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1 1' .Iii f I I 1' fl , L 4 f N' fl -. ' J e 'lc C S " ' I f Q Q x A ff! , QNVA-FSX ff! - 1 , , V' Y Fin N' ' ,V , lc' w ' if YJ L N .. A Jiv ' xl U X, Vx i A x, ' 5 uv , Q 51 , L Z in f A N - 2 X9 fl Y 4 KJ xx' AX I V' V J .V X ' V ,XJ , -x. J X x4 f P if f -af I ff JV' J 2 wi' , O J! j f x JK A M V f fx J V EJ ' VD' xx 'TL V 'N A .J 1 ,Q -J , , 'mx X V ',' K. x W Y' N ' ,1- x V MM X l 1 5 'Qi J ,fl x k I' 4, Q, E X Lx if: X 'iii KX? ffw, , x 4' '1' , L x . 1. K X L4 gb . A X P MU ' x ' W ' Q4 Q xx " 44' ' 'un' 1 - y , A Q ,5 D In Q 73 N 1, - '14, gi K J 'x rid 5-117141--17 ' , . ,Q Vg X4 . B X N X 'aff-rr :Z yfvwlil, ' d g . www XJ' YQYNK M o,vfyfX.A2 X4-I I YN 'N ,-3 XJ gT' V' 3 X3 i N - N A -N, . 3 ax A 5 X in x N ' - I X, I xi V . ' JI 5 -fd I I , 'Q A su Xb XJ-W" Q ' Pd- ' N' V J Y V -YV 'L 1 . J S A 'X PJ - -X ,A xv. I KX X Af X T U ' fb" - h ,x N u 'Q ' ,' X- t - ,- 'K xl 1957 CRESCENT Wendell Willkie High School Elwood, Indiana Edltor In Chief Lmda Hocker Sponsor Mr Sam House Layout Edutor Martha Darrow Busmess Edltor Marvln Crum Clerical Editor Georgia Welcher Art Edltor Anna May Rudlg Photography Edltor Steve Cockerham Literary Edltor Jo Ann Mosbaugh Sports Edltor Jack Alexander " Zlli 6' --1 1331 0 S ny 5 l 9 .. F-l ns W .44 .-,,-M vu 4- - --.. ,.,,, ,4 -f li 4 1 f .- N----..... , A , .if . as ' , .' , . + .15 2 M V i 3 f F A W fa . . , I -af' s . 1 , "'j,f ----H . .. , ,,, ,,,,. 5, ,K :L glkgmt awk N 1 9 W f . .. A - ,,g,,, . Q33 MN! in ,. iiiii - ' 1 1 - 'i -as mr' A ,,, tcm ,V 1, , F Q S o I . 4 .Q I Y 'I D 2.451 Busy People-The Willkie Way At precisely 8:00 a.m., Monday, September 9, the two front doors of the Wendell Willkie High School were once again opened to 741 students, which was an increase over last year by 19. Almost every one of these 741, although nota one would admit it, had been anxiously awaiting this moment since 3:31 p.m., Friday, June 1,--three hot, humid, months ago. Of this total there were 226 bright and shining freshmen who tried desperately to keep out of the path of any one of the 160 seniors who just happened to be around every comer, eager to greet them with a hardy, "Well look, another one." The other 355 was made up of 166 juniors, who were not to be classified as upperclassmen, and 189 new sophomores who were no longer the little green freshmen. All were quite busy either trying to re- member the combination to their locker, or if they did remember, cleaning out the mess which they just did not have time to do the last day of school. But the excitement of this year had just begun, for there were still 180 busy school days ahead of them Here we see a few of the 741 students after they have entered the doors of the school eager to begin their first busy day at Will lue I-hgh 3 :fi t 3 I s. A L A A This Book Is Dedicated to the Staff of 06 07 fpg- I ? as Qi-ya f ,Q ,,.,,,, 7? nz, TI' N ,O 9- f XQ 3- kk NQQX B Mxss Lmda K Hocker, Edrtor rn chlef of 1957 Mlss Eva Hocker Edrtor m ch1e:f of 1906 1907 Thrs year, 1956 57, marks the Golden Annrversary of our school annual Fmfty years ago a volume entrtled WIT AND WISDOM was prmted for the graduamng clax of 1906 Thus httle book, qmte drfferent from our modern, up to date CRESCENT , has set a pat tern for the many yearbooks whrch have followed at Elwood fllgh.. Then, the school boasted only 283 students w1t:h a staff of 11 mstructors, and there were 29 members rn the graduatmg class 7boys and 22 g1r1s The book wh1ch was about the srze of a small note book, contamed a joke, brogra phy poem, and prophecy about each graduanng semor The preface labeled "Greet 1ng", was addressed to OUR GENTLE READER. The semors had class colors bottle green and old gold and a yell "Waukeshaw, Kazoo Kazan! Hrpety Hapety Hrxl Boomerang, Ch wang Chr ban' Rah for nmeteen s1x"' There were only a few prctures, but there were numerous advertrsements rn both the front and back of the book. The Opera House Drug Store, The Lwery and Feed Stable L1lly'sDye House Records and Faust Clothmg Store, and Hmshaw and Hughes Crty Drug Store were only a few of the busmess establrshments adverusmg F zfty years ago Eva T-locker was the edrtor of the first annual, and now her mece Lmda Hocker, IS the 1957 CRESCENT edrtor -L O O , , ' Q ,il V, ' , X I W. X. . .lk fffvni 5:17.51 juli' ' '- 14" 5 'I7 1'-le" " , Jil! w .:' f'-2' f.5'll 1 ' K' ' Z ssffg' If 'glqrgfxi ' "Mal 93117 - R ' - ,. -. , ,,, f rl. I ' ,NV J f, J' L K T-Z! 43' ll 'AR f ' , it , I X W ity?-71 1 . X X .f -4 " f X1 'f ---- as Q 1 I - -?. , it K 'fl f 5 ' ' '- , H 1,1 I, , .3 E f 1 , ,z ' 1 .f l -ff. if V 4 Y if-C A' 5 Sl .ff 5-12,5 31,55- JXB ,I , X E:,p- X , U , fy,-7. ,X -. iq, X . , V 1 x X 'X ' f 'T pf' 1.2150 1 k . ' 'Se' Vg :Zig I ' msji-. ' Q if '-:ee K- -tie rl.: --xg- -' -pgs, xy . X 'T 1 X ' -. - . . , . -. - . - , . . U . . . -I u 1 - 1 " I v o , I 7 ' D I . . . , . Busy People Up Stcurs and Down Insucle and Out 1 9 419 V0 R13 41 any F 'Maui 4 v8 31155 sud dr u1yS Q Q b 56 99 3 Gai . H I - Sh lL'f s ' 9 P g -1 rt, --.-I T 5 Y . 0 Q. Q54 iff, Og' ' S' U' ' 'J P g 20-35 -W 4' Q X ,, ,Iva f .A ,, ' Sp s ' ' ' 0 Pg '- If , 42 Pg ' 4 D Ad ' S ' -12 ....... 'Will you bring me some surprises too Busy Learning, Working, Playing, Shown in the lower left-hand picture are the members of one of the art classes displaying their many projects. The students chooseaproject which they are most interested and usually create something new and different which they dis- play at the end of the semester. The different projects in- clude protrait painting, rug weaving, and making pottery, just to mention a few. Members of an agriculture class shown in the lower right- hand picture are judging crops. This is one of the many classesin agriculture which further educates and better pre- pares these boys for their chosen field, farming. Fred Jones and unidentified friend are shown here attend- ing the Christmas party held in the Den. The Panther Den is open every Wednesday to all who hold membership cards. The activities include playing ping-pong, playing cards, dancing, and a program whichissponsored each week by one of the classes. And Eating Together Among the more rnvlgoratrng classes of Wrllkre Hrgh the gym classes supply ample recreatron for both the boys and the grrls These classes tend to relreve the nervous tensron of the students Basketball track volley ball ung toss and tumblrng are among the many varled HCIIV mes of these classes Mrs Lewellan teaches the guls gym class Mr McNulty the boys At ll 34 each mornrng the Wrllkre H1gh halls are frlled w1th hungry students scrambllng to the cafeterra for lunch The cafetena rs a brrght cherry place where students can relax as well as get a well balanced meal at a very reasonable prrce Mrs Tolle 15 the cafeterra su pewrsor Ltmch trme at Wrlllue Basketball IS one ofthe many sports rn wluch the g1I1S PAITICIPHIE All together now One, two three four 13' Busy Developing the Skills of our ROI! Is today's lesson on government or golf? Come Children--this is an English class, not a social hour. The class of United States Govern- ment pictured here is only one of the kinds of history classes offered hereg United States!-listory and World History are also taught. Boys and girls study the events of the past so they may better understand the conditions and problems of the present. Words--words--words--one of the basic tools of every day living. The Spanish and Latin languages inaddition to the English are taught to help each student express himself more effectively and understand others more easily. The business class, shown at the right is one of the 16 commercial courses made available to students. These var- ious subj ects, ranging from elementary typing to advanced shorthand, satisfac- torilyprepare pupils for efficient work in the business world. Debit? or Credit? Hands as Well as Our Minds Just Before the B1g Blast! ' ! Watch rt! ! Don't loose a fmger in that b1g machme! ! Chemsstry a sc1ence v1tally lmportant 1n our modern world, IS a useful subject taught here 1n Will krel-hgh Pupzls learn unusual ut11e mformatmon concermng common every day chemrcals by study and readlng and by applymg then knowledge and slull rn laboratory expenments Industry IS the toundatxon upon wh1ch our modern socrety 1S bmlt and our school through mts effrcrent Industnal Arts department IS keepmg pace by developmg the talents of boys g1tted m mechamcal abrl Ahousewrfe the most rmportant Job m the world Wrlllue H1gh's Home Economrcs department suc cessfully trams grrls for tlus srgnxfxcant occupauon They learn cookxng, sewlng, meal planmng, and dzetetxcs whmch all do the1r part 1n makmg each grrl a better future householder or an outstandmg person 1n some related frelds of work How do you get the egg shells out of zt now?? 9 ,I 4 4 1 Q . 1 1, . - ,- - . , - lty. Q The Loud Applause Was Reward Enough Here we see Patty Baxter m aking up Jerry Bourff while Don Arm ie looks on. Eva Crull is being made up by Rachal Tucker. s A xy N , ,Q 2 " Left to right: Karen Gregory, Ilene Caldwell, Jerry Gillum, Dick Harney, Dottie Price. Men are like street cars. If you miss one, there's sure to be another along soon . Actually, MEN ARE LIKE STREET CARS was the name of the humorous play pre- sented by the Junior Class on April 28, 1956. Jan, a sixteen year old girl and the star of the play, described herself as "Besides being almost a blonde with a milky white complexion who knows how to wear clothes, I am of a naturally kindly disposition." How- ever, she seldom forgot her class motto which was "Ev- ery Girl for Herself." Jan has a line which she claimed, when used cor- rectly, worked all the time. This line could be used to help tonguetied girls like her cousin Joy get a boyfriend. But, when Joy applied the line to Jan's boyfriends, Jan wished she never had invented the line. The play en- volved an entanglement of comical incidents. Mr. Brown directedthe play, and Larry Myers assisted him. The entire cast at the dress rehearsal. , l j ti ' ca- 4ff?f7.,f" A. 4? Ned xt E Cast: Mrs. Mason--Mother--Dotty Price Mr. Mason--Father--Richard Harney Jan--their daughter--Kaye Frazier Sylvia--their older daughter--JoAnn Joy--a cousin--Georgia Welcher Alix--Peggy Huntsinger Julie--Jan's friend--Susie Kiefer Lysbeth--" " -- Ann Aldridge Mrs. White--Eva Crull Mrs. Allen--Anna May Rudig Mr. Day--Thearl Goodrich Davy--Jan's part-time steady--Don Armie Chi--any girl's steady--Jerry Bourff Jerry--Sylvia's friends--Torn Fihe Ted-- " " -- Mike Fettig Margaret--the maid--Karen Gregory Mosbaugh Left to right: Anna May Rudig, Thearl Goodrich, Eva Crull, Dick Harney. vnu-nun nuu...1.. xrnw-u..r av..-,Maur v..5.::.vru ,AL For the Long Hours Spent in Practice Rehearsal of Senior Class Play, "T ake Your Medicine."Left to right: Pam Wolf, Bob Koch- man, Jo Ann Mosbaugh, Eugenia Harney, Mar- vin Crim, Kathy Harbit, Sue Castor, Beverly Heflin, Johnny Bess, Anna May Rudig. One laughable situation followed another in "Take Your Medicine", a farce in three acts which was pre- sentedby the 1957 senior class on November 23, 1956. The play revolved around Bill Jackson, a college professor, which meant he really could be called "Doc- tor," and his fiance,Angela Warren, who had a wealthy cranky uncle who liked medical doctors but was strong- ly prejudiced against professors. When Angela brought Bill to meet Uncle Henry at the hospital and introduced him, Uncle Henry thought he was a surgeon . . . and no one corrected him because he promised to give Angela and Bill 350,000 for the first life Bill saved. JohnBess, Jonathon Puckett in the play, and Richard Harney, acting as the cranky uncle, lead the play to a Dodson proves adiificult patient for the head nurse and rela tives. Cast Henry K. Dodson ....... Dr. William Jackson . . Miss Holt ......... . . . . . . . . Richard Harney Jo Ann Mosbaugh Angela Warren ....... . . . . . . . . . . Marvin Crim . . . Bonnie Leathers Patricia Pryor fPatj ..... . ..... Kathy I-Iarbit Dorothy Carleton fDottiej . . Charlotte Nelson fliottiej . . Jack Benson ........ Jonathan Puckett .... Miss Cordella Puckett . . Miss Dovie Finkle . . . Dodie Blake ..... Little Girl ..... hilarious success. Woman .... Mr. Brown directed the play and Beverly Heflin as- Hoofendyke . . sisted. The assembled Cast of the senior class play. ra 'rl . Eugenia Hamey Anna May Rudig . . Bob Kochrnan . . . . . John Bess . . . . Pam Wolf . . . Susie Kiefer . . . . Sue Castor Georgia Welcher . . . Dottie Price . . . Tom Fihe The queen, Miss Sandy Beas- ley, and her court of the 1956 Prom. The Panther Den was brightly decorated to portray a lovely scene from Japan or China. The theme "Inthe Orient," was carried out in a fascinating, delightful fashion. Red, golu, and black Chinese sym- bols embellished the wal1s,anda colorfully decorated jinrikisha was used as a throne for the queen. This honor was bestowed upon Miss Sandra Beasley, a pretty senior, by the junior class president, David Car- mer, as he presented to her a crown and a huge bouquet of roses. Paula Anderson, Ann Emmerling, Mar- ietta Hunter, Martha Parsons, and Georgia Welcher added touches of beauty when they were chosen prin- cesses for the Prom of 1956. Gomg Gone Real Gone Next Mmuie Hullbllhes On November 13 the Panther Den resemblmg Dogpatch was frlled with man crazy females The semor boys were to be found everywhere dark comers to prpes m the cerlmg they were determmed not to be caught The guls had other rdeas get those males across the lrne Most of the g1r1s got therr wxsh Marrymg Sam Chet Mcwrllrams quickly marned all of the couples The capuve boys had grven up nevertheless they were the frrst ones to get kxssmg perrruts 13 ff.. . 4 U Y I d is A 1 9 Done Went "Q 15 'D Wham " f? l' 4U5 W hw eil Seated, Ann Emmerhng, 1956 Track Queen Standmg, Kaye Frauer Sweetheart Queen and Peggy Huntsmger Home commg Queen ,Q K S e 5" Q , i' ,.v' Q 4 f Q .J . .ah r '!. 1 3 3 Jer' is . LW ' Q 1 r L' , . V tx K Q X February 12 marked the date for the Sweet heart Dance, held 1n the Panther Den The area had been fancrfully decorated to a colorful red and whrte Valentme theme by members of the Crescent staff The Varsrtomans provxded the d a s h 1 n g and dreamy muslc for the occaslon The large crowd thoroughly enjoyed the dance M1ss Kay Frazrer re1gned over the dance Q0 .-9' MDA, ,1 ff""" M1ss Ann Emmerlmg, a m e m b e r of the '57 Juruor class was elected over the representatrves from the other three classes to serve as cand1date for track queen of the CentrallInd1anaConfer ence track meet She part1c1pated rn the con test along wrth several grrls from the other C I C schools On the evenmg followmg the I-lomecommg Game, the tradrtronal Homecomrng dance w1th a capacrty crowd took place Hlghlrghtmg the evemng was the crowmng of the queen and pre sentmg her w1th a lovely bouquet of roses The den was beautrfully decorated Our qu e e n th1s year was Mlss Peggy Huntsrnger of the senror class Attendants for the Sweetheart Dance Manetta Hunter Ceorgla Welcher, Peggy Huntsmger Attendants for the Homecommg dance Martha Mangas,Jun1or, Sandy Snuth, freshman, Sherry Beasley sophomore The Falrer Sex Rengns lo . . l , Lx- ' . I W K 5 A V3.3 H - H ' LQ. ' Ax E X di: uf N A A Q Y . f as tvva . if ? at . 5 "st I. i . . 1- X syyq I 5 ? Al The long and short of it Does it startle you that much?? Poor Priscilla, and she was a good cat too!!! Looking of the Busy People in The AdvancedBiology course, one of the newest in the school, allows the students to explore new and unusual areas of education. The individual encounters different experiences in various fields of natural science, the entire course is established on a college level, Our school has proudly produced not only persons who possess varied, valuable talents but also people who come in assorted shapes and sizes. The three familiar initials D. C. E. represent Diversified Co-operative Education, a program recently introduced into our school. Students, by sharing their time between school and work, learn easily by ac- tual experience how to solve the difficulties arising in commercial relations. This worthwhile course has proved itself to be a valuable asset to our educational system. The DCE Club members are as follows:SEATED left to right-Peggy Huntsinger, Judy Lewellen, Julie Stout, Alyce Richwine. STANDING left to right-Don Hughes, Mack Sams, Mike Fettig, Bob Johns, Bob Kochman, Mr. Sell, fSponsorQ Larry Bailey, Eddie Warner, Dick Parker, Steve Clark, Jerry Champion, Fred Tyner. Doris Hanover, Bob Willhoit, Caroline Green, Frances Loser, JackA1exander, Carolyn Rockhill, Eva Ebberts, Bar- bara Neeley, Judy McCorkle, Maf19HeM2HiS, Bilfbal' KSCS- ling, Mr. Sell, SITTING. The Homecoming Queen, candidates, and escorts are as follows: Freshman Candidate, Sandra Smith and her escort, Jerry Priest, Sophomore Candidate, Sherry Beasley and her escort, Richard Phenisg Junior Candidate, Martha Mangas and her escort, Lendall Mock, Homecoming Queen, Peggy Huntsinger andher escort, Trent Toensingi 1955 Homecoming Queen, Georgia Welcher and her escort, Dick Mitchell. And Around The School The day, September 15, was as bright and beautiful as the girls when they rode onto the football field in shiny, new convertibles. A few mements later the crowd cheered when Peggy Huntsinger was crowned to reign as Queen ofthe 1956 Homecoming. After Elwood had defeated the Tipton Blue Devils 13-12, a dance was held in the Panther Den, decorated to the theme of Moonlight and Roses. The Junior Class president, Lendall Mock presented the queen with a beautiful bouquet of roses and a banner inscribed withthe words "Homecoming 1956." The candidates and the past queen were also awarded lovely gifts. After these ceremonies Miss l-luntsinger and her escort Trent Toensing led the Grand March followed by her court members and their escorts. I 2 'Wifi f. . ' 'K EE., if fa, .Nail W Dynamic Personalities and Leadership Abilities Because of their leadership abilities, and natural initiative, we feel that these fourteen seniors deserve extra recognition. They were outstanding in all QQ! phases of school life--scholastics, organizations, activities, and athletics. Rep- .Qfl resenting their class in these various fields , they have proven themselves by lead- ff X ing their fellow classmates to top honors. og f s 'alla'-ffl ' Wt: is- ,. , 0 .IS t XJ... x - L ,L ' J My g fi 61 ff ft -f V- X ,V ,C""! 5 ' f"ZL."' 'es phi. -YT lf 'ii 'f-has is' -nga-i -oi' 18 Yi Made These the Outstanding Seniors The entire class of 1957 contributed much to the victories that were be- stowed upon Willkie High during the past year. Willingness and enthusiasm on the part of every one of the one hundred sixty seniors have made this class one that will a1w embcred. A A 1. he 5'-an-Q in' , My y Ui if ,J . yi, L, ,1,,y Of' uv V f"""Q cs" Q """7 lil ff' 1 f--v 3 Q J K- , J ' 5 4. , 3 e 5 . " 1 - , 1 ', .w A J x. F . MJ : X - "-e , " 5 ' Q " ' 1, 'sv A . 57 , , ,, , 1 1 9, Y. 'W 11 F. Q 1.4 ' . v . 1 i ' LL' ls., ,W f - Ho' DA L - 5 ' 1 , :L QU fl B 1 W .M 3, ll 53' fQm,'-gm 83 'I gin: 931,57 A AL iii i WS? Jill ,, ,Q .,. af Q as 94, FIRST ROW, Qleft to rightj Jack Alexander--Student Council president, Bonnie Leathers--Speech Club presi- dent, Barbara Klein--Sunshine Society president, Jerry Fours--Senior Class president, Marvin Crim- -Spanish Club president, Richard Harney--Megaphone Editor-in- chief, Bob Wilhoite--E-Men's Club president, Terry New- kirk--Chonxs president. SECOND ROW, Mike Trimble-- Future Farmers of America. nresident, Emily Shon--Latin Club president. THIRD ROW, Lowell Alexander--Ushers Club president, Linda Hocker--Crescent Editor-in-chief. FOURTH ROW, David Cooper--Band Captain, George Blackford--Conc ession president. S3 gnmz lions Q Y 7' xd A C , my '1 O O IMI' . - urn . A '. 1 X ' HI W ' 'v 9 . They Used Their "Grey" Matter FIRST ROW Left to rrght Sue Krefer Eva Gardner Jean Taylor, Bormre Leathers JoAnn Mosbaugh, Lmda Meltzer Sara Jane Rrchards, Dotty Prrce SECOND ROW Carla W1sler Sue Ann Rrva, Lo1s Cox Martha Dar row, Arm Krncard Jerry Jordon Emrly Sohn, Barbara Klern Martha Mangas Each year several members of the Junror and semor classes are chosen by a faculty comnuttee to be come probatronary members of the Natronal Honor Socrety The selectron lb based upon the 1nd1v1dual s leaderslup scholarship servlce and character For 1956 57 seventeen students were selected from the two classes Bonnre Leathers presldent and JoAnn Mosbaugh vrce presrdent served as offrcers of the group Upon graduatron the senrors became permanent members of the natronal orgamzauon - x I 171. ,s I : 7 J 7 J ' : 1 1 ' I J I ' . ' I l I ' - 1 ' 1 l I - I ' . Our Busy House of Representatives 09" SEATED, left to right: Linda Meltzer, Virginia Hocker, Lva Gardner Jack Alexander Johnny Bess, Sherry Beasley, Judy DeLong, Barbara Klein, Sponsor, Miss Allen 2nd ROW Karen Dooley Darle ne Rodgers Sharon Hasecuster, Sharon Wilbum, Linda Courtney, Ann Leathers Jerry Elledge, Larry Tyner 3rd ROW Joe Bilby, Richard Harney, Jerry Fouts, Ronnie Beasley, Lendall Mock John Weismrller Ronnalee House, Jeff Mays. 4th ROW: Jerry McCoy, Phil Sharp, David Sigler The Student Council consists of a representative from each home roorn and the junior and senior class presidents. The Student Council does its best to give the pupils a chance to voice their opinions in school matters. The council this year has done such worthwhile things as pur- chasing a new juke-box for the Panther Den, electing B- Team cheerleaders , sponsoring the Panther Den, and keep - ing the juke-box well supplied with up-to-date records. The Student Council is under the sponsorship of Miss Al- len and the officers are Jace Alexander, president: John Bess,vice -presidentg Judy DeLong, secretaryg and Sher- ry Beasley, treasurer. Jack Alexander, president and Johnny Bess, den president standing beside our new juke -box. SITTING left to right: Phyllis Horine, Judy Wright, Arlene Wells, Kathy Harbit, Ann Aldridge, Sue Hennegan, Susie Wereline, Phillis Switzer, Judy Wiseman, Barbara Klein, Carla Wisler, Martha Man- gas. STANDING lst. ROW: Joan Garner, Carole Richardson, Vera Holliday, Thearl Goodrich, Sue Kiefer, Carolyn Green, Sarah Kiefer, Judy DeLong, Barbara Teter, Jean Taylor, Rodney Passmore. STANDING 2nd. ROW: Jerry McCoy, Rodger Hinds, Jerry Jordon, Bonnie Leathers, Pau19,Ande1-son, Barbara Keesling, Barbara Neeley. Frances Losre. ON STAIRS: Nancy Hooker, Sara Richards, Judy Seely, Frances Smith, Judy Stewart. This year the Crescent is fortunate in having the editor-in-chief, Linda Hocker attend Ioumalism Institute at Indiana University where she spent two weeks working on the lay-out of our an- nual. With no exceptions to previous years , the Crescent staff is one of the busiest organizations in Willkie High. There is always copy to write, pictures to take, lay-out to arrange, and deadlines to meet. Also typing and proofreading is an important factor in producing a good yearbook. To finance the Crescent the business staff has to work very hard get- ting as many ads as possible. Mr' House' the Crescent sponsor' LEFT to RIGHT: Martha Darrow, Layout Editor, Linda Hocker, rar- 5aY5' "BUSY Pe0P1e alwaysproduce 3 bet' tor-in-chief5JackA1exander, SportsEditor5 Steve Cockerham, Photo ter yearbook." Editor, Marvin Crim, Business Manager, Georgia Welcher, Clerical Editor5Anna May Rudig, Art Editor, JoAnn Mosbaugh, Literary Edi- tor. Producing Our Mernory Book N M T""? SITTING, left to right: Jean Taylor, Kathy Riggs, Judy Lewellan, Suzie Liefer, Lois Cox. STAND- ING: David Miller, Larry Myers, David Cooper, Jerry Jordan, Phil Sharp, John Sivert, Bill Mosbaugh Kenny Wiseheart, Michelle Carter. They Print the Facts of the Day. No exciting event, no bit of gossip, no important happenings can escape from being printed in the columns of our school paper--the Megaphone. This group of thirty-two students devote their time each month to the writing of interesting items for the benefit of the student body. Under the guidance of Mary Records, the editor-in-chief Richard Hamey and his industrious staff comb the classrooms, corridors, and Den to secure vital information for publication. Several new articles have been introduced this year, among those are Fads and Fancies and Career Comer. In addition to gaining useful experience, the mem- bers ofthe Megaphone staff provides wholesome reading matter for the school. Editor-in-chief, Richard Harney, standing. f ROW 1: Dotty Price, Bonnie Leathers, Gle- . nadine Hobson, Steve Cockerham. ROW 2: Sara Richards, Rod Passrnore, Marvin Crim, Mrs. Records. The Latin Club, 80 strong, is headed by their faculty sponsor, Miss Marjorie McConnell. Our Foreign Language Clubs, Laiin and Spanish Twelve years ago the Inter Nos Latin Club was organized in our school. Its purposes are to acquire more knowledge conceming ancient Rome and its empire and to learn how to more fully appreciate classical Latin. The motto of the Latin Club is "Ad astra per aspera" or "To the stars through difficulties." Membership is offered to any student successfully completing one semester of Latin. The outstanding activity of the year was the initiation of new members held in February. Emily Sohn is first consul or president of the group, and Miss McConnell is the faculty sponsor. Any student is eligible to join the Spanish Club ifthey have taken one semesterofSpanish. The purpose of this organization is to study and learn more about Spanish customs. The Spanish Club m e ets once a month under the leadership of Mrs. Records. The officers this year are: Marvin Crim, presidentg Ann Ald- ridge, vice president, Vera Holli- day, secretaryg and Jerry Jordan, treasurer. The Spanish Club, with 51 members, is headed by Mrs. Records The Projection Club, ROW ONE: Bill Webb, Danny Kantner, Roger Hinds, Bill Rodgers, Richard Boy- land, Roonalee House, Lowell Alexander. ROW TWO: Larry Rorninger, Jimmie Boyland, Larry Hudson, Kenny Tregesser, Bob Owens, Jerry Robertson, Mark Hughes. ROW THREE: Larry Noble, Chet McWil- liams, Sonny Sorrel, Phil McQueen, Marty Ring, Melvin Groover. ROW FOUR: Terry Singer, Mike Cur- ry, Bmgges Shull, Bob Heartman, Larry Singer, Bill Peters. ROW FIVE: Danny Hutcheson, James Nick- els, Ronald Sanders, Bob Bannon, Larry Burwell, Larry Ramey. ROW SIX: Billy Lee, Francis Smith, Ce- cil Skeen. Standing, Mr. Smith. The Projection Club is the organization which is re- sponsible for the visual education in our school. Once each year the club sponsors an entertaining film in the auditorium to help finance the educational filrns re- quested by the faculty. The club is made up of students who are qualified to operate the projectors. The Art Club, ROW ONE: Carolyn Brewer, Irene Sturtsman, Harold We l l s , Nancy Hocker, Phyllis Switzer, Bill Rodgers. ROW TWO: B e v e r ly Heflin, Vera Holliday, Carole Richardson, Barbara John, Beatrice John, Beth Barnbrough. ROW THREE: I1- lene Caldwell, Patty Beals, Nancy Lan- drum, Donna Riser, Arlene Well, Marlyn Trout, Marilyn Penn. ROW FOUR: Thearl Goodrich, Eugenia Harney, Mark Hughes, Danny Kantner, Terry Singer, Bill Sturts- man. In the halls of Willkie High, students enjoy the many colorful pictures whichthe students ofthe Art Club have painted. This year the club has also made posters for the school's sports activities. Although it is preferable that the members of the club take art, any person in- terested in art may join. The officers for this year were as follows: president, Harold Wellsgvice-president, Nancy Hooker, secretary- treasurer, Vicki Vos, sponsor, Mr. Miller. Culture in Two Ways Strike Up Our educational system would not be complete Without the music departnient. Through music stu- dents can express themselves, boost the athletic teams, and promote a cultural side of school life. The seventy-six members of the band, led by Mr. Brugger, presented many programs on the football field, during basketball games and at special musi- cal concerts throughout the season. The marching band executed precisioned maneuvers while playing for parades and half-times. The concert band along with several solo numbers, performed equally as well. 4 F ls' 7 iff The Band The pep band and dance band both being new this year, work very hard at nightly practices. The pep band substitutes for the concert and marching bandg the dance band plays forWi11kie High dances as well as for out-of-town school activities. Another new attraction to the band is the feature twirlers, Winnie Shaw and Marianne Swenson. 8 S Wy? - Se cg f Left to right: Karne Dooley, Amiie Orbaugh, Carolyn Brewer, Kathy Riggs, Ann Kincaid, head majorette, Dixie Clark, Dorothy Helping, Ann Wolf. Our High Stepping Panthereftes. This year the Majorette Corps is led by head majorette, Ann Kincaid. They have added much to the color of football and basketball games, by their superb performances. This year they have introduced a very impressive pre-game ceremony which has been enthusiastically accepted by the spectators. These girls have represented their part of the band with distinction. The Flag Corps is only one year old this year and in one year they have done a wonderful job. They have new uniforms which adds much sparkle to the band. They also participate in the pre-game cere- mony, which adds to the beauty of it. The Flag Corps is headed by Diana Bozell. Left to right: Diana Bo- zell, Eileen Plummer, Julie Hennegan, Laurel Hinds, Grace Ann Ken- nedy, Glenda Skillman, Barbara Klein. P92 The Advanced Choir, under the direction of Mlss Gayle Bolyard, has played an outstanding part this year inthe school's musical program. The fifty mem- bers have sung on many occasions such as the Christ- mas program and Baccalaureate. Aside from school, the Choir or select persons from the group have performed at many social functions. Last October, ten representatives fro m the Ad- vanced Choir took part in the State Choral Festival at Indianapolis. The officers elected this year were Terry New- kirk, presidentgDavid Carmer, vice-president, Mari- etta Hunter, secretary, and Judy DeLong, treasurer and accompanist , , ,Z q K ' . The Advanced Choir, under the direction of Miss Bolyard is shown above singing in the halls during the Christmas holi- Q days. 3427 Let There be Music Leading the Choir is Miss Bolyard. ROW 1, left to right: Rita Jaeni- chan, Brenda Johnson, Marietta Hunter, Jo y c e H a rt l e y, Judy Schmidt, Judy Harding, Marjorie Miller, Linda Crosswaitc. SECOND ROW: Catherine Creamer, Linda Murphy, Janie Wardwell, Judy Bar- ber, Vicki Niverson, Judy Bailey, Vera Holliday, Judy DeLong, Tom Fihe, Tom Davis. THIRD ROW: Linda Mclilfresh, Ann Leathers, Mari- lyn Kleyla, Carolyn Koons, Janet Smith, Emily Sohn, Terry Newkirk, David Carmer. FOURTH ROW: Charles Phenis, David Small, Jack Headley, Pat Harvey, RichFihe, Tom Leavell, Butch Mitchell, Terry Singer. v ft Following are the officers of the 1956 57 Sunslune Society President Barbara Klein, Vice President Linda Meltzer Treasurer Pam Wolf Recording Secretary Janie Wardwell, Corresponding Secretary Kathy RlggS The Sunshine Society rn Elwood High School was established in 1943 for the pur pose of helping the less fortunate people of the school and of the community This year at Chrrstmas as a part of their project they supplied food and clothing for the needy To eam part oftheir money for this project, they sold refreshments to the adult education classes held in the High School Building on Monday and Tuesday nights. To attain their goal,the Sunshine Society plans several pro- jects each year to help those less fortlmate. Llvlng and Working for Others From Idle Talk to Speakers The Speech Club advxsed by faculty mem berMr Donald Brown offered memberslup to any boy or grrl mterested rn dramatrcs or debate The students worked hard partrcrpatmg rn such ac tlvmes as externporaneous speakrng debate humorous or dramatrc readmgs ongrnal oratory I oratonal declamatron Brble and poetry read Q mgs and one act plays They made a fume show 5 mg for themselves m contests held at drfferent schools rn the state throughout the year In ad d1t1on they have presented vauous entertamment for the student body durrng the past months Bonnre Leathers and Susre Hennegan were elected presrdent and secretary respectlvely of the Speech Club ROW 1 left to nghr Carol Brltz Phyllrs Swrtzer Carla Wrsler Lrnda Hocker Bonrue Leathers, Susre Hen 2 Beth Bambrough Joyce Ann Wrllrams Mrke Carter Wrmfred Shaw Erleen Plumrner Patty Clouser Debbre Tam Susre Werhne Georgra Welcher Anna Rudrg Jo Ann Mosbaugh ROW 3 M:-1.ryAn.n Canno Barbara Wrsehart Manarme Swenson Jean Taylor, Sarah Krefer Judy DeLong Ruth Hamrlron Juhe Hen negan I.o1s Bohlander, Sally Heck ROW 4 Kathy Harbrt Sue Swanfelt Kay Byler Ennly Sohn Darlene Rodgers, Mary Jo Brown Judy Serbold Mary Combs, Carol Brobst Greg Caldwell ROW S Jay Byler Tom Clouser Tom Frhe Jerry Bourff Trent Toensrng, Susre Krefer Dorothy Prrce Kenneth Wrsehart ROW 6 Jack Gootee Rodney Passmore Drck Mrtchell Johnny Bess Jerry Fouts Fred Jons Johnny Park er Rrchard Harney Jeame Forst ROW 7 Jerry McCoy, Phrlhp Sharp B111 Mosbaugh Marty Rrng H K , D K , y tl , y . s ' . . ' . . V negan, ,Irene Sturtsmirn, Kaye Frazier, 'Judith Barber, Linda Mchfresh, Dixie.e1a.rk, EugeniaHarney. ROW , ' , .', : ' , , , , , ' 5 , - ROW 1 fleft to rrghtj Roger Hrnds .hm Gross Murle Hartmg Norman Karch, Francrs Naylor Danny Fuller Mr Ebbert Vo Ag Insturctor ROW 2 Tom Clouser Kenny T111man Lowell Alexander, Jerry Joe Trout Larry Ramey B111 Peters ROW 3 Larry Hartrng M1ke Tr1mble Jerry Fuller Ron.n1e Borruff Bob Wrdmeyer Tlm Gordon ROW 4 Marvun Whrttkampezr Jrm Collrns, Alfred Jaemchen Glen Morgan B111F1e1ds Roy Borruff Hrgh school age boys maJor1ng rn vocatronal agrrculture are e11g1b1e to belong to the FUTURE FARM ERS ASSOCIATION of Amerlca Thrs organrzatron partrcrpates rn vauous projects to earn money to be used for furtherrng therr experrence and knowledge rn agrrculture The boys were led throughout the year by the presrdent of the club M1ke Tr1mble and the vrce presrdent Mack Sams Ronrue Borruff has served as presrdent of the local 4 H Club rn whrch anyone 10 21 years of age may belong The boys and grrls work hard on var1ous projects durrng the year so that rn the summer they can enter them 111 the County Fa1r and later possrbly, the State Fa1r The 4 H Club IS one of the most worth whrle orgamzatlons rn our schools Through Education, We Strlve to make the Best Better 'H 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' " ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . I 1 - 3 ' - , - 4 ' . - .- n 0 a a In past years the Concessions Club has been one of the hardest working organizations in Willkie High. This year they are getting help from different organizations in the school. All the proceeds of the Concessions Club are given to worthwhile school projects. On Honor Day the members of the club are given special awards according to the number of points they have eamed during the year. WORKERS WITHOUT PRAISE The boys who are members of Ushers Club are responsible for di- recting spectators to their seats, and keeping people off the floor at bas- ketball games. Thev also pass out p rog r a ms a t both basketball and football games. Although little is said about this club, it is deeply ap- preciated by both the public and the students in school. Mr. Ebbert is their sponsor and Lowell Alexander is the head usher. 13 Q f x fa' 2 if and 9 A JQ 1 1, "WF USB' A-F" wi SQ Q95 s 02 4' 53 S' ggi. Il' Q -:Q A Q . 725 HIIII. C ' 8 mi Q 1 ' I - 6 "What Do You Say?" .... 6 Yea, Rah, Elwood, could very well be the key word of a cheer1eader's vocabulary. Striving to bet- ter the school spirit through enthusiasm and sports- manshipg theyhave donea wonderful job introducing new yells and lending to the glamour of our sports activities. They have also added rnuch to our activ- ities through bright new uniforms, and their graceful precision. E1wood,indeed, may be very proud of its' cheerleaders for 1956-57. Qleft to right, Susie Hermegan, Susie Rudig, Head Yell er. fleft to right, Sandy Smith, Mickey Conley, Jeanie Lightfoot. Qleft to right, Sheila Hevron, Virginia Hocker, Werline, Anna May Leaderg Sarah Kief- The Booster Club, the back-bone of the Elwood cheering section, consists of one hun- dred girls, all neatly dressed in white blouses, red ties, and red and blue mittens. They appeared at every home basketball game to contribute not only their hearty voices, but their school spirit of joy, co-operation. and good sportsmanship. The four cheerleaders helped to train the girls by practicing with them and teaching them the newest, most up-to-date cheers. Mrs. Betty Magner was the faculty sponsor for the group. 0 if .I,I.a. The officersof the Booster Club are as follows: Peggy Hrmtsin ger, presidentg Carole Richardson, vice-president Sheha Hev ron, secretary, Sherry Ha.rt7.1er, treasurer. . . . Fight! Panthers! Fight P The "E" is only one of the marry letters that the Booster Club forms OLE. 'T,'Q4o- 3 X X i Q gf ge ff' "B" TEAM FOOTBALL: ROW 15 Jim Lowder, Jack Headley, George Burdsall, Mick Hover, Chris Pantos, Larry Vice. ROW 25 Ernest Lineback, Delbert Downing, Mike Fowler, Gary Garrison, David Richards, Larry Gerenc- ser. ROW 3,Tom Davis, John Wilson, Gordon Hughes, Roger Hings, David Small, Jimmy Gross, CharlesPhenis, Robert Riley, Jim Bilu, Danny Himtsinger, Larry Stover. Co-operation and team-work led the "B" team Although they did not win any games, the Fresh- football to a victorious season winning five of seven men football team was very well balanced. Their garng. The boys onthistgamseem to have ghg mgk- new coach was Mr. McNulty, who coached football ings of being promising va,-sity Players, Mr, Wilggn for the first time this year. We are expecting great :caches the team, things from you in the future, Freshmen Our Future Hopefuls g 1 i FRESHMAN FOOTBAI1.: Row 5 13 Tim Gordon, Ronnie Lawson, C A A 5 ad Jim Arnold, Kenny Knauer, Bob Widmeyer, Tony Haneling, Phil Wilhelm, Jeff Mays, Jim W- land, Melvin Gmover. RO 2 5 Jerry Priest, Phil Alexander, Keith Beauty, Bruce VanBuskirk, Richard Floyd, Bill Etchison, Johnny Wheeler, Danny Pearson, Jerry Duffey, Jan Goodwin. ROW 3- Mr. McNulty, Coach, Par Wolf, Joe Bnby, .nm Strangeway, Darrell Murray, Mike Adams, Terry Dickey, Mike Barnes, Tom Reynolds. OUR VARSITY: ROW 15 Ronnie Beasley, Larry Gerencser, George Burdsall, Gordon I-highs, Mick Hover, Don Hug,hes,Phi1 Morgan, Lendall Mock, Rex Carlile, Rodney Passmore, John Kanmer. ROW 25 Lowell Alexander, Jimmie Headley, Trent Townsing, Ronnie Berry, Tom Phillips, Bob Willhoite, Eddie Beclg Ronald Boyland, Jerry Gillum, Bernie Collis, Terry Newkirk, Jim Small, Larry Vice, Mgt. ROW 35 Mike Klump , DavidBalser, Tom Davis Darrell McQui Rubin Tunnell, John Downham, Larry Stover, Marbin Crim, FredPJones, Larry Courtney, frank Bykowski, 'gash For the first time in eight years the Elwood Pan- thers football team won the Central Indiana Confer- ence. 'I'hese boys maintained consistent spirit of sportsmanship and desire to win that characterizes Willkie High athletics. The team won all five of their C.LC. games. 'I'he unusual fact about the Panthers this year is that there were nineteen seniors on the team--rnore than there has been for several years. Coaches Frank Bykowski and Bill Ameredes kept the boys working hard from August to the end of the victorious season. Our Fighting Panthers Bob Willhoite, Tackle , . -.L "Jw, A ,.MM,Q Wg ,. gr Win Qi ' ,. , ,af,,,,,. ,N ,- fa 'iw V if, -mfg ' if . Q .nf ' , . ,. ll .x I Q a . -, , 1 ,U , K 'iv PZ' Y1,,i' ' 1"'i 1 4- Q lyk f if-ww , c , J- VC-. .- ' 1 , , - ,-3-:Vw ys. 1' vnu A ,. .4w.V.7l, J, fiy ., H .QQ 2 'I ' 9 J A HL ' '-ff ' - " '51 Q '1' 1 ,f,,.rr,1, - W , , V f ., ,W .W .1,' gr A , ,V 'f -A --1-' x 1' "gf" fin x S' ' ff.-1 - my K 2125+ 1 1' " if , i R V 2 .fusg 'W A 'f?ff?lW'?39 rxgtw f f ?""f'ig Y My n , 'i"if,- ,"" , VW v 4 y ,1.s Q '5-L X I Q ?LZ',,g: 1' ,Wiki L Mgr! 4 .7 Q ,s fl . V , 'H 9, Vi' 1' n i F 4 A as 4 l A A 4:53 if - Z2 egg Q. 45 o Q XM - ha! f JQQIN N, .JN Qi? 5. if ' MK' N' COACHES: Frank Bykowski--Footballi Carl McNulty--Basketballg Bill Ameredes--Footballg John Wil son--B-Team Basketball, B-Team Football, Golf, Baseball. The coaches this year have done a marvelous job in helping the athletic department to make a fine showing. In order to make all our athletics a success, the coaches are always behind the scenes working and striving for team work and co-operation. The coaches are forever endeavoring to stress the meaning of good sportsmanshipg they are busy planning plays for future uses. You may find the managers any place and doing anything: busy from one minute to another doing their varied jobs. A good team cannot continue without their managersg they are a must, devoting their efforts in backing their team through victories and defeats. Always Planning Ahead MANAGERS5 FIRST ROW-- Dick Spitzmesser, Keith Beckley. SECOND ROW-- H ' Jerry Jordan, Lowell Alex- .lr 4 ander, Mike Klunapp. FIRST ROW, Qleft to right, Mr. Wil- son, Jim Small, Fred Kincaid, Roger Hinds, Danny Huntsinger. SECONI ROW, Tom Leavell, Gary Garrison, Butch Mi tc h ell, Jerry McCoy. THIRD ROW, Charles Drake, Fos- ter Smith, Larry Stover, Tom Davis. The basketball B-Team made 2 very good showing this year by win- ning their 4-way Tourney and many season games. Also, this year's B- Team experience has produc ed sev- eral very promising varsity players Displaying good teamwork, these B-Team players coached by Mr Wilson, never gave up fighting even though they were behind, un- til the final whistle blew. Up and Coming E-Men FIRST ROW, Qstandingj Mack Sam: C 0 a c h. fSeatedj Tom Clouser Lowell Alexander, Jerry Fuller Mike Trimble. SECOND ROW Jim Collins, Merle Harting, Danny Fuller, Kenny Tillman, THIRI ROW, Roy Borruff, Tim Gordon, Bill Fields. Students taking the agriculture course and belonging to the Future Farmers of Amercia make up the FFA basketball team. These boys have made a fine showing compet- ing with teams of similar nature throughout the area. ROW 1, Qseatedj Pat Wolf, Jim Boy- land, Richards Floyd, Danny Pear- son, Bruce VanBuskirk, Bob Wid- meyer. ROW 2, Roger Burkenbine, Darrell Murray, Jeff Mays, Jerry Priest, Joe Bilby, Terry Dickey. Although the freshmen basketball team did not win too many of their games, they seemed to improve at every appearance producing many good B-Team players. They have showntheir ability to fight and have dimlayed good sportsmanship. Mr. Ameredes coached the team. X- Qu' 3 UA WI 5 Sk' ng 3 44 2 r W 1 iq T? TW? FIRST ROW Jerry Fouts Gordon Hughes Mlck Hover Phal Morgan SECOND ROW Dave Henri Ronnie Beas ley David Huntsrn er THIRD ROW Dick Mitchell Darrell McQu1tty Tom Phillips Our Mighty Panther Team Through sportsmanship willingness to work and the ability to play the varsity basketball team of 1956-1957 shall always be remembered as one of Elwood s finer teams For a team to be good they must have team work and that is just what this team has This year the team has come through with another winning season Being one of the top rated teams in the state these boys have certainly lived up to all expectations that a team could have hoped for Precision ability skill co-operation teamwork and fine sportsmanship were among the leading factors which displayed by our team led them to a winning season Of course due credit to our new coach Mr McNulty can not be over emphasized. +7 1 ..,...:.' if E5 Darrel MCQuirw, Center Dick Mircheu, Forward Q Our Varsit Q 'H 1 Y f? YS Q 'T 'sv .Q H ,vw F X 5' 2 .5 f... -fig f gk ,flirt , E .... W -11:11-.-M .-,,,,--4- 'rg I qw 6 .1 ...Q Www gmw ' ,Za i G, gi M Dave Huntsinger, Forward Rgnnie Beasley, Guard 1 1 J - I , ' X Our Varsliy Q 9 ' 5 I v 5 if ' gf 1 Dave Henn, Guard Mick Hover, Guard Gordan Hugls, Guard Qu- 5 The sectional is won. After4l years of trying, our mighty Panther team finally scored its first victory over the Anderson Indians which headed the way for El- wood's first sectional crown. With such players as Richard Mitchell, Tom Phillips, Darrell McQuitty, Dave Henn, Ronnie Beasley, Dave Huntsinger, Phil Morgan, Jerry Fours, Mick Hover, and a wonderful coachlike Carl McNulty, how could we have lost! I The sharp-shoot- ing Panthers defeated the Madison Heights Pirates 65-60, Anderson After the entire team had taken their turn cut- Indians 67-53, Highland Highlanders 69-54, and in the championship ting their part of the net we see one of our four game the Frankton Eagles 57-50, winning the crown. cheerleaders, Susie Hennigan, taking her cut. 1 J 9 Q I 1 Q tim 57 Jlecffona Cdam 5 I l "This is the year" was heard with great enthusiasm by the entire X Z student body and all Elwood fans, but the willingness to win shown by Z the team and coaches certainly made '57 "the year" in basketball. ' 1, 630,18 Tom Phillips and Darrell McQuitty, two great Panthers, and our terrific coach Carl McNulty on the shoulders of some of the high- ly spirited fans. Darrell McQuitty shooting for two points. Senior, Trent Toensing smiles happily before he starts to run the 880 Yard run. Seniors, Jerry Gillum and Marvin Crim are very important to the track team. Jerry participated in the 880 yard run and Marvin participated in the broad jump, high jump, 440 yard run and mile relay. Track, as a major sport in Wendell Willkie High School, advanced in popularity last year as a result of many contributing factors. A new and m ore difficult schedule made track a more interesting and spectacular event at Willkie High. A bigger and b e tt er talented group of men that ever turned out for a track season in Elwood was another success of track. Last, but not least, Mr. Bollinger, last year's track coach, was perhaps the biggest contributing factor of all. As a result, the best track season was recorded at Wendell Willkie last year. Following are a list of the best official times, distances and heights turned in by the Elwood thinlies last year: 100 -- Jeb Carter, :10.8 220 -- Jeb Carter, :23.8 440 -- Jeb Carter, :51.4 880 -- Trent Toensing, 2:18.5 Mile -- Tom Giselbach, 5:14.2 Lh -- Dave l-Ienn, :22.7 HH -- Dave Henn, :18.1 SP -- John Burdsall, 53-9 U2 BJ -- Darrell McQuitty, 20-8 HJ -- Darrell McQuitty, 5-11 PV -- Darrell McQuitty, 10-6 Mile Relay -- Marvin Crim, Da rrell McQuitty, Jeb Carter, Tom Phillips, 3:52.0 880 Relay -- Darrell McQuitty, Marvin Crim , Dave Henn, Jeb Carter, 1:43.0 Cinder, Sand 8. Sweat The 1956 baseballteam coached by John Wilson had a very successful season by winning 4 games, losing 2, and tying 1. This year for the first time a trophy was presented to the most valuable player by the E-Men's Alumni As- Sociation. The player selected for 1956, was Frank Arehart. Players on the bench are left to right, John Burdsall, Frank Arehart, Paul Harbaugh, Sports Writer, Everett Webb, John Bess, Jack Headley, Mike Here we see Don Hughes as he is Fowler, Charles Drake, and Eddie Danner. Standing is Victor Frazier. smacking a homerun! I -.li ,Esta ---- ' ' .,.-tr, 1 , A , Pole Vault man, Rex C a r l i l e starts warming up before his event begins. -iii- -1-f ROW 1: fseatedl Dave Huntsinger, Jerry Fouts, Fred Kin c a i d , Mr. Ward. ROW 2: Danny Kantner, Tom Clouser, Mack Sams, Rex Castor. ROW 3: Charles Drake, Eddie Danner, Dick Mitchell, Dave Henn. A group of energetic boys, coached by John Ward, make up the Cross Country Team. This group visits and is host to various other teams in the area. Facing rough competition, the team must run a distance of at least two miles at each meet. Best in the Long Run The Golf Team, engages in matches with various schoolsin surrounding area. The Elwood Country Club serves as the site for home matches, but the boys of- ten visit the golf courses of other cities to compete. John Wilson, their coach, works with them continually to improve their skill in the game. STANDING fleft to rightj ROW 1:LarryMyers, Fred Kincaid, Steve Cocker- ham, Dave Cooper, Jeff Mays, Jack Alexander, Ted Rose. ROW 2: Jerry Curtis, Chet McWilliams. ROW 3: Joe Bilby. Wrllkle Hugh s Best The membershrpof the E Men s consrsts of all the ath letes who have earned varsrty E s rn sports With rts pur pose to serve neverforgotten rt rs one of the mostsuccess ful clubs of the school Each year the E Men s Club sponsors an open house to start the basketball season A the open house everyone rs mvrted to hear the latestrule changes and seetheElwood teams rn actron The club al so sponsors dances for the entertarnment of the student -, body The club s money IS made through these projects 1" The club also bought the much needed lrne markers for the football freld Bob Wrllhorte was presrdent of thrs club ' nu' wrth Terry Newkrrk as secretary and Mr McNulty as spon or Phlllrps JerryG1llum Trent Toensrng, Bob Wrllhorte Fred Jones Rodney Passmore SECOND ROW Rex Carlrle Terry Newkrrk, Ted Rose, Drck Mrtchell Eddre Beck Marvrn Crrm, Bernre Collrs Davrd Mlller THIRD ROW Ronnre Berry, RonaldBoyland Frank Arehart, Johnny Bess Jerry Fouts, Jrmmre Headley Lowell Alexander, Jlm Small Phrl McQueen FOURTH ROW Rex Castor, Gordon Hughes Charles Drake Eddre Danner Davrd Balser Mrke Klumpp Jerry Jordan, Darrell McQu1tty FIFTH ROW Sponsor Carl McNulty, Danny Kantner Fred Km card Davrd Cooper Mrke Fowler Jrmmre Taylor Tom Clouser 93 O O U , - . I , ' 7 v . ' ,. 0 . . , , , X' 1 . .4 - Z s . The members ofthe E-Men Club are as follows: FRONT ROW, left to right: Rubin Tunnell, John Downham, Tom r r J 1 ' : 3 . . . , . , . . . . h . , . Q 1 I ! Y Z . , . I , y p A y 1 , 1 , , Q , a 1 . , . . , , The Gxrls' Athletrc Assocratron rs a club orgamzed for the grrls of Wrllkre Hrgh School, who are mterested msports actxvxtles Acomrmttee selects three actrvmes whrch the g1rls may work on to earn therr pomts Then' meetrngs and 3CtlVlt1eS are scheduled for Monday and Wednesday To become a member each grrl IS requlred to eam frftypornts by taking part rn GAA act1v1t1es aft er rmtratron IS held Thrs year's offxcers were as follows presrdent, Pat Wrlliams, v1ce presrdent, Rachel Tucker, secretary, Esteleen Amold, treasurer, Frankre Hevron The GAA FRONT ROW left to ught, Jeanre Underwood Phyl l1s Wann, Patty Wlllrams, Rachel Tucker, Eva Gardner, Eva Crull SECOND ROW Esteleen Arnold Franlue I-levron, Judy Cum, Sherry Franer, beorgra Crosswarte Spon sor, Mrs Lewellen THIRD ROW Sharon Wrlburn, Patty Dav1s, Mary Alrce Pool Joyce Boyland Man ly-n Penn FOURTH ROW Pearl Lineback, Darlene Areheart Lrnda Lrndley Judy Mountcastle Carolyn Kantner Carolyn Willhorte The pep commrttee rs organrzed to plan pep sess1ons, promote good sportsmanshrp, and to back the team wrth full force These twelve people work behmd the scenes to add enjoyment and varretyto the pep sessrons so that the student body may enjoy them even more The com mrttee 1S composed of the cheerleaders, three members from the senror class, two members from the jumor class, and three faculty sponsors Peggy I-Iuntsmger 15 the charrmanofthe group, and Mrs Magner rs the head sponsor Pep commrttee Left to nght Jerry Jordon, Peggy Huntslnger, Janre Wardwell S us re Werl1ne, Sarah Klefer, JohnnyBess, Anna May Ru dag, Mrs Magner, Mrss Allen, Mr Brugger, and Rzchard Harney and Susre Hennrgan not shown Active G. A. A. Girls and Busy Pep Committee al - 7 . , - . ' 9 . 1 . . , - . 0 J ' J J ' . , . 1 2 J , . . . - 1 . . . . : . . l . . . . - . r . . . 0 SCORE BOARD BASKETBALL OPPONENT Warsaw Sheridan Kokomo Alexandria Txpton Decatur Hartford Clty New Castle Huntington Tipton Monncello Alexandna Mississmewa Burns Pendleton Rochester Plymouth TRACK OPPONENT Tlpton Peru New Castle Knlghtstown Crispus Attucks Won 14 Lost 6 THEY T THEY 42 113 66 213 58 112 70 112 BASEBALL OPPONENT Huntlngton Alexandna. Noblesville Roc hester Burns Roc hester Yorktown FOOTBALL W OPPONENT West Lafayette Tipton Alexandrla Kokomo Noblesvllle Warsaw Peru Hartford Clty Anderson CROSS COUNTRY OPPONENT Pendleton Mark1ev1lle Peru F rankton Alexandna GOLF OPPONENT Monucello Kokomo Manon Tipton Peru Montxcello Alexandna THEY 11 n5 Lost4 5112 3112 12112 THEY THEY THEY 6112 11112 7 112 23 112 10 112 X f s , - .3 s ' X C WE WE 82 55 6 19 64 58 13 12 72 53 ' 19 12 50 O. T. 40 6 41 ' 68 46 ' 6 7 60 58 24 0 ' 60 67 19 0 75 O. . 78 ' 26 6 73 60 20 33 Peru 72 57 72 54 ' 71 67 ' 43 54 WE ' 70 72 26 74 ' 72 50 ' 61 87 55 20 41 64 71 33 70 106 66 ' 40 23 WE WE 65 67 ' 22 . 23 . 35 74 6 112 6 ' 4 112 WE ' 6 5 ' 6 6 9 3 3 7 ' 12 1 5 6 5 'We Busy Veovxe .4 x Q Q if W if SEATED, Qleft to rightj Keith Scott, School Superintendentg Robert Tam, President, School Boardg Wayne Jones, Treasurer, School Board. STANDING: Riley Sharp, School Attorneyg John Rutledge, Secretary, School Board. The Board of Education is the governing body of our school city. These three men have studied thoroughly the problems arising in our school system and have toiled to the limits of their abilities to solve these difficulties. Another of their many important duties is to select the personnel required for the operation of the schools. Appointed by the city council, each member serves a term of three years, beginning as treasurer and progressing upward each succeeding year to the chairmanship. Laboring Long Hours, They Provide Better Conditions and Educational SFATED, fleft to right, Miss Carole Baker, Mrs. Lillian Mikels, Mrs. Edith Gardner. ni ' lllll Ill SCH -SX X5 M A Copeland, Pnncxpal Agam it is tune to add another volume to the long line of Crescents that have graced the efforts of pupils and teachers for so many years The record hereincontamed, is a reminder of cherished friendships of athletic prowess, and of academic achievement Memory dims with the passing of years unless aided by timely remind ers such as the Crescent of 1957 Hold fast to its friendly spirit and keep your youth renewed by periodic return to its pages for in so doing, your zest for hvxng will be enriched The Class of 1957 is to be congratulated for its desire to leave with us a record of literary value Not only have members of the Cresc ent staff labored to complete this edition, but the entire class has given individual assistance whenever and however needed It has been good to know each of you and to feel that you have been an integral partof our school. My sincere wish is that you may direct your ef- forts into worthy enterprise and that your school may continue to fe el a sense of justifiable pride in your achievements. EQ M ik fy n XZ Cz' M. A. opeland, Principal .59 Mr. BILL AMEREDES U.S. History, Assistant Varsity Football Coach Miss MAYME BERNS English Miss GAYLE BOYIARD Freshman and Sophomore Guidance Counselor, Choir Di- rector Devoting Their Time, Ef-forts, and Interests Mr. DONALD BROWN Mathematics, Solid Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Speech, Joumalism Mr. CLIFFORD BRUGGER Band Director Mr. FRANK BYKOWSKI Driver's Training, World His- tory, Varsity Football Coach Mr. RICHARD DARST 60 5 f 0 Mi MARYALLEN ' We X Libisarian 4' ,F ff Vj'..KRCv1 Q X I 34 , Q xxzf Miss BIANCHE DIGEL English Gramrner and Litera- ture Mr. WILF RED DUDLEY Industrial Arts Mr. MARVIN EBBERT Vocational Agriculture Mrs. MILDRED GARNER Horne Economics 4 'x .N, in Y""-wmv-ng.,.,, ! i"""' A x . C E965 IW A - "'J!-4x41-CZ .MP Mr JOHN HINDS Supervisor of Practical Arts , 4 Mrk 51 Our Faculty Members Are Constantly Endeavoring Miss BETTY HOUSE Beginning and Advanced Short- hand, Office Machines Mr. SAM HOUSE R U.S. History, Civics, Sociolo- r gy, Economics, Psychology , XM ,lf Mr . CHARLES JORDAN ' Beginning and Advanced Typ- ' f ing, Office Machines ,A V5-f Mr GEORGE KINTZEL Industr1al Arts Miss ESTHER KOONS Home Ec onomics B1010gy Mrs LORRAINE LEWELLEN Physical Educ atlon Mrs BETTY MAGNER General Business Bookkeeplng Selling Business Law To Mold Us Info Better Persons Not Miss MARGORIE MCCONNELL Latin, English Grammar and Literature Mr. CARL MCNULTY Physical Education, Varsity Basketball Coach, Freshman Football Coach Mr. JOHN MILLER Art Mr. KENNETH POUCHER Industrial Arts I R' ,.,. '1 Mrs MARY RECORDS Spanish, English EDWARD SELL D.C.E., Lndustrial Arts Mr GEORGE SMITH Commercial Mathematics, Al- Mr. BIAIR SULLIVAN Junior and Senior Guidance Counselor, Beginning and Ad- vanc ed Biology. Only Scholasiically but Also Morally Mr GERALD SULLIVAN Physlcal Science, Physics, Chem1stry Mrs. LILLIAN SULLIVAN School Nurse Mrs ELVONA TOLLE Home Economics, Supervisor of school cafeteria Mr. JCI-IN WARD Civics Sociolo Health 6: f gyr Safety, Athletic Director Left to nght Elhot McPhearson Wrllram Heath Orv1l1e Schrmmel Always on the Go Thanks to the Janxtors of Wrllkre I-hgh our school has kept rts frne school appearance They have labored farthfully to keep our school a clean healthy place rn whrch we spend the greater part of each day We thank these men for dorng therr best to keep our school lookrng n1ce and we assure them therr servrces have been recognrzed and fully apprecrated Left to nght Pat Harnson Clarance Burton B111 Brogdon bl 14' - V V x 5 , X . : . , . . , . . . ' ' . . - . : ' , ' wmv' PhilipSharp, JeffMa.ys,Bob Widmeyer, Karen Dooley, Virginia Hocker, Joe Bilby, Ann Leathers This year Willkie High had a freshman class of 217 membersg so far, the largest freshman group this school has ever had. These newcomers always have one strike against them as soon as they enter high school, and thatis because they are freshmen. They have to be very good sports to be able to accept all of the pushing around they receive from upperclassmen. Going up the "Down" stairway and down the "Up" stairway and being in wrong classrooms are the usual characteristics of freshmen. They have the makings of very promising students of Willkie High. ur us We shmen " ff? A ak F Xa fir? sis, 4 f-:snip 5-x...i..,,"e W1 rf! X741 QW smg,gQ"lf"f,4f'453'3'6 ,f 66 244 Freshmen Mrchael Adams Ph11l1p Alexander Judy Alumbaugh Larry Anderson Darlene Arehart J1mmy Arnold Betty Avery Slurley Baugh Mxchael Barnes Sam Beernan Kerth Beaty Wrllram Beamer Kerth Beckley Judrth Beneflel Joe Bllby Rodney Brrkmbme Mary Kaye Boll Luke Bond Ray Bourff James Boyland Dxana Bozell Ronald Bragg J udrth Brewer Larry Brooks Davxd Buchert Robert Bunch Rxchard Burnette Karl Burton Gregory Caldwell Mary Ann Cannon Donald C armer Ronald Carmer Mxchele Carter Wllllam Caud11l Alfred Chadwlck Leshe Clark Barbara Clapper Myrtle Clemons Patty Clouser Denny Collms James Colhns Cloyd Colhs Carolyn Coe M1Ck1E Conley Bobby Cooper Ted Cooper Carolyn Ccrrell Marlene Coryell Mary Coston Lmda Courtney Marsha Courtney Donald Creamer Ralph Creamer Joyce Crull few . ., - S: ,. " 'Z no -W " " N' . ' A I' A ., Av , A 4 1 A . - Yr? -f - L " N' 5 " " ' M A N 5' ' -Q -if ' 1 , I i -C. - A gf p 4 . R :K f". My-1.-:.t.-f -H J 4 . . ' 4 -7'-7 f 11 ' f V ,W rg. 4 'lv J 1 I 'gif 2 g 'L Q 'u .11 if YL 1 gf, T gigs A' ,gr My +I. Q rw C ' A ji I V in n of rf Q W , 5 4' Q - 'S ' . M gf. N Ll JL Y, 4 L ,L Z- .y - - - . A V , 4 P' Y - 5 4 ,. .1 Q E' Q' A g A Q f' ,- sf ' 7,4 ' all A J C -1 5 o 7' ll -A 1 ' f . ,4 2 9 uc: al' " -3 1' 'Zi ' as ' A "Y 9 'fp v " , 'R' r B A iw ' Qt cg, 'Fav PM - f - ' ' ' " - w "K ' , . Q 7 -' ' --f' , --J' ,Q ,ef , 2' A N , V ' x - ' . at Q Q rn- L ,-K-5 '7vv",gf K. ,,. 9' "tai-'pl X ' I I i . B' ,s y Z w of 4 ,GJ Y J ' 'V 1. 1 , 7. :C fa "5 j,. 7 1 if 5, Qllkiyr ,,, wp . gi, f , -Q . .,.' z Us . rr, new 'iam . V, 'Q ,lx f , C ,K f y X , -53 1 1 - A ' ' 4' M1 N - is A A if V , li i D955 vh A if A A " ' .5 .Fw div 2 ,Q rv J V t A 6' ? . 4 -D vb! 'Jr i' -L -Li ,C - - 1 ' ' 'S ' J :fx :L . - X 4 Az ' be ' i I I ri' A 3. L-,B ggi b pu Q ,Q -us ni' '-'f I , -4 Q ff, , , fi :ZF ru f ykkvh 1 dj, va 7 -,E NM N U: fs eg, C W a , . wr 'f , Freshmen Andy Daulton Donna Davms James Deeter Tlmothy Deeter James Dxck Marlene Dlckey Terrxll Dxcke Karen Dooley Davld Dowler Terry Downey Jerry Duffey Joyce Dunlun B111 Etchrson James Etchlson Lrnda Etchrson Kay Everlmg Wrlham Frelds Sue Frtzpatnck Rlchard Floyd Genre Forst Carl Foust Gary Fouts Charlene Fnsrnger Roy Fromholz Beverly Galbreath Larry G allopoo Frank Gamm on Janet Garner Lawana Gzpson Jerry Glenn Jan Goodwin Tam Gordon Melvm Groover Davld Haas Davld Hahn Ralph Hahn Patty Halfm Suzanne Hamer Marjone Hanulton Anthony Hanehne Robert Harrell Judy Harns Mary Sue Harns Robert Hartmg Rebecca Havens J rmmy Haynes Davrd Heater Judy Hefhn Tom Hlllan Laurel Hmds Mary Lee Hodson lf 35- ...fx f-+15 +3 f rail Danny Holmes .,. Vlrgmxa Hocker Nancy Huffman -,as I 4 at 'R f"7xcAl I w"-'U 4 :aff Jaw X J .J 49 'Q' fix if nal I 5-3 n"' 4 -'A + xflflwlv 6 98' L. w"H"' .A 533572 rf 4 x "6 flrl A mx J Freshmen Alfred Jaenrchen Charles Jameson Enc Johnson Danny J ohff Davrd Jones Lmda J ones Sandy Joyner Carolyn Kantner Robert Keller Grace Kennedy John Klng Kenneth Knauer Garry Knopp Junror Knotts Judlth Lamb Karen Lambertson Ronny Lawson Ann Leathers Shrrley Leavell Jerry Joe Lersure Lrnda Lexsure Geanette Lrghtfoot Jean1e Llghtfoot Llnda Lrndley Pearl Lmeback Nancy MacDonald Larry Marsh Lorna Manls Jeff Mays Becky Merlda Mary McCord Larry McFa11 Eugema McPhearson V1rg1n1a McQueen Glen Morgan Joyce Morns Judy Mountcastle Darrell Murray Vrckr NIVCISOD John O'Haver Rlchard O'l-laver Karen Ott Jerry Owens Betty Padgett Joan Parker Paul Parker Sam Parker Danny Pearson Charlene Phelps Kathy Phrllxps Ilene Plumer Lmda Poe Jerry Prrest James Rarney F - ,A is .- - J r . Q Ax Rx 4 , L" , - ' A I ,V I , 1 D I if K 1 Y: .QM J gif ' xr' I J 7 4 ' A. ,+V n , Q' .K 2. 5 F G x ff I - P-1 X I .1 51. A ' ll 6 'L .xx 14 Q 'S ,Y , - 5 4, as 0 ,li flf U'r ll J ' , v 5 9 My J. J J I N- Tv . 2 Nb' 4 'm z , xl- I xf-4 xr ivy, 'J' i A D JK 'W 'gl A .a 'fl . . 61. ,. - . fjfy ' .- t - v .. v Q, ' fglff C ' Q' fi :A I W- Z V 1 - V l My ' .. - if f fi -I ' , 51 y fr Kgs N Y 3 P , 1 S . . . .X , U ' XV 0 . 'iff f'T',,,lXx 1 1 A . . sl 'ul' 'Q - f' X P , . yr I ,L . f Q y A 'P y . X LW 1.-.lg 4 .:'j - rii V. 0- ' " Q f , ' A ,, f la 5- I fa' X ' -. V 1 -I - Y A 1 J Y ,J :I , J 1 ,V Q '-.f . 4 ' I ,t gxxxfg J Q ' ' h if I ' gg X on ,, ,gQ'Zg1 ' . 4 J J . i y'5'?X, L 8 Freshmen Cary Randolph Larry Reynolds Tom Reynolds Edward Rmg Charles Rrser Jerry Rrttenhouse Judy Robmette Mrke Robmson James Rogers Rlta Sallsbury Thelma Savage Jack Schrmmel Carolyn Scott Phlllp Sharp Wrnxfred Shaw Harold Sheely Walter Sheets Jewel Shxnkle Glenda Skrllman Sandra Skrrvan Sandra Smrth Rex Smrth Donale Sovern Eddxe Stage Duane Stansberry Patrrcra Stewart Irma Stone Davxd Stout James Strangeway Wrlham Sturtsman Marranne Swenson Deborah Tam Lmda Taylor Davrd Thrawl Sandra Tomhnson Wrllxam Tyner Lela Underwood Bruce Van Buskrrk Rlchard Vautaw James Webb W1ll1am Wesseler John Wheeler Bobby W1demeyer Judy Wrlburn Katherme Wrles Phxllrp Wrlhelm Carolyn Wrllhorte Dee Ann Wxllholte Loretta Wood Pat Wolf Barbara Wrsehart Margaret WIISOH Bruce Wrlson Joyce Wrllxams John Whltaker fa'-' -p-uw F545 -:E 21,7 A M- 'N -35 "K 'M' lf I 'N IW HC! Q-7 '1 -r 69 uf fu 4' vi' fr A ' P g.. L 6 gd ' - V --4 "'- U- f A" " Q", Q . J r gm -' W ' J, ' , Au? ' '5 X "R f+ J l ' -f-J X 4 1 . J ft, 122 ---1, 'Q G5 , f ' ' N - ,f . . - L1 . 4 W 4 1 LL J In XJ - J f , . ,I 5 1, ,-. I l .' sf , Z I I - 1 V A . ' up - x, x. - 5, 1' H X: tv fr ' ' ' , gl . R -- -' . I f . ' ' I A "' D Q .f Q Q ,, ,I 4 In-u ML f 1 Y 52147 'if ' J :rf 6' af 'G by qv, - .L 'A 'S-" 'I 1 .31 f"'Vk' ,f - 3 . - 7 "' - " , " J' 'gf Q ' lf ff "' " ,192 J V-, . 3 I ji ,viipfi Y 3, K 1 Q, , s ,f f , 'W' in ': 7. .vi J' ' '3 "V N ': 1' ' . -1 gz. A .4 - R , R C ' ' x -' 1 .. ' ' SX , , Q ffl' I x . f 'Dr 'v ,L . 'n 'H Q- on V A A , V V l In . ' M' ' all I VI . . y Vx X an R L, N . Y A V, . ,A C ,D ,N is I I3 4 A' lv' 1-4 F fs-V . . 'A' .l in -Af' " 1 '- ',, . . I . - 43- " , vo ' V5 51' '5 f 0 T . . ,fl " 4'-ygn .:- eff ' . X' 6 Y4 . 1' ' h ' li - 0 1, ' 'Q 3 4 0 ,w - -3 V F ls wir ' V VX'-L V Q , G , , if J Q ,J is , ,ll "J ' M. ry' " .ar . , "5 Q , , K 4, Y 5 - - wt! ,L '14 Q r.aws,e4:sL:s.rz ., muff Dixie Clark, Presidentg Judy Barber, Vice-Presidentg Julie Hennegan, Secretaryg Sherry Beasley, Treasurer. This year it seems as though the sophomore girls have entire control of their class officers: Dixie Clark .......... President Judy Barber ...... . . .Vice-President Julie Hennegan. ......... Secretary Sherry Beasley .......... Treasurer The class is stepping into the stride of things very well. They are busy from one day to another planning var- ious activities for the student body. The sophomore class isvery active. It is represented very well in many of the school's activities. The key work of this class seems to be success which the sophomores are striving to uphold. Qu Bus ophomoves f'S 53 C54 fn III!- AA ,, 35 GV GCD -if vip if Half "' er' -ev 'bf M Q --1' i If bbq fl Sophomores Denms Adams Mary Alexander Jams Allen Dorothy Amxck Ernesy Amrck Fasteleen Arnold Kexth Balser Beth Bambrough Robert Bannon Judy Barber Charles Barnes Sherry Beasley B111 Beeman JZDICE Beneflel Charles Be Phlllxp Berry Carol Bxltz Jrm Blltz Lela Blackford Carol Blankenshlp Loxs Bohlander Ronald Boruff Sam Bower Joyce Boyland B111 Brogden Mary Jo Brown Larry Burwell Frankxe Cam Joan Cladwell Martha Chadwrck Dune Clark Barbara Chne Joyce Cockerham Myma Cole Mary Combs Mrke Commons Martha Courtney Georgxa Crosswante Margaret Crull Myrna Crull Damel Culp Pat Curran Mrke Currey Ruby Dale Patty Davls Paul Decker Joyce Doan Emogene Dowler , 'T' 2 -yd! A-A - .. - 5 'Q' I- ' H V4 W 1 4-A " ' ' x 'C" 5" " . ' V 3 . 1 .K X' C Y ' Z x ,' rf If I I, 3. I I l 'J fx J A f 'F 'Q I .- ' 'Z in 1- , 0 . Qi- , A ' A -A 1 -4 " " 0 gi L' Y A V' CL, . I 4 ' , I . l "2 'CJ 4 1 4 'H F 4- " N V ,I f , ' W G , 4 I fry l H ly ' I u A ,I Q Q, 'Ji . . M , , we-v','f1b1 5 . I f 5, T? 3: '-T ,- , s C ,A . g 3 0-gf-s ,J f A - I A, ,- f9 J-J 1- .i 4, Q44 -:" W C -3. 1 , J 7 ,as ,L " i Af , f Q x gf- f . f .PII xx ,A ff '34 4 fx Q A "' K za sir" el WZ' 1 'Ib 'V ' ' 'M f lv " . . Lt , W l .2 "' : 1 so A 3 . 14,4 -' , af- r- i'- , lj, ' ,, l ,,, 44 J Y'-. , fy 'H l . N V, J 5 4 1 A . . gf. ' ,-, 3- A ' . 5 , ',' r " ' 'I ' -' , . - 42. - . 2 ' -sf' 'C l V f 1 ' 5 1 ' J Y f 1 ' Q1 ' 41. - ,i ," . F ff, sew' A, - 'v , l ' J I IW' -x' all A , . ' 'ef f"""' ,M -sr""W WN .5 13 , Nw l ff kk-J V4 'F Sophomores Bob Dowlmg Brenda Downey Delbert Downmg Marvln Eads Jerry Elledge Pat Farr Rlchard Flhe Sherry Frazrer Damel Fuller Gary Garnson Paul Gzselbach Carol Glotzbach Llnda Green Jrmmy Gross Lloyd Hahn Jack Hanshew Wrllxam Hart Ernest Hartlng John Hartm Judy Hartmg Merle Hartrng Joyce Hartmg Judlth Hartley Bobby Hartman Sharron Hasecuster Amta Haskett J ack Headly Sally Heck eq ao 7513 F' ISM IL-'O 'WY F ., 153, 5 if GQ? "-s I'-P Charles Hefhn Danny I-Iefhn Jul1e Hennegan Sheha Hevron Jan Hobbs George Hobson Ph1111p Holllday Nancy Hollowell Carolyn Holtsclaw Mehssa Huffman Ronme Huffman Marllyn Hughes Mark Hughes Denms Hunt Danny Huntsmger Doyle Jarrell Karen J arv1s Sandra Johnson Shuley Jones Norman Karch 3 K is 9 'Z ,M y ,g 5- " bk J 7. T ,X gf ,xy yff! wif: . U ff. B if n ,ff X F ll 'f 'ff' -awk! r 55 Y-X Xfrvif l xx Y I l 2,3 , ,- ' - B fa Q J, . .-V. ' My - 1 K' ' , q ,NV '. ,- I . , .X , y 4,7 -aa Vi A., ,QV . H Q 1 J ry pn 0 ' H ' o 5,9 if" -Lf 'J . B 5 :M 1? , QVWLL , , I Jf fx K iw, . I ,C I, Lf 'Q ' fl . . ,rx . 5. . I K I I g Q -. V A I 2.3 A. it is A A ,Q - 'C . ll B-fa - ' V ,, 1 ,rvf 'elf "G ' L f ig B if of B A Q y at B 1 . , ,, v . F f ' B71 4- 5-'Q' B " A' W 4 f .'.', 23 is 'ff I V V :ia ' sank! .h 4 , V." 4:41-Q .wr W svn A 7 L'7, V B ' , Eh , l X any 11' an A ,.,, A if 1 , B6 f ra, B X f . '. . G Q 1. ,-, Lg - B H G L iff' , ,Nix -V y 4 G, m B B ,,, .. . BJ ' ui J 45 Wm, fr, , 3 - ' 4 A' Q, . , ,A n l?""l ,V-33? B A5 'BY 7 B - B be "L ' ff? , A -E, 1 J B. 'Ji G ly John Keller Robert Kelly Ruth Kimmerling Kent Kleyla Mike Klump Carolyn Koh Carolyn Koons Maude Lashure Tom Leavell Ronald Liston Maurme Lloyd Jimmy Lowder Janelle Maley Jerald Mayhugh Barry McCl1sh Tom McCl1sh Ray McC orkle Jerry McCoy Danny Mclilfresh Linda Mclilfresh Albert McPhearson David Miller Butch Mitchell Phil Morgan Bill Mosbaugh Francls Naylor Mildred Neese Billy Nickles Ann Orbaugh Robert Owens Chris Pantos Marilyn Parker Marilyn Penn Charles Phenis Mary Pool Helen Powell Judy Pratt Billy Priest David Richards Robert Riley Sandra Robinson Jerry Robertson Darlene Rodgers Larry Riminger Judy Smidt Harold Schuyler Sandra Scftt 365, 0 'N alfa ,39- ,J 'Y' '? ., of or J ya'y y Iggy I na if y 'B A 3 L. i -- 271- .' ,. I .. ' . f - -1 ' . -rf. 'A . . ,,, . 1 Q R sv 1 .0 if -- 1 x lla, ' Q 3 515' fi. 5? ' X 73 . ,E Sophomores J LA ,Q - - r' " t 5 '.' - r , s+':-'fl J G V I EE: s , N ll, of 1 n ,fr 4: 5 tl V i ' , '33 ---- '77 Y' l -f., f" i 551' ' er .f X J ,cr gf: -sg -1 Ti Y ,, : 3 Q . ' ' Y Q 1, J . , .- , ' .B J - We " " ff. . 5 ' ' g J,-N , Fwy 1 ,Y ' ,,. J, J 'fr ,f , K 0 it ,V 3 , ' , . , ,ff A J' V5 - '- Q Q ,O S- we ,gs 3 . , J, Ray., S3 4. y, A W:-W ,A David McCorkle " ,ffl V V - .V ,. 'E , Y . 1 :,V fx Q' JK? t V 'A - .,, .F' 1 fs x . Q .A . 'W X . ,M , is C ln 'W W Q AV C' J . l ' J- ku, ky J" t .i M R I f af' 'if ., ' in ' . rs. ...ix 7 fb N V 4. A B. cb: M - ' Q - '- , 1 . J' ' V in ax Q A ,C My 1 C aes Aj njgjwy, Riff N. ,, s n X ' 11 ' ' s ' 5 H lf an 3 4- F 4 X yn " :Q " Y 0 ' ff A y , f - 7 , ,, if 11 I Q .I Shxrley Scott Karen Seely J ud1th Serbold Jane Senght Burgess Shull Carol Srlvey Ranny Srmmons Larry Smger Melvm S1nger George Skeen Davxd Small Patsy Smlth Judy Southern Barbara Spangler Rlchard Sprtzmeser Karen Stack E1har1e Stacy Glona Stout GU ar- Y-.4 fw ff? .1 'E' wr? ,fr - . 'A F. v 3 5- . 3 ' - iv 3' 4 - ,, ' 4.5 at ff' . A, ,, '17 gf' , ' ' 7 D fi.. , A stty? A A ,A 5, 'rv ' 5 wg! 5 4.1 J ' R ' , , 1 r- , V M 4 ' f I -' ,' isa' 1 - - I 4. I , . - TMR 55' no JY ' , , ,A -I ,, ' f. - M Q f -Q .. Q . -rg f I .ny A .X ' . S T J, r T ' J if Q , . a.r . . rv , V 7 VA . ' a . A, ' ' S T 5 3 o , W y F-'jk . . fn- LL , Q fs:-I Qi' . , 9 ' - -". 5 Vg .. 524- . A ' K f Q. if , ,f ' ,V 1 X " ' ' ' m ka' 7 . tl , I ' 4 L ., ... U K r W 0' 5, 'XJY f ,gif fi l f A in mf I M 0 Jw F9 T A as 'A' 'fum ig " Q 39 , W , s X ,, X Af 'N -, , rw a . A ,W ' x -A 3 life? :M 3, fd of K . x ' ' Sue Stm'tsman Alcre Swackhammer W1111am Taylor Rrchard Thomas Joycetta Tomlmson Davld Tomklns Adrxenne Townsend Kenneth Tragesser Beth Tumble Jerry Trout Marilyn Trout Mary Lou Tunnell Larry Vice John Waymire James Weaver Larry Whetsel Sharron Wilbum Ann Wolf Judy Wright George Wylie Doneta Yates G -:gr S 6553 .xg J 'Y A , 44 Mg, 74 V '-'77 1 1 1 2 S Ronnie Beasley,Vice-PresidentgAnn Kincaid,Treasurerg Barbara Klein, Secretaryg Lendall Mock President. The Junior class has certainly been one of the busiest in school. First, Homecoming had to be planned in a hurry and although they did not have the honor of sponsoring the queen, they had a very lovely candidate. Decorating for the prom was another project well done by the entire class. The Juniors also made a fine showing in all phases of athletics this year. The election of officers this year gave Lendall Mock the unique privilege of being president of the class for two consecutive years. All in all, the Juniors were really busy people all year. ut usy -tl-uniofs .1 -'- X OJ' - l - J aff full ul' -e-,J 35' .X ,gin lun 10' ..-J' "7 Hr 4 f rv' 1 e .--fr Q X C7 .av 4-0 47 Junlors Donald Alumbaugh Darlene Amos S andra Armle Judy Barley Dav1d Balser Ronald Beasley Jerry Beeman Bob Blckel Tom Blckel Carol Borst Sue Bourff Robert Bragg Carolyn Brewer Larry Brewer Carol Brobst George Burdsall Allen Clark Larry Clymer Rxchard Coates Manon Cole Dav1d Cooper Marvm Coryell Lo1s Cox Ramona Cox Judy Cum Lmda Crosswarte Sandra Hayes Carl Danner Martha Darrow Tom Davxs Anrta Day Judy DeLong Soma DeVaney Roberta Dlcke Charles Drake Lmda Duckworth Dav1d Evans Jerry Everlmg Charlotte Faulstxck Mrchael Fowler Beulah Galbreath Ida Gardner Ronald Garret Rosahe Garnson Larry Gerencser Marcxa G oodnch R1chard Gross Barbara Hahn 0 . bv ,, ii L I pa - 4, ,fa 5-A A , . - - -a v fs? . - F Y rm Lf' . ,ay 1.-jp 7 ,, - 4 ,iz - A' Q 'V' -6' , I N 5 ' ' B VY 'il '. J- X I V, f , ' , 'X fi ' D . a -,5 ' '-Q '-" xy N -I I 5 "'f' A ..4-' ' vi R J. fy L R 1 ' ' "' ' . K P L V K-. v 15-"C S? 4 X? , If' Q r , ,422 V43 C W if R y ' f 1- .L , I V , J sf for , Q' V , -:L-. Q., ' v . ,wr N kv: V ' M vj-A 4 -fi ' 'Q iq- H , ,- "-' , . ' H 1 ' ., If K f e fy' YW?" 522 iff all I 2 i?' ?f?i V Av- . A - hi ,, , , V5 ,- Q "' f,.-s ix Qlriegr . +L ofa '19 ff , 2- f 3 L... ' .ra Q cc - J as U. Q ' f :L Y .-- 3 7 L V M ' A Vg A . V ,',, , Vrffslw L , t VS, KY, qs , . .L ' 'L -L' pi B' 1 fl .R ' y . -5 1 . r ' Q-if ' ' 5iT"?Q ' ' .X . r B' , "law Juniors Harold Hahn Ruth Ham rlton Ronald Hancock Harold Hanover Larry Hartm Sherry Hartzler Pat Harvey Dorothy Helphng Davrd Henn Susre Hennegan Paula Heston Frankre Hevron Sue Hrbst Roger Hmds Glenadene Hobson Jrmmre Hobson John I-lofer Steve Holhday Vera Hollrday Judy Holmes Tom Hoover Phyllrs Horme Ronnalee House Mrck Hoover Tom Howerton Judy Hoylman Larry Hudson Gordon Hughes Forest Hrmsberger Jrm Huntsman Danny Hutcheson Rrta Jaemchen Patty Jameson Barbara John Beatr1ce John Brenda Johnson Jerry Jordan Lawrence Karser Danny Kantner John Kantner Marlon Keller Sarah Krefer Ann Krncard Fred Krncald Barbara Klern Marrlyn Kleyla Kenneth Knopp Jerry Knotts 'al '87 I -4 "' A-IAJAIAI we --.ff -af 'mp 'Sv 3,5 4' ,i I - 60 'W .-'75 " 1 'Sv' ll I X Y 7 QTL ,6- Aj ifvifigx x,,f' 3' l ag-fn., A -'ef .mf A ffl? 000 A QQO fl 41- ,-1 Refer 'J QL A 18 H M Q c u - 1.5, QE .af-L '-' fee' C' Q lr- , 4- KI' ' ' ' 1 X " A , A . I, J Q4 ,Q S 1 .. 'K r ' ' 2222 , ,""rg! ' II' 23 , Jffft ' A' , r 5 ' fx' 1 'ii5'S"5?:2E:::z. 'M , 2 1, - A fs of +R' ,'7's'f Q J . .,. v ., ' ' Q, -- A, ' iii , ...Q .4 'A ,Y x - ' Q ,, Q A' 'ef f ' 1 X -1' 1, an. - L SM, 7 A, ,ya , it 4' A " "' gs! .X Lg V. H ' RV -af ' L ti, W, ll f -.., I .,-df! , '-ow' ' X all V' -4 ' , kr-rf' ' - y y V .1 1 'J f f Q J of-1 117' . . 'ae ' f Rilo A Q., ' -- nv J' P My S , ' ,-ijt? if Q ' .X or y , 1 Y , Q ,W V " ig J 'W' K , '3 'J ' " " -'Yi Richard Phenis Y' 1.1, L1 wa fn ' :J 5 ' new N Nfw a, 1 ' 1' ' - D :Y 'tv .I f ,f I X re s x, ,R V l .I t ' , ., ,. A Q, 4- 1? 'vs an ' 0 " K V7 A' " . 7 A A - A , ' -,H , -- 2 ' ' . 3 1 X ' ' "" , '17 f 'ff " . i S, .Al I K E JN 1 -.. R fi Q X , , ' A " ' - 7 S sl X , I A f-2 2 W A Q' in ' .1 My . . J S n Q ..- , A wb ' " "' ,f J .. W P i L f - psf? ' . ,ax -X ,S af J li ' ' . x 1' 1 . 1' ' 'J 1 . . 1 9- 5 ' .K if l , 4, V T Q1 .2 53 K D . . nv gg L2 'dr VL ,Q sfo? Xgfvwl'-, M . . . L, 1 A: W: '. yd emi S V ff.. M y , Y, , , sk Juniors Vlrgrma Knotts Charles Lee Tom Lehman Beverly Le1sure Ernest Lrneback Judy Magner Martha Mangas Sharron McELfresh Harold McKmley Ahce McPhearson Donald McPhearson Ph11 McQueen Darrell McQu1tty Chet McW1ll1ams Lendall Mock Redge Moore Marlene Morns Harold Mountcastle Lmda Murphy Kane Murray Danny Nance James Nrckles Lan'y Noble Deanna O'Haver Barbara Parr Jerry Pedro B111 Peters Jack Preston Larry Rarnney Murl Rach Carole Rrchardson Kathy Rrggs Sue Ann Rrva Torn Robbrns Karen Roblnson Ronald Sanders Judy Saxton Judy Seely Mary Ann Schrck Marshall Sherman Ramona Shmkle J eamne Short Barbara Shull Davrd Sxgler Terry Smger Cecrl Skeen J rm Small Jumors Foster Sm1th Janet Sm1th Jerry Sm1th Rlchard Sm1th Voncrlle Sm1th Emlly Sohn Douglas Sorrell Suzanne Southworth Patty Spangler Marcus Stacy Sharron Stage Madellne Stone Judy Stewart Larry Stover Phylhs Swltzer .hm Taylor Joyce Thomas Robert Townsend Fred Tyner Larry Tnyer Roberta Vautaw Terry Walman Jane Wardwell B111 Webb Lloyd Welches Arlene Wells Susxe Werlme Frances W1llhOlI9 Sarah Wxlson Judy Wxseman Carla Wrsler Jerry W1sler Jerry Wood Sue Wood Kenneth Wrsehart Noah Carpenter Lmda Stone Deanna O'Haver Rex Castor 34" Y.. ,rs 79 finl 111 . fs 'VP' X DP' Ted Rose, Vice-Presidentg Pam Wolf, Secretaryg Nancy Landrum, Treasurerg Jerry Fouts, Presi dent. 80 urs US 2 Throughout the past four years the class of '57 was veryactive working to develop good scholarship, building fine athletes, and becoming better citizens. Representatives from this class could be found in nearly every phase of school life. On the gridiron, on the basketball floor, on the cinders, and on the baseball diamond, the class members excelled. In the classroomsthey were outstanding. They were one of the few classes to have two candidates chosen as Homecoming Queens and two chosen as Track Queens. These last few years have been fun for all, but plenty of work went along with the enjoyment. We all hope that thistime spent has successfully prepared us for the future. Sexixor H1 S Seniors '57 PAGE ANN ALDRIDGE Sunshine, GAA, Spanish Club, Junior Class Play, Booster Club, CRESCENT, chorus JOHN EDWARD ALEXANDER Student Council President CRESCENT Editor D C E Projection C1ub,Go1f , , . ' H LOWELL LEE ALEXANDER Usher-Head, Projection Club, FFA, Ag. Judging Team, E-Men, Varsity Football, Baseball, and Track PAUIA ANDERSON CRESCENT FRANK L, AREHART E-Men, Freshman Track, Varsity Baseball DONALD E. ARMIE Chorus, Speech Club, Junior Class Play LARRY R. BAILEY Orchestra Booster Club Ushers D.C.E. Communications Club, FFA, 4-H, Ag. Jddging 'Eeam , AIBERT BANNON Concession Club J 'N ,X qu v ei J PATRICIA ANN BAXTER Band, GAA, Sunshine, Orchestra, Junior Class Play, CRES- CENT PATRICIA BEALS M4 Q' , Sunshine, Chorus Art Club, Junior Class Play QFranktonj 1 82 'N i -10' S-:QQ ' wg Seniors '57 I PAUL EDWARD BECK I E-Men, Freshman Football, B-'ream Football, varsity Football, Ag. Basketball lf fl RONALD BERRY Q E-Men, Freshman, B-Team, and Varsity Football , E 1 I JOSEPH BE T ' jf Jr Band ' ' Q' JOHN BESS l Stude Council, Pep Committee, Speech Club, E-Men, Senior Class Play, Baseball . My , gi li ln JUDY BILBY Latin Club, Sunshine i I CAROLYN Bott - f Q . A f 'T ff l k V I I , -L -k."k I ' 5 v , 5 47' " " l 71: U' A , 1 It - 4 J f fl' 1 - A 'X l , U f fi ' rf 'Z , Wx! LI lj ,E 4 51' ,S cp . 4, b , I 67 uw! LU V X' A, X" H X' ii 'l lt JERRY MACK BOURFF 5' Junior Class Play, Speech Club, Student Council, 4-H, 1 E-Men, Freshman and B-Team Basketball, Cross Country, Track 451 , RICHARD BOYLAND ii Projection Club, Booster Club, Bowling Team V. 'N 2 RONALD BOYLAND ' Booster Club, E-Men, Track, B-Team and Varsity Football BARBARA ANN BULL ,f Band 5 4 i Seniors '57 JAY BYLER Speech Club, Spanish Club, Junior Class Play KAY LEE BYLER Spanish Club, Speech Club, Sunshine, Pep Club, Future Homemakers of America fMississinewaj E CLADWELL 'ne, Art Club, GAA, Booster Club LILE E-Men, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Track and Football, Band DAVID CARMER Student Council, Latin Club, Jtmior Class President Freshman Football and Basketball SUE CAROL CASTOR Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play GAA, Booster Club B-Team Cheerleader, 4-H lu, Lwefk CU pew" ck A be-,lu .J-..'--.J-ira. O,L,JoL41.c31,f9 V50-rv19fnA 4, QJAJX, U U y Qcayjfil 4 mom E JERRY L. CHAMPION -42 AIg Projection Club, D.C.E., Booster Club -75' 5 STEVE CLARK X5 Freshman Football and Track Mgr., Usher, D. C. NY if PAUL THOMAS CLOUSER Speech Club,Freshman Basketball and Track, Ag. Basket ball, Varsity Track, Cross Country, E-Men, FFA, 4-H STEVE COCKERHAM CRESCENT, Golf, Spanish Club, Megaphone Editor 84 vi N EMP idk xfdwl ' 1 Sensors 57 JERRY RICHARD COLLINS Usher, Chcxus, Freshman Ag. Basketball, FFA, 4-H BERNIE COLLIS E-Men, Varsity Football, Hi-Y LARRY M. COURTNEY E-Men, Freshman Football, Basketball, and Trac Team Football and Basketball, Varsity Football, and Baseball, Latin Club, Chorts CATHERINE CREAMER Art Club, Booster Club, Sunshine, Chorus , .5277 S 'lltbl Yi- afiffffe A -f , ,T kg, A " f f MARVIN CRIM Senior Class Play, Spanish Club, Student Council, CRES- CENT Editor, Megaphone Editor, E-Men, B-Team Basket- ball, Varsity Football and Track EVA MAY CRULL Sunshine, GAA, Booster Club, Homecoming Queen candi- date, 4-H JERRY CURTIS Speech Club, Ushers, Freshman and B-Team Football Golf, Tennis KATHLIEN DAUEHI-IA R Booster Club ,f ' ff, jf! fd jj ,f I ,, JIM DAVIS LARRY DAVIS FFA, Ag. J dgi g Te , Ag. Basketball yZf'1T,4Xfw 7,4 "J ' 4:47, . I , ' ,X ,efixx , ' f' Q .ff Seniors '57 JERRY DeLONG D. C. E. JANET ELLEN DICKEY I-,Wok Booster Club Q, lf' JOHN A. DIEHL Concession Club, Ushers A RONALD E. DOAN ,A Q 153221 Band, Latin Club ffdfjf JOHN R, DOWNI-IAM Spanish Club, Concession Club, E-Men, Freshman Foot- ball, Basketball, andTrack, B-Team Football and Basket- ball, Varsity Football and Basketball EVA EBBERT D. C. E., Sunshine , . , .E t I 0 - Z", ukfi-4 ANN EMMERLHSIG Booster Club, Track Queen GEORGE MICHAEL FETTIG Junior Class Play, D. C. E., B-Team Football, Yearbook fSt. Josephy, Basketball and Football QSt. Joseph THOMAS J, FII-IIE Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Latin Club, Student Council, Freshman Football and Basketball JERRY JESSIE FOUTS Cross Country, Senior Class President, E-Men, Speech Club, Hi-Y, Track, Student Council, Junior Class Play fF1oraj, Sophomore and Junior Class President fF1oraj, Basketball QFloraj 1 z J ly ll, X LLCLR IN' ,L' 1111 rl 1 X A Seniors 7 'U ARDITH KAYE FRAZIER Jimior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Speech Clu , GAA VlCTOR FRAZIER E-Men, Freshman Basketball, Ag. Basketball, Varsity Track and Baseball FFA V f K7 ' , ' ,lf fy! '-7 . ' ' "' V 'ff f"hf1 44,- JERRY R, FULLER 4-H, FFA, Ag. Judging Team, Ag. Basketball FRANCES LOUISE GALBREATH GAA, Boog7f Club, Sunshine, Speech Club A ' l 1 I, A .2-H fl 4 .4 nf ,fy Malay' rg g 74 in t "E EVA IRENE GARDNER GAA, Sunshine, Student Council, Senior Class Play, N tional Honor Society CAROLYN JOAN GARNER CRESCENT, Sunshine K. Q J fkrf' lc, L, fp .t , ff? r'f 'I A I L-'Q' ' ,Ll A ' I JERRY KEITH GILLUM Freshman Football and Basketball, BlTeam Basketball, Varsity Football, Track, and Baseball, E-Men, Student ' e, erfClub, Junior Class Play, Spanish Club, 'i f""w Council, Latin Club Trix-:ARL JANICE COODRICH 3, 11 s' I 1ub,CR mr K T JACK GOOTEE Spanish Club, Freshman Football THERESA GOOTEE GAA, Art Club, Sunshine, Booster Club ., X ftpay 3 4? 3 f 4 'f?'2LYgf2'4ndf 49.35 LLM .Wir Seniors D 4, ,o?Z.'Z4,4j' '57 ROSE ALICE GRAHAM Concession Club, Latin Club, Sunshine CAROLINE SUE GREENE Senior Class Play, CRESCENT, Booster Club, D. C. E., Sunshine KAREN GREGORY GAA, Chorus, Band, Latin Club, Junior Class Play, S shine, Orchestra, School Paper QSeymourj, Schoo Book ROBERT GROSS L. KAY GUNN GAA, Sunshine, Chorus fSomersetj, Band fSomersetj DORRELL LINE L ther t, Booster Club DORIS HANOVER Chorus, Sunshine, Booster Club, D KATHRYN M. HARBIT RES Booster Club, Speech Club, C Class Play, Senior Class Play JOHN C. HARDEBECK , HUGENLA PEARL HARNEY ' 7 rms Spanish Club, peechClub, C Class Play, J or Class Play .C.E. CENT, Sunshine, Junior CENT, Art Club, Senior ly 9 , Semors 57 f .f I fi , 5 r plf , -K VV.-v RICHARD HARNEY J-"' ' Qc Speech Club, Student Council, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Megaphone Editor-in-chief, Pep Committee MARILYN ANN HARRIS 'M 'f Booster Club, Sunshine, GAA ,,hJsuU'V 3 E.r7- NALD L. HASECUSTER ' , ish Club 10" X . HLADLEY E-Men, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball Mgr., Varsity Football 1 fp ,7 ff at as f BEVERLY HEI-'LIN Sunshine, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Booster Club, Art Club, Senior Class Play ZONA M. HICKMAN Booster Club, Sunshine, Concession Club LINDA KAY HOCKER Sophomore Class Officer, CRESCENT Editor-in-chief, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Sunshine, Booster Club, Speech Club, Latin Club, GAA, B-Team Cheer- leader NANCY JEAN HOCKER Booster Club, Sunshine, Art Club, CRESCENT, GAA, Fresh- man Cheerleader g1.j',7ff444iif,k, Jjgf f,-4fZ.cf, g.!7zt, I fliay MAURICE HINDS DON HUGHES D.C.E., Varsity Baseball and Football, B-Team Football 89 I K-J-0-ww' ,sf ' 1 l Sen lors 5 7 V ROBERT HUFFMAN X ' Concession Club, Chorus f i , ' ' , 111, A A ,1 MARY E. HUNT 1 f Sn ,ill ' I Booster Club, Sunshine full' 1' ' ' ' ' f f . ,ff j Q J 4,,, Aff! -7y!6 MARIETTA HUNTER '77 ' T Concession Club, Chorus Q if DAVID RUSSELL HUNTSINGER E-Men, Freshman Football and Basketball, B-Team Bas- ketball, Varsity Basketball, Cross Country, Track 3 x I PEGGY HUNTSINGER ', Booster Club President, Junior Class Play, Senior Class 'X Play, Pep Committee, Student Council, GAA, D.C.E., Homecoming Queen SHARON DIANNE JARVIS Spanish Club w N PAUL J , J EHLEN Freshman and Sophomore Basketball flvlilwaukee, Wis- J consinj WL, J. JOHN ., Yearbook, Football, Basketball fSt. Josephy W ,M J FREDERIC GENE JONES E-Men, Spanish Club, B-Team Basketball, Varsity Foot- Jh ball, Varsity Baseball, Chorus ' BARBARA ANN KEESLING Sunshine, CRESCENT, D. C. E. T Z 'T' 90 -4'1" 'NU' it -6 "..."!' dh Seniors '57 MARY SUE KIEFER Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Megaphone, Speech Club, CRESCENT, Booster Club, Sophomore Class Officer QSt. Josephj ,Yearbook Edita fSt. Josephj If LEANNA K. KING 1, , fy. 4, fr ,V ccfflfg fee' LatinWgC1ul1, Sunshine! f' ' 7 f , A , wt' l eff' LLL XQACZELJPG L kr L I CLA., If ,gl ol A! 0 J 2 - 1 W E ROBERT KAY KO Spanish Club, Senior Class Play LINDA LACY G Concession Club, Sunshine, Booster Club ' - ,-1 A 157 ,f 'fmffv gf, R gf W. i NANCY SUE LANDRUM Booster Club, Sophomore Class Officer, Senior Class Offi- cer, B-Team Cheerleader BONNIE KAY LEATHERS National Honor Society, Speech Club President, Latin Club, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Megaphone Editor, CRESCENT, Chorus ROBERT LEAVELL Yearbook fSt. Josephj, Basketball andFootba1lfSt. Josephy JUDY LEWELLEN Band Qvlajorettey, Megaphone, Chorus, D.C.E. I.. f 1 -,fx A cb I ' Ll! JOHN LEWIS Band, Orchestra JANET JO LINDLEY Spanish Club, Senior Class Play Seniors '57 FRANCES LOSER Sunshine, Booster Club, CRESCENT, D.C.E., Chorus 4, 'B' LYLITH ARLENE MANIS GAA RLENE R. MAN IS Oster Club, Sunshine, Art Club, D.C.E., Junior Class ANN McCORKLE Booster Club, Sunshine, GAA, D.C.E. 0 Lfcj c it as i at P1-n:LL1P MCCORKLE X' , fjwf 1' Industrial Arts A' LINDA MELTER X fcdrrx. , !5k4M X Sunshine, Student Council, Megaphone, Art Clxligf-Junior Class Play, Sophomore Class Officer V f I 'N RICHARD ALAN MITCHELL Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Chorus, Latin Club, Student Council, E-Men, Freshman Basketball and Foot- ball, Varsity Basketball, Football Mgr., Track, Cross Cormtry DAVID LEE MILLER Freshman Football and Track, E-Men, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Megaphone, StudentCouncil, Varsity Football MARJORIE ANN MILLER Chorus JO ANN MOSBAUGH National Honor Society, CRESCENT Editor, Speech Club, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Latin Club, Sun- shine, Band 1' V fl if . , ' 1 f sf, , nlors 57 MU 1.611 -MYE 1 J ior lass ay, Senior Class Play, Spanish Club, Mega- phone,Go ,FreshmenFootba.ll and Track QKokomoj, Re- serve Tr k fliokomol BARBARA ANN NEELEY Latin Club, Sunshine , CRESCENT, Student Council, Speech Club, D.c.12. TERRY JAY NEWKIRK E-Men, Chorus, Freshman Football and Baseball, Football THOMAS E, NOBLE Freshman and B-Team Football x sy L W V SQNJA ODOM Sunshine, GAA sy JOYCE OOTON N' Sunshine JOHN W. PARKER Speech Club, Pep Band, Band DICK PARKER D.C.E. f X . W - xx mei bm-N3 MAPK!! MART!-lA JEAN PARSONS Sunshine RODNEY PASSMORE Latin Club, Spanish Club, Megaphone Editor, CRESCENT E-Men, Freshman Football and Track, Freshman Basket- ball Mgr., Varsity Focxball 93 'Du XI? ,A ,, P Seniors '57 THOMAS G. PHILLIPS Student Council, E-Men, Varsity Basketball, Football, and Track, Freshmanliootball and Basketball QSt. J osephj DOROTHY PRICE Megaphone Editor, National Honor Society, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Spanish Club, Sunshine Junior Class Officer, Latin Club President, Sunshine Presi- dent, Spanish Club, Seni Class Play, National Honor So- ciety, Speech Club, Megaphone, CRESCENT SARA JANE RICHARDS or BOB RICHARDSON Freshman Football ALICE RICHWINE Booster Club, Stmshine, GAA, D.C.E. NANCY RIDGE GAA, Sunshine, Art Club DONNA KAY RISER Sunshine, Art Club, Senior Class Play, GAA, Chorus CARL LEE RITTER XQYW we Q5 393 ,X ifbfaf X LUANA ALICE ROBERTSON S unshine CAROLYN ROCKH X GAA, D.C.E., Sunshine lsfsfsb Kiss: Qu 1 1. Seniors 1327 WILLIAM R. RODGERS Projection Club, Art Club, C sion Club, T Q TED G. ROSE A Student Council, Latin Club, Sophomore Class Senior Class Officer, Junior Class Play, E-Men, E Freshman Football, Freshman and B-Team its gf uma, Quays ,MF F, if dm flew ANNA MAY RUDIG Junior Clus Play, Senior Class Play, Sunshine, CRES- CENT Editor, Freshman Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Band, Orchestra, Megaphone, Junior Class Officer, Pep Committee MACK E. SAMS Student Council, Projection Club, Usher Club, D.C.E., 4-H, FFA, Ag. Judging Team, Ag. Basketball and coach, Freshman Basketball, B-Team Basketball, Cross Country JOHN M.SIVERT ' J ' if Megaphone, Art Club VLV ,Jw .BW N Ii COMMIE J. SMITH Sunshine, GAA QCo1umbusj, Intramurals QColumbusj, P.H.C. qcontmbusy F SALLY sou'rHwoR'rH GAA, sumhine, An Club . DQQATAFFORD 1 fr . , I X A I j ' DONALD STAFFORD f ff f ,v,lf,f, K , JULIA STOUT ' Band, Sunshine, GAA, Speech Club, D.C.E., Megaphone, Chorus, Orchestra K w I n Seniors '5 - Jr IRENE MARIE STURTSMAN Booster Club, Speech Club, Art Club, Sunshi Y Club SUE SWANFELT Booster Club, Latin Club, Sunshine, Speech Club r fl EAN ELIZABETH TAYLOR aphone, CRESCENT, Speech Club, Sunshine, Latin Booster Club, National Honor Society, Band, Junior aY BARBARA LOU TETER CRESCENT, Sunshine, Chorus 6 I KENNETH LEON TILLMAN P Projection Club, FFA, 4-H, Ag. Judging Team '1 TRENT DAVID TOENSING LatinClub, Speech Club, E-Men, B-Team Football, Var- sity Football, and Track I IvlICHA.EL JOE TRHVIBLE Q Projection Club, 4-H, FFA President, Ag. Basketball, Ag. ' Judging Team N , . hx RAC tw Boosgziag , ub, , Sunshine J 'qw K' sr J l Qi' 1 , , W , ,Mp my JUL xg J LU 7, i fix! YI ' U J RUBEN W, TUNNELL E-Men, Freshman Football, Varsity Football V ' JEANIE UNDERWOOD sf0X sunshine G J!-ggklu An Clubycm ww 1 ,I I . ,1 Seniors '57 SHARON VAN METER Concession Club, Booster Club, GAA., Sunshine PHYLLIS JEAN WANN Booster Club, Sunshine, GAA., 4-H, Chorus QF71nkfpl:,,f ' Ja ,X 1 f ' af I an W'fL7tfQ' bil L i4,4f,44gf?ggQgQ'nf'd'fJ'7wL-, JL ZL7! 0 5 some ALLEN WARNER DCE LOIS WEBB Avwvifs 9,,o5-P541 THOMAS WEDDELL Ushers, Freshman Track, Ag. Judging Team FFA., Ag. Bas- ketball JOHN WEISMILLER Student Council, 4-H, National Honor Society, Latin Club, FFA., Ag. Judging Team, Ag. Basketball ff ' ' If , 1 I . -6' 1. fa A, ,ff S' ' , fill!! 1 J! ,rf ' nf ffl... fr' ff ,lff fffff f -ff- GEORGIA ELLEN WELCHER f,6' . F' lf. Freshman Cheerleader, Track dxeen, Band, Sun,shilrie,'CAfA., CRESCENT Editor, Booster Club, Orch ra, Speech Club, Jun- ior Class Officer, Homecoming Quee , Junior Class Play, Sen- ior Class Play A HAROLD J. WELLS Concession Club, Art Club, Bowling Team fzzfx fgfl iff? GIAVIS WHEELER DANNY WHETSEL Freshman Basketball and Football, Student Council. 97 Seniors '57 ROBERT WILLHOITE E-Men President, D.C.E., Chorus, Freshman Football and Track, Varsity Football PATRICIA SAA, ' ent, o r C u Qunshine O7 A 1 dj W? JMS' J K5 M05 by PAMELA SUE WOLF Senior Class Play, Senior Class Offi hine, Student Council Qlfranktonj, Booster Cl JERRY LHS WOLFE Ushers Club, 4-H fly' W JODEAN WYLLE Latin Club, Sunshine 98 ln Memory Pin lm Q-" gf' ' ' WILMA PARKER Class of 57 99 our Yausxl Nsveviksevs E? if There s Cl one and only ln refreshment, too Ns '? lfn, JJ f f .ff ,jf ""' if Lv.w-Q!!-A I , ff ,, Q e yas KW! zggxwmlxy 'Nt If .3 ,yiff V xx XIX I Q 719' f 1 A - ' Y fa 1 - -,SJ u ff 1 1 1 Aiwa C n ' ff X in X f ff 5. ff- f' L k Y N e Q fx- "ff ,fi lxfl ' ! l I ,XX , ' 4' I ' ' 4 K D 1 4 N . n f F- 5 n t ' 1 fy .f : , THE CONTINENTIAL CAN COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS fongratulatcons floss 0 1957 To Save Your Money or Buy a Home Always Remember ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Insurance of Savings Accounts to S10 000 00 l5OI Man ID Sfreef Elwood lnclrono SAM AURELI US Candles School Supplies Good Luck Senrors Cornplzmenls of Soft Drinks and Magazines I6IO Next to Campus COMPANY Elwood Indiana 1 I ' ,1 f Phone FE 2-7381 Congratulations WRIGHT CEMENT WORKS 300 South 18th Street FRENCH'S WHITE PANTRY Best in Foods South Sheridan St , Road I3 fompliments WHEELER S MARKET I600 Main Street Elwood Indlana HINSHAW'S First of All A Drug Store Fast Lunch Service Best Wzshes From ELWOOD AIRPORT State Roads 37 and I3 Don Orbaugh Phone FE 2 6142 CITY CREAMERY Summers and Son For Dalry Products Call Your Grocer or Ph FE 2 3801 Service Is Our Policy Best II :shes To the NEW HAVEN DRIVE INN Complzments of THE WHY STORE Martin BIumehthcI Mgr , of 1 ,. Class of "57', Elwood Ind tuna Congratulations Seniors To be umwersal educauon must be free john fldfamc sa1d The whole people muet take upon themeelves the educemon ofthe whole people and be wullmg to beflr the evpenee of1t EX CELL O CORPORATICN ELwooD, INDIANA 9 O ', - ' H , , . . 1 c - , I L. A X X g , . ' yn L . . . I - - THE BRIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS The I-IOme Of The Automatic I-leodllghi Control AUTRONXC E YE On 73 SAFETY ,KVM HEAZJLAMP5 GUIDE LAMP DIVISIGN GENERAL MOTORS CORR ANDERSON, INDIANA SHOP COX SUPER MARKET Alexandrla lndl0l'1U or Save A Tape Gifts BAXTER S RECORD SHOP New Records and Guaranteed Used Records All Makes of Record Players and Accessories Phone FE 2 3592 Elwood Located at 2032 South J Street JOHN W MOORE CHEVROLET SALES Chevrolet Oldsmobnle Cadillac tn thc' fluss nf 17 l6l6 South A Street lndlana Phone FE 2 7348 F , O Also Tape Recorders EXf8flt1S Res! llfsfzes 1' 4R4 ,lr- HEAD MOTORS INC 322 324 South Anderson Street Dodge and Plymouth Sales and Servlce Phone FE 2 3982 JOE HOCKER Monuments Markers FE 2 9021 1001 North 14th Street Elwood Indiana Complzmenls Your Buick Pontiac Dealer Servlng Motorlsts Slnce 1907 DAWSON BUlCK'PONTlAC CO Elwood Complzments DODD S SUP ERMARK ET Congratulatzons rom HOME ICE AND COAL CO 1800 South D Ph FE 2 5621 THOMAS 8- THOMAS Curtlsvllle Indiana Congratulatzons Classo 1957 VIEW POINT INC Complrments of WOOLWORTH COMPANY St CLAIR GLASS WORKS Flo ers In Glass Elwood Indiana STEVENS SPRING CO INC Manufacturer of Box Sofa and Innersprmg Constructions P O Box 111 Elwood nd PO Box 334 Newton Kansas f ' , of Of Y ' f Compliments of - C' O f - I , ' . . - ,I . lj w - ll ACEY DUCEY Mlnlature Golf an Baseball Record goIf score IS 36 BETCHA can t beat that' Next to Orlve In Theatre Archery Wm Free Games Holy Cow It s Fun CITY FISH AND POULTRY MARKET Quality Eggs and Poultry Phone FE 2 5482 Jack MeIIlng Mgr HOBBS GRAIN COMPANY Hobbs Indiana Grundlng Mlxlng Coal Implements Appliances Excluslve Dealer for Arcody Feeds Murphy Feeds Arrow Shurts Dobbs Hats FALVEY S For Men and Boys Samsonite Luggage Florsheim Shoes CECIL WISEMAN Hardwood Floors FE 2 2892 Complzrrzents 0 WOLF MOTOR COURT Congratulatzons Class 0 57 WILSON S CITIES SERVICE Good Luck Senzors' Wlshmg all of you Health Happiness and Success VAN S PHOTO SHOP I63I South J Street Complzments 0 SULLIVAN S World s Fnrst Fly In Drive Inn State Road 37 YORK MEMORIAL HOME Where A Homellke Atmosphere Prevalls Mllton York and Don Wright d n . 1 . . 1 t Laid - Sanded -- Finished . ' f ffl ,I X 1 Z Y C5 RM 7 Qep l ll I 'lflfaiii 22 l A MESSAGE TO YOUNG PEOPLE and Parents FROM A GREAT AMERICAN today s exc1t1ng era of rapld dlscovery 'Ind almost unbelxevable technologlcal prog ress offers young people wlth 1nqu1s1t1ve mmds and a good educatzon scores f rlchly rewardtng opportunltles that were not even dreamt of IH my youth One Thomas Edlson 1n a gene-ratxon IS no today we llterally need thousands o well tramed young people wlth the klnd of v1s1on lmaglnatxon and courage that took Ed1son on hls llfelong conquest of the unknown Thls IS why I am constantly urglng boys and glrls to go on to as ull an educatzon as posslble not only xn scxence and englneer mg but m the arts the socxal scxences the humanltxes or any other field that Hts thelr talents By Charles F Kettermg Dean of Amex lean Inxentors nom past 80 Boss Kett IS still actxve as a General Motors Research Consultant Delco Remy V MOTORS COFEPOFZATIO ANDERSON NDIAN LCC B YT OWN 5 T x , ' l f an 1 -- - f I - 5.3512 , . - . - O -' 'fx Il f- . . . ,Lw -S 1O:7.' K:,L"fILf of lull' ' . WG regk'f illlllll as - - - - I ' X 1 fV"f1L,,l O Q D Up E' ' 'sw' longer enough to sustaln our klnd of progress Z- 1- . . . . ,Q 1 N . . O I R A 6 F A O - F - ,Q . , , 11 DI ISION OF GENERAL N v ,I 1 fRY 9LANYS MUNCIE INDKANA NEW BRUNSWNCK NEW JERSEY ANAHEIM CALIF IA OLAYHE KANS S FREDV GENTSCH INC Manufacturer of Modern Furniture and Beds Phone FE 2 7358 FESLER Funeral Ho Elwood Indvana Best Washes FETTIG CANNING COR PORAT ION CRIMANS INSURANCE AGENCY FE 2 6461 Elwood Indiana Your Best Buy THE CENTRAL HARDWARE STORE Safe Place To Shop Complzmenls o Right Goods at Right Prices Johnson Motors Boats and Accessories Congratulutzons INDIANA AND MICHIGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY I823 North A Street me I3OI Main St. ' f WOOD CITIES SERVICE VENTOURA CORPORATION I423 S th A d Sf 1 N M'l A d S p 5-D Elwood Indiana ' R SUTTER'S QUALITY CHECKED DAIRY PRODUCTS 151 North Anderson Street I GI A . Lb' t' WI1'g W 'g G I p' RdS ' Pittsburg Paints Pack Hog Feeders STANDARD ELEVATOR AND LUMBER COMPANY CUFTISVIIIC Indiana A Better Place to Buy A Better Place to e All Kinds of Lumberlng Supplies Congratulatzons Class 0 57 ELWOOD FLOOR STORE The Largest Sldlng Applicators ln Indiana We Guarantee AII 3' Beauty Comfort Economy HOOSIER HOME IMPROVEMENT COMPANY, INC 1623 Mann Street Phone FE 2 734I Free Estimates No Down Payment Small Monthly Payments S II fit 19 I- 1' Elwood CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1957 Here s Hoplng That Your FondestAmblt1ons Are Realized And As You Progress Through The Trlals And Trlbulatlons Happmess Be Your Constant Companions J ck ond Geo g Mangas MANGAS CAFETERIA AND ANNEX Mann o cl Anderson Sts In Of Life, May Health And Fmest lualzly zn FL t.s Reed Barton Towle Gorham International Wal lace Heirloom Lunt and Alvin Sterllnq Silver Tableware Lenox Castleton Syracuse Franciscan Havl land Royal Coulton Franconia Royal Jackson Fostorla Cambridge Helsey Imperial Corcoran Swedish and Libbey Crystal Artcarved Columbia Tru Fmt and Bluray Dua monds Hamilton Elgin and Bulova Watches EARL G RHODES JEWELER Tipton Elwood Alexandria fnrzgratulatzoms from MONTICELLO MANUFACTURING COMPANY Elwood lndlana Robert R Jackley Funeral Home Phone Flfderal 2 5841 Ambulance Service RAY PACKING COMPANY Indiana Kung Brand Tomatoes Juice Catsup -. L Q . . If i I I I I l I " I . I I . . i . I I 1 I I I' I I . I and Noritake China. . I . I . I . , . I . - . I . - N , . U . G L MOSBAUGH Dlstrlbutor Petroleum Products 1514 South I Street Dual FEderal 2 3241 Elwood lndnano THE CAMERA SHOP 408 South Anderson Street Color Headquarters Chrysler 8. Plymouth 1412 Mann Street ALLEN S SHOE STORE Shoes For The Entire Family LUIS BEAUTY SHOP Over Woolworths FEderaI 2 2582 JACK S GROCERY 8. BAKERY 2034 Mann Street Phone FEderal 2 6553 Complzments 0 BANNER STORE Anderson s Dominant Dependable Thrifty Shopping Center Anderson Ind Iona Complzments Of G. C. MURPHY COMPANY WAYNE JONES AND SONS INC FIRESTONE Westinghouse-Admiral-RCA 1424 West Main Elwood Indiana Compliments of Phone FEderal 2 236 BUTCHER FEEDS Leisure lndlana A ge My 'Q E. M. PETERSON MOTOR SALES ' f THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK 0F ELWOOD Over Sixty Years of Continuous Service to the Community More than ahalf century of banking has given this bank an insight into the needs information which we may have and to discuss individual as well as mutual problems Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation of banks in this area. We welcome an opportunity to share with our friends any Students: You too should get the benefit of an eighty-year-old experience in modern mer- chandlsmg For erghty years thls fxrm has stood the test and farthfully served Elwood and communrty Leeson s faxth 1n Elwood and the people s farth ln Lee son s have buxlt an mstltutlon that wrll endure Remember good merchandrse IS avallable at all tlmes at Leeson s R L LEESON 8 SONS COMPANY "' Jw rm- ZIMMER INDUSTRIES INC ..-an-44""""' Manufacturers of GREEN MONUMENT WORKS Amea'5sOmE:r::.?,':,'1',ie':fmeS EI d I d Markers Monuments Mausoleums woo n 'uno Before Purchasing a Monument See Our Display ARTISTS CEMETERY MEMORIALS Ph FE 2 2733 One Mule East on State Road 28 . , . . , . . - ' 1 , . . . . . . . . . , . . v Q , I 'x I I ' l I r - o NK,.,sfov ' K ,-yurf: A. r 2232- 'lf . 1 . . I I 0 . Complzments of KAY S BEAUTY SHOP 429 North IOth Congratulatzons LEE S MARATHON STATION South A Street Ph FE 2 2I9I Congratulatzons LANDRUM IMP LEMENT COMPANY WOODSIDE S FLOWER SHOP 1352 So D Street FE 2 6572 Say It wnth Flowers TETER S STORE Where Ma Sa es Pa s Dough F REE Ph Tlpton I635 Hobbs Indiana RANCH MOTEL Reasonable Rates FRANCIS STEWART DANCING SCHOOL I IOI2 South Anderson Street TAFF 8m BAKER FURNITURE Ph FE 2 62I2 Furniture Rugs AppIlances Open Monday and Tuesday 153' Mom Street Elwood Indiana DELLINGER AGENCY PILGRIM LIFE INSURANCE WORTH DELLINGER AGENCY All Llnes of Insurance IO6 South 16th Street Elwood Indiana COMPANY Robert G Davis Llve Quit or Due Pllgnm IS the best buy I06 South I6th Street ll V l ll And Gets Super Saving Cards Phone FE 2-6351 THE CITIZENS BANK COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE FE 2 3367 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION EI d ld Corner A ond South Anderson Phone - - woo n ion FRENCH S PASTRY SHOP Phone FE 2 530'l I09 South Anderson Street Complzments Elwood Indlana G C MURPHY COMPANY Congratulatmns C0 pllmengs 0 rom BANNER STORE Anderson s Domm t Dependable STANDARD GROCERY Thrifty Shopplng Center Manager Leonard Erexson Anderson I CI phone 6675 INLAND MARINE Guns Tackle Sportmg Goods ALLEN S SHOE STORE Sho s for th Entire Famuly Greetmgs E KONIGSLOW STAMPING 81 TOOL COMPANY 450 North 9th Street FE 2 5342 Cong atulatzons Class of 57 SULLIVAN S FLY IN DRIVE IN Congratulatzons Class 57 TEXACO SERVICE STATION JACK S GROCERY 81 BAKERY 2034 Mann Street Phone FE 2 6553 TAM S DRUGS Always Frzendly and Courteous Prescrlptlon SPECIGIISIS PILIDII 3 245 amd. Nom 1111 Q- 907.649 MS . gf , ' ,,, ' f f . . Evinrude Motors e e of ' -n ff 5 - REID S STUDIO OUR SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER 1808 Unlverslty Ph AH 2 H17 Muncue lndlano one as Complzments CENTRAL PAINT AND LUMBER COMPANY, INC Elwood Indiana Phone FE 2 5402 I62I South A Street 1 IK Pl . . . 1 . Of O The staff of the 1957 Crescent expresses then' apprecxauon for the support and co operatron of the followmg busrness organrmtlons who made tlus yearbook poss1ble OUR PHOTOGRAPHERS REID'S STUDIO MUNCIE INDIANA OUR PUBLISHERS AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY HANNIBAL, MISSOURI OUR ADVERTISERS A 6: W Root Beer Stand Acey Ducey Golf Course A1len's Shoe Store Sam Aurehus Banner Store Baxter Record Shop Butcher Feeds Camera Shop Central Hardware Central Pamt 8rLumber C1t1zens Bank Cxty Creamery Cxty F1sh 8: Poultry Mfkt C1t1es Servlce Coca Cola Contmental Can Company Central Indxana Gas Copher 8: Fessler Funeral Home Delllnger Agency Crxmmans Inc Dawson Burck Delco Remy Dodd's Grocery Eagles Lodge Elwood Arrport Elwood Federal Savmgs dt Loan Elwood Floor Store Excello Corporatlon F alveys Fettrg Cannmg Corporatlon Flrst Natronal Banl French's Pastry Shop French Whxte Pantry Gentsch Inc Green Monument Gulde Lamp Head Motor Company Hmshaw Drugs Hobbs Elevator Hocker Ivionument Home Ice dz Coal HOOSIEI' Home Improvements Ind 8lMlCh Electrxc Co Inland Niarme Standard Grocery Stevens Sprmg Stewart Dance Studlo Sull1van's Dnve Inn Sutter Daxry Taff dt Baker Tam Drugs Teters Store Texaco Statron Thomas Sz Thomas Van Buskrrk Ventoura Corp V1ew Po1nt Inc Whee1er's Market Cecrl W1seman Why Store Wolf Motor Court Wood Crtles Servlce F W Woolworth Wrrght Cement Works York Funeral Zlmmer Industrles Jackley Funeral Home Jack's Grocery 8: Bakery Wayne Jones 8: Sons Kay'S Beauty Shop Komgslow Tool Landrum Implement Leathers Boat House Lee's Marathon Leeson's Loxs Beauty Shop Mangas Ca.feter1a Montlcello Mfg Company John Moore G L Mosbaugh C C Murphy Co New Haven Drrve Inn Peterson Motor Sales Ranch Court Ray Packlng Co Rhodes Jewelry St Claxr Glass Standard Elevator , COX 'Super M2-Ikef Woodsides Floral f u sg n X X OUR SECTIONAL CHAMPS' Left to ught Ronme Beasley, Dave Hunts1nger,Gorden Hughes, Jerry Fouts, Tom Plulllps, Darrell McQu1tty, Rrchard M1tchell, Dave Henn ROW 2 Phll Morgan, Manager, Jerry Jordon, Mrck Hover, Ass't Coach, John Wrlson, and Coach Carl Mc Nulty A Dream Come True The Jlnx ls Dead' The 1956 57 basketball season w1ll long be remem bered ln the hrstory of Elwood as the year when the Panthers of VN rllkxe Hxgh won the1r frrst SECIIODSI mg to earn the coveted sectzonal crown only to meet wlth defeat and drsapporntment It was the common belref of most people that Elwood was Jmxed and would never wln the tournament at Anderson At last, on the second of March rn 1957, the fnerce determmatron of the team and the tremendous en couragement by the fans trrumphed, Elwood won the sectronal The f1ght had been long and hard On Wednesday afternoon the Panthers downed the Madlson Herghts Plrates by a 65 60 score wrth guard Dave Henn and Panthers' 63 pornts The hlghlrght of the day, of the tourney, and perhaps of the entxre year was the magmflcant vxctory over Anderson Hlgh School The indlans had defeated the Panthers by a 16 pomt margrn December, 1956, ID the hollday tourney, but the tables were turned thrs tune Elwoodled all the way, as the team was paced by Drck Mrtchell and has 30 poxnts, to a thrrllmg 67 53 w1n I I O Forforty-one yearsourballteams had been attempt- forward Tom Phillips accounting for over 40 of the 30' Here we see a mighty Panther, Dave Henn fnumber 34j, Dave I-lennfnumber 34, and Tom Phillips fnumber 33, try- making his bid against the Frankton Eagles. ing for a basket for the Panthers. The Long-Awaited Sectional Crown Elwood went wild! The moment the final gun went off the fans charged out on the floor in joyous, exuberant bedlam. Amidst cheers and hurrahs, the coach and team members were hoisted onto shoulders and paraded throughout the gymnasium. Back in Elwood thousands flocked to the school grounds, waiting with eager anticipation to greet and congratulate the team. Horns blared and whistles blew long into the wee hours of the night. The next two days were filled with activities in prep- eration for the forthcoming weekend. Store fronts were redecorated with red and blue, slogans adorned the win- dow, and automobiles galore boasted streamers and signs to boost the Panthers to victory. With two more games to play, Elwood returned to the Wigwam. The Panthers defeated Highland 69-54 in the afternoon, and went on to outscore Frankton 57-50 that night. Elwood had won its FIRST SECTIONAL. Again Elwood rejoiced. Hundreds of people surround- ed the huge bonfire at the baseball field to celebrate the victory. The crowd then went to the gym where the coach and other community members gave short talks praising the team. Darrell McQuityfno. 40, and Ronnie Beasly Qno. 30j play ing terrific basketball during the action-packed cham pionship game against the Frankton Eagles. .mm M55 ft-3136 an-0 3 A great Panther Drck Mrtchell takes hrs cut at the net Our headyell leader Anna May Ruchg steps down after the v1ctory after takmg her vxctory cut Captured by Our Mighty Panihers ,A A few of the hundreds of people who were at the huge bon.f1re celebratxon after the vrctory Coach Carl McNulty gwes a v1ctory krss to hrs w1.fe over Frankton I '1- a-ff 1? fi Indeed that night was a dream come true. The forty-one years of tears and heartbreaks diminished into nothing with the supreme happiness of this one blissful night, brought about by a handful of wonderful boys and 1 great, great coach. Elwood's First Regional Try The Elwood Panthers, accompanied by a caravan of 225 brightly decorated cars, joumeyed for the very first time to ButlerField House in Indianapolis to participate in regional la . P The Panthers slewthe Dragons from New Palestine 80-68 in the fast, exciting aftemoon game. The Elwood fans were jubilant and confident that 1957 would be the year when the local team would win two crowns--the sectional and the regional. The evening of March 9 the tension was high. The Cripus Attuck Tigers, the defending state champions, took an early lead and although the Panthers played hard and tried their level best, they could never quite overtake their opponents. The game ended at 78-68 score. It was a per- fect game--both teams played beautifully. Forward Ronnie Beasley chalks up two points for the Panthers against the Cripus Attucks Tigers. x B w 1 1 V' .1 1 x H x S K! N N , Af I , Krx K , I I . . ' V 'x N W'- 4' xl .' ' f 1 A A , . K , I X . 1 fx - ff 9 ' X' , , . I , X X. 1 ' If . 6' ' X I t M Y I v' ' , , L X , 'V Ez K L: + 4 ' X o 3 -1 I ix " It K FJ , M m '. N if I , 5 x 'I V 71, l I ,ff gif? W? m 'Q ' f vs! A ,, fi I R-KX ..' I ' 'C AQ fx T3 QNX J TJ: Z Xjv 'Ay 0 6' Pu 1 Y 10 ,' ., , 1 ff -4 'Y . ' L v yf ' Q awk 'Cui X X v J. - fm - ' ad , Sw f f mf uf QQ, U MLM I - , .nfu - 7 N Yx pf . H 'N - 1, J -f 'f ', - 5,5 N ' ' I!! Lyw-t.,LI fl h , ,L , N lx' X 15 5 7J1u4MAgQ '55 9. A anw a . ' fxk . N .Z 1 : A 3, -S X A V EK, Rl - ff' fr , l Y 1 W5 L. 1 X ' 'X X 2: I. A X Q W ' . A yifi - Y . r- i PN X . . ""'x"" Q v- x ' gr it T -X XX N iq T X? f fr! X--.f"7J - '5 f 'Xxx Q a 1, 1, .X ,ix X3 W, g i fi f ', E., Q A ' ' X Q if mf f f ' p Nb' . C 'Dx , a X Y .- X-- 1 E 'A 9 3,3 A' w g QS' .5 xt "' , X ' X .-g iii?-KN? Fra- R . Y '24 ,NN ' -4 i F 'R gzfxfw fa-' 1 gcxbx Av fi:-G O ff' 'X ' W ,ff -29- fx 'fn x I , I, 1 ' , fi f gi I 0 M I 4 h h -3 Lwqff ! K2 ' N AL f"7 X Lf ,Lf Xfvf L Y xX K,A-D ir- 5. ' S11 xfv

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