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Wendell L. Willkie High School Elwood, Indiana and the Measure of their Strength shall be their Enlightenment, their pursuit of Learning: and by their Industry shall the nation be Secure. Crescent 1966 Table of Contents Opening.................2 Organizations..........20 Academics..............42 Athletics..............60 Personalities..........84 Advertisements .... 136. “ Willkie Offers Wendell L. Willkie High School Students rush to next class amid crowded halls. 4Destinies Unlimited Another academic year brings us a step closer to our future training, jobs, and way of life. With a sturdy curriculum that trains students for the future, through Guidance Counselors who prepare us for college and courses that adapt to our needs, Willkie points toward --DESTINIES UNLIMITED. One of the problems that confront Willkie students is the limited locker space. Willkie offers learning in more than one way. Throughout These Halls Study hall students use this valuable time to catch-up on disregarded homework Jim Reid of Reid's Studio in Muncie explains the fundamentals of photography to students during Career Day activities. Students "fill 'er up" during lunch hour in the high school cafeteria. 6We Live and Play Together Senior Tom Yates, center, leads the football team in singing the victory song after the victory over Hartford City in the annual Homecoming game. "Hey, we want a touchdown !" Willkie students spend weekends attending sports events. The place, the people, and the events are all a part of our school associations . The changing times have brought improvements in our school and community. Our school offers outside activities which bring many enjoyed moments and produce individual leadership qualities. We will never forget beating our school's rival in athletics, our band's placing in the top ten at the State Fair, the memories of all the Homecoming activities or the glamour of the Junior-Senior Prom. 7Scenes from Around the City Terry Hicks, a D.C.E. student who works half days at Edgewood Elementary School, reads a story to her class. V ’ „ 7. fQ • r ; A 1. 1 wbmp-fm V m'7 .D1 (F“ IB) . M % To the community, Willkie offers young adults to fill job opportunities and take part in Community Center projects. Through Key Club and Sunshine, Willkie gives aid to the needy. The band performs in parades for community affairs. Some of the best years of our lives are spent here at Willkie where we share in her Destinies Unlimited. The local radio station, WBMP, broadcast a Panther home game. 8 Willkie students spend free periods and noon hours studying at the Elwood Public Library.The shelter house at Callway Park appears deserted as winter set in. Downtown traffic slows down in midaftemoon. Students gather at Hinshaw's after school for a coke. 9Junior and Senior Plays Provide Many an Young Doctor Diaforus—Tim Shickley (second from left) proposes to Angelica—Linda Oliver, while Angelica's fiance—Steve Poole,her father—Phil Anderson, and the maid—Ramsey Elkins appear concerned. Make-up is an important part of any play. Sally Wim-mer and Barb Clouser demonstrate how to apply makeup to Mark Updegraff and Phil Anderson. On April 29 and 30, 1965, the Junior Class presented evening performances of "The Imaginary Invalid." The play was a French play, written by Moliere in the 17th century. The play was directed by Mrs. Charlotte Barr. Student directors were Susie Pearson and Karen Sanders. The play centered around Argon, who was a hypochondriac. Argon wanted his daughter to marry a doctor so he wouldn't have to pay medical expenses. Of course, his only problem was that Angelica, his daughter, did not love the doctor he had chosen. Angelica's lover, Cleante, disguises himself as her music teacher in order to be near her. The maid, Toinette, devises a scheme to fool Argon and get rid of the young man he has selected. In the end they make Argon a doctor so he can cure himself. Thus Angelica and her lover, Cleante, live happily ever after. Members of the cast were as follows: Monsieur Argon..................... Toinette........................... Angelica........................... Beline............................. Bonnifoy........................... Cleante............................ Dr. Diaforus....................... Dr. Thomas Diaforus ............... Louise............................. Monsieur Beralde................... The Apothecary..................... Dr. Purgon......................... . Phil Anderson . Ramsey Elkins . Linda Oliver . .Judy Help ling . . . Tom Yates . . Steve Poole . . . Kent Justus . Tim Shickley Rose Ann Smith . . . Doug Alley . . . Dan Yates Ellery Mangas 10Enjoyed Moment to Willkie High Audiences Petey—Mark Updegraff, tries his hypnotic powers on Izzy—Kent Justus, Mrs. Livermore—Barb Clouser, and Fife—Jeanne Drake. "The Able Miss Cain" brought a roar of laughter to The cast included: the Willkie High Stage. The play was directed by Mrs. Elinor Prescott...................................Karen Sanders Barr. Assisting Mrs. Barr were student directors, Susie Leaper Prescott ........................Phil Anderson Pearson and Greg Goins. The play was presented on Cheryl Prescott...............................Maureen Etchison November 22 and 23, 1965. Petey Prescott.....................................Mark Updegraff The play satirized the Prescott family. The Pres- Mary Jo Jennings...........................Iinaa Oliver cotts were a typical well-off family. When they Jed Lawford..........................Steve Wingrove learned that their rich Aunt Molly was coming to visit, Mamie Magoon.........................Jane Cornelious and that she planned to leave all her money to her Gussie Smoot..............................Ramsey Elkins poorest nephew, they suddenly had dreadful financial Qrpha VanOstade.........................Marilyn Bambrough reverses. As the plot unfolded, they were the ones who Avlie VanOstade........................Fred Rickabaugh were deceived. Aunt Molly Cain was a very able per- Mrs. Pilsbury Livermore................Barbara Clouser son. She deceived them by coming to their home under Aunt Molly Cain....................................Judy Helpling false pretenses. She sent her secretary to impersonate Finklestien.............................Kent Justus her. The Prescotts learned their lesson and the hard Mme. Fife.................................Jeanne Drake way. Aunt Molly—Judy Helpling, has finally arrived and Elinor—Karen Sanders and Mary Jo—Linda Oliver are taken totally by surprise.Beauty and Victory Add to Homecoming Festivities On an impressive but dismal Saturday, September 14, 1965, our mighty Panthers defeated the Hartford City Airdales in a decisive 19-0 victory. During half-time ceremonies five pretty girls rode onto the field in gaily decorated convertibles for the crowning of the queen. Lovely Miss Ann Webb was crowned by her predecessor, Miss Margaret Win-grove. Homecoming festivities came to a climax at the annual Homecoming dance where the theme, "September Silhouettes," provided memories meant to last a lifetime. Jeanne Drake executes her office as secretary of Thespians. Cheryl Pace displays her abilities as a laboratory technician assistant at Mercy Hospital. Barb Clouser demonstrates her ability as a Willkie High varsity cheerleader. Susie Pearson works diligently on the yearbook to meet a last minute deadline.Lawrence Welk Section Highlights The 1965 Panther Band Variety Show, directed by Mr. Rex Jenkins and Mr. Clifford Brugger, began its evening of color entertainment by playing selections from the musical, "My Fair Lady." During the num-berLarry Parker, trumpet player,displayed his talent by performing a solo from this medley of tunes. Other soloists for the night program included Tom Hocker, who played "Slaughter On Tenth Avenue," on the English Horn. Also Margaret Wingrove was featured at the Steinway with "Spellbound Concerto" and Mavis Kintzel performed "Tico, Tico" on the organ. The combination of Panther Band and majorettes provided interesting numbers with "Tequila" and "The Russian Sailors' Dance" from the "Red Poppy." For the latter, dancers were trained by Mrs. Jan Clark, who taught them traditional dances of her homeland, Poland. The Honor Choir, conducted by Mr. John Stites, sang four well-known songs from "My Fair Lady." A popular section of the show was centered around the music ofLawrence Welk. Members of the Panther Band exemplified the Champagne Music Makers and the setting was complemented by a chandelier and bubbles. The show was brought to a close by the Panther Band playing the patriotic, "America, The Beautiful" and audience and entire cast singing in unison. Master and Mistress of Ceremonies, Rick Cannon and Kathy Colcord, introduce one of the many selections presented during the 1965 Panther Band Varieties. Jane Clark leads the majorettes during the performance of "Tequila." 141965 Panther Band Varieties Mr. Stites directs the Honor Choir during the Variety Show as they sang selections from the hit musical, "My Fair Lady." Band Captain,Tom Hocker, captured Mr. Clifford Brugger, Tudy Smith, Jane Clark, and Jeanne Blake har- the spotlight with his solo in "Slaugh- monize on a number during the Lawrence Welk section, ter On Tenth Avenue." 15On the evening of May 16, 1965, couples strolled through the doors of the Elks Club. Inside they found a "Shangri-La" paradise. The ballroom was floating to the music of the Ray Sutherland orchestra. The mist of unending happiness whirled out on the lawn and the patio into the night, where glowing volcanoes filled the air with fantasy, and candlelit tables were the scene of romanticism. Inthe late twilight of Shangri-La Steve Poole, Junior Class president, presented Miss Kay Wolff with a jeweled crown, a dozen long-stem red roses, and an evening of glorious nobility as she reigned as the 1965 Prom queen in her pagoda made with a beautiful array of living pastel carnations. Miss Wolff and her escort, Mr. Denny Bozell, danced to the theme song while her court, Miss Linda Justice, Miss Linda Elliot, Miss Gail Stiner, Miss Michelle Kennedy, and Miss Cindy Reynolds, shared in her dreamland of paradise. The service clubs of Elwood provided the prom-goers with excellent food throughout the course of the evening. After a couple of games of bowling and pool in the wee hours of the morning, the couples returned to the Elks wonderland to end the 1965 prom with a tasty breakfast. 16Shangri-La Creates an Evening of Mystic Enchantment and a Grand Coronation After receiving keepsakes from Miss Digel and Barb Knauer, Jeanne Drake and Bob Frye are caught off guard by the cameraman. 17Foreign Exchange Students Promote Val spends an evening at home with her American brother, Steve and One of Val's most enjoyable activ-sisters, Dianne and Anita. ities was choir. Val writes home often and also to her sister, who is an exchange student in Michigan. 18 Willkie High was very proud and honored to have as members of the student body Miss Waltraud Schauble and Mr. Lennart Melander. They were the two foreign exchange students sent to us this year through the Youth For Understanding placement service. They were sponsored by the Willkie High Student Council. Waltraud came tous from Oldenburg, Germany. She is an honorary member of the Student Council, Thespians, Modern Language Club, and Future Teachers of America. Her subjects this year included U.S. History, Civics, Sociology, Speech, Choir, Band, Biology, and Drivers Education. Her American parents were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Linegar. Perhaps the biggest and most exciting part of Val's and Lennart's schoolactiv-ities was the International Day held on March 4th. They played host and hostess to students, like themselves from 14 different countries. It was a wonderful time for the foreign exchange students to get together and compare notes and talk of home. Throughout the year Val and Lennart have visited different groups in the community and presented talks.Better Understanding of Homelands Lennart and his American brother, Tom Crimans, and a friend, Paul As a member of the Panther Band Willhoite, stop for a soda after school. Lennart practices the cymbals. Lennart's home is in Stockholm, Sweden. His American parents were Mr. and Mrs. William Crimans. Lennart's subjects this year were: Speech, Sociology, Civics, Advanced Composition, U.S. History, Spanish, Journalism, Band, and Driver's Education. Lennart kept busy this year by joining the Key Club, Student Council, Crescent staff, and was treasurer of the Modern Language Club. He also participated in Cross Country and Golf. Their coming to America has helped them understand our customs, the people, and the principles of our country. They have helped all of us to have a better understanding of the people and life in other lands. In the short year that they have been among us they have worked their way into our hearts. They have contributed so much to our lives, in school and out of school, that we will always remember Val and Lennart as our "pride and joy. " As one of the Crescent photographers, Lennart adjusts the camera for an Lennart and Tom relax at home important picture. for a quiet evening of reading. 19Destinies Unlimited: At Willkie organizations are a fundamental part of school life . Through organizations we can function in interests which we enjoy and share these interests with other students, who enjoy them also. Willkie offers an unlimited number of organizations . Some of these activities entertain the student body and some aid the community . Still others bring forth individual leadership. Our outside activities are important to the character of the school. Whether in competition with another band, debating, or whatever it may be, we strive to make these activities reflect the true light of our school. Pleasures afford more delight when shared with others . Dio Chrysostom 0 R G A N 1 Z A T I O N SStaffers Work Overtime To FRONT ROW: D. Rogers, P. Mitchell, K. Oldag, L. Tancey, P. Balser, B. Knauer, A. Sullivan, K. Cassidy. SECOND ROW: K. Bomersback, C. Hancock, B. Wegehoft, C. Dennis, L. Winings, J. Hibst, J. McGill, S. Willhoite, K. Young, W. Gomez. THIRD ROW: T. Bourff, C. Svendsen, K. Baxter, S. Sizelove, T. Frye, P. Forst, K. Etchison, J. Hocker, A. Pearson, L. Moore, D. Hancher, B. Lynas, J. Gerencser, C. Kilgore, T. Miller. FOURTH ROW: J. Holland, S. Wimmer, J. Drake, P. Kanther, M. Parsons, D. Linegar, L. Oliver,B. Baker, J. Hood, V. Sallee, K. Fetz, A. Campbell, L. Melander. BACK ROW: M. Montgomery, S. Shaw, M. Winings, S. Updegraff, S. Tam, B. Downey, J. Sharp, S. Linegar, J. Scott, G. Hocker, C. Lehman, T. Creamer, and J. Claghorn. Crescent staff members are: FRONT ROW: Susan Forst, Rose Smith, Ann Webb, Susan Pearson, Jane Cornelious, Priscilla Davis, and Judy Helpling. STANDING are Kent Justus and Mrs. Chapman. 22Record Events for ’66 Crescent This has been a very busy year for the 1966 Crescent staff, co-editors, and section editors . They have spent many many endless hours planning ladder diagrams, cropping pictures, and finally--meeting deadlines. Many students fail to realize the work involved in composing this piece of literary work which really serves as three books in one--a memory book to the students, a reference book for faculty and administrators, and an accredited accomplishment for staff members. With their resolution of "changes and ideas unlimited, " Susie Pearson and Jane Cornelious spent two very busy weeks during this past summer attending the Jour- nalism Institute at Indiana University. At Indiana University they learned the fundamentals used to produce an authoritative and entertaining yearbook. A person who deserves unlimited credit is our sponsor, Mrs. Hilda Chapman. Mrs . Chapman has unrelentingly given her time and effort--not to mention her patience--to help anyone and everyone. A yearbook is the result of the efforts and talents of many people for the pleasure of others. Working to make this yearbook the "best ever" has been a very worthwhile experience for the entire staff, who gave their free time and lunch hours to produce for you the 1966 Crescent. Co-editors Susie Pearson and Jane Cornelious work diligently to meet the hectic deadlines. 23National Honor Society Emphasized Grades I f t J S' ' t % f ' ' m 1 v f f f 4 | 1’ V , f % 1 r-f 1 SEATED: D. Shepard, D. Butler, H. Julius, P. Anderson, F. Rickabaugh, I. Oliver, G. Hipes, A. Webb, R. Knopp, H. Bouslog. STANDING: K. Jones, K. Shaw, J. Hardebeck, A. Sullivan, K. Fetz, S. Willhoite, M. Winings, T. Hicks, K. Sanders, J. Claghom, C. Svendsen, R. Harris, T. Floyd, and D. Sherman. Not pictured--K. Young, B. Bishop, S. Updegraff, and P. Swinford. Membership in the National Honor Society is an honor reserved for only those seniors and juniors who have shown a serious interest in their studies as well as in extracurricular activities and are also able to maintain a B or higher average. These students are selected as probationary members by certain members of the faculty. Seniors, at the close of the school year, who have lived up to the given qualifications, are then installed as permanent members. To be selected for membership in the National Honor Society is the highest honor a student can receive in Willkie High and the students chosen must show that they have established well-rounded characters and must exert an eagerness and willingness to work. Those selected must also act as leaders of their class and of the school--not as followers. All in all, the members of the National Honor Society are very proud of their attainment and they have every reason to be so. Officers of the National Honor Society this year are: Donita Shepard, vice-president; Hal Julius, president; and Theresa Hicks, secretary. 24Staff Works for Enjoyment of Student Body SEATED: (1 to r) M. Rogers, B. Pullen, L. Oliver, C. Sentman, J. Antle. STANDING: B. Kwalik, A. Sullivan, A. Campbell, K. Cassidy, J. Marcuson, D. Hancher, K. Justus, K. Tharp, L. Miller, and Mrs. Hiatt. This year the Megaphone Staff, under the guidance of Mrs. Nina Hiatt, worked diligently to record the events and the activities of the Willkie High students. This data was in turn used to produce the monthly edition of the Willkie High newspaper, the Megaphone. The primary pur- pose of the Megaphone is to present to the student body a written account of school happenings. The Megaphone's first semester co-editorswere Linda Oliver and Steve Poole. Second semester Linda took over with full stewardship. Megaphone editors, Linda Oliver and Steve Poole, strive to meet the expectations of Willkie students. 25Thespians Displayed Abilities to Willkie Students FRONT ROW: T. McCorkle, L. Winings, P. Forst, P. Balser, B. Green, D. VanWinkle, C. Sentman, A. Sullivan, B. Knauer, K. Cassidy, C. Svendsen. SECOND ROW: R. Smith, R. Knopp, J. Cassidy, P. Shepard, L. Tancey, B. Clouser, J. Comelious, J. Hood, K. Tharp, W. Schauble, A. Webb, A. Campbell, J. Helpling, R. Robinson, Mr. Brown. THIRD ROW: P. Anderson, C. Kochman, R. Richwine, B. Wegehoft, D. Shepard, T. Hicks, L. Oliver, J. Drake, M. Etchison, T. Cook, L. Murray, M. Winings, M. Warner, D. Wittkamper. BACK ROW: C. Piirto, M. Fihe, K. Sanders, D. Linegar, M. Updegraff, D. Yates, M. Fettig, J. Holland, B. Bishop, J. Fortson. "With the assistance of Mr. Donald Brown, Troupe 58 proudly presents ..." This speech has been heard many times by the students of Willkie High throughout the years of the Troupe’s existence at our school. The club's purpose is to promote the dramatic arts. Every year a series of plays are produced by different groups within the organization. In the spring the whole organization takes on the task of developing a production on a much larger scale. The club tries to keep its membership limited so as not to have too large a group. The membership now stands at approximately 50 students. A group of apprentices are selected every fall. To become a full-fledged Thespian, 10 points must be earned. Points may be acquired by acting in a play, directing a play, or by participation in a production through stage crews and make-up committees. This organization adds to the cultural part of our school society and is very much appreciated and we are proud to have such a group in our school. Thespian officers are: (1 to r) Judy Helpling, treasurer; Mr. Brown, sponsor; Terry Cook, vice-president; Ramsey Elkins, president; Duane Wittkamper, recorder; and Jeanne Drake, secretary. 26Debaters Gain Knowledge Through Research FRONT ROW: P. Updike, J. Powell, G. Butcher, J. Sharp, J. Scott, L. Murray, C. Lehman. BACK ROW: S. Linegar, S. Han, B. Bishop, M. Winings, T. Floyd, R. Edens, and Mr. Brown. Under the leadership of Mr. Donald Brown the Debate Club has come to be an outstanding organization in our school. Through hard work, research, time, and extra effort, these boys have built up their store of knowledge so that they might travel throughout the state to compete with other schools. Every year there is one main debate subject that all the boys work on. This year the subject was stated as thus; "Resolved: That the Federal Government should adopt compulsory arbitration for the settlement of labor management disputes in basic industries." This year the club, composed of varsity and subvarsity, have traveled to Ball State University, Butler University, New Castle, Peru, and Kokomo. The varsity competes only with the varsity teams of the other schools and the sub-varsity competes only with the sub-varsity of other schools. The sub-varsity attends the meets in a competing capacity only when an extra judge is able to attend with the boys. Varsity debators are: (1 to r) Mark Winings, Lynn Murray, Terry Floyd, and Bill Bishop. 27Modern Language Club Enlightens Students The Modern Foreign Language Club was newly organized this year under the supervision of Mrs. Guerrero and Mr. Herndon. The club is composed of French and Spanish students. Their first big event wasthe annual Christmas caroling party. The club sang songs at Mr. Copeland's home, nursing homes, and Mercy Hospital. The club caroled through the halls. Each fore ign language group also sang two songs for the High School Christmas Party. They also made a tape for the WBMP radio station, which was played throughout the Holiday Season. The club reorganized the pen pal exchange this year. In March they presented two plays in French and Spanish. They sold concessions at basketball games to earn money to carry on various activities. Some of the seniors observed classes all day at Ball State University during National Foreign Language Week. The seniors in both French and Spanish took college achievement tests in their respective languages. The club had its annual banquet in the spring. All awards were presented at this time. Modern Language Club officers are: Fred Rickabaugh, president; Linda Oliver, secretary; Greg Goins, vice-president; and Lennart Melander, treasurer. KNEELING: S. Tam, T. Stevens, C. Lucas, T. Crimans. SEATED: T. McCorkle, K. Cotton, B. Holland, K. Oldag, J. McGill, L. Frazier, P. Balser, P. Forst, B. Knauer, A. Sullivan, P. Mitchell. THIRD ROW: K. Young, D. Rogers, B. Green, L. Loy, M. Etchison, L. Tancey, L. Keifer, W. Schauble, L. Oliver, C. Sentman, M. Rogers, S.Pelton, L. Davies, D. VanWinkle, R. Gillam, P. Shepard. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Herndon, D. Tharp, E. Stevens, V. Hillard, D. Shepard, D. Church, M. Lane, B. Acres, B. Fuller, C. Yarling, J. Dean, S. Sites, W. Gomez, S. Willhoite, C. Hasecuster, K. Sanders, B. Blackburn, B. DeLawter, Mrs. Guerrero. FIFTH ROW: C. Foor, L. Van-Horn, L. Winings, T. Hicks, B. Murphy, J. Burton, J. Badger, J. Drake, M. Fettig, K. Albers, D. Linegar, K. Cassidy, C. Svendsen, V. Sallee, K.Fetz, K. Bombersback, L. Peters, M. Fihe. BACK ROW: S. Hancher, S. Wimmer, S. Pearson, C. Clouser, K. Sanders, J. Buttler, L. Melander, K. Williams, G. Coffin, B. Bishop, M. Winings, S. Updergraff, F. Rickabaugh, G. Goins, E. Mangas, B. Reichart, and M. Warner. 28Latin Club Intrigued Many Students The Latin Club is one of the largest clubs at Willkie High and is sponsored by Mrs. Sharp. It has 87 members and is composed largely of freshmen and sophomores. Two consuls, a scriptor, and a quaestor were elected to help Mrs. Sharp carry out the duties and responsibilities of the club. Phil Updike and Clifford Lehman were elected to serve as consuls of the club this year. Robin Elston was elected scriptor and Barb Knauer was elected quaestor. To be a member of this club, a student must have taken Latin for at least one semester. The purpose of the club is to help the students learn and understand more about Roman cultures and customs. Meetings were held every third Wednesday of the month and were conducted by one of the consuls. One of the club's annual projects is singing Christmas carols in the halls of the hospital and in nursing homes throughoug the community. The annual initiation of new "Romans" is held at the close of the first semester when freshmen have completed their required one semester of Latin. Latin Club officers are: Clifford Lehman, consul; Barb Knauer, quaestor; Mrs. Sharp, sponsor; Robin Elston, scriptor; and Phil Updike, consul. KNEELING: T. Miller, M. Pavese, P. Updike, R. Brunnemer, C. Lehman, M. Gough. SEATED: M. Clouser, R. Bombersback, P. Mitchell, K. Oldag, J. McGill, D. Beasley, R. Elston, M. Rogers, C. Sentman, A. Sullivan, B. DeLawter. THIRD ROW: J. Vautaw, D. DeLawter, C. Carter, J. Cassidy, J. Harting, P. Williams, V. Hiatt, S. Kelly, K. Cassidy, P. Balser, P. Forst, C. Svendsen, D. Linegar, K. Sanders, S. Willhoite, K. Bombersback, D. Ford, Mrs. Sharp. FOURTH ROW: M. Fettig, C. Parker, K. Tyner, M. Fettig, J. Drake, S. Wimmer, B. Clouser, J. Cornelious, K. Baxter, L. Oliver, K. Cotton, T. Emery, C. Piirto, M. Willhoite, B. Wegehoft, S. Baxter, B. Knauer. FIFTH ROW: B. Widmeyer, J. Myerly, G. Piirto, J. Scott, J. Powell, G. Hocker, S. Mayfield, R. Sentman, J. Antle, M. Remington, S. Linegar, P. Willhoite, R. Sherman, B. Svendsen, N. Shepard, C. Jarvis. BACK ROW: T. Floyd, J. Armstrong, K. Sherman, T. Shickley, H. Julius, P. Anderson, D. Parry, J. Sharp, T. Farr, M. Winings, S. Han, D. Sherman, J. Claghom, R. Frye, C. Moore, and B. Downey. 29Student Council Works for Benefit of Students FRONT ROW: L. Frazier,R. Gillam, P. Forst, B. Knauer, S. Pelton, B. Cook, P. Mitchell, W. Schauble, B. Acres, K. Tharp. SECOND ROW: S. Fennimore, J. Cassidy, L. Frazier, B. Lynas, M. Fouts, M. Kiser, J. Cornelious, J. Helpling, T. Hopper, D. Hancher, J. Stafford. THIRD ROW: V. McCorkle, J. Anderson, J. Burton, M. Fettig, K. Albers, B. Fuller, M. Fettig, C. Yarling, G. Conner, Mr. Short. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Hiatt, E. Mangas, B. Baker, T. Shickley, M. Winings, B. Bishop, T. Floyd, J. Graham, D. Reynolds, L. Melander, E. Wellnitz, T. Dillan, and Mr. Singleton. Student government takes shape at Willkie High through the Student Council which strives to form a smooth relationship between the faculty and the student body. This organization enables the students to express their opinions about their school environment. Through the combined efforts of the 1964-65 Council and the now existing one, Willkie High proudly had their own foreign exchange students. They were Miss Waltraud Schauble from Oldenburg, Germany, and Mr. Lennart Melander from Stockholm, Sweden. The program is now in its second year, being started last year. The Student Council also had charge of many other activities including den activities every Wednesday night, the Morp dance, Homecoming activities, the Halloween party, a Beatnik dance, and the annual International Day program. Student Council officers are: FRONT ROW: Joy Burton, parliamentarian; Louise Frazier, treasurer; Mary Fettig, vice-president; Carol Yarling, secretary. BACK ROW: Mr. Singleton and Mr. Hiatt, sponsors; Tim Shickley, president; and Mr. Short, sponsor. 30FBLA Trains Students Entering the Business World FRONT ROW: V. Sallee, R. Knopp, M. Kiser, B. Fuller, J. Lambert. SECOND ROW: T. Hopper, D. Cloud, J. Garner, K. Rittenhouse, C. Crockett, L. Moore, J. Hibst, C. Kilgore, L. Cloud, D. Yohe, C. Collier, L. VanHorn, J. Bradley, C. Jarvis, D. Carlson. THIRD ROW: Miss Walsh, M. Burton, L. Bollinger, D. Rittenhouse, J. Herniak, B. Lee, P. DeLong, B. Gibson, P. Kantner, J. Gardner, C. Groover, T. Thomas, B. Strong, D. DeLong, Mrs. Kintzel. FOURTH ROW: S. Kelly, R. Elkins, B. Murphy, S. Wimmer, C. Carlile, A. Campbell, M. Parsons, E. Galbreath, S. Beeman, A. Davenport, D. Ford, C. King, L. Stewart, L. York, J. Jarrett, S. Crouch, Mrs. Ottinger. FIFTH ROW: P. Budd, D. Cornwell, N. Hartsock, T. Williams, C. LaPierre, L. Graham, L. Davies, D. Goings, L. Loy, J. McCorkle, J. Doan, C. Kochman, D. Balser, T. Trimble, B. Johns, D. Aldridge, J. Ward, and J. Buttler. The Future Business Leadersof America is a national organization for students enrolled on the business course, or those simply interested in the world of business. Under the direction of Miss Walsh, Mrs. Ottinger, and Mrs. Kintzel, the FBLA, a newly established organization at Willkie High, has made a very successful start. Willkie's chapter, which is affiliated with the state chapter, has adopted the same motto as the national organization--"Service, Education, Progress." Its colors are royal blue on gold as are those of the state chapter. The FBLA members pledge themselves to twelve purposes. One of the more important is to develop competent, aggressive leadership; another, to strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work; and probably the most necessary--to encourage business occupations. The FBLA and its sponsors are busily looking toward the future at which time they hope to establish the FBLA as one of Willkie's most successful and interesting organizations, and to have inspired in the minds of its members the importance of responsibility and the willingness to work. FBLA officers are: Leslie Loy, reporter; Doug Balser, treasurer; Mrs. Ottinger, sponsor; Carol Kilgore, recording secretary; Miss Walsh, sponsor; Terry Trimble, vice-president; Mrs. Kintzel, sponsor; Marsha Burton, president; Joy Burton, historian; Christy Kochman, corresponding secretary.Key Club Builds Citizens of Tomorrow Key Club officers are: Jeff Marcuson, vice-president; Tom Yates, secretary; Phil Anderson, president; and Mr. Snyder, sponsor. The Key Club is sponsored by the Elwood Kiwanis Club. Leading the club's activities this year as president is Phil Anderson. The other officers are: Jeff Marcuson, vice-president; Tom Yates, secretary; and Charles Shaw, treasurer. Mr. Ralph Snyder is the faculty sponsor. The Key Club is a service club and meets once a week at the Elwood Community Center. The main project under consideration this year was a paperback book store in our school. Key Club sponsor the Cheer Club which sends flowers to shut-ins and helps rest homes. The highlight of every year's activities is the Key Club Convention. The club sends delegates to the Clay-pool Hotel where they meet hundreds of followers from all over the United States and Canada. The purpose of the convention is to compare experiences and to exchange ideas for the betterment of each club. FRONT ROW: J. Marcuson, D. Klein, C. Lehman, G. McDaniels, M. Remington. SECOND ROW: H. Julius, J. Scott, C. Frazier, E. Mangas, J. Fletcher, M. Updegraff. BACK ROW: Mr. Snyder, T. Yates, D. Smith, T. Mc-Quitty, J. Fortson, P. Anderson, L. Melander, and K. Justus. 32Sunshine Society Strived for Main Objective— Charity FRONT ROW: S. Willhoite, S. Sheedy, J. Beeman, S. Stokes, L. Tancey, J. Hibst, B. Wegehoft. BACK ROW: E. Tolle, S. Beeman, E. Galbreath, M. Willhoite, M. Parsons, K. Sanders, A. Davenport, D. Ford, C. Filgore, S. Sizelove, and N. Schwear. The goal of the Sunshine Society is well exemplified by their motto, "Others." Some of the activities of the society this year included making Christmas baskets, selling candy, and having a Christmas party. The creed of the society well explains the purpose of their organization. "With love in my heart, forgetting self, and with charity for all, I will make the object of my life helpfulness and kindness to others. I shall try to fit myself to give intelligent service in making my community a safer and more beautiful place in which to live. Thus, will my own life become rich and complete." The Sunshine Society truly tries to show what can be gained by giving instead of receiving. Sunshine Society officers are: Carol Kilgore (SEATED) president. STANDING: Millie Willhoite, treasurer; Deena Ford, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Schwear and Mrs. Tolle, sponsors; Susan Willhoite, vice-president; Betsey Wegehoft, business secretary. 33V.I.C.A. Promotes Learning by Doing Machine Shop members are: FRONT ROW: M. Richwine, L. Sexton, R. Stover, J. Graham, R. Coin. BACK ROW: J. Werline, S. Frye, D. Kohn, R. Harris, J. Miller, F. Mort, and S. Norris. This year a new club was added to our list of school organizations. WillkieHigh is now a member of VICA, a national organization. The VICA has two chapters, Building and Trades and Machine Shop. The officers of Building and Trades are as follows: Mike Alexander, president; John Wright, vice-president; Tom Martin, secretary; and Tom Courtney, treasurer. Mr. Watson is the faculty sponsor. This club built a garage at the York and Dunnichay Funeral Home and they also built a trailer for storing equipment which they will use this summer to build a house. The officers of the Machine Shop are as follows: Ray Stover, president; Jack Werline, vice-president; Richard Harris, secretary; Mark Richwine, treasurer; and Fred Mort, sergeant-at-arms. Mr. Rayshich is the faculty advisor. The primary concern of this club is to promote better relationships between the employer and employee, who is now a student in vocational training. The club plans to meet the various employers, talk to them and have them visit the machine shop. They also hope to get the public interested in the club. Building and Trades members are: FRONT ROW: Mr. Watson, D. Reynolds, T. Martin, D. Knopp, M. Alexander, J. Wright, T. Jones, J. Arnold, J. Bragg. BACK ROW: R. Cherry, T. Courtney, D. Horseman, M. Elsworth, J. Dye, and T. Bryan. 34F.F.A. and Concessions Execute Many Services FFAmembers are: (1 to r) T. Williams, T. Dailey, M. McCorkle, B. Leavell, J. Wilburn, R. Mays, H. Mc-Dermitt, L. Willkie, B. Spoone, D. Butler, G. McDermitt, Mr. Plunkett, and J. Williams. One club which brings a lot of enjoyment to the fans of Willkie High athletic events is known as the Concessions Club. This group is overlooked by many and is unknown to some, but it is vital to our school. The main purpose of this organization is to supply refreshments to the sports fans. This club also serves as a storehouse of funds to the other school organizations when they need financial aid. This service is greatly appreciated by everyone. Mr. Phillip Brown is the head sponsor with Mrs. Starkey, Mrs. Spreen, and Mr. Everidge on the committee. Another important group at Willkie High is the Future Farmers of America. This club has taken great pride in their main project this year. It consisted of a 32-acre plot of corn. This chapter has been very active this year. Members of the group attended the National FFA Convention at Kansas City, and State Convention at Purdue University, and various district meetings. Special events included a Parent-Son Banquet and a camping trip to the Yellow Woods State Forest. Thisyear the boys presented a Thanksgiving basket and a Christmas basket to two needy families. The group is sponsored by Mr. Robert Plunkett. Concessions Club members are: FRONT ROW: J. McDaniels, S. Fennimore, T. Jordan, S. Grose. SECOND ROW: C. Lucas, D. Balser, L. Crouse, D. Faulstich, B. Sallee, J. Adams, D. Baxter. BACK ROW: Mrs. Spreen, M. Rieman, D. Fuller, S. Stage, D. Baxter, M. Romine, Mrs. Starkey, and Mr. Brown. 35Small Music Groups Displayed Talent and Enthusiasm SAFARIS: Carol Yarling; Helen Bouslog; Jeanne Drake; Marilyn Swift, acc.; Vicki Hiatt; Maureen Etchison; and Melody Fouts. This year four vocal groups performed before various school and civic functions. Three of these groups were composed of members of the Willkie High choir. One of these groups, the Safaris, was a girl's sextet. It consisted of three seniors, two juniors, and one sophomore. These girls were very active and very much in demand throughout the year. Another group was the Trilights, a girl's trio. It consisted of one senior and two juniors. This was a new group at Willkie and was very active in its first year of existence. The final group from the choir was the Boy's Quartet. It consisted of three juniors and one sophomore. This was also a group just formed this year. The boy's specialty was the singing of barbershop music which was well received by the student body and civic functions at which they performed. Some members of the Glee Club also formed a group. This group was known as the Harmonettes. The group delighted various audiences throughout the year with their singing abilities. BOY'S QUARTET: Alleta Davenport (acc.) Steve Willhoite Lynn Murray Jeff Hoffman Kenny Jones HARMONETTES: Nedra Shepard and Janet Myerly (acc.); Terry Jordan, Kathy Saint, Barbara DeLawter, Francene Pace, Linda Ewing, and Jane Gamer. TRILIGHTS: Alleta Davenport (acc.); Judy Phenengar; Kathy Fetz; and Tammy Fetz. 36FT A Prepares Students for Roles As Teachers FRONT ROW: T. McCorkle, S. Willhoite, J. Harting, P. Williams, W. Gomez, P. Low, M. Etchison, V. Davies, W. Schauble, K. Young, J. Magers, K. Fetz. SECOND ROW: K. Sanders, S. Kelly, D. Shepard, M. Willhoite, B. Holland, B. Lynas, D. Van Winkle, L. Oliver, M. Etchison, V. Sallee, C. Svendsen, Miss House. BACK ROW: Mr. Barnett, E. Mangas, G. Hipes, H. Julius, L. Melander, J. Magers, B. Kwalik, R. Robinson, D. Sherman, J. Claghorn, and Mr. Baker. This was the second year for the Future Teachers of America. The FTA was originated due to the need for an organization to aid students who play to become teachers. It has proved to be an interesting and enlightening organization for all members. The purpose of the club is to help students become better acquainted with the teaching profession and to help them decide whether their life's vocation lies in this field. The seven good qualities of a teacher are named in the FTA pledge as follows: "A teacher must have physical vitality, moral discrimination, mental vigor, wholesome personality, helpfulness, knowledge, and leadership." The club holds its regular meetings once a month. The FTA members served as hosts for Career Day and Open House. They also sent delegates to the state convention in the fall. At the convention Dave Sherman was elected fourth vice-president and Cathy Svendsen was chosen as Miss Future Teacher of America for Area 4. The state theme for this year is—"The teacher: Will we measure up?" The International Future Teachers of America's project for this year is to get an FTA chapter started in a school near your own. The officers of FTA are: FRONT ROW—John Claghorn, treasurer; Gary Hipes, president; Linda Oliver, vice-president; Wilma Gomez, historian; Jude Magers, Secretary. BACK ROW: Sponsors Mr. Barnett, Miss House and Mr. Baker; and Cathy Svendsen, parliamentarian. 37Choir and Glee Club Harmonize to FRONT ROW: M. Swift, L. Peters, M. Monahan, S. Stokes, B. Farr, T. Thomas, C. Benedict, A. Baker, B. Covey, A. Davenport. SECOND ROW: H. Bouslog, C. Vinson, C. King, M. Gough, B. Bambrough, S. Williams, S. Will-hoite, W. Schauble, L. McQuire, J. Comelious, M. Etchison. THIRD ROW: K. Fetz, J. Drake, V. Hiatt, S. Sheedy, L. Murray, J. Antle, P. Whitenack, K. Jones, T. Creamer, J. Long, M. Fouts, D. Runyon. FOURTH ROW: M. Lane, M. Smith, C. Yarling,N. Garner, D. Baxter, J. Hoffman, G. Engelhardt, J. Fletcher, D. Parry, J. Phenegar, T. Fetz, P. Runyan, and G. Howell. Under the direction of Mr. Clifford Brugger, this year's Willkie High Choir produced many outstanding performances to delight their audiences. With an accent on harmony the choir performed at various school and civic functions. The choir performed before the entire student body at the annual Christmas and Thanksgiving programs. This year the choir initiated a new and different concept of performing by having various "walk-on" programs. These programs were used mostly at the many civic performances. The group also performed at the annual Madison County Choral Festival which was held in March. The officers of this year's choir areas follows: Jane Comelious, president; Jeff Hoffman, vice-president; Kathy Fetz, secretary; Tammy Fetz, treasurer; and Nancy Garner, scrapbook keeper. Choir officers are: FRONT ROW: Jeff Hoffman, vice-president; Jane Comelious, president. BACK ROW: Nancy Gamer, Scrapbook keeper; Tammy Fetz, treasurer; and Kathy Fetz, secretary. 38Delight Both Young and Old Alike FRONT ROW: J. Vautaw, D. Rittenhouse, T. Moore, C. Heflin, C. Edgell, B. Brewer, P. Hartsock, J. Garner, B. Culp, E. Shepard. SECOND ROW: S. Stokes, S. Beeman, K. Saint, B. Gibson, T. Warfel, B. DeLawter, F. Pace, P. Day, C. Crable, C. Carter, J. Weston. BACK ROW: S. Fetz, B. Murphy, L. Graham, T. Jordan, V. Benedict, D. Cornwell, S. Anderson, D. Parker, B. Lane, L. Ewing, P. Kantner. SEATED at piano are (1 to r) N. Shepard and J. Myerly. The Glee Club, an all-girl chorus, consisting of thirty-six members with Mr. Clifford Brugger as director, provided an enjoyable year of good listening entertainment for Willkie High students, faculty, and their public audiences. The girls have chosen navy blue, A-line skirts with long-sleeved white blouses as their attire. For a money-making project they sold tickets to their special musical, held in April. "A Potpourri of Christmas Songs" was the theme for the club's Christmas program which was held on December 17. The group also accompanied the choir to the Madison County Choral Festival in March. Glee Club officers are: Bonnie Gibson (SEATED), president; (STANDING) Sharon Beeman, vice-president; Penny Kantner, secretary; Kathy Saint, treasurer; Linda Ewing, scrapbook keeper. 39In New Uniforms Our Panther Band Pantherettes and Drum Major are: FRONT ROW: D. Van Winkle, B. Lynas, L. Davies, V. Hillard, D. Sherman, L. Vanhorn, D. Sizelove, C. Svendsen. SECOND ROW: J. Hooker, T. Bottoms. THIRD ROW: L. Stewart, B. Wegehoft, D. Harrett, V. McCorkle. FOURTH ROW: C. Kilgore, S. Davies, D. Goings. Resplendent in flashy new uniforms, our Panther Band is an organization we are most proud of for the many honors it has brought to our school and community. In the short time of six months, $12,000 was raised through the co-operation of many in the community. The uniforms are a rich navy blue, with a scarlet stripe down the sides. The white and sacrlet overlays may be removed, thus revealing a concert uniform, complete with scarlet cummerbund and bow ties. White naugahyde hats with white plumes complete the outfit. The band first wore the new uniforms at the "500" parade and pre-race activities. Last August, following countless hours of hard work, our Mighty Panther Band placed 8th at the Indiana State Fair Band Contest, ahead of both Anderson and Alexandria. The Panther Band also performed at other events including the Thanksgiving and Christmas chapels, halftime at the football and basketball games, and the annual Variety Show presented in March. Assisting Director Rex Jenkins and Assistant Director Clifford Brugger as officers were: Steve Wingrove, captain; Jane Cornelious, lieutenant; Dave Sherman, drum major; Vicki Hillard, head majorette; and Cathy Svendsen, assistant head majorette.Captured Eighth at the State Fair Band board members are: FRONT ROW: V. Hillard, E. Mangas, J. Cornelious, S. Wingrove, D. Sherman. SECOND ROW: C. Svendsen, R. Robinson, C. Kilgore, B. Lynas, S. Shaw, D. VanWinkle. THIRD ROW: M. Brad-dock, J. Simmons, P. Mitchell, M. Johns, S. Dietzer, P. Updike. 41Destinies Unlimited A C Willkie offers a variety of curricula. No matter what vocation a student plans to pursue, there is a course that will best suit his needs. The academic and technical courses are designed for the college-bound students. For the students entering the business world there is the Business Education course. Industrial Arts and Home Economics give a knowledge of experience in selecting a job and in the role of housewife, respectively. Today, more than ever before, we find a need to learn all that is possible and advance into the world as young adults. A D E M I I would live to study and not study to live. Francis Bacon SThrough English Courses We Achieve the For one to achieve success in our modem world, he must have a wide knowledge of the usage of his own language. Nothing is more important to us than being able to communicate intelligently with our fellow man. To gain this ability, three years of English is required. Often many students further their knowledge by taking a fourth year of the English subject. First semester English is devoted to the grammar and correct usage of the language. With at least three semesters of this, we can help our understanding grow. Second semester English introduces us to the literature of many famous people. But English is not just grammar and literature. Book reports give us an even wider view of the world, and its happenings in nonfiction and develop our minds with the reading of good fiction. Many different areas of English are offered at Willkie. These include journalism, speech, advanced composition, and honors English. As we each take our respective roads of life, our English will play a large part in determining whether we travel a narrow path or a wide super highway. Tom Farr receives help from Miss Diegel as he compiles reference material. Larry Frye is shown giving the traditional six weeks book report as Mrs. Starkey listens intently. 44Ability to Communicate with Mankind Members of the speech classes are shown as they enjoyed a trip to the Elwood radio station, WBMP, as one of their class activities. Miss Digel helps sophomore Jim Hopper with an English problem in the high school library. 45Science and Mathematics Create a Judy Helpling and Tim Shickley measure weights dur- Lynn Davies and Bob Baker try out some of the new ing a physics lab. equipment in chemistry class. Each new discovery about life, every new drug, and every technical detail mastered in the conquest for space has been based on some field of science. Science has altered civilization drastically over the centuries in communication, industry, medicine, lighting, clothing, and in general understanding of the universe. Science has been systemized and arranged into categories of the abstract sciences, natural sciences, and human sciences. The science program of Willkie High school offers courses of advanced biology, biology, chemistry, physical science, and physics. The science department enhances these programs by providing field trips, films, and interesting labs. Innumerable career opportunities await aggressive young scientists skilled in some scientific field. Not many other sources of work can provide progress and the betterment of mankind so wonderfully as science. Paula Mitchell and Matt Warner are shown as they mount their grasshoppers during the first big lab experiment in biology class.Foundation for the Building Blocks of Life Bill Rebuck and Larry Crouse look on as Phil Anderson explains a difficult trigonometry problem. A science treating of the exact relations existing between two quantities and operations and of the methods by which quantities sought are deducible from others known or supposed is mathematics. Mathematics has been hailed as the "Queen of the Sciences" because its various fields affect so many aspects of our daily lives. It is almost impossible to explore and master all of the branches of math in a lifetime. Mrs. Spreen shows Leslie Henderson one of the fundamentals of plane geometry. Willkie High tries to offer every student the opportunity to choose the math courses which will prepare him for future advancement. These choices may be made from algebra, plane geometry, trigonometry, advanced algebra, senior math, and general math courses. Mathematics offer a wide range of vocational opportunities. Jeff Simmons is shown writing a problem on the blackboard in a freshman algebra class. 47In Our Ever Demanding World Our Beginning students learn the basic fundamentals of the French language. Foreign language plays an important part in the modern world of today. This is one of the reasons why we should feel very pleased that here at Willkie first, second, and third year Latin, French, and Spanish are offered every year. This year we are continuing to use last year's new equipment; the new language lab tapes and books. These sources are helping us in learning to speak and write the language. We are also learning the culture of the countries where these different languages are now spoken. Latin, taught by Mrs. Sharp, helps us understand the origin of our modem languages; while Spanish, taught by Mrs. Guerrero, captures the essence of South America and Spain. French, taught by Mr. Herndon, puts us a little closer to France and its different colonies. In this world of today, foreign language, a means of communication, is a vital part of the curriculum of our schools today. Mrs. Guerrero aids students in Spanish pronounciation on the portable lab. 48Ties Must Be Bound Closer Together French, Spanish, and Latin students get into the holiday spirit with a Christmas party. Paula Mitchell and E na Davies use word cards to show the different verb forms in Latin. 49Industrial Arts Provides Needed Scott Norris, Scott Fry, Dave Kohn, and Richard Harris are shown working on a project in machine shop. Mr. Largent assists Eldie Wentz in printing class as Dale Bell, Bill Niccum, and Bill Noel set up prints. 50Experience for Future Job Opportunities One of the many subjects offered on the Industrial Arts course is blue-print reading. The Industrial Arts Department at Willkie High trains today the people who will become the craftsmen of tomorrow. This department becomes more important each year as additional equipment and courses are added. Some graduates of the course seek additional training; others go directly into the work force. Either way, the industrial arts department seeks to provide the best instruction possible. The courses offered include printing, electricity, mechanical drawing, woodworking, machine shop, and blue print reading. Each is taught by qualified instructors using the latest available equipment. Maximum safety precautions are enforced at all times. Although the majority of students taking industrial arts courses are boys, a course in Home Mechanics is offered for girls. Members of the Building Trades are shown as they build a trailer which was used to transport their equipment. 51Art and Music Provided Students Mr. Miller instructs his 6th period art class on the anatomy of man. One of the main objectives of a good school is to present a curriculum that offers subjects that will enrich our lives as well as increase our knowledge. The art classes of Willkie offer a wide scope of projects in which one may express himself. In all ages man has expressed himself with paintings and other artistic forms. As life continues, he will still vent his feelings in shapes of art. All art is divided into two branches; the fine arts, in which emotional expressiveness is the sole objective, and the useful arts, in which utility is the chief objective. In both branches of art, students here at Willkie High have the opportunity to work. Under the direction of Mr. Miller and Mrs. Guerrero, the students have completed many projects with an enthusiasm only interest and learning can bring out. 52with a Form for Expressing Themselves Mr. Rex Jenkins, band director, leads the band through various numbers during the daily 6th period class. In this day and age when music and the teenager are mentioned, one usually thinks that all of the younger generation has their minds geared to a loud drum beat and a few guitars. But every school with a music department proves that this statement is incorrect. Our school offers a very good variety of musical participation in respect to the facilities. The Girls Glee Club and Choir, under the direction of Mr. Clifford Brugger, work on a variety of medleys for their own pleasure and the pleasure of others. Often they present their talent to the community and county. Within both groups there are various smaller groups. The Panther Band, directed by Mr. Rex Jenkins, furthers its members' knowledge with many numbers of famous composers as well as modern composers. With all the enthusiasm shown in the phases of the music department, it is certain that we have gained a wider background for our future lives. Members of the choir enjoy singing many of the popular songs of today.The Duty of Becoming a Better Citizen It is the duty of every high school student to become a better citizen. Willkie High offers many courses whose aims are to prepare these youths to meet the problems of tomorrow . One learns of past and present cultures in world history, geography, U.S. history, civics, sociology, economics, and psychology. These studies inform us of problems which earlier men incurred. With a knowledge of these problems, we can build a better America in the future when we take our places in our society . Through courses such as these the students have a clear understanding of their future roles as adult citizens . Mrs. Sheridan arouses the interests of students enrolled in her World History class. Members of Mr. Brown's Geography class proudly display the maps they prepared as a class project. KNEELING are: K. Tharp, L. Winings, B. Clouser, K. Clouser, C. Hasecuster. STANDING are: A. Claghom, M. Downing, T. Murray, D. Balser, and Mr. Brown. Carol Kilgore points out an area of national concern during U.S. History class. 54Is Learning Business and Government The students enrolled in Bookkeeping work diligently to keep accurate and up-to-date records. The business world is all around us, every minute of the day. The Business Education Course at WillkieHigh allows students to gain the much needed knowledge which is essential when they emerge into this world of business. Subjects such as office machines, typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, business law, and business math cover every area of business. Once the fundamentals have been learned, there is almost always an advanced class to further the student’s knowledge. The teaching staff and equipment used on the business course have helped students to understand business and howto apply what they have learned to school and other forms of every day life. Business is an everyday occurrence that the students of Willkie High’s Business Course can take in stridebe-cause they are prepared. In order to complete assignments, students conscientiously use their time in typing class. 55Home Economics Stresses Homemaking Marion Parsons, Cheryl Cook, Beth Morgan, and Bonnie Blackburn work on home projects in beginning sewing after having finished their required projects. Home Economics prepares girls for the duties of being a good housekeeper, master cook, seamstress, mother, as well as many other jobs which a girl will need to know in the future. This course is enjoyable as well as knowledgeable. There are many beginning and advanced classes from which to choose. A boy's class is also taught. Thanks to Mrs. Tolle and Mrs. Schwear who do their very best to teach the girls as well as the boys the essentials of home economics which are used every day. In Mrs. Tolle's foods class girls learn the essentials of being a good cook. 56Driver Education and Physical Education Develop Skills Boy's Physical Education classes leam the techniques wrestling. Every freshman and sophomore inWil-lkie High School is aided in becoming a better person both mentally and physically through health and physical education. Physical education developes the body through sports and gymnastics. New sports such as archery have been added to the curriculum over the years. of Girl's P.E. classes warm up with a game of volley ball. Driver Education is becoming a more and more popular class every semester. Students are realizing the importance of skillful driving. Through this course they can acquire these skills, and learn the rules of the roads. Knowing you have passed such a course seems to make the driver's test a little easier. Mr. Shook displays the parts of the automobile to his driver education students. 57D.C.E. and N.Y.C. Prepared Mr. Plunkett answers one of the many questions brought up by students concerning their jobs. Diversified Cooperation Education is one of the courses in which the student actually has two classrooms. The first classroom is located at school. In this classroom, Mr. Robert Plunkett teaches general and specific related items which the students can apply to their jobs. The second classroom is the establishment where the student works. In this classroom the student learns from actual experience and the employer helps the student during his training. It is here that the student can apply what he has learned from his D.C.E. class at school. The work experience helps the student decidewhat kind of vocation he will enter, as well as train him in a certain vocation which he might use later in life. D.C.E. has grown to be a very popular course to the students of Willkie High. D.C.E. student, Christy Kockman is shown as she Donita Shepard hurriedly types some important material diligently works in Mr. Kintzel's office. for Mr. Hinds, for whom she works on the D.C.E. course. 58Students for Future Vocations N.Y.C. class, under the guidance of Mr. Ray, study during their class time hours. A new course has been added to the Wendell Willkie curriculum this year. It is known as the Elwood Neighborhood Youth Corps. It is commonly called N.Y.C. We are happy to report that Willkie High is among the first schools to establish N.Y.C. in Indiana. Besides Elwood six other programs have organized in Indiana. This course under the direction of Mr. George Ray requires three hours of classroom work and three hours of work experience. The student must be from 16 to 21 years of age. N.Y.C. is available for students up to two years and a total of three credits are given per semester. There is a limit of 50 students and this year 43 students are enrolled. N.Y.C. student Susan Beeman works daily in the high school office. Martha Ingram aids Karen Baxter filling out her library card. 59 Destinies Unlimited Athletics build strong bodies and sturdy minds . The important aspect of athletics is not in winning, although it does provide impetus in all sports . The true value in athletics comes from the amount of pleasure gained. Another important factor is team co-operation and spirit. Willkie's department of athletics has grown in recent years. This year is added a wrestling team. A vital factor in all competitive sports is school spirit. The success of the team depends largely upon the backing of the student body. To love the game beyond the prize . Henry NewboldThe Path of TRACK E OP Tipton 21 88 Pendleton 39 70 Burris 37 72 Oak Hill Mississinewa 30-62-45 Marion Relays 5 points Noblesville Alexandria 32-83-35 Peru 36 71 New Castle Invitational 16 points-5th Madison Heights 33 76 CIC at Tipton 16 points-5th Alexandria Mississinewa 59-24-68 Sectional at Muncie 5 points-8th Regional at Tech 2 points State at Tech 1 3 point CROSS COUNTRY Highland 17 42 New Castle 30 28 Peru 17 39 Southport Invitational 103 points- 5th Tipton Hartford City 45-23-64 Alexandria Wabash Oak Hill-Mississinewa- 54-33-38 Northwestem 58 -84-41-45 Pendleton 39 21 CIC at Peru 122 points-6th Middletown 30 27 Sectional at Anderson 269 points-9th GOLF Madison Heights 2 1 2 12 1 2 Peru 6 1 2 8 1 2 Noblesville 7 8 Tipton 13 2 Frankfort 8 7 Alexandria 17 1 2 2 Pendleton 5 10 Burris 7 8 Middletown 15 0 Lebanon 5 10 St. Mary's 10 5 CIC at Peru Champions Laporte Invitational 15th-3 34 Culver Invitational 3rd-325 Sectional 6th-312 BASEBALL Madison Heights 3 4 Wabash 1 4 Sharpsville 9 1 Windfall 12 6 Muncie Burris 8 4 Thomtown 7 2 Hamilton Heights 9 5 Muncie Burris 7 0 Zionsville 13 5 Sheridan 12 8 Indianapolis Arlington 4 2 Carmel 2 7 Westfield 11 8 Mid-Central Conference Westfield 4 2 Sheridan 12 6 Madison Heights 3 6 the Panthers TENNIS E OP Wabash 0 7 Tipton 4 3 Anderson 3 4 Wabash 1 6 Peru 0 7 Burris 0 7 Hartford City 3 4 Tipton 2 5 CIC 4th WRESTLING Fairmount 35 18 Sheridan 38 15 T ipton 23 29 Hamilton Heights 12 42 Fairmount 36 14 Tipton 28 24 GYMNASTICS TEAM Portland 45 42 Hoag land 52 36 Wabash 39 1 2 47 1 2 Hoagland 51 37 FOOTBALL Noblesville 0 7 Hartford City 19 0 Muncie South Side 12 6 Alexandria 17 22 Madison Heights 3 21 Tipton 32 18 Peru 6 27 West Lafayette 12 13 Wabash 13 13 Huntington 0 55 BASKETBALL Sheridan 73 57 Muncie South Side 48 72 Indianapolis Tech 60 68 Huntington 49 64 Cathedral 47 53 Noblesville 83 58 New Castle . 72 71 Holiday Tourney Lafayette Jeff 68 80 Valparaiso 62 89 Madison Heights 68 74 Fort Wayne Central 69 91 Burris 62 77 Oak Hill 73 69 Alexandria 67 74 Shelbyville 69 71 Hartford City 63 68 Tipton 52 54 Wabash 81 76 Highland 87 66 Peru 66 61 Sectional Tourney Pendleton 60 48 Markleville 79 81 62E-Men Perform Many Useful Acts FRONT ROW: B. Badger, D. Peters, B. Updegraff, B. Frye, D. Hinds, T. Martin, F. Mort. SECOND ROW: B. Stage, S. Edgell, M. Alexander, G. McDaniels, D. Balser, J. Richardson, P. Swinford, J. Werline. THIRD ROW: E. Smith, L. Chinn, K. Cannon, J. Bourff, K.Kleinbub, D. Yates, M. Updegraff, T. Yates. BACK ROW: Coach Shook, K. Justus, J. Stiner, R. Stover, T. Murray, S. Poole, D. Green, J. Marcuson, E. Wentz, and Coach Burton. E-men officers are: (1 to r) Dan Hinds, vice-president; Jeff Marcuson, secretary-treasurer; Bob Frye, president; and Tom Yates, sergeant at arms. The E-Men under the sponsorship of Mr. Larry Shook performed many useful acts. The lettermen sell concessions at the junior high and freshman games. They, in addition, provide for the printing of the programs which are used for the enjoyment of the fans at each home football and basketball game. It is indeed an honor to belong to the E-Men Club. To be a member the boys must participate in a sport and earn a letter. The E-Men help to stimulate school spirit and promote interest and enthusiasm. 63Gymnastics and G.A.A. FRONT ROW: J. Altherr, R. Holt, S. Jones, L. Green, B. Holt, J. Lambert, B. Burton, D. Green. SECOND ROW: B. Clouser, J. Gardner, J. Simmons, N. Willhoite, S. Fakes, D. Lane, L. Winings. THIRD ROW: B. Castle, D. Bouslog, S. Willhoite, J. Stiner, C. Williams, D. Spitzmesser, D. Balser, K. Dever, G. Green, and Mr. Johnson. Members of the team were: FRONT ROW: D. Spitzmesser, K. Dever, D. Baker, G. Green. BACK ROW: Mr. Johnson, B. Svendsen, J. Stiner, and S. Willhoite. Doug Baker (left) and Gary Green are shown as they work-out on the parallel bars. A very active group at Willkie this year was the 25 members of the Gymnastics Club. Under the direction of Mr. Mike Johnson, the group put on three half-time shows during the basketball season. The first show included the entire group. The next half-time performance featured select members who performed floor exercises. The last half-time show featured the team members, who demonstrated their talents on the side horse and parallel bars. The purpose of the club is to develop an appreciation of body fitness and gymnastics . The Gymnastics team, comprised of Doug Balser, Gary Green, Dick Spitzmesser, Jerry Stiner, Brad Svendsen, Kent Dever, and Steve Willhoite, had a very successful season this year by compiling a 3-1 won-loss record. The victories came at the hands of Portland and Hoagland (2). Their only defeat was to Wabash. This was a year of marked improvement for the entire club and we are very proud of the recognition the club has brought to Willkie High. 64Developed Body and Mind FRONT ROW: M. Ingram, V. Wood, A. Collier, L. Kiefer, T. Kelich, J. Hobbs, W. Coons, Judy Garner. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Brooks, K. Niccum, S. Hanshew, D. Lee, J. Phenegar, A. McPhearson, K. Saint, M. Kiser, V. Powell. BACK ROW: T. Hopper, S. Parker, S. Hardebeck, M. Parker, B. Lane, T. Jordan, M. Kiefer, S. Pearson, J. Cor-nelious, S. Fete. This year the Girl's Athletic Association was organized under the direction of Mrs. Brooks. The girls met once a week to practice various sports, such as basketball, volley ball, and bowling. The girls entered various tournaments around the state. The club also had many successful projects. Their projects consisted of selling pennants and shakers and also a candy sale. The G. A. A. held an annual installation of officers and members. They also formulated a written constitution. Awards are given to the girls on the basis of a point system. Officers are: FRONT ROW: Mike Kiser--Vice-President, Kathy Saint--Recorder, Mrs. Brooks--Sponsor. BACK ROW: Gloria Hahn—Treasurer, and Judy Phenegar--President. 65Defeat Over Arch Rival Varsity Football Team: FRONT ROW--Dave Peters, Howard Huffman, Howard Badger, Sherman Updegraff, Larry Chinn, Fred Mort. SECOND ROW--Kreig Kleinbub, Gilly McDaniels, Doug Balser, Steve Edge 11} Bob Updegraff, John Mengelt, Kee Cannon, Dan Hinds, Bob Frye, Jeff Marcuson, Tom Yates. THIRD ROW--Coach Shook, Butch Stage, Lee Leisure, Terry Murray, Tim Linsmeyer, Dick Spitzmesser, Alan Hughes, Mark Updegraff, Dan Yates, Bob Drake, Coach Sheridan. FOURTH ROW--Jerry Werline, Steve Poole, Kevin Blankenship, Ray Stover, Mike Alexander, Kent Justus, Eldie Wentz, Jeff Bourff, Phil Swinford. Steve Poole is shown being downed by Hartford City foe while Gilly Me- Coach Shook contemplates the Pan-Daniels (71) and Larry Chinn (6) make futile attempts at blocking. thers next move. 66Tipton Highlights Grid Season Senior varsity members: FRONT ROW--M. Updegraff, D. Yates, T. Yates, S. Edge 11, L. Chinn, R. Stover. BACK ROW—M. Alexander, K. Kleinbub, F. Updegraff, J. Marcuson, T. Murray, D. Hinds, B. Frye, G. McDaniels, E. Wentz. Not Pictured—D. Balser, F. Mort, S. Poole. When the future stars of Willkie High School reported for football practice last fall, the days of practice sessions were filled with workouts. The squad was small but aggressive. The Panthers were definitely hurt by the graduation of 13 seniors from last year's squad. With this as a constant reminder, Coaches Shook and Sheridan, commonly known as the S S boys, concentrated on the nine returning lettermen. Two of these returning lettermen, Bob Frye and Jeff Marcuson, were chosen as co-captains. The wins this year were few but important. The Panthers defeated three teams; Muncie South, a new team on the schedule, Hartford City at the annual Homecoming game, and Tipton, a revenge game of last year's 40-0 outcome. Throughout the season nothing meant more to the team than the defeat of the school's arch rival, Tipton. This year, the Student Council initiated a lasting tradition of awarding the losing team in the annual battle between Elwood and Tipton a silver spike mounted on a wooden plaque. In the seniors last home showing, the mighty Panthers fought Wabash to a 13-13 tie. Almost every opponent of the Panthers were much bigger. The 1965 squad was also hampered by injuries throughout the entire season. This grid season marked the final high school gridiron performances of 18 seniors. Willkie High will long remember these boys for their outstanding athletic achievements. Steve Edgell leads the varsity players in their daily calisthenics. 67Junior Varsity Football Team: FRONT ROW--M. Coston, D. Fakes, L. Frye, R. Edgell, G. Green, M. Lewis. SECOND ROW--D. Baxter, C. Lucas, B. Kelly, K. Dever, P. Fahy, B. Juday, S. Tam. THIRD ROW—D. Smith, B. Alexander, T. McQuitty, J. Fletcher, E. Smith, S. Stage, B. Johns, Coach Herndon. Jr. Varsity Captures 6—1 Season Record. The 1965 Junior Varsity Football Team, under the leadership of Coach Herndon, captured six out of seven grid victories. The team's achievements were due to unlimited desire and stamina. These boys sacrificed their time and effort to combine their talents and make the squad one of the most successful in recent years. They displayed an ability to work together for the benefit of the entire squad. The team was composed of many outstanding junior and sophomore boys. With high hopes for a future varsity role, these boys worked many strenuous hours toward the goal of perfection . Most of the young Panthers' six victories were by sizeable margins. Their only defeat of the year came in the season finale, at the hands of the Tipton Blue Devils. The Devils upset the Panthers by just one lone point. 68Dennis Huntsinger and Chris Juday maneuver around opponent to tackle ball player. Freshmen Train for Future Varsity Roles This year the Freshmen took on a new look. They were coached by Mr. Joe Heath. This was Mr. Heath's first year at Willkie High. Under Coach Heath's guidance and through team co-operation and the desire to win,the young gridders achieved a record of five wins, two losses, and one tie. Their only defeats of the season were to Anderson South and Mississinewa. In the young clubs first debut as high school gridders, they struggled to a nothing to nothing tie with Anderson Madison Heights. All of the training and sportsmanship that the young cubs acquired will be carried over to future years when they will have a berth on the varsity. Freshman Football Team: FRONT ROW--P. Hahn, E. York, J. Gardner, G. Acres, J. Wilson, V. Leisure. SECOND ROW--K. Badger, J. Ball, B. Skinner, S. Miller, G. Lind, G. Harting, S. Hollowell. THIRD ROW—D. Huntsinger, J. Armstrong, R. Carpenter, B. Sherman, C. Juday, A. King, J. Davis, Coach Heath.Panther Club Uses Talents for ’65 Season Members of the Baseball Team are: FRONT ROW--J. Richardson, R. Romig, S. Poole, R. Stover, J. Connor, H. Badger. SECOND ROW--B. Drake ,T. Floyd, T. Murray, B. Updegraff, S. Updegraff, L. Chinn, D. Peters, B. Stage. BACK ROW--C. Shaw, G. McDaniels, K. Kleinbub, K. Justus, J. Bourff, J. Stiner, Coach Moore. Conference standings. At the Mid-Central Conference Tourney at Sheridan the Panthers defeated Westfield and Sheridan before losing the final game to Madison Heights of Anderson. Coach Bob Moore led the Panthers in their '65 season agression. Kent Justus awaits his turn at bat in the dugout. This year's Willkie High Baseball team was composed of 11 seniors and 7 juniors. The Panther's won-lost record was 12 wins and 4 losses. The boys worked together as a team, which accounts for their outstanding record. Thisyear's squad was exceptionally gifted with individual talents. Terry Murray and Gilly McDaniel led the team in pitching honors. Four members of the squad place in the top ten in the Mid-Central 70Cross Country Maintained Even Season Cross Country members are: FRONT ROW--D. Green, R. Robinson, T. Sparks, M. Davis, T. Austin. BACK ROW--L. Murray, J. Stiner, Coach Burton, T. Martin, S. Durham. This year the cross country team, coached by Mr. Gerald Burton, had a good season. The team won two of five dual meets and placed second and third at two triangular meets. They brought home fifth place at the Burris Invitational. They also captured sixth place in the Central Indiana Conference and would up the season by placing ninth at the Sectional meet. A well-rounded '66 season is expected, for the team will only lose the services of one member through graduation. The team will regain the services of Juniors; Kenny Croy, Randy Robinson, and Dennis Green; Sophomores; Tom Austin, and Tom Sparks will also be back to add their talents. M. Davis bandages Ron Smith's leg as T. Austin looks on. 71Golf Team: FRONT ROW--T. Austin, K. Jones, D. Kincaid, R. Wilson, R. Mays, R. Brunnemer. BACK ROW--Coach Shook, J. Scott, E. Alley, G. Drake, C. Frazier, K. Williams. Swinging Golfers Have Very Successful Year Willkie High golfers climaxed their season of 1965 with the winning of the Central Indiana Conference at Peru. This victory helped our school achieve the goal of getting the long awaited All Sports Trophy. Senior Ed Alley was also awarded the All Sports Award at the annual Central Indiana Conference Awards Banquet held in the high school cafeteria. Coach Larry Shook, in his initial year as sponsor of the golf team, assisted the boys in gaining an overall record of five wins and six defeats. On the varsity team for the season were: Seniors--Ed Alley and David Kincaid, Sophomores--Kent Williams and Russell Wilson, and Freshmen--Tom Austin and Joe Scott. The B-Team consisted of Seniors--Greg Drake, Junior—Chuck Frazier, Sophomore--Kenny Jones, and Freshmen--Richie Brunnemer and Roger Mays. Kenny Jones displays the golfer's grip and determination. Kent Williams demonstrates the technique of the follow -through. 72Larry McGuire, Jerry Vickery, and Mike Stevens practice the service, stance, and volley during regular practice sessions. Racketeers Were on Upswing with Good Season This Year's tennis team showed marked improvement with a record of three wins and four defeats. Under the able instruction of Coach Ray Manis, the tennis team also placed fourth in the Central Indiana Conference. One of the three victories was an upset over a very good Anderson team. This same victory held even more significance. It was the first time an Elwood tennis team had ever beaten an Anderson tennis team. Senior veteran Jerry Vickery fought a hard battle against the eventual conference champion before going down to defeat. Jerry came the closest to beating the eventual champion for his other wins were by sizeable margins. Tennis Team: FRONT ROW--Larry Chinn, John Mengelt, Tom Yates, Gilly McDaniels, Jeff Hoffman. BACK ROW--Jon Buttler, Steve Shaw, Coach Ottinger. 73Cindermen Strive for Improvement Varsity Track Team: FRONT ROW--Coach Burton, T. Martin, J. Burton, J. Marcuson, R. Stover. SECOND ROW--M. Alexander, D. Spitzmesser, K. Croy, J. Bourff, G. Strader, S. Edge 11. THIRD ROW—Coach Sheridan, M. Hank-ley, E. Smith, K. Cannon, Manager L. Shinkle, Coach Merritt. The 1965 version of the Panther "Cindermen," under the coaching ability of Mr. Jerry Burton, completed their season with an average record. The team, composed mostly of underclassmen, finished fifth in the C.I.C. meet and eighth in the sectional. Senior John Burton broke his own high school pole vault record and set a new mark of 13' 4 3 4". He was also voted Outstanding Athlete by the C.I.C. sports writers. The success of this year's track team was due to the efforts of many individuals. These efforts combined to produce a season which will be long remembered by many fans. Les Marcuson (far left) and Rick Groover (second from right) sprint from the starting line. 74Kreig Kleinbub clears a hurdle in a practice session. Gary Strader strides toward the finish line in hope of securing first place. In broad jump competition, John Burton leaps high as students look on. Junior Varsity Track Team: FRONT ROW--W. Kelly, B. Baker, R. Robinson, D. York, G. Connor, R. Tunis, D. Spitzmesser, K. Stevens, K. Croy. BACK ROW--Coach Sheridan, E. Smith, E. Childress, M. Alexander, K. Cannon, J. Bourff, Coach Merritt, Coach Burton. 75Panther Varsity Squad Displayed Hustle Varsity Members are: FRONT ROW: Howard Hook (Manager), Kent Justus, Danny Hinds, Larry Chinn, Butch Stage, Alan Hughes (Manager). BACK ROW: Coach Heath, Eldie Wentz, Kreig Kleinbub, Bob Drake, Kee Cannon, Dennis Huntsinger, Ed Smith, John Mengelt, Tom Yates (Manager). Senior Members are: Danny Hinds, Kent Justus, Kreig Kleinbub, Eldie Wentz, and Larry Chinn. 76and Desire During Hardwood Season In a victorious game over Oak Hill's Golden Eagles, Coach Joe Heath leaves the bench for a few seconds Eldie Wentz and Bob Drake go up for a rebound. as he appears a little upset with a certain play. This year's Panther squad took on a new look. Not only was there a new coach but a new crew. The Panthers, under the stewardship of joe Heath, advanced to a season win-loss record of 7-13. The inexperienced Panthers faced bigger and powerful opponents. The Panthers changed their Holiday Tourney sight to Lafayette, Indiana. The Panther wins came at the expense of Sheridan, Noblesville, New Castle, Oak Hill, Wabash, Highland, and Peru. Due to graduation the Panthers will lose Dan Hinds, Kent Justus, Kreig Kleinbub, Eldie Wentz and Larry Chinn. John Mengelt competes for a rebound with an Alex opponent early in the first quarter of play.Junior Varsity and Freshmen Gain Junior Varsity members are--FRONT ROW: Steve Stage, Dennis Fakes, Howard Huffman, Greg Johnson, Tom Sparks, Mark Richwine, David Baxter (manager). BACK ROW: Steve Linegar, Barney Alexander, Alan Claghorn, Jeff Bourff, Tim McQuitty, Mark Mitchell, Tom Austin. Freshman members are--FRONT ROW: Greg Halting, Gordon Lind. SECOND ROW: Coach Burton, Steve Hollowell, Parke Hahn, Robert Martin, Mike Tam, Jim Wilson, Jim Carroll (manager). BACK ROW: Terry Foor, Jerry Armstrong, Chris Juday, Larry High, Kenny Badger, Joe Davis. 78Valuable Experience for the Future Jerry Armstrong goes up for two points as an Alex Steve Iinegar cans two for Elwood during the Highland Jr. foe tries furtively to block the shot. Varsity game, won by Elwood. This year the Junior Varsity, under the tutorship of Coach Larry Shook, advanced to a 6-12 won-lost record. The young cubs faced many formidable opponents. Their season wins came at the expense of Sheridan, Muncie South Side, Muncie Burris, Tipton, Highland, and Alexandria. The game which highlighted the season took place on January 21, when the future Panthers blemished the perfect record of the Alexandria Tigers B-Team. The Freshman squad, coached by Mr. Jerry Burton, made its high school debut by compiling a 10-7 won-lost record. The club consisted of two teams- -the Freshman "A" and the Freshman "B" teams. The young Cubs won their home tourney with a 39-24 victory over Tipton in the afternoon game and a 49-23 defeat of arch rival Alexandria in the championship game. The Ushers this year included: FRONT ROW: J. Bragg, C. Jones, J. Niccum, B. Burton, J. Stafford, E. Childress. BACK ROW: R. Peatt, T. Sanders, C. Jackson, L. Willkie, A. Mottweiler, and B. Gal-breath. 79The Pep Club Cheerleader Senior members are: Barb Clouser, Marsha Burton, and Marilyn Bambrough.Under the capable sponsorship of Mrs. Rae-anna Sheridan, the five varsity and the four Junior Varsity cheerleaders successfully led our Panthers to many victories and kept school spirit alive during the 1965-1966 Sports Season. Leading the Panthers this year were pretty Varsity Cheerleaders: Marsha Burton, Marilyn Bambrough, Barb Clouser, Sherri Gillison, and Debby Beasley. The peppy and enthusiastic girls leading the Panther Cubs were: Kris Oldag, Kanda Kane, Dianne Rogers, and Polly Forst. Accepting the responsibility of being cheerleaders for the Freshman were: Pat Shepard--head, Cathy Tyner, Joanne Cassidy, and Susan Sites. The sponsor of these girls was Mrs. Deardorff. The Pep Club this year was really tremendous and quite outstanding. New this year, the block had red gloves which were used for hand motions and red and blue shakers which were used for letter formations. The officers that worked and produced this fine club were: Maureen Etchison--President, Mary Fettig--Vice-president, Joy Burton--Sophomore representative, Janet Meyerly--Freshman representative, and Sponsor--Mrs. Reanna Sheridan. Freshman cheerleaders are: Pat Shepard, Cathy Tyner, Joanne Cassidy, and Susan Sites. Cheerleaders and Pep Club Stimulate Spirit Among School Body B-team cheerleaders are: Diane Rogers, Kris Oldag, Polly Forst, and Kanda Kane.Willkie High Wrestler’s Initial Year Was Successful FRONT ROW: J. Yates, R. Edgell, L. Frye, E. York, G. Acres, S. Edgell, M. Alexander. SECOND ROW: J. Miller, M. Courtney, S. Bambrough, B. Frye, M. Updegraff, D. Butler, D. Wilson, M. Reiman. BACK ROW: Coach Hans Sheridan, Mgr. D. Yates, Mgr. F. Mort, B. Juday, S. Tam, J. Pace, S. Williams, D. Smith, and B. Skinner. For the first year Elwood High School has added wrestling to their many other athletic activities. This 28-member team was very successful with the competent help from coach, Mr. Hans Sheridan, and assistant coach, Mr. Larry Ottinger. During the regular season, the varsity squadwon four of six meets. The reserve squad, not as successful as the varsity, lost two of two matches by very close margins. The teams placed 2nd in the Tourney at Fairmount and came in last at the Indianapolis sectional. This sport has been very interesting and enjoyable to many and we hope that it will continue to be one of the athletic events in Willie's well-rounded sports curriculum. Brian Reichart, panther grappler, tries to pin an opponent during a season meet. 82Tourney Activities Spirit Willkie Students Betty Jo Green displays her winning sectional sign. Jeff Marcuson, King Red and Blue, gives rousing pep talk to student body. Tourney time came to Willkie with great enthusiasm. King Red and Blue, Jeff Marcuson, led the festivities. The Pep Committee and cheerleaders sponsored a sign contest. Miss Betty Green was the winner. In the Panthers opening game of the '66 Sectional they defeated the Pendleton Irish. The Panthers fell victim to Markleville in an 81-79 overtime win in the second game. Jeff Marcuson adds final touches to Senior's Hall decorations. Eldie Wentz, Panther center, talks with Steve Bower over WBMP before the big game. "WE'RE PROUD OF OUR TEAM" 83Destinies Unlimited: Willkie High is people. Each administrator, teacher, and student destinates what our school will be . All the personalities combine to formulate what we call Wendell L. Willkie High School. In the crowded halls, den at noon, or meetings after school, we come in contact with all sorts ofpersonal -ities . Some will become lifelong friends. As seniors graduate and freshmen enroll, the process of make new friends, but keep the old ones repeats itself. Friendship is to be purchased only by Friendship. Thomas P E R S 0 N A L 1 T I E SAdministration and Faculty Guide Us Mr. Keith Scott Superintendent of Elwood Public Schools Mr. John H. Hinds Administrative Assistant W. Blair Sullivan Principal of Willkie High School Wilfred G. Dudley Assistant Principal 86Throughout Our School Days School Board, SEATED: Wilfred Shaw, Charles Parker, Albert Widener. STANDING: Joe Wright, Riley Sharp, school attorney, and Jack Portson. Mrs. Carol Courtney Secretary to the Principal Mrs. Louise Knauer Attendance Clerk Mrs. Barbara Williams Secretary to the Superintendent Mrs. Jo Aline Glenn Secretary to the School Board 87Time, Effort, and Careful Preparation ROBERT G. ADAMS, A.B. Industrial Arts LELAND EUGENE BAKER, B.S., M.S. Guidance Counselor MARILYN D. BARNETT, B.S. Business Education, English JOE A. BARNETT, A.B., M.S. Director of Guidance CHARLOTTE BARR, A.B. English VICKIE CLOANN BROOKS, B.S. English DONALD N. BROWN, A.B., M.A. Mathematics PHILLIP A. BROWN, B.S. Social Studies CLIFFORD S. BRUGGER, B.S. Band, Vocal Music Principal Blair Sullivan discusses school matters with faculty at one of their monthly meetings. 88Go into Each Teachers Daily Routine GERALD BURTON, B.S. Business Education, Coach HILDA E. CHAPMAN, A.B., M.S. Librarian BLANCHE DIGEL, B.S., M.S. English ELDON EVERIDCE, B.S. Industrial Arts MARTHA C. GUERRERO, A.B. Spanish, Art JOSEPH N. HEATH, B.S., M.S. Physical Education, Social Studies, Coach CHARLES HERNDON, A.B. French, Physical Education JAMES HIATT, B.S. Biology NINA HIATT, A.B., M.A. English Faculty members, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Sheridan, and Mrs. Ottinger, celebrated their "Girls Night Out" by joining students for a night of Halloween frolic and fun. 89They Strive To Educate and Fulfill RAY O. HIATT, B.S. Social Studies, English BETTY V. HOUSE, B.S,, M.A. Guidance Counselor R. REX JEMKINS, B.S., M.A. Band Director MICHAEL A. JOHNSON, B.P.E., M.P.E. Driver Education, Physical Education DORIS KINTZEL, B.S., M.A. Business Education GEORGE L. KINTZEL, B.S., M.A. Director of Adult and Vocational Education ROBERT A. LARGENT, B.S. Industrial Arts GARY D. MILLER, B.S. Art BARBARA A. OTTINGER, B.S., M.A. Business Education LARRY K. OTTINGER, B.S., M.A. Social Studies VIRGIL M. PEEBLES, B.S., M.S. Social Studies ROBERT PLUNKETT, B.S., M.S. Agriculture, DCE Coordinator GEORGE W. RAY, B.S., M.A. NYC Coordinator DANIEL RAYSHICH, B.S., M.S. Industrial Arts and Vocational Machine Shop ERMA SCHULENBURG, B.S. Mathematics 90the Desires and Needs of Young Minds NAOMI SCHWEAR, B.S., M.A. Home Economics FLORENCE SHARP, B.S. Latin HANS N. SHERIDAN, B.S. Business Education, Coach RAEANNA SHERIDAN, B.S. Social Studies, Physical Education LARRY T. SHOOK, B.S. Biology, Driver Education, Coach CHARLES SHORT, A.B. English WAYNE E. SINGLETON, B.S. Social Studies GEORGE SMITH, B.S., M.S. Science, Mathematics RALPH B. SNYDER, B.S., M.S. English Under the direction of Mr. Smith, the projectionists donate their time to entertain and inform students with films. 91 We Owe to Them Our Gratitude and Respect KATHRYNE SPREEN, B.S. Mathematics CECIL STAFFORD, A.B., M.A. Mathematics BETTY E. STARKEY, A.B. English GERALD SULLIVAN, B.S., M.A. Science LILLIAN SULLIVAN, R.N., B.S., M.A. School Nurse ELVONA TOLLE, B.S., M.A. Home Economics MARTHA ANN WALSH, B.S. Business Education Mr. Herndon, Mr. Short, and . JOHN W. WARD, A.B. Social Studies, Athletic Director BETTY JO WATSON, B.S., M.S. English, Physical Education W. EARL WATSON, B.S. Industrial Arts and Vocational Building TradesCooks and Custodians Are an Asset to the School Lucy Manis, Hazel Warner, Thelma Lowder E. Miller W. McGill P. Harrison C. Burton B. Brogdon 93 B. Hahn J. WoodsJuniors and Sophomores Display Officership Junior Class Steering Committee members are: FRONT ROW: K. Wilson, B. Badger, M. Stevens, G. Connor, M. Winings, M. Rogers, J. Hood, A. Sullivan, Mr. Ottinger. BACK ROW: D. Wittkamper, L. Murray, J. Graham, K. Cannon, B. Bishop, M. Fettig, K. Cassidy, D. Linegar, D. Gilson, and K. Tharp. This year the Junior Class stepped into the long-awaited role of upperclassmen. Upon achieving this role, they received their long-awaited class rings. They also presented the annual Junior class play. Under the direction of their officers, sponsors, and steering committee, the class was successful on many class projects. They sold tea towels and passed out Christman catalogues for a local store. The money from these projects was used to finance the Junior-Senior Prom at which the juniors served as hosts. The class also initiated a new tradition for Willkie High to follow. This tradition was an agreement with our arch rival Tipton that whoever would lose the annual Tipton-Elwood gridiron classic would receive a silver spike. This spike was presented to the Student Council by the junior class president Mark Winings. This has been a busy and most successful year for the juniors and they are looking optimistically toward their ultimate goal of next year--that of being SENIORS. Junior Class Officers are: Jenny Hood, secretary; Duane Wittkamper, treasurer; Mark Winings, president. Kee Cannon, vice-president, is not pictured. 94and Leadership in Performing Class Functions High scholastic and athletic ability, and hardworking well describe the Class of '68. 'They gave away their freshman cords and adopted the traditional colors of red and blue. With a lot of stored-up energy left from a particularly unproductive freshman year they made plans to make the Class of '68 great. At a few varsity basketball games they sold concessions to help the Foreign Exchange Fund. Toward the end of their first year of high school, they elected their first set of class officers. To lead the class they chose: Richie Brunnemer--President, Polly Forst--vice-president, Julie McGill—Secretary, Paula Mitchell--Treasurer. With determination and enthusiasm they attacked the first class project--the candy sale. It was a very successful enterprise. This was only the first of many projects in which the class plans to earn money for their Junior-Senior Prom. Near the end of their sophomore year they took great pride in ordering class sweaters and rings. Head sponsor of the sophomore class was Mr. Phil Brown. Sophomore class officers are: Richie Brunnemer--President, Paula Mitchell--Treasurer, Julie McGill--Secretary, Polly Forst--Vice-president. Steering Committee members are: FRONT ROW: Joy Burton, Jerri McDaniel, Polly Forst, Richie Brunnemer, Paula Mitchell, Julie McGill, Lisa Winings, Kris Oldag. SECOND ROW: Jacque Gardner, Margaret Fihe, Becky Holland, Merrilee Clouser, Barbara Knauer, Robin Elston. BACK ROW: Steve Linegar, John Sharp, Brian Reichart, Joe Scott, Mr. Brown--Sponsor, Phil Updike, and Tom Austin. 95Jack Abbott Rick Abbott Brenda Acres George Acres Karen Albers Burt Anderson Judy Anderson Dale Arehart Jerry Armstrong James Arnold Kenton Badger Andrea Baker Jeffery Ball Rick Ballinger Robert Bambrough Sandra Barker Terry Baugher Joanne Beeman Judith Beeman Cynthia Benedict Vicki Benedict Mike Bixby Steve Blair Michael Bouslog We Entered the Halls of Willkie with Freshmen (left to right) Steve Mayfield, Carol Parker, Jody Lambert, and Larry Oliver compare their first high school report cards. 96Mildred Bowman Paula Boyer Paulette Boyer Patricia Bozell Mary Anne Braddock Janet Bradley Richard Bradley Jeffrey Brewer Judy Brown James Bucci Michael Burchette Tim Campbell Michael Cannon Diane Carlson Judy Carmine Greg Carmody Ray Carpenter Jim Carroll Candace K. Carter Candy S. Carter Joanne Cassidy Bruce Castle Dana Clark Kevin Cleaver Fondest Hopes and Dreams of the Future Kathryn Collier David Collins Richard Conley Cheryl Cook Kathy Coons Steve Corbett Debra Cornwell Keith Coryell Vicki Coston David Coubert Cathy Crable Debra Creamer Suellen Crouch John Croy Beverly Culp Rebecca Dauenhauer Emma Daulton Conrad Dautrich Cheri Davies John Davis Joseph Davis Janet Dean Michael Dellinger Denise DeLong Michael Dixon Cindy Dunlap Roger Edens Cheri Edgell Andrea Ellyson Rick Everson 97Dennis Faulstich Carole Faust Marcella Fettig Mark Fettig Cathy Foor Terry Foor Diane Fowler Lynn Frazier Ronald Frazier Ronald Frye Brenda Fuller David Fuller Barbara Galbreath Larry Galbreath John Gardner Patty Gerard Michael Gill Danny Giselbach Deborah Goings Milton Gough Daniel Graham Linda Graham Barbara Green Ronnie Guffey We Awaited Those First Report Cards Debby Gullion Parke Hahn Sherry Hancher Sue Hanshew Greg Harting Patricia Hartsock Patricia Haskett Roddy Haskett Tressa Hayes Gordon Headley Christine Heflin Larry High Darrell Hobbs Janet Hobbs Kim Hohle Stephen Hollowell David Holtsclaw Madonna Hood Steve Hook Michael Hoose Allan Howell Charlotte Hughes Dennis Huntsinger Nancy Ingram Diana Jarrett Jane Jarrett Janet Jarvis Michael Johnson Jeannean Jones Roy Jones 98The Vikings, a Norwegian group, were the Freshmen's first source of auditorium enjoyment. and Chose Class Representatives Chris Juday Elizabeth Kapper Gregory Kiefer Elbert King Danny Knopp Brenda Knotts Jo Ellen Lambert Rebecca Lane Carol LaPierre Debbie Lee Doris Lee Patricia Leever Virgil Leisure Gordon Lind James Long Richard Long Carolene Lynas Vicki McCorkle Christy McNeely Lu Aina McPhearson Robert Martin Pamela Mason Steven Mayfield Michael Metz John Miller Robert Miller Steve Miller Marsha Monahan Charles Moore Ted Moser 99Mike Mottweiler Dale Moulton Dean Moulton Donald Murray Kenn Mutt Janet Myerly Kenneth Myers Jerry Niccum Lawrence Oliver Robert Ours Carol Parker Diana Parker Margaret Parker Marsha Parker Sandra Parker Douglas Perkins Carol Phelps Gloria Piirto Carl Prater Terry Pyle Ann Richwine Darlene Rittenhouse Bonnie Roberson Kathy Robinson The Newness of Being Green Debra Runyan Pamela Runyan James Saint Doris Sanders Robin Shaw Ronald Shaw Elizabeth Shepard Nedra Shepard Patricia Shepard Keith Sherman Robert Sherman Cyrus Shipley Duane Shrock Rick Shuler Jeffrey Simmons John Simmons Sheila Simmons Susan Sites Richard Size love Bruce Skinner David Smith Leonard Stafford James Steffler Terry Stevens Barbara Strong David Sullivan Lorna Sullivan Terry Sullivan Bradford Svendsen Mike Tam 100Debra Tharp Toni Thomas Michael Tryon Terry Tryon Kathleen Tyner Darryl Updegraff Linda VanHorn Nadine Vanness Jan Vautaw David Walden Theresa Warfel Thomas Wesseler Joan Weston Linda Whisler Barbara Widmeyer Ray Williams Steve Williams Theresa Williams Jimmie Wilson James Wood Victoria Wood James Yates Debra Yohe Ewell York Donna Burger Freshmen Soon Wore Off Junior John Fortson aids Dennis Huntsinger and Ray Carpenter in their selecting of sportscoats for their first high school formal dance. 101Sam Han points out the parts of the cell to the biology class. As Sophomores We Chose Class Officers Ronald Abbott Junior Adair Jacqueline Aldrich Byron Alexander Paul Altherr Sandra Anderson Jeffrey Antle Thomas Austin Janet Badger Linda Bailey Carey Ballinger Pamela Balser Stephen Bambrough Dennis Barker David Baxter Karen Baxter Douglas Baxter Sharon Baxter Deborah Beasley David Beatrice Casandra Beeman Hubert Beeman Pamela Beeman Danny Bingham Rosemary Bomersback Michael Bomholt Terrie Bottoms Gertrude Bourff Donald Bouslog Barbara Brewer 102Richie Brunnemer Jane Burger Jean Burger Joy Burton Brenda Bush Gregory Butcher Gerry Buttler Georgia Byus Linda Carlson Joan Castle Kathy Chambers Dixie Church Alan Claghorn Melanie Clapper Linda Cloud Cathy Clouser Merilee Clouser Michael Clouser Debra Cole Addie Collier Colleen Collier Karen Cook John Coons Michael Coston and Ordered Rings and Sweaters Karen Cotton Thomas Creamer Larry Creech Thom Crimans Cynthia Crockett Timothy Culbertson Thomas Dailey Dana Davies Paula Day Denise DeLawter Robert DeLawter Paula DeLong Cathy Dennis Kent Dever Brenda DeVol Tandy Dillen Bill Downey Steven Duckworth Stanley Durham Rodney Edgell Danny Elliott Robin Elston Terra Emery Karen Etchison Marjorie Etchison Bill Everling Robert Ewing Patrick Fahy Dennis Fakes Rebecca Farr 103Thomas Farr Herbert Felton Stephanie Fennimore Susan Fetz Margaret Fihe Vickie Foor Polly Forst Dan Fowler Tom Frawley Louise Frazier Robert Frazier Larry Frye Robert Frye Jacque Gardner Samuel Gill Roberta Gillam Rebecca Glotzbach Wilma Gomez Sherry Graham Gary Green Joyce Griffey Thomas Groover Sharon Grose Tilda Ham We Sold Candy and Worked Samuel Han Catherine Hancock Jo Linda Hankley Janet Harting Charles Haynes Leslie Henderson Victoria Hiatt William Hirsch Barbara Hobbs Eugene Hocker Janet Hocker Rebecca Holland Howard Hook James Hopper Garry Horseman Allan Howell Howard Huffman Thomas Jackson Harvey Jarrett Gregory Johnson James Jones Vickie Jones Terry Jordan Barry Juday Kanda Kane Kristina Kelich William Kelly Elizabeth Kiefer Canda King Barbara Knauer 104Sophomore Candy Sale Winners: FRONT ROW--T. McCorkle, P. Mitchell, B. Reichart, D. Church. SECOND ROW--L. Smith, L. Frye, L. Winings, C. Dennis, T. Bottoms. BACK ROW—B. Knauer, D. Baxter, W. Noone, M. Riemen. on Various Projects for Our Prom Donald Lane Brian Leavell Linda Lee Clifford Lehman Michael Lewis Linda Lilly Stephen Linegar Leslie Loy Charles Lucas Saundra Lusby Holly McCorkle Teresa McCorkle Jerri McDaniel Harold McDermit Monte McFall Julia McGill Timothy McQuitty Roger Mays Robert Metz Rebecca Meyer Thomas Miller Mark Mitchell Paula Mitchell Terrie Moore Ina Moss David Mottweiler Rebecca Murphy Linda Murray Karen Niccum William Noone 105Christine Oldag Francene Pace Steve Parker Joe Parish Connie Partlow Michael Pavis Jo Rita Pearson Brenda Pennock Linda Peters Donald Phifer Barbara Phillips Maude Phillips Colleen Piirto James Powell Victoria Powell Larry Quarles Jim Rebuck Richard Reese Brian Reichart Michael Remington George Reynolds Joseph Rice Roberta Richwine Michael Rieman We Look Forward to the Year to Come When Karen Rittenhouse David Ritter Timothy Robinson Donald Roe Dianne Rogers Michael Romine Robert Sallee Judy Sanders Joseph Scott Ronald Sentman Bonnie Sexton John Sharp Sharon Sheedy James Sites Diana Sizelove Dale Smith Dewey Smith Edward Smith Harold Smith Howard Smith Linda Smith Thomas Sparks Sheila Speer Mitchell Spoone Stephen Stage Kathy Stansberry Kim Stephens Lee Ann Stewart Marlena Stewart Sandra Stewart 106Sophomore Jim Rebuck Jim Powell and Barb Knauer study a leaf herbarium in viology before taking awarded the grand prize at a leaf practical, the annual Halloween Howl. We Will Take Our Places As Upperclassmen LaDonna Stickler Richard Stickler Suellen Stokes Steve Tam Timothy Thomas George Townsend Philip Updike Linda Vest Cynthia Vinson Matthew Warner Elizabeth Wegehoft Edward Wellnitz Janet Whitaker Paul Wilhoit Stephen Wilhoit Millicent Willhoite Lenora Williams Pamela Williams Stephen Williams David Wilson John Wilson William Wingrove Lisa Winings Debra Wright Linda York Loretta Young 107Bob Baker and Dave Aldridge stop off at their locker before rushing to their next class. Our Year As Juniors Flourished with Class David Aldridge Gary Anderson Larry Anderson Jerry Arnold Howard Badger Robert Baker Gordon Ball Steven Beeman William Bishop Bonnie Blackburn Keven Blankenship Lance Bollinger Katherine Bomersback Jeffrey Bourff Ronnie Brogdon Jed Brown Herbert Brummet Thomas Bryan Roger Cain Michael Cannon Karen Cassidy John Chambers Randy Cherry Everett Childress John Claghorn 108Dinah Clegg Darlene Cloud Diana Coe Gregory Coffin Glen Conner Michael Connors Rebecca Cook Wanda Coons Thomas Courtney Janice Cress Kenneth Croy Michael Dauenhauer Andy Daulton A lie t a Davenport Rebecca Davenport Marty Davies Lynn Davies Michael Davis Michael Day Barbara DeLawter Rings, Den Nights, and After Game Dances Constance DeLawter Stephen Dietzer Robert Drake Randy Duffitt Jack Dye Tonita Eads Karen Eldridge Tony Eller Michael Ellis Mark Elsworth Stephen Evans Linda Ewing Rosalie Farr Timothy Faulstich Mary Fettig Kathleen Fetz Daniel Fletcher Terry Floyd Deena Ford John Fortson Melodie Fouts Sandra Frazee Rosi Frye Karla Fuller Judith Gardner 109We Spent Time and Money Preparing the Marie Gardner Donald Garner Mary Gamer Jewel Gerencser Craig Gillson Sheri Gillson Dave Giselbach Richard Gordon Nancy Graber Joseph Graham Betty Green Dennis Green Mark Green Michael Gregg Drew Gullion Diana Hancher Clara Hardebeck Jerome Hardebeck Cynthia Hasecuster Judy Hibst Nancy Hinshaw Jeffrey Hoffman Jenny Hood Gail Howell Carolyn Hoylman Alan Hughes Martha Ingram Claude Jackson Helen Jackson Bob Johns Kenneth Jones Tommie Jones Carol Kilgore Gwendolyn Kohn Brenda Lee Lee Leisure Sue Ann Leisure Thomas Leonard John Lind Diane Linegar Vicki Longnecker Brenda Lynas George McDermit Dan McFall Anita McPhearsonJuniors gain valuable experience by participation in higher mathematics. Junior-Senior Prom and Our First Class Play Jon McPhearson Jude Magers John Mengelt Howard Meyer Jack Meyer Brent Miller Jeffrey Miller Linda Miller Elizabeth Miller Linda Moore Gregory Moser Joe Moulton Marsha Mountcastle Lynn Murray John O'Bryan Steven Odom Jack Pace Daniel Parry Anita Pearson Richard Peatt Shirley Pelton David Peters Judy Phenenger Dallas Phifer Norman Prater 111Lynn Puterbaugh Mark Richwine Diana Rittenhouse Randall Robinson Diana Rogers Marla Rogers Richard Rogers Richard Romig Jim Rust Valorie Sallee Kathleen Sanders Robert Sanders Tommy Sanders Charles Scott Constance Sentman Kathleen Shaw Paul Shaw Steven Shaw Glenda Sheedy David Sherman We Looked Forward to Our Year As Seniors Robert Shinkle Linda Shook Ervin Shrock Carol Simmons Stephanie Sizelove Kathie Skinner Ronald Smith Stephen Speer Richard Spitzmesser Chester Stafford James Stafford Carl Stage Steven Stansberry Michael Stevens Jerome Stiner Harry Stone Ramona Strange Ann Sullivan Cynthia Sullivan Cathy Svendsen Phil Swinford Linda Tancey Kathy Tharp Geraldine Tompkins Howard Tryon 1)2Becky Cook, Jack Meyers, and Linda Miller display the tea towel that the Juniors sold as a class project. and Shaped Our Destinies for the Future Jeanne Tucker Randall Tunis Sherman Updegraff Diana VanWinkle Linda Vickery Elizabeth Walden Elizabeth Wells Jack Werline Kay Weston Helen Whisler Paul Whitenack Stephen Whitenack Dwight Wilhoit Larry Wilkey Susan Willhoite Kent Williams Terry Williams Russell Wilson Mark Winings Duane Wittkamper Daniel Wright Carol Yarling Susan Yates Douglas York Kathy Young 113Senior Officers, Steering Committee, Sponsors On September 2, 1962, Wendell L. Willkie High School began to unfold a new page of her history, as the Class of 1966 entered her already crowded halls. As freshmen, we quickly became accustomed to the new routine and the daily problems. We chose Jeff Marcuson, Don Klein, Maureen Etchison, and Marsha Burton to represent us and to voice our opinions in the Student Council. After a vacation, during which most of us took gym and other classes in summer school, we assumed our status as sophomores. To organize our class for the first time, we elected our class officers who were as follows: Steve Poole, president; Susan Pearson, vice-president; Linda Oliver, secretary; and Susan Forst, treasurer. During the year we entered the business world by passing circulars and holding bake sales. At the close of our sophomore year we chose our class rings and our class sweaters which were a royal blue. As the 1964-65 school year began, we finally had attained the long-awaited role of upperclassmen. We elected Steve Poole as president; Jeff Marcuson as vice-president; Jane Cornelious as secretary; and Christie Carlile as treasurer. To raise money for the annual Junior-Senior Prom, we had more bake sales and a successful car wash, and soldathletic boosters and name pennants. Following the tradition of presenting a Junior Class Play, we chose to do Moliere's comedy, "The Imaginary Invalid." To close our Junior year, we worked very diligently for our prom, "Shangri-La," which was held Friday, May 15, at the Elks Club. At last we are Seniors ! The last page of our memory book has come to an end. We elected our last set of class officers who were: Kent Justus, president; Hal Julius, vice-president; Jane Cornelious, secretary; and Susan Forst, treasurer. Events have come and gone, but we will long remember ordering our commencement announcements, measuring for our caps and gowns, attending the Homecoming and Sadie Hawkins dances, and being the honored guests at our final Junior-Senior prom. During our senior year we brought laughter to the Willkie High stage with our Senior Class play, "The Able Miss Cain." On May 26, 1966, we officially finished our high school careers at the commencement exercises, held in the gym. As we go on to college and into work, we will often look back with affection and appreciation to the important four years of training and pleasurable times we experienced at Wendell L. Willkie High School. Senior Class Officers pause for a refresher and discuss coming events. The officers are: Kent Justus, president; Jane Cornelious, secretary; Hal Julius, vice-president; and Susan Forst, treasurer. 14Terminate Activities of the Class of 1966 Members ofthe Senior Class Steering Committee are:Hal Julius, Fred Rickabaugh, Maureen Etchison, Don Klein, Barb Clouser, Susan Forst, Steve Wingrove, Don Butler, Ellery Mangas, Jane Cornelious, and Marsha Burton. Sponsors of the Senior Class are: Mr. Burton, Mr. Brown, Miss Digel, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Barr, and Mr. Peebles. 115As the Doors of Willkie Opened So Pearl Abbott James Leonard Adams Michael Eugene Alexander R. Douglas Alley Marjorie Carleen Anderson Philip Arnold Anderson Jerry Antle Douglas Alan Balser Marilyn Elaine Bambrough Jackie Nichols, Terry Trimble, Ava Campbell, and Marion Parsons work to complete their office machine practices. 116Opened Our High School Education Kathy Ann Beatrice Sharon Sue Beeman Susan Lorraine Beeman Dale H. Bell, Jr. Linda Sue Bollinger Helen Louise Bouslog Linda Kay Bozell Mary Lee Brooks John Robert Bragg Pamela Faye Budd Billy Loyd Burton Marsha Lynn Burton Ronald Wayne Buster Donovan Lee Butler Jon L. Buttle r 117It Took Time to Get Accustomed to the Susie Merida pays Mr. Jim Reid for her long-awaited senior pictures as Hal Julius, Gary Shepard, and Jim Murdock await their turn. Carolyn Ann Byus Ava Louise Campbell Christie Gaye Carlile Carol Sue Carpenter Janet Lou Carpenter Thomas A. Carpenter Shelia Kay Carroll Larry Park Chinn Jackie Lee Cline 118Crowded Halls and Last Minute Rush to Class Seniors proudly display their senior cords in front of the trophy case located in the front hall. Barbara Armell Clouser Raymond Eugene Conner Terry Eugene Cook Melody Jane Cornelious Max Loal Coston Larry Thomas Crouse Naomi Rose Dautrich Vicki Lynn Davies Priscilla Lucille Davis 119We Attended Our First Athletic Phillip Gray Dean Vickie Lynn DeLong Larry Stephen Denton Jean Marie Doan Terrance Eugene Doan Michael William Downing Jeanne Marie Drake Robert Stephen Edgell Ramsey Louise Elkins Gary Wayne Engelhardt Maureen Etchison Linda Sue Everling Timothy Lynn Ewing William Leroy Farr 120 Tamra Kay FetzEvents and Den Nights Gilly McDaniel and Tom Yates rest before their next tennis match. Raeann Marie Finnerty James Calvin Fletcher Susan Adams Forst Charles Harrold Frazier Charles Scott Fry Robert Eugene Frye Beverly Jane Fuller Albert Lawrence Galbreath ’21 Ethel Ruth GalbreathAs Sophomores and Juniors We Took Pride Nancy Mae Garner Vicky Lynn Gerard Bonnie Louise Gibson Daniel Paul Gill John Patrick Glotzbach Gregory Lee Goins Vicki Lynn Gordon Timothy Jan Griffith Carolyn Sue Groover Senior Chuck Frazier discusses a scheduling problem with Mr. Sullivan in order to meet requirements for graduation. 122in Ordering Class Rings and Sweaters Gloria Gwyneth Hahn David Allen Hancock Richard Leroy Harris Shirley Jean Hartman Nancy Rae Hartsock Oran Olin Hayes Judith Ellen Helpling Donna Jean Hemiak Theresa May Hicks As a noontime activity Seniors danced in the den with their favorite guys and gals. 123We Worked on Various Money Making Milt Johns takes a final look at the commencement announcements while talking to the representative. Vicki Lynn Hillard Danny Joe Hinds Gary Lewis Hipes James Robert Holland Teresa Ann Hopper Donald Ray Horseman Christine Marie Jarvis Milton Lea Johns Charles Franklin Jones 124Projects to Pay for Our Prom Jerry Lee Jones Hal David Julius Kent J. Justus Penelope Ruth Kantner Rosemary Kapper William Michael Keller Susan Darlene Kelly Marqueena Kiefer Norma Jane King Michelle Marie Kiser Donald Dee Klein Raymond Kreig Kleinbub Charles David Knopp Robert Fredrick Knopp Ruth Ann Knopp 125Our Long Awaited Year As Christy Sue Kochman Melvin David Kohn Robert Anthony Kwalik Marena Sue Lane Janet Sue Ledford R. Allen Lee John Timothy Linsmeyer Pamela Lois Low Janice Elaine McCorkle Michael Eugene McCorkle Vicky Jean McCorkle Gilbert Max McDaniel Seniors practice the latest dance crazes at one of the aftergame dances in the den.Seniors Finally Arrived Danny Ray McFall Shirley McIntyre Barbara Ann Me Neely John William Magers, Jr. Ellery J. Mangas Jeffrey Harold Marcuson Thomas Allen Martin Mary Ann Mead Lennart Melander Seniors are shown decorating the Christmas tree in the front hall, which is a yearly tradition. Marilyn Swift sweeps one of the many cars which got a "fresh look" at the Senior Class Car Wash. 127We Ordered Senior Pictures, Commencement Suzette Elaine Merida Michael Richard Montgomery Elizabeth Ann Morgan William Franklin Morris Frederick Robert Mort, Jr. Carol Sue Mount castle James Lee Murdock Terry Lynn Murray William Wayne Niccum Jacqueline Ann Nichols William Eugene Noel, Jr. Howard Scott Norris Linda Louise Oliver Susan Lynn Overdorf Cheryl Lynnette Pace 128Announcements and Caps and Gowns. Connie Lee Parish Marion Mae Parsons Susan Kay Pearson Eddie Wayne Phillips Steven Warren Poole Doris Elizabeth Pullen William David Rebuck Richard Eugene Reynolds Jeffery Lee Richardson Jeff Richardson appears to be working diligently on his bookkeeping. 129Almost As Soon As Our High School Rebecca Ann Richwine Frederick Lee Rickabaugh Sherry Elaine Roberson Lupe Rodriguez Kathleen Victoria Saint Karen Elizabeth Sanders Waltraud Anna Agnes Schauble James Michael Scott Charles Edward Shaw Donita Sue Shepard Gary Ray Shepard Terry Ralph Shepard Craig Clifford Sherman Timothy J. Shickley Melvin Shuler 130Days Had Begun They Were Over Marrying Sam has done it again. Here he hitches up some Willkie Seniors. Steven Eugene Simmons Ronald Lowell Slate Mary Lou Smith Rose Ann Smith Cheryl Darlene Stafford Maurice Allen Stansberry Linda Sue Stephens Elisabeth Anne Stevens Raymond Leonard Stover 13!We Leave Our Friends and Faculty Marilyn Sue Swift Carolyn R. Thompson Ronald Lloyd Thompson Terry Allan Trimble Mark A. Updegraff Robert Eugene Updegraff Sonia Kay VanBuskirk Kathy Jo VanHom Linda Sue Vanness Christy Jarvis bathes her baby sister in child-care class.and Plan Ahead for the Future Loretta Ruth Vest Marva Ann Webb Lloyd Eldon Wentz Danny Joe Widener John William Widener Jerry Francis Williams Michael Allen Williams Mona Kay Wilson Sally Ann Wimmer Stephen Roy Wingrove John Kenneth Wright Dan Harold Yates Kenneth Roy Yates Thomas Robert Yates 133 Dennis Harold YoheIndex of the Abbott, Pearl: Business Booster Club, Sunshine Society. Adams, James Leonard: Industrial Arts Gymnastics Club (Soph.), Concessions Club (Jr.-Sr.). Alexander, Michael: Building and Trades Basketball (Fr., B-Team), Track (Fr., Varsity), Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's Wrestling (Sr.), V.I.C.A. (Sr.). Alley, Doug: Academic Band, Choir Jr. Play Cast, Latin Club, Student Council. Anderson, Marjorie: Home Ec. G.A.A., Glee Club. Anderson, Philip: Technical Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Key Club, Megaphone. Antle, Jerry: Academic Spanish Club, Debate, Megaphone. Balser, Doug: Business Basketball (Fr.), Baseball, Tennis, Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's Gymnastics Club, Concessions Club, Steering Committee, Spanish Club, Key Club, Projectionist, F.B.L.A. Bambrough, Marilyn: Academic CRESCENT, Cheerleader (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), Pep Committee, Gymnastics Club, Choir, Steering Committee, Sr. Play, Latin Club, Megaphone. Beatrice, Kathy: General Latin Club, Megaphone. Beeman, Sharon: Business Booster Club, Glee Club, Student Council. Beeman, Susan: Business Booster and Pep Club, Sunshine Society, F.B.L.A. Bell, Dale: Industrial Arts Bollinger, Linda: Academic Booster and Pep Club, Concessions Club, Choir, Jr. Play, Prom Chairman, Science Club, F.B.L.A., F.H.A. Bo us log, Helen: Academic Booster and Pep Club, Choir, Safariis, Latin Club, National Honor Society. Bozell, Linda: Academic Booster and Pep Club, Glee Club, Latin Club, Art Club. Brooks, Mary: General Sunshine Society. Bragg, John: Building and Trades Ushers, V.I.C.A. Budd, Pamela: Academic Booster and Pep Club, Latin Club. Burton, Billy: Business Ushers. Burton, Marsha: Secretarial Option CRESCENT, Cheerleader (Fr., Varsity), Pep Committee, Band, Steering Committee, Student Council, National Honor Society, F.B.L.A. Buster, Ronald: General Band, Dance Band. Butler, Donovan: General Basketball (Fr.), Track (Fr., Varsity), Cross Country, E-Men's, Wrestling (Sr.), Band, Steering Committee, National Honor Society, F.F.A. Buttler, Jon: Business Accounting Tennis, Concessions Club, Spanish Club, F.B.L.A. By us, Carolyn: Business Booster Club, Glee Club, French Club, Latin Club, D.C.E. Campbell, Ava: Business CRESCENT, Booster Club, Choir, Thespians, Student Council, Megaphone, F.B.L.A. Carlile, Christie: Business Cheerleader (Fr.), Gymnastics Club, Majorette, Jr. Class Treasurer, Steering Committee, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Carpenter, Carol: Business Accounting Pep Club. Carpenter, Janet: Secretarial Option Pep Club. Carpenter, Thomas: Industrial Arts Fr. Track, Gymnastics Club, Choir, Art Club, Student Council. Carroll, Shelia: Business Casas, Guadalupe: Business V.I.C.A. Chinn, Larry: Academic Basketball (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), Baseball, Cross Country, Tennis, Football (Fr., Varsity), E-Men's, French Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club. Cline, Jackie: Industrial Arts Clouser, Barbara: General Cheerleader (B-Team, Varsity), Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Court, Gymnastics Club, Majorette, Steering Committee, Sr. Play, Latin Club, Thespians. Conner, Raymond: Business Fr. Track, B-Team Football. Cook, Terry: Academic Varsity Track, Cross Country, Steering Committee, Latin Club, Thespians. Comelious, Jane: Academic CRESCENT co-editor, Band, Choir, Jr. andSr. Class Secretary, Steering Committee, Sr. Play Cast, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council, Megaphone. Coston, Max: General Baseball, Fr. Football. Crouse, Larry: D.C.E. French Club. Dautrich, Naomi: Secretarial Davies, Vicki: General Booster Club, Majorette, Student Council, F.T.A. Davis, Priscilla: Business CRESCENT--section editor. Dean, Phil: General Fr. Basketball, Baseball, Football (Fr., B-Team). DeLong, Vickie: Business Band, Student Council. Denton, Larry: Business Ushers, Projectionist. Doan, Jean: Business Booster and Pep Club, Glee Club, French Club, Student Council. Doan, Terry: Industrial Arts Downing, Michael: Academic Drake, Jeanne: Academic CRESCENT, Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Court, Choir, Safaris, Sr. Play, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council. Edge 11, Steven: Industrial Arts Basketball (Fr., B-Team), Track (Fr., Varsity), Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's, Wrestling. 134Class of 1966 Elkins, Ramsey: General Business CRESCENT, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Latin Club, Thespians, F.B.L.A. Ehgelhardt, Gary: Academic Etchison, Maureen: Academic Pep Club, Pep Committee, Choir, Safaris, Steering Committee, Sr. Play, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council, Megaphone, F.T.A. Everling, Linda: Home Ec. Ewing, Tim: Business Farr, William: Industrial Arts Cross Country Fetz, Tamra: Home Ec. Booster and Pep Club, Choir, Trilights, Elwotones, Art Club. Finnerty, Raeann: Home Ec. Fletcher, James: Academic Fr. Basketball, Fr. Track, National Historical Club, Hi-Y, Math Club, Choir, Key Club. Foley, Earl: General Forst, Susan: Academic CRESCENT--section editor, PepClub, Soph, and Sr. Class Treasurer, Steering Committee, Latin Club. Frazier, Charles: Academic Golf, Fr. Football Manager, E-Men's, Steering Committee, Latin Club, Key Club. Fry, Scott: V.M.S. V.I.C.A. Frye, Robert: Academic Fr. Track, Tennis, Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's, Wrestling, Latin Club, Key Club. Fuller, Beverly: Business Galbreath, Albert: Industrial Arts Galbreath, Ethel: Business Booster and Pep Club, Spanish Club, Sunshine Society, F.B.L.A. Garner, Nancy: Academic Booster and Pep Club, Choir. Gerard, Vicky: General Business Gibson, Bonnie: Business Bowling Team, Booster and Pep Club, G.A.A., Glee Club, Spanish Club, Sunshine Society, F.B.L.A. Gill, Daniel: Business Glotzbach, John: General Fr. Track, Student Council. Goins, Gregory: Academic Fr. Track, Concessions Club, French Club, Student Council, Projectionist, Science Club. Gordon, Vicki: Business Booster Club. Griffith, Timothy: General Groover, Carolyn: Business Booster Club. Hahn, Gloria: Business G.A.A., Choir, Safaris. Hancock, David: Business Harris, Richard: Technical National Honor Society, V.I.C.A. Hartman, Shirley: Business Majorette, Glee Club, Art Club. Hartsock, Nancy: Business Booster and Pep Club, F.B.L.A. Hayes, Oran: Industrial Arts Fr. Track, Football (Fr., B-Team). Help ling, Judith: Academic CRESCENT--section editor, Pep Club, Choir, Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council, F.T.A. Herniak, Jean: Business Pep Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Hicks, Theresa: Academic Booster Club, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, National Honor Society, F.T.A. Hillard, Vicki: Academic Majorette, French Club. Hinds, Danny: Technical Basketball (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's, Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity). Hipes, Gary: Academic Cross Country, Band, Spanish Club, F.T.A., National Honor Society. Holland, James: Technical CRESCENT, Fr. Basketball, Tennis, Football (Fr., B-Team), Gymnastics Club, Concessions Club, Thespians, Student Council. Hopper, Teresa: Business Student Council, Sunshine Society, F.B.L.A. Horseman, Donald: Building--Trades V.I.C.A. Jarvis, Christine: Business Glee Club, Steering Committee, Spanish Club, Student Council, Megaphone. Johns, Milton: Industrial Arts Band, Student Council. Jones, Charles: Industrial Arts Jones, Jerry: Industrial Arts Jones, Sharry: Business Student Council, F.B.L.A., Quill and Scroll, Secretary of Sr. Class, Jr. Play. Julius, HaL- Academic Vice-President of Senior Class, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Key Club, F.F.A. Justus, Kent: Academic CRESCENT--section editor, Basketball (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), Track (Fr., Varsity), Cross Country, Tennis, Varsity Football, E-Men's, Choir, Sr. Class President, Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Latin Club, Key Club, Megaphone. Kantner, Penelope: Business Booster and Pep Club, Glee Club, Latin Club, F.B.L.A. Kapper, Rosemary: Academic Pep Club, Choir. Keller, William: Academic Fr. Basketball, Fr. Football, Steering Committee, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Student Council, V.I.C.A. Kelly, Susan: Academic Pep Club, Choir, Latin Club, F.T.A., F.B.L.A. Kiefer, Marqueena: Academic Pep Club, G.A.A., Glee Club, Latin Club. King, Norma: Home Ec. Home Ec. Club. Kiser, Michelle: Business Pep Club, G.A.A., Band, Choir, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Klein, Don: Technical Tennis, E-Men's, Band, Steering Committee, Student Council, Key Club. Kleinbub, Kreig: General Basketball (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), Baseball, Fr. and 135Varsity Track, Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's, Choir, Projectionist. Knopp, Charles: Vocational Building Trades B-Team Football, Band, V.I.C.A. Knopp, Robert: Industrial Arts Ushers. Knopp, Ruth: Business Spanish Club, Thespians, Student Council, National Honor Society, F.B.L.A. Kochman, Christy: Business Steering Committee, French Club, Thespians, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Kohn, David: V.M.S. V.I.C.A. Kwalik, Robert: Academic Megaphone, F.T.A. Lane, Marena: General CRESCENT, B-Team Cheerleader, Pep Club, Pep Committee, Band, Choir, Steering Committee, French Club, Thespians, Student Council. Ledford, Janet: Business Lee, Ricky: Academic Band, Pep Band, Choir, Spanish Club. Linsmeyer, Timothy: Academic B-Team and Varsity Football, Band, Choir. Low, Pamela: Home Ec. Booster Club, Sunshine Society, Megaphone. McCorkle, Janice: Home Ec. Sunshine Society, F.B.L.A. McCorkle, Michael: Voc. Agriculture F.F.A. McCorkle, Vicky: Home Ec. Booster Club, G.A.A., Sunshine Society, DCE. McDaniel, Gilbert: Academic Fr. Basketball, Baseball, Fr. and Varsity Track, Tennis, Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's, Wrestling, Choir, Satellites, Key Club. McFall, Dan: Industrial Arts McIntyre, Shirley: Business Megaphone. McNeely, Barbara: Home Ec. Booster Club, Sunshine Society, Art Club. Magers, John: Academic Latin Club, F.T.A. Mangas, Ellery: Academic Gymnastics, Band, Varsitonians, Pep Band, Dance Band Combo, Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Prom Chairman, French Club, Key Club, Student Council, F.T.A. Marcuson, Jeffery: Academic Fr. Basketball, Track (Fr., Varsity), Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's, Jr. Class Vice-president, Steering Committee, Spanish Club, Student Council, Key Club, Megaphone. Martin, Tom: Building Trades Fr. Basketball, Track (Fr., Varsity), Cross Country, E-Men's, V.I.C.A. Mead, Mary Ann: Academic Booster Club, Glee Club, Latin Club, DCE. Melander, Lennart: General Crosscountry, Band, Spanish Club, Student Council, Key Club, Megaphone, F.T.A. Merida, Carol Miller: Business Soph. Class Vice-President, Steering Committee, Student Council. Merida, Suzette: Secretarial Option Choir. Miller, Michael: General Montgomery, Michael: Technical Band. Morgan, Elizabeth: General Business Booster Club, Glee Club, Spanish Club. Morris, William: Academic Tennis, B-Team and Varsity Football, W-Men's, Jr. Play, F.T.A. Mort, Frederick: Vocational Machine Shop Varsity Track, Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's, Wrestling, V.I.C.A. Mountcastle, Carol Sue: Home Ec. Murdock, James: General Murray, Terry: General Baseball, Fr. and Varsity Football, E-Men's, Steering Committee, Student Council. Niccum, William: Industrial Arts Projectionist. Nichols, Jacqueline: Business Majorette. Noel, William: Industrial Arts B-Team Football. Norris, Scott: Vocational Machine Shop Fr. Football, V.I.C.A. Oliver, Linda: Academic CRESCENT, Pep Club, Soph. Class Secretary, Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, National Honor Society, Megaphone, F.T.A. Overdorf, Susan: Business Pep Committee, Majorette, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Pace, Cheryl: Academic CRESCENT, Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Court, Thespians, DCE. Parrish, Connie: Academic French Club, DCE. Parsons, Marion: Business CRESCENT, Booster and Pep Club, Spanish Club, Sunshine Society, F.B.L.A. Pearson, Susan: Academic CRESCENT co-editor, Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Court, Soph. Class Vice-President, Steering Committee, French Club, Student Council, Megaphone. Phillips, Eddie: Industrial Arts Fr. Track, Cross Country, Ushers. Poole, Steven: Academic Baseball, Fr. and Varsity Football, E-Men's, Soph, and Jr. Class President, Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council, Key Club, Megaphone. Pullen, Doris Elizabeth: Business Megaphone. Rebuck, William: Academic Reynolds, Richard: Industrial Arts Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's, Student Council, V.I.C.A. Richardson, Jeffery: Technical Baseball, Fr. Track, Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Richwine, Rebecca: HomeEc. Rickabaugh, Fred: Academic Wrestling, Concessions, Choir, Steering Committee, Sr. Play, French Club, Student Council, National 136Honor Society. Roberson, Sherry: General Glee Club. Rodriguez, Lupe: General Choir, Spanish Club, F.B.L.A. Saint, Kathy: Academic G.A.A., Orchestra, Choir, Glee Club, Harmonettes, Latin Club, Science Club, Square Dancing Club, Future Nurses Club. Sanders, Karen: Academic CRESCENT, Pep Club, Sr. Play, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, National Honor Society. Schauble, Waltraud: Academic Band, Choir, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council, F.T.A. Scott, Mike: Industrial Arts Fr. and Varsity Track, B-Team Football, Concessions Club, Choir, Satellites, Elwotones, Student Council. Shaw, Charles: Academic Baseball, Fr. Track, Cross Country, E-Men's, Steering Committee, Latin Club, Key Club. Shepard, Donita: Business Booster Club, Glee Club, Steering Committee, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, National Honor Society, F.T.A., F.B.L.A. Shepard, Gary: Industrial Arts Shepard, Terry: Industrial Arts Fr. Basketball, Fr. Track, Student Council. Sherman, Craig: Academic Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, French Club. Shickley, Timothy: Academic Tennis, E-Men's, Band, Varsitonians, Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Latin Club, Student Council, Art Club. Shuler, Melvin: General Simmons, Steven: Industrial Arts Slate, Rom Industrial Arts Fr. Football. Smith, Mary: General G.A.A., Choir, Triple Trio, Thespians, Student Council. Smith, Rose: Academic CRESCENT--section editor, Pep Club, Jr. Play, Thespians, F.T.A., DCE. Stafford, Cheryl: Business Glee Club. Stansberry, Maurice: Industrial Arts Stephens, Linda: Home Ec. Stevens, Elisabeth: Academic Glee Club, Fr. Class Secretary, Steering Committee, French Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society. Stover, Raymond: Vocational Machine Shop Fr. and B-Team Basketball, Baseball, Fr. and Varsity Track, Football (Fr. B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's, Choir, V.I.C.A. Swift, Marilyn: Academic Choir, Glee Club, Harmonettes, Safaris, Elwotones, Latin Club, Student Council. Thompson, Carolyn: General Business G.A.A. Thompson, Ron: DCE. Trimble, Terry: Business Accounting F.B.L.A. Updegraff, Mark: Technical Baseball, Fr. and Varsity Track MGR, Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's, Gymnastics Club, Wrestling, Sr. Play, Thespians, Key Club. Updegraff, Robert: Industrial Arts Fr. Basketball, Baseball, Fr. Track, Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's. VanBuskirk, Sonia: General Fr. Cheerleader, G.A.A., Fr. Class Secretary, Latin Club, Student Council. VanHorn, Kathy: General Business Megaphone. Vanness, Linda: Home Ec. Vest, Loretta: Home Ec. Webb, Ann: Academic CRESCENT—section editor, Pep Club, Homecoming Queen, Steering Committee, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Council, National Honor Society. Wentz, Eldon: Industrial Arts Basketball (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), Fr. and Varsity Football, E-Men's, Steering Committee. Widener, Dan: Industrial Arts Fr. and B-Team Basketball, Fr. Track, Fr. Football, V.I.C.A. Widener, John: Industrial Arts Fr. Basketball, Fr. Track, Cross Country, Fr. Football, Projectionist. Williams, Jerry: Vocational Agriculture F.F.A., F.F.A. Basketball. Williams, Mike: D.C.E. Fr. Basketball, Fr. Track. Wilson, Mona: Business Booster Club, Glee Club, F.B.L.A. Wimmer, Sally: Academic CRESCENT, Pep Club, Steering Committee, French Club, Latin Club, Student Council, F.B.L.A. Wingrove, Steve: Technical Band, Steering Committee, Sr. Play, Student Council. Wright, John: Building Trades Varsity Track, Cross Country, Projectionist, V.I.C.A. Yates, Dan: Academic Varsity Track, B-Team and Varsity Football, E-Men's, Wrestling, Band, Pep Band, Jr. Play, Thespians. Yates, Kenneth: Business Yates, Thomas: Technical Varsity Basketball mgr., Fr. Track, Varsity Track, Tennis, Football (Fr., B-Team, Varsity), E-Men's, Jr. Play, Key Club. Yohe, Dennis: General Key Club. 137Destinies Unlimited: A D Advertising is a means of informing people . It is a basic element in our free-enterprise system. Advertising promotes friendly cooperation between the distributor and the consumer. In our society, the need to communicate and advance in advertising is important in that it is the key to our future success . The cooperation of these firms and businesses in relation to our activities at Willkie are truly unlimited. E R T I S I You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements . G. Norman Douglas1966 CRESCENT ADVERTISERS Airport Shell Service Fettig Canning Co. Orestes Canning Co., Inc. Al's 66 Service First National Bank of Elwood Penney's Blair Florist Greenhouses Frcnchie's Plake's Flower and Gift Shop Bourff's Furniture Store Goldsberry Flower Shop Ray Bros. Noble Canning Co. Callaway's Standard Service Crinncll's Toy Store Reynolds Electric Co. Camera Shop Grinnell-Brown Real Estate Earl G. Rhodes, Jeweler Cannon Products, Inc. Guide Lamp Division Riegel's Complete Glass Service Carter's Super Market Bob Hancher Royal Garment Cleaners Central Indiana Gas Company Mr. Happy Burger St. Clair Glass Central Paint Lumber Co. Geo. C. Harper Sons, Inc. Sears Chase Motors Hinshaw's Drug Store Service Tire Retreading, Inc. Citizens Bank Home Lumber Co. J. Lewis Small Co., Inc. City Creamery Huff's Carpets Draperies Roy Smith Appliances City Fish Poultry Market Ind. Mich. Electric Co. Stafford's Body Shop Clark's Mortuary Ind. Bell Telephon e Co. Stevens Spring Co., Inc. Coca-Cola Inland Marine Stevens Tire Battery Service Continental Can Company Jack's Highway Bakery Sutter's Copher and Fesler Johnson's Apparel Taff Baker Furniture Crimans Insurance Klumpp's Wallpaper Paint Tam's Rexall Drugs Dairy Queen Harry Knotts Insurance Service Town Country Beauty Shop DeHority and Son Lee's Marathon Service Vcntoura Corporation Worth Dellinger Agency R. L. Leeson Sons Vest Cleaners R. L. Dooley Construction Co. Love's Floral Service Wash House Laundromat East Side Parts Lucky Strike Lancs Wells Lanes Elwood Bank Supply Co. R. C. McDaniel Wheeler View-Point Elwood Federal Savings McGuire Typewriter Co. Wickes Lumber Co. Elwood Monument Co. Madison Co. Farm Bureau Coop. Woodsides Floral Shop Elwood Paint Wallpaper Mangas Cafeteria Annex Wright Cement Works Ermco Martz Grocery Zcrbe's Ex-Ce 11-0 Corporation Mcnstown Falvey's John W. Moore Chevrolet Sales Federal Sign Signal-- G. C. Murphy Co. Electronics Div. Orbaugh and Sons Congratulations to the ELECTRONICS DIVISION Class of '66 FEDERAL SIGN SIGNAL 948 North 19th Street Elwood, Indiana na idv n i iccki Compliments of RAY BROS. NOBLE State Road 13 CANNING CO. Elwood, Indiana Hobbs, IndianaElwood's Newest—and Largest Financial Institution Savings Insured Up to $10,000 ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS Main at Anderson Phone FE 2-5055 Loans to: Buy Build Repair Savings Earn 4% Per Annum Compounded Semi-Annual ly Where Thousands Save Millions'AIRPORT SHELL SERVICE Junction Roads 37 13 Ralph Doan, Manager Elwood, Indiana FE 2-9092 STEVENS SPRING CO., INC. Manufacturers of Box Sofa and Innerspring Construction 201 North 28th Elwood, Indiana Congratulations WRIGHT CEMENT WORKS STAFFORD’S BODY SHOP 300 South 18th Street Insurance of All Kinds ORBAUGH SONS Paul and Don Stafford 1504 North D St. Elwood, Indiana FE 2-3344 County Line Road FE 2-7191 ELWOOD MONUMENT CO. One Mile East on State Road 28 Compliments of CALLAWAY'S STANDARD SERVICE Gasoline—Oils—Accessories Markers Monuments Mausoleums Artistic Cemetery Memorials Before Purchasing See Our Display 301 S. Anderson Elwood, Indiana Congratulations WASH HOUSE LAUNDROMAT Self-Service Laundry and Dry Cleaning 106 Main Street Elwood, Indiana Compliments of MARTZ GROCERY 824 Main Street Elwood, Indiana PLAKE'S FLOWER GIFT SHOP 426 North 12th Elwood, Indiana Phone FE 2-7715The relaxing comfort of a Ventoura mobile home is always assured. Compliments of EAST SIDE PARTS Wholesale Automotive Parts HOME LUMBER COMPANY 1911 So. B St. El wood, Ind. FE 2-6821 Arthur E. Bell John M. Rutledge Elwood, Indiana State Road 28 EastSUTTER’S Quality Checked Dairy Products FE 2-2422 515 North Anderson St. work a 60-hour week for 25 cents an hour? That was the going rate at the turn of the century when almost all work was done by hand. Youth began their working careers at 14, there was no such thing as retirement and living standards were very low. Today, the average U.S. worker has tripled his production and buying power and has cut his work week by one-third. What changed all this? Machines, automation and modern production and business methods. Automation creates more jobs than it destroys. It’s the free enterprise way and has given us the highest standard of living in the world and the greatest degree of individual freedom. At l M automated methods have enabled us to provide many more new jobs, improve our methods of generating and delivering electricity and provide our customers with improved, low-cost electric service in the bargain. iya torn INDIANA MICHIGAN --ELECTRIC COMPANY---, Compliments of HUFFS CARPETS DRAPERIES 2122 Main FE 2-9431 Elwood, Indiana TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOP 412 South Anderson St. FE 2-6272 Elwood, Indiana STEVENS TIRE BATTERY SERVICE (Robie) 701 S. Anderson St. Elwood, Indiana Phone FE 2-9052 WICKES LUMBER COMPANY Compliments WHEELER VIEW-POINT School and Office Supplies You Get More for Less Plumbing—Heating Electrical Supplies Building Materials TAFF AND BAKER FURNITURE STORE St. Rd. 37 WELLS LANES Billiard Room Snack Bar 20 AMF Pinspotters Elwood, IndianaGEORGE C. HARPER SONS, INC. 206 Sigler Street Phone 754-7511 Frankton, Indiana 44 Years in Business—First in Quality Price Frigidaire Appliances—Hoover Sweepers Gulistan—Barwick—Firth Carpets Living Room by—Flexsteel—Berne—Simmons Bedroom and Dining Room by—Stanley—Bassett— American of Martinsville—United of Lexington— Tell City—American of Batesville—Grant Rapids Water King 2 in 1—Soft Water ServiceCompliments of CANNON PRODUCTS INC. Manufacturers of Lighting Products for Homes, Offices, Colleges, and Institutions Elwood, Indiana Good Luck, Seniors! ROY SMITH APPLIANCES G.E.—Speed Queen—Maytag Hoover—Eu reka FE 2-6772 609 South 22nd Elwood, Ind. Congratulations, Seniors We are Celebrating Our 65th Year DEHORITY SON Opposite P.O. FE 2-3344 Congratulations to the Class of '66 AL'S 66-SERVICE FE 2-9025 Elwood, Indiana Compliments of MADISON COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP Elwood Branch State Road 28 East Best Wishes to the Class of '66 ORESTES CANNING CO., INC. Packers of "Fancy Indiana Tomato Products" Orestes and Galveston, IndianaBest Wishes to the Class of '66 JOHN W. MOORE CHEVROLET SALES Chevrolet—Oldsmobi I e 1616 South A Street FE 2-7348 Elwood, Indiana Compliments of CONTINENTAL CAN COMPANYGUIDE LAMP DIVISION General Motors Corporation Guide Lamp Division of General Motors, world's largestmanufacturerof automotive lighting equipment, makes man types of lamps for cars, trucks and tractors including the new cornering lamp that lights your way around corners. The division is also a major producer of castings, plastics, metal stampings and electronic components for automotive assemblies. Guide has 2 million square feet, or 45 acres, under roof in Anderson. Employment is about 6,000. Anderson, Indiana J. LEWIS SMALL CO., INC. Manufacturing Jewelers Multiple Inspection Is Required on All Our Jewelry How—Here in Elwood Are Made the Most Beautiful Class Rings in America Guaranteed Quality—Local Service—Factory to You PricesEfficient Marsha Burton, a DCE student who works in the Bank, assists Dan Hinds, Jody Lambert, and Debra Yohe. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ELWOOD The Only National Bank in Madison County Phone FE 2-7336 1506 South A Street Elwood, IndianaCompliments of COPHER AND FESLER 415 So. Anderson Elwood, Indiana "QUICK. SPEEOEE” SERVICE HAMBURGER FRENCH FRIES SHAKES State Road 28 East $app? burger GOOD FOOD • CARRY OUT SERVICE • DRIVE UP WINDOW • INSIDE DINING ROOM Air Conditioned Loadj Of Parking ----- CALL -- FE 2-9028 Compliments of CENTRAL PAINT AND LUMBER COMPANY 1621 South A Street Elwood, IndianaHARRY KNOTTS INSURANCE SERVICE FE 2-9314 Congratulations to the Class of 1966 Ready-Mixed Concrete Concrete Drain Tile Masonry Supplies 2500 South D Street Phone FE 2-5041 Swimming Pool Sales and Service BOB HANCHER Phone FE 2-9371 CARTER’S SUPER MARKET Lowest Prices in Town Elwood Plaza Compliments of INDIANA BELL TELEPHONE CO , INC. 1527 North A St. Elwood, Indiana SERVICE TIRE RETREADING, INC. 1448-1450 South A Street Elwood, Indiana Compliments from R. L. DOOLEY CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. Elwood Heights Phone FE 2-3181 Elwood PlazaLennart Melander prepares to make a deposit. THE CITIZENS BANK El wood, Indiana Two Locations to Serve You 125 South Anderson Street Elwood Plaza Branch Member of FDIC"To be universal, education must be free," John Adams said. "The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and be willing to bear the expense of it." Ex-Cell-O Corporation Elwood, IndianaRiegel’s Complete Glass Service Highway 28 East FE 2-3703 Flowers for All Occasions GOLDSBERRY'S FLOWER SHOP Compliments of Flowers—the Added Touch of Perfection Phone Elwood FE 2-2214 FETTIG Athletic Supplies—Hobbies—Toys— Guns—Fishing Tackle INLAND MARINE SPORTING GOODS 1530 Main Street CANNING COMPANY Compliments of G. C. MURPHY CO. Elwood, Indiana Compliments of CHASE MOTORS 517 North Anderson ElwoodSEARS CITY CREAMERY Congratulations to the Class of '66 FE 2-3801 500 No. 18th St. Elwood, Indiana Mr. Joe St. Clair Preparing a Lamp Ornament. Compliments of St. Clair Glass 408 North 5th St. Elwood, Indiana Elwood, Indiana FE 2-5025 GRINNELL-BROWN REAL ESTATE "There's No Home Like the One You Own" Elsie M . Brown R.R. 2, Box 310 Licensed Broker Elwood, Indiana FE 2-7136 or FE 2-3911 JACK'S HIGHWAY BAKERY FE 2-6553 St. Rd. 37—1 2 Mile South of St. Rd. 28 R.R. 2 Elwood, Indiana A Good Line of Toys GRINNELL'S TOY STORE One Mile East of Elwood Nature's Fuel CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY FE 2-7328 Elwood, IndianaThere’s a "one and only” in refreshment, too BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY i Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Elwood, Inc.Best Wishes to the Class of '66 TAM’S REXALL DRUGS 200 South Anderson Street Elwood, IndianaR. L. LEESON SONS Ladies Ready to Wear Congratulations to the Class of '66 FE 2-3381 WOODSIDES FLORAL SHOP Flowers for All Occasions FE 2-6572 1352 So. D St. Elwood, Indiana ELWOOD BANK SUPPLY CO. Printers—Lithographers Phone FE 2-2481 1532 Main St. Elwood, Indiana CAMERA SHOP Color Headquarters 408 S. Anderson St. FE 2-2243 Compliments of ROYAL GARMENT CLEANERS PENNEY'S Retail Store FE 2-5561 Catalog Center FE 2-5051 BLAIR FLORIST AND GREENHOUSES State Route 28 East HINSHAW’S DRUG STORE Telephone 2-3523 First of All a Drug Store Fast Lunch ServiceMANGAS CAFETERIA AND ANNEX Congratulations Class of 1966 Here's Hoping That Your Fondest Ambitions are Realized and As You Progress through the Trials and Tribulations of Life, May Health and Happiness Be Your Constant Companions. Jack and George Mangas Main and Anderson Streets Elwood, IndianaR. C. McDANIEL Dry Goods Clothing Foot Wear CLARK’S MORTUARY Congratulations CITY FISH POULTRY MARKET 1419 Main FE 2-5482 Congratulations from VEST CLEANERS 1516 Main St. FE 2-3131 Elwood, Indiana D0 50 « eSOt(5T FEH532 Wallpaper by Imperial Wood—Davis Birge Nancy Warren Marlborough Paint and Wallpaper Complete Line of Smith-Alsop Paint Products See Our line of Art Materials Prang Grumbacher Weber Costello Walter Foster ELWOOD PAINT AND WALLPAPER 120 South Anderson St. FE 2-2532 Elwood, IndianaCongratulations to the Class of '66 FRENCHIE’S Compliments of JOHNSON'S APPAREL SHOP MENSTOWN New Name for the Why Jerry Gillum, Manager McGuire typewriter co. Smith Corona Products Sales and Service on All Makes State Road 13 Elwood, Indiana BOURFF'S FURNITURE STORE 102 Main Street FE 2-2255 Elwood, Indiana CRIMANS INSURANCE AGENCY 1301 Main Elwood, Indiana Congratulations to the Class of '66 ZERBE'S Family Shoe Store Congratulations Class of '66 REYNOLDS ELECTRIC CO. 12 Chamness Avenue Elwood, Indiana 1912 North H St. Elwood, Ind. Shop at FALVEY’S Where Your Friends Buy Their Clothes Levi Sta-Prest Arrow Shirts Curlee Suits and Sport Coats Haggar Slacks Revere SweatersEARL G. RHODES JEWELER Elwood Alexandria Tipton KLUMPP WALLPAPER PAINT Phone FE 2-2242 1533 South A St. Elwood, Indiana Congratulations, Class of 1966 Compliments of LUCKY STRIKE LANES Jack and Wuanita Wright WORTH DELLINGER, AGENCY Congratulations to the Class of '66 Auto—Fire—Casualty—Insurance 410 So. Anderson St. FE 2-5212 Elwood, Indiana LEE’S MARATHON SERVICE LOVE'S FLORAL SERVICE Remember Us at Prom Time ! 1437 South A Street A FRIEND Elwood, IndianaIN APPRECIATION We would sincerely like to express our thanks to those persons who made possible the '66 Crescent: to the staff and committees who supplied the book with copy and pictures, to the administration and faculty for their assistance and understanding: to the American Yearbook Company and Bob Cavanagh, who helped and encouraged us; to Reid's Studio for their co-operation, including the photography of the album section and groups; and to the business men of the community for their financial assistance. A special thanks goes to Mrs. Hilda E. Chapman for her patience and guidance throughout the year. CO-EDITORS Susie Pearson Jane Cornelious SECTION EDITORS ACADEMIC Rose Ann Smith ACTIVITIES Cheryl Pace ORGANIZATIONS Judy Helpling PHOTOGRAPHY Mike Montgomery ALBUM Susan Forst ATHLETICS Kent Justus CIRCULATION Priscilla Davis PICTURE SALES Ann Webb ADVISOR Mrs. Hilda E. Chapman PHOTOGRAPHY Reid's Studio, Muncie, Indiana PRINTING American Yearbook Company, Hannibal, Missouri Yearbook Company Advisor, Mr. Robert Cavanagh 164

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