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.. , Q . . A '...e,.wd4.i, 44.44411-:Annum QL-fl? jgggfkl f' CRESCENT Wendell L. Willkie High gSchooI Elwood, Indiana 35 " f" ' -nv a g-'W -- --r - f---- f , . 1 Y. - . ., , ' in N, Y A V, - W 5 ,gf-af . df . 1 A 'YQ J ' '91 I 9 5 I fi 'Y 15, ,. V K . V YS ,M 5 x gag X . qi if 1 . ,q N' 4Il""n... Wm T' s ,lm , v M v-5. ..,,.. K- A ,V , W- A g., 'f-Zz:-3-'N-..., ll 5 -' 'T IT V' 4 ll ll ll ll " 'FS' f Q-1 H ---L.. V-5--1 DAWN OF A NEW ERA... . . . for the nation . . . . . for the school . . . . . for the students S 1959 Found Man on the Threshold of Cl New Age The school year 1958-59 was indeed the Dawn of a New Era. The seniors were leaving behind one of the most memorable eras of their lives. The underelassmen were also leaving behind the old and embarking upon a vast new adventure. In the world it was a time of trouble and conflict. The world was on a volcano that was threat- ening to erupt. The United Na- tions worked overtime to avert a third world war. The world was also on the threshold of space. After a series of failures, so many satellites were launched that space re- sembled a California freeway. but Still Plagued by the Same Age-old Questions. In the school, amid the joy and laughter, there were to be heard some dissenting moans. The reasons were Clear: homerooms and studyhalls were dropped, students were required to take five subjects, graduation requirements were raised. and, most important of all, the girls had suddenly dis- appeared into dresses appropriately Called"s:1Cl4s." But most ofthe seniors eouldn't help but think with misgivings that this was their last year. It seemed as if every time they turned around the thought occurred to them that this would be the last time they would be doing whatever they happened to be doing--the last football or basketball game, the last band Concert, even the last "Good morning, folks!" AQDIIWW l non XUDBHOM HLSIINJ M li ii Wlllkle Students, on the Threshold of Maturity Wonder But behool waQ predomrmntly a ttme of happrneef und these thought and mu grvrng drdn t last long There were too m rm Tlllllgs ro do d tneeb buketbill glIUC5 football gameb actrvltreb and homework whrch wa ubually hard but verv neeesmry There were all the brghts and soundb of Qchool lrfe the colorful clre e on lovely grrlb the flw lung baton of hrgh ilk pprng majorettw the beautrfullydccorated car on a crrep autumn dwy that was Home eomrng There was the Pernther Bwnd whrch even wrth new BOUIICIIDIOOT-lllg rn rts practtce room bull mwde rt hard to take a rect whrle rt wat rehearsrng Then there were the boundb of bangrng lockers and norsy cheer ful vorceb rn the hallb and the tradrtronal warnrng to vmtors If a bell rrngb whrle you re rn the hullb he flat agzunbt the wrll or you ll be trampled' If Theirs Wlll Be the Generahon to Fund the Answer But for all the remrnracrng there war a great deal of lookrng forward alfo There were plane of college posslble marrrage and for the boys a mllrtary obhgatron For all the thmgs that had been done the last trme there were many more thrngb to be done for the frrst mme There were wonderful Ih1llgS waltrng to be done rn every freld of human experrence Indeed lt wsu the Dawn of a New Era Ill our lrvea and the brudenrs at Wendell L Wrllkle Hrgh School armed Wllh the knowledge and ex perrences garned there were wr mg and eager to take part rn ll ' for f ' , , 'll- 7 Q W .,..,M1-1 .5 3 -f H .44 Q S 'pa v-'S 'va 'lf L ' r Swag f ff. ' . 5-. ry 3 'ELL 5 I . K Q? V Q f, I i i . '71 K X' W itfxa T W wf-giigvn , 'fs llj, f, Q F25 , 1 f, , Q" .fjf 2 3' Z7 fy j"j ' 1 ' hui v 'gag ff! 5-.QW '."'9' v" 1 Q5-sg ' x fl fg r XY K fe. x I if Vi, W, :il Z . 4 L. 'V 53,1 fl , I' -3 X 3 - I N "eff 7 Q fwg - .. . X ,rf ' " ' 'nan J Q33 7 rmmd' 'NW T pu "1 x "' M A N 'K V' J ' 'Q , ,af VW-- A if' M QQ ' ,V if 7, ' -Q - Mx. FROM SACK TO SATELLITE A Events of 1959 Included: Plays, Dances, and Concerts Before Clcassfime at Willkie High: School days are filled with so many seemingly meaningless happenings which add to school life and give each day a true depth. Big events, such as the prom and homecoming, will always be remembered through pictures and souvenirs, but the in- significant incidents are more readily for- gotten. Some things we do remember. We re- call pizza parties, cutting up in class, and occasionally talking seriously with other teen-agers or adults about the problems ofgrowing up. We remember piling in an over-loaded jalopy for a blessed ride home and, ofcourse, we remember studying. Report cards had a way of sneaking up at the least expected times. One of our auditorium program speakers, Mike Sumner,pi-epares to show a film on his trip around the world in 1956. The freshman, having previously prepared his lesson, The sophomore catches up on that last minute read- sits quietly. in 2" xx. In vi, and Also Themes, Cards, Tests, and Teen-age Crushes. Most of all we remember our friends-- the teen-agers with whom we have grown up. Though we may wander separate ways later on in life--sometimes never to meet again--we will not forget each other. Where there are teen-agers, there are puppy loves, and this is true at EHS. Some of these will go astrayg yet others will not. They will grow as we grow. These are valuable times. They are times we will treasure always. In order to remember them better they are being re- corded here in this, our own memory book, for us to look at and reminisce in the years to com e. Loyal Elwood fans back their beloved Panthers to the last Cheer or rear. Ar' I The senior--well. the senior has other things on his Juniors would rather talk than study on lessons. mind. 'T- A Spectacular Parade, a Lovely Queen, and a Dreamy Dance P etty Elleen for Home-comrng Queen was a ream come true for the Jumors as Mlss Elleen Plummer was crowned Queen of 1958 by Mlss Barbara Klem Homecomrng rs a mag1cal word that rnstantly Thrs year s Hornecomrng was no exceptron The brrngs to mlnd wrsrons of a cusp autumn afternoon weather was beautrful and whrle the mlghty Panthers colorful floats sparklrng bands football and beau bowed to a tough Tlpton squad by the score of 13 6 trful candldates for Homecomrng Queen And of for Elwood s flrst Homecomrng loss there was foot course the alumm return home to renew old frrend ball good enough to please any fan shrps Reglna Means Queen was the cry of the sopho Lovely Mlss Judy Hartlng was the popular Senror mores for Mrss Regma L1tsey candldate W..-Of' 12 f , 1 'I x i S V 734 1 I 7 ..fg L' ' ',..f ' if if 1 5 ll' A Y ,Q 1 I . v ' A 1 an K Nl' t N, J an IV' tidy. .vu il! KA V , U - Y -v , so Kel: ll r ' I ' ll d ' ' ' ' ' ' ll ' VI - 4' Were Shaclowed by Our First Homecommg Loss xx u NA.. . ' Smasgg awe ry .s-gmw""""' as Wt 55' fs M QHHR-,..qw We 21 tv -rg! as Q E fa is E my assign Vai 33321 rem. wg rf 5 img Sheddrng tears of Joy Queen E1leen smrles happlly Wlth her crown, trophy and regal robe as the Panther Band escorts her rn the Queen s Parade The beautlful grrls were also l.1'l ev1dence After a closely contested campargn Mlss Elleen Plummer was crowned as Homecommg Queen Her court was made up of equally charmrng and lovely gtrls Mrss Judy Hartrng senror candrdate MISS Regrna Lrtsey sophomore and Mlss Robrnpat Tam freshman The class of '62 chose MISS Robrnpat Tam as 1 Homecommg cand1date To add the frnal touches to an almost perfectday there was the annual Homecomrng Dance It brought to a close a day that was fllled wtth those wonderful experrences that would be remembered as a part of Homecomrng 1958 rrst The Queen of '57, Mrss Barbara Klem, IS seated after crownrng Erleen 13 O l ' V4- q .N - 'P in K k A Ms, ,,:. , M-W...-,., .- ..,. ,, .-.fs K . g, QU-fj'f,VQ.,.' f K. -'K H ,- ' ' - k,t.. ' .- . Z.. r ,wifi ' V QPR- ' -- ,ss ' . 1 . y -, - f .V ,. 1 " , ., . 3g,g15gggz r,L y . V Am.. .. : -,FY-1'?3f?.?M1f2rJP,fQ,, Us l.:,'.5sr'mi5Z' Y' lrsfa- ,'b'ffs ' -. 7. .V ' .-v- , -V I . VN" . : ' -. . " . V, s.. fs fm,'1,,RQgg'f5,ug ., " A' : . ,. . A . , 'ws .. ' . ,. - I A 7 i - 1 , . , I Y 1 ' ' 1 , . .I ... ' y . at V. , 3. ' Q 1 -' ' W- f , Q gp 4 L - .- . , H ,,-' - , . . .a.js'- . 1 - - 156' ,, ,i . ' Q r 'Vt -. pea YQ U1 li -IRAS.: rg Y: mf Q P I .2 gil Dave Small and Jon King give last minute instructions before the big race. Sadie Hawkins Day ls D-Day for Senior Boys Sadie Hawkins's Day is an annual event planned by the senior class and based on the newspaper cartoon of Li'l Abner. At the sound of a gun the boys scattered over the Panther Den. At the second gun the girls gave chase. No holds were barred as the girls often formed gangs to drag the boys across the victory stripe. Once across the line, the boys were pledged to "marry" their captors. The boys didn't mind though as they quickly bought kissing licenses. Each year a member of the junior class is chosen to be Marryin' Sam. Jon King was the culprit all of the boys were after this year. The girls close in for the cap- Sponsor Ross Sharp gave the girls a John Waymire vainly pleads for ture of an unlucky male. hand by carrying a reluctant male. his freedom before Marryin' Sam. F ? 1- gfgjwaa ' 1 .rig ei Tragedy strikes the Maxwell home, as Steve Fettig retums from school sporting a black eye. And the Senior Play ls Entertainment for Everyone. The Senior Class Play, "Dear Diary," was based Much work goes into the presentation ofa play. on the Clay dreams of an overly imaginative, but other- but the enjoyment gathered from such an experience wise typical, teen-ager. greatly outweighs the work. Sharon Wilburn makes up Sherry Frazier before the first perform- Steve Fettig and Chris Pantos are a Ted Schuck and Jerry McCoy ance of the play. mischievous pair in the play, tangle during rehearsal. IV! I1"""EF The New Semester Brought a Wmter Fantasy, Nw hlle the cold wtnds blew and the whlte snow swtrled outsrde the Panther Den on January 22 lxrllkre Hrgh students danced rn a somewhat warmer Wrnter Fantasy Members of the Cres cent staff d1d not have to decorate too much to create the feelrng of wrnter as students had to brave a severe Indrana wrnter to attend the dance A queen rergned over XVUIIC1' Fantasy The tradrtronally sentor court nomrnated by the crvtcs classes rncluded Mrsses Annre Orbaugh Alrce Swackhamer SandyRob1son Esteleen Arnold Sherry Beasley and Mary Combs Everyone attendrng the dance was elrgtble to cast a vote for hrs favorrte candrdate After the votes were counted the Wrllkle Htgh Combo played a fanfare as B111 Mosbaugh Cres cent sports edrtor crowned pretty Mrss Sherry Beasley 1959 Crescent Snow Queen Dancers swrrled to the musrc of the Wlllkle I-hgh Combo Queen Sherry srmles happrly as her court looks on The Snow Court consrsted of Mary Combs, Anme Or baugh Ahce Swackhamer, Esteleen Arnold, and Sandy Roblson 16 if ' 77 J. . . . 1 .1 . 11 - .1 . 11 1 I I . Y . 1 1 1 1 - Y I - 1 , . Last night my team went down so narrowly When I had thought that we would have won so easily Indeed I dreamed of a length of swift successes Glorifred by fabulous play and htgh heroics But then of a sudden it was over And we were out eliminated fawful wordlj I was held fast in the cold arms of defeat T11 hardly could I breathe The victor s shouts and laughter like lashes Whipped the raw flesh of my misery Mockrng dending exultmg Indeed I wished that I were dead I sought the sanctuary the cloak of night Even the stars looked down to mock my awful shame And I wished again that I were dead Someone to soften and console with arm about my shoulder said We ll show them all next year But next year is so very far away By then I could be dead I hoped I would be dead That all that was yesterday This morning I awoke to the barking of my dog Cavorting about my bed He was as glad to see me as before Sensed not the bitterness of my defeat Outside my window a new bird of spring Shrilled out his ancient song of Joy The sun rode up the sky dignified and serene Warming alike the winners and the losers And I was glad I was ahve C tg" 4i.,fi'72J,f,f' and o Heart breaking Sectional Loss to Pendleton. The backing of the fans plays an important role in sectional crowns. This year Elwood was unde- feated in spirit. During Red and Blue Week students such as Janie Bykowski and Jane Marty decorated the halls and rooms. The Panthers lost a heart-breaking overtime game to Pendleton in El- wood's first game. But all of Elwood was immensely proud of their Panthers. Just a Buck Brought a Panther Band Spectacular, Wrth a roll of drums and a clash of cymbals th curtarn swung back on the 1958 Panther Band Varrety Show the f1rst of rts krnd to be held rn Elwood No one among the 2 800 people who saw the Vane tres could rmagrne how much work had gone rnto rt Plans for the show were drawn up rn December and every one had been workrng hard srnce then But the crowd drd know that what rt saw was worth far more than the buck admtssron prrce Show -stopprng acts were the Drxreland Flve the trombone sectton s Shoutrn Lrza Trombone Mr Brugger s Srxteen Tons Ann Krncard s Spotlrght on the Plano and the foutme PY the Wlukle Malofettes The Panther Band had two guest performers Mrss Trudy Land captured the hearts of her audrence Lrttle Selrta Sue Smrth natronal s1x year old twrrlmg champ was outstandrng Elwood and W1llk1e Hrgh were certarnly proud of the Panther Band and the Band Parents that ntght Lovely D1ane Etchrson was accompamed by the Wrllklettes Pretty Trudy Land of Wmdfall thrrlled the audrence wrth her The Feature Twrrlers krcked up a Ann K1HC31d was outstandmg rn srngrng Redskm Ramble Spothght on the Pran ' 18 L i l 7 . , e The finale of the Varieties was the "Gay Nineties" beautiful backlight effects- - - . ll ' .Il u - f O 1 Q I and Half-ca-Buck Brought o Terrific Junior Class Play Mr Donald Brown drrects a tense scene durrng the dress rehearsal l 1 sf' M mi 9 it, 'sgukigh X Everythlng went wrong when the Albrrghts trred to entertarn Stephen Dunberry Entitled "Susan Steps Out," the junior class play was presented to the public on April 24, 1958. The story revolved around a teen -age girl Susan Al- bnght who decrded that havrng Just moved to Hammondvrlle rt was hlgh nme somethlng was done to make her famrly known She decrded that the best way to accomphsh thrs was to rarse the money for a new gymnasium To do thrs she wrote to an eccentnc but wealthy old man Stephen Dunberry who l1ved rn Hammondvrlle as a youth To the sur prrse of everyone he promptly sent a check to pay for the new gym Then he changed hrs mrnd cancelled the check and decrded to v1s1t Susan and her fam rly srnce rt turned out they hved rn hrs boyhood home The results were enought to keep everyone laughrng Members of the cast were Ann Orbaugh Jerry Mc Coy Judy Hartrng Ted Schuck Judy Barber Mary Jo Brown Dave Small Lors Bohlander Brll Hobson Darlene Rodgers Esteleen Arnold and Chrrs Pantos Mary Jo Brown trres to console The make up commrttee worked B111 Hobson after he fell 1n a Judy Hartrng srghs as she hears overtrme preparrng the cast for water tank another rdea of Ann Orbaugh the play Y 19 5 I . U :ga fa: T . ' ' Y , - I . I I I I I . I l I A , . - . si sk I k . o , , Y , A it f w. , T T A if 4' " X r, . s'f- , - f: - rf. 'We . ,, '4 " .-1 e- 2 ' A , slsi 5 siir ,I '15 K 5 f H y' X ggi, gf? o fi 35:1 T f B f M' X '5 5 Q ,Hi 'fs at i . ' 1 1. w.......i but the Highlight of the Year Is the Prom -if The hrghlxght oi the evenlng was the crownmg of the queen MISS Brenda Johnson by the Junlor Class Treasurer Jerry Elledge The plannlng and preparation of a Prom rs a The Panther Den was transformed tnto a castle tremendous task After hecttc weeks of seemrngly ball room ustng the colors of blue and sllver The endless work the efforts of the Class of 59 were north end was decorated wrth roses whtle the south rewarded end had a prcture of Ctnderella Weeks of hard work went 1nto the 58 Prom Dlck Spltzmesser and Ted Shuck were just a few who When the blg mght flnally arrlved everyone was worked on lt entranced as they danced ln a castle fantasy ,a--"' 20 T 3 ' T V . 2 , MK 3 y Q T ll 4 K A - t,t, ' I ls 3 A . - K: and Some Enchanted Evening Wlll Never Be Forgotten 'i An Enchanting Queen reigned over Some Enchanted Evening Queen Brenda with escort David Sigler and her court, IS enthralled As the evening progressed time drew near for the Johnson escorted by David Sigler was crowned by Junior Class Treasurer Jerry Elledge Carefully selected gifts were presented to Queen Brenda by the Junior Class Dancers swlrled to the music of Tom Moyarity and hrs band When the clock struck twelve the castle suddenly the Country Club May 16 1958 is an evening to be long remem bered by all who attended the 1958 Prom for an Enchanted Evening Terry Small was one of many who attended the service clubs' smorgasbord at the Country Club after the Prom 21 ii ' 15 ' O 4 f X 'E Q , jp ttts J 1958 Prom Queen to be crowned. Lovely Miss Brenda grew quiet as the visitors went to' the smorgasbord at 90 . t,sr ,, ,M 'if . 'A lisa-L Q., A R251 Room 5 4 .f Q2 Wi 2 , A , , 1 -u + f V J' KM M 'v 1 X: K . if. . Q! V M- n A mill. A P, L ? K 'ia 3 3' 'Q 95 eo- A X I .. is I Y ...ur I Em gg -gill? 1 gg? 1 J . gigs x X . 5' 1 X N N gxxL'Hh:Xnm, x.k I w 'lr' X' "MII wlmfis .ii 'x':.,:'l.1F Q , x X x K , N. ' 7' A " . x M.. x sql 5 2 THEY'RE YES ,mi .... OUR PANTHERS - SIR! """""""'w . . F MW! A . ., - 2 e,Q,,f:v M T""'2H 4 iz- 5, xg 4 an V 5 ' " , 1.-WW ff Ram P, 173,85 .iW,fH..j5N. .,V , Q , , ,ma , fe, ,K,, K rzmmh Nkwdkwik I , I W MM is A fy ,K f K5 , .. --" A' 'ww +I-M:L"1gQ'5Pa f 'I ' ..,, M he .wfg, .. 1 az. 'T2f7'Vm3LV'.f+?3i5?i1fi bL ' 7 A j Z 7' ,,.,, .W 5 1' jriiifu Y E I ,V V: W "wr 7 f- W ww if A ay Vw ' 1 j?3?,,fL.,ff ff ,J-if + W if if ff' vy . maj? H e' Elf? 3Ew1z,hf H if " Q ff Y if "Let's go, Elwood!" is a cry that has echoed throughout the state, While the Mighty Panthers were racking up victory after victory, the "Two S's Plus Two J's" were busy giving the boys the support they needed. Dressed in white sweaters with sharp "Pan- ther-E's" and red and blue skirts, the girls led the Booster Club in brand new yells, like "Give Me the Beat!" and "Team, Team, Rah Rah, Team." The girls did more than just lead cheersg they also decorated hoops for the team to enter through and entertained visiting cheerleaders at halftime. It will be hard to replace Sherry and Sheila, but with Joyce and Jeanine back next year Elwood will continue to be known for its fighting spirit. Cries of Victory from Our Four Cheerleaders Gathering around "Big Blackie," the Panther mascot, are the varsity cheerleaders, Sherry Beasley, head, Joyce Morris, Jeanine Lightfoot, and Sheila Hevron. A cheerleader s work never ends. The girls must make up new yells and motions, keep the spirit high among adult as well as student fans, and do other things that are a part of victory. For the first game of the basketball season the cheerleaders made this hoop to send the team on its way to a successful season. and Famous Boosters Echo Throughout the State. Wilkie I-ligh's Booster Club proudly shows off its red sweaters, white col- lars, and blue E's. "After the season they give the team a testimonial dinner. I think they should give a dinner to the Booster club too. As hard as those girls work for the team, they de- serve some special recognition." This was the opinion of a typi- cal adult fan concerning Elwood's famous cheer block. The fan said this after the New Castle game when the Booster Club had backed the team through trying moments to a great upset victory. The Booster Club is an inte- gral part in the success of the Panthers. The one -hundred girls seem to yell loudest when Elwood is behind. Visiting fans are always de- lighted at the sharp way the Boosters spell out their name. At the Holiday Tourney the girls spelled out "Happy New Year" with flashlights in the darkened gYm- Wherever the Panthers are, there, too, is the Booster Club. These candid pictures were taken during the Holiday Toumey and are typical of the support which the Booster Club gives the Mighty Panthers. What Would We Do Without Those Thrlllmg Pep Sessions, PEP COMMITTEE FIRST ROW Joyce Morris Joyce Rominger, Sheila I-Ievron, Jeanine Lightfoot Sharon Hasecuster and Sherry Beasley SECOND ROW Joe Bilby B111 Mosbaugh Jerry McCoy, and Coach Mc Nulty Pep is virtually the backbone of a school School dents together despite their difficulties and disagree ments The Pep Committee s duty is to keep this pep ahve This spark of life backs the EHS athletes student body peppy and enthusiastic however Happy Panther fans clap their hands over the Komeback Kids at a pep session an .hu O O O O J 1 . y . . . . , 1 ' : 1 2 ' spirit gives a school its character and holds the stu- It has proved a difficult job to keep the entire Z ' 'x ' - 28 and the Open House and Has Been Wlll Be Games? The B team cheerleaders, Carole Robertson, Joyce Romrnger head and Erleen Plummer put rn many hours of after school practrce Therr experlence usually enables them to become varsrty cheerleaders later Elwood s E Men represent for the most part the broadest shoulders rn hrgh school These are the boys Qmeny who have earned letters by parucrpatrng rn an athleuc sport These are the boys who tram sweat and struggle to grve Elwood a name rn the sports freld and who play therr hearts out not only because they are tryrng to achrewe thrs fame but also because they love the game 0 - 0 - . -- 5 . y . 011. r f. H - - - 1 Q . - , , . 29 Longest Wlnnlng Season Streak ln Madison 1958 PANTHER VARSITY lst ROW, Don Graham, Dave Rlchards, Chuck Phen1s, Phll Morgan, Merle Hartm Danny Fuller, Dave Small, Jack Headley Jlmmy Gross, Jlmmy Lowder, Bob Dowhng, Butch M1tche1l, D1ck Spltzmesser, Eddle Stage 2nd ROW Asst Coach Rod Shaw, Darrell Murray Eddle Jones, Terry Small, Ronme Runyan Bob Dellmger, Jerry Prlest, John Waymrre, Tom Peters Rlchard Floyd Dav1d Haas, John Graham Coach Frank Bykowskl 3rd ROW, Ranny Slmmons, Jon Kmg, Jerry Robrson Steve Leathers, Charles Blank enshrp, Pat Wolf, Paul Durm, Delbert Downlng, Davld Thrawl, Phll Alexander, Mlke Adams Over powered but not out fought full of f1ght and aflame wrth deslre and determrnatlon flghung for every yard on the grrdrron these were Just a few of the phrases whrch the press used to descrlbe the 1958 Panthers Although the team was unable to gam W111k1e Hrgh s 13th consecutrve wrn Illllg season, the spmt of the team was that of a champron Elwood was a team that fought harder when the breaks went agamst them The ftnal season record was 3 wrns and 7 losses As the Panther Band struck up Orange Bowl, the Panther team took the fteld agarnst Western on Labor Day Elwood struck early and often as the Red and Blue wave rolled up a 34 7 vtctory for Elwood s srxth stratght football wln That stung was broken tn the next game however as the Panthers were un able to score agarnst West Lafayette The Red Devtls captured a 20 O wrn In the next game, E1wood's chances of wrnnrng an hrstorrc thtrd consecutrve CIC tttle took a nose drve as the defendrng champs were upendecl by Trpton, 13 6 Thts was also Elwood's flrst I-lomecomrng loss . Q . . fs at 5 ,z:.x 'ff .. , .Q H, , : g, I . , . , Y I I Y o , - , , , . ' I I - County Snapped at Twelve Straight Years I A Rl. I , il X C Panther fullback Chuck Phenis is brou ht down b the Western Panthers. Elwood scored a lop-sided 34-7 8 Y victory in the Labor Day opener. Elwood bounced back strongly after these two straight defeats to trounce Alexandria, 24-6. This was Elwood's 17th straight win over the Tigers. In the best game played at Callaway Park this year, Elwood's fired -up Panthers grabbed a 7-6 half- time lead before bowing to the powerful -Kokomo fi Wildcats, 31-7. Elwood held the Wildcats for three periods but could not cope with Kokomo's bench strength. Although the team gave it everything they had, by the fourth quarter they were too tired to stop the Wildcats. Jack Headley, Captain Delbert Downing Bob Dowling Z Grid Season Highlighted by Sensational After the excellent showing of courage and determination against Kokomo, the Panthers bowed to North Central, 33-7, in an extremely mediocre showing. Halftime was brightened by shows of both the Elwood Panther Band and the North Central Panther Band. Things went from bad to worse as Elwood's Panthers were defeated by a last minute Warsaw touchdown. The Tigers came out ahead 13-12. Scoring early and often in the Panthers' final home game of the season, Elwood defeated the Hartford City Airedales 34-6. Elwood scored the first three times they had the ball to send Panther fans into hysterics. Elwood's season record now stood at 3 wins and 5 losses. The fans and the team realized that the Red and Blue must win both of their remaining games in order to capture Phil lvrorgan, Elwood's leading scorer, breaks loose for another touchdown against Western. that 13th straight winning season. Accordingly, a large delegation of fans, led by the Panther Band, followed the team to Anderson and backed the team. Full of fight and determination, the underdog Elwood Panthers came within eleven seconds of doing the "impossible" against the powerful Anderson Indians. The game was a scoreless tie until X Ny ax there were eleven seconds remaining in the game when the Red- skins scored the only touchdown for both teams. Even though the ilk.. Danny Fuller Jim Gross Merle Harting Jim Lowder el Against Kokomo, Hartford, Anderson Butch Mitchell Phil Morgan Panthers lost, Elwood fans could not help but be proud of the boys for the terrific game they played. Elwood completed its poorest football season since 1945 with a dismal 25-O loss to Peru. Elwood wound up seventh in the ClC with a 2-3 record. Jack Headley was named to the All-CIC first team while Phil Morgan earned a rating on the All -CIC second squad. Elwood tries in vain to stop the North Central Panthers from scoring again. Chuck Phenis Ranny Simmons Dave Small L The B-Team and Frosh Gain Valuable Experience, Runyan, M. Stover, D Horton, J. Arnold D. B-TEAM: lst ROW: R. I dr Haas, B. Lewis, T.Pe C. Riser. 2nd ROW: B. Bunch, P. Alexander, D. Hancher, E. Jones, T. Small, L. Holiday, R. Gammon. 3rd ROW: Coach Rod Shaw D or Thfawl, J. R0biSIsn,'P. Durm, C. Blankenship, S. Niverson, S. Leathers, Coach Carl McNulty. Dick Spitzmesser FROSH: lst ROW: T Robinette, B. Pearson, L Chase, E. Yates, D. Alexander, T. Grahm, J Wood, J. Hocker, D. Powell. 2nd ROW: R Niverson, M. Clary, R Klein, B. Parker, D. Cline, M. Morris, J. Shull, D. Gillum, Coach Ross Sharp. 3rd ROW: Coach Farris Boston, B Hill, S. Courtney, R. Nance, J. Adams, C. Loser, S. Hurst, L. Hoc ker. Johnny Waymire Whrle Panther Harriers Dash Over the Country slde Elwood 5 crow countrv team coached by John Ward opened the1r eason bv bowmg to the Frankton Eagle, 18 37 Other lobses buffered durmg the seabon by the th1nl1es were to Pendleton lush 15 51 Muna 1 newa Ind1ana 21 28 T1pton Blue Dev1lQ 17 43 and once agam to the Frankton Eagle 21 46 The Pan thers won the1r lone wctory at the expenbe of the Peru T1gerQ 17 4.3 The Elwood harrterb placed Qrxth 1n the Central lnd1ana Conference meet at Peru whrle the Warbaw T1gerb captured the CIC Champ1onbh1p In the IHSAA Sect1onal at Anderbon Elwood placed seventeenth 1V11.1l1ClE Central won the team t1tle w1th the Anderson lnd1anb placmg becond The vrctorrous Bearcat! went on to w1n the State Champxonihrp The Panthera ended the1r Qeason Wllh a 1 4 mark Rod Blrkmbme and B111 Etchrson are shown durmg runmng pract1ce around the gym floor The cross country team 1nc1uded FIRST ROW Coach John Ward Ted Robmette Danny Huntslnger Rod B1rk1nb1ne B111 Etch1son SECOND ROW Gordon Slmmons Tom Glselbach Jan Goodwm Bob W1dmeyer Bob Kelley Danny Jolhff 0 0 ' Y '- - .. . I , . 5' 1 . , , - . , . v L' 1 5 - . Q ., . . H 1 1 'l l S, ' . ' -y - . - - Z I 1 , 1 , . Z . 7 5 y . ,.4--av Butch Mitchell scores against the Burris Owls. Elwood gained revenge over the Muncie team and bolstered its CIC lead. Mighty Panthers Capture 2nd Straight C. I. C. Title Refusing to fade after a poor start, Elwood's Mighty Panthers climaxed a sensational comeback with the Central Indiana Conference champion- ship. Elwood started poorly with four straight losses. However, Coach Carl McNulty, in his third year at Willkie lligh, built the team into a powerhouse. Once they tasted victory, the Panthers seemed to enjoy it as they won eight straight games before falling to rugged Fort Mayne Central. Included in that eight -game streak were victories over New Castle and lluntington, and the Elwood Holiday Tourney championship. In the CIC, Elwood refused to die after heart- brealting losses to Monticello and Rochester. The Panthers blasted the Plymouth Pilgrims in the sea- son finale to win Elwood's sixtri CIC title and their second straight crown. Following the Ply- mouth game, the Booster Club led a victory parade on the gymnasium floor. The Elwood Panthers opened the season by giving talented and experienced Madison Heights a stiff battle before bowing, 66-57. The inexperi- enced but potentially tough Panthers once led by eleven points, but the Pirates used torrid .480 shooting to win. At Sheridan, the Panthers stayed close until the second half when the Blackhawks took advantage of Elwood errors to win, 66-49. Errors and inexperi- ence cost the Red and Blue another game as they fell to North Central, 62-49. Perhaps the thriller of the season was the game in which Kokomo clipped the Black Felines in an overtime, 64-56. Elwood led at the half and had an eight point lead with less than three minutes left in the game. However the Kats took advantage of costly Elwood errors and won in the overtime. Elwood got its first taste of victory when it toppled the tough Tipton Blue Devils in the first CIC game. Elwood fell back into the losing column again as Bedford quarried them, '75-65. The Stonecutters fired .469 to win. Phil Morgan, Elwood's "Little Mighty Panther, " bats the ball to waiting Darrell Murray in the Pan- ther's 82-51 conquest ofthe Noblesville Millers. The defending CIC Champs outelassed the hap- less Warsaw Tigers to gain a 2-O conference record That record was upped to 3-O when Elwood con- quered the Hartford City Airedales. This was the first time this year that an Elwood squad won two straight games. Elwood then proceeded to win eight straight. After CI Slow Start, EIwood's "Komeback Kids" The Panthers were the cream of the crop in their own invitational tourney as they put the Hartford City Airedales in the doghouse, 74-58, and crushed the Noblesville Millers, 82-51, in the title game. Elwood fired .529 in the final game. ln their best game of the year, the Mighty Pan- thers downed the eighth-ranked New Castle Trojans, 68-63. Following that great victory, Elwood took the CIC lead and the Silver Horseshoe by beating Huntington, 60-56. The Komeback Kids scalped the Mississinewa Indians and held the Peru Tigers to take an eight game winning streak into the Fort Wayne Central game. Although trailing by 21 points at the end of the third quarter, Elwood staged a tremendous come- back to fall, 82-77. The Monticello Tioga Indians upset the Panthers, but Elwood bounced back with wins over Alexandria and Burris once more to lead the CIC. But an attempt to win the Horseshoe back from Rochester, failed as Elwood went down to defeat, '71-69, in a sudden death double overtime. Take the Holiday Tourney and C. I. C. Crown Rebounding from that heart- breaking loss, Elwood warmed up for the Sectional by crush- ing the Plymouth Pilgrims, 59-47, and winning the CIC. Elwood had balanced scor- ing the entire season with four boys averaging in double figures. Phil Morgan was high- point man, followed by Darrell Murray, Butch Mitchell, and Rod l-licks. The predicted "off-season" for the Panthers proved to be just the opposite because of the determination of the team and the coaching ability of Carl Mclsiutly. These Elwood and Huntington players may yet make the W'ho's Who in basketball. The Panthers set the Vikings adrift to take the CIC lead and the Silver Horseshoe. Ability, Desire, and Determination Paved the Way to Great Tens1on IS ev1dent on the faces of players and fans a11ke at the t1p off of the New Castle game Elwood 40 scored a tremendous upset over the eighth-ranked Trojans, 68-63. l Vlctorues Over New Castle, Huntington, Burns and Plymouth The Panther Cubs won 15 games Whlle losing only 5 lst ROW Tom Hartzler, manager Rich Floyd Bob Dellinger, Charles Blankenship, Jerry Robinson, Larry Holliday Paul Durm, Ronnie Runyan, and Dave Con ners The freshman team, composed of Jerry Hooker Tom Fogerty, Steve Hurst, Chuck Loser, Max Hoppel, Larry Hooker, Mike Holtzclaw, Dave Powell 2nd ROW Ted Robinette, Mike Clary, B111 Bozell Jerry Justus Jim Adams, Ronnie Klein, Mlke Leeson, Bob Pearson, and Coach Roscoe Sharp, won twelve games while dropping five 41 X , , . . I : 9 . y Merida, Coach Rod Shaw, Whitey Horton, Ed Jones, Phil Orth. 2nd ROW: Bruce Lewis, Tom Peters, Bob , - . U Z . . . , Y . Dunng bad weather the tenms team practrces rn the gym Team members rnclude Kerth Beatty, Jrm Arnold, Phrl Berry, and Bob Wldemeyer Tennls Gains In Popularity at Wlllkle Hugh Rackets became a popular plece of equ1p ment rn Apnl of 1958 when Elwood started rts The frrst year for any team rs always a rough one and rt was no exceptron for the racket men The Panthers found the gorng extremely rough as they were unable to wrn a smgle match and drd not even place rn the CIC How ever Coach Frank Bykowskr 1S conftdent that wrth the growrng enthusrasm 1n tennls the racketmen wrll soon be able to uphold Elwood s reputatron as the frnest rn athletrcs When bad weather forced the tenms team rnsrde Ph11 Berry was one of the boys affected 42 O I C O I I I first tennis team. ' I W1l1k1e Hlgh s golf team pauses on the school lawn on the1r way to practlce Coach John Ward Joms letter men Jeff Mays Joe Brlby, and John Graham Whale Our Dlvoi' Diggers Become a C I C Contender frelded brought fame for the Red and Blue rn the sprrng of 1958 when rt won 11 matches whrle losrng 8 The team consrsted of f1ve boys three of whrch were lettermen Jeff Mays one of the fmest golfers rn Madrson County once more led the team rn scorrng He was followed by Joe Brlby and John Graham The Panthers started practrce about the hrs: of Aprrl at the Country Club Hard work pard off for the Black Cats when Elwood took fourth place rn the CIC meet fthe hrghest Wrllkre H1 h has ever comej and placed among the top lo teams rn the '70 team freld at the sectronal Jeff Mays was Elwood s hrghest scorer for the second strarght year 4-3 l l l . . . , . . . . - 1 . ' O I I I O O 3 Q i E h i The finest golf team Willkie High has ever Elwood s All Star eager Darrell McQu1tty, also starred on the track team as he paced the team Frfteen pomts are requrred to earn a varsrty letter rn track but Darrell earned a letter rn every meet 1958 Truck Squad Plugued by Hard Luck Lady Luck seemed to shun the frghtrng Panthers of Wlllkle Hrgh but the reburldrng program lll track grew lll sprte of ll Elwood s stars seemed to run out of luck Ill the brg meets as Dave Henn was the the Panther s brg pornt makers Darrell McQu1tty mrssed the sectronal due to rllness McQu1tty had part1c1pated lll almost every event 1n track and freld The Panthers strll were more successful than the past Coach Ross Sharp was reburldrng track as a maJor sport at EHS last year He faced an ex tremelv rugged Job as rnterest lll the sport was at an amazrng low But he was able to encourage a large number of boys to come out for the track vrctory lll sex eral years But the bovs ran out of luck 1n the b1g meets as Elwood came 1n llth rn the sectronal and last lll the CIC Wrth that low f1n1sh lll the Conference came the loss of an un precedented All Sports Trophv l , . , only Elwoodite to qualify for the regional, One of 1621111 The FSSUH WSIS Willkie High'S first UZICR . - I in , X 1, 44 Underclassmen Pace Panther Nlne to 500 Season K Thrs rs Elwood s 1958 Panther baseball team lst ROW Jerry Robrson Bob Dellmger Rod Hrcks Darrell Murray Rod Blrkenbme Danny I-Iuntslnger Tom Peters 2nd ROW Bruce LEWIS Dave Small Jack Headley Bob Wldmeyer Terry Small Dave Hass The 1958 Wlllkre I-hgh baseball team captured rts thrrd strarght Wllllllllg setson Elwood has newer had a loslng ba eball ea on Although tarttng slowly the team frnrshed wrth an up et wln over the prevrously unbeaten Walnut Grove Wolves The Panthers frmshed thrrd tn the Northern D1x1s1on of the Trl Countv League Under Coich Ross Sharp the team garned uc torres over the Wrndfall Dragons and Walnut Grote whrle losrng to the Westfreld Shamrocks and drop pmg the ftrst game to the Wolves The game wrth Carmel was suspended Wrth the Lrttle League and Ponv League feechng 1nto the varsrty Elwood should become a baseball power especrally a1HCE' Elwood s Ltttle League was fourth lll the state rn 1958 I it ' X L ll 17, 1 I 9 ig N I I W 4, E .X 1 ' . E i f eltl - s c as 45 G A A Offers Girls a Chance at Sports These g1l.'1S, under the leadershrp of Mrs Watson, meet every Monday nrght competrtron wrth GAA orgamzatrons from other schools The GAA also traveled to Ball State thls year to v1ew the Fmlands, an olymp1c gyrnnastlc team 46 Basketball and volleyball practices are necessary as preparation for play days, where the Elwood GAA meets in 1 x 1' fic., EDUCATION THROUGH PARTICIPATION 2. Q, I I Council and Faculty Settle Den Problems Thxs year s Student Counc1l faced many grave problems but was able to surpass each one w1th flymg col OTS Mr McV1ckers sponsor and Jerry Elledge presrdent dlscuss whlch records to put m the 5 Panther Den Juke box after vandals destroyed :fx -11 the others 1 Seldom has a Student Councrl been plagued wlth the problems whlch thls year s Councll was The f1rst prob lem was how to elect representatlves Tl'11S was solved by havrng the Councll represent the second peuod classes The next great problem was the dlfftculty over who was elrgrble to come to the Panther Den The Councrl combmed forces wrth the faculty m solvmg thrs problem Perhaps the greatest achrevement of the Student Councrl was speakers for the Juke box m the Den After vandals smashed the Juke box the Councrl and the ad muustratron mstalled speakers for the Juke box whlch was moved to the lounge The 1959 Student Councrl has certamly done a fme o 50 Sunshine Sponsors "White Gift" Charity One of the fmest orgamzatrons at Wrllkle Phgh IS the Sunshlne Soc1ety fsfs Ll-3 17... X Carolyn Scott wraps a glft for some needy Would you hke to buy your Chnstmas cards from the W1llk1e l-hgh Sunshme SOCICIY9 Many Elwoodltes were asked that questron last fall when over seventy f1ve pretty grrls made therr annual drrve for funds All of Elwood responded generously for fmest charlty organrzauons rn town The money gamed from the Chnstmas card sale was used to buy Wh1te Grfts such as foodstuffs whrch were grven to needy fam1l1es at Chrrstmas mme The Soclety also has other acuvrtres such as a mother daughter banquet and a sem1 formal dance each year A new ac1t1v1ty thrs year rncluded a tea rn honor of the Semor Sunshme members sponsored by the under class members faxmly rn the Wh1te G1ft project X I . . X v ' A H H U v they knew that the Sunshine Society was one of the 51 Crescent Staff Dlvldes Achvlhes Has the Band page been lard out? Wrll thrs prcture go rn the album" How many spreads w1l1 be done thrs deadlme'? Has the copy been turned rn yet? Run up to Mr Sharp s room and type rn the captron for thrs prcture These were famrlrar quotes to members of the 1959 Crescent staff There always seemed to be work to do every day untrl that wonderful day of March 2 when all of the book had been sent to the prrnter The 1959 Crescent was born dunng the frrst week f oflune when the new edrtors held therr frrst meet A A 153- ..,,-hh mg The theme 1959 Dawn of a New Era was chosen then After lookrng at other rssues of the Crescent and other yearbooks the staff decrded At Indrana Unrversrty s Joumalrsm Instrtue four Hunymg to meet a deadline are Dune Clark 35515 members of the staff Jane Ann Serrght Drxre Clark tant edrtor and Jane Ann Serrght edrtor m chref Sortmg out prctures are the Crescent edrtors clockwrse Ann Orbaugh, art Mrs Chapman sponsor Karen Seely layout Jane Ann Serrght head Ke1thBalsar busrness B111 Mosbaugh sports, Jerry McCoy,l1terary DIXIE Clark assrstant Doug Smger, photography and Sharon Hasecuster, clerrcal 1 52 I I I I I I t.',e ig Q S 1 . . . - If 4. Y M E - - f V- A .a r - v 1 ' . what they wanted in their yearbook. Y, ' ' ' ' ' ' - - . . , . - , I ' b I , Q 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' y, ' 1 A I 9 - , s A , s I , s , s , ' s 1 S 3 ' , Apyy N. - 4 I 4 'B ' K U- -A V X A A I J f Between Old Crescent Room and Library Karen Seely and Doug Srnger learned how to lay out a yearbook how to wrrte and edrt copy and how to f1nd and take rnteresung prctures As soon as school started the busrness staff be gan sellrng ads No sooner was that done than rt was ume to sell subscrlptrons At drfferent trmes durrng the year album scnror and actrvrty plcturcs were taken by Rerd s Studro Muncre At last the Job was frnrshed All of the Crescent had been sent rn to the Amerrcan Yearbook Company rn Hannrbal Mrssourr The staff now warted for the day when the Crescents would arrrve and they could see thelr work rn prrnt The Crescent rs the story ofa school Wrllkre l-hgh and of the people ln rt Therefore the Cres Cefll IS ,OUT story Hangmg sheets may not seem lrke part of makrng a yearbook but those sheets played an rmportant role as background for group p1ctures Drxre Clark and Rod I-hcks help Gene McPhearson put the sheets up rn the Den Thrs IS the 1959 Crescent staff who made thrs book for you 53 o 1 1 1 . . V 1 1 1 . . , X - 1 . , . . 3 , , 1 , . , . I 'Sol 1 . ' ' . V 1, V . The Megaphone Staff srrnles for the Crescent photographer The staff headed by Lo1e Bohlander, put out a newspaper eve ry month Colorful Megaphone Completes Its 29th Y Presenung everythmg from a gosslp column to the lastest CIC standmgs lxlllklc Hlgh s Megaphone celebrated lts 29th blrthday thls year Under the outstandrng leadershxp of Lore Bohlander the Megaphone had several new features Two of the more outstandrng xssues Nw ere those at Chrrstmas and the sectlonal The Chrrstmas rssue was LH red and green whlle the red and blue sectlonal rssue lu ent all out ln boostmg the team to vrctorles The Megaphone had several neu columns ln addruon to the tradrtronal Hall Clock Mr Donald Brown sponsor and Lore Bohlander edltor sort out an rssue ofthe Megaphone 43. "Gentleman Joe Palooka" Thrills Student Body The annual project of the Projectron Club 1S a movre to entertarn the student body Tlus year that movre was the excrtrng 'Gentleman Joe Palooka Boxmg matches racketeers and love at flrst The Commumcatlons Club ts exactly what the slght were just a part ofthe Projectrou Club s fllm name lmplles a group of boxs learmng about the GSHIIGIHHH IOS Palooka While CUFCFIHIDIHQ the vanous means OfCO1Tl1TlUIl1C3.IlOllS Of parucular rn student body the Club also made money to fmance terest to them are rachos them Mr George Smrth 1S the capable sponsor of the Communrcatrons Club kd 'WM ...if 'Sgt 'JJ ' ' I ll . , . , , , . . H Y . ' I ll I I . .. sr, W .. K ' , 'ft V A S K . X ,Q ,fflw iil , Q.-is 'rts Q A , , fy of 1 ?ZJ'Tll'AQ 1 - , 181 ,Mg . J' Y .V - ,fig N 'i M ','s ' Z.: W? ww--... 'sl D C E Ushers Establish Good Relations wlth Public Because of there bemg a mornmg and an afternoon DCE Club we have two prctues of thrs group 7"f"P' May lhelp you SIIG Thrs phrase rs wrnnrng Wrllkre l-hgh School new frrends among the adults of Elwood Stu dents taklng DCE are holdrng down Jobs rn town and gettrng valuable experrence But most rmportant they are bemg great ambassadors ofthe Amerrcan teenager to the adult world A famrlrar srght at Panther ball games are the Ushers Dressed 1n red and blue outfxts, these boys make v1s1 tors and Elwoodrtes comfortable wlth the1r courteous smrles and frrendly d1rect1ons 56 W1llk1e I-hgh s Advanced Cho1r IS one of the f1nest 1n Ind1ana Among other performances was the1r carol mg 1n the halls at Chr1stmas Along w1th the Glee Club the Advanced Chou' took part IH the choral f6St1 val at I-hghland Rex Jenkins Is New Director of Wlllkle Cholr Every S1XIh peuod the student body lS from the Advanced Choxr Under the d1 serenaded Wlth beauuful stra1ns dufung ICCIIOH of Mr Jenkms the Chou has made from the Band room These strams come great advances 1n 1958 59 Mr Rex Jenkms, new Cho1r d1rector g1V9S Susan Shmrley Scott and B1ll Hobson have the Job of passmg Allen, accornpamst some po1nters out new musxc 57 Glee Club Makes Friends "With a Song and ca Smile" The Girls' Glee Club pauses during a rehearsal in the band room to smile for the Crescent photographer. "With a Song and a Smile" is the very appropriate All of Willkie High will remember their delightful theme song of the Glee Club. Although it is just two arrangement of "Thirty -two Feet and Eight Little years old, the coral-sweatered group is already one of Tail of White" at the Christmas Concert. the finest in Central Indiana. Perhaps the highlight of the year is the trip to the Under the direction of Mrs. Scircle, the'Glee Club County Choral Festival in April. This year the Festi- won friends far and near. The girls sang for numerous val was held at Highland High School. Willkie High church activities. They also sang for school affairs. was very well represented by the Girls' Glee Club. One of the highlights of the year is the Glee Club's Betty Padgett, a Glee Club member, passes out performance at the Christmas concert. music for rehearsal in class. U 7 K iix ,... A - Many hours of practice at the Edgewood School and at the Den were responsible for the Marching Panther Band's success at the Fair. Panther Band Wins Seventh Place at State Fair Giving smiles as pretty as any toothpaste ad are the 1959 Willkie Majorettes: Robinpat Tarn, Diana Bozell Karen Dooley, Barbara Miller, Julie I-Iennegan, Ann Wolf, Annie Orbaugh, Head Majorette Dixie Clark, Feature Twirler Winnie Shaw, Flag Twirlers Linda Croover, Grace Ann Kennedy, Beverly Smith, Mary Combs, Jo Ann Hodson, Sandy Smith, and Feature Twirler Marianne Swenson. ' 9 4. . From Rugged Sth Period Practice Come Dazzling Featuring everything from hula hoops to hoboes, the 1959 Panther Band completed another success- ful year. Perhaps the outstanding achievements of the Band were the State Fair victory and the Variety Show. lust as important were the parades and half- time showsl It was here that the Band proved itself H as week after week it presented a tremendous show. Highlights of the football season were shows entitled "Hula Hoop -De -Do" and "How the Panther Band Found 'Georgia Camp Meeting."' Basketball fans were thrilled with "Roaring Twentiesf' "Christmas Fantasy," and "llobo Holiday." Members of the Panther Band had a "brand- new" room to practice in as the old band room was remodeled to accomodate the growing Panther Band. The Panther Band also welcomed a new assis- 0 tant director, Mr. Rex Jenkins. Julie Hennegan a Willkie Majorette adds a bit of polish before a show is 'F . s tid? KL tl 1 .. The 1959 Panther Band started its career by winning seventh place at the Shows and Concerts, Winning Acclaim from All. J M N ' V" The Panther Band has many important facets among which is the Varsitonian Dance Band Indiana State Fair and then put the icing on the cake with the spectacular Varieties. 1 cf 3 Romans, Sombreros, Ex Temp, and Berets Are The Latin Club is one of the largest clubs in Willkie High. Under sponsor Mrs. Doris Waymire, the Club has many activities. An annual event is the initiation of freshmen candidates. The initiation becomes worse each year as each class adds to the penalties. Also the Latin Club presents a play in the spring. The cast is made up of sophomores who usually manage to bring down the house. Members of the Speech Club have accomplished much under the leadership of Marty Ring. I .. Presenting a play, taking part in oratorical contests, delivering addresses, and just plain making speeches are part of the work of the Speech Club. The Speech Club ably repre- sented Willkie High at contests bringing home many first place ribbons. Mrs. Howard McVickers took over the reins of the Speech Club this year. Assisting her was presi- dent Marty Ring. Familiar Phrases to the Language Clubs "l-lcre's an apple for teacher," says a smiling freshman and a faculty member realizes that the Spanish Club initiation is in progress. Giving apples to teachers is only one of the ordeals which a freshman must endure in order to join this club. But once he is in he feels that membership was worth going through the rugged initiation. The Spanish Club has many other activities besides initiation. Willkie's newe The baby of the language clubs is the French Club which is only in its second year. Although it is only a yearling, it has a great future as more and more students are enroling in French classes. The French Club, as well as the Spanish Club, gained a new sponsor at mid-term. When Mrs. Records suffered her un- fortunate accident, Mrs. Forst took over as sponsor and has done a splendid job. st club is the French Club ily , 63 Mr Ebbert, FFA sponsor demonstrates the reparr of a plow for the FFA members National F F A Offers Progress In Agriculture The growth and spread of better farm methods has rarsed the quantrty and qualrty of thrs natron s farm products to the hrghest agrrcultural output rn the world New methods and rdeas are strll developrng The Future Farmers of Amertcan are berng trarned rn these new developments They may someday have to grow more food on less land tn order to provrde for our growrng crvrlrzatron The are learnrng the technrques now FFA also provtdes a certam amount of socral recreatron along wrth the educatronal learnrng FFA members Bob Wldemeyer Rrchard Floyd Brll Flelds and John Waymrre learn to detect varrous weeds 64 ! FIRST ROW Drxre Clark Alrce Swackhamer Nancy Mraz, Darlene Rodgers Jane Ann Serrght and Mary Ann Cannon SECOND ROW Sherry Beasley, Ann Orbaugh Karen Stack Lela Underwood Barbara Wrsehart Joyce Doan and Sharon Hasecuster THIRD ROW Rrchard Wersmlller Kenneth Knauer Phrl Sharp Jerry McCoy Rlchard Floyd and Kerth Balser Honor Society Is Goal of Juniors and Seniors Study study study That word rs the watchword of the Natronal Honor Socrety Whrle other students may let therr grades drop a lrttle Honor students do not dare neglect tlaerr subjects for even one mght Probatronary members of the Honor Socretv are selected by a faculty commrttee rn the fall The Junrors and senrors then strrve to remarn rn the Socrety untrl they become permanent members upon graduatron Sherry Beasley Honor Socrety Presrdent frnds study a necessrty for success W...,.-ask 1 YTJU SHALL KBHDVV TFHE TRUTH - AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE ,qv-In L".- 4'-"-I-5 '-- ff""""'-vy P-'D-,TA T---'5 ?"""'N """'i "T 1--is 3-' ,A-.g.ssL. L N4 Wendell L. Willkie High School Salufes We, in public education, have great faith in our high schools as symbols of democracy and instruments for the strength ening of our people individually, that they may carry forward for another generation the endlessstruggle to liberate and dignify the human spirit. l am extremely proud of the achieve- ments of our high school. lt has served us well. To be sure our school is imperfectg the, need to improve is always with us. The way to improvement lies in doing more of the good things already under way in refining procedures now in the pioneer- ing stage, in making available to more students the advantages currently enjoyed by those enrolled in the best of our schools These are the things which I hope will come to the students of our High School. . aw- , ff., gif" ,ff Members of the Board of School Trustees: Wayne Jones, president, Joe Wright, secretary, Dr. C. C. Parker, treasurer, and, standing, Riley Sharp, attorney, discuss one of the many problems confronting the board each year. lil l Her Administration and Her Faculty fx. if his , fr. ,I if sw- K - M. A. COPELAND BLAIR SULLIVAN Principal Assistant Principal The warm smile and cheery voice of Mrs. Edith Gardner, high school secretary, are Mrs. Imogene Collier and Mrs. Lillian Mikels, financial sec well-known to every Willkie High student. retary carry out their duties in the superintendent's office. rf, Z 1.3 Jag, iff? has 42257 ffx The Purpose of Hugh School Is Prlmarlly Education DONALD BROWN Enghsh Department Head Math HILDA E CHAPMAN Lrbrarran BLANCHE DIGEL Enghsh ESTI-IER KOONS Enghsh ERMA GENE MCVICKER Enghsh MARY RECORDS Enghsh, French, Spamsh DORIS WAYMIRE Latrn Math O O ' Y Because language rs the unrversal method of com better understanding ot the people who speak these munxcatron rt rs a necessrty to every rndrvrdual tongues but also foreign languages create a better Every student rs requrred to have at least three years understandlng of English. Language can never be of Englrsh whrle French Spanrsh and Latrn are also over emphasrzed. D mini an i 51 4' . The term paper requlred rn Semor Englrsh means plenty of hard work as Joyce Doan soon fmds out And Education ls the Teacher s Mum Job Farm shop students learn welding from Mr Ebbert Amerrca depends on hrghly trarned men rn the Wrllkre Hrgh offers one of the best farm courses rn freld of mdustrral arts Wrllkre I-hgh should be proud the state The Elwood department IS complete wrth a of rts rndustrral arts department whrch IS one of the farm Shop where boys may learn the most recent most outstandmg rn Indrana WILF RED G DUDLEY Industrral Arts JOHN I-HNDS Supervrsor of Practlcal Arts GEORGE KINTZEL Industrr al Arts HOWARD MCVICKER Prmtmg and DCE GEORGE REESER Voc Machme Shop Industrral Arts CASEY TUCKER Industrral Arts MARVIN EBBERT Vocatxonal Agrlculture methods of fa rmrng 71 i , 0 But Thelr Work Does Not End at 3 31 A glrls' gym class poses for the Crescent camera Mr McNulty and three of hrs dr1ver's traxnmg students are havlng trouble startmg the car dunng a severe wmter snow One of the requlrements for every student 1S games played ln the gym the students learn sportsman phys1cal educatron Developrng one s body 15 just as Shlp whrch should make up a portlon of every 1nd1 rmportant as developlng one s mmd Coordmanon 15 vrdual s character not the only thlng gatned from gym Through orgamzed LORRAINE LEWELLEN Health Phys1ca1Educat1on CARL MCNULTY Head Basketball Coach Dr1ver's Trammg Health Physlcal Educatlon JOHN WARD Ath1et1c Drrector, Soc1a1 Sclence Phys1ca1 Educatlon BETTY JO WATSON Physlcal Educatlon, Health LILLIAN SULLIVAN School Nurse 72 0 O O I I ' . . Q 1 . , ' , . , . . . . . , 7 y 7 ! N w 7 l for They Are the Sponsors of Our Many Achvlhes PAUL RAFFEL Mathematrcs GEORGE SMITH Math Department Head GERALD SULLIVAN Chemlstry, phys1cs, physrcal scrence ln thrs age of rockets space satellrtes and atomrc and mathematrcrans are becomrng lndlspensable power the screntlst IS raprdly rrsrng to the top to therr country Evldently Wrllkle Hrgh Students Wlllkle Hlgh With 2 COIUPIGFSIY rewvenared lab realrze thls because the response to several new SC1CUUSt5 or phyS1C1SIS Of ICCTIHICIHUS who SSPUC srghted student who takes advantage of thrs golden help therr country garn the goal of outer space opportumty Amerrca IS on the threshold of the Atomrc Age Instructlon durmg a trxgonometry class IS offered by B019 Hartman and Danny Huntslnger Work on a Mr Raffel Trlg 15 one of EI-IS's advanced classes dellcate experrment durmg a laboratory m physrcal composed mostly of Junrors and seniors SCIEHCC class 73 . . . I O O Sh0u1Cl provide i1lSpif21IiOI1 for Several budding math courses has been tremendous. lt.is indeed a far . . I . . Y . . , to I I ' l l They Must Dlrect Plays, Plan and Chaperone Dances, In America today hundreds of office. workers are business Accordingly Willkie High s busrness curric uluin has been expanded and is one of our more im portant departments JOHN FLANDERS Bookkeeplng, Selhng, Typing BETTY HOUSE Commerce Department Head, Short hand Offlce Machines MILDRED GARNER Home Economlcs DORIS KINTZEL General Business, Off1C6 Machines ROSS SHARP Head Track Coach, Head Baseball Coach, Typlng Selling ELVONA TOLLE Supervisor of Cafeteria Home Economics A new course in Home Economics was offered this has proven very successful The Home Ee depart ment has proven its value in education Judy Hartlng pretends to mtervrew two Wlllkle students Esteleen Arnold and Carol BlltZ who are demon stratlng the rlght and wrong ways to dress when applying for a Job ,iff l af . O . 7 X . needed to keep pace with the fantastic rise of big year at Wiilkie High--cooking class for the boys. It 74 Take Tickets and Sell Concessions at Ball Games Two art students, Judy Rudlg and Patty Clouser ASS1StaDI band dlrector, Mr Jenk1ns lnstructs Wmn are busy weavmg scarves for Chrxstmas presents Miller on the Xylophone whlle Kelth Beatty pxcks up helpful hlnts In the past few people have reallzed the value The Musrc Department Includes the Band Chorr of our art department Artwork glves the student a and Glee Club In turn these respectrve organr chance to express hrmself creatlvely and now conslsts zatrons have many SLIbC1lVlSlOl1S The last year has seen of several facets such as pamtmg sculpturrng wood many changes such as the new bandroom and newly workmg ceramlcs and others Thls department rs organlzed a cappella cholr Thrs IS rndeed a versatrle Indeed an Important channel lll the complex network department and we should be very proud of IIS of Wrllkre Hlgh accompllshments CLIFFORD S BRUGCER Panther Band Dlrector REX E JENKINS Cadet Band Drrector, Ass1stant Panther Band Dlrector, Cholr Dlrector JAY RINGER Art GAYLE SCIRCLE Culdance Counselor for Freshmen and Sopho mores Glee Club Dlrector, Enghsh "5 0 0 ooo J ' 1 1 1 1 . , , ' 1 1 1 - 1 , . . , . n J I We Salute Our Teachers God Bless Them' IRAN PACT IGNUBES REBS 'Mi These two teenagers Mark Hughes and Albert McPhearson, show therr mterest m the Mxddle East CIISIS by drsplaymg newspaper artrcles on the clvlcs bulletln board The rmportance of socral scrence has been greatly degraded lately Wrth Sputmks and Explorers flyrng overhead and rockets sarltng past the moon there has been a trend among many people to de emphasrze soctal scrence and to re emphasrze scrence and mathematrcs Wrllkle H1gh was not a school to fall for the publ1c s whrmsy rn thrs matter The currrculum comm1ttee realrzed that the hrstory of our natron and other natrons was of vxtal rmportance to everyone FRANK BYKOWSKI Head Football Coach, I-hstory, Drlvers' Trammg VIRG IL PEEBLES Government , Psychology CECIL STAFF ORD Hlstory The study of htstory and government rs a must for every cttlzen who some day wtll exercrse the rrght to vote Although ll rs true that Russta teaches a sttff scrence course she dares not grve her students the educatron tn socral studres that the Amerrcan recerves Communrsm would soon a Wrllkre I-hgh recognrzes the rmportance of hlstory and government and offers a currtculum to meet that rmportance - s W 1 ' In Int' i UW., Klum L'mIrvf'- g ro t . v by R ' ' k.,,r,,,v sr, :I f ', L 'N-r--1-' ' 5 -' , "'o -V W - 511. 'f ' A I W A - A , N I . 0 A pt r .. ,. E k i ' V f 'A il 2 'X X , dl H- ' ii, A j ,gy g " ' . , , Z1 K , . l . . , . H ' U . . . . . . H - -. - . . . . I ' ' f ll. 76 1 be 1 Behmd the Don't let B111 see you on the gym floor with your shoes on " is commonly heard belng repeated by students who are aware of the meticulous care janitor B111 Brogden gives the SWT' Orville Schlmmel head Jani tor, IS shown repairing lights Hrs jobs are varied and unlimited The School cafeteria cooks, Thelma Lowder, Hazel Warner, and Lucy Manis, arrive at school each morning about the same time the students do. Their main duty is to prepare each day's menu which is previously planned by W Mrs. Tolle. in-qi Hundreds of students use the cafe- 4 teria facilities daily, including Junior High and grade schools. lx g Scenes Workers Are Always on the Go These two Jamtors Clarance Burton and Pat I-Iarrl Working at different shifts William Heath and son are familiar faces in the halls of EHS E111Ot McPhearson heat the building 'f-ww.. 'R 'ih:.. 77 ' 1 A' ' h , Q2 Q Home vlsvrolzs Q fr 'LVN 'A Sa- lg 'Q' 27. R wx ' ,-' 2? Q F F nfl? I M I i, .xg g 5 1' 5 .5 ., v ' ' ' W Q Y Q 0 Q ' 'R If ...N-,tru J". X - ni 4., sf! Yi, K .. ' Q ,H 3, if sum " , ,fx , Ag 5 5-at Q W R? 5 ,S , i 1' 'V'-1 ig ' we 'Y if V f'Ww: . tl' A a wiv? 52 - 712 cl .xg gi-ft Q 3? . gx ' gs 'A ' " ' xf 6 r Q ZW 1 'sd' ,g Q : mmf: V ,5 T9 ig , lg gc Q . ' Qs R. Q ' T. 3' . .I is I ., . Q I Q +- Q N X at A 4' 'x Q 1 ig- ! 'M M, K, was MW THE HOPE 79 OF OUR COUNTRY -5,- .K Q 436 5? ,ga ff 34 . Juruor Class off1cers Phrl Sharp presrdent, Lrnda Courtney secretary, Rrchard Wersmrller vrce presrdent and Trm Gordon treasurer Juniors Once More Follow the Leadership of Phll Sharp The major rtem on the Junror class agenda rs of course the Junror Senror Prom Other actrvrtres rncluded the Homecomrng and many money makrng projects The Junror offrcers rnclude Phrl Sharp prebrdent R1chard Wersmrller Vrce presrdent Lrnda Courtney Secretary and Trm Gordon Treasurer Thrs year the class of 60 ordered and recerved therr class rrngs The rrngs were a 11tt1e drfferent thrs year than rn prevrous years The Junrors also upset a senror tradrtron by wrnnrng the Hom ecomrng contest The newly arrrved class rrngs recerve oh's and ah's from Junrors Drana Bozell Marranne Swenson, and Wrnrue Shaw 7. . Q x Q 3 p,Lr p . A , yy . A 3 -r , ....V .. t In A 1 . I . : I . , . 1 . , I , , , Y ' 3 x ' O U C : . 1 R. S . . . . . . , - ' 9 ' , . I 80 Sophomore Class offlcers Phll Berry VICE pres1dent Carol Robertson secretary Judy Cherry treasurer and John Graham presrdent John Graham Becomes Flrsf President of the Class of 61 flrst ume chose John Graham as presrdent Phtl Berry as Vrce presrdent Judy Cherry as secretary and Carol Robertson as treasurer The class of 61 15 busy wrth several money makrng schemes Ill order to pay for the Prom 1ts Jumor year The freshman representatrves Kathy Oldag M1Ck9y Beasley and Jack Armstrong, talk over class problems lf3"5f 3 , ,ff The sophomore class, electing officers for the I I J . xl , x J 4- 5' Nervous, Coach? Nope! Elwood fans were entertained not only by the Panthers but also by Coach McNulty's card-chewing and other nervous antics. Jim Adams David Alexander Linda K. Alexander Linda M. Alexander Marie Anderson Jack Armstrong Richard Ball Michele Beasley 1958-59 Has Been a Great Year from Start to Flnlsh l A' . 'J , M , rj! lt 4 , r he h,,is.Q , Zi- had is if 1 fx: 'Cf ' V f J an r5f?:i7f V 'Ivq 'fo ,110 v'Qk1 x if 'C l :fp ' " as -' . , yy vs vt 25 15' piizzysl hd, ' C 1 I Arlen Beeman Robert Beeman Mary Beth Benedict Jerry Benefiel Tom Bennett Kay Bethay Danny Blake Richard Boll Ann Bomersback Kenneth Booher Bill Bozell Dennis Bradley Mary Bray Bob Buis Paul etta Burton Gwendolyn Bushey Jane Bykowski Lynn Chase Danny Cline Larry Cline Rebecca Cloud Ramona Coe Virginia Cogan Clarence Cole Bob Combs Annette Coons Mae Coons Mary Ann Cooper Janet Copus Janice Copus Jetta Courtney Sammy Courtney Imogene Creech Bonnie Crouse Sandra Davenport Robert Davis , . -A I lf' ' li SN ' 1 w may F V aw: K up in 4:4-351 V ' Class of 1962 Vernajean Deep Anna DeHart Tina Denton Bob Detling Alma Dever Pat Dooley Mike Duckworth Bob Edwards Martha Edwards Dennis Elledge Carolyn Etchison Nancy Etchison ' X 1 Carolyn Everling . Beverly Faucett . r Nina Fleener - gi-.:'Sf, .1 - , K fx: TOIII Fogerty Geraldine Fortson Raymond Fowler Robert Fox , 5 Gregory Fuller N Lg: S is YH Y P "' 'r r ' a l .. .Q , Q E E AP is ff' Af ef? rl' rf But We Remember Some Things More Than Others Bil Galbreath Dotty Gallapoo Alex Gardner Donald Gillum Ronald Gillum Karen Goins Karen Hampton Ricki I-Ianshew Nancy Hardebeck Norma Hardebeck Estel Harney J analyn Harney Janice Harris Karen Hartley Dellino Hartman David Hasket Welza Haskett Wilma Haynes Rita Hester Donald High William Hill Jerry Hobbs Becky Hobbs Jerry Hocker Larry Hocker Larry Holtsclaw Mike Holtsclaw Max Hoppel Pat Howard Kenny Howerton Linda Huntsinger ' Steve Hurst Saundra Johnston Garry Jolliff Edith Jones Elizabeth Jones lil, of I Ja , E ' 'ia ' xi F Ll rf ,-1,.- 5 ef' :X . -,': N 'fi' v H E -fair, :aff . W a ' w ere gg Iii T. ,2 - sw " ' x- , I' '- , -ji V,,..r,-P-fri . It ,is E ST .'.: : M .,. , ' K it .. sa tan a s f ' '-': ' a t i ii 1- K 'rr'- 2? W fs 1 rn ' I f. R fi": r!'i'+5 .ng Y ' ii 5 Z 1: E n.n K ynt , A, .. 3 i a ww ? siii E rg? ir ri aa? 4, Ai QV .,,-Al 5521! - I if 27" R, is i a is i E+ - gn, ,Q y 1. 5 I tg A 'af 'Img I, ,AM I - of uf- ' -:':: :Q fi 3. QA . 7 9' '- ..1 t Q' , Q. I M rig? , r .-ma , 'L Q .. 1 U s . gi ,mfiif ,wi S. s :YK ,L '21 .sw Ronald Jones Sandra Jones Jerry Justus Carolyn Kelley Patty Kiefer J erry Kincaid Pat Kiser Ronald Klein Sharon Knopp Margaret Koons Mike Kroggel John Laudeman Karen Lee Ivlike Leeson Charles Lehman Cheryl Lewis Sharon Lilly Riginald Lindsay Charles Loser Roberta Louderback Diana Lynas Diana McCork1e Hershel McCorkle Jerry McCorkle Leroy McIntyre Gloria McRoberts Donald Maish Ronald Maish Jane Marty Daniel Meyer Such As Hula Hoops, the Panther Den the "Hall Sharran Michael Dwight Miller Wynn Miller Mell Morris Vickie Morris Jerry Moss Pat Mountcastle Sherry Munns Elmond Neese Margaret Nichols Raymond Niverson Mary Noone Kathy Oldag Richard Osborn Bernie Parker James Parker Karen Patton Sue Patton Bob Pearson Jan Pedro Harold Poe David Powell John Powers Gary Ramey Catherine Reeves Gloria Reynolds Sandra Reynolds Loretta Richardson Tom Riggs Cheri Riser 12 s if Q 5 W -we N M 'SM J tsr J rara q ik J' 1 - 1 L N, 7 - ez - ' Q.-S Q 5 A- ' ' - 1 , .J as W ff Q55 R o 4 K 'QW' is W T""'n Class Clock," -Q. 4 K - if ,. E mv' bi-3 QC-:P 'He-' We Ann Robertson Charles Robinette Ted Robinette Buddy Rogers Sharon Ross Janet Sanders Andrea Seely Carol Sell Dorothy Shinkle Jesse Shull J an Smith Karen Smith EE Zz. af" Pamela smith I e-':: Susan Smith we , ,H ,rf , Carl Stage - ' ' 2 ' C J up ,K f :'- 7, A David Stewart X N , Glen Stewart i f to ' 5 -, M Bm Stokes a t a 1d -lt, Q mf ytlf T Earlene Stone G i 'zr' 4 ' lag G , 'W Jim Stout r l ' ' ' Q 5 Sharon Stroud G ' is T r i 1 I Sue Swackhamer 4 fl' L ' A dyi' in - Q .J X X- Robinpat Tam 1'-.ff 8 f T 'Nr k' ' Q s ' , F Richard Towner Ps ' if M . - , . 5 Fred Troutman 5 Donald Tucker r J I -we " ' Glenn Underwood 'V ,V K Diane Usfo - 5 . 5 i t W' 1 m r, - 1 V Lewis VanB1air , at Q ' J. - ui Shirley VanNess ..:,,. .X , yy , Q X . X af' ,iry 'iii 5 fi I i 1 f t " 1 4. .A of 1962 . . . And Couch McNulty Chewing on His 3 x 5 Cards . . . me , ' l d S Q . .V - i Q we ,, .,.i 9 L ' S ' S' g d z Q -i.. .. A its jim, .hr Q , t ' ff'-1 -M ,fi n s n.s . K .. , ""'r gxfix A .A .Q K T.. .. Zf , V , A nf' 5 M L , 3 ,Q ,LY 32. . J lm - .. tl sf? S J-ll E ' ' l ima """Q, mv' Ann Walker Charlene Walsh David Warren Gene Webb Sue Weddell Bob Wells Verona Wesley Tim Wheeler Jerry Whitaker Ruby White Mike Williams Ronald Wilson Meredith Wisler Jerry Wittebort Alida Wood James Wood Virginia Woolums Martha Wooten Edward Yates J ack Young Freshmen not pictured Michael Clary Pat Davis Tom Graham Richard Nance Judith Pedro Susan Scea Harold Tobey James Vautaw , . 1- A AI. N i gifs 1 Vkr, t ,FJ M df. wyz. .,T.l,v V. lug. . K- . .,.. ' - g -Q.: , f , ,M .- Af .ev 'aw' f 5? 'mx ,W J., ' ' hw? " w'.-l' V s - ' an 4' f.i .,,,.f il K 1 A mai ' ' -f 34571555 . :im . WF sf :vue 'Fwd' ,X ' ww? M 1-er Carolyn Aldridge Janis Allen Marilyn Allen Susan Allen Ruth Ann Amos Dale Anderson Doug Anderson Judy Baker Nancy Balser Wrllram Balser Carolyn Berry Phrl Berry Paulus Buch James Blackford Charles Blankenshrp Phyllrs Boruff Jerry Bragg Jamce Brewer Marrlyn Brogdon Vrkkr Brown Saundra Brunson Lrnda Byler Patsy Carroll Judy Cherry Q QA A QW" Marrlyn Clouser Frances Collrer Davrd Conner W Sharon Cotton ,Q Kathleen Curran LA 2 Susan Dauenhauer Class We Slowly Became Accustomecl to No Homerooms Edgar Davrs Nancy DeBethune M Joxceann Deep Bob Dellrnger 'J 'L ,MN-I Karen Downey Steve Durr Lors Jean Edwards Judy Evans Barbara Farr Vrctor Farr Lmda Faulkner W 'fr -nf John Faust Charles F ernung Pete F ettlg Kenny Frncher Frances F1sher Sam Flsher au, Gerald Flte Drane Franklm Rrchard Frawley Woodrow Frrend Bonnre F romholz g 6 25 'F Mary Frye E 4' Donme Fuller Conme Funkhouser Roy Gammon Pete Garcra Trm Gardner Tom Garner fx, W - ,E Qaa 1 . J . A we ' F 'J 2, 92 1: J- i ' Eine , in J, is , K .. , , W., , , .Q A A A 1 gg . . - A fi . FA A i ,i l HT , 1 Z. A ,21 9 , 5 Ay? ,V . K V, .,.,.,,., t A Q. I 3 H V. . ,.. ., ,, L 'O :" M e ' .. ii' ,W we A ' Q 7 25,33 , ud J nccn s d 1 J W 'Q "" .F "' V' K . k,' - Ar I 1-an A ll .W ' I - 1l" ' . ' - wwzaf S J, i -, 'lt 1 . i: K 3 .' V, . l ' ' , ,l . . . 3 f lm. 'I 'ffl 1 3- ,' id A . 0 0 , Q! wif: K . . an A F d A 1 ru l 1 of F ' J -"': 1 Robert Doan - ' ' 1 l'Hfff"' 9' :TQ A . - la , zz' ' irf' 59 ll ,J .K ' W. . , - 6 if , - 1 V ' r l. , ,,, v ' - g l f, .. ---. ' . ' ' H , ,af-' F X ,.x: , . F ry Q ,, y i - 'fl erra , fo r F K J y J, , ,,r 1. L will . F 1 ' -if' A ' .',' H r i" ' 2 gs fl .. - if A ll' , l fr' A s J ' ., r l',l - :AV 1 . .ai 'L ws- Q-' .,, . I. Jim Garrison ff Q 1' L Ruth Gi1leSPie 'Silk W . . - , ll! Judith GO1ngS S 4 I J, qw V: Leland Goins A '-a"SiV, -3' ,-L,L ,1Ll1 V A- "VF Helen Gordon ,g-ff J J V L L:f ' J' Donald Graham ,.. J' J A 2 1 A 5 'id f l 3 ' l"l I w ifi- as . , J V V 5, V kz , Q L at . JOhn Graham Q - ' -- .ff " Vx V J Linda Gfoovef fra as ,Wei .fe 'I ' A -. 1- ,. J. it Mary Gunn ' f IV. J" G ,Vf " " 1 we Sl'1E11'OX1 Hahn 'ff Li - rf N 'W' 5 QQ, 4 Ei jj an I Donn Hanchef M ,,.ll fl sl L. L l ll flfi Jerry Hancock , - -""" 'llt I T f Jimmy Hanlin at J V 'gm '--: Joyce Hardebeck Q my H V, N c,cL - , Q Jerry Harting 3553 ' r, A Q VV I Y gf W ,:. Thomas Hartzler iwff' If? if .V 5,i if, -be 1 if Wayne Hasecuster 11 J 5 'ti' J 1 ' to Mardis Heater ,ffifi ' A J I J was H L 'Nfl .rf 1 .fa-1. Brenda Heflin L L L VL James Hester ' V V Kenneth Hewitt 53 QS- tg V, Io '. . M ..- gf'-of ,. V7--A Rodney Hicks VV, ..4, -..-V J ., -45 L ,Je I Rebecca I-Iillan ' 'W-- 7.,, e-- V D .V -3, ,.. -gf ', vi? Jo Ann Hodson T 'T I af W A al. ,Q L , K ,., V 1 1 Caroline Holliday O Larry Holliday , L L V Lou Ann Hoose ,W ,Q Q. A VV ,M O VG., . Joyce Hoover VW - M J i"' V r ' K 13 lift DeVonne Horton fl' V rf fl- " f .,s. Mary Houser 11 N .rj -Y ' ""' Sf s 1 , 'V A -A 13 9? ' in 1 5 of 1961 And Had to Catch Up on the Latest Gossip Elsewhere . . . Billy Sharon Joan Ronnie Hughes Hunt I-luntsinger Hussong Herman Saundra Lucille Jayne Idlewine Jackson Jehlen Jester Emily Lewis Edwin Gloria Johnson Jones Jones Jones A hilarious night was afforded Den-goers when the Richard Jimmy Ray JGYYY Sub-Deb Club held their initiation. Jones Jordan Jordan J05ePh ff F' '72 'fs eers mf by , ,if by f Q, 'kk' ,f 'Q Rza rrsr fs ,rr f L, 53 J' K if .ff 'J 513' 'P 'le 4' J' in .J v ,jf :L ..-J W I K Q. V, N , lf' 1 f ., 'f 'S' 3 fe, A -'Tram Q? V ' .J ,jf Q A L. 1 ff r 4 ,b-1l.l L ri M if' 45-vp -H50 ?"H',w Eloise Kapper Robert Kelle Cathleen Kelley Catherine Kilgore David Kurtz Cecelia Lambertson Class of 1961 . . Although the Sue Ann Laub Steve Leathers Bruce Lewis Jody Lewis Regina Litsey Mary Loser Marlin Low Janet Loyd James McCorkle Richard McE1fresh Bob Merida J erry Meyer Michael Meyer Barbara Miller Karen Miller Maria Moore Mary Ann Moore Linda Morrison Wanda Murray g Byron Neese Curtis Nickles Steve Niverson Phil Orth Nancy Padgett Tom Pantos Dave Passmore James Pedro Patricia Perry Susan Peters ff Loie Bohlander finds that the behind-the-scenes work of a class play is just as rewarding as the actual performance, Loie is making up Steve Fettig Name of Our School Is Wendell L. Willkie, .1 L ' V If 7' 'J , , ,, f f 3 if .51 Loggi! y g i g K . A Q W? i L V ' V .. , 4, ef L .. - A of , L ,, 5 V : L 4'l' ' Z r ' ' f L N6 H' -7 ' " ' 'Q-of . " .axe . ' 0 .a if-K as r R fa- R Y - f ' -if f A , ':j"' '51 7' A , up H e ' K vu-3 ' it . ggi If m , A .4-any . 'LV ,- f 'ai M. up , Y, , it-23 - A ,, fr I .. Tom Peters Henry Phillips Tom Phillips Suzanne Pool Darryle Poole Alan Pratt Becky Pullen Eugenia Ramey Tom Rebuck Gerald Reeves Marcid Renie Steve Reynolds Susan Reynolds Tom Richardson Nina Ridge Ronald Rieman Carol Robertson Jerry Robison Terry Rockhill Joyce Rominger Richard Rominger Judi Rudig Deanna Runyon Ronnie Runyon Elizabeth Sanders Delorma Sargent James Shaw Arnold Shepard David Short Gordon Simons Students Shll Fondly Refer to If as E.H.S. . f . , ,, ,. , I . J f V- A I .,,. , 2 fa- '1' .5 .J 5 N 4 W' K'-Tic? f f y jg 571 WW' ,N K in S? ,, ', ,..1 1 9 ,- '. 'i X t. , 'if I jg 2 . H., ., J' i . Vzr i g 31' A J , . A r f fryg b y tw ., y,. ,g wr- as ra J wen. - .. - -it-1 if f H736 at W its -9' 't 121, is R 2' ii in - -ff as 3 if -4' W' ,Q 'UK wi' f S yi JN ., . , RQ f f' MEF- H r A . J ii s o N - srr , Z ,.i, i X S : Q Judith Sizelove Terry Small Beverly Smith Charles Smith Dennis Sorrell Joyce Sosbe Diane Stanley Max Stover Joyce Sullivan Linda Taylor Donald Townsend Larry Varner James Vice Nancy Walkup Cora Bell Wardwell Donald Warner Sonja Warner Donald Wells Jim Werline Rita Wilhoit Richard Wimmer Sarah Wisehart Kathleen Wisler Eldon Wittkamper Judy Wolfe Rachel Wooten Linda Wright Barbara Young Eugene McPhearson Sharon Swihart N-.P The hula hoop rage swept Willkie High as well as The first day of school is traditionally Senior Cord the nation. Rich Fihe won an exciting contest at Day. Alice "Stinky" Swackhamer and Julie Hen the Den. negan stopped for ice cream on the way home and 43. A A f , K W 3 ' Yu? 4 ...X Q 1- A I I m y any fe-,mt if YVWX ,,3, proudly showed off their new cords. Class of 1960 The Audacity of Vandals Rocked the Student Body . 3 B- 25" . ky K I L D " "" B ial i i A 128 7 ,ffl V , I-Q fl x Q ,,, -- A in G5 , ... 2 ,I is s, -f 469' we it Mike Adams Phillip Alexander Judy Alumbaugh Jennie Anderson Larry Anderson Jim Arnold David Beamer Keith Beaty Keith Beckley Judith Benefiel Joe Bilby Rodney Birkinbine Roy Boruff Jim Boyland Diana Bozell Ronald Bragg David Buckheit Robert Bunch Lewana Gipson Richard Burnette Gregory Caldwell Mary Ann Cannon Donald Carmer Ronald Carmer Michelle Carter Leslie Clark Patty Clouser Carolyn Coe Dan Collins James Collins "" .W ' ' l : H F 'o y . ' ' I "' 'A if aw! V -- f A FQ.. 1" V .-'f .A2' .X Q VV 'zg ' 1 . ' ii' - ' I :"' -V ff D 'vww f.1 VKV1 l 1 mm kZ li ii' J ' iii' J 'J t y .4 ' zb ' -V y - .3 .V V h mmm j ' . V f 3 'f N B ":"'i "' ' F 5 ' ii Q Av ,. J... A H . ,mi ,1-' as Q 1 y iv A by ,,,V . 4 , Y-frfil :" :kr g 'i, .. E: - :E, ,.,: 1. H-rgggfl V ' H, I Q . L,. 1 iii' fl V 2 2 .. V f 4 V , ' ' if . B ' 2 bb m i ':':' ' . xii ' J V ll' .,. . ,-.-. ' .1 "': V- A .,:- 1 :'- J ,o f 'lg Kathryn Collis Mickie Conley Bob Cooper Ted Cooper Marlene Coryell Linda Courtney Marsha Courtney Joyce Crull Donna Davis James Deck Janice Decker Marlene Dickey Terill Dickey Dennis Dietzer Karen Dooley David Dowler Terry Downey Jerry Duffey Paul Durm Billy Etchison Jim Etchison Ruth F ettig Bill Fields Sue Fitzpatrick Richard Floyd Genie Forst Gary Fouts Sherry Friend Ray Fromholz Roy Fromholz And EIwood's "Komeback Kids" Rocked the State . . . Vs? .,,.,, Larry Gallapoo if 'I "l'. . i' J Janet Garner -j ii, K . g in A H V ' Jerry Glenn A : D J ,Nagy Q V , W . Carol Glotzbach LVTJ' 'Wyfiii . ." . TE' ' U Jan Goodwin ., H J --,,. . . J ' Tim Gordon A W A lf' A '- Melvin Groover V .. V 3 l David Haas Q T' A . h F R21Ph Hahn 1 W -1 "i s .s . 'Wil Patricia Halfin ' :- 1 1 :IQ .A I 5.3 .,.- , Suzanne Hamer V. ,, . W' FV Marjorie Hamilton ,,, '- - J Tony Haneline .W Robert Harrell L ' ' J Judith Harris ' .,,, V M fi . . . .. Mary Harris ' -Q if i A jf.. ' J . Q Vi? Robert 1-rafting wg..+1+V V We Qin' Rebecca Havens ' , lm A J .nw VV '-'f M ' 'qv 1 f p , , David Heater ' V " Judy Heflin 'ggi V I Theresa Hibst , V AV 63? M' , ' 3 4 Tom Hillan X ., I V A A "QI 1 4 V, i ' ' 5 .V 'Q A H, Laurel Hinds V . l ' bqr' L Q V Virginia Hocker A ' --'fV .V e ' .Q 3. , . Mary Lee Hodson Danny Holmes David Hook Alfred Jaenichen Charles Jameson Eric Johnson . ' ,Q " P' L L f 'P as -. f -:,. ' .-' Q, ,I Qian' I 5 t E I ' r '13 r ,, PM WI St, , ff , ,. -.eff 3 I I , I " A k .Q , W A H, A I L ,, 1 ,,,,, , vQ,. . I I Ir - " ' A I , Vmi, :,. 1 iy, , , new -Q '.2 fr W-'f we F 15 fr "" is S J 3 s i 1 ' .af " 'ff l .L,.. II Y at L , I ua gfkis it ,J ."ft 2 0 S is rf 1 L , I . .W , '-'f -' I .. A 1:' 'V " I ,M 'az I I Ng ,,- -Ib .Q ,I " II ,-, ,i V: III: L r , ,2,, P. David Jones Sandra Joyner Carolyn Kantner Grace Kennedy Jon King Kenneth Knauer Junior Knotts Ronnie Lawson Ann Leathers Shirley Leavell Richard Leeson George Leisure Jeanette Lightfoot Jeanine Lightfoot Linda Lindley Pearl Lineback Larry MCF all Virginia McQueen Jeff Mays Gerald Meier Ruth Miller Glen Morgan Joyce Morris Judy Mountcastle Darrell Murray Vickie Niverson Charles O'Haver Karen Ott Joseph Overdoff Jerry Owens Class . . Pizza, Parties, Panthers, Problems and Puppy Loves, BetT2Y Padgett 5 , , Joan Parker W " - I . f ' , Pau.l Parker A I S is .'-, I Sam Parker Ted Pedro Kathryn Phillips 4, VT'f s A N fa H ti W -Q. K' . ,s , is ,, ' :' . FW' ., 5 fi ' I, I 4 1. L L, , , ,,, ,,,,, .J ft' -3, ffsagqy I ,H . . ,. 1 if e fr- A " J., . Eileen Plummer Kinda Poe II , A . Bob Ponder I I 34 Q - Jerry Pri est "' I f . " I James Raney I Q ' r,., Larry Reynolds . as i" ' " f 55 Tom Reynolds 'iri J Charles Riser uar fl' J J"J" Jerry Rittenhouse -"- I " If rrr' if ,-,Vg rs,,,,, ' V k I II , Judith Robinette Jan-les Rogers I I, ,,'f- -If. 's. H ff ,lf - Tar' ,I ,WMAI I I , ,r if as 4 I Q as mm f , ::"' . Martin Ring W Betty Avery Rita Salisbury Carolyn Scott Phil Sharp Winifred Shaw Jewel Shinkle Charles Short i , Glenda Skillman Sandra Skirvin Sandra Smith Eddie Stage Duane Stansberry W rf . Se, Q- I' W A ai? A P III M , W . ... A 1 4 351 II L J T ,, I -Q lll H Af is .1 ' if 1 ,Qi ' 'M of I 960 Joan Stone Dave Stout James Strangeway Bill Sturtsman Marianne Swenson Deborah Tam Linda Taylor Richard Thomas David Thrawl Mary Lou Tunnell Bill Tyner Lela Underwood Bruce Van Buskirk Richard Vautaw Victoria Vos Janice Webb Richard Weismiller John Wheeler Bob Widmeyer Judy Wilbum Phil Wilhelm Carolyn Wilhoit DeeAnn Wilhoit Joyce Williams Margaret Wilson Barbara Wisehart Marvin Wittkamper Pat Wolf William Wessler fr SQ . gi' vm' 'Z' , A S ,ti B 'Ca all 'I Q V "TY 4 'T' 4 W 'cb , - fr 'J 5 is A C l ' f"',,.Qi 'a ,,., Y 7 I .,- 1 2- 'S' 5 S-:"'7ijv ff' Alf S 3 f rw ra! f A T 1 .. J if Qi L s 4 'Q Q' T' I' Q ? Aa: Sql - -2+ L W T ., y :ff QL, Q , I A an -It " 'irf"' 'E' 'ff -, J 'LJ A 7 . H x ' I ,, I , , ' fuiilfm ' f""'5 m x J .-,1 3 'U' - 'J T K g 42" 'X 1 , 4 . ...J we ii I 1 ' 49 Q Ja 44 J 93, " " f is All Combined to Make 58-59 the Great Year It Was . V vt' . V 1' . Mike Fo ert 8 Y Danny Jolliff Juniors not pictured: Jud ith Dauenhauer College Day gave Willkie High juniors and seniors a chance to learn more about the college of their choice. Mr. Ted Whereatt talks about Indiana University with Sharon Hasecuster and Karen Stack. A SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Dave Small secretary Sherry Beasley treasurer Dlxre Clark vtce presrdent and Ted Schuck presrdent leave the hrgh school burldrng But for Us Seniors This Year Had Special Meaning, Dave Small proudly rnspects the Pantherbead pre sented by the senrors 94 On September 7 1955 the Class of 59 made tts debut at Wendell L M rlllue Hrgh School Vvrth the electron of home room presrdents and student councrl representatrves they settled down rnto the routlne of hrgh school lrfe Soon tt was t1me for another electron that of electrng a candrdate for Homecommg Queen Carolyn Koons was chosen to represent the freshman class Among the hrghlrghts as guest of honor Becommg a sophomore gave these students the rrght to elect class offtcers and under therr leader slnp to rarse money by yartous proJects The sophomore offrcers were Drxre Clark presrdent Judy Barber vrce prestdent Julre I-lennegan secretary and Sherry Beasley treasurer Many money maktng proJects such as a bake sale and a paper drrve were used to rarse money rn support of thetr Homecomrng candrdate Sherry Beasley Other projects were carrted out durrng the school term to burld up the treasury It mas durtng thrs year 1956 or that of 1955-56 was the Freshman Party with Santa Claus These Semor Steenng Commlttee members are drscussrng graduatron announcements They rnclude Judy Hartrng Alrce Sw ackhammer Lore Bohlander Ronnxe Boruff Drck Sprtzmesser and Ann Wolf Other mem bers who are not present are Darlene Rodgers B111 Mosbaugh B111 Hobson and Doneta Yates for If Brought fo a Close Our Hugh School Days Carl McNulty started hrs coachrng career rn Elwood by wrnnlng the SECTIONAL There was 11ttle school work rn the followrng week as the Panthers were busy celebratrng the vrctory and plannrng the trrp to Butler Fleldhouse In the sprrng of thrs memor able year the members ofthe Class of 59 ordered class rrngs At last they became upperclassmen A great deal of responsrbrltty rs attached to the Juntor year The class elected Sherry Beasley presrdent Sharon I-lasecuster vrce presrdent Ann Wolf secretary and Jerry Elledge treasurer The frrst Job for the class was to select a candrdate for Homecomtng Lrnda Green prepare a float and plan all Home comrng events The amateur actors of the class drd a frne Job rn puttrng on the play Susan Steps Out Clrmaxrng thts ey entful year was the Junrot senror Prom Some Enchanted Evenrng The class met and made successful all requrrements of the Junror year The frnal year of the Class of 59 began on September 4 1958 Senror class offrcers were Ted Schuck presrdent Drxre Clark vrce presrdent Dave Small secretary and Sherry Beasley treasurer Wrth Judy Hartrng as candrdate for l-lomecomrng Queen a htghly competrtrve campargn was carrred on A rrotous nrght was spent on November 7 when the senrors held the Sadre Hawktns Day Party Next on the schedule was the tradrtronal class play Dear Drary On December 5 the senrors presen ted the school wlth a beautiful Pantherhead rn the gym In the sprtng a beauttful Prom was gtven for the seruors by the Junror class Senror Week followed the Prom and frnally rt was t1me for the senrors to put asrde those patnted cords and don therr caps and gowns Baccalaureate and Commence ment exercrses sent the graduates on therr own Good luck to all of you Class of 59 and may God bless you' 1 J 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 1 ' o o n Y . . . . , . - , . , 1 1 ' 1 . , . . Y. 1 1 1 1 , . V . . . . 1 1 ' l - , 11 ' 11 - -t 1 1 . , - - - ' 1 D . , , 1 1 1 , 1 . , 1 . I - , . . . ,, H .. . ,, , 1 - , Durmg Our Four Memorable Years at E H S We is Sclence holds great mterest for Kelth as he attended the ceremomes for the Panther Scxence Lnstltute at Indxana Band as she drsplays her Un1V6IS1ty last summer Mlllron Dollar Volce " Judy 15 the pretty mlstress of Along w1th the role of Panther Preparmg to play a saxophone Band captarn and student solo, B111 sets up hrs Varsrtoman drrector, Jerry experxenced the equlpment for another even1ng's pos1t1on of head band offlcer entertarnrnent 96 As a loyal Elwood fan Sherry drsplays the exulted energy that has backed each of her Panther cheers One of the htghest honors Wendell L Wlllkle I-hgh School can bestow upon a student 1s to name that person to the Ten Outstandtng Senrors Thrs 11st orrgmated rn 1956 has been the goal of many senrors For thls rs an honor that w11l not be forgotten w1th1n a few weeks but wrll be remembered as long as the Cres cent rs remembered. O . . I I 0 l 6: , f Y, 1 " -'f. ' K ' '?f.:l: M , SP . . Y, E 5 H , . . ,, . . . ' Y I Followed the Leadership of These Outstanding Seniors The Outstanding Seniors were selected by the faculty. Only those with a B' or higher average were eligible. The faculty made the selections on citizenship leadership and service. When the votes were counted by the faculty the list of the top ten was given to the Crescent staff to report in the yearbook A sparkling personality and a Pepsodent smile makes Dixie the Panther Band Sharon's sweetness along with her activities such as Panther a favorite among everyone at EHS Presenting the Stars and Stripes Darlene 15 known ngt only 35 The Creatwe wrltm b 1 t of g a 1 1 y at the ball games 15 Only One Glee Club Pf6Sld9f1t but also Jane Ann has led her to the f 1 0 Annie s many activities for her radiant personality edrtorshrp of the Crescent 97 3.IT1Ol'lg Othel' 3.Cll1V IKISS I I . I l I ,Af In ll ' ' ' ' ' ' , the popular head majorette of Den President, have made her As Freshmen, We Were Bright-eyed, Eager, and Lost, its DOROTHY AMICK Frank Cain and Joan Caldwell turn the Den clock back to slow time, but they wish they could tum lt back to the beginning of their high school days ERNEST AMICK STEVE ARBUCKLE ESTELEEN ARNOLD KEITH BALSER BETH BAMBROUGH ROBERT BANNON JUDY BARBER SHERRY BEASLEY JA NICE BENEFIEL BERRY PHILLIP BERRY CAROL BILTZ CAROL BLANKENSHIP Lois QLOIEQ BOHLANDER RONALD QRONNIEJ BORUEF SAM BOWER JOYCE BOYLAND BILL BROGDON MARY JO BROWN LA RRY BURWELL FRANK CAIN CHARLES F . . . . As Sophomores We Joined Activities and Ordered Class Rings, 'QF' MICHAEL L. COMMONS MARTHA COURTNEY GEORGIA CROSTHWAITE DANNY CULP JOAN CALDWELL NOAH CARPENTER LARRY CHAMBERS DIXIE CLARK BILL CLARY MARY COIVIBS Paper drives were only one of many activities of the senior class to raise money. and Cheered the Panthers on to the Sectional Title PATRICK CURRAN MICHAEL CURREY RUBY DALE LAMONT fMONTYj DAUENHAUER PATRICIA ANNE DAVIS J OYC E DOAN EMOGEN E DOWLER BOB DOWLING B REN DA DOWNEY DELBERT DAVID DOW NING JE RRY ELLEDGE PATRICIA ANNE FA RR 101 N. M 'f' E . .sf I ' J' -- As Juniors We Quickly Became Used to Being Upperclassmen, STEPHEN A. FETTIG RICHARD FIHE SHERRY FRAZIER DANIEL fDANNY j FULLER GA RY GA RRIS ON TOM GIS ELBACH JIM GROSS ERNEST HA RTING JUDY HA RTI NC MERLE HA RTI NC J UDY HA RTLEY BOB HA RTMAN 102 i ' 1 . . E 3? and Still Found Time to Sponsor the Prom ond Homecoming 53 SHARON HASECUSTER ANITA I-IASKETT JACK HEADLEY DANNY HEFLIN JULIE I-IENNEGAN SHEILA RAE I-IEVRON PHILLIP HIBST GEORGE fBILLj HOBSON PHIL HOLLIDAY Elwood Safety Queen, Miss Darlene Rodgers, waves to spectators during the Safety Parade in Anderson. :VNV 1 "mmd ,fl NANCY HOLLOWELL CAR rs. 5: CHECK e Queell 103 Our Senior Year Meanf Senior Cords, Privileges and Duties and the Realization That This Was Our Last Year MICHAEL KLUMPP KENT KLEYLA CA ROLYN KOONS TOM LEAVELL JAMES LOVw DER J OANNA MA RSI-I TOM Mc CLISH RAY Mc CORKLE JERRY D MCCOY LINDA MCELFRESH ALBE RT Mc PI-IEA RS ON DAVID 105 MILLER ' We Have Played, Cried, Laughed, and Studied Together, ERVIN QBUTCHQ MITCHELL PHIL MORGAN WILLIAM MOSBAUGH I I I E 1 NANCY MRAZ JAMES NICKLES ANN ORBAUGH CHRIS PANTOS MARILYN PARKER MARILYN PENN CHARLES QCHUCKQ PHENIS MARY ALICE POOL HELEN P OW ELL 106 i 1 and, in Other Moments, We Hove Proyed Together Although the days of initiation are over semor J1m Lowder finds that freshmen, such as Mary Ann Cooper st11l come in handy for carryrng hrs books ROBERT RILEY JE RRY ROBE RTS ON SA UNDRA ROBIS ON DARLENE RODGERS TED SCHUCK SHIRLEY SCOTT SAUNDRA SCOTT And, As We Leave Willkie High and Go to New Places, KA REN S EE LY JUDY SEIBOLD JANE ANN SERIGI-IT BRENDA SI-IEETS-SMITH BURGESS SI-IULL CAROL SILVEY RANNY SIMMONS LA RRY SINGER MELVIN DOUGLAS SINGER CECIL SKEEN DAVE SMALL PATSY SMITH 108 We Will Take the Words of the Loyalty with Us . . JUDY SOUTHERN RICHARD SPVIZMESSER KAREN STACK 'Q' sung. i"i"'F'? ii' S SUE STURTSMAN ALICE SWACKHAMER MARY SWIHART Painting senior cords is a tradition at EHS and Mary NANCY TANCEY DAVID TOMPKINS ADRIENNE TOWNSEND BETH ANN TRINIBLE Jo Brown is working hard on hers in time for the first of school. J lg i . . . "To Our Dear High School, We Will Always be True." 'S Linda Mclflfresh nostalgically remembers the four wonderful years of her high school life. 40" gf JERRY TROUT MARLYN TROUT LARRY VICE JOHN WAYMIRE CA ROL WHEATLEY LA RRY WHETSEL SANDRA WHITMORE SHARON WILBURN ANN WOLF JUDY WRIGHT DONETA YA TES SHARON BAKER LI NDA GREEN MAUREEN LLOYD DANIEL Mc ELF RESI-I AIICS Swackhamer, Anrue Orbaugh gan keep 1n touch w1th Sally Hack and often V1S1t her at New Haven Loie Bohlander, and Julie Henne- DUROTIH 'XN11L1'x 11 111 J 1 'Xr IRXIFST XN11L1x 1 DCF Club 411 5111 9111111111 Lounul Ur C L 1 .1 N T11 F '1RBUC1x1E L 11111111 Tuck 41' 11111101 1111111 13.19111 1.111 fFr.1n 1 1 B1 4171' 1 mn FSTIIFFN ARNOLD U1 I C11111 fp '7 lump Cmmcxl 41 501 Mlgxphcm 1 D41 Jumor C1055 P1.1x CAA 11 1 x1lTH BXLQLR 1. 111 L1111w p G21 Ln Cult 1111 N 111191 1 5'7J Llub 51.11101 Cla P111 Com 1111111 9111d1111C1111nc1l Nhgl 11 1 'X111o1111 1101101 iuculx 1HB'XN1BROUG1i 11 111 11 L 01 P11111111' B1 Koi Lrucl S1111 xr 1x CQ111111 11. 11' 1 rl, uw 1 UBI RI BXNNON 1111111111110111 vm Club p an L HHN BXRBLR 11 C11 x 111 I Bmd O111c4.r 1.31111 C b 6 Crue IQP Ll1o1r N1 gxphom p 54 Qophcmmr X1c1 Prcmdenl Xutmxml Honor SOClnfX fy 65 9 1 cI1Cl11b4p 693 P101 0111111111100 Jumor C1355 P111 .J 9111 RRH BE 151.211 111111Club p 691 Crmceml 41 521 StudLntC0u11C11 11 50 iophomon Class Tro..1Q11rLr Jumor C115 Pn:1C1Lnt Scnvor Clan Tn.15urLr4p 941 N111 ll Honor Sugulx p 65 110111 Cmnlulltu, 13 TL lm Llunrl .idgx V.1rs1lx Chun! '75 H1341 Qhur 11 1 P 11 Cul 1.1 l1u1111cm11111g, Court 9opIm111nr0 1 1N1llk1L F1154 Txxlr gr JXXILIF BEXHTILL 1111111 Souux 1 51 1 11111 13.11111 DCE Club fp 561 LHNRIFS F BERRX Pmllur Band DCF Club fp 561 S l1S11C1L113 p 131 PH11 I IP BERRX 511.1111 11 Club 411 631 Projecuon Club fp 551 PIOV1 Commutee Fru1c11C1L1b 1 63 CNROL BILTZ Boo ter Club fp 2 J Sunslunv. S cmelx fp 511 Frcihman Class S1cn.I3rxfSl Jobephj Spgech Club p 691 CNRO1. B1. 'XNKHNISHIP P1oc111.rC1ub 1, 211 S1.1mh1m. clclx p 51 Chou p 5 ip 1011 Club p " 015 41O1F1 BOHLANDER Sumlmlne Soclelx fp 511 Pan 11111 Band p 601 Lalm Club 1 6 Cnscnnt p .171 S111 Suunmg Comm11un, p 95 N11Q1pl1u1'11 Pdltor ln Chuf fp 541 S1LLc11Club Tnasurcr 1 691 Jumor Cla 5 P1 Prom Cmnmltlu. 1 ON NLD fRONNl1j BORUFI' C 1 H 6-1 91.11101 L Lmnx11l1o.1 951 JLMIQ1115, T H11 Fr 511111011133 FFA 6-1 0 A BJ 111111411 Prom Cumm1I11.1. 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' ' .......... 106 .1 ' 1 19 - .- 1 1 ' 1 ...... 107 ' . ' ' ' , . 1 7 T ' 1 - . .I l T - 1 - , - I y 1 - - ' ,... . , .. 110 , f I I - 1 , J I ' - ' 11 .' , 1 1 ' - 4 - - . 1 J. , - , 2 I lf 1 I ' ........ 109 4 I Y l, 1 1 - ' I I A' ' I 1 , 1 . 1 - , I I . , 1 . , ' f .,.. .... 5 111 , . 4 ' 1 I A 1 . h V ' ,I . A I . ' ' I ' . I 1 ' -1 , I . , ' I I -' 7 I ' ' .-. 7 ' . 1 J 1 . . -I 1 - 1 I- .1 1 ..... . I I 1, , I y Q, 1 1 II 1 I I ..... .. 109 I. , 1 1 I f ......... 107 ' 'I 4, 1 I I1 - . . . 1 1 ' ' 't- 1 S- ' 3 . -H 9 KI I ' 1' yy, ,4,, 109 . . .... lll ' 1 ' ' 1 I ' 1 . , ' , I 1 Y H 1 U' I , y ' 1 I - 1 1 I . I ' A 1 I .I Y I Y I .' P. I P - , ' A ' ' V , , - 3 I I 2 4 Q .,...... 107 ' - 1- I1 4' ' .......,.. IO6 ' ' . , . I 1 .' I 1, 7 ' ' - 1 I ' ........ 109 ' 1 . , ........... IO' - 1 . , . ,, ' . , ' ' .' ......... 109 , 1 Y I., , I I IL ly ' , . I ' I ' I I ' ' . ' 1 - ' - , - 1- , tt 1, . ,I ' ' - ' . 'I '1 1' ' , .... l06 1' I .......... IOS , . ' ......... 106 , I -I " .... 109 ADVERTISEMENTS - 1959 THEY BAC KED US - LET'S BACK THEM! fi yy UT' FA ' loymg o SUTTER S tre f J dy Barber and Mary Co b c ich up o theIo1'est gossip lfh Jo ef Smlfh wh Ie e SUTTER S QUALITY CHECKED DAIRY PRODUCTS 515 North Anderson Street Phone FE 2 2922 Complunents o e St CLAIR GLASS 408 North 5th Street Complzments C PENNEY C0 Elwood Indlana Congratulatwns to the Class ofI959 MILLER BROTHERS PURE OIL 212 North Anderson Street RAY PACKING COMPANY Elwood RR3 INDIANA KING BRAND Tomatoes, ulce an Catsup Indlana I 1 I ,I J QI I I ' Cn , ' f nh of 1 J. . . - J. - d FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ELWOOD Seniors Jane Ann Serlghf and Melvin Singer fund lf s easy fo save af the FIRST NATIONAL Over Szxty Fwe Years of Contmuous Sermce To the Communzty 'Wore than half a century of banklng has g1ven th1s bank an lI1S1gI'lI mto needs of buslness ln thxs area We welcome an opportunlty to share with our frxends any mformatlon wh1ch we may have and to dlscuss 1nd1v1duaI as well as mutual problems Member of FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatlon Mr Ch rles H gh IS on of three phormaclsfs who serve not only Jerry Elledge buf all of El ood Best Wzshes to the Class 0 '59 TAM S REXALL DRUGS SPCCIHIISL 1n Ha1r Styllng and Permanent Wavlng THE CAMERA SHOP DEL MAR COLOR HEADQUARTERS 1452 South A St FE 2 3262 408 So Anderson Street FE 2 2243 R C McDANIEL Dry Goods Clothlng Footwear CONGRATULATIONS the Class o '59 MARGIE S BEAUTY SHOPPE 2704 Maln DON DAVIS FINE DECORATION SERVICE Murals ana' Deszgns Complete Servzce 2613 South A FE 2 5814 Compliments .I C MURPHY C0 Congratulatzons ELWOOD COAL AND FUEL C0 Home of Quality Coals 500 NO I,2tI1 FE 2 2382 Complzments SEEGER AUTO SUPPLY 16th and South K f I BEAUTY SALON to . ' f u . Of ll E just one Graduation ,145 ei sf Af? 'ifgqkgq 5' ve 5' ff Ngbfjgm i ,as 4f"4 a ter another Wheiher you re graduahng from hugh school or college gefhng marrnecl or movmg mio a new home :ls an experience fo re member and marks a mvlesfone nn your lnfe We af lndnana 8: Muchugan Eleclnc Com pany are closely assocuaied wnfh you as you pass fhese muleslones for low cosf depend able elecfrncrly as an amporlanf perl' of every day Invang You lnve beHer eleclrncally Ioclay' Buf whaf 'lhe fufure holds for you an even belfer lnvmg through eleclrnclfy as hard fo lmagnne As you conhnue your educahonal program or enler mio Ihe busmess world you can always be sure 'lhere wlll be plenfy of eleclnc power avanlable so you can lnve beifer elecincally' Y doin ff 1 Congratulatzons rom MONTICELLO MANUFACTURING Soundra Robison and Shirley Scoff shop for ew elry af the BANNER STORE ELWOOD INDIANA Complzments Of BANNER STORE Anderson's Domlnant, Dependable, Thrxfty SHOPPING CENTER Anderson Indlana e I ee r go fo EASTSIDE for pcrf for th their c rs d Da y Hu ts g Complzments EASTSIDE PARTS Illholesale Automotlve Parts State Road 28 East Elwood lndlana Congratulatzons Complzments 0 CITY FISH AND POULTRY MORGAN S MUSIC SHOP MARKET 1240 'llerldlan 3 7456 1419 Nlaln FE 2 5482 Anderson lndlana Congratulatzons HOCKER S GROCERY 855 'North 14th JOHN S GRAIN Complzmentso E M PETERSON Bulck and Pontlac 1412 'Ilam St Complete Elevator SCFVICC llobbs lndlana Ph Enterprlse 2131 FE 2 6861 RANCH MOTEL State Road 37 Elwood Complzments SILVEY GROCERY Ind 2538 South A Street Many Willki H'ghf n-age s s e ' u , an nn n in er is no exception. Of 9 I L . - , . 1 I I l I O - Of Havmg Served the Amerlcan Publlc for Elghty flve Years We Wlsh To Extend Our Best wlSl'1CS for the Future MONTGOMERY WARD FETTIG Best Wzshes Class 0 1959 CANNING CONGRATULATIONS CORPORATION FROM A FRIEND Congratulatzons Class of 59 CLARK S MORTUARY Mr. Gene Tillman helps Jack Headley prepare for the hunting season. To . , . 9 I 7 9 9 Judy P att nd J dy W ight I k over LEESON S sweater dlsplay Good merchandise IS available at all tlmes at Leeson s R. L LEESON AND SONS COMPANY LONGER soNE s suPER MARKET C0"9'f"fU'0f'0"S WRIGHT CEMENT womcs FE 2 3723 509 So Anderson 300 South 18fh Sffeef Groceries and Meats Best w'5l'e5 Congratulations to the Class of 59 LEE'S MARATHON STATION South A Street Ph FE 2 2191 NEW HAVEN DRIVE IN ELWOOD LUMBER COMPANY 'I8tI1 Street at Nickel Plate Railroad Call FE 2-3328 "EVERYTHING FROM PLANS TO PAINT" . kk x 5 4, .311 r a u r' oo ' ' . n . . . . -- o ' . u Congratulations 56'li0fS CENTRAL PAINT AND LUMBER CO. JACK'S GROCERY AND BAKERY Ray McCorkIe IS one of many EHS students who buy supplies at Sa s Good Luck Seniors SAM AURELIUS Candles School Supplies Soft Drinks and Magazines I6I0 Next to Campus The Best Buy At the W y THE WHY STORE Martln Blumenthal Mgr Elwood Indiana Complzments ELWOOD BOWL Complzments Of ELWOOD SUPER SERVICE SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Bull Anderson 300 S Anderson "The Uptown Lumber Yard" I62I South A St. Elwood In Phone FE 2-5402 COXIE S LUNCH ROOM I528 South A Street FE 29001 Best Washes to fhe Class of 59 WOLF S MOTOR COURT SIIIIDIIS 0 CONE CIIPS 0 MILTS 0 SIIAKIS Tulle home QIIARTS PIIITS Owned and Operated by Jlm Faulkner TASTEE FRE EZ I9'I2 M ln dl OPEN DAILY 11ooAM muon PM a n moz 15.43 AMERICA S FAVORITE FROZEN DESSERT from Coast to Coast . O . . I. I. I. . . I h I Elwood In 'ana of onlvr ml: I I I I A beauhful e busldmg nd courteo e ployees ch as Sher y Beasley gre f V sf pot ons CLEANERS 1523 Main Sfreei' Elwood lndlana ,LH lf: x vi 'till P1 lk The ho e of Wnllkn H gh co ch and C phe and Fesle s s g aN'r cfs The eye Ross Sharp a typuc I Na? o o K ren Sf k G0 PANT HE RS G0 NATIONAL' COPHER AND FESLER R L DOOLEY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY FUNERAL HOME 1533 Mann Street ' n w ' ' a as m , su r , e I ' skit ' vx ' 1 xg X! 1 ff LyL,3,,!f1LLK 'Ci FJ I A ,N V K gf! 1 1 L W 12, , 4. '11 1 3 m ' 'e i a teacher, o r r' i n a , is ' a i nal home. f a ac . I O FIR BIRD III LEADS STARTING DELCO REMY 563 Now mqurnng mrnds have turned space age tools electronlcs transrstors computers to g ound level motonng From tapenng mouth to towenng dorsal fm the expenmental Frrebrrd Ill IS rmagrnatlon rn motron brrstllng wrth new Ideas from many General Motors drvrsrons The vrtal heart the electncal system of thrs new concept rn transportatron for the future was desrgned and burlt by Delco Remy engrneers From the compact transrstorrzed voltage regulator to the 110 volt auxrlrary a c generator powerful enough to operate home power systems rn emergencres or run applrances on camprng tnps Delco Remy s contnbutrons to Frrebnrd Ill engmeerrng pornt out the shape of thrngs to come rn the automotnve electncal equrpment lndustry Expenmental? Yes Exceptronal7 No for workrng to develop Improvements In the fleld of automotrve electrrcal systems rs a permanent task here Rather than wart for the future we luke to step forward and meet rt Delco emy f DELCO REMY DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS ANDERSON INDIANA GM'S THE I WAY, wma st , y X I 'I fel!! or a f - nny Sum o s h s aI eady found th t Elwood s newest lumber yard IS a good place to pat o lze Where you get more for less WIC KES LUMBER COMPANY Bulldlng Materials Best' WLSIM ROBERT JACKLEY FUNERAL Home f msg of 5, Phone FE 2 5821 LINEBACK MARKET AMBULANCE SERVICE Congratulatwns to the Class 0 59 CENTRAL HARDWARE Your Best Buy A Safe Place to Shop REYNOLDS ELECTRIC CO FE 2 523-I 12 Chumness Avenue Right goods at right prlces Elwood Indiana Complzments Of BUTCHER FEEDS ELWOOD Lew., BUILDING SPECIALTIES STEVENS TIRE 81 BATTERY FLOOR COVERINGS SERVICE 70'I South Anderson Street Phone FE 2-9052 he ' ....,..........-mann-Q.. A Ra ' nl n a r a ' ' r n' . cs n . , . f, . . THE CITIZENS BANK A new ddnho to the Elwood bus ness dlstrlct as the CITIZENS BANK S Complete Banking Servlce Serving more people every day ' Corner of South A and Anderson Streets Phone FE 2 3367 Elwood lncllana Member of the Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporation a Q Q n i I - 1 ' beautiful clock. 0 Q ll' . r I Genuine Eisenberg Ice The Original Eisenbergs dl Very Reasonable Prices Beautiful Aurora Borealis Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings ana' Bracelets Fine China By Lenox Franconia Castleton Syracuse 49: Franciscan Glen nd Lel Und wood pause fro t Fostoria and Imperial Crystal O the fame 5' All Famous Makes 0 Sterling Congmlulallons Class of 59 rom EARL G RHODES JEWELER MARNN UNDERWOOD TIPTON ELWOOD ALEXANDRIA HALDERMAN FARM MANAGEMENT SERVICE W llk e Hugh s expert flyer Ann Orba gh awaits 'fake off t e For the Elnest In Shoes KLEIN S SHOES TAFF 81 BAKER FURNITURE Furniture Rugs Appliances Phone FE 2 62l2 I5I8 Mann Street Elwood Ind JARVIS PERKINS COI'1Ql'GI'UIGI'I0nS SHELL SERVICE I'0I'TI C l ELWOOD AIRPORT mp Zgnms State Roads 37 and I3 ABE S AUTO SALES phone FE 2 6142 Elwood Indiana Phone FE 2 3152 7 f 7 . 5 ji n a a er in n - - f ir r's 'gn. f ll ll f . - ll I - ll I . I I . 1 ' f i I ' ' , u , It ' - im . I , 1 i l 9 3 SIiIEIfI. f n THE BRIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS The Home of the Automatlc Headlight Control AUTRONIC EYE an T 3 SAFETY AIM HEADLAMPS GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORP Anderson Indlqnq KLUMPP Wallpaper and Paint Store Phone FE 2 2242 Congratulations Elwood Indlana RAY HOLLENSBEE General Electric Maytag ROY SMITH APPLIANCES 609 So 22nd St Open Evenings by Appointment Speed Queen Hoover TOWN AND COUNTRY Compliments BEAUTY SALON 412 South Anderson Phone FE 2 6272 For the best In professional beauty care CHASE MOTOR SAI-ES of LOVE S sERvF HoLsuM FLORAL senvuce wnh FE 2 5242 every meal baked by Flowers for aII occasions DIE-I-ZEN S d Phone I:E 2-6722 CONGRA TULA TIONS SENIORS To Be Unlversal Educahon Must Be Free John Adams Saud The Whole People Must Take Upon Themselves the Educahon of the Whole EX CELL O CORPCRATICN ii ' ' li I I ' li People and Be Willing to Bear the Expense of l'.9l :woo , n iana . -al? Su Loubopens s v ngs c ounf with the help of Mr C pI'1er Congratulatzons Class 0 1959 T0 Save YOHI' m0ney Or buy a home ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION Elwood s largest fmancxal lnstltutlon 1501 lVIa1n Street ELVIOOD Phone FE 2 7381 INDIANA TETER S GROCERY STORE IIOBBS INDIANA SIeep well at the BONHAM HOTEL APEX BEAUTY SHOP e n g is pp ov u C a 201: North A Street Permanent Wamng Best 0 Luck flazr Stylmg to the Class 0 59 Tmts and lfleachmg HEAD MOTORS INC DODGE ANDI I YNIOUIIII Auro ELECTRONICS :Nc Complzments of Sales and SBFVICC Iqlwood Indiana S51 H19 Vriypferx Y x I I , e a a i a c ' s. o . . , f , . . . . . r i I I I 1 Th ew Dod e ge full cl r QI from Dix'e Irk. 5' II fs . , r - ' 1 I J . I , T o Wnllkle Hugh o eds Sh ry Fra er a d Don le Yafes Iry nd decud I1lcI1 TV s I they like the best Congratulations Class 0 59 Elwood JIM ALUMBAUGH TV .oo....... STEVENS SPRING INC Kahe Murray discusses the adv tages of cook: 9 nth gas Manufacfurer of Box sofa and lnnersprmg consfruchons 201 North zofh Elwood loo GAS COMPANY FE 2 7328 Elwood In w ' ' ' C - , er zi n n' , a ' ew ' e ' . fr . 5 , 3 .-AI of 0 ' CC E ' ' an 'n w' . . . . , . There s a one and only ln refreshment, too RN Ml ?,jx xt 1,1 f""'Q X KX 7... K! T' H wr-'nf ,MMM BOTLEDU DER U O O T ECOC COL CO P Y 7 Y l 7, I 'Q fmfgyif-g,' , f - H r .1 1 f ' i x ,V ,f W t ,.. "' L f X , rl V XIX fill' X X y f L 1' , f , W f XX! 1 If 'ir-"' t K, f N ,, X f ' v-T in .41 X .-.-- if if r A ., fi- f ' P6 xgii ,I I X i H r r, , i 1 5 Q , l , " I Ag! Congratulatzons Class of 1959 Here s hopmg that your ondest ambrtzons are reahzed and as you progress through the trzals and tnbulatzons of lr e may health and happmess be your constant companzons Jock and George Mangas MANGAS CAFETERIA AND ANNEX Mom and Anderson Streets Elwood lndluna Ya f , s tx ,,.,, T I S -zwwf., H s K ' a 1 Y YA, Q , , . f- . . . . . , . Ted S h ck dlsc sses on ms ra ce polncy J ck Headley Tom Glselbach and Ruby Wm., Mr DQHOHW D Ie duscuss school eve ts over H nshaw coke Besto Luck Senwrs Complzments Furst of all a drug store BOB DEHORITY Fast Lunch Service FE 2 3344 The roo 1 es f Ve toura t r s p s s Tombstones seem to be wh t Bob Do lung Tom McCll h IS Congratulations GREEN MON UMENT WORKS Class of 59 One Mule East on State Road 28 Markers VENTOURA CORPORATION f"0"u"'eMS Mausole urns Before purchasing a monument see our display Elwood lndlana ARTISTS CEMETE RY MEMORIALS t c u ' u ' u n ' a , ' , - ' a ' n a i . . . f , Of IC 0 if H H - I -1. , - ll v , s'1:ij,' A 4 , A '37, : wjfx l 7 m'n s o a n raile ur ri e a w' '5 . ' for. 1 . . n I . M ke KI mpp has his Me ry fllled p at ECONOMY Congratulatzons Class 0 59 E'w-md ECONOMY SERVICE 'mm- COX S SUPER MARKET IS Al drla s mos? oufsfundl g super markei SHOP Alexandria Indiana for SAVE-A-TAP E GIFTS 'f' -, , K!--. ,,..,A ' , WW .,..n., ., . . U . U - 1 1 f . ' ' exon ' ' 'n . SUITE HOME 81 EQUIPMENT CORP ASSOCIATE STORE Furniture Applzances LP Gas 1524 Mum Ph FE 2 7812 Complzments ROYAL GARMENT CL EANE RS The 59 Che y IS really sharp according to Mary Jo Brown d Ann Wolf Best Wzshes JOHN w Moons C1aiZihes9 ELWOOD AIR TAXI SERVICE CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC EVINRUDE MOTOR BOATS Extends Best Wzshes to the Guns Sporhng Goods Tackle Class 0 59 INLAND MARINE 'I6I6 South A Ph FE 2 7348 'I520 Mann FE 2 2541 Elwood Indiana KM HOOSIER HOME Steve Feff g discusses business w fh IMPRQVEMEN1' CITY CREAMERY B ployee CQ I INC CITY CREAMERY Ice Cream and Dairy Products 500 North 18th Elwood Of . f ' fl Compliments 2 of 1' ' - Ho e of the Teen Age Dance ELWOOD AERIE NO 201 FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES ALL EN'S SHOES HANLlN'S FLOWER 81 GIFT SHOP Dual FE 2 6283 611 No 61 Ol' the enhre family when 't S lowers Say Lt wzth ours Complzments SERv'CE Formzca Tops Kztchen Buzlt Ins Kc Applzances Jon-lNsoN's APPAREL sHoP FE 2 533, Elwood Hz Senzorsf' May your lL e have just enough clouds GRINNELL S To make a glorzous sunset A GOOD LINE OF TOYS VAN S PHOTO SHOP B635 WLSILGS Senzors Congratulatzons PEM'S LAUNDRY Senzors I o f ' - . 1 11 l SOUTHERN'S WOODWORKING of . . ' . uf 1' ' zllilll. . -.,Ul.1,.l Al -- -1w,,,s.,,, The HOME LUMBER COMPANY meets the A frlendly chat IS enloyed by Annie Orbaugh needs of Melvln Snnger and Tom Glselbach and Lore Bohlander over an A 8. W root beer HOME LUMBER COMPANY RALPH S A 8. W ROOT BEER Gary Garrison gnves a motarboat a dry run LEATHERS BOAT HOUSE THEY BACKED US LET S BACK THEM' Thus phrase has been the theme of the T959 Advertisement sectlon These merchants have literally made this book posslble The l959 Crescent staff urges all of Wlllkle Hugh to show their gratitude and patronize these advertlsers The Crescent staff would like to thank our publisher the Amerncan Yearbook Company, and dlstrlct representatuve Mr Ray Arsnow and also Mr James Read, of Reid s Studlo Muncle our photographer We would also like to thank the many students and alumnl who have donated pictures, taken negatnves to Muncie sold subscrnptlons dur Ing their study periods run special chores, etc A word of thanks should also goto the parents of staff members who have shown much under standing during this year The 1959 Crescent staff extends a great bug "THANK YOU"' t t . . . . . 9 . 4 . A ' I ' A A-" . . . 1' f 'QT -N' 'W I ' I W 'x :W f . . 7 . 1 N-,.w"',f . . I . 0 I - I . Cpening Section . . Events Athletics Actuvltles Faculty Student Body Senior Index Advertlsements INDEX .. 1-7 8 23 24 47 48 65 66 77 78 110 114 39 1959 CRESCENT STAFF Sponsor Assistant Editor Literary Editor Layout Edntor Art Edltors Photography Editor Clerical Editor Sports Editor Business Manager Mrs Hz Ida Chapman Dixie Clark Jerry McCoy Karen Seely Katie Murray and Ann Orbaugh Melvin Singer Sharon Hasecuster Bull Mosbaugh Keith Balser 140 ' ...lll-H3 ' , . . . . -l Editor-in-Chief .... . . . Jane Ann Seright 'f1fs11nb'9F: 1T1'g2ai,w2a1-f-s- mf::-m-sr:eme

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