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 ft N T1 s S 2 E S C i. ES P 0 K £ p V £ J o 8 U D D Y H H L C D a V £ T 0 p JL S 5 U 8 £ 1 U C L u) o a H L 1 5 O 6 J M R TT r 1 0 0 R £ AJ ft) ft N C V M £ jk I F u z z ,6 £ T T V 7 5 o £ 5 ro ’ 5 L G R C 16 rsr o 1 A L L a 1 ft 0 OJ T1 L L ViflKirullulllllZI n u R 6 r’ 8 R ft D ft L £ 0 j T1 n Ai i i 0 S 5 0 H 1 Q 1 4 "¥i 1 q 7 0 i Vi H H O 7 6 s ft Vi a R £ 6 Cj] ft 7 c ft 7 7r s H o p 8 R o c K El i 13 1 zr 0 A J 0 ft Ai Ai £ o e ft c V R L Ai c N D y T O no i k: e - "rI 1 rvJ E mivsirai sc A. SI 3 ■ R O El | N O o o D L £ o o A 6 P It used to be you had to follow the crowd to be "cool " but now you find it's fun to be yourself and have your own interests and goals. Each individual is a unique puzzle himself. Together they form the puzzle which is Elwood Community High School, 1975.Table of Contents Advertising 1496 Sunshine, Smiles Bring Sensational Victory For 1974 Homecoming Cricket Williams crowned queen; A winning float for freshmen; the Panthers scoring an easy win of 51-6 over the Scots IS HOMECOMING 1974! 7The Walla-Walla girls are shown left to right: Ginger Barrett, Cathy Talley, Caren Huff, Pam Massie, Pat Alfrey, and Rhonda Herkless. Showcase Of Entertainment Members of the Dynamic Drums and Winds are left to right: S. Campbell, B. Caldwell, G. Harris, C. Loepke, B. Smith, J. Moser, R. Smith, B. Conners, E. Cassas, K. Stafford. 8April 25,26,27, 1974, the Panther Band and choir, under the direction of Mr. Frank Parente presented, "The Showcase of entertainment." This variety show, the first presented in the new school, was a fine start for the music department. For the first time, the performance took place on stage in the cafetorium. Providing the audience with a collection of different types of entertainment, a Variety Show Board composed of Mr. Parente and choir and band members wrote the script and put the show together. Masters of ceremonies were Jeff Weddell and Tom Long. Some of the highlights of the show were an amateur talent contest featuring drum solos and the Wala-Wala girls, a Pink Panther number by the majorettes, the choir doing a medley of pop tunes, and the band playing Ragtime Follies. Jeff McDaniel also performed a salute to Al Jolsen, backed by the Invincibles and a team of majorettes. Shown above is Roger Crowe as he portrays the tin man in the Wizard of Oz skit. Other members of the skit included Pam Davis as Dorothy, Steve Keiferas the scarecrow, and John Moser as the cowardly lion. 9Somewhere Over the Rainbow '74 Prom Queen Nancy Whitenack ruled the "Land of Oz" with music by the Invincibles. Shown are G. Van Cleave, J. Poe, Mr. F. Parente. 10Promtime 74 Students walked down the black and white path, decorated with scenes of the Kansas farmland. After walking through a giant colorful rainbow, they found themselves in the land of Oz. This was the setting for the 1974 prom "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." The Invincibles, a local group, provided the music, and the couples danced under a ceiling of vines and beautiful flowers. Refreshments were served by freshman girls dressed as Munchkins. A scarecrow tinman and lion served as the doorman. Jude Bourff, junior class vice president, crowned Nancy Whitenack as queen. Her court was Peggy Dunnichay, Patty Monahan, Stacy Sizelove, and Beatriz Troya. 11New Elwood High School Elwood Community High School saw its first graduation as the class of 1974 walked down the aisle to receive its diplomas. Of the 207 graduates 32 held a grade point average of 3.5 or higher Dr. John Pruis, President of Ball State University, gave the main address. Students received their diplomas from Mr. Keith Scott, superintendent, and prepare to leave one phase of their lives and enter another. 12Sees First Graduation Above: Pam Davis is shown receiving her diploma from Superintendent Keith Scott. Below: Tom Juday smiles as he enters the gym. Above: Seniors await diploma presentation. Below: Emotional seniors move tassels after receiving diplomas. 13 nu$ I SS13101 V-: 'Ax.-.o .- - C Wvfts | P C 'hcrncs "If a man does not keep pace with his companions perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer."—ThoreauYearbooks, aren't they great! Each year hundreds of students buy yearbooks without realizing that this is the best reference for the history of their good old days of 'readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmetic. Each year contains all sorts of goodies that you'll always want to look back on. For example, remember the false fire drills, gettin1 caught with your shake outside the cafe, activity period pep sessions that no one goes to, and the first place winners of the floats that shocked us all. What about getting stuck in the trash can, all those cute little Child Care kids running the halls, all the big words in SAT, fooling around in the halls, all the snow and snowballs, the long skirts. wild socks, and stilt shoes? This list could go on and on, but the highlights are collected and put all in one to make up the CRESCENT of 1975. With Mrs. Joanne Sullivan as advisor, this year's staff consists of Dinah Miller, editor in chief; Sheila Hargrave, assistant editor; Robin Fleenor, associate editor. Debbie Rogers and Susan Waymire did lots and lots of typing while Linda Frye and Karen Wilson indexed and stamped pictures for the senior section. Cindy Brewer and Debbie Fanning wrote and edited copy. The male members of the staff, Tod Conway and Nick Papas, sports editors, looked over all the latest basketball and wrestling pictures for the sports section. Vanessa Young, business manager, Debbie Amos, and Rhonda Wilburn planned and prepared ad layouts. And, of course, there's no book without pictures, so we put a big job on Theresa Barrett, photo editor and. assistant, Skip Florea. Regardless of what the job is, everyone on the staff helps everyone else. Everybody worked on layouts, write-ups, heads, ads and the many, many jobs that help put together a yearbook. 19A Nose for News Makes Good Journalists V I I Fashions, athletes, clubs, organizations, teachers, and artists were many of the stories published in the school newspaper the "Megaphone". Mrs. Joanne Sullivan is the advisor of the Megaphone. This year Theresa Barrett is editor of the paper with Debbie Amos and Dawn Perry as assistant editors. Mary Ellen Kilgore is feature editor assisted by Tim Keifer; Mark Crim is organization editor assisted by Jim Skillman; and Randy Amick is sports editor with Roger Smith helping for all sports news. Marty Leavitt is copy-reading editor and Doug Green is proofreading editor with Scott King as photographer. Kay Stafford is business manager with Rod Hudson as circulation manager and Emily Gross is advertising manager with Tara Parker as her assistant. To be able to work on the Megaphone one must have completed a semester of beginning journalism.23d v e n t u Adventure Club members are First Row Mr. Santon, D. Weisner, D. Pearson, S. Sims, K. Rogers, J. Compton, Mr. House; Second Row, J. Pace, B. Bradburn, D. Lewellen, J. Kendall, T. 0 Sims, C. Lewellen, E. Frazee, R. Wayne, Miss Lucas; Third Row, Miss Buck, D. Lyman, M. McPhearson, R. Huffman, D. Fettig, T. Kiefer, D. Bunch, D. Price, M. Taylor; Fourth Row, R. Fowler, T. Bunch, M. Idlewine, C. Mason, B. Smith, D. Heiser, K. Sims. C I U b Getting acquainted with nature is the purpose of the Adventure Club. Students learn about and from nature around them. Venturing to Washington County for a spelunking trip to Cave River Valley, an overnight bike hike to Mississenewa Reservoir, and a skiing trip to Mt. Wawasee were ways of getting closer to nature. Mr. House is the head sponsor and he is helped by Mr. Santon, Miss Buck and Miss Lucas. Officers elected were Denny Pearson, president; Debbie Wisner, vice-president; Karen Rogers, secretary; Sherrie Sims, treasurer; and Jeff Compton, photographer. Group Debates Current Problems Elwood Debate Club members are Margo Jones, Valeri Brown, Mr. Tom Austin, Mike Monroe, Brian Gerth, and Jim Knoop. Debating a topic of current national interest is the purpose of the debate team. This year's topic was discussing a method of restructuring the present method of funding election campaigns. The debate team traveled to the Purdue Student Legislative Conference where two members received honorable mention, the highest received in Elwood since 1969. They also went to Ball State for a debate tournament, besides traveling to other high schools around central Indiana to debate with other teams. The team's sponsor is Mr. Austin. 25Habla Ingles? Si and Spanish One of the biggest clubs year after year is Spanish Club. Their group was formed to provide students with the opportunity outside the classroom to learn more about Spanish culture and to have fun doing it. The Spanish Club broke a colorful pinata at their Christmas party this year and travelled to a Mexican restaurant to eat this spring. The club will also be going to Mexico June 2-10 this summer. Mr. Compton is the club's sponsor and the officers are president, Keith Anderson; vice-president, Sheila Hargrave; secretary, Kathy Cole; and treasurer, Sue Scott. Spanish Club members are pictured First Row, Keith Anderson, Sheila Hargrave, Sue Scott, Mr. Compton; Second Row, Jim Younce, Terry Cress, Tom Updike, Jamie Runyan, John Svendson, Fred Massie, Spencer Knotts, Don Etchison, Carolyn Abplanalp, Mary Bannon; Third Row, Karen Rogers, Debbie Weisner, Sherri Sims, Becky Little, Terri Sims, John Pace, Jerry Clingaman, Gary VanCleave, Babette Abner, Amy McDaniels, Penney McPhearson; Fourth Row, Julie Warner, Marjorie Maley, Donna Boles, Kim Landrum, Lisa McQuitty, Ebe Cotton, Gerry Anderson, Paul Tompkins, Kenny Bradley, Chuck Shawhan, Loretta Young; Fifth Row, Dinah Miller, Terri Wolfe, Kathy Vanness, Sheila Kaiser, Stacey Wallace, Rick Plue, Charles Holmes, Terry Simmons, Kevin Frye, Brian Gerth, Brian Knotts, Leah Tucker; Sixth Row, Debbie Brown, Jill Kendall, Dan Heiser, Tim Keifer, Phil Juday, Bob Helm, George Williams, Jeff Timpson, Jim Robertson, Jeff Fettig, Cam Whitehead, Tonia LaShure; Seventh Row, Brenda Butcher, Sheryl Stevens, Brian Caldwell, Toby Barker, Tod Conway, Joe Holtsclaw, Kevin Israel, Donnetta Pattison, Cheryl Kaiser, Michelle Melvin; Eighth Row, Kay Widmeyer, Pam Helm, Beth Scircle, Laura Boyer, Kathy Melvin, Robin Taylor, Kim Abplanalp, Julie Kendall, Holly Cotton.Parlez-Vous Francais? French Club members are pictured First Row, Debe Fanning, Babette Abner, Chris Kiphart, Margaret Noone, Miss Buck; Second Row, Mark Longerbone, Lisa Helpling, Lisa Brenner, Jeri Toney, Judy Wright, Patti Noone, Evelyn Prus, Scott King; Third Row, Kathy Keith, Mark Lippot, Brad Weddell, Becky McQuitty, Brenda Brewer, Mary Ellen Kilgore, Dawn Perry, Ginger Barrett; Fourth Row, Julie Drake, Peggy Tapek, Pam Pritchard, Caren Huff, Beth Parker, Debbie Lewellen, Traci Fettig, Pam Antle, Amy Caldwell, Joan Phillips, Tula Pappas; Fifth Row, Jeanette Browning, Robin Nason, Mike Harris, Tammy Jarvis, Dana Fettig, Bobbi Bradburn, Debbie Bunch, Cindy Mason, Dana Lyman, Mary Kel ley. French Club is another large club of students who want to better acquaint themselves with French culture and have fun doing it. The club held a Christmas party and travelled to Indianapolis, where they ate a French meal at the La Tour restaurant. Miss Buck is the club sponsor, and the officers are Debe Fanning, president; Babette Abner, vice-president; Margaret Noone, secretary; and Chris Kiphart, treasurer. 27Vi Latin People Study Roman Ideas Latin Club was formed so that students could better understand the culture of Ancient Rome. They did this by holding a Latin Christmas party, and a Roman-style banquet, complete with Roman foods, togas, and a slave sale. The club is also looking forward to the National Latin Club convention, which will be held at a university in Indiana this summer. Mrs. Gardner is the club's sponsor and the officers are Cindy Wilburn and Kevin Magers, coconsuls; Jim Knoop, scriptor; and Molly Idle-wine, quaestor. Latin Club members First Row are, Jim Knoop, Kevin Magers, Cindy Wilburn, Molly Idlewine, Mrs. Garner; Second Row, Steve Cotner, Margaret Kelich, Penny Hoskins, Cecelia Kelich, Eddie Casas, Mark Stiner, Sonny Ray, Marina Kolias; Third Row, Vickie Gross, Julia Brewer, Dawn Lyman, Cathy Talley, Missy Morgan, Julie Meshke, Mike Monroe; Fourth Row, Ellen Bond, Cheryl Brown, Connie Allen, Julie Sherman, Kenny Bradley, Tom Savage, Jeff Hanshew, Kevin Thompson; Fifth Row, Tracy Orbaugh, Patty Lee, Kevin Kelley, Cindy Piirto, Greg Wells, Cathy Bond, Cindy Holloway, Jan Slocum. 28Concessions Provide Many Services Concession Club members are Mr. Tom Austin, John Svend-son, Rick McDaniel, Kevin Poor, Mr. Brown. One of our smallest, but hardest working clubs, is the Concession Club. This group is a community service club whose funds provide money for many projects around school. They buy trees, paintings, typewriters and supplies of paper or do anything they feel will benefit the school or community in any way. Club president is Rick McDaniel and club sponsors are Mr. Brown, Mr. Austin, and Mrs. Star-key. 29+mmm :r LUjSUflb - Laughter; Memories of yesterday Acting crazy maybe. Even foolish And loving every minute.Welcome to the Business World;Future Business Leaders of America were very active this past year. The Panther pages containing phone numbers of all high school and junior high students were printed by the club. Students also typed for the blood donations last fall and again in February. They were busy with the campaigning and election of state officers. FBLA won the Gold Chapter Award at the National convention in San Francisco last June. Officers elected this year were Joni Weaver, president; Phil Juday, vice-president; Vanessa Young, secretary; Ruth Cannon, treasurer; Cindy Brewer, historian; Jeff Compton, photographer; and Regina Gibson, assistant photographer. The sponsors of FBLA are Mrs. Juday, Mr. Hoppel, and Mrs. Barnett. FBLA members are pictured Front Row, Phil Juday, Tamie Tyner, Cindy Brewer, Vanessa Young, Joni Weaver, Brenda Cornwell, Regina Gibson, Judy Garner, Jeff Compton; Second Row, Mrs. Juday, Patty Peting, Carol Witt-kamper, Carla Deck, Vickie Gross, Ruth Cannon, Kathy Groover, Ed Me Minn, Mr. Hoppel; Third Row, Mark Burchette, Bev Taylor, Marcia Wallace, Carol Gerard, Tonia La-Shure, Amy McDaniels, Becky Little; Back Row, Tina Gilliam, Julie Brewer, Amy Hoose, Debbie Fettig, Susan Watson, Cheryl Duffey, Penny LaForce, Joy Brewer. 34Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco — Good or Bad? Narcotics class concerns an important controversial subject in today's world. The students are taught by Mrs. Watson that drugs, when used properly can save lives, but when misused, can be deadly. They study physical effects of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs on the body, and side effects on the mind. Students ended the semester by making visual projects and participating in class discussions. SOflE NEVER nrK "” Narcotics class members display posters. Standing: Terry Beeman, Brian LaShure, Joe Finnerty, Richard Hershey, Rick Plue, Danny Price, Mike Conwell, Mrs. Watson; Seated: Stan Rennier, Pat Kline, Cindy Hurst, Nick Pappas, Charles Holmes, Phil Brown. 35"This year's band has been in my mind one of the most outgoing organizations within the school. The year 1974 marked the first time for the band to perform out of state in the Chicago Christmas parade December 15. The band was praised by TV commentators as one of if not the sharpest dressed and best spirited band in the parade which consisted of 99 units. Also this year, thanks to the sponsorship of A W Root Beer, Coast to Coast Hardware, and Bob's Auto Parts, the band performed a half hour musical program on WBMP radio once a week for twelve consecutive weeks. These are just two of the many outstanding activities the band participated in this year. "Unlike sports activities where only the most talented perform, band offers everyone a chance to perform and to be recognized; regardless of whether or not they are the most talented." — Jeff Poe, 1974-75 band captain "The Chicago parade was probably the biggest and definitely the most exciting performance that we did the past year, but it made one realize the Panther band is just like a great big family. Through, band, we've learned to work together and to always keep trying and never think of giving up. "I can honestly say, I am proud to be a member of the great and mightv Panther band."—Tina Reichart, head majorette. Panther Band Members are Left to Right, First Row, G. Fettig, P. Toney, S. Gordon, L. Fanning, V. Young, J. Garner, B. Cornwell, J. Weaver, T. Reichart, J. Wright, V. Brown, R. Rebuck, K. Robertson, M. Kilqore, D. Fanning, M. Brewer, K. Goodknignt; Second Row, P. Alfrey, C. Brown, T. Connors, A. Caldwell, I. Gardner, S. Buis, J. Reeves, K. Bastin, D. Bradley, J. Brewer, B. Bradburn, S. Corbett, K. Champion, D. Fanning, D. Lyman; Third Row, B. Scircle, B. Butcher, L. Young, B. Teachnor, B. Farley, J. Morgan, A. Metz, M. Fern, T. Daulton, D. Fettig, C. Wittkamper, J. Pace, D. Perry, J. Jackson, R. Herkless, D. Lyman, S. Size love; Fourth Row, K. Weddell, J. Clouser, L. Robertson, R. Gibson, P. Barrett, R. Alley, C. Huff, C. Allen, L. Roe, M. Wittkamper, C. Briggs, M. McDaniel, C. Talley, L. Brenner, L. Watson, C. Pace; Fifth Row, K. Stafford, E. Casas, J. Puterbaugh, J. Fettig, R. Moore, T. Karch, P. McPhearson, M. Morgan, T. Plotner, J. McDaniel, L. Browning, M. Lippot, D. Wilson, J. Cornwell, J. Poe; Sixth Row, T. Smith, D. Daulton, J. Moser, B. Caldwell, S. Courtney, R. Hughes, B. Farley, D. Dowler, D. Bunch, D. Williams, J. Robertson, B. Benefield, L. Copher, D. Baldwin, S. Campbell; Seventh Row, B. Davies, M. Burchette, J. Thompson, B. Collis, G. Barrett, L. Tucker, R. Patton, J. Gross, S. Ray, B. Connors, J. Furnish, G. Williams, E. Blankenship, K. Leisure; Eighth Row, D. Lyman, G. Werline, M. Pierce, B. Smith, R. Smith, D. Shull. 36practicepracti cepracticeprac ticepracticepr acticepractice practicepracti cepracticeprac ticepracticepr acticepractice practicepracti cepracticeprac ticepracticepr acticepractice practicepracti cepracticeprac ticepracticepr acticepractice practicepracti cepracticeprac ticepracticepr acticepractice practicepracti cepracticeprac ticepracticepr acticepractice practicepracti cepracticeprac ticepracticeprPractices, Tapings, Finally Chicago Band officers are pictured Seated, Greg Fettig, drum major; Keith Goodknight, drum major; Dee Ann Daulton, librarian; Babette Abner, assistant head; Carol Wittkamp-er, assistant librarian; Jeff McDaniel, lieutenant; Standing, Regina Gibson, publicity; Kris Weddell, secretary; Bret Connors, band manager; Jeff Poe, band captain; Joe Clouser, band printer. Not pictured, Gary VanCleave, uniform officer; Tina Reichart, head majorette. Shown to the right and below are pictures of the band taken from the TV filming of the Chicago Christmas Parade. v V c r % c s SflPutting Music Together ... ... in Theory and AppreciationWith pant suits and pop music Elwood's High School Choir has taken on a new look and sound. The choir under the direction of Mr. Frank Parente, music director, has been getting involved with the rest of the music department, school, and community. This year the choir performed at the Elks Memorial Service, various convocations, and the variety show. As a special project the choir put on its own fashion show in May with help from local merchants. One group has also evolved from the choir called Friends, Inc. which performs for various clubs and organizations. Choir members are shown seated Debbie Trittipo, Joni Weaver, June Cole, Donna Cooper, Donna Boles, Teresa Dickey; standing are Annette Whitaker, Patty Phillips, Kathy Groover, Pat Cline, Cindy Hurst, Tamie Tyner, Cindy Brewer, Rita Hughes, Diana Bunch, Julie Meschke, Sheryl Pike, Julie Sherman, Debe Lewellen, Cindy Wilburn, Lea Ann French, Robin Noel.Pep Club and cheerleaders are pictured First Row Left to Right, Kay Widmeyer, Adrienne Etchison, Diana Huff, Lori Wood, Cricket Williams; Second Row, Mrs. Mc-Quitty, Cindy Piirto, Cindy Wilburn, Margaret Drake, Jodi Clouser, Cindy Myers, Jan Heiser; Third Row, Kim Albers, Carol Gerard, Chris Kiphart, Pam Dudley, Lew Rita Moore, Sheila Hargrave, Mary Bannon, Carolyn Abplanalp; Fourth Row, Teresa Taylor, Margaret Noone, Tammy French, Marianne Wingard, Sheryl Pike, Debbie Amos, Brenda Vinson, Ann Gillespie; Fifth Row, Kathy Groover, Mickey Noble, Tammy Tyner, Cindy Brewer, Penny LeForce, Julia Brewer, Amy Hoose, Laurie Long, Sheryl Kaiser, Donnetta Pattison; Sixth Row, Delores Robertson, Julie Drake, Melanie Simmons, Beverly Longnecker, Lisa Helpling, Norma Thornberry, Julie Meschke, Lisa Bartlett, Betty Lee, Bonnie Hudson; Seventh Row, Ellen Bond, Pat Cline, Deanna Green, Theresa Keifer, Debbie Bunch, Lana Sexton, Lori Hartley, Sherry Alexander, Penny Leisure, Lisa McQuitty; Eighth Row, Brenda Brewer, Kim Frye, Bobbie Singer, Vickie Gross, Ruth Cannon, Patti Peting, Evelyn Prus, Lisa Brenner; Ninth Row, Diana Bunch, Lee Ann French 42Team Supporters Boost Spirit Leading the way with cheers at basketball games this year is the Pep Club. Brightly dressed in their red and white checked shirts with blue bandanas, they help raise spirit and encourage good sportsmanship among the fans and the team. This year Mrs. McQuitty is pep club sponsor and officers include president, Cindy Myers; vice president, Cindy Wilburn; secretary-treasurer, Margret Drake; and sergeant at arms is Jodi Clouser. Several boys also formed a pep block to add their support to the teams this year, yelling at some of the home games for the mighty Panthers. Boy's Pep Block pictured Left to Right First Row are Mike Wilson, Stan Rennier, Kenny Anderson, Ed McMinn; Second Row Ron Lee, Jon Sevendson, Jeff McQuitty, Harry Albers; Third Row Tim Nichols, Chris Crull, Gary Bush, John Pace, Mike Mengelt.E-men are He-men E-men is a group of Elwood athletes who have received a letter in any sport. This organization of high school letterman had several activities throughout the school year. The club collected canned goods for the Salvation Army, helped sell basketball pamphlets, saw a Racers game, sold ads, and organized home game programs. Officers elected were Mike Wilson, president; Jamie Runyan, vice-president; and Phil Leisure, secretary-treasurer. Sponsor of E-Men is Mr. Bailey. E-Men members are row one, Phil Leisure, Jamie Runyan, Mike Wilson, Mike Mengelt; Row Two, Don Etchison, Terry Cress, Mark Co 11 Is, Ron Lee, Rod Murray, Stan Rennier, Mike Goens; Row Three, Spencer Knotts, Chuck Shawhan, Bruce Simmons, Keith Anderson, Tom Updike, Allen Smith, Bob Helm, Kevin Hamilton; Row Four, Steve Boyer, Brad McQuitty, Tod Conway, Kevin Israel, Kevin Smith, Dick Smith, Mark Longerbone, Jim Nichols, Mike Walker.F.C.A. Attends National Conference With Goals Promoting Christan Way The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a small but important club around school. They try to follow Christ and learn about God through their sports. This year they worked at athletic events to earn money in order to send athletes to the national conference during the summer. Mr. Burton and Mr. McQuitty are sponsors of the club, and officers include president, Phil Leisure; vice-president. Brad McQuitty; secretary, Steve Boyer; and treasurer, Mike Wilson. FCA members are first row, Ebe Cotton, Jamie Runyan, Jim Skillman, Tom Updike, Brad McQuitty, Mike Wilson, Steve Boyer, Mr. Burton; Second Row, Terry Simmons, Alan Smith, Kevin Frye, Phil Leisure.sketching,wa- ter color,pas- tels,painting, charcoal,clay, paper,scissors, pen ink, brushes,can- vas,potters' wheel,models, weaving,jew- elry,kiln,stub, tempra,glaze, silver,pal late, yam,t issue, benzine,paper- work,india ink,impressionism,mono- chromatic, shade,balance, contrast,tex-t l i r c, t i n t, technique, d cs i j:., po r-tr.A it,print, loo aery lic,mosaic 1 Members of the Art Club are pictured first row, Amy McDaniel, Terry Sims, Nora Dowler; Second Row, Candy Dietzer, Peggy Tape, Lisa Helpling, Kenny Anderson, Greg Anderson, Terri McClintock, Cheryl Clintock, Marjorie Maley, Lanna Sexton, Betty Sexton; Third Row, Bonnie Hudson, Mark McPhearson, Bruce Johnson, Penny Leisure, Brenda Vinson, Nola Gantz.Physical Fitness — Necessity for Healthy LifeLearning how to operate a car and learning about safety in driving is really quite important when you think about it, especially if you plan on driving sometime in your life. Drivers education offers the training needed in learning to handle a "Mean Machine" (properly handle that is.) Besides teaching the basics, driver ed is good for a credit toward graduation and is recognized by the state as experience in driving. The Industrial Arts Club was formed for the purpose of promoting worthy activities which encourage craftsmanship and pride in one's work. They do this by participating in school and civic activities, some of which this year included basketball games and a model contest. Mr. Williams and Mr. Ritchie sponsor the club and the officers for the year were president, Joe Clouser; vice-president, Jeremy Updegraff; secretary, Mark Taylor-treasurer. Sonny Ray; sergeant at arms, Jeff McQuitty; and reporter, Chris Pace.Industrial Arts Club members are Seated, Jeff Hanshew, Steve Courtney, Mark Taylor, Joe Clouser, Brad Smith, Chris Briggs; Second Row, Jeff Mundy, Ed Blankenship, Bill Collis, Jim Robertson, Doug Gillam, Sam Tyner, Jeff Noble; Third Row, Mike Monroe, Nick Ellis, Jimmy Perry, Keith Parker, Larry Watson, Rick Aldridge, Aaron Alfrey, Robin Nason, Dave Clos; Fourth Row, Greg Wells, Richard Munns, Chris Pace, Sonny Ray, Bob French, Jeff McQuitty, Brian Gerard, Ron Boyland, Mr. Williams; Fifth Row, Jeff Pratt, Joe Finnerty, Bob Little, Ken Thompson, Dave Murray, Ron Majors, Mike Durham, Larry Browning, Jeremy Updegraff, Rick Rogers. 53Math MaddictsStudents on the Move They walk, they talk, and they keep the community and school truckin' ahead. Student Council has worked extra hard this year to keep the school alive in the community. With a lot of cooperation they have achieved such things as helping with the Salvation Army Christmas Food Drive and running their own Muscular Dystrophy Drive. They arranged the homecoming dance, helped with sectional activities, and sponsored the much appreciated school dances. This year's moving ahead Student Council leaders are Mike Wilson, president; Jude Bourff, vice president; and Don Etchison, secretary-treasurer. Student Council members are pictured first row Jude Bourff, Don Etchison, Mike Wilson, Mr. Bailey; Second Row, Toby Barker, Jamie Runyan, Spencer Knotts, Keith Anderson, Babette Abner, Cindy Piirto, Diana Huff, Adrienne Etchison, Kristi McClelland, Cheryl Kaiser, Jodi Clouser; Third Row, Mike Green, David Cooper, Kenny Anderson, Joe Clouser, Rod Hudson, Jerry Hinds, Phil Leisure, Mike Harris, Cris Briggs, Ebe Cotton, Dick Smith, Tammy French; Fourth Row, Bob Parsons, Doug Mason, Micky Noble, Carol Wittkamper, Vanessa Young, Chris Kiphart, Jan Heiser, Sue Scott, Donetta Pattison, Grace Copeland, Ross Rodriquez; Fifth Row, Greg Wells, Sheri Julius, Kim Frye, Traci Fettig, Debbie Weisner, Debbie Glotzbach, Beth Scircle, Kim Champion, Donna Cooper, Nancy Shepard, Linda Benson, Anna Miller, Terri Wolfe; Sixth Row, Lisa Kessler, Kelly Burton, Michelle Cleaver, Joyce Farr, Bev Longnecker, Lisa Help-ling, Dawn Perry, Tammy Connors, Lea Ann Turner.Junior Honor Society members are front row, Mike Green, Maura Montgomery, Jan Slocum, John Savage, Tom Updike, Jamie Runyan; Second Row, Cindy Brewer, Kathy Groover, Lynn Copher, Janet Brunson, Tina Reichart; Third Row, Debbie Trittipo, Lorinda Beckley, Tina Gillam, Terry Sims, Toby Barker, Julie Sherman; Fourth Row, Bob Helm, Tod Conway, Joan Kleyla, Chris Copeland, Lisa McQuitty, Becky Teachnor; Back Row, Marsha Jones, Cathy Stewart, Sue Scott, Jan Heister, Cheryl Kaiser, Donnetta Pattison. To be a member of Honor Society each student must have a grade point average of 3.5 or above. Honor Society Up Ahead Senior Honor Society members are Front Row, sponsor, Mrs. Barr, Laura Seright, Greg Wells, Phil Leisure, Diana Huff, Carolyn Abplanalp, Karen Longnecker, sponsor, Miss. House; Second Row, Margaret Noone, Debe Fanning, Kris Weddell, Mary Ban-non, Pam Burns, Rhonda Mort; Third Row, Fred Massie, Tim Garner, Kenny Bradley, Pam Dudley, Margaret Drake; Back Row, Spencer Knotts, Don Etchison, Keith Good-knight, Chris Kiphart, Lew Rita Moore, Jeff Poe.F.E.A. Learns Teaching Role FEA members are First Row, Mrs. Barr, Becky Teachnor, Tim Smith, Bev Farley, Joni Weaver, Mrs. Starkey; Second Row, Ann Metz, Debbie Trittipo, Patty Lee, Barb Farley, Vickie Gross, Mrs. Merritt;. Third Row, Regina Gibson, Jennifer Morgan, Greg Wells, Cindy Wilburn, Dawn Lyman. Future Educators of America were kept busy with their many activities this year. They held an Apple Day before the teacher's conference on instruction, placing apples in every teacher's mailbox. They chose Tim Smith and Beverly Farley as the area candidates for Mr, and Miss F.E.A., and Becky Teachnor was a candidate for the state office of secretary. They also did some teaching and assistant teaching in the elementary schools. Mrs. Merritt, Mrs. Starkey, Mrs. Barr, and Mr. Middleton are sponsors of the club, and its officers include Joni Weaver, president; Tim Smith, vice-president; Becky Teachnor, secretary-treasurer; and Beverly Farley, historian.Thespians are pictured First Row, Lynn Copher, Mr. David Schwachenwald, Amy McDaniels, Amy Caldwell, Tim Swartz, Debbie Fanning, Cindy Myers, George Williams, Pat Alfrey; Second Row, Carol Wittkamper, Janet Thomas, Donna Fanning, Roger Alfrey; Third Row, Vanessa Young, Joy Brewer, Phil Juday, Cindy Piirto, Cindy Holloway; Fourth Row, Jim Knoop, Jeff Thompson, Sheila Hargrave, Maura Montgomery, Jeff Compton. 59Flowers for Algernon Audience watches as Charlie (Jim Knoop) and Alice (Lynn Copher) attend a concert. ovit -for plcu|, Larry Watson and Jeff Thompson are in charge of the spot lighting. Jim Knoop is shown typing out his progress report for the doctors. This year the dramatics department produced the three-act play "Flowers for Algernon". The play concerned a young retarded man who, with the help of a new operation, finds himself becoming a genius. With his new-found intelligence he finds he must now cope with some severe emotional problems, and he must also face the fact that his intelligence is gradually decreasing again. The play was directed by Mr. Schwacnenwald and student directors Cindy Piirto and Debe Fanning. The "Good Man Award," a special award given to a member of the cast, was presented to Carol Wittkamper. 60Dr. Strauss discusses Charlie's childhood. Ip 6UV CXM Charlie thinks back to a family disagreement during his childhood. Moour'Oo -R Ooqhi- VA CLS 1C s- Tim Swartz and Janet Thomas discuss Charlie Gordon's case. tV»orvic fioovqC VAJ( liCMT (3a T3J in +hatpi(ltc-r€. I L..OP -HrPreP (iVtU)—1 Wl 61Past Present=Social Studies 62 Upper Left: Lynn Copher and Valerie Brown pose by Uncle Sam during mock presidential election. Above: Dick Smith states his views. Lower Left: Kevin Thompson, Bill Creech, and Joe Holtsclaw, vote under the direction of Tim Garner. Below: Mr. William Se-bree, congressional candidate, gives a talk to E.C.H.S. students.Many different projects and combined class activities made the social studies classes interesting and lots of fun. Above: Congressional Candidate Elwood 'Bud' Hillis speaks to students during his campaign.Vocational Auto Body pictured is first row Ray Plecher, Howard Durr, Larry Davis, Craig Chriss, Richard Bennett, Mike Hughes; Second Row, Mr. Woodruff, Gerald Whitaker, Larry Geer, John Manis, Mark Davis, Terry Wilkinson, Larry Dietzer, Gary Riley. Learning the Skills of AutobodyEms, Picas, Type, Presses — That’s Printing Class The printing class offers valuable experience in the printing of many different items. The students in class learn many interesting skills such as printing silk screens and operating composing machines. The class receives much of its experience by printing such things as tickets for the class plays and programs for variety show plus small office forms. Printing Class members are Kristi McClelland, Bill Davies, Bill Tracy, Rod Murray, Jeremy Updegraff, Bruce Simmons, Mike Goens, Tim Coston, Stan Rennier, Mike Wilson, Tom Cul- Vocational auto mechanics is a three-hour program offered to juniors and seniors wishing to enter the auto mechanics field. Morning class members are front row, Bob Gish, Rick Ebbert, Kent Pipes, Roger Kinser; Second Row, Tim Detrick, Mike Wisner, Mark Cooper, Larry Lawrence, Dave Hare, Rick MclNIamee, Lee McLaughlin, Kenny Boyd, Mr. Murphy; Third Row, Dale Baldwin, Ken Kurtz. VAM PreparesStudent Mechanics The afternoon class is pictured. Front Row, Mark Schaub, John Beamer, Jim Kelich, Randy Major, Dale Thompson; Second Row, Mike Stanley, Dwain Humphrey, John Hutcheson, Jim Walker, Dan Krononburg, Bill Hodson, Ed McElfresh, Richard Hobbs, Joe Harrison. Classroom study includes repairing and selling the car. Labs are performing maintenance and other phases of mechanics. 67Morning building trades class pictured are Joe Creamer, Danny Standrige, Ray Cook, Phil Pike, Harold Lewis, Jesse Wolfe; Second Row, Gary Ice, Rick Hamilton, Ted Sullivan, Brian Borum, Greg Tam, Monty Hinton, Monty McCorkle, Randy Leever, Rolland Patton, Mr. Juday; Third Row, Mark Beeman, Phil Frazee, Jim CrulI, Mike Abbott, John Walden, Mark Ebert. 68Building trades afternoon class pictured first row Danny Parks, Mike McPhearson, Greg Werline, Kevin Ebert, Jim Best, Mr. Watson; Second Row, Paul Green, Marshall Kreig, Jerry Sharp, Ron Stamps, Ron Updegraff, Barney Cole; Third Row, Dave Walker, Jeff Little, Bob Parsons, Mark Coverdale, Mark Jackson, Dan Colton; Fourth Row, Chuck Shupperd, Mike Bond, Jeff Wittebort, Danny Kelly. 69Distributive Ed Classes Junior DE. members are Marsha Hood, Luketta Abernathy, Delores Robertson, Lavonne Bannon, Tim Swartz, Kevin Perry, Kathy Adams, Butch King, Krista Cloud, Terri McClintock, Debbie St. Clair; Second Row Jill Goodwin, Mr. Linder, Rick Bayne, Ross Rodriquez, Richard Wilson, Bob Smith, Ron Hinshaw, Richard Fowler, Pat Miller, Danny Shepard, Dale Heflin, Marian Sallee.Learn Sales, Marketing Senior DE. members are first row, Nola Gantz, Zindy Romine, Roxanne Jones, Kay Stafford, Candy Parker, Trina Bryan, Rhonda Mort, Debbie Maish, Vickie Hancock, Dawn Leopke, Vanna Slate, Nancy Conley; Second Row, Mr. Gary Linder, Chris Alfrey, Dennis Becker, Chuck Davis, Jude Bourff, Bill Tracy, Brenda Nason, Danny Dennis, Terry Wallace. Distributive Education classes are taught by Mr. Linder. The students learn many different aspects of marketing and salesmanship. They do window displays and learn to run cash registers. Students obtain jobs through D.E. and thus gain practical experience for future careers such as bank clerks and salesmen. All members of the class also belong to DECA. The club participated in many conventions and held a banquet at the end of the school year. Junior officer for the year were Ross Rodriquez, president; Debbie St. Clair, vice-president; Krista Cloud, secretary; Jill Goodwin, treasurer; Terri McClintock, reporter; and Pat Miller, parliamentarian. Senior officers were Rhonda Mort, president; Vanna Slate, vice-president; Kay Stafford, secretary; Chuck Davis, treasurer; Nancy Conley, reporter; and Dan Dennis, parliamentarian. 71FHA members are Mrs. Schwear, M. Noble, T. Barrett, S. Whet-zel, B. Singer; Second Row, S. Hall, N. Baldwin, D. Ball, R. Roller, M. Sheedy, L. Bennett, J. Thornberry, L. Bannon, M. Bannon; Third Row, S. Thorn-berry, V. Young, J. Dowler, K. Longnecker, M. McPhearson, C. Whisler, A. Medcalf, C. Baldwin, C. Singer, P. Adams, P. Amos; Fourth Row, R. Noel, M. Hall, L. Frye, K. Wilson, E. Sandoval, D. Whisler, C. Robinson, N. Bannon, J. Fra-zee, B. Mason, B. Weaver. 72The Home-Ec department offers a wide variety of classes to make good homemakers. Small children were brought in and tended in child care. Students in sewing class made several outfits throughout the year, and the foods class learned how to cook tasty dishes. Most of the girls in these classes also belong to the Future Homemakers of America Club. Mrs. Schwear and Mrs. Tolle are sponsors of the club and teach the classes in the Home-Ec department. The goal of the Future Homemaker of America club is to improve their personal, family and community living through their home economics education. 73Morning Data Processing members are left to right, First Row Matt Davis, Curt Willhoite, Sherri Gill, Lea Ann Turner; Second Row Mr. Holt, Brian Fihe, Randy Moore, Dennis Wilhelm, Ron Mitchell, Phil Gerth, Carol Wittkamper, Lisa Everest, and Miss Hanson. 74Expand Into Computer Operation With Data Processing, O.E.A. « Data Processing afternoon class pictured First Row, Barry Wilker-son, Theresa Borum, Mike Green, Doug Arnold, Tim Hanlin, Brenda Vinson, Cindy Sheriff; Second Row, Tom Colbertson, Brian Ball, Mike Wright, Carl Caldwell, Bill Creech, Ron Lee, Steve Boyer. 75TOMORROW Intensive Office Lab members pictured are Brenda Putterbaugh, Jean Alexander, Donna Cooper; Second Row, Joan Horn, Kathy Bond, Kim Albers, Jean Broyles, Elain Spooner, Jada Morin, Judy Gardner, Shirley Hayward, Mary Morgan, Robyn Hobbs; Third Row, Brenda Cornwell, Joni Weaver, Donetta Under-rinner, Desi Waymire, Shelly Davis, Pam Barrett, Cindy Reynolds, Miss Oakes. The purpose of this class is to better acquaint the girls with various office procedures before going out into the business world.PVE students pictured below are seated, Randy McPhearson, Ron Sutton, Terri Carron, Diana Heater, Suzie Sizelove; First Row Standing, Lester Shuler, Beverly Kelly, Mary Bannon, Karen Parker, Ester Shuler; Second Row Standing, Mr. Kinder, Melvin Frye, Tom Creech, Rex Abernathy, Ted Alexander, Bobby Junior. Pre-employment Vocational Education with Mr. Kinder is one class offered at the Vocational School. In this class the students learn how to use many types of machinery, different aspects of union organization, and management functions and procedures. The goal of this class is to develop responsible employees and good employer-employee relations. Officers are elected each semester. This semester's officers are president, David Altherr; vice-president, Ron Sutton; secretary, Karen Parker; reporter, Diana Heater; and parliamentarian, Ted Alexander.ICT is Industrial Cooperative Training, a program which gives on-the-job-training to students along with the information they receive in the classrooms to become better employees. The ICT club was also busy this year with collecting toys for needy children, raffling off two turkeys and a fruit basket, and sponsoring an intramural basketball team. Mr. Pantos is the sponsor and teacher of the class and the officers are president, Tara Warner; vice-president, Margaret Drake; secretary, Cricket Williams; treasurer, Steve Freeman; and parliamentarian, Roger Gregg.VICA members First Row are Pam Dudley, Cricket Williams, Margaret Drake; Second Row, Penny Crable, Kathy Hughes, Lee Ann Craig, Wade Jones, Lori Wood, Dolly Adams, Becky Little, Dorothea DePaolo, Tara Warner, Margaret Noone; Third Row, David Cline, Cindy Myers, Chuck Rominger, Mike Hahn, Joe Rebuck, Theresa Barrett, Roger Gregg, Terry Sherman, Leslie Brown, Steve Freeman.Machine Shop Gains Morning machine shop pictured first row are Don Mock, Randy Amick, Jerry Foor, Joe Lilly, Terry Beeman, Mick Jarrett, Mike Giselbach, Tim Smock; Second Row, Marty Leavitt, Dwane Hodson, Mr. Rayshich; Third Row, Robert Stafford, Dwain Elsworth, Mike Combs, Terry Johnson, Brock Cyphers, Mike Co 11 is, Ron Benefiel, Mike Mitchell; Back Row, Ron Myers, Maurice Richardson.New Facilities for Classes The morning and afternoon machine shop classes moved to their new facilities in the CAB building this year. The building is larger than the old facilities and this offers Mr. Rayshick and Mr. Williams a better teaching atmosphere. Mr. Rayshick stated that many boys who have had machine shop training are now well-employed. Keith Stiner and John Saxton (Left) work on one of the many machines. The custodians (Above) also use the new building for equipment maintenance. Machine Shop class pictured First Row, Larry Coffman, Mike Bucci, Dan Thomas, Tim Herniak, Mr. Williams; Second Row, Keith Stiner, Brian Conners, Tim Roby, Terry Wadholm, Monti Kemper, Tim Barker, Jeff Riley, Paul Courtney, John Saxton; Third Row, John Bucci, William Morelock, Brad Cyphers, Alan Stiner, John Cook.Electronics — Shocking! Electronics VICA is designed to develop leadership and provide learning experiences. Time is spent working on group projects. Students participate in state activities and local ones including state election of officers, district meetings and electronics contests. Class officers are president, Ron Call; vice-president, Tim Coston; secretary, Jeff Arehart; treasurer, Larry Stoffer and Doug Crouch; chaplain. Hall Graham. Electronics Class pictured Left to Right Front Row, Duke Crouch, John Clary, Ron Call, Roger Alfrey, Terry Mottweiler; Second Row, Dean Lyman, Kevin Pore, Denver Frazee, Hal Graham, Larrie Stoffer, Charles Phillips, Charlie Ledford, Randy Betz; Third Row, Jeff Arehart, Robert Pace, George Barker, Thomas Bolton, Monty Cox, Tim Coston, Kenneth Wright, Mr. Faust. 82ATHLETICSGridmen Try Hard, Football Team Members left to right are Greg Tam, Denver Frazee, Rod VanBuskirk, Mike Wilson, Pat Kane Chuck Shawhan, Toby Barker, Carl Hobbs, Kevin hrye, Mark Col I is. First Row: Head Coach Bill Hocker, Coach Rex Leavitt, Ross Rodriquez, Kevin Smith, Spencer Knotts, Keith Anderson, Jude Bourff, Ray Cook, Bmce Simmons, Second Row: Coach Bill Beach, Coach Bill Harmeyer, Mack Gardener, Alan Smith, Mike Goens, Rolland Patton, Jamie Runyan, Kevin Hamilton, Marc Slayton, Bill Tracy, Don Etchison, Kenny Call, Third Row. Elwood's varsity football squad had a rough season winning only 3 and losing 7 to its opponents. Elwood also won its part of the Kokomo Jamboree by a score of 7 to 6. Seniors playing for their last year were Alan Smith, Bill Tracy, Kenny Call, Spencer Knotts, Keith Anderson, Jude Bourff, Ray Cook, Bruce Simmons, Mike Col I is, Stan Rennier, Chuck Shawhan, Pat Kane, Mike Wilson, and Denver Frazee. The big spark during V the season was the Homecoming victory which Elwood captured by a score of 51 to 6 over Highland. SCHEDULE OPP. EL. OPP. Jamboree 7 34 Frankton 7 Noblesville 0 Blackford Co. 0 Highland 51 6 Alexandria 15 32 Mad. Grant 20 18 Tipton 7 20 Peru 10 38 Pend Heights 9 12 Wabash 12 r 35 1V i w (I 84Have Fumbling Season Mike Wilson (Right), intercepts a pass for Elwood. (Center) Hardhitting action. Kevin Frye (Below, Left) outruns defensive man for a pass. Senior QB Jude Bourff (Below, Right) sees trouble ahead. 85Junior Varsity 2-3-1, Frosh 2-4 Junior Varsity Football Members are Left to Right, Toby Barker, Jim Nichols, Doug Boyer, Brad Weddell, Rod VanBuskirk, Jim Kelich, First Row; Jim Davis, Sam Stone, Terry Simmons, Mel Cook, Elbert Cotton, Rodney Wilhelm, Second Row; Coach Beach, Jeff McQuitty, Mark Collis, Carl Hobbs, Dale Heflin, Tim Kelich, Cam Whitehead, Coach Leavitt, Third Row. Two wins, three losses, and one tie summarize Elwood's junior varsity football SCHEDULE OPP. EL. OPP. year. Coaches for the team were Mr. Bill Pendleton 12 0 Beach and Mr. Rex Leavitt. Outstanding juniors were Mark Collis, Toby Barker, Tipton 12 8 Carl Hobbs, Jim Kelich, and Dale Heflin. Huntington 6 6 The team defeated Pendleton and Tipton while tying Huntington in regular season Mississinewa 0 12 play. Next year most of the J.V. players Peru 0 44 will be ready to see varsity football action. Noblesvi lie 0 36 86Build for Future Varsity Work SCHEDULE This year's freshman football team compiled a 2-4 record while being coached by Mr. Hoppel and Mr. Garner. The team's big victory came October 1 when they beat Mississinewa. Their other victory, a hard fought game, came over Madison Grant, while they were defeated by some tough teams such as Pendleton Heights and Peru. OPP. EL. OPP, Alexandria 0 20 Blackford 16 23 Mississinewa 27 7 Peru 0 68 Madison Grant 6 0 Pend. Heights 0 53 Freshman Football Team Members are Left to Right Gary Cooper, Mike Harris, Brad Wolfe, Tony McCord, First Row; Tim Nichols, Bill Abner, George Williams, Richie Co 11 is, Jerry Hinds, Kirk Fewell, Don Mason, Second Row; Joe Furnish, Bart McQuitty, Sam Tyner, Wayne Massie, Mike Duffey, Leonard Frazee, Third Row; Mark McPhearson, Skip Florea, Doug Gamble, Jim Jackson, Deryke Pierce, Art Hensley, Fourth Row; Monty Sheets, Jim Haulk, Cam Whitehead, Walt Ray, Bob Parker, Fifth Row; Brian McCall, Coach Hoppel, Brian Aldridge, Coach Garner, Sixth Row. 87Varsity Team members are left to right, Bruce Simmons, Steve Boyer, Coach McQuitty, Roger Smith, Chuck Shawhan, First Row; Phil Leisure, Elbert Cotton, Tim Gamer, Judy Bourff, Alan Smith, Keith Anderson, Mike Wright, Brad McQuitty, Second Row.C.I.C. and Sec- tional Run- ners-Up! In Madison Count ■m j- OPP. Pendleton Mississinewa Lapel Kokomo Hawortl Frankton Noblesvi lie Lebanon Toum Madison Heig Muncie Burn Marion Alexandria Taylor Blackford Hamilton H Tipton Highland Wabash Madison Grant Peru Sect OPP. 56 ights 2nd Place Coach Van Bailey's 1974-75 Junior Varsity Basketball team finishes the season with an 8-10 record. Starting out fast with a 4-0 winning streak, the team sloped off as the season moved along. Big victories for the team were over Haworth, Burris and Lapel. J.V. — Future Looks Bright » OPP. Pend. Heights Mississinewa Lapel Haworth Frankton Noblesville Mad. Heights Muncie Burris Marion Alexandria Taylor Blackford Co. Tipton Ham. Heights Highland Wabash Madison-Grant SCHEDULE EL. 38 46 41 67 45 39 49 55 38 40 51 38 40 56 39 51 56 42 OPP. 36 37 31 38 51 41 54 44 51 3 48 47 64 33 53 i M Junior Varsity Team members are left to right, James Skillman, Keith Wood, Steve Boyer, Kevin Frye, Scott Sullivan, Rodney Wilhelm, Gerry Anderson, Geoff Harris, Mike Wright, Danny Joe Updegraff, James Nichols, Coach Bailey (Kneeling).Frosh Burn the Nets Elwood's Freshman Team consists of left to right, Sam Tyner, Brian Aldridge, Larry Whetsel, Jerry Hinds, Coach Garner, Paul Jones, Tony McCord, Dave Cooper, First Row; Jeff Stout, Fred Albers, Bart McQuitty, Rick Galbreath, Tim Nichols, Bill Abner, Kirk Feweil, Kevin Parker, Mike Harris, Second Row. This year's freshman basketball team had a very productive season under Coach Garner. They finished with an 8 win-5 loss record along with a 2nd place finish in the Tip-ton Tourney. One of the big highlights of their season was Sam Tyner's basket for the other team. SCHEDULE OPP. EL. Tipton | 45 Mississinewa 56 Frankton 70 Alexandria 51 Wes Del §E 0 Madison Grant 46 Hamilton Heights 51 Madison Heights 45 Blackford County 65 Pend I eton 58 Hami Iton Heights 52 Ti pton 47 Wabash 55 Tipton Tourney 2nd OPP. 44 49 % S "4 S 57 57 49 52 65 Grapplers Grunt and Groan to a C.I.C. Elwood's Wrestlers for 1974-75 were left to right, R. Vest, M. Sheets, B. Barker, B. Wolfe, D. Mason, J. Furnish, L. Frazee, R. Collis, G. Cooper, First Row; J. Haulk, H. Croy, J. Runyan, B. Ball, M. Collis, M. Walker, R. Lee, R. Helm, T. Conway, D. Groover, J. Pace, Second Row; D. Price, T. Simmons, V. Hughes, D. Heiser, T. Kelich, D. Frazee, J. Perry, M. Monroe, R. Rodriguez, Third Row; Coach Leavitt, R. Bayne, J. Kelich, M. McCorkle, T. Reese, B. King, M. Taylor, T. Barker, J. Updegraff, Coach Harmeyer. Mark Collis receives the first Kenny Green Award. Pictured left to right are Coach Leavitt, Mark, and Bill Green. OPP. Alexandria Blackford Madison-Grant Noblesvi lie Pend. Heights Madison Co. Tourney Frankton Mt. Vernon Inv. Peru Hamilton He ghts Worthweste Tipton C.I.C. Sectional OPP. 22 27 27 12 39 24 18 6 18 20 92Track Squad Streaks Tract Team Members are pictured left to right, First Row- Phil Leisure, Kevin Courtney, Duane Hodson, Bill Hocker, John Burnette, Stan Rennier, Fred Stage, Bruce Simmons, Dave Pace, Dan Dennis, Kevin Smith; Second Row- Head Coach Bailey, Ted Tyner, Jamie Runyan, Brad Stewart, Dave Zech, Ron Cole, Ron Lee, Mike Collis, Chuck Shawhan, Tom Updike, Ron Connor, Jeff Mundy; Third Row- Asst. Coach Hocker, Danny Kelley, Edgar Spearman, Dick Smith, Fred Massie, Tod Conway, Kevin Israel, Denver Frazee, Richard Fowler, Managers Jeff Green, Tim Hibst, Jim Skillman, Steve Dennis; Fourth Row- Asst. Coach McQuitty, Duane Elsworth, Tony Edged, Geoff Harris, Gary Bush, Kevin Hamilton, Pat Tolbert, Mark Taylor, Rick Aldridge, Todd Gardner. Scott King, Mark Cri m, Mark Lippott; Fifth Row- Manager David Kane, Wayne Phillips, Tim Roby, Rod Murray, Jim Nichols, Mike Goens, Terry Simmons, Rod VanBuskirk, Kevin Frye, Sam Stone, Rodney Wilhelm, George Tranbarger, Elbert Cotton, Manager Mark Longerbone, Steve Plotner. Head Coach Van Bailey's varsity track squad ended the season with a fine 6 win, 3 loss record. Third in the El-wood Relays and fifth in the C. I. C. went to the '74 Panthers. The most valuable members of the '74 track team were Kevin Courtney, Bill Hocker, and Ron Lee. Junior varsity cindermen compiled an outstanding 8 win and 1 loss season while the frosh squad had a very superb 9 win and 2 loss record and also captured first in the Tipton relays.- Mark Crim was voted outstanding freshman for his fine performances in the two-mile run. 94 Ron Lee hurdles toward a victory!Ahead to Fine Season Top Left—Jim Nichols attempts to vault over as Tim Roby watches below. Top Right—Rod Murray throws discus fora record-breaking distance. Left—Kevin Courtney gets a hard earned victory. jf OPP. Mad. Grant Maconaquah Peru Wabash Frankton Burris — Pendleton Highland Alexandria Pend, rela Elwood rela C.I.C. SCHEDULE 0 «i - m im. n« pjw ■ 95Diamondmen Swing Even Baseball Team Members are left to right, Jim Nichols, Ron Connor, Terry Cress, Larry Dietzer, First Row; Kevin Smith, Kevin Frye, Bruce Kaiser, Matt Davis, Mike Wilson, bat girl Sherry Wright, Second Row; Coach Hicks, Bruce Simmons, Stan Rennier, Phil Leisure, Kevin Courtney, Ray Cook, Dan Dennis, Coach Schwachenwald, Third Row. Elwood's '74 Baseball squad finished the season with an 8 win 8 loss 1 tie record. Dan Dennis (Left) is a terror on the basepaths. Phil Leisure (Center) swings a mighty bat. SCHEDULE OPP el. Mar ion 0 Madison Heights (DH) 4 enandoah Pendleton Heights Hamilton Hei Madison Gl Tipton Frankton Sectional at And Mad. Hts. Muncie Burris Blackford Co. Wabash Tipton Huntington Alexandria Peru 96Racketeers Face Tough Season Varsity Team Members are, Left to Right, Mike Walker, John Savage, D.J. Updegraff, Coach McQuitty, Bill Creech, Mike Johns, Mike Green. Elwood's varsity tennis team compiled a season record of two wins and nine losses with Coach McQuitty at the controls. The two big victories for Elwood were over Mississinewa and Madison Grant. The reserves went one and three on the season with the same coach. D.J. Updegraff, sophomore, was voted the Most Valuable Player by his teammates. B-team Members are, Left to Right, Tod Conway, Tom Savage, Art Dudley, Robin Wright, John Welcher. First Row; Jim Skill man, Brian Knotts, Roger Smith, Harry Albers, Bob Helm, Brian Gerth, Coach McQuitty, Second Row. 97Girls on the Move; G. A.A. members are C. Gerard, V. Young, C. Kiphart, C. Williams, D. Huff, L. Seright, K. Preston, T. Connors, K. Landrum, D. Boles, C. Hurst, First Row; M. Wingard, T. Keifer, D. Bunch, J. Waymire, J. Warner, K. VanNess, D. Gregg, K. Keith, J. Meshke, L. Roe, D. Bunch, Second Row; T. Karch, N. Thornberry, M. Simmons, N. Cole, S. Kaiser, C. Hueston, R. Mead, M. Haulk, T. Connors, L. French, L. Long, Third Row; C. Dietzer, R. Silvey, J. Drake, K. Abplanalp, K. Melvin, J. Kendall, R. Wayne, D, Wisner, L. Brenner, C. Brown, A. Etchison, Fourth Row; L. Boyer, L. Elsworth, J. Howat, B. Benson, H. Cotton, K. Frye, C. Allen, D. Fettig, E. Bond, K. Widmeyer, Fifth Row. Basketball team members are D. Bunch, N. Thornberry, M. Simmons, N. Cole, L. Boyer, J. Warner, First Row; T. Karch, K. Abplanalp, T. French, K. McClelland, S. Scott, S. Kaiser, K. Frye, J. Waymire, Second Row; H. Cotton, C. Dietzer, C. Hueston, D. Abney, D. Rogers, B. Benson, Coach Watson, Third Row. Watch Out Boys!!!CC Team Builds for 75 Team Members pictured left to right are Chris Crull, Tom Creech, Mark , Crim, First Row; Dan Dennis, Tim Cotner, Wayne Phillips, Coach Burton, Second Row; Mike Wright, Tom Updike, Kevin Israel, Brad McQuitty, Third Row. This year's Cross Country team worked hard but still only managed to earn fifth in the Burris Invitational, sixth in the C. I. C., and eighteenth in the Sectional held at Peru. Their regular season went much the same way with the Panthers capturing only one victory while going down to defeat nine times in dual and triangular meets. Mark Crim was voted the outstanding runner of the 1974-75 season by his teammates. Mr. Gerald Burton was the head coach. SCHEDULE OPP. OPP. EL. 32-23 Highland-Mt. Vernon 84 39 Peru 19 16 New Castle 46 41-19 Tipton-Blackford 67 Burris Inv. 5th Place Mississinewa-Oak Hill 74 hu-ju Alexandria-Wabash 59 tv-db Pendleton-Mt. Vernon 69 17 Delta 43 16 Shenandoah 46 C.I.C. © Peru 6th Place Frankton-Mad. Grant 77 Sectional @ Pendleton 18th Place 100 On your marks, get set, go!Golf Team Putts Along Elwood's '74 golf team, under the direction of Coach Jerry Burton, finished the season with a fair 7 win-10 loss record. The reserve squad managed to win only 2 matches while losing 7. Elwood struggled hard all season but still could only manage to finish seventh in the C. I. C. They finished fifth out of ten teams in the Eastbrook Invitational and fourteenth of twenty in the sectional. Golf Team Members are left to right, Tim Hanlin, Bob Helm, Carl Hobbs, Pat Kane, Ebe Cotton, First Row; Brad McQuitty, Tim Cotner, Spencer Knotts, Jim Knoop, Jude Bourff, Barry Wilkinson, Coach Burton, Second Row. (Left)-Carl Hobbs prepares for a hard putt. SCHEDULE OPP- EL. if -n OPP. Peru 178 167 Tipton 162 170 Frankton 331 324 Noblesville 180 172 Alexandria-Muncie Burris 341 346-364 Madison Heights 325 304 Lebanon 349 302 M i ss issi ne wa - Wa ba sh 168 184-170 Pend. Heights-Shenandoah 176 163-175 Hamilton Heights 172 205 C.I.C. 354 7th Place Madison Grant 165 163 Eastbrook Invitational 324 5th Place Highland 336 334 Blackford-Portland 187 164-189 Sectional 343 14th Place 101Spirit Factory "I like to keep them busy over the summer ' said Mrs. June VanWagner when asked what the cheerleaders did during vacation.- The J.V. and Varsity squads attended the All-American Camp at Taylor University. Varsity also placed twenty-second out of approximately 200 schools in the State Fair contest. Varsity cheerleaders pictured above are, Left to Right, Cricket Williams, Kay Widmeyer, and Jan Heiser, Front Row; Lori Wood, Middle; and Adrienne Etchison, Diana Huff, Back Row. The reserves placed twenty-fifth out of 187 schools in the State Fair. They are below, Left to Right, Lisa McQuitty, Ellen Bond, Lea Ann French (Kneeling), Brenda Brewer, Lisa Brenner. These summer contests prepare the girls for their real job of boosting school spirit during the school year.This year's freshman cheerleaders, competing in two contests, had their fine efforts rewarded by a first in the Madison County contest and a fourth at Kokomo. Polly Panthers really helped the cheerleaders boost the spirit during games, yelling and cheering right along side of them. The behind-the-scenes men in most sports are the managers. Without them the coaches would be kept so busy that they probably wouldn't coach as well as they do now. Taping, filming, carrying towels, and carrying equipment are just a few of the jobs involved in being a manager. Freshmen cheerleaders are left to right, Melanie Simmons, Beverly Longnecker, Julie Drake, Debbie Bunch, and Kim Frye. Polly Panthers pictured below are top, Cindy Piirto and kneeling, Diana Bunch. Managers are left to right, Rod Hudson, David Kane, Walter Ray, First Row; Bob Parker, Tim Keifer, Steve Dennis, Cam Whitehead, Second Row; Kevin Magers, Mark Longerbone, and Dan Price, Third Row. 103FACULTYAdministrators Provide Leadership School Board Left to Right are Anna Hailey, James Cole, Wilfred Shaw, Charles Parker, Jack Kiphart, John Burdsall.Caro! Courtney Jane Davis Susan Dudley Jo Aline Glenn Mary Wright Barbara Kurtz Emily Leavell Elwood Community High School has a faculty they can be proud of. Besides our fine teachers out there plugging Spanish and history there are several men and women behind the scenes who keep the ball rolling. They are back there keeping records, handling money, and making sure things run smoothly. Believe it or not teachers are human too! They eat and dance and even go to parties, as you can see by the pictures below of the annual faculty dinner-dance. 107Robert Abshire Thomas Austin Van Bailey Phillip Brown Linda Buck Gerald Burton 108 Ron Garner Charles Faust Katie HansonWilliam Harmeyer Richard Herndon Beverly Hicks David Hoffman Phillip Holt Betty House Michael House Phillip Huffman Jane Juday Joseph Juday Shirley Kinder Gary Linder 109Joan Mercer Raeanna Merritt David Middleton Robert Moore Fred Murphy Nancy Oakes Thomas Pantos Frank Parente Linda Personette George Ray Daniel Rayshich Larry Ritchie no William Santon David Schwachenwald Naomi SchwearElvona Tolle June Van Wagner Betty Watson Earl Watson Roberta Welker George Williams Robert Woodruff Not Pictured: Max HoppelTop: Cooks who prepared daily meals for the students at E.C. H.S. are Mrs. Wilma Parker, Mrs. Hazel Warner, Mrs. Charlotte Odom, Mrs. Dorothy Rudig, Mrs. Thelma Lowder, Mrs. Rachel Peeper, Mrs. Beverly Campbell, Mrs. Rusha Hoppel, Mrs. Mildred Pantos. Right: Custodians who keep our building shining clean are Mr. John Coons, Mr. Malcom Reynolds, Mr. Gene Poole, Mrs. Mary Poole, Mr. Allen Smith, Mrs. Loretta Hinds. 112CLASSESSenior Class Shows Great Spirit Senior Steering Committee pictured above are First Row Left to Right, Rhonda Wilburn, Tammy French, Kristi Weddell, Tim Herniak, Sheila Hargrave; Second Row, Chris Kiphart, Diana Huff, Greg Wells, Babette Abner, Lew Rita Moore, Phil Leisure; Third Row, Ed Albers, Cindy Piirto, Laura Seright and DeeAnn Daulton. We are now seniors, and it's the end of something old, the beginning of something new. It's sad because we've been together since grade school, laughing in the halls, trading secrets, and holding hands. It's been fun these last four years. We won the homecoming spirit stick four years in a row and plenty of times besides that. We didn't do so great with our floats, but this year we finally got a second with "Conjure Up a Victory." Remember our junior year when we had so much fun decorating for the prom with the theme "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." High school has been good to us, and as we graduate and leave, we look around us, and wish we didn't have to go. But if there's one thing they'll say about us after we're gone, it's this: The class of '75 had SPIRIT! 114Babette Abner Carolyn Abplanalp Laverna Adams Harry Albers Kim Albers Keith Anderson Greg Anderson Kenneth Anderson Kurt Backer Dale Baldwin Mary Bannon Pam Barrett Dennis Becker Terry Beeman Ronald Benefiel 115Cathy Bond Mike Bond Jude Bourff 116 Ken Bradley Leslie Brown Trina Bryan Mark Burchette Pam Burns Gary Bush Carl Caldwell Ken Call Ron Call Steve Campbell Craig Chriss Jerry ClingamanMike Col I is Nancy Conley Bret Connors Ray Cook Donna Cooper Brenda Cornwell Tim Coston Tim Cotner Paul Courtney Tom Culbertson Dee Ann Daulton Chuck Davis 118 Shelly Davis Dan Dennis Dorothea DePaoloLarry Dietzer Julie Dowler Margaret Drake Pam Dudley Robin Duffey Erin Duncan Steve Durham Kevin Ebert Mark Ebert Lynne Eisenbrand Don Etchison Debra Fanning Dana Faulstich Brian Fihe Anita Fisher 119Below: The Regeneration singers added to the patriotic theme of the Freedom Shrine presentation with their lively musical routines. Denver Frazee Phil Frazee Steve Freeman Tammy French Linda Frye Nola Gantz 120Judy Garner Tim Garner Carol Gerard Mike Giselbach Keith Goodknight Roger Gregg Jim Gross Mike Hahn Vicky Hancock Sheila Hargrave Shirley Hayward Tim Herniak Robyn Hobbs Duane Hodson Joan Horn 121Diana Huff Kathy Hughes Mike Hughes Rita Hughes Scott Hunter Brenda Jarrett Terry Johnson Roxanna Jones Wade Jones Pat Kane Danny Kelley David Kelley Kevin Kelley Christine Kiphart Spencer Knotts 122123 Seniors are shown at the Bookstore left to right, Keith Anderson, Chris Kiphart, Vanessa Young, Jodi Clouser, Diana Huff, Cricket Williams, Laura Seright, Margaret Drake and Rhonda Wilburn.Ed Me Minn Mike MePhearson Debbie Maish John Manis Kathy Mason Dean Massey Fred Massie Ronnie Mitchell Don Mock Lew Rita Moore Randy Moore Mary Morgan Rhonda Mort Cindy Myers Brenda Nason 124Patti Noel Margaret Noone Jan Pace John Pace Candie Parker Bob Parsons Patty Phillips Cindy Piirto Phil Pike Sherrie Plake Jeff Poe Kevin Pore Evelyn Prus Brenda Puterbaugh Joe Rebuck 125Senior Steering Committee selects graduation announcements for class of '75. Susan Reckner Stan Rennier Cindy Reynolds Jeff Riley Dale Roe Sharon Roller Zindy Romine Elviria Sandoval John Saxton 126Laura Seright Chuck Shawhan Terry Sherman Bruce Simmons Vanna Slate Allan Smith Elaine Spooner Kay Stafford Kent Stafford Keith Stiner John Svendsen Teresa Taylor Jeri Toney Bill Tracy Jeremy Updegraff 127Gary VanCleave Jim Walker Richard Walker Terry Wallace Tara Warner Joni Weaver Kristie Weddell Greg Wells Greg Werline Lucinda Wilburn Rhonda Wilburn Dennis Wilhelm Barry Wilkinson Terry Wilkinson Curt Wilhoite 128Lou Ann Williams Karen Wilson Mike Wilson Vanessa Young Seniors Not Pictured: Chris Alfrey, Lee Ann Craig, Matt Davis, Mark England, Jon Fettig, Mike Mengelt, Terry Tyner. Marianne Wingard Carol Wittkamper Lori Wood That Old Black Magic brought the class of '75 a second place in the homecoming parade this year. 129Juniors Move Ahead! Junior Steering Committee Members are First Row, Chris Copeland, Tina Reichart, Joan Kleyla; Second Row, Steve Boyer, Dick Smith, Ross Rodriquez, Cheryl Kaiser, Kay Widmeyer, Peggy Beber, Jamie Runyan, Tom Updike; Top Row, Kristi McClelland, Jan Heiser, Lori Long. Vince Hughes and Dick Smith hold the spirit stick for the juniors. Juniors Mark Collis, Tom Updike, Kevin Hamilton, and Marc Slayton show their spirit at a pep session. Look at the days fly! Juniors already! It seems like only yesterday we were Freshmen. We worked hard on our homecoming float; it was good, and we were sure disappointed with third. This year it was our turn to decorate for prom, and we did a great job. There were also the PSAT and SAT to be taken for those of us going to college. Our class has a lot of spirit, so look out senior year; here we come! 130Mike Abbott Luketta Abernathy Debbie Abney Kathy Adams Roger Alfrey Ronna Alley Randy Amick Debbie Amos Gerry Anderson Pam Antle Jeff A rehart Doug Arnold Brian Ball Debbie Ball Lavone Bannon Toby Barker Theresa Barrett Rick Bayne Jane Bayse Peggy Beber Laurinda Beckley Jamie Beeman Julie Beeman Mark Beeman Linda Bennett Kathy Bilyeu Steve Boyer Cindy Brewer Julie Brewer Valeri Brown Janet Brunson Mike Bucci Diana Bunch Michele Burns Amy Caldwell Tracey Campbell Ruth Cannon John Clary Margie Cleaver David Cline Krista Cloud Jack Collier Mark Col I is Brian Connors Tonia Conners Tod Conway Chris Copeland Lynn Copher Steve Cotner Monty Cox Penny Crable Joe Creamer William Creech Terry Cress 131Jim Crull Brad Cyphers Brock Cyphers Tammy Daulton William Davies James Davis Patti Deckard Dana Dowler Rick Ebbert Tony Edged Dwain Elsworth Adrienne Etchison Linda Fanning Barbara Farley Bev Farley Greg Fettig Robin Fleenor Jerry Foor Allen Fowler Richard Fowler Phil Gerth Regina Gibson Sheri Gill Tina Gillam Ann Gillespie Rhonda Glotzbach Mike Goens Jill Goodwin Sandie Gordon Peggy Graves Doug Green Kelly Green Mike Green Kathy Groover Vickie Gross Diana Guffey Kevin Hamilton Tim Hanlin Mary Haulk Kevin Head Dale Heflin Jan Heiser Bob Helm Ron Hinshaw Carl Hobbs Mark Hobbs Joe Holtsclaw Marsha Hood Greg Humphrey Cindy Hurst Vince Hughes Gary Ice Kevin Israel Jill Jackson 132Mark Jackson Yolanda Jaramillo Mick Jarrett Marsha Jones Cheryl Kaiser Jim Kelich Lisa Kestler Mike Kimmerling Jeff King Bob King Joan Kleyla Denise Knopp Marty Levitt Patty Lee Becky Leeson Doug Leever Randy Leever Penny LeForce Cassie Leisure Laurie Long Mark Longerbone Cheryl Loser Dean Lyman Kristi McClelland Terri McClintock Brenda McCorkle Cindy McCorkle Marsha McPhearson Penny McPhearson Brad McQuitty Lisa McQuitty Michelle Melvin Ann Metz Dinah Miller Pat Miller Vickie Miller Michael Monroe Maura Montgomery Jenny Morgan John Moser Micky Noble Tracy Orbaugh Tammy Owens Nick Pappas Rolland Patton Donnetta Pattison Patti Peting Charlie Phillips Sheryl Pike Steve Plotner Richard Plue RaeAnn Rebuck Tina Reichart Cindy Riddle 133Sherri Rittenhouse Delores Roberson Kathy Robertson Tim Roby Ross Rodriquez Debbie Rogers Pam Roller Ruth Roller Charles Rominger Jamie Runyan Marian Sallee John Savage John T. Savage Sue Scott Mary Sheedy Danny Shepard Julie Sherman Cheryl Shipley Ester Shuler Terry Sims Cathy Singer Mark Slayton Jan Slocum Kevin Smith Dick Smith Bob Smith Tim Smith Debbie St. Clair Danny Standridge Debbie Stephens Cathy Stewart Sue Stewart Allen Stiner Scott Sullivan Ted Sullivan Jim Sutton Tim Swartz Greg Tam Carrie Taylor Becky Teachnor Scott Thomas Kevin Thompson Joyce Thornberry Paul Tompkins Penny Toney Debbie Trittipo Lea Ann Turner Tamie Tyner Ronnie Updegraff Tom Updike Brenda Vinson Terry Wadhol m John Waldon Steve Wallace 134Susan Way mire John Welcher Sandy Whetzel Annette Whitaker Kay Widmeyer Richard Wilson Jeff Wittebort Donna Wright Mike Wright Monna Wright Jim Younce NOT PICTURED - John Bucci, Patricia Cline, Clayton Hayward, Monte McCorkle, Danny Scott, Lester Shuler, Steve Stafford. 135Sophomores Chug Along Well, we're Sophomores now. It sure feels good to be able to walk the halls without being called a Freshman. Candy sales, and ordering class rings have sure kept us hopping. We didn't do so well with our float, but we had fun trying. Graduation still seems far away, but we're getting there. Steering Committee Members pictured at Left are Left to Right Patti Noone, Lisa Brenner, Jan Younce; Second Row, Sheri Julius, Bill Beber, Karen Steiner, Rod Hudson, Lisa Ellsworth, Debbie Fettig; Third Row, Ellen Bond, Lea Ann French, Keith Wood, Becky McQuitty. 136Jill Abner Rick Aldridge Brad Alexander Pat Alfrey Connie Allen David Altherr Patty Amos Cathy Baldwin Naomi Bannon Diane Barker Chuck Barr Ginger Barrett Bob Bartlett Ervin Bast in Bill Beber Kurt Beeman Eddie Blankenship Donna Boles Ellen Bond Doug Boyer LeeAnn Boyer Ron Boyland Lisa Brenner Brenda Brewer Joy Brewer Marsha Brewer Cheryl Brown Debbie Brown Phil Brown Larry Browning Tina Bunch Ruth Burton Brian Caldwell Duane Calloway Roger Campbell Joe Cannon Jeff Carpenter Eduardo Casas Ben Clark Jeff Cole Beth Cole Elizabeth Collier Richard Collier Jeff Compton Tammy Conner Mike Conwell Tom Conwell Mel Cook Ebe Cotton Carma Coubert Bob Coubert Mark Crim Floyd Crow Chris Crull 137Jim Davis Karla Deck Steve Dennis Randy Doan John Dowler Art Dudley Cheryl Duffey Teresa Eib Nick Ellis Debbie Ell Lisa Elsworth John Evans Edward Everling Donna Fanning Joyce Farr Angela Faulstich Debbie Fettig Teresa Fettig Dave Finley Joe Finnerty Lea Ann French Bob French Kevin Frye Susie Gallatin Don Ga mble Ray Garcia Mack Gardner Brian Gerard Brian Gerth Mark Gillam Debbie Glotzbach Tim Goens Jim Gough Debbie Gregg Rebecca Grimes Don Groover Emily Gross Becky Hahn Mary Hall Richard Hardebeck Geoff Harris Kim Hayes Steve Hayes Glenda Hayward Steve Heaton Diana Heeter Dan Heiser Rhonda Herkless Richard Hershey Randy Hobbs Cindy Holloway Charles Holmes Amy Hoose Jamie Howat 138Rod Hudson Candi Hueston Caren Huff Pam Hughes Ruth Hughes Lisa Humphrey Molly Idlewine Joy Jackson Mike Johns Diana Jones Margot Jones Phil Juday Sheri Julius Shelia Kaiser David Kane Cecelia Kelich Tim Kelich Beverly Kelly Jill Kendall Tim Kiefer Mary Ellen Kilgore Scott King Jim Knoop Marina Kolias Kim Landrum Brian Lashure Joe Ledford Matt Leeson Brian Legg Keith Leisure Rod Leisure Debbie Lewellen Mark Lippott Gene Logan Denny Lyman Rick McDaniel Ed McElfresh Debra McGuire Kathy McKinley Bob McMahan Randy McPhearsor. Jeff McQuitty Becky McQuitty Kevin Magers Edward Martin Cindy Mason Pamela Massey Anna Medea If Mary Mengelt Phyllis Morgan Gary Mottweiler Jeff Mundy Jeri Munns Richard Munns 139Denise Murray Rod Murray Gary Musick Jim Nichols Duke Noble Patti Noone Beth Parker Tara Parker Randy Patton David Pavese Doyle Payne Denny Pearson Cindy Pedro Dawn Perry Jim Perry Wayne Phillips Marcus Pierce Steve Plake Randy Plue Tammy Plotner Jeff Pratt Kristi Preston Danny Price Pam Pritchard James Ramey John Reese Joyce Reeves Butch Riley Dave Riser Don Ritter Larry Robertson Cindy Robison Karen Rogers Richard Rogers Mark Shepard Dave Simmons Terry Simmons Sherry Sims Roberta Singer Fred Size love Suzy Sizelove Jim Skillman Brad Smith Rick Smith Roger Smith Jeff Sovern Mike Stapleton Cheryl Stevens Debbie Stephens Phil Stewart Rick Stewart Karen Stiner Sam Stone Ron Sutton 140Cathy Talley Mark Taylor Pat Tolbert George Tranbarger Mark Trittipo Danny Updegraff Gayle Updegraff Tami Updegraff Ron VanBuskirk Kathy Vaness Sandy Vinson Stacey Wallace Julie Warner Susan Watson Judy Waymire Rhonda Wayne Jeff Weaver Brad Weddell Carolyn Whisler Deborah Whisler Denise Wiand Rodney Wilhelm David Williams Thomas Williams Brenda Wilson Debbie Wisner Terri Wolfe Brenda Wood Keith Wood Judy Wright Jan Younce NOT PICTURED Steven Gmurk Harriet Hughes Bill Jo Huntsman Daniel Kronenberg Edward McElfresh Kevin Perry 141Frosh Get Started Freshman Steering Committee Members are pictured Left to Right, First Row, Kirk Fewell, Brenda Benson, Anna Miller, Pam Helm, Susie Arnold, Mike Robertson; Second Row, Bryan Knotts, Jeff Thompson, Jerry Hinds; Third Row, Beth Scircle, Kim Frye, Bev Longnecker, Brenda Butcher. We are now freshmen and have started our long journey through high school. We sure set them back on their heels when we walked away with first place for our homecoming float called "Happiness is Homecoming," complete with Snoopy and his dog house. It's been a great year! We've got a long way to go, but we've made a good start. 142Rex Abernathy Bill Abner Kim Abplanalp Penny Adams Fred Albers Brian Aldridge Sherry Alexander Ted Alexander Aaron Alfrey Robin Al len Mary Althere Lori Anderson Sherri Arehart Suzanne Arnold Nola Baldwin Donna Ball Mary Bannon Bill Barker Lisa Bartlett Katrina Bast in Becky Baugher Bill Benefield Brenda Benson Linda Benson Robin Bickel Mike Blockson Dale Bogard Laura Boyer Bobbi Bradburn Dorinda Bradley Cris Briggs Sharon Brown Jeanette Browning Angie Bucci Janet Bucci Sandy Buis Debbie Bunch Kelly Burton Brenda Butcher Jeff Butler Starr Campbell Peggy Carroll Monty Chaffin Kim Champion Joyce Clary Michelle Cleaver David Clos Rhonda Cloud Nancy Cole Karen Cole Rick Col I is Bill Col I is Jeff Coons Steve Courtney 143Ella Creamer Tom Creech David Cooper Gary Cooper James Coots Jeff Copeland Sherry Corbett Jeff Cornwell Holly Cotton Cindy Crim Harry Croy Tami Crull Debbie Dailey Mark Davis Gerry Day Teresa Dickey Candy Dietzer Belinda Dowler Nora Dowler Julie Drake Mike Duffey Michael Durm Lisa Ebert Mary Fern Dana Fettig Jeff Fettig Kirk Fewell Mike Finnerty Shelia Fletcher Skip Florea Paul Foor Judy Frazee Leonard Frazee Kim Frye Melvin Frye Dwight Fuller Joe Furnish Tony Gaddis Rich Gilbreath Doug Gamble Teela Gardner Terri Garing Douglas Gillam Tim Graham Deanna Green Larry Groover Chuck Groover Cheryl Hall Jeff Hanshew Mike Harris Lori Hartley Jeff Haulk Pam Helm Lisa Helping 144Arthur Hensley Nannette Hibernik Jerry Hinds Mark Hobbs Mark Hodson Penny Hoskins Bonnie Hudson Rhonda Huffman Jeff Hughes Tim Hunt Charlotte Idlewine Andy Jackson Bill Jackson Jim Jackson Tammy Jarvis Bruce Johnson David Jones Jeffery Jones Paul Jones Jerri Jones Bobby Junior Tammy Karch Bertha Keeton Kathy Keith Becky Kelich Margaret Kelich Julie Kendall Mary Kelly Angie Kestler Theresa Kiefer John Killiam Mary Killiam Bryan Knotts Kenny Kochman Steve Lane Jeff LaPointe Tonia LaShure Cathy Leakey Betty Lee Eddie Leicht Kathy Leisure Penny Leisure Cindy Lewellen Bob Little Pam Long Pat Long Beverly Longnecker Sue Lovell Naomi Lybarger Dana Lyman Celeste Lynas Mike Lyons Ron McCall Tony McCord 145Patty McClain Amy McDaniel Rex McElfresh Mark McPhearson Tom McPhearson Bart McQuitty Beth McQuitty Vicki Maish Letitia Maish Tom Majors Marjorie Maley Donald Mason Douglas Mason Wayne Massie Rosemary Meac Kathy Melvin Julie Meschke Anna Miller Michelle Moore Missy Morgan Diana Morris Tonia Mountcastle Dave Murray Debbie Mutchler Robin Nason Dennis Niccum Terry Nichols Tim Nichols Jeff Noble Robin Noel Rusty Noel Tim Northcutt Chris Pace Tula Pappas Karen Parker Keith Parker Kevin Parker Robert Parker Scott Penn Barbara Pettit Joan Phillips Deryke Pierce Randy Pratt Jay Puterbaugh Matt Ramey Sonny Ray Jeannie Riley Doug Rittenhouse Pam Ritter Jim Robertson Mike Robertson Luanne Roe Teresa Rodgers Laura Rominger 146Allen Runyan Tom Savage Beth Scircle Marsha Sentman Betty Sexton Lana Sexton Lisa Shallenberger Monty Sheets Gail Sheldon Jim Shepard Nancy Shepard Connie Shortridge Dan Shull Randi Silvey Melanie Simmons Justen Si ms David Singer Shelley Sizelove Vicki Stevens Mark Stiner Jeff Stout Peggy Tapek Bev Taylor Robin Taylor Norma Thornberry Stacy Thornberry Janet Thomas Ken Thompson Jeff Tompson Deanna Townsend Leah Tucker Sam Tyner Glenn Updegraff Lorena Vance Betty Vest Richard Vest Lana Vinson Carla Wadhol m Jerry Wallace Betsy Weaver Terry Weaver Larry Whetsel Cam Whitehead Mark Widmeyer Jane Wilkerson Phil Wilkey George Williams Dan Wilson Terri Wilson Brian Wirth Melvin Wittkamper Brad Wolfe Christopher Wright Loretta Young 147Marcey Wallace Larry Watson Mary Zech NOT PICTURED Terri Carron 148ADVERTISI Congratulations to the Class of 75 Vest Cleaners East Side Marathon Best Wishes To The Class of 75 State Road 28 East 552-9024 Congratulations to the McKnight’s 1519 South "B" St. Elwood, Indiana 46036 Merle's Texaco Across from Jr. High School Class of '15 Congratulations, Graduates Circle Pizza Tam’s Drugs Means Service 552-9047, Elwood, Ind. Elwood Automotive Elwood, Indiana Callaway’s Standard Service Phone: 552-9077 Elwood, Ind. Supply 1608 South “A” Street Compliments to the Graduating Class of 75A Onward N Upward D With Bourff Furniture Inc. Union State Bank Furniture • Draperies . Interior 552-2255 102 W. Main Street Elwood Kempton 552-3326 947-2671 Elwood, Indiana 46036 Windfall Sharpsville 945-7255 963-2570 Elwood Monument Company Markers Monuments Mausoleums Artistic Cemetary Memorials --i Before Purchasing See Our Display State Road 28 East Congratulations to the Class of 75 Schwitzer Service Center Industrial Products GroupKLUMPPS Wall-Paper Paint Store 1533 South A Street Elwood, Indiana 46036 KLEIN’S SHOES Shoes for the Entire Family. 116 South Anderson Street 552-5271 Congratulations Class of 75 Jockley-Landrum Funeral Home CARTERS Elwood, Indiana 46036 Open 24 hours 7 days a week Your “Sure Fine,” Shurfine — Food Center is Booers at Two Locations Elwood 929 North Anderson St. 552-2161 Frankton State Road 128 East 754-7122 152J. Lewis Small Co., Inc. Finest Class Rings Made in Elwood The Official Jewelers to Elwood High School Now in two plants to serve you 153Smith’s Jewelers Make Smith’s Your Jewelry Headquarters 117 South Anderson Street 112 Anderson Street Elwood, Indiana 552-5351 Congratulations Class of 75 Dr. L. D. Abner Elwood, Indiana Dunnichay Funeral Home Rogers Union “76” Gas Oil Your Major Discounter Jet. 13 37 Elwood, Indiana Copher Fesler 154Earl G. Rhodes Name brand Jewelry Gifts Tipton, Elwood Alexandria Congratulations to the class of 75 Loves Floral Service Remember us At Prom Time 552-5242 1 i do ofuf fe [ J. C. Penney’s Always first Quality Catalog Ph 552-5051 Retail Ph 552-5561 WeymireT.V. Motorola - Zenith Sales Service 310 South Anderson Street Phone 552-3701 The Department Store for all ages Congratulations to the Class of 75 Gregg Disc Brake Alignment Service 1800 South D 552-9418 Skate Arena 19th N.J. St Elwood, Ind. 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A Elwood, Ind. 552-9821 Loy’s Kimball Music Center Complete line of stereos, guitars, amplifiers, pianos, organs, drums, car tape players, and the latest in 8 tract cassete tapes. 715 South, 22nd Street Elwood, Ind. 552-7250 Chuck Zink, Agent State Farm Insurance 111 So. 12th St. Elwood, Ind. 46036 School Organizations Welcome 158 Just Rite Grant Plaza Highway 37 The Family Restaurant Congratulations to the Class of 75Roy Smith Appliances General Electric - Roper Speed Queen - Hoover - Eureka 552-6772 Elwood, Ind. Blair Florist St. Road 28 East 552-3523 Compliments of Burnette-Dellinger, Inc. Insurance Coast To Coast Hardware State Route 37 Elwood, Indiana 46036 Phone 552-7159 1423 South Anderson Street Elwood, Indiana 46036 Telephone: 552-7323 Peterson Buick Pontiac, Inc. Colonial Cottage 1412 Main St. Elwood Indiana Flowers and Gifts 46036 designed by Jim McDaniel Telephone: 552-9888 Ex-Cell-0 A major supplier of precision jet engine blades used in both military and commercial air craft engines.Congratulations Seniors!!! SSISECMCITYttANIt -' ELWOOD, INDIANA !UUI Checking Accounts Drive-up Window Service Saving Accounts Safe Deposit Boxes Christmas Clubs Night Depository Money Orders Bank By Mail Automobile loans Personal loans Business loans Traveler's Charges These Community Friends Give Support to ECH Students Elwood Fire Fighters Association 1671 Jack's Highway Bakery Cards 'N' Such Guarantee Auto Stores, Inc. Joe's Barber Shop Young's Restaurant Ol's 66 Service Sears, Roebuck Company Burke Pharmacy Mercy Hospital Inc. Grinnell's Toys 160 Olwin Dairy Store Kay's Beauty ShopTo All Students Faculty Gallatins Sandwich Shop 1537 South "A" Street Elwood Community Schools 552-9051 Thanks for your Continued Cooperation in making Fettig’s Body Shop our City Safer and Cleaner 2836 North "B" Street Best Wishes Now and Always Elwood, Indiana Mayor Ebe Cotton Eugene A. Smith Insurance Reid’s Studio ERMCO Ready-mixed Concrete Concrete Drain Tile 1808 University Masonry Supplies Muncie, Indiana 2500 South "D" Street 552-5041 Weddings Congratulations Portraits to the Yearbook Photography Class of 75 162 Education isagas. It lights up dark places. It lifts your sights. It inflates the ego. Not everybody likes it. But nobody goes far without it. And the more you have, the farther you can go. We hope you’ll keep going with your education. And, when the time comes, you’ll think about Delco-Remy as a good place to work. 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Inc. 200 North 3rd. 552-3972 Elwood, Indiana Associated Agencies 2200 South Anderson Street 552-9801 • ••••• to • • • • • • • ♦ Guide Lamp SEALED BEAM HEADLIGHT UNITS burn continously in a controlled life test at General Motors' Guide Lamp Divison in Anderson. The all-glass units, which are hermetically sealed, contain a mixture of argon and nitrogen for longer life and better performance of the tungsten filaments. Congratulations Class of 75 Barrett Gals PhotographyGood Luck to The Class of 75 Continental Can Company An Equal Opportunity Employer 166Johnsons Apparel 114 South Anderson Elwood, Indiana Congratulations to the Class of 75 Compliments of a friend From Tom the rug man Phone 552-6221 Lewis Rug Carpet Cleaners Expert Carpet Installations 2733 East Main Street Elwood, Ind. Best Wishes to the Class of '75 D.C. Electric Heating “The Invincibles” The "INVINCIBLES" score a solid hit whenever and wherever they appear. This is due to the versatility of this fine group. Whether the occasion calls for the heavy sounds of "Chicago," the sophisticated sound of "Glenn Miller," or the foot stompin' shuffle of "B.B. King," -------------The "INVINCIBLES" have it all — DYNAMITE- 167A Community Minded Union Congratulations to the class of 75 The BRAND NAME Discounter SERVING CENTRAL INDIANA KOKOMO SUNDAY:NOON-6 P.M. ANDERSON 3800 U.S. 31 By-Pass South HOLIDAY PLAZA - St. Rd. 109 SHOP DAILY: 10 A.M.-9 P.M. SHOP DAILY: 10 A.M.-9 P.M. SUNDAY: N00N-6 P.M. SUNDAY: N00N-6 P.M. 168■ w whoever you are... however rr you think ... whatever you do for a living ... your personal freedom depends on freedom of information. You can’t make decisions for yourself unless you know what’s going on. That’s why a fearless press is vital to the political, economic and social life of a free nation. Leader • the LEADER in Northern Madison County S FREEDOM’S GUARANTEE 169 15617011MEMBER FSTJC Elwood, Main at Anderson 552-5055 Alexandria 724-4419 170Congratulations to the class of 75 Deep Rock Service Station 2034 Main Street 552-9073 171 Mangas Cafeteria Robertson’s Congratulations to the Class of 75 22nd Street Hardware Friendly’s Restaurant Congratulations 2115 Main Street to the Best Wishes tc Class of '75 the class of '75 From the From All Employees of our Store Crescent Staff Dairy Queen Brazier 1920 South Anderson Street El wood, Indiana 552-3422 Congratulations to the 172 Class of '75Abbott, Mike p. 68,131 Abernathy, Luketta p. 70, 131 Abernathy, Rex p. 77,143 Abner, Babette p. 26,28,38, 56.114.115 Abner, Bill p.87,91,143 Abner, Jill p. 137 Abney, Debbie p. 98,131 Abplanalp, Carolyn p. 26, 42.115 Abplanalp, Kim p. 26,98, 143 Abshire, Robert p. 108 Adams, Kathy p. 70,131 Adams, Laverna p. 79,115 Adams, Penny p. 72,143 Albers, Fred p. 91,143 Albers, Harry p. 43,97,114, 115 Albers, Kim p. 42,76,115 Aldridge, Brian p. 87,91, 143 Aldridge, Rick p. 53,94,137 Alexander, Brad p. 137 Alexander, Sherry jj. 42,143 Alexander, Ted p. 77,143 Alfrey, Aaron p. 53,143 Alfrey, Chris p. 71,129 Alfrey, Roger p. 59,82,131 Alfrey, Pat p. 8,36,59,137 Allen, Connie p. 28,36,98,137 Allen, Robin p. 143 Alley, Ronna p. 36,131 Altherr, David p. 137 Altherr, Mary p. 143 Amick, Randy p. 52,131 Amos, Debbie p. 19,42,131 Amos, Patty p. 72,137 Anderson, Gerry p. 26,90, 131 Anderson, Greg p. 46,115 Anderson, Keith p. 26,44,56, 84,88,115,123 Anderson, Kenneth p. 43,46, 56.115 Anderson, Lori p.143 Antle, Pam p. 28,131 Arehart, Jeff p. 82,131 Arehart, Sherri p. 143 Arnold, Doug p. 131 Arnold, Suzanne p. 142,143 Austin, Thomas p. 25,50,108 Backer, Kurt p. 115 Bailey, Van p. 56,90,108 Baldwin, Cathy p. 72,137 Baldwin, Dale p. 36,66,115 Baldwin, Nola p. 72,143 Ball, Brian p. 74,92,131 Ball, Debbie p. 72,131 Ball, Donna p. 143 Bannon, Lavone p. 70,72, 131 Bannon, Mary L. p. 42,115 Bannon, Mary p. 26,72,77, 143 Bannon, Naomi p. 72,137 Barker, Bill p. 92,143 Barker, Diana p. 137 Barker, Toby p. 26,56,84, 86,92,131 Barnett, Marilyn p. 108 Barr, Charlotte p. 58,108 Barr, Chuck p. 137 Barrett, Ginger p. 8,28,36,137 Barrett, Pam p. 36,76,115 Barrett, Theresa p. 19,72,79, 131 Bartlett, Bob p. 137 Bartlett, Lisa p. 42,143 Bastin, Ervin p. 137 Bastin, Katrina p. 36,143 Baugher, Becky p. 143 Bayne, Rick p. 70,92,131 Bayse, Jane p. 131 Beber, Bill p. 136,137 Beber, Peggy p. 130,131 Becker, Dennis p. 71,115 Beckley, Laurinda p. 131 Beeman, Jamie p. 131 Beeman, Julie p. 131 Beeman, Kurt p. 137 Beeman, Mark p. 68,131 Beeman, Terry p. 35,52,115 Benefiel, Ronald p. 52,115 Benefield, Bill p. 36,143 Bennett, Linda p. 72,131 Benson, Brenda p. 98,142, 143 Benson, Linda p. 56,143 Bickel, Robin p. 143 Bilyeu, Kathy p. 131 Blankenship, Eddie p. 36, 53.137 Blockson, Mike p.143 Bogard, Dale p.143 Boles, Donna p. 26,40,98, 137 Bomholt, Michael p. 108 Bond, Cathy p. 28,76,115 Bond, Ellen p. 28,42,98,102, 136.137 Bond, Mike p. 69,115 Bourff, Jude p.11,56,71,84, 85,88,101,116 Boyer, Doug p. 86,137 Boyer, Laura p. 26,98,143 Boyer, LeeAnnp.137 Boyer, Steve p. 44,45,74,88, 90.130.131 Boyland, Ron p. 53,137 Bradburn, Bobbi p. 24,28, 36,143 Bradley, Dorinda p. 36,143 Bradley, Ken p. 26,28,116 Brenner, Lisa p. 28,36,42,98, 102.136.137 Brewer, Brenda p. 28,42, 102.137 Brewer, Cindy p. 19,34,40, 42.131 Brewer, Joy p. 34,36,59,137 Brewer, Julie p. 28,34,42, 131 Brewer, Marsha p. 36,137 Briggs, Cris p. 36,53,56,143 Brown, Cheryl p. 28,36,98, 137 Brown, Debbie p. 26,137 Brown, Leslie p. 79,116 Brown, Phillip p. 50,108 Brown, Phil p. 35,137 Brown, Sharon p. 143 Brown, Valeri p. 25,36,131 Browning, Jeanette p. 28, 143 Browning, Larry p. 36,53, 137 Brunson, Janet p. 131 Bryan, Trina p. 71,116 Bucci, Angie p. 143 Bucci, Janet p. 143 Bucci, John p. 81,135 173Bucci, Mike p. 81,131 Buck, Linda p. 24,28,108 Buis, Sandy p. 36,143 Bunch, Debbie p. 24,28,36, Bunch, Diana p. 40,42,98,103, 131 Bunch, Tina p. 24,137 Burchette, Mark p. 34,36,116’ Burdsall, John p. 106 Burns, Michele p.131 Burns, Pam p. 116 Burton, Gerald p. 45,108 Burton, Kelly p. 56,143 Burton, Ruth p. 137 Bush, Gary p. 43,65,94,116 Butcher, Brenda p. 26,36, 142.143 Buttler, Jeff p. 143 Caldwell, Amy p. 28,36,59, 131 Caldwell, Brian p. 8,26,36, 137 Caldwell, Carl p. 76,116 Call, Ken p. 84,116 Call, Ron p. 81,116 Calloway, Duane p. 137 Campbell, Beverly p. 112 Campbell, Roger p. 137 Campbell, Starr p.143 Campbell, Steve p. 8,36,116 Campbell, Tracey p. 131 Cannon, Joe p. 137 Cannon, Ruth p. 34,42,131 Carpenter, Jeff p. 137 Carroll, Peggy p. 143 Carron, Terri p. 77,148 Casas, Eduardo p. 8,28,36, 137 Chaffin, Monty p. 143 Champion, Kim p. 36,56,143 Chriss, Craig p. 64,116 Clark, Ben p. 137 Clary, John p. 82,131 Clary, Joyce p. 143 Cleaver, Margie p. 131 Cleaver, Michelle p. 56,143 Cline, David p. 79,131 Cline, Patricia p. 40,42,135 Clingaman, Jerry p. 26,116 Clos, David p, 53,143 Cloud, Krista p. 70,131 Cloud, Ronda p. 143 Clouser, Jodi p. 42,56,117, 123 Clouser, Joe p. 36,38,53,56, 117 Coffman, Larry p. 81,117 Colbertson, Tom p. 74 Cole, Barney p. 69,117 Cole, Beth p. 137 Cole, James p. 106 Cole, Jeff p. 137 Cole, June p. 40,117 Cole, Karen p. 143 Cole, Kathy p. 117 Cole, Nancy p. 98,143 Collier, Elizabeth p. 137 Collier. Jack p. 131 Collier, Richard p. 137 Collis, Bill p. 36,53,143 Col I is, Mark p. 44,84,86,92, 130.131 Collis, Mike p. 52,94,118 Collis, Rick p. 87,92,143 Compton, James p. 26,108 Compton, Jeff p. 24,34,59, 137 Conley, Nancy p. 71,118 Conner, Tammy p. 56,98,137 Connors, Bret p.8,36,38,118 Connors, Brian p. 81,131 Connors, Tonia p. 36,98,131 Conway, Tod p.19,26,44,92, 94.97.131 Conwell, Mike p. 35,137 Conwell, Tom p. 137 Cook, Mel p. 86,137 Cook, Ray p. 68,84,96,118 Coons, Jeff p. 143 Coons, John p. 112 Cooper, David p. 56,91,144 Cooper, Donna p. 40,56,76, 118 Cooper, Gary p. 87,92,144 Coots, James p. 144 Copeland, Chris p. 56,130, 131 Copeland, Jeff p. 144 Copher, Lynn p. 36,59,60, 131 Corbett, Sherry p. 36,144 Cornwell, Brenda p. 34,36, 76,118 Cornwell, Jeff p. 36,144 Coston, Tim p. 65,82,118 Cotner, Steve p. 28,131 Cotner, Tim p.100,101,118 Cotton, Ebe p. 26,45,56,86, 88,94,101,137 Cotton, Holly p. 26,98,144 Coubert, Bob p. 137 Coubert, Carma p. 137 Courtney, Carol p. 107 Courtney, Paul p. 81,118 Courtney, Steve p. 36,53,144 Cox, Monty p. 82,131 Crable, Penny p. 79,131 Craig, Lee Ann p. 79,129 Creamer, Ella p. 144 Creamer, Joe p. 68,131 Creech, Tom p. 77,100,144 Creech, William p. 74,97,131 Cress, Terry p. 26,44,96,131 Crim, Cindy p. 144 Crim, Mark p. 94,100,137 Crimans, Marion p. 108 Crow, Floyd p. 137 Croy, Harry p. 92,144 Crull, Chris p. 43,100,137 Cru 11, Jim p. 68,132 Crull, Tami p. 144 Culbertson, Tom p. 65,118 Cyphers, Brad p. 81,132 Cyphers, Brock p. 52,80,132 Dailey, Debbie p.144 Daulton, Dee Ann p. 36,38, 114,118 Daulton, Tammy p. 36,132 Davies, William p. 36,65,132 Davis, Chuck p. 71,118 Davis, James p. 132 Davis, Jane p. 107 Davis, Jim p. 85,138 Davis, Mark p. 144 Davis, Matt p. 74,%,129 Davis, Shelly p. 76,118 Day, Gerry p. 144 Deck, Karla p. 34,138 Deckard, Patti p. 132 Dennis, Dan p. 71,94,96,100 118 Dennis, Steve p. 94,103,138 174DePaoeo, Dorothea p. 79,118 Dickey, Teresa p. 40,144 Dietzer, Candy p. 46,98,144 Dietzer, Larry p. 64,96,119 Doan, Randy p. 138 Dowler, Belinda p. 144 Dowler, Dana p. 36,132 Dowler, John p. 138 Dowler, Julie p. 72,119 Dowler, Nora p. 46,144 Drake, Julie p. 28,42,98, 103,144 Drake, Margaret p.42,79, 119,123 Dudley, Art p. 97,138 Dudley, Pam p.42,72,119 Dudley, Susan p. 107 Duffey, Cheryl p. 34,138 Duffey, Mike p. 87,144 Duffey, Robin p. 119 Duncan, Erin p. 119 Durham, Steve p. 53,119 Durm, Michael p. 144 Ebbert, Rick p. 66,132 Ebert, Kevin p. 69,119 Ebert, Lisa p. 144 Ebert, Mark p. 68,119 Edgell, Tony p. 80,94,132 Eib, Teresa p. 138 Eisenbrand, Lynne p. 119 Ell, Debbie p. 138 Ellis, Nick p. 53,138 Elsworth, Dwain p. 52,94,132 Elsworth, Lisa p. 98,136,138 England, Mark p. 129 Etchison, Adrienne p. 42,56, 98,102,132 Etchison, Don p. 26,44,56, 84.119 Evans, John p. 138 Everling, Edward p. 138 Fanning, Debra p, 19,28,36, 59.119 Fanning, Donna p. 36,59,138 Fanning. Linda p. 36,132 Farley, Barbara p. 36,58,132 Farley, Bev p. 36,58,132 Farr, Joyce p. 56,138 Faulstich, Angela p. 138 Faulstich, Dana p.119 Faust, Mr. Charles p. 82,108 Fern, Mary p. 36,144 Fettig, Dana p. 24,28,144 Fettig, Debbie p. 34,36,98, 136.138 Fettig, Greg p. 36,38,132 Fettig, Jeff p. 26,36,144 Fettig, Jon p. 129 Fettig, Teresa p. 28,56,138 Fewell, Kirk p. 87,91,142, 144 Fihe, Brian p. 74,119 Finley, Dave p. 138 Finnerty, Joe p. 35,53,138 Finnerty, Mike p. 144 Fisher, Anita p. 119 Fleenor, Robin p. 19,132 Fletcher, Shelia p. 144 Florea, Skip p. 87,91,144 Foor, Jerry p. 52,132 Foor, Paul p. 144 Fowler, Allen p. 132 Fowler, Richard p. 24,70,94, 132 Frazee, Denver p. 82,84,92, 94.120 Frazee, Eugene p. 24 Frazee, Judy p. 72,144 Frazee, Leonard p. 87,92,144 Frazee, Phil p. 68,120 Freeman, Steve p. 79,120 French, Bob p. 53,138 French, Lea Ann p. 40,42, 98,136,138,182 French, Tammy p. 42,56, 114.120 Frye, Kevin p. 26,45,77,84, Frye, Kim p. 42,56,98,103, 142,144 Frye, Linda p. 19,72,120 Frey, Melvin p. 144 Fuller, Dwight p. 144 Furnish, Joe p. 87,92,144 Gaddis, Tony p. 144 Gal breath. Rich p. 91,144 Gallatin, Susie p. 138 Gamble, Don p. 138 Gamble, Doug p. 87,144 Gantz, Nola p.46,71,120 Garcia, Ray p. 138 Gardner, Mack p. 84,138 Gardner, Teela p. 36,144 Garner, Diana p. 28,108 Garner, Judy p. 34,36,76, 121 Garner, Ron p. 91,108 Garner, Tim p. 88,121 Garing, Terri p. 144 Gerard, Brian p. 53,138 Gerard, Carol p. 34,42,98, 121 Gerth, Brian p. 25,26,97, 138 Gerth, Phil p. 74,132 Gibson, Regina p. 34,36,38, 58.132 Gill, Sheri p. 74,132 Gillam, Douglas p. 53,144 Gillam, Mark p. 138 Gillam, Tina p. 34,132 Gillespie, Ann p. 42,132 Giselbach, Mike p. 52,121 Glenn, Jo Aline p. 107 Glotzbach, Debbie p. 56, 138 Glotzbach, Rhonda p.132 Gmurk, Steve p. 141 Goens, Mike p. 44,65,84, 94.132 Goens, Tim p. 138 Goodknight, Keith p. 36,38, 121 Goodwin, Jill p. 70,132 Gordon, Sandie p. 36,132 Gough, Jim p. 138 Graham, Tim p. 144 Graves, Peggy p. 132 Green, Deanna p. 42,144 Green, Doug p. 132 Green, Kelly p. 132 Green, Mike p. 56,74,97,132 Gregg, Debbie p. 98,138 Gregg, Roger p. 79,121 Grimes, Rebecca p. 138 Groover, Chuck p. 144 Groover, Don p. 92,138 Groover, Kathy p. 34,40,42, 132 Groover, Larry p. 144 Gross, Emily p. 138 Gross, Jim p. 36,121 Gross, Vickie p. 28,34,42, 17558.132 Guffey, Diana p. 132 Hahn, Becky p. 138 Hahn, Mike p. 79,121 Hailey, Anna p. 106 Hall, Cheryl p. 72,144 Hall, Mary p. 72,138 Hamilton, Kevin p. 44,84, 94.130.132 Hancock, Vicky p. 71,121 Hanlin, Tim p. 74,101,132 Hanshew, Jeff p. 28,53,144 Hanson, Katie p. 74,108 Hardebeck, Richard p. 138 Hargrave, Sheila p.19,26, 42,59,114,121 Harmeyer, William p.92,109 Harris, Geoff p. 8,90,94,138 Harris, Mike p. 28,56,87, 91.144 Hartley, Lori p.42,144 Haulk, Jeff p. 87,92,144 Haulk, Mary p. 98,132 Hayes, Kim p. 138 Hayes, Steve p. 138 Hayward, Clayton p. 135 Hayward, Glenda p. 138 Hayward, Shirley p. 76,121 Head, Kevin p. 132 Heater, Diana p. 77,138 Heaton, Steve p. 138 Heflin, Dale p. 70,86,132 Heiser, Dan p. 24,26,92,138 Heiser, Jan p. 42,56 3.02, 130.132 Helm, Bob p. 26,44,92,97, 101.132 Helm, Pam p. 26,142,144 Helpling, Lisa p. 28,42,46, 56.144 Hensley, Arthur p. 87,145 Herkless, Rhonda p. 8,36, 138 Herndon, Richard p. 109 Herniak, Tim p. 81,114,121 Hershey, Richard p. 35,138 Hibernick, Nannette p. 145 Hicks, Beverly p. 109 Hinds, Jerry p. 56,87,91,142, 145 Hinds, John p. 106 Hinds, Mrs. Loretta p. 112 Hinshaw, Ron p. 70,132 Hobbs, Carl p. 84,86,101,132 Hobbs, Mark p. 145 Hobbs, Mark p. 132 Hobbs, Randy p. 138 Hobbs, Robyn p. 76,121 Hodson, Duane p. 52,80,94, 121 Hodson, Mark p. 145 Hoffman, David p.109 Holloway, Cindy p. 28,59, 138 Holmes, Charles p. 35,126, 138 Holt, Phillip p. 74,109 Holtsclaw, Joe p. 26,132 Hood, Marsha p. 70,132 Hoose, Amy p. 34,42,138 Hoppel, Max p. 34,111 Hoppel, Rusha p. 112 Horn, Joan p. 76,121 Hoskins, Penny p. 28,145 House, Betty p. 109 House, Michael p. 24,189 Howat, Jamie p. 98,138 Hudson, Bonnie p. 42,46,145 Hudson, Rod p. 56,103,136, 139 Hueston, Candi p. 98,139 Huff, Caren p. 8,28,36,139 Huff, Diana p. 42,56,98,102, 114,122,123 Huffman, Phillip p„ 109 Huffman, Rhonda p. 24,145 Hughes, Jeff p. 145 Hughes, Harriet p. 141 Hughes, Kathy p. 79,122 Hughes, Mike p. 64,122 Hughes, Pam p. 139 Hughes, Rita p. 36,40,122 Hughes, Ruth p. 139 Hughes, Vince p. 92,130,132 Humphrey, Greg p. 132 Humphrey, Lisa p. 139 Hunt, Tim p. 145 Hunter, Scott p. 122 Huntsman, Bill p.141 Hurst, Cindy p. 35,40,98,132 Ice, Gary p. 68,132 Idlewine, Charlotte p.145 Idlewine, Molly p. 24,28,139 Israel, Kevin p. 26,44,94, 100,132 Jackson, Andy p. 145 Jackson, Bill p. 145 Jackson, Jill p. 132 Jackson, Jim p. 87,145 Jackson, Joy p. 36,139 Jackson, Mark p. 69,133 Jaramillo, Yolanda p.133 Jarrett, Brenda p. 122 Jarrett, Mick p. 52,133 Jarvis, Tammy p. 28,145 Johns, Mike p. 97,139 Johnson, Bruce p. 46,145 Johnson, Terry p. 52,122 Jones, Diana p. 139 Jones, David p. 145 Jones, Jeffery p. 145 Jones, Jerri p. 145 Jones, Margot p. 25,139 Jones, Marsha p. 133 Jones, Paul p. 91,145 Jones, Roxanna p. 71,122 Jones, Wade p. 79,122 Juday, Jane p. 34,109 Juday, Joseph p. 68,109 Juday, Phil p. 26,34,59,139 Julius, Sheri p. 56,136,139 Junior, Bobby p. 77,145 Kaiser, Cheryl p. 42,56,130, 133 - Kaiser, Sheila p. 98,126,139 Kane, David p. 94,103,139 Kane, Pat p. 84,101,122 Karch, Tammy p. 36,98,145 Keeton, Bertha p.145 Keith, Kathy p. 28,98,145 Kelich, Becky p. 145 Kelich, Cecelia p. 28,139 Kelich, Jim p. 67,86,92,133 Kelich, Margaret p. 28,145 Kelich, Tim p. 86,92,139 Kelley, Danny p. 94,96,122 Kelley, David p. 65,122 Kelley, Kevin p. 28,122 Kelly, Beverly p. 77,139 Kelly, Mary p. 28,145 Kendall, Jill p. 24,26,139 Kendall, Julie p. 26,98,145 Kestler, Angie p. 145 176Kestler, Lisa p. 56,133 Kiefer, Theresa p.24,28,42, 145 Kiefer, Tim p.26,103,139 Kilgore, Mary Ellen p. 28,36, 139 Killiam, John p. 145 Killiam, Mary p. 145 Kimmerling, Mike p.133 Kinder, Shirley p. 77,109 King, Bob p. 92,133 King, Jeff p. 70,133 King, Scott p. 28,94,139 Kiphart, Christine p. 28,42, Kiphart, Jack p. 106 Kline, Pat p. 35 Klevla, Joan p.130,133 Knopp, Denise p. 133 Knoop, Jim p. 25,28,59,60, 101,139 Knotts, Bryan p. 97,142,145 Knotts, Spencer p. 26,44,56, 84,101,122 Kochman, Kenny p. 145 Kolias, Marina p. 28,139 Kronenberg, Daniel p. 141 Kurtz, Barbara p. 107 Landrum, Kim p. 26,98,139 Lane, Steve p. 145 LaPointe, Jeff p. 145 LaShure, Brian p. 35,139 LaShure, Tonia p. 26,34,145 Leakey, Cathy p.145 Leavell, Emily p.107 Leavitt, Marty p. 52,133 Leavitt, Rex p. 92 Ledford, Joe p. 139 Lee, Betty p. 42,145 Lee, Patty p. 28,58,133 Lee, Ron p. 43,44,74,92, 94.123 Leeson, Becky p. 133 Leeson, Matt p. 139 Leever, Doug p. 133 Leever, Randy p. 68,133 LeForce, Penny p. 34,42,133, 1 Legg, Brian p. 139 Leicht, Eddie p. 145 Leisure, Cassie p. 133 Leisure, Kathy p. 145 Leisure, Keith p. 36,139 Leisure, Penny p. 42,145 Leisure, Phil p. 44,45,56, 88,94,96,123 Leisure, Rod p. 139 Lewellen, Cindy p. 24,145 Lewellan, Debbie p. 24,28,139 Lewis, Delbert p. 106 Lilly, Joe p. 52,80,123 Linder, Gary p. 70,71,109 Lippott, Mark p. 28,36,94, 139 Little, Becky p. 26,34,79, 123 Little, Bob p. 53,145 Loepke, Dawn p. 71,123 Logan, Gene p. 139 Long, Laurie p. 42,98,130 133 Long, Pam p. 145 Long, Pat p. 145 Longerbone, Mark p. 28,44, 94.103.133 Longnecker, Beverly p. 42, 56,103,142,145 Longnecker, Karen p. 72,123 Loser, Cheryl p. 133 LovelI, Sue p. 145 Lowder, Thelma p. 112 Lucas, Marilyn p. 24,109 Lybarger, Naomi p. 145 Lyman, Dana p. 28,36,145 Lyman, Dawn p. 28,36,58, 123 Lyman, Dean p. 82,133 Lyman, Denny p. 24,36,139 Lynas, Celeste p. 145 Lyons, Mike p. 148 McCall, Ron p. 87,145 McClelland, Kristi p. 56,65, 98.130.133 McClain, Patty p. 146 McClintock, Cheryl p. 46,123 McClintock, Terri p. 46,70, 133 McCord, Tony p. 87,91,145 McCorkle, Brenda p. 133 McCorkle, Cindy p, 133 McCorkle, Monty p. 68,92, 135 McDaniel, Amy p. 26,34,36, 46.59.146 McDaniel, Jeff p. 9,36,38, 123 McDaniel, Rick p.139,150 McElfresh, Ed p. 67,139 McElfresh, Rex p.146 McGuire, Debra p.139 McKinley, Kathy p. 139 McMahan, Bob p. 139 McMinn, Ed p. 34,43,124 McPhearson, Mark p. 24,46, 87.146 McPhearson, Marsha p. 72, 133 McPhearson, Mike p. 69,124 McPhearson, Penny p. 26,36, 133 McPhearson, Randy p. 77,139 McPhearson, Tom p. 146 McQuitty, Anna Mae p. 42, 109 McQuitty, Bart p. 87,91,146 McQuitty, Becky p. 28,136, 139 McQuitty, Beth p. 146 McQuitty, Brad p. 44,45,88, 100,101,133 McQuitty, Darrell p. 88,109 McQuitty, Jeff p. 43,53,86, 139 McQuitty, Lisa p. 26,42,102, 133 Magers, Kevin p. 28,103,139 Maish, Debbie p. 71,124 Maish, Letitia p. 146 Maish, Vicki p. 146 Majors, Ron p. 53,146 Maley, Marjorie p. 26,46, 146 Manis, John p. 64,124 Martin, Edward p.139 Mason, Becky p. 72 Mason, Cindy p. 24,28,139 Mason, Donald p. 87,146 Mason, Douglas p. 56,92, 146 Mason, Kathy p. 124 Massey, Dean p. 124 Massey, Pamela p. 8,139 Massie, Fred p. 26,94,124 177Massie, Wayne p. 87,146 Mead, Rosemary p. 98,146 Medcalf, Anna p. 72,139 Melvin, Kathy p. 26,98,146 Melvin, Michelle p. 26,133 Mengelt, Mary p.139 Mengelt, Mike p. 43,44,129 Mercer, Joan p. 110 Merritt, Raeanna p. 58,110 Meschke, Julie p. 28,40,42, 98,146 Metz, Ann p. 36,58,133 Middleton, David p. 110 Miller, Anna p. 56,142,146 Miller, Dinah p.19,26,133 Mi Her, Pat p. 70,133 Miller, Vickie p. 133 Mitchell, Ronnie p. 74,124 Mock, Don p. 52,124 Monroe, Michael p. 25,28, 53,92,133 Montgomery, Maura p. 79, 133 Moore, Lew Rita p. 42,114, 124 Moore, Michelle p. 146 Moore, Randy p. 36,74,124 Moore, Robert p. 110 Morgan, Jenny p. 36,58,133 Morgan, Mary p. 76,124 Morgan, Missy p. 28,36,146 Morgan, Phyllis p. 139 Morris, Diana p. 146 Mort, Rhonda p. 21,124 Moser, John p. 8,9,36,133 Mottweiler, Gary p. 139 Mountcastle, Tonia p. 146 Mundy, Jeff p. 53,94,139 Munns, Jeri p. 139 Munns, Richard p. 53,139 Murphy, Fred p. 66,110 Murray, Dave p. 53,146 Murray, Denise p.140 Murray, Rod p. 44,65,94,95, 140 Musick, Gary p. 140 Mutchler, Debbie p. 146 Myers, Cindy p. 42,59,79, 124 Nason, Brenda p. 71 Nason, Robin p. 28,53,146 Niccum, Dennis p. 146 Nichols, Jim p. 44,86,90, 94,95,96,140 Nichols, Terry p. 146 Nichols, Tim p, 43,87,91,146 Noble, Duke p. 140 Noble, Jeff p. 53,146 Noble, Micky p. 42,56,72,133 Noel, Patti p. 125 Noel, Robin p. 40,72,146 Noel, Rusty p. 146 Noone, Margaret p. 28,42, 79,125 Noone, Patti p. 28,136,140 Northcutt, Ti m P.146 Oakes, Nancy p. 76,110 Odom, Charlotte p. 112 Orbaugh, Tracy p. 28,133 Owens, Tammy p.133 Pace, Chris p. 36,53,146 Pace, Jan p. 36,125 Pace, John p. 24,26,43,92, 125 Pantos, Mildred p. 112 Pantos, Thomas, p. 110 Pappas, Nick p.19,35,133 Pappas, Tula p. 28,146 Parente, Frank p. 9,110 Parker, Beth p. 140 Parker, Candie p. 71,125 Parker, Charles p. 106 Parker, Karen p. 77,146 Parker, Kevin p. 91,146 Parker, Keith p. 53,146 Parker, Robert p. 87,103,146 Parker, Tara p. 140 Parker, WiIma p. 112 Parsons, Bob p. 56,69,125 Pattison, Donnetta p. 26,42, 56,133 Patton, Randy p. 36,140 Patton, Rolland p. 68,84,133 Pavese, David p. 140 Payne, Doyle p. 140 Pearson, Denny p. 24,140 Pedro, Cindy p. 140 Peeper, Rachel p.112 Penn, Scott p. 146 Perry, Dawn p.28,36,56,140 Perry, Jim p. 53,92,140 Perry, Kevin p. 70,141 Personette, Linda p. 110 Peting, Patti p. 34,42,133 Pettit, Barbara p. 146 Phillips, Charlie p. 82,133 Phillips, Joan p. 28,146 Phillips, Patty p. 40,125 Phillips, Wayne p. 94,100, 140 Pierce, Deryke p. 87,146 Pierce, Marcus p. 36,140 Piirto, Cindy p. 28,42,56,59, 103,114,125 Pike, Phi I p. 68,125 Pike, Sheryl p. 40,42,133 Plake, Sherrie p.125 Plake, Steve p. 140 Plotner, Steve p. 94,133 Plotner, Tammy p. 36,140 Plue, Randy p. 140 Plue, Richard p„ 26,35,133 Poe, Jeff p. 10,36,38,125 Poole, Gene p. 112 Poole, Mary p. 112 Pore, Kevin p. 50,82,125 Pratt, Jeff p. 53,140 Pratt, Randy p. 146 Preston, Kristi p. 98,140 Price, Danny p. 24,35,92,103, 140 Pritchard, Pam p. 28,140 Prus, Evelyn p. 28,42,125 Puterbaugh, Brenda p. 76,125 Puterbaugh, Jay p. 36,146 Ramey, James p. 140 Ramey, Matt p. 146 Ray, George p. 110 Ray, Sonny p. 28,36,53,87, 146 Rayshich, Daniel p. 52,110 Rebuck, Joe p. 79,125 Rebuck, Rae Ann p. 36,133 Reckner, Susan p.126 Reese, John p. 92,140 Reeves, Joyce p. 36,140 Reichart, Tina p. 36,38,130, 133 Rennier, Stan p. 35,43,44, 65,94,96,126 Reynolds, Cindy p. 76 Reynolds, Malcom p.112 Riddle, Cindy p. 133 178Riley, Butch p. 140 Riley, Jeannie p. 146 Riley, Jeff p. 81,126 Riser, Dave p. 140 Ritchie, Larry p. 110 Rittenhouse, Doug p.146 Rittenhouse, Sherri p.134 Ritter, Don p. 140 Ritter, Pam p. 146 Roberson, Delores p. 42,70, 134 Robertson, Jim p. 26,36,53, 146 Robertson, Kathy p. 36,134 Robertson, Larry p. 36,140 Robertson, Mike p. 142,146 Robison, Cindy p. 72,140 Roby, Tim p.81,94,95,134 Rodgers, Teresa p.146 Rodriquez, Ross p. 56,70,84, 92.130.134 Roe, Dale p. 126 Roe, Luanne p. 36,98,146 Rogers, Debbie p. 19,98,134 Rogers, Karen p. 24,26,140 Rogers, Richard p, 53,140 Roller, Pam p. 134 Roller, Ruth p. 72,134 Roller, Sharon p. 126 Romine, Zindy p. 71,126 Rominger, Charles p. 79,134 Rominger, Laura p.146 Rudig, Dorothy p.112 Runyan, Allen p. 147 Runyan, Jamie p. 26,44,45, Sallee, Marian p. 70,134 Sandoval, Elvira p. 72,126 Santon, William p.24,110 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