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 - Class of 1965

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WW fa! 7 W gb ljflfofkg, M2 jkigifvii Wfggfgm ie MMM my iZjjZ'fiZiiQf , I X591 Q31 W W if NZM O W , 'Exufimj' Mb! WU? fM3jiJ2Qflj9 'ixbgw 3'ffMf'2 5 WM +7 ' 0 f pei . W L13 I ' m im ci I My cm U b ZLQJJWM If WC 154.5 K, cf- f f "4'4 3,7 ,M K x Cgsb 1 ' f,fidrpVfWjX,1f1f!L 7 if ,A 51 WD QD QW A9139 6IdQ gfpbgfffl .,ff2fff5 cf ,xp , 'Q 5' 9 - UM. , if Og mrwmfwffvfww ff w xW,?g0 Wwdwawmalfm CP' , A 'goifimi 9-1' Xiu Ea if ?Q136M'N'a V Wmwfmizwimwgi W ywwifiy wwjff jg ww, 2 ff WW X f WW QM W X if ,Jw 1 Y If ff X 'K gf' xy X V J' V W -U Q W6 EM Q W ,K WJ in f 4 X 13.3 M N fs X . Q fl, . 9 1 5 Q- Ni xx Wal KJ SKK M W hi QQ Q. SCR wi XF gi S 55 2312 X x 2 H Q Ri 2 il KQ Agiiyigi X? Y is lik Q V1 X NSA lk 1 0 X EL X 33552 1 CRESCENT 1965 Wendell L. Wz'llkz'e Hzgh School Elwoocl Indiana Table of Contents Opening .... Organizations . Academic . . . Athletics . . . . Personalities . . . . Advertisements . . . 16 x K. a 5 Q 14 1 Ie 4 i il an Y Y ie i' W n an E W I is I S 'E as Q fi 4. as E as Q, ye .ng 3 if 3 ZZ br if 3 v, 5. 'W W W , E 3 ? Q1 4 2 fm W 55 5? E is fi E H? B N? 5 2 2 S i 2 s S 5 2 E a ,1-mfwtggfwfis5qng-1m1mq33mfmA'N11wnmmfW4hmm,vqwmmi5aw, - f . 3 ' 1 Parlez-vous francais? Perhaps, after using the new language lab tapes. wJ Q KR X Coach andixfl ew rejoice after first victdiy. 34 1 RW FF w i The last of the old--the shape of the new. Progress at Wz'Zlkz'e 4 What is PROGRESS? In this day and age We hear much about progress but often do not stop to think about how it affects us as individuals. The physical, academic, and social aspects of Willkie are proof of the progress Within our com- munity. We are a part of this progress Whether it be moving up from a Freshman toa Concentration on that book report! Senior, becoming an athletic star, or earninga scholastic honor. True merit is the result of individual advancement. Our generation is contributing to the changing World about us . What is progress?--"Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of to- morrow." Emerson. The improvements in our school have inspired a new vitality in the school spirit. Winning the CIC Horseshoe, getting a new bulletin board for the front hall, expanding Willkie's campus, increasing our staff, adding new courses, obtaining study equipment, and havinga foreign exchange student at Willkie all contributed to the Progress within These Halls. The faculty and each student played great parts in molding our lives for the future. Auditorium program helps further appreciation and understanding. 6 College Night helps many to decide. A heated panel discussion in U. S. History aids in learning both sides of the question. Our Panthers worked hard to bring the Silver Horseshoe back to Willkie. 7 Our progress has extended even to Arboga, Sweden. Isn't my order ready yet? i We fn U Yer W' - QQ U Fixer V 1' Q, ,V 5 Vkhk if -312562, A r -' My ' rree er e E 1. 8 Progress Wz'thz'n Our Town As we advance, so does our community. While you are "riding around," do you notice the physical changes that have taken place in . . A ' k h d our town? The addition qmc was an then onyom Way' of a radio station, remodeled buildings, as M :-, . d 5 new shopping center, and new sidewalks have been a step forward. A new business and a good treat. 9 "Three Coins in cz Fountainn As the guests of the 1964 Prom awaited the all -night event, many hours of toil were being put into the task of making "Three Coins ina Fountain" a magnificent Roman splendor. The sponsors, class, and chairmen - -Harry Beeman, Ann Fort - song and Kevin Tam--took great pride in the presentation of beauty and enjoyment. May 15, 1964, marked the date of the X dance which took place at the Elks Club. ,Xgunior workers touched up murals of Roman scenery. Tam's Warehouse was a scene of industrious work. IO Re ectecz' Zhe Splendor Through two archways couples passed into the Parthenon. Marble columns surrounded by greenery and Roman scenery depicted by murals combined to carry out the theme of the ballroom. A large fountain sur- rounded by flowers and greenery was on the patio. Crowned queen by Junior Class President Rick Cannon, Pam jones reigned from her beautiful Roman throne. Later a movie, a dance, and breakfast were provided by the service clubs of Elwood. qfAncz'ent Rome T They could have danced all night As her escort looked on, Pam Jones was crowned by Junior President, Rick Cannon. . Y . s i v ' Ig 9 l W E., 41? A 365 f A-f ll Stage Manager . . . Rick Cannon Successful Broadway Comedy and "Simon Stimson is the worst scandal that ever hit town." "Emily--would you like to have an ice The class of '65 set a precedent with the presentation of "Our Town, " a three- act Broadway drama. Simplicity set the tone of the junior Class Play which took place in the late 1800's and early l900'S. Thornton Wil- der escaped the formal barrier of mod- "Grovers Corners has a population of 2,642." cream soda, or something?" ern stage and centered his play around two families, the Gibbses and the Webbs. His theme--people are too occupied with petty thoughts to understand the true joy and happiness in life--is enacted by Emily. Under the direction of Mrs . Barr and help of Mavis Kintzel and Martha Oldag, this cast gave a performance that kept their audience spellbound. Dr.Gibbs .. .. Mrs, Gibbs , , , Mr. Webb , . Mrs. Webb . . George Gibbs . . . Emily Webb . Mrs. Soames . . . joe Crowell .... Howie Newsome . . Rebecca Gibbs Wally Webb .... Professor Willard . Constable Warren , Si Crowell . . Simon Stimson Sam Craig . . joe Stoddard , . - . Dana Edwards Dodi Forst Craig Wellnitz . Linda justice Dave Cotton Nina Runyan Kathy Pedro jeff Coffin Larry Parker . Susie Courtney jeff Starkey Larry Lang Kevin Tam ' Tony Baker Rodger Southern . . . Pat Hobson Richard Brunson Woman in the Balcony . . . Kathy Colcord Woman in the Audience , , , Janice Smith Woman in the Box . Margaret Wingro VC Tmgeajf A 1191196417 on Wvillkie H zgh Stage Will the real Char1ey's Aunt please stand up? A World famous comedy, "Charley's Aunt," by Brandon Thomas was presented as the Senior Class Play by the Class of '65. jack Chesney and Charles Wykeham fall desperately in love and invite their young ladies to their rooms to meet Charley's aunt from Brazil, The aunt sends Word that she must defer her visit , The boys know that the girls will not stay there unchaperoned, and they do not Want to give up this opportunity for them to declare their love, So they recruit a college chum to pose as the aunt, After the fraud is introduced to all, the real aunt arrives and assumes another name , The resulting comic confusion climaxes to a happy ending, Colonel Sir Francis Chesney,jeff Coffin Stephen Spettigue .... Roger Southern Jack Chesney ........ Dave Cotton Charles Wykeham ..... Steve Parry Lord Fancourt Babberley, Craig Wellnitz Brasset .......... Mike Wilson Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez , Nina Runyan Kitty Verdun ........ Ann Fortson Amy Spettigue ...... Mavis Kintzel Ela Delahay ,,,,,,, Sherri Taylor Student Director ..... Kathy Colcord Assistant Director ,,,, Janice Smith "Dad, meet Charles Wykeham--I have been photographing Char1ey's Aunt never had it so good- -eh Craig? you to him for years." ziizzgfiiiagfiftgii YE' 'W ii M The Panther Band Varz'etz'es If 1964 On the brilliantly lighted stage Willkie majorettes danced to "St, Louis Blues." A multi-colored, lighted glass stage, made of 12, OOO baby foodjars, was a high- light of the Panther Band Varieties of 1964. The stage, which measured 12 feet by 40 feet, was designed by Mr. Rex jenkins, Pam jones, who was featured at the Steinway playing "The Dream of Olwen, " and jim Baker, who played "Carnival of Venice" onthe trumpet, were the soloists of the evening. The band's performance of- such numbers as "Bandology, " "Manhattan Tower," and "The Typewriter" added to the evening's entertainment, "Little Red Caboose, " a novelty black-light number, featured the majorettes and the band. Elwood's own Beatles, advanced choir, and Peter, Paul, and Mary performed during the Hootenanny segment of the program, Another part of the Variety Show was devoted to Indiana and Cole Porter. Mr , Brugger, Mr, jenkins, Mr, Stites, and Tudy Smith contributed hours of thought and labor for this evening of musical fun and enjoyment, which was ably announced by Master and Mistress of Ceremonies, Greg Gardner and Susie Mosbaugh. The Hootenanny section proved to be a favorite. I Homecoming LW cz Lasiing Imjyifession ,li , ,...,,..,? I E Homecoming Queen Margaret Wingrove and her court: Martha Oldag, Gracelee Hevron, Cindy Connor, and Ann Fortson. A tradition of splendor and honor was seen in every aspect of the 1964 Home- coming. Festivities started at one o'clock with the Panther and Cadet Bands leading the parade of the five hopeful queen candi- dates. Action at the field proved exciting as the Panthers romped over the Alexandria Tigers, 27-13, for our fourth straight gridiron victory. The highlight of the half -time activities was the crowning of the 1964 queen, Miss Margaret Wingrove, by her predecessor, Miss Marsha Buzzard. Portraying the theme of "Stardust, " the Den was turned into a heavenly paradise for the queen, her court, and all who attended the climax of a stirring day, A crowd gathered as the band marched down Senior fullback, Lyle Robinson, charged across the goal Anderson Street. line to insure another Panther victory. MAR GARE T WINGR OVE , Queen m f ,- r ' -fi:S2i22f:i:ff M y --. I.-,. . 554' : ,L Q ww ,gr,:s.,1g:,'fQ4m4ig? MQ- fa wx gw- .-3Qfifii,sm5P,fqgfg5:5,,.zQm - 1- f K, ft if,-vggiff-g'f:isfsnmxfivfiiim i., ,..,, " 1-7:f':if'5iELS?i-335 Wfsiyzii' ?E'5S5Nfst".1 ..,,.:wgFIriTi55-ff?" , V ,,..,, ,M Mm... ,,.., .sw f- A, N my S Q,'linfimsiz'2?!5iigf2:5f5sfff's'slfvgfwxigfes,is fig Sa 1 , ,Q Q my nm an L M X Q ng Q is M Q 35233 5 'Q fi iw, fa in. my fiil :ggi J as Q11 af 5 5 il 5 ff 72. 1 ' if W- , -Q Y 1 X if PF? F ,pf -Ni: A 91 . , Q' F31 Yak? Us af? I if n ss is confidence in It has been said that "Happine one's self." Aiding the students of Willkie High in ' t for confidence are the many diversified ' ble, talented, their ques ' h are supervised by capa dults students activities Whic and interested a . Formed with the purpose of acquainting with others who share common interests and of en trusting to them the responsibilities of the school, these organizations play a vital part in the develop- ment of any high school student. Whether practicing for Thespian plays, collecting coffee for Sunshine projects, marching in the damp chill of football Weather, or singing the magnificent strains of Han- del's "Hallelujah Chorus," the students are en- riched With senses of fellowship, service, and ' ich are, indeed, the keys to accomplishment Wh progress . PROGRE S OR GA s rfrzfswfaff A wmfrwg 'iw-vm.. W ii: -Wxklfail-,i.V' 1,4 my L in , K .1 W ww 52 fsfwffx1W:ff5f'1?w?,gsf-W ft, tx -, slfwfaffv-uftgfesiiwQifagidmhrlaiasfwfsrzaptfwflfmfgfgzwk'if it :QM as -My f4wssm,,Lm,g,lt,?s1w fQ4.,s5g5va,'3'5 ffQf1f1 w?5a:L-wwiifix wifes yn5f,rrs5,g,we-ng ,j T wg ,L --. ag, win.. ,ffwa5ii,,sw5iQigmtHfa512'2?w::2ss5w:gsPsixrg?:se ew: W K Jw MWtaksvmwaafvwrwf wg Marx? ,34gLff,,s, at Mm, has M Rt. fg, rw fi, Q ,Em Z 4 vm ui-HQ 0 A2 we msn., fwfr' fs? T-Q7 ,QIALQ14 .,piL,,fHs vsfggziffef fwfr ai ispgftgpltm-1 , ,Q-,,gz1W,at, iimattm, ,f ,V ,t ,fe W ,xwvwsg--.atwmw W-swiss as . Wa iiiltiiesavfvg' ,N as Mftyiiffiiisfifmiiwtzbfgitffgi' ,,,i3,,,,5,,,M ,7,,t,f,iQfg,,,Si ag.. gsm N' .5?g?W'l' 'L av ' ,,i,,,z,1,.x,w.,,,,,,, K w szw- 'sslswwft ,, ,, ist1lgyg2:sQsa,kssxfLt5Sg,gl25gagS1gfwg,5Lsgisgge i films ":avfss1 fsaz 11' fimimy5gp?gag,swigsif,ggsgggaiaviggwgailtsfi, J a, ,fs, fm,,,,,s,-fM,fl.,As 5, ,,,,,,,g,,M l,,,M,m,.. .fssiisfigfiflzss.miggsigfsslgxagigsffa iagfkgifiissiit-359335525 ,,m,:,-Mt,,ww,.,., sf ,,,,J,,v,l1 ftW.lt4sQ,-WWW as .ix W,-as fsziagvsfyw,W,,,,,,s7-ls, L,-My-ss! fm:Msg1ais:fx 1. ssvaamfwfWm,simszifxxfqitgffles fault? fis:7g.sfff.yfge2u?I iw1m1Qfg,,,,,jsz5:54f:X:2Nez:wgms-gs!-fs1l1mg2gwffiwff-St-bffmwft 1, 3,mayw5,,w,f,,M l,f,,,, -Q fwfr!-fsfausiii -czsgxwggi,gfgwlwzpiis,fg,naw5gf,g,vMEg,imgsvfa-lawffsilfwg it-ma 14552251 N 231 emma. new-fm ff wlgwfv -f ,,ff,,,4,,k ,m,,ff,,z.kM-ffkisf-s,-gggggegffwill r. siwiruw--.,, Tisfff'5l'i!'???ifSfQQ5IfQ!'2ss2ie4s2i5a525iSE2QifQ2if+?1WS?Ya?Yfaw Q. 1. uf W f,,,i:g ,1 ,wi-, Laxf5M,,, fti:ggtQggfz1. 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V -2515 5312?-Jr?-1 -si' 5527 7351 slfksr. iii gf 7fY9fT1q7'sfWffi. f ,FV NIZA irzofvs f."?SZ51l'f?f55fii'fr5-:Mt 7-fffiimfibrwifimwf-www, . sim, gf- N211-frvifw in V, Affaires ,sgfltwf Wei we. flaw Qtazeiffr'tzwwfaffvwagw591'f+s xl-Sgfisw mwywq --s?fW.Q,,wa174 H... we ,S-sm5'INtSu+w+w1L25f+w+f+ xfffhffffpw fifffvf Nw ,ff M lp . farm. if ,zfwgv-K W. ,2 wage iff wfswge, g-mm: pagfda- -We 441fw+et,+- 'fwsgfg Mmm awww Q Qpgfimgiy effgw swat Mgsfwgxrwa 'W J- 32 2 Spdiww . sfbzfyiyyfi fjwwsg +f 1 me wigmggi wsififiiwm-3,r. M-.agigjgfm tra gg, 5, M,5,.,gf,.' 'fs wg, ,215 new a :,,,,,:5wws w2'f1mMf,ft5,L 'mai yi' wsv11Zfw+5fm,,ff wwf- f- Q We-if ff Mil- ww, A My aa, lfawfmg-5. wwfrart' flfwftffylrsftff wif: wt Q-14-W +gs3+mify + if 5 sysiis, ww-3 -Uifzwfi ageiw-Wasil? ,mfr tigfijmgff ff 4 , ,lb fp" Hours qf Thought and Ejjbrt Combined What is a yearbook? To the students it is a book filled with an unlimited amount of signatures and memories, to the teachers it is a reference book, while to the staff it is a source of re- sponsibility, work, and pride . Anon-social organization, the Cres- cent staff devoted their free time and lunch hours to produce an outstanding piece of literary work. Endless hours of planning page layouts , identifying pic- tures, authoring running heads, typing, and worrying were spent by the co- editors Ann Fortson and Nina Runyan. Assuming the financial responsibilities of the Crescent was KathywColcord, Dave Hood . Taking candid shots or group pictures, these two boys were always exceptionally busy and in great demand. A special acknowledgment goes to the Crescent sponsor, Mrs . Hilda Chap- man. Mrs . Chapman efficiently and energetically gave her time and help to everyone. Through her experience and unselfishness she guided the staff to many deadlines and through the frus- trated moments . As in every yearbook, this one is filled with recollections of pleasant memories and is the result of the efforts of many people. The sponsor, editors, the business manager, section editors, business manager, who spe r coygj co 'XX ittee members, student body and lecting money, getting ads, n digg adv, ers have Nplipntributed their tal- statements forbilledads. if to argigifs na aid t ake one memorable for the Crescent! rej KCEQ' nd l k . . . The X, 65 Crescent. , X MK ,vi ,V ,px ,NJ N YYY ,X is X QQ! KN fbi 5 C X D kr The co-editors, Nina their time and effort for mz-anagexpx athy Colcord, spent a great deal of 2. gfgaw ..,, in? to Produce the 265 Crescent Crescent staff sorts through pictures. They are SEATED: Kathy Colcord, Ann Fortson, Nina Runyan, Tonda Witt- kamper,Lois Fo1ey,Annette Langford, Mavis Kintzel, Margaret Wingrove, and Dodi Forst. STANDING: Don Cabe, Mrs. Chapman, and Dave Hood. CRESCENT COMMITTEES: ROW ONE: S. V. Davies, J. Helpling, R. Smith, D. VanWinkle, J. Green- field, S. Taylor,S. Greenfield, C. Kilgore. M. Garner, S. Latshaw, R. Elkins, L. Oliver, B. DeLawter, J. Clapper, L. Sparks,L.Moore,A. T. Eads, C. Hancock. ROW THREE: B. Lynas, S. Pearson, J.Cornelious,A.Carnpbell,J.Puterbaugh, Aldridge, J. Hood, A. Sullivan, C. Svenson, J. Piirto, K. Sanders. ROW FOUR: S. Gilson, M , B. Bishop, M. Winings, J. Coffin, R. Bannon, J. Smith, J. Claghorn, K. Cassidy, C. Yarling, S. 21 Student Council t Mtioebf Promotes N X . ROW ONE: C. Short, C. Lehman, T. Dillen, D. Rogers, P. Forst, L. Frazier, B. Knauer, J. Hiatt. ROW TWO: J. Fortson, D. Vanwinkle, S. Beeman, C. Kilgore, S. Gilson, K. Tharp, D. Hancher, J. Tucker, M. Fouts,M. Fettig. ROW THREE: T. Shickley, J. Cornelious, B. Lynas, C. Kochman, R. Knopp, J. Her- niak, J. I-Ielpling, E. Mangas, J. Puterbaugh, B. Keller. ROW FOUR: D. Cotton, N. Runyan, L. Davis, W. Frye, M. Wingrove, S. Courtney, K. Knutsson-Hall, A. Fortson, C. Reynolds, M. Oldag, L. McGuire, J. Coffin, M. Johns. Ever striving for improvement and achievement, the Student Council has this year used its full prestige and power to make it one of the most progressive student governing bodies of Willkie I-Iigh. With specialized committees in charge the Student Council has provided the student with new and refreshing ac- tivities . The Halloween Howl, monthly favors given to the teachers, the Morp, and the annual Belles and Beaus Dance were all vital links in the chain of Student Council activity. Miss Karin Knutsson-Hall from Ar- hoga, Swedenwas the visible expression ofthe determination and work of Willkie The officers of the Student Council are: FIRST ROW: Jean Heriak, secretary, Ruth Ann Knopp, parlia- mentarian, and Margaret Wingrove, vice-president. SECOND ROW: Jeff Coffin, president, Charles Short and James Hiatt, sponsors, not present, Christy Jarvis, treasurer. Student Government at Wz'l!kz'e As an honorary member of the French Club, Karin enjoys refreshments with members after going caroling. High students to make their high school the "Best in the land." Karin helped boost interest in the foreign exchange program by being mistress of cere- monies at the International Day spon- sored by the Student Council. Exchange students from area schools attendedand were introduced to the community. Karin shares her talent with the band. Under the sponsorship of Mr. james Hiatt and Mr. Charles Short the Student Council officers consisting of president, jeff Coffin, Vice-president, Margaret Wingrove, secretary, jean Herniak, treasurer, Christy Jarvis, and parlia- mentarian Ruth Ann Knopp, planned for the coming year. Mr. David Cooley presents Karin a 1965 class ring which was a gift from J.LeWis Small and the Rotary Club. , ,,, , , N X f X , . - XIX A SX . . . it i PthBa'Ada'V 1fVt!t X f X, an er an 5 arzey, z cz z y, Mike Wilson took the duties of Head Drum Major, a Jane Clark, Head Majorette, displayed her strutting new position in the Willkie Band this year. abilities at the various band performances. 24 5 fi 'I' Panthel Band 4 t and Vivac Practice and more serve as a motto of such an group as our Panther Band. While the heat of the hot is beating upon us, the Panther Band is busy preparing the annual State Fair Show. This last year the band placed thirteenth in this contest. Besides the State Fair Show, the Panther Band also h , L, 5, g pegnfforms for basketball and football games, Christmas and Spring concerts, and the Variety Show. To solve the problems which arise the band has a band board made up of two members of each class and band officials plus the directors, Mr. jenkins and Mr. Brugger. SUH The Band Board helps promote band activities and projects such as the purchase of new uni forms for next year. l 25 Voices and Personalities Combine HARMONETTES: Linda Tancey Barbara DeLawter Kathy Sanders Jorja Willhoite Kay Wesley Alleta Davenport, acc. ADVANCED CHOIR: ROW ONE: Ann Fortson, Carol Yarling, Dodi Forst, Bill Downey, Tony Baker, Mike Scott, Randy Cherry, Deena Ford, Marena Lane, Debbie Robinson. SECOND ROW: Jorja Willhoite, Nina Runyan, Linda Justice, Annette Langford, Diane Linegar, Tim VanNess, Tom Creamer, Doug Baxter, Kathy Fetz, Marilyn Bambrough, Alleta Davenport, Judy Phenegar. THIRD ROW: Jeff Coffin, Dan Parry, Mr. John Stites, director. 26 t0Make Up Small Musz'c Groups , iv- ELWOTONES: Annette Langford Tamra Fetz Mike Scott David Green SAFARIS: Vera Phillips Helen Bouslog Gloria Hahn Annette Langford Linda Justice Melodie Fouts ,2 , S N60 NQ.F,'lzf. 2 2 s , fl .Q f Lynn Murray Mlke Scott Gilbert McDaniel Gary Shaw Alleta Davenport, acc. ' -, . ' , . 2512- 5 'MEF' ' .pm ,H . 1 .. lifiiwf-f,,2,. f r: A :ww -e X ff:ia:1255ii,1 ' Lmiesgfislggf W -' f ' V- , ,mg , if . ,.,,5,i,,Q,.,f?9. , , , ,i,..f,i, . ' ,, , if if. f' . ff? x new eff elif? 'ir .. , . 7 ,sw ., - " we gkffsrfi tiv i Q airlffi l ::" "K 2Nfil,, ' , EQ :"-"': . ?zlf?'Y 'ygiiffiifl nl ,:' :' i ,- l f ss gfzgaiigw 1 --YQEHVL AN"'NFl 'f -f 4 "-"3 ' ': ' :'Iz: , " .' "57 Eii,'FQT' iflfiaii, wg . 2 X 5 - J . ,, . , ,5ffm,,f,,,,fffk-,ir g,g,f5W ,,6, ,1 :s':22f ':- I-iw 59i':3ff1,5 fy- sgQzw,1'fii,?faarg -:'x:' 1:ffsf, Z 5 . ilg?'erQfgg,:,ff,f'4f2z1 llggfiisilii,ff,-fm? 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RW ,., ,fi ff- Q Q e we W 1 gg 'ff.wQFfsv?fKw f 2f-'tffi , fn' . at , J, . , he .,,, .,,V , K is we X Q W gi 31 Q K 9' , wiimif fi. m,g,.?1lf Q Effvffi Z , ,4 f,ma:f-.awe S1fx:,w5i-wwfi"f'J1,vf--5211543 z,.mwQ,f wif! The Choir and Glee Club Featured Full- The choir once again displayed the talent and hard Work which Went into this year's Christmas program . "The Messiah" by Handel was pre- sented to the public in Willkie's audi- torium on December l3, l964. The "Hallelujah Chorus" and several other songs by Handel which have been popular for countless genera- tions Were featured in this program of entertainment. Under the direction of john Stites, the choir has added to the culture of our high school and community. One of the highlights of the year was the annual County Choral Festival. A raffle and the sale of adorned key chains were among the projects the choir undertook to earn money for their many expenses . This year's choir officers were: Gary Shaw, president, Tony Baker, vice-president, Janet Piirto, secretary, Annette Langford, scrapbook keeper, Mr. Stites, director, and Linda Justice, treasurer. ROW ONE: S. Pelton, L. Peters, M. Etchison, C. Vinson, V. Hiatt, S. Wilhoit, R. Baker, S. Williams, T. Courtney, M. Fouts, J. Cornelious, B. Low, L. Foley. ROW TWO: C. King, V. Phillips, H. Bouslog, J. Piirto, B. Phillips, N. Garner, B. Downey, M. Scott, T. Baker, R. Cherry, L. Murray, M. Fettig, T. Fetz, J. Phene- gar. ROW THREE: M. Gardner, C. Yarling, K. Cassidy, M. Kennedy, J. Drake, T. Creamer, D. Green, J. Jones, J. Antle, C. Scott, G. Shaw, G. Hahn, L. Puterbaugh, K. Fetz, M. Mountcastle. ROW FOUR: J. Helping, D. Forst, L. Justice, D. Lynegar, A. Langford, T. VanNess, J. Hoffman, D. Parry, M. Hicks, K. Justus, G. McDaniel, D. Baxter, and Mr. Stites. Sounding Musz'c ana' Harmonious Blena'z'ng ROW ONE: S. Anderson, T. Moore, S. Abernathy, S. Beeman, D. Cole, S. Stokes, B. DeLawter, M. Wilson, R. Davenport, L. Tancy, K. Wesley, J. Garner. ROW TWO: D. Cloud, L. Stickler, C. Byus, S. Graham, H. Jackson, L. Bozell, C. Stafford, F. Pace, L. Castro, E. Ponder, D. Rittenhouse, N. Longnecker, V. James, P. Kantner. ROW THREE: B. Gibson, M. Mead, C. Hardebeck, J. Willhoite, T. Jordan, S. Fetz, C. Crull, P. Hicks, L. Ewing, S. Anderson, B. Markey, A. Davenport. ROW FOUR: K. Sanders, C. French, E. Patton. Officers of the Glee Club include: SEATED, Linda Castro, vice-president, Sharon Abernathy, president. STANDING, Kay Wesley, secretary, Carol Crull, scrapbook, and not pictured, Deena Ford, treasurer. With sweet reverberating chords the Girls Glee Club presented excerpts of the "Nutcracker Suite" during the Christmas program which was presented to the public . "ln the Misty Moonlight" set the theme for their annual dance sponsored by the club. This is one of their annual money-making projects and this year it proved to be very successful. Their versatility and mastery of music reflected the capabilities of their director, Mr. john Stites, Who led them in the public appearance . Participation in the annual County Choral Festival took a great deal of practice and preparation. But the re- wards are always Worth their efforts. Officers elected for the year Were: Sharon Abernathy, president, Linda Castro, vice-president, Kay Wesley, secretary, Deena Ford, treasurer and Carol Crull, scrapbook keeper. Research, Practice, SeQfAssurance Aidea' Debaters C i 'E Varsity members: Lynn Murray, Bill Bishop, Mark Winings, and John Fortson. With four Sophomores on the varsity debate team, Willkie High School has much to look forward to in the future , The topic for debate this year is "Pos- session of Nuclear Weapons," This is standard for all schools and will be used in debates for the entire year . Being on the team menas more than just discussing the problem with othersg a lot of research is involved and time is needed to meet all the demands that may be placed upon one of the team during a debate, Each member must be very familiar with the subject involved. Our debate team this year has done Well in all the meets that they attended. The team is very capably coached by Mr . Donald Brown. Debate team members are: Chuck Lucas, Clifford Lehman, Sam Han, Joe Scott, Mr. Brown, sponsor, John Fortson, Lynn Murray,Bi1l Bishop, and Mark Winings. Thes,oz'an Talon! Was Dz's,o!ayoo' Throughout Elwood l This organization has become very i active through the years of its existence at Willkie High, It is one of the few clubs which has a long Waiting list of people who would like to join . The pur- pose of the club is to promote a greater interest in the art of drama, Troop 58, under the direction of Mr . Donald Brown, presents a festival of plays each year in order to exhibit its talent. The troop of 1964-65 Was given the privilege of per- forming at one of our basketball games . Thespian apprentices must earn ten points before becoming a member . This is done by taking part in plays, direct- ing plays, and helping the production in many other ways. An initiation cere- mony is held in the spring for those who have gained Thespian status and the in- coming officers. The Thespian officers are: Nina Runyan, president, Jane Cornelius, secretary, Ann Fortson, vice-president, Ann Webb, recorder, Bill Bishop, treasurer, and Mr. Donald Brown, Sponsor. FIRST ROW: R. Knopp, C. Kockrnan, L. Winings, R. Richwine, A. Sullivan, J. Helping, R. Smith, K. Tharp, C. Sentman, B. Clouser. SECOND ROW: K. Cassidy, J. Cornelius, P. Balser, M. Etchison, J. Drake, M. Kintzel, M. Wingrove, J. Hood, C. Svendsen, C. Walkup, M. Warner, R. Robinson, D. Brown. THIRD ROW: M. Winings, D. Linegar, D. Yates, L. Oliver, A. Webb, A. Fortson, N. Runyan, A. Campbell, S. Poole, C. Pace, R. Elkins, T. Hicks, D. Shepard, M. Updegraff. FOURTH ROW: B. Bishop, K. Sanders, K. Colcord, M. Fettig, R. Cannon, L. Justice, P. Anderson, J. Coffin, R. Brunson, L. Lang, D. Cotton, T. Cook, L. Murray, J. Fortson, D. Wittkamper. 31 Fact, Fiction, News, Is Megaphoneps S,becz'al1Qf o- First Semester, ROW ONE: J. Hobbs, S. Rose, J. Smith, S. Courtney, J. Curtis, K. Wesley, P. Lee, W. Dye. ROW TWO: T. Yat:es,P.Anderson, S. Poole,M.Bambrough,A. Campbell, S. Carroll, L. Hobbs, K. Vanl-Iorn, Mrs. Hiatt. ROW THREE: R. Cannon, G. Gilbert, R. Abney. Many changes took place with the Megaphone this year. Under the direc- tion of Mrs. Hiatt and with the help of Editor jan Curtis and Assistant Editor Steve Poole. The journalism class had the responsibility of putting out the Meg- aphone and Willkie World. On a self- supporting basis, the Megaphone was able to purchase a new camera and type- writer to aid them. This year's Megaphone boasted an average circulation of 475 copies per publication , This year also saw the development of apprenticeships , Each of the six major staff members train an apprentice to take his place the following year . One of the projects for the future is to send two people to the Indiana journal- ism Conference at Indiana University. Second Semester, ROW ONE: M. Bambrough, S. Rose, J. Smith, J. Hobbs, J. Curtis, S. Carroll, L. Oliver, P. Lee, Mrs. Hiatt. ROW TWO: P. Anderson, D. Cotton, J. Coffin, A. Campbell, S. Updegraff, R. Shiffler, M. Winings, G. Gilbert. ROW THREE: R. Cannon, B. Bishop. Latin Club Had an Inj7ux 0 New Members ROW ONE: M. Willhoite, J. Harting, M. Wingrove, K. Baxter, K. Bomerback, S. Wimmer, J. Helpling, K. Oldag, D. DeLaWter, L. Oliver, M. Clouser, M. Rogers, C. Sentrnan, A. Sullivan, P. Balser, B. Miller, Mrs. Sharp. ROW TWO: J. Hocker, K. Cassidy, D. Linegar, M. Fettig, N. Mayfirld, T. Bourff, A. Fortson, J. Drake, M. Kintzel, S. Forst, C. Svenasen, B. Clouser, J. Cornelious, K. Sanders, B. Blackburn, B. DeLawter, M. Gardner, L. Puterbaugh, J. Magers, B. Knauer. ROW THREE: M. Remington, P. Updike, C. Lehman, J. Scott, C. Lucas, J. Powell, R. Robinson, H. Julius, S. Poole, J. Coffin, L. Parker, M. Julius, R. Tunis, D. York, L. Murray, B. Badger, S. Upde- graff, T. Floyd, B. Downey. ROW FOUR: T. Farr, D. Parry, D. Sherman, S. l-lan, P. Anderson, M. Manis, R. Shiffler, C. Wellnitz, K. Tam, D. Cotton, K. Cannon, J. Claghorn, J. Hoffman, T. Shuckley, J. Fortson, M. Wi- nings, S. Shaw, J. I-Iardebeck, J. Sharp. One of the largest high school or- ganizations is the Latin Club, under the direction of Mrs , Sharp and lead- ership of jerry Hardebeck and David Sher man , Latin Club promotes a better un- derstanding of the Roman people, their culture and literature, The members study the customs and dress of the ancient peoples and are able to become more acquainted with them . Playing games with Latin words, singing Christmas carols in Latin, and an annual banquet are all a part of the many activities of this club , Initiation is held for all new mem- bers at the close of the first semes- ter. The Motto for the Latin Club is "Ad astra per Aspera" of "To the Stars through difficulties," The Latin officers are: Jerry I-lardebeck, consul, David Sherman, consul, Brent Miller, quaestor, 1 and Cathy Svendsen, scriptor. 33 Through Paths cf Progress Wz'tlkz'e Students ROW ONE: E. Stevens, S. Willhoite, R. Frye, J. Vautaw, M. La-ne, K. Knutsson-Hall, J. Burton, C. Hancock, R. Murphy, W. Gomez, V. Foor, S. Pearson, J. Greenfield, C. Yarling, B. Lynas, J. Badger. ROW TWO: D. Shepard, V. Hillard, L. Stewart, T. Bottoms, S. Wimmer, J. Drake, L. Oliver, L. Justice, E. Mangas, R. Brunson, D. Han- cher, G. Conner, C. Parish. ROW THREE: K. Fetz, J. Doan, T. Hicks, C. Hasecuster, B. Blackburn, J. Smith, M. Wingrove, A. Fortson, N. Runyan, G. Goins, J. Curtis, C. Sherman, L. Crouse, J. Fortson, K. Williams, D. Witt- kamp er, Mr . Herndon. Through capable leadership the French Club has been very active. The officers are: Jan Smith, president, Susan Pearson, secretary, Jean Doan, vice-president, and Terry I-licks, treasurer. The Le Cercle Francais, under the supervision of Mr. Herndon, has had a splendid year packed with activities. They started by writing their own con- stitution and ordering pins. As an added Christmas treat, along with the Latin and Spanish clubs, they sang carols in their own particular languages. For the first time aplay was given by the French and Spanish Clubs. It was in three lan- guagesg French, Spanish, and English, This year the French Awards were given at a French Club Banquet. The students, their parents, and the faculty were invited, French was taught differently this year, the emphasis being on conversa- tion and speech rather than grammar. To aid the students in this new type of study, anew language machine was pur - chased by the school. A study of the history and culture of the French in- creased an interest in the students for these people. Discover Intrzgaing Romance Languages I ROW ONE: J. Pheneger, A. Davenport, K. Young, W. Gomez, L. Castro, V. Sallee. ROW TWO: J. Smith, C. Walkup, L. Winings, D. Van Winl-cle, S. Greenfield, K. Jones, Mrs. Guerrero. ROW THREE: L. Frazier, B. Keller, G. I-lipes, M. Clapper, B. Bishop, R. Lee, T. Baker, B. Reichart. Buenos dias and other familiar Span- ish terms were sometimes heard when the Spanish students got carried away with their knowledge. Studying the lan- guages of our neighboring Latin Ameri- can countries provides a knowledge of their culture and simple phases so es- sential in the modern world of interna- tional chaos. One of the most progressive clubs in Willkie High, the calendar was always decked with the activities of the Spanish Club. Corresponding with a school in Ven- ezuela, combining efforts with the French Club on various activities, sing- ing Christmas carols in Spanish com- posed the major activities of this club. With Mrs. Guerrero as their sponsor , Gary Hipes, Cathy Walkup, Lisa Wi- nings, and Brian Reichart were elected as president, vice -president, secre- tary, and treasurer, respectively. The officers of the Spanish Club are: Gary Hipes, presi- dent, Brian Reichart, treasurer, Lisa Winings, secretary, and Mrs. Guerrero, sponsor. Capable Students Show Pride F.T.A., ROW ONE: J. McDaniels, P. Low, A. Davenport, R. Gillam, J. Magers, R. A. Smith, E. Mangas, T. Whittkamper, R. Bannon, K. Svendsen, P. Williams, V. Hiatt. ROW TWO: Mr. Barnett, C. Walkup, B. Holland, K. Sanders, K. Young, M. Bambrough, J. Helpling, M. Etchison, L. Oliver, W. Gomez, L. Foley, and Miss House. ROW THREE: B. Lynas, V. Sallee, K. Fetz, S. Willhoit, D. Badger, G. Hipes, H. Julius, J. Magers, J. Claghorn, and R. Kwalik. F.T.A. Officers include: Rose Ann Smith, Ellery Mangas, Tonda Whittkamper, Jude Magers, Reed Bannon, and Mickie Kennedy. 36 Recognizing the need for an organization which envelops the talents of students who desire to become teachers, the Future Teachers of America was for- mally originated this year at Willkie High. This group has been Very ac- tive in sponsoring teas and wel- coming such groups as the North Central Committee and the for- eign exchange students who visited with us on International Day. Elected to guide the group in their initial year were: Ellery Mangas, president, Tonda Whitt- kamper, vice-president, Mickie Kennedy, secretary, Reed Ban- non, treasurer, and Rose Ann Smith, parliamentarian. Our guidance counselors originated this group and under their sponsorship set a pattern for this new organization to follow. The sponsors HIS! Mr. Barnett, Miss House, and Mr. Baker. and Leadershzfy in Actz'vz'tz'es National Honor Society, ROW ONE: T. Wittkamper, C. Wellnitz, A. Fortson, H. Beeman, M. Kintzel, M. Julius, D. Forst, W. Frye, and M. Oldag. ROW TWO: B. Cornwell, L. Parker, J. Smith, L. Lang, A. Langford, K. Col- cord, R. Cannon, J. Curtis, R. Brunson, N. Runyan, M. Tolle, and M. Wingrove. ROW THREE: R. Knopp, H. Julius, E. Stevens, Helen Bouslog, T. Hicks, P. Anderson, K. Sanders, D. Shepard, L. Oliver, G. Hipes, and M. Burton. Leadership, scholarship, service, and character are the basic ideals of one of the most honored and respected organizations in any school, the National Honor Society. Juniors and Seniors are chosen each year as pro- visional members, with the seniors being installed as permanent members at the end ofthe year if the qualifications of the society have been met. Scholarship is recognized as a high ideal but not as the only basis of a well-rounded individual. Never- theless a B- or higher average must be maintained to be considered as a member. A willingness to work on projects which give no material rewards denotes the service of a member. Character is recognized as the individual's definite pattern of behavior. Thus the members of this order are justly proud 7 to be a part of the National Honor Society. Margaret Wingrove, Martha Oldag, William Frye, and Rick Cannon, as members of the National Honor Society take an active interest in school activities. Sunshine Socieqfy Existsjhr Service to "O1flzer5J' ROW ONE: B. Hardebeck, B. Wegehoft, C. Kilgore, J. Hobbs, S. Stokes, M. Willhoite, A. Davenport. ROW TWO: S. Abernathy, S. Latshaw, S. Beeman, E. Galbreath, T. Hopper, F. Pace, S. Fetz, M. Walsh. ROW THREE: S.Wi1lhoite, B. McNe11y, R. Tatum, B. Phelps, K. Colcord, T. Jordan, J. Smith, R. Corn- well, K. Sanders, N. Schwear. The officers of the Sunshine Society are: Becky Cornwell, re- cording secretary, Barbara Phelps, business secretary, Sharon Aber- nathy, vice-president, Kathy Colcord, president, Martha Walsh and Naomi Schwear, Sponsors. 38 The goal of the Sunshine So- ciety is well exemplified by their motto "Others." Their creed ex- plains the purpose of this organi- zation. Some of the activities of the Sunshine Society include making favors for hospital trays, giving Christmas baskets, and having a Christmas party. Sun- shine Society Was one of the local organizations who collected in- stant coffee for the mental hos- pital. "With love in my heart, for- getting myself, and with charity for all, l will make the object of my life helpfulness and kindness to others. I shall try to fit my- self to give intelligent service in making my communitya safer and more beautiful place in which to live. Thus will my own life be- come rich and complete," The girls in the Sunshine Society at Willkie High truly try to make their community aware of the satisfaction gained through charity and kindness . KW Club and F.F.A. Honor Civic and Vocational Dutzes ROW ONE: S. Poole, J. Hoffman, B. Frye, D. Yohe, R. Smith. ROW TWO: T. Yates, J. Coffin, D. Klein, R Brunson, R. Cherry, S. Parry, T. Baker. ROW THREE: C. Shaw, D. Cotton, P. Anderson, C.Frazier, E. Mangas, J Fortson, ROW FOUR: L. Marcuson, G. McDaniel, M. Manis, K. Justus, J. Marcuson, D. Balser, Mr. Herndon. The Key Club is active in the community selling peanuts and aiding needly people. They are sponsored by the Kiwanis and are led by Steve Parry, president, Mike Manis, vice-president, Phil Anderson, secretary, Tony Baker, treasurer and Mr. Charles Herndon., faculty sponsor. Great pride is taken by the members for the work done. The biggest money making proj- ect this year for the FFA was a 38 acre crop of soya beans. The club had been active in judging and bas- ketball. The highlight of this year was the Father- Son Banquet where the National FFA president spoke Officers of the FFA are: Jerry Williams, president Don Butler, vice-president, Mike McCorkle, secre tary, Terry Williams, treasurer, Chester Jarrell, re- porter, Jerry Knotts, sentinel, and Mr. Plunkett, sponsor. ROW ONE: C. Jarrell, B. Burket, J. Williams, D. Butler, T. Williams, J. Knotts. ROW TWO: G. McDermott, B Leavell, L. Wilkey, B. Spoon. ROW THREE: M. Meyer, J. Whetstone, H. McDermott, M. McCorkle, Mr. Plun kett. Today, academic excellence is one of the main ingredients of success. The entire academic system seems to be an inherent part of society and high school is an extremely important part of this system. It is a place where fellows and girls become students and individuals. It is a place where minds are sharpened and abilities are honed to a finer edge. It is a spring board for many to college or apprenticeship and to a full meaningful life ahead. What do you want to be . . . a mechanic or an engineer? The Industrial Arts course is for you. Or would you rather go into business or secretarial work? An entire department is at your service. May be cooking and sewing suits you better. The Home Economics department is ready and willing to help you. Are you undecided, but going to college? The Academic course is "right down your alley." Like most things, academics or studies are highly competitive. Honor Society, Honor Roll, and Honorable Mention are some of the rewards for dili- gent study and hard work. In today's supersonic world, academics is the key to success, the key to happiness, and the key to progress. , ,. 1 V'AQJ7.i,:, gmt" NY' 'f' 5 5 wigs. .5 f. . 7 A rays X'nWgff3vL1w,,g,,Qmwf - , x. nirriiiitffiiy . K Ewrswiiiif ,W M35 Esiawwis Q .ifswmqsfar ,., ea -1. 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Whether it be the finding of a new life-saving drug or an almost unbelievable space flight, some branch of science has been involved, There are vast career opportunities in all fields of science, A person With specialized training may be able to acquire such jobs as a chemical engineer to a nuclear physicist, The science department of Elwood High School wishes to enrich its students by various means during the school year. The teachers plan interesting trips and demonstrations for all the students' benefit. The science de- partment tries to prepare the stu- dents of Willkie High School for fur- ther education in today' s wor ld of ad - vanced science and learning, Science courses offered includeg GeneralBiology, Chemistry, Physics , Advanced Biology, and Physical Sci- ence. the Future Explore the Unknown Kathy Sanders demonstrates how to work a Advanced Algebra, taught by Mr. Manis, is one of the many math geometry problem. courses offered. In this modern age of ours there is a great demand for engineers and techni- cians, Willkie High gives the student a great variety of mathematics courses including modern algebra, plane geom- etry, and general math. Through this complete course of mathematics an essential part of each student's intellectual foundation is laid. Willkie students will have to contend with mathematics in their every day lives. Numbers play an important part in almost every field of endeavor , With our ever increasing population, numeri- cal representation is here to stay, ln a World Where almost everything is chang- ing nearly every day, our numbers re- main constant, there will always be budgets to figure, personal books to balance, and futures to plan. Working problems on the board gives the whole class a chance to help each other. As the World Grows Smaller Our Spanish carolers were heard throughout the halls at Christmas. Language is the potent stimulator in communication. lt is a barrier which must be met head on. Here at Willkie, the students not only face it, but enjoy Workingwith the three foreign languages offered. Latin, the basic foundation of almost all languages, is useful for our future doctors and nurses and lawyers. Spanish is the vital communication with our southern neighbors . French supplies us with a basis for dreams of faraway The language students take time out for a party. places. lt is especially thought of as the romantic language. The dialect is not the only thing that is stressed. The culture of the country or countries in which the language is spoken is of extreme importance in its study. ln a World that is growing smaller through the means of communication and transportation, language will be even more important throughout the World. Randy Tunis and Diane Line gar point out the number of words derived from Latin. Persjyeczfzbe in Language M ust Broaden Miss Digel stresses the importance of reading good books for reports. English is the basis of our society and our life as a whole. ln every part of our lives it forms the foundation for communication, yet it EdAl1ey gives Dave Kincaidsome tips on golf- is always Changing' The knowledge conveyed through the works of such great masters as Shakespeare and Brown- ing and many others will be useful all the future years of our lives. Literature is an important part of the English language. Talking well before a group is the main goal of the Wendell L. Willkie speech classes. journalistic abilities become known through the journalism classes. Yes, English is a complex language, but it is ours and we respect it enough to study it thoroughly. ing in speech class. Mr. Short assists his class in the choice of literary material. i"""'W' 'W 'A' "Y Social Studies and M adam Business Reviewing laws and applying them to special cases help students to understand our constitution through Business Law. Our high school has grown to meet the needs of those going into the com- mercial field. These courses serve as a preliminary before entering business college, or are the prequisites for ob- tainingwork after graduation. The busi- ness World of today is growing larger andproviding more opportunities for the commercially educated student. Many do not realize the large number of pupils enrolled in this course, Mrs. Kintzel's office machines classes learn to operate are most commonly used in modern offices. Classes in shorthand, typing, book- keeping, business law, beginningbusi- ness, office machines, and selling are available to those interested. Skill and dexterity are requirements to become a success in this field. Many of our Willkie graduates have become a bookkeeper, certified public accountant, typist, sec- retary, clerk, or one of several other occupations in the field of business, machines that Je an I-lerniak works diligently to keep up her work in shorthand. Become More Important in the Election Tear Bud Badger and Susie Courtney point out one of the vital parts Mr. Ottinger leads a discussion with his class of the modern world in Willkie's new geography course. in United States history. Modern man must be acquainted with freedom and its place in our govern- his American Heritage to practice his ment, During the election year all these inalienable rights , A knowledge of the things have become important to us, governmental process can help to inter- An understanding of the past and pre- pret the concepts of our modern World sent cultures is the goal in Willkie High's through social studies , As American geography, World history, American citizens and the leaders of tomorrow We history, civics, sociology, economics, owe it to our forefathers, our children, and psychology classes, A betterment and ourselves to grasp the meaning of of World affairs may thus result. Open debate led by students encourages class participation. L 1 fs' -se-We-W' Industrza! Arts and Linda Justice and Jan Jackson attempt to perfect their projects. D.C.E. Pmvicie Pmctical Industrial Arts continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in Willkie . This is because more job openings have become available to students interested in this field. The experience gained from high school prepares our students in two waysg for extended study in college, or for prac- tical use upon graduation, However, in- dustrial arts is only one area that carries this idea through, Printing, electricity, mechanical draw- ing, woodworking, machine shop, and weld- ing as well as blue print reading are of- fered for the boys . Not only does Willkie pride itself in the newest knowledge and equipment provided for these phases, but maximum safety is also observed. Although industrial arts is usually con - sidered an area for boys, the Home Me- chanics course offers girls knowledge and practice in home crafts and repairs , The Industrial Arts class learns from personal experience. 48 Use jbr Ob1faz'nz'ng Needed Exl19erz'enee The D .C.E . of Elwood is a course dedi- cated to those students wishing to fulfill their desire to learn their chosen trade. The D,C.E . is actually called the Diversified Cooperative Education, and is sponsored by Mr. George Kintzel. Those on the D,C ,E. course establish a sense of responsibility and experience the problems created by a full-time job, Be- sides one hour a day spent in class with re- lated D , C .E . study, the students gain some- thing greater than their regular schoolwork can provide, the work experience itself--the opportunity to learn and achieve their goal, and their future vocation. Students attend a half day of school and Work either in the morning or afternoon, They receive credit for the half day of Work which goes tovvard graduation. In this way students are able to earn money while they are going to school. John Burton and Gary Beasley find making copies -Z 5 . . Putting names on the Crescent, as shown here by Joyce Ball, Jim Armstrong, and Linda Elliot, is one of the many services provided by D.C.E. on the printing press not only work but also enjoy- Mr. Kintzel instructs the group in problems that will face ment, them in their various vocational adventures. 49 Home Ee. and Agrzbulture Combine to Girls in Child Care class under the direction of Mrs. Schwear look over baby clothes. Home Economics classes are offered to future homemakers attending our school. Courses are taught in foods, clothing, child care, and interior dec- orating, All girls who want to become housewives take the homemaking course as a basic for their future . This study of domestic economy is also offered to any senior boy who wishes to get a little cooking background before he needs it. Every phase of the home is under study at sometime or another . Planning a completely balanced meal is a collec- tion of the knowledge which one might learn. One of the projects of the Girls Home Ec. class was to prepare sack lunches for the basketball team. Provzde cz Vocatioal Background Jerry Williams and Jo Meyer construct a hog ringing crate . The Vocational Agriculture course offers much to those interested in farm- ing. The new methods and new scientific aids used today present a need for more schooling in this work, Studying these subjects enables the students to work in farm management, agricultural research departments, or farming. To gain a greater appreciation of what goes into Work in the agriculture field a general agriculture class is also offered. The Future Farmers of American is an Learning the symbols of the Future Farmers of America important facet of the department. Here they take field trips and enter contests. Vocational Ag. boys study the tractor as a part of the course xv,- -, m efffw z s C0-Om'z'natz'0n Qf the Boaj and M ina' Is Girl's health class studies the structure of the eye Developing a familiarity with the car engine is one of the in class. necessities of Driver Education. The goals of physical education and health and safety are closely related, A knowledge of physical education pro- vides one with the know -how to build and maintain a strong body. Health and safety, on the other hand, enables us to learn how our body functions and what to do to keep it operating properly, As has often been said, a good mind goes hand- in -hand with a strong body, The ancient Greeks recognized this principle, as did our late President Kennedyg when he urged that Americans embark on a phys- fitness campaign to coincide with the mental exercises in our schools. Cer- tainly our present school program of physical education and health and safety carries these ideas to their fullest.Both have the same ultimate objectiveg to make each boy and girl a more respon - sible and able citizen , The driver education classes of Wen- dell L . Willkie High School are interested in the future drivers of the country, Public safety, driving skills, highwayrules, and driving courtesy are stressed very often. The course helps greatly in passing driver's tests which everyone must take , All students should get this basic train- ing before taking a test. Enrollment in this class is always in the maximum. Learning how to park is a very important part of driver's training and takes much practice. Developed Through Aetz'vz'Qf and Study? Sectional rehearslas are held after school for band members. Skill and creative talent are used to make original draw- ings. E ,H ,S . has fine art electives which help to develop our cultural tastes, In the music department the Panther Band, the girl's glee club, and the choir offer relaxation in our every day schedule. Both art and music give us a chance to express ourselves through tunes or paintings or crafts or sculpture. Sketches of fashions was one of the assignments for the art class. 53 S 'Hemi 5' wmwvM..,..A, 3 5 3 i , , , ,um , , ,, W .W vX...v .,A. , ,kinw Q Q 1 ,.-f, iifku-.fzwwm W-1W:.,:f9fQ.g m F :Salsa sisiei' issif 1,1egE?fQsQ?Z sfisliew 'Q A, , .XM A- wvfww- Q' zwsssv 1Ma.m - as--mfg? M vw! Lf .Lg .WJ my 2 lf, mssifs A gf, .ima is?" -mes, IH, From man's beginning he has always recognized the value and the pleasure to be derived from sporting games and physical prowess. Today a part of man's progress still is measured by athletic achievement and therefore the sports program of a school is indeed an important one. Wendell L. Willkie High School's athletics this year pushed beyond community and even Central Indiana Conference limits to achieve statewide at- tention. Dedicated to the high ideals of the true competitive, spirit, the athletic program personi- fied fair play and sportsmanship, effort, teamwork, and loyalty to each other and to our school in all en- counters . Of such stuff real men are made. Following the teams in all their contests was the loyal student body, earnest and unflagged in their de- votion to the teams. The enthusiastic and fair- minded spirit of Willkie High spectators is a tribute to the success of the general athletic program and to the teams . .mush .wwf -sm ,, .i fggigg swgylwfmiwtgtfwggi ww na, fs Vtivww .sa f w.3'i"t-is NE1s9q,g Us ga gsfigtfwfi 5 Lutqvgzi. Qkffgiszi sigigfwdzmy z9fa5?d:Nsa!xQXwwg,:eB'dw ,- . 1 Q Y ssrwfxs lgwuwwm as sax! .gigfgiwgtffnggwikgf tw .,qfs2QQ.,,wk.S,uggW. ,gfkwn ,, .za X V ml:-if S 2 sffusfwmswik yf,wr,,lysga34sf klsffngwf 55191 vs yffmgwteebi inifivai-wuvff'sf4E 4gy::gjg,w,s1w5mst1'g, ww 'iiwww' :Aww We ifmwiv iff iii -K-L tw mfs was ,t W wi, wfewint -A aims fgsqqrgfgi 7325225234 ,Q f 2YSigigfWi?5i Qg we4n25wfgx,,KfY.fg?fg?mi2gft?2: 'ts agp? sms W its we fwv A -time Qwflsfks iwwtwgwen A iirif tifwiwffei l'f'flH9f2i25' ffqvrimikfvw-vu W -sm" swaiigifwisainwgfaseaw s X, ,ta ,YV VW J .f wr .ii Q M, 'f 7 -Q get . ,,,ig.i,5r.?g?i5AgE5giMq ar X wh? ,Q Jett 5 55 . I 1 n g ,t , Q Q i' i rf? or fa vsiirgeil' g Wt .fzfy Q , A :XQQQYSS YZM W ' air f it X Cel ZOVV' '35 Vt N ' it PROGRESS IN A THLETIC ,M I fl X ,gZ45"fN: t" ' He 1ghts abash Castle T1pton Anderson Bug-is W f.il5ash Hifftford City Col. Bishop E Nob1esv111e ? if :E Q "Give Me an 'Em E-Men, ROW ONE: J. Burton, G. Balser, R. Cannon, E. Alley, D. Kincaid, M. Tolle, G. Beasley, K. Tam, M. Kleinbub, J. Puterbaugh, C. Kane, R. Leavell. ROW TWO: L. Robinson, L. Marcuson, J. Marcuson, S. Poole, B. Frye, S. Edgell, D. Balser, B. Updegraff, M. Manis, D. Hinds. ROW THREE: F. Mort, K. Kleinbub, T. Yates, T. Cook, K. Justus, G. McDaniels, T. Martin, R. Stover, M. Alexander, D. Lewis, and M. Hankley. Among the proudest students Walk- ing the halls of Willkie High are the boys who wear a red on their white sweaters and are members of the E- Men's Club. Under the sponsorship of head bas- ketball coach, Ray Manis, and presi- dent, Mike Hankley, the E-Men's Club promoted interest, enthusiasm, and good sportsmanship at all athletic events. The colorful programs provided for the fans at each home football and bas- ketball game are printed each Week throughout the year under the direction of the E-Men. This is the third year the organization has undertaken this project. Belonging to this group is more than mere membership. lt is an honor. The boys must first earn this recognition by participating in a sport and gaining a letter. Selling concessions at the Jr. High, Fresh- As Coach Manis relaxes, Mike I-lankley, E-Men's presi- man, and Jr. Varsity tourney was part of dent, serves him a Coke. E -Me n' s projects. CCW67T6 rom Elwood Hzlgh School Ushers, ROW ONE: F. Knopp, B. Galbreath, B. Burton, T. Sanders, and A. Mottweiler. ROW TWO: D. Green, M. Jackson, C. Jackson, L. Gibson, J. Bragg. "Popcorn! Cokes!" "Can Ihelp you to your seats?" These are the famous quotations of our concession workers and ushers. Ball games would hardly seem the same Without the Work carried on by these two groups . The concession- aires prepare all the popcorn and make it available for other groups to sell. In Concessions ROW ONE: D. Green L. McGuire D. Balser the meantime the ushers protect our gym floor and keep everything in order. TWO people We cannot overlook are. Mr. Phillip Brown and Mrs. Spreen. They supervise the Concessions Club and carry a great deal of responsibility in this position. , , , , G. Shaw, R. Duffit, and B. Sallee. ROW TWO: Mrs Spreen, G. Goings, B. Baker, D. Cotton, J. Butler, and Mr. Phillip Brown. and .N 0 One Could Be Proudef' Pep Club activates school spirit at the games. Pep, enthusiasm and ability des- cribe the newly organized Pep Club. Under the guidance of varsity cheer- leaders and officers, jan Curtis, presi- dent, Maureen Etchison, vice-president- and underclassmen representatives, Mary Fettig and joy Burton, the Pep Club helped establish more school spirit at the football and basketball games. For the first time in many years the Pep Club had available fan buses to be taken to the out-of-townball games. Also this year the Pep Club is under new sponsor- ship of Mr. Clifford Brugger and Mr. Rex jenkins . This group of "peppy" girls has done much to strengthen our school spirit. "Weill Fzlglzl the Elwood Battle Senior varsity members are: FRONT ROW--Mike Parker, Kenny Franklin, Mike Tolle, Lyle Robinson, Mike Kleinbub, Ed Alley. SECOND ROW--Rick Groover, Gary Beasley, Jack Puter- baugh, John Miller, Les Marcuson, Dave Lewis, Rich Leavell. Not Pictured--John Burton. Panther chargers use defensive tactics on opponent. 60 During the 1964 campaign ElWood's Panther Football Team faced ten important bat- tles and came home victori - ously with seven. As a grand finale our gridders clincheda share of the Central Indiana Football League Championship With Tipton Blue Devils. ElWood's losses were to Madison Heights, Tipton, and West Lafayette. Coaches Larry Shook and Hans Sheridan successfully be - gan their careers with thir- teen senior Panther gridders back on their squad. The re- turn of several lettermen, ex- cellent coaching, and hard Work combined to make an outstanding team. Panther co -captains for the season were Mike Tolle and Lyle Robinson. Lyle was runner -up for the CIC scoring crown and racked up over 2, OOO yards during the season. Panthers Never D0 or Dzef' Varsity Football Team: FRONT ROW--Manager Les Shinkle, Doug Balser, Kreig Kleinbub, Gary Beasley, Mike Kleinbub, Lyle Robinson, Steve Edgell, Manager Chuck Kane. SECOND ROW--Coach Merritt, Mike Parker, Rick Groover, Mike Manis, Jeff Marcuson, Rich Leavell, Les Marcuson, Bob Updegraff, Ed Alley, John Burton, Ray Stover, Coach Sheridan. THIRD ROW--Tom Yates, Mike Tolle, Dave Lewis, Dan Hinds, Kenny Franklin, Bob Frye, Gil McDaniel, Fred Mort, Jack Puterbaugh, Lee Leisure, Steve Poole, Mike Alexander, Coach Shook. Lyle Robinson gained important yardage before the tackle by a Practice makes perfect! Noblesville player. 61 Wz'th an Eye Toward the Future the junior Junior Varsity Football Team: FRONT ROW--Steve Beeman, Tom Courtney, Claude Jackson, Charles Knopp, George Townsend, Alan Hughes, Dick Spitzmesser. SECOND ROW--Coach Merritt, John Mengelt, Jack Werline, Howard Badger, David Peters, Jeff Bourff, Tim Linsrneyer, Sherman Updegraff, Kee Can- non, Jeff Richardson, Manager Richard Reynolds. THIRD ROW--Danny Widener, Bob Johns, Everett Childress, Phil Swinford, Mark Richwine, Mark Updegraff, Keven Blankenship, Bill Noel, Dan Yates, Jeff Hoff rn an. This year our B1Team took on a new name--Junior Varsity. Compared to some of the previous teams, our Junior Panthers was composed of a large number of sophomores and juniors. This was done because there were several lettermen back on the varsity this year. Under the direction of Coach Dick Merritt these boys gained experience through practicing with the varsity. When it was necessary, one of these boys who had shown enough potentiality was capable of replacing a varsity member. In addition the Junior Varsity maintained a seven game schedule of its own during the season. Their three losses were close while the four wins were over such out- standing teams as Noblesville, South Side of Muncie, Tipton, and Mississinewa. One of those strenuous practice sessions. VCZTSZOQI and Freshmen Pmczficea' Dz'Zz'genZQf Freshman Football Team: FRONT ROW--John Wilson, Don Bouslog Steve Bambrough Barr Juda Lar F , , Y Y, FY We, Mike Coston, Steve Tam, Dave Baxter, John Rieman. SECOND ROW--Joe Rice, Kent Dever, Rod Edgell, Tim Fahy, Bill Kelly, Steve Stage, Howard Huffman, Tom Austin, Dan Fowler. THIRD ROW--Mike Romine, Barney Alexander, Dewey Smith, Charles Lucas, Brian Reichart, Eddie Smith, Tim McQuitty, Mark Mitchell. Not pic- tured--Larry Creech. The main purpose for freshman footb all is to train the upcoming Panthers. These rookies gain important ex- perience which will help them to make the varsity or junior varsity team in following years. The freshmangridders, coached by RayManis, showed standing line, they held their losses to three. Losing to Madison Heights, Noblesville, and Muncie Southside, they finished the season with a record of 5-3. Larry Frye catches pass during the exciting Nobles- Vine game' Panther Cubs scramble for possession of ball after kick-off. 63 great potential this past season. Spearheaded by an out- Panther Batlers Capture Baseball Team: FRONT ROW--Terry Murray, Bob Updegraff, John Burton, Ray Stover, Doug Balser, Larry Chinn. SECOND ROW--Mike Hankley, Carl Balser, Lyle Robinson, Mike Manis, Rich Leavell, MCC official, Gary Beas- ley, George Justice, Mike Tolle, Rick Groover, Coach Moore, Jeff Bourff, Manager Les Shinkle. Mike Manis crosses plate for another run. Attempted pick-off . . . safe! 64 M id- Centra! Conirence ei wwe? Out at home plate! Toumgf Coach Bob Moore's slugging Panther Baseball Team batted their Way to an 18-Srecord this summer, Captained by Rick Groover and Gary Beasley, the Panthers lost only to Sheridan, Wabash , Windfall, Mississinewa, and Frankton. The team, consistingof nine seniors, six juniors, and one sophomore, came in second in the Mid-Central Conference and also Won the Conference Tourney, The dugout comes alive as Panthers load the bases. A Strong Arm, cz Ball, cz Racket or Club, and The Panther netmen brought home to Willkie High three outstanding victories over Hartford City, Tipton, and New Castle. Coached by Ray Manis, they were able also to capture a fifth place standing in the CIC and journeyed to the Culver Invitational Meet. The team consisted of ten men, including seniors Dave Klumpp, Larry Shaw, Bruce Stev- ens, and Greg Gardner. On Award Day Greg was presented the Most Valuable Player Award. The team practiced long hours on the court to qualify for the CIC standing, Greg poises to deliver his service. Willkie Netmen: FRONT ROW--Jerry Vickery, Dave Klumpp, Greg Gardner, Doug Balser, Larry Shaw. SECOND ROW--Jon Buttler, Larry McGuire, Bruce Stevens, Jim Holland, Tim Shickley. r wg? I 15 :W 66 Dzfzlgent Practice Produce Wz'l!kz'eJs Teams. Sectional Golf Squad: Dave Kincaid, Lou Gerig, Ed Alley, Duane Etchison, Russell Wilson. The mighty Panthers began their l964golf season with I5 members, 8 of whom were seniors. Coached by john Ward, Willkie I-ligh's golf team turned in an excellent record of only four losses out of fourteen meets. The climax of the season was winning a first in the CIC. In both the Sectional Meet and the Culver Invitational Meet Elwood placed ninth. While the event at La- Porte left Elwood with a seventh place standing. Tied for Low Medalist during the CIC, Ed Alley lost on the 19th hole play-offs with a score of 73. Duane Etchison was awarded the annual golf trophy for 1964. During the season the following boys participated on the team: Lou Gerig, Duane Etchison, Bill Phelps, Ron McSherry, Ralph Knauer, Bill Wells, George Stevens, john Hin- shaw, David Kincaid, Ed Alley, Kevin Tam, Charles Frazier, Russell Wil- son, Kent Williams, Kenny jones. uf Ed Alley concentrates on that decisive putt. is, 'N 0 V 2 . -W f-.. w f fv ' 9 MFE N W gs., ..,, 1. I ai my '? Y :1 Elias M xr if 'T' WW 'Q E l W s -gm aww . fa . I - I W ' ,Bag 4 I ,2255ifggsaQ? 5g- ,, 3ifsa-,qua I . X, ifggWssE7sil5,75 .. . .,. L-,. '- :-- I ' M210 taht? " + d 5 hw ics .yigsligil Rf 1595? ylwmgsig sifhziiws mg I I has . 3. aaa as ass r JTQFJYA e I New W ,ggyggggasafta ef M? my Q sg? WEL ,QSWQS Sgr 3 . raw as K5 S5359 infix? Sffwij wifi 3? Q A 493531 J, fi' . lil Wi 'Wag' 'Q , i J . W '1 .Q ga X, ' bfi f J , if f fm K. fy . It, X as if H' 2 3:58 31 SUM M Q 3 J it 4 f IK K if i J WR" . We E Q is -1 S 1 ' iff . f . X .V ' - . 1 V 1. .. rl- - f ,. .. fs. - ' V - em, .. 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Kilim 'ff 5. if 'K-avr .. 1, 5 Cz'no'ormon Showed Szlgns WIQPTOWZZOS6 Throughout FIRST ROW Gary Strader M1ke Alexander, Jack Puterbaugh M1ke Klembub Gary Beasley John Burton Torn Yates SECOND ROW M1ke I-Iankley Jeff Marcuson Kent Justus Krexg Klembub M1ke Man1s Ray Stover Les Marcuson THIRD ROW John Wught Kenny Croy, Butch Stage, Mark Updegraff Tom Mart1n Steve Edgell Fred Mort FOURTH ROW Sherman Updegraff D1ck Sprtzrnesser, Howard Badger Jeff Bourff FIFTH ROW Coaches Johnson Burton Merr1tt Spec1al recognrtwn was bestowed upon John Burton and Ron Drake the boys both went on to the State Ron captured a second place 1n the low hurdles w1th h1s t1me of 19 6 He recerved the Robert S H1nshaw Award at the State Frnals and the CIC Sportswr1ters Award as outstandmg athlete Ron also set a record for h1gh E hurdles at 14 9 John placed second 1n the pole vault at the State Flnals Wlth hrs if ,M 9 vault of 13'2" whlch also broke the Panther school record was J1m Watters takes the lead durlng a Con ference meet I mf' Up and over' Ron Drake showed outstandmg form and speed "' 1 1 1 1 1 ' "' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' " 1 1 1 1 ' " 1 1 ' " 1 1 ' 4 vgzil. -- I eo .J y Q - V mzrsf f:f.sj9aQ'11"b s'1,. . ,- S -E , ' ' ' rpaifu ..- M V- , ' l ' ' ', 'V MTL ' '- 7 ' ' .,, 'Z fi" , "T sl' - 5, I fi' 'I'.i3k'5c, ' - ' A - A "ff V' 4 .xii ' - ' Ll Q Q -I ' V,--,if-fs .tsl A ,f ,tk U 1 Elf? 1. Q. " ': ,gf-,,- , e sw-ii, f , Q Q J 4 'I 1 Wz'!!kz'e Harrz'ers Gamer a Second Place in CIC. Cross Country Runners: FIRST ROW--Terry Wells, Gary Strader, Kent Justus, Coach Burton, Rick Cannon, Mike Hankley, Terry Cook. SECOND ROW--Jim Stafford, Don Butler, Dennis Green, Kenny Croy, Tom Martin, Jerry Stiner, Bob Shinkle. The cross country runners, coached by Mr. Burton, performed in a creditable manner this year. Led by Senior Mike Hankley and Junior Gary Strader, the team won 4 of 5 dual meets, won 1 of 3 triangular meets, placed 2nd in 2 triangulars, placed 2nd at the Burris Invitational, 13th at Southport Invitational, 2nd inthe all-important CIC Meet, and ended the place at the Sectional. Seniors Mike Hankley, Rick Cannon, Kevin Tam will not be on the '65 team, Gary Strader, Terry Cook, Tom Martin, Dennis Green will form a nucleus. se ason in 8th Terry Wells, but Veterans Kenny Croy, The team put in long hours of hard work to bring home their victories. Only two more miles to go! Willkz'eJs Panthers Captured CIC Clzam,19z'0nshz,19 Varsity Members were: FIRST ROW: Manager Tom Yates, John Burton, Gary Beasley, Rich Leavell, Larry Chinn, Mike Tolle, Manager Chuck Kane. SECOND ROW: Coach Ray Manis, Dan Hinds, Eldon Wentz, Garl Balser, Ed Alley, Rick Cannon, Mike Manis, Kent Justus, Kreig Kleinbub. The Senior members ofthe Varsity were: FIRST ROW: John Burton, Gary Beasley, Rich Leavell, Mike Tolle. SECOND ROW: Carl Balser, Rick Cannon, Ed Alley. 70 to T019 Off cz Vz'c1f0rz'0us Season Our Panthers out-hustled the Alexandria Tigers to bring home the Holiday Tourney Trophy. Accepting it from Madison Heights Principal Robert Collier are Coach Manis Carl Balser and Rich Leavell. Led by outstanding Seniors and Coach Ray Manis, the Elwood Panther cagers roared to a record shatter- ing l9-2 season mark. In doing so they won the CIC title outright, established a record for possession of "our" Horseshoe, and gained state-wide recognition all season long. Our mighty Panthers stalked through the toughest schedule ever carded and emerged with hardly a scratch, subduing their opposition by an average of 18.5 points per game. The Panthers never left the state's top ten rank- ing, fluctuating from fifth to tenth throughout the season. i ! Their most overwhelming victories came at the expense of rival Alexandria 148 pointsj, Sheridan Q41 pointsj, Highland Q40 pointsj, and Wabash Q38 pointsj. The Panthers won by a "whisker" over Noblesville, Oak Hill, and Madison Heights. Ft. Wayne Central and Anderson were the only blemishes on an otherwise perfect season slate. Seven great Seniors will graduate from thathistory -making squad. They have provided us with a season of thrills and enjoyment. And through basketball they have provided themselves with the will and the courage to win the toughest game of all. Ed Alley goes in for a lay-up during Gary Beasley and Garl Balser show offensive action in tricking a New the New Castle game. Castle Trogan. Hoosier Hysteria Comes Once Members of the B-Team were: J. Werline, J. Mengelt, B. Stage, B. Drake, M. Richwine, J. Stiner, L. Shinkle, manager. ROW TWO: Coach Shook, P. Swinford, J. Bourff, K. Cannon, L. Leisure, K. Blankenship. During the Cathedral game Larry Chinn at- tempts a jump-shot. The l964-65jr. Varsity cagers climaxed their seasonwith a pleasingll-9 record. One of the most outstanding hardfought victories was over Peru, the one-time losers. During the Holiday Tourney campaign the jr. Varsity Crew fell victims to Alex in the championship game. The freshman netters coached by jerry Burton consist of two teams, the A and B teams. Altogether they captured 8 wins of their l7 campaigns. Their victories were over such well-regarded teams as Tipton, Mississinewa, and Anderson South Side. The Holiday Tourney brought the freshmen to a very close game with Elwood scoring 43 to AleXandria's 48. Coach Larry Shook's jr. Varsity and jerry Burton's freshman, inspired by experience, look forward to returning to the hardwood. 72 Again to the Ham'w00a'! The Freshman "A" team included: BACK ROW: B. Alexander, S. Linegar, E. Smith, M. Mitchell, T. McQuitty, Coach Burton. SEATED: D. Baxter, manager, B. Kelley, H. Huffman, T. Austin, T. Sparks, T. Daily. The Freshman "B" Team included: SEATED: D. Fakes, R. Frye, R. Brunnemer, T. Robinson, R. Mays, J. Hopper, D.Baxter, manager. BACK ROW: Coach Burton, D. Smith, K. Stephens, B. Ewing, P. Fahy, B. Juday, A. Claghorn. 73 5: T23 1? 52 3 Q sf if in 8. S N E S 5 E! , f J 3 5 I 1 i ,. V ,. ..,, .,A. V A.,,A. , .. 4 A-m..M...m, - , .,., ,, , ,,.. ,.,.A. . .,- MH.. , . ..v, ,, v. , , ,,,., ,, V W, , -, - , , . f- ,, ,, Agile Gymnasts Pawel Skills Gymnastic Club, ROW ONE: Jody Lambert, Carol Foust, Debbie Tharp, June Simmons, Candy Carter, and Lisa Winings. ROW TWO: Linda Tancey, Candy Kane, Beth Burton, Linda Vanl-Iorn, Nadine VanNess, and Nancy Wilhoit. ROW THREE: Randy Duffit, Kathy Tyner, Steve Wilhoit, Barbara Clouser, Gary Green, Christy Carlile, and Doug Balser. ROW FOUR: Mr. Johnson, Larry Creech, Gary Horseman, Gary Shaw, Dave Green, and Jim Holland. ln the second year of its existence, the Gymnastic Club, under the direction of Mr. Mike johnson, has performed not only for the school but also for the community. Every Tuesday, and Thursday eve- ning was spent in diligent practice and the attempt to learn and perfect new stunts and exercises. These were in the form of team exhibitions as well as individual exercises. These boys and girls interested in physical fitness are quite popular as a favorite during the halftime shows at basketball games. A division of gymnastic that is new this year is the gymnastic team. The team consists of five boys, Gary Green, Doug Balser, Randy Duffit, and Steve Wilhoit. They competed in three eventsg two against Madison Heights and Southport and the third with Muncie Burris . This is a new field in Willkie which is gaining in interest and participation. In the future the group hopes to compete in further meets and gain needed experience. Wz'th Sj9z'rz'1f and Energy Thgf Lead Senior cheerleaders include: Dodi Forst, Martha Oldag, and Sherry Taylor. Varsity cheerleaders are: Marsha Burton, Marilyn Bambrough, Sherry Taylor, Martha Oldag, and Dodi Forst. 76 the M zghzjf Panthers' Battle CW B-Team cheerleaders are: Marla Rogers, Sandy Dellinger, Barbara Clouser, and Sherri Gilson. Wherever there is a ball team there are always cheerleaders. This year's Willkie High Varsity Cheerleaders are Seniors, Martha Oldag, Dodi Forst, and Sherri Taylor, and Juniors Marsha Bur- ton and Marilyn Bambrough. Pep, enthusiasm, andvitality describe these five girls, who have worked endless hours designing banners and posters, decorating the blackboards and halls, and most important boosting school spirit. Also seen at the B-Team ball games are the Iunior -Var sity cheerleaders, Sandy Dellinger, Barbara Clouser, Marla Rogers, and Sherri Gilson. For the fir st time this year the cheer - leaders have an alternate, Joyce Mount- castle. In case of illness of one of the cheerleaders the alternate moves into her position so the squad is always com- plete. The Fre shman cheerleaders for 1964 - 65 are Vicki Forr, Debbie Beasley, Kris Oldag, and Dianne Rogers. This year the ninth grade cheerleaders were under the new sponsorship of Mrs. Hans Sheri- dan. Freshman cheerleaders are: Vicki Foor, Kris Oldag, Dianne Rogers, and Debbie Beasley. 5 ie The minute a person is born he begins to learn and continues to learn until he dies . Almost one hundred percent of all he knows he learns through others . In Willkie High there are some who are learning, some who are teaching, and some who are making the whole system of education Work. In Willkie High there are persons of differingbackgrounds, religions, politics, ideas, and abilities, and those with differing personalities. Yet all these join together and call their group Wendell L. Willkie High School. When each individual takes his place in the World after he leaves high school, he will not remember the assignments, the techniques of learning, and the methods of study nearly as Well as he will remember the personalities . ,, ,, , XWXXXX-,,wfX,:gi X, ,,,-...' XX ,-,f ,XX-. ,,., , ,f-, ..., X X, :.' 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Dudley Principal Assistant Principal Mrs. Carol Courtney Mrs. Barbara Williams MTS- JO A5119 Glenn Secretary to the MPS- Louise KHHUGF Secretary to the Secretary to the School Principal Attendance Clerk Superintendent Board 81 Time and Talent Must Combine to ' 'M' N 1 , Q Ladies before gentlemen! ? James Aebi, B.S. Industrial Arts Leland Eugene Baker, B.S., M.S Guidance Counselor Joe A. Barnett, A.B., M.S. Director of Guidance Charlotte Barr, A.B. English Vickie Cloann Brooks, B.S, English Donald N. Brown, A.B,, MA. Mathematics, English Phillip A . Brown, B.S. Social Studies Clifford S. Brugger, B.S. Band Gerald Burton, B.S. Business Education, Coach Popfoot Class Room Organization Hilda E. Chapman, A.B., M.S Librarian Blanche Digel, B.S., M.S. English Martha C. Guerrero, A.B. Spanish Charles Herndon, A.B. French, Physical Education James Hiatt, B.S. Biology Nina Hiatt, A.B., M.A. English Ray O. Hiatt, B.S. Industrial Arts, Social Studies John H. Hinds, B.S., MA. Director of Adult and Vocational Edu- cation Betty V. House, B.S., M.A. Guidance Counselor Intense interest in sports is a job in itself. B3 Wz'th cz Hegying Hana' 77292 Next! ! R. Rex Jenkins, B.S., M Band Director .A. Michael A. Johnson, B.P.E., M P E Driver Education, Physical Education Doris Kintzel, B.S., M.A Business Education George L. Kintzel, B.S., M.A DCE Coordinator, Industrial Arts Ray Manis, B.S. Mathematics, Coach Gary D. Miller, B.S. Art Larry K. Ottinger, B.S. Social Studies Virgil M. Peebles, B.S., Social Studies Robert Plunkett, B.S. Agriculture M.S 84 Contffibute to Progress at Wz'!kz'e George W. Ray, B.S., M.A. Industrial Arts Daniel Rayshick, B.S., M.S. Industrial Arts Arlene Satterfield, B.S. Business Educ ation Naomi Schwear, B.S., M.A. Home Economics Florence Sharp, B.S. Latin, English Hans N . Sheridan, B.S . Business Educ ation Raeanna Sheridan, B.S. Physical Education Larry T. Shook, B.S. Biology, Physical Education, Coach Charles Short, A.B. English Under the direction of Mr. Smith the projectionists donate time and effort to the entire student body. 85 Teachers Szfrzbejhr Accomjylzshment Wayne E. Singleton, B.S. Social Studies George Smith, B.S., M.S, Science, Mathematics Ralph B. Snyder, B.S., M.S. English Kathryne Spreen, B.S. Mathematics Cecil Stafford, A.B., M.A. Mathematics John W. Stites, B.S., M.M. Music Gerald Sullivan, B.S., M.A, Science Elvona Tolle, B.S., M.A. Home Economics Martha Ann Walsh, B.S. Business Education John W. Ward, A.B. Athletic Director, Social Studies Betty Jo Watson, B.S., M.S. Physical Education, English W. Earl Watson, B.S. Industrial Arts Teachers lend a helping hand. As Cooks ana' Custoa'z'ans Servo the School W. L. Carpenter P. Harrison E. Miller ' B- Hahn C. Burton W. McGill Thelma Lowder, Hazel Warner, Lucy Manis Mr, and Mms. B. Brogden 87 Sophomores and juniors Incorporate Car Washes, ticket sales, bake sales, and the class play proved to be profitable means of making money for the junior class. They also per- formed such community projects as Washing Windows, raking leaves, and passing out hand bills. The juniors helped to boost the Panther spirit by selling name tags to the student body. As upperclass- men, the juniors share the respon- sibility of setting an example for un- derclassmen to follow. Leadership and .dependability are also placed upon them. All this prepares the juniors for not only the Senior year, but also for years to come. Through co-operation in these varied and successful projects the Class of '66 progressedwithtremen- dous initiative and insurmountable determinationwhichvvasclirnaxed by the number-one social event of the high school year, the Junior-Senior Prom. Head sponsor for the year Was Mr . Miller to Whom the class owes a debt of appreciation. Officers of the Junior class are: Steve Poole, president, Jane Cornelious, secretary, Jeff Marcuson, vice-president, Christy Carlile, treasurer. . Junior steering committee members SEATED: M. Etchison, S. Pearson, T. Shickley, B. Clouser, M. Bambrough, E. Stevens, and S. Forst. STANDING: B. Keller, T. Cook, S. Poole, J. Marcuson, C. Carlile, Mr. Miller, sponsor, C. Kochman, J. Cornelious, D. Balser, and E. Mangas. 88 Carqfu! Prellvamtion, Inz'tz'a1fz've, and Determz'nalz'0n Red and blue cords have been the traditional symbol of sophomore class standing. This year the sophomores proudly took part in electing their fir st class officers in the high school ca- reer. Heading the class in masculine leadership were Bill Bishop, presi- dentg Mark Winings, vice -pre sidentg john Fort son, secretary 5 and Lynn Murray, treasurer. The sophomores decided to take on a major project this year and a minimum of projects their junior year in order to finance their prom. The candy sale proved to be a remarkable success with the profit totaling more than 3131, OOO. Sale smen such as Claude jackson Who sold over' 3300 worth of candy, contributed to the success of the project. Head sponsor for the Class of '67 was Mr. Plunkett. Class officers are: Mark Winings, Bill Bishop, Lynn Murray, and John F ortson. Steering committee members are FRONT ROW: L. Murray, M. Stevens, and S. Gilson. SECOND ROW: J. Hood, C. Svedson, C. Yarling, K. Cassidy, M. Gardner, and L. Davies. BACK ROW: B. Bishop, J. Fortson, Mr. Plunkett, M. Winings, J. Claghorn, B. Miller, J. Phenegar, and G. Connor. 89 4 f 'gsm A ,.:. er. . ur ,a ,, -:-ff, , f eed I Mi '- -wf 'gas 1 ,:-.2-'45, ua A-.. - -- gr, f 4. ,- 1 K . , - - 2 . - 4 Q A , . ,:f5K5a,.5 H: H 1 K K ,.., 1, .. , S iggggbi le 1 'fi fm'-.uf :'1, .f:i2 i ii .- f :i ff-:-fl, 55 '- ' ' ' A K A ' If nrt, v -: E, K A w r A 3- - f ,ag Kff, . .. " if ,,,s5,':g up sf,-25912 t ails A :, ?25K1?fT-ifh iii. . . -1 ' ap r 3 : w r . - ,K - .V N ,.. -' ' K - I ' - V "KH 'K fE'f5i'5Hf'E:f5f K 7 I Z g W , H as u"'-:Q .'5: , ' ' 15 " ' - :fs Ziiifkiax .L wh , I :,l V K I . E51 . ., . ., - f :ESSQQQK . X se .f , 'FFR-38 . . ' ,fa 1 ' , .I.!E11I, rf, , .'g,','-1,.fsgf :e-T5g2 a::L :-- ,V '21, --"-:- iff: 5, k,,k 2, H ,... ,. , ,, rg af'2v',1'xrseg I . jfamzjgsmlw .ggi-'95 im? rg " ' ? ,,5?sv,TfLgV 5- ' ' 13" ,afzifz ff'f,fa241fg? i,s:E':, . , Y 'H' ' , . V 3 r , Subdued by Donald Bouslog Barbara Brewer Richie Brunnerner Jane Burger Jeanie Burger Joy Burton Brenda Bush Gregory Butcher Gerry Buttler Georgia Byus Kathy Chambers Dixie Church Alan Claghorn Melanie Clapper Linda Cloud Cathy Clouser Merrilee Clouser Michael Clouser Debra Cole Addie Collier Colleen Collier Michael Connors Karen Cook John Coons Allan Corbett Michael Coston Karen Cotton Thomas Creamer Larry Creech Thom Crimans if :S ,. 'W ggiigrm-fr ,V 3 - :yaw n gigiwig ra nr ff Mah gf rr aa ' ,r . .,.... HES! ....... is Egg gg 'K 1 nam at g Q ' . W 585 y 45 gg W Nl fr he X1 akgfgrgm, , wp 3 E J ram S is 2 S im X, fp Sf .Q H'fXi4f2fsf ' sr Fw ' ' S " " ' P adsys ? 5 , 5 A as S i ? r .2 . 1 W Q ft agar Ronald Abbott Clarence Adair, Jr. Byron Alexander Sandra Anderson Jeffrey Antle Janet Badger Linda Bailey Carey Ballinger Pamela Balser Stephen Ba mbrough Dennis Barker David Baxter Douglas Baxter Karen Baxter Sharon Baxter Deborah Beasley David Beatrice Casandra Beeman Hubert Beeman Pamela Beeman Rosemary Bomersback Michael Bomholt Terrie Bottoms Gertrude Bourff pperclassmen, the Class QF '68 xr X, N CHF . . ..,. K ,, X If 'G K3 S Hy f ,silk yr, " " I, i .,r... ,. , ii ilzrzff - - sr a2Qw,s2,f2wf-, - fat Ii. 551:-'L5"f: 5 EY 5: if : sygqfs., ' Q xxx 51 S r -Q H rms i , W ., : mf Ms I , EMM ,QW 5 aww f, 2 A ' -"- Sggiyz as ieiis QE-355:52 V fw. Lass? ..'- r ,. ' FWKW N if S fa Q Ka F Q Aa 5 an X gang Q s Q 3. K 1 1' s la g-im " K, is A 3 3 R ,,,,w,5f. at , 3 2 is Pg it if ,wgairlx K t Er A , sf21fi2ef7s1mfwf.,' f we 4 Qjr fq 4 ' Q fm Q smxss 9 fs alla 1 were FJ fs ..: . V 'sway --9' ffffifgllklilrm x S mr am , S X fig- K s r rssf f 1:5 - J' V ,, 2 is sa2a, 7 R, 2 . if at ,S " ,E .. W gf, Q 55 rm: - .11 5, ffl-'wififizg A r f s,:f,,w HE, A:,,,. s,..,t . . . ., . r,,. .. ,A A is ,Ar -if ,,r: W ,:2r- 3 re-- -12r'1,1',-:i,,r 'JH'-iiiizi-2, - . . gg my 535 5 3,3 ' -A 3 ,N A z liig Emi? S ' 2255552 - -- , ' A . '. 1' Tr 45 ' ,, :', .E A,..,, , . i V' r Wwmsfzzffzyxz fm. 1123:-my 1-M., .rm I ' " fK , Ki 5515 - 3152- ffl' E1'?.5 'ssf,, .':. .:::. 22 553, EQZLQZQQE 7 : ' 1 I 243322551 :: ri 1 A Q. 'iff ' s at ,, JS-igj,'Qgi,EQ'l ,, ' ES ' 5-57 " ,fir 'Wi' K'iif??5351i - , .' 'Cf - - . X91 i . '5 '1-- '55 .J fi 'E' lik F: 35 : as 2 E -: Eli 2 'hi 55? :-,J I -"- z ,, ' - aim, iiifff- Tiff-:-, .1555 EErF51: ,:1" " . f .A ' ' f::::':': ' ,F" V ,:: f. f. '5:5: :!5".' :. 1, -:WA Q-' ' K ::m,-,..5:':r i I ' ::"' -K L " """,':',,:' ' K2 , 1' ' -' if 5 'ser , few gag, V, , : 'rf' 5222? 5581, 90 Q i' These freshman boys re ad the announcements so they would know about activities. Entered Their Hzlgh School Career f,, Q, , -1s2r 1,,,. . l, -- . -ISZ 71, , ...Em-' r W 7 2 ' Qiirfw Y my ' . fY:-,,gF:: . ::g:- f , lie 'l i .E 'E r :E.fZ'.L. r 16 rg 5, ' ,U W gi Ee ,wa 1 1 's YA ,225 J if in e 'zg K as K S3 2 .. ,.... XX 5 pi h" ssiiifazlii 'ff ff 5 f Q 255 H Q fffl. 4 5 fi 1 Q 1. ia S . . 5? X ia: : -:T 'WW' 3 2 'gy S lv 1 Q ,, w ygaw, :me Sq, as Q 9 X, 5? Q Cynthia Crockett Tonya Cross Thomas Dailey Dana Davies Della Davis Paula Day Denise DeLawter Robert DeLawter Paula DeLong Kent Dever Brenda DeVol Tandy Dillen William Downey Steven Duckworth Stanley Durham Rodney Edgell Robin Elston Karen Etchison Billy Everling Robert Ewing Patrick F ahy Dennis Fakes Peggy Fakes Rebecca Farr Thomas Farr Herbert Felton Stephanie Fennirnore Susan F etz Margaret Fihe Vickie Foor Polly Forst Dan Fowler Thomas Frawley Louise Frazier Robert Frazier Larry Frye Robert Frye Jacque Gardner Samuel Gill Roberta Gillam Rebecca Glotzbach Ronald Goff Wilma Gomez Sherry Graham Gary Green Thomas Groover Sharon Grose Samuel I-lan C athy Hancock Linda Jo Hankley Janet Harting Leslie Henderson Linda Herkless Victoria Hiatt W G , , Q Thy Stepped into the Swing Qjv Things with Freshman girls compare their collections of pictures--Who has the most? f,,,., M 92 Pamela Hicks William Hirsch Barbara Hobbs Eugene I-locker Janet Hooker Rebecca Holland Howard Hook Jim Hopper Garry Horseman Howard Huffman Thomas Jackson Harvey Jarrett James Jones Vickie Jones Terry Jordan Barry Juday Kanda Kane Kristina Kelich William Kelley Lizabeth Kiefer Canda King Barbara Knauer Donald Lane Brian Leavell ez New LW, New Experiences, New Interests Linda Lee Clifford Lehman Judith Leisure Mike Lewis Linda Lilly Stephen Linegar Charles Luc as Saundra Lusby Holly McCorkle Teresa McCorkle Jerri McDaniel Harold McDermit Monte McF all Julia McGill Timothy McQuitty Barbara Markey Roger Mays Robert Metz Rebecca Meyer Thomas Miller Mark Mitchell Paula Mitchell Linda Moore Terrie Moore Ina Moss David Mottweiler Rebecca Murphy Linda Murray Karen Niccum William Noone 93 Many freshmen along with those of other classes saw "spooks 'n Goblins" at the Halloween party. Crowded Halls, Kris Oldag Francene Pace Jack Pace Steve Parker Connie Partlow Etta Patton Michael Pavese Rita Jo Pearson Brinda Pennock Linda Peters Donald Phifer Barbara Phillips Maude Phillips Colleen Piirto James Powell Victoria Powell Larry Quarles Jim Rebuck Richard Reese Brian Reichart Mike Remington George Reynolds Joe Rice Roberta Richwine Mike Riernan en, 5 '--, Ja , Zi ff S 4 0 ss ,J , J Q" 5 rs 'gg-dggiw-9133K - - -' f- X,,w:..g. f 5 V Iggy. - J !! or gf f ff ' V Til? : ii i Y, 1 . ,Q N A ,,, m- , '- i ' 3 f 94 Q My F KX 'SY , R th as B r New S ' , if is S LX' 4 s S f H, it as L s s Wi 1. as 5 .PW M s 5? fra Le? S 2 S ' 'K 55463 f gg 1 and Homework - V .rg,o ,,.,,g, . ,,...a., ,5,Mr gL,r:,. f .,,,,,: L . , A w ef- "' Q4 I :FHL : - ': g i f' S! 5 -4- I :Qfff 7 .Ll , ':" I '55 ii "f -gi l 1 .- 'R Sffvli- G' 1:54 'f , S3595 I 1-4 352 .L K ai, ,ra I ' ' S' s, ek E1 A as if rl X XX ,Q XXX M, if XX HH , , 1? , X 5:1522 f v, if David Ritter Timothy Robinson Donald Roe Danny Rogers Dianne Rogers James Roller Michael Romine Robert Sallee Judy Sanders Joe Scott Ronald Sentman Bonnie Sexton John Sharp Sharon Sheedy James Sites Diana Sizelove Dale Smith Dewey Smith Edward Smith Harold Smith Howard Smith Linda Smith Thomas Sparks Sheila Speer I li"- . f ' 'E S ' 1 X: ' ' .... , . ..:s --. S, -rf E 14 mx ,X , Xi Q, X Xa .msm if aw 'Y is S wr Q X New L K5 S git? 1 me + Q.-F3532 f '- ' W ' if ' ., . ,xg .M ? 7139151 H' E' . 2 , gf? it L ' F W? if S, sn' - M 'wifi w Wfsi ik L , -2, ::i'.:::: : :i f:Xf,.y'jgixf an , 42 ,qi ff X 15-v ' rn ' i 'H gg, is A .sag J X ' f X: : 'P- 1 ' ' 4:- 'I.f.3E:: ' :Ef":::f?f.'5:E:- 'I i"'E, 1 1 fi. iz. ' ,f"55f 'ni ' 44' .I'fq" ' 'i':w .. 2'5- , if Q , X ler ESQ . Q ' 7 X X , iff 'Vi ' . . ' . X JX- Ta , .. as M --ww . ,... , ,. ,, ., . ,.., . . .3 ,, ., ,. r .. .. XX. .. ,,f:-'MX 1.4: 2,51,grief-,sgif-r::--,g,. ,, - . .Q-,?g..,, ,- 'e: f23XQg2,k., A -,Ag-g,f, -fa, i.,--sv 7-27 1' fir--5 . 2 5, , . 'ii - - e : fm' 225- T s-Ja: 21-51 sig- 'M -gig. 1 . - - - f,. i -:fig 2s."i1',:!1-Q- :g,'- . - - X J -"' es.. ff . W , . . . ' a:.fl:,,,-sIs:"'.'- 1 ai. 1 Wg.. 054, K, i 1,5-: -cgi, "'iXwz5rf: Mg,-XF:-. -' .,,.Xz , , an -,wg ,-Tia .- Xssifiifljii ' i " fffzifi f f " Ef ' ' Q TSa5373L?714i if? ,fE.fx'Z.'i-f'-f K' 'X -- . 'WQSV ' L ww . X .:- sa .:-X ' iw. r-"ee -- . L f :sw -V - . ,V '2 3 - ,X 1 I g , F., . X a n X '-' -ffiiw If" ' Q-SSW-V iff - . Is '.:E.I5S: s- ::? 35.55 ' W X :-':. . " X ' H . 7 V H if i 1 7 '. - 1 e- X ' Lag? -. , K K , - J - 3 X. -. . 'f' " . X , " X l .,. - 4 . 4 - ' X, .,,. ..II':C 7:55 gf? Val? . X-. W-15:35 gi '.5'f3iL- 5 'P--V 5 S 15252513 65252515324 vim Arial if Kg if ., Sgr . is , f' " in w 'fm-gs:iia,5s,Xf:ir::, ,auf " sz14'f:X2X- I'E:ff:':2,..::,.I' ,asf-f?Z55 ii ' aI If 'i isaiifgiai- :za aaa. 1 - A M, X f , , " .a?zM:'?5S fi' - " - "X JE- I -' 71-121' :ri .fi 'er '5' ::..5".' , ,- , Elf' X .ff - Became Part qi Their Daily Routine is-MKEXM XX, w if 4. as-X' rf i iii 5: ., ms H wlzsfv Wifi ss2zfaf1a+ff.:- f ff - S, ,is I 55" r , . 'E 1- 6 J Si. . ., , ..,,V im , ,, , X, X J xxxdx x Mitchell Spoone Steven Stage Kathleen Stansberry Kim Stephens ,. ., "K "Ii .. , 'kfif if -- 'wi - . .i...,:.qi,,.L V -,,.,, W! -, ,u w ,E X sr . ,,, I Nah 4. it 4 5 f J " - is W X ,,. . 'if' ' ': " , .SK 'E :'.'.,,LI::":i?E5- f ' -", ,nigga , M K. ., X , ,-.:M ,, ,Z .,,. in X: his Q 5 5:1 .IX X ggiiv, is 155252-' I . -.,E, , .. , Mtg .EW-,. In k .w - ,--H, ,psf ., Wm, , X r Ei? 'L' 3 H ' X555 X Q s L x san: f -Ui' x X4 X X fs? "'- f:,,.:. ..ae-H E V -5112-sq , ks. mg.: ' mn'--, is V ' 13. fe f,-2,55 if ",t. Xm.:X'.q--X ,-X .7 X. nwfXXw-U-X is A. ,WX X N, ., rp 12,5 225351: Zvi? iffy W W- Q1 .,wiXf 35,2 X .,.: S A if , X rw if X 31X .X 93 as . X .5-154,-12 f, 11 j,'is:4if5?X' assi i zsiggsz i ,Y J k qt gf ,QQX rl' -, 5 fg.f4vz?,Q2fHm , y S 3 wg fiifsat is . 1 .ELM asia. , -1' wharf -S-if M ff ,,,.. wflfw, 2 33925 .ss . ,X - . 'SMX .1 vw S , Xi N' ' - .X ' .V V f K "' ., K K . X' fi' ' ,, -' - X X , M H 'x-is' 5 ' ref er r . . X 2 fi '- . ii f I is ,Xi P5 1' XX i Q 9' S R a:z" f'is:,: E fi Z2 ig is -an 2 4 Xe in li kk as A. tg X . ss:- im Y ..a.,,..4,:.: ,J,L,.,, . . -"' 'i" i i ' ' 'Q reg Sli 7 Z iff- f- 1r21X,s:..:1 r Hr. ,X , , X- 1 ' ,X -if fi era-Lg-we u , vw - ,,. - , - Q ' .. za' - . ' : 5:E:'- X1 . ' .: "g, I' .' . 1' A: 'i':,: :' : 55i':- 5, tr , ,,., ., -,ri ,.. .. . .Q .. 4 X X ., X M. - .. XX-Xf: is Nw: -- X . .. .Xe-eXzf'.XX . . i f , .,,. ., . of 1 W. fX.-S-fn 5 . -- , .f'X X H.-' 4 'Ei-:ws sift. -WXSW 95 'af 55 Q 1' Qt ' R . eg,?,QT -' 1. Lee Ann Stewart Marlene Stewart Sandy Stewart Donna Stickler Richard Stickler Suellen Stokes Steven Tam Tim Thomas Philip Updike Linda Vest Cynthia Vinson Matthew Warner Elizabeth Wegehoft Edd Wellnitz Janet Whitaker P au l Wilhoit Steve Wilhoit Millicent Willhoite Pamela Williams Ste phe n Williams David Wilson John Wilson William Wingrove Lisa Winings Linda York Loretta Young - - 3 1 3 ! ' Hire er 2 fa Wigs la W rw nn- --Q,-an ,5 X-w511r r v :: ,-- ,:. .E 111, ' riff' Q ' r 2- as ' at-L David Aldridge William Amos Gary Anderson Larry Anderson Jerry Arnold Howard Badger Robert Baker Gordon Ball Cherie Beckley Steven Beeman William Bishop Bonnie Blackburn Keven Blankenship Katherine Bomersback Jeffrey Bourff Ronnie Brogdon Jed BrOwn Herbert Brurnmet Thomas Bryan Mike Bryant Roger Cain Michael Cannon Karen Cassidy Randy Cherry 352 , a 1',1f, -L n as sri H H Sm g g - 2 jiz z! mEf5EE552 2fQ2fff' f2 a Q5 .1 .. :- ,, sw- f , - rf 1rmm,ws-V 51 fwwvgesxia r sr av, ,f- .,: ' grey ?- gk is ,lr 5, A gr 5 rw 3 3 K F as r s 1 1 'Egg ' Q wig ws T, rd .Q . 4 .- f X wx- S 1- zrr- Q -r s r as sir rr R1 ig rr 3 , X I 2 V544 its M Q S ,. .,.., sr Q 3 K rr rf as W 1 M151 1s,f1r-V-15--12-L55 5 15 ' H an . --La mar Bla! P ad will 1 w r , Q ' i ::,...m..1ex5, as : Q QIF-. Yi", -sg-gi Q,11111.:e1:bxf1f K .. ., . - 25: 53 lit iii 113 f S. X Q 5 sr FE' ,. .,...f f1s:?is in ,., ,. ., .M r rr rr . is ar ,Q K K r 1 3, M 1 45 9, 21 4- xr x is 43. ring 5:5 3 as , :-fr' : !ff:2- s 'ir ' me aww K X- A 2 lk 02 E H Q E 5' eb, N ' Q msgs ff Q5 Q 4 A w ., ., 3 X ur 3 X S a 9 1 rl' mf lm fr' , ' , 1am-M ,:,.,- fi . - Zga S , 552 rr 5 282592 r SW rag 5 rr , 3 sr fv Q in S Kai z rr QP ii mln K K N385 , 5 w 22 i25er21riQffiii21iir-LSR 1 ,rs,,rs, I 4 , 2 X at Q r r X in 1: : -A ,se 1, S' : : W L? : 45123: 1 r L , YJ q fm, fm- A -1- misfit-2151211112 sf' - 11w,s11 :bi.i3:sifr1 fi mQf,,si1-frssz,r- rm 1s.-r1re1r11-15,1 2' Qi a 4' I gag, ,U 1, -,rr:,.f: s-S,- rrfmfsg 9 rr r ef Egfr, f Election 0 Class Ojjicers and Om'e1'z'ng Rings asiamrzirslmsvfsa- -wgggeg -fe,-2 1, M' ,mSi1wM 1 rr- :xfiw fGr3,r,,,,., ., . ,, , , an ,. is., -Midi' 11331: . ., 3, "" fee C , 11 2, in . 1' i2iif11:1, , 'fi . , ', 'ngMrf,fig.i?Y 1' ,S ": : 5:'i 5.55, , .GFX 'Em .. 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' J 1 Everett' Childress John Claghorn Timothy Clark Dinah Clegg Darlene Cloud Diana Coe Gregory Coffin Glen Conner Rebecca Cook Wanda Coons Thomas Courtney Eddie Cox Janice Cress Kenny Croy Michael Dauenhauer Alleta Davenport Rebecca Davenport Lynn Davies Donald Davis Michael Davis Michael Day Barbara DeLawter Constance DeLawter Gary Dever Stephen Dietzer Robert Drake Randy Duffi tt Tonita Eads Karen Eldridge r K Tony Eller Marcia Ellis Michael Ellis Mark Elsworth Stephen Evans Linda Ewing Rosalie Farr Timothy Faulstich Mary Fettig Kathleen Fetz Terry Floyd John Foor Deena Ford John Fortson Melodie Fouts Sandra Frazee Cheryl French Rosi Frye K arla Fuller Billy G albreath Judith Gardner M ari e G ardne r Donald G arner , Jane Garner and Sweaters Were Bzlg Steps yer the Class QF '5 7 Claude, do you mean you sold only 260 boxes of candy? 97 gaagggsqeszzm s K an H 1,5 ,S +4 W,1, , . Lu- ,L.,1 , Q. . ,L., . yf L ,ui H fi JE rg Nw 2 Wk 4 a Y grgzsf' ,S ' ,.a. .. 4 V E WM in The-' si V Q, - ri :W . .W wi 'g 27. :aawi r HE. f:--'SW is m R Mew' f e, : fwfr--Q-1f. :ww -g::,fwf,m:f- Q f - iw . . ,.f, 4. , 1 sf X 4: r 3 ,K f is K 2 M 9 S El f X wfsjwie S -H il W iv is we K rw fr ...g ,,,f,.':,,: YM - Fr 14: gggaaf ,- S Q M M A5 . .. .,- . .. . ., aff - :fn 'I?Z?f51..,. " '- f - if Qi if 'S yum WB , A l KH 9 9, X ,X Jewel Gerencser Craig Gillson Sheri Gillson David Giselbach Richard Gordon Nancy Graber Joseph Graham Betty Green Dennis Green Mark Green Judith Greenfield Michael Gregg Drew Bullion Diana Hancher Clara Hardebeck Jerome Hardebeck Cynthia Hasecuster Carson Haskett Judy I-Iibst Nancy Hinshaw Jeffrey Hoffman Jenny Hood Carolyn Hoylman Rodrick Davis The F imf M ajor Prqect, the Ccmcfy Claude Jackson proudly accepted the watch for selling the most candy in the Sophomore candy sales campaign. Alan Hughes Martha Ingram Claude Jackson Helen Jackson Melvin Jackson Virginia James Bob Johns Kenneth Jones Tom Jones Carol Kilgore Gwen Kohn Brenda Lee Lee Leisure Sue Leisure Thomas Leonard Ruth Lindley Diane Linegar Vicki Longnecker i if L ii V im. 'f-1 i r "" - 5 gf ,. -rn . ' iff J, 6 ,awww ' i wifi giifm rr 5 if My S . . . Q. -fr 5 , W, 4. S r , 3 441 ' Mis . 'Site' Q it aas,nL ,. 1 ia ,L 7252 , , 2 QQ E55 , a s - Wfff . . 7. if .fnumwr . -ft, 19-U :"l,.,.'::' - 'L if aug Y 'Q ig Q , . Jerry Lovell ,::,Z J P ,. ',"b S Brenda Lynas 1 ,M , George McDermit Anita McPhearson Jon McPhearson Glennis McRoberts N , 516116, CZS 61 I 7'677'l67'l0,I07,l.S' Success Z ",' ' 1 -',-Q- J f , ,V V 99 Cheryl McSherry Jude Magers John Mengelt Howard Meyer Jack Meyer Brent Miller Elizabeth Miller Jeffrey Miller Linda Miller Gregory Moser Joe Moulton Joyce Mountcastle Marsha Mountcastle Lynn Murray John O'Bryan Steven Odom Daniel Parry Pamela Patton Anita Pearson Richard Pe att Shirley Felton David Peters Judy Pheneger Dallas Phifer Vera Phillips Emma Ponder Norman Prater Lynn Puterbaugh Virgil Reynolds Mark Richwine Diana Rittenhouse Randall Robinson Diana Rogers Marla Rogers Richard Rogers Richard Romig Jim Rust Valorie Sallee Kathleen Sanders Steven Sanders Tommy Sanders Charles Scott Connie Sentman Kathleen Shaw Paul Shaw Steven Shaw Glenda Sheedy David Sherman Robert Shinkle Linda Shook Gary Short Ervin Shrock Linda Simmons Stephanie Sizelove Thgz Learned the Meanz'ng QF School Spzrzt by Kathie Skinner Roland Smith Richard Spitzmesser Chet Stafford James Stafford Carl Stage Georgia Stage Steve Stansberry Michael Stevens Jerome Stiner Ramona Strange Ann Sullivan Cynthia Sullivan Cathy Svendsen Phil Swinford Linda Tancey Kathryn Tharp Dennis Tomlinson Geraldine Tompkins George Townsend Howard Tryon Jeanne Tucker Randall Tunis Sherman Updegraff Vickie Vanl-Iorn Diana VanWinkle Linda Vickery Elizabeth Walden Elizabeth Wells Jack Werline Suj9j90rtz'ng the Team Even When Kay Weston Helen Whisler Paul Whitenack Stephen Whitenack Dwight Wilhoit Larry Wilkey Susan Willhoite K ent Williams Terry Williams Ge or gi anna Wilson Russell Wilson Mark Wi nings Duane Wittk amp er D ani el Wright C arol Yarling Sus an Y ate s Douglas York K athy Young It Meant Saerz' zeing Miss House helped Connie Sentman plan her second semester schedule. 'W 3iig'1h,.w V Ks- me is if W P W Q' N iw' ae- ef 5 'WSW fy if a new IAEEV ei ,J 1 :..,:., Fw g l f Y K WH :-- ii-rs A A Fig A ,wife 'QT eese esswfs lOl J wimgswfr i , rzrsfggzg -L 1 E, - 3 if is A gigs fm, V M S 1 Pearl Abbott James Adams Jacqueline Aldrich Michael Alexander Douglas Alley Margie Anderson Philip Anderson Sharon Anderson Jerry Antle Theresa Bailey Douglas Balser Brenda Barnbrough Marilyn Barnbrough Kathy Beatrice Sharon Beeman Susan Beeman Dale Bell Helen Bouslog Linda Bozell John Bragg Edward Brooks Mary Brooks Pamela Budd Billy Burton Wz'th the Arrival Qjl, Class Rings the Class Marsha Burton Ronald Buster Don Butler J on Buttler Carolyn Byus Ava Campbell Christie Carlile Carol Carpenter Janet Carpenter Thomas Carpenter Shelia Carroll John Chambers Larry Chinn John Cholis Jackie Cline Barbara Clouser Raymond Conner Terry Cook Joyce Cooper Jane Cornelious Max Coston Cassandra Cross Larry Crouse Robert Croy Vicki Davies Priscilla Davis Sharon Dean Jerry Decker Sandra Dellinger Vickie DeLong Larry Denton Jean Doan L Terrance Doan l A l , ,, W Zz:-i: h ' L P 1 , M1ChaelDOWH1Hs l l r l I J D ak I lr Same I e x Stephen Edgell , ,,,. Ramsey Elkllls l l no Maureen Etchison Z 'eL L 'r,, . . - Q -'.r Lmda Everhng L Tlmollw EWH18 n r . . - V errr -- .1re'e Wrlham Farr r Wllll am Fern rry' l P e r , do rer e 1 , at fl 'vfr l f f s kfry an '-r.- f gps- f . , Tamra Fetz ,fn L 'LrLrr 'L"'r f f : : Rae ann Finnerty ' ,, H t if ,ff 'E fix S1 Xi.,-Qi. ,'fL Un - - . I , if x Ronnie Fite , lf y 1 , A ' w g m -riff ,ls f-'f- ll' K: '-'nlwjewiil ne w Susan Fofsf 4, l . ,Q Charles H- Ffallef , l A, Charles S. Frazier j f' I im A fi i f ,rrr in rerr rrerenrnrr e rerr l nnrr SCOU FIV ll l ll l Q e Robert Frye , l' "'. z Beverly Fuller e Chaqulfa Fuller nllle . ,ew H. 'lmriw ..- , , .:.. ,Ls Ww,w , - , -, , zmeaim . M . ' - ,... iw V ':" . 213-' - - . Albert Galbreath , 1 , l lnlr Ethel Galbreath .l,-' Z A f f 1-M311 f '66 'I If P! A zh pp Z One of the proudest possessions for the Juniors--Rings! 103 Nancy Garner Vicky Gerard Bonnie Gibson Daniel Gill John Glotzbach Gregory Goins Vicki Gordon Susan Greenfield Carolyn Groover Gloria Hahn David Hancock Barbara Hardebeck Richard Harris Shirley Hartman Nancy Hartsock Jim Hayes Judith Helpling Cathy Henn J ean Herniak Theresa Hicks Vicki Hillard Danny Hinds Gary Hipes Linda Hobbs A Window Wash ana' cz Car Wash Were Two More and more money-making proj ects--now it's name tags! 104 5 . " : QSff':' if : mi y yy J' J' James Holland Teresa Hopper Donald Horseman Christine Jarvis Milton Johns Charles Jones Jerry Jones Hal Julius Kent Justus Penelope Kantner Rosemary Kapper William Keller Susan Kelly Marqueena Kiefer Michelle Kiser Donnie Klein Kreig Kleinbub David Knopp Robert Knopp Ruth Knopp J am es Knotts Christy Ko chman David Kohn Robert Kwalik Prqects Toward Earning Mungf or the Prom Marena Lane Janet Ledford Ricky Lee Timothy Linsmeyer Nancy Longnecker Pamela Low Janice McCorkle Michael McCorkle Steven McCorkle Vicky McCorkle Gilbert McDaniel Danny McFall Shirley Mclntyre Barbara McNee1y Rachel McQueen John Magers Ellery Mangas Michael Manis Jeffrey Marcuson Thomas Martin Mary Ann Mead Suzette Merida Vickie Miller Michael Montgomery Elizabeth Morgan Frederick Mort Albert Mottweiler Carol Sue Mountcastle James Murdock Darrell Murray 1 V A ' s a Q 555 Q W I ss sr ms ,K its Q XL WR ? 1 3, S Terry Murray William Niccum Jacqueline Nichols V Viuu S' William Noel Scott Norris 3 : ss. .yr Reta O'Haver Linda Oliver A 'ii S us an Over dorf 5 C h e P a C e A Connie P arish gig M anon P arsons S us an P e arson ' ,N ' E N Eddie Phillips up Q Li Steven Poole , .,.: w i th Xf i re: '-- N N' 5 J Peggy Preston " ' Ellzabeth Pullen ri v-f' i f X . . i ff - 7 , 1 max. ,, if Wllllam Rebuck R Barbara Reed The junior Class P Richard Reynolds Jeffery Richardson Rebecca Richwine Fred Rickabaugh Thomas Riser Terry Rittenhouse Sherry Roberson Karen Sanders Michael Scott Charles Shaw Donita Shepard Gary Shepard Terry Shepard Craig Sherman Timothy Shickley Carol Simmons Steven Simmons Ronald Slate Rose Ann Smith Michael Speer Stephen Speer Cheryl Stafford Maurice Stansberry Linda Stephens Elisabeth Stevens Sandra Stickler Harry Stone Raymond Stover Gary Strader Marilyn Swift e s a 1 , . i0 f :,-: ffl ' K Q sl ,LE ,W " 952, f -2- aff-'-Q V 106 ay Was cz Lot qt Work r- rwqggr, . ,, , ,im ' 17 15' ' K :SS -is. I Q f .fix f '-" : -Haig at is ,. 51 E if Tri? x , ....rV,, ,,i.r,, W W -- i if : f wgrrr A 43953 tysn f U, X Q2 2 . 's,,.,,1-ws. 1 ' - " if t Sig. .- 5 ' .. 2 Sw e l l arE' :..: f C fi 'V 1 ':: - ' nn' .CA Carolyn Thompson Ronald Thompson Terry Trimble Mark Updegraff Robert Updegraff Kathy Vanl-Iorn Linda Vanness Loretta Vest Ann Webb Eldon Wentz Danny Widener John Widener Johnie Wilburn Jerry Williams Michael Williams Mona Wilson Sally Wimmer , , 'ls ,Q , . , ' ' 'T A -,w-,siniieius ,. Kihei?-Q.f,2 1 : xt, K. FZ . :.. . r1ex'z,.s,r1z ,,l'f--fn A :sf L-: : not-1:-H95 :-, ,neg 531 1,-,af 1 ??1.5.!iV' k sz, . ' "' 2' , A rggj ' ' W . ' :sz f,42Qf" .F- an 5 Six? ., Q, H 5 wx X ,tg ww T W Q Q55 .., K Stephen Wingrove Iiiy John Wright Dan Yates Kenneth Yates Thomas Yates Dennis Yohe Mary Ann Young , K ali 3 ,fi ,. 'Y : fr gsw,fgg,gm1 , . K V , if , , :. ,. W, ,si " 5 X +313 3 'fl 1 s f? X M S 31 kia? , ,- ,: .: ., s,rs,.fw :- ., W- , egmg 1 - f -' .. .- 7-.az -- -ff: . , in 3, P Q 0 S am, 2 1, ' 3: as-i ,V ,. . . ,mm A :,, 'L ll K1 an -,ffl if :M says :iw e XQX 4 ze.. W if M , Emi-jifig .1 "i ii: -' 521 2 5 X Q iii? asa, V W ' K ' giliii s f K K f5k5', 'Q- T ,,tr, , f , T' it '52, ' Q ' ig ,1 gg, ,', 1a1-,,-,.sa.Q2t?L5 .225 if L, -13' Q- 5 f 2' ' if I - I--i - .. 'EWU ,1 ff E 1 f , ,. . . .,,. Q . 3. ,. ,.-ris k rr, ,M 33. Y MU, N., .fm . V, . , r, all , ., . e2,gEg ,, :-fp ", "-:. ' -: aim wi, 9352: , 3 X ' 4 , t, fs Y W s,,a,f -, X r, ri X X xx ,, A f, tt., , . St t M2 20, , , -iff' ' 3 5. 52421251 'K ,fs-N15 ' ry, - ite ' ' H rf ' .,.. : t ' .1-' ,' 5 4.1, , .,,. H, , ., W ' '11 K, ii "k -:E , :Elf :A x X 1 N533 1:5371 , 5 x q X X but Also cz Lot QF Behina'-the-Scene Fun Be careful, Ray--It's a big job! IO7 Capable Seniors emo' Sponsors Steer The door is only a few short steps away. But before we seniors pass through that open portal into the supersonic world of today, we pause, turn, and take a final lookat our high school years--year of progress in ideals, intelligence, and goals. Our Freshman year seemed the long- est. During this time, we became ac- customed to the daily pattern. We be- came experts at the "hall-length dash" and borrowing pencils. As a class we showed tremendous potential in ath- letics and academic work. As our Sophomore year got under way, we elected Dave Cotton, President, Kay Wolff, Vice-President, Margaret Wingrove, Secretary, and Larry Parker, Treasurer. We became a more unified group. We set our sights on a stupendous prom andbegan to work to fill the treas- ury. Sweaters and rings were ordered and we began to feel a strong class unity and school loyalty. 1963 rolled around and as juniors we really got down to work. We chose Rick Cannon, President, Harry Beeman, Vice- president, Ann Portson, Secretary, and Martha Olclag, Treasurer. Our first project was a record-setting, three- location car wash which netted us 513465. After a successful bake-sale we staged the junior Class Play, "Our Town, " to a sell -out crowd. Again we set a financial record of S501 gross . With a monetary backing we tackled our Prom. "Three Coins in a Fountain" was the theme of our enchanted evening . . . an evening so outstanding that it was given a full, five-page story with pictures in the INDIANAPOLIS STAR SUNDAY MAGA- ZINE. Summer slipped quickly into Pall, We began our Senior year. lt was hard to believe. The preceding years had gone almost in a twinkling, it seemed. This year we elected with confidence Rick Cannon, President, William Frye, Vice- president, Nina Runyan, Secretary, and Martha Oldag, Treasurer. We charged into our last year with renewed vigor. Margaret Wingrove was our Homecoming Queen. We began the first two-night per- formance of the Senior Class Play in our school's history. "Charley's Aunt" was a hit and we recorded another success: namely 513667 gross. Our selection of announcements and caps and gowns re- minded us of a passing phase in our lives. As we seniors look back over our years of midnight study vigils, the en- couragement of our teachers, friend- ships, slumber parties, basketball games, popcorn, and dates, a bit of nostalgia mists our eyes. And in you, the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, we see ourselves in years past. Senior Steering Committee: QSEATEDJ: Kathy Mutt, Karin Knutsson-Hall, Nina Runyan, Martha Oldag, Margaret Wingrove, and Ann Fortson. SECOND ROW: William Frye, Jim Armstrong, Mike Tolle, Mike Julius, and Larry Parker. THIRD ROW: Dave Cotton, Gary Gilbert, Mike Kantner. the Class Through Thick and Thin Officers for the Senior Class are: Rick Cannon, president, William Frye, Vice-president, Nina Runyan, Secretary, and Martha Oldag, Treasurer. Sponsors for the Senior class are: Charles Short, Naomi Schwear, Gerald Sullivan, Hilda Chapman, Ray Manis, and Elvona Tolle. 109 Senior Tma'z'z'z'0n Was Cawiea' on Zyl the Sharon Kay Abernathy Ronald Gene Abney Edward Alley Karen Sue Arehart James Armstrong Deborah Darlene Badger Anthony Lee Baker Joyce Ann Ball William Ballentine "Who painted your cords?" "Those are neat! " "Turn around and let me see the back." Class Q' '65 Through Vz'vz'a'Q2 Hana'-Pazhtea' Cords Garl Dean Balser Donna Jean Bambrough Reed Bannon Jeanie Baxter Gary Beasley Harry Beeman Arleta Jean Blake John Borst Denny Bozell Randall Lee Brugger Richard Edward Brunson Robert J. Burkert John Robert Burton Donald C abe Judith Ann Cain IH Seniors Hefbea' Bring Christmas Spirit imfa W. Patrick Cannon, Jr. Terry Glen Carroll William M. Castor Linda Diann Castro Marilyn Janeen Clapper Craig T. Clark Garry Clark Jane A. Clark Carolyn Sue Cloud Jeffrey A. Coffin Kathryn Colcord Cynthia Pearl Conner Rebecca Elaine Cornwell David W. Cotton Susan Comtney H2 Wz'ZZkz'eJs Halls with Gazbf Decomied Tree Keeping in the Yuletide spirit Seniors "decked the halls with boughs of holly Keith Creamer Larry Crouch Carol Jean Crull Janis Kay Curtis Letha Davis Sue Ann Davis Robert Louis DeBethune David L. Deck Diana I.. Dever H3 During Our Senior Tear Our Mzlghzyz Panthers A C,I,C, Horseshoe is the Panther girls' best friend! Dianne Elizabeth Dickey Gregory Lee Drake Wanda Marie Dye Karen Louise Edelen Carol June Edwards Dana Edwards Perry Eugene Elkins Peggy Elledge Linda Pauline Elliott H4 Held the CIC. Szlver Horseshoe Michael Faulstich G. Scott Fennimore Lois Faye Foley Dorthy Hewit Forst Ann O'Brien Fortson Kenneth Franklin William Barrett Frye Marcia Garner Suzanne Garner Larry L. Gibson Garry Leroy Gilbert Virginia Kay Gillam Candace Graham Jane Graham Richard A. Graham l 115 Ls Dewi 355612, 593952952 25321 1 28355 ff , me M View A A. ffm ...R fm, F E52 rfwve HQ QQ giisfig . ameri , ,asf A W 5 q 1 Q , ex N W if A. A Sfgfigiggg 19, Q S Q1 meeg ya? sasgmgrws sa ,meg :wg 1' Y' ftsmsia Q' :swat s 511215532 Wz'!!kz'e Seniors Began the Last Lap Robert Wells Green Richard Groover Jerry R. Grose Paul Hamilton Michael W. Hankley Larry M. Heater David Heflin Grace lee Hevron Michael Dwayne Hicks Robert F. Hinds Larry Hinshaw Joyce Hobbs John P. Hobson Thomas Robert I-Iocker David C . Hood with a Wvilo' and Spooky Halloween Pony Linda Huffman Holloway Phyllis Horseman Jerry House Charles W. Humphrey Candace Joy Hunt Judy Ann Ingle Jan M . Jackson Michael D. Jackson Rosemary Jackson NO, we are not hanging an effigy! Frankenstein neverxlookedvbetter! Athletics Combined with Curricula to Give Many Virginia Jackson Walter Jackson Chester Jarrell David Jones Michael Julius Linda Lee Justice Charles R. Kane Michael G. Kantner , Paul A . Kapper Q E Senior president Rick Cannon helps to bring home another victory. IIB Seniors Varz'oZz'orz in Progress Toward Eo'uoatz'orz P Colleen Kelley Michele Frances Kennedy David Kincaid M avis Ki ntzel Michael Ke nt Kleinbub John K leyla Karen Anita Kleyla Lana Knick Karin Knutsson-Hall Randy D. Lambert Larry J. Lang Annette Langford Sharon Sue Latshaw John R. Leavell Patricia Lee H9 M6m0TZ.6S cj Cherislzea' Moments Are Terry D. Lee Claudia Sue Leisure Ramona Sue Leidure David Lewis Barbara Jannett Long Robert Longnecker Marshall S. McCord Treva McCorkle Larry McGuire is Diana Lynne Maley Leslie Marcuson Judith Martin Nancy Kay Mayfield Michael J. Meyer William R. Meyer 120 That Is LW Qf Our Hzlgh School Career "They did not send me to Smith-Walbridge for nothing." John Miller Danny Moore Pamela Moore Zara Mountcastle David Murphy Kathleen Sue Mutt Janet Myers Kenneth O 'Bryan Thomas W. Odom H Hey, I like this idea! " The Knowledge We Gaz'nea'j9'0m Wz'Z!kz'e "Look at those teeth! I wonder if he uses Crest? " Martha Oldag C. Lawrence Parker Jack Emmerson Parker Michael D. Parker Stephen K. Parry Kathleen Pedro Michael Perkins Barbara Lee Phelps Janet Marlene Piirto 122 Prepares Usjir the Unehartea' Future Carol Pike Richard K. Porter James Preston Victoria Dearie Pu11en John Weldon Puterbaugh Robert C . Reese Cindy Reynolds Gilda Elaine Rich Bruce R. Rickabaugh James Rittenhouse Deborah Robinson Lyle Robinson Sandra Rose Dean Arthur Rudig Nine Kay Runyan Commencement Was the Climax Charles N. Satchwill Daniel J. Savage Sharon Scott Vicki Lynn Scott Lee Guy Sexton Gary Alan Shaw f ' -. f e f : W ' ' 2-ff ,,,,f:', jeg,-Vai: Robert Shiffler Lester Edward Shinkle ,efe Susan M. Short M -twig .-'L . ., ' -"-" Nw .T Jn 6 vs U S at fe is ,. 5 1 5 r A it , H f iv it K ,Q ,E ei Wife Ls Q was if Sig ,S W iw if? vi vii X 1- gag' ,K gm 1 1 x .E-g:..'.,, "-wrkiwet dv 'E f' Navi: 'V '-: 1YsXfif:ezSie:?w2x1 nksgfififv .5 . , ifgigiiuupiiiriginiy-. :g'?f:tE3,L.,iJf ' 'f'Sif5- YE-r51'L:i':1--7 tl L, , ,f ., Wvgs, A ,L S, . ni' - a r ' -f fx if . 1 " Q L-a:::"1' - A :rr : " 'E. ,.:- . W fait J :Q5"5, 2 , , ,ffm 1 5 3: Q?Y.J5' m :ti. '24 -P 5229 25 se Ronald Simmons Stephen K. Skinner Carolyn Ann Smith E Q Janice Arlene Smith Ronald Lee Smith Rodger Kent Southern 124 to the Gooo' Times and Ola' Frz'eno's Q' Four Short Tears Leeann Sparks Sherry Charlene Stamper Jeffrey Starkey Larry Stephens Leland Stewart Gail Ann Stiner Kevin Tam Rose Marie Tatum Sheryl Lynn Taylor The Seniors were originators of many things even the elephant. 125 As We Leave, We Hope We Have LM ez Lasting Jerry Wayne Thompson Michael Edgar Tolle Kathy Jo Tomlinson Martha Ellen Tucker Sandra VanB1air Timothy Wayne VanNess Julie Dee Vautaw Jimmie Vice Gerald Barton Vickery Cathie Elaine Walkup Craig O. Wellnitz Terrance L. Wells Sylvia Kay Wesley ' James Kent Whetstone V Terry E. Whitaker 126 Imlbression with Um School and Communizgf Sherry Lynn Wilbourn Ron Abney is measured for that important cap Jorja Lee Wilhoit Lucinda Wilhoit Michael J. Wilson Margaret Elsie Wingrove Rick Wisler Tonda Lee Wittkamper Katina Wolff Loretta Yates Robert Eugene Young 127 Abernathy, Sharon Kay: Business Crescent, Booster Club, Pep Club, Sunshine Society, Glee Club. Abney, Ronald Gene: General Megaphone. Alley, Edward: Academic Basketball fFresh.man and Varsityj, Golf, Football fFreshman and Varsityj, E-Men's Junior steering committee. Amos, David: IndustrialArts Freshman Track, Projectionist. Arehart, Karen Sue: Home Economics G,A.A,, Band. Armstrong, James: Academic and D.C.E. Freshman Basketball, Track QFreshman and Varsityj, Senior steering committee, Spanish Club, D.C.E. Club. Badger, Deborah Darlene: Business Crescent committee member, BoosterClub, Pep Club, French Club, Sunshine Society, F.T.A., D.C.E. Club. Baker, Anthony Lee: General Booster Club, Choir, Junior and Senior plays, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Key Club. Ball, Joyce Ann: Business and D.C.E. Pep Club, Student Council, Art Club, D.C.E. Club. Ballentine, William: General Lettermen's Club, Varsity Wrestling team, Junior Play, F.F.A. Balser, Garl Dean: General Basketball fFreshman and Varsityl, Baseball, Varsity Track, Cross Country, E lVlen's, Spanish Club. Bambrough, Donna Jean: Academic Band, Junior Play, Latin Club. Bannon, Reed: Business Crescent committee member, Spanish Club, F.T.A. Baxter, Jeanie: General Booster Club, French Club, Megaphone. Beasley, Gary: Academic Basketball fFreshman, B-team, and Varsityl, Base- ball, Track fFreshman and Varsityl, Football fFresh- man and Varsityl, E-Men's, Spanish Club. Beeman, Harry, D.C.E. Class officer and Junior-SeniorSteeringCommittee, Prom Chairman, National Honor Society, Science Club, D.C.E. Club. Blake, Arleta Jean: Business Majorette, Junior play, French Club, Student Coun- cil. Borst, John: lndustrialArts Bowling team. Bozell, Denny: Industrial Arts and D.C.E. Student Council, D.C.E. Club. Brugger, Randall Lee: Academic Band, Spanish Club, Student Council, Key Club. Brunson, Richard Edward: Academic Football flfreshman and B-teaml, Junior play, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, National Honor So- ciety, Key Club, Megaphone. Burkert, Robert J.: Vocational Agriculture Student Council, F.F.A. Burton, John Robert: Academic Basketball fFreshman, B-team, Varsityj, Baseball, Track fFreshman and Varsityj, Football fFreshman, B-team, and Varsityl, E-Men's. Cabe, Donald: General Crescent photographer, Spanish Club, Student Coun- cil. Cain, Judith Ann: General Booster Club, Pep Club, Gymnastics Club, Sunshine Society. Cannon, W. Patrick, Jr.: Academic Index gf the Basketball fFreshman, B-team, and Varsityl, Cross Country, E-Men's, Class Officer, Junior and Senior Steering Committee, Junior play, Prom Chairman, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Coun- cil, National Honor Society, Megaphone. Carroll, Terry Glen: IndustrialArts Projectionist. Castor, William M.: Vocational Machine Castro, Linda Diann: General BoosterClub, G.A .A., Spanish Club, Latin Club, Sun- shine Society. Clapper, Marilyn Janeen: Academic Crescent committee member, Band, Spanish Club, Latin Club. Clark, Craig T.: Academic Student Council. Clark, Garry: General Clark, Jane A.: Business Majorette, HeadMajorette, Senior play, French Club, Student Council, Megaphone. Cloud, Carolyn Sue: General Business Pep Club, Glee Club. Coffin, Jeffrey A.: Crescent committee member, Football flfreshman and B-teaml manager, E-Men's, Choir, Junior and Seniorplays, Prom Chairman, Latin Club, Thespians, Debate, Student Council, Key Club, Megaphone. Colcord, Kathryn: Academic Crescent, Crescent Business Manager, Band, Sax En- semble, Junior and Senior play, Spanish Club, Thes- pians, Student Council, National Honor Society, Sun- shine Society, Science Club. Conner, Cynthia Pearl: Secretarial Course Crescent committee member, Booster Club, Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Court, Glee Club, French Club, Student Council. Cornwell, Rebecca Elaine: Business fSecretarialj Pep Club, Glee Club, Hai-monetts, National Honor Society, Sunshine Society. Cotton, David W.: Academic Basketball fFreshman and B-teamy, Football fFresh- manj, Class Officer, Junior and Senior steering com- mittee, Junior and Senior plays, Latin Club, Thes- pians, Student Council, Science Club, Key Club, Megaphone. Courtney, Susan: Home Economics BoosterClub, Pep Club, Junior Play, Student Council, Megaphone. Creamer, Keith: Vocational Machine Shop Crouch, Larry: Academic Crull, Carol Jean: Academic Glee Club, Latin Club, Sunshine Society. Curtis, Janis Kay: Academic Pep Club, Pep Committee, Majorette, Junior and Senior Plays, French Club, Thespians, National Honor Society, Science Club, Megaphone. Davis, Letha: Business QSecretarialj Latin Club, Student Council. Davis, Sue Ann: General Booster Club, Pep Club, Student Council, Sunshine Society, Spanish Club. DeBethune, Robert Louis: Technical Deck, David L.: D.C.E. Projectionists, F.F.A., D.C.E. Dever, Diana L.: Home Economics Booster Club, Pep Club, Small Vocal Group. Dickey, Dianne Elizabeth: D.C.E. Pep Club, G.A.A., Band, Spanish Club, Sunshine So- ciety, D.C.E, Club. Drake, Gregory Lee: Academic Cross Country, Golf, Band, Latin Club. Class Qf1955 Dye, Wanda Marie: Business fAccountingj Booster Club, Pep Club, Sunshine Society, Mega- phone, Tri-Hi-Y. Edelen, Karen Louise: Business fGeneral Option, French Club, Sunshine Society. Edwards, Carol June: General Business French Club, Sunshine Society. Edwards, Dana: D.C.E. Band, Dixieland, Varsitonians, Choir, Junior Play, French Club, Spanish Club, Key Club. Elkins, Perry Eugene: Technical Elledge, Peggy: Secretarial and D.C.E. Booster Club, Pep Club, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, D.C.E. Club. Elliott, Linda Pauline: Business Junior play, D.C.E. Club. Faulstich, Michael: Industrial Arts Booster Club. Foley, Lois Faye: Academic Crescent, Section Editor, Pep Club, Choir, Junior and Senior plays, Latin Club, F.T.A. Foist, Dorothy Hewit: Academic Cheerleader fFreshman and Varsityl, Booster Club, Pep Club, Gymnastics Club, Band, Choir, Junior and Senior plays, Prom Committee, French Club, Latin Club, Science Club, Art Club. Fortson, Ann O'Brien: Academic Crescent, Co-Editor, committee member, Home- coming Queen Court, Advanced Choir, Class officer, Junior and Senior Steering Committee, Senior play, Prom Chairman, French Club, Latin Club, Thespians, Student Coimcil, National Honor Society, Science Club, Megaphone. Franklin, Kenneth: General Baseball, Football fFreshman, B-team, and Varsityj, E-Men's, Gymnastic Club. Frye, William Barrett: Academic Booster Club, Class officer, Student Council, Na- tional Honor Society. Garner, Marcia: General Business Booster Club, Pep Club. Garner, Suzanne: General Booster Club, Sunshine Society. Gibson, Larry L.: Business Basketballflfreshmanj, Baseball, Varsity track, ,Fresh- man football, Ushers, Gymnastics Club, French Club, Projectionist, Art Club. Gilbert, Gary Leroy: Business fAccountingj Crescent committee member, Band, Senior steering committee, Spanish Club, Student Council, Mega- phone. Gillam, Virginia Kay: Business fGeneral Optionj Band. Graham, Candace: General F.T.A. Graham, Jane: Business fGeneral Optionj Booster Club, Pep Club. Graham, Richard A.: Vocational Machine Shop Booster Club, Junior play, Student Council, D.C.E. Green, Robert Wells: Industrial Arts, DCE Usher, Projectionist, Art Club. Groover, Richard: Technical Freshman Basketball, B-Team Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Freshm an F ootball,Varsity Foot- ball, E-Men's. Grose, Jerry R.: Industrial Arts Cross Country Hamilton, Paul: General Hankley, MichaelW.: Academic Freshman Basketball, Baseball, Track fFreshman, Varsityl, Cross Country B-Team Football, Pep Com- mittee, E-Men's, Spanish Club. Heater, Larry M.: General Business Heflin, David: Industrial Arts. l-levron, Gracelee: Business Booster Club, Pep Club, Homecoming Court, Band, Majorette, Steering Committee. Hicks, Michael Dwayne: Business Basketball fFreshman., B-Teamj, Baseball, Freshman Track, Choir, Student Council. Hinds, Robert F.: Technical Booster Club, Senior Play Cast. Hinshaw, Larry: Academic French Club. Hobbs, Joyce: Business French Club, Sunshine Society, Megaphone. Hobson, John P.: Academic Junior Play Cast. Hocker, Thomas Robert: Technical Band Captain, Band, Varsitonian and Saxophone En- semble, Senior Play Cast. Hood, David C.: Technical, Academic Crescent photographer. Holloway, Linda fHuffmanJ: Business Choir, Sunshine Society. Horseman, Phyllis: Business, DCE Booster Club, Latin Club, DCE Club. House, Jerry: Academic Track Qlfreshman, Varsityj, Football fFreshman, Var- sityj, Spanish Club, Latin Club. Humphrey, Charles W.: Business Education Hunt, Candace Joy: Academic Band, French Club, Spanish Club. lngle, Judy Ann: Business Tri-Hi-Y, Home Economics Club. Jackson, JanM.: General Booster Club, G.A,A, Jackson, Michael D.: Business Jackson, Rosemary: Academic GAA., Band, Spanish Club. Jackson, Virginia: Academic Booster Club, Pep Club, Crescent, Committee mem- and Section Editor, Junior and Senior plays, Latin Club, Thespians, Debate, Sunshine Society, D.C.E. Jackson, Walter: General Gymnastics Club, French Club. Jarrell, Chester: Vocational Agriculture Projectionist, F.F.A. Jones, David: General Latin Club. Julius, Michael: Academic Crescent committee member, B-team Football, Jun- ior and Senior steering committees, Latin Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Science Club. Justice, Linda Lee: Secretarial Choir, Safaris, Advanced choir, Junior and Senior steering committees, Junior and Senior plays, French Club, Thespians. Kane, Charles R.: Academic Basketball fFreshman, B-team, andVarsityj Manager, Track, Bowling, Football fFreshman, B-team, and Varsityj, E-Men's. Kantner, Michael G.: Industrial arts Freshgman football, Booster Club, Senior steering committee, Spanish Club. Kapper, Paul A.: Vocational Machine Shop Freshman track, Freshman football, Latin Club. Kelley, Colleen: Kennedy, Michele Frances: Academic Crescent committee member, Booster Club, Pep Club, Choir, Junior and Senior plays, Latin Club, Sunshine Society, Science Club, F.T.A, Kincaid, David: Academic Cross Country, Golf, Bowling Team, E-Men's, Gym- nastics Club, Band, Small Instrumental Groups, Jun- ior play, Spanish Club, Key Club. Kintzel, Mavis: Academic Crescent Section Editor and committee member, Band, Junior and Senior plays, Prom Committee member, Latin Club, Thespians, National Honor So- ciety, Science Club, Megaphone. Kleinbub, Michael Kent: Academic Basketball fFreshman and B-teamj, Track fFreshman and Varsityj, Football fFresh.man, B-team, and Var- sityj, E-Men's, Senior play, Spanish Club, Student Council, Key Club. Kleyla, John: Industrial Arts Basketball QFreshman and B-teamj, Cross Country, Junior play, Projectionist. Kleyla, Karen Anita: General Booster Club, Pep Club. Knick, Lana: General Business Booster Club, Pep Club. Knutsson-Hall, Karin: General Band, Senior steering committee, French Club, Stu- dent Council. Lambert, Randy D.: lndustrialArts Cross Country. Lang, Larry J.: Technical Booster Club, Junior play, Latin Club, Thespians, Science Club, Key Club, Megaphone. Langford, Annette: Academic Crescent Section Editor and committee member, Booster Club, Pep Club, Choir, Glee Club, Advanced Choir, Safaris Elwootones, French Club, Thespians, Debate, Student Council, Sunshine Society, Mega- phone. Latshaw, Sharon Sue: Academic Crescent committee member, Band, Saxophone En- semble, Latin Club, Sunshine Society. Leavell, John R.: Industrial Arts Basketball fFreshman, B-team, and Varsityi, Base- ball, Track QFreshman and Varsityj, Football fFresh- man., B-team, and Varsityi, E-Men's. Lee, Patricia: Business French Club. Lee, Terry D.: Academic Band, Spanish Club. Leisure, Claudia Sue: Home Economics Majorette. Leisure, Ramona Sue: General Business Booster Club. Lewis, David: Academic Freshman basketball, Baseball, Varsity track, Foot- ball fFreshman and Varsityj, Booster Club, E-Men's, Spanish Club. Long, Barbara Jannett: Business Longnecker, Robert: Industrial Arts Track fFreshman and Varsityj. McCord, Marshall S.: Business and Drafting McCorkle, Treva: General Business Booster Club, Pep Club. McGuire, Larry: Business Crescent, Tennis, French Club, Student Council. Maley, Diana Lynne: Business Cheerleader fFreshman, Varsityj, Pep Committee, Choir, Latin Club, Student Council, Science Club, D.C.E. Club. Marcuson, Leslie: Academic Track fFreshman, Varsityj, Football fFreshman, B- Team, Varsityj, E-Men's, Spanish Club, Key Club. Martin, Judith: Booster Club, G.A.A. Mayfield, Nancy Kay: Academic Band, Saxophone Ensemble, Latin Club, Student Council, Thespians, Sunshine Society. Meyer, Michael J.: Vocational Agriculture Freshman Football, F.F.A. Meyer, William R.: Industrial Arts Projectionist. Miller, John: General Varsity Football, Projectionist. Moore, Danny: General Business Moore, Pam: General Business G.A.A. Mountcastle, Zara: Business Pep Club, G.A.A., Glee Club. Murphy, David: Industrial Arts Mutt, Kathleen Sue: Secretarial Business Band, Band Librarian, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Senior PlayCast, Prom Committee, French Club, Student Council, Sunshine Society. Myers, Janet: Home Economics G.A.A., Choir, Glee Club, Concessions Club. O'Bryan, Kenneth: General Odom, Thomas W.: Industrial Arts Oldag, Martha: Academic CheerleaderfFresh.man, B-Team, Varsityj, Pep Com- mittee, Homecoming Queen Court, Class Treasurer fJunior andSeniorl, Steering Committee, Latin Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Science Club. Parker, C. Lawrence: Academic Golf, Temiis, Band, Band Board, Varsitonians, Dixie- land Ensemble, Sophomore Class treasurer, Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Prom Chairman, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Sci- ence Club, Megaphone. Parker, Jack Emmerson: Industrial Arts Cross Country. Parker, Michael D.: Industrial Arts Varsity Football. Parry, Stephen K.: Academic Steering Committee, LatinClub, National Honor So- ciety, Key Club. Pedro, Kathleen: Academic, D.C.E. Crescent Committee, Majorette fAssistant Headj, Junior and Senior Play Cast, Latin Club, D.C.E. Club, Band Board. Perkins, Michael: General Spanish Club. Phelps, Barbra Lee: Business Crescent, G.A.A. Band, Sunshine Society. Piirto, Janet Marlene: Academic Crescent, Booster Club, Choir, Glee Club, Latin Club, Thespians, Sunshine Society, Science Club, Megaphone. Pike, Carol: Business Booster Club, GAA. Concessions Club, Glee Club, French Club. Porter, Richard K.: Business Band, Pep Band. Preston, James: Industrial Arts Band. Pullen, Victoria Dearie: Home Economics Pep Club, G.A.A., Concessions Club. Puterbaugh, John Weldon: Technical Crescent Committee, Freshman Basketball, Baseball, Track fFreshn1an, Varsityj, Football fFreshman., Var- sityj, Booster Club, Pep Committee, E-Men's, Senior Play, Student Council Key Club. Reese, Robert C.: Industrial Arts Reynolds, Cindy: General Band, Junior and Senior Play, Prom Committee Chairman, Latin Club, Student Council. Rich, Gilda Elaine: Secretarial, D.C.E. Choir, Safaris, Advanced Choir, Spanish Club, D.C.E. Rickabaugh, Bruce R.: Academic Freshman Track, Cross Country, Football QFresh- man, B-Team, Varsityj, Choir, Key Club. Rittenhouse, James: Industrial Arts Robinson, Deborah: Business fSecretarial Optionj Booster Club, Glee Club, I-Iarmonettes, French Club, D.C.E. Robinson, Lyle: General Basketball fFresh.man, B-Team, Varsityj, Baseball, Track fFreshman, Varsityj, Football fFreshman, Var- sityj, E-Men's, D.C.E. Rose, Sandra: D.C.E. French Club, Megaphone, D.C.E. Club. Rudig, Dean Arthur: Industrial Arts Cross Country, Varsity Football. Runyan, Nina Kay: Academic Crescent Co-editor, Crescent Staff, Pep Club, Pep Committee, Advanced Choir, SeniorClass Secretary, Senior Steering Committee, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Prom Committee Chairman, French Club, Thespians, Student Council, National Honor Society. Satchwill, Charles N.: Academic Band, Latin Club, Science Club. Savage, Daniel J.: Business Scott, Sharon: Business Pep Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Sunshine So- ciety. Sexton, Lee Guy: IndustrialArts Shaw, Gary Alan: General Booster Club, Gymnastics, Choir, Elwoorones, Satel- lites, AdvancedChoir, Junior PlayCast, Projectionist, Art Club. Shiffler, Robert: Academic Latin Club, Key Club. Shinkle, Lester Edward: General Baseball, B-Team Basketball, and Varsity Football Manager, Art Club. Short, Susan, M.: Academic Band, Latin Club. Simmons, Ronald: Industrial Arts Skinner, Stephen K.: Industrial Arts Smith, Carolyn Ann: Home Economics Smith, Janice Arlene: Academic Crescent, Band, Woodwind Ensemble, Junior and Senior Play Cast, French Club, SpanishClub, National Honor Society, Sunshine Society, Megaphone, F.T.A, Smith, Ronald Lee: Industrial Arts Key Club. Southern, Rodger Kent: Academic Steering Committee, Junior and Senior Play Cast, French Club. Sparks, Leeann: Business Booster Club, Pep Club, French Club. Stamper, Sherry Charlene: Business, D.C.E. D.C.E. Club. Starkey, Jeffrey: Academic Band, Junior Play Cast, French Club. Stephens, Larry: Industrial Arts Basketball fFresh.man, B-Team,, Freshman Track, Choir. Stewart, Leland S.: Business Usher Stiner, Gail Ann: Business Band, Majorette, Steering Committee, French Club, Student Council, D.C.E. Tam, Kevin: Academic BasketballfFreshman, B-Team, Varsityj, Cross Coun- try, Golf, Football fFreshman, B-Team, Varsityj, E- Men's Junior and Senior Play Cast, Prom Chairman, French Club, Latin Club, Science Club, Key Club, Megaphone. Tatum, Rose Marie: Business Crescent Committee, Band, Spanish Club, Sunshine Society. Taylor, Sheryl Lynn: Business Crescent Committee, Cheerleader IB-Team, Var- sityj, Booster Club, Pep Committee, Junior and Sen- ior Class Play Cast, Latin Club, Student Council. Thompson, Jerry Wayne: Industrial Arts Tolle, Michael Edgar: Technical Basketball fFreshman, B-Team, Varsityj, Baseball, Football fFresh.man, B-Team, Varsityj, E-Men's, Steering Committee, Prom Committee Chairman, National Honor Society. Tomlinson, Kathy Jo: Business Tucker, Martha Ellen: Business Crescent, Pep Club. VanBlair, Sandra: Academic Booster Club, G.A,A., Band, Majorette, Dance Band, Glee Club, Junior Play Cast, Prom, French Club, Latin Club, Art Club, School Paper. VanNess, Timothy Wayne: Industrial Arts Choir, Junior Play Cast, Student Council. Vautaw, Julie Dee: Academic Band, French Club, Latin Club. Vice, Jimmie: Industrial Arts Football fFreshman, B-Team, Varsityj. Vickery, Gerald Barton: Academic Tennis, Band, Varsitonians, Steering Committee, French Club. Walkup, Cathie Elaine: General Senior Play Cast, Spanish Club, Thespians, F.T.A. Wellnitz, Craig O.: Academic Band, Band Board, Varsitonians Combo, Junior and Senior Play Cast, Prom Committee Chairman, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Science Club. Wells, Terrance L.: Industrial Arts Cross Country. Wesley, Sylvia Kay: Business BoosterClub, G.A.A. Glee Club, Harmonettes, French Club. Whetstone, James Kent: Vocational Agriculture Basketball fFreshman, B-Team,, Freshman Track, Cross Country, Student Council, F.F.A. Whitaker, Terry E.: Business Wilbourn, Sherry Lynn: Business Pep Club, D.C.E. Club. Wilhoit, Jorja Lee: Business G.A.A., Choir, Glee Club, Harmonettes. Wilhoit, Lucinda: Business Booster Club. Wingrove, Margaret Elsie: Academic Crescent SectionEditor, Crescent Committee, Home- coming Queen, Band, Woodwind Ensemble, Sopho- more Class Secretary, Junior and Senior Play Cast, French Club, LatinClub, Thespians, Student Council, National Honor Society, Science Club, Megaphone. Wisler, Rick: Technical Wittkamper, Tonda Lee: Academic Crescent Section Editor, Crescent Committee, Band, Latin Club, National Honor Society, F.T.A. Wolff, Katina: Business Pep Club, Sophomore Class Vice-president, French Club. Yates, Loretta: Business, D.C.E. Booster Club, GAA., Glee Club, Sunshine Society. Young, Robert Eugene: V.M.S. Advertising, a field of communication and its many divisions, is very large and is constantly grow- ing, By communication is meant the transference of thoughts and of information from person to person, Underlying, as it does, all human cooperation, it has an importance which can scarcely be exaggerated. The initial step and unquestionably the most impor- tant in making possible an unimpeded exchange of ideas awas the invention of written language andthe advance of our present economic status , In our ad- vertising we express our Wants for a free and capi- talistic nation, As a nation of freedom We will con- tinue to communicate and advertise for the advance- ment of our future security. Elwood's business and industrial leaders are al- ways willing to help in the many activities and the un- dertakings of Willkie High School and its students , v iswvsfifiifisffkisfwni :vim 15,7 ig7,'mgf,: ,fm ,,-ifP?wsf'fzf2ii":ai'5wi m?3M'wn.-- Qwwf,,'mzge,gf1Q1,w1.- 'mzfwzp wfwiifvw asingieggytsjgareigfg,eagygAQ?:gHzi?YgF3,,sfw2e,lggzmi .naw Z'-3 fa: 'Ht .wil z--i eat War: ,ww 1' :3g..,V,fP:sz,- 2, ,Ni w..fw.,.P, g,a,5,,m-W faffessgma,fw,ffa, -f:,faM,,,1g,k,,,g ,g,4f.,-g- , , tm , Ql.,., ,W -ix, Z. wig, ..,k,, . 2-sw, 'itrfaef32fyffl213:91amflsifgmif91Q?5'5Ff1fPzif:s1immg, Szaimw w4,Qiv.,,' win, w,m,fm-L2wsfm.fP,w ww 1, .,t,i. 5181-ffffri yfffm,-wr x -41515-fftlf -,-f'fe:f?f21-sm ':if?Vf?fs:--,'.Jf-miazxfwm g,eEi,,i,fQ:P,,,fg5Qm,fszgelgyf.i.t,'.fQ5,zffvyfszggffffgyffiav- m,i.JW,Y,,. .f aa, -va-,.fmzf-sm-ff ,,-Q,-,121 -,ez-,fzagafffyit'Qf-,wi ffw,i1fm,f8f,a4,'ei,z',fff,:ai,,ff2z'-fly, ff2,f.,a:f,uf,,,fa,y H--,Mig -Q Q-,Hx-w,ufea,,,i,-W wp,-,ma mm,-Vw, fyQ,fg,m i., a,i,,,,q3i.R, 2, ip. sNg5,z52M,2,3- W3,ifi5g'9,m,, if, ,,, "HfSi21.3'34 'Whit' i!46f'?4fYz'5?4?f Wffreni-P'f1S5Plz -iY'ffq,'LP1 ,- 1.JfawK4g,'v:, fgal--. :-,fQf5,fsa,g,1.ip273.iaf w,.,a,w,,w,..:X,.,if,--M,f,,P,,a,,.,g.m- ,-, Vf.: iff: .ut ,mf -wifi -. z,g..W1,nq,f - ,mg iw ,.,,i,2S,,, 3,.mi,,i,, i,.g,ii,. ,, in it,ws.,,, A qw,-wt.,,,.z,..1i.yz-.Mwe,1wmu,.-y.aQ-wigguwp --.' ffii 1 -fii -,'. 4:U,1l.:,.i,,,K.,,1w1. ,iw ls.s,.5,s,fgsmffsx-fis,'-si,f:f W . ..,,, g. sl, A... 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XR ww at , ,, .tra if t ,f vt i,qvfk-wan:MW-f12'f:c'ffxhm, Maanispw .vfgiofatMaewjffvfa-Qffw x A yi to e at x .t 1? JW9337 WAS . it Q .u new Mfww-agffctarf ' ff a ,W was mga,-awww -wx we X e apry.,iwQa,w,?-wiifizfs ig-Q UQ, 2 tot am, an-.W ,ww w wie TQ. 95? E-XWQ X423 YS '4i692il5QQK435Q' K ' QQEQX cafxavwszxi emma X: we ,makmzia-Qfzfggikd' X990 fall, ARMY o3fS??x5f?tm2Q???L54f. ya QCA tw one way may wa-'vs fx kv-Sw mv ,d,p,wk W2 .M www ,gum ,fwyf V A ,gy W Xwm-.Zia-xyfff -we35Q,i+ggygf:5-wwQfc9vQ,v CONTIENTAL CAN COMPANY Has the Right Package for You MANUFACTURING JEWELERS Multiple Inspection is Required on All Our Jewelry Now--Here in Elwood are Made the Most Beautiful Class Rings in America Guaranteed Quality Local Service Factory to You Prices .I. LEWIS SMALL CO., INC. 2I4 South I6tIn Elwood, Indiana is 'N 1-"grass . Y - Q 1 V PM , 4. 5 , -. r 4. -. J- v -1 tml.. '-cz.-f ' -. .I I ,fa 7 - Jr ,,, L- saga ' 'lgrgif' I-P9117 ' '. iq.- 1 . I - .1 .J -, -'tv nf ". A . 1-. 1.3, 1g A -,JL i--Z I: 'N ..,. :ual w I "' -'K :'5f"i42- S 'f' SQ ' 4'5" " s'r"9fQS9r5?" ,- - ' ' z . 1 -- ' 3 , YY , -' . .. ,...s 'I' ' - Q - r S --M, - . 4.1 ' ' is vii "1?f'fsT'l 'S R '- ' Qi .iuxxxxxxxx Wlxxxxw xg' lj' ' 'F-I X- V Li I 1 ,l,-,f.J'diLklA!.Q!il1E of mL4mM.1fi' Tel I Z, I liflijsg gh RX W. I 1 1 I , 3 Fw? NN 1 em 2' .j H A K -T.,,, 2,g,g: f' M N I ' -:J :Zi ,,. ,V ,T , - V X fviig, V fi, ,. i , JA 11-Ipu1:uuln:uuu-qpx Y K ' ,h-', ag- X h 1. .ls C, ,- tai R I or Xgss" ss--J--, ' M .Is - 'sl fkxi X I , .5 5 5 5 l lx . . I mfg- as -C A . I The relaxing comtort of a Ventoura mobile home is always assured . I--',,' , if L F , si SMC?-? 2 QMQ coRPoRATloN Ei.wooD, IND. R. L. LEESGN 81 SONS Ladies Ready to Wear Congratulations to the Class of '65 CRIMANS INSURANCE AGENCY I3OI Main Elwood, Indiana BLAIR FLORIST 8. GREENHOUSES "Artistry in FIowers" State Road 28 East Elwood, Incl.--Phone FE 2-3523 Congratulations to the Class of '65 ZERB'S FE 2-3381 2OI So. Anderson Elwood, Indiana Family Shoe Store AL'S 66 SERVICE Congratulations to the Class of '65 FE 2-9025 Elwood, Indiana CITY CREAMERY Congratulations to the Class of '65 FE 2-380I 500 No. I8th St. Elwood, Indiana Congratulations, Class of I965 KLUMPP WALLPAPER 81 PAINT Phone FE 2-2242 I533 South A St. Elwood, Indiana and its you upon your graduation and offer their sincere best wishes for every success in the coming years. , INDIANA 9 Mlcl-IIGAN M ELECTRIC COMPANY AUTO ELECTRONICS, INC. 948 North I9th St. Elwood, Indiana Flowers For AII Occasions GOLDSBERRY' S FLOWER SHOP Flowers--the Added Touch of Perfection Phone Elwood FE 2-22I4 JACK'S HIGHWAY BAKERY FE 2-6554 2034 Main St. Elwood, Ind. Best Wishes to the Class ot '65 WASH HOUSE LAUNDROMAT Self-Service Laundry and Dry Cleaning I06 Main St. Elwood, Ind Jack Disher is accurate with measurements when filling prescriptions. Best Wishes to the Class at '65 TAM'S REXALL DRUGS There's o "one and only" in refreshment, too . f VW P Q'-,U,f" .v-ffg Q7 -X 5 , 1 ' E Q WL O UI E ,4,.-wf0Wf fm Y E j BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COM Coco-Colo Bottling Co. of Elwood, Inc Elwood's Newest--and Largesf Financial lnsfifufion Savings Insured up fo 510,000 ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS Loans fo: Savings Earn Buy 4? per Annum Main ar Anderson Build Compounded Phone FE 2-5055 Repair Semi-annually "Where Thousands Save Millions .Knew I Dixie is always along to add pleasure to the Marathon services. G. L. MOSBAUGH Distributor of Marathon Petroleum Products--Furnace Service Insured Heating Oil Budget Plan Automatic Delivery Service I5i-4 South I Street All Products Metered Elwood, Indiana Compliments of MADISON COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP ELWOOD BRANCH State Road 28 East Dealers in Farm Supplies Compliments of CHASE MOTORS 5I7 North Anderson Elwood BOURFF'S FURNITURE STORE IO2 Main Street FE 2-2255 Elwood, Indiana Congratulations CITY FISH 8g POULTRY MARKET T419 Main FE 2-5482 A Good Line of Toys GRINNELL'S TOY STORE One Mile East of Elwood CANNON PRCDUCTS INCORP Manufacturers of Lighting Products for Homes, Offices, Colleges and Institutions Elwood, Indiana KING'S STANDARD SERVICE 24 Hour Service Phone FE 2-9015 Junction 13 81 37 Elwood, Indiana RlEGEL's COMPLETE GLASS PENNEYIS Retail Store FE 2-5561 Table Tops Mirrors Catalog Center FE 2-5051 Auto Glass Store Fronts Manufacturers of 215-126 Anderson St. Alumnium Storm Doors 8c Windows Elwood, Indiana Guaranteed Mufflers Installed Free Highway 28 E. FE 2-3703 mf, X X X 541 ' Q 7 ' f , AA,L ,, ,g ft: f li s ' . w aE15',,l75i 1235 ' K YMZTQSQ5-lfib if rf , , rl ggvwiffzvfif, ze fiikf is ' ,M mg, Congratulations Class of i965 Here's Hoping That Your Fondest Ambitions Are Realized and as You Progress Through the Trials and Tribulations of Life, May Health and Happiness Be Your Constant Companions. Jack and George Mangas MAN GAS CAFETERIA AND ANNEX Main and Anderson Streets Elwood, Indiana Compliments of EAST SIDE PARTS Wholesale Automotive Parts Elwood, Indiana State Road 28 East HINSHAW'S DRUG STORE First of All a Drug Store Fast Lunch Service KOTA MIDWEST, INC. Box 37--FE 2-7324 I3th Street PACE'S PLUMBING, HEATING, SHEET METAL Phone FE 2-2332 Res. FE 2-6875 3I6 S. Anderson St. Elwood, Ind. AIRPORT SHELL SERVICE Junction Roads 37 8x I3 Ralph Doan, Manager Elwood, Indiana FE 2-9092 Compliments of INDIANA BELL TELEPHONE CO., INC. I527 No. A St. Elwood, Indiana Elwood Indiana LOVE' S FLORAL SERVICE Remember Us at Prom Time! Willkie Students Randy Lambert, Ed Alley, and Dan Hinds smile as friendly Frances Fisher deposits their money for them. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK 0F ELWOOD The Only National Bank in Madison County i506 South A Street Elwood, Indiana Phone FE 2-7336 Congratulations to the Class of '65 DAIRY QUEEN I I St. Rd. I3 Elwood, Indiana HOME LUMBER COMPANY I9II So. B St. Elwood, Ind. FE 2-682i Arthur E. Bell John M. Rutledge WELLS LANES Billiard Room Snack Bar 20 AMF Pinspotters St. Rd. 37 Elwood, Indiana Compliments of COPHER AND FESLER 415 So. Anderson Elwood, Indiana CALLAWAY'S STANDARD SERVICE Gasoline--OiIs--Accessories 301 Anderson Sf. Elwood, Indiana TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOP Elwood, Indiana FE 2-6272 4I2 So. Anderson Compliments of G. C. MURPHY CO. Insurance of All Kinds ORBAUGH 8m SONS i504 Norfh D ST. Elwood, Indiana FE 2-3344 Comp I imenfs of FETTIG CANNING COMPANY RQY SMITH APPLIANCES G . E . --Speed Queen--Maytag Hoover--Eureka Good Luck Seniors Elwood, Indiana FE 2-6772 Elwood, Indiana STAFFORD'S BODY SHOP HARRY KNOTTS Paul and Don Stafford INSURANCE SERVICE FE 2-9314 County Line Road FE 2-7191 Compliments from "DOOLEYVILLE" R. L. DOOLEY CONST. CO., INC. Phone 2-3181 Elwood Plaza Bill Daleure, Owner BILL'S DRIVE-IN AND RESTAURANT Good Luck Class of '65 405 North Anderson St., Elwood, Inc Phone FE 2-9014 STEVENS SPRING CO., INC. Manufacturers of Box Sofa and lnnerspring Construction 201 North 28th Elwood, Indiqnq R. C. MCDANIEL Dry Goods Cloth ing Foot Wear Congratulations WRIGHT CEMENT WORKS 300 South 18th Street Congratulations to the Class of '65 LEE'S MARATHON SERVICE 1437 South A Street FE 2-3889 or FE 2-2191 Elwood, Indiana MCGUIRE TYPEWRITER CO. Smith Corona Products Sales and Service on All Makes 1912 North H St. Elwood, Ind Congratulations to the Congratulations from Class of '65 I VEST CLEANERS FRENCH'S 1516 Main St. FE 2-3131 State Road 13 Elwood, Indiana Elwood, Indiana '1ff+XL-f'v" , S E aff: ' fsfl'fs5 ,,-,xg f.,1sWf. 14 ff 5- W W . wxf. .mai .nk "To be universal, education musi' be free," John Adams said. "The whole people must fake upon Them- selves flfue education of the whole people and be willing 'ro bear The expense of if." Ex-Cell-O Corporation Elwood Indiana Ready to Serve You Congratulations, Seniors We are Celebrating Our 65th Year DEHORITY 81 SON FE 2-7328 Elwood, Ind. Cpposite P.O. FE 2-3344 E CAMERA SHOP Color Headquarters 408 So . Anderson 2-2243 Serve Holsum with Every Meal Baked by E E DlETZEN'S The New Johnson Golden Meteor Compliments of HGUSE Jon-uNsoN's APPAREL SHOP Johnson Sea-Horse Motors Morme Accefsorles Congratulations to the Class of '64 BOPP--TfP"efS REYNOLDS ELECTRIC co. FE 2-5l62 12 Ch A 1823 No. A St. Elwood, Ind. Elwgggfisndizilue Randy Tunis Prepares to Make a Deposit ai' the New Drive-Up Window ai' the Elwood Plaza Branch Bank. "Serving More People Every Day" THE CITIZENS BANK Member of FDIC Phone FE 2-3367 Elwood, Indiana Wallpaper by Paint and Wallpaper See Our line of Imperial Complete Line of Art Materials Wood--Davis Smith-Alsop Paint Prang Birge Products Grumbacher Nancy Warren Weber Costello Marlborough Walter Foster E LWOCD PAINT AN D WALLPAPER I20 South Anderson St. FE 2-2532 Elwood, Indiana Shop at FALVEY'S Where Your Friends Buy Their Clothes Levis--Alligator--Arrow Shirts Curlee--Catalina--Haggar Hickok Belts--Cooper Jockey Jerks Socks Athletic Supplies--Hobbies--Toys-- WOODSIDES Fl-ORAL SHOP Guns--Fishing Tackle n INLAND MARINE SPORTING eooos Flowers For All Gccosions FE 2-6572 1530 Main Street I352 So. D St. Elwood, Indiana The Best Bu Compliments Y ' ' ' of at the WHY ROYAL GARMENT CLEANERS MARTIN BLUMENTHAL, MGR. SUTTER'S Quality Checked Dairy Products FE 2-2422 515 North Anderson St. WICKES LUMBER COMPANY EARL G. RHODES JEWELER You Get More For Less Plumbing--Heating Elwood r Electrical Supplies Alexandria -I-Epi, Building Materials J 43. Natural ability or talent for a given work. 47. In support of. 54. A branch of study concerning the observation and classification of facts If you've correctly filled in the spaces above, you may have already answered "yes" to the question. lt's for sure you're curious. You're a self-starter who takes pleasure in tackling problems. CWe know because you just didlj That gives us something in common. We at Delco-Remy are always solving "puzzles," looking into the unknown for answers that can improve our products. And why not? We're geared for it. Our new Engineering and Research facility in Ander- son provides our problem-probing team with the most completely equipped center of its kind in the world- including an electron microscope that can magnify samples up to 200,000 diameters ...and a spectrograph that enables us to analyze materials for their metallic elements to an accuracy of one part in a million. Maybe you'd like to develop things like electronic ignition systems for cars or control devices for missiles. The challenge is great, of course. But so are the rewards and accomplishments. If you feel at home in Indiana. . .and in a scientific atmosphere, you'll be right at home at Delco-Remy. Look us up after college. We'll keep a couple of prob- lems on ice for you. t93U9l9S '79 '10:l 'LV '9Pn1lldV 'Sl1fU0ll"'l0SJ Delco -Rerny Division of General Motors. Anderson, Indiana Free Save-A -Tape Premiums CQX SUPER MARKET Indiana ELWOOD MONUMENT CO. One Mule East on State Road 28 Markers Monuments Mausoleums Artistic Cemetery Memorials Before Purchasing See Our Display Compliments of HUFFS CARPETS 84 DRAPERIES 2I22 Main FE 2 943i Elwood, Indiana ELWOOD SKELGAS 8. APPLIANCES Bottle Gas Home Cooking Home Heating FE 2-6049 WORTH DELLINGER, AGENCY Auto--Fire--Casualty- Insurance 4I0 So. Anderson St. FE 2 52I2 Elwood, Indiana Best Wishes to the Class of 65 TAFF 8g BAKER FURNITURE I5I8 Main St. Elwood Ind GUIDE LAMP DIVISION General Motors Corporation Guide Lamp Division of General Motors, world's largestmanutacturerof auto- motive lighting equipment, makes many types of lamps for cars, trucks and tractors including the new cornering lamp that lights your way around corners. The division is also a maior producer of castings, plastics, metal stampings and electronic components for automotive assemblies. Guide has 2 million square feet, or 45 acres, under roof in Anderson. Employ- ment is about 6,000. Anderson, Indiana Mr. .Ioe St. Clair Preparing a JOHN W. MOORE Lamp Ornament. Compliments of ST. CLAIR GLASS Chevrolet--Oldsmobile Extend Best Wishes to the Class of '65 I6I6 So. A St. FE 2-7348 408 North 5th St. Elwood, Indiana EIWOOCII Indlonc' Congratulations to the "Seniors of '65" CLARK'S A Friend MORTUARY The Finest People Pass Through Our R. L, LEESQN gt SQNS, CQ. Doors--Our Customers. WAYNE JQNE5 gg SQNS, INC. Your Local Home Owned and Operated Firestone--Westinghouse--Admiral Depl- Slore of QUUHTY and Servlce 322 S. Anderson St. Elwood, Ind. Zol SO- Anderson Congratulations to the "Class of 1965" LUCKY STRIKE LANES In Elwood Plaza FE 2-9075 1965 Crescent A a'vertz'sers Airport Shell Service Al's 66 Service Autoelectronics Bill's Drive -In and Restaurant Blair Florist and Greenhouses Bourff's Furniture Store Callaway's Standard Service Camera Shop Cannon Products Inc . Carter's Super Market Central Indiana Gas Company Chase Motors The Citizens Bank City Creamery City Fish and Poultry Market Clark's Mortuary Coca -Cola Continental Can Company Copher and Fesler Cox Super Market Crimans Insurance Dairy Queen DeHority and Son Delco-Remy Worth Dellinger Agency Dietzen's Bakeries R, L. Dooley Construction Co. East Side Parts Elwood Federal Savings Elwood Monument Co. Elwood Paint and Wallpaper Elwood Skelgas and Appliances EX-Cell-G Corporation Falvey's Fettig Canning Co. First National Bank of Elwood French's Grinnell's Toy Store Goldsberry Flower Shop Guide Lamp Division Hinshaw's Drug Store Home Lumber Company Huff's Carpets and Draperies Indiana Bell Telephone Co. Inland Marine Indiana and Michigan Electric Co jack's Highway Bakery Johnson's Apparel Wayne jones and Sons, Inc. King's Standard Service Klumpp's Wallpaper and Paint Harry Knotts Insurance Service Kota Midwest, Inc. Leathers Boat House Lee's Marathon Service R . L. Leeson and Sons, Inc. Love's Floral Service Lucky Strike Lanes Madison County Farm Bureau Co Mangas Cafeteria and Annex R . C . McDaniel McGuire Typewriter Co. john W. Moore Chevrolet Sales G. L. Mosbaugh G. C. Murphy Co. Orbaugh and Sons Pace's Plumbing Penney's Reynolds Electric Earl G. Rhodes jeweler Riegel's Complete Glass Service Royal Garment Cleaners St. Clair Glass J, Lewis Small Co., Inc. Roy Smith Appliances Stafford's Body Shop Stevens Spring Co., Inc. Sutter's Taff and Baker Furniture Tam's Rexall Drugs Town and Country Beauty Shop Ventoura Corporation Vest Cleaners Wash -House Laundromat Wells Lanes Why Store Wickes Lumber Co. Woodsides Floral Shop Wright Cement Works Zerbe's Ann F ortson CO -EDITORS Nina Runyan Section Editors Academic Album Lois Foley Tonda Wittkamper Activities Athletics Mavis Kintzel Dodi Forst Organizations Margaret Wingrove BUSINESS MANAGER Kathy Colcord Circulation Picture Sales Virginia Jackson Annette Langford PHOTOGRAPHERS Donald Cabe David Hood ADVISOR Mrs. Hilda E, Chapman PHOTOGRAPHY Reid's Studio, Muncie, Indiana PRINTING American Yearbook Company, Hannibal, Missouri YEARBOOK COMPANY ADVISOR Mr. Tom White 160 'I Q27 'C-'ziaiifsriji 2936451145 '24 40 Wiz' f14 " Z Cikzjatav ' C9 ffhfsil X Wy I f 1 7' M W gm by 5 f W1 yy X Q? HW Q ig, 26 ,L Q jjfw a ZW wW l PKN W EQ M by UN we

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