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1 3: ---L 3-+ Gen. LAMP' H 7 f f M .-.... S...-71.5 "1 'D 2 1 1 E ia ...F 1. E ,""""fL viii , A W :1'A rs no-so M J-.. LINE 'Q'-Q'If"'f on liziifn -. - ------ un C025 uv-:E IVXAD OF' CITY OF ELWO OD 14.-. con? UNE ff? 'Q IZ33302' K CALLAVVAY PARK N w INDIANA o puck CRE li VI fm I X ffl 'YE.G'T" - 'funn I Im miami I MJ QLQST mi-1 4943: WEST' W M F-s.Ii.fi',-F km 5? I ilih I 1 NICKEL PLA cffgx CITY CBNx.kTERY I -.Il MFE Per cf coar E7 I QQ .mg PM F5 EA I-I V"I GIQYY I IOY1 FTF -I-4-C F-I -QIB'1.u..n.+E.-Cf .zaf-"E 7W7!! ff! f I C .J B L- 3O L I ., Q .FLIULI I H D .,-1, 5 . I I 1 I ' ' u ' - . si E -'If' E - FJ aI U1 f" N I ' -- H- G , 2, In gf? L - I , E I rn H n VL X12 I I .. 1 .Y If I I . I -E . , . Q , ,I f I I I I I , I I . ' I . '73 . ' ' - j I, f . ff +C ' M 'ITL 5' If 5 3 12 ti' 4 Q, 4 I I . s E , W . I E - ' Q E h 5, ff Q : : I H l .II I h N 1: ' X 'nv- II ' iff' . 30-.rsh ' ' ' ' i ' ' L ' , if 5 g, ... - 'A : ..! we-F:-L.E-3.5-F-35,-RQB15. .i I I I ff, F'r' I I I Q'.IIilII'3IIi1 I 'whfxia I Iain , , III' MI' IIIIIIZQIQZ., H I I I I I -I I I I I s ,f Y jII'!uI I::gcI:ae'III pgjzlhim I " 1' I I I I -ff--L AISI rFjifIE'f xy I I I I I Q I I I f I ual-liz' 'fu I I I I ' i"I"' "" ff! Ii' ----- 'ff ------ 4 I I IK. II. , ...... mn-ow-an 11:4 'ffQ!fg!.'..f....w.11' ' ' MII .. . Y. I f ,. pup' I - 'if A IIYIAII Ugg, 5 . I . I '-I E E f w 5 P I 2 ., EI - IIIIIII N 5 W -1 E I .:ie::. 294. - N N A v 1 II So. 13 HMM ' ' ' 1- , 151,53 F1 M' I-ju If ' H I I I eh- . . s, 5 e. u -, ' fm' ' I' , ' m I an I , I , is 3 Nflndfawdq R ? Q - IU 'L' fDfe QAIIW1 VI E I I uma mum Q, , f 'mc' ,',,+ n It I I 301. I f i L UYEIZP Co. If I lf I -- .sr In 99 I I: - --------- - I 5 5 v. Q I-A 'Q . E tal' s . E wbc N li - ' . III I5 I 2 3. N " If I I Q9 M . 0. M .rp Q I V -I I M 1955 9, www 1 mam 24,4 same Edltor 1n chlef Ass1stant edltor Lay out edltor Llterary edltor Art ed1tor Clerlcal edltor Photography edltor Sponsor Zfwaod Vndcaacz Joyce Cotton Fran Hubley .Tom Graham Nancy Gessler Jean Anne Sp1es Frances Bohlander Kay Van Buskuk . Sam House I C I I Y Business manager. . . . . . . . Chuck Micheli if A QL, Vt Wg, Q K ws? 1? Q fl gf i . 3 Q.-bf 'vw , me 1 1' G 1 A' it 53, L 7 my f 5 521 Q, . x x .9lil l!llP1I!lulllll1Y W Y 3 f , re 2825152 in FFT' EVE' P""'?"' Ill!! 5 P git l'??2?f IIQQQ E H EE? Iii!! 2 2 f Ill!!! eggs? new nm EEE? FET? Y'?F'?f IE!!! ,f K, f' WW HSS' l Where's the gas tank? Budding geniuses! I see it all now! 15 Dr. Noble Quack Snake-bile specialist! X Smooth ! I ! ,L- iff Too many cooks spoil the soup! Sh -h-h-h! Quiet please. ENR gl, XA M-m-m This is a good group! ! I Where are the boys? Look to me only with thine eyes! Friday Special! s 7 P, J,'s Moo Juice Tester. S1 Stand by for explosion Traffic Jam No mistakes here Busy 1 Ny., Bottom row 1. to r.: Everett Webb, Richard Brown, Jared Carter, Martha Ann Frazier, Miss Allen, Conrad Beibold, John Durm. Second row, Frances Wilhoite, Barbara Neely,Judy De Long, Marilyn Miche1i,'J0yc,e Cotton, David Fran- cis, Harry Holtsclaw, Robert Sturtzman, Max Sams,Joe Noble, Third row, Bill Balscr, David Miller, Ronnie Goodwin, Danny Whetzel, Marvin Crim, Fred Kincaid, Ronald Lee, Jack Alexander, Lyndyl Mock, Andy Courtney. The Student Council is an important organization which has much to do with governing our school. Each home room chooses one or more representatives to the council. These students discuss the problems of the student body and then present their ideas to Mr.Copeland, the principal. This group is sponsored by Miss Mary Allen. The officers for this year are Jared Carter, presidentg Conrad Seibold, vice- presidentg Richard Brown, secretaryg Martha Frazier, treasurer. 10 NATIONAL HOUIILR SOCIETY X 'I B 4 i i in ' '21 5 ' 2-'Bs mm ls L5 Character, leadership, service, and scholarship are the four qualities a student must have to be chosen a member of the National Honor Society. The member- ship may not include any more than ten percent of the junior and senior classes. All members are on probation until graduation at which time, if they have main- tained their requirements, they are made life members. The National Honor Society is a scholastic organization recognized throughout the nation. It was organized as an incentive for higher attainments by high school students, therefore, permanent membership in this organization is in- deed a proper reward for such attainments. Bottom row l, to r.: Nancy Gessler, Betty Floyd, Betty Beckley, Joni Helpling, Ann Forney, Naomi Robbins. Second row, Martha Jo Leisure, Joe Noble, Sandra Beasley, Richard Sharp, William Johnson, Jared Carter, Everett Webb, Richard Brown, Harry Holtsclaw. Sunshine Societies are established in many communities throughout the nation. All g'irls.of high school age' are eligible for membership, The Elwood Society was organized in 1943, The Society hashhigh ideals and its goal rs to help needy, bring cheer and comfort to shut-ins. At Christmas time, the girls buy gifts for needy children. Each year, they sponsor a project to make money to contribute to the Riley Hospital at Indianapolis. Regular meetings are held every other Wednesday under the sponsorship of Miss Koons. SUE? ml' -Alu-nn-Jtnl QIZHAWA L71 Row 1--G Heflin B McElfresh B Beckle D Ri B G . , . , . y, . ggs, , reen, C. Tobin, N. Free, M. Brown, D. Horton, D. Arnold, J. Wlh l ' " ' 1 e m, A. Sanders, P. Reid, M. Cannon, O. Cox, M. Preston, Row 2--D, Iwickles, J. Huntsinger, L. Dunlap, M Kohn, P, Brown, M, Leisure, D, Etchison, L, Hocker, S. Richards, B. Neeley, B. Keesling, F. Loser, L, King, P. Hobbs F. Hart, J. Hardeback. Row 3--D. Benefiel, H. Nickles, B, Williams, F. Fuller, C. Collins, C. Hopper, E. Eder, M Tolle E Pritchard M Conners C Gross S Glotzbach P Jon S Be ' , . , . , . , . , . es, . eman, T, Tunnell, B. Duffitt, L. Hussong Row 4--N. Hamble, A, Ebert, B. Danner, S. Dellinger, E, Boyden, M, Bourff, M. Frazier, J. Holtsclaw, M. Fettig, G. Small, I. Holliday, P. Davenport, C. Beeman, S. Gardner, J. Taylor, F. Hubley, D. Krebs. Row 5--B. Floyd, l. Horine, P. Hinds, B, Legg, S. Frye, A, Leisure, R. Biltz, M. Goodrich, H. Daling, B. Cox, P, Borst, R. Poole, R. Gra- hamn, E, Ebbert, S. Switzer, B, Loy, Row 6--C. Ritter, J. Coulter, N. Plummer, G. Mangas, x. Rudig, A. -Xlridge, l.. Meltzer, M, Harris, I, Sturtzman,J. Underwood, J. McCorkle, A. Wells, J. Sturart, J. Seeley, S, Laulstick, P, l-lorine, C. G R -- ' ' reen. ow '7 J. Wylie, E. Caldwell, R. Tucker, C. Cramer, M. Hunt, C, Kelley, M. Castor, S. Gill, E. Crull R, Bragg, F, Galbreath, B. Hillard. Row 8--M. Reynolds, L. Foley, J, Helpling, J, Pierce, F, Bohlander, I, Mosbaugh D, Price, P, Baxter, K. Gregory, A. Truitt, P. Hancock, M. Hickner S Southworth, S, Troutman S Cushing, D Adair, M, Kleyla. Row 9--S. Benedict, J. Kelly, T. Gootee, B. Hussy, J. Taylor, G. Welcher, B. Leathers, J. Stout, B. Teter, S, Hibst, N. Hocker, B. Kline, B. Heflin, K. l-larbit. Row 10--D. Coe, C, Wisler, L, Stone, J. Wiseman, R. Cox, R, Garrison, S. Hartsler, E, Sohn, M, Spies, J. Wardwell, A. McPhearson, S, Southworth, J, Short, Row 11--A, Kincaid, M. Mangas, S. Hennegan, T. Goodrich, M. Manis, D. Lineback, N. Davies, M, Tyner, S, Armie, I. Mc Corkle, E. Scott. l s 12 Speeeddfad This year the Drama and Debate Clubs were completely reorganized into one combined Speech Club, which meets monthly nn the Panther Den, This club is under the capable sponsorship of Mr. Kenneth Callahan. Q . cl! .pw .... .. Bottom row l, 30 r,g J, Carter, president, R, Sharp, vice-president: J. Taylor, secretary, N. Robbins, treasurer, C Toensing, G. Gessler, H, Holtsclaw, D. Brunson. Second row, I, Mosbaugh, B, Leathers, D, Price, E, Webb, A, Rose M, Landrum, E. Eder, R, Sturtzman, I. McC1ish, R, Harney, Third row, F. Fuller, C, Hopper, C, Collins, M, Darrow B,Neeley, L, Hocker, S. Richards, A. Forney, M. Tolle, J, l-Ioltsclaw, L, Southern, M, Fettig. Fourth row, E, Boyden E, Harney, B, Heflin, R, McCork1e, J, Fogerty, W, Johnson, D, Evans, T, Henderson, Fifth row, W, Waymire, J, No- ble, R, Brown, I, Spies, F, Hubley, I, Cotton, D, Etchinson, M. Leisure, Sixth row, Mr, Callahan, J. Long, S, Ward I. Durm, M. Micheli, C. Micheli, D. Armie, C. Dickey. 13 I Bottom rowl to r L Evans W Johnson T Henderson N Davles A Aldrrch S Iarvrs E Harney Second row C Baker S Beeman E Boyden P Hancock Mrs Records I Llndley I Graham D Anderson S Beasley J Coulter Thrrd row B Kochman R Hasecuster M MlChC11 J Long L Noble F Jones D Stansberry D Evans I Downham M Cr1m Fourth row B Webb L Scudder J Carter E Webb B Thompson D Merrxtt D Huff F Wrlhorte R Mrtchell R Hlatt D Stafford McCork1e S Woods S Woods L Hocker B Neeley I Wrley S Rrchards Thlrd row J Brlby S Swanfelt C Gross B Heflln J Knlght S Clark N Hamble J Frscus Mrs Kmder Fourth row C Toensrng J Taylor B Leathers R Passmore I Mosbaugh R Sharp M Tolle J Taylor C Drckey R Doan Frfth row R Mrtchell D Brunson H Holtsclaw S Ward J Noble A Forney F Bohlander N Gessler K Norbury D Merrrtt Srxth row J Glllum T Rose R Roblnson R Graham B Hrllard S Swltzer D Prrce G Gessler 14 I l l Bottom row l, to r.: F. Hubley, 1, Helpling, L, Jarvis, J, Cotton, L, Foley, A. Rose, Second row, N. Robbins, R. Seatedl tor A Rose B Day Mlss Allen T Tunnell F Wrlholte B Floyd Standmg E Boyden S Dellrnger G Noble R Bucheu f-ffufdad Bottom rowl to r P Re1d D Rrggs A Sanders N Free C Boro A McPhearson A Wells M Beeman M Manrs Caldwell S Frye K VanBusk1rk T Goodrrch Thrrd rowl tor J Taylor S Beeman I Spres J Wardwell K Rrggs M Spres S Stage L Meltzer I Sturzstman D Robrnson G Anderson L Parsons Fourth rowl tor R House L Warner T Brckel C Drckey C Werlrne L Hollowell B Buchertt T Newkrrk W McDan1e1s B Rogers la Second row 1: to 'Mrs, Fisner, J. Cole, Drunarnond, Rud'ig,.R. Biltz, S, liussong, Iirebbs, R., Tncker, I: '50 Bottom rowl tor J Hobson J Jackman M Fowler D Kantner W Frye H Hanover Second row I Wolfe K T1llman M Tumble I Alexander B Rogers A Hor1ne B Buchhert L Hollowell D Hratr R Goodwrn Thlrd rou R Leonard P McQueen G Massey M Sams R Lacy D Jones S Zech B Alexander B Hlatt D Francrs D Francrs D Tolle L F1ncher Mr Smrth sponsor Bottom rowl tor R Etchrson D Groover M Trrmble Second row W Waym1re C Se1bo1d W Tucker A Horrne L Hughes L Beeman Thlrd row R Goodwm M Sams T Weddle M Hughes B Alexander A Tyner 16 p . . . 1 r . .. . , . , . , . , . , 1 . , . . , . , . - , . , V . , . , . , . , . . V . 1 - 1 - 1 ' 1 - 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 - 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - , Q I . .1 . , , , , , , . , . , - 1 1 - , - . , . , . , . , 1 . 1 1 ' 4-Wye! n " if 9' "Nerf M Bottom rowl tor W McDan1els A Horrne W Wolfe W Waymrre M Trrmble J Peters Second row J Boruff T Weddell M Landrum I Fuller M Sams B Alexander L Barley D Balser Thrrd row Mr Dav1.S sponsor B Carroll J Brummet C Goforth Fourth row V Frazrer A Tyner R Hrnds B Frye D Clouser K Tlllman Rowl K Heaton S Werlrne D Frances W Waymlre W Wolfe J Mc Gurre L Coston D Hratt D Stafford Row2 M R1pperger A Emmerlrng I Burdsall D Goodwrn E Webb L BIIIZ D Huff M Landrum D Laub J McClrsh Row3 Mr Ward B Schuck D Rob1nson L Fetz D Garrrson D Tolle C Se1bold B Wrlhorte N Maley B Wordwell R Mrtchell I Carter l Yell Leaders Anna Mae Rudrg Jerry Kaser Betty Floyd Rlta Brltz Frrst row Pat Rerd Betty Beckley Darlene Rrggs Beverly Day McEl fresh Ardella Sanders Carolyn Gross Marrlyn Cannon Melaney Tyner Joa Lee Wrlhelm Erleen Mc Corkle Second row Tenme Tun nell Shrrley Beeman Elarne Eder Ann Rose Joyce Prerce Joan Gra ham Glorra Heflm Pat Jones Car olynColl1ns Carolyn Hopper Thrrd row Sandra Cushrng Joyce Cotton Lynne Dunlap Marrlyn Kohn Fal ba I-Iart Pat Hobbs Darlene Lrne back Florence Fuller Phyllls Brovxn Ethel Boyden Fourth row Martha Jo Lersure Dram Etchrson Georgla Mangas Carole Case -Xnnabell Ar nold Nancy Plummer Sandra Beas ley Marrta Tolle Rrta Flsher Dar lene Anderson Frfth row Joyce DeLong Kay VanBusk1rk Mrldred Carter Nnn Lersure Barbara Legg Judy Holtzsclaw Martha Frazrer Mary Boruff Srxth row Carolyn Coulter Gay Small Sharon Clark Jeanne I-lollrday Sharon Dellrnger Jean Frscus Barbara Danner Sandy Frye Carolrne Kelly Peggy Jack man Seventh row Wrlma Parker Ilene Caldwell Jeanne Underwood Peggy Huntsrnger Nancy Hampbell Anna Ebbert ThearlGoodr1ch Mar lene Mams Barbara Hussy Eva Crull Erghth row Mary Hunt Kathy Creamer Peggy I-Irnds Mar1lyn Hams Irene Sturtsman Rachel Tucker Pat Davenport Marrlyn Beeman Nancy Landrum Lrnda I-locker Nrnth row Carolyn R1t ter Beverly Morgan Nancy Hocker Marrlyn Mrchelx Judy Crrm Vera I-Iollrday Carol Brobst Marcra Goodrtch Suzre Werlrne Judy Stewery Tenth row W1ll1eCald well Rrchard Boyland Larry Barley Rrchard Brown Ronald Boyland Fred Jones 6644! The Booster Club shows how proud the student body rs of IIS basketball team by yellmg and encouragrng the team at all home games In order to be a member of the club whrch has a membershrp of one hundred one must attend all home games and show good sportsmanshtp at all trmes The members wear whrte blouses and shrrts and s1t In a block rn order to spell out letters The present sponsor IS Mrss Mlller Offrcers for thrs year are Beverly Day McEl fresh presrdent Barbara Legg v1ce presrdent Gay Small secretary Kay VanBuskrrk, treasurer -j I D Y Y - . , , , 1 1 I , . 1 . l k ll b 1 - I t I I ' - v ' ' -- ' I I 1 l - l I - ' 1 , , . - g - 1 ' l Y I - ! 'Q ' I . ' I A D . I Maurine Connor, Marilyn Fettig, l I ' 0 l - I D I . , ' 9. n ' Y I - L 1 Y . y V - .I I ' . , Y Y ' . . V . , . 3 I l l . , . , . l I Sharon Woods Sue Bourff Jonr Helphng Carole Sue Baker Loretta Rrdge Marlene Morr1s Sherry Woods Q Carole Baker Head majorette John Durm Captarn 19 :vi rpg -g 5 'bl l ' X iw - WH ! N Q QI guard Uffcbae NV W Je game! Under the able direction of Mr. Brugger, our band has become one of the most active organizations in the school. It has appeared at every home game during the season. Through the combined efforts of the majorettes, half-time shows were presented at the home games. The Christmas and Spring Concerts featuring both instrumental and vocal soloist were rated as two of the finest programs ever witnessed by the student body, Head Majorette: C, Baker. Bottom row 1. to r.: F. Hubley, K, Beeman, D, Krebs, D. Brooks, A. Rudig, J. Stout, J. l-Iolyman, A. Kincaid, S, Ward, S, Switzer, Second row--L, Foley, P, Baxter, J. Parker, R. Hamilton, M. Sherman N, Maley, L. Southern, D, Tolle, I. Preston, R. Hancock. Third row--J. Noble, B. Gregory, D, Sigler, F. Bohlander, E,Pritchard, M. Cain, S, Hennegan, M. Mangas, A. Stout, I. Lamb, Fourth row--D. Laub, I. Durm, S, Larimorc, M, Preston, E, Scott, M, Darrow, P, Rockhill, I. Dudley, R. Carlisle, A, Courtney. Fifth row--N, Gessler, I. Lewis, J. Birch,W. McDaniels, J, Wiseman, D, Cooper, R, McCorkle, L. Jarvis, B. Duffitt, L. Hussong, I. Taylor. Sixth row-- N. Robbins, A. Forney, P, Honcock, R. Smith, R, Phenis, D, Neace, K. Gregory, Seventh row--N, Rich L, Stoker R. Doan, J, Fogerty, P, Doan, F. Kincaid, N. Aldrich, Majorettes--S, Woods, L. Ridge, J, Helpling, sf Woods, S Boruff, M. Morris, Row 1 Roze11aMcCorkle Sue Bennedict Barbara Locke Barbara Teeter Darlene Riggs Judy Holsclaw Row 2 Joan Knight May Miller Judy Kilgore Wilma Parker Anna Haas Marietta Hunter Sherry Clark Sandy Gardner Roxy 3 Dotty Price Doris Hanover Frances Loser Rex Lacy Bob Huffman Maurita Tolle Ann Aldrich Catherine Creamer Bonnieleathers Mr Brugger Row4 Dave Carmer John Durm Terry Newkirk Larry Courtney Jack Hughes Donald Armie Fred Jones Richard Mitchell The Advanced Chorus, under the capable direction of Mr, Brugger, is one of our schools newest organizations. The members of the chorus are clothed in wine-colored robes, which were purchased last year. One of the high-lights ofthe yearisthe combined performance of the chorus and the band in the annual Spring Concert, Our congratulations to Mr. Brugger who has done an excellent job with the chorus. 21 Bottom Row 1 to r Rrchard Sharp Rrchard Harney Marvrn Crrm Second Row Jean Anne Spres Nancy Davres Nancy Plummer Annabelle Arnold Lrnda Southern Peggy Hrnds Thrrd Row Jay Long Dorothy Prrce Manta Tolle Nancy Free Busrness Manager Janlce Taylor Edrtor Mrs Records Sponsor Ann Rose Assrstant Edrtor Rozella McCorkle Crrculatron Manager B111 Johnson Sports Edrtor Ann Forney Assrstant Crrculatron Manager Naomr Robbrns Advertrsrng Manager Mrke Mrchellr Cartoonrst 22 Linda Stone, Emily Sohn, Barbara 'I-lussay, Warren Waymire, Jared Carter, Roger Mitchell. ' MR KEITH SCOTT MR M A COPELAND Superlntendent ov-"H av ff i 1-Arr' xf w MRS LILLIAN MIKELS MRS IRIS BRIDGES MISS PHYLLIS SOSBE Sahel 244-wi MR JOHN MERRITT MR ROBERT CARTER MR ROBERT TA M 24 Pr1nc1pal '?!Q . . . -if 4' A -A ,, , " 3 .fir 'QW 1' R J , Vx - 1, I wkf, HEI 3 ix' f 'R l 'D-, ' 4 ...pa-aw 21' -'33 v "ar L ,A f-fad? MARY M ALLEN Indiana University Ball State Teachers ollege George Peabody Library School Librarian FRANK BYKOWSKI Purdue University Phys1calEducatio Drivers Training Football Coach MARY M BARNES Indiana University American History KENNETH C ALLAHAN Indiana Stare Teachers College English Speech RICHARD BOLLINGER Canterbury Butler Ball Stare Business Assistant Basketball Coach VIVIENNE F CARTER M Ball S tate Teachers College Indiana University Home Economics Cafeteria GERALD W BORDNER M in Music Ed and Composition Butler University Orchestra PALMERJ DAVIS S Purdue University Agriculture CLIFFORD BRUGGER U n 1 v e r s it y ofC1.nc1nnat1, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Music BLANCHE DIGEL B. S., M. S. Ball S t a te Teachers College, Indiana University, English 25 22 as Efnlass N '-if :UWM 'QW I 74wW JEAN FISHER B. S. Ball State Teachers College Art DORIS KINTZEL Central Normal College Busmess au carton bOCl31SIUd1CS JOHN H HINDS lx Indrana State Teachers College Ball State Teachers College Purdue Um verslty Co Ordlnator ofD1verstf1ed Cooperatrve Educatton and Industrtal Educanon ,-""" GEORGE KINTZEL Ball State Teachers College Indusmal Arts BETTY HOUSE IN Indtana Umverstty Ball State Teachers College Busmess Education ESTER KOONS Purdue Umwersrty Englrsh A SAM HOUSE lx Berea College lndrana Unrverstty 'TT JOAN MCCAMMON 95 Indrana Unrverstty Home Economrcs 3 ALEETA KINDER lv Canterbury College Columbta Um versrty Latrn Commerce MARGARET LUCILLE MILLER lx Ind 1 ana Umverslty Scarrltt College Physlcal Education Health 8a Safety 26 ' di .df . B. S. , ' E ' - 1 B. S., 1. A. B. S. I B. S., 1. A. al' A I I 1 . . S' is .M 'V' B. S. v 1 ' 1 I . s - . , fliliifk , , .- , T . "l. . .ttr ., .ag H1story,C1v1cs '.', 'lrl j g f E ' V ' l M All tV44k b ,. K AX A .falszlk , 1 or i . K B, S. ,KV A 4. " . . - ' . Q' Zi. , 128 A. B., 1. A. I - . . B. S., 1. A. , , . fb -GH' fr, 3042 Q5 J? MARY REC ORDS lndrana Untverstty Ball State Teachers College Engltsh Spamsh W BLAIR SULLIVAN M B all State Teachers College Blology Athleuc Manager EDWARD L SELL M Ball State Industrral Arts EDGAR S WAGNER Ball State Teachers College Industrral Arts GEORGE SMITH M Franklm College Indrana Umverstty Math LEONARD WALKER Indtana State Teachers College Ind rana Umversrty Mathemattcs Hrstory GERALD SULLIVAN M Ball S t a te Teachers College lndrana U n 1 v e r s 1 t y Case Instrtute of Tech nology Chemtstry Physrcs JOHN W WARD DePauw Umverslty Health Psychology C 1 v 1 c s Basketball Coach Baseball Coach MFQQ K Q3 493-stag I fer -Ci LILLIAN A SULLIVAN Indrana Umversrty School Nurse 27 'N L.. WHO'S THE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED? Although they have only been in our school for a short time, Joni Helpling and Art Emmerling have shown that they are the candidates for the most likely to succeed. Wim 7044 WHO'S THE BEST LOOKING? WHO S THF MOST ATHLETIC7 For the best looking boy and girl, no others can beat IlI'I'1TNTCGl.l1fC and Gay Small take the prize for being Roger Mitchell and Nancy Davies. the most athletic R HJ WHO ARE TOGETHER MORE OFTEN THAN NOT? WHO ARE THE BEST DANCERS? For the steadiest couple of E. H. S.. Loretta and Max Elaine Eder and Noland Brooks can always be seen on seem to take the cake. What is the attraction here, the dance floor whether the tempo is fast or slow. anyway? What's that new step you're doing Elaine? 7 5 WHO ARE THE CLASS CUT-UPS? Wl-lO'S THE MOST ALL-AROUND? No matter how blue you are on Monday morning, Whereever you are, ifyoucan'tsee Ann Rose or Chuck just one word from Cricket or Bob and your blues Il1l'll fxlicheli, you're bound to hear them. to laughter. gfwew JOHN DURM P esident Student Council Band Speech Club i We have attained our goal at last These past four years have passed swiftly and although the road through hrgh school has been rough for some and smooth for others, we are all proud to be senrors We have worked hard to ralse money for our senior trip Of course it would not have been possible with out the co operation of our sponsors Society 32 Officer Crescent Orchestra NAOMI LOUISE ROBBINS Vice President Nationall-lonorSociety Sen ior Class Play SpeechClub Latin Club Megaphone G A A Orchestra LORIS ELAINE FOLEY Secretary StudentCouncil Latin Club Speech C lub Sunshine So- fi ciety Orchestra DARLENE L. RIGGS Treasurer Junior Class Officer, Art Club, BoosterClub, Sunshine After being graduated we realize that highschool has been but a link in the cha1n of our individual ltves S as we leave high school We all belleve that we are ready to take our places in the world of opportunlty that awaits us Our sponsors are Aleeta Kinder, Sarnl-louse JohnWard and Blair Sul lrvan vw vw---v 708 ,p-er in uf' v-""" ff DARLENE ADAIR DELORES ARNOLD LARRY DEE ADDISON GERALD ANDERSON Concessrons Sunshme So G A A Sunshrne Soclety Concesslon Club Art Club junxor Class Play clety Booster Club BETTY BECKLEY Crescent Boosters Club Nauonal H onor Socrety Sunshme Club Ir Class Offrcer FRANCES BOHLANDER Crescent Latm Club Speech Club Sunshine Soclety G A A ""'-11' .quills- SHIRLEY A BEEMAN Booster Club Sunshine Club Spamsh Club Art Club G A A NOLAND A BROOK F r e s h m a n Basketball Track Varslty Track Baseball Speech Club CAROLE SUE BAKER PHYLLIS ANN BROWN MARIE LUCILLE BROWN ROBERT L BUCHHEIT Head Majorette Crescent Sunshlne Socrety Speech Sunshrne Soclety Speech ArtClub Projectron Club S p a n 1 s h Club Sunshrne Club Booster Club Club G A A I n t r a m u r al Basketball Socrety Speech Club Varsxty Track .gf FUN f-.hi d,,-af ff" v--1' 34" LJ N CALDWELL Art Club B team Basket ball Football Track CAROLYN JEAN COLLINS Booster Club Sunshtne Soctety Speech Club LESTER COSTON ball E Men sC1ub Fresh man Track CAROLYNJ COULSON Lost to Burrts Natronal Honor Socxety Lattn Club Speech Club Sunshrne Socrety Crescent Orches tra Jun1orPlayCast Junror Class Offtcer MARILYN CANNON TOWANA JEAN CASSITY ROY EUGENE CASTOR Booster Club Sunshrne Sunshrne Soctety Concess1onClub Art Club Soctety .Q-"' OLIVE MAE COX SANDRA CUSHING Sunshtne Soctety Speech Sunshrne Soctety Booster Club Club RAYMOND COLLIS MARGARET I COTTON Club Speech Club Stu dentCounc11 Sunshrne Socrety Latrn Club NANCY LEE DAVIES Majorette Speech Club Spanrsh Club Junror Play Cast S t u d e nt Councrl Booster Club Megaphone 34 'U- gf, M ,af we L . A it .4 ,Ill I ' . I ' m, X -J V a r s ity Football Base - "Hx" Crescent 'E d i o I' Booster NJ PDQ BONNIE MARIE DUFFITT Sunshrne Socrety G A Speech Club Art Club ARTHUR EMMERLING Varsrty Football Basket ball E Men s Club NANCY LYNNE DUNLAP Booster Club Sunshme Soctety Student Counctl G A A JOHN FOGERTY LAWRENCE EIHE LINDA DURR Football freshman varsrty G A A Sunshme Soctety Speech Club C37 OVW? ELAINE EDER Sunshme Soc re ty Cres cent BoosterClub Speech C lub Semor Class Play Latrn Club G A A LOWELL EVANS Orchestra Spamsh Club Latrn Club BETTY FLOYD Head Yell Leader Na tlonal Honor Soclety Crescent StudentCounctl Sunshme Soclety Booster Club ANN FORNEY Natronal H onor Socrety Speech Club Iumor Class Megaphone Speech Club Play Freshman Football JOHN FOUTS L atrn C lub Sunshme Basketball CHARLES FLYNN Art Club Society 'E ..-f-'Y 3 DAVID L FRANCIS Proyectton Club Juntor Class Offlcer Sophomore Class Offlcer Student Councll Varslty Basket ball Freshman Basketball NAINCX GESSLER Ixattonal Honor Soctety Crescent Lat1nClub Sun shme Soctety DOUGLAS GOODWIN ' Men sClub Varslty and Freshman Football Fres man Basketball Baseball Juntor Class Play Student Counctl 3 L. DALE EUGENE FRANCIS FLORENCE ANN FULLER NANCY FREE Freshman Basketball Pro B oos te r Club Sunshtne Megaphone Speech Club yectlon Club Soctety Speech Club Ny-J Boosters Club Sunshtne Soctety Art Club SHARON GLOTZBACH BoosterClub Speech Club Sunshtne Soctety JOAN GRAHAM StudentCounctl Crescent Booster Club Spantsh Club Sunshtne Soctety ROBERT E GROOVER BARBARA GREEN CAROLYN MAE GROSS Usher s Club 4 H Club Sunshlne G A A Speech ROBERT GREGORY Booster Club Sunshtne Vo Ag Basketball lntra Club Band Soclety Lattn Club mural Basketball 36 ff? 4n Q2 """"hi 'F 1 ANNA HAAS JOAN ROSE HARDLBECK FALBA JEAN HART GLORIA ANNE HEFLIIN Sunshrne G A A Sunshlne Soctety Booster Sunshxne Soclety BOOSTCF Club beH10rP1ay JOAN HELPLING Majorette Nattonal Honor Socrety Crescent Speech Club Latrn Club Senror Class Play Cast BILLYJ HIATT Concessrons ProJect1on ,J "'n"4d 3 Cast TOM HENDERSON Spanlsh Club Crescent Speech Club RICHARDC I-IIATT E Men s Club Student Councrl Crescent Basket ball Soph Class Offrcer Spanlsh Club Golf LARRY HOLLOWELL PATRICIA LOU HOBBS CAROLYN SUE I-IOPPER ProJect1onClub Art Club GLORIA JEAN HICKMAN B ooste r Club Sunshrne Sunshrne Socrety Booster Intra mural Basketball Sunshrne Society DOCICIY Speech Club Club Speech Club Football Track 5 vvq 5? if fv- ,,,,. Nad f-.N FRANKLIN ALLEN HORINE DIANNA HORTON LOUISE HUSSONG JACK HUDSON Vo Ag Basketball Track Speech Club Sunshtne SunshmeSoc1ety Art Club Intramural Basketball Usher 4 HC1ub Darry Soclety Usher Club Concesston Judgtng Team Crops and Ltve Stock ProJect1on Club LARRY L HUGHES Basketball Ushers 4 H Club "QS RICHARD L ISRAEL Orchestra Student Coun "" crl Baseball 'VY WILLIAM S JOHNSON Natronal H o rr o r Socrety Megaphone Speech Club Spamsh C lu b lumor Red VERNON LORANJACKSON Cross Varstty Football and Track JIM KING Club FRANCES HUBLEY Speech Club Student Council Sunsh1neSoctety Latrn Club Crescent Orchestra PATRICIA JONES G A A Sunshtne Soctety BoosterC1ub Speech Club JERRY KASER F r e s h m a n Football and Basketball B Team Basketball Yell Leader Track 38 I v . C FreshmanFobtball, Vo-Ag p I- Ol' A A, 1 ' - , I' fi' y ' ab, . lp '13 MARILYN RUTH KOHN LOUISE LaSI-IURE REX LACY B ooste r Club Sunshrne G A A In t r am ural Basketball Soclety GAA Art Club Concess1onsClub Pro Speech Club Jectron Club DORIS JEAN KREBS Orchestra Sunshtne Socrety G A A Art Club Speech Club ROBERT LEWELLEN Student Councrl Speech Club JAY K LONG Speech Club Spanrsh C lub Pep Commxttee Megaphone Semor Class Play FreshmanFootball ff: ,fiufw us'-""Y 'APO' MAX LANDRUM E Men s Club Speech Club Usher Pep Com mrttee Jumor and Senror Class Plays 4 I-IC1ub Varsrty Track Football NORMAN D MALEY Freshman Football Basketball Varsrty Foot ball Track E Nlen s Club DARLENE LINEBACK Booster Club Sunshme Club DAN LAUB EILEEN MCCORKLE E Men s Club Varsrty DOROTHY MANGHELLI Booster Club Sunshrne Football Sunshrne Socrety Club ,IT ROZELLA I MCCORKLE WAYNE MCDANIEL DONNA bUE NICKLES Orchestra S pe e c h Club 4 H Club Art Club Tntra Sunshtne S o c 16 t y Con Student Councrl xleva mural Basketball cessrons phone Latrn Club Junror and Senror Play Cast CHARLES N1lCrlELl Debate team Senror Play Cast Speech Club Cres cent EARLENE WOUNTCASTLE Sunshrne Socrety .,,v" JIM MCGUIRE Varsrty Football B Team and Varsrty Basketball E en s Club Tra ludcrnq teams Varsxty Football Vo Ag Basket ball ROGER D NIITCHELL Latrn Club Spanrsh Club E 'ylen s Club Mega phone Varsrty Basketball Mgr B Team Basketball Sophomore Class Offrcer junror Play Cast Senror Play Cast Freshman Foot ball and Basketball BEVERLY DAY MCELERESH Crescent Booster Club Sunshrne Socrety G A A KARL E NORBURY GALE E NOBLE JAMES NOBLE Crescent Spe e c h Club Student Councrl Crescent Freshman Fo ot b all and LARRY L PARSONS L at 1 n C lu b Intramural Art Club Speech Club Track Art Club Basketball ,fa Qi f""-p FRANK PERRY LORETTA JEAN RIDGE ROBERT POOLE PATRICIA M REID Art Club Crescent Con Nlarorette Booster Club Sunshrne cessronClub BoostersClub Club Art Club Crescent JOYCE ANN PIERCE Speech Club Sunshrne Club Booster Club G A A Crescent CHARLES D ROBINSON E Men s Club Art Club Freshman Basketball SL Track Varstty Basketball 8. Track B Team Basket ball Baseball ANN ROSE Megaphone Speech Club d,,,,.,w-3 innlilli' WILLIAM SCI-IUCK Student Counctl Booster Varsrty Football SL Base Club Latrn Club lr 81 Sr PEGGY ROCKHILL ball E Men s Club Cres Class Plays Sunshrne Socrety cent Staff G A A MICHAEL RIPPERGER Varsrty Football Jr Class Offrcer Student Councrl Track E Men s Club ARDELLA SANDERS Sunshrne Socrety Booster Club G A A Art Club Student Councrl CONRAD SEIBOLD Varsrty Football Student Counc1lE Men s Club Ushers Club Freshmen Basketball Sc Track 'H-uv AWA W? JEANANNE SPIES LARRY SUMMERS CAROLYN TOBIN Speech Club Megaphone Sunshrne Soctety G A A Crescent Boosters Art Speech Club Club lr and Sr Play Cast Jr Red Cross CRAIG E TOENSING Varsrty Track l: Mens Club Megaphone Speech Club Lattn Club WALTER E TUCKER Vo Ag Basketball Usher Concessron 4 l-lClub Intramural Basketball Student Mgr Freshman Football MELANY L TYNER xi-Sf' 'sl' Q..-vi IANICE ANIN TAYLOR Megaphone Speech Club Art Club Orchestra Jr Play Cast Sr Play Cast Student Councrl Sunshtne Soctety GA A La n Club LAWENCE DUDLEY TOLLE Crescent Football Pro 3ecttonClub Orchestra 4 H Club Speech Club TENNIE TUNNELL Booster Club Sunshme Socrety G A A Sunshme Socle'y G A A CLINTON UPDEGRAFF BOB WALTERS Boosters Club Projectton Concessrons Student Counctl JERRY WARNER Nami' --l-IS' 9? -of 'Q--4 "Cb W ei L A WARREN WAYMIRE BENJAMIN WEBB JOE LEE WILHELM E Men s Club Mega Lat1r1C1.Jb Spanrsh Club BOOSISIS Club G A A phone Crescent Ushers Sunshme S0C1CIY Varsrty Football Basket ball and Track FRED W WILLHOITE Varstty Football Spanlsh SHARON RAE WOODS Majorette Latm Club SC OTT L ZECH Concessrons Ushers Pro Jectron CHARLES WERLINE Varsrty Basketball Foot ball and Track E Mens Club Art Club .nfl 504 WALTER WOLFE Varsrty Football and T ack 4 HClub 4H Judgrng Teams Ushers Club E Mens Club Vo Ag Basketball DAVID WILSON cent Baseball gb' SHERRY LEE WOODS M a 1 ore tte Orchestra Latin Club CHARLES DICKEY EARL CREUA qno prcturej Art Club fl 4-O Sli s.,,,,-H I L -f E' 'X b .7 , , ,,::.: fl? .::::. ifiaf. Club, Track, E-Men's Club Senior C 1 ass Play, Cres- ..f E ,tr H F , ' , ' rm fta' wr' A 'X , ,sir - A 43 Presndent Everett Webb Vlce Presldent Georgra Mangas Secretary Kaye Van Buskrrk Treasurer Rua Brltz Th1s years Jumors have been well represented 1n our h1gh school They have d1st1ngu1shed themselves very well 1n basketball and football The Jumor grrls have supported the Booster Club There were also qu1te a few Jun1ors e lected to the Nat1onal Honor Socxety The Jumor sen1or pronu and the class play were both new exper1ences for the Jun1ors Rece1v1ng the1r class r1ngs was a h1ghl1ght of the year Even though th1s year held many new exper1ences and h1ghl1ghts for the un 1ors they are all eagerly lookxng forward to a sen1or year of achlevement SPONSORS Mary L Records Mary Allen R1chard Bolhnger George K1ntzel Mary Barnes 44 4 0- def ' Jackie Aaron Norman Aldridge Nancy Allen Jerry Alumbaugh Ronnie Amos Darlene Anderson Annabell Arnold Timothy Balser Albert Bannon Sandra Beasley Loren Beernan Marilyn Beernan Sue Benedict Donna Benefiel Wilbur Biddle Joseph Biltz Louis Biltz Rita Biltz Margaret Borst Mary Boruff Ethel Boyden Ruby Bragg Barbara Brewer Donna Brooks Phillip Brown Richard Brown Danny Brunson John Burdsall Philip Burton Barbara Cain Mary Sue Cain Jeb Carter Mildred Carter Carol Case Chloe Castor David Clark Sherry Clark Fred Clouser Joan Cole Patricia Conley Maureen Conner Marilow Cooper Joyce Coulter Andy Courtney Betty Culp Barbara Danner Fred Davis Sharon Dellinger -er X ,ae .pw .Fi xii," 'S' Hai .Y .. f E i""'a is 99' '15 fl ni' Je:- rf?-3 B we 1 45 'tb' -ik, -Q' Q . 8 I . W, ,V an ry,r , B yy,ry B yyrryyrr B ap y A M - r f CQ T? A B In 4, Q r4,i m .Y B . W ar. af 5 "':-r irl 1 ff Vierr B ' ,A F b Zmirfjr h B N!! - N or at it N re , B a - ZEZ f " "' ,. S 4 7 lqqv Q , o C , f e-" lri 'if- rc .ff Q2 4 ' " rf at 1' C ryl 2? 'B if y - -Q 1. sf . ' , 53 . ' J qy Q? J rg LL 513' 54 1 ltr t nf-'f fir 'Ki few .fs- ,as 4'5" was S-f"!N l TA fy 4-7' .IE ,f fe' at-'T' f Nz' 41 r -3 " 'G' ,fsJ E I 06 5 " f Joyce DeLong Paul Doan Nancy Dorfe Paul Dovvler John Dudley Jim Dunn Anna Ebbert Drana Etchrson Eddre Everlrng Jerry Faucert Brran Fettrg Marrlyn Fettrg Ronald Fettrg Larry Fetz Jean Frscus Rrta Frsher Martha Frazrer Rrchard Fred Sandra Frye Barbara Galbreath Sandra Gardner Donald Garrrson George Gessler Sharon Grll Charles Goforth Larry Gorns Donald Groover Merrrll Groover Murvelle Groover Nancy Hamble Patrrcra Hancock Frances Hardebeck Wrllram Harrrs Gerald Hartmg Danny Hayes Rrchard Heaton Elenor Hemphrll Dallas Heston Mrrram Hrckner Kenny H111 Peggy Hrnds Mrchael Hofer Jeanne Holrday Harry Holtzclaw Jeannette Horrne Davrd Huff John Hughes A N tx F- Q Q. . I X 1 N ' K - . nfl sf' .e J J 'ff 'Z - , -1 e s fwfr 11 I f, f't J ' D .., . F 4. '--- A 4 5 , A . Ii :L.5 l'3s -3 Jfg 1 'Y .1 .. 1 .mg N 5 I . g,a .fs. 44 r J ,,M1J 5 .,1. ' j:f.:', ii? ' ' ' F rm I , J :::,Q 1913 l X f yy ,J H2 J? J 4, l. - ' or f of '5' f' 4 A at . . . . -1 J , -3 L 4 f-37' J X k ,:,. -4 Sf 24 . If - . -,tV JK fwy' ,'l f Ll I 1 . v . . as ,Av x . Y I . . 'X ' -A Sv? ' J " .5 I ' f 'J t----- Q A ' V l. , . ig V ,Y ' J in - J V Jeannette Huntsmger Max Huntsrnger Rex Huntsrnger Peggy Jackman Erwrn Jackman Bobby Jameson Frank Jameson Loretta Jarvts Davld Jones George Jung Carolrne Kelly Terry Kelly Theodore Kellch judlth Krlgore Gary Krnser Phyllrs Kmght Bonme Knotts James Lamb Sue Larrmore Barbara Legg Stanley Legg Ann Le rsure Martha Lelsure George Long Betty Loy Georgra Mangas Larry Manrs Glenn Messey Jerry McC11sh Wayne McCord Mary McMmn Arley McQueen Dan Merrrtt Don Merrrtt Ronme Mrcharl Mrke Mtchelr Jack Mrller John Morgan Helen Ntckles Joe Noble Larry Noble Vern Pme Nancy Plummer Ruth Poole Mary Preston Ed rth Pntchard Myrna Reynolds Gordon Rrley -gcv L...-11 'X V Mfr! ff K 1 ADL' ba- 6 Kfqef VJ 1,-v ,-my ,9- fs- UN: Whig lofi won N ut! Q44 4? -vi T 4,4 vp 1' ...Q N.: '57 r 1 lv-Q .fx 4 IIA T 'S 'U' H '? .of N .AP K si-'YY ff4R wbfva' li .I 41 N6 "" ...H -C" Q vw-f F xml! Carolyn Ritter Lee Scholl Elaine Scott Larry Scudder Richard Sharp Ruth Shull Gay Small jerry Smith Kent Smith Linda Southern Duane Stafford Darryl Stanberry Juanita Stewart Anna Stout Robert Sturtsman Shirley Switzer Sharon Taylor William Tompson Marita Tolle Ardella Trurtt Arlis Tyner Nlarie Usfo Kay VanBuskirk Steve Ward Robert W ardwell Larry Warner Rosemary Weaver Everett Webb Paul Wiand Barbara Williams Charles William -'1' 48 y f S 1 S ., ' Mler y i ' W r. 'li' 1 . X S i A W l'- S Y R? W . "' A if I S r ' i A W X 4-3 ru ff 12 F I -+Q to l. , 1 fegfv,aa t, , x .a , V ' il wa ff if' J' .Q fa va if M to N5 I j I . , fge gp, , r ',., J , W I . X Xl F.. K A I Q "4k' S f . . r i 1? 'Ill' : fs elobov, , I , 'Kali krixk 4',wX I . . lk -Li - r P L55-be f 'fail' Qtl i"' Virginia Wise fno Picturej f Ky R Yf' President, Ted Rosag Vice Pres., Linda l-locker, Secretary. Linda Meltzer, Treasurer, Nancy Landrum This was a big year for the sophomores. They elected their first class officers and were allowed to start raising money for their class. The sophomore class was well represented in football and basketball, in which they made a good showing for themselves. The members of the sophomore class have already shown themselves to have a promising future, and we are sure that they will achieve their ambitions. The sponsors for the class are: Mr. Bykowski, Mr. Davis, Miss House, Mr. Sill, and Mr, Wagner. 1- ,- gg 4' 4, "' ml J' 1' , 3 4' rf' ,Q l 5 at l 9 "' C ,,. ,- ' -1, 3 .JA M IL , .T T .V ,4 It ff l Q: ' fi f K y 4' 1 N -f . J k..ff ' N' Xl, xh'J YJ 'Nunez . , ' Eff! A P+' V .- .- 1,1 i ' ' g 4 lf f 'X R, Parker D, Stafford J, Weismiller D, Whetsel G, Wheeler B. Wilhoitte P, Williams J, Wolfe J. Wylie 49 4,.r wa' QE 6' l -3 if N .0 40' -,, .vp '-9 X 4 5 WS' 77, xc' WIS' :fwfr 'pai a-7 .ref -ali D' rv- rf-1 ,wx od 'U 'U' 50 ' N ,Q Ann Aldrtdge John Alexander Lowell Alexander Edward Anderson Paula Anderson Annabelle Arehart Clarabelle Arehart Frank Arehart Don Armle Larry Barley Pat Baxter Eddre Beck Carolyn Beeman Melvrn Benefrel Ronald Berry MRIIOD Berto Joseph Bertsch John Bess Bob Brckel Judy Brlby B111 Blackford Carolyn Boll Jerry Bourff Rrchard Boyland Ilene Caldwell Rex Carlrsle Dav1d Carmer Ronald Boyland Jerry Brummet Barbara Bull Beverly Carpenter Robert Carroll Sue Castor Carolyn Chadwrck Jerry Champton Davrd Clouser Tom Clouser Don Cockerham Steve Cockerham Jerry Collms Larry Courtney Catherrne Creamer Marvrn Crrm Eva Crull Jerry Curtis ,hm Cushrng Rtchard Daulton Jrm Davrs Larry Dav1s Jerry Delong Janet Dlckey Jeanetta Drckey Patsy Davenport John Dtehl Donald Doan John Downham Mary Drummond Eva Ebbert Ronald Etchrson 52 J R C A 2 , L, ' L 4 ss a,,J , L x , n - f X - 1 ' 1 b, X it Lryk ' ' AA J R , r' We f 5 Q41 -I I-A U 'lvl JA X S ' , D ,, mf W. J ,.. qu , f - . in V55 C V-:gf X . 55 XXT' lf' J ' ' 9 , r', 3643: I - y if -cr l"' . 5'-1 V ,AA lr ' 2 A Steve Clark X V 4 ' Y EA- J , as y C ..,l -ef 't ' " 5, ' ,, fl Y 1 L ' gr Fo M . J' ,fi 1'-' f 7 I . ' t - R. I A it Q J 4 if XX"" '-'fr X? B' - C f 5 lv XJ 'swf syls ' I J- .'f.-. .. ve J R J my . l Davrd Evans Tom Flhe Kay Frazrer Vrctor Frazxer Jerry Fuller Joan Garner Francls Galbreath Eva Gardner Jerry Glllum Theral Goodrrch Ronald Goodwm Theresa Gootee Rose Graham Carolme Green Karen Gregory Ronald Hallam Darrell Hanelme Dons Hanover Kathryn Harbrt Eugenla Harney Rrchard Harney Marrlyn Hams Harold Hartmg Ronald Hasecuster Jerry Harrell Ilmmy Headley Beverly Heflm Zona Hrckman Conn1e l-hgh Beverly Hrllard Lrnda Hocker Nancy Hocker Robert Huffman Donald Hughes Merrrll Hughes Jerry Hunt Mary Hunt Marletta Hunter Davrd Huntsmger Peggy Huntsmger Barbara Hussy Sharon Jarvxs Fred Jones Jerry Jones Barbara Keeslrng Leanna Kmg Bob Kochman Llnda Lacy Nancy Landrum B111 La Shure Bonnle Leathers Ray Leonard Judy Lewellm John LCWIS Janet Llndely Barbara Locke Francls Loser Lylrth Mams Marlene Manrs Judrth McCorkle gh! "NT 'Cf' Q -45" +G- S-new J '? Aim fn f--1 f4AL -af Al 51 .QA x'-f" 1 ,- -JY 1' U 'dl f? .fin Ad? of ,av 40" ,ff ,- ll -s 5-. 1' 1,1 M59 .14 ev 'QP' v-I' -A '-F' W, Q16 Hi. ff T 36- I - - L s . A H f Ae-5 'e , ' L' , LQJIJL 'B g K W-,. W --' K ,Q I sfm, - . f 4, J 1 ' "f 1 frolft- R I J... X A' frk 4 ' Q . 11 k ,JM -1 V , Z A 3.x I 1 'J D - 4 K 1 4, I 1: . , , B L 5, L ' , f ' ' Li if Q . lv wt 'J ' ' lv X L XT' L ' 4 - A Q. 'I' 1 1 - 1 1 X . . in G: HE, lg t I Q av . 'R ,V L R B X. B ' L, i , , ' 'Q ' 4 L A "' ,,. - 1-, ' K'l., AQ 'le':1"w ' rw K zif my 2 L My 1 , , Q L , an , g H Q 'El -I aw ,t.. N .3 I wr, A ' ' ' J'l 'sf' A " xl: , . , l . Q .Q Q ,Ax e ' 4-ff L if-Q, a t G ' ' . L "' A - wk V 7 1,4 i u , ' V ' " K L ff? . . I 2 Q Q H gy W - S5 '11 6 L -fe' ' 'ee V 'Yi' Q V ,I 'Qi' -J ta I , ,J 53 ,Q w 'Q ,..' 1 gay 3.5 new' '-3 -A' '-N 3' 3' pw wtf ,sv ,ff sta' FB assi: 40 ,I wg 7 K' WI ,of is I7 if fd sw 02 1158441 Phrlhp McCork1e Lrnda Meltzer Davrd Mrller Sharon Mrller Nancy Mrtchell Rrchard Mltchell Jo Ann Mosbaugh Beverly Morelane Barbara Neeley Terry Newkrrk Sam Nrckles Jacqurne Murray Tom Noble Sonja Odom Joyce Ooton Wrlma Parker Martha Parsons Rodney Passmore Mary Porter Dorothy Prrce Nancy Rrdge Sara Rrchards Robert Rrchardson Alyce Rrchwrne Terry Rrgsby Larry Rrley Donna Rlser Carl Rrtter Luana Robertson Rosetta Robrnson Carolyn Rockhrll Brll Rodgers Ted Rose Anna Rudrg Mack Sams Norman Sanders Larry Schrmmel Sally Southworth Davrd Stafford Iulra Stout Irene Sturtsman Sue Swanfelt Jean Taylor Barbara Teter Kenneth Trllman Trent Toensrng Wayne Tomlrnson Mrke Tumble Sh1rley Troutman Rachael Tucker Ruben Tunnell Sharon Wan Meter Harold Vest Jeanre Underwood Lots Webb Tom Weddell Georgra Welcher Sue Welcher Joy Ward Eddre Warner I, X gi' I-5. if , I ij ' - ' V,rk X 1 J ' I an -X ' W ,1 - 3' ' N 3 Ly .ei I L' I -L? ,I "' Q 1 " ' ' QQ T ' fr- X if xi ' 5 4 r A f"" V R 'av 9,1 by fi' J I ' lv 1' '-'N if I I J I K 7 - 4 .vyifravyl f H E, 'gi' 2 . 'I .,- , I if A As L- 1. Q , if , ,, 4. D 4 .- v 1 -.f t J ... --. -' .ff M , ,V 4 KV ,- . inf qw a ws i 7 'J - - if ' f' I da x f" X . U 6' "' yr x 5 2' ? fu S ., "' .- " . . f ,M K Q2 R we - tj' jf l , V A 4,7 , v nk jf 9 " k 1 ' . ' I. ,. fy ,VT LA X pd my W ll: za IIE ,-fir L-Ja T 1 ' V 1 15-2 I . 57. , .2 if , uh- sz' . Il T '-' -1' ' - 'A' A ' .- , , , t 4, K X1 KT 1-9 - V ts- W- 2 X-1, V xx 'I asf' nf' K? fl" L ,gpg f s X :B L . A My .. s 7 V I v, Iv-M ' J, I 'A' l, "' 1 Nr 5 ' J V . " z X K -, , , A ,A V 1 2 - ,. '-V,-' ' y -' ,T ' 4 f S.. - nf ' ' ' 'Ju ' i ...fr ' " 'K " V y-4 t 5 l W ING' tk uf", .Q Q l"': ' s I K, I 2 ' Vi It Q K, Ak ls , -ar 4, , 9 ' 'G QV, ' 'T fra f -'T as 'fa f , 7 Q 7 f A ' t f" f W - 'U .1 I 5 na. S D .1 5 ,,. . -fs Z-L 4- ., , , 43 ,re Y Aff? A J ' ,S X ' 9 by WJ A '? ' .f I 2 I' ' 1 t T 2"' 5352 I l .T A Q Q Representatives--BrendaJohnson. Darrell McQuitty, Jim Small fnot present for picturej Carl Danner, David Henn, Dav id Cooper, This year's freshmen class is the largest class that Willkie High has ever had. They seem to be everywhere and anywhere. You can always count on afreshman to walk up the down stairs and down the upstairs. Of course, it is the upper classmen who help them in their mistakes by selling them wrong books, leading them to wrong classes, scaring them to death and other such awful things. The freshmen just grin and bear all this punishment, but always keep in mind that some day they will be upper classmen. The sponsors of this class are Mr. Callahan, Miss Digel, Mrs. Kintzel, Miss Miller, Mr. Smith and Mr. Walker. 53 cf J ...W TT ,,,..-vi 'si W: rgfjik N,,x ll if was -is 'fa' laxex v' ,,... ff 31 ,-v 51,6623 X 4 1 6 'sf 3.75 Wa' ra 14 of-4' 'f -wr" W1 M Thomas Adams Donald Alumbaugh Darlene Amos Sandra Armre Judrth Bally Davld Balser Ronald Beasley Betty Beeman Jerry Beeman Tom Brckle George Blackford Betty Bond Carolyn Borst Sue Boruff Robert Bragg Carolyn Brewer Larry Brewer Harry Brrght Carol Brobst Phyllls Brook George Burdsall Wlllle Caldwell Noah Carpenter Rex Castor Allan Clark Larry Clymer Rrchard Coats Marvm Cole Davrd Cooper Barbara Cox LOIS Cox Rommona Cox Judlth Crrm Lrnda Crosthwalte Harry Croy Carl Danner Martha Darrow Thomas Davrs Anrtra Day Jack De Boms Carol DeFord Judrth Delong Soma Devaney Roberta Drckey Helen Dowlmg Barbara Downham Charles Drake Lrnda Duckworth Donald Duffltt Elourse Ebbert Jerry Everlrng Charlotte Faulstrck Lennle Frncher Mrchael Fowler 5-1 , E 'Z I k 5-'B it L 1 V' ' "' ,ru-1 A Q, i A I v' llsr if 'B' -. .. 1 A A ff - G- -K ' ' 'f 1 1 2 Q .1 . '.'..ai I1 gi , fl , I I I I 1 ' tl, I AE' l I . or at Q F ff .A ' f- 5 A L. ' 4 as , v g sf R yr ,n ,V " 4. 'L . f 'N Q' ' ,i , ,. , . ' h f Q. ,Q wil aa 'f , Il m .E, 7 lf. 'Ma 1" rf xt I X' ' , l ff J 1 jf' I 3 J., 4 I - 1 X . ,.., .. I 'f C, 1 5' an i .aau in 'I 'g D 4. X .A ,, a V ' .si f- -- Q , 5:1 aff, U 'J ' C, ' C. fl x-J , K if 3: -. f 1 x I . ' , g H. 1 I ,DY 11' as r A 4, mx , 6-9 2' ' . -.L , ,. ,. l ' L S A '17 , 1' rr' ' a f .. ,, Hs J , ' rs 3 ,milk M V hw f , K I , D ' rs -ff l A v ' gf ,,. X., ,f, ' A I ' rf? 'Q ' ' I A ,ff 'W' " as Q 'I Q , 3 Q if? I l fir ' "' 2 it J, .. I K V ,, 1: ' ' ' fe' '75 J-A - Hel: J ll A -3 f l ' u. 1 Q' 5 .Jw 44' 4--v r - ':' Q , 4 1 N ,Q Q32 I V I ' X! wats if 1, ' lx ' . f 3 V 5 f" f rv L ful? .. 5-' ' 'A , J V , I W , Q 2 . . l TWT. 'I A 4' Q 1 ' A . ' 1: 1 5 QQ J B111 Frye Rosahe Garrlson Tom Glotzbach Marcra Goodrrch Lue Groover Roger Gross Harold Hahn Ruth Hamxlton Ronald Hancock Jerry Hankley Harold Hanover Judrth Hams Joseph Hartlng Larry Hartmg Mary Hartrng Sherry Hartzler Pat Harvey Sandra Hayes Joe Heflm Dav1d Henn Sue Hennrgan Paula Heston Sue Hrbst Roger Hmds Glenadme Hobson Jrmmle Hobson John Hofer Vera Holhday Judy Holmes Tom Hoover Phylhs Horme- Ronnalee House Tommy Howerton Judy Hoyleman Judy Hudson Larry Hudson Gordon Hughs J1m Huntsman Danny Hutcheson Julia Idlewrne J1m Jackman Rosella Jackson Rua Jaemchen Patty Jameson Barbara John Beatrrce John Brenda Johnston Jerry Jordan Lawerence Darser Danny Dantner Ann Krncald Fredrrc Dmcaid Janet Kmser 5 'gg -Y ev iq wud? W ,.- std ff' Q7 Qi... gxrffx, -if f-0' 4-4' 5 Wea' A Stags if 'ti' ,M Al' '11, 'fedex OV' pf' 'K 'N 1-K ,X ff- lff .ff- 55 ull' QW ia far X Nd? - "' 63 ,. 4 or ."' K 5, W s , ,1'i, ' , "3 1 ' ' kkrkkk K. J J V1.7 Z? il ff' 75 11 -Q :ra B 2 1 '.:, A . gg J -' -1,' f r I f M ,N was e.-1 A 7 R -'es i f Q JJJJ 5 "' Q' 19 0-.2-. my s ,f ' .Jw ..-s s .-- K .aa . ., Q u ff ss ff' .' A D . Ji S ai me Effa 1 P. A J 3 A , ' f' 1 I ' 1 .5 we A -f Q R, an X fa' , lu' .,- s,, ... ty J, .- , I wg 'W ., JK.. J v Q r I , , Q J -X fx A ' 31 ! Y ff J - " . or . 5 ,N-1 ' a ,r4' xtiefa-NN 'JA' I V . , Frankie H J'2l""' ,1 fs RTV fr k ' CVIOD ,Aki qf' I X 'Vi sri 'VVLL . .. H J. , - rs, 1 J - be s' 1, ff Jf I , I f." fa JB ,QS 3. 2 .,, ' 1. Aa- J W.,-'Q "" Y iff ' 'ft A fn' 'sr J xg- Q XX V X J I if! 5 1 J kk 6 X I , iw V J If n W iv- ' t 6' W' 7 f,,M- 1 . . ,, ' QM, ' x 1' J x Q ,lk g , atv -N . Q., A My -4 , WA ,M -f -sr' '07 X? J sfo if J 3? as J . . . p so I , -. 5 - J or - J X5 fy J f ' 'Z' 'Jai J Rf? 'Y Sie ,vw '-6' 4,5 F! .gs- I 1111 fflf ,, vw 4 B qt -X , 1: z -A ii 1, ln Q 4, 8 h N re' L " A A? L 9, g int, is XX t eff? and " K' -A l sl Nxxx f' ' " g 5'9" v ffm lg: . f L 'A' ' 'V .N X f ' J h 2 , Q 1 'X al Cv ' 4 .,l K: Q, 't X Z QQ ,E gk X" , I S' 5 N, ri' X ' ' -' Gr5 3' , Q vm? V'!A K- , . 5' M ff 0 I A ti hs ' A 33, -' me B 3- V 4 39 . H , rf I ll ,L of F, as . t, R ' , 44 N - 131 B Q W 'l' fr' on .9 A l f , f" y ,M v W i 77, ...uni 1 3 1' Aw Ht' i, at ll A l J Q T fy Z A , A F5 - ,A ' ' f, ., V' I' 'Q J H3 X H Q 4' Z V' I 1 5. 9 'X' Hi RG 9 t' , W . ff l ' ,vi ' rr E.. L Q , i. i - i A , n X f Q X l . I ll ze V Q :lv lx X I ZQWU i I it 1 g 4, -+ W Q 3 s J , V 'V X N sw t - it I Q . ,4 '31 I 'TQ fis QW 'WM WF' .pa 4... X J' S' in V f .,,.ff 56 '9 Sl Q Al RN., 'Fi Ri f' Barbara Kleln Marllyn Kleyla Denneth Knopp Vxrglnra Knotts Jerry Knotts Beverly LaSure Bllly Lee Danny Lee Thomas Lehman Beverly Lersure Danny Lelsure Rosalre Lewellyn Treva Lewellyn Ernest Lrneback Georgra Lock Sharon Lynas Jumor Marsh Sharon McElfresh Martha Mangas Reta MCGIHHIS Harold McK1n1ey A1106 McPhearson Phrllrp McQueen Darrell McQu1tty Chester McW1l11ams Marllyn Mrchelr Judy Mrtroff Llndall Mack Redge Moore John Moore Marlene MOIIIS Larry Noble Evonla Moss Lrnda Murphy Dan Nance James Nrckels Deanna Ohaver Barbara Parr Malcolm Pavese Jerry Pedro Wlllram Peters Rrchard Phenls Beverly Porter Jack Preston Brllre Ralney Murl Rrch Kathy Rrggs Carolc Rrchardson Edgar Rhea James Rrley Sue Rlva Thomas Robbrns Karen Robertson Wllllam Robertson Audrey Robtnson Karln Robtnson Loretta Rush Ronald Sanders Judtth Saxton Bennre Scott Judy Seeley Marshal Sherman Romona Shtnkle Jeanntne Short Davtd Stgler Eltzabeth Stgler Barbara Shull Cectl Skeen jtm Small Janet Smtth Jerry Smlth Rtchard Smtth Vonctlle Smtth Douglass Sorrell Emtly Sohn Suzanne Southworth Patty Spangler Mary Spres Marcus Stacy Patrtcta Stage Sharon Stage Judtth Stewart Ltnda Stone Larry Stover Phyllts Swrtzer James Taylor Joyce Thomas Robert Townsend Fred Tyner Larry Tyner Roberta Vawtaw Jerry Walman Mary Wardwell Bill Webb Lloyd Welches Arlene Wells Harold Wells Karen Werline Frances Willhoite Sarah Wilson Judith Wiseman Carla Wisler Jerry Wood Sue Ellen Wood Q7 312 'f"" We C7 f-' I In 'CJ' 'w..f f' 1 if Q F 'lv ta-"iw ?954"9 fn, 14? - sf '1 ayaf 't J1 1 .J?, -- . QQ, 0, 1. ,tees , Af N??'x V VL Wy, CV 57 'fb 4' wi 7547 'V' f f. On 70.4, '21 I I 1954 I I 6 JA , Q Q . The home coming queen, Kay Van- Buskirk. is being crowned by last years queen, Betty Beckley. Her court con- sists offl, to rg Sherry Hartzler, fresh- meng Eva Mae Crull, sophomoreg Car- o1ynCo11ins. seniorg and their escorts, The weather was hot but the music was good, Who would mind a little hot weather when we had just beaten Ko- komo? This was the grand march in which the queen and her escort and the court and their escorts led the rest of the couples in a march covering the width of the Panther Den, The queen, Kay VanBuskirk, chosen from the junior class toured the field in a brand new Oldsmobile, She was follow- ed by the court and the 1953 queen, Betty Beckley, It was just about half time! Kokomo had the ball and was advancing toward the goal line. The yell leaders were on their feet leading the up- roar! A Kokomo player was carry- ing the ball and was tackled just as the half ended, The score at the half was 13-0 in favor of Elwood, l' .14 C P9 . D . wmf?54 The junior-senior prom was held in the beautifully decorated Panther Den on May 7, 1954. Huge mobiles of glistening stars hung from the deep blue ceiling carrying out the theme of "Rhapsody in Blue". The walls were covered with a light blue and were adorned with notes and stars. The crowning of the queen, Jan Rudig, by Michael Ripperger was a high light of the even- ing. The members of the court were: Nancy Davies, Betty Floyd, Darlene Riggs, and Joan Helpling. Afterleaving the Den the group was enter- tained by the Kiwanis, Lions, and Rotary Clubs of Elwood. There was a first run movie at the Vogue Theater and then dancing at the country club. Breakfast was served at 5:00 A. M. on May Sth. 35-4?wm V' ef ll .ia 4 . 5. On November 6, 1954, the senior class had their annual Sadie I-Iawkin's Day Party. All who attended had a good time although it was a bit hectic. The unfortunate boys led the girlsa merry chase, but in the end all of them were caught and dragged across the finish line to be married by Marryin' Sam, who was Richard Sharp. Everyone came dressed in the Worst pos- sible manner with the least possible on. As there was only one casualty, everyone agreed that they had a wonderful time. -L ' no Um-m-m-m Boy! Good Booze 1 -vp, Q Q . '1 f' 'I Here we come I :e -I lg? Q". 'ij ' Q ' ' ? 5. 3 '-'-.A - lu Q Y ' 113 4 4 Y 1 ' '- ' 9 , X ,' le, ,-9 f t , f' ,-eff? QQ, i X f ' X A-4' . X xg - Dig those Cra-a-z-zy Hillbillies! Backwoods Rhythm Run for your lives' sig vaymmezaarzafqse Mrs. Savage. . . ...... Jean Spies Lillybelle. . . . .Carolyn Coulson Titus .,... , ,Roger Mitchell Samuel .... ..... M ax Landrum Hannibal. . . . . . Gerald Anderson Fairy .... . . .Rozella McCorkle Jeffrey ..... .... J ohn Fogerty Miss Willy .... ....... A nn Rose Dr. Emmett. . . . . . Douglas Goodwin Florence .... .... N ancy Davies John Thomas ............... Joe Callahan Thejunior class presenteda delightfully dif- ferent play about life in the Cloisters, an ex- clusive mental institution. lt was under the very able direction of Kenneth Callahan. The story revolves around Mrs. Savage, who was committed to the institution by her three money-hungry children. The story is how she changes the lives of the people living at the Cloisters. The play was a huge success and was en- joyed by all. 74a 70440 7acwz1z 7 ' 74a Sumdaua 79l41yof155 Chester Binney, . . . . David Wilson Mr. Simmons. . . .... Jay Long Mrs. Simmons. . . . . . Jean Spies Ethel Simmons. . . ..... Ann Rose Roger Shields. . . . . Chuck Micheli Donald Swift. . . . . Roger Mitchell Letty Lythe. . . , , Elaine Eder Annie ....... .... G loria Heflin Sadie Bloom. . . . . Janice Taylor Taxi Driver. . . . . . Max Landrum Lila Wilson. . . . . . Naomi Robbins Sally ...... . ......... . Rozella McCorkle The senior class presented one of the best plays ever to be seen at Wendell Willkie High School. The play was under the direction of Kenneth Callahan and was expertly done. The story was about a family in a small town and the excitement that made an undistin- guished little character popular. David Wilson played the mousy Mr. Binney, and his humorous remarks kept the audience laughing throughout the play. . .0--A., 3532" .W 1 K YM ka: 'I y 2 S' an .:.31EE'-.MLA-TFP. , X. X .sn 1 is Q 720 fe! 1' my N,,,f I ' I I O The G. A. A. is an organization for girls in our high school who are in- terested in sports activities. They participate in such sports as bowling, bas- ketball, and baseball. The organization is sponsored by Miss Miller. The initiation is held at the beginning of each semester. The officers for this year were President, Kay Beernang vice-president, Pat Conleyg and Treasurer, Jeannie Underwood. KW, X J ,af f' XX F . rw , y Y ff First Row: Betty Loyd, Elenor Hemphill, Phylis Switzer, Roberta Uautaw, Kay Beeman, Darlene Anderson, Pat Con- ley, Gay Small, Ethel Boyden. Second Row: Miss Miller, Judy Crim, Melany Tyner, Thearl Goodrich, Margaret Borst, Eva Cruell, Eva Gardner, Ruth Poole, Pat Williams. Third Row: Peggy Jackman, Sandy Gardner, Peggy Hunt- singer, Jeanne Underwood, Rachel Tucker, Barbara Danner, Karen Gregory, Sharon Dellinger, Sherry Clark. Top Row: Joa Lee Wilhelm, Tennie Tunnell, Pat Jones, Janice Taylor, Beatrice John, Brenda Johnston, Frankie Hevron, Judy Holmes, Judy Holyman, it WNW F? J' A Q, 'rx m H A u Q -an I I ,Q K H' new X 4 4 A I f K I' fw 'Wg 1 vs.: 5 X "Q- I -'QP i x Q .vi yan X L ' ' S f 'Q'K'1 J i Y 'tk Uwfwwk 8 'A' X J' ,j . wil?-giv 'x x . PNK sa ,if -.Q . Mygfrfe ' . 1 . . 1 K :JA gi, , . ,,Q1i.:" K f gffuvfi' ,vw 4 5 wp- I- g N '--Hiffqiiue 3.5 QR if, i ,WM I 45, .ri H' 'KY f l I it HSKG QA. 3 yu. YW V 3 ,pq .. 21, N-C' ' ' f 1 .nf ng, .Q 'ig '52 1 . i K . , . . f V gif ,.f- 2 1 1 ' 4 N . se 'E :QW w . ki Y f wif 'Ji-Q-,a1 ,:ir' Q " ' - Us , Vx 5 ,, , I Mr O . , Y ii A 'N . " ' Ill v f Ill - 4 M 'W " 1 '- '5' 1, '-RN, :.V, I S-mf lx W 'I ,rm 1 :'4!Y9"" . a,y5l',,, . ,.' X,,,,,f S' 2' Wx. ,Y ld . J . W- if ' 'g 1 .-vi I R? D ,QL ,af,?F'F,x te ' A 's i 4 I .Q 1 Q 61 sa '-I Q S Y fHe is here some placelj The business manager of the Crescent, Charles Micheli, expresses his appreciation for the support given by our advertisers, We can all express our thanks by patronizing the following firms and organizations which made this book possible. Abe's Used Cars Allen's Shoe Store Aurelius fSamJ Baker 8a Jackson Ins, Brown's Jewelry Store Banner Store Camera Shop Central Hardware Central Indiana Gas Co. Citizen's Bank City Creamery City Fish 8a Poultry Co. Coca-Cola Company Copher St Fessler Funeral Home Cotton Candy Co. Coulter's Superette Delco Remy Dellinger Insurance Dietzen's Bakery Dew Drop Inn Eagles Lodge East Star Inn Elks Lodge Emka Machine Co. Etchison Insurance Falvey's Men's Shop Federal Savings 8a Loan Fettig Canning Corp. Fihe's Radio Bt TV Firestone First National Bank Goodrich Goodyear Grinnell's Toys Guide Lamp Corp, Hinshaw Drug Co. Hollensbee Insurance Home Ice Sc Coal Co. Hoosier Home Improvement Indiana Michigan Electric Inland Marine Jackley Funeral Home Jack's Grocery Kiwanis Club Klein's Shoes Klump Wallpaper Store Land's Music Stand Leather's Boat House Leeson's Lineback Grocery Maddox Insurance Mangas Cafeteria Mangas Ice Cream Lee's Marathon Service Martz Grocery McDaniel's 75 McKnight's Implements Metal Coatings Co. Monticello Corp. Moore's Used Cars Morris 5 8: 10 Pem's Self Service Laundry Penney's J. C. Peterson's Motor Co. Phi1lip's Insurance Co. Reichart's Grocery Rhodes Jewelry Roller Rink Royal Garment Cleaners Scott's Shell Seegar Auto Supply Elwood Shows Simmons Cleaners St. Clair Glass Sutter Dairy Taff and Baker Tam's Drugs Tool and Die, Elwood Vanness Real Estate View Point Co. Wheeler's Market Woolworth 5 SL 10 Zimmer Industries CITY FISH AND POULTRY Congratulations MARKET Quality Eggs and Poultry Phone Fe 2 5482 .I ck Nlelllng Mgr MANUFACTURWG COMPANY WAYNE JoNEs AND soNs :Nc FIRESTONE Elwood lndmnq West nghouse Admiral HCA I424 West Mann Elwood Indiana Phone Fe 2 236l JAMES C JACKSON INSURANCE IO2 South I6th St Elwood Indiana Phone Fe 2 36I3 THE CAMERA SHOP 408 South Anderson Street Qcheck page 781 Your Best Buy THE CENTRAL HARDWARE STORE Safe Place To Shop Rzght Goods az Rlghz Przces WORTH DELLINGER AGENCY INSURANCE 9I4 South Anderson Street Elwood lndlana Phone Fe 2 5212 Compliments 0 CENTRAL INDIANA GAS CO CLYDE ETCHISON R eal E state 1223 Mann Street Phone Fe 2 5753 ARROW SHIRTS DOBBS HATS FALVEY S d B y SAMSONITE FLORISHEIM LUGGAGE SHOES Complzments of FIHE S RADIO 8. TV SALES TAM S DRUGS Always Friendly and Courteous PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS a a . , . i - ' - COLOR HEADQUARTERS Guess Who? ' f For Men an o s n STARS T0 GUIDE YOU 'X an open m1nd i' an honest heart i' a s1ncere regard for If success and happzness are your goals zn lzfe make these the stars by whzch you chart your course DELCO-REMY DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION ANDERSON INDIANA your fellow man . . . JOHNSON SEA HORSE DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS PAINT WALL PAPER OVERSIZE FILM DEVELOPING HINSHAWS Outboard Motors Any Kind at Boats and Canoes in Wood or Metal Chris Craft Boat Kits Tee Nee and Trail Car Trailers Duplex and Mobil Oils - Greases LEATHER S BOAT HOUSE 1823 North A Street ,fff f 5 Try Page 94 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1955 gTI1 dA dA Th gI1TI1 Ad H PP Jock and George Mclngos MANGAS CAFETERIA AND ANNEX Mom and Anderson Sis EI ood I d I'I H p' Y F d A b' ' A R I' Y P 9 Tri I T 'b I ' 0fLiIeMyI'I II1Ad a iness B Y Constant C p ' w , n . The Pancake Supper is an annual activity ofthe club for the purpose of rais- ing funds to help the youth of the community KIWANIS CLUB OF ELWOOD JOHN W MOORE SEEGAR AUTO SUPPLY CHEVROLET SALES Complete Line Automobile Accessories Chevrolet Oldsmoblle Cadlllac Exte li be t ' h s Distributors for Smitty and n S S ww e C 1 Sportsman Mufflers to the lass of 55 1616 South "A" Sf. PL1One Fe SO. Sfl'e8f Elwogdl Indiqnq Phone Fe 2-7348 There s CI one and only ln refreshment, too fix, S., LJ Q ff Q? J ff' A If X f X ...Jf X........f-Q N i x' 5 KJV I WI MMM 7 I ! U I xxx ' ur Q ' H: 5 fgxsmvxn v'k , ,af-ffm? Wo f df Yi f MJ!! Q EN' GW fr if il ' V 1' I , as ff lu e f X f 1 , Q, f f f I ,75- fxw ,F -if L: x""' 4 x N ' Xe- 'flllq N fl' " 1 ' Mi' 117 Q 4 R f ' I X, N X ""x,f! 'lf U ,, i -1 'Q f N fu i.. - X I I ' A Q A J," r COPHER and FESLER Funeral Home ABE S AUTO SALES 1351 So B S1 Ph Fe 2 3152 Three Star Cars Clean Dependable Reasonable Elwood Indiana COULTER'S SU PERETTE You Name If' We Got It' SAM AU RELIUS Candles School Supplies Sofi Drmks and Magazines Cornpl ents 0 RAY HOLLENSBEE 16,0 Nemo Campus INSURANCE AGENCY INC Complete Insurance Service 210 So 22nd St Ph Fe2 903 l . . I I . . . . 5? N - ' J im f -. I ' . . . -3 THE BRIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS alan' The Home of the Automotnc Headlight Control ,4U7'f?OfV!6'-EYE GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTGRS GORP! ALLEN S SHOE STORE Shoes For The Entlre Family BROWN S JEWELRY STORE 2101 Mann Street WATCHES DIAMONDS Best Wzsh es FETTIG CANNING CORPORATION CITY CREAMERY SUMMERS AND SON For Dairy Products Call Your Grocer or Ph Fe 2 3801 Comp lzments o TI'IE GOODYEAR STORE 310 South Anderson Street Be I"IoIsum Look Holsum Buy Holsum IT S DIETZEN S Comply, e ts Of INDIANA and MICHIGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY KLEIN S The Latest Fashzon m Footwear C ongratulatwn LEE S MARATHON STATION South A Street I I , . "Service is Our Policy" Y I 'm n Y I Y Congratulations ZIMMER INDUSTRIES INC Manufacturers of America s Flnest Mobile Homes 1000 North Nlnth Street Elwood Indiana EMKA MACHINE ROBERT L JACKLEY COMPANY AMBULANCE SERVICE h 3 d St Phone Fe 2 5841 Ph F 2 972 O . , . . I Nort r reet Elwood Indiana one e -3 MANGAS ICE CREAM CO., INC.. WHOLESALE RETAIL Velvet Smooth Ph Fe 2 5102 I4I2 Ma n St Compl e ts 0 LINEBACK GROCERY Co e of South I and I9th McDANIEL S DRY GOODS CLOTHING SHOES JACK S GROCERY 8- BAKERY 2034 Ma n Street Ph Fe 2 6553 Complzments o MORRIS STORES 202 204 South Anderson St ELWOOD INDIANA REICHART S Clover Farm Stores Ph Fe 2 9088 Co pl ent .I C PENNEY CO ROYAL GARMENT CLEANERS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1955 705444 garfd. Www f4Zw4g4 fememlvz ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASS'N 1501 MAIN STREET ELWOOD INDIANA PHONE FE 2 7381 Insurance of Savings Accounts to 510,000.00 C L l z Complt 6 ts Ollgfa ll. LOTLS HOME ICE AND COAL CO ST CLAIR GLASS WORKS 1800So D Ph Fe25621 KLUMP WALLPAPER AND SIMMONS CLEANERS PUNT STORE 1533 So A St Ph Fe 2 2242 Complzments TAFT AND BAKER Furniture Store Ph Fe 2 6212 Fumlfure Rugs Appliances 1531 Mum Sf Maln Sffeef Elwocd I d one REAL ESTATE C0 Pl' ents of Form and Cnty CALL Fe 2 5432 CALL F W WOOLWORTH C0 1- 1- VANNESS 1403 Ma n Ofm n from of ' SCOTTY SHELL SERVICE . ' ' . Compliments of CENTRAL PAINT 8. LUMBER CO INC Telephone Fe 2 5402 l62l South A St Elwood lndlona THE UP TOWN YARD Complzments f ELKS LODGE Elwood lnduano Towel Gorham lnternatlonal Wallace Lunt and Alvm Sterllng Francoma Royal Dalton and Fxne Barvanan Chlna FOSLOFIH Imperial HCICY Cambrldge and Glastonbury Fme Crystal Free Bndal Service EARL G RHODES JEWELER Alexandria Elwood Tipton O' 0 ll Il 7 9 . 1 , Havalin, Franciscan, Royal Jackson, o . . . 7 . , . 1 . y . , . . - CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1955 SUCCESS FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES AERIE 201 Sponsor of the Teen Age Dance EI d I d TO YOU ALL W Fcd upAlk COTTON CANDY CORPORATION IThe old candy with a new twlstj CICERO INDIANA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 F th ELWOOD THEATRE VOGUE THEATRE ELWOOD DRIVE IN THEATRE 'It s Smart to go to the Movies" or hiI ren and Grown s i e Quality Candy From f rom e i 1 Compliments of B W h B F Goonmcn co est is es 'II6 South Anderson Street BILL 8. LIB FIRST n RUBBER FIRST m 'ruBELEss ELWOOD ROLLER RINK INLAND MARINE GUNS TACKLE SPORTING GOODS EVINRUDE MOTURS PEM S SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY SHIRTS FINISHED Crlcket s Dad Pem Robbms 611 South Anderson St Pho e Fe 2 3242 JACK S GROCERY 8. BAKERY 2034 Mann Street Phone Fe 2 6553 Complzments 0 LAND S MUSIC STAND Our Best Wzshes or The Years Ahead SUTTERS RICH GOLD QUALITY CHECKED GRADE A DAIRY PRODUCTS Wzth the flavor you avor Phone Fe 2-2422 Good Luck Class of 1955 METAL COATINGS AND MANUFACTURING C0 INC. I29 MG Elwood Indaan Compliments of W B PHILLIPS AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 704 M n ood Pho e Fe 2 5652 CHRYSLER 81 PLYMOUTH 1412 Mam Street M PETERSON MOTOR SALES GRINNELL S Toys Yanety Glfts M Mile East on State Road 28 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ELWOOD Over Sixty Years of Continuous Service to the Community More than a half century of banlung has given thls bank an lIlSlgI'lt lnto the needs of banks ln thls area We welcome an opportunlty to share wlth our frlends any lnformatlon which we may have and to dlscuss lndlvldual as well as mutual problems Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE LARGEST SIDING Applicators in Indiana WE GUARANTEE ALL 3' BEAUTY COMFORT ECONOMY HOOSIER HOME IMPROVEMENT swoon mm. AND DIE co J H Graham Manager COMPANY INC mos., K sm., 1623 Mom Street Phone FE 2 7341 Free Estlmates No Down Payment Small Monthly Payments Elwood Indlana GOOD LUCK TO THE 1955 SENIORS If lt belongs ln an ofhce contact us If you are plannmg a party see us lf you are lnterested ln unusual greetlng cards we have them VIEW POINT INC 1532 Mann Street pl mm. ,. W 251' I -2:2 ESE!! ':.-:.--...':::E Z5-EEL S17- 62 'W W- W ja V -V I Q .1 Q y J l I ll I ILL. f Students You too should get the benefit of a seventy erght year old experience In modern merchan dlslng For seventy elght years thus firm has stood the test and faithfully served Elwood and communnty Leeson s forth In Elwood and the people s faith ln Leesons have bullt on In stntutuon that will endure Remember good merchandase IS available at all tlmes Leeson s R L LEESON 8. SONS CO DEW DROP INN wzsb the best of luck to t e class of 55 F hge? J E CLOUD MGR R Compliments 0 BANNER STORE Anderson s Dominant Dependable t Thrifty Shoppung Center ANDERSON INDIANA Phone 6615 Not here Try page 75 MADDOX INSURANCE MARTZ GROCERY and 824 West Maln TAX Quality Merchandise Courteous Service II4 South I6th Street Phone Fe 2 3871 C,,,,,p1,,,,e,,,S McKNIGH T'S gf 'ISI9 South "B" Street Elwood, Indiana Furmall Tractors International Trucks Farm Implements Ports Service a rlll".,- 1' .HH-.H I I u A 4 :.,,, - I l-ima! --"":"" I ' 'I""7"""f"----I.....,. A , ,.'?'3"'li " ' ' .lf" ..-vs. . A- i , - ' , nwM,,,,.! .. I , Z 'A , ' ,N t ... A V 1 4 1 1 Ja. I' 1, " 'TE' - :I '9 r fl 'MMM " Q' A U 5 I I . .-..-svn " ' I I ' 'Q I' 'Q funn: an ' A IJ-gpg "',. .14-gvn-'IU' ' ' I , , 1 mann,-n.?,..,,., H'j'-3-7:-.. , , - l:::p::.,xE:::::f :S---.M 1 -I it -I A we 4 mMg.g,M:fZZ:!:E ?E'Er::EE-llgg Q. . . I .l " 1 ., . 1 - -431. 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