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WENDELL L. WILLKIE HIGH SCHOOL ELWOOD, INDIANA CRESCENT 1962ALL ALONG MAIN Elwood, like many typical American communities, has a main street; and, like most main streets it is lined with churches, homes, and a school . . . Wendell L. Willkie High School. Such is the foundation of a community fathered in the heritage and tradition of "The American Way of Life." From a small farm village in 1852, Elwood has grown to a progressing town of 11, 793. Standing at the corner of Main and Anderson, one can see the ever-increasing patterns - -the squares of modern homes extending their parental influences marking the center of an active and progressive community.ALL AROUND THE TOWN5LLUCCCO .. ' - ■ a □□qin a r Mw m -mFROM 16TH TO 18TH ON MAIN The school, if properly used, can help to mold the character and personality of the individual. Within these walls friendships are formed which last through the years. One learns to cooperate with others as well as to accept responsibility along with failure. Without education we would not be able to communicate with our fellow man. The vocational demands placed upon the individual are higher today than ever before. Thus Willkie High strives to meet these demands. 7Mr. Burton gives his typing class a timed writing. Through counseling with Miss House, J. Burwell and C. Kincaid plan their schedule for their future years at Willkie. 8INTO OUR DAILY ROUTINES There is much to be learned in all of the classes at Willkie. A typical schedule might include English, a foreign language, math, science, social studies, and one of many electives. Not only are there classes in the fall but also there are classes conducted during the summer. These classes are in session long enough for the students to receive credits for one semester. If a person applies himself he can leave EHS with a well-rounded education. Genius at WORK! Anxious students wait for Mrs. Barr to unlock her door after lunch. 9ALL ALONG MAIN AND Driving to school creates a parking problem for B. Bozell. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is a recognized factor at EHS. To compensate for this there are various extra -curricular activities. There is the den on Wednesday, club and organization meetings to be attended, parties to plan and go to, and of course ball games to yell at. One of the newest activities is the Y-Community center where you can dance or play different types of games. All in all a student at EHS has a well-rounded education both academically and socially. The public library is especially handy during the noon hour. Here students catch up on their homework. Up in the air for two points against Sheridan. 10ALL AROUND WILLKIE The Latin, French, and Spanish clubs combine customs for an evening of fun. Interested parents view plans for new school at open house, which is a big event at Willkie. 11The Homecoming court is (1. to r.): Misses Susan Scea; Pauletta Burton; Sue Clouser, 1960 Homecoming Queen; Diana Usfo; Jane Marty; and Mickey Beasley. WITH OUR FIGHTING TEAM AND GORGEOUS QUEEN WE PRESENTED OUR 1961 HOMECOMING Tearfully accepting her crown from Sue Clouser is Miss Pauletta Burton. She is escorted by Gary Burton. A fall brings football season, bright leaves, and roaring chants; it also brings the memorable Homecoming. On September 16, 1961, we all recall our surprising defeat by Alexandria. Although our team was behind, it did not defeat our spirit. During the half-time ceremonies we waited to see whom the Cinderella slipper would fit. Then as our 1960 Homecoming Queen, Miss Sue Clouser, crowned Miss Pauletta Burton 1961 Homecoming Queen, the robe was placed on her shoulders for a year. 12MISS PAULETTA BURTON 1961 HOMECOMING QUEEN 13Always ready to leave when the air got a little thick was Eddie. Watching silently are J. T., Cliff, Velda, Sylvia, Grant, and Mable. CLASS OF ’62 HAD SUCCESS "Stranger in the Night, " a three act comedy-mystery, was presented by the class of '62 on April 13, 1961. The play primarily involved Sylvia Lee, the attrac- Eddie swings Nona around as Mable looks on. tive manager of a hotel gift shop, Mable Crane her business partner, and Grant Terry a newspaper reporter. The story centered around the gift shop where a murder was to take place with the victim's name hidden in one of the gifts. Eventually everything turns out all right with the victim revealed and everything safe and sound. The play was directed by Mrs. Sharp and the student director was Jack Armstrong . PLAY CAST Sylvia Lee--Kathy Oldag Mable Crane--Sue Smith Grant Terry--Meredith Wisler J. T. Rutledge --Wynn Miller Velda Stevens--Pauletta Burton Clifford Newkirk--John Laudeman Nona Pollard--Diane Usfo Eddie Beach--Larry Hocker Rose Jordan--Pat Dooley Sam Fisk--Danny Blake Marcella Bender --Mickey Beasley Sandra King--Ann Walker Student Director--Jack Armstrong Director--Mrs. Sharp Agreement is reached at last between Grant and J. T. with Velda breathing a sigh of relief. 14Confusion continues with Margaret, Miss Booth, Carla, a policeman, Miss Baker, Mr. Barnard, Jeannie, Puff, Dan, Jackie, and Roger. WITH TWO CLASS PLAYS Amid gleaming footlights and the smell of greasepaint, the class of '62 made their second effort at high school dramatics. They very successfully presented "The Perfect Idiot, " a three-act comedy by Eunice and Grant Atkinson. The play was well directed by Mrs. Barr, aided by Sue Smith. Although this was the first play Mrs. Barr had directed at Willkie High, it proved to be a great success. The play centered around a boy genius, who by a bit of bribery started a campaign to make himself the most popular boy in school. The seniors showed a great wealth of talent and thoroughly delighted their audiences with their final high school dramatic presentation. PLAY CAST Meredith Wisler--Dan Tennyson Sharon Lilly--Linda Barnard Larry Hocker--Jackie Tennyson Phil Johnson--Puff Witomski Mickey Beasley--Carla Mell Morris--a policeman Kathy 01dag--Miss Booth Patty Kiefer--Margaret Tennyson Ann Walker--Rhodora John Laudeman--Walter P. Latherby Norma Hardebeck--Jeannie David Haskett--Roger Tennyson Susan Scea--Miss Baker Jack Armstrong--Mr. Bardard Reg Lindsay--Dr. VonBarf Student director--Sue Smith Director --Mrs. Barr Latherby tells Roger how Dan has ruined his show as Dan, Jackie, Rhodora, and Margaret look on.Happy with their catches are S. Ross, R. Tam, and L. Huntsinger as J. Justus and C. Meyer look dumb-founded. HAY AND CORN - SADIE HAWKINS "On your mark!Get set! Go!" This was the battle cry of the senior gals at the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance held on November 22, 1961, in the Panther Den. The chase was on and all the perky fellarswere runnin' wild, up and over the ramps, back and forth on the Den floor and around several bails of hay stacked on the floor. Of course the gals were not far behind, runnin' just as fast as they could to catch their man. The thrill of the evening came when everyone purchased their kissing licenses and at the end of the chase "Marryin' Sam"--alias Kit Frazier--was waitin' at the alter to hitch all the hill-billies. Ears of corn and bails of hay provided a fitting background for the chase, and the refreshments seemed to add to the gaity of the evening, one that the seniors will long remember. Making sure she gets her man is S. Ross as she drags J. Justus to the "alter."One of the larger scenes of the Variety Show was the Indian scene. STIRRING MUSIC BEGAN VARIETY SHOW An array of bubbles and stirring music set the scene for the 1961 Panther Band Variety Show. The show was divided into three main parts: the golden era which took you back to the 1920's, the sounds of America which transported you to various places and the winter wonderland which featured a 25-foot lighted Christmas tree and was the climax to the show. The feature performers were: Mr. Clifford Brugger, Mr. Rex Jenkins, Susan Allen, Robert Doan, the Varsitonions, Dixie-land band, majorettes, and the Panther Band. Ending up the show was the Christmas scene with Mike Wilburn singing a solo.V- Co-chairmen v Pauletta Burton. May 12, 1961, was a night never to be forgotten by the class of 1962. This was the night all their dreams and plans came to life. From an idea, to a drawing, to mass confusion came Bali Hai'. All the hard work seemed a little price to pay for such a beautiful evening. Descending from the deck of a ship, everyone found himself on the misty isle of Bali Hai’. Stars filled the sky; at one end of the island was an erupting volcano and at the other dreamy music drifted out from a quaint hut. Misses Robin T am and THE DREAMY ATMOSPHERE OF Crowning lovely Miss Susan Peters is Ronnie Klein, Junior Class President.Couples take time out to enjoy refreshments in the misty atmosphere of Bali Hai'. BALI HAI’ WILL LONG BE REMEMBERED Refreshments were served by Hawaiian dancers by the side of the sea. The lighting was so exquisite that a person felt he was sitting in the moonlight. Some ventured from the seashore with their refreshments up into a beautiful flower garden lined with roses, and still others found themselves out on the terrace. As everyone present eagerly watched, Miss Susan Peters found herself seated on a lovely throne which was a pink tropical flower resting at the base of the volcano. Yes! To her and the classes of 1961 and 1962 Bali Hai' will always call. Enjoying the evening while being chaperons are Mr. and Mrs. Copeland. 190 R G A N 1 Z A T I O N S(1. to r.) SEATED: S. Smith, J. Laudeman, and V. Wesley. FRONT ROW: D. Sargent, C. Smith, E. Etchison, J. Duffey, P. Butler, S. Marsh, J. Shaw, L. Myers, P. Orbaugh, P. Nance, C. Lewellen, E. Morris, S. Lilly, P. Burton, S. Reynolds, S. Smith, C. Kincaid, F. Inman, J. Rudig, C. Conner. SECOND ROW: S. Clymer, L. Rutledge, C. Stanley, R. Hester, L. Richardson, K. Lee, C. Lewis, K. Beaty, K. Hampton, A. Harris, P. Kiefer, K. Oldag, R. Tam, J. Marty, G. Fortson, P. Burkert, M. Cooper, C. Mitchell, Mrs. Chapman. THIRD ROW: J. Stout, R. Cloud, M Noone, S. Davies, P. Phillips, G. Gardner, S. Courtney, J. Justus, D. Elledge, D. Stewart, N. Wolfe, M. Caldwell, S. Johnston, M. Litsey, M. Houser, K. Ware, P. Smith. FOURTH ROW: S. Ross, S. Klumpp, L. Huntsinger, G. Reynolds, P. Dooley, J. DeLong, K. Thrawl, L. Hocker, M. Morris, D. Alexander, J. Shull, T. Graham, M. Wisler, R. Fowler, J. Kratz, J. Burwell, K. Caldwell, G. Hollingsworth. “MY GOODNESS, - The Crescent staff, editors and section editors have been busy for a year getting this book ready for you. There were deadlines to be met, pictures to be cropped, copy to be written, and a yearbook to be finished. The top three jobs on the yearbook were maintained by Verona Wesley, Editor-in-Chief, Sue Smith, assistant Editor, and John Laudeman, business manager. They did not go into this blindly, because they attended a workshop in the spring and spent two very busy weeks during the past summer at the Journalism Institute at Indiana University. We were also greatly aided by our sponsor, Mrs. Hilda Chapman. This book is a recollection of the many memories of the past year and will be especially precious to the class of 1962. 22"Who Says deadlines are fun?" asks Verona Wesley (editor) and Sue Smith (asst, editor). WE’RE DONE WITH OUR CRESCENT!” The Crescent Staff is shown looking over some of the techniques of producing a yearbook. They are: S. Smith, (underclass album); M. Cooper, (picture sales); Mrs. Chapman, (sponsor); S. Ross, (activities); S. Johnston, (advertisement); K. Smith, (ass. editor); M. Wisler, (organization); J. Shull, (faculty and administration); L. Hocker, (sports); V. Wesley, (editor); R. Tam, (circulation; J. Laudeman, (business manager); and J. Fortson, (senior album). 23OUR MIGHTY PANTHER (1. to r.) K. Kiser, G. Stiner, J. Blake, J. DeLong, J. Marty, L. Welcher, K. Thrawl, M. Buzzard, D. Bozell, R. Tam, S. Johnston, E. Morris, S. Ross, J. Clark, D. Lynas, D. Orbaugh, S. Davies, J. Harting, and K. Gootee.BAND Willkie’s Panther Band has increased greatly in size this year. One of the happiest events of the year for the band was winning fifth place at the State Fair Contest. They also gave their annual Variety show, Christmas program, and played at home sports events. The band is under direction of Clifford Brugger, and Rex Jenkins, assisted by Danny Blake, band captain, Glenn Underwood, lieutenant, Robin Tam, head majorette, and Jane Marty, assistant-head majorette. (L. to r.) J. DeLong (Feature twirler), R. Tam (Head Majorette), D. Blake (Band Captain), and D. Orbaugh (Feature Twirler).(1. to r.) A. Harris, L. Saxton, P. Orgaugh, and S. Klumpp (at piano). INDIVIDUAL MUSIC GROUPS FRONT ROW: W. Miller, D. Edwards, J. Laub, Mr. Brugger, T. Lee, and T. Hocker. BACK ROW: T. Knauer, G. Underwood, L. Himelick, J. Laudeman, R. Brugger, J. Baker and L. Parker. 26(1. to r.) D. Blake, D. Edwards, W. Miller, J. Baker, J. Laudeman, G. Underwood, and Mr. Jenkins. ADD VARIETY TO E.H.S. The Honey-Do's, a new girls' trio was formed this year by four junior girls, Anne Harris, LaDonna Saxton, and Pam Orbaugh, with Susan Klumpp as their accompanist. They became very active and were very much in demand throughout the year. Besides entertaining for school events such as the Christmas programs and between acts for class plays, they were featured in the Variety Show and did many programs for PTA groups, organizations, and clubs. Also, they have given programs for many organizations outside of Elwood. These girls hope to continue their group into next year. Willkie's dance band, the Varsitonians, was active this year especially around the time for spring proms. They were also a part of the Variety Show. They are under the direction of Mr. Clifford Brugger, who plays saxophone with the Varsitonians. Another part of the music department and one which is especially liked by teenagers is the Dixieland. If Dixieland music is what you like this is the place to find it. They have played for outside functions as well as school functions such as between acts of the class plays. They are under the direction of Mr. Rex Jenkins, who plays clarinet with the organization. 27FRONT ROW: Mr. Stites, D. Sargent, B. Chase, Norma Hardebeck, Nancy Hardebeck, D. Pratt, A. Simons, T. Harting, G. Hollingsworth, S. Johnston, J. Plummer, L. Foley, S. Hoover, and M. Swift (seated). SECOND ROW: A. Darrow, R. Kincaid, K. Hancher, A. Hughes, C. Merida, K. Frazier, G. Shaw, D. Stewart, D. Green, P. Orbaugh, J. Rudig, and M. Benedict. THIRD ROW: M. Kennedy, L. Justus, P. Downey, G. Rich, T. Havens, E. Harney, D. Alexander, M. Wisler, A. Harris, P. Bishop, and C. Mitchell. THIRD ROW: J. Clouser, C. Coverdale, L. Myers, C. Kelly, S. Knopp, D. Haskett, J. Adams, S. Hurst, and J. Shull. THE MELLOW NOTES OF THE CHOIR AND Among Willkie'sother fine musical organizations is the Advanced choir. This year they were under the new direction of Mr. John Stites. Beside their regular activities which include the Madison County Choral Festival, the Christmas Program, and the Festival of Music, they sponsored a dance. The choir is among one of the oldest vocal groups at Willkie High. Officers are: S. Johnston (secretary), S. Knopp (vice-president), Mr. Stites, (director), S. Hurst, (treasurer), and J. Adams (President).Officers are: S. Gordon (vice-president), S. Burnette (secretary), L. Richardson (president), Mr. Stites (director), and P. Nance (treasurer). GLEE CLUB CAUGHT THE EAGER EARS OF MANY One of the newer vocal groups is the Girls' Glee Club. Directing the girls is Mr. John Stites, who was new at Willkie High this year. Besides their regular activities which they participate in at school they performed for many different clubs and organizations around Elwood, and attended the Madison County Choral Festival. FRONT ROW: P. Ledford, C. Conner, S. Abernathy, J. Duffey, K. Wood, J. Green, D. Bunn, R. Patton, C. Etchison, J. Everling, K. Wesley, S. Hartman, D. Robinson, C. Pike, and J. Oliver (piano). SECOND ROW: K. Dale, J. Hunt, C. Cole, B. Cornwell, D. Barmes, S. Burnette, M. Culp, A. Wood, G. Reynolds, R. Robertson, K. Yates, S. Smith, C. Cloud, M. Wooten, S. Haflin, and F. Inman. THIRD ROW: D. Gallapoo, Z. Montcastle, C. Groover, D. Lynas, E. Yates, L. Abbott, A. Walker, D. Humphrey, S. Gordon, L. Richardson, V. Kleyla, J. Pedro, P. Elledge, and T. Hichs. FOURTH ROW: L. Cotton, M. Tucker, K. Wolfe, D. Phenis, A. Langford, J. Piierto, K. Patton, L. Myers, C. Conners, P. Goodknight, B. Phelps, P. Burkert, P. Nance, and C. Lewellen.The French Club consists of: KNEELING: R. Masters, J. McMasters, W. Jackson, D. Wessler, L. Hinshaw, G. Hollingsworth, J. Starkey, D. Harney, C. Strecker, R. Southern. FIRST ROW: K. Wolfe, C. Conners, P. Dooley, J. Marty, K. Oldag, S. Ross, G. Reynolds, L. Galbreath, J. Clark, S. Hoover, L. Welcher, S. Hays, P. Wise, S. Rose. THIRD ROW: J. Justus, P. Lee, D. Badger, J. Blake, C. McPhearson, K. Hancher, L. Hunt- singer, C. Kincaid, M. Houser, M. Welch, F. Inman, K. Wesley, G. Stiner, J. Curtis, D. Robinson, K. Edlen, C. Pike, J. Hobbs. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Records, J. DeLong, K. Dale, K. Mutt, D. Powell, J. Shaw, S. Marsh, K. Thrawl, B. Walker, C. Connor, S. Scea, J. Smith, C. Stanley, M. Bomholt, S. Clymer, A. Lang- ford, S. Klumpp, L. Rutledge. FIFTH ROW: M. Morris, L. Satterfield, P. Ooton, G. Jolliff, L. Crouch, J. Kratz, J. McCoy, R. Cannon, M. Wilburn, C. Loser, A. Gardner, J. Wisler, L. Stage, M. Kroggel, B. Detling, M. Parker, L. Bright, D. Fernung, D. Deever, J. Vickery. Members of the Spanish Club are: FIRST ROW: G. Gilbert, G. Ball, R. Burgger, R. Bannon. SECOND ROW: T. Reynolds, M. Moore, D. Moore, D. Kincaid, S. Mountcastle, P. Elledge, C. Merida, D. Gallapoo, D. Or-baugh, J. Clouser, N. Osting, P. Bishop, M. Litsey. THIRD ROW: K. Williams, J. Smith, R. Jackson, K. Beaty, M. Buzzard, C. Armie, J. Stout, V. Legg, K. Colcord, C. Mengee, L. Sanders, D. Barette, G. Rich, J. Smith, S. Mosbaugh, Mrs. Records, C. Hughes. FOURTH ROW: J. Powers, M. Kantner, J. Armstrong, N. Wolfe, R. Osborn, R. Garcia, D. Alexander, J. Justus, S. Justus, T. Lee, D. Edwards, T. Graham, G. Webb, T. Fogerty, J. Adams, T. Mengelt, C. Miller, M. Kleinbub, D. Cabe. FIFTH ROW: J. Hinshawl, T. Knauer, D. Stewart, G. Hollingsworth, B. Rogers, J. Wheatley, T. Fihe, R. McKinley, R. Dean, J. Adams, D. Blake, B. Detling, R. Legg, R. Ford, T. Orbaugh, M. Clary, R. Lindsay, J. Laudeman, T. Reynolds. 30The 1961-62 Inter Nos Latin Club members are: FIRST ROW: R. Ford, K. Kiser, L. Rutledge, L. Saxton, M. Scea, P. Orbaugh, M. Caldwell; G. Tunis, P. Jones, Mrs. Sharp, S. Clymer, S. Klumpp, M. Wooten, P. Bomholt, M. Bomholt, F. Inman. SECOND ROW: B. Phillips, A. Darrow, D. Reseigh, E. Etchison, A. Butcher, S. Johnston, V. Wesley, S. Cornelious, D. Deever, K. Caldwell, C. Yarling, M. Swift, B. Widmeyer, J. Legg, E. Morris. THIRD ROW: J. Duffit, S. Smith, F. Neal, J. Wright, J. Baker, D. Martz, M. Parker, C. Jarrell, K. Hampton, G. Fort-son, A. Walker, S. Scea, J. Oliver, P. Nance. FOURTH ROW: S. Coryell, G. Stevens, P. O'Leary, T. True, G. Gardner, R. Chase, M. Fettig, D. Haskett, S. Justus, J. Kratz, J. McCoy, J. Laub, M. Wisler, C. Meyer, G. Webb, J. Shull. ANCIENT LATIN-MODERN FRENCH AND SPANISH The French Club elected as their officers this year: Gary Hollingsworth, President; Karen Thrawl, vice president; Jane DeLong, secretary; and Lynne Gal-breath, treasurer. Its activities included a costume party early in the year. Discussion of French customs highlighted their meetings. The Spanish club also had a costume party for its members. A favorite discussion for its meetings were Spanish or Latin-American customs. The Spanish club officers were: Pat Bishop, president; Jerry Justus, vice- president; Cheryl Armie, secretary; and Martha Litsey, treasurer. Mrs. Records sponsored both the French and Spanish clubs. The Latin Club members chose as their consuls, Pam Orbaugh and Greg Tunis. The young "Romans" enjoyed singing familiar songs in Latin and hearing about the customs of these ancient people. The Latin Club also played host to the Spanish and French clubs at their annual combined party. Mrs. Sharp was the Latin Club sponsor. 31Members of tire National Honor Society this year were (1. to r.): FRONT ROW: S. Lilly, S. Smith, J. Johnston, D. Haskett, N. Fleener, K. Oldag, K. Hampton. BACK ROW: S. Gordon, K. Brunson, M. Parker, Mr. Brown, M. Bomholt, J. Smith, S. Klumpp. Admission to the National Honor Society depends upon scholastic record, character, service, and leadership during their previous school year. New members are admitted at the end of each semester, and they are selected from the junior and senior classes. At the end of the first semester an honor banquet is given for the probationary members of the NHS and students on the semester honor roll along with their parents . In the spring the senior probationary members become permanent members at a ceremony which is held in the auditorium. Mr. Brown is the sponsor and the officers for this year were: David Haskett--president, and Saundra Johnston - - secretary. NHS IS FOR SCHOLARS M. Bomholt and her parents are shown passing through the banquet line for the honor students of Willkie given by the Lions Club. 32Debate team (1. to r.): V. Jackson, J. Oliver, J. Ripperger, M. Caldwell, B. Garcia, G. Gardner, R. Butler, and Mr. Brown (sponsor). DEBATERS GAIN EXPERIENCE The debate team this year showed an increase in membership. There were five novice debaters and 4 varsity debaters. The topic for this year was: Federal aid to education. This topic opened a wide variety of possibilities. After each debate meet the cases of the entire team were revised and corrected and by tourney time the participants had settled on the plan they thought would be the most likely to win the sectional. Preparing for a coming debate meet are Monty Caldwell and Jane Oliver. 33FRONT ROW: Miss House, S. Klumpp, S. Garner, M. Benedict, Miss Emerson, S. Smith, J. Sanders and Mrs. Schwear. SECOND ROW: L. Rutledge, L. Myers, V. Jackson, L. Castro, M. Wingrove, N. Mayfield, S. Johnston, S. Burnette, J. Pedro, J. Smith, S. Clymer, T. Denton, Nancy Hardebeck, and Norma Hardebeck. THIRD ROW: J. Duffey, K. Yates, C. Baker, M. Kennedy, J. Piirto, M. Reynolds, J. Hood, L. Stansberry, P. Or-baugh, C. Etchison, K. Ware, J. Sanders, M. Bomholt, R. Robertson, L. Richardson, and K. Lee. FOURTH ROW: S. Latshaw, S. Abernathy, C. Cole, S. Reynolds, D. Badger, M. Welch, J. Coulter, J. Stout, K. Colcord, L. Saxton, A. Langford, C. Stanley, J. Ripperger, C. Crull, S. Owens, J. Cain. The Sunshine Society along with having their regular meetings were able to have outside activities which proved to be a lot of fun along with helping the needy. They made tray favors for the hospital, and went along with the D.C.E. to provide food baskets for needy families in Elwood at Christmas time. SUNSHINERS HELP THE NEEDY Making plans for their next meeting are Miss House (Sponsor), J. Sanders (Vice-President), L. Myers (Recording secretary), J. Stout (Treasurer), P. Orbaugh (Corresponding Secretary), and S. Smith (President).Making plans for the next edition of the Megaphone are D. Haskett (Editor), Mrs. Fugitt (Sponsor), and S. Klumpp (Assistant-Editor). MEGAPHONE GAVE US THE LATEST GOSSIP As in the past the Megaphone has kept us well informed with the latest news, chatter, and important happenings around Willkie during the school year. They published for the first time, an eight page issue, and two pages were featured in the sectional issue where the students were able to give the team their best wishes in their own handwriting. Any students with any type of problem were able to get advice from Dear Aunt Prudence in her column. FRONT ROW: B. Kinser, M. Moore, K. Caldwell, and D. Blake. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Fugitt, L. Rutledge, E. Morris, M. Morris, D. Haskett, S. Klumpp, D. Deever, N. Osting. THIRD ROW: C. Stanley, L. Myers, S. Lilly, J. Rudig, J. DeLong, C. Kincaid, S. Smith, P. Burkert, G. Fortson, M. Litsey, and P. Burton. FOURTH ROW: J. Shull, L. Saxton, M. Wisler, A. Harris, J. Hanshew, R. Tam, S. Scea, S. Ross, and K. Oldag.THESPIANS SOCIETY CREATES The Panther den was the scene of Kathy Kiser being crowned queen of the annual Thespian dance, "Deck the Halls." Her escort was Nick Wolfe. FRONT ROW: M. Litsey, L. Welcher, P. Burton, F. Neal, B. Walker, V. Wesley, and K. Kiser. SECOND ROW: L. Myers, S. Comelious, R. Houser, B. Crouse, P. Smith, S. Smith, M. Kintzel, M. Wingrove, A. Fortson, J Pnrto, F. Inman, C. Kincaid, N. Osting, and C. Merida. THIRD ROW: L. Rutledge, S. Clymer, C. Stanley, S. Klumpp, J. Shaw, D. Duffitt, L. Saxton, C. Armie, and P. Bishop. FOURTH ROW: D. Martz, J. Baker, D. Cotton, G. Hollingsworth, R. Butler, R. Cannon, R. Sparks, L. Gerig, M. Wisler, G. Tunis, J. Kratz, J. McCoy, S. Elsworth, D. Deever, and Mr. Brown.Directing the Thespians this year were: (1. to r.) P. Bishop (treasurer), P. Or-baugh (secretary), Mr. Brown (sponsor), M. Wisler (president), J. Stout (vice-president) and C. Kincaid (recorder). DRAMATIC ABILITY Throughout the year the Thespians represent the student body in speech meets all over the state. Thespians also give plays to organizations in Elwood, as well as the Thespian Festival of plays for the student body sometime dur -ing the year. December 21, 1962 was the date of the Thespian Formal Dance held in the Panther Den . Miss Kathy Kiser was chosen queen of "Deck the Halls." Her court consisted of Misses Cheryl Armie, Kathy Brunson, Patty Bishop, and Lynne Rutledge. Talking over coming events are members of the Thespian Society at a weekly meeting. 37FRONT ROW: S. Courtney, R. Burkert, P. Thomson, L. McIntyre, L. VanBlair, B. Konieczny, W. Boureff, L. Chase, Mr. Ebbert (Sponsor), S. Pierce, L. Himelick, S. McCorkle, R. Butler, J. Myers. F.F.A. PREPARES FUTURE FARMERS F.F.A., Future Farmers of America, is composed of boys interested in agriculture. This year 100% enrolled in Vocational Agriculture were members of F.F.A. at Willkie. One of its main purposes is to give a boy experience in various kinds of farming activities. Guiding the boys through the many new and changing methods of farming is Mr. Ebbert. Mr. Ebbert gives a demonstration in agriculture class. 38BACK ROW; R. Ball, D. Green, E. Beeman, D. Pitcock, D. Faucett. FRONT ROW; Mr. Smith (Sponsor), J. Harting, T. Carrol, D. Ball, P. Rice, R. Vautaw, E. Harney. FILMS ADD TO CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES The projection club, whose sponsor is Mr. George Smith, is a very necessary part of classes at Willkie. Its members consist of boys who have free periods and wish to run the projector. These boys are assigned to the auditorium to show the film. The officers of the club this year were Don High, president, Estel Harney, vice-president, and David Green, secretary. Paul Rice, a Projection Club member, shows a movie in the auditorium. 39Officers are: Tom Pearson (secretary), William Stokes (president), Jerry Hocker (treasurer), and Lou Gerig (vice-president). THE NEWLY ORGANIZED KEY CLUB This year a new club was organized. It was the first one of its kind for E.H.S. It is the Key Club, and it was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Elwood. They carry on the service tradition of Kiwanis. Besides their regular officers they have three prospective members on the Board of Directors: R. Martz, L. Stage, and L. Hocker. STANDING (1. to r.): D. Greenfield, J. Hinshaw, J. Adams, J. Kratz, D. Martz, L. Svendsen, Mr. Copeland, L. Stage, P. Rice, S. Perry, and T. Lee. SEATED: T. Pearson, L. Gerig, W. Stokes, J. Hocker, and L. Hocker.FRONT ROW: Mr. Dudley, P. Phillips, S. Davies, T. Denton, C. Etchison, R. Cloud, P. Smith, A. Butcher, B. Widmeyer, M. Scea, J. Everling, J. Ball, M. Litsey, K. Kiser, S. Taylor, D. Maley, and M. Spitzmes-ser. SECOND ROW: L. Richardson, J. DeLong, P. Dooley, S. Scea, J. Hobbs, J. Rudig, C. Conners, K. Colcord, S. Ross, P. Kiefer, A. Walker, M. Tucker, A. Langford, L. Welcher, K. Mutt, and K. Brunson. THIRD ROW: A. Darrow, N. Osting, S. Knopp, K. Lee, M. Noone, L. Galbreath, T. Lee, J. McCoy, T. Fowler, J. Puterbaugh, J. Shull, D. Martz, J. Baker, H. Beeman, M. Wilson, S. Mosbaugh, and D. Bozell. FOURTH ROW: M. Moore, C. Clark, L. Hocker, J. Justus, L. Shaw, R. Butler, J. Wisler, R. Webb, R. Ford, D. Haskett, T. Jung, M. Fettig, E. Yates, E. Harney, M. Williams, and R. Brugger. STUDENT COUNCIL INITIATES OUR ACTIVITIES The Student Council has been quite active during the past year. Their largest responsibility was the Den. This year they introduced "red and blue" day and "dress-up" day. This helped to boost the school spirit. Most of die students observed these two events that came once monthly. Officers (1. to r.): Mr. Dudley (Sponsor), Jane DeLong (treasurer), Larry Hocker (president), Jerry Justus (vice-president) and Pat Dooley (secretary).o — rnO n Of all the different subjects offered each year, English seems to rate as the top required subject. It can become rather difficult at times and yet very rewarding. The student must take at least three years of English consisting of three semesters of grammar and composition and three semesters of literature. There are also many special approaches to the study of English. Speech class teaches students the art of public speaking, and journalism puts to work the students' knowledge of writing as in "Willikie World." Andrea Hughes receives aid from Mrs. Fugitt in English class. ENGLISH WAS NEVER MORE IMPORTANT Participating in a panel discussion in speech class are M. Wooten; J. Stout; M. Wisler; L. Henn; and R. Sparks. 44Flash cards are used in Latin by Mrs. Sharp assisted by M. Scea and G. Stevens. FOREIGN LANGUAGE IS POPULAR AT EHS Getting aid from Mrs. Colcord in Spanish class is R. Jackson and G. Burton. The echoes of "bonjour," "amo te, " and "adios" throughout the halls are sure evidence of the influence of foreign languages on our students. Ask any one of our language connoisseurs and he will tell you how much of a help and a pleasure his days spent in the study of another culture have been. Yes, our school would be very dull without the languages and their teachers. 45The DCE Club sold Panther pins this year. Shown assembling them are the members of the first period class: T. Riggs, M. Koons, B. Neese, M. Holtsclaw, N. Fleenor, J. Clabaugh, M. Nichols, B. Gootee, and R. Osborn. EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER Among the many subjects at Willkie is Diversified Cooperative Education. This subject helps those enrolled to get a head start on a possible vocation, as well as to aid them in building a sense of responsibility . DCE students, by gaining work experience, are better oriented to the problems of full-time employment than the average student. The DCE program at Willkie is sponsored by Mr. McVicker. The members of the DCE club also displayed the real spirit of Christmas this year by collecting toys for a needy family. Shown are B. Rodgers, D. Elledge, R. Towner, B. Bozell, B. Pearson, K. Brunson, D. Gillum, S. Davenport, K. Rivers, D. McCorkle.EHS GETS US READY TO EARN OUR BREAD AND BUTTER The commercial course increases each year as more boys and girls decide to enter the business world. Our high school is qualified to meet these needs. Students wanting to do secretarial work, or enter the personnel or selling field, are just a few who take the commercial course. Typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, general business, secretarial training, selling, office machines, and business law are the required subjects offered to the business student. There is also a wide variety of electives. This knowledge will enable the student to choose his occupation in the business field. Working on the bookkeeping machine are A. Wood and K. Lee. Practice sets require sound thinking as this bookkeeping class finds out. 47Greg Willnitz explains a first-year algebra problem as Mr. Smith and J. Curtis look on. MATH GIVES US ALL THE ANGLES In this day and age the stress placed upon mathematics is important to our daily living. Certain courses in high school mathematics are required in practically every field in which today's graduates decide to further their educational knowledge. More so today, mathematics and sci- ence go hand and hand in the exploration of our vast extending universe. As a result, more classes in higher mathematics are being offered at Willkie. They include algebra, plane geometry, trigonometry, advanced algebra, solid geometry, and general math courses. Mr. Manis stumps R. Chase during a second-year algebra class.SCIENCE FROM AMOEBA TO NUCLEAR FISSION To meet the increasing demand for top-notch scientists, a good solid background is a must, and Willkie is prepared to meet this demand. There are opportunities in such fields as physics, biology, chemistry, and physical science. Each one is guided by a teacher who strives to make the course both interesting and educational . Don Wisehart and M. Caldwell take a look at the shell collection before their biology class begins. Observing a chart in physics are C. Meyer and P. Kiefer. 49Very typteal a senior dhritas diass 4s a dlass aiscnsskm led by Mr. Peebles. WE LEARN OF OUR CHANGING WORLD THROUGH SOCIAL STUDIES Social steadies is a study ©if the things -man Makes, Ms Meals, heMets, customs, amri character: see ■ways of IrsMag. These are designee to broaden the perspective of a student about our heritage, our social problems, our goseranmebt, .and our economic pmMerns, so as t© mate Mm a more sufficient member of our modem coMtilex societv. The social studies subjects offeree T in ©amr high school are:: world history, O.S. Mstory, government. sociology, economics. and psy- SomerhiiK; asev, a: Elv nai is -, ssjevisim: being observer i v Mr. ?ugizri dies;.. 3DMore machines and better equipment have made it possible for better understanding and higher learning for our industrial arts students of today. More job openings have become available to students interested in this field, which has resulted in an increase of enrollment in industrial courses. The principal courses available are industrial arts, machine shop, and farm shop. Woodworking, blue print reading, mechanical drawing, electricity are a few of the classes available. The home economics department offers a capable staff plus modern equipment to our future homemakers. Sewing, cooking, child care, and interior decorating are among the selective courses offered in this department. Setting up a screen and printing programs are J. Hocker, D. Hartman, R. Nance, and J. Bene-fiel. WHETHER IT BE MACHINES OR POTS AND PANS THEY MUST BE KEPT CLEAN Hurry girls! Mrs. Tolle encourages A. Pullen, M. Moore, E. Anthony, B. Hartsock, M. Noone, B. Crouse. 51Mrs. Sullivan, using the new vision tester, checks the eyes of the underclassmen in physical education classes. OH! CALISTHENICS - AGAIN TODAY To the EHS student physical fitness should be one of Ms most important assets . To help us maintain this asset physical education classes were offered to underclassmen. Not only do these classes maintain this, but they also of- fered relief from tensions of the day. We often hear that maintaining good health is one of the basic rules in living a full life. This along with first aid, personal habits, appearance, and bodily processes were studied in health classes. Listening to a lecture is die boys' health class. 52Directing the choir is Mr. Stites a new teacher at EHS. MUSIC AND ART DEVELOP TALENTS Our music department increases in quality and quantity each year. This department includes the Panther Band, advanced choir, girls' glee club, Varsi-tonians, and the newly formed combo. Our music department is one of the most outstanding in Indiana. Every culture has its art, and the students of our high school are no exception . Colorful and clever displays in the front hall and library were just one of their projects. Without the art classes, our curriculum would be lacking. Sandra Hanshew looks over Richard Graham's shoulder as he paints. 53s p o R T S“V”-“V”-VICTORY (1. to r.) D. Usfo, P. Burton, S. Lilly, A. Walker (Polly Panther), M. Beasley, K. Oldag, varsity cheerleaders and school mascot, instilled us with school spirit. "Let’s go big team-- ve're backing you!" was the cry of many Panther fans as they watched the mighty Panthers battle for victory. This year's varsity cheerleaders were Seniors; Sharon Lilly, head cheerleader; Pauletta Burton; Kathy Oldag; Mickey Beasley; and Diane Usfo. A familiar sight at both basketball and football games this year was "Polly Panther," Ann Walker. Leading cheers for the B-Team this year were: Cheryl Lewellen, head cheerleader; Jackie Rudig; and Elaine Etchison. These gals busied themselves giving the B-Team the support they needed. Starting a possible career as yell leaders were Freshmen; Dorothy Forst, head cheerleader; Diane Maley; Debbie Hughes; and Martha Oldag. Give me a "P" was just one of the many yells put together by our Varsity cheerleaders.“VAR”-“VAR”-VARSITY (1. to r.) Energetically E. Etchison, C. Lewellen, and J. Rudig back the B-Team. "Peppy" well describes the freshman cheerleaders. They are (1. to r.) M. Oldag, D. Forst, D. Maley, and D. Hughes. 57With such shouts as "you can do it big, team, you can do it" the Booster Club supported the Panthers. BOOSTER CLUB, E-MENS, AND PEP "Let's go, Elwood!" is one of the familiar sounds of the Booster Club. Whether the score is higher or lower than their opponent during the game, the one-hundred girls of the E.H.S. Booster Club back their team all the way. The pep committee is responsible for planning pep sessions and for selecting King Red and Blue. Among their many activities this year the E-Men purchased blue caps for the varsity cheerleaders. All three of these groups helped boost the school spirit of E.H.S. throughout the year. Booster club officers are: (1. to r.)Mrs. Watson, (sponsor), Norma Hardebeck (president), and Anne Harris (secretary-treasurer). 58FRONT ROW: S. Lilly, D. Usfo, K. Oldag, C. Lewellen, N. Hardebeck, L. Hocker, J. Justus. SECOND ROW: P. Burton, Mr. Manis, A. Harris, W. Singleton, Mrs. Watson, Mr. Lods. These are the members of the pep committee. COMMITTEE AIDED OUR TEAM TO VICTORY E-Men are: FRONT ROW: D. Alexander, L. Chase, C. Loser, T. Robinette, A. Gardner, J. Adams, C. Blankenship, S. Hurst. SECOND ROW: E. Harney, C. Robinette, T. Graham, L. Bright, B. Peareon, R. Klein, J. Hocker, L. Hocker. THIRD ROW: L. Claybaugh, E. Huntsinger, C. Bock, W. Sherman, M. Wilburn, J. Pantos, K. Frazier, D. Goings. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Manis, R. Chase, D. Harting, B. Odom, D. Wisehart, R. Drake, J. Connors, J. Hanshew, J. Laub. FIFTH ROW: M. Morris, T. Fogerty, J. Justus, P. Ooton, J. Werline, L. Svendsen, T. Pearson. 59FRONT ROW: J. Waters, J. Hancock, B. Sutton, and C. Humphrey. BACK ROW: J. Tumulty, R. Hahn, D. Ball, R. Ball, E. Sattler. These boys served as ushers at our home basketball games. USHERS AND CONCESSIONS RENDERED THEIR SERVICES These students prepared the refreshments sold at the basketball games this year. They are: (1. to r.) S. Johnston, R. Masters, B. Meyer, S. Elsworth, C. Meyer and Mrs. W'atson (sponsor). 60FRONT ROW: S. Geren, M. Gardner, K. Wesley, D. Robinson, C. Pike, P. Moore, P. Hahn. SECOND ROW: M. Allen, C. Moore, F. Wilhoit, A. Lamb, J. Smith, S. Johnston, D. Gunn, C. Peters, G. Wilhoit. THIRD ROW: J. Stout, D. Dickey, P. Goodknight, K, Fowler, R. Patton, J. Coulter, A. Clemens, C. Shepard, B. Hams, D. Galla-poo. FOURTH ROW: Z. Montcastle, S. Owens, C. Crull, L. Saxton, J. Myers, K. Williams, B. Phelps, K. Patton, B. Hartsock, D. Powell, C. McPheaison, K. Hampton. ATHLETIC MINDED GIRLS ENJOY G.A.A. Athletic-minded girls can build their ability by joining the Girls’ Athletic Association. This year it was under die direction of Mrs. Allen. Among the various activities they participated in this year were bowling, soccer, baseball, and a basketball tourney at Marion, Indiana. To raise money the G.A.A. sponsored a hat and coat check at the home basketball games. Officers of the GAA this year were K. Patton (vice-president), K. Hampton (president), and J. Sanders (treasurer). Not pictured were K. Williams (secretary) and S. Johnson (program chairman). 61Varsity Football: (FRONT ROW) J. Richey; D. Greenfield; L. Clabaugh; T. Masters; K. Frazier; J. Pantos; R. Drake; J. Wilbourn; and T. Robinette, manager. (SECOND ROW) L. Hocker; S. Courtney; D. Alexander; L. Bright; R. Klein; J. Adams; S. Hurst; L. Chase; J. Parker; and J. Hocker. (THIRD ROW) D. Merritt, coach, J. Conners; T. Mengelt; D. Wisehart; J. House; T. Havens; J. Werline; J. Call; W. Sherman; and coaches, J. Lods, and L. Klein. (FOURTH ROW) B. Snider; J. Hanshew; T. Ewing; T. Overdorf; M. Wilburn; L. Svendsen; L. Hillard; P. Ooton; J. Sizelove. INJURIES HAMPER 1961 Oops! a fumble. This occurred during Homecoming. We lost to Alex 7-6. Fight, determination, hard work and time help to make our Panther team. They battled for every yard on the grid-iron. Again this year we had a fine coaching staff. At the helm of the "Mighty Panthers" was Coach Jim Lods. This year the team worked most of the time drilling on a new device used in football training called the "iron horse." 62We were hampered by the loss of three lettermen; Larry Hocker, Chuck Loser, and Jim Adams due to injuries. Our team sparkled while tromping over Madison Heights, slaughtering West Lafayette, and running over Hartford City. El-wood had its depressing moments when bowing to Noblesville, Alexandria, Monticello, and Marion, and while tieing Tipton and Peru in a 0-0 deadlock. The men who put the spark behind the team are Dick Merritt, Les Klein, and Jim Lods, head coach. FOOTBALL SQUAD Senior Members of the Varsity Team: (1. to r.) Jim Parker, tackle; Coach Lods; Ronnie Klein, end; Larry Bright, guard; Lynn Chase, center; Jerry Hocker, quarterback; Jim Adams, back; Dave Alexander, guard; Sam Courtney, tackle; Steve Hurst, end; and Ted Robinette, manager.Freshman Football Team: (FRONT ROW) J. Coffin; J. Burton; M. Coston; G. Beasley, R. Groover; M. Tolle; J. Meyers; and C. Kane. (SECOND ROW) R. Bronson; D. Cotton; M. Davies; K. Franklin; L. Markison; M. Kantner; K. Snider; and D. Lewis. (THIRD ROW) J. Vice; E. Alley; J. Puterbaugh; L. Robinson; K. Tam; P. Kapper; M. Kleinbub; and T. Clark. FRESHMEN PLAN AHEAD FOR VARSITY Jerry' Hocker gets a last minute briefing from Ron Drake gainsyards in thePeru game here. We tied 0-0. Coach Lods.Baseball team: (FRONT ROW) T. Lindley; T. Forgerty; B. Shawhan; G. Burton; T. Havens; R. Drake; D. Wisehart; R. Chase; and P. Ootom. (BACK ROW) Coach Moore; J. Puterbaugh; B. Snider; J. Justus; M. Wilburn; B. Odom; C. Bock; E. Huntsinger; J. Conners; and C. Loser. RESPECTABLE SEASON GAINED BY PANTHER NINE Safe! As Jerry Justus comes into base. The young Panther baseball team batted to a respectable season this year. Lack of experience made the difference between a good season and a great season, for the Elwood nine. With loss of only three lettermen, the future looks exceptionally bright for the Willkie team. 65Cross Country: (FRONT ROW) S. Coryell; T. Fogerty; G. Burton; D. Goings; R. Martin; and M. Hankley. (SECOND ROW) C. Robinette; B. Odom; R. Cannon; D. Richwine; and Coach Burton. (THIRD ROW) A. Gardner; D. Harting; W. Boruff; and S. Pierce. CROSS COUNTRY HAS LOSING STREAK Cross Country is not a main sport but requires endurance and ability. They ended the season with a 0-10 record. This season the losses were partially due to the loss of Ed Huntsinger. However, his position was adequately filled by Mike Hankley, a freshman. The team participated in the annual sectional, and Elwood's top three runners were Dave Harting, Alex Gardner, and Tom Fogerty. They were coached by Mr. Burton, a new coach at Willkie High. Passing an opponent at a Cross Country meet is Ed Huntsinger. 66Track Team: (FRONT ROW) B. Parker; J. Sizelove; J. Werline; R. Drake; J. Adams; J. Conners; D. Wiseheart; B. Garcia; G. Burton; D. Greenfield; T. Mengelt; and J. Hartley. (SECOND ROW) E. Jones; J. Robison; J. Hocker; L. Bright; L. Hillard; J. Frazier; B. Snider; M. Svendsen; B. Phelps; D. Rich; E. Huntsinger; D. Richwine; and Coach Lods. (THIRD ROW) Coaches Klein and Sharp; K. Frazier; P. Ootom; L. Chase; B. Odom; L. Hocker; R. Chase; C. Loser; A. Gardner; M. Wilburn; G. Simmons; W. Sherman; M. Parker; C. Robinette; J. Call; D. Harting; S. Richwine; T. Fogerty and Coach Fugitt. WHILE CINDERMEN BREAK RECORDS Jumping the hurdles are Jerry Hocker and Ronnie Drake. The track team had a better season as they finished with a 5-4 record. Larry Hocker, Ward Sherman, Chuck Loser and Tom Fogerty were able to break a twelve-year mile relay record while Ed Jones broke his own record of 11-foot pole vault. Jerry Robison qualified for the regional and the mile relay team. The team placed fourth in the sectional and fourth in the regional with almost every runner scoring at least one point. 67TffisfflSs steam- (fFlMMlT M2W)) JL | ffltireg G„ (Gaifeeir, E. Ajeacaaias and B. P.esjsm. (fBftCK MW)) BL Manfe, ©ffisarihr, B. SeIbs S. Jtaste; S. Hmsts aaS C. Bodk. TENNIS ONI UPSWING AT WILLK1E (Getting into ifihe swing ©f tiMngs ass Jeany Justus and Bob Feaassn.. 'Hie Panattlier meaere jprewerl (flaiit teiinm-iis! is «3sa ilie aapsmiaag a® Hm©sxdL Hie WSBMe aaestnaaeaii placed ffeaarifila ana flae Central jjjadi-aaaa. CeMereaace,. Tlae 1%2 season Iroiksmery groramsihag far line Paaa-toersasffaweleiffiermeia wall retem ■wMla addniionnail e peraeiaee to lead Hie sqpaasL Tlae letter waaanaers mere Sibe e Hnarst, (Cfearfes Beck, Dawiid AlesanaiSer, Mb Pearsona, aad Jerry jpastos. (S§Varsity squad of 1962 (I. to r.): C.Bock,B. Odom, C. Blankenship, D. Harting, S. Hurst, A. Gardner, M. Wilburn, D. Goins, T. Fogerty, T. Havens, K. Frazier, R. Drake. KNEELING is Coach Manis and Student manager B. Kinzer. “WE’RE LOYAL TO YOU Two for Fogerty! Two points are added to the scoring sheet during the Sheridan game. 70The Mighty Panthers started the season off right as they clobbered Sheridan. No one suspected that later our hopes for a winning season would be thwarted by an eight-game losing streak. After absorbing a drubbing at the hands of the Kokomo Wildcats the boys sailed through three straight opponents. The Peru game was the start of our downfall. The loss at the hands of the Tigers was followed by seven more in succession. However, half of the losses were by no more than four points. In the Holiday Tourney at the Madison Heights gym the Panthers again dropped a one-point decision to Noblesville, but our boys came back to knock off the host team. Prospects for next year look good as several underclassmen gained valuable varsity experience. While the senior members oftheteam will long remember this season , the younger boys undoubtedly look toward the future. Charlie Bock goes in for two points at one of the home games. ELWOOD HIGH” Charles Blankenship, Steve Hurst, Alex Gardner, and Tom Fogerty were the Senior members of the varsity.B-Team for 1962 was (1. to r.) KNEELING: T. McPearson, G. Burton, T. Mengelt, J. Wilburn, L. Gerig, S. Colson. STANDING: J. Conners, D. Richwine, L. Svendsen, Coach Lods, W. Phelps, R. Snyder, R. Leavell. THE LUCK OF THE IRISH Stirring the student body up at the sectional pep session were the senior members of E Mens. Fogerty shoots against Pendleton. 72A rousing pep session, led by Jerry Justus, King RedandBlue, sent the Mighty Panthers into the Anderson sectional against the Pendleton Irish. That night a band of Irishmen subdued our Panthers 65 to 54. The Panthers could not quite penetrate the sticky zone defense thrown up by Pendleton. The backing by the student body was to no avail as the boys just could not seem to get going. Mr. Manis worked that evening as he tried to come up with the right combination, but nothing seemed to stop the Irish. This was a hard sectional, particularly for the seniors. This was the one which they really wanted to win, because this was their last. The underclassmen took the loss hard too, but they looked forward to next year. WAS AGAINST US Charlie Bock displays one of his hook shots during the sectional game against Pendleton. Jerry Justus, King Red and Blue, led the student body in a rousing pep session.JERRY JUSTUS 1962 KING RED AND BLUE 74FOOTBALL misBFt GOLF OP Noblesville . . . . . . . 13 a Tipton . . WS o . . . 0 Highland Alexandria . . . . R.El4 . . . 13 Madison Heights . Madison Hts . 9 'P5fl • 21 • • • 25 Huntington West Lafayette . 7 . . . 13 Frankton Monticello .... 13 . . . 6 Rochester Hartford City . . 10 . . . 33 Peru Marion .... forfeited to E fit Frankfort Peru 0 . . . 0 Kokomo North Central . . 34 . . . 0 H Frankton i T.l J . CIC 7 th R Tipton 1. |f,. . . . BASEBALL El wood Boosters ..........8 Madison Hts............... 9 Markleville................1 Lapel......................0 Pendleton..................4 . . Middletown . . Highland.................. 3 . Frankton............. Windfall............. Markleville .... CROSS COUNTRY Hartford Citv.............27 . 30 v A Tipton . . - s ’ : ffSSwp0 ..................64 (three ay meet) . 4Jr I Wafcustr | . . . . RMyjJ47 I Pentfeym SSSSj. B, . • 43 j Middletown . . .......... 15 . 49 1, CIC.................................12: TRACK |K u All Tipton....................86 . . . 23 Pendleton.................53 . . . 56 Madison Hts...............63 . . . 43 Mississinewa..............67 . . . 42 Marion Relays.......................4th Noblesville-Alex.......'. . 109-33-11 Hartford City........Cancelled-rain Alexandria...........Cancelled-rain Peru......................67 . . . 42 Rochescer-Frankton............ 89-35-23 CIC.................................oth Sectional...........................6th Alexandria Lebanon . . Pendleton Tipton 3 1 2 11 1 ? ew Castle . . Anderson . , . Hartford City , Muncie Burris Tipton .... North Central Peru........ BASKETBALL Sheridan . . . Kokomo . . . Tipton .... Warsaw . . . Hartford City New Castle Noblesville Madison Heights Huntington . . Mi ssissincwa eru . . . Fort Wayne Central Monticell o....... Alexandria .... Wabash ............ Muncie Burris . . . North Central . . . Roches t v. r Madison Heights . . Sectional: Pendleton ......... 1 62 85 48 58 50 69 58 63 52 57 69 64 60 50 81 61 72 70 51 65 ilSa 8 4. 5 7i 7 5 5 6 6i 6: 5' 5' 5 40 80 58 70 66 65 54p E R S 0 N A L 1 T I E SMr. Keith Scott, Superintendent of Elwood Public Schools. ADMINISTRATION GUIDES THOSE Members of the school board are shown looking at plans for the new school. They are Norman King, Riley Sharp, Joe Wright, Keith Scott, and Dr. C. C. Parker.M. A. COPELAND Principal BLAIR SULLIVAN Assistant Principal WHO GUIDE US Mrs. Leavell and Mrs. Glenn pause from their work in the Getting ready for work is Mrs. Courtney, high superintendent's office for a picture. school secretary.TEACHERS GUIDED US MARY ALLEN, B.S., Physical Education. CHARLOTTE BARR, A.B., English. DONALD BROWN, A.B., A.M., Mathematics, English. CLIFFORD BRUGGER, B.S., Band Director. GERALD BURTON, B.S., Business. HILDA E. CHAPMAN, A.B., M.S., Librarian. JANIS LOU COLCORD, A.B., Foreign Language. BLANCHE DIGEL, B.S., M.S., English. WILFRED G. DUDLEY, B.S., A.M., Industrial Arts. J. MARVIN EBBERT, B.S.A., A.M., Vocational Agriculture. BETH EMERSON, B.S., Business. JOHN FLANDERS, B.S., Business. KARL FUGITT, A.B., Social Studies. KATHERINE FUGITT, B.S., A.M., English. LARRY GARDNER, B.S., Business, Social Studies. 80THROUGH OUR HIGH SCHOOL CAREERS JAMES HIATT, B.S., Science. NINA HIATT, A.B., English. JOHN H. HINDS, B.S., A.M., Supervisor of Practical Arts. BETTY V. HOUSE, B.S., A.M., Guidance Counselor. REX JENKINS, B.S., Asst. Band Director. DORIS KINTZEL, B.S., A.M., Business. GEORGEL. KINTZEL, B.S..A.M., Industrial Arts. LESTER J. KLEIN, B.S., Physical Education, Business. JAMES LODS, B.P.E., M.S., Physical Education. HOWARD McVICKER, B.S., A.M., Industrial Arts, D.C.E. RAY MANIS,B.S., Mathematics, Physical Education. VIRGIL PEEBLES, B.S., M.S., Social Studies. MARY RECORDS, A.B., A.M., Modern Language. GEORGE REESER, B.S., A.M., Industrial Arts. JAY RINGER, B.S., M.S., Art. 81TEACHERS, COOKS, JANITORS ARE NAOMI SCHWEAR, B.S., Home Economics FLORENCE SHARP, B.S., Latin and English WAYNE SINGLETON, B.S., Social Studies GEORGE SMITH, A.B., M.S., Mathematics R. B. SNYDER, B.S., English CECIL STAFFORD, A.B., A.M., Social Studies JOHN W. STITES, B.S., Music GERALD SULLIVAN, B.S., A.M., Head of Science Department ELVONA TOLLE, B.S., A.M., Home Economics CASEY TUCKER, B.S., A.M., Industrial Arts BETTY WATSON, B.S., Physical Education, Health, English JOHN WARD, A.B., Head of Physical Education, Athletic Director 82A NECESSITY AT WILLKIE HIGH Lucy Manis, Thelma Lowder, and Hazel Warner, cafeteria cooks, are busy preparing a meal. How would you like to have the job of feeding approximately 300 mouths a day? This is the job of our cooks. The meals are planned ahead of time by Mrs. Tolle . The job of janitor is not easy either. Their job begins before we arrive at school in the morning and ends after we leave. Mopping stairs, sweeping classrooms, firing the furnaces, and dusting the bleachers are only a few of their tasks. H. McPhearson C. Burton B. Hahn B. BrogdonDirecting the lunch line is Mr. McVicker. A GLIMPSE OF OUR TEACHERS Teachers enjoy reading magazines too. Here are Mr. Flanders, Mr. G. Sullivan, Mr. Ringer, and Mr. Smith. 84Discussing a potential change in the curriculum is the curriculum committee at an after school meeting. OUT OF CLASS Chaperoning at an after-game dance is Mr. Smith. 85New experiences and activities found the junior class hard at work. This year was an outstanding one for them as they received their class rings, presented the junior class play, elected class officers, and selected the junior steering committee. They also played host to the Junior-Senior Prom. A new phase of their high school career has been seen by the sophomore class. They have advanced into a newphaseof electing class officers and ordering their class rings. They have seen that the year was occupied with hard work. In order to pay for the prom, they worked hard at bake sales, paper drives, and car washes. Although the freshman class is not permitted to organize, they can, however, be represented by the freshman student council representatives. JUNIORS - Junior Class Officers: (TOP TO BOTTOM) Maurice Fettig, president; Mike Parker, vice-president; Janie DeLong, secretary; and Karen Thrawl, treasurer. Junior Class Steering Committee: (1. to r.) Mary Ann Bomholt, Lynn Rutledge, Sandra Gordon, Donna Orgaugh, Jackie Rudig, Carol Conners, Ray Webb, Dave Femung, Jerry Laub and Charles Bock (not present).Sophomore Class Officers: (1. to r.) Bonnie Widmeyer, treasurer; Mary Scea, secretary; Jim Baker, president; and Tom Mengelt, vice-president. UPPERCLASSMEN AT LAST, FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES WAIT THEIR TURN Freshman Student Council Representatives: (1. to r.) Terry Lee, Jack Puterbaugh, Annette Langford, Cheryl Taylor, and Judy Everling.Sharon Abernathy Ron Abney Lawerence Allen Edward Alley Dave Amos Margie Anderson Karen Arehart Jim Armstrong Deborah Badger Anthony Baker Darrell Ball Joyce Ann Ball Carl Balser Donna Bambrough Reed Bannon Joyce Bartholomew Jeanie Baxter Gary Beasley Ervin Beeman Harry Joe Beeman Michael Blackford Jeanie Blake David Lee Blanton John Borst Denny Bozell Randy Brugger Richard Brunson Patricia Buis Robert Burke rt John Burton THEY CALLED US LOWLY FROSH BUT CLASS Health is a "popular" class for Freshmen. 88Donald Cabe Judith Cain William Patrick Cannon Terry Carroll Nancy Carter William Castor Linda Castro Craig Clark Jane Clark Thomas Clark Carolyn Cloud Donald Coe Jeff Allen Coffin Kathryn Colcord Cynthia Conner Betty Joyce Cooper Rebecca Cornwell Max Coston David W. Cotton Susan Rae Courtney Keith Creamer Larry Crouch Carol Crull Marilyn Culp Janis Kay Curtis Jack Davies Letha May Davis Robert De Bethune David Lee Deck Robert Lee De Hart LONG TO BE ’GREEN AGAIN . . . OF ’65 Diana Dever Nancy Sue Dever Robert Deweese Dianne Dickey Mike Downing Greg Drake Karen Edelen June Edwards Dana Edwards Perry Elkins Peggy Elledge Linda Elliott Judith Everling Michael Faulstick Kathy Faust Greg Fennimore William Fern Lois Foley Dorothy Forst Ann Fortson Kenneth Franklin William Frye Albert Galbreath Marcia GarnerDonna Gerard Sheila Rae Geren Larry Lee Gibson Gary Leroy Gilbert Virginia Gill am N. Pauline Goodknight Ralph Gordon Jane A. Graham Richard Graham David Green Robert Green Phil Groover Richard Groover Gerald Grose Darlene Gunn Arlene J. Hamilton Michael Hankley Beverly Harris Wilbur Hartley Shirley J. Hartman Patty Haynes David Heflin Gay Ann Helton Gracelee Hevron Michael Hicks Robert F. Hinds Larry Hinshaw Joyce Hobbs Linda Hobbs Pat Hobson WE CONTENTED OURSELVES WITH CLASS Robert Hocker Pam Hodson Jerry R. Holtsclaw David D. Hood Larry J. Hoppes Phyllis A. Horseman Deborah Hughes Candace Hunt Laura Huntsman Eleen Hutson Linda Ingram Rosemary Jackson Virginia Jackson Walter George Jackson Chester Jarrell Charles Jones David Jones Edwin Jones Peggy Jones Michael Julius Linda Justice Charles Kane Michael KantnerPaul Kapper Colleen Kelley Michele Kennedy David Kincaid Rosalie Kincaid Mavis Kintzel Michael Kleinbub John Kleyla Karen Anita Kleyla Lana Knick Randy Lambert Larry John Lang Annette Langford Sharon Latshaw John Richard Lea veil Peggy Ledford Patricia Lee Terry Lee Claudia Leisure Mary Leisure Ramona Sue Leisure David Lewis Robert Longnecker Peggy McCorkle Treva McCorkle Deanna M. McCullough Larry McGuire Shelby Kay McGuire Gennell McKinley Carolyn McPhearson CLASSES, CLUBS, AND ROMANCES . . . OF ’65 Michael McQueen Diana Lynne Maley Leslie Alan Marcuson Judy Ann Martin Nancy Mayfield Michael Joseph Meyer William Robert Meyer John Miller Mike Miller Connie Moore Danny Moore Pamela Kay Moore Zara Mountcastle Garry Lee Mraz David Murphy Jerry Murray Kathleen Mutt Janet Myers Peggy M. Nelson Thomas Odom Martha Oldag Shirley Owens Charles ParkerJack Parker Michael Dale Parker Stephen Parry Ramona Patton Kathy Pedro Michael Perkins Mike Peters Barbara Phelps Steve Phillips Steve Pierce Janet Piirto Carol Pike Richard Porter Victoria Pullen John Puterbaugh Bob Reese Cindy Reynolds Tom Reynolds Dennis Rhyne David Rice James Rice Gilda Rich Michael Richey Jo Ann Ripperger AND LEARNED HOW TO DODGE HAL DANCE THE MICHIGAN James Rittenhouse Deborah Robinson Lyle Robinson Titus Rogers Sandra Rose Dean Rudig Janet Runyan Earl Phillip Sattler Daniel J. Savage Sharon Ann Scott Vicki Scott Lee Sexton Gary Shaw Thomas L. Sheedy Robert Shiffler Susan Short Alan Simons Ronald Simmons Steve Skinner Janice Smith Ronald Smith Shirley Smith Kurt Snider George Sollner Rodger Southern Leeann Sparks Sherry Stamper Jeff Starkey Leland Stewart Loretta StewartSandra Kay Stickler Gail Ann Stiner Richard Dale Sutton Kevin Robert Tam Rose Marie Tatum Sheryl Taylor Paul Thomas Jerry Thompson Michael Tolle Kathy Tomlinson Jewel Troutman Martha Tucker Timothy VanNess Julie Dee Vautaw Jimmie Vice Gerald Vickery Myron Welcher Craig Wellnitz Terrance Lee Wells Sylvia Kay Wesley Sherry Wilbourn Jorja Wilhoit Lucinda Wilhoit Mildred Williams Michael Wilson Margaret Wingrove Rick Wisler Tonda Wittkamper Katina WolffJohn Adams Terri Alley Ellen Anthony Cheryl Armie James Baker Gregory Ball William Bambrough Darla Barrett Karen Beaty Sharon Bell Patricia Bishop Patricia Bomholt Perry Boyer Deborah Bozell Patricia Bragg Ronald Brown Gary Burton James Burwell Ann Butcher Patsy Butler Marsha Buzzard Monty Caldwell Mary Call Bonnie Chase Jennifer Clouser Steven Colson Connie Commons Douglas Conner John Dallas Connors Judith Copus Vicki Corbett Sue Cornelious Stephen Coryell Alice Cotton Charlotte Coverdale THE SOPHOMORE CLASS ACCEPTED CLASS OF ’64 Eager to earn money for "the cause" are members of the sophomore class; M. Litsey, K. Beaty, J. Wright, S. Mosbaugh, G. Strecker, J. Wheat-ley, L. Welcher, N. Osting, and M. Garner. 94Betty Jean Cox Michael Cox George Creech Brenda Crosby Sheila Crouse Patricia Croy Larry Culp William Daleure Andrea Lee Darrow Barbara Davenport Kathy Davis Thomas Davis Richard Dean Margaret Deeter Patricia Downey Ronald Drake Terry Duckworth Dorothy Duffitt Jackie Duffitt Ralph Duffitt Elaine Etchison Duane Etchison Terry Ewing Timothy Fike T erry Fisher Rebecca Ford Richard Ford Janet Fortson Teresa Frawley Jeffery Frazier John Frye Lynne Galbreath Robert Garcia Greg Gardner Mary Garner MANY RESPONSIBILITIES Suzanne Garner Louis Gerig Kathy Gootee Gail Gordon Richard Greenfield Carole Groover Linda Hahn Peggy Hahn Ronald Hale Joseph Hanshew Dennis Harney Carolyn Harting Joyce Harting Timothy Harting Jerry Hartley George Hartman Sue Hayes Thursa Hicks Larquis Hillard Johnny Hinshaw Michael Hinshaw Doris Hood Sharon Hoover Jerry House Ruth Ann Houser Andrea Hughes Claudia Hughes Janet Hughes Charles Humphrey Thomas Israel Pamela Jones Carol Kincaid Kathleen Kiser David Klumpp Ralph KnauerWilliam Kwalik Andrea Lamb Judith Ann Legg Terrance Leffert Thomas Lindley Martha Litsey Irma Mae Lovell Steven McCorkle Marshall McCord Glenda McIntyre Rodger McKinley Ronald McSherry Rick Manis Sara Ann Marsh Richard Martz Roger Masters Tom Masters Thomas Mengelt Constance Merida Barbara Meyer Richard Miller Carol Mingee Candice Moore Mark Moore Phyllis Moore Suzanne Mosbaugh David Mountcastle Darrell Munns Faye Neal THEY WORK HARD PREPARING CLASS Edmond Neese Kathleen Noel Barbara Noone Patrick O'Leary Jane Ann Oliver Nada Osting Ruth Ours Timothy Overdorf Michael Pace Thomas Pearson James Peel William Phelps Beverly Phillips Leroy Phillips Vicki Phillips Diane Powell Richard Pratt James Preston Ann Pullen Sherra Ramey Donna Reseigh Anne Reynolds Marcia Reynolds Paul Rice Gene Rich Roy Rich Denny Richwine Judith Rittenhouse Judy Robinson Byron RomigTim Runyan June Sanders Leanne Sanders Sylvia Sanders Mary Scea Janet Shaw Larry Shaw Robert Shawhan Roberta Shrock James Sizelove Susan Slayton Rita Small Allan Smith Joanna Smith Lowell Smith Robert Snyder Marsha Spitzmesser Kent Stage Janet Stansberry George Stevens Charles Stewart Gary Strecker William Sutton Leroy Svendsen Martha Ruth Swift Sandra Taylor John Thomas Beverly Tomlinson Roger Lee Towner THEMSELVES FOR THE PROM OF ’64 Julia Townsend Thomas True John Tumulty Gregory Tunis Charles Updegraff Gwen VanBriggle Robert Vautaw Etta Vest Brenda Walker James Watters David Weatherford Marqueena Welch Lynnette Welcher William Wells Jerry Werline David Wesseler John Wheatley Bonnie Widmeyer Joel Wilbourn Frances Wilhoit Kathleen Williams Pamela Wise Donald Wisehart Gwen Wisler Nicholas Wolff Mary Wooten Judy Wright Cathy Yarling Kay Yates Robert YoungBruce Adair Frankie Albers Patricia Aldrich June Alexander Nancy Alvey Max Amos Constance Baker Sandra Baker Richard Ball Diana Barmes Constance Barnett Terry Bechtold Deral Beckley Jim Benefiel Lewis Blanton Charles Bock Larry Boll Mary Ann Bomholt Stanley Boruff Linda Brogdon Mickey Brown Kathryn Ann Brunson Linda Buis Patricia Burkert Sue Ellen Burnette Richard Butler Kim Caldwell James Call Linda Chambers Ronald Chase THE JUNIORS WERE READY TO TAKE OVER; Discussion is taking place in Mrs. Barr's junior English class. 98Jerry Clabaugh Larry Clabaugh Linda Clark Arpie Clemons Carol Jean Cline Sherrie Clymer Cheryl Ann Cole Robert Collins Robert Combs Carol Connors Jeanine Coulter Rex Courtney Mary Creamer Kay Dale Phil Dauenhauer Landie Davenport Sheila Davies Judy Davis Robert Davis Sue Deeter Bette Jane DeLong Dan Dever Opha Dever Judy Kay Duffey Stephen Els worth Carolyn Sue Farr Danny Earl Faucett Sherry Faulstich David Fernung Maurice Fettig THEY MADE SOME IMPORTANT DECISIONS . . . CLASS OF ’63 Catherine Fincher Sherry Lee Fisher William Fitzpatrick Karen Sue Fowler Ronald Fowler Robert Fox Edwin Frazee Kyle Frazier Diana Gerard John Gereneser Warren Gill Dion Goings Brenda Gootee Sandra Gordon Leslie Graham Judith Green Sylvester Hahn Sandy Halfin Karen Hancher Sondra Hanshew Anne Harris David Harting Becky Hartsock Welza Hasket Timothy Havens David Hayes Murvel Hayes Peggy Heflin Charles Helpling Larry Henn Carolyn Hewitt William Hill Larry Himelick James Holliday Larry HoltsclawCarolyn Hoover Charleen Hoylman Diana Humphrey Judith Ann Hunt Regina Hunt Ed Huntsinger Sharon Idlewine Mary Frances Inman William Jarvis Jerry Jameson Shirley Johnston Sandra Jones Timothy Jung Steve Justus Charles Kapper John E. Keller Miriam Kessler Robert Kinser Vickie Kleyla Susan Klumpp Danny Knotts Reta Knotts Robert Konieczny Joe Kratz Jerry Laub Robert Legg Verna Kay Legg Linda Leisure Cheryl Lewellen Thomas Loser John Bill McCoy Donald Maish Ronald Martin Carol Miller Carolyn Mitchell THEY PRESENTED THE PROM Phillip Moore John Morris Ellen Morris William Morris Larry Mottweiler Linda Ann Myers Pamela Nance Bryce Odom Perry Ooton Donna Gail Orbaugh Tim Orbaugh Pamela Orbaugh James William Pantos James Parker Michael Parker Carole Peters Dee Anna Phenis Francis Phenis Patricia Phillips Donald Pitcock Joan Plummer Dennis Pratt Gary Ramey Chatherine Reeves Marilyn Reed Timothy Reynolds Donald Rich Troy Rich John Richey Stephen RichwineSharon Rittenhouse Katrina Rivers Rita Robertson Jacquelin Rudig Lynne Rutledge Dora Sargent Larry Satterfield LaDonna Saxton Sharon Scott Carolyn Shephard Ward Sherman Lester Shinkle Richard Slayton Carolyn Smith George Smith Judith Smith Steve Southern Roscoe Sparks Larry Stage Charlotte Stanley Jane Stout Joan Switzer Karen Thrawl Lewis VanBlair David VanNess David Warren Raymond Webb Sue Weddell Jerry Whitaker Michael Wilburn Tina Willhoite Jan Wisler Karen Wittkamper Karen Wood Earleen Yates c L A S S OF ’63 The "Honey Do's" a newly formed trio is made of junior girls. They are: A. Harris; L. Saxton; P. Orbaugh; and S. Klump, pianist. 101Senior Class Officers: (1. to r.) Tom Fogerty, vice-president; David Haskett, president; Sharon Knopp, treasurer; and Susan Scea, secretary. FINALLY! WE’RE SENIORS ! Senior Class Steering Committee: (FRONT ROW) Pauletta Burton, Nancy Hardebeck, Sharon Lilly, Nina Fleener, Jesse Shull, Sharon Ross, and Diana Usfo. (SECOND ROW) Ronnie Klein, Robin Tam, David Alexander, and Phil Johnson.Seniors display the traditional senior cords. On September, 1958, the Class of '62 entered the halls of Wendell L. Willkie High School as "green” freshmen. Student Council representatives were Mickey Beasley, Kathy Oldag, and Jack Armstrong. Miss Robin Tam was chosen as our first Homecoming candidate. There was also our initiation at the Panther Den along with the many pranks of upperclassmen. As we started our sophomore year, we elected our first class officers. They were: Jack Armstrong, president; Ronnie Klein, vice-president; Cheryl Lewis, treasurer; and Sharon Lilly, secretary. Pretty Miss Kathy Oldag was chosen as our Homecoming candidate. Then came the winning of the Sectional. Entering into our junior year we realized that we would be a very busy class. Our class was under the capable leadership of: Ronnie Klein, president; Glenn Underwood, vice-president; Sharon Ross, secretary; and Robin Tam, treasurer. Decorating for Yogi Bear Homecoming was just one activity. Anxious juniors finally received long-awaited class rings. "Stranger in the Night’ was presented as our first class play. Cheering the Panthers on were five Varsity yell-leaders from the junior class. With the financial responsibility of the prom on our shoulders came bake sales, car washes, paper drives, candy sales, and the sale of Panther heads and buttons. The beautiful and enchanting "Bali Ha'i" summed up our junior year. The climaxing year of our high school life finally arrived as we became Seniors. As officers of our class Dave Haskett, president; Tom Fogerty, vice-president; Susan Scea, secretary; and Sharon Knopp, treasurer were responsible for our class leadership. Pauletta Burton was presented the "glass Slipper" making her the Cinderella of Homecoming. The comical three-act play, "The Perfect Idiot, ” was presented. The Sadie Hawkins party is another memory for Seniors. We also carried on the tradition of gaily decorated Senior cords and the annual Christmas tree. The Junior-Senior Prom, Senior week, Baccalaureate, and Commencement finished our activities at E.H.S. 103JACK ARMSTRONG SAUNDRA JOHNSTON To pursue his career in medicine Jack is in- Saundra's high grades and scholastic ability have led her to terested in the many phases of science. this position. SCHOLASTIC ABILITY, LEADERSHIP AND ROBINPAT TAM Robin displayed her vivid personality as head majorette of the Panther Band. SHARON LILLY Leading the cheers this year as head varsity cheerleader was Sharon Lilly. NINA FLEENER Nina, who is outstanding in the business field, worked in the office this year. 104SUSAN SCEA KATHY OLDAG Susan eagerly studies to prepare for her future career as an Kathy has also showed her ability in the science English teacher. field to prepare her for her future. PERSONALITY MADE THESE OUTSTANDING SENIORS KAREN HAMPTON SUE SMITH DAVID HASKETT Holding first chair of the saxophone sec- Sue displayed her ability to As class president Dave proved his tionoftheband wasjust one of the posi- write as assistant editor of the ability of leadership. tions held by Karen. Crescent. 105THE CLASS OF 1962 WAS JAMES ADAMS DAVID ALEXANDER LINDA KAY ALEXANDER JACK ARMSTRONG MICHELE BEASLEY MARY BETH BENEDICT Finally the day arrived for the seniors to purchase their long awaited pictures. 106busy from the start DANNY LEE BLAKE CHARLES D. BLANKENSHIP ANN E. BOMERSBACK WILLIAM BOZELL DENNIS LEE BRADLEY LARRY ALLEN BRIGHT PAULETTA SUE BURTON LYNN G. CHASE MICHAEL J. CLARY DANNY JOE CLINE LARRY CLINE REBECCA JEAN CLOUD 107WE SELECT OUR FIRST HOMECOMING CANDIDATE DIXIE COLLINS MARY ANN COOPER JETTA SUE COURTNEY SAM RAY COURTNEY CATHY LYNN COVE RD ALE BONNIE RAYE CROUSE SANDRA JOAN DAVENPORT PATRICIA KAY DAVIS DONNA LOU DEETER ANNA LEE DeHART TINA DENTON ROBERT L. DETLING 108AND ELECTED STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES PATRICIA ANN DOOLEY STEVE DURR MARTHA JANE EDWARDS DENNIS J. ELLEDGE CAROLYN DIANN ETCHISON NINA MARIE FLEENER THOMAS FOGERTY GERALDINE FORTSON RAYMOND FOWLER DOTTY ANN GALLAPOO ALEX H. GARDNER DONALD L. GILLUM 109WE CHOSE OUR FIRST CLASS OFFICERS KAREN JEANNINE GOINS THOMAS JOSEPH GRAHAM KAREN GAYE HAMPTON JERRY LEE HANCOCK JAMES ROBERT HANLIN NANCY JANE HARDEBECK NORMA JEAN HARDEBECK ESTEL EUGENE HARNEY JANALYN SUE HARNEY JERRY JENNINGS HARTING KAREN SUE HARTLEY DELLINO VICTOR HARTMAN 110and began money-making projects DAVID MAX HASKETT JAMES HESTER RITA HESTER DONALD JOE HIGH JERRY KENT MOCKER LARRY KEITH HOCKER The spirit of Christmas entered the halls of E.H.S. with the decoration of the Christmas tree.WE CHOSE A MYSTERY-COMEDY GERALD HOLLINGSWORTH MICHAEL HOLTS CLAW PATRICIA IRENE HOWARD KENNETH PAUL HOWERTON WILLIAM HUGHES LINDA SUE HUNTSINGER STEPHEN CRAIG HURST RALPH PHILLIP JOHNSON SAUNDRA LOUISE JOHNSTON GARRY DEAN JOLLIFF JOHN RICHARD JONES GERALD P. JUSTUS 112PAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSING“BALI HAT’ A SUCCESS JOHN WILLIAM McMASTERS JANE ANN MARTY CHARLES THOMAS MEYER WYNN DIXON MILLER MARIE ELENA MOORE MELLFORD A. MORRIS RICHARD ALLEN NANCE BYRON NEESE MARGARET LEE NICHOLS MARY FRANCES NOONE KATHLEEN ANN OLDAG RICHARD E. OSBORN 115OUR LAST YEAR BROUGHT SADIE HAWKINS, KAREN ANN PATTON N. SUE PATTON ROBERT L. PEARSON JUDITH PEDRO DAVID EARL POWELL JOHN POWERS GLORIA JEAN REYNOLDS SANDRA SUE REYNOLDS LORETTA J. RICHARDSON THOMAS D. RIGGS ANN ROBERTSON CHARLES FRANCIS ROBINETTE 116OUR LAST CLASS PLAY, OUR SENIOR PROM TED A. ROBINETTE BUDDY RONALD ROGERS SHARON LEE ROSS JANET SANDERS SUSAN WINIFRED SCEA JESSE E. SHULL KAREN SUE SMITH PAMELA MARIE SMITH SUSAN J. SMITH LINDA KAY STANSBERRY DAVID F. STEWART WILLIAM J. STOKES 117BACCALAUREATE AND COMMENCEMENT EARLENE STONE ROBINPAT TAM RICHARD LEE TOWNER DONALD L. TUCKER WILLIAM EARL TYNER GLENN M. UNDERWOOD DIANE USFO ANN WALKER KATHY WARE GENE A. WEBB VERONA MARIE WESLEY RUSSELL TIM WHEELER 118CLIMAXED OUR CAREER AT E.H.S. MICHAEL LEE WILLIAMS MEREDITH LEE WISLER ALEDA ANN WOOD JAMES MADISON WOOD VIRGINIA CAROL WOOLUMS MARTHA WOOTENINDEX OF THE ADAiMS, JAMES: Academic Basketball, Track, Football, E-Men's, Choir, Steering Committee, Latin Club, Spanish Club. ALEXANDER, DAVID: Academic CRESCENT, Tennis, Football, E-Men's, Choir, Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Spanish Club. ALEXANDER, LINDA KAY: Business Booster Club, G.A.A. ARMSTRONG, JACK: Academic FreshmanTrack, Golf, Bowling, Band, Sophomore Class President, Steering Committee, Jr. Play Student Director, Sr. Play Cast, Megaphone, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Speech Club, Student Council, National Honor Society. BEASLEY, MICHELE: Academic--General CRESCENT, Cheerleader, Booster Club, Pep Committee, Homecoming Court, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Cast, Latin Club, Student Council. BENEDICT, MARY BETH: Business Education Booster Club, Choir, Sunshine Society. BLAKE, DANNY LEE: Technical Track, Band, Dixieland, Honor Choir, Pep Band, Steering Committee, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play, Prom Chairman, Megaphone, Spanish Club, Thespians, Art Club, Projection Club, Communications Club. BLANKENSHIP, CHARLES DAVID: Vocational Machine Shop Basketball, Track, Football, E-Men's. BOMERSBACK, ANN E.: Commercial BOZELL, WILLIAM: Technical Basketball, Track, Band, Varsitonians, Sr. Play, Megaphone, Student Council. BRADLEY, DENNIS LEE: Industrial Arts BRIGHT, LARRY ALLEN: Academic Basketball, Track, Football, E-Men's, Class Officer, French Club, Math Club. BURTON, PAULETTA SUE: Business CRESCENT, Cheerleader, Pep Committee, Homecoming Queen, Glee Club, Choir, Steering Committee, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play, Prom Co-chairman, Megaphone, Sunshine Society, Thespians, Student Council. CHASE, LYNN: Agriculture Football, E-Men's, F.F.A. CLARY, MICHAEL JOSEPH: Academic Basketball, Track, Tennis, Football, Spanish Club. CLINE, DANNY JOE: Technical Football. CLINE, LARRY: Technical Bowling. CLOUD, REBECCA JEAN: Business CRESCENT, Sunshine Society, Student Council. COLLINS, DIXIE: Business Booster Club, G.A.A., Megaphone, Sunshine Society, Art Club. COOPER, MARY ANN: Business CRESCENT (Section Editor), Band, Student Council. COURTNEY, JETTA SUE: Home Economics Booster Club, G.A.A., Speech Club, Art Club. COURTNEY, SAM RAY: Vocational Agriculture Track, Football, E-Men's, Jr. Play, Prom Committee Chairman, Speech Club, Student Council, F.F.A. COVERDALE, CATHY LYNN: Business CRESCENT, Choir. CROUSE, BONNIE RAYE: Business CRESCENT, Booster Club, Jr. Play, Prom Committee Chairman, Sunshine Society, French Club, Thespians. DAVENPORT, SANDRA JOAN: Academic CRESCENT, Booster Club, Glee Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Megaphone, Latin Club. DAVIS, PATRICIA KAY: Business DEETER, DONNA LOU: Business Booster Club, G.A.A., Sunshine Society, Art Club. DeHART, ANNA LEE: Home Economics Art Club. DENTON, TINA: Academic Booster Club, G.A.A., Glee Club, Sunshine Society, Latin Club. DETL1NG, ROBERT LEE: Academic Spanish Club, French Club. DOOLEY, PATRICIA ANN: Academic CRESCENT, Band, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play, French Club, Student Council. DURR, STEVE: Industrial Arts Baseball. EDWARDS, MARTHA JANE: Business Glee Club. ELLEDGE, DENNIS J.: Industrial Arts CRESCENT, Projection Club. ETCHISON, CAROLYN DIANN: Business CRESCENT, Booster Club, Glee Club, Sr. Play, Sunshine Society, Student Council. FLEENER, NINA MARIE: Business Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, National Honor Society. FOGERTY, TOM: Academic Basketball, Track, E-Men's, Senior Class Vice-President, Spanish Club, Steering Committee. FORTSON, GERALDINE LEE: Academic CRESCENT (Section Editor), Booster Club, Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Prom Committee Chairman, Megaphone, Sunshine Society, Latin Club, Art Club. FOWLER, RAYMOND ANTHONY: Industrial Arts. CRESCENT, Basketball, Tennis, Bowling, Choir, Latin Club, Student Council. GALLAPOO, DOTTY ANN: Home Economics G.A.A., Glee Club, Spanish Club. GARDNER, ALEX HENSON: Academic Basketball, Crosscountry, Football, E-Men's, French Club, Art Club, Projection Club. GILLUM, DONALD LEE: D.C.E. Bowling, Football (Fr.), Student Council. GOINS, KAREN JEANNINE: Business Glee Club. GRAHAM, THOMAS JOSEPH: Technical CRESCENT, Golf, Football (Fr.), E-Men's, Spanish Club. HAMPTON, KAREN GAYE: Academic CRESCENT, G.A.A., Band, Sr. Play, Latin Club, Student Council. HANCOCK, JERRY LEE: Industrial Arts Ushers. HANLIN, JAMES ROBERT: Business HARDEBECK, NANCY JANE: Business Booster Club, Choir, Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Prom Committee Chairman, Sunshine Society. HARDEBECK, NORMA JEAN: Business Booster Club, Pep Committee, Choir, Jr. Play, Sr. Play Cast, Sunshine Society. HARNEY, ESTEL EUGENE: Technical B-Team Basketball manager, E-Men's, Choir, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Latin Club, Student Council, Projection Club, Communications Club. HARNEY, JANALYN SUE: Business Glee Club. HARTING, JERRY JENNINGS: Industrial Arts Projection Club. HARTLEY, KAREN SUE: Business CRESCENT, Booster Club, Glee Club. HARTMAN, DELLINO VICTOR: Industrial Arts HASKETT, DAVID MAX: Academic CRESCENT, Choir, Senior Class President, Steering Committee, Sr. Play Cast, Prom Committee Chairman, Megaphone Editor, Latin Club, Student Council, National Honor Society. HESTER, JAMES: Industrial Arts HESTER, RITA JANE: Business CRESCENT, Booster Club, Choir, Sr. Play, Sunshine Society, Latin Club. HIGH, DONALD JOE: Industrial Arts Projection Club, Communications Club. HOCKER, JERRY KENT: Industrial Arts Basketball, Track, Football, E-Men's, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Student Council, Key Club. HOCKER, LARRY KEITH: Academic CRESCENT (Section Editor), Basketball (Fr.), Track, Football, Pep Committee, E-Men's, Steering Committee, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Cast, Latin Club, Student Council President, Key Club. HOLLINGSWORTH, GERALD: Academic CRESCENT, Tennis, Choir, Jr. Play, Spanish Club, French Club, Thespians, Student Council. HOWARD, PATRICIA IRENE: Academic HOWERTON, KENNETH PAUL: Industrial Arts Basketball (Fr.), Track (Fr.), Bowling, Choir. HUNTSINGER, LINDA SUE: Home Economics CRESCENT, Band, Sr. Play, French Club. HURST, STEPHEN CRAIG: Academic Basketball, Tennis, Football, E-Men's, Choir. JOHNSON, RALPH PHILLIP: Academic Steering Committee, Sr. Play Cast, Latin Club, Boys' Council. JOHNSTON, SAUNDRA LOUISE: Academic CRESCENT (Section Editor), Booster Club, G.A.A., Choir, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Megaphone, Sunshine Society, Latin Club, Student Council, National Honor Society. JOLLIFF, GARRY DEAN: Academic Baseball, French Club. JONES, RICHARD JOHN: General JUSTUS, GERALD P.: Academic CRESCENT, Basketball, Baseball, Track (Fr.), Cross Country, Tennis, Pep Committee, E-Men's, Spanish Club, Student Council. KELLY, CAROLYN SUE: Business CRESCENT, Booster Club, Choir, Jr. Play, Sunshine Society, French Club, Student Council. KIEFER, PATRICIA ANNE: Academic CRESCENT, Booster Club, Steering Committee, Sr. Play Cast, Latin Club. KISER, PATRICIA ARLENE: Academic CRESCENT, Booster Club, Majorette, Mega- 120CLASS OF 1962 phone, Sunshine Society, Latin Club, Thespians. KLEIN, RONALD: Technical Basketball, Track (Fr.), Tennis, Football, E-Men's, Junior Class President, Steering Committee, Prom Committee Chairman, Student Council, Sophomore Class Vice-President. KNOPP, SHARON DIANNE: Business Booster Club, Choir, Senior Class Treasurer, Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Student Council. KOONS, MARGARET ALICE: Business Booster Club, Glee Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play. KROGGEL, MICHAEL K.: Academic Choir, French Club. LAUDEMAN, JOHN WALTER: Academic CRESCENT Business Manager, Golf, Band, Varsitonians, Dixieland, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Cast, Spanish Club, Thespians. LEE, KAREN SUE: Business CRESCENT, Booster Club, Glee Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Sunshine Society, French Club, Student Council. LEHMAN, CHARLES E.: Technical LEWIS, CHERYL SUE: General CRESCENT, Booster Club, Choir, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Jr. Play, Sr. Play. LILLY, SHARON SUE: Academic CRESCENT, Head Varsity Cheerleader, Booster Club, Pep Committee, Band, Sophomore Class Secretary, Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Sr. Play Cast, Megaphone, Latin Club. LINDSAY, REGINALD SCOTT: Business Band, Choir, Jr. Play, Sr. Play Cast, Spanish Club, Speech Club, Projection Club, Communications Club. LOSER, CHARLES EARL: Academic Basketball, Track, Football, E-Men's, Choir, Sr. Play, Prom Committee Chairman, French Club, Speech Club. LYNAS, DIANA JEAN: Business Majorette, Glee Club. McCORKLE, CHERYL DIANA: Business Art Club. McCORKLE, HERSHEL A.: Vocational Machine Shop McINTYRE, LEROY: Agriculture F.F.A. McMASTERS, JOHN WILLIAM: Academic Band, Choir, Editor of School Newspaper, French Club, Speech Club, Debate, F.F.A. MARTY, JANE ANN: General CRESCENT, Homecoming Court, Band, Majorette, Prom Committee Chairman, French Club, Student Council. MEYER, CHARLES THOMAS: Academic Sr. Play, Prom Committee Chairman, Latin Club, Projection Club, Communications Club. MILLER, WYNN DIXON: Technical Bowling, Band, Varsitonians, Dixieland, Jr. Play Cast, Prom Committee Chairman, Latin Club, Student Council. MOORE, MARIA ELENA: Business Booster Club, Sunshine Society. MORRIS, MELLFORD A.: Academic CRESCENT, Golf, Football (Fr.), E-Men's, Band, Sr. Play, Megaphone, French Club. NANCE, RICHARD ALUEN: Industrial Arts Basketball, Track, Football. NEESE, BYRON LELAND: Industrial Arts NICHOLS, MARGARET LEE: Business CRESCENT, Glee Club, Jr. Play. NOONE, MARY FRANCES: Business CRESCENT, Booster Club, G.A.A., Glee Club, Sunshine Society, Student Council. OLDAG, KATHLEEN ANN: Academic CRESCENT, Cheerleader, Pep Committee, Booster Club, Homecoming Court, Track Queen, Steering Committee, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Cast, Megaphone, Latin Club, French Club, Thespians, Student Council. OSBORN, RICHARD E.: D.C.E. PATTON, KAREN ANN: Business Booster Club, G.A.A., Glee Club. PATTON, N. SUE: Business PEARSON, ROBERT L.: Industrial Arts Basketball, Track, Tennis, Football, E-Men's. PEDRO, JUDITH: Business Glee Club, Sunshine Society. POWELL, DAVID EARL: Technical Basketball (Fr.), Track (Fr.), Football, Spanish Club. POWERS, JOHN: Academic Spanish Club, Art Club, Projection Club, Communications Club. REYNOLDS, GLORIA JEAN: Business Booster Club, Glee Club, French Club. REYNOLDS, SANDRA SUE: Business CRESCENT, Booster Club, Sr. Play, Sunshine Society. RICHARDSON, LORETTA JUNE: Business CRESCENT, Booster Club, Glee Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Sunshine Society, Latin Club, Student Council. RIGGS, THOMAS D.: Business Ushers. ROBERTSON, ANN: Home Economics Band, Art Club. ROBINETTE, CHARLES FRANCIS: General Track, Cross Country, Bowling, E-Men's, Latin Club, Art Club, Key Club, Projection Club. ROBINETTE, TED A.: Industrial Arts FreshmanBasketball manager, Bowling, Football Manager. ROGERS, BUDDY RONALD: Industrial Arts Cross Country, Football (Fr.), Spanish Club. ROSS, SHARON LEE: Academic CRESCENT (SectionEditor), Band, Majorette, Junior Class Secretary, Steering Committee, Prom Committee Chairman, Megaphone, Latin Club. SANDERS, JANET: Home Economics Booster Club, Sunshine Society. SCEA, SUSAN WINIFRED: Academic CRESCENT, Booster Club, Homecoming Court, Senior Class Secretary, Steering Committee, Sr. Play Cast, Prom Committee Chairman, Megaphone, Latin Club, French Club, Student Council. SHULL, JESSE E.: Technical CRESCENT (Section Editor), Football (Fr.), Choir, Steering Committee, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Megaphone, Latin Club, Student Council. SMITH, KAREN SUE: Academic CRESCENT—Assistant Editor, Band, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Student Director, Prom Committee Chairman, Sunshine Society, Latin Club, Thespians, National Honor Society. SMITH, PAMELA MARIE: Business CRESCENT, Sunshine Society, Thespians, Student Council. SMITH, SUSAN: Business CRESCENT (Section Editor), Booster Club, Glee Club, Sr. Play, Megaphone, Sunshine Society. STANSBERRY, LINDA KAY: Business Glee Club, Sr. Play, Sunshine Society. STEWART, DAVID F.: Academic CRESCENT, Choir, Sr. Play, Spanish Club, Communications Club. STOKES, WILLIAM J.: Academic Bowling, Band, Varsitonians, Pep Band, Sr. Play, Megaphone, Key Club, Communications Club. STONE, EARLENE: Home Economics TAM, ROBINPAT: Academic CRESCENT (Section Editor), Homecoming Court, Band, Head Majorette, Junior Class Treasurer, Steering Committee, Sr. Play, Prom Co-Chairman, Megaphone, Latin Club, Student Council. TOWNER, RICHARD LEE: Industrial Arts Bowling, Football, Choir, F.F.A. TUCKER, DONALD L.: Technical Track (Fr.). TYNER, WILLIAM EARL: Business Bowling, E-Men's, Ushers, Art Club. UNDERWOOD, GLENN M.: Technical CRESCENT, Band, Varsitonians, Dixieland, Junior Class Vice-President, Steering Committee, Latin Club. USFO, DIANE: Academic CRESCENT, Cheerleader, Homecoming Court, Booster Club, Pep Committee, Majorette, Steering Committee, Jr. Play Cast, Prom Committee Chairman, Latin Club. WALKER, ANN: Academic CRESCENT, Booster Club, Glee Club, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Cast, Prom Committee Chairman, Latin Club, Student Council. WARE, KATHY: Home Economics CRESCENT, Booster Club, Majorette, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Sunshine Society. WEBB, GENE A.: Academic CRESCENT, Basketball (B-Team), Steering Committee, Sr. Play, Megaphone, Latin Club, Spanish Club. WESLEY, VERONA MARIE: Academic CRESCENT Editor, Booster Club, Glee Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Prom Committee Chairman, Latin Club, Thespians. WHEELER, RUSSELL TIM: Industrial Arts Steering Committee, Student Council. WILLIAMS, MICHAEL LEE: Academic Student Council, Projection Club, Communications Club, Sr. Play. WISLER, MEREDITH LEE: Academic CRESCENT (Section Editor), Choir, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Cast, Prom Committee Chairman, Megaphone, Latin Club, Thespians, Communications Club. WOOD, ALEDA ANN: Business Glee Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Student Council. WOOD, JAMES MADISON: Industrial Arts Bowling, Football (Fr.). WOOLUMS, VIRGINIA CAROL: Business Glee Club. WOOTEN, MARTHA: Home Economics Glee Club, Sunshine Society. YATES, EDWARD EUGENE: Academic Band, Pep Band, Student Council. 121s E M E N T SCRESCENT ADVERTISERS Abe’s Auto Sales Acme Auto Body Sam Aurelius Book Store Autoelectronics Baker Jackson Insur. Co. Baxter’s Record Shop Bryan’s Corner Bryan’s Discount Sales Camera Shop Central Hardware Central Indiana Gas Co. Central Paint Lumber Chase Motor Sales Citizens Bank City Creamery City Fish Poultry Market Clark’s Economy Service Clark’s Mortuary Coca-Cola Continental Can Co. Copher and Fesler Cox Super Market Crimans Insurance Agency DeHority and Son Del co Remy Worth Dellinger Agency Deter Printing Co. Dietzens R. L. Dooley Construction Co. Eagles, Fraternal Order of East Side Parts El wood Airport El wood Army-Navy Store El wood Bowl El wood Coal Fuel Co. El wood Federal Savings Elwood Paint Wallpaper Ex-Cell-0 Corporation Falvey's First National Bank Floor Store A Friend Goldsberry’s Flower Shop Green Monument Works Grinnell’s Guide Lamp Hammons Plumbing Harney Son Hinshaw's Drug Store Hocker’s Home Lumber Co. Hoosier Home Improvement Indiana Bell Telephone Inland Marine Jack's Grocery Bakery Johnson’s Apparel Shop King's Standard Service Klein’s Shoe Store Klumpp Wallpaper Paint Leathers Boat House Lee’s Marathon R. L. Leeson Sons Co. Lewis Rug Carpet Cleaners Lineback Market Lois’s Beauty Shop Love’s Floral Service R. C. McDaniel Mangas Cafeteria Annex Merle’s Texaco Monticeilo Manufacturing Co. Moore Chevrolet Sales G. C. Murphy Co. New Haven Drive-In Nick-Nack Lunch Orbaugh Sons Pace Electrical Service J. C. Penney Co. Reid’s Studio Reynolds Electric Co. Earl G. Rhodes, Jeweler Royal Garment Cleaners St. Clair Glass Seeger Automotive Supply J. Lewis Small Roy Smith Appliances Smith’s Jewelers Stevens Spring Co., Inc. Sutter’s Dairy Products Tam’s Rexall Drugs Town Country Beauty Shop Van’s Portrait Shop Ventoura Corporation Vest Cleaners Wells Bowling Lanes Wheeler’s View Point The Why Store Wickes Lumber Co. Wolf’s Motor Court Woodside’s Floral Shop F. W. Woolworth Co. Wright Cement Works York Funeral Service HINSHAW’S DRUG STORE “First of All a Drug Store” F ast Lunch Service Congratulations to CL ASS OF 962 HOOSIER HOME IMPROVEMENT CO., INC.STEVENS SPRING CO., INC. Manufacturers of Box Sofa and Innerspring Construction 201 North 20th Elwood, Indiana BEST WISHES TO EACH OF YOU CLASS OF ’62 “Home of the Teen-Age Dance” ELWOOD AERIE, NO. 201 FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES Congratulations to the CLASS OF ’62 ELWOOD PAINT AND WALLPAPER Paint, N allpaper, Art Material 120 S. Anderson Street FE 2-2532 Where Price Tells and Quality Sells Shop COX SUPER MARKET A FRIEND Alexaadria IndianaMain and Anderson Streets Elwood Indiana Jack and George Mangas MANGAS CAFETERIA AND ANNEX Congratulations Class of 1962 Here's hoping that your fondest ambitions are realized and as you progress through the trials and tribulations of life, may health and happiness be your constant companions.KING’S STANDARD SERVICE 24 Hour Service Jet. 13 37 Phone FE 2-9015 Elwood, Indiana Printing A Complete Printing Service Letterpress Offset Compliments of Office Forms, Stationery Booklets, Magazines Advertising Circulars Brochures—Weddings DETER PRINTING CONTINENTAL CAN COMPANY FE 2-5451 1827 North B St. Elwood, Ind. COMPANY Elwood IndianaFor Ice Cream Treats That Are Fine, Stop at CITY CREAMERY, Everytime! CITY CREAMERY Dial FE 2-3801 Milk—Ice Cream—Butter Eggs Congratulations Class of ’62 ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS Elwood’s Largest Financial Institution 115 So. Anderson St. Phone FE 2-7381 Elwood IndianaYORK FUNERAL SERVICE SAM AURELIUS BOOK STORE We too Are Celebrating Our 62nd Year DE HORITY SON Next to E.H.S. FE 2-5553 Opposite P.0. FE 2-3344 Insurance of All Kinds ORBAUGH SONS 1504 No. B. St. FE 2-3363 Donna Orbaugh smiles after solo flight. WOODSIDE’S FLORAL SHOP Flowers for All Occasions 1352 So. D St. FE 2-6572 Congratulations from ELWOOD AIRPORT State Road 37 and 13 Phone FE 2-6142 Compliments °f ELWOOD ARMY-NAVY STORETHE CITIZENS BANK COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE “Serving More People Every Day” MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE Corner of Soutli A and Anderson Streets Elwood, Indiana Phone FE 2-3367LOIS’S BEAUTY SHOP 201 No. 5th Street Elwood Ind. FE 2-2852 LEATHERS BOAT HOUSE Johnson Sea-Horse Motors Boats—Trailers Marine Accessories Phone FE 2-5162 1823 No. A Elwood, Ind. Compliments of G. C. MURPHY CO. ELWOOD COAL FUEL COMPANY Home of Quality Coals and Arehart Roofing Service The Best Buy ... at the Why THE WHY STORE MARTIN BLUMENTHAL, MGR. Elwood Indiana VAN’S PORTRAIT SHOP Home Owned and Operated Good Luck, Kids! THELMA-OWNER BAXTER’S RECORD SHOP Record Players Popular Records Stereo L.P.’s 2032 So. J Elwood, Indiana “When a Smile is Worthwhile” YOUR SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER THE REID BROTHERSHAMMONS PLUMBING AND HEATING 112 No. Anderson Elwood, Indiana FE 2-5701 Nile FE 2-3231 KLUMPP Wallpaper and Paint Store Phone FE 2-2242 Elwood Indiana Congratulations Class of ’62 CLARK’S MORTUARY 211 So. Anderson St. Elwood Indiana Compliments °f THE FLOOR STORE 2122 Main St. Elwood Indiana Congratulations to the Class of ’62 WOLF’S MOTOR COURT Your Best Buy CENTRAL HARDWARE A Safe Place to Shop FE 2-5231 RIGHT GOODS AT RIGHT PRICES Best Wishes to the Class of’62 TAM’S REXALL DRUGSRefreshing remembrance Bottled under authority of The Coca-Cola Company by COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS Elwood, IndianaSUTTER’S QUALITY CHECKED DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone FE 2-2922 515 North Anderson Street Compliments of JOHNSON’S APPAREL SHOP LEWIS RUG CARPET CLEANERS Cleaner Rugs Make Healthier Homes T. LEWIS, JR., PROP. 2733 E. Main St. FE 2-6221 SMITHS JEWELERS TEEN ACCOUNTS FINE DIAMONDS WATCHES APPLIANCES 117 So. Anderson Elwood, Ind. Compliments of ROYAL GARMENT CLEANERS GREEN MONUMENT WORKS One Mile East on State Road 28 MARKERS-MONUMENTS-MAUSOLEUMS Before Purchasing a Monument, See Our Display ARTISTIC CEMETERY MEMORIALSTHE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ELWOOD Jane Marty, Mell Morris, and Ann Walker are seen making their regular deposits at the First National Bank where their parents are employed. Karen Dooley, a Willkie alumna, is taking their deposits. THE ONLY NATIONAL RANK IN MADISON COUNTY 1506 South A Street Phone FE 2-7336Pauletta Burton John Laudeman are Well Pleased with the Service they receive at Vest Cleaners. VEST CLEANERS 1516 Main Street Elwood, Indiana Flowers . . . the Added Touch of Perfection GOLDSBERRY’S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions Phone Elwood FE 2-2214 Compliments to the Class of 62 ACME AUTO BODY Elwood Indiana Best Wishes to the Class of “62” NEW HAVEN DRIVE-IN 405 No. Anderson Elwood, Ind. Compliments of CLARK’S ECONOMY SERVICE 1901 So. “A” St. Elwood, Ind. Come Out and See Your Friends at WELLS BOWLING LANES State Road 37 Elwood IndianafOOTBUI BILL DALEURE’S TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOP FE 2-6272 412 So. Anderson Elwood, Indiana F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY 208 So. Anderson Elwood Congratulations, Seniors NICK-NACK LUNCH GOOD FOOD 1527 South A Street Elwood Phone FE 2-9060 WHEELER’S VIEW POINT WORTH DELLINGER, AGENCY Auto—Fire—Casualty—Insurance 109 S. 16th St. FE 2-5212 Elwood, Indiana LOVE’S FLORAL SERVICE Flowers for All Occasions Compliments of CHASE MOTOR SALES 517 No. Anderson Elwood, Ind. Compliments Where You Get More for Less R. L. LEESON AND SONS COMPANY Serve Holsum with Every Meal Baked by DIETZEN’S WICKES LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALSHOME LUMBER COMPANY 1911 South B Street FESLER Elwood, Ind. FE 2-6821 415 S. Anderson Elwood, Ind. Arthur E. Bell—John M. Rutledge Genuine Eisenberg Ice The Original Eisenbergs at Very Reasonable Prices Beautiful Aurora Borealis Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets Congratulations from MONTICELLO Fine China by Lenox, Franconia, Castleton, Syracuse Franciscan Fostoria and Imperial Crystal MANUFACTURING All Famous Makes of Sterling EARL G. RHODES CORPORATION JEWELER Elwood Indiana TIPTON-ELWOOD-ALEXANDRIADOOLEYVILLE R. L. DOOLEY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 1900 South Anderson Street Go National! Elwood, Indiana COMPLIMENTS OF EASTSIDE PARTS WHOLESALE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS State Road 28 East Elwood, IndianaCompliments of ST. CLAIR GLASS Compliments of SEEGER AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY FE 2-7387 1112 South 16th Street Congratulations to the Class of’62 REYNOLDS ELECTRIC CO. 12 Chamness Avenue Elwood Indiana Congratulations to the Class of 62 408 North 5th Street Elwood Indiana LEE’S MARATHON Congratulations CITY FISH AND POULTRY MARKET 1419 Main CRIMANS INSURANCE AGENCY C ongratulations from FE 2-5482 1301 Main Elwood, Ind. THE CAMERA SHOP Color Headquarters 408 So. Anderson St. FE 2-2243 Dry Goods r. c. McDaniel Clothing Footwear GAYLE, HERB, AND BUDDY KLEIN'S SHOE STORE Compliments of LINEBACK MARKET Elwood IndianaABE’S AUTO SALES NEW AND USED CARS AND TRUCKS State Road 28 East Elwood, Indiana JOHN W. MOORE CHEVROLET SALES Congratulations WRIGHT CEMENT WORKS Chevrolet—Olds mobile—Cadillac Extend Best Wishes to the Class of’62 300 South 18th Street Compliments of 1616 South A St. Ph. FE 2-7348 Elwood, Indiana BAKER AND JACKSON INSURANCE CO. 208 South 16 St. Elwood, IndianaBRYAN’S CORNER 1535 East Main Good Food—Pleasant Surroundings, Courteous Service Parents and Adults Welcome A Good Place for Teenagers to Relax! Under Strict Management! DOROTHY BRYAN-OWNER BUYER’S DISCOUNT SALES 315 South Anderson “Quality Furniture, Appliances, Carpeting, TV’s—at Below Discount Prices” Early American—Traditional—Modern Custom-made Furniture at No Additional Price! REX BRYAN-DOROTHY BRYANElwood Indiana EX-CELL-O CORPORATION "To be universal, education must be free," John Adams said. "The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and be willing to bear the expense of it."BOY SMITH APPLIANCES l i m'i.m o ;ki-: maytac iioovkh Mens I K 2-6772 I1',I wood, Ind. JACK’S GROCERY AND BAKERY PE 2034 Main Street Elwoed, Indiana CRINNELL’S A ODOR I INI', OK TOYS HARNEY A SON ELECTRICAL SERVICE 2000 No. 0 St, Elwood, Indiana PE 2 7t 0r CENTRAL PAINT AND LUMBER CO., INC. FI V Nitwit IfcdiiaifcA Shop at FALVEY’S for the Brand Names You Known Best. I.evis Curlee Hickok Belts Arrow Shirts Alligator Cooper Jockey Catalina llaggar Jerks Socks Wishing Success for All Members of the Class of’62 HOCKER’S North J and 14th Compliments to the Class of 62 AUTOELECTRONICS, INC. Q4«8 North 19th Elwood Indiana PACE ELECTRICAL SERVICE Corner of So. B and 16th Elwood, Indiana MERLE’S TEXACO “ !«pmss Atoto nine High School Ptowwe FE 2-9©4T 1613 Main St. OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED FOR INQUIRING MINDS There has never been a time when researchers were not shaping the lives of men. The wheel, the lever, the automobile and the space ship were all equally dependent on the inquiring mind. Progress expands with research. ■ Here at Delco-Remy, for example, our research interest was largely concentrated on automotive applications a generation ago. We could have contented ourselves with just making better starting, lighting and ignition systems. ■ But what we wanted to do was provide electrical energy for the needs of motion—all kinds of motion. At our luncheon tables these days, the conversation is likely to swing from semiconductors and transistor ignition systems to new devices for missile control or electrical power supplies for outer space. ■ We have a new ultra-modern research and engineering building nearing completion. In it, our scientists and engineers will find the most favorable environment possible for imaginative research. ■ What are the rewards of a scientific career? The opportunities are virtually unlimited. But there’s something else equally important, we think. It’s the tremendous satisfaction to be derived from contributing to human progress. ■ If you have an inquiring mind, it's a FROM THE HIGHWAY TO THE STARS Division of General Motors • Anderson, Indiana7 7 THE GOED CREST Congratulations to the Class of 62 Eiwood VENTOURA CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 HOOSIER HOME IMPROVEMENT CO., INC. Multiple inspection is required on all our jewelry. J. LEWIS SMALL CO., INC. - - - MANUFACTURING JEWELERS NOW-here in Eiwood are made the most beautiful class rings in America. Guaranteed Quality-Local Service-Factory to You PricesCENTRAL INDIANA Congratulations to the Class of ’62 GAS COMPANY JACK AND WUANITA WRIGHT FE 2-7323 ELWOOD ELWOOD BOWL 1529 South A Street INDIANA Elwood, Indiana RELIABLE AUTOMOTIVE LIGHTING SYSTEMS Guide-Matic Power Headlight Control Safety Aim Headlamps GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORP. ANDERSON, INDIANAACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The members of the 1962 Crescent Staff would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have helped make this yearbook possible. Among these are Mr. Phil Byers, American Yearbook Company District representatives Mr. Jim Reid and Reid's Studio of Muncie; and Mrs. Chapman, our understanding sponsor. We are also grateful to the businessmen for their financial help. Thanks go to the student body and faculty for their fine cooperation by contributing helpful facts and suggestions. All of you have helped produce the 1962 Crescent. 1962 CRESCENT STAFF Sponsor ......... Editor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor. Business Manager Photographers Mary Ann Cooper Geraldine Fortson Larry Hocker Saundra Johnston. .....................Mrs . Hilda Chapman ........................Verona Wesley ..............................Sue Smith ........................John Laudeman ..............Nick Wolff and Jim Burwell SECTION EDITORS ...........................Sharon Ross .............................Jesse Shull .............................Susan Smith .............................Robin Tam Meredith Wisler 148 - 

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