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9The Crescent of 1958 Elwood, Indiana Wendell L. Willkie High School Crescent Staff E. S. House.... Martha Darrow. . Martha Mangas . Ann Kincaid . . . Jerry McCoy . . . Carole Richardson Sarah Kiefer. . . . Roger Hinds . . . ............Sponsor . .Editor-in-Chief . . Assistant Editor . . . Literary Editor Photography Editor . . Clerical Editor .........Art Editor . . . . Sports EditorTHE (WIEIU FOCUSES OKI WILLKIE HIGH 2Table of Contents Academic..................................1-17 Organizations............................18-35 Sports...................................36-55 Student Life.............................56-71 Album...................................72-105 3As We Begin It seems as though it was only yesterday that the lustrous leaves of life were swirling about us as we slowly drifted again into the familiar routine of education. The halls of Wendell L. Wilikie again rang with laughter, banging lockers, and the shuffle of students' feet. We learned to concentrate and study all over again. We cheered our victorious football squad on to the Central Indiana Conference Championship. The glamour of Homecoming and a dazzling queen thrilled us. Problems, experiments, homework, and exams - they all were a part of our daily life. "Who was Patrick Henry?", "What is a preposition?", "What is a Parallelogram?", and "How many spaces after a colon?" were heard coming from behind closed classroom doors. 4The Old Routine And soon we find ourselves buried deep in a magic world of white wonder. A sensational basketball team and a welcome Thanksgiving vacation start the winter off right. The girls begin rigid training for Sadie Hawkins Day. Christmas -what a wonderful time! We are enveloped in a whirl of parties, after-game dances, caroling in the halls, that glorious, gleaming Christmas tree, a small sprig of mistletoe, and holiday vacation. Two weeks slip by, and its back to school. My research paper - can this semester really be over? As the glistening ice and snow begin to melt away, shouts of "Win that sectional!" fill the air. 5Of A Combination Advanced Biology students combine experimentations and book learning. A stitch in time saves nine? Watch the fingers!Work and Fun After dinner dancing Presently the marvelous splendor of spring fills our hearts with ecstasy. The flowers are blossoming; tire trees are no longer barren; and the grass becomes an emerald green. It is a time to enjoy nature, but school must continue. More exams - will I ever get through? The prom - she was so ravishing, enchanting. Then graduation - my how time has flown. Our camera focuses on our past work, fun, and friendships. How happy we have been. But look to the future with gladness, for they will continue -they will continue. Ah, I'll play it alone! 7Leaders in SEATED: Joe Wright, Treasurer, School Board; John Rutledge, President, School Board; Wayne Jones, Secretary, School Board. STANDING: Riley Sharp, School Attorney; Keith Scott, Superintendent of Schools. Secretaries: Mrs. Imogene Collier, Mrs. Lillian Mikels, Mrs. Edith Gardner. 8Education Blair Sullivan, Assistant Principal; M. A. Copeland, Principal. The graduates of 1957-1958 can be proud of their class in reaching the goal they have worked so hard to gain. The reward in reaching this milestone in life is not merely a diploma. It is the accumulation of a vast storage of knowledge, emotion stability, physical development, and increased wisdom. The year is being recorded in the pages of history as the rise of tomorrow's space age. You are prepared to go on from here. It has not been an easy task. Because of worldly demands, our school has been gearing itself academically, socially, and economically to produce a finer product. That product is education's ambassador to adult society. To our Senior Students, we salute you. May your future bring you the worthy things of life with a minimum of difficulty. Greetings to those who have made it possible for a recorded history, of our day, in Willkie High School! Throughout the year; much work, patience, and understanding has gone into the Crescent for 1958, and it is through this medium that many pleasant memories will be recalled, long after they have grown dim by the passing of time. Administering of the total school program has been more effective because of the part played by the Crescent staff. You have given valuable assistance to the office while compiling the yearbook, and have been most helpful when requested to gather information beyond the needs of the volume itself. I desire to congratulate the Class of 1958 for your understanding and cooperation during your four years in high school. Give to the world that same effort and your success is assured. 9They Teach Us To Conjugate Verbs Since we recognize the importance of learning to express ourselves well, we have a fine language department. Latin, Spanish, and French are taught in addition to English. Tracing the meaning of English words through foreign languages, the student may develop useful aids to his vocabulary. The English students learn how to make their writing clear by studying the meaning and spelling of words, sentence construction, punctuation, etc. Through the related study of literature, other peoples' ways of DONALD BROWN, A.B., M.A. English Department Head Math BLANCHE DIGEL, B.S., M.S. English HILDA E. CHAPMAN, A.B., M.S. Librarian ESTHER KOONS, B.S. English MARY RECORDS, AJB., M.A. English, French, Spanish DORIS STEPHENSON, A.B. English, Speech life are made known to the students. Whether the setting is in the Roman Forum or in the Unites States Congress, we can see how such ideals as democracy have come about by what is written. In our daily lives, we are constantly using language—reading the newspaper, answering the telephone, and working toward a clearer expression of our thoughts and a better understanding of others. The study of language is beneficial to every student. Our amateur journalists learning the ropes from an expert. 10And Remember Dates. SAM HOUSE, A.B., M.S. Head of Social Studies Department Government FRANK BYKOWSKI, B.S. Head Football Coach, History Driver's Training CECIL STAFFORD, A.B., M.A. Social Studies We have often heard the old expression, "History repeats itself. " Because of this we must study the historical background of our country and the world in order to know what happened in earlier times and to prevent the disasters of the past from being repeated. Willkie High offers World History and United States History, which help us to understand the problems of die world, both present and past. Our students receive excellent training in the opera - tion of our federal and state government by studying civics. By taking advantage of this course, we learn the numerous duties of a citizen and are taught to vote intelligently. We are also instructed in the maintenance and promotion of social and economic standards in such classes as sociology and economics. As you can see, these important subjects are being very adequately presented by our History Department. Let's see now—what was the 20th Amendment? 11They Make Us Solve Problems Mr. Gerald Sullivan points out the barometric pressure of the gases to this group of scientific students. Equation solved—ability increased! Mathematics is always present in our everyday life. No matter where we look some kind of mathematics is used, from the simple measurements in baking a cake to the higher complicated types used to put satellites in the sky. Elwood High School offers many different courses to put the greatly needed math into the minds of its students. Newest of the courses offered is senior math, which will be taught to seniors who have had seven semesters of math. This course and other courses offered will enable the students to further their abilities in mathematics. As the world progresses, as medicines become invaluable, and as man prepares for outer space flight the need for scientists increases. Elwood High School contributes to the training of scientists by offering courses in science, such as biology, chemistry, and physics. An award is presented annually to the outstanding student with a science major who has done excellent work in that field. The award-winning student, along with the others who take advantage of the science curriculum, achieve a wide-spread knowledge in the art of science and are given a great opportunity to advance in their chosen occupation. GEORGE SMITH, BA., M.S. Math Department Head RICHARD DARST, A.B., B.S. Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry FARIS BOSTON, B.S. Biology, Assistant Football Coach GERALD SULLIVAN, B.S., M.S. Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science 12And Teach Us To Sing And Draw. The sweet notes of perfection are accomplished by practice. With touches of artistry, we create from the imagination. The music department has made great strides this year. The Panther Band, under the expert direction of Mr, Clifford Brugger, has added two new attractions in the form of a duo of lovely feature flag twirlers. These instrumental musicians have practiced hard to present the colorful football shows which have been so fully enjoyed by the fans. They have participated in numerous parades, both locally and out of town. The band, along with the clever majorette shows, has faithfully entertained the large crowds at each home basketball game. The chorus, led so efficiently by Miss Gayle Bolyard, has added much to the 57-58 music program. They have presented many outstanding performances to the student body. The entire chorus, along with its many outstanding individual talents, has entranced many social audiences with their numerous presentations. The group also attended the annual Spring Choral Festival at Anderson. The band and choral contributions to the music of EHS are certainly appreciated. The art department also adds to the enjoyment of the students by decorating our halls with the many modern paintings and portraits which grace our school. Those who participate in art work may choose any project in which they are interested; such as painting, weaving, making pottery, etc. The students, who are ably guided by Mr. Ringer, thoroughly enjoy their work, which gives them an excellent opportunity to further their creative abilities. CLIFFORD BRUGGER, B.S. Band Director GAYLE BOLYARD, B.M., M.S. Choir Director, Guidance Counselor ' JAY RINGER, B.S., M.S. Art 13We Learn To Cook And Farm Being a homemaker and mother is the most important position a girl can hold. It is also one of a wide variety of duties. She is a combination cook, seamstress, nurse, bookkeeper, and cleaning lady. In addition, she must be a genial and attractive wife and hostess. In the home economics classes, the girls prepare for this very important position. They learn how to plan and prepare meals and how to can and freeze foods. Also, for the first time, there is a cooking class for boys. Many of those expensive looking clothes you see on some of the girls were made in the sewing classes. To train the girls in their motherly duties, a child care and home nursing course is offered. You can see that these girls will very likely be efficient homemakers and good mothers. MILDRED GARNER, B.S., M.A. Home Economics ELVONA TOLLE, B.S. Supervisor of Cafeteria, Home Economics ELDON RUFF, B.S. Vocational Agriculture, Farm Shop Agriculture—our lives depend on it. What would we do without these industrious farmers? These boys are certainly starting out on the right track by signing up for the agriculture class, which is under the efficient leadership of Mr. Ruff. The agriculture class introduces these boys to many activities; such as dairy judging, poultry judging, and crop judging, to mention a few. The class also presents to the boys a wide variety of farming knowledge. These are only a few of the activities which further educate the boys in the field of occupation they have chosen. This not only is a present benefit to the boys, but will lead to a bigger and better agricultural America. Mrs. Tolle is teaching these girls how to cope with the ever-increasing problems of a modem homemaker. Mr. Eldon Ruff, vocational agriculture teacher, shows a group of farm boys how to use and care for the welding equipment. 14And Tabulate Figures. Miss House instructs the office machines class in the daily routine of a competent secretary. Willkie High is very well equipped to give our students a fine opportunity to advance in the field of business education. These people are very fortunate to be under the direction of such a competent teaching staff as we have in our commercial department, for all through our lives we are in contact with the business world. For those who are anticipating a business career, whether it be a secretary, a salesman, or a business executive, our school offers outstanding guidance in the commercial curriculum, such as typing, shorthand, general business, office machines, secretarial training, selling, and bookkeeping. Even for those who do not intend to major in commerce, such subjects as typing and bookkeeping are invaluable assets. Business is a routine thing in our daily lives. The men and women who are employed non-commer-cially are constantly dealing with the world of commerce. Even the homemaker must be educated in business matters, for it is her job to manage the home in an efficient and orderly manner. In order to become better equipped for the future which lies ahead, it would be wise to consider business when we are given such a great opportunity as we are given here in Willkie High. BETTY HOUSE, B.S., M.A. Commerce Department Head, Shorthand, Office Machines JOHN FLANDERS. B.S. Bookkeeping, Selling DORIS KINTZEL, B.S. General Business ROSS SHARP, B.S., M.A. Typing, Track Coach 15Bookcase Building And Sore Guidance is a vital part of our industrial arts program. The United States is in the position it is today because of tile numerous citizens who are highly trained in the field of industry. Without industrial arts, where would our country be? Our homes, our schools, our business, and our defense depend on the ability of the men who are devoted to the great business of industry. Our school is extremely fortunate in having such an advanced Industrial Arts Department. Our boys are given the opportunity to learn their chosen profession from beginning to end. They are instructed in mechanical drawing, blueprint reading, woodwork, machine shop, and maintenance. Our industrial curriculum also includes classes for those who wish to excel in one of the many special fields of industry such as printing, metals, leather craft, and electricity. These boys are just beginning their role of an industrial worker by taking advantage of the fine Industrial Arts Department in Willkie High. JOHN HINDS, B.S., M.A. Supervisor of Practical Arts Education WILFRED G. DUDLEY, B.S. Industrial Arts GEORGE KINTZEL, B.S., M.A. Industrial Arts HOWARD McVICKER, B.S., M.S. Printing and DCE KENNETH POUCHER, B.S., M.A. Industrial Arts 16Muscles Are Part Of School Too Physical education is required for all Freshmen and Sophomores in Elwood High School. Classes are conducted at regularly scheduled periods, attendance is carefully checked and the student is graded according to the ability and interest shown. Each class meets three days a week. In physical education classes, the boys participate in many of the major sports, such as, basketball, boxing, volley ball, and tumbling. The intention of this class is to awaken the interest of each individual, so that he realizes the necessity of maintaining a careful inventory of his physical well- being. The Girl's Physical Education class is enjoyed by almost every girl in high school because it breaks the monotony of school work. It also relieves tension and makes the girls relax. The girls participate in such activities as volley ball, ring toss, basketball, tumbling, and dancing. The girls also must establish physical stability. This is accomplished by exercising in die physical education classes. All in all these classes help us to maintain a co-ordination of the body and mind. LORRAINE LEWELLEN, A3. Health, Physical Education JOHN WARD, A.B. Athletic Director, Social Science Physical Education BETTY JO WATSON, B.S. Physical Education, Health LILLIAN SULLIVAN, R.N., A3. School Nursethe mm mm OH WILLKIE ORCMIZATIOIIIS 18Our main purpose in attending school is, of course, to gain a greater amount of knowledge, but we must admit that one of the most in- " teresting aspects of any high school is its organizations. Willkie High is very fortunate in having a variety of such clubs for people of many different interests--groups such as our governing body, the Student Council, foreign language clubs, literary organizations, athletic groups, musical organizations, and clubs for the promotion of good will. These organizations provide good fun, entertainment, and fellowship for our students. We would advise you to join one of these groups, for the assets you attain will prove invaluable. 19We Recognize Top Students and ROW 1: R. Phenis, K. Wisehart, K. Riggs, M. Darrow, A. Kincaid, M. Mangas. ROW 2: S. Riva, L. Cox, E. Sohn, B. Klein, C. Wisler, J. Elledge, K. Balser. ROW 3: J. Jordan, D. Evans, S. Kiefer, J. Seright, A. Orbaugh, S. Beasley, J. McCoy. Admission to this society is the greatest honor that can come to a high-school student. For this society holds as standards for selection, excellence not only in Scholarship, but also in Character, Leadership, and Service. Only those who more nearly excel in all these fields are chosen. Of course, they must make fairly high grades. But they must also show that they have such virtues as honesty, dependability, and loyalty. They must not be afraid to accept responsibility, and they must do every task well. They are the ones who not only do what is required of them, but will do more on their own. They are volunteers--the ones who'll take the jobs that no one else has time for. They are leaders, too. In the many different clubs in school, in the classroom, and in church groups, or other clubs outside of school, they have an influence that makes others want to follow them. The local chapter was founded in 1944. Students arc selected in their junior year as probationary members. If they live up to this organization's standards, they may then become permanent members upon graduation. 20Help Iron Out School Problems STANDING: Gerald Sullivan, Sponsor; D. Poole, B. Widmeyer, R. Beasley, J. Bilby, K. Balser, T. Small, D. Hancher, F. Tyner, T. Hillan, J. Elledge. SITTING: P. McCracken, J. Hocker, W. Shaw, K. Dooley, B. Alley, E. Jones, B. Dellinger, S. Hasecuster, E. Sohn, K. Murray, D. Rodgers, S. Beasley, J. DeLong. Roger Hinds, Treasurer; Ann Kincaid, Secretary; Judy DeLong, President; Jim Small, Vice-President. The students of Willkie High have chosen to be governed under a system of democracy. Being a small model of our United States government, our own legislative body, the Student Council, is composed of representatives from each home room. This year the representatives are very efficiently headed by Miss Judy DeLong and are under the guidance of Mr. Gerald Sullivan. The primary purpose of this outstanding organization is to promote co-operation between the students and the faculty and to assist in maintaining order and discipline. The group also takes part in numerous outside activities by sponsoring our den nights and taking part in the selling of concessions. This organization is a fine example of government "of the people, by the people, and for the people." 21Deadlines Met . . . As you leaf through youi "memory book," you may wonder how this book was made possible. Here, then is the story. The beginning was last summer when Martha Darrow, Martha Mangas, and Judy Seeley attended the High School Journalism Institute at Indiana University for two weeks. Here they learned how to put a yearbook together and made plans for this one. Then in the fall, the various staffs were organized and began their jobs. The large business staff started selling advertising space, subscriptions, and the underclass pictures. Which brings up another staff—the photographers. Reflections of excellent CRESCENT leadership. Literary minds at work. Mr. Grapho on the job.Goal Accomplished They took pictures for many of the advertisers, and pictures of the big events at school. The literary staff wrote copy for each and every department, club, and activity. And, of course, this copy was typed by the very efficient clerical staff. Not to be forgotten is the fine work of the art staff. And last, but not least, the people on lay-out certainly did their part in making this book a treasure of memories. This is the Crescent story of the people who had a part in bringing you happy memories of your high school life. CRESCENT EDITORS. SITTING: Ann Kincaid, Literary Editor; Dave Cooper, Business Manager; Judy Seely, Layout Editor; Carole Richardson, Clerical Editor; Martha Mangas, Assistant Editor-in-Chief. STANDING: Jerry McCoy, Photography Editor; Roger Hinds, Sports Editor; Mr. Sam House, Sponsor; Martha Darrow, Edi tor-in -Chief; Sarah Kiefer, Art Editor (not shown). Flying fingers of the clerical staff. ROW 1: M. Tunnell, J. Wright, D. Helpling, S. Hennegan, J. Hennegan, S. Werline, N. Mraz, J. Seright, A. Orbaugh, M. Brown. ROW 2: P. Horine, R. Dicky, J. Stewart, M. Morris, V. Holliday, J. Wardwell, K. Riggs, B. Klein, A. Wells, L. Murphy. ROW 3: J. Williams, M. Cannon, M. Carter, B. Mosbaugh, J. Wiseman, B. Widmeyer, S. Heck, D. Yates, B. John, B. John, C. Wisler. ROW 4: J. Magner, B. Johnston, A. McPhearson, J. Holmes, J. Wisler, R. House, M. Fowler, P. Sharp. ROW 5: J. Bilby, M. Singer, D. McQuitty, F. Kincaid.Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Printing The Megaphone is our school paper, which is published once a month under the editorship of Jerry Jordan and with the able assistance of Emily Sohn and Mr. Brown, the sponsor. This year the Megaphone is experimenting with a new idea of selling copies by yearly subscriptions. The idea was accepted with much eagerness by the student body. Many new articles have been added to this year's Megaphone, such as: "From the Teacher's Desk," "The School Calendar," and "The Highway Zoo." Without the help of the Megaphone, students would not know all of the latest happenings. Our Megaphone staff is able to produce one of the best school papers in the state of Indiana. This is the result of the hardworking reporter, editors, and typists. As you know, no paper is better than the staff behind it. This fact explains why the Megaphone is so outstanding. Co-editors, Jerry Jordan and Emily Sohn SITTING: E. Sohn, G. Hobson, V. Holliday, J. Wardwell, S. Werline, J. McCoy, L. Cox, M. Carter, K. Riggs, L. Bohlander, J. Hennegan, D. Cooper, J. Jordan. STANDING: C. Wisler, B. Mosbaugh, R. Beasley, J. Bilby, P. Sharp, J. Mays, J. DeLong, K. Wisehart, S. Hennegan, C. Richardson, S. Kiefer.Speaking Is Sometimes Complex SPEECH CLUB, ROW 1: E. Ring, M. Carter, B. Wisehart, L. Underwood, P. Clouser, M. Swenson, V. Holliday, T. Schuck. ROW 2: J. Owens, J. Williams, M. Tunnell, C. Brobst, President; P. Sharp, Vice President; J. Hennegan, Secretary; R. Hamilton, Treasurer; J. Barber, R. Smith, K. Beaty, S. Hennegan, D. Cooper, D. Helpling, M. Fowler, C. Pantos. ROW 3: B. Bambrough, M. Schick, S. Hibst, M. Brown, S. Heck, A. Orbaugh, A. Swackhammer, E. Plummer, G. Caldwell, C. Wilhoite, G. Forst, S. Werline, M. Combs, W. Shaw, D. Clark, Doris Stephenson, Sponsor. ROW 4: J. Seibold, D. Rodgers, S. Allen, D. Tam, C. Wisler, J. Holmes, J. DeLong, K. Wisehart, M. Hover, L. Bohlander, J. Jordan, D. Kantner, D. Evans. The Speech Club is an ever-growing organization of students interested in all kinds of speaking. This club aids its members in overcoming the natural fear which one feels when speaking in public. There are several different fields of interest in this club, such as: dramatics, poetry reading, debate, dramatic and humorous reading, oratory, and several others. In all of these divisions of speaking, there are contests throughout the year in which Elwood has generally had several winners. This club is under the competent guidance of Miss Stephenson with the debate department headed by Mr. Brown. We salute one of the newest additions to our evergrowing group of extra-curricular activities, the French Club. This club was organized to provide additional time outside class for learning more of the various aspects of French culture. For instance, the club period gives opportunity for practicing French songs with piano accompaniment and for developing and increasing knowledge of the French language and way of life. Officers elected this year were: President, David Gilmore; Vice-President, Arlene Wells; Secretary, Diane Stanley; and Treasurer, Marcus Stacy. The organization is headed by a faculty member who is extremely accomplished in the field of languages, Mrs. Mary Records. FRENCH CLUB. ROW 1: L. Byler, G. Beeman, V. Holliday, J. Jordan, E. Plummer, A. Wells. ROW 2: B. Webb, L. Clymer, S. Whitmore, S. Hasecuster, S. Allen, D. Stanley, Mrs. Mary Records, Sponsor. ROW 3: M. Klump, T. McClish, G. Garrison, D. Gilmore, R. Frawley, R. Hussong, M. Trout. ROW 4: A. Sorrell, R. Hicks, T. Pantos, M. Stacy, M. Singer, J. Thomas.Beyond The Language Barrier "Ad astra per aspera" --to the stars through difficulties—is the motto of the Inter Nos Latin Club. This club was founded in 1945 for the purpose of upholding high ideals of classical culture, scholarship, and citizenship. To be eligible for membership in Inter Nos, students mush have completed at least one semester of Latin. Initiation for the new members was the usual ordeal cooked up by old members. However, there was also a very serious initiating ceremony for them. Faculty sponsor of Inter Nos is Miss Marge McConnell. The Spanish Club is one of the several foreign language clubs at Elwood High School. The students of this organization have had at least one year of Spanish. At the meetings which are held once a month, there is sometimes a film shown of the Latin American countries. Also during the meetings many of these countries are discussed to give a better understanding of the United States Neighbors to the south. With a better understanding of its neighbors surely the United States can hope for peace with these countries. This club has for its sponsor a very capable person in the language arts department, Mrs. Mary Records.Ambassadors of Goodwill "With love in my heart forgetting self, and with charity for all . . ." —this is the type of girls which comprise our own Sunshine Society. The Elwood Chapter was formed in 1943 and since has proved to be a very worth-while organization, not only in the school, but also in our community. The membership of the society, following in the footsteps of the enrollment of our school, has become so large that is has been necessary to divide the girls into two groups, which are in full cooperation with each other. The main objective of the organization is charity. Christmas serves as an excellent time to spread good cheer throughout the city. Baskets of food and clothing constitute the distributions to the needy. In order to raise funds the girls staged a sale of Christmas cards in November and also held a dance, which was greatly enjoyed by everyone. The list of officers for Miss Bolyard's group read as follows: President, Janie Wardwell; Vice-President, Judy Barber; Recording Secretary, Georgia Crosthwaite; Corresponding Secretary, Winnie Shaw; Treasurer, Virginia McQueen. Those elected in Mrs. Garner's group were: Acting President; Ruth Hamilton; Recording Secretary, Sharon Hasecuster; Corresponding Secretary; Sherry Frazier; Treasurer, Frankie Hevron. 27"So Pleasing The High School Band is composed of eighty-two members and has given the school reason to be proud of them. They put fight into the players and enthusiasm into the rooters. Every year the band presents a Christmas conceit and a Spring Festival to the student body and faculty. The band has another new subdivision, the Dixieland Five, which is a quintet of boys who are especially interested in the jazz music of the Southland. Officers: David Cooper, Student Director} Ann Kincaid, Head Majorettej Martha Mangas, Captain.To The Ear” This musical organization adds much gaiety to the ball game. During football season they always have special formations to do on the football field, and during basketball season either the majorettes, feature twirleis, or flag twirlers present fascinating half-time shows. El wood High School is very fortunate to have such a skillful director as Mr. Clifford Brugger. He spends much of his extra time with this group. The musical interest of our students is bolstered by tills fine organization. Mr. Clifford S. Brugger, DirectorFantasy In Twirling In order to bring more color and zest into the Panther Band, three auxiliary units have become standard equipment. These talented groups are the majorettes, flag twirlers, and four lovely feature twirlers. Each of these units work hard during the entire year to present precision routines while performing with the band. It is also their duty to produce fascinating half-time shows at the basketball games which will be of interest to all of the sports fans. The girls are chosen on a basis of grace, presentation, and ability and are given an opportunity to work their way up through the flag corps to a majorette. These enchanting performers give our school good reason to be proud of them.Haven Of Harmony ROW 1: G. Lightfoot, J. Smith, B. Johnston, V. Niverson, K. Murray, J. Lightfoot,C. Koons, C. Scott, J. DeLong. ROW 2: Gayle Bolyard, Director; B. Bambrough, J. Cherry, J. Rudig, J. Wardwell, M. Carter, M. Cannon, L. McElfresh, C. Potts, C. Blankenship, S. Scott, L. Duckworth, B. Alley, K. Lambertson, G. Crosswaite. ROW 3: M. Barnes, E. Ring, D. Hancher, E. Jones, T. Level, J. Gross, L. Anderson, L. Holliday, D. Joliff, T. Small. ROW 4: C. Phenis, E. Johnson, B. Mitchell, G. Hobson, P. Wolf, T. Davis, J. Strangeway, D. Carmer, G. Fouts, R. Carmer, P. Harvey. The beautiful strains of music drifting from the band room each day are sung by die talented individuals in Advanced Choir, which is so expertly directed by Miss Gayle Bolyard. This excellent organization is composed of students who are especially interested in all types of music. Any boy or girl who shows musical ability is eligible for membership in die choir. Try-outs are held each year for diose who are interested. These students work hard during the year in presenting many varied programs for several organizations and special events both in and out of school. Among the most noted of their performances is the major part diey play in die Christmas program, which is presented annually to die student body. This group also renders a selection of yuletide numbers in school as they make their way through the halls of Willkie High. Two other outstanding features of the year in which they participate are die Spring Festival and Baccalaureate Service. An essential asset to the choir is dieir extremely gifted accompanist, Miss Judy DeLong, who does an excellent job. We are so proud to have such a fine organization in our school, which has proved diat music is the essence of joy and relaxation.Music Hath Charms OFFICERS: Susie Werline, Vice President; Linda Green, Secretary; Joyce Crull, Treasurer; Darlene Rodgers, President. Early last year try-outs were held for the Girl's Glee Club. This fine organization began to function in September and has continued to perform in a most gracious manner. Giving much time and effort to the group is Miss Gayle Bolyard, their talented director The girls, attractively attired in black and white, have presented a number of musical programs for local function, both in and out of school. Even though the organization is relatively new, they have made a fine showing in several performances; such as the an- nual Open House held during National Education Week Week and the Christmas program. The girls also tra -veled to the County Choral Festival held in Anderson. The Glee Club is our first step toward advancement in our fine music department. We certainly congratulate the girls on their great forward strides to success. We hope that the performances of this wonderful group will be a helpful guide to other such music-minded organizations. ROW 1: F. Doan, L. Cox, D. Stanley, J. Hocker, M. Hodson, S. Frazier, J. Southern, M. Wilson, S. Hamer, L. Green, Gayle Bolyard, Director. ROW 2: P. Lineback, K. Phillips, L. Clark, J. Stewart, S. Werline, M. Courtney, P. Davis, C. Silvey, M. Cole, L. Gibson, K. Wiles. ROW 3: D. Rodgers, J. Seibold, G. Forst, J. Morris, R. Cox, R. Havens, S. Level, N. MacDonald, M. Crull, J. Crull, J. Harting. ROW 4: N. Mraz, D. Wilhoite, S. Wilburn, L. Courtney, S. Armie, K. Stack, R. Salisbury, C. Coe, L. Poe, M. Crull, D. Davis.Education and Fun Combined SITTING: L. Noble, B. Webb, L. Hudson, M Currey, K. Tragesser, J. Boyland, C. Skeen, M. Groover, B. Peters, T. Reynolds. STANDING: R. Sanders, P. Berry, B. Lee, R. Hinds, L. Singer, M. Huges, L. Riminger, D. Kantner, L. Burwell, R. House, J, Nickles. R. Bannon, B. Hartman, Mr. George Smith, Sponsor. One of the most industrious clubs in school is the Projection Club The purpose of this organization is to instruct boys to operate and maintain projectors and other photographic equipment. After this goal has been accomplished the boys must pass a test to prove their abilities. The members then may offer their services in showing interesting educational movies to the various classes about our school. In previous years the boys who have completed three semesters in this organization have been entitled to an award. We certainly appreciate the efforts of the Projection Club and their fine sponsor, Mr. George Smith. The Communications Club is a rather new organization which has been in existence only a few years. Originally it was to be for boys interested in ama -teur radios, but now is for those with a mind full of not only tubes and wires but also circuits and currents. It has develped into a club of electricians. This club has many educational advantages and has proved very alluring. The club meets twice a month, and has a good attendance. The boys see films on electronics and build many electornic devices. The sponsor is Mr. Smith, who has considerable knowledge of radio and television. COMMUNICATION CLUB. SITTING: A. McPhearson, Mr. George Smith, Sponsor. STANDING: S. Parker, L. Burwell, R. Bannon, M. Sherman, J. Rittenhouse, R. Smith, D. Gilmore, D. Kantner, M. Barnes, R. Carmer.Future Progressive Farmers ROW 1: E. Wittkamper, M. Meyer, R. Jodan, G. Morgan, R. Boruff, B. Peters, D. Fuller, B. Fields. ROW 2: Mr. Ruff, Sponsor; R. Jordan, S. Fisher, B. Widmeyer, N. Karch, J. Werline. ROW 3: L. Welches, M. Wittkamper, T. Walman, R. Runyon, M. Harting, J. Gross, R. Boruff. The vocational agriculture student becomes a member of this national organization when he learns the FFA creed, pays his yearly dues, and is initiated into the chapter by the older members. The FFA provides educational, social, and recreational training for the student. Here he learns to co-operate with his classmates and other vocational agriculture students. The student can progress through the various degrees -Green Hand, Chapter Farmer, Hoosier Farmer, and American Farmer - depending on the scope of his farm program. The student in FFA has the opportunity presented to him to become a better farmer and a better citizen both to his community and to his country. The development of finer Hoosier boys is the objective of 4-H activity should be considered with this objective in mind. The boys participate in such activities as raising livestock, growing corn and other similar projects. Records are kept of these activities and at the end of the year they show their projects at the Indiana State Fair. The 4-H Club program in our state stands as a symbol of the boys interested in agriculture. The future offers even a greater challenge and thus a greater opportunity for service. ROW 1: B. Fields, C. Richardson, J. Wardwell, B. Widmeyer. ROW 2: Mr. Ruff, Sponsor; T. Walman, M. Meyers, S. Fisher, B. Peters. ROW 3: L. Welches, M. Wittkamper, R. Boruff, R. Runyon, R. Boruff.Willing Workers ROW 1: A. McPhearson, A. Wells, J. Crim, S. Devaney, K. Balser. ROW 2: J. Magner, M. Spies, F. Tyner, B. Parr, C. Borst, S. Wood, P. Jameson, R. Jaenichen, J. Seely, J. Bailey. ROW 3: Mr. McVicker, Sponsor; C. Berry, D. Sigler, R. Fihe, R. Hinds, R. House, L. Gerencser, H. Mountcastle, T. Lehman, R. Caster, J. Taylor. ROW 4: T. Hobbs, J. Wisler. Willkie High School is one of the 20 schools in the state which has a Diversified Cooperative Education Program. This was the sixth year for the program at this school. There are 28 students enrolled in the program, working in 19 different businesses and industries. Some of the business concerns hiring students are drug stores and warehouses, variety stores, clothing stores, hospitals, tool and die factory, shoe stores, newspaper, dairy, service stations, groceries, light assembly factory, and lawyer's office. This is a work experience program in which the students receive credit for time spent on the job and get experience in an occupation that they may possibly continue after graduation. Also, these different businesses may benefit by hiring trained students who are interested and ambitious. The Ushers Club is a group of boys who are always busy at the ball games. Their job is to see that the playing floor is kept in the best possible condition during these athletic events. This organization is constantly helping when it can and is ready and willing to give assistance when it is needed. The High School is very grateful to these boys for the fine job they are doing. Certainly they deserve much praise. This club is under the capable leadership of Mr. McVickers. SITTING: M. Groover, E. Wittkamper, T. Reynolds, G. Morgan, J. Rittenhouse, W. Tyner, E. Anderson. STANDING: M. Cole, J. Jordan.THE umu FOCUSES ON WILLKIE SPORTS To the boys, one of the most interesting aspects of our school is our sports program. The boys are given the opportunity to participate in such competitions as football, basketball, track, golf, cross-country, baseball, tennis, and bowling. This wide variety of athletics provides good fun and entertainment for each and every type of personality. Not only-do the boys obtain a widespread knowledge of the rules and ways of playing the game, but they are also given an excellent opportunity to further their growth, both physically and mentally. The experience which they gain will prove to be an invaluable asset in their future.Overflowing Energy Varsity Cheerleaders: Sarah Kiefer, Sherry Beasley, Susie Hennigan, Sherry Hartzler, Susie Werline, Head Cheerleader. Cheerleaders play a very important part in maintaining good school spirit and outstanding sportsmanship. Due to the increased enrollment of Elwood High School, we have found it necessary to have five varsity cheerleaders this year. This is the first time in the history of our school, we have ever had more than four cheerleaders. The Cheerleaders for this year are: Susie Werline, head, Susie Hennigan, Sarah Kiefer, Sherry Beasley, and Sherry Hartzler. Like everyone else, cheerleaders must practice. You may find these girls any evening after school practicing hard in the Panther Den. The main duties of the cheerleaders are to lead the student body in rousing yells and to back the team with full force. With remarkable co-ordination and skill, the cheerleaders have not only improved our old yells but have also introduced some new ones, which have been readily accepted by the student body. B-Team Cheerleaders: Jeanine Lightfoot, Sheila Hevron, Joyce Morris.Gives spirit to sports We're out to win, so lets begin by giving a cheer Give me an "E"! One hundred peppy girls clad in fresh white blouses with red and blue pom-poms and red gloves appeared at all the home games. These girls, having a wonderfully lively spirit, neatly dressed appearance, and excellent sportsmanship, are certainly one of the most outstanding clubs of this type in the state. The girls practiced with the five cheerleaders to learn the newest yells and to spell out the names of the visiting teams. Also, for the Homecoming Parade, the club made a beautiful float decorated in red and silver for the queen and her court. The faculty sponsor of the group is Mrs. Betty Watson. Officers are: President, Carole Richardson; Vice President, Sally Heck; Secretary and Treasurer, Sharon Hasecuster.They Led Coaches: John Ward, Athletic Director; Ross Sharp, Track; Faris Boston, Football; Carl McNulty, Basketball; Frank Bykowski, Football; Rod Shaw, Football. Coaching is a job that calls for a lot of extra time and patience; a coach's job is never finished. He must be forever backing the boys and giving them that added confidence. The word most emphasized by coaches is "hustle.” Win or lose a coach is always devoted to his team. A manager has many varied jobs to perform, whether it be cheering the boys on or preparing equipment fof a game. These boys are chosen with the greatest care in order that the job may be done to its fullest extent. A manager receives little credit but he deserves a lot. 40 Managers: Jerry Elledge and Jerry Jordan.Us to Victory VARSITY FOOTBALL. ROW 1: B. Dowling, J. Priest, J. Mays, G. Hughes, P. Morgan, M. Hover, L. Mock, J. Kantner, M. Adams. ROW 2: E. Stage, Manager; F. Kincaid, J. Headley, D. Balser, R. Hinds, T. Davis, D. McQuitty, L. Stover, R. Beasley, D. Henn, J. Small, M. Klumpp, Manager. ROW 3: E. Lineback, B. Riley, G. Burdsall, J. Pedro, M. Fowler, L. Gerencser, J. Lowder, D. Hunt, Manager. ROW 4: Dick Merritt, assistant coach; Carl McNulty, assistant coach; R. Simmons, D. Small, Rod Shaw, assistant coach; Frank Bykowski, Head Coach. The team began practice in the middle of August. Coach Bykowski and assistant coach Shaw led the Panthers on to a winning season. The boys devote a great amount of their time, toil, and talent to this great sport. Touchdowns, passes, and laterals become a part of their daily life. They are rewarded only by the jubilance which comes after winning. For the second consecutive year the Elwood Panthers won the Central Indiana Conference. This year's squad was very outstanding in winning nearly all of its games and defeating some of the larger teams of the state. The ability of the players, excellent sportsmanship, and fine coaching all contributed to the team’s victorious season. The fans greatly appreciate the profound efforts of the boys and give to them their heartiest congratulations. Jim Small, Captain Gordon Hughes. Co-Captain.George Burdsall T%om Davis Ability AndMick CombinedCavalcade ROW 1: R. Gammon, L. Holliday, T. Peters, T. Small, B. Van Buskirk, R. Spitzmesser, M. Daunhauer, J. Waymire, M. Barnes. ROW 2: D. Beamer, J. Arnold, D. Richards, J. Strange-way, R. Shaw, Coach; R. Birkinbine, D. Pearson, D. Hunt. ROW Is J. Garrison, T. Leathers, E. Jones, B. Dellinger, D. Horton, T. Small, R. Runyon, L. Holliday, T. Peters. ROW 2: Ross Sharp, Coach; D. Passmore, R. Hicks, J. Robison, R. Jordan, R. Gammon, L. Duckworth, D. Hancher, F. Boston, Assistant Coach. 44of Sports ROW 1: Jerry Jordan, Manager; Carl McNulty, Coach. ROW 2: Phil Morgan, Mick Hover, Gordon Hughes, Ronnie Beasley, Butch Mitchell, Dave Henn, Danny Huntsinger, Jim Small, Charles Drake, Darrell McQuitty. The mighty Panther basketeers met their opposition on the hardwood this season with a large degree of success. Teamwork has led the Panthers to be one of the top teams in the state. The highlight of the basketball season this year, was participating in the Holiday Tourney. Competing in the tourney, were South Bend Central, Lafayette Jefferson, Fort Wayne Catholic and Elwood. This was a new experience for the Panthers because they have never stayed against such top rated teams during a regular basketball season. Although we did not win the tourney, this was a valuable experience for the boys. To these boys winning is not the most important thing; it is how they played the game. Hats off to this fine team. 45Our Future ROW 1: R. Floyd, T. Hillan, J. Boyland, B. Widmeyer, D. Pearson. ROW 2: Rod Shaw, Coach; J. Wheeler, J. Priest, R. Birkenbine, D. Murray, J. Bilby, P. Wolf, T. Level, J. Elledge, Manager. ROW 1: B. Merida, D. Horton, B. Lewis, E. Jones, D. Conners, T. Hartzler. ROW 2: J. Garrison, Manager; B. Dellinger, L. Holliday, R. Hicks, Ross Sharp, Coach; J. Robertson, T. Peters, R. Runyan.Bucket BrigadeA Variety of Sports CROSS COUNTRY. ROW Is E. Castor, R. Castor, L. Reynolds, T. Giselbach, A. Haneline, B. Etchison. ROW 2: D. Huntsinger, D. Stout, J. Goodwin, R. Floyd, D. Evans, John Ward, Coach. Cross country is an up and coming sport at Elwood high. Each year it has an increase in participants. This also is an individual sport with each boy doing his best to win points for the team. In the fall it is usually possible to see these boys trotting around the golf course. This year the coaching of this team was done by El-wood’s Athletic Director, Mr. Ward. Track is one sport in which most anyone can participate. There are many running events, both for teams and just the individual. Also there are field events which include: high jumping, broad jumping, pole vaulting and others. Each person can win ribbons and points for the team. This year the coaching of this team was done by Mr. Sharp. The large turnout for track is living proof that interest in the sport is growing.Interests Many Students The alleys are buzzing at ten pin time. At Elwood High tennis is one of the newest sports. It had its beginning last year, coached by Frank Bykowski. This sport surely will become very popular as it progresses. There are great expectations for this years team. Baseball is one sport which comes after school is out. During the summer Elwood’s team has many games with other schools throughout the state. Last summer Mr. Wilson coached this team. Bowling is one sport which lasts all year. There are several teams of Elwood High which compete against each other and are sponsored by Mr. Darst. 51 Racqueteers: Bob Widmeyer and Mick Hover.Activities for E-MEN'S CLUB. ROW 1: J. Small, D. Balser, D. Evans, L. Mock, R. Beasley, C. Drake, T. Davis, D. Henn, F. Kincaid. ROW 2: R. Hinds, D. Kantner, M. Fowler, C. Danner, M. Hover, P. Morgan, L. Gerencser, M. Coryell, D. Cooper. ROW 3: G. Hughes, D. McQuitty, L. Stover, R. Castor, E. Lineback, D. Sorrell, J. Jordan, J. Kantner, G. Burdsall, Carl McNulty, Sponsor. ROW 4: D. Pearson, R. Floyd, J. Priest, J. Gross, D. Hunt, D. Huntsin-ger, M. Klump, J. Headly, L. Vice. This inspiring organization, the E-Men's Club, is open to any boy who has earned a letter in one or more of the school's athletic sports. This requirement alone leads us to believe that the group is composed of able, hard-working boys, for to earn a letter is an achievement which involves skill plus a great amount of work and toil. The E-Men sponsor the annual Open House Basketball Game, and they take part in other activities in order to make money. Their funds are spent in a very worth-while manner. Our hats are off to such a fine organization. Another oi the numerous athletic sports found in Willkie High is golf. Being one of the newer teams in school, the gold team is composed of five interested boys. The team enters into sectional and regional play, just as the basketball team does. Golf gives the boys opportunity to enjoy an outdoor sport and to become accomplished men of the green. We extend our heartiest congratulations to these boys and their fine coach, Mr. John Ward. Golf Team. John Ward, Coach; J. McCoy, F. Kincaid, J. Bilby, D Cooper, J. Mays.the Sports Minded ROW 1: J. Crim. ROW 2: S. Frazier, P. Davis, E. Arnold, J. Wright, G. Crosthwaite, J. Boy-land. ROW 3: C. Wilhoite, R. Hamilton, D. Arehart, L. Lindley, G. Skillman, M. Poole. The Girls Athletic Association is an organization comprised of girls who are interested in sports activities. Membership requirements include earning fifty points by participating in three activities selected by a committee. A total of 150 points entitles a member to receive a numeral, and any girl making 250 points is awarded an "E". These points are earned after initiation. The girls hold their meetings and activities on Mondays and Wednesdays. This year's election of officers resulted in: President, Judy Crim; Vice-President, Esteleen Arnold; Secretary, Joyce Boyland; and Treasurer, Frankie Hevron. Back again this year is their enthusiastic sponsor, Mrs. Betty Jo Watson. In order to plan pep sessions, promote good sportsmanship, and back the team with full force, the pep committee was organized. The variety in the pep sessions to keep the student body enthusiastic is worked out by a committee of twelve members. The committee is composed of the five cheerleaders, two members of the Senior Qlass, two members of the Junior Class and three faculty sponsors. The sponsors of this outstanding group are Miss Stephenson, Mr McNulty, and Mrs. Watson, head sponsor. ROW 1: Sheila Hevron, S. Hartzler, S. Werline, Head Cheerleader; S. Hennegan, S. Kiefer, S. Beasley. ROW 2: J. Jordan, C. Richardson, B. Mosbaugh, J. Ward-well, J. McCoy.Behind-the-Scene Workers Without this group of janitors, we could not have such a fine looking school. Their role of keeping the school a clean and healthy place is very important, since we spend much of our time here during nine months of the year. Therefore, we appreciate very much these men and their valuable services to the school. The cooks also play an important part in our school life. Their able assistance is a "must" in our cafeteria. A tip of the hat to these fine women. Clarance Burton, Pat Harrison, Bill Brogdon. Elliot McPhearson, William Heath, Orville Schimmel. Lucy Manis, Hazel Warner, Margaret Bennett, Thelma Lowder.Scoreboard. Basketball Football 16 wins 4 losses 7 wins 1 loss 1 tie Opponent We They Opponent We They Alexandria 66 53 West Lafayette 6 6 Sheridan 58 49 Tipton 20 6 North Central 68 58 Alexandria 19 6 Kokomo 62 69 Kokomo 0 52 Tipton 90 45 North Central 14 7 Bedford 50 45 Warsaw 34 6 Warsaw 65 53 Peru 21 6 Hartford City 67 55 Hartford City 20 6 New Castle 56 71 Andersor 19 13 Huntington 80 63 Peru 90 69 Cross Country Tipton 77 34 1 win 3 losses Monticello 72 64 Opponent We They Alexandria 61 52 Peru 38 20 Mississnewa 67 52 Alexandria 23 36 Muncie Burris 44 51 Tipton 40 17 Rochester 69 60 Tipton 37 18 Plymouth 65 64 C.I.C. Placing 7th LAFAYETTE TOURNEY South Bend Central 58 59 Fort Wayne Catholic 66 58 Golf Track 4 wins 7 losses 1. Bloomington Relays -- -- Opponent We They 2. Noblesville 30 1 5 78 2 5 Highland 11 4 North Central 42 2 5 Highland 11 4 3. Royerton 58 1 2 52 1 4 Madison Heights 1 1 2 14 1 2 Harrison 41 Kokomo 1 2 14 1 2 Gaston 19 1 2 Tipton 2 13 4. Madison Heights 48 75 1 2 Rochester 7 8 Jackson Twp. 32 1 2 Logansport 2 1 2 12 1 2 5. Muncie Relays -- -- Highland 9 1 2 5 1 2 6. Crispus Attucks 24 2 3 92 1 3 Tipton 8 1 2 6 1 2 Rochester 2 13 Peru 4 11 C.I.C. Placing 6th 55THE CAMERA FOCUSESThe high morale of Willkie High is encouraged by the active life of its 718 citizens. Homecoming provided the students with their first big event of the year. "Professor. How Could You?" proved to be a huge success, and the Junior Play attracted a wonderful audience. The Seniors had a marvelous time buying and decorating the traditional Christmas tree, and the annual Sweetheart Dance was sponsored by the Crescent staff. The Juniors spent long hours of toil on the Prom, which highlighted a night of ecstasy and splendor. The students are constantly on the look-out for an evening of good fun and entertainment, both for themselves and for the people of our community.Seniors Outstanding in Approximately ten members of this year's graduating class have had bestowed upon them the honor of being named an Outstanding Senior. These students have worked hard to attain their goal, and their efforts have certainly been worth-while. The word outstanding means a great deal. These individuals do not excel in one field only, but in many. It is only fitting that they should be rewarded. Those who are selected are chosen on the basis of their scholarship, character, citizenship, and participation in outside activities. 58a Variety of Fields Each teacher who comes in contact with Seniors is given the opportunity to vote on the students who are eligible to be chosen as outstanding. The ten students who have the top rating are then given the honor of being an Outstanding Senior. We are anticipating a bright future for these students, who have proved that a person's character is his best asset. Congratulations to these ten Seniors! 59• • • Amateur Night Junior Class Play The Groom Said No! Mrs. Inez Cameron.............................Ruth Hamilton Patty Cameron........................Judy Magner Virgie Cameron....................Dorothy Helpling Steve Cameron...........................Jim Small Mr. Will Cameron......................Jerry Wisler Mrs. Sorenson................................Janie Wardwell Willie Williams.......................Roger Hinds Mary Alice Smith......................Carol Brobst Clara Curtis........................Martha Darrow Lt. Shirley Anderson . . . ..........Linda Murphy Ed Smith.......................................Ken Wisehart This clever comedy of three acts was presented by the class of '58 on May 3, 1957. Returning home from the war, Steve Cameron was treated very strangely by his family. He soon discovered the reason--his mother thought something was wrong with his mind, and had planned for his immediate marriage to Clara Curits, his childhood sweetheart. However, Mrs. Cameron's plans were changed when Steve staged a shooting scene in the living room, convincing her and Clara that he was really "off." By doing this, he persuaded them to postpone the wedding, and to ask Lt. Anderson, his former nurse, to come there from the hospital to care for him. Clara was immediately suspicious of the curious treatments that Steve and Lt. Anderson insisted were necessary. Finally, to prove to Steve she had not lost all her feminine charm, Clara brought Ed Smith, local chicken farmer, to tell Steve that she was a wonderful girl and that he was lucky to get her as a wife. This plan backfired. Since he was so convincing, Clara decided to marry Ed and help him raise chickens. And, of course, this left Steve free to marry his nurse, the girl he really loved. 60A Big Success! Kathy Riggs, Jerry Wisler, Carla Wisler, Judy Crim, Richard Phenis, David Balser, Janie Wardwell, Richard Smith, Kenneth Wisehart, Linda Murphy. On December 5, 1957, the Senior Class presented their annual class play, entitled "Professor, How Could You?" This three-act comedy centers around a bachelor professor, Professor Keats--Richard Phenis, who, in order to become Dean of the College, must marry or become engaged in two or three days. The professor becomes involved with four nice girls, three of whom are eager to marry him: Valerie--Judy Crim--a southern girl who is up to her little southern accent in bills, Tootsie Bean--Janie Ward-well--a giddish girl of twenty-eight who is afraid of being left an old maid, Priscilla Morley--Linda Murphy--a girl of nineteen with a childish, appealing manner, and Vicky Randolph--Kathy Riggs--a sweet lass whose enthusiasm and quick temper soon won the heart of Professor Keats. The professor could not have reached his final decision without the help of: well meaning Grandpa Perry, Jerry Wisler; quiet Grandma Perry, Carla Wisler; Boggins--his loyal butler, Richard Smith; Butcher Boy Bean--David Balser, Tootsie's wrestler brother, and his faithful friend John--Kenneth Wise-hart. The play was under the direction of Mr. Brown. He was ably assisted by Vera Holliday, student director and Linda Crosthwaite, assistant student director.Tara Theme Creates Lingering Music sets the mood for the Southern atmosphere. The Junior-Senior Prom - what a night of excitement and ecstacy! For months and months the juniors had spent long hours planning and working hard in order to make the prom a huge success. There were numerous committees to be formed, decorations to be planned, a band to be hired, scenery to be made, and last, but certainly not least, an exceeding amount of hard work to be done. Night after night was spent in diligent industry preparing for the big event. The Panther Den was beautifully decorated in soft shades of pastel pink and blue to carry out the idea of "Tara’s Theme" around which the entire theme of the prom centered. Stiff shirts and strapless gowns.Memories of Prom Night ■ H ■ The Belle of the ball. A charming couple. The false ceiling was a delicate powder pink, and the walls were in a decor of an old colonial style garden. As the couples entered into the setting, they were met by the strains of a fine orchestra, which was situated on the porch of a beautiful Southern mansion. The enchanted couples filled the floor with billowing skirts of net and chiffon and snow white dinner jackets as they danced to their favorite melodies. The evening, which was enjoyed very much by everyone, was marvelously successful. Refreshment time in the band room.Happy Homecoming Beauty passes in review. A new reign begins after Miss Barbara Klein is crowned Home- coming Queen of 1957. It was all perfect--a great team, Senior's queen candidate won and the day was beautiful. The game was an easy victory. We beat Warsaw, 34-7. This game gave us our third conference win. To add more zest to the half-time ceremony, the High School Band combined forces with the Jr. High School Band to present a colorful half-time show. When the band completed their performance, they made a royal arch for "Queen Barbara" to walk through. The Queen's court consisted of: Freshman candidate, Becky Alley; Sophomore candidate, Lela Underwood, and Junior candidate, Linda Green. These girls, with their varied colored formals, also made Homecoming more outstanding. This year, floats adorned the field at half-time. A float was made by each class except the Freshmen. They were decorated in colors contrasting with fall. The dance was also a big success. The theme was "Autumn Leaves" and the colors used were kept with the theme. The annual Homecoming Dance was sponsored by the Junior Class. 64Revives Old Memories Bouffant skirts add color to an exciting afternoon. Pretty good odds--3 to 1. Almost!! 65Joyce Morris Barbara Klein Track Queen Homecoming Queen Alice McPhearson Sweetheart QueenA Tribute to Beauty Reigning over the outstanding sports and social events, we were fortunate to have three lovely queens who are very popular around school. Miss Joyce Morris, sophomore, was elected track queen for 1957. After a breezy ride through town, Miss Barbara Klein, a pert senior, was crowned Homecoming Queen at the annual Homecoming game. Other candidates were Linda Green, junior; Lela Underwood, sophomore; and Becky Alley, freshman. Another senior, Miss Alice McPhear-son, was elected Sweetheart Queen by her fellow classmates. The queen’s court consisted of Kathy Riggs, Sue Werline, Susie Hennegan, and Linda Crosthwaite. Linda Green Homecoming Court Becky Alley Homecoming Court Linda Crosthwaite Susie Hennegan Susie Werline Kathy Riggs Sweetheart Court Sweetheart Court Sweetheart Court Sweetheart Court 67Specialties Throughout Each year the students of Willkie High are blessed with a series of entertaining special events. This year we were given the opportunity to see several auditorium programs which consisted of such entertainers as a male spiritual quartet, an excellent sand painter, and others. One of the big highlights of the year for the seniors was Sadie Hawkins Day. The girls went into a rigid training program weeks before the big event; consequently, not many fellows remained bachelors. Even though no one was dressed in their Sunday-best, the party was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The Panther Band has also done its share of providing a variety of entertainment. From Bach to Boogiethe School Year Early in the year the band presented Miss Ann Kincaid in a piano recital, and along with the High School choir, they gave a wonderful Christmas program for the entire student body and faculty. The band members were exceedingly busy this spring preparing for their first big Variety Show, which, it is hoped, will become an annual affair. The members of the Crescent staff also provided a very enjoyable evening in the form of a Sweetheart Dance, which was beautifully decorated in keeping with the theme of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart." It is evident that we will all agree -- this has been a very special year! Yuletide entertainment at its best The newly organized Glee Club made a hit with everyone. 69From Dogpatch As one bachelor said to another . . . Don't be bashful, boys!to High Society Sweetheart of Willkie HighTHE mm FOCUSES ON H'lLLKIE PEOPLEIt is an understood fact that the success of a school depends entirely upon its people. They are its government, its social life, and its very existence. In our halls you will find people from the ages of fourteen to eighteen people of different cultures, types, and interests, the kind of people who make the world go around. In the years to come we will remember the ball games, the dances, the fun we've had; but most of all we will remember the people, our friends who have lived and loved just as we have. They are the lasting memories who will live in our lives forever.This Is Emily Sohn, President; Barbara Klein, Vice-President Carol Brobst, Secretary; Susie Hennegan, Treasurer. When we entered high school as freshmen back in 1954, little did we dream what great things would be done by our class before we received our diplomas. These four years have been filled with many happy times. We can point with pride to our achievements in scholarship and athletics for even as freshmen, we made an excellent reputation in these fields. In our sophomore year, we became active on the Megaphone and Crescent staffs, Speech club, and others. In other words, we came out of our shells we had hidden in as freshmen and generally got into "the swing of things." We organized and elected officers. Being only human, we tried to think up new torments for the incoming freshmen. As juniors, we had to hurriedly plan Homecoming. This year we elected for the second time, Lendall Mock, to be our president. Our comedy play, "The Groom Said No!," was a success, and we had fun preparing for it. That very important event--the prom--we put up the lovely decorations, in pink and white. 1957--We’re seniors at last! The new freshmen look up to us, and we feel very comfortable in this lofty position. Emily Sohn was elected our first girl president. Our candidate, Barbara Klein, was elected Homecoming Queen. "Professor, How Could You?," our senior play, was really a "hit." As proof of our fine scholarship, fourteen of us were chosen as probationary members of the National Honor Society. As for fun, we’ll never forget Sadie Hawkins Day, when we all dressed in hill costumes. Being on a new plan and having no study halls, we had to work harder. But we still found time for dancing at the Panther Den, yelling at games, and planning surprises for our favorite teachers. Yes, as we look back over it all, it has been a wonderful four years, and we’ll miss all the things we've done here. But, nevertheless, we are proud of these four years, and we know that because of our time spent here, our future years will be even better. 74Your Year ... ’58 Photos arrive--money departs.Senior Class SAUNDRA KAY ARMIE Booster Club, Sunshine Society, Glee Club. THOMAS ADAMS Band, Communications Club. JUDITH ANN BAILEY Sunshine Society, Latin Club, Booster Club, CRESCENT, Choir, 4-H Club, DCE Club. DAVID L. BALSER Ushers Club; Head Usher, Freshman Football, Varsity Football, E-Men's Club, Spanish Club, 4-H Club, Senior Class Play, Concessions Club, Senior Steering Comm., Ag. Judging. JERRY LEE BEEMAN RONALD BEASLEY Freshman Basketball, Football, and Track, B-Team Basketball, Football, and Track, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Baseball, Tennis, E-Men's Club, Student Council, Megaphone Editor, V. Pres. Jr. Class. TOM W. BICKEL Freshman Football, Art Club, Projection Club. CAROLYN SUE BORST Booster Club, DCE Club. DOUGLAS BOWLSBY Basketball, Choir, National Honor Society, Hi-Y. Transfer from Edgerton, Ohio. ROBERT BRAGG 76Of ’58 CAROLYN BREWER Majorette, Art Club, Sunshine Society, GAA. LARRY BREWER FFA, Ag. Basketball, Judging Team. CAROL BROBST Booster Club, Speech Club President, Jr. Class Play, Senior Class Secretary, Jr. Prom Committee. GEORGE BURDSALL Varsity Football, Varsity Track, E-Men's Club. REX EDWIN CASTOR Cross-Country, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Usher's Club, E-Men's Club, Projection Club, DCE Club, 4-H Club, Crop Judging Team. ALLAN CLARK Ushers Club, Projection Club, Concessions Club. LARRY CLYMER Spanish Club, Choir, Art Club. RICHARDS COATS MARVIN W. COLE Ushers Club. DAVID C. COOPER E-Men's Club, Golf, Band, Orchestra, Latin Club, Senior Class Play, Megaphone Editor, CRESCENT EDITOR, Speech Club. 77Senior Class MARVIN CORYELL Spanish Club, E-Men's Club, Varsity Track Manager. LOIS ELAINE COX National Honor Society, Megaphone, Sunshine Society, Glee Club, Orchestra. RAMONA COX Booster Club, Latin Club, Glee Club, Sunshine Society. JUDY CRIM DCE, Orchestra, Senior Class Play, GAA President, Booster Club, Jr. Class Play. LINDA SUE CROSTHWAITE Booster Club, Choir, Jr. Class Play, Senior Class Play. CARL EDWARD DANNER Freshman Football, Basketball, Varsity Cross-Country, Varsity Baseball, E-Men's Club, Latin Club. MARTHA SUSAN DARROW CRESCENT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Latin Club, Band, Speech Club, Junior Class Play, National Honor Society, Senior Class Play, Prom Decorations Chairman. THOMAS A. DAVIS Freshman Football, Basketball, Track, B-Team Football, Basketball, Varsity Track, Football, Basketball, Choir, E-Men's Club. ANITA DAY" Sunshine Society, Booster Club, Latin Club. JUDITH KAY DELONG CRESCENT, Megaphone, Booster Club, Student Council President, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Sunshine Society, Choir, Latin Club. 78Of ’58 SONIA ANN DEVANEY Latin Club, Sunshine Society, Booster Club, DCE Club. ROBERTA ELAINE DICKEY Sunshine Society, CRESCENT. BARBARA JO DOWNHAM Booster Club, Sunshine Society, Y-Teens of Highland High School. CHARLES NORMAN DRAKE Freshman Football, Track, Basketball, B-Team Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Cross-Country, Varsity Track, Varsity Baseball, Latin Club, E-Men's Club. LINDA L. DUCKWORTH Choir, Sunshine Society, Booster Club. DONALD DUFFIT No picture available. DAVID C. EVANS Spanish Club, E-Men's Club, Varsity Track, Cross-Country, Choir, Speech Club, B-Team Football. CHARLOTTE FAULSTICH Sunshine Society. MICHEAL FOWLER Freshman Football, B-Team Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, E-Men's Club, Latin Club, Projection Club, Speech Club, Jr. Class Play, Bowling Team Captain. CRESCENT. IDA MAE GARDNER 79Senior Class LARRY V. GERENCSER Varsity Football, E-Men's Club, DCE Club. President of reshman Class at St. Joseph School. DAVID L. GILMORE Basketball, Tennis, Spanish Club, French Club. At Pendelton High School: Cross-Country, Hi-Y, Track, Basketball. MARCIA L. GOODRICH Sunshine Society, GAA, Speech Club, Debate Club, Booster Club, Art Club. BARBARA LARIE HAHN Art Club, Booster Club of Summitville. HAROLD HAHN RUTH CHARLENE HAMILTON Latin Club, GAA, Sunshine Society, Speech Club, Band, Orchestra, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, 4-H Club. RONALD W. HANCOCK Band, Orchestra. LARRY DEAN HARTING Ushers Club, FFA. SHERRY KAY HARTZLER Sunshine Society, Booster Club; Treasurer, Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Committee, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Freshman Homecoming Queen Court. NORMAN PATRICK HARVEY Concessions Club, Choir. 80Of ’58 DOROTHY SUE HELPLING Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, CRESCENT, Speech Club, Majorette Corp, Sophomore Class Officer at St. Joseph's School. DAVID M. HENN Freshman Football, Varsity Football, Basketball, Track, Student Council, Spanish Club, E-Men's Club, Latin Club, Choir. SUE ANN HENNEGAN Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Committee, Band, CRESCENT, Megaphone, Latin Club, Senior Class Treasurer, Sunshine Society, Speech Club, GAA, B-Team Cheerleader, Flag Twirier, Queen's Court of '55 Homecoming. PAULA SUE HESTON Band, Booster Club, Sunshine Society. FRANKIE KAY HEVRON Latin Club, GAA, Sunshine Society; Treasurer, Booster Club, Speech Club. SUE HIBST Sunshine Society, GAA. CHARLES ROGER HINDS CRESCENT EDITOR, Varsity Football, E-Men's Club, B-Team Football, Freshman Football, B-Team Basketball, Projection Club, Junior Class Play, Student Council, FFA, DCE Club. GLENADENE ANN HOBSON Megaphone Editor, Sunshine Society, Booster Club. JIM HOBSON Bowling League. THOMAS HOBBS 81Senior Class JOHN HOFER Spanish Club, Freshman Basketball, B-Team Basketball. STEPHEN J. HOLLIDAY President of Sophomore Class at St. Joseph School, CYO Basketball. VERA MAY HOLLIDAY Choir, Spanish Club, President, Booster Ciub, Speech Club, French Club, Art Club, CRESCENT, Megaphone, Junior Class Play, Student Director, Senior Class Play Student Director. JUDY HOLMES Booster Club, Sunshine Society, Speech Club, GAA, Senior Class Play, Junior Class Play, CRESCENT. PHYLLIS ARLENE HORINE Sunshine Society, CRESCENT. RONNALEE HOUSE Junior Class Play, Projection Club, DCE Club, Band, Student Council, Bowling Team, CRESCENT. MICHAEL J. HOVER B-Team Football, Tennis, Baseball, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Track, E-Men's Club, Speech Club. DANNY HUTCHESON Latin Club, Art Club. LARRY K. HUDSON Freshman Football, Projection Club, Bowling Team. GORDON LEE HUGHES B-Team Basketball, Football, Varsity Football, Baseball, Basketball, Freshman Football, Basketball, E-Men's Club. 82Of’58 BOB HUFFMAN FORREST D. HUNSBERGER, JR. Projection Club, Freshman Football, Basketball, B-Team Football. RITA MARIE JAENICHEN Choir, Sunshine Society, DCE Club. PATRICIA ANN JAMESON Booster Club, Latin Club, Sunshine Society, DCE Club. BARBARA E. JOHN GAA, Sunshine Society, Art Club, CRESCENT, State Scholastic Art Award. BEATRICE NAN JOHN National Scholastic Art Award, State Scholastic Art Award, Art Club, Sunshine Society, CRESCENT, GAA. BRENDA JOHNSTON Booster Club, Latin Club, Sunshine Society, CRESCENT, Choir, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play. JERRY W. JORDAN Pep Committee, Spanish Club, Treasurer, French Club, Student Council, Varsity Basketball Mgr., Speech Club, E-Men's Club, Megaphone—Editor-in-chief, Freshman Football, Jr. Class Play, CRESCENT, Jr. Prom Committee, National Honor Society. DANNY C. KANTNER E-Men's Club, Projection Club, Speech Club, Debate, Varsity Track, Cross-Country. Freshman Football, Track’, Band, Communications. LAWRENCE KAISER 83Senior Class JOHN KANTNER t „ Freshman Football, freshman Track, B-Team Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, E-Men's Club. MARIAN BERNIECE KELLER SARAH JANE KIEFER CRESCENT EDITOR, Megaphone, Speech Club, Varsity Cheerleader, Junior Class Play, Pep Committee, Sophomore Class Officer at St. Joseph School. ANN KINCAID . T . „ , National Honor Society, Sunshine Society, Latin Club, Speech Club, Band, Choir, GAA, Student Council, CRESCENT EDITOR, Junior Class Treasurer, Sophomore Class Secretary, Head Majorette. FREDRIC KINCAID B-Team Basketball, Freshman Football, Basketball, E-Men's Club, Student Council, Varsity Football, Cross-Country, Golf, CRESCENT, Speech Club, Band. BARBARA KLEIN National Honor Society, CRESCENT, Senior Class Vice-President, Sunshine .Society, Latin Club, Student Council, Junior Class Secretary, Band, 1957 Homecoming Queen, Flag Twirler. KENNETH JERREL KNOPP VIRGINIA EILEEN KNOTTS Art Club. CHARLES WILLIAM LEE Projection Club. THOMAS E. LEHMAN DCE Club, Bowling League. 84Of ’58 ERNEST LINEBACK B-Team Football, E-Men's Club, Varsity Football. JUDY MAGNER CRESCENT, Sunshine Society, DCE Club, Junior Class Play. MARTHA HELEN MANGAS ASSISTANT CRESCENT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Band Captain, Sunshine Society, National Honor Society, Sophomore Class Officer, Latin Club, Junior Class Play, GAA, Orchestra, Prom Committee. SHARON McELFRESH Sunshine Society, Spanish Club, GAA. HAROLD E. McKINLEY Spanish Club. ALICE McPHEARSON CRESCENT, Sunshine Society, Booster Club, Art Club, GAA, DCE Club. DONALD McPHEARSON Projection Club, Varsity Track, Cross-Country. DARRELL G. McQUITTY Freshman Football, Varsity Football, Basketball, Track, Tennis, Baseball, E-Men's Club, Latin Club, Choir, CRESCENT. KAY MITCHELL Booster Club, Sunshine Society. MARLENE M. MORRIS Majorette Corp, Student Council, Junior Class Play, Booster Club, Art Club, Senior Class Play, Prom Committee, CRESCENT. 85Senior Class LENDALL MOCK, JR. Freshman Basketball, Track, Football, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, B-Team Basketball, Student Council, E-Men's Club. HAROLD E. MOUNTCASTLE DCE Club, Bowling League. LINDA L. MURPHY CRESCENT, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Booster Club, Choir. DANIEL NANCE Band, Orchestra. LARRY B. NOBLE Spanish Club, Projection Club, Senior Class Play. DEANNA LEE O'HAVER BARBARA PARR DCE Club, GAA, Sunshine Society. JERRY L. PEDRO Freshman Football, Varsity Football. WILLIAM J. PETERS Projection Club, FFA, Ushers Club, 4-H Club, Ag. Judging Teams. RICHARD PHENIS Student Council, Band, Senior Class Play. 86Of ’58 CHRISTINE POTTS Booster Club, Senior Class Play, at Markleville High School: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Class Secretary, GAA, FHA, Junior Class Play, Booscer Club. JACK PRESTON Freshman Football, Track, Cross-Country, Varsity Track, Spanish Club, Band. LARRY D. RAMEY FFA, Baseball, Ag. Basketball, Ushers Club, Ag. Judging Teams. SUE ANN RIVA Latin Club, Booster Club, National Honor Society. KATHY RIGGS Booster Club, CRESCENT, Megaphone, Sunshine Society, Choir, Senior Class Play, Majorette Corp. CAROLE S. RICHARDSON Booster Club President, CRESCENT EDITOR, Sunshine Society, Art Club, Megaphone Editor, Pep Committee, 4-H Club, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Prom Committee. RONALD SANDERS MARY ANN SCHICK Booster Club, Sunshine Society, Spanish Club, Speech Club. JUDITH SEELY CRESCENT EDITOR, Booster Club, Sunshine Society, DCE Club. MARSHALL SHERMAN Band, Orchestra, CRESCENT, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play. 87Senior Class RAMONA SHINKLE DAVID SIGLER Band, Orchestra, Freshman Football, Track, Latin Club, DCE Club, Student Council. BARBARA CAROL SHULL CLAY SMALL Freshman Football, B-Team Football, Varsity Football, Freshman Basketball, B-Team Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Choir, Baseball, Student Council, Junior Class Play, E-Men's Club. FRANCIS J. SMITH Projection Club, B-Team Football, Bowling League. JANET LEE SMITH Choir, CRESCENT. RICHARD A. SMITH Band, Orchestra, Communication Club-President, Senior Class Play, Latin Club, Speech Club. EMILY JO SOHN Senior Class President, Latin Club--President, Sunshine Society—President, Booster Club, National Honor Society, Junior Class Play, Speech Club, Megaphone—lAsst. Editor, Student Council. DOUGLAS SORRELL Baseball, E-Men's Club, Projection Club, Bowling Team, Freshman Football Student Manager. PATTY SPANGLER Band, Concessions Club. 88Of ’58 MARY SPIES Student Council, Booster Club, Sunsnine Society, Art Club, Junior Class Play. MARCUS STACY Latin Club. SHARON SUE STAGE Art Club. JUDITH A. STEWART Sunshine Society, Booster Club, CRESCENT, Girls Glee Club. MA DA LINE STONE LARRY STOVER Varsity Football, Latin Club, E-Men's Club, Freshman Football, Basketball, Track, B-Team Football, Basketball, Varsity Track, Band. PHYLLIS ESTHER SWITZER GAA, CRESCENT, Latin Club, Booster Club, Speech Club, Concessions Club, Sunshine Society, 4-H Club, DCE Club. CAROLYN TAPPY Booster Club. Band, Chorus, Sunshine Society, Booster Club, Spanish Club, Sophomore Class Officer, at North Salem High School. JAMES L. TAYLOR DCE Club, Bowling League, Varsity Baseball, E-Men's Club. JOYCE THOMAS 89Senior Class ROBERT TOWNSEND FRED T. TYNER Student Council, DCE, Club. ROBERTA JEAN VAUTAW GAA, Art Club. TERRY J. WALMAN FFA, 4-H Club, Usher Club, Bowling League, Ag. Basketball, Ag. Judging Teams. JANIE WARDWELL Student Council, CRESCENT, Megaphone, Sunshine Society President, Choir, 4-H Club, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Pep Committee, Auditorium Chairman, Booster Club, Art Club. WILLIAM T. WEBB Projection Club, Spanish Club, Choir, Bowling League. LLOYD E. WELCHES FFA, Concessions Club, Ushers Club, Ag. Basketball, 4-H Club, Ag. Judging Teams. ARLENE WELLS Art Club, Sunshine Society, Booster Club, CRESCENT, DCE Club. KAREN SUE WERLINE Head Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Committee, CRESCENT, Megaphone, Sunshine Society, Speech Club, GAA, Booster Club, Girls Glee Club, Junior Class Play, Student Council. KENNETH M. WISEHART Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Speech Club, Latin Club, Megaphone, Communications Club. 90Of ’58 JUDITH ANN WISEMAN CRESCENT, Latin Club, Band, Orchestra, Sunshine Society, Advanced Choir. CARLA JOY WISLER National Honor Society, Megaphone-Business Manager, CRESCENT, Sunshine Society, Booster Club, Jr. Class Play, Senior Class Play, Speech Club, Latin Club. JERRY L. WISLER Student Council Rep. (Mesa, Ariz.), DCE Club, Jr. Class Play, Senior Class Play, CRESCENT. SUE WOOD Art Club, Booster Club, Sunshine Society, DCE Club. Chester McWilliams Projection Club, Golf. Chet moved to Torrance. California in the summer of 1957.Building a Ladder The junior class carried out many projects successfully, such as decoration for the prom. Officers elected this year were: Ann Wolfe, Secretary; Sharon Hasecuster, Vice-President; Sherry Beasley, President; Jerry Elledge, Treasurer. The sophomores, already planning money-making projects and other activities, chose the following students as officers: Phil Sharp, President; Lela Underwood, Treasurer; Joe Bilby, Vice-President; Marianne Swenson, Secretary. Our newcomers, the class of '61, are represented by Ed Jones, Barbara Miller, Judy Rudig, Bob Dellinger, Don Hancher, Terry Small.of Happiness 3. . .2. . .1. . .Blast off!Class of ’59 Mary Alexander Dorothy Amick Ernest Amick Esteleen Arnold Keith Balser Beth Bambrough Robert Bannon Judy Barber Sherry Beasley Bill Beeman Janice Benefiel Charles Berry Phillip Berry Carol Biltz Lela Blackford Carol Blankenship Lois Bohlander Ronald Boruff Sam Bower Joyce Boyland Bill Brogdon Mary Jo Brown Larry Burwell Frank Cain Joan Caldwell Dixie Clark Bill Clary Barbara Cline Joyce Cockerham Myma Cole Mary Combs Michael Commons Martha Courtney Georgia Crosthwaite Margaret Crull Myma Crull Daniel Culp Pat Curran Michael Curray Monty Dauenhauer Mary Davis Patty Davis Robert Decker Joyce Doan Emogene Dowler Bob Dowling Brenda Downey Delbeit Downing Jerry Elledge Patty Farr Steve Fettig Richard Fihe Sherry Frazier Danny Fuller 94Class of ’59 Gary Garrison Tom Giselbach Mary Gordon Gary George Carol Glotzbach Linda Green Jimmie Gross Ernest Harting Judy Harting Merle Harting Joyce Hartley Judy Hartley Bob Hartman Sharron Hasecuster Anita Haskett Jack Headley Sally Heck Charles Heflin Danny Heflin Julie Hennegan Sheila Hevron Phil Hibst George Hobson Phil Holliday Nancy Hollowell Carolyn Holtsclaw Melissa Huffman Marilyn Hughes Mark Hughes Dennis Hunt Danny Huntsinger Doyle Jarrell Karen Jarvis Sandy Johnson Charles Jackman Norman Karch Robert Kelley Ruth Kimmerling Oris Kleyla Mike Klumpp Carolyn Kohn Carolyn Koons Tom Leavell Jim Lowder Maurine Loyd Janeiie Maley Tom McClish Ray McCorkle Jerry McCoy Danny McElfresh Linda McElfresh Albert McPhearson David Miller Ervin Mitchell 95Class of ’59 Phil Morgan Bill Mosbaugh Nancy Mraz Katie Murray Mildred Neese Bill Nickles Ann Orbaugh Bob Owens Chris Pantos Marilyn Penn Marilyn Parker Robert Ponder Charles Phenis Mary Alice Pool Helen Powell Judy Pratt Bill Priest Linda Priest David Richards Robert Riley Jerry Robertson Saundra Robison Darlene Rodgers Larry Rominger Ted Schuck Shirley Scott Sondra Scott Karen Seely Judy Seibold Jane-Ann Seright Burgess Shull Carol Silvey Ranny Simmons Larry Singer Melvin Singer Cecil Skeen David Small Patsy Smith Judy Southern Richard Spitzmesser Karen Stack Ellarie Stacy Kathy Stout Sue Sturts man Alcie Swackhamer Nancy Taney Richards Thomas Joycetta Tomlinson David Tompkii Adrienne Towiuend Kenneth Trages or Beth Trimble Jerry Trout Marilyn Trout 96Class of ’59 Mary Lou Tunnell Larry Vice John Way mire Carol Wheatley Larry Whetsel Sandy Whitmore Sharon Wilburn Ann Wolf Judy Wright Doneta Yates A prosperous planning session is the key to many successful activities. What a cute quartet of modern scrub-women! 97 These dances sure do require a lot of muscle action!Class of ’60 Mike Adams Phillip Alexander Judy Alumbaugh Jenny Anderson Larry Anderson Darlene Arehart Jimmy Arnold Betty Avery Mike Barnes Keith Beaty William Beamer Keith Beckley Judy Benefiel Joe Bilby Rodney Birkinbine Roy Boruff Jim Boyland Diana Bozell Ronald Bragg David Bucheit Bob Brunch Richard Burnette Gregory Caldwell Mary Ann Cannon Donald Carmer Ronald Carmer William Caudill Leslie Clark Myrtle Clemons Patty Clouser Carolyn Coe Danny Collins James Collins Mickie Conley Ted Cooper Marlene Coryell Mary Coston Linda Courtney Marsha Courtney Donald Creamer Joyce Crull Andy Daulton Donna Davis Janice Decker James Dick Marlene Dickey Terrill Dickey Dennis Dietzer Karen Dooley Terry Downey Vera Dowler Jerry Duffey Joyce Dunkin Bill Etchison Jim Etchison 98Class of ’60 Linda Et chi son William Fields Gerald Fete Sue Fitzpatrick Richard Floyd Genie Forst Gary Fouts Sherry Friend Ray Fromholtz Roy Fromholtz Larry Gallapoo Janet Garner Lawana Gipson Jerry Glenn Jan Goodwin Tim Gordon Melvin Groover David Haas David Hahn Ralph Hahn Patty Halfin Suzanne Hamer Marjorie Hamilton Tony Haneline Bob Harrell Judy Harris Mary Harris Rebecca Havens David Heater Judy Heflin Tom Hillan Laurel Hinds Virginia Hocker Mary Lee Hodson Danny Holmes Ronnie Huffman Alfred Jaenichen Eric Johnson Danny Jolliff David Jones Linda Jones Sandy Joyner Donna Jones Carolyn Kantner Robert Kellar Grace Kennedy Jan King Kenneth Knover Junior Knotts Judy Ann Lamb Karen Lambertson Ronny Lawson Ann Leathers Shirley Leavell 99Class of ’60 Richard Leeson Jerry Leisure Jeanette Lightfoot Jeanine Lightfoot Linda Lindley Pearl Lineback Nancy MacDonald Jeffrey Mays Mary McCord Kenneth McCorkie Patricia McCracken Larry McFall Virginia McQueen Glen Morgan Joyce Morris Judy Mountcastle Darrell Murray Oscar Navarro Vicki Niverson Charles O'Haver Karen Ott Joe Overdorf Jerry Owens Betty Padgett Joan Parker Paul Parker Sam Parker Danny Pearson Kathy Phillips Eileen Plummer Linda Poe Jerry Priest James Raney Nedra Reeves Larry Reynolds Tom Reynolds Edward Ring Charles Riser Jerry Rittenhouse Judy Robinette Mike Robinette Jim Rogers Rita Salisbury Carolyn Scott Phillip Sharp Winnie Shaw Walter Sheets Jewell Shinkle Glenda Skilftnan Sandra Skirvin Sandra Smith Donald Sovern Eddie Stage Duane Stansberry 100Class of ’60 Pat Stewart Irma Stone David Stout Jim Strangeway William Sturtsman Marianne Swenson Debbie Tam Linda Taylor David Thrawl Bill Tyner Lela Underwood Bruce Van Buskirk Richard Vautaw Vicky Vos Janice Webb Richard Weismiller William Wesseler John Wheeler Bob Widmeyer Judy Wilburn Katherine Wiles Phillip Wilhelm Carolyn Wilhoit Dee Ann Wilhoit Joyce Williams Bruce Wilson Margaret Wilson Barbara Wisehart Marvin Wittkamper Pat Wolf Robert Harting Carolyn Hinds David Hook Charles Jameson 101Class of ’61 Vickie Abney Carolyn Aldridge Marilyn Allen Susan Allen Becky Alley Ruthann Amos Dale Anderson Douglas Anderson Judy Baker Nancy Balser Bill Balser Georgia Beeman Carolyn Berry Phil Berry Paul Birch Jim Blackford Charles Blankenship Phyllis Boruff Mike Bowlsby Jerry Bragg Janice Brewer David Brisco Marilyn Brodgon Sandy Brunson Linda Byler Patsy Carroll Ed Castor Judy Cherry Fred Clark Marilyn Ciouser Frances Collier Donald Connor Sharron Cotton Georgia Cox Edgar Davis Linda Davis Nancy DeBethune Joiceann Deep Tim Deeter Robert Dellinger Robert Doan Karen Downey Leon Duckworth Stephen Durr Lois Edwards Judy Evans Barbara Farr Victor Farr Linda Faulkner John Faust Charles Fernung Frances Fisher Sam Fisher Judy Foor 102Class of ’61 Castyle Fouts Bonnie Fromhoiz Larry Frye Mary Kay Frye Donnie Fuller Connie Funkhouser Roy Sammon Pete Garcia Tim Gardner Tom Gamer Jim Garrison Ruth Ann Gillespie Judith Goings Leland Goins Helen Gordon Donald Graham John Graham Linda Groover Mary Gunn Mary J. Haas Sharron Hahn Donn Hancher Jerry Hancock Jerry Halting Tom Hartzler Diane Franklin Rick Frawley Woodrow Friend Wayne Hasecuster Mardis Heater Brenda Heflin Eva Hemphill James Hester Rodney Hicks Joyette High Becky Hillan Jo Ann Hodson Carolyn Holliday Larry Holliday Joyce Hoover Devonne Horton Mary Rae Houser Billy Hughes Sharon Hunt Joan Huntsinger Ronnie Hussong Kenneth Hewitt Herman Idlewine Surandra Jackson Jayne Jester Emily Johnson Ed Jones Edward Jones Gloria Jones 103Class of ’61 Lewis Jones Jimmie Jordan Ray Jordan Jerry Joseph Cathleen Kelley Catherine Kilgore David Knrty Cecelia Lambertson Steve Leathers Ted Leer Bruce Lewis Joanna Lewis Regina Litsey Mary Loser Marlin Low Sue Loyd Jim McCorkle Richard McElfresh Gene McPhearson Bob Merida Micheal Meyer Barbar Miller Karen Miller Carol Moore Edwin Moore Maria Moore Mary Moore Linda Morrison Remona Moss Richard Mountcastle Wanda Murray Sharron Nash Byron Neese Curtis Nickles Nancy Padgett Tom Pantos David Passmore Patricia Perry Susan Peters Tom Peters Shirley Petty Henry Phillips Tommy Phillips Ronald Pickett Suzanne Pool Darryl Poole Alan Pratt Becky Pullen Eugenia Ramey Tom Rebuck Steve Reynolds Sue Reynolds Tom Richardson Nina Ridge 104Class of ’61 Ronnie Rieman Carol Robertson Twilla Roberson Jerry Robison Terry Rockhill Charles Rogers Joyce Rominger Richard Rominger Judy Rudig Deanna Runyan Ronnie Runyan Betty Sanders Delorma Sargent Jimmy Shaw Arnold Shepard Gordon Simons Judy Sizelove Beverly Smith Charles Smith Dennis Sorrell Max Stover Joyce Sullivan Linda Taylor Sandra Tomlinson Donald Townsend Nancy Walkup Linda Walman Cora Wardwell Donald Warner Sonja Warner Donald Wells Rita Wilhoit Richard Wimmer Sarah Wisehart Kathleen Wisler Eldon Wittkamper Judy Wolfe Linda Wright Barbara Young 105One of the most important divisions of a yearbook is the section of ads, for without advertisements our Crescent could not exist. The merchants of Elwood, and the surrounding vicinity have co-operated to the fullest extent with the members of our business staff. This year we have added to our section of ads, which is bigger and better than it has ever been before, something entirely new. We have co-operated with the merchants who have been so kind in patronizing our business staff by including in their advertisements a picture of their own business establishments. We extend our heartiest thanks to the local businessmen.There’s a "one and only” in refreshment, tooToday a high school diploma is as important as ever—but it is ONLY the beginning for young people who wish to make a better way of life for themselves and their future families. That's why Delco-Remy Division of General Motors in Anderson, Indiana, urges every high school graduate to continue his or her education. There are two ways tc do it: Either earn a college degree or take some type of specialized training. To help high school graduates who sincerely want to meei the ever-growing competition for better jobs, Delco-Remy offers five avenues of approach for a brighter tomorrow: College Scholarship Program Delco-Remy through General Motors every fall helps provide scholarships, each ranging from $200 to $2,000 per school year, to young men and women high school graduates entering colleges of their choice. College Co-operative Programs Delco-Remy every fall offers a number of male high school graduates the opportunity to earn college engineering degrees from either General Motors Institute of Flint, Michigan, or Purdue University. The students alternate their time between jobs at Delco-Remy and the college classroom. Engineering Design and Apprenticeship Programs Delco-Remy regularly employs male high school graduates who are assigned to either an engineering design program or to a skilled trades apprenticeship program. Eventually they become draftsmen, toolmakers, electricians, machine repairmen, tinsmiths and patternmakers. College Graduate Training Program Delco-Remy continually hires college graduates, with a variety of different degrees, who spend six months learning various phases of the business. At the end of the program they are given an assignment which embarks them on their career in industry. Specialized Office Job Program Delco-Remy is ever alert for high school graduates who, on their own, furthered their education through business colleges or specialized training schools that equip them for better office jobs. Delco-Remy General Motors Corporation, Anderson, Indiana from the PROGRESS of the PAST the PROMISE of the FUTUREREID’S STUDIO "Our School Photographer" 1808 University Muncie, Indiana Phone ATIas 2-1117STEVENS SPRING CO., INC. Clean Rugs Make Healthy Homes LEWIS RUG CARPET CLEANERS All Work in Our Own Plant Carpet Laying — Rug Binding Phone FE 2-6221 2733 Main St. Elwood, Ind. T. A. Lewis, Jr. — Prop. Manufacturer of Box, Sofa, and Innerspring Constructions P. 0. Box 111 P. 0. Box 334 Elwood, Indiana Newton, Kansas Congratulations Class of '58 CLARKS MORTUARY Best Wishes Class of 1958 FETTIG CANNING CORPORATION Compliments of BANNER STORE Anderson's Dominent, Dependable, Thrifty Shopping Center Anderson Indiana CRIMAN’S INSURANCE AGENCY FE 2-6461 1301 Main Elwood, IndianaCongratulations to the Class of 1958 For top quality gas and top quality service The place to go is CRIM’S SUNOCO SERVICE Elwood East Main Street at 23rd Indiana BEST WISHES Compliments of ZIMMER INDUSTRIES, INC. BOB DeHORITY Manufacturers of America’s Finest Mobile Homes 1000 North Ninth Street El wood IndianaTHE BRIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS The Home of the Automatic Headlight Control AUTRONIC-EYE And T-3 SAFETY AIM HEADLAMPS GUIDE LAMP DIVISION General Motors Corp. Anderson Indiana RAY PACKING COMPANY Congratulations from MONTICELLO MANUFACTURING Indiana King Brand Tomatoes — Juice — Catsup COMPANY Indiana ElwoodGood Luck Seniors Compliments of CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY Elwood Indiana Evinrude Motor Boats Guns — Sporting Goods — Tackle INLAND MARINE 1520 Main FE 2-2541 HOLMES PLUMBING HEATING 320 North 8th Street FE 2-6268 Elwood, Indiana Janitrol, Wondaire Furnaces TAFF BAKER FURNITURE Furniture - Rugs - Appliances Ph. FE 2-6212 1531 Main St. Elwood, Indiana SOUTHERN'S WOODWORKING SERVICE Formica Tops Kitchen Built-Ins and Appliances FE 2-5331 Elwood Congratulations RAY HOLLENSBEE INSURANCE AGENCY ROBERT JACKLEY FUNERAL HOME BAKER and JACKSON INSURANCE 1623 East Main Phone FE 2-3613 Ph. FE 2-5821 Ambulance ServiceSUTTER’S QUALITY CHECKED DAIRY PRODUCTS 151 North Anderson Street Congratulations Class of 1958 To Save Your Money or Buy a Home Always Remember ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Elwood’s Largest Financial Institution insurance of Savings Accounts to $10,000.00 1501 Main Street Phone FE 2-7381 Elwood, IndianaJOHNSON MOTORS Boats and Trailers Marine Accessories 1823 North A Street Phone FE 2-5162 Congratulations from ELWOOD AIRPORT State Roads 37 and 13 DONORBAUGH Phone FE 2-6142 The Largest Siding Applicators in Indiana We Guarantee all 3! Beauty — Comfort — Economy HOOSIER HOME CECIL WISEMAN Hardwood Floors Laid - Sanded — Finished FE 2-2892 THE CAMERA SHOP 408 South Anderson COLOR HEADQUARTERS IMPROVEMENT CO., INC. Storm Windows and Doors Best II ishes to the Alumaroll Awnings Class of ’58 Phone FE 2-7341 FREE ESTIMATES NO DOWN PAYMENT SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS ELWOOD AIR TAXI SERVICE DEL-MAR BEAUTY SALON Specialist in Hair Styling and 1452 South A Street FE 2-3262 Permanent WavingPhone FE 2-3251 Elwood Compliments of McWETHY STUDIO 118 4 South Anderson St. Indie TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SALON 412 South Anderson Phone FE 2-6272 For the best in professional beauty YORK AND WRIGHT MEMORIAL HOME “Vi here a home like atmosphere prevails” Congratulations care HINSHAWS INDIANA AND MICHIGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY First of all a Drug Store Fast Lunch ServiceCongratulations Class of 1958 Here’s Hoping That Your Fondest Ambitions Are Realized and 4s You Progress Through The Trials and Tribulations of Life, May Health and Happiness be Your Constant Companions. Jack and George Mangas MANGAS CAFETERIA AND ANNEX Elwood Indiana Main and Anderson StreetsStudents: You too should get the benefits of an eighty-year-old experience in modern merchandising. For eighty years this firm has stood the test and faithfully served Elwood and community. Leeson’s faith in Elwood, and the people’s faith in Leeson’s have built an institution that will endure. Remember — Good merchandise is available at all times — at Leeson’s. R. L. LEESON SONS COMPANY KLUMP Wallpaper and Paint Store Phone FE 2-2242 Elwood Ind. Congratulations Class of 1958 PACE’S ELECTRICAL SERVICE Dave Pace, Owner Corner of South B and South 16th Phone FE 2-2741 ALLEN’S SHOES for The Entire Family The Best Buy At the Why THE WHY STORE Martin Blumenthal, Mgr. Elwood Indiana HAMMONS PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. Retail — 24 Hour Service Phone Contract - Night Phone FE 2-5701 Repair - Phone FE 2-2343 112 North Anderson St. Elwood, Indiana CLYDE ETCHISON REAL ESTATE 1223 Main Phone FE 2-5753 Congratulations to The Class of '58 MARGIE’S BEAUTY SHOPPE 2704 Main Congratulations WRIGHT CEMENT WORKS 300 South 18th StreetCOMPLIMENTS OF Elwood Aerie, No. 201, Fraternal Order of Eagles "Home of the Teen-Age Dance” C ongra filiations Class of ’58 VENTOURA CORPORATION Good Luck, Seniors SAM AURELIUS Elwood, Indiana Candies—School Supplies Soft Drinks and Magazines 1610 — Next to CampusCongratulations Seniors To be universal, education must be free. John Adams said, “The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and be willing to bear the expense of it.” EX-CELL-O CORPORATION ELWOOD, INDIANAFIRST NATIONAL BANK OF EL WOOD Over Sixty-Five Years of Continuous Service to the Community More than half a century of banking has given this bank an insight into needs of business in this area. We welcome an opportunity to share with our friends any information which we may have and to discuss individual as well as mutual problems. Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationJOHN W. MOORE CHEVROLET SALES Chevrolet — Oldsmobile — Cadillac Extends Best Wishes to the Class of ’58 1616 South A Street Ph. FE 2-7348 ELWOOD PLUMBING HEATING CO., INC. HANLIN BROTHERS Suppl ies Contracting Installations Repairs 1414 Main Street Phone FE 2-6163 Elwood, Indiana Elwood, Indiana Compliments of SEEGER AUTO SUPPLY 16th and South K FE 2-7387 LOVE'S FLORAL SERVICE FE 2-5242 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Compliments GREEN MONUMENT WORKS Markers of J. C. PENNEY CO. Monuments Mausoleums Before purchasing a monument, see our display ARTISTS CEMETERY MEMORIALS One mile east on state road No. 28 Compliments of REYNOLDS ELECTRIC COMPANYCongratulations Class of 1958 ECONOMY SERVICE Elwood 1901 South “A” St. Indiana Your Best Buy THE CENTRAL HARDWARE STORE Safe Place to Shop “Right Goods at Right Prices” General Electric Maytag ROY SMITH APPLIANCES 609 So. 22nd St. - Phone FE 2-6772 OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT Speed Queen Hoover r. c. mcdaniel Clothing Dry Goods Footwear COPHER AND FESLER Funeral Home EDWARD’S MARKET Phone FE 2-7459 Sandwiches, Gas, Groceries “It’s a Pleasure to Serve You” Rigdon IndianaTHE CITIZEN’S BANK Complete Banking Service “Serving more people every day” Corner A and South Anderson Streets Elwood Phone FE 2-3367 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Indiana Dotty helping make a savings depositHaving Served The American Public For Eighty-Five Years, We wish to Extend Our Best Wishes for the Future to This Year’s Graduating Class. MONTGOMERY WARD Compliments of WHEELER'S MARKET 1600 Main Street El wood Indiana CITY CREAMERY Summers and Son For Dairy Products Call Your Grocer or Phone FE 2-3801 “Service is our Policy” Compliments of HICKMAN’S CABINETS Best Wishes Compliments to the Class of ’58 NEW HAVEN DRIVE-INN of F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY Congratulations R. L. DOOLEY CONSTRUCTION CO. Class of '58 FE 2-3181 ELWOOD ROTARY CLUB 102 South 16th Street Elwood IndianaCompliments Compliments of of KAY'S BEAUTY SHOP 429 North 10th WOLF MOTOR COURT The 1958 Crescent staff wishes to express its gratitude for the wholehearted co-operation given to us by the following business concerns who have helped make this book possible. OUR PHOTOGRAPHERS REID'S STUDIO MUNCIE, INDIANA OUR PUBLISHERS AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY HANNIBAL, MISSOURI OUR SPECIAL MESSENGER JOHN A. BESS ELWOOD. INDIANA OUR ADVERTISERS Allens Shoe Store Sam Aurelius Baker Jackson Insurance Banner Store Camera Shop Central Hardware Central Indiana Gas Citizens Bank City Creamery Clark's Mortuary Coca Cola Bottling Co. Copher Fesler Funeral Home Cox Super Market Crim's Sunoco Service Crimans Insurance Agency F. E. DeHority Sons Delco-Remy Del Mar Beauty Salon Dooley Const' Co. Eagles 201 Economy Service Station Edward's Market Elwood Airport Elwood Air Taxi Service Elwood Federal Savings Loan Elwood Floor Store Elwood Motel Elwood Rotary Club Clyde Etchison Real Estate Ex-Cell-O Corporation Fettig Canning Company First National Bank Green Monument Works Guide Lamp Division Hammons Plumbing Hanlin Bros. Hickman's Cabinet Hinshaw's Drug Store Ray Hollensbee Insurance Agency Holmes Plbg. Htg. Hoosier Home Improvement Co., Inc. Indiana Michigan Electric Company. Inland Marine Jackley Funeral Home Kay's Beauty Shop Klumpp Wallpaper Paint Leathers Boat House R. L. Leeson Sons Company Lewis Rug Carpet Cleaners Love's Floral Service Mangas Cafeteria Annex Margie's Beauty Shoppe R. C. McDaniel McWethy Studio Montgomery Ward Monticello Mfg. Corp. John W. Moore Sales New Haven Drive-In Pace's Electrical Service J. C. Penney Co. Ray Packing Co. Reid's Studio Reynolds Electric Company Sieger Auto Supply Smith's Appliances Southern's Woodworking Service Stevens Spring Co., Inc. Sutter's Creamery Taff Baker Furniture Store Town Country Beauty Salon Ventoura Vest Cleaners Wheeler's Market The Why Store Cecil Wiseman Wolf's Motor Court F. W. Woolworth Co. Wright Cement Works York and Wright Memorial Home Zimmer Industries Inc. 

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