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t6e ?954 (? e4ce tt WendeM WtfflUe School SCciMMxi, ?Ktica UZKENNETH L. CALLAHAN B.S. Indiana State Teachers College, English, Speech BLANCHE DIGEL B.S., M.S. Ball State Teachers College, Indiana University, English 0DecUcatio t We, the seniors of 1954, do dedicate this Crescent to our four admirable sponsors in appreciation for their co-operation and encouragement throughout our high school years. ESTHER KOONS B.S. Purdue University, English GEORGE SMITH B.S., M.S. Franklin College, Indi ana University, Mathe matics 2 Z tcC Pretty fo c£ooC MR. M. A. COPELAND Principal MR. KEITH SCOTT Superintendent Phyllis Sosbe Lillian Mikels Jo Ann Ballentine ScfooC MR. RALPH STEVENS President MR. JOHN MERRITT Secretary MR. ROBERT CARTER Treasurers4nd ?acu4ty MARY M. ALLEN B.S. Indiana University, Ball State Teachers College, George Peabody Library School, Librarian FRANK BYKOWSKI B.S. Purdue University, Physical Education, Drivers' Training, Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach. KENNETH D. COULSON B.S., M.S. Ball State Teachers College, Business Education, Co-ordinator of Distributive Education ROBERT J. DURR B.S. Ball State Teachers College, Mathematics, Science WILLIAM E. BALLENTINE B.S. Ball State Teachers College, Industrial Arts, Mathematics WILLIAM FREED B.S. Ball State Teachers Col lege, Business, Art GERALD W. BORDNER B.M. Purdue University, Butler University, Music BETTY HOUSE B.S. Indiana University, Business Education CLIFFORD BRUGGER B.S., M.E. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Music VIVIENNE F. CARTER B.S., M.S. Ball State Teachers College, Indiana University, Home Economics, Cafeteria PALMER J. DAVIS B.S.A. Purdue University, Agriculture JOHN H. HINDS B.S., M.A. Ball State Teachers College, Indiana University, Co-ordinator of Diversified Occupation and Industrial Education 7SAM HOUSE B.A., M.S. Berea College, Indiana University, History, Civics ALEETA KINDER A.B., M.A. Canterbury College, Columbia University, Latin, Commerce JOAN McCAMMON B.S. Indiana University, Home Economics DOROTHY RUTH MATHER B.S. Purdue University, Physical Education, Health MARY RECORDS A.B., M.S. Indiana University, Ball State Teachers College, English, Spanish LYLE SHEFFIELD B.S. Ball State Teachers College, Industrial Arts GILBERT SHUCK B.S., M.P.E., D.P.E. Ball State Teachers College, Purdue University, Indiana University, Industrial Arts, Assistant Coach LILLIAN A. SULLIVAN R N., B.S. Indiana University, School Nurse W. BLAIR SULLIVAN B.S. Ball State Teachers College, Biology LEONARD WALKER B.S. Indiana State Teachers College, Indiana University, Mathematics, History JOHN W. WARD A.B. DePauvv University, Health, Basketball Coach, Assistant Foctball Coach 8 s4 “THett cutd 02i o te tSe tto at a4t PATRICIA L. SUTTON Dramatic Club, Megaphone, Glee Club, Sunshine Society, Student Council, Junior and Senior Class, Majorette, National Honor Society, Senior Class Officer, Junior and Senior Class Plays. JOSEPH R. WOOD SeniorClassOfficer, Student Council, E-Men’s Club, Student Manager (Football), Baseball. MICHAEL D. HELPLING Junior and Senior Class Plays, E-Men's Club, Debate Club, Dramatic Club, Junior and Senior Class Officer, Student Council, Varsity Football, Track. RICHARD DELLINGER Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class President, Student Council, Debate Club, National Honor Society, Dramatic Club, Junior and SeniorClass Plays, La-tinClub, Booster Club, Co-Chairman of Panther Den. The journey is ended for the class of '54. No longer shall we trudge through vVillkie High's hallowed halls. These past four years have been happy years filled with ambitions and hopes for the future. Several of us have decided on our life's work. Many in the class of'54 are going to attend college, but in our hearts we shall ever remember the good times had in Willkie High. 10SetuonA WILLIAM ABNER Debate Club, Dramatics Club, Intramural Basketball, B-team Basketball. JACK ADAIR Projection Club. ROLAND V. ALLEN Varsity Football, Booster Club, Debate Club. BERNARD A. ALTHERR Debate Club, Junior Class Play, B-team Basketball. BARBARA J. ARMIE Sunshine Society, Junior Red Cross. VIOLET MAE BANNON Sunshine Society. ROBERT E. BARBER Junior and Senior Class Plays, Spanish Club, Pro-jectionclub, Debate Club, Band. RALPH DUANE BOLL Spanish Club, Projection Club, Debate Club, Intramural Basketball. BARBARA JANE BOURFF Student Council, Dramatic Club, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Chorus. CAROL SUE BOWMAN Spanish Club, Concession Club, Art Club, Orchestra, Chorus, Feature Twirler, Crescent. 11Se ti vi4 ALICE MATILDA BOYDEN LARRY L. CLARK Sunshine Society, Booster Art Club, Track. Club, Spanish Club, Dramatic Club, Debate Club, Crescent,Chorus, National Honor Society. ALICE BRAGG Sunshine Society, Concession Club. DELORES BRAGG Sunshine Society, Con cession Club. ELIZABETH BREWER Sunshine Society. DELORES CALDWELL G.A.A., Booster Club. SHARON LEE CLARK Booster Club, Dramatic Club, Art Club, Sunshine Society, G.A.A. JOYCE ANN CLARY Sunshine Society, Booster Club. CAROL ELAINE CLYMER Dramatic Club, Art Club, Student Council, Junior and Senior Class Plays. JAMES E. COLE Debate Club, Dramatic Club, C re sc e n t, Junior Class Play. 12Se U vi4, RONALD L. COLE Varsity Football, Track, Dramatic Club, Senior Class Play. PHYLLIS COLLINS Sunshine Society. MARY LOU COLLIS JOHN CONWELL PATRICIA LOU COOPER G.A.A., Booster Club. JAMES PERRY COTTON Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Latin Club, Student Council, E-Men’s Club. DAVID B. COURTNEY Freshman Football. KYLE E. DAUENHAUER Varsity Football, Track, E-Men’s Club. JANET LEE DAVIS Sunshine Society. JOHN CLINTON DAVIS Freshman Basketball, B-team Basketball,4-HClub, Usher, Vo - Ag. Judging Team. 13Se U n6 CAROLYN DeLONG ROSS FETTIG Debate Club, Dramatic Intramural Basketball. Club, Latin Club, Sophomore Class Officer, Crescent, Band, G.A.A. LOIS JEAN DUFFEY ROBERT FISCUS Sunshine Society, Dramat- Band, ic Club, Junior Red Cross, G.A.A. JERRY V. EDER Junior Class Play. JOE FETTIG Junior Class Play. PHILLIP E. FETTIG Varsity Football, B-team Basketball. JANE ANN FISHER Latin Club, Booster Club, G.A.A. SHIRLEY JEAN FISHER Dramatic Club, Yell leader, G.A.A. DELORES FOWLER Sunshine Society, ArtClub, Booster Club, G.A.A. 14Se ti yi IVAN E. FOWLER Intramural Basketball,Varsity Football, Track,Chorus. JAMES J. FRYE Freshman Basketball, B-team Basketball, Track, Varsity Basketball. BARBARA JEAN FULLER Sunshine Society, Dramatic Club, Booster Club. LARRY K. GARDNER Debate Club, Dramatic Club, Crescent, Junior and Senior Class Plays. KENNETH MERLE GARRISON Debate Club, Dramatic Club, Junior Class Play, Crescent, Varsity Football. CHESTER GERIG Debate Club, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Junior Class Play, Glee Club, Intramural Basketball, Freshman Football,Varsity Football. LAWRENCE E. GILLESPIE Freshman Football. NANCY FAYE GOINS Sunshine Society,Dramatic Club, Debate Club, Art Club, Megaphone, Booster Club. MAX G. GREEN Student Council,Glee Club, Track, F re sh m a n Basketball, Varsity Football. BETTY LOU HANOVER Concession Club, Booster Club. 15SetttonA WILLIAM HEADLEY Art Club, Intramural Basketball,Freshman Football. SANDRA LOU HECK Dramatic Club, Booster Club, G.A.A. DOUGLAS HERSHBERGER KING D. HUNTSINGER E-Men's Club, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Football and Basketball, Track, Sophomore Class Officer. CAROLYN JACKMAN Concession Club. ROBERT JACKSON Projection Club, Student Council, Agriculture Judging Team, Track, Freshman Football, Agriculture, Basketball. RONALD W. HOLLOWELL DAVID B. JOHN Intramural Basketball, Varsity Football, Golf. Track, Varsity Football. CLIFFORD HOPKINS DONNA JEAN JONES Dramatic Club, Booster Club. 16Settco y JAMES JUNG B-team Basketball. MARTHA SUSAN JACKLEY Dramatic Club, Debate Club, Student Council, J u n i or C la ss Play, Pep Committee, Booster Club, Band. KEITH KASER Varsity Football. JACKIE C. KELLEY Intramural Basketball, Baseball. REX HAROLD LANDRUM Student Council, Spanish Club, Sophomore and Junior Class Officer, Freshman Football, Varsity Football, Track, National Honor Society. CAROL LEE LASTER Sunshine Society. MARY CAROLYN LEESON Sunshine So c i e t y , Latin Club, National Honor Society, Editor of Crescent, Orchestra, Booster Club. LORETTA ANN LOYD Sunshine Society .Dramatic Club, Booster Club, Pep Committee, G.A.A., Editor of Megaphone, Senior Class Play, Chorus. SHIRLEY ANN THERESA MANGAS KRONENBERG Dramatic Club, Art Club, Sunshine Society. Junior Class Play, G.A.A. 17SetttonA agnes McCarthy Dramatic Club, Booster Club, Pep Committee, G. A.A. RICHARD MILLER 4-H Club, Vocational Agriculture Basketball, Varsity Football. william McKinley Carolyn mitchell Latin Club, E-Men's Club, Booster Club, G.A.A. Freshman Football, Track. JAMES McMAHAN Band. EDDIE McMINN Usher, Vocational Agriculture Basketball, Intramural Basketball. LARRY MILLER 4-H Club, Junior Red Cross, Chorus. BEVERLY MOORE Latin Club, Booster Club, G.A.A. DONALD E. MORRIS Art Club, Freshman Football, Varsity Football, B-team Basketball. EDWIN T. MORRIS Megaphone, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Football, B-team and Varsity Basketball, Track. 18Se tcon CHARLES MURPHY ERMA CARLENE RAINEY Spanish Club, Booster Club, G.A.A. BEVERLY JOYCE NASH EMMA JEAN REBUCK CAROLYN SUE PHENIS DAVID C. RICHARDSON Latin Club, Booster Club, 4-H Club, Freshman Foot-G.A.A, ball. JOHN PIERCE MARY JOAN RUDIG Dramatic Club,Junior Class Dramatic Club, Sunshine Play, Band. Society, Megaphone, Sen- ior Class Play, Orchestra, G.A.A. NORTH MADISON COUNTY PUBLIC L.bRARY SYSTEM l wood public library TRUMAN PIERCE 4-H Club, Freshman Basketball, Agriculture Basketball. JOHN SCHUCKSe tt n6 BARBARA JOAN SHEEDY Dramatic Club, Booster Club. BENNY STAGE E-Men's Club, Vocational Agriculture Basketball, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Football. ORZINA ELLEN SINGER GENE STAGE Booster Club, G.A.A. E-Men's Club, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Football and Basketball. RAYMOND V. WHISLER Orchestra, Band, Track. SARA JANE SMILEY Dramatic Club, Student Council, Junior Class Play, Booster Club, Orchestra. ANN SOUTHERN Dramatic Club, Student Council, Junior Class Officer, Sunshine Society, Crescent, Booster Club, Megaphone. PHYLLIS SPITZMESSER Dramatic Club, Sunshine Society, Booster Club. KAREN JOAN STINE Debate Club, Dramatic Club, Crescent, National Honor Society, Booster Club. MAX E. STOKER Debate Club, Dramatic Club, 4-H Club, Crescent, Junior Class Play, Booster Club. SHIRLEY A. STONE Debate Club, Dramatic Club, Megaphone, Booster Club. 20Se U n6 MARGARET ANN CAROL SANDRA WALTZ SWITZER Spanish Club, Junior Class Play, G.A.A. SHIRLEY A. TOWNSEND ROSE MARIE WAPLES G.A.A., Chorus. MARGENE LOUISE SCHUCK Booster Club, Debate Club, Dramatic Club, Crescent, Latin Club. MERRILL KEITH TRIMBLE Vocational Agriculture Basketball, Freshman Basketball. RICHARD L. WOOD E-Men's Club, Megaphone, Student Manager (Football),National Honor Society, Senior Class Play. BARBARA LOUISE WASSON G.A.A. RICHARD E. UNDERWOOD ROBERT D. WEBB Junior Class Play, Intra- Spanish Club, mural Basketball, Freshman Football and Basketball, Varsity Football. RICHARD WEHRENBERG Debate Club, Dramatic Club, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Band. CAROLYN MARIE VESTOsteen David Francis.............Vice-President Carolyn Coulson................Secretary Darlene Riggs..................Treasurer Mike Ripperger.................President There's lots in store in '55. This class with anxiety and anticipation awaits the day when it will enter the final year. After two years of hard work and experience, the road no longer seems rough and new. Mr. Schuck Mr. House Mr. Freed Mrs. KinderDarlene Adair Larry Addison Shirley Alumbaugh Gerald Anderson Delores Arnold Carole Baker Betty Beckley Larry Beckley Shirley Beeman Frances Bohlander Nancy Brogdon Noland Brook Marie Brown Phyllis Brown Robert Bucheit James Caldwell Marilyn Cannon Towanna Cassity Carolyn Collins Raymond Collis Lester Coston Joyce Cotton Carolyn Coulson Olive Cox Sandra Cushing Nancy Davies Beverly Day Charles Dickey Estel Donalson Bonnie Duffit John Durm Lynne Dunlap Elaine Eder Art Emmerling Lowell Evans Arlene Fernung Larry Fihe Olive Fincher Betty Floyd Charles Flynn John Fogerty Loris Foley Ann Forney John Fouts Dale Francis David Francis David Frazier Florence Fuller Nancy Free Nancy Gessler Sharon Goltzbach 23James McGuire Chuck Micheli Roger Mitchell Donna Nickels Douglas Goodwin Joan Graham Don Garrison Paul Graham Barbara Green Robert Groover Carolyn Gross Anna Haas Joan Hardebeck Falba Hart Gale Hartley Jim Hawn Gloria Heflin Joan Helpling Tom Henderson Bill Hiatt Dick Hiatt Gloria Hickman Pat Hobbs Larry Hollowell Carolyn Hopper Allen Horine Dianna Horton Fran Hubley Jack Hudson Larry Hughes Louise Hussong Shirley Hussong Dick Israel Vernon Jackson William Johnson Pat Jones Jerry Kaser James Kleyla Marilyn Kohn Doris Krebs Rex Lacy Max Landrum Louise LaShure Danny Laub Bob Lewellyn Darlene Lineback Jay Long Don Loser Norman Maley Ilene McCorkle Rozella McCorkle Wayne McDaniel 24Carolyn Clark Gale Noble Jim Noble Larry Parsons Frank Perry Joyce Pierce Robert Poole Loretta Ridge Darlene Riggs Mike Ripperger Naomi Robbins Denton Robinson Laura Robinson Peggy Rockhill Ann Rose Ardella Sanders Bill Schuck Conrad Seibold Shelia Sorrell Jean Spies Larry Summers Janice Taylor Carolyn Tobin Dudley Tolle Walter Tucker Tennie Tunnell Melany Tyner Clinton Updegraf Harold Vanness Bob Walters Warren Waymire Benny Webb Sherry Weddell Charles Werline Jo Lee Wilhelm Fred Wilhoite David Wilson Wilbur Wolfe Sharon Woods Sherry Woods Jerry Warner Scott Zech Pat Reid 2  Everett Webb Rita Biltz . . . Marita Tolle Richard Sharp Vice President . . . .Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . . President The class of 56 has now reached the half-way mark. This class has proved its ability by participation in various school activities. With two years finished and two years to go, the class has their goal clearly in sight. Mr. Sullivan Mr. Ward Mrs. Records Mr. Coulson Mr. Sheffield 2 Jack Aaron Norman Aldridge Nancy Allen Jerry Alumbaugh Darlene Anderson Annebelle Arnold Timothy Balser Albert Bannon Luther Barnes Sandra Beasley Loren Beeman Kay Beeman Sue Benedict Donna Benefiel Wilbur Biddle Louis Biltz Rita Biltz Mary Boruff Ethel Boyden Ruby Bragg Barbara Brewer Donna Brooks Phillip Brown Richard Brown Daniel Brunson John Burdsall Phillip Burton Barbara Cain Mary Sue Cain Jared Carter Mildred Carter Carol Case David Clark Fred Clouser Joan Cole Patricia Conley Maureen Conner Sherry Clark Joyce Coulter Andrew Courtney Christine Cox Betty Culp Barbara Danner Fred Davis Ronnie Amos Sharon Dellinger Joyce Delong Paul Doan Paul Dowler John Dudley Anna Ebbert Diana Etchison Eddie Everling Jerry Faucett Brian Fettig Marilyn Fettig Larry Fetz Carol Fiscus Martha Frazier Richard Fred 27Sandra Frye Sandra Gardner George Gessler Sharon Gill Charles Goforth Larry Goins Donald Groover Merrill Grover Murvelle Grover Ora Groover Nancy Hamble Patricia Hancock James Hardebeck William Harris Gerald Harting Danny Hayes Richard Heaton Eleanor Hemphill Dallas Heston Kenny Hill Peggy Hinds Margaret Hocker Mike Hofer Jeanne Holliday Harry Holtsclaw Judith Holtsclaw Patricia Hopkins Jeannette Horine Dave Huff John Hughes Jeanette Huntsinger Max Huntsinger Rex Huntsinger Ervin Jackman Peggy Jackman Wilma Jacobs Bob Jameson Frank Jameson Loretta Jarvis David Jones Caroline Kelley Terry Kelley Judy Kilgore Gary Kinser Bonnie Knotts James Lamb Sue La rim ore Ralph Lee Barbara Legg Stanley Legg Ann Leisure Martha Leisure George Long Georgia Mangas Larry Manis Glen Massey Jerry McClish Wayne McCord Mary McMinn Arley McQueen 28Dan Merritt Don Merritt Ronnie Michaels Mike Micheli Jack Miller John Morgan Louise Mountcastle Alva Murphy Helen Nickles Oscar Nickles Joe Noble Larry Noble Ernest Noel Nancy Plummer Ruth Pool Mary Preston Edith Pritchard Myrna Reynolds Gordon Riley Carolyn Ritter Lee Scholl Elaine Scott Larry Scudder Richard Sharp Ruth Shull Gay Small Jerry Smith Kent Smith Larry Smith Patricia Smith Linda Southern Duane Stafford Darryl Stansberry Juanita Stewart Anna Stout Robert Sturtsman Shirley Switzer Bill Thompson Marita Tolle Ardella Truitt Arlis Tyner Marie Usfo Kay VanBuskirk Morris Walker Steve Ward Robert Wardwell Larry Warner Rosemary Weaver Everett Webb Larry Wittebort Paul Wiand Barbara Williams Virginia Wise 29eAe ttciUve4 Bob Meyers Ted Rose Roger Gallatin Jerry Brummitt Ronnie Hallam Danny Whetsel (not shown) Fresh and full of faith, the class of’57 arrives at the fir st milestone of its high school journey. Behind this class lie the fears of inexperience. This class has encountered many trials and tribulations in its first year, but it has been diligent in its search for knowledge. Sfro t vi4. Mr. Walker Miss House Mr. Davis Miss Allen Mr. Ballentine Mr. Bykowski 300pfie4 une t Ann Aldridge Jack Alexander Lowell Alexander Edward Anderson Annabelle Arehart Clarabelle Arehart Frank Arehart Donald Armie Larry Bailey Patricia Baxter Eddie Beck Carolyn Beeman Melvin Benefiel Ronald Berry Marion Bertog Joseph Bertsch John Bess Bob Bickel Judy Bilby Billy Blackford Carolyn Boll Jerry Boruff Richard Boyland Ronald Boyland Jerry Brum met Barbara Bull Eileen Caldwell Mary Campbell Rex Carlile David Carmer Bobby Carroll Sue Castor Jerry Champion Donald Clark Otto Clark Tom Clouser Donald Cockerham Steve Cockerham Jerry Collins Neal Cornwell Larry Courtney Catherine Creamer Marvin Crim Eva Crull Jerry Curtis 31Jim Cushing Larry Clymer Richard Daulton Pat Davenport Jim Davis Jack Debonis Jerry Delong Janet Dickey Jeanetta Dickey John Diehl Ronald Doan John Downham Eva Ebbert Ronald Etchison David Evans Tommy Fihe Frances Galbreath Roger Ga lie tin Eva Gardner Jerry Gillum Tom Glotzbaugh Thearl Goodrich Ronald Goodwin Theresa Gootee Rose Graham Caroline Green Larry Groover Ronald Hallam Dorrell Haneline Doris Hanover Kathryn Harbit Eugenia Harvey Richard Harney Marilyn Harris Harold Harting Ronald Hasecuster Jim Headley Beverly Heflin Jerry Herbil Zona Hickman Connie High Linda Hocker Nancy Hocker Melvin Holland Bob Huffman Donald Hughes Merrill Hughes Jerry Hunt Mary Hunt Marietta Hunter David Huntsinger Peggy Huntsinger Barbara Hussey Sharon Jarvis ?'ie4 une t 32Fred Jones Jerry Jones Leanna King Robert Knotts Wanda Knuckles Bob Kochman Linda Lacy Nancy Landrum Bill Lashure Bonnie Leathers Marianne Leffler Jackie Leisure Ray Leonard Judy Lewellen John Lewis Janet Lindley Francis Loser Judy McCorkle Philip McCorkle Lylith Manis Marlene Manis Linda Meltzer Bob Meyer David Miller Sharon Miller Kay Mitchell Richard Mitchell John Moore Joan Mosbaugh Jacqueline Murray Barbara Nealy Terry Newkirk Tom Noble Sonja Odom Joyce Ooten John Parker Richard Parker Wilma Parker Martha Parsons Rodney Passmore Mary Porter Dorothy Price Larry Ramey Sara Jane Richards Robert Richardson Alice Richwine Nancy Ridge Larry Riley Karl Ritter Leona Robinson Rosetta Robinson Joan Rockhill Bill Rogers Ted Rose 33Barbara Ross Anna Mae Rudig Mack Sams Billy Sue Satterlee Sandra Schamel Larry Schimmel Sally Southworth David Stafford Donald Stafford Irene Sturtsman Sue Svvanfelt Jean Taylor Wayne Thomas Kenneth Tillman Micheal Trimbel Shirley Troutman Rachel Tucker Ruben Tunnell James Turner Jean Underwood Harold Vest Joey Ward Eddy Warner Lois Webb Tom Weddell John Weismiller Georgia Welcher Sue Welcher Harold Wells Glavis Wheeler Danny Whetsel Bob Willhoite Pat Williams Fred Wilson Jerry Wolfe Jodean Wylie Linda Bradburn Carolyn Chadwick David Clouser Jerry Fuller Carolyn Greer Ruth Gustin 34“TOe Mr. Durr's Chemistry class. 36'Tfatiotuzl 'rtyetuyi Society One of the most respected organizations of our school is the National Honor Society. It is a nation wide organization to recognize outstanding students. The students are chosen from the upper ten per cent of the junior and senior classes by a faculty committee. Those chosen are called probationary members until their initiation upon graduation from high school. They then become life members if they have met the requirements during the probationary period. The qualifications which must be fulfilled are character, scholar ship, leader ship, and service. Because of these requirements, anyone who obtains membership in the National Honor Society will undoubtedly make a good citizen, a worthy leader and a capable voter. Seated, Left to Right: Richard Dellinger, Rex Landrum, Richard Wood. Standing, Left to Right: Alice Boyden, Karen Stine, Mary Leeson, Patricia Sutton. 38Student ( ouuciC The Student Council is a student representative group which helps to govern our school. It is a hard working organization which has accomplished a great deal. The members are elected by the students. Each home room has one or more representatives depending upon the number of pupils in the room. These representatives meet with the Student Council sponsor, Miss Allen, to discuss the problems which have arisen from the students. Their ideas are recommended to Mr. Copeland, our principal, for approval and possible action. At the end of each year, the entire student body elects a Student Council president from several hard working and capable nominees to serve for the following year. Richard Dellinger who was selected last year has proven himself very dependable and worthy of his position throughout the year. Seated, Left to Right; Sue Huntsinger, Rozella McCorkle, Joyce Cotton, Jim Cotton, Dick Dellinger. Joe Wood. Second Row, Left to Right: Miss Allen, Rex Landrum, Everett Webb, Conrad Seibold, Marvin Crim, Ted Rose, Jack DeBonis.John Bess. Third Row, Left to Right: David Francis, Dick Hiatt, Mike Ripperger, Jared Carter, Larry Fetz, Harry Holtzclaw, Joe Noble. 390ie4ce«tt Literary: Standing, Left to Right: Dick Hiatt, Alice Boyden, Margene Schuck. Sitting, Left to Right: Martha Jo Leisure; Editor, Karen Stine; Sandy Beasley. Business: Standing, Left to Right: Nancy Plummer, Carol Ritter, Max Stoker, Kenneth Garrison. Seated, Left to Right: Carol Bowma n; Georgia Mangas; Editor, Larry Gardner; Joan Graham. Each year at the end of the second semester you receive your yearbook. A lot of hard work goes into this book for your enjoyment. Special credit is deserved by Mary Leeson, Editor-in-chief, and Mr. House, the sponsor who donated much time and hard work in producing a good Crescent. They, along with the other editors and their staffs, deserve a lot of appreciation for putting their talents into a book so that we can relive special events such as the prom, class plays, dances, and homecoming. Art: Kay VanBuskirk; Editor, Carol Clymer. Clerical: Betty Floyd; Editor, Carolyn Coul-son; Elaine Eder. Pictures Jim Cole, Editor: Carolyn DeLong, Ann Southern. Seated: Clerical Carolyn Coulson, Assistant Editor Joyce Cotton, Editor-in-Chief Mary Leeson, Picture Editor Carolyn DeLong. Standing: Literary Alice Boyden, Business Larry Gardner, Sponsor Mr. House, Art Carol Clymer, Make-Up, Joe Noble. Make-Up Editor: Joe Noble, Richard Brown, Steve Ward. 40 Staff: Standing, Left to Right: Ann Forney, Marita Tolle, John Pierce, Bill Johnson, Richard Brown, Dick Wood, Roger Mitchell. Mary Rudig, Ed Morris, Jean Spies, Jared Carter, Nancy Free.Rozella McCorkle,Jay Long. Seated, Left to Right: Ann Rose; Nancy Davies; Editor, Loretta Loyd; Janice Taylor, Nancy Goins. Advertising: Nancy Davies, Ann Rose, Richard Brown, Janice Taylor. Our school is like a small community. Every community needs a newspaper to keep its citizens informed just as every school needs one to keep its students informed. A lot of hard work is put into the Megaphone in order to get an edition out each month. In it you will find all the new gossip, what programs are scheduled and when the next dance will be. The editor of our paper this year was Loretta Loyd, who with her staff has worked hard to make each Megaphone an interesting one. Circulation: Standing Left to Right: Roger Mitchell, Dick Wood, Jeb Carter. Seated Left to Right: Ed Morris, Jan Rudig, John Pierce. Editors: Standing Left to Right: Bill John- son, Nancy Free. Seated Left to Right: Ann Rose, Loretta Loyd, Jan Rudig. 41"Debate (?Cu The Debate Club continues to grow in both activity and membership each year. Any student is eligible to join this club. The members make several trips during the year. The highlights of the past season were the Purdue Legislative and Debaters' Conference, Ball State Teachers College Forensics Tournament, Indiana State Teachers College Debate Tournament, and the Rotary Club's "I Speak for Democracy" contest which was won both this year and last by Dick Dellinger. The sponsor of the Debate Club is Kenneth Callahan who is Secretary-Treasurer and member of the Public Relations Committee of the Advisory Board for the Purdue Legislative and Debaters' Conference. The officers of Debate Club for this year were Richard Dellinger who served as president, Janice Taylor, secretary, and Michael Helpling, treasurer. Front Row. Left to Right: Steve Ward, Mike Micheli, Max Landrum, George Gessler, Richard Sharp, Chuck Micheli, Roland Allen, Bob Barber. Second Row: Jean Spies, Ann Forney, Susan Jackley, Carolyn Clark, Marita Tolle, Carolyn Coulson, Joyce Cotton, Carolyn DeLong, Margene Schuck, Karen Stine, Alice Boyden. Third Row; Naomi Robbins, Rozella McCorkle, Mick Helpling, Joe Noble, Jerry McClish, Danny Brunson, Dick Dellinger, John Davis, Harry Holtzclaw, Max Stoker, Jay Long, Shirley Stone. Fourth Row: Mr. Callahan, Elaine Eder, Larry Gardner, Kenneth Garrison, Dudley Tolle, Jared Carter, Jim Cotton, Chet Gerig, Dick Wehrenberg, Jim Cole, Joan Helpling, Janice Taylor. 42.'D%eu uztcc4 First Row. Left to Right: Janice Taylor, Fran Hubley. Joyce Cotton, Nancy Free, Sharon Glotzbach, Frances Boh-lander, Naomi Robbins, Rozella McCorkle, Loris Foley, Arlene Fernung, Ann Rose, Joan Helpling, Carolyn Coulson, Loretta Loyd. Second Row: Marilyn Fettig, Jean Species, Karen Stine, Barbara Boruff, Elaine Eder, Sherry Clark, Gay Small, Sharon Dellinger, Anna Hoss, Marita Tolle, Jean Fiscus, Darlene Anderson, Linda Southern, Maureen Conners. Third Row: Carolyn Tobin, Ann Forney, Joan Graham, Agnes McCarthy, Shirley Stone, Joyce Pierce, Carolyn DeLong, Sara Smiley, Joan Sheedy, Margene Schuck, Alice Boyden, Ethel Boyden, Jan Rudig. Fourth Row . Nancy Davies, Barbara Green, Nancy Goins, Carol Ciymer, Shirley Fisher, Pat Sutton, Ann Southern, Sandy Heck, Max Stoker, Jim Cole. Kenny Garrison, Dick Dellinger, Lois Duffey, Joyce Clarey. Fifth Row . John Pierce, Mick Helpling, Bob Barber, Chet Gerig, Dick Wehrenberg, Jeb Carter, Mike Micheli, Gale Noble, Karl Norbury, Tom Henderson, Mr. Callahan. Sixth Row: Dave Francis, Jim Cotton, Max Landrum, Larry Gardner. Ronny Cole, Bill Abner, Ralph Boll, Bernie Altherr, Jay Long, Dick Hiatt, Doug Goodwin, Noland Brooks, Charles Dickey. Established for the encouragement and the development of drama, the Dramatic Club has become very active in our high school. Any student having any interest in the production of plays, the art of make-up, or any stage craft is eligible for membership in this organization. Each year the Dramatic Club produces a play in which it demonstrates the year's accomplishments. This organization which is sponsored by Mr. Callahan, meets every first and third Monday of the month. The officers this year were: President, Dick Wehrenberg, Vice President, Jay Long, Secretary and Treasurer, Ann Forney. 4  atcH (?£cd The Inter Nos Latin Club was organized in 1945 for the following purposes: to acquire more knowledge of Rome and its Republic, to en- courage others to take an interest in classical Latin, and to interest the public in general. The motto of the Latin Club is "To the stars through difficulties." Any student who has had at least one semester of Latin is eligible to join. Each year the Latin Club has an initiation and a banquet for its new members. The Latin Club meets every fourth Friday of the month. It is sponsored by the Latin teacher, Mrs. Kinder. The 1953-54 officers are: Consuls, Jim Cotton and Frances Boh- lander; Praetor, Roger Mitchell; Quaester, Joyce Cotton; Censors, Carolyn Coulson and Ann Rose; Tribunes, Marita Tolle and Joe Noble; Senator, Richard Sharp; Aediles, Naomi Robbins, Sherry Woods, Sharon Woods. Seated, Left to Right: Ann Forney, Barbara Legg, Nancy Gessler, Frances Bohlander, Naomi Robbins, Loretta Jarvis, Nancy Hampbell, Rozella McCorkle, Loris Foley. Second Row: Ann Rose, Marita Tolle, Mrs. Kinder, Carolyn Coulson, Elaine Eder, Sharon Woods, Margene Schuck, Dick Wehrenberg, Mary Leeson, Sherry Woods, Joyce Cotton, Sherry Clark, Joan Helpling, Carolyn Gross, Kay Heaton. Third Row: Fran Hubley, Richard Sharp, Norman Aldridge, Lowell Evans, Steve Ward, Richard Brown, Don Merritt, Roger Mitchell, Jim Cotton, Carol Norbury, Larry Fetz, Dick Dellinger, Joe Noble, George Gessler, Shirley Switzer, Janice Taylor, Jean Fiscus. Sfreutte t Any student who has had one year of Spanish is eligible to join the Spanish Club. The club was organized in order to give Spanish students an opportunity to study and learn more about Spanish customs and ways of living, especially those of Latin America. The Spanish Club which meets once a month is sponsored by Mrs. Records. The officers for this year were: president, Rex Landrum; vice- president, Robert Barber; secretary, Nancy Davies; treasurer, Roger Mitchell. Seated, Left to Right: Carol Baker, Joyce Coulter, Alice Boyden, Sandra Beasly, Darlene Anderson, Margaret Switzer, Shirley Beeman, Erma Rainey, Barbara Army, Carol Sue Bowman. Second Row: Mrs. Records, Larry Scudder, Dick Hiatt, Everett Webb, Bill Johnson, Roger Mitchell, Jared Carter, Bill Thompson, Dave Huff, Ernest Noeli Larry Noble, Duane Stafford, Joan Graham. Third Row: Rex Landrum, Tom Henderson, Dan Merritt, Chet Gerig, Robert Webb. Paul Graham, Jay Long, Mike Micheli.(?a tCe46t M€ (2lu Bottom Row Left to Right: Linda Lacy, Marietta Hunter, Zona Hickman, Connie High, Sally Southworth, Donna Nickles, Carol Sue Bowman, Shirley Alumbaugh. Second Row: Jim Jackson, Rex Lacy, Bill Rogers, Rose Graham, Beverly Hillard, Margaret Hocker, Elnora Hemphill. Third Row: Richard Harney, Wilbur Biddle, Jerry Faucett, Linda Bradburn, Wanda Knuckles, Sharon VanMeter, Mary McMann, Jim Cushing, Albert Bannon. Top Row: Robert Huffman, Bill Hiatt, Gale Hartley, Glen Massey, John Downham, John Diehl, Bill LaShure, Merrill Hughes, Larry Groover. The Concession Club is an organization of high school students who sell refreshments at all the home basketball games. The profits from these sales are donated for worthwhile school projects. At the close of the basketball season, a party is held in the Panther Den for all members of the club in appreciation for their work. On Honor Day, awards are given to those who have earned the most points by selling. Besides the appreciation of the faculty and student body, this is the only credit these students receive. 45Bottom Row: Gloria Heflin, Joan Graham, Francis Bohlander, Loris Foley, Arlene Fernung, Ann Rose, Carolyn Coulson, Loretta Loyd, Rachael Tucker, Anna Haas, Nancy Hocker, Miss Koons. Second Row: Sue Cain, Edith Pritchard, Marilyn Fettig, Maureen Conner, Martha Frazier, Dona Nickels, Mary Preston, Elaine Scott, Anna Rud-dig, Barbara Nuly, Barbara Downham, Shirley Kronenburg. Third Row: Judy Holtzclaw, Gay Small, Janet Hunt-singer, Lynne Dunlap, Bonnie Duffit, Marilyn Kohn, Pat Jones, Helen Nickols, Joa Lee Wilhelm, Carolyn Green, Sara Richardson, LeAnna King, Falba Hart. Fourth Row: Sharon Dellinger, Pat Smith, Jeanne Holliday, Ann For-ney,Sharon Glotzbach, Alice Boyden, Ethel Boyden, Myrna Reynolds, Beverly Hillard, Rose Graham, Linda Hocker, Eileen Sturztman, Jannetta Dickey. Fifth Row: Marita Tolle, Diana Etchison, Martha Jo Leisure, Loris Fowler, Janice Taylor, Carolyn Collins, Carolyn Hopper, Diana Horton, Darlene Lineback, Ann Leisure, Barbara Legg, Carolyn Gross, Florence Fuller, Melany Tyner, Pat Hobbs. Sixth Row: Joyce Pierce, Agnas McCarthy, Barbara Wasson, Tennie Tunnell, Shirley Beeman, Pat Davenport, Sandy Frye, Sheryl Goodrich, Jeanette Horine, Nancy Free, Fran Hubley, Peggy Hines, }udy Kilgore, Sue Benedict, Marilyn Harris. Top Row: Sheila Sorrel, Darlene Riggs, Betty Floyd, Shirley Fisher, Sharon Gill, Barbara Boruff, Joarn Hardebeck, Ruth Pool, Sandy Gardner Ar-della Truett, Shirley Switzer, Carol Laster, Peggy Rockhill, Pat Reed, Barbara Fuller. SuitdAute Society Sunshine Societies are established in many communities throughout the nation. All girls of high school age are eligible for membership. The Elwood Society was organized in 1943. The Society has high ideals and its goal is to help needy, bring cheer and comfort to shut-ins. At Christmas time, the girls buy gifts for needy children. Each year, they sponsor a project to make money to contribute to the Riley Hospital at Indianapolis. Regular meetings are held every other Wednesday under the sponsorship of Miss Koons. Officers elected for this year were: president, Carolyn Coulson; vice-president, Betty Beckley; recording secretary, Darlene Riggs; corresponding secretary, Bonnie Duffit; treasurer, Loris Foley. 46 Seated, Left to Right: Lowell Alexander, Ronald Boyland, Bill Blackford, Bob Bucheit, Bob Bickle, Jerry Champion. Standing: Larry Hollowell, Bill Rogers, Jack DeBonis, Dudley Tolle, Don Loser, Gale Hartley, Bill Hiatt, Bob Barber, Rex Lacy, Mr. Smith. The Projection Club is the organization which is responsible for the visual education in our school. The club is made up of students who are qualified to operate the projector. One each year, the Projection Club sponsors an entertaining film in the auditorium to help finance the educational film. The Projection Club which is under the direction of Mr. Smith meets every two weeks. Left to Right: Miss Allen, Loretta Loyd, Barbara Wasson, Carol Clymer. 47 Mr. Bordner. director. Judy Crimm, Lois Cox, Mariat Tolle, Dudley Tolle, Rozella McCorkle, Loretta jarvis, Norman Aldridge, Loris Foley, Dick Israel, Carolyn Coulson, Georgia Welcher, John Durm, Ernest Amich, Mary Leeson, Lowell Evans, Donna Brooks, Janice Taylor, Marilyn Beeman, Larry Bailey, Carol Sue Bowman. 48 ci(tcC First row, left to right: Joan Mosbaugh, Jerry Smith, Joe Birch, Wayne McDaniels, Arlene Fernung, Rozella Mc-Corkie, Loretta Jarvis. Second row: Bonnie Duffit, Pat Conley, Louise Hussong, Andy Courtney, Snirley Hussong, John Lewis, Danny Laub. Third row: Nancy Gessler, Dudley Tolle, Mary Preston, Richard Brown, Carolyn Delong, Sue Larrimore, Georgia Welcher. Fourth row: John Durn, Donna Brooks, Jean Taylor, Anna Mae Rudig, Steve Ward, Linda Southern, Richard Sharp. Fifth row: Dick Wehrenberg, Pat Hancock, Naomi Robbins, Johnny Parker, Fran Hubley, Pat Baxter, Marilyn Beeman. Sixth row: Bob Barber, Janice Taylor, Mary Sue Cain, Anna Stout, Doris Krebs, Sherry Weddell. Seventh row: Carolyn Coulson, Frances Bohlander, Rex Carisle, Peggy Rock-hill, Edith Pritchard, Dick Israel, Mary Rudig. Eighth row: Loris Foley, Larry Fetz, John Foggerty, Elaine Scott, Jim Lamb,Jack Dudley,Joe Noble. Ninth row: Norman Aldridge, Bob Sturtsman, Charles Goforth, Marita Tolle, Ann Forney, Marvin Crim. Sixty-four musicians make up our marching band of which we are justly proud. The home games were enlivened by the splendid music and the fine shows given on the field. This year, two outstanding performances were given during football season. One was a cowboy show--the other, a transportation show. At the Homecoming Game, the band did a fine job when it accompanied Carol Sue Bowman during her twirling exhibition. The majorette squad did splendid work doing original skits for both football and basketball games. Left to right: Martha Ann Frazier; Sherry Woods; Joan Helpling; head majorette, Carol Baker; Loretta Ridge; Sharon Woods; Nancy Davies. 49First row, rett to rignt: jan Kuaig, Kay Beeman, Steve Ward, Janice Taylor, Carolyn Coulson, Dudley Tolle, Marita Tolle, Richard Brown, Shirley Switzer, Anna Mae Rudig, Jean Taylor, Donna Brooks. Second row: Doris Krebs, John Fogerty.Fran Hubley, Jim Lamb, Jack Dudley, Rex Carisle, Peggy Rockhill, Bill Gessler, Dick Wehrenberg, Carolyn DeLong.Dick Sharp, John Durm.John Louis, Georgia Welcher, Danny Laub. Third row: Linda Southern, Bob Barber, Patty Baxter, Norman Maley, Anna Stout, Joe Noble, Loris Foley, Bob Sturtsman, Marvin Crim, Frances Bohlander, Dick Israel, Larry Fetz, Charles Goforth, Edith Prichard, Pat Conley, Andy Courtney, Norman Aldrige, Louise Hus-song,Shirley Hussong, Mr. Brugger, Bonnie Duffitt, George Gessler, Wayne McDaniels, Jerry Smith, Arlene Fernung, Jo Ann Mosbaugh, Rozella McCorkle, Loretta Jarvis. Fourth row: Sherry Weddell, Elaine Scott, Mary Sue Cain, Johnny Parker, Barbara Bull, Naomi Robbins, Pat Hancock. The concert band under the able direction of Clifford Brugger is composed of sixty-six members. This group rehearses daily during the seventh period in the band room. For the Christmas program this year, a concert was presented for the student body in the gym. Special features were given by two groups; the Jim Dandies, a trumpet trio, and a girls' vocal trio. The Jim Dandies were Loris Foley, Joe Noble, and Dick Israel. The vocal trio was composed of Doris Krebs, Janice Taylor, and Louise Hussong. The high point of musical entertainment was the spring concert presented by the band. In addition to this, a performance by the band was given at Delco-Remy in Anderson on May 11 The captain for the year was Robert Barber. 50Robert Barber, Carol Baker, John Durm 51 First row, left to right: Cheerleaders: Betty Floyd, Sheila Sorrell, Shirley Fisher, Rita Biltz. Second row: Joyce Pierce, Gloria Heflin, Joan Graham, Elaine Eder, Ann Rose, Loretta Loyd, Joan Sheedy, Barbara Fuller, Irma Rainey. Third row: Mary Leeson, Sara Smiley, Sandra Heck, Delores Caldwell, Carolyn Mitchell, Patricia Cooper, Beverly Moore, Jane Fisher, Donna Jones. Fourth row: Alice Boy-den, Delores Fowler, Betty Clup, Mar-gene Schuck, Karen Stine, Sharon Clark, Melany Tyner, Jo Lee Wilhelm, Beverly Moreland. Fifth row: Wilma Parker, Ethel Boyden, Eileen McCorkle, Darlene Lineback, Carolyn Collins, Florence Fuller, Carolyn Hopper, Nancy Hocker. Sixth row: Agnes McCarthy, Marilyn Kahn, Lynn Dunlap, Darlene Riggs, Beverly Day, Falba Hart, Pat Hobbs, Joan Cole, Joyce DeLong. Seventh row: Bobby Watson, Lennie Tunnell, Shirley Bee-man, Pa' Davenport, Sharon Glotz-bach, Nancy Free, Ardella Sanders, Joyce Cotton, Linda Hocker. Eighth row: Pat Smith, Jean Holiday, Jean Fiscus, Anna Mae Ebert, Carol Case, Annabell Arnold, Diana Etchison, Nancy Plummer, Sandy Beasley. Ninth row: Marilyn Fettig, Moreen Conner, Judy Holtsclaw, Gay Small, Anne Leisure, Barbara Legg, Martha Leisure, Joyce Coulter, Carolyn Ritter, Georgia Mangas. Tenth row: Sharon Dellinger, Sherry Clark, Carolyn Kelly, Sandy Frye, Theral Goodrich, Mary Kay Bourff, Kay Van Buskirk. Eleventh row: Richard Brown, Rex Huntsinger, Dick Fred, Richard Boyland, Dave Jones, Roland Boyland, Max Stoker, Dick Dellinger. Through its yelling the Booster Club shows how proud Elwood is of its basketball team and also encourages the team. To retain member ship in the Booster Club, you must be depended upon to attend all home games and show good sportsmanship at all times. The Booster Club is made up of one hundred girls and boys. They form an eye-catching block of rooters to the visitors and to the Elwood adult section. The girls wear white sack blouses and boys wear white shirts. The boosters, sponsored by Miss Mather, meet once a month. The president for this year was Nancy Brogden; secretary, Gay Small. 52Left to right: Sheila Sorrell; Betty Floyd; head cheerleader, Shirley Fisher; Rita Biltz. (? ie iCetuLe 7 eft @o Pt Ktttee Seated, left to right: Miss Mather, Mr. Freed, Miss Allen. Standing: Jay Long, Loretta Loyd. Left to right: Steve Ward, Mr. Brugger, Carolyn Coulson. First row, left to right: Jerry Collins, Jim Hardebeck, Bob Jameson, Conrad Seibold, Jerry Brummet. Second row: Mauri Walker, Bob Stuart, Loren Beeman, Arlus Tyner, Larry Ramey, Scott Zech. Third row: Butch Alexander, Tom Clouser, Frank Jameson, Don Groover, Jerry Wolfe, Ronnie Etchison. Fourth row: Mr. Davis, Bob Meyers, Allen Horine, Benny Stage, Wilbur Wolfe, Ronnie Goodwin. 54Feature twirling specialist. Miss Carol Sue (Susie) Bowman We of Willkie High are very proud to have as one of our graduating seniors, Miss Carol Sue Bowman. Miss Bowman is a very talented twirling specialist and has performed for several home football and basketball games. Not only is Carol Sue feature twirler for the Willkie High band, but she is also drum major for the Eagles band in Anderson, She is kept very busy with her twirling and teaching in three Tipton County schools. In 1952, Miss Bowman was one of the two chosen from a group of fifty to twirl for the Orange Bowl festivities as well as the half-time show. She is a member of the Baton Club of Michigan and Indiana, the National Baton Twirling Association, and the International Baton Twirling Foundation. At this time she is a student of Merl and Margaret Smith of the Jordan Conservatory of Music. Her picture and write-up appear in the 1952, '53, and '54 editions of "Who's Who in Baton Twirling."{ unto 'PCcuf IRo e " On April 16, 1953, the junior class, under the directionof Mr. Kenneth Callahan, presented "The Robe", a serious play about the robe of Christ, following his crucifixion. The story follows the Roman soldier, Marcellus Gallio, the executioner. Realizing he has done wrong, Marcellus pursues Christianity and remains steadfast in his belief. The story comes to a climax at a banquet when Marcellus is put on trial by the emperor, Caligula. Members of the cast were: Stephanos.............Michael Helpling Senator Gallio.............Bob Barber Sarah.................Shirley Fisher Phoebe Eupolis Susan Jackley Melas.................Bernard Altherr Theodosia Eupolis . . Theresa Mangas Demetrius................Jerry Eder Quintus Lucian...............James Cole Marcellus Gallio . Richard Wehrenberg Rhoda.................Patricia Sutton Centurion Paulus..................John Pierce Pontius Pilate .... Richard Dellinger Captain Fulvius . . . Kenneth Garrison I LuciaGallio...........Sara Jane Smiley I Simon Peter...........Chester Gerig jo Tiberius..............Larry Gardner VRf Caligula................... Max Stoker Sarpedon.................Joseph Fettig Salome...............Margaret Switzer HDBr Guards . . Don Morris, George Leisure wVSk Diana Gallus..........Jan Newcomer Helen...................Barbara Boruff NSj Cornelia Gallio...........Carol Clymer j'uj The cast and production aids were later given an opportunity to see "The Robe" filmed in Cinemascope at the Indiana theater in Indianapolis. It was in- deed a thrill to relive the various parts and familiar happenings of the play.Seated, left to right: Anna Stout, Janice Taylor, Jean Spies, Carol Bowman, Nancy Free, Kay VanBuskirk, Mary Rudig, Loretta Loyd. Standing: Dick Underwood, Wayne McDaniels, Larry Clark, King Huntsinger, Mr. Freed, Don Morris, Joe Fettig. s4 lt The Art Club, one of the newest and smallest of our school's organizations is also one of the most talented. It is a service club for the school. The members make posters for the senior class plays and various seasonal decorations for the halls and the Panther Den. This year they made a life size -nativity scene which was put up in the hall. Last year they made the panther for our basketball games. This group has also put on art shows for different women's organizations. The Art Club is not for art students alone. The only requirement is a little talent. This club gives many students who do not have time for art an opportunity to develop their talents. They may meet evenings with the sponsor, Mr. Freed. 57Settcor "Dou le "Doon, " On November 12, 1953, the senior class presented "The Double Door", a mystery play in three acts which was directed by Mr. Kenneth Callahan. The setting for the play was the gloomy, old Van Bret mansion. The story revolved around Victoria Van Bret, the head of the household. Victoria dominated all of the members of her household but found a powerful foe in her brother's bride, who finally persuaded her husband to leave the mansion. This angered Victoria, so she tried to dispose of the new bride but was discovered and exposed. Members of the cast included: Victoria Van Bret..........Mary Rudig Mr. Chase................Ronald Cole Caroline Van Bret . . . Carol Clymer Lambert...................Larry Gardner Avery...............Barbara Boruff Dr. John Sully . .Richard Wehrenberg Telson............Richard Dellinger Mr. Neff.............Richard Wood William.......................Robert Barber Louise..................Loretta Loyd Ripp Van Bret...................Mick Helpling Anne Darrow...........Patricia Sutton 58Without you it wouldn't have been possible The great profile Just a little bit. It won't hurt. My dear, this style is very becoming to you.Such fun At the game uneco4nu€ Grand march 61flcutiofi- Setti i 'P'uwt Upon entering the Panther Den on May 15, the couples attending the 1953 Junior-Senior Prom were greeted with "Aloha" formed by a blanket of colored carnations hung on the wall next to the entrance. The walls of the Den were draped with large nets ana pictures of sea animals while the ceiling was adorned with sparkling stars hung from a pink background. "Hawaiian Paradise", the theme of the event, was maintained throughout the decoration. A highlight of the evening was the coronation of the queen by Richard Dellinger, Junior class president. Darlene Goins, a member of the Senior class, was elected queen and members of her court were: Joyce Clary, Mary Rudig, Shirley Fisher, and Patricia Sutton. After leaving the Den, the couples attended the Elwood theater after which they were invited to the Country Club where they danced and were entertained. Breakfast, served by members of Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary clubs, brought the delightful evening to a close.2cictie 'Day 'Pasi f 63 Who's most likely to succeed? Looking into the crystal ball, 1 see Mary Leeson and Richard Dellinger "in the chips." Who’s the biggest story teller? It’s a toss up between Margene Schuck and Jay Long. I guess we'll nave to call it a draw. 206a 6 TiS a Who are the class cut-ups? Loretta Loyd and Joe Wood always keep 'em laughing with their witty remarks. Who's the best looking? Carol Clymer and Mick Helpling win the title of "the best looking girl and boy in El wood High." Who's the cutest couple? Naomi Robbins and Bob Barber are considered the cutest couple for '54. Who's the most bashful? Theresa Mangas and Charles Murphy are considered the shyest girl and boy in 54.Who's the most all-around? Shirley Fisher and Mike Ripperger can be found anywhere at anytime. Who's the sleepiest? Carolyn Mitchell and Ivan Fowler hold the trophy for being the sleepiest in class. Anyone care to set a new record? 54 Who are the best actor and actress? Barbara Boruff and Dick Wehrenberg can always be counted on to give a good performance. Who are the best dancers? Whether the tempo is fast or slow, Ann Southern and Dick Underwood are the best dancers in E.H. S. Who's the most athletic? Beverly Moore and Benny Stage are not only sports fans but also good athletes themselves. Who are the most talkative? Carolyn DeLongand Rex Landrum are the undisputed champion talkers of "54.Ticket Manager, Mr. Sullivan, and his Assistant, Patricia Hobbs. 66s4t6lettc Michael Helpling James Cotton Ed Morris End Quarterback End Sept . 11 . . . . 20 West Lafayette . . , . . . 13 Sept . 18 . . . . 7 Tipton . . . 13 Sept. . 24 . . . . 18 Wabash ... .7 Oct. 2 18 Kokomo ... 7 Oct. 9 7 Noblesville . . 16 Oct. 16 31 Alexandria . . . 6 Oct. 20 14 Peru . . . 19 Oct. 23 25 Hartford City . . . . ... 7 Oct. 30 . . . . Elwood - 6 Anderson . . . 37 Standing, left to right: Dan Merritt, John Burdsall, Bob Sturtsman, Ronnie Michael, Jared Carter, Don Garrison, Larry Feta, Louis Biltz, Bill Thompson, Kenneth Hill, Coach John Ward, Richard Heaton, Third row: Coach Frank Bykowski, Mike Rtpperger, Douglas Goodwin, Arthur Emmerling, Norman Maley, Noland Brook, Wilbur Wolfe, Max Landrum, Bill Scnuck, Conrad Seibold, Dudley Tolle, Fred Willhoite, Jim McGuire, Charles Robinson. Second row: Dick Wood, Ronnie Cole, Ronald Hollowell, Gene Stage, Dick Underwood, Don Morris, Mike Helpling, King Huntsinger, Jim Cotton, Ed Morris, Rex Landrum, Kyle Dauenhauer, Benny Stage, Keith Kaser. First row: Jim Lamb, Larry Scudder, Everett Webb, Warren Waymire, Steve Ward, Dick Sharp, Lester Coston, Don Merritt, Jerry Smith, Larry Manis. 68Rex Landurm Guard Ronald Cole Halfback FOOTBALL COACHES Left to right: Gilbert Shuck, Frank Bykowski, John Ward. Gene Stage Halfback Don Morris End Ronald Hollowell Fullback Dick Underwood Fullback Benny Stage Tackle Keith Kaser Halfback Kyle Dauenhauer Guard King Huntsinger End0p%e4£ ncut poot cM September 23.........Elwood 0......Alexandria 6 September 29.........Elwood 13......Anderson 7 October 8............Elwood 16......St. Joseph 2 October 12...........Elwood 0......Kokomo 0 October 19...........Elwood 0......Anderson 19 First row, left to right: Danny Whetzel, Harold Harting, Larry Courtney, Ronnie Berry, Jerry Hallam, Terry Newkirk Bob Meyers, Roger Gallatin, Rex Carlisle. Second row: Steve Clark, Marvin Crim, Richard Mitchell, Ted Rose, Tom Fihe.Tom Noble, Fred Jones, Rodney Passmore, Ed Beck, David Huntsinger, Jack DeBonis. Third row: Mr Bollineer Rubin Tunnell, Jerry Gillum, Jerry Brummet, John Downham, Bob Willhoite, David Miller. Ronnie Goodwin. Gene Stage Guard Jim Cotton Center Ed Morris Forward King Huntsinger James Frye John Davis Forward Forward Guard First row, left to right: Charles Werline, Max Landrum, Warren Waymire, Gene Stage, Mike Hoefer, Dave Francis, Jim McGuire. Second row: John Davis, Estel Donaldson, Bob Wardwell, Jim Cotton, James Frye, Ed Morris, Dallas Heston, King Huntsinger. 7ccuk z4 et zlt First row, left to right: Charles Werline, Larry Scudder, Art Emmerling, Mike Hoefer, Steve Ward, Everett Webb. Second row: Don Garrison, Denny Robinson, Estel Donaldson, Dan Merritt, Louis Biltz. Third row: Duane Stafford, Don Merritt, Dallas Heston, Bob Wardwell, Jared Carter, Dave Jones, Roger Mitchell.0?%e4A MUt z4 et zM First Row, Left to Right: Rex Carlisle, Jerry Boruff, Ronnie Goodwin, Tom Clouser, Tom Fihe, Larry Courtney, Jerry Hallam, Jack DeBonis. Second Row: Rodney Passmore, Roger Gallatin, Marvin Crim, Richard Mitchell, Ted Rose, Ken Hofer, Mac Sams, Fred Jones, Jim Headley. Third Row: Jerry Gillam, Larry Riley, Jerry Brummitt, John Downham, Danny VVhetzel, David Carmer, Ed Anderson. s4ysuca£ta e First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Davis, Keith Trimble, Stanley Legg, Charles Goforth, Bryan Fettig, Wayne McCord, Mike Trimble. Second Row: Jerry Fuller, Larry Hughes, Benny Stage, Walter Wolfe, Allen Horine, Eddie Everling, Robert Stewart. 73s4y icuCtccie The purpose of 4-H is to develop clear thinking, a sense of loyalty, an ability to accept responsibility, and all the other ideals of a strong character so that each member may better serve his club, his community, and his country. Projects are designed not only to bring members together, but also to better equip them for the time when they are the "backbone" of the nation.S 2 (?Cu The E-Men's Club is one of the most successful clubs of the school, and although the membership changes from year to year, the purpose, to serve, never changes. The membership of the E-Men's Club consists of all the athletes who have earned varsity "E" in sports. Each year the club sponsors an open-house to start the basketball season. At the open-house, everyone is invited to hear the latest rule changes and see the Elwood teams in action. The club also sponsors dances for the entertainment of the student body. The club's money is made through these projects. A few of the worth-while projects of the club have been to put markers on the football field, sponsor dances, and more recently to buy a television set for the Panther Den. Mr. Ward is the sponsor of the E-Men's Club which tries to produce good sports and the markings of good citizens. This year, the club officers were: Jim Cotton, president; Rex Landrum, secretary-treasurer. First Row, Left to Right: Kyle Dauenhauer, Benny Stage, Bill McKinley, Max Landrum, Jim McGuire, Dick Wood. Second Row: Joe Wood, Dick Hiatt, Walter Wolfe, Art Emmerling, Michael Helpling, Mike Ripperger, Richard Underwood, Ronnie Hollowell, Mr. Ward. Third Row: Rex Landrum, Don Garrison, Norman Maley, Ed Morris, Jim Cotton, Don Morris, King Hutsinger, Ronnie Cole.First Row, Left to Right: Sandra Heck, Nancy Hocker, Eleanor Hemphill, Sheila Sorrell, Rita Blitz, Shirley Fisher, Rachael Tucker, Anna Haas, Kay Beeman. Second Row: Pat Cooper, Naomi Robbins, Janice Taylor, Barbara Wasson, Tennie Tunnel, Sharon Dellinger, Sherry Clark, Linda Hocker, Margaret Switzer, Pat Conley. Third Row . Ilene Caldwell, Alice Boyden, Carolyn Mitchell, Joan Cole, Elaine Eder, Joyce Pierce, Sandy Gardner, Margaret Hocker, Joan Cole, Irma Rainey, Beverly Moore. Fourth Row: Delores Arnold, Ethel Boyden, Gay Small, Peggy Jackman, Ruth Poole, Ardella Truitt, Carolyn Phenis, Shirley Switzer, Darlene Anderson, Jane Fisher, Delores Caldwell. AdvertisingREICH ART’S Clover Farm Store Phone Fe 2-9088 GRINNELL’S TAFT BAKER FURNITURE STORE Phone Fe 2-6212 Furniture, Rugs, and Appliances 1531 Main Street Elwood, Indiana Compliments of Toys — Variety — Gifts Yl Mile East on State Road 28 MORRIS STORES 202-204 South Anderson St. ELWOOD INDIANA CONGRA TULATIONS From HOME ICE AND COAL 1800 So. D Phone Fe 2-5621 APEX BEAUTY SHOP 2015 North A Street Phone Fe 2-2163 Prop. Margaret Groover and Rena Heaton ARROW SHIRTS DOBBS HATS FALVEY’S For Men and Boys SAMSONITE FLORSHEIM LUGGAGE SHOES -j- Compliments of H BANNER STORE E Anderson's Dominant, Dependable, Thrifty Shopping Center Anderson, Indiana Phone 6675 THE WHY STORE MARTZ GROCERY 824 West Main QUALITY MERCHANDISE COURTEOUS SERVICE Phone Fe 2-3871 ONLY THE BEST AT THE LOWEST PRICES MADDOCK INSURANCE and TAX SERVICE 114 South 16th Street BROWN’S JEWELRY 2101 Main Street WATCHES DIAMONDSR. L. LEESON SONS CO. Students: You too should get the benefit of a seventy-seven-year-old experience in modern merchandising. For seventy seven years this firm has stood the test and faithfully served El wood and community. Leeson’s faith in Elwood, and the people’s faith in Leeson's have built an institution that will endure. Remember — good merchandise is available at all times — at Leeson’s.CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY SAM AURELIUS Candies — School Supplies Soft Drinks and Magazines 1610 — Next to Campus EMKA MACHINE COMPANY North 3rd Street Elwood, Indiana Phone Fe 2-3972 ROYAL GARMENT CLEANERS CITY FISH AND POULTRY MARKET Quality Eggs and Poultry Fish and Oysters Phone Fe 2-5482 Jack Melting, Mgr. WHEELERS MARKET SEEGER AUTO SUPPLY Complete Line of Automobile Accessories Distributors for Smitty and Sportsman Mufflers Phone Fe 2-3171 1112 So. 16th St. Elwood, Indiana 7 e 0?Oi4t ‘TtattGKat cut£ of Stcvood OVER 60 YEARS OF tX9 2 CONTINUOUS SERVICE f95 ? TO THIS COMMUNITY More than a half century of banking has given this bank an insight into the needs of banks in this area. We welcome an opportunity to share with our friends any information which we may have and to discuss individual as well as mutual problems. Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationJOHNSON SEA HORSE Congratulations to Senior Class SINGER SEWING CENTER “Full Line of Sewing Machines And Vacuum Cleaners” 206 So. Anderson Street Elwood Indiana Outboard Motors Any Kind of Boats and Canoes in Wood or Metal Chris-Craft Boat Kits Tee-Nee and Sterling Trailers Duplex and Mobil Oils — Greases and Accessories COPHER AND FESLER LEATHER’S BOAT HOUSE FUNERAL HOME 1823 North A Street Congratulations tttwueri r) tctcc4 Ue4 7 tc. Manufacturer of America’s Finest Trailer Homes 1000 North Ninth Street Elwood, IndianaCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 From the ELWOOD THEATRE VOGUE THEATRE ELWOOD DRIVE IN THEATRE “It’s Smart to go to the Movies” EDGAR M. CLARK CO., INC. t tt6uCaMce z td 0?«hc'icU Senvice Phone Fe 2-3442 Ofrett Swuf ?9Ci tute t6e ‘Tf.etvi f f s THE CITIZENS BANK Corner A and South Anderson COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Phone Fe-2-3367 "PedvuU "Defunct 7iui«na ce oxfuuuxtccut Elwood, Indiana JACK’S GROCERY BAKERY 2034 Main Street Phone Fe 2-6553 PEM’S SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY A COMPLETELY SHIRTS FINISHED REMODELED Cricket's Dad, “Pem” Robbins FUNERAL HOME 611 So. Anderson St. Ph. Fe 2-3242 AT ALLEN’S SHOE STORE YORK’S SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 1954 Seniors — We Salute You Here's to your success — Do some things better than they ever have been done before. VIEW POINT INC. 1532 Main Street McDANIEL’S DRY GOODS CLOTHING SHOES ROBERT L. JACKLEY WORTH DELLINGER AGENCY INSURANCE 914 South Anderson Street Elwood, Indiana FUNERAL HOME Phone Fe 2-5212 OLIVER MOTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE NASH SALES AND SERVICE Phone Fe 2-5821 1441 South A Ph. Fe 2-7721 CHRYSLER 8. PLYMOUTH 1412 Main St. E. M. Peterson Motor Sales Congratulations Class of 1954 The Kiwanis Minstrel is an annual activity of the Elwood club for the purpose of raising funds to help the youth of this community. KIWANIS CLUB OF ELWOOD Elwood, IndianaCompliments of INDIANA and MICHIGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY KLUMPP WALLPAPER and PAINT STORE 1533 So. A St. Phone Fe 2-2242 INLAND MARINE GUNS - TACKLE SPORTING GOODS EVINRUDE MOTORS Best Wishes FETTIG CANNING CORPORATION Compliments of RAY HOLLENSBE INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Complete Insurance and Service 210 So. 22nd St. Phone Fe 2-2682 ELWOOD FLOOR STORE Floor Coverings 1524 Main St. Phone Fe 2-2791 SIMMONS CLEANERS THE CAMERA SHOP COLOR HEADQUARTERS Compliments of COX SUPER MARKET Alexandria Indiana KLEIN’S The Latest Fashion In Footwear WAYNE JONES and SONS INC. FIRESTONE WESTINGHOUSE - ADMIRAL - RCA 1424 West Main Street Elwood Phone Fe 2-2361HEAD MOTORS INC. GOOD LUCK Class of “54” Dodge — Plymouth — Dodge Bill and Lilly Job-Rated Trucks 322-24 So. Anderson St. ELWOOD ROLLER RINK Phone Fe 2-3982 CONGRATULATIONS COULTER’S SUPERETTE Class of “54” RICH GOLD DAIRY INC. You Name Itl We Got Itl Phone Fe 2-2422Best Wishes From McKNIGHT’S CENTRAL PAINT AND LUMBER 1519 South B Street Elwood, Indiana COMPANY, INC. Phone Fe 2-5402 Formal I Tractors . International Trucks Farm Implements . Parts Service 1621 So. A Elwood DAWSON BUICK PONTIAC CO. 317 So. Anderson St. ELWOOD, INDIANA ELWOOD TOOL AND DIE CO. J. H. Graham 2700 So. K St. Manager Elwood, Ind. PERKINS TV SERVICE Your Capehart Dealer For those who want something better 1301 Main St. Phone Fe 2-2451 DRUGS PAINT OVERSIZE FILM FINISHING HINSHAW’S PRESCRIPTIONS WALLPAPER ABE’S AUTO SALES Phone Fe 2-3152 USED CARS AND TRUCKS 1351 So. B Street Elwood, IndianaThere’s a "one and only” in refreshment, too up%atuleUiaH4 frto t MONTICELLO MANUFACTURING COMPANY Elwood, Indiana K$% ztuCa£i H4 t t£c (?Ca44 orf 54 CONTINENTAL CAN CO. 900 North D Street Elwood, IndianaCONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1954 Here’s Hoping That Your Fondest Ambitions Are Realised And As You Progress Through The Trials And Tribulations Of Life, May Health And Happiness Be Your Constant Companions. Jack and George Mangas MANGAS CAFETERIA AND ANNEX Main and Anderson Sts. Elwood, Ind.CLASS OF 1954 (food, If you think you are outclassed, you are; You’ve got to think high to rise; You’ve got to be sure of yourself before You ever can win a prize. Life's battles don’t always go To the stronger or faster man; But soon or late the man who wins Is the man who thinks he can. W. D. Wintle Delco-Remy Division Of General Motors Corporation Anderson, Indiana Builders Of The World’s Finest Automotive and Farm Tractor Electrical EquipmentCONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1954 7o Save 'Tfau'i THotetf o-r “Suy a "etfoHte s4tcueuf ‘ e te t6cx ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASS’N Insurance of Savings Accounts to $10,000.00 1501 MAIN STREET ELWOOD, INDIANA PHONE FE 2-7381 mmrCONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1954 SUCCESS TO YOU ALL FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES Aerie 201 Elwood, Indianai nrrnr TVTT Good. Luck, Seniors M. G. GARRISON supplier Phone FE-2-2750 FOR FINEST GIFTS EARL G. RHODES---JEWELER Alexandria — Elwood — Tipton JOHN W. MOORE USED CAR SALES Extends Best Wishes to Class of ’54 1616 South A Street Elwood, Indiana Phone Fe 2-2432 MANGAS ICE CREAM CO., INC. WHOLESALE RETAIL "VELVET SMOOTH” PHONE Fe 2-5102 1412 MAIN STREET REAL ESTATE Farm and City CALL Fe 2-5432 CALL L. L. VAN NESS 1403 MAIN Compliments of LAND’S MUSIC STAND Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO.THE BRIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS Manufacturers of Passenger Car, Truck, Bus, Tractor, Motorcycle electrical lamps and the amazing AUTRONIC -EYE, automatic headlight control. GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORRTHE LARGEST SIDING Applicators in Indiana CITY CREAMERY SUMMERS and SON WE GUARANTEE ALL 3! For Dairy Products Call Your Grocer BEAUTY COMFORT or Phone Fe 2-3801 ECONOMY “Service is our Policy” HOOSIER HOME IMPROVEMENT Your Best Buy At COMPANY INC. THE CENTRAL HARDWARE STORE Safe Place To Shop “Right Goods at Right Prices” 1623 Main Street Phone FE 2-7341 Compliments of Free Estimates No Down Payment THE GOODYEAR STORE Small Monthly Payments 310 South Anderson Street Best Wishes from HIATT COBB We wish to take this opportunity to thank GENERAL LAMPS MFG. CORPORATION 450 North 9th Street Elwood, Indiana Phone Fe 2-3346 each and every one of our advertisers for making this yearbook possible. Good Luck Class of ’54 -»

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