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The Crescent —1944 EL WOO II UIOII SCHOOL. ELWOOII. I.MIIA.WAMERICA At this time our great country is at war We have fought for more than two years, and many lives have been lost. Though through the rest of this book nothing is mentioned of war, we haven't forgotten it; each write up and picture signifies it. Until the blessed day of peace arrives, let us all pray for it.DEDICATION To the student body, we dedicate this book To the students who make up each class, who participate in all activities, and who work to keep up morale, standards, and attendance, we offer this tribute. This book is built around you, and for you.This scene represents the friendliness and co-operation of Ehvood High School students.Service Men BOVS FROM CLASS OF ’44 IX SERVICE Roy Hutcheson, Jr. Elmer Wiegert Robert Grant Davis Edward Moschell Graduates of Elwood High School killed in action: Harlan Moore Eugene Bricker Parke Moore Probably before the Crescent conies out there will be. other boys from the classes that have left for service. Unfortunately since we didn’t know who they would be, we couldn't include their names; but to all the boys who go, we pay tribute, and wish them lots of luck. We can all feel assured of the final outcome of the war when we stop to realize just what kind of boys make up our soldiers. Boys all over the country are the same as the boys from our school—loyal, ready to win, and confident. They have proven to us they hold these qualities by their participation in athletics, school government, and general attitude.We like our teachers in Elwood High. There seems to he a friendly understanding between the students and teachers. Our teachers are represented here bv Miss Whitesell, Mr. Ashton, Miss Grosswege, and Mr. Baker.SCHOOL OFFICIALS John E. Baker—Principal C. C. Hillis—Superintendent Dorothj Dellinger and Lillian Michaels (Clerks) Mrs. Mary Frazier has now taken the place of Dorothy. SCHOOL BOARD Mr. C. G. Xorris, Mr. Mark Noble, Mr. T. L. McCartyMATH TEACHERS Miss Grosswege Algebra, Geometry Mr. Smith Arithmetic. Algebra Mr. Brown Geometry, Public Speaking PHYSICAL AND C()MMERCIAI. TEACHERS Mr. Johnson Physical Ed. (Boys) Miss McCammon Physical Ed. (Girls) Mrs. Pitman Typing, Shorthand Miss Nash Shorthand. Typing. Bookkeeping, Dean of Girls ART AND MUSIC TEACHERS Miss Benedict . .. Art Mr. Hughes ... Music Miss Whitesell ...Music Assistant THE BEEF TRUST Seated: Mr. Baker. Standing: Ed Johnson, Keith Scott, Palmer Davis, Harry Bridges, Rush Hughes. HISTORY-CIVICS TEACHERS Miss Barnes History, Health Mr. Bridges Civics, Sociology Mr. Lindley History. English Mr. Ashton .... History LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE TEACHERS Mrs. Records, Miss Nuzum, Miss Digel, Miss Demaree. SCIENCE TEACHERS Miss Koons Cooking Mr. Scott Physics and Chemistry Miss Kidwell Sewing, Home-nursing Mr. Davis Agriculture Mr. House Shop Mr. Waymire... Biology1. The noon resting place 12. "E” Students Lazy Lehr 13. Camera meets camera 3. Jive Jumpers 14. Gym class 4. Noland's Jive Bomber 15. Suh-Debs 5. Martin! ir . Benny or Jim Bill? 6. Our number one man 17. The Pooleys 7. Redecorating 18. ()rnaments 8. M usic Makers 19. Future Marine 9. Janitor 20. Alg. Class 10. Coach 21. Glamour 1 oys 11. Joan and Pam ? English classClasses of distinction but still no "class distinction” in Elwood High. Here we see Sophomore—Pam Aux-ter, Junior—Jack Squier, Freshman—Jeannine Winter, Senior—Richard Green.SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Lyle Clapper, President; Betty Kochman, Secretary; Leonard Zimmerman, Vice President; Bobby Simmons, Treasurer. SENIOR CLASS This year's graduating class holds many superior qualities. They were the first to do many things, and what they did was done well. Many of the members have been lost to the Armed Forces, but in spite of that their enrollment still stands at 107. In future years we expect big things from many members of this class.Class of 1044 FRANK ADAMS JUANITA ALBRIGHT ERNEST ALEXANDER RICHARD BAN NON CAT HER IN A BAUBY WILLIAM BERRY DOLORESBLANKENSHIP LEO BOYER CATHERINE BRANDON PETTY BURTON . ROBERT CHAMPION LYLE CLAPPER PATSY RUTH CLARK MARY LOU COLLINS MARY CRAIG AR-LEEN CRAMER ARWYN DAVIES NORMA JEAN DAVIS ROBERT G. DAVIS DONALD DKAX LEO DEMOS DOROTHY GRANGER RICHARD GREEN ORVETTA FRANKLIN ALBERT DIEHL JUANITA DURR ALICE ELMORE ELMER EWING MARIE FAULSTICH JANE FETTIG MARY ANN GROSSESTREUR ROBERT IIANCHER DOROTHY HAVENS 9 LOIS FETZ WILLIAM FRYE ELNORA GILLOLIVER HAYNES ELAINE HENDERSON JERRY LYNN IIESLER JACK HOBBS MARTHA HOLMES JAMES HOOK ROSALIE HOPPEL HELEN HOUSE HELEN HUGHES MARY JONES ELLEN JUDAY ROBERT JUSTICE BEATRICE KANE BARBARA KELLER BARBARA KIMMERLING BETTY KOCH MAN JOYCE KURTZ HOW ARD LAMBERT RUBY LAMBERTSON DONALD LAND ROY LAUGH LIN PATRICIA LEE RICHARD LEHR CAROLYN LTNSMEYER DAVID LOCKE KARLA LOYD MARY MARLEY BETTY McCAN JACK McQUINN BRYCE MILLER DORIS MILLER MARTHA MILLER PATRICIA MILLER ESTHER MOCK EDWARD MOSCHELL MAE MYERLYWESTINE NEWTON JENESTER NOLAND FRANCES PARKER MARY ALICE PARKER MARGARET PETTZ PETTY PIERCE MARY QUARLES ROBERT RAY EARL REASONER JACK RENNER EUGENE ROOP ROSEMARY SCOTT LILMA SIDES ROBERT SIMMONS RODNEY SIMMONS DOR ICE SMITH JOAN SPITZMESSER LORETTA STARTZMANHLYTHE TERWTLLIGER WILLIAM THOMAS PAULINE TUCKER MAI)ONNA UXI)ERWC)OI) DONNA WARDWELL LEXAMAE WARDWELI. ROBERTA WATSOX ELIZABETH WELLES CATHRYX WESSELER I'.ETTY WHITEXACK MARY WHITEXACK WILMA WILBURN MARY LOU WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMS LOR EX WITT RAM PER JOYCE WITTMAX BARBARA WOODSIDES I.EOXARI) ZIMMERMAN’RETTA HOURS JAXIS HOPPEXRATH FROM ADOLESCENCE TO ADULTS Four years in High School! When saying it. it doesn't sound like such a long time, but remembering hack over the years a lot has happened.—Xow. in our Senior year, we seem to be good friends, to have a mutual feeling which has been obtained by our contacts with ono another. It seems rather funny remembering Bud Moschell as the fat. awkward boy of our freshman year, compared with the good-looking, smooth boy of the senior year.—And who could ever forget the constant trouble which went on between the Jinx Sub-Deb Club and the U. F. H.. all wasted effort really, since now they're combined into the Q. B. Q.!—doesn't it seem like a miracle when you realize “Gabby” Wesseler has talked at the same speed for four years and still hasn’t run out! Our sophomore year was the first year our boys began to show what they had in the field of athletics; everyone was surprised and hopeful and the boys didn’t let them down! This year was also our first year to organize; Lyle Clapper was our president. Isn’t it amazing when you stop to think liow Delores Blankenship has kept her record for scholary achievements? Who could forget our junior year, when the “St. Joe" students came in our midst, to add to our class in achievement and ability? That was the year Fettig and Justice began their long era of "steady." Through these years the tide gradually changed from the female crave for older boys to the realization of what their class held for them along the line of men! The junior year brought another election, with Clapper still as president. Then came the big year, our senior year, with “John” Green leading in excitement for the new "find.” After that had calmed down. Dick Bannon proved to be the next victim; we all saw Sonja Henie this year also; and were there any of us who didn’t feel important because we had inherited the middle section of the auditorium ? Incidentally, Clapper was also our Senior president! Most of us began to realize that we were almost through school and we started to make plans for our future. Speaking of the future, it should be a safe job for anyone who would like to make campaigning for Clapper for Mayor his vocation!JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Mike Justus, President; Mary Frances Robertson, Vice President; Basil Blackburn, Treasurer; Sarah Alice Dudley, Secretary. JUNIORS The juniors have passed their two years of being underclassmen. In fact they have nearly caught up with the seniors. When the seniors move out this spring the halls will be waiting for these juniors in their dirty red cords and shirts to take over. We are sure they will make good—so more power to them and the best of luck!Class of 1!)45 Anna Acres Waiter Anglemeyer Lula Ballard Joyce Balser Ralph Beber Clara Beck . Herschel Reck Joanna Revet- Basil Blackburn Carolyn Blackburn Margaret Blubaugh Marjorie Bohlander Patricia Bowman Earl Boyer Martha Jane Royer Florence Bright Jeanne Brillhart Clifford Carlile Ruth Carmichael Josephine Carvelli Carolyn Chriss Margery Coats Elmer Cole William Conwell Lloyd Courtney Russell Courtney % Garth Day Sue Dorman Sarah Alice Dudley Eugene Durm Eugene Durr Harold Evans 1-4 “■ I awrence Faulstich Benedict Fettig Walter Franklin Janice Frit . William Frye William Gilbert Betty Gootee Milton Gough Richard Gregg Royal Harrison Laurnell 1 larting Phyllis Hennegan William Hiight Charles Hobbs Dana Hocker Norma Hosier Jay Holmquist Janice Kelley Shirley King Daniel Magers 'I'. Michael Magers Chris Manolis Ann Martin Howard Mart . Dorothy Merritt Robert Metz Alice Miller Ruth Mike Martha Moore Virgil Morehead Mary Morgan Martha MortRay McDaniels Robert McGill Dorothy Pace Hetty Lou Reeves Edna Reveal Edward Richardson Michael Robbins Mary Frances Robertson James Schafer Joyce Scholl Rosemary Seibold Jack Shaw Joyce Shaw Roderick Shaw Crystal Singer Alberta Sizelove Eugene Skirvin Joseph Slayton Paul Sloan Robert Sparks Jack Squier Dewaine Taylor Lewis Vinson Wanda Walker Robert Ward Betty Warner JJonita Warner David Watters Patricia Weller Raymond Wiltshire Marilyn Wright Kathleen ZimmermanSOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Beverly Fisher, President: Billie Lou Silvcy, Treasurer ; Eugene Wood. Vice President; Florence Ellen Hiatt, Secretary. The Sophomores have started on the right foot. This was their first year of organization, and they made a good showing. They are a loyal class and have a good spirit—They should go far. FRESHMAN Freshies have always been ribbed and this class is no exception to the rule! But we do admire their sportsmanship and loyalty to their school.Class of 1940 erna Jean Adair Vaughn Alexander Pamela Auxter Janies Babbitt Gerald i n e Baldwin Jeanette Ballard Mary Ballinger Joanne Bozell Ruth Bradley Billy Brunnemer Howard Bull Marjorie Cain Jean Cloud Jack Cole Rosemary Collins Marion Commons Gene Conwell Max Corbett Robert Courtney Robert Daugherty Lucille Davies Beatrice Davis Robert 1 Dean Tames Demos Lloyd Diehl Carl Dillen Jacqueline Elliott Wayne T.Ilyson Harold Elzey Daniel Evans Beverly Fisher Richard Fox Lenora Franklin Robert Hartley Ramona Gardner Ted Gardner Wilbern Gillam Xedra Gray James Green Barbara Gross Donald Guard Frank Hancock Frederick Hartley Florence Ellen Hiatt Hubert Hook Nellie Hughes Joan Wuntsinger Liudall Jarret Billy Johns Carrel Jones Marilyn Jones James Juday Melvin Kleyla Doris McMinn Emmagene Knotts Charles Leaky Billy Leavell Kathryn Leeson Mary Legg Richard Leisure Robert Lillyrrj Jerome Loser Theresa Lytle Ralph Maley James Mays Robert Mettlen Eugene Miller James Miller Ray Miller Louis Moschell Marilyn McCorkle Herbert McFall Joan McGill Eleanor McWilliams Richard Lewis Patricia McIntosh Jeannine McIntosh Rosemary O'Haver Wilberta Xaden Rebecca (Irbatigh Doneta Ozenbaugh Lois Pennington Leatlia Phillips Mary Pierce Charlene Pollock Donna Lee Price Christal Quick Phyllis Quick Eudora Reichart James Rich Xolan Rittenhouse Max Robertson Dennis Robinson Thomas Rood Floyd Schimmcl Robert Scircle Herman Scott 1 Jillie Lou Silvey Carolyn Sparling Joyce Spitzmesser Xorma Statu Alma Stockdale Joyce Stone Sharlene Strangeway Phyllis Summers Phyllis Tharp Mary Tomlinson Clarence Van Horn Steele Vest Eugene Vinson Dan Walsh Edward Way mi re George Webb Roland Webb William Whisler Mable Whitenack Edward Williams Onda Wilson Mary Ellen Wire Wilbert Wise Dwight Wittkamper Eugene WoodClass of 1047 Clias. Wm. Allen Burvia Anderson Murray Balser Xorma Barmes Louis Benedict Betty Bennett Edna Bennett Evelyn Bennett X orma Blackford Margaret Bohlander Ralph Bohlander Joseph Boyer Jack Boyer Marguerite Breese Donald Brown Joan Burchette Donald Bcnefiel Richard Call Mary Champion Margaret Clay Alice Claybaugh Joan Clayllaugh Richard Cleaver Betty Click Arnold Cluggish Arlene Coats Doris Cochran Gene Conard (icorge Conard Tansy Corbett Kay Cotton Margaret Davies Richard Davis Leroy Dellinger W ilma Derrickson Eldeatt Dias Betty Dickey Rosemary Durr Roy Erdman Raymond Eskridge Jean Everling Rosa Everling Donald Farther Benjamin Farr Bruce Fetz Katherine Fetz Joanne Fisher Treva Fowler Kenneth Free Elizabeth French Mary Frve Helen Gill Harold Goins Richard GoinsSaundra Gray Donald Green Patricia Griffin Bertha Groover Bobby Harrison Alfred Harting Richard Hasecuster Charlene Haskett Frances Hacker Nancy Haynes Richard Hobbs Floyd Hostettcr Doreen Jones Jackie Jones Max Jordan Dana Louis Kelley Karol Kleibnbub Rosella Knotts Carol Kurtz Joyce Ann Leavitt Barbara Leisure W ilma Leisure Dorothy Long William Loser Frederick Loyd Robert Lytle Perry Mangas James Merritt Robert Eugene Miller David Morgan Thomas Morgan Frank Morris Rosemary Murphy Ruth Ann McCreary Joan McQuinn Robert Naden Richard Ott Anna Parish Rose Alice Pennington Virginia Perry Bobby Reed Virginia Rees Betty Ritter Richard Robbins Rita Robbins George Robinson Raymond Ross Betty Rott Anna Catherine Rush William Sanders Harold Schimmel Victor Seright Joyce Shaw Gwendolyn SimmonsCarolyn Singer Clayton Smith Karl Smith .Minnie Sosbe Curtis Sparks Lois Ann Stack Patsy Stoner Tommy Strieker Robert Sullivan Frederick Swihart Lois Thalls Donald Thomas Avis Thompson Doris Todd William Tranbarger Harold Trick loyce Van Ness Jimmy W'ardwell Russell Warner Dolores Watson Marjorie Waymire James Webb W anda Welches Barbara Wells Hugene Whisler Jeannine Winter Berneta W ittkamper Jack Wood Darlene Young Donald Allen Mary Brandon Charles Hasecuster Bettv Heaton Phyllis Hiatt Alice Huntsinger Jack Parker James Poole Donald Roop Richard Smith Max Summers Harvey Warner ' I 1 TRIBUTE TO MISS COX We are sorry we haven’t a full page to dedicate to Miss Mary Cox, a teacher who was loved by all. It would take a page and even more to tell of all the achievements, and all of the good she did while on this earth. And now, in the name of all those who knew her, we can say only, “She is a memory never to lie forgotten.”53. Big fight! 53. Who, me? 54. Posing.' 55. Wet hair 56. Who's? 57. Scottie at 13. 58. Again! 59. Good ’ole summer time! 60. Love ? 61. Marilyn and Phillis 62. Kim and Windy 63. That couldn’t he! 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. “Slam 73. P. L. P. 74. What—not mad ? 75. Bobby’s little helper? Lockie! 77. Wind Blown 78. Wolves! 79. Scott and Lennie ,80. Three's a crowd ! 81. Jack the Jo Boy! 82. Rush! 83. Too late, Earl! 84. Lookie there! S5. Going some where 86. Pooleys again! Gbod chance for an argument! 76. Technique—plus! Statues A thing of the past! Vitamin pills needed! Recreational center. Patriotism—plus! Before noon classes. HappyActivities are for skill and recreation. El wood High doesn’t believe in “All work and no play." Therefore, we have many students who participate in the different activities. The activities include athletics, music, school government, and publications.STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Leo Demos, President: Jenester Noland, Vice President: Marjorie Bohlander, Treasurer: Barbara Wood-sides. Secretary. Stmleiit Council Bottom Row— Mabel Whitenack. Verna Jean Adair. Joan McOuinn, Leo Demos, Marjorie Bohlander, Gwendolyn Simmons, Margaret Davies. Second Row—Martha Mort. Barbara Kimmerling, Joyce Scholl, Mike Justus, Miss Nash, Sponsor, Lyle Clapper. Jenester Noland. Barbara Woodsides, Dolores Blankenship. Third Row—Max Robertson, Bill Frye. Jim Babbitt, Don Green. Fred Hartley. Robert Mettlen, Harold T rick.Home Itoom Officers Home Room 300A—Lyle Clapper, President; Leo Boyer, Vice President; Arleen Cramer, Secretary : Mary Lou Collins, Treasurer. 308— Robert Handier, President; Richard Green, Vice President; Betty Kochman, Secretary-Treasurer. 310—Frances Parker, President; Mae Myerly, Vice President: Karla Loyd, Secretary-Treasurer. 200— -Robert Simmons, President: Joan Spitzmesser, Vice President: Joyce Wittman, Secretary; Wilma Wilburn, Treasurer. 208—William Conwell, President; Basil Blackburn, Vice President: Jeanne Brillhart, Secretary: Walter Anglemeyer, Treasurer. 205— Sarah Alice Dudley, President; Harold Evans, Vice President: Shirley King, Secretary; Mike Justus, Treasurer. 301—Mary Francis Robertson, President; Robert McGill, Vice President; Alice Miller, Secretary-Treasurer. 203— Bonita Warner, President: David Watters, Vice President: Rosemary Seibold, Secretary-Treasurer. 201— James Demos, President: Marian Commons, Vice President: Pam Auxter, Secretary: Emma Jean Clyde, Treasurer. 305— Marilyn Jones, President; James Juday, Vice President; Barbara Gross, Secretary-Treasurer. 204— Richard Leisure. President: Marilyn McCorkle. Vice President: James M ays. Secretary-Treasurer. 307—Rebecca Orbaugh, President; Tom Rood, Vice President; Lois Pennington, Secretary-Treasurer. 101—Edward Way mi re, President; Phyllis Summers, Vice President: Phyllis Tharp, Secretary-Treasurer. 206— Arlene Coats, President; Mary Champion, Secretary-Treasurer: Thursa Beavers, Vice President. 207— Kenneth Free, President; Mary Frye, N ice President; Katherine Fetz, Secretary; Leroy Dellinger, Treasurer. 309— Rosemary Murphy, President; William Loser, Vice President: Joyce 1 .eavitt, Secretary-T reasurer. 306— Victor Seright, President; Robert Parsons, Vice-President: George Robinson, Secretary-Treasurer. 303—-Patsy Stoner, President; Marjorie Wavmire. Vice President: Barbara Wells, Secretary; Jimmy Wardwell, Treasurer.PROGRAM COMMITTEE Left to right—Kathryn Leeson. Jack Renner, Mr. Smith, Co-Sponsor, Dolores Blankenship, Margaret Bohlander, Martha Miller, Eugene Wood, Miss Kidwell, Co-Sponsor. STAMP COMMITTEE Standing—Sarah Alice Dudley, Arlene Coats, Mabel Whitenack. Seated—Patricia Lee, Marjorie Bohlander, Betty Kochman. AWARD COMMITTEE Standing—Dolores Blankenship, Bryce Miller, Barbara Kimmerling. Seated—Edward Moschell,. Robert Mettlen.CONCESSIONS GROUP Standing left to right—Miss Nuzuni, Sponsor, Wanda Walker, Walter Franklin, Paul Sloan, Dorothy Merritt. Seated first row—Patricia Weller, Jeanne Brillhart, Walter Anglemeyer. Rosemary Bell. Second Row—Martha Nell Moore. Janice Fritz, Patricia Bowman, Margery Coats, Sarah Alice Dudley, Shirley King, Ray McDaniel. Third Row—Dorothy Pace, Martha Mort, Elmer Cole, Clara Beck, Ruth Mike, Carolyn Blackburn. Fourth Row—Florence Bright, Joyce Shaw, Betty Lou Reeves, Royal Harrison, Bill Manolis. Fifth Row—Norma Hosier, Janice Kelley, Trula Stewart. PROJECTION club Bottom Row—Ruth Mike, Mary Quarles, Jenester Noland, Norma Jean Davis, Joe Slayton, Lindell Jarrett. Top Row — Clifford Carlile, Ernest Alexander, Mr. Scott, Sponsor, Rodney Simmons. Leo Demos, Robert Williams. USHERS Tow Row (left to right)—Charles Leakey, William Gilbert, Milton Gough, William Whisler, William Vest. Middle Row—William Johns, Benedict Fettig, Mr. Davis, Eugene Dunn, Ernest Alexander, James Green. Bottom Row—Willis McGraw, Charles Hobbs, I.ea Boyer, Herschel Beck. Clifford Carlile, Loren Wittkamper, Frank Hancock.IJ UK ARY ASSISTANTS Bottom Row—Arleen Cramer, Mary Quarles, Marilyn Jones, Beverly Fisher, Marian Commons. Top Row—Robert Mettlen, Ruby Albers, Joyce Scholl, Miss Allen, Librarian, Jim Bill Hook. MEGAPHONE STAFF First Row—T.eo Demos, Robert Ray, Royal Harrison, Mike Robbins,-Eugene Wood, Tom Rood. Second Row—Roberta Watson, Patricia Weller, Carolyn Blackburn. Elaine Henderson, Editor, Frances Parker, Managing Editor. Rose Mary Scott, Alice Miller. Joan Spitzmesser. Third Row—Mrs. Pitman, Co-Spon-sor; Wilma Wilburn, Catherine Brandon. Rosalie Hoppel, Mary Champion, Shirley King. Barbara Kimmerling, Dolores Blankenship, Mary Quarles, Elnora Gill, Arleen Cramer, Miss Demaree, Co-Sponsor. Fourth Row—Juanita Albright, Paul Sloan. Carolyn Linsmeyer, Leonard Zimmerman. Betty McCan, Beatrice Kane, Lenamae Wardwell, Karla Loyd, Dick Gregg. HONOR ROLL Standing: Carolyn Blackburn, Dolores Blankenship, Verna Jean Adair, Shirley King. Betty Dickey. Seated: Roberta Naden, Patricia Bowman. Kay Cotton, Bertha Nell Leisure.DEBATE TEAM Standing: Earl Reasoner, Jenester Noland, Florence Ellen Hiatt, Frances Parker. AI r. Brown, Coach. Seated: Kay Cotton. Betty Bennett. Barbara Kimmer-ling, Shirley King, Onda Wilson. SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Class play, “Don’t Take My Penny," was presented December 10, 1943. Here the cast is receiving some instructions from Director Lindley. Those in the cast include Betty Whitenack, Bryce Miller, Lyle Clapper. Mae Myerly, Beatrice Kane, Dolores Blankenship, Ernest Alexander, Frances Parker, Helen House, Leonard Zimmerman, Robert Ray. Jane Fettig. Catherine Brandon, Mary L011 Williams, Catherina Bauby, Robert Simmons, Earl Reasoner. and Mary Quarles.Band BAND OFFICERS Cathryn Wesseler, Earl Boyer, Martha Miller. Mr. Hughes, Oliver Haynes BAND MEMBERS First Row—Richard Sackstedder, Alice Miller, Robert Scircle, Victor Seright, Jim Babbitt, Cathryn Wesseler, Dorothy Havens, Doris Cochran, Margaret Bohlander, Nancy Haynes, Barbara Leisure, Walter Franklin, George Webb, Loyd Diehl. Donna Wardwell, Loren Wittkamper, Charlene Haskett. Bill Loser, Karl Smith, Ted Gardner. Second Row—David Locke, Jeanne Brillhart, Vaughn Alexander, Walter Anglemeyer, Florence Hiatt, Marjorie Way mi re, Joan McQuinn, Phyllis Summers. Wilberta Naden, Mike Robbins, Carolyn Sparling, Jack Squier, Doris Thomas, Loyd Courtney, Jerry Hesler. Marjorie Bohlander, Robert Sullivan, Jack Shaw. Third Row—Kathryn Leesoti, Betty Rott. Edna Bennet, Lois Thalls, Wilma Derrickson, Helen Gill, Margaret Davies, Fred Swihart, Olive Haynes. Delores Watson, Ellwood Waymire, Barbara Kimmerling, Don Walsh. Ray Miller. Jim Juday, Harold Goins, Howard Goins, Perry Mangas, Bob Champion, Richard Hasecuster, Doneta Ozenbaugh, Earl Boyer. Fourth Row—Pamela Auxter, Rush Hughes, Director. Martha Miller.During the past 3 years the Music Department lias made great strides as a major activity of the school. From occasional appearances. it has developed a flair for being present at any and all times, focusing the attention of the town and school upon its highly interesting activities. Part of its attraction comes from the uniformed band. This band came from 32 members to 74 members during the past 3 years. It makes its appearance at every football and basketball game; it participates in the work of the cheering section; and it represents the school in parades and public functions. To uniform this ever growing group, a loyal, civic minded person, O. X. Hesler, underwrote the contract for $2000.00 necessary. Many other parents, patrons, and citizens helped also. The FI wood High School Band will now endeavor to give its best to its community. As part of their attempt to show their gratitude the band presents three concerts each year for the music lovers of Elwood. At the winter concert this year they added the pleasure of a trombone soloist from the U. S. Marine Band, Musician Dale L. Harf-bon. To the student body they brought again Dr. Otto Schact for his third successive year. Such contributions to the community and school are possible only because the Music Department is now functioning as a well organized department. The change is due to the merit system by which students participating may develop their initiative, and musical abilites. The merit system is a way by which their efforts are rewarded, and at the end of their school career they are given awards for their efforts. Elwood High should be proud of their band and should pay tribute to them. They have helped bring enjoyment and achievement to our school.Twirlers Carolyn Sparling Gloria Gilmore. Rosemary Scott, Joanne Bozell. Myrorona Delong, Eugenia W’idner, Patty VanGets, Ethel Moore. Joan Ault. Marilyn Williams. Barbara Bergman, Evelyn Franklin, Shirley Krebs, Wanda Lewelyn. Dolores McCan, Phyllis Coud, Louise Boyer, Amelia Hollingsworth. Orchestra First Row—W. Franklin, L. Franklin, E. Franklin, C. Smith, 1). Wittkamper. Second Row—P. Hiatt, W. Ellison, I). Locke, V. Alexander, B. Whittkamper, P. Summers, C. Sparling, R. Miller, L. Diehl, S. Murry, J. Stone. Third Row—R. Scott, B. Leisure, P. Auxter, L. Rush Hughes, Director, R. Hascuster.Girls Glee Club First Row—A. Cramer, M. Ballinger, J. Fisher, R. Pennington, L. Stack, M. Waymire, D. Todd, J. Brillheart. Second Row—P. Weller, P. Clark, K. Lesson, M. Bohlander, H. Hughes, M. Collins, W. Walker, R. Seihold, J. Fettig. Third Row—N. Hughes, W. Naden, E. Mock, P. Stoner, B. Wells, M. Williams, R. Watson, R. Bell, Miss Whitesell, Director. Iloys Glee Club First Row—R. Naden, B. Parsons, D. Evans, W. Whisler, V. Alexander, R.'Miller, E. Vinson, B. Mettlen. Second Row—P. Magnas, W. Berry, R. Sircle, D. Wittkamper. E. Robinson, E. Woods, A. Diehl, D. Locke. Third Row—R. Ray, W. Franklin, J. Babbit, R. Hasecuster, Mr. Hughes, Director, E. Alexander, J. Renner, C. Hobbs. 23. Bottoms up 33. You can lie arrested for that! 43. Anderson St. 24. Slacks! 34. Suh-Debs again ! 44. Guess who? 25. Be careful! 35. Could that be Ellen? 45. Oh! Joyce! 26. You figure it out—we couldn’t. 36. Thrillers at Tippe. 46. Where we going? 27. Study Hall. 37. Lockie at 13. 47. K-K-K-Katie. 28. Why Betty! 38. Mike, Dot, Kate, Bob. 48. Overtones. 29. Home Room. 39. Where did you get that shirt? 49. Gleesome Threesome. 30. Jenny and Jim 40. Bryce and Jenny. 50. Jeb! 31. Take it easy. 41. Heading for a fall. 51. Mr. Davis’ live stock 32. Young love. 42. He’s a big boy now! 52. Dick and Jack.A till etics Athletics has always been top entertainment for students as well as patrons, but your interest naturally rises more when you have good coaches and teams. El-wood has both! So all we can do is humbly thank you Mr. Johnson, Mr. Bridges, and all of you boys who have put forth so much hard effort. You deserve a lot of praise.COACHES Mr. Johnson, Mr. Bridges MANAGERS Gene Conard, Russell Courtney, Floyd Hastetter. YELL LEADERS Beatrice Kane. Ann Martin Jane Fettig COACHES Elwood High School was very fortunate this year in having the services of two very capable men, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Bridges. Mr. Johnson has been our head coach for two years now, and has made excellent progress in our athletic program during this time. He has drilled some of the finest E. H. S. has ever had. Mr. Johnson has the good will of the boys and is well liked by all the students. We wish him all the success in the world in his future years of coaching. Assisting Mr. Johnson is Mr. Bridges. He is a very dependable and sincere man. He has showed his coaching ability in directing the team during the absence of Mr. Johnson. We hope Mr. Bridges enjoys coaching as much as we enjoy him as a coach.Football This year's edition of the Elwood Panther football team was one of the scrappiest ever to don the regalia of E. H. S. They were hard fighters and never knew the meaning of the word “quit." The team ended the season with a record of four wins, two losses, and two ties. The defeats, however, were given Elwood by two of the few teams that were undefeated throughout the season. This year’s team also shared honors with Warsaw as the C.I.C. Champions. Two of this team were named all-conference and one all-state. The 1944 Crescent salutes the football team of the 1943 season. FOOTBALL SCORES Anderson E.H.S. 12 Opp. 6 Wabash 14 14 X oblesviile 6 7 Kokomo 20 13 Muncie 14 40 Alexandria 19 7 Huntington 33 14 Newcastle 26 26 First Row—Richard Bannon, Roderick Shaw, Mike Justus, Robert Sparks, Howard Lambert (Pig), Elmer Ewing, Ed Moschell, Jim Bill Hook. Bob Justice. Second Row—"Zip" Davis, Willy McGraw, Louis Vinson, Dana Hocker, Robert McGill, Dick Gregg, Fred Hartley, Hughie Hook. Third Row—Don Green, Curtis Sparks, Eugene Durm, H. Beck, Bob Dean, .Milton Gough, Tom Rood, Ed Williams, Eugene Vinson. Fourth Row—Fred Swihart, R. Webb, Jim Wardwell, Louis Moschell, Ed Waymire, Charles Hobbs, Dennis Robinson, Richard Bollinger, Eugene Skirvin Fifth Row (Standing)—Perry Mangas, Floyd Hostetter, D. Brown, W. Lewis, Eugene Miller, C. Leakey, Bob Courtney.Football Squad End—lion Sparks—All Conference Bob was one of the veterans of last year's squad. He developed into one of the best defensive ends E.H.S. has ever known. He will be back next year. End-—Rod Shaw—Junior Rod was a newcomer to the squad, but played a very dependable football. He was switched to tackle in the last game, and played very well.. End—Bon Justice—Senior Bob was the one that was on the receiving end of many of Lambert's touchdown passes. We hate to lose Bob. Tackle—Mike J ustus—Junior Mike was a hard working, hard driving tackle. He did bully work in that line. If the armed forces don’t grab him, we expect great things from him next year. Tackle—Elmer Ewing—Senior Elmer was the man-mountain of the team. He was always in there scrapping and was the bulwark of our line. We're sorry he won’t be back next year. Tackle—Dick Gregg—J unior Dick is one of the very good dependable subs. He is an excellent scrapper and likes to play. He’ll be back next year. G uard—Bob McGill—J unior Bob was one of Elwood’s small guards, but was tough. He always tried his best, which is really what counts. Guard—Dana Hocker—Junior Dana was the second of the two Elwood pony guards. He did outstanding work in the Anderson game and was always in there pitching. Guard—Milton Gough—Senior Although, this was his first year of football. Milt did very well. He was always ready to go. Center—Bun Moschell—Senior "Bud” was the man that got those tackles, for he backed up the line. He did a good job and we regret that he has to leave. Back—Dick Bannon—Senior Dick was little but mighty. He blocked and tackled like a 200 pounder. Sorry to see him go. Back—Howard Martz—Junior Howard was the speed demon of the team. He was a hard driver and always a scrapper. His stiff arm was tough. He’ll be back next year. Back—Jim Bill Hook—Senior Jim was a very good blocker and tackier. He also did most of the kicking. The best of luck, ‘‘Jim Bill.” Back—‘‘Pig” Lambert—Captain, All Conference, All State— Senior Pig was the backbone of our team. He was excellent passer, kicker, and runner. We hate to lose him.Basketball This year’s edition of the Elwood Panthers didn’t have such a good record, but this doesn’t mean they weren’t good. They were hampered by injuries and tough luck all year. The team was composed of veterans of last year’s squad, but the reserve power—well there just wasn’t any. But nevertheless the team was good and never gave up. We salute the Elwood Basketball players of 1943-44. Varsity First Row: Courtney. Second Row: Hook, Justus, Lambert, Gregg, Justice. Third Row: Bannon, Shaw, Coach Johnson, Hook. Beeman. "II” Team First Row: Vinson, Davis, Hartley, Hook, Beeman, Courtney. Second Row: Morgan, Williams, Tranbarger, Dean, Bollinger, Merritt. Third Row: Trick, Jordan, Bridges (coach), Beck, Wise.Basketball Squad Forward—“Pig” Lambert—Capt. I’ig is a veteran of last year’s team and was then high scorer. He’s helped us win and we only wish he could he with us next year. Good luck, “Pig.” Forward—Mike “Butch” Justus “Butch” is a good defense man and plays a fine pivot position. He was good last year, better this year, and there’s still one man year to look forward to. Forward—“Rod" Siiavv Rod is one of those hard working subs and is always ready to go in the game, when he’s needed. He’ll be on our first five next time basketball season rolls around. Center—Dick Gregg Havin’ a bad knee doesn’t bother Mr. Gregg; he plays a fine game of basketball anyway. E.H.S. expects great things from him next year. Guard—Jim Bill Hook Another good defense man with speed as his middle name. We’ll he sorry to see him leave as he can really handle a basketball. Guard—Bob Justice An all around good player who thrills us with those long shots. He’s always there when the going gets tough. This is Bob’s last year at High School basketball. Guard—Dick Bannon A newcomer to our basketball team, but a good man to have around in tight spot, especially on the defense. This is Dick’s last year. Basketball Scores E.H.S. Opp. Frankton 43 28 Greensburg 33 30 Frankfort 38 35 Southport 36 24 Muncie (Central) 30 33 Tipton 21 46 Alexandria 25 37 Wabash 26 28 Marion 29 33 New Year’s Day Tourney Ft. Wayne (Central) 20 19 Muncie (Central) 38 41 Lebanon 29 36 Muncie (Burris) 25 27 Greenfield 27 24 Huntington 29 31 Gary (Froebel) 30 34 Peru 27 19 Alexandria 31 29 Tipton 34 38 Muncie (Burris) 24 36 Sectional Anderson 38 El wood 25Track Last spring’s track squad was one of the finest group of athletes ever to don spikes in the last ten years. The greatest point getters of last year’s team were: Howard Lambert, shotputter; Jack McQuinn, dashman; David Locke, dashman; Harold Evans, half-miler; Elmer Wiegcrt, dashman; Joe Braun, pole vaulter; and Locke, McQuinn, Evans, and Wiegert, who made up the mile relay team. Evans, who was the mainstay of last year’s squad, went to the state finals and captured the half-mile honors. Wiegert also went to the state, but failed to place. Wiegert and Braun are not shown in the picture because they are serving in our armed forces. We expect great things from the future trackmen of E.H.S. Track Team: Evans, Lambert, McQuinn, Locke. Ag. Team: J. Green, McGraw, Williams, R. Green, Thomas, Davis—coach, Beck, Hobbs, Courtney Leakey, Hancock. (Front—Alexander—Manager.)These People Helped Spo SAM AURELIUS GLENN AUNTER IEROL BARNES GEORGE BONHAM EDGAR M. CLARK EVERETT GOPHER WANDA DICKEY LENA FOOTE MR. AND MRS. HEADLEY BETTY HINSHAW SAM HOLLIS ROBERT L. JACKLEY CPL. HAROLD LAMBERT CAROLE LEESON WILLETA LOCKE JACK MANGAS BILL MONTGOMERY r. c. McDaniel MR. NAUMAN DR. DON R. PECK M. IC. ROCKAFELLAR CARL SCOTT GARRY SIVERT JUANITA SNYDER L. L. SQUIER RALPH STEVENS LILLIAN TANZILLI MR. VAN BUSKIRK ROLAND WARFEL IVA WILLIAMS NORMAN WILSON MR. G. WOODThe 1941 Crescent BALLARD BOWL BEULAH’S BEAUTY SHOPPE BOHLANDER’S DAIRY CENTRAL HARDWARE STORE CITY CREAMERY COMMON’S DRUG STORE CRAFT’S PRESS DAY’S GROCERY STORE DIETZEN’S BAKERY DOROTHY’S BEAUTY SHOPPE ELMORE’S CREAMERY EL WOOD COCA-COLA BOTTLIN'( COMPANY EL WOOD PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE HARRY’S STORE HINSHAW’S DRUG STORE KINDLER’S SHOE STORE KING’S RECORD SHOP LA MODE MASON’S PAPER STORE MONTICELLO MFC. CO. NATIONAL AIRCRAFT CORP. RED CAB CO. REXALL DRUG STORE ROYAL GARMENT CLEANERS THE FASHION SHOP THE WHY STORE F. W. WOOL WORTH CO. YORK MEMORIAL HOME ROBERT STEVENS THE EMPORIUMHere’s How We Did It! Early in October our staff was organized ; then we divided into departments; Business: Russell Courtney, Bonita Warner, and Joyce Scholl. Clerical: Karla Loyd, Lenamae Wardwell, and Patricia Bowman. Literary: Donna Wardwell, Mae Myerley. Make-up: Margery Coats, Martha Boyer. Photography: William Frye, Garth Day. Art: Margery Coats and Martha Boyer. Co-Editors: Alice Elmore and Lilma Sides. We were all under the capable supervision of Miss Clara Nuzutn. First of all we tried to find out what you wanted in your book (which wasn’t hard to discover). Then we built up our program for the opening drive around these wants. After our three day drive we knew you were behind us! So we made our dummy and sent it in. After revising it only once, we thought we had an annual you would like and be satisfied with. We hope you are!This book was engraved by the Indianapolis Engraving Co. 222 East Ohio Street INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 

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