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 Volume 70 Elwood Community High School North 19th Street Elwood, Indiana 46036 Let’s Get Carried Away! Now this Panther has got some class. The 1986 Crescent staff is proud to present to you Frank the Panther. Frank will guide all readers through the yearbook. Frank symbolizes the carried away theme which is used in this book. To help Frank out he has invited members of his family and also close friends to appear in the yearbook. Frank guarantees that this yearbook is full of fun and excitement. Opcning lGetting carried away during class, sophomores J.C. Wright, Paul Shrock, and freshman Chris Arbucklc show that they arc not camera shy. Faculty member. Mrs. Parker smiles big for the camera while being dressed up as a mouse on Halloween. A few members of the Senior Powder Puff Football team show how-carried away they can get. Pictured are Jobi Blackford, Stacey Rickabaugh, Christy Decker, Lori Bennett, Marsha Burdette, and Ann Thornberry. 2 ThemeCo Ahead Do It . . . Get Carried Away Getting carried away, senior Terril Wolfe shows off for the camera. Let’s go crazy, let’s get nuts, let’s get carried away and have some fun. Getting crazy means different things to everyone; however, no matter how you do it; it is what you enjoy doing and that is all that counts. The 1986 Crescent symbolizes fun, originality, and the craziness in life. So go ahead do it, get carried away. School seems to be at the same pace all the time. Students get up in the morning, go to school all day, and go home with homework that will take up the three hours to do. Some students feel like, "Homework! Homework! Give me a break!” That is why it is time to get carried away. "Let’s get carried” away represents the fun in life, it takes away the same ordinary pace and adds some "pizzaz” in the life of the students. There is nothing wrong with getting carried away, so why not try it? ECHS students got carried away exclusively different from any other school. This year the Mighty Panther football team got carried away by having the best season ever. Students got carried away by supporting the sports teams as much as possible. Also, who could forget the people who really got carried away on Halloween? The teachers showed how they could get carried away by dressing up in the best outfits that they could put together. Yet, one always wonders what the Seniors will be doing next to get carried away. "Never trust a smiling cat,” a famous quote by that famous cat Garfield seems to also apply to EHS; however, it should be never trust a smiling student. Why should you never trust a smiling student? Because that smile can mean only one thing, they’re on the verge of getting carried away. You can never predict what a student at EHS will do next. Some people seem to be getting carried aw'ay in the wrong way. Vandals shot out windows in the front of the high school. This caused alot of people to be furious and very upset. It’s okay to get carried away, but doing it in a manner that can hurt somebody is not the right way to do it. 108b • Table Of Contents • 108b Student Life ............................Page 4 People ................................. Page 28 Orga nizations...........................Page 68 Sports...................................Page 78 Academic ...................................Page 108 A d vertisem ents ..........................Page 122 Let's Get Carried Away ?Cooler by the minute! Jerome. Frank the Panthers cousin from Chicago stopped by El wood to help ECHS students get carried away with their coolness. Jerome was drawn by Tim Faulstich. Pop life! Everybody needs a thrill on a Friday night. Students at ECHS can be found having fun no matter where they are. Football games arc just one place for people to have fun. 4 Division PageStudent Life Gets Carried Away! Student Life at EHS is in a class all by itself. Nothing can top the lifestyles of the students at EHS. Student Life is made up of the various activities that take place in or out of school. Homecoming, Prom, Nite Life, and Variety Show are just a small part of the Student Life. Student Life is the chance for everyone to get involved. However, the Student Life at EHS could never be exciting if nobody ever got carried away. Getting carried away with Student Life can make the school year alot of fun. That’s right, fun and everybody loves fun! School would be boring if there was never any fun. Students need to get involved in more of the activities of EHS. These activities help students escape the Taking over the scorcbox during the powder puff football game. Matt Conner, senior, Ray Holliday, senior. Trent Hicks, junior. Billy Yates, senior, and J.C. Wright, sophomore show that they got what it takes to be announcers. regular school pace. This year students got a chance to get carried away with Student Life by participating in Puttin’ on the Hits sponsored by Spanish Club and Student Council. The Honors and Thespians also get a chance to get carried away by being extras in the movie "Hoosiers”. The juniors got a chance to put together a prom, while the whole school saw how carried away the seniors could get on GRADUATION DAY! Student Life is an essential part of school. Student Life adds a variety to the demands of school. Students and even teachers make the life at EHS interesting. Being involved in the activities of school, students got a chance to meet new people or got the chance to know each other better. Who else is better to get carried away with than a friend? Gening carried away in her punk sunglasses, junior Michell Mirellcs lakes lime out to show how funky she can get. Student Life 5OUR SCHOOL SPIRIT SHINES Just what is it when people get carried away with spirit? We tend to think of school as a lot of hard work; on the other hand, during spirit week we see all these people really getting crazy. In the halls of ECHS you can see anything from a punk rocker to someone decked out in shorts during the chilly weather. Now you must admit that these people seem to be getting carried away with spirit. So just what is school spirit? Heather VanNess, sophomore, stated, "School spirit is when everyone gets involved and people go to the games.” Senior, Kim Werline, feels, "School spirit is when the student body participates w ith any kind of activity because they want to — not because they have to.” "Showing the teams we’re proud of them.” — Amy Scott On the first day of school the cheerleaders were allowed to hold a pep session. Each squad did a cheer for the student body. As usual, the frosh cheerleaders messed up because they were embarrassed. The pep session got the school spirit on the right track and ever since it has been growing steadily. The football team got really carried away with their school spirit by eating raw meat before the Elwood-Tiptin game. Before the second game of the sectional against Yorktown, Coach Hughes challenged the fans. He lost his challenge since fifty-eight people signed up for the fan bus. Coach Hughes ended up with pies in his face during the pep session from the senior players. The Panther band also showed spirit by helping the cheerleaders cheer at the home football games. Yes, ECHS does have spirit. It has been hidden away for along time. However, this year school spirit has gotten just a little carried away. Junior, Donald Lamb seems to be surprised as one of our photographers takes his picture during punk day. Sophomores show their spirit as they ride in their decorated truck during the Homecoming parade. 6 Studcnt LifeCarried Away With Spirit 7 Senior. Jeff Lynas and sophomore. Shelly Lawson pose together for a picture to show their school spirit during summer day. Cool Dudes!! That's what Donald Lamb and Mike Edwards seem to be saying during Punk Out Day during spirit week. Showing his school spirit during punk day, sopho-more Scott Barnes poses for one of our photographers.NITE TIME IS the right time! "Ring!” The sound of the bell that ends the seventh hour blues on Friday afternoon is also the signal for Nite Life to begin. Students rush home to eat and get ready for the Friday night game. After the game some students go to Italian Village for pizza, to be with their friends, and to celebrate a victory; however, other people ce-lebrte a victory by cruising with their friends. But then again some students decide just to go home. The Nite Life varies for the students at ECHS. Lets see! "We don’t succeed unless we have fun try- ing. — Kristin McQuitty Getting together with your friends on the weekends can be a highlight of anyone’s Nite Life. Tina Lovell stated, "My Nite Life usually consists of going to Italian Village after the games and then having a friend stay over or vise versa.” Stacey Rickabaugh commented, "I like to stay over with my friends, go to the ballgames, ride around, and yell at all the good looking guys!” "Having Chinese fire drills with Mrs. Scharff, Marianne Perez, and the other cheerleaders is how I get carried away with my Nite Life,” stated Kim Werline. Usually on Friday night the Nite Life is at Italian Village. One tends to wonder how the employees feel about all of this excitement. One employee commented that it is like trying to feed fifty elephants on one peanut; however, they do enjoy the crowd. After the exciting weekend, it’s back to good ole Monday! Lynne Fcitig and Shane Wolf arc enjoying the Nile Life after one of the home football games at Circle Pizza’s Italian Village. This is a popular place to be after a home ballgamc. Enjoying the night out! Gabe Garner and Kevin Upde-graff arc taking time out to grab a bite to eat after one of the Panther football victories. 8 Student LifeTaking a rime-out from eating are Lori Downham, Dean Barnes. Larry Gihson, and Kevin Vf'erline. These four students are having fun at Circle Pizza after a home football game. The best way to have a good time and to get crazy is to be with your friends. This is what Heather VanNcss and Angela Higgins seem to do with their Nite Life. There is always a new and interesting way to eat food. Kevin Wcrlinc demonstrates this by getting carried away with his breadsticks. Relaxing and taking it easy while they watch their other friends get carried away w ith Nite Life are Tom Holliday. Susan Jones, and Greg Zink. Nite Life 9PROUD AS A PANTHER Elwood Prevails The weather was perfect for winning the 1985 Homecoming game. The Panthers defeated the Bruins 21-0. This win has to be a memorable event for Coach Hughes, since this was his first Homecoming as the head coach for the Panthers. Homecoming was different this year. There was still the parade and a powder puff game, but instead of being on Saturday as it traditionally has been in the past, the homecoming game took place on Friday night. Everyone seemed to adjust quite well to the change. Mike Linder, senior, was picked by Student Council as the parade marshal. Thursday night before the homecoming game, the junior and senior girls challenged each other in fheir annual powder puff football game. The juniors were overwhelmed by the seniors, 22-12. During half time of the powder puff game, Larry Gibson was crowned king. Vying for the title also were Jim Beecher, Steve Helpling, Cliff Hoskins, and Demetri Pappas. Those who oppose will fall — Cliff Hoskins Tension reached its peak as the awaited announcement came closer. The crowd grew silent. The silence broke when Kim Werline was announced as the 1985 Homecoming queen. "When I heard my name announced I was so surprised and excited,” stated Kim. The queens court consisted of Jill Champion, Christy Decker, Marianne Perez and Stacey Rickabaugh. Mrs. Merritt was asked to name just one highlight of the homecoming activities. She responded with, "The crowning of the queen had to be one; the band’s new uniforms and the parade were a few others.” The senior class nominated the following Homecoming queen candidates for 1985: Christy Decker, Stacey Rickabaugh, Kim Werline, queen, Jill Champion, and Marianne Perez. Kim was crowned during half-time of the Homecoming game. The mighty Elwood Panther offense is in their stance ready to outscore the Blackford County Bruins. The victorious score was 21 to 0. 10 Studcnt LifeAfter the Panthers beat the Bruins, a Homecoming dance was held in the ECHS cafeteria. Tracy May. Brian Frazier, Gina Hoffer, and Marc Bastian are four friends having a fun time together. Chuck Hoover 11 and Tony Hoover 31 were a big part of the Elwood Panthers this year. Chuck made a diving interception to help beat the Bruins. Chuck is a very active Panther who is very competitive and aggressive. He has played offense, defense and caught the most passes all year. Christy Pedro. Elwood's 1984 Homecoming queen, crowned Kim Werline queen during the Homecoming football game. Kim’s escort was her father. Senior, Cliff Hoskins will be missed next year by the Panthers. Cliff did a good job on defense this season. Homecoming 11e I WOOD AST SHINES Advanced Creativity "Hand me some paint!" This is one of the sounds supergraphic students may make while painting on a building or large surface. Supergraphics is very similar to a regular art class. To be in this class a student has to make an average of A’s and B’s and must have attended an art class for two semesters. Elwood has had this class for three years, and it's a very popular class for students with artistic talents. Supergraphics is large scale art. Students paint large areas around Elwood that have "Super Graphics is lots of fun!’ — Shawn VanNess. no designs. They paint different designs on each. What’s the difference between super-graphics and an art class? A supergraphics class is a group of selected students who must be responsible, capable, and cooperative. An art class is students who signed up for the class. Mrs. McQuitty stated, "Yes, it’s art but the nature is different." Mrs. McQuitty enjoys teaching the supergraphics class. The most recent example of work done by supergraphics is on the wall in the woods room. The oldest painting is on the Washington School lunchroom wall. Also, are the big paintings on the walls in the gym and halls. When asking students what they enjoyed about the class students said "This class is the best class we’ve taken.” Others say they like the class because they like going different places to paint. "I like the class because it’s not like a regular art class where you paint on paper; you get to paint on large surfaces,” remarked a supergraphics student. Three art students, Jeff Whitingcr, Eric Stewart, and Cecil Davis painted Cafetorium on the cafeteria’s south wall. This was done during the 1983-84 school year. The Panther wrestling design in the wrestling room was done by a few of Mrs. McQuitty’s art students. This adds much class and spirit for our Panther Wrestlers. 12 Studcnt LifeShown here is Mrs. McQuitty giving Carmen Headley a few helpful pointers. Carmen is working on a design in the woods room. The Elwood Mural was designed and completed by the supergraphics class during the 1984-85 school year. We are all proud of this fine art. Another fine art work is located on the side of a building in downtown Elwood. The supcrgraphics class also did this to give Elwood a touch of art. Supergraphics 13LOCKERS SHOW CLASS — PIZAAZff The lockers in (he halls of ECHS show a variety of different personalities. By looking at any student's locker you can tell the lifestyle in which they live. Lockers are a part of the student life at ECHS. Sophomore, Candi Morriset's locker reflects her crazy life. When opening her locker you will find a mess along with crazy posters about school, and her boyfriend’s name everywhere. When Candi was asked why she chose to decorate her locker in this way she stated, "I didn’t really choose a way; I just threwr things in as I collected them and that’s me.” Of course not all lockers are decorated. Some lockers are boring; hut then again that may reflect the owner’s personalities. Seniors, Kim Werline and Larry Gibson’s lockers reflect their busy lifestyle. Kim and Larry are very active in school. Their activities are jammed into their time schedule, like their books being jammed "Lockers give each student a chance to reflect their own personality.” — Kim Werline into their locker. If lockers reflect your personality then what can we say about the guys locker room. Because students are in school almost eight hours, five days a week, the students’ lockers become a part of them. The lockers reflect their personalities and individual tastes. Because of these reasons, lockers are more than just a place to put books. Amy Noone is an active person and this can be reflected by looking at her locker. You can find a variety of things in Amy’s locker, including pictures of her and her boyfriend, an attractive mural of pictures, clippings, and posters about everything, everyone, and everywhere. It has been found that lockers reflect the personality of their owners. Through the halls of ECHS many personalities are reflected. They vary from exciting and crazy to boring and dull. This locker shows how Heather VanNcss, sophomore. is infatuated with guys. 14 Student LifeThe love for guys is brought out in this highly decorated locker of senior, Tash McDaniels. Locker Personalities 15SPIRIT FLOWS THROUGH ELWOOl Hometown Pride "Two hits, four bits, six hits a dollar! All for Elwood stand up and hollar. Yea, Rah, Elwood!” Many times this year this cheer could be heard roaring through the crowd. Elwood is steadily rising to the top; however with the students, fans, and parents of Elwood, Elwood is already there! The Elwood Community is very proud of the people who make it! This year Elwood is rising to the top in many areas! Our mighty football team has made us all very proud. They’ve been one of the major causes for people getting "carried away!" After the last C.I.C. game against Missisnewa the whole team and fans got "carried away!” The police gave the two team buses a police escort back into town. Everybody in the buses were 'Dynamite comes in small packages,” — Lisa Chriss hanging out the windows yelling cheers and shouting "We’re number one!” A pickup truck full of students shouting, yelling and getting "carried away!” followed behind. When the parade of people arrived at the high school a whole crowd of people began hugging them and cheering the team for their victory. "Getting carried away” is what many students of Elwood love to do most! When asked, "What was your favorite time when you got carried away with your friends?” Tina Lovell responded "Well, one time Candi, Kim, and I went to Circle and packed twelve people in her little Chevette and went riding the "L” with everyone hanging out the windows! It was a real blast!” No matter where they are the students of Elwood really get "carried away” in their own way! Freshmen Matt Hankley. Gabe Garner, and Kevin Wcrlinc arc shown sitting on top of the pop machine in front of Bob’s Auto Parts. Junior, Melissa Brewer poses for a picture on the bridge in EGHS’s nature center. Apparently she is using her stick as a fishing pole. Freshman. Kevin Wcrlinc gets carried away as he climbs the goal post at EGHS’s football stadium. Ev eryone loves our stadium, but not like Kevin. 16 Scudent Life■ rr Tammy Faulstich and Melissa Brewer, juniors, hold Kevin Werline, freshman, in a phone booth while Gabe Garner and Matt Hanklcy, freshmen, attempt to "strangle” him. Matt Hankley, Kevin Werline, Gabe Garner. Melissa Brewer, and Tammy Faustich get crazy on the top of Kim Wcrline’s car in front of Fettig’s car wash in T-Way Plaza. This looks like something freshmen would do but Tammy and Melissa are juniors. Juniors. Melissa Brewer and Tammy Faulstich arc getting some looks as they stand in front of the Amoco gas station. Melissa is jamming to her jam box and Tammy, in her cool sunglasses, is waving to a friend who just passed her while riding the "L". The "L” cruisers must be wondering what these girls are up to. Carried Away With Elwood 17OVERSEAS TO ECHS Welcome!! Do you like it here? This is the question most often asked of our Foreign exchange students. The usual answer was ’'Yep, because it is different”. The five foreign exchange students in the Elwood Community area were Anita Teigstad, Morten Christensen, Terttu Niskamen, Kirsten Geisell-brecht and Elvis Pellar. Talking to the exchange students wasn’t as easy as everyone thought it would he. The exchange students didn’t understand the American slang that is used. Being an exchange student and coming to America is a privelege. It’s a privilege to learn about other countries and the way the people live. It also takes a lot of stamina to go across the world to live with a new family in a city one doesn’t even know. Having to meet new friends isn’t a problem for students from another country. EHS students were magnetized by the exchange students foreign accents and personalities. Anita Teigstad is from the country of Norway; she stayed with David and Kathy Jones along with sister Susan, and brother, Chris. She enjoyed doing new things around Elwood such as roller skating. She found the lay-away plan at K-Mart fascinating. ”1 would have done better if Shelly wouldn’t have knocked me down so much.” Stated Anita after a roller skating experince. Anita liked "Amerikka”. Morten Christensen is from the country of Denmark. He is staying with the Coles — Beth, Jim and Margorie. Morten was a great help for the Panther Football Team, who did so well this last season. He likes America, hut feels one cannot compare two countries with two different lifestyles. "The way Americans ear and live arc truly different,” Stated Morten. It’s neat to experience things from different countries,” he added. Morton has learned a lot but most of all he has learned two worlds. To him our world is totally "awesome”. Terttu Niskanen, also known as Tepa, is from the country of Finland. She lived with the Watson family. Her family members include Earl, Gretchen, and their daughter Trish. What Tepa likes most about America are the little report cards and the delicious food. "I like every kind of food except peanut butter,” said Tepa. Kirsten Greisselbrccht is from Germany. She lived with Fred and Joanna Tyner. Fred Tyner is the area representative for the Youth For Understanding Program, which places foreign exchange students with families in this area. Kirsten likes the way Americans do more with their families. "I like how the Americans are supportive of their school and most of their country,” stated Kirsten. Kirsten was a photographer on the Crescent Staff during her stay in Elwood. Elvis Pellar is from the French part of Switzerland. He lived with the Whistlers and his American sister, Martha. Elvis liked the 1950’s cars and the myths about American rock-n-roll. "The biggest difference, ” he said "is the ideas about the other countries. Each country has another idea about each country. ” Elvis enjoyed his stay in America. WORKING HARD AT YFUff Enjoying being around kids and going to the activities that they are involved in, is just one reason why Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tyner are involved in the Youth Foreign Understanding Program. Mr. Tyner is area representative for YFU program. Mr. Tyner places foreign exchange students in homes with families in Elwood and surrounding cities. The Tyners themselves also sponsor an exchange student and enjoy it very much. They began this in 1976. Mr. Tyner feels his family has learned a lot from the exchange students that have lived with them but their way of life is almost like ours. 18 Foreign Exchange StudentsThis is Elvis; he has jusi finished a hard game of basketball. Flxiv is from the country of Switzerland. His American family was the Whislcrs. Tepa is always ready to smile for the camera leaving the memory of her visit. Tepa lived with the Watson’s and is from Finland. Morton’s trying to advance his typing skills during his stay in America. Morton participated in football and wrestling during his stay. Morton is from Denmark and lived with the Coles. Anita is taking a break from her lunch. Anita participated in many school activities and was a member of the This is Kirsten pretending to be hard at work. Kir- gymnastics team. Anita lived with the Jones family and is from Norway. sten was a photographer on the Crescent staff. She lived with the Tyner family. She is from Germany. Foreign Exchange Students 19DRAMA AT EL WOOD HIGH Lights, Camera And Action The 1985-86 Thespian Club performed their fall play on November 16, 1985. It was entitled "Our Town” by Thorton Wilder. The cast and crew practiced six weeks before the actual play performance. The audience thought the play went extremely well, and they really liked the graveyard scene. "Our Town” seemed to be a very moving play and the moral was to appreciate life; the ordinary days are miracles. The acting of Scott Barnes (George "The talent of the actors and actresses will improve with each new play they do.” — Mrs. Herndon Gibbs) and Susanjones (Rebeccca Gibbs) was enjoyed, and all the scenes were well performed. Mrs. Herndon, the Thespian Club Sponsor, thought the play went great with all the hard work and talented thespi-ans. After the first successful play another was to be chosen for the spring play. Several plays were looked over and the thespi-ans were ready to start again. The cooperation was excellent. All the thespians participated in setting up and tearing down. The next play looked very optimistic. Practices went through May 10, the day of the play. Practice, practice, practice helped the spring play go smoothly. On May 10, 1986 at 7:30 P.M. in the Elwood Cafetorium "Anne Frank” was performed by the Elwood Thespians. The crowd really enjoyed this play. The play was a very moving one that touched the hearts of the audience. The main roles were well acted along with all other roles. The play went smoothly and the thespians were real excited about it. Mrs. Herndon directed this play with much extra help with set-up, practices, the play, and tear down. Four F.lwood actresses perform a scene from "Anne Frank”. At the end of their performance the cast came on stage to They spent much time preparing for the actual play. bow lor everyone. Much applause was given in return. 20 Student LifeMike Stone. Mario McCabe. Susan Jones, and Leslie Fowler ore acting out a scene in the Spring ploy. Mario McCabe performs a scene from "Anne Frank' with much dedication. She really enjoyed the part. A fine performance by Angie Melvin and Scott Dames was demonstrated in Anne Frank". Play 21CARRIED AWAY WITH TALENT Liberty Spectacular The 1986 variety show, Liberty Spectacular”, was held on April 11th and 12th. The theme was centered around the reviving of the statue of Liberty and our country. These two spectacular evenings proved to the community that inside the walls of ECHS are some super talents. "Liberty Spectacular” makes the list of one of the best productions by our music students,” said Miss Simmons. Miss Simmons was the director of the variety show and responsible for the shows success. The show was opened with a fanfare by Brian Hunt and Pam Goins. The band then joined in with their selection of "Totem "This Years Show Had A Personal Quality." Miss Simmons Pole”, and "Another Openin’ Another Show.” Julie Romig, Susan Jones, Candi Morpsett and Maria McCabe began an ECHS first with a barber shop quartette. Another unique number which brought a lot of attention from the audience wras "Superbowl Shuffle.” The corp was joined by some ECHS football players in their hilarious version. Anna Ball followed with a flag solo which she performed at state contest. Pam Goins also had a solo performance "Friends” which she dedicated to her friends. The other featured solo was "Somewhere” by senior Jeff Murray. The corp joined the band in the selections "CanCan”, Strutt”, and "Sweet Georgia Brown.” The stage band did an excellent job in the gym w'ith rhythm in their numbers "Shaker Song”, "Bandstand Boogie.” The choir sang their version of the popular song "That’s What Friends Are For” and then followed with "Rocky Top” ending the night with "Autumn Canticle” and "The Way You Look Tonight” in formal wear. "This year’s show had a personal quality that brought our audience close to the performers. You could sense the emotion between the cast and audience throughout the show,” said Miss Simmons. Pictured at the top is ECHS’s spectacular choral company. The choral company is shown as they performed the number “The Way You Look Tonight". The Panther Guard is pictured at the end of their dance to the song entitled “Can Can”. The band played the number as the guard performed, to it. 22 Studcnt LifePictured below is Candi Morrisett, Julie Romig, Susan Jones, and Maria McCabe as they performed their number "Ma he's making eyes at me.” Senior Jeff Murray is shown singing his solo which was entitled "Somewhere.” Jeff has been a member of ECHS's choir for four years. Nine members of Elwood’s very own varsity football team helped the Panther guard out with a special act in the variety show. The guys along with the guard performed the “superbowl shuffle". This was one of the best liked numbers in Liberty Spectacular. Senior Pam Goins sang "Friends are Friends Forever” in Liberty Spectacular. Pam dedicated this special number to her fellow band seniors. Variety Show 23CLIMB OUR STAIRWAY For A Night In Heaven! "Stairway to Heaven” was the theme for the Junior-Senior Prom which was held on May 17, 1986. Members of the junior class, along with Mrs. Austin, the junior class sponsor, worked extra hard to make this a memorable evening. The theme was carried out by turning the entrance hallway into a "Stairway to heaven.” "I never thought our cafetorium could look so nice. The juniors did a great job,” commented Lisa Knotts. Those who attended the prom elected Mike Linder as our 1986 Prom King and Tricia Grimes as our 1986 Prom Queen. Others vowing for the title were Leah Richwine, Anita Teigstad, Kristi Fettig, Angie Melvin, Morten Christensen, Jeff Lynas, Shane Wolff, and Bill Yates. After Prom was held at the Elks with all the pizza you could eat and a whole lot of dancing. Prom tickets were purchased for $10.00 a couple. 110 couples attended the prom this year. Memory books were sold for $4.00. Everyone who had pictures taken at the prom can find their picture in the book. Also light blue garders were being sold for the garder ceremony. "I liked the idea of selling garders for the garder cere- "Prom was expensive, but worth it” mony this year because everyone had the same kind,” remarked Elaine Nickles. The juniors did a spectacular job turning the E.C.H.S. cafetorium into an image of heaven. "The 1986 Prom was one of the most beautiful proms held in the past few years. The students were so well behaved and seemed to enjoy the prom very much. The students and the surroundings made the 1986 Prom very special and a wonderful memory,” commented Mrs. Austin. Getting ready for the garder ceremony arc Teresa Mays, Tracy Anderson, Lisa Hubble, and Angela Higgins. Accompaning these girls are their dates John Richwine. Jamey Glass, Trent Hicks, and Brian Frazier. Getting very carried away at the prom are Cliff Hoskins and Demetri Pappas. These boys took time out from their dates to save a dance for each other. 24 Prombrowned King and Queen for the 1986 prom. Stairway to Heaven, were Mike Linder and Trisha Grimes. The king’s court consisted of Jeff Lynas, Morten Christensen, Shane Wolff, and Bill Yates. The queen’s court consisted of Leah Richwine, Anita Tcigstad, Kristi Fettig, and Angie Melvin. Student Life 25THE BEST OF TIMES, THE WOK ST OF TIMES Seniors Graduate! This year the class of 1986 saw 126 seniors graduate. This year Brian Howey served as valedictorian of the senior class. Matt Connor and Ann Thornberry tied for the honors of salutatorian. Three fine young ladies were chosen to speak at this years graduation. Kimberly Werline spoke about "Our Greatest Years”, Tammy Burd-sall spoke on "Friends,” and Angela Melvin chose to speak on "Life after High School.” Officers for the senior class this year were: Steve Helpling, president, Jill Cham- "High School was the best of times, but the future holds our greatest years.” Kimberly Werline pion, vice president, Christy Decker, secretary, and Ann Thornberry, treasurer. Some of the activities that the senior class has done throughout their high school years were float competitions during homecoming, selling projects, prom, decorating halls for sectional and homecoming, homecoming king and queen candidates, and prom king and queen candidates. Mrs. Paquin served as the class sponsor the freshman, sophomore, and junior years, while Mrs. Yates served as class sponsor the senior year. Congratulations seniors, and Good Luck in your future endeavors. Senior graduate Julie Ballinger smiles proudly os she receives her diploma from Superintendent Richard Merritt. The senior class of 1966 lets go of their balloons and does the changing of tassels os class Vice President, Jill Champion soys, 'Seniors! Graduates!"Cory Svcndson. sophomore, is shown practicing during seventh hour band class. Cory has participated in band for the last two years. Seniors take part as they are pages at the State House. Row one: Tcpa W iskanen, Stephen Helpling, and Elvis Pcllar. Row two: Kristen Greisslbrccht, Anita Teigstod. Beth Murphy, and Morton Christensen, foreign exchange student. Each senior got the chance to learn about how our government is run. Juniors Susan Jones and Maria McCabe arc shown as they practice their motions to one of the songs they are singing in choir. Elvis Pcllar and Anita Teigstad, both foreign exchange students pose for a picture during the Science Club ski trip. It’s "Lew Al" Mike Linder and Leah Richwine, both arc seniors, as they pose for our photographers on Lew Al Day held during basketball season. Marcic Lee, freshman, tried to stop the camera from taking her picture. Marcie had no idea this picture would appear in the yearbook.We’ve Got Your Picture!! Sophomore Tim Faulstick's art talent is shown through this picture that he drew in art class. Many of the art students have had their work displayed in the yearbook. Without the use of art work from the students the yearbook would not have the "Carried Away With Art" look that it has. Getting carried away is how the student body at ECHS coped with the long hours of homework, seven period days, and anything else that made school seem like a drag at times. The students at ECHS put fun into the school days and when it was time to get carried away no one ever missed out on the excitement. Students were not the only ones who liked to get carried away throughout the school year. The teachers put some fun into the school year by dressing up at Halloween and having the students vote on which teacher they liked best. This seemed to be a lot of fun for both the students and the teachers. So get carried away and turn the page. Oh no, not another one of those days!! Matt John, junior, seems to be having a bad day while he is working in the library. It appears that Matt has dropped all the books that he was to put on the shelves. People 29o r 5 Jacob® L Blackford Christopher 5. Bryan Marsha A Burdette Tommy M. BurdsaH Patrick E. Burke Gregory A. Buster Windy 5. Carter Richard A. Cass ML. Chompdn Morten N. Christensen Senior Class Steering Commmee — flow 1 Derh Murphy, Pot McDornei. Sreve Helping, Shone Wolf. Kerry Svendsen, and Tommy Durdsof Row 2 Tosh McDaniel, Lisa Sorg. Leoh D chwine, Ann Thom berry, Cheryl Dorr, and Mrs Yores, doss sponsor Row 3 M Champion. Stacey ftehobough, and Christy Decker The dass of 1 ?d6 left many memories or E.C.H.S. The class partidpared in many activities with Mrs. Poquin and Mrs. Yores as their sponsors. During their freshman year the steering committee chose the dass jackets. As sophomores the doss of 1986 sold coupon books to make money to pay for the 198485 prom. When they becomepniors, the dass of 1986 hod the busiest year yet. This year they planned the prom which was held on May 18, 1985. The prom theme was ' 'Mage Moments." Finally the senior year come. Announcements were ordered, caps and gowns were fitted, and "sentoriris" took over. After oH was said and done. June 1st become a milestone in the lives of the dass of 1986. 30 Scniors( oxte L. Clak Ann M. Cleaver Mathew W Conner Sandro L Cornwei Me C Cress fteso ft Cummings Bobby ft Cunningham Spero W. Doleure Tho E. Deckad Ovtsrno L Decker Andrea J. Faucen Craig A FoutsKh ftoberr T Fesier K sn L Feng Andrew J. Fran ftodney J Fire Orion L Godds Lorerro L Gdbreoih Trido M. Grimes Apr.i M Gross Gregory G Horrman Thomas D Harry Mchete L Horrsock Carmen L Headley 1986 • 1986 • 1986 • 1986 • 1986 • 1986 • 1986 • 1986 • »Frani4n A Heody Stephen M. Helping Vonesso M Hon Trocy L High Amy L hUord Timothy R. Hmmelnck Raymond D. HoSkJoy Liso J Hoover Qfford L Hoskins Orion P Howey Robert L Huesron Dobbi A. Huff KeHy J. Huff Dnon R Hunt Tommy R. Hunt Scon A Lowson Charles K Lehman Kimberly D. Lee Srooe L Jock Barbara J KeHer Shannon A Kleri Timothy S Leisure Mchoel P Linder Jeffrey A Lynas Stephen Moore Helping was the president of the doss of 1936 for four years During his high school years Steve also porhcpared in science dub. Spanish dub. and on dub. served on the steering comminee. and ployed football, boskerbo , and golf. Chnsrmo Lynn Decker was secretory of the doss for four years Christy was o member of the OEA , steering corrmtree. Lorm dub. orr dub. the E-women s, dub, and student council She was obo in gymnastics and cheerieodng The vice president of the doss of 1986 was Ji Lynn Champion She held this position for two years. M also pomopored n Latin dub. student council, the honors program. OE A , and was on E-woman JU was also on the boskerbof reom For four years Ann Mone Thornberry served as rhe doss treasurer of the doss of 1966. Ann was in the Notional Honor Society, rhe honors program, student council, steering committee, Lorm ebb. OEA . ondFD.L AMorsholl V. Lyons Porrido A. McCracken Norosho I. Porrick D McDaniel Kerr A. Massey Joseph M. Mays McDaniel Angela L Melvin Luanda ft Mirraff ftichard A. Mullen EHzaberh A. Murphy Jeffrey T Murray Loren Naylor Terrru N. Niskonen Demerri Pappas Charles ft. Paro Elvis Pellaz Marianne Perez Michael K. Piirro Seniors 33Kevin W ftmenhouse Tomora 5 Scholl Timothy L Sreworr M choet W Stover Down M Skyer Lcso A. Sorg Charles D Stage Rex E Stewort Kerry L Svendsen Pomelo F. Tore Sherrie A Toylor Anita N Teigsrod Ann M Thornberry Deanna D. Finch Deborah K Tw ord KeZy J Updegroff Dovid W Vice Deno M Vice Dovid D Warner Jerald D. Woymire Kimberly S Werhne Martha J Whs er Joseph L White Term L Wolfe All Things Musr Come To An End!! M PeopJcSeniors nor pictured ore Randy Burron, Kenny Corron. Angelo K Chambers. Erie R Clark. Thomas E Gardner. Michael L. Sreworr. and Eddie A V esco. Michael 5. Wolff Abydo J. Wright John P Wright WMom A. Yates Srondng with rhe D J for rhe Vofenhnes Donee. Do Sommers from WNAP. ore Down Sbrer. Leah Rjchwine. Sandy Grohom. ond Krisri Ferrig These girts are OH members of rhe Spanish (Xt which sponsored rhe dance Tokmg rime our to pose for rhe camera is Teppo Ncskanen Teppo was a foreign exchange srudenr from Finland Mon Conner doesn't hove nme to pose for rhe camera because he is working hard on o Physics assignment Scniors 3536 PeopIeI Got Carried Away When . . . We got carried away and went Christmas carrolling in the 5r. Louis Holi-dome. — F.D.L.A. I got into 7rh grade and found our there were no more recesses. — Marls 5. Dads I haven't got carried away . . . "Yet." — Demetri Pappas I became severely ill and brolse out with hives every Friday causing me to miss a lor of school! — Debbie Twiford Left alone at Castle-ton Square with Mom's credit card! — Deth Murphy I starred playing tennis my senior year. — Shane Wolff After 12 years of school I found out I learned something. That 2+2=3! Sandy Graham I keep waiting to get carried way! — Kerry Svendson I was born! — Marry MaysThe Elwood Public Library is a very important place in the city of Elwood. The Elwood Library has many things to offer to the community. There is a wide variety of books to choose from and every summer the library sponsors the summer reading club for children. Not only does the lilbrary stand up to importance because of the knowledge from books that it holds, but also from the beauty the building holds itself. This building is a compliment to its city and the other building around it. The city of Elwood and its citizens should be proud of the library. T In Memory . . . Raymond Huffman was born on April 14, 1968 and passed away on October 5, 1985. His teachers said that he was a very good worker that liked to be on his own. They also described him as a very loyal person. He was a very nice boy. and was good to people. He loved coming to school just to be around them. Raymond’s hobbies were music and entertainment. His idol was Elvis Presely. Raymond himself often entertained the school by being in variety shows and singing in the choir. Raymond is often thought of by his friends and fellow students at ECHS. Sadly missed by her fellow classmates of 1986 is Cindy Neese. She was born on February 10, 1968, and she died in August 1984. Cindy’s parents are Byron and Laura Neese. Cindy-attended kindergarten at South Elwood and went to Edgewood Elementary School. She attended Elwood Jr. High School and completed two years at Elwood Community High School. Cindy was very interested in the business curriculum with math being her favorite subject and social studies being her least favorite. She worked as a pioneer, attended the Zion Chapel, and liked listening to music. Cindy was best described by her friends as nice, quiet, and very pleasant to be around. Shawn Courtney was the son of Rex and Ramona Courtney. He was born on September 20, 1968, and he died on November 7, 1984. As a kindergartener he attended South Elwood. For grades one through six he went to Oakland Elementary, and then, he went on to Elwood Jr. High School. Shawn attended almost a year and a half at Elwood Community High School. Shawn enjoyed entertaining other students and having fun. He was described as a "character,” but inside he was a very warm and capable person. Shawn’s favorite hobby was camping. He loved nature, and he loved doing things outdoors. 39Allen, Crista Alexander, Kathleen Amick, Edward Ball, Brian Ball, Dawn Barnett, Lori Bastian, Marc Beeman, Mike Beeman, Samantha Beeman, Scott Boll, Lisa Boll, Richard Bowyer, Samantha Boyland, Robby Brannen, Clayton Brewer, Melissa Cannon, Jerry Carter, Paul Casto, Lori Casto, Mary Chestnut, Jerry Childress, Everett Clymer, Tracy Collins, Angela JUNIOR CLASS STEERING COMMITTEE — Row 1: Tracy May. Row 2: Angie Morrow, Teresa Mays, and Heidi Cook. Row 3: Paul Rice, Kristin McQuitty, Dawn Hall. Cherie Mengelt, Brian Frazier, Jeremy Jones, Kelly Keene, Gina Hoffer, and Mrs. Austin (class sponsor). The junior class had a very busy year in 85 and 86. A first for the juniors this year was participating in the powder-puff football game at homecoming. The juniors didn t win this game, but they hope to carry on the tradition and win as seniors in 1987. A big responsibility for the juniors was the planning of the 1986 Prom. The theme that the class picked was “Stairway to Heaven”. 40 PeoplcCook, Heidi Cos ton, Shari Cox, Shelly Creamer, Tom Creech, Scott Croy, Kelly Davis, Chris Davis, John DeLong, Darren DeLong, Mike Dietzer, Shawn Edwards, Mike Eliserio, Linda Farr, Ray Faulstich, Marsha Faulstich, Tammy Felton, Russell Fernung, Keith Fettig, Lance Foor, April Foor, Patricia Frazier, Brian Fuller, Paige Gibbons, Sharon Gilbert, Sheryl Griffith, Tim Groover, Lisa Gw inn, Greg Haas, Chris Hancock, Denita Juniors 41Haskett, Ricky Hicks, Trent Hobbs, Michelle Hofer, Scott Hoffer, Gina Holliday, Tom Hollo well, Melissa Holtclaw, Jerry Hoover, Chuck Ingram, Stacey Jackson, Subrena John, Matt Jones, Chad Jones, Brian Jones, Eric Jones, Jeremy Jones, Paul Jones, Susan Jones, Thurman Kantner, Rhonda Keene, Kelly Kelich, Keith Kelly, Anna Kerr, Dwayne Lamb, Donald Lane, Emily Long, Kathryn Lovell, Trisha Luyet, Tom Lyons, Desiree McCabe, Maria McCray, Gary McGuire, Angie McMullen, David McQuitty, Kristin Martin, James May, Tracy Maynard, Steve Mays, Teresa Mead, Tammy Mengelt, Cherie Miller, Sindy 2Moody, Morris Moore, Jodi Morris, Debbie Morrow, Angie Mottweiler, Beth Mullen, Trisha Nickles, Elaine Nugent, Paula Parker, Cathy Phenis, Bryan Pick ell, Danny Pickell, Donny Ploughe, Bobbie Preston, Jack Rice, Paul Rich, Jeff Rider, Karina Riley, Shannon Roller, Charles Rominger, Matt Shallenberger, Angie Shallenberger, Julie Short, Fred Simmons, Jodi Heidi Cook has been studying history in the library. She works in the library during second hour, so she has time to do some extra homework. People 43Simpson, Linda Smith, Joani Smith, Kathy Smith, Stephanie Snyder, Brian Stiner, Steve Stone, Jay Swinford, Diana Turner, Brian Turner, David Updegraff, Mike Van Ness, Shawn Vest, Saul Vetor, Marcus Wallace, Tom Weismiller, Junior White, Mary Will hoi te, Wayne Williams, Charles Williams, Tim Wines, Susan Young, Debbie Zech, Dwight Zink, Greg Due to error, these junior pictures are out ofalphe-hetical order, Michele Harrell, Bryan Robbins, and Char Short. Matt John, junior, is a library aide to Mrs. Austin during sixth hour. Student aides performed a variety of duties at ECHS. Juniors not pictured: Rachael Arbucklc, Trent Cooper, Amy Dauenhauer, William Davenport, Steve Fesler, John Hues ton, Marckel Crist Long, and Pat Phillips.Linda Eliserio seems co be very happy holding this bouquet of balloons. Everyone loves to get balloons at school. Juniors 45Abner, Jodi Arnold, Shane Baker, Mary Ball, Anna Baiser, Dino Barnes, Scott Barton, Charlie Beecher, Deanna Beeman, Paul Belisle, Tresha Bell, Michelle Bellamy, Tina Blackford, Pat Blanton, Jenny Borst, Steve Bradburn, Robin Brooks, Allen Burk, Sidney Burke, Kathy Burris, Randy Cass, Theresa Chambers, Trina Clouser, Sheri Collins, Kelli Conoway, Tara Copus, Chuck Coston, James Courtney, Jay Curry, Debbie Daleure, Ellaine 46 PeopleDever, Robert DeWitt, Jenni Din ken, Amy Dixon, Sean Down ham, Lori Duncan, Joe Ellis, Robert Elsten, Dana Etchison, John Everson, Chuck Faulstich, Eric Faulstich, Tim Femung, Eric Foley, Ann Foor, Anna Fowler, Leslie Frazier, Amy Frazier, Bart Frazier, Ann Frye, Larry Garcia, Patty Gibson, Brad Green, James Griffith, Brad The 1985-86 Sophomore Steering Committee — Row 1 — Derek Paquin, Andy Hussong. Row 2 — DinoBalser, Troy Hicks, Angela Higgins, Michelle McOuitty, John Etchison, Sponsor Mrs. Parker. Row 3 — Nathan Hood, Kelli Collins, Heather VanNess, Candi Morrisett, Chuck Everson. Absent for the picture was Angie Martin. Groover, Mark The 1985-86 Sophomore Steering Committee was very active this year. Mrs. Parker is the sponsor for the sophomores. Along with Mrs. Parker organizing the candy sales this group of outgoing students helped decorate a pick-up truck for the homecoming parade. The parents of Dino Balser donated the use of their truck for the sophomores. Several students took the time to decorate the truck with red and blue balloons and streamers. The annual candy bar sales took place during the fall. Mrs. Parker encouraged the sophomores to sell, sell, sell because the profit will go toward their junior-senior prom. An incredible $1,000 was collected. Only about $ 1,000 is needed to complete the total needed for their prom in 1986. The Sophomores are really looking forward to their upcoming years. Sophomorc 47Hahn, Brad Hamm, Lorie Hardebeck, Jean Hardin, Robyn Harris, James Harris, Mike Harting, Teri Hartman, Tony Heady, Tracy Heater, Tina Heaton, Michelle Hicks, Troy Higgins, Angela Hinds, Todd Hood, Nathan Hoover, Tony Howell, Shane Huff, Angie Huffman, Raymond Humph ryes, Lisa Hunsberger, Audie Hunt, Todd Hussong, Andy Hyman, Peggy Israel, Chris Jackman, Mike Jarrell, Christy Jones, Christy Jones, Jimmy Jones, Jena Kleyla, Joel Knotts, Lisa Lane, Missy Lane, Kris Lane, Teresa Larson, Carrie 48 PeoplcLaShure, Jamie La were nee, Sherry Lawson, Shelly Lehman, Kevin Lovell, Tina Lovell, Tracy Luther, Scott Luyet, Jenny Lynch, Shelly Maddox, Shannon Marcuson, Greg Martin, Angie Martin, Doug McCord, Rodney McCracken, Sheri McMullen, Jerri McQuitty, Michelle Miller, Amy Miller, Annelisa Mireles, Sam Mitchell, Diane Morrisett, Candi Morrow, Robby Mort, Laurie Sophomore. Tara Conaway, sits in the library during Driver's Education. The library is a common place to find sophomores who are anxious to get their license. • ... . Bill Sims smiles for the camera while doing sit ups in Advanced Phys. Ed. Advanced Phys. Ed. is for those who didn't get their fill of it their freshman year. Sophomore. Amy Frazier, poses for a picture in Geometry class. You can always find Amy smiling even if it is when she is in Geometry. Sophomores 49Mullins, Martha Naylor, Bryon Noone, Amy Nugent, Daniel Paquin, Derek Parry, Tony Peel, Kim Perkins, Brian Phillips, Daniel Pratt, Lisa Pritchard, Judy Rice, Tracey Rich wine, Mark Roberson, Paul Romig, Julie Romine, Doug Salinas, Teresa Sanders, Tom Scott, Amy Shaw, Penny Shelby, Jerry Shepard, Lynne Short, Gene Shrock, Paul Simpson, Thelma Sims, Bill Slayton, Kurt Slayton, Lisa Sowash, Jim Stacy, Kim Stage, Kent Stephens, Craig Stockdale, Diann Stover, Eric Stunkard, Hershall Stutzman, Charles 50 PeopleSvendsen, Corry Swinford, Joseph Taylor, Jennifer Taylor, Tracy Thompson, Jerry Tumulty, Kim Tunnell, Christy Tunnel I, David Unroe, Amy VanBuskirk, Paula Van Ness, Heather Vetor, Sherry Warner, Karen Waymire, Deeann Weismiller, William Wesseler, Kenneth Wheeler, Trade White, Pam Wright, J.C. Wyatt, Roberta Wyatt, Tammy York, Angel Vice, Wendy Zink, Phil Shelly Lawson and Kelli Jo Collins pose tor the camera while they prepare to'deliver balloons on Valentines Day. Sophomore Heather VanNess is shown here as she slides down the rail before school. Behind Heather is Shelly Lawson. These girls were goofing off in their spare time, a favorite hobby of all over students. Pcoplc 5l52 Frosh Angell, Johnny Arbuckle, Chris Armstrong, Jeanne Ash, Jon Barton, Kim Beeman, Jack Beeman, Jimmy Beeman, Johnny Beeman, Melissa Beeman, Thomas Beeman, William Bixby, Tammy Bogard, Troy Bolander, Michael Boles, Max Bowyer, David Brummett, Angela Bryan, Michelle Bunch, John Burdsall, Rod Capps, Teresa Casas, Englentina Chaffin, Scott Champion, Rich Charlton, Michael Chestnut, Linda Childress, Katrina Chriss, Lisa Cline, Joe Collins, Tamara Coston, Max Courtney, Mark Cummings, Allen Stacey Hoppel is a very active member of the class of 89. This shows when you look at the number of clubs and activities that she participates in. Stacey is a member of Latin Club and Student Council. She also participates in cross country and basketball. It seems like this busy girl is using her much needed study hall.Curtis, Rae Anne Dauenhauer, Carrie Daugherty, Aleshch Davis, Stephanie Decker, Heidi Dellinger, Tammy Dial, John Edgell, Satin Emery, David Ennis, Rachann Fettig, Lynn Finan, Kathleen Foor, Deborah Fox, Jera Frazier, Robert Frye, Rob Garner, Gabe Gibbons, Joby Gines, Clint Gosnell, Stacey Graham, Wade Griffey, Thomas Groover, Amy Gwinn, Ginger Haneline, Tyler Hankley, Matt Hansen, Teresa Harris, Michelle Harting, Karcna Hayward, Deno Heater, Tonya Heflin, Kyle Hester, Jason Freshman. Kim Robinson, shows the way most student feel about study hall. It was really rather boring!! Even though study hall wasn't much fun, it was better than having seven classes. Frosh 53Hobbs, Matthew Hoffman, Michael Holford, Shawn Hoppel, Stacey Hubble, Kari Hudson, James Hueston, Melissa Hughes, Jody Hunsberger, Jason Israel, Nikki Jarrell, Scott John, Kent Jones, Katherine Jones, Tina Kantner, Michael Kelich, Daphne Kelly, Jennifer Kerr, Kerri Kleinbub, Jason Knotts, Kimberly Knotts, Robert Lane, Pamela Lee, Marci Lewis, Colette Linder, Jennifer Loar, Shawn Loepke, Gloria Logan, Loredna Luyet, Melissa Lyons, Penny McCool, Sonya McCord, Candi McCord, Robert Freshman, Alan Meyer, is shown in woods class taking a test. Looking dreadfully at the |ucstions he is hoping for the answers to pop into his head. Woods is a highly popular class for the incoming freshman boys and even for some girls. 54Chris Arbuckle, a member of the class of ’89, appears to be doing some make up work outside of his class in the hall. It’s best to try to be at school ever)1 day possible; because when vou return, the make up work is a bear. McGuire, Koby McPhearson, Erika McTaggart, Dalynda Martin, Joey Maynard, Kathy Metz, Amber Meyer, Alan Mitchell, Scott Mitchell, Becky Moody, Wally Morris, Jeffrey Morris, Robert Morrisett, Carla Morrow, Tricia Moss, Christa Mottweiler, Robert Murphy, Sean Nance, Sheila Nichelson, William Noone, Chris Ochoa, Deon Parish, Lisa Parker, Shane Pavan, Charolette Payne, Crissy Pedro, Michelle Peeper, Mike Perkins, Darcy Porter, Steven Raines, Beth Raper, Marla Reynolds, Bill Rice, Matthew- 55Rickabaugh, Bobby Rittcnhouse, Jack Robinson, Kim Roby, Mia Roller, Larry Russell, James Russell, Michael Sallee, Dan Sanders, Anna Lisa Scholl, Christina Scholl, Joseph Sexton, Lisa Shepard, Toni Sizelove, Max Slayton, Richard Slater, Brent Small, Shawn Smith, Eric Smith, Shawn Sorg, Bobby Speer, Jan Springer, Staci Stafford, James Stafford, Leonard Stage, Greg Standridge, Christopher Stanton, Jeff Steffler, Tammy Stevens, Corina Stephens, Donald Stewart, Kristina Stickler, Troy Stockdale, Mark Freshman. Marci Lee, sits down for a Mountain Dew-after a long hard day at school. Marci is getting ready to make posters for a basketball game. 56 FroshScone, Mike Sullivan, David Tippey, Richey Tolle, Melanie Townsend, Donald Troyer, Barbie Turner, Susan Updegraff, Cathy Updegraff, Kevin Vest, Stacey Werline, Kevin White, James Whitinger, Brian W'ilhoit, Ruth Williams, Anita Williams, Bryan Williams, Scott Wilson, Jill Wolff, Niki WTight, Robby Yates, Sarena York, Roger Young, Beth The class of 1989 Steering Committee: Freshman, Shannon Hinds, takes a break from doing Row I: Niki Wolff. Daphne Kelich, Lynne Fettig, Stacey (iosnell, Carrie Daucnhaucr. Mia Roby. Jeanne her homework in study hall to smile for the camera. Armstrong, and Kari Hubble. Row 2: Gabc Garner and Amy Groover. The Freshman Steering Committee started out their first year at ECHS by holding a candy sale in October and putting money in their account. The steering committee got much input from their classmates and the sale was a success. To get involved in the homecoming activities, the Frosh entered a truck in the homecoming parade. Several of the freshmen rode in the back of the truck and used the theme of "The last Straw for the Blackford Bruins.” Next came the big event that all the freshmen look forward to when entering high school. The steering committee picked out the style of jackets that their classmates would buy. They evidently made a wise choice because more than 90 freshmen bought one and are now wearing their class jackets. 57 FroshSophomore, Tina Lovell, seems to be in another world. Something seems to have distracted Gabe Garner from class. Kari Hubble, the library aide, smiles for the camera. Juniors Marc Bastian, Chuck Hoover, and Paul Rice appear to be enjoying their U.S. History class. Matt John is caught by surprise by a photographer. Matt Hobbs and Rod Burdsall sit down for a slush puppy. Kelly Keene seems to be working extra hard on her homework. S8 PcoplcSophomores, Jay Courtney, J.C. Wright, Angel York, and Michelle McQuitty, seem to be busy in Geometry. Junior, Wayne Wilhoite, shows off what he has made. Senior, Cliff Hoskins, seems to be working hard on his homework. Larry Gibson looks puzzled by something. Paula VanBuskirk, Amy Frazier, Troy Hicks, and Kathy Burke seem to have found something interesting. Charlie Barton is shown in action during Advanced PE. People 59New Middle School Planned Superintendent Mr. Merritt has adapted to computerization. He is seen here checking his electronic mailbox. The new building includes a complete middle school to house grades 6-7-8 with all the necessary classrooms, labs, gymnasium, offices. and cafeteria facilities for serving that group with an expected enrollment of 560. It is expected that actual construction will start in the middle of June. 1986 and be completed two years from that date. The new building will have a music area that will be shared by the middle school and the high school. This area will include a larger band rehearsal room and a choral room for vocal music and a general music classroom. The high school will have two new art rooms and two new science labs. An auditorium will be located between the two buildings and will also have an outside entrance for the public. This facility will seat 802 persons on one floor. It will have an orchestra pit with a specially built cover so that this area can also be used as part of the stage. A natatorium will be located next to the auditorium between the two buildings with a pool which is 45 feet wide by 75 feet long. It will have a tiled deck with diving boards on one end of the pool. Seating for approximately 200 people will be provided on one side of the pool. The front drive on the north side of the high school will be moved approximately 100 feet further north and will look through an arch into the outside entrance to the auditorium and natatorium. A new soft-ball field is planned next to the high school baseball field on the south side of that area. The entire project will cost a total of about $12,500,000 including all construction costs, architect fees, legal costs, and construction management fees. The new middle school and the new areas of the high school will be ready for use at the beginning of the 1988-89 school year. George Dudley Richard Merritt Asst. Superintendent Superintendent Members of the School Board are Cathy Goins. Marilyn Thornberry. Bob Abernathy. Tom Cassidy, and Bob Savage. These people are very important in the Elwood school system. 60 School BoardNCA Visitation Strengthens School The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools conducted a visitation at E.C.H.S. on April 8-1 I. 1986. to evaluate programs, facilities and instruction as well as other educationally related factors. Mr. Harry Kelley, principal of Angola High School, was the visitation team chairman, and twelve other educators throughout Indiana served on the team. After four days of study and investigation. Mr. Kelley conducted an exit report which summarized the week and listed a few of the strengths of the school. He also included several recommendations which the team felt could make the school even stronger. School personnel began preparation for the NCA visitation during the 1983-84 school year. The steering committee was formed and had its first meeting in the spring and also attended a conference at Indiana University in the summer of 1984. This conference was sponsored by the NCA for the purpose of helping schools prepare for the self-study, host a visitation team and conduct appropriate follow-up. During the 1984-85 year the first three general reports were completed so that other reports could follow in logical sequence. The bulk of the self-study was conducted in the fall of the 1985-86 school year. The faculty, some students, and some parents participated in numerous meetings in order to complete all reports and examine them in detail. Each faculty member served on a minimum of two committees. The secretaries provided much time in typing all reports and making copies available for committee members, administrators and NCA visitors. Mr. Paquin believed that some important changes will result from the NCA report which will help to make our school system stronger. The visitation gave school personnel an opportunity to experience the opinions and thoughts of outsiders. and this has had the effect of reassurance and support for existing programs and methods of instruction. While the NCA evaluation monopolized much administration time, other issues of importance to students also emerged. Elwood High School is somewhat behind on the establishment of an athletic code. Our first year with a code was not especially smooth as several segments of the school and city populations expressed negative opinions. The intention of the code is positive, and the effort to have a good code is admirable. However, it appears that continued study and revision are appropriate. Most of the athletes seemed to accept the code fairly well, but several had some legitimate concerns. Although acceptance was fairly widespread, general feelings were negative among the athletes. We need to work to improve the code and include student involvement in the final draft. With the exception of a number of students who are apathetic toward their education, this has been a good school year. We have an excellent teaching staff, an excellent selection of courses for all students, a fine extracurricular array of activities, many examples of student involvement and success, and a generally happy school populace. These things helped to make this a good school year. James Compton Asst. Principal Gordon Paquin Principal Dan Rayshich Earl Watson Asst. Voc. Director Voc. Director Mr. Paquin and Mr. Compton are holding one of their many important conferences. The John H. Hinds Area Vocational School offers a wide aria of classes from welding to office training. The vocational school stresses more hands on training than actual bookwork. Administration 6lKaren Abel Mathematics Beverly Austin Librarian Marilyn Barnett Business Sue Bogard A.V. Secretary Tony Boley Science Michael Bomholt Social Science Annette Briscoe Phil Brown Mike Burdsall Diane Daleyre Terry Delph Steve Demuth English Social Science Science Cafeteria Manager Voc. Building Business Trades Debra Durm Charles Faust Karen Fettig Don Fortner Diana Garner Don Garner School Nurse Vocational Voc. Flealth Industrial Arts Foreign Language Mathematics Electronics Occupations Miss House Retires!! Miss Betty House has been in the education field for forty-three and a half years. She has been a teacher, as well as a guidance counselor. She taught at Fortville and Mount Vernon before coming to Elwood. At Elwood she taught in the business department before taking the job as guidance counselor. Miss House spent twenty-five years as an Elwood guidance counselor. She received her degree from Indiana University. The Crecent staff would like to congratulate Miss House for the years of service she has dedicated to ECHS. Miss Betty House will be greatly missed. 62 Faculty-Staff Elwood Community High School ■? I Kenneth Harris Vocational Welding Elizabeth Herndon Larry Hobbs English Health Driver Education I Phil Huffman Science Mark Hughes Physical Education Mick Jarrett Vocational Machine Shop Julie Johnson Health Driver Education Janice Kaye Alan Knapp Psychometrist Industrial Arts Mrs. Briscoe Receives Grant In November of 1985 Mrs. Briscoe and Mrs. Sullivan attended a Language Arts Conference at Indiana University. While at the conference. Mrs. Briscoe attended a class “Teaching a Research Paper”, which was lectured by Professor Krull. At the end of the conference. Dr. Farr, host of this event, announced that any of the participants could submit a proposal on ideas for their classrooms from one of the lectures attended for a grant. Mrs. Briscoe submitted a proposal on the lecture she attended from Professor Krull. In January Mrs. Briscoe was notified by Dr. Farr that she was chosen one of four out of the state of Indiana to win a $100 grant for her proposal. The money from the grant went for new textbooks with articles in them for her students to read. Mrs. Briscoe feels that students should be able to read or listen to someone else's ideas, digest it into a summary, form their own opinion, react to the opinion, and provide others with another person's view. This is called taking a step. Mary Konanz Gary Linder Rhonda Anna May Darrell McQuitt’, Raeanna Merritt Vocational Business Luurstema McQuitty Athletic Director Social Science Business Mathematics Art Pcople 65Superintendent secretaries were Emily Leavell. Mary Frances Wright. Jane Davis, and Barbara Kurtz. Each secretary had a certain position in which they worked under at the administrative building. These ladies are a very important part of the Elwood Community School Corporation. John Hinds Area Vocational School secretaries for the 1985-86 school year were Gretchen Watson. Cathy Ogden. Joanna Etchison. and Nancy Mitchell. These ladies helped to contribute a lot of hard work to the running of the vocational school. Secretaries are very important to the school. The Elwood Community High School secretaries were not just secretaries to the students and faculty, but also people who were very helpful and understanding throughout the school year. The secretaries are Kandi Courtney. Sue Rogard. Carol Courtney, and Susan Dudley. Joan Mercer Tom Pantos Darren Paquin Melinda Parker Debra Pearson James Pearson English Guidance English Mathematics Mathematics Industrial Arts Linda Personette Physical Education Jane Scharff Foreign Language Roger Shanks Vocational Auto Mechanics Steven Shettle Industrial Arts Paula Simmons Music Lori Smith English Joanne Sullivan English Janet Trowbridge Special Education June VanWagner Guidance Diana Weddell Special Education Ronda Winger Home Economics Robert Woodruff Vocational Auto Body 64 Faculty. Staff Roberta Welker English Joe Williams Industrial Arts Helen Wittkamper Home Economics Barbara Yates Science During Halloween all the teachers participated in dressing up and surprising the students. Mrs. Trowbridge. Mrs. Spangler. Mrs. Welker. Mrs. Scharff. and Miss Mercer are shown participating. Ms. Jane Scharff. Spanish teacher, shows off for the yearbook camera while she does the hula during "Lew Al" day. Ms. Scharff is the sponsor of El Espanol (Spanish) Club, member of the H-team which sponsors the honors program, and cheerleading sponsor. Ms. Scharff kept the Spanish Club busy by holding the annual Spanish Festival. Bells and Beaus which was the Valentines Dance and the lip sync contest with the student council. As cheerleading sponsor. Ms. Scharff learned how to help the girls promote school spirit and how to create new cheers and chants. The 1985-86 school year saw Ms. Scharff as a permanent member of the faculty at ECHS. Ms. Scharff has a son. Kert. What Teachers Mean To Me . . . "They are the rain drops which bring forth the petals of knowledge.' — Sandy Graham "The thorns of a rose that stick you right in your pupil!” — Beth Murphy "They are footsteps into the realm of knowledge.' — Shawn Van Ness "They are feathers that tickle my nose and give me a rash on my body." — Mark S. Back "Homework!" — John Etchison ‘They help you learn a lot and give you new experiences." — Bill Reynolds "They are encouraging and put out a lot of effort." — Kris Lane "If it is Dave Hoffman, they mean a lot.” — Larry Gibson "They are understanding. — Lisa Chriss ‘Motivation!” — Shawn Dietzer "Teachers are easy to get along with.” — Scott Jarrell 'They are nice and special!" — Pam TateAutographs 66 AutographsPeople Who Work Hard At ECHS Working hard to make the facilities at ECHS a better place is how the custodians spend their days, while the cooks prepare the lunches, and the bus drivers get the students to school on time each day. Hard work is nothing new to these people and hard work is what they do when they are at ECHS. The custodians must keep the school in its best shape. This is something that every staff member and student should appreciate. Who would want to come into an unclean school? The cooks work hard to prepare very nutrious and well balanced lunches for the students and administration. Mrs. Daleure, cafeteria manager, tries to give the students a variety of different types of food. There were many new additions to the school menu this year. A favorite for the students seemed to be the taco bake, nachos, and chicken and noodles. The bus drivers had to get the students to school in rain or shine. Bus drivers had to put up with noisy kids and long lines of traffic. A big thank you goes to the cooks, custodians, and bus drivers of our school system. We appreciate their hard work. The cooks who prepared the delicious meals for the school were Glen Slate, Denise Mosbaugh, Rosie Hancock, Jean Caldwell, Jean Stewart, and Martha Bennett. Not pictured is head cook Diana Delure and Colcen Rickabaugh. Elwood Community High School custodians for the 1985-86 school year were George Thornbcrry, Don Plake, George Morgan, Richard Coleman, and Steve Savage. The Elwood Community Bus Drivers for the 1985-86 school year were Ruton Hartley, Mary Fredd, Rhonda Murrary, Judy Huffman, and Lynne Huffman. Mary Poole is working hard to prepare the towels for the physical education classes and for the athletic teams. Mary is a very hard worker and her smile made her alot of friends with the students. Workers 67My tastes very jsimpk ) like nothing but the best There is no sw , - ' A --' V ' roomjor compromise. Demand excellence of yourself.It attracts unusual success. Cu j OfiiX to'' Furnitu Making i' {( A A y ' ■ ff V • ;-■ rx ; a This piece of artwork was done by arc student Angel York, sophomore. This artwork was also displayed in the annual art show which was held at the high school. The beauty of the forest. This masterpiece was done by Tim Faulstich, sophomore. Tim is a very talented art student and has shown many of his talents through his art work. The industrial art department has displayed some of the many projects that students have made. Shown above are some award winning projects from the furniture making class and the machine woodworking class. Shane Howell and Donny Pickell both won state awards in woodworking.The Fun Life At ECHS!!! If getting involved in school activities is something that you enjoy, then ECHS has the clubs for you. If you are interested in foreign languages then why not join the Spanish club or Latin club. If you enjoy student government, then Student Council is the place you should be. If you like nature and science then sign yourself up for Science club. The clubs at ECHS did many things this year. The Science club went on its annual canoe trip, while FBLA went to contest. Spanish club became very active by sponsoring the Bows and Beaus dance, lip sync contest, and the Spanish festival. Student Council once again held the most activities. A new club was formed, Students Against Drunk Driving. Clubs are a very vital part of ECHS. Many students find that the clubs help them meet new people, make new friends, and have all types of fun. It is hoped that in the future Preparing to deliver the balloons for the Student Council St. Valentines Day balloon sale are Mrs. Yates, Kelli Jo Collins, and other members of the Student Council. The Student Council sponsored many fun events throughout the year. Lets do the twist or is it the jitterbug? Mrs. Scharff and Mrs. Yates show how they use to dance in the 50's during the 50's dance sponsored by Student Council. Look at those two go. Dine at Dave's!! This little character is a salute to a very well liked teacher at ECHS, Mr. Hoffman. more students will be more involved in the clubs. Awards Academic A wtrdi Sigma Phi Gamma Cindy Mitroff Kappa Della Phi Sandy Graham Debbie Twiford Della Theia Tau Carmen Headley Marjorie Cole Tri Kappa Krisn Fettig Mike Linder Leah Richwinc Kerry Ssendsen Gamma Sigma Beth Murphy D.A.A. 'rah Richwinc B.P.W. Beth Murphy Jack Fettig Memorial Scholarship Kerry Ssendsen Mangas Scholarships Scott Lawson Kim Lee Burke-Optimist Scholarship Marjorie Cole Virgil Ray Scholarship Jeff Murray Davenport Memorial Scholarship Pam Goins Allen Memorial Scholarship Scott Leisure Kim Lee Bethel Baptist Scholarship Cliff Hoskins Cindy Mitroff Beth Murphy Lady Lions Kerry Svcndscn Amy Hillard Lions Club Brian llowyc Kim Lee Joe Perkins Memorial Scholarship Beth Murphy Dchority Scholarship and Elks Scholarship Brian Howey Beth Murphy Teenager of the Year Matt Conner Class of 1986 Scholarships Tash McDaniel. Matt Conner. Shane Wolfe. Sandy Graham. Ann Thornberry Kiwanis Scholarship Jeff Lynas, Marjorie Cole. Kim Lee. Kerry Svendsen. Foreign Language Awards Kerry Ssendsen. Leah Richwinc Business Award Ann Thornberry Math Award Matt Conner. Brian Howey Brown Award Brian Howey Crescent Award Ann Thornberry. Kim Wcrline Journalism Award Kim Wcrline. Beth Murphy Poetry Award Sandy Graham Golden Key Award Jeff Lynas Social Studies Award Brian Howev. Dan Harting Home Economics Award April Gardner. Carmen Headley, Roxie Clark Industrial Arts Awards Danny Pickell. Jamie LaShure. Wally Moody. Mike Linder. Joby Gibbons. Jerry Shelby. Donny Pickell National School Choral Award Leah Richwinc John Phillip Sousa Award Pam Goins. Stacey Jack Academic All-Conference Awards Matt Conner. Mike Linder. Brian Howey. Scott Leisure, Marc Bastian. Heidi Cook. Greg Zink. Brian Phcnis, Sharon Gibbons Athletic Awards Brian Howey. Mike Stover, Jeff Lynas. Ray Holliday — blanket National Scholar — Athlete Award Kristi Fettig, Matt Conner Presidential Academic Award Kerry Ssendsen, Matt Conner. Leah Richwinc, Brian Howey, Scort Leisure. Tricia Grimes Purdue University Kerry Ssendsen, Kristi Fettig, Scott Leisure Rose Hulman Institute of Technology Mike Linder Ball State University Matt Conner, Brian Howey. Leah Richwme Hoosier Scholars Mike Linder. Leah Richwine 198’ Outstanding Students Scott Hofer. Sharon Gibbons Athletic Awuds Girls Tennis Angie Melvin Boys Tennis Troy Hicks Cross-Country Dino Balser Volleyball Tammy Burdsall Football Larry Gibson Girls basketball Kristi Fettig Gymnastics Amy N'oone Wrestling Chad Jones Basketball Matt John Girls Track Raeann Curtis Boys Track Morten Christensen Baseball Marc Bastian Golf Derek Paquin Cheerleader Kim Wcrlinc Girls All Sports Award Tammy Burdsall Boys All Sports Award Marc Bastian Outstanding Band Award Amy Hillard Organizations 69One of the main goals of National Honor Society was to recognize and promote service to our school and community. Therefore, N.H.S. members volunteered at school, church, and for community charitable functions. Activities for the year included guiding for open house and 8th grade orientation, ushering for commencement, and planning and participating in Tap Day. Through Honors and N.H.S., a new awarness has filtered through the student body and faculty; because of the new emphasis, many students have set personal goals to make better grades. The criteria for membership includes the completion of the N.H.S. service form, the completion of five semesters, and a 3.5 or higher g.p.a. A vote is taken by the nine member faculty N.H.S. committee in the categories of scholarship, character, service, and leadership. N.H.S. membership is a point of personal pride and character building accomplishment for the students. The junior members, top photo, are: H. Cook. T. Mays, A. Morrow, S. Gibbons, K. Keene, K. McQuitty, and G. Hotter. Back row, Mrs. Sullivan, S. Hofer, B. Phenis, M. Bastian, T. Hicks, B. Frazier, J. Weismiller, and Mrs. Luurtsema. Senior members, bottom photo, include: A. Thornberry, C. Headly, K. Fettig, A. Melvin, R. Cummings, and B. Murphy. Back row, Miss Mercer, K. Svendsen, M. Linder, S. Leisure, B. Howey, M. Conner, S. Graham, A. Hillard, and Mrs. Merritt, chairperson. Sponsors not pictured are Mr. Paquin, Mr. Compton, Mr. Watson, Miss Abel, and Mrs. Welker. This year's sponsors for the Honors program were Mrs. Merritt, Miss Mercer, Mrs. Scharff, and first semester, Mrs. McQuitty. The sponsors helped in the selection of Hoosier Scholar Award Recipients, and visited model school sites with gifted and talented programs. Participants in Honors must have a 3.4 g.p.a. or above, or be recommended by a teacher in a special area with a 2.35 g.p.a. or above. This program provides an opportunity to be challenged in enrichment activities beyond the classroom. Mr. Compton has initiated a new Honors sweater program which has revived even more positive achievement interest. Honors Students enjoy leadership and college preparatory seminars. Field trips were taken to Chicago, Brown County, Indianapolis Art Museum and Indianapolis Symphony, Mid-Winter Ballet, and a Pacer game. Row 1: Miss Mercer, Mrs. Scharff, J. Linder, M. Pedro, S. HoppeI, M. Tolle, A. Morrow, T. Mays, K. Collins, M. Lee, L. Fettig, M. Roby, Mrs. Merritt, Mrs. McQuitty. Row 2: A. Dinken, T. May, J. Lynas, M. Conner, M. Bastian, P. Rice, G. Hotter, K. McQuitty, K. Keene, K. Svendsen, A. Hillard, R. Tippey, and T. Hicks. Row 3: M. Stone, J. Gibbons, M. Kantner, J. Weismiller, B. Phenis, B. Frazier, M. Heaton, K. Burke, S. Graham, G. Hartman, A. Hussong, D. Paquin. Row 4: D. Mitchell, B. Howey, L. Gibson, K. Fernung, R. Farr, G. Zink, T. Lovell, H. VanNess, D. Beecher, A. Groover, M. McQuitty, A. Thornberry, P. Zink, J. Etchison. Row 5: J. Abner, J. Hester, R. Mullen, D. Emery, M. Linder, S. Hofer, S. Gibbons, S. VanNess, L. Sexton, B. Mottweiler, H. Cook, R. Cummings, C. Headley, M. McCabe. Row 6: A. Higgins, J. Luyet, S. Nance, B. Raines, J. Armstrong, T. Hansen, T. Shepard, B. Murphy, L. Rich wine, K. Fettig, D. Twiford, T. Anderson, S. Williams, R. McCord, K. Barton. H o n o r S 0 c 1 e t y H o n o r s Organizationsu d e n t C Beth Murphy, president; Leah Rich wine, vice-president; Sharon Gibbons, secretary; and Crista Allen, treasurer led this year’s council activities. Some of the events enjoyed were the powder-puff football game, the successful lip sync contest, the after game dances, and the cookie and balloon sales. Projects provided funds to purchase signs for the school and benches for the halls. Student Council provided as many activities as possible, and made purchases for the school. Barbara Yates sponsored this organization. 0 u n c 1 I R. 1: S. Hoppel, C. Dauenhauer, G. Hotter, A. Groover, K. McQuitty, C. Men gelt, D. Beecher, T. Lovell, H. Van Ness, J. Linder. R. 2: A. Morrow, S. Lawson, C. Allen, S. Gibbons, B. Murphy, L. Rich wine, Mrs. Yates, M. Toll. R. 3: T. Mays, K. Collins, K. S vend sen, S. Rickabaugh, L. Sorg, C. Barr, C. Mitroff, T. Burdsall, T. McDaniel, H. Cook. G. Garner, E. Daleure, M. Roby, M. Pedro. R. 4: M. McQuitty, K. Burke, A. York, C. Hoover, P. Rice, B. Phenis, M. Back, S. Helpling, B. Frazier, J. Gibbons, S. Wolff, C. Everson, M. Linder, R. Tippey, R. McCord, T. Wheeler. Friends, Beth Murphy and Cindy Mitroff, display their talents on the staff. They show that even though it is a lot of hard work, it also can be fun! Joanne Sullivan sponsors the Megaphone, the high school newspaper. Beth Murphy was the editor this year. Seven issues were published during the year, and a small staff worked hard to put a good paper with articles of interest to students and faculty. Working on the Megaphone staff provided the opportunity to learn how to conduct an interview and to organize thoughts and materials in news-writing style. Students develops a better understanding of newspapers and what they contain. The staff is chosen by careful screening, hoping to attract those willing to accept the responsibilities involved with obtaining the news, writing the articles, and meeting the printing deadlines. A candy sale helped provide funds to cover expenses and give the staff experience in handling money. A J-Day field trip was attended along with the Crescent staff. Members of the staff are seated left to right: S. Vest, B. Murphy, C. Mitroff, M. Heaton, and H. Stunkard. Standing are left to right: E. Daleure, J. Lynas, R. Kantner, B. Snyder, P. McDaniel, Mrs. Sullivan, and J. White. Organizations ? 1Row 1: J. Duncan, Mrs. Scharff; sponsor, S. Graham, D. Slater, L. Rich wine, C. Mitroff, and T. Grimes. Row 2: S. Hinds, T. Collins, S. Jack, M. McCabe, P. Goins, G. Leopke, B. Murphy, M. Bastian, S. Borst, A. Hussong, D. Sullivan, and B. Slater. Row 3: T. Casas, K. Kerr, P. Nugent, A. Collins, S. Gilbert, L. Pratt, L. Knotts, T. Lovell, K. Keene, C. Allen, J. Armstrong, and K. Stewart. Row 4: L. Shepard, K. Childress, A. Brum-met, K. Jones, C. Stage, T. Heady, M. McQuitty, J. Romig, K. Slayton, and H. Decker. Row 5: L. Sexton, R. Kantner, A. McGuire, J. Hudson, S. Smith, B. Whitinger, D. Vice, S. Springer, N. Wolfe, and M. Hankley. Row 6: N. Hood, K. Finan, T. Heater, C. Maynard, K. Barton, J. An-gell, D. Emery, J . Hester, R. Knotts, and J. Rittenhouse. This year's officers included Leah Rich wine; President Kristi Fettig; Vice-President, Sandy Graham; Secretary, and Dawn Slater; Treasurer. The fall party was a hayride and hot dog roast with Latin Club. They joined Latin Club at Christmas time for games, food, music, and the traditional breaking of the pina-ta. These guys showed us that even though canoeing takes energy, it’s a lot of fun. Canoeing was so popular that Science Club took two trips this year. Row 1: S. Rickabaugh, S. Gibbons, B. Beam an, G. Garner, C. Hoskins, D. Beecher, and Mrs. Garner; sponsor. Row 2: S. Hofer, D. Vice, M. Hobbs, S. Frye, K. Collins, M. John, M. Tolle, L. Chriss, R. Frye, J. Gibbons, and J. Linder. Row 3: G. Hinds, S. Jones, M. Brewer, M. Lee, S. Gosnell, S. Vest, A. Sanders, A. Daughtery, S. McCool, A. Noone, E. Daleure, and S. Hoppel. Row 4: C. Barr, T. McDaniel, S. Graham, L. Han-shew, S. Beeman, C. Svendsen, A. Ball, T. Hansen, M. Roby, and M. Luyet. Row 5: J. Blackford, J. Luyet, T. Cass, J. Jones, C. Jarrell, C. Noone, D. Bo wyer, D. Sallee, R. Champion, M. Pedro, L. Down ham, K. Peel, and M. Bell. Row 6: R. McCord, A. Dauenhauer, J. Shallenberger, D. Nugent, T. Faulstich, D. Balser, R. Morrow, M. Stone, A. Frazier, and D. Mitchell. Row 7: C. Dauenhauer, K. Hubble, J. Bunch, E. McPhear-son, J. Kelly, M. Rice, A. Groover, M. Heaton, O. VanNess, C. Morriestt, C. Everson, R. Burris, K. Burke, and R. Lewis. Latin Club members had the opportunities to visit new places, make new friends, try new foods, and grow with Latin. 72 OrganizationsRow 1: Mr. Huffman; sponsor, D. Slater, B. Howey, M. Conner, S. Leisure, S. Helpling, M. Back, S. Lawson, J.C. Wright, M. Haskett, M. Mays, and M. Rominger. Row 2: L. Rich wine, K. C Svendsen, A. Hillard, T. Mays, K. Collins, M. John, B. Frazier, K. McQuitty, K. Keene, J. Gib- bons, and D. Sullivan. Row 3: C. Stage, S. Jack, S. Jones, L. Hans hew, S. Gibbons, C. Allen, M. - Bastian, C. Mengelty, P. Rice, K. Rider, A. Mor- row, and A. McGuire. Row 4: B. Murphy, C. Mi-troff, C. Barr, T. McDaniel, S. Graham, P. Garcia, € S. Cox, J. Simmons, R. Wyatt, A. Miller, L. Knotts, L. Humphryes, and M. Edwards. Row 5: n A. Teigstad, J. Luyet, T. Cass, J. Jones, C. Jarrell, J. Armstrong, M. Pedro, M. Roby, L. Down-Q ham, K. Peel, M. Bell, E. Daleure, and T. May. Row 6: B. Phenis, R. McCord, C. Dauenhauer, K. g Hubble, D. Balser, N. Wolfe, S. Springer, M. Stone, A. Frazier, D. Mitchell, and C. Hoskins. Row 7: S. Barnes, T. Rice, S. Rickabaugh, J. Romig, M. McQuitty, T. Lovell, H. Van Ness, C. Morrisett, C. Everson, K. Burke, D. Beecher, P. VanBuskirk, and J. Abner. Anyone is welcome to join the club. Pat McDaniel, Trisha Lovell, and Joe White are working on an art project. With plenty of work to be done, three isn’t a crowd in this case. Row 1: B. Paro, M. Bryan, T. Haneline, and T. Rice. Row 2: Mrs. McQuitty; sponsor, S. Howell, K. Geisselbrecht, S. Barnes, L. Hanshew, A. Miller, and G. Hinds. Row 3: M. Groover, C. Allen, S. Gibbons, M. Hobbs, and B. Rickabaugh. Row 4: T. Faulstich, J. Etchison, and G. Hare. A goal of Art Club is to establish a respectable collection of student and professional art for the appreciation and enjoyment of our students and our community. We want to provide the opportunities for participation in culturally enriching activities. Members helped to earn the money to finance our trips, selling donuts, suckers, and jewelry. Art Club went to the Chicago Art Institute to see a program on Halley’s Comet, and to Cincinnati Art Museum to see an exhibit on Franz Kline, the artist. We purchased a painting in Nashville for the Indiana artists collection in the high school. Officers included President; Shawn VanNoss, Vice-President; Scott Hofer, Secretary; Crista Allen, Treasurer; Sharon Gibbons, Activities Director; Anna Lisa Miller, with Anna May McQuitty as Sponsor. 73The Future Business Leaders of America is a national organization in which to develop leadership skills and business skills. Through this organization students are able to meet students from other states as well as students from Indiana. They get an opportunity to compete in contests involving skills in various business categories. El wood High School organized FBLA in 1966; this year they are celebrating their 20th Anniversary. Mr. Hoppel and Mrs. Barnett are the sponsors of Elwood's FBLA organization. There are no qualifications to be in FBLA, but you do have to be on the business curriculum. FBLA sold frames, mirrors, and candy bars to put money in their account. Various members of the organization have participated in contests. Pictured to the right is the FBLA organization. Row 1: M. Christensen, A. Hillard, A. Thornberry, R. Cummings, T. Anderson, R. Foor, K. Harting, and S. Boyer. Row 2: L. Sorg, B. Murphy, G. Garner, L. Down ham, M. Burdette, L. Barnett, T. Heater, D. Foor, S. Wolff, and L. Gibson. Row 3: Mr. Hoppel, L. Casto, T. Wheeler, K. Collins, D. Beecher, C. Pavan, K.. Kerr, C. Jones, P. McDaniel, and Mrs. Barnett. Junior Samantha Boyer is shown at the typewriter in Mrs. Barnett’s typing class. Samantha is a member and also an officer of Elwood’s FBLA. The Office Education Association is a club for those students who are enrolled in the IPC class. The only requirements to be in the IPC class is one year of typing, and you have to dress as you would in a business office. Elwood High School’s OEA club is Chapter 1 because they were the first ones to get an OEA dub started in the state of Indiana. As a club, OEA has done various activities together; these included pizza parties, cook outs, snow skiing, donated food to the needy on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and donated pumpkins during the fall to the nursing homes. Many members of OEA are pictured to the right. Row 1: Miss Konanz, sponsor, D. Ban non, V. Hiatt, R. A rebuckle, G. Gall a poo, J. Nash, and D. Kemper. Row 2: M. Burdette, M. Perez, A. Thornberry, C. Decker, T. Deckard, L. Sorg, L. Bennett, J. Champion, and C. Headley. Not pictured are J. Lennon and M. Gray. O E A 74 OrganizationsThe Junior Distributive Education Clubs of America class has been involved in many activities throughout the 1985-86 school year. Their activities included a Christmas party, a picnic, Indiana Youth Power Conference, district contest which was held in Carmel, state contest which was held in Indianapolis, and nationals. The DEC A club also sent food to the Salvation Army for the needy during the holidays. DEC A is a popular dub known around Elwood for helping those in need. Junior members holding offices in the club are pictured left to right. Row 1: B. Mottweiler, reporter, L. Barnett treasurer, and J. Smith photographer. Row 2: K. Fernung vice-president, R. Haskett chaplain, T. May president, C. Hoover secretary, and B. Ball parliamentarian. A junior, Brian Ball, who is a member of Junior DEC A dub is shown stocking the shelves in his D.E. class. Brian serves as a DEC A officer also. S r D E C A The Distributive Education Clubs of America at Elwood High is recognized for the Candy Barn. The club was started on April 4, 1969. To be in this class there are no qualifications, but Mr. Linder does recommend that you have had a typing class and an accounting class or recordkeeping class. The senior DEC A class has competed in contests this year, have had parties, and donated gifts to the needy. The DEC A Club is a very proud dub and this can be seen around the school with all the DECA members wearing their jackets with the clubfs name printed on the back. Pictured to the left are those seniors who hold offices in the Distributive Education Club. Row 1: S. Taylor, chaplain, J. Stephens reporter and A. Wright secretary, Row 2: D. Vice parliamentarian, T. High treasurer, B. Cunningham president, A. Faucett photographer and D. Barnes vice-president. Organizations ? 5Within the John H. Hinds Area Vocational School there is a club recognized as Junior VHO. This stands for Vocational Health Occupations. Members of this club are interested in a career in health. The VHO dub has had an assortment of money-making projects such as selling candy, key chains, two- [ year planners, and bake sates. During the year they sponsored H two blood draws, and they participat-ed in the Riley Children’s Hospital Telethon. They also attended the HOSA State Student Recognition Day in Indianapolis. J VHO has visited some hospitals, and nursing homes. They have vis- U ited the Anderson Health Care Cen- „ ter, the Miller Merry Manor, Dickey Nursing Home, and Mercy Hospital. j The lady responsible for all these field trips and fund raisers is Karen O Fettig. Junior VHO: Row 1: R. Foor, and A. Haneline. Row 2: T. Lovell, S. Beeman, § S. Cox, and K. Rider. Pictured below ere members of the Junior VHO class posing for a class picture. ’ OrganizationsAt the John H. Hinds Area Vocational School there is a club recognized as FHA. FHA is Future Homemakers of America. To be a member of FHA he or she must be in a one hour home economics class or have taken at least one home economics class in the high school. Future Homemakers of America attended the fall district meeting and won the Attendance Award. They also attended the state conference of Future Homemakers of America in Indianapolis, April 11 and 12. In the fall Future Homemakers of America sold cookbooks and some kitchen items. In the spring, Future Homemakers of America sold Tom-Wat Showcase Products. FHA also had a Christmas cookie bake sale. The sponsor of Future Homemakers of America is Rhonda Winger. FHA: R. Winger, S. Jackson, A. Gardner, D. Cur-ry, T. Rice, M. Hollowell and D. Waymire. Sophomores D. Curry, T. Rice, W. Rice and Junior M. Hollowell are unloading groceries for class. HERO is short for Home Economics Related Occupations. The HERO dub has had a couple money-making projects, cook books and kitchen accessories. To be a member, the student must be en-H rolled in the three-hour Vocational Food Service course at the vocation-£ al school. The HERO dub has had an assort-1 ment of club activities. In December the HERO group went out for dinner in the Eagles Nest at the top of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Indianapolis. The club also had an achievement banquet in May. The sponsor of HERO is Helen Wittkamper. HERO: Row 1: W. Carter, and C. Stage. Row 2: D. Tinch, T. Poison, and A. Chambers. Vocational 77Hoover goes for the rebound. Chuck Hoover ( 10), junior, goes up for the rebound during a varsity basketball game. Marc the Mighty Panther is a loyal Panther fan. Marc is the cousin of Frank the Panther. Marc was drawn by senior Jeff Lynas. Heading for the touchdown, senior Larry Gibson ( 9) directs himself towards the goal line for a winning touchdown. It’s a slam dunk! This piece of sports art work was done by senior Jeff Lynas. 78 Division PageSports: The Way To Success!! If you were into sports, then ECHS had a place for you. Whether your favorite was girl’s sports or boy’s sports, loyal Panther fans were welcomed at all times. The 1985-86 year in sports seemed to be a very positive year and maybe a little foreshadowing of the years to come. The Panther coaching staffs found themselves with some new coaches. Former Panther athletes, Mike Burdsall, Kevin Frye, and Marty Wells found themselves on the coaching staff this year. Mike Burdsall was one of the assistant football varsity coaches, assistant wrestling coach. Tony Boley took over as head wrestling coach, head track coach, coach of AAU wrestling. and one of the assistant varsity coaches. Rich Goyer, Elwood Country Club golf pro, found himself leading the golf team this year. Besides wonderful things happening on the coach staffs, wonderful things were happening on the teams. The Varsity football team had a winning season. They made CO-CIC champs and placed second in their sectional. The Varsity basketball team ended their season on a .500 record. The girl’s gymnastic team had a little difficulty in 1985-86 because of the change to option performances. This change limited the team to a very small number. The girls’ basketball team did very well. They made it to the second game of the sectional. The baseball team, girl’s and boys’ track teams, and the wrestling team were proud of their great seasons. The Athletic code became a controversial part of the athletic program. Each athlete was required to sign the code, along with their parents, before being allowed to participate. This code was an attempt to try and make the athlete responsible for his actions. The sports year looked very good for the Mighty Panthers. There could always be fans that were counted on to help the cheerleaders cheer for the Panthers on to victory! Go. fight and win. Macie Lee. freshman, is shown doing a cheer to fire up the crowd during a freshman basketball game. And the winner is . Chad Jones, junior, is declared the winner during a wrestling match. Sports 79The offensive line is getting reody to pounce on their First yeor heod cooch. Mork Hughes, congrotulores prey os they prepore for senior. Mork Dock (61). to junior. More Dostion. (29) on o well cought poss snop the boll. thrown by quorterbock Mott Conner (10). TEAM PICTURE: Row 1 cheerleoders - K. Werline. G. Hoffer, T. Moys. A. Morrow. M. Perez. C. Morrisett (Polly). S. Lowson, K. Collins, A. Higgins. A. Scott, ond A. Noone. Row 2: T. Foulstich (monoger). L. Gibson (co-coptoin). F. Short. D. Gibson. M. Hoskert. D. Poppos. R. Morrow. J. Courtney. C. Barton. J. Kleylo. K. Fernung. J. Etchison. ond M. Brewer (monoger). Row 3: M. Hughes (heod cooch). M. Wells (ossit. cooch). D. Vice. M. Moys. E. Amick. B. Howey. R. Mullen. J. Wright. T. Ploke, M. Christensen. J. Beecher. R. Holliday (co-coptoin). S. Potz (assist, cooch). M. Burdsoll (assist cooch). Row 4: M. Richwine (monoger). M. Bock. P. Rice. B. Phenis. C. Hoover, C. Jones. S. Helpling. D. Tunnel. D. Domes. M. Conner. M. Stover, ond T. Foulstich (monoger). Row 5: T. Doley (assist, cooch). M. Piirto. C. Everson. T. Creomer. T. Moy. T. Hollidoy, B. Frozier. T. Hoover. M. Dostion. B. Yotes. C. Hoskins. J. Lynos. ond K. Frye (assist, cooch).Panthers Carry Away C.I.C.! The worst gome of the season should be no surprise. It was when the Panthers lost to the Tipton Blue Devils. However, this loss made the Mighty Panthers even more determined to win, and winning is exactly what happened seven games straight. The best game of the season for the Panthers was the 61-0 sectional victory over the Alexandria Tigers. During this gome against the Tigers senior running back, Larry Gibson, broke the school record in yards rushing during a single game. Running mate Ray Holliday captured the school record for most career points with a total of 276. Out of twenty-nine lettermen, eighteen of those were seniors. That left the 1936 football team with only eleven returning lettermen. However, Coach Hughes felt that if every player would be as dedicated to the team as the players were in 1965, big things could happen in 1966. This dedication did have to start in the summer, though. The football players had to meet certain requirements to play in the 1965 season. It took a team full of dedication and the desire to win to make things happen for the Mighty Panther Football team. Happen indeed, the Panthers ended their season with eight wins and three losses. The Panthers also won a share of the C.I.C. title and placed second in their sectional. Coach Hughes commented, "The C.I.C. was very competitive. It was great to win a share of it.” The Panthers averaged 31.4 points per gome and had five shut out games. Everyone on the team improved as the season went on; however, Tom Plake, Matt Conner, Fred Short, and Mike Piirto were the players whose improvements were really noticeable. This year on the Panther football team it wasn't hard to see the total team effort. What more could first year head coach, Mark Hughes and his coaching staff ask for? "The team effort was great! We won as a team and lost as a team,” commented a very proud Coach Hughes. Coach Hughes continued, "Each player dedicated himself to do the best that he could, and I feel each one of them did. Some players even went beyond what they thought that they could do.” Another Panther crunch on the Alexandria Tigers. The mighty Panthers had the chance to defeat the Tigers twice in one season. For the senior Panthers this will be a season not to be forgotten. 1985 FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD OPPONENTS US THEM Jim town 20 26 Wabash 66 14 Tipton 66 26 Alexandria 31 00 Blackford 21 00 Madison Grant 26 00 Peru 35 07 Mississinewo 32 00 SECTIONAL GAMES Alexandria 61 00 Yorktown 15 06 Mississinewo 31 32 Varsity Football 81A Round Of Applause A round of applause is due for the Mighty Elwood Panther football team for a very fine season. The Panthers held a record of 6-3, won their share of the CIC, and were second in their sectional. Together as a team the Mighty Panthers showed how Elwood played football, mean!" The Panthers were not the team to mess with. They proved that when they came into the second half of the York town game behind and romped over the Tigers for a DIG Panther victory!! Individual success seemed to spurt out of the Mighty Panther team. Many players received recognition and awards at the banquet. At the football banquet Larry Gibson, co-captain, received Outstanding Offensive Dock and Most Valuable Player awards. Chuck Hoover was honored as Outstanding Offensive Receiver, while Mark Dock took all honors for Outstanding Offensive Lineman. Defense awards were given to Steve Helpling and David Vice for Outstanding Lineman, Jeff Lynas for Outstanding Linebacker and Chris Noone for Outstanding Defense Back. Tom Plake received the Most Improved Award. Tracy May, Fred Short, and Marc Dostain were announced as the Tri-captains for the 1966-67 football season. Being named to the All-Conference team were Larry Gibson, Ray Holliday, Tom Plake, Mark Back, Mike Piirto, Steve Helpling, Chuck Hoover, Jeff Lynas, and David Vice. Elwood placed the most num- CIC Standings Panthers Win Their Share! The Sweet Smell Of Success!! ber of players on the All-Conference teams. The All-County team consisted of the following Elwood players: Larry Gibson, Ray Holliday, Chuck Hoover, Matt Conner, Mark Back, Mike Piirto, David Vice, and Cliff Hoskins. Receiving honorable mention were Jeff Lynas, Steve Helpling, Tony Hoover, Chuck Hoover, Tom Plake, Fred Short, Marc Dastain, and Chad Jones. Lorry Gibson was named Madison County Player of the Year. Being named to the Bloomington Herald Telephone All-State was Larry Gibson. Receiving honorable mention were Ray Holliday, Jeff Lynas, Mark Back, Mike Piirto, David Vice, and Chuck Hoover. Being named to the All-Area team were Larry Gibson, Mark Dock, and Marty Mays. Mark Back, Larry Gibson, and David Vice were nominated to the North and South All-Star team. Larry Gibson was also named to the UPI All-State team. He was also one of the top five rushers in the state, Madsion County's leading scorer, and holds the school record for most yards in a single game — 313 yards in only 23 carries. Larry ended his season with a total of 1,634 yards on 222 attempts. Ray Holliday holds the school record for most career points. His total career points are 276. A lot of hard work was put into the success of the Mighty Panther football team. The sweet smell of success was the result of the hard work that was put into the making of the successful football team. Congratulations to the 1965-66 football team. We are proud of you!!!!! Elwood Ponthers Tipton Blue Devils Mississewo Indions Peru Tigers Alexondrio Tigers Blackford Bruins Modison Gront Argylls Wabash Apaches Indicates Tie CENTRAL INDIANA CONFERENCE TEAM. Row one -Tom Plake. senior: Steve Helpling. senior; Roy Holliday. senior ond co-captain: and Chuck Hoover, junior. Row two - Larry Gibson, senior and co-coproin; Jeff Lynas. senior; David Vice, senior; and Mike Piirto, senior. 82 SportsSenior quarterback Mart Conner ( 10) prepares to throw the football to a Panther receiver for a Panther first and ten. The Mighty Panther Defensive Line!! The defense of the Panthers seemed to be a major threat to the opponents this past football season. The line showed just how mean they could play. First Year Head Coach Takes Success! i Mark Hughes, first year head coach of the Mighty Panther Football team, found himself with a very successful season. Coach Hughes had held the position of assistant coach for seven years before taking the position as head coach. He is also in charge of the weight lifting program, and a physical education teacher. He is also married and has two children. When Coach Hughes was asked about the team effort during his first year as head coach he commented, "Great, the team was really a family. We won as a team and lost as a ream. The Panther fan support was also great. I had never seen as much fan support in the seven years I have been at El wood. The players deserve it!" Coach Hughes first year as head coach held a lot of excitement, "it was very competitive," commented Coach Hughes when he was asked about the conference, "it was great to win a share of the CIC!" Coach Hughes looks for big things to happen in 1966. The staff helping out coach Hughes for the season were Marty Wells, Mike Durdsall, Kevin Frye (these three are former Panthers), and Tony Doley. Good Luck to Coach Hughes and his staff next year. We hope that the success of the team is another year of the sweet taste of success. Varsity Football 8}Young Panther Pride Freshman. Shawn Loar is shown here as he takes a break during a football game to get a drink of water. Shawn Is Just a freshman and his contributions will be appreciated in the years to come. Junior Vorsiry Foorba'I Scoreboard School Jamboree We They Tipton 6 34 Kokomo Taylor 33 6 Mississinewo 21 28 Peru 34 0 Madison Grant Forfeit Blackford 21 24 F?35 Freshman FoorboH Team — Row 1 - cheerleaders. Melanie Tolle. Stacey Gosnell. Lynne Fettig. Morci Lee. and Toni Shepard. Row 2 -Joby Gibbons. Chris Noone. Kevin Updegroff. Kevin Werline. Gabe Garner. Mike Hoffman. John Dial, ond Mike Kontner. Row 3 Jon Ash. Mott Hobbs. Rod Durdsall. David Dowyer. Joe Martin. Shawn Loar. and Jason Kleinbub. Row 4 - Coach Goins. Sean Murphy. Troy Dogord. Scott Will Ha ms. Max Coston. Mott Honk ley. Don Sallee, ond Coach Steve Potz. 84 JV Frosh FootballRun Like The Wind If distance running is your piece of cake, then the cross country team is for you. This year the cross country team consisted of eleven runners. Dino Dalser and Derek Pa-quin displayed their leadership through their positions as the team captains. Being on the cross country team takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Dino Dalser excelled very well this year by leading the cross country team the entire season. Rich Champion was the most improved cross country runner for the season. Since the girls cross country team did not have a team, a lot of dedication and desire was produced out of Melanie Tolle and Stacey Hoppel. Melanie Tolle placed on the All-Conference Team with her fourth place finish at the conference meet. The cross country team placed ninth at sectional and seventh in the conference. In his first year of coaching. Coach Durs-dall commented that the Peru game was the best gome of the season while Tipton was the worst. Coach BurdsaU also stated that there was hardly any student support at home games, and he hopes that will change. Coach Durdsoll tapped Joel Kleyla and Jay Courtney for being the best defensive players, while David Tunnel I and John Etchison were outstanding offensive players. David Tunnell, John Etichison, and Brian Phenis were named os the most improved players. At the football banquet David Tunnel was awarded the Offensive Prep Player and, Joel Kleyla was awarded the Defensive Prep Player. For the Frosh team Danny Sallee received Most Valuable Defensive Player, Max Cos ton received Most Valuable Offensive Player, and Jason Kleinbub received Most Improved Player. The Frosh team was headed by Steve Patz and Mike Goins. VARSITY JR. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Wabash L Shenandoah L Highland Mr. Vernon L Blackford Inv. L Northwestern L 3-Woy Meet L Tipton Inv. L Kokomo Taylor L 3-Way OH Miss. L 3-Woy Coss Peru L Jay Co. Inv. L C.I.C. L 3-Woy M.G. Fronkton L Sectional (Boys) L Sectional (Girls) L 1985 Cross Country Team — Row 1 — Croig Stephens. Dob Poro. Rob Morris, and Rich Champion. Row 2 ■— Stocey Hopple. Melanie Tolle. Mott John. Trent Hicks. Rob Frye, and Coach Lorry Hobbs. Junior. Mart John seems to be concentrating on his stride during a cross country meet, and then again it looks like he con t wait to get to the finish line! Crunch the Panther not only likes football, but also cross country. Crunch is Frank the Panthers good friend. Crunch was drown by Senior Jeff Lynas. Country 85First row. left to right: Tosh McDoniel. mgr.. Angie Martin. Joani Smith. Kristin McOuitty. Dophine Kelich. Angie Melvin. Deth Murphy, mgr. Second row: Cooch Undo Personette. Heather VonNess. Michelle McOuitty. Angie McGuire. Angel York. Diane Mitchell. Heidi Cook. Tammy Durdsoll. and Mrs. Mindy Porker. Heather VonNess. a member of the 90% dub. serves the boll. Heather did a nice job on the varsity this year. Angel York is shown doing one of her "64'' kills she had this year. Angie McGuire Is in the background for El wood. Coach Personette colls a time-out to talk to the team. Pictured ore Angie McGuire, standing. Angie Mortin. Angel York. Heather VonNess. Joani Smith, and Diane Mitchell. 86 SportsPanthers Spike It Waiting for a serve from the other team ore Dione Mitchell and Michelle McQuitty (front). Angie Martin. Tommy Durdsoll. and Dophine Kelich (bock). More dedication and desire was used this year than in previous years. These two ingredients do not come easily for the girls and is something Miss Personette is always working to improve. "Team effort was great, the best year ever as far as players getting along and working well together." The best two matches this year for the varsity was the first game of sectional. El-wood defeated Alex with the scores of 15-12 and 15-13 in three games. El wood also became Maconaquah Tourney champs this year. Several of the volleyball girls were part of the weight training program this summer. This will be mandatory for all in the upcoming year. Angel York was recognized quite a bit this year. She set a new school record of 84 kills, and also received the All Sectional and All County award. There were 14 players and 2 managers that lettered. Tosh McDaniel, Deth Murphy, Jera Fox, Patti Garcia, and Surena Yates were the managers this year. These five girls did a nice job. Angie Melvin and Tammy Durdsall were the captains of the team. These girls were the only seniors. Players who excelled very well and won awards a the banquet were Angie Melvin, Mental Attitude Award; Laurie Mort, Most Improved Player; Angie Martin, Defensive Player Award; Angel York, Outstanding Hitter; and Maconaquah Tourney MVP, Tommy Durdsall. Amy Groover, Heather Van Ness, and Angie Martin were in the 90% club. Diane Mitchell was also very good. She was El woods 2 hitter and Joani Smith was the best overall passer. Specialization is a big change that has been seen through the years. Some players are just hitters where as others may only play backcourt and serve. Mis Personette commented, "I'm certainly looking forward to working with those young ladies the next two years. The girls accomplished so much this year as a very young team. Their success will depend upon how committed they want to become in the program, the skill is there. It was great to watch their overall super attitudes." Several girls got playing time on the varsity which is going to help the team next year. "I really see a lot of good things coming our way in the years ahead," stated Miss Personette. Varsity Scoreboard Opponents Scores Anderson 13-15 2-15 L Kokomo 5-15 3-15 L Highland 7-15 315 L Doleville 7-15 12-15 L Westfield 15-17 13-15 L Morion 5-15 15-6 12-15 L Pendeton 7-15 1-15 L Oak Hill 9-15 7-15 L Fronkton 12-15 5-15 L Morion Dennett 15J 15-6 W Blackford 15-11 15-10 W Mississinewa 15-12 15-13 w Tipton 7-15 9-15 L Alexandria 4-15 14-16 L Madison Heights 10-15 15-5 11-15 L Madison Grant 6-15 7-15 L Wabash 15-4 15-1 W Mt. Vernon 11-15 13-15 W Lapel 7-15 15-7 11-15 L Peru 2-15 6-15 L Tourneys Pendleton 1-15 0-15 L Mod. Heights 2-15 9-15 L Wabash 15-6 15-9 W Carroll 13-15 15-6 15-2 W Maconaquah 10-15 15-6 15-4 W Sectionol Alexandria 15-12 6-15 15-13 W Pendleton 3-15 2-15 LBump, Set, Spike, Kill, Win This year’s J. V. volleyball had many exciting matches that went three games. The most exciting game in the 1965 season was at the J.V. tourney against Alexandria. Out the Lady Panthers didn't have as much luck when they played Marion. The Lady Panthers stated, "We were not ready to play." Still the girls worked together as a team, no matter what the condition. The girls were switched around from J.V. to Varsity a lot, but they still seemed to play well together. Throughout the season Laurie Mort and Angela Higgins excelled well. The girls who improved over the season were Laurie Mort, Amy Groover, and Niki Wolff. Laurie Mort led the team with the most kills and spikes, while Amy Groover led in passing. Niki Wolff was the best defensive player. Laurie Mort and Michelle Heaton were team captains for the junior varsity team. The team scored a total of 496 points during the season. The J. V. placed third in the Madison County Tourney. The team won the first match and lost in the second. Mrs. Porker commented, "We had good dedication to our program and the girls enjoyed the season. We need a little more determination and desire to win those close ones." 88Girl's J. V. Looks Promising Girls JV basketbollers ore shown here os they go for o loose boll ogoinsr CIC for Mississinewo Indians. The girls showed much improvement throughout the season and should be proud of whot they accomplished. The girls junior varsity basketball team was headed by Mr. Max Hoppel. This was Mr. Hoppel's first year as coach of the junior varsity gals. Freshman Daphne Delich and sophomores Paula VanDuskirk and Amy Frazier were players who excelled very well for the junior varsity team this year. Team Captains took place on a rotation basis. The Panther fan support was great. A big thanks goes to the Freshman cheerleaders for the super job they did cheering for the girls during their home basketball games. Coach Hoppel commented"The last half of the season we learned how to work together as a team and this brought us many benefits." The season for the junior varsity team showed much improvement. Each individual improved one way or another. "I hope that the girls who wish to participate in basketball next year will spend time during the off season shooting the basketball,"commented Coach Hoppel. Girls Junior Vorsiry DoskerboH School We They Peru 24 13 Madison Heights 25 30 Madison Grant 27 13 Tipton 21 42 Pendleton Heights 23 25 Wabash 19 22 Tri-Central 22 21 Marion Dennett 21 3 Horthfield 20 31 Mississinewo 24 12 Westfield 23 20 Lapel 24 12 Blackford 13 37 Hamilton Heights 36 26 Frankton 25 37 Alexandria 24 27 1985-66 Gris JV DoskerboH Team — Row 1 — Lisa Knotts. Teresa Lone. Paula VanDuskirk. Daphne Kelich. and Stacey Hoppel. Row 2 - Sindy Miller, Kari Hubble. Lurie Mort. RaeAnne Curtis. Karena Honing, and Kim Robinson. Row 3 - Coach Max Hoppel. Thelmo Simpson. Varsity Coach Julie Johnson. Trade Wheeler, and Asst. Coach Tina Cox. Girls Junior Varsity 89When the Goin Gets Tough, The The 1965-66 Varsity girls basketball team finished the season with four wins and sixteen losses. Coach Julie Johnson commented "I think our best game of the season was against Alexandria in the sectionals." The worst game proved to be against a much more talented Tipton team. Coach Johnson was also pleased with the team effort. Each girl showed a lot of intensity and effort towards the game of basketball. All of the girls were praised for excelling well this year. Senior, Kristi Fettig, made All-Sectional team and the Madison County All-Stars and now holds the school rebounding record for a single season. Coach Johnson tapped seniors Kristi Fettig and Tammy Durdsall and freshman Jeanne Armstrong as the best defensive players. Angel York led the team in field goal percentage with thirty-seven percent, and Kristi was second on the team with thirty-five percent. To build a better basketball team for next year. Coach Johnson believes you have to have a lot of pride in your school and in your sport. This pride will turn our athletics around and give El wood the name they deserve. Girl's Varsity DosherboH Opponents Peru North Montgomery Westfield Madison Heights Modison-Gront Tipton Pendleton Wo bosh Tri-Centrol Morion Dennett Northfieid Mississinewo Westfield LopeI Dlockford Hamilton Hts. Frank ton Alexandria Lapel Alexandria 5ectional Them Us 46 39 60 26 56 43 66 24 36 39 63 19 52 36 34 56 36 35 19 46 51 24 54 44 37 25 29 25 56 47 45 36 41 37 71 51 23 47 57 29 Row 1: N. McDaniel. J. Armstrong. J. Smith, A. Groover. P. Von Duskirk Row 2: T. Durdsall, L. Simpson. D. Mitchell. J. Champion Row 3: M. Hoppel. K. Fettig. J. Johnson. A. York. T. Isreol Junior. Paula VonDuskirk dribbles circles around the opponent from Alexandria. 90 SportsLady Panthers Get Goin! Freshman. Amy Groover and Coach Johnson ore discussing serious gome plans. Girls Baskctball 91Members of the varsity basketball team ore: 1st Row. Steve Dorsr. mgr.. Tom Holliday. Ray Holliday. Troy Hicks. Chuck Hoover. Trent Hicks. Tony Hoover, and Marc Bastion. 2nd Row. Mike Domholr. Phil Huffman, Tracy May. Mike Linder. Lorry Hobbs (Coach). Mott John. Orion Frazier. Joe Williams. Joe Holtsclow. Chuck Hoover brings down one of his many rebounds. Chuck commented. U'e started out slow this year, but after the Blackford game, we picked up a winning streak and ended up with a .500 season." Trent Hicks, Elwood's best free throw shooter. mokes another one of his many boskets. Senior, Mike Lew Al Linder, turns to go for o defensive rebound. 92 SportsSucceeding With .500 Season The .500 season is a good sign for the Panthers and o warning to next years opponents. The younger team improved o great deal throughout the year and should look for o great season next year. With the loss of one senior, EHS should hove a lot of talent next year. Many players excelled very well. Mott John received special recognition by being accepted on the oil CIC team. He led the team with 414 pts. and 212 rebounds. Chuck Hoover led the team with 127 assists ond mode 163 pts. Trent Hicks mode 261 pts.. which overages 12.4 pts. o gome. More Dastian, a former Indian, come over to the Panther den. More hod 122 rebounds and scored 176 pts. The most improved players for the season were Orion Frazier, Derek Poquin. ond Troy Hicks. Along with these three, Tom Holliday ond Tracy My did o good job coming off the bench. Mike Linder's leadership shined through and proof of this could be heard os the fans changed "Lew". Tony Hoover was lost due to injury after the 3rd game of the season. At the basketball banquet receiving a Senior Award ond Outstanding Student Athlete was Mike Linder, while Marc Dastian received his Unsung Hero ond Sportsmanship Award. Chuck Hoover received the Assist and Floor General A ward, white Matt John received the FG%, Rebound, and oil CIC Award. Trent Hicks received FT% Award and Troy Hicks received the Super-sub and Hustle A words. Brian Frazier was awarded Most improved Player and also the Prep Practice Award, along with Tom Holliday and Tracy May. SCOREBOARD Opponents Them US Doleville 50 63 Mod. Grant 57 52 Pendleton Hts. 54 56 Shenandoah 62 41 Lapel 72 65 Mississinewa 63 61 Noblesville 33 40 Frankton 42 46 Madison Hts. 77 65 Hamilton Hts. 74 53 Westfield 70 39 Alexandria 35 66 Blackford 72 56 Taylor 67 74 Tipton 54 64 Tri-Central 62 70 Marion Dennett 49 63 Wolbash 54 77 Peru 63 57 South wood 56 59 Sectional Mississinewa 51 49 Mart John ond More Dastion ore ploying good defense. Mart commented, look our next year." More commented. Next year we will win 14 or 15 gomes if we keep up the dedication to win ond we hove the fon support." Varsity Boys BasketbaII 95Boy’s J.V. Young And Improving Sooreooofo Opponents Us Them Kokomo 22 36 Mississinewa 43 25 Frank ton 40 30 Lapel 43 22 Tipton 34 23 Wes Del 40 25 Pendleton 29 30 Madison Hts. 34 30 Tipton 32 39 0 Hamilton Hts. 37 34 0 Blackford 47 51 Alexandria 37 39 Wabash 45 39 Morion Dennett 62 42 indicates tourney gomes 3 The Madison Grant basketball game proved to be the best game for this year's junior varsity basketball team. Nobles ville. a highly talented and rated team, proved to be the worst gome for Coach Phil Huffman's crew. This year the team was under the leadership of sophomores Dino Dalser and Derek Paquin who acted os captains during the season. Coach Huffman tapped sophomores Chuck Everson. Dino Dalser, Derek Paquin. David Tunnel , Kurt Slayton, and John Etchison as the players who excelled very well for this years team. Coach Huffman seemed to be pleased with the teamwork shown by these boys. This group of boys showed a lot of dedication and desire toward the sport of basket- ball. AH the players improved very well, but Coach Huffman praised Kurt Slayton for improving the most. The junior varsity goes through the same training as the varsity does. This year the team did not suffer many injuries, but they had a string of sickness right after Christmas. Dut the Panther fan support was extremely good. Coach Huffman has been coaching for ten years. He thinks the players are more dedicated to the sport of basketball now, than ever before. He also feels that next year will be his year because of the good bunch of freshmen who will advance to the junior varsity level. JV basketbollers Derek Poquin. Dino Dalser. Chuck Everson, and Kurt Slayton display the tough zone defense against the Droncos of Dole ville. The Panthers ployed tough defense and superb offense all year long ond should be proud of their season. KtXS Ooyl JV OohUKOu ftrutr - Coach MuMw. Dm fWfwM Jb IWm, TWv M»v. I » kJ Timmw . flWi tv i U I Ku Slayton. Nathan Hood. John Etchnon. Dino Balwr. Rob Morrow, and Coach Phil Huffman Coach Phil Huffman takes a time out during a close gome to talk to his crew. This group of young men had the desire and dedication it took to moke a good Ponther basketball player. 94 BasketballFreshman Have Winning Season OPPONENTS US THEM Kokomo 22 36 Mississenewa 48 25 Fronkton 40 30 Lope1 43 22 Tipton 34 23 Wes-Del 50 30 Pendleton 29 30 Modison Grant 42 39 Hamilton Hts. 35 30 Mad. Hts. 34 24 Ttpron Tourney Tipton 32 39 Hamilton Hts. 37 34 Blackford 47 51 Alexandria 37 39 Walbosh 45 39 Morion Dennett 62 42 198536 Doys Freshman Doskerbofl Team Row 1 - Mart Rice, Bobby Rickobough, Jon Ash, Kevin Updegraff. John Dial. Gobe Gardner, Max Coston. Kent John, and Rich Champion. Row 2 - Asst. Coach Joe Holtsclaw. Rob Frye. Don Sallee. Scott Williams. Mott Honkley. Joby Gibbons. Jason Klein bub. Chris Noone. Jim Hudson. Rich Tiooev. and Coach Joe Williams. Freshman Matt Rice and John Dial attempt to block a shot during one of their home basketball games. Both boys contributed well to this years team and improved throughout the season. Freshman basketball Coach Joe Williams was very proud of this year's freshman basketball team. He felt his team played their best game against a very talented Marion Dennett team which was made up of freshman, sophomores, and juniors. The young Panthers swept the rug from under the Tri-Central Trojans at the Tipton Tourney to bring home a Panther victory 60-40 and the Tourney Championship. Every team has their bad times and Coach Williams felt his teams first gome was that. The Panther's traveled to Kokomo and were defeated by twelve points. "All through the year the entire team improved a great deal," commented Coach Williams. The team showed a tremendous amount of teamwork and every young man excelled very well. There was also a lot of desire and dedication on this year's freshman team. To let every boy have a chance to be a captain, the team rotated captains every game. Injuries were not a big factor for this year's team. Dan Sallee broke his foot and only missed the last game of the season. Coach Williams was very very pleased with the Panther fan support, "We've hod the best crowd's in years out here to support these bunch of freshman. ” Frosh Basketball 95Wrestling Take Down Pin To Win VARSITY MATCHES SCORE DATE OPPONENT US THEM Dec. 2 Westfield- Wash 16 45 5 Blackford 37 36 7 Tri-Centrol 33 36 10 Madison Grant 34 33 12 Tipton 11 53 17 Pendleton Hts. 6 61 19 Mississinewa 16 56 21 Madison Co. Trny. 7th Jon. 7 Frankton 27 36 9 Doleville 27 39 14 Peru 36 36 16 Hamilton Hts. 21 54 20 Wabash 36 39 23 Alexandria 33 29 25 CIC 7th 26 Madison Hts. 11 59 Feb. 1 Sectional 4th 6 Regional 14 Drill, Drill, Drill was the philosophy of the 1965-66 wrestling team. Dy drilling they were able to react not think of o move. It took weightlifting practices during vocations and every Saturday to make this team the best they could be. You must be dedicated to be a good wrestler. If you weren't, you didn't last on the team. The best match for the season was the victory over Madison Grant by a score of 34-33. With the score 33-26 and one weight class to go, it was up to Chad Jones; he had to defeat this opponent by a pin. Chad accomplished this in 1:13. For the most part the team effort was very good throughout the year; yet, as a team, they were not too successful in sectional CIC, or tourneys. They were so young, and yet In all of these matches the boys gave it their best effort which made the coaches and the boys proud to be Panthers. Curt Rider, senior, improved tremendously throughout the season. Curt started out the year slow but finished strong with a sectional championship. Freshman David Emery, Shawn Loar, and Rob Morris also made vast improvements. Chad Jones (17-6) was named most valuable wrestler, most pins of fourteen. Pin Club Patch, most award points (141), and sectional champ who advanced to regional. Rex Stewart (17-6) was sectional champ, fourth in regional, runner up Mani-son County, most reversals, and runner in the CIC. Curt Rider (12-1) was sectional champ advanced to regional, third in CIC, and most improved. Fred Short (12-13) was third in CIC and Madison County, most take downs and most escapes. Previous winner of the Mental Attitude Award and King of the Mat, Dill Green, of the CoH-Leoder, presented these honors to Fred Short. These honors are given to the hardest worker day after day. Shawn Small received most valuable player of the junior varsity team. "Drilling" is the philosophy used by the wrestling team. "Drilling is the way to be a dedicated wrestler. In order to make next year's record better, the team will need a lot of drilling and dedication." Chad Jones, junior, is shown during o varsity wrestling meet. Chad hod the best record on the team. 96 SportsRow 1: D. Emery. S. Porter. C. Isarel. R. Stewart. S. Small, and D. Slayton. Row 2. R. Morris. F. Short. S. Loot. M. Christensen, and M. Haskett. Shawn Loor. freshman, gets ready for a take down during a Row 0: Coach Doley. C. Jones. C. Rider. M. Piirto. D. McMullin. P. Robertson, and Coach Durdsall. meet. He worked very hard this season. Rex Stewart, senior, is shown having the advantage over his opon-ent. He won 17 matches this season. Rex was sectional chomp. David McMullin. junior, is shown during a wrestling match as he gets ready for a pin. David was a very determined wrestler. David Emery, freshman, is trying to get his opponent down on the mot during a meet. David made a lor of improvement this season. Wrestling 97Jump, Tuck And Flip The 1966 El wood Girls Gymanstic Team hod girls with o wide variety of talent from junior, Char Short, to sophomore, Amy Noone, and to freshman, Ruth Wilhoite. The team was really young and should improve in their following years at the high school. The two freshman on the team, Charlotte Pa van and Ruth Wilholte, come into the program with leaps and bounds. They practriced and prepared for their season. Amy Noone, a sophomore, with her experience and ability did much for the team. She encouraged and tried her best during the season. Her teammates seemed to follow. The girls participated in meets and had a record of 0-6. With this young team, experience will be the key to next year's season. The attitudes and participation of the girls must not change for this to occur. During one of many gymonstics meets. Amy Noone. sophomore, concentrates on her next move on the balance beam. Freshman, Ruth Wilhoite. demonstrates her talent and ability on the balance beam. The 1966 Gymonstics Team - Row 1 - Coach D. Yates. S. Jones. Mgr.. J. McMullen. 5. Lawson. A. Noone. A. Dali. Mgr..- T. Crull, Asst. Coach. Row 2 - C. Povon, C. Svendson. R. WUhoite, A. Teigstod. Absent for the picture was A. Martin. A. Scott, and C. Short. 98 SportsPar Four Panthers The 1966 El wood Varsity and Junior Varsity Golf Team showed much enthusiasm. All the players were young and inexperienced. Coach Rich Goyer thinks all the varsity players strived to achieve well. In certain areas the players excelled. Derek Pa-quin's best area was putting, and Matt John's best area was driving. Junior. Trent Hicks, seemed to be the leader of the team. Next year's outlook is very optimistic for a great season. Working throughout the summer are Trent Hicks and Derek Paquin at the Elwood Country Club Golf Course. The players can practice there during the off season. 1936 Varsity Golf Scoreboard The 1986 Vorsrity Golf Team - Gobe Gamer. Kent John. Shone Arnold. Trent Hicks. Derek Paquin. and Mr. Goyer (Coach). The 1986 Junior Varsity Golf Team - Dino Dolser. Jim Hudson. Bobby Rickobough. Rich Champion. Rob Frye. Chris Arbuckle. and Mr. Goyer (Coach). Tri Central Tipton Taylor Noblesville Alexandria Frankton Mississinewa Highland Oak Hill Peru Tipton Alexandria Blackford Madison Hts. Madison Grant C.I.C. W L W L L W L L W L L W W L L 4th Golf 99Tracksters Young But The 1965-66 Girl’s and Boy's track teams were very young but showed much improvement throughout the season. The girl’s were very competitive and showed a lot of enthusiasm. Seniors, Tammy Burdsall, Anita Teigstad, and Teppe Nickansen will be missed greatly next year. Freshman RaeAnne Curtis, and seniors Tammy Burdsall and Anita Teigstad qualified for sectionals. RaeAnne was the lone Panther to go on to the regionols this year. The highlight of this year for the girls was placing third in the CIC. The girls were very happy and worked hard to achieve this goal. The boy's had a little difficulty at the beginning of the year only scoring a total of four points in their first meet, but the boy's steadily progressed and raised their total score each meet. Paul Rice was the only Panther boy to qualify for the sectional. Even though Paul did not make it to regionals, he put forth a great amount of effort and the coaching staff has to be very pleased with this. This year's track teams were very young, but you can count on one thing in the years to come; Elwood will have the name it deserves in track. Girls Track Scoreboard School We They Pendleton Delta 3rd W Lopei Fronkton 2nd W-L Oak Hill Madison Grant 2nd W.L Tipton L W Mississinewo W L Kokomo L W CIC 3rd Sectional 9th 198536 Gfl's Trock Team Row 1 - Kelli Doll. osst. coach. Coach Julie Johnson. Melanie Tolle. Michelle Heaton. Lisa Knotts, Anita Teigstad. Stacey Hoppell. and Mindy Parker, asst, coach. Row 2 - Tammy Durdsoll. Kim Werline. Raeonne Curtis, Undo Simpson, and Lori Casto. manager. Row 0 - Serena Yates, manager. Amy Frazier. Kathy Durke. Tepe Nickensen. Trade Wheeler, and Kim Robinson, manager. 198586 (Joy's Track Team Row 1 - Morten Christensen. Brian Howey. Brad Hahn. Jason Hunsberger. Max Coston. David Emery. Donald Stephens, and Lorry Hobbs, osst. coach. Row 2 - Mark Hughes, osst. coach. Joy Courtney. Elvis Pellaz. Sean Murphy. Rich Tippey. Mike Kontner. Row 3 - Coach Goins, asst, coach. Mike Linder. Bryan Phenis. Chad Jones. Jeff Lynos. Mike Stover. Paul Rice, and Tony Doley. coach. 100 TrackShow Aggression 198536 Boys Track Scoreboard School We They Madison Gronr Toylor 3rd W Blackford L W Wabash Pendleton Invitational L W Frank ton Burris 3rd W Peru L W Mississinews El wood Invitational L W Highland York to wn CIC Sectional 3rd Senior foreign exchange student, Anita Tcigstad tries her skills at the hurdles. Anita added a lot of spirit to this year's girls track team. Sports 101The 1985 Doys Tennis season was coached again by Max Hoppel with the help of Jim Pearson. The season's record was 1-9 with the win being to Muncie Durris. The Muncie Burris and Alexandria matches were considered to be the best and the Madison Grant match the overall worst. Although the season record didn't show it, the majority of the players worked very hard to improve themselves. Coach Hoppel stated, "You could always find Greg Zink on the courts practicing more than anyone else." Yet, most players worked very hard to improve well throughout the season. Players who excelled very well were Troy Hicks, Nathan Hood, and Kurt Slayton. The best doubles were Kurt Slayton and Nathan Hood, while Troy Hicks and Mike Linder were noted for the best singles. Mike Linder and Scott Leisure were the seniors on the team. Crista Allen and Scott Hofer were managers for this years tennis team. "There is more interest in tennis now. I am getting better athletes every year. I really hope that we can be competitive in most of our matches next year," commented Coach Hoppel. We wish the tennis team lots of luck for next year's season. DOYS TENNIS 1985 SEASON RECORD 1-9 OPPONENTS US THEM Won Muncie Durris 3 2 Lost Taylor 1 4 Lost Blackford 1 3 Lost Wabash 1 4 Lost Tipton 1 3 Lost Madison Grant 0 5 Lost Alexandria 0 5 Lost Peru 0 4 Lost Mississinewo Sectional 2 3 Lost Alexandria 1 4 1985 BOYS TENNIS TEAM — Row 1 — Phil Zink, Eric Smith. Nathan Hood, Joe Duncan, Shane Wolff, Gred Zink, Jim Hudson. Row 2 — Coach Max Hoppel, Rich Tippey, Bobby Rickabaugh, Kurt Slayton, Scott Leisure, Mike Linder, Troy Hicks. Coach Jim Pearson. Not pictured are Shawn VanNcss, Matt Rice, Mike Peeper, Roger York, Rob Boyland, and Trent Cooper. Senior, Mike Linder, is shown here as he is practicing his forehand swing. Practice, Practice, Practice is what Mike seems to do in his spare time. Shown here is Elwood's Coach Hoppel talking with the other team s coach. A little talk about tennis before the matches may give a little encouraging advice to the Elwood players. Sophomore, Kurt Slayton, is practicing his forehand swing to prepare for his match. All of the team can be found giving some helpful hints to their teammates. 102 Boys TennisAwesome, Awesome, Awesome! One of our foreign exchange students. Kirsten Gels-selbrecht. demonstrates her talent by ploying tennis for the Elwoad team. The 1986 Girls Tennis Team showed much improvement since last year. The record for their season was 3-6. Coach Hoppel said the scores are better than last year's. Most success was shown from Angel York and Daphne Kelich. These two were the overall best doubles players and outstanding players. The girls came in 4th at C.I.C. Angie Melvin played hard and came in 2nd in conference in 1 singles. Following behind her was Crista Allen placing 4th in 2 singles. The 1 doubles players, Tash McDaniel and Heidi Cook, placed 3rd at conference. Angel York and Daphne Kelich worked hard at placing 2nd in the 2 doubles spot. The coaches think the season went real well, and are hoping for a great season next year. The support of the players and sponsors helped make the girls tennis program a success. The 1966 Girls J. V. and Varsity Tennis ream - Row 1 A. Groover. J. Armstrong. C. Mengelt. A. Morrow, D. Kelich. Row 2 T. McDaniel. C. Allen. K. Geisselbrechr. K. Hubble. A. Melvin, J. Romig. P. Garcia (mgr.) Row 3 Mr. Pearson (Coach), D. Murphy, 5. Gibbons. H. Cook. A. York. A. McGuire. M. McQuitty. Mr. Hoppel (Coach). 1966 Girls Tennis Scoreboard Blackford W Mississinewo W Wabash W Taylor L Madison Grant L Taylor L Tipton L Tipton L C.I.C. 4th Pendleton Hts. L Tennis 103 More Bastion, junior, is shown during o varsity baseball game. Marc was a great help to the team this year. Marc received the boseball award for his great effort. 104 SportsYoung Team Excels Well Fourteen players earned a letter this year on the baseball team. Many players excelled very well this year. The team effort wasn't quite what it should have been. Players worked hard at times but did not always execute during game situations. "I don’t think that all of our young players realize what it takes as far os dedication and desire are concerned." stated Coach Domholt. The best games were beating Anderson 10-5 and Blackford 3-2. Most of the parents and fans were really supportive at home and on the road. The team worked on a lot of sprints, jogging, and weight lifting, as well as, work on fundamentals for their baseball training. This year Marc Bastion and Chuck Hoover were chosen as El wood representatives to play Pete Rose Jr.'s American Legion baseball team. Marc and Chuck played this gome with several Madison County players. The most improved players over the season were Chuck Hoover and Jason Kleinbub. Chuck really improved as El-wood's best catcher while Jason ended up being one of our best hitters. More Bastion and David Tunnell were El wood's best pitchers. Andy Hussong and Ray Holliday were the best defensive players, but overall every player excelled well. Coach Bomholt has been head coach for eight years and an assistant coach for four years. With comments on next year. Coach Bomholt stated, "With all our underclassmen returning for next year, I hope we can get better. Bigger schools are now getting some of their better players out for baseball. This was not the case about four years ago." The El wood varsity boseball team consists of: (1st row) Don Nugent, mgr.. Danny Phillips. Chris Noone. Chris Isreal, Charlie Stuzman. Andy Hussong. Jason Kleinbub, and Dob Paro, mgr. (2nd row) Ray Holliday. Chuck Hoover. Lorry Gibson. David Dowyer. mgr.. Joby Gibbons. Mott Hankley. David Tunnell. (3rdrow) Tony Hoover. Marc Dastion. Chuck Everson. Kurt Slayton. Kevin Frye. asst, coach. Wood. asst, coach. Mike Domholt. head coach. Not pictured is Melissa Drewer. bat girl. Opponents Us Them Dole ville 6 3 Anderson 10 5 Anderson 11 9 Mississinewo 3 4 Frank ton 5 4 Taylor 1 11 Taylor 7 3 Mod. Hts. 1 9 Horn. Hts. 0 7 And. Highland 3 6 And. Highland 12 4 Peru 2 6 Oak Hill 0 1 Northwestern 4 6 Blackford 3 2 Bennett 15 4 Pend. Hts. 1 11 Tipton 1 4 Wolbash 1 3 Mr. Vernon 3 4 Mad. Grant Sectional 5 6 Alexandria 7 3 Anderson 4 5 David Tunnell is shown throwing one of his great pitches. Bascball 105El wood Cheerleads Cheer Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Kelli Collins. Amy Noone. Amy Scott. Shelly Lawson, and Angelo Higgins. Freshman Cheerleaders: Toni Shepard. Stacey Gosnell. Lynne Fettig. Melonie Tolle. and Morel Lee. "Ready okay!" Freshman cheerleader Melonie Tolle is shown as she does a cheer during a frosh basketball gome. 1965-66 cheerleoding sponsors were Mrs. Yates and Mrs. Schorff. Doth were full of exciting and new ideas for the cheerleaders to use! Who is the BEST! EHS 106 SportsPanthers To Victory! The 1965-66 school year brought the El-wood Panther Cheerleaders into the hands of Mrs. Scharff and Mrs. Yates, the new sponsors. All three squads attended Dali State University in June for the Universal Cheerleading Association camp. The freshman squad received the Most improved squad ribbon, while the Junior Varsity squad collected two superior ribbons and two excellent ribbons. The Varsity squad won one superior ribbon, three excellent ribbons, and won the spirit stick individually one night. All three squads combined won the spirit stick and brought it home. The cheerleaders have had many different selling projects. They sold cook books, rally clappers, and sponsored the coat room during basketball season. The money raised went towards the new outfits that all three squads received this year. The cheerleaders worked very hard throughout the year to raise school spirit. Making announcements, creating posters, decorating lockers, and making hoops were just part of their jobs. The cheerleaders also had the Hospitality Room at all varsity basketball games during halftime. This room was for all the Elwood cheerleaders and the opposing teams cheerleaders. Cokes and snacks were provided by all three squads. This year the cheerleaders found the band to be a major factor for them. The bond supported the cheerleaders during the entire football and basketball season. Help from the band made the cheerleaders job a lot easier. Receiving blazers for their four years of sevice as a cheerleader were Marianne Perez and Kim Werline. They were both freshman cheerleaders and spent three years on the varsity squad. Receiving sweaters for their third year of service were Gina Hoffer, Teresa Mays, and Angie Morrow. Receiving megaphones for second year service were Angela Higgins, Kelli Collins, Amy Noone, and Amy Scott. Receiving a megaphone charm were Candi Morrisett, Shelly Lawson, Stacey Gosnell, Lynne Fettig, Melonie Tolle, Toni Shepard, and Marci Lee. So all in all this cheerleading season turned out to be successful, with a new look of sponsors, new outfits, and an overall new look of school spirit! Victory for the Panthers! First Row.- Polly Panther Condi Morrisett. Second Row: Varsity Cheerleaders Gina Hoffer. Teresa Mays, and Angie Morrow. Absent from the photo were Kim Werline and Marianne Perez, both seniors and three year members of the squad. Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar, oil for Elwood stond up and hollar, Yeah, Rah, Elwood! Polly poses for the cameral Polly Panther was sopho- i more Candi Morrisett. t hcerlcad ing 107Ambulance atcendents Malcom and Bow are shown as they carry the one and only Frank the Panther off to the hospital. He is recovering from the horrible shock he just received after taking a BIG Humanities test. “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!!” We hope Frank the Panther will be alright. Frank the Panther was the official mascot of the 1985-86 Crescent. Frank the Panther originated from the mysterious student Frank Butcher (for those of you who know' about Frank Butcher, you will know' what we are talking about). Frank the Panther appeared throughout the book with his friends and family. Without Frank the Panther this yearbook would have never been Carried Awray!!!! 108 Academic DivisionAll Work No Play Homework, what would you do without homework? Probably a lot of other things. Yet, in order to achieve in the academic world at ECHS you must strive for your best. Good grades do not come easy and that is why it is important to work hard on your homework even if you would much rather not do it. There are many programs in school to help promote and encourage students to keep their grades up. Mrs. Merritt’s "Dumb to be Dumb” month, which takes place in April, is a brilliant and very creative way to promote good grades. The Honors program is a great promoter of good grades and even the academic scholarship sweaters that are new this year encourage the students to make good grades. Academics does not only mean homework for students. For the juniors it means PSAT and SAT. For the seniors it means deciding where to go to college or what to do after graduation. For freshman it means having to put up with homework for four more years. For sophomores it means that they better keep their grades up so they can get into National Honor Society next year. For teachers, well you all might have guessed this one. It means making out lesson plans and yes, more homework!! A nice lunchtime chat!!! Seniors Carmen Headley. Kelly Updegraph, and Debbie Twiford take time out from their lunch to catch up on the events of the day. Frank Archart, senior, enjoys what he is doing in his electronics class. Frank seems to be paying a lot of attention. Kathy Burke and Tony Hoover take time to talk to each other between classes. Five minutes between classes gave each student a chance to say hello to all their friends. A c a d e m 1 c s Academlcs 109"Honors is a way to meet new people, and it enhances many new cultures- Heather VanNess Mrs. Merritt, on H-Teom sponsor, mounted one of the many Dumb to be Dumb posters. Mott Honkley. o freshman, looked os if moth doss wasn 't os easy os he expected it to be. Moth was required for oil freshman. -V ft: A El wood students kept motivated for academic activities by the idea "Dumb to be Dumb" which is used for motivation of the "mid-second semester blahs." Mrs. Merritt started this idea five years ago to get the students involved. "A little push to get started goes a long way for many students, " commented Mrs. Merritt. She continues to make funny posters of teachers and events that happen around El wood High School. These remind students to keep up their good grades. The students who kept up with their grades were in Honors. While in Honors, seminars and special field trips were arranged. The Honor students got involved, so that they could attend these seminars and fieldtrips. A 3.4 grade point average was obtained to be in Honors. A seminar was held by Dr. Tim Leutzenheizer on leadership. Also fieldtrips were taken to Indianapolis. One to the art museum and the other to the symphony. The faculty in charge of Honors iw known as the H-Teom. The H-Teom consists of Mrs. Merritt, Mrs. McQuitty, Mrs. Scharff, and Mr. Huffman. These sponsors organized and chaperoned the seminars and fieldtrips. Work. Work. Work seemed to hove hod these freshmen busy oil hour. Working hard in school was the way to good grades for Amy Groover. Liso Sexton. Liso Chriss. ond Carrie Douenhover. . Dumb To Be Dumb % » • a rrr. "The trips and concerts have been outstanding. There has been o great variety of opportunities for each of us to expand our horizon. - Brian Phenis Senior. Mariane Perez, worked hard of the computer and enjoyed her OEA doss. Doing your best kept our students motivated durign the spring slump. This was just one of the many Dumb to be Dumb posters. These were mode by Mrs. Merritt ond students. Students, who didn 7 get to doss on time, found themselves serving time after school in room lOl.Pictured below is the Coca-Cola team of the S.A.D.D. lock-in. Marc Bastion. Angie Martin. Lorry Gibson. Angie Drummett. Dick Slayton and Jeanne Armstrong were members of the winning ream. Not pictured is Kim Werline. scnQSk'x SHOl Vl z£hool ldnt BE A SCHOOL SHOULDN’T BE A STUDENTS TAKE ACTION Drunk driving is the number one killer of high school students and the scary part is that the killers are also high school students. "No one hos o right to put ot risk himself or strangers." Larry Gibson and Kim Werline realized that someone needed to put a stop to drunk driving in the El wood community. and so they worked with Miss Johnson to get a S.A.D.D. chapter started at E.C.H.S. to help get this problem under control. About 60 students were members of S.A.D.D. this year which was a great turn-out for the first year. At the first S.A.D.D. meeting "Contracts for Life" were distributed. These contracts were for the students to sign assuring their parents that they would call home for a ride before driving home after they had been drinking or their driver had been drinking. Also the parents were to sign the contract assuring their children that they would not drive after they had been drinking. Several guest speakers were invited to speak at the S.A.D.D. meetings. Speakers included Pat Rice, an El wood police officer and Mr. Parker, a Tipton County sheriff. This year's S.A.D.D. activities included pin-a-friend day. a Christmas party at Circle, and a school lock-in. On pin-a-friend day each S.A.D.D. member was given a bog full of pins with the S.A.D.D. emblem on it. After you pinned someone you passed the bog on. Dy the end of the day most everyone had on a pin. The school lock-in included a lip sync, relays, a dance, a movie, and eating contests. Angie Morrow will be the president of S.A.D.D. next year, and she hopes that as many people. if not more, get involved in S.A.D.D. 112 AcademicsPictured to the right ore the originators of Elwood's Below is Pot Rice, on Elwood police officer. Pot was o S.A.D.D. chapter. Kim Werline and Miss Johnson. Not guest speaker ot one of the S.A.D.D. meetings. pictured is Lorry Gibson. Row 1: Mr. Linder. D. Howey. M. Dock. L. Gibson. D. Domes. S. Lawson. S. VonNess. L. Richwine. and Miss Johnson. Row 2: D. Tunnell. R. Cummings. 5. Rickobough. T. Faustich. K. Keene. K. Peel. E. Doleure. A. Morrow. T. Lovell. C. Morrisett. ond T. Mays. Row 3: A. Dougherty, T. Grimes. 5. Jones. L. Downhom. A. Scott. A. Dinken. M. Dell. T. Hicks. D. Frozier, G. Hotter. C. Hoover, ond M. Roby. Row 4: M. Drewer. J. Armstrong. T. McDaniel. D. Murphy. D. Gibson. R. Durrus. D. Dolser. D. Poquin. K. Svendsen. D. Doll. Row 5: M. Heaton. G. Garner. J. Kleinbub. M. Harrell, A. Collins. 5. Gilbert. L. Sorg. K. Barton. T. Hansen. T. Jones. D. McToggort. D. Slater and M. Pedro. Lorry Gibson. S.A.D.D. s co-president, accepts a donation from Carl Caldwell. Elwood's Chief of Police. S ADD [students AGAINST DRIVING DRUNK I Drugs And Alcohol 113The 1985-86 Elwood Choir and Choral Company sang their way through the school year. Miss Paula Simmons, the band director, heads the choral department. Although the choir is young and with not much experience Miss Simmons thinks the program will continue to grow. The students enrolled now and the new choral program at the jr.high brighten the future for this to happen. The choir students like to sing ballads and music from musicals, but their versatility was demonstrated at several programs. An outstanding performance by the choir for the Christmas church service at the Har- mony Christain Church was eagerly accepted. The Elwood Choir was also invited to the Madison County Choral Program. The choir doesn't stop there. These students and many others may also be in choral company. About 50 students signed up which was very optimistic. They practiced and then performed in the 1986 variety show. The theme of the variety show was "Liberty Spectacular." This theme honored the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. The 1985-86 school year borught about much excitement and enthusiasm to the Elwood Choir and Choral Company. ’ ’Choir is really fun, and you learn a lot if you want to. The extra trips are the best of all." -Shelly Lawson. Several choir members. David Dowyer. Todd Hinds. Tom Layer, ond Amber Metz, ore practicing the choir On on oil doy choir outing Shelly Lawson wos having procedure to open their mouths correctly, fun on her lunch break. 1965-66 Elwood Choir - Row ID. Curry. S. Jones. M. McCabe. A. Teigstod. A. Scott. J. Prichard. S. Cornwell. Row 2 J. Kelly. A. Kelly. S. Lawson. J. Romig, T. Dellinger. T. Hinds. Row 3 S. Coston. T. Niskonen. P. Lone. A. Metz. D. Stephens. T. Luyet. D. Dowyer. Sing, Sing A Song 114 AcademicA hr b 4- ' 7 think choir con help anyone, it teaches you how to get along with others and some extras that con be lots of fun." -Condi Morrisett. The lunch session for Julie Romig or rhe Madison County Choral Program was a time for relaxation and preparation with her fellow Choir Members. Choir 115 1966 Choral Company - Row 1 P. Nugent. S. Gilbert. A. Collins. M. McCabe. 5. Jones. L. Richwlne. C. Morrisett. 5. Lawson. Row 2 P. Goins. E. Nickles. L. Hoover. L. Hanshww. J. Pritchard. M. McQuitty. J. Romig. S. Cornwell. C. Pa von. Row 3 W. Carter. S. Jock. K. Long. Tepa. A. Teigstod. K. Jones. J. Luyet. T. Lovell. Row 4 A. Kelly. 5. Coston. D. Stephens. D. Dowyer. T. Luyet. J. Murray. D. Mitchell Row 5 Ms. P. Simmons — Director. A. Metz. D. Curry. T. Dellinger. J. Kelly, T. Heater. During the long day at the Madison County Choral Program. Mario McCabe relaxes on the trip home."The band is a very big help to the cheer leaders!!” — Kim Werline. The sounds of music con often be heard throughout the school during seventh hour and out on the football field during the summer. Like always, the Panther band and corp have been very active this year. This year's activities included marching in five parades, attending band camp at Concordia Seminary in Fort Wayne, the Community Christmas Concert, several field competitions, the home football and basketball games, music contest at Muncie Central, solo and ensemble contest, a play-a-thon, a march-a-thon, Liberty Spectacular, and the Apple Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. The marching band worked extra hard at band camp this year, and they worked even harder when they returned home; their hard work paid off out on the football field when they advanced all the way to the regionals during their 1965 marching season. The band's competition music this year was Novena, Spain, Fantasy, and Grace. Officers for the band this year were Maria McCabe and Pam Goins serving as Drum Majors; Shelly Cox and Jodi Simmons serving as Guard Captains; Brian Hunt serving as Band Lieutenant; and Staci Jack serving as Secretary. The band attended contest on April 26 at Muncie Central. Their music for this contest was Coventry, Imparatrix, and a concert march. Several members of the band participated in solo and ensemble contests at Ball State University. Also participating in solo and ensemble contest for the guard was Anna Ball. Anna competed with a flag routine that she made herself. The Panther Band was very excited when invited to march in the Apple Blossom Festival Parade held in Washington D.C. The band left after school on April 30 and returned on May 4. The band held two candy sales, a shopping spree sponsored by Marsh Supermarket, and a play-a-thon to raise money for their four day trip. Sophomore. Kim Peel, and freshman. Richie Tippey. ore rehearsing their contest music. Kim and Richie ore just two of the members of the trombone line. 1965 66 Band Seniors — Row 1: K. Lehman. D. Hunt. K. Greenlee. P. Goins. T. Grimes, and V . Carter. Row 2: S. Jack. K. SvendL sen. A. Hillard. Miss Simmons. L. Hoover. G. Duster, and V. Hiatt. Music To Our Ears 16 AcademicSophomores Lisa Knotts ond Tino Lovell ore shown during band doss ploying their clarinets. Panther Guord - Row 1: f. Doleure. M. Dell. J. Simmons. C. Moss, ond T. Hearer. Row 2: A. Foley. J. Jones. R. Kontner, S. McCool. S. Cox, ond A. Doll. El wood Panther Bond — Row 1: J. Linder. K. Jones. P. Hunt, M. McCabe. P. Goins. K. Greenlee. K. Peel ond Miss Simmons. Row 2: C. Povon. D. Reynolds, S. Doleure. V. Hiott. G. Duster. A. Hillard. S. Jock. L. Hoover. K. Svendsen. K. Lehman, ond K. Warner. Row 3: M. Stockdole, L. Fowler. S. Domes. D. Doll. E. Nickels. W. Cotter, P. Newgont, A. Collins. L. Honshew. T. Jones, ond L. Knotts. Row 4: D. Slater. C. Svendsen. L. Downhom. S. Gilbert. A. Foley. J. Luyet. A. Martin, S. Cox. J. McMullen, L. Humphries, ond T. Collins. Row 5: S. Turner. D. Stockdole. M. Jockmon. K. Lone, A. Doll, E. Doleure. M. Dell. J. Simmons. L. Prott. T. Hunt, ond C. Loepke. Row 6: R. Ennis. K. Lehman. R. McCord. D. Stephens. S. McCool. J. Jones. C. Moss. R. Kontner. T. Lovell. A. Dinken. ond J. Rittenhouse. Row 7: S. Jarrell. K. Finon. S. Holford. M. Lee. R. Tippey. M. Courtney. R. Knotts. J. Hester. L. Chriss. D. Perkins. K. Childress, D. Troyer. ond A. Drummett. Band 117"The Career Center informed me of many opportunities that I could take advantage of in the nursing field." — Trisha Lovell Marianne Perez, senior, visits the Center during her OCA doss. Here. Marianne is going through the chronica Is which ore individual career descriptions. Delow is Marianne Perez on one of her visits to the Career Center. Marianne has found the center to be auire useful for her needs. El wood Community High School has hod a Career Resource Center since 1961. The center was equipped with Interest Inventories, Career Aptitude Batteries, Computer Career Searches. Computer College Selection Searches, a vast amount of printed career information, and direct career counseling to assist you in choosing your career. The purposes of the center were to assist students in gaining self-awareness in a manner that relates to career goals, to help the student gain awareness of job seeking skills, and to help students with the development of these skills. The Career Center gives junior high eighth grade students an opportunity to participate in a Career Decision Making program also. The intent of the COM program was to help the student assess his or her interests, abilities, and values as they would apply to their future career goals. The program assisted the student in deciding which high school curriculum would best meet their individual needs. It could also play an important role in helping the youth of today make the right choices for tomorrow was developed through the cooperation of the junior high and high school guidance departments along with the Resource Center. The center, in cooperation with the high school honors program coordinators, sat up a career education unit for the freshman honor students also. The basic goal of this unit in career education is to allow for the student to better conceptualize his or her future career plans through an awareness study of their interests, aptitudes, and values. Activities included administering interest inventories, conducting career assessment testing, and direct career counseling. Freshman honor students are scheduled into the center for 3 one-hour sessions. The center also has a job placement program. Through this program they would like to develop a network that would assist our students clients who are seeking employment after terminating their formal education. This program is for ABE students completing GED, or high school graduation, seniors who have completed two years of specific vocational training, or seniors who have finished high school and are not going to any further training. To do this they had to develop a complete profile for each client who is interested. The center organizes and stores the profiles, awaits requests from employers, and then matches the job order with an employee. The Resource Center is very active in the high school by trying to help everyone make the right choice. Career Resource Center 118 Acadcmics' 7 think the Career Center has many helpful things to offer for our convenience." - uso chnss Marianne Perez and Jason Vandersnick look over os Mrs. Etchison gives them direct career counseling. Sophomore Michelle Heaton finds the microfish to be of interest to her in helping her choose the career that is right for her. The microfish is just one of the many helpful things that the center offers.P.M. Auto Mechanics P.M. Welding J. Ward B. Blackford M. Poor R. Bagley G. Hammond T. Ridenour P.M. Auto Body B. Richards M. LeVeque B. Lennon J. White B. Ricketts P.M. Machine Shop M. Campbell C. Davis R. Carter J. Hcrera C. Haas B. Butcher M. Stewart ■ M. Stigall K. Kelich T. Himmerlick B. Vandevendcr T. Cox F. Short S. Stiner C. Rider P.M. Electronics P.M. Building Trades F. Archart M. Rominger J. Robbins J. Rich M. DeLong M. Castor J. Davis E. Childress M. Lyons B. Hueston K. Croy 120 AcademicsA.M. Welding AM. Electronics K. Harris B. Gaddis M. Rittenhou.se T. Griffith D. W'aymire I). Duffer T. Riley J. Ochoa S. Ryan K. Greenlee J. Preston J. Jaminson AM. Building Trades AM. Auto Mechanics A. Heady D. Green J. Wright T. Delph C. Pansley C. Jones W. Massey B. Nelson M. Mays M. Updegraph T. Blake D. W'arner AM. Machine Shop T. Brown T. Adams B. Tolbert T. Fesler B. Yates B. Turner C. Cress T. Priest A.M. Auto Body E. Clark J. Vandersnick S. Maynard T. Gardner T. Wallace Vocational Officers 121Good Luck Seniors CONTINENTAL CAN 900 North “D” Street Elwood, Indiana 552-5474 Congratulations To All Seniors HENRI’S TIRE WRECKER SERVICE 1348 South “B” Elwood, Indiana 552-2191 552-6202 Bona Fortuna From LATIN CLUBOur Best To The Class OS ‘86 ©nun-® Air Foil DivisionRichard Meritt "Spare rime is very dear in the school business, ” commented Richard Merritt, Superintendent of the El wood Community School Coorporation. Mr. Merritt considers attending ball games, plays, contests, programs, and all forms of school activities not just spare time, but part of his job. Riding bikes is an activity he and his wife, Raeanna enjoy. Sometimes they mix work with pleasure by riding their bikes to various school activities. Mr. Merritt not only is involved with the young people of our community, but he is also involved with many activities in our community as well. Mr. Merritt and his family moved to Elwood in 1935. He graduated in 1952 from Wendell Willkie High School (EHS). In 1956 he received his B.S. from Ball State, an M.A. in 1963, and his completed additional graduate work. Mr. Merritt stated, "I am not sure why I chose education because there were many job opportunities in the mid-fifties.” He wanted to influence young people to be the best they can be. He found a career in education both interesting and challenging. "The responsibility to provide the best education for young people and adults regardless of their ability and interest level is a tremendous challenge," commented Mr. Merritt. Mr. Merritt had held various positions in the school corporation. 1956-57 Lin wood School, 1957-1958 EJHS, 1958-1964 Oakland School, 1965-1978 Principal of EJHS, and 1978-1979 Principal of EHS. Presently he is Superintendent of Elwood Community Schools. Other than being Superintendent, Mr. Merritt is involved in various other activities around the community. He is on the Board for the Elwood YMCA, the Board for the Chamber of Commerce, a member of Elwood Rotary Club, on the Board for the Center for Mental Health of Madison County, Mayor’s Task Force, Realty Board for the Elwood Country Club, and a member of the Mercy Hospital Century Club. Mr. Merritt is just one of the fine citizens in our community who combines spare time, his job, and the well-being of Elwood to the benefit of our community. Congra tula tions Class Of '86 JACKLEY- LANDRUM FUNERAL HOME BOURFFS FURNITURE STORE 102 Main 552-2255 I Were looking Ibetterall Ithe time DANDY RESTAURANT 1803 S. Anderson Elwood, 552-5033 Breakfast, Lunch Dinner Banquet Room Available MOSER Jewefers. fne. 1 7 SomtA Amdtrsom S r—t E wooJ. mAimmm 46036 3 7 552-3 83 124 AdvertisementSTATE PLATING INC. 450 North 9th Street 552-5047 Good Luck Angie And Best Wishes To The Class Of ”86” KLEIN’S SHOE STORE 116 So. Anderson St. “The Most Walked About Shoes In Town” HEMBREE MOTOR SALES 17 No. Anderson St. Elwood, Indiana 552-6741GENERAL CAGE CORPORATION P.O. Box 104 Elwood Indiana Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk! Students Against Driving Drunk Christmas Dance % v% Faculty Advisor: Julie Johnson Co-Organizers And Co-Presidents, Kim Werline Larry Gibson 1986LINDLEY COMER Lindley Comer has resided in Elwood where he has been employed in the real estate business as a rural appraiser, farm manager, and farm real estate broker for the past 20 years. He has had his own business, Comer Real Estate, for the past six years. Lindley finds his work interesting because he enjoys working with farmers and being outside much of the time. Becoming a farm real estate broker gave him the opportunity to work with the public, particularly farmers. Although he enjoys his work very much, if he could do it all over, he would also liked to have been an attorney. He likes preparing the various documents involved in his real estate and appraisal business. Lindley is active in his church and a member of the Elwood Rotary club and the Elks Lodge. He also belongs to the Indiana Chapter of the Indiana Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. He graduated from Fairmount High School in 1958 and from Purdue University with a degree in Agriculture in 1962, where he was a member of Alpha Gamma Rho and Alpha Zeta Fraternities. Lindley is married to the former Linda Kolberg, and has three children, Lisa Kelsey, Annie, Bob, and two stepchildren, Dean and Gina. In his spare time he enjoys working with his computer, or working in the yard. If there is one thing about Elwood he would like to see changed, it would be to entice more industry to town. If he could make any changes in the Elwood school system, he would have more discipline in the classrooms. Mr. Comer is an avid supporter of the Elwood Communi- ty- 1985-86 Student Council • Dances • Selling of Valentine Balloons • Lip Sync Contest • Spirit Week • Christmas Cookies Good Luck To The Senior Class 128 AdvertiscmentsChoose A Career In Journalism • Photojournalist Photographer • Investigative Reporter • Public Relations Worker • Department Editor • Rewriter • Newspaper Managing Editor • Advertising Copy Writer • Screenwriters • Editorial Assistant things go better,! with Coke COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. P.O. Box 1019 • 2305 N. Davis Rd. Kokomo, Indiana 46901JERRY WERLINE Coaching kids is how this Elwood native gives his time to the community. Jerry Dean Werline has been coaching since the age of sixteen. At sixteen he coached the first Elk’s sponsored minor league team and won the city championship. He has been coaching ever since. In 1979 he was one of the men who built the Elwood Minor League field. In 1981 he was president of the Elwood Minor League. Through the time his son played minor league baseball, he coached the teams his son played on. He presently is on the Board of Directors at the Elwood Babe Ruth and coaches his son’s baseball team Falveys. Baseball is not the only sport this active citizen can be found coaching. During his younger years he helped coach the basketball team at his former school St. Joseph Catholic School. In 1979 he also coached the boys’ fifth and sixth grade basketball teams at Washington Elementary School. Jerry says he was inspired to coach by his former coach Joe Morris. " started coaching because Joe Morris told me that coaching was the best way to help kids.” Not only does Jerry spend his time coaching, but he also spends his time trying to improve the Elwood City Parks. He is a two year member of the Elwood Park Board. And is now president. Jerry has completed several projects that have greatly improved the Elwood City Parks. He is also a member of the St.John Lutheran Church and the church council at St.John. He works at Delco-Remys and is a Vietnam Veteran. He has been married for twenty years to his high school sweetheeart, Grace (Hevron) Werline. Grace is a Licensed Practical Nurse and works at the Family Practice Clinic. Jerry has two children Kimberly and Kevin. Working in the yard, being with his family, rooting for the Chicago Cubs (even when they get beat), meeting new people, and sharing his happiness with others around him is how Jerry Werline fills up his free time slots. Growing up in Elwood and contributing his time to the city and the children of the city has proven to be very rewarding for this Elwood native Jerry Dean Werline. Congratulations Class Of 1986 Compliments Of WERLINE HOOSIER PROPANE GAS 130 AdvertiscmcntsCarter's The Cardinal Rule of Savings! Open 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week! Hot Line For Special Orders Delicatessen Delicatessen Hot Line 552-9673 Good Luck Seniors Meat Department — Custom Cutting — 552-9689 Kevin RittenhouseWICKES LUMBER BARBARA ARMSTRONG Barbara Armstrong has had her job at Frames- -Things for six years. She says that there are many duties invovled with a business career like waiting on customers, helping people select frames, doing the actual framing — cutting frames, constructing frames, and ordering merchandise. One part of the job that Barbara dislikes is the long hours. She has to be in the store before it opens each day and she has to stay until it closes. Barb believes that the best reward you can get out of this job is a sense of accomplishment when you have completed a framing job. "I really like what I do and I would not change it for the world.” Barbara formerly worked at the local newspaper (The Call Leader) for fifteen years and enjoyed that also. She said that her business evolved from a dream to own a "shop” someday. Reading, needlework, traveling, golfing, and gardening are the things that Barbara enjoys doing in her spare rime. She said that she also enjoys watching girl’s and boy’s sports such as basketball and volleyball. The one thing that Barbara would like to change in Elwood is people’s attitudes. She said that she wishes that she could instill a sense of community pride in every resident of our community. "A more positive attitude would cure many of the ills in our community. ” Barbara is active in the Elwood Chamber of Commerce. She is in a local sorority, Delta Theta Tau, which is a national philanthropic organization, and she is a member of the Elwood City Council. Barbara is a proud citizen of Elwood and is glad to be a part of this community. State Road 37 So. Elwood 552-7355 132 AdvertisemencsSECURITY BANK 125 South Anderson Street With Branch Banking At Elwood Plaza And Carter’s Food ServiceYour Picture Could Have Been Here! Buy A Senior Ad LUCKY STRIKE LANES INC. State Rd. 13 S. 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Anderson St. El wood, Indiana 552-3422David Hoffman A native of Wabash, Indiana, Mr. Hoffman participated as a band member, played on the football team, and served on the student council during high school years. His favorite subjects were history and English. He was a typical teenager as he enjoyed driving around town, listening to music, going to the drive-in movies and after game dances, and taking part in school plays. At Purdue, Mr. Hoffman majored in International Relations his first four years, and in European and American History for his masters degree. It wasn’t until after serving in the Army for two years that he decided to go into teaching. He came to Elwood because he was married, needed a job, and wanted to teach in a school about the size of ECHS. Mr. Hoffman, his wife, and their two sons have resided in Elwood for seventeen years. He likes the students here and finds them interesting. In addition to the history courses he is now teaching, he has also taught government classes. He has considered other occupations besides teaching, but he is still here! Mr. Hoffman says that teaching is hard work done under difficult conditions for low pay. He thinks to prepare for an occupation that you will like will bring more contentment than to work at something you dislike just to make more money. His philosophy is that there is more to life than work, and that we should enjoy living along the way. When asked if he had noticed many changes during his teaching career, Mr. Hoffman responded that things usually change very slowly in education. It seems to him that students are less interested in the rest of the world than they were a few years ago. He thinks students today need to know more because there is so much more to learn. Mr. Hoffman believes that our education is vital to our future. Thar is the one thing he knows we will all learn whether it is now or later. Compliments Of BURNETTE- DELLINGER INC. Insurance 1423 South Anderson Elwood, IN 46036 Congratulations Class Of ’86 McCARROLL CHEVR0LET-0LDSM0BILE BUICK-PONTIAC Highways 13 37 ELWOOD. INDIANA 46036 THE SAVING PLACE 1501 St Rd. 37 South Oldsmobile 146BECKLEY PHOTO Rural Route 1, Box 264 Elwood Indiana (317) 552-0256 MONDAY’S CHILD South J St. Elwood, INT i Betsy Herndon Mrs. Herndon grew up in Fairfax County, Virginia, right outside Washington D.C., where her father was an electrical engineer and her mother taught Latin and English. Graduating from Herndon High School, she received a B.A. in English from the College of William and Mary in 1967. Following graduation, she came to Indiana and married her husband, Dick Herndon. They lived in Franklin, Indiana, for two years, and came to Elwood in 1969. Franklin schools didn’t practice hiring husband and wife teams in the same system; therefore, Mr. Herndon’s brother recommended that they apply at Elwood. Mrs. Herndon began teaching at Elwood Junior High School, where she taught seventh and eighth grade English and sponsored the newspaper, the Panther's Paw. During this time, she completed her M.A. In secondary education from Ball State University. Mrs. Herndon taughta at the junior high for eleven years before transferring to Elwood Community High School in the fall of 1985. "It’s been a challenging year, hut I love the high school. I am impressed with what high school students can do, and enjoy their sense of humor!" stated Mrs. Herndon. Mrs. Herndon teaches English 3 and 4. and short story, and mass media, classes designed to meet the English requirement for community bound seniors. Mrs. Herndon's husband is the head of the math department at Hamilton Heights High School. They have a son, Carter, who is in the fifth grade at Oakland. They also have several cats: Otis, Belle, Simone, Tiger, and Elmer Gantry. Between teaching, sponsoring Thespians, family and community activities, there isn't much spare time. Mrs. Herndon is the president of the Elwood Plan Commission, treasurer of the Elwood Library Board of Trustees, a member of the Elwood Board of Zoning Appeals, Delta Theta Tau sorority, and St. Joseph’s Church. She enjoys reading, bike riding, playing the piano, listening to music, and talking to students! Mrs. Herndon thinks that the schools in Elwood are one of the town’s strong points. If she could change anything in the schools, she would make sure that everyone understood that an education is your equal chance for success. "It’s not just a burden unfairly placed on your shoulders. An education is something you achieve for yourself that no one can take away from you. It's your good start for a successful life." Given the importance of getting people off to a good start in their lives, Mrs. Herndon believes there is nothing more important that she could be doing. She considers it a pleasure! Go With The Winner! Congratulations » V MARILYNS BEAUTY SHOP 552-3456 148 AdvertisementsCongratulations ’86 Seniors Uiatouch National School Studios Inc. 1808 University A venue Muncie. Indiene 47303 Raid's Studio From Your Official Senior Portrait Photographers Advertiscmcnts 149WAYMIRE T.V. QUASAR-ZENITH SALES SERVICE 310 South Anderson Elwood, IN 46036 552-3721 B M AUTO SALES State Road 28 East TIPTON UNIVERSITY OF COSMETOLOGY Beauty School 222 S. Main Street Tipton, IN 46072 317-675-8861rUST NATIONAL DANE member F.D.I.C. FINANCING MANT CHEAT PEDBOCTIONS— Advertisement 151 LET THEM FINANCE TOIES AT: state road152 AdvcrtisementsSENIOR DECA Row 1: Sherrie Taylor, Jenny Stephens, Alycia Wright, Martha Whisler, and Tammy Hunt. Row 2: Kelly Huff, Chris Bryan, Drew Finan, Bob Cunningham, Tracy High, and Julie Ballinger. Row 3: Bobbi Huff, Tammy Scholl, David Vice, Dean Barnes. Andrea Faucett, and Rick Cass. Vocational Education Indiana Department of Education JUNIOR DECA Row 1: Mary White, Denita Hancock. Paige Fuller, I.orie Hamm, Joani Smith, and Tina Miller. Row 2: Julie Shallenberger, Trisha Mullen, I.isa Boll, Keith Fernung, Richy Haskett. Jerry Cannon, Marsha Faulstich, and Beth Mottweiler. Row 3: Linda Simpson, Desiree Lyons, Shari C'oston, Lori Barnett, Brian Snyder, Chuck Hoover, Tracy May, Brian Ball, and Brian Hunt. Advert isements 153 AND MANAGEMENTCT1Abel. Karen 62 A be mo thy. Dob 60 Abner. Jodi 46. 70. 73 Adorns. T. 121 Alexander, Kathleen 40 Allen. Crlsro 20. 40. 71. 73. 103. 20 Amick. Edward 40. 60 Anderson. Jennifer 30 Anderson. Trocy 24. 30. 70. 74 Angell. Johnny 52. 72 Arbuckle. Chris 2. 52 55. 99 Arbuckle. Rochet 74 Arehort. Frank 30. 109. 120 Armstrong. Dorboro 132 Armstrong. Jeonne 52. 57. 70. 72. 73. 90. 103. 112. 113 Arnold. Shone 46. 99 Ash, Jonathon 52. 95 Austin. Beverly 62 Ol i IF Dock. Mark 30. 36. 71. 73. 60. 105. 113 Dogley. R. 120 Doll. Anno 40. 46. 72. 96. 117 Dali. Orion 40. 75. 117. 153 Doll. Down 40, 113 Doll. Kelli 100 Bollinger. Julie 30. 153 Doker. Mory 46 DoIser. Dino 40. 46. 47. 72. 73, 94. 99. 113 Donnon. Deeonn 30. 74 Domes. Dean 9. 30. 75. 60. 113. 153 Domes. Scott 7. 20. 21. 46. 73. 117 Domett. Lori 40. 74, 75. 153 Domett. Marilyn 62. 74 Dorr. Cheryl 30. 71. 72. 73. 76 Barton. Charlie 46. 59. 60 Dorton. Kimberly 52. 70. 72 113 Dostion. More 11. 40. 56. 69. 70. 72. 73. 76. 60, 92 93. 104. 105. 112 Deecher. Deonno 46. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74 Deecher. James 30. 60 Deemon, Jim 52 Deemon, Johnny 52 Deemon. Melissa 52 Deemon. Michael 40 Deemon. Paul 46 Deemon. Somontho 40. 72. 76 Deemon. Scott 40 Deemon. Thomas 52 Deemon. William 52. 72 Delisle. Tresho 46 Dell. Michelle 46. 72 73. 113. 117 Dellomy. Tino 46 Dennett. Lori 2 30, 74 Dennett. Mortho 67 Dixby. Tommy 52 Blackford. D. 120 Dlockford. Don Blackford, Jocobio 2. 30. 72 Dlockford. Patrick 46 Dlonton. Jennifer 46 Dogord. Molcom. 52 Dogord, Sue 62. 64 Dohlander. Mike 52 Doles. Max 52 Doley. Tony 62 60. 97. 100 Doll. Liso 40, 153 Doll. Richard 40 Domholt. Mike 62 92. 105 Dorst. Steve 46. 72. 92 Dow. Wow 106 Dowyer. David 52. 72. 95. 105. 114. US Dowyer. Somontho 40. 74 Doylond. Robert 40 Drodburn. Robin 46 Dronnen. Clayton 40 Brewer. Melissa 16. 17. 40. 72. 60. 105. 113 Driscoe. Annette 62. 63 Brooks. Allen 46 Drown. J. 121 Drown. Phil 62 Drummett. Angelo 52. 72. 112. 117 Dryon. Christopher 30. 153 Dryon. Michelle 52. 73 Bunch. John 52. 72 Burdette. Morsho 2. 30. 74. 156 Durdsoll. Mike 62. 72. 60. 97 Durdsoll. Richard Durdsoll. Rodney 52 56 Durdsoll. Tommy 30. 71. 69. 66. 67. 90. 100 Durke. Kathryn 46. 59. 70. 71. 73. 100. 109 Durke. Patrick 30 Durris. Rondy 46. 72. 113 Duster. Gregory 30. 116. 117 Butcher. D. 120 Butcher. Frank 92 P ! n Caldwell, Carl 113 Caldwell. Jeon 67 Caldwell. Phil Campbell. M. 120 Cannon. Jorold 40. 153 Copps. Teresa 52 Carter. Drittion Carter. Paul 40 Cotter. R. 120 Cotter. Windy 30. 77. 115. 116. 117 Cosos. Tino 52 72 Coss. Richard 30. 153 Cass. Theresa 46. 72. 73 Cassidy. Tom 60 Costo. Lori 40. 74. 100 Costo. Mory 41 Castor. M. 120 Chaffin, Scott 52 Chaffin. Scott D. Chambers. Angelo 77 Chambers. Trlno 46 Champion. Jill 10. 30. 32 74. 90 Champion. Rich 52, 72 65. 95. 99 Charlton. Mike 52 Charlton. Michael Chestnut. Jerry Chestnut. Lindo 52 Childress, Everett 40. 120 Childress. Kotrlno 52 72. 117 Chtiss. Liso 52. 72. 117 Christensen. Morten 19. 26. 30. 74. 60. 97. 100 Clark. E. 121 Clark. Roxie 31 Cleaver. Ann 31 Cline. Joe 52 Clinkenbeord. Kevin Clouser. Sherri 46 Clymer. Trocy 41 Coumon. Richard 67 Collins. Angelo 41. 72. 113. 115. 117 Collins. Kelli 46. 47. 51. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 60. 106 Collins. Tomato 52. 72. 17 Comer. Lindley 126 Compton. James 61 Conowoy. Toro 46. 49 Connor. Matthew 5. 31. 35. 70. 72. 73. 60. 63 Cook. Heidi 40. 41. 70. 71. 66. 103 Cooper. Trent Copus. Charles 46 Cornwell. Sondro 31. 114. 115 Coston. James 46 Coston. Mox 52. 95. 100 Coston. Shori 41. 114. 115. 153 Courtney. Carol 64 Courtney. Joy 46. 59. 60. 100 Courtney. Kondi 64 Courtney. Mark 117. 52 Courtney. Shawn 39 Cox. Shelly 41. 73. 76. 117 Cox. Tino 69 Cox. T. 120 Creamer. Tom 41. 160 Creech. Scott 41 Cress. C. 121 Cress. Julie 31 Crist. Morckel Croy. Kelly 41, 120 Cruise. Tom 159 Crull. Tommy 96 Crunch, the Panther 65 Cummings. Allen 52 Cummings. Reso 31. 70. 74. 113 Cunningham. Dobby 31. 75. 153 Curry. Debra 46. 77. 114. 115 Curtis. Roe Anne 53. 69. 100 = = =====-= =s = - =■ = = Doleure. Dione 62 Doleure. Ellaine 46. 71. 72. 73. 113. 117 Doleure. Spero 31 Douenhouer. Amy 72 Dounhouer. Carrie 53. 57. 71. 72. 73. 110 Dougherty. Aleshcha 53. 72. 113 Daulton. Tracey Davenport. Will lorn Do vis. Christopher 41. 120 Davis. David Do vis. Jone 64 Do vis. John 41. 120 Do vis. Stefonie 53 Deckord. Tino 31 Deckord. Tonyo 74 Decker. Christina 2 10. 30. 32. 74. 131. 156 Decker. Heidi 53 DeHart. June Dellinger. Tommy 53. 114. 115 Delong. Dorren 41 DeLong. Michael 41, 120 Delph. Terry 62. 121 Dever. Robert 47 DeWitt. Jennifer 47 Dial. John 53. 95 Dietzer. Shown 41 Dinken. Amy 47. 70. 113. 117 Dixon. Seon 47 Downhom. Lori 47. 72 73. 74. 113. 117 Dudley. George 60 Dudley. Lillian Dudley. Susan 64 Duffer. D. 121 Du neon. Joseph 47. 72. 94. 102 Durm. Debro 62 E=E |nf E EE == | =— — ■=■= r E E E E E Eoster Dunny 159 Edgell. Satin 53 Edwards. Michael 7. 41. 73. 94 Eliserlo. Linda Ellis. Robert 47 Elsten. Dono 47 Emery. Dovid 53. 96. 97. 70. 72. 100 Ennis. Rochonn 53. 117 Etchison. Joanna 64 Etchison. John 47. 70. 73. 94 Evans. Dorboro 32. 76 Everson. Chuck 47. 71. 72. 73. 60. 94. 105 Farr. Raymond 41. 70 Foucett. Andreo 31. 75 Foulstich. Craig 31 Foulstlch, Eric 47 Foulstich. Morsho 41. 153 Foulstich. Tomoro 17. 41. 73. 60. 113 Foulstich, Timothy 47. 72. 60 Foust. Charles 62 Felton. Russell 41 Fernung. Eric 47 Fernung. Keith 41. 70. 75. 153. 160 Fester. Troy 31. 121 Fesler. Steven Fettig. Karen 62 Fettig. Kristi 31. 35. 70. 90 Fettig. Lonce 41 Fettig. Lynne 6. 57. 70. 106. 153 Finon. Andrew 31. 153 Finon. Kathleen 53. 117. 72 Fire, Rodney 31 Foley. Ann 47. 117 Foot. Anno 41. 47 Foor. Rene 74. 76 Foot. Deborah 53. 74 Foor. Johnny Foor. Patricio 41 Fortner. Don 62 Fowler. Leslie 20. 21. 47. 117 Fox. Jero 53 Frank Panther 1. 106. 156 Frazier. Amy 47. 49. 72. 73. 100. 159 Frozler. Dart 47 Frazier, Brian 11. 24. 40. 41. 70. 71. 72. 73. 60. 92 113 Frozler. Goy Ann 47 Frazier. Robert 53 Fredd. Mary 67 Frye. Kevin 60. 105 Frye. Lorry 47 Frye. Robert 53. 72 65. 95. 99 Frye. Steve 72. 97. 155 Fuller. Paige 41. 153 fin mi? IT 5 3 Goddls. Orion 31. 121 Golbreoth. Loretta 31 Go I breath. Decky Go I to poo. Ginger 31. 74 Gordo, Potty 47. 73. 103 Gardner. April 76. 121 Gardner. Tom 121 Garner. Diono 62. 72 Garner. Don 62 Garner. Gabe 6. 16. 17. 53. 57. 56. 70. 72. 74. 95. 103. 113 Geisselbrechr. Kirsten 19. 26. 31. 73. 103. 156 George. Chris George. Scott Gibbons. Joby 53. 70. 71. 73. 95. 105 Gibbons. Shoron 41. 70. 71. 72. 73. 103 Gibson. Drod 47. 60. 113 Gibson. Lorry 9. 31. 59. 70. 72. 74. 76. 60. 62 63. 105. 112. 113 Gilbert. Sheryl 41. 72. 113. 115. 117 Gines, Clint 53 Goins. Cathy 60 Goins. Mike 100 Goins. Pom 23. 31. 72. 115. 116. 117 Gosnell. John 154 IndexGosnell. Stacey 50, 57, 72. 106 Goyer. Rich 99 Graham. Sandy 01. 05. 06. 70. 72. 70 Graham, Wade 50 Green. D. 121 Green. James 47 Greenlee. Kris 01. 117. 121 Groover. Amy 50. 57. 70. 71. 72. 66. 60. 91. 100. 110 Groover. Lisa 41 Groover. Mark 47. 70 Gross. April 01 Griffey. George 52 Griffith. Drad 47 Griffith. Tim 47. 121 Grimes, Tricio 25, 01. 72. 110. 116 Gw inn. Ginger 41, 50 Gw inn. Greg Haas. Chris 41, 120 Hahn, Drad 46. 100 Haight. Merle Hamm. Lorie 46. 150 Hammond. G. 120 Hancock. Rosie 67 Hancock. Deni to 41. 150 Haneline. April 41. 76 Honeline. Tyler 50. 70 Han key. Detty 41 Honkley. Mott 16. 17. 50. 72. 95. 105. 110 Hanshew. Lynn 41. 72. 70. 115. 117. 156 Hanson. Teresa 50. 70. 72. 110 Hare. Greg 41. 70 Hardebeck. Jean 46 Hardin. Robyn 46 Harrell. Michelle 44. 110 Harris, Dilly Harris. James 46 Harris. Kenny 60, 121 Harris. Micheol 46 Harris, Michelle 50 Hartman. Anthony 46 Hartman. Greg 01. 70 Hotting. Korena 74. 69 Hotting. 50 Horting, Ter! 46 Horting. Tom 01 Hartley. Ruton 67 Hansock. Michelle 01 Haskett. Mike 41. 42. 70. 60, 97 Haskett. Richard 75. 150 Haulk. Joe Hayward. Damon 50 Hayward. Travis Headley. Carmen 10. 01. 70. 74. 109 Heady. Frank 02. 121 Heady. Tracy 46. 72 Heater. Tina 74. 115 Heater. Tonya 46, 50. 72. 117 Heaton. Michelle 46. 70. 71. 72. 66. 100. 110. 119 Heflin. Kyle 50 Helpling. Steve 26. 00. 02. 06. 70. 72. 70. 60. 62 Herdon, Detsy 20. 60 Hester. Jason 20. 50, 70. 72. 117 Hereto. J. 120 Hiatt. VanNessa 02. 74. 116. 117 Hicks. Trent 5. 24. 42. 70. 65. 92. 99. 110 Hicks. Troy 47. 46. 59, 92. 102 Higgins. Angelo 9. 24. 47. 46. 70. 60. 106 High, Tracy 02. 75. 150 Hillard. Amy 02. 69. 70. 70. 74. 116. 117 Hlmmelrick. Tim 02. 120 Hinds. Todd 46. 72 70. 114 Hinds. Shannon 57. 72 Hobbs. Kerry 54 Hobbs. Lorry 60. 65. 92. 94. 100 Hobbs. Matt 56. 72. 70 Hobbs, Michelle 42 Hofer. Scott 42. 70. 72 Hotter. Gina 11. 40. 42. 70. 71. 60. 107. 110. 156 Hoff mo n. Davie 60 Hoffman. Mike 54 Hot ford. Shown 117 Holliday. Ray 5. 02 60. 62. 92. 96. 105 Holliday. Tom 9. 42. 60. 92 Hollowell. Melissa 42. 77 Holtsclow. Jerry 42 Holtsclow. Joe 92. 95 Hood, Johnathan 47. 46. 72. 94. 102 Hoover. Tony 11. 46. 60. 92. 105. 109 Hoover. Chuck 11. 42. 56. 71. 75. 76. 60. 62. 92. 105. 110. 150 Hoover. Lisa 02 115. 116. 117 Hoppel. Max 60. 74. 69. 90. 102. 100 Hoppel. Stacey 52. 70. 71. 72 65. 69. 100 Horseman. Jennie Hoskins. Cliff 11. 24. 02 59. 72. 70. 60. 105 House. Detty 60 Houston. Whitney 159 Howell, Jerry 46. 70 Howey. Drian 02, 70. 70. 100. 110 Hubble. Karri 54. 57, 56. 72. 70. 69. 100 Hudson. Jim 54. 95. 102 Hueston. John 54 Hues ton. Melissa Hueston. Robert 02. 120 Huff. Angie 46 Huff. Dobbi 02. 150 Huff. Kelly 02. 54. 150 Huffman. Judy 67 Huffman. Lynne 67 Huffman. Phil 70. 92. 94 Huffman. Raymond 09. 46 Hughes. Jody 54 Hughes. Mark 60. 60. 100 Humph ryes. Lisa 70. 117 Humphryes. Richard Hunsberger. Audie 46 Hunsberger. Jason 54. 100 Hunt. Drian 116. 117. 150 Hunt. Tommy 02, 150 Hunt. Todd 20. 46. 117 Hussong. Andy 47. 46. 70. 72. 105 Hyman. Peggy 46 5s = 5 EE E Ingram. Stacey 42 Israel. Nikki 54 Israel. Christopher 46. 97. 105 Israel. Tina 90 Jack. Stacie 02. 72. 70. 115. 116. 117 Jackman. Michael 46. 117 Jackson. Subrena 42. 77 Jaminson. J. 121 Joromillo. Pedro Jarrell. Christine 46. 72 70 Jarrel. Scott 54, 117 Jarrett. Mick 60 John. Kent 54. 95. 100 John. Matt 29. 42. 44. 56. 72. 70. 65 92 90 Johnson. Julie 60. 69. 90. 91. 100. 112 110 Johnson. Lisa Jones. Denjamin 42. 79. 96. 97. 100. 121. 160 Jones. Orion 42 Jones. Christina 46. 74 Jones. Eric 42 Jones, James Jones. Jena 46. 72. 70. 117. 156 Jones. Jeremy 40. 42 Jones. Jonathan 42 Jones. Katherine 54. 72. 115. 117 Jones. Susan 9. 20. 21. 20. 26. 42. 72. 0. 96. 110. 114. 115 Jones, Thurman 42. 117 Jones. Tina 110 Kantner. Mike 54. 70. 100 Kantner. Rhonda 42. 71. 72 117 Keene. Kelly 40. 42. 56. 70. 72. 70. 110. 156 Kaye. Joncie 60 Kelich. Daphne 54. 57. 67. 100 Kelich, Keith 42. 120 Kelly. Anno 42. 114. 115 Kelly. Jennifer 54. 72. 114. 115 Kerr. Dwayne 42 Kerr. Kerri 54. 72. 74 Klien. Shannon 02 Klienbub. Jason 54. 95. 105. 110 Kleylo. Joel 60 Knapp. Alan 60 Knotts. Kimberly 54 Knotts. Lisa 46. 72. 70. 69. 100. 117 Knotts. Robert 54. 72. 117 Konoz. Mary 60. 74 Kurtz. Dor bora 64 Lamb. Donald 6. 7. 42 Lane. Emily 42 Lone. Melissa 46 Lane. Kris 46. 117 Lane. Pam 54. 114 Lane. Teresa 46. 69 Larson. Carrie 46 LoShure. Steven 49 Lawerence. Sherry 49 Lawson, Scott 02 Lawson. Shelly 7. 49, 71. 70, 60. 96. 106. 110. 114. 115 Lea veil. Emily 64 Lee, Kim 02. 76 Lee. Marci 26. 54. 56. 70. 72 79. 106. 117 Lehman. Charles 02. 116 Lehman. Kevin 49. 117 Leisure. Johny Leisure. Scott 02. 70. 102 Lennon. D. 120 LeVeque. M. 120 Lewis. Renee 72 Linder. Gory 60 Linder. Jennifer 54. 70. 71. 72. 117 Linder. Mike (Lew Al) 25. 02 00. 70. 71. 92. 100. 102 Loot. Shawn 54. 64. 96. 97 Loepke. Gloria 54. 72. 117 Logan, Evelyn 54 Long. Kathy 42. 115 Lovell. Tracy 49 Lovell. Tina 42. 49. 56. 70. 71. 72 70. 110. 115. 156 Lovell. Trisha 70. 76 Lowe. Rob 159 Luther. Mart 49 Luurtsema. Rhonda 60. 70 Luyet. Jenny 49. 70. 72. 70. 115. 117 Luyet. Melisa 54. 72 Luyet. Tom 42. 114. 115 Lyons. Jeff 7. 06. 70. 71. 60. 62. 100 Lynch. Shelly 49 Lyons. Desiree 42. 150 Lyons. Mark 00. 120 Lyons. Penny 54 McCabe. Maria 20. 21. 20. 26. 42. 70. 72 114. 115. 117 McCool. Sonya 54. 72. 117 McCord. Condi 54 McCord. Robert 20. 54. 70. 71 McCord. Rodney 49. 72. 70. 117 McCracken. Patricia 15. 00 McCracken. Sheri 49 McCray. Gory 42 McGuire. Angie 42. 72. 70. 66. 100 McGuire. Koby 55 McDaniel. Tosh 15. 00. 00. 70. 72. 70. 66. 90. 100. 110 McDaniel. Patrick 00. 00. 71. 70. 74 McMullen. David 42. 97 McMullen. Jerri 49. 96. 117 McPhearson. Erika 55. 72 McTageart. DaLynda 55. 110 McOuitty. Anna May 10. 70. 70. 60 McQuitty. Darrell 60 McOuitty. Kristin 40. 42 70. 71. 70. 156 McQuitty. Michelle 49. 47. 59. 70. 71. 72 70. 66. 67. 100. 115 Maddox. Shannon 49 Molcom, the Panther 106 Marcuson, Gregory 49 Martin. Angie 49. 66. 67. 112 117. 156 Martin, Doug 49 Martin. James 42 Martin. Joey 55 Massey. Kert 00 Massey. W. 121 Maynard. Kathleen 55. 72 Maynard. Steve 42. 121 Mays. Marty 00. 06. 70. 60. 121 Mays. Teresa 24. 40. 42. 70. 71. 70. 60. 107. 110 May. Tracy 11. 40. 42. 70. 70. 75. 60. 92. 94. 150 Mead. Tommy 42 Me 150 Melvin. Angie 20. 21. 00. 66. 100 Mengelt. Cherie 40. 42. 71. 70. 100 Mercer. Joan 64. 70 Merritt. Roeonna 60. 70. 109. 110 Merritt. Richard 60 Metz. Amber 55. 114. 115 Meyer. Alan 54. 55 Miller. Amy 49 Miller. Annelisa 49. 70 Miller. Tina 150 Miller. Sindy 42. 69 Mi teles. Michelle 5 Mireles. Sammy 49 Mitchell. Diana 49. 70. 72. 70. 66. 67. 90 Mitchell, Scott 55 Mitchell. Nancy 64 Mitchell. Rebecca 55. 115 Mitroff. Lucinda 00. 71, 72. 70. 76 Moody. Morris 40 Moody. Wallace 55 Moore. Jodi 40 Morgan. George 67 Morrisett. Condi 20. 47. 49. 72 70. 60. 107. 110. 115 Morrisett. Caria 55 Morris. Debra 40 Morris. Jeffrey 55 Morris. Robert 55. 65. 96. 97 Morrow. Angie 40. 40. 70. 71. 70. 60. 100. 107. 112 110 Morrow. Robert 49. 60. 72 94 Index 15Morrow. Tricio 55 Mott. Laurie 49. 66, 69 Mosbough. Denise 67 Moss. Christo 55. 117 Mortweiler. Beth 43. 70. 75. 153 Mottweiler. Robert 55 Mullen. Richard 33. 70. 60 Mullen. Trisha 43. 153 Mullins. Martha 50 Murphy. Beth 26. 30. 33. 36. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 103. 113 Murphy. Leroy 55 Murphy. Jeffrey 23. 33. 115 Murrary. Rhonda 67 Nonce. Sheila 55. 70 Nosh. Jenny 74 Naylor. Bryon 50 Naylor. Loren 33 Nelson. B. 121 Neese. Cindy 39 Nichoelson. William 55 Nickles. Sharon 43. 115. 117 Niskonen. Terttn 19. 26. 33. 35. 100. 114. 115 Noone. Amy 50. 72. 60. 96. 106 Noone. Chris 55. 72. 95. 105 Nugent. Daniel 50. 43. 72. 105 Nugent. Paula 43. 72. 115. 117 Ochoa. Dean 55 Ochoa, Jerry 121 Ogden. Cathy 64 Ponsley. C. 121 Pantos. Tom 64 Parish. Dutch Parish. Lisa 55 Porker, Cathy 43 Porker. Melinda 2 47. 64. 100 Parker. Mr. 112 Porker, Shane 55 Poro. Bob 33. 73. 65 Papas. Demetri 24. 33. 36. 72. 60 Paquin. Darren 64 Poquin. Derek 47. 50. 69. 70. 94. 99. 113 Paquin. Gordon 61 Parry. Tony 50. 156 Potz. Steve 60 Povan. Charlotte 55. 74. 96. 115. 117 Payne. Crlssy 55 Pearson. Debra 64 Peorson. James 64. 103 Peel. Kim 50. 72 73. 113. 116. 117 Peeper. Kelli Peeper. Michael 55 Pedro. Christy 11 Pedro. Michelle 55. 70. 71. 72 73. 113 Pelloz. Elvis 19. 26. 33 Perez. Marianne 10. 33. 74. 60. 111. 112 119 Perkins. Darcy 55. 117 Perkins. Brian 50 Personette. Linda 64. 66 Phenis. Brian 43. 70. 71. 73. 60. 100 Phillips. Danny 50. 105 Phillips. Pot Phillips. Steve Picket I. Danny 43 Picket I. Donny 43 Piirto. Mike 33. 60. 62. 97. 156 Plake. Don 67 Plake. Tom 34. 60. 62. 121 Ploughe. Bobby 43 Poison. Tommy 34 Poole. Mary 67 Poor. M. 120 Pratt. Lisa 50. 72. 117 Preston. Jock 43. 121 Priest. Tracey 34. 121 Pritchard. Judy 50. 114, 115 Raines. Beth 70 Roper. Mala 55 Royshcih. Don 61 Reagen. Ronald 159 Reynolds. Williams 55. 117 Rice. Matt 55. 71. 72. 95 Rice. Pot 112 113 Rice. Paul 40. 43. 70. 72 73. 60. 100 Rice. Tracy 50. 73 Rice. Tracey 77 Rich. Jeff 43. 120 Richard 159 Richard. B. 120 Rich wine. Leah 26. 30. 34. 35. 70. 71. 72 73. 113. 115 Rich wine. Mark 50. 60 Rickobaugh. Bobby 56. 73. 95. 99. 102 Rickobaugh. Stacey 2. 10. 30, 34. 71. 72. 73. 113 Ricketts, B. 120 Ridenour. T. Rider. Curt 34. 96. 97. 120 Rider. Karina 43. 73. 76 Riley. Shannon 43 Riley. T. 121 Rittenhouse, Jock 56. 72. 117 Rlttenhouse. Kevin 34 Rittenhouse. M. 121 Robbins. Bryon 44 Robbins, J. 120 Roberson. Paul 50. 97 Robinson. Kim 53. 56. 69. 100 Roby. Mia 72. 73 Roby. Veronica 56. 57. 70. 71. 113 Roller. Charters. 43 Roller. Lorry 56 Romig. Julie 23. 50. 72. 73. 103. 114. 115 Romine. Doug 50 Rominger. Mott 43. 73. 120 Russell, James 56 Russel. Mike 56 Ryan. S. 121 Salinas. Teresa 50 Sallee. Dan 56. 72 95 Sanders. Anna Lisa 56. 72 Sanders. Tom 50 Santa Clous 159 Savage. Bob 60 Savage. Steve 67 Scharff. Jane 64. 65. 70. 72. 106 Scholl. Christinia 56 Scholl. Joe 56 Scholl. Tammy 34. 153 Scott. Amy 50. 60. 106. 113. 114 Sexton. Lisa 56. 72. 110 Shallenberger. Angie 43. 154 Shollenberger. Julie 43. 72 Shanks, Roger Show, Penny 50 Shelby. Jerald 50 Shepard. Lynne 50. 72 156 IndexIndex 157Fun?!?!? Putting together a yearbook is not all fun and games. It is a very challenging and hard process. Many people do not realize the hard work that is put into the making of the yearbook. This years staff found out that it was a year of hard work and a time to get carried away. Right away each staff member started to feel the pressure of deadlines. Deadlines, we never thought we would get through them. We had our good times and we had our bad times this past year while we put together this book. First of all every new member had to be informed on what was going on and what they were suppose to be doing. One tends to wonder today if they really knew what went on the whole year. Then there were the photographers that had to take the blame for every missing negative. Oh Boy! What a mess! Then there were the people who never made their deadlines. Oh well, we won’t talk about that. We hope that you enjoy this years book and the theme "Let’s Get Carried Away!!” We hope that everyone enjoyed Frank the Panther and the carried away spirit he brought to this book. We hope that every reader feels the carried "awayness” we put in our book. "Let’s Get Carried Away!!!” This was the theme used by the Crescent Staff this year. The theme was picked by editors Kim Werline and Ann Thornberry. In the photo above the staff is showing just how carried away they could be. Row one: Christy Decker, Jena Jones (notice she likes rubber cement), and Tina Lovell (she is holding a dictionary). Row two: Kelly Keene, Tony Parry (he’s the one taking the picture), Tim Williams, and Kristin Noelle McQuitty (Super Jock). Row three: Gina Hoffer (the graduate), Lynn Hanshew (she likes to blow bubbles), Kirsten (our lil’ German), Angie Martin, Ann Thornberry (one of the dingy editors), Frank the Panther (now he’s one cool dude), Kim Werline (the other dingy editor), Mike Piirto (Mr. Cool), Marsha Burdette, and Heather Van Ness. We would like to thank the art department for the use of the hamburger; it made us all hungry. 158 ClosingColophon A Special .. In order for this yearbook to be completed it took a lot of hard work from many, many people. The Crescent staff at this time would like to thank all those persons who helped us in any way complete our book "Let’s Get Carried Away!!” A big thank you goes to our yearbook representative from Jostens, Kim Ash. His guidance and encouragement made things work out for us. A thank you is due Life-touch for the senior, underclass, faculty, and school related photographs. A thank you goes to Mrs. Lori Smith, our advisor, for going through all the hard times with us. A thank you goes to the art department for the art work they allowed us to use in the yearbook. Jeff Lynas deserves a thank you for all the Panthers he created for the staff. A thank you goes to Amy Groover and Sean Dixon for their help in the photography department. A very big thank you goes to those persons who purchased advertisements. Without these advertisements our book would never have had the financial support it needed. A special thank you goes to all those members of the staff. A lot of hard work was put into this book and the editors really appreciate the work everyone has put into this book. "Let’s Get Carried Away!!” was the theme for the 1986 Crescent, the 70th book produced in the history of the publication. This theme was symbolic of the carried away spirit that the students of ECHS had. Frank, the Panther, helped to carry this theme throughout the book. A total of 377 books were sold at the price of $13.50. Our yearbook company is Jostens, with Mr. Kim Ash as our representative. This year is the second year for the Crescent to be a pasteup. The paper is a 191 gloss with the size being a 9 16. The end sheets are a soft blue with the cover being a litho 470 with the colors cyna and magenta. Board weight is 150. The name stamp color is blue. ''Let’s Get Carried Away!!” For all of you who have read the index or plan to read the index, you will notice that there are a variety of celebrities listed. At the time of the printing of this book, the pictures of these celebrities were not available. We hope that you will excuse us for this mistake and this terrible joke. Wouldn’t we all like to have a picture of Tom Cruise in our yearbook or even Whitney Houston. Sorry!! We even almost got Ronald Reagan to appear. That is how carried away the yearbook got. Kirsten Geisselbrecht Business Manager: Christy Decker Ads: Lynn Hanshew Sales: Jena Jones Student Life Editor: Gina Hoffer Sports Editor: Kristin Noe lie McQuitty People Editor: Heather VonNess Academic Editor: Angie Martin Organization Editor: Kelly Keene Copy Editor: Tino Lovell Lay-out designer: Morsho Burdette Advisor: Mrs. Lori Smith Let's Get Carried AwoyH" 1986 Cresenr Staff Editors: Ann Thom berry Asst. Editor: Kim Werline Loy-out Editor: Kim Werline Junior Editor: Kelly Keene Photography Editor: Mike Piirto Photography staff: Tim Williams Condi Morrisett Tony Porry160 Closing All good things must come to an end the Panther would like to say good-everyone. Frank the Panther was the ma: the 1986 Crescent "Let’s Get Carried Frank hopes that everyone enjoyed th book as much as he enjoyed being in Frank The Panther  

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