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1973 Wendell L. Willkie High School Elwood, Indiana Volume 57Learning questioning practicing decision making Are part of awaking to the future. Becoming skilled accepting defeat working together helping each other Prepare us for the coming future.which is the approaching future. Will be accepted and adjusted to, But a certain kind of loyalty will remain for the old.The Varieties of 1972 took its audience back in time as Edith (Cindy Sizelove) and Archie (Jack Miller) “Dunker” remembered “Those Wonderful Years.” The Roaring Twenties were highlighted with the first Miss America Pageant, “Our Gang” singing “Ma, He’s Makin’ Eyes at Me,” the Pantherettes doing the Charleston, and a Keystone Cops pantomine. The Thirties brought back the radio soap operas, the ever-popular “Stripper,” and Teddi Mangas as Shirley Temple singing “On the Good Ship Lollipop.” The band took over in the Forties with “South Pacific” and other Big Band Memories. Kirby Elkins soloed with “I'm Getting Sentimental” and some band members concluded with a tribute to Walt Disney. Soda shops, bobby socks, the jitterbug, and Elvis, portrayed by Jude Bourff, represented the Fifties. Included also were the McGuire Sisters by the Counterpoints, “Night Train” by the choir, and a tenor sax solo by Pete Wingrove. The Sixties brought the Hippie era, and Elaine Caldwell sang an original song about billboards. The 2-D8s Da-Men-Ohs were featured in this section along with a Roller Skate Rag and a Beatles tribute. The Seventies, which concluded the ’72 Varieties, featured the Groov Band playing a number of delightful selections and a piano solo by Bob Peters. r • Him® : r n Dumbo and the roller skating girls are two delightful acts in a show revolving around Archie and Edith Dunker — Cindy Sizelove and Jack Miller. The majorettes, band, and choir make a valuable contribution to the show with their talented performances.Those Were the DaysGraduation Leads to the Future On May 24 the members of the Class of 1972 graduated from Wendell Willkie High School and opened many doors to their future. Carolyn Updike and Jeff Leathers, members of the class, helped school officials conduct the ceremonies. The Reverend Donald Felty was the guest speaker. Mixed emotions were felt by all of the new graduates; happy but sorrowful, excited yet afraid. Attentiveness is the keynote for members of the Class of 1972 as they listen to the speaker at their commencement exercises. The Reverend Donald Felty, First Calvary Church. Logan-sport, addresses the class on this occasion. 10Underclassmen Peer Through X’s and O’s IIAnna Callaway has her head in the stars as she tapes streamers of crepe paper on the ceiling. Vickie Freund and Steve Stone enjoy talking with a friend at the prom. Many other couples Find prom night exciting and glamorous; the girls wear beautiful gowns, and the fellows are resplendent in tuxedos. Karen Brewer may have good reason to “see stars.” The decorations she is making will be suspended from the ceiling.Entrances Prom Goers Miss Kaori Gardner is crowned 1972 Prom Queen by junior class president Tim Eaton as the formal part of the evening draws to a close. “Southern Rhapsody” was the prom theme chosen by the class of 1973. They worked until late hours in the night to create a southern atmosphere of beauty by May 19, the date for the 1972 Prom. Upon entering the ball room, the couples found themselves on the Mississippi River beside an old fashioned paddle boat. The Larry Mitchum Band was seated on the stage which was a plantation veranda decorated with flowers. As time progressed, the long awaited crowning of the 1972 Prom Queen neared. The queen candidates — Linda Sullivan, Cindy Tam, Kaori Gardner, Cindy Sizelove, and Susan Hobbs — were announced as they walked onto the pillard porch of a plantation home which was adorned with colorful flowers. Miss Kaori Gardner was announced as Queen. Refreshments were served by southern belles in a room with a colorful swamp scene accented by black lights. Memory pictures were taken in a setting of pastel flowers and candles. After the prom, the couples enjoyed an early morning snack and a dance at the Country Club. The transformation of the Elks Club into the ante-bellum South is complete, and prom goers find themselves surrounded by the beauty and glamour of another era as they dance away the evening.Number 83, Senior Panther Andy Durm, attempts to evade a Highland tackier as he runs to gain yardage in the 1972 Homecoming game. Varsity cheerleaders Tracie Slayton. Bobbie Florea, Nancy Robertson, and Sheryl Wright ride in the Homecoming parade before cheering at the big game. A Homecoming Game On September 15, 1972 the second annual Homecoming Carnival kicked off the festivities of a joyous weekend for the Elwood Panthers. Many of the clubs and classes were represented. There was a great variety of attractions that everyone could take part in. They included a dunking booth, an egg throw, a cake walk, a dart throw, and many other activities. The next day at 1:00 the parade began. Creative and original floats were built by the classes, each one having a theme pertaining to Broadway shows or motion pictures. The Queen Candidates — Pam Clouser, Jackie Cyphers, Chris Hood, Vickie Huff, and Toni King — were presented to the parade crowd on a beautiful float constructed by the Junior Class. Drum majors Bill Kessinger and Keith Goodknight lead the Panther Band as it marches in the 1972 Homecoming parade. The majorettes and pom pom girls follow the drum majors. f During the clash between the Elwood Panthers and the Highland Scots, quarterback Billy Hocker fades back to pass in the second period of action. The 14Brought Happiness At 2:00 the Homecoming game began as the Highland Laddies kicked off to the Panthers. At half-time both teams remained scoreless. At the start of half-time festivities the band played “A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody” as the Candidates were being introduced. Miss Chris Hood was announced Queen. She was crowned by Miss Margaret Fernung. 1971 Homecoming Queen. Float honors were also announced with the Juniors taking first. The second half proved to be better for both teams. The Laddies scored a touchdown, but the extra point was blocked. Now it was the Panthers turn. Near the end of the fourth quarter an Elwood touchdown was made and the extra point was good. When the clock ran out, the 7-6 victory over the Highland Laddies was confirmed. Panther linemen provide excellent protection and give Hocker the time he needs to get his pass off. Homecoming Queen Chris Hood wears a big smile following her coronation. ABOVE. Chris, with the other queen candidates, rides on the float created for them. Smiling (or is it grimacing?) through all of that jello is Mrs. Marilyn Barnett, one of several teachers participating in the carnival. 15 Patty, played by Kathy Altherr (UPPER LEFT) sneaks onto stage past Lucy’s booth for psychiatric help at the low, low prices of five cents. Vicki Huff (CENTER LEFT), in the role of Lucy, takes his precious blanket away from her brother Linus who is played by Tim Eaton. Bob Peters and Brenda Dudley play the accompaniment for the entire production. Schroder (LOWER LEFT), who is better known to Willkie High students as Bob Savage, admires his hero, Beelhovan. Steve Mengelt (CENTER PICTURE) stars as the world’s best-known failure — good old Charlie Brown. Chris Hood (UPPER RIGHT), playing Snoopy, delights the audience with her routine about being a trophy displayed on a dog house. Angela Waymire, who plays Patty, is made up by Candy Gootee before her performance. Discussing the baseball games are Patty (Kathy Altherr,) Linus (Tim Eaton), Lucy (Vickie Freund). Schroder (Bob v. Savage), and Snoopy (Chris Hood). YOU RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN entertained audiences November 16 and 17, 1972. The play, the first musical ever to be presented at Willkie High School, portrayed a typical day in the life of good old Charlie Brown. Attempting to fly a kite and losing a baseball game were two of Charlie’s failures portrayed in a delightfully funny manner on the stage. Other characters from the comic strip appeared in typical (for them) situations. Linus expressed his deep affection for his blanket. Lucy fussbudgeted and offered debilitating advice. And, of course. Snoopy flew off on his dog house to do battle with the Red Baron. Mr. David Schwachenwald directed the production, and Mrs. Carol Schwachenwald helped the cast with their vocal parts. Mrs. Raeanna Merritt was choreographer. Student directors were Patti Lantz and Kandie Vice. Cast members were Steve Mengelt as Charlie Brown, Tim Eaton as Linus, Bob Savage as Schroeder, Chris Hood as Snoopy, Kathy Altherr and Angela Waymire as Patty, Vickie Freund and Vickie Huff as Lucy. Bob Peters and Brenda Dudley played the piano; Bret Connors played the drums, and Cindy Piirto played the flute to accompany the production. Charlie Brown Delights Audiences and Performers 17The Crescent The CRESCENT editors Trcna Adair (layouts,). Lunii Svendsen (Ads), and Carol Pace (copy) work hard on the CRESCENT. CRESCENT STAFF. ROW I: Roger Alfrcy, Ann Metz, Lea Ann Turner. Anne Cundle, Tamie Tyner. ROW 2: Cathy Groover, Rhonda Wilburn. Candy Gootee. Janet Kilgore. Debbie Crable. Bobbi Spit messer. Brenda Vinson. ROW 3: Tim Swartz, Cindy Brewer, Julie W ire, Sara Hobbs. Becky Green. Jenny Morgan, Beck) Teachnor.Flashy photographers take pictures: Steve Kiefer. Jeff Weddell. Roger Hughes. Theresa Barrett, Rick Anton), John Svcndsen. Committee The CRESCENT editors Trena Adair, Carol Pace, and Lumi Svend-sen spent a great amount of time and work to produce a special yearbook that would bring back many memories in future years. Many long nights were spent by the editors and the adviser, Mrs. Linda Gren. trying to meet the very important deadlines. The editors gave special thanks to Theresa Barrett and Jeff Weddell for outstanding work in photography, to Mary Parker for her hard work on the index, to all the members of the personalities committee, and to all of the other students who helped write copy. Staff member Roger Alfrey sells CRES-CENT subscriptions. Stacks of 1972 CRESCENTS wait to be distributed to students. Mike Monroe and Keith Stiner examine one of the cameras belonging to the CRESCENT before setting out to take pictures. Mrs. Gren. CRESCENT adviser, assists students who are preparing the 1972 CRESCENTS for distribution.Communicating Communication. That is what young people advocate. and that is what Willkie High’s English department strives for. Learning the basics for speaking and writing English occupies the student's time for eleven years. Classes such as Journalism, Speech, Advanced Composition, and Honors English allow each student the chance for personal expression in his own language. They also give him the opportunity to explore the thoughts of other nationalities and ages, to compare his feelings with theirs and find there is not such a gap between people after all. Journalism class issues the monthly MEGAPHONE and the 'Willkie High World.” The morning announcements are Speech class assignments. Regular English classes include in-depth studies of such classics as THE PEARL, THE RAFT, and THE SCARLET LETTER with A SEPARATE PEACE and MACBETH in store for seniors taking Honors English and Advanced Composition. With such a well-rounded English curriculum, how could students help but communicate? - s ' »■ 1 In English Classes Freshmen (CENTER PICTURE) find English class demands a great deal of writing. Cindy Piirto (UPPER LEFT) concentrates on reading FAILSAFE while the juniors pictures just below Cindy work on a composition. Terry Beeman (UPPER RIGHT) tries out a new role as he. rather than the teacher, leads the class discussion. Dennis Hood. Dave Pace, Bill Hocker. and Jerry Sentman complete a writing assignment.Journalism: The journalism class under the diection of Mrs. Crimans skillfully produced the school's newspaper, the MEGAPHONE. The MEGAPHONE was published three times a semester. The newspaper contained editorials, feature stories, and the all-important school news. Besides distributing issues to student the staff exchanged school newspapers with eighteen area schools. Students sold advertisements to local merchants to help finance the paper. Together with publishing the MEGAPHONE, journalism students learned many things from their textbooks. Newswriting, layout, different kinds of type, the printing processes, mass media, and the history were a few of the subjects discussed. Journalism students (TOP) are busy getting their next assignments. Kathy Long and Karen Brewer (LEFT) study their text books. Brenda Bcber. Kathy Strong and Joa Yohe prepare articles for the MEGAPHONE. Students enjoy reading the MEGAPHONE.An Outlet for Student Ideas Steve Kiefer discovers a quarter in his pocket and then quickly purchases a MEGAPHONE from Janie Short. ROW I: Kathy Strong, Joa Yohe, Julie Wire. Mrs. Crimans. Kathy Long, Brenda Beber, Karen Brewer. Bob Carpenter, Nancy Abernathy. ROW 2: Janie Short, Roger Hughes. Jude Bourff. Steve Kiefer. Sheila Hargrave, Kim Albers.The Past The Social Studies department of Wendell L. Willkie High School offered a variety of subject for students of different grade levels. Freshmen had the option of taking World History which gave them an overview of the past. Again this year some World History students were assigned the project of building a medieval manor. As in the past, this assignment resulted in some original and creative work on the part of the students. Juniors were required to take United States History. Their study of the country’s past was made more meaningful by correlating it to events in the present. Seniors were required to enroll in two of the following three classes Civics, Sociology, and Economics. The Presidential election in November brought special significance to the Civics classes. Psychology was an elective offered in the department. Discussions were held about the possibility of adding more elective classes to the department so that interested students would have the opportunity for in-depth study-in areas of the Social Sciences. :4 Kathy Long, Janie Short, Kathy McDaniels, and Kevin Fewell find history is fun. Mr. Brown makes a point as he talks to his sociology class. Steve Stafford, Sheryl Wright, Kathy Hughes, and Kathy Scholl are U.S. History students.Is Present in Social Studies History students (CENTER PICTURE) participate in a class discussion. Brenda Jarrett, Lisa Lewis, Judy Bucci, and Steve Sallee (TOP CENTER) are also history students. Jan Slocum (UPPER RIGHT) listens intently to a lecture in world history. Dave Pace, Andy Jackson, and Dave Stout look for the answer in their textbooks during history class.Math Classes The math department was under the direction of Mr. Herndon. General math, algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, senior math, and business math were available to students. Senior math was offered to those seniors who planned to attend college and take courses in math or science. The seniors had an opportunity to acquaint themselves with and actually run computers during a special project. The math instructors were Mr. Herndon. Mr. Brown. Mr. House, Mr. Abshire. and Mr. Burton. Mr. Abshire (CENTER TOP) works with his geometry class. These freshmen begin their high school math classes with Mr. Brown (CENTER). Mr. Burton (CENTER BOTTOM) teaches business math. Mr. House (LEFT CENTER) works an algebra problem for his class. Senior math student Bob Peters works at the blackboard.Explore New Techniques and the Computer Math students Monte Cox and Rolland Patton find freshman math demands thought and concentration. Department head Mr. Herndon takes time at the annual Open House to talk with some of his students parents. These eager freshmen meet many new challenges in their Algebra class.Bill Hocker (UPPER LEFT) wears a face shield in chemistry class as he works on a lab while other students (TOP CENTER) learn in a classroom setting. Sheryl Wright, Pat Beach, and Nancy Whitenack (UPPER RIGHT) are also chemistry students. Biology students (LEFT) listen to a lecture.J ft Angela Waymire and Mary Gough (ABOVE) and Dave Humphrey, Blair Sullivan, Mark Bollinger, and Dave Clary (UPPER RT.) do lab assignments, Mr, Santon performs an experiment. By Doing Science-minded students and those students required to take two years of science enrolled in the science classes at Willkie High School. The classes offered were physics, chemistry, physical science, and general and advanced biology. These subjects are taught by Mr. Santon, Mr. Abshire, and Mr. Huffman. Physics, chemistry, and physical science consist of text work, labs, and tests. General and advanced biology offer a wide variety of work. Some of this work is use of the text, labs and lab practical, microscope work, and dissection, of course. Projects such as leaf collections and research papers are assigned in the science classes.Creative Art The art classes this year were a center of creativity under the direction of Mrs. McQuilty. Students entered into many different projects over the year. Filmmaking experiments where students directly drew and composed the filmstrips, sculptural projects of exaggerated man-made items of our day. ceramic and painting projects, and tie-dye were a few of their undertakings. Art students took a trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for a special lecture-tour on 20th Century art. A visit to the Ball Slate Art Gallery was also planned. Surrounding Mrs. McQuitty's desk are examples of her students work; in the foreground is a figure of Teresa Wardwell. Dan Dennis and Keith Goodknight work together on one of the many paper mache projects that art students produced.Displayed in the auditorium lor the entire student body to see are life si c reproductions of objects from the twentieth century constructed by art students. The question is: “Can Brian McCall (ABOVE) escape his own web?” Christmas seems to bring forth clever door decorations (UP-PER RIGHT) from art students. Pam Smith (LOWER RIGHT) works on her w ire scupture.The Mighty Panther Band Marches On ROW 1: Bill Kessingcr. Kcilh Goodknight. ROW 2: Terri Slay ion, Terri Dever. Tracy Orbaugh. Cindy Piirlo, Kim Dever. Vicki Spit messer. Dawn Lyman. Debbie Fanning, Tonya Conners, Palli Peling, Debbie Beam. ROW 3: Ruth Cannon. Pally Lee, Barbara Farley, Carol Whiikamper, Debbie Crable. Ann Mel . Becky Teachnor, Jenny Morgan. Jan Pace. Carolyn Abplanalp. Tammy Daul-lon. ROW 4: Regina Gibson, Pam Barren, Becky Green, Tim Roby, Kevin Thompson. Maura Montgomery, Brenda Puierbaugh, Terry Tyner. Krisli Weddell, Mars Bannon, Roger Crowe. ROW 5: Penny MePhearson, Diane Me LI fresh. Beverly Farley. John Moser. Cindy Myers, Anne Mangas. Pat Cri-manc, Kristi McClelland. Dee Ann Daulton. Marti King, Marie Darting. Kenl Siafford. ROW 6: Rita Hughes. Gary Van Cleve, Dana Dowler. Marty Leavitt, Bobbi Spit -messer. Fdgar Spearman. Doug Green, Greg Fettig, Kevin Israel. Jeff Weddell. Nancy Abernathy. Janet Kilgore. ROW 7: Terry Beeman. Randy Moore. Robin Jackson, Gary McDaniel, Lynn Copher. Steve Campbell. Bill Davis. Dale Baldwin. Mark Bur-chettc. Jeff Poe. Jeff McDaniels. ROW 8 T. Long. D. Long. B. Connors. J. Slocum. M. Longer bone, G. Werline. R. Lee. C. Loe-pke. J. Clouser. ROW 9: R. Antony, J. Gross, R. Alfrev. NOT PICTURED: M. ROW 1: Ron Call. Band Manager: Anna Callaway, Feature Twirler. ROW 2: Vickie Spitzmesser. Librarian: Janet Kilgore. Secretary; Mr. Parente. Director. ROW 3: Nancy Abernathy. Uniform Officer: Candy Gootee, Head Majorette: Bill Kessingcr. Assistant Drum Major; Roger Crowe. Band Lieutenant: Pat Crimans, Band Captain: Keith Goodknight. Head Drum Major. ROW 4: Terry T ner. Librarian: Kath Altherr. Feature Tw irler.; At, , j r I n X -MrTi. j r. This year’s Mighty Panther Band consisted of 130 members, 27 twirl-ers, and a new addition of pompom girls. Mr. Parente was director with Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Brugger as assistants. Tudy Smith directed the Pantherettes and Donna Hudson directed the Pomerettes. The Band led most of the local parades and led the Elwood division in the Anderson Veteran's Parade. The Band performed at most of the pre-game and halftime shows at football and basketball games. The Band also presented the annual Christmas Concert and Variety Show where the Pantherettes were featured under the spot-light. Gar McDaniel and clowns throw candy to the crowd at the first basketball pep session. Band members (BELOW) become Walt Disney characters at a football halftime show . ROW I: Cricket Williams. Joni Weaver. Linda Scott, Luketta Abernathy. Becky Little. Dolores Roberson, Anita Fisher. Ursula Reasoner. Dorothea DePalo, Donita Scott. Kathy Way mire. Penny Toney. Jamie Beeman. ROW 2: Judy Garner. Lee Ann Stokes, Babette Abner. Peggy Kelly. Robin Duffy. Cindy McCorkle, Debbie Gamble. Debbie Abney, L inda Fanning. Kathy Robertson, Sandic Gordon. ROW 3: Tina Reichart. Laura Seright. Donna Cooper, Penny Crable. Robin Hunter. Debbie Rogers. Shelly Davis, Vanessa Young, Patty Noel. ROW 4: Brenda Cornwell, Margaret Noone. Paula McMahan. Christ) Hood. Valeri Brown. Rae Ann Rebuck, Kobvn Hobbs. ROW 5: Anna Callaway. Kath Altherr. ROW 6: Candy Gootee.Music Class The Willkie High School Girl's Choir provided vocal music for the school and the community. The group performed at the Thanksgiving Convocation, the Christmas Concert, the Elks Memorial Service, the Variety Show, the Spring Sing and at the Senior Graduation. Mr. Brugger was the director; and the officers were Vicki Freund, President; Brenda Dudley. V. President; and Laura Robertson. Secretary-Treasurer. The Music Appreciation class gave students an opportunity to listen to and learn about classical and modern music. The choir sings under the direction of Mr. Brugger at the 1972 Graduation Services. I r Chris Loepkc, Bret Connors, and Elaine Caldwell show their music abilities to the Music Appreciation Class. Mr. Brugger directs the choir rehersal while Brenda Dudley accompanies them on the piano. 36(TOP) Choir members rehearse their songs for the Thanksgiving Convocation. (LEFT) Cindy Smith and Janie Short sing “Ma, She's Makin’ Eyes At Me” in the 1972 Vareity Show. They are members of the singing group “Our Gang”. and Choir Explore Music Choir members are: ROW 1 Patty Phillips. Kathy McDaniels. Vicki Freund. Brenda Dudley, Laura Robertson. Patty Monahan. Trena Adair. ROW 2 Mickey Noble, Sara Hobbs. Michelle Burns. Jane Bavse, Anne Cundle. Miss Mayor, student teacher. ROW 3 Debbie Farley. Stacey Si elove. Sharon Lee. Diana Bunch, Tammie Tyner. Julie Sherman. Kathy Groover. ROW 4 Janie Short, Rose Long, Cindy Smith, Mary Dial. Cindy Wilburn. and Kay W eddell.Small Vocal Groups Entertain at School The Counterpoints: Vicki Freund. Brenda Dudley (SEATED), Kay Weddell. Vickie Huff. "Our Gang" performed in the Christmas Concert and in the Variety Show this year. They specialized in comedy songs. "The Counterpoints'" have performed at Variety Shows, Spring Sings, Christmas convocations, concerts, and for church groups. “Paraphanalia" was a newly formed group. They sang for the Red Cross at the Bethel Boy's Home and for epileptic children. “Menagerie" sang at Mercy Hospital. Dickey's Nursing Home, convocations, lodges, service clubs, and soroti-ties. The Menagerie (ABOVE): Babette Abner, Lew Rita Moore. Mary Bannon. Pam Dudley. Cindy Piirto. Laura Seright. Anne Mangas. Our Gang: (UPPER RIGHT) Janie Short. Cindy Smith (SEATED). Sharon Lee. Rose Long. Patty Barnes. Paraphenalia (LOWER RIGHT): Pam Davis, Tammy Davis. Lisa LaPoinlc.Groov Band The Groov Band was under the direction of Mr. Frank Parenle. This hand consisted of members of the Panther Band who wished to extend their musical abilities into the jazz band area. The Groov Band performed in various activities throughout the year. They provided music for high school proms throughout the state, and they participated in several contests, one of which was the Notre Dame Jazz Festival. The band went on a European tour in which they performed in four different countries. It was their A trio of coromets from .he Groov Band performs for .he Pla" 10 take 0ther foreign t0UrS in student body. the future. ROW I: Gary Van Cleave, JeffPoc, Jeff McDaniel, Keith Goodknight. Jeff Weddell. ROW 2: Bret Connors. Chris Loepke Marti King. Beck Green, Tcrr T ner. Roger Crowe. Kent Stafford. Joe Clouser, Brenda Puterbaugh. Ron Call. Greg Werline, Rich Antony. ROW 3: Anne Mangas. Jenny Morgan. Kathy McDaniel. Garyy Burchctte, Mark Bruchette. Bill Davis, Steve Campbell, Gary McDaniel. Pat Crimans, John Moser, Edgar Spearman. Jim Gross.French Club and Classes Travel Abroad ROW I: Teresa W ardwell. Terri Slayton (President), Tracie Slayton (Vice President). Angela Way mi re (Secretary), Brenda Dudley (Treasurer) Jayne Baynse, Mrs. Ferguson. ROW 2: Becky Teachnor, Pam Burns, Jan Heiser, Christy McClelland, Anne Candle, Debbie St. Clair, Terry Tyner. ROW 3: Debbie Fanning, Jenny Morgan, Margaret Drake. Sheryl Wright. Peggy Dunnichay, I.velyn Prus. ROW 4: Bob Carpenter, Peggy Beber, Vicki Freund. Cindy Barker. Mindy Fihe, Bobbie Spit messer, Margaret Noone. ROW 5: Patty Peting. David Zech. Cindy Hurst. Diana Bunch, Kathie Hughes. Pam Dudlev. Jodi Clouser. ROW 6: Diana Richmond Steve Cotner, Chris Kipharl. Babette Abner, Bob Hurst. Linda Smith, Steve Kiefer. Diana Huff, Steve MenueltJanet Kilgore and Vickie Hull, third year trench students, seem to enjoy grading papers. Mrs. Ferguson teaches her classes French Christmas carols lor the Christ mas parts. to France This year a new class was added into the French area. A third year class was offered to students interested in developing their French abilities to a higher extent. The French Club had a membership of fifty-six and was under the direction of Mrs. Ferguson. The officers were President, Terri Slayton; Vice President, Tracie Slayton; Secretary, Angela Waymire: and Treasurer, Brenda Dudley. The club sold candles and holders for a money making project. They also had a dinner party and several bake sales. The main event of the year was a trip to France in the spring. Second year French students Bahette Abner, Ron Lee, Diana Huff, and Debbie Fanning are eager to begin discussing the assignment. Mindy Fihe. Sheryl Wright. David Zech, and Brenda Beber prepare to hand in their assignments in the third year French class. 41Latin Class (n ROW 1: Maura Montgomery, Brian McCall, Cathy Bond, Cindy Wilburn, Steve Dickey. Miss Wynant. ROW 2: Mike Monroe, Dawn Lyman, Vanessa Young, Lori Wood, I aura Seright, ROW 3: Marcey Beavers, Vicki Gross, Kathy Hughes, Jim Gross. Kevin Thompson. ROW 4: Jan Slocum. Jeff Marlev. Steve Campbell, Kevin Kelley. Greg Wells. Miss W ynant waits Irom a response from her Latin I class Latin students Cindy Wilburn and bake sale goodies to other students. Kathy Hughes sellJeff Marley, Cindy Wilburn, Brian McCall, and Mike Monroe (TOP RIGHT) president a “sacrifice." Dawn Lyman (CENTER) also takes part. Miss Wynant (CENTER RIGHT) prepared refreshments for the language clubs' Christmas party. Ambitious Latin students build a Homecoming float. Club Activities Latin Club gave past and present Latin students an opportunity to understand and appreciate the language and the Roman people. The club had a booth at the Homecoming Carnival and made a float for the parade, held a Christmas party and a Roman sacrifice, had a skating night and a banquet, and attended the Junior Classical League State Convention at Indiana University. The sponsor was Miss Wynant. The officers were Brian McCall and Cathy Bond. Co-Consuls; Cindy Wilburn, Scriptor; and Steve Dickey, Quaestor. HMSpanish Students Go to Foreign Countries Spanish Club members; ROW 1 Mr. Compton, sponsor; Kevin Fewell, Tom Long. Sue Collier, Glenis Riley, Carol Pace, Sara Hobbs. Patty Monahan, Mark McDermitt, Karen Brewer, Debbie Wells. Ron Connor, Mike Tracey. ROW 2 Cheryl Pike. John Savage. John Collier, Doug Leever, Janes Runyon, Robert Helm. Jim Vounce. Brian Ball, Steve Boyer, Mark Longerbone, John Welcher. Roger Hughes. Susan Scott. ROW 3 Brenda llardebeck. Carl Hobbs. Dean Massey, Don Etchi- son, Pat Crimans, Keith Anderson, Bruce Kaiser, Joe Holtzclaw, Gerry Anderson. Kenny Green, Tracy Cambell, Michelle Melvin. ROW'4» Charles Shawhan, Tod Conway, Debbie Trittipo, Tonya Connors. Ann Metz. Dina Noble. Jane Church, Debby Gill, Joan Bomersback, Kathy McDaniel, Sara Tharp. Randy Julius, Cheryl Kaiser. ROW 5 Spenser Knotts. Sam Heiser, RaeAnn Rebuck, Valerie Brown, Lynn Copher. Debbie Farley, Beverly Farley. Deborah Beam. Penny McPhearson. Regina Gibson. Kay Widmeyer, Donetla Pattison, Tina Reichart, Debbie Rogers. ROW 6 Tim Garner, Kevin Israel. Tom Updike, Toby Barker, Marc Slayton, Rick Plue. Julie Dillon, Tammy Owens, Ann Gillespie, Deborah Amos. Tamie Tyner. Tomacita Sandoval, Penny Le Force. ROW 7 John Pace. June Cole, Debbie Ganble, Donna Cooper, Kathy Cole, Tara Warner. Kathy Gallatin. Terry Wallace. Susan Way mire. Dinah Miller, Tim Hanlin. Michelle Burns. Julie Brewer. ROW 8 LouAnn Williams, Jan Pace, Gary Vancleave, Kristie Weddell. Cynthia Myers, Carol Gerard. Sharon Lee. Betty Short. Don Mutchler. Belli Stewart, Lisa Lewis, Krista Cloud. Tracy Orbaugh. ROW 9 Robyn Hobbs, Steve Freeman, Jerry Clingaman. Dennis Wilhelm, Carl Caldwell. LewRita Moore. Jeff Poe, Carolyn Apblanalp, Sheila Hargrave. Mary Bannon. Ann Mangas, Fred Massie. Kenny Bradlev Second year students learn verb conjugation and practice every day conversation. Freshmen learn basic Spanish in one of Mr. Compton's first year classes.Mrs. Ferguson writes basic Spanish questions on the board for her first year Spanish class (CENTER LEFT). Cindy Wilburn. Mrs. Ferguson, and Miss Wynant enjoy the Foreign Language Clubs Christmas Party (CENTER RIGFIT). Mary Jaramillo, Debbv Gill. Debbv Farley and Jane Church are shown with the pinata they made for the Christmas Parts (BOTTOM). TT "Y 7 l fv T r Mr- Compton helps third and fourth vear students translate the mystery book tOjJLLLI L iKlcXtCU they are reading. Spanish Club was one of the larger clubs this year. It provided students who have taken Spanish an opportunity for learning and using Spanish outside the classroom in a less formal atmosphere. The officers this year were President, Carol Pace, 4th year student: V. President, Sara Hobbs: Secretary, Patty Monahan; and Treasurer, Mark McDer-mit, all 3rd year students. Mr. Compton was the sponsor. Last spring, Spanish students had the opportunity of traveling to Spain and widening their knowledge of the language and Spanish culture. This spring the students traveled to Mexico. The club's projects included an eff throw at the Homecoming Carnival, selling Booster badges for ball games, bake sales, a Mexican and a Cuban dinner, a Christmas party, and going to see the play. MAN OF LA-MANCHA. They also went as a group to a basketball game and formed a Spanish Club cheer Block.Health and Physical education and health were offered during the regular school year and in summer school. Some of the sports offered were field hockey, soccer, tennis, volleyball, softball, deck tennis, gymnastics, archery, swimming, basketball, cageball, wrestling, and running obstacle courses. The health classes studied first aid. pressure points of the body, drugs, smoking, alchohol, anatomy, child care, and many other subjects. The instructors this year were Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Merritt, and Miss Cirothaus for the girls and Mr. Bailey, Mr. Brown, and Mr. McQuitty. Mr. Bailey (TOP CENTER) holds the attention of his health class. Girls in health class look at the contents of their First Aid kits. Cageball (CENTER LEFT) is an enjoyable game. Boys (LOWER LEFT) expend a lot of energy playing volleyball. Summer school physical education students take advantage of the nice weather and play basketball outside. Freshmen health students (LOWER RIGHT) look at one poster which portrays emotion.Narcotics This year’s Narcotics classes, under the direction of Mrs. Watson and Miss Grothaus. explored many interesting areas. Learning about drug abusers, the slang terms, the effects of drugs, and the different types of people involved with drugs was a benefit to each student. All of the students prepared a special report on drugs for their semester project and presented it to the class. They interviewed three professional people doctors, nurses, lawyers, police, druggists, A.A. members, or ex-addicts and included their views in the report. Miss Grothaus and Mrs. Watson (TOP) team teach an informative narcotics class. Greg Humphrey uses several references as he works on his semester project (CENTER I EFT). Becky Little pauses to think about what she has just learned. Linda Wilburn and Rhonda Murray study their texts. 48Driver’s Education classes were offered to students who were at least fifteen years old during the regular school year and in summer school. Students learned the fundamentals of operating an automobile, the laws and regulations for safe driving, and the care of the automobile. This past winter some of the students were able to experience driving on the ice. The summer school students practiced maneuvering an auto quickly but safely. The area automobile dealers supplied the students with new and safe machines to learn to drive safely and correctly. Driver’s Ed Mr. McQuitty gives some last-minute instructions to Kirn Ritter before he begins to drive. In the classroom (CENTER RIGHT) Keith Anderson, Diane Richmond, Dina Noble, and Sherrie Plake study. Lew Rita Moore, Keith Anderson, and Kim Ritter find that learning to drive also means learning the rules of the road. Mr. McQuitty spends time in the classroom to leach his students to be safe, courteous drivers when they are behind the wheel.Many business classes were offered to students wishing to go into business in the future. The classes were office machines, typewriting, advanced typewriting, personal typewriting, bookkeeping, shorthand, general business, office procedures, business math, and business law. The classes were taught by Mrs. Juday. Mr. Jacobson, Mrs. Hudson, and Mr. Burton. Any student who had taken one of these classes was eligible to be a member of the Future Business Leaders of America. FBLA is composed of business minded students interested in business activities. This spring members traveled to Ball State for the State Convention. The club brought back several awards. During the past year, FBLA had a balloon throw at the Homecoming Carnival, several bake sales, sold gifts for Christmas, and held a birthday party for the intermediate first grade class. This year's officers were Candy Gootee, President: Jerri Beach, Vice President: Debbie Gamble, Secretary: Brenda Puterbaugh, Treasurer: Debbie Crable. Scrapbook; and Robin Duffey, Historian. Mr. Jacobson (TOP RIGHT) conducts general business class. Record keeping students (CENTER AND BOTTOM LEFT) learn a useful skill. A typing student (BOTTOM CENTER) practices. FBLA officers are Candy Gootee, Debbie Gamble. Brenda Pu-terbaugh, Jerri Beach, and Robin Duffey. Installation is held. 50ROW I: Cathy Groover. Debbie Crable. Robin Duffey. Brenda Puterbaugh, Debbie Gamble. Jerri Beach. Candy Gootee. ROW 2: Tami Tyner. Cindy Brewer. Cindy Noel. Becky Green, Jone Weaver, Brenda Cornwell. Carol Whitkamper. Brenda Vinson. ROW 3: Kathy Bilyeu. Theresa Barrett. Kathy Cole. Rhonda Wilburn. Carol Gerard. Pam Barrett, Joan Horn. Carol Pace. ROW 4: Mrs. Hudson, Mr. Jacobson.O.E.A.: D.P. Kemmon Jones runs the punched data cards through a sorting machine in Computer Science. Mr. Richard Everill and Mr. Phil Holt were instructors in Data Processing and the sponsors of Office Education Asso. The morning class officers were Pres.. Cindy Phillips; Vice Pres. Patty Arnet; Secretary. Cathy Wood; Treasurer, Joe Murray; Historian, Debbie Leonard; Financial Co-ordinator, and Parliamentarian. Terri Conley. Officers for the afternoon session were: Jim Lewis, Pres.; Luke Gerth. Vice Pres.; Barbara Lee. Secretary; Joe Etter, Treasurer; Nancy Ritten-house, Historian: Lee McGuire, Financial Co-ordinator; and Malinda Anderson, Parliamentarian. -Y TOP: C. Summers awaits the bell in VST-VCT. CENTER: A. Durm. T. Miller and D. Long work on Computer Science projects. LEFT: D. Bias and K. Wood practicing running computers. BELOW: G. Riley listens to Mrs. Barnett's lecture on office procedures.V. S. T. — V. C. T. LEFT: Diana Shepard. Janie Phillips, and Debbie Gillam work on the jewelry selling project for O.E.A. ABOVE: Bart Bingham works on a key punch machine in his Computer Science class. ROW I: Mike Wilson, Joe litter. Luke Gerth. Terry Miller, Joe Murray. Darrell Long, Kcmmon Jones, Andy Dunn, Dan Cooper. ROW 2: Mrs. Barnett, sponsor; Theresa Mundy, Debbie Gillam, Karla Adair, Ann Whetstone. Jerri Ringer. Nancy Williams. Lumi Svendsen, Rachel Savage. Bart Bingham. ROW 3: Twyla Northcutt. Becks Green. Debbie Crable. Patty Arnett, Dee Bias, Cathy W ood, Luwanna Smith. Debbie Campbell. Janie Phillips. Diana Shepard. Lee McGuire. ROW 4: C'aths Clark. Cindy Phillips. Brenda Abbott. Debbie Leonard. Mr. Everill, sponsor; Nancy Gerth, Brenda Moss. Kay 1 ra ee, Valery Campbell. Nancy Rittenhouse. Glenis Riles, and Melinda Anderson.In the Distributive Education class students learned about color schemes, how to decorate store windows, how to give demonstrations, and about what is expected of the employee after he has a job. Through D.E. students obtained jobs and were able to work at them during school time. D.E. students are also members of D.E.C.A. Members competed on the district, state and national levels. They also had a candy sale, a booth at the Homecoming Carnival, bake sales and held a children's carnival at the Vocational Building. They also w ent to a convention. Marv Jo Aliev (TOP LEFT) and Kennv Rcigal (LOWER RIGHT) speak at the DE CA initiation (CENTER RIGHT). Tina Miller and Rhonda Murray (TOP RIGHT) set up a Christmas display at the Vocational Building. Tim Eaton (CENTER) listens to a lecture in D.E. class. Marty and Jeff Robison (RIGHT) practice using a cash register with the assistance of Terry Rogers. 54ABOVE: Officers ROW 1: Marti King. Treas.: Cindy Noel. Sec.: Janet Baker, Reporter; Mary Jo Alley. Pres. ROW 2: Kenny Reigal. Vice Pres.; Tim Giselhach. Photog.: Bill Altherr, Par.; Tim Eaton. Rep. RIGHT: Jr. Officers ROW' : T. Etchison, Par.; J. Robison, Photog.: D. Knick. Photog.: R. Murray. Pres.: ROW 2: B. Lytle, Sec.: M. Kelley. V. Pres.: J. Marie), Rep. ROW I: Marie Marling. Kim Devcr. Diana McLIfresh. Kay Diko. Tricia Heater. Debbie Knick. Margaret Kelly, Susie Hollowed. ROW 2: Terry Dever, Malinda Howell. Carol Baldwin. Jenny Poynter. Marti King. Tammy Davis. Janet Baker. Denise Goodwin, Cindy Noel, Bonnie Lytle. ROW 3: Joe Himburg, Nick Croy, Todd Etchison. Kenny Reigal. Joe Parsons, Tim Eaton, Danny Karch, Ra Wood, Marty Robison, Christ) Davies, Rhonda Murray, Mr. Lewis. ROW 4: Jeff Marley, Don Mutchler, Jeff Robison. Jon Lesson, Tim Giselbach, Terry Rogers. Bill Altherr. Bruce W hislcr. Mary Jo Alley, Mr. Linder.Home Economics Classes Teach the Art Mary Fisher, Becky Miller. Pam Davenport and Christy Hood enjoy making bean-hag animals in their sewing class. ABOVE: Peggy Kelly is making a salad in her Food Services Class. RIGHT: Diana Bright, and Pam Davenport repair and refinish furniture in Housing. ABOVE: Theresa Benefield and Deloris Burton prepare to paint a rocking chair in Housing. BELOW: Jerri Bottoms and Pam Bilyeu practice procedures used at cafeterias in Food Services. I Iof Homemaking F.H.A. members ROW I: Cathy Singer. Project Chairman; Theresa Burton. Secretary; Julie Dowler. Treasurer; Cindy Meyer, Vice President; Becky Miller, President; Brenda Riddle, Recreation Leader; Mary Fisher. Public Relations Chairman; Brenda Vinson. Parliamentarian. ROW 2: Mickey Noble; Joyce Thornberry, Reporter; Ann Yates, Historian; Connie Willkie; Sandy Whetsel; Luketta Abernathy; Debbie Singer; Mary Sheedy; Cindy Little; Rena Laster. The Home Economics classes were Vocational Foods, under the direction of Mrs. Tolle, and Clothing, Child Care, and Housing under the direction of Mrs. Schwear. These students were able to join F.H.A. The Future Homemakers of America learned to co-ordinate home economics work with family life and the community. They had many activities during the year. Members sold cokes and coffee to the adult night classes, made doll clothes for a Christmas contribution to the Salvation Army, and went caroling at the Nursing Homes. They also went camping and to the state conference. CLNTLR L.: Connie Willkie, Mrs. Tolle. and Joyce Thornberry enjoy making doll clothes as part of their Christmas project. The F.H.A. members (CENTER R. RIGHT) take part in the Initiation Ceremony.PVE Class Mike Hobbs. Donnie Jeffries. Jerrie Wilson, Garry Stulzman (SEATED) Frank Gerard. David Becntan, Greg Anderson. Vernon Walker. John Wissman, Roger Runyan, Mr. Kinder. Pre-Employment Vocational Education is a cooperative program between various local industries and the school. P.V.E. is part of V.I.C.A. Students were able to do jobs and form work attitudes they will use when taking future industrial employment. P.V.E. students actually machined or fabricated parts for industries participating w ith the class. Mr. Kinder was the sponsor. Officers included Roger Runyan, President; Vernon Walker. V. President: Garry Stutzman, Secretary; Jerry Wilson. Treasurer; John Wis-man. Reporter: and Frank Gerard, Parliamentarian. P.V.E. students Roger Runyan. Frank Gerard. Vernon Walker, and Garry Stut -man work on one of their projects for local industry.J ROW I: Bobbie Florea. Lisa Baugher. Roberta Fakes. Kandie Vice. Sands Standridge, Christy Miller. ROW 2: Debbie Kelley. Kyle llobbs. Robert Rogers. Mike Majors. Jerry Gregory. Ronald Romingcr. Chuck Dickey. Stella Rodriquez ROW J: Mark Williams. Dave Stout. Dave Longenecker. Mike Murray. Jim Davis. John Cleaver. Not present for picture: Chris Flood. Pam Clouser. ICT Students I.C.T., Industrial Cooperative Training Class, was under the direction of Mr. Pantos. I.C.T. members collected food for Christmas baskets, held a car wash and bake sale, sponsored a booth at the Homecoming Carnival, participated in State V.I.C.A. elections and skills contests, made gifts for nursing home patients, and went to the annual V.I.C.A. banquet. This year’s officers were President. Roberta Fakes: Vice President, Roberta Florea: Secretary. Kandie Vice: Treasurer, Robert Rogers: Reporter, John Cleaver: and Parliamentarian. Mike Majors. In addition to on-the-job training ICT involves classroom work. Here one student gives a presentation to her classmates.Auto Mechanics Vocational Auto Mechanics was a three-hour class for juniors and seniors interested in an auto mechanics career. Students actually repaired autos while studying the engines, air conditioning systems, and other parts of a car. Mr. Muphy was the sponsor with Tim Hibst, Pres.: J. Combs, V. Pres.: Dwight Gross, Sec.: Dallas McCord, Treas.: Dan McClintick, Parliamentarian: Bud Murray, Reporter (all AM officers): and Rick Planalp, Pres.: Audie Wells, V. Pres.: Dan Vinson, Sec.: Jeff Etchison, Treas.: Mark Amick, Parliamentarian; Tim Walker, Reporter (all PM officers). These aulo mechanics students observe as one of their classmates points out a car-burator fuel filter. ROW 1: Nick Nance, Dan McClintick, Dwight Gross, John Combs, Dean Etchison. ROW 2: Mr. Murphy, David Baldwin, Tim Hibst, Ron Arehart, Rick Tompkins, Bruce Broyles. Mike Majors. ROW 3: Kevin Holloway, Jim Haulk. Bud Murray, Dallas McCord. Larr Barnes, Ed Moore. ROW I: Scott Hughs, Don Buin. Ron Shaw. Brad Lawrence. Audie Wells, Jeff Etchison. ROW 2: Mr. Delbert Lewis. Bruce Sanders. Tim Walker. Ronnie Bolt. Rick Planalp. Richard Shepard, Dan Vinson, Jeff Richardson, Mr. Murphy. ROW 3: Kevin Thompson. Mike Brewer. Mike Murray. Dan Atchison. Terr Calbrealh, Mark Amish, Mike Martin.ROW I: Ken Cornwell, Bruce Dunlap. Dennis Karch. Dan Adams. ROW 2: Gary Burchette, Sieve Green. Boh Keller, Perry Boyer, Rick Hodson, Randy Collins, Brent Williams, Rockie Kbbert. Lonnie Saltier. Jim Met . Mr. Hawkins, Jon Gill. Electronics The Electronics class prepares students for a future vocation in the electronics industry. The class members were also members of V.I.C.A. Students learn about electronic circuits from appliances brought to the class for repairs by the community. The sponsor was Mr. Hawkins; and the officers were Ken Corn-well, President; Bruce Dunlap. V. President; Dennis Karch, Secretary-Treasurer; and Dan Adams, Parliamentarian. Dan Adams. Vocational Electronics Student, traces an electronic signal with the use of an oscilloscope.Vocational Machine Shop Teaches Trade The Vocational Machine Shop enabled students to receive apprentice training for future jobs. The students pul up Christmas decorations in downtown Elwood, helped gather canned goods for the Salvation army. took field trips, and participated in Machine Shop contests. District and State Leadership Conferences, National contests, and experimental projects for local industries. Officers were Bob Jones, Pres.: Jeff Courtney. V. Pres.: Kevin Osborn, Sec.: Ed Robinson. Treas.: Ron Mc-Phearson. Reporter; Greg Mahoney, Parliamentarian: and Mr. Rayshich ROW I: Kevin Osborne. James Brenner, JelT Courtney. Gene Bradburn. ROW 2: Mr. Leu is. Gar) Ldwards. Scot Chase. James Vest, Keith Harrison. Ron MePhearson. ROW V I d Robinson. I ric Jones. Greg Mahoney. Charles Parley, Robert Jones. Mr. Rayshich. w as sponsor. ROW I: Brad Stewart. Ralph Lehman. Thad Wright. Rick Silvey, Mike Davis. Mike Slots. Phil Stamps. ROW 2: Mr. Lewis. Mr. Runyon (student teacher). Jerry Sentman. Mike Goodman, Randy Jones. Joey Nahb. Chris Hosier. Mr Williams. ROW v Rick DeRue. Steve Sallee, Larry Morrison, Lee Svendsen, Jeff Hartwell, Terr Idlewine. Tim Bolt.ROW I: Jim Campbell. Mark Bucci. Jeff Hayes, Jeff Griffin. Bob Weaver. Mr. Watson. ROW 2: David Conklin. John Fry. Gary Frye. Bill Stansberry, Jim Hutchinson. David Idlersine, Tom Hartley. ROW 3: Randy Rogers, Steve Scott. Ron Richardson. Bill Leavell. Kevin Southern. Ray Brewer. Dan Beever. Gary Moore. Curtis Whitson. Building Trades Building trades provided an opportunity to develop leadership through club activities and skill contests. The students were members of V.I.C.A. and participated in state elections, workshops. contests, a basketball game for charity and building projects. Mr. Watson was sponsor with G. Fry, Pres.; K. Southern. V. Pres.; B. Weaver, Sec.; R. Brewer. Treas.; S. Scott. Reporter; and T. Hutchinson. Parliamentarian.Marcy Beavers (TOP) is one of the girls acquiring new skills in Industrial Arts class. A machine shop student (CENTER LEFT) works on his project. Mr. Juday discusses a technical problem with John Frey (CENTER PICTURE.) Tim Roby, Randy Amick, and Rolland Patton (RIGHT) learn the techniques of drafting. Lucinda Lineberry and Tricia Heater (TOP CENTER) are enrolled in a woods class. Rolland Patton, Dwayne Elsworth, and Brian Abbott (TOP RIGHT) work on another drafting problem. A drill press (CENTER RIGHT) is put to good use by David Beeman. The woodshop becomes a laboratory for Patty Phillips and Karen Wilson.Industrial Arts Offers Variety Students used Industrial Arts classes to explore industrial fields of education which could lead to vocational interests and advanced courses. It could be thought of as a laboratory for the application of academic knowledge such as problem solving, the effects of design and actual construction of products, and applying mathematics. Students were able to express themselves in the various I.A. classes which consisted of Electricity, Drafting, Printing, Woods, Machine Shop, Power Mechanics, Home Mechanics, Blueprint Reading, Industrial Mathematics, and Welding. Home Mechanics classes were very successful with the girls. The classes were filled and a waiting list was needed the first semester; the second semester two classes were offered. Home Mechanics is used to explore properties of materials found around the home, simple electrical repairs, and minor plumbing problems. The instructors for Industrial Arts were Mr. Ritchie, Mr. Kinder, Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Williams, Mr. Juday, Mr. Ray, Mr. Pantos, Mr. Watson, and Mr. Rayshich. Several of these men are also vocational instructors.Thespian Plays Provide Entertainment ROW I: S. Mcngclt. T. Slayton, M. Fihc. K. Scholl, S. Tharp. Mrs. Welker. ROW 2: D. Fanning. D. Bcem. A. Callaway, T. Tyner, R. Alfrey, T. Swartz. ROW 3: C. Frye, C. Barker. T. Wardwell, S. Hobbs. P. Monahan, K. McDaniels. ROW 4: S. Green, L. Lewis, B. McCall, S. Keifer. C. Piirto. Not Shown: A. Humel. L. Copher, H. Lucas. C. Hood. T. Slayton. M. Hahn. ABOVE: Mrs. Welker and Kathy Scholl discuss the upcoming plays with Patty Monahan. Lynn Copher and Debbie Beem. LEFT: Lynn Copher rehearses her part in one of the one-act plays.Thespian Troupe 58 of Willkie High School was busy this year with many projects. They elected Steve Mengelt. Pres.; Terri Slayton, Vice Pres.; Sally Tharp, Secretary; Mindy Fihe, Treasurer; and Kathy Scholl. Point Recorder. Members sponsored a booth at Homecoming, held an Initiation dinner, awarded tro-phys to the best actress and actor, best supporting actress and actor, and best all round Thespian, and presented three one-act plays. This year's plays were “Eh!”, “The Youngest", and “Take a Letter”. These plays were directed by Kathy Scholl, Christi Hood, and Terri Slayton. The club also planned to take a trip to a dinner theatre where they could learn techniques by watching professionals. Debate Team Attends Clinic The Debate Team was a means for students to learn the fundamentals of argumentation and debate. This year the sponsor of the club was Mr. David Schwachenwald. Team members attended a debate clinic at Butler University on September the 23rd. The team also attended the Chrysler High School debate in New Castle on October the 28th. LEFT: Babeue Abner and Lisa Lewis gain knowledge by reading. CLNTLR: Members of the team discuss their strategy. BELOW: ROW I: B. Carpenter. I). Lyman. ROW 2: M. Montgomery B. Abner. ROW 3: L. Copher. Mr. Schwachenwald, J. Slocum.The Future Teachers of America Organization (FTA) is one of the up-and-coming clubs in the school. Its membership this year, 33, was one of the largest ever. FTA had four very cooperative sponsors this year — Mrs. Barr, Mrs. Merritt, Mrs. Starkey, and Mr. Middleton. The chapter, which is in Area 6 of Indiana, was honored to have Anne Mangas named as next year’s area vice president. It was also a real honor to have chapter president Steve Mengelt chosen "Mr. FTA" for the state of Indiana. Other officers for the year were Anne Mangas, vice president; Kathy McClelland, secretary; Diane Richmond, treasurer; and Carol Pace and Rachel Savage, historians. Mrs. Barr. S. Mengelt. A. Mangas. K. McClelland. D. Richmond. C. Pace. R. Savage, ROW 2: J. Morgan, N. Abernathy B. Farley, K. McClelland. J. Kleyla, D. Trittipo. P. Lee. ROW 3: J. Kilgore, C. Gootee. T. Tyner. B. Teachnor, A. Metz ROW 4: P. Peting S. Scott, B. McCall. Mrs. Merritt, C. Copeland. V. Grose, R. CannonStudent Council Provides Leadership S. Mengelt, president; C. Barker, vice president; C. Gootee, secretary; C. Pace, treasurer. ROW 2: P. Burns, T. Slayton, A. Waymire. M. Gough. K. McClelland. J. Beber, B. Tracey. ROW 3: P. Kane, T. Barker, D. Abney. A. Mangas. B. Beber, J. Kleyla, A. Etchison, L. Moore. L. Williams. L. Seright. ROW 4: R. Julius, G. Bush, R. Wilburn, T. French. L. Wilburn, D. Guffey, J. McDaniel. ROW 5: L. Coffman, B. Hocker, C. Caldwell. B. Peters, S. Heiser, B. Abner. K. Hughes. P. Beach, R. Cook. S. Shipley, J. Poe. ROW 6: D. Waymire, D. Pace, T. Hanlin, J. Burnett, B. Cyphers, R. Rodriquez, G. Wells. The Student's choice is the Council’s voice. The main goal of the Student Council was to promote the best interests of Willkie High for the mutual benefit of the entire student body and faculty. The Student Council’s largest responsibility this year was the Homecoming Carnival. Held the Friday before Homecoming, the carnival featured a number of activities. The Council also held a Halloween dance for the student body. At Christmas time a Turkey Raffle was held to raise money. The Student Council participated in the door-to-door march for St. Jude’s Hospital.Honor Society, Academic Team Recognize Senior Honor Society members FRONT: Pat W ilson. Toni King. CENTER: Blair Sullivan, Brenda Dudley. Marccy Beavers. Bob Peters, Bob Savage. BACK: Dave Humphrey, Vickie Huff, Karen Brewer, Steve Mengelt, Trena Adair, and Carol Pace. Sally Tharp. Sam Heiser, Judy Bucci and Kathy McClelland are a few of the proud members of Junior Honor Society. Marcey Beavers informs Judy Bucci that she qualifies for Junior National Honor Society.National Honor Society recognized those Seniors with a high scholastic rating. These students represented the upper 10 per cent of their class. Junior members were chosen on the same scale but were probationary members until they became Seniors. The. Academic team was made up of intelligent, well-rounded students who wished to compete with another school in an "exercise in knowledge”. This year's team had several meets with Highland and Madison Heights that were similar to the college bowl games. The sponsors were Mrs. Merritt and Mr. Compton. Scholarship Mrs. Mcrritl wails for an answer from Elwood in an Academic meet with Anderson Highland. Academic team members are ROW I: Mr. James Compton, sponsor: Jane Church. Alice Humel, Mrs. Raeanna Merritt, sponsor; ROW 2: Brian McCall, Bob Peters. Bob Savase, and Steve Mengell.w,Tennis and Cross Country The Elwood Cross Country team began their season with two big wins over Highland and Peru. New Castle was Elwood’s first defeat, and the Panthers lost their first triangular meet to Blackford County and Tip-ton. The Panther runners came back to t ake second place in the Bu rris Invitational then lost their second triangular meet to Oak Hill and Missisinewa. In the next two meets, which were both triangular, the Panthers finished second. The team placed fifth in the C.I.C. at Peru before defeating Madison Grant and Frankton in a triangular meet. The tennis squad, under the coaching of Mr. McQuitty, earned three big victories last fall to be one of the most successful squads Elwood has seen for a long time. During the fall season the squad defeated Wabash, Mississiniwa, and Alexandria. Of fifteen boys out for the sport only four — Bob Savage, Bob Peters, Dennis Karch, andThad Wright —were seniors. Although the squad was young much valuable experience was gained to make future seasons even more successful. Dennis Karch (TOP LEFT) completes a swing and then gets into position (CENTER LEFT) to swing again. Kevin Fewell (LOWER LEFT) stands ready to move. Bob Savage (CENTER BOTTOM) also is in a position to return the ball to his opponent. A cross country runner (TOPCENTER) watches as the varsity run their meet. Dave Zech, Fred Stage, Tim Herniac, and Ray Wood run on the varsity team. Dave Stout takes the lead over Dave Zech in a cross country match.TENNIS TEAM: Coach McQuitty, Dennis Karch, Kevin Fewell, Mike Poor, Bob Peters, Bob Savage. ROW 2: Spencer Knotts, Matt Davis, Don Etchison, Mike Mengelt, Tim Hanlin, Mark Beeman. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Tim Herniak, Paul Acres, Kevin Kelley, Bob Weaver. ROW 2: Ron Lee, Ray Wood, Fred Stage, Tom Updike, Coach Burton. ROW 3: Dan Karch, Dave Stout, Ed Gillespie, Dave Zech, Sam Hciser.nhor. Bruce Kaiser mr - rticc Sanders. Ddf KfPy. And) Durm, Coaclf Mocker. ROW 3: Coach Broun SlcfPSlrone. Mike Wilson. Bruce Simmons. JtjJin Burnett, Bill Mocker. Tim Mibsl. Ray Cook. Steve Green. Steve Mengelt, Coach Bailey ROW 4: Bruce Whisler. Blair Sullivan. Kevin Courtney, Alan Smith. Bud Murray. Andy Jackson, Ted Tyner, Tony P:PierCc.New Coach Provides Wins for Gridders The Panther gridders ended the football season with a record of 3-7, but the statistics do not tell the whole story for the second year football coach Bill Hocker. The team’s victories came over Highland at homecoming, Peru, a proven C.I.C. foe, and Pendleton Heights. The young Panther offensive unit (1 senior, 9 juniors, and 1 sophomore) proved that they could play excellent football and could win some football games. The Elwood Panthers lost two games by one touchdown or less. The team’s spirit held during the entire season which proved to be a stepping stone for the young Panthers. The graduating seniors on the team were Bruce Whisler, who received the distinction of being chosen to the defensive honorable mention team, Steve Stone, Blair Sullivan, Randy Robison, Buddy Murray, Rick Hodson, Ron Shaw, Andy Durm, Tim Gisel-bach, and David Clary. Many long and tiring hours of physical exertion were spent in preparing for the season. The squad practiced twice a day developing new techniques and sharpening up on old ones for Coaches Hocker, Brown, Baily, and Runyan. Coach Hocker (TOP) is unhappy about a rePs call. Short yardage (CENTER LEFT) is gained against Tipton. Andy Durm and Ron Conners (LOWER L.) tackle a Highlander after a completed pass. Football players enjoy the skits at a pep session. Deserving athletes (CENTER R.) prepare to receive letters or E-jackets. The Panthers are stopped at the line of scrimmage (LOWER R.) by the Highland defense. 77Jr. Varsity Freshmen This year’s freshmen football team was coached by a quite capable young coach in his first year of coaching, Mr. Howard Huffman. The first year fellows showed that they had lots of spunk. The guys gained confidence game after game, and they seemed to have put it all together in their final game against Pendleton Heights by beating their opponents 32-0 The Junior Varsity squad was coached by Mr. Mike House this year. These boys also showed the qualities of w inners. Many of these fellows saw quite a bit of action with the varsity during the season. Almost all of the boys gained experience and confidence, both of which are necessary ingredients to make them first-rate varsity gridders next season. The freshmen defensive unit (BOTTOM CENTER) prepares to stop a tough Blackford team. A Junior Varsity player (CENTER LEFT) gains some ground during the Mississinewa battle. Two Junior Varsity defensive players (TOP LEFT) haul down a Mississinewa running back. A Panther runner gains enough yardage for another first down (BOTTOM LEFT). The freshmen offense prepares to go into action (TOP RIGHT). 78JUNIOR VARSITY: Manager Jeff Robison. Chuck Plough. Dan Kelly, Dennis Wilhelm, Curt Wilhoit, Rick Adair, Randy Rodgers. Manager Steve Green. ROW 2: Denver Frazee. Gary Bush. Fred Massie, Keith Stiner. Marty Robison, Audic Wells, Coach House. ROW 3: John Svendsen. Tim Coston, Don Mock. John Manis, Keith Anderson. Ed Albers. ROW 4: Mike Collis, Roger Hughes, Kenny Call, Mike Giselbach. Jude Bourff, Larry Dietzer. FRESHMEN: John Savage, Bob Helm. Ross Rodriquez, Tony Edged, Kenny Green, Greg Tam, Todd Conway. ROW 2: Jim Sutton, Carl Hobbs, Bob Allherr, Jim Younce, Brian Ball, Terry Cress, Doug Arnold. ROW 3: Jeff Arehart, Jeff King, Marc Slayton, Toby Barker, James Runyan. Mike Goens, Brad Cyphers. ROW 4: Steve Plotner. Kevin Smith, Jim Kelish, Rolland Patton, Mark Collis, Tracy Campbell, Kevin Hamilton.I Boh Savage, Ted David, Ray CooK Bill Smith, Steve Stone, Ken Riegel. ROW 3: I Coach Hicks. Tim Giselbach, Andy Durm, Paul Fuller. Ron Scott, Kevin Courtney, Bruce ■l Kaiser. Golf and Baseball Coach Jerry Burton’s varsity golf team finished the 1972 golf season with a record of 3 wins and 11 losses. The reserve team completed the season with 7 wins and only 2 losses. The varsity team placed fourth intheC.l.C. at Peru, second in the Eastbrook Invitational, and tenth in the Sectional. The varsity boys who earned a full point this past season were Aaron Davenport, Greg Lins-meyer, Mike Mengelt, and Barry Wilkinson. The’71-'72 edition of the baseball team enjoyed a very successful season for last year's mentor Coach Rod Hicks. The squad’s overall record was 12 wins and 5 losses, with 4 wins and 3 losses intheC.l.C. The Panthers beat co-leader of the C.I.C., Peru, in the last game which was the highlight of the season and kept the Peru Tigers from winning C.l.C. honors. Elwood came in fourth in the C.l.C. standings. Another bright spot accredited to the Panthers was the exciting win over Frankton in the Sectional. The seniors on the team per- formed a job well done as the sophomores and juniors earned valuable playing experience. The experience gained by the underclassmen will prove vital to them as they prepare for another exciting baseball season. Thad Wright (TOP LEFT) is in putting form. Ready to swing (CENTER LEFT) is golfer Kurt Backer. Tom Hanlin (CENTER) carefully studies his next shot. Terry Wilkinson (BOTTOM LEFT) puts. Fans (CENTER BOTTOM) observe the action. Pitcher Paul Fuller prepares to throw to his opponent (CENTER RIGHT). Bruce Kaiser (BOTTOM RIGHT) awaits the arrival of the ball. HIBasketball Thrives in Panther Country This year proved very exciting for Elwood Panther basketball fans as the team finished season play with a record of 10-10, the best record for the past 4 years. After beginning the first half of the season on the wrong foot with a record of 3-6, the Panthers came roaring back after a big win over Muncie Central and finished out the second half of regular season play at 6-3. It seemed as if the win over the Central Bearcats gave the Panthers the lift they needed for they won seven out of their last eleven games. The Panthers finished 3-4 in the C.I.C. Two of their conference losses were only by a few points. In mid-February sectional play began and the Panthers drew Mississinewa for their first game, a team they had previously beaten 29 points during regular season play, however; the Indians had improved and it took a 66-63 verdict to knock them out of sectional action. The next night the Panthers lost by 5 to the Madison Heights Argylls, who later became the sectional champions. As a result of the win over Peru, the Panthers received the C.I.C. silver horseshoe. The horseshoe hadn’t been won by an Elwood team since 1967. The game against Peru was also the last varsity game to be played in the gym, home of the Panthers since 1936. TOP L.: Elwood returns to the opponent's side to set up their defense. TOP R.: Blair Sullivan attempts a foul shot. CENTER L.: “Easy" Ed Gillespie is unsuccessful in blocking a field goal. CENTER R.: Kevin Courtney makes a drive for the basket as Mike Poor, Paul Eullcr, and Dan Cooper offer assistance. LOWER L.: Phil Leisure makes two points for the Panthers. LOWER R.: Kevin Courtney adds to the score with a lay up shot while Dan Cooper w atches. 82 Mgr. Marc Slayton Vlgr Jeff Green, Coach VMjmuv I il Gillespie. Mike Poor, Blair Sullivan. Bruce Kaiser Wilhelm, and Mgr. Tim Robv. ooper. Phil l eisure, Kevin C'ourinev. Paul Puller, Dunn, I red Stage. Raudv Robison. Mgr. Dennis J. V. and Frosh Gain Vital Experience Coach Howard Huffman’s Junior Varsity squad had a disappointing season. The boys had plenty of talent, but could only muster a 5-13 record. The J.V.'s started out by playing good ball, but they didn’t win until the Noblesville game. The Junior Panthers went on to beat Muncie Burris, Blackford Co., Hamilton Heights, and Peru. John Burnette led the team in scoring. The Freshmen weren’t as successful as the other two squads this year. The A team finished without a single win and the B team had a record of 4-4. The Freshmen opened season play against Tipton November 30. Tipton already had a few games under their belts, but for the young Panthers it was their first game. Tipton was the victor when time ran out. The Freshmen closed out their season of play with an A team loss and a B team win. Some of these fine boys will be headed for the Junior Varsity squad next year. TOP L.: Al Smith attempts a foul shot at a reserve game. TOP R.: Bruce Simmons displays his dribbling skills. CEN-THR L.: Freshmen players warm up before a game. CENTER R.: Reserves Bruce Simmons, Al Smith, and Chuck Shawhan are ready for a rebound in the game against Huntington. LOWER L.: It’s a jump ball for the Freshmen. LOWER R.: Rick Plue attempts a foul shot in the Freshman game against Madison Grant. 84Junior Varsity members: ROW I: Chuck Shawhan. Bruce Simmons. John Burnette. Mike Mengelt. Curt Backer, Tom Hanlin. ROW.2: Jude Bourff, Dave Stout, Tim Garner. Allen Smith. Keith Anderson, Spencer Knotts, Stan Rennier. ROW 3: Manager Dennis Wilhelm. Coach Huffman. Manager Marc Slayton, and Manager Tim Roby. Freshman team members: ROW I: Carl Hobbs, Rick Plue. Mike Wright, Tim Hanlin, Tom Updike, Toby Barker. ROW 2: Greg Tam. Mike Gocns. Doug Green, Kevin Hamilton, Brian Ball, Doug Arnold. Kevin Smith. ROW 3: Coach House, Manager Doug Leever. Terry Cress. Brad Cyphers, Steve Boyer. Vince Hughes. Ross Rodrique , and Manager Steve Dickey.Cindermen Have Winning Season in Track, one of our stronger team sports here at Willkie, ended up with another winning season for 1972. Head Coach, Van Bailey, led his cindermen to a 7-2 record for the season. The team also took third place in the Pendelton Relays, fourth in the New Castle Relays, fourth in the C.I.C., and sixth in the Nobles-ville Relays. Three new high school track records were achieved. They were Bill Hocker in the pole vault at 13' 6", Kemmon Jones in the two mile at 10: 27.0, and Kevin Courtney in the triple jump at 39’5 V2". Coach Bailey had two boys, Bill Hocker and Bruce Etchison, go to the regional in pole vaulting. There were five seniors, five juniors, ten sophomores, and three freshmen — Ron Lee, Chuck Shawhan and Bruce Simmons — who earned a Varsity point and letter. The team managers also received a Varsity letter. Don Smith received both the Runner Club Award and the El-wood Athletic Award for his outstanding ability in track. Ron Lee won the Freshman award for contributing to the Varsity club. Bruce Etchison (CENTER) clears the bar in pole vaulting. Paul Acres (BOTTOM LEFT) displays his running ability. Ed Gillespie (BOTTOM RIGHT) makes a fine effort in the high jump. Dave Clary and Paul Acres (TOP RIGHT) outdistance other runners during a track event. Kevin Courtney (FAR RIGHT) leaves the ground to exert a greater amount of force on the shot put.Grapplers Advance to Regional This year’s Wrestling team had a record of 3 wins and 7 losses. Despite the disappointing team record, there were several outstanding grapplers. Sam Heiser and Marty Robinson. Juniors, advanced to the Regionals. Sam had a record of 18-4-1 and placed 1st in Conference (C.I.C.), 2nd at the Tipton Invitational and 3rd in the Madison Co. Tourney. Marty had a 13-8 record and placed 2nd in Conference, 1st in the Sectional, and 3rd in the Regional. Other outstanding players were Seniors: Jeff Dillion with a 15-6 record who placed 2nd in Conference, 3rd in Sectional and 3rd at Tipton Invitational, and Bruce Whisler with all-9 record and 2nd in Conference, 4th in the Sectional, and 4th in Madison Co. Tourney: Juniors: Tony Pierce. 4th in Conference and Pat Crimans, 4th in Conference and Freshmen: Jamie Runyan. 4th in Conference and Sectional, and Kenny Green, 4th in the Madison Co. Tourney. As a team the grapplers placed 8th at the Tip-ton Invitational, 4th in C.I.C., 6th in the Madison County Tourney, 6th in Sectional and 10th in Regionals. TOP L.: Alexandria grappler pins an El-wood player. TOP R.: Bill Hocker loosens up before practice. CENTER L.: Mike Walker goes for take down at a wrestling meet. C tNTER R.: An Elwood J.V. grappler pins his opponent. LOWER L.: Coach Leavitt shows Jeff Wittebort and Tod Conway a new technique for take down. LOWER R.: Jeff Dillon practices take downs with Bruce Whisler. TEAM PIC.: ROW I: Coach Leavitt. Todd Ft. chison, Jeff Wittebort, Marty Robison, Tony Edgell, Roger Hughes. Rick Bond. Pat Crimans. Chuck Ploughe, Coach Brown. ROW 2: Mark Collis. Bob Helm. Rick Bayne, Tod Conway, Jeremc Updc-graff, Ron Conner. Jamie Runyan. ROW 3: Ron Lee, Kenny Green, Mike Walker, Duane Hodson. Dan Karch. Paul Acres, Mike Monroe. ROW 4: Mgr. Brock Cyphers. Jeff Dillon. John Jackson, Mike Tracy, Bruce Whisler. Ted Tyner. Mgr. Jeff Robison. Not shown: Sam Heiser. Danny Kelly, Rick Hodson, and Mgr Keith Stincr. 88FCA, E-Men The E-Men, under the direction of Mr. McQuitty, purchased a rebounding machine. Elwood wrestling sweats, and football team helmets to help the athletic department. They also sponsored a chili supper, ran the concessions stand and went to a Pacer game. The officers were President, Kevin Courtney and Treasurer, Randy Robison. The fellowship of Christian Athletes sought to bring athletes and coaches together to discover that any athlete or coach can hear witness to his spiritual convictions in every daily experience. Members planned to attend camp this summer. The sponsor was Mr. Burton, and officers were Captain, Ted Tyner: Co-Captain, John Pace; and Secretary-Treasurer, Jeff Robison. Fellowship of Christian Athletes members include ROW 1: Mr. Burlon, Jeremy Upde-graff. Jeff Robison. Marc Slayton, Mr. Brown. ROW 2: Ted Tvncr, John Pace, Dave Pace, Bill Hooker. ROW' 3: Mike Monroe, Tom Hanlin, John Burnette. Blair Sullivan. The E-Men's Chili Supper is a success. Mr. Crimans, Pat Cri-mans, Mrs. Crimans. Mr. Sullivan, and Blair Sullivan (TOP LEFT) enjoy the food at this event. Mr. Hooker (CENTER LEFT) looks on as others cal. Marc Slayton. Bruce Simmons, Dennis, W'ilhelm, and Mike Mengell are hard-working young athletes (TOP CENTER). Proudly wearing their letter jackets, reward for four years of endeavor, are Andy Durm. Randy Robison. Blair Sullivan, and Paul Acres. (CENTER PICTURE)Spirit Boosters Spark Teams This year the Cheerleaders did a fine job of promoting school spirit and sportsmanship for our athletic contests, this summer the Varsity and Reserve Squads attended camp at Vincennes University and entered into competition at the State Fair, the Madison County Fair,Where Bobbie Florea was named Miss Madison County Cheerleader, and at Kokomo. Many high awards were won by both of the squads. The Freshman squad took part in the Kokomo and County Fair contests also. Both the Boy's and Girl's Pep Clubs provided a great amount of vocal support for our athletic teams. Members constructed spirit signs and placed them throughout the school to give the student body a boost in school spirit. The sponsors for the clubs were Mrs. Merritt. Mrs. McQuitly, and Mr. Compton. The officers of the Girl's Pep Club w ere President. Twyla Northcutt: V. President, Sally Tharp: Sec.-Treas.. Pam Burns; and Pep signs, Pat Phillips. The Boy’s Pep Cltih officers were President, Tim Eaton; V. President. Dan Dennis: Secretary. Kenny Anderson; and Treasurer, Chuck Davis. Vicki Freund was the Polly Panther. She did a fantastic job of boosting spirit among the pep clubs and student body this year. Varsity cheerleaders (TOP LEFT) are Bobbie Florea, Vickie Huff. Nancy Robertson, Tracic Slayton and Sheryl Wright. Lori W'ood. Margaret Drake, Tonya Lynas. Diana Huff, and Kathy McClelland are the junior varsity cheerleaders (LOWER LEFT). Polly Panther Vicki Freund (CENTER BOTTOM) displays her winning smile. Kay Widmeyer, Jan Heiser, Adrienne Etchison, and Beth Stone (CENTER TOP) cheer for the freshmen teams. L ROW 1: Vicki Freund, Tracy Slayton, Vicki Huff, Sheryl Wright. Sally Tharp, Pam Burns. Twyla Northcutt. Kathy McClelland. Lori Wood. Margaret Drake, Tonya Lynas, Diana Muff. ROW 2: Mrs. Merritt, Diane Richmond, Debbie Farley, Stacy Sizelove, Jane Church, Dina Noble, Jud Bucci, Beth Stewart. Mary Thornberry, Rose Long, Sharon Lee, Mrs. McQuitty. ROW 3: Marsha Jones. Michelle Melvin, Cathy Stewart, Sherrie Hyman, Debbie Maish. Karen Wilson, Patty Phillips. Pam Davis, Tommie Sandoval, Mary Parker. ROW 4: Lew Reta Moore. Chris Kinihart. Pam Dudley. Tammy French, Jodi Clouser. Cindy Wilburn. Mary Morgan. Rhonda Mort, Evelyn Prus, Pam Smith.ROW 5: Beth Stone, Kay Widmeyer, Adrienne Etchison, Jan Heiser, Diana Miller. Carol Gerard. Kathy Mason. Cindy Meyers, Joan Horn, Kim Albers. Dee Ann Daulton. ROW 6: Kathy Bilyeu. Sue Stewart, Julie Beeman, Debbie Amos. Anne Gillespie. Tammy Owens, Kathy Long. Lee Ann Turner. Anne Cundle, Cathy Groover. ROW 7: Debbie Tritlipo, Cassie Leisure, Penny LeForce, Julie Brewer. Sheryl Pike, Cind Romine, Laurie Long, Donetta Pattison, Susan Waymire. Chris Copeland, Joan Kleyla. ROW 8: Diana Bunch. Jerri Toney. Tammy Davis, Patty Monahan, Sara Hobbs. Brenda Hardebeck. Brenda McCorkle. C indy Hurst, Carolyn Frye, Rhonda Murray. ROW I: Mr. Compton. Mike Wright, Tom Updike, Greg Tam, Tim Eaton, Chuck Davis. Kenny Anderson, Bob Helm, Kevin Smith. ROW 2: Brad Cyphers. Ross Rodriquez, Jamie Runyan. Brian Ball, Steve Boyer, Kenny Green, Pat Miller. Gerry Anderson, Kevin Hamilton. ROW 3: Brock Cyphers. Doug Leever, Greg Wells. Jerry Clingaman. Jim Younce, Fred Massie. John Savage. Nick Pappas. ROW 4: Toby Barker. Danny Shepard, Terry Rogers, Dean Massey. Don Etchison, Terry Sherman. John Pace. Kenny Bradley. John Svendsen. ROW 5: Carl Hobbs. Roger Hughes. Tim Coiner. Tim Herniak. John Saxton. Curl Wilhoit. Kevin Kelley. Brian McCall. Joe Holtzclaw. ROW 6: Terry Cress, Doug Arnold, Fd McMinn. Pat Kane. Carl Caldwell. Mark Ebbert. Tim Hanlin. Dan Karch.GAA Girls Go Great Guns The Girl's Athletic Association helped girls develop their skills in recreational and sports activities. Members participated in intramural flag football, varsity and reserve volleyball and basketball, bowling. track, softball, golf, and tennis. A new area of interest this year was gymnastics. The sponsors were M rs. Van Wagner. M rs. Watson and Miss Grothaus. The officers were Vicki Freund, President; Nancy Robertson. V. President; Angela Way-mire. Treasurer; Kathy McClelland. Secretary; Tammy French. Sports Chairman; and Jan Heiser. Point Recorder. Powder Puff Football (UPPFR LEFT) begins the GAA year with an exciting activity. Track events bring the year to a close. The high juniper (CENTER TOP) is hurdled by one contestant. Kathy McClelland (CENTER) begins her race. Two other GAA members raise the bar for the pole vault. Bobbie Florea (LOWER LEFT) out-distances her opponents. Intermural volleyball adds new excitement of GAA sports. Mrs. Van Wagner (CENTER LEFT) coaches Sara Hobbs. The varsity team (LOWER RIGHT) makes a good return to the Tipton play ers.ROW I: Mrs. Van Wagner, Adrienne Elchison. Jan Heiser. Vicki Freund. Nancy Robertson. Tammy French. Kathy McClelland. Angela Way mire. Tanya Conners. Pam Davenport. Linda Jarrell. Kay Wid-meyer. Miss Grothaus. ROW 2: Susan Scott. Vickie Huff. Trade Salylon. Kathy Strong. Brenda Be-ber. Theresa Wardwell. Diana Bunch. Penny Crable. Tina Reichart. Debbie Rogers. Robyn Hunter. Debbie Gamble. Julie Dillon. ROW 3: Babette Abner. Nancy Whitenack. Mindy Fihe. Julie Wire. Sara Hobbs. Sheryl Wright, Peggy Dunnichay, Pam Davis. Tammy Davis. Cindy W ilburn. Carol Gerard. Debbie St. Clair. ROW 4: Terri Slayton. Mary Gough. Anna Callaway, Toni King. Kathy Altherr. Jerri Bottoms, Lorrie Van Wagner. Chris Hood. Roberta Fakes, Rhonda Mort. Joan Horn. Cindy Meyers. Dinah Miller. ROW 5: Anne Mangas. Dee Bias, Carol Singer, Dee Ann Daulton. Lori Wood. Cindy Piirlo, Laura Serighl, Margaret Drake, Diana Huff. Christy Weddell. Susan Waymire. Michelle Melvin. Cheryl Kaiser. ROW 6: Christy McClelland, Lou Ann Williams. Cathy Cole, Sheila Hargrave. Jan Pace. Robyn Hobbs, Kathy Mason, Sherrie Hyman, Tammy Owens. Debbie Abney. Joan Kleyla. Chris Copeland, Peggy Bcber. Beth Stone. ROW 7: Mary Bannon. Betty Short. Debbie Fanning. Kay Stafford. Kathy Gallatin. Tara Warner. Cathy Groover, Anne Met , Donetta Scott, Jamie Beeman. Patty Monahan. Laurie Long. ROW 8: Marg Kelley. Janie Short, Cindy Smith, Debbie Knick. Cindy McQuitty. Linda Scott, Paula McMahan, Kathy McDaniels. Jane French, Sharon Lee, Rose Long. Nancy Conley. Vanna - . SlateConcession Club members ROW I: Sponsors, Mr. Phillip Brown and Mrs. Betty Starkey. ROW 2: Cindy Reynolds, George Bartlett. Tom Culbertson, and Bob W eaver. The Concessions Club tries to raise funds for school projects, school organization trips, fees for student meetings or conventions, supplies that are needed from time to time, and to help other clubs in general. This year's club was led by Frank Steffler, President and the sponsors, Mr. Phillip Brown and Mrs. Betty Starkey. The members provided refreshments for the fans by selling cokes and popcorn at all of the home basketball games. One of the clubs future goals is to buy oil paintings for all of the department and the main offices at our new school. This will be one of the largest projects undertaken by the club. Refreshments are being sold by a C’onccssioneer to Panther fans at a Basketball game. 96TENNIS E OP Burris 1 6 Blackford Co. - 5 Wabash 4 3 Hamilton So. Eastern 0 7 BASEBALL E Tipton 1 6 Hamilton Hts. 6 Huntington 0 7 Marion 1 Mississinewa 4 3 Madison Hts. 1 Peru 0 7 Shenendoah 2 Alexandria 5 ■y L Pendleton Hts. 14 Muncie South 2 5 Lapel 8 Madison Grant 8 Delta 3 GOLF Tipton 8 Highland 422 404 Burris 14 Blackford Co. 227 226 Blackford Co. I Tipton 218 240 Wabash 3 Noblesville Burris 448 220 401 210 Tipton Huntington 8 0 Alexandria 220 214 Alexandria 4 Madison Heights 406 378 Peru 6 Lebanon 445 442 Mississinewa 167 177 Pendleton 438 435 FOOTBALL Shcnendoah 438 436 Noblesville 12 Kokomo 409 401 Blackford Co. 8 CIC Peru 4th (340) Highland Della 211 235 Alexandria 12 Frankfort 333 317 Madison Hts. 0 Eastbrook Inv. 2nd (317) Tipton 0 Sectional 10th (322) Peru 26 Pendleton Hts 33 Wabash 11 TRACK Madison Grant 48 ■ m 69 Huntington 0 Oakhill 40 2 M 67 ' ; Mississinewa 40 2 M 40 BASKETBALL Highland 60.. t 58 Muncie South 50 Peru 94 24 M ississincw a 79 Frankton 86 31 Huntington 66 Alexandria 93 18 Kokomo Haworth 68 Mississinewa 93 37 Noblesville 65 Tipton 74 44 Madison Hts. 53 Burris 77 Marion 72 Alexandria 50 Muncie Central 82 CROSS COUNTRY Blackford Co 82 Highland 24 31 Taylor 73 Peru 24 32 Tipton 55 New Castle 42 Hamilton Hts. 56 Tipton-Black ford Co. 73 23-46 Highland 65 Burris Inv. 2nd (54) Wabash 66 Mississinewa-Oakhill 73 43-19 Madison Grant m Wabash- Alexandria 48 15 J Peru so 18 36 ? Sectional Pendleton 42 20 M ississincw a 66 Mt. Vernon 17 40 Madison Grant 68 Shenendoah 34 25 CIC Peru 5th (112) Mad. Grant-Frankton 28 31-69 Sectional 13th (399) 97 Willkie’s Office Material Keith Scott: Superintendent School Board: (FORNT ROW) James Cole, Wilfred Shaw, James Kiphart, (BACK ROW) William Shepard, Charles Parker. John Hinds: Administrative Blair Sullivan: Principal of Wayne Singleton: Assistant Debert Lewis: Director of Vo-Assistant Willkie High School Principal cational Education 100Iris Bridges Assistant Prin. Secretary Carol Courtney, Prin. Secretary Jo Aline Glenn, School Board Secretary Emily Leavell, Vocational Office Secretary Barbara Williams, Superintendent Secretary Mary Francis Wright Special Ed. Secretary The People in the Classrooms Miss Grothouse considers how the trip to the public library will help student's grades. Mr. Hoffman looks the part of a politican as he discusses Civics with his class. Mr. Huffman displays his out of the classroom skills at a pep session. 101Robert Abshire Geometry, Physics, Physical Science Van Bail ey U.S. History, Driver’s Education, Physical Ed. Marilyn Barnett Vocational Secretarial and Clerical Training Charlotte Barr English Phillip Brown Social Studies Victor Brown Mathematics, Physical Education Clifford Brugger Music Gerald Burton Business, Mathematics James Compton Spanish 102Marian Crimans English, Journalism Richard Everiil Data Processing Jean Ferguson French, Spanish Linda Gren Librarian Barbara Grothaus Physical Education. Narcotics Joseph Hawkins Electricity, Electronics Richard Herndon Mathematics Ray Hiatt Social Studies Beverley Hicks English David Hoffman Social Studies Phillip Holt Bookkeeping, Data Processing Betty House Guidance Michael House Mathematics Teresa Hudson Typing, General Business Phillip Huffman Chemistry, Physical Science 103Richard Jacobson General Business, Typing Jane Juday Office Machines, Typing, Bookkeeping. General Business Joseph Juday Industrial Arts Shirley Kinder Industrial Arts Gary Linder Diversified Education, Recordkeeping Anna Mae McQuitty Art Darrell McQuitty Biology, Physical Education, Driver’s Education It’s a “line up” of the teachers new to Willkie High School this year. Mr. Moore. Miss Grothaus, Mrs. Hicks, Mr. Holt, Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Thompson, and Mr. Williams are pictured here. 104Mr. Hoffman is shown here as Chris Hood and Pam Clouser shine his shoes at the Homecoming Carnival. He and the rest of the faculty took part in the many extra-curricular activities offered to the students. The sponsors spent many hours helping students build floats, decorate for Sectional and Prom, supervise play rehearsel and oversee club meetings. Raeann Merritt Physical Education, History David Middleton Guidance Robert Moore Driver s Education Athletic Director Fred Murphy Auto Mechanics Tom Pantos Printing, I.C.T. Frank Parente Music George Rav NYC. Larry Ritchie Industrial Arts William Santon Biology 105David Schwachenwald English, Speech Noami Schwear Child Care, Housing, Clothing Betty Starkey English Patricia Thompson Jr. High, Sp. Ed. Lillian Sullivan School Nurse Elvonna Tolle Foods June Van Wagner Director of Guidance Earl Watson Coord., V.B.T. Roberta Welker English George Williams Machine Shop, V.M.S. Dianna Wynant World History, Latin 106Willkie’s Cooks and Janitors A The cooks are (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Thelma Lowder, Hazel Warner, Dorothy Reedig. Bill Brogdon Jim Davis Macomb Reynolds Lester Whetsel 107Class of 1976 The Steering Committee members — Joan Kleyla, Kristi McClelland, Kay Widemeyer, Jan Heiser, Beth Stone, Peggy Beber, Toby Barker, Tim Hanlin, Adrienne Etchison, Brock Cyphers, Pat Miller, Tom Updike, Chris Copeland, Tina Reichart, Dick Smith, Ross Rodriquez, Steve Boyer, and Doug Leever — led the Freshman Class through a fine First year here at Willkie High. Brenda Abbott Brian Abbott Luketta Abernathy Debbie Abney Kathy Adams Roger Alfrey Ronna Alley Bob Altherr Randy Amick Debbie Amos Gerry Anderson Pam Antle Jeff Arehart Rhonda Arehart Doug Arnold Donna Atwood Brian Ball Debbie Ball Lavone Bannon Toby Barker Theresa Barrett Brian Baugher Rick Bayne Jane Bayse Debbie Bean Peggy Beber Jamie Beeman Julie Beeman Mark Beeman Linda Bennett 108Kenny Berg Gina Bieltz Kathy Bilyeu Steve Boyer Cindy Brewer Julie Brewer Valeri Brown Janet Brunson John Bucci Mike Bucci Diane Bunch Michele Burns Ruth Burton Sue Bultler Amy Caldwell Duane Callaway Tracy Campbell Ruth Cannon Jim Carroll Patty Clark John Clary Margie Cleaver Krista Cloud Bill Coats Jack Collier Mark Collis Tonya Conners Brian Connors Tod Conway Chris Copeland Lynn Copher Steve Cotncr Penny Crable Joe Creamer Bill Creech Terry Cress Vickie Crow Jim Crull AnneCundle Brad Cyphers Brock Cyphers Tammy Daulton Bill Davies James Davis Patricia Deckard Rusty Dever Vickie Dial Steve Dickey Julie Dillon Dana Dowler Rick Ebbert Tony Edgell David Eliserio Dwayne Elsworth 109Adrienne Etchison Linda Fanning Barbara Farley Beverly Farley Greg Fettig Robin Fleenor Jerry Foor Richard Fowler Joby Frawley Jill Gamblin Phil Gerth Regina Gibson Sherry Gill Tina Gillam Ann Gillespie Rhonda Glotzbach Mike Goens Sandie Gordon Doug Green Mike Green Kenny Green Kathy Groover Vickie Gross Diana Guffy Vickie Gurecki Kevin Hamilton Tim Hanlin Mary Haulk Steve Hayes Kevin Head This year’s inexperienced Freshmen had the same problems as each of the Freshman Classes before them. Not being able to find the right classroom, asking for directions but ending up more confused, arriving late for classes, causing congestion in the halls (which isn't hard to do), and suffering from headaches caused by having bottom lockers, are just a few of them. Despite all of their handicaps the Freshmen created an “Impossible Dream'’ Homecoming float which was judged as first runner-up. noDale Heflin Jan Heiser Bob Helm Bob Hensley Ron Hinshaw Carl Hobbs Mark Hobbs Joe Holtsclaw Marsha Hood Vince Hughes Robin Hunter Kowena Huntsman Cindy Hurst Sherry Hyman Gary Ice Kevin Israel Jill Jackson Yolanda Jarmillo Mick Jarrell Marsha Jones Mike Keeton Sheryl Kaiser Jim Kelich Lisa Kestler Mike Kimmerling Jeff King Joan Kleyla Denise Knopp Daniel Kronenberg Rena Laster Marty Leavitt Patty Lee Becky Leeson Doug Leever Randy Leever Penny LeForce Cassie Leisure Theresa Little Lester Lloyd Laurie Long Mark Longerbone Sheryl Loser Dean Lyman Kristi McClelland Terri McClintock Brenda McCorkle Cindy McCorkle Ld Me El fresh Diane McGuire Marsha McPhearson Penny McPhearson Penny McPhearson Teresa Malone Becky Mason 111Michelle Melvin John Meser Ann Metz Dinah Miller Pat Miller Mike Monroe Maura Montgomery Melinda Moore Micky Noble Jenny Morgan Tracy Orbaugh Tammy Owens Nick Pappas Kevin Parry Donnetta Pattison Rollan Patton Patty Peting Charles Phillips Sheryl Pike Steve Plotner Rick Plue Elnora Pratt Ursula Reasoner Rae Ann Rebuck Tina Reichart Patricia Rice Cindy Riddle Sherri Rittenhouse Dolores Roberson Kathy Robertson Tim Roby Ross Rodriquez Debbie Rogers Pam Roller Ruth Roller Charles Romingcr Jamie Runyan Debbie St. Clair Marian Sallee Jim Sutton John Savage John Savage Danny Scott Donita Scott Susie Scott Mary Sheedy Danny Shepard Julie Sherman Cheryl Shipley Bill Short Ester Shuler Lester Shuler Steve Simmons Terry Sims 112Cathy Singer Debbie Singer Marc Slayton Deborah Stepham Jan Slocum Bob Smith Dick Smith Kevin Smith Edgar Spearman Bobbi Spitzmesser Danny Standridge Bob Stewart Kathy Stewart Sue Stewart Allen Stiner Beth Stone Cheri Stutsman Beth Sullivan Ted Sullivan Tim Swartz Greg Tam Car ri Taylor Becky Teach nor Scott Thomas Many Freshmen became aquainted with the various organizations offered to students. Jenny Morgan, Ann Metz and B. Farley decided to take part in band. 113Jan Heiser, Vickie Gureki, and Kay Wid-meyer have their first chance as Freshmen to take part in one of the spirit-driven pep sessions. Nancy Thompson Joyce Thornberry Paul Tompkins Penny Toney Debbie Trittipo Rita Trueblood Lea Ann Turner Tamie Tyner Ronnie Updegraff Tom Updike Brenda Vinson Terry Wadholm John Walden Steve Wallace 114The members of an English I class Jan Heiser, Kevin Hamilton, Mike Monroe, and Laurie Long take notes for an important test. NOT PICTURED: Arthur Blockson Bill Carter Jill Goodwin Arthur Lydick Donald Martin Terry Taylor Margaret Wilkerson Kevin Vance Susan Way mire Penny Weaver John Welcher Sandy Whetsel Kay Widmeyer Charles Wilkinson Pam Williams Connie Wilsey Richard Wilson Laura Wirth Jeff Wittebort Donna Wright Mike Wright Monna Wright Jim You nee Linda Collier Kevin Thompson 115Class of 1975 The Sophomores began the year by reaquainting themselves to Willkie High and the many things it has to offer to students. Their first set of officers started things rolling by building a class float for Homecoming. Many class members turned out to put together a “Streetcar Named Desire" that helped arouse the spirit of our Football team towards a Homecoming victory. The Sophomore Class officers are Lou Ann Williams, Treasurer; Babette Abner, Secretary; Anne Mangas, President; and Jude Bourff, Vice-President. David Abbott Babette Abner Carolyn Abplanap Ed Albers Chris Alfrey Kim Albers Greg Anderson Keith Anderson Rick Anthony Kurt Backer Dale Baldwin Mary Bannon Pam Barrett Jerri Beach Clifford Beeman Terry Beeman Kathy Bond Michael Bond Jude Bourff Kenny Bradley Tim Brown Trina Bryan Mike Burchette Pam Burns Gary Bush Carl Caldwell Ronald Call Steven Campbell Kathy Carmine Craig Chriss 116Jerry Clingaman Jodi Clouser JoeClouser Larry Coffman Barney Cole June Cole Kathy Cole MikeCollis Nancy Conley Bret Connors Ray Cook Donna Cooper Bill Copeland Brenda Cornwell Tim Coston Tim Cotner MikeCoubert Paul Courtney Lee Ann Craig Paul Crow Tom Culbertson Dec Ann Daulton Chuck Davis Shelly Davis David Deckard Dan Dennis Dorothea Depaolo Larry Dietzer Julia Dowler Margaret Drake Pam Dudley Robin Duffey Steve Durham Kevin Ebert Mark Ebert Mike England Don Etchison Debbie Fanning Dana Faulstich Lisa Fettig Brian Fihe Anita Fisher David Foor Denver Frazee Phil Frazee Steve Freeman Tammy Frencl John Frye John Frye Linda Frye Kathy Gallatin Debbie Gamble Nola Gantz Penny Gardner 117Judy Garner Tim Garner Carol Gerard Frank Gerard Mike Giselbach Keith Goodknight Butch Groover Jim Gross Mark Hahn Mike Hahn Vickie Hancock Brenda Hardebcck Sheila Hargrave Tim Herniak Robyn Hobbs Duane Hodson Joan Horn Diana Huff Kathy Hughes Rita Hughes Greg Humphrey Robin Jackson Donna Jeffries Terry Johnson Roxanna Jones Danny Kelley Jeff Kelley Kevin Kelly Chris Kiphart Ron Kleyla The Steering Committee members — LouAnn Williams, Diana Huff, Tammy French, Margaret Drake, Lew Rita Moore, Robyn Hobbs, Jeri Toney, Ann Mangas, Don Etchison, Babette Abner, Jude Bourff, Margaret Noone, Carl Caldwell, and Chris Kiphart, shown at the right, and others, Joe Rebuck, John Saxon, Mike Walker — guided their class through a very important year. The annual candy selling project proved to be a success. Also, following the past tradition, the Sophomores ordered class rings which were received in December. 118Spencer Knotts Rose Lastcr Tom Laster Steven Lattimer Ron Lee Phil Leisure Joe Lilly Becky Little Cindy Little Dawn Loepke Karen Longnecker Dawn Lyman Brian McCall Cheryl McClintock Jeff McDaniel Kim McGuire Monty McCorkle Ed McMinn Mike McPhearson Debbie Maish Anne Mangas John Manis Kathy Mason Dean Massey Fred Massie Connie Melton Mike Mengelt Ronnie Mitchell Don Mock Lew Rita Moore Randy Moore Debbie Morgan Mary Morgan Rhonda Mort Cindy Myers Brenda Nason Patti Noel Margaret Noone Jan Pace John Pace Candy Parker Bob Parsons Bill Phillips Patty Phillips Cindy Piirto Phil Pike Sherrie Plake Kevin Pore Evelyn Prus Brenda Puterbaugh Rock Reasoner Joe Rebuck Susan Reckner Stan Rennier 119Cindy Reynolds Jim Riddle Jeff Riley Kim Ritter Zindy Romine Roger Runyan Elvira Sandoval John Saxton Laura Seright LaReita Shook Chuck Shawhan Terry Sherman Bruce Simmons Carol Singer Vanna Slate Alan Smith Linda Smith Kay Stafford Kent Stafford Brenda Steffler Keith Stiner John Svendsen Jerri Toney Bill Tracy Terry Tyner Jeremy Updegraff Gary Van Clevc Dale Vest Mike Walker Terry Wallace Tara Warner Joni Weaver Kristie Weddell Greg Wells Greg W erline Patty Noel seems ready to start her special project about science fiction as her English teacher. Miss Lucas, and Mrs. Barr confer in the background.Cindy Wilburn Rhonda Wilburn Dennis Wilhelm Curt Wilhoit Barry Wilkinson Terry Wilkinson Lou Ann Williams Jerry Wilson Karen Wilson Mike Wilson Jerry Wirth Lori Wood Vanessa Young Dean Bilyeu David Cline Marla Davis Matt Davis David Gerard Danny Junior Pat Kane Carl Phillips John Wisman Carol Wittkamper The Sophomores' Homecoming float is being driven in the parade by Carl Caldwell while Mark Ebert and Dennis Wilhelm hitch a ride. NOT PICTURED: Kenny Call Bob Collier James Davis Maureena Dockery Larry Fihc Robin Giselbach Roger Gregg Robert Heston Vickie Justic Vincent Justice 121Class of 1974 Throughout the year, the Junior Class engaged itself in outside activities. During the past year the Juniors built the winning float for Homecoming, entitled “What’s Up Doc?”. In May the Juniors had the big job of decorating for the Prom. This year's theme was “The Lost World of Atlantis”. All through the year the class showed a tremendous amount ofspirit. The class officers are Sara Hobbs. Vice-President; Randy Julius. President; and Kathy McClelland, Secretary, pictured Above; and Nancy Robertson, Treasurer, not shown. Brenda Abbott David Acres Rick Adair Malinda Anderson Ishmael Arana Ron Arehart Carol Baldwin David Baldwin Cindy Barker Larry Barnes George Bartlett Brenda Beber Pat Beach David Beeman Joe Bene fid Teresa Beneflel Lisa Baugher Jodi Bomersback Steve Braddock Diane Bright Shirley Brown Judy Bucci John Burnette Deloris Burton Debbie Campbell Jim Campbell Mike Carmody Isabell Casass Scot Chase Jane Church 122Randy Collins Ron Conners Kevin Courtney Debbie Crable Pat Crimans Roger Crowe Pam Davies Lisa Davis Pam Davis Tamara Davis Kim Dever Chuck Dickey Peggy Dunnichay Jeff Durham Rocky Ebbert Debbie Elsworth Jewel Emery Dean Etchison Jeff Etchison Todd Etchison Joe Etter Debbie Farley Kevin Fewell Mindy Fihe Steve Fihe Debbie Fisher Mary Fisher Jane French Robin French Carolyn Frye Paul Fuller Don Galbreath Margie Galbreath Luke Gcrth Debbie Gill Mark Gill Bob Gillam John Goforth Robin Giselbach Becky Green Jeff Green Steve Green Tim Grondin Dwight Gross Terry Hancher Maria Hancock Tom Hanlin Garry Harris Marie Harting Tom Hartley Jim Haulk Tom Heaton Terry Heflin Sam Heiser 123Tim Hibst Sara Hobbs Bill Hockcr Greg Holloway Susan Hollowed Dennis Hood Mary Hook Malinda Howell Kathy Hughes Roger Hughes Alice Humel Andy Jackson John Jackson Mary Jaramillo Linda Jarrell Brenda Jarrett Jennifer Jones Tom Juday Randy Julius Bruce Kaiser Dan Karch Margaret Kelley Bill Kessinger Steve Kiefer Roger Kilgore Debbie Knick Doug Knopp Lisa LaPointe Jeff Leavitt Sharon Lee The Junior Class was led throughout the year by the Steering Committee members: Tracie Slyton, Mark McDermitt, Todd Etchison, Lisa Lewis, Cindy Barker, Fred Stage, Mindy Fihe, Patty Monahan. Bill Hocker, Jane Church, Peggy Dunnichay, and others: John Burnette, Mary Hook, Bruce Kaiser, Mike Poor, and Cassie Wilson. Many Juniors began preparing themselves for college by taking the SAT test at Tipton. The test is required of all students planning to attend colleges or other places of higher learning. 124Jon Leeson Debbie Leisure Lisa Lewis Arnold Lindsay Louise Litaker Mary Litaker Chris Loepke Kathy Long Rose Long Tom Long Charles Lovell, Jr. Holly Lucas Tonya Lynas Bonnie Lytle Kathy McClelland Gary McDaniel Kathy McDaniel Mark McDcrmitt Diane McElfresh Julie McElfresh Lea Ann McGuire Kathy McLaughlin Paula McMahan Cindy McQuitty Jeff Marley Helen Martin Becky Miller Tina Miller Patty Monahan Gary Moore Kevin Morgan Juan Moya Rhonda Murray Don Mutchler Jerry Nickels Twyla Northcutt David Orbaugh David Pace Mary Parker Bob Phillips Tony Pierce Charles Plough Mike Poor Diane Richmond Brenda Riddle Chris Rittenhouse Nancy Rittenhouse Laura Robertson Nancy Robertson Jeff Robinson Marty Robison Randy Rogers Terry Rogers Susie St. Clair 125Steve Sallee Tomacita Sandoval Kathy Scholl Jeanne Schawalm Linda Scott Steve Scott Jerry Sentman Pam Sharp Betty Short Janie Short Tom Simmons Stacey Sizelove Marla Slayton Tracie Slayton Lisa Smith Jim Smith Vicky Spitzmesser Fred Stage Frank Steffler Beth Stewart Lori Stiner Dave Stout Kathy Strong Brad Stuart Bill Sutton Debbie Sullivan Sally Tharp Leslie Thomas Mary Jo Thornbcrry Mike Tracy 126 Paula McMahan and Kevin Fewell are shown here working on a special project for their U.S. History Class.Diane Trimble Ted Tyner Leslie Van Horn Tim Walker Teresa Wardwell David Way mire Kathy Waymire Jeff Weddell Audie Wells Nancy Whitenack David Wiley Clair Williams Mark W'illiams Cassie Wilson Julie Wire Ray W'ood Sheryl Wright Joa Yohe Jama Younce David Zeck Patty Barnes Terry Bragg Jim Milnes Cindy Smith Rod Wideman NOT PICTURED: Steve Atwood Mike Brewer Mike Coubert Marla Davis Mary Dial Debbie Eib Le Ann Kimmerling Sharon Leavitt Christy Miller Don Mutchler Bruce Sanders 127Class of 1973 This year’s Senior class had the honor of being the last class to graduate from the old High School. They were the first Freshman class to construct a Homecoming Float, and to top that they won first place in the float competition for that year. Dave Humphrey, President; Vickie Huff, Vice-President; Brenda Dudley. Secretary; and Toni King, Treasurer, were elected to lead the Senior class through its last year. JANICE ELAINE ABBOTT NANCY LEE ABERNATHY PAUL HENRY ACRES KARLA SUE ADAIR TRENA LINN ADAIR DAN E. ADAMS MARY JOHANNA ALLEY KATHRYN DIANNE ALTHERR WILLIAM B. ALTHERR 128JANfcT SUE BAKER MARCEY ELLEN BEAVERS JANET LOUISE BEBER GARY M. BEEMAN DENISE M. BIAS PAMELA KAY BILYEU BART MATTHEW BINGHAM MARK WAYNE BOLLINGER JERRI LYNN BOTTOMS MALCOLM E. BRADBURN KAREN KAY BREWER MARK LOUIS BUCCI DON RAY BUIS GARY KENT BURCHETTE THERESA ANN BURTON 129SHARON ELAINE CALDWELL ANNA LOUISE CALLAWAY VALERI JEAN CAMBELL ROBERT ALAN CARPENTER OSCAR CASAS DAVID LEWIS CLARY JOHN D. CLEAVER PAM LYNN CLOUSER SUSAN ELAINE COLLIER The Senior Steering Committee members are Brenda Dudley, Vickie Huff, Terri Slayton, Karen Brewer, Bob, Carpenter, David Humphrey, Steve Mengelt, Carol Pace, Candy Gootee, Chris Hood, and Angela Waymire at the right; also Mary Jo Ally, Pam Clouser, Andy Durm, Vicki Freund, Lucinda Lineberry, Patty Lantz, Blair Sullivan, and Thad Wright not shown. 130JOHN M. COMBS TERR I LYNNE CONLEY DANNY LEE COOPER GERALDINE COOPER NICHOLAS J. CROY ROBIN ANN CRULL JACKIE LYNN CYPHERS CHRISTY ELAINE DAVIES JAMES ROBERT DAVIS TERRY MICHELE DEVER KAY ELLEN DIKO JEFEREY M. DILLON 131 BRENDA LYNN DUDLEY PAULETTE SUE DUFFEY BRUCE ALLEN DUNLAPANDREW J. DURM TIMOTHY DONALD EATON ELIZABETH ELLEN EDWARDS ROBERTA ANN FAKES CHARLES WILLIAM FARLEY ROBERTA JEAN FLOREA KAY MARLENE FRAZEE VICKI LYNN FREUND TERRY L. GALBREATH DEBRA KAY GILLAM LAURENCE EDW ARD GILLESPIE TIMOTHY LEEGISELBACH DENISE GOODWIN CANDACE LOUZETTA GOOTEE JERRY ALAN GREGORY 132In their second year at Will-kie, they constructed a Homecoming Float, succeeded in candy sales, ordered class rings, and decorated for sectional. As Juniors, they built the winning Homecoming Float, decorated for sectional, and held a beautiful Junior-Senior Prom. This year the Seniors had important decisions to make about their future plans. Would it be: College?? Marriage?? A Job??? CYNTHIA FRANCES GRONDIN LEON FRANCIS GROSE JEFFERY MICHAEL HAYES TRICIA MARIE HEATER DONALD JOSEPH HIMBERG KYLE E. HOBBS RICKY LEE HODSON CHRISTY ANN HOOD MELODIE KAY HOOVER 133BRENDA CAROL HORSEMAN VICKIE LYN HUFF RACHEL LYNN HUGHES DAVID MICHAEL HUMPHREY ROBERT STEVEN HURST KIM DENISE JOHNSON KEMMON DANIEL JONES ROBERT ALAN JONES DENNIS LEE KARCH DEBBIE JEAN KELLEY MARY MARGARET KELLY JANET LYNN KILGORE BERNADINE KAY KING MARTISIA GRACE KING 134TONI LEE KING CAROL LYNN KOCHMAN DEBRA ANN LAIRD PATRICIA ANN LANTZ WILLIAM JOE LEAVELL BARBARA ANN LEE DEBORAH LOU LEEVER ARDEANA LOU LEISURE LUCINDA R. LINEBERRY GREGORY PAUL LINSMEYER DAVID KEVIN LONGENECKER MELINDA KAY McGAHEY RON LEE McPHEARSON MICHAEL WILLIAM MAJORS STEVEN J. MENGELT 135JAMES WENDEL METZ TERREELYNN MOORE BRENDA ELAINE MOSS THERESA DIANE MUNDY LUCINDA SUE NOEL KEVIN BRUCE OSBORN CAROL LYNN PACE JOE LEE PARSONS ROBERT HOWARD PETERS After Homecoming the Seniors ordered class jackets. Senior announcements were chosen by the Steering Committee. They were light blue with 1973 and the school crest on the front. A special farewell message was written on the inside along with an etching of the old school. Caps and gowns were chosen for graduation. For sectional the Seniors did a great job decorating the halls of Willkie. 136 The Senior Class tank helps pave “The Road to Victory" in the Homecoming parade.JANIE SUE PHILLIPS LUCINDA ANN PHILLIPS JACK W. PITTMAN JENNIFER LYNN POYNTER GLENIS ANN RILEY EDWARD L. ROBINSON RANDY JOSEPH ROBISON TERRY RAY ROLAND RONALD MICHAEL ROMINGER LONNIE LEW SATTLER RACHEL A. SAVAGE ROBERT BRUCE SAVAGE BYRON DEWEY SHAW DIANA JEAN SHEPARD TERRI JO SLAYTON 137LUWANA RENE’ SMITH PAMELA LYNNE SMITH PERRY CLAYTON SMITH KEVIN WAYNESOUTHERN SANDY K. STANDRIDGE Lc'ANN STOKES DEBRA JO STONE STEVEN EMORY STONE BLAIR PAUL SULLIVAN CYNTHIA W. SUMMERS LUMI ANN SVENDSEN ERANCOISE ANNETTE TEACHNOR CATHY ANN THORNBERRY RICHARD LEROY TOMPKINS LORRIE ANN VAN WAGNER 138NOT PICTURED: DANNY LEE COOTS MARY M. GOUGH CLIFFORD GORDON HANLIN REBECCA ANN HAULK KEITH G. LEEVER RICH LEEVER DARREL LEROY LONG PAM S. MILNES CHESTER MURRAY KENNETH ALLEN RIEGEL STELLA RODRIQUEZ JIMMIE LEE WALDEN WILLIAM ALLEN WIDEMAN JAMES VEST KANDIE LOU VICE DANIEL L. VINSON ANGELA LYNN WAYMIRE ROBERT ALLEN WEAVER EMMA KAY WEDDELL DEBBIE JUNE WELLS TERESA S. WELLS BRUCE EDWARD WHISLER LINDA DIANE WILBURN PATRICIA LYNN WILSON CATHY ANN WOOD THAD LEE WRIGHT ANN M. YATES 139In Memory of A friend of the Class of 1973 A student of Willkie High School A citizen of Elwood, Indiana 140 A member of God's Universe141143Senior Activities Janisc Elaine Abbott: Business, FBLA, Pep Club. Nancy Lee Abernathy: Business, Cres- cent Committee Member, G.A.A.. Band. Senior Play Committee, Megaphone Staff, F.T.A.. FBLA. Paul Acres: Techical, Varsity Track, Cross Country, E Men, Wrestling. Karla Sue Adair: Business, FBLA, O.E.A. Trena Linn Adair: Academic, Crescent Editor, Pep Club, G.A.A., Choir, Latin Club, Student Council, National Hono -Society. Dan Adams: Vocational, Electronics, Freshman Track, Jr. Varsity Football, Band. V.I.C.A. Mary Johanna Alley: Business, Crescent Section F ditor, Crescent Committee Member, G.A.A., Concessions, Steering Committee. Student Council, FBLA. D.E.C.A. Kathy Dianne Althcrr: Academic, G.A. A., Majorette. Senior Play Cast, French Club. William B. Altherr: Academic, Freshman Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Track, Freshman Football. Jr. Varsity Football, Wreslting D.E.C.A. Janet Baker: Band. French Club, Thespians, Student Council, D.E.C.A. Marcey Ellen Beavers: Academic. G.A.A., Band, Latin Club, National Honor Society. Janet Beber: Academic, Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club. G.A.A.. Senior Play Committee, Prom Chairman. French Club, Student Council. Megaphone, FBLA. Gary Michael Beeman: Business, Freshman Track, Jr. Varsity Football, D.E. C.A. Denise Marie Bias: Business, Pep Club, G.A.A., Choir, F.T.A., F.H.A., O.E.A., Health Careers Club. Pamela Kay Bilyeu: Home Economics, F.H.A., FBLA. Bart Bingham: Business, O.E.A. Mark Wayne Bollinger: Acedemic, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football. Latin Club, Math Club. Jerrie Bottoms: Business, G.A.A., Steering Committee. Gene Bradburn. V.I.C.A., V.I.C.A. Karen Kay Brewer: Academic, Pep Club, G.A.A., Steering Committee, Spanish Club. Thespians, National Honor Society. Megaphone. Mark Bucci: Vocational. Donald Ray Buis: Insustrial Arts, Jr. Varsity Track, Jr. Varsity Football, Wrestling, Student Council, V.I.C.A. Gary Kent Burchette: Vocational, Band. Theresa Ann Burton: General F.H.A.. FBLA. Sharon Elaine Caldwell: General. Anna Louise Callaway: Academic, Crescent Committee Member, G.A.A., Majorette, Steering Committee, French Club, Thespians, Student Council, Megaphone, FBLA. Valerie Jean Campbell: Business, Band, FBLA. O.E.A. Bob Carpenter: Academic, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Wrestling, Steering Committee, Senior Play Committee, French Club, Debate Team. Student Council, Math Club. Oscar Casas: Vocational, Ushers, V.I. C.A. David L. Clary: Technical, Freshman Basketball. Jr. Varsity Basketball Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Math Club. John D. Cleaver: Tennis, V.I.C.A. Pamela Lynn Clouser: General. Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Court, Steering Committee. Prom Chairman, French Club. Student Council, Megaphone, FBLA. Susan Elaine Collier: Business, Spanish Club. John M. Combs: Industrial Arts, V.I. C.A. Terri Lynne Conley: Business, Spanish Club, O.E.A. Danny Lee Cooper: Business, Varsity Basketball, Baseball. E Men, Steering Committee, O.E.A. Danny Coots: Industrial Arts. Nicholas Joseph Croy: Academic Freshman Basketball. Freshman Track. Pamela Sue Davenport: Business, Pep Club, G.A.A., Choir, F.H.A. Christy Elaine Davis: Academic, Pep Club. Choir, Latin Club, D.E.C.A. James Robert Davis: Industrial Arts, Band, V.I.C.A. Terry Michele Dever: Business, Band. F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Kay Ellen Diko: Business, F.B.L.A. O.E.A., D.E.C.A. Jeff Dillon: Academic, Freshman Track, Boys' Pep Block, E Men, Ushers, Wrestling, F.B.L.A. Brenda Lynn Dudley: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club, Choir, Counterpoints, Senior Class Secretary, Steering Committee, Senior Play, Prom Chairman, French Club, Student Council, National Honor Society. Paulette Duffey: Homemaking. Bruce Allen Dunlap: Vocational Electronics, Freshman Basketball, Freshman, Football, V.I.C.A Andrew Joseph Durm: Business, Freshman Basketball. Jr. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Freshman Track, Jr. Varsity Track, Varsity Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, E Men, Steering Committee, O.E.A.Timothy Donald Eaton: Academic, Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Baseball. Freshman Track. Jr. Varsity Football, Boys' Pep Block, E Men, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Sophomore and Junior Class President, Steering Committee, Senior Play, Academic Team, Student Council, National Honor Society. Megaphone, D.E.C.A. Elizabeth Ellen Edwards: General, Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club, G.A.A., Choir. Latin Club. D.E.C.A. Laurence Edward Gillespie, Jr.: Business, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Freshman Track, Jr. Varsity Track, Varsity Track, Cross Country. Timothy Lee Giselbach: Business, Freshman Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, E Men, D.E.C.A. Denise Goodwin: General. Golf. G.A.A.. Future Nurses, German-Amcrican Club, D.E.C.A., V.I.C.A. Donald J Himburg: Academic. Freshman Basketball, Golf, Jr. Varsity Football, Senior Play, French Club, D.E.C.A. Kyle Edwin Hobbs: Vocational, I.C.T. Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football. Varsity Football, E.Men. Ushers, V.I.C.A. Rick Hodson: Vocational, Freshman Track, Jr. Varsity Football. V.I.C.A. Melodic Kay Hoover: Academic, Crescent Committee Member, Senior Play. French Club. D.E.C.A. Christy Anne Hood: Business. Committee Member on Crescent, Jr. Varsity Cheerleader, G.A.A., Homecoming Queen, Band. Majorette, Class Secretary, Steering Committee. Senior Play. Prom Chairman. French Club. Thespians, Student Council, F.B.L.A , O.E.A. Brenda Horseman: Business. Vickie Lynn Huff: Academic. Freshman Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, G.A. A.. Homecoming Queen Court, Choir, Counterpoints, Class Vice-President. Steering Committee. Senior Play, Prom Chairman, French Club, Student Council, National Honor Society. Rachel Hughes: Academic, Choir, French Club. F.T.A. David Michael Humphrey: Academic, Freshman Track Mgr., Varsity Football Mgr., Senior Class President, Steering Committee, Latin Club, Academic Team, Student Council National Honor Society. F.B.L.A., Math Club. Roberta Ann Fakes: Academic, Crescent Committee Member. Pep Club, G.A.A., Latin Club. Thespians, F.B.L.A., VICA. C. William Farley: Vocational, Student Council, V.I.C.A. Roberta Jean Florea: Business. Freshman Cheerleader. Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, G.A.A., Steering Committee, F. B.L.A. Kay Marlene Frazee: Vocational. VCT. Pep Club, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Vicki Lynn Freund: Academic, Pep Club. G.A.A., Polly Panther, Choir, Counterpoints, Steering Committee, Senior Play, Prom Chairman, French Club, F.B.L.A. Terry Galbreath: Industrial Arts, V.I.C.A. Debra Kay Gillam: Business, National Honor Society, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Candace Louzetta Gootee: Business, Crescent Committee Member. Majorette, Steering Committee, Senior Play, Student Council Secretary. Megaphone, F. T.A., F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Mary M. Gough: Academic, G.A.A., Student Council. Jerry Alan Gregory: Industrial Arts, V.L C.A. Cynthia F. Grondin: Business, O.E.A. Leon Francis Grose: Freshman Track. Clifford Gordon Hanlin: Industrial Arts Rebecca Ann Haulk: Homemaking G. A.A., F.H.A. Jeffrey Michael Hayes: Industrial Arts, V.I.C.A., Math Club. Tricia Heater: Business, Majorette, Thespians, Megaphone, D.E.C.A. Robert Steven Hurst: Academic, French Club. Kim Denise Johnson: Academic Pep Club. G.A.A.. Senior Play. French Club, Student Council. National Honor Society, Megaphone. F.B.L.A. Kemmon Jones: Business, Freshman basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball. Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Cross Country, Boys' Pep Block, E Men, Ushers, Wrestling. F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Robert Alan Jones: Industrial Arts, Choir. Student Council, V.I.C.A. Dennis Lee Karch: Vocational Electronics, Tennis, E Men, V.I.C.A. Debbie Jean Kelley: General. Choir, F. H.A , V.I.C.A. Mary Margaret Kelly: Business, Pep Club, G. A.A., Band. Majorette, Choir, F.B. L.A.. Health Careers Club. 145Janet Lynn Kilgore: Academic, Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club. G.A.A., Band, Senior Play, Megaphone, F.T.A., F. B.L.A. Bernadine Kay King: Homemaking. Martisia Grace King: General, G.A.A., Band, Groov Band, Latin Club, D.F. C.A., Health Careers Club Toni King: Academic, Crescent Committee Member. Pep Club. G.A.A., Homecoming Queen Court, Class Treasurer. French Club, Thespians, Student Council, National Honor Society, Megaphone. F.B.L.A. Carol Lynn Kochman: Business, Pep Club. G.A.A., F.T.A., F.H.A., F.B. L.A., Health Careers Club V Debra Laird: Academic, Pep Club. Patricia Ann Lantz: Academic, Pep Club, G. A.A., Steering Committee, Senior Play, French Club, Spanish Club. Health Careers Club. William Joe Leavell: Industrial Arts Freshman Basketball. V.I.C.A., Math Club. Barbara Ann Lee: Business, Pep Club, G.A.A., Band. Majorette. F.H.A., O.E.A., Health Careers Club. Deborah L. Leever: Business, G.A.A.. Student Council, F.B.L.A. Keith Leever: Industrial Arts, Baseball. Choir. Rick Gene Leever: Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Cross Country, Freshman Football, E Men, Wrestling, Choir. Ardcana Lou Leisure: Academic Pep Club, F.B.L.A. Lucinda Lineberry: Academic, Pep Club, G.A.A., Band, Steering Committee, French Club, Thespians. Greg Linsmeyer: Academic, Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Golf, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Boys' Pep Block, E Men, Stering Committee, Senior Play. Darrel Long: Business, Band. O.E.A. David Kevin Longenecker: Industrial Arts. Melinda McGahey: Business Pep Club, O.E.A. Ron McPhearson: Vocational, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Freshman Track, Varsity, Football, Wrestling, V.I.C.A. 146 Michael William Majors: Vocational, ICT Band, V.I.C.A. Steven Joseph Mengelt: Academic, Crescent Committee Member, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball Manager, Tennis. Freshman Football Manager, Varsity Football Manager. E. Men, Steering Committee, Senior Play. Prom Chairman. French Club, Thespians, Academic Team. Student Council President, National Honor Society, Megaphone, F.T.A. James Wendel Metz: Industrial Arts, V.I.C.A. Pamel Sue Milnes: Business, Pep Club, Choir. Terree Lynn Moore: Academic, Senior Play, Spanish Club. Brenda Elaine Moss: Business, B.B.L.A., O.E.A. Theresa Mundy: Business, Pep Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Chester Murray III: Varsity Football, Band, Choir, V.I.C.A. Lucinda Sue Noel: Business, F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Kevin Bruce Osborn: Industrial Arts V.I.C.A. Carol Lynn Pace: Academic, Crescent Editor, Crescent Section editor. Crescent Committee Member. Pep Club, G.A.A., Choir, Junior Class Secretary, Steering Committee, Senior Play, Spanish Club. Student Council Treasurer, National Honor Society, Megaphone, F.T.A., F.B.L.A.. Health Careers Club, Foreign Exchange Committee. Joe Parsons: Technical, Jr. Varsity Football, D.E.C.A. Robert H. Peters: Academic, Tennis, French Club, Academic Team. Student Council, National Honor Society, F.B.L.A., Math Club. Janie Sue Phillips Business, Majorette, O.E.A. Lucinda Ann Phillips: Business, O.E.A. Jennifer Lynn Poynter: Business, Crescent Committee Member, G.A.A., Choir, Student Council. D.E.C.A. Kenneth Allen Riegel: Business, Baseball, Golf, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Boys' Pep Block. E Men, Band, D.E.C.A. Glenis Ann Riley: Academic, Pep Club, Spanish Club. F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Edwin Louis Robinson: Industrial Arts. Freshman Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, V.I.C.A. Randy Joseph Robison: Academic Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, FreshmanTrack. Jr. Varsity Track, Varsity Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football. Varsity Football, F Men Robbie Rodgers: Industrial Arts, V.I.C.A Stella Rodriquez: Choir, V.I.C.A., Health Careers Club Perry Smith: General, Concessions. Kevin Wayne Southern: Industrial Arts, Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball. Freshman Track. Jr. Varsity Track, Freshman Football. Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Bovs' Pep Block, E Men, V.I.C.A. Terry R. Roland: Industrial Arts, V.I.C.A. Ron Romingcr: Industrial Arts, V.I.C.A., Math Club. Lonnie L. Sattler: Industrial Arts, Concessions, V.I.C.A. Rachel Arlene Savage: Business, Crescent Committee Member, Choir, Senior Play, F.T.A., F.H.A., F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Robert Bruce Savage: Academic, Freshman Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football. Varsity Football, Senior Play, Latin Club, Academic Team. Student Council, National Honor Society, F.B. L.A., Math Club. Byron Dewey Shaw: Industrial Arts, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, V.I.C.A. Diana Jean Shepard: Business, G.A.A., Concessions, Latin Club, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Terri Jo Slayton: Academic G.A.A., Band, Treasurer of Sophomore Class, Steering Committee. Thespians, Megaphone. Sandra Kaye Standridge: Business. G.A. A., Concessions, Choir, F.B.L.A., VI CA. Le’Ann Stokes: Business, G.A.A., Majorette. Debra Jo Stone: Academic, Pep Club. G.A.A.. French Club. F.B.L.A. Steven Emory Stone: Academic, Freshman Basketball. Jr. Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Freshman Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Boys’ Pep Block E Men, Ushers, French Club. Megaphone. Blair Sullivan: Academic, Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Golf, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football. E. Men Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Steering Committee. Senior Play, Student Council. National Honor Society. Lumi Ann Svendsen: Academic Crescent Editor, Crescent Section Editor, G.A. A., Majorette, Spanish Club, O.E.A., Math Club, Foreign Exchange Committee. Francoise Annette Teachnor: Business, D.E.C.A., V.I.C.A. Luwana Smith: Business, Freshman Cheerleader. Jr. Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, G.A.A.. O.E.A. Pamela Lynne Smith: Business. Catherine A. Thornberry: Business Pep Club, F.B.L.A., O.E.A’ Richard LeRoy Tompkins: Industrial Arts, Freshman Basketball, Baseball. Freshman Track. Jr. Varsity Track, Freshman Football. Student Council. Lorrie Ann Van Wagner: Freshman Cheerleader. Jr. Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club. G.A.A., French Club, Student Council. James Walter Vest: Vocational. Machine Shop, V.I.C.A. Kandie Lou Vice: Academic. Pep Club, G.A.A.. Senior Play, Student Council, V.I.C.A. Daniel L. Vinson: Vocational, Auto Mechanics, Jr. Varsity Football, V.I.C.A. Jimmie Walden: Vocational, Machine Shop, Concessions, V.I.C.A. Angela Lynn Way mire: Academic, Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club, G.A.A., Steering Committee, Senior Play, French Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Bob A. Weaver: Industrial Arts, Cross Country, Concessions, V.I.C.A. Emma Kay Weddell: Business, Pep Club, Choir, Counterpoints, Steering Committee. French Club, Student Council, F. B.L.A. Debbie June Wells: Academic. Pep Club, G. A.A., Spanish Club. Bruce E. Whisler: Academic, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Boys' Pep Block, E. Men. Wrestling, Steering Committee, D.E.C.A. William A. Wildeman: Vocational. Industrial Arts Club, V.I.C.A. Linda Diane Wilburn: Business, Crescent Committee Member. Steering Committee, F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Patricia Lynn Wilson: Business, National Honor Society. Cathy Ann Wood: Business, National Honor Society. F.B.L.A.. O.E.A. Thad Lee Wright: Industrial Arts, Freshman Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Freshman Football, Steering Committee, V.I.C.A. Ann Marie Yates: Homemaking, Pep Club, G.A.A., F.H.A. 147CAN YOU IDENTIFY THESE Delco-Remy PRODUCTS? 1. Starting Motor 2. Delcotron® Integral Charging System 3. Klaxon® Quartet Alarm Tone Horns 4. Delco Energizer 5. Ignition Distributor 6. Vacuum Actuators 7. Neutral Start Back-Up Switch 8. Transmission-Controlled Spark Solenoid 9. Ignition Coil 10. Accessory Control Relays 11. Condenser 12. Combined Emission Control Solenoid 13. Turn Signal Hazard Switch 14. Automatic Transmission Detent Valve 15. Headlight Dimmer Switch 16. Idle-Stop Solenoid 17. Ignition Switch 18. Brake Warning Light Switch 19. Windshield Wiper-Washer Switch 20. Combination Lighting Switch 21. Cruise-Control Switch 22. Clutch Start Switch You probably recognized our Delcotron generator with its built-in solid-state regulator and our famous Delco battery. But did you know there were so many other Delco-Remy products on your G.M. car? Providing electrical systems for the changing needs of motion has been our specialty for more than 75 years. A continuous program of developing new products and constantly improving existing ones has made Delco-Remy the world's largest producer of automotive electrical equipment. Delco Remy «• Otnnti Mo'o't • AIna-ene 150DECA A Going, Growing Organization 151JIM DANDY Good Food - Fast Service State Road 13 South Elwood, Indiana INDIANA MICHIGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY ; tip our hats to the class of VEST CLEANERS Complete Laundry Service 1516 Main Street - Elwood 552-3131Congratulations to the Class of 73 Al’s 66 Service 552-4025 Elwood, Indiana Peterson Buick Pontiac Inc. 1412 Main Street Elwood, Indiana HKISER FORD, INC. 552-9888 1504 North "B" Street 552-3363 BE WISER SEE HEISER Overdorf View-Point Congratulations Class of 73 Reynolds Electric Co. 12 Chamness Ave. Elwood, Indiana TO ALL STUDENTS FACULTY Office Supplies Photo Equipment Overdorf Photography 1534 Main 552-3111 of Wendell L. Willkie High Thanks for your Roy Smith Appliances cooperation in making our city safer and cleaner. General Electric - Speed Queen Sunray Ranges - Hoover - Eureka 552-6772 Elwood, Indiana Compliments of Davies Snack Shop 1533 Main Street Elwood 552-6153 I give all of my Best Wishes to The Class of "73". MAYOR EUGENE H. SMITH 153J. Lewis Small Co., Inc. Finest Class Rings Made in Elwood The Official Jewelers to Willkie High School Now in two plants to serve youGRANTS Highway 37 and P Street, Elwood "We fight inflation by lowering prices. " Ex-Cell-o A major supplier of precision jet engine blades used in both military and commercial air craft engines. 1S5KLEIN'S SHOES Carmichael's Body Shop Shoes for the Entire Family Expert Body And Fender Repair and Painting 28 And S. D. St. 552-7218 116 South Anderson Street 552-5271 JUARTERS FOR OTWE PARIS SUPP'-'ts Jm Elwood Automotive Supply 1608 South A Street Compliments to the GRADUATING Class of "73" Smith’s Jewelers Make Smith's Your Jewelry Headquarters 117 South Anderson Street Locally Owned 1561st NATIONAL BANK WISHES THE CLASS of "73" BEST OF LUCK! State Road 28 East 552-7336 157YOUR DAILY NEWSPAPER BRINGS YOU THE BEST OF EVERYTHING Local News and Pictures State and World News and Pictures Complete Sports Coverage 158 EL WOOD CALL LEADERElwood Monument Company Markers Monuments Mausoleums Artistic Cemetary Memorials Before Purchasing See Our Display State Road 28 East BURKE PHARMACY Compliments To The Class of "73" 1705 South Anderson Elwood, Indiana East Side Marathon State Road 28 East 552-2191 Congratulations To The Class of "73” KLUMPP Wall-Paper Paint Store 1533 South A Street Elwood, Indiana 46036 For the best in mens wear, go to FALVEY’S 112 S. Anderson 552-5351 Burnette-De linger Agency 1423 South Anderson Elwood, Indiana 552-7323 Complete Insurance Service and Consultation 159Three Locations to Serve The Class of 1973 125 South-Anderson Street Elwood Plaza Branch Huntsville Branch "SEE SECURITY FIRST" SECURITY BANK 160Longerbone’s Meat Market Grinnells Toy Store Fine Meats and Food 507 South Anderson 552-3723 R. R. 2 BOX 288 ECONOMY SERVICE STATION Jackley-Landrum 19th South A Funeral Home Elwood, Indiana Congratulations to the Class of "73” Flowers for all Occasions Butcher Feed at Leisure The Added Touch of Perfection Compliments to Class of GOLDSBERRY’S FLOWER SHOP 73 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! Best Wishes To The Class of 1973KEEP AMERICA BEA UTIFUL! PLEASE? Congratulations to the Senior Class of “73” Chamber Compliments Of Everybody CHASE MOTORS 517 North Anderson Elwood, Indiana 162LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING LANES Continental Can Company Jack and Wuanita Wright Elwood Plaza -- Elwood, Ind. Young's Restaurant Carry-Out Service 900 North ”D" St. State Road 37 - South Congratulates All Elwood, Indiana 552-9078 Graduating Seniors Loy ’s Piano Sales Guitars - Drums - Pianos - Organs 715 South 22nd Compliments of CLARK’S MORTUARY Elwood, Ind. I TAM'S DRUGS TAM'S MEANS SERVICE LEISURE LIVING State Road 37 Elwood, Indiana 163J€oo DEPEND »Lr tP«C StOKfcS Elwood, Indiana JIM COLE - MGR., R.P.L. TERRY COOK - ASST. MGR., R.P.L. Congratulations to the Class of "73” AIRPORT RESTAURANT Open 7 Days a Week 7 am-9 pm State Road 37 - South 552-3296 ERMCO READY-MIXED CONCRETE CONCRETE DRAIN TILE MASONRY SUPPLIES 2500 SOUTH D STREET 552-5041 Congratulations to the Class Of "73" 164East Side Parts Automotive Parts Machine Shop Service 31st and Main Streets Elwood, Indiana JCPenney We know what you’re looking for. Catalog Retail 552-5051 Elwood 552-5561 Farm Bureau Insurance Ralph R. Caldwell Knit and Stitch Boutique 1427 Main Elwood, Indiana Bourff’s Furniture Store 102 Main Street 552-2255 Elwood, Indiana 165Gas Makes the Big Difference Central Indiana Gas Co. 552-7328 Cinderella Beauty Shop 116 South 16th St. 552-2563 The Store of Quality Merchandise Brijette Fashions 120 South Anderson Elwood, Indiana 552-6252 MERLE’S TEXACO ACROSS FROM HIGH SCHOOL 552-9047 Elwood, Ind. House of Glass State Road 28 West Bob And Maude St. Clair BAKER — HUGHES HIGHWAY 13 37 Elwood, Ind. 552-9811 ASSOCIATED AGENCIES 2200 South-Anderson Elwood, Indiana 552-9801 ■2b DUN NIC HAY Funeral Home Carter’s Super Market Elwood Plaza Elwood, Ind. Open 24 Hours TROPHIES - ATHLETIC SUPPLIES GUNS - FISHING TACKLE - TOYS INLAND MARINE SPORTING GOODS 166Sectional DecorationsSophomore Clas171 Freshman ClassAbbott. Brenda p. 53. 108. 122 Abbott. Brian p. 64, 108 Abbott. David p. 116 Abbott. Janice p. 128, 144 Abernathy. Luketta p. 35, 57. 108 Abernathy. Nancy p. 25. 34. 68. 128 144 Abner, Babette p. 35. 38. 40. 41, 67, 69.95. 116. 118 Abney. Debbie p. 35. 69. 95. 108 Abplanap. Carolyn p. 34, 44. 116 Abshire, Mr. Robert p. 28. 31. 102 Acres. David p. 122 Acres. Paul p. 75, 86, 88. 90, 128. 144 Adair, Karla p. 53, 128, 144 Adair. Rick p. 79. 122 Adair. Trena p. 20. 37. 70. 128. 144 Adams, Dan p. 61. 128, 144 Albers, Ed p. 79. 116 Albers. Kim p. 25. 93, 116 Alfrey, Chris p. 116 Alfrey. Roger p. 20. 34. 66, 108 Alley, Mary Jo p. 54, 55, 128, 130, 144 Alley. Ronna p. 108 Altherr. Bill p. 55. 128. 144 Althcrr. Bob p. 79, 108 Altherr.-Kathy p. 17. 34. 35. 95. 128. 144 Amick. Mark p. 60 Amick. Randy p. 64, 108 Amos, Debbie p. 44. 93. 108 Anderson. Gerry p. 44, 93. 108 Anderson. Greg p. 58, 116 Anderson. Keith p. 44. 49. 79. 85. 116 Anderson. Kenny p. 92, 93 Anderson. Malinda p. 53. 122 Anthony. Rick p. 21. 34. 39. 116 Antle, Pam p. 108 Arana, Jesse p. 122 Arehart. Jeff p. 79. 108 Arehart, Rhonda p. 108 Arehart, Ron p. 60, 122 Arnold. Doug p. 79, 85, 93, 108 Atchison. Dan p. 60 Atwood. Donna p. 108 Atwood. Steve p. 127 Backer. Kurt p. 81, 85. 116 Bailey. Mr. Van p. 46. 76. 77. 86. 102 Baker. Janet p. 55. 129. 144 Baldwin, Carol p. 55. 122 Baldwin, Dale p. 34. 116 Baldwin, David p. 60. 122 Ball. Brian p. 44. 79, 85.93. 108 Ball. Debbie p. 108 Bannon. Lavone p. 108 Bannon. Mary p. 34. 38, 44. 95, 116 Barker. Cindy p. 40. 66. 69. 122, 124 Barker. Toby p. 44. 69, 79, 85. 93, 108 Barnes, Larry p. 60, 122 Barnes. Patti p. 38. 127 Barnett, Mrs. Marilyn p. 15, 51, 53. 102 Barr. Mrs. Charlotte p. 68. 102, 120 Barrett. Pam p. 34. 51. 116 Barrett. Theresa p. 21. 51.69. 108 Bartlett, George p. 96. 122 Baugher, Brian p. 108 Baugher, Lisa p. 59. 122 Bayne. Rick p. 88. 108 Bayse, Jane p. 37, 40. 108 Beach, Jerri p. 50, 51. 116 Beach, Pal p. 30. 69, 122 Beam, Debbie p. 34. 44. 66. 108 Beavers, Marcey p. 34. 42. 64. 70, 129, 144 Beber. Brenda p. 24, 25, 41, 69. 95, 122 Beber, Janet p. 69. 129. 144 Beber, Peggy p. 40. 95. 108 Bccman. Clifford p. 116 Beeman. David p. 58. 64. 122 Beeman. Gary p. 129, 144 Beeman, Jamie p. 35. 95. 108 Beeman, Julie p. 93, 108 Beeman, Mark p. 75, 108 Beeman, Terry p. 23. 34. 116 Benefiel, Joe p. 122 Bencfiel, Teresa p. 56. 122 Bennett. Linda p. 108 Berg. Kenny p. 109 Bias, Denise p. 51. 53. 95, 129, 144 Bieltz, Gina p. 109 Bilyeu. Dean p. 121 Bilyeu. Kathy p.51.93. 109 Bilyeu, Pam p. 56. 129, 144 Bingham, Bart p. 53. 129, 144 Blockson, Arthur p. 115 Bollinger. Mark p. 31. 129. 144 Bomersback, Jodi p. 44, 122 Bond. Kathy p. 42. 43, 116 Bond. Michael p. 116 Bott. Ronnie p. 60 Bottoms, Jerri p. 56, 95, 129. 144 Bourff, Jude p. 8, 25, 79. 85. 116. 118 Boyer, Perry p. 61 Boyer. Steve p. 44. 85. 93. 108, 109 Bradburn. Gene p. 62. 129. 144 Braddock, Steve p. 122 Bradley. Kenny p. 44. 93. 116 Bragg, Terry p. 127 Brenner. James p. 62 Brewer. Cindy p. 20. 51, 109 Brewer. Julie p. 44, 93, 109 Brewer, Karen p. 24. 25. 44. 70, 128. 130, 144 Brewer, Mike p. 60. 127 Bridges. Mrs. Iris p. 101 Bright, Diane p. 56. 122 Brogdon, Mr. Bill p. 107 Brown. Mr. Philip p. 12, 26, 96, 102 Brow n, Tim p. 116 Brow n. Shirley p. 122 Brown. Valeri p. 35, 44, 109 Brown. Mr. Victor p. 28. 46. 76. 77. 88.90. 102 Broyles. Bruce p. 60 Brugger, Mr. Clifford p. 35. 36. 102 Brunson, Janet p. 109 Bucci, John p. 109 Bucci, Judy p. 70, 93. 122 Bucci, Mark p. 63. 129, 144 Bucci. Mike p. 109 Buis. Don p. 60. 129. 144 Bunch, Diane p. 37, 40. 93. 95, 109 Burchette. Gary p. 34, 39, 61, 129, 144 Burchette. Mark p. 34. 39. 116 Burnette, John p. 76. 85, 90. 81, 122. 124 Burns, Michele p. 37. 44. 109 Burns. Pam p. 40. 69. 92.93. 116 Burton. Deloris p. 56. 122 Burton, Mr. Gerald p. 28, 50, 75. 90. 102 Burton. Ruth p. 109 Burton, Theresa p. 57. 129. 144 Bush. Gary p. 69. 79. 116 Buttler, Sue p. 109 By ran, Trina p. 116 Caldwell. Amy p. 109 Caldwell. Carl p. 44. 69. 81. 91. 93. 116. 118,121 Caldwell. Elaine p. 36. 130, 144 Call. Kenny p. 79. 121 Call. Ronald p. 34, 39, 116 Callaway, Anna p. 12, 34. 35, 66. 95, 130.144 Callaway. Duane p. 109 Campbell, Debbie p. 53. 122 Campbell. Jim p. 63. 122 Campbell. Steve p. 34. 39, 42. 116 Campbell. Tracy p. 44. 79. 109 Campbell, Valeri p. 53. 130, 144 Carmody, Mikep. 122 Cannon. Ruth p. 34. 68. 109 Carpenter. Robert p. 25, 40. 67. 130, 144 Carroll, Jim p. 109 Carter. Bill p. 115 Casas, Isabell p. 122 Casas, Oscar p. 130, 144 Chase, Scott p. 62. 76. 122 Chriss. Craig p. 116 Church. Jane p. 44. 45. 71, 93, 122. 124 Clark. Patty p. 53, 109 Clary, David p. 31. 76. 77. 86, 130. 144 Clary, John p. 109 Cleaver. John p. 59. 130. 144 Cleaver, Margie p. 109 Cline. David p. 121 Clingaman. Jerry p. 44. 93. 117 Cloud, Krista p. 44, 109 Clouser, Jodi p. 40. 93, 117 Clouser, Joe p. 34. 39. 117 Clouser. Pam p. 14. 59, 105, 130. 144 Coffman, Larry p. 69, 117 Cole. Barney p. 117 Cole, June p. 44. 117 Cole. Kathy p. 44.51.95. 117 Collier, Bob p. 121 Collier. Jack p. 44. 109 Collier. Linda p. 115 Collier. Susan p. 44. 130. 144 Collins. Randy p. 61. 123 Collis, Mark p. 79. 88. 109 Collis, Mike p. 79. 117 Combs. John p. 60. 131, 144 Compton. Mr. James p. 44, 45, 71, 92, 93, 102 Conley. Nancy p. 95, 117 Conley, Terri p. 131, 144 Conners. Bret p. 17, 34. 36. 39, 117 Conners, Brian p. 109 Conners. Ron p. 44. 76. 77. 88, 128 Conners. Tonya p. 34. 44, 95, 109 Conway, Todd p. 44. 79, 88, 109 Cook. Ray p. 69. 76,81,91. 117 Cooper. Danny p. 53. 82. 83. 131. 144 Cooper. Donna p. 35, 44. 117 Cooper, Geraldine p. 131 Coots, Bill p. 109 Coots, Danny p. 139, 144 Copeland. Bill p. 117 Copeland, Chris p. 68. 93. 95. 108, 109 Copher. Lynn p. 34. 44. 66. 67, 109 Cornwell. Brenda p. 35. 51, 117 174Cornwell. Ken p. 61 Coston. Tim p. 79, 117 Cotner. Steve p. 40. 109 Coiner. Tim p. 93. 117 Coubert. Mark p. 117 Coubert. Mike p. 127 Courtney. Mrs. Carol p. 101 Courtney. Jeff p. 62 Courtney. Kevin p. 76. 82, 83. 86. 90. 91. 123 Courtney. Paul p. 117 Cox. Monte p. 29 Crable. Debbie p. 20, 34. 50. 51. 53. 123 Crable. Penny p. 35. 95. 109 Craig, Lee Ann p. 117 Creamer. Joe p. 109 Creech. Bill p. 109 Cress. Terry p. 79. 85. 93. 109 Crimans. Mrs. Marian p. 22. 24. 25, 90. 103 Crimans, Pat p. 34, 39. 44. 88. 90. 123 Crow, Paul p. 117 Crow. Vickie p. 109 Crowe. Roger p. 34. 39, 123 Croy. Nick p. 55, 121, 144 Crull. Jim p. 109 Crull. Robin p. 131 Culbertson. Tom p. 96. 117 Cundle. Anne p. 20. 37. 40. 93. 109 Cyphers. Brad p. 79. 85, 93. 109 Cyphers, Brock p. 88, 93. 108, 109 Cyphers, Jackie p. 14,69, 131 Dauenhauer, Leo p. 81 Daulton. Dee Ann p. 34, 93. 95. 117 Daulton, Tammy p. 34. 109 Davenport. Aaron p. 81 Davenport. Pam p. 53. 56, 95 Davies. Bill p. 109 Davies, Christy p. 55, 131, 144 Davies. Pam p. 123 Davis, Bill p. 34. 39 Davis. Chuck p. 92,93. 117 Davis, James p. 109 Davis, James p. 121. 144 Davis, Jim p. 59. 131 Davis, Mr. Jim p. 107 Davis. Lisa p. 123 Davis. Marla p. 121. 127 Davis. Matt p. 75, 121 Davis. Pam p. 38,93. 95. 123 Davis. Shelly p. 35, 117 Davis. Tammy p. 38, 55. 93, 95, 123 Davis. Ted p. 81 Deckard. David p. 117 Deckard. Patricia p. 109 Dennis, Dan p. 32.92, 117 Depaolo. Dorothea p. 35, 117 Dever. Kim p. 34, 55. 123 Dever. Rusty p. 109 Dever. Terry p. 34. 55, 131. 144 Dial. Mary p. 37, 127 Dial, Vickie p. 109 Dickey, Chuck p. 59, 123 Dickey, Steve p. 42, 43. 85, 109 Dietzer. Larry p. 79. 117 Diko. Kay p. 55, 131. 144 Dillon. Jeffp. 88,91. 137, 145 Dillon, Julie p. 44. 95. 109 Dockery, Maurcenap. 121 Dowlcr. Dana p. 34. 109 Dowler. Julia p. 57. 117 Drake. Margaret p. 40. 92. 93. 95. 117. 118 Dudley. Brenda p. 17. 36. 37. 40. 41. 70. 128. 130, 131 Dudley. Pam p. 38.40. 93. 117 Duffey. Paulette p. 131 Duffcy. Robin p. 35. 50. 51. 117 Dunlap. Bruce p. 61, 131 Dunnichay, Peggy p. 40. 95. 123. 124 Durham. Jeff p. 123 Durham. Steve p. 117 Durm. Andrew p. 14. 51. 53. 76. 77. 81.83.90. 130. 132 Eaton. Tim p. 13. 17. 54. 55. 92. 93. 132 Ebbert. Rick p. 109 Ebbert. Rocky p. 61. 123 Ebert, Kevin p. 117 Ebert. Mark p. 93. 117. 121 Edgell. Tony p. 79. 88. 109 Edwards. Beth p. 132 Edw ards. Gary p. 62 Eib. Debbie p. 127 Eliserio. David p. 109 Elkins. Kirby p. 8 Elsworth. Debbie p. 123 Elsworth. Dwayne p. 64. 109 Emery. Jewel p. 123 England. Mike p. 117 Etchison. Adrienne p. 69. 92. 93, 95. 108. 110 Etchison, Bruce p. 86 Etchison. Dean p. 60. 123 Etchison. Don p. 44. 75. 93. 116. 118 Etchison. Jeff p. 60, 123 Etchison, Todd p. 55. 88. 123. 124 Etter. Joe p. 53, 123 Ever ill. Mr. Richard p. 53. 103 Fakes, Roberta p. 59, 95. 132 Fanning. Debbie p. 34. 40. 41. 66. 95. 117 Fanning, Linda p. 35. 110 Farley, Barbara p. 34, 110, 113 Farley. Beverlv p. 34. 44. 68, 110 Farley. Bill p. 62. 132 Farley. Debbie p. 37, 45, 44, 93, 123 Faulstich. Dana p. 117 Ferguson. Mrs. Jean p. 40. 41. 45, 103 Fernung. Margaret p. 15 Fettig. Greg p. 34, 110 Fettig. Lisa p. 117 Few ell, Kevin p. 26, 44. 74. 75. 123, 126 Fihe, Brian p. 117 Fihe. Mindy p. 40. 41. 66. 95. 123, 124 Fihe. Steve p. 123 Fihe. Larry p. 121 Fisher. Anita p. 35, 117 Fisher. Debbie p. 55, 123 Fisher. Mary p. 56. 57, 123 Flcenor. Robin p. 34, 110 Florea. Bobbie p. 14, 59. 92. 94. 132 Foor. David p. 117 Foor. Jerry p. 110 Fowler. Richard p. 110 Frawley, Joby p. 110 Frazee. Denver p. 79. 117 Frazee. Kay p. 53, 132 Frazee. Phil p. 117 Freeman. Steve p. 44. 117 French. Jane p. 95. 123 French. Robin p. 123 French. Tammy p. 69. 93. 94. 95, 117. 118 Freund. Vicki p. 12. 17. 36. 37. 40. 92, 93. 94.95. 130. 132 Fry. John p. 63. 64 Frye. Carolyn p. 66. 93. 123 Frye. John p. 117 Frye. Linda p. 117 Fuller. Paul p. 123 Galbreath. Don p. 123 Galbreath. Margie p. 123 Galbreath. Terry p. 60. 132 Gallatin. Kathy p. 44. 95, 117 Gamble. Debbie p. 44, 50. 51.95 Gamblin. Jill p. 110 Gantz. Nola p. 117 Gardner. Kaori p. 13 Gardner. Penny p. 117 Garner. Judy p. 35. 118 Garner. Tim p. 44. 85. 118 Gerard. Carol p. 44, 51.93. 95. 118 Gerard. David p. 121 Gerard. Frank p. 58. 118 Gerth, Luke p. 123 Gibson. Regina p. 34. 44. 110 Gill. Debbie p. 44. 123 Gill. John p. 61 Gill. Mark p. 123 Gill. Sherry p. 110 Gillam. Bob p. 123 Gillam. Debbie p. 53, 132 Gillam. Tina p. 110 Gillespie. Ann p. 44, 93. 110 Gillespie. Ed p. 75. 82. 83. 86, 132 Giselbach. Mike p. 79. 118 Giselbach. Robin p. 121. 123 Giselbach, Timothy p. 55. 76. 77. 81. 132 Glenn, Mrs. Jo Aline p. 101 Glotzbach. Rhonda p. 110 Goens. Mike p. 79. 85. 110 Goforth. John p 123 Gooknight, Keith p. 14. 32. 34. 39. 118 Goodman, Mike p. 62 Goodwin. Denise p. 55. 132 Goodw in. Jill p. 115 Gootee. Candace p. 20. 34. 35. 50. 51. 68. 69, 130, 132 Gordon. Sandie p. 35. 110 Gough. Mary p. 31.69. 95. 139 Green. Becky p. 20. 34. 39. 51, 53 Green. Doug p. 34. 85. 110 Green, Jeffp. 76.83,91. 123 Green. Kenny p. 44. 79. 88. 93. 110 Green. Mike p. 110 Green, Steve p. 61. 66. 76. 79, 123 Gregg. Roger p. 121 Gregory. Jerry p. 59. 132 Gren. Mrs. Linda p. 21, 103 Grondin, Cy nthia p. 133 Grondin, Tim p. 123 Groover, Butch p. ! 18 Groover. Cathy p. 20. 37. 51. 93. 95 Grose. Leon p. 133 Gross. Dw ight p. 60. 123 Gross. Jim p. 34. 39,42, 118 Gross. Vickie p. 42. 68. 110 Grothaus. Miss Barbara p. 46. 48, 9: , 101. 103 175Guffy. Diana p. 69. 110 Gurecki. Vickie p. 110 Hahn. Mark p. 118 Hahn. Mike p. 118 Hamilton. Kevin p. 79. 85. 93. 110. 115 Hamilton. Mr. Joel p. 35 Handier. Terry p. 91. 123 Hancock, Maria p. 123 Hancock, Vickie p. 118 Hanlin, Gordon p. 139 Hanlin. Tim p. 44. 85. 93. 65. 108, 110 Hanlin. Tom p. 69. 76. 81. 85. 90. 91. 123 Hardebeck, Brenda p. 44, 93, 118 Hargrave, Sheila p. 25, 44, 95, 118 Harris. Gary p. 123 Harrison. Keith p. 62 Harting, Marie p. 34. 55, 123 Hartley, Tom p. 63, 123 Haulk, Jim p. 60. 123 Haulk, Mary p. 110 Haulk, Rebecca p. 139 Hawkins, Mr. Joseph p.61,65. 103 Hayes. Jeff p. 63. 133 Hayes. Steve p. 110 Head. Kevin p. 110 Heater. Tricia p. 55. 64. 133 Heaton. Tom p. 123 Heflin. Dale p. 111 Heflin. Terry p. 123 Heiser. Jan p. 40. 92, 93. 94. 95. 108. Ill, 114. 115 Heiser, Sam p. 44, 69, 70, 75, 88. 91 123 Helm. Bob p. 44. 79. 88. 93, 111 Hensley, Bob p. 111 Herndon, Mr. Richard p. 28. 29, 103 Herniak. Tim p. 74, 75. 91.93. 118 Heston, Robert p. 121 Hiatt, Mr. Ray p. 103 Hibst, Tim p. 60. 76. 124 Hicks. Mrs. Beverley p. 103 Hicks. Mr. Rod p. 81 Himbcrg. Joe p. 55. 133 Hinds. Mr. John p. 100 Hinshaw. Ron p. 111 Hobbs. Carl p. 44, 79. 85. 93, 111 Hobbs. Kyle p. 59, 133 Hobbs. Mark p. 58. 111 Hobbs, Robyn p. 35. 44. 95. 118 Hobbs, Sara p. 20. 37. 44. 45. 66. 93, 94, 95. 122. 124. 127 Hobbs, Susan p. 13 Hocker. Bill p. 14. 23, 30, 68, 76, 86. 88. 90,91, 124 Hocker. Mr. William p. 76, 77 Hodson. Duane p. 88, 118 Hodson. Rick p. 61. 76, 77. 88. 133. 145 Hoffman. Mr. David p. 101, 103, 105 Holloway, Kevin p. 60 Hollowell. Greg p. 124 Hollow ell, Susan p. 55, 124 Holt. Mr. Phillip p. 103 Holtsclaw. Joe p. 44, 93, 111 Hood. Christy p. 14. 15. 17, 35, 56, 59, 95, 130, 133. 145 Hood. Dennis p. 23, 124 Hood. Marsha p. 111 Hook. Mary p. 124 Hoover. Melodiep. 133, 145 Horn, Joan p. 51.93, 95. 118 Horseman. Brenda p. 134. 145 House, Miss Betty p. 103 House. Mr. Michael p. 28. 78, 79. 85. 103 Howell. Malinda p. 55. 124 Hudson. Donna p. 35 Hudson. Mrs. Teresa p. 50, 51. 103 Huff. Diane p. 40. 41. 92. 93. 95. 118 Huff. Vickie p. 14, 17, 41, 70, 92. 93. 128, 130, 134, 145 Huffman, Mr. Howard p. 78, 85 Huffman. Mr. Phillip p. 31, 101. 103 Hughes, Kathy p. 26, 40, 42, 69. 118 Hughes, Kathy p. 124 Hughes, Rachel p. 134, 145 Hughes. Rita p. 34, 118 Hughes, Roger p. 21, 25. 44. 79. 88, 93. 124 Hughes. Scott p. 60 Hughes. Vince p. 85. 111 Humel, Alice p. 34, 71, 124 Humphrey. David p. 31. 70, 128, 130, 134,145 Humphrey. Greg p. 48, 118 Hunter. Robin p. 35, 95. Ill Huntsman. Kowena p. 111 Hurst, Bob p. 40, 134, 145 Hurst, Cindy p. 40, 93, 111 Hyman, Sherry p. 93, 95, 111 Ice. Gary p. 111 Israel. Kevin p. 34, 44. 111 Jackson. Andy p. 76, 91. 124 Jackson. Jill p. 111 Jackson, John p. 88. 118, 124 Jackson, Robin p. 34 Jacobsen. Mr. Richard p. 50, 51. 104 Jaramillo, Mary p. 124 Jaramillo, Yolanda p. 111 Jarrell. Linda p. 95. 1 24 Jarrett. Brenda p. 124 Jarrell. Mick p. 111 Jeffries, Donna p. 118 Jeffricrs, Don p. 58 Johnson, Kim p. 134, 145 Johnson, Terry p. 118 Jones, Bob p. 62, 134, 145 Jones, Eric p. 62 Jones, Jennifer p. 124 Jones, Kemmon p. 51, 53, 86, 134. 145 Jones, Marsha p. 93. 111 Jones, Roxanna p. 118 Juday. Mrs. Jane p. 50, 104 Juday. Mr. Joseph p. 64. 65, 104 Juday, Tom p. 22, 124 Julius, Randy p. 44, 69, 122, 124 Junior. Danny p. 121 Justice. Vincent p. 121 Justice. Vicki p. 121 Kaiser. Bruce p. 44. 76, 81. 83. 92. 124 Kaiser. Sheryl p. 44. 95. 111 Kane. Pat p. 69. 93, 121 Karch. Dan p. 75.88,92. 124 Karch, Dennis p. 61, 74, 75, 91, 134, 145 Keeton, Mike p. 111 Kclich. Jim p. 79. 111 Keller, Bob p. 61 Kelley. Danny p. 88. 79, 118 Kelley. Debbie p. 59, 134, 145 Kelley. Jeff p. 118 Kelly, Kevin p. 42. 75.93, 118 Kelly, Margaret p. 55. 95. 124 Kelly, Mary Margaret p. 35, 56. 134, 145 Kessinger, Bill p. 14. 34. 124 Kcstlcr, Lisa p. 111 Kiefer, Steve p. 21, 25, 40, 66, 124 Kilgore, Janet p. 20. 34. 41, 68. 134. 146 Kilgore, Roger p. 124 Kimmcrling, LeAnn p. 127 Kimmerling. Mike p. 111 Kinder, Mr. Shirley p. 58, 65, 104 King. Bernadine p. 134, 146 King. Jeffp. 79. 111 King. Marti p. 34. 39, 55, 134. 146 King. Toni p. 14. 70, 95, 128. 135. 146 Kiphart, Chris p. 40. 93, 118 K ley la. Don p. 118 Klevla. Joan p. 68. 69. 93, 95, 108. Ill Knick. Debbie p. 55. 95. 124 Knopp. Denise p. 111 Knopp. Doug p. 124 Knotts, Spencer p. 44, 65, 85. 119 Kochman, Carol p. 135, 146 Kronenbcrg. Daniel p. 111 LaPointe. Lisa p. 38. 124 Laird. Debra p. 135, 146 Lantz, Patty p. 17, 130, 135, 146 Laster. Rena p. 57, 111 Laster. Rose p. 119 Laster. Tom p. 119 l.attimer. Steve p. 119 Lawrence. Brad p. 60 Leathers. Jeff p. 10 Leavell. Bill p. 63. 135, 146 Leavell, Mrs. Emily p. 101 Leavitt, Jeff p. 91. 124 Leavitt, Marty p. 34, 111 Leavitt, Sharon p. 127 Lee, Barbara p. 135, 146 Lee, Patty p. 34. 68. 111 Lee, Ron p. 34, 41. 65, 86. 88, 91, 119 Lee. Sharon p. 37, 38, 44, 93, 95, 124 Leeson. Becky p. 111 Leeson. Jon p. 55. 125 Leever. Deborah p. 93, 134. 146 Leever. Doug p. 44,85, 108, 111 Leever. Keith p. 139, 146 Leever. Randy p. 111 Leever. Rick p. 139. 146 LeForce. Penny p. 93. 111 Leham. Ralph p. 62 Leisure, Ardeana p. 135. 146 Leisure, Cassie p. 93. 111 Leisure, Debbie p. 125 Leisure. Phil p.82.83. 119 Lewis. Mr. Delbert p. 55, 60. 62. 100 Lewis, Lisa p. 44. 66. 67, 124, 125 Lilly, Joe p. 119 Linder. Mr. Gary p. 55, 104 Lindsay. Arnold p. 125 Lineberry, Lucinda p. 64, 130, 135. 146 Linsmeycr. Greg p. 81, 135, 146 Litaker, Louise p. 125 Litaker, Marv p. 125 Little, Becky p. 35,48, 119 Little, Cindy p. 57, 119 Little, Theresa p. 111 Lloyd. Lester p. 111 Loepkc, Chris p. 34, 36, 39, 125 176Loepke. Dawn p. 119 Long, Darell. p. 34. 51, 53, 139, 146 Long, Kathy p. 24. 25, 26, 93, 125 Long, Laurie p. 93, 95, III. 115 Long. Rose p. 37. 38.93. 95. 125 Long, Tom p. 34. 44. 125 Longenecker, David p. 59. 135. 146 Longenecker. Karen p. 119 Longerbone. Mark p. 34, 44. Ill Loser. Sheryl p. 111 Lovell. Charles p. 125 Lowder. Mrs. Thelma p. 107 Lucas. Holly p. 125 Lucas. Miss Marilyn p. 120 Lydick. Arthur p. 115 Lyman, Dawn p. 34. 42. 43. 67. 119 Lyman. Dean p. 111 Lynas, Tonya p. 93. 125 Lytle. Bonnie p. 55. 125 McCall. Brian p. 33. 42. 43. 66. 68, 71. 93. 119 McClelland, Kathy p. 68, 69, 70, 92. 93.94.95, 122. 125 McClelland. Krisiti p. 34. 40. 95. 108. Ill McClintock. Chery l p. 119 McClintock. Dan p. 60 McClintock. Terri p. 111 McCord, Dallas p. 60 McCorkle, Brenda p. 93, 111 McCorkle, Cindy p. 35. 111 McCorkle. Monty p. 119 McDaniel. Gary p. 34. 35. 39, 125 McDaniel. Jeff p. 34. 39. 69. 119 McDaniel. Kathy p. 26. 37. 39. 44, 66, 95, 125 McDermitt. Mark p. 44, 45. 124, 125 McElfresh, Diane p. 34, 55, 125 McElfresh. Ed p. 111 McElfresh. Julie p. 125 McGahey. Melinda p. 135, 146 McGuire, Diane p. 111 McGuire. Kim p. 119 McGuire. Lea Ann p. 53, 125 McLaughlin. Kathy p. 125 McMahan. Paula’ p. 35, 95, 124, 126 McMinn. Ed p. 93. 119 McPhearson. Marsha p. 111 McPhearson, Mike p. 119 McPearson, Penny p. 34, 44. 111 McPhearson. Ron p. 62, 135. 146 McQuitty, Mrs. Anna Mae p. 32, 92, 93, 104 McQuitty. Cindy p. 95, 125 McQuitty, Mr. Darrell p. 46. 49, 74. 75, 83, 90. 91. 104 Mahoney, Greg p. 62 Maish. Debbie p. 93. 119 Majors. Michael p. 59, 60. 135. 146 Malone. Teresa p. 111 Mangas. Anne p. 34. 38, 39. 44. 68, 69.95. 116, 118, 119 Mangas, Teddi p. 8 Manis, John p. 79, 119 Marley. Jeff p.42,43, 55, 125 Martin, Donald p. 115 Martin. Helen p. 125 Martin. Mike p. 60 Mason. Becky p. 111 Mason. Kathy p. 93. 95. 119 Massey. Dean p. 44. 93. 119 Massie, Fred p. 44. 79.93. 119 Melton. Connie p. 119 Melvin. Michelle p. 44, 93. 112 Mengelt. Mike p. 75. 81. 85. 90. 119 Mengell. Steven p. 17. 40. 66. 68, 69, 90,71.91, 130, 135. 146 Merritt, Mrs. Racann p. 17, 46. 68, 71. 92. 93. 105 Metz. Ann p. 20. 34. 44. 68. 95. 112. 113 Metz, James p. 61, 136. 146 Meyers, Cindy p. 34. 44, 57, 93, 95, 119 Middleton. Mr. David p. 68, 105 Miller. Becky p. 56. 57, 125 Miller. Christy p. 59. 127 Miller. Dinah p. 44.93.95. 112 Miller. Jack p. 8 Miller. Pat p. 93, 108. 112 Milnes. Jim p. 127 Milnes, Pam p. 139, 146 Mitchell. Ronnie p. 119 Mock, Don p. 79, 119 Monahan, Patty p. 37, 44. 45, 66. 93, 95.124.125 Monroe, Mike p. 21. 42. 43. 88, 90. 112. 115 Montgomery. Maura p. 34. 42. 67. 112 Moore. Ed p. 60 Moore. Gary p. 63, 125 Moore. Lew Rita p. 38, 44. 49. 69, 93. 118. 119 Moore. Melinda p. 112 Moore. Randy p. 34, 119 Moore. Mr. Robert p. 105 Moore. Terree p. 136. 146 Morgan. Debbie p. 119 Morgan. Jenny p. 20, 34. 39. 40, 68. 112. 113 Morgan, Kevin p. 125 Morgan. Mary p. 93, 119 Mort, Rhonda p. 93, 95. 119 Moser. John p. 34, 39. 112 Moss, Brenda p. 53. 136. 146 Moya. Juan p. 125 Mundy, Theresa p. 53. 136, 146 Murphy. Mr. Fred p. 60. 105 Murray. Chester p. 60. 76. 77. 139, 146 Murray. Mike p. 59. 60 Murray, Rhonda p. 48. 54. 55. 93. 125 Mutchier, Don p. 44. 55. 125. 127 Nance. Nick p. 60 Nason. Brenda p. 119 Nickel. Jerry p. 125 Noble. Dina p. 44. 49. 93 Noble. Micky p. 37. 57, 112 Noel, Lucinda p. 51,55. 136, 146 Noel. Patty p. 35. 119. 120 Noone, Margaret p. 35, 40, 118. 119 Northcutt. Twyla p. 53.92. 93, 125 Orbaugh, David p. 125 Orbaugh. Tracy p. 34, 44. 112 Osborn. Kevin p. 62. 136, 146 Owens. Tammy p. 44. 93. 95. 112 Pace, Carol p. 20. 44. 45, 51, 68. 69, 70, 130. 136. 146 Pace. David p. 23, 69. 76. 90. 91. 125 Pace. Jan p. 34. 44. 95. 119 Pace. John p. 44, 90. 91. 93, 76 Pantos. Mr. Tom p. 65, 105 Pappas. Nick p. 93. 112 Parente. Mr. Frank p. 34. 35, 39. 105 Parker. Candy p. 119 Parker. Mary p. 21. 93. 125 Parry. Kevin p. 112 Parsons, Bob p. 119 Parsons. Joe p. 55. 136 Pattison. Donnelta p. 44. 93. 112 Patton. Rolland p. 29, 64. 79. 112 Peters. Bob p. 8. 17. 28. 69. 70. 71. 74. 75. 136 Peting, Patty p. 34. 40. 68. 112 Phillips. Bill p. 119 Phillips. Bob p. 125 Phillips. Carl p. 121 Phillips. Charles p. 112 Phillips. Janie p. 53. 137 Phillips. Lucinda p. 53. 137 Phillips. Patty p. 37. 64. 92. 93. 119 Pierce, Tony p. 76. 125 Piirto. Cindy p. 17. 23. 35. 38. 66, 95, 119 Pittman, Jack p. 137 Pike, Phil p. 119 Pike. Sheryl p. 44. 93. 112 Plake. Sherrie p. 49. 119 Planalp. Rick p. 60 Plotner, Steve p. 79. 112 Plough. Charles p. 79, 88. 125 Plue. Rick p. 44. 54. 84. 112 Poe. Jeffp. 34,39, 44. 69 Poor, Mike p. 75. 82. 83. 91, 124, 125 Pore. Kevin p. 119 Pratt, Elnora p. 112 Prus, Evelyn p. 40. 93, 119 Puterbaugh. Brenda p. 34, 39. 50, 51. 119 Poynter. Jennifer p. 55, 137 Ray, Mr. George p. 65. 105 Rayshich. Mr. Dan p. 62. 65 Reasoner. Rock p. 119 Reasoner. Ursula p. 35, 112 Rcbuck. Joe p. 118, 119 Rebuck. Rae Ann p. 35. 44. 112 Reckner. Susan p. 119 Reichart, Tina p. 35. 44. 95. 108. 112 Rcnnier. Stan p. 85, 119 Reynolds. Cindy p. 96, 120 Reynolds. Mr. Malcombp. 107 Rice, Patricia p. 112 Richardson. Jeff p. 60 Richmond. Diana p. 22. 40. 49. 68. 93. 125 Riddle. Brenda p. 57, 125 Riddle, Cindy p. 112 Riddle, Tim p. 120 Riegel. Kenny p. 54.55. 81. 139 Riley. Glenis p. 44. 51, 53, 137 Riley. Jeff p. 120 Ritchie. Mr. Larry p. 65. 105 Rittenhouse, Chris p. 125 Rittenhouse, Nancy p. 53, 125 Rittenhouse, Sherri p. 112 Ritter, Kim p. 49, 120 Roberson. Delores p. 35. 112 Robertson. Kathy p. 35. 112 Robertson, Laura p. 36, 37, 125 Robertson. Nancy p. 14. 92. 94, 95, 122. 125 Robinson. Ed p. 62. 137 Robinson. Jeff p. 54, 55. 76. 79, 88. 90.91. 125 177Robinson, Marty p. 54. 55, 79. 88. 91. 125 Robinson. Randy p. 76. 77. 81, 83. 90. 91. 137 Roby. Tim p. 34. 64.83.85. 112 Rodriquez, Ross p. 69, 79, 85. 93. 108. 112 Rodriquez. Stella p. 59. 139 Rogers. Debbie p. 35. 44. 95, 112 Rogers, Randy p. 63, 79. 125 Rogers, Robert p. 59 Rogers. Terry p. 54. 55. 93, 125 Roland. Terry p. 137 Roller, Pam p. 112 Roller. Ruth p. 112 Romine. Zindy p. 93. 120 Romingcr. Charles p. 112 Romingcr, Mikep. 137 Romingcr. Ronald p. 59 Rudig. Mrs. Dorothy p. 107 Runyan. James p. 44. 88, 93. 112 Runyan, Mr. p. 62 Runyan. Roger p. 58. 120 St. Clair, Debbie p. 40. 95, 112 St. Clair. Susie p. 125 Sallee. Marian p. 112 Sallee, Steve p. 62. 126 Sanders, Bruce p. 60. 76, 91. 127 Sandoval, Elvira p. 120 Sandoval. Tommy p. 44, 93. 126 Santon. Mr. William p. 31, 105 Sattler. Lonnie p. 61, 137 Savage, Bob 17. 70. 71, 74. 75. 81, 137, 147 Savage, Rachel p. 53. 68, 137 Saxton. John p. 93. 118. 120 Scholl, Kathy p. 26, 66. 126 Schwachenwald. Mr. David p. 12, 17. 67, 106 Schw aim, Jeanne p. 126 Schwear. Mrs. Naomi p. 106 Scott, Danny p. 112 Scott, Donita p. 35. 95. 112 Scott, Mr. Keith p. 100 Scott, Linda p. 35. 95, 126 Scott, Mike p. 62 Scott, Steve p. 63. 126 Scntmen. Jerry p. 23, 62, 126 Seright, Laura p. 35. 38. 42, 69, 95, 120 Sharp. Pam p. 126 Shaw, Ron p. 60. 76, 77. 137, 147 Shawhan, Chuck p. 44, 84, 85, 86, 91, 120 Sheedy, Mary p. 56. 112 Shepard. Danny p. 93, 112 Shepard. Diana p. 53, 137, 147 Shepard. Richard p. 60 Sherman. Julie p. 37, 112 Sherman, Terry p. 120 Shipley, Cheryl p. 69. 112 Shook. LaReitap. 120 Short. Betty p. 44. 95. 126 Short, Bill p. 112 Short, Janie p. 25, 26, 37. 38. 95. 126 Shuler. Ester p. 112 Shuler, Lester p. 112 Silvey, Rick p. 62 Simmons, Bruce p. 76, 84, 85. 86. 90, 91. 120 Simmons, Steve p. 112 Simmons. Tom p. 126 Sims, Terry p. 112 Singer. Carol p. 95. 120 Singer. Cathy p. 57, 113 Singer. Debbie p. 57. 113 Singleton. Mr. Wayne p. 100 Sizelovc. Cindy p. 8, 13 Sizelove. Stacey p. 37. 93. 126 Slate. Vanna p. 95. 120 Slayton. Marc p. 44, 79. 83. 85, 90. 113 Slayton. Marla p. 126 Slavton. Terri p. 43. 40. 41. 66. 69, 95. 130. 137. 147 Slayton, Trade p. 14. 40, 41, 92, 93, 95, 124, 126 Slocum. Jan p. 34. 42. 67. 113 Smith. Alan p. 76, 84, 85, 120 Smith. Bob p. 113 Smith. Cindy p. 37. 38, 95. 127 Smith. Dick p. 108. 113 Smith. Don p. 86 Smith. Jim p. 126 Smith. Kevin p. 79, 85. 93. 113 Smith, Linda p. 40. 120 Smith, Lisa p. 126 Smith. Luwana p. 53. 138. 147 Smith. Pam p. 33. 93. 138, 147 Smith. Perry p. 138. 147 Smith. Mrs. Tudy p. 35 Southern, Kevin p. 63, 138. 147 Spearman, hdgar p. 34. 39. 113 Spitzmesser. Bobbi p. 20. 34. 40, 113 Spitzmesscr. Vickie p. 34, 126 Stafford. Kay p. 95, 120 Stafford. Kent p. 34, 39, 120 Stafford. Steve p. 26 Stage, Fred p. 74. 75. 83, 91. 124. 126 Stamps, Phil p. 62 Standridge. Danny p. 113 Standridge. Sandy p. 59. 138. 147 Starkey, Mrs. Betty p. 22, 68, 96. 106 Steffler, Brenda p. 120 Steffler, Frank p. 126 Stephens. Deborah p. 113 Stewart. Beth p. 44,93. 126 Stewart. Brad p. 62 Stewart. Kathy p. 93, 113 Stewart, Sue p. 93, 113 Stiner. Allen p. 113 Stiner. Keith p. 21,79. 88. 120 Stiner. Lori p. 126 Stokes. Le Ann p. 35, 138, 147 Stone. Beth p. 92, 93, 95, 108. 113 Stone. Debra p. 138. 147 Stone. Steve p. 12. 76, 77, 81. 91. 138. 147 Stout. Dave p. 59, 75. 85. 126 Strong, Kathy p. 24. 25. 95. 126 Stutsman. Garry p. 58, 113 Sullivan. Beth p. 113 Sullivan. Blair p. 31. 70. 76. 77, 82. 83, 90,81. 130. 138 Sullivan. Mr. Blair p. 90, 100 Sullivan, Debbie p. 126 Sullivan. Mrs. Lillian p. 106 Sullivan. Linda p. 13 Sullivan, Ted p. 113 Summers, Cynthia p. 51, 138 Sutton. Bill p. 126 Sutton. Jim p. 79, 112 Svendsen, Lumi p. 20, 53, 138, 147 Svendsen, John p. 21. 79. 93, 120 Swartz, Tim p. 20. 66, 113 Tam. Cindy p. 13 Tam. Greg p. 79. 85. 93. 113 Taylor, Carri p. 113 Taylor. Terry p. 115 Teachnor. Becky p. 20. 34. 40. 68. 113 Teachnor. Francis p. 138, 147 Tharp, Sally p. 44. 66. 70. 92. 93. 126 Thomas. Leslie p. 126 Thomas. Scott p. 113 Thompson. Kevin p. 34. 42. 60. 115 Thompson, Nancy p. 114 Thompson. Mrs. Patricia p. 106 Thornberry. Cathy p. 138. 147 Thornberry. Joyce p. 57, 114 Thornberry. Mary Jo p. 93, 126 Tolle. Mrs. Elvonna p. 57, 106 Tompkins. Paul p. 114 Tompkins. Rick p. 60.81. 138. 147 Toney. Jerri p. 118, 120 Toney, Penny p. 35. 114 Tracy, Bill p. 69. 120 Tracy. Mikep. 44. 76. 88. 91. I 26 Trimble. Diane p. 127 Trittipo. Debbie p. 44. 68. 93. 114 Trueblood. Rita p. 114 Turner, Lea Ann p. 20. 93, I 14 Tyner, Tamic p. 20, 37. 51, 114 Tyner. Ted p. 76, 88, 90. 91. 127 Tyner. Terry p. 34. 39, 40. 66. 68. 120 Updegraff, Jeremy p. 88, 90, 120 Updegraff, Ronnie p. 114 Updike, Carolyn p. 10 Updike. Tom p. 44. 75. 85. 93, 108. 114 VanCleve, Gary p. 34, 39. 44, 120 Van Horn, Leslie p. 127 Van Wagner. Lorrie p. 95, 138, 147 Van Wagner, Mrs. June p. 94, 95. 106 Vance. Kevin p. 115 Vest. Dale p. 120 Vest, Jim p. 62, 147 Vice, Kandiep. 17. 59, 139, 147 Vinson, Brenda p. 20. 51, 57, 114 Vinson. Dan p. 60, 139. 147 Wadholm. Steve p. 140 Wadholm. Terry p. 114 Walden. Jimmie p. 139. 147 Walden. John p. 114 W alker. Mike p. 88, 118, 120 W alker. Tim p. 60, 127 Walker. Vernon p. 58 Wallace. Steve p. 114 Wallace, Terry p. 44, 120 Wardwell, Teresa p. 32, 40, 66. 95, 127 Warner. Mrs. Hazel p. 107 Warner. Tara p. 44, 95, 120 Watson, Mrs. Betty p. 46, 48 W'atson. Earl p. 63. 106 W'aymire. Angela p. 17. 31, 40. 41. 69, 94. 95. 130. 139, 147 W'aymire, David p. 69, 127 W'aymire. Kathy p. 35. 127 Waymire, Susan p. 44, 93. 95, 115 Weaver. Bob p. 63, 75, 96, 139. 147 Weaver. Joni p. 35,51, 120 Weaver, Penny p. 115 Weddell. Jeff p. 21.34, 29. 127 Weddell. Kay p. 37, 139, 147 W eddell. Kristie p. 34, 44. 95. 120 W'elcher. John p. 44. 115 178Welker, Mrs. Roberta p. 66, 106 Wells. Audie p. 60, 79. 127 Wells, Debbie p. 44. 139. 147 Wells, Greg p. 42, 69. 93. 120 Wells, Teresa p. 139 Werline. Greg p. 39, 120 Whetscl. Mr. Lester p. 107 Whisler, Bruce p. 55, 76, 77. 88. 91. 139.147 Whilenack. Nancy p. 30.95, 127 Whitkamper, Carol p. 34, 51 Whetscl. Sandy p. 57, 115 Wideman. Rod p. 127 Wideman. William p. 139. 147 Widmcycr. Kay p. 44, 92, 93, 95, 108. 114, 115 Wilburn, Cindy p. 37. 42. 43. 45. 93. 95. 121 Wilburn. Linda p. 48. 139, 147 Wilburn. Rhonda p. 20, 51. 69, 121 Wiley, David p. 127 Wilhelm, Dennis p. 44, 79. 83. 85. 90. 121 Wilhoit. Curt p. 79.93. 121 Wilkerson, Charles p. 115 Wilkerson. Margaret p. 115 Wilkinson, Barry p. 79. 121 W ilk inson. Terry p. 81, 121 Williams. Mrs. Barbara p. 101 Williams. Brent p. 61 Williams, Clair p. 127 Williams. George p. 62, 106 Williams, Lou Ann p. 35. 44. 69. 95. 116. 118. 121 W illiams, Mark p. 59, 127 Williams. Pam p. 115 Wilkey, Connie p. 57, 115 Wilson. Cassie p. 124, 127 W ilson. Jerrie p. 58, 121 W ilson. Karen p. 64. 93, 121 W'ilson. Mike p. 76. 121 W'ilson. Pat p. 70. 139, 147 W'ilson. Richard p. 115 W ingrove. Pete p. 8 Wire. Julie p. 20. 25.95. 127 W'irth, Jerry p. 121 Wirth. Laura p. 115 W'isman. John p. 58. 121 W ttebort. Jeff p. 88. 115 Wittkamper. Carol p. 121 Wood. Cathy p. 51, 139, 147 W ood. Lori p. 42.92. 93.95. 121 W ood. Ray p. 53. 55. 74. 75. 127 Wright, Donna p. 115 Wright. Mrs. Mary p. 101 Wright. Mike p. 85. 93, 115 Wright. Monna p. 115 W'righl. Shcrvl p. 14. 26. 40, 41. 92. 93.95. 127 Wright. Thad p. 62. 74. 75. 81. 130. 139. 147 Wynant, Miss Dianna p. 42. 43. 45, 106 Yates. Ann p. 57, 139, 147 Yohe. Joa p. 24. 25, 127 Younce. Jama p. 127 Younce. Jim p. 44. 79, 93. 115 Young. Vanessa p. 35. 42. 121 Zeck. Dave p. 40. 41, 74. 75. 91, 127 179Carol Pace-Trcna Adair Layout and Copy Mrs. Linda Gren r Reid's Studio-Muncie Photography American Yearbook Company Bill Wright, Representative Lumi Svendsen Business Manager Mr. Tom Pantos Mr. Clarence Young Special Thanks mvooD lion high school EVERKTT L BROW tomsr .UCHTYICTS t PCU'OKIJ'.iMKU  

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