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ORGANIZATIONS Page 72 PERSONALITIES Page 98 ADVERTISEMENT Page 148 every year there are changes but 1971 brought special changes, change came in the form of new ideas, new businesses, and a new look. different faces came from japan, new jersey, missouri, gary, and Chicago. area vocational students were from frank -ton, alexandria, tipton, madi son-grant, and shelbyville. along with willkie high students the total enrollment was 825. hair styles and fashions were varied among e. h. s. students. garb expressed the individual. mini, midi, maxi, leather, fringe, and long hair. all related to our earlier heritage.new businesses and homes were built in el-wood. modernization and relocation were done by some firms, businesses offered jobs for e.h.s. students and places to shop for local citizens, the drive-ins on both ends of the big 1 provided places to congregate, new homes and businesses contrasted with the old and showed the feats of progress.elwood and willkie high are a part of the world, involvement with our world changed ideas and attitudes . creeping into existence were feelings of apathy vs. spirit, patriotism vs. non-conformity, personality showed through with individual tastes, concern, and personalhappiness. these ideas appear new to our generation and some are new, but a majority of these ideas have been around since the beginning of time.ange • • • ?Special Lights, Spirited Music, Peppy Routines: Varieties 1970. The 1970 Varieties was the usual favorite and successful show. Directed by Clifford Brugger, the band began with the flashy "Mustang March", and was followed by "Carnival in Venice", a trumpet solo by Band Captain Kris Knauer. Pantherettes delighted the audience with "Hey Big Spender", "Gettingto Know You", and "Button Up Your Overcoat". The Willkie Choir and Swing Choir sang several numbers. Dance Band soloists were Penny Williams, Pete Wingrove, LuAnn Tanzilli, and Tim Edgell. The Marx Brothers section, emceed by Connie Parker and Greg Cole, featured soloists Carmen Garcia and JoAnn VanWinkle, the "Bits and Pieces Band", and the Kaleidoscopes. Other show numbers included the Junior High Choir, the band's flute players, french horn players, Tom Moser at the organ, Linda Leonard singing "Somewhere My Love”, the top ten twirlers, and Vicki Huff and Jerry Hoffman in a scene from Camelot. Majorettes thrilled the audience with the reminder of "Button Up Your Overcoats." 10 Swinging to "The King and I" are majorettes Pam Poynter and Candy Gootee. With a monologue JoAnn VanWinkle expresses the problems of a little girl.Instruments, Batons, and Voices Released Talent at Spring Sing. At Spring Sing the choir presented a medley of .Cole Porter numbers and the Swing Choir went modern with "Aquarius”and "Letthe Sunshine In." Featured soloists were Connie Durm with "Moonglow", Linda Leonard with "Where Can I Go?" and "Good Morning, Star shine", and Jerry Hoff-man with "I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You". The duet by Peggy Weis-miller and John Fitzpatrick was "All I Have to Do Is Dream." Singing groups were the Velveteens, the Kaleidoscopes, the Counterpoints, and Renner's Kids. The Dance Band featured saxophonist Pete Wingrove in "Tequila" and Pennie Williams in "Sweet Georgia Brown."Tim Edgellpresented a drum solo and Bob Peters and Ted King played the duet "Theme from the Apartment." Dance band members Nola Rittenhouse and Nancy Norris display their saxophone talent. A popular group around Willkie was the Velveteens who sang several selections. 12Almost 200 Seniors listened intently to the commencement address by Senator Vance Hartke. Caps, Gowns, and Diplomas Started a New Facet of Life for Seniors. The Class of 1970, in navy caps and gowns, entered the gym to "Pomp and Circumstance". The honor students were distinctive with gold tassels on their caps. Senator Vance Hartke, in his address, emphasized the role of the graduates in the years ahead. As they received their diplomas, they showed mixed emotions about this important step. 13Flowers, Candles, and Soft Music Enhanced the Romantic Scene at the 1970 Prom. Carmen Garcia, with the Queen's roses, was waiting for the winner. Surprised and beaming with joy, Pennie Williams received her official crown from Dan Prieshoff. Modern music by the Gib Gentry Band enlivened "An Affair to Remember". 14As the theme implied, the Junior-Senior Prom was truly "An Affair to Remember" by many. Prom-goers entered into an array of flowers which lined the sides and ceiling of the corridor, the entrance to the enchanting world of foun -tains and fantasy. Prom-goers danced to romantic music, and enjoyed refreshments at candlelit tables adorned with colorful tablecloths . The guests were served by fresh -man girls dressed in semi-formals . Climaxing the evening's activities was the crowning of Pennie Williams as the Queen of the 1970 Prom. Dan Prieshoff, Junior Class president, crowned the queen and presented each girl in the court with a gift. The Queen's throne was a rose-covered swing, suspended in a garden of flowers and fountains on either side. The after-prom dance at the Elwood Country Club was sponsored by the city's service clubs. Doorman Steve Mengelt greeted guests Kathy Low and Greg Cole as well as many others. The Queen and her court were Peggy Weismiller, Peggy Updegraff, Pennie Williams, Connie Parker, and Leatha Long.Rain, Tensions, a Tie, a Queen, Marked Homecoming 1970. Panther Don Smith is slipping loose with the ball from the Tiger tackles. Crowning of 1970 Homecoming Queen Miss LeAnn Harting highlighted festivities. Neither rain nor mud could daunt spirits. Kathy Low and Vicki Huff lead the cheers. 16September 26th marked the 1970 Homecoming. Rain cancelled what would have been the best parade ever, but did not stop a respectable game against the Alexandria Tigers . They held a 6 -point advantage over the Panthers. But the local team rallied in the second half with Don Powell's touchdown. Elwood failed to get the extra point, leaving the score 6--6 at the end. At halftime, minus the Panther Band providing background music due to the rain-soaked field, the crowning of the queen took place. The five queen candidates, Jenny Gough, LeAnn Harting, Janet Murphy, Cathy Richardson, and JoAnn VanWinkle, were presented. Miss LeAnn Harting was crowned by 1970 Queen Miss Sandy Fakes . Good tips to Bruce Ball from Coach Moore. Shivering, and waiting the final word, are Homecoming Queen hopefuls JoAnn, Cathy, Janet, LeAnn, Jenny, 1969 Queen Sandy, and escorts. 17JoAnn and Alan help with their make-up. C. Garcia sold plane ticket to M. Tancey. Suspense, Action and Drama Involved. "Flight into Danger", the junior class play, was presented April 21-22, 1970. At the opening, preparations for a chartered airplane flight were being made. Later the captain and cocaptain, as well as several passengers, were stricken with food poisoning. The fate of the passengers lay in the hands of the stewardess and one passenger who tried to land safely. But the plane was guided by the ground director from the control tower. Directors--Miss Sammis, Mrs. Himelick. Student Director--D. Stage Cast--B. Green, K. Low, B. Williams, M. Summers, A. Leisure, L. Harting, K. Keifer, S. Bannon, P. Widmeyer, A. Kane, J. Mock, C. Garcia, J. Van-Winkle, K. Reynolds, K. Low. When illness struck, the captain was trying to find a doctor among the passengers. 18Actors, Laughter, and Spotlights Created Play. Behind any play are committees. The stage crew is preparing the living room scene. The psychiatrist and soap manufacturer exchange opinions about the perfect idiot. "The Perfect Idiot" entertained the audiences November 19-20, 1970. The play centered around the boy-genius who was disliked by other students. Through bribery to help the star athlete pass, he began to make himself more popular. Finally the play ended in a fun-filled climax. Director--Mr. Sempsrott, Student director--Kathy Pike, Cast--B. Green, C . Richardson, B. Courtney, M. Tancey, D. Beeman, P. Clouser, C. Garcia, A. Kane, J. VanWinkle, A. Leisure, M. Summers, K. Low, K. Reynolds, B. Williams, P. Widmeyer. A few etiquette lessons are learned by Dan as Linda says what she thinks. 19Academics There are many ingredients for success in today's world, but among those most important stands academic excellence. Education, an absolute necessity in todays world has always been the purposeofWill-kie High School. Through academics the backbone of our school the student is prepared for a future.The Megaphone dummy was put together by H. Kelich, M. Tancey, L. Savage, L. Kane. Group theme grading was done by J. Davis, B. Whisler, T. Conwell, S. Rodriquez. Skills and Appreciation Developed in English. The English department has been organized with the purpose of helping the students learn their language in order to write, speak, and think clearly and to read with insight . The classes offered are English and American literature, grammar, journalism, speech, honors English, advanced composition. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were required to take grammar the first semester and literature the second semester . Seniors may take honors English and advanced composition. In an original skit D. Piirto got in the way of C. Walters and P. Hankley's fight. In speech class A. Leisure could not convince K. Kiefer to buy her product. 22Term paper research forced Marilyn Pedro, Tom Oldag, and Jean Pearson to the library. Films, movies, panel discussions, and records are used to widen the scope of the classes . Students may find themselves writing short stories and plays. Juniors get to do their first term papers on any topic they choose. The journalism class edits the Megaphone and the Willkie High World, and prepares news for the broadcast over WBMP. 23This geometry bulletin board was done by Emma and Debbie. Senior math students T. Shepard and A. Baugher New book means homework for M. Slayton. New Math Books Updated the Courses Almost every day one uses mathematical knowledge. The math courses offered were at a level for each student --general math, beginning and advanced algebra, geometry, and senior math. Geometry classes used an overhead projector for proving theorems and drawing geometrical figures. Math equipment was measuring devices, the blackboard, and "pounds" of chalk. Tom Oldag and Jerry Bomholt took part in the annual Franklin College math contest. Jerry placed 21st in 100 contestants . L. Doan and M. Frye help A. Davenport. Figuring out a problem were Gary and Terry.The country for study is shown by K. Low, K. Reynolds, P. Clouser, K. Seright. Personality trait analysis interested Linda Sullivan and Kim Slocum. Continuing tradition, D. Elsworth constructed a medieval manor. Social Studies Courses Looked into the Past and Toward the Future This year of national elections proved very interesting for many social studies students. They became involved in discussions on Vietnam, social conditions, and other government issues which showed the concerns of youth. A speaker from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare told of social problems and proposed solutions. Classes offered in this department were world history, U.S. history, geography, soci-ology, psychology, civics, and economics. Group projects, panel discussions, term papers, and individual reports and projects were all part of the activity. 25Explaining an internal combustion engine to B. Weaver and D. Buis was P. Wilson. Science Courses Laid the Foundations for the Scientific World The science-minded students enrolled in classes in physics, chemistry, physical science, and general and advanced biology. The classes made use of film loops, film strips, films, and overhead projectors to further explain the topic discussed. Physics, physical science, and chemistry consisted of text work and experiments. General and advanced biology used the text and did dissections, lab practicals, and microscope work. Special projects were rock collections. leaf collections, research papers, and the planting of trees. Tim Garnerworked on building a laser. Fractional distillation of petroleum was measured by Chemist Ron Gill. 26 Biology of pond water was observed by Tom Oldag in advanced biology.Accurate answers on a slide rule were read by JoAnn VanWinkle and Mark Kelley. Weighing and recording loss of water were Vida Mutchler and Mike Gardner. 27A chalk sketch of Kathy Bambrough was a project of Carolyn Updike. Art Demanded Creativity of Student An attempt was made in the art classes at Willkie to develop creative thinkers . The first-year art students experienced drawing and design of still life, tempera paintings of drawings, lettering, commercial design. The second-year students enjoyed drawing, design, composition, watercolor painting, block printing. Third-year students went on to drawing and composition, acrylic painting, silk screening, and other projects . Expressing her creativity in modern art was Sandy Parker. Student Gerald Hughes made his contribution to the art room in a poster. Lettering and numbering in an ancient style was Dwight Gross. 28Classic and rock were studied in music appreciation as shown by these three. Private instrumental lessons were given by Mr. Parente to student Jeff Leathers. Music Was Studied in Every Phase A solemn piece of music meant hard work for members of the choir. Moving to contemporary music meant not only work but also fun. Music was studied in all phases at Willkie High School. Music classes were choir, music appreciation, band, and private lessons. The choir prepared special numbers for the Spring Sing, Sing out for Servicemen, Variety Show, and songs for some convocations . Music appreciation classes listened and studied every form of music and learned about composers and their style of music. The band prepared half-time shows for basketball and football games, and prepared for parades. Private lessons were for students wishing to further their musical talent. 29M. Magers and C. Pace used card games to leam words. French art is observed. Foreign Languages Broke Communication Barrier One of the most useful and interesting subjects is the studying of the language and customs of a country. Spanish, the language of our Latin American friends, was offered for three years at Willkie. Spanish I and II students used the consolette for lessons; filmstrips to show customs of Mexico, South America, and Spain, a tape recorder for vocabulary words; and Spanish conversations. Third-year students read Spanish magazines and newspapers, held discussions, and gave skits for other Spanish classes. A dictionary broke the language barrier for D. Miller, B. Burton. Spanish III students had discussions on major topics. French is often considered one of the most beautiful languages. Students learned to tell time in French, listened to records that went along with the magazine to which they subscribed, gave short skits, prepared reports on French history and famous Frenchmen, studied French paintings and other French accomplishments.Latin names for bones were given by Christy Davies. Reading French magazines were Gary Johnson, Don Smith, and Jeff Fihe. Before a quiz Cindy Smith studied her French verbs. Listening to tape on the suzette helped in Latin forj. Jackson, T. Davis, P. Davis. Latin is considered the basis for many foreign languages. Latin students benefited from filmstrips in Latin showing historical background and pictures for teaching vocabulary. The consolette was used frequently to present the lessons and then students used what they had heard. 31Hitting a volleyball across the net is Susan Armstrong. Physical Ability Measured in P.E. Physical education was a break from academic work. There were such activities as volleyball, soccer, folk dancing, wrestling. P.E. was also offered in summer school and the classes included swimming, softball, and tennis. The P.E. teachers also taught health. The purpose of the class was to provide facts about the body and the workings of the mind which may, in some small way, prepare the students for adulthood. First aid skills are practiced on Clare Williams. Summer P.E. classes enjoyed days at the pool. Team competition in sports is used in boys' P.E.Project posters by Debbie Frazier, Karen Brewer, and Brenda Carroll get final touches. Possible engine problems are pointed out to Jackie Walters by Mr. Hicks. Narcotics, Driver's Ed Are Appreciated Now Before taking off for a summer drive, Angela Waymire gives a nervous smile. Warning posters are an annual project. Driver's education, an elective, is offered in the regular year and in summer school to those at least 15 years old. In addition to learning the fundamentals of operating an automobile, students were informed of laws for safe driving, and the parts of an automobile and how they operate. Narcotics classes had interesting discussions, viewed films, and made posters. Filmstrips and many small books and pamphlets were given by the State Board of Health. A highlight of the year was a trip to a local drug store to stress the importance of strict drug control.Working on a bookkeeping manual was Jeanie Hobson. A shorthand lesson was started by Carolyn McClain. E.H.S. Students Learned Business Practices Business classes at the high school and vocational school trained business-minded students in office work. General business gives the student a good start in the business world by teaching him the fundamentals of business. Business math was an important class for business students. This class teaches everything from figuring deductions on paychecks to reading the stock market. Business typing was helpful to everyone. This course teaches students how to type and then how to apply this skill to typing in business. Students could then further their typing skills by taking advanced typing, in which they aimed for more speed with accuracy. In bookkeeping student Rusty Loy closed the entries for the day. 34Typing were T. Giselbach, P. Smith, D. Long Finishing his workbook was J. Pierce. Sophomore Mary Jo Alley concentrated on her business typing. Shorthand was a must for future secretaries. This class teaches the fundamentals of shorthand with speed and accuracy. Recordkeeping was an advanced form of bookkeeping. Bookkeeping with the help of visual aids and practice sets was like real bookkeeping setups. Two other classes were office machines and office procedures. These were one-semester classes and this was the first year office machines had been a separate class. Office machines taught the studenthow to use the calculating machines such as the ten-key and rotary calculator, duplicating machines, and dictating machines. Office procedures carried out the training a little farther by explaining when and how to use these machines to one's advantage. Checking her assignment for the day in business math was Diane Shepard.VST and VCT Involves Actual Office Machines Typing a master was a tedious skill for Secretary Wanda Green. V.S.T.-V.C .T. wasa three-hour lab for seniors in which they experienced real office activities. They learned to produce acceptable work of various kinds for faculty members and local businesses, and to meet deadlines, an important need in offices. Through the lab the students improved their skills in shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, duplicating of all types, and other office procedures. Each student did research on a particular firm or business, gathering data on the history, products, and services rendered. They read books or articles on new business trends each week. Field trips included Mercy Hospital, Small's, R.C.A., a Marion bank, and the finance center in Indianapolis. The class actively participated in O. E. A., a co-curricular organization for office labs. The club had many money-making and civic projects. The students also attended the regional leadership conference and state and national conventions. Placing a roll of paper in the adding machine were Judy French and Mrs. Barnett. 36Operating the key punch which makes holes in computer cards was T. Williams. Computers Came and Brought Changes Data processing is a relatively new field of science and is in its second year in Elwood Schools. Vocational data processing is a three-hour course for beginners, and computer science is a three-hour lab for postgraduates or second-year students and was offered for the first time this year. The new computer system of attendance was through data processing. These classes used the computer to put grades on report cards and to do class scheduling. New equipment for the department was the computer, card reach punch, and disk storage drive. Field trips included the data processing center, Citizens Banking Company at.Marion, State Farm Mutual Company in Indianapolis. The students participated in state and national OEA data processing contests and leadership events. 37 Hammersplits were set by Lanetta Smith and Sandi Coston.A wooden bowl is turned on the lathe for H. Gross’s project. An amdot halftone negative is produced by Tom Barmes and Joe Are-hart in the dark room.Truing edges on a joiner is D. Rodriquez while J. Woodworking projects of Eugene Creamer and Jerry Rogers are Casas and R. Brown watch. sanded to a finish. A metal lathe is turning projects of Gary Burchette, Mark Brown, and Jim Davis. Vocational Interests Explored in IA At Willkie High School the industrial arts course helps in the understanding and development of knowledge for the vocation of industrial arts. The classes are beginning and advanced woods, mechanical drawing, I.A. math, printing, blueprint reading, drafting, and home mechanics. Instructional areas are in the high school building as well as in the vocational building. Almost every project in this department is done on an individual basis, and instruction is given likewise.Frequency measurements are tested on the machine by Bob Kolacki and Dave An electrical relay experiment in- Caldwell terests M. Fettig. Electrical Procedures Are Mastered Electronics is becoming one of America's most important and demanding fields. Courses that are offered at the vocational school are basic electricity, electronics, and vocational electronics. In the classroom are discussion and theory explanation. In a well-equipped laboratory experiments and the general functions of electricity are performed . Field trips to Indiana Bell Telephone and Delco Radio, and speakers as Bob Frazee helped to show how demanding the electronics field is. Three vocational electronics students conduct a high voltage (15,000 volts) lab on the Jacob's ladder.Helping roof the new house before winter are B. Thomberry, D. Rodriquez, and R. Niccum. Fascia board is put up by B. McCorkle, R. Day, and M. Cruea. VBT Raises Another House Roofing is nailed by T. Waymire, G. Wylie, T. Altherr. One outside plywood wall is pounded into place by John Pearson, John Teach-nor, Ron Hunter. Vocational building trades is designed for those boys who are interested in learning about the construction trade. The program offers a wide variety of experiences for these boys. The class is operated similar to a construction company with the boys being the workers and the teacher the superintendent. Boys are assigned foreman duties over specific job phases. This is a two-year program open to those who have the prerequisite courses. Some of the boys are from neighboring schools who enroll in the vocational school for one-half day. The house now under construction is on Fairground Road for Mr. Tom Pantos.To mill indicator pieces wasn't any problem for M. Waymire and D. Heller. High Potential Seen in Machine Shop Apprentice-type training for future jobs was taken in vocational machine shop. Heavy machinery was used for the first time by some of the students. They are now purchasing a new horizontal band saw. Kokomo's Continental Steel Company was a field trip, and the Victory Bell was a real project. Group work is used on problems of design and methods of production. Daily routine includes not only machine work, but classroom instruction with films, charts, transparencies, and textbooks. Mathematics is important in machine work, so help is given in this. Tool check-out tags are being made ready to drill by Tim Altherr and Jeff Rogers. The cutting of a gear by horizontal milling machine is led by J. B. Spitzmesser. The new tool crib is shown by John Shepard.Front end rod bearings are put in by Greg Conwell. Carburetor adjustments are made by Mark Hinds and Tony Henn. A motor to overhaul is tom down by Joe Bourff, Dennis Longnecker, Danny Hoose. The intake manifold is tightened by Don Pinkleton, Tim Shelton, Joel Hancock. VAM Prepared Students as Mechanics Vocational auto mechanics is a three-hour program offered to juniors and seniors wishing to enter the auto mechanics field. Classroom study includes parts, repair, and selling the car. In labs they actually perform maintenance on various makes and models, rebuild engines, service air conditioning, and many other phases of mechanics. The class worked in cooperation with Heiser Ford and with East Side Parts. A field trip in November was to the Ford plant in Indianapolis. Boys in the class were in the V.A.M. Club.Seamstress Candy Vice sews first seam on a dress. Demonstrations are done on carts. Training for Homemaking Is Enjoyed The importance of the home-making courses is not easily exaggerated. Mrs. Tolle and Mrs. Schwear help prepare girls for a future of motherhood, cooking, interior decorating, tailoring, nursing, and other skills needed in homes, hospitals, offices. The students not only study from books, but also prepare lunches for faculty (food service), observe children (child care), listen to speakers, view films, and use skits to dramatize food service, take field trips to new homes (interior decorating), and make displays to show what they study. Boys are offered a semester class in home economics . Each girl selects a pattern and works individually. Taking notes on a filmstrip are D. Leisure, T. Waymire, L. Weaver, and B. Mountcastle.Child care classes enjoyed the baby who one of many special projects. visited them for a day. This was only These three girls are preparing to wash dishes. Food service trainees Carolyn Tanzilli and Sandra Johnson slice garlic bread for noon. For the vocational faculty lunch Kathy Tatum and Leta Jones served dessert. 45WBMP's only control girl is ICT's Gay Garrison. Dickey Nursing Home afforded nursing experience for Billy Mitchell. Fun and Work Were the ICT Program Industrial Cooperative Training is a vocational program to prepare students for useful employment by providing on-the-job training while the student completes a regular high school course. It also benefits the school by broadening the vocational program in the community. A one-hour class is required where the student studies specific and related material, tax forms, consumer economics. On-the-job training includes auto mechanics, florist, seamstress, nursing, custodian, radio broadcasting, and work at EMKA and Cannon Products. On the job Dennis Baldwin fills drink orders for afternoon YMCA goers. ICT studies specific and related information.Shelves at the Penney store were stocked carefully and often with new merchandise by DE trainee Jerry Jordan. Dressing a mannequin were B. Gamer and S. Ebert. DE Was a Class of Projects During class Ron and Gary practice on cash register. Telephone etiquette is drilled by Margie and Kathy. ferk £Ui;:(£a Distributive education teaches the phase of business concerned with marketing, distribution, salesmanship, merchandising, display. Juniors and seniors learn marketable skills for employment in the distribution field. The club, DECA, is co-cur-ricular. Students carry over into the club what they have learned in the classroom. DECA performed services for the community with projects operated in a business-like manner which contributed to student growth. They attended three leadership conferences. Junior members had a city survey and a Christmas showcase. In class they experimented with commercials and sales demonstrations. The class has a cash register, practice telephones, mannequins, stock shelves, and showcases. All students worked on a creative marketing project for DECA.athletics From the beginning of time, man has realized the value and pleasure of sporting games and athletic activities . The blood, sweat, and tears of a young athlete may someday lead to happiness and success. In any case, through athletics we learn that, as in life, it is not winning that is as important as simply giving one hundred percent dedication to the cause. Following all the teams in their contests is the loyal student body, realizing that on the battlefields of today lie the foundations for the lives of tomorrow."Fire up E-Men," says cheerleader, Hey, Hey, We Want The Panthers! Varsity cheerleaders await team's arrival. D. Baldwin. PEP CLUB FRONT ROW--Mrs. Van Wagner—sponsor, R. Arnold, V. Huff, L. Van Wagner, B. Florea, P. Widmeyer, A. Myerly, C. Hood, C. Updike, L. Smith. 2nd ROW--D. Hittle, P. Parker, E. Laird, D. Caldwell, R. Fromholtz, L. Budd, R. Stickler, M. Smith, C. Jackson, A. Leisure. 3rd ROW--B. Dudley, V. Freund, P. Kelly, C. Thornberry, K. Pace, R. Etchi-son, P. Fagg, E. Hill, J. Pearson, M. Pedro. 4th ROW--D. Leisure, P. Lantz, D. Laird, C. Pace, K. Weddell, T. Mundy, M. Morgan, K. Brewer, D. Frazier, T. Sandoval. 5th ROW--P. Clouser, J. Cypers, T. King, A. Waymire,D. Stone, J. Beber, R. Fakes, A. Williams, J. Hobson, C. Davies. 6th ROW--L. Robertson, J. Yohe, K. Strong, B. Stewart, J. Short, M. Thorn-berry, M. Anderson, J. Church, T. Noble, P. Davies. 7th ROW--C. Barker, M. Fihe, S. Wright, P. Dunnichay, N. Robertson, S. Hobbs,L. Stiner, M. Kelly, T. Wardwell, R. Murray. BACK ROW—T. Lynas, J. Wire, G. McDaniel, T. Slayton, R. French.I Varsity cheerleaders--Bobbie Florea, Penny Widmeyer, Alice Myerly, Carolyn Updike, Vickie Huff. Polly Panthers, Kathy Bambrough and Maria Updegraff. Junior Varsity cheerleaders--Luwana Smith, Chris Hood, Lome Van Wagner, Rhoda Arnold. Spirit Rallies Teams To Win The Pep Club was a little smaller than usual this year, but they were a spirited group. The 70 member club, under the direction of Mrs. VanWagner, did their best to boost the mighty Panthers. The club chose to wear lightweight navy blue V -neck sweaters . The varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders and Polly Panther, Maria Updegraff, attended cheerleader camp at Vincennes University lastsum-mer in preparation for the upcoming year. Dennis Baldwin was elected to lead the boys' pep block and assist the cheerleaders . Freshmen cheerleaders—Sheryl Wright, Cindy Barker, Tracie Slayton, Nancy Robertson.E-Men: Proud Athletes Any boy who had obtained a letter in any var -sity sport was eligible for E-Men. The club had 40 members. The E-Men had many activities throughout the year. They went to a Purdue football game, a Pacer basketball game, and a Ft. Wayne Comet's hockey game. The E-Men sponsored Powder Puff football, basketball open house, and the had-been, will be basketball game. They also sold concessions at all underclass basketball games, the Elwood relays and wrestling matches. The money from this financed their project which was a new video-tape machine. E-Men were recognized to be one of the more active and spirited organizations. At home basketball games they formed the boys cheerblock. E-Men Rick Coston and Danny Green pass out basketball programs. E-Mens: FRONT ROW--B. Thornberry, D. Green, J. Mock, M. Kelley, B. Courtney, J. King, A. Pace, C. Walters. SECOND ROW--R. Coston, K. Shaw, B. Goodknight, K. Low, J. Rodgers, M. Cluggish, P. Arnold, H. Shepard, B. Ball. THIRD ROW --J. Bomholt, T. Smith, D. Durm, T. Moser, B. Green, D. Prieshoff, T. Oldag, J. Williams. FOURTH ROW--D. Sizelove, B. Delong,B. Etchison, A. Davenport, B. Call, M. Skillman, R. Loy, D. Smith. FIFTH ROW—D. Karch, K. Jones, S. Stone, G. Linsmeyer, B. Sullivan, G. Harting, J. Pearson, N. Alexander. BACK ROW--P. Acres, T. Eaton, L. Hobbs, S. Mengelt, Mr. Keesling--sponsor. 52Attending FCA summer camp: Bruce Ball, Mr. Hicks, Brian Green, Phil Arnold, Ken Low, and Dan Prieshoff at Mount Pleasant, Michigan. FCA sponsor for 1970-71 was Coach Rod Hicks. FCA: FIRST ROW: K. Low, B. Green, B. Ball. SECOND ROW: Jim Mock-President, M. Kelley, A. Pace, R. Coston. THIRD ROW: P. Arold, D. Rries-hoff, J. King, C. Walters. FCA: Professed Christian Ideals. Elwood's huddle group of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes displayed good sportsmanship and spread Christian ideals on the football field, on the basketball court, and other places of competition . Last summer five boys went to Mount Pleasant, Michigan for the National FCA Conference with Coach Hicks. This was a great experience, seeing standout athletes of every field confess their faith. Returning to Elwood, the group worked at getting young blood into the organization to further the life of it and strengthen it. 53Cindermen Accomplished First Winning Season in Ten Years. Cinderman Terry Jones proved his running ability in the 100-yard dash. Strength played a great part in long jumping for Don Powell. Varsity Track Team: FRONT ROW--D. Jones, R. Graham, J. Williams, B. Davis, D. Powell, K. Shaw, P. Rice, T. Jones, K. Slocum, N. Creamer, R. Scott. 2nd ROW--D. Durm, D. Green, B. Ball, K. Low, P. Durham, J. Powell, D. Smith, N. Alexander, R. Wright, J. Pearson. 3rd ROW--P. Arnold, B. Green, J. Acres, J. Seright, M. Guffey, J. Bouslog, G. Cole, D. Rodriquez, M. Kelly. 4th ROW--H. Slate, R. Coston, A. Pace, J. Rogers, B. Thornberry, P. Simmons, D. Prieshoff, J. Mock, B. Hess, T. Davis. BACK ROW--Mr. Keesling, K. Wardwell, D. Tatum, B. Courtney, D. Sizelove, Mr. Bailey.» Dan Prieshoff hurls the shot put. TRACK EL WOOD OPPONENT Pendleton 23 95 Blackford 91 23 Noblesville 29 89 Peru 68 50 Frankton 73 1 2 44 1 2 Tipton--Western 481 2 63--33 1 2 Highland - -Miss. 58 67--23 Alex.--Miss . 82 36 1 2--29 1 2 Noblesville Relays 7th Pendleton Relays 7th C.I.C. 7th New Castle Relays 6th Wilkie's young track team produced the first winning season in ten years. Coach Van Bailey had predicted success for his team. A school record was set in the two-mile as Andy Pace, a junior, breezed to victory. Sectional qualifiers were Seniors Pat Rice, and Terry Jones, and Juniors Kim Shaw, Mark Kelly, Don Powell, and Andy Pace. Don Powell was voted the intersquad trophy and Beth Burton was track queen. FJUiOWV Junior Varsity Track Team: FRONT ROW--K. Southern, P. Acres, B. Carpenter, R. Tompkins, S. Stone, J. Dillon, D. Buis. MIDDLE ROW--Coach Marcuson, R. Shaw, T. Eaton, K. Giselbach, K. Jones, D. Adams, K. Hobbs. BACK ROW--M. Humphrey, A. Durm, P. Clark, R. Robinson, D. Clary, E. Gillespie. 55Golfers Swing Winning Season A good game of golf is for fun and relaxation, as well as for competition, The team practiced every day on the Country Club greens, where meets were held. Mr , Burton coached the Wilkie High swingers to a fine 10--7 record in 1970. They placed 6th in C.I.C. tourney and 15th in the Sectional. The Varsity Team was led in scoring by the graduating Bruce Updegraff, and by number twc man, Junior Tom Oldag. Golf Team: FRONT ROW--T. Wright, J. Himburg, M. Skillman, K. Brown, B. Updegraff, A. Davenport, T. Brunnemer. BACK ROW--J. Dunnichay, G. Linsmeyer, B. Sullivan, M. Gerth, B. DeLong, T. Oldag. GOLF ELWOOD OPPONENT Mt. Vernon 4 1 2 51 2 Highland 6 4 Blackford 14 1 Peru 4 1 2 51 2 Tipton 10 5 Muncie South 12 1 2 21 2 Frankfort 1 14 Noblesville 0 10 Alexandria 8 7 Burris 91 2 51 2 Bloomington Invitational 13th (334 strokes) Lebanon 1 1 2 161 2 Mississinewa 9 1 Kokomo 91 2 51 2 Pendleton 0 1 Shenandoah 1 0 LaPorte Inv. 20th (355 strokes) Culver Inv. 16th (349 strokes) Madison Heights rained out C.I.C. at Alexandria 6th (353 strokes) Delta 1 0 Eastbrook Inv. Disqualified Sectional 15th (352 strokes) 56 Looks as if Mark missed a birdie.Cross-country Men End in 4—4 Season CROSS COUNTRY ELWOOD OPPONENT Pike Invitational 8 th Highland 30 25 Peru 25 34 New Castle 44 17 Tipton--Blackford 32 39--45 Oak Hill--Miss . 39 30--57 Wabash--Alex. 40 38--46 Shenandoah 49 15 C.I.C. 3rd--100 points M. Grant--Frankton 58 28--44 1 2 Sectional 16th--406 points Cross Country is a mastery of running longdistances in a short time. Willkie's team ran at the Elwood Country Club and was coached by Mr. Hicks . The Junior Varsity's record was 2--4. Panting to the finish is Jerry Bomholt. Cross Country: FRONT ROW--Andy Pace, Paul Acres, Aaron Davenport, Kem Jones, Jerry Bomholt, Nick Croy. BACK ROW--Ron Stout, Bill Thornberry, Ken Low, Mark Kelly, Bruce DeLong, Dave Durm, Dave Stout, Coach Hicks. 57Fall Tennis Was New This Year TENNIS SPRING FALL E--Op E - -Op Burris 1--6 1 - -6 Blackford 3--4 0--7 Wabash 1--6 0--7 Tipton 3--4 2--5 Hamilton S.E. 4--3 Huntington 0--7 1--6 Mississinewa 2--5 2--5 Alexandria 2--5 3--4 Peru 0--7 0--7 Kokomo Sectional 0--4 Spring Tennis Team: FRONT ROW—J. Balser, T. Moser. BACK ROW--L. Kelley, Coach Hicks, C. Walters, J. Julius. Fall Team: J. Cleaver, B. Peters, R. Bayne, D. Karch, B. Green, B. Goodknight, B. Courtney, T. Moser. The 1970 spring tennis team experienced a rough season without a win. The team was predominately underclass -men coached by Mr. Hicks. Then tennis was moved to the fall season. The young netters, coached by Mr. Marcuson, had a 1--9 season record. Tom Moser was named to the honorable mention on the C.I.C. team. Returning the ball was B. Courtney. B. Goodknight shows his skill with a high serve.Susan Gardner threw a pass while C. Updike and S. Wright protected her. Girls Entered the World of Sports as Football Players The second annual Powder Puff football game on October 29 turned out to be a muddy battle. The Freshman-Junior team, alias Leo's Ladies, walked off as the victors. The Sophomore-Senior team, alias Arnie's Army, left the field with low spirits from their defeat of 38 - -0. Coaches for the Freshmen-Juniors were Leo Dauenhauer and Don Smith, and for the Sophomore-Seniors Phil Arnold and Bruce Ball. Outstanding players for the two teams were Susie Gardner, Tracie Slayton, Sara Hobbs, Maria Updegraff, Mindy Fihe, Bobbie Florea, Debby Leever, Sandy Parker, Susie Hirsch.Varsity Football: FRONT ROW--Manager D. Sizelove, B. Etchison, N. Alexander, S. Ebert, T. Smith, M. Cluggish, G. Halting, Manager T. Eaton. SECOND ROW--Manager B. Savage, L. Dauenhauer, M. Guffy, K. Shaw, R. McPhearson, D. Green, R. Coston, ManagerB. Jarrell, Manager B. Call. THIRD ROW--Manager D. Humphrey, R. Sanders, C. Walters, T. Robinson, J. King, T. Henn, R. Wright, D. Prieshoff, J. Bouslog, Manager S. Mengelt. BACK ROW--Coach Keesling, D. Smith, K. Slocum, B. Ball, R. Scott, N. Creamer, P. Travis, J. Williams, P. Arnold, J. Mock, R. Loy, Assistant Coach Moore. FOOTBALL ELWOOD OP. Noblesville 6 39 Blackford Co. 22 14 Muncie South 8 16 Alexandria 6 6 Madison Heights 0 41 Tipton 14 22 Peru 14 34 W. Lafayette 18 28 Wabash 6 24 Huntington 6 50 Panthers overcome Pirates as Coyt hugs the ball from the grasp of the tacklers. 60Tactics for another touchdown are discussed by Senior Don Powell and Coach Keesling. New Programs Kicked Off with Football The Panthers proved that they could play excellent football and that they could win even though they did not have a winning season. Morale builders included a renovated and carpeted dressing room, renovated showers, new blue and red uniforms with white shoes, and practice machines (compliments of the firemen). Many honors were awarded to some of thegridders: C.I.C. honorable mention--Don Smith, Don Powell, Phil Arnold, and Jim King; C .1 .C. 2nd team--Joe Williams; All-County Grid Team--lst team--Joe Williams and 2nd team--Don Powell; All-State Team--Joe Williams Senior Players: FRONT ROW--K. Shaw, S. Ebert, R. Coston. SECOND ROW--C. Walters, J. King, T. Smith, D. Green, M. Cluggish. BACK ROW--D. Prieshoff, B. Ball, J. Williams, P. Arnold, J. Mock, and R. Sanders. 61J.V s Developed Skills for Varsity Action JUNIOR VARSITY ELWOOD OPPONENT Madison Heights 0 2 Pendleton 0 26 Frankfort 20 24 Huntington 6 14 Mississinewa 22 0 Peru 14 24 Noblesville 0 18 Muncie South 6 12 Tipton 8 13 This year's Junior Varsity Team had a 1--8 season. However they won more than the record indicates: they gained sportsmanship, respect, and the ability to play good football. Good work was done by several on offense; many good blocks were thrown in backfield; strong defense was exhibited by several boys . The team displayed a never-give-up attitude and much courage. Running a touchdown for the Jr. Varsity team is Sophomore Bob Carpenter. Junior Varsity Team: FRONT ROW--T. Eaton, J. Himburg, R. Shaw, D. Cooper, B. Bingham, B. Jarrell. SECOND ROW --S. Mengelt, R. Robinson, K. Hobbs, R. Hodson, J. Parsons, D. Buis, T. Giselbach, D. Humphrey. THIRD ROW--B. Savage, K. Riegel, G. Linsmeyer, S. Stone, E. Robinson, B. Carpenter, M. Bollinger, D. Clary, D. Vinson. BACK ROW —Coach McQuitty, J. McElfresh, B. Whisler, B. Sullivan, K. Thrawl, K. Giselbach, B. Altherr, T. Altherr, K. Southern, M. Altherr, Coach Bailey. 62R. Conner tackled Mississinewa back. Freshmen Ability Leads to 5—3 Record FRESHMAN FOOTBALL E OP. Madison Heights 28 0 S. Side, Anderson 0 14 Alexandria 34 6 Blackford 24 0 Mississinewa 28 8 Peru 6 14 Nobles vi lie 0 18 Pendleton 34 6 The Freshman Football Team, which was coached by Mr. William Hocker and Mr. Michael House, had a season record of five wins and three losses . The offense scored a total of 154 points, and the defense allowed the opponents only 66 points in 8 games. Some of the outstanding players for the season were John Burnette, Dave Pace, Ted Tyner, Kevin Courtney, Ron Connors, and Fred Stage. These team members gained skills and experience to aid them as they become Junior Varsity and Varsity players another year. Freshman Football Team: FRONT ROW—R. Hughes, S. Heiser, S. Chase, M. Robinson, M. Nichols. SECOND ROW—K. Fewell, T. Juday, D. Zech, F. Stage, D. Pace, P. Beach. THIRD ROW--Coach House, B. Hocker, T. Troutman, T. Hanlin, J. Burnette, T. Hibst, T. Pierce, B. Kaiser, Coach Hocker. BACK ROW—J. Smith, R. Conner, J. Jackson, J. Green, K. Courtney, B. Sanders, P. Fuller, T. Tyner. 63Diamond Stars Were Victorious % V t n C.Lr Safe on the base by inches is Ted Da- Conferring with Coach Spear is L. vis. Dauenhauer. The '69-'70 edition of the baseball team enjoyed the only winning season of the year for Elwood athletics. The squad, coached by Tom Spear, compiled a record of 15 wins and 5 losses . They went to the final game only to fall to Madison Heights . The squad had only one game before four seniors had to leave, for various reasons. At that time a predominantly underclass team dropped the other four losses and a CIC berth but gained valuable experience for the next year. Batting another victory for the baseball team is Joe Williams. Baseball Scores E.H.S. OPP. Madison Heights 6 5 Sheanandoah 4 0 Hamilton Heights 11 2 Frontier 13 2 Frontier 14 5 Lapel 11 0 Haworth 4 13 Madison-Grant 9 4 Delta 9 3 Tipton 11 2 Frankton 10 9 Lapel 3 0 Madison Heights 2 8 Blackford 2 3 Wabash 8 7 Tipton 3 2 Huntington 1 5 Alexandria 11 3 Burris 12 0 Peru 5 7 Team Members Bill Skillman Ron Romig John Seright Joe Williams Jerry Bomholt Danny Green, Mgr. Don Powell Bill Thornberry Hal Shepard Ron Scott Leo Dauenhauer Dave Sizelove, Mgr. John Pearson Jack Powell Brian Courtney Dave Cannon Coyt Walters Terry Jones, Mgr. 64Grappler R. Loy is going for a pin. Breaking down the opponent an important step before the pin is grappler Jim King. Grapplers Place 4th in CIC The wrestling team was led by coach Les Marcus on and a group of experienced seniors. The team had a season record of 5 wins and 6 losses. They met such rivals as Tipton, Alex, and Noblesville. In the Tipton Invitational they placed seventh. The team placed eleventh in the sectional . Wrestling Scores E.H.S. OPP. Western 20 34 Clinton Prairie 38 16 Madison-Grant 30 22 Noblesville 8 36 Haworth 18 36 Wabash 40 16 Highland 20 29 Peru 23 28 Hamilton Heights 38 16 Tipton 28 31 Alexandria 32 14 Wrestling Team: FRONT ROW--S. Heiser, R. Bayne, J. Leavett, B. Leisure, R. Coston, D. Green, A. Pace, J. Dillion, D. Buis. SECOND ROW—Mr. Markson--coach, N. Alexander, B. Ball, R. Loy, C. Walters, B. Whistler, T. Pierce, B. Stewart. BACK ROW M. Robinson, R. Hughes, B. Etchison, P. Acres, T. Hancher, G. Hibst, T. Walker, R. Adair. 65Varsity Basketball: FRONT ROW--B. Thornberry, B. Delong, P. Arnold, D. Prieshoff. SECOND ROW--K. Courtney, G. Johnson, J. Fihe, L. Kelley, Mr. McQuitty--coach. BACK ROW--B. Courtney—manager, J. Bomholt, D. Powell, J. Williams, D. Sizelove—manager. Varsity Team: Shot Six Season Victories Under the coaching of Darrell McQuitty the Elwood Panther varsity basketball team fought long and hard to obtain a record of 7 wins and 13 losses. Seldom being able to put a whole game together, the Cats lost many a close contest. The Panthers placed third in the Holiday Tourney, beatingCrawfordsville in the consolation game after losing a heartbreaker to Frankfort. Ending up the season with a win over Wes-Del, they drew Marion in the first game of the sectional. Three Panthers, J. Williams, B. Bomholt, J. Delong, are ready to steal the ball.Rebounds plays are important in the game, Dan Prieshoff gains con- Lay-up strategy is completed by Larry Kelly, trol of the ball. Basketball Scores E.H.S. Opp Muncie Southside 65 64 Mississinewa 74 78 Huntington 61 68 Haworth 60 72 Nbblesville 55 49 Frankfort 58 60 Crawfordsville 67 56 Madison Heights 58 99 Muncie Burris 71 69 Marion 66 77 Alexandria 48 75 Muncie Central 64 88 Blackford County 69 76 Taylor 77 72 Tipton 64 66 Hamilton Heights 84 79 Wabash 62 85 Highland 63 68 Peru 55 82 Wes-Del 79 76 Dribbling down the floor to make a shot is Senior Don Powell.Tip-off lead by Blair Sullivan. Jr. Vars. Works Toward Varsity Frustration for the B-team year was also one of gaining the needed experience for next year's varsity. Improvement was evident on the part of many individuals and Mr. Hicks stated that he was proud of every boy at the end of the season. With a final record of 6--12, the reserve team was led by three underclassmen also on the varsity. Jr. Vars . Basketball Scores School EHS OPP Muncie South 32 43 Mississinewa 37 49 Huntington 20 42 Haworth 46 49 Noblesville 25 43 Madison Heights 47 49 Muncie Burris 52 42 Marion 41 63 Alexandria 53 46 Muncie Central 34 37 Blackford County 31 53 Taylor 58 74 Tipton 44 42 Hamilton Heights 65 54 Wabash 50 48 Highland 30 46 Peru 40 37 Wes -Del 41 67 Elwood Panthers R. Robinson, D. Cooper, J. Fihe, watch E. Gillespie gain control of the ball. Jr. Vars. Basketball Team: FRONT ROW--A. Durm, D. Cooper, K. Jones, R. Robison, D. Clary. SECOND ROW--B. Sullivan, G. Johnson, J. Fihe, K. Courtney, S. Stone. BACK ROW--K. Southern, G. Lins-meyer, E. Gillespie, T. Eaton, Mr. Hicks--coach. 68All the guarding by the Muncie Central Bears didn't seem to work on Dave Stout. Freshman Basketball Team: FRONT ROW--J. Burnette, M. Carmody, B. Kessinger, L. Gerth, B. Hooker, P. Beach. SECOND ROW--T. Han-lin, B. Drake, M. Poor, K. Fewell, F. Stage, R. Julius. THIRD ROW--S. Scott, B. Kaiser, P. Fuller, R. Conner, D. Stout, J. Leeson.BACK ROW—T. Juday—manager, M. Kelley—assistant, D. Pace, J. Mock— assistant, J. Green--manager, M. Nichols—manager, Mr. Bailey— coach. Shots of Fred Stage go on in there. Great Potential in Freshmen Team In freshmen action this year, the young Panthers showed a lot of potential for Coach Bailey. The nineteen boys playing A B ball played quite a few good games and ended the season with a combined record of 11 - -7. Freshmen Basketball Scores School EHS OPP Tipton A 29 33 Tipton B 29 21 Mississinewa A 34 36 Mississinewa B 45 31 Anderson South 23 48 Alexandria A 44 39 Alexandria B 36 34 Wes -Del 30 27 Muncie McKinley 47 57 Hamilton Heights A 43 47 Hamilton Heights B 44 24 Madison Heights 53 58 Blackford Co. A 56 40 Blackford Co. B 30 59 Pendleton Heights A 47 40 Pendleton Heights B 32 46 Tipton (4-way) 37 40 Alexandria 50 39 Wabash A 41 34 Wabash B 41 36GAA: Individual Athletic Skill Rebirth of the Girls Athletic Association occurred here, making 1970-71 the first time in 6 years for their activities in El-wood. G.A.A. members total 60and is sponsored by June VanWagner . G.A.A. offered a variety of sports activities: volleyball, basketball, bowling, gymnastics, track, tennis, softball, and swimming. Officers: President: M. Updegraff Vice Pres .: S . Gardner Secretary: C. Updike Treasurer: A. Linegar Tumbling, one of the G.A.A. activities, provides Nancy Whitenack with a neck breaking experience. G.A.A.: FRONT ROW--S. Gardner, M. Updegraff, A. Linegar, C. Updike, B. Florea, A. Myerly, V. Huff, P. Widmeyer, R. Arnold, C. Hood, L. VanWagner, L. Stokes. SECOND ROW--R. Bryan, S. Wright, P. Dunnichay, N. Robertson, N. Whitenack, M. Kelley, L. Stiner, R. Murray, P. McMahan, T. Adair, M. Beavers. THIRD ROW--R. Garcia, S. Hobbs, N. Gerth, M. Frye, E. Hill, J. Wire, R. French, S. Hobbs, K. Bambrough, S. Hocker, T. Wardwell. FOURTH ROW--T. Lynas, B. Stewart, D. Wells, K. Brewer, M. King, L. Svendsen, J. Kilgore, N. Abernathy, C. Riley, H. Steffler, S. Parker. FIFTH ROW--A. Williams, A. Callaway, T. King, K. Vice, D. Stone, J. Beber, M. Alley, D. Leever, T. Slayton, B. Cleaver. BACK ROW--Mrs. VanWagner, Sponsor, P. Ciimans, S. Hirsh, K. Scholl, C. Pace, K. Reynolds, M. Smith, C. Jackson.Concessions: Refreshed Game Goers Preparing cokes are K. Reynolds and B. Summers. Selling a drink during half-time is S. Hirsch. Concession Club at Willkie High was under the direction of Mr. Brown and Mrs. Starkey. The fifteen members sold popcorn, pepsi, candy and other items of refreshments at the games. President Susie Hirsch and her club set a goal of $1,000 for the year and the group experienced many good times over the year. A banquet concluded the year. A Jr. high student helps out. Concessions: FRONT ROW--D. Shepard, M. Alley, K. Reynolds, B. Summers, F. Steff-ler. SECOND ROW—C. McDaniels, M. Burton, R. Wright, S. Hirsh. BACK ROW—Mr. Brown--sponsor, T. Simmons, P. Smith, M. Summers, Mrs. Starkey--sponsor.organizations From the minute a person is born his personality starts to take shape. One's interests, activities, ideas, and habits, depend almost entirely upon one's friends, family, and other surrounding factors. That's what Willkie High is. A school is not a building, a collection of books, or halls of lockers . A school is simply people: teachers, counselors, administration, students, and everyone else working together. This relationship adds a human aspect to the sometimes routine and seemingly endless commotion.Crescent: Re- quires Abundance of People and Ideas Lots more goes into the making and editing of a yearbook than meets the eye. In July, the two editors Barb Butcher and Debbie Miller went to a workshop at Ball State. They returned with yearbook theory. With Mrs. Chapman, the advisor, and Bill Wright, the company representative, prac -tical knowledge was put to use. Co -operation with the com -mittees was evident in the meeting of deadlines and adding final touches. A completely new layout style was used this year, headlines were changed to the stacked type, the cover was designed by the editors instead of using a company make. The Crescent staff, advisor, and committee hope you enjoy it greatly. Chamber of Commerce represents the needed advertising. Copy chairman Jim Mock spends many hours editing assignments. Crescent Committee: FRONT ROW--T. Mangas, M. Pedro, R. Arnold, T. King, J. McElfresh, C. Updike, D. Shepard, P. Widmeyer. SECOND ROW--S. Tharp, P. Crimans, A. Callaway, M. Frye, C. Jackson, C. Richardson, C. Pace, R. Gardner, K. Seright, M. Alley. THIRD ROW—K. Reynolds, J. Murphy, M. Smith, L. VanWagner, P. Widmeyer, J. Pearson, C. Backer, J. Beber, M. Anderson, D. Stage, K. Scholl. BACK ROW--D. Abbott, A. Linegar, D. Leonard, C. Walters, D. Prieshoff, P. Arnold, J. Leathers, P. Simmons, L. Cox, B. Showers, R. Stickler, S. Mengelt, M. Summers.After a long night's work Barb and Debbie appear really tired. Head photographer Brian Green snaps another one. Crescent Committee Chairman: Paulette Clouser, Susie Hirsch, and Anita Baugher. Another piece of copy is being turned in by JoAnne McElfresh, a member of the committee. Decisions for the Crescent construction were made with American Yearbook's representative Bill Wright.Megaphone Staff: Published School's News and Comments The Megaphone was the school paper published three times a semester by the journalism students at Willkie High. The printer was Deter's of Elwood. Editor Mark Tancey and co-editor Ken Low gave out the assignments to the rest of the class under the supervision of Mrs. Crimans. After the copy was edited and corrected it was sent to Deter's to be printed into galleys . The galley sheets were returned and the class checked the proofs and then pasted them on a dummy news -paper. Both the dummies and the galleys were returned to Deter’s to be printed. The class' efforts were avidly read by news conscious students. Another issue of the Megaphone was sold by Debbie Frazier to freshman, Dave Waymire. Megaphone Staff: FRONT ROW—K. Low, Mrs. Crimans—sponsor, H. Kelich, B. Dudley, P. Poynter, D. Garmen, K. Seright. MIDDLE ROW--L. Kane, D. Frazier, C. Pace, J. Murphey, K. Reynolds, B. Showers, R. Arnold, J. Baker, L. Savage. BACK ROW—j. Hook, M. Skillman, M. Tancev. T. Hartsock, P. Hankley, C. Walters, K. Low.Thespians: Display Acting Ability Thespian Troupe 58 at Willkie High began an active year by selecting new members. These people tried out by reading a short passage evaluated on speed, expression, interpretation and volume. They also made a statement on why they wanted to join Thespians . There are 60 members. In late October, Thespians held a work day to earn money and offer a service to the community. The annual Snowball Dance was held on December 16, 1970. Carolyn Updike was crowned Snowball Queen. On February 3, 1971, the Troupe presented four competitive one -act plays . Carmen Garcia directed "To Burn a Witch", Cathy Richardson directed "The Open Window", Mark Tancey, "Thursdays at Home", and Jim Mock, "The Monkey's Paw". Listening to K. Low's plead for life are M. Knauer and C. Hood. Thespians: FIRST ROW—S. Tharp, P. Monahan, T. Slayton, M. Knauer—Recorder, J. Mock—V-R-esident, D. Stage— President, P. Crimans—Secretary, S. Hocker—Treasurer, T. King, C. Hood, S. Kiefer, Mrs. Welker—Sponsor. SECOND ROW--T. Wardwell, C. Updike, R. Fakes, T. Slayton, D. Farley, E. Hill, S. Hobbs, K. Reynolds, A. Callaway, K. Low, K. Bambrough, C. Barker. THIRD ROW--M. Updegraff, K. Waymire, J. Van Winkle, j. Carroll, C. Frye, C. Richardson, K. Scholls, C. Garcia, L. Robertson, K. Seright, T. Heater, L. Lineberry, L. Harmon, A. Myerly. FOURTH ROW--J. Bucci, A. Lineger, P. Davis, A. Humel, P. Wingrove, K. Low, A. Kane, M. Rennier, B. Green, M. Summers, L. LaPointe, P. Crimans, L. Harting, S. Mengelt, M. Tancey. 77Student Council: The Government Student Council acts as a representative of the school body to initiate activities and act as a sounding board for possible change. This prominent organization sponsored the Homecoming Dance on September 26, 1970 andsoldfoot-ball stickers as a money making project. Bob Schwalm headed a com -mittee to work on the dress code revision with the administration and faculty. Officers and Sponsors: President: Bruce Williams Vice-Pres.: Mark Tancey Secretary: Jerita Carroll Treasurer: Robin Gardner Mr. Singleton, Mrs. Welker and Mr. Huffman Jailbirds! No, Just student council officers. From Left to Right: M. Tancey, J. Carroll, B. Williams, R. Gardner. Student Council: FRONT ROW--Mrs. Welker--sponsor, J. Carroll, B. Williams, M. Tancey, R. Gardner, Mr. Singleton--sponsor. SECOND ROW--P. Widmeyer, K. Bambrough, V. Huff, K. Tatum, A. Myerly, C. Barker, P. Dunnichay, S. Wright. THIRD ROW--R. Murray, M. Kelly, M. Hobbs, C. Richardson, R. Gill, C. Jackson, B. Carpenter, M. Slley, B. Hocker. BACK ROW--D. Beeman, T. Hanlin, B. Jones, B. Courtney, K. Courtney, B. Sullivan, J. Cleaver, C. Walter, B. Schwalm. 78FT A Explored the Career of Teaching Teaching is exciting, as Willkie High Future Teachers know. This group worked with the Elwood Classroom Teachers Association and initiated projects of their own: Red Apple Day, Homecoming Mum Sales, Christmas party, conventions, and practice teaching with teachers in their classrooms. Officers: President: Ken Low Vice-Pres .: Margaret Magers Secretary and Treasurer: Barb Butcher Sponsors: Mrs . C. Barr Miss N. Clayton Mrs. R . Merritt Mr. R . Hiatt Mr. S. House President, Ken Low, presided during the installation and initiation ceremony. F.T.A. Club: FRONT ROW—K. Reynolds, M. Magers, K. Low, B. Butcher, L. Savage, D. Poor. MIDDLE ROW—T. Mangas, R. Hughes, A. Leisure, R. Savage, S. Hocker, Mrs. Barr. BACK ROW--P. Crimans, C. Pace, M. Rennier, P. Arnold, D. Durm, A. Baugher, K. Low. 79Spanish Club: To Study a Culture. Membership for Spanish club grew to 60 persons. To learn more about the Spanish people and their background, the members have seen slides of Spain and Central America. They also had a Mexican dinner and a Cuban dinner. There was an opportunity for the third year students to take a trip to Mexico over spring vacation with the help of the club. During the Christmas season the Spanish, French, and Latin Christmas party was hit so hard it accidentally fell off the string. The candy was quickly picked up and devoured . Spanish Club Officers: President: Linda Sullivan Vice-President: RaeAnn Stewart Secretary: Margaret Magers Treasurer: Barb Butcher Sponsor: Mr. Compton At a Spanish Club party Barb Butcher enjoys eating refried bananas. Part of the entertainment for the language clubs party was Marty Summer's skit. Spanish Club: FRONT ROW—S. Tharp, J. Bomersback, D. Poor, R. Stewart, M. Magers, B. Butcher, L. Sullivan, K. McDaniel, L. Miller, J. Svendsen, D. Miller. SECOND ROW—Mr. Compton—sponsor, R. Hughes, K. Tatum, K. Brewer, H. Steffler, B. Summers, J. VanWinkle, D. Wells, C. Richardson, S. Gardner, L. Cluggish, P. Monahan, D. Noble. THIRD ROW—D. Mutchler, S. Hobbs, G. Riley, B. Stewart, R. Garcia, J. Cole, D. McDermit, R. Beeman, P. Crimans, J. Short, T. Moore, S. Hobbs, K. .Waymire. BACK ROW—D. Farley, C. Frye, H. Lucas, R. Gill, C. Walters, D. Gill, T. Oldag, J. Williams, J. Church, M. Gardner, M. Hipes, M. McDermit, C. Pace.French Club: Caroled at Nursing Homes French Club was one of three language clubs at Willkie. To be a member, one must have had a full semester of French. It's main objective is learning about France--the country, its people, their customs, and the language. This year the French Club participated in a selling project to raise money for a field trip. A gala night in Anderson, a movie and dinner, was enjoyed by the club. This group joined the Latin and Spanish Clubs for their yearly caroling party. Stationery, candles, and sachet balls were sold. C. Wilson, N. Whitenack, and S. Wright check their stock. French Club: FRONT ROW--T. Mangas, T. King, C. Hood, C. Barker, T. Slayton, A. Waymire, Mrs. Ferguson--sponsor. SECOND ROW--P. Dunnichay, P. Crimans, T. Lynas, T. Wardwell, V. Freund, V. Huff, B. Dudley, C. Wilson, S. Wright, S. Kiefer. THIRD ROW--J. Wire, P. Lantz, K. Morgan, P. Clouser, K. Johnson, J. Bucci, M. Fihe, A. Callaway, B. Carpenter, M. Hoover, J. Kilgore. BACK ROW--P. Sharp, S. Mengelt, S. Stone, N. Whiteneck, L. Van Wagner, C. McQuitty, J. Cyphers, S. Chase, J. Faucett.Latin Club: Veni Vidi Vici Latin Club had limited activities this year. Their annual Christmas caroling party with the French and Spanish clubs was great fun. Latin members held an initiation party at which they wore their traditional togas to initiate new members. The senior members were noblemen of Rome and initiated the new members, or the serfs . Officers: Consuls: Marcey Beavers and Christy Davies Scriptor: Alice Humel Quaister: Marty King True Romans wore togas, so does Bruce Etchison. All the wearing apparel seems confusing. Finally Jeff Leathers gets dressed. Latin Club: FRONT ROW—M. King, A. Humel, M. Beavers, C. Davies. MIDDLE ROW—C. Updike, T. Adair, J. Marley, G. McDaniel, P. Davies. BACK ROW--B. Edwards, M. Summers, B. Savage, D. Elsworth, A. Linegar, K. Scholl.Constitution revisionists are Junior Club members: P. Crimans, C. Sitelone, and T. Leathers. Math Club: Enjoyed Mathematical Fun Members of the Math Club must be a junior or senior and have a C average in Math. These students have an interest in Mathematics and may even go on to choose math as a career. This year's Club is in the process of changing the Club's constitution. Talks are given by members including EINSTEIN'S THEORY by Jeff Leathers . Officers: President: M. Kelly Secretary: P. Crimans Sponsor: Mr. Herndon Math Club: FRONT ROW--M. Summers, Mr. Herndon—sponsor, P. Crimans. MIDDLE ROW--M. Knauer, L. Kane, T. Ol-dag, M. Skillman, C. Sizelove. BACK ROW--J. Leathers, M. Rennier, M. Kelley, P. Arnold, M. Copher, P. Wingrove.Behind Beth Rittenhouse, Margret Fernung, and Nancy Gerth is the FHA Night class refreshments were often baked afner which the club made themselves. It is made from red and white by Becky Miller. felt- FHA: Eyeing the Future For girls with an eye to the future, an organization to join is Future Homemakers of America . The requirement for membership is to have completed one semester in home economics. Activities were selling concessions to adult night classes, camping at Turkey Run, Christmas caroling, and attendance at District and State Conventions. F .H. A.: FRONT ROW--Mrs. Schwear--sponsor, N. Gerth, L. Cox, B. Rittenhouse, R. Garcia, Mrs. Tolle--sponsor. SECOND ROW—L. Jarrell, P. Bilyeu, V. Conners, B. Miller, C. McElfresh, M. Fernung, C. Tatum, D. Miller, R. Savage. BACK ROW--B. Showers, J. Jackson, P. Luzadder, M. Frve, S. Hahn, J. Atwell, M. Gardner, C. McClain, B. Mochrie.Steve Sallee examines hospital facilities. Emergency care for Debbie Elsworth is nesting in bed under a nurse's eye. Only a strange case requires three doctors, Angie Leisure must have just that. It is a stretcher for Joa Yohe. Health Careers: Joins "Disaster" Health Careers Club was formed in January 1970 to acquaint students in WLW of various health careers. The fifteen members worked hard at raising this new club to the attention of the student body. They shared in many talks and mutual discussion promoting health careers. One of the field trips was to Marion General Hospital. Health Careers: FRONT ROW—D. Bright, R. Garcia—treasurer, N. Dehart—president. NODDLE ROW—J. Yohe.L. Jarrell--vice president, G. Harris, Mrs.Sullivan—sponsor. BACK ROW—J. McElfresh, S. Hobbs, D. Elsworth, S. Sallee, L. Robertson.Many floors were swept by janitor assistant Larry Hobbs. Errands from the assistant principal's office were run by Kyle Hobbs. NYC students work in the school system. NYC: Learn To Work NYC is a working organization in the halls of Willkie. Sponsored by Mr. Ray, the Neighborhood Youth Corps works three hours a day in one of the Elwood Pub -lie schools. A related information class is also attended by each student in the afternoon. This course helps each student to prepare for the future, whatever their vocation will be. NYC: FRONT ROW--Mr. Ray—coordinator, T. Sandoval, R. Garcia, B. Moss, J. Mc-Phearson, P. Kelley. BACK ROW—T. Galbreath, L. Hobbs, C. Foor, D. Galbreath, B. Leisure, J. Pittman, K. Hobbs, J. Litaker, B. Maish, H. King.Foreign Exchange: FRONT ROW—P. Crimans.M. Magers, L. Cluggish, D.Poor. SECOND ROW--Mr. Compton--sponsor, K. Tatum, K. Reynolds, S. Hirsh. BACK ROW--M. Knauer, K. Scholl, C. Walters, A. Linegar, C. Pace. Foreign Exchange: Different Cultures Foreign Exchange Club was for the purpose of promoting understanding between people of different cultural backgrounds . The club was sponsored by the heads of the language de -partment. Until last year the club was apart of Student Council . This year the club branched out as an individual club. The club plans to send a student from E.H.S. to be a student in Europe. Officers President --Debby Poor Vice-President--Peg Magers Secretary--Louie Cluggish Treasurer--Peg Crimans Projectionists: M. Coulbert, D. Wiley, J. Gill, Mr. Smith--director, S. Sallee. Not pictured—D. Kleyla, T. Simmons, R. Niccum, B. Sanders, S. Scott, C. Walden, J. Walden, R. Hughes, D. Mutchler, J. Combs, T. Rolland, R. Brown. Projectionist: School Service Mr. George Smith and the projectionists club provided an important role in classes at E.H.S. The boys in the club volunteer their free periods and study halls to present films to classes during the year. On Award's Day the boys were given special recognition from the Audio-Visual department . A banquet was held at the end of the year in the boy's honor. 87Panther Band: FIRST ROW--P. Crimans, B. McMahan, D. Crable, N. Rittenhouse, J. Rittenhouse, C. Tatum, K. Dever, V. Spitz- Harting,T. Slayton, B. Green, N. Norris, N. messer, N. Whitenack, B. Lytle, K. Tatum, Rittenhouse. FOURTH ROW—A. Jackson, M. Cabiser. SECOND ROW--J. Leathers, M. M. Fernung, P. Crimans, G. McDaniels, N. Knauer, V. Campbell, M. Beavers, M. Dever, Abernathy, J. Kilgore, M. Harting,M. King] T. Long, B. Kessinger, A. Humel, G. Cor- P. Wingrove, M. Fernung. FIFTH ROW—g! bett, R. Crowe. THIRD ROW—J. Atwell, P. Moore, J. Weddel, D. McElfresh, B. Bozell, 88C. Wilson, C. Summers, L. Lineberry, M. Rennier, M. Copher, A. Kane, T. Moser. SIXTH ROW—G. Burchette, J. Davis, K. Elkins. SEVENTH ROW—D. Shiffler, D. Gardner, B. Williams, Z. Gardner, J. Fettig, M. Dever, J. Miller, H. Slate, D. Piirto. Pantherettes: FRONT ROW--K. McDaniels, L. Stokes, C. Garcia—Feature Twirler, J. VanWinkle—Head Majorette, C. Gootee--Feature Twirler, S. Bannon, T. Wells, L. McElfresh. SECOND ROW—S. Hollowell, P. Poynter, C. Frye, B. Goodknight—Drum Major, K. Waymire, M. Hook, C. Wells. THIRD ROW—S. Johnson, C. Smith, L. VanHorn, P. Simmons—Drum Major, C. Al-therr, A. Callaway, T. Heater. Panther Band: Entertainments Mr. Frank Parente took the position of director for the Elwood Panther Band this year. Under his leadership the band, consisting of 70 playing members and 20 majorettes, has in many ways served as a public relations group for the school. They performed in concert at the Anderson Mounds Mall. They also put on a variety show for the Lions Cluband, of course, the annual Panther Band Variety Show. In between these performances, the band has been busy performingpre-games and half-time shows at football and basketball games. The band has undertaken some moneymaking projects so they will be able to make summer tours in the future. 89Vocal Groups: Showed Musical Talent Willkie High's Choir, 42 voices strong presented the fourth annual "Sing Out for Your Servicemen" program in the fall. Proceeds from this went to our Vietnam men. Near the end of school the Choir presented the "Spring Sing". Variety Show of 1971 was a favorite with many students as the choir teamed up with the band and other small groups to present an array of music. The Panther Band sold stationery to earn money for band travels. A program was performed at the Mounds Mall near Christmas. Three smaller groups at Willkie who added a lotto the music department were the Dance Band, the Velveteens, and the Counterpoints. These groups sang and played for various banquets and social gatherings around town. All of these add a lot to the music dept. For the Christmas convocation, some of the entertainment was pre- ( sented by the Willkie Choir. Willkie Choir: FRONT ROW—B. Dudley—accompanist, S. Long, D. LaPierre, J. Poynter, S. Armstrong, P. Fagg, K. Long, D. Nicholas, V. Freund, S. Tharp. SECOND ROW—S. Sizelove, C. Davies, T. Adair, J. Schwalm, T. Davis, P. Davis, R. Hughes, V. Huff,C. Miller, R. Savage. THIRD ROW—R. Hughes, T. Benefiel, L. Robertson, H. Lucas, F. Weaver, S. Lee, J. Bucci, D. Bright, C. Anderson, P. Williams, K. Weddell.BACK ROW—M. Anderson, L. Savage, B. Sanders, J. Green, R. Adair, B. Jones, J. Miller, R. Long, S. Hobbs, L. Harmon, L. Kane. 90Velveteens: Sara Bannon, Jenny Gough, Tom Moser, Carolyn Willkie's High’s Counterpoints are: Brenda Dudey, Updike, LeAnn Harting, JoAnn VanWinkle, Cathy Richardson, Vickie Freund, Kay Weddell, and Vicki Huff. Carmen Garcia. Dance Band: FRONT ROW--M. Fernung, M. Harting, M. King, P. Wingrove, N. Rittenhouse, R. Crowe, N. Norris, B. Green. BACK ROW--P. Crimans, A. Humel, J. Leathers, G. Burchette, J. Miller, M. Benefiel, M. Rennier, K. Elkins, T. Moser, J. Davis, A. Kane, G. McDaniels, H. Slate. 91Debate Team: E. Hill, P. Wingrove, M. Copher, J. Leathers, Mr. Hoffman—manager, P. Crimans, M. Summers. Debating Pollution: Debate Team Rules and regulations for debating were reviewed by this years Debate Team. Their new manager was Mr. Hoffman. The subject for the debate this year was whether or not the federal government should regulate and administer air and water pollution laws. The team had several debates of this subject with other schools during the secondsemester. The highlight of this year's debate activities was a trip to Purdue in December. A single debate consists of four 8-minutespeeches, four 3-minute cross -examinations and 6 four -minute rebuttals. Swaying the opinion of the opponent is Mark Copher.Senior National Honor Society: FRONT ROW--J. Van Winkle, T. Moser, S. Bannon, B. Heflin, A. Baugher, J. Carroll, L. Smith. BACK ROW--T. Oldag, B. Sanders, J. Bomholt, S. Backstrom, D. Prieshoff, J. King, B. Butcher. Junior National Society--FRONT ROW—J. Florea, C. McClain, L. Tucker, C. Updike, D. Poor. MIDDLE ROW—P. Crimans, B. Rittenhouse, M. Frye, K. Gardner, L. Kane, J. Goltzbach, S. Albers. BACK ROW--M. Skillman, M. Magers, J. Leathers, G. Jahnson, A. Linegar, L. Sullivan, M. Upedegraff. Top 10% Form Honor Society National Honor Society recurred its charter in April, 1944. It was created to give recognition to students with high scholastic rating. A junior may qualify as a probationary member if he has a scholastic rating in the upper seven or eight per cent of his class. Each member was reconsidered before graduation. If his rating has remained high he was taken in as a permanent member. In March the Lion's Club gave a dinner honoring the members. Scholarly Game, Academic Team The academic team was an organization similar to the college bowl quiz games. It was headed by Mr. Compton and Mrs . Merritt. The questions were from teachers and other sources. The team invited and was invited by other academic teams . The team that answers the most questions wins the meet. Bonus questions were used and only given to one side depending on which team won the toss up question. The questions deal with mathematics, geometry, literature, spelling, current events, grammar, history, and many other subjects. Academic Team: FLOOR—T. Eaton, T. Long. SEATED--Mrs. Merritt, Mr. Compton--sponsors. STANDING--M. Summers, B. Goodknight, M. Humphrey, J. Cole, T. Gardner, M. Updegraff, B. Peters, A. Humel, S. Mengelt.FBLA: Leadership for Tomorrow Future Business Leaders of America is a club whose purpose is to better acquaint students with business opportunities and to provide for leadership. Students started learning these qualities by selling telephone directories with the phone numbers and addresses of students and faculty members . In the past they have sold household items and stationery. In this club the members combine fun with learning, something which is very important today. They traveled to Indianapolis and saw the world famous "Holiday on Ice". They also traveled to Ball State for the State Conven -tion. F.B.L.A. Bake sale enticed students and faculty members. F.B.L.A.: FRONT ROW--Miss Clayton—sponsor, D. Leisure, A. Waymire, B. Peters, C. Gootee, V. Freund, B. Rittenhouse, A. McCorkle, D. Humphrey, D. Shepard, D. Leever, C. Hood, Mrs. Juday—sponsor. SECOND ROW--J. Abbott, C. Thorn-berry, R. Fakes, C. Miller, L. Cluggish, J. Yohe, G. Riley, J. Courtney, A. Callaway, R. Murray, T. Mundy, N. Abernathy, J. Glotzbach, K. Diko, L. Wilburn, M. Parrish, T. King. THIRD ROW--D. Boyer, P. Bilyeu, S. Hollowell, S. Lee, K. Frazee, K. Strong, R. Long, E. Hill, M. Parker, M. Anderson, M. Alley, L. Robertson, P. Clouser, S. Shepard, C. Kockman, L. Savage, D. Call, R. Savage. BACK ROW--F. Steffler, D. Stone, T. Dever, J. Beber, M. Gardner, J. Atwell, K. Weddell, T. Northcutt, B. Savage, V. Campbell, P. Kelly, L. VanHom, J. Parrish, R. Bryan, C. Tatum, J. Marley, L. Harmon. 94OEA: Entered Business World Office Education association is a vocational organization for students with a career objective in the area of office occupations . There were three labs which compassed the organization; the Vocational Stenographic, Secondary Data Processing, and Past Secondary Data Processing. The club had several money makingprojects such as selling candy and plaques. They at -tended the regional leadership conference and all three conventions; regional state, and national. The previous year the club had two members in the nationals. OEA sponsored a "Crab Dance" for Willkie reigned as King Crab. OEA--FRONT ROW--Mrs. Kintzel—Sponsor, H. Steffler, C. Jackson, S. Coston, K. Bambrough, N. Jack, V. Dietzer, Mrs. Barnett--Sponsor. SECOND ROW--L. Gross, D. Caldwell, B. Stafford, D. Parker, S. Stokes, E. Hill, B. Rinker, W. Green, C. Wells, S. Cook. THIRD ROW—D. LaPierre, A. McCorkle, N. Rittenhouse, M. Smith, R. Sutton, A. McPhearson, T. Williams, B. Heflin, R. Fromholz, D. Whisler, L. Budd, and J. French. BACK ROW—Mrs. Slayton, J. Atwell, B. Ball, R. Sticklers, P. Clouser, L. Cox, R. Abott, R. Wright, M. Wison, J. Cleaver, D. Leonard, D. Hittle, N. Gerth.DECA: Studies Sales and Marketing The Distributive Education Clubs of America here at Willkie had a lot to be proud of this year. Going to the national competition in Minneapolis, the Elwood chapter made a reputable showing that many were proud of. The club, sponsored by Mr. Foust and Mr. Linder, has a membership of 32 people, all -enrolled in the Distributive Education program . Along with their studies of creative marketing and research procedures, these students learn many ideas of citizenship and the responsibilities which come with it. Some of the activities for the year included a bake sale, car wash, carmel apple sale, and a paper drive. The DECA school year was concluded with an employer -employee banquet in May. Through these activities the students learn practices and procedures necessary for their future. Ad layouts were completed by Chris Courtney. DECA student Steve Ebert's job was in the capacity of a stock boy at Murpheys. DECA: FRONT ROW--C. Courtney—Jr. V-President, D. Garman, J. Courtney, N. Sandoval, B. Dennis—Sr. Sec.-Treas., S. Cook, J. Stewart, D. Stinnett--Historian. MIDDLE ROW—J. Kelich, V. Gregg—Jr. Treas., J. Dennis, S. Long, M. Gardner, K. Trice, G. Howat, R. Bayne—Jr. Pari., M. Morgan, M. Woolums. BACK ROW—U. Wills, G. Zimmerman, K. Wills—Sr. V-President, K. Diko—Sr. President, J. Jordan--Pari., D. Durm, R. Wise, C. Tam, S. Ebert, E. Mitchell—Jr. Sec., S. Shepard—Jr. President, K. Kiefer. 96V.C.I.A.—FRONT ROW—J. Boruff, G. Garrison, C. Davis, L. Harting, D. Miller, B. Mitchell, R. French. SECOND ROW--M. Fetti'g, D. Ramey, M. Hinds, D. Longnecker, T. Shelton, J. Vawtaw, L. Balwin, T. Beeman, G. Conwell, D. Hoose, S. Thomas. THIRD ROW--M. Chaffin, D. Baldwin, T. Baker, C. Faustich, K. Chriss, B. Kolacki, C. Romiger, D. Williams, D. Bradley, J. Hancock, T. Rittenhouse, B. Davis. FOURTH ROW--D. Powell, R. Beeman, A. Carmichael, T. Henn, D. Gardner, K. Hudson, J. Gardner, C. Johns, J. Rice, D. Pinkleton, R. Sanders. VICA: A Club To Learn To Live Vica: FRONT ROW--B. Jarrell, L. Cress, B. Spitzmesser, D. Martin, M. Waymire, J. Fish, B. Robinson. SECOND ROW--J. Rodgers, L. Stewart, F. Hook, K. Slayton, D. Heller, E. Stover, Z. Gardner, M. Altherr, R. Sanders. BACK ROW—M. French, J. Powell, E. Kapper, T. Robinson, R. Stout, G. Harting, R. Parrish, J. Shepard, D. Cain. VICA OFFICERS: Head sponsor--Tom Pantos Class sponsors: Joe Hawkins Tom Jackson Bob Palm Dan Rayshich Earl Watson Student Officers: President--Randy Beeman Vice--LeAnn Harting Secretary--Debbie Miller Treasurer--Jeff Rice 97 VICA boosted the largest membership of any organization in the school--130 members. They conducted a car wash, car smash, a TV and turkey raffle along with field trips and aSpring Banquet. A civic project was helping the city put up and take down the Christmas decorations. Potted planters were donated to the nursing home and they collected and distributed over 300 canned goods to needy families. The club ordered new white coats with the official VICA emblem for lab periods in the shop classes . The VICA clubs are nation wide clubs . Its purpose is to develop the students in character and vocational skill.personalities From the moment a person is born his personality starts to take shape. One's interests, activities, ideas, and habits, depend almost entirely upon one's friends, family and educational factors. That's what Willkie High is . A school is not a building, a collection of books, or halls oflockers. A school is simply people: Teachers, counselors, administration, students, and everyone else working together . This relationship adds a human element to the sometimes routine and seemingly endless commotion. Willkie high is a special school. Special to all of us .Superintendent, Keith Scott. Principal of Willkie High School, W. Blair Sullivan. School Board, H. Oldag, W. Shaw, R. Sharp, J. Caston, R. Conners, C. Parker. Administrative Assistant, John H. Director of Voc. Ed. Hinds. George Kintzel. Assistant Principal, Wayne E. Singleton.Charlotte Barr, A.B., M.A. English Clifford Brugger, B.S. Music Phillip Brown, B.A., M.A. Social Studies Gerald Burton, B.S. Athletics Richard Herndon, A.B. Mathematics George Ray, B.A., M.A. Practical Arts William Santon, B.S., M.A. Science June Van Wagner, B.S., M.A. Guidance 101Robert Abshire, B.S., M.S. Science, Math Van Bailey, B.S. P.E., Coach Marilyn Barnett, B.S. Office trainingJean Ferguson, B.A. Carl Foust, B.S. Linda Cren, B.A., M.A. French D.E. co-ordinator English 103Phillip Huffman, B.S., M.A. Science Richard Jacobson, B.S. General Business Thomas Jackson Machine Shop Jane Juday, B.S. Business Betty House, B.S., M.A. Guidance Counselor Mike House, B.A. Mathematics Sam House, B.A., M.A. Social StudiesJoseph Juday, B.S. Industrial Arts Gary Linder, B.S. D.E. Co-ordinator Gerald Keesling, B.A., M.A. Math, Guidance, Coach Doris Kintzel, B.S., M. S. Computer Science Darrell McQuitty, B.S. Rae Ann Merritt, B.S., M.A. Bio., Phys. Ed., Coach Health, P.E., World History Robert Palm, B.S., Auto Mechanics 105Thomas Pantos, B.S., M.A. ICT co-ordinator, Printing Larry Ritchie, B.S. Mechanical Drawing Dan Rayshich, B.S., M.A. Machine Shop Frank Parente, B.S. Band Director Naomi Schwear, B.S., M.A. Home Economics Wayne Sempsrott, B.A. EnglishGeorge Smith, B.S., M.S. Audio-Visual Elvona Tolle, B.S., M.A. Home Economics Earl Watson, B.S., M.A. Vocational Building Trades Roberta Welker, B.A., M.A. English 107Iris Bridges, Secretary to the Assistant Principal Carol Courtney, Secretary to the Principal Emily Leavell, Secretary for the Vocational Building Lillian Sullivan, R.N., B.S., M.A. School Nurse Barbara Williams Secretary to the Supt. Thelma Lowder Dorothy Rudig Hazel Warner 108Bill Brogden Clarence Burton Emory Graham Malcolm Reynolds Lou Whetsel 109Brenda Abbott David Acres Rick Adair Malinda Anderson Jesse Arama Susan Armstrong Carol Baldwin David Baldwin Elizabeth Ball Cindy Barker Larry Barnes George Bartlett Patrick Beach Brenda Beber Karla Beeman Joe Benefiel Theresa Benefiel Brenda Bixby Danny Bixby Linda Blockson Jodie Bomersback Terry Bragg Diana Bright Shirley Brown Judy Bucci John Burnette Deloris Burton Deborah Campbell Jim Campbell Mike Carmody A New Trend, Freshmen Elected Steering Committee. The Freshman class never has elected officers . However, since the class was participating in various activities, such as the building of a float for Homecoming and the decorating for sectional, they felt the need for a steering committee, and elected two from each homeroom to serve. Freshman Steering Committee: FRONT ROW--V. Spitzmesser, T. Slayton, J. Bomersback, M. Kelly, P. Dunnichay, C. Barker, K. Hughes, S. Gardner. BACK ROW—M. McDermit,F. Stage, D. Pace, Mr. Herndon, K. Courtney, B. Hocker, R. Julius, T. Etchison, P. Monahan. noIsabell Casas Paulette Cates Scot Chase Jane Church Beth Cleaver Randy Collins Ronald Conner Doug Con we 11 Mike Coubert Kevin Courtney Debbie Crable Pat Crimans Roger Crowe Pamela Davies Lisa Davis Marla Davis Pamela Davis Tamara Davis Kim Dever Elizabeth Dial Bob Drake Peggy Dunnichay Jeff Durham Rockie Ebbert Debbie Eib Debra Elsworth Jewell Emery Jeff Etchison Todd Etchison Mary Everson Deborah Farley John Faucett Arlene Felton Jon Fettig Kevin Fewell Melinda Fihe Chasie Foor Samuel Frazee Jane French Robin French Anita Frye Carolyn Frye K. Courtney and B. Kaiser help build the float. IllJohn Frye Paul Fuller Don Galbreath Margie Galbreath Susan Gardner Luke Gerth Debra Gill Jonathan Gill Robert Gillam Robin Giselbach John Goforth Jeffrey Green Rebecca Green Steve Green Karl Gregg Tim Grondin Jackie Hampton Terry Hancher Maria Hancock Thomas Hanlin Lee Ann Harmon Gary Harris Marie Harting Tom Hartley James Haulk Rhonda Headley Tom Heaton Terry Heflin Sam Heiser Tim Hibst The First Class Project Was a Float. The Freshman float was depicting Tiger Stew. The Class of ’74 worked very hard and were very proud of their first high school project. Preparing Tiger stew are R. French, S. Gardner, P. Monahan, M. Kelly with S. Tharp as the Tiger in the stew. • ?VWilliam Hocker Susan Hollowell Mary Hook Malinda Howell Kathy Hughes Roger Hughes Alice Humel Andrew Jackson John Jackson Mary Jaramillo Linda Jarrell Brenda Jarrett Thomas Juday Randy Julius Bruce Kaiser Danny Karch Anita Kelly Margaret Kelly William Kessinger Steve Kiefer Don Kleyla Deb Knick Lisa La Pointe Jeff Leavitt Hope Lee Sharon Lee Jon Lee son Debbi Leisure Louise Litaker Mary Litaker Kathryn Long Rose Long Thomas Long Holly Lucas Tonya Lynas Bonita Lytle Gary McDaniel Kathleen McDaniel Mark McDermitt Diana McElfresh Julia McElfresh Lorri McElfresh Paula McMahan Cynthia McQuitty Jeffrey Marley Helen Martin William Mason Christy Miller Lee Ann Miller Becky Miller Tina Miller Patty Monahan Ronnie Moon Gary Moore 113Kevin Morgan Brenda Mountcastle Rhonda Murray Don Mutchler Mike Nichols Dina Noble Twyla Northcutt Norman Nutter Dave Orbaugh Dave Pace Mary Ann Parker Mike Patterson Robert Phillips Tony Pierce Charles Ploughe Michael Poor Christina Rittenhouse Nancy Rittenhouse Laura Robertson Nancy Robertson Marty Robison Dale Roe Randy Rogers Terry Rogers Sharon Roller Susie St. Clair Steve Sallee Bruce Sanders Tommy Sandoval Kathleen Scholl Class of '74 Had Many Fund Raising Projects The Freshmen also took part in sectional activities by decorating the four corners of the gym. Their money-making projects for the year included class donations, a bake sale, working for the Concessions Club, and a car wash . IBM report cards were the new thing for T. Rogers, T. WardweU, and J. Wire at the end of the first 6-weeks. 114Jeanne Schwalm Linda Scott Steve Scott Jerry Sentman Pamela Sharp Betty Short Janie Short Judy Shuler Thomas Simmons Stacey Sizelove Marla Slayton Trade Slayton James Smith Lisa Smith LuCinda Smith Vicki Snider Vicky Spitzmesser Fred Stage Frank Steffler Beth Stewart Bradford Stewart Norma Stickler Lori Stiner Davie Stout Kathy Strong Debbie Sullivan Sarah Tharp Leslie Thomas Mary Thornberry Dianna Trimble Mike Troutman Ted Tyner Judy Vandiver Leslie VanHorn Tim Walker Teresa Wardwell Dave Waymire Kathy Waymire Teresa Waymire Lillie Weaver Pauline Weaver Jeff Weddell Audie Wells Nancy Whitenack Toni Whitis David Wiley Annette Williams Judy Williams Cassie Wilson Julie Wire Ray Wood Sheryl Wright Joa Yohe David Zech 115Organization Was the Key for Class of 73 In the spring of 70, the Class of 73 elected their officers for their sophomore year. Then in the fall the steering committee was chosen. Officers: T. Slayton, C. Hood, V. Huff, and T. Eaton. Janice Abbott Nancy Abernathy Paul Acres Karla Adair Trena Adair Daniel Adams Mary Jo Alley Kathy Altherr William Altherr Susan Bailey Janet Baker Beth Beach Marcey Beavers Janet Beber David Bee man Gary Beeman Pamela Bilyeu Bart Bingham Marcus Blankenship Mark Bollinger Jerrie Bottoms Susan Bouslog Eugene Bradburn Steve Braddock Karen Brewer Ronald Brown Kenny Bucci Mark Bucci Don Buis Gary Burchette 116Sophomore Steering Committee; Toni King, Candy Gootee, Angela Waymire, Kay Weddell, Bobbie Florea, Carol Pace, Brenda Dudley, Chris Hood, Jackie Cyphers, Vickie Huff, Tim Eaton, Terri Slayton, Steve Mengelt, Blair Sullivan, Mary Jo Alley, Bob Carpenter, Dave Humphrey, Sponsor Mr. Huffman, Not Pictured: Jerrie Bottoms, Ed Robinson. George Burnett Theresa Burton Debra Call Anna Callaway Valerie Campbell John Carpenter Robert Carpenter Brenda Carrol Oscar Casas David Cleary John Cleaver Pam Clouser Louise Cluggish Susan Collier John Combs Terri Conley Tamara Conwell Danny Cooper Danny Coots Judith Courtney Cathryn Creamer Nicholas Croy Robin Crull Jackie Cyphers Christy Davies James Davis Terry Dever Kay Diko Jeff Dillon Brenda Dudley 117Candy Sales Produced a Treasury. The annual candy sale was held early in the fall and provided funds for the Junior-Senior Prom of 1972. Prizes were awarded to the best candy salesmen—David Humphrey, Rachael Savage, Bobbie Florea, and Chick Teachnor. Upper classmen helped load candy after sophomore sales. Paulett Duffey Bruce Dunlap Andrew Durm Timothy Eaton Johna Ebert Elizabeth Edwards Cathy Ewing Roberta Fakes William Farley Roberta Florea Kay Frazee Deborah Frazier Vicki Freund Terry Galbreath Debra Gillam Edward Gillespie Timothy Giselbach Candace Gootee Maty' Gough Jerry Gregory Cindy Grondin Pam Groover Leon Grose Gordon Hanlin Karen Harney Christina Harris Rebecca Haulk Jeff Hayes Tricia Heater Joseph Himburg 118Donna Hinkle Kyle Hobbs Sara Hobbs Rick Hodson Christy Hood Melodie Hoover Brenda Horseman Vickie Huff Rachel Hughes David Humphrey Robert Hurst Kim Johnson Kemmon Jones Robert Jones Dennis Karch Peggy Kelly Patty Kelly Janet Kilgore Bemadine King Martisa King Toni King Judith Knapp Carol Kochman Debra Laird Patricia Lantz Thomas Laster Bill Lea veil Deborah Leever Ardeena Leisure Lucinda Linebeny Gregory Linsmeyer Darrel Long David Longenecker Daneen Longenecker June McPhearson Ron McPhe arson Michael Majors Steven Mengelt James Metz Teree Moore Brenda Moss Theresa Mundy Douglas Muse Lucinda Noel Kathy Nutter Kevin Osbom Carol Pace Joyce Parrish Marjorie Parrish Jerry Parry Joseph Parsons Bob Peters Janie Phillips Lucinda Phillips 119Class Ring Selection Was the Highlight. Unity for the Class of '73 came through their projects . They enjoyed the early selection of class rings. Later during the year class sweaters were ordered. Sectional spirit was shown by decorations on the stage in the gym. These Sophomores—Kathy Altherr, Bobbi Florea, and Lorri VanWagner--ordered their traditional ciass rings. Jack Pittman Jenny Poynter Kenny Riegel Glenis Riley Ed Robinson Randy Robison Robert Rodgers Stella Rodriquez Terry Roland Ronald Rominger Cindy Runyan Lonnie Sattler Rachael Savage Robert Savage Byron Shaw Diane Shepard David Shiffler Terri Slayton Luwana Smith Pamela Smith Perry Smith Kevin Southern Steven Stafford LeAnn Stokes Debbie Stone Steven Stone Blair Sullivan Bridget Summers Cynthia Summers William Sutton 120Sophomores Passed Out Tiger Tales. A small portion of the candy money was used in constructing a Homecoming float. Class members spent hours of work and fun in preparation at Tim Eaton's garage. Lumi Svendsen Francoise Teachnor Patrick Thomas Cathy Thomberry Rebecca Tomlinson Richard Tompkins Lome VanWagner Wanda Vest Kandace Vice Daniel Vinson Steven Wadholm Jimmie Walden Jackie Walters Angela Waymire Bob Weaver Richard Webb Kay Weddell Debra Welch Debbie Wells Teresa Wells Bruce Whisler Jo Widener Linda Wilburn Clare Williams Patricia Wilson Cathy Ann Wood Cathy W. Wood Thad Wright Ann Yates Gwenn Corbett 121Diana Abbott Susan Albers Norman Alexander Diana Allen Mark Altherr Tim Altherr Garry Anderson Rhoda Arnold Kathy Bambrough Tommy Barmes Norman Baxter Randy Bayne Rickie Beeman Tim Beeman Mike Benefiel Joseph Bourff Jeffrey Bouslog Diana Boyer Rebecca Bozell Tim Brunnemer Renee Bryan Terry Bryan Barbara Burton Max Burton Janet Busch Mary Cabasier William Call Kevin Chriss Alan Clark Jeffrey Cole Juniors Were Led by an All-Girl Team of Officers The Junior Class began this busy year by electing a steering committee . They immediately began plans for the float for which the theme was "Cage the Tigers'1. Junior Officers: Maria Updegraff, Sheryl Shepard, Kathy Bambrough, Robin Gardner. 122Debra Collier Vickie Connors Greg Conwell Susan Cook Mark Copher Sandra Coston Christy Courtney Joni Courtney Neal Creamer Peggy Crimans Mark Cruea Leo Dauenhauer Aaron Davenport Cynthia Davis Theodore Davis Nancy DeHart Bruce DeLong Jean Dennis Beth Dillon Lorraine Doan Gerald Dunnichay Kirby Elkins Tamara Ellis Bruce Etchison Raeann Etchison Pamela Fagg Richard Fagg Chris Faulstich Margaret Femung Michael Femung The Junior Class provided entertainment for the public with their play. The most important and final event of the year was the Prom. Long hours of planning and working went in to make this 1971 Prom. Junior Steering Committee: FRONT ROW--L. Kane, M. Updegraff, K. Bam-brough, S. Hocker, J. Florea. MIDDLE ROW-B. Rittenhouse, L. Sullivan, R. Arnold, C. Updike, A. Myerly. BACK ROW--A. Linegar, B. DeLong, Sponsor Mr. Hiatt, K. Slocum, B. Burton. Not Present--C. Courtney, B. Etchison, J. Glotzbach, R. Masters. 123Mathew Fettig Jeffrey Fihe Jon Fish Jo Florea Marsha Frye Mary Frye Teresa Fuller Rosalinda Garcia Zane Gardner Dennis Gardner Mary Jo Gardner Robin Gardner John Garner Nancy Gerth Ronald Gill Kenneth Giselbach Judith Glotzbach Robert Gordon Pamela Gordon Deborah Green Vickie Gregg Vickie Gromer Frank Grondin Michael Guffey Vickie Hanlin Gary Harting Joan Harting Gary Haulk Terry Hayes Rick Heater Jeff Fihe, Mike Skillman, Peg Crimans, Kim Slocum, and Maria Updegraff enjoy College Night refreshments. Night, PSAT Interested College Bound. For the Juniors the PSAT, given in October, was a step forward for the college-bound. An opportunity to discuss educational plans with representatives of colleges was provided at College Night. 124Patrick Heaton Tony Henn Evelyn Hill Monte Hipes Murvelie Hobbs Susan Hobbs Jean Hobson Sandra Hocker Fred Hook Danny Hoose Caye How at Rhonda Howell Gerald Hughes Rebecca Hughes Ronald Hunter Marva Jackson Robert Jarrell Gary Johnson Jerry Kaiser Lynn Kane Edward Kapper Jane Kelich Henry King Marta Knauer Robert Kolacki Christina Kronenburg Dianne LaPierre Terrance Laster Jeffrey Leathers Deborah Leonard Ellen Line Anita Line gar Jerry Litaker Shirley Long Rusty Loy Pamela Luzadder Carolyn McClain Ben McCorkle Donald McDermitt Carol McElfresh Juniors showed various reactions about the PS AT. 125Jeffrey McElfresh Rick McPhearson Margaret Magers Robert Maish Theodora Mangas Daniel Martin Ruth Masters Jack Miller Elaine Mitchell Jean Morgan Marsha Morgan Jeffrey Mottweiler Vida Mutchler Alice Myerly Ronald Niccum Nancy Norris Toni Northcutt Katherine Pace Pamela Parker John Pearson Janice Peterson Linda Phillips Deborah Poor Jack Powell Mark Reasoner William Reckner Michael Rennier Sandra Retherford Connie Riley Beth Rittenhouse Juniors Showed Their Spirit by Building a Float. The class had many fundraising projects to supplement the treasury for the 71 Prom. At sectional time the juniors decorated the bleachers and tried to outdo the other classes and. to make theirs the best ever. Letter-making for the float kept Raeann Stewart busy. 126Robert Rittenhouse Timothy Robinson David Rodriquez David Roe Jeffrey Rogers Ronald St. Clair Larry Sanders Ronnie Sanders Noe mi Sandoval Richard Schwalm Ronnie Scott Kent Sharp Sheryl Shepard Christine Shuler Dave Simmons Cynthia Sizelove Michael Skillman Kenneth Slayton Kim Slocum Connie Smith Don Smith Gary T. Smith William Smith Jonathan Spitzmesser Debbi Stansberry Helen Steffler Sandra Stephens Jana Stewart Leroy Stewart Rae Ann Stewart Debra Stinnett Rodney Stout Ed Stover Linda Sullivan Cynthia Tam Michael Tappy Cindy Tatum Ken Thrawl Patrick Travis Lana Tucker Maria Updegraff Carolyn Updike Larrance Vinson Clifton Walden Christine Watters Frances Weaver Penny Widmeyer Charles Wilburn Patsy Williams Timothy Williams Ulane Wills Thomas Wilson Peter Wingrove Ronald Wright 127Elected Officers Assumed Posts This was it--the year they had all been waiting for--the final year at Wendell L. Willkie High School for almost 190 seniors . They had seen some good times (and bad times too), but finally it was all coming to a close. In the freshman year, although unorganized, they worked together and filled the corners of the gym as their part of sectional decorations . Senior class officers: Brian Courtney, LeAnn Harting, Don Stage. Not pictured --Kathy Kiefer. Lee Ann Alley Carolyn Sue Anderson Terry Jay An tie Phillip George Arnold Jacqueline Sue Atwell Cynthia Lee Backer Steven Dale Backstrom Timothy Bruce Baker Dennis K. Baldwin 128Committee Decided Issues STEERING COMMITTEE: LeAnn Harting, Tom Oldag, Rick Coston, Cindy Backer, Don Stage, Jerita Carroll, Janet Murphy, Kay Seright, Carmen Garcia, JoAnn Van-Winkle, Sara Bannon, Tom Moser, Bob Goodknight, Bruce Heflin, Brian Courtney, Phil Simmons, Bruce Williams, Dan Prieshoff, Pat Hankley. Larry Joseph Baldwin Bruce David Ball Sarah Lee Bannon Anita Lynne Baugher David Harold Beeman Randy Meredith Beeman 129 Charles Edwin Bell Jerome Francis Bomholt Alan Dale BradleySeniors Tried a Victory Harvest With Mr . Everidge as head sponsor and Jim Mock as presi -dent, the class of 1971 sold candy in the sophomore year to raise funds for the next year's prom. The decision of class rings was made. Four choices were given the class - -rectangular,oval, and the collegiate with the stone being a personal choice. For sectional they decorated the stage of the gym. Homecoming float was built for competition and for boosting team and student morale. Mark Wayne Brown Curtis Dean Bryan Linda Jean Budd Barbara Jean Butcher David Alvin Cain Donna Sue Caldwell David Charles Cannon Amos Herman Carmichael Jerita Suzette Carroll 130Jose Luis Casas Mark Chaffin Jeremiah Robert Cleaver Jacalyn Kay Cloud Paulette Carol Clouser Michael Patrick Cluggish Ted Michael Corbett Rickie Lee Coston Brian Francis Courtney Linda Anne Cox Eugene Creamer Larry Michael Cress Kathy Marie Croy William Tracy Davis Rickie Lee Day 131Senior Spirit Revived Cords The junior year was an important one . With Dan Prieshoff as president, the steering committee's first major decision was to make a homecoming float. It was decorated at the home of LeAnn Harting and had as its theme "Stab 'Em". Then came the choice of class sweat -ers--navy blue V-necks with white numerals 1971 on the front and EHS on the right shoulder. Showing off senior cords are Kay Seright, Rick Coston, Cathy Jackson, Donald Stage, and Cathy Richardson. Betty Ann Dennis Michael Lynn Dever Vickie Ann Dietzer Keith Lynn Diko Perry Bruce Durham David Eugene Durm Steven Allen Ebert Michael Sue Elston Norman Ward Finnerty 132Charles Ernest Foor Judy French Richard Lee French Rosanna Fromholz Carmen Linda Garcia Michael Lee Gardner Deborah Ann Carman Timothy Kent Gamer Gay Garrison Robert Vemice Goodknight Jennifer Lynn Gough Brian Gordon Green 133 Danny Richard Green Wanda Sue Green Sylvia Jane HahnNew Style Was Mini, Midi, Maxi Sensing the need for still further funds, the class decided upon a money-making project, a chile supper, on Friday night before the Noblesville basketball game. Then came the an -nual decoration of the gym with the juniors decorating die west bleachers, where they used the word "Victory" spelled down the bleachers in red and blue. Joel Gregg Hancock Patrick Allen Hankley LeAnn Harting Thomas Rex Hartsock Robert Bruce Heflin Mark I. Hinds Carolyn Susan Hirsch Diane Marie Hittle Deborah Kay Hobbs A new look was seen: Cathy Jackson in midi, Cindy Backer in maxi, and Candy Webb in mini.John Mathew Hook Nicollette Marie Jack Catherine Ellen Jackson Jennie Jo Jackson Rita Kay Jarrett Claren Leon Johns Sandra Kay Johnson Leta Faye Jones Gerald Lee Jordan Alan James Kane Helen Ann Kelich John Ray Kelley 135 Larry Gene Kelley Mark Richard Kelley Kathryn Ann KieferBoys' Hair Styles in 70-71 Although all these projects are important, nothing seems as necessary as having a beautiful prom. In this category the class of '71 passed with flying colors as the 1970 prom was certainly "An Affair to Remem -ber" for many juniors and seniors alike. Entering their last year at Willkie, the seniors were led by head sponsor Mr . Sam House and a very capable band of officers . Hair styles around Willkie are shown by Jim King, Randy Beeman, Rick Cos-ton, Steve Backstrom, Gary Reichart. James Lee King Ellen Jean Laird Angela Kay Leisure Robert Eugene Leisure Dennis Eugene Longnecker Lois Arlene Longnecker Katherine Mary Low Kenneth Martin Low Anita Sue McCorkle 136Jo Ann McElfresh Anna Kay McPhearson Deborah Kay Miller Billy Joan Mitchell Bonita Mochrie Janies Allen Mock Thomas Lee Moser Roy Richard Moss Fonda Ruth Mountcastle Janet Marie Murphy Deborah Kay Nicholas Thomas George Oldag 137 Andrew Harold Pace Marilyn Rose Parker Peggy Lynette ParkerSenior Activities Included Jobs A homecoming float was again designed and decorated at the home of LeAnn Harting, but due to bad weather the floats were never judged. The theme of the float was "Harvest a Cotton Pickin' Victory." Caps and gowns of a gray color were chosen, as well as announcements, by the steering committee. Many seniors worked during and after school. Two employees at Carter's, G. Zimmerman and R. Wise, priced stock. Sandra Kay Parker Rex Allen Parrish Loretta Jean Pearson Marilyn Joyce Pedro Dennis Craig Piirto Kathy Lynn Pike Donald Allen Pinkleton Don L. Powell Pamela Sue Poynter 138Daniel Anthony Prieshoff Mary Marvel Pullen Gary Brent Reichart Kathleen Ruth Reynolds Jeffrey Dean Rice Cathy Anne Richardson Nola Jean Rittenhouse Ted Allen Rittenhouse Pamela Sue Robertson Robert Michael Robinson Gerald Lynn Rogers Terry Kent Rogers Gary Douglas Rominger Barbara Lynne Sanders Ricky Mark Sanders 139College and Career Choices Were Planned Other small moneymaking projects were attempted during the year to reimburse the treasury, such as the selling of the Class of '71 pins. But as the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end". With that in mind and with mixed emotions the senior class finished their high school careers. It was difficult to decide which application to fill out. Mrs. VanWagner, senior counselor, helps J. Atwell. Lois Elaine Savage Steven Ralph Savage Robert Carl Schwalm Marilyn Kay Seright Dennis Kim Shaw Debra Kay Shepard Hal Lynn Shepard John Wachel Shepard Phillip Lee Simmons 140David John Size love David Lee Sizelove Harold William Slate Lanetta Denise Smith Martha Jane Smith Thomas William Smith Deborah Kay Snider Rebecca Sue Stafford Donald Lee Stage Rhonda Gay Stickler Terry Wayne Strong Martin Gilbert Summers 141 Mark Stephen Tancey Carolyn Sue Tanzilli Kathy Sue TatumAnnouncements Meant Approach of Graduation Discussing announcement choices are T. Moser, J. Murphy, K. Kiefer, and B. Heflin. John Arthur Teachnor William Charles Thomberry Katherine Ann Trice Jo Ann VanWinkle Jeffery Victor Vautaw Calvin Coyt Walters Peggy Ann Warner Michael C. Waymire Candyce Elaine Webb 142Class of '71 Reached the Goal Looking toward the future are K. Seright and D. Stage. Catherine Ann Wells Peggy Ann Widmeyer Bruce Lynn Williams Joseph Anthony Williams Kenneth Wayne Wills Michael Kevin Wilson Ronnie Eugene Wise Debra Ann Wisler Deborah Ruth Wood Marjorie Ann Woolums Gary Joe Zimmerman 143Activity Record for Alley, Lee Ann: Academic Section Editor, Committee Member, Pep Club, Concessions, Steering Committee, Latin Club, Student Council, Megaphone Staff, F.T.A., O.E.A., D.E.C.A. Anderson, Carolyn Sue: Academic Antle, Terry Jay: Academic Arnold, Phillip George: Academic Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, Tennis, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Girls Football Coach, E Men's, Fellowship of Christian Ath -letes, Junior Play Cast, Latin Club, Science Club, Math Club, Mega -phone, F.T.A. Atwell, Jacqueline Sue: Business Band, Spanish Club, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Backer, Cynthis Lee: Academic Committee Member, Majorette, Steering Committee, French Club, Thespians, Megaphone Staff Backstrom, Steven Dale: Academic National Honor Society Ball, Bruce David: Business Varsity Track B Team, Cross Country, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Girls Football Coach, E Men's, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Wrestling, O.E.A. Ball, Charles Edwin: Business Band Baldwin, Dennis K. I.C.T. Baldwin, Larry Joseph: Vocational V.I.C.A. Baker, Timothy Bruce: Voc. Electronics Concessions, Pro- jectionist, V.I.C.A. Bannon, Sarah Lee: Academic Band, Majorette, Velveteens, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, French Club, National Honor Society, Megaphone Staff Baugher, Anita Lynne: Academic Section Editor, Latin Club, National Honor Society Beeman, David Harold: Business Golf, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Band, Senior Play Cast, French Club, Student Council, D.E.C.A. Beeman, Randy Meredith: Academic Freshman Basketball, Freshman Football, Spanish Club, Student Council, I.C.T., V.I.C.A. Bomholt, Jerome Francis: Academic Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, E Men's, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Steering Committee, Latin Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Science Club, Math Club Brown, Mark Wayne: D.E. D.E.C.A. Budd, Linda Jean: Business Pep Club, F.B.L.A., O.E.A Butcher, Barbara Jean: Academic Editor, Committee Member, Pep Club, Band, Jr. Class Treasurer, Steering Committee, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Health Careers Club, Megaphone Staff, F.T.A., Girls State Bryan, Curtis Dean: Technical Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football Cain, David Alvin: Voc. Machine Shop VICA Caldwell, Donna Sue: Business Pep Club, French Club, FBLA, OEA Cannon, Charles David: Business Carmichael, Amos Herman: Industrial I.C.T., V.I.C.A. Carroll, Jerita Suzette: Academic Majorette, Soph. Class Treasurer, Steering Committee, Senior Play Cast, Thespians, Student Council, National Honor Society, Megaphone Staff, F.T.A. Casas, Jose Luis: General Ushers Chaffin, Mark: Voc. Electronics VICA Cleaver, Jermiah Robert: Academic Student Council, OEA Cloud, Jacalyn Kay: Business Clouser, Paulette Carol: Business Crescent Section Editor, Majorette, Steering Committee, Senior Play Cast, Spanish Club, O.E.A. Cluggish, Michael Patrick: Academic Corbett, Ted Michael: Technical Freshman Football Coston, Rickie Lee: Academic Freshman Track, Varsity Football, Jr. Varsity Football, E Men's Ushers, Wrestling, Junior Vice-President, Latin Club, Science Club Cox, Linda Anne: Business Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Courtney, Brian Francis: Academic Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Tennis, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Foot ball, E Men's, Sophomore Vice-President, Senior Vice-President, Steering Committee, Senior Play, Latin Club, Student Council, Megaphone Staff, Varsity Basketball Creamer, Eugene: General Cress, Larry Michael: Industrial Arts V.I.C.A. Day, Rickie Lee: Vocational Varsity Track, Cross Country, Wrestling, V.I.C.A. Dennis, Betty Ann: General Dever, Michael Lynn: Academic Band, Spanish Club Dietzer, Vicki Ann: Business Majorette, Spanish Club, F.B.L.A., O.E.A Diko, Keith Lynn: Business Freshman Track, Freshman Football, D.E.C.A., Student Council Durm, David Eugene: Academic Freshman Track, Cross Country, E Men's F.T.A. Durham, Perry Bruce: Business Jr. Varsity Track, Varsity Track, F.B.L.A. Ebert, Steven Allen: Business Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, E Men's, Key Club, D.E.C.A. Elston, Michael Sue: Academic Crescent Committee, Freshman Cheerleader, Jr. Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Concessions, Latin Club, Megaphone Staff, D.E.C.A. Finnerty, Norman Ward: Generalthe Class of 1971 Foor, Charles Enrest: General French, Judy Lynn: Business Pep Club, Band, Student Council, F.H.A., O.E.A. French, Michael Le-Roy: Industrial Arts French, Richard Lee: l.C.T. I.C.T., V.I.C.A. Fromholz, Rosanna: Business Pep Club, O.E.A. Garcia, Carmen Linda: Academic Majorette feature rwirler, Thespians, Velveteens, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Prom Chairman, Spanish Club, Student Council, Megaphone Staff Gardner, Michael Lee: Academic Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Varsity Track, Spanish Club arman, Deborah Ann: Business Freshman Cheerleader, Jr. Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Majorette, Student Council, O.E.A., D.E.C.A: Garner, Robert Haskel: Business D.E.C.A. Garner, Timothy Kent: Academic Science Club Garrison, Gay: l.C.T. Band, Swing Choir, Dance Band, Latin Club, Thespians, National Honor Society, F.T.A., l.C.T., V.I.C.A. Goodknight, Robert Vernice: Academic Tennis, E Men's Band Drum Major, Swing Choir, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Latin Club, Student Council, Thespians, Key Club, Megaphone Staff Gough, Jennifer Lynn: General Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Court, Choir, Steering Committee, Student Council, Velveteens Green, Brian Gordon: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Crescent Section Editor, Varsity Track, Cross Country, Tennis E Men’s, Ushers, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Thespians, Science Club Green, Danny Richard: Business Jr. Varsity Track, Baseball, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, E Men's Ushers, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Wrestling, D.E.C.A. Green, Wanda Sue: Business Pep Club, Choir, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Hahn, Sylvia Jane: Home Economics F.H.A. Hancock, Joel Gregg: Industrial Arts V.I.C.A. Hankley, Patrick Allen: Academic Tennis, Steering Committee, Spanish Club, Student Council, Key Club Harting, LeAnn: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Homecoming Queen, Band, Velveteens, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Secretary, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Prom Chairman, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council, l.C.T., V.I.C.A. Hartsock, Thomas Rex: Academic Student Council Heflin, Robert Bruce: Business Crescent Committee Member, Prom Committee, Thespians, Student Council, Key Club, O.E.A. Heller, Dan Eugene: Vocational Machine Shop V.I.C.A. Hinds, Mark I.: Vocational Auto Mechanics V.I.C.A. Hirsch, Carolyn Susan: Business Crescent Section Editor, Girl's Football, Pep Club, G.A.A., Concessions, Sunshine Society, Foreign Exchange Club, F.B.L.A. Hittle, Diane Marie: Business Band, O.E.A. Hobbs, Deborah Kay: Home Economics Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club, Choir, Latin Club, Sunshine Society, F.H.A., l.C.T., V.I.C.A. Hobbs, Dixie Kay: Academic Band Hobbs, Larry: General Projectionist Hook, John Mathew: Academic Latin Club, D.E.C.A. Jack, Nicolette Maria: Business Crescent Committee Member, Band, Steering Committee, French Club, F.T.A., O.E.A. Jackson, Catherine Ellen: Business Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club, Choir, French Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Jackson, Jennie Joe: Business F.H.A., O.E.A. Johns, Claren Leon: V.A.M. V.I.C.A. Johnson, Sandra Kay: Home Economics Majorette Jones, Leta Faye: General O.E.A. Jordan, Gerald Lee: Business Bits Pieces, D.E.C.A. Kane, Alan James: Academic Band, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Latin Club, Thespians Kelich, Helen Ann: Business Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club, Sunshine Society, Megaphone Staff, F.B.L.A. Kiefer, Kathryn Ann: Business Senior Class Treasurer, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Thespians, Megaphone Staff, F.B.L.A., O.E.A., D.E.C.A. Kelley, John Ray: Business Freshman Football Kelley, Larry Gene: Business Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Freshman Football Kelley, Mark Richard: Technical Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Cross Country, E Men's, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Latin Club, Science Club, Math Club King, James Lee: Academic Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, EMen’s, Ushers, Wrestling, National Honor Society, Science Club, Hoosier Boy's State Laird, Ellen Jean: Home Economics Pep Club Leisure, Angela Kay: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club, Choir, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, French Club, Science Club, F .T .A. Foreign ExchangeLeisure, Robert Eugene: Technical Wrestling Longnecker, Dennis Franklin: Industrial Arts V.I.C.A. Longnecker, Lois Arlene: Home Economics F.H.A. Low, Katherine Mary: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Girls' Football, Freshman Cheerleader, Jr. Varsity Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Majorette, Choir, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, French Club, Thespians, Student Council, Science Club, Math Club, Megaphone Staff, F.T.A., F.B.L.A., Foreign Exchange Low, Kenneth Martin: Academic Crescent Photographer, Cross Country, Freshman Track, E Men’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Choir, Swing Choir, Junior Play Cast, Sen -ior Play Cast, Thespians, Debate Team, National Honor Soci -ety, Science Club, Math Club, F.T.A. McCorkle, Anita Sue: Academic Freshman Cheerleader, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. McElfresh, JoAnne: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Latin Club, Megaphone Staff McPhearson, Anna Kay: Business O.E.A. Miller, Deborah Kay: Academic Crescent Editor, Crescent Committee Member, Spanish Club, F.H.A., I.C.T., V.I.C.A., Foreign Exchange, Hoosier Girls State Mitchell, Billy Joan: Business F.H.A., V.I.C.A. Mock, James Allen: Academic Crescent Section Editor, Committee Member, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, E Men's Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Sophomore Class President, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Latin Club, Thespians, Science Club Moser, Thomas Lee: Academic Tennis, E Men's, Band, Groov Band, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Key Club, F.T.A. Moss, Roy Richard: Industrial Arts V.I.C.A. Mountcastle, Fonda Ruth: Business Murphy, Janet Marie: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Homecoming Queen Court, Majorette, Steering Committee, Prom Chairman, Latin Club, Student Council, Megaphone Staff, Foreign Exchange Nicholas, Deborah Kay: Business Freshman Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen Court, Glee Club, Megaphone Staff, O.E.A. Oldag, Thomas George: Academic Freshman Basketball, Golf, Freshman Football, E Men's Steering Committee, Spanish Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Sci ence Club, Key Club, Math Club Pace, Andrew Harold: Technical Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Cross Country, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, EMen's, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Spanish Club, Science Club Parker, Marilyn Rose: Business Parker, Peggy Lynette: Home Economics Pep Club, F.H.A. Parker, Sandra Kaye: Business Girls' Football, Pep Club, G.A.A. Pearson, Loretta Jean: Business Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club, Senior Play Cast, Science Club Pedro, Marilyn Joyce: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club, Senior Play Cast, Science Club, D.E.C.A. Piirto, Dennis Craig: General Band Pike, Kathy Lynn: General Girls Track, Girls’ Football, Pep Club, Student Director Senior Class Play, French Club, Student Council, Math Club, F.B.L.A. Pinkleton, Donald Allen: Industrial Arts Freshman Track, Choir, V.I.C.A. Powell, Don L.: Industrial Arts Freshman Basket -ball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Track, Varsity Football, E Men's I.C.T. Poynter, Pamela Sue: Academic Majorette, Senior Play Cast, Latin Club, Thespians, Megaphone Staff Prieshoff, Daniel Anthony Joseph: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Girls' Football Coach, E Men’s, Wrestling, Junior Class President, Steering Commit -tee, Prom Chairman, Latin Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Science Club, Math Club, Keesling’s Cut-ups Pullen, Mary Marvel: Home Economics F.H.A. Reichart, Gary Brent: Academic Jr. Varsity Football, Latin Club Reynolds, Kathleen Ruth: General Crescent Committee Member, Girls' Football, Pep Club, G.A .A., Concessions, Choir, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Thespians, Math Club, Megaphone Staff, F.T.A., F.B.L.A. Rice, Jeffrey Dean: Industrial Arts Freshman Basketball, Varsity Track, Jr. Varsity Football, I.C.T., V.I.C.A. Richardson, Cathy Anne: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Homecoming Queen Court, Majorette, Velveteens, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Prom Chairman, Spanish Club, Thespians, Student Council, Megaphone Staff Rittenhouse, Nola Jean: Business Band, O.E.A. Rittenhouse, Ted Allen: I.C.T. I.C.T., V.I.C.A. Robertson, Pamela Sue: Business Pep Club, Concessions, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Robinson, Robert Michael: V .M .S . Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Student Council, V.I.C.A. Rogers, Gerald Lynn: Technical Freshman Basketball, Varsity Track, Cross Country, Freshman Football, E Men's Rogers, Terry Kent: Technical Rominger, Gary Douglas: General Sanders, Barbara Lynne: Academic Choir, Latin Club,National Honor Society, F.T.A. Sanders, Ricky Mark: Industrial Arts Varsity Track, Varsity Football Savage, Lois Elaine: Business Choir, Megaphone Staff, F.T.A., F. B.L.A. Savage, Steven Ralph: Industrial Arts Varsity Track Schwalm, Robert Carl: Academic Latin Club, Student Council Seright, Marilyn Kay: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Girls' Football, Pep Club, G. A.A. Band, Majorette, Steering Committee, Senior Play Cast, French Club, Thespians, Student Council, Megaphone Staff Shaw, Dennis Kim: Academic Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, E Men's, Kees-ling's Cut-ups, Steering Committee, Latin Club, Science Club, Math Club, Megaphone Staff Shepard, Debra Kay: Home Economics Choir, F.H.A. Shepard, Hal Lynn: Academic Baseball, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, E Men's, Latin Club Shepard, John Wachel: V.M.S. Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, V.I.C.A. Sommons, Phillip Lee: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Varsity Track Band, Swing Choir, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Latin Club, Thespians, Science Club, Math Club Sizelove, David John: Academic Jr. Varsity Basket- ball, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Football, E Men's Sizelove, David Lee: General Slate, Harold William: Academic Band, Spanish Club, Math Club Smith, Lanetta Denise: General Girls Track, Choir, Girls Glee Club, French Club, National Honor Society O.E.A. Smith, Martha Jane: Business Crescent Committee Member, Pep Club, G.A.A. Steering Committee, F.T.A., F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Smith, Thomas William: Academic Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, E Men’s Snider, Deborah Kay: Choir Stafford, Rebecca Sue: Business O.E.A. Stage, Donald Lee: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Senior Class President, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Prom Chairman, Spanish Club, Thespians, D.E.C.A., I.C.T., V.I.C.A. Stickler, Rhonda Gay: Business Crescent Committee Member, Choir, O.E.A. Strong, Terry Wayne: Industrial Arts Summers, Martin Gilbert: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Concessions, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Latin Club, Thespians, Debate, Academic Team, Student Council, Math Club Tancey, Mark Stephen: Academic Tennis, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council, Vice-President, Megaphone, Foreign Exchange Tanzilli, Carolyn Sue: Home Economics Tatum, Kathy Sue: General Girls' Football, Band, Spanish Club, Student Council Teachnor, John Arthur: Vocational Building Trade V.I.C.A. Thornberry, William Charles: Vocational Building Trade Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Cross Country, Freshman Football, E Men’s, V.I.C.A. Trice, Katherine Ann: Business O.E.A., D.E.C.A. VanWinkle, JoAnn: Academic Homecoming Queen Court, Head Majorette, Velveteens, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Spanish Club, Thespians, Student Council, National Honor Society Vautaw, Jeffery Victor: Vocational Electronics Band, V.I.C.A. Walters, Calvin Coyt: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Baseball, Tennis, Freshman Football Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, E Men's Wrestling, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Student Council, Key Club, Megaphone Staff, Foreign Exchange Warner, Peggy Ann: Academic Band Waymire, Michael C.: V.M.S. V.I.C.A. Webb, Candyce Elaine: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Majorette, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, French Club, Student Council Wells, Catherine Ann: Business Majorette, French Club, O.E.A. Widmeyer, Peggy Anne: Academic Crescent Committee Member, Girls' Football, Jr. Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Majorette, Glee Club, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council, Science Club Wills, Kenneth Wayne: General Crescent Committee Member, Steering Committee, Thespians Student Council, Key Club, Megaphone Staff, F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Williams, Bruce Lynn: Academic Band Captain, Swing Choir, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council President Williams, Joseph Anthony: Academic Freshman Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, E Men's, Steering Committee, Spanish Club, Student Council Wilson, Michael Kevin: Business Latin Club, Science Club, O.E.A. Wise, Ronnie Eugene: Business D.E.C.A. Wisler, Debra Ann: Business Band, French Club, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Wood, Deborah Ruth: Home Economics Woolums, Marjorie Ann: Business F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Zimmerman, Gary Joe: D.E. Freshman Track, Cross Country, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Wrestling, Band, Thespians, D.E.C.A.ads Advertising is a large and constantly growing system of communication. Through advertising we discover what things are best for us whether it be in the world of fashion, medicine, or simply another luxury. Advertising is a practice which is beneficial to both the distributor and the consumer alike, which helps foster a friendly relationship among townspeople.GOOD FOOD State Road 13 Sou FAST SERVICE Elwood, Indiana HEISER FORD Be Wiser, See Heiser 1504 North B Street, Elwood, Indiana Wouldn't You Really Rather Go First Class in a Buick or Pontiac? Peterson Buick and Pontiac, Inc. 141 2 Main Street Elwood, Indiana New Cars—552-9888 Used Cars—552-5453Delco Remy ©t G n»'al Motor • AnO r on. Indiana V( c made the crank a classic. By getting rid of it. We’re Delco Remy. The automotive electrical people. In the years that have passed since we turned the crank into a relic, we’ve been busy. Building Delco batteries. Delcotron charging systems. Electric starters. Ignition systems. And just about everything else in your car that’s electric. ’ As a matter of fact, today we’re the world’s largest producer of electrical systems for cars, trucks, buses, farm tractors, ? construction vehicles, boats, garden tractors . . . well, you name it. Big deal, you say. Who thinks about electrical systems? Hardly anybody. We build them to work so well nobody has to.ROY SMITH APPLIANCES General Electric—Speed Queen Sunray Ranges—Hoover—Eureka 552-6772 Elwood, Indiana FALVEY'S Where Your Friends Buy Their Clothes Levi Sta-Prest—Arrow Shirts Curlee Suits and Clubman Sport Coats Haggar Slacks—Revere Sweaters Formal Wear Rental CLIFTON YOUNCE TIRE SERVICE State Road 28 East, Elwood and 123 S. Independence St., Tipton PENNEY'S "The Friendly Place" Downtown Elwood MERLE'S TEXACO Across from High School 552-9047 Elwood, Indiana TAM'S DRUGS, INC. GENE'S BARBER SHOP See Gene and Paul 912 Main Street Elwood, Indiana1423 South Anderson Elwood, Indiana 552-7323 Bonnie Showers models bridal gown Knit 'n Stitch Boutique Complete Insurance Service and Consultation Bridals—Materials Y arns—Needl ecrafts 1427 Main Street 552-7743 R. L. LEESON SONS COMPANY Elwood, Indiana LOY'S PIANO SALES Guitars—Drums—Pianos—Organs 715 South 22nd Elwood, Indiana Flowers for All Occasions The Added Touch of Perfection GOLDSBERRY'S FLOWER SHOP 552-2214 HILLAN'S BIKE SHOP SALES SERVICE New and Used Bicycles 228 North 12th 552-5602 C and H Fuels 401 South Harrison Alexandria, IndianaCONTINENTAL CAN CO. INC. A Good Place To Work ZERBE'S FAMILY SHOE STORE 115 S. Anderson Street Elwood, Indiana 552-3162 EARL G. RHODES, JEWELER Alexandria—Elwood Diamond Sweetheart and Pre-Engagement Rings Charms and Charm Bracelets Eisenberg Pendants Linde Star Rings Sears Employees Elwood, Indiana SEARS "Sears Has Everything" 552-5025COPHER AND FESLER VEST CLEANERS Sudden Service Draperies Complete Laundry Service Insured Cold Storage Suede and Leather Free Parking 1516 Main Street--Elwood, Indiana 552-3131 WHEELER VIEW-POINT School and Office Supplies LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING LANES Jack and Wuanita Wright Elwood Plaza—Elwood, Indiana CINDERELLA BEAUTY SHOP 116 South 16th Street Elwood, Indiana 552-2563 JACK'S HIGHWAY BAKERY State Road 37—1 2 Mile South of State Road 28 552-6553 R.R. 2 Elwood, Indiana CARMICHAEL BODY SHOP Expert Body and Fender Repair and Painting Open 8 to 8 Monday 8 to 5 Tuesday thru Friday Closed Saturdays 28th and South D Streets 552-7218Gas Makes the Big Difference KLEIN'S SHOES 116 South Anderson Street CENTRAL INDIANA GAS CO. Elwood, Indiana 552-5271 Phone 552-7328 CITY CREAMERY 500 North 18th Street THE LEMON TREE Across from the Post Office Elwood, Indiana Telephone 552-3801 Complete Your Education R G F MANUFACTURING PLANT WALLACE-MURRAY CORPORATION 2403 South J St. 926 North 9th St. 304 South 28th St. 552-7819 Get Clipped at ZIP'S 1540 South A Street STATE FARM INSURANCE Chuck Zink, Agent 1608 Main Street Elwood, Indiana 552-9508 COLONIAL COTTAGE Flowers and Gifts Created for You by Jim McDaniel 611 North 16th St.—Elwood, Ind. 552-3435J. LEWIS SMALL CO., INC. Finest Class Rings Made Here in Elwood The Official Jewelers to Willkie High School Now in Two Plants To Serve YouCathy Richards enters the Bank THE CITIZENS BANK Three Locations To Serve The Class of 1971 125 South Anderson Street Elwood Plaza Branch Huntsville Branch "See Citizens First" Elwood Plaza BranchWe re part of it. The American •‘establishment” that's made this country's standard of living the highest in the world. Shoes and clothes and cars and enough food for everyone, and some left over, to send abroad. In our case, it's low-cost electric power, to make living easier and to give energy to industry. But all those wires didn't get strung overnight. It's taken us well over fifty years to get established. And even ten years ago we couldn't offer the service we offer today. The same thing is true in other industries. It's taken almost 200 years to set up the American "establishment". Sure, it has its flaws, but someone’s working on the problems right now. Meanwhile, it's the best arrangement any country has ever come up with. And there's a place in it for you. Am ■ r i c • n K l.ctrlc Pow.iy'' INDIANA MICHIGAN r t Ltd MIL LUUnrMIW T Don't Be Stumped See KLUMPP SUMMERS DAIRY BAR 500 North 18th Street DETER PRINTING CO. Commercial Printers Wedding Invitations—Napkins State Road 37 North—El wood, Ind. MADISON COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP Elwood Branch, State Road 28 East LONGERBONE'S Government Inspected Meat License No. 526 507 South Anderson St., Elwood 552-3723JOHN W. MOORE CHEVROLET-OLDSMOBILEKedGold TOMATOES - TOMATO PRODUCTS ■ BEANS RED GOLD INC. Orestes, Ind.--Galveston, Ind. For the Best Values in Food Day After Day JOE'S STOP AND SHOP Meet Your Friends WELLS LANES State Road 37, Elwood, Indiana Complete Line of Bowling Accessories GARY'S BEAUTY SALON 21 26 South K Street R. L. LEESON SONS LADIES READY-TO-WEAR 552-3381 "Chris" and "Mose" Moser Welcome You To Make SMITH'S Your Jewelry Headquarters 117 S. Anderson St.—Locally Owned LEISURE LIVING, INC. State Road 37—South of 28 Elwood, Indiana A Good Line of Toys GRINNELL'S TOY STORE HOME LUMBER One Mile East of Elwood V AND M COMPANY TRAILER SALES 2126 South K Street JONES AUTO SALES 1911 South B Street A Friendly Place To Deal Elwood, Indiana 24th South 1—Elwood, Indiana 552-6821 LINEBACK MARKET 1901 South L Street Elwood, Indiana EX-CELL-O CORPORATION Elwood, IndianaDAIRY QUEEN BRAZIER Char-Broil—Brazier-Burger Open Year Round—Daily Located in Elwood Plaza Shopping Center JOHNSON'S APPAREL SHOP WICKES LUMBER CO. Elwood, Indiana ELWOOD PRINTING, INC. Letterpress—Offset Quality Printing of All Kinds 552-2481 Plumbing—Heating Electrical Supplies Building Materials Phone 552-7355 Elwood, Indiana Trophies—Athletic Supplies—Guns Mcknights Fishing Tackle—Toys—Hobbies INLAND MARINE SPORTING GOODS WAYMIRE TV 310 South Anderson St.—552-3721 Your Motorola and Zenith Dealer Your International Harvester Dealer 1519 South B Street Elwood, IndianaGuide Lamp Division General Motors Corporation Guide Lamp Division of General Motors, world's largest manufacturer of automotive lighting equipment, makes many types of lamps for cars, trucks, and tractors. The division is also a major producer of castings, plastics, metal stamping and electronics for automotive assemblies. Guide has 2,340,000, square feet, under roof in Anderson. Employment is about 5300. CRIMANS 1 NSURANCE AGENCY 1NC. 2200 South Anderson—Elwood, Ind. Congratulations Class of '71 REYNOLDS ELECTRIC CO. 12 Chamness Avenue Elwood, Indiana MARTZ GROCERY CHASE MOTORS 517 North Anderson 824 Main Street Elwood, Ind. Elwood, Indiana 552-6741 OLWIN DAIRY J M MUSIC For the Best in Records Musical Instruments "Freshest Milk in the and Accessories 218 South 16th Street Heart of Hoosierland" 552-3637—Elwood, Indiana 717 Main Street CAMERA SHOP Open 7 Days Overdorf Photography Film Processing—Photo Supplies 408 South Anderson Street Elwood, IndianaCongratulations to the Class of '71 SERVlSOFT. WATER CONDITIONING Water Conditioning Company 1800 South D Street 552-5031 Complete Soft Water Sales and Service Exchanges—Rentals—Sales—Repairs James Wardwell, Owner and Operator Compliments of CLARK'S Butcher Mfg. Co. MORTUARY Leisure 552-2413 JERRY DUNNICHY Swayzee 922-7936 Hemlock 453-1307 Windfall 595-3136 1113 South Anderson Street Elwood, Indiana ROYAL GARMENT CLEANERS Your Call-Leader Provides Complete Coverage of All School Events Wil Ikie World Sports Stories Pictures Elwood Printing Company Congratulations ELWOOD CALL-LEADER to "Serving the Heart of Hoosierland" the JACKLEY-LANDRUM Class of FUNERAL HOME 1971M-170— Elwood Ind Motorcycles Motor Scooters 70-lnd HcYCLE SHOP CUSTOM Service Center for MOTORCYCLES MINI-BIKES-SCOOTERS GO-CARTS ■MINI-BIKES HORNET - RUPP CUSTOM BODY WORK PARTS - ACCESSORIES SALES ■ SERVICE - PARTS GO- CARTS PICK-UP DELIVERY 2726 S C 552-605 7 OWNERS DON BEARD CHUCK LITSEYYOUNG'S RESTAURANT Carry-Out Service State Road 37 South 552-9078 Compliments of BURKE PHARMACY 1705 South Anderson 552-3324 Compliments of CALLOWAY'S STANDARD SERVICE Gasoline—Oils—Accessories 301 S. Anderson, El wood, Indiana BOURFF'S FURNITURE STORE 102 Main Street 552-2255 Elwood, Indiana CARTER'S SUPER MARKET Elwood Plaza Elwood, Shopping Center Indiana Compliments of DAVIES SNACK BAR 1533 Main Street Elwood, Ind. EAST SIDE MARATHON Jack Lee 2917 Main Street Elwood, Ind. EAST SIDE PARTS Automotive Parts Machine Shop Service 31st and Main Streets Elwood, Ind. Congratulations to the Class of '71 AL'S 66 SERVICE 552-9025 Elwood, Ind. MANGAS CAFETERIA Delicious Home Cooked Food Elwood, Indiana EARLYWINES FURNITURE Auction Retail New and Used Furniture and Appl. Elwood, Indiana 552-5315 We Buy Sell and Trade R R 2 334 " Elwood. Indiana Donald Hughes. Sales Rep. Ph. 552-7333REIDS STUDIO Compliments of Has Enjoyed Many Years of Being Your School Photographer. Thank You, Reids Studio Mayor Gene Smith Specialist in School Photography St. Clair Congratulations to the Class of '71 Glass Works GREGG ALIGNMENT SERVICE Locally Owned and Operated Complete Brake Service Front End Rebuilding 1800 South D Street 552-9418 ORBAUGH SHEPARD TIRE CENTER 408 North 5th St. 1348 South B Street Elwood, Indiana Elwood, IndianaCompliments of The First National Bank of Madison County to the Class of 1971economy SERVICE ECONOMY SERVICE STATION 19th and South A Elwood, Indiana Leaders in Service, Leaders in Quality Congratulations to the Class of 71 Let us show you how Three Steps to Beauty can make your future a little more beautiful. We’ll create a whole new look for you. show you how to face the future with a complexion that's sheer perfection-glowing. radiant, problem free, and protected. Three Steps to Beauty, exclusively at your mERLE noRmnn cosmETic studio Congratulations to the Class of 71 Tip ERMCO AND] Ready-Mixed Concrete Concrete Drain Tile Masonry Supplies COMPLIMENTARY MAKE-UP LESSONS 312 So. Anderson St. Elwood 552-0102 2500 South D Street 552-5041STEVENS TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE 701 S. Anderson, Elwood, Indiana 552-2563 Compliment's of STATE PLATING Elwood, Indiana Compliments of JOE'S BARBER SHOP BJ'S BEAUTY SHOP 141 2 Main Street Elwood, Indiana For Monuments Markers See MONNIE MARCUSON at 1206 South I Street Elwood, Ind. ST. CLAIR "HOUSE OF GLASS" Antiques, Reproduction, Imports State Road 28 West Elwood, Ind. 552-3282 552-6841 LEWIS RUG CARPET CLEANERS Elwood Expert Carpet Installations 2733 East Main Street Elwood, Ind. Monument Co. One Mile East on State Road 28 fflUER BRAND 1 K MILLF.K AIMAKIES OOPS! Markers Monuments Mausoleums Artistic Cemetery Memorials Before Purchasing See Our Display... DOWN WITH ROOT BEER AND HOT DOGS A delicious hot dog plus a frosty mug of root beer are easy to down at your "A W—an island of refreshment." For good food at a reasonable price, this combi- | I AiW nation can't be beat. Visit A W ||j iimii f soon, and join in the festivities. of refresh 1 Bob's A W 2831 Main St. Elwood, IndianaCrescent Index Band—72,88 Baseball--49,64 "Bits G Pieces Band" —10 Choir—29,90 Concession--71 Counterpoints--12,91 Crescent—74 Cross Country--49,57 Dance Band—12,91 Debate--92 D.E.C.A.—96 E- Men--52,72 F.B.L.A.—94 F.C.A.--53 F.H.A.--84 Football—48,61 Foreign Exchange--87 French Club—81 Freshman Cheerleaders--51 Freshman Football--63,68 Freshman Steering Committee — lit F. T.A.--79 G. A. A.—48,70 Golf--48 Health Careers—85 I.C.T.—46,73 Junior High Choir—10 Junior Steering Committee--123 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders--51 Junior Varsity Football--62,68 Junior Varsity Track—54 Kaleidoscopes--10,12 Latin Club--82 Majorettes--89 Math Club--83 Megaphone--76 National Honor Society—93 N. Y.C.- -86 O. E.A.—73,95 Pep Club—50,72 Polly Panther--51 Projectionists- -87 Renner's Kids—12 Senior Steering Committee —129 Sophomore Steering Committee—117 Student Council—78 Swing Choir--12 Tennis--48,58 Thespians--77 Track—48 Varsity Basketball--66,67 Varsity Cheerleaders—51 Velveteens--12,91 V.I.C.A.—72,97 Wrestling—48,65 Abshire, Robert--102 Bailey, Van--54,62,69,102 Barnett, Marilyn--36,102 Barr, Charlotte--99,101 Bridges, Iris—108 Brodgon, Bill—109 Brown, Phil—71,101 Brugger, Clifford--10,11,98,101 Burton, Clarence—109 Burton, Gearld—101 Chapman, Hilda—102 Clayton, Nancy—94,102 Compton, James—80,87,93,102 Conners, Robert--100 Coston, Jack--100 Courtney, Carol--108 Crimans, Marian—76,102 Everidgc, Eldon--130 Ferguson, Jean--80,120 Foust, Carl —102 Gren, Linda--103 Glenn, Jo Alline—108 Graham, Emory--109 Hawkins, Joseph--103 Herndon, Richard—82,101,110 Hiatt, Ray—103,123 Hicks, Rodney—33,53,57,58,68,103 Hinds, John—100 Hocker, William—63 Hoffman, David--103,92 House, Betty--104 House, Michael—63,104 House, Sam--104 Huffman, Phillip—104,117 Jacobson, Richard--104 Jackson, Thomas--104 Juday, Jane—94,104 Juday, Joseph--105 Keesling, Gerald--52,54,60,61,105 Kintzel, Doris—105 Kintzel, George--100 Knopp, Henry--109 Lcavcll, Emily--108 Linder, Gary—105 Lowder, Thelma--108 Marcuson, Lcs—55,S8,65 McQuitty, Darrell—62,66,105 Merritt, Rea Ann—93,105 Miller, Ed--109 Mock, Bill—109 Moore, Robert--17,60 Oldag, Helen--100 Palm, Robert--105 Pantos, Tom--106 Parente, Frank--29,106 Parker, Charles--100 Ray, George--10,86 Rayshich, Dan—106 Reynolds, Malcolm—109 Ritchie, Larry--106 Rudig, Dorothy--108 Santon, William—101 Schwcar, Noami--84,106 Scott, Keith--100 Sempsrott, Wayne--19,106 Sharp, Florence--106 Sharp, Riley—100 Shaw, Wilfred—100 Singleton, Wayne—78,100 Smith, George—87,107 Snyder, Ralph--107 Spear, Tom--64 Starkey, Betty—71,107 Sullivan, Blair—100 Sullivan, Lillian—85,108 Tolle, Elvona—84,107 VanWagner, June—70,101,140 Walls, Phillip--101 Watson, Betty Jo--107 Watson, Earl--107 Welker, Roberta--18,77,78,107 Whcstcl, Lou--109 Williams, Barbara--108 Abbott, Arthur Abbott, Brenda--110 Abbott, Diana—74,122 Abbott, Janice—23,94,116 Abbott, Rick Abbott, Robert Carl Abernathy, Nancy—70,88,94,116 Acres, David--110 Acres, Paul—52,55,57,116,65 Adair, Karla—116 Adair, Rick—90,110,65 Adair, Trena--70,82,90,106 Adams, Daniel—55,116 Albers, Susan--122,93 Alexander, James Alexander, Norman--52,54,60,122,65 Alexander, Philip Allen, Diana—122 Alley, Lee Ann--128 Alley, Mary Jo—35,70,71,74,94,116,117 Altherr, Kathy—89,116,120 Altherr, Mark--62,97,122 Altherr, William—62,116 Anderson, Carolyn--90,128 Anderson, Garrick—122 Anderson, Malinda--50,74,90,94,110 Antic, Terry--128 Arana, Jessie—110 Arehart, Joseph--38 Armstrong, Susan--32,90,110 Arnold, Philip--52,53,54,59,60,61,74,79, 83,128,66 Arnold, Rhoda—50,70,74,76,122,123 Atwell, Jacqueline--84,88,94,128,140 Backer, Cynthia--74,128,129,134 Backstrom, Steve--128,136,93 Bailey, Susan--116 Baker, James Baker, Janet—76,116 Baker, Timothy--97,128 Baldwin, Carol--110 Baldwin, David--110 Baldwin, Dennis—46,50,97,128 Baldwin, Larry—9,7,129 Ball, Bruce—17,52,53,54,59,60,61,129,65 Ball, Elizabeth—110 Bambrough, Kathy--28,51,70,77,78,122,123 Bannon, Sara—18,89,91,129,93 Barker, Cindy—50,51,77,78,80,110 Barmes, Thomas--38,122 Barnes, Larry Gene--110 Bartlett, George--110 Baugher, Anita—24,74,79,129,93 Baxter, Norman--122 Bayne, Randy--58,96,122,65 Beach, Beth--116 Beach, Marilyn Beach, Patrick—63,110,69 Beard, Sandra Beavers, Marcy Ellen—70,82,88,116 Beber, Brenda--110 Beber, Janet—50,70,74,94,116 Beeman, Bill Beeman, David Allen—116 Beeman, David Harold—19,78,129 Beeman, Gary--116 Beeman, Karla —110 Beeman, Randy--80,129,136 Beeman, Rickie--97,122 Beeman, Tim Rex—97,122 Bell, Charles--129 Benefiel, Joe—110 Bencfiel, Mike—91,122 Benefiel, Theresa--90,110 Bilyeu, Pamela—84,94,116 Bingham, Bart—62,116 Bixby, Brenda--110 Bixby, Danny Blankenship, Mark--116 Blockson, Linda--110 Bollinger, Mark--62,116 Bomersback, Jodie--80,110 Bomholt, Jerome--24,52,57,129,64,66,93 Bottoms, Jcrrie--116,117 Bourff, Joseph--43,97,122 Bo us log, Jeffery—54,60,122 Bo us log, Susan--116 Boyer, Diana--94,122 Bozell, Rebecca—88,122 Bradburn, Eugene--! 16 Bradburn, Malcom Braddock, Steve—116 Bradley, Dale—97,129 Bragg, Terry--110 Brannen, Carol Brewer, Karen—33,50,70,80,116 Bright, Diana--85,90,110 Brown, Ann Brown, Donald Brown, Mark--38,130 Brown, Ronald—38,87,116 Brown, Shirley—110 Brummett, Jerry Brunnemer, Tim—56,122 Bryan, Curtis--130 Bryan, Renee—70,94,122 Bryan, Terry—122 Bucci, Judy—77,80,90,110 Bucci, Kenny--116 Bucci, Mark--116 Budd, Linda—36,50,130 Buis, Don--26,55,62,116,65 Burchette, Gary—38,88,91,116 Burnett, George--117 Burnette, John—63,110,69 Burton, Barbara—30,122,123 Burton, Deloris—110 Burton, Max—71,122 Burton, Theresa--117 Busch, Janet—122 Butcher, Barbara--75,79,80,130,93 Cabasier, Mary—88,122 Cain, David—97,130 Caldwell, Dave--40 Caldwell, Donna--50,130 Call, Debra—94,117 Call, William—52,60,122 Callaway, Anna--70,74,77,80,89,94,117 Campbell, Deborah--110 Campbell, Jim—110 Campbell, Valerie—88,94,117 Cannon, David--130,64 Carmichael, Amos—97,130 Carmody, Mike--110,69 Carpenter, John--117 Carpenter, Robert--55,62,78,80,117 Carrol, Brenda—33,117 Carroll, Jerita—77,78,129,130,93 Casas, Isabell—111 Casas, Jose—39,131 Casas, Oscar--117 174Cates, Paulette--111 Chaffin, Mark—97,131 Chase, Scott--111 Chase, Stanley—63,80 Chriss, Kevin—97,122 Church, Jane--SO,80,111 Clark, Alan--122 Clark, Mike Clark, Phillip--55 Clary, David--55,62,117,68 Cleaver, Beth—70,111 Cleaver, Jermiah--58.78.131 Cleaver, John—117 Cloud, Jacalyn—131 Clouser, Pam- -117 Clouscr, Paulette--19,25,36,50,74,80,94, Cluggish, Louise--80,87,94,117 Cluggish, Mike—52,60,61,131 Cole, Jeffrey--80,122,93 Collier, Dbera — 123 Collier, Susan—117 Collins, Randy--111 Combs, John--87,117 Conley, Terri—117 Conner, Ronald—62,63,111,69 Conners, Vickie—84,123 Conwell, Doug—111 Conwell, Creg—43,97,123 Conwell, Tamara—22,117 Cook, James Cook, Susan--96,123 Cooper, Danny—62,117,121,68 Coots, Danny--117 Copher, Mark--83,88,123,92 Corbett, Gwenn—88,121 Corbett, Ted--131 Corwell, David Coston, Rick--52,53,54,60,61,129,131,132, 136.65 Coston, Sandra--37,123 Coubert, Mike—87,111 Courtney, Brian—19,54,57,58,78,95,128, Courtney, Christy—96,123 Courtney, Jane Courtney, Joni —123 Courtney, Judith—94,96,117 Courtney, Kevin--63,78,110,111,66,68 Cox, Linda—74,84,131 Crable, Debbie—88,111 Creamer, Cathyrn—117 Creamer, Eugene—131 Creamer, Neal—S4,60,123 Cress, Larry--97,131 Crimans, Margaret--123,124,92,93 Crimans, Pat—70,74,77,79,80,83,87,88,91, Crowe, Roger—88,91,111 Croy, Kathy—131 Croy, Nichols--57,117,121 Cruea, Mark—41,123 Crull, Robin—117 Cunningham, Pamela Cyphers, Jackie—50,80,117 Damm, Sam Dauenhaucr, Leo--59,60,123,64 Davenport, Aaron—24,52,56,57,123 Davies, Christy—31,50,82,90,117 Davies, Pamela—50,82,111 Davis, Christy Davis, Cynthia--97,123 Davis, James--22,38,88,91,117 Davis, Lisa — 111 Davis, Marla--111 Davis, Pamela—31,77,90 Davis, Tamara—31,90,111 Davis, Theodore--123 Davis, William--54,97,131 Day, Rick—41,131 Dehart, Nancy—85,123 Delong, Bruce—52,56,57,123,66 Dennis, Betty--96,132 Dennis, Jean—96,123 Dover, Kim —83,111 Dever, Martina—88 Dever, Michael—88,132 Dever, Terry—94,117 Dial, Elizabeth--111 Dial. Mary Dietzer, Vickie—132 Diko, Kay—94,117 Diko, Kieth—96,132 Dillion, Beth--123 Dillion, Jeff—55,117,65 Doan, Lorraine —24,123 Drake, Bob--111,69 Dudley, Brenda--27,50,76,80,90,91,117 Duffey, Paulett—118 Dunlap, Bruce--118 Dunnichay, Cera Id--56,123 Dunnichay, Peggy--50,70,78,80,110,111 Durham, Jeff—111 Durham, Peggy—54,132 Durm, Andrew--55,118,68 Durm, David--23,52,54,57,79,96 Dye, Thomas Eaton, Timothy--S2,55,60,62,116,117,118, 68,93 Ebbcrt, Rockie—111 Ebert, Johna—118 Ebert, Steven—47,60,61,96,132 Edwards, Elizabeth—82,118 Eib, Debbie--23,111 Elkins, Kirby—88,91,123 Ellis, Tamara--123 Elston, Michael--132 Elsworth, Debra--25,82,85,111 Emery, Jewel--111 Eppcrly, Bob Etchison, Bruce--52,60,82,123,65 Etchison, Jeff—111 Etchison, Raeann—50,123 Etchison, Todd--110,lll Everson, Mary—111 Ewing, Kathy--118 Fagg, Pamela--50,90,123 Fagg, Richard--123 Fakes, Roberta—50,77,94,118 Farley, Charles Farley, Deborah--77,80,111 Farley, William--118 Faucett, John--80,111 Faulstich, Chris—38,97,123 Felton, Arlene—111 Fcmung, Margaret—84,88,91,123 Fernung, Michael—88,123 Fettig, Jon--88,111 Fettig, Mathew--40,97,124 Fcwell, Kevin--63,111,69 Fihe, Jeffrey—31,124,66,68 Fihe, Melinda-50,59,80,111 Finnerty, Norman—132 Fish, Jon--97,124 Florea, JoAnn--123,124,93 Florca, Roberta--50,51,59,70,117,118, 120 Foor, Charles--111,133,86 Foor, Chasie Frazee, Kay—94,118 Frazee, Samuel—111 Frazier, Deborah--33,50,76,118 French, Jane—111 French, Judy--36,133 French, Michael--97 French, Richard--97,133 French, Robin—50,70,111,112 Freund, Vicki—27,50,80,90,91,94,118 Fromholtz, Rosanna--50,133 Frye, Anita--111 Frye, Carolyn—77,80,89,111 Frye John--112 Frye, Marsha--74,124 Frye, Mary—70,84,124,93 Fuller, Paul—63,112,69 Fuller, Theresa--124 Galbreath, Don—112,86 Galbreath, Margie--112 Galbreath, Terry—118,86 Gamez, Rebecca Camez, Yolanda Garcia, Carmen—10,11,14,18,19,77,89,91, 129,133 Garcia, Rosalinda—70,80,84,85,124,86 Gardner, Alexander Gardner, Dennis—88,97,124 Gardner, Kaori Gardner, Mary--84,94,124 Gardner, Michael—27,80,96,133 Cardncr, Robin—74,78,122,124 Gardner, Susan—59,70,80,110,112 Gardner, Zane--88,97,124 Carman, Deborah—76,96,133 Gamer, John--124 Garner, Robert--47 Gamer, Timothy--133 Garrison, Gay—46,97,133,93 Certh, Luke—111,69 Ccrth, Nancy--70,84,124 Cill, Debra--80,112 Gill, Jonothan—87,112,93 Gill, Ronald—26,78,80,124 Gillam, Debra—118 Gilliam, Robert--112 Gillespie, Edward--55,118,68 Giselbach, Kenneth—55,62,124 Gisclbach, Robin--112 Giselbach, Timothy--35,62,118 Glotzbach, Judith—94,123,124,93 Glotzbach, Linda Goforth, John--112 Goodknight, Robert--52,58,89,129,133,93 Cootee, Candace —10,89,94,117,118 Gordon, James Gordon, Pamela--124 Gordon, Robert--124 Gough, Jennifer- -17,91,133 Gough, Mary—118 Graham, Richard—54 Green, Brian--18,19,52,53,54,58,74,77,88, 91,133 Green, Danny--52,54,60,61,133,64,65 Green, Deborah--124 Green, Jeffrey--63,90,112,69 Green, Rebecca--112 Green, Richard Green, Steve—112 Green, Wanda—36,133 Gregg, Chris Cregg, Karl—112 Gregg, Vickie—96,124 Gregory, Jerry--118 Cromer, Vickie--124 Grondin, Cindy--118 Grondin, Frank—124 Grondin, Tim—112 Groover, Pam- -118 Grose, Leon--118 Gross, Dwight V.--28 Gross, Harold G.--38 Gross, Linda Cuffey, Michael--54,60,124 Guerreo, Guadalupe R. Guerrco, Johnny Ramerez Hahn, Sylvia—84,133 Hampton, Jackie—112 Hancher, Terry--112,65 Hancock, Joel—43,97,134 Hancock, Maria--112 Hancock, Marta Hanklcy, Patrick—22,76,129,134 Hanlin, Clifford Hanlin, Gordon--118 Hanlin, Thomas—63,78,112,69 Hanlin, Vickie—124 Harmon, LeeAnn--77,90,94,112 Harney, Karen—118 Harris, Charles Harris, Christina—118 Harris, Gary—52,112 Harting, Arthur Harting, Gary Lee--60,97,127 Harting, Joan--88,124 Harting, LeAnn—16,17,18,77,91,97,128, 129,132,134,93 Harting, Marie--88,91,112 Hartley, Tom—112 Hartsock, Thomas--76,134 Haulk, Gary--124 Haulk, James—112 Haulk, Rebecca—118 Hayes, Jeff—118 Hayes, Terry--124 Hays, Larry Headley, Rhonda —112 Heater, Richard--124 Heater, Tricia—77,89,118 Heath, Joe Heaton, Patrick--125 Heaton, Tom—112 Heflin, Robert Bruce —129,134,93 Heflin, Terry—112 Heiser, Sam—63,112,65 Heller, Dan—42,97 Hendricks, Keith Henn, Tony—43,60,97,125 Hensley, Linda G. Hess, Barry--54 Hibst, Fred Hibst, Tim—63,112 Hicks, Mary Hicks, Patricia Hill, Evelyn-50,70,77,94,125,92 Himburg, Donald Himburg, Joseph--56,62,118 Hinds, Mark--43,97,134 Hinkle, Donna--119 Hipes, Monte--70,80,125 Hirsh, Carolyn—59,71,74,87,134 Hittle, Diane—50,134 Hobbs, Deborah--134 175Hobbs, Dixie Hobbs, Kyle—55,62,119,86 Hobbs, Larry E.--86 Hobbs, Murvellc--78,125 Hobbs, Sara--50,70,80,119 Hobbs, Susan--70,77,80,84,90,125 Hobson, Jean--34,50,125 Hooker, Sandra--70,77,79,123,125 Hooker, William--63,69,78,110,113 Hodson, Rick--62,119 Hollowell, Cathy S. Hollowell, Susan--89,94,113 Hood, Christy—50,51,70,77,80,94,116,117, 119 Hook, Fredrick—97,125 Hook, John—76,135 Hook, Mary--89,113 Hoose, Danny--43,97,125 Hoover, Melodie--80,119 Horseman, Brenda--119 Horseman, Mitchell Howat, Gayle--96,125 Howell, Malinda--113 Howell, Rhonda--125 Hudson, Richard--97 Huff, Vickie--10,16,50,51,70,78,80,90,91, 116,117,119 Hughes, Gerald—28,38,125 Hughes, Kathy--110,113 Hughes, Rachel—79,90,119 Hughes, Rebecca--80,90,125 Hughes, Rodger—63,65,87,113 Humel, Alice—77,82,88,91,113 Humphrey, David—55,60,62,94,117,118, 119,93 Humphrey, Pam Hunter, Ronald--41,125 Hurst, Robert--119 Ingram, Ina Jack, Nicolette--135 Jackson, Andrew—23,88,113 Jackson, Catherine--50,70,74,78,132,134, 135 Jackson, Jennie--84,135 Jackson, John--31,63,113 Jackson, Marva—125 Jaramillo, Mary--113 Jarrell, Linda--84,85,113 Jarrell, Robert--60,62,125 Jarrett, Brenda—97,113 Jarrett, Rita—135 Johns, Claren—97,135 Johnson, Gary--31,66,68,125,93 Johnson, Kim—80,119 Johnson, Sandra--45,89,135 Jones, Danny--54 Jones, Kemmon--52,55,57,68,119 Jones, Leta--45,135 Jones, Robert--78,90,119 Jordon, Jerry--47,96,135 Juday, Thomas—63,69,113 Julius, Randy--69,110 Kaiser, Bruce--63,69,111,113 Kaiser, Jerry--125 Kane, Alan-18,19,77,88,91,135 Kane, Lynn-22,76,83,90,123,125,93 Kapper, Edward--97,125 Karch, Danny--23,52,58,113 Karch, Dennis—119,121 Kelich, Helen—22,76,135 Kelich, Jayne--96,125 Kelley, John--135 Kelley, Larry--58,66,135 Kelley, Mark--27,52,53,54,57,67,69,78,83, 135 Kelly, Anita Lynn Kelly, Margaret--50,70,110,112,113,119 Kelly, Mary Kelly, Patricia—50,86,94,119 Kcssinger, William--69,88 Kiefer, Kathyrn--18,22,47,96,113,128,135 Kiefer, Steve—77,80,113 Kilgore, Janet—70,80,88,119 King, Bemadine—119 King, Doug King, Henry—38,86,125 King, James—52,53,60,61,136,93 King, Martina—70,82,88,91,119 King, Toni-50,70,74,77,80,94,117,119 Kleyla, Don—87,113 Knapp, Judith—119 Knauer, Marta—77,83,87,88,125 Knick, Deb—113 Knopp, Ralph Kochman, Carol--94,119 Kolacki, Robert--40,97,125 Kronenburg, Christina--125 Laird, Debra—50,119 Laird, Ellen—50,136 Lantz, Patricia—50,80,119 LaPierre, Dianne--90,125 LaPointe, Lisa—77,113 Laster, Terrance--125 Laster, Thomas--119 Leathers, Jeffrey—29,74,82,83,88,91,125, 92,93 Lcavcll, Bill--119 Leavitt, Jeff—65,113 Lee, Hope--113 Lee, Sharon—94,113 Leeson, Jon—69,113 Leever, Deborah--59,70,84,113,119 Leisure, Ardeena--119 Leisure, Angela--18,19,22,50,79,85,136 Leisure, Debbi--44,50,94 Leisure, Robert--65,86,136 Leonard, Deborah—74,125 Lindley, Deborah Line, Ellen—125 Lineberry, Lucinda—78,88,119 Linegar, Anita—70,74,77,82,87,123,125,93 Linsmeyer, Gregory--52,56,62,68,119 Litaker, Jerry—86,125 Li taker, Louise--113 Litaker, Mary--113 Long, Darrel—35,119 Long, Kathryn--90,113 Long, Rose—90,94,113 Long, Shirley--90,96,125 Long, Thomas—88,93 Longnecker, Daneen—119 Longnecker, David--119 Longnecker, Dennis—43,97,136 Longnecker, Mama Longnecker, Lois--136 Low, Katherine—15,16,18,19,25,76,77,79, 136 Low, Ken-18,52,53,54,57,76,77,79,136 Loy, Rusty--34,52,60,65,125 Lucas, Holly--80,90,113 Luzadder, Pamela—84,125 Lynas, Tonya—50,70,80,113 Lvtle. Bonita--88,113 Maddox, Betty Magers, Margaret--30,79,80,87,126,93 Maish, Robert—86,126 Majors, Michael--119 Mangas, Theodora—74,79,80,126 Marley, Jeffrey—82,94,113 Martin, Daniel--97,126 Martin, Helen—113 Mason, William—113 Masters, Ruth--123,126 Meal, John Mcngelt, Steven--15,52,60,62,74,77,80,93, 98,117,119 Metz, James--119 Miller, Christy—90,94,113 Miller, Deborah--30,74,80,84,97,137 Miller, Jackie-11,88,90,91,126 Miller, Lee Ann— 80,113 Miller, Rebccca—84,113 Miller, Tina—113 Mitchell, Billy—46,97,137 Mitchell, Elaine--96,126 Mochrie, Bonita--84,137 Mock, James--18,52,53,54,60,61,69,74,77, 130,137 Monahan, Patty—77,80,110,112,113 Moon, Ronnie--113 Moore, Gary—88,113 Moore, Tcrce—80,119 Morgan, Jean--126 Morgan, Kevin—80,114 Morgan, Marsha--50,96,126 Moser, Thomas--52,58,88,91,129,137,93 Moss, Brenda--86,119 Moss, Roy--137 Mottweiler, Jeffrey--126 Mountcastle, Brenda--44,114 Mountcastle, Fonda--137 Moya, Johnny Mundy, Thresa--50,94,119 Murdock, Sharon Murphy, Janet—17,74,76,129,137 Murray, Rhonda--50,70,78,94,114 Muse, Douglas--119 Mutchler, Don—80,87,114 Mutchler, Vida—27,126 Myerly, Alice--50,51,70,77,78,123,126 McClain, Carolyn--34,84,93,125 McCorkle, Anita--94,136 McCorkle, Ben--41,125 McCormick, Roy McDaniel, Gary--50,71,82,88,91,113 McDaniel, Kathleen—80,89,113 McDermit, Donald Lee--125 McDcrmit, Mark Charlcs--80,110,113 McElfresh, Carol--84,125 McElfresh, Diana--88,113 McElfresh, Jeffrey--62,126 McElfresh, Julia—84,113 McElfresh, JoAnne--74,137 McElfresh, Lorri--89,113 McGahey, Melinda McMahan, Paula--70,88,113 McPhearson, Anna--137 McPhcarson, Junc--86,119 McPhearson, Rick--60,126 McPhearson, Ron--119 McQuitty, Cynthia—80,113 Niccum, Ronald--41,87,126 Nicholas, Deborah--90,137 Nichols, Mike—63,69,114 Noble, Dina--50,80,114 Noel, Lucinda--119 Norris, Nancy—88,91,126 Northcutt, Toni—94,126 Northcutt, Twyla--114 Nutter, Kathy--119 Nutter, Norman--114 Oldag, Thomas--23,24,26,52,56,80,83,93, 129,137 Orbaugh, Dave--114 Osborn, Kevin—119 Pace, Andrew—52,53,54,57,65,137 Pace, Carol-30,50,70,74,76,79,80,87,117, 119 Pace, Dave—63,69,110,114 Pace, Katherine--50,126 Parker, Marilyn--137 Parker, Mary--94,114 Parker, Pamela--126 Parker, Peggy--50,137 Parker, Sandra—28,59,70,138 Parrish, Joyce--94,119 Parrish, Marjorie--94,119 Parrish, Rex--97,138 Parry, Jerry--119 Parsons, Joseph--62,119 Patterson, Mike--114 Pearson, John—41,52,54,64,126 Pearson, Jean—23,50,74,138 Pedro, Marilyn—23,50,74,138 Peters, Bob--12,58,93,94,119 Peterson, Helen Peterson, Janice--126 Phillips, Clyde Phillips, Janie —119 Phillips, Linda--126 Phillips, Lucinda—119 Phillips, Robert--114 Pierce, Jackie—35 Pierce, Tony--63,65,114 Piirto, Dennis—22,88,138 Pike, Kathy-19,138 Pinkleton, Donald—43,97,138 Pittman, Jack--86,120 Ploughe, Charles—23,114 Ponder, Dickey Poor, Deborah--79,80,87,126,93 Poor, Michael—114 Powell, Don-54,61,64,66,67,97,138 Powell, Jack—54,64,97,126 Poynter, Jenny--90,120 Poynter, Pamela--10,76,89,138 Prieshoff, Daniel--14,15,52,53,54,55,60,61, 66,67,74,98,129,132,139,93 Pullen, Mary—139 Ramey, Dennis—97 Reasoner, Mark--126 Recknor, William--126 Reichart, Gary—136,139 Rennier, Michael--77,79,83,88,91,126 Retherford, Sandra--126 Reynolds, Jeff Reynolds, Kathleen--18,19,25,70,71,74,76, 77,79,87 Rice, Jeffrey--97,139 Rich, Murl Richardson, Cathy—17,19,74,77,78,80,91, 132,139 Richardson, Wilfries T. Riegel, Kenny—62,120 Riley, Connie—70,126 Riley, Glenis—80,120 Rinker, Betty--37 Rittenhousc, Beth--84,88,94,123,126,93 Rittcnhouse, Christina--114 Rittenhousc, Nancy—88,114 Rittenhousc, Nola—12,88,91,139 176Rittenhouse, Robert--127 Rittenhouse, Ted--97f139 Robertson, Laura--50,77,85,90,94,114 Robertson, Nancy—50,51,70,114 Robertson, Pamela--139 Robinson, Ed--62,117,120 Robinson, Robert--55,68,139 Robinson, Timothy--60,97,127 Robinson, Marty--63,65,114 Robinson, Randy--97,120 Rogers, Robert--120 Rodriquez, David--39,41,54,127 Rodriquez, Stella—22,120 Roe, Dale--114 Roe, David--127 Rogers, Gerald—139 Rogers, Jeffrey--42,52,54,97,127 Rogers, Jerry--38 Rogers, Randy--114 Rogers, Terry Kent--139 Rogers, Terry Lee—114 Roland, Terry--87,120 Roller, Sharon--114 Rominger, Gary- -97,139 Rominger, Ronald--120 Runyan, Cindy—120 Salinas, Mary--37 Sallee, Steve--85,87,114 Sallinas, Carlos Sanders, Barbara--90,139,93 Sanders, Bruce--63,114 Sanders, Larry--127 Sanders, Raymond--60,97 Sanders, Rick--61,97,139 Sanders, Ronnie--127 Sandoval, Noemi--96,127 Sandoval, Tommy—50,86,114 Sattler, Lonnie--120 Savage, Lois—22,76,79,90,94,140 Savage, Rachael--79,84,90,94,118,120 Savage, Robert--60,62,82,94,120 Savage, Steven--140 Scholl, Kathleen--70,74,77,82,87,114 Schrock, Fredrick Schuler, Christine—127 Schuler, Judy—115 Schwalm, Jeanne—90,115 Schwalm, Richard—127 Schwalm, Robert—78,140 Scott, Linda--115 Scott, Ronald--54,60,64,127 Scott, Steve—69,87,115 Sentman, Jerry—115 Scright, Kay—25,74,76,77,129,132,140 Sharp, Kent—127 Sharp, Pamela—80,115 Shaw, Byron—120 Shaw, Dennis Kim—27,54,60,61,120,140 Shaw, Ronald Shelton, Tim--43,97 Shephard, Debra--71,140 Shephard, Diane—35,74,94,120 Shephard, Hal—27,52,64,140 Shephard, John—42,97,140 Shephard, Sheryl—94,96,122,127 Shiffler, David—88,120 Short, Betty-- 115 Short, Janie—50,80,115 Silvey, Pamela Simmons, Dave--127 Simmons, James Simmons, Phillip—54,74,89,129,140 Simmons, Thomas—71,87,115 Sizelove, Cynthia—83,127 Sizelove, David John—54,60,64,66,141 Sizelove, David Lee—52,141 Sizelove, Stacy—90,115 Skillman, Michael —52,56,64,76,83,124, 127,93 Slate, Harold--54,88,91,141 Slayton, Beverly Slayton, Kenneth—97,127 Slayton, Maria—24 Slayton, Marla—115 Slayton, Terri—72,116,117,120 Slayton, Traci—50,51,59,70,77,80,88,110, 115 Slocum, Kim—25,54,60,123,124,127 Smith, Cindy--31 Smith, Connie—89,127 Smith, Deborah Smith, Don--16,31,52,54,59,60,127 Smith, Gary--127 Smith, James--115 Smith, John--63 Smith, Lanetta—37,141,93 Smith, Lisa —11S Smith, Lucinda--115 Smith, Luwana--50,51,120 Smith, Martha—50,70,74,141 Smith, Pamela—35,120 Smith, Perry—71,120 Smith, Thomas—52,60,61,141 Smith, William--127 Snider, Debra--141 Snider, Vicki—22,115 Southern, Kevin--55,62,120 Sowers, Howard Spangler, Robin Spitzmesser, Jonathan—42,127 Spitzmesser, Vicky--88,110,115 Stafford, Katherine Stafford, Rebecca--141 Stafford, Steven--120 Stage, Donald—18,74,77,128,129,132,141 Stage, Fred—62,69,110,115 St. Clair, Ronald —127 St. Clair, Susie--114 Stansberry, Debbie Kay--124 Steffler, Frank—71,94,115 Steffler, Helen—70,80,127 Stephens, Sandra--127 Stevens, Barbara Stewart, Beth--50,70,80,115 Stewart, Bradford--65,115 Stewart, Jana—96,127 Stewart, Leroy--97,127 Stewart, RaeAnn—80,126,127 Stickler, Norma—115 Stickler, Rhonda —50,74,141 Stincr, Lorri—50,70,115 Stinnett, Debra--96,127 Stokes, LeAnn--70,89,120 Stokes, Suellen—37 Stone, Debbie Jo—50,70,94,120 Stone, Steven--52,55,62,68,80,120 Stout, David—57,69,115 Stout, Rodney—57,97,127 Stover, Edwin--97,127 Strong, Kathy--50,94,115 Strong, Terry--141 Sullivan, Blair—52,56,62,68,78,117,120 Sullivan, Debbie—115 Sullivan, Linda—25,80,123,127,93 Summers, Bridget—71,80,120 Summers, Cynthia—88,120 Summers, Martin--18,19,71,74,77,80,82,83, 93,141,92 Sunderland, Jana Sutton, Rosann Sutton, William--210 Svendsen, Lumi—70,80,121 Swink, Ed Tam, Cynthia—96,127 Tancey, Mark—18,19,22,76,77,78,141 Tanzilli, Carolyn—45,141 Tappy, Michael--127 Tappy, Roger Tatum, Cindy—84,88,94,127 Tatum, Kathy—45,78,80,87,88,141 Teachnor, Francoise — 118,121 Teachnor, John--41,142 Tharp, Sarah--74,77,80,90,112,115 Thomas, Michael Thomas, Leslie--115 Thomas, Patrick--121 Thomas, Michael—97 Thornberry, Cathy—50,94,121 Thornberry, Mary—50,115 Thornberry, William—41,52,54,57,64,66, 142 Thrawl, Ken—62,127 Tomlinson, Rebecca--121 Tompkins, Richard—55,121 Travis, Patrick--60,127 Trice, Catherine--96,142 Trimble, Dianna--115 Troutman, Mike--115 Troutman, Terry--63 Tucker, Lana—127,93 Tyner, Ted—63,115 Updegraff, Maria - -51,59,70,77,93,122,123, 124.127.93 Updike, Carolyn--28,50,51,59,70,74,77,82, Vandiver, Judy--115 VanHom, Leslie—89,94,115 VanWagner, Lorrie—50,51,70,74,80,120, 121 VanWinkle, JoAnn—10,17,18,19,27,77,80, Vautaw, Jeffrey--97,142 Vest, James Vest, Wanda—121 Vice, Kandace--44,70,121 Vinson, Daniel—62,121 Vinson, Larrance--127 Wadholm, Steven—121 Walden, Clifton—87,127 Walden, Jimmie—87,121 Walker, Alamo Walker, Carrie Walker, Tim--65,115 Wallace, Kenny Walters, Coyt--22,52,53,58,59,60,61,64,65, 74,76,78,80,87,142 Walters, Jackie—33,121 Wardwell, Thresa—50,70,77,80,114,115 Warner, Peggy—142 Watters, Christine —127 Waymire, Angela—33,SO,80,94,117,121 Waymire, Dave—76,115 Waymire, Kathy--77,80 Waymire, Michael--42,97,142 Waymire, Thersa—44,115 Waymire, Tim—41 Weaver, Bob--26,121 Weaver, Frances--90,127 Weaver, Lillie—44,115 Weaver, Pauline Ann--115 Webb, Candice Elaine--134,142 Webb, Richard Lee--121 Weddell, Emma Kay—50,90,91,117,121 Weddell, Jeff Allen—88,115 Welch, Debra Lee--121 Wells, Audie Lee —115 Wells, Catherine Ann—89,143 Wells, Debbie June--70,80,121 Wells, Teresa Susan--89,121 Whisler, Bruce Edward--22,62,65,121 Whitenack, Nancy Kay--70,80,81,88,115 Whitis, Toni Rae—115 Widener, Jo Marlene—121 Widmeyer, Peggy Anne—18,19,74,78,143 Widmeyer, Penny Jo—50,51,70,74,127 Wilburn, Charles Allen- -127 Wilburn, Linda Diane—94,121 Wiley, David Lee—87,115 Wilkey, Donnie Keith Williams, Annette Marie—50,70,115 Williams, Bruce Lynn-18,19,78,88,129,143 Williams, Clare Teresa—32,121 Williams, David Merrill—97 Williams, Joseph Anthony--52,54,60,61,64, 66,80,143 Williams, Judy Carol--115 Williams, Patsy Jean--90,127 Williams, Timothy Michael—37,127 Willis, Kenneth Wayne--96,143 Wills, Ulane Alett—96,127 Wilson, Cassie Lee—80,81,88,115 Wilson, Michael Kevin--143 Wilson, Patricia Lynn—26,121 Wilson, Thomas Wayne--127 Wingrove, Peter Marshall--12,77,83,88,91, 127,92 Wire, Julie Marie—50,70,80,114,115 Wise, Ronald Eugene--96,143 Wisler, Debra Ann—143 Wood, Cathy Ann—121 Wood, Cathy W.--121 Wood, Deborah Ruth--143 Wood, Morris Ray--115 Woolums, Majorie Ann--47,96,143 Wright, Ronald Lee--54,60,71,127 Wright, Sheryl Elaine—50,51,59,70,78,80, 81,115 Wright, Thad Lee— 56,121 Wylie, Garry David--41 Yates, Ann Marie —121 Yohc, Joa Lee--50,85,94 Zech, David Eugene--63,115 Zimmerman, Gary Joe--96,138,143 177Autographs 178Mrs. Hilda E. Chapman has served Willkie High School in the capacity of yearbook advisor for the past 14 years. She has spent countless hours working on Crescents. As editors of the Crescent we take pleasure in dedicating the 1971 Crescent to Mrs. Hilda E. Chapman 179if people want change then it is up to them to -i | make changes within themselves a better world begins With yourself CRESCENT STAFF EDITORS--DEB MILLER, BARB BUTCHER COPY CHAIRMAN--JIM MOCK ADVERTISING CHAIRMAN--PAULETTE CLOUSER CIRCULATION CHAIRMAN--ANITA BAUGHER PRINTING--A MERIC AN YEARBOOK COMPANY TYPIST—LINDA COX PICTURE SALES--SUSIE HIRSCH PHOTOGRAPHER--BRIAN GREEN ADVISOR--MRS. HILDA CHAPMAN PHOTOGRAPHY--REID'S STUDIO, MUNCIE, INDIANA REPRESENTATIVE—MR. BILL WRIGHT

Suggestions in the Elwood Community High School - Crescent Yearbook (Elwood, IN) collection:

Elwood Community High School - Crescent Yearbook (Elwood, IN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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