial Joe. Ei f Q... N., I '12 . Q . 'sf' .,:f,- 1 if .1 ' 7fvi5'5'bs44'?" A 19. 9 ' W-v 4. .4 ' 1" 5: tn' ' fl. fr 8 . Fu: , r im . V 'Q ff Q17 ' f ., X ,ltr rf, ' 1 'sifmg fi, Standing, left to right: J. Zuponcich, C. Lindbeck, W. Somero, J. D. Filson. Seated: W. Hill, D. Diedrich, G. Johnson, R. Pryotel, A. Vesel, K. Christian, R. Fritz, J. Jenko, R. Horio, J. Jomnick, D. Vollom, Hunt, K, Poiori. Science Club "E" Club Row 'lz J. Snyker, R. Smith, J. Jomniclc, D. Bunney, J. Jenlco. Row 2: C. Lindbeck. J. Zuponcich, R. Corlson, J. Kovoch. W. Wagner, H. Koski, J. Nicholas, G. Johnson, R. Biltonen. Row 3: WZ L4 " is ga ,if s Ag. Q A ,ji ips. sr-We ' 4 1 Standing, left to right: W. Wogner os Morris Townsend, P. J. Jomnick os Mrs. Almond, D. Vollorn cis Dr. Sloper, M. Foy Childers os Moria, M. J. Slobodnik os Aunt Lovinio, S. Rom cis Morion, ond F, Toms os Mrs. Montgomery. os Catherine Slcper, K. Lox os Arthur Townsend. Sitting: The Senior Class Play The Heiress wos presented November 23, l954. This is the story of o doughtens sad love offoir and the emotions! con' llict orising between her ond her father. The stoge mcinogers were R. Biltonen ond G. Johnson. Prornpting vvos done by V. Strukel ond M. Muhvich. Gerri Leustelc provided the bockground music. Annum Standing, left to right: P. Paulson, J. Miller, B. Holliday, C. J. Junlxe. Sitting: M. Pucel, K. Olson, D. Fortier, D. Ahlstron Seme, C. Stephenson, R. Sosek, C. Stoll, J. Pucel, A. Tcilcovitz, R. Scholz, ond L. Anderson. Crafts I Crafts II Left to right: B. Koscholc, J. Mclrsnik, H. Perko, P. Murphy, structor, J. Zupec, ond S. Bubosh. A. Morsnik, C. Buclnite, B. Childers, Mr, Hendberg, in- V . ' N - I , 1 ..-M' 1 ' ,as-. X 9 ,f""K' Z X 74- 5 -:".. ,a -Q.. ,ff Row 'lz C. Nicholas, J. Mosnori. Row 2: M. Muhvich, B. Tomliono- M. Kobe. J. Morsnik, M. L. Moverz, M. J. Slobodnik vich, V. Sfrukel. Row 3: A. Ojclo, K. Poiori, M. Tkczlcich. Row 4: Declamation Typing Club Row 1: A. Morsnik, H. Perko, J. Morsnik. Row 2: L. Horiu, M. Bubosh, Merhor, and D. Grchek. J. Evcnnish, A. Rhein. Svanding in background: J. Zuponcich, C. i gif" nu 0 S -1- , X 3 5 x . 3 J' f wif 5 I :S S Art Club Snaps Viuxf xv-f'1 'Xa Q.-'Lua m ,f vw1"1 YAJUQ T'1'1 wth in-.MJ nm i.. J U x Q .-kv, YJ' A I gf andlngl to r T Kra G Dolentz C Lndbec Koschok J Muller C Moron: J Word K Polar: xonen D Vollom J enko Smiling l J Smrelc Student Council Tlmberlane Supper On The ldes of March 1155 The Tlmberlane staff spon plus The work feshvnty and eohng are portrayed sored a spaghetti supper On The program were J below Vene C Nicholas L Klsrovv and the Boys Quarlel -Q' Je 'lP3vu. Lunar in ---ds iv- s 'X " Y-'N11NB 1 .'-if 61553 57 ' s ' . , 'A ' ,' 9: - Y' - ' J J' 5' K l V --w-f- 3 J. J 'fdy 4 ' ' '21, ' c 1 '. .- 5 - ' J' . rf. ' l 5 is fi' Q Ag' '01 1 'X-fl , ' ' . 'ap' J , me , .A 1 is- Q.. l .s ,J 1 J C' sur . 5 J f r 1,4 ,Q s 5 -Rav! o 1 gr X X ,. M , W J 'Al if A J fra as J Y , 1' - ff 4'-si X, A W "M" H 'ffl l M. 'M J' , , J .J,.f,m 71' Q, A , r s J I 5 Sl ' . : F. oms, J. ll, , ' , . i lc, R. , . ' , . ', . , . ' '. B'lt , . , . J . ' ' . to r: . or, B. ' 8 5 - , J x, , J , f x- . 1 ' ,Sf Y . 5 Br gk -A M " , fin fr g 'F g L f I f r X F J -J . ' J 1 J - J , '15 A 1 x, ' P J , X A J fu X4 7 A X F Q. .X Tm cm! U M D A C comedy fnrsi row lefi to rnght Sharon Coll row Jerry Jenko as Eddy Ddyus John Sfrucd GS PrmcrpcN Wxlson ds Jammu Judy Musnorr Us Joorw Judy Hulfmdn ds Mrs Carrol felcste Nuchofos os Luz the mold Jerry Svwyku os Ed Hoffman DOL , Xfohm os Howard Carrol Penny Nwchok as Gmger Second and John Nmhofos cs Tommy Green. ye -6 S 5: Q is x- " 4' 'W NF , -4 l ,, N ". 'ul " ily. ff! ,... v- The Projectionist Club Bock row, l. to r., Mr. Lefno, advisory P. Kero, J. Malnerg J Richar s Ms M M z r J. Brobing R. Koschalcg B. Bonney: R. Carlson. Middle row, J. Kobe A Churc L Buchlfe Fronl r M. Jenl-cog P. Engelharf. 2. Ushers Zaic, Buraglia, Rom, Leustek, Zgonc, and Hariu relax at the game l. Look again! lT's Billy Wagner directing. 3. lT's only Coach Luclvigson doing The Butterfly. 4. Senior Toms brings back memories Yo fellow seniors. 5. Okay, gang, lef's go with the Sky Rocker yell!-Dougy Vollom, 6. Sandy Johnson, Marge Kramer, Sharon Toutloff, and Betty Ann Tomllanovich our cute maloreffes pose in their new uniforms. Front Row R Smith R Carlson J Lass: K Chrlstlan D Bun y Sorlanen C Llndbaclc Assistant Coach Braun Fourth Row E J Jamnlck J Zupanclch L McNeal Second Row R Mattlla Porthan manager J Nerlson M Welnzlerl R Elloff J Pryatel G Dolentz J Snyker G Johnson R Brobln E Zupanclch Third G Kovach A Palombl Football The hugh school football team met heavy opposutuon all through the season Coach Ludvtgson s squad was qulte young and lacked the necessary expertence to stand up agarnst powerful teams such as lnternatronal Falls the conference Charnprons The Tlmberwolyes ended up wlth a season s record of eight losses and no wlns The sensors on thas years squad were Gary Johnson Dennis Bunny Calvln Lnndbeclc and Jerome Snylcer Wnth a large malorlty of the boys back for next year Coach Ludyugson and the squad wall try for a better record The season s results were Chisholm 31 Coleraine Eveleth 52 Grand Rapids l9 Hlbblng 26 Vlrglnlo 26 lnternatnonol F s 5 Two Harbors Row: Coach Ludvigson, P. Buccowich, J. Richards, R. Deyalc, R. ' l9 . I . ' - ' ' ' ' Clll 7 ' 26 60 4 These beoutnful pnciu es ore gram remmders of cu grlrn hugh? of The Polls' lf us oniy nn These shops Thor The Broncos but The dust os The TIWLDGFWOIVSS wrll long remember Buccovvnch Sorlonen Ehoff ond Smrekor ore caught on Their feet In The Top photo Enough sold 'U v 47 yn Q X 61 I s . I I 58 I .1 4 '54 e 4 I x f v, x Q .1 - A 1 fe I K 5 -xo . , .. l 4 2 y K. v ,ig F4 3 sw!! tie r 3' nk. t -r Qiw 'V i ' .' , favor r ' g f 3 - I :A ' X. f , ff ' X' 1 rl ,I I , , Mmmix ,L A t " , . lf' .E , , ,gn J' Q , W, 1' fs :sw if f f 'Sm Q fl-'T-QQ IVE ffffff V 4 r . , W. ... n 433 1, fix sr -Ef- ,-..,i s. .,, ,P -x " ' 54,4 it A. I .v., 1 - Tl, "' J ' , , -l Q, ,G .Mu , '1 :X 1" f-1 'sr i I L 4' V-T7 'A ' l t - 1 ' ' 1 A Q-: J ,A 1' ea, ' 5 F1 . 1 .r . X I neg, ' ' X e- ' 5 .1 lg' f X l S' 'Q ' . ' X g., - It , N 'i I 1 , , gs., W i ' g fts. 1 -fi J X .L -, VH' ' ' fi A lik ,' 4 IJ, ' XS. V " ",." " x A .J 'liz I' .4 ., X K -1,43 Q lg -Q1 e - ' .r ' 427:65 3 A ..,, .MMA - f Qi' Long Live the King and Queen! This year's homecoming initiated many new festivities and tun lor all, A parade before the football game consisted ot floats designed and displayed by the extra-curricular clubs. "Scorch the Devils" was the theme of the dance which climaxed the eventful eve- ning. The King and Queen, Chuck Milcolich and Delores Seyer, were crowned by the initiated Frosh Prince and Princess, Rudy .landrey and Lois Golobich. King Charles receives his crown from Prince Rudy sets the gleaming crown on Princess Lois. Queen Delores and her attendants, Geraldine and Jo-Ellen. the smiling Queen's head. Q- X I t f I JJ' JF' .,r l.cQJ A Qitfv' 't 5, 'z A T, Tv' . .:J'L Front row: J. Rosandich, R. Deyak, J. Sayovitz, K. Christian, T. Gorsche, second row: Ludvigson, assistant, G. Kovach, J. Jenko, J. Kastelic, J. Jamnick, Braun, coach, third row: -, U , gvhilr 5 KG Q , fm 5 hangs, ' t Ulf, are 'LE 1 ' t .4 f 1. . V525 F 'Ula D. Bunney, manager, E. Ruzic, D. Ravnikar, J. Richards, J. Passi, F. Sayovitz, J. Deyak. Basketball The Timberwolves, with a new coach and a team composed almost entirely of juniors, came through the season with an over-all record of ten wins and seven losses. In conference play, the Wolves won five games and dropped four, to end up in a fifth place tie with Tower-Soudan. The final game of the year saw Aurora squeeze past Ely by a score of 66 to 63 in an exciting game. The Wolves did a fine iob in the tournaments this year in going all the way to the finals. First night play found Ely facing the Orr team and winning by a score of 65 to 5l. The second night of play found Ely facing the second place team, Aurora. A spirited Timberwolve squad was forced into over- time while the crowd went wild. Playing good ball and making no costly mistakes, the Wolves won by a score of 57 to 54. ln the semi-finals Ely faced Biwabik, and came through to win by a score ot 50 to 46. A tall Tower-Soudan team was able to beat the hard-fighting Ely boys by a score of 62 to 51 in the finals. Bob Deyak, a iunior and one of the area's best forwards, was the team's high scorer in both tournament and season play. John Kastelic was the only senior on this year's squad. With the rest of the squad returning, both the players and the spectators are looking forward to the coming year. Foul? Coach Braun, Coach Ludvigson, and Manager Bunny Where's the ball The B-Team The B-Team came through the season with a good conference record of 6 wins and 3 losses. The over-all record of the team was 8 wins and 9 losses. After a slow start the team came back to win tour straight, beating Cook, Gilbert, Tower-Soudan, and Aurora. Richards at center and Passi and Buccowich at forward positions proved to be a corn- bination that worked quite well throughout the season. The squad this year was composed entirely of sophomores. Front row: F. Sayovitz, L. Mahelich, J. Richards, J. Passi, G. Dolentz, second row: W. Hill, P. Smrekor, P. Buccowich, E. Zupancich, G, Malisheske, third row: B. Barich, J. Williams, R. Ahola, J. Anderson. JL.. EQ, 453 ith' Jef-'fi '44 .s 1- Wx 4. 3 -G. X . ,az WF' 'ff A e X r . 7.2w X I M u, ,- .Wx 4 lla , .Q i i. It Q lift 'Q' 1- , I 1' 'Vx' ! W V . 5, I l Front row: R. Anderson, R. Dolan, R. Debeltz, J. Snyker, W. Krause, A. Rautio, E. Pempeck, L. Lindy,A. Knutti,Coach L, Klun Kaivisto, J. Krall, L. McNeal. Second row: P. Ferderber, R. Mattila, Fourth row: R. Sorianen, H, Koski, J. Patka, J. Krall, M. Tuomela F. Neilson, J. Koski, J. Neilson. Third row: W. Wagner: W. J. Nicholas, J. Lassi, Manager A. Rhein. The high school mermen splashed through to a victorious season with a record ot eleven wins and no losses to take the district championship. Coach Klun's swimmers had a fairly easy season, beating their opponents by an average of twenty points per meet. At the state meet in Minneapolis, the Ely mermen came in second only to a powerful Rochester team. Doing well in the state meet were: Bill Wagner placing fourth in the 50 yard free style, John Krall placing third in the 200 yard tree style, Jan Patlca placing second and Jim Koski fourth in the lOO yard baclcstrokeg Jim Koski placing second in the individual medley, and the medley relay team and the freestyle relay team each taking third. Seniors onthe squad are Jim Koski, Jan Patka, Bill Wagner, Harry Koski, John Nicholas. Weston Krause, and Jerome Snyker. 'Se 'sf --4 Curt 'V A jf- 'nd v., Front row, l. to r., Co-captains R. Biltonen and G. Johnson, C. Lindbeckp R. Eliofff J. Srnrekarg P. Lelcatzg R. Fritzg Second row, M. Boggs, C, Melbyg J. Gerling M. Skala, J. Veself D. Javorg ,, . 15 I A21 X ' -J Zivfwww . ,warg-A K -Xi . in D. Vollom, J. Zupancich, last row, P. Kero, M. Paiori, J. Muhvichp W. Somero, R. Fritz? W. Beel, J. Klun, Coach Mcileacly. Hockey Coach McReady's pucksters come Through the season with a record of two wins and nine losses. Hockey was instituted in our school only three years ago. Since then the teams have improved considerably and interest has steadily increased. The seniors on this year's squad are Rodney Biltonen, Gary Johnson, Calvin Lindbeck, and Douglas Vollom. Eveleth l6 Ely O Falls 6 Ely O Coleraine 6 Ely O Falls 8 Ely O Coleraine 6 Ely O Two Harbors l Ely 2 Two Harbors l Ely 3 Grand Rapids 4 Ely 3 Virginia 5 Ely 2 Virginia 3 Ely l Duluth Central 8 Ely l -.X 1 A-, ' W' Ah: - A A 1 S... King Hilbert Butzke and Queen Dorothy Sever presided over the gala affair. Their attendants were Jan Patka and LaVonne Leu, flsftl and Peggy Paulson and Gary Johnson Qrightl. Homecoming The senior homecoming this year was in honor of the basketball, swimming, and hockey squads. The queen and king were crowned by senior members of the swimming and hockey teams at the half of the Ely-Gilbert basketball game. Ely fans chose "ScuttIe the Bucanneersu as their slogan. Swimmer Jimmy Koski bestows the honor upon Queen Dorothy. What solemn expressions mask the feelings of the candidates as they parade before the crowd! Ace hockey player Rodney Biltonen congratulates King Hilbert after awarding him the crown R NOON HOUR ACTIVITIE This year Ely Memorial l-ligh School has initiated an extensive program ot intramural activities. This program is under the general supervision of Eldon Foster, who is assisted in special activities by Miss Ruth Howe and Roll Wollan. Noon hour activities included basketball, volleyball, badminton, shut- tleboard, and-ping pong. Mr. Wollan directs a golt program during the seventh period. Boys tram the oth, 7th, and 8th grades have participated in a Little Eight Basketball League, which held a tournament in February with the Winton team coming out on top. High school intramural tour- naments were held in hockey and basketball. Track, softball, tennis, and archery were intra- mural activities ot the spring. . A Q33 Q R I-LY ,Xl Q4 W H' aw i 1 S "age- . h Q Y w if F i Qiflgii' 4' 5 .Ek 3: A ri Qu -v f K ff Q" 5 5 M7 ," X 5 hifi Ia? X L 5- 4 . QQQ W, an 'g'?Hf k Xl X4 fTx.Qi:'Qf' 'Q' l wh s y U . Q 9 4 ll? f , XM 1 'L " 5' ix ,, Lff, f,f4Ud"x3f1i?CL'MX it will Q? Gigi JV M -'KB bf Vyff X, , .K Q Cc' fi 1 ,iffy cl i 25? . :V 2 - ' YQ A Q' - Nw M MV U T? I fQ24 M 2 ff fwfr J X, jyf jvf MM! MjC1Wt ji M1452 47 Jf df' M 1444 ip'4f1Q'Z-cf fvfkf 3 fafff? Jvovfkffcf Y Tj Alf QW, fp if C' 'f T22 W, 'L M J JNAL N ,Lf f J ' U' 2 X 'S tc LV 'A U' ' ' I Q y in 1 ,,l ,WJ ,UI .VWVN-fy ,QM Q wid d X66 JV Wy' ULJ' Q . M x X, ,XT X M Mu jx! .3 EVM! ' Y N Qi If T ' ' Q Q V U 1 . V Q N, 51, ,fffqfu 5' I J' mf' 'M Vw if I, Jw! f 3. r , X 5 f 'f J ' .1 , KIM!! ' "4 M77 Q ' Q 'T 7 ? J MVA ' V JL' ' -f gg' K, 'X 'Z ' l 'df' ' ! IVV 'R' C49 L' I -' . x I I Lux, 'd '-- -Z ' kv. ' A '.iq V XL ' ll? Q If .- Qwy M L M 2' ff, X , . 1 ' ' L L VA J U LLM 91-"xJghf'f'. 'vi V If ' J AM-,L 'A bra 1 jp , Vu X XT- 1' 1 ' qkZ'l""xA!!7iJ W JV I villa 1' 'Ji 8 In I jqx Uv 'L ' X 1 I ' ff X jj-' 5 . .'JVIU Inf' j ' . , , 42" P -I x I 4 A , - L 2 W M':i"'?'7Z5i36 Q H, fit ak ff YM QW Aj W fa1f s2f f f M W XJ JW L 1 15,7 ff! qfiifjfiffw M fw M ,WD ,, M I FS Pyyfih 'H 5 x Mfg ffl vgifvjwvm ,A xr Q5"!"2Mv5 JU, Www .5 wwmfy 5 my Wig Q 'MUEXQDUAT 0 W Mwif """"-"9j"""""" W V. . v , EC-f EC 'j? , . , -- 1 - 5,1 f, . j' M. ' lgfid Wil 4- 5 S pb . ' - 2 '53, 5 1 X . V C JI' I . Nr Mr 'J .X 7 4 f MN - Q H WJ- ' , .. X !' P lx. if I I V ' M9967 ylfjej kxdlj?-n' rf. ' . ' Y' V , ff L, . ,Z 7 1' qk , 9 - " V 'KD J ' 'S X , f , f 1, l 'i 'own pi h C rmf W? ' L 4 :W JW ,J 1 W W M ,Q 5 ' I Lf' W 2 M ZVVVMV gy fx ,ff v ll! f, AA " J I x 'I I ' A I P I 'iff' , 9 pw .' 'L ,J 1 0 .- X by if N' pf' f , ,M W if A I, I' ,Q LD' ' , f ,J J f' QU J X Lf pn , j , ppl' V U S X pl K Jump fu I H V V , W, 4 . If fx 'i ' X! , 'o 'NV' A 5 A M V VW!! V 'H I U-J "' 4 - - 1 A U X I "y ' 1 E P QL. v' up My M cl SWF Lf N X N , 1,41 ' W jj 5, 5, i A y wiv x f WN - N rf-QXA 9 N ' D I Q, Vp . H ' 31 . - X ' QW x I .T lv--Ada". V r N 'IJ shi X ' X - W i . I 9'-ii--usp--1... W mv W, , ' ' J Ohff 1 M . , Y, ' 51' A 0 If M X N 0--HSIQCFHIL. , r' Af.. "' L Vu . J AK . , 1 V ,Q ' Ss! H K' 'L 'W f Vi w ? fn? fy Q ff 4 W4 N, MQ f w21 ?v MAI' HU io swim Wvnii-NN-w1mvm'f ,Dm R Wmax cr uw? PX-A if UMA W gf PM Jffyf' if M ,H if BJ JP My ff will? if jl'!jMj,,f,F WM 'iww WM M .V KG' We-QM UK ,ia cg, WpXfHAtq I M ,Eg 512' ,JM if 'W' 24 ,f fif-4,1 ,cf V5 rd mfg?-C' ff 7' 1- ' 'Qc 6' 1 in 5 XM? wgyy J af C M wif iq W PEL 55,-Nghvvga mlm 'K I had TMZQQW 'NX an H7 1, f 6 ,...,, Piffffifd can-' L 2 4,1 xii! -. - , H . F, ff 1 5 541' A I 5' -'-"JL 1 A N' I K ' ' AE , M . 1 ' r . n V ' GNL...f- -gc, A - - , -A-i - F V x .J W C-Q , fl .JP r, I "'-W .N ,., f , A M M Z. ' if 554 '21, 5 wi - si z M r --1-ff -V " -I ,fl ' M. A 1 , A, A nb xi- " in E 'I 3 ' - e: X I M. 4 it 'K 5 , X ' . M. 4,5 V., ,fin , 5 X lj 1 Q N 1 "M ' xg f V ns my N , 9' Y . x C f a -L ' X-2' 1 fa? li I 1 , , N,, A Q ' h -,.,.m.,., .,,. ,, ,W ., , .R . A. A , ,N , I J! ff ---f .1 -.., :L ft' lg in 1' M P Q 1, I A-diiilxf 5' J ' J :X ' -SQL? f L i ' ' ffl MTSU at Q -1 A " 'X' iw I . F ,g J I , VU H ff 2- 5 lf 2-ff 9 ' Lahlfil 4-up ' W'Lif21 J ff i V. , V, K. ,N 61,56 1L21WWfJf a 68. ! L. V X X nwinhh K A lxglfe' Hair Q 5 fi- H: I '13 , jf jv 63. ms, Y 1 ' L, Y' 1 7.1: X x,,, .A 1 ,. J l drg""L ..,. ,V A Ag-1 FW ' ""' af 5-HSV: -' 'L' -...QE ,y Wifi, my L . ' 'A' L? M: wfw ffl? ' A .. if PM Q' A A Y I 9 4 .ff ,H NT JK ,X .- U ,ure .V , ul A, -f - 5-M' -Q . Q2 K - 7 s W dwwba. - ' 1 ,355 '-,- mf... f 'X Nj 1 Q a , E. K ' i -im-fkgii' ,, N , X F X "'T,,,,?u,:w! Qi . A -M ,,,, A - ' fn ?:'.' N 0 'U 1 ,4 w YQ . ' H' A fgf 1 V, ,M -,Y . 4 R .. ,r ,V K 21, Z v ' 5 ' ' f QE QF A F J ' , L9 9 f Q ' -1 A Nw J ' r C, 4.--' , f ' E.. ' ' ff el Q? . ' ' ' I . in ,L E ' 1 . g! , '- 'w 4 V A, 5 b ,, 9 , .3 J lg f, Arr, 'P' ,f D L ! V f f 'K - 4 . ff ' fi 5 .4 t - 4 E . IL- L, I I BF- . N If A 5 V, ' 1 t -5 5 r' a ' ' 'K S ' 4 if . f r A ' M 5 E m it is a M294 Jam hmm'2'6xh"?:WRwl g'iw L5h H bmw

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