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 1951 dreicent Wendell L. Willkie High School Indiana ElwoodOur Town Willkie High Our school, Willkie High School, can be compared to a town. We all live here five days a week for nine months of the year much as we do in our own homes. Our city building, on the first floor in the front of the building, is our principal's office. Our mayor and judge is Mr. Copeland; his clerk, Mrs. Collier. Our government is ihe student council. Our homes here in our town are our classrooms where the teachers preside. Here we study, work, meet our friends and learn the essentials of life. The streets are the halls overrun by pedestrians. Our community center is our Panther Den where we now have a cafeteria. Our civic center is our auditorium where Chapel services are held and plays are given. We have a public library, a movie theatre, and a street department. The city newspaper, written by students, is published once every month and sold to the many citizens throughout the year. But let us look at our city more closely and see the minute details.Our Streets . . . The halls of our school can be compared to the streets of a busy city. For example, both have fast and slow moving traffic which you encounter if you venture down one of our halls between classes. The first, fast moving traffic, is a menace to life and limb because of those who rush pell-mell from class to class knocking or pushing aside all interference just for the joy of being first. Those students who by some quirk of fate are always found walking in twos, and the students who simply cannot walk any faster are found in the slow-moving traffic. This type causes most of our traffic jams. We have our "up" and "down" stairs which are much like "one-way" streets. One thing they have in common is that some people always seem to be going in the wrong direction. These are generally either freshmen who don't know any better, or seniors who think they can get away with something. We also have our parking meters or lockers. We have two separate areas—one for boys and one for girls. There must be some confusion as to just where these lockers are located, for there always seems to be boys clustered around the girls' lockers. Although there are a few boys occupying lockers in the girls' areas and vice-versa, for the most part, these are restricted zones. Page FourOur lockers really are much simpler than the parking meters of an ordinary city. For example, instead of paying five or ten cents every morning, noon, and evening, you pay seventy-five cents for a lock when you are a freshman. This enables you to "park” four years—or longer, if necessary. As in any well-regulated city, our school must have its traffic regulations and rules which are enforced by our teachers. Any infraction of hall rules can be punished by detention slips which cause you to "linger" in the libraiy for forty-five minutes after school. These extra study periods are supposed to make an offender think twice before committing the same error. We also have our street department or janitor's system which works all day keeping our halls and rooms clean and in repair The many comparisons and examples which have been pointed out, all prove that our city has the most unique streets in existence. Page FiveOur Houses . . • Then there are the houses of Willkie High. Here the boys and girls spend much of their time learning new and better ways to improve tomorrow. The library is perhaps the most colorful house of them all with its brightly colored books lining the walls. The students come here during their study hall periods using the hundreds of books for information and help in their studies. The next house we come to along the busy streets of Willkie High is the typing room. Here live the students who wish to take up secretarial or business training. Many times during the day you can hear music playing with the clicking of every typewriter keeping time to the rhythm of a familiar march. There are some other interesting houses in our town, five of which are used for shop where only boys work. In one of these there is a mechanical drawing class; in another, the supply room, is kept everything from toothpicks to two-by-fours. The next room is the study room where students are given instructions before they start a project. The other two rooms contain all kinds of machinery and tools. In our math rooms the students learn everything from A to Z about mathematics—from simple addition to trigonometry. In the history classes the student learns of the past and present of his country as well as that of other nations. This study shows the student the mistakes and hardships, and the ambitions and dreams of those who came before him so that he may profit by their examples. Page SixEnglish also occupies several more houses along the way. Here the student is taught how to use his own language correctly. He gains an appreciation of good literature. He learns the spellings and meanings of many new words that he had no idea were even in the English language. He learns the fundamentals of letter writing, speech, and oratorical work in front of classes. He learns parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, and abbreviations from AAA to Y.M.C.A. If the student is further interested in languages, he may take up Latin or Spanish. This gives him some idea of how people live and speak in other countries. The girls' houses are the home economics rooms where they learn the art of home making in a beautiful modern kitchen and an up-to-date sewing room. (Some man will be lucky to marry one of these girls.) The last house is perhaps the most pleasant of them all; here at least three times a week students gather to sing their favorite old and popular tunes. The band also plays a leading role in our town's musical program Almost everywhere you go you can either hear some eager singer or a talented youth trying to improve his voice or his ability to play his musical instrument. In these rooms or houses are produced every year, the men and women of tomorrow who will try to make the future a much brighter one. Page SevenOur Community Center The Community Center of our town is our Panther Den. The Den is a meeting place for the residents of W. H. S. It is open at noons for our people who live in the country and for those who came back to school early. It is also open every Tuesday and Saturday night for everyone to participate in active entertainment. They may dance, play ping-pong, shuffle board, and cards. There is also a very modem, well-equipped pool room where most boys are active. If they prefer, they can enjoy a nice, quiet chat wtih a friend in our pleasantly lighted, comfortable lounge room. The after-game dances are held in our community center after each ball game so that the people may have some entertainment and relaxation after the excitement of the game. There is a coke machine in the Den so that its users may enjoy a cool drink while carrying on other activities The various clubs of our town have parties in the Den throughout the year, and occasionally a teachers' group meets there if there is a night tree from student activity The Junior-Senior Prom is also held in the Den, for it is much easier to decorate than the gymnasium. The Alumni have a chance to enjoy the facilities of the Den as there is a homecoming dance and open house following the homecoming game which is played in the afternoon. The community center is governed and kept in condition by the student council. At least two representatives of the council and two faculty members are present every night to oversee the activities. Without the Den there would be no organized entertainment for our people. Our community center is rated as one of the best in the state, and the pupils who attend it are trying to keep it so. Page EightOur Town... Willkie High and Its People Mr. Coulson; June Ripperger; Ronnie Casteel; Mr. Copeland; Emma Bennett; Jack Held. Page NinoAdministration Mr. Keith Scott, Superintendent • • • Mr. M. A. Copeland, Principal Page Ten Mrs. Imogene Collier, High-school office Mrs. Lillian Mikels. Financial secretary Mrs. Jo Aline Glenn, Superintendent's office SCHOOL BOARD Mr. Ralph Stevens; Mr. Melvin Robinson; Mr. Mark NobleFACULTY . Mary M. Allen. B. S. Ball State Teachers College Librarian Sophomore Class Sponsor Clifford Brugger, B. S. University of Cincinnati Music Blanche Digel. B. S.. M. S. Indiana University English Freshmen Class Sponsor Concessions Club Sponsor Senior Class Play Director Margaret Ayers, A. B. Indiana University English Speech Junior Class Sponsor Debate Club Sponsor Frank Bykowski. B. S. Purdue University Physical Education Drivers Training Football Coach Asst. Basketball Coach Earl B. Forney, A. B.. M. A. Indiana University Mathematics World History Sophomore Class Sponsor Mary M. Barnes, A. B. Indiana University U. S. History Crescent Advisor Faculty Committee of National Honor Society Kenneth D. Coulson. B. S„ M. A. Ball State Teachers College Business Education Junior Class Sponsor Megaphone Sponsor Director, Adult Education Faculty Committee of National Honor Society Director, Business Education Harry M. Bridges. A. B. Central Normal College Social Studies Senior Class Sponsor Ticket Manager Palmer J. Davis, B. S. A. Purdue University Agriculture El wood 4-H Club Leader Ushers Club Sponsor Ag. Basketball Coach Sophomore Class Sponsor Betty House, B. S. Indiana University Business Education Sophomore Class Sponsor High School Financial Secretary Dean of Girls Luella Holtzclaw, A. B. Central Normal College Business Education Latin Senior Class Sponsor Latin Club Sponsor Page ElevenFACULTY . . Harry L. House. B. S. Bradley Institute Shop Sophomore Class Sponsor Cathryn T. Lucas, B. S. Indiana State Teachers College Art Art Club Sponsor George Smith, B. S . M. S. Franklin College Ind ana University Mathematics Freshman Class Sponsor Projection Club Sponsor Student Lockers Betty Lou Johnson. B. S. Purdue University Home Economics Mary Records. A. B.. M. S. Indiana University Ball State Teachers College English Spanish Junior Class Sponsor Spanish Club Sponsor Faculty Committee of National Honor Society Assistant Sponsor of Megaphone and Crescent W Blair Siilivan. B. S. Ball State Teachers College Biology Junior Class Sponsor Junior Red Cross Sponsor Es her Koons. B. S. Purdue University English Freshman Class Sponsor Sunshine Society Sponsor Dramatic Club Sponsor Faculty Committee of National Honor Society Gilbert Shuck, B. S.. M. P. E. Dir. P. E. Purdue University Indiana University Industrial Arts Senior Class Sponsor Asst. Coach John W. Ward. A. B. DePauw University Health Sociology Basketball Coach Asst. Football Coach Donald M. Krampe, B. S. Indiana State Teachers College Mathematics Chemistry Physics Freshmen Class Sponsor Chairman of Faculty Comittee of National Honor Society Dorothy A. Shields, B. S. Ind ana State Teachers College Biology F hys.cal Education Jun.or C ass Sponsor G. A. A. Sponsor Booster Club Sponsor Iloe McKinney, B. M. Jordan Conservatory of Music Chorus Page TwelveMr. Sullivan's Biology Class "Don't be allergic to blood." Mrs. Record's Spanish Class "Hasta La Vista" (until we meet again). Mr. House's Shop Class "W a t c h those lingers!" Classroom Scenes Page Thirteen( LASS OFFICERS JACK GREEN Senior Class President Panther Den President Pep Committee Program Committee JACK GALLATIN Senior Class Vice-President Crescent Staff Varsity Football E-Men's Club MARY LOUISE SCIRCLE Crescent Editor Secretary of Sophomore and Senior Class Majorette Junior Class Play National Honor Society BARBARA ANNE SCHMIDT Senior Class Treasurer Senior Class Play Spanish Club Dramatic Club Megaphone Staff National Honor Society Seniors . . . In the fall of 1947 a large class of freshmen entered high school. It was not an ordinary class because we, who are now seniors, were in that class. Although we were extremely bewildered and frightened at first, we soon became a part of the hustle and bustle of our school. The next year we returned as proud sophomores. It was such fun to look down upon the freshmen We felt quite important because we were allowed to elect officers and participate more in the governing of our school. In September 1949 we blossomed out in our bright red cords which became rather faded by the end of the year. We concocted a few money-making ideas, one of which was the election of homecoming queen. Our class play, "Seventeenth Summer," was a huge success. At last we reached our senior year. Everyone was proud of his right to those brilliant yellow senior cords. We were now the grand exalted rulers of the under-classmen. The class spent much of its time selling concessions at football games, selling magazines, sponsoring dances, collecting paper, books, coathangers, and almost anything we could obtain in order to make money. We unanimously decided to go to Washington on our trip. Between studying, practicing for the class play, and earning money for the trip we were nearly exhausted by spring. Still, when we look back on our high school days, we can truly say that we have enjoyed every moment of these four years in Wendell L. Willkie High School. Page FourteenSeniors Carroll M. Alexander Band Spanish Club Senior Class Play Rex Beach Varsity Football E-Men's Club Library Assistant Junior Class Play Art Club Joseph Brewer Intramural Basketball Junior Red Cross Chorus Freshman Football Jerry Ault E-Men's Club Varsity Basketball Student Council Spanish Club Track Max Beeman Art Club Megaphone Staff Freshman Basketball Clifton Burton Eunadine Baldwin Emma Bennett G. A. A. Sunshine Society Booster Club Dramatic Club Junior Class Play Donald Caldwell Student Manager E-Men's Club Sally Bannon Sunshine Society Megaphone Staff Dramatic Club Chorus Booster Club Norma Breece Junior and Senior Class Plays Sunshine Society Dramatic Club Art Club Ralph Caldwell Freshman Basketball Freshman Football Varsity Football Varsity Basketball E-Men's Club Page FifteenSeniors Emmagene Carlile Senior Class Play Junior Red Cross Dramatic Club Latin Club G. A. A. Carol Carpenter National Honor Society Band Megaphone Editor G. A. A. Junior Class Play Phillip Champion Projection Club Jane Collins Booster Club Megaphone Staff G. A. A. Senior Class Play Dramatic Club Barbara Collis Dramatic Club Debate Club Latin Club Sunshine Society Carol F. Cotton G. A. A. Booster Club Elbert Cotton Library Assistant Varsity Football Varsity Basketball E-Men's Club Spanish Club David Davies Pep Committee Martha L. Dehner National Honor Society Junior Class Officer Majorette Junior Class Play Crescent Staff David Dellinger National Honor Society Student Council Crescent Staff Junior and Senior Class Plays James Dickey National Honor Society Dramatic Club Crescent Staff Junior and Senior Class Plays John K. Duffitt, Jr. Football Student Manager Page SixteenSeniors Robert Farr Varsity Football Track Cross Country E-Men's Club Intramural Basketball Nanette Fettig G. A. A. Latin Club Booster Club Sunshine Society Pep Committee Elizabeth Fetz Latin Club Band Senior Class Play Orchestra Megaphone Staff John Fihe Student Manager Willis D. Frye Spanish Club Booster Club Senior Class Play Gene Gallatin E-Men's Club Varsity Football Ushers Club Ag. Basketball Harold Gill Band Chorus Robert Gill Art Club Jill Gipson Crescent Staff National Honor Society Junior Class Secretary Band Chorus Raymond Giselbach Ushers Club Ag. Basketball Livestock Judging Dairy Judging Intramural Basketball Violet Glotzbach Sunshine Society Booster Club Daniel J. Good Band Spanish Club Orchestra Projection Club Dramatic Club Pag© SeventeenSeniors Raymond Green Art Club Freshman Football Booster Club Tommy Haines E Men's Club Spanish Club Track Varsity Football Crescent Staff Max E. Hankley Art Club Booster Club Livestock Judging Dairy Judging Chiquela Harrison Sunshine Society G. A. A. Philip Haynes Band Latin Club Janice Henderson Dramatic Club G. A. A. Yell Leader Senior Class Play Pep Committee Barbara Jeanne Hershey Crescent Staff Chorus Dallas Hester Freshman Basketball Ushers Club Dairy Judging Livestock Judging Donald Hight Art Club Bonnie Hinds G. A. A. Sunshine Society Megaphone Staff Senior Class Play Booster Club Joyce Hollensbe G. A. A. Spanish Club Junior and Senior Class Plays Sunshine Society Booster Club David Holliday Art Club Concession Club Pag© EighteenSeniors Jchi Holiday Projection Club Chorus Concession Club Wanda Hunt Sunshine Society Megaphone Staff Art Club Dramatic Club G. A. A. Joseph Juday Student Council President Spanish Club Band Intramural Basketball Nancy Holtsclaw Megaphone Staff Senior Class Play Orchestra Latin Club Booster Club William Hintsinger Varsity Football Varsity Basketball E-Men's Club Spanish Club Umpire's Club Grover A. Kelley Intramural Basketball James Hoose Intramural Basketball Varsity Football E-Men's Club Umpire’s Club Shirley John Latin Club G. A. A. Sunshine Society Booster Club Jack V. Kiphart E-Men's Club Varsity Basketball Track Student Council Cross Country Lucy J. Hubbard National Honor Society Majorette Crescent Staff Junior and Senior Class Plays Band Robert Jordan Band Senior Class Play Orchestra Spanish Club Intramural Basketball Beverly Knotts Sunshine Society G. A. A. Dramatic Club Art Club Band Page NineteenSeniors Romona Knotts Chorus David Leisure Freshman Basketball Varsity Football Crops Judging Student Council Ag. Basketball Jean McNeeley Spanish Club Dramatic Club Senior Class Play Concession Club Sunshine Society Mary Kay Lamb Megaphone Staff G. A. A. Junior and Senior Class Plays Booster Club Spanish Club William Lewis E-Men's Club Varsity Football Art Club William Dale McQueen E-Men's Club Varsity Football Track Freshman Basketball Art Club Patricia Laster Chorus Sunshine Society Booster Club Thomas McCarthy Varsity Football Golf E-Men's Club Intramural Basketball James Mitchell Art Club Intramural Basketball Freshman Basketball Freshman Track Sara Lee Legg G. A. A. Sunshine Society Dramatic Club Jane McCarty Senior Class Play Dramatic Club Crescent Staff National Honor Society Orchestra William Morgan Varsity Football Freshman Basketball Track E-Men's Club Student Council Page TwentySeniors Rebecca Morgan Sunshine Society Dramatic Club G. A. A. Patricia Nash G. A. A. Booster Club Concession Club Martha Jo Neeley G. A. A. Orchestra Megaphone Staff Spanish Club Booster Club George Noble Spanish Club Art Club Junior Red Cross Crescent Staff Booster Club Anna Louise Parker Sunshine Society Booster Club G. A. A. Elizabeth J. Parr Sunshine Society Latin Club Art Club Donald Plake Art Club Junior Class Play Robert Plummer E-Men's Club Varsity Basketball Varsity Football Track Merrill Quarles Usher's Club E-Men's Club Projection Club Linda Quyle Yell Leader Sunshine Society Chorus Maurice Renie Art Club Booster Club Jo Ann Rockhill Sunshine Society Concession Club Latin Club Track Basketball Student Manager Page Twenty-oneSeniors Madalene D. Seal Latin Club G. A. A. Sunshine Society Senior Class Play Chorus Marybelle Shively G. A. A. Sunshine Society Chorus Junior and Senior Class Plays Stephen Sizelove Intramural Basketball Art Club Track Senior Clas Play Margaret Smith Junior and Senior Class Plays Latin Club Mary Jane Smith G. A. A. Sunshine Society Band Booster Club Ronald Southern Intramural Basketball Jerry Taylor Art Club Concession Club Nettie Townsend Carolyn VanNess Sunshine Society Betty Watson Sunshine Society Band Crescent Staff Booster Club Hal Waymire Crescent Staff E-Men’s Club Band Varsity Football National Honor Society Louise Whitaker Junior Red Cross Sunshine Society Page Twenty-twoSeniors William Whitenack Band Orchestra Chorus Debate Club Dramatic Club William Wiand Shirley Wilburn Dramatic Club Sunshine Society Chorus Junior and Senior Class Plays Donald Wire Varsity Basketball E-Men's Club Varsity Football Sophomore Class President Student Council Charles Wisler Karleen Wisler Marilyn Young Track Sunshine Society E-Men's Club Ag. Basketball Judging Team Intramural Basketball Page Twenty-three3n Jflemortam Herbert Booth July 12, 1930, Elwood, Indiana—August 11, 1950, Korea »»«« Ross Boyer February 3, 1935, Elwood, Indiana—August 2, 1950, Elwood, Indiana Page Twenty-fourClass Officers . . . JUNIOR: Cecil Deckard. Vice-President Nancy Sigler. Secretary John Dehner, President Barbara Major, Treasurer SOPHOMORE: Mary Sue Griffin. Secretary Nancy Havens. Vice-President Martha Alley. Treasurer John Hocker. President FRESHMEN REPRESENTATIVES: Jan Newcomer Rex Landrum Dick Dellinger Pat Sutton Page Twenty-five.JUNIORS TOP ROW: R. Abbott; F. Barnes; J. Barnes; O. Barrett; B. Beck. SECOND ROW: E. Beckley; L. Bee-man; M. Bol; B. Boruff; J. Boruff. THIRD ROW: N. Bowlby; J. Bucci; W. Caldwell; R. Carter; J. Case. FOURTH ROW: R. Casteel; S. Chesterfield; C. Clark; F. Cline; P. Col-cord. FIFTH ROW: B. Connors; R. Conner; D. Corbett; M. Cotton; R. Coulter. SIXTH ROW: P. Crawford; T. De-Bonis; C. Deckard; J. Dehner; M. Derrickson. SEVENTH ROW: L. Dietzer; W. Dowler; D. Faucett; W. Fihe; B. Foley. EIGHTH ROW: F. Frazier; R. Fritz; M. Gardner; I. Gibbons; E. Gill. Page Twenty-six NINTH ROW: P. Gillam; P. Goings; R. Greene; C. Groover; P. Hamilton.TOP ROW: K. Hancher; L. Hankins; I. Hanover; E. Hayes; C. Heaton. SECOND ROW: M. Hennessy; J. Hicks; R. High; J. Hinshaw; G. Holloway. THIRD ROW: B. Hoppel; T. Howard; K. Huffman; R. Hughes; B. Hunter. FOURTH ROW: P. Huntsinger; B. Israel; M. Jones; J. Justus; J. Kaiser. FIFTH ROW: A. Kennedy; J. Kip-hart; J. Koons; P. Landrum; B. Leavell. SIXTH ROW: B. Lee; J. Loser; E. Lynas; D. McCorkle; W. McGill. SEVENTH ROW: U. McGuire; D. McNeeley; B. McQuitty; B. Major; M. Maley. EIGHTH ROW: R. Mason; R. Merritt; H. Meyer; P. Miller; J. Murphy. NINTH ROW: P. Murray; J. Mutt; J. Padfield; J. Padfield; L. Parker. Page Twenty-sevenPage Twenty-eight JUNIORS TOP ROW: V. Peebles; R. Phillips; R. Phillips; C. Rich; P. Riley. SECOND ROW: P. Riser; M. Robbins; F. Sanders; L. Sattler; R. Schimmel. THIRD ROW: R. Seibold; M. Shinkle; R. Sides; N. Sigler; G. Singer. FOURTH ROW: J. Sixelove; C. Smith; K. Smith; C. Snipe; I. Snyder. FIFTH ROW: R. Sparks; D. Stewart; S. Stone; S. Strong; O. Tranbarger. SIXTH ROW: T. Townsend; P. Van-Buskirk; J. VanHorn; D. Virgil; R. Walsh. SEVENTH ROW: C. Wardwell; J. Waymire; B. Webb; A. Weddell; N. Welcher. EIGHTH ROW: C. Welches; J. Wer-line; C. Whisler; D. Wilhelm; J. Wilson. NINTH ROW: B. Wylie; S. Yohe; C. Zech; D. Etchison.SOPHOMORES TOP ROW: D. Adair; W. Alexander; M. Alley; J. Alumbaugh; L. Ault; D. Baldwin. SECOND ROW: M. Barnes; P. Baugher; B. Baxter; J. Beasley; P. Bell; S. Benedict. THIRD ROW: H. Berry; F. Blackford; D. Bollinger; S. Boyd; R. Bright; T. Cain. FOURTH ROW: T. Carlson; C. Clark; G. Clark; C. Clingenpeel; W. Coe; P. Cotton. FIFTH ROW: C. Coulter; F. Crull; L. Daulton; B. Deaton; G. DeBonis; D. Dickey. SIXTH ROW: B. Diehl; D. Duffitt; R. Ebert; N. Erdman; C. Etchison; R. Ewing. SEVENTH ROW: L. Femung; J. Fihe; R. Fleener; M. Floyd; A. Foley; R. Gallatin. EIGHTH ROW: J. Garrison; D. Goins; D. Goins; J. Goodnight; J. Gootee; M. Green. NINTH ROW: M. Griffin; H. Gross; J. Haines; B. Hamilton; J. Hancher; D. Hardebeck. Page Twenty-nineSOPHOMORES TOP ROW: J. Hardebeck; F. Harris; S. Harvey; N. Havens; G. Hayes; R. Henderson. SECOND ROW: R. Henderson; S. Henn; R. Heritage; D. Hester; D. Hibst; S. Hickman. THIRD ROW: T. Hobbs; J. Hooker; J. Holliday; J. Hollies; I. Holtsclaw; R. Holtsclaw. FOURTH ROW: D. Hook; D. Hoover; P. Hostetter; R. Hull; J. Hughes; R. Hughes. FIFTH ROW: C. Jackson; S. Jones; J. Knick; R. Knotts; T. Laster; S Leakey. SIXTH ROW: M. Leathers; D. Lehman; G. Leisure; J. Lineback; F. Longerbone; A. Mallory. SEVENTH ROW: J. Matchett; J. McMahan; D. McQuitty; B. McWilliams; D. Miller; P. Morris. EIGHTH ROW: J. Murphy; M. Neeley; J. Newkirk; J. Nichols; N. Nutter; G. Pace; NINTH ROW: R. Parker; E. Perry; T. Perry; N. Phillips; R. Plake; D. Plummer. Page ThirtySOPHOMORES B. Pool; P. Reid; C. Rich; S. Richardson; S. Riley; J. Ripperger. SECOND ROW: V. Robinson; V. Savage; B. Scott; C. Scudder; M. Seely; C. Shawhan. THIRD ROW: R. Sheedy; C. Sigward; R. Simison; X. Small; B. Smith; C. Smith. FOURTH ROW: J. Smith; R. Smith; T. Sosbe; T. Stevens; R. Stockdale; C. Taylor. FIFTH ROW: P. Toler; A. Trittipo; J. Tunnell; B. Tyner; J. Unger; P. Van Blair. SIXTH ROW: W. Vest; D. Walker; F. Walker; J. Walker; R. Walker; C. Wardwell. SEVENTH ROW: R. Whistler; I. Whitehead; J. Williams; M. Williams; M. Wilson; W. Wilson. EIGTH ROW: M. Wittkamper; R. Jones; R. Holliday. Page Thirty-oneFRESHMEN TOP ROW: R. Abbott; W. Abner; R. Allen; W. Allen; J. Adair; B. Armie. SECOND ROW: R. Ballard; V. Bannon; R. Barber; R. Beeman; D. Blackford; R. Boll. THIRD ROW: B. Boruff; C. Bowman; A. Boyden; A. Bragg; D. Bragg; B. Brewer. FOURTH ROW: R. Brogdon; J. Bybee; D. Caldwell; D. Caldwell; J. Carroll; M. Casto. FIFTH ROW: C. Chapman; J. Clary; L. Clark; S. Clark; C. Clymer; I. Cole. SIXTH ROW: P. Collins; P. Cooper; R. Conwell; J. Cotton; D. Courtney; W. Cox. SEVENTH ROW: B. Craig; C. Crumbaugh; I. Culp; M. Davenport; J. Davis; J. Davis. EIGHTH ROW: R Dellinger; C. DeLong; C. Detrick; L. Duffey; L. Durr; W. Everling. NINTH ROW: J. Fisher; S. Fite; N. Fortson; D. Fowler; I. Fowler; J. Fox. Page Thirty-twoFRESHMEN TOP ROW: J. Frye; M. Foley; R. Fettig; L. Gardner; K. Garrison; C. Gerig. SECOND ROW: L. Gillespie; N. Goins; R. Goodnight; M. Green; W. Green; R. Gross. THIRD ROW: G. Hackle man; M. Hahn; G. Hall; E. Hanover; J. Hart sock; W. Headley. FOURTH ROW: J. Held; P. High; R. Hollowell; E. Holtsclaw; J. Hoover; C. Hopkins. FIFTH ROW: K. Huntsinger; S. Hussong; S. Jackley; R. Jackson; D. John; J. Kelley. SIXTH ROW: J. Kennedy; S. Kronenburg; R. Landrum; P. Langley; C. Laster; P. Law. SEVENTH ROW: M. Leeson; J. Locke; M. Rudig; G. McMinn; M. Mack; T. Mangas. EIGHTH ROW: D. Manghelli; L. Miller; R. Miller; C. Mitchell; R. Morgan; D. Morris. NINTH ROW: E. Morris; N. Musselman; B. Nash; J. Newcomer; S. Niccum; C. Pace. Page Thirty-threeFRESHiMEN TOP ROW: E. Penn; C. Phenis; J. Pierce; J. Pierce; T. Pierce; E. Rainey. SECOND ROW: E. Rebuck; D. Richardson; L. Lloyd; E. Savage; C. Shaw; M. Stoker. THIRD ROW: I. Sheedy; O. Singer; W. Singer; S. Smiley; R. Smith; A. Southern. FOURTH ROW: P. Spitzmesser; B. Stage; G. Stage; B. Stewart; D. Shaw; S. Stone. FIFTH ROW: P. Sutton; M. Switzer; M. Tompkins; S. Townsend; K. Trimble; R. Underwood. SIXTH ROW: C. Updegraff; F. Updegraff; M. VanBuskirk; C. VanNess; C. Vest; F. Walker. SEVENTH ROW: N. Walsh; C. Waltz; R. Waples; R. Webb; D. Wehrenberg; A. Wells. EIGHTH ROW: R. Whisler; N. Wiles; I. Wood; R. Wood. t Page Thirty-fourOur Town ... Willkie High and Its Organizations Carolyn Coulter; Margaret Shinkle; Marilyn Maley; Jack Barnes; Donald Virgil; lames Dickey. Page Thirty-fiveSEATED: Jill Gipson; Martha Dehner; Carol Carpenter; Lucy Hubbard; Marilyn Maley; Virginia Peebles. STANDING: Barbara Schmidt; Jane McCarty; Hal Waymire; David Dellinger; John Dehner; James Dickey; Mary Lou Scircle. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ... Character, leadership, service, and scholarship are the four qualities which a person must have to be chosen a member of the National Honor Society. These four qualities are important not only in school but also in all of life. Good character is essential for honest leadership. Without leadership nothing worthy of mention can be accomplished. The person who is willing to do his share and do it well in everything in which he is asked to take part gives service. Scholarship depends upon the amount and quality of the work one does. A person who is outstanding in character, leadership, service, and scholarship should be a success in life. A student who is elected to this national organization must continue to put forth his best efforts until graduation. Each year no more than ten per cent of the students from the junior and senior classes are selected as probationary members. A formal initiation service is heid in May each year before the student body for those who have been chosen as permanent members. Officers for this year were: President, David Dellinger and Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Carpenter. Page Thirty-sixEditor-in-Chief . . . Mary Lou Scircle Assistant Editor. . . . Virginia Peebles Make up Martha Dehner, Editor June Ripperger Picture . . . Jill Gipson. Editor Literary Lucy Hubbard, Editor Jane McCarty Barbara Major Marilyn Cotton Marilyn Maley Tom Haines Joyce Justus Business . . David Dellinger, Manager Hal Waymire Jack Gallatin James Dickey Virginia Peebles Thomas Howard Clerical . . Barbara Hershey, Chief Typist Betty Watson Jo Ann Boruff Shirley Strong Art George Noble. Editor Bob Phillips CRESCENT Mary Lou Scircle. David Dellinger. George Noble, Baikara Hershey, Martha Dehner, Jill Gipson, Lucy Hubbard. SEATED: Barbara Hershey; Jill Gipson; Martha Dehner; Lucy Hubbard; Marilyn Maley; Virginia Peebles; Joyce Justus; Jane McCarty; Shirley Strong. STANDING: Barbara Major; June Ripperger; Tommy Haines; Hal Waymire; David Dellinger; Mrs. Records; Miss Barnes; James Dickey; George Noble; Marilyn Cotton; Jo Ann Boruii; Mary Lou Scircle. Page Thirty-sevenSEATED: John Hocker; Phyllis Toler; Sara Jane Smiley; Nancy Havens; Martha Alley; June Ripperger; Virginia Peebles; Barbara Borufl; Dick Dellinger. STANDING: Billy Israel; Jerry Ault; Dick Coulter; John Dehner; Joe Juday (President); David Dellinger; Jack Green; Mr. Ward. STUDENT COUNCIL There are many clubs and organizations in our high school, but the one which is most closely related to the whole student body is the Student Council. The council is made up of well-qualified girls and boys who are selected from each home room. Its main purpose is to help carry out the opinions and ideas of the student body in a democratic way. Other duties of the council are taking charge of Panther Den activities, making selection of yell leaders, and taking charge of home-room basketball tourneys. Our student council, which has existed for nine years, has proved to be a very satisfactory agent of student government. The president, a member of the sophomore or junior class, is elected in the spring to take office the following fall. Being elected president of this organization is considered one of the highest honors in the school. The president this year was Joe Juday, and June Ripperger was secretary-treasurer. Page Thirly-eightMEGAPHONE STAFF MEMBERS Editor ...............Carol Carpenter Associate Editor .....John Dehner Business Manager . . . Wanda Hunt Advertising Manager. Pat Landrum Assistants ...........Pat Cotton. Mary Kay Lamb Circulation Manager.. Donald Virgil Assistant ............Pat VanBuskirk Sports ...............John Dehner Feature Writers ......Loretta Lloyd, Mary Rudig, Carol Pace. Dick Dellinger. Ann Southern. Pat Sutton, Sandra Boyd. Rose Bright, Beverly McWilliams. Martha Alley, Jeanine Walker, Jack Barnes, Donald Virgil, Pat VanBuskirk. Pat Landrum, Sue Chesterfield. John Dehner, Nancy Holtsclaw. Bonnie Hinds, Sally Bannon, Barbara Schmidt, Jane Collins, Martha Neeley. Betty Baxter. Darlene McQuitty. Typists ..............Shirley Yohe, Wanda Hunt. Sally Bannon. Faculty Advisors .... Mary Records, M. A. Copeland, Margaret Ayers. Sponsor...............Kenneth D. Coulson MEGAPHONE Mr. Coulson, John Dehner, Carol Carpenter. SEATED: Pat Landrum; Mary Kay Lamb; Bonnie Hinds; Nancy Holtsclaw; Jane Collins; Carol Carpenter; Barbara Schmidt; Mary Rudig; Martha Alley; Pat Sutton; Betty Baxter. STANDING: Sally Bannon; Pat VanBuskirk; Shirley Yohe; Loretta Lloyd; Wanda Hunt; Sue Chesterfield; Donald Virgil; John Dehner; Mr. Coulson; Jack Barnes; Jeanine Walker; Pat Cotton; Beverly McWilliams; Rose Bright; Ann Southern. Page Thirty-nineSEATED: Jean McNeeley; Joyce Hollensbe: Mary Kay Lamb: Martha Neeley; Barbara Schmidt; Ann Mallory; Mary Sue Robbins: Ann Trittipo: Rose Bright; Betty Baxter; Carolyn Smith: Donna Plummer. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Records; Danny Good; George Noble; Jerry Ault; Lucy Hubbard; Vera Savage; Joyce Justus: Marilyn Maley; Donna Walker: Linda Parker; Carolyn Clark; Joyce Beasley; Cleta Rich: Tom Sosbe; Charles Shawhan: Jerry Smith. TOP ROW: Thomas Howard; Elbert Cotton; Tom Haines; David Adair; Dick Coulter; Bill Wilson; Joe Juday; Bob Hufi: Carroll Alexander: Willis Frye; Bill Huntsinger: Bob Jordan; Calvin Rich; Sam Stone. Spanish Club It is important that the United States have good relations with the Latin-American countries. The Spanish Club is organized for the purpose ol studying the habits and customs of the Spanish-speaking people. This is one small step towards friendship and understanding between the United States and our neighbors to the south. All the members are interested in the Spanish speaking people in some way because a student is eligible to belong to the Spanish Club only if he has had one year of Spanish. Meetings are held monthly, and at each meeting a member discusses some phase of South or Central American life, or sometimes a Latin-American movie is shown to the group. New members are formally initiated at an annual party held on or near Pan-American day in April in the Panther Den. The officers elected for this year were the following: President, Barbara Schmidt; Vice-President, Bill Huntsinger; Secretary, Donna Plummer; Treasurer, Carolyn Lee Smith. Page FortyThe Inter Nos Latin Club was organized six years ago to promote interest in ancient Roman times and Roman culture. The motto chosen was "Ad Astra Per Aspera." The membership of the club includes not only those students who are now members of the Latin classes, but also those who have passed at least one semester of Latin. Meetings are held once every month in the projection room. Special activities this year included the initiation of new members and a Roman- style banquet, both of which were held in the Panther Den. The consuls for the Inter Nos Latin Club this year were Virginia Peebles and Jack Barnes who alternated in presiding over the monthly meetings. The other officers for this year were as follows: Praetor, Bill Deaton; Quaestor, Nan Fettig; Censors, Martha Alley, Booth Hamilton; Senators, Sharon Benedict, Nancy Havens; Tribune, John Hocker; Aediles, June Ripperger, Nancy Sigler, John Dehner, Bill Israel. Latin Club SEATED: Sue Sigward; Betty Parr; Thelma Carlson; Virginia Peebles; Nancy Havens; Martha Alley; lune Ripperger; Sharon Benedict; Elizabeth Fetz; Jill Gipson. MIDDLE ROW: Miss Holtzclaw; Mary Lou Scircle; Joan Rockhill; Shirley John; Emmagene Carlile; Nan Fettig; Jane McCarty; Madalene Seal; Nancy Holtslaw; Peggy Murray; Marilyn Cotton; Nancy Sigler; Martha Dehner. TOP ROW: Jimmy Matchet; Booth Hamilton; John Hocker; Bill Deaton; Jim Dickey; John Dehner; Dee Carter; Jack Barnes; Larry Beeman; Dallas Corbett; Barbara Collis. Page Forty-oneBOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Young; Sara Legg; Beverly Knotts; Barbara Schmidt; Madalene Seal; Chickie Harrison; Norma Breece; Karleen Wisler; Carolyn VanNess; Shirley Wilburn; Sally Bannon; Wanda Hunt; Rebecca Morgan; Betty Parr; Joan Rockhill; Betty Watson; Anna Louise Parker; Marybelle Shively; Pat Laster. SECOND ROW: Virginia Peebles; JoAnn Boruff; Betty Boruff; Marjorie Derrickson; Iona Hanover; Peggy Goins; Shirley Strong; Joan Case; Frances Cline; Pat Huntsinger; Joan Sizelove; Carolyn Snipe; Joan Hicks; Clarabelle Groover; Patsy Crawford; Shirley Yohe; Nina Bowlby; Betty Hop pel; Rose Schimmel; Bonnie Webb. THIRD ROW: Marlene Gardner; Barbara Leavell; Carolyn Smith; Barbara Beck; Jeanne Padiield; Becky Abbott; Alta Kennedy; Jayne Padfield; Barbara Foley; Mary Sue Grilfin; Dorothy Goins; Arlene Foley; Sharon Benedict; Thelma Carlson; Peg Hostetter; Carolyn Coulter; June Ripperger; Madonna Wilson; Freda Blackiord. FOURTH ROW: Loretta Sattler; Violet Glotxbach; Julia Bucci; Shirley Hickman; Margaret Green; Joyce Goodnight; Helen Berry; Patty Bell; Rosemary Henderson; Ann Mallory; Carol Scudder; Rose Bright; Ruth Fleenor; Darlene Goins; Darlene McQuitty; Mary Alice Leathers; Madonna Floyd; Mary Lou Neeley; Joyce Unger. TOP ROW: Miss Koons; Mary Goins; Linda Huffman; Ramona Idlewine; Alice Bragg; Beth Brewer; Delores Bragg; Barbara Army; Pat Sutton; Jan Newcomer; Ann Southern; Barbara Craig; Carol Laster; Nancy Fortson; Louis Duffey; Margaret Shinkle; Mary Jones. Sunshine Society The purpose of the Sunshine Society is: (1) to inspire higher ideals for high school girls; (2) to spread sunshine and good cheer; and (3) to train girls for active citizenship by participation in church, home, and the community. Different societies in the nation unite in a common effort to advance the cause of Sunshine work by promoting the growth of new societies. This worthy society was organized in 1901 by a senior in Crawfordsville High School. The society attracted the attention of the townspeople and they gave it loyal support, both moral and financial. News of its success spread over the state and its work was soon recognized as being an excellent character agent. Soon many high schools organized similar societies, and membership grew steadily. The state convention, the district convention, summer camp, and state project of annual donations to the Riley Hospital are now established traditions. Also, the local society has several projects each year to help the needy, especially the underprivileged children. The officers for this year were: President, Betty Boruff; Vice-President. JoAnn Boruff; Corresponding Secretary, Barbara Beck; Recording Secretary, Betty Hoppel; and Treasurer. Rose Schimmel. Page Forty-twoThe topic for debate this year was "Resolved: That the American people should reject the Welfare State." The Elwood Debate Club took part in the annual Purdue Debate Conference and Legislative Assembly in December, did practice and competitive debating throughout the season, and directed the activities of Willkie High School students in the Anderson College Model U. N. Conference in March. Members of the "A" team this year were Affirmative—Marilyn Cotton, Larry Beeman: Negative—June Ripperger, Jack Barnes. The "B" team members were Affirmative— Madaline Seely, Donald Virgil; Negative— Nina Bowlby, Sue Sigward. Debate Club SEATED: June Ripperger; Madaline Seely; Jack Barnes; Barbara Collis; Nina Bowlby. STANDING: Bill Whitenack; Donald Virgil; Sue Sigward; Miss Ayres; Marilyn Cotton; Sue Robbins; Larry Beeman. Page Forty-threeBOTTOM ROW: Emma Bennett; Darlene Goins; Mary Lou Neeley; Linda Parker; Carolyn Clark; Margaret Shinkle; Katherine Smith; Rose Schimmel; Carolyn Clingenpeel. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Coulter; Barbara Collis; Jean McNeeley; Emmagene Carlile; Thelma Carlson; Mary Sue Robbins; Marilyn Cotton; Joyce Justus; Ann Mallory; Darlene McQuitty; Arlene Foley. THIRD ROW: Loretta Sattler; Mary Sue Griiiin; Dorothy Goins; Nina Bowlby; June Ripperger; Barbara Schmidt; Jane McCarty; Madalene Seal; Wanda Hunt; Sally Bannon; Rebecca Morgan; Jane Ann Collins; Beverly Knotts; Shirley Wilburn; Bill Whitenack. TOP ROW: Madaline Seeley; Barbara Leavell; Susan Jackley; Marilyn Maley; Don Virgil; James Dickey; Jack Barnes; Larry Beeman; Burel Tyner; Jake Waymire; Dick Dellinger; Sara Legg; Janice Henderson; Norma Breece. Dramatic Club The dramatic Club is composed of a group of students in plays and play production. To be a member of this organization a student must do some dramatic reading or acting in order to show some evidence of dramatic ability. After he has passed this test, he is initiated into the club and is eligible to have a part in a play to be presented by the club, to help with the costuming or makeup, or to help in some other way in the staging of a play. The purpose of this club is to create a new interest in drama. Interested students are given an opportuntiy to show their ability before an audience. The students also profit by gaining poise from the experience acquired upon the stage. Meetings of the forty-eight members of the Dramatic Club are held twice a month in the auditorium. Each year the club presents plays for both the student body and the public. This year members volunteered to present the annual Christmas play given immediately before our vacation. Page Forty-fourOur concessions club is made up of a group of volunteer workers who sell concessions at basketball games in order to keep up the spirit at the games, to help the band, and to aid in the purchase of school equipment. The club holds a meeting to prepare for each game. After the season is completed, the club has a dinner party in the Panther Den. This dinner is prepared and served by some of the home economic girls. An award pin is aiso presented to each student who has earned 30G points. A point is awarded for every dollar's worth of concessions that a worker sells. The pins are presented on Honor Day. In the past few years the club has donated over $2,500 toward buying our school useful things. This extra equipment includes a new curtain for our auditorium, a new typewriter for the Crescent staff, a new steam presser for the clothing department of the home economics classes, sending the band on many trips to different cities, helping to buy a new projection machine, as well as donating over $1,000 for the purchase of our intercommunication system. The officers who have served this year are as follows: President, David Hardeback; Secretary, Carol Bowman; Manager, David Duffitt; Assistant Manager, Philip Miller. As you can ?°e, the concessions club is playing a big part in our school life today, and we think it deserves a first-rate salute for the things that it has done for Willkie High. Concessions Club SEATED: Patty High; Linda Durr; Delores Caldwell; David Duffitt; Carol Bowman; David Hardeback; Jean McNeeley; Nancy Walsh; Frances Walker; Barbara Craig. STANDING: Ed Holtsclaw; David Courtney; Richard Mason; Judy Hoover; Beverly Moore; Janice Bybee; Justine Kennedy; Freda Blackford; Bill Wilson; Max Hopkins; George Hackleman. Page Forty-fiveJunior Red Cross and Projection Club TO? PICTURE: SEATED: Suzanne Henn; Helen Berry; Rose Waples; Lois Dufley; Joan Locke; Alice Boyden; Pat Huntsinger; Carolyn DeLong. STANDING: Ralph Ewing; Merrill Quarles; Otto Barrett; Danny Wilhelm; Danny Good; Richard Nina Bowlby; Linda Parker; Jake Waymire; George Noble; Richard Walsh. BOTTOM PICTURE: SEATED: Lewis Hankins; John Holliday; Robert Jackson; Robert Barber; John Hocker; Robert Ballard; Ralph Boll; Richard Gross; Bill Israel. STANDING: Ralph Ewing; Merill Quarles; Otto Barrett; Danny Wilhelm; Danny Good; Richard Smith; Jerry Kaiser; Phillip Champion; George Pace, Jr.; Norman Erdman; James Kiphart; Fred Crumbaugh; Mr. Smith. Page Forty-sixPep Committee Barbara Major; Phil Haynes; Pat Landrum. Program Committee SEATED: Martha Dehner; June Ripperger. STANDING: Jack Green; Dee Carter. Ushers BOTTOM ROW: Ronald Holtsclaw; Fred Walker; Dick Miller; Joe Hard-ebeck; John Koons. SECOND ROW: Tom Cain; Sam Jones; Ronald Gallatin; Richard Smith; John Davis; Charles Zech. TOP ROW: Merrill Quarles; Benny Stage; Robert Ebert; Mr. Davis; Gene Gallatin; Raymond Giselbach; Jack Culp; Charles Wardwell. Pago Forty-sevenArt Club and Library Assistants TOP PICTURE SEATED: Ursula McGuire; Shirley Harvey; Rosemary Henderson; Jean McNeeley; Wanda Hunt; Dorothy Goins; Pat VanBuskirk; Betty Parr; Lorretta Sattler; Roberta Heritadge. MIDDLE: Mrs. Lucas; Norma Breece; Beverly Knotts; David Adair; Phil Norris; Jack Newkirk; Steve Sizelove; Rex Beach; Max Hankley; Maurice Renie; George Noble; Gene Lynas. TOP ROW: Jim Mutt; Carlos Wardwell; Bob Sides; Bill Lewis; Max Beeman; Elbert Cotton; Ollie Tranbarger; Bob Phillips; Don Virgil; Jim Mitchell; Ray Green; Bob Gill; Don Hight. BOTTOM PICTURE SEATED: Joan Case; Rose Bright; Miss Allen; Madonna Wilson; Danny Good. STANDING: Jack Kiphart; Dick Merritt; Elbert Cotton; Steve Sizelove; David Dellinger; Rex Beach; Jack Barnes. Page Forty-eightMarching Band From the beginning of the school year when it performs at the football games till the late spring when it enters the district contest, the marching band is an important part of our school life. It is made up of fifty-six members plus the seven majorettes. During the warmer days of spring and fall the band members may be seen on the street or at their practice field practicing an hour a day for their various appearances. There are also many parades during the year for which the marching band is requested to play. Page Forty-nineFIRST ROW: James Matchett; Hal Waymire. SECOND ROW: Mary Rudig; Robert Barber; Marilyn Maley; Lester Fernung. THIRD ROW: Joyce Unger; Charles Wisler; Nancy Sigler; David Adair; Jack Newkirk; Ann Trittipo; Bill Deaton; Joe Holtsclaw; Carolyn Snipe; Maurice Wittkamper. FOURTH ROW: George Pace; Joyce Pierce; Carolyn DeLong. FIFTH ROW: Mary Sue Robbins; John Dehner; Sandra Riley; Madeline Seely; James McMahan.FIRST ROW: Jill Gipson; Elizabeth Fetz; Dorothy Miller. SECOND ROW: Nancy Havens; Arlene Foley; Booth Hamilton; Shirley Hussong; Katherine Smith. THIRD ROW: Shirley Strong; Betty Baxter; Carol Carpenter; Dick Wehrenberg; Phyllis Toler; Dick Brogdon; Fred Crum- baugh; John Pierce. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Ewing; Philip Haynes; Jake Way-mire; Sam Stone; Carroll Alexander; Norman Nutter; Norman Erdman; Bob Jordan. FIFTH ROW: Susan Jackley; Danny Good. BAND The Concert band, which is composed of fifty-two members, is one of the most active organizations in our school. It presents three concerts during the school year—the Christmas, mid-winter, and spring concerts. The band adds much color to our basketball games by providing music and presenting halftime shows with the majorettes. The group was asked, for the first time this year, to present a concert at Remy s. The band elects its officers at the end of each school year for the following year. These officers are in charge of all business and much of the discipline of the band. The officers this year were Captain, Hal Way mire; Lieutenant, John Dehner; Secretary, Carol Carpenter. Page Fifty-oneBOTTOM ROW: Carol Bowman; Alice Boyden; Frances Walker; Nancy Walsh; Pat Sutton; Loretta Loyd; Paula Jean Reid; Rose Marie Waples. SECOND ROW: Miss McKinney; Larry Miller; Joyce Justus; Susan Jackley; Sue Sigward; Linda Durr; Barbara Boruff; Marilyn Davenport; Shirley Fite. TOP ROW: Chester Gerig; Margaret Shinkle; Margaret Green; Barbara Schmidt; Madalene Seal; Jane McCarty; Jill Gipson; Max Green. Chorus LEFT TO RIGHT: Martha Dehner; Sandra Riley; Joan Sizelove; Mary Lou Scircle (head majorette); Shirley Strong; Mary Sue Griifin; Lucy Hubbard. Page Fifty-twoOur Town ... Willkie High and Its Athletics Standing: Frank Bykowski, football coach; George S. Parks, assistant coach. Seated: John Ward, basketball coach; Gilbert Shuck, assistant coach. Page Fitty-threeFIRST ROW: J. Murphy; D. Etchison; R. Casteel; T. Haines; J. Gallatin; R. Caldwell; O. Tranbarger; W. Lewis; P. Morris. SECOND ROW: E. Gill; W. McQuitty; J. VanHorn; R. Beach; W. Huntsinger; G. Gallatin; E. C. Cotton; D. McQueen; R. Farr; H. Waymire; W. Morgan; D. Wire. THIRD ROW: B. Hamilton; W. McKinley; E. Meyer; K. Hancher; W. Scott; J. Lineback; W. Deaton; J. Wilson; T. DeBonis; R. Merritt; J. Dehner; M. Bol; J. Kiphart. FOURTH ROW: R. Coulter; J. Murphy; X. Small; B. Conners; J. Hocker; L. Beeman; J. Mutt; K. Huffman; J. Smith; B. Huff; R. Green; S. Jones; N. Nutter; R. Gallatin. Varsity Football • • • Elwood Opponents Fri. Sept. 8—Wabash 6 14 Fri. Sept. 15—West Lafayette 26 34 Fri. Sept. 22—Tipton 25 0 Tues. Sept.26—Anderson 27 0 Fri. Sept. 29—Kokomo 6 6 Fri. Oct. 6—Huntington 32 6 Sat. Oct. 14—Dugger 14 6 Tues. Oct. 17—Marion 19 13 Fri. Oct. 20—Alexandria 34 14 Tues. Oct. 24—Peru 0 Page Fifty-four 25TEAM Tipton Tipton Alexandria Newcastle Newcastle St. Joseph (Elwood) ELWOOD 0 6 33 6 21 12 OPPONENTS 19 20 6 14 20 0 STUDENT MANAGERS Dick Woods; David Dellinger; Merrill Quarles; John Pierce; Bob Henderson. BOTTOM ROW: R. Gross; G. Stage; E. Morris; J. Held; R. Underwood; D. Caldwell; P. Hackelman. SECOND ROW: J. Pierce (student manager); G. Chapman; K. Huntsinger; E. Gillespie; C. Detrick; R. Landrum; E. Penn; R. Wehrenberg; B. Stage; D. John; Mr. Shuck (coach). TOP ROW: D. Richardson; R. Goodnight; C. VanNess; C. Gerig; J. Cotton; W. Headley; M. Green; I. Fowler; M. VanBuskirk; D. Morris. Page Fifty-fiveVarsity Football • • • TOP ROW: Dale McQueen Halfback Tom Haines -Halfback Bill Lewis -Fullback Bob Farr—Halfback Elbert Cotton Halfback MIDDLE ROW: Ralph Caldwell -End Don Wire—Quarterback Hal Way mire Fullback Jesse VanHorn—Quarterback Orville Tranbarger Tackle BOTTOM ROW: Gene Gallatin—Tackle Rex Beach—Guard Bill Huntsinger—Center Jack Gallatin—Guard Bill Morgan- ackleSEATED: Jim Gobbons; Jack Kiphart; Bill McQuitty; Bill Huntsinger; Elbert Cotton; John Snyder. STANDING: Dick Merritt; Don Etchison; John Dehner; Bob Fihe; Mark Bol; Dick Coulter; Tony DeBonis; Jerry Wilson. arsity Basketball 1950-51 Schedule Date Team Elwood Opponents Nov. 17 Rochester 58 42 Nov. 22 Marion 49 57 Nov. 24 Plymouth 69 48 Dec. 1 Sheridan 39 58 Dec. 8 Wabash 47 45 Dec. 13 Alexandria 64 50 Dec. 15 Southport 40 39 (overtime) Dec. 20 Tipton 48 46 Dec. 30 Hartford City 58 35 (Hartford City) Tournament 59 44 (Burris Muncie) Jan. 3 Pendleton 55 32 Jan. 5 Jeffersonville 58 51 Jan. 12 Hartford City 52 51 (overtime) Jan. 19 Huntington 57 41 Jan. 24 Kokomo 59 61 Jan. 26 Peru 65 43 Jan. 31 Tipton 52 43 Feb. 2 Monticello 63 49 Feb. 9 Alexandria 36 31 Feb. 16 Burris Muncie 65 54 SECTIONAL Elwood 50; Clay Township 42 Kokomo 48; Elwood 46 (Overtime) Page Fifty-sevenVarsity Basketball • • • Tony DeBonis Forward Bill Fihe Center Ebe Cotton Forward Bill McQuitty Center Jim Gibbons Guard John Dehner Forward Don Etchison Guard Bill Huntsinger Forward Jack Kiphart Guard Dick Coulter Forward J. R. Snyder Guard Mark Bol ForwardSecond Team Basketball SEATED: Bill Deaton; Dick Merritt; Bob Huff; Bob Knotts; John Hooker; Jerry Hollis. STANDING: Gene DeBonis; Jerry Murphy; John Dehner; Norman Nutter Don Etchison; Bucky Sosbe. Freshman Basketball SEATED: Danny Everling; Jim Cotton; King Huntsinger; Edwin Morris; Dickie Underwood; John Davis. STANDING: Benny Stage; Truman Pierce; Don Morris; James Fry; Keith Trimble; Max Green, Manager; John Pierce. Page Fifty-nineBOTTOM ROW: Jack Gallatin; Bill Lewis; Jerry Ault; Elbert Cotton; David Leisure; Dale McQueen; Bob Farr; Tom Manghelli; Jack Kiphart. MIDDLE ROW: Gene Gallatin; Jim Gibbons; Jim Hose; Bill Morgan; Don Wire; Tom Haines; Hal Waymire; Don Etchison; Mr. Ward. TOP ROW: Jim Kiphart; Rex Beach; Bill McQuitty; Ollie Tranbarger; Merrill Quarles; Kenneth Hancher; Norman Welcher; Bob Plummer. E-MEN’S CLUB The E-Men's club of our school is made up of boys who have earned a letter (block-E) during their years in high school. Regular meetings are held on alternate Tuesdays to talk over ways to make money to improve our school. Every year the club sponsors sock-hops, round-the-waist dances and ordinary dances. They also sponsor the open house before the basketball season begins. This gives the fans a chance to look at all the Elwood teams because the junior high and freshmen teams play a preliminary to the varsity vs. B-team game. Explanations of all the new rules are made at this open house and questions are answered concerning old rules that are not clear. In the past two years the E-Men's club has bought yard markers for the football field and donated one hundred dollars to the Panther Den to carry an organized summer recreations—movies, dances and activities at the park. The club officers of this year were Jack Gallatin, President and Jack Kiphart, Secretary-Treasurer. Page SixtyCHEER LEADERS FOOTBALL: STANDING: Linda Quyle. Betty Hoppel. KNEELING: Jean Werline. Carolyn Smith. BASKETBALL: STANDING: Suzanne Henn, Betty Hoppel. KNEELING: Jean Werline. Marlene Gardner. Page Sixty-oneTOP TO BOTTOM Mary Kay Lamb; leanne Padfield; Rebecca Abbott; layne Padiield; Martha Neeley; Beatrice Lee; Wilma Caldwell; Rita Phillips; Patsy Crawford; Betty Hoppel; Joan Case; Carolyn Snipe; Virginia Peebles; Peggy Murray; Beverly Knotts; Marybelle Shively; Sarah Legg; Marilyn Young; Mary Jones; Emmagene Carlile; Carol Cotton; Jane McCarty; Jane Ann Collins; Carol Carpenter; Emma Bennett; Martha Dehner. STARTING FROM LEFT BOTTOM: Frances Walker Nancy Walsh Carolyn Coulter June Ripperger Marilyn Maley Dorothy Goins Darlene McQuitty Pat Cotton Donna Plummer Rose Marie Bright Mary Alice Leathers Doris Lehman Katherine Smith Carolyn DeLong Jeannece Fihe Shirley Leakey Margaret Switzer STARTING FROM LEFT BOTTOM: Delores Caldwell Carolyn Taylor Jan Newcomer Beverly McWilliams Nancy Havens JoAnn Sizelove Sharon Benedict Joyce Hollensbe Shirley John Mary Jane Smith Nan Fettig Barbara Beck Dorothy Manghelli Mary Rudig Joyce Justus Carolyn Phenis Carolyn Mitchell MIDDLE OF LINE "A" (L to R) Mary Sue Griffin; Donna Plummer; Carole Scudder; Thelma Carlson. MIDDLE LINE OF "A" (L to R) Jean Reid; Delores Fowler; Loretta Loyd; Margaret Shinkle. Page Sixty-twoOur Town... Willkie High and Its Mai Life LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Lou Scircle Tom Haines Shirley Strong Page Sixty-threeHomecctninq Queen and Court Carol Shaw; Patricia VanBuskirk (Queen); Martha Dehner; Joyce Beasley. Page Sixty-fourCarol Shaw; Joyce Beasley; Martha Dehner; Patty VanBuskirk (Queen); Mary Lou Scircle; Mrs. Hettsmansperger; Mr. Beebe. Homecoming . . . Homecoming has become an annual event in Willkie High School. Many alumni return to join in the fun of meeting their former class-mates. The junior class sponsors an election of a homecoming queen. Candidates are selected from each class and pennies are used for votes. The girl receiving the most votes is elected queen and the others are members of her court. This year the festivities began with a spectacular parade led by a float on which rode the homecoming queen and her court. The junior-high and senior-high school bands followed the float. When the parade arrived at the park, it was time for the football game with Dugger to begin. After the game, which we won 14 to 6, everyone went to the Open House in the Panther Den. In the evening a dance was held for alumni and high-school students in the beautifully decorated Den. Patricia VanBuskirk was crowned queen; she was attended by Martha Dehner, Joyce Beasley, and Carol Shaw. The queen and all her attendants received lovely gifts from merchants who cooperated to make our second annual homecoming a success. Page Sixty-fiveSTANDING: Ronald Holts-claw; Richard Miller; Richard Smith; Jack Garrison; Bob Scheedy; Francis Crull; Charles Ward-well; Ronnie Gallatin; Cecil Deckard; David Leisure. SEATED: Raymond Gisel-bach; Allen Weddell; Jack Gallatin; Dale McQueen; Rex Beach; Bob Green; Charles Wisler. Agriculture AGRICULTURE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec. 12 Gaston 23 Elwood 43 Dec. 20 Frankton 27 Elwood 22 Jan. 12 Anderson 32 Elwood 15 Feb. 12 Frankton 26 Elwood 25 Feb. 14 Summitville 40 Elwood 43 Allan Weddell—grand champion at the Madison County Fair and second prise winner at the State Fair. Anna Louise Parker—champion over all 4-H dairy cali-club members. Page Sixty-six1950 TRACK RECORD APRIL 17. AT HOME El wood 108 Viz Alexandria 43 Frankton 36 Summitville 14 Vi APRIL 19. AT HOME Elwood 48 New Castle 61 APRIL 21. AT HOME Elwood 81 73 Pendleton 42 Frankton 29% APRIL 27. AT PERU Elwood 83 Peru 26 MAY 1. AT HOME Elwood 78 Hartford City 31 MAY 1. COUNTY TOURNEY. AT ANDERSON Elwood 755 6 Pendleton 40 Alexandria 39 Markleville 25 Summitville 19 Frankton 18% Lapel 13ye MAY 3. AT HOME Elwood 76 Vi Northwestern 32% MAY 5. CIC TOURNEY. AT HUNTINGTON Muncie Burris 67 Plymouth 62 Wabash 43 Rochester 35 Elwood 30 Peru 26 Huntington 14 Alexandria 10 Hartford City 8% Page Sixty-sevenPage Sixty-eight The biggest event in the life of a junior is the Prom. The juniors, who are privileged to plan the decorations, soon find after the decorating has begun that the Den grows larger and larger and the number of days until the Prom become fewer and fewer. There is so much to be done. A theme has to be chosen; committees have to be appointed for the various needs; decorations have to be selected; and many students assembled f o r constructive work. The seniors have to arrange for the band. That is one problem the juniors need not worry about. MOONLIGHT At last the day comes. The final touches are put upon the decorations; refreshments are made ready; and everybody goes home to put on new suits and dresses. Let's pretend that we are going to last year's prom all over again. As we enter the building, we are greeted by the reception committee which helps us check our coats, and we get our programs. Then we start up the ramp looking for friends and a table where we can rest after the tire-s o m e and strenuous day. There are rows of tables down each side of each ramp and many friends are already seated.AND ROSES • • The counter has been removed from the coke bar and the orchestra is seated in this alcove. Here they are playing romantic music for us. At the far end, the windows are completely covered and the words "Moonlight and Roses" are spelled out in artificial red roses fastened very close together upon this wall. Directly below this is a wishing well with spot lights illuminating it. Along the other two stone walls there are white trellises with rambling red roses climbing picturesquely over them. The dance floor itself has a ceiling of draped blue crepe paper which adds to the very romantic mood of night. Here the pastels of the ladies' dresses blend with the soft music creating a very festive atmosphere. Everyone is very gay under the spell of the soft music, even those juniors who have worked so hard all day. The queen, Nancy Heflin, and her court—Pat Vangets, Mary Lou Scircle, Linda Quyle, Martha Dehner, lane Collins and their escorts reign for the evening. At the time of the coronation the Earl Newport orchestra plays "Moonlight and Roses" which is, of course, the theme of this memorable occasion. Page Sixty-nineBOTTOM ROW: Jean Werline; Marlene Gardner; Betty Hoppel; Suzanne Henn; Donna Walker; Norman Erdman; Rose Mary Bright. SECOND ROW: Sally Bannon; Loretta Loyd; Dolores Fowler; Nancy Fortson; Jan Newcomer; Sarah Jane Smiley; Barbara Boruti; Helen Berry; Patty Bell; Darlene Daulton; Carolyn Phenis; Carol Cotton. THIRD ROW: Wanda Hunt; Margaret Shinkle; Joan Hicks; Claribelle Groover; Rose Schimmel; Virginia Peebles; Frances Cline; Peggy Murray; Faye Sanders; Shirley Leakey; Jane McCarty. FOURTH ROW: Sarah Legg; Beverly Knotts; Rebecca Morgan; Shirley Wilburn; Madalene Seal; Betty Watson; Anna Louise Parker; Mary Jones; Thelma Carlson; Carolyn Coulter; Patsy Crawford. FIFTH ROW: Ruth Fritz; Nan Fettig; Shirley John; Joyce Hollensbe; Nancy Holtsclaw; Mary Kay Lamb; Bonnie Hinds; Jane Ann Collins; Mary Jane Smith; Emma Bennett; Carolyn Clark; Wilma Caldwell. SIXTH ROW: Carolyn Welches; Betty Boruff; Jo Ann Boruff; Linda Quyle; Carol Scudder; Pat Huntsinger; Barbara Major; Pat Landrum; Joan Case; Sue Chesterfield; Ruth Morgan; Beatrice Lee. SEVENTH ROW: Marjorie Derrickson; Rebecca Abbott; Ursula McGuire; Janet Loser; Beverly McWilliams; Jean-nice Fihe; Pat Cotton; Darlene Goins; Madonna Floyd; Martha Jo Neeley; Mary Derrickson; TOP ROW: Ann Southern; James Hancher; Richard Plake; Max Hankley; George Noble; Maurice Renie; Raymond Green; Willis Frye; James Dickey. Booster Club . . . Perhaps the most active club that we have in our school is the newly organized Booster Club under the sponsorship of Miss Shields. The main function of this organization is to back the team and boost their morale. Although most of the yells given this year were eld ones, a selected committee along with the yell leaders contributed several new yells. The membership is restricted to eighty-eight members who were selected on the basis of sportsmanship and dependability. At first the girls wore white blouses with red neck scarfs, and the boys wore white shirts and red neckties. Later, all of the members wore red sack shirts. In order to retain membership in the Booster Club, members are required to attend all of the meetings, be at all of the home games, and be on time, wear uniform dress, and show good sportsmanship. Page SeventyLittle Women Senior Class Play THE CAST Jo Meg Beth Amy Mrs. March . . . Barbara Schmidt Mr. March . Aunt March . . . Elizabeth Fetz Hannah Mullet Jean McNeeley Mr. Laurence . . Laurie John Brook . . . . Professor Bhaer f Emmagene Carlile Neighbor Girls Mary Kay Lamb Jane Ann Collins t. Joyce Hollensbe Directed by Miss Digel "That I may be fonder and prouder than ever before of my—little women." Beth! What is it?' Page Seventy-onePage Seventy-two“So Dear To My ” Page Seventy-threePage Seventy-fourOur Advertisers Without our advertisers we would not have been able to publish the 1951 Crescent. Once again we want to thank them, for they have made the successful publication of this book possible. Pago Seventy-fiveTHE CITIZENS BANK Corner A and South Anderson COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE PHONE 12 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Elwood, Indiana Page Seventy-sixBEST WISHES FROM Central Paint And Lumber Company, Inc. 1621 South A Street El wood, Indiana Phone 333 Paint Drugs Wallpaper Prescriptions Over Size Film Finishing HINSHAW'S ACME AUTO BODY Congratulations and Best Wishes from The Management and Staff of the ELWOOD AND VOGUE THEATRES "Our Business Is Your Pleasure 365 Days A Year" Page Seventy-sevenA preferred place for the selection of your graduation outfit GUNS TACKLE THE WHY STORE SPORTING GOODS Martin Blumenthal, Mgr. W. A. LEWIS AND SON INLAND MARINE Feed - Seed - Coal - Grinding 400 South 18th St. Phone 29 Congratulations DAWSON BUICK COMPANY Class of '51 "Serving motorists since 1907" Your BUICK and PONTIAC Dealer Elwood H. E. Lamb, Manager Hiatt and Cobb BEST WISHES KLUMPP Wallpaper and Paint Store 1533 South A Street Phone 915 Elwood, Indiana BENNETT LAMB General Contractor "We build for tomorrow" CITY FISH AND POULTRY MARKET Quality Eggs and Poultry Fish and Oysters Phone 213 Jack Melling, Mgr. Commercial— Residential— Compliments of Industrial— INDIANA AND MICHIGAN Phone 816 Elwood, Indiana ELECTRIC COMPANY Page Seventy-eightMETAL COATING In Anderson — HOYT WRIGHT CO. MFG. CO. "The best in plating" The Wright Store Phone 91 For Young Elwood, Indiana Men and Women Delong's Paris And Accessory Company Leach's Super Market Congratulations FOR REFRESHMENT DRINK ELWOOD LUMBER COMPANY 28 — The Lumber Number — 28 ' Anderson, Indiana Pago SeVenty'-iiineELMORE'S CREAMERY Pasteurized Dairy Products Best Wishes Elwood 1515 North 5 Street Telephone 596 BOHLANDER'S DAIRY Indiana 515 North Anderson St. Phone 393-61 PAT'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Compliments of RAY HOLLENSBE Maines Insurance Agency, Inc. Complete Insurance Service 210 South 22nd St. Phone 121 159 We wish success to each member View-Point of the 1951 class Incorporated The Congratulations KIWANIS CLUB to of The Seniors ELWOOD BROWN'S JEWELRY Elwood, Indiana "We Build” Mini's for Hats ...... Individual Styling Best Wishes Worth Dellinger Agency Insurance 914 South Anderson St.-Phone 1677 Criman's Insurance Agency 826 North Anderson St.-Phone 283 Elwood Indiana GOODYEAR SERVICE STATION 310 South Anderson St. Elwood Indiana Page EightyST THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF EL WOOD EL WOOD. INDIANA 1892 59 Years 1951 of faithful service to this community More than a half century of banking has given this bank an insight into the needs of banks in this area. We welcome an opportunity to share with our friends any information which we may have and to discuss individual as well as mutual problems. Member of Federal Reserve System; Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Pago Eighty-oneF. E. DeHorily Son Agency MORRIS 5c to $1.00 STORE Elwood, Indiana AMERICAN CLEANERS DYERS 1608 East Main Phone 1308 Opposite Post Office Established ELWOOD DRIVE-IN Always A Good Show 1900 Chrysler Plymouth E. M. PETERSON MOTOR SALES Sales Service B. F. GOODRICH COMPANY GENERAL LAMPS MANUFACTURING ROBERT DELLINGER FARM SERVICE Allis-Chalmers Sales and Service 1336 South "A" Street Elwood, Indiana JACK'S GROCERY and HOME-BAKED GOODS Phone 1150 2034 East Main FETTIG CANNING C0RP. BEST WISHES COPHER AND FESLER FUNERAL HOME Phone 1005 Page Eighty-twoKLEIN'S The Latest Fashion In Footwear McKNIGHT'S CENTRAL INDIANA INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER GAS COMPANY REFRIGERATORS JOHN W. MOORE HOME FREEZERS 0 CHEVROLET SALES til Chevrolet, Oldsmobile Cadillac Sales and Service INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER ROYAL GARMENT CLEANERS TAM'S REXALL DRUG STORE EL WOOD FLOOR STORE Floor Coverings Telephone 301 200 South Anderson PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY FILLED • Drugs • Medicines • Liquors • Sundries 1524 Main Phone 1453 FIHE'S RADIO and APPLIANCE Television — Appliances — Gift Items 912 Main Phone 1727-W r. c. McDaniel Clothing — Dry Goods — Shoes Page Eighty-threeStudents. . . You too should get the benefit of a seventy - four - year - old experience in modem merchandising. For seventy-four years this firm has stood the test and faithfully served Elwood and community. Leeson's faith in Elwood and the people's faith in Leeson's have built an institution that will endure. Remember—good merchandise is available at all times — at Leeson's. R. L. LEESON SONS CO. Pago Eighty-fourEDDIE LAND'S MUSIC STAND 312 S. Anderson Swinford Marathon Service Station 1437 South A Phone 512 El wood, Ind "A Good Place To Trade" EAST SIDE SALES SERVICE, INC. DeSoto — Plymouth Good Used Cars 31st Main Phone 1470 Elwood, Ind. HOME LUMBER COMPANY A Dependable Place to Trade Arthur E. Bell, Manager 1911 South B St Phone 132 Alexander's Sign Service-1398 Wesi Main Compliments of ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVING LOAN ASSOCIATION Johnson Motors — Grumman Canoes Shell Lake Wood Boats Canoes Star Metal Boats Metzger Trailers ORVILLE LEATHERS 1823 North A St. Phone 1877 Pern's Seli-Service Laundry Shirts Finished "Pem" Robbins 611 S. Anderson St. Phone 1226 J. LEWIS SMALL COMPANY Pago Eighty-fiveGood Luck Seniors MANGAS CAFETERIA "Famous for Fine Steaks and Chops" GOOD COFFEE • SALADS • PIES Food of Your Own Choice at Prices That Are Right Page Eight-sixBest Wishes Compliments FIRST NATIONAL COMPANY RORERT L. JACKLEY Insurance Phone 700 W. Shickley L. Squier Morris Dehority Elwood, Ind. LEE'S MARATHON SERVICE Edgar M. Clark Co., Inc. AMBULANCE AND FUNERAL SERVICE Phone 108 Paul Balser, Mgr. Ethel Clark, Attn. Page Eight-sevenPage Eighty-eightAsk For Arrow Shirts Dobb's Hats DIETZEN'S CORN-TOP or HOLSUM Alligator Rainwear Clothing; Furnishings; Shoes FALVEY'S The Store for Men and Boys Bread At Your Grocer's 112 South Anderson St. Elwood LEACH'S SUPER MARKET JACKLEY and JONES GOOD LUCK from THE CONTINENTAL CAN CO., INC. 9th and North D Streets Elwood, Indiana Pag Eighty-nineCONGRATULATIONS FROM MONTICELLO MANUFACTURING COMPANY Elwood Indiana Compliments of F. W. Woolworth Company "HAVE A COKE” Coca-Cola Bottling Company Elwood Indiana Page NinetyY o u r e on the beam with GUIDE original equipment 1 am ps on YOUK car or commtr. cial vehicle - - and more so after you have added one or more of the following accessory items TURN SIGNALS SEALED UNIT FOG LAMPS 1 NNER-C ON TROLLED SPOT LAMPS BACK-UP LAMPS GLAIIE-PROOF MIRRORS GUIDE LAMP DIVISION General Motors Corporation Anderson, Indiana. U.S.A. World’s Largest Manufacturer of Automotive Lighting Equipment for Passenger Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Busses, Road Machinery, Etc. Page Ninety-oneJAMES A. CREAGMILE AND SON INC. CENTRAL HARDWARE Where You Find What You Want For The Home; Store; Farm Phone 26 108 S. Anderson Congratulations, Seniors It's June In January with HIATT'S FROZEN FOODS Congratulations ELKS CLUB SAM AURELIUS Candies School Supplies Soft Drinks and Magazines 1610—Next to Campus WRIGHT CEMENT WORKS Concrete Blocks—Sand—Gravel—Cement 300 South 18th Street Phone 15 Elwood, Indiana WHEELER'S MARKET COXIE'S LUNCH ROOM 1528 South A St. Elwood Phone 1456 Pag© Ninety-twoAll these are yours YOURS IS COMPETITIVENESS . . . You have learned to get ahead by your own honest endeavors, to accept setbacks but to strive all the harder to attain your goal. YOURS IS SPORTSMANSHIP . . . You have learned to play the game hard, and to accept defeat and victory in a gracious manner. YOURS IS TOLERANCE . . . You have learned to respect the opinions of others, no matter what their race, color, or creed. YOURS IS INTELLIGENCE . . . You have learned to apply yourself, to overcome problems by the simple process of reasoning. Competition is the meat of the great American pie; Sportsmanship is the seasoning. Tolerance is the crust, and Intelligence is the know-how in the making of the pie. In these times of hatred and oppression, America must have men and women endowed with these four characteristics, and all these are yours. Delco-Remy DIVISION, GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION J ANDERSON. INDIANA WHEREVER WHEELS TURN OR PROPELLERS SPIN Page Ninety-threeBest Wishes CITY WELDING SHOP Elwood Paint and Wallpaper We wish to extend our thanks to the following firms for their contribution to the success of our yearbook: Lockridge Studio Rochester, Indiana Kingscraft 325 West Huron Chicago, Illinois Newspaper Boys of America 912 East Twenty-first Street Indianapolis 2, Indiana Hudler Press, Inc, 954 East Conner Noblesville, Indiana Indianapolis Engraving Company 222 East Ohio Street Indianapolis 6, Indiana Page Ninety-four •4 «3m »• ‘4a • «« j r-«i( «lr I J»M wfa-MAa -a 'a-a •-Ja BMr--4»r 4 4r-- fr- i a Ar-a w -4 a « « » a' |4 V j «r M r- » 4 -3 r a4 a-V m •- » ■ ■ . —- — — - '- -'• I » ♦ k -- »» »«T ■" f » W » « 'V 1 • - « • AW « • ' «»•••• «.. I . ar -a - «r- - a f 4 » » t • « r • . •»' -• » a-M a V yA » • f .-• « «4f -«F » "• I - --» I • » « »r r » ««'«« «.•• ♦ i"« a ••« - iIfr'-3W-M —-«rf r‘lil dWi-I.r-p M a fr- ‘«irW.Mr fifr a»M M P aiar-A M W » M»A» Wl-w-Aria afra ••• ‘ V M - ' . - M iJ3rM M; Vk =:;V 4 M»"V‘« 'I ti l«TW5 iil, ‘ii.J tr j r ’|m -p4 V ata I ■'VI 3 a a J|» frJr-t w Va- » » • j'v 1» ♦ % « . • » 4 i V i »■■ » '» % » « "•••- »• ■“ ► •« Ar « ! 4 r r -f r» • 4l« Ir »« A» ! ■ - T rt I M 4 « I al V i;i I 1 r ♦’■• “• •"’ vU ■« • '•' ■" H«» "iWr i ilr l ''r w «rw i 'rtaria «4 J »» ‘W r-» fr-w • • « » M-w'a Mr -3m‘3 b-m|b 441 -w Mr- M W- 'x M « • 4 = '- V-a AmJ M'--V-—V t. • J - j»» ■«.» »A a v» A a B a,-ai Mr r-3 •- Jl- Jw V • 3 - i « W a J • A ■ ! • 1A 4i» • » 3d • ••»- -w a M k-MM 4 ■ }l» r «k mA w k i4 a a» w a4M '■ ip ai r- » 33 Vv vW'k Wl « t • w; ’" 1 - j -a- rfi' -a-a i « » . -4M •' - aj -3 lf-VM Mw-w M ar . Mw MiM-Wf- m»m «Ia ''J i’''4 Vm'aiM- i 1 « h W1 rfl 4 V A — •lr«-1«- . t a •«• .' M4r-- A »w- M«M -Wr-'a •• Ww - ■ •« ’ r ■ r f.«4« pr- ' 4jr-V a “air i | Ti rvaiI 4 4 • • n » ■ lW fa » 4 W-M P r » -i «'"W r- • Nfc tflt i y ." J1‘i V -Jl---V— - t y— T— p| a 1 i J v J r - i A- -A if V 1 • ‘ “ vwl|.-J . .a-3 . « ► 4 «-vl 'w « »Ir4 - -K ■ ♦«' » « - 3 I1 aII , «n" j IT ftr 'llj JW w 3 la - • » »-» » W y »W » » « 4 b «‘a i « ■ Ir — V«T‘J S.» v»- « ; iir » Wr a «• a-- » % ' )r 3 AA hr W «■ 3 1 « W » i- te J l« JL- W • a r- • • »" glia « ( r r l r Va 1 • - a-’M «» « » « ' a- f 0m ,»ii«' -a‘a J»»J .-«iv-4r « »- «Kii a»a ' i «» W y I t |'U«’»J|ry - - ar' «|r- ■.«.-■»« c W i m a »- ’, ’ » i»- «'k « 4 f y a r •« a •»• • «V hi aii4«tr« « v 4 v « ir« ' « « o' 3 .4 4 4 '+ 4r • J » » ■, 4« W4r r4t wlifr3W iW Ot ■ ' »-•- a-« a- a 4. a a »» I ■—» 4li 4 r 4 f • a . JlA, ii .J ay'f a 4'»-- a .«.. A A w-a a'V —»• ik l» U i« »- V r « tT«» • -►«. »»•. «r- a.» ■ ’», r-4 •- J f Al 4(r r • ». « a-4 i «i» 4« - --r . ■ « « V4r ilk.r-w«r- -w »ir vl4 « .v.« 4-wl» V4v V «4a « «■ !•• a •« k4 a- 4»- Jlk «4»a.. I4i i 4a 'r rf ' » ! «a-1M43 l-WTtfir',' -'4 rt4l'l« j6a r' «irTlL i(r' 0 ? » ♦•■ f « -« • »a t fc io 4 Vk a4v M9NM|0lMB• -• - » « r 4« - - i - V 3k ’ — i ifc 'r -:' rf-i rf ’' « 4 -. Wv aiPt -«■S « 4 "4 • » -ik 3a g 4a-a » 3 ■ 'A1 3 -«» '• ♦ •'l aa»4 4i« W • - • ► 4a • 'a J4- 4« a 4 A 4aa ip J‘« a 4 a Jk a »| r—ia • ‘ . a-aa. ■• V 4 . 4 — aaao 4» V »-f • • • ■ » 4 J a a » — a Ir 4«ra • »»aalr aa i| « a aaa .’ •» -aar I(k K «• aa .4 C a» «v 4 e-» 0 a . «A 4'a 4 a - 4 ««fc 4 a- - »k y. - 4 ’a 43 -• a 4a» •- aia-W-» %'3ar a 4a -a 'a -a" »4 r altar aa 1 a 4a 4a « ( 4 -■ a 'a Jl • alfc 4 t • Vr M'ala 4»Jla aw -V a r «• 4a a r a a Aa J la- « . a • » aj • " 4 4 4-a J'» • a 4a 4' a . r »3 vA- it ».a«. 4. 4 --Wa. .• »! 44a-4-Jf W «. - 4 a- 4 4- r-v4»-« 4 — »-W--J'a—• rr-J ar a l 4 a 44a • »•' a ' a 4 - Vk» A -J - 4-4 V ar aia k a a- 4afc- r ' • 4 ir 14’ 4aara . av I k «4» a 4 k -a y a» 4A -4- - 4 ■ w 4 •'•.a 4 W'-a » » t a|aa ‘ir »«a-4»«r 4 )4 4 » «a a S - |a '1 »a-4lr aaaa .4«C -4a 4'm-J • aJv- «ia rl -4-—a Ir , i aa a •• ■» 4 a Ja-J a ■ -»» 4 a—3 ir-J(r 4 Wr Ja «4-M ,i »«-».'4 4l ’4 «4 • r a« 3 v4lra» Jk«aw a 4k -1 4 41 - « ir i4T Utr'Jij. 4 «4 «■-» 4V - '|» 3 ' J a| - 4-4r -4(»- ■ ' Ui «i3 4- a 4 -4 4 4w - 4 -4w 4 J a 4 4,a I j i 'i 4fi i afa 4 ala jfc'fi Jf| aa 4»J . 4 r a : al «a J a--4ar • a ♦ a 3 • «a4 4-aa4 .’. ,»4irrf 4r 4 4r- «i3 « 4 ' ■ 3 T»444-J -w 4 -ar-Jar a ta 4a» 3- MM|fh?k443 W' A4HuHQl44 -vr. «4 T r a «■ «. - a 444a'. a tl. •«» a-»'4 4' I 4 I P aw-V a-w-a VAya ia a ja a ir ai«4r 4 a la 4a •-- 4 "”» ar -W-— ala 4 4T 4- Ar «4 ak-3a - I a 3'a3 aa 4rr I 4-"J® 44 4U 4 a i • 14- a a a 1 4 • a4 4ur J » I • ala 4 4 atl-4 r 'la.Jfc 414 4 4 aaa 4i aaa 4 ia4 k i'a a. 44ait Ik a ' 4»r«-1 a 4 • 4 a .■ -p! aaai r-44 | ■ ! • ai-ir- .4-4 ‘» ,Ji. «la Mr 4» . 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