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Wendell L. Willkie High School Elwood, Indiana and the Measure of their Strength shall be their Enlightenment, their pursuit of Learning: and by their Industry shall the nation be Secure. CRESCENT 1969 Volume L111 PBSKizations . V4)l aics . . . F tsJnalities . Advertisements Index . . . . .The youth of today lives In a world that is Ever-changing, always moving. A world which he does not understand, Cannot comprehend--He goes on Searching, seeking, constantly asking. Searching for the answers to things Yet unseen, yet unknown. Searching for world apart, Searching for that inner fire.Seeking the understanding that Is so desperately needed. Wondering, curious, forever asking. Probing, reaching out into the darkness, Reaching out for a hand to guide the way. Wondering, always wondering Who Am I? With an unknown purpose--destiny uncertain, He is searching for identity, Walking alone among the many. Who Am I? Where Am I Going? 7Living, loving, knowing, growing--The youth is almost--but not yet--ready There are things to accomplish. Questions to answer, Thoughts to be thought, and Senses to be felt. And for what? To know, to feel, to comprehend, To prepare for the tomorrow When he must stand in the world Alone. This is his challenge-- THE CHALLENGE OF YOUTH A challenge that is not unanswered. The world of Willkie is a world Where shapes begin to take form. A life, a way, a thing for me! A chance to learn, to explore, A place to grow and flourish, A place to prepare for that world of Tomorrow. 9Prom-Goers Climbed a "Stairway to Final touches are added to the lunar garden by Robin Stairway provides center of attraction. Shaw. Juniors work to complete a section of the flower canopy. 10the Stars'' to Beauty and Fantasy On the evening of May 24, 1968--a starry and still night--Willkie Students proceeded through an arbor of flowers into an entrancing world of fountains and stardust. Softly surrounded by themusic of FrankNeville and hisorchestra, prom -goers danced in the ballroom. Entering into the next room, one came upon a warm atmosphere, set by candlelight and flower sand a pool enhanced with varied colors. In the same room refresh -ments were being served by our own Will-kie girls from a lovely long white table. As the evening's climax drew near , much curiosity was aroused as to who would be Willkie's 1968 Prom Queen. It was announced that this honor would be bestowed upon Miss Stephanie Fenni-more, and she was crowned by Junior Class President Dennis Huntsinger. Her Majesty's throne was backed by a golden crescent moon with sandy craters at her feet. Much work and last-m inute effort from the Class of '69 was put into this Enchanted Evening, a long-to-be-remem -bered event. Stephanie Fennimore smiles happily as she is crowned by Dennis Huntsinger. QUEEN CANDIDATES Trudy Bourff Pam Balser Stephanie Fennimore Merrilee Clouser Dianne Rogers IIVariety Show, Sing Out for Our Servicemen BELOW: The Dixieland Band entertained the crowd with "Dixieland Concerto". ABOVE: "Them Basses" was a display of color and musical talent on the bass instruments. RIGHT: Mary Braddock was a soloist in the choir's Spring Program. BELOW: The Swing Choir was featured in the Gay 90's section of the Variety Show. 12Highlighted Musical Presentations The 1968 Panther Band Variety Show, under the direction of Mr. Richard Wheeler and Mr. John Hamer, began its evening with a medley of broadway songs entitled "The Variety Show Overture”. Highlighting this year’s show were soloists Clifford Lehman and Mr. Hamer. Two seven -foot Grand Steinways echoed the strains of the "Warsaw Concerto", which was played by Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs. Hamer. There were several groups that were featured in this year's show. Among them were: The Willkie Choir, the Swing Choir, the dance band, the Dixieland band, and even a Barbershop Quartette. Mr. Clifford Brugger climaxed the show with a patriotic number, "Duty, Honor, Country". On May 3, 1968, the choir presented the annual spring program. Featured soloists were Sandy Anderson, Larry Oliver, and Mary Braddock, Cliff Lehman, and Jeff McDaniel. The Swing Choir and the Choir presented "Sing Out for Our Servicemen" on December 4 and 5, 1968. Kaleidoscopes" presented "That's All". The choir entertained all when singing "Tie Me Kangaroo Down". 13Members of Class of'69 Displayed Joanne Cassidy played a stage-struck young actress, who returned her bracelet to Andy, played by Jeff Simmons. The date was April 25 and 26, 1968; the place, Wendell Willkie Auditorium, and the occasion ... a rehearsal? Funny as it may seem, this was the theme of the Junior Class play, "Curtain Going Up", written by Samuel French. Miss Burgess, a young teacher played by Carole Jarvis, faced the task of preparing the juniors for their class play. She lives through the complaints of a grouchy janitor, played by Kenn Diko , the fury of a jealous teacher, played by Gloria Piirto, and a feuding romance between her leading lady, portrayed by Joanne Cassidy, and two members of the male cast, played by Les Soard and Jeff Simmons. Along with all this go the hilarious antics of the entire troup that last up to and including the night of perform-a nee. Although the perils of Miss Burgessare well-known to any drama teacher, they provided delightful light comedy for the audience. And, of course, everything worked out well in the end; evenMiss Burgess got her man! Other members of the cast were Kathy Tyner, Mary Braddock, Barb Green, Mar-cie Fettig, Barb Widmeyer, Brenda Fuller, Candy Carter, Greg Keifer, Ray Williams, Mike Dixon and Ted Moser. Pat Shepard was the student director. Nancy Leveridge, playedby Kathy Tyner, seemed confident of getting the lead role in the play. Gloria Piirto seemed to know everything there was to know about play production. 14Dramatic Ability in Presentation of Plays On November 14 and 15, 1968, the senior class presented "You, The Jury" by James Reach. In this courtroom drama the audience had the chance to act as a jury and to vote whether Barbara Scott, played by Pat Shepard--on trial for the murder of Chester Arthur Brant--is innocent or guilty. When the prosecutor, Alan Woodward played by Steve Mayfield, builds up the case against her, the situation seem s hopeless. But the lawyer and sister of the defendant, Edith Scott, played by Candy Carter, is able to bring convincing witnesses before the court, and at the end the jury voted "Not Guilty". Under the direction of Miss Sam-mis, assisted byMissCrull and the student directors Marcie Fettigand Barbara Green, all three performances were very successful. Other members of the cast who helped to make the presentation a success were Keith Sherman, Jeff Brewer, Gloria Piirto, KathyTyner, Carole Jarvis, Jeff Simmons, Greg Kiefer, Monika Wojak, Ted Moser , Debbie Himburg, Loren Culp, and Vicki Coston. Diane Carlson adds the final touches to Keith Sherman's make-up. Edith tries to calm an outburst from her client Barbara, Prosecuting attorney, Steve Mayfield, presents "Ex-played by Pat Shepard. hibit A" to the court. 15Float, Queen, Victory over Alex . . . Homecoming Queen candidates were: Brenda Acres, Karen Albers, Marcia Fettig, Carole Jarvis, Janet Myerly. Queen Marcie reigns at the Homecoming Seniors showed their spirit by constructing a float. Dance. 16Excitement Reigned over 1968 Homecoming Homecoming 1968 dawned on a bright, crisp September 28. Festivities were off to a smashing start with a parade downtown featuring the Panther Band, cheerleaders, the Pep Club, and a float entered by the Senior Class entitled "Play-Boys." Also in the parade were the five queen candidates: Brenda Acres Karen Albers, Marcie Fettig, Carol Jarvis, and Janet Myerly. The Panthers outmaneuvered the Alexandria Tigers all the way and at halftime the score was 21 to 7. The halftime show included such numbers by the Panther Band as: "Up, Up and Away”, "Look Sharp, ” and "Oh, You Beautiful Doll. " At this time Miss Marcie Fettig was crowned queen. During the last two quarters of play the mighty Panthers fought on to gain a final score of 34 to 14 over the Tigers. Culminating the eventful day was the annual Homecoming Dance. It was held that evening in the Panther Den, with the "Humbugs" providing the music and floor show. All this added up to the best Homecoming in the history of Elwood. Marcie Fettig is crowned Homecoming Queen by Principal Blair Sullivan. Joe Davis runs option play during second quarter to set up the third score of game. 17ACADEMICS Education's value does not reveal itself to youth Immediately. It comes slowly from the stacks of Term papers, themes, labs, and everyday Assignments, Textbooks, machines, progress, Ink stains, red pencils, notebooks, Last-minute cramming before exams, Inability to find the right book In the midst of the many on the shelf, Convocations, speakers. All are Reminders of his first obligation, Academics.English Courses Gave Students the Students in Mrs. Barr's advanced composition class worked hard to finish an in-class writing assignment. Journalism students worked diligently to meet their deadline. 20Ability To Communicate Better with Mankind The ability to speak and write effectively is important in our modern world. Success comes to the person who has at his command the words he needs and the necessary knowledge of his language to help him use these words as he wishes. No matter how good a person's ideas are , they are of no use if he cannot express them clearly. Because English is so essential, all students are required to have at least three years of English. First semester English is devoted to grammar and the correct usage of our language. Second semester English introduced us to the writings of many famous people. Many college recommended books were read. Some of the books read were "Scarlet Letter", "Pickwick Papers", "Lord of The Flies", and "Twice Told Tales". Other classes offered by the English department were journalism, speech, advanced speech, Honors English, and advanced composition. Willki-Hi World, The Megaphone, and the daily radio broadcasts are prepared by the Journalism class. Honors English and advanced composition are offered to seniors who want to further their knowledge of our language. Miss Sammis assists freshmen in completing an assignment. Dennis Huntsinger gives a very convincing speech, but Tom Moser seems to oppose his ideas. In Mrs. Starkey's English classes, Juniors learn the fundamentals of good English. 21The Exact Science of Mathematics Carmen Garcia constructs an isosceles triangle in geom etry class. Mathematics, the oldest science, is also as new as any, living and flourishing today as never before. It is almost impossible to imagine the many ways in which math is used in our everyday lives and the effects it has upon us. Willkie High School offered several courses in Math. Basic fundamentals of mathematics were gained by students taking general mathematics, taught by Mr. Zerkle, Mr. Harbron, and Mr. Donald Brown. Students on the Academic course began their study of math with Algebra, which was taught by Mr. Harbron, Mr. Zerkle, and Mr. Compton. Mr. Donald Brown taught sophomores the theories of plane geometry, and inculcated in them a sense of logic. Juniors went into more advanced studies of Algebra under Mr. Harbron. Seniors who were interested in an advanced course in solid geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, and calculus took Senior Math, which was taught by Mr. Donald Brown. Two senior boys, George Acres and Robert Sherman, competed in a Math contest at Franklin college, where Robert placed twelfth in the competition. This and many other challenges were provided for in the math department. Algebra problems present new challenges to freshmen. 22Presented a Challenge to All Students Dick Bradley and Velinda Smith puzzle over new trigonometry problems. Mr. Zerkle's general math students learn the fundamentals of basic math. 23Science Courses Brought Them into Direct In physics class, these students study force and motion. In advanced biology, the work on the cat is the most advanced dissection. 24Contact with Challenges of Tomorrow The science department at Willkie is as diversified as the field of science itself. Classes in biology, chemistry, and physical science provide knowledge vital to the modern student in our scientific world. Textbook knowledge is necessary but much practical knowledge is gained through numerous field trips in the advanced courses of physics and advanced biology. Classes are stimulating as well as informative, and advanced students are encouraged to pursue their own specialty in special projects. Willkie High School believes scientific knowledge is necessary and the science department makes this education available. Faculty members in the science department this year included: the department head, Mr. Smith, who teaches physics and physical science, Mr. Mitsche-len and Mr. Alexander teaching biology and advanced biology, and Mr. Huffman teaching chemistry and physical science. Use of the microscope is an important part of sophomore biology. Chemistry students learn that accurate weights are essential. 25Foreign Language Study Brought Students Mrs. Sharp listens attentively as Debbie Hobbs explains this construction. Spanish students practiced translations by putting them Latin students learn about the customs of ancient on the board. Rome. 26Closer to Customs of Many Nations This year, as in years past, Willkie High School offered three foreign languages. Bystudyingthe customs, history, and the way of expression of a people, a better under standing of others in our world was brought forth and received. Latin, an ancient tongue, is the basis for many of the languagesoftoday's world . The language and the customs of the Ancient Romans were taught by Mrs. Sharp. This year, the course was narrowed to two years of study. Spanish is the language of many of our Latin American neighbors. This year,the language was presented to Willkie students byMr. Compton. In Spanish classes, students used tape recorders to work on translations, comprehension, and pattern drills. Magazines from Spanish speaking countries were read to gain abetter understanding of Spanish culture. French, considered by some to be the most beautiful of all the Romance languages, was taught by Miss Cole. French students wrote descriptive sentences about pictures as vocabulary studies, along with their regular work. They also wrote dialogues which they presented to the class. Both French and Spanish were two-year courses. Gloria Piirto practices French conversation as Mrs. Cole looks on. 27Social Studies Gave Students a Deeper Geography students concentrate on completing their maps of Europe. World history classes made replicas of medieval manors. Sociology classes held panel discussions. 28Insight into Today’s Problems. This year being the one for the National election, politics seemed to be on the tongue of every American. There seemed to be a desire to know a little more about our country and how it operated . Many Americans became involved in bitter and antagonizing discussions during this time of conflict and tension. Stu -dents in social studies classes at Willkie were no exception. Discussions in world history, U.S. History, civics, geography, sociology, psychology, and economics classes made students aware of the social problems and working of the government in the past and present. Social studies teachers were: Mr. Phil Brown, Mr. Singleton, Mr. Ward, Mr. Bailey, Mr. Hiatt, Mr. Spear, and Mrs. Merritt. After a discussion of politics, Andy Baker and Jeff Ball analyze political cartoons. Juniors taking U.S. History enjoyed lively discussion of our country's past. 29Expressing Oneself Is the Major The Panther Band puts in hours of rehearsal to present music to the public. Mr. Brvtgger takes the choir through a rehearsal during third period. 30Aim of the Music and Art Classes This year's music department consists of three classes: music appreciation, choir, and band. Music appreciation was started last year to provide a class for students who enjoy music. This class studies different types of music such as opera, symphony, and jazz. The choir learns the proper way to vocalize besides getting education in sight reading. They sing religious and serious music as well as the popular songs. The choir presented many program s to the pub -lie as well as the school. Band members work to present music for sports events and to the school in the form of concerts. The band was under the direction of Mr. Richard Wheeler, and the choir and music appreciation class was held by Mr. Clifford Brugger. The Willkie art department under the supervision of Mr. Gary Miller, gives students a chance to express themselves. This is done through studies of tempera paintings, mosaics, and portraits, as well as still life. Art requires not only talent, but a sense of creativity. As an elective course in the high school, it offers an individual the chance to learn of the difficulties involved in the fine arts. Through successes and failures, students earn a greater sense of appreciation and selection. Art students work to complete one of their many projects. 31P.E., Driver Ed., N.Y.C. Developed Skills The main goal of the Willkie physical education department was to develop a student physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally through organized games and activities. The physical education classes offered a wide variety of activities and games. Weather permitting, the students went outside to participate in such sports as softball, field hockey, trackand field, and archery. When the weathet was not so good, students were inside taking up different activities which included volleyball, gymnastics and floor exercises , folk dance, cage ball and basketball. TheP.E. classes were offered during the summer as well as the regular school term. The instructors for the boys classes were Mr. Hicks and Mr. Bailey. The instructors for the girls' physical education classes were Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Merritt. Basketball was a favorite in boys' physical education courses. After learning the rules, girls in P.E. classes held vol-Girls in health classes learned the make-up of the human body. leyball tournaments. 32and Prepared Students for the Future Drivers' Education is a course offered to those students 15 years of age or older. This class taught students the importance of safe drivingpractices, and helped them to become courteous, skillful drivers. They had class room instruction and driving experience. Mr. Hocker, Mr. Hicks, and Mr. Mitschelen were teachers in these classes. After having completed this one semester course, most students found the final test much easier. Willkie High has been fortunate to have the Elwood Neighborhood Youth Corps as a part of its curriculum for the past four years. This program is under the direction of Mr. George Ray and is open to students 16 to 21 years of age. The students are able to earn money and credits at the same time. Many of these students are placed in jobs within the Elwood School System. The N.Y.C. program developed in students a sense of responsibility. Mr. Hicks enters the car for another practice driving session. N.Y.C. students spend time in the classroom discussing work experiences. 33Home Ec Developed Skills Needed for ABOVE: These members of a foods class return with one of their projects. BELOW: Members of the foods classes learn the proper way to set a table. Home Economics at Willkie was designed to prepare girls for a future life in the home. Class work included not only studies from books, but actual participation in duties necessary to establish a happy and healthy family environment. In beginning and advanced clothing, girls learned to put in set-in-sleeves, collars, hems, and also were required to do a home project. Beginning foods stressed nutrition and how to put a meal together. In the advanced class, students learned the finer arts of cooking. The interior decorating class visited a china shop, and studied the styles of furniture in visits to furniture stores. They were also required to complete a home project. This year family living and child care classes were combined. Problems of the home were studied, and visits were made to nursery schools to observe the behavior of pre-school children. Students in this class held a Christmas party for pre-school children. Santa Claus highlighted the Christmas Party given by the family living classes. In clothing classes, the right way to sew was taught. 34Vocations in the Home and Business The second semester saw the introduction of a new course for Willkie students, the Vocational Foods Service class. The purpose of the class was to help prepare students for commercial foods work in restaurants. The class was offered to senior boys and girls. It met the first three periods each day. One period was spent studying related information on commercial food service and the other two periods were devoted to intensive lab study. An institutional stove, refrigerators, large fryers, food mixers, dish washers and other appliances were part of the new lab. The class was under the direction of Mrs. Tolle. Jack Rinser, Steve Blair, and Greg Carmody examine the dishwashing facilities. ABOVE: Mrs. Tolle and members of her class begin to unpack equipment. LEFT: Jack Rinser and Doris Lee look over the new refrigerator for the Foods Service class. 35Understanding of Business Principles Students learn the fundamentals of business math in Shorthand students must concentrate as Mrs. Kintzel Mr. Burton's class. dictates to them. Proficiency on the typewriter is one of the skills learned in business education. 36Was Stressed in Business Education The Business Education classes at Willkie are concerned with the development of students in their personal economics and in the understanding of business affairs. In order to prepare students for the business world, Willkie High offered three major business programs--general business, secretarial, and general clerical training. Classes in these areas gave students needed information and skills and helped them choose a vocational area. Classes offered this year were bookkeeping, shorthand, advanced and beginning typing, general business, record keeping, business math, business law, and selling. Bookkeeping is an important subject taught on Willkie's business curriculum. In Secretarial Training, students learn the use of business machines. 37Simulated Office Conditions Aid Learning V.C.T. students enjoy working in new lab. Cathy Foor and Paulette Boyer work to complete project. Vocational Stenographic Training is a three-hour program in which students pursue their studies in shorthand, transcription, typing, letter writing, business machines, filing, duplicating, and machine calculation. Dictation is taken in a modern electronic laboratory. Emphasis is placed on human relations, and office procedures. Student-trainees worked on legal, medical, manufacturing, retail, technical, and other projects, and performed duties of office manager, steno-receptionists, librarian, and supplies and equipment clerk. The Vocational Clerical Training is to prepare students for office occupations such as clerk typist, bookkeeper, or office machine operator. Three hours per day are spent in the laboratory--two on projects and one on related training, such as reviewing mathematics or advanced bookkeeping. The Office Education Association (O.E.A.) met during class. They participated in a civic activity of sending Christmas cards which they had made to servicemen and to guests in nursing homes. The Club was represented at the O.E.A. Leadership Conference. 38D.E. Classes Learn Selling Techniques Distributive Education is a program involving part-time work in local businesses, and classes at school for juniors and seniors. Juniors studied basic business concepts, salesmanship, and merchandising, and developed employment skills. Seniors studied marketing concepts and techniques at school and went to work in a selected business. This gave the local stores and businesses in cooperation with the school a chance to provide on-the-job training for students with a career interest in selling, advertising, display, public relations and the management of these functions .D.E. students worked between fifteen and twenty-five hours a week and received credits for their classroom activities as well as for their work experience. Their work assignments were rotated so that they could receive training in several aspects of the business. D.E. student Rick Sizelove gains work experience at Callaway's. In the background V.C.T. students are using the flexowriter and Steve Miller did many jobs at Sears while workaccounting machines. Elizabeth Kapper is operating the comptome- ing as a D.E. student, ter and Christy Heflin is operating the rotary calculator. 39Industrial Arts Students Learned New Industrial Arts students explored machine shop to find a vocational interest. Welding student uses techniques taught by Mr. Waterman shows Karen Albers the proper way of finishing pic Mr. Gren. ture frames. 40Techniques, Did Production-Type Work The Industrial Arts classes introduced students to industrial occupations and methods. They gave students a chance to explore many areas to determine whether there was a vocational interest. Beginning classes in printing learned the basics of printing. Complete offset printing was offered the second semester. It involved photomechanics, and processing and printing of photographic plates on modern offset presses. Students did production -type printing in the school system. Woods classes went from the operation of hand tools to advanced machine operation. Skills were applied by the students in making projects. Home Mechanics, a class offered to girls, stressed minor repairs and craft work. Home Repair classes dealt with maintenance of equipment around the home. Students in welding classes learned techniques in arc and acetylene welding. Power mechanics students studied outboard and small gasoline engines. Blue -print reading introduced students to blue -prints and their interpretation. Classes were also offered in drafting, machine shop, general metals, electricity, electronics, and industrial math. Mr. Pantos demonstrates processes used in printing to Ms classes. Terry Ward works to complete a craft project in Home Mechanics. 41V.M.S. Added New Equipment to School Lab James Bucci works on the numerical control ma- Boys were taught to do duplicating work or 3-D die sinking chine which uses alpha numerics as a means of for forming dies and for mold injection, controlling machine. These boys are working on a newly purchased lathe. Willkie's Vocational Machine Shop classes have made it possible for students to gain the basic entry skills in machine trade areas. Mr. Rayshich has attempted to develop more realistic working conditions and better working re -lations among the students. A new numerically controlled machine was part of the new vocational school lab. The V.M.S. Club (V.I.C.A.) helped to develop leadership and helped students find their real potential. This year the Club sold candy and had many other proj -ects to raise money. New coats with emblems were ordered. The V.M.S. Club joined with the other Vocational Industrial Clubs of America at Willkie for the annual banquet. 42V.A.M. Classes Vocational Auto Mechanics, V.A.M., is a program offered to junior and senior students. The purpose of the class is to train boys who plan to enter auto mechanics as a vocation. Students in the class studied the complete automobile and the maintenance of various parts and systems. Then they actually performed maintenance on various makes and models. The V.A.M. Club (VICA) met after school one day per week. Membership was limited to only those who were enrolled in the V.A.M. class. Members could work on cars at that time. Alan King is fixing a dent on this car. Elwood's new Mid-Central Area Vocational School was opened for olasses this year. 43V.B.T. Class Gained Building Experience The Vocational Building Trades class is a program for students who plan to enter a construction trade area after graduation. This class gives all the practical and technical experience that accompanies each area of study in construction . The class worked on building a 3-bedroom home on North 13th Street, which is to be completed by the summer of 1970. Members of the Vocational Building Trades Club took a trip to the State House to participate in the state-sponsored workshop. The voting delegates at the convention were Cyrus Shipley and Mike Metz. The club also held a spring banquet to acknowledge honorary members of the club. Joe Scholl splices wires in the attic in the electrical junction box. Mike Bouslog connects wires to the circuit breaker box in the house which the Vocational Building Trades class is building. 44I.C.T., V.E. Prepared for Industry I.C.T. class discusses work problems and experiences. Denise Delong and Brenda Acres learn new skills in the hospital lab. The Industrial Cooperative Training program (I.C.T.) offered students a one-hour class and an experience in work in a trade or industry. They spent a minimum of 15 hours per week at various types of trades or skills such as machine shop, electronics shop, general factory work and other areas. The I.C.T. Club met monthly. A banquet was held at which time students could express appreciation to employers and parents for participation in the program. Awards for outstanding I.C.T. students were presented at this time. Mr. Robinette taught the classroom phase of V.E. The purpose of Vocational Electronics, which was offered to junior and senior students at Willkie for the first time this year, was to train students to become technicians in industry. The course covered basic electronics and phased into telecommunications and logic circuits. Students used test equipment and modular circuits for experimentation of basic electronics. During class, students had projects such as soldering practices and the building of an amplifier. 459ORGANIZATIONS A chance to develop and exhibit Leadership, talents, abilities . . . The musician, the artist, the future Homemaker, teacher, leader . . . A means of finding out through experience "Who am I, and where am I going?" This learning comes through competition, Debate, student government, publication. Recognition. He finds that tomorrow is dawning, And the bewilderment of youth disappears . The spark that is kindled Explodes!Editors, Committees, Sponsor Worked Co-editors, Carole Parker and Janet Myerly, make a last minute check on copy in preparation for meeting a deadline. Photographers: Kris Knauer, Kenny Brown, Bob Fernung, and Larry Oliver. This year's Crescent was compiled with many purposes in mind. It was to provide an accurate record of school functions, organizations, and learning experiences in business, academics, and vocational areas as well as an enjoyable album of pictures. The co-editors and staff have used new ideas and arrangements to make this an interesting collection of the things that happened during this school year. The 1969 Crescent's co-editors, Janet Myerly and Carole Parker, have put creative and constructive thought into its production. This past summer, Janet Myerly attended a two-week Yearbook Workshop at Ball State University, at which she learned the mechanics involved in producing a yearbook. None of the results would have been possible without the help and guidance of the sponsor, Mrs. Hilda Chapman. 48Overtime in Production of '69 Crescent Crescent Staff: FRONT ROW--C. Carter, N. Jack, J. Crimans, E. Warfel, C. Parker, J. Vautaw, S. Hunter, N. Coffin, H. Kelich. SECOND ROW--G.Piirto, M. Wojak, P. Lucas, D. Wilson, L. Tanzilli, S. Davenport, S. Curtis, B. Burton, J. Runyan, J. King. THIRD ROW--P. Williams, J. Brown, P. Simmons, K. Knauer, C. Leth, L. Oliver, M. Rogers, P. Simmons, D. Stage, B. Heflin, N. Wilhoit, T. Warfel. Section Editors: SEATED--Brenda Acres, copy; Vicki Coston, circulation; Darlene Rittenhouse, picture sales. STANDING--Jerry Armstrong, advertisement; Mrs. H. Chapman, sponsor; Larry Oliver, photography. 49Better Relations Were Promoted by the Student Council: FRONT ROW--B. Acres, T. Wesseler, C. Carter, T. Warfel, S. Long, C. Shepard. SECOND ROW --B. Burton,P. Shepard, C. Shepard, P. Green, J. Murphy, J. Carroll, C. Garcia, R. Arnold. THIRD ROW—C. Updike, N. Norris,P. Williams, C. Jarvis, B. Williams, P. Peeper, J. Brewer, B. Heflin, D. Jarrett, M. Hirsch. FOURTH ROW--Mr. Dudley, J. Brown, M, Fettig, R. Shaw, S. Wright, J. Simmons, M. Tam, L. Bourff, T. Moser, K. Williams, T. Williams, Miss Sammis. Exchange students from Germany and Italy added to the Student Council-sponsored International Day. Student government has taken its form at Wendell L. Willkie High School for quite a number of years as the Student Council. Student Council strives to promote a smooth relationship with the faculty and the students themselves. This body of students are elected to express their opinions on the school and its sur -roundings. The meetings of Student Council were held the first and third Mondays of the month to discuss and plan the activities. This year, through the efforts of Foreign Exchange, we had as our exchange student, Monika Wojak from Germany. This program was in its fourth year of work and was sponsored by Mrs. Sharp. The officers of Student Council this year were: Brenda Acres, president; Tom Wesseler, vice-president; Candy Carter, secretary; and Theresa Warfel, treasurer. Mr. Dudley and Miss Sammis were the sponsors for Student Council . 50Student Council and Foreign Exchange This year's foreign exchange student, Monika Wojak, hails from Sandhorst, Germany. While in America, she lived with the Robert Carter family. Monika's subjects at Willkie included journalism, civics, U.S. history, British literature, biology, choir, typing, and Latin. She was kept very busy this year by Pep Club, Concessions Club, Crescent staff, Thespians, senior play H. K. K., Willkie Swing Choir, and the Megaphone staff. She was also assistant director for the senior one-act play, "French Toast." Monika listed her hobbies as gymnastics, music--playing the piano, writing, and reading. Monika poses with her American family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carter and Candy. Monika performed with her American sister, Candy, at the Sing Out for Our Servicemen. Even though involved in many activities, Monika can always find time to write home.Thespians Presented One-Act Plays Thespians: FRONT ROVV--P. Shepard, president; C. Carter, vice-president; Jeff Brewer, secretary; K. Tyner, treasurer; N. Coffin, reporter; Miss Crull, sponsor; Miss Sammis, sponsor. SECOND ROW--J. Crimans, C. Updike, J. King.C. Parker, A. Myerly, K. Bambrough, S. Shepard, C. Shepard, B. Mochrie, K. Low, M. Wojak, S. Hocker. THIRD ROW--C. Jarvis, A. Baker, N. Jack, A. Linegar, P. Crimans, C. Garcia, J. VanWinkle, C. Durm, S. Fakes, P. Simmons, K. Seright, S. Curtis. FOURTH ROW--M. Braddock, M. Fettig, C. Piirto, P. Simmons, P. Williams, T. Warfel, D. Goings, P. Green, M. Updegraff, P. Poynter, C. Richardson, B. Goodknight, C. Backer. FIFTH ROW --P. Widmeyer,G. Garrison, C. Phelps, A. Kane, L. Tanzilli, J. Moch, M. Rogers, S. Mayfield, B. Heflin, T. Wes-seler, K. Wills, S. Hunter, D. Stage, J. Balser, B. Starkey. Thespians was an active group at Will-kie and for the first time was co-sponsored by two drama instructors, Miss Roberta Sammis and Miss Vicki Crull. The size of the Troupe was limited to sixty. New apprentices had to earn at least ten points by participating in one of the productions or activities of the organization to gain full-fledged membership. Among the many and varied activities of the group this year were the one-act plays. The seniors, directed by Steve Mayfield, presented "French Toast". Theresa Warfel directed the junior production, "The Last Leaf", Gloria Piirto directed the sophomore play, "An Apple for the Teacher", and Candy Carter directed the freshman presentation, "Early Frost". Members of the troupe attended the Thespian production of "The Beauty and the Beast" at Mississinewa High School. This year, the Thespians voted to donate all the money in the treasury over and above the original balance to the newly formed Dollars for Scholars. JoAnn VanWinkle reigns as Snowball Queen as members of the court, Sandy Fakes, Monika Wojak, and Alice Myerly look on. 52Debaters Attend Conference at Purdue Debate Team: FRONT ROW—J. Leathers, T. Leathers, C. Leth. BACK ROW--Mr. Brown, J. Hoffman, S. Wright. Willkie students were active in the various forensic pursuits this year. The debate team, consisting of Tim Leathers, Steve Wright, Jerry Hoffman, and Carl Leth argued the Problem: "Resolved that the United States should adopt a program of compulsory military training." The highlight of the year was the annual Debate Conference and Student Legis- lature at Purdue University. Elwood's representatives in the House were George Acres, Gloria Piirto, and Pennie Williams . Senator Candy Carter presented a bill on the electoral system that passed the Senate. This year's orators upheld Elwood's tradition as "worthy opponents" in the forensic world. These student legislators, Pennie Williams, Candy Carter, Gloria Piirto, and George Acres, look over the bill they presented. 53National Honor Society and Academic Academic Team: FRONT--L. Leonard, L. Oliver, K. Sherman, S. Wright. BACK--Mr. Brown, J. Julius, C. Parker, S. Albers, M. Summers, G. Cole, Mrs. Merritt. This year's Academic Team under the direction of Mr. Donald Brown has been very active during the past school year. This team has met with other such teams from Highland, Pendleton and other surrounding schools. The team consisted of three seniors , five juniors, and one sophomore. Questions were put to the members of the op-posingteams simultaneously, and thefirst to recall the answer scored. Each ques -tion had a point value, and there were a number of bonus questions. There was noway that a member could prepare for a meet. All questions were based on knowledge previously gained through reading diverse subjects. Many subjects were covered, such as science, math, English, literature, history, current events, and the arts. Mr. Brown quizzes members of the team during a practice meet. 54Team Spotlighted Willkie’s Scholars To be a member of the National Honor Society a person must maintain at least a B grade average, demonstrate leadership, character, and service qualities. Juniors and Seniors who meet the qualifications are chosen for probationary membership, and Seniors who maintain these requirements are initiated as permanent members of the National Honor Society at the end of their Senior year. The Lions club sponsors an Honor Banquet for the members and their parents every year in March. The Junior members who participated in the 1968 initiation ceremony were Roger Edens, George Acres, Carole Parker, Candy Carter, and Janet Myerly. Mr. Donald Brown is the sponsor of National Honor Society. Officers of National Honor Society, Diane Carlson, secretary; Suellen Crouch, treasurer; George Acres, president; and Janet Myerly, vice-president, look over the Honor Society catalog from which members ordered insignias. National Honor Society Members: FRONT ROW--L. Leonard, V. Smith, S. Crouch, L. Rittenhouse, P. Silvey, C. Parker, J. Myerly, S. Albers. SECOND ROW--D. Morgan, P. Simmons, S. Hudson, D. Cornwell, K. Sherman, P. Williams, M. Gerth,D. Carlson, J. Julius, P. Boyer, K. Wardwell. THIRD ROW--F. Downs, T. Leathers, J. Seright, R. Bomholt, T. Moser, B. Sherman, S. Wright, G. Acres, L. Oliver. Not Pictured--J. Davis, M. Hood, R. Edens, B. Svendsen. ■-V l; I I 4 4 f I t t % | | I 9h 551968-69 Panther Band Entertained Public Majorettes and Feature Twirlers: C.Garcia, C. Davies, L. Welcher. SECOND ROW--V. Dietzer, L. Long, P. Wid-meyer, S. Bannon, V. Gregg, S. Cook. THIRD ROW--C. Richardson, J. VanWinkle, D. Jarrett, C. Webb, R. Arnold, P. Poynter, C. Poynter. BACK ROW--D. Allen, C. Richards, S. Johnson, J. Murphy, J. Carroll, P. Clouser, P. Widmeyer, K. Seright, C. Backer. 56with Halftime Shows, Variety Show The Panther Band, under the direction of Mr. Richard Wheeler and Mr. John Hamer, completed another successful year. After many hours of hard practice the band placed 17th in the State Fair Band Day contest. Other activities that the band participated in were the Ball State Band Day, and the 500 Festival Parade. The band presented the annual Christmas Concert, Variety Show, and also participated in the Solo and Ensemble contest at Ball State. The majorette corps placed first in the state in the Corps Division of the LJSTA State Twirling Contest. The band had many money-making projects this year, such as the candy sale, the annual fish fry, and the majorette's bake sales. The money was used for majorette uniforms and for band expenses. BandOfficers: FRONT--Cheri Davies, head majorette; Keith Sherman, drum major; Kenny Myers, bandcaptain; Tom Wesseler, lieutenant. BACK--Vicki Dietzer, sophomore representative; Carolyn Updike, freshman representative; Kris Knauer, junior representative; Mike Cannon, band manager; Pat Bozell, librarian.Musical Programs, Community Services Swing Choir: FRONT ROW--C. Carter, T. Wesseler, K. Bambrough, P. Widmeyer, M. Braddock, C. Parker, L. Leonard, P. Simmons. SECOND ROW--G. Garrison, B. Williams, P. Weismiller, M. Wojak, B. Green, P. Simmons, A. Baker, P. Green, T. Moser, P. Widmeyer. THIRD ROW--B. Fernung, T. Jones, D. Keller, K. Wills, T. Warfel, J. Gough, C. Leth, M. Walkup, C. Durm, B. Goodknight, S. Curtis. FOURTH ROW--J. Fitzpatrick, K. Knauer, L. Tanzilli, M. Rogers, M. Fettig, S. Mayfield, K. Sherman, L. Oliver, K. Myers, S. Davenport, D. Hobbs. Members of the " Barber Shop Quartet": Shirley Davenport (Accom.), Terry Jones, Jerry Hoffman, Carl Leth, John Fitzpatrick. "The Surprises": Mary Braddock, Teddi Mangas, Andy Baker, Carmen Garcia, Kenny Myers, Marilee Walkup, Keith Sherman, Jenny Gough, Kris Knauer.Were Provided by Choir and Vocal Groups The golden voices of the Willkie High Choir sang out as they presented "Sing Out For Our Servicemen 1968". This choir program took place on December fourth and fifth. The proceeds from this show were used to purchase gifts for servicemen from the Elwood area. The Christmas Convocation, Easter Convocation, Variety Show, and the "Spring Sing" were listed on the choir calendar. Officers were John Fitzpatrick, president; and Linda Leonard, vice-president. The Kaleidoscopes, a popular group around Willkie, performed before the student body and various clubs and sororities and was proud to be featured in the annual J.C. Show. They presented an hour long show at the "Old Fashion Threshing Show". Last spring they attended the Red Bud Festival in Anderson and came home with a trophy for first runner-up in their division. The "Surprises", a new vocal group at Willkie this year, have been seen at the Choir's "Sing Out For Our Servicemen, 1968". They performed for various clubs and sororities in the Elwood community. "The Kaleidoscopes": FRONT ROW: Connie Parker, Patty Green, Linda Leonard. SECOND ROW: Connie Durm, LuAnn Tanzilli, Rosann Sutton, Dorothy Keller. Choir: FRONT ROW--S. Davenport, C. Durm, D. Boyer, S. Hooker, D. Nickols, M. Braddock, D. Hobbs, D. Shepherd, S. Long, P. Fagg, L. Leonard, S. Heaton, M. Tappy. SECOND ROW--T. Jones, K. Low, K. Reynolds, A. Leisure, W. Green, K. Low, K. Jackson, J. Crimans, D. Boyer, D. Snider, A. Baker, C. Shepard, P. Green, B. Mochrie. THIRD ROW--J. Fitzpatrick, J. Hoffman, R. Hughes, B. Mitchell, T. Warfel, R. Sutton, B. Green, V. Coston, L. Smith, B. Line, M. Majors, K. Trice, M. Wojak, J. Gough, M. Walkup, S. Fakes. FOURTH ROW—D. Landess, D. Pinkleton, R. Etchison, B. Sanders, J. Long, D. Keller, M. Fettig, L. Tanzilli, D. Leonard, D. Picket, D. Parker, R. Stickler, L. Phillips, C. Phelps, L. Doan, S. Curtis, C. Leth, D. Hobbs, C. Brugger.Christmas Party, Conventions, and Latin Club Members: FRONT ROW--D. Prieshoff, M. Summers, G. Garrison, B. Courtney, R. Coston, A. Davenport,G. Howat. SECOND ROW--M. Knauer, M. Gardner, A. Baugher, M. Elston, T. Moser, S. Curtis, P. Wingrove, M. Copher, C. Parker. THIRD ROW--C. Carter, P. Weismiller, L. Halting, A. Linegar, C. Updike, M. Frye, M. Magers,P. Widmeyer, R. Wright, J. Bomholt, H. Shepard. FOURTH ROW--B. Rittenhouse, R. Sutton, B. Williams, T. Leathers, S. Wright, K. Low, L. Tanzilli, M. Wilson, P. Simmons, J. Leathers, J. Hook, Mrs. Sharp. FIFTH ROW --P. Simmons, P. Williams, A. Kane, J. Mock, M. Rogers, S. Mayfield, M. Kelley, P. Arnold, B. Sanders, K. Shaw, B. Schwalm, M. Rennier. The Latin Club with fifty members under the direction of Mrs. Sharp and the officers, Dan Prieshoff and Marty Summers, consuls; Gay Garrison, scriptor and Brian Courtney, quaestor, had much to offer its members. The activities of the club included the annual Christmas caroling party, money-making projects, poster contests, and skits, one of which dealt with the Oracle of Delphi. Members listened to several interesting talks, including one of the Summer Latin Conference given by Max Hood. Max attended the Conference which was held at Indiana University. A large group of students from Willkie attended the Indiana Junior Classical League Convention held at Ball State University in the spring. Three members were elected from "Inter Nos" to represent Willkie High as voting delegates at the state meeting. The club also donated money toward a scholarship fund for the Indiana Junior Classical League which presents a scholarship to an outstanding Latin student.Speakers Were Enjoyed by Language Clubs French Club Members: FRONT ROW--G. Piirto, T. Mangas, S. Bannon, N. Jack, C. Parker, S. Hocker, C. York, K. Pike. SECOND ROW--P. Crimans, C. Richards, C. Webb, D. Wittkamper, C. Dunlap, K. Low, A. Leisure, C. Jackson, A. Myerly, C. Cooper. THIRD ROW—C. Carter, P. Parker, S. Albers, C. Tam, M. Walkup, C. Poynter, V. Coston, C. LaPierre, S. Curtis, S. Coston, J. Florea, D. LaPierre. FOURTH ROW —Miss Cole, D. Longenecker, L. Kane, K. Seright, D. Stansberry, C. Backer, D. Piirto, M. Rogers, T. Jones, T. Wesseler, M. Updegraff, C. Tatum, D. Wisler, D. Pickett. The French Club, which held meetings monthly, was sponsored by Miss Cole. Officers of the club this year were Gloria Piirto, president; Teddi Mangas, vice-president; Sarah Bannon, secretary; and Nicci Jack, treasurer. Members of the club sent Christmas cards to local men in Vietnam. They met with the other foreign language clubs for the annual Christmas party in the den, after singing carols in the community. In the spring they saw a film of an outstanding novel. Members of French Club were students who were currently enrolled in French classes or who had had French previously. Members of the French Club sang Christmas Carols through the halls of Willkie. 61Speakers Highlight Spanish Club Meetings Spanish Club: FRONT ROW—C. Garcia, G. Cole, J. King, B. Burton, K. Richardson, S. Richardson, J. Kelich. SECOND ROW--T. Oldag, B. Showers, K. Tatum, B. Williams, M. Braddock, J. Crimans, K. Bambrough, P. Wid-meyer. THIRD ROW--J. Cole, R.Gill, J. Pentenburg, D. Stage, E. Mitchell, B. Burton, J. VanWinkle, J. Peterson, R. Arnold. FOURTH ROW--T. Warfel, Mr. Compton, A. Pace, J. Williams, R. Beeman, R. Hankley, R. York, T. Jones, J. Justice. Thepinata, a Spanish custom, provided entertainment at the Christmas party. With useful speaking advantages, participation in Spanish Club provided mem -bers with a knowledge of the cultural growth of our neighboring Latin American countries. Making a Christmas pinata for the annual language caroling party and pur -chasing Spanish games, for club and classroom use, were among the many projects undertaken by the club mem -bers this year. Meetings of the club were held every month. Guests featured this year were: Miss Gomez, from Cuba, who spoke about the Communist take-over in that country; and Dr. Hancock from Ball State University, who spoke about his recent trip to Central America. Officers of the Spanish Club were: Carmen Garcia, president; Greg Cole, vice-president; Jan King, secretary; and Beth Burton, treasurer. 62Math Club Explored Math Concepts The Math Club in its second year at Willkie High School met every third Thursday of the month. A member of the club was required to give a demonstration of some mathematical problem to the other members at each meeting. By doing this, members could promote a greater interest in various aspects of mathematics. Miss Vicki Coston gave a report on the Math Workshop at Indiana University, which she attended in July. She also gave a talk on group theory, a topic she studied while at the Workshop. Velinda Smith gave a very interesting demonstration on data processing. The members of the club received the Indiana School Math Journal which is a mathematics magazine for high school students. The club decided to initiate an honor program this year to recognize outstanding members. The sponsors of Math Club this year were Mr. Harbron and Mr. Donald Brown. The officers were: George Acres, president, Ken Wardwell, vice-president; and Vicki Coston, secretary-treasurer. Tim Leathers explains these quadratic equations at one of the regular meetings. Math Club Members: FRONT ROW--G. Acres, K. Wardwell, V. Coston, V. Smith, K. Low, C. Dunlap. SECOND ROW--T. Leathers, R. Bomholt, S. Wright, G. Piirto, J. Myerly, C. Parker, C. Carter, C. Pike. THIRD ROW--C. Leth, G. Cole, P. Simmons, K. Hawkins, P. Williams, P. Weismiller, P. Simmons. FOURTH ROW--Mr. Harbron, K. Low, D. Morgan, M. Kelly, K. Sherman, M. Rogers, J. Armstrong, T. Moser, J. Saint. 63Staff Wrote, Edited, Met Deadlines Megaphone Staff: KNEELING--K. Diko, M.Gough,H. Burton, J. Seright. SEATED--E. Warfel, N. Shepard, N. Coffin, B. Green, J. Benedict, S. Hunter. STANDING--J. Runyon, Mrs. Hiatt, M. Gerth, J. Hoffman, J. Balser, V. Leisure, M. Courtney, J. Simmons, K. Tyner, M. Wojak. Proud of a job well done, Mrs. Hiatt goes over a copy of the Megaphone with the editors, Candy Carter and Les Soard. The staff of the Megaphone, a never-ending arsenal for what was happening, published a monthly paper that included something for everyone who was interested in what was going on around Will-kie. The Megaphone staff was composed of students from the journalism class who had a desire for something different, a quick-thinking attitude, a variety of interests, and above all, a willingness to work. Mrs. Nina Hiatt served as the sponsor of the staff and oversaw all copy printed by the students. This year Candy Carter and Les Soard were co-editors of the Megaphone. The "Willkie High World", which appeared weekly in the Elwood Call-Leader, was a report of what was happening at Willkie. "Willkie High World” was edited by Kathy Tyner. Mike Courtney phones school news to WBMP.F.B.L.A. Built Interest in Business F.B.L.A. Members: FRONT ROW--D.Goings, S. Reckner, D. Himburg, C. Jackson, L. Whisler, A. Baker, D. Caldwell, G. Howat, P. Gordon, S. Hirsch. SECOND ROW--C. Haskett, D. Rittenhouse, J. Carmine, K. Low, D. Boyer, J. Brattain, T. Ellis, M. Davis, R. Howell, M. Smith, T. Walker, K. Robinson, W. Green. THIRD ROW--D. Biddle, T. Tyner, M. Creamer, P. Bozell, M. Monahan, P. Hicks, J. Shawhan, S. Long, C. York, L. Frazier, D. Jarrett, C. Davies, K. McGahey, S. Jones, Mrs. Doris Kintzel, sponsor. FOURTH ROW--L. Sullivan, D. Mochrie, J. Brown, S. Creamer, C. LaPierre, R. Hughes, K. Reynolds, A. Baugher, D. LaPierre, C. Foor, B. Dauenhauer, C. Jarvis, L. Welcher, L. Tanzilli, Mrs. Evangeline Smith, sponsor. FIFTH ROW--Mrs. Baugh, sponsor; Mrs. Wagner, sponsor, J. Garner,P. Boyer, L. Cox, D. Green, J. French, T. Williams, J. Kinser, D. Yohe, P. Parker, J. Bradley, D. Carlson, B. Fuller, D. Cornwell, M. Gough. The main purpose of Future Business Leaders of America was to make strong, capable businessmen and women that would be able to participate effectively in community and business affairs. LastAugust, F.B.L.A. officers Cathy Foor, Brenda Fuller, andTerri Williams, State Historian, and Mrs. Evangeline Smith, the sponsor, attended the national convention of F.B.L.A. in Washington, D.C. A candlelight installation of officers was held. Mrs. June VanWagner, counselor at Willkie, spoke on the topic, "Are You Qualified?" As one of their many projects, members took orders for Tom Watt merchandise. Members also attended the state convention held at Ball State University in March. Officers of F.B.L.A.: Debbie Goings, president; Sandy Reckner, vice-president; Debbie Himburg, secretary; Cathy Jackson, treasurer; Linda Whisler, reporter; Andy Baker, historian. 65Speakers Gave Insights to F.T.A. Members F-.T..A.. FltCNT M.. R.e®®ss4 Ps WiMasas,, Costa®, G. ®83 t , R, Haw- Mm, Pu SaSfcasis SSCC 5© CW—M-. ]k 5©k, Ms walfeagv Jk CeSwaas®, As S wglh® ,, L. AMtey,, It.-low, Cs ©walajp, . jk Vtofttw, Ns Jaefe. tIM RCV N- Cs Poyatssf, T. fessat, IX 'WSc napa, |. King, K. J ymaMs, Cs I»- Pteara,, Cs Ffeislgs IX CasSsaa, $ .. IteKIm, Cs Bw., , Itaggs. FCUFtflt MM—Mfe s Sare, Mte. MtewiSfc, M. Ssisttak,, Cs Csaisaftn Fs Among, |s Asw«fcts®§,, Cs Cote, 5 . tow, $•■ Sawte®,, . © » $ . l assIaWillfias®® aad Kitted l«a ey i» ti e fc ttesBt 5swm©aiy fesM at mw«©t F featais $ Tfe© FUME© Te cters ©£ Am©tiea» im its Mto ymx sfc WiilMe, wrkd to promos© a tetoe©st ia ©te fcetosr Jto©wle $ge @£ to© toaditosg professiOEu Tte s©m©bl gate aalities a to ater msast fesw©, as expressed to to© F.T.A p U@ %e,, at®: pfeysieal ■vitality, moral toseetotose oaii, mems@l Migor, wteLe-som© pSKsenoaiity, Taal feifeess, teaowl-teg©„ ate l dfetsMips Badh Eitomter stew© to aeMev© toes© qpsaEfcti.es.. A©5i i6i©s Sj rsoretS % tMs gtosijg) toaltete a toasters' pateL isMdia iis-©asste tosa%lto© am to© dlasse©®anBi» ate sweaters vto® gave toftormatoosa m. ©ol-teg© ©®fcea®©© e©qpie©Ea®i!fcs, profes-st©aalw M«sda©5!!S.s ©teasaeitexy tosdia-iffi®, special etoseaSim, toaster ©toics,, aMtte©3 ©ea.©t53ffi©S(5fa sfctesmfc toacter. Mfesssters afctotete to© mm. c®shw©s -ttosm. a£ FsT.As at Qmiis eswffie «!«». M,, 1M®.. At tois ©arawteam fftosfe SSm-mm was ©tesm to fe© to© ©ate tet© .tor stot© pe teEt feom ar©a 6. fte affiai.©srs ©£ F-T,A.. v®@r©IDa©k Prctetey,, presitete; PgBmie Willliiams,, seearetory, Paste. Stomaas,, tnt©astsor©r; ' ©fei ©astes , Mstotoam,, ate (Gfflaaaia Eifotto,, jparMaMmtoraaHis Barr,, Mes.. Itereito, Mr Pay Steffit, Pater,, ate Mr., tearas vtot© to© css' s@es..Service Was Goal of F.H.A. and S.S.S. FJKLA Mssaalhsas: FRCSNT ROW—D. MaMeff, jpaesldeuait P- Maatsoc ylce-presldgntt L. C ox3 se ere 12.175 B. Shovrers, SEOOMDD ROW—IX Rite-iaBscpiagg, V. Ccsuacas 3. JEj 3ge313 paTliaiaaiataiiai D. Sbepa©dfl T. ElfliSg A Stanana MS, TMORiD ROW—-Mis. Sdiwssur, 3SL Geiiii, lecTeaSiom leader; NL Fei2mHg3 B. MoVds, 5. HaSnu, J. Bee-msua, jrsMuc seSlsridons etebnram R. Garcia, Mrs. TciMe- The Faitere Homemakers of America is a national orgaBs atiom of girls stedy-mg home economics I® tike senior high schools of ttke liMied States. The overall goal was tto kelp girls improve personal, family, aiad commmDi lavas g. Tfee ismBediaite goal was to Sopddter interest in kome eco mics. Tike dtalb sponsors and tike girls attended a fail daskriett meeting at New Castle Higk SdkodL Last Jnne tkey attended tke state coMventdOMkeld at Mdlaim State University in Terre Hante. An impressive candle installation of officers was held in November. For the Christmas Barry in December., die girls went caroling to nursing homes. Tke Snnshlne Society is a state organisation whose purpose is service. Mrs. Tolls and Mrs. Sdtoear are sponsors off bothF.JHLA. and S.S.S. Mrs. H. R. Miller is tke chapter mother off F.H.A. S.S.S. MeirofoaEs: FROtST MOW —S. H rsdb,, P. Lusadder,, P. Seacnoa. MACIK MOW—i rs. T g30®„ K. BarcSesj, M- Feanamg,, G. SSbwrcatt Mrs. Sdkwsair.. £7Key Club and Projectionists Provided Key Club Members: FRONT ROW--Jeff Balser, B. Savage, B. Starkey, D. Perkins, T. Oldag. MIDDLE ROW—Mr. Snyder, J. Yates, Mike Hibst, T. Moser, B. Heflin, B. Goodknight, K. Wills, Mr. Smith. BACK ROW--M. Rogers, K. Clark, K. Brown, G. Carmody, K. Sherman, S. Mayfield, T. Moser, T. Wesseler, J. Simmons, D. Tatum. This year Key Club, under the direction of Mr. George Smith and Mr. Ralph Snyder, put out its "Cat Caller", which is a directory of all Willkie High faculty and students. Inthiswaythey rendered a service which is the main purpose and ideal of the Club. The members of the Key Club presented a program to the Elwood Kiwanis Club, their principal sponsor. This program emphasized the Key Club's principles, membership, and services to the school and to the community. This year's officers were: Doug Perkins - -president, Jeff Balser - -vice -presi -dent, Bruce Starkey--treasurer, Bill Savage--secretary, Keith Sherman--ser-geant-at-arms, and Jim Yates--parliamentarian . Mr. Snyder and Mr. Smith discuss Key Club plans with the officers. 68Services to School and Community Projectionists, under the direction of Mr. Gerald Sullivan, presented to various classes films pertaining to the subjects of the classroom. Projectionists voluntarily gave up study halls and free periods to be of service. Mr. Sullivan taught them the techniques of operating the various projectors and how to repair them. Their principal job was to get the machines from place to place, and to operate the 16m.m. machines. Projectionists who became qualified received a pin and certificate. A banquet was held in the spring to honor these students and their contribution to the other students and to the faculty. J. Leeson and D. Stout are ready to show a film to a H.S. class. Projectionists: FRONT ROW--F. Stage, D. Acres, J. Leavitt, H. Smith, B. Leisure, J. Leeson. SECOND ROW--R. Frye, C. Drake, M. Altherr, J. Burnette, L. Vinson, D. Stout. THIRD ROW--S. Dickens, D. Rodriguez, J. Altherr, R. Jarrell, T. Altherr, J. Brummet. BACK ROW--Mr. G. Sullivan, C. Johns, J. Niccum, K. Hudson, L. Hobbs, C. Baker, B. Sullivan. 69ATHLETICS Exhausting hours of practice, and the Youth develops speed, agility, A strong body. Muscles flex--then tire. Excitement grows, flares toward Victory-- Or pales before the specter of defeat. Why does he strive so? It is the ache of the soul to surpass, The will to win. What is life without goals? A faint echo of Reality.The Path of the Panthers TENNIS E OP South Side Muncie 3 4 New Castle 1 6 Tipton B 5 2 Anderson B 6 1 Mississinewa 6 1 Madison Heights 3 4 Burris 1 6 Pendleton 3 4 Hartford City 4 3 Wabash 0 7 Tipton B 3 4 Tipton 3 4 Fairmount 3 4 Huntington 0 7 Alexandria 3 4 Peru 0 7 GOLF Kokomo 5 1 2 4 1 2 Highland 9 6 Mt. Vernon 15 0 Hartford City 15 0 Peru 9 1 2 5 1 2 Tipton 10 1 2 4 1 2 Frankfort 5 10 Noblesville 7 1 2 2 1 2 Alexandria 15 0 Burris 10 5 Madison Heights 2 13 Lebanon 4 1 2 10 1 2 Mississinewa 11 4 CIC at Peru 2nd place Muncie South Side 11 4 Pendleton 10 4 1 2 Shenendoah 6 4 LaPorte Invitational 4th place Culver Invitational 9th place Sectional 6th place TRACK Tipton 14 104 Pendleton 42 76 Hartford City 78 40 Mississinewa -Oakhill 8—98 1 2--41 1 2 Noblesville 14 104 Peru 31 1 2 88 1 2 Penn. Relays 8th place New Castle 6th place Alex -Mississinewa 34 1 2- -69—44 CIC Tie 6th place CROSS COUNTRY Pike Invitational 10th place Highland 39 20 Peru A 26 29 Peru B 23 33 Newcastle A 50 15 Newcastle B 45 15 Tipton-Hartford City A 58--15- 67 Tipton-Hartford City B 38--17- -- Burris Invitational 114 pts.- -4th Oakhill-Mississinewa A 63--18- 51 Oakhill-Mississinewa B 39—22 64 Alexandria - Wabash 56-70- 16 Pendleton A 43 15 Pendleton B 49 15 Middletown A 37 22 Middletown B 22 33 CIC at Peru 173 pts.- -6th Fairmount-Frankton A 71-29- 26 Fairmount--Frankton B 40-19- 65 Sectional at Anderson 413 pts. - -17th WRESTLING E OP Western 26 28 Clinton Prairie 35 28 Noblesville 23 27 Fairmount 35 19 Hamilton So. Eastern 49 5 Wabash 38 18 Highland 30 16 Peru 26 26 Hamilton Heights 20 28 Delta 25 19 Tipton 18 29 Tipton Invitational 4th place CIC Tournament 2nd place Sectional 8th place BASEBALL Hamilton Heights 6 11 Frankton 9 3 Tipton 2 4 Markleville 3 2 Frankton 4 5 Muncie Central 1 5 Frankton 9 3 Madison Heights 9 3 Tipton 6 3 Muncie South 7 3 Newcastle 4 5 Newcastle 6 3 Madison Heights 13 2 Muncie Central 13 4 Carmel 3 1 Tipton 7 6 Muncie South 1 0 Carmel 8 1 Carmel 5 2 Tipton 8 3 Muncie Central 10 0 FOOTBALL Noblesville 13 12 Hartford City 0 20 South Side Muncie 20 12 Alexandria 34 13 Madison Heights Anderson 6 21 Tipton 0 35 Peru 13 7 West Lafayette 14 20 Wabash 0 43 Huntington 0 26 BASKETBALL Wes Del 71 52 Muncie South 66 86 Mississinewa 69 49 Huntington 85 75 Hayworth 82 69 Noblesville 72 53 Holiday Tourney Carmel 70 73 Speedway 60 64 Madison Heights 60 67 Burris 82 61 Muncie Central 62 69 Alexandria 54 45 Shelbyville 66 71 Hartford City 81 55 T aylor 68 53 Tipton 59 53 Hamilton Heights 98 82 Wabash 59 62 Highland 95 64 Peru 82 73 Sectional Fairmount 81 60 Marion 43 64E-Men Promoted the Athletic Ideals The officers of E-Men this year were Chris Juday, president; Dave Tatum, vice-president; and George Acres, secretary-treasurer. Qualification for E-Men’s is based on a point system and it is an honor for any boy interested and active in school sports to be a member. E-Men tried to promote sportsmanlike conduct, enthusiasm, and school spirit. They sold concessions at underclass ball games and took subscriptions for Panther Boosters as money-making projects. This year E-Men presented sweaters to boys who had earned them at the beginning of the second semester. Jackets were awarded at the Sectional Pep Session. Mr. Jerry Burton and Mr. LyleMits-chelen were the sponsors of the E-Men. Tim Hobbs, Ken Runyon, and Dennis Huntsinger sold con cessions as one of the E-Men's fund-raising projects. E-Men: FRONT ROW--D. Tatum, G. Acres, V. Leisure, R. Coston. SECOND ROW--D. Green, M. Dixon, T. Jones, L. Barnes, B. Davis. THIRD ROW--B. Skillman, J. Seright, K. Shaw, B. Updegraff, R. Williams, J. Davis, B. Sherman. FOURTH ROW--D. Powell, B. Bambrough,J. Williams, K. Wardwell.J. Kinser, T. Hobbs, G. Harting. BACK ROW--Mr. Mitschelen, F. Downs, D. Swinford,C. McQuitty, K. Runyon, P. Hahn, J. Armstrong, Mr. Burton. 73Panther Varsity Football Team Varsity Football Team: FRONT ROW--P. McPhearson, M. Dixon, D. Baldwin, D. Powell, L. Barnes, B. Davis, J. Davis. MIDDLE ROW--B. Courtney, B. Updegraff, J. Seright, B. Sherman, D. Tatum, K. Wardwell, B. Bambrough, J. Acres, J. Sattler, D. Laird, W. Wilson. BACK ROW--Coach Bailey, J. Kinser, T. Hobbs, C. Juday, D. Hunt-singer, C. McQuitty, D. Swinford, J. Ball, G. Harting, R. Williams, K. Showers, Coach Mitschelen. Not Pictured --Ken Runyan. Joe eludes tackier on way to first touchdown of the ball game. g Bill Davis blocks the end out on power sweep. 74Close Season with 4—6—0 Record This year Wendell Willkie High School fielded a talented, hard-working team for its varsity edition of football. Strong support by Seniors led the team to a 4--6--0 season record. Joe Davis, Senior quarterback, led the team to early victories until injuries forced him to the sidelines. The team started off with a come -from -behind win against Noblesville and pulled off an upset victory over Munice South. But, being a small team, injuries took their toll of players to hamper the Panthers' attack. The entire backfield will return as experienced players next season, including Junior Dave Swinford, who replaced Davis at the quarterback post to finish the season. Swinford talks to Coach Bailey about offensive strategy as Coach Mitschelen looks on. Senior Varsity Members: FRONT ROW--B. Sherman, M. Dixon, R. Williams, J. Davis, B. Bambrough. SECOND ROW--T. Hobbs, J. Kinser, C. Juday, D. Huntsinger, G. Harting, J. Ball. Not pictured--Ken Runyan. 75Junior Varsity and Freshman Football B-Team tries for extra point after scoring on Tipton. Coach Hover yells instructions as squad gains. Jr. Varsity Team: FRONT ROW--P. McPhearson, A. Pace, D. Green, C. Lee, R. Coston, K. Shaw, G. Reichart. MIDDLE ROW--J. Shepard, C. Bryan, J. Seright, G. Harting, C. Walters, D. Cannon, C. Johns, S. Ebert. BACK ROW - -B. Courtney, D. Prieshoff, J. Mock, P. Arnold, J. Rice, J. King, P. Rice, J. Williams, Coach Mitschelen. 76Teams Gained Experience in Tough Season Freshman Team: FRONT ROW--J. Dunnichay, M. Guffey, J. Fihe, L. Dauenhauer, R. Loy, T. Henn, T. Barnes, B. Etchison, B. Call, R. Bayne, G. Harting. BACK ROW—J. Pearson, J. Powell, E. Stover, N. Creamer, K. Slocum, G. Johnson, N. Baxter, N. Alexander, R. Scott, K. Giselbach. Not pictured: T. Robinson, D. Smith. Joe Williams reached high for ball in Jr. Varsity game against Tipton. The Freshman Football squad, under the leadership of Coach Spear, came on strong after the first of the season to finish with a fine 3--3--1 record. Credit goes to the excellent defensive backfield and line which held the opposition to three points of the Panthers’ total. The passing game came on late in the season to boost the offense to victories over Peru and Alexandria, anda thrilling win over Mississ-inewa. The Junior Varsity did notfare so well, recording only one victory and a tie in eight attempts. The victory came against Frankfort in the third game. Two weeks later the team fought to a tie. Lack of material plagued the team from the start but the hard-working Panthers played their best throughout the season. Many of the boys will be back to fill varsity posts next year. 77Enthusiasm and Initiative Spurred on Ron Romig, Mr. Spear, and Bill Davis display trophies won Greg Halting slides in to home as Chris Juday in conference play. advances to the plate. The 1968 version of the Panther baseball team closed the season with a triumphant record of 15 wins and 2 losses, placing 1st in the Indiana Central League. Under Coach Tom Spear, the spectacular team consisted of 6 seniors, 8 juniors, and 1 sophomore. In the sectional, played at Memorial Field in Anderson, the Willkie team defeated Markleville in 15 innings before losing to Frankton. Our mighty Panthers fought their way to a victory in the Mid-Central Conference Tourney played at Tipton. Ron Romig, Chris Juday, and Bill Skill-man led the team in pitching honors, with the help of Joe Davis and Ken Runyan. The batting crown goes to Bill Davis for his . 408 average. MIDDLE ROW--B. BACK ROW—Coach Spear, C. Summer Team: FRONT ROW--D. Powell, J. Balser, B. Skillman, T. Jones. Updegraff, P. Hahn, G. Halting, J. Davis, B. Davis, R. Romig. Juday, K. Runyan, D. Huntsinger, C. McQuitty, D. Hughes. 78the Baseball and Cross Country Teams Cross Country: FRONT ROW—J. Rogers, J. Bomholt, R. Day, G. Acres, V. Leisure, B. Skillman, B. Martin. BACK ROW--Coach Burton, B. Thomberry, B. Svendsen, M. Kelly, B. B. Ball, D. Durm, J. Hoffman. This year's Cross Country team, coached by Mr. Burton, faced a rough season. In their sectional they placed 17th out of 23 participants. At the Burris Invitational they placed 4th, and in the CIC meet they placed sixth. This year's senior members were: George Acres, Bob Martin, Virgil Leisure, and Brad Svendsen. With one junior and eight sophomores returning, the outlook for next year's team is very good. Spring Team: FRONT ROW--J. Armstrong, B. Juday, T. McQuitty, K. Runyan, Mgr. B. Updegraff, S. Stage, D. Huntsinger, C. McQuitty, C. Juday. BACK ROW—Coach Spear, B. Skillman, M. Bomholt, H. Huffman, J. Davis, D. Powell, B. Davis, R. Romig, P. Hahn, T. Jones. 79Young Tennis Players Gain Experience The Panther Golf team had a very successful 1968 season with an exceptional 13 and 3 record. The Panthers did very well at the Culver and LaPorte Invitationals. At Culver they placed ninth while at LaPorte they placed fourth. In the CIC meet, Elwood once again showed their strength by taking second place. In the sectional they placed sixth having their best team score of the year. The Varsity golfers this year were seniors Tom Austin, Joe Scott, Richie Brunnemer, Howard Huffman, and Roger Mays. The tennis squad supported a 3--11 record under first year coach Rod Hicks. The team, all underclassmen, did a fine job while gaining valuable experience. The team had many close matches losing 6 by a score of 4--3. Elwood finished 5th in CIC competition against more experienced teams. Varsity members of the Panther tennis team were Jerry Armstrong, Parke Hahn, Keith Sherman, Larry High, and Dennis Hughes. Tennis Team: FRONT ROW--P. Arnold, B. Frye, P. Hahn. SECOND ROW--J- Armstrong, K. Sherman, Coach R. Hicks. 80Panther Golfers Place Second in CIC Golf Team: FRONT ROW-T. Oldag, J. Saint, R. Brunnemer, S. Mayfield, T. Austin. SECOND ROW--B. Rogers, Coach J. Burton, J. Scott, H. Huffman, B. Updegraff. Not Pictured: Roger Mays, Bob Pollitt. Steve Mayfield improves his putting ability before Kenny Brown, reserve member of the team, practices his playing at the Culver Invitational. swing. 8!Track Team Saw Season of Rebuilding Track team: FRONT ROW--G. Acres, D. Green, R. Coston, V. Leisure, A. Pace, G. Lee, H. Shepard, G. Cole. SECOND ROW--P. McPhearson, P. Rice, K. Shaw,J. Williams, J. Mock,D. Prieshoff, L. Oliver. THIRD ROW--J. Acres, D. Vinson, D. Powell, D. Tatum, T. Hobbs, G. Harting, R. Williams, B. Courtney. FOURTH ROW--J. Davis, W. Wilson, T. Jones, B. Hess,B. Thornberry, D. Durm, K. Low, B. Sherman. BACK ROW--J. Kinser, M. Dixon, B. Bambrough, B. Svendsen, M. Kelley, J. Rice, Mr. Bailey. The 1968 Panther track team was led by Mr. Van Bailey, coaching high school track for the first time. The team showed consistent improvement after a slow start, but saw its only victory against conference foe, Hartford City. Junior Joe Davis was the only member of the team to qualify for the sectional. He was voted the outstanding member of the team for his pole-vaulting. The young team, with twelve underclass lettermen, tied for sixth place in the conference. LEFT--Willkie's runners demonstrated their strength in the mile run. BELOW--Joe Davis clears new heights in pole vault competition.Wrestlers Concluded Outstanding Season Wrestling Team: FRONT ROW--K. Wardwell, B. Leisure, R. Coston, M. Dixon, G. Acres, J. Myer, Mr. Mitsche-len. SECOND ROW--W. Wilson, D. Vinson, D. Tatum, B. Ball, J. Acres, B. Sherman, J. King, J. Ball. THIRD ROW--R. Williams, A. Pace, M. Carpenter, D. Green, V. Leisure, R. Day, R. Loy, J. Kinser. This year's wrestling squad had an outstanding season of 7--4--1. They finished second in the C.I.C. and fourth in the eight-team tourney at Tipton. Leading the squad with a 20--2 record was Rick Coston in the 103 lbs. class. He won the C.I.C. championship, the Tipton Tourney, and went on to the regional before being defeated. Second best record was sported by team captain George Acres in the 127 lbs. class , 15--5. He alsowon theC.I.C. Champion- ship and placed third in the Tipton Tourney and the Indianapolis Sectional. Other outstanding wrestlers were junior Dave Tatum, who placed 4th in the sectional; junior John Acres, who placed 3rd in the sectional; senior Ewell York; and senior Robert Sherman. Two seniors who were on the varsity squad were lost during the year because of injuries. They were Virgil Leisure and Jack Kinser. The referee watches closely as Dave Tatum tries to pin his Tipton opponent.Panther Cage Team Finished with 13—7 Varsity Basketball Team: FRONT ROW--T. Harris, J. Davis, C. Juday, T. Hobbs, J. Bomholt. BACK ROW--D. Swinford, D. Huntsinger, K. Runyan, K. Clark, P. Hahn, J. Armstrong. Senior Team Members: Tim Hobbs, Jerry Armstrong, Dennis Huntsinger, Ken Runyan, Parke Hahn, Chris Juday, Joe Davis. 84Record and Share in C.I.C. Crown The Panther varsity basketball team showed great enthusiasm this year, under the guidance once again of Coach Tom Spear. The team battled to a final record of 13 wins and 7 losses after regular season play, winning over two major rivals Alexandria and Tipton. The cagers were able to maintain an undefeated record in the C.I.C, until meeting with Wabash, who brought about their first and only defeat in C.I.C. action. Defeated only once, the Panthers were able to share the C.I.C. crown with Huntington. Graduation will take away seven key seniors from the squad. Included in this list are Ken Runyan, Chris Juday, Dennis Huntsinger, Tim Hobbs, Jerry Armstrong, Parke Hahn, and Joe Davis. In sectional play the Panthers overcame Fairmountwith a score of 81--60, but went down to defeat by Marion in the final game. Ken Runyon sinks an important two points. Dennis Huntsinger attempts a shot over the hands of the opponent. Skill and determination go into a successful basketball season.Jr. Varsity Hit 10 Straight Victories The dexterity and determination of the Junior Varsity Basketball team led it to a winning season. The players were coached by a former varsity player, Rod Hicks. He coached his cagers to a 12 and 6 win-loss record for the season. The cagers tied the school record of ten straight victories. Some of the outstanding players who led the team to victory were Jerry Bomholt, Don Powell, Pat Rice, and Kevin Clark. The team showed outstanding ball-handling in the Muncie Central and Huntington ball games. The team had one of the best records of all Junior Varsity team s in the C. I. C. Mem -bersof the team gained experience which will strengthen the varsity squad in the future. Jerry Bomholt and Kevin Clarkdressed with the varsity squad for sectional competition . Joe Williams gets off a successful shot despite the efforts of his opponent. Panthers scramble for a rebound. Jr. Varsity Team: FRONT ROW—B. Thomberry, J. Shepard, D- Powell, J. Bomholt, D. Prieshoff, L. Kelly. SECOND ROW--J. Williams, P. Arnold, K. Clark, M. Kelly, K. Hudson, C. McQuitty, P. Rice. 86Freshman Cagers Showed Much Promise Young Panthers fight for control of the ball. The Freshman basketball team under Coach Burton, ended the season with one victory and twelve losses. They gained much experience for the future. Ron Scott adds another two points to the Panther cause. Freshman Team: FRONT ROW--L. Dauenhauer, J. Fihe, B. Smith, R. Wright, K. Thrawl, T. Henn, J. Dunnichay, A. Davenport. SECOND ROW--Mr. Burton, J. Kaiser, R. Scott, G. Johnson, K. Giselbach, N. Creamer, R. Stout, J. Powell, B. Delong. 87F.C.A. Promoted Good Sportsmanship F.C.A. Campers: FRONT ROW--Coach Mitschelen,G. Acres,C. Juday, M. Dixon. MIDDLE ROW --Coach Bailey, T. Hobbs, D. Tatum, R. Williams. BACK ROW--V. Leisure. NOT PICTURED--R. Sherman. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes emphasized sportsmanship and Christian attitudes in all forms of competition. Last summer eight boys and Coaches Mitsche-len and Bailey attended the F.C.A. Camp in Colorado. Officers for this year were: Robert Sherman--President; John Seright--Vice-President; Tim Hobbs - -Secretary -Treas -urer; Coach Mitschelen--Sponsor. F.C.A. members: FRONT ROW--J. Seright, R. Sherman, T. Hobbs, G. Acres. SECOND ROW--P. McPhearson, T. Jones, M. Dixon, D. Vinson, K. Brown. THIRD ROW--J. Julius, K. Low, D. Tatum, R. Williams, V. Leisure, J. Sattler. BACK ROW--Coach Mitschelen, J. Kinser, J. Mock, C. McQuitty, M. Kelley, J. Armstrong. 88Ushers, Concessionaires Gave Services Concessions Club Members: FRONT ROW--M. Elston, L. Alley, J. Pentenburg, C. Carter, M. Wojak. MIDDLE ROW --N.Gerth,P. Leth, S. Hirsch, R. Hinshaw, P. Robertson. BACKROW--Mr. Miller, M. Hirsch, A. King, T. Baker, D. Fuller, Mr. Brown. Ushers: FRONT ROW--M. Hobbs, L. Cress, R. Beeman, R. Niccum, T. Altherr. BACK ROW--M. Burton, J. Niccum, K. Beeman, Head Usher Robert Ours, M. Metz. 89Enthusiastic Pep Club and Cheerleaders Pep Club Members: FRONT ROW--P. Shepard, S. Hunter, B. Burton, K. Low, J. Runyan, D. Himburg, N. Wilhoit, M. Elston, S. Fakes, D. Carman. SECOND ROW--Mrs. VanWagner, sponsor, J. Beeman, S. Hanshew, B. Line, A. Baker, D. Runyan, T. Warfel, C. Carter, M. Wojak, J. Myerly. THIRD ROW--M. Monahan, L. Sullivan, J. Carmine, C. Heflin, D. Rittenhouse, P. Hartsock, J. Vautaw, M. Fettig, C. Jarvis, K. Tyner. FOURTH ROW--J. Blankenship, T. Tyner, D. Biddle, L. Whisler, D. Creamer, C. Phelps, V. Coston, C. LaPierre, G. Piirto, P. Fagg. FIFTH ROW--C. Shepard, B. Bennett, G. Steward, D.Green, R. Gregg, J. French, J. French, S. Glenn, K. Williams, L. Bourff. SIXTH ROW--R. Sutton, P. Green, D. Keller, C. Durm, L. Leonard, D. Wilson, E. Warfel, S. Reckner, R. Bryan, D. Sizelove. SEVENTH ROW--J. King, J. Crimans, S. Davenport, L. Tanzilli, J. Gardner, D. Mochrie, S. Shepard, M. Updegraff, D. Abbott, S. Curtis. EIGHTH ROW--L. Cox,P. Parker, S. Parker, C. Chastain, W. Green, P. Cannon, B. Mochrie, P. Robertson, J. Pentenberg, L. Alley. NINTH ROW--K. MaGahey, M. Pedro, H. Kelich, J. Pearson, K. Jackson, M. Smith, A. Leisure, C. Pike, C. Reynolds, D. Hobbs. TENTH ROW--C. Kronenberg, L. Sullivan, R. Stewart, J. Courtney, J. Peterson, B. Burton, C. Tam, S. Hocker, C. Bambrough, A. Myerly. ELEVENTH ROW--M. Morgan, J. Stewart, J. Morgan, C. Courtney, B. Dillon, S. Coston, E. Mitchell, T. Fuller, D. Pickett, D. LaPierre. BACK ROW--C. Pace, V. Hanlin, M. Frye. 90Boosted Team and School Spirit Varsity Cheerleaders: Pat Shepard, Sandy Fakes, Beth Burton, Jo Runyan, Nancy Wil-hoit. The Pep Club, under the direction of Mrs. VanWagner, backed the mighty Panthers all the way. Leading the club this year were: Kathy Tyner, president; Janet Myerly, secretary; Marcie Fettig, treasurer; Carole Jarvis, senior representative; Lorraine Bourff, junior representative; Lee Ann Alley, sophomore representative; and Alice Myerly, fresh - Senior Pat Shepard poses with Polly Panther, Debbie Himburg. man representative. The Pep Club attended allhome and many out-of-towngames. The girls chose to wear red and blue vests and red ties this year. The cheerleaders spent many hours of hard practice to prepare for the season. The varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders also attended a cheerleading camp at Vincennes University. Freshman Cheerleaders: Alice Myerly, Barb Burton, Kathy Bam-brough, Sheryl Shepard.Victories in C.I.C. and Wrestling, and The freshmen bedecked the corners of King Red and Blue, Greg Harting, poses by the highlight of the senior the gym--one with a large Panther made decorations, of newspapers. 92 Rick Coston displayed ability at the Wrestling Sectional as he went on to the regional before being defeated.Sectional Festivities Finish Season A shout of'Victory' rang out when the Panthers gained a share in the CIC crown by beating Peru. Juniors showed talent in their decorations for the bleachers in the gym. Signs like this one kept the halls lively and the spirit up.PERSONALITIES Life is a myriad of colors, experiences . . . An opportunity for youth to lose himself In the laughter and companionship of Others . In the blur of faces, He wonders if he can really become a part, Bonds grow in those moments Erasing doubts. Joy, happiness, exhilaration . . . Anxiety, sadness, sometimes despair, Love, hope, faith in those about him--All are in the kaleidoscope of Emotions that someone has called Youth.Administrators Answered the Challenge Mr. W. Blair Sullivan Principal of Willkie High School Mr. Wilfred G. Dudley Assistant Principal Mr. Keith Scott Superintendent of Elwood Public Schools Mr. John H. Hinds Administrative Assistant 96by Presenting a Stimulating Program School Board Members: FRONT ROW--Jerry Dunnichay, Charles Parker, Helen Oldag. BACK ROW--Albert Widener, Wilfred Shaw, Riley Sharp. Mrs. Carol Courtney Secretary to the Principal Mrs. Louise Knauer Secretary to the Assistant Principal Mrs. Barbara Williams Secretary to the Superintendent Mrs. Jo Aline Glenn Secretary to the School Board 97Willkie's Faculty Members Created Ideas Robert G. Adams, B.S. Vocational Auto Mechanics David L. Alexander, B.S., M.S. Biology H. Van Bailey, B.S. Social Studies, Physical Education, Health. Leland Eugene Baker, B.S., M.S. Vocational Guidance Counselor Marilyn D. Barnett, B.S. Business Education, Vocational Clerical Training. Charlotte Barr, A.B., M.A. English Lorraine E. Baugh, B.S. Business Education Donald N. Brown, A.B., M.A. Mathematics Phillip A. Brown, B.S. Social Studies There was always work to do for Mr. Compton and Reading furnished background material for Mr. Sing-Mr. Hiatt during "prep" period. leton's teaching. 98and Stimulated Thinking of Students Clifford S. Brugger, B.S. Supervisor of Music, Vocal Music. Gerald Burton, B.S. Business Education, Coach. Hilda E. Chapman, A.B., M.S. Librarian Kaye Cole, A.B. French, English. James D. Compton, A.B. Spanish, Mathematics. Maurice Craft, R.N. School Nurse Victoria Ann Crull, B.S. English Eldon Everidge, B.S. Coordinator of I.C.T. Joseph J. Gren, Jr., B.S. Industrial Arts John H. Hamer, B.S. Band Garrett L. Harbron, B.S. Mathematics Nina S. Hiatt, A.B., M.A. English, Journalism. Ray O. Hiatt, B.S. Social Studies Rodney L. Hicks, B.P.E. Driver Education, Physical Education, Health, Coach. William A. Hocker, B.S., M.A. Driver Education 99They Guided Us in Our Pursuit and Betty V. House, B.S., M.A. Guidance Counselor Phillip D. Huffman, B.S. Science Doris M. Kintzel, B.S., M.A. Business Education, Vocational Secretarial Training. George L. Kintzel, B.S., M.A. Supervisor of Vocational and Practical Arts Education. Karen K. Leonard, B.S. Business Education, Coordinator of Distributive Education. Raeanna G. Merritt, B.S., M.A. Social Studies, Physical Education, Health. Gary D. Miller, B.S. Art Lyle W. Mitschelen, B.S. Biology, Driver Education, Coach. Thomas David Pantos, B.S. Industrial Arts George W. Ray, B.S., M.A. N.Y.C. Coordinator, Industrial Arts. Daniel Rayshich, B.S., M.S. Vocational Machine Shop, Industrial Arts. Ted Robinette Vocational Electronics Roberta Sammis, B.S. English Naomi Schwear, B.S., M.A. Home Economics Florence Sharp, B.S. Latin, English. 100Attainment of Knowledge and Skills Mrs. Craft always had the thermometer ready for those Mr. Harbron spent part of his noon hour mastering the who were ill. Wheel-O. Wayne E. Singleton, B.S., M.S. Social Studies Evangeline E. Smith, B.S., M.A. Business Education George Smith, B.S., M.S. Science, Mathematics Ralph B. Snyder, B.S., M.S. English Thomas E. Spear, A.B., M.A. Social Studies, Coach. Betty E. Starkey, A.B. English Gerald Sullivan, B.S., M.A. Audio-Visual Director Elvona Tolle, B.S., M.A. Vocational Home Economics June D. VanWagner, B.S., M.A. Director of Guidance 101They Gave Understanding to Students Open House during American Education Week offered parents an opportunity to talk with faculty members. Camille Wagner, B.S., M.S. Business Education John W. Ward, A.B. Athletic Director, Social Studies. Ralph E. Waterman, B.S. Industrial Arts Betty Jo Watson, B.S., M.A. Physical Education, Health, English. W. Earl Watson, B.S., M.A. Vocational Building Trades, Industrial Arts. Richard L. Wheeler, B.S. in Music Ed. Band Director Paul A. Zerkel, B.S. Mathematics 102Cooks, Custodians Gave Needed Services Thelma Lowder, Hazel Warner, Lucy Manis Clarence Burton Bill Brogdon Pat Harrison Mick McGuire Emory Graham and Ed Miller 103 Cedric Huntsinger James Wood Malcolm ReynoldsDiana Abbott Allen Adair Kenneth Albers Susan Albers Norman Alexander Diana Allen Mark Altherr Timothy Altherr Garry Anderson Rhoda Arnold David Atwood Judith Baker Kathy Bambrough Tom Barmes Norman Baxter Randy Bayne Dennis Beck Lewis Bee man Tom Beeman Wanda Beeman Joseph Bourff Jeffrey Bouslog Diana Boyer Rebecca Bozell The Class of 1972 Took Their Places Jamie Brattain Gerry Brummet Jerry Brummet Timothy Brunnemer Renee Bryan Terry Bryan Barbara Burton Max Burton Janet Busch William Call John Carter James Cassity Kevin Chriss Alan Clark Verlin Clark Jeffery Cole Vickie Connors Gregory Conwell Susan Cook Georgia Cooper Mark Copher Sandra Coston Christy Courtney Joni Courtney Neal Creamer Peggy Crimans Leo Dauenhauer Aaron Davenport Marsha Davis Ted Davis 104Freshmen soon find places for noontime study and relaxation. at Willkie by Joining Varied Activities Nancy DeHart Bruce DeLong Jean Dennis Richard Diaz Beth Dillon Lorraine Doan Charles Drake Ronald Duckworth Judith Dulworth Jed Dunnichay Thomas Dye Johna Ebert Kirby Elkins Bruce Etchison Raeann Etchison Retha Etchison Pamela Fagg Richard Fagg Christopher Faulstich Wilma Felton Margaret Fernung Michael Fernung Matthew Fettig Jeffrey Fihe Jon Fish Jo Ann Florea Jeff Freeman Marsha Frye Mary Frye Teresa Fuller 105Rosalinda Garcia Zane Gardner John Garner Nancy Gerth Ronald Gill Dale Giselbach Kenneth Giselbach Judith Glotzbach Richard Gordon Pamela Gordon Deborah Green Wanda Green Vickie Gregg Frank Grondin Mike Guffey Greg Hampton Vickie Hanlin Gary Harting Joan Harting Garry Haulk Terry Hayes Ricky Heater Patrick Heaton Anthony Henn They Were Active in Student Council, Deloris Hinkle Monte Hipes Mur veil Hobbs Susan Hobbs Jean Hobson Sandra Hocker Gene Holloway Frederick Hook Danny Hoose Mitchell Horseman Gaye Howat Rhonda Howell Gerald Hughes Rebecca Hughes Art Humphrey Ronald Hunter Marva Jackson Robert Jarrell Gary Johnson Jerry Kaiser Lynne Kane Edward Kapper Jayne Kelich Patricia Kelly Henry King Marta Knauer Ralph Knopp Robert Kolacki Dianne LaPierre Terrance Laster 106Jeffrey Leathers Kathy Leisure Deborah Leonard Anita Linegar Jerry Litaker Shirley Long Daneen Longnecker Rusty Loy Sandra Lundy Pamela Luzadder Kenneth Lynch Carolyn McClain Benton McCorkle Donald McDermit Carol McElfresh Jeffery McElfresh Richard McPhearson Margaret Magers Robert Maish Thedora Mangas Daniel Martin John Masters Ruth Masters Jack Miller Clubs, Band, and Athletic Teams Gilbert Mireles Elaine Mitchell Michael Mogle Jean Morgan Marsha Morgan Kathy Morris James Morrow Joe Mottweiler Vida Mutchler Alice Myerly Ronald Niccum Nancy Norris Toni Northcutt Katherine Pace Pamela Parker Joan Patton John Pearson Janice Peterson Linda Phillips Deborah Pickett Dick Ponder Marie Ponder Deborah Poor Jack Powell William Reckner Michael Rennier Sandra Retherford Cathy Richards Stephen Richards Terry Richardson 107A familiar Freshman couple, Sheryl Shepard and Gary Johnson, find time to "study" in the school library. From More than 250, the Freshmen Had Beth Rittenhouse Pamela Rittenhouse Robert Rittenhouse Timothy Robinson David Rodriguez David Roe Jeffrey Rogers Gary Runyon Ronald St. Clair Larry Sanders Ron Sanders Naomi Sandoval Richard Schwalm Ron Scott Sheryl Shepard Bonnie Showers Christina Shuler David Simmons John Sites Cynthia Sizelove Michael Skillman Kenneth Slayton Kim Slocum Connie Smith Don Smith Gary Smith William Smith Marilyn Soard Rosemary Speer Jonathon Spitzmesser 108r Miss House assists Kathy Bambrough, freshman, with second semester scheduling. Their Share ol Outstanding Students Debra Stansberry Sandra Stephens Jana Stewart Leroy Stewart Rae Ann Stewart Stickler, Gene Rodney Stout Edwin Stover Linda Sullivan Cynthia Tam Michael Tappy Cindy Tatum Michael Thoman Ken Thrawl Maria Updegraff Carolyn Updike Lawrence Vinson Clifton Walden Timothy Walker Christine Watters Frances Weaver Penny Widmeyer Patsy Williams Timothy Williams Ulane Wills Thomas Wilson Peter Wingrove Ronald Wright Carole York 109Cokes, potato chips, and candy are noontime JoAnn VanWinkle must have just cleaned out her locker, favorites. The Class of 1971 Chose Their First Douglas Abbott James Alexander Lee Ann Alley Joseph Altherr Carolyn Anderson Terry Antle Joseph Arehart Philip Arnold Jerry Atterholt Jacqueline Atwell Cynthia Backer Steven Backstrom Charles Baker Timothy Baker Dennis Baldwin Larry Baldwin Bruce Ball Sarah Bannon Anita Baugher Alice Beeman David H. Beeman David M. Beeman Randy Beeman Rick Beeman Charles Bell Bonnie Bennett Jerome Bomholt Dale Bradley Ruth Bragg Ann Brown 110Mark Brown Press Brown Curtis Bryan Linda Budd Ronald Buis Barbara Butcher David Cain Donna Caldwell David Cannon Phyllis Cannon Amos Carmichael Jerita Carroll Jose Casas Frances Chapa Jerry Cleaver Jacalyn Cloud Paulette Clouser Michael Cluggish James Cook Ted Corbett Rick Coston Brian Courtney Linda Cox Eugene Creamer Officers and Steering Committee Larry Cress David Croy Kathy Croy Shelley Curtis Cynthia Davis Deborah Davis William Davis Richard Day Betty Dennis Michael Dever Stephen Dickens Vicki Dietzer Keith Diko John Drake Perry Durham David Durm Steven Ebert Tamara Ellis Michael Elston Harold Farr Norman Finnerty Charles Foor Mary Foor Michael French Richard French Rosanna Fromholz Robert Frye Carl Galbreath Garmen Garcia Mary Jo Gardner 11)Deborah Garman Timothy Garner Gay Garrison Robert Goodknight Jennifer Gough Richard Graham Brian Green Danny Green Roger Griffey Sylvia Hahn Joel Hancock Patrick Hankley Charles Harris LeAnn Harting Michael Harting Thomas Hartsock Judith Haskett Frank Haynes Bruce Heflin Dan Heller Barry Hess Mike Hibst Susan Hirsch Diane Hittle They Kicked OfTthe Year’s Activities Dixie Hobbs Larry Hobbs Penny Hobbs John Hook Keith Hudson Nicci Jack Catherine Jackson Jennie Jackson Richard Jarrett Sheila Jarrett Claren Johns Sandra Johnson Danny Jones Leta Jones Alan Kane Helen Kelich John Kelley Larry Kelley Mark Kelley Robert Kelly Kathryn Kiefer James King Christina Kronenberg Ellen Laird Susan Lane Gregory Lee Angela Leisure Robert Leisure Dennis Longnecker Lois Longnecker 112Katherine Low Kenneth Low Anita McCorkle Cynthia McCorkle Janelle McCorkle Sandra McCorkle Roy McCormick Jo Anne McElfresh Kathryn McGahey Anna McPhearson Donald Mahaney Harold Martin Deborah Miller Billy Mitchell Bonita Mochrie James Mock Thomas Moser Fonda Mountcastle Janet Murphy Deborah Nicholas Thomas Oldag Andrew Pace Peggy Parker Sandra Parker with a Successful Candy Sale Candy Sale Winners: Carl Galbreath, Greg Lee, Kathy Wells, Sandy Parker, Martha Smith, Linda Cox, Ken Wills, JoAnn VanWinkle, Jerita Carroll, Loretta Pearson, Bonita Mochrie, Jackie Cloud, Pam Robertson, Phil Simmons, Brian Courtney, Don Stage. 113Rex Parrish Jean Pearson Marilyn Pedro Jan Pentenburg Dennis Piirto Kathy Pike Donald Pinkleton Greg Ponder Don Powell Pamela Poynter Daniel Prieshoff Mary Pullen Gary Reichart Kathleen Reynolds Jeffrey Rice Cathy Richardson Sheri Richardson Nola Rittenhouse Ted Rittenhouse Pamela Robertson Carol Robinette Robert Robinson Gerald Rogers Terry Rogers They Learned the Importance of Biology students work diligently to complete their lab experiment. Ghosts and goblins don't seem to have dampened the spirits at the Halloween Dance. 114Linda Romine Gary Rominger Timothy Ross Sharon Ruble Barbara Sanders Rick Sanders Steven Savage Robert Schwalm Kay Seright Kim Shaw Debra Shepard Hal Shepard John Shepard Phillip Simmons David J. Sizelove David L. Sizelove Harold Slate John Smith Lanetta Smith Martha Smith Thomas Smith Debra Snider Rebecca Stafford Donald Stage Becoming Well-Rounded Individuals Jeffrey Vautaw James Vest Coyt Walters Peggy Warner Michael Waymire Candyce Webb Catherine Wells Peggy Widmeyer Bruce Williams Joseph Williams Kenny Wills Jack Wilson Michael Wilson Billy Wise Ronald Wise Debra Wisler Deborah Wood Margie Woolums Rhonda Stickler Martin Summers Mark Tancey Carolyn Tanzilli Kathy Tatum William Thomberry Catherine Trice Jo Ann VanWinkle 115Class Officers and Steering Committees Junior Officers: Mark Rogers, Connie Parker, SusanGlenn, Tim Harris. The Sophomore Class demonstrated a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm, and a talent for leadership, as well as scholastic ability. They began making their class outstanding by choosing officers: Jim Mock, president; Brian Courtney, vice-president; Leeann Harting, secretary; and Je-rita Carroll, treasurer. The Class of '71 carried out tradition by building toward their prom with a successful candy sale, and selecting class rings and sweaters. Mr. Eldon Everidge served as head sponsor. Sophomore Officers: Jim Mock, LeeAnn Harting, Jerita Carroll, Brian Courtney. 116Provided Leadership in Class Activities The members of the Class of '70 un-dertook one of their most exciting years. They assumed the many responsibilities of upperclassmen. They also proudly flashed their class rings, which they obtained at the end of their sophomore year. The Class of '70 chose the Collegiate round-shaped rings over the traditional rectangular rings. The class had various projects throughout the year. One of the most important was the sale of decals. The money received from these projects was added to the fund for the Junior-Senior Prom. Through the leadership and brilliant workmanship of the class, they planned a very festive occasion. To head the class through such an eventful year, Juniors chose the leadership of Tim Harris, president; Mark Rogers, vice-president; Connie Parker, secretary; and Susan Glenn, treasurer. The head sponsor for the class was Mr. Gary Miller. Sophomore Steering Committee: FRONT ROW--C. Jr. Steering Committee: FRONT ROW — T. Harris, S. Glenn, C. Parker. MIDDLE ROW--M. Rogers, J. Runyan, D. Clouser, K. Williams, P. Williams, S. Reckner, C. Hocker. BACK ROW--B. Skillman.B. Davis,C. McQuitty, R. Bomholt, J. Hoffman. , Johns, L. Harting, J. Carroll, K. Richardson, P. Clouser, L. Alley, J. Gough, N. Jack. BACK ROW--T. Oldag, J. Mock, K. Wills, B. Goodknight, T. Moser, K. Low, J. VanWinkle D. Stage R. Coston, B. Courtney.Albert Abbott John Acres Shari Albers Yvonne Anderson Dale Arehart Ted Atwood Theresa Bailey Jeffrey Balser Kenneth Bambrough Ronald Barmes Leland Barnes William Barnes Charles Baugher Mark Baugher Terry Baugher Donald Beeman Keith Beeman Jill Benedict Donna Biddle Judy Blankenship Larry Blankenship Richard Bomholt Lorraine Bourff Debra Boyer The Juniors Proved Themselves Able Happiness is the last few minutes before the bell rings Lois Deck and Clayton Cook spend free time studying in the morning. in the library. 118Kenneth Brown Linda Brummet Beth Burton Fay Busch Timothy Campbell Keith Cannon Thomas Cannon Linda Carmichael Michael Carpenter Dora Casas Ted Claghorn Kevin Clark Deborah Clouser Nancy Coffin Gregory Cole Vicky Collins Clayton Cook David Cook Keith Coryell Marla Creamer Janet Crimans Deborah Croy Shirley Davenport Karen Davies Leaders in all Phases of School Life John Davis William Davis Lois Deck Lawrence Dennis Forrest Downs Constance Durm Robert Eller Terry Everling Sandra Fakes Tonga Felton Robert Fernung Mary Fettig Maureen Fettig John Fitzpatrick Gary Floyd Charles Frazier Janet French Judy French Arthur Frye Steve Fuller Jean Gardner Joyce Garner Robert Gamer Phillip Gerencser Mark Gerth Ronald Gibson Dianna Giselbach Susan Glenn Alice Goforth Luella Grandstaff 119Linda Green Patricia Green Reta Gregg Jeffery Hampton Harriet Hankley Timothy Harris Robert Hartley Carmilla Haskett Crystal Heller Patricia Hicks Brian Hinshaw Michael Hirsch Julie Hobbs Christie Hocker Jerry Hoffman Richard Hook Carl Horn Judy Horseman Gail Hubbard Steven Hudson Dennis Hughes Sheryl Hunter Carrie Jackson Rita Jarrett They Showed Spirit and Enthusiasm Sheila Jones Tearle Jones Gerald Jordan Jay Julius John Justice Kathryn Kelich Dorothy Keller Jeanine King June Kleyla Kris Knauer David Laird Sandy Laird Ronald Lambertson Deborah Lane Timothy Leathers Timothy Leeson Linda Leonard Carl Leth Paul Leth Vaughn Lineberry Judy Long Leatha Long Tony Longerbone Patricia Lucas Denise McCorkle Vi Ann Me Minds Paul McPhearson Charles McQuitty Richard Metz John Meyer 120Michael Miller Tamma Miller Diane Mochrie David Morgan Patricia Morris Carolyn Mort Roy Moss Randall Murdock Penny Niccum Sandra Nichols Ronnie Noone Terri Northcutt James Parish Bruce Parker Connie Parker Rex Patton David Perkins Clyde Phillips Richard Phillips Douglas Pike Lucinda Poynter William Prus Michael Reading Richard Rebuck in Carrying Out Class Projects John Acres seems to be resisting an effective sales-pitch. MOuch!"--BobFernung displays skill and coordination. 121Sandra Reckner Patrick Rice Marlene Riegel Dennis Robinson Diana Roe Mark Rogers Robert Rogers Terrie Rogers Ronald Romig Jerry Romine Jo Runyan Mary Salinas Moises Salinas Ralph Salinas John Sattler William Savage Joseph Scholl John Seright Peggy Sexton Judy Shawhan Colleen Shepard Kerry Showers Pamela Silvey Juniors Showed Diligence and Patience Juniors Jo Runyan and Bruce Starkey share the latest news! typewriter pads 122June Simmons Paula Simmons Deborah Sizelove William Skillman Deborah Smith Jerry Smith Kathy Smith Karen Soard Carla Speer Dan Sperry Katherine Stafford Bruce Starkey Clenna Stewart James Stewart Rebecca Summers Rosann Sutton David Swinford LuAnn Tanzilli David Tatum Robert Tompkins Joe Townsend Trudy Tyner Bruce Updegraff While Planning and Presenting the Prom Peggy Updegraff Rebecca Vickery David Vinson Darrell Walden Marilee Walkup Kenneth Wardwell Emma Warfel Mark Warner Carl Watters Peggy Weismiller Lorrie Welcher Diane Weston Nancy Wilhoit Sandra Wilkins Alma Williams Brenda Williams David Williams Karen Williams Pennie Williams Dawn Wilson Sandra Wilson Debra Wittkamper Michael Wright Stephen Wright Roger YorkSenior Class Was Guided by Able Leaders, When students entered the august halls of Willkie High as lowly frosh, the prospect of graduation seemed a far-away goal indeed. And yet, as Seniors, the members of the Class of 1969 have reached a turning point in their lives. After a year of adjustment to high school life, during which time theyworked on the Student Council, they struck out on their own. As sophomores, they placed leadership in the capable hands of Mike Courtney, president; Brenda Fuller, vice-president; Marcie Fettig, secretary; and Karen Albers, treasurer. Looking ahead to the Junior-Senior Prom, they worked diligently on the traditional candy sale. They chose red class sweaters and gave themselves the choice of the Collegiate or rectangular style in class rings. Moving at a fast pace into the status of upperclassmen, the officers for the junior year, Dennis Huntsinger, president; Janet Myerly, vice-president; Marcie Fettig, secretary; and Karen Albers, treasurer , worked well with the steering committee in this all-important year. To bolster their treasury the class sold zip code books around the area and distributed Christmas catalogues for an Elwood merchant. To assure that the Prom would be the most beautiful ever, members of the class began working on it early in the year, choosing Ted Moser and Candy Carter as co- chairmen. The long hours of making flowers, hammering wood, and hauling in materia Is pa id off: "Stairway to the Stars" was elegance in itself. Members of the class managed Prom activities and the junior class play practices at the same time, and "Curtain Going Up" kept the audience in stitches with its hilarious antics. The officers of the senior class, President Jerry Armstrong; Vice - President Janet Myerly; Secretary Debbie Himburg; and Treasurer Kathy Tyner proved the worth of their talents as they led the class through the final wonderful year. Seniors started it off with a bang, setting a new precedent with a senior float in the Homecoming Parade, and choosing candidates for the Homecoming queen. The officers and steering committee selected announcements and decided upon emerald green as the color to wear on Graduation Day. The sponsors, under the direction of Mr. Tom Pantos, head sponsor, helped immensely during the years. And now members of the class of 1969 can look back over four years of hard work, good times, and fellowship. Their pictures will remain in this book, as they take their place with those who have gone on before them. The cycle continues, but they will always retain the memories of four wonderful years at Willkie High. Senior Sponsors: SEATED: Mrs. Schwear Mr. Pantos head sponsor Mrs. Starkey STANDING: Mr. Rayshich Mr. Mitschelen Mrs. Chapman Mr. Huffman 124Sponsors, and Steering Committees Senior Officers: SEATED: Jerry Armstrong President STANDING: Debbie Himburg Secretary Kathy Tyner Treasurer Janet Myerly Vice-President Senior Steering Committee: FRONT ROW--C. Jarvis, G. Acres, J. Lambert, J. Yates, D. Himburg. MIDDLE ROW--R. Shaw,K. Tyner, T. Moser, M. Fettig,J. Brewer, J. Myerly. BACK ROW--J. Armstrong, K. Runyan, D. Huntsinger, G. Harting, M. Courtney. 125Four Years Ago, as Freshmen, They Set Becky Dauenhauer and Jerry Armstrong seriously study their Senior picture orders. Rick Alan Abbott Brenda Sue Acres George Steven Acres Karen Jean Albers Jerry Ray Armstrong James Nickolas Arnold Kenton Eugene Badger Andrea Joy Baker Jeffery Charles Ball 126Out To Meet the Challenge of Youth Robert Kent Bambrough Joanne Beeman Cynthia Jane Benedict Vicki Lynn Benedict Steven Douglas Blair Michael Allen Bouslog Paula Kay Boyer Paulette Fay Boyer Patricia Ann Bozell Mary Anne Braddock Janet Sue Bradley Richard Allen Bradley Jeffrey Lynn Brewer Jeffery Paul Brown Judy Lynn Brown 127They Found Flomework, Dances, Sports, James Lawrence Bucci Michael Robert Burchette Michael Charles Cannon Diane Elaine Carlson Judy Ann Carmine Gregory Allen Carmody Ray Lynn Carpenter Jimmie Noyle Carroll Candace Kyle Carter Candus Susan Carter Kevin Francis Cleaver David Lee Collins Richard J. Conley Cheryl Elise Cook Debra Lynn Cornwell 128and Friends To Be a Part of School Life Vicki Lynne Coston David Lee Coubert Michael Norman Courtney Debra Lucille Creamer Stephanie Lynn Creamer Suellen Crouch Loren Eugene Culp Rebecca Josephine Dauenhauer Emma Lucille Daulton Those emerald green robes were finally chosen by the steering committee. 129As the Days Passed, Attainment of Cheri Arlette Davies Joseph Edward Davis Michael Joseph Day Janet Lynn Dean Michael Kent Dellinger Denise Leah DeLong Kenn Alan Diko Michael Keith Dixon Cynthia Lou Dunlap Roger Lynn Edens Cheri Kay Edgell Danny Stephen Elliott Gerry James Ewing Dennis Lee Faulstich Herbert Leo Felton, Jr. 130Education Took Marcella Anne Fettig Mark David Fettig Cathy Ann Foor Diana Jo Fowler Lynn Michele Frazier Ronald David Frye Brenda Elaine Fuller David Brian Fuller Barbara Jean Calbreath John Richard Gardner Michael Leo Gill Danny Eugene Giselbach Deborah Kay Goings Milton Edward Gough Daniel Lee Graham on a Deeper Significance 131They Worked Hard for Successful Plays Linda Ann Graham Barbara Elizabeth Green Parke Paul Hahn Harriet Allyn Hankley Sue Ann Hanshew Gregory Thomas Harting Patricia Ruth Hartsock Karen Sue Hawkins Susan Faye Heaton Robin Shaw and Pat Shepard awarded prizes at the Halloween party. Another milestone in the year was the choosing of announcements. 132“Curtain Going Up” and “You the Jury.” Christine Marie Heflin Larry Lee High Deborah Joan Himburg Darrell Lynn Hobbs Janet Elaine Hobbs Timothy L. Hobbs Stephen Vern Hollowell David Bruce Holtsclaw Max Eugene Hood Michael Anthony Hoose Allan Keith Howell Dennis Wayne Huntsinger Darlene Sue Hutcheson Diana Sue Jarrett Jane Ann Jarrett 133“Stairway to the Stars'" Was Deemed Janet Carole Jarvis Michael Edward Johnson Gary Lee Jones Roy Lee Jones Thomas Paul Jones Chris Alan Juday Elizabeth Marie Kapper Gregory Kiefer Elbert Allen King Jack Dean Kinser Brenda Kay Knotts Jo Ellen Lambert Rebecca Ellen Lane Carol Anne LaPierre Debra Ann Lee 134a Huge Success by Prom-Goers. Senior advanced biology students prepared to leave on a field trip to Eli Lilly. Doris Jean Lee Virgil William Leisure Barbara Lee Line Richard Melvin Long Sandra Deloris Lytle Vicki Jean McCorkle Christy Lea McNeely Charles Lawrence Martin Robert Lee Martin 135They Met Requirements in Preparation Steven Charles Mayfield Michael Edward Metz John Bradley Miller Robert Neal Miller Steven Omer Miller Robert Lewis Mills Marsha Lynn Monahan Charles G. Moore Ted Owen Moser Michael Ray Mottweiler Dale Raymond Moulton Dean Richard Moulton Donald Keith Murray Janet Lee Myerly Kenneth Bennett Myers 136for Future Education, Jobs, Careers Jerry Merle Niccum Lawrence Earl Oliver Robert Eugene Ours Carole Ann Parker Diana Sue Parker Margaret Ellen Parker Marsha Lavonne Parker Patrick Jay Peeper Douglas Earl Perkins Carol Sue Phelps Gloria Ann Piirto Terry Lane Pyle Ann Richwine Darlene Sue Rittenhouse Lynn Marie Rittenhouse 137They Left Willkie Better Prepared Myron Welcher, Diane Carlson, and Robin Shaw wore their Senior Cords on the day of the first basketball game of the 1968-69 season. Bonnie Arleen Roberson Gary Lee Robertson Kathleen Diane Robinson Kenneth William Runyan Debra Ellen Runyon James Giles Saint, IV Robin Lee Shaw Ronald Dean Shaw Nedra Elaine Shepard 138To Meet the Challenge of Tomorrow Patricia Elizabeth Shepard Keith Trent Sherman Robert Sherman Cyrus Lee Shipley Jeffrey Allen Simmons Susan Anne Sites Richard Arthur Sizelove Bruce Kenneth Skinner Velinda Leone Smith Leslie Wayne Soard Sheila Kay Speer Leonard Eugene Stafford James Harley Steffler David Kent Sullivan Lorna Kay Sullivan 139Over 200 Seniors Participated in Terry Eldon Sullivan Bradford Wallace Svendsen Michael William Tam Daniel Charles Teachnor Debra Ann Tharp Toni Lynn Thomas Kathleen Rae Tyner Linda Lou VanHorn Jan Ladonna Vautaw Terry Lou Ward Theresa Ann Warfel Myron Elvin Welcher Thomas Paul Wesseler Linda Lou Whisler Barbara Jill Widmeyer 140Baccalaureate and Graduation Exercises Ray Cash Williams Theresa Joann Williams Jimmie DeWayne Wilson Wendell Lewis Wilson Monika Margareta Wojak James Eugene Wood Victoria Lynn Wood James Milton Yates Debra Lynn Yohe Ewell Talmadge York Seniors Debbie Himburg and Candy Carter show their support of the Panthers during the Homecoming Parade. 141Activity Record for Abbott, Rick Alan: Business F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Acres, Brenda Sue: Academic Crescent Section Editor, Pep Club, G.A.A., Gymnastics Club and Team, Homecoming Queen Court, Junior Steering Committee, French Club, Thespians, Student Council President, Megaphone Staff, F.B.L.A., I.C.T. Acres, George Steven: Academic Freshman and Varsity Track, Crosscountry, Fresh -manandjunior Varsity Football, E Men's, F.C.A., Wrestling, Senior Steering Committee, National Honor Society, Math Club. Albers, Karen Jean: Business Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Court, Sophomore and Junior Treasurer, Spanish Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Armstrong, Jerry Ray: Academic Crescent Section Editor, Freshman and Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Freshman Football, E Men's, F.C.A., Sophomore and Junior Steering Committees, Senior President, Latin Club, F.T.A., Math Club. Arnold, James Nickolas: Vocational Trade G Industry V.I.C.A. Badger, Kenton Eugene: Vocational Distributive Education Freshman and Jr. Varsity Basketball, Freshman Track, Freshman Football, Sophomore and Junior Steering Committees, D.E.C.A. Baker, Andrea Joy: Business Pep Club, Choir, Swing Choir, Latin Club, Thespians, F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Ball, Jeffery Charles: Vocational Trade G Industry Varsity Football, E Men's, Wrestling, V.I.C.A. Bambrough, Robert Kent: Business Varsity Track, Varsity Football, E Men's, Wrestling, Concessions, Choir. Beeman, Joanne: Business Pep Club, F.H.A. Benedict, Cynthia Jane: Business Benedict, Vicki Lynn: Business Band, Glee Club, F.B.L.A. Blair, Steven Douglas: Business Bouslog, Michael Allen: Vocational Trade G Industry V.I.C.A. Boyer, Paula Kay: Business Band, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Boyer, Paulette Fay: Business Band, National Honor Society, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Bozell, Patricia Ann: Business Band, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Braddock, Mary Anne: General Band, Choir, Junior and SeniorPlays, Spanish Club, Thespians, F.T.A. Bradley, Janet Sue: Business Pep Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Bradley, Richard Allen: Academic FrenchClub, Latin Club, Student Council, F.T.A. Brewer, Jeffrey Lynn: Industrial Arts Senior Steering Committee, Senior Play, Thespians, Student Council. Brown, Jeffery Paul: Business D.E.C.A. Brown, Judy Lynn: Business Crescent Committee, Band, Student Council, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Bucci, James Lawrence: Vocational Trade G Industry F.B.L.A., V.I.C.A, Burchette, Michael Robert: Vocational Trade G Industry Cannon, Michael Charles: Industrial Arts Ushers, Band. Carlson, Diane Elaine: Business Band, French Club, National Honor Society, F.T.A., F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Carmine, Judy Ann: Business Pep Club, Spanish Club, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Carmody, Gregory Allen: Business Key Club Carpenter, Ray Lynn: Technical Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track, Freshman and Jr. Varsity Football. Carroll, Jimmie Noyle: Business Freshman Basketball, FreshmanFootball, D.E.C.A. Carter, Candace Kyle: Academic Crescent Committee, Pep Club, Gymnastics Club, Concessions, Band, Dance Band, Swing Choir, Student Council, Junior Steering Committee, Junior G SeniorPlays, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council, National Honor Society, Megaphone Editor, Math Club. Carter, Candus Susan: Home Economics Choir, Glee Club. Cleaver, Kevin Francis: Academic Thespians, Student Council, Math Club. Collins, David Lee: Business Wrestling, Concessions, F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Conley, Richard J.: Vocational Trade G Industry Gymnastics Club G Team, V.I.C.A. Cook, Cheryl Elise: Business Pep Club, G.A.A., F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A., I.C.T. Cornwell, Debra Lynn: Business Glee Club, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Coston, Vicki Lynne: Academic Pep Club, Crescent Section Editor, Choir, Junior G Senior Plays, French Club, F.T.A., Math Club. Coubert, David Lee: Industrial Arts V.I.C.A. Courtney, Michael Norman: Technical Sophomore President, Senior Steering Committee. Creamer, Debra Lucille: Business Crescent Committee, Pep Club, O.E.A. Creamer, Stephanie Lynn: Business F.H.A., F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Crouch, Suellen: Academic Pep Club, Junior Play, French Club, National Honor Society, F.B.L.A. Culp, Loren Eugene: Academic Baseball, Freshman and Jr. Varsity and Varsity Football, Junior G Senior Plays. Dauenhauer, Rebecca Josephine: Business Pep Club, F.B.L.A. Daulton, Emma Lucille: Home Economics Sunshine, F.H.A. Davies, Cheri Arlette: Business Band, Majorette, F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Davis, Joseph Edward: Academic Freshman and Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Freshman and Varsity Track, Freshman G Varsity Football, E Men's, National Honor Society. Day, Michael Joseph: Business Dean, Janet Lynn: Business Pep Club, French Club, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Dellinger, Michael Kent: Vocational Trade G Industry DeLong, Denise Leah: Business Pep Club, F.B.L.A., I.C.T. Diko, Kenn Alan: Academic 142the Class of 1969 Cross Country, Tennis, E Men's, Wrestling, Band, Steering Committee, Junior Play, Student Council, Megaphone Staff, F.T.A. Dixon, Michael Keith: General Varsity Track, Cross Country, Varsity Football, E Men's, F.C.A., Wrestling, Junior Senior Plays. Dunlap, Cynthia Lou: Academic Pep Club, French Club, F.T.A., D.E.C.A. Edens, Roger Lynn: Academic Crescent Committee, Sophomore Steering Committee, Latin Club, Debate Team, National Honor Society, D.C.E., I.C.T. Edgell, Cheri Kay: Business Glee Club, F.H.A., D.E.C.A. Elliott, Danny Stephen: Vocational Trade Industry I.C.T. Ewing, Gerry James: Business Freshman Basketball, FreshmanFootball, D.E.C.A. Faulstich, Dennis Lee: Industrial Arts Concessions Felton, Herbert Leo, Jr.: Industrial Arts Fettig, Marcella Anne: Academic Pep Club, Concessions, Homecoming Queen, Sophomore and Junior Secretary, Senior Steering Committee, Junior G Senior Plays, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council, Megaphone Staff. Fettig, Mark David: Business Foor, Cathy Ann: Business Pep Club, Sophomore and Junior Steering Committees, French Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Fowler, Diana Jo: Home Economics Frazier, Lynn Michele: Business Pep Club, Thespians, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Frye, Ronald David: General Student Council Fuller, Brenda Elaine: Business Jr. Varsity Cheerleader, Gymnastics Club, Sophomore Vice-President, Junior Play, Spanish Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Fuller, David Brian: Academic Crescent Committee, Concessions, D.E.C.A. Galbreath, Barbara Jean: Home Economics Gardner, John Richard: Vocational Trade Industry Baseball, Tennis, Freshman Football, Wrestling, Student Council, V.I.C.A. Gill, Michael Leo: Business Giselbach, Danny Eugene: Vocational Trade G Industry V.I.C.A. Goings, Deborah Kay: Business Pep Club, Majorette, Thespians, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Gough, Milton Edward: Academic Freshman Track, Wrestling, Gymnastics Team, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Mega-phone Staff. Graham, Daniel Lee: Vocational Trade G Industry Graham, Linda Ann: Academic Pep Club, Choir, Glee Club, French Club, Thespians, F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Green, Barbara Elizabeth: Academic Band, Choir, Junior G Senior Plays, Spanish Club, Thespians, Megaphone Staff. Hahn, Parke Paul: Industrial Arts Freshman Jr. Varsity G Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, Tennis, FreshmanFootball, E Men's. Hankley, Harriet Allyn: Academic Spanish Club, Debate Team, Art Club. Hanshew, Sue Ann: Academic Pep Club, G.A.A., Sunshine. Harting, Gregory Thomas: Academic Freshman G Jr. Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Freshman Varsity Track, Freshman Jr. Varsity G Varsity Football, E Men's, Sophomore Junior G Senior Steering Committees. Hartsock, Patricia Ruth: Home Economics Pep Club, F.H.A. Hawkins, Karen Sue: General F. T.A., Math Club. Heaton, Susan Faye: Academic Band,Choir,Glee Club, Latin Club, F.T.A., Math Club. Heflin, Christine Marie: Business Pep Club, Choir, Glee Club, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. High, Larry Lee: Vocational Trade Industry Freshman G Jr. Varsity Basketball, Tennis, Student Council, V.I.C.A. Himburg, Deborah Joan: Academic Jr. Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Polly Panther, Senior Treasurer, Junior and Senior Plays, French Club, Latin Club, F.B.L.A. Hobbs, Darrell Lynn: Industrial Arts Choir Hobbs, Janet Elaine: Business G. A.A. Hobbs, Timothy L.: Academic Freshman Jr. Varsity G Varsity Basketball, Freshman G Varsity Track, Freshman Jr. Varsity Varsity Football, E Men's, F.C.A., Latin Club. Hollowell, Stephen Vern: Business Freshman Basketball, Freshman Jr. Varsity G Varsity Football. Holtsclaw, David Bruce: Business Art Club, F.B.L.A., V.I.C.A. Hood, Max Eugene: Academic F.T.A., Math Club, National Honor Society. Hoose, Michael Anthony: Academic Howell, Allan Keith: Vocational Trade G Industry V.I.C.A., State V.I.C.A. Treasurer. Huntsinger, Dennis Wayne: Technical Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Freshman G Varsity Track, Freshman Varsity Football, E Men's, F.C.A., Junior President, Steering Committees, Junior Play. Hutcheson, Darlene Sue: Business O.E.A. Jarrett, Diana Sue: Business Pep Club, Majorette, Senior Play, French Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Jarrett, Jane Ann: Business F.B.L.A. Jarvis, Janet Carole: Business Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Court, Junior Senior Steering Committees, Junior G SeniorPlays, LatinClub, Thespians, Student Council. F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Johnson, Michael Edward: Vocational Trade Industry Wrestling, Band, Student Council, V.I.C.A. Jones, Gary Lee: Business Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track, Crosscountry, Freshman President, French Club, Projectionist, D.E.C.A. Jones, Roy Lee: Industrial Arts Jones, Thomas Paul: Vocational Trade G Industry V.I.C.A. Juday, Chris Alan: Technical Freshman Jr. Varsity G Varsity Basketball, Base- 143ball, Freshman G Jr. Varsity G Varsity Football, E Men's, F.C.A., Sophomore G Junior Steering Committees. Kapper, Elizabeth Marie: Business Pep Club, French Club, O.E.A. Kiefer, Gregory: Academic Cross Country, French Club, D.E.C.A. King, Elbert Allen: Vocational Trade G Industry Freshman Football, Concessions, Projectionist, V.I.C.A. Kinser, Jack Dean: General Varsity Track, Varsity Football, E Men's, F.C.A., Wrestling, Gymnastics Club, Megaphone Staff, F. B.L.A. Knotts, Brenda Kay: Academic Pep Club, Choir, F.B.L.A. Lambert, Jo Ellen: Business Gymnastics Club, Band, Steering Committees, French Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Lane, Rebecca Ellen: Business G. A.A., Glee Club. LaPierre, Carol Anne: Business Pep Club, French Club, Megaphone Staff, F.T.A., F. B.L.A.--State Historian, O.E.A.--State Reporter G Historian. Lee, Debra Ann: Business O.E.A. Lee, Doris Jean: Business G. A.A. Leisure, Virgil William: Academic Varsity Track, Crosscountry, Freshman G Jr. Varsity Football, E Men's, Ushers, F.C.A., Wrestling, Megaphone Staff. Line, Barbara Lee: Academic PepClub,Choir, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Megaphone Staff. Long, Richard Melvin: Business F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Lytle, Sandra Deloris: Vocational Business French Club, Student Council, F.H.A., O.E.A. McCorkle, Vicki Jean: Business Concessions, Majorette, Student Council, F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. McNeely, Christy Lea: Business Band, F.B.L.A. Martin, Charles Lawrence: Vocational Trade G Industry Booster Club, V.I.C.A. Martin, Robert Lee: Industrial Arts Freshman G Jr. Varsity Basketball, Freshman G Varsity Track, Cross Country, V.I.C.A. Mayfield, Steven Charles: Academic Golf, Band, Swing Choir, Student Council Treasurer, Senior Play, Latin Club, Thespians, Key Club, Math Club. Metz, Michael Edward: Vocational Trade G Industry Ushers, Projectionist, V.I.C.A. Miller, John Bradley: Industrial Arts Wrestling Miller, Robert Neal: Business Band, D.E.C.A. Miller, StevenOmer: Vocational Distributive Education Freshman G Jr. Varsity Football, F.C. A., Wrestling, D.E.C.A. Mills, Robert Lewis: Industrial Arts V.I.C.A.--Vice-President of State Monahan, Marsha Lynn: Business Crescent Committee, Pep Club, Choir, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Moore, Charles G.: Academic Band, Latin Club. Moser, Ted Owen: Technical Band, Swing Choir, Sophomore G Senior Steering Committees, Junior G Senior Plays, Prom Chairman, Spanish Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Key Club, Math Club. Mottweiler, Michael Ray: Vocational Trade G Industry Moulton, Dale Raymond: Academic Band, V.I.C.A. Moulton, Dean Richard: Academic Band, Latin Club. Murray, Donald Keith: Academic Myerly, Janet Lee: Academic Crescent Editor, Pep Club, Concessions, Homecoming QueenCourt, PepCommittee, Choir, Glee Club, Junior G Senior Vice-President, Steering Committees, Latin Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, F.B.L.A., Math Club. Myers, Kenneth Bennett: Business Band, Dance Band, SwingChoir,F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Niccum, Jerry Merle: Vocational Trade G Industry Ushers, Projectionist, V.I.C.A. Oliver, Lawrence Earl: Academic Crescent Photographer, Crescent Committee, Varsity Track, Cross Country, E Men's, Band, Varsi-tonians, Swing Choir, Latin Club, Debate Team, Academic Team, National Honor Society, Key Club. Ours, Robert Eugene: Business Ushers, Concessions, Student Council, Projectionist. Parker, Carole Ann: Academic Crescent Editor, Band, Latin Club, Academic Team, National Honor Society, Math Club. Parker, Diana Sue: Business Crescent Committee, PepClub, Choir, Glee Club, O.E.A. Parker, Margaret Ellen: Home Economics G.A.A., Sunshine. Parker, Marsha Lavonne: Business G.A.A., O.E.A. Peeper, Patrick Jay: Vocational Trade G Industry Freshman G Varsity Basketball Manager, Junior Play, Student Council, V.I.C.A. Perkins, Douglas Earl: Business Band, Key Club, F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Phelps, Carol Sue: Academic Pep Club, Band, Choir, Spanish Club, Thespians, F.T.A., Crescent Committee. Piirto, Gloria Ann: Academic Crescent Committee, Pep Club, Band, Junior G SeniorPlays, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, F.T.A., Math Club. Pyle, Terry Lane: Vocational Trade G Industry Concessions, Band, Student Council, V.I.C.A. Richwine, Ann: Business PepClub, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Rittenhouse, Darlene Sue: General Crescent Section Editor, Pep Club, Glee Club, Sunshine, F.H.A., F.B.L.A. Rittenhouse, Lynn Marie: Business PepClub, O.E.A., Tri-Hi-Y. Roberson, Bonnie Arleen: Business O.E.A. Robertson, Gary Lee: Business Math Club Robinson, Kathleen Diane: Home Economics F.B.L.A. Runyan, Kenneth William: Academic Jr. Varsity G Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Track, Cross Country, Varsity Football, E Men's, Sophomore President, Senior Steering Committee, Spanish Club. Runyon, Debra Ellen: Academic Pep Club, Choir, Pep Committee. 144Saint, James Giles, IV: Technical Golf, Math Club. Shaw, Robin Lee: Academic Senior Steering Committee, Student Council, Art Decorating Committees. Shaw, Ronald Dean: Industrial Arts Shepard, Nedra Elaine: Academic Pep Club, Glee Club, Latin Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Shepard, Patricia Elizabeth: Academic Freshman Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Gymnastics Club, Sophomore Junior Steering Committees, Senior Play, French Club, Thespians, Student Council. Sherman, Keith Trent: Academic Golf, Tennis, Band, Dance Band, Swing Choir, Sophomore Junior Steering Committees, Senior Play, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Key Club, Math Club. Sherman, Robert: Academic Varsity Track, Tennis, Freshman Jr. Varsity Varsity Football, E Men's, F.C.A., Wrestling, Latin Club, National Honor Society. Shipley, Cyrus Lee: Vocational Trade Industry Ushers, V.I.C.A. Simmons, Jeffrey Allen: Academic Band, Junior Senior Plays, Latin Club, Student Council, Key Club, Megaphone Staff. Sites, Susan Anne: General Freshman Cheerleader, Pep Club, French Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Sizelove, Richard Arthur: Business Band, D.E.C.A. Skinner, Bruce Kenneth: Academic Freshman Football, Wrestling, V.I.C.A., I.C.T. Smith, Velinda Leone: Academic Band, Choir, Orchestra, D.E.C.A., Math Club. Soard, Leslie Wayne: Academic Sophomore Vice-President, Junior Play, French Club, Thespians, Megaphone Staff. Speer, Sheila Kay: Home Economics Stafford, Leonard Eugene: Vocational Trade Industry Projectionist, V.I.C.A. Steffler, James Harley: Industrial Arts D.E.C.A. Sullivan, David Kent: Vocational Trade Industry V.I.C.A. Sullivan, Lorna Kay: Academic Pep Club, F.B.L.A. Sullivan, Terry Eldon: Vocational Trade G Industry V.I.C.A. Svendsen, Bradford Wallace: Vocational Trade G Industry Freshman G Varsity Track, Cross Country, Gymnastics Team, Latin Club, National Honor Society. Tam, Michael William: Academic Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track, Freshman G Jr. Varsity Football, Student Council. Teachnor, Daniel Charles: Vocational Trade G Industry Freshman Track, Glee Club, Spanish Club, V.I.C.A. Tharp, Debra Ann: General Pep Club, Steering Committee, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Megaphone Staff, F.B.L.A. Thomas, Toni Lynn: Academic Pep Club, Choir, Sunshine. Tyner, Kathleen Rae: Academic Freshman Cheerleader, Pep Club, G.A.A., Gymnastics Club, Concessions, Pep Committee, Senior Treasurer, Steering Committees, Junior Senior Plays, Latin Club, Thespians, Megaphone Staff. VanHorn, Linda Lou: Business Majorette, F.B.L.A., I.C.T. Vautaw, Jan Ladonna: Academic Crescent Committee, Pep Club, Glee Club, Junior Play, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, F.T.A. Walden, David Eugene: General Ward, Terry Lou: Business Homecoming Queen Court, School Paper Staff, D.E.C.A. Warfel, Theresa Ann: Academic Crescent Committees, Pep Club, Band, Choir, Glee Club, Swing Choir, Spanish Club, Thespians, Student Council, Sunshine. Welcher, Myron Elvin: Vocational Trade Industry Art Club, D.E.C.A., V.I.C.A. Wesseler, Thomas Paul: Academic Band, Dance Band, Swing Choir, French Club, Thespians, Student Council, Key Club. Whisler, Linda Lou: Business Pep Club, Sunshine, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. Widmeyer, Barbara Jill: Business Crescent Committees, Pep Club, Senior Steering Committee, JuniorPlay, Spanish Club, Thespians, F.B.L.A. Williams, Ray Cash: Technical Baseball, Varsity Track, Freshman Jr. Varsity G Varsity Football, E Men's, F.C.A., Wrestling, Junior Play. Williams, Theresa Joann: Business Jr. Varsity Cheerleader, F.B.L.A., D.E.C.A. Wilson, Jimmie DeWayne: Vocational Trade G Industry Freshman Basketball, Freshman Jr. Varsity Football, Wrestling. Wilson, Wendell Lewis: General Varsity Track, Wrestling. Wojak, Monika Margareta: Academic Crescent Committee, Pep Club, Concessions, Choir, Senior Play, Thespians, Megaphone Staff. Wood, James Eugene: Business F. B.L.A. Wood, Victoria Lynn: General G. A.A., Sunshine Yates, James Milton: Technical Varsity Track, Freshman Jr. Varsity Varsity Football, Wrestling, Steering Committees, Key Club. Yohe, Debra Lynn: Business Pep Club, Concessions, F.B.L.A., O.E.A. York, Ewell Talmadge: Industrial Arts Freshman Track, Freshman Jr. Varsity Football, Wrestling, V.I.C.A. 145ADVERTISEMENTS So with curiosity, Tinged with cynicism, Youth wanders through the tomorrow That is today. He searches for meaning Somewhere in the middle. Without this searching, maybe Life would lack a little something. He stands firm in belief, in understanding. He finds security in the durability of learning. Having only his wisdom to clear a way, He searches--knowing the key is Faith.Christy McCord, a Willkie High alumna, enjoys her work as a teller. Compliments of The First National Bank of Madison County To the Class of 1969Compliments of R. L. Leeson Sons Company Your Home Owned and Operated Department Store Joe and Ed St. Clair carry on the unusual industry. Compliments of 201 South Anderson St. Elwood, Indiana St. Clair Glass 408 North 5th St. Elwood, Indiana BLAIR FLORIST GREENHOUSES State Route 28 East Elwood Telephone 552-3523 Congratulations, Seniors! We Are Celebrating Our 69th Year DeHORITY AND SON AGENCY Opposite P.O. Elwood, Indiana 552-3344 Compliments of JOHNSON'S APPAREL SHOP jftlr. $appp JBurger QUICK SPEEOEE" SERVICE HAMBURGLR FRENCH FRIES SHAKES Stati Road ?8 East 6000 F000 • CARRY OUT SERVICE • DRIVE UP WINDOW • INSIDE DINING ROOM Ait Conditioned Loodi OF Parking r552-3133 lCompl iments of Elwood Federal Savings and Loan Savings Insured Up to $15,000.00 Main at Anderson Elwood, Indiana Congratulations to the Class of 1969 Heiser Ford Be Wiser, See Heiser 1504 North B Street Elwood, Indiana Elwood Monument Co. One Mile East on State Road 28 Markers Monuments Mausoleums Artistic Cemetery Memorials Before Purchasing See Our DisplayCongratulations to the Class of '69 INLAND MARINE SPORTING GOODS Trophies—Athletic Supplies--Guns Fishing Tackle—Toys—Hobbies 552-2541 El wood, Indiana Compl iments of FETTIG CANNING COMPANY Roy Smith Appliances General Electric—Speed Queen Sunray Ranges—Hoover—Eureka El wood. Indiana 552-6772 Elwood, Indiana DO S0MEBS0N5T FLHS3J Wa 11 paper by Imperial Birge Marlborough H. Blonder Wall Crest Melrose Paint and Wallpaper Complete Line of Smith-Alsop Paint Products See Our Line of Art Materials Prang Grumbacher Weber Costello Walter Foster Elwood Paint and Wallpaper 1 20 South Anderson St. 552-2532 Elwood, IndianaCongratulations to the Class of 1969 Cooper Tires Armstrong Tires SERVICE TIRE AND RETREADING 1448 South A Street Elwood, Indiana BOURFF'S FURNITURE STORE PERM COl 102 Main Street 552-2255 Elwood, Indiana COLONIAL COTTAGE Ready-Mixed Concrete Flowers and Gifts Concrete Drain Tile 611 N. 16th St. Elwood, Indiana Masonry Supplies JOE'S STOP AND SHOP SUPER MARKET 2500 South D Street Phone 552-5041 929 North Anderson Street Quality Foods at Reasonable Prices DENNIS THE MENACE-Hank Ketcham | LIKE THE PART WHERE HE GIVES UP AM' WG ALL GO DOWM To THE A W DRIVE IN!" Bob's A W Drive- InEARL G. RHODES JEWELER El wood Alexandria Tipton McGUIRE TYPEWRITER CO. Smith Corona Products Sales and Service on All Makes Congratulations to the Class of '69 Zerbe’s Family Shoe Store 1912 North H Street El wood, Ind. 115 S. Anderson St. 552-3162 WAYMIRE TV 1514 South J Street 552-3721 Your Motorola Dealer Your Cal 1-Leader Provides Complete Coverage of All School Events Wi 11kie World Congratulations to the Class of '69 LEE'S MARATHON SERVICE Lee Colcord, Owner 1437 South A Street Elwood, Ind. ROBY'S PIZZA Sports Stories Pictures El wood's Finest Phone 552-5815 Free Delivery WORTH DELLINGER AGENCY Auto—Fire—Casualty—Insurance 401 S. Anderson St. Elwood, Ind. 552-5212 Elwood Call-Leader "Serving the Heart of Hoosierland"Congratulations Class of '69 Klein's Shoes 552-5271 WBMP The Sound of Our Town Compliments of CALLAWAY'S STANDARD SERVICE Gasoline—Oils—Accessories 301 S. Anderson Elwood, Indiana Congratulations Class of '69 REYNOLDS ELECTRIC CO. 12 Chamness Avenue—Elwood, Indiana Compliments of BURKE PHARMACY Free Prescription Delivery 24-Hour Emergency Service Compliments of CHASE MOTORS 517 North Anderson Elwood Compl iments of JERRY DUNNICHAY 1113 South Anderson St. Elwood Congratulations to the Class of 1969 Home Lumber Company 1911 South B Street Elwood, Indiana 552-6821MANGAS CAFETERIA AND ANNEX Congratulations Class of 1969 Here's Hoping That Your Fondest Ambitions Are Realized and as You Progress Through the Trials and Tribulations of Life, May Health and Happiness Be Your Constant Companions. Jack and George Mangas Main and Anderson Streets Elwood, IndianaFinest Class Rings Made Here in Elwood The Official Jewelers to Willkie High School Now in Two Plants To Serve You"To be universal, education must be free,11 John Adams said. "The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and be willing to bear the expense of it." Ex-Cell-O Corporation Elwood, Indiana Congratulations Congratulations to the EAST STAR INN Class of '69 31st and Main St. 552-9041 R. L. Leeson Sons WIDENER SONS SINCLAIR Ladies Ready-To-Wear Congratulations to the Class of 1969 552-9113 300 South Anderson FI wood, Indiana Compliments of MADISON COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP 552-3381 Elwood Branch State Road 28 East Congratulations to the Class of '69 Firestone Store 322 South Anderson Street Tires, Rims, and Appliances Compliments of Jackley Funeral Home ELWOOD PLAZA BARBER SHOP 9 to 9—Monday thru Saturday Best Wishes to Class of 1969Compliments of CLARK’S MORTUARY Dairy Queen Brazier Char-Broil Brazier-Burger Open Daily Year Round Located in Elwood Plaza Shopping Center STEVENS TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE 701 S. Anderson, Elwood, Indiana 552-9052 Compliments LOY'S PIANO SALES Guitars—Drums—Pianos—Organs 715 South 22nd Elwood, Indiana Shop at Falvey’s Where Your Friends Buy Their Clothes Levi Sta-Prest—Arrow Shirts Curlee Suits and Clubman Sport Coats Haggar Slacks—Revere SweatersCongratulations to the Class of 1969 The Citizens Bank 2 Locations To Serve You 125 South Anderson St. and Elwood Plaza Branch Elwood, Indiana Member of F . D. I. C. WOLF'S MOTOR COURT A Good Line of Toys GRINNELL'S TOY STORE One Mile East of Elwood Compl iments of Copher and Fesler MARTZ GROCERY 824 Main Street Elwood, Indiana JACK'S HIGHWAY BAKERY 552-6553 State Road 37—1 2 Mile South of State Road 28 R.R. 2 Elwood, IndianaCongratulations to the Class of '69 SERVlSOFT. WATER CONDITIONING Water Conditioning Company 1 800 South D Street 552-5031 Complete Soft Water Sales and Service Exchanges—Rentals—Sales—Repairs James Wardwell, Owner and OperatorCompliments of Frazier Wake Up Congratulations to the Class of '69 CRIMANS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 1301 Main St. Elwood, Indiana Compliments of WHEELER VIEW-POINT School and Office Supplies LOVE'S FLORAL SERVICE Remember Us at Prom Time 422 N. Anderson St. Elwood, Indiana Compliments of INDIANA BELL TELEPHONE CO., INC. 1527 North A St. Elwood, Ind. Congratulations to Class of '69 Carmichael Body Shop Expert Body and Fender Repair and Painting Open 8 to 8 Monday 8 to 5 Tuesday thru Friday Wickes Lumber Co. Closed Saturdays 28th and South D Streets 552-3751 You Get More for Less Plumbing—Heating Electrical Supplies Building Materials Phone 552-7355CAN COMPANY CONTINENTAL Continental Can Company Inc. A Good, Place To Work Congratu lotions Congratulations from to the VEST CLEANERS Class of '69 1516 Main Street 552-3131 Gregg Elwood, Indiana Alignment Service BURDSALL'S CLARK SUPER 100 Complete Brake Service 2101 Main Street Elwood, Indiana Front End Rebuilding Compliments of ROBERT C. SMITH WESTERN AUTO 104 South Anderson St. 552-6783 Elwood, Indiana Phone 552-9418Compliments of Taffand Baker economy SERVICE Congratulations to the Class of 1969 Furniture Store Economy Service Station 1518 Main Street El wood, Indiana Congratulations 19th and South A Elwood, Indiana Compliments of to the Class of '69 A FRIEND City Creamery Tire Headquarters Goodyear Tires CLIFTON AND YOUNCE TIRE SERVICE State Road 28 East 500 North 18th Street Elwood, Indiana 552-3801 Compliments of ADMIRAL SALES SERVICE Jerry Ault Art Pool Elwood Plaza 552-9200 CAMERA SHOP Wedding Photography Film Processing Photo Supplies 408 South Anderson St.Guide Lamp Division General Motors Corporation Guide Lamp Division of General Motors, world's largest manufacturer of automotive lighting equipment, makes many types of lamps for cars, trucks, and tractors, including the new comer lamp that lights your way around corners. The division is also a major producer of castings, plastics, metal stampings, and electronic components for automotive assemblies. Guide has 2 million square feet, or 45 acres, under roof in Anderson. Employment is about 5300. Congratulations, Seniors! Nature's Fuel Compliments of Leisure Living, Inc. Central Indiana Gas Company St. Rd. 37, South of 28, Elwood, Ind. 552-7328 Elwood, IndianaIt still is. We were pretty young ourselves when we joined General Motors. But look at us now. We’re the world’s largest producer of automotive electrical equipment, making everything from generators for cars to batteries for missiles. Indiana was a great starting place for us, it’ll be a great starting place for you. Because here at Delco-Remy we need people like you. Young people trained and anxious to meet the many challenges of transportation. If science, engineering or research interests you, dig in now. Study hard. Prepare for a career. Then look us up. Right after college. Here in Anderson, Indiana Delco-Remy Division of General Motors • Anderson, Indiana GMCongratulations Class of 1969 Klumpp Wallpaper and Paint Phone 552-2242 1533 South A St. El wood, Indiana Congratulations to the Class of '69 Knit ’n Stitch Boutique Quality Knitting and Sewing Supplies 115 South Anderson—Downstairs Elwood, Indiana Phone 552-7743 what pays for business expansion? Sam started in a hole in the wall, but his hot dogs were the best in town. People beat a path to his door. It wasn’t long until he was making a profit. Now he needs a larger place; he’s thinking of hiring people, and he’ll be increasing his orders to suppliers for food and equipment. This is the cycle of expansion of a business — the cycle that results in new jobs and new markets for products and services. Expansion comes from money set aside out of profits. Profit isn’t a dirty word. It’s necessary to our free enterprise system of business growth. At l M, our expansion program has enabled us to create new jobs while improving our engineering and business methods to better serve our customers with low-cost, dependable electricity. •ystem INDIANA MICHIGAN --ELECTRIC COMPANY----HAMBURGER WC S£ll MILLIONS NATION N! Franchised nationwide by Burger Chef Systems, Indianapolis PEOPLE ON THE GO, GO BURGER CHEF! 2820 East Main St. Elwood, Indiana Complete A Insu ranee My Service and Consultation USF and G ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY W Companies Downtown Elwood Free Parking Available J.R.D. UPHOLSTERY John Burnette AND Mary Hollensbe AUTO TRIM Ed Smith Ray Hollensbe 1060 N. Anderson St. Elwood, Indiana Insurance Agency, Inc. 552-7641 552-3903 WOODSIDES FLORAL SHOP Flowers for All Occasions 552-6572 210 South 22nd Elwood, Indiana 1352 South D Street Elwood, IndianaBest Wishes to The Class of 1969 Janet Myerly and Carole Parker look at the new cars. John W. Moore Chevrolet—Olds Old Location 1616 South A Street Elwood, Indiana 552-7348 New Location Junction of State Roads 37 13 Elwood, Indiana 552-9811Tam’s Rexall Drugs 210 South Anderson Street Elwood, Indiana Best Wishes to the Class of '69 Phil Braddock carefully fills prescriptions.Congratulations to the Class of '69 AL'S 66 SERVICE 552-9025 Elwood, Indiana Compliments of ROYAL GARMENT CLEANERS ELWOOD PRINTING, INC. Letterpres—Offset Quality Printing of All Kinds 552-2481 1532 Main Street Elwood, Indiana Congratulations to the Class of '69 McKNIGHT'S Your International Harvester Dealer 1519 South B Street Elwood, Ind. Frenchie’s State Road 13 Elwood, Indiana 1969 Crescent Advertisers Admiral Sales G Service Al's 66 Service Blair Florist G Greenhouses Bob's A W Drive In Bourff's Furniture Store Burger Chef Burke Pharmacy Callaway's Standard Service Camera Shop Carmichael Body Shop Central Ind. Gas Co. Chase Motors The Citizens Bank City Creamery Clark Super 100 Clark's Mortuary Clifton G Younce Tire Service Colonial Cottage Continental Can Co. Copher G Fesler Crimans Insurance Agency, Inc. Dairy Queen Brazier Burger DeHority G Son Agency Delco Remy Dellinger Insurance Agency Jerry Dunnichay East Star Inn Economy Service Station Elwood Call-Leader Elwood Federal Savings G Loan Elwood Monument Co. Elwood Paint Wallpaper Elwood Plaza Barber Shop Elwood Printing, Inc. Ermco Ex-Cell-O Corporation Falvey's Fettig Canning Corp. Firestone Store First National Bank of Madison Co. Frazier Wake Up Service Frenchie's Gregg Alignment Service Grinnell's Toy Store Guide Lamp Heiser Ford, Inc. Ray Hollensbe Insurance Agency, Inc. Home Lumber Co. Indiana Bell Telephone Co. Indiana and Michigan Electric Co. Inland Marine Sporting Goods Jackley Funeral Home Jack's Highway Bakery Joe's Stop G Shop Super Market Johnson's Apparel Shop J R D Upholstery G Auto Trim Klein's Shoe Store Klumpp Wallpaper G Paint Knit 'n Stitch Boutique Lee's Marathon Service R. L. Leeson G Sons Co. R. L. Leeson G Sons Ready-To-Wear Leisure Living, Inc. Love's Floral Service Loy's Piano Sales McGuire Typewriter Co. Me Knight's Madison Co. Farm Bureau Co-Op Mangas Cafeteria G Annex Martz Grocery Mr. Happy Burger John W. Moore—Chevrolet—Olds Penney's Reynolds Electric Co. Earl G. Rhodes, Jeweler Roby's Pizza Royal Garment Cleaners St. Clair Glass Service Tire G Retreading Servisoft J. Lewis Small Co., Inc. Roy Smith Appliances Stevens Tire G Battery Service Taff G Baker Tam's Drugs, Inc. Vest Cleaners Waymire TV WBMP Radio Western Auto—Robert C. Smith Wheeler View-Point Wickes Lumber Co. Widener G Sons Sinclair Wolf's Motor Court Woodsides Floral Shop Zerbe's Family Shoe StoreAbbott, Albert —118 Abbott, Diana--104,90 Abbott, Douglas--110 Abbott, Rick--126 Acres, Brenda--16,45,49,50,126 Acres, George S.--53,63,79,88,126, Acres, John--74,118,83,82 Adair, Allen--104 Albers, Karen--16,40,126 Albers, Kenneth--104 Albers, Shari--118,54,55 Albers, Susan--61,104 Albers, William--Alexander, James--110 Alexander, Norman--104,77 Allen, Diana--56,104 Alley, Lee Ann--66,110,89,90 Altherr, Mark--69,104 Altherr, Joseph--69,110 Altherr, Timothy--69,104,89 Anderson, Carolyn--110 Anderson, Garry--104 Anderson, Yvonne--118 Antle, Terry--110 Arehart, Dale--118 Arehart, Joseph--110 Armstrong, Jerry--99,63,66,79,88, Arnold, Janes N.--126 Arnold, Philip--60,66,110,76,86,80 Arnold, Rhoda--8,50,62,104 Atterholt, Jerry--110 Atwell, Jacqueline--110 Atwood, David—104 Atwood, Teddy--118 Backer, Cynthia--56,61,110 Backstrom, Steven--110 Badger, Kenton--126 Bailey, Theresa--118 Baker, Andrea--29,58,59,65,90,126 Baker, Chas.--69,110 Baker, Judith--104 Baker, Timothy--110,89 Baldwing, Dennis--74,110 Baldwin, Larry--110 Ball, Bruce--110,79,83 Ball, Jeffrey--29,74,75,126,83 Balser, Jeffrey--64,68,118,78 Bambrough, Kathy--58,62,104,90,91 Bambrough, Kenneth--118 Bambrough, Robt. K.--74,75,127,82, 73 Bannon, Sarah--56,61,110 Barmes, Ronald--118 Barmes, Tom--104,77 Barnes, Leland—74,118,73 Barnes, William--118 Baugher, Anita --65,66,110 Baugher, Charles--118 Baugher, Mark--60,118 Baugher, Terry--118 Baxyer, Norman--104,77 Bayne, Randy--104,77 Beck, Dennis--104 Beeman, Alice--110 Beeman, David Harold--110 Beeman, David Max--110 Beeman, Donald--118 Beeman, Joanne--67,90,127 Beeman, Keith--118,89 Beeman, Lewis--104 Beeman, Randy--110,89 Beeman, Rick--62,110 Beeman, Tim (Tom)--104 Beeman, Wanda--104 Bell, Chas.--110 Benedict, Cynthia--127 Benedict, Melanie Jill--64,118 Benedict, Vicki L.--127 Bennett, Bonnie--110,90 Biddle, Donna--65,118,90 Blair, Steven--127 Student Index Blankenship, Judy--118,90 Blankenship, Larry--118 Bomholt, Jerry--60,110,79,84.86 Bomholt, Richard--63.118,117,55 Bourff, Joe--104 Bourff, Lorraine --50,118,90 Bouslog, Jeffrey--104 Bouslog, Michael--44,127 Boyer, Debra--59,118 Boyer, Diana--59,65,104 Boyer, Paula--127 Boyer, Paulette--38,65,127,55 Bozell, Patricia--65,127 Bozell, Rebecca--104 Braddock, Mary Anner--12,58,59, 62,66,127 Bradley, Alan Dale--110 Bradley, Janet--65,127 Bradley, Richard--23,66,127 Bragg, Ruth--66,110 Brannen, Wayne Allen Brattain, Janie--65,104 Brewer, Jeffrey--15,50,127,125 Brown, Annie--110 Brown, Jeff--127 Brown, Judy--49,50,65.127 Brown, Kenneth--48,68,119,88,81 Brown, Mark--111 Brown, Press--lll Brum met, Gerry--104 Brummet, Jerry--69,104 Brummet, Linda--119 Brunnemer, Timothy--104 Bryan. Curtis —111,76 Bryan, Renee--104,90 Bryan, Terry--104 Bucci, James--42,128 Budd. Linda--111 Buis, Ronald--lll Burchette, Michael--128 Burton, Barbara--62,104.90,91 Burton, Beth--49,62,119,90,91 Burton, Howard--64 Burton. Max--104,89 Busch, Fay--119 Busch, Janet--104 Butcher, Barbara--111 Cain, David--lll Caldwell, Donna--lll,65 Call, William--104,77 Campbell, Timothy--119 Cannon, David--lll,76 Cannon, J. Keith--119 Cannon, Michael C.--128 Cannon, Phyllis--111,90 Cannon, Thomas--119 Carlson, Diane--15,65,66,128,56 Carmichael, Amos--lll Carmichael, Linda--119 Carmine, Judy--65,90,128 Carmody, Gregory--68,128 Carpenter, Michael--119,83 Carpenter, Ray —128 Carroll, Jerita--50,56,111,116,117 Carroll, Jimmie--128 Carter, Candace K.--15,99,50,51,53, 58,60,61,63,64,89,90,128 Carter, Candus S.--128 Carter, John--104 Casas, Dora--119 Casa, Jose--111 Cassity, James--104 Chapa, Frances--lll Chastain, Cindy—90 Chriss, Keven--104 Claghom, Ted--119 Clark, Alan--104 Clark, Kevin--68,119,84,86 Clark, Verlin--104 Cleaver, Jerry--lll Cleaver, Kevin--128 Cloud, Jacalyn--lll Clouser, Deborah--119,117 172 Clouser, Paulette--56,111 Cluggish, Michael--lll Coffin, Nancy--49,64,119 Cole, Gregory--62.63,66,119,54,82 Cole, Jeffery--62,104 Collier, Debra Collins, David--128 Collins. Vicky--119 Conley, Richard —128 Connors, Vickie--67,104 Con well, Gregory--104 Cook, Cheryl--128 Cook, Clayton--119 Cook, David--119 Cook, James--111 Cook, Susan--56,104 Cooper, Georgia--61,104 Copher, Mark--60,104 Corbett, Ted--lll Cornwell, Debra--65,128,55 Coryell, C. Keith--119 Coston, Rick - -60,111,76,117,83,73 Coston, Sandra--61,104,90 Coston, Vicki--49.59,61,63,66,90, 129 Coubert, David--129 Courtney, Brian--60,74,111,76,116, 117,82 Courtney, Christy--104,90 Courtney, Joni--104,90 Courtney, Michael--64,129,125 Cox, Eddie Cox, Linda--65,67,111,90 Creamer, Debra--90,129 Creamer, Eugene--lll Creamer, Marla--65,119 Creamer, Neal--104,77,87 Creamer, Phillip Creamer, Stephanie--65,129 Cress, Larry--111,89 Crimans, Janet--49,59,66,119,90 Crimans, Peggy--61,104 Crouch, Suellen--129,55 Croy, David--lll Croy, Deborah--119 Croy. Kathy--lll Culp, Loren--129 Curtis, (Michelle) Shelley--49,58, 59,60,61,66,111,90 Dauenhauer, Leo--104,77,87 Dauenhauer, Rebecca--65,129 Daulton, Emma - -129 Davenport, Aaron--60,104,87 Davenport, Shirley--49,58,59,119,90 Davies, Cheri--56,65,130 Davies, Karen--67,119 Davis, Cynthia--lll Davis, Deborah--lll Davis, John--119 Davis, Joseph--17.74,75,78,79,130, 84,55,82,73 Davis, Marsha--65,104 Davis, Theodore (Ted)--104 Davis, William G.--74.119,78,79,73 Davis, William T.--111 Day, Michael--130 Day, Richard- -111,79,83 Dean. Janet--130 Deck. Lois--119 DeHart, Nancy--105 Dellinger, Michael--130 DeLong, Denise--45,130 DeLong. Bruce--105,87 Dennis, Betty--111 Dennis, Jean--105 Dennis, Lawrence--119 Dever, Michael--lll Diaz, Richard--105 Dickens, Stephen--69,111 Dietzer, Vicki--56,111 Diko, Keith--lll Diko, Kenn--64,130 Dillon, Beth--105,90Dixon, Michael--74,75,88,130,83, 82,73 Doan. Lorraine--59,105 Downs, Forrest--119,55,73 Drake, Charles--69,105 Drake, John--111 Duckworth, Ronald--105 Dulworth, Judith--105 Dunlap, Cynthia--61,63,66,130 Dunnichay, Jed--105,77,87 Durham, Perry--111 Durm, Constance--58,59,66,119,90, 82 Durm, David--lll,79 Dye, J. Thomas--105 Ebert, Johna--105,76 Ebert, Steven--lll Edens, Roger--130,55 Edgell, Cheri--67,130 Elkins, Kirby--105 Eller, Robert--119 Elliott, Danny--130 Ellis, Tamara--65,67,111 Elmore, Charles Elston, Michael--60,111,89,90,91 Etchison, Bruce--105,77 Etchison, Raeann--105 Etchison. Retha--59,105 Everling Terry--119 Ewing, Gerry--130 Fagg, Pamela--59,105,90 Fagg, Richard--105 Fakes, Sandra--52,59,119,90,91,6 Farr, Harold--lll Faulstich, Christopher--105 Faulstich, Dennis--130 Felton, Herbert--130 Felton, Tonga--119 Felton. Wilma--105 Fernung, Margaret--67,105 Fcrnung, Michael--105 Fernung, Robert--48,58,119 Fettig, Gary Fettig, Marcella--16.17,90,131,125 Fettig, Mark--131 Fettig, Mary--50,58,119 Fettig, Matthew--105 Fettig, Maureen--119 Fihe, Jeffrey--105,77,87 Finnerty, Norman--lll Fish, Jon--105 Fitzpatrick. John--58,59,119 Florea. Jo Ann--61,105 Floyd, Gary--119 Foor, Cathy--38,65,131 Foor, Charles--111 Foor, Mary--lll Fowler, Diana--13l Frazier, Charles--119 Frazier, Lynn--65,131 Freeman, Jeff--105 French, Janet--65,119,90 French, Judy--119,90 French, Michael--lll French, Richard--lll Fromholz, Rosanna--lll Frye, Arthur--119 Frye, Marsha--105.90 Frye, Mary--60,105 Frye, Robert--69,111,80 Frye, Ronald--130 Fuller, Brenda--65,131 Fuller, David--89,131 Fuller, Steve--119 Fuller, Teresa--105,90 Galbreath, Barbara--131 Galbreath, Carl--lll Gamez, Mary--119 Garcia, Carmen--22,50,56,58,62,111 Garcia, Joe Garcia, Rosalinda--67,106 Gardner, Zane (Alexander)--106 Gardner, Jean--119,90 Gardner, John--131 Gardner, Mary J0--60,112 Carman, Deborah--112,90,91 Garner, John--106 Garner, Joyce--65,119 Gamer, Robert--119 Gamer, Timothy--lll Garrett, Lila Garrison, Gay--58,60,66,112 Gerencser, Phillip--119 Gerth, Mark--64,119,55 Gerth, Nancy--61,106,89 Gibson, Ronald--119 Gill, Michael--131 Gill, Ronald--62,106 Giselbach, Dale--106 Giselbach, Danny--131 Giselbach. Dianna--119 Giselbach, Kenneth--106,77,87 Glenn, Susan--119,90,116,117 Glotzbach, Judith--106 Goforth, Alice--119 Goings, Deborah--65.131 Goodknight, Robert--58,68,112,117 Gordon, (James) Richard--106 Gordon, Pamela--65,106 Gough, Jennifer--58,59,112,117 Gough, Milton--64,65,131 Graham, Daniel--131 Graham, Linda--132 Graham, Richard--112 Grandstaff, Luella--119 Green, Barbara—58,64,132 Green, Brian--112 Green, Danny--112,76,83,82,73 Green, Deborah--65,106,90 Green, Linda--120 Green, Patricia--50,58,59,90,120 Green, Wanda--59,65,106,90 Gregg, Reta--90,120 Gregg, Vickie--106 Griffey, Roger--112 Grondin, Frank —106 Guffey, Mike--106,77 Hahn. Parke--78,79,132,84,80,73 Hahn, Sylvia--67,112 Hampton, Greg--106 Hampton, Jeffery—120 Hancock, Joel--112 Hankley, Harriet--132 Hankley, Patrick--62,112 Hanlin, Vickie--106.90 Hanshew, Sue Ann--90,132 Harris, Charles--112 Harris, Timothy--116,117,120,84 Harting, Gary--106,76,77 Harting. Gregory--74,75,78,132,125, 82,73,92 Harting, Joan--106 Harting, LeAnn--60,112,116,117 Harting, Michael--112 Hartley, Robert--120 Hartsock. Patricia--67,90,132 Hartsock, Thomas —112 Haskett, Carmilla--65,120 Haskett, Judith--112 Haulk, Garry--106 Hawkins, Karen--63.66.132 Hayes, Terry--106 Haynes, Frank--112 Heater, Ricky--106 Heaton, Patrick--106 Heaton, Susan--59.66.132 Heflin, Bruce--49,50,68,112 Heflin, Christine--39,90,133 Heller, Crystal--120 Heller, Dan--112 Henn, Anthony--106,77,87 Hess, Barry--112,82 Hibst, Mike--68,112 Hicks, Patricia--65,120 High, Larry--133 Himburg, Deborah--65,90,91,133, 125 Hinkle, Deloris--106 Hinshaw, Brian--89.120 Hipes, Monte--106 Hirsch, Susan-- Hirsch. Michael--50,89,120 Hittle, Diane--112 Hoadley, Carolyn Hobbs, Darrell--133 Hobbs, Deborah--26,58,59,67,112.90 Hobbs, Dixie--112 Hobbs, Janet--133 Hobbs, Julie--120 Hobbs, Larry--69,112 Hobbs, Murve 11--106.89 Hobbs, Penny--112 Hobbs, Susan--106 Hobbs, Tim--74,75,88,133,84,82,73 Hobson, (Doris) Jean--106 Hocker. Christie--117,120 Hocker, Sandra--59,61,106,90 Hoffman, Jerry--53.58,59,64,79,117, 120 Holloway, Gene--106 Hollowell, Stephen--133 Holtsclaw, David--133 Hood, Max--133,55 Hook, Frederick--106 Hook, John--60,112 Hook, Richard--120 Hoose, Danny--106 Hoose, Michael--133 Horn, Carl--120 Horseman, Judy--120 Horseman, Mitchell--106 Howat, Gaye--60,65,67,106 Howell, Allan--133 Howell. Rhonda--65,106,120 Hubbard, Gail--120 Hudson, Keith--69,112,86 Hudson, Steven--120,55 Hughes, Dennis—78,120 Hughes, Gerald--106 Hughes, Rebecca—59,65,106 Humphrey, Artie--106 Hunter, Ronald--106 Hunter, Sheryl--49,64,90,91,120 Huntsinger, Dennis--11,21,74,75,78, 79,133,125,84,85 Hutcheson, Darlene--133 Jack, Nicci--49,166,112,117 Jackson, Carrie —120 Jackson. Catherine--59,61,65,112,90 Jackson, Jennie--112 Jackson, Marva —106 Jarrell, Robert--69,106 Jarrett, Diana--50,65,133 Jarrett, Jane —133 Jarrett, Richard--112 Jarrett, Rita--120 Jarrett, Sheila--112 Jarvis, Carole--12.50,65,90,134,125 Johns, Claren—69.112,76,117 Johnson, Gary--106,77,87 Johnson, Michael--134 Johnson, Sandra--112 Jones, Danny--112 Jones, Gary--134 Jones, Leta--112 Jones, Roy--134 Jones, Sheila—65,120 Jones, Tearle--58,59,61,62,78,79,88, 120,82,73 Jones, Thomas--134 Jordon, Gerald--120 Juday, Chris--14,75,78,79,88,134,84, 85 Julius, Jay--88.120,55,54 Justice, John R.--62,120 Kaiser, Jerry--106,87 Kane, Alan--60,112 Kane, Lynne--61,106 Kapper, Edward--106 Kapper, Elizabeth--39,134 Kelich, Helen--49,112,90 Kelich, Jayne--62,106 Kelich, Kathryn--120 Keller, Dorothy--58,59,66,90,120 Kelley, John--112 Kelley. Larry--112,86 173Kelley, Mark--60,63,112,79,88,82, 86 Kelly, Patricia--106 Kelly, Robert--112 Kiefer, Gregory--134 Kiefer, Kathryn--112 King, Allen—43,89,134 King, Henry—106 King, James--112,76,83 King, Jeanine—49,62,66,90,120 Kinser, Jack--65,74,75,88,134,83, 82,73 Kleyla, June--120 Knauer, Kris—48,49,58,120 Knauer, Marta--60,106 Knopp, Ralph — 106 Knotts, Brenda--134 Kolacki, Robert--106 Kronenberg, Christina — 112,90 Laird, David—74,120 Laird, Ellen — 112 Laird, Sandy--120 Lambert, Joellen — 134.125 Lambertson, Ronald--120 Lane, Deborah — 120 Lane, Rebecca--134 Lane, Susan--ll2 LaPierre, Carol--61,65,66,90,134 LaPierre, Dianne--61,65,106,90 Laster, Terrance--106 Leathers, Jeffrey--53,60,107 Leathers, Timothy—53,60,63,120,55 Lee, Debra —134 Lee, Doris--135 Lee, Gregory--112,82 Leeson, Timothy —120 Leisure, Angela —59,61,112,90 Leisure, Jeffrey—107 Leisure, Kathy--107 Leisure, Robert--112,83 Leisure. Virgil—64,79,88,135,83,82, 73 Leonard, Deborah--107 Leonard, Linda—58,59,90,120,54,55 Leth, Carl--49,53,58,59,63,120 Leth, Paul--89,120 Line, Barbara--59,90,135 Lineberry. M. Vaughn--120 Linegar, Anita—60,107 Litaker, Jerry--107 Long, James Long, Judy--120 Long, Leatha —56,120,7 Long, Richard--135 Long, Shirley--50,59,65,107 Longnecker, Daneen—61,107 Longnecker, Dennis--112 Longnecker, Lois —112 Longerbone, Tony--120 Low, Katherine--59,61,63,65,66,113, 90,91 Low, Kenneth—59,60,63,66,113,88, 117,82 Loy, Rusty--107,77,83 Lucas, Patricia--49,120 Lundy, Sandra--107 Luzadder, Pamela—67,107 Lynch, Kenneth--107 Lytle, Sandra--135 McClain, Carolyn--107 McCorkle, Anita —113 McCorkle, Benton--107 McCorkle, Cynthia--113 McCorkle, Denise--120 McCorkle, Janelle —113 McCorkle, Sandra--113 McCorkle, Vicki—135 McCormick, Roy--113 McDermit, Donald--107 McElfresh, Carol--107 McElfresh, Jeffery--107 McElfresh, Jo Anne —113 McGahey, Kathryn—65,113,90 McGahey, Stephen McMinds, ViAnn—120 McNeely, Christy—135 McPhearson, Anna--113 McPhearson, Paul—74,76,88,120,82 McPhearson, Richard —107 McQuitty, Charles—74,78,79,88,120, 73,86 Magers. Margaret—59,60,107 Mahoney, Donald--113 Maish, Robert--107 Mangas, Theodora--58,61,107 Martin. Charles--135 Martin. Daniel--107 Martin, Harold--113 Martin, Joyce--107 Martin, Robert--79,135 Masters, John--107 Masters, Ruth--107 Mayfield, Steven —15,58,60,68,136, 81 Metz, Michael—89,136 Metz, Richard —120 Meyer, John —120,83 Miller, Deborah—67,113 Miller, Jackie —107 Miller, John —136 Miller, Michael —121 Miller, Robert—136 Miller, Steven--39.136 Miller, Tamma - -121 Mills, Robert--136 Minix, Harold Rex Mireles, Gilbert —107 Mitchell, Billy Joan—59,113 Mitchell, Elaine--62,107.90 Mochrie, Bonita--59,113,90 Mochrie, Diane--65,90.121 Mock, James--60,113,76,88,116,117, 82 Mogle, Michael--107 Monahan, Marsha--65,90,136 Moore, Charles--136 Morgan, David—63,121,55 Morgan, Jean--107 Morgan, Marsha--107,90 Morris, Kathy--107 Morris, Patricia--121 Morrow, James--107 Mort, Carolyn--121 Moser, Ted —58,63,66,68,136,125,55 Moser, Thomas--21,50,60,68,113,117 Moss, Roy--121 Mottweiler, Jeffrey Joe--107 Mottweiler, Michael--136 Moulton, Dale--136 Moulton, Dean--136 Mountcastle, Fonda--113 Murdock, Randall--121 Murdock, Sharon (Ruble)--115 Murphy, Janet--50,113 Murray, Donald K.--136 Mutcher, Vida--107 Myerly, Alice—52,61,107,90,91 Myerly, Janet--16,48,63,90,136,125, 55 Myers, Kenneth —58,136 Niccum, Jerry--69,89,137 Niccum, Penny—121 Niccum, Ronald--107,89 Nicholas, Deborah--59,113 Nichols, Sandra--121 Noone, Ronnie--121 Norris, Nancy — 50.107 Northcutt, Terri--121 Northcutt, Toni--107 Olday, Thomas—62,68,113,117,81 Oliver, Lawrence —8,48,49,58,136, 54,55,82 Ours, Robert--89,136 Pace, Andrew—62,113,76,83,82 Pace, Katherine — 107,90 Parish, James—121 Parker, Bruce--121 Parker, Carole—24,48,60,63,36,54. 55 Parker, Connie—49,58,59,61,116, 117,121 Parker, Diana —59,136 Parker, Margaret--136 Parker, Marsha--136 Parker, Pamela—61,65,107 Parker, Peggy —113,90 Parker, Sandra —113,90 Parrish, Rex--114 Patton, (Dorothy) Joan--107 Patton, Rex--121 Pearson, John--107,77 Pearson, (Loretta) Jean —114,90 Pedro, Marilyn —114,90 Peepr, Patrick--50,136 Pentenburg, Jan--62,114.89.90 Perkins, David—26.121 Perkins, Douglas—67,136 Peterson, Janice—62,107 Phelps, Carol —59,66,90,136 Phillips, Clyde —121 Phillips, Linda —59,107 Phillips, Mary Joyce —107 Phillips, (Wm.) Richard —121 Pickett, Deborah—59,107,90 Piirto, Dennis—61,114 Piirto, Gloria—27,49,53,61,63,66,90, 136,24 Pike, Douglas —121 Pike, Kathy—61,63,114,90 Pinkleton. Donald—59,114 Ponder, (Charles) Greg—114 Ponder, Dick--107 Ponder, Marie--107 Poor, Deborah--107 Powell, Don--114,77,79,82,73,86 Powell, Jack--107,81 Poynter, Lucinda--61,66,121 Poynter, Pamela--114 Prieshoff, Daniel—60,114,76,82,86 Prus, William —121 Pullen, Mary—114 Pyle, Terry--136 Reading, Michael —121 Rebuck, Richard--121 Reckner, Sandra—65,90,117,122 Reckner, William —107 Reichart, Gary —114,76 Rennier, Michael—60,107 Retherford, Sandra--107 Reynolds, Kathleen—59,65,66,114,90 Rice, Jeffrey —114,76,82 Ricke, Patrick—76,122,82,86 Richards, Cathy—61,107 Richards, Stephen--107 Richardson, Cathy—26,62,114,117 Richardson, Sheri--62,114 Richardson, Terry--107 Richwine, Ann--136 Riegel, Marlene —122 Rittenhouse, Beth--60,108 Rittenhouse, Darlene - -49,65,67,90, 136 Rittenhouse, Lynn--136,55 Rittenhouse, Nola —114 Rittenhouse, Pamela--108 Rittenhouse, Robert--108 Rittenhouse, Ted —114 Roberson, Bonnie--138 Robertson, Gary--138 Robertson, Pamela--114,89,90 Robinette, Carol--114 Robinette, Richard Robinson, Dennis —122 Robinson, Kathy—65,138 Robinson, Robt. —114 Robinson, Timothy--108 Rodriquez, David--69,108 Roe, David—108 Roe, Diana —121 Rogers, Gerald--114 Rogers, Jeffrey--108 Rogers, Mark—26,49,58,60,61,63,66, 68,116,117,122,6 174Rogers, Robert--122,80 Rogers, Terrie Lee--122 Rogers, Terry (Kent)--114 Romig, Ronald--68,78,122 Romine, Jerry--122 Romine, Linda--115 Rominger, Gary--115 Ross, Timothy--115 Runyan, Jo--49,64,90,91,117,122 Runyan, Kenneth--78,79,138,125,84, 85.73 Runyon, Debra—90.138 Runyon, Gary--108 Saint, James--63,138,81 St. Clair, Ronald--108 Salinas, Mary--122 Salinas. Moises--122 Salinas, Ralph--122 Sanders, Barbara--59,60,66,115 Sanders, Larry--108 Sanders, Rick--115 Sanders, Ronnie--108 Sandoval, Naomi--108 Sattler, John--74.88,122 Savage, Steven--115 Savage, William--67.122 Scholl, Joseph--44.122 Schwalm, Richard--108 Schwalm, Robert--60,115 Scott, Ron--108,77,87 Seright, John--64,74,76,88,122,73 Seright. (Marilyn) Kay--61,115 Sexton, Peggy--67,122 Shannon, Billy--115 Shaw, Kim--60,115,76,82,73 Shaw, Robin--10,50,132,138,125,6 Shaw, Ronald--138 Shawhan, Judy--65,122 Shepard, Colleen--50,59,90,122 Shepard, Debra--59,67,115 Shepard, Hal--60,115,82 Shepard, John--115,76,86 Shepard, Nedra--64,138 Shepard, Patricia--15,50,52,90,91, 139 Shepard, Sheryl--50,108,90,91 Sherman. Keith--15,58,63,68,139,80, 54.55 Sherman, Robert--74,75,88,139,55, 83.82.73 Shipley. Cyrus--139 Showers, Donnie--62,67,108 Showers, Kerry--74,122 Shuler, Christina--108 Shuller, Rick--122 Silvey, Pamela--122,55 Simmons, David--108 Simmons, Jeffrey--14,50,64,68,139 Simmons, June--122 Simmons. Paula--49,58,60,63,66, 122.55 Simmons, Phillip--49,58,60,63,115 Sites, John--108 Sites, Susan--139 Sizelove, Cunthia--108 Sizelove, David J.--115 Sizelove, David L.--115 Sizelove, Deborah--90,122 Sizelove, Richard--39,139 Skillman, Michael--108 Skillman, William--78,79,117,122, 85.73 Skinner, Bruce--139 Slate, Harold--115 Slayton, Kenneth--108 Slocum, Kim--108,77 Smith, Connie--108 Smith, Deborah--122 Smith, Don--108 Smith, Gary--108 Smith, Jerry--122 Smith, John--115 Smith, Kathy--122 Smith, Lanetta--59,115 Smith, Martha--65,66,115,90 Smith, Thomas--115 Smith, Velinda--23,63,139,55 Smith, William--108,87 Snider, Debra--59,115 Soard, Karen--122 Soard, Leslie--64,139 Soard, Marilyn--108 Speer, Carla--122 Speer, Rosemary--108 Speer, Sheila--139 Sperry, Dan--122 Spitzmesserm, Jonathon--108 Stafford, Katherine--122 Stafford, Leonard--139 Stafford, Rebecca--115 Stage, Donald--49,62,115,111 Stansberry, Debra--61,109 Starkey, Bruce--67,122 Steffler, James--139 Stephens, Sandra--109 Stewart, Daniel--109 Stewart, Glenna--90,122 Stewart, James--122 Stewart, Jana--109 Stewart, Keith--109 Stewart, Leroy--109 Stewart, Loretta--122 Stewart, RaeAnn--109,90 Stickler, Leslie, Gene —109 Stickler, Rhonda--59,115 Stout, Rodney--109,87 Stover, Edwin--109,90 Sullivan. David--139 Sullivan, Linda--109.90 Sullivan. Lorna--65,90,139 Sullivan, Terry--140 Summers, Martin--60,115,54 Summers, Rebecca--67,122 Sutton, Rosann--59,60,66,90,122 Svendsen. Bradford--79,140,55,82 Swinford, David--74,122,84,73 Tam, Cynthia--61,109,90 Tam, Michael--50,140 Tancey, Mark--115 Tanzilli, Carolyn--115 Tanzilli, LuAnn--49,58,59,60,65,90, 122 Tappy. Roger--59 Tatum, Cindy--61,109 Tatum, David--68.74.88,122,83,82, 73 Tatum, Kathy--62,115 Teachnor, Daniel--140 Tharp, Debra--140 Thoman, Michael--109 Thomas, Toni--138,24 Thomberry, William--115,79,82,73, 86 Thrawl, Ken--109,87 Tompkins, Robert--122 Townsend, Jeo--122 Trice, Catherine--59,115 Tyner, Kathleen- -14.64,90,140,125 Tyner, Trudy--65,90,122 Updegraff, Bruce--74,78,79,122,81, 73 Updegraff, Maria--61,109,90 Updegraff, Peggy--122 Updike, Carolyn--50,60,109 VanHorn, Linda--140 Van Winkle, JoAnn--52,56,62,115, 117 Vautaw, Jan--49,66,90,140 Vautaw, Jeffrey--115 Vest. James--115 Vickery. Rebecca--122 Vinson, David--88,122,83,82 Vinson, Lawrence--69,109 Walden. Clifton--109 Walden. Darrel!--122 Walden, David--140 Walker, Timothy--65,109 Walkup, Marilee--58,59,61,66,122 Walters. Coyt--115,76 Ward, Gloria Ward, Terry--41,140 Wardwell, Kenneth--62,74,122,55,83, 73 Warfel, Emma--49,90,122 Warfel, Theresa--49,50,58,59,62,64. 90,140.6 Warner, Mark--122 Warner, Peggy--115 Watters, Carol--122 Watters, Christine--109 Waymire, Michael--115 Weaver, Frances--109 Webb. Candyce--56,61,115 Weismiller, Peggy--58,60,63,122 Welcher, Lorrie--65,122 Welcher, Myron--140 Wells, Catherine--115 Wesseler, Thomas--50,58,61,68,140 Weston, Diane--122 Whisler, Linda--65,90,140 Widmeyer, Barbara--140 Widmeyer, Peggy--56,60,115 Widmeyer, Penny--56,58,62,109 Wilhoit, Nancy--49,90,91,122 Wilkins, Sandra--122 Williams, Alma--122 Williams, Brenda--60.62,122 Williams, Bruce--50,58.60,115 Williams, David--122 Williams, Joseph--62,115,76,82,73, 86 Williams, Karen--26,50,117,122 Williams, Patsy--109 Williams, Pennie--49.50,53,60,63, Williams, Ray--14,74,75,88,141,83, 82,73 Williams, Theresa--65,141 Williams, Timothy--50,109 Wills, Kenny--58,68,115,117 Wills, Ulane--109 Wilson, Dawn--49.90,122 Wilson, Jack--115 Wilson, Jimmie--141 Wilson, Michael--60,115 Wilson, Sandra--122 Wilson, Thomas--109 Wilson, Wendell--74,141,83,82 Wingrove, Peter--60,109 Wise, Billy--115 Wise, Ronald--115 Wisler, Debra--61,115 Wittkamper, Debra--61,66,122 Wojak, Monika--49,51,52,58,59,64, 89,90,141 Wood, Deborah--115 Wood, James--141 Wood, Katherine Wood, Victoria--141 Woolums, Margie--115 Wright, Michael--122 Wright, Ronald--60,109,87 Wright, Stephen--50,53,60,63,122, 54.55 Yates, James--68,141,125 Yohe, Debra--65,141 York, Carole--61,65,109 York, Ewell--141 York, Roger--62,122 1751969 Crescent Staff CO-EDITORS Janet Myerly Carole Parker SECTION EDITORS Copy: Photographers: Advertising: Jerry Armstrong Brenda Acres Larry Oliver Bob Fernung Kris Knauer Kenny Brown Circulation: Vickie Coston Picture Sales: Darlene Rittenhouse ADVISOR Mrs. Hilda E. Chapman PHOTOGRAPHY Reid's Studio, Muncie, Indiana PRINTING American Yearbook Company, Hannibal, Missouri YEARBOOK COMPANY ADVISOR Mr. Bill Wright 176

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