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K f 2 Q QM I V 4 0 A509 . i , , iff' Q --f .431 .ffugy 1, W, ,V 1 1 I L 24- 4 7 L... r, ff ' flu' g Lf, f, nf J , " f. "' '-. ,f ,M ,- j.lf,, ,+7,, 41 1 a ij, V I W w , Af, ,jx 2, 4 X' , , X? ,J x 1 WN f is N 1 Q 1, 36, r J OXN vs- M M X, . fm J x 4' 1 I I ' fx. iyibgg w X WM X, X celanglgi Lumen mu fClGCl ELWQQD, mb. DEDICATION 'To the Spirit of Music embodied in those persons whose faithful efforts have raised our school to its high stand- ard of success in Music, we the mem- bers of the Annual Staff, dedicate this edition of the Crescent. FOREWORD When We look over our high school days, the time seems all too short. We are reminded of the memories of many friendships We have made and are soon to leave, of the games Won and lost, of the honors received, of the teachers Who have so kindly helped us to higher achievements. As We are now to go our separate ways, we have composed this book as a remembrance of our happy school days. Upon the page of history, Our city lies with fame, And with noble honor stands To bear a noble nameg And from the very depth of it a wealth of beauty springsg Throughout our lives its joys an Within our hearts will ring. A ' . Q d thrills is .Q ff zgk '.'4?'a Q, 52105135 x 5 . Efi,Lg,5 ' A 'Q ., , ,' ' , V- iff .V ..mf.. - - f of ' -' w -. :-::. w,"s'1-'-' , .55 pg. " .1 -' f. -w-:-3' f Y 3, :im-if W.: . .,,..,,.-.- , . .. .,,. 5- ,. ,sf .S ,Hx ,. .,s ' ,, ' K ' , 5-gmiig".fff. 'i1?:2"'1'1if 2.,?i-fi . o. 4 gifs'--. ' l s W 'e tv ...K if -,.. . .Q 5-fb 1 , X F g r I an ,,,,.,, i,,., . .f V ,,,. I, .,.. .. , ..,.,. X, , ..,., e .. ., t' WWW t,., N . ' ., . ,, , , Lu! pq ifivnirqswmqr-,wi- V' ...aw M I U Q . A M, ',,.w:,,, L- f Ay ag I ff 1, N. 24' sv' X , , its is Y ,, X 54 39 vc' 9357? , ' Q J"f"f. Q A l -' ,fella -X if , ,t - , :V , L EL OOD 1 E , . 4 ,V-'If'-f' ' 7 p , K , its - - 11, i ' 7 1.7-,. N . K lf ' ' i L pf -'-' M: Vfcjxwf A Wim 1 -. 3- 1 Hn, tp: gg, ., 4? J .sf 4. 1 ,:-A-.lsr W r aw , , ,- - :'. W ' wr . '- Af 'kf',F2rag,.v ' if-1::. q t " , S ' ' H L ELWOCD A narrow path soon creeps into A Windihg -ribbon lane, Or thoroughfare that's often trod And trembles 'neath the strain. Each home upon the patch of- green Claims more than gold is worth. The breezes speak, the trees resound The blessings of the earth. A cheery trail that is well worn, We've traveled o'er and o'er, A road of pleasant memories leads To the old school door. f Each hall repeats a merry hum And ring of voices gayg Each face reflects a beam of joy And hope with bright array. x vs ki' When in the silent class room, A sense of boredom lies, A stern hand hovers over us, A true friend in disguise. But oh! for all the school daysg ,Tis here we get our startg 'Tis here our memories lingerg From here we soon must part. The outside world is calling usg It beckons with a smile, The intangible force that urges one To go another mile. Its majesty in splendor lies with love, success, and truthg The land beyond the school wall seems To hold a place for youth. ELWOOD The wheels of industry roll on, A harmony of toil. In noisy dins or silent shops Stand workmen true and loyal. The clamor offers hope to them And Courage in distress. The sweat of toil has earned them b Their hands have gained success. Beyond the city gate extends The Wide and fertile field Where nature placed her choicest l Our harvest fruits to yield. And dotted oler the country side, The woodlands pierce the scene- In clusters forming barricades, Which make the view serene. readg and - EST!-IER GILL ELWOOD The School J Q ,z I M my g X 0 az -H I . . X W ff 49 M M- ! M QE- 1 HI CHCUl A 5 W 1 1 9 Q '5 xx is B TCL' THE SCHOOL Q l0YAlI7 som: Ay-rqvxfltl 57 943,-N M . J ' -i V N hggfpgnsiwglg webe Nqaxtu yuu,Eh-wand 11 E? F5i?fF5ii?1f1 QQSHQ H agigjgitj di W. 3we've Axxsramn md u..e,euv..,.a nagwwaxu back yojto Q1?q5 H lp? J ff?-'g95f?P?2f1f ff? if W 'J ii M1 -J' ,tgd 13,51 155351 Sith-Q lag, FE we Kiwi? k Mj7 EE 1'91f-115,-Jlr'-Nf'J1P11"j1'f4 u5?'x..xfau.q!fgx.! 3 Ishikigifv-a?Q,3wicnI E. bU1T9 Hifi MU 11311 JV v ru, f f arf? 3355 igEQ1E Sligfi-iff cvzstjuila-R23-l,F:iwoEJ J H2 team is ow Fm-2 rw'-513 W f ,192 wi so nPJ3Hfg"T ggiifii 34? E533 4315 ov- bqsvwe ak! upqjtbj. v:EtlffiY9iW--105-3'EsVVUjJ Hlfgjk 1 imiliijf fzfrrtll' 3 FERT fELL 1 Clue ckalykqk vak uk g,E.lwwd Rig L Sf.kwl,RaL nk wah! WM ftifia dawg 5 3 ai To our dear Hugh School we wall adways be i:vue3vpowntke Sefmf,-iii f'3P'f1VG' df vw gif.-iifffhfl 413 Ei 515531 basket bil' Fluor weave ffgkifmg for you UK2 wax- of' old on . I- 5 H-- Qf4FH21f5F1rq QrgYHTf J A ff'HJr5?x1ABLf, -ff-j r5T'5.m in x gf lwi.S pladvg YPK 4 Avsctyskovifmg de-f-famce : 0557 wqvw w:?'! Q-fP+ffl5ff1Pfffi1 aff? JJ 'Lf?J.ikJf3fJ1 5:53 'H Amid-the bvoid gveew- Finds 'chat you-risk ovr hw-6,Fow how-ov T QQ- frf ww fwf ww j5'v'5FI414j3ii ifiEj'.s JREF Ei-:vamd Gov lilfgls he 2,52 dry:-,gif-Nxaze vt!-:ire g 'iv we N fj??frf P ffl F rj? Ina-vis and kamds io wiimfflis vid:'w-77EM-.ood Rigs. EPT 'Ll1?fi FELT f 'Yi1'+r"Ff MR. C. C. HILLIS MR. WM. F., SMITH Principal Superintendent SCHOOL OFFICIALS Universal public education is the foundation upon which democracy is built. In an autocracy, or in a society organized upon the basis of a ruling class,.education may be reserved for the fewg but in a democracy the welfare of every member of the group depends upon the intelligence of each. Free schools for the education of all the members of a democratic society are quite as fundamental to the continuance and development of democracy as is the idea of universal suffrage or of equality before law.-George Dayton Stfayer and N. L. Englelaerdt, "The Classroom T6dCl96Y,,, page Il. MR. SAMUEL AURELIUS MR, TOM D. MCCARTY MR. E. W. DRAKE President, School Board Secretary Treasurer SCHOOL OFFICIALS MARY M. ALLEN HARLEY L. ASHTON English, Library History CYNTHIA DEMAREE English, Latin, French MARY M, BARNES HELEN BENEDICT Health, History Art PALMER DAVIS DONALD BROWN Vocational Agriculture English, Public Speaking BETTY BROWN MARY E. COX Typing, Shorthand Civics, Sociology l FACULTY FACULTY EARL B. FORNEY LESLIE GILKEY History, Mathematics Music , J. P. FRANCIS REGINA GROSSWEGE Basketball, Mathematics Physical Education VINCENT GUENTHER ELEANOR KIDWELL Health, Safety, Home Economics, Football English ESTHER KOONS Home Economics C. C. HILLIS HARRY L. HOUSE Mathematics, Principal Industrial Arts THOMAS B. LINDLEY W. F. KRATLI English, Dramatics Chemistry, Physics MARTHA NASH Bookkeeping, Typinz GLADYS MCCAMMON CLARA NUZUM Physical Education Latin, English A J. A. NUDING MARY L. RECORDS English French, Attendance GEORGE SMITH RAY WAYMIRE Mathematics Biology SENIORS You,ve come to the end of a long, weary trail, The final milestone is past. The curtain of time is veiling its scenes, A shadow o'er school days is cast. But always glad thoughts and memories linger And dreams of our school days renew Of teachers and studies that molded and made us, Of old friends, cherished and true. The halls of the future in chorus will echo Each class's merry refrain. The voices of students will ever resoundg Their humorous delight will remain. You have turned your back to the old school door, On the threshold of promise you stand. Therels a world to explore and conquer, Opportunity lies in your hand. May honor and fortune follow your classy And in history's monument lie The name of each student deeply engraved Oh! Seniors of Elwood High. - ESTHER GILL SENIOR CLASS HISTORY When we entered high school way back in 1936, it seemed as if 1940 might never roll around, but here it is, and we Seniors are about to say good-by to good old E. H. S. Upon our entrance as Freshmen, we really caused some commotion among upper- classmen, for unlike most Freshmen, we could find our way around the corridors without the embarrassment of asking them to direct us to our rooms. In other words, we were quite capable of managing our own affairs. Our Sophomore year was uneventful com- pared to our dynamic first year. We organized and chose our sponsor that year. The school board gave the Juniors and Seniors permission to give dances, but this did not affect us until we were Juniors. As Juniors we sent out some of our members to make a name for themselves in athletics, debates, music, dramatics, annual work, librarians, monitors--in fact, in all scholastic activities. Our ability and talent to carry on was being slowly but undeniably recognized. And then came the final step. For four long years we had waited for the coveted title of Seniors. This is even more thrilling than we had anticipated. Class meeetings, parties, dances, and all the fun we had ever dreamed of have now come true. Our class has made a brilliant showing because so many school activities are represented by the members of our class. The basketball team is especially significant of our ability. We give our thanks to Elwood High School, for we really would not be such a spectacular group if it were not for our Alma Mater. We also give our thanks to the faculty who have so patiently endeavored to help us become what we are today. Now it is our turn to step out so the under-classmen can take over, and may they enjoy school life as much as we did. SENIORS SENIORS OFFICERS ROBERT ELLIS ROBERT WALSH President Mid-Year Class President Spring Class Nobody Cures for Me l'm in a Mellow Moon' BILLY NAGEL TED LINDER Vice President Vice President Swectheurls Forever You Must Bc Mme Alone DOROTHY HOOK EDSEL YARLING Secretary-Treasurer Treasurer Happy Go Lucky Popcorn Man JOYCE WENTZ Secretary Spring Class We're Off to See the Wizard DONALD BROWN RAY WAYMIRE Sponsor Mid-Year Class Sponsor Spring Class Remember Me School Days SENIORS ALICE BAMBROUGH Life Is a Song GEORGE BALL My One and Only ADELMA BELL Pleuse Go Away and Me Sleep WILMA BOHANNON Let Yourself G0 MARY RUTH ACKERMAN Where He Leads Me, I Will Follow CATHERINE ALDER You'1e Everything Sweet BETTY ANN BENEDICT Le! You Can't Pull the Wool Over My Eyes HAROLD BERRY The Moon Got in My Eyes ALBERTA BRIER You Are as Pretty as a Pzciure ELLIS BUTLER Ain't Misbeloavin' RAYMOND BOHLANDEK Old McDonald Had a Farm I R JAMES BURGER LUCILLE BRILLHART My Lovin' Sing Song Man Tbat Red-Headed Gal FLLEN BRUNING Low Is Never out of Season JAMES BURNS CARLOS COE I Wonder Wloo's Kisxing That Sly Old Gentleman Her Now MARY JANE CAIN PERRY CORNELIOUS Oh! Iobnny Say, Who Is That Baby Doll? HELEN CLUGGISH Happy as a Lark 'PAUL DAVIS Don't Worry About Me .1 ..., ...I W ,Ti KENT DAWSON ROBERT LOWELL DAVIS n 1 It's Funny to Everyone but Me Smoke Getx in Your Eyes SENIORS SENIORS GUS DEMOS You're Okay VICTOR DELLICOLLI Yes, We Have No Bananas REX DUNLAP When You and I Wefe MARY FLOWERS When Day Is Done Young, Maggie HELEN GIFFORD - Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm ROBERT FORTSON Is There Any Harm in Tloat? MELVIN GRIMME Every Day's a Holiday VIRGINIA FOX Sweet and Low HELEN GRINNELL Mighty Like a Rose LAWRENCE GARST JEANETTE HARPOLD Without 4 Song Sbe's Tall, She'x Tan, Sbe's Terrijfc A',..-1,Q,,, M .fu ' km"-'-i s Y ,fi 5, - 5 4, MALINDA HARTCOCK THOMAS HARTZLER You Can Depend on Me F141 Fvvf Floozif JUNE HAVENS Sweetest 0f All ROBERT HINSHAW FLORENCE HAYWARD Love 1: the Sweetest Thing There's a Lull in My Life ELMER HUNT MERL HEFLIN Easy Like Why Not Take All of Me. LENABEL HUNTSINGER LEWIS HICKNER PW Go! My Fingers Crossed Y014 H4112 lo Be u Football Hero BILLY JOHNSON NORMA HURST Cd?l,f Teach My 01:1 Hear! Sophisticated Lady New Tricks SENIORS E SENIGRS WILLIAM FARREL JONES GRETCHEN KIEFER Wooden Head, Puddin' Chew-n Chew-n Gum Head Iones CHARLES KELLER JANIS KILRAIN My Heart Is an Open Book Slay as Swggg as You Arg IRENE KNOTTS JO ANNE KLUMPP Simple and Sweet In My Merry Oldsmobile JEAN KOCHMAN LOWELL LEHR Baby Me The Love Bug Will Bite You WILLIAM LEWIS Where Have You Been, Billy Boy? BETTY LEISURE DOROTHY I-USE Love Is Where You Find lt Lilflf' Bif 1ndePmde"f Mm Q - :I L ,.e. ' 1 - nklll f , . ., KATHLEEN MCDANIEL ANNABELLE MCCORD Dorf! Mention Love to Me My Heart lx Unemployed BARBARA LOU MILLER CLARABELLE MCMINDS Chatterbox Tberfs a Song in My Heart MAURICE MILLER Them There Eyes MERRILL MOODY Thfffi Music in the Air ROBERT MOODY Hold Tight WALTER MCDANIEL Are You Having Any Fun? GRACE MCGINNIS Everytlaingk Okey Dolzey RAY MCGUIRE A Man and His Dream NELLIE MIKE I Married an Angel SENIORS i l. SENIORS OTTO MORRIS LEONORA NELDER Ii Ain't Nobailyk Biznrss A Prftty Girl IX Like a Melody LEON PARKER JAMES PARRISH Riding High It'x 111110 in Iauuury EDGAR PHILLIPS I Dream of jramzic with the Mfirgy MARJORIF PERRY Light Brown Hair MARY LOIS PORTER Pm Ferling Like a Million PHYLLIS REBUCK Tlnrc Ixift Any Limit 10 My Lawn MARGARET JEAN RENNER My Hfart Brlongs to Daddy WANETA REDMAN CLARK REED 1'm Gonna Lock My Heart just a Memory BETTY ELLEN RHODES Houfdja Like to Love Me? LESTER RITTENHOUSE In the Little Red Schoolhouse ROBERT ROBERTSON Sunny Boy BRUCE ROBBINS Pm Comin', Virginia JOHN SEIBOLD Drowsy Head JOAN SHORT Ferdinand MERL SMITH Ain't She Sweet? VIVIAN SCHROUGHAM Nobody? Darlin' but Mine MARTHA NELL SCOTT All Ameriean Girl VIRGINIA SHAW I Feel Like u Feather in the Breeze WILMA SIZER Drifting und Dreaming SENIORS ROBERT SOSBE A Hunting We Will Go RALPH STARKEY Fall in Love Says My Heart GENEVIEVE TODD Genevieve, Sweet Genevieve LORETTA TUBBS Let the Rest of the World Go By CARMEN SPITZMESSER Laughing Lady JOAN SUMMERS Saucy Little Red Head ROBERT TRAUTMAN Shoe Shine Boy FRED VANNESS Tbafs My Weakness Now SENIORS JOANNE TURNER How Arn I Doin', Hey, Hey? CHRISTINA VANNESS Sweetest Little Brown Eyes JOANNE VINSON Sweet Is the Word for You WILMA WARD ROBERT D. WALKERI That's the Story of Love Faithful Forever N EILEEN WANN Smiles LEROY WATSON JOANNE WILLIAMS Curly Top Dark Eyes MARVIN WELLS LEROY WILLIAMS 1t's the Little Things Somebody Loves Me That Count GENE WHETSTONE MARY ANNE WILSON Pm Popeye, the Sailor Mah Whut Have You Got That Gets Me? ROBERT WRIGHT WARD WOLTER Lazybones What Is This Thing Callefl Love? SENIORS . E 'QAM' W RJ ,,.,..-mf-"' , f. ' A ,umm OUR SCHOOL JUNIORS OFFICERS NORALEE NOLAND BETTY DAVIS President 3A's Prcsidenl 3B's GLENN LOCKE LILLIAN TANZILLI Vice President Vice President MISS NASH MISS KOONS Sponsor 3A's Sponsor 3B's GERALD BURTON ANNE WUNDER Secretary-Treasurer Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR HISTORY The Junior Class has due reason to be proud of itself this year. The football team is represented by such players as Edward Courtney, Robert Moore, Ralph Collier, and Billy Davies. Mulford Davis, Jack Blankenship, Raymond Nuding, Gerald Burton, George Shaw, and Glenn Locke are active basketball players, and Elwood is very lucky that these boys are not graduating this year. The music department can also boast of such members in the Concert Choir as Jahree Snyder, Lura Blackburn, Elizabeth Sage, and Lucille Johns. Billy King, Dorthy Dellinger, and Lura Blackburn are on the debate team. JUNIORS Qiffis? mm.. :glib-, .. " H A kmgiit .. .... 4, 355 2 :5,,,-15"-51 1525? I ,. 'I"'5:3l --'-- " .. K, ii fi ' Z 35' r5'5:" .,fI'- bg, JUNIORS JUNIOR NEAL ADAMS MARY IRENE ALLEN URBAN ALTHERR LOUISE ADKINS EDITH BALLINGER EVELYN BARMES ROSELLA BAUBY LOUISE BEBER RICHARD BOYD GLORIA BELL BONNIE BOYER FREDA BROWN MARTHA BRUNSON PAUL BURTON MARY BUSHEY BETTY BUTTLER CARMEL CLARK WILLIAM COBURN ROBERT CRAMER WILLIAM DANNER BEULAI-I DELLICOLLI DORTHY DELLINGER GEORGIA DEMOS HELEN DENNIS MARY EMMA EWING BETTY DURR HELEN DURHAM FRANCIS FAULSTICH ESTHER GILL MARY FORD RUTH GRIFFIN CAROLYN HANCHER ROBERT GUSTIN PHYLLIS HEATH WILMA HINDS FLORENCE HOCKER 31 I AIIIIIII O AO .zf 3 ..,. . W .5 X 5 M if - in i ,- x My 'Q Q- :q"5:f59fE- . :2.::.,'iE.52? H .. , , :,,21,,'.,,.,, JUNIORS JUNIORS -. bg: - . 5 'X izwv 5 " : 'f.f':"' Www Jimi lk my i .. WSQMW. wr' Raimi' ' 'R I ROSEMARY HOUSTON MARGARET HOOSE JEANNETTE HURD JOSEPHINE IDLEWINE JOHN JACKSON JAMES JACKSON LUCILLE JOHNS WILLIAM EDMOND JONES ROBERT JOHNSON DOROTHY KINTNER WILLIAM KING MADONNA KNOTTS EEQQE V ..:,:, ., ..,. J ESTHER MCMINDS .. V I CHARLES MCDERMIT Z MARY MOCK I ' '- ' ' WALTER NORRIS ,f RAYMOND NUDING JO ANN NEESE ROSE NELL PACE BERNARD PARR EVELYN PHILLIPS SARAH PHIPPS PHYLLIS QUARLES JACK REMINGTON ELIZABETH SAGE DAISY ROBERTSON DAVID ROSS MEDFORD SHIVELY EVELYN SCOTT CLELLA SILVEY DALE SMITH THOMAS LYST JAHREE SNYDER MERLE WANN CHARLOTTE WARDWELL ANN WHITENACK '- 'M fs. ,K , in' . .blb , -,' f ' S I fififsg A A 3 1:.- Z5 1 1 2- 1 0 "" -. 1 'Q GDN 'L if , :I " .. "' I . K' ' . - ' 2 1 """"" EW?-'I5E. JUNIORS 3 We-' 'Rv ,EW,jg:fZQN ' 'sk if 5 S ' aa .: .. 3:13-ai Q: . .,.. . ' Qggf is - - isis: is - - ezgsssz Lzi "" 1-1, ' ti.. 12, amgg , . . e.,.,,,, . ,ai-was .:::, . . , Wages masse? V 1-Y-: Ja sm- . ,.iig g:.:s.a 1:25:25 ?S?EKf2':liZi 'V ff- i s ' "::,:f ' K 6 5555155 A MUSICAL LOVE LETTER fC0ntribulrd by Lucille Brillharfj FERRILL WITTKAMPER PATRICK WILLIAMS MARY LOU WILLI "My Darling" 'tjosephineuz Won't "You" "Please" give me an- other chance and let me see "You" "Tomorrow Night"? "You,' know "I Love You Truly" but "What's the Reasonv I can't "Please', "You" any- more? This is a "Blue Evening" as I sit here "Alone,' writing this letter "To You," but "You,' could make tomor- row a "Hap-Hap-Happy Day" if you would just "Think It Over" and say "Yes". When I saw "You" and "Danny Boy" at "Tr e a s ure Island" "Last Night", I got "That Old Feeling." "You,' looked so "Simple and Sweet" in your "Alice Blue Gown", "You're as Pretty as a Picturev in blue, "Yes", "Angel',, "You,re a Heavenly Thing". I asked Q'AleXander's Ragtime Band" to play "The Beautiful Lady in Blue" "Especially for You", and then when "The Man with the Mandolin" played "South of the Border", it brought back 'KMemories" of "The Last Two Weeks in july". "Do You Remem- ber" when we danced "Cheek to Cheek" "At the Balalaikav and "Back to Back' "At the Codfish Ball" and "Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair" was "Singing" "Does Your Heart Beat for Me?" Then that day "You,' said "Let,s Take a Walk Around the Block" and we landed "Down by the Old Mill Streamn, "You" remarked about the "Deep Purple" in the "Lilacs in the Rairivg "Remember"? I heard "You" were to be chosen the "Sweetheart of Sigma Chin so I'm JUNIORS sending some "Blue Orchids' "To You" with l'My Best Wishes". By the way, "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" wants "Ten Pretty Girls" to do the "Suzy Q" at the"'jitterbug', "Wed- ding of Jack and Jillu. "Would You" "Please" ask "Margie", "Ramona", "Mary Lou", "Rosalie", "Dianne',, 'QIda", "Sweet Sue", "Annabelle,', and "Genevieve,' to be in it? The "Umbrella Man' said you told him I was a "Scatterbrain", a "Chat- terbox", and a "Sissy,', and that I was too "Jealous',, "Reckless', and "Care- less". "Well, All Right", maybe I am, but a guy can reform, can't he? If you say "Yes", I'll be "After Youv in my "Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails" "About a Quarter to Nine" "In My Merry Oldsmobile" and "Let's Pitch a Little WOOD. But if "You" say "No, No, a Thousand Times No", then this is "My Last Goodbye" and I'll be "Alabama Bound" so I can go "Corn Pickenn. Then "Some of These Days" you'll be "Sorry" and you'll be sayin' "Baby Won't You Please Come Home". 'lln My Solitude" "My Prayer" will be that you'll come back to me. "Please" don't be "Angry" for what I've said, but, if you want to know "Why", "The Answer Is Love". I'11 "Always" be "Thinking of You" so "Remember Me'. Well, I promised to have "Dinner at Eight" with "Minnie, the Moocher", so I must be signing off. "Always and Always" "Yours" "BILLY'? ,--e SOPHOMGRES CFFICERS A ,Ell en 'fi r , filers ESTHER DELLINGE12, JACK COPHER ew President 2 A-5 president 2 WS tu 5 Q...- JANE ANN HAVENS ELIZABETH PLOUGHE Secretary Vice President I sa- F' y iii? MISS ALLEN Sponsor 2 A's MISS KIDWELL Sponsor 2 B's 'ROBERT MCLLAN Treasurer ROSELLA BRILLHART Secretary SOPHOMORES Sophomores are usually at the disadvantage of being neither grecnies nor upper-elassmen and so have no cause for attracting attention, but this is not so this year. By looking the class over it is easy to see that many of the beauties of the school are found here. But beauty is not the only asset of this class, for the members have shown in numerous ways their mental abilities. Their participation in sports is not to be overlooked as they have shown evidence of many promising players. Dramatic, musical, and public speaking activities have also been well represented by the members of this class. XVe are sure that next year these Sophomores will prove to be ener- getic and highly successful Juniors. SOPHOMORES " AMA, ,, wi ' J Ii rigs: 1.2 5 I AX I E I, in fl' ig 'Hn gag: I ,., Ar1'- ,f "' ' I W Q I I if? , if I ' VH .,,-.':- : J W '?...., 151 63, W , ..,, , V ,,,: '- "" 1 ,N I' ol . Ulf., SOPHOMORES ft3'W,ie,qf, ' ,N , M ITL I Era -on fif.X'ti.Q"s vi -N ROSELLA BAMBROUGH IRMA JEAN BAUGHER ROBERT BALSER ELMER BAUGHER RUTH BELL ROBERT BENNETT ROSEMARY BLAIR HELGA BLUMENTH CHARLES BRADLEY CORA JEAN BURTON MARY CALL LAURANELL CARTI NORMAN CORNELIOUS MERRILL DAILEY LOUISE DAVIS JIM DAVIS ROBERT DEVANEY JEAN DEVER CHARLES DUFFITT XVILLIAM DURR CHARLES EERN JOAN EVEELING JACK EETz BETTY EoUsT LOUISE FRANKLIN DORTHA GILL MAURICE GARDNER DONALD GOINS HELEN GORDON RICHARD GRIMME JEAN GROSS PATTY ANN HAAS JAMES HACRETT VIRGINIA HAMM GARLAND HARBIT MOSIE HARMON MARIORIIZ HEIJLIN EUGENE HILLARD VIVIAN HOBSON CHARLES HOOD MILDRED IDLE RICHARD HUGHES ANITA RUTH jARRIiTT REX jARVIS IEVA MAE jONIiS ANDREW KINCAID JANE LIQATHERS RUTH LANKFORD 'Q Y- via , I A.. f ,- AQ 'W fs. -' if fi' . dna-A ,I-A ,Y Ugg, ! ' A Q21 - I . ,.z:-..: if . Y I 1 Mix A ,Y is I S A X Q.: M C F fm.. I I an X Q dl" -Q, , gig , in W ' ,L . gy I ,.,, , A b . 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RICHARD DENNIS ANNA DECKER LORAL FARMER FRED ELLIS DICK DRAKE MARY FARR DOROTHY EWING LOIS JEAN FETZ DONALD FIELDS ELDON FLOYD MARY FRANCES GEE CLELA GOODNIGHT JANE ANNE GRINN MARY LOUISE GR HARRIET GOING DON HEFLIN OTHO HANCOCK ELLEN HACKETT ROSEMARY HARD BETTY HINSHAW .IOAN HOCKER JAMES HOOK JANIS LOU HOPPEN HELEN HOUSE ALBERT HITTLE BETTY HUNT VERA JEAN JARRELL DONNALEE JOHNS ROBERT JOHNS MARY EVELYN N MAEBELLE JUSTUS ROSA KAKASULEFF MAX KNOTTS ROBERT KNOTTS BETTY KOCI-IMA ORANELLE LAMM A PATRICIA LEE WILMA LEGG I LILA LINDER 'I bf' HELEN' MARIE LEACHMAN f "" A M 'K 'fl IARIAN LINEBERRY PIOWARD LITTLE I DAVID LOCKE I WILLETTA LOCKI2 ' " . HAROLD LONG Q A ,fl 'hiv' . Sr. I. if VA' A STHER MAY MOCK img? 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HW Riff W an fCY P X W' I im af F Dov rg Q9 We T'r"" f it if ' if flw-A VJ X if f ' ' mm 'ff iii?-jigifllosl 1:-.ey fe LTf Sept Sept. Sept. J SCHOOL CALENDAR 5. School opened today. Nine months of hard work lie ahead. 12. School was 'closed today because of the heat. Shine on, Mr. Sun. The Panthers fought their first gridiron battle tonight against Anderson. They beat us 27-0. Tough luck. Senior Class held a class meeting today for election of officers. Bob Walsh was elected Senior President with Ted Linder as Vice President. Oct. A man from Australia made an interesting talk today. He had a British accent that I liked. Oct. Whew! At last. Teachers' institute is here which will give us three days of rest. Oh yeah! Nov.. Our football season ended tonight when we finished the game with Peru. They beat us, but even though our football year has not been a success as far as winning is concerned, we are still proud of and loyal to our team, and wish them better luck next year. Nov Basketball tickets for the Booster Club went on sale today. There was one grand rush. Nov Mr. Guenther made the conference football awards to Bill Davies and Bob Moore. Good for the Juniors! Nov Report cards again! This just spoils my approaching vacation. Our first net game this year was played tonight on Frankton's floor. We lost, 26-18. Nov -24. Vacation -- turkey - whoopee! Nov We met Martinsville on our own floor. Score was 37-23 in our favor. Nov Another indoor circus. The clown liked red hair, evidently, for he and Mary Bushey really "hit it offf' CALENDAR 1 9 1 Thr-mks lvll f Wa W f ss' 1 :Lie HW ft fr. . 27 ,fb i...Q! X1'7.Z9 54... ,- blYdi6.! rex I 5537 f Q 4 -fp-Q T Z f - CI ' Pl ? . lielggiffs d C1 1 V f.. f 1 CUFF . ,imexes r . ' 'faKCm ff Qx-fci-LS OQS a V1 9 'Y' T' .qs-, hir 1. X M6572 a 'rl W: 2.54- bqo 757,62 MUYJDCK 9925: Pkael Dpilw. CZ 9 Hgjicra-rx fb? :Z7 if I ChvxsT-mas X If ! Z 7 'ips va erfrlaws U35 4' f, .v XF Q' am MW A, wi H 25? Dec. 1. Had a Talent Show today. It was sponsored by rhe Public Speaking Class. Didn't know we had so many talented pupils. i Dec. 5. The 3B class had a skating party this evening. Murdock, magician, was at school today. Dec. 8. We beat Tipton here, 37-31. Dec. 22. The Senior class sponsored the annual Christmas program. The class will was read and was quite interesting. Our dear Freshmen were given treats as befitted such infants. Dec. 23-Jan. 1. Christmas vacation, lights, laughter, fun! Jan. 5 An interschool debate was held today. Lunch was at the Sidwell Hotel. Jan. 18. Mr. Guenther awarded football jackets today. Recipients were Lewis Hick- ner, Ted Linder, Howard Ballard, and Bill Nagel, who is manager. Jan. 18 The E. H. S. Band gave Mr. Gilkey a tuning bar, as a small token of esteem. Jan. 21. The E. H. S. Band and chorus were on the air today. We put on a half-hour program on Station WIBC in Indianapolis. Jan. 23 The Seniors had a "Hard Times Party" tonight. All reports were to the effect that a good time was had by all. Feb. 14 The 3A class had a Valentine party tonight. Lots of fun. Feb. 15 A debate sectional was held here. The competing teams were Fairmount, Sweetser, Marion, and Elwood. Elwood won. Feb. 16 Elwood vs. Blue Devils! Once again the mighty Panthers held their own- and more too: 25-24. Feb. 21 The largest social function of the year was held tonight. It was the "Leap Year Hopf' The faculty was invited, too, so it was an all-school affair. Feb. 23 Elwood lost their last scheduled game. Too bad that such a successful season had to end so disastrously. Feb. 27 The E. H. S. Debate Team won the regional debate at Lebanon. Good luck in the finals, team. CALENDAR B -Q lqmffai Q., W BQCTLJ 324 Juvxnawf izfwnvefegfx X ,'fil,'!l5,i Q Indiana l 190 f ry aj X. BVU' VX! IBC Cpytfzrtntf S , i if A I '!', C 'gmt IxJ1h'na1PdlIS C7 X Cforx ff QR 7'-Vg Y ! i Al fvONff" lp 'D J S fzapavff ' Sfvowj in Pvvvlifloh l SQTUOY vleevf Z'J7'l7 I T-LR ' ,QA ' QW .fr A 1 T T QQTV- in flgfi-fin! Z 4-f f? t ,157 Ni f" 2 ' X I Co-mykeycevnlvxf Ji' 46455 Q-.L y Mar. 1. Our basketball succumbed to the wiles of Pendleton today in the sectional. Boo-hoo! Mar. 12. Wittenburg College Choir sang for us today. They're plenty good-g0od- looking too! ! ! Mar. 22-25. Spring vacation - Whoopee! Mar.26 School reopened and We found newly-waxed floors in the corridors. Mr. Guenther was the first to slip and fall. Mar. 28 Heaney, the Magician, was here tonight. Part of the proceeds went to che band. Mar. 30 The Speech contest at Logansport was held today. We had three entries. Apr. 1 I forgot it was April Fool,s Day and did I bite! Apr. 5. I,m so tired. Spring fever I guess. Apr. 8 Notebooks and tests!!! My head is splitting from so much studying. Qjokej May 19 Baccalaureate for the Seniors today. May 20 Cramming and cribbing for exams. May 21 Final exams. Need I say more? May 23 We got out. Too bad the dear teachers had to grade papers. Faculty, our sympathies! May 23. Commencement tonight. We have forever lost the dignified Seniors. May 24 Our last report cards. The year has been so short. Tempus fugit-Finis. CALENDAR XJ-'7 K- XX f xxx, X67 LESLIE GI MR. GILKEY Q! MUSIC The length of it is limitless: Its breadth is without end. From lowly streams it upward soars With sky and clouds to blend. It lingers near the limpid brook, That softly rolls along: O'er pebbles of a stony bed It ripples with a song. Upon the rugged gale it rides Through tall and stately trees That bow beneath the wind's command, And rustle in the breeze. Across the spacious realm of blue It trails the singing bird, In utmost corners of the earth Its melodies are heard. The patter, patter of the rain, Wliich falls on dreary days, A music march upon the roof With perfect rhythm plays. It treads beyond the bleak shoreline, O'er rough and rugged foam: A monotone that follows The sailors as they roam. It thrives within a merry home Near fireside and the hearth, Where crackling fire and laughter Display it at full worth. 1 Not only notes upon the page Contain a melody, For nature's art in music, far Exceeds our own degree. -Esrmia GILL MUSIC The music department of Elwood High School has been sorely neglected for some time, but within the last year more and more interest has been taken by the students, faculty, and the townspeople to create a better band, concert choir, and orchestra for our schools. This has been a great accomplishment, for the band has achieved many honors this year. It made trips all over the state, traveling down to Bloomington for the State Convention of the American Legion and over to Tipton for their corn festival after performing last summer for our own tomato festival. Their crowning achievement, however, was a trip to Indianapolis with the chorus. Under Mr. Gilkey's inspiring leadership, they gave a very creditable performance over WIBC. This year was also marked by the generous gift of the glockenspiel to the band by Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Hinshaw. The chorus also rose to new heights this year. They sing a capella, something quite unusual for a high school chorus, and do it exceedingly well. During the two years Mr. Gilkey has been in our midst, a wonderful advance has been made. Because of the generous cooperation of the school board, the townspeople, and others, new band uniforms have been procured, more instruments have been added to the band, and an entirely new repertoire has been made available for the band. Mr. Gilkey has arranged many symphonic pieces especially for the band. The dream of the truly good orchestra is slowly becoming a reality. The development music in Elwood High School has been amazing within the last year, and with an un- excelled director, such as Mr. Gilkey, and support by the student body, it will rise to even greater heights in the future. Elwood High School can now justly boast of its fine music department. MUSIC bil ,yy- ,,L1 Mg, x Agn, V-fizwq ,,.mM,,, , fwww mfmf 6 J .Q ,Lys Y u0L.., RQ 91 if Q v- is Lv-1 ff"23E Ill!!! llllll' -. .H-0" i,.,,-M MUSIC KW ANNUAL STAFF EDSEL YARLING Editor-in-Chief J. A. NUDING Advisor TED LINDER Business Manager and Sports Editor VIRGINIA FOX Literary Editor .IEANETTE HARPOLD Literary LURA BLACKBURN Literary ANNUAL STAFF' VIRGI1ff,'fZ.f2HAW KENT DAWSON Photography DORTHY DELLINGER Advertising HELEN GRINNELL Advertising Manager JUNE HAVENS Advertising ALICE BAMBROUGH Artist ANN WHITENACK Artist ROBERT HINSHAW Iolu' Editor MARTHA NELL SCOTT Typist A, , IL iffy was 1 an 1 i at f' haf WQQLQQQ Q2" "mG 4 1 51 SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Class Play, which was pre- sented 'December 21, 1939, is classed as another dramatic art triumph for Elwood High School. The play, the "Prize Family", is a story of a typical American family and its problemsg but to the members of the family their most important problem is to win a 550,000 prize contest sponsored by a chewing gum company. The entire family participates in working out the answers to the puzzles, with the exception of Una, the only one who possesses any logic, and their TU Egfgyrtgitcezeglgoarz I ft FT39.-Eagsvhg ?1,g"mQ-gnauvi it li is ru --. V "X-' - ,,,' Am ---, h ,V ,E N 7 rg" S is ?qg L? V f' vw Q t,fFe:' 33? sfra?2g4Ze2-'5QE5E--:gif t . P f- we , .. aj 3935-3 mga Sf:-Il F5llQ,'5."r r-g,fg,a::,, Q,.gn.0:- U-rr 5 ... - ,,., v f, , 4112:-a:x1:5?g:F2r.,fhf"2ywU-Sfxg I :'.? ,,: 31,15 X-'.cl5"D2:"5'5Q.5or-sig ' re fisgps f-ff' M 2':eQ'?"D-:Ai I FAQ-'5'i:'S-e--O '-If G' 2- ZBFUUAQT zaggggygca 1 , f :,eQfLBgn:,I?,lj7,,"' ' 55,55 D-5 - if fl warg QV-- gn. XQAUUI-':vZ :Efn,,,'f,.4.. Rmggzfhfiggyihofi O r Msn ,B W --agA?Agv5ga5:zSA5-3,23 3, mf! 9 A 'L Ufbprf- ,-Of" E i'w"cn Q3 - J Q -. nv-Uafv VIII U: 1 . ,U 1. -1 --vo fb P23 "U.-- evo'-l -we 'X nz ' '-1x""Q'Tnw IKE ng ' A X SH Q A 'W WZ 0 " Q' -SI' Eg 7' nero UU T7 J I' ff,"-ef-v7:v"I U' 75'5.""' -1 " Pm'-3 5' 'Hn Bmw 'U'-46 ..., -1-.QQ0,v..ZgQ'v A -. -. , 9 Z? :Pi ,S-give-EISQE5: -sr, ':?92 olSQ5F2'nW:sse qe+m FQ' 21:52-1 '-.3 loaf? 2 ggQa55.859f252:.gSg.?cegT ---TP.-:1:5Tm529a0?a'?YFr fb CN 3: 3 2 2E"H3-E.-E-555-wifi' i ' HQQOU-:7-pg-U""'0QQ."' - '4 o H' K4 I Q 3, g 'QR ,U 2' ,x ' if fr all 'D'D??9o'bE,25.'U'f3 , gp in ' , .... " 5,-p-. ru--,TSG- , i Q, . Q i Z'9,91g.mQiQ-Stag? K' 'r33'4"'b:"Occr' ' 4 f :':v'Qnfv"'oQ::E C as . fi crm :,.,,,,.'E.U WN' 5 ' myggmggwggap H B UH -, 4 ff '1 fi. Q. ', Q, F5 .... l.. O"2::9QD' '-f"g,g-53 ,,,, ' -'v" 4, "1 aQ'4"'Cf+.... sq? 70 .511 "" , JT G Q EUS B 2 D O D E -1 S' 'fi 'SI"bfUCg:5.?' Spwoi' Y hfrxx? rv',L'-+-307-L',...Df-'ZETFJE as es 3.2 5 S TH D " E-B-B E' f'q7'w.lg,afi-: ' " '- ,... H' O 5' .-. li- f GSB iraqmm a"'5.'3 Tu ' O 'U O f-vf,'U gn vi D 9 v ,nw """",.,5w4',:-5"r-- ggi. f K 5 v-xbrnrn f wi' 3 Q-Hof' mm.-,"l,,Q ego? gi r53s?i38' ETSO 5"4s"' 'U'f.i5'6i'g223"8':E.s kFN4i?'S!'::1i"T'53'T' THE SENIOR PLAY y 7 "GOING ON SEVENTEENU This play centers around the Carhart family of Harrisville. The father, a cashier at the Harrisville National Bank, is played by Robert Wright UU. The mother, a quick, nervous woman of forty-five, is acted by Dorothy Luse 121. The Carhart fam- ily is completed with an elder daughter Florence, played by Joan Summers UQ, and son Buddy, just "going on seventeen," played by Ernest Reichart f4l- The two men in Florence,s life, also employees of the Harrisville National Bank, are played by James Burger C6j, who is Tom Williams, and Jack Marshall, who is Craig Vincent, Buddy's very close adolescent friends are Paul, portrayed by Dick Drake fl0j,and Shrimpie, played by Jim Davis UQ. Florence's school chum, Joan, who incidentally is spending the summer at the Carharts', is Joanne Turner QSJ. Lillums, Joan's little sister, is acted by Imogene Parrish f12j. DRAMATIC CLUB PLAY W., ...-. 'e , ""w,.,, MA , X The parts of the three gossip hounds are vt well carried by Harriett De Lawter fllj, Virgi Warner QSQ, and Velma Perkins 191. The co dienne of the play, "dear old Elsie," the maid, faithfully played by Joyce Wentz flj. The plot hinges upon two things. The first is discovery by the boys, Paul, Buddy, and Shrim who the real thief at the bank is. The other the rivalry of jim Burger and Jack Marshall the heart and hand of Joan Summers. Helen Dennis C191 served as stage manager. was assisted by Medford Shively 041, Robert Davis USD, and john R. Davis QISJ. Elisa Ploughe U61 and Lauranell Carter fl7j served publicity agents. Ogle arg 2 Risk. f' he see 3 lk M Mt if is TM 9 it 'ws X x DQR 1 HY DELLINGER LURA BLACKBURN LIN DLL I Coach Coach ' . Mr, BROVVN 3 fi ,.::, '19 ,"',. ,..: 2 '-: . wi ar 3' ANN Lois LrIisoN LURA BLACKBURT MARY ANN WILSON Dedamnory Omtory Extemporaneous Q,-iggnll Qmmry 'Speech Discussion League DEBATING We are very proud of our debating teams this year as they have succeeded in going through the competitive debates with flying colors. By winning the sectional and regional contests they entitled thtmselves to go to the State finals, where they lost to LaPorte, the team which won the State championship. Their record is one in which the whole school can take pride. Our principal regret is that by the never ces-ing course of progress, we must lose two of our best debaters, june Havens and Martha Nell Scott, by way of the diploma. But our consolation comes in knowing that some of the younger participants will de- velop into equally fine debaters. ln passing out laurels We must not forget to show our appreciation to Mr, Brown and Mr. Lindley for their fine work in guiding these pupils in their efforts. This has been truly a great year to add to our debating records. The invitational public speaking tourney held at Logansport, Saturday, March 30, was another interesting event that occurred this year. Thirteen schools were represented by approximately one hundred and ninety students. Elwood high school was proud to have Mary Ann Wilson, Lura Blackburn, and Ann l,ois l.eeson as its representatives. These girls took third place in the contest. DEBATING BILLY KING MARTHA NELL scort JUNL HAVENS PAUL LINDLEY Athletic Finance THE CALL LEADER Report Issued rr 0- -X1 5 -311 By Hillis S Ahllffbls 12, O Ups 4 I llaywe 'S fkvmed of " C C as 0 3021. 0 qi 0a06eS'l?I?' 4' I ncumc C. HW- ee C21 -Y . 01 , 8, slgsn E of ,Seb 0 Dc-nd: W, ax ,Pal Football, From A .Xandfl . lcuvnjg u 77' S F 5 -1 stundmg bulls' .B 3 212931836 5?ZZg4fZ'e00e4e60l0Q1, ik gb B6 Determined 1:Frosh Also TV N 'G I 'lafgm a'0'f'dWf' P1474 Af od? S JY V SCIIOOI D' 0 u as Q"55 fii:Y:'5i'.?e6?g'W?f MW Board 'N e' CL . my e Wwe' 111 t 0 0. r Q w e "fi'J0 E, BUF 0 80 e e 464 J' X0 .Cx f'fra,,d'I'g?o,, R 003 Q I 1 o A -10 B! CQ. 9 1917. I m aj. goigelballl .lgaug F07 Your dgopgf? 05? 0 fe We 111 me fe fe, lo '65 S00 On? .936 fe- 00 CGI' Q Pail' 450706, 0 . Cfoqsx 6. 67 Foy Exwdqc -mm, , 6Q.,.d75,'1,l Q, 4' 10 6 ence Year Cam k the ' 9 6,0 fm 'a."f,, 19 4.mQ2'Z'ed havoflasg' Mgr 'Eff I xksgzgal 50, T qugjgerbgollgrlzgglgfield Ur s I vagx 02.63 , . 0 ,5 K s C 0 ,J . , 4 ,A . . I 00'if?63d,0g 9 60 ' Jill-iglstiwiipp V P ji HK, G A Q eff fe, 62, 1? 4 e efefogof wee- ef'-E 1' 64,630 e '69 . A A Q 65 v eat A WM25 I 46019 S gfeigfq, I 59 . 'dxvex tw' we 3'QQ'?00iq5T4ffie. N d- f 'ro fm we A-2 ff? we ' ll lllg 4. we Q cpveggo 7,8 0143- Q5'q!feg31,,8 fa J ' G . . I "' Over Moosehearty Muff gilt 5,669 S msg afmgfliilfvtx wa3fjf3,bTZf?ff5'2Zi"ffiffQq ' v ' ' x N ,1 4 'fb go bale Gao? 1523700505 ,2P.o,,6j, +63 450,-809651 0 Gal' N 'A rt 055 Je 0' L'-OQf3f0'f1'b'if'4ft'00'p0O""ffff'O'O" 58 Q ea., , e If F Q v 0 0 066,59 V Y P '00 Q2 C9 QW 'da - 7111 -- ' 6 fff,, 08, gy, 4,05 0 If Even- 7 f A Q15 Q5 Aw Asiigfzfqwgv p QQWV, 3 059321 my CENTRQL INDIAN? LOOP ab' br 06,3"f'f' 69005 Q 'ee' QQXXYQX ' iinijlnge Amigo 5 wi -L ELWQOD ,.,,,., 5 ' oL'1Pc' , 6 ." 'PX C V, . X?'wo?i5SdZ'- Huntington - 'om' U w 1 'Q' D5-5 Y- Sie Warsaw - 1 f -A 9 NGOVJQ2 65 A-hte 'giiiiidzfe iffffffg 5 Qbotxygekev an 01916, . q?"ISgS'p Yiifielfsaoigf GPU , Y ' 3. ' mh'ffff2121f'qN5 QQ Off fff?ii'Qff"?o4 'W Q ' If 'Mikel Siziriviyglyg 6.939 fn A X Sgfjeh ef' 41234 ,y e 6 39 O alfafdg, Publ? xx CKY. oiuash A - eh-Jw O Q' 11,6 , 31' ' f QYS ot M O-'12 l Roch - . . 6 'eff .48 'Xe we qxwsige T0 C' N F ester Club, 39-23 ,fe 'W fig? Q-'e Ref, 5'lff'55f"3fgbr Win , Sw 55 0 MT? S gffgeigyebe, fb- U We 95- l ' G ee Q fe 'KN1c"'si4we'3Sfw::3S'5'S W 'if Hem .Wt0iX'5XeX"1?x9oQq me XB' VX 365 fwfqivfive F0of'65?if?53Qf', gif, G Resin gyeajgicox KLXYAXXK Egg Qxxmi-, PA ww Qigifiofpg " 1 2 X0 1 ' "' X x x 5Xqff'jC1-It QJ en From iwjlgggg aoXwA,wgef5Dr,I1 ,ers Have Pict ,ye jan ioteigzlie .' 006 'Q X91 10 . xg. 1 a , , Zixixxixixvdf V, I, oh gslgczgf, P02052 Post viizmefbYexewQgxx,5x,vglgxgtmyflgllgsg Xgyff Aj? 552,-1 :Ag aff 5 Kigifgifasffvfigelwe, efggiai 'Wm 1h,gQ6?f1x,fsXZ .mx X11 .Y Y I 1 -I I .Q-Q0 an Y flzrd Votes To Retain Footbdl SPORT HEADLINES rd Ballard, Ralph Collier, Edward Courtney. FOOTBALL SQUAD. First Row: Chester Paskell, Howa Frank McPhearson. Second Row: Dale Smith, Billy Davies, Horace Lewis, Michael Williams, and Harley Hook. Third Row: Lewis Hickner, Robert Moore, LeRoy Barmes, Robert Davis, Jack Copher, W'illiam Starr, Robert W'right, Robert Alder, and Thomas Davis. Fourth Row: William McQuinn, Urban Altherr, Andrew Moore, Thurman Runyan, Albert Hittle, Don Heflin, and Edward Masters. Fifth Row: Vincent Guenther, Coach, James Bogue, and Carl Renner. Our football squad was handicapped this year lack of age, weight, and size, as well as erve strength and experience. Most of the ys were juniors and sophomores. But in spite the fact that our boys were not on a par th their opponents in total power, football tics, and mass strength, they put in their pearance on the gridiron every Friday night d gave an exhibition of real ability to "take and come back for more." Very few high schools in the state faced as gh a schedule as our boys did. Our very st game was with Anderson, a school which ts out teams that generally win over the t. Such noteworthy opponents as Wabash, rion, Cathedral of Indianapolis, Peru, and komo fthe mythical state championsj, were our schedule. Weaker schedules than this 'e turned many a coach's hair gray. Leonard Merida, Ernest Reichart, Ted Linder, Kincaid, Paul Burton, Cedric Wise, W'.ilter FOOTBALL Out of nine games played we scored a total of two touchdowns in two games, South Side. Fort Wayne, and West Side, Lafayette. The game with Wabash was a tie, 0-0, while the other six games saw us on the scoreless and losing end. Every school is likely to have a poor season or two in various sports. This year football happened to be the unlucky one for Elwood High School. We did not win a game. But we need not feel too bad. As a matter of fact we should give a big hand to our football boys and to Mr. Guenther, their coach, for their splendid display of fighting spirit, sportsman- ship, and perseverance in the face of so much gridiron adversity. Seniors on the team this year were Howard Ballard, Bob Wright, Ted Linder, Lewis Hick- ner, and Bill Nagel, the student manager. These players will be badly missed next year, as their places will be hard to Hll. SCOREBOARD Elwood - . .. . Anderson , , . 27 Elwood .. , .A Wabash ,,,, . - 0 Elwood t . . Marion aaa. ,. - - 22 ElW00Cl A A A S. S., Fort Wayne v , - 13 Elwood , , A . Cathedral of Indpl's , - 20 Elwood - - A - W. S. Lafayette .. - - 20 Elwood - A A Noblesville , , A - 6 Elwood a A A Kokomo - A . 70 Elwood , - - a 0 Peru A ' i 32 FOOTBALL h. . . Nfiigi . .1 A iz 19' . . X, . .. M ' VY- 5 ef- 1 'A ,V , W .-'Q- xref: i ,1,,'.f' Y 'Q' 'T ., 1 ,.,, ,:'3, ' ,,."' F eff, . ',.,., X9 ,a H -V so V 76. Robert Alder, junior'-- Bob plays end, and with his size and - adeptness at snatching passes he should develop into a very excel- f lent wingman. 2: :"' kbgvf 94. Robert Wright, Senior'-Bob was our center this year. He filled a large hole in the line every minute in every game throughout -' 'i 'if' the season. 84. Michael Willianis, junior--Mickey is a 185-pound guard and center. He will probably fill Bob Wright's shoes at center next fall. , . 83. Ted Linder, Senior --Ted again played the part of the toy guard Q , who was so small that he was hard to block. He managed to 6ll i '- up the openings of the opponent's side. J A 81. Billy Davies, junior-Bill, who was one of the toy guards I last year, was shifted to tackle and proved to be very annoying to the opposition this season. 93. Paul Burton, junior-Paul is a quarterback who sails his passes out the lefthanded way.'We expect big things of him next fall. 92. Gerald Burton, junior-Gerald was our 135-pound quarterback i who could really throw those passes. He should make an excel- lent signal-caller next year. - 88. Ernest Reichart, Sophomore-Ernie was the powerful 160-pound substitute who consistently showed possibilities of becoming an expert running guard. 75. Thomas Hartzler, Senior-Tom has been an end on the varsity for three years and has consistently given outstanding perform- ances. He is the third Hartzler to make good in athletics. 77. jack Copher, Sophomore-jack is a tall boy and really knows how to snag the high passes. He should give lilwood some touch- downs next year. 89. William McQuinn, Freshman-Bill is only a Freshman, but he QA V V 1 f 2. FOOTBALL has shown the fighting spirit needed to make a good football player. PJ ... I-Z,., Ty is as g g I ,, 'f A f K-' - iz. Sf' -: X "2ra.I.. ii :. . ' 231 .:e.:::, ities ev .NZ sw' mf, ale Smuth unuor Smutty was an understudy to Bob Moore hus season He us very adept at catchung passes whule on a ead run oward Ballard Senuor Howard was our capable captaun H as played almost every posutuon durung hus three years of varsuty mpetutuon Hus lune plungung and lune baekung were the back one of the team obert Moore junuor Bob who was one of our hardest huttung ys, was a ball hawk un both offense and defense We are glad u see hum back at hus end posutuon wus Huckner Senuor Lewus was our blouud punter who proved valuable when our backs were near our goal lune alph Colluer junuor Ralph was hampered all season by rues He turned un good performances un spute of hus condutuon nard Meruda Sophomore Meruda us a large boy and although s actuvutues were restructed mostly to the bench should see enty of actuon next fall ester Paskell Freshman Chet was our star Freshman H a very fast open Held runner and should develop unto a back ldman of note ll Nagel Scnuor Bull has been a fauthful student manager for ree years Hus cheerful Hu ya fellas wull be mussed omas Davus Sophomore Tom was the Sophomore who saw much actuon un the backfield thus season Hus lumber hups wull ke hum one of the best bert Davus Sophomore Bobs sue and luus brumaces almost re hus opponents unto submussuon batk tat e t ear ert MeCan Sophomore Bob us another Sophomore who shows muse of brungung gruduron fame to llwood un the near future B5 -i-3' .--K 'QV' FOOTBALL o 35 - , J u in - ,u ' A ' 1 . I asaa so - l , ' - ' ' . e - 'wer' , . . . I I X ' , ' 3 , . . G in- , -.. ,, , e ' , h .. . ,, Q . ,ogg - '- - ' V . He is - at -kl QQ, . 'el , ,.u,.,v.. W all f , e ga . I ,,V I, , 4 53, I . 'f Lf Saga, u sr o u 5 BASKETBALL SQUAD. Front Row: Gerald Burton, Paul Davis, and Glenn Locke. Second Row: Meri Smith, Thomas Hartzler, Mulford Davis, Bruce Robbins, jack Blankenship, Raymond Nuding, and Robert McGraw. THE 1939-1940 BASKETBALL TEAM 1939-1940 basketball team proved to be one of the best ever produced in Elwood School. Facing a schedule made up of the highest caliber ball clubs in the state, ys proceeded to come out on the high end of the score thirteen times and marked y seven losses. Teams known all over the state such as Tipton, Alexandria, South- urrfs of Muncie, and South Side of Fort Wayne were forced to bow down to our rs. Perhaps one of the highest acheievements ever accredited to an Elwood chool basketball team was the breaking of a thirtyefive game winning streak of Side of Fort Wayne. Panthers had a little trouble at the beginning of the season with Frankton and sville, but when they found their basket eye, Tipton, Alexandria, and Saint of Anderson fell successively. team fought its way to Elwood's first Central Indiana Conference championship, ng seven wins and suffering but one loss. Mulford iMuffJ Davis, our team , was again Central Indiana Conference scoring champion, but this time break- previous record of 99 points with a grand total of 121 points. he Anderson sectional Elwood, one of the favorites, was beaten by Pendleton 36. A darkhorse, Lapel, Won the sectional and later advanced all the way to te finals. SCOREBOARD Us. l Opp. Frankton .,,,.,a,. 18 - 26 Martinsville , , 23 - 37 Tipton - v e 37--31 Alexandria - 29 - 26 St. Mary's - - 27- 23 Pendleton , - 31 - 42 Wabash - - , 35 --26 Lebanon - - - 30 -25 Southport 4 - - 38 - 37 Rochester ,,,, V 35 - 23 Muncie CBurrisj , , , - 28 - 24 Kokomo - - , .. aeaa - 25 -33 South Side, Fort Wayne , - 28 -26 Huntington LL., - , , 34- 38 Mooseheart, Ill. , , A - 44- 30 Cathedral - , , - 32 - 30 Peru - - N 41-40 Tipton .,..f - 25 - 24 Mishawaka ..,. - 29 '-' 30 Central, South Bend , - - 43 --45 BASKETBALL 6 I 2 3 4 5 6 X I7 8 9 TOURNEY TEN fPiCf1lTl'S on next pagej Thomas Hartzler, Senior, guard-"Tommy" was our iron man. His playing was of the consistent type, coming through with clean baskets when they were needed badly. Bruce Robbins, Senior, guard-Bruce used his height to an advantage under the basket as was shown by his tip-in shots. He was a dependable ball player. Gerald Burton, junior, guard-Gerald fought his way up from the "B" team to the Tourney Ten. His staying power is expected to make him a main cog in next year's machine. Merle Smith, Senior, forward-"Smitty" proved to be the discovery of the season. By continual hard work he rose to the starting five. His drive and hard fight- ing spirit were outstanding. Raymond Nuding, junior, forward- Ray had some trouble Ending his basket eye during the beginn'ng of the season, but came through later to win the South Side, Fort W'ayne, game with his last minute two-pointer. Paul Davis, Senior, guard-Paul "Pony" Davis was that flashy little guard who brought the ball up the court. It was because of his speed that he intercepted so many opponents' passes. Mulford Davis, Junior, forward-"Muff" was the captain, the outstanding per- former of the squad, and the holder of the Central Indiana Conference scoring title for the second year. As "Mull" goes, so goes the team. jack Blankenship, Junior, center-jack is a tall boy with the build needed to make a fine player. He is expected to share the burden of next year's schedule. Glenn Locke, Junior, guard-"Jack" is expected to fill Paul Davis's shoes at guard. He knows his basketball and is back next year to continue on the play- ing floor for Elwood. 'XQY-55? 10 Robert McGraw, Sophomore, forward-Bob is just a Sophomore but has shown V2 Xi those qualities demanded of a fine player. He will be one of the boys to watch . if' M4 next season. is g"fsfa01'f+ AWA.. Lzsijf 1 , 3 ,XX x 5 . , W., 1 he ask' i fs ' 'g?i?f.1 .1 52 i Tl We f y ig 1' .3 Q 'M fi BASKETBALL K4 W, xi-3'f"'2, iffy 32167 fi Nts Q as f X' 5 x 1 5' EH 'f N9 'fn' X s. ,M Hs., A ' 5 S J ' A fa X A ,, g VA W if M w?5 Xa M ' 5 2' B 1 if 'HJ Ax V ...-a N 'F' -as 'A I 1 if Lf Q.. 5 V in lk 5, W, L. 2 5 L , we di I 2 if if Q f , Q Q iii? 1 IQ ' " 5 z x my 3 3 Ei MJ TOURNEY TEN Q25 eff! ml' ,WK BASKETBALL RESERVES. Front Row: Gerald Burton, Glenn Locke, Bobby Williams. Second Row: Thomas Davis, George Shaw, Jack Blankenship, William McQuinn, and Harold Lambert. SCOREBOARD Elwood Agriculture , A 13 Lapel G Y Y ,. E , Y H - 23 Elwood Agriculture W - 20 Freshmen QE H. S.j , , Y ll Elwood Agriculture . , I9 Alexandria .,,, , , , 25 Elwood Agriculture ., - 27 Lapel , , , L , , 9 Elwood Agriculture ., , 20 Fairmount , W , 18 Elwood Agriculture , , 2 5 Anderson , , 21 Elwood Agriculture , , , 14 Alexandria - 31 VOCATIONAL-AGRICULTURE BASKETBALL TEAM. Front Row: Robert Moore, Student Coach Second Row: Mosie Harmon, Fred Stoner, Richard Watson, james Hackett, jim Davis, and Curtis Hobbs Back Row: Palmer Davis, Richard Boyd, Edsel Yarling, Dale Smith, Perry Cornelious, Robert Walker and Walter McDaniel, l f ' . ' t . . W :gi R af Q ,, Y M ,Aff xlegif az, E4-of BE CAREFUL! ALL SET POSING ATTENTION! SLEEPING BEAUTIES BADMINTON GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION 1940 ANNUAL STAFF THE PEP-SESSION BAND THE UE" CLUB HONOR ROLL STUDENTS GROUPS I. I MQW THERE IT IS CONCENTRATION DELUXE LITTLE TI2D'S IN TROUBLE AGAIN WORLD'S FASTEST TYPISTS BOOKKEEPING AGRICUL CLASS CLASSES ? 1 5 2 H nf GIRLS HEALTH BUGS AN ALGEBRA CLASS AN ENGLISH CLASS YUM - YUM! CONCENTRATION LEFT! RIGHT! CLASSES TH AT' WRONG BOYS' HEALTH CIVIC PROBLEMS LUNCH TIME mmzmwm ,Liv A HISTORY CLASS 1sN'T ENGLISH FUN? NELLIE GETS A LESSON OUR FUTURE CHEMISTS CLASSES MR. SMITH AND HIS PUPILS SCIENTISTS IN THE MAKING STUDY A FRENCH CLASS OUR GOVERNMENT CHEMISTRY K P BIOLOGY FIGURING A FORMULA K CLASSES '?"T MUD PIF9 WORKING HARD INDUSTRIOUS PLAYING AGAIN PIN CURLS CLASSES i 'F' 'll 9" r :W ' ai 5' ' Q- 1 J' Q W 'i awww JM Mfzrfl isfwg fgf HO - HUM! WHERE ARE You GOING, HAROLD? LA551135 LADDIES NooN TIME ROCK-A-BYE. BABY CHATTER FRIENDS ARIfN"i' TI IVY DICDNI Hllll? k 'YWHQPY '-'f :.-:,':.. T14 is Af YOU TIfI.I. TI IIQNI LOVE IN ISLOOM IAT - NOT MAD? AT REST QW Yiifiigz ' E 5 W f i M A 'Wim THORNS BIETWTQIZN ROSES 5:91 "' 3 If 4 Q N aim it M fx 5 ,, XYHOOPS. N X FRIENDS ' CUPID'S VICTIMS F . X W , if 'E 3 M F ws . Q 3 ' - 'Q ' my . F as Kit, X 33 M as CUPID'S VICTIMS M ..., 1 22522 -:-: f 1 K iss? yew 5 Z ,Jw-' W EBM M35 . We Q 'MQ gffggffiifiiik' .,., , , ,,,,,.,, ,. sf? , ., , , ...- . , ,. ., ., ,mgxxi . :I 252':5s','.s52'5' .:g:' -, EM, ., ...,... . .. .,... I Li. z z:. f. W ,.,.- - if H 1mM'f.E?.1 " ,W .-,.- W ,,.5,:-1: Jana N5 .A ,, ., A 57 37 1 Z1 3552 ,A.... Z -.2., i A. M, ,ev ' . ' vm me ww, A . CANDID CAMERA SHOTS eg 55 ' ' IPI: :ei-I ffgfi ??Q .,jgs Z. J, 1- 7 t ., 5.2zi?,. . ,, my fa w f X W 4 'fb sis, 5 ka sam S w H f ' if 'm U S My if 1-.Egg J 5' gif W ZX 53" 14136 'WH H W 55 2 4, . V haf ,.,,f'5,,m ,kv if lf , ' N sf u,,,, M.zsg3Hfifmf,g3zi5fmfs? , 9, 1 ,Rx ' gifs swqyignvizf vw: mg. 1 f' 4' ,E z X ..,,,-9 X :g.::1,. gf, ia K gi l 3 1 'W gg H2? ' 21 fbsxzgzggn .,::5g3:',-.:,:,g.:- 5 4 , 5 iw .2 F ggi? ll A 4 Aclvertiszments and Jokes ? 7 F 5 k.l -Ye.-9 I I 01 SXJCMIS ffx S 0 ! If , Y 4. -Y-- The churches of Elwood appreciate the High School and the cooperation between these two great community institutions. They go hand in hand in developing character and in promoting high ideals. THE MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION SONGS WITHOUT TITLES When you come to the end of your high school day And you sit alone with your thought, The memories come back of times you were gay And the joy that your schooldays brought. Can you think what the end of your high school days May mean to the girls and boys? The end must come with a long sad gaze At your high school and its joys. Don't you call me sweetheartg I am mad at you. Don't you dare to whisper That you love me true. I saw you kiss another, And you loved her, too. Find another sweetheart, For I'm mad at you. I should like to send you violets, All dripping with the dew, I should like to send you pansies To tell my thoughts of youg I should like to send you roses, The symbol of love's blissg - But it's cheaper, dear, to write you just a little verse like this. She powders her nose and reddens her lips, She paints her nails and whitens the tips, She darkens her lids and reddens her checks, She changes her voice whenever she speaks. She waves her hair and pulls out her browsg She wears no more than the law allowsg She's always in time as she struts along, Humming the tune of the latest song. She knows the wiles and the ways of man, And likes to prove it whenever she can. Oh, you'd never know the girl anymore Who once was only the kid next door. ADS AND JoKEs '- Z V 'lbmff CROSS-VVORD PUZZLE Qliefer lu d1!l't'!'fiM'lI14'l1fSJ HORIZONTAL "The pause that refreshes." LSee ads.j "The best place to shop after all." QSee ads.J Part of a circle. To wash lightly with water. A small ball of paper. A college organiration for men. Arabian Chieftains. Vficked. Distinctive doctrines. Ablative. Bright, clear, and calm. Initials of the store advertising the "NY'algreen System." QSee ads.J Ship's cry of distress. Daughters of one's brother or sister. A group of words expressing a thought. A mistake. An article renewed at 123 South Anderson Street. tSee ads.j Relating to area. Delivered, as a message. To ramble leisurely. Intention. Shelter or protection, Belonging to Nobel. Revelation. A type of collar. National Education Association. To run away from home with a lover. Border of something curving. One who iees. One who rates. A concept. Store under management of I.. I.. Squier. CSee ads.Q This book. VERTICAL 2. Instruments used in rowing a boat. 5. To study hastily for an examination. 4. Deeds. 5. Mountain nymphs. 6. Arms. 7. Indigo plant. 8. A class assignment. 9. A kind of wide-mouthed jug. 10. To preserve. 11. The Norse god of war. 14, Tompkins' , ,,,, -..---. CSee ads.J 16. Manager of the Vogue and Elwood theaters. CSee ads.J 19. "Studio of Photography." CSee ads.J 23. One's property after death. 24. Grain used for food. 25. To place. 27. Anger. 28. A sea eagle. 29. Food fish. 30. Not happy. 31. To mistake. 32. Prefix meaning new or recent. 33. California. 35. Iidge or border of a garment. 38. Those that rise. 39. Stern. 41. One afflicted with leprosy, 43. At one time. 44. A form of the verb "be", 45. To gain as pay by labor. 46. Reserve Ofhcers Training Corps. 47. A manls name. 48. Alternate rising and falling of the ' surface of the ocean. 49. A foretolten. 52. An exclamation of surprise. 54. Phillns 66. CSee ads.J 57. The first two letters in the name of the firm located at 1416 South A. Street. fSee ads.j CROSS WORD PUZZLE ,c,,,.-f ,DEE M126 , gf' f ' W4 I .ff 24. ,, A qi gf V iw fi 'Q 4 K: W i W I ff mv K an.. . " Ti1,s5,g5?E5,:3,.,V ADS AND IOKES ,,,,.. .... ..... . .... .. - ,... .... . Royal Garment Cleaners 308 South Anderson Street Phone 13 HARoLD BRUNNEMER, Mgr. iw- flur - I-1I - III1 - I'rI - Ilfl - Irvl - vllf - IIII - I"' - "'1 - "" - "" -"H-"P LIOKIZS Rex llunlapz "I have a question l've wanted to ask for weeks." Margaret Renner: "Co ahead, kid: l've had an answer ready for the last six months." Mr. Kratli: "Did you say you weren't tilking, john?" -Iohn Seibold: "I didn't say l wasn't talke ing. I said I wasnlt saying anything." I r ' ' sl t In talking about movies in the devcop- ment of erimeh Miss Cox: UWIILII takes the girls' eyes in he movies?', Bob Ellis: "Richard Green." Miss Allen: "Define .1 pedestrianfl Bud Strader: "A man with a family and ,, JIIC CRY. Leroy Wfilliams: "XVhat's that you wrote an my paper?" Mr. Nuding: "I told you to write plainerf' Captain: i'All hands on deck! The ship 1 leaking." Voice from below: "Aw, put a pan under and come on to bedfl Wgxlter McDaniel: i'Hey, Edsel, have you lled out that blank yet?" 1 Edsel Yarling: "W'hat blank?" XValter: "The blank between your ears." +.,...,,... ..i,,..,..,-,,..1,i.,..,..,-. - -,,......,-.,,.., -U- ...I -I ,,1y,,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,...,, -iiii1ui.1m,1iii1anim:1mi1nii-uu1un-iir-m'1ii 1.4 'I' I Firm Grinnell's Cities Service Station I I I "Once, Always" Q I Corner North B and Anderson I I -1- Mrs. Records, speaking of getting French books: "Don't worry, we will land CI'l0Llgl1 books by hook or crook." A little bit later Bob Ellis raised his hand and said: "Did you say the names of the authors of the book we are to get are Hook and Crook?" Robert Trautman: 'll say, barber, have you another razor?" Barber: "Yes, XVhy?" Robert: "I want to defend myself." Harold Berry: "Surely your mother could find pieces of material more like your trou- sers when she patches them.'l Bob XValker: "That ain't a p.iteh- thatis 1: ITIC. Ray Nuding Qreading newspaperj: "lt refers here to a gunman taking a man for a one way ride. Wfhat kind of a ride is tl1L1t?ll Gerald Burton fsleepilyj: "Maybe it is a slay ride, who knows?" Miss Cox: "What are neo le called who V A i P work in mines!" Bob Ellis: 'lMiners." Bob W'ri ht: "Wliy' minors are eo le S . P P under twenty-one, and they aren't supposed to work." 1111111111-1am-ui-Q!- I I 1 I I COMPLIMI-INTS or 5 0 0 . i Monticello Manufactu ring Corporation 1 1 I . I , 1 I 4,-yy? ---------- - - - ... -- ,- - ...- ,,,1 .. .,., - ..., - .,.. ... ..,, -...-at-M--.1-I+ ADS AND JOKES 'I' I 5 I CENTRAL i T HARDWARE STORE Good Goods at Right Prices I A SAFE PLACE TO TRADE 4' ,I.....I...,.I-...I-....-...1--..........-......,...-..,.-...I-...i-... -.. Mother fconsolinglyj: "Cooking isn't hard, dearf' Winifred Roop: "My cooking isI" Vern Osting: "You're the first girl I ever loved." Imogene Parrish: Mjust my luck to pick an amateur." Joanne Turner: "When I read about the marvels of electricity, it makes me stop and think." Virginia Fox: "Imagine that! Isn't it wonderful what electricity can do!" Miss Brown: "Why did you spell pneu- matic, 'neumatic,?" Joanne,Vinson.: "The 'K' on my type- writer isn t working." Housewife: "Send me a nice firm cab- bagef' Grocer: "A fairly large head, ma'am- say about seven and three-eights?" Ralph Starkey: "I'm a solid mass of mus- cle, Babe." Betty Ellen Rhodes: "Hmm, When did you find out you were?" Ralph: "Whadda ya mean?', Betty Ellen: "When did you have your head X-rayed?" 'I' COMPLIMENTS OF I I Central Indiana Gas Co. 3. ..:: - ..., - ...: .....- .i.i - i... - -.-. - ..-i - --.- - i--i ---- -i-: - - - ADS AN D ,IOKES il.-34.11 1 1,,1 1 1 1 1ml1.im... 1- 1:in1,g 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .-nu1nu ,11,,.,1 1 1 1 6- ei- -"' - -f - f'-- - 1'-- -i'-- "-' - "-' -1-I-H? COMPLIMENTS OF I I - KlEFER'S I I Feed and Supply Company 949 - Phones - 229 4. ein- ii.. - ,- -. .- - - i- - -1- -. --.....-ni. -im1mi -milu--nli-liii-anim? Miss Allen: "Now, Johnny, what is the rule of thumb used for?" John Leisure: "Hitch-hiking, Ma'am." Paul Davis: "Say, our girl friend now drives the car. How Iong did it take her to learn?" Bob Moore: "Oh, about two and a half cars." Bonnie Lambertson: "I've a beautiful home overlooking a private lake." William Coburn: "Why I was out to your place, and I didn't see any lake." Bonnie: "Hmm, er, well, that's what I overlooked." Ray McQuire: "Who was the new girl you had at the theater last night?" Otto Morris: "Oh, that wasn't a new one. Just the old one painted overf' Miss Cox: "Ted, give the form of taxa- tion Florence left out.', Ted Linder: "I'm sorry, I didn't hear the one she omitted." Perry Cornelious: "There is something wrong with this cakeg it doesn't taste rightf' Josephine Idlewine: l'That's your imagi- nation. It says right in the cook book that it's delicious." L . I I I I I I I I I I I I I 42. COMPLIMENTS OF KING Automatic Music Service 1602 South A Street 2.- I i I I I 1 I I I I I I. I I -'Ii l-ll1uu YOU DON'T SAY? SO INTERESTING YEA - MAN STUDY SMILE, WARD AH, A FUNNY BOOK 51 A I is .gan-,m-u -nu1nu1nu-uu-nu1nu-:m-: -,m-m-:m- -nu1nn-uu-nn-nu-un-nu-nn-nu-um-an-nun-nu-um1uu1m-I? I CITY CREAMERY SUIVIIVIEFQS :SL SON Q 1 - i FOR DAIRY PRODUCTS CALL YOUR GROCER or Phone 1177-W "SERVICE IS OUR POLICY" L Ui:-IIITHII 1ll1T11 Illl T Wlllllli llll S- llll T llll T llll 1 llll -ll llll T II4- '1 llll 1' llll '1 lll! 1 IIII G' Illl 1 Alll -1 llll 1 Ixll -1 llll -nlulvulvulit -s----1'--- '--- - -'-' - '--- - "1' - ---- - -'-- - -'-- - -'-- - ---- - '--- - "'- - '--' - '--- -1- su- '--- - '--- - ---- - "-- - ---- - ---- - ---- - -'-- - ---1 -1'-A- -'-- - l--- ------H-if e 5 ? CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS ' and ACCGSSOW CO- i Y Dawson Buick Company I Elwood's Only Auto Parts Store YOUR Q Home-Owned and Home-Operated L BUICK'PONTIA,C DEALER 1 I Q I 1604 So. A Phone 807 ELWOOD 3- ..-1 - lllf - .--' - --IK - '-.- - '--' - "-. --u-- -lll - .-.' - "-- - '-" - "-: -I--I 3' I-'l - -IIK - -"- --:- --II - '-" - "-f - III- --'--- .'-1 -.H-ui. ADS AND JOKES -9- :-- -- :--' - ---' - ---' - '-'- - "-- - "" - '--' - "-' - "'- - "" - "" - "" -"' HARD TO FIT IN SI-IOES? TRY I EI N 'S I i ELVVOOITS Newest Foot Fashion Center I Tommy Hartzler: "Wliy do you Wear such loud socks?,' jack Blankenship: "To keep my feet from going to sleep." Miss Cox to Robert Fortson in civics class: "Robert, you are snoring so loud, y0u're keeping the rest of the class awake." In the girls' gym class, Miss McCammon was giving the girls exercises. She gave the command: "Raise your right foot high." One of the girls making a mistake, raised her left foot, thus bringing it next to the other girl's foot. Miss McCammon said: "What wise person has both feet up?" In chorus one of the girls was singing a solo, it sounded very corny and. Mr. Gilkey couldn't imagine what was the matter. He asked to see the sheet of music. When he looked at it he exclaimed, "No wonder, you were singing fly specksf, "Now,,' said Miss Nash, "Give me a definition of space." Madonna Knotts stuttered: "Space," she began, "is where there is nothing. I can't explain it exactly, but I have it in my headf' Mr. Guenther: "You are safe on a foot- ball field with a thick leather helmet on your skull which is difncult to crack even with a hammer. ..... I mean the helmet!" Q, 4...-gn.- .. - ----, ---- 1 ni-mai. I I i SAM Hotties Q U A L 1 T Y I DRY Q I CLEANERS T 1926 Main I T 1507 Main Phone 842 T .f....- ..,. .. ...1 .. ...L - ..., ....-- .... - .... - ..., - ..,, - . ..3.. Mr. Hillis: "Your son threw a stone at me." Mr. Brown: "Did he hit you?" Mr. Hillis: "N0." Mr. Brown: "Then he wasn't my sonf' Martha Brunson: "Did anyone ever tell you how wonderful you are?" Muff Davis: "Don't believe they ever have." Martha: "Then where'd you get the idea?" Football Fan: "Wliat does 'not transfer- able' on this season ticket mean? Do you know?" Freshman: "It means that no person will be admitted to any game unless he comes himself." Mr. Forney bought a new car that im- pressed his friends favorably. One day a friend remarked: "It's not a bad-looking bus, old man. What's the most you ever got out of it?" Mr, Forney: "Seven times in one mile." Old Gentleman: "You're an honest lad, but it was a ten dollar bill I lost, not ten ones." Bill Lewis: "I know, but last time I found one, the man didn't have change." +---i--- -i-- -- - - - 1--' - ---- - f--- - ---- - f--- --H-- 1-x- - ---i -2' -s---"'- -I - "-' - '--' -- - '--' - -"-'- - - -I----H'-I I I 1 candies, School Supplies 1 Elwood lumber Cgmpany I I - I I Soft Drinks and Phone 28 Magazines "EVERYTHING . . . I from Plans to Paint" 1603 East Main Street s. 18th street at Nickel Plate Track I I..- .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... -n.- .... - .... -- .... -..+ -1 .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .-.. - --.. - .-.. - .... - .... -..-...I ADS AND JCKES -:nu-nn-ml-un--um--ml-lm1un-nn-un--nn-nnimw -an Tompkins Shoe Repair John James, Prop. 1538 South A Street Wfv Make Your Shoes Look Like' New -nn-nn-nu-nu-uni 14- -mn1mu-nn-m.-nu1nn-u 11m1un-un-nu-un-nm-lm-lnx-un- 1 - -un-ur "May Your Future Be Happy and Prosperous' Gladys L. Slauter "QUALITY JEWELRY" Next to Elwood State Bank 1nn.-nu-mvinu--uninm1mn-nn-M1um1nn1nn1un-u HO - HUM CRUNCH! 3' T For Graduation Give Her a T PERMANENT t DOROTHY'S 1 BeautyShoppe T Phone 202 1508 S. A iw- rrlr - rrfl - lfrl - lrff - rrll ---- r..r - ...r - N... - r... - 1 ..- "3""' "" " "" - "" - "" - "" - "" " "" - "" - "" - "" -' "" -' "" - "" - l 1 INSURANCE Frank E. DeHority 6: Son Opposite P. O. Phone 193 ESI. 1900 +aW---mu r--r 1--- r.-r r-,r ----- rr.. ---M+ --.. EXECUTIVE LET ME SEE ....m1n1.,,,1 ,mi 1 lm.-H...-,,1,,,,..,,,,1i,,,1 ii W S '3""""' "" " "" """" E ' '-:""l"'!' g Come to " HARIRS SYSTEM" l T f o r ALL FRESH l CoNEECTIoNs 1428 West Main Street .p..-........I... ,..t - ..., - .... - ..., .. .... - .... .. .... - ,... .. ...L .. ...: -..I-...i. Paul Juday: "Is it true that Muff Davis will not get to play in the tourney next year?" Mrs. Records: "Yes, I am afraid that it is true. There is nothing we can do about it as his birthday is in Februaryf' Paul: "We could Write to President Roose- velt. He could move the tourney date ahead." Young Husband: "Aren't those eggs done l Qon-:m--Im1nu-nu-- --un1un- -un1un-:- -nu-I-.io O. D. H1nshaW's DRUGS Paint - Wall Paper T T T Three Prescription Pharmacists T Phone 88 Elwood, Ind. -i-i:-w- '-'1 - --II - 'f-- - '-': --- --II - --li - --Ii - ---' - ---1 - '--i -if- Mr. Brown in public speaking class ask- ing for introductions called upon Kent Daw- son. Kent stepped to the front of the class and said, "This may be a little con- fusing but I am myselff, Mr. Ashton to Robert Walker who had fallen asleep in the assembly room, "Time for breakfast, Robert." Norma Hurst: "So you are on a sub- yet?" lmarine. What do you do?" Young Wife: "No, Dear. l've boiled Sailor: "W'hen we want to dive, I run them over two hours and they're not soft forward and hold her nose. yct.'l Q..-....-....-,...-....-....-....-..........-I...-,.........-.,,....I..-...4. 2...-I.. ---- ....-,.....I..-....-i...-I...-, .. -II.-.-.!. 1 ' . I Q Reynolds Electric I Complimenfs Of I ' , I . . I : PHONE 270 7 Victory Service Shop T 2 5 Tom Miller, Prop. 5 ELECTRICAL RETAIL I 1 SHINE o HATS o PRESSING 1 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING SHOE REPAIRING I 123 South Anderson St. 1533 M ' t I l am S rect Phone 898 Elwood, Tod. 4. -...I- .-. ---- -... . - I-...-.. 'i' -5 4. ...,.,-..,......i-. 1- .. .. - .............-...,...........,:-..y, ,,1,,,,1:1:1 1 1 1 1 1 111' 1- 1- 1,,,,11::.-,ul-. 1 1 .. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1,,,,-4. I 1 g Comp1iments of g i . . Woolworth Company 3 FIVE AND TEN CENT sToRE i Phone 115 208-210 South Anderson 1 l 4.............-....-.........,.. ... - - - -,.. ,- ,- - -.. .. .. ..I1-...,.....I............-............................-...,.....,....,i. ADS AND IOKES F 5' ADS AND JOKES H 11...k11,..1-.-11 .. ... .-4 .... 1- -..4,-11,-,,1-1.-H,-w x Compliments of HOME ICE AND COA L COMPANY Home Lunlbea' Cay, I N 'T' . , LI'QD6Z'EL1LiD!C Vhctc tg: A111110 Xvwiulz H X GY. Njgt' Pl , W ', f lumc 132 gznwoou, Emi. A 1404? ....,,:1..uw1f-f-:n...wm....W., ...U ...W ..... ,..,,,,-,..,,,,-....,,,,i, fm..-.-.1---, x f'I5c.:zw,-M .L-gulwff.-Y" fn' x gcil V .1 :fu '1 ,.rrx .1 ivimuif .1 rg1m1Lif." 1 3 uv: UUE! 'fx,1L7. .55 'A Homic zu A mfmxrw, Nfazmiv. "'Y1'f..x, JJ 'mx 1,51 1 A f.g2wi4: 'lf wov'Ewaf .xx Hu- N'iomQa,' 'K ' " : "Cami or iqonfa' fdwr: "Do jfwm 5-fJlExN 51.l'vs 1wi',u'-fm. rg v1cnE4f.19t?" IL HL johns: "Nm, V me LW!'1k'1'!'S L Rx qw LG Em-iq vw' 1 1':',wJ n , .,,...........,...---V 1,,,.,..m .... .- ,W ...,H.... mgrulzzizztizms ffm: 5-hm-w if' the Class- uf 15340 TLANTIC 6: PACIFIC TEA COMPANY SELF SEHVTE IUARKET 1416 South A Strcct 134W--ww-v-1--F ...- fyll rw!-f,-, X- Ji' ELECTRIC COOKERY INDIANA G li NERAL SERVICE COM PAN Y ,fy .-.M-..v .-.mr-,,..., -. X- ,.., V- Hi ' ?1?f.5fi1N:'1'!15 ul' H ix WS J fx , K , wfce::'jf :mu Meats .A uf 1 QGHH' L: ,X D11 . . ,1 1 A.. 33.1535 ,LLCFQLT 'Ti L' f3'fa14f'l I , -1. I0 5 -- ,nr '11 N mfiL'L1.',."' 1 ,llilixl A JIQYC 1 5 5:11-3 A X2 wurzemi ' x i vi,Q4iH4f Vsrfm Lu L. .U V4' 'iN 'MATH a mppow it! .dl right, but 1 ,-,Y V 1,.UI11f5zE!Y1'.f2':E:+ VIQNS 1 R11 AND BATTERY SERVICE Phone 1146 NEW LOCAT1ON 7131 Qouth Anderson Street - - 1- 1... - ... -, .. .... .. ,.,N ....,.....g. lg-. - .,,! ..M....N..., ... - ...H...,,- - ... ... ...,.,'...5. ADS AND JOKES ADS AND M TOKES sw A :v7.,, I , si . 4. V- 1- I.. - .. ..,..... - ............- ,-...1-i ,!.....,.- .. ... 1 .. 1 1 .. ... ... -..i...,.,.1..,....,... I I 1iiii1iil,1..ii1 ...1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1i.,,1m,- 'Z' D 11 1 N is E I I TI-IE PAUSE THAT REFRESI-IES .,.-.:.- .... ...- - - .... - 1..i - .-.- -.-- ---1 - ---f - 1-- - 1-.l - --fl - ---i - ---- - ...1 - lll- - --ll - --.i - -A-- ----- I ----I-is +---u- 1--- --m---M- 1--- - 1--- - ---- -i--- --'- - f-'- -I -- -1-H-'-'- -gf -g-'-2-:-- f--- - f"- - -f-- - l'-- - '--' - '--- - --- - 2--- - 1--f LEWELLYN STUDIO I I DUN T SAY BREAD I I SAY - of Photography i I I C o R N - T o P E TONY LEWELLYN Th61'F,S Il Difference Photographer i Q DIETZEN,S BAKERY I I ......i. vi' Husband: "I've told you before that it is economically unsound to spend your mon- ey before you get it." Wife: "I don't know. If you don't get it - at least you've had something for your moneyf' Chief of police: "Can you give a des- cription of your missing cashierf, Banker: "He is about Eve feet, five inches tall and 57,000 short." Joyce Crawford: "How far have you got- ten in your Sunday School?" Bett ' M ferl : i'I'm ast ori inal sin U I I Y P 8 - Joyce: "Humph, I'm past Redemption." 4..-..-...-..-..,-........-....-..,.-W-,...-,,....,...-,..... Qc Commons Drug Store Wfalgreefz Syszfem 122 South Anderson Street I "CONGRATULATIONS" I 4. -.,, ...H ...H -mi-..,.-....-.........,-....-....-....-...i-...f-iq. Mr. Gilkey: "How much did you pay fo that new hat?" Mrs. Gilkey: "Nothing" Mr. Gilkey: nothing?" Mrs. Gilkey: "I told the milliner to send the bill to you." "How did you get it for Mrs. Records: "Have you been offered work?" Leroy Barmes: "Only once, madam, aside from that I've had nothing but kindnessf, Jeannette Hurd: "Didn't he like school?" Jeanne Rutledge: "He must - he says some of the happiest years of his life were spent in the third year." -fan- in-:in1:in1im-im1m.11m..iin--im11ii.1:m1 iii1'm1: - 'Q' THE EMPORIUM 222 S. Anderson St. Women's and Misses' Smart Apparel T I AT POPULAR PRICES T 4. 14.1.-i - -- i- . ------ -- -..i1..,f, -fu -m1- -- . 1111111 1 .1 ,-,,,,-,,,i ADS AND JOKES ,n-m:-- n:-ut:-ut:1uu-un1nu1nll-nu.-mt..nn-un..nr-ii sQou1.ui1un..nt ..nu--nn-nu11m1nn1nn1nninns:--tu-un1nut-un ,1,,,,1,.,,....m....m,-31n1m-..m1.m1,m1i,,,1.n1.q1.u.. - W. A. LEWIS Sz SON FEED MILL CUSTOM GRINDING AND MIXING O. K. Feeds COAL - FEED - SEEDS - HAY - STRAW 2 South 18th and Nickel Plate Railroad 5- Miss Cox in civics class: "Now if Mr. .. ,i - Z violates the agreement, the other part- ners can sue 'Z'." Voice in rear: "Suzie who?" Esther Dellinger: "Hey, this coffee tastes like mud." Bud Strader: "Sure, it should: it was ground a few minutes ago." Rosemary Houston: "Do you know the color of shampoo?', Ann Lois Leeson: "No. What is the color of shampoo?" Rosemary: "Drene." Mr. Kratli: "What do you know about nitrates?" Elizabeth Sage: "Well, er - - er, they are a lot cheaper than day ratesf' Glenn Locke: "I think I'll become a mas- ter taxidermist and make a million dollarsfi George Shaw: "Say, quit talking stuff and nonsense." Vivian Murphy: "That new actress is as clumsy as a cow." Ellen Bruning: "Well, maybe that's whv shc's in a stock company." Mary.Ann Wilson: "Ha, Ha --I see 9 ' D! you re a man who blows his own horn. Melvin Grimme: "Your mistake, pal. It won't be mine until I've made six more oavments on it.', +-- --" - --II - "-- - -'-- - "'- - --'- - ---- -1-i- -'-- - "-- - ---- - '--- - ---' -H-g Elwnmt Battery 81. Electric 222 South 16th street Phone 346 Automotive Electricians E I ADS AND Jokes 'P 3' Phone 29 -nn.-nu1uninu..nn-nn1nn1nn-tut1nu-n,-ultima-nn-tu:-n11 :-itn-nu1uu-nnut- 1un--:uni-mt1m1im1iut1m:tu- Mr. Lindley: "Jimmy, spell 'weather'. Jimmy Parrish: "w-e-t-t-h-e-r." Mr. Lindley: "Well, Jimmy, that's 1 worst spell of weather we've had in year Mrs. Havens: "June, don't you know tl it is not proper for a young girl of ya age when on the street to turn around a look at a man?" June Havens: "But, Mother, I was on looking to see if he was looking to see I was looking to see." Mr. Nuding: "Have you ever read ' a Field Mouse'?" Marvin Wells: "Why, no. How do 5 get one to listen?" Rosella Bambrough: "Do you know wl kind of a joke an Egyptian joke is?" Marjory Smith: "No.,' Rosella: "An Egyptian joke is a joke tl sphinxf' Mr. Kratli to Ted Linder in physics cl: "Yes, Ted, what do you want?" Ted Linder: "I would like to know so thing." Billy Nagel: "Why do so many women their chins in their hands when they thinking?" Lewis Hickner: "To keep their mo shut, so they won't disturb themselvesf ui.-gm- inning1141.1m,1i,,,,.mlilnl.-wilful- 1 1 Congratulations, Seniors! MQRRIS Sc and l0c to 351 Store Glenn Auxter, Mgr. run- 1 :1ut:-un...nn....uu....nulmllmi.. 1... 11 ,1 ,sv 59 2 35 tw We L W WZ W' ,J X l AT., .I ,,...,.. .7 I 4 1+ ' in X 1 1? 4 , '24 , - will 5' v ' 5,41 ,.. . .. . K? ' , f 4. if 6 , X 3,1 .. L.-M., , . .. Lg, g f g.,e:5I l 12525:--D Ai' ga E 5 l myzfiiifkcg1f.i',5f, :. .1-:J A xgjffg,E ..f- A .5 A .z.f:fgm 1 .3W ,g -.Q fgwgf' ff' liz' H f. 11.9.6 M., :J . if wg, . of... M 'V Aff -'Eff - -:.: We f 1 1: 3 "" ",..,.! ..,. ,. ,. ,..'iQJ5 Q' .7 ,T v -:f.:.-V:-.-:S , V ... ..... m.Z5532,1,5:g5I Compliments of PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE STATION 1437 South A Street Clarence Swinford David Clingenpeel Phone 317 ...lm-.I 1. 1,IH1m...m,....m,...,m..,m.1,.,,1 1 .1m4...u -.m-uu-ann-nm-nun-nn-nu-nn-nu1un1un-un--nu-u R. L. LEESON 64: SONS CO. The Best Place to Shop, after all. 4. -...,-.. .---....... ...,-...g. "Wbc're fha Bm! Peoplr Meet And fha Bm! Pmjzle Eafn .... HOTEL SIDWELL CAEETERIA 1,.,1f111f1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nn.-mu-u ,,1,4,,.1ml1,,1nn1m41...,...,,,.1m41 ....,.l,1- 1 1un1w Compliments of KINDLER SHOE STORE "In Sfep with Fasfyiozf' n..un.1 11un-un-un-ml.-1m1unix-nl1l1nn-un--nn1m,--u ADS AND JOKES ,?.-w-.im-n- 11,111 uunn -n-uni - vlll 1 1'vI -Hliifll-'NIO 'FH' 1"' 1"' 1 "' 1 1 1 "' 1 1"-""'?' I E I H J Schrader 81 Co i 5 O 0 L T Tlie Big Supply House of Indiana Q Auto Parts - Tires Department Store I Spvrting Goods Member of Federated Stores Q Paints - Appliances of America A 1516 Main Phone 237 i 4..- ..,. .. ..,1 - ..., - ...: --.--- --.- - --- - --.. - --If - - -4- -1-.-- ..lf -1 ------ . ---- - "': --Ii' Bob Hinshaw: "What's inertia, Dad?" Mr. Hinshaw: "Well, if I have it, it's nervous prostrationf' Teacher in a class testing knowledge of students. Tossing a half-dollar on the desk, she said sharply: K'What is it?" Instantly a voice from the back of the room replied: "Tails." Martha Nell Scott: "Say, have you heard of the new Swiss cheese they are making for golfers?" Dorothy Hook: "No." Martha: "It has only eighteen holes." Bob Hinshaw: 'Tve a notion to give you a piece of my mind." Mary Ruth Ackerman: "Okay, but Hrst you'd better let me call a certain scientist I know to helpf' Bob: "A scientist?" Mary: "Yes, a fellow who knows how to split atoms." Jack Copher: "I know of nothing worse than to find a hair in my soup." Phil Orbaugh: "Wouldn't it be worse to have soup in your hair?" Sian-in-:in1nn1nu-nu-nu-un-un- iiiv 1- V... - .,.. -- ,... -.ni-1: - '!' MEN'S and BOYS' CLOTHING AND SHOES glibc Qualify Corner up .....-...- .... -..... ..., - ...: ......- .... - .... - .... - ..,i - .... -...'......i. l ADS AND JoKEs Horace Lewis: "I am a selfmade man." Jean Morris: "That relieves someone of an unpleasant responsibility." Marvin Wells fin English 7 examj: "I-Iovd far were you from the right answer?" Adelma Bell: "Oh, about three seats." Bob McGraw: "FII bevglad when I a old enough to do as I please." Father: "And about that time you'll ge married, so it won't do much good after all.' Muff Davis: "There are some spectacles that one never forgets." Bruce Robbins: "Tell me where I can ge a pair: I'm always forgetting mine." Ray Bohlander: "Perry, what must we dc before our sins can be forgiven?" Perry Cornelious: "That's easy: we mus ' !Y sin. Miss Barnes: "What is it that Brazil pr duces more of than any other country?" Mickey Williams: "Brazilians" Bob Walsh: "Say, that punch of you is great stufff, Jeanette Harpold: "I'm glad you like it. Bob: 'KYeah, itis great: but those litt Hsh get in the way." 4...-i...-....-....-H..-....-....-....-.,,.- - -. .. -i...-1.4. I "Look your BEST I I If you are looking for success." I Keep up your Appearance . . . I Dress for Comfort and Style. I OUR NEW SPRING CLOTHING will give you that T "well dressedl' look. E Harry's Store for Men 4 I i A STORE FOR YOUNG MEN and MEN WITH YOUNG IDEAS T 4. ....-.,..-.,.........-....-....-....-....-....-....-..,.-..........i.....g. ..,,1.uu..1 .. 1 1 .1m11 ... .- 1: ...m..-.4m..- FOR AUTO INSURANCE CALL Gail Orbaugh 6: Son 899 - Phone - 287 111-1ln1nu:1un1 ..uuiuu1 1 1nn-lln1nn--nniu 1:u-un-:nu-nun-un-nu-un1nu..uu1:m-:lu-nu.-nu-w John W. Moore CHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE 1616 South A Street 4....-1.......n..-1...-....-,...-.,...-...........-...,.. ... ..:...-....- 4. Congratulations and Success to the Class of 1940 J. C. Penny Co. Inc. L. L. Squier, Mgr. ,-..,,,1...,m.- g....m-.m..m..-1.1104111.11 1 .-un.-I. u-1m-nn1mv-nn1nu..nu...nn.1nu1nu-nn-nu:-uni-un QUALITY FURNITURE PERKINS : RHODES FURNITURE co. I I I I Of' 1111.11.-N.11.11.-.m...,m..lm..m.1m..-m.-un-m:1m--urls 'IMI-llnillu-4 -111 1 - - - inn'-"' 4' - lly11m1un111111llll--H111-ullllluilnl-1Alninlv11In- Compliments of VOGUE AND ELWOOD THEATERS JOE FINNERAN, 2' ,n-'m-nn-mv--uu--un1nn....nu-nn-nu-:nu-:vu-I Manager ,,,:...K,.-..,,- .1-,..I-...K-..l....,..-....-W..-...K.-..,, g 2 Contgratulations to the Class of 40 Compliments of 2 2 Iames A. CreagmiIe8fS0n TI-IE ELWGOD SWEET SI-IGPPE A Biff' to Em' mm' S0 in cfbzng Sweet ngas Bros. I I -r WHOLESALE AND RETAIL I X GROCERIES AND MEATS : : 4 I n i' JZ . ' N153 'clxsels 0 2 Qrlishi. Enqnilef S , 010 Print:-3TS -un- l.-nn1nn.- vefs PX-golf! ,. L 1 nv.. l ,L

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