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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1956 volume:

 ) Crescent Staff E. S. HOUSE........... JOSEPH NOBLE ......... DARLEEN ANDERSON JARED CARTER ......... RICHARD SHARP ........ STEPHEN WARD.......... LORETTA JARVIS ....... MARTHA JO LEISURE .... MARSHALL SHERMAN ..... Sponsor Editor-In-Chief Lay Out ........ Literary Business Athletics Art Clerical Photography IThe Crescent of 1956 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Outstanding Events Administration Departments Organizations Athletics Advertisements 3A Glimpse Summer faded . . . school came inevitably .. . musty books, the rhythmic hammering in the new shop addition, laughter, the hall floors polished in faint, concentric patterns. Autumn was hazy, tangy afternoons; frost-tinged nights; the receding sun casting longer shadows; falling leaves of auburn, lemon, and amber. The boom of a football as it is kicked, soaring high above the screaming voices of the crowd . . . the band flashing in the smoky sunlight . . . Classes: outside the window, brilliant, inviting fall— You, there! What is the square of 194? Who was John Cabot? What are the home row keys? Why is—the bell! Out, away, goodbye school! Football practice, jobs, drugstore, homework? Well . . . steam hissing in the radiators . . . Halloween . . . Elwood 13, Kokomo 6 . . . fall is dying . . listless, gray skies . . . 4of the Year First snow fell when the basketball team played (and won) their initial games at Plymouth and Warsaw . . . The days grew shorter, colder ... a welcome Thanksgiving vacation . . . trading class pictures . . . report cards. Oh. “Is there a pep session this afternoon? Wow, I haven’t seen her around before! Look! My names’s in the Megaphone!” Christmas—the Crescent Dance, Santa Claus at the freshman party, seniors caroling in the halls, presents, and church on Christmas morning. FIGHT PANTHERS FIGHT! Tipton came close . . . the Silver Horseshoe ... Snow! falling like fine lace from a giant sewing basket—trees and cars in icy shells. And after school... “We have just one other announcement this afternoon: The throwing of snowballs in the school area is NOT to be tolerated!” Too many coats on the hall racks, new letter jackets, dancing in the Den at noon—Win that sectional!It didn’t happen all at once, but gradually... school work became unbearable . . . the air smelled fresher, greener . . . skies were bluer, girls prettier—it was spring! A wisp of smoke, and the thin runners shoot out, straining in precisioned strides as they streak over the soft cinders . . . Convertibles with tops down, tennis, carry your jacket to school, watch the trees turn green, loaf outside Sam’s before the bell. The White Sox win nine straight, Easter dresses are in bright colors, and let’s go swimming at Clearwater! A night to remember: the Prom. After weeks of preparation, soft music, roses, dinner jackets, and smooth-shouldered girls— the young in love, and the cool night of stars. Graduation a few weeks away. “I won’t cry when I leave this place, that’s for sure!” “Boy! I’ll be a sophomore!” The last days were spent at gay and melancholy parties ... then came the caps and gowns . . . practices . . . and finally— Commencement!It was all over, seemingly. .. For the underclassmen, there remained two, perhaps three more happy years. But for the seniors, the joyous high school days had ended . . . they remembered— the ball games, the teachers, tests, homerooms, friends, and loves . . . During four years, they played and laughed and in more somber moments, they prayed ... and studied ... and wished— not that they could begin anew, for the call of maturity was beckoning—but they wished they had kept some sort of diary, some record of these few, early years. This book is that record, created by the people who appear on its pages, and who lived its events . . . These individuals now go their separate ways, into the wonderful, challenging world. They enjoyed the American heritage of a free education. And they not only learned—they learned to live. 7EVENTS Junior Class Play 10 Senior Class Play 11 Prom 12-13 Crescent Empress ............... 14 Homecoming Queen 15 Outstanding Seniors 16-17 Sadie Hawkins’ Day 18 9JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Adam’s Evening An unpredictable chain of events nearly led to the dowfall of Adam Adams, when he began covering up for his wild adventures during “Adam’s Evening,” presented by the class of 1956 on April 29, 1955. Plagued by the threats of hilarious Dr. Fregone and suicidal Elmer Green, Adam and the entire cast laid the audience on the aisles with one of the funniest high school plays in years. As Mr. Callahan was unable to direct some of the practices and rehearsals, Mr. Kellum stepped in and carried on with a fine job of directing. Adam Adams................ RICHARD SHARP Anna Adams...............LINDA SOUTHERN Mrs. Bean, Mother-in-law MARILYN BEEMAN John Cokes...............GEORGE GESSLER Mrs. Cokes...............NANCY PLUMMER Dr. Fragone..............RICHARD BROWN Rosita, his wife RITA BILTZ Elmer Green ........... RONALD FETTIG Casper, Negro handy man ..... JERRY SMITH Gertie, Negro Maid SHERRY CLARK CASTSENIOR CLASS PLAY Stardust The 1956 Senior Class play “Stardust,” was presented to enthusiastic audiences on November 16 and 17, 1955. A comedy-satire, the play took place in the Fine Arts department of an eastern school, and the plot revolved about a famous visiting actress. Prudence Mason, who had reluctantly consented to appear in the student production of “Arthur and Cleopatra.” Matrimony, movie contracts, and making glue were part of the mayhem that ensued, and the result was a unique and entertaining production. The play was directed by Mr. Brown, and Judy Holtsclaw and Dan Brunson were student directors. CAST Mr. Bach .............. RICHARD BROWN Phil Ford ................. DAVID HUFF Prudence Mason . SHERRY CLARK Arthur Scott, ]r........ GEORGE GESSLER Jerry Flanagan ........ RICHARD SHARP Claire Carter ......... GEORGIA MANGAS Miss Dejore............ MARILYN BEEMAN Jad Voorhis ......... JERRY McCLISH Janet Ross ............ SANDY BEASLEY Marion Phipps MARITA TOLLE Stella Brahms ........ LINDA SOUTHERN Cynthia Keen ............... RITA BILTZ Mavis Moriarity ....... DIANA ETCHISON Miss Freeman .......... DONNA BROOKS Miss Robinson ....... DARLEEN ANDERSON Miss Jones.........................SANDY GARDNERJUDY HOLTSCLAW SANDRA BEASLEY MAftJWA-A'NN FRAZIEROutstanding With the leadership of such outstanding seniors as these, the Class of 1956 accomplished a great deal. When only Freshmen, the class upset a Junior tradition by winning the Homecoming Queen election. Although beaten in their Sophomore year, the class bounced back to win the same contest in their Junior year. Chosen Most LikelySeniors The Class of 1956 led Willkie High teams to many victories in the fields of athletics and speech, and contributed to the cultural and entertainment of everyone with other activities like the class plays, Megaphone, Crescent, and the Band. Scholarship was another feature of the Class of 1956, and these outstanding students, along with many others, will continue to represent Elwood as a center of learning and progress. to Succeed FvarDAdministration ....-............. 20 Faculty 21-27 19Superintendent, MR. KEITH SCOTT Principal, MR. M. A. COPELAND Office Personnel Left to right: Iris Bridges. Carole Baker, and Lillian Mikels. School Board Robert Carter Robert Tam John Rutledge Artguage MRS. RECORDS lSUI MISS 1)1 KG El Ml U.LKN MRS. HERNS MR. BROWN MISS KOONSScience and Math MR. SULLIVAN MRS. SULLIVAN MR. SMITH MR. SULLIVAN MR. DARSTDEPARTMENTS Class Officers 30-31 Seniors ..................... 32-46 Juniors 47-50 Sophomores .................... 51-54 Freshmen 55-57MARTHA JO LEISURE Treasurer 30Seated: GEORGIA MANGAS President RITA BILTZ Secretary Standing: EVERETT WEBB Vice President Secretary ..... President Pice President .... Treasurer ANN KINCAID LYNDALL MOCK RONALD BEASLEY MARTHA MANGAS Jack Aaron Annabell Arnold I Megaphone. Boosters. SSS. , Norman Aldridge Timothy Balser Band, Orchestra, Latin. Home Room Officer. Nancy Allen Sandra Beasley CAA. SSS, Concessions. Crescent, National Honor Society, Boosters. SSS, Spanish, Senior Class Play. Jerry E. Alumbaugh Marilyn Kay DCE. Beeman Band, Orchestra, Student Council, Junior Class i Plav, Senior Class Plav, CAA. Darleen Kay Sue Benedict Anderson Choir. SSS. National Honor Society, Crescent Editor, Senior Class play. Student Council. Spanish. Latin, Boosters. Dramatics, GAA. SSS. Wilbur Biddle Freshman Track Manager, Concession. Mary Kay Boruff Crescent, Boosters, SSS, 4-H. Joseph L. Biltz Spanish. Dramatics. Ethel Thereasa Boyden Boosters, Orchestra, Dramatics, Spanish. GAA, SSS. Louis Biltz Ruby Bragg Varsity Football, Varsity Concession, SSS. Basketball, Varsity Track, Varsity Baseball, E-Mens Club. Rita Marie Biltz Track Queen, Sophomore Class Treasurer, GAA, Varsity Yell Leader, SSS, Art, Junior Class Treasurer, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Secretary, Senior Class Play, Dramatics. Barbara Brewer Freshman Yell Leader, SSS, GAA, Boosters. Donna Benefiel SSS. Art. GA . Concession. Margaret Borst SSS, GAA. DCE.Donna Lou Brooks Rand. Orchestra. SSS, GAA. Senior Class Play. Phillip Arnold Brown Boosters, Dramatics, DCE, Choir. Richard Brown National Honor Society, Dramatics, Crescent, Debate, Latin, Band, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Student Council. Danny Brunson Latin. Debate, Senior Class Play (Student Director). John Burdsall Student Council, E-Mens, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Varsity Baseball. Philip Burton Barbara Cain GAA, SSS, Boosters. Mary Sue Cain SSS, Dramatics, Crescent, Band. Jared R. Carter National Honor Society, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, E-Mens, Megaphone Edi-tor-in-Chief, Student Council, Spanish, Debate. Mildred Carter Boosters, GAA, DCE.Carol Case SSS. Booster . Crescent. Mae Castor SSS, Boosters, Art. David Clark Sherry Darlene Clark GAA, Boosters, Latin, Dramatics, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Crescent, Megaphone, Choir, Art. Fred Clouser Vo. Ag. Basketball. Usher, 4-H Club. Patricia Louise Conley Banil, Crescent, Dramatics, Boosters, CAA, SSS. Maureen Conner SSS, Dramatics, Boosters, Choir. Marilou Cooper SSS, GAA, Latin. Andrew Courtney Student Council. “B” Team Yell Leader, Band. Orchestra. Betty Culp Concessions. Boosters, SSS.Barbara Ellen Danner SSS. Boosters. GAA. Megaphone. Choir. Fred Davis Freshman Football. Sharon Dellinger Dramatics. GAA, SSS. Boosters, Crescent. Joyce DeLong Boosters. Dramatics, Crescent, 4-H. GAA. Choir. SSS. Paul Doan Band. Concessions, Propection. Barbara Jean Dooley SSS. Boosters. Latin. Paul E. Dowler Latin. Concessions, Varsity Track Manager, Freshman Track. Anna Mae Ebbert SSS, Boosters, Choir, DCE. Diana Etchison Head Majorette, Senior Class Play, Crescent, Dramatics, Boosters, SSS. Edward Everling Ag. Basketball, Usher, Freshman Track.Marilyn Fettig Crescent, Megaphone. Boosters, SSS, Dramatics. Ronald Fettig Dramatics. Junior Class Play, Student Council. Larry Morton Fetz E-Mens. Varsity Football, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track, Latin, Student Council, Band, Crescent. Jeanne Fiscus Boosters, DCE, Dramatics, Latin, Crescent. Rita Fisher Boosters, SSS. Richard N. Fred Vo. Ag. Basketball, Boosters. DCE. Sandra C. Frye Boosters, SSS. CAA. Sandra Gardner Boosters, Senior Class Play, GAA, Choir, Dramatics, SSS. Donald Garrison E-Mens, Varsity Track. Varsity Football, Fresh man Basketball, Choir. 37George Gessler Debate, Dramatics, Latin. Sharon Gill sss. Charles Goforth Ag. Basketball, Ushers, 4-H, DCE. Band. Larry L. Goins Choir. Merrill O. Groover Concessions. Murvelle Groover DCE. Nancy Hamble Latin, Dramatics, Crescent, Boosters, GAA, SSS. Patricia Anne Hancock SS, Spanish, GAA, Band, Orchestra. Concessions. William Harris Gerald A. HartingEleanor Hemphill Jeanne E. GAA, SSS, Concession . HOLLIDAY Boosters, Art, GAA, SSS. Dallas Lee Heston Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Varsity Basketball, E-Mens Club, Choir. Harry Holtsclaw Debate, Dramatics, Student Council, Crescent, National Honor Society, Latin Club. Peggy Hinds Pat Hopkins Boosters, Megaphone, Spanish. DCE, SSS. Robert Michael Jeanette Horine Hofer Art. SSS. Varsity Basketball, Freshman Football, E-Mens Club. 39 Kenneth E. Hill Varsity Football, Varsity Track, E-Mens Club. Judith Janene Holtsclaw Boosters, GAA, Dramatics, Speech, Senior Class Play, Crescent, Art, Choir, Freshman Cheerleader, SSS.David W. Huff E-Mens, Spanish, Golf, Senior Class Play, Megaphone. John Hughes Choir, Boosters, Ushers. James J. Hunsberger Jeannette Huntsinger Booster, SSS. Rex S. Huntsinger Boosters. Ervin S. Jackman Peggy Lee Jackman Booster, GAA, Concessions. Frank Jameson, Jr. Ushers, Concessions, 4-H Club, Vo. Ag. Judging Team. Loretta Kaye Jarvis Band, Orchestra, Latin, Crescent Editor, SSS.Caroline Ann Kelly Sue Ann Larimore Boosters, SSS. Band. Judith Joan Kilgore Barbara E. Legg SSS, Boosters, Choir. Latin, SSS, Boosters, Megaphone. Gary L. Kinser Vo. Ag. Juding Team. Stanley E. Legg Vo. Ag. Basketball. Live stock Judging. George Jung Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, E-Mens. Bonnie Lee Knotts DCE. Theodore Kelich Football (St. Joseph). Usher. James Ernest Lamb Varsity Track. Varsity Football. Band.Ann Leisure SSS, Boosters. Martha Jo Leisure SSS, Boosters, Dramatics, Debate, National Honor Society, Crescent Editor, 4-H Club, Senior Class Treasurer. Nancy Brogdon Lineback Boosters, Crescent, Latin, Dramatics, SSS, DCE Club. George Long Baseball. Betty Loy GAA, SSS. Linda Lyst Georgia Mangas Senior Class President, Junior Class Vice President, Boosters, SSS, Pep Committee, Student Council, Senior Class Play, DAR Good Citizenship Award. Larry Manis Jerry G. McClish E-Mens, Track Manager, Dramatics, Senior Class Play. Mary McMinn GAA, Boosters, Concessions, SSS.Arley McQueen Freshman Football. Freshman Basketball. Student Manager for Football. Gary Don Meritt Latin, E-Mens. Freshman Football, Varsity Basketball Manager. Larry D. Merritt Freshman Basketball, Varsity Football, E-Mens, Spanish. Ronald G. Michael Varsity Football, Track, E-Mens, Spanish, Bowling League. Charles Mullen Football (Knightstown) Helen L. Nickels SSS, Concessions, DCE. Larry Noble Spanish, Projection. R.Joseph Noble National Honor Society, Crescent Editor-in-Chicf, Band, Student Council, Debate, Dramatics, Latin. Orchestra. Nancy E. Plummer Boosters, Crescent, Megaphone, SSS, Dramatics, Junior Class Play, GAA, DE. Ruth Ann Poole CAA. SSS.Mary Evelyn Preston SSS, Band. Carolyn Sle Ritter SSS, Boosters, CAA, Crescent, DCE. Edith M. Pritchard Band. Boosters, SSS, DE. Elaine Scott Band, SSS. Myrna Sue Reynolds SSS. Larry Ray Scudder Varsity Football, Spanish, E-Mens, Freshman Basketball. Melody M. Rice SSS, GAA, DCE, Choir. Richard Sharp Band, Debate, Dramatics, Sophomore President, Student Council, Spanish, Latin, National Honor Society, Varsity Football, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, E-Mens, Megaphone Editor, Crescent Editor, Pep Committee. Gordon L. Riley Ester Gay Small GAA, Student Council, Dramatics, SSS.Jerry Smith Varsity Football. Junior Class Play. Baml. E-Mens. Kent Smith Choir, DCE. Linda Sue Southern Homecoming Queen, Dramatics, Megaphone, GAA, Band, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play. Duane Stafford Spanish, E-Mens, Freshman Football, Varsity Basketball Manager, DCE. Darryl Stansberry Spanish. Bob Sturtsman Band. Varsity Football, Dramatics, Debate, Student Council, E-Mens. Shirley Mae Switzer Band. GAA, Latin, SSS, Concessions, 4-H. Sharon L. Taylor SSS. William Thompson Spanish, Football, Choir. Marita La Rae Tolle Boosters, Senior.Class Play, Sophomore Class Secretary, Latin, SSS, GAA, Debate, Dramatics, Megaphone Editor, Choir, Band.Ardella Sue Truitt GAA, SSS, Choir. Arlis K, Tyner Vo. Ag. Basketball, Usher, 4-H, Vo. Ag. Judging Team. Marie Usfo Dramatics. Kaye Van Buskirk Homecoming Queen, Junior Class Secretary, Crescent. Art, Boosters. Stephen Ward Crescent Editor. Varsity Basketball. Varsity Track, Band, Latin. E-Mens. Debate, Dramatics. 46 Robert Earl Wardwell Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball, E-Mens, Vo. Ag. Judging Teams, 4-H. Larry Warner Art. Everett Fredric Webb Sophomore Class Vice President, Junior Class President. Senior Class Vice President, National Honor Society, Spanish, Student Council, E-Mens, Varsitv Football. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track. Charles Williams Basketball (St. Joseph).Juniors Ann Aldridge John Alexander Lowell Alexander Ed Anderson Paula Anderson Frankie Arehart Donald Armie Larry Bailey Patricia Baxter Paul Beck Melvin Benefiel Ronald Berry Marion Bertog Joseph Bertsch John Bess Robert Bickel Judith Bilby Carolyn Boll Jerry Boruff Richard Boyland Ronald Boyland Jerry Brummet Barbara Bull Kay Byler Jay Byler Ilene Caldwell Rex Carlile David Carmer Sue Castor Jerry Champion Don Clark Stephen Clark David Clouser Paul Clouser Stephen Cockerham Jerry Collins Bernard Collis Larry Courtney Catherine Creamer Marvin Crim Eva Crull Jerry Curtis Kathleen Dauenhauer James Davis Larry Davis Jerry DeLong Janet Dickey Jeanetta Dickey John Diehl Ronald Doan 47Juniors ft n qi ,:L , W ' w A 8B( 9 © JSkB iAdl l John Downham Eva Ebbert Ronald Etchison David Evans George Fettig Thomas Fihe Ardith Frazier Victor Frazier Jerry Fuller Francis Galbreath Eva Gardner Carolyn Garner Jerry Gillum Thearl Goodrich Ronald Goodwin Theresa Gootee Rose Graham Carolyn Green Karen Gregory Robert Gross Lonita Gunn Lloyd Hahn Ronald Hallam Dorrell Haneline Doris Hanover Kathryrn Harbit Jack Hardebeck Eugenia Harney Richard Harney Marilyn Harris Harold Harting Ronald Hasecuster Jim Headley Beverly Heflin Zona Hickman Connie High Maurice Hinds Linda Hocker Nancy Hocker Robert Huffman Don Hughes Merrill Hughes Jerry Hunt Mary Hunt Marietta Hunter David Huntsinger Peggy Huntsinger Sharon Jarvis Robert John Fred JonesJuniors Barbara Keesling Mary Kiefer Leanna King Bob Kochman Linda Lacey Nancy Landrum Bonnie Leathers Robert Leavell Raymond Leonard Judy Lewellen John Lewis Janet Lindley Frances Loser Judith McCorkle Phillip McCorkle Lylith Manis Marlene Manis Linda Meltzer David Miller Majorie Miller Nancy Mitchell Richard Mitchell Beverly Moreland John Morgan Jo Ann Mosbaugh Jacquine Murray Larry Myers Barbara Neely Terry Newkirk Samuel Nickles Thomas Noble Sonja Odom Joyce Ootom Beverly Owens Johnny Parker Richard Parker Martha Parsons Rodney Passmore Tom Phillips Dorothy Price Larry Ramey Sara Richards Robert Richardson Alyce Richwine Nancy Ridge Donna Riser Carl Ritter Luana Robertson Rosetta Robinson Carolyn RockhillJuniors Bill Rodgers Ted Rose Anna Rudig Mack Sams John Sivert Sally Southworth David Stafford Donald Stafford Julia Stout Irene Sturtsman Sandra Swanfelt Jean Taylor Barbara Teter Kenneth Tillman Trent Toensing Michael Trimble Rachael Tucker Rubin Tunnell Jeannie Underwood Sharon Van Meter Harold Vest Phyllis Wann Joy Ward Eddie Warner Lois Webb Thomas Weddell John Weismiller Georgia Welcher Sue Welcher Harold Wells Glavis Wheeler Danny Whetsel Robert Willhoite Patricia Williams Jerry Wolfe Pamela Wolfe Jodean Wylie 50Sophomores Thomas Adams Donald Alumbaugh Darlene Amos Sandra Armie Judith Bailey David Balser Charles Barnes Ralph Beamer Ronald Beasley Jerry Beeman Tom Bickel George Blackford Betty Bond Carol Borst Sue Boruff Robert Bragg Carolyn Brewer Larry Brewer Harry Bright Card Brobst George Brudsall Ann Bucheit Willie Caldwell Noah Carpenter Rex Castor Allan Clark Larry Clymer Richard Coats Delores Coe Marvin Cole David Cooper Barbara Cox Lois Cox Roma Cox Judy Crim Linda Crosthwaite Carl Danner Martha Darrow Tom Davis Anita Day Judith DeLong Sonia DeVaney Roberta Dickey Marjorie Dicks Barbara Downham Charles Drake Linda Duckworth Elouise Ebbert Jerry Everling Charlotte Faulstich Lonny Fincher Michael Fowler Ida Gardner Rosalie GarrisonSophomores Thomas Glotzbaugh Marcia Goodrich Lou Groover Roger Gross Barbara Hahn Harold Hahn Ruth Hamilton Ronald Hancock Harold Hanover Judy Harris Larry Harting Sherry Hartzler Pat Harvey Sandra Hayes Joseph Heflin David Henn Sue Hennegan Paula Heston Frankie Hevron Sue Hibst Roger Hinds Glenadene Hobson Jimmie Hobson John Hofer Vera Holliday Judith Holmes Thomas Hoover Phyllis Horine Ronnalee House Thomas Howerton Judith Hoylman Judy Hudson Larry Hudson Sandra Huff Gordon Hughes Forrest Hunsberger Jim Huntsman Danny Hutchison Julia Idlewine Jim Jackman Rita Jaenichen Patty Jameson Barbara John Beatrice John Brenda Johnston Jerry Jordon Lawrence Kaiser Danny Kantner John Kantner Marion Keller Ann Kincaid Frederic Kincaid Sue Kinser Barbara KleinSophomores Marilyn Kleyla Kenneth Knopp Jerry Knotts Virginia Knotts Charles Lee Danny Lee Thomas Lehman Beverly Leisure Ernest Lineback Georgia Locke Judy Magner Darlene Mamough Martha Mangas Sharon McElfresh Reta McGinnis Harold McKinley Alice McPhearson Donald McPhearson Phillip McQueen Darrell McQuitty Chester McWilliams Lindall Mock Redge Moore Marlene Morris Linda Murphy Daniel Nance James Nickles Deanna O’Haver Barbara Parr Malcom Pavese Jerry Pedro William Peters Richard Phenis Jack Preston Billie Rainey Murl Rich Carole Richardson Karhleen Riggs James Riley Sue Riva Thomas Robbins Karen Robinson Ronald Sanders Judith Saxton Bennie Scott Judith Seely Roberta Shepard Marshall Sherman Ramona Shinkle Jeannie Short Barbara Shull David Sigler Elizabeth Sigler Cecil SkeenSophomores Clay Small Francis Smith Janet Smith Richard Smith Voncille Smith Emily Sohn Douglas Sorrell Suzanne Southworth Patty Spangler Mary Spies Marcus Stacy Patricia Stage Sharon Stage Judy Stewart Linda Stone Madeline Stone Larry Stoner Phyllis Switzer Jim Taylor Joyce Thomas Robert Townsend Freddy Tyner Larry Tyner Roberta Vautaw Terry Walman Mary Jane Wardwell William Webb Lloyd Welches Arlene Wells Karen Sue Werline Frances Willhoite Sarah Wilson Judy Wiseman Carla Wisler Jerry Wisler Jerry Wood Sue Wood 54Dennis Adams Mary Alexander Janis Allen Dorothy Amick Ernest Amick Elmer Anderson Esteleen Arnold Patricia Ball Keith Balser Beth Ann Bambrough Robert Bannon Judith Barber Sharon Beasley William Beeman Sharon Beery Janice Benefiel Charles Berry Phillip Berry James Biltz Lela Blackford Carol Blankenship Judith Boggess Lois Bohlander Luke Bond Ronald Boruff Joyce Boyland Wilma Brewer Billy Brogdon Mary Brown Larry Burwell Franklin Cain Jo Ann Caldwell Martha Chadwick Dixie Clark Barbara Cline Joyce Cockerham Myrna Cole Mary Combs Michael Commons Ronald Cooper Nancy Corbett Martha Courtney Georgia Croswaite Margaret Crull Myrna Crull Daniel Culp Patrick Curran Mike Currey Patty Davis Patty DeBonis Bob Decker Jovce Doan Emogene Dowler Bob Dowling Brenda Downey Marvin Eads Jerry Elledge Patricia Farr Richard Fihe Roberta Fowler Sherry Frazier Daniel Fuller Jerry Gardner Gary Garrison Thomas Giselbach Jimmy Gross William Hart Ernest Harting Judy Harting Merle Harting 55Richard Harting Joyce Hartley Judy Hartley Bobby Hartman Sharon Hasecuster Anita Haskett Sally Heck Charles Heflin Danny Heflin Jim Hendrick Julie Hennegan Sheila Hevron Raymond High Jan Hobbs George Hobson Phillip Holliday Nancy Hollowell Carolyn Holtsclaw Janice Huff Melissa Huffman Ronald Huffman Marilyn Hughes Mark Hughes Dennis Hunt Daniel Huntsinger Charles Jackman Doyle Jarrell Karen Jarvis Sandra Johnson Shirley Jones Thomas Jones Norman Karch Don Kelley Robert Kelley Ruth Kimmerling Kent Kleyla Michael Klumpp Betty Knight Carolyn Kohn Carolyn Koons Marie LaShure Thomas Leavell Phillip Leonard Ronald Liston Jimmie Lowder Maurine Loyd Larry McClish Thomas McClish David McCorkle Ray McCorkle Jerry McCoy Linda McElfresh Albert McPhearson Janelle Maley Trudy Marshall David Miller Ervin Mitchell Phil Morgan Deloris Morris William Mosbaugh Nancy Mroz Francis Naylor Mildred Neese Billie Nickles Sandra Norbury Georgia Orbaugh Barbara Ousley Robert Owens Chris Pantos Marilyn ParkerFreshmen Marilyn Penn Charles Phenis Mary Pool Billy Priest Linda Priest Wilma Prince Richard Ramey David Richards Robert Riley Jerry Robertson Sandra Robinson Darlene Rodgers Larry Rominger Bill Savage Judith Schmidt Harold Schuyler Sandra Scott Shirley Scott Karen Seely Judith Seibold Jane Seright Burgess Shull Larry Sigler Ranny Simmons Larry Singer Melvin Singer George Skeen David Small Patsy Smith Judy Southern Barbara Spangler Richard Spitzmesser Karen Stack Ellorie Stacy Max Stewart Kathleen Stout Sue Sturtsman Alice Swackhamer Allen Taylor Richard Thomas Shirley Tobey Clara Tomlinson Doyle Tomlinson Joycetta Tomlinson David Tompkins Adrian Townsend Kenneth Tragesser Beth Trimble Jerry Trout Marilyn Trout Mary Tunnell Larry Vice Samuel Ward John Way mire Larry Whetsel Sharon Wilburn Fred Wogerman Sarah Wolf Judy Wright George Wylie Donita YatesMRTIDMRL . HDWDR SOCIETYAcademic 60-61 Agriculture 62 Arts ........................... 63-68 Governing 69 Literary ... 70-71 Service ........................ 72-73 Sports ...................... 74-76 59National Honor Society The National Honor Society is a nation-wide organization for the recognition of outstanding students. Members are chosen from the upper ten percent of the junior and senior classes by a faculty committee. The selected students must rank high in the characteristics of leadership, character, scholarship, and service. The chosen students are probationary members during high school: hut. if they continue to meet the requirements, they are initiated upon graduation and become life members. Thus they are always aware of their role as outstanding individuals and leaders. Membership in this organization is a proper recognition for worthy achievements. President. EVERETT WEBB First row, left to right: Sharp. Anderson, Hinds, Brown, Webb. Beasley, Leisure. Noble. Second row: Mosbaugh, Richards, Price, Crim. Leathers, Wisemiller, Meltzer. Gardner. Taylor. 60Spanish First row, left to right: Anderson, Beasley, McElfresh, Heflin, Harney, Jarvis, Hopkins, Hancock, Boyden. Second row: Miller, Webb, Preston, Rich, Crim, Cockerham, Holliday, Jones, Jordon, Aldridge, Biltz, Noble. Third row: Kochman, Hasecuster, McKinley, Stansberry, Noble, Micheal, Huff, Stafford, Merritt, Scudder. Fourth row: Sharp, Thompson, Mrs. Records, Webb. Latin Left: Stone Garrison Darrow, Swanfelt, Bilby, Brown, Noble, Gessler, Sharp, Switzer, Hevron, Richards, Neely, Wylie, Thomas, Jameson, Cox, Johnston, Wiseman, Bailey. Hamilton. Center: Klein, Sigler, Kincaid, Mangas, Clark, Tolle, Anderson, Taylor, Carmer, Hocker. Rose, Switzer, Price, Leather, Mosbaugh, Hennegan, DeLong, Stover, Toensing, Aldridge, Mrs. McConnell, Dooley, Jarvis. Right: Wisler, Sohn, Fowler, Merritt, Miller, Brunson, Danner, Gillum, Huff, Ward, Mitchell, McQuitty, Sigler, Courtney, Passmore, Smith, McW'illiams, Cooper.Future Farmers of America Left to rijiht: T. Clouser. Peters. F. Clouser. Trout, Mr. Ebbert. I). Clouser. Sams. Fuller. Trimble. Bailey. Hinds. Tilman. 4-H Mike Trimble and his Grand Champion Hereford SteerMajorettes MAJORETTES—Front row, left to right: Morris, Brewer, Clark, Kincaid, Hepling, Willhoite, Orbaugh, Etchison. FLAG TW1RLERS—Second row: Kline, Silvey, Hennegan, Beasley, Hevron. Wolfe, Riggs. Marching BandBAND OFFICERS—Standing: Joe Noble, Steve Ward. Seated: Diana Etchison, Ann Kincaid. (-nnrrrl Perhaps one of the most important requirements of an educational system is that musical facilities be provided. Through music, students can express themselves, boost the athletic teams, and promote a cultural side of school life. Led by the very capable Mr. Brugger, the eighty members of the band presented many programs on the football field, during basketball games, and at special musical concertsBand throughout the season. The inarching band performed almost faultlessly, executing precisioned maneuvers while playing during parades and half-times. The concert band exhibited its flexibility by presenting selections ranging from classical to popular, along with several solo numbers. An auxiliary unit of flag twirlers w’as added to the majorette corps, which resulted in a dazzling appearance while on parade.Chorus First row, left to right: Hartley. Schmidt. Teter. Kilgore. Barber. LaShure, Wardwell. Jaenichen, Kleyla. Johnson. Welcher. Smith. Brobst. Mrs. Benefiel. Second row: Sohn, Duckworth. Blankenship, Benedict, Bertog. Bond. Leathers. Creamer. Aldridge. Clark. Gardner, Hunter. Third row: Bailey. Miller. Holliday. Croswaithe. Riggs. Harvey, Clymer. Hobsm, Weismiller, Small, Murphy, Hevron. fourth row: Headley. McWilliams. Webb. Courtney, Fihe, Carmer, McQuitty, Heston, Mitchell. Henn, Davis. Jones. Small. Armie. Seated: Kincaid, DeLong. Orchestra First row: Moore, Caldwell. Second row: Bailey, Stout, Hamilton. Baxter, Beeman, Brooks, Sherma Amick, Crim, Cox. Third row: Cooper, Jarvis, Noble, Aldridge, Mrs. Benefiel, Sigler, Darrow, Jarvis. 66Art Club Back row, left to right: Morris, Neese, Penn, Hohn. Johns, Johns, Moulton, Smith. Stafford, Goodrich, Hocker, Rodgers, Aldridge. Courtney, Hutchison. Smith. Front row: Horine, Richardson. DeLong, Sturtsman, Creamer, Clark, Huntsinger, Jarvis, Holtsclaw, Aldridge, Arnold, Fisher. Communications Back row, left to right: Robbins, Adams, Singer, Sponsor Mr. Smith. Front row: Smith, Sherman, Bailey. Kanter, Pantos. 67Speech Club Debate Manager, BOB STURTSMAN Dramatics President, GEORGE GESSLER Standing, left to right: Mosbaugh. Kantner. First row: Leathers. Gardner. Tolle, Holtsclaw. Clark. Second row: Southern. Hamble. Small, Hocker. Taylor. Sturtsman. Wisler. Third row: Biltz, Stout. Price. DeLong.-Plummer. Fettig. Fourth row: Leisure. Etchison, Usfo, Biltz, Brobst. Fifth row: Anderson. Noble. Sharp. Ward. Brown. McClish. 68Seated, left to right: Carmer, Beasley, Brown, DeLong, Mangas. Second row: House, Spies, Trimble, Alexander, Hevron, Alexander. Third row: Phenis, Phenis, Beasley, Stuartsman, Mock, Noble, Harney. Fourth row: Fettig, Crim, Whetsel, McCoy, Phillips. Student Council The voice of the individual student is echoed by his Student Council representative. These delegates, chosen by each home room, work diligently to improve the relationship between the student body and the administration. Under the sponsorship of Miss Allen, and led by president Richard Sharp, the Student Council was instrumental in solving several school problems. Through the council’s efforts, the Panther Den was opened on weekday nights; the traffic problem in the halls was decreased: and a donation was given for the school organ. The council also experimented with many new educational trends, such as the Honor System, and carried out many other worthwhile accomplishments. RICHARD SHARP. PresidentThe Crescent The school historians exist in the form of the Crescent staff, which works diligently throughout the school year gathering pictures, names, and records of events in order that after graduation, students may remember their wonderful high school days. The school yearbook is a treasured object in later years, for it is the most accurate and graphic of school momentos. Much credit is due the Crescent staff for producing this all-important book. JOE NOBLE, Editor Seated: LORETTA JARVIS, Art MARTHA JO LEISURE, Clerical MR. HOUSE, Sponsor DARLEEN ANDERSON. Layout Standing: MARSHALL SHERMAN, Photography RICHARD SHARP, Business JARED CARTER, Literary JOE NOBLE, Editor STEVE WARD, Sports Seated, left to right: Mosbaugh. Frazier. Hamble. Fiscus. Holtsclaw, Welcher. Second row: lgler. Conley, Boruff, Ritter. Cain. Mangas. Third row: Smith, Darrow, Seely. Dellinger, Diltz, Kudig. Etchison. Goodrich. Fourth row: Richardson. DeLong, Holtsclaw, Brown, Fetz. Case, Beasley.The Megaphone The average reader suspects little of the work that goes into publishing the school paper, the Megaphone. Specialized staffs are constantly reading copy, gathering advertisements, laying out the pages, and writing stories. With only a half hour meeting each week, the young journalists still present a paper containing news of school events, sports, announcements, and pictures of teams and outstanding students. New columns and features were introduced this year which resulted in a refreshing paper. JARED CARTER, Editor JEB CARTER, Editor MARITA TOLLE, Exchange NANCY PLUMMER, Asst. Editor MRS. RECORDS, Sponsor RICHARD SHARP, Circulation DOROTHY PRICE, Advertising BONNIE LEATHERS, Business Seated, left to right: Price, Mrs. Records, Tolle. Second row: Wisler, Arnold Southern. Harney Leathers, Fettig, Sohn, Stone. Third row: Passmore, Myers, Crim, Cockerham, Legg, Hutt Sharp.Sunshine Society Booster ClubConcessions First row, left to right: Cooper, Taylor, Gardner. Blackford, Hart. High. Kleyla. Second row: Tobey, Tomlinson, Cole, Davis, Wilburn, Townsend. McElfresh, Miss Koons. Third row: Rominger, Bannon, Nickels, Huffman. Alumbaugh. Smith. Rainey, Knotts. Fourth row: Owens, Hartman. Projection First row: Rominger, Clark. Alumbaugh, Cooper. Second row: Noble. Hinds, Trimble, Sams, Rodgers, Boyland, Mr. Smith, Doan, Bannon. Third row: House. Peters, Pavese, Jackman, Castor, Currey, Fowler, Fincher, Berry, Tilman, Hudson, Sanders, McQueen, Kanter. Sorrell, Singer. Nickles. 73VARSITY CHEERLEADERS—Left to right: Biltz, Rudig, Werline, Hartzler. B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS Beasley Castor Hennegan Freshmen: Hughes, Holtsclaw, Heck.E-Men’s Club First row, left to right: Crim, Mitchell, Hofer. Second row: Mr. Ward, Morgan. Merritt, Smith. Scudder. Stafford, Goodwin. Courtney, Sharp, Kantner, Miller. Third row: Garrison, Fetz, Merritt. McClish. Burdsall, Hill, Willhoite, Huff, Webb, Ward. Fourth row: Phillips, Jung, McQuitty, Lamb. Sturtsman, Heston, Jones, Biltz, Michaels. G.A.A. First row. left to right: Rice, Jackman. Gardner. Holliday. Small. Brewer. Dellinger. Carter. DeLong. Second row: Anderson, Truitt. Hemphill. Poole, McMinn, Cain. Beeman. Borst. Brooks. Third row: Stout. Williams, Gardner. Gunn. Odom, Caldwell. Tucker. Crim. Fourth row: Hennegan. DeLong. Hamilton, Crull, Aldridge, Holyman. McPhearson. Wright. Fifth row: Davis. Hevron. Goodrich, Kincaid. Mangas, Boruff, Crull. McElfresh, Switzer. 75Pep Committee Seated, left to right: Mrs. Lewellen. Miss Allen. Miss McCammon. Huntsinger. Standing: Sharp. Mangas. Ushers tirst row: Hughes. Trout, Clark. Karch. Bailey. Hughes, Tyner. Kelich. Curtis. Peters, Everling, Naylor. Balser. Second row: Harting. Kaiser. Castor. Hart. Ramey. Clark. Walman. Harting. Mr. Davis. 76cn Coaches and Managers 78 Football .... 79-82 Basketball .... 83-87 Track 88 Cross-Country 89 Golf 89 66Head football coach Frank Bvkowski and his new assistant Bill Ameredes, consider the possibilities of a new play. Both mentor assist in other coaching duties during the year. The Willkie High athletic managers gather for an informal session in the supply room, its traditional walls adorned with names of former players. Back row, left to right, are: Darrell McQuitty and Richard Mitchell, football, and Don Merritt, varsity basketball. The front row is composed of Jerry Jordan. “B” team basketball; Jerry Elledge, freshman basketball; and Paul Dowler and Jerry Me-Clish, track. Future schedules are gone over by John Ward and Richard Bollinger, varsity and reserve basketball coaches, while John Wilson, freshman coach, and Blair Sullivan, general ticket manager, look on. Bollinger is also head track coach .The Peru Tigers close in on halfback Everett Webb as Lou Biltz (31) rushes in to help. Lou Biltz signals that the Panthers have just scored another touchdown. Other players are Larry Fetz (29), Everett Webb (34), and Bob Sturtsman (30).DICK SHARP 80 LARRY SCUDDER RON MKHAKI.S KENNY HILI C-V ik Lo- ' . « I EVERETT WEBB BOB STURTSMAN v» . y yv.v w . .- v DON GARRISON DAVE JONES IT e 77iey West Lafayette Tipton Alexandria .... Kokomo ........ Noblesville Warsaw ........ Peru Hartford City Anderson GEORGE JUNG These seniors carried the Panther football traditions into every game, and maintained the consistent spirit of sportsmanship and desire to win that characterizes Willkie High athletics. Coaches Frank Bykowski and Bill Ameredes were the guiding forces that led to the 6-3 season record, and a third place in the C.I.C. JERRY SMITH I JOHN BURDSALL JEB CARTER LOUIE BILTZ DAN MERRITT LARRY FLTZ .V arsily Fool ball Freshman Football 82Center George Jung (35t hat-ties with tin Sheridan Black-hawks f« r lh« rehound while Darrell McQuitly 40» and Rich-ard Mitchell look on. Despite the efforts of Alexandria’s Treesh (14 and Fox (on floor), guard Steve Ward lays one up for Elwood. Forward Dave Jones goes to the air to score against the Alexandria Tigers as Darrell Me-Quitty (40) looks on. 83DAVE JONES MIKE HOFER GEORGE JUNG Eltvood Opponents Eltvood Opponents 58 40 57 New Castle 38 85 Warsaw 60 66 Huntington 52 46 Sheridan 55 52 Peru 46 62 Wabash 58 74 Tipton . 78 47 Alexandria 45 54 Monticello 58 62 Tipton 58 52 Alexandria .. 38 70 42 66 Frankton 65 54 Elkhart 74 68 Burris . 63 60 Mishawaka 445 64 Pendleton 40 72 Hartford Citv 55 Rochester LOUIE BILTZ DARRELL M.OI ITTY DAVE HEW TOM PHILLIPS BOH WAR DWELL STEVE WARD The 1955 56 season was a great year for the Panthers and coach John Ward. One of the tallest teams in the state, the team faltered at the first of the season, hut was really going after New Year’s. The players exhibited good sportsmanship at all times and played the game fairly in winning well over half of the season’s schedule. Although Elwood will undoubtedly produce good teams in the next few years, the eight graduating seniors will be remembered as outstanding athletes. DALLAS HESTON RICHARD MITCHELL JEB CARTER“ZT Team Top row: Sams, Huntsinger Drake, Gillum, Downham Stoker, Davis, Cockerham Hines. Middle row: Hanover Phillips, Boruff, Henn, Kin caid. Front row: Jones, Beas ley, Hughes, Hofer, Small Byler. Freshmen Top row: Leavel, Fihe, Mitchell, Huntsinger, M c C o y. Middle row: Pierce, Garrison, Morgan. Boruff, Decker, McPhearson, Giselbach. Front row: McClish, Waymire, Biltz, Skeen. Headley, Cain. Agriculture Top row: Mr. Davis, Stewart Wolman, Hart, Clouser. Har ting, Welcher, Harting, Cas ter. Middle row: Shull, Mil ler, Karch, Ramey, Fuller Etchison, Wood, Naylor Front row: Hughes, Tyner Davis, Wisemiller, Frazier Legg, Clouser, Beck. 87Truck I lie 195o track team was successful in breaking several established school records. Records broken were: Burdsall-—50 ft. Shot Put Incusing 52:0 .................... 440 McQuitty—10 ft. 9 in. Pole Vault Vest—1:45 Mile Run Carter, Crim. Vest. Toensing—3:43 Mile Relay Robinson—16.5 High. Hurdles SCHEDULE El wood Opponent 40 Tipton 531 4 Westfield Noblesville 54 3 4 Frankton Alexandria Wabash 742 3 Hartford City 73 Mississinawa 471 2 Royerton Wabash. “C.I.C. Peru 88 row: Jon.s. MeOuilly. Heston. Carter, IWnhaiii. Courtney. Second row: Mr. Ward Hunts,np-n Henn., (.rim. Garrison. Ward. Hill. Hurdsall. Mr. Bollinger. Front row: Lamb. Evans. I ornvinjj, Mock. ( arlilc. Wrltlt, Passruorf. VpsI.Cross Country Jack Preston, Donald McPhearson, Mack Sams, Philllip McQueen, Fred Clouser, Danny Kantner, Coach—John Ward. Golf David Huff Richard Mitchell Ted Rose David Cooper. 8990THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ELWOOD Over Sixty Years of Continuous Service to the Community More than a half century of banking has given this bank an insight into the needs of banks in this area. We welcome an opportunity to share with our friends any information which we may have and to discuss individual as well as mutual problems. Members of FEDERAL REERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION JOHNSON SEAHORSE Outboard Motors Any Kind of Boats and Canoes in Wood or Metal Chris Craft Boat Kits Tee Nee and Mastercraft Trailers Duplex and Mobil Oils — Greases LEATHER'S BOAT HOUSE 1823 North "A" Street Congratulations MONTICELLO MANUFACTURING COMPANY ELWOOD, INDIANAThei ii re’s a "one and only” n refreshment, too FflN||pr V J L. G. BALFOUR CO. Jesse E. Greene, State Manager DALEVILLE, INDIANA Class Rings Graduation Announcements Medals and Trophies Yearbooks JOHN W. MOORE CHEVROLET SALES CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE — CADILLAC Extends Best Wishes to the Class of '56 1616 South "A" St. Elwood, Indiana Phone Fe 2-7348 Best Wishes FETTIG CANNING CORPORATION The Largest TAM'S DRUGS Siding Applicators in Indiana We Guarantee All 3! BEAUTY Always Friendly and Courteous COMFORT ECONOMY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS HOOSIER HOME IMPROVEMENT Compliments of COMPANY, INC. BOWSER TRUCK LINE 1623 Main Street 1800 South D Street Phone FE 2-7341 FREE ESTIMATES CITY FISH AND POULTRY NO DOWN PAYMENT MARKET SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS Quality Eggs and Poultry Phone Fe 2-5482 Jack Melling, Mgr.REID'S STUDIO "Our School Photographer" 1808 University Ph. 2-1 I 17 Muncie, Indiana ALLEN'S SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family THE CAMERA SHOP Overnight Photo-Finishing Color Headquarters 408 South Anderson Street Your Best Buy THE CENTRAL HARDWARE STORE Safe Place to Shop "Right Goods at Right Prices" Good Luck Seniors Compliments of CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY Elwood, Indiana COPHER and FESLER Funeral Home Compliments of Best Wishes DAVE'S TIRE AND BATTERY From 1344 South B Street ELWOOD AIRPORT Compliments of Your Buick Pontiac Dealer "Serving Motorists Since 1907" DAWSON BUICK-PONTIAC CO. Elwood State Roads 37 and 13 Don Orbaugh RUNYAN TIRE AND APPLIANCE Your Goodyear Dealer "More People Ride On Goodyear Tires Than Any Other Kind" 310 South Anderson Street Phone FE 2-6142 Chrysler and Plymouth 1412 Main Street E. M. PETERSON MOTOR SALES GENERAL ELECTRIC MAYTAG ELWOOD TRANSFER Phone FE 2-6253 ROY SMITH APPLIANCES Agents for 609 So. 22nd Ph. FE 2-6772 DAUM OVER-NITE Open Evenings by Appointment AND KAIN'S MOTOR SERVICE SPEED QUEEN HOOVER GOOD LUCK, SENIORS! Wishing All of You: Health, Happiness and Success VAN'S PHOTO SHOP ROBERT L. JACKLEY 1631 S. J St. Congratulations From AMBULANCE SERVICE WHITMORE FEED LOIS BEAUTY SHOP Citizens Bank Building Phone Fe 2-5841 FE 2-2582 TAFT AND BAKER FURNITURE STORE Ph. Fe 2-6212 Furniture, Rugs, Appliances 1531 Main St. ELWOOD INDIANA Compliments of SULLIVAN’S World's First Fly-In Drive-Inn RAY State Road 37 PACKING COMPANY ELWOOD FLOOR STORE 1524 Main "Go Gettum Panthers" Packers of High Grade Tomatoes and Tomato Juice Compliments of DODD’S SUPERMARKET Congratulations and PEM'S SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY Shirts Finished Best Wishes to the Class of '56 "Pern" Robbins 611 SOUTH ANDERSON ST. PHONE FE 2-3242  ELWOOD TOOL AND DIE CO. YORK MEMORIAL HOME J. H. GRAHAM, Manager 2700 So. "K" Street Elwood Indiana HOBBS GRAIN CO. Hobbs, Indiana Where a Homelike Atmosphere Prevails Grinding—Mixing—Coal—Implements Appliances—Exclusive Dealer for Arcody Feeds—Murphy Feeds ARROW SHIRTS DOBBS HATS FALVEY’S For Men and Boys SAMSONITE LUGGAGE FLORSHEIM SHOES MILTON YORK AND KLEIN'S DON WRIGHT The Latest Fashion in Footwear Compliments of SILVEY'S GROCERY South "A" Street ZIMMER "Good Luck, Seniors" DEL MAR BEAUTY SALON INDUSTRIES 1452 South A Street INC. HAMMONS PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. Plumbing and Heating 24-Hour Service Ph. FE 2-5701 Night Phone M2 No. And. St. FE 2-2343 Elwood, Ind. Manufacturers of America's Finest Mobile Homes Compliments of ECONOMY SERVICE 1000 NORTH NINTH STREET ELWOOD, INDIANA 1901 South A Street REYNOLD'S ELECTRIC Electrical Contracting and Supplies Motor Repair and Rewinding Phone FE 2-7182 12 Chammess Avenue Compliments of FHOMAS THOMAS Curtisville, Indiana RANCH MOTEL Phone FE 2-6351 REASONABLE RATES Compliments J. C. PENNEY CO. SAM AURELIUS Candies — School Supplies Soft Drinks and Magazines 1610 — NEXT TO CAMPUS WORTH DELLINGER AGENCY INSURANCE DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS PAINT WALLPAPER Oversize Film Developing Phone FE 2-5212 914 South Anderson Street Elwood, Indiana Congratulations from HOME ICE AND COAL CO. 1800 So. D Ph. FE 2-5621 DON'S UNITED OIL HINSHAWS Battery and Ignition 507 North Anderson FE 2-9010 DON DELLINGER INLAND MARINE Guns — Tackle Sporting Goods Evinrude MotorsCONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1956 ! To Save Your Money or Buy a Home Always Remember ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Insurance of Savings Accounts to $10,000.00 1501 Main Street Elwood, Indiana Phone FE 2-7381jH w4 Students: You too should get the benefit of a seventy-nine-year-old experience in modem merchandising. For seventy-nine years this firm has stood the test and faithfully served El-wood and community. Leeson's faith in Elwood, and the people’s faith in Leeson's, have built an institution that will endure. Remember — good merchandise is available at all times — at Leeson's. R. L. LEESON SONS CO. Congratulations DELLINGER CARPENTER Office 1336 South A LANDRUM IMPLEMENT COMPANY FE 2-2661 LOVE'S FLOWER SHOP 422 North Anderson "Flowers for All Occasions" FE 2-5242 REICHART'S Clover Farm Stores FE-2-9088 ELWOOD, INDIANA SITES PURE OIL Wheel-Balancing FE 2-9045 Compliments of KAY'S BEAUTY SHOP 429 North 10th Compliments of THE WHY STORE Compliments of Elwood, Indiana WOLF MOTOR COURTWOODSIDE'S FLOWER SHOP 1352 So. D St. FE 2-6572 JACK'S GROCERY BAKERY 2034 Main Street "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS” Ph. FE 2-6553 Compliments of Compliments of WESTERN AUTO WOOLWORTH CO. McKNIGHT'S 1519 So. "B" Street CITY CREAMERY Elwood, Indiana Farmall Tractors—International Trucks Farm Implements—Parts Service Summers and Son For Dairy Products Call Your Grocer or Ph. FE 2-3801 "SERVICE IS OUR POLICY" TEXACO SUPER SERVICE 518 South Anderson Street Elwood, Indiana Compliments of FINEST QUALITY IN GIFTS LINEBACK GROCERY Corner of South L and 19th Towle, Gorham, International, Wallace, Heirloom, Lunt, and Alvin Sterling Silver Tableware. Good Luck to the 1956 Seniors Lenox, Castleton, Syracuse, Franciscan, Havi-land, Royal Doulton, Franconia, Royal Jackson and Noritake China. "If it belongs in an office, contact us." "If you are planning a party, see us." "If you are interested in unusual greeting cards, we have them." Fostoria, Cambridge, Heisey, Imperial, Corcoran, Swedish, and Libbey Crystal. Artcarved, Columbia Tru-Fit, and Bluray Diamonds. Hamilton, Elgin and Bulova Watches. VIEW-POINT, INC. 1532 Main St. EARL G. RHODES WILLIAMS SANDWICH SHOP JEWELER 1537 South "A" Street ELWOOD, INDIANA Tipton—Elwood—AlexandriaCongratulations Class of 1956 Here's Hoping That Your Fondest Ambitions Are Realized and as You Progress Through the Trials and Tribulations of Life, May Health and Happiness Be Your Constant Companions. Jack and George Mangas MANGAS CAFETERIA AND ANNEX Main and Anderson Sts. ELWOOD, IND.Congratulations To Class of '56 RUSCO PRIME WINDOW CO. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA MARTZ GROCERY 824 W. Main St. Ph. FE 2-3871 Courtesy Service Quality Merchandise Compliments ISRAEL'S FLOWER SHOP 300 N. A St. Ph. FE 2-2841 Congratulations SPARK'S FILLING STATION 850 N. Anderson St. Ph. FE 2-5223 Compliments FRENCH PASTRY 109 S. Anderson St. Ph. FE 2-5301 AHE’S AUTO SALES 3 STAR CARS Clean — Dependable — Reasonable Phone FE 2-3152 ELWOOD, INDIANA Compliments WHEELERS MARKET 1600 Main St. Ph. FE 2-3111 Congratulations LEE'S MARATHON STATION South A Street Ph. FE 2-2191 GREEN MONUMENT WORKS Markers, Monuments, Mausoleums Before Purchasing a Monument See Our Display ARTISTS CEMETERY MEMORIALS Ph. FE 2-2733 One Mile East on State Road 28THE CITIZENS BANK Corner A and South Anderson COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Phone FE 2-3367 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ELWOOD, INDIANATHE BRIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS The Home of the Automatic HEADLIGHT CONTROL AUTRONIC-EYE and T-3 SAFETY AIM HEADLAMPS GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORP. Anderson, Indiana“Beware What You Set Your Heart Upon, These sage words by Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of America’s most brilliant poets, philosophers and essayists, contain two gems of truth for today’s high school graduate: 1. Any goal that you honestly set your mind and heart upon can be attained. You can accomplish anything—if you want to bad enough. 2. Choose your goals in life with care, therefore. Be sure you are right before you set out to attain them. Delco-Remy Div., General Motors Corp. —Ralph Waldo Emerson Anderson, IndianaCONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1956 Success to You All FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES Aerie 201 SPONSOR OF THE TEEN-AGE DANCE Elwood, IndianaFree Parking Easy Shopping COULTER'S SUPERETTE ELWOOD THEATER Compliments of ECONOMY FILLING STATION 1901 South "A" St. VOGUE THEATER ELWOOD. INDIANA ELWOOD SIMMONS BROTHERS DRIVE-IN THEATER Cities Service Station 2122 MAIN STREET Fuel Oil—Gasoline—Lubricants "Service to All Is Our Business" Your Best Entertainment" Fe 2-9008 Wishing Class of 1956 THE BEST OF EVERYTHING Gerry and Ed Crim EAST STAR INN 31st and Main St. Ph. FE 2-9041 Elwood, IndianaSEZ'NE DANCE STUDIO I 12 South Anderson Street Open Thursday From 4:00 to 8:00 P.M. Don't Be a Wallflower Learn to Dance the: MAMBO JITTERBUG SAMBA RHUMBA WALTZ FOX-TROT TANGO Ballroom Dancing Ballet Tap DancingThe staff of the 1956 Crescent expresses their appreciation for the support and co-operation of the following business organizations who made this yearbook possible. Our Photographers REIDS STUDIO Muncie, Indiana Our Publishers TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. Dallas, Texas Our Advertisers Abe's Auto Sales Allen's Shoe Store Sam Aurelius L. G. Balfour Bowser Truck Line Camera Shop Central Hardware Central Indiana Gas City Creamery Citizens Bank City Fish Poultry Mlrt. Coca-Cola Copher Funeral Home Coulter's Superette Daves Tire Battery Dawson Buick Del Mar Beauty Shop Delco Remy Dellinger Carpenter Dellinger's Insurance Agency Dodd's Super Mkt. Don's United Oil Eagles Lodge Economy Gas East Star Inn Elwood Airport Elwood Federal Savings Loan Elwood Movies Elwood Tool Die Elwood Transfer Falveys Fettig Canning Corp. Floor Store French Pastry Green Monument Works Guide Lamp Hammons Supply Co. Hinshaw's Druqs Hobb's Elevator Home Ice Coal Hoosier Home Improvements Inland Marine Israel's Flower Shop Jackley Funeral Home Jack's Grocery Kay's Beauty Shop Klein's Shoe Store Landrum Implement Leathers Boat House R. L. Leeson Limeback Grocery Lee's Marathon Lois's Beauty Shop Marti Grocery McKnights Impl. Co. Monticello Mfg. Corp. John W. Moore 1st National Bank Norris Filling Station J. C. Penney Pern's Self Service Peterson Motor Sales Ranch Court Ray Canning Co. Reicharts Grocery Reid Studio Reynolds Electric Rhodes Jewelry Runyon Tire App. Rusco-Price Window Co. Mangas Cafeteria Sez'ne Dance Studio Silvey's Grocery Simmons Bros. Cities Service Sites Pure Oil Smith Appliance Sparks Filling Station Sullivans Fly-in Drive-Inn Taff Baker Tam's Drugs Texaco Thomas Thomas Van Buskirk, Photographer View Point Western Auto Wheelers Mkt. Whitmore Feed The Why Store Williams Sandwich Shop Wolf Motor Court Woodsides Flower Shop Woolworth Store York Funeral Home Zimmer Industries, Inc.The Christmas season is happy, carefree . . . typical of the fun and entertainment shared by all students throughout the year. Perhaps someday we will glance through the pages of this hook, to smile at the sight of the old pictures and the quaint dress. But we will remember, too . . . perhaps sadly, perhaps regretfully ... the experiences and joyous moments that we spent in our high school days at Willkie High School. 112There is no practical use for living in the past, so it is said. The experiences of the past are merely to be interpreted for use in the future. But when you are young, when you are living and existing at an age that you never again recapture, you know that you will never want to forget this wonderful life. So treasure this book always. THE CRESCENT STAFFAutographs 114 th» S».1 irwNpok, Kit IAYIO MAPI lAHOt AJIlIJMIVj COMPANY DAlt At IfXAiSenior Index Aaron. Jack Aldridge. Norman Allen, Nancy Alumbaugh. Jerry E. Anderson. Darleen Kay Arnold. Annabel! Balser. Timothy 32 32.61,64,66,67 ... 32, 72 32 11. 16. 32. 60. 61, 68, 70 72. 75 32. 67, 71, 72 32 Beasley. Sandra 11. 14. 16,32. 60,61,70, 72 Beeman, Marilyn Kay 10. 11,32.60.61, 70. 72 Benedict, Sue 32.66.72 Benefiel. Donna 33. 72 Biddle. Wilbur 33 Biltz. Joseph L. 33. 61. 68 Biltz. Louis 33, 75. 81. 82. 84. 86 Biltz. Rita Marie 10. 11,14,31,33,68. 70. 72 Borst. Margaret 33. 75 Boruf. Mary Kay 33. 70. 72 Boyden. Ethel Theresa 33, 61 Bragg. Ruby 33 Brewer. Barbara 33. 72. 75 Brooks, Donna Lou 72. 75 Brown. Phillip Arnold 34 Brown. Richard 10. 11. 10. 34. 00. 61. 68, 69. 70 Brunson. Danny 34. 61.68 Burdsal, John 34. Burton. Philip 34 Cain. Barbara 34. 72. 75 Cain. Mary Sue 34. 64. 70 Carter. Jared R. 17. 34. 70. 71.81.82. 85. 86.88 Carter. Mildred 34. 72. 75 Case. Carol 35. 70. 72 Castor. Mae 35. 72 Clark. David 35 Clark. Sherry Darlene 10. 11.35. 61.66. 67. 68 70. 71 Clouser, Fred 35. 70. 62 Conley, Patricia Louise 35. 70 Conner, Maureen 35. 72 Cooper. Marilou 35 Courtney, Andrew 35, 65,67 Culp. Betty 35 Danner. Barbara Fllen 36. 72 Davis. Fred 36 Dellinger, Sharon 36. 70. 72. 75 DeLong, Joyce 36. 67, 68. 70. 72. 75 Doan. Paul 36. 78 Dooley, Barbara Jean Dowler. Paul F„ 36. 78 Kbbert. Anna Mae 36.72 Etchison. Diana 11. 17.36.63,64,68, 70 Everting, Edward 36.76 Fettig. Marilyn 37,68. 71. 72 Fettig. Ronald 10. 37. 69 Fetz. Larry Morton 37, 70. 75,81.82 Fiscus. Jeanne - 37, 70, 72 Fisher. Rita 37. 67. 72 Frazier. Martha Ann 14. 37, 70, 72 Fred. Richard 37 Frye, Sandra 37. 72 Gardner. Sandra 11, 37, 66, 72, 75 Garrison. Donald 37, 75, 80,82,88 Gessler. George 10, 11,38,61,68 Gill. Sharon 38. 72 Goforth, Charles 38 Goins. Larrv L. 38 Groover. Merrill 38 Groover. Murvelle 38 Hamble. Nancy 38, 68, 70, 72 Hancock, Patricia Anne 38, 61. 64 38 38 Hemphill, Elanor 39, 75 Heston, Dallas Lee 39, 66. 75. 85,86, 88 Hill. Kenneth E. 39. 75,80. 82, 88 Hinds. Peggy 39.60.72 115Senior Index Hofer. Robert Michael 39, 75. 84 Holliday. Jeanne E . 39, 72, 75 Holtsclaw. Harry 17, 39, 69. 70 Holtsclaw. Judith Janene 14. 39. 67, 68. 70. 72 Hopkins. Pat 39. 61 Horine. Jeanette 39. 67 Huff. David W. 11,40.61,75,89 Hughes. John 40. 76 Hunsberger. James J. 40 Huntsinger, Jeanette 40.72 Huntsinger. Rex S. 40, 67 Jackman. Ervin S. Jackman. Peggy Lee 40. 72 Jameson. Frank 40 Jarvis. Loretta Kaye 40. 61. 65. 66. 67. 70 Jones. David 40, 75. 80. 82. 84. 88 Jung, George 41.81,82.84 Kelich. Theodore 41. 76 Kelly. Caroline Ann 41. 72 Kilgore. Judith Joan ... 41, 66, 72 Kinser. Gary L. .. 41 Knotts, Bonnie Lee 41 Lamb, James Ernest 41,64, 75,81,82.88 Larimore, Sue Ann 41.65 Legg. Barbara E 41,72 Legg, Stanley E 41 Leisure, Ann .. 42, 72 Leisure. Martha Jo 17, 30. 42, 60. 68, 70, 72 Lineback, Nancy Brogdon 42 Long, George 42 Loy. Bettv 42 Lyst, Linda 42 Mangas. Georgia 11. 16, 31, 42. 69, 70, 72, 76 Manis. Larry 42 McClish. Jerry G 11.42.68,75.78 McMinn, Mary 42. 72, 75 McQueen, Arley 43 Meritt, Gary Don 43, 61, 75, 78 Merritt. Larry D. 43.61,75,81.82 Michael. Ronald G. Mullen. Charles Nickles. Helen L. Noble. Larry Noble. Joseph R. 16.M-3. 60. Plummer, Nancy E. Poole, Ruth Ann Preston, Mary Evelyn Pritchard, Edith M. ..... Reynolds, Myrna Sue Rice, Melody M. .. Riley, Gordon L................ Ritter, Carolyn Sue ........... Scott. Elaine ................. Scudder. Larry Ray Sharp. Richard 10.11.16, Small, Ester Gay Smith, Jerry ....... Smith. Kent ......... Southern, Linda Sue Stafford. Duane Stansbery, Darryl Sturtsman, Bob Switzer, Shirley Mae Taylor, Sharon L. . Thompson, William Tolle. Marita La Rae Truitt. Ardella Sue Tyner, Arlis K. Usfo, Marie 43.61. 61. 64. 66 ...... 10. 44.61 44. 60. 61 75 44 10. 45 10. 11, 16, 45 .......45 45. 64. 68. 60 ...... 45 11, 17,45.61. 75. 80. 82 43 43 43. 61 68. 60. 70 43. 68. 71 43, 72, 75 44. 65. 72 44. 72 44. 72 .... 44. 75 .44 44. 70, 72 44. 65, 72 75. 80. 82 68. 70, 71 76. 80. 82 68. 72. 75 75. 81. 82 45. 67 64. 68. 71 61, 67, 75 45,61 75. 80. 82 61. 64. 72 45. 72. 45, 61 68. 71. 72 46. 72, 75 ...46. 76 46. 68 V an Buskirk, Kaye ..................... 46, 72 Ward. Stephen 17, 46. 61, 64. 68. 70. 75. 85. 86 88 Wardwell. Robert Earl ................ 46.85,86 Warner, Larry................................46 Webb. Everett Fredric 17,,75.80 82.88 Williams. Charles ....................... 46 116Mi

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