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fx 1 i 1 K I Q IWN I1 7-'Pm me 2mm - - - HIS ADVENTURES AND OBSERVATIONS OF MQODS AND MANNERS AT WENDELL L.WlLLKIE HIOH SCHOOL ELWGOD, INDIANA PETE TI-IE PANTHER ---- Students of Willlcie I-ligh today wil Throughout our great nation today, in classrooms similar to the one pictured be- low, the youth of America are laying the foundation for a secure and lasting peace. MR. SMITH'S 5th PERIOD PHYSICS CLASS Q Q v ...,......"""".!"'..-"""t'5b 'abr'-LS Page Two PLANS PCST-WAR PEACE PRGGRAM - - - - Citizens of America tomorrow The seniors will say "good-bye" to the halls of Willkie High School and "hello" to a new world-a world that is waiting for their leadership. May they be even more successful in this other life than they have been during their school years. May they far exceed their nations expectations in securing and preserving world unity. w. Page Three 4' ,fi PETE THE PANTHER Q ,cvs B. "I fi 'I Y 1 fo ' 112- --xz K f 'ir ' ' 9 Pete presents a pictorial and paragraphic -1- xt parade of prominent profs, prodigies and gl ' f 5' proceedings . . . The 1946 Crescent . . . -::- A . -:.:: xi treasured book of rnemorles for every X-14, I senior . . . a record in print and picture X of another school year for the underclass men. THE DRAMATICS CLUB PRESENTS "JUNIOR'S MUSTACHEM Page Four 'ROUDLY PRESENTS SENIOR PROM IN THE PANTHER DEN Positive proof of the pleasant pastimes which prevail ut Willkie High School. STUDY HALL 304, 7th PERIOD Page five 4' 'N W W lv 4 xg 1 g 0 lv, 5 0 as .fl W 15-bit rr'-e Ei 1 Universal public education is the foundation upon which de- mocracy is built. The school stands for all that democracy stands for I X -universal opportunity and social equality, enlightenment and i X learning. To these spirited men who fought and died for democracy we very humbly dedicate this 1946 edition of the Wendell Willkie High rt: Page Six fig G of cease if 193 r ifjii 3-'rt School Crescent. sf I 6 WA: :all 'pa V 1' .. gum, N' ' eigiratfkf PARKE P. MOORE Class of 1936 HARLAN MOORE Class of 1925 ERNEST GARDNER Class of 1928 NONA JUDAY Class of 1938 RICHARD CLUGGISH Class of 1943 JAMES GORDON Class of 1934 EUGENE BRICKER Class of 1934 KENNETH WILLIAMS Class of 1929 ROBERT WRIGHT Class of 1940 CHARLES WIMMER Class of 1936 LARRY MCCAREL Class of 1935 Page Seven ff. Page Eight To our faculty-those individuals who made us go to the office for a permit when we were late to class, who gave unexpect- ed tests on the only day of the Week We hadn't read the lesson, who insisted that we descend the DOWN stairs and ascend the UP stairs-those individuals who have helped and guided us faithfully during the past school year, who have ignored our many Weaknesses and unflinchingly kept their eyes on the possibility of the genius in us-goes the appreciation of the Cres- cent Stafi' and the entire student body. PETE PONDERS PRGBLEMS MR. BROWN, MISS DIGEL, MR. C ROPOUNDED BY PROFS ADMINISTRATION We students of Willkie High are fortun- ate in having such capable and willing leaders. They are the heads cf our school government-the mainstay of our entire school system. To them we say, "We're glad to have yol as our 'backers'." Superintendent W C. C. Hillis Principal ,, ,,,,,,., , ,, 7Keith Scott Page Ten SCHOOL BOARD MELVIN ROBINSON ,,,,, Secretary MARK NOBLE ,,,i,,,,. ,. 7, ,7,,,,, President RALPH STEVENS i,,,, .. i,77,, Treasurer FACU LTY JAMES ALLEN, B. S. Central Normal College Physical Education. Coach MARY M. ALLEN, B. S. Indiana Univcisity Ball State Teachers College George Peabody Library School Librarian MARY M. BARNES, A. IZ. Indiana University Health, History HELEN BENEDICT, B. S. Chicago Art Institute Art, Mechanical Drawing HARRY M. BRIDGES, A. B. Central Normal College Health, Social Studies DONALD BROWN, A. B., M. A. Indiana University English, Public Speaking, Mathematics MR. COULSON'S SHORTHAND CLASS 1 fr' Page Eleven Page Twelve A FACULTY FRANK BYKOWSKI, B. S. Purdue University Physical Education WILHELMINA BURK, A. B., DePauw University University of Chicago English J. RAY WAYMIRE, B. S., M. Ball State Teachers College University of Michigan Biology, Algebra PALMER J. DAVIS, B. S. A. Purdue University Vocational Agriculture Ball State Teachers College Indiana University English, Dean of Girls EARL B. FORNEY, A. B., M. Indiana University History, Mathematics MRS. BURK'S ENGLISH 6 CLASS M S. BLANCHE M. DIGEL, B. S., M. A. FACU LTY BETTY HOUSE, B. S. Indiana University Bookkeeping, Typing HARRY L. HOUSE, B. S. Bradley Institute Shop L. RUSH HUGHES, B. S. Indiana University Music GLADYS KINMAN, A. B., M. A. Indiana State Teachers College University of Michigan Mathematics ESTHER KOONS, B. S. Purdue University Home Economics, Biology MARIAN LAFUZE, B. S. Purdue University Chemistry, Health, Physical Education MRS. RECORDS' SPANISH CLASS Page Thirteen Page Fourteen FACULTY MARY MARGARET LEE, B. M. Arthur Jordan Conservatory Butler University Music m EDITH MQCLUNG, A. B. Indiana University Latin, English MARY RECORDS, A. B. Indiana University Spanish, English GEORGE SMITH, B. S., M. S. Franklin College Indiana University Mathematics, Physics ETHEL SWENGEL, A. B., M. A. Hanover College University of Illinois Social Studies, English KENNETH D. COULSON, B. S. Ball State Teachers College Business Education, Art MR. BYKGWSKYS PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS 1 5 T Q f If U54 MX71 fg xxx Q I K, I' ll 1 l SCENES FAMILIAR TO THE EYES OF EVERY TEACHER AND STUDENT OF WILLKIE HIGH SCHOOL Page Frfteen Page Six teen 4 SENIOR-JAMES MAYS M QUINN LES COPHER DE JUNIOR-JOAN c SOPHOMORE-CHAR FRESHMAN-NANCY CLY CLASSES PETE PRAISES aff., f , K' THE PENCIL PUSI-IERS im f -f EUGENE WOOD MARILYN JONES JAMES MAYS BILLIE LOU SILVEY SENIORS Some will sigh and say that we hav-e come to the end of a long, hard road. True, our high school days are over and our public education has been completed. But there are many among us who are aware that this isn't the end, but rather a turn in life's road. We now stand at the crossroads. We are at the time and place where we must de- cide which will be our chosen path in tomofrrow's world. Some of us will continue our education. Others will become a part of the working world at once. Still others are yet undecided in regard to the future which lies ahead for us. Whatever our choice be assured that your faith and confidence in us will be that force which will lift us to greater heights. It is that force which will make us ever desirous of becoming better and more useful citizens of our community and of our country. Page Eighteen "Seniors-at last": That was the cry of every member of the graduating class last September. Being a senior brought many special privileges-the wearing of senior cords and the front seats in the auditorium. Now we stood out in the crowd. The little freshmen became quieter as we passed them in the halls and, naturally, even the juniors and sophomores had to recognize us as leaders. Every senior party and activity has been an outstanding success. Especially enjoy- able was the ice skating party at Gibson's in Muncie. Aching muscles and stiff joints told the story the next day, but it was a story everyone of us wanted to remember. Class spirit reigned at our lovely senior prom, "Symphony in Whitef' Whatever the type of party, the seniors had fun and found that their classmates were really good friends, not just people who happened to be in the same class with them. Class day and senior week-two of the events which we looked forward to the most-were exact- ly as we would have them be. No one can deny that the seniors contributed greatly to participation in all sports and other activities. Our basketball, football and track teams were built around senior boys who excelled and were leaders on their teams. The home room tourney title was won by a senior home room. Our band won't be the same next year without those fine musicians who are leaving to graduate. In other activities too the foremost students have been seniors. Those of the class of '46 sponsored all of the after game dances. Seniors were responsible for a majority of the work done on the Crescent and the Megaphone this year. The Dramatic Club, one of the youngest clubs in our school, was organized by the junior play cast last year. Since then they have proved themselves a valuable asset to our school by pre- senting plays and assisting with plays sponsored by other groups. Only one thing will dim the happiness in each senior's eyes at commencement. It is the thought that we are leaving W. H. S. behind, and we know that We can never come back as one of the student body. Now we realize that these were among the happiest years of our lives thus far. Though we cannot return, we shall endeavor to live our lives so that any reflection which we cast upon our school will be a favorable 0119. Revealing the intellectual side of the seniors' personalities were the names on the honor roll each six weeks. Several members of the class were chosen for the National Honor Society-a high standing organization in the eyes of the entire nation. So it is with a feeling of great pride that we graduate from Willkie High and bid it a fond farewell. Page Nineteen SENIORS VERNA JEAN ADAIR College Prep. Crescent Editor, Dramatic Club, Student Council, Junior Class Play, National Honor Society VAUGHN ALEXANDER College Prep. Glee Club, Debate, Band, Dramatic Club, Junior Class Play PAMELA AUXTER College Prep. Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, Acappella Choir, Crescent, Student Council, Pep Committee National Honor Society JAMES BABBITT College Prep. Band, Glee Club, Acappella Choir, Football, Track, Student Council, Crescent Dramatic Club, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play GERALDINE BALDWIN Home Economics, Glee Club JEANNETTE BALLARD Commercial Home Economics, Megaphone, Sunshine Society MARY BALLINGER L Commercial Sunshine Society, Glee Club FRED BEEMAN Commercial, Basketball, Football, Track, MEN Men Club JOAN BOZELL College Prep. Band WILLIAM BRUNNEMER Commercial, Yell Leader, Student Council, "EH Men Club Page Twenty SENIORS MARJORIE CA IN Commercial THOMAS CARR College Prep. Glee Club EMMA JEAN CLYDE College Prep. Sunshine Society, Crescent, Dramatic Club, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play ROSEMARY COLLINS Home Economics Megaphone Editor MARIAN COMMONS College Prep. Band, Crescent, Student Council, Sunshine Society GENE CONWELL College Prep. RONALD COULTER College Prep. Band, Glee Club, Latin Club, Track, Football, "E Men Club, Senior Class Play ROBERT COURTNEY Commercial, ,, Basketball, Football, Track, Men Club, Librarian LUCILLE DAVIES Commercial, Home Economics MARGARET DAVIES Commercial, Band, Sunshine Society, Student Council, Dramatic Club, Junior Class Play I' 'K i W I Page Twenty One SENIORS Page Twenty Two BEATRICE DAVIS Commercial JIMMY DEMOS College Prep. JACQUELINE ELLIOTT Commercial Yell Leader WAYNE ELLYSON Commercial Orchestra DANIEL EVANS General Crescent, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Acappella Choir, Trays 8a Buckets CAROLYN FAULSTICH Commercial Sunshine Society, Glee Club RICHARD FOX College Prep. Debate, Student Council Dramatic Club, Junior Class Play LENORA FRANKLIN College Prep. Orchestra, Glee Club, Sunshine Society TED GARDNER General Band WILBURN GILLAM General Track, Band, Trays 8: Buckets CATHERINE GILBERT College Prep. JAMES GREEN Voc. Agriculture, Stamp Committee, Usher FRANK HANCOCK Voc. Agriculture, Basketball, Football, Track, "E" Men Club, Projection Club RICHARD HASECUSTER College Prep. Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, Acappella Choir FLORENCE ELLEN HIATT College Prep. Band, Orchestra, Acappella Choir, Glee Club, Debate, Dramatic Club, Junior Class Play, National Honor Society PATRICIA HIBST General Sunshine Society JOHN HICKNER College Prep. Football, Glee Club HUBERT HOOK College Prep. Basketball, Football, "E" Men Club, Class Officer MARY ANN HOOSE College Prep. Sunshine Society, Megaphone, Dramatic Club, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, National Honor Society JOAN HUNTSINGER Home Economics, Sunshine Society, Glee Club SENIORS VN, Page Twell ty Three SENIORS Page Twenty Four LINDELL JARRETT Voc. Agriculture, Projection Club, Livestock Judging Team MARILYN JONES College Prep. Megaphone, Student Council, Librarian, Class Officer JAMES J UDAY Voc. Agriculture, Band, Basketball, Glee Club, Student Council JAMES KELICH Industrial Arts ROSEMARY KELICH General MARY PAT KELLER Home Economics, Sunshine Society, Glee Club EMMAGENE KNOTTS Home Economics, Glee Club RALPH LASLEY Technical, Senior Class Play, Band, Football MARY LEGG Commercial, Megaphone KATHRYN LESSON College Prep. Band, Orchestra, Acappella Choir, Glee Club, Program Committee, Crescent, Debate, Dramatic Club, Junior Class Play SENIORS RICHARD LEISURE Voc. Agriculture, Football, Livestock Judging -'N Team RICHARD LEWIS Commercial, Basketball, Football, Track ROBERT LILLY Voc. Agriculture, Football THERESA LYTLE Commercial, Sunshine Society, Student Council, Dramatic Club, Junior Class Play RALPH MALEY Commercial, Student Council, Acappella Choir JOAN MANGHELLI Commercial, Sunshine Society ROSANNE MANGHELLI Commercial, Sunshine Society, Pep Committee JAMES MAYS College Prep. Student Council, Dramatic Club, Acappella Choir, Glee Club, Class Officer, Junior Class Play E. EUGENE MILLER Industrial Arts JAMES MILLER Voc. Agriculture ,J K., Y 5 SX i , Page Twenty Five - SENIORS Page Twenty Six JUDITH MILLER Commercial, Sunshine Society RAY MILLER College Prep. Debate, Aeappella Choir, Glee Club RAYMOND MILLER General LOUIS MOSCHELL Commercial, "E" Men Club, Pep Committee MARILYN MCCORKLE Commercial, Sunshine Society, Glee Club SARA MCDANIELS Commercial, Sunshine Society JOAN MCGILL College Prep. Megaphone, Sunshine Society ELEANOR MCWILLIAMS Commercial WILBERTA NADEN College Prep. Sunshine Society, Debate, Megaphone, Dramatic Club, Acappella Choir, Glee Club, National Honor Society DONETA OZENBAUGH Commercial, Sunshine Society, Stamp Committee, National Honor Society REBECCA ORBAUGH Commercial, Sunshine Society, Stamp Committee, National Honor Society MARIETTA PARR College Prep. National Honor Society, Dramatic Club, Crescent, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Sunshine Society LOIS PENNINGTON Commercial, Sunshine Society, Glee Club LEATHA PHILLIPS Commercial, Sunshine Society MARY PIERCE Commercial, Sunshine Society CHARLENE POLLOCK Commercial, Sunshine Society, Megaphone CHRYSTAL QUICK Commercial BETTY LOU REESE College Prep. Sunshine Society, Glee Club NOLAN RITTENHOUSE Industrial Arts MAX ROBERTSON Industrial Arts Student Council SENIORS Page Twenty Seven SENIORS Q, N it X xxx'-X. I Page Twenty Eight THOMAS ROOD Technical, HE" Men Club, Megaphone ROBERT SCIRCLE College Prep. Band, Dramatic Club, Track, Junior Class Play HERMAN SCOTT College Prep. Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Dramatic Club BILLIE LOU SILVEY Commercial, Class Officer GWENDOLYN SIMMONS College Prep. Acappella Choir, Senior Class Play CAROLYN SPARLING College Prep. Band, Orchestra, Twirler, Acappella Choir, Sunshine Society JOYCE SPITZMESSER Commercial, Crescent, Sunshine Society NORMA STAM Commercial, Sunshine Society, Megaphone, Dramatic Club, Stamp Committee Glee Club, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play ALMA STOCKDALE College Prep. JOYCE STONE Commercial HELEN ST. CLAIR Home Economics, Sunshine Society JAMES ST. CLAIR General PHYLLIS SUMMERS Commercial, Band PHYLLIS THRAP Commercial, Dramatic Club, Sunshine Society, Class Officer, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play STEELE VEST Voc. Agriculture EUGENE VINSON Technical, Student Council President, Football, Basketball, "E" Men Club, Glee Club DAN WALSH Industrial Arts Band, Orchestra MARY JANE WARD General, Sunshine Society EDWARD WAYM IRE Technical, Band, Student Council, Football, Track GEORGE WEBB College Prep. Band SENIORS Page Twenty Nine SENIORS Page Thirty RONALD WEBB Industrial Arts, Football, Usher DWIGHT WITTKAMPER Voc. Agriculture, Usher EDWARD WILLIAMS Industrial Arts, , Basketball, Football, Track, UE" Men Club GENEVIEVE WILLIAMS " General, Sunshine Society. Glee Club, Megaphone, Senior Class Play SARAH E. WILLIAMS College Prep. Sunshine Society, Dramatic Club, Megaphone, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play MARY ELLEN WIRE Home Economics, Glee Club EUGENE WOODS, College Prep. Dramatic Club, Megaphone, Glee Club, Program Committee Student Council, Class Officer, Junior Class Play ROBERT WOODSIDES General, Glee Club LEROY DELLINGER VICTOR SERIGHT DONALD GREEN JUNIORS A dream come true! We are upperclassmen now at last. We are continuing to up- hold our goal of putting forth our best effort for our school. Our class has maintained a good record throughout the years. As freshmen a six weeks never passed without scmcone from our class on the honor roll. Then came our sophomore year in which we organized and elected officers who ably represent-ed our class. Katherine Fetz was our president. This year, being upperclassmen, we chose to follow Don Green. We are thankful for our well-chosen sponsors who contribute their fine leadership. The social functions of our class have always been a great success. Yes, the juniors are well represented in all of the school activities-Crescent, Megaphone, Debate, and Dramatics. We have a pretty good athletic record also. Last of all, the junior play, "Mrs, Miniver' was a huge success. The thing we juniors are proud of is that in our midst we have the only student who holds the gold award for scholastic ability. We're just wise-that's all. We can be justly proud of our junior year but we have one more year to look forward to and through which to keep our good record. When the seniors move out this spring, the juniors in their red cords and plaid shirts will be waiting to take over. Page Thirty One JUNIORS Page Thirty Two CHARLES ALLEN BURVIA ANDERSON THURSA BEAVERS LOUIS BENEDICT DONALD BENEFIELD EDNA BENNETT EVELYN BENNETT MARGARET BOHLANDER RALPH BOHLANDER JACK BOYER LELAND BOYER DONALD BROWN JO ANN BURCHETTE MARY CHAMPION ALICE CLABAUGH JOAN CLABAUGH RICHARD CLEAVER ARNOLD CLUGGISH ARLENE COATS DORIS COCHRAN CLIFFORD CONARD GENE CONARD ROBERT CONNERS KAY COTTON LEROY DELLINGER WILMA DERRICKSON BETTY DICKEY LLOYD DIEHL ROSEMARY DURR ROY ERDMAN DONALD FARMER BEN FARR BRUCE FETZ KATHERINE FETZ LORNELL FLEENER ROBERT FRANCIS JUNIORS x I K Isnlff Page Thirty Three Y' JUNIORS Page Thirty Four KENNETH FREE JOSEPH FRITZ MARY FRYE HELEN GILL HAROLD GOINS RICHARD GOINS SAUNDRA GRAY DONALD GREEN PATRICIA GRIFFIN CHARLES HAAS ROBERT HARRISON ALFRED HARTING CHARLENE HASKETT NANCY HAYNFS RICHARD I-IOBBS WILLIAM HOPPENRATH KATHERINE KANE LOUIS KELLY ROSABELLE KERR MARQUEENA KEIFER KAROL KLEINBUB HARRY KNOTTS ROSELLA KNOTTS CAROL KURTZ BILL LEAVELL BARBARA NELL LEISURE HELEN LILY FRED LLOYD WILLIAM LOSER ROBERT LYTLE PERRY MANGAS JAMES MERRITT DAVID MORGAN RUTH ANN MCCREARY JOAN MCQUINN FRANK MORRIS JUNIORS Page Thirty Five JUNIORS Page Thirty Six ROSEMARY MURPHY BOB NADEN MILDRED NOBLE ARTHUR O'BRIEN VIRGINIA PERRY ROSE ALICE PENNINGTON ROBERT REED JANE ANN RING RICHARD ROBBINS RITA ROBBINS GEORGE ROBINSON RAYMOND ROSS BETTY ROTT WILLIAM SAUNDERS HAROLD SCHIMMEL VICTOR SERIGHT JOYCE SHAW ROBERT SHUCK CAROLYN SINGER CLAYTON SMITH KARL SMITH MINNIE SOSBE CURTIS SPARKS LOIS ANN STACK PATSY STONER THOMAS STRIKER PHYLLIS STRONG ROBERT SULLIVAN FREDERICK SWIHART JUANITA SYKORA DORIS TODD DONALD THOMAS AVIS THOMPSON WILLIAM TRANBARGER JIM WARDWELL JOYCE VAN NESS JUNIORS Page Thirty So ven JUNIORS Page Thirty Eight RONALD WARFEL PATRICIA WARNER RUSSELL WARNER DOLORES WATSON MARJORIE WAYMIRE JAMES WEBB WANDA WELCHES BARBARA WELLS BERNETA WITTKAMPER J EANNINE WIMER JACK WOOD DARLENE YOUNG --ISOPI-ICDMORES W The Sophomore class this year has over-thrown the usual tradition of insignifi- cance. This has been the first year of organization, and we have accomplished much. Of course, this is largely due to the leadership of President William Moschell. We are well represented in all activities and sports, and have several members of our class holding the gold award for scholastic ability. Left to right: Bill Moschell, Carol Southern, Alice Huntsinger, George Acres Page Thirty Nine SOPHOMORES Page Forty GEORGE ACRES JACK ADAIR DONALD ALLEN CHARLES ALLEY BILL ANDERSON PHILIP ARNOLD JO ANN AULT BEVERLY BALSER CHARLES BARNES ANITA BECKETT CLARA BEEMAN BETTY BEILHARTZ LOUISE BELL PATRICIA BENEDICT POSALIE BENNETT LLOYD BEVER VIRGINIA BLAIR DONALD BOHANNON MARY BORING VIRGINIA BOUSLOG BEVERLY BOYDEN MARY BRANDON RICHARD BRENNER AMBERS BRIGHT ROLAND BROWN MARGARET BROYLES MARY FRANCES CAIN BERDINA CAMPBELL JOHN CAMPBELL HAROLD CHRISS BETTY CLARK JACK CLARK BARBARA CLINE MARY LOU COLLINS DOLORES COMMONS CHARLES COPHER JOAN COTTON RUBY CROCKETT ROBERT CRANSON JACQUELINE CUNNINGHAM KATHRYN DAVIES MARILYN DAVIES MARGARET DAVIS VERNA JEAN DAVIS VIRGIE DICKIE DONALD DEITZER BIRCHARD DUFFIT HOWARD EBERT ILENE DELLINGER IRENE DELLINGER BEVERLY DENNIS BILL DEVER SHIRLEY ELLIS BETTY ERDMAN WILLIS FERN GEORGIA FOWLER SOPI-IOMORES Page Forty One SOPI-IOMORES Page Forty Two CAROLYN GILL GLORIA GILMORE MARY GLOTZBACK JACK GORDON BEVERLY JO HANCHER JOYCE HANNAH LAURA JO HARDEBECK CHARLES HASECUSTER VIRGINIA HAYNES BETTY HEATON JACK HERSHEY BILL HOCKER HENRY HOLLENSBE BILLIE HOLLIDAY AMELIA HOLLINGSWORTH PAUL HOOVER JOYCE HUSSONG ALICE KAYE HUGHES EVELYN HUGHES ALICE HUNTSINGER BARBARA HUTCHISON JACK HUTCHESON JOHN HUTCHESON PAULINE JORDAN EDNA KEIM HARLAN KIDDY BARBARA CLINE MARY LOU KNOTTS MARCELLA KOONS SHIRLEY KREBS SCOTT LASLEY DAVID LEESON WANDA LEWELLYN BUD LIVENGOOD CAROL LOSER BILL LYNAS DOLORES MCCAN ROSEMARY MCELWEE RICHARD MCQUITTY BEVERLY MILLER REX MOODY BETTY MORRIS BILL MOSCHELL SUE ANN MURRAY JACK PARKER MARY PERRY DAVID PETERS JAMES POOLE ROSEMARY POOL VERLIN QUICK LARRY RUNNELS MAURICE ROBERTSON DONALD ROOP MARY ROTT JACK SCOTT JACK SHAFFNER SOP!-IOMORES Page Forty Four JOYCE SHAW PHYLLIS SIZELOVE VERNARD SKINNER LOIS SLAYTON WILLIAM SMITH DOROTHEA SNIPE CAROL SOUTHERN CHRISTINE STANTON LEROY STEWARD DAVID STOCKDALE JOAN STONE PATRICIA STRANGEWAY MAX SUMMERS DARLA LOU TRANBARGER FRED TYNER JACQUELINE UPDEGRAFF BETTY VAN BUSKIRK PATTY VANNESS PATRICIA VAUTAW MADEENA WALKER HOWARD WARDWELL HARVEY WARNER CHARLOTTE WAYMIRE BENNY WELLS ANNA WHALEN EUGENE WHISTLER JAMES WHISTLER JACK WHITE JACK WILSON RONALD WILSON GEORGE WRIGHT J IMMIE YOHE BARBARA BIVENS JACQUELINE GUARD BOB LEE SOPI-IOMORES S N ?o,,Z'9,! f.J Q f X I fl .N Ov 10 Vys ,Y' 4 Vgwav , Xiv -ov! :li QQQO .ff X I if 1 I :LU iv- ' I N S 1 X , 1 E Page Forty Five a FRESI-IMAN CLASS HISTORY The Freshman sponsors this year are Miss Swengel, Miss House, Mr. Waymire, Mr. Davis and Mr. House. At the beginning of the school year the Student Council gave a party for the new- comers to get them acquainted with the Panther Den and show them our ways of using the games. Then they were presented with brooms and brushes so they could get the feel of just how to clean up. A It seems that more freshmen than students of any other class are listed on the Honor Roll and Honorable Mention. This about covers the Freshman news, but we all join in saying 'tWe1come Fresh- ies." Page Forty Six DICK ADAIR LOWELL ALEXANDER BEATRICE ARNOLD MARILYN AUSTIN CLEMENCE BAKER MINNIE BALLINGER FRANK BANNON BARBARA BAXTER FREDDY BIVENS DON BOHLANDER EUGENE BORUFF KENNETH BORUFF LOREN BOYER JACK BREWER JACK BURKHART ROSALIE BUTTLER DONALD CALDWELL FRED CALDWELL RALPH CARPENTER JOHNNY CARROLL JACK CASE DORIS CHAMPION RICHARD CLARY RICHARD CLINE NANCY LEE CLYDE GENE CLYMER JACK COLLINS WILLIAM COLLINS FRESI-IMEN Page Forty Seven FRESI-IMEN Page Forty Eight JOHN CONWELL JACK COSTON LESLIE COURTNEY MARY CUNNINGHAM MARILYN DARROW JAMES WILHOIT LEON DAVENPORT MARILYN DOOERSBERGER WILFRED DUDLEY VERA EBERT RICHARD FISH RICHARD FRENCH KENNETH FULLER JOYCE GARDNER KAY GIBBINS LOUIS GILLESPIE JACK GIPSON EDMAN GOODRICH JACK GRAHAM DANIEL GREEN RICHARD GREEN BILLY GROOVER PATRICIA HALL JAMES HAMILTON ELAINE HARBIT GENE HARRISON MARY KATHRYN HARDING ROBERTA HARVEY FRESI-IMEN FRANK HAWKINS MAXINE HEATER FREDERICK HENDERSON MARILYN HENDERSON J IMMIE HENNEGAN LOWENE HINDS Q MERRILL HOLMES FAROLYN HOOD OTIS HOPPENRATI-I CHARLES WILBURN KENNETH JARRETT CAROLYN JONES JIM LASLEY THOMAS LEATHERS MARILYN LEE JANET LEGG WILLIAM LEGG DONNA LEISURE JOAN LEWIS JOYCE LOCKE MARLENE LOER JOHN LOWDER EVONNE MCCALL JOREEN MCCORKLE HAROLD McGUIRE 'T ETHEL MCWILLIAMS 6. JAMES MARLEY EDWARD MILLER Page Forty Nine ' FRESI-IMEN QA sk ' , , ' ,w 'fri 'I a A K, I I I Page Fifty ll' .-w '44 . L .. fj , i K. Rf, WP' 'ul IW. x. A i5i.g5.,. - ' I 4, - ii sQjg:iQi FRANK MILLER WILLIAM MILLER JAMES MONROE BEVERLY MORT VERA NASH HENRY NICKLES ROSS NOBLE JOAN OWENS DAVID PACE LEOLA PARRY THELMA PERRY CHARLENE PIERCE FLORA PUTERBAUGH DONALD QUARLES DONALD RAINES DOLORES RAMEY ROBERT REBUCK JAMES REED DORCAS RICH BETTY RILEY JOAN SAMS OPAL SHAW JUDITH SLOAN EVA MAE SMITH NORAMAE SMITH DORTHIEA SNIPE AUSTIN SPARKS RICHARD SQUIER KENNETH STAGE BEVERLY STAM LOIS STEVENS MARILYN STOKER ROBERT STONE JACK STRANGEWAY DICK SIVERT RONALD VIRGIL DORA NELL WARDWELL DALLAS WALKER BEVERLY WALSH MARCIA WAYMIRE JOSEPH WEBB JOAN WILBURN DOROTHY WOODRUM JOHN WIAND FLORENCE QUICK FRESI-IMEN Page Fifty One .Il fi' I ., A k X " , ' 9 IE X 7 I lI',0 S N 14 , .ff -M I ga r E 32? 10 0' 1 J- 'V' 'Q gi- . . Outstanding among the many characteristics-some good, some bad-of any high school student body is the wholehearted participation in extra curricular activities. What happens when a movie arrives and our school can keep it for one day only? The Projection Club is always right there on the job. Who represents our school and all that it stands for to other schools? The basket- ball, football and track teams and the debate club go to other schools to take part in contests and entertain other teams at W. H. S. They are the ones who, for a large part, shape the other schoolls opinion of us. The Megaphone, with representatives from all classes, keeps us in constant touch with all the important happenings of the past month, That annual that makes you re- call so many pleasant memories as you go through it years later is the result of the toil of the Crescent Staff. A great deal of credit goes to the Panther Den officers, who keep our youth center running smoothly and to our Student Council which is the seat of democracy in our school. Student participation in these and many other organizations not mentioned here is representative of the spirit of all American youth today. This spirit of co-operation and service to others and to ourselves is what lifted our country to her lofty position in the eyes of the World today. It is that same spirit that will hold the Stars and Stripes on high tomorrow. ACTIVITIES PETE POINTS WITI-I PRIDE TO 16 , :QUE , X 9LEASANT PANTHER PASTIMES 'biffx-. SCHOOL Page Fifty Four Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Sept. 10 The school bell rings again and students swarm into W. H. S. for schedules of classes and activi- ties. Sept. 11 A Megaphone the first day of school. Service, I'd say! N Sept. 27 Crescent Drive in the auditorium and that old urge to buy an an- nual soon this year. 4 Scholarship pins are awarded to honor students by Mr. Scott in the auditorium. 10 Interesting demonstration of the iron lung by members of the Fire Department. 26-27 Teachers Institute - and two days vacation! Megaphone and Crescent representations attend- ed I.H.S.P.A. Conference at Franklin. 31 Sunshine party. Of course I dontt believe in ghosts but-Oh! Nov. 1 A program in the gym in support of the Willkie Portrait Fund Drive. A fine speech by our own Mr. Brown. 5 Look, rabbits! McBride the Ma- gician cut some capers on our stage. Nov. 22-23 Thanksgiving vacation. Novem- ber just wouldn't be the same without it. And wasn't the tur- key delicious? Nov. 26 W. H. S. students get a peak at what goes on in a broadcasting studio. The Allens show how sound effects are made. CALENDAR Dec. 7 Aguidance program which every student really enjoyed. We were excused from classes for Dec. 13 Dec. 20 Dec. 21 Jan. 10 Jan. Jan. 19 Jan. 25 Jan. 31 Feb. 11 Feb. 14 discussions with Dr. Leland Foster Woods. The juniors go over big with "Mrs, Miniverf' The seniors present a beautiful Christmas play, "The Alien Star"g which had a moral. -Jan. 3 Our long-awaited Christmas vacation. Santa was so good this year we hated to see the third arrive. V "The Rehearsal" presented by the speech class. Who will ever forget Miss Primrose and the students at her snooty school for girls? 17-18 Everybody who likes semester finals, please rise. Hmm! Everybody must be tired today. "Symphony in White"-one of the loveliest senior proms ever given. Popular demand brought Otto Schacht to us again. Everyone was deeply impressed by his singing of "The Lord's Prayer." Another hit for the Dramatics Club because "Junior's Mustache"' was a success. 'American Legion Oratorical contest. The Winning Oration, "The History of the Constitution" was delivered by Marietta Parr. The Sunshine girls and their guests celebrated St. Valentine's Day at the Sweetheart Dance in the P. D. Fcb. 22, 23, 24 The Panthers had tough luck and lost a good game to the Anderson Indians at the sectional. March 7 Goody! We get out of classes for two periods. "Flying Dueces" is sponsored by the Projec- tion Club. March 8 Crescent Staff entertains at the annual "Shamrock Shag." Mr. Coulson is nicknamed March March March March March March March "Queenie" and Mr. Bykowski is so-O-O-O glamorous. 12 Public attends a gym exhibition presented by members of all gym classes. 13 Name cards. Isn't it exciting to be a senior? 14 It looks so easy when Sonja does it! The seniors take to the ice. 15 Another tribute to St. Patrick. "The Shenanigan Ball" in the P. D. 19 A preview of those students who were to be solo contestants at Terre Haute. 21 National Honor Society banquet at the Hotel Bonham. ' 28 Short and snappy debate for the school by the Debate Club. April 4 Talk about a manhunt! Mrs. Bennett tops them all in the senior play, "Pride and Prejudice." April 11-12 I have a suggestion-more and longer spring vacations. April 18 Easter chapel arranged and beautifully presented by members of the class of '46. Honor Day Junior - Senior Prom Senior week fWe could not supply these last dates because they were not scheduled at time of printing. Please write them inl. Page Fifty Five CRESCENT Since "Order is the first rule of heaven' the Cres- cent Staff decided to follow the same plan. Instructions from the sponsor and editor were passed on to the mem- bers of each staff by the staff editors. It was a plan which proved very worth while. Page Fifty Six Something new was added this year in the form of an assistant editor chosen from the underclassmen. Working with the edi- tor and sponsor will better qualify her for the editorship next year. Friendly relation- ship between the editors and the sponsor, Miss Barnes, has been the underlying cause of our success. Seated, Editor-Verna Jean Adair Standing, Assistant Editor-Delores McCann, Sponsor-Miss Barnes Identification of picture-Department heads of Crescent Staff Seated-Pamela Auxter, Kathryn Leeson, Marion Commons, Delores McCann Standing-Sponsor Miss Barnes, Jim Babbitt, Verna Jean Adair, Emma Jean Clyde, Daniel Evans YEARBOOK STAFF The Crescent Staff-we students who have worked faithfully for two semesters to give you a yearbook which we hope you will remember. We have succeeded despite our difficulties. First we had a hard time engaging a photographer and finally ended up with three. Thanks to the Picture Staff schedules were made out and a crisis was averted. Because of the late arrival of pictures the Make-Up Staff had to work overtime to meet deadlines. Our only pay was satisfaction, but looking back, it seems quite enough. The Literary Staff racked their brains for new write-up ideas and went to endless pains to get all ot' those strange laces identified. The clerks and typists had the job oi' making all this readable to the printer. Last, but certainly not least, is the Business Staff who worked so hard to keep expenses down and the balance up and who struggled to keep an accurate record ot' all our finances. No, it wasnlt easy, but it was worth all our cI'l'orts. We did our best to please you and-we hope you will like it. Sitting-Kathryn Lesson, Pamela Auxter, Perry Mangas, Jacqueline Guard, Phyllis Hiatt, Betty Morris, Marion Commons, Richard Fox, Delores Commons, Barbara Leisure. Standing-Verna Jean Adair, Emma Jean Clyde, Betty Dickey, Helen Gill, Daniel Evans, Delores McCann, Joyce Spitzmesser. Carol Loser, Sponsor Miss Barnes, Kathryn Fetz, Marietta Parr. Page Fifty Seven PROGRAM COMMITTEE Sitting--Miss Swengel, Mrs. Records. Standing-Jim Babbitt, Marjorie Waymire, Don Green. The program committee is organized to make selections of new and different pro- grams, and to arrange and schedule them. Some of the programs come annually such as the Senior and Junior class plays, presentation of the awards, and a short play given by the speech class. Otto Schact returned this year and not only gave us a very enjoyable program, but also gave the chorus a few pointers. We had a demonstration of what really hap- pens in radio plays when Harold and Rita Allen were here. Among others we have had guidance lectures, a magician, and all in all thirty-two different programs! Page Fifty Eight STUDENT COUNCIL Sitting-left to right: Richard Fox, Kay Gibbons, Louise Bell, Nora Mae Smith, Beverly Mort, Alice Kay Hughes, Marjorie Waymire, Eugene Vinson. Standing: Johnny Carroll, Ote Hoppenrath, Don Green, Max Summers, James Mays, Maurice Robertson, Harold Chriss, Sponsor Miss Digel, Harry Knotts, Edward Waymire, Ralph Maley, Robert Harrison, Jim Juday, Margaret Bohlander. To educate the students in the idea of democratic government the student council was formed during the school year of 1941-42. This student organization is composed of one representative from each home room, the president, sponsor, and the presidents of the junior and senior classes. Each spring the president of student council is chosen by the entire student body. It is the duty ol' this organization to make the laws by which the school is gov- erned. Other important duties are the preparation of the handbook, appointment of the members of the stamp committee, and the program committee. Much credit for the fine management of the student council should be given to its sponsor, Miss Blanche Digel. Let us hope that this training in representative government will prove educational to all of our students. Page Fifty Nine DEBATE First row, left to right: Avis Thompson, Vaughn Alexander, Verna Jean Parrill, Pamela Auxter, Thursa Beavers. Johnny Carroll, Amelia Hollingsworth. Second row, left to right: Charlotte Waymire, Patty Benedict, Kay Cotton, Jack Parker, Coach Mr. Brown, Ray Miller, Barbara Kline, Karol Kleinbub. Proposition . . . resolved . . . rebuttal . . . critique . . . all of these are familiar words you would hear in any debate or debate meeting. The proposition this season is-Resolved: Every able-bodied male citizen having attained the age of twenty-four should have one year of military training. This season the debate team has debated Marion, Wabash, Fairmount, and a tour- ney at Columbia City, The sectional debate was held in Elwood this year with Sharps- ville, Marion, Dunkirk, and Elwood competing. Elwood and Sharpsville tied for first place, but Elwood lost to Sharpsville in debating off the tie. Page Sixty STAMP COMMITTEE AND LIBRARY ASSISTANTS 'Identification of picture? Upper Norma Stam, Rebecca Orbaugh, Phyllis Summers, Doneta Ozenbaugh, Doreen Jones. Even though the war is over, we must still buy bonds and stamps. The duties of the ones on the stamp committee are to purchase them, keep records of each and figure our percentages. The sponsor of the committee is Mr. Forney. ildentifieation of picturen Lower Robert Courtney, Jeanette Ballard, Wayne Ellison, Marilyn Jones, Kenneth Free, James Mays, Marian Commons, and Richard Fox. Under the leadership of Miss Allen this organizations duties are to find, check out, and put away books. Any Sophomore, Junior, or Senior may become a member. One has to know the shelf numbers so that he may put books away quickly at the end of the period. Page Sixty One NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY AND HONOR ROLL tldentification of picturebz Upper Sitting, left to right: Pamela Auxter, Wil- berta Naden, Kay Cotton, Doneta Ozen- baugh, Barbara Leisure. Standing, left to right: Clayton Smith, Rebecca Orbaugh, Verna Jean Adair, Betty Dickey, Rosemary Durr, Kathryn Fetz, Mr. Brown. The National Honor Society is a scholas- tic organization recognized throughout the country. The society has as its aim-to make good citizenship in high schools a matter of distinction. This year a probationary membership was given both to juniors and seniors. ln the last half of the students' senior year the members are chosen for permanent membership. Page Sixty Two ildentification of pictureb: Lower Standing, David Pace, Mary K. Harting, Marilyn Darrow, Dorothy Woodrum, Wil- berta Naden, Verna Jean Adair, Betty Dickey, Dick Squier. Seated, Pamela Auxter, Kay Cotton, Joan Stone, Anita Beckett, Jacqueline Cunning- ham, Rita Ward, Joan Cotton. The school recognizes these students as having attained a high scholastic record. These students have high grades for the semester and we hope to have more join the ranks of the HONOR ROLL. SUNSHINE SOCIETY The members of our club have elected officers and the meetings are held everyother Monday. The officers are: President, Doneta Ozenbaugh Vice-President, Carol Kurtz Secretary, Rosanne Manghelli Assistant Secretary, Norma Stam Treasurer, Judith Miller Sponsor, Miss Koons. The Sunshine Society is one of the ablest organizations of our school. Sunshine Societies are known throughout the schools of Indiana which is divided into five dis- tricts with a dean to serve over each one. These deans work under the supervision of the state dean. Each year the state convention is held in the spring upon invitation of one chapter. Our group has invitcd this convention here for this year. Of course, we are all hon- ored to be hostesses for these groups of Sunshine girls. - The object of this society is: 1. To inspire higher ideals for high school girls. 2. To spread sunshine and good cheer. 3. To promote the growth of new societies. 4. To unite in common effort the different socictics to train for citizenship and to advance the cause of Sunshine work. Members include: Beatrice Arnold, Barbara Baxter, Jeanette Ballard, Mary Bol- linger, Anita Beckett, Margaret Broyles, Rosalee Bennett, Evelyn Bennett, Joan Burchette, Betty Bielhartz, Clemence Baker, Margaret Bohlander, Thursa Beavers, Joan Clabaugh, Dolores Commons, Barbara Cline, Mary Cunningham, Carol Daily, Margaret Davies, Ilene Dellinger, Irene Dellinger, Virgie Dickey, Catherine Davies, Jane Ann Duffey, Marilyn Davies, Vera Ebert, Carolyn Faulstich, Joyce Gardner, Kay Gibbons, Mary Glotzbach, Pat Griffin, Carolyn Hood, Mary Harting, Betty Heaton, Evelyn Hughes, Joyce Hannah, Mary Ann Hoose, Joan Huntsinger, Patricia Hibst, Virginia Haynes, Roberta Harvey, Lowene Hinds, Maxine Hester, Nancy Haynes, Charlene Haskett, Elaine Harbit, Carolyn Jones, Marcella Koons, Marilow Knotts, Shirley Krebs, Karol Kleinbub, Mary Pat Keller, Carol Kurtz, Marilyn Lee, Barbara Nell Leisure, Katherine Leeson, Marlene Loer, Joan McGill, Ethel McWilliams, Evonne McCall, Joan Manghelli, Rosanne Manghelli, Judith Miller, Doneta Ozenbaugh, Leatha Phillips, Charlene Pierce, Marietta Parr, Jane Riley, Betty Reese, Helen St. Clair, Judy Sloan, Norma Stam, Phyllis Strong, Gwen Simmons, Patsy Stoner, Opal Shaw, Beverly Stam, Marilyn Stoker, Dorthea Snipe, Joyce Stone, Dolores Sattler, Joan Sams, Eva Smith, Phyllis Tharp, Dorothy Woodrum, Mary Jane Ward, Rita Ward. Barbara Wells, Sally Williams, Genevieve Williams. Page Sixty Three TRAYS AND BUCKETS AND DRAMATIC CLUB r x One of the many outstanding extra cur- ricular activities in our high school is the Trays 8: Buckets Club. They have been most faithful in the serving of concessions at our home basket- ball games and at the Panther Den. We owe much appreciation to their sponsor, Miss Swengel, and the officers for the year-Bill Loser, General Chair- mang Danny Evans, Chairman of Equip- mentg Rosalee Bennett, Secretaryg Beverly Dennis, Concession Stand of Youth Center. First row, left to right: Rosemary Durr, Vera Ebert, Rosemary McElwee, Beverly Dennis, Rosalee Bennett. Second row, left to right: Eva Mae Smith, Beverly Mort, Ethel McWilliams. Third row, left to right: Dorthea Snipe, Beverly Walsh, Mary Brandon, Danny Evans, Wilburn Gillam, Joan Burchette, William Loser, Miss Swengel, Bertha Groover. Page Sixty Four The present Dramatic Club was organ- ized during the year of l944 and 1945 un- der the sponsorship of Mr. Lindley. Its sponsor this year is Mrs. Burk. The duties of the Dramatic Club are to assist in dra- matic productions such as the junior and senior class plays. This year they also plan to entertain us once each semester. The club meets during activities period once every two Weeks. They have a dinner once a month for their members. Anyone may be in the club who proves himself willing to Work for the position he wishes to hold. Members include: Norma Stam, Teresa Lytle, Florence Ellen Hiatt, Mary Ann Hoose, Kathryn Leeson, Verna Jean Adair, Margaret Davies, Sally Williams, Marietta Parr, Phyllis Tharp, Emma Jean Clyde, Jim Babbitt, Vaughn Alexander, Eugene Woods, James Mays, Richard Fox, Herman Scott, Joan McQuinn, Patsy Stoner. PROJECTION CLUB AND USI-IERS Through the efforts of our Projection Club it has been possible for the students of our high school to see many films of interest during the year. To the club members and their sponsor we give much credit. Sponsor-Mr. Waymire. Officers-lst operator, Lindell Jarrett Film Scheduler-Bill Loser. Mr. Waymire, Don Caldwell, Robert Rebuck, Leroy Dellinger, Jack Scott, Kenneth Free, Tom Striker, Jerry Clark, Don Bohan- non, Edward Miller, Ross Noble, Frank Hancock, Joe Webb, Lin- dell Jarrett, Curtis Sparks, Harlan Kiddy, James Poole, David Pace, Lewis Kelley, James Hamilton, Willis Fern, Jim Laslcy, Charles Barnes, Richard Cline, Bill Loser, Richard Sivert, Verlin Quick. -Standing, lVlr, Davis, James Whisler, Harold Chriss, Lowell Ebert, Fred Tyner, Jack Parker, Bob Heflin. 2nd row: Ralph Carpenter, Don Benefiel, James Kelich, Don Quarles, Jack Burkhardt, Willis Fern. 3rd row: Frank Hawkins, Paul Attherr, Roland Webb, Frank Han- cock, Bill Lynas, Bob Lee, David Stockdale. The Ushers Club of our high school has a membership of twenty attractively dressed boys whom you see stretching the ropes at each basketball game. These boys direct the spectators to their seats, and handle gymnasium crowds, as well as pro- tect our playing floor. They are directed by one head usher selected from the group and their well-known sponsor is Mr. Davis. Page Sixty Five MEGAPI-IONE STAFF Under the capable supervision of Miss Allen, the Sponsor, the Megaphone Staff is able to produce one of the best school papers in the State of Indiana. This is the re- sult of the tireless effort on the part of every staff member. This staff is one of the best W. H. S. has produced and it will be better in the coming years. The members are Editor in Chief ,,,, ,,,,.,, Literary Editor ,,,,,,,. Society Editor ,,,,,.....,,, . Business Manager ,,,,, , as follows: Rosemary Collins ,,,,,,,,Wilberta Naden Johnny Carroll Genny Williams Circulation Managers .,,., ,,,, , ,,,, , , ,A ,,,, WBQH Farr Assistant Circulation Manager ,,,..., Y777 ,,7, B 0 b Harrison Sports.. .,,. .... .......... . ..,. ..,,, ,,.,,., , , , ,,,,,,,, ,,,, . , . ,,,, ,,,, M a X Summers Jokes ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,, .,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, . ,s.,,,,,,, , , ,Shirley Ellis Society ...., ,,,...,.,,, , H Joann McGill and Johnny Carroll Senior Reporter ,,.,..., ,,,.., .,,.., , , , ,,77,,,.,., .,..,.., J eanette Ballard Junior Reporter ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mary Champion Sophomore Reporter ,,.i,,, . ,,,,,,, Barbara Hutchinson Freshman Reporter ,,,l,l, , ....,,,ll,l.,l, Dick Squier Music i,,. ,,.. ,,,,,,ll,l, ,,,,,,l,,, ,,,l,,l . 7 , ,,ll ,,ll,,l,l,,, ,,,..,,,,,,...,,,ll,., , ..,. ,,o,, , , , A l ice Huntsinger Staff Writers ,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,. . ,.,. , , , B e t t y Beilhartz Evelyn Bennett, Rita Robbins, Joan Clabaugh, Juanita Sykora, Sally Williams, Mary Ann Hoose, Phyllis Strong, Verna Jean Davis, Amelia Hollingsworth Norma Stam, Charlene Pollock, Mary Legg Art ,,,,., ,,., ,,,,,,,.,,.ll....,,....,,.....l....ll....ll.,,,., C a rol Southern and Barbara Hutchinson Page Sixty Six JUNIOR PLAY --- MRS. MINIVER The 1945-46 Junior Class was the first in many years to present a play of a seri- ous nature. Mrs. Burk was the director of the play which was not altogether serious lor it had small bits of humor spread through it by such characters as Adie, the maid, Judy, Lady Burfish, Toby, and the evacuees. The story was about the Minivers, a typic- al hngiish family. It took place during the last world war. The double cast consisted of: Clem Miniver , , Alfred Harding Mrs. M1HlX'E1',,, ,, ,Katherine Fetz The children: Kay Cotton Vin , ,,,,,, Victor Seright Kenneth Free Toby Rose Alice Pennington Judy Marqueena Kiefer Carol Kurtz Addie, the housekeeper Lornell Fleener ' Rosabelle Kerr Helen, Vinis fiancee ,, , 7, H ,, Helen Gill Marjorie Waymire Susan, Mrs. Miniver's best friend H , Betty Dickey Barbara Nell Leisure Lady Burfishw , ,, ,, ,, Joan McQuinn Karol Kleinbub The evacuees Liza Doris Todd Tommy , ,,,, ,, James Webb Jenny , Dolores Watson Air Raid Warden .,,, Donald Farmer Rita Robbins Page Sixty Seven l-IIGI-I SCHOOL BAND Going places! That's what our high school band of today is doing. The members have actually helped to build up the morale of the armed forces by providing enter- tainment at various camps. Have you noticed the sparkling new buses that have been parked in front of the school on various Sundays? Yes, they are chartered by the Elks Club to be used by the Willkie High School Band for making its trips. Our band mem- bers have been received graciously threeatimes at Wakeman General Hospital in Camp Atterbury, two times at the Veteran's Hospital in Marion, Indiana and at Billings Hospital in Fort Benjamin Harrison, Last spring our high school band received a very great honor. It was awarded ll distinguished service citation in national recognition of its inspiring use of music to aid the national effort by contributing to the success of its "music for victory." Besides playing away from Elwood the band is on hand in full uniform at each football and basketball game in order to back the athletic teams. Have you noticed that the band even plays one number after the end of each game this year? As usual on various Sunday afternoons throughout the year the band presents a concert for the enjoyment of the public. These have been a big success also. Now that the band has changed rooms which have better arrangements we are really progressing. You should be proud of your band. ildentification of picturebz First row, left to right: Kitty Leeson, Florence Hiatt, Robert Scircle, Vaughn Alex- ander, Darla Lou Tranbarger, Doris Cochran, Margaret Bohlander, Alice Huntsinger, Nancy Haynes. Second Row, left to right: Betty Rott, Edna Bennett, Wilma Derrickson, Helen Gill, Phyllis Hiatt, Margaret Davies, Fred Swihart, Marjorie Waymire, Gloria Gilmore, Wilberta Naden, Lowene Hinds, Bruce Fetz, Robert Sullivan, Gene Clymer, Marilyn Darrow, Victor Seright, Charlotte Waymire, Third Row, left to right: Virginia Haynes, Jack Scott, Ralph Lasley, Richard Squier, Marilyn Henderson, Ed Waymire, Dan Walsh, James Juday, Ronald Coulter, Ray Miller, Henry Hollensbe, Dolores Watson, Joanne McQuinn, Richard Goins, Jack Boyer, Jack Gibson, Berneta Wittkarnper, Sue Ann Murray, Lowell Alexander, Har- old Goins, James Babbitt, Robert Naden, James Lasley, Betty Erdman, Charles Copher, Doneta Ozenbaugh, Richard Hasecuster. Back Row, left to right: Director Mr. Hughes, Pamela Auxter, Barbara Leisure, Harvey Warner, Charles Hasecuster, Richard Cleaver, Joanne Ault, Max Summers, Karl Smith, Scott Lasley, Charlene Haskett, Ted Gardner. Page Sixty Eight JUNIOR I-IIGI-I BAND The UB" Band, now called the Junior High Band, was organized in the fall ol' l943. This group consists of students in grades from five to eight. They practice only l'orty-live minutes in the mornings of three days in each week. Under the direction of Mr. Hughes the Junior High Band has entertained us by taking part in various concerts, the most outstanding one being given November 18, 1945. The Junior High Band has made much progress in the past few years. This group now has an award system much the same as that of the high school band. We will be looking for various musicians from this organization to l'ill the vacant chairs when the seniors leave the high school band this spring. Good luck kids! HB" Band llclenti fication 1: David Copher, Elizabeth Fetz, Dorothy Creagmile, Harold Gill, Sue Leach, Shirley Strong, Carroll Alexander, Joan Moody, Sue Alvey, Hal Waymire, Mickey Hennigan, Mary Lou Scircle, Barbara Skillman, Joyce Hollensbe, Earl Noel, George Finney, Marilyn Cotton, Helen Tyner, Patty Huntsinger, Janice Henderson, Nancy Sigler, Carl Noel, Max Henderson, Betty Watson, Bill Wayrnire, Lois Penn, Carolyn Spitzmes- ser, Bob Huntsinger, Martha Davies, Arlene Foley, Charles Whistler, Dee Carter, Charles Hughes, Sue Robbins, Johnny Dehne1', Nancy Havens, Marilyn Walsh, Jill Gipson, Eugenia Widner, Sue Chesterfield, Martha Scircle, Otto Barrett, Kenneth Han- cher, Bob Phillips, Bill Whitenack, James Matchett. Page Sixty Nine ORCHESTRA AND lldentification of picturel: Upper First Row, left to right: Anita Beckett, Sue Ann Murray, Edna Bennett, Wilma Der- rickson, Margaret Bohlander, Jane McCarthy, Nancy Haynes, Marjorie Wayrnire, Gloria Gilmore, Phyllis Hiatt, Lenora Franklin. Second Row, left to right: Nancy Clyde, Nancy Holtzclaw, Marilyn Henderson, Charlotte Waymire, Darla Tranbarger, Charles Copher, Henry Hollingsbee, Jack Boyer, Joan Stone, Marilyn Darrow, Clayton Smith. Standing, left to right, Barbara Nell Leisure, L. Rush Hughes, Joan Ault, Scott Las- ley, David Pace. Cldentification of picturelz Lower - First Row, left to right: Phyllis Hiatt, Carolyn Sparling, Patricia Benedict, Gloria Gilmore, Mary Rott, Jacqueline Guard, Betty Rott, Wilberta Naden. Second Row, left to right: Lenora Franklin, Gwendolyn Simmons, Robert Naden, Thomas Striker, Richard Hasecuster, James Babbitt, James Mays, Patsy Stoner, Barbara Wells. Page Seventy ACAPPELLA CHOIR The orchestra happens to be the oldest of all of our musical organizations. It has been functioning more rapidly the past few years under the able leadership of Mr. Hughes. The orchestra is a perfect contrast to the band. Its music consists of soft, sweet, and melodious selections. This organization has been included in concert programs, be- sides being requested to provide music for other schools surrounding Elwood. Our orchestra has proved very successful in that it has furnished music for the past two years for our own high school commencement. The Acappella Choir of W. H. S. was started two years ago by L. Rush Hughes. Acappella, by the way, means that the group sings without the aid of any accom- paniment. The group is selected by examination for those people who want to further their vocal training. The first program the acappella choir sang for this year was the All-State chorus in Indianapolis competing with sixty-five other schools fmore than a thousand voicesh. The next program the choir sang for was the Elk's Memorial services, and then the Christmas program in the Auditorium. The group is planning on singing for the 1946 Baccalaureate and the A11-County Choral Festival. This group meets every Tuesday to practice, after school. The Acappella Choir has done excellent work and we know they will continue to do so. Page Seventy One BOY'S GLEE CLUB AND This year the Boys Glee Club is directed by Miss Lee. Their first public perform- ance was at the All-State Vocal Festival held in the Gymnasium, December 16. The boys are planning to appear for several different organizations and are also taking part in the operetta, t'Hulda of Hollandf' April 26. We are hoping to hear much more from them in the future. ildentification of picturel: Upper First Row, left to right: Eugene Woods, James Juday, Max Summers, Thomas Carr, Florence Hiatt, James Whisler, Eugene Vinson, Donald Bohannon. Second Row, left to right: Miss Lee, Perry Mangas, David Stockdale, Robert Lee, Robert Woodsides, James Mays, John Campbell, Alfred Harting, Joe Stone. Third Row, left to right: Fred Tyner, Harvey Warner, Ray Miller, Louis Kelly, James Babbitt, Richard Hasecuster, Robert Scircle, George Robinson, Charles Hase- custer. This year the Girls Glee Club is directed by Mr. Hughes. It is composed of girls who have study halls the fifth and sixth periods on Thursdays and Fridays. The girls have sung for different organizations, both school and social. They are also planning to sing for the operetta, 'fHulda of Hollandj' which will be given April 26, in the new gym. We are all looking forward to this performance. ildentification of picturelx Lower First Row, left to right: Dora Nell Wardwell, Carolyn Hood, Betty Morris, Mildred Noble, Jo Ann Ault, Beverly Hancher, Marqueena Keifer, Shirley Ellis. Second Row, left to right: Mary K. Harting, Verna Jean Davis, Margaret Broyles, Patricia Benedict, Louise Bell, Betty Beilhartz, Rosalee Bennett, Virginia Blair, Mari- lyn Austin, Alice Huntsinger. Third Row, left to right: Marilyn Henderson, Genevieve Williams, Gloria Gilmore, Carol Daily, Dorcas Rich, Priscilla Hall, Carolyn Faulstich, Joan Huntsinger, Betty Lou Reese, Vera Ebert, Marilyn Dooersberger, Jane Ann Ring. Fourth Row, left to right: Mary Pat Keller, Edna Bennett, Mary Frye, Barbara Wells, Patsy Stoner, Betty Rott, Beverly Dennis, Billie Jean Holliday, Jacqueline Guard, Anita Beckett, Jacqueline Cunningham. Page Seventy Two BAND OFFICERS All officers of the band, except the treasurer, are elected by the band members during the first part of April each year. They take office on May l. The treasurer is a student appointed by the director. In choosing candidates for each office the rules of the Band Constitution must be followed. The cap- tain is required to be a senior. The first lieutenant must student director, property man, and efficiency manager may any class who are in good standing. Any upper classman el positions of uniform manager and head librarian. We should commend our officers for this year on the good work which they have done in managing the band at concerts, games, and on trips. Band officers for 1945-46 Captain .... .... ..... , .... .i.. , .........,.... Flrst Lieutenant ..... ....,..,......V Sergeant ..... ........ Treasurer, .................... be a junior. The be students from ected can fill the , ................ Jim Juday .... , .... Marjorie Waymire Huntsinger Phyllis Sum mers, Katherine Fetz Student Director .,,.. ..,,.,,.,..,. ...., .,..,..r,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.v P e 1' ry Mangag Assistant Student Director. .. .i., Margaret Bohlander Drum Major .... .... ........... ........ ............... J o a n ne Bozell Property Man ...........,.......... ...................,... J ack Boyer Assistant Property Man, .... . ......... Charles Hasecuster Uniform Manager ................ .............,... K itty Leeson Assistant Uniform Manager ,.,.... ........., C harlotte Waymire Efficiency Manager... ......,,.. Librarianm., ............ Assistant Librarian .... Page Seventy Four Florence Ellen Hiatt ..............Victor Seright .Nancy Haynes 'OOM LATIN CLUB First Row: Mary'Rott, Beverly Jo Hancher, Charlotte Waymire, Charles Hase- custer, Jacqueline Cunningham, Betty Morris. Second Row: Mary Champion, Barbara Wells, Alice Kay Hughes, Doris Cochran, Nancy Haynes, Darla Lou Tranbarger, Delores Commons, Gwendolyn Simmons, Joan Cotton, Miss McClung, Sponsor. Back Row: Jack Scott, Charles Barnes, Alfred Harting, Bill Hoppenrath, Louis Kelly, Victor Seright, Donald Bohannon, Richard Hobbs. I imagine everyone has heard of the new organization in our school-the Latin Club. This club was started by the Latin I class in early May of 1945. This group follows the form of Roman government by having Consuls, one Praetor, one Quaestor, two Censores, and four Aediles. The remaining members will be divided into equal groups and serve as Senators and Tribunes. They also have made a constitution for their club and have progressed greatly. We may give much of the credit to their new sponsor and teacher, Miss McClung, Of course, you want to know how to become a member of this new club. You must have an affirmative vote of 95 percent of the club members and one credit in Latin. I'm sure everyone wishes further success to this club. Page Seventy Five OUR JANITORS - - - GOD BLESS THEM Janitors: Charles Miller, Harrison McCammon and Clinton Kincaid. Just think of our janitors and the countless tasks which they do! Put yourself in the place of any one of our janitors for a single day. How would you like to sweep those miles of corridors, our several hundred steps, and countless class rooms? How would your muscles feel after emptying waste baskets galore-,and moving innumerable chairs? When would you find time to wash windows, wax floors, and dust? I wonder if you would be as jolly and good-natured as our janitors are after doing these things. Now perhaps you realize how the students can co-operate and make less work for our well-liked janitors. Page Seventy Six .N ,M- STM ww - 5 32? ' ig, 4 f, A 'N Nw I...- .V Q 'af v' IH 47: . fl .. 1 Q X,- ,.,, X .,, 'Q' J 17221 fl -jj" .W ' Q' Y , 'af f' Mig w . wj .- , Q ,il Mig. x W ,ws in l s .fm 4 W Z xg f Q :H n H-+5iiQ3, Qfgg my P 5 A ,!.. XS. f R INTRODUCTION Athletics in Wendell Willkie High School have grown by leaps and bounds. The attitude toward sports competition has never been better during the history of the school. This growth has been the Work of the fine staff of coaches. With such gentle- men as James Allen, Frank Bykowski, and Harry Bridges to lead the boys, we will ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' Heh S hool. never have to worry about a slackenmg ol sports in Wendell Willkie 1b c ATHLETICS T PETE PASSES TI- Page Seventy Eight .A GSKIN TO PANTHER PLAYERS FOOTBALL WW--di-....., Seated: Tom Rood, Fred Beeman, Frank Hancock, Eugene Vinson, Robert Court- ney, Ralph Lasley. Kneeling: Philip Arnold, Bud Livengood, Ronald Coulter, Richard Leisure, Louis Moschell, John Hickner, Edward Williams. Standing: Curtis Sparks, Jim Wardwell, Howard Wardwell, Jack Woods, William Hooker, Coach James Allen, Richard Davis, James Merritt, Arnold Cluggish, Leland Boyer. "Oh, my aching back!" You guessed it-the end of another football season in which Elwood looked good in every game. First came the Injuns from Anderson. They beat us, but it was no scalping. Wabash with Rockwell and their tiny quarterback in- vaded us. Next came Kelley and Company. Can anyone kick extra points? Score, Noblesville 21, Elwood 19. Then came West Lafayette and Kokomo. We looked good in both games. "Hold those Tigers," and we did it. Alexandria fell before the Panthers. Huntington and Marion both beat us. Then we took the Tigers again. Our season was high-lighted by a fast, aggressive team that caught the eye of every spectator. The squad was made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. With so many underclass men returning next year we should continue with our athletic suc- cess. Page Eighty FRESI-IMAN FOOTBALL Anderson Wabash Noblesville West Lafayette Kokomo Alexandria Huntington Marion Alexandria Opponents 36 33 21 19 20 6 13 32 19 Elwood 0 12 19 0 12 19 0 6 28 Seated-James Hennegan, Jack Coston, David Peters, Willis Fern, Jack Adair, Roland Virgil. Kneeling-Charles Haas, Harry Knotts, Jack Corbett, Jack Strangeway, Vernard Skinner, John Lowder, Jim Lasley. Standing-Joe Fritz, Paul Hoover, George Acres, Charles Courtney, Coach Frank Bykowski, Scott Lasley, Kenneth Fuller, Roland Webb, Charles Barnes. f'!"-'LF Phun- --4-f-.--1. Page Eighty One FOOTBALL in an 28' Q 1 FOOTBALL INDIVIDUALS Fred Beeman-half-back . . . fast . . . good tackle . . . opponents feared his running. Ronald Coulter-guard . . . end . . . versatile . . . defensive star . . . consistently good. Robert Courtney-fullback . . . good runner . . . made Alex look bad in both games. Frank Hancock-quarter-back . . . fighter . . . good field general . . . speedy. John Hickner-end . . . good blocker . . . played two years . . . dependable. Ralph Lasley-center . . . "Lass" . . . played Marion and Alex games . . . fighter . . . good sport. Richard Leisure-tackle . . . good blocker . . . sometimes guard . . . always in there. Louis Moschell-tackle . . . "Big Moe" . . . excellent downfield . . . blocker . . . stopped many an oppor1ent's thrust. Tom Rood-quarter-back . . . "Abie Vaughn" . . . also end . . . swivel hips . . . Versatile. - Page Eighty Two FOOTBALL Eugene Vinson-back field . . . could play any position in back field . . . good plung- er . . . kick some. Ed Williams-tackle . . . feared by everyone . . . good blockcr . . . shined on de- fense . . . stalwart. STUDENT MANAGERS George Acres, Jerry Clark, Robert Caldwell, Jack Scott, James Barker. Page Eighty Three I . . BASKETBALL n I - 4 TI' V 'Ev H W .1 -U , ki BASKETBALL INDIVIDUALS 3 . Philip Arnold-sophomore . . . forward . . . defensive star . . . good pivot shot . . two more years ofhvarsity. I Fred Beeman--senior . . . guard . . . scrappy player . . . consistent scoring threat ' . . . third in conference scoring. K Leland Boyer-junior . . . reserve center . . . tall . . . back next year. Robert Courtney-senior . . . guard . . . fast and aggressive . . . nice long shot . . r will be missed next year. Jim Juday-senior.. . .center . . . fine shot . . . good rebounder . . . leading 'scorer of team ,. '. . second in conference scoring. James'Merritt--junior '. . . guard or' forward ., . . slow and deliberate . . . good shot . . . seventh in conference scoring. David Morgan-junior . . . guard . . . nice shot . leading scorer in Plymouth game . . . still another year. N I Page Eighqy Four r I ' ' L- x 4'Qilx.,S.'s1 , ,V T44 f X .A ' M . , w'1,,"ig ., 147' M, .,,u,y,-I M BASKETBALL Robert SchuckQjunior . . . forward . . . rebounds very good . . . looked good in several games' this year . . U. nice hook shot. Howard Wardwell-sophomore . . . fast . . . very nice long shot . . . aggressive . . . two more years to play. Y Ed Williams-senior . . . "Horse" . . . excellent rebounder work horse' of team . . . dependable . . . fine sport. - O Page Eighty Five BASKETBALL First row, left to right: Robert Courtney, Howard Wardwell, Fred Beeman, David Morgan. Second row, left to right: James Merritt, Edward Williams, Robert Schuck, Leland Boyer, Jim J uday, Philip Arnold. DO YOU RECALL . . . ' - Our team at the beginning of the season? How bad we looked against West Lafay- ette and still beat them? J uday hitting from everywhere against Huntington? "Shink" Merritt dribbling down the floor slow and deliberate? Ed Williams coming off with rebounds at both ends of the floor? Courtney playing his first game? Beeman and Courtney stealing the ball from larger opponents? Elwood's uphill fight against Burris? Dave Morgan hitting the first shot he tried in every game? Alexandria beating us twice? Schuck's shot at Peru when he was tackled? Marion being forced into an over- time against us? Arnold's beautiful push shots from'close range? Elwood's fast break down the floor? How the cheering improved by leaps and bounds? Elwood leading Anderson 9 to 5 at the first quarter? The way Coach Allen looked when we almost won the first Burris game after trailing 20 to 6 at the first quarter? After all it took the Indiana State Basketball Champions to defeat us in tourney play! Page Eighty Six BASKETBALL B. B. SQUAD First row, lei't to righ Bill Hocker. Gene Connarm Donald Brown, David Peter Jack Schaffner, Jack Hel shey. Back row, left to righ' Jack Woods, Roland Brow! Jack Adair, Willis Fern, Jir Wardwell, Maurice Rober' son. FHESHMAN B.B. SQUAD First row, left to righ' Gene Harrison, Frank Ban non, Vernard Skinner, Rich ard Brenner, Jack Costor John Conwell. Second row, left to righi Jim Lasley, Ronald Virgi Fred Henderson, John Low der, Loren Boyer, Jim Her negan. Third row, left to righ1 Bill Miller, Jack Corbet Charles Courtney, Jac Strangewzly, Kenneth Fullei Page Eighty Seven BASKETBALL fldentification of picturel: upper JUNIOR HIGH TEAM First row, left to right: Earl Foley, Jim Acres, Jerry Ault, Danny Gardner, Jack Kiphart. Second row, left to right: Joe Durr, Bill Davis, Bob Deveny, Dick Coston, Ralph Caldwell. lldentification of picturelt Lower-Agriculture Team First row, left to right: Charles Leakey, Lindell Jarrett, Roland Webb, Flank Hancock, James Green. Second row, left to right: Donald Thomas, Lowell Ebert, Robert Lee, Bill Lynas. Page Eighty Eight TRACK TEAM Sitting: William Hocker, Robert Courtney, Ronald Coulter, Jack Boyer. Standing: Edward Williams, James Merritt, Philip Arnold, Howard Wardwoll, Robert Scircle. TRACK The forgotten sport was brought out of hiding last spring when Elwood found that she also had some boys who could run and jump. Under the careful eye of Coach Allen, Elwood charged through the season with remarkable success. Lead by Bill Tran- barger, Dick Bollinger, Bob Courtney, Ronald Coulter, Howard Wardwell, Fred Bee- man, and Ed Williams the team won several meets. This year we should continue with our success due to the fact that most of the boys are returning. Page Eighty Nine 4+ + + + + 3- 'Z' 4 + 3 T + + + + + 3 + 4 4 4 + + 4 4 4 + 'Z' T 4 4 4 'if 4 4 if 4 4 + -1 4 1. 4 4 'Z' -1- 4 'Z' v 4- 4 +4- + -1 i Iii + + H Jr ,. Y 4' 4- 1 :E .g. .!. 2. 3. -1- -1- .g. .i. 4. 4. 4. 4. + 4 'I' ' '46 + -1- - '- T cu' glam of 3. .,. 25 nga .54 .1. .f. +++4 444+ L . . 4 :ii :ii A + .5 4 -1- -1- -1- -1- 'E' Y -1- -1- + +444 +44 E 2 o o Q. LD 2 ro rn fl' U7 3' o 'o 'o rn + + + + E ,. . 4: :Ii fii -11 + + 4 4 1 15 -1- 55 32 ' Swell place to meet if 4 4' "++. +++ ++++++ Swell foocl to eat Where everythings neat v +++++++++. 444444 And oh, so sweet! +++++++++ I+ 40? ++++++++ 'E' T 4 4- 4 4 4' Z5 4 4- 4- 4- 4- 'S' T' T' Y' wr 'S' 4- -? -i 'S' 4- 'Z' -1- 4- 4- 4. 4- -5 'fr 7' 31- 23' -2- 'E' -E- 'E' 'Y -r 4- 4- -P 'E' T' -1- 'Z' -1- -? 4- 4- 4- 'I' -r -P -P 'P -P 4- 4 +I '? 4- 4- Page Ninety 4 5 '!"X"X"!'++'!"X"X'++++'I'+-I"I'++++'!-'Z"!'+-I'-I'-!"!"Z"I"I"!''X''I''I''M'-1''P+-l'++'X--i'-X'-I"I'-X-'I-'Z 'X'-Z''X'-X''I''I'-I''P+4''X''1"I'-lvl'-I-'I"!"l'-1'-X''I"!': I Compliments of Continental Can Company 900 NORTH D PHONE 306 4 no .1 .Q +I' '- www vvvcvvvvvvv A 7"f"?'i"?'A"A"A"'A"""A A"A"A' .Q vsvav vvovvvvnovwvoovvyvvo T'i"i'7"f A A'f'l'7"2'5"?7"A""'A A A'A"'A"A A A A vxvvunu AAAA7"i"i'1'A Zifi-'I---A-I '+ .- Q vvvsvvevvwv-s 7"Z"A"?'A"A"f'f'i"f'A"A' A . 4 no .4 .- '!"I"I"!"!-'I-+'I"!'-1-++'l-++++++'I'+'!"I"!'+'!"!"!'-I-'I--X-'I'+'!'+++'!'++++-!-'!-'!"!-++'X-'!--X01-'X-'X'-I'-I'-I'+'i"X'-I-+'Z"Z"!'+'I'+'X"I'++'I"X"I'+- 1 Page Ninety One Good Luck Seniors ! MANGAS CAFETERIA 'Famous For Fine Steaks and Chops " Good Coffee - Salads - Pies Foods of Your Choice ai Prices Thai Are Fair g The entire staff of employees of the R. L. LEESON and SONS CUMPANY ,loin in extending to one and all SENIQRS . . . ' aa We also extend our traditional Pledge of Quality, Courtesy, and Service in our efforts to serve you with the best Merchandise at the price that the market affords R. L. Leeson and Sons Co. America's most important 1946 model To the first peacetime graduating class in over tour years, Delco-Remy extends hearty congratulations and the best of good wishes. May the world which you will help to build be a kinder, Wiser, better world than any we have known before. DELCO-REMY D I V I S I O N GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION WIIHRIIVIIR WHEELS 'TURN OR PROPIILLBRS SPIN Page Ninety S F01? 77147 EX 7' R14 436:07 SHPE 7' I' YOU KNOW THIS: All makes of Sealed Beam headlamp units are in- terchangeable. They must meet the same specifications for in tensity, pat- tern of light distribution and over-all physical dimensions. Design must provide for a safe standard of light- ing throughout the life of the unit, without the dangerous loss of effi- ciency that characterized earlier-type headlamps when not serviced regularly. DID YOU KNOW THIS? ln addition to meeting all Sealed Beam speci- fications, the Guide metal-backed- reflector Sealed Beam unit provides this extra margin of safety: lf a lens is cracked, the headlamp will continue to function until the damaged unit can be replaced. Double protection- a bulb within the sealed unit-keeps the light burning and safeguards the ride home in spite of any accident to the lens. Guide Sealed Beam units give Sealed Beam lighting at its best. Let Safety Share the Ride-Replace with Guide . . . ., O Guide Sealed Bt-'un units Make YOU' donors original equipment parts fight- and service are available to you through United Motors LAMP stations, garages and .car Division of GenerulMo!ors Corporation dl'2lll'l'S Ill l'Yl'l'y Clllllllllllllly. Anderson, Indiana SiII"Ii'I'Y I.IGII'l'ING l70II PASSENGER CARS. TIIUCKS, BITSBS, 'I'lIAf'I'0IIS. FIIIE AND I'0I.IIfIl TAKS Page Ninety S 2 vf-n : ' z 1-s-A-9+-1-'14,-1-1-+e-1-4--2 + 'E' 'E' 'E' 'P 'E' T 1' -1- + 'S' + . T 1' I 5 4. 'T -1- J. A 4- J. . J. . .L 3 'e' 'r 'F 252 9 2' 'e' T J. I 'Z' T -1- -1- -1- + '!' T J. .L S 'r T + . E -1- 'X' + 'S' 'S' -1- 152 . -1' 4- -1- '1- E E E -1- .L ,LJ4 .Q .4 Adgwvvnvvvlvvsyvvvvvv 4 aT"i"Z"f'."4"i'4 n'Z"i 4"f 'Z"i"i'T'. :iz 'I' 4. f f . .,. .. .. .. 4. .. .L . .. .. . . . . . . 4. 4. . . 4. -1- 4. 4. 4. 4. rg: 4. 4. 4. 4. . 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. . . no 5 1 ,- Congratulations - '46 Good Luck Class of '46 EW ACE CY Home-957-R Phone Bus.-16 'I"i"i' 4 T E' 2 3 C S 'I"I"!' 'X'-I' "i"Z' 1 1 1 v v 1 v v v v v v 4 a 7"!"a"5"1'7"u"4"a"n'7' CALLAWAY HOTEL 'X' 'i"!"l"I' 4' 6' v '1' 'Z' 'z' 4' 'P 'P 'Z' J- 2 4. .L 5 4. 4. J. 3 I . J. . J. . 'E' J. . J. . .L .L . -L z T T T T 4. 1' 's' T 'r Zig. .L 3 1' '!' .x. . .:. 5 'z' .z. 3 'E' 'r 6' 6' . 'r + J. 4. . ... 6 1' i 'Z' '5' T I . . n' T '5' w' 'i' . T 1 'Z' . v T f v Best Wishes from G. I. ELLER and S0 S COMPA Y Sellers Kitchen Furniture 'Z"1"l"X''!"I"I''X''X"I"I''X''X"I''X"i"I"I"I"Z"1"I"I"I"I' 'I"Z' 'X' 'X' 'Z-'I-'I--I--X01-'I-+ '1"I' 'X"Z"I"I' 'I' 'P 'I' 'I"i"i"I' 'X' 'X"i"l' 'P 'X' 'I"I"Z"l' 'I' 'l"I"l"I"i"i"X"X"l"I' 'X"l' 'I' 'I"I Page Ninety Nine STOKELY - VAN CAMP NC PHONE 4 ELVVOOD, IND. zzzzzzzzz::::::.,:.,:h:.,:..:.,:::::::::::: u U C0phB1' and Fesler General Lamps Funeral Home Manufacturing Co U PHONE 1005 ELWOOD, INDIANA 4 4 4 4 4 3 zu: :..:.,:,-.,-ann.,.,.:W,:r,: :.,:.,:1,:.Q:n,:.,:.,: I :,:.:..:,,: 2 - 2 2 I Z U . . . ll . SIIllth,S Quallty Prlnt Illdlana N27 NO. B STREET General Service U InI"IW:r:":o:r':r':r':r':r':':":r':":'r: U Company Love's Flower Shop H fL,,-,, ............ - - PgO Had Phyllis Strong: ienthusiasticallyl "Can you swim?" Fred Whitenack: "Only at times." Phyllis Strong: 'KOnly at times! How strangeg and when do these moments of ability come to you?" Fred Whitenack: "When I'm in the water, ma'am." "Poogie" Scircle: "Now that, sir, is the most becoming hat you've tried on so far." Customer: "I agree with you entirely, it's my own." Cop: "Have you a warning signal on the front of your car?,' Doneta Ozenbaugh: 'KYes sir, I have a little sign that says 'Dodge Brothers!" Mr. Bridges: "George Washington was the most honest man that was ever born." Judy Miller: t'Then how come they close the banks on his birth- day?" "I regret to inform you that your wife's mind is completely gone." 'Tm not surprised, Doc. She's been giving me a piece of it every day for twenty years? Mr. Scott: "I've brought these trousers to be reseated-you know I sit a lot." Tailor: 'fYes, and I hope you've brought the bill to be receipted- you know I've stood a lot." Dick Fox: Cmeeklyl "When I first came here I was so astounded that I was speechless for a year." Mrs. Records: Now, you don't expect me to believe that! When do you mean?" Dick Fox: 'KI mean the time that I was born." W I 1 Ii gf!-' .7 'F.:. vw - SWA M " I X- E I" f. Z'-,U - Af. Page One Hundred One -11111.1111111111n1no For Good, Dependable U 5 Elwood Lumber Co. Service H Home Ice and Coal U Company D U U E U ccEverything from Plans to Paintv II Q PHONE 28 H H Nickel Plate R. R. and 18th street E 1-------1111111u1u1u1u1o1111111101111111 HOYT WRIGHT COMPANY ANDERSON, INDIANA "The Wright Store for 1VIen" 1,,1,,1,,....,,..,,101,,1,,101,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Page One Hundre d Two -1------0-0111.11111111111111 vga H MAY YOUR FUTURE BE HAPPY and PROSPEROUS BEST WISHES and GOOD LUCK U II TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF f46 H U U DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY U II Wheeler's Market U 2 117 So. Anderson St. ELWOOD, INDIANA II .,-..-.- - -.,....-.,-..-.,-.....,...,-..- - .. U Buy Better Shoes U at OPEN 9:00 A.M. - 11100 P.IVI. PHONE 849 Kind1er's E Shoe Store g.311u11141n1n:1,1,1n 11101111 1024110101 1 1 Z 1 11-11 -I 1 1 1 1 1 1 LeacI1's Super Market C ongratula tes The Class of '46 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.,1ui0..0101u10101 1 Page One Hundred Three Betty Dickey: Cwhile on a fishing tripl "Gosh Gene, how much do those little red things cost?" Gene Conwell: "You mean the floats? Oh they are cheap, why?" Betty Dickey: "I owe you for one. Mine just sank." Bob R.: "Say dad, remember the story you told me about the time you were expelled from school?" Mr. R.: "Yes." Bob R.: "Swell, isn't it funny how history repeats itself?" Miss Barnes: 'tYour history reports should be given in such a man- ner that the most ignorant person could understand it." Kenny Free: "Well, what part didn't you understand?" Irene Dellingerz fto a new boy? "Meet my twin sister,, Ilene. Isn't she a darling!" Mr. Waymire: "What happens when the body is submerged in water?" Dora Nell Wardwell: "The telephone rings." Miss McClung "Order, please!" Jack Scott: 'fDouble chocolate maltedf' In a dark movie theatre. ,.... . Spud Mays: "Tell that man on the other side of you to quit holding your hand." Jay Guard: "Tell him yourself, he's a stranger to me." Mrs. Burke: "How would you punctuate this sentence? 'The wind blew a ten dollar bill around the corner'," Tom Rood: "I would make a dash after the bill." 'U ap w fz , 1511 5 -"1-in xi 55' U FH' 5-'y-.7i4-F' Page One Hundred Four 0:11111-11211111111111111-1112111111:-1 Congratulations '46 Fettig Canning Corporation 11111:-311:1-111-'-1111111 Victory ervice hop TOM MILLER, Prop. SHINE - HATS - PRESS SHOE REPAIRING 123 SO. ANDERSON ST. PHONE 895 ELWOOD, IND. Hinshaw's Drug Store 4 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS 3 GRADUATES OF E. H. S. c6We're for Youn 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,1,,1,,1,1l,1u1.,1.,1 1 Page One Hundred Five 0:4 101 11 01 0101 101 u u1o1n1o1u1 i fa c i gi fa c r 0:01 1 1 1o11.11111r11.11111111111111111111 Green and Son Monument Works 28th and MAIN STREETS .g..:.:::-::.-..:Q:::::::::-:::::::-::::,, Hia1i's Frozen Foods LOCKER SERVICE COLD STORAGE IT'S JUNE IN JANUARY WITH FRESH, FROZEN FRUITS and VEGETABLES .g.,-.:::::::::::::::::::::::::r:::- GOOD LUCK SENIORS Monticello Manufacturing Company ELWOOD, INDIANA o1o1u1n1o1n1n1n1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11: 1 1 1 Page One Hundred Six "He was kicked out of school for cheating!" "How come?" "He was caught counting his ribs in a health exam." Big Moe: "Yes sir, someone aimed a base cowardly egg at me." Little Moe: "And what kind of an egg is that?" Big Moe: "A base cowardly egg is one that hits you and then runs." Jim Babbitt: "Say, whatever became of those old-fashioned gals who fainted when a boy kissed them?'l Sally Williams: "I-Iugh! Whatever became of those old-fashioned boys who made them faint?" Gloria Gilmore: "Now what are we stopping for?l' Chuck Copher: "I've lost my bearings." Gloria Gilmore: "Well, at least your originalg most fellows run out of gas." CTS my Bud Livengood: tfDid he call you a block head?" Jack Shaffner: "No." He said, "Pull your cap down the woodpeck- are coming." Perry: "I wish I could revise the alphabet." Florence: "Why, what would you do?', Perry: "I'd put U and I closer together. Speaker at W. H. S.: "If I've talked too long, it's because I forgot watch and there's no clock in the auditorium? Voice in the back: "There's a calendar behind you." . DEQ ,Zi 3 .ff-V' X- I. Aga U F... -,,.X,,.0 Page One Hundred Seven 'A '!"Z'+-H'-!"!'-!'-X'-I'-!'+'!'-I'-H'+'!"I'-I'-1'-X'-Z'-i'-1"!"Z"!'-X''X''Z''P+'H'-!"I''X'-X'-Z"!"I--X"X"X''!"X"!'+-I--!'-I'-Z'-X''Z"X"!"I'-I"!"I"Z"i"X"I''!'++-I'+'!"!'+'!"!'++ Page One Hundred Eight 4. 'X' 'X' 'I' 'Z' 'a' 'X' .v. 'if 'z' 5. 'r .l. ri- 'I' -Y 4. 'i' 'X' 'X' + 'X' 'Z' li: 4. 'I' 'X' 'X' '5' 1' 'S' 'x' 'I' 'I' 'S' 3 'Z' 'I' 'X' 514 J. .f. 'Z' 1. -3' 4. 'X' 'Z' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'E' 'a' 4. 'K' 5 'X' -31 'Z'+'Z"Z'+++++++-X'-l'+'Z'4'++-X'-P6'-i'4'+++4'++++'2"!'++'!"!"i'+'I"I''X"l"I"I"X"!'++'!"H'-I'+++jX"X'+'X'-i"!'+'Z'+'X"X"i'+++++4'++++-!"l"!'+'!"Z'++'!"Z"X"H'-I'+6'+'!'+-!"!"X''I'++4'++'Z"E'++ T -I' fi' E 1 32 S if 3 H 4 F m H Q 'I' 'H 2 'H E S r- W P cv nn 2 i U1 H 4. P1 W C as Q 5 an : B ru 3: Q Q- O e 3 9 H w i 2 U 5 Z : 5 5 E m g + Z 0 H : i'I"X'+++++++'X"Z'+'Z'+++++'l"X''!"!'+++-P++++++'I'-X''P'Z''Z'-Z'+-Z"i'++-X'-!'++-P-X"!'+++ O U1 3' i v-U w Q F' 5 fn as N, E It H- U3 1? Si I L4 cb Q 'X' 3 I'l'l + U1 U, 3 fz- P ' z + DP fb + bb '11 i EL P1 C- + 2 'U - Z 1 rg E l Z 5 Q U7 25 -A Q K 3 0 :r' 1 +-5 SE .U 53 3 5 U Q. -i- : M 1 fb 1 CD T v- -1' I H' 'X' . 'H' -I'-I'+'!"!"!' + 4- '!"X"!"Z'-!"i--X"i"!'+'!'+'!"!"X"Z' 'Z"P'I-'P+'i"Z'+'Z"2' J- . v Q 1 1 1 v Q 1 1, A 37' 'i"4"?T'1'7' v 'S' vvvvvv Aa4'a"n nv an v v v 1 n n 1 er..-prqeqefrf. 'P+ J. 1 l"!'++'X'+T'Z'TT+'Z"Z"Z'++-Z-TT'!"!'T'X' z--x-+-1--x--1--x--x-+-x-ez--z-++-xe+4--x-+-z--x--z--:Q-1--H--1-4--1--1--xffx--1-+-x-+++-1-+-1--x-+4-'x-'x--1--z-+ex--x--1--1 ex-az-ex--e-z--z-f:--x--x--x-ez--1--z--x--z--1-ex--1-+-z--z--z--x- Central Paint and Lumber Company 1621 South A Street Phone 333 .g..g.,g..f..g..g..y +q..g..g.+.g.+.g..g..g.+.g..g.+.1..g..g..g.4..'. Post Office Cafe Anderson, ..g.4..g..g..g..g..1..g..1..g..1..1..g..:..g..1..g..g. A A .,g..y.., ABE LEVI Elwood Iron and Metal Co. Phone 225 1''l"I"l"l"l-'I"l"l"l"l"l-'l'++'I'+'l"i'-l'+'l--I'-Z''I''lf'Z''X''l"I-'X'-I-'Iwi'-l"Z"l' Page One Hundred Nine e v T -L .,L,.,.,,, Q ,L...'v.......v'.' .",.,L.'.,LA rn". '.'TTT'.".".'TT'l'T'. TTTTTT1 TTTTTTTTTTTTTT . TTT . . ' -4 v v v v 'Lv v '5"i"?'i'n'l' 1 .4 u ovevvvoovvvvvvooydqoy- 'A'7"i"Z"i"i'7"?'i"f'i"i'i"f'f'f'f A 'i"4 . T 1 N A v -nr i.g..g..g.+.g.g..g..g..g..1.,g.q..g. - - 3..g..g..g..g.++.g. - - ...g..g.++,p.g.+.g.+ -1- 'E' JI +-1 -X- T 3. E- J. 'T 6 A ,1, N H, + 2 ' Q: J. 7' v- A ,L ,J J. A n- g , S U 4. F-1 , f-' 7' vs 1 ,L Q N 'A' - 33 3? 5 . .., 0 5 '. FD " . ' a 5 5 2 ro 5 P ., 0 CD - T 1 5 5' 5 3 C in 3 L., N F Q my : 3' E '11 0 - 1-1 .v. "5 SBD 'T J. E a e :r' ae U1 C 3 v-- Q v- "" 'I' ,. - 5 .. , 5, SD F" 0 Q.. 0 T ,g r 5 ::' g 7- 3' E 3 U1 -U i 57 " 3 ' U 6 ,H 'E' H S'-5 - ... -L 5 P: 2 14 9' H 1 E G5 55 m U3 In Z i' f- H 1+ H- A f' O T : TJ' Z' - T 'L' -4 1 .Q CD 93 H 1 T 3 :L DU v J, .- rc 54 - ' T 5 'T ., A + ,L . . A A . Q .L ., Q D? ' ' .LJQJ Y ' ' ' ' LJ. ' 7 L ' .Lehi 'X' 4 n 0 n n"a"i'7"i"?'n 4 'i"4". T 4 A A f. .- v v 1 v v 'i"1'7"3"?" Page One Hundred Ten Dr. J. C. McDaniels PHONE 215 ELWOOD, INDIANA --:--r--1--t--1--x--z--:--x--1--1--1--x--z--1-+-1--x--z--x--z--x--1--1--1--1--1--z--z--x--x--x--x--x 1 ' Firm Grinell GENERAL STORE I 1 Dave's Tire and Battery Shop Phone 114 Elwood Road Service -1--x--1-++-1--z--:--z--1--r-z--z---:-+-z--z--x--z--1--r--x--1--z-x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--z--x--1--1--x-+ GOOD LUCK SENIORS! Goodyear Service Store 310 So. ANDERSON ELWOOD New Process Laundr SOFT WATER SOUTH C ST. PHONE 104 U? 'r 1 'E' 'F + e- + J. i 4. + 2' 5 25 53 2? i S? -e -e 3? 1 -x--s--x-x--x-Q. 32 -x- -z- -e + -x- -z- 252 -P -2- J. -i- -x- -x- -z- -2- -z- + -e -.L -.2 J. L -2- A l -1- -z- Ja 3. 3 i. 'Z'-H'-24+ ... ......... ..... ...mm ....,,,.. .... 'Z"r1'v'!-snr-r . . ww'-r'r'rw'1'1-x". vw'w'1'+'X'++'x"r1'1' . 1'v'!-n'n"r'r+ 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. -P 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. -X' 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. ......... '!'v'rv'Z"r-r'x"r. . .vn- +'Z"i' +++-I-'I' v pr .4.4 v A.4.... McKnight's FARM EQUIPMENT STORE City Creamery SUMMERS and SON For Dairy Products Call Your Grocer or Phone 1177-W "Service Is Our Policy" .x0!..I..z.,I.4.4.4.-I.,I..I..I..I..X.-I.ex.-1.-I--X.-X..I..I..z.,I0I.-Iwi.-I..I..!.,1.-1.4.4. I CONGRATULATIONS W. H. S. Keiferjs Feed and uppl o. FOR KLEAN KOAL SEEDS, FEEDS, SUPPLIES 4- E '? 'r 'E' 'X' -X' 'X' -X- -X- -X' .iq E 'I' + -X' i -X- -X- fi' fi' 'X' fr 'X' 'X' i ,P+ 'X' 'X' -P -Z' 4' 4' 4. 'I' -X' + -!- 'X' 4. 4. 4. -Z' 'X- -E' 'I' 4. -r 'Z' 'X' -1' 'Z' -i- 'Z' 'Z' 4. 'i' -X' -X- -r Page On e. Hundred Eleven Elwood Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Inc. HAVE A COKE" Hard to Fit in Shoes? Try Buster Brown - Airstop E1wood's Newest Foot Fashion Center 111:11 1 111-1 1 1 1 11 1:1 1 1 LA MODE For Smart Apparel All Sizes Popular 222 So. Anderson St. Prices 1010141-01o1u1o1-y-iq --01 1 1 For Better Cleaning ROYAL GARMENT CLEANERS 308 South Anderson St. Phone 13 0101111-1-1-11111111111 Page One Hundged Twelve 11 31 3 3 142111 ilir1lilrinln'n YOUR BEST BUY AT THE Central Hardware Store SAFE PLACE TO SHOP BUY BETTER CLOTHES SHOES and DRY GOODS at R. C. McDaniels' 110111: 1030111101 :wi 31 if 1 1111111 Page One Hundred Fourteen 1u1o1u1n1-vi min ini 1111111 1 1 11 14 1.311011 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 FOR THAT WELL-GROOMED LOOK BUY YOUR CLOTHES AT Harry's Store for Men BEST GIFTS FOR THE BEST GRADUATES AT Earl G. Rhodes Jeweler Watch Repairs 1011-1-livin: 1 1 11 1 1 3 3:1 1 1 i 2 1 iviulni sfo U U U U U U II U U U U 1161114 1:11 111: 1 U U U U 111111111111 1 1 111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 111111 Elmore's Creamery Good Dairy Products At Better Prices Coffee Pot Anderson Indiana "Where the Thrifty Meet to Eat" ,zo 111111111111111 1 1,111 111 1 1 11.1 111111111101 1 2 1 Victory Restaurant Anderson, Indiana FOR GOOD FOOD 'GIF TS For the Graduate I Royal Amber O Leon Loraine I Evening in Paris O Houbigants O Coty Headqua1'te1's for 'Eastman Kodaks and Supplies COMMONS Walgreen Agency Drug' Store 111111 1 1 1 1 111111111111111111-111111111 1 1- Page One Hundred Fifteen -0 Qwlgi if t F fl 1 -' 1, 4.91 453 ww., M 'K .s :P Ffm,..'N"-,:'f?5n xt?- ' .rfb jf. JM ' 2725 .151 'w'Z'g'- 1:x5,f 1,-,'4..- , J, " . ,P , 4 lf: ' , fir W'-H?'L'ff7fWQ 2 N .ll tif.. est ' ji! , if-,, iff 1 0 'mv ,. Q' 1- x Q? t X 72ZeS' 547 ! . Wifi? - if' The autographs in your annual help recall the people and events that made your year so worth l'CIlll'llllDCl'lllg. The signature of , .. ' Zi it ' Indcco for nlore than four decades has lmeen Q51 . VJ .t A .V H A N ,,, 1+ 4 an important nalnc in the production of out- wx' ' Q , Vf . . . standing annuals. lndeco specialized year- ' .. A gf if - , Q' i,f. 'Q ' ww. I mlm,-,. ' 2 ,-23? J V 1 . . . . fx-Q :'A,,,.n.W..,n,h, hook service and flne prlntlng THANK YOU We wish to extend our Izhanlcs to the below named Firms For their part in helping to publish our Annual INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING CO. 222 Fast Ohio Street Indianapolis, Indiana LOCKRICGE STUDIO Rochester, Indiana I-IOCKETT STUDIO Fairmount, Indiana LEWELLYN STUDIO Elwood, Indiana SHARP PRINTING LITHOGRAPI-I CO. 6- 1323 Main sneer ' Anderson, Indiana ini: 34 1011111101: 3.1 1 301130 Page One Hundred Eighteen AUTOGRAPHS 4'WK?:4ifK3'i3E'b?v.Z,IifrC!wh1,f J .'H""1.'f' 1 dia f' ' - H W V . " ' ,"'h"1!MB?1.!ChrMN:'7fJ .iiwtQ2f2"4vl117D?f iRfH.!H!MMW UM'MlwT"-'??"-Y:H'ff1w.E:L,L'Vn: w?'W1'5K"-:Liii'1"l3Y'i'351PN3F1fR

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