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 ELSTONIAN [ ELSTON HIGH SCHOOL 317 DETROIT ST. MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 46360 VOLUME 68 -1988- When I think of home, I think of a place where there is love overflowing. I wish I was home. I wish I was back there with the things I've been knowing. Wind that makes the tall grass bend into leaning. Suddenly the raindrops that fall have a meaning. Sprinkling the scene, makes it all clean, w Maybe there’s a chance for me to go back Now that I have some direction. It lure would be nice to be back home where there’s yfd affection. nd just maybe I can convince time to slow up. Giving me enough time in my life to grow up. Time be my friend; let me start again. I wish I was home!!! Living here in this brand new role might be a fantasy, But it taught me to love, so it’s real to me. And I’ve learned that we must look inside our hearts To find a world full of love ’HOME!!’ UJ u. " H U Top Left: Largest Dollar cinema in Indiana. Top Right: The Lakefront. Middle Left: The Marquette Mall. Center: The new Lighthouse Place Outlet. Bottom Left: The News-Dispatch. Bottom Right: The Civil War Monument.Top Left: Coast Guard Top Right: Indiana State Prison Middle Left: Marina area on Trail Creek Middle Right: Police Station Bottom Left: Band Shell and W.W. I Monument Bottom Right: South Shore Line.First impressions . . . we all make them. We may wear the right clothes, act the right way. and say the right things; but one little technicality might turn a person off. First impressions only happen once and many girls and guys go to the outer limits to impress somebody. Traditionally the guy usually has to have a pretty good cash flow when it comes to mak ing a good and lasting impression when he plays the dating game. After school seemed to be the perfect place to show off your new or 'not sonew ' car. Students everywhere were doing burn outs in the parking lot, trying to make their trademarks noticed. Some students try and try again, but's it’s the first impressions that really count. Ct FIRST IMPRESSIONS Q 4 1Top center: Dee Plummer and Thomas Blank share a coke at the football game. Far left: What freshman girls would do to impress guys. Bottom left center: Dan Edlen gives Cathy Moran a little hug. Top right: Scott Pelath tries to win a girls heart. Bottom right center: Drew Koss, Scott Heitmann. and Tony Lenoir show off their hairy legs. Bottom right: Andrew Allen and Derek Elwood need a little lovin'.This page top left: Front of Elston. Top right: Devil Center Top: Air view of Elston. Center Bottom: Athletic Complex. Bottom Left: Red Devil Gym. Opposite page Top Left: AKA Center. Center Left: Parking. Center Right: Side of Elston. Bottom Left: Theatre. Bottom Right: Clock In 1869. the first high school in Michigan City was Fourth Street School, located on the corner of Fourth and Pine Street. The building was used until 1876 when the number of students had increased so greatly a new school had to be built. In 1876, Central School was built. The building was seriously damaged by a fire in f I 1869 and classes were held at Barker Hall and I J other places until it was reconstructed. V The building became inadequate and Isaac C. Elston wa built at Detroit and Spring Street in 1909. Again, enrollment became too large and the present Isaac C. Elston Senior High School was constructed in 1924. Classes opened in 1925 and the 63rd class to graduate is the class of '88.FASHIONS “88” Fashion is the in thing. It seems that everyday there's a new look,everything from I Stonewash Jeans, Miniskirt, Boots, White J Sneakers, Bows, Long Earrings,to stripes,and Torn Tennies.The 80’s look is definitely "stru-tin" its stuff. Remember its not who you are, it’s what you wear! I FASHION 8 3This is your ticket to Elston Elston High School is a campus of five buildings. These buildings consist of: the Aca demic Building, the A.K. Smith Career Center, the Meer Complex, the Red Devil Gym. and the Theatre Building. Within these buildings you will find many twists and turns which may cause you to get lost. Upon entering Elston, you will come across the Red Devil tile which symbolizes our school mascot. If you take a peek above the entrance doors, you will find the Robert Graf ton Mural. It was painted by Robert Grafton. z: e CO UJ Three One k ELSTOH J r " SNine Seven Five Eight 5. 7. One of the library assistants eagerly helps a fellow student. This door will lead you to the Elstonian staff and their office. Paula Wiencek gets her books together for her next class. Munchie machines are very popular at Elston. Here is a section from the Robert Grafton Mural; a beautiful sight to see. Our mascot, the Red Devil, greets you upon entering Elston. This calendar displays the events happening during the month. 8. Our school flag can be seen with the Devilettes at football and basketball games. 9. (Jpon entering this door you will find the Comet staff and their office. E ELSTON 11THIS IS Top left: The crowd goes wild! Top cen tral: Marc Chavez shows the Devil spirit. Top Right: Marc Chavez struts his stuff. Bottom Center: Dan Adnson tears through the hoop to another VIC TORY GAME! CITY DEVILS THAT’S THEDEVIL COCINTRY TICKETS GO! FIGHT! WIN! L SPtRIT J r » S— ISAAC C. ELSTON HIGH SCHOOL HOMECOMING PARADE GAME FLOWERS The Elston sign at the tennis courts proclaims homecoming activities. One of the many banners that organizations Miss Lorin Ross and Miss Fran Booth, along with members of the Student Government, hang the made to celebrate homecoming. banners for the homecoming game. L-R Row 1: Jeannie Gallion. Diane Swiger. Carmen McBride. Elizabeth Schmitt. Row 2: Sue Ellis. Carla Filipiak. Jennifer Smith. Chris Dimke, Jill Weber. Joanna Leatherman. Row 3: Dawn Sullivan. Monica Ragon. Laura Greene. Theresa Bland. Clresa Falls. Kim Peek. Katie McBride. Kim Nessler. Susan Coan. L HOMECOMING r ' 3Jim Aigner helps Jill Weber out of a convertible which had escorted them onto the Chris Dimke and Rico Riley pose for a picture after the conclusion of the field ceremonies. The evening started with parents night. Each senior player was introduced along with his parents. The Red Devils were host to South Bend Washington. Instead of decorating cars, each club designed a banner to show support for the candidates and other homecoming activities. At halftime the 19 candidates were around the field and introduced. The reigning queen. Sharonne Cash, returned to crown her successor. The five finalists were then announced. They were Jennifer Smith, Chris Dimke. Theresa Bland. Clresa Falls, and Carmen McBride. Then came the big moment. Congratulations to our new queen. CHRIS DIMKE. Chris represented Student Government and was escorted by Rico Riley. Even though the student body showed its most impres sive display of school spirit all season, the team lost an exciting 13 14 game. After the game, there was a homecoming dance where everyone had a chance to congratulate our new 1987 88 queen. Mr Joe Martorano was still very optomistic even though it was only halftime This year s homecoming brought in a large crowd to cheer on our team despite the chilly weatherELSTON SCHOOL NURSE ELSTON SECRETARIES Daisy Helmken. Carole Bell. Elaine Bartnick. Karen Butts. Shirley Aigner. Cyndee Windle. and Harriette Wright Jean Wineland M.C. ADMINISTRATION voc- DIRECTOR Bob Miller VOC. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR ■ ROW 1: Phyllis Patterson. Gregg Hanke. Diana Dibke ROW 2: Carl Swenson. Karen Janus, and Melvin Merriweather. Not Pictured Ray Steele. Jack Apple VOC. COUNSELOR ROW I: Robert Dillion. Superintendent Clyde Zeek. Al Whitlow ROW 2: Dick Presser. and Jim Williams. Not pictured Richard Cook. M.C. SCHOOL BOARD George FinneyMr. Tim Bietry: Principal Mr Dick McGill Dean Mr John White. Assistant Principal PRINCIPALS AND COUNSELORS u The administration office, lead by Mr. Tim 1 Bietry is the center of activity at Elston. Mr. J John White is the Assistant Principal. He s in charge of seniors. This year there was a change in the administration, not only do we have principals, we now have deans. Mr. Art Yagodnik, who was in charge of Freshman and Juniors, and Mr. Dick McGill who was in charge of Sophomores. Mrs. Judy Kerestury: Counselor Mrs. Mary Christy: Counselor Mr. Bob Aigner: CounselorTHERESE BOBINSKI Mathamatics FRAN BOOTH English.Junior Sponsor. R.T. Sponsor SHARON BOYSEL English NORM BRCJEMMER Social Studies PAT BRCJEMMER Business MARY CAVENDER English JAMES CLEVENGER I.C.T.. Vocational Department Chairman MAX CROFT English. Boys Golf ROBERTA CROFT Spanish. De partment Chairman JERRY CROLL Health. Swimming. Boys Swimming Coach RICHARD D ARCANGELIS Instrumental Music BENNIE EDWARDS Health. P.E.. Volleyball Coach NANCY EGAN Mathamatics. Soft ball Coach DON EVETT Science. Department Chairman MELVIN FENSKE Auto Shop As sistant QUINCY FORD Instrumental Music KATHY FRITZ Business. Business Store BARBARA FRITZEN Social Stud ies. Sophomore Class Sponsor. Jr. Concessions. Co-Sponsor Student Government MICHELLE GALLAS Science JONATHON GROTH Vocational Welding JO HARBER Special Education ROBERT HOGAN English. Sophomore Class Sponsor STAN HOLDCRAFT Speech. Stage Manager. Drama Club CABOT HOLMES Social Studies. Track Cross Country CoachDOMNA JOHNSON Business KATALIN KALLAY German. English RON KERWIN Social Studies. Honor Society Sponsor. Ski Club PAUL LAUX Speech. Canteen I, Student Government Co-Sponsor. ELSTONIAN THERESA LAUX Special Education BETTY LOCKE Speech. English MARK MARZ Science, Science Club SANDRA McCORMICK English. COMET. Freshman Class Sponsor DANIEL McNABB Vocal Music. Devil Magic. Freshman Class Sponsor DANIEL MIGLIORINI Construction, Manufacturing. Junior Class Sponsor NATALIE NESS Math ALICIA OBEJAS Spanish MYRA REMMEL Health. PE.. Girls Tennis Coach LORIN ROSS Art. Senior Class Sponsor WALLACE SACKS Drafting. Drawing GEORGE SHAVER Math THOMAS SHOOK Business JOANNE SHOVER English JEANNINE SHOWALTER English, Department Chairman KATHY SMIDT English. Cheerleader Coach SMITH Vocational ades JOHN STARKS Social Studies, Health STAFFBARBARA STEINKE French DANIEL STEINKE Health. PE.. Department Chairman. Basketball Coach JOAN STEWART Math DANIEL STOUT Power. Construction EDWARD SUSNIS Science WILLIE THOMAS Special Education DANA THOMPSON Special Education, Girls Basketball LINDA TIGHT Moderately Mentally Handicapped MARK TURNER Latin. Latin Club DONALD VAN HOY Mathamatics.Department Chairman. Ski Club. Chess Club KATHY WALKER Business LINDA WEIK Spanish DANIEL WERDINE Attendance Officer MARGE WINFIELD Special Education CHARLES YOUNG English. Academic Teams ROXANNA YOUNG Science. Canteen II. Senior SponsorFOOD SERVICE % w L John Grams. Carol Dombrowski. Marietta Waldon. and Dave Hapke The custodians and cooks are very important to Elston. Everyday the cooks create new and interesting menues for the students to enjoy. Credit should also be given to our custodians who keep our school clean and in beautiful condition. MAINTENANCE Eleanor Hammill. Martha Berg. Mary Mahaffey. and Ruth MaizeTHE MOUSETRAP MOLLIE RALSTON GILES RALSTON CHRISTOPHER WREN MRS. BOYLE MAJOR METCALF MISS CASEWELL MR. PARAVICINI DETECTIVE SGT. TROTTER Elizabeth Schmitt Steve Kellogg Jack King Eileen Mitchell Arturo Pozos Miriam Cleveland David Williams Josh Enquist Agatha Christie comes forth with another hit about a group of strangers stranded in a boarding house during a snow storm, one of whom is a murderer. The suspects include the newly-wedded couple who run the perfect marriage. Others are a spinster with a curious background, an architect who seems better equipped to be a chef, a retired Army major, a strange little man who claims that his car has overturned in a drift, and a jurist traveling on skis. They no sooner arrive, then the jurist gets murdered. Two down and one to go. To get to the rationale of the murderer s pattern, the policeman probes the background of everyone present and rattles a lot of skeletons. Another famous Agatha Christie switch finish! Chalk up another superb intrigue for the foremost mystery writer of her time. o seems C Above right Mollie Elizabeth Schmitt and Giles Ralston Steve Kellogg greet Christopher Wren Jackie King upon his arrival at Monkswell Manor Left Mollie Ralston and Christopher Wren get ac quainted shortly after his arrival at Monkswell Manor i "■ 1Elston High School presents THE MOUSETRAP A Play By AGATHA CHRISTIE Elston High School Performing Arts Center Above left: Sgt. Trotter Josh Engquist grills Mrs. Casewell Miriam Cleveland and Christopher Wren. Mollie and Giles Ralston console each other after the mystery at Monkswel! Manor had been solved. Bottom left: Sgt. Trotter endeavors to solve the mystery of who murdered Mrs. Boyle. play 23Elston High School Drama Department presents Rodgers and Hammerstein's inderella Above right: Cinderella Elizabeth Schmitt enters the ball and is greeted by the Prince Josh Engquist who falls in love with the mysterious princess. Left: The Steward Jack King and the Chef Tony Brewer bring their list of necessities for the ball to the Queen Wendy Barnett. Below: The Storyteller Miriam Cleveland prepare the children to listen to the story of CINDERELLA. As the story begins the children fall asleep and into a dream. I MUSICAL 24 3This year Elston's theater department put on Rodgers and Hammersteins CINDERELLA. It was one of the best productions in Elston's theater history. Under the direction of Mr. Stan Holdcraft, the cast and crew worked long hours to bring the musical together. The highlight of the musi-cal was Elizabeth Schmitt as Cinderella. She f transformed herself into the role so well it was f easy to believe she was Cinderella. This musi- V cal was the highlight of the year. Above Cinderella and her Prince Charming at their wedding. Left The Prince at long last fits the slipper on Cinderella. Below: CINDERELLA cast gathers for a cast picture.TICKET TO SUCCESS Salutatorian Susan Coan Valedictorian Todd Zubler Yasmin Hakim David Connell Row 1 Jill Weber. Monica Ragon. Yasmin Hakim Row 2Jeff Kerestury. Jim Aigner. Greg Flesher. Chris Willoughby. David Connell Row 3 Susan Coan. Todd Zubler Jim Aigner Chris Willoughby Greg Flesher mSENIOR BANQUET Leon Madkins receives the art award Senior cheerleaders receive a special award from Kathy Smidt. Josh Enquist receives an award for his achievements in the theater Paul Kassel receives an award from PCJSHIce, Cait i In Tk Shj Pamela Chambers. Derek Braddy Jennifer Orlowski. and Doug Barnett walk over the bridge Elizabeth Mowmski and her escort pose for the camera to Ice Castles In The Sky May 13: The day many had been waiting for four years on end — an eventful day that all teenagers look forward to. It was the day of the Jr. Sr. Prom, and all were ready to cross over to "Ice Castles In The Sky." Many students enjoyed the fun and excitement of dancing and gossiping with all of their friends. For seniors it might have been the last time to see some of their close friends whom were with them from day one of their freshmen year. All who attended the Prom spent an enormous amount of time and preparation. On the actual day of prom, beauty salons, stores with last minute items even as trivial as the "perfect" nail polish, and florists were packed with student in final preparation. Scott Pelath and Marisa Graf pose for the photographer at promDavid Narducci. LeAnna Mannia. Lisa Narducci and Rick Grams have a memorable evening at Ice Castles in the Sky R L I i Friends pose for a picture at post prom Jill Jahnz and Ted Richardson enjoy their romantic evening togetherCLASS OF 1988 1988 CLASS OFFICERS: PATRICK RILEY PRESIDENT KISHA WARD VICE PRESIDENT KILA WARD SECRETARY CLASS SPONSORS: LORIN ROSS ROXANNA YOC1NG VALEDICTORIAN: TODD CORNELIUS ZUBLER SALUTATORIAN: SUSAN BRIGITTE COAN SADUAIIONjCOMMENCEMENT S GRADUATION A L 5SENIOR CLASS The Senior Class Steering Committee was comprised of Elston's most eager and promising students. With all of their enthusiasm to make their last year their best, they managed to do just that. They made various important decisions such as pick the announcements for graduation, prepare the Senior Banquet and design their senior sweatshirts. Over all the senior committee did an excellent job to help their classmates. Seniors are going through the process of selecting announcements Kila Ward (Sec.). Patrick Riley (Pres ). Kisha Ward (V.P.) ROW I Jim Deuitch. David Williams. Todd Zubler. David Jenkins. Patrick Riley. Jonathan McGeady. Yasmin Hakim. Sarah Williams. Anne Glossenger. ROW 2: Heather Young. Elizabeth Schmitt. Marcia Fischer. Kisha Ward. Kila Ward. Julia Nasser. Andrea Rodman. Aimee DeBone. Ellen Fane. Margaret Fane. ROW 3 Martha Sanders. Makeba Oda. Karey Erow. Wanda Perry. Laura Romine. Missy Dombkowski. Leigh Hennessey. Susan Coan. Jeannie Gallion. Diane Swiger ROW 4 Miss Lorin Ross and Mrs Roxanne Young L SENIOR I Daniel Adnson Jenifer Adrian James Aigner Johnny Anderson Leslie Antcliff Tamala Ard Lisa Avery Christina Baker David Baker Jennifer Baker Bryan Banicki Wendy Barnett Jay Bausback Lisa Bernard Donald Bildhauser Treasia Bland Matthew Bock Kirk Bos Dedra Bottom Paul Box Christine Bozarth Derek Braddy Audrey Brooks Pamela Bulakowski Cellia Burton Laura Butts Tamara Byrd Lamont Byrd David Callahan Wendy Calvin L SENIORS J r r SMichael Canard Gary Carder Laura Carder Tonya Carey Elizabeth Carlisle Kelly Carter Steve Carter Darrell Cash Eric Caufield Pamela Chambers Tomeko Champion Albert Chatoman Marc Chavez John Clevenger Susan Coan Joseph Coar Rhett Cochran David Connell Kennith Coon Julius Cooper Yvonne Cooper Kimberly Copley Curtis Cox Julie Craig Wendy Crawford Anthony Cruise Terri Cuma Cozy Daniel Donald Drake Thomas Daniels L SENIORS J r ” SVickie Davis Angela Day Aimee Debone Tonda Delong Mona Dennison Jim Deuitch Robin Deutscher David Dillard Chris Dimke Carlester Dockery Natalie Dolson Melissa Dombkowski David Dubie John Dudek Steve Dudek Abraham Dudley Andrew Eckwood Gail Edwards Lanon Edwards Thomas Eldridge Eileen Elenz Susan Ellis Derek El wood Josh Engquist Karey Erow Roderick Fairchild Ronald Falls (Jresa Falls Ellen Fane Margaret FaneKendra Filipiak Marcia Fischer Greg Flesher Charlotte Flowers Mark Foster Angie Fowler Michelle Fritz Jeannie Gallion Darcy Garbacik Anthony Garrett Jason Geddes Karen George Douglas Gielow Anne Glossenger Patrick Gondeck Stephen Gough Kimberly Greene Laura Greene Steven Gronceski Kathryn Haberman Chip Haferkamp Thomas Hahn Joyce Hajvert Yasmin Hakim Diane Harmon Linda Harris Valerie Harris Amber Hartke Julie Harvey Mary Heffron E SENIORS 37Gregory Hekter Leigh Hennessey Billy Heuck Kristen Hiatt Evelyn Hicks James Holtcamp Curtis Houston Andrea Howard David Humbers Theron Hunsley Beneen Ibrahim Kimberly Jackson Larry Jackson Robert Jackson Christine Jahnz Jill Jahnz Tamara Janowski Kevin Jarett Archell Jemison David Jenkins Amy Johns Jennie Johnson Yolanda Johnson Regina Jones Scott Jovien Paul Kassal Kris Kazmierczak Kimberly Kellogg Jeff Kerestury Sheila Kersey L SENIORS J f 1Jackie King Tricia Kostielney Bill Krachinski Robert Kubsch Jonathon Landing Samuel Lawson Joanna Leatherman Paul Leckie Angela Lenoir Darin Lewis Heidi Lewis Wallisa Lewis Pamela Lidke Ann Lindborg Michael Losiniecki Michelle Lowry Russell Lowry Timothy Luckett Susan Luscomb Diane Mackey Leon Madkins Catherine Manry Melissa Mann Kristie Mann Christopher Mark Bryce Marsh Amy Martin Roslyn Martin Jack Matzke Carmen McBride F «! SENIORS 39Kathryn McBride Wendell McCollough John McGeady David McMonigal Michael Meske Henry Miller Wayne Miller Eileen Mitchell Melissa Mohamed Michael Moldenhauer Patricia Morgan Greg Moss Tricia Murray David Narducci Lisa Narducci Julia Nasser Timothy Navarro Kimberly Nessler Joey Nichols Michelle Nicholson Daniel Niegos Kara Nilson Duane Norman Miriam Oda Patricia Oltz Kelly O'Neal Jennifer Orlowski Alisa Owens Jennifer Palmer Kimberly Parker k SENK»S A r iLori Parrish Kristopher Patterson Kathy Pauli Lashia Payton Robin Pecina Kimberly Peek Scott Pelath Wanda Perry Chip Pleaasants Dee Plummer Scott Plummer Beverly Ponder Nicole Ponder Arturo Pozos Michael Quakenbush Monica Ragon Raymond Ramirez Elizabeth Ratliff Vickie Rhodes Karen Richardson Patrick Riley Jose Ringo Andrea Rodman Carrie Rogers Laura Romine Michael Ruhe Martha Sanders Chris Scheuchner Jerry Schliephake Elizabeth Schmitt I seniors 3Michele Schwartz Robert Sebesta Guy See Timothy Sheehy Travis Shipley Marianne Shores Donald Sims Tracy Simmons Trista Sipes Timothy Sitkiewicz Rodney Skonieczny Sean Smiertelny Brian Smith Jennifer Smith David Sparkman Elizabeth Sparkman Kevin Sparks Pernell Starks Ken Stubbs Diana Swiger Mark Swistek Satonya Taylor Kathleen Troyer Jennifer Turner Michael Typpi Michael Grbanski Scott Vangilder Melissa Voss Jimmy Walker Kila Ward L SENIORS J r r iKisha Ward Jackie Watts Jill Weber Sara Wenclaff Melissa Werdin David Westphal Deana White Nancy White Jefferey Wiencek Danny Williams David Williams Erika Williams Sara Williams Xavier Williams Chris Willoughby Dean Wilson Lorren Wilson Michael Wilson David Wolf Jennifer Wolf Timothy Woodley Angela Woolsey Theresa Wright Heather Wright Todd Zubler I SENIORS 43“88” SENIOR ADNSON. DAN Honor Society 3.4 Office Messengers 4 Baseball 3 Boy s Basketball 3.4 Boy's Tennis 4 ADRIAN. JENNIFER Art Club 1 Prom Worker 3 O.E.A. 4 R.T. 1 Swim Timer 3.4 Teacher Asst. 3 Girls Swim Team 3.4 AIGNER. JAMES Honor Society 3.4 Boy's State 3 D.A.R Award 4 Homecoming Escort 4 Scholarship Pin Steering Committee 1,2,3 Student Government Boy 's Cheerblock Prom Worker 3 SADD 3 Swim Timer 4 Spanish Club 1.2 Baseball 1.2 Boy's Basketball 1 ANTCLIFF. LESLIE R T 1 Teacher Asst 2 Ski Club 1 Gymnastics 2 Volleyball 1.2 Freshman Chorus I AVERY. LISA Counselor Asst 1.2 Teacher Asst 3 Ski Club 4 Elstonian 4 Girl's Basketball 1 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2,3.4 BAKER. CHRISTINE Counselor Asst 4 R.T. 1.2 Mat Maid 1 French Club 2,3.4 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2.3.4 BAKER. JENNIFER C.H O 4 Counselor Asst 2 R.T 1.2.3 Swim Timer 1 Teacher Asst 4 German Club 1.2.3 Girl's Golf 2.3 BANICKI. BRYAN Library Asst 1.2 Chess Club 1 Baseball 1.2 BARNETT. WENDY Steering Committee 2.3 Musical All School Play 1 Canteen 3.4 Drama Club Prinicpal Asst 3 Exploratory Teacher 4 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Worker 3 R.T. 2 Student Store 2.3 SADD Teacher Asst 3 PUSH 4 Spanish Club 2.3.4 Devil Magic 4 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2 Student Teaching 4 BARTH. CHRISTOPHER I.C.T. 3.4 BAUSBACK. JAY Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship 1.2.3 Steering Committee 3.4 Canteen 3.4 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Worker 3 Swim Timer 3.4 Spanish Club 3,4 Boy's Basketball 1.2,3.4 Boy's Tennis 1.2.3 4 BERNARD. LISA R.T. 2 SADD 2.3 Teacher Asst 4 Spanish Club 1.2.3 BILDHAUSER. DONALD O.E.A 4 BLAND. TREASIA Homecoming Candidate 4 Devi-lettes 1.2.4 Concert Band 4 BOCK. MATTHEW Ski Club Boy's Tennis Boy's Track 4 Concert Band 1 Pep Band 2.3 Marching Band 1.2.3 Symphonic Band 2.3 BOS. KIRK Musical All School Play Drama Club Teachers Asst 3 Elstonian 4 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2 BOTTOM. DEBRA Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2.3.4 BOX. PAUL Canteen 2,3.4 Teacher Asst. 2.3.4 Wres tling 3.4 BOZARTH. CHRISTINE Steering Committee 1 Stu dent Government 4 Principals Asst. 3 Ticket Seller 4 Prom Worker 3 R.T. 1 Swim Timer 2.3.4 Mat Maid 1 French Club 2 Ski Club 4 Swim Team 2,3,4 Concert Band 1 Marching Band I Symphonic Band 2 BRADDY. DEREK Boy's Cheerblock 2 I.C.T. 3.4 Teacher Asst 3 Ski Club 1.2,3.4 BROOKS. AUDREY I.C.T 4 Student Store 4 Concert Band 1.2 Marching Band 1.2 BULAKOWSKI. PAMELA Devilettes 2 I.C.T 4 Mat Maids 1 Ski Club 2.3.4 BUTTS. LAURA Library Asst 3 I.C.T. 4 Student Store 3 Freshman Chorus 1 BYRD. TAMARA Office Messenger 2 Girls Basketball Freshman Chorus 1 CALLAHAN. DAVID I.C.T. 3.4 CALVIN. WENDY Office Messenger 2.3.4 CAREY. TONYA Honor Society 3.4 Girls State 3 Scholarship Pin 1.2,3.4 Mat Maid 1 Teacher Asst 4 German Club 1.2.3 Science Club 2.3.4 Girls Basket ball 2,3.4 Softball Volleyball 1,2.3.4 Freshman Chorus 1 CARLISLE. ELIZABETH Girls State 3 Counselor Asst. 2 Ticket Sellers 4 O.E.A 4 Office Messenger 2 R.T. 1.2.3 Teacher Asst 4 Ski Club 1.2 Spanish Club 2 Girls Golf CARTER. KELLY Teacher Asst. 4 Spanish Club 2 3 4 Freshman Chorus 1 CARTER. STEPHEN Steering Committee 2 Boys Cheerblock 2.3.4 Office Messenger 4 French Club 2.3 Football Track 1.2.3 CAUFIELD. ERIC Art Club 4 Art Asst 3.4 Ski Club 1.4 Wrestling 2 CASH. DARRELL Canteen 1.4 PUSH 1.4 Basketball 2 Football Track 2.3.4 Wrestling 1 Freshman Chorus 1 CHAMBERS. PAMELA Canteen I 3.4 Teacher Asst. 3.4 French Club I Elstonian 4 Concert Band 1.2 Marching Band 1.2 Student Store 3 CHAVEZ. MARC Boys Cheerblock Stripper for Basketball Games 4 Teacher Asst 3 Bowling Club 1.2.3 Football 4 Track 3.4 CHILDRESS, TODD Student Store 4 German Club 1.2 Science Club 3.4 Concert Band 1 CLEVENGER. JOHN Honor Society 3.4 Boys State 3.4 Steering Committee 1.2,3,4 Student Government Canteen 3.4 Boys Cheerblock Prom Worker 3 Student Store 3.4 SADD 2,3.4 Ski Club Football Track 2.3.4 COAR. JOE Ski Club COCHRAN. RHETT Scholarship Pin 2,3.4 Steering Committee Student Government 1.2 Scholar-ama 1 Cafeteria Asst. 3.4 Student Store 3 SADD 1,2,3 Swim Timer 1 Quiz Bowl 1,2,3.4 Super Bowl 3.4 Spell Bowl 3.4 German Club 1.3.4 Basketball Manager 1.2 Devil Magic 2.3.4 Freshman Chorus 1 CONNELL. DAVID Scholarship Pin 1.2.3 Spanish Club 2 Tennis 2.3.4 COON. KENNETH Musical 2.3.4 Art Club 4 Boys Cheerblock 3.4 Chess Club Science Club 3.4 Football COOPER. JULIUS Drama Club 1.2 Quiz Bowl 4 Super Bowl 3.4 Computer Club 1 Math Club 1 Ski Club 1 Freshman Chorus 1 COOPER. YVONNE Steering Committee 1.4 Art Club 4 C.H.O. 3 Library Asst. 2 Prom Worker 3 Office Messenger 4 Track Timer 3 French Club 1.2 Spanish Club 4 Track 1 COPLEY. KIM Teacher Asst 2.3.4 Ski Club 2.3.4 CRAIG. JULIE Honor Society 4 Scholarship Pin Steering Committee 2,3.4 Art Club 2 Canteen 3.4 Counselor Asst. 3 Prom Worker 2.3. Office Mes senger 3 SADD 3.4 Swim Timer 1 PUSH 3.4 German Club 1.2 Latin Club 3 Science Club 3 Student Teach ing 4 CRUISE. TONY Scholarship Pin 1 Scholarama 1.2 Boys Cheerblock 4 Library Asst. 3 Ticket Seller 4 Student Store 4 Baseball 2,3,4. Basketball 1,2 CUMA. TERRI Steering Committee 1 Student Gov ernment 1 R.T. Teacher Asst. 2 Spanish Club 1.2.3 Elstonian 3,4 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 Gymnastics 1.2.3 DANIEL. COSIE Football Track 1.3.4 Wres tling 3.4 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2.3 DANIELS. THOMAS Student Government 2 Counsel or Asst. 3.4 Tennis 1.2 DAVIS. VICKIE Principal Asst. 3 R.T. 1,2.3 Ski Club Elstonian 4 Track Manager 2 Freshman Chorus 1 DAY. ANGELA Musical 1,2.4 Art Club 1 Principals Asst 4 Office Messenger 3.4 Track Timer 3.4 Foot ball Manager 2 Girls Basketball 4 Softball Manager 2 Track Manager 3.4 Mixed Chorus 4 Marching Band 1.2 DEBONE. AMIEE Honor Society 3.4 Homecoming Candidate 3 Scholarship Pin 1 Steering Committee Musical 1.2 All School Play 1.2 Canteen 3.4 Counselor Asst 3.4 Drama Club 1,2 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Worker 1.2.3 Swim Timer 1.2 Super Bowl 3 Latin Club 3 Swim Team 2.3 Tennis 2 Mixed Chorus I DENNISON. MONA Girls State 4 Canteen 4 Track Timer 2.3.4 Track 2,3.4 DEUITCH. JIM Steering Committee 1.2,3.4 Student Government 2 Musical 2 All School Play 2.3 Art Club 2 Canteen 3.4 Boys Cheerblock 1.2 Drama Club Junior Concessions 3 Prom Worker 2.3 SADD Business Store 3 Teacher Asst. 4 PUSH 3.4 Computer Club 1.2.3 German Club 3.4 DIMKE. CHRISTINE Honor Society 3.4 Homecoming Candidate 4 Scholarship Pin 1.2,3.4 Steering Commit tee 1.2 Student Government 1,2,3.4 Student Govern ment President 4 Class Officer 1 Canteen 3.4 Prom Worker 3 R.T. Swim Timer 4 JETS 4 Ski Club 4 Spanish Club 1.2,3.4 Cheerleader I Gymnastics 2.3 Swim Team 1.2,3,4 DOCKERY. CARLESTER Officer Messenger 2 Base ball 2.4 Basketball 2.4 DOLSON. NATALIE Steering Committee 2 Student Government 2.3 Counselor Asst 2.3 Basketball 1,2.3 Softball Volleyball 2,3.4 DOMBKOWSKI. MELISSA Steering Committee 3.4 Art Club 4 Devilettes 2.3 Canteen 3 Counselor Asst. 3 Exploratory Teaching 4 Prom Workers 3 R.T SADD 3.4 Spanish Club 2 Student Teaching 4 DUBIE. DAVID Teacher Asst 4 German Club 3.4 Spanish Club Concert Band 1,2 Marching Band 1,2,3 Symphonic Band 3 DUDEK. JOHN Ski Club 1.2,3.4 Concert Band 1 Marching Band 1 DUDEK. STEPHEN Ski Club 1.2,3.4 Concert Band 1 Pep Band 1,2.3 Marching Band 1,2,3 Symphonic Band 2,3.4 ECKWOOD. ABRAHAM Basketball Track 3 ECKWOOD. ANDREW Football Track 2.3.4 Mixed Chorus 3 EDWARDS. GAIL Steering Committee 1.2.3 Prom Workers 1.2.3 Office Messenger 2.3 R.T. 1.2 Spanish Club 3 Elstonian 4 Girls Basketball 1 SADD 1.2 Soft ball 2,3,4 Volleyball 1.2 ELDRIDGE. THOMAS Library Asst 3 ICT 4 Teacher Asst 4 Football 1 ELENZ. EILEEN Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin Steering Committee 1.2 Student Government 1.2 RT 1.2,3.4 Swim Timers Teacher Asst. 4 Spanish 1.2,3.4 Swim ELLIS. SUSAN Homecoming Candidate 4 Scholar ship Pin 1,2 Counselor Asst 3 Junior Concessions 3 Track Timers 2 Teacher Asst. 4 Science Club 2.3,4 Girls Basketball 1 Track 3.4 ELWOOD. DEREK Library Asst 3 Teacher Asst 4 Ski Club 4 Spanish Club 2 Basketball 1 Football 1.3,4 Track 1 Wrestling 3.4 ENGQUIST. JOSH Honor Society 3.4 Scholarama 1.3 Musical All School Play 1.2.3,4 Canteen 4 Drama Club 1.2,3.4 Junior Concessions 3 Teacher Asst 4 German Club Wrestling 1 Jazz Band 1.2 PEP Band 1.2 Marching Band 1.2 Symphonic Band 1.2 EROW. KAREY Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin Steering Committee 2.3.4 Canteen 3.4 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Workers 3 SADD 2,3,4 Spanish Club 2.3.4 Freshman Chorus 1 EVANS. CARLA Office Messenger 3.4 Student Store 2 FANE. ELLEN Honor Society 4 Scholarship Pin 1 Steering Committee 1.2,3.4 Canteen 3.4 Library Asst. 2.3.4 Junior Concessions 3 Prom 3 SADD 3.4 Spanish Club 2,3 Elstonian 4 FANE. MARGARET Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin 1,2,3.4 Steering Committee 2,3.4 Scholarama 1 Canteen 3 Counselor Asst 4 Library Asst. 3 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Workers 3 SADD 3.4 Latin Club 2.3 Mixed Chorus 4 FALLS. RONALD Football 3 Track 2 Wrestling 2 FALLS. URESA Homecoming Candidate 4 Principal Asst 3.4 Girls Basketball Track 1 Volleyball 2.3.4 FILIPIAK. KENDRA Musical 1.2,3 Counselor Asst. 2 Drama Club 2,3 R.T. I SADD 2.4 Ski Club 3.4 Span ish Club 1,2 Swim Club 1 Jazz Band 1,2,3 PEP Band 1.2.3 Marching Band 1,2,3 Symphonic Band 1,2.3 FISCHER. MARCIA Honor Society 4 Steering Com mitee 3.4 Canteen 3.4 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Workers 3 R.T SADD 1.2,3.4 PUSH 3.4 Span ish Club 1.2.4 Comet 2.3.4 Concert Band 1 Marching Band 1 FLESHER. GREG Homecoming Escort 4 Scholarship Pin 1.2.3,4 Scholarama 3.4 Library Asst. 2.3,4 Prom Workers 3 SADD 4 Latin Club 3 Ski Club 4 Golf 1 Tennis 2,3.4 FRITZ. MICHELLE I.C.T 4 GARBACIK. DARCY Principal Asst RT Swim Timers 3.4 Computer Club 2 Spanish Club 1 Elstonian 3.4 Cheerleading 1.2 Gymnastics 2.3 Swim Team 4 GARRETT. ANTHONY Track 3SUMMARY “88” GEDDES. JASON Musical 1.2.3,4 SADD 4 Business Store 2 German Club 2.3,4 Jazz Band 1 PEP Band 1.2.3 4 Marching Band 1.2,3.4 Symphonic Band GEORGE. KAREN Teacher Asst 2 Mixed Chorus 2.3.4 GIELOW. DOUG Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin Steering Committee 3 Student Government Boys Cheerblock 1.2,3.4 SADD 2.3 Swim Tim ers 4 Spanish Club 1,2 Basketball 1.2 GLOSSENGER. ANNE Steering Committee Musical 2 Art Club 1,2,3.4 Drama Club 2.3 Jr. Concessions 3 Prom Workers 3 SADD 1.2.3 Super Bowl 3 Teacher Asst 2.3.4 Stage Crew 2.3 Elstonian 3.4 GONDECK. PATRICK Football 3.4 Wrestling 4 GOUGH. STEPHEN Bowling Club 1.2 GREENE. KIM Office Messenger 2.3 Teacher Asst. 3 Volleyball 1.2.3 GREENE. LAURA Honor Society 3.4 Devilettes 2.3.4 SADD 3 German Club HABERMAN. KATHY Honor Society 3.4 Steering Committee 3 Canteen 3 Counselor Asst. 2.3 Library Asst 4 Jr. Concessions 3 R.T 1.2.3 Student Store 3 SADD 3 Mat Maids 2 Spanish Club 2 Softball 2.3.4 Swim I HAFERKAMP. CHIP Cafeteria Asst 1,2.3.4 Bowling Club 1 Mixed Chorus 3.4 HAHN. THOMAS Office Messengers 3.4 Spanish Club 2 Baseball Football HAJVERT. JOYCE Musical 2.3 Principal Asst. 4 O.E.A 4 Office Messenger 3 Student Store 2 Mixed Chorus 1.2.3,4 HAKIM. YASMIN Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin 2.3 Steering Committ. 2.3,4 Student Government 4 Canteen 3.4 Counselor Asst. 3 Jr. Concessions 3 Prom Workers 3 Tennis Team Manager 3 French Club Latin Club 3.4 JACKSON. LARRY I.C.T. 4 Football 1.2 JAHNZ. JILL Officer Messengers 2 SADD 3 Swim Timer 3 Spanish Club 3 Elstonian 3,4 JANOWSKI. TAMARA Art Club Principal Asst. 2.3.4 SADD 4 Softball Team 1,2,3.4 Mixed Chorus JARRETT. KEVIN Student Government 1 Boys Cheerblock Basketball Team 1.2.3 Track Team 3.4 JEMISON. ARCHELL Honor Society 3 Scholarship Pin 3 Steering Committee 3 All School Play 1.2 Dra ma Club 1.2,3.4 Office Messengers 3 Track Team 2.3 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2 JENKINS. DAVID Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin Steering Committ. 3.4 Canteen 3 Boys Cheerb lock 4 Counselor Asst 4 Swim Timer 2,3.4 Spanish Club 2 Swim Team JENNER. SAMANTHA Teacher Asst 4 JOHNS. AMY C.H.O. 4 R.T. 1.2 Scholarship Award 3 Spanish Club 2,3.4 JOHNSON. JENNIE Girls Basketball Manager 2 Teacher Asst 3 JONES. REGINA C.H.O.4 Mixed Chorus 4 JOVIEN. SCOTT Homecoming Escort 4 Student Government Boys Cheerblock 2,3.4 Ticket Seller 4 SADD 3 Spanish Club 2 Basketball Team 1.2 Track Team 1.2 KASSAL. PAUL Scholarship Pin 2.3.4 Principals Asst 4 Quiz Bowl 3.4 Teacher Asst 4 Chess Club Computer Club 2.3,4 French Club 2 JETS 2.3.4 Math Club 3.4 Science Club 3.4 Cross Country Team 4 Track Team 3 KAZMIERCZAK. KRIS Honor Society 4 Student Gov ernment 2.3.4 Boys Cheerblock 4 Spanish Club Swim Team 3 Tennis Team 2.3 KELLOGG. KIMBERLY Honor Society 3.4 Steering Committee 3 Musical Canteen 3 Drama Club Junior Concessions 3 Prom Worker 2.3 R.T. 1.2.3 SADD 3.4 Devil Magic 2.3.4 Freshman Chorus 1 KERSEY. SHEILA Voc Honor Society 3 C H O 4 Tick et Sellers 3.4 Mat Maids 4 Track Timers 3.4 Business Store 4 Teacher Asst 4 Mixed Chorus 3 KERESTURY. JEFFREY Honor Society 3.4 Boy's State 3 D.A.R 3 Scholarship Pin Steering Com mittee 1.2 Student Government 1.2 Scholarama 1 SADD PUSH 3 Spanish Club 1.2.3 Comet 3.4 Basketball Golf Tennis 1.2,3,4 KING. JACKIE Musical Play 1.3.4. Art Club 4 Drama Club 1.2,3,4 Computer Club 2 German Club 2.3.4 Devil Magic 3.4 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Cho rus 2 KINNEY. STEVE I.C.T 3.4 Teacher Asst 3 Football 1 KINNEY. BOB Ski Club 1.2.3,4 Concert Band 1 Marching Band 1 KOSTIELNEY. TRICIA Honor Society 3.4 Steering Committee Musical 1.2,3.4 Play 1.2.3. Coun selor Asst. 3 Drama Club ICT 4 Jr Conces sions 3 RT 1 SADD 1.2,3 Swim Timers 1 PUSH 3 Spanish Club 4 KRACHINSKI. WILLIAM Voc. Honor Society 4 ICT 3.4 Office Messenger 2 Computer Club 1.2 Ski Club Golf Team 1.2 LAMPHER. WILLIAM Football I Wrestling 1 LANDING. JONATHAN Canteen 4 German Club Latin club 4 LEATHERMAN. JOANNA Voc Honor Society 3 Homecoming Candidate 4 Student Government 2 CHO 3.4 RT 1 Spanish Club 2 Elstonian 3 Cheerlead ing 1 LECKIE. PAUL Steering Committ. 3.4 Business Store 4 French Club 1 Ski Club Baseball 2.3.4 Foot ball LEWIS. DARIN VICA 3.4 Teacher Asst 4 LEWIS. WALLISA Exploratory Teacher 4 Teacher Asst. 3.4 Spanish Club 2.3.4 LIDKE. PAM Art Club 1.2 RT 1.2 Ski Club 2.3.4 LINDBORG. ANN CHO 2 Counselor Asst 3 LOSINIECKI. MICHAEL Voc Honor Society 3.4 ICT 4 Baseball 1.2.3 LOWRY. MICHELLE Devilettes Exploratory Tech 4 Teacher Asst 2.3 French Club 2 Marching Band LUSCOMB. SUSAN Devilettes 2.3,4 Mat Maids 1.2 Teacher Asst. 3.4 French Club 2 Comet 4 Marching Band 2.3,4 MACKEY. DIANE Counselor 3.4 Tennis 3 MANN. MELISSA Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin 2.3.4 Mat Maids 2 Football Manager 1.2.3 Baseball Manager 1.2.3 Wrestling Manager 2 Teacher Asst 4 Spanish Club 2.3.4 Fresh. Chorus I MANRY. CATHERINE I.C.T 4 Student Store 4 SADD 1.2 German Club 1.2 Comet 2 MARSH. BRYCE Musical 3 Counselor Asst. 3 Drama Club 4 Exploratory Tech 4 Swim Timer 2 Devil Mag ic 3.4 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2 MARTIN. AMY Steering Committee 1.2.3 Counselor Asst. 1 Principals Asst. 2 Ticket Seller 3 O.E.A. 4 Student Store 3 V.I.C.A. 3 Esprit (at Rogers) 1.2 Teacher Asst. Science Club 1 Gymnastics MARTIN. ROSLYN Student Government 3 CHO 4 Office Messengers 3 Girls Basketball Team 2,3,4 MATZKE. JACK I.C.T. 3.4 MCBRIDE. KATHRYN Honor Society 3.4 Homecom ing Candidate 4 Scholarship Pin Steering Com mittee 4 R.T 1 Student Store 3 Super Bowl 3 French Club 1.2.3 Swim Team 2.3 MCBRIDE. CARMEN Honor Society 3.4 Homecoming Candidate 4 Scholarship Pin 4 I.C.T 4 Mat Maid 2 Football Manager 1,2,3 Baseball Manager 1.2,3 Wrestling Manager 2 Spanish Club 2.3 MCGEADY. JOHN Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin Steering Committee Student Govern ment 1.3 Canteen 3.4 Boy's Cheerblock 3.4 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Workers 3 Swim Timer 3.4 SADD 3 Chess Club 2.3 Computer Club 3.4 French Club 1.2.3,4 Swim Team 3.4 Tennis Team 3.4 MCMONIGAL. DAVID Scholarship Pin 2.3.4 Boy's Cheerblock 3 Teacher Asst. 4 MILZAREK. CHRISTINE R.T. 1 Freshman Chorus 1 MESKA. MICHAEL CHO 4 Chess Club 1.2 Basket ball Team 1,2 MILLER. WAYNE I.C.T. 4 MITCHELL. EILEEN Musical 1 All School Play 1.3.4 Drama Club 1.2 R.T. 1 French Club 1 German Club 2.3 Spanish Club 3.4 MOHAMED. MELISSA SADD 3 French Club 1.2 Ski Club 1.2 Comet 2.3.4 MOLDENHAUER. MIKE C.H.O 4 Spanish Club 1 Basketball Team 2.3.4 MORGAN. PATRICIA Principal Asst 4 Mat Maid 1 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2.3.4 MOSS. GREG Canteen 3 O.E.A. 4 Student Store 3 Elstonian 3 Football Team 1 Wrestling Team 3.4 Teacher Asst. 4 NARDUCCI. DAVID Scholarship Pin 4 Business Club 4 O.E.A 4 Swim Timer 1.2,3,4 Swim Team 1.2,3.4 NARDUCCI. LISA C.H.O. 4 Principals Asst. 2 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Worker 3 R.T. 1.2 Student Store 1.2 SADD 4 Swim Timer 1.2,3 Mat Maid 2 Spanish Club 2.3 Elstonian 3.4 Swim Team 1,2.3 NASSER. JULIA Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin 2.4 Student Government 2.3.4 Canteen 3.4 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Workers 3 R.T. 1,2.3.4 SADD 1.2.4 PUSH 3.4 German Club Pep Band 1.2 Marching Band 1.2 Symphonic Band 1,2 NAVARRO. TIMOTHY Business Store 4 Baseball Team 1,2.3.4 NESSLER. KIMBERLY Drama Club 2 R T 4 French Club 2 Comet 2.3.4 NICHOLSON. MICHELLE Honor Society 3.4 Scholar ship Pin 1.2 Steering Committee 1,2.3.4 Prinicpals Asst 4 Prom Worker 2 Office Messenger 1.2.3 R.T. Teacher Asst 4 Spanish Club 2.3,4 Girls Tennis 1.2,3.4 Volleyball 1.2,3 Marching Band 1 Sym phonic Band 1.2 NIEGOS. DANIEL Homecoming Escort 4 Quiz Bowl 4 Teacher Asst. 3.4 Computer Club German Club 1.2 Science Club 3.4 NILSON. KARA Library Asst 4 R.T 1 Spanish Club 2.3 Freshman Chorus 1 ODA. MIRIAM Canteen 3.4 Junior Concessions 3 R T 2.3,4 SADD 4 PUSH 3.4 Science Club 3 Spanish Club 2.3 Cheerleading 1.3.4 Mixed Chorus 2.4 OLTZ. TRICIA Office Messengers 3 R.T. 3 Mat Maid 2 Teacher Asst 4 PUSH 3.4 ONEAL. KELLY R T 1 ORLOWSKI. JENNIFER German Club Sci ence Club 3.4 Elstonian 4 Concert Band 1 Marching Band 1 PALMER. JENNIFER Honor Society 3.4 All School Play 1.2 C.H.O 4 Library Asst. 3 Drama Club 1.2 Prom Worker 3 R T Swim Timer 1.2 Ski Club 1 Spanish Club 1,2.3 PATTERSON. KRISTOPHER Teacher Asst 3.4 Baseball Team 2.3,4 Boy's Cross Country Team 1 PARKER. KIMBERLY Mixed Chorus 2.3.4 PARRISH. LORI R.T. 2 Softball Team 1 PECINA. ROBIN Steering Committee 1.2.3 R.T. Swim Timer 3.4 Ski Club 4 Spanish Club 1.2 Elstonian 3.4 Swim Team 2.3.4 PEEK. KIMBERLY Homecoming Candidate 4 Steer ing Committee Principals Asst. 3 Prom Work er 3 R.T. 1 SADD 1.2 Teacher Asst. 3.4 Ski Club 1 Volleyball Team 2 Elstonian 4 PELATH. SCOTT Steering Committee 1.2 Student Government 1.2 Scholarama I Canteen 4 Boy's Cheerblock 3.4 Library Asst. 4 Teacher Asst. 3 Ger man Club Baseball Team 2.3.4 PERRY. WANDA Steering Committee 3.4 Prom Worker 3 SADD 4 Spanish Club 2.3,4 PLEASANTS. CHIP Homecoming Escort 1 Student Government I Musical 1.2 All School Play 1.2 Canteen 4 Drama Club 1.2,3 German Club 1.2,3,4 Wrestling Team 1.2 Concert Band 1.2 Pep Band 1.2 Marching Band 1.2 PLUMMER. DEE Steering Committee 3 Office Mes senger 3 R T. 1 Swim Timer Teacher Asst. 4 Ski Club 1.2 Swim Team PLUMMER. SCOTT Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin 1 Boy s Cheerblock 3.4 Ticket Seller 4 Ski Club Spanish Club Boy s Golf Team Football Team 2.3.4 POZOS. ARTURO Musical All School Play Drama Club Prom Worker 1,2,3 Teacher Asst. 3.4 Spanish Club 1.2 Devil Magic 2.3.4 Fresh man Chorus 1 RAGON. MONICA Homecoming Candidate 4 Sc hoi arship Pm 2.3.4 O.E.A 4 Science Club 4 RAMIREZ. RAYMOND Canteen 4 Spanish Club 4 Boy's Track Team 4 Wrestling Team 2.3.4 RATLIFF. ELIZABETH Scholarship Pin 2.3.4 Busi K SR SUMMARY PSENIOR SUMMARY ness Club 3 O.E.A. 4 REID. PAMELA Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2.3.4 RHODES. VICKIE C.H.O. 4 Girls Basketball Team 1.2 Girls Track Team I Mixed Chorus RICHARDSON. KAREN Exploratory Teaching 3.4 O.E.A. 4 JETS Ski Club 1.2.3,4 Elstonian 3 RILEY. PATRICK Honor Society 3.4 Homecoming Escort 4 Scholarship Pin 1.3 Steering Committee Student Government Class Officer Canteen 3.4 Boy's Cheerblock 3.4 Counselor Asst. 3 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Worker 2.3 Office Messenger 4 Swim Timer 2,3,4 Ski Club 1 Spanish Club 1.2 Boy's Basketball Team Boy's Cross Country Team 4 Swim Team 2.3.4 Boy's Tennis Team 1,2,3.4 Boy's Track Team 3.4 RINGO. JOSE Football Team RODMAN. ANDREA Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin Steering Committ. Canteen 3.4 Junior Concessions 3.4 Prom Worker 3 R.T. 1.2 SADD 2.3.4 PUSH 3.4 French Club 1.2 German Club Girls Tennis Team 2 ROGERS. CARRIE OEA 4 RT 1.2 Softball 1.2.3 Vol leyball 1.2.3 Teacher Asst 2,4 ROMINE. LAURA Steering Committee 4 Counselor Asst. 3 RT 1.2 Teacher Asst. 4 German Club 1.2,3,4 Ski Club 2.3 Elstonian 4 Basketball 1 RUHE. MICHAEL Scholarship Pin 1.2 Baseball Concert Band 1 Marching Band 1 SANDERS. MARTHA Steering Committee 2.3.4 Musical Canteen 3.4 Prom Workers 3 RT 1.2 SADD 2.3.4 PUSH 3.4 Spanish Club 3.4 Concert Band 3.4 PEP Band Marching Band 1.2,3.4 Sym phonic Band SCHEUCHNER. CHRIS Musical 1 Boys Cheerblock 1 Teacher Asst 1 Ski Club 1 Football 2 SCHMITT. ELIZABETH Honor Society 3.4 Home coming Candidate 4 Steering Committee Musi cal 1.2,3,4 All School Way Canteen 4 Drama Club 1.2,3.4 Jr. Concessions 3 RT 1 Student Store 3 SADD 1.2,3.4 Swim Timers 1 Business Store 3 PUSH 3.4 German Club Devil Magic 4 SCHWARTZ. MICHELE Teacher Asst 4 SEE, GUY Art Club ICT 4 Ski Club 3 SHEEHY. TIMOTHY Scholarship Pin 2.3 Scholarama 1 Principal Asst. 4 Track Timers 2.3 Quiz Bowl 4 Chess Club Computer Club Science Club 3.4 Cross Country Track 1,2.3 SHIPLEY. TRAVIS Swim Timers 4 PEP Band 3 Marching Band 1.2.3 Symphonic Band 1.2.3 SIMS. DONALD Concert Band 1 Jazz Band 3 Pep Band 3 Marching Band 1,2.3 Symphonic Band 2.3 SIPES. TRISTA Teacher Asst 3.4 Softball SITKIEWICZ. TIMOTHY Computer Club 1 Devil Mag k 4 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2.3 SKONIECZNY. RODNEY Ski Club 1 Wrestling 4 Con cert Band 1 Marching Band 1 SLUTZKIN. TRACY Steering Committ Can teen 3.4 Drama Club 2 Jr. Concessions 3 Prom Work ers 2.3 Student Store 3 SADD 2.3.4 Swim Timers 2.3.4 Stage Crew 2 Spanish Club 2.3.4 Swim Team 2.3.4 SMITH. BRIAN Cheerblock Office Messenger 3 Spanish Club 2 Football 2,3.4 SMITH. JENNIFER Honor Society 3.4 Homecoming Candidate 4 Scholarship Pin 1,2 Steering Committee 1.2 Ticket Sellers 4 Prom Workers 2 Office Messen ger 2 R.T 1.2,3.4 Teacher Assistant 3 Spanish Club 2.3 Cheerleader 2.3.4 Basketball 1.2,3 STAPELTON. MARK V.I.C.A 4 SULLIVAN. SHAWN I.C.T. 4 SWIGER. DIANE Honor Society 3.4 Homecoming Candidate 4 Scholarship Pin 2,3.4 Steering Committee 2.3.4 Canteen 3.4 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Worker 2,3 R.T 1,2,3 SADD 3.4 Science Club 3 Span ish 3 Elstonian 3.4 SWISTEK. MARK Vocational Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin 4 Library Asst. 4 Baseball Team 3.4 SPARKS. KEVIN Canteen 4 French Club 1,2 Base ball Team TAYLOR. SATONYA Devilettes 1.2.3 TROYER. KATHLEEN Musical Office Mes sengers 4 Concert Band 3.4 Pep Band 1.2,3.4 March ing Band 1.2.3,4 Symphonic Band 1.2,3.4 TURNER. JENNIFER Musical 2.3.4 All School Play 2.3.4 Drama Club 2,3.4 SADD 2 Teacher Asst. 4 German Club Science Club 3.4 Pep Band 1.2.3 Marching Band Symphonic Band 1.2,3.4 TYPPI. MICHAEL V.I.C.A 4 VAN-GILDER. SCOTT Steering Committee 3 Can teen 3.4 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Worker 3 French Club 2,3.4 Boy's Basketball Team 3 Boy's Golf Team 2 Swim Team 4 VOSS. MELISSA C.H.O 4 Office Messenger 2 Ger man Club 1.2.3 Girls Cross Country Team 1.2 Gymnastics 1.4 Swim Team 3 WALKER. JIM Cafeteria Asst 1 OEA 4 Boy's Bas ketball Team 2 WARD. KILA Steering Committee 3.4 Student Gov ernment 4 Class Officer 4 Devilettes 2.3 Principals Asst. 4 Prom Worker 3 Spanish Club 2.3,4 Girls Bas ketball Team 1 WARD. KISHA Steering Committee 3.4 Student Gov ernment Class Officer 2,3.4 Canteen 3 Junior Concessions 3 Prom Worker 3 Spanish Club 3.4 Girls Basketball 1.2.3,4 Softball Team 1 Concert Band 3 WASHINGTON. EDWARD Musical 4 Mixed Chorus 4 WATTS. JACKIE Football Team 2.4 Concert Band 1.2.3 Marching Band 1 Symphonic Band 4 WEBER. JILL Honor Society 3.4 Homecoming Candi date 4 Scholarship Pin Steering Committee Student Government 1 Prom Workers 3 RT Swim Timers 2.3. French Club JETS 4 Latin Club 3.4 Girls Basketball 2 Swim Team Tennis Team 1.2,3,4 WENCLAFF. SARA Counselor Asst. 4 French Club 1.2 Girls Golf 1 WERDIN. MELISSA Teacher Asst. 4 French Club 3.4 WESTPHAL. DAVID Voc Honor Society 3 ICT 4 Ski Club 2.3 WIENCEK. JEFF Scholarship Pin 4 Ski Club 3.4 Foot ball 2.3.4 Track 2.3.4 WILLIAMS. DANNY Voc. Honor Society 3 WILLIAMS. DAVID Steering Committee 3.4 Musical 2.3.4 All School Play 4 Canteen 3.4 Cafeteria Asst. 2.3.4 Boys Cheerblock 1 Drama Club 2.3.4 Jr. Concessions 3 SADD 2.3.4 Quiz Bowl 4 Spell Bowl 4 PUSH 3.4 Spanish Club 2.3,4 Wrestling Team 2 Devil Magic 3.4 Concert Band 1 Mixed Chorus 2 Marching Band 1 WILLIAMS. SARAH Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin 1.2,4 Steering committee 2.3,4 Canteen 3.4 Drama Club 2.3 Jr. Concessions 3 Prom Workers 3 Student Student Store 3.4 SADD 3.4 Teacher Asst. 4 French Club Comet 3.4 WILLIAMS. XAVIER Steering Committee 3.4 Can teen 4 Principal Asst. 3 Prom Workers 3 SADD 3 Basketball 3.4 Track 3 WILLOUGHBY. CHRISTOPHER Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin Football Wrestling Freshman Chorus 1 WILLSON. DEAN Voc. Honor Society 3.4 Scholar ship Pin 2.3 JETS 4 Science Club 3.4 Spanish Club 2.3.4 WILSON. LORREN Computer Club 2 Ski Club Concert Band I Marching Band 1 WOLF. JENNIFER German Club Concert Band 1.2 Marching Band 1.2 Student Teaching 4 WOLFE. CYNTHIA Homecoming Candidate 4 ICT 3.4 Teacher Asst. 2 Spanish Club 1.2 Softball 1 Volleyball 1.2.3 YOUNG. HEATHER Honor Society 3.4 Scholarship Pin 1,2.3 Steering Committ 1.2,3,4 Student Govern ment 3 Canteen 3.4 Jr. Concessions 3 Prom Workers 3 RT 1.2,3.4 Student Store 3.4 SADD Execu tive Board SADD 3.4 PUSH 3.4 German club 2.3.4 Latin Club 3 Tennis 2 Marching Band 1 Symphonic Band 1 ZUBLER. TODD Honor Society 3.4 Boy's State 3 Scholarship Pin lf,2.3.4 Steering Committee 1,2,3,4 Class Officer 1.2,3, Scholarama 1.3 Musical 1 Canteen 3.4 Boys Cheerblock Drama Club 1 Jr. Concessions 3 Prom Workers 3 Swim Timers 3 Quiz Bowl 2.3.4 Super Bowl 3.4 PUSH 3.4 JETS 2.3.4 Ski Club 1 Tennis 1,2.3.4 Devil Magic 2.3.4 Freshman Chorus 1Every year the entire senior class is asked to fill out a summary of their activities during grades 9-12 at Elston. The summary is divid ed into seven categories: Honors. Service, Clubs, Publications. Sports, Music and other activities. Each category includes numbers 14 to signify year of participation. There are over 80 different areas both academic and athletic from which to choose. The Elstonian would like to congratulate all seniors in the Class of "88' for their fine accomplishments. PAN AM In August of 1987. Michigan City organized the Tenth Pan American Game Sailing Races This event was held on Lake Michigan The Pan Am Games are held every four years, in the year preceeding the International Olym pics This will be the second time the yachting races have taken place on Lake Michigan One hundred twenty athletes and forty coaches and trainers arrived August 1st and were housed at the Red Roof Inn. which served as the athletes village. August 9th. a colorful presentation for all participating nations was held at Ames Field The sailing venue and closing ceremonies was held at the West end of Washing ton Park Michigan City was proud to host one of the many events of the Pan American games. Top right Pan Am sign Top left Mexican performers Middle right: (J.S sailing team Middle left: Lou Christy Lower right Opening ceremonies at Ames Field Lower left Leslie Gore PAN A ■' L IMrs. Betty Locke introduces a video. Visuals add greatly to many speeches. Angie Milrarek begins a 3 minute talk demonstration. Tracy Milakovic does and interpretative reading. hashelle Perry finishes her speech and now waits to watch the critique. SPEECH Speech is one of the required subjects to t . take in order for us to graduate. The pur pose of this class is to develop confidence, f 1 poise, to develop the voice and teach dif I J ferent techniques in speaking. Students V should also develop skills of formal and informal communication. You will learn how to do informative, impromptu, and persuasive speeches. Commercials help build confidence in informative speaking by handling many different visuals while making a presentation.ENGLISH Skills to Dramatics, novels to newspapers. English covers a wide range of courses. Elective courses are divided into three main areas; Literature Reading. Writing Lan guage and Communications. The Crimson f Comet as part of the English department ex I I plored changes in the number of issures and I y the Elstonian previewed a new curriculum for V S 1988-89. Spelling leads to sentences. Sen tences were diagramed and formulated into paragraphs. Paragraphs were part of observations in speech. Speech became a part of any reading or presentation in class. This worn path of the word affected every student in high school in many ways. English was a vital part to everyday life. John Remmel catches up on his reading while Mrs. Showalter lectures. Carla Filipiak searches through the card catologe for her research class.library Miss Fran Booth and Terri Cuma diagram a sentence.FOREIGN LANGUAGE Foreign Language gives you the opportunity to further your knowledge of other countries. Languages offered at Elston are Span ish, French, German, and Latin. Students seeking extra curricular activity in this area can join foreign language clubs. These clubs do various out of school activities to further their knowledge of their specific language and countries. SPANISH CLUB ROW I Beth Vaughn. Cathy Curry, Brigette Meyer. Michelle McBride. Dawn Mauger. Sandy Wiegand. Suzanne Gamache. Becky Holmes. Ray Ramirez. Sarah Rogers. Patty Retseck, Lori Veden. Lisa Pishkur, Amber Nagel. Dorene Human. Tricia Shepard. Elizabeth Pacheco ROW 2-Brian Strauss. Tanya Ross. Jennifer Nickell, Susan Jasicki. Maria Peyro. Julie Will. Marcia Fischer. Karey Erow. Wanda Perry. Nashelle Perry. Chris Dimke. Eilleen Mitchell. Karen Smith. Kris Gazarkiewicz ROW 3-Randall Wroblewski. Dave Brubeck. Cory Kihlstrom. Jay Bausback. Keith Barkow, David Dubie. Martha Sanders. Jennifer Cook. Judi Kriner. Sharon Craig. Stacy Fite, Carrie Sigle. Wallisa Lewis ROW 4 Kisha Ward. Michelle Nicholson. Traci Slutzkin. Aimee Caines. Heather Fujihara. Jenny Thom. Miriam Cleveland. David Williams. Wendy Barnett. Lori Nelson. Karen Waltz. Jennifer Gieser. Tanya Surber. Angela Nelson ROW David Burch. Dean Willson. Robert Piecuch. Megan Rubeck, Camisha Foster. Lori Berrier. Shellee Russell. Elise Nothstine. Angie Price. Tricia Mikulski. Matt Schooley. Aaron Drzeniecki. Nicole Roberts. Yolanda Thomas. Erika Co ROW DeAnna Williams. Tracy Fogus. Angela Stubbs. Litoia Sanders. Michael Retseck. Scott Plummer. Kris Kazmierczak. Jay Rogers. Erin Hynek. Jeff Bartlett. Kelly Waltz. Ryan Neary. Tri Le ROW 7-Kelly Carter. Melissa Mann. Kila Ward. Char Jemison. Nora Westphal. Amy Pishkur. Mike Mittermann. Robb Neary i B D U I E A N S A I • S LATIN CLUB Mark Turner. David Rick. Dawn Sullivan. Yasmm Hakim. Jill Weber. Julie Steele. ROW 2 Jon Landing. Chad Holliday. David Cryan. Yulanda Kmer. Jenni McMahan. Rachel Lichtman. Maria Peyro. RIGHT V.P.-Jill Weber. Pres. Yasman Hakim. Sec.-David Rick I LANGUAGE 52 3GERMAN CLCIB ROW 1 Julie Henrich. Sharon Meer. Anthony Gavin, Leslie Rodman, Jennifer Frey, Jeff Witty. Chad Cochran, Michelle Mondientz, Kathleen Brill. Rhett Cochran ROW 2-Jon Landing, Jim Martin. Heather Young, Susan Coan. Jenny Hardacker. Laura Romine. Andrea Rodman. Jennifer Wolf. Laura Greene. Melissa Whiteaker, Mrs. Katalin Kallay ROW 3 Jenny Orlowski. Julia Nasser, Eva Olsaker. Marisa Graf. Jim Henrich. Todd Nelson. Scott Harvel. Julius Cooper. Jeff Logan. David Dubie ROW 4 Josh Engquist, Elizabeth Schmitt. Chip Pleasants. Jason Geddes. Jim Deuitch. Mark Coan. Matt Fennell. Andy Bower. Rich Dirks. Jackte King. Scott Pelath: V.P Josh Engquist: President Jenny Wolf: secretary ROW I Katie Maddox. Shauna Thompson. Melissa Werdin. Heather McMahan. Kristi Hollis. Sarah Williams, Jill Weber. Yasmin Hakim. Beneen Ibrahim. Katie McBride ROW 2Gharlene Dudley. Andrea May. Carrie Traynom. Sue Kroehler. Kim Fraze. Chris Baker. John McGeady. Scott Gilder. Leslie Silvasi ROW 3 Julie Clifford. Angie Cox. Kris English. Dao Le. Carla Filipiak. Aimee Cains. Salwa Agemy. Denae LaBerge. Jenni Biela. Jenny Hoeppner ROW 4-Cheri Williams. Juan Esquivel. Andrea Bolka. Jon Cassidy. Kieth Argabright. Lamees Ibraham. Be Le. Sena Mroueh RIGHT V.P Jill Weber. Pres. Beneen Ibraham. Sec -Katie McBride Matt Holda and Terry Parrish discuss the molecule structure. SCIENCE SCIENCE The Science Department at Elston has a variety of different classes ranging from gen eral science to Physics. Coming in as a freshmen we took Biology I a new and different experience. Disecting worms, fish, crawdads, and frogs was unique. Most juniors then take Chemistry. They were taught different formulas and material make ups of the structures. If you were really ambitious or looking for a science career, you might wish to take Biology II, Chemistry II, or Physics. SECONDARY i The cover of the science curriculum for this year Students work together on learning the turtle.Mike Schwartz and Scott Constable experiment in Chemistry class Students take time out of class study to pet the animals. Poor Worm! I SCIENCE 55 3MATH CLASS Many Math courses are available here. The following are available at Elston: General Math, Algebra I, Geometry. Alqe; bra II. Trigonometry. Analytic Geometry and Calculus. Computer Programming and Statis tics are also available and provide students with the chance to use computers in the Math lab. General math teaches you your basic math skills. Algebra teaches students to use letter in place of numbers. Geometry helps us to understand triangles and angles, and Trigonometry develops the mind. y. Alqe C Sam Carter works a math equation on the board Mr Byron Tilden works trigonometry problems with his class. Martha Sanders works on a computer MATH CLUB The Math Club is sponsored by Mrs. Joai Stewart and Mrs. Paula Orthman. The onl; requirement to be in Math Club is to be i member of any math class. Math Club meet once a month or as needed. At their meeting: they work contest problems. Throughout the year Math Club attends math contests. ROW 1: Todd Zubler. Be Le. Jeff Oysard. Heather Fujihara. Marc Pelath 2 Keith Barkow. Tim Pendleton. Miriam Cleveland. Matt Biggerstaff. Paul Kassal 3: David Brubeck. Cory Kihlstrom. Kevin Barkow I MATH 56 3Dave Hornyok cleans his silk screen GRAPHIC ARTS Graphic Arts was a unique class Photogra [ phy, electronic typesetting, printing and pro- I duction of a product was accomplished. I Basics were learned and then on the job training began. All aspects of printing a typed page in quantity, to graduation information and prom tickets were achieved. " ! Eric Caulfield and Malt Cooney get to work using the printerSOCIAL STUDIES Freshman students study globes and charts in Physical Geography. World History, which may be taken in the sophomore year, is designed to height en the students sense of involvement with man 1 kind. In U S. History, the students encounter to days problems and learn how they relate to histo ry. Senior students may choose from various sub jects such as Economics. Sociology. American Problems, and Govern ment. Also students may take Black Studies. It's a course that investi gates the role Blacks and other minorities have played in shaping American History. Department head Mr. Dave Quinn emphasized teaching the subjects with new approaches. This egg represented a child in Sociology class. Students claimed the egg to show responsibility Brian Jumche and Dawn Franckowski portray medieval peasants. Miss Fran Booth. Tanya Ross and Randy Wrobleski portray medieval characters Mrs Barbara Fritzens economic class learns about the oil industry from Dave Werdine Lsocial studiesA r " S an fciuenv " y c ass says VCNJS. Baibata Fi V iphy c ass Y s-ecluxe. V. Soc a $Vud es iV. CY ns SenneU Vhe lAruted Slates as.HEALTH Health and Safety classes cover a wide 1 variety of topics dealing with the human J body. One semester is devoted to health, teaching students the various body parts. The second semester covers safety, preparing students to react quickly in emergency situations. It is obvious why this class is required for graduation. Roslyn Martin and Jenny Palmer show us the parts of the human body. THE TOOTH Chad Cochran listens carefully as classmate points out the anatomy of seeing. Stacy Hoskinson works herself into shape dur- Rob Aldridge sets up ing aerobic exercises in P.E. class. his shot with perfect ease P.E. students enjoy themselves as they play a game of hockey P.E. 1 P.E. students have mixed memories of swimming many laps, trying to make lay J ups in basketball, running endless laps J around the track, and doing non-stop sit y ups to flatten their stomaches. Physical Education is the perfect way to get students into both mentally and physically. Through all the perspira tion and fatigue students found P.E. class both beneficial and enjoyable. shape L HEAL t-1 3ART Art was a popular class this year at Elston. Many people thought art was an easy "A” but I it wasn't. In art, students got to relax and use J their imagination, but they had to get their work done. Basic Art was the beginning level art class with advanced art being the second level. 2D was an upper level design class with all 2D work in drawing, advertis ing, and printing. 3D was an upper level sculpture class including pottery, sculpture, and jewelry. Stephan Koethe demonstrates his artistic talents with an etch drawing. Melissa Dombkowski and Tracy Milakovic add authentic touches to a mystical clay castle. Painting a mask takes a steady hand as Ricky Wren demonstrates. Art students decide exactly what color glaze to use. 1 pg. 62 Typing students take the traditional time tests. 2 pg. 62 Judge Patrick Gondeck swears in Anth ony Garrett in Law class. 3 pg. 62 Mike Bartels works with the computer in Data Processing. 4 pg. 62 Christy Bozarth works on her Accounting II packet. 5 pg. 63 Paula Wiencek and Theresa Maxey work in Office Machines class. 6 pg. 63 Miss Donna Johnson lectures to her students in Data class. 7 pg. 63 Mr Richard Sparks helps Vickie Davis in Accounting. SRS Dale Lakie and Matt Klosinski check inventory AGTO POWER 1 Auto covers areas of electrical, tune-up, f carburetion, brake systems and air systems, f I These students have practical application by I J working on their own vehicles. Tires, tail V pipes, and front end alignment are only a few areas in which Mr. Smith instructs. Power Mechanics provides theory and operation in two-four cycle engines. Repair of small engines, outboards and motorcycles are also handled. Pat Moss takes a rebuilt bike for a spin. Jeff Schidler connects the battery cables Mike Wilson and Dan Williams discuss engine problemsI « METALS WELDING CONSTRUCTION Jeff Deuitch rivits a panel together. Dave Baker and Dave Westphaul cut a piece of wood to fit a project Repairs are made in construction. Mike Typpi studies a computerized welder Adjustments are made before weldingWELDING METALS n MACHINE ✓ J TRADES ( The computer age came to these. This year with industry advancing so did vocational trades. Basics in Sheet Metal. Construction. Machine Trades and Welding made up an important part of the blue collar trade. Student adjusts machine Mr Dan Stout marks off for a new cut Molten metal is poured into a form.ELECTRIC DRAFTING CONSTRUCTION Electricity. Drafting and Construction are offered in the Vocational Department. Electricity deals with theory, circuits and basic knowledge of wiring. Drafting covers ele ments and tools of design. Construction covers tools, methodology and technology of building. These three areas constitute a small but ever changing field in the comput er age. Mr Wallace Sacks shows Brock Davis corrections to his work. Terry Marvel adds a plug to his motor. I voc 67 A computer draws a construction modelHOME EC. No matter where you care or what you are 1 doing, the way you dress or the food you eat I effects you in every day life. Elston has a y variety of classes too help students develope new methods in creativity. Home Economics includes Basic Foods, McDevils. Adult Living. Sewing, and Child Developement. These classes teach students to prepare foods, make cloths, and care for a family. Orlando Smoot cleans up after a hard days work Elthia gives us a view of her artwork. HOME EC 68 3FOREIGN EXCHANGE This year Michigan City welcomed sixteen young people from West Germany. The stu dents stayed with host families and went to school with their host students. Eight Germans were at Rogers, six at Elston, and two in Chesterton. They were only here for three weeks but in those three weeks they not only saw the American School system. Chicago, and of course the beach, but they learned how we live in America and shared their customs with us! dr» is also mad an Honorary Citi '.en Mrs Katalin Kallay now teaches Scott Pelath a waltz Petra and Iris help cook a real Bavarian dinner for their host families. Petra. Iris, and Katnn join Elstonian Petra teaches Scott Pelath a Bavarian Dance 3 Katnn is made an Honorary Citizen Petra meets Mayor Behler and is made an Honorary Citizen of Michigan CityICT Industrial Cooperative Training entails working in local industry and businesses. ICT students work at a job in a field that is of interest to them. They receive first-hand experience and are able to get a good idea of 1 what their chosen field is all about. Each stu-I dent receives pay for the work he does and also receives a grade from his employer. Half of their day is spent at school, and the other half is spent working at their job. Companies that have sponsored ICT students in the past are: Weil McLain; 24 years. Jet Fabriators; 22 years. Jaymar; five years, and Sprague; two years. Row 1 Jim Clevenger. Carmen McBride. Audrey Brooks. Kim Greene. Guy See. Todd Stromer. David Westphal. Damon Harris Row 2 Laura Norman. Duane Nor man. Sean Smiertelny. Wayne Miller. Steve Kinney, Cyndi Wolfe. Pam Bula kowski Row 3 Laura Butts. Trish Kostiel ney. Larry Jackson. Derek Braddy. Chris Barth. Robert Sebesta. Jack Matzke Row 4 Shawn Sullivan. David Callahan. Michael Losiniecki. Bill Krachirski. Tom Eldridge. Dan Edlen. Curtis Cox.CHO OEA CHO students work at a job in a field which they are eager to learn more about. Skills that the students learn will remain with them for future career possibilities. Meridian Nursing Home, St. Anthony's Hos pital. Memorial Hospital, and the Medical Group are a few of the places that provide employment opportunities for CHO students. Students work half of the day and attend school the rest of the day. Row 1 Sheila Kersey. Amy Johns. Lisa Narducci. Melissa Voss. Jennifer Palmer. Ann Lindborg Row 2 Vickie Rhodes. Hadassah Johnson. Susan Wozniak, Kim Jones. Mike Moldenhauer. Mable Rhoades Row 3 Regina Jones. Mike Meska. Roslyn Martin. ROW I Stacey Gutt. Jenny Bohlim. Monica Ragon. Liz Ritchie. Kirk Bos. Phyllis Stark Row 2 Brian (Jryga. Shawn Gaines. Brad Vaughan. Shane Sashaluske. Jim Stolze. Dave Narducci Row 3 Paul Watson. Brad Kiser. Don Bildhauser. Like all vocational organizations. Office Education Association helps students to develop leadership, citizenship, and social skills beyond the classroom. Skills are learned which are essential to one's personal and professional life. Any student who is enrolled in a vocational business and office education program is eligible to be a member. 0 f - M.O.H. The Elstonian bids welcome to a new program and 10 new students. Room 0-212 underwent remodeling for the M.O.H. program. This room has a home environment. work stations and classroom settings all in I one. Linda Tight and assistants Sue Miller and J Connie Orrell joined the staff this year to pre-sent new activities with group and individual instruction. As part of the special education department this new program provided an education of great value. Cooking, home activities, on the job training, group discussions in life situations and job preparations make this program unique. Kim Glick and Richard Fratgillo are ready for a fire drill. Bobby Krueger works hard in the kitchen. Doug Baunach. Kim Glick. Angela Fowler, and Robert Jackson are hard at work studying. Stephanie Spicer. Assistant Teacher Sue Miller and Beth Bell are setting tables Teacher. Linda Tight is teaching Ken Stubbs the daily lessonCoretta Eckwood sets up a closed circuit. Sp. Education Special students get help from Mrs. There- sa Laux, Ms.Dana Thompson. Mrs.Willie J Thomas and are mainstreamed into some J classes. English. Math. Science and Social Studies give these students areas to explore besides Health and P.E. Mrs. Laux instructs a student in a science lab SPECIAL P T !O z: co H OC UJ u z: o u r cx UJ cx Clarinets, trumpets, and drums are just a few important tickets to a band and the atmosphere it produces. The Elston band is no exception from this type of thinking; the music they produce is one of a kind and is not played anywhere else but here. So. in order to appreciate the band, it has many different sections which show off f its excellence in a collage of expertise. ( The marching band assembles in the sum- V mer and starts to practice for the different parades and ball games that it will perform at during the oncoming year. Long hours, grueling heat, and drum majors are just a few of the barriers that have to be overcome, but when they are. you hear some fantastic music. At football games, the marching band performs at half time. £ BAND 74CHORUS The freshmen have outdone themselves this year. The Girls and Boys freshmen cho rus gave their best this year. They have learned to express their singing to full poten tial The Concert Choruses I and II are composed of students that have special talents in singing have an interest in music. These students have taken much time and effort to give us some pleasurable performances BOYS CHORUS ROW I Mr Dan McNabb Wondrow Taylor. Don Pearce Steve Chromster James Hayden Adam Gomez ROW 2 Mitchell Tate Daryl Jarrett. Terry Lewis Steve Kellogg Kory Reid. Jerome Watts. Marvin Smith FRESHMEN CHORUS ROW I Mr Dan McNabb Jenny Shelton Jamie Armstrong Wanda Moore. Valerie Roberts Patches Culpepper ROW 2 Michelle Eaton Angie Granacki Leslie Dickhans (Jnessa Johnson Colette Williams. Tremma Wice Christy Miller Melissa Butts Stacy Rmgo TmaNevorski Heather Gian ROW 3 Bobbi Jackson. Katrina Henckel Tammy Carder. Samantha Mi er Tammy McGinnis Leticia Fly Kelic Moore Jenny Lowry. Ellen Roush, Deanna Walker Stacie Tarr. Kimberly Moore Kimberli Lyndh JoAnn Cunningham Tony Miller Tracy Cripe k PCONCERT CHORUS I ROW I Tashia Turner. Esther Eckwood. Sherri Fields. Sonda Gooch. Pat Morgan. Treasia Bland. Mr Dan McNabb ROW 2 Valerie Harris. Michelle Elkins. Susan Lewis. Charles Hootman. Gary Carder. Jeff Witty. Danielle Moisan. Shauna Thompson. LeAnn Washington ROW 3 Tammy Fogus. Dawn Emerick. Karen Oltz. Regina Jones. Makeba Oda. Willette Hewlett. Nora Westphal. Sue Murray. Donna Foster. Karen Coursel ROW 4 Pamela Reid. Cynthia Anderson. Charisse Parker. Janice Shell. Vickie Rhodes. Angie Phillips. Tameka Byrd. Dawn Franckowski. Monique Rastenis. Traci Tackett. Lisa Avery. Angie Day C O N ROW 1 Mr Dan McNabb. Megan Sigte. Tami Janowski. Randi Rhanor. Kathy Fratgillo ROW 2 Yulanda Chambers. Tonya Brown. Essy Hayden. Chris Baker. Debbie Bottom. Colleen Papineau. Diane East ROW 3 Julie Harris. Chen Williams. Patricia Walton. Karen George. Edward Washington. Chip Haferkamp. Tony Lenoir. Greg Hekter. Laurie Smith. Nichole Carlson. Kim Levendoski ROW 4: Camisha Foster. Tracie Tillman. Charlene Dudley. Margaret Fane. Stacey Sutton. Melissa Whiteaker. Joyce Hajvert. Judi Kriner. Jennifer Rocke. Dawn Bulakowskt. DaTrisha Finnic C E R T C H R U S I IDEVIL MAGIC Devil Magic is a selective choral organiza- tion, hand picked through audition by our 1 choral director Dan McNabb. Devil Magic per y forms annual performances throughout the year plus presenting many outstanding per formances at schools and other civic organizations, not to mention their trips to music contests at the District and State levels. This year. Devil Magic did something new and per formed at a promotion sale at Sears in the Marquette Mall. Tony Brewer. Jeff Pros. Tim Sitkiewicz and Rhett Cochran serenade the audience at the Christmas concert Row 1: Dan McNabb. Rhett Cochran. Annie McDaniel. Jeff Prus. Angie Cox. David Williams and Lavila Richardson Row 2: Tony Brewer. Merritt Lloyd. Arthur Turner. Lori Nelson. Todd Zubler. Susan Coan. Andy Beaver and Amy Nevorski Row 3 Miriam Cleveland. Arturo Pozos. Shelley Weber. Jackie King. Wendy Barnett. Tim Sitkiewicz. Elizabeth Schmitt. Bryce Marsh and Kim Kellogg LEFT Mr McNabb accompanies Devil Magic during the Christmas Concert. Bryce Marsh.Kim Kellogg and Elizabeth Schmitt rest between programsOne of the many tickets that contributes to Elston s spirit is the Devilettes. Under the direction of Lynette Stayback. the Devi lettes have performed at the football games and the basketball games for halftime entertainment. They spent many long hours practicing for new routines that they performed. Some activies the Devilettes participated in this year include: the Columbus Day Parade in Chicago, and the Fourth of July Parade here in Michigan City. The Devilettes also entered competitions held at Concord High School. Row I Angie Milcarek, Karen Oltz, Dawn Pitman. Susan Luscomb. Michelle Lowry. Laura Greene. Angie Walters. Camisha Foster. Candy Cleek. Treasia Bland Row 2 Jenny Hoeppner. Nanette Harvey, Laurie Smith. Darlene Spychalski. Jenni Biela. Dara Pitman. Sherell Evans. Donnesia Garrett. Talethia Howard. Rechelle Geston. Lisa Trotter. Nicole Roberts. a m F m H H m cn CAPTAINS: Laura Greene. Michelle Lowry. Susan Luscomb.Connie Adams Salwa Agemy Andrew Allen Debra Anderson Bryan Archie William Argabright Kimberly Armstrong Kelly Bancroft Timothy Banks Keith Barkow Kevin Barkow Sheila Bartos Rick Bear Dawn Belliveau Carrie Bennettt David Bennett Mike Bentley Alshanda Biggers Timothy Bildhauser Tricia Bishop Thomas Blank Robert Bogart Andrea Bolka Dodie Bolka Kathleen Brill Cathy Brown Edgar Brown Tonya Brown David Burbeck Thomas Bruce David Burch Kevin Burns Kendall Byers Russell Caddo Amy Cains Reuben Carder Nichole Carlson Christine Caspari John Cassidy Eugene Chambers Rhonda Chambers Yulanda Chambers Tekilah Chatmen Lisa Childers Candy Cleek Miriam Cleveland Julie Clifford Vanessa Cloonan Mark Coan Tracy Coleman Oscar Collier Scott Constable Jennifer Cook Katherine Cook Kenya Corley Jason Cosgrove Karen Coursel Brent Covert Angelyn Cox Erica Cox L JUNIORS r 3Geoffry Cryan Michael Davis Chad Denham Anissa Depriest Charles Diab Richard Dirks Mark Downs Heather Dubie Marc Dusza Richard Dutcher Esther Eckwood Dan Edlen Radley Edwards Charrie Ellis Dawn Emerick Kristina English Shannon English Juan Esquivel Rodney Evans Anthony Fahel Joe Farley Sherri Fields Carla Filipiak Jennifer Finney Jeffrey Flanigan Julia Flowers Tammy Fogus 'Tracy Fogus Donna Foster Kimberly Fraze Robert Fritz Jennifer Fry Michael Fry Heather Fuijhara Michael Galvan Suzanne Gamache Robert Ganschow La me I Gary Joy Gately Lynn George Jennifer Gieser Tricia Gillard Meta Glosser Tiffany Goff Sondra Gooch Derek Graf Marisa Graf Daniel Griffen Julie Gring Perez Grinston Michael Hackett Steve Hannon Jennifer Hardacker Damon Harris Julie Harris Scott Harvel Nanette Harvey Todd Hawkins Tara Headley Scott HettmanChrista Henderson James Henrich Matthew Holda Kristi Hollis Rebecca Holmes Harrison Holtcamp Brice Holzer Adam Houck Chad Howard Douglas Hunt Roberta Irish Carmel Isbell Eddie Jackson Harry Jackson Jennifer Janus Charlotte Jemison Samantha Jenner Hadassah Johnson Anthony Johnson Lloyd Jones Rebecca Jones John Judge Erica Kayser Carmen Kelley Dedra Kelley Yulanda Kiner William Kirkendall Stephen Kist David Kniola Brandelle Knotts Stephen Koethe Andrew Koss Jason Krachinskl Vicki Kreag Susan Kroehler Patrick Krueger Eric Lauritsen Lee Anna Lawson Mark Lawson Dao Le PhiHung Le Jason Lee Tony Lenoir John Lestock Joseph Lewis Norman Lewis Susan Lewis Robert Libke Jason Liebig Larry Lightburn Jennifer Lindewald Debra Kietz Kelli Lord Jennifer Ludwig Leanne Mannia Anne Marciniak Stanley Markiewicz Peter Martorano Robert Mary Carla Mason JUNIORS J " 1Theresa Maxey Robin Mayer Katherine McConnel Anne McDaniel Melanie McEwan Holly McGarry Shannon McGarry Christina McGrath Christopher McKnight Jennifer McMahn Walter McNeal Deanna Meyer Scot Middleton Tricia Mikulski James Miller Paul Miller Scott Miller Scott Minton Trevor Mishler Ethel Mitchell Ramon Mitchell Michael Mittermann Michelle Mondientz Kelli Moore Paul Moore Catherine Moran William Morford Gloria Morgan Elizabeth Morris Elizabeth Mowinski Victoria Nash Robert Neary Ronald Neisz Angela Nelson Lori Nelson Amy Nevorski Bret Nevorski Joleen O'shea Kathleen O'shea James Oliver Eva Olsaker Frederic Orth James Owen Holley Owsley Colleen Papineau Terry Parrish Shaheena Pasha Joseph Pawlik Anthony Pecina Danielle Peek Sidney Pender Stacee Peters Maria Peyro Ryan Phillips William Phillips Michael Piecuch Robert Piecuch James Piotrowski Amy Pishkur Laura Pitrowdski I JUNIORS 83 3Mark Pollock Roman Przybylinski John Remmel Michael Retseck Randi Rhanor Lavila Richardson Michael Richley David Rick Nicole Roberts Rashon Robinson Roslyn Ross Shelee Russell Abrar Sait Elaine Savado Bobby Saylor Steven Schill Sean Schoch Michael Schwartz Gregg Scott Lynn Senter Janice Shell Sonja Shepherd Leslie Silvasi Kibo Sim Beth Skivers Sean Smiertelny Corey Smith Joseph Smith Laurie Smith Ramunda Smith Ricardo Smith Shannon Smith Tiffeny Smith Orlando Smoot Tina Smyers Joey Sobecki Tracy Sparkman Darlene Spychalski Carey Stark David Steele Jason Steele Shelley Stevens Shelly Stout Todd Stromer Dawn Sullivan Tanya Surber Stacey Sutton Todd Swistek Eric Switzer Icue Thomas Jenny Thom Larry Thomas Yolanda Thomas Tonya Thompson Diane Timm Nancy Tompach Carrie Traynom Lisa Trotter Arthur Tucker Eugene Turner I JUNIORS 84Wesley Turner Brian Tylisz Beth Vaughn Gregory Walker Kristin Walker Bradford Waltz Karen Waltz Valerie Waltz Dawn Ward Rochelle Warren Rodney Washington Terri Webb Shelley Weber Andrew Wetzel Robert White Samuel White Sandra Wiegand Paula Wiencek Julie Will Charles Williams Deanna Williams Rochelle Williams Robert Willis Michael Wilson Elizabeth Wisemore Thomas Woodruff Rickey Wren Randall WroblewskiCD UJ oc O o x a. O CO Alicia Abbott Erik Adams Robert Aldrich Cynthia Anderson Debra Anderson Stepha Anderson Wayne Anderson James Anthony Barbara Aragon Sharon Ashley Roy Atwater Timothy Baker Jeanette Barcevic Mario Baron Darrin Barth Jeff Bartlett Thomas Baskin Mary Batte Burt Bearickx Cheryl Beason Andrew Beaver Daniel Beaver Lori Berrier Jennifer Biel Allan Biggers Clarence Black Nadine Black Javaughn Blakely Christopher Booz Christopher Bottom Ellen Brady Anthony Brewer Edward Brown Erin Brummell Kathy Bukva Dennis Burke Dixie Butts Beisha Byrd Neocica Byrd Tameka Byrd Trina Byrd Kendra Byvoets Daniel Caldwell Maurice Carson Sammie Carter Jason Castner William Cavinder Dawn Choate Stephen Chronister Chad Cochran Matthew Cooney Michelle Covert Melanie Covert Heidi Cox Sharon Craig Shane Crawford Catherine Curry Dadra Curry Karen Cushway Samuel CushwayBrenda Daniel Brock Davis Penny Davis Amy Delonis Mark Demchak Jeffery Deuitch Renice Devault Brett Dibkey Darrell Dierdorf Matthew Dimke Peter Do I son Thomas Dorn bkow ski Aaron Drzewiecki Dustin Dubie Melissa Durnell Carita Eaton Coretta Eckwood Angela Eldridge Michelle Elkins Mario Ellis Kris English Christopher Everl Patricia Faith Tracy Farler Jenny Ferguson Terry Fields Stacy Fite Jeanette Florence Angela Florer Camisha Foster Dawn Franckowski Kathy Fratgillo James Freel Matt Friedley Karl Friedrich Katie Fritz Ben Fulwilder Gregg Garbacik Donnesia Garrett Rechelle Gaston Kristen Gazarkiewicz Therese Geogre Marian Gerbec Jason German Gilbert Monsignor Geoffrey Gilmore Billy Ginther Jason Ginther Christina Glade Charon Glanders Heather Goff James Goodwin Christine Granacki Lisa Granzo Bernadette Greening Gregory Hadama Erin Hamilton Natalie Hamilton Ah Hammoud k SOPHOMORES r " 3James Harrison Essy Hayden James Hayden Jerry Heath A? Valerie Helmken Shannon Heuck VJ Michael Heying Willette Hewlett Steven Hicks Traci Higgins Rosemarie Hiland Jennifer Hoeppner Jason Hogan Nadine Holzer Andrea Hootman Charles Hootman David Hornyak Talethia Howard Monisa Hudson Orson Hudson Selena Hudson Dorene Human Rick Hunter Erin Hynek Lamees Ibraham Laura Jacks Brett Jackson Jill Jacox Daryl Jarret Susan Jasicki Sean Jensen Demesha Johnson Brian Jumche Maurice Key Cory Kihlstrom Jerry King Scott Kinney Kathren Kisner Kimberly Kleckner Laura Kleckner Jeffrey Klinger Mark Klosowski James Knigga Debra Koch James Kriner Judith Kriner Denae Laberge Layla Lawson Be Le Tri Le Betsy Lee Roger Lenoir Kimberly Levendoski Keith Lewis Terry Lewis Merritt Lloyd Eric Logan Jeffrey Logan Kelli Lord Brian Losiniecki L SOPHOMORES r ■ IGene Macalka Scott Mack Angela Macon Darrell Manes Dawn Manigold Peter Martin Brent Martinson Terrence Marvel Damon Matotte Dawn Mauger Cynthia McBride Michelle McBride Kimberly McCay Pierre McClane Michael McGrath Chad McNeal William Meece Sharon Meer Todd Melson Eric Mertl Mark Messacar Brigette Meyer Kimberly Meyer Tracy Milakovic Angela Milcarek Tracy Miller Lisa Millick Melissa Mills Vanessa Mitchell Danielle Moisan Russell Moist Jason Makycki Jason Montgomery James Moore Jason Moore Stacie Morlan Lemon Moshy James Moss Neda Mroueh Susan Murray Amber Nagel Ryan Neary Jessica Neulieb Timothy Nevorski Michael Newbanks Jennifer Nicked Michele Nieman Ian Nilson Melissa Norman Elise Nothstine Karen Oltz Ronnie Omar Anthony O'neil Kevin O'neil Gregory Or zee h Elizabeth Pacheco Fidel Pacheco Charisse Parker Dennice Parker Kenneth Patterson tKimberly Payne Donald Pearce Tracy Pecina Timothy Pendleton Nashelle Perry Dawn Pflughaupt Craig Phegley Angela Phillips Trina Phillips Eric Samys Litoia Sanders Kristen Schmaltz Matthew Schooley Ryan Schroder Kristopher Sennett John Seppyes Brian Seyring Leroy Shark Dawn Piotrowski Lisa Pishkur Dara Pitman Dawn Pitman Geoffrey Plummer Joann Porterfield Angela Price Jeffrey Prus Sandra Pryor Thomas Quinn Monique Rastenis Kory Reid Patricia Retseck Eric Richards Tasha Ringo Jennifer Rocke Sandra Rodriguez Jay Rogers Sarah Rogers Tanya Ross Megan Rubeck Heather Sharpin Tricia Shepard Matthew Shula Stephen Sllvasi Terrance Singleton Ter rely n Singleton Karen Sitkiewicz Christopher Small Bryan Smith Damon Smith Peter Smith Althea Southward Patricia Sparkman Tina Spurlock Tanganyike Stalberte Juli Steele James Stemhagen Steven Stewart Brian Strauss Angela Stubbs Wendy Stupeck L SOPHOMORES r " 3Jeffrey Summerlin Blanche Sweney Darrell Swistek Traci Tackett Mitchell Tatum Windroe Taylor Darwin Thode Raymond Thorpe Shane Tilden Tracie Tillman Marcus Traynom Tashia Turner Pete Willis Emily Wilson Jason Wingard Darren Winski Jennifer Winski Jennifer Whittmer Angela Woolum Julie Wozniak Damon Wren Denise Wroblewski Laura Zaknoun Joseph Zook Peter Vaughn Laura Venen Mark Vega Donald Voorhees Shannon Walker Angela Walters Patricia Walton Kelly Waltz Leann Washington Christopher Watterson Nichole Waatterson Heather West Nora Westphal Prince Whetstone Ross White Melissa Whiteaker Cheryl Wilke Valeria Williams L SOPHOMORES f " 3z: UJ s: X CO UJ DC Uu Timothy Abies Rosemary Adams Allison Adrian John Albano Russell Aldridge Anthony Anderson Jamie Armstrong David Ashley Matthew Baker Nicole Bannwart Brian Barber Brian Barnett Mario Baron Darrin Barth Timothy Batte Doug Baunach Barbara Bearicky Jay Be ason Matt Biggerstaff Jeffrey Bildhauser Michael Bilek Billie Bishop Keith Blarney Tracy Bland Marie Ann Blount Morr Borom Suzette Bradley Andrea Brandon Matthew Braniger John Bronner Matthew Brooks Elvis Brown Jeffrey Brown Matthew Bryan Rhonda Bryner Gloria Burdine Robert Burns Melissa Butts Anthony Byrds Felicia Byrd William Callahan Robert Cantrell Angela Carder Tammy Carder Christen Cassidy Anne Clevenger James Coleman Amy Coon Brian Cooper Craig Cottingham John Cowart Tracy Cripe David Cryan Michael Crynes Patches Culpepper Jon Culvahouse Chad Cummings William Cummings James Curry Stephen Czizek FRESHMEN J 92Ricko Davis Lorretta Day Amy Degnegaard Amy Delonis Cory Denham Theresa Dennett Leslie Dickhans Bruce Dierdorf Christopher Diggs Andrea Doster Tara Downey Linda Tiendu Charlene Dudley David Dyer Jeffrey Dysard Michelle Eaton Melissa Edson Brian Edwards Chad Edwards Dawn Eidman Donna Erne rick Jack Estes Sherell Evans Timothy Evans Nathan Faith Tracy Farler Matthew Fennell Rebecca Ferrell Billy Finney Datrisha Finnie Marlyn Finnie Jane Flegel LaShawn Fly Leticia Fly Jennifer Frey Michelle Fry Karrie Frye Mark Fugate Darius Galinis Joseph Garner Hervey Gary Thomas Gately Anthony Gavin Erica Gilchrist Chesley Gilliam Heather Glanz Adan Gomez Camille Gonzalez Teshea Gooch Angela Granacki Sarah Hartke Rena Harvey Malinda Heeg Justin Heitman Katrina Henckel Stacy Henderson Joe Heninger Julia Henrtch Willette Hewlett John Heying 5 FRESHMEN 93Scott Hiatt Peter Hicks Topeka Hicks Mona Hmshaw David Holdcraft Chad Holliday Frederick Holmes Stacy Hoskinson Carl Howard Rachel Hroma Daniel Hullings Karin Hunt Jeff Hurt Ryan lutiand Bobbi Jackson John Jackson Tina Jackson Paul Jahnz Brian Johnson Jarvis Johnson Kevin Johnson Onessa Johnson Sherrie Johnson Eric Jones Heather Kalil Jennifer Kaminski Jennifer Kamont Carmon Kavanaugh Steve Kellogg Debra Klosinski Mark Kniola Mark Koepke Michael Koepke Aaron Kohn Robert Krueger Joseph Krupa Stephen Kuchik Michelle Kutch Tammy Laney Carl Laster Felix Lastra David Lee Eric Lewartowski Joannie Lewis John Lezark Rachel Lichtman Krista Loetz Michael Lowenthal Jennifer Lowry Maria Ludwig Jennifer Lundmark Dormithia Lynch Kimberly Lynch Charles Maddox Katie Maddox Charles Manry Kristy Manthey Becky Marfise James Martin Peter Martin I FRESHMEN 94 3Doyle Mashburn Thomas Mashburn Andrea May Shelly Mayer Carlos McCormick Craig McCray Wanda Moore Tony Morales Robert Morlan Michael Mosley Sena Mroueh Renee Munoz Mary McGee Tammy McGinmis Eugene McGregor Melissa McGregor Michael McKeehan Kirsten McMomgal Christopher McNeil Charles Meads Joseph Meece Matthew Mellen Carter Metheny Christy Miller Jodi Miller Kama Miller Tonya Miller Shane Mills Deondrae Mitchell Samantha Mizer Valerie Mizer Russell Moist Charles Moore Consuela Moore Richard Moore Kim Moore Patrick Navarro Andrea Nevorski Douglas Newbanks Tina Newton Carrie Oberg Eric Odle Loren Odle Calvin Oliver Shirley O'neill Christopher Orman Brian Parmer Letrice Parson Brian Patterson John Pawlicke Kimberly Payne Marc Pelath Shalonda Perry Chris Pflughaupt Michael Phillippe Sammie Phillips Tonira Phillips Tricia Pliske Pamela Plummer Jason Poe L FRESHMEN J r 5Lawrence Powell Amy Price Scott Przybylinski Robert Richardson Elizabeth Richley Stacy Ringo Carmita Rivera James Robbins Kimberly Robbins Valerie Roberts Alki Robinson Rashon Robinson Leslie Rodman Mark Romine Ronda Ross Ellen Roush Ronnie Ruch Francis Ruetz Mark Ruhe William Saari Tamara Salyer Thomas Salyer Charlie Sanders Raymond Savado Robert Self Leroy Shark Steven Sheets Abdul Sheikh Jennifer Shelton Bradley Sherwood James Shikany Kathleen Shippen Brian Shores Robby Shull Shawn Shutters Carrie Sigle Holly Robinson Scott Sims Ryan Skonieczny Kimberely Slaughter Joy Slutzkin Karen Smith Kenneth Smith Marilyn Smith Shelby Smith Walter Smyers James Sobecki Jill Sobecki Jennifer Sobecki Stephanie Spicer Kathryn St.Germaine Angela Stover Karen Stransky Michele Strawmier Melanie Strider Galen Sullivan Gregory Summerlin Trina Surber Derrick Sutton Richard SynaveStacie Tarr Ruth Taylor Deshon Thomas Theresa Thompsc Robert Torgesen Scott Trubee Eugene Tschopp Brian Turner Erica Turner Maria Valdez Christy Vangilder Tominka Vaughn Paul Vega Erron Vincent Jason Vines Melody Willis Helen Wiltfong James Wimmer Tina Wiseman Jeffrey Witty Tremina Wrice Adam Wright Wesley Wright Broch Wyse-Krause Holly Yeakey Scott Yettaw Michael Zeese Peter Zerbes Wendy Zilinger Megda Young Laurie Volk Deanna Walker Shannon Walsh Thomas Walsh Holly Warner Freddie Washington Herman Washington Jerome Watts Tara Wedow Omar White Jill Wilander David Wiley Corlette Williams Kenwood Williams Sherry Williams L FRESHMEN r ” 3 itiZDBmBmEHHmmnMmfflnwitiMiiiHrar CStiMliiHinHIHBfflilHHfflBIHiltiBIlMBinHID iBflEfflHMHiawHnBiniiQriHii’aHtviHi . IMlflBlBHIHBIBBirM ItifflEmsmEOBEPSi jii'iMiiiRmm n ?TtHi«rainR!ii , HlHINlHMIHIBIHIi’i fSHii’lWIttWiflRIB KiPWHMiHWfflRfflBm iimml mimmvm IfflHB IfflBtiiiiDnnnffSMfflnBHEBMaBIilBIHHiB JWlBWIBWiilWIBWlBWrttWiBWll'IWlBRfilRIfir ElWlHIBlHlBWIBWIi'IWiBHIBPJIBWIBlHIBlHIBlHlB lElBWIBMlBHIiiHIBffllBUlBtiMiHlBMlBWll'IMIB pWiBWIBWIHWIBWIBfflmWlBWIBWIBlHIBIHIB , IWiBlHiMItilillHiBWii'iWinwtHBlHMUVMIHPnHr j ELSTON H GH SCHOOL had a variety of spoils with outstanding athletes in each. The | I ticket to success was the effort put forth by , i the teams leaching foi a winning season. Red I Devil Ians suppoited each spoit and stayed] f with the teams during defeats and wins to continue a tong standing tradition IL FOOTBALL J P ■" s Tom Hahn passes the ball to Steve Carter Tom Hahn releases the ball just in time. The Elston Football Team had an upsetting year. The devils were close in more than half of the loses but the record still stands as one win and eight loses. The Varsity captains for the 87 season were Paul Leckie, Tom Hahn, John Clevenger, Derek El-wood, Jeff Wiencek, Cosie Daniels, and Rodney Evans. Team awards were given to: Tom Hahn- Most Valuable Player Award, Cosie Daniels was named Defensive Player, and Paul Leckie was named Offensive Player for the season. Allan Biggers heads for a touchdown.Row 1 Nashelle Perry. Chad Cochran. Oscar Collier, Bill Ginther. Darrell Dierdorf. Peter Dolson. Orson Hudson. Rodney Evans. Andy Allen. Eddie Jackson. Mark Pollock. Andrew Eckwood, Chris McNeil. Craig Phegley. Michelle McBride Row 2 Jason Liebig. Jody Starks. Paul Miller. Jim Knigga, Jack Watts. Pete Martorano. Corey Smith. Tim Pendleton. Jay Rogers. Terry Fields. Derek Elwood. Paul Leckie. Robert White. Ken Coon. Row 3 Radley Edwards. Marc Chavez. Rob Aldrich. Tony Lenoir. Steve Carter. Allan Biggers. Chris Willoughby. Jose Ringo. Burt Bearickx. Jason Wingard. Ricardo Smith. Chris Small. Charles Williams. Mark Klosowski. Row 4 Mike Sanders. Pat Gondeck. Tom Hahn. David Humbers. Brian Smith. Mike Retseck. John Clevenger. Cosie Daniel. Rodney Washington. Jeff Wiencek, Scott Plumber. "A great bunch of athletes to work with. Their attitudes made practice fun."L L E Y B A L L The 1987 Volleyball team had another very good season. Records set by the girls were best conference play and best winning season totals. At the varsity level there were 14 wins and 7 loses. The devils are expecting an excellent season to follow next year. With only two senior girls leaving, their will be an abundance of talent returning to work with.Row 1 (Jresa Falls. Susan Murray. Carrie Rogers. Tonya Carie. Natalie Dolson. Maurica Graf. Shannon Walker. Amber fHiegal. Doren Human. Camisha Falls. Row 2 Assistant Coach Natalie Dohner. Melanie Covert. Lori Veden. Tracy Pecina. Kristin Walker. Marie Valdez. Jenni Lundmark, Jill Sebecki. and Head Coach Bennie Edwards. "In my seven years as head volleyball coach, this years squad was my best overall on and off the floor "The 1987 Boys Tennis team had an overall better season this year. Close matches that were lost the year before were won, and conference play improved. Losing seven varsity positions due to graduation, the 1988 89 season will be dedicated to rebuilding. Varsity hopefuls are letter winners John Remmel, Keith Barkow, Mark Coan, Jason Cossgorove, Brent Martinson, Abrar Sait, Bill Kirken-dall, and Bill Saari. Team captains were Jeff Kerestury and Rico Riley. Most Valuable Player award went to Jay Bausback.Row 1 Brent Martinson. Erin Heynek. Jason Cosgrove. Jeff Kerestury. Rico Rily. Dave Connell. Dan Adnson. John McGeady. Bill Saari Row 2 Abrar Sait. Keith Barkow, Todd Zubler. Marc Coan. Matt Bock. Bill Kirkendall. Greg Flesher. Sean Bliden Row 3 John Remmel. Dave Brubeck. Jay Bausback, and Coach Jeff Freitag. "Leave it on the court and you will not have to wonder, if only I had 3s w I M M I N G Due to many injuries, the Girls Swim Team had an upsetting year. Although there will be eight lettering seniors graduating, there is much hope for the 198889 season. The Most Valuable Player Award went out to Joy Slutzkin and Jennifer Fer guson. The teams captain was Chris Dimke.SWIMMING Row I Eileen Elenz. Chris Dimke Row 2: Jennifer Adrian. Dee Plummer. Jill Weber. Christy Bozarth Row 3: Maria Peyro. Eva Olsaker. Joy Gately. Sandy Wiegand Row 4 Blanche Sweney. Kathy Curry. Jenny Wittmer. Erin Hamilton. Jenny Ferguson. Nora Wesphal Row 5: Beth Richley. Leslie Dikhans. Tricia Pliske. Joy Slutzkin. Barb Barackix. Carrie Sigel and Coach Pam Miyata ELSTON OPP 99 S B. ADAMS 72 68 S B. CLAY 104 128 S B. LASALLE 40 79 ELKHART MEMORIAL 93 109 SB MISHAWAKA 63 33 S.B. PENN 50 75 S B RILEY 97 138 S B. WASHINGTON 35 52 ELKHART CENTRAL 117 "As a team, they were alot of fun but the seniors were especially great to work with."c R S S C a N T R Y V. J Elstons Cross-Country teams made it through another year. They had some bad times but the good ones made up for them. This season, Tim Sheehy and Paula Wiencek made 1st team NIC and both were winners of the Most Valuable Player award. The boys team started off with a slow season, but they came through and made the best out of what they had to work with. The girls team had a lot of talent to work with. Everyone gave thier best ef fort to make a good season and many great memories. r Row 1 Tony Morales. Donny Pierce. Drew Koss. Tim Sheehy. Brad Sherwood Row 2 Scot! Heitman. Keith Argabright. Coach Cabot Holmes. Paul Kassel, and Rico Riley - Row 1 Sue Ellis. Heather West. Ann Clevenger. Christi Caspari. Jennifer Sobecki Row 2 Katie McConnell. Paula Wiencek, Coach Cabot Holmes. Katie Fritz and Rochelle Warren. CITY BOYS CROSS COUNTRY OPP 15 ROGERS 50 21 RILEY 38 27 WASHINGTON 30 15 LASALLE 50 31 CENTRAL 26 37 MEMORIAL 22 31 ADAMS 24 27 CLAY 29 22 MISHAWAKA 33 24 N. PRAIRIE 32 44 PENN 17 CITY GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY OPP 29 ROGERS 27 43 RILEY 20 19 WASHINGTON 41 23 LASALLE 32 42 CENTRAL 20 43 MEMORIAL 20 37 ADAMS 22 50 CLAY 15 50 MISHAWAKA 15 50 N. PRAIRIE 15 50 PENN 15 "While the year didn't live up to what we have come to expect, we saw some great improve ment by the end of the season.'GIRLS GOLF The Girls Golf the 87 year was Eliza squad had a very beth Carlisle. 'Nv good season. The With the loss of city sguad was only one graduating f I ranked in the top 20 senior, the outlook I J of the state the entire for the 88 school V V year. year is extremely V The Most Valuable bright. The devils Player award went should be one of the out to Shelley Weber. strongest teams in The girls captain for the area. Left to Right Elizabeth Carlise. Andrea Doster. Tricia Shepard. Shelley Weber. Cindy McBride, and Coach Dan Steinke. The 1987 squad had a good season, however, with total dedication by the returning letter man. the 1988 year could be outstanding!B A S K E T B A L L The 1987 88 Red Devils had a very inconsistent season. Going into the year Coach Dan Steinke had high ex pectations for this squad. The Devils showed on numerous occasions their potential for success, however, this potential was never shown over an extended period. The squad included seven seniors that will be greatly missed in the future. The team captains were Abraham Dudley and Jeff Kerestury. The Most Valuable Award went out to Xavier Williams. Xavier was also chosen allconference along with Edgar Brown. Xavier graciously accepts an award for his great play ing abilities Dan Adnson sweeps by a LaPorte Slicer. Edgar Brown shows his quickness and determination when he's on the court.Front Row Mark Foster. Micheal Piecuch. Jeff Kerestury. Carlester Dockery. Edgar Brown. Dan Adnson. and Rodney Evans. Back Row Coach Dan Steinke. Charles Williams. Jay Bausback. Xavier Williams. Rodney Washington. Abraham Dudley, and Brian Strauss. CITY BASKETBALL OPP 51 PORTAGE 72 64 HORACE MANN 66 68 S B. CLAY 65 56 NEW PRAIRIE 59 64 MISHAWAKA 59 71 PENN 79 76 ELKHART CENTRAL 61 69 laporte 75 61 S B WASHINGTON 64 78 S B ADAMS 80 69 CHESTERTON 67 68 ELKHART MEMORIAL 75 73 ROGERS 70 69 S B. RILEY 54 78 S B. ST JOE 83 67 GARY WIRT 83 58 S B LASALLE 68 84 HIGHLAND 71 "The off season drive of the players must improve and the revival of school spirit is needed to contribute to the future success of City Basketball.'' Edgar Brown and Abraham Dudley display their best lay-ups BASKETBALL M3Back Row B Morlen. C Holiday, S. Kuchek. J. Dyserd. M. Fennel. C Sanders. A. Wright. L Robinson. B Edwards. J. Watts Middle Row: E. McGregor. C. Meads. P. Zimmerman. G. Sullivan. B. Cantrell. C. Oreman, C. Cuningham. J. Garner. Front Row: R Aldrich. P. Hicks. J. Broner. C. Gilliam. J. Hitmenn. L. Fly. D. Holdcraft. H. Washington. S. Hiatt JUNIOR VARSITYFront Row: Carlos McCormick. David Ashley. Jerome Watts. Joe Gardner. Scott Krassow. Herman Washington. Jeff Brown. Back Row: Rashon Robinson. Jeff Gysard. Jim Shitany. Matt Biggerstaff. Coach Bennie Edwards. Jack Estes. Mark Romine, Mark Ruhe, Aaron Benson J Cl N I R V A R S Row I Darrin Winski. Eric Adams. Scott Mack. Dennis Burke. Rob Aldrich. Jason Montgomery. Monsignor Gilbert. Ray Williams. Row 2: Coach Robert Falls. Allan Biggers, Omar White. Brett Dibkey. Scott Kinny, Jason Moore. Tom Dombkowski. Tim Pendelton. LeRoy Shark TB A S K E T B A L L V.J The 87-88 girls basketball team had another excellent season. Having another winning season, the lady dev ils finished 3rd in the MIC. The team also won the sectional tourney again. Excellent performances were shown by Tammy Byrd. Roslyn Martin, and Kisha Ward. These three ladies were also team captains along with Tonya Carey. The most Valuable Player award went out to Roslyn Martin.We had a great season with winning Sectional Tourney and placing 3rd in NIC. BASKt-TBAU A r SBASEBALL CITY OPP 09 NEW PRAIRIE 13 19 S B LASALLE 08 03 SB RILEY 01 01 LAPORTE II 03 S B ADAMS 04 06 LACROSSE 00 10 SB WASHINGTON 13 03 S B. CLAY 05 07 ELKHART MEMORIAL 06 17 CHESTERTON 06 04 MISHAWAKA 03 00 PENN 07 07 ELKHART CENTRAL 08 05 ROGERS 02 01 S B LASALLE 06 08 S B RILEY 03 05 S B ADAMS 04 1 BASEBAl l 3s w I M M I N G L SWIMMING ✓ 3 For the 15th straight year the Elston Swim Team finished with a winning record. This years team, expect ed to struggle, accumulated an 114 mark. They made the most of what they had as the team continued to improve. The meet of the year was against the LaPorte Slicers, as the Red Devil Swimmers fired-up and brought home a stunning 97-75 VICTORY! Team captains were Dave Jenkins. Dave Narducci . and Patrick Ri ley. Dave Jenkins was awarded the Most Valuable Player Award. r Front row Doug Baunach. Bill Saari. Matt Bryan. Shann Shutters, and Beth Skivers Middle row Terry Parrish. Justine Heitmann. Geoff Plummer. Trevor Mishler. Greg Halama, Eric Odle. Sean Hathaway. Abrar Sait. Steve Siluasi. and Scott Heitmann Back row: Scott Vangilder. John McGeady. David Jenkins. Patrick Riley. David Narducci. Bill Kirkendall. Tom Blank. Mike Richley. Jason Cosgrove. Coach Jerry Croll and Coach Mike Wheele. We had a great year " The kids dedicated themselves to the tradition of winning in El ston Swimmingw R E S T L I N The 1987 88 Wrestling team finished their season with a 9 win 2 loss record. The junior-varsity squad ended with a 12 and 3 record. The team captains were Jody Starks, Dave Humbers. and Jason Lee. Jody Starks also recieved the Most Valuable Player Award, and Dave Humbers recieved the most im proved and the ‘guts ’ award. Jason Lee. Jody Starks, and Pete Martorano came in first place at the Harvest Classic Tournament.Row 1 Monique Rastenis. Kevin Burns. Jody Starks. Theron Hunsley. Phi Le. Orson Hudson. Windrow Taylor. Kris Patterson Row 2: Nashelle Perry. Debbie Koch. Criag Phegly. Joe Farley. Dave Humbers. Jason Lee. Pete Martorano. Ray Ramirez. Eddie Jackson, and Dawn Piotrowski Row 3: Christy Miller. Dave Dillard. Rodney Skomeczny. Bill Smith. Coach Jeff Frietag. Cosy Daniel. Paul Box. and Angie Price. WRESTLING MANAGERS row I Christy Miller. Debbie Koch. Monique Ras tenis. and Dawn Piotrowski row 2 Nashelle Perry. Heather Goff, and Angie Price I WRESTLING 123 3Row 1 Lamees Ibrahim. Tina Jackson. Tricia Mikulski. Becky Marfise. Joann Porterfield. Anissa Depriest. Sharon Meer. Malinda Heeg. Karin Hunt. Carrie Sigle. Tami Janowski and Wendy Zilinger Row 2 Jill Sobecki. Heidi Cox. Doretha Judge. Shauna Thompson. Trista Sipes. Jenny Janus. Patty Retseck. Kirsten McMonigal. Heather Kalil. Natalie Doslon. Gail Edwards, and Coach Nancy Egan Row 3 Dana Thompson. Tonya Carey. Tracey Pecina. Kristen Schmaltz. Julie Wozniak. Lori Berner. Deanna Meyer. Kathy Haber men. and Erik Gilchrist This was a great group of girls to work with The seniors will surely be missed SOFTBALL CITY OPP 10 MEMORIAL 12 00 CENTRAL 09 26 NEW PRAIRIE 01 10 MISHAWAKA 07 01 ROGERS 12 08 S B CLAY 08 02 S B ADAMS 07 03 PENN 09 00 SB LASALLE 12 II MARQUETTE 01 00 SB RILEY 01 05 WASHINGTON 03 03 LAPORTE II The 1987 88 girls softball team had a rebuilding season. The devils were again coached by Nancy Egan and assisted by Dave Biela. Excellent performances were turned in by Natalie Dol son. Jenny Janus. Trista Sipes, and Tonya Carey. The lady Devils are looking forward to a great season next year. Loosing few to graduation. Coach Egan is really optimistic towards the seasons to come SOTTBAILThe 1987 88 boys golf team had another great season. Finishing with only 4 dual match loses, the Devils were overwhelmed with winning performances. Excellent performances were turned in by Sean Schoch. Jeff Kerestury and Bob Fritz. Loosing only 3 seniors this year, coach Croft is looking for more great seasons to come. "I believe that we have done quite well this year, especially since we had to replace three of the five start ers from last year."h- DC U "Although injuries and illness hurt our dual meet record this sea son, some of our athletes showed as much improvement as any I have coached."The girls track team had a good season. They ended with a 9-2 duel match season record, and a third place finish in sectionals as a team. There were many individual performances that advanced to re-gionals. Excellent performances were turned in on and off the track field. Coach Edwards was very pleased with the super performances obtained this year and is looking for greater achievements next season. TRACK City Opp. 77 Elkhart Central 41 79 Chesterton 39 87 S B. Riley 31 83 S.B. Adams 35 53 Penn 65 105 Rogers 13 80 S B Riley 30 90 S.B. LaSalle 28 91 S.B. Clay 27 95 Mishawaka 23 48 Elkhart Mem. 70 "This years track squad was the hardest work ing bunch of girls I've had in several years."T E N N I S The 1987 88 Girls Tennis team had a good season. First year coach Mrs. Warner was very happy with the re suits her girls displayed. Key players were Jill Weber. Michelle Nicholson and Melanie McEwan. The highlights of the sea son was the double duel meet win over Rogers. There is much hope for more good seasons to come. Christine Granacki serves a mean one.CITY TENNIS I VALPARAISO ELKHART MEMORIAL MISHAWAKA LAPORTE PENN S B RILEY ROGERS NEW PRAIRIE S B WASHINGTON ELKHART CENTRAL S B CLAY ROGERS S B ADAMS LASALLE opp "It has been a good season. A lot of improvement has been shown. There is potential for a good team next year.G Y M N A S T I C S Our 1987 88 Gymnastics team had a good season considering all the tough competition. As always, Coach Liz Haverstock is hoping with the return of some key gymnasts, they will have a winning season next year. At the Sectionals. Jenny Ludwig placed 8th out of 14 in the all around competition. Jenny was also named the Most Valuable Player. Jill Jacox, another key gymnast, had a very good season until she was injured and could not return. The teams captain was Amy Martin. Row 1: Camisha Foster. Jenny Finney. Merritt Lloyd. Jenny Ludwig. Chrissy Glade. Melanie Styder Row 2: Amy Martin. Karen Richardson. Shelby Smith. Missy Voss. Michele Niemen. Jill Jacox. and Coach Liz Haverstock GYMNASTICS CITY OPP. 85 PORTAGE 98 84 VALPARAISO 92 84 CHESTERTON 95 84 MERRILLVILLE 102 90 ROGERS 93 86 LAPORTE 90 91 HIGHLAND 86 90 ROGERS 95 86 HOBART 90 85 LOWELL 79 7ks Ault eo oev cs Make it happen □ k GYMNASTICS r ■» I “ would like to see Elston High have more spirit. I feel spirit is essential to winning."JUNIOR CLASS STEERING COMMITTEE SOPHOMORE CLASS STEERING COMMITTEE co z o z a cc Lorganueations A r ” H Z UJ Z z DC UJ O a H Z UJ a a H (0 Elston’s Ticket To Success Rt-w l: Ms OmMira Fhtzen. KTSTTo Kelly Waltz. Ellse fiothstineTYasmirtllekim. CharleneDu ik- kow ? Kuan Waltz. Heather Fujihara. Todd Zubler. Doug Gielow. Chris Dimke. Susan Coan. Jeannie Gallion, Christine Bozarth fcow . lth Barkow. Jenny Winski, Rebecca Holmes. Jenny Thom. Miriam Cleveland, Rico Riley. Jim Aigner. Mike Mitterman. Deanna Williams. Jennifer McMahan. Juan Esquivel. Charlotte Jemison, Mr. Paul Laux Row 4 Be Le. Dao Le. Jenny Ludwig. Heather Sharpin. Sharon Meep. Ellen Brady. Rachel Llchman. Camele Gonzalez. Holly Warner. Becky Marfise. Sena Mroueh Student Government members enjoying the workshop at Portage. Ms. Fritzen deciding where to put the decorations while the banners are being hung before the Homecoming game F STUDENT GOVERNMENT 132 1Rico Riley accepts the spirit stick while the assembly crowd goes nuts! STUDENT GENERATED SCHOLAR- SHIPS Dehne Scholarship Service Scholarship The Student Government ticketed many new and first time activities this year. One of the newest and most radical changes was the redrafting of the Elston Constitution. To enrich this change, many students went to a workshop in Portage that dealt with the operation of a good student government. The 1987-88 school year marked the first year that the Student Government ran and organized the Homecoming activities. (Thank you Mr. Croft for the great Homecomings of the past.) At the football game, the banners were judged and awarded prizes. This was a good idea and probably will be seen in up coming years. The Student Government sponsored a 50's 60 s dance in order to help finance one of the only student generated high school scholarships in Indiana, the Dehne Scholarship. The Dehne Scholarship is awarded to students furthering their education in the area of science. Other things that the Student Government did in order to finance projects, such as helping Chris Dimke, go to a state homecoming competion. was selling flowers and starting a King of the Year contest. This contest was started because many felt that along with a Homecoming Queen, we should have a king. The money from this competition and other fund raisers was enough to start another student generated scholarship, Elston s Service Scholarship. The 1987 88 Student Government was very successful with many new ideas. This year was the ticket to a stronger and more developed Student Government. This years Queen. Chris Dimke. and King. Jim Aigner.STUDENT STORE Here on the Elston Campus we have two student stores. These student stores are locat ed on the second floor of the academic build ing which is sponsored by Miss Young and the other is on the bottom floor of the occupation building and is sponsored by Mrs. Fritz. These stores supply the items that may be needed by stu dents in a day, such as candy to aliven the still sleepy, pens and paper for the unprepared and sweaters for those who can’t ever find the right temperature in certain classrooms. „ Row 1: Linda Harris. Shannon McGarry. Jenny Lindewald. Sheila Kersey. Beverly Ponder. Row 2: Scott Pelath. Todd Childress. Tim Navarro, and Paul Leckie. Row 1: Kendall Byers. Carrie Traynom. Mike Hackett, Sarah Williams, Heather Young Row 2: John Clevenger. Andy Allen. Tony Cruise. Greg Hekter. Todd Hawkins I STUDENT STORE 134 ICANTEEN I Mr. Paul Laux has been in charge of Canteen 1 for five years. Vending machines and pop machines are located on the main floor of the occupation building, first floor of the academic building, and the theater buil-dilng. Approximately 180 dozen munchies and 65 cases of pop are consumed a week. Items are selected by popularity and student requests. This year will be the first year with vending machines that will accept dollar bills. Canteen 1 supports the yearbook, and pays for student activities and assemblies such as the one presented in the theater. "T.G.I.F.". le main C CANTEEN 2 ROW 1 Kathy Cook Sparks. Paul Box. Mr Paul Laux. Pam Chambers ROW 2 Dan Edlen. Kevin Canteen 2 is located in the gym building near the Health and Safety rooms. Mr. Charles Young and Ms. Roxanne Young have been in charge since it opened two years ago. Items sold are pop. chips, candy, and Hostess products. These items are selected by popularity and requests. Some canteen items are sold in the student store on the second floor of the academic building along with school supplies such as paper, pencils, pens, folders, and computer disks. Half of the money brought in goes to the Conference Fund, and the other half is split among the groups that work Canteen 2. nan. Julia Nasser. Yasmin Hakim, fatrick R bbi Irish. Leslie Silvasi. John Clevenger. A i Decmfcon. Darrell Cash ROW 3 M«k ba ( s. Choate. Rh tt Cochran, Julius ikgr. Dawn SuMtyan. David ©ck Jfcttey Lw( OW 1 Marcia FischeJSusan YANGilder. Bye Han. Heavher Younqkarey I lie Gallion, raynom R( dy Barnett, rom. Dave W 4 Xavie ihmitt ROW 1 Angie Cox. Angela Nelson. Bobbi Irish. Miriam Cleveland. Barbara Fntzen ROW 2 Sean Schoch. Amy Pishkur. Tricia MikuUki. David Rick. Dawn Sullivan ROW 3 Char Jemison. Shellee Russell. Jenny Ludwig. Heather Fujihara. Kevin Burns. R. CONCESSIONS Barbara Fritzen has been in charge of the Jr. Conces-for six years. Jr. Concessions raises they money at sporting events such as football and basket ball games. Approximately $400 is brought in l per game and is used for the Junior-Senior J Prom. Ordering concessions depends on y who's playing, the time of year, and if it's a winning or losing season. In a normal game the Jr. Concessions goes through approximately 5 canisters (500 servings) of pop. 25 lbs. to 50 lbs. of popcorn, and 100 to 120 hotdogs. Candy and gum are also sold. They were also selling key chains and souvenir cups. Mrs sions K CANTEEN J r ■» jRow 1: Pernell Starks, Cathy Curry, Kathy Troyer, Erika Williams, Ann Lindborg Row 2: Christa Henderson, Yvonne Cooper. An gela Day, Wendy Calvin, Nicole Carlson Row 3: Jim Knigga, Stephen Carter, Pat rick Riley, Tom Hahn. Anthony Johnston Row 1. Pat Morgan. Leigh Hennessey, Tami Janowski, Tim Sheehy, Lisa Childers Row 2: Darcy Garbacik, Anissa DePriest. David Dillard, Paul Kassal, Kila Ward. Clresa Falls OFFICE AND PRINCIPAL ASSISTANTS Office, principal, counselor and library as- sistants were a very important part of the I productivity in the daily life at Elston High y School. If it weren’t for the office assistants, —who would run call out slips for the secretaries? Who would run their important errands for them? Principal assistants do much of the same. They run errands for the principals secretaries. They deliver messages and call out slips by the dozen.LIBRARY COUNSELOR ASSISTANTS Counselor assistants call students out of class for the counselors and the counselors f secretary. Mrs. Aigner. They also run errands I for our treasurer. Mrs. Windle. along with oth V er important errands that make the counsel ors day go smoother. The library assistants are just as important. They sort books, shelve them, empty book box. deliver film and film projectors and many other important jobs. Our assistasnts are a small but very important part of the workings of Elston High School. Left Row 1: Marc Dusza. Jason Hogan. Jason Mokrychi. Donna Foster. Kathy He berman. Ellen Fane Row 2: Karen Coursel. Melissa Mohamed. Raymond Mitchell. Greg Flesher, Mark Swistek. Jason Moore. Below Row 1: Mrs. Florene Troyer. Chris Baker. Diane Mackey. Aimee Debone. Becky Jones. Sara Wenclaff Row 2: Salwa Agemy. Anne Marciniak, Julie Clifford. Ka tie McConnell. David Jenkins. Tom Blank Row 3: Julie Wozniak. Diane Harmon. Thomas Daniels. David Rick.HONOR SOCIETY It is a great privilege to be elected into the National Honor Society- To be eligible for this honor a candidate much first achieve in the category of Scholarship. This means that this person must maintain at least 1 a 3.2 grade point average. After achieving this I GPA the candidate must also pass 3 other categories: Character. Leadership and Service. Character involves individuals as a per son. In the category of Leadership, teachers rate candidates on classroom leadership. Service, involves how active the candidate is in extra-curricular activities. If a person passes all 4 categories they are welcomed into the National Honor Society. John McGeady.Secretary; Jim Aigner. President; Todd Zubler. Vice President ROW 1 Andrea Rodman. Sue Ellis. Yasmin Hakim. Beneen Ibrahim. Karey Erow. Carmen McBride. Margaret Fane. Diane Swiger. Jeannie Gallion. Sarah Williams. Archell Jemison ROW 2: Katie McBride. Chris Dimke. Jill Weber. Tonya Carey. Trish Kostielney. Susan Coan. Heather Young, Laura Green. Melissa Mann. Julia Nasser. Jennifer Palmer ROW 3 Kathy Haberman. John McGeady. Josh Engquist. Jeff Kerestury. Jennie Smith. Michelle Nicholson. Elizabeth Schmitt. David Jenkins. Chris Willoughby ROW 4 Patrick Riley, Aimee DeBone, Doug Gielow. Todd Zubler. Kim Kellogg. Paul Kassal. Jim Aigner. Scott Plummer, and Jay Bausback VOCATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ;wa," Lu w™k,n9 Stephan Koethe. Becky Jones and Anthony Johnston take part in the traditional candle ceremony BELOW Inductees are sworn in. The purpose of the Industrial Technology Honor Society is to hon or students that achieve excellence in the vocational field. In order to be a part of this organization a student must be a junior or senior and have a 3.0 G.P. A. in industrial subjects and a 2.5 in academics. Row 1: Sheila Kersey. Beverly Ponder. Joanna Leatherman, Leon Stanish. Mike Cook and Mr. Jim Clevenger. Row 2: John Clevenger. Mark Swistek. David Westphal. Dean Willson and Danny Williams.Carla Filipiak and Sarah Williams put finishing touch es on Homecoming banner. STAFF EDITOR Jeff Kerestury BUSINESS MANAGER Marcia Fischer SPORTS EDITOR Melissa Mohamed LAYOUT EDITOR Sarah Williams PHOTOGRAPHER Sue Gamache STAFF: Anthony Fahel Carla Filipiak Rob Libke Jennie Fry Kristi Hollis Sue Lus-comb Jennifer McMahon Melanie McEwan Mike Mittermann Sandy Wiegand COMET Comet is a newspaper that presents infor mation to the Elston students monthly. This information is on events and happenings that go on at Elston. Comets motto is — 'the times are changing and we are changing with them.'‘ if 4 Comet members prepare a layout for the next issue Row 1 Sue Gamache Row 2 Kristi Hollis. Jennifer McMahon Row 3 Carla Filipiak. Melanie McEwan. Heather West. Mike Mitterman Row 4 Tony Fahel. Marcia F.scher. Sandy Wiegand. Sarah Williams. Melissa Mohamed. Kim Nessler. Jennie Fry. Rob Libke. Sean SchochACADEMIC TEAMS Left Row 1: David Williams, Tricia Mikulski. Rhett Cochran. Tom Woodruff. Sandy Wiegand Row 2: Erin Brummel. Dave Brubeck, Miriam Cleveland. Dawn Choate. Blanche Sweney Row 3: Mr. Charles Young. Jenny Ludwig. Dawn Sullivan. Da vid Rick. Right Row 1 Dave Brubeck. Paul Kassal. Tim Sheehy. Rhett Cochran. Tom Woodruff Row 2 Julius Cooper. Cory Kihlstrom. Leslie Silvasi. Bobbi Irish. Kevin Barkow. Randall Wroblewski. David Williams. Row 3 Mr Charles Young, Keith Barkow. Jenny Hardacker. David Burch. Todd Zubler Left Row 1: Angie Nelson. Dave Brubeck. Rhett Cochran. Tom Woodruff. Sandy Wiegand. Dawn Sullivan Row 2: Julius Cooper. Cory Kihlstrom. Leslie Silvasi. Bobbi Irish. Randall Wroblewski, David Williams. Row 3: Mr. Charles Young. Keith Barkow. Jenny Hardacker. David Burch, Todd Zubler. Andrea Bolka. Anne Glossenger The ticket to Elston s academic success is influenced by after school clubs. Three of these clubs are the Spell Bowl, Quiz Bowl, and Super Bowl. The Spell Bowl is a spinoff of elementary and junior high Spelling Bee s. Quiz Bowl is a —collection of students who are able to answer a wide variety of questions quickly. The club meets in the fall and competes against local 1 high schools in the regular season. Super J Bowl is a part of the state wide Academic — Decathalon. The club consists of six teams with three people on a team who answer questions in the areas of: English. Science. Math. Fine Arts. Social Studies, and a combination of all of these areas. ACADEMIC TEAMS 140 ROW I Brad Waltz, Tim Sheehy. Paul Kassal ROW 2: Mr Donald VanHoy. Richard Dirks. Dave Brubeck. Cory Kihlstrom. COMPUTER CLUB J Computer Club is for students with an interest or knowledge in bytes and disks. The Pur due University Quadrathon is a contest that challenges this group. The organization is sponsored by Miss Bobinski. C CHESS Chess Club was sponsored by Mr. VanHoy. This was a club for you if you had an interest for the game and knew the basic execution steps. It gave students a chance to sharpen their skills, and concentration abilities. ROW 1: Tim Sheehy ROW 2 Dave Brubeck ROW 3: Paul Kassal ROW I Mr Don Evett. Chris Dimke. Paul Kassal. Tim Sheehy. Jill Weber ROW 2 Jim Atgner. Keith Barkow. Dave Brubeck. Kevin Barkow. Dean Willson. Todd Zubler JETS Jets. Students are chosen to compete in a test sponsored by the Junior engineering Technical Society. The test is called T.E.A.M. (Test of Engineering and Math Skill) and is a group effort, the test shows the great knowl edge and talent, the sponsor is Mr. Evett.ART ASSISTANTS Art Assistants were responsible for taking at tendance, putting away new supplies, smash ing and wedging clay, and straightening up around the room. ART CLUB Art Club met every Wednesday to do various projects such as painting the school office windows and various businesses around town during the holiday season. Banners were made during homecoming and hoops were made during the basketball season. The club also took a field trip to Chicago. Row 1 Steve Chronister. Chris Booz. Shellee Russell. Kimberly Peek. Tami Janowski. John Lestock. Tori Nash. Dixie Butts. Karen Sitkiewicz Row 2 Kim Slaughter. Angie Woolum, Julie Steele. Angie Price, Elise Nothstine. Debbie Koch. Monique Rastenis. Missy Dombkowski. Jenny Hoeppner. Traacy Milakovic Row 3-Julie Harvey. Dawn Piotrowski. Anne Glossenger. Guy See. Randi Rhanor, Ken Coon. Jim Freel. Dan Beaver Row I Trista Sipes. Kimberly Peek. Shaheena Pasha Row 2 Dawn Emerick. Samantha Cook. Anne Glossenger Row 1 Scott Plummer. Scott Jovien, Jennie Smith. Julie Gring, Beth Carlisle. Jenny Lindewald Row 2 Tony Cruise, Jenny Janus. Diane Harmon. Beverly Ponder. Shiela Kersey. Tricia Mikulski. Richard Sparks TICKET SELLERS The ticket sellers were a group of selected students that sell tickets, collect money or check season tickets at the door at major and minor sporting events. They were paid a fee for their services. I 142 3Drama Club Officers Wendy Barnett Secretary. Elizabeth Schmitt President. Kathleen Brill Vice President DRAMA CLUB If you had any interest in theater, you might want to think about joining Drama Club. You could join at any time of the year. You would have to pay $ 1.00 for dues for the whole year. Mr. Holdcraft has been teaching drama for 16 years. This year the club put on a fall play “The Mousetrap” by Agatha Christy, which was a huge success. Drama Club also has started a new special program this year called Dim Lights. It was a one act play dealing with suicide. Being in Drama Club was no easy task, it usually took 5-6 weeks to rehearse. Row I Stan Holdcraft, Josh Engquist. Miriam Cleveland. Eileen Mitchell. Kim Kellogg. Elizabeth Schmitt. Amy Pishkur. Lori Nelson. Kathleen Brill. Beth Morris Row 2 Heather McMahan. Kristi Hollis. Angie Cox. Susan Coan. Wendy Barnett. Trish Kostielney. Lavila Richardson. John Lestock. Beth Vaughn. Karen Waltz. Beth Skivers. Steve Kellogg Row 3 Ricarado Smith. Dawn Choate. Jackie King. Tanya Ross. Cathy Currie. Sue Murray. Jenny Hardacker. Jim Deuitch. David Holdcraft. Shelley Weber. Arturo Pozos LEFT Stan Holdcraft applies makeup to Miriam Cleveland before the play. Sgt Trotter Josh Engquist attempts to strangle Molly Elizabeth Schmitt to avenge something that happened to him in his youth. I DRAMA CLUB 143 3X CO a cx ■ Q a CO S.A.D.D. (Students Against Driving Drunk) is an organization that informs students about the dangers of drinking and driv ing. At meetings one may encounter guest speakers who speak about different ways alcholism may come about, movies on drunk driving or some relaxation techniques to help one relax by exercise rather than ] drinking. S.A.D.D. also gave each student J who attended prom a quarter so they could call home if they were drinking on prom night. PGSH was started last year by some members of SADD. Like SADD. PGSH helps teach the dangers of taking drugs to students. If you have to drink, drink Pepsi. Drinking and Driving can kill a friendship. If you drink and drive, don’t forget the cruiser. Say no to drugs and yes to life. Row 1: Wanda Perry. Karey Erow. David Williams, Heather McMahon. Kristi Hollis. Wendy Barnett. Susan Coon. Marcia Fischer. Heather Young. Martha Sanders. Jim Deuitch. Wendy Stupeck. Roxanne Young. Elizabeth Schmitt. Row 2 Miriam Cleveland. Megan Rubeck. Tami Janowski. Katie Maddox. Diane Swiger. Keith Barkow. Greg Flesher, Kendra Filipiak. Charrie Ellis. Suzanne Gamache. Jenny Hardacker, Andrea Rodman. Julie Nasser. Steve Kellogg Row 3: Jennifer Cook. Denae Laberge. Tricia Shepard. Jennifer Winski. Melissa Whiteaker. Susan Jasicki. Kevin Barkow. Sarah Williams. Cory Kihlstrom. Leslie. Silvasi. Bobbi Irish. Juan Esquivel. Matt Fennell. Scott Hiatt. Row 4 Angie Cox. Tara Headley. Be Le, Ellen Brady. Scott Sims. Jason Cosgrove. Terry Parrish. Adam Wright. Brian Shores. Mike Mittermann. Robb Neary. Becky Holmes. Jenny Ludwig. Row 5: Missy Dombkowski. Shellee Russell. Marisa Graf. Jenny Thom. Melanie McEwan. Dawn Sullivan. Dao Le. Heather Fujihara. Sandy Wiegand Row 1: Julie Nasser. Tara Headley. Melilssa Mills. Tricia Oltz. Marcia Fischer. Julie Craig. Row 2 Wendy Barnett. Susan Coan. David Williams. Elizabeth Schmitt. Martha Sanders. Jim Deuitch. Row 3: Karen Oltz. Althea Southward. Roxanne Young. Kristi Hollis. Heather Young.Kimm Fraie Vice President Dave Brubeck: Secretary Dave Burch: President Paul Kassal Chairman of the lab committee. SCIENCE CLUB A noise is heard down a corridor. A faint odor is in the air. You look through the door f 1 and a snake is around someone’s neck! Could f I this be the deep tropical jungle? No, it's just I an ordinary day with Elston's Science Club. Students can clearly state that some of their most memorable days have been spent with Mr. Marz and the Science Club. Bubbling, boiling, and brewing as they adventure into the world of science. The students have enjoyed their time togeth er and hate to see the year end. SKI CLCIB Skiing is an enjoyable way to keep in shape and have fun with friends. Here at Elston a majority of the students are spending time at Ski Valley with the Ski Club. Ski Club met every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. and spent an exciting evening either learning how to ski for the first time or conquering the wall. Trying new stunts such as the Helicopter or Spread Eagle proved entertaining. Ski Club planned a trip to Swiss Valley in Michigan, for a change of scenery. The weather permitted us to have a great year. Kendra Byvoets and Eva Olsaker enjoy some fun. I SOENCE C SHI 145 3CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders season starts right after try outs in March and continues until March of the following year. The cheerleaders practice J hard through the summer months to prepare J themselves for football. This includes early morning practices three or four days a week and attendance of a summer camp. The girls attended the Indiana Cheer Camp at DePaw University. This year Elston varsity did exceptionally well in competition, they were advanced to the five finalists. This was a first for Elston. Freshmen Row 1- Melanie Steider. Jenna Kamont Row 2- Pam Plummer. Andrea Doster Row 3- Shelby Smith Junior Varsity Row 1 - Jill Jacox Row 2- LiToia Sanders. Tangy Stalberte Row 3- Merrit Lloyd. Jess Neulieb, Sarah Rogers CITYVarsity Row 1 Melanie McEwan, Mary Heffron. Julie Grlng. Terri Cuma. Jenny Janus. Carla Filipiak Row 2 Makeba Oda. Jennie Smith, Jenny Thom Jenny Janus, Terri Cuma. Mary Heffron and Jenny Thom practice their 147ELSTONIAN EDITOR Lisa Narducci PHOTO Terri Cuma. Jen Orlowski. Kirk Bos, Elise Nothstine, Keith Bar-kow MUGS Kelly Bancroft, Angie Price. Pam Chambers ADS Jen Orlowski CLUBS Diane Swiger, Ellen Fane. Lisa Avery, Vickie Davis, Gail Edwards, Becky Jones ACADEMICS Paula Wiencek. Mary Hef-fron, Kim Peek. Laura Ro-mine SPORTS Terri Cuma COMPUTER Pam Chambers. Jill Jahnz SPONSOR Paul Laux r Paul Laux recieves a raffle ticket. Lisa Avery tickets a watch for repair. Lisa Narducci tickets a layaway item. Angie Price gets a ticket to the zoo. Kirk Bos gives away a play Mary Heffron recieves a corn-ticket. mencement ticket. I ELSTONIAN 148 I Kim Peek has a ticket to the South. Terri Cuma is ticketed for illegal parking.V « Jennifer Orlowski gets a concert ticket. Gail Edwards gets a ticket to Naperville. Pam Chambers tickets her laundry. Kelly Bancroft gets a prom ticket. Becky Jones gets a ticket for a free ice cream cone. Jill Jahnz gets a bus ticket. Diane Swiger hands a theater ticket to Ellen Fane. Keith Barkow takes a candy ticket for Diane. Vickie Davis gets a speeding ticket.R.T. ROW 1 Robb Neary. Keith Barkow. Juan Esquivel. John Clevenger. Brian Smith. Mike Mittermann ROW 2 Cory Kihlstrom. Anthony Johnston. Tony Cruise. Doug Gielow. Jim Aigner. Terry Parrish. Jo Harber ROW 3 James Owens, David Jen kins. Patrick Riley. Todd Zubler. Jason Cosgrove. Bob Libke. Scott Jovien. Eric Mertl Elstons pep club, R.T., Is one of the largest organizations here at Elston. Miss Booth is the leader of R.T. and has done a great job of I raising school spirit among the students. New y members in R.T. were initiated into the club w after having to face the embarrassment of dressing up in a clownlike fashion for an entire week. The girls in R.T. raise our school spirit among the fans and teams at many sports activities during the year here at Elston. ROW 1 Pam Plummer.Heather Kalil.Shelby Smith ROW 2 Tricia Pliske. Ann Clevenger. Andrea Doster. Leslie Dickhans ROW I Sharon Meer.Jennifer Winski.Ellen Brady.Megan Rubeck ROW 2 Jennifer Cook.Carla Filipiak.Julie Gring. Melanie McEwan ROW 3 Chris Dimke. Terri Cuma. Jill Weber. Susan Coan ROW 4 Fran Booth. Phyllis Stark Marc Chavez does the strip for boys cheerblock. BOYS CHEERBLOCK Boys Cheerblock is led by Mrs. Harber. the boys in cheerblock cheer on our teams to victory. The boys show as much action in the stands as there was on the floor. Marc Chavez and John Clevenger were the strippers for boys cheerblock and raised everyone's spirit. I RT ANO BOYS 5 CHEERBLOCK I conzmssmo) — Hpom D S PATRONS BIKE STOP 3409 S. FRANKLIN ST. 872-9228 MICHIGAN CITY SAVINGS LOAN 2000 FRANKLIN ST. 879-5364 ARNDTS ORCHARD 1875 N. WOZNIAK RD. 872-0122 HONEY-COMB BEAUTY SALON 336 JOHNSON RD. 879-8412 WATERFRONT STATION 10 COMMERCE SQUARE 879-0042 JACKS GOLF RANGE us 20 HEAD QUARTERS 1714 E. US 20 EVERGREEN PLAZA 872-2029 FRANKLIN PHARMACY BIELA 1517 FRANKLIN ST. PRINTING 874-8712 PRESCRIPTIONS CO. 152PATRONS MIKES SPORTING GOODS EVERGREEN PLAZA 872-9191 DR. GENE FRYAR 1211 E. COOLSPRING 872-9200 ATHENA TRAVEL SERVICE 1099 N. KARWICK 879-4461 LIVING WORD BOOK STORE 2710 S. FRANKLIN ST. 872-4682 HOWARDS RESTAURANT 1714 FRANKLIN ST. 879-3426 YMCA 1001 E. COOLSPRING AVE. 879-8287 LARRY DALTON INC. 105 WASHINGTON 879-4553 BEAUTY BOUTIQUE 1308 FRANKLIN ST. 879-0035 WINDY ENTRPRISES 4934 LINDSAY LN. 873-2030 Visit our two locations. “ONLY THE BEGINNING” Marquette Mall “SKIPPY’S” Lighthouse Place Kim Peek and Vickie Davis check out the furry critters at the home of a bunch of fun and trendy HOLIDAY INN 5820 South Franklin Michigan City 872-0311 BARENIE PRODUCTS INC. 4494 IN. Wozniak Road 874-53 Darcy Garbacik has the hopes of someday wearing a dress like this from Sandi's. SANDI’S BRIDAL SHOP 3301 Franklin Street Michigan City 872-4674Robin Pecina. Pam Chambers, and Gail Edwards get outfit ted for that first fishing expedition. 0 Terri Cuma and Mary Heffron look over vacation materials LAKESHORE TRAVEL 301 US 20 WEST 872-7217 Jill Jahnz and Lisa fSarducci supposedly getting ads, make a trip to Dairy Queen. 1611 E. MICHIGAN BLVD. SPORTING CHANCE 1019 FRANKLIN ST. 879-4110 Lisa Narducci looks over class rings at Fox Jewelry. FOX JEWELERS 4025 FRANKLIN ST. MARQUETTE MALL 872-7241 155THORGREN TOOL MOLDING CO., INC. 1100 EVANS AVENGE VALPARAISO, INDIANA 46483 219-462-1801 Over 35 years of experience PLASTIC MOLDED FAN BLADESMERRION-REMIJAS REALTORS 917 South Franklin St. Michigan City 872-4000 DABAGIA OLDS BCIICK 625 E. U.S. 20 GMC 879-8281MCDONALD’S RESTAURANTS SALUTES THE CLASS OF 1988 □ 1000 Russell St. Michigan City, Indiana 879-0361 f i N SNAKE CO. PRODUCTS P.O. Box 8679 Michigan City Indiana 46360mEwta PFSTAURAWT LOW SUMARITA 2134 E. GS 20 Michigan City 872-8m INDIANA SCHOOL PICTURES Indianapolis, Indiana 1-800-382-2074 Senior Photographer for 1988KABLIN TRUE VALUE HARDWARE MICHIGAN CITY 872-5431 824 E. 11TH 872-5528 Darrin Barth and Margaret Fane get their hair styled. KATHI’S KOACHLITE 1402 FRANKLIN ST. MICHIGAN CITY 879-6020 PRO MUSIC 1213 FRANKLIN ST. MICHIGAN CITY 872-5520 □ pierre card |ADt$ANSABFn When it comes to classic tailoring Pam Chambers, Jen Orlowski, and Dan Edlen know they can find it from JaymarRuby, Inc. 3LUCAS STUDIOS 2408 OAK ST. PIANO Paula takes Pam and Becky for a testdrive in a new Honda. JOHN WHITES HONDA 710 E. US 20 874-4293 Robert D. Avery, D.D.S. 401 Warren Bldg. 874-8803 Michigan City Dr. Avery takes a frightful look into Jennifer s mouth. EZ3OWENS MOTOR SUPPLY Complete Auto Parts Michigan City LaPorte MIDTOWN BARBERS 113 W. 7th St. DABAGIA WHITE SUBARU 700 E. U.S. 20 872-5031 PEPSI COLA BOTTLERS INC, □BLOCKSOM COMPANY 406 CENTER ST. MICHIGAN CITY SIGN NOW TYPE YOUR MESSAGE:WE NEED Red Cross Blood Services Fore Wayne Region AMERICAN RED CROSS Michigan City Chapter 232 EAST 8th ST. MICHIGAN CITY. IN 46360 PH. (219 874 4247 — t ’ iGOOD LUCK “88” JEN ORLOWSKI PAM CHAMBERS KIM PEEK LISA NARDUCCI ELLEN FANE JILL JAHNZ DIANE SWIGER LISA AVERY TERRI CUMA MARY HEFFRON VICKIE DAVIS GAIL EDWARDS LAURA ROMINE KIRK BOSINDEX A Abbott. Alicia 86 Adams. Connie 80 Adams. Eric 86. 115 ADNSON. DANIEL 12. 34. 44. 105. M2. M3 ADRIAN. JENNIFER 34 44. 107 Agemy, Salwa 53. 80. 137 Aigner. Bob 17 AIGNER JAMES 15. 26. 27. 34. 44 132. 133. 138 141. 150 Aigner. Shirley 16 Aldrich. Robert 60. 86. 101. 115 Allen. Andrew 5. 80. 101. 134. 135 Anderson. Cynthia 77. 86 Anderson. Debra 80. 86 Anderson. Johnny 34 Anderson. Stepha 86 Anderson. Wayne 86 Antcliff. Leslie 34 44 Anthony. James 86 Apple. Jack 16 Aragon. Barbara 86 Archie. Bryan 80 Ard, Tamala 34 Argabright. William 53. 80. 108 Armstrong. Jamie 76 Armstrong. Kimberly 80 Ashley. David 115 Ashley. Sharon 86 Atwater. Roy 86 Avery. Lisa 34. 44 77. 148 B BAKER. CHRISTINE 34. 44. 53. 77. 137 BAKER. DAVID 34. 65 BAKER. JENNIFER 34. 44 Baker. Timothy 86 Bancroft. Kelly 80. 149 Bamcki Bryan 34 44 Banks. Timothy 80 Barackix. Barb 107 Barcevic. Jeanette 86 Barkow Keith 52. 56. 80. 104. 105. 132. 140. 141. 144 149. 150 Barkow Kevin 56. 74. 80. 135. 140 141. 144 BARNETT WENDY 24 34 44 52. 78 135. 143. 144 Baron Mario 86 BARTELS MIC HEALS 63 BARTH CHRISTOPHER 44. 70 Barth. Darrin 74. 86. 161 Bartlett Jeff 52. 86 Bartnick. Elaine 16 Bartos. Sheila 80 Baskin. Thomas 86 Batte. Mary 86 Baunach. Doug 72. 121 BAUSBACK. JAY 34 44 52. 104. 105 113. 135. 138 Bear. Rick 80 Bearickx. Burt 86. 101 Beason. Cheryl 86 Beaver. Andrew 86 Beaver. Daniel 86 142 Beaver. Tony 24 Bell Beth 72 Bell Carole 16 Belliveau Dawn 80 Bennettt. Carrie 80 Benson Aaron 115 Bentley. Mike 80 Berg. Martha 21 Bernard Lisa 34. 44 Berner. Lon 52. 86 117. 124 Biela Dave 124 Biela Jenm 53. 79. 86 Bietry, Tim 15. 17 Biggers Allan 86. 100. 101. 115 Biggers Alshanda 80 Biggerstaff Matt 56. 115 Bildhauser Donald 34 44 71 Bildhauser. Timothy 80 Bishop. Billie 74 Bishop. Tncia 80 Black. Clarence 86 Black. Nadine 86 BlakHy. Javaughn 86 Bland. Theresa 14 15. 34. 44. 77. 79 Blank. Thomas 5. 80. 121. 137 Bobinski. Therese 18 BOCK MATTHEW 34 44 105 BOGART. ROBERT 80 Bohlim. Jenny 71 Bolka. Andrea 53. 80. 140 Bolka. Dodie 80 Booth. Fran 14. 18. 50. 51. 58. 150 Boo . Christopher 86. 142 BOS KIRK 34. 44 71. 148 Bottom. Christopher 86 BOTTOM. DEBRA 34. 44. 77 Bower. Andy 53 BOX. PAUL 34. 44. 123. 135 Boysel. Sharon 18 BOZARTH. CHRISTINE 34. 44. 63. 107. 132 Braddy. Derek 28. 34. 44. 70 Brady. Ellen 86. 132. 144. 150 Brewer. Anthony 86 Brill. Kathleen 53. 80. 143 Brooks. Audrey 34. 44. 70 Brooks. Matt 74 Brown. Cathy 80 Brown. Edgar 80. 112. 113 Brown. Edward 86 Brown. Jeff 115 Brown. Tonya 77. 80 Brubeck. David 52. 56. 80. 105. 135. 140. 141. 145 Bruce. Thomas 80 Bruemmer. Norman 18. 59 Bruemmer. Pat 18 Brummel. Erin 74. 86. 140 Bryan. Matt 121 Bukva. Kathy 86 BULAKOWSKI PAMELA 34. 44. 70 Bulecowski. Dawn 77 Burch David 52. 80. 135. 140. 145 Burke. Dennis 86. 115 Burns Kevin 80, 123. 135 BURTON. CELLIA 34 Butts. Dixie 86. 142 Butts. Karen 16 BUTTS. LAURA 34. 44 70 Butts. Melissa 76 Byers. Kendall 80 134. 135 Byrd. Beisha 86 Byrd. Lamont 34 Byrd. Neoctca 86 Byrd. Tameka 77. 86 BYRD. TAMERA 34. 44 Byrd. Tammy 117 Byrd. Tnna 86 Byvoets. Kendra 86. 145 C Caddo. Russell 00 Cams. Amy 52. 53. 80 Caldwell. Daniel 86 Callahan David 34. 44. 70 Calvin. Wendy 34 44 136 Canard. Michael 35 Carder. Gary 35. 77 Carder. Laura 35 Carder. Reuben 80 Carder. Tammy 76 CAREY. TONYA 35. 44. 103. 117. 124. 138 145 CARLISLE. ELIZABETH 35. 44 110. 111. 142 Carlson, Nicole 77. 80. 136 Carson. Maurice 86 CARTER KELLY 35. 44 52 Carter. Sam 56. 86 CARTER. STEPHEN 35. 44 100. 101. 136 Cash Darrell 35 44. 135 Caspan Christy 80. 109 Cassidy. John 53. 80 Castner Jason 86 Caufield. Eric 35. 44 57 CAVENDER. MARY 18 Cavmder. William 86 Chambers. Eugene 80 CHAMBERS. PAMELA 28. 35. 44 135. 149 155. 162 Chambers, Rhonda 80 Chambers. Yulanda 77. 80 CHAMPION. TOMEKO 35 Chatmen. Tekilah 80 Chatoman. Albert 35 CHAVAZ. MARC 12. 35 44 101. 150 Childers. Lisa 80. 136 CHILDRESS. TODD 44 134 Choate. Dawn 74 86. 135. 140. 143 Christy. Mary 17 Chronister, Steve 76. 86. 142 Cleek. Candy 79. 80 Cleveland. Miriam 23. 24. 52. 56. 78. 80. 132. 135. 140. 143. 144 Clevenger, Ann 109. 150 Clevenger. Jim 18. 70. 138 CLEVENGER. JOHN 35. 44 101. 134. 135. 138 150 Clifford. Julie 53. 80. 137 Cloonan. Vanessa 80 Coan, Mark 53. 80. 104. 105 COAN. USAN 14. 26. 33. 35. 53. 74 78. 132. 135. 138, 143. 144 150 COAR. JOE 35. 44 Cochran. Chad 53. 60 86. 101 COCHRAN. RHETT 35. 44. 53 78 135. 140 Coleman. Tracy 80 Collier. Oscar 80. 101 CONNELL. DAVID 26. 35. 44. 105, 125 Constable. Scott 55. 80 Cook. Jennifer 52. 80. 144. 150 Cook. Kathy 80. 135 Cook. Mike 138 Cook. Samantha 142 COON. KENNETH 35. 44 101 142 Cooney. Matt 57. 86 COOPER. JULIUS 35. 44. 53. 135. 140 COOPER. YVONNE 35. 44. 136 COPLEY. KIM 35. 44 Corley. Kenya 80 Cosgrove. Jason 80. 104 105. 121. 144. 150 Coursel. Karen 77. 80. 137 Covert. Brent 80 Covert. Melanie 86. 103 Covert. Michelle 86 Cox. Angie 53. 78. 80. 135. 143. 144 COX. CURTIS 35. 70 Cox. Erika 52. 80 Cox. Heidi 86 124 CRAIG. JULIE 35. 44 144 Craig. Sharon 52. 86 Crawford. Shane 86 CRAWFORD. WENDY 35 Cripe. Tracy 76 Croft. Max 18. 125 Croft. Roberta 18 Croll. Jerry 18. 121 CRUISE. TONY 35. 44. 134. 135. 142. 150 Cryan. David 52 Cryan. Geoffry 81 Culpepper. Pastches 76. 117 CUMA TERRI 27. 35. 44. 51. 147. 148, 150. 155 Cunningham. JoAnn 76 Curry. Dadra 86. 117 Curry Kathy 52. 86. 107, 143. 136 Cushway. Karen 86 Cushway. Samuel 86 D D Arcangelis. Richard 18 Daniel. Brenda 87 DANIEL. COSIE 35 44 101. 123 DANIELS. THOMAS 35. 44 137 Davis. Brock 67. 87 Davis. Michael 81 Davis. Penny 87 DAVIS. VICKIE 36. 44 51. 149. 154 DAY. ANGELA 36. 44. 77. 136 Day. Loretta 117 DEBONE. AIMEE 33. 36. 44. 135. 137. 138 Delong. Tonda 36 Deloms. Amy 87 Demchak. Mark 87 Denham. Chad 81 Dennison. Mona 36. 44 135 Depriest. Amssa 81. 124. 136 Deuitch. Jeff 65. 87 DEUITCH. JIM 33. 36. 44 53. 135. 143. 144 DEUTSCHER. ROBIN 36 Devault. Remce 87 Diab. Charles 81 Dtbke Diana 16 Dibkey. Brett 87. 115 Dickhans. Leslie 76. 150 Dierdorf. Darrell 87. 101 Dikhans. Leslie 107 DILLARD. DAVID 36. 123. 136 Dillion. Robert 16 DIMKE. CHRISTINE 14 15. 36. 44. 52. 106. 107. 132. 133. 135. 138. 141. 150 Dimke. Matthew 87 Dirks Richard 53 74 81. 141 DOCKERY. CARLESTER 36. 44 113 DOLSON. NATALIE 36. 44 57. 103. 124 Dolson. Peter 87, 101 Dombkowski. Tom 87. 115 Dombrowski. Carol 21 DOMKOWSKI. MELISSA 33. 36. 44 61. 142. 144 Doster. Andrea 111. 146. 150 Downs. Mark 81 Drake. Donald 35 Dr ewiecki, Aaron 52. 87 Dubie. Dustin 87 Dubie. Heather 81 DUBIE. AVID 36 44 52. 53 DUDEK. JOHN 36. 44 DUDEK. STEPHEN 36. 44 74 DUDLEY. ABRAHAM 36. 112. 113 Dudley. Charlene 53. 77. 132 Durnell. Melissa 87 Dus a. Marc 81. 137 Dutrher. Richard 81 Dysard. Jeff 56 East. Diane 77 Eaton, Carita 74. 87 Eaton. Michelle 76 ECKWOOD. ANDREW 36. 44. 101 Eckwood. Coretta 73. 87 Eckwood. Esther 77. 81 Edlen. Dan 5. 70. 81. 135. 162 Edson. Melissa 74 Edwards. Bennie 18. 103, 115 EDWARDS. GAIL 36. 44 124 149. 155 EDWARDS. LANON 36 Edwards. Radley 81. 101 Egan. Nancy 18. 124 Eldridge, Angela 87 ELDRIDGE THOMAS 36. 44 70 Eleni. Eileen 36. 44. 107 Elkins. Michelle 77, 87 Ellis. Charrie 74. 81. 144 Ellis, Mario 87 ELLIS. SUE 14. 36. 44 109. 138. 145. 164 EL WOOD. ERIK 5. 36. 44. 101 Emerick. Dawn 77. 81. 142 English. Kris 53. 81. 87 English. Shannon 81 ENGQUIST. JOSH 23. 24. 27. 36. 44 53. 135. 138. 143 EROW, KAREY 33. 36. 44 52. 135. 138. 144 Esquivel. Juan 53. 81. 132. 144. 150 Estes. Jack 115 EVANS. CARLA 44 Evans. Rodney 81. 101. 113 Evans. Sherell 79 Everly. Christopher 87 Evett. Don 18. 141 F Fahel. Anthony 81. 139 FAIRCHILD. RODERICK 36 Faith. Patricia 87 Falls. Camisha 103 Falls. Robert 115 FALLS. RONALD 36. 44 FALLS. URESA 14. 15. 36. 44 103. 117. 136 FANE. ELLEN 33. 36. 44. 135. 137. 149 FANE. MARGARET 33. 36 44 77. 138. 161 Farler. Tracy 87 Farley. Joe 81. 122. 123 Fenell. Matt 74 Fennell. Matt 53. 144 Fenske, Melvin 18 Ferguson. Jennifer 87. 106. 107 Fields. Sherri 77. 81 Fields. Terry 87. 101 F.hpiak. Carla 14. 29. 50. 53. 81. 139. 147. 150 F1LIPIAK. KENDRA 37. 44 144 Finney. George 16 Finney. Jennifer 81. 130 Finnie. Marilyn 74 FISCHER. MARCIA 33. 37. 44. 52. 135. 139. 144 Fite. Stacy 52. 87 Flanigan. Jeffrey 81 Flegel. Jane 74 FLESHER GREG 26. 37. 44 105. 137. 144 Florence. Jeanette 87 Florer. Angela 87 Flowers. Charlotte 37 Flowers. Julia 81 Fly. Leticia 76 Fogus. Tammy 77. 81 Fogus. Tracy 52. 81 Ford. Quincy 18 Foster. Camisha 52. 77, 79. 87. 130 Foster. Donna 77. 81. 137 FOSTER. MARK 37. 113 Fowler. Angie 37. 72 Franckowskt. Dawn 58, 77. 87 Fratgillo. Kathy 77. 87 Fratgillo. Richard 72 Fra e. Kim 53 Fra e. Kimberly 81. 145 Freel. Jim 87. 142 Freitag . Jeff 105. 123 Fnedley. Matt 87 Friedrich. Karl 87 Fritz. Bob 125 Fritz. Kathy 18 Fritz. Katie 87. 109 FRITZ. MICHELLE 37. 44 Fritz. Robert 81 Fntzen. Barbara 15. 18. 58. 59. 132. 135 Fry. Jennifer 53. 81. 139 Fry. Michael 81 Fujihara. Heather 52. 56. 81. 132. 135. 144 Fulwilder. Ben 87 G Gaines. Shawn 71 Gallas. Michelle 18 GALLION. JEANNIE 14. 33. 37. 74 132.135. 138 Galvan. Michael 81 Gamache. Suzanne 52. 81. 139. 144 Ganschow. Robert 81 Garbacik. Darcy 37. 44. 136. 154 Garbacik. Gregg 87 Gardner. Joe 115 GARRETT. ANTHONY 37. 44. 63 Garrett. Donnesia 79. 87 Gary. Lamel 81 Gaston. Rechelle 87 Gately. Joy 81. 107 Gavin. Anthony 53 Gazarkiewicz. Kris 52. 87 GEDDES. JASON 37. 44. 53. 74 GEORGE KAREN 37. 44. 77 George. Lynn 61 Gertoec. Marian 87 German. Jason 87 Geston. Rechelle 79 GIELOW. DOUG 27. 37. 44. 132. 138. 150 Gieser. Jennifer 52. 81 Gilbert Mon signor 115 Gilchrist. Dik 124 Gilder. Scott 53 Gillard. Tricia 81 Gilmore. Geoffrey 87 Gmther. Bill 87. 101 Gtnther. Jason 74. 87 Glade. Chrtssy 87. 130 Glanders, Charon 87 Glanz,, Heather 76 Gltck, Kim 72 GLOSSENGER. ANNE 33. 37. 44. 140. 142 Glosser. Meta 81 Goff. Heather 74. 87. 123 Goff. Tiffany 81 Gomez.. Adam 76 Gondeck. Patrick 37. 44. 63. 101 Gonzalez. Camille 74. 132 Gooch. Sonda 77. 81 Goodwin. James 87 GOUGH. STEVE 37. 45 Graf. Derek 81. 125 Graf. Mansa 28. 53. 81. 103, 117. 144 Grams. John 21 Granacki. Angie 76 Granacki. Christine 87. 128 Granzo. Lisa 87 GREEN. LAURA 14. 37. 45. 53. 79. 138 GREENE. KIM 37. 45. 70 Greening. Bernadette 87 Griffen Daniel 81 Gnng. Julie 81. 142. 147. 150 Grinston. Perez 81 GRONCESKI. STEVE 37 Groth. John 18 Gutt. Stacey 71 Gysard. Jeff 115 H HABERMAN. KATHY 37. 45. 124. 138 Hackett. Mike 81. 134 Hadama. Gregory 87 HAFERKAMP. CHIP 37. 45. 77 HAHN. TOM 37. 45. 100. 101. 136 HAJVERT. JOYCE 37. 45. 77 HAKIM. YASMIN 26. 33. 37. 45. 52. 53. 132. 135. 138 Halama. Greg 121 Hamilton. Erin 87. 107 Hamilton. Natalie 87 Hammill. Eleanor 21 Hanke. Gregg 16 Hannon. Steve 81 Hapke Dave 21 Harber Jo 18. 150 Hardacker, Jenny 53. 81. 135. 140. 143. 144 HARMON. DIANE 37. 137. 142 Harris. Damon 70. 81 Harris. Julie 77. 81 HARRIS. LINDA 37. 134 HARRIS. VALERIE 37. 77 Harrison. James 88 HARTKE. AMBER 37 Harvel. Scott 53. 81 HARVEY. JULIE 37. 142 Harvey. Nanette 79. 81 Hathaway. Sean 121 Haverstock. Liz 130 Hawkins. Todd 81, 134 Hayden. Essy 77. 88 Hayden. James 76. 88 Headley. Tara 74. 81. 144 Heath. Jerry 88 Heeg. Malinda 124 HEFFRON MARY 27. 37. 51. 147. 148. 155 Heitman. Scott 5. 108. 120. 121 Heitmann. Justine 121 HEKTER. GREG 38. 77. 134 Heimken. Daisy 16 Heimken. Valerie 88 Henckel Katrina 76 Henderson. Christa 82. 136 Hennessey. Leigh 33. 38. 135. 136 Hennch Jim 53. 74, 82 Hennch. Julie 53. 74 Hettman. Scott 81 HEUCK. BILL 38 Heuck. Shannon 88 Hewlett. Willette 77. 88 Heymg. Michael 88 Hey nek, Erin 105 HIATT. KRISTEN 38 Hiatt. Scott 144 Hicks. Evelyn 38 Hicks. Steven 88 Higgins. Traci 88 Hiland. Rosemarie 88 Hoeppner Jenny 53. 79. 88. 142 Hogan. Jason 88. 137 Hogan. Robert 18 Holda. Matt 54. 82. 125 Holdcraft. David 143 Holdcraft Stan 18. 143 Holliday. Chad 52 Hollis. Kristi 53. 82. 139. 143. 144 Holmes. Becky 52. 144 Holmes. Cabot 18. 108, 109 Holmes. Rebecca 82. 132 Holtcamp. Harrison 82 HOLTCAMP. JAMES 38 Holzer. Brice 82 Holzer. Nadine 88 Hootman. Andrea 88 Hoot man Charles 77 88 Hornyak. Dave 57. 74. 88 Hoskmson. Stacy 60 Houck. Adam 82 HOUSTON. CURTIS 38 HOWARD. ANDRIA 38 Howard. Chad 82 Howard. Talethia 79. 88 Hudson. Monisa 88 Hudson. Orson 88. 101, 123 Hudson. Selena 88 Human. Dozen 103 Human. Dorene 52. 88. 128 HUMBERS DAVE 38. 101. 122. 123 HUNSLEY. THERON 38. 123 Hunt. Douglas 82 Hunt. Karin 124 Hunter. Rick 88 Hynek. Erin 52. 88 I Ibraham. Lamees 53. 88. 124 IBRAHIM. BENEEN 38. 53. 138 Irish. Bobbi 135. 140. 144 Irish. Roberta 82 Isbell. Carmel 82 J Jacks. Laura 88 Jackson. Bobbi 76 Jackson. Brett 88 Jackson. Eddie 82. 101. 123 Jackson. Harry 82 JACKSON. KIM 38 JACKSON. LARRY 38. 45. 70 Jackson. Robert 38. 72 Jackson. Tina 74. 124 Jacox. Jill 88. 130. 146 JAHNZ. CHRISTINE 38 JAHNZ. JILL 29. 38. 45. 149. 155 JANOWSKI. TAMI 38. 45. 77. 124 136. 142. 144 Janus. Jennifer 82 Janus. Jenny 124. 142. 147 Janus. Karen 16 Jarrett. Daryl 76. 88 JARRETT. KEVIN 38 JARRETT. KEVIN 45 Jasicki. Susan 52. 74. 88. 144 JEMISON. ARCHEL 38. 45 138 Jemison. Char 52. 135 Jemison. Charlotte 82. 132 JENKINS. DAVID 33. 38. 45. 120. 121. 137. 138. 150 JENNER. SAMANTHA 45. 82 Jensen. Sean 88 JOHNS. AMY 38. 45. 71 Johnson. Anthony 82 Johnson Demesha 88 Johnson. Donna 19. 63 Johnson. Hadassah 71. 82 JOHNSON. JENNIE 38. 45 Johnson. Unessa 76 Johnson. Yolanda 38 Johnston. Anthony 136. 138. 150 Jones Becky 82. 137. 138. 149 Jones. Kim 71 Jones. Lloyd 82 Jones. Regina 38. 45. 71. 77 JOVIEN. SCOTT 38. 45. 142. 150 Judge. Doretha 124 Judge. John 82 Jumche. Brian 58. 88 K Kalil. Heather 124 150 Kallay. Katalm 19. 53. 69 Kamont. Jenna 146 KASSAL. PAUL 27. 38. 45. 56. 108. 136. 138. 140. 141. 145 Kayser. Erica 82 KAZMIERCZAK. KRIS 38. 45. 52 Kelley. Carmen 82 Kelley. Dedra 82 Kellogg. Steve 22. 76. 143. 144 KERESTURY. JEFFREY 26. 38. 45. 104, 105. 112. 113. 125. 138 Kerestury, Judy 17 Kersey. Sheila 38. 45. 71. 134. 138. 142 Kerwm. Ron 19 KEWLLOGG. KIM 38. 45. 78. 138. 143 Key. Maurice 88 Kietz, Debra 82 Kihlstrom. Cory 52. 56. 88. 140. 141. 144. 145. 150 Kiner. Yulanda 52. 82 KING. JACKIE 22. 24. 39. 45. 53. 78. 143 King. Jerry 88 Kinney. Bob 45 Kinney. Scott 88 Kinney. Steve 45. 70 K.rkendall Bill 82. 104. 105. 121 Kiser. Brad 71 Kisner. Kathren 88 Kist. Stephen 74. 82 Kleckner. Kimberly 88 Kleckner. Laura 88 Klinger. Jeffrey 88 Klosowski. Mark 101 Kmgga Jim 88. 101. 136 Kntoia David 82 Knotts. Brandeile 82 Koch. Debra 74 88 123. 142 Koethe. Stephen 61. 82. 138 Koss. Drew 5. 82. 108 KOSTIELNEY. TRICIA 39. 45. 70. 138 143 KRACHINSKI. BILL 39 45. 70 Krachinski. Jason 82 Krassow. Scott 115 Kreag. Vicki 82 Kriner. James 88 Kriner. Judi 52. 77. 88 Kroehler. Sue 53. 82 Krueger. Bobby 72 Krueger Patrick 82 Kubsch. Robert 39 Kutch. Mickey 74 Kutch. Steve 74 L LaBerge. Denae 53. 88. 144 LAMPHER. WILLIAM 45 LANDING. JONATHAN 39. 45. 52. 53. 135 Launtsen. Eric 82 Laux. Paul 15. 19. 27. 132. 135. 148 Laux. Theresa 19. 73 Lawson. Layla 88 Lawson. LeeAnrva 82 Lawson Mark 82 Lawson. Samuel 39 Le. Be 53. 56. 88. 132. 144 Le. Dao 53. 82. 132. 144 Le. Phi 123 Le. PhiHung 82 Le. Tri 52. 88 LEATHERMAN. JOANN 14 . 39. 45 138 LECKIE. PAUL 39. 45. 101. 134 Lee. Betsy 88 Lee. Jason 82. 122. 123 LENOIR ANGIE 39 Lenoir. Roger 88 Lenoir. Tony 5. 77. 82. 101 Lestock. John 82. 142. 143 Levendoski. Kimberly 77. 88 LEWIS. DARIN 39. 45 LEWIS. HEIDI 39 Lewis. Joseph 82 Lewis. Keith 88 Lewis. Norman 82 Lewis. Susan 77. 82 Lewis. Terry 76. 88 Lewis. Wall.sa 39. 45. 52 Libke. Bob 82. 139. 150 Lichtman. Rachel 52. 132 LIDKE. PAM 39. 45 Liebig. Jason 82. 101 Lightburn. Larry 82 Lilinger. Wendy 74 LINDBORG. ANN 39. 45. 71. 136 Lmdewald. Jennifer 82. 134. 142 Lloyd Merritt 88 130. 146 Locke. Betty 19. 49 Logan. Eric 88 Logan. Jeff 53. 88 125 Lord. Kell. 82. 88 Losiniecki. Brian 88 LOSINIECKI. MICHAEL 39. 45. 70 Lowry. Jenny 76 LOWRY. MICHELLE 39. 45. 79 Lowry. Russell 39 Luckett. Timothy 39 Ludwig. Jenny 82. 130. 132. 135. 138. 140, 144 Lundmark. Jenm 103 LUSCOMB. SUSAN 39. 45. 79 Lyndh. Kimberly 76 M Mack. Scott 115 MACKEY. DIANE 39. 45. 137 Maddox. Katie 53 144 MADKINS. LEON 27. 39. 57 Mahaffey Mary 21 Maize. Ruth 21 Mann. Kristie 39 MANN. MELISSA 39. 45. 52. 138 Mannia. Leanne 29. 82 Manry. Catherine 39. 45 Marcimak. Anne 82. 137 Marfise. Becky 124. 132 MARK. CHRIS 39 Markiewicz. Stanley 82 MARSH. BRYCE 39. 45. 78 MARTIN. AMY 39. 45 130 Martin. Jim 53. 74 MARTIN. ROSYLN 39. 45. 60. 71. 117 Martinson. Brent 104, 105, 125 Martorano. Joe 15 Martorano. Pete 82. 101. 122. 123 Marvel. Terry 67 Mary. Robert 82 Marz. Mark 19. 145 Mason. Carla 82 MATZKE. JACK 39. 45. 70 Mauger. Dawn 52 Maxey. Theresa 63. 83 May. Andrea 53 Mayer. Robin 83 MCBRIDE CARMEN 14. 15. 39. 45. 70. 138 McBride. Cindy 111 MCBRIDE. KATIE 14. 40. 45 53. 138 McBride. Michelle 52. 101 MCCOLLOUGH. WENDELL 40 McConnell. Katie 83. 109. 137 McCormick. Carlos 115 McCormick. Sandra 19. 139 McDaniel. Annie 83 McDonald. Pat 57 McEwan. Melanie 83. 139. 144. 147. 150 McGarry. Holly 83 McGarry. Shannon 83. 134 MCGEADY. JOHN 33. 40. 45. 53. 105. 121. 135. 138 McGill. Dick 17 McGinnis. Tammy 76 McGrath. Christina 83 McKnight. Christopher 83 McMahan. Heather 53. 143. 144 McMahan. Jennifer 52. 83. 132 MCMONICAL. DAVE 40. 45 McNabb. Dan 19. 76. 77 Me Neal. Walter 83 McNeil. Chris 101 Meer. Sharon 53. 124. 132. 150 Merriweather, Melvin 16 Mertl. Eric 150 MESKA. MICHAEL 40 45. 71 Meyer. Brigette 52 Meyer. Deanna 83. 124 Middleton. Scot 83 Miglionni. Dan 19 Mikulski. Tricia 52. 83. 124. 135. 140, 142 Mitakovic. Tracy 49. 61. 142 Mikarek. Angie 49. 79 Miller. Bob 16 Miller. Christy 76. 123 MILLER. HANK 40. 68 Miller, James 83 Miller. Paul 83. 101 Miller. Scott 83 Millet. Sue 72 Miller. Tony 76 Miller. Wayne 40. 45. 70 Mills. Melissa 74. 144 Mills. Shane 74 Milzarek. Christine 45 Minton. Scott 83 Mi shier Trevor 83. 121 MITCHELL. EILEEN 40 45. 52. 143 Mitchell Ethel 83 Mitchell. Raymond 83. 137 Mitterman. Mike 52. 83. 132. 139. 144. 150 Miyata. Pam 107 Mirer. Samantha 76 MOHAMED. MELISSA 40. 45. 137 139 Moisan, Danielle 77 Mokrychi. Jason 137 MOLDENHAUER. MIKE 40. 45. 71 Mondientz. Michelle 53. 83 Monsignor. Gilbert 87 Montgomery. Jason 115 Moore. Jason 115. 137 Moore. Kelli 76. 83 Moore. Kimberly 76 Moore. Paul 83 Moore. Wanda 76 ! "• !Morales. Tony 106 Moran. Cathy 5. 83 Morford. William 83 Morgan. Gloria 83 Morgan. Pat 40. 45. 77. 136 Morris. Elizabeth 83. 143 Mosley. Len 74 MOSS. GREG 40. 45 Mowmski. Elizabeth 28. 83 Mroueh. Sena 53. 132 Murray. Sue 77. 103. 143 Murray. Tricia 40 N Nagel. Amber 52 NARDUCCI. DAVE 29. 40. 45. 71. 120. 121 NARDOCCI. LISA 29. 40. 45. 71. 148. 155. 164 Nash. Tori 142 Nash. Victoria 83 NASSER. JOLIE 33. 40. 45. 53. 135. 138 144 NAVARRO. TIM 40. 45. 134 Neary. Robb 52. 83. 144. 150 Neary. Ryan 52 Neisz. Ronald 83 Nelson. Angela 52. 83. 135. 140. 145 Nelson. Lori 52. 78. 83. 143 Nelson. Todd 53 Neoonski. Tim 74 Ness. Natalie 19 Neulieb. Jess 146 Nevorski. Amy 83 Nevorski. Bret 83 Nevorski. Tina 76 Nichols. Joey 40 NICHOLSON. MICHELLE 40. 45. 52. 138 Nickell. Jennifer 52. 74 NIEGOS. DANIEL 40. 45 Niemen. Michele 130 NILSON. KARA 40. 45 NORMAN. DUANE 40. 70 Norman. Laura 70 Nothstme. Elise 52. 132. 142 O O'NEAL. KELLY 40 O'Shea. Joleen 83 O'Shea. Kathleen 83 Obejas. Alicia 19 ODA. MEKEBA 33. 40. 45. 77. 135. 147 Odle. Eric 74. 121 Oliver. James 83 Olsaker. Eva 53. 83. 107. 145 Oltz. Karen 77. 79. 144 OLT2. TRICIA 40. 45. 144 ORLOWSKI. JENNY 28. 40. 45. 53. 145. 149. 162. 164 Orth. Frederic 83 Owen, James 83 OWENS. ALISA 40 Owens. James 150 Owsley. Holly 83 P Pacheco. Elizabeth 52 PALMER. JENNIFER 40. 45. 60. 71. 138 Papmeau. Colleen 77. 83 Parker. Charisse 77 PARKER. KIM 40. 45. 68 PARRISH. LORI 41. 45 Parrish. Terry 54. 83. 121. 144 150 Pasha. Shaheena 83. 142 Patterson. Ken 74 PATTERSON. KRISTOPHER 41 45. 123 Patterson. Phyllis 16 Pauli. Kathy 41 Pawlik. Joseph 83 PAYTON. LASHIA 41 Pearce. Don 76 Pecma. Anthony 83 Pecma. Robin 41. 45. 155 Pecma. Tracey 103. 124 Peek Danielle 83 PEEK. KIMBERLY 14. 41. 45 142 148 154 Pelath. Marc 56 PELATH, SCOTT 5, 28. 41. 45. 53 69 134. 135 Pendelton. Tim 56. 101, 115 Pender. Sidney 83 Perry. Nashelle 49. 52. 101, 123 Perry. Shalonda 74 PERRY. WANDA 33. 41. 45. 52. 144 Peters. Stacee 83 Peyro Maria 52. 83. 107 Phegley Craig 101. 123 Phillips. Angie 77 Phillips. Ryan 83 Phillips. Tnna 74 Phillips. William 83 Piecuch. Micheal 83. 113 Piecuch. Robert 52. 83 Pierce. Donny 108 Piotrowski. Dawn 123. 142 Piotrowski. James 83 Pishkur, Amy 52. 83. 135, 143 Pishkur. Lisa 52 Pitman. Dara 79 Pitman. Dawn 79 PLEASANTS. CHIP 41 45. 53. 54. 135 Pliske. Tricia 107. 150 Plughaupt. Dawn 117 PUIMMER. DEE 5. 41. 45. 107 Plummer. Geoff 121 Plummer. Pam 146. 150 PLUMMER. SCOTT 41. 45. 52. 101. 138. 142 Pollock. Mark 84. 101 PONDER. BEVERLY 41. 134, 138. 142 PONDER. NICKI 41 Porterfield. Joann 124 POZOS. ARTURO 41. 45. 143 Presser. Dick 16 Price. Angie 52. 123. 142. 148 Przybylinski. Roman 84 Q QUALKENBUSH. MIKE 41 Quinn. Tom 74, 125 R RAGON. MONICA 14. 26. 41. 45. 71. 145 RAMIERIZ. RAY 41. 45. 52. 54. 123. 135 Rastenis. Monique 77. 1253. 142 RATLIFF. ELIZABETH 41. 45 Reid. Kory 76 Reid. Pam 45. 77 Remmel. John 50. 84. 104. 105 Remmel. Myra 19 Retseck. Michael 52. 84. 101 Retseck. Patty 52. 124 R ha nor. Randi 77. 84. 142 Rhoades. Mable 71 RHODES. VICKIE 41. 45. 71. 77 RICHARDSON. KAREN 41. 45. 130 Richardson. Lavila 84. 143 Richley. Beth 107 Richley. Mike 84, 121 Rick. David 52. 84. 135. 137. 140 RILEY. PATRICK 15. 33. 41. 45. 104. 105. 106. 120. 121. 132. 133. 135. 136. 138. 150 Rmgo. Stacy 76 RINGO. OSE 41. 45. 101 Ritchie. Liz 71 Roberts. Nicole 52. 79. 84 Roberts. Valerie 76 Robinson. Alkie 117 Robinson. Rashon 84. 115 Rocke. Jennifer 77 RODMAN. ANDREA 33. 41. 45. 53. 135. 138, 144 Rodman. Leslie 53 Rogers. Jay 52. 101 Rogers. Sarah 52. 146 ROMINE. LAURA 33. 41. 46. 53. 148 Rom me. Mark 115 Ross. Lorin 14. 15. 19. 33 Ross. Roslyn 84 Ross. Tanya 52. 58. 143 Roush. Ellen 76 Rubeck. Megan 52. 144. 150 Ruhe. Mark 115 RUHE. MICHAEL 41. 46 Russell. Shellee 52. 84. 117. 135. 142. 144 145 S Saari. Bill 104. 105. 121 Sacks. Wallace 19. 67 Sait. Abrar 84. 104. 105. 121 Sanders. LiToia 52. 146 SANDERS. MARTHA 33. 41. 46. 52. 56. 74. 135. 144 Sanders, Mike 101 Sashaluske. Shane 71 Savado. Elaine 84 Saylor. Bobby 84 SCHEUCHNER. CHRIS 41. 46 Schill. Steven 84 SCHLIEPHAKE. JERRY 41 Schmaltz. Kristen 124 SCHMITT. ELIZABETH 14. 22. 24. 33. 41. 46. 53. 78. 135. 138. 143. 144 Schoch. Sean 29. 84. 125. 135. 139 Schooley. Matt 52 Schroeder. Ryan 74 Schwartz. Michael 55. 84 SCHWARTZ. MICHELE 42. 46 Scott. Gregg 84. 161. 164 Sebecki. Jill 103 SEBESTA. ROBERT 42. 70 See. Darryle 74 SEE. GUY 42, 46. 70. 142 Sennett. Chris 59 Senter. Lynn 74, 84 Seyring. Brian 74 Shark. LeRoy 115 Sharpin. Heather 132 Shaver. George 19 SHEEHY. TIMOTHY 42. 46. 106. 136 140 141. 145 ' Shell. Janice 77. 84 Shelton. Jenny 76 Shepard. Tricia 52. Ill, 117. 144 Shepherd. Sonja 84 Sherwood. Brad 106 Shikany. Jim 115 SHIPLEY. TRAVIS 42. 46 Shippen. Kathy 74 Shook. Tom 19 Shores. Brian 144 SHORES. MARIANNE 42 Shover. Joann 19 Showalter. Jay 19. 50 Shutters. Shawn 74. 121 Sigle. Came 52. 107. 124 Sigle. Megan 77 Silvasi. Leslie 53. 84. 135. 140. 144 Stlvasi. Steve 121 Sim. Kibo 84 Simmons. Tracy 42 Simpson. Holly 74 SIMS. DONALD 42. 46 Sims. Scott 144 SIPES. TRISTA 42. 46. 124. 142 Sitkiewkz. Karen 142 S1TKIEWICZ. TIMOTHY 42. 46 Skivers. Beth 84. 121. 143 SKONIECZNY. RODNEY 42. 46. 123 Slaughter. Kim 142 Slutzkin. Joy 106. 107 SLUTZKIN. TRACY 46. 52 Small. Chris 101 Smidt. Kathy 19. 27 SMIERTELNY. SEAN 42. 70. 84 SMITH. BRIAN 42. 46. 101. 150 Smith. Corey 84. 101 SMITH. JENNIFER 14. 15. 42. 46. 138 142. 147 Smith, Joseph 84 Smith. Karen 52 Smith. Laurie 77. 79. 84 Smith. Marvin 76 Smith. Ramunda 84 Smith. Ricardo 74. 84. 101. 143 Smith. Robert 19 Smith. Shannon 84 Smith. Shelby 130. 146. 150 Smith, Tiffeny 74. 84 Smoot. Orlando 68. 84 Smyers. Tina 84 SotMKTki. Jennifer 74. 109 Sobecki. Jill 124 Sobecki. Joey 84 Southward. Althea 144 SPARKMAN. DAVID 42 Sparkman. Elizabeth 42 Sparkman. Tracy 84 SPARKS. KEVIN 42. 46. 135 Sparks. Richard 19. 63. 142 Spicer. Stephanie 72 Spychalski. Darlene 79. 84 Stalberte, Tangy 146 Stamsh. Leon 138 STAPELTON. MARK 46 Stark. Carey 84 Stark. Phyllis 19. 71. 150 Starks. Jody 101. 122. 123 Starks. John 19 STARKS. PERNELL 42. 136 Steele. David 84 Steele. Jason 84 Steele. Julie 52. 142 Steider. Melanie 146 Stemke. Barb 20 Stemke. Dan 20. HI. 112. 113 Stevens. Shelley 84 Stewart. Joan 20 Stolze. Jim 71 Stout. Dan 20. 66. 67 Stout. Shelly 84 Stover. Angie 74 Stransky. Karen 74 Strauss. Brian 52. 113 Stromer. Todd 70. 84 Stubbs. Angela 52 Stubbs. Ken 42. 72 Stupeck. Wendy 144 Styder. Melanie 130 Sullivan. Dawn 14. 52. 84. 135. 140. 144 Surber. Tanya 52. 84 Susnis. Edward 20 Sutton. Stacey 77. 84 Sweney. Blanche 107. 140 Swenson. Carl 16 SWIGER. DIANE 14. 33. 42. 46 135. 138. 144 149 SWISTEK. MARK 42. 46 137. 138 Swistek. Todd 84 Switzer. Eric 84 T Tackett. Traci 77 Tarr. Stacie 76. 97 Tate. Mitchell 76 Taylor. Ruth 97 Taylor. Windrow 76. 123 Thom. Jenny 52. 84. 132. 144. 147 Thomas. Deshon 97 Thomas. Donnie 117 Thomas, kue 84 Thomas. Larry 84 Thomas. Willie 20. 73 Thomas. Yolanda 52. 84 Thompson. Dana 20. 73. 117. 124 Thompson. Shauna 53. 77. 124 Thompson. Theresa 97 THOMPSON. TONYA 84 Thorpe. Ray 67 Tight. Linda 20. 72 Tilden, Byron 56 Tillman. Trade 77 Timm. Diane 84 Tompach. Nancy 84 Torgesen. Robert 97 Traynom. Carrie 53. 84. 134, 135 Trotter. Lisa 79. 84 Troyer. Florene 17. 137 TROYER. KATHLEEN 42. 46. 74. 136 Trubee. Scott 97 Tschopp. Eugene 97 TUCKER. ARTHUR 84 Turner. Brian 97 Turner. Erica 97 Turner. Eugene 84 TURNER. JENNIFER 42. 46. 74 145 TURNER. MARK 20. 52 Turner. Tashla 77 Turner. Wesley 85 Tylisz. Brian 85 Typpi. Mike 42. 46. 65 U URBANSKI. MIKE 42 Uryga. Brian 71 V Valdez. Mane 97. 117. 103 Vangilder. Christy 97 Vangilder. Scott 42. 121 VanHoy. Donald 20. 141 Vaughan. Brad 71 Vaughn. Beth 52. 85. 143 Vaughn. Tominka 97 Veden. Lori 52. 103. 117 Vega. Paul 97 Vincent. Erron 97 Vines. Jason 97 Volk. Laurie 97 VOSS. MELISSA 42. 46. 71. 130 W Waldon Marietta 21 Walker. Deanna 76. 97 Walker. Gregory 85 WALKER. JIM 42. 46 Walker. Kathy 20 Walker. Kristin 85. 103. 117 Walker. Shannon 103. 117 Walsh. Shannon 97 Walsh. Thomas 97 Walters. Angie 79 Walton. Patrkta 77 Waltz. Brad 141 Waltz. Bradford 85 Waltz. Karen 52. 85. 132. 143 Waltz. Kelly 52. 132 Waltz. Valerie 85 Ward. Dawn 85 WARD. KILA 33. 42. 46. 52. 136 WARD. KISHA 33. 43. 46. 52. 117. 132 Warner. Holly 97. 132 Warren. Rochelle 85, 109 WASHINGTON. EDWARD 46. 77 Washington. Freddie 97 Washington. Herman 97, 115 Washington. LeAnn 77 Washington. Rodney 85. 101, 113 Watson. Paul 71 WATTS. JACK 43. 46. 74. 101 Watts. Jerome 76. 97. 115 Webb. Tern 85 WEBER. JILL 14. 15. 26. 27. 43. 46. 52. 53. 107. 128 138. 141. 150 Weber. Shelley 85. 110. 111. 143 Wedow. Tara 97 Weik. Linda 20 WENCLAFF. SARA 43. 46. 137 WERDIN. MELISSA 43. 46. 53 Werdine. Dan 20 Wesphal. Nora 107 I 172 3West. Heather 109. 139 WESTPHAL. DAVID 43. 46. 65. 70. 138 Westphal. Nora 52. 77 Wetzel. Andy 74. 85 Wheele. Mike 121 WHITE. DEANNA 43 White. John 17 WHITE. NANCY 43 White. Omar 97. 115 White, Robert 85 101 White. Samuel 85 Whiteaker. Melissa 53. 77. 144 Whitlow. Al 16 Wice. Tremina 76 Wtegand Sandy 52. 85. 107. 135. 139. 140. 144 WIENCEK JEFF 43 46. 101 Wiencek. Paula II. 63. 85. 106. 109. 149 Wilander. Jill 97 Wiley. David 97 Will. Julie 52. 85 Williams. Charles 85. 101, 113 Williams. Chert 53. 77 Williams. Colette 76 Williams. Corlette 97 WILUAMS. DANNY 43. 46. 138 WILLIAMS. DAVID 33. 43. 46. 52. 78. 135. 140. 144 Williams. DeAnna 52. 85. 132 WILLIAMS. ERIKA 43. 136 Williams. Jim 16 Williams. Kenwood 97 Williams, Ray 115 Williams. Rochelle 85 Williams. Sara 43 WILLIAMS. SARAH 33. 46. 53. 134. 135. 138. 139. 144 Williams. Sherry 97 WILLIAMS. XAVIER 43. 46. 61, M2. 113. 135 Willis. Melody 97 Willis. Robert 85. 161 WILLOUGHBY. CHRISTOPHER 26. 43 46. 101. 138 WILLSON. DEAN 43. 46. 52. 138. 141. 145 WILSON. LORREN 43. 46 WILSON. MIKE 43. 85 Wiltfong. Helen 74. 97 Wimmer. James 97 Windle. Cyndee 16 Wine land. Jean 16 Winfield. Marge 20 Wmgard. Jason 101 Wmskl. Darrin 115 Wmskl, Jennifer 132. 144. 150 Wiseman. Tina 74. 97 Wisemore. Elizabeth 85 Wittmer, Jenny 107 Witty. Jeff 53. 77. 97 WOLF. JENNIFER 43. 46. 53 WOLFE. CYNDI 46. 70 WOODLEY. TIM 43 Woodruff. Tom 85. 135. 140. 145 WOOLSEY. ANGELA 43 Woolum. Angie 142 Wozmak. Julie 124. 137 Wozmak. Susan 71 Wren. Damon 74 Wren. Ricky 61. 85 Wrke. Tremina 97 Wright. Adam 97. 144 Wright. Harriett 16 Wright. Heather 43 WRIGHT. THERESA 43. 68 Wright. Wesley 97 Wroblewski. Randall 52. 58. 85. 135. 140 Wyse-Krause. Broch 97 Yagodnik. Art 17 Yeakey. Holly 97 Yettaw. Scott 97 Young. Charles 20. 135 140 YOUNG. HEATHER 33. 46. 53. 134. 135. 138. 144 Young. Megda 97 Young. Roxanne 20. 33. 135. 144 Zeek. Clyde 16 Zeese. Michael 97 erbes. Peter 97 ilinger. Wendy 97. 124 ZUBIFR TODD 26. 33 43. 46 56. 105, ’32. 135, 138. 140 14! 150 i ” 1The 1988 ELSTONIAN was printed by Josten American Yearbook Company of Topeka Kansas. A staff of 22 students worked closely with the Elston faculty. Michigan City area businesses and several photographers to give you a book thats your ticket to many memories. Copy appearing in this book was Korinna style. The 1988 ELSTONIAN staff wishes to thank the following people for there contributions to our publication. Senior Pictures (Jnderclass Photos Special. Sport Pictures Athletic Statistics Editor Yearbook Advisor Indiana School Pictures Bill Allen Steve Perterka. Bill Allen. Bill Swedenberg Daisy Helmken Lisa Marducci Paul A. Laux ELSTOM HIGH SCHOOL 08883 317 Detroit St. Michigan City. Indiana 46360 

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