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TO3He’s The Wizard Mr. Verne Ash Mr. Ash speaks with pride. “I’d better point you to the Wiz. He’s the man, he’s the only one Who can give your wish right to ya. All of the super power’s his Listen and I’ll tell you where he is. Just take your dilemma, child And lay it on the Wizard. He’s got magic up his sleeve. Fantastic powers at his command Say, I’m sur° that he will understand.’’ He’s been seen helping students find their classrooms, displaying his spirit at the pep sessions, not to mention the task of seeing to completion the rebuilding of our “City’’. He’s a man committed and dedicated to the finest educational opportunities available to us, the Elston student body. He sits in the front office. All of us know him as Verne Ash, our principal, but in reality he’s the “Wizard.’’ 4A Tornado — Emerald City Rebuilds Like the fury of a tornado, construction workers left a path of destruction gnarled steel, broken concrete, shattered glass. Memories of what “City” had been were all that remained. However, destruction leads to progress. When we returned to school in September our spirits were lifted. In the midst of rubble appeared a design for the future; our Emerald “City”. Shades of blue, beige and ru t wallpaper and carpeting brightened our eyes. Clocks were ticking. Construction of the Performing Arts Complex was well underway. Classrooms were almost back to normal. Credit is given to everyone who endured the “storm”. To those who believed the community, the school board, the administration Thank You for making us part of your “Yellow Brick Road”.“Here I am alone. Though it feels the same, I don’t know where I’m going. I’m here on my own and it’s not a game. And a strange wind is blowing. I am so amazed by the things that I see here, I don’t want to be afraid, I just don’t want to be here. In my mind this is clear: What am I doing here? I wish I was home.” 67“If you believe Within your heart you’ll know That no one can change The path that you must go. Believe what you feel And know you're right because The time will come around When you’ll say it’s yours. Believe in yourself right from the start. Believe in the magic that’s inside your heart. Believe that there’s a reason to be. Believe you can make time stand still. And know from the moment you try. You will have brains And you’ll have a heart And you will have courage to last Your whole life through. If you believe in yourself.” AttansotJThespians “Fiddle” As the house lights dim the Red Devel Gym is transformed into a 1980 Russia. For the moment we completely forget basketball games and pep sessions and allow ourselves to be taken in to a different time and culture. We instantly become aware of the poverty and hardships the people of this time faced. Some of these problems, however, did not seem much different from ours today. This factor along with a fine job of the drama club, made “Fiddler” more realistic to patrons. On her daughter’s wedding day, Golde realizes her children are growing up. Around Tevye realizes the pain of giving his first daughter away. Fruma Sarah appears in Tevye’s dream to warn him of his daughter's marriage to Lazar Wolf.Tcvye and his family sing Sabath Prayer” before eating their meal. Tevye Golde Tzeitel Hodel Chava Sphrintze Biekle Yente Motel Perchik Lazar Wolf Mordcha Rabbi Mendel Avrahm Nachum Grandma Tzeitel Fruma Sarah Constable Fyedka Shaindel Greg Meell Jodie Taub Terri Jackson Mary Schaaf Sarah Flint Susan McNabb Laura Hodcraft Leigh Mead Joe Kniola Tim Gelske Rolie Zagnoli Cheff Kelly Mike Keating Kevin Kelly Deven Williams John Goodloe Sandy Poplawski Laura Higdon Chris Summers Mike Mcgeady Bill Dolan Dana Cole Villagers; Anne Stracke, Regan O’Rourke, Joannee Atkinson. Dana Cole. Laura Higdon. Mike McGeady, Jim Keating, Allan Smith. Kevin Kelly, Trish Bolka. John Goodloe, Bill Dolan. Cheff Kelly. Angie Mack Bara Gram. Brian Attar 11 Tevye and Golde say “I love you” after twenty-five years of marriage. Accompianists; Amy DeMasi-Piano, Jay Jackson-Drums. Mike Grams-Bass, Dr. Robert Taub-ViolinGood Evening and Welcome To “When Movies Were Movies.” If only we could reapture those wonderful moments of the 1980 Prom on film. Of ourselves and many close friends laughing and dancing the night away into the early morning hours. Unfortunately we don’t have the prom on film, we have to rely on our memories and the many photographs taken. The occasion will not be hard to recall. As you waltz around Scarlet O’Hara’s ballroom, and gazed into your partner’s eyes you are reminded of the events of the past year and how special they all have been. The Red Devil Gym was creatively divided the Sting Roc.ti, for avid gamblers the ballroom was exquisite fashioned after the famous movie, “GONE WITH THE WIND” and of course the cinema showing “When Movies Were Movies”, a selection of late great movies. The senior Class of 1980 appreciated the time and dedication of the Junior Class sponsors Miss Booth and Mr. Migliorini and the Prom committee for all their hard work. Also many thanks to the freshman and sophomore classes for helping the Prom to run smoothly and adding to the atmosphere of the occasion. Carey Winski and Biily Van Etten try their hands at Black Jack. 2Leanna Scott and David Wonniak make a toast to each other. Brian Attar welcomes the couples to “When Movies Were Movies.” Doug Elenz thanks Miss Booth and Mr. Migliorini for all their hard work. Sarah Flint and Rolie Zagnoli admire the Prom decorations. 13Devils Shine For Homecoming Homecoming 1980 was almost a direct repeat of two years ago. The misery fact of frigid temperatures was only the beginning of the ironic event. Again we beat the South Bend Adams Eagles for a homecoming victory. The score was a shut out, 13-0. To begin the homecoming activities the band lead the candidates and their escorts in a parade down Franklin Street. At half time the candidates gathered on the football field for the crowning of the 1980 queen. The five finalists and their clubs were introduced. They were: Mia Atkinson of Comet Elstonian; Sue Bremer of Student Council; Tracey Harlib of R.T.; Terri Jackson of Speech and Debate; and Jennifer Summers of Honor Society. Kristian Vagenius then opened the envelope and said, “the winner is Tracey Harlib! Congratulations to Tracey and all the candidates. Cheff Kelly and Beth McNabb add the finishing touches to the Devil Magic truck. The five finalists applaud the approach of the 1979 queen, Kristina Vagenius.Kristina Vaginius passes her crown onto the 1980 Homecoming Queen, Tracey Harlib. Jimmy Epstein carries the football for a first down, leading to the Homecoming victory. The 1980 marching band leads the parade down Franklin Street to begin Homecoming Festivities. Kelly Saturday and John Hegg add to the display of the creatively decorated Art Club float.Running Into the Future When Mr. Wagner presented the diplomas, he was, in a sense, giving the graduates a new type of freedom. The freedom of how to pursue the rest of their lives. The choice of whether to continue their education or enter the working world. The speaker, Hal Higdon, also spoke of this freedom. “Running into The Future” was his interpretation. The graduates were finally given the chance to run free. An exciting, new concept for the 1980 graduates to ponder. Lynn Rueter is more than happy to be out of school. Validictorian Jim Keating and Salutatorian Sandy Poplawski are happily honored. For the last time. Julie Mershon and Nancy Craig per form with the band. 17Is It Too Late? Who would ever think that having a baby could cause such chaos in one household. Edith Lambert’s happy news was greeted with the farthest thing from happiness. Upon hearing his wife’s news she is unusually silent. The Lambert’s daughter, Kate, is suddenly domesticated against her will. Without luck, she tries to convince her father to hire a maid. As a result, she decides to also become pregnant, and then there will be no alternative. At the same time Harry and his son-in-law are trying to convince the Mayor Crane to build the new highway past their lumber yard. This leaves Edith on her own and she goes to live with Grace Kimbrough. The cast of “It’s Never Too Late” was headed by seniors Jodie Taub as Edith, Tim Geleske as Harry, Sarah Flint as Kate and Deven William as Mayor Crane. Juniors Terri Jackson as Grace and Matt Forsythe as the Policeman and sophomore Cheff Kelly as Charlie all did a fine job. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Holdcraft, the cast and stage crew for another outstanding production! Kate objects to being appointed the new maid. Harry and Edith argue over the cost of new baby’s room. 18Mike Maloney is hard at work on the play’s lighting. 19 Harry is confirming Edith’s latest news. Edith has second thoughts about having a child at her age.Pep Sessions Arouse The pep band flourishes the Devils’ fight song. Placards of encouragement dangle from the gymnasium walls. Crimson and white are the dominating colors in the stands. Excited and fired-up students yell enthusiastically, hoping to spur their Devils to victory in the night to come. These are the elements of a pep session at Elston. Mr. Ash leads the cheers in his red and white feathered hat as loyal fans shout words of praise and encouragement to their team. Classes compete in games and for the spirit bell and the spirit stick. This competition is only a part of the pep session. That same evening, when the game begins, classes unite prepared to display their loyal efforts as one — the Elston Student Body. The spirit that is apparent throughout the school is the reason why opposing teams fear coming to “City” to clash with our Red Devils. This Elston Spirit has persisted for many years, will continue and will never be surpassed or forgotten. Mr Ash hovers over the spirit cake. 20 The players engage while Mr. Bye speaks.Student Body 21Excellence Displayed By Students used the theory of fun and games to show their academic achievements. They indulged in games of trivia about different academic subjects. Scholarama is a way for outstanding students to display their scholastic talents against our cross-town rivals.They qualify by taking tests for each division, or by teacher recommendation. Four divisions are involved:Social Studies, English, Science, and Math. Quiz Bowl is a jeopordy-like competition between schools around Northern Indiana.Mr. Dehne is the sponsor.while Mrs. Showalter.Mr. Kerwin, Mr. Lester, and Mrs. Lindley assist in conducting the meets. Many students took part in these games, but more students should be involved. Many new experiences were found,as well as many new friends. Mr. Dehne and Mrs.Showaltcr find a question. Students wait for the question. 22 Mike Maloney looks on as Mr. Bruemmer grades the tests.Students Four of the most outstanding students from Elston spent a week at Indiana State University, attending Hoosier State. Those representing Elston at Girls’ State were Sue Bremer and Amy DeMasi. Paul Shinn and Ed Davis were representatives for Boys’ State. During each session, the students observed and participated in a mock state government. Sue Bremer, after campaigning for office on the National Party ticket, was elected to the City Council. Her job was to appoint city officials. From the opposite party, was Amy DeMasi, an elected Federalist, who won a seat in the House of Representatives. Here, she gained experience in the process of lawmaking. Performing in the Executive branch was Ed Davis, a member of the Federalist Party. He was elected Mayor of ficticious Sheline County, thereby experiencing the workings of local government. Representing the National party, Paul Shinn was chosen as a delegate to the State Convention. He was also given the prestigious and much sought after position of Flag Bearer, during the morning services. All four students enjoyed themselves in Terre Haute. They all commented on how much they learned and the many people they met, also, that this experience proved beneficial in many ways. The Boys’ State representatives. Ed Davis and Paul Shinn. Sue Bremer and Amy DeMasi. Girls’ State representatives.Many Awards Given Due to their intelligence, athletic ability and good service in our community, some Elston students have earned very special awards. Every year the Abijah Bigelow Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution award two students from each high school a citation based on their record of citizenship. Doug Elenz received the “DAR” award and Jodie Taub was selected for the “Good Citizen Award”. Doug then had to write an essay for state competition on his activities, family, religion, America and his role in each of them. Swimmers Amy Demasi and Doug Elenz earned the “Most Promising Athlete” honors. These are given to an underclassmen on the basis of his her past athletic performance, sportsmanship and furtue potential. Amy earned this recognition during her Junior year when she won the 200 yd. freestyle and the 100 yd. backstroke at the sectionals. In the state meet held at Ball State University, she took a 3rd place in the backstroke. Doug became one of the most successful athletes from Michigan City. As a Junior in Sectional, he won the 50 yd. freestyle, the 100 yd. backstroke and was a member of the medley relay team which placed 2nd. At the state meet, Doug estabished a new state record in the 100 yd. backstroke as well as winning the 50 yd. freestyle. He also was Indiana’s “Swimmer of the Year” and received All American Honors. These students have kept the tradition of superiority which has always been associated with Elston. They have proved the pride and dedication that is prevelant in our school. Congratulations for jobs well done!! "DAR" winner Doug Elenz "Good Citizen" Jodie Taub 24To Exceptional Students Doug Elenz shows his “All American" form. Amy Demasi relaxes after the race.Band Shatters Teachers as well as students find assemblies most enjoyable. A break from sitting in a classroom all day is always welcome! This year the “First National Band” came to Elston to perform their musical talents. They have appeared in many cities throughout the state. As the band played, you could look up in the bleachers and see kids dancing, singing, or just listening to the music. Even the faculty expressed its’ approval by joining in the action. Mr. Rumsey gave us an exhibition of his “Disco” talent!! Students appreciate the time and effort put into presenting these assemblies, but what is most important, they are fun experiences — together! When the “First National Band" played its’ final song, applause rang through the gym- students and faculty were one! The "First National Band." 1 £? J A band member laughs as the teachers dance. 26Monotony Mr. Rumsey displays his dance routine. 27 Mrs. Freitag chats to the band.Students Observe An Elston student had a chance to experience something most people her age don’t have the opportunity to do. She took the chance and made the most of it. As a sophomore, Jennifer Davies left for Sydney, Australia on January 24, 1980. She stayed with Lee and Estelle Thiesfield, who are friend of her family. For seven months “Bebo” went to school at Chatsworth High School, swam under the direction of Forbes Carlile, the Australian Olympic swim coach, and learned about the culture of Australia. "Bebo” with her Australian friends. When Jennifer first arrived in Sydney, she took achievement tests to see where she stood with the Australian students. The scores of her tests placed her in the eleventh grade. Her school uniform consisted of a grey skirt, white blouse, white anklets and black shoes. The subjects she took were much the same as the ones we have. As part of her geography curriculum, Jennifer spent a week at Lake Jindabyne in the Sowy Mountains, where they studied land features. Swim practice took up a large portion of Jennifer’s day. Her spirit and dedication earned her 4th in the 100m butterfly and 5th in the 100m breaststroke at the state meet. For extra spending money, she delivered pamplets for the North Shore Times. These pamplets were delivered weekly. Having this experience has given “Bebo” a chance to learn the attitudes of a different culture. As Bebo stated, “It was a good experience, made a lot of good friends, and I hope to live there someday.” 28 The Sydney Opera House in Australia.Different Cultures Hector Reyes and Spanish Club rest under the Arch of Kabah. The Yucantan Penninsula offered a variety of new cities for Spanish Club students. Mrs. Croft and tour guide Hector Reyes directed the group. Twenty students and six adults visited the ancient Mayan Ruins, spent a day shopping in the markets of Mayuana, and saw a colorful sound and light show at Uxmal. To end the trip, the group stayed in Cozumel, an island east of the Yucatan. Most everyone spent two days sunbathing or doing some last minute shopping. Students also enjoyed swimming and snorkeling in the Caribbean. This trip proved to be relaxing as well as educational. The next trip planned is to Spain in June. Mrs. Croft’s group will be joined by students from Springfield, Missouri. Here’s to a safe and happy trip! 29Candidates Shimmer In The Michigan City Jaycees again hosted the annual Laporte County Junior Miss Scholarship Pageant. Thirteen senior girls from the area competed for the local title. Eight of these girls were from Elston. They were Sheila Buhle, Sarah Flint, Lisa Kemp, Sarah Locke, Beth McNabb, Julie Schooley, Jodie Taub and Diane Weninger. During a three week rehearsal, the contestants learned a physical fitness routine, practiced their individual talents, and each had a personal interview with the panel of judges. They also had a chance to work together and get to know each other. The personal interview was worth 35% of the total percentage. Individual talent was worth 20%, Physical fitness, poise, appearance, and scholastic achievement were all worth 15%. Jodie Taub was selected to represent LaPorte County in the State Pageant. She travelled to Frankfort where thirty-nine Hoosier girls competed for the state title. Jodie was picked as one of the twelve finalists. Other winners in the Michigan City pageant were Julie Schooley for physical fitness; Dianne Weninger for congeniality; and Sarah Flint was chosen the second runner-up. Congratulations to all the contestants for a super job. Lisa Kemp concludes her flute solo with a smile.Junior Miss Pageant Pictured with Mr. Migliorini are the eight Elston participants.“In a different place, in a different time. Different people around me. I would like to know of their different world And how different they find me. And just what’s a Wiz? Is it big? Will it scare me? Living here in this brand-new world Might be a fantasy, But it taught me to love, so it’s real to me. And I’ve learned that we must look inside our hearts To find a world full of love Like yours, like mine, like home.”Mr Wagner Mr. Jones Mr. Cook Mr. Bartlet Mr. Abraham School Board 1st Row: Mrs. Perry, Mr. Hanke, Mr. Johns. 2nd Row: Mr. Werdine, Mr. Steel, Mr. Keating, Dr. Robert Taub AExecs Govern Area Schools Mr. Ash Mr. Rumsey Although the Administration Building seems to be small to some people, the amount of importance which goes through the building and the Administration surpasses it by far. Many decisions are made there daily which affects everyone involved in the Michigan City Area School System. Mr. James Wagner served as the city’s superintendant for half of the year and then was succeeded by Mr. Warren Jones in January. Mr. Merlyn Bartlet overlooked the legal matters within the public area schools. Mr. Richard Cook took care Mrs. Helmken of many financial matters such as balancing budgets and taking care of other expenditure money. In charge of transportation and the managing of the custodians was Mr. Charles Abraham. In our own newly remodeled Academic Building we have many people to add to the Administration. Finishing his first year as principle here at Elston was Mr. Verne Ash. At his side were the two assistant principles Mr. Robert Rumsey and Mrs. Joyce Castle. These people’s jobs mostly consisted of attendance and disciplinary problems. Handling the money this year was Mrs. Betty Rhinehart. She was also Treasurer, took care of book rentals and many of the money making projects, such as car washes and donut sales. Miss Harriet Wright took care of the attendance with such ease that some people might have thought her job was simple. Along by Harriet’s side was Mrs. Pat Upsher, who took care of Attendance, Tardies and also Absentees. Taking care of the secretarial duties were Mrs. Bartnik, Mrs. Helmken, Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Chapman. Mrs. Bell acted as a counselor secretary. Through the help of all these people the year ran smoothly. Miss Wright I Mrs. Bell Mrs. Larson Mrs Bartnik Mrs. Upsher 35Faculty Leon Adnson-H S. Boy’s PE, J.V Basketball. Freshman Football. Robert Aigner Counselor. Maurice Biddle-Voc Ed Therese Bobinski-Math. Frances Booth Eng. COMET. Sr Class Sponsor. Paul Brammell Voc Ed Roy Britney Counselor. Norman Bruemmer-Social Studies. Girl’s Tennis, Ushers David Burris-Eades-Band. Jazz Band Kenneth Bye-Science, Head Football, J.V. Wrestling. Mary Christy-Counselor. James Clevenger-Voc. Ed Dept. Head. VIVA. Max Croft-English, Boy’s Golf Roberta Croft Language Dept. Head. Spanish Club Jerry Croll-Health Safety. Boys’ PE. Boys’ Swim Coach. Patricia Dabbert-Art. Art Club. Richard D’Arcange-lis Band. Pep Band. Gilbert Dehne-Science Dept. Head. Quiz Bowl. James Dry-DE Coordinator. DECA Geraldine Dunlop-English. Mildred Edling-DE Business. Jr. Class Sponsor. Business Store. Benny Edwards-Health Safety Nancy Egan-Math. Ass’t. Girls’ Softball. Ass't. Girls’ Basketball Donald Evett-Science. Robert Falls-Boys’ PE. Drivers Ed.. Freshman Basketball. Anna Firnhaber-Health Safety. Girls’ PE. Volleyball. Jane Freitag-Voc. Foods. Adult Living. Child Dev. Jeffrey Freitag-Social Studies, Boys’ Cheerb-lock. Kathy Fritz-Business Ed. Martha Hegg-Math Dept Head, Math and Computer Club. Robert Hogan-English. Stan Holdcraft-Media Center. Drama Club. Cabot Holmes-Social Studies. Boys’ Track Mary Joseph-English Katalin Kallay-German. German Club. Ronald Kerwin-Social Studies, Girls' Softball. Nat. Hon Soc., Quiz Bowl. Freshman Class Sponsor. Paul Laux-A.V. Coord. Theresa Laux-Special Ed. David Lester-Voc Ed.. Quiz Bowl Karen Lindley-Math. Quiz Bowl. Laura Magro-Home Ec.. Fashion Club. Joseph Mar torano-Business Ed., Mat Maids. Ass’t Football, Wrestling. Earl McAnally-Voc. Ed. Sandra McCor mick-English, Sophmore Class Sponsor. Daniel McNabb-Devil Magic, Freshman Chorus. Mixed Chorus. 36itr Maxine Meer-Librarian. Swim Timers. Dahlites New! Meer-Athletic Dir Jacqueline Michaels-Girls' PE. Freshman Class Sponsor. R.T. Paul Michaels Ass't. Athletic Dir.. Drivers' Ed Dan Migliorini-Voc Ed.. Sr Class Sponsor Natalie Ness-Math. Frank Nowak-Social Studies. Student Council. Alicia Obejas-Spamsh Virginia Owsley Special Ed. Bruce Parker-Boys’ PE. Health- Safety. J V Basketball Walter Pol Voc. Ed.. Chess Club David Quinn-Social Studies Dept. Head. Student Store. Robert Rai sor-English. Wallace Sack-Voc. Ed. Esther Schlegel-milch-C.O.E . OEA. Eleanor Schwab,English, ELSTONIAN. William Schwab-Science. Jeannine Showalter-English Dept Head. Quiz Bowl, Paul Sikora-Special Ed.. Girls' Track. Kathy Smidt-English. Varsity Cheerleading Coach. Robert Smith-Voc. Ed. Richard Sparks-Business Dept. Head, Ticket Sellers. Anita Spencer-Business. Phyllis Stark-Business. John Starks-Social Studies. Ass't Football Coach. Barbara Steinke-French, French Club Daniel Steinke-Drivers' Ed. Dept. Head. Head Basketball Coach, Girls’ Golf. Edward Susnis-Science. Jr. Class Sponsor. Willie Thomas-Special Ed. Byron Tilden-Math. Diane Timberlake-Home Ec. Bryan Ton-English. Concessions. Florene Troyer-Counselor. Counselors’ Asst. Donald Van Hoy-Math. Kathy Walker-Business. Volleyball. Jack Warner-Math, Boys’ Tennis. Shirley Wenger-Home Ec. Dept. Head. Jean Wineland-Nurse. TEACHERS NOT PICTURED. Barbara Fritzen-Social Studies Anthony Kapetan-ovic-Voc. Ed. Joanne Shover-English, Spanish. Stephen Studer-Voc. Ed. 37Sr.’s Seek Memories The graduating Class of 1981 has been an outstanding class. This class was the first to enter Elston High School as freshmen. They made their marks early and have carried them out through their four years at Elston. The memories of all the exciting activities and hard work which was put out for the Haunted House and the Prom was a learning experience for all of them. The memories that will remain with the seniors are all the good times they shared together. Senior Class Officer: Jodie Taub, Student Council Representative. Beth McNabb. Secretary. Devin Williams. V. President. Doug Elenz. President. Senior Steering Committee: Row 1; Devin Williams. Beth Mcnabb, Doug Elenz. Jodie Taub. Row 2; Jenny Summers. Krista Striebel. Cindy Johnson. Row 3; Donna McNeal, Mia Atkinson, Sheila Buhle, Dianne Weninger, Debbie Dolan. Sue Bremer. Tracey Harlib. Sarah Locke. Row 4; Brian Sobinski, Matt Driggs, Mike Maloney. Ed Davis.Tammy Agorichas Counselor Ass’t 2; Office Messengers 2; Student Store 3; Thomas Agorichas: Debra Aldridge: Usher 4; Spanish Club 4, Girls Basket Team 1.3,4. Sandy Alvarado. Monica Anderson. Chris Armstrong: Boys Cheerblock 4. Baseball Team 2,3,4 Mia Atkinson Homecoming 4. Steering Committ 3,4; Student Council 3; Art Club 2,3.4; Cheerleaders 4; Elstonian 4; Jr. Prom 3; Rote Teufels 2,3,4; Swim Team 3; Gymnastics 2.3. Erica Averitt: All School Music 1,4; Drama Club 1.4; Counselor Asst’t 2,3; DECA 4; Ski Club 4; Concessions 4; Rote Teufels 1,2,3,4; Mat Maids 4; Swim Team Timers 3,4. Jean Bartuzik: Student Store 3. Matt Beckette: Ski Club 1. Stephen Berrier. Julie Bertovich: Cheerleaders 2.3; French Club 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Pep Band 4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4. David Biller: Boys Cheerblock 4; German Club 3,4; Elstonian 4; Baseball Team 2,3,4; Football Team 2,3,4 Brian Bird: ICT 3.4; VICA 3.4; Ski Club 1.2,3,4. Christopher Blubaugh: Honor Society 3,4: Crimson Comet 3,4; Usher 3,4; Spanish Club 3; Boys Golf Team 1,2,3,4; Tennis Team 3.4. Mike Bohle. Richard Bolka. Jim Bowers. Darin Bowlby: Honor Society 3,4; Scholarship Pin 1,2.3,4; Steering Committ 3; Boys Cheerblock 2,3,4; Math Computer club 2.3; Spanish Club 2,3.4; Scholarama 2. Chris Bracken: Honor Society 2; Cheerleaders 1,2; Girls Basket. Team 1,2; Softball Team 1.2,3; Volleyball Team 1.2; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3. Donald Bradley. Sue Bremer: Honor Society 3,4; Girls State 3; Homecoming 4; Scholarship Pin 1,2,3,4. Student Council 2.3.4; Steering Commit 1.2,3.4; Cheerleaders 1,2,3.4; Elstonian 4; Girls Golf Team 1,2,3,4; Softball Team 3.4. George Brewer. Susan Brown. 39Sheila Buhie Honor Society 3.4; Steering Commit. 2.3,4, Student Council 1; Cheerleaders 2.3,4; Jr. Prom 3; Rote Teufels 1,2,3,4. Mat Maids 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4. Gymnastics 1.2.4 Rosella Bureau. Kiney Butler; Student Council 1; Human Relations 1,2.3, Usher 2.3; Football Team 2; Ski Club Glenda Byrd David Callahan; Steering Commit. 1; Boys Cheerblock 3.4; Cross Country Team 2.3; Ski Club 3.4; Track Team 1,2,3. Lester Capshaw Paul Carter Valerie Carter Steering Commit. 1,2,3.4; Drama Club 1; Human Relations 1,2,3; Concessions 1; Jr Prom 3; Red Devilettes 3.4; Rote Teufels 1; Devil Magic 2.3 Debra Chance: Student Store 3; Ski Club 1; Softball Team 1.2. Heidi Coan; Dahlites 3; Rote Teufels 1,2,3,4; Swim Team Timers 1.2,3.4; German Club 1.2,3.4; Ski Club 3,4; Tennis Team 2; Track Team 3; Concert Band 1.2,3,4; Pep Band 4 Debbie Collins All School Play 2; Pep Band 3,4; Concert Band; French Club 2.3; Office Messengers 2; Concessions 2; Counselor asst. 2. Linda Collins: Honor Society 3,4; Class Officer 2; Scholarship Pin 1.2,3,4; Cross Country Team 4; Girls Basket Team 1,2,3; Track Team 3.4; Volleyball Team 1.2,3; Concert Band 1.2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3,4, Pep Band 2,3,4 Deborah Combs: DECA 1; Related DE 1; Student Store 1; Tony Cook. Ozell Corely Herbert Cowgill. Carol Croft: Swim Team 4. Patricia Crozier. 40Jeffrey Dabkowski. Lisa Dalton: COE 1; Rote Teufels 1; Dahlites 1; Spanish Club 1; Gymnastics 1 Edward Davis: Honor Society 3,4; Boys State 3; Scholarship Pin 1.2; Steering Committ; Student Council 1,2,3.4. Boys Cheerblock; Crimson Comet 3.4; Jr. Prom 3; Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Geneva Davis. Amy DeMasi: Honor Society 3.4; Girls State 3; Steering Committ 2,3.4; Scholarship Pin; Student Council 3; Drama Club 2.3,4; Usher 2,3,4; Swim Team; Jazz Band 3.4. Debbie Dolan: Honor Society 3.4; Scholarship Pin; Steering Committ 2.3.4; Drama Club 2; Math- Computer Club 3; Spanish Club 2.3,4; Concessions 3; Jr. Prom 3; Girls Basket Team 2.3.4; Softball Team 1,2,3.4. Matthew Driggs: Steering Committ 1.4; Boys Cheerblock 3.4; Ski Club; Concert Band 1.2; Sail ing Team Craig Edling: Boys Cheerblock 1; Ski-Club 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1.2,3.4; Jazz Band 1.4; Pep Band 1.2.4 Suzanne Eifrid. Robert Eldridge: Steering Committ 1; Boys Cheerblock 2,3. Douglas Elenz Honor Society 3.4; Boys State 3; Scholarship Pin; Steering Committ 1.2.3,4; Student Council 1.2,3.4; Class Officer 2.3.4; Boys Cheerblock; Crimson Comet 3.4; Swim Team Keith Ellis. Randy Ellison: Scholarship Pin 1.2; Boys Cheerblock 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3.4; Baseball Team 2; Tennis Team 3,4; Concert Band 1.2; Chess Club 3 ,4. David Elwell. Scott Enyeart: Boys Cheerblock 2,3,4; Baseball Team 1.2,3,4. Marc Espar Spanish Club 3.4; Wrestling Team 2 Richard Faith. Jeffrey Fanson: Concessions 2; Spanish Club 3; Concert Band 1.2; Chesterton Math Contest 3. Gregory Fedder. Arlene Fields: Business Store 3. Christine Fischer: Steering Committ 4; Student Council 1.2; Rote Teufels; Spanish 1.2. Sarah Flint: Homecoming 4; All School Music 1.2.3,4; All School Play 1.4; Crimson Comte 3; Red Devilettes 2,3. Rote Teufels 1,2.3,4. German Club 2.3,4; Ski Club 1.2,3.4; Devil Magic; Exchange Program 4 Steven Fly. Thomas Fredrich. 41Steve Frederick. Kim Gardner: Office Messengers 2.3; Rote Teufels 1,2,3,4; Swim Team Timers 1,2; Nanette Gasaway: CHO 3; Rote Teufels 1,2. Timothy Geleski: Honor Society 3,4; Scholarship Pin 1.2,3,4; All School Music. 1,2,3,4; All School Play 1,2,3,4; Elstonian 3,4; German Club 1,2; Football Team 2; Concert Band 1,2,3; Jazz Band. 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3. Sherry Gilbert: DECA 4; Human Relations 1. Valarie Glowacki. Alicia Godfrey: Honor Society 3,4; Scholarship Pin 1,2,3; Steering Commit. 2; Student Council 2; All School Play 1; Cheerleaders 1,2; Drama Club 1; Rote Teufels 1,2,3,4; French Club 1.2; Girls Golf Team 1,2,3; Tennis Team 1,2. Stephen Gondek: Boys Cheerblock 1,2.3,4; Football Team 1.2; Track Team I.2.3.4. Mark Graf: Spanish Club 4; Quiz Bowl 3. Joseph Graff. Neal Grams. Shirley Gray. Donald Gregory: ICT 2; VICA 2; Ski Club 2.Mike Grimes: Honor Society 3.4; Steering Committ. 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2; Boys Cheerblock 1,2,4; Elstonian 3.4; Jr. Prom 3; Spanish 2,4; Baseball Team 1; Basketball Team 1,3; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4. Diane Gunter: Student Store 3. Tonya Hamilton: Usher 4; Mixed Chorus 3. Tracey Harlib: Homecoming 3,4; Steering Committ 1,2,3.4; Student Council 3,4; Art Club 1,2,3; Cheerleaders 1,2,3.4; Mat Maids 1,24,; Spanish Club 4; Girls Golf Team 4; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 3,4. Pagie Harris: Joseph Hart. Paul Hartman. Brenda Hartsburg. Terri Harvey: Art Club 1,2; Office Messengers 3; Rote Teaufels 1,2,3,4; Usher 4; Girls Basket. Team Manager 2,3,4; Softball Team Manager 2; Ticket Seller 4; Student Store 2. Scott Heddens; Math Computer Club 2; Chess Club 3,4. John Hegg; Art Club 4; Boys Cheerblock 1,2; Cnmson Comet 3; Jr. Prom 3; German Club 1,2,3; Ski Club 2,3; Tennis Team 4. 42Gregory Henckel William Heninger: ICT 2; VICA 2; PE Ass. 2; Pool Ass 1. Martha Hernandez. Dean Heuer. Leslie Heuston: All School Music. 1.2; Dahlites 1.2; Jr. Prom 1; Red Devilettes 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2; Girls Basket Team 1; Ski Club 1,2,3.4; Swim Team 1; Track Team 1,2; Gymnastics 1,2. Robert Hicks. Mary Hollis: Counselor Ass’t. 1; Office Messengers 1; Business Store 3. Robyn Howell. Pamela Human. Kimberly Hunsick. Michael Hutchison: Steering Committ. 2,3,4; Jr. Prom 3; German Club 2.3; Ski Club 1,2.3; Jazz Band 2.3; Pep Band 2. Darren Isbell; Office Messengers 3; Human Relations 3.4. Robert Jackson: Steering Committ. 4; Dahlites 2; Baseball Team 2,3; Football Team 2,3,4. Ann Jacobucci: Scholarship Pin 1; German Club 2; Concert Band 1; Pep Band 1. Thomas Jankowski Boys Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; Football Team 1,3,4 Mark Januchowski. Stephen Janus: Scholarship Pin 1,2,3; Steering Committ. 3; Crimson Comet 3; German Club 1,2; Baseball Team 1,2,3,4; Basketball Team 1.2. Clyde Jasch. 41Brenda Jeanes. Joe Jesko: ICT 3.4; VICA 2.3,4 Cynthia Johnson; Steering Committ 2,3.4; Student Council 2.4; Elstonian 4; Jr. Prom 3; German Club; Girls Golf Team 4; Track Team 3,4; Volleyball Team 3; Track Timers Lori Johnson. COE 4; OEIA 4 Mary Ann Johnson; Concessions 2; Office Messengers 2; Mat Maids 4; Girls Basket. Team 1.3.4. Judith Jones; Scholarship Pin 2.3; All School Music. 2; Red Devilettes 2,3,4; Rote Teufels 1.2,3.4; Swim Team Timers 1; Spanish Club 3; Concert Band 1,2. Jeffrey Kahn Art Club 1; DECA 1; Patricia Kahn; Steering Committ. 3; Student Council 1; Red Devilettes 3.4; Rote Teufels 1,2.3,4; German Club 1.2,3; Tennis Team 2; Track Team 3. Jeffrey Kaletha. Charles Kamont; ICT 1; VICA 1. Tammy Kaser Elstonian 4; Jr Prom 3; Spanish Club 34; Girls Basket. Team 2.3,4; Softball Team 1,2,3,4; Volleyball Team; Concert Band 1,2.3; Marching Band 1,2.3; All-City Band 2; Boys Swim Team Manager 2,3,4. Brett Kelley Kevin Kelly: Devil Magic 2. Lisa Kemp; Honor Society 3.4; Homecoming 4. Scholarship Pin 1,2,3; German Club 3,4; Swim Team 2.3; Track Team 3; Concert Band 1.2,3,4; Pep Band 4; Speech and Debate 2.3.4 Jay Killingbeck; Boys Cheerblock 3,4; COE 4; Spanish Club 2; Baseball Team 2; Swim Team 1 Dong Kim: Art Club 1; Baseball Team 1; Football 2; Wrestling 2. Gregory Kist. Dwayne Kniola; Spanish Club 3.4 Stacey Kniola: Steering Committ. 2.3; Student Council 1; COE 4; OEIA 4. Office Messengers 2; Rote Teufels 1.2 Matthew Kohn. Richard Kostielney Steven Krachinski Sheryl Krick: Canteen 3; Rote Teufles 1; Swim Team 1.2. John Kroening. 44Roger Kuchik: Devil Magic 3; Mixed Chorus 2. Robyn Kurpiel: CHO 3; Student Store 2. Cathy Lake: Student Store 4. German Club 2,3,4; Softball Team 4; Volleyball Team 3.4; Gymnastics 2.3. Mary LaMothe: French Club 2. Paulette Lawhorn. Sangmin Lee: Scholarship Pin 1,2.3; Art Club 2.3; Boys Cheerblock 4; Math Computer Club 4; Spanish Club 2; Football Team 3. Donna Lewis: Dahlites 1.2.3. Sheila Lewis. Waddell Lewis. Laurie Liles: Mat Maids 1. Mark Lindborg. Sarah Locke: Scholarship Pin 1.2; Steering Commit!. 1.2,3,4; Swim Team Timers 1.2,4; French Club 1,2.3; Softball Team 3; Swim Team; Marching Band 3.4; Speech Debate 4; Pep Band 3.4; Jazz Band 3.4. Lori Loetz: DECA 1; Office Messengers 3. Patrick Loetz. Timothy Lofton: Swim Team 1.2.3,4. Janice Lowry. Stephen Luscomb. Michael Mack: Basketball Team 1,2.3.4; Track Team 3.4. Michael Maloney: Honor Society 3,4; Scholarship Pin 1,2,3.4. Steering Committ; Student Council 2.4; Drama Club 2.3.4; Elstonian 2.3,4; Jr. Prom 3; Concert Band 1,2,3,4. Jazz Band 1.2,3.4; Pep Band 1.2,3,4. Robert Marciniak: Chess Club 1.2,3,4; Base ball Team 1,2,3.4 Regina Marton: Track Team 3. Perry Mason: DECA 4; Reltaed DE 3. Chris McKay: Scholarship Pin 1; Student Council 1; Art Club 1.2,3,4; Boys Cheerblock 1; Crimson Comet 4; Swim Team 1,2.3; Concert Band 1; Pep Band 1; Quiz Bowl 4 Mary McNabb: Honor Society 3,4; Homecoming 4; Steering Committ. 1.2,3,4; Student Council 1.2.3,4; Class Officer 1,2,3.4; Crimson Comet 3,4; Tennis Team; Devil Magic 3.4; Concert Band 1.2.3; Pep Band 1.2.3 45Brenda McNeal: COE 4; Rote Teufels 1,2; Gymnastics 1 Donna McNeal: Steering Committ. 2,4. Cheerleaders 2; Human Relations 1,2,3.4; Red Devilettes 4; French Club 4; Gymnastics 1; Spanish Club 2.4. Paul Melnick: Becky Mennen: Honor Society 3,4; Scholarship Pin 2,3,4; Art Club 2.3,4. Phillip Meska Anthony Mitchell. Gary Mitchell. Gerald Mitchell: Football Team 1. Laura Mizia. COE 4. Counselor Ass’t. 2; Business Store 3. Linda Nevers: Honor Society 3,4; Scholarship Pin 1,2,3; Jr. Prom 31. Business Store 3; Ticket Seller 4. Lisa Nichols. Dale Nieman. Matthew Nieman. Ted Nilson. Ben Oda. 46Laura Olken: Scholarship Pin 1.3; All School Music. 1.2; All School Play 1.2; Crimson Comet 3; Drama Club 1.2; Jr. Prom 3; Rote Teufels; Swim Team Timers 3.4; French Club 1,2,4; Ski Club 4; Track Team 3; Bat Girls 2. Mary Beth Pacholke: Scholarship Pin 1.3; Red Devilettes 2,3,4; Rote Teufels 1.2.3,4; Swim Team Timers 2.3,4; Spanish Club 2. Ted Pagels. Marla Pagos: Steering Com-mitt. 1; Counselor Ass’t. 3; Rote Teufels 1.2.; Swim Team Timers 1.2; Spanish Club 2. Lisa Papineau: Steering Committ. 1,2,3; Jr. Prom 3; Rote Teufels 1,2,3,4; German Club 1.2,3.4; Girls Basket. Team 2; Ski Club 4; Softball Team 1,2,3,4; Volleyball Team; Kent Patterson: Boys Cheerblock 3,4; German Club 1,2; Cross Country Team 4; Track Team 3.4. Vernon Payne: Basketball Team 1.2,3.4; Football Team 1. Shae Peglow: Honor Society 3,4; Scholarship Pin 1; Crimson Comte 3; DECA 4; Rote Teufels 1.2,3,4; Swim Team Timers 2,3,4; German Club 1,2.3,4; Ski Club 4; Track Team 3; Bat Girls 2. Donna Peiffer. DECA 4; Student Store 3; Concert Band 1.2; Mixed Chorus 2; Vocational Foods 3. Celeste Pernell: Vocational 2,3; Clothing 2.3. Alita Phillips. Anne Piechnik: Honor Society 3.4; Scholarship Pin 1,2,3; Counselor Ass’t 2; Jr. Prom 3; Office Messengers 2; Spanish Club 2,3; Ticket Seller 4. Ricky Pippin: Lynn Pitman: Scholarship Pin 1; Counselor Ass’t. 2; Jr. Prom 3; Office Messengers 1; French Club 1,2,3; Science Fair 1. Verlencia Pritchett. George Ramey: Boys Cheerblock 2,3.4; French Club 1.2; Math Computer 1,2,3; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 3.4; Ski Club I.2.3.4. Sandy Reece: Scholarship Pin 1,3; Steering Committ. 2; Rote Teufels 1.2; Swim Team Timers 2; Track Timers 1; Spanish Club 2,3; Tennis Team 2. Audrey Reeves: DECA 4. Ronald Richard. Hilda Richardson. Evette Ringo. Julie Robinett. Freddie Robinson. Nancy Runnels: Counselor Ass’t. 1,2; Related DE 4; Rote Teufels Rusboldt. Steering Committ.1,3, Student Council 4; Baseball Team 1,3,4; Football Team 1,3,4. Brian Sa-binski. Steering Committ. 4 Kelly Saffer: Student Council 4; Red Devilettes 3; Math Computer 4; Gymnastics 2. David Salat: AV Club 4; Concessions 3; VICA 3. i 1 A A •lii f James Sanders. Marcella Sanders: Homecoming 4; All School Music. 1; Math Computer Club 3.4; Concert Band Pep Band 2.3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4. Kelly Saturday: Honor Society 3.4; Homecoming 4; Scholarship Pin 2; Steering Committ. 1,2,3,4; Art Club 4; Jr. Prom 3; Red Devilettes 1.2; Rote Teufels 1,2.3,4; French Club Jonathan Saxon: Steering Committ 1; Football Team 1.3; Track Team 3. Pam Schaefer: Homecoming 3; Counselor Ass‘t. 3; Office Messengers 2; Gail Schiavone: Counselor Ass’t 1,2,3; Office Messengers 1.2,3. Michele Schick: Counselor Ass't 1.2; Mat Maids 2.4; German Club 3; Volleyball Team 1. Ross Schliephake: Boys Cheerblock 1.3.4 Julie Schooley: Scholarship Pin 3,4; All School Play 1; Art Club 2,3.4; Crimson Comet 3,4; Rote Teufels 1,2,3.4; Spanish Club 3.4; Track Team 3.4; Gymnastics 2,3. Jeffrey Schultze: Wrestling Team 1. Carolyn Scott: Fresh. Chorus 1; Mixed Chorus 4. Richard Segvich: Ski Club 4; Swim Team 1; ICT 3,4. Scott Sheehy: Cross Country Team 2,3,4; Track Team 1.2,3.4; Boys Cheerblock 4. Carolyn Shell: Human Relations 3,4. Paul Shinn: Honor Society 3,4; Boys State 3; Steering Committ. 2; Student Council 3.4; Baseball Team 1.2,3,4; Football Team 1,2,3; Vice Pres. Stud. Council 4. Steve Simmons. Joseph Skivers. Francis Smiertelny. Allen Smith: Devil Magic 3.4. Concert Band 1,2,3.4; Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2.3,4; Drama Club 3,4. Darryl Smith. 48Judith Smith: Student Store 1; Ticket Seller 1 Brent Soller Lisa Spang. Lynnette Staback: Red Devilettes 3; German Club 1 Marjorie Steel: Mat Maids 4: Track Timers 2.4; German Club 1,2; Girls Basket Team 2,3; Ski Club 1.2; Concert Band 1.2; Pep Band 1; Flag Corp 3; Marching Band 1.2,3. Paula Steinborn: Office Messengers 3. Robert Stemborn: Swim Team 1; Concert Band 1. Edward Steinhagen: Art Club 4; Boys Cheerblock 3.4; Basketball Team 4; Football Team 4. Anthony Steinman. Mary Stewart: Rote Teufels 1; Student Store 4. William Stewart ICT 3,4, VICA 3.4; Football Team 1; Swim Team 2.3; Concert Band 1.2. Lloyd Stone. Steve Storey: Boys Cheerblock 2,3,4; Baseball Team 2,3; Basketball Team 1; Football Team Bart Stormer: Boys Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; Baseball Team 2. Anne Stracke: Drama Club 3; Homecoming 4; Counselor Ass't. 1,2,3; Rote Teufels 1.2,3,4; Mat Maids 4; French Club 1.2; Fashion Club 4. Kelly Strelinski: Boys Cheerblock 4; ICT 3.4; VICA 3.4; Wrestling Team 2 David Strickland. Krista Striebel: Honor Society 3,4; Homecoming 4; Scholarship Pin 2.3; Student Council 3,4; Cheerleaders; Dahlites 3.4; Rote Teufels 1,2.3,4; Swim Team Timers 2,3,4; German Club 1,2,3.4; Tennis Team 2. Jennifer Strom: Counselor Ass’t 2; Office Messengers 1; Tennis Team 1; Student Store 4. Jennifer Summers: Honor Society 3.4; Homecoming 3.4; Scholarship Pin 1,2.3.4; Steering Committ 1.2,3.4; Cheerleaders 2.4; Drama Club 3.4; Rote Teufels 1.2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Swim Team 2,3,4; Gymnastics Team 3.4 Linda Sweet. Lisa Swoboda: Honor Society 3.4; Steering Committ 1.2; COE 4; Jr. Prom 3; OEIA 4; Office Messengers 1; Rote Teufels 1,2,3,4; Swim Team 2. Laura Tadros Jodie Taub: Honor Society 3.4; DAR Award 4. Student Council 1.2,3,4; Class Officer 4; Crimson Comet 3; Drama Club 1.2,3,4; Elstonian 4; Red Devilettes 2.3; Rote Teufels 1.2..3.4; Devil Magic 3,4 49Rickardo Taylor: Human Relations 1.2,3; Basketball Team 1; Football Team 1.2.3; Track Team 1; Chess Club .2. Maribeth Tener Mark Terry: ICT 4; V1CA 4. Jack Tickle: Swim Team 1. Julie Timberlake. Patrick Trusha: Boys Cheerblock 2,3,4; Baseball Team 1.2,3,4. Sherri Turner: ICT 3.4; Office Messengers 1; VIC A 3.4; Girls Basket. Team 1,2. Mike Tym: Boys Cheerblock 2.3; Swim Team 1,2.3,4; Concert Band 1.2.3. William Van Etten. Michael Van Scyoc: Steering Committ. 2.3.4; Art Club 4; AV Club 4; Boys Cheerblock 2,3.4; Football Team 1.2,3.4. Patrick Voris: Boys Cheerblock 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Football Team; Concert Band 1,2,3. Donald Walters: Basketball Team 1.2,3,4; Football Team 1. 50Ronald Walters: Basketball Team; Football Team 1 Karla Warren; Honor Society 3.4; Crimson Comet 2,3.4; Scholarship Pin 2.3; Steering Committ. 3.4; Jr. Prom 3; Rote 2 Teufels; French Club 1,2; Devil Magic 4 Jeannette Weeks: ICT 3; VICA 3. Dianne Weninger: Honor Society 3.4; Scholarship Pin 1,2,3,4; Steering Committ. l,4;Dahlites 3; Jr. Prom 3; Swim Team Timers; Spanish Club 1.2,3; Swim Team 3; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4 Susan Wentland: Counselor Ass’t 3; Office Messengers 3; Swim Team Timers 3.4. Spanish Club 1; Ticket Seller 4 Annette West; Spanish Club 2,3. Mike West. Alfred West-phal. Bruce White. Jackie White; Spanish Club 2,3. Sherri White Counselor Ass’t 2,3; Dahlites 1.2; Office Messengers 2 Mat Maids 1,2,3. Stephen Wiegand: Concert Band 1,2,3 Pep Band 1.2,3. Kenneth Wilke Deven Williams; Steering Committ. 2,3,4; Student Council 1.2,3.4; Class Officer 2.3,4; All School Music 2,3,4; All School Play 2,3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Elstonian 4; Concession 3.4; Jr. Prom 3; Spanish Club 2.3; Devil Magic 2,3,4; Quiz Bowl 4. Lorene Williams; Human Relations 2; Student Store 3,4. Carolyn Wilson. 51David Wilson Dawn Wilson: COE4; Counselor Ass’t 1.2; OEIA 4; Office Messengers 2. Rote Teufels 2; Softball Team 1; Swim Team 1.2; Concert Band 1.2. James Wilson Steering Com-mitt 2; Crimson Comet 4; Cross Country Team Track Team Terry Wisebaugh Bruce Wisser: Honor Society 3.4; Scholarship Pin 1.2.3; Steering Committ 1.2; Student Council 4; Boys Cheerblock 1.2.3,4. Spanish Club 2.3; Baseball Team 2,3,4; Boys State Alt. 3; Scholarama 2.3. Chris Wolfe Jeffrey Wolfe. Kurt Wolfe. Timothy Wolfe. David Wozniak. Tina Wright. COE 4. OEIA 4; Steering Committ. 3. Teenia Wroblewski: Honor Society 3.4; Scholarship Pin 3; Counselor Ass’t 2; Jr. Prom 3; Spanish Club 2.3. Michael Wyka Christine Young: German Club 1,2,3. Susan Zaknoen: Rote Teufels 1.2; Swim Team Timers 1.2; Spanish Club 1.2. Suzanne Zdyb Students not pictured. Jerome Anderson Deborah Banicki Thomas Bowen Scott Brewer David Cox Brian Daniel Pamela Davis Michael Egle Garry Grantham Anthony Holland Gregory Hutcheson Marc Jackson Rubin Jones Jeffrey Kelley Melissa Kirk Gerald Kniola Gary Kraemer Leonard Krusinski Kent Lewis Corrine McClane Thomas Mellen Kirk Pagels Paul Papp Bill Peek Russell Powers Tammy Saylor Scott Smith John Smithman Lowell Stephenson Stanley Tillman Ben Weatherspoon James Winston 52Carey Rose Winski (1963-1980) ft Near shady w ll a rose once grew, Budded and blossomed in God’s free light, Watered and fed by morning dew, Shedding its sweetness day and night. As it grew and blossomed fair and tall. Slowly rising to loftier height. It came to a crevice in the wall, Through which there shone a beam of light The light, the dew, the broadening view. Were found the same as they were before; And it lost itself in beauties new. Breathing its fragrance more and more. Shall claim of death cause us to grieve And make our courage faint or fall? Nay, let us faith and hope receive; The rose still grows beyond the wall. Onward it crept with added strength, With never a thought of fear or pride; It followed the light through the crevice-length and unfolded itself on the other side. Scattering fragrance far and wide, Just as It did in days of yore. Just as it did on the other side. Just as it will forevermore. A.L. Frink 53Juniors — “Spirit Mongers” The Class of ’82 returned this year to show great spirit as Juniors. They received the spirit bell at every pep session for showing the greatest enthusiasm. In keeping with the Elston tradition, the Junior class was responsible for presenting the prom. Throughout the year, they conducted several money-making projects, such as selling carnations for Valentine’s Day and supplying M M candies to the student body, to raise funds for the prom. During the Halloween season, members of the class participated in the annual Jaycees Haunted House held at the Marquette Mall. They received first and third place honors for their rooms in a contest between Michigan City’s three high schools. Sam Butts lead the class during his second year as president. He was assisted by vice-president Matt Forsythe, secretary Chris Przybylinski, and Student Council representative Diedre Drehmel. Mr. Susnis and Mrs. Edling, as class sponsors, were available to aid the class with their projects. After finishing their busy year as Juniors, the Class of ’82 is anticipating a promising and enjoyable senior year. Steering Committee: 1st Row: P. Cains, T. Young, J. Carter, T. Bolka, D. Drehmel. C. Przybylinski 2nd Row: V. Haughtington, B. Davies. R. Valentine. L. Collins, A. Gazarkwicz, M. Brooks, K. Wagner. L. Ludington, S. Butts 3rd Row: R Beebe. J. Podgorski. B Brockway, J. Ramion, B. Kniola, B. Killingbeck, K Ross. M. Nagel. D. Miller. M. Keltz Class Officers: SecretaryChris Przybylinski, President Sam Butts, Student Council, Representative Diedre DrehmelRobert Abney Jess Adams Sylvia Adams William Ainsworth Lisa Alvarado Marty Anderson Robert Armstrong Tammy Banks Patricia Baughman Kelly Beach Laura Beason Ronald Beebe Michelle Bird Bonnie Bishop Brad Boeckling Jeffrey Bogart Tricia Bolka Herbert Bonds Michael Braniger William Brockway Mary Brooks Elaine Buford Janice Bureau Richard Buren David Bushroe Sam Butts Stacey Caddo Pamela Cains Jacquelyn Carter Jesse Cash Leslie Cash Gina Chavez Leora Cisler Roland Clark Margaret Clay Thelma Cleveland Dana Cole Leslie Collins Tammy Combs Anthony Cook Michael Covington Scott Covington Brendan Coyle Patricia Crozier Tammy Cuma 55Annette Dabney Willie Danial Jennifer Davies Annecia Davis Carol DeCaro James Dierdorf Laura Dolph Richard Doperaiski Diedre Drehmel Debr Drzewiecki Randy East Suzanne Elliot Kingsley Ellis Ricky England James Epstein Dorothy Everly Janet Ferrell Regina Fields Jeffrey Filipiak Joseph Firanek Kathleen Fischer Dawn Fite Rebecca Foldenauer Tom Foreman Matthew Forsythe Eric Frageman Dawn Freel Matthew Fritz Raymond Gaston Antoinette Gazarkiewicz Brookes Geyer Jewel Gilbert Michael Gilman Beth Golding Sheila Gondeck Beth Goodloe Tammy Granacki Karyn Greene Robert Griffin Carolyn Griggs Jerome Grinston David Gronceski David Hack Debbie Hahn Kim Hamershock 56Paul Hargrove Mark Harmon Valerie Haughtington Ronald Hawks Christine Haynes Timithy Hefner Marjorie Holtkamp Rochelle Hull Debbie Human Lyn Isbell Dia Jackson Corraine Jackson Teresa Jackson John Jasinski Tina Jenkins Debra Jenner Michael Johns Catherine Jones Karen Jones Dortha Judge Carole Kelley Michele Keltz Netra Kendle Robert Killingbeck Ricky Kimble Joseph Kintzele Michele Kirk Bryan Kniola Evelyn Kniola Douglas Komp Christina Kostielney Danial Krachinski Stacy Kribs Scott Kreuger Christine Kuta Beverly Kyes Penny LaFrentz Thomas Laughlin Teri Lawson Margaret Leary Bernard Lemaitre David Lewis Tamara Lewis Waddell Lewis Leisa Lightburne 57Thomas Lilley Dea Linn Rick Lisak Madeline Looney Maureen Losiniecki Michelle Losiniecki Lucretia Lowry Theresa Lowry Kevin Luchene Lori Ludington Thomas Mabry Jacqueline Mack Scherrie Mack Eugene Macon Stacy Martin Nickolas Mazzaia Lisa McGinnis Touronda McNeal Michelle Meer Doreen Miller Frank Miller Rosetta Minley Anthony Mitchell Jerry Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Pennelope Mitchell Lance Mizer Magdalena Morales Robert Morgan Ernest Morrow Yolanda Mosby Wayne Mullen Carol Murgita Ralph Murry Marianne Nagel Donald Neal Griff Neal Sandra Neider Lisa Neulieb Michele Neulieb John Newland Leonard Novak Paul O’Conner Steven Oelschlager Thomas Oelschlager 58o Patrick Ohms Taymanee Oliver Sue Olmstead Regan O'Rourke James Orzech Robert Orzech Bradley Patrick Mary Beth Pawlicke Michael Payton Vetta Penn Alita Phillips Jeffrey Podgorski Andrzej Poplawski Christine Przybylinski Matthew Przybylinski Jeffrey Ramion Raymond Richardson Julie Rick Robert Riddell Andrew Riggs Louis Ritter Cedric Roberts Steven Rodgers Kristine Ross Robin Saffer Margaret Sanders Kary Saturday Gail Scalf Richard Schmitt Douglas Schroeder Richard Schultz Lisa Schwanke Patricia Seedorf Reagena Sheets Pamela Sherrill Dawn Shifkowski Jacqueline Simmons Kimberly Skierkowski Stephen Skivers Angela Smith Daryl Smith Glenn Smith Karen Smith Shellie Sodders Dale Specht 59Darlene Spencer Dawn Stanage Dewayne Starks Daniel Sterling Timothy Stewart William Stone Brenda Stover Quinn Sullivan Scott Sweney Eric Taylor Virgie Taylor Rose Tejeda Jane Thompson Sherri Thompson Charles Tillman Kathleen Truex Myla Turner Brian Urbanski Lisa Uryga Renee Valentine Trisha Voile Caryn Wagner Mary Wallin Michael Wenc Lisa Wenclaff Brenda Wheeler Frank Wheeler Stanley White Jeffrey Wiencek Karen Williams Michael Williams Debora Wilson Joanne Winski Helen Winston Brian Wisser Kimberly Wojcik Alphus Woodard Lisa Woodard Trisha Wozniak Steven Wroblewski Robert Yoder Loretta Young Juniors Not Pictured Nedford Anderson. Michael Bohle, Anderson Brewer. Corinna Falejczyk. Burt Foster. Joseph Gallas, Maymie Griffen. Timothy Ingersoll. Crystal Jordan. Joseph Kaletha, Mark Kaser. Charles Keener. Pamela Kelley. Sharon Kozinski. Gregory Krause. Donna Lewis. Thomas Lilley, Robert Marshall. Arron Mitchell. Robin Neulieb. Edward Newson. Michelle Nieman. Scott Nieman. Benjamin Oda. William Peek. John Phillips. Larry Rightsell. Tyrone Robinson. Terry Russell. Maryann Smith 60Finances Grip Sophomores The sophomores returned to face another delightful three years. Under the guidance of Mrs. McCormick and Mr. McNabb they have sold light bulbs, carnations, M M’s and they are building up the treasury towards next year when they finance the prom. Sheila Butts was the President, Kim Johnson was the Vice President, Danielle Livinghouse as secretary and Dawn Schooley as Student Representative. Officers for the Class of “83” are. Sheila Butts. Danielle Livinghouse, Kim Johnson. Mr. McNabb and Mrs. McCormick, sponsors of the sophomore class. Brian Attar was our Hugh O'Brien Leadership Winner. Brian was selected based on scholarship and leadership potential. Sophomores not pictured: L. Ashmore. B. Attar. P. Bolka, C. Bond, M. Brown, V. Brown. R. Butzler, M Chambers. S. Chambers. S. Childress, A. Corely, J. Diedorf, K Dilloway, R. Dye, T. Elkins. J Gaddis. R. Ganschow, B. Getter. P. Harris. D. Henckel, C. Housley, E. Kittlaus, C. Lykins. A. McClane. T. Pagels. N. Phillips. K. Prosser. F. Poffenburger, L. Saylor. M Schliephake. T. Slayden, D. Smiertelny. D. Timberlake. L. Vinson, K Williams. L. Wenclaff. 61 First row: S. Butts, M. Nevorski. Second row: S. Warren, D. Jackson, J. Grams, K. VanVIack, Third row: D. Livinghouse. M Keating, K. Johnson. H Miller. M. Maloney.Adams. C. Allen, L. Allison. R. Anderson. D. Anderson. K. Andreev. S. Armstrong. B. Ashley. Y. Augustesen, T. Bailey. C. Bailey. J. Baker. L. Banicki. J. Banicki, J. Barnett. L. Battle. K. Beebe. G. Benner. K. Berg, E. Berrier, D. Berrier, P. Booker. A. Bowen. J. Bowman. T Bowman. T. Boyd. D. Bracken, P. Braddy. D. Braden. D. Bradley. J. Bremer. R. Brewer. J. Briggs. M. Brittain. J. Brown. C. Brown. L. Brummett. D. Budd. D. Buford, T. Buhle, D. Bunnell. K. Bureau. K Burrows. D. Burton. P Butts. S. Byrd. S. Cabil, S. Callan, A. Calvin. J. Calvin, N. Cannan, V. Cardello, D. Carter. S. Cash. C. Chambers. B. Christensen, J. Ciesiolka. V. Cole. D. Coleman. J. Colwell, D. Cook. L. Corley. O. Cosgrove. J. Cossey. J. Coursel, S. Craig, L. Crane. T. Dabney. S Davis. C. Davis. R. Day. D. Delaney. N. Dudek, L. Duffy, J. Dusza, M. Dyer. B. Edwards, T. Edwards. V. Elliott. P. Elwell. J. Emerick, P. England. K. Everetts. A Ewy, E. Falls. I. Fedder, D. Feldman, L. Fields. D. Fields. P. Fontana. R. Forsythe. A. Frierson. Y. Fritz. S. Gambil. J. Garron. K Gasaway. F. Gilbert. T. Gillespie. S. Glanz. M Gleason. V. Gondeck. P. Goodrich. K. Graf. M. Grams. J Granacki. K Grantham. K. Gray. D. Gray. J. 62Grectham. T. Grinston, D. Gulstrom, S. Gamns. T. Hackett. M. Hamilton. C. Hampel. D. Hanna. P. Harmon. R. Hartman, D. Hawkins. C. Hawks. R. Hayman. B Heeg, A. Helmken. B Helms. K Heuer, D. Hicks. J. Hicks, J. Higgins, P. Hill. T. Hollis, P. Hosna, M. Houck. R. Housley, C. Howard. C. Howard. J. Howard, T. Hullings, D. Human. K. Human. R Humbers. A Huskey, C. Jackson, D. Jasicki. A. Jaske, C. Jenkins. R Jimson. J. Johnson. K. Jones, D. Jones. K. Judge. F. Jugovic, P. Kanger, L Keating, M. Kelley. M Kelly. B. Kelly. J. Kilgore, T. Kiner. R Kittlaus, E. Klosowski. T. Kniola. T. Kurpiel. S. Lake. T.. Langley. D., Lauderdale. T.. Lawhorn, S., Lawson. C.. Lawson. T.. Lee. S., Leffler, J.. Lenior, S. Lewis, K. Lewis. L. Lewis. W Lightburne, L. Livinghouse. D. Lowry. R. Luchtman, D. Lungren, K. Luscomb, J. Mack. A. Maloney. M Manns, T Marciniak, S. Margraf, T. McClane. A. McChusky, B. McGrath. B. McKenna, R. McNew, S. Meer. M Melnick. C. Miller. G. Miller. H. Miller. L Mitchell. L. Mitchell, S, Mizia, S. Morford, S. Mullins. M Murry. M. Mussa, A. Nagel. M Nash. J. Nevorski. P Newsome. M. Noveroske, M. O’Connell, A Oda. J. Oliver. K. Olken, L. Olmstead. S. Pace. D. Pahl. D. Papineau. J. Parkman. T 6364 Parrish, P. Paskell. L. Patrick. B Pawloski. D. Pedue. R. Peek. B. Penn. M. Peo. C. Pernell, R Perry. G. Phegley. C. Pippin. B. Pollock. E. Porterfield. M. Przybylinski, P. Qualkenbush. B. Ransom. J. Ratliff, L. Reicher. T. Richardson. P. Ritchie. J. Robertson. J Rogers. D. Rubeck, J. Rubeck. J. Rusboldt, M. Sammelman, J. Schillke. D. Schmitt. S. Schneider. J. Schooley, D Scholl. M Scott. R. Shank. A. Shelton. C. Shover, T Shull, C. Simmons. C. Singleton. P. Sipes. D. Smith. G. Sosinski. T Specht. D. Spicer. L. Stalling. P Stanage. S. Stantz, M Stark. K. Starks. M Striggow. A. Studer. D Sulber. R. Sullivan, G. Swim. K. Swink. W. Swoboda. S. Taylor, L. Tener. J. Thomas. L. Tillman. L. Tillman. T. Trout. J. Trusha. B. Tuel. G. Turner. C. Twigg. G. VanVIack, K. Vaughn. G. Vedron. T. Vega. V. Vinson. G. Vinson. R. Volk. K. Voss. D. Walker. C. Walker. R. Walker. T. Warren. D Warren. K. Warren. S. Warrick. B. Warry. L. Weinig, D Whalen. T. White. A. White. R White. T Wiedenhoft, D. Wiegand, J. Wiegel. S. Wilkens, T. Wilhelm. P. Williams. C. Williams. K. Wilson. D. Wilson, K Winn. T. Wise. J Wisser. K. Woodard, L Worlds. A. Wozniak. W Wright. B Wroblewski. L. Yanke, B. Zaknoen, E. Chambers. M Thiery. B.Freshmen Adapt The Freshmen class came into Elston High School with open eyes and open minded about the atmosphere at Elston. According to Mr. Kerwin and Mrs. Michaels the freshmen have adapted well to their new surroundings. They had their first fund-raising project, selling carnations and have many more ideas for other projects. The officers of the Class 1984 were president A1 Lawson, vice president TA McCann, secretary Pam Drzewiecki, and student representative Craig Hunt. TA McCann. Pam Drzewiecki. and A1 Lawson were the class officers. Mrs. Michaels was a class sponsor. Mr. Kerwin was a class sponsor. 65Allison. L. Allison. S. Anderson K Anderson. R. Antclio. C. Ashel. D Ash. J Augustesen, H. Austin. R Baker. P Baldwin. L. Balinao. J Bancroft. K. Baydowincz, D Beckette. P Bildhauser, S Bilek. R Black. A Blacksten, K Blount. R Bo-binski. B Boeckling. J. Bogart. K Bolden. T Bowman. P Bremer. L Bronner. K Buford. T Buhle. B. Burgess. K. Burton. A Bushroe, T. Butler. R Butts, M Cains. R Carey. T Carpenter. L. Cavanaugh. S. Chambers. J. Chatfield. C. Chism. B Chrapliwy. C. Cie-sielski. L. Coan. J. Cole. B Collins, S Cook. S. Coper. L. Coyle. E. Craig. M Craig. T. Crakes. C. Curtis. R Dalton. S. Dalton. S Daniel. D. Daniel. J. Daniel. L. Dart, K. Day. B Dehlinger. M. Delonis, G. DeMorrow, B Di-pert, D. Doba. R Dodds. S. Dowd. M Dowd. M Downs. S. Downs. T. Drehmel. D. Driggs. K. Drzewiecki, P. Dudley, M. Dusza. M Edwards, J. Edwards. J Edwards. K. Edwards. K Ellis. R Ellis. T Engquist. L. Espar, M. Evans. D. Everetts. J. Fane. C. Ferrell. P Fields. P. Fielding. B Foldenauer. B. Forrester. L. Fra-geman, S. French. M Frierson. C. Fries. C. Fritz. M. Front, H Fuss, G. Gardner. A Gardner. S. Geddes. C. Getter. T. Gipson. G. Gonzalex, M. Gobert. L. Goodall, C. Gardner. P. Greer. J. Gresla, T Griffin. P 66Griggs, D. Gring. D. Haas, M Hackett. E. Halama. K. Har grove, L. Hample. J. Heninger. S. Hudson. M Imes, J. Jackson, C Jackson. J. Jackson, P Jackson, S. James. J. James. T Jankowski. T. Jenner, T. Johns, L Johnson, C. Johnson, C. Johnson. H. Johnson, J. Johnson. L. Jones. C. Jones. G. Jones. J Kaser, T. Krause, L. Keen. J Kelley, A Kelley. P Kendle. S Kisner. M Klosinski, K. Kniola, J. Kniola. K. Koch. P. Krause. J. Kribs. E Kubsch. D Kuchik. M Kwiatkowski. C. Lake. J Laisen, E. Laskoske, A Laughlin, J Law-son. A Lawson. K. Layman. L. Lee. M Leuehagen, T. Lewis. A Lewis. M Liedig, D. Littlejohn. M. Locke. P. Logan. E. Logman. G. Long. J. Looney, R. Love. D. Lubs, K. Maclean. P. Macrini, T. Madkins. J Martin. K. Martin. M. Martin. W. Mashburn, K. Marshall. D. Marshall. P. Marszalek. J. Maxey, T. McCann. T.A McCay. M. McCormick. R. McCrindle, B. McGee. L. McGinnis. H. Melien. J. Meska. L. Minley. V. Mitchell. L. Moffett. A. Moran. C. Mosby, T. Mowlnski, T. Murry, W. Neulieb, C. Novak, M. Noveroske, J. Or-lowski. S. Owens. M Palmer. J. Parish, C. Parish, J. Parker. S. Pauli. K. Pawoloski. S. Payne. M Pearson. J. Pinnell. J. Perez, M. Peters. F. Pierce, S. Pilecki, C. Pippin. T. 67Pippin. T. Pleasants. B Pliskey. I Poff, W Pohl. J. Pope. B Po-plawski, A. Powell. J. Powers. P. Priebe. J. Przybylinski. M Raney. T Ramsey, K Raymond. P Rector. P Reese. B. Reinholz. R Richardson, L Rick. J Ritchie. M Ritter. E Rivera. V Roberts. R Robinson. J Rohde. D Rohde. J. Roose. S. Rootes. M Rope. R Bubeck, B Rudnick. B Ruminski, B Rupert. V. Sabinske. T. Sandberg. R. Sass, T. Schliephake, M Schmidt. B. Schmitt. L. Schultz. B Schroeder. T. Schwartz. K Seeley. K Seymour. D. Seyring. J Shanks. L. Sheets. J Sheets. R. Sherwood. D Shifkowskt. P. Sila-kowski. S. Simmons. B. Simmons. D. Simmons. L. Skwiat, S. Slaughter. B Slaughter, R. Smith. D. Smith. J. Smith. J. Smith, J. Smith. S. Smith. T. Sobieski. R. Spang. L. Sparks. J. Spencer, T Spitka, J. Spradlin. D. Staback. P. Stacy. J. Stacy. C. Stanfield. A. Steinman. L. Stephens. C. Stephney, C. Steward. A Stover. P. Summers. T Sunderland, R. Swedeen, P. Swenson. P Taylor. C. Taylor. R. Thompson. A. Thompson, T. Tingley. H Travis. T Truex, K. Tucker. L. Twigg. T. Underwood. L. Uxyga. J VanScyoc. K Vinson. M Wag ner, K Waiman. T Walotka, B Walters. P. Warnke. J Warren, L. Waskow. R. Willie. W. Weatherspoon, E. Webb. G Weber. M Weninger, D Wentland. T. 08White S., Whittier. C.. Wildhart L.. Williams J.D.. Williams R.. Wilson A . Wilson L., Winski T., Winston. E. Witfield E., Wojasinski P . Woja-sinski T., Wojcik D., Wolfe M.. Woodruff R , Woodard T.. Woods R.. Woods V.. Worek A., Zallas P.. Zeese M., Zila B., Zitzelberger J.. Zygmun-towski T.. Harris T., Hartman K., Harvey P. Harvey R.. Harvey W.. Haugh-ington S.. Heddens W.. Hed-strom A.. Hefner P., Helms L., Hicks J.. Hemley S., Henckel M.. Heuston H.. Hernandez M.. Heiberg N.. Hoder C.. Hofstetter A., Holley D.. Holmes C.. Holzer J.. Howell J., Hughley S., Human B.. Human J.. Human L., Humphrey S.. Hunt C., Hurt D., Hutchison S. Freshmen not pictured R. Bero D. Booker S. Byrd A Caviggiola J. Cox C. Edwards M. Francis A. Getter T. Gresla G. Gipson L. Gobert M Gonzales C. Goodall J. Greer P. Griffin S. Heim B. Helmken R. Lehman K. Lenior L. Mansfield S. Martin L. Myrick D. Richard M Retseck L. Roberts B. Rogers R Shaver B. Streeter R. Qingley C. Williams H. Willis E. Whitfield R. Wisenbaugh 69“Suddenly my world’s gone and changed its’ face. But now I know where I'm going. I have had my mind spun around in space. And yet I’ve watched it growing. And if you’re listening. God. Please don’t make it hard To know if we should believe the things we see. Tell us. should we try to stay, should we run away Or would it be better just to let things be?” Math Students Derive Five full years of math were available to all students. There were fourteen different classes in which they could choose from. All of the full time teachers at Elston have masters degrees which enables them to teach any of the courses. According to Mrs. Hegg, “The math department will develop a new math lab in 1981-82, which will have six computers and fifteen calculators.” Other than regular math classes, there were many math oriented events in which any student could participate. Some popular activities were Scholorama, contests at other schools, and clubs such as math club and computer club. Students could participate in different math study activities which were set up during the semester for those who wished to try to improve on their study skills. Mr. VanHoy proves Pythagorean theorem. 72 Mr. Warner grades papers without lookng.Their Identities Rich Schmitt highlights TrigAnalyt. Miss Egan dictates notes to class.Science Buffs Explore Available to our student body are six science classes. Four classrooms were remodeled several years ago and two are still under construction. Unified Science I and II are used to get a basic science knowledge. Throughout the year the students have learned about all types of sciences including weather and astronomy. This class is usually taken by the students who are looking for an overview of science. Biology I, one of the many science classes, is used to give an insight to the natural sciences. Throughout the year the students learned about the organs and reproductive system of both humans and animals. This class is mostly taken by incoming Freshmen. Chemistry, Physics, and Biology II are three of the more advanced science classes offered to the student body. Chemistry students learned about chemicals and how they react with certain substances. Biology II uses some of the Biology I concepts plus the ones of Chemistry and combines them. This class is mainly used for students who plan on going into the medical field or other advanced fields pertaining to animals or health. Physics uses math and chemistry skills and advances to electronics and engineering concepts. There are many changes being made continuously in the science field giving students a chance to think independently. Paula Swedeen shows us how to take notes. Mr. Schwab returns the biology tests. 74Molecular Activities These students try to find the solutions to their chemistry problems.Shakespeare In the English Department, there are some general objectives which represent an ideal of achievement, which is what language teachers would like to achieve in twelve years of instruction. Even under the best educational situations, however, it would be unrealistic to assume that all students would reach this level of capability, although a majority is expected to. There are certain goals and objectives students should achieve before graduating. Some of the things the teachers wish to achieve are: to produce students who are able to read a variety of materials independently with comprehension; students who are able to use the different language effectively and appropriately in both written and spoken communication; students who can locate and use resource materials and who show knowledge of good study skills. 76 Students make their own fun in American Lit.Invades Elston “Hey. look over here!” Miss Joseph explains the parts of speech.Social Studies: A Look The entire Social Studies department was at an advantage this election year, but the government classes especially benefited. They were able to learn about the electing of government officials while tbe procedure was in progress. The department’s main purpose is to help students to understand and appreciate the American heritage, tradition, and ideals. There is a wide variety of classes offered this year. The first division is World Geography and is taken by all freshmen. It teaches the students how to read maps and how to locate places. As sophomores, many students take World History, which acquaints them with other countries and their ways of life. U.S. History, a required junior class, explains how the American history grew. Other classes include: American Problems, which deals with human behavior; Economics, which teaches students how our economic system works; and Sociology, which discusses the society in which we live. Above right: Mr. Starks lectures the class while his desk displays his school spirit. Right: Don Anderson is being tested on his knowledge of the world. 78At The World Around Us Government students study intensely. bove: Students work to get their assignment completed. Left: Mr. Quinn tmusingly teaches the class how to hang a map.Language Students Interpret 80 Things warm up as these students gather around the heater.Foreign Cultures Through foreign language classes, students learn about other countries, not only how they speak but also how they live. Although two years of a foreign language is recommended to most students, many like to continue and take three or four years. In the advanced classes they also study culture. This year Mrs. Croft, the department head, is going to use a lot of music in her teaching. She is one of the three Spanish teachers, along with Mrs. Obejas and Mrs. Shover. The other languages offered are French and German, which are instructed by Mrs. Steinke and Mrs. Kallay respectively. Last year the Spanish Club took a trip to Mexico and this year, in addition to local Spanish activities, they will be going to Spain. The French Club has been going to French restaurants and has attended a French dance and music program in South Bend. The German Club has also taken excursions to area restaurants. Mrs. Steinke finds some humor in a French lesson. These students prac.Art Students In the Art classes, students learn many things besides drawing. They are also instructed on how to develop film, how to mold clay, and how to paint with water colors. They even learn the difficult art of silk screening. These classes are helping many students pursue a career in art. They also enable students to create something from their own imagination. The art classes are becoming more and more filled with interested students. These classes were taught by Mrs. Dabbert. This art student plunges into his work. 82 These art students prepare to silk screen.Draw Their Futures Julie Timberlake mixes chemicals for developing. Art students try water colors. Brian Wisser interrupts his sketching to pose for the camera. 83The Business World: The Business Department offered a choice of many courses. Accounting I prepares students to meet their personal needs, financial responsibilities, and employment in business fields. Accounting II promoted more intense study on fundamentals previously learned. Business Law showed a student how the laws affect his everyday life. Typing I was essentially the discovery and refinement of techniques of machine operation and basic skills building. In Office Machines, the objective was to give the students a feeling of the nature of the office and work done in it. In Shorthand I, the purpose of the first year was to introduce the student to the Gregg Shorthand System and to give a working knowledge of the outlines so that he may develop the power to take dictation and use it vocationally. Stenography was a years course required in the Stenographic curriculum. The course included further study of shorthand, improvement of skills and speed in the taking of dictation, and development of skills in the actual transcription of shorthand notes into mailable letters. General Business included a background for all business students so that they would become aware of the business activities that occur in their personal lives. The Business Department also has many goals that it wishes to achieve. Some of the major ones are to provide all students with experience in searching for job opportunities and to introduce information related to business education; to promote intellectual, cultural, and social development in the students taking business courses; to match the business education program whether it be for personal or vocational use; to help students develop an understanding and appreciation of the American Business System; to provide more opportunity to prepare for gainful employment and career mobility; to provide students with the background for studying business education beyond the high school level; to help students acquire skills, attitudes, and values which enable him to be personally effective and socially productive as responsible members of society and the business community. 84 Speed and accuracy require concentration.From 9 To 5 Balancing debits and credits seems to come easy for Rick Lisak. Mr. Sparks "watches the birdie” while helping Kim Gardner.Voc. Ed. Builds Strong Future Mr. Clevenger, head of the Industrial Education Department, describes the program as follows: “Industrial Education is the term applied to the areas of instruction related to industrial activities. It is concerned with all areas of education to meet the needs of industrial technology and develop understanding of industrial activities. The Industrial Education Department of Elston Senior High School has two divisions. One division is that of Industrial Arts. The other is vocational Education. Though seperate in goals, these divisions are very closely related. Industrial Arts is a study of industry. It helps the student to understand how things are made, the materials used and work of people in industry. Industrial Arts gives the student an opportunity to explore occupations. Gives them a chance to try different kinds of work and compare their abilities with the required abilities for different occupations. Currently, a student may elect to explore occupations in the fields of: Manufacturing, Power and Transportation Graphic Arts, Drafting, Building Trades, Electricity Electronics and Aviation. These classes meet for one hour per day, five days a week. Vocational Education came into its own with the opening of the Occupations Building in 1968. Its official name now is the A. K. Smith Area Career Center. Dr. A. K. Smith, retired Superintendent, was instrumental in developing plans and finances for the Occupations Building. The Career Center serves the vocational training needs of all school corporations in LaPorte County plus the Duneland School Corporation in Porter County. We now have eight high schools sending students to the Career Center. Vocational Education is a program of specialized education designed to provide instruction leading to occupational competency. It complements rather than competes with general education, for every student with a vocational objective must have a sound frame work of general or basic education upon which to build. In an age of specialization, it is impossible for public schools to provide training for all jobs. Occupational list carry thousands of different titles for which training can be offered. As a result, vocational education has endeavored to combine and integrate programs into families of occupations. In this way, a person can be trained in an occupational area and accept employment in any of a number of jobs within the occupational family. For example, a person might receive formal training in the vocational machine trades program and qualify for a beginning position of drill press operator, lathe or milling machine operator, grinder, surface or tool measurement or layout person, set-up person, or as an all around machinist. Vocational Education programs have built into them the unique capability of serving students with different ability levels. They can be trained to a minimum level of job proficience or they can develop a high level of skill. Vocational courses a student may elect at the Career Center are: Vocational Auto Trades, Vocational Auto Body, Vocational Welding Trades, Vocational Machine Trades, Vocational Building Trades or Vocational Electronics, Vocational Power, or Vocational Electrical Trades. Each of these vocational programs meet for three hours per day, five days per week, for 38 weeks. For successful completion of a vocational course, a student will receive six credits per year. The Industrial Education Department has a staff of 11 3 5 teachers. We have good facilities and adequate equipment. The enrollment in the department has increased each year, even though total school enrollment is down.” 86 Students are working hard on their studies.Auto mechanic students explore a car engine to discover it's ailment.Mr. Studer demonstrates the adjustment of a MIG welding machine to James Kasinger. 88 Mr. Kaptonovich and Scott Brewer observe a milling machine.89Success Boils Elston AND Rogers Present MARQUETTE MALL TOOPM. THURSDAY-MM 8,1980Over From cooking and sewing to interior design and home financial management, the Home Economics Department offered a wide variety of material. The purpose of the program was for students to learn to develop those skills which will help them fill their roles as contributing members of society. The skills taught include not only the manual task itself, but also the mental discipline to plan, execute, and evaluate daily tasks either at home or on the job. This department must somewhat modernize itself each year. Since new fabrics and new fashions are constantly being produced, the instructors must teach classes new methods of sewing on these materials and how to take care of them. Financial management and budget planning are taught in Consumer Education and Interpersonal Relations. This course must also adjust itself, but in this case, to the changing economy. Other Home Ec. classes offered here were Foods, Creative Foods and Crafts, Child Development, and Adult Living. Mrs. Wenger was the head of this department with Mrs. Timberlake, Mrs. Magro, and Mrs. Freitag as her colleagues. A future chef brews up a delicacy. 91 These girls show that making a Christmas gift is cheaper than buying one.'cmr L. LfV CftRTC MCNU rrxws WftXLABLC: 'AC HAND K%. fvtey 2 y U ) "HAM SANDWICH" slices of flavorful Ham , lettuce + H i y o ON BAKERLj 6u J. • . -7oPs xr urr cheese Ge'LL XNCLUOE A (XcKLF'Of Course «CHILL" HmeST LE, thick an . 1 )TV. JV xyG Q XAAT ■ H-— ■«? Moo,moo, Good! SULads Tcrt a diet-Watchers., )Nb£KCOVEF. RABBITS m VEGETABLE FREAKS) "CHtf ■She ad " E ETTi CE +-T6FIAT0 ES) With HAM, cm eese , Eggs A»t TcPPED WITH FA CRJTE DRESSING. IN CL UD es CRAcKE ft S m " Tossed salad" 50 LETTUCE -ToMAToes uxtH •? DRESSING OF CfOuR. CHOICE 5( t "COLESLAW" 35{ V CREA ny LIGHT DRESSING ToPS THIS CABBAGE CoNCccrioN. BENEDICT ARNOLD • Syoonymoui With Tri HOiS b OEUVKES CHeesewus .5o 3 oi. Qinner egg Rolls 3- oo Deviled eg,gs Halves f .sp Don't So tilt For A CLoap Ruo-Of-Th» Mill Traitor WKm You Nood Accurate Sicrtu Abuhl Trocp Toil Ilona. Battle Action Or What Waahlnjtoo e Cot Up HU Slaava. No AMlpotat C U For A fr»« Too Manky Work Eatlaaia DAY OR NIGHT PHONE TUracoat 4-3232 ASSORTED HtT H D. TRfi'j cm) ts.So GLAZED HUMAKJ Petite quiche COCKTAIL EGGRbUS FRANKS ,w 6LAUHCTS 25 e c. h A D, 34 10 i encH Le PASTRY SHOPff 30i EPCA 'STUFFED fluSH(?oaAS AoLeacH [j f FMHcH FR1 ED ) % VftFtN ’slWl ' r • lUSH OOMS r y,.X- 5 • CMLT fLowER- • ONI oHS H-IaEgE'-FoRticH ¥i. -ITT PARTY TIME I Sa HEL-Basket" of chicken {scaks 30) 3flmso t EFT PlZZ ] -CHcise +Sausage -(SERVES o) EL l0. fS | Potato Salad (serves o) C 5 92Bob Jackson reveals the Julia Child in him. Sandy Alvarado displays her cooking talents In Home Economics Danene Smiertelny finds herself in a sticky situation.Quiet On The Set T.V. Productions was a full year, high phase, elective class in the English Department. Because most English classes are one semester, it made it difficult for students to take this. Since it is a one year course, it can’t be paired with anything else. The class consisted mostly of juniors and seniors and was held down to fifteen students because it is the best number to work with in lab. There were only a few students, one teacher has to be in the studio and one in the control room. The course covered everything from operating the camera to acting. In this class, students learned the basics of set design and construction and script writing. Labs are graded on three different levels: script, direction, and talent. Final projects are graded on four levels: script, direction, creativity, and overall value of the program produced. Mr. Holdcraft directs his T.V. Productions class. 94 Paul Hargrove lends a helping hand.One Way To Good Driving Because of a late start in the Driver Education program, there were only two classes this year, instead of the usual three. Nonetheless, the Drivers Ed. students learned the how-tos and the fundamentals of good driving. Some of the skills learned are: how to drive a stick shift, how to angle and parallel park, highway driving and just everyday city driving. This department was headed by the infallible Mr. Steinke. With the increasing number of students taking Drivers Education courses, it is no doubt that Michigan City will be full of “defensive” drivers. Kathy Truex and Pete Bowman wait to get in and take their turn to step on the gas. 95 Dave Griggs wonders what this big wheel is for.An Apple A Day Although Health and Safety teaches about the body systems and functions, it also includes instruction on many other things: personality, mental disorders, diet, and even how to play baseball. Giving oral reports and making posters were a couple of special activities these classes did. Two semesters of Health and Safety are required to graduate. The teachers who help the students fulfill this requirement are Mr. Adnson, Mr. Parker, Mr. Edwards, and Mr. Croll. Time for a change. % Kathy Wisser gets a lesson in life saving.A Hop, Skip, And A Jump In Physical Education, many different skills were learned. Basketball techniques, volleyball hits, the correct way of running, and pacing yourself were only a few of them. Now that Elston has the facilities, swimming has become a required part of the Physical Educational program. Each student must have at least six weeks of swimming and basic life saving skills. This year’s P.E. teachers included Mr. Falls, Mrs. Micheals, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Firnhaber, Mr. Adnson, and Mr. Parker. Hands up! Hit the dirt! 97 “Come on ease on down, ease on down the road Don’t you carry nothin’ that might be a load. ’Cause there may be times That you wish you wasn’t born. And you wake one morning Just to find your courage gone. But just know that feelin’ Only lasts a little while. You just stick with us and we’ll Show you how to smile. Pick your right foot up When your left one’s down. Come on legs keep movin’ Don’t you lose no ground. ’Cause the road you’re walkin’ Might be long some time. But just keep on steppin’ And you will be just fine. Come on ease on down, Ease on down the road.”Students Show Leadership To become a member of the National Honor Society is one of the highest privileges for a junior or senior to obtain. These are responsible individuals who show a high standard of scholarship, citizenship, and service to the school and the community. During the course of the year the members of the National Honor Society provided us with many services such as ushering at our school musicals and plays, and sponsoring a Parent’s Night, where the parents of Elston’s football and basketball players are recognized. They also worked hard at planning the formal induction of new members which took place in the Spring. These members had many tasks through out the year but with the help from President Mike Maloney, Vice President Sheila Buhle, and Secretary Jodie Taub and with the guidance from the sponsor, Mr. Kerwin, they performed them with the greatest of ease. The National Honor Society has showed the Elston student body what leadership is all about. Honor Society 1st Row: J. Taub. M. Maloney. S Buhle 2nd Row: L. Nevers, T Wroblewski, K. Saturday, K. Warren. B. McNabb, S. Peglow. D. Dolan 3rd Row: A Piechnik. P. Shinn. D. Elenz. S. Bremer. K. Striebel. J. Summers. Mr. Kerwin 4th Row: E. Davis. M. Grimes, C. Blubaugh, D. Bowlby, B. Wisser. L. Collins. A. Godfrey, 5th Row: T. Geleske. A. Demasi. D. Weninger, L. Kemp. B Mennen 100Council Solves Problems Solving our schools problems, developing fund raisers, and planning many scholastic activities are just some of the things that kept the Student Council busy this year. The council was headed- by the leadership of President Ed Davis, Vice President Paul Shinn, and Secretary Sue Bremer, with Mr. Nowak seeing over them. These Student Council members were elected by the Elston student body in the beginning of the year, and from then on went right to the job of solving problems for the betterment of our school. Besides solving problems they also ran many activities with huge success, such as the annual Homecoming. The students had to raise enough money for this event in order to present each candidate with a rose. This and all the other Student Council goals were achieved without a problem. Ed Davis performs the role of president Student Council 1st Row: E. Davis. S. Bremer. P. Shinn 2nd Row: J. Taub. B. Davies. M Keating. D. Livinghouse. D. Jackson. H. Miller. L. Wildhart 3rd Row: C. Hunt. A. Lawson. C. Bailey, S. Warren, S. Butts. K. Stark, P. Swenson. P. Swedeen 4th Row: M. Maloney, M. Losinlecki, T. Jackson, B. McNabb, C. Johnson, D. Elenz, K. Striebel. K. Saffer, D. Schooley 5th Row: T. Gresla, L. Allen, D. Wenninger, B. Warrick, T. Ingersoll, S. Butts. D. Williams 6th Row: Mr. Nowak. H. Augustensen. A. Smith. J. Winski, D. Drehmel, C. Przybylinski, T. Harlib 101Students Inspire Athletes Yes, those Rowdy Red Devil maniacs in the stands are a great vocal asset to our teams spirit. When things get down they cheer them up, when things go good they cheer them on. The new RT initiates appeared at the Homecoming game in full glory. They were arrayed in such things as skirts over long underwear, backwards and inside out t-shirts and scarves. On their faces were a black eye and the intials RT on each cheek. To top this attractive attire, were five ponytails, mohawk style, in their hair. The RT’ers sold mugs this year to pay for the annual formal held in February. The boy’s Cheerblock Headed by this years stripper “Chip” Janus, and the RT often clash with many yelling bouts and “Who can act the silliest” competitions. What does this all add up to? A very amusing sight when there’s a time out on the floor. RT Pres. T. Harlib; V. Pres. $. Bremer Sec. D. Wenninger; Treas. K. Streible. 102Club Keeps In Fashion Fashion Club 1st Row: R. Tejeda. K. Bogart. B. Looney 2nd Row: G. Chavez. E. Everitt. M Looney. D. Livinghouse 3rd Row: Mrs. Magro, C. Johnson. D. Cole One of this year’s newest clubs is the Fashion Club, sponsored by Mrs. Magro. It is made up of many girls who take a special interest in high fashion and fashion designing. They meet on the second Wednesday of every month to discuss and plan activities for upcoming dates. Earlier in the year they had a speaker come from a fashion design school in Atlanta, Georgia. She spoke of her school and the chances of making it in the fashion world. They plan to attend many local fashion shows, perhaps participating in some of them. Mrs. Magro keeps the girls on their toes with countless fundraising projects such as leaf raking in the fall and various bake sales throughout the year. Some may not realize it, but a fashion design and modeling career is a challenge not to mention a big risk at ever actually “making it”. These girls are ready to take on this challenge with full force. 103 Gina tests a brownie before the bake sale.And The Beat Goes On . . . Dazzling the fans once again at the football games this year was the marching band. Under the new leadership of Mr D’Arcangalis and Mr. Burris Eades the band succeeded in providing high spirits and fine entertainment. The football followers were furnished with electrifying sounds and flashy drills. The woodwind portion of the band was under the advice of Mr. D’Arcangalis, while the brass and percussion sections worked with Mr. Burris Eades. The Devilettes, who were coordinated by Mrs. Holdcraft, also contributed greatly to the bands success with their impressive routines. Lisa Wilson performs at halftime. 1st Row: P. Griffin, L. Wilson, K. Skierkowski, C. Stephens. S. Henley, K. Bronner, P. Gardner. T. Thompson 2nd Row: G. Heuston, R. Rope, P. Wojasinski, B. Bishop, L. Cisler. D. Specht. P. Baker, L. Kemp 3rd Row: A. Gazarkiewicz, M. Brooks. B. Foldenauer, K. Stark. L. Baker, L. Thomas. J. Bradley. M. Przybylinski 4th Row: M. Sanders, J. Zieske, D. Collins. J. Bertovich, H. Coan, C. Jaske, D. Freel, L. Johnson 5th Row: M. Craig. J. Thompson. T. Gresla, J. Jones, L. Meska, J. Gardner, C. Geddes, L. Hackett 6th Row: S. Dalton, A. Humbers, L. McGee, M. Fritz, T. Carey, T. Kilgore, L. Baldwin, B. Pleasants 7th Row: G. Tuel, B. Golding, R Bulter, S. Locke, B. Brockway, K. Driggs. T. Kaser. L. Collins 8th Row: R. Taylor, T. Laughlin, T Bowman, B. Kniola, P. Koch, P. Bracken, K. Ellis, P. Beckette 9th Row: R. Hawks, R. Harvey, M. Williams, K. Benner 1st Row: B. Day. T. Boldin. J. Robertson. B Fielding, C. Whitter, P. Swedeen, T. Harris 2nd Row: M Kaser. C. Murgita. P. Bowman. D Hack. P Locke, N. Hilberg, J. Sparks 3rd Row: M Maloney. S. Fly. J. Filipiak, T. Foreman. J. Uryga. B. Attar, T. Jackson 4th Row: A Smith. C. Edling. D. Colwell. K Warren. C. Melnick, M. Chambers. A. Getter 5th Row: J. Laughlin, T. Bowman. B. Griffin, S. Pierce. B Kelly, J. Ramion, M. Sanders1st Row: S. Skwait. D. Schooley, R. Hull. D. Hahn. M. Keltz, K. Green 2nd Neider, R. Valentine 4th Row: C. Ross. A. Callan. D. McNeal, P. Human. J. Row: A. Phillips. D. Jackson. D. Stanage. V. Haughtington, M Graf, P. Kahn Trout. D. Day 3rd Row: L. Heuston, V. Carter, L. Staback, M. Pacholke. J. Jones. D. 105Bands Lead In Spirit And Entertainment Students interested in displaying their musical talents had the opportunity to participate in two extra curricular activities. One such activity was the pep band, whose members demonstrated their spirit by performing at each home basketball game and at pep sessions. Whenever a sluggish moment emerged, the pep band would ignite the crowd by starting a musical cheer or playing Loyalty. The jazz band made up the other activity. Getting together every Monday night for rehearsing, this group performed in various contests and concerts. Their repertoire was not limited to only jazz, for they played a variety of styles. Both of these bands deserved a lot of credit for the exciting entertainment that a great many people received through listening to them. Their dedication and hard work was exposed by their outstanding efforts. Pep Band 1st Row: J. Jimison. K. Warren, Mr. D’Arcangalis, B. Attar, A. Gazarckiewicz 2nd Row: M. Kaser, S. Krueger, K. Stark, L. Collins, J Bertovich. M. Brooks 3rd Row: M. Sanders, H. Coan, L. Kemp, S. Locke. M. Sanders, E. Berg 4th Row: C. Edling, A. Smith. T. Laughlin, D. Hack, C. Truner. J. Filipiak, T. Foreman, M Maloney Scott Krueger keeps the beat Jazz Band 1st Row: K. Warren, S. Krueger, L. Swoboda 2nd Row: A. DeMasi, Mr. Burris-Eades. M Craig 3rd Row: L. Collins. B. Brockway. B. Kniola, K. Benner 4th Row: B. Griffin, B. Tener, A. Smith 5th Row: M. Maloney, T. Foreman, M. Kaser 106Vocalists Provide A Medley Of Music Elston’s Choral department consists of three groups, freshmen chorus, mixed chorus, and Devil Magic. Devil Magic performed with a new look for many private parties during the school season. They also got together with the jazz band for a Swing Concert in the spring. A few times throughout the year the three choral groups combine to sing for school concerts, such as a Christmas concert, a mid-winter concert, and a spring concert. Early in the year the choruses went on a promotional tour of Barker and Krueger Jr. High Schools. The choruses sold cheese and sausage to help finance a better equipped choral department. Devil Magic sold bumper stickers and decals to boost the school spirit during the basketball season. Also to help finance a January trip to Chicago to see the hit musical Evita. Devil Magic Row 1: R. Hull, J. Taub. B McNabb. S. Flint Row 2: S. Gondeck. D. Sipes. K. Warren. D. Cole. R Valentine. T. Jackson Row 3: A. Smith. K. Kelly. K. Martin. D. Williams. C. Kelly. S. Krueger. S. Swoboda. K. Warren Mixed Chorus Row 1: V Gleason. L. Ratliff, C. Jones. C. Brown. D. Jackson. N. Calvin. R White. Row 2: L. Taylor. P. Singleton. T. Walker. R Morgan. K. Garron, D. Jackson. L. Allen. L Hairston Row 3: T. Tillman. P. Harris, C. Walker. S. Mack. J. Gilbert. S. Dabney. T. Winn. L. Beason. D Langley Row 4: Mr McNabb. L. Isbell. J Bureau. C. Willeam. R. Kiner, L. Cash. K. Bureau. J. Mack. C. Scott Freshman Chorus Row 1: L. Simmons. T Jankowski. D. Drehmel. B. Demorrow. B. Looney. K. Dart. J. Powell Row 2: Mr McNabb. B. Pope, R Roberts. K. Bogart. P Hefner, T. Mowinski. J. Rhode Row 3: M. Henckel. J Rick. L Allsion. R. Waskow. K Seeley. A. WorekGirls Keep Mats Rolling The Mat Maids do a lot more than many people may think. They set up the wrestling mats before the meet and clean up the unpresentable gym afterwards. During the competition they cheer our wrestlers on to many victories. At the beginning of the season the girls held a fund raising project in which they sold carwash tickets enabling them to purchase a City Wrestler sweatshirt. Mr. Martorano, the wrestling coach as well as the Mat Maid sponsor, awards the labor of his Mat Maids and team members with a pizza party. These girl’s enthusiasm in their work is inspiration to our team. Mat Maids listen to the latest, while cheering the wrestlers on. Angie Smith looks around in disbelief. Mat Maids 1st Row: K. Beach. K. Wilson, P. Gardner, L. Wilson, J. Powell, K. Bronner, S. McNew. T. Bolka, D. Stanage, V Haughtington, 2nd Row: S. Buhle, L. Neulieb, C. Przybylinski, D. Drehmel. K. Jones. D. Smiertelny, K. Lubs. A. Humbers, J. Robertson. P. Cains 3rd Row: A. Stracke, S. Wentland, E. Averitt, M. Pawlicke, B. Pollock, A. Callan, P Beckette, T. Young, L. Collins, K. Truex 4th Row: B. Bishop. S. Olmstead, K. Oliver, D. Jackson, T. Harlib. A. Pliskey, M. Espar, S. Dalton. M. Przybylinski, K. Dart 5th Row: T. Oliver, K. Williams, M. Johnson, S. Lewis, L. Cash, B. Looney, A. Worek. K. Kniola, D. Pace, P. Przybylinski 6th Row: P. Raymond. J. Winski. A. Smith. H. Augustestin, P. Sherrill. D. Fite. K. Wisser, C. Housley, J. Cossey. H Heuston. 7th Row: B. Geyer. D. Shifkowski. D. Voss, S. Carter 08Timers Time, Bowlers Bowl A spectator may ask, “Who are all those girls wearing those red and white outfits?” An avid Red Devil fan would proudly reply, “those are the Red Devil swim team timers.” These girls keep accurate times at each meet in every lane. After each race they fill out sheets with the competitors names, which lane they swam in, and their times. Then they send this information to the scorers table where they are officially computed. The swim team timers sponsor, Mrs. Meer said, “Without these girls how would we be able to remember the remarkable times of our Elston swimmers.” Swim Timers Row 1: S. Beckett, L. Baker, K. Streible, H. Cone, L. Krause, K. Davis, S. Peglow, 2nd Row: S. Dalton. C. Bailey, M. Espar, M. Przybylinski, D. Wenninger, L. Olken, S. Locke, 3rd Row: C. Przybylinski, J. Summers, K Van Vlack, E. Averett, S. Frageman, C. Geddes Returning to the Elston scene this year is the Bowling Club with a new sponsor Mrs. Laux. Members get together once a week for intra-club competition. At the end of the season, Elston’s scores were matched up against Roger’s Bowling Club. Trophies were awarded to the deserving teams and individuals. 1st Row: Mrs. Laux, R. Orzech, M. Williams, K. Wilson 2nd Row: P. Jackson, D. Gring, P. Beckette, R. Human. D. Henckel 3rd Row: L. Allen, A. Getter. J. Krause, M. Rootes, E. Morrow, M. Owens 4th Row. M Fritz. J Brewer. E. Logan. P. Koch, C. Hawkins, D. Rohde 5th Row: P. Bracken, G. Vinson, C. Fries, L. Wilson, W. Murry, T. OelschlagerCulture Of Spain, France, And Germany Undergo Search Students interested in expanding their knowledge of other countries can participate in one of three foreign language clubs at Elston. They are French Club, sponsored by Mrs. Steinke; German Club sponsored by Mrs. Kallay, and Spanish Club sponsored by Mrs. Croft. Club members not only broaden their knowledge of the language and the culture of the countries, they also have enjoyalbe outings. Members participate in field trips to theaters and restaurants specializing in the native food. A special field trip is planned by Spanish students to Spain in the summer of ’81. Spanish Club 1st Row: J. Schooley, M. Looney. C. Griggs. E Kniola, S. Buhle, T. Young. Q. Sullivan. K. Truex, E. Rusboldt. T. Kaser. D. Dolan 2nd Row: D. Kniola. D. Aldridge. D. Bowlby. D Drzewicki. B. Golding, T Cleveland. T. Jackson. J. Taub, J. Sammelman. D. Drehmel, K. Saturday 3rd Row: R. Wright. M. Dusza, M. Espar. S. Gondeck. D Sipes. C. Bailey. D Livinghouse. L Paskell, M. Graf. M. Porterfield. 4th Row: J. Jimison. D. Pahl, M. Hosna. K. Lewis. A. Jasicki. A. Callan. H. Miller. D. Pawlowski. B. Patrick. C Shelton. R. Beebe 5th Row: M. Hackett. R. Scott. T. Sosinski, P. Higgins. S. Lee. G. Beebe. M. Graf. R. Ellison. R Tejeda. J. Trout 6th Row: T. Harlib. M. Grimes. J Winski 110French C ub 1st Row. P. Beckette, C. Geddes, R. Tejeda, T. Cleveland, D. McNeal, L. Olken, M. Keltz, R Valentine. L. Warty, J. Cosgiove 2nd Row. L. Shanks, L. Engquist, D. MacLean. J. lmes, L Forrester. J. MaTszalek, P Swanson. D. Banicki, G. Houck. K. Van Vlack 3rd Row: L. Hargrove. B. Schult. L. Richardson, L. Olken, L. Carpenter, K. Dart, D. Wenninger, M Keating, A Mack. L. Dudek 4th Row: 1. Pliskey, P. Swedeen. B. Bobinski, S. Dobbs, R. Sunderland, K. Ramsey, J. Balinao,C. Chatfield, Mrs. Steinke 5th Row: T A. McCann, A Cavijgiola, J. Pohl, N. Delaney, P. Seedori, K. Davis, J. Grams, S. Frageman Students Invade Germany Last summer while most of the Elston student body was taking dips into Lake Michigan, four students were splashing in the Olympic Pool in Munich Germany. Heidi Coan, Sarah Flint, Shae Peglow and Maribeth Pawlicke spent a month in Germany visiting many famous sites such as Olympic Park. The girls obtained the opportunity to swim in the famous pool where Mark Spitz earned his gold medals. They also climbed up Olympic Tower where they could observe the entire park. The girls toured Dachav Concentration Camp, which was used in World War II and the Wasserburg Castle, the longest castle in Germany which exceeds a mile. One of the most enjoyable highlights was a three day hike in the Alps. The whole month was not spent swimming, hiking and travelling. The girls spent some time in school where they had the chance to compare German and American Schools. Those girls had an exciting adventure that they will cherish forever. German Club 1st Row: K. Wojcik, H. Coan 2nd Row: J. Duffy. C. Jaske. D. Specht, J. Brittain, J. Laughlin, J. Zitzelberger, D. Schillke, J. Powell 3rd Row: M. Pawlicke. M Brooks. C. Howard. B Pollock. V. Haughtington. L. Collins. J. Krause. D. Spradzin, K. Bancroft 4th Row: J. Adams, R. Clark. C. Johnson. K. Striebel. S. Peglow. L. Kemp. C. Crakes, K. Halama, K. Truex, T. Hofstetter 5th Row: D. Schroeder, D. Biller, P. Hargrove. D. Miller, M. Nagel. J. Lake, S. Orlowski, J. Ritchie 6th Row: D. Colwell. D. Fedder, R. Hawks, B. Griffen. D. Gring, M. Zeese. B. Human. Mrs. Kallay 111Programs Provide Community Experience Work Study programs enable ambitious students to go out and get on the job training while still being able to attend school. These programs are used to give the students a base in the business world. DECA, otherwise known as Distributive Education Clubs of America, deals mainly in sales and merchandising. Many times they work hand in hand with local stores and businesses. Mr. Dry and Mrs. Edling coordinate the job of sponsoring this group. Vocational Industrial Clubs of America of VICA for short, is in close relationship with ICT (Industrial Cooperative Training). The nine o’clock hour has a time for these students to meet. They get two credits for the class time and four additional credits if they have a job outside of school. In the class they learn about the different aspects of the job or business they are in. The Office Education Association (OEA) students learned different outlooks of the office job. They learn such things as data processing, filing, and stenography. Mrs. Schlegmelch sponsors this group. The work study programs develop background for the student who wants a vocation after high school. 112 VICA 1st Row: T Stewart. N Mazzaia. B Bird. G. Grantham 2nd Row: R. Sequich, D. Gregory, M. Morales. S. Turner 3rd Row: B. Heninger. J. Jesko. M Terry. S. Caddo 4th Row Mr. Clevenger. C. Kamont, M. Bird. D. NiemanICT 1st Row: T. Pagels, G. Henckel. J. Graft 2nd Row: M. Eagle, R. Pippin. D. Strickland 3rd Row: Mr Clevenger OEA 1st Row: Mrs. Schlegelmilch. L. Johnson, S. Kniola. T. Wright 2nd Row: J. Killingbeck, L Mizia, D. Wilson, B. McNeal DECA 1st Row: N. Runnels. D. Shifkowski. K. Williams. E. Averett. A Reeves. D. Combs 2nd Row: Mr. Dry, S. Peglow, J. Thompson. P. Mason. L. Loetz. D Peiffer. Mrs. Edling 113Elston Yetis Conquer Slopes Over the slopes and through the trees, the Elston skiers coast. The Elston skiers coasted on four slopes, with the rookies tumbling on the bunny hill. The more experienced skiers glided on the T-bar and intermediate hills, while the veterans strutted their stuff swiftly down the advanced hill. The Ski Club averaged about thirty daring devils per trip this year, with approximately seventy individuals venturing the slopes. Supervising the snowslides, were the abominable snow sponsors Mr. Van Hoy and Mr. Kerwin. Lisa Krause tags along the rope. Stacey Martin signals her turn. “Look Ma, no legs! 114Girls Carry Out The Message The counselor and office assistants did an outstanding job of keeping things in order in the office. They were faced with many tasks such as delivering messages, filling teacher’s mailboxes, and collecting absentee slips. In order that the counselor and office assistants could volunteer their services to the needs of the office, they had to give up one hour during the school day. Nearly 31 girls during the six hour school day have shouldered this responsibility. Office Assts. Row 1: M. Brooks. B. Bishop, R. Tejeda. T. Oliver Row 2: J. Simmons. P Singleton. L Allen. K Oliver. A Dabney. Row 3: R. Fields. M Turner, L. Woodard. J. Gilbert. P. Harris Counselor Assts. Row 1: S. Caddo. J. Wlnski. K. Beach. K. Grantham, Y. Wagner. A Gazarkiewiecz. D. Schooley. N. Kendle. K. Van Scyoc Row 3: Mosby, K. England. M. Schliephake. D. Spencer Row 2: B. Foldenauer, C. Mrs. Troyer, T. Vedrom, J Carter, T GranackiBebo Davies displays her janitorial skills. Volunteers Serve Patrons Seeing to the fans satisfaction was a considerable undertaking which involved the cooperation of three clubs. The ticket sellers checked that the fans were admitted to the sporting function under the right pretext. They checked for season tickets and provided non-season ticket holders with an admission ticket. The ushers saw to it that fans were properly seated and made sure that the aisles weren’t cluttered up. They also were responsible for sweeping the gym floor between games and during halftime. Keeping the enthusiastic followers filled with energy by providing them with eatables, were the concession workers. These students were kept busy throughout the entire game pushing popcorn and pop in the stands and attending to the snacking needs of the fans at the counter. Under the watchful eyes of Mr. Sparks, Mr. Bruemmer, Mrs. Fritzen and Mr. Ton, these organizations were kept running smoothly. Concessions 1st Row: J Mack. D Jackson. A. Davis. Y. Mosby, L. Woodard 2nd Row: L. Cash. K Williams. J Bureau. D. Williams. D. Smith 3rd Row: D. Judge, L. Isbell. S. Mack. K. Lewis, 4th Row: J. Krause. P Drzewiecki. M Butts. K Bancroft Ticket Sellers 1st Row: S. Wentland, J. Smith. T. Harvey 2nd Row: Mr. Sparks. A. Peichnik, L. Nevers Kenny Lewis fills a drink order. 116Students Supply Services Dahlites Row 1: C. Bailey. D. Pace, S. Butts. D. Buhle. D. Human Row 2: A. Everetts. D. Brummett, R. O’Rourke. K Anderson, L. Lewis Row 3: P. Human, L. Heuston, J. Summers, K. Striebel, R. Wright Row 4: Mrs. Meer, Mrs. Smith The Business store, located in the Occupations Building, is there at the schools disposal. They’re always open to supply to us our academic utensils. They sell all the basics, like rulers, pens and pencils, paper for writing, typing, sketching and drawing, and the almighty eraser, something none of us can do without. The business store is efficiently sponsored by Mrs. Edling and Mrs. Fritz. The student store is more on the “Munchy” side. Located in the Acedemic Building they sell chips and candy along with folders, papers and other school supplies. The students who work at these stores are volunteers that have a free hour to give. What would we ever do without those people behing the counter? Business store Row 1: M. Williams. Row 2: M. Porterfield. T. Wozniak, S. Warren, Row 3: C. Lake, L. Wroblewski, B. Bobinski, D. Pawloski, D. Gring. Row 4: K. Smith. Mrs. Fritz. K. Skierkowski, L. Ludington, S. Gondeck. Student Store Row 1: M. Meer. D. Shifkowski, M Meer. Row 2: M. Anderson, C. Kosteilney. J. Cossey, C. Housley, Row 3: L. Williams. K. Lubs. P. Hollis, B. Goodloe. 117Brains Work Overtime Mr. Pol and Mr. Van Hoy provided the Chess Club with expert advice this year. By meeting twice a week and confronting as many Northern Indiana high schools as possible, members prepared for the state tournament in spring. Elston sent two, four man teams into comeptition for the state title. Leading those teams with their outstanding performances were George Ramey, Randy Ellison and George Brewer. Chess Club Row 1: R. Ellison, M. Nieman, G. Ramey. Row 2: R. Marciniak, S. Heddens, K. Luchene Row 3: Mr Van Hoy, Mr. Pol The Math and Computer Club met after school to work out mind boggling problems. With funds raised through orange juice sales, the club bought equipment and material to help further their study of Computer Science. With the help of their sponsor, Mrs. Hegg, the members were able to come closer to understanding exactly what takes place in math and computer science. These club members could become the computer mathematicians of tomorrow. 118 Math Club 1st Row: T. Kniola, B. Brockway, S. Lee, 2nd Row: B. Griffin, S. Lee. P. Hargrove. 3rd Row: M. Craig, M. Sanders. M. Sanders, K. Saffer.Artists Express Talents Drama Club Row 1: A. Smith, J. Kelly, M Maloney. M. Keating, Row 2: Mr. Holdcraft, J. Summers. T Geleske, D. Williams, S. Flint, J. Taub, A. Demasi Row 3: T. Bolka, C. Griggs, D. Cole. C. Prsybyinski. T. Jackson. R. O'Rourke. M. Looney. Row 4: C. Crakes. L. Layman. K. Pauli, R. Sobieski, M Dehlinger. J. Keen, Row 5: P. Drzewiecki, S. Ragmen. A. Worek, B. Looney, K. Boggrt, K. Wagner The Drama Club this year, sponsored by Stan Holdcraft, has grown vastly in new members. Normally the club just sponsors the fall plays and spring musicals, but this year they got more into the art of drama, such as doing one act plays for each other and learning the deepest meaning of this art form, also getting a hand into directing. The new performing Arts Building is to be finished in the fall of ’82. The ’84, ’83, and ’82 graduates are anxiously looking forward to the completion of the new stage. The Art Club, sponsored by Mrs. Dabbert, has been very creative in expressing their talent. Their artistic endeavors could be seen in the display cases in the A.K. Smith building. The Art Club also worked very hard on their annual art calanders and were busy getting things set up for the Art fair at Marquette Mall where their talents can be purchased. The talents of these artists are truely works of art. Art Club Row 1: T. Reicher, D. Bud, B. Kyes, S. Warren, C. Peo Row 2: K. Saturday, G. Beebe. C. Goodall Row 3: R. Serber, B. Mennen, A. Poplawski. E. Steinhagen Row 4: C. McKay. J. Schooley. T. Ingersol, Mrs. Dabbert. Row 5: J. Hegg. M. Atkinson, L. Novak, P. Higgins Row 6: M. Van Scyoc 119Clubs Relate Interests The Human Relations Club had several projects throughout the year. They held a can drive for the needy, a skating party and had dances after the games. With the help of Mrs. Fritzen, the Human Relations Club showed great interest in school participation. The Communications Club sponsored by Mr. Laux, works with radio and television broadcasting. HRC helps its members understand what takes place with the various functions of the media. They also provide all of Elston’s pep sessions with special effects, such as the roaring of the siren. The facination in media is bound to continue with the interest of the students. Human Relation Row 1: D. Jackson, A. Davis, D. Smith, L. Woodard. Y. Mosby. K. Lewis Row 2: L. Isbell, N. Kendle. K. Williams, G. Gipson. S. Allison. L. Cash Row 3: T. Thompson. R. Butler, S. Henley, R. Hull, J. Bureau, J Isbell Row 4: J. Greer, S. Mack, J. Simmons, C. Shell, D. McNeal, A. Philips Row 5: C. Stephens, D. Wilson, D. Gray 120 Communications Club Row 1: T. Bokla. C. Wagner. T. Harlib Row 2: J. Podgorski, R. Orzech, P. Hargrove Row 3: Mr. LauxDebators Quiz Issues The Speech and Debate Team, whose sponsor is Mr. Laux, prepared everyone for competition against other high schools. Some catagories which they debated in were dramatic, impromptu original oratory, humerous, and extemporaneous. Extemporaneous is the hardest category dealing with current issues. The person is given 30 seconds to think about their topic and then must present it. The Speech and Debate Team learned a great deal in how to speak in front of an audience. Quiz Bowl in a sense is an exciting and adventuresome game of jeapordy. The quiz bowlers met once a week to match wits against fellow classmates. The competition usually starts in November and consists mostly of juniors, but there are students from other grades to add to the excitement. They cover a wide variety of subjects including: English, Science, Math, History, and an added category classified as “Grab Bag ’. These scholars have had a lot of fun during the year and also they have learned the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Speech and Debate Row 1: B. McNabb, D. Dolan, T. Cleveland, Row 2: L Kemp, A. Demasi, S. Locke. Row 3: P. Laux, T. Jackson, M. Craig Quiz Bowl Row 1: D Sterling, R. Beebe, R. Sonderland, M Maloney, Row 2: R. Schmidt, M. Nagel, D. Williams, D. Wenninger. Row 3: B. Killingbeck. G. Neal. S. Schmitt. C. McKay. Row 4: Mr. Denne, S. Bremer. D. Brushroe. R. Hawks.“Hello, Comet The 1980-81 Crimson Comet staff was a very experienced group of journalists. As editor-in-chief, Karla Warren headed an organized and well rounded staf. Many veteran staffers returned for a second year as seniors. Some new faces arounded the office included several juniors and select sophomores and freshmen. The Comet’s monthly publication kept the student body well informed of Elston events. Also, several feature articles were written on student awareness. The highlight of some issues was the Holiday Greetings and Senior Wills at the end of the year. The Comet advisor was the fun-loving Miss Booth. She helped the staff meet every monthly deadline and continually turn out a fine quality paper. There to meet every need of her staff, Miss Booth’s time and effort were greatly appreciated. Psyching up for a deadline. Comet Staff: B. Davies. D. Drehmel, B. McNabb, S. Martin. K. Warren. L. Olken. C. McKay. Miss Booth. S. Oelcshlager, J. Ramion. C. Blubaugh, D. Elenz, K. Martin. J. Wilson. K. Warren. E. Davis. B. Urbanski Miss Booth coaxes the truth out of Beth McNabb. Jeff Ramion interviews Buford Wallis.Elstonian Office This year’s Elstonian team was plagued by inexperience. Coach Schwab had only three returning staffers. The remainder was comprised of rookies, who proved themselves as the season progressed. Captain Grim Grimes led the scoring of most pages turned in. Also, Brad Patrick set a record time for page layout. The photographers missed some key plays, but the B-team was there to back them up. Team-mates Mike Grimes and T.J. Cleveland went to a pre-season training camp at the University of South Carolina. Each training session focussed on the players specific talents. Both players gained much experience and felt the trip was well worth it. Action during the season was a bit slow. Towards January, however, the pace picked considerably. The team breathed easier as the season came to a close. Coach Schwab was pleased with the season’s performance. She is anticipating an even better season next year with several returning veterans. PRINTER STAFF 40 11 4 80 28 32 11 24 80 33 42 12 27 80 21 36 1 20 81 20 22 2 2 81 6 BALANCE 3 2 81 25 Elstonian Staff C. Griggs, L. Collins. P. Cains. E. Kniola. C. Johnson. M. Atkinson S. Bremer. M. Nagel. D. Cole. T. Geleske. M.Maloney, T.J. Cleveland. R Beebe. M Keltz, T. Kaser. M. Grimes. Mrs Schwab. G. Neal. D. Biller. B. Patrick. K. Warren, D. Williams The typical desk of "busy” Elstonian Staffers. Dave Biller. Brad Patrick and John Hegg point an error out to Mrs. Schwab. 123“Say what you wanna But I’m here to stay. You can go where you’re gonna But don’t get in my way! I’m a mean ole lion. I’m ready to fight. I’ll turn your day into night. I’m a mean ole lion. And if you’re half bright, You’ll detour to the right From a mean ole lion.’’Gridders Show Promise “We’re going to make it,” proclaimed Head Football Coach Ken Bye when asked how he felt about the progress of the program. A 2-8 record does not justify the performance of the Devils this past season as several of the games were lost by no more than 6 points. These close defeats include a 16-14 surrender to Penn and a heartbreaking 22-21 loss to S.B. Washington. A high point in the season, however, was an 8-7 victory over Rogers. 1980 marks the first time Elston has beaten rivals in seven years. The first hurdle was cleared when the Red Devils handed S.B. Adams a 13-0 setback in the homecoming game, ending a 16 game skid. This win gave the team the confidence it needed to play solid football for the remainder of the season. A young team, the Devils were made up primarily of juniors. In fact, the entire offensive backfield consisted of juniors; at quarterback Roland Clark, Tight end Brendan Coyle exhibits the pigskin he carried into the end zone against S.B. Adams. runningbacks Jim Epstein and Jack Phillips, and Dewayne Starks. Epstein was the recipient of the M.V.P. award along with senior tightend Mike Van Scyoc. Other Elston key players included seniors Dave Strickland and Steve Krachinski and juniors Tom Mabry, Rick Kimble, Joe Firanek, Bob Abney and All Area Defensive Player of the year Brad Boeckling. Even with a losing season the Red Devils provided the student body with some exciting football. CITY OPP 6 S.B. LaSalle 18 0 Elk. Central 42 7 Mishawaka 40 21 S.B. Washington 22 14 Elk. Memorial 21 13 S.B. Adams 0 0 S.B. Clay 33 20 S.B. Riley 35 14 Penn 16 8 Rogers 7 Defensive end Jack Phillips harrasses the Adams’ Eagle quarterback in front of a satisfied homecoming crowd. 126 Junior quarterback Roland Clark looks for an open receiver as Jack Phillips provides protection1st Row: S. Krachinski, D. Biller, S. Smith, R. Jackson. R. McKenna. R. Hawks. E. Berg. T. Hefner. B. Attar. J. Leffler. G. Smith. Coach Martorano. 2nd Row: E. Steinhagen. D. Starks. E. Rusbolt, R. East. D. Gronceski. B. Abney. J. Epstein. P. Voris, J. Adams. T. Jankowski. L. Ritter. L. Novak. 3rd Row: T. Mabry. S. Storey. F Miller. T Mellen. B. Boeckling, G. Brewer. R. Clark. J. Firanek. R. Allison. R. Kimble. M. Forsythe. 4th Row: Coach Sanders. Coach McLachlin. M. Przybylinski. S. Daniels. G. Henckel. B. Coyle. J. Phillips. D. Strickland. M. Johns. M. Van Scyock, F. Wheeler. B. Kelley, Coach Thomas. Coach Bye Right; Randy East applies the wraps to a scrambling quarterback. Mike Van Scyoc can’t find the handle. Phillips tries to break away from a stubborn Eagle. Greg Smith and Brad Boeckling introduce a running back to the turf. 127J.V. Gridders Taste Victory 1st Row: R. Armstrong. V. Barnett, T. Walker. R. Hawks. E. Berg. R. Harmon, S. Lawhorn, R. Doperalski, D. Anderson. K. Ellis, 2nd Row: K. Battle, R. Allison, L. Novak, D. Gronceski. B. Kelly. S. Gray. K. Garron, F. Wheeler. J. Adams. M. Forsythe, 3rd Row: L. Ritter, G. Perry, B. Attar. G. Smith. M Anderson. J. Jimison. M. Johns. T. Hefner, R. Gaston, M. Przybylinski In spite of a losing record, the Red Devil Junior Varsity Football Team did get a taste of victory. Posting a 2-8 season mark, the Devils dealt South Bend Clay a 16-14 defeat in addition to their 8-6 conquest over South Bend Riley. However, the gridders ended their season on a disappointing note, succumbing to rival Rogers in a battle that left the Imps frustrated. Despite a valiant effort, Elston dropped a 6-0 decision to the Raiders. Such promising players as Randy Hawks, Leonard Novak, Eric Berg, and Matt Forsythe gained experience for future varsity play. Elston defenders pursue a Mishawaka ball carrier. Running back Kingsley Ellis moves to the outside. CITY 7 S.B. LaSalle OPP 31 6 Elk. Central 23 18 Mishawaka 28 8 S.B. Washington 14 6 Elk. Memorial 12 0 S.B. Adams 26 16 S.B. Clay 14 8 S.B. Riley 6 6 Penn 13 0 Rogers 6 128 Frank Wheeler punts from deep in Elston territory.Frosh Provide Winning Attitude A winning attitude was displayed by the 1980 Elston Freshman Football Team. Coach Leon Adnson was satisfied with the outcome of the season. The 3-4 slate was high-lighted by a 14-0 overthrow of the Rogers Raiders. Coach Adnson was specifically impressed with the play of running back John Mellen, tight end Wade Heddens, and defensive end Curtis Jackson. CITY OPP 18 LaPorte Boston 8 6 LaPortc Kesling 14 6 Gary West 16 6 Chesterton 28 13 New Praire 6 8 Hobart 48 14 Rogers 0 Elston defense gang tackles a Trojan runner. Chesterton won the game by a score of 28-6. Right; John Mellen races around the corner. 1st Row A Cooper. J. Pinnell. A Getter. R Taylor. R Cains. P Staback. W Martin. A Lawson. K Driggs. R Sheets. N. Hilberg, R Roberts. 2nd Row: J. Sheets. T Hofstetter. C. Chatfield. D. L.iebig. J. Holzer, R. Reinholz. C. Hunt. T Gresla. B Buhle, R. Sandburg. S. Humphrey. J Edwards. 3rd Row T. Sass, R Layman. S Smith. L Antcliff. R McCormick. T. Travis. F. Peters. R. Haruey. J. Novereske. J Mellen. R. Anderson. 4th Row: T. Raney. R Waskow. T. Wentland. T. Pippin. T. Ellis. W Heddens. J Warnke. R Woodruff. T Summers. D Wojcik. G. Jones. C. Jackson. K. Ramsey. Coach Kahn. Coach Adnson 129Tracksters Post Devil tracksters were once again blessed with a better than average season. Finishing with an overall record of 9-3, and a 6-3 in the Northern Indiana Conference, they defeated their first 7 opponents before falling to conference foe, Penn, by 3 points. Ranked as high as 8th in the state, Coach Holmes’ crew wound up the regular season at the 11th spot. During sectional competition, the Devils surrendered a three year reign as champions, but finished a strong second to the Trojans of Chesterton. In 11 of 15 events there was a Devil finisher placing in at least one of the top four. Dan Mellen scored a 2nd in the 100m dash and a 3rd in the 200m; distance runner Ed Wroblewski placed 1st in the 3200 m and a 2nd in the 1600m and John Yeakey scored a 1st in the 800m run. Other top performances were turned in by Right; Distance runners await the start of the 1600 meter run. Below; Dave Callahan receives the handoff from Dan Mellen in the 800 meter relay. Dave Callahan, 2nd in the pole vault, Bryan Bogan, 2nd and 3rd in the long jump and 3200m low hurdles respectively. Elston, which had one of the biggest team representations in the Regionals, finished a solid third, and qualified five members for state competition. Senior Ed Wroblewski, a double qualifier, made the best of his last high school 3200m run by turning in a time of 9:05.6, worthy enough to bring a 2nd place home from Indianapolis. City Opp. 85 Crown Point 48 101 Mishawaka 26 66 Elk. Memorial 61 82 Elk. Central 45 86 S.B. Washington 40 83 LaPorte 44 75 S.B. Adams 51 62 Penn 65 81 Rogers 46 69 S.B. Riley 58 59 S.B. LaSalle 68 69 S.B. Clay 58 3rd Penn Invit. 2nd Sectional 3rd Regional noAbove Average Season Bryan Bogan, Dewayne Starks compete in the 300m. Steve Gondeck sprints toward the 200m finish line. 1st Row: A. Woodard, S. Bremer. B. Bogan. D. Callahan. R. Edwards. S. Gondeck, R. Morgan, P. Burton, 2nd Row: R. Hawks, J. Wilson. J. Saxon, T. Mellen, J. Kroening, S. Krachinski, S. Wroblewski, Butts, E. Berg, S. Dabney. 3rd Row: S. Mason, J. Wincek, T Bowman, K. Patterson, K. Bush, D. Wort, J. Yeakey, S. Daniels, M. Shanks, 4th Row: Asst Coach D. Sanders. M. Brown. J. Daniels. T. Klosowski, T. Bowman, M Mack. J. Phillips. R. Sheehey. E. Wroblewski. Coach C. Holmes. 131Devils Consistency was the missing ingredient for the 1980 Devil Baseball Team. The squad was described by many as an “on again, off again team.” At times, strong hitting and sound pitching were a virtue, but lapses in defense overshadowed many great performances. During the regular season, 71 of the 180 runs given up by Elston were unearned. The Devils were eliminated by crosstown rival, Rogers, for the LaPorte Sectional. The Raiders jumped off to an early 3-0 lead before the Devils closed it to a one run game in the fourth. It was the 5th inning that proved to be the most damaging as the Raiders added 7 runs to their lead, 4 of which were unearned. The Devils fought back with 5 more runs but the deficit was too much to overcome. Elston finished with a 10-19 overall slate and 8-10 in the N.I.C.. A main contributor for Coach Paul Michaels’ squad was the versatile Joe Shinn. Joe, a first team all conference selection, played centerfield, shortstop, and third base in addition to his frequent pitching duties. He also led the N.I.C. in hitting with a .432 batting average and received a well Lack Consistency earned team M.V.P. award. Other players who paced the Devils were junior Paul Shinn, and senior Jeff Cuma, both first team all N.I.C. picks. Paul led the team in homers, while Cuma played almost flawless defensive ball behind the plate. The 1981 squad will be well represented by seven returning letter winners, all of whom have seen a great deal of action. CITY OPP. 10 New Prairie 12 5 Penn 3 14 S.B. Adams 6 3 LaPorte 5 0 LaPorte 7 6 S.B. LaSalle 3 0 S B. Riley 1 4 Hobart 10 0 Hobart 4 j 9 S.B. Washington 14 0 Elk. Memorial 1 4 Elk. Central 8 0 Chesterton 11 5 Chesterton 10 6 Mishawaka 3 8 S.B. Clay 10 2 Penn 0 7 Rogers 6 6 Rogers 4 4 S.B. LaSalle 13 0 S.B. Riley 10 0 S.B. Washington 4 6 Elk. Memorial 5 3 Elk. Central 8 6 Mishawaka 5 5 S.B. Clay 15 6 Marquette 2 1st Row; B. Wisser. S. Enyeart, P. Shinn. B. Wisser. J. Sosinski, P. Trusha, D. Biller, S. Janus. 2nd Row; Coach P. Michaels. Mgr J. Orzech, J. Cuma. J. Shinn, K. Coyle. C. Armstrong. P. Staback. B Marciniak. J. Firanek. Mgr. J. Schneider Left; Paul Shinn chooses his weapon. Above; Third basemen Joe Sosinski gathers in slow infield grounder. 132The throw from catcher Jeff Cuma pulls Scott Enyeart off the bag on a bunt attempt. Left; Junior, second basemen. Scott Enyeart awaits the first pitch. Right; Lead-off man Jeff Cuma (no. 12) scores on a Penn error, as clean-up hitter Paul Shinn signals to the runner on third. The Devils were on the winning side of the 5-3 game. 133Imps Turn In Slow Season After continuous inclement weather conditions delayed the beginning of their season an anxious Devil Junior Varsity Baseball Team finally bounded onto the diamond to get their 1980 season underway. Unfortunately, the start for rookie skipper Donnie Thomas’ Imps was a slow one, as was much of the season. Their only win, and perhaps the most important, was a 7-6 triumph over Rogers. The Imp hitting attack was led by junior Ed Rusbolt. Jim Wiegand provided exceptional pitching as the teams ace hurler. In spite of a losing record the B-Team still turned out several promising frosh and sophomore players. CITY OPP 1 Penn 5 1 S.B. Adams 8 1 LaPorte 12 6 LaPorte 12 3 S.B. LaSalle 6 2 S.B. Riley 6 4 S.B. Washington 7 3 Elk. Memorial 12 3 Elk. Central 9 4 Mishawaka 7 5 S.B. Clay 8 7 Rogers 6 4 Penn 6 4 S.B. Adams 8 5 S.B. LaSalle 12 0 S.B. Riley 8 1 S.B. Washington 2 7 Elk. Memorial 14 2 Elk. Central 10 5 Mishawaka 8 6 S.B. Clay 5 Jim Wiegand displays his effective slugging The squad gathers, awaiting instructions from Coach Thomas stance. 134Experience Missing Ingredient The young and inexperienced 1980 Girls Softball Team closed its’ season with a disappointing 2-9 record. Inexperience was the key word, since only 6 of the 25 member squad were returning letterwinners; 2 of which were regular starters. Elston had solid hitting, but their play in the field could not back them up. Their opponents usually had a big inning, taking advantage of a weak Devil defense. The infield was led by senior M.V.P. Gloria Foldenauer and juniors Debra Dolan and Tammy Kaser, with outfield support from Lisa Papineau, Sue Bremer and Kandi Oliver. Providing clout at the plate were second baseman Nora Doperalski and shortstop Tay Oliver. Improvement and confidence in the team’s play was more recognizable as the Devils assembled a 14-4 victory over New Prairie. Coach Ron Kerwin is looking forward to next year with his now well seasoned crew. CITY OPP 8 S.B. St. Joe 11 10 Concord 23 3 Concord 23 2 S.B. Adams 15 5 Rogers 9 10 Marquette 13 1 S.B. Clay 8 0 S.B. Riley 12 14 Marquette 4 9 Rogers 13 7 New Prairie 6 Sue Bremer and Lisa Papineau find one anothers’ presence too close for comfort. 135 1st Row: N. Doperalski. K. Wisser, K. Oliver. S. Butts. D. Pace, T. Oliver 2nd Row: S. Bremer. T Kaser, D Jackson. P. Przybylinski. M. Losiniecki, D. Dolan. D. Hahn. 3rd Row: Coach Kerwin. L. Papineau. M. Neulieb, D. Specht, S. Locke. G. Foldenauer. S. McNew, M. Gondeck, Coach EganUnseasoned Wrestlers The 1980-1981 wrestlers took their lumps this season posting a 4-11 record. Coach Joe Martorano worked with a healthy but unseasoned group of boys to finish 8th in the conference. “This year proved to be a good test for our young wrestlers”, stated Martorano when asked of his thoughts on the season. Captain Jim Epstein seemed to pass all tests as he paced the Devil matmen with a 22-4 record in the 167 lb. class. Other exceptional performers for CITY OPP 38 New Prairie 23 12 S. B. Riley 51 13 Mishawaka 44 26 S. B. LaSalle 39 30 Elk. Central 28 34 Chesterton 29 22 Rogers 39 32 S. B. Washington 33 35 Penn 28 30 Elk. Memorial 37 31 S. B. Clay 38 4th Hobart Invit. 30 Gary Andrean 37 20 S. B. Adams 44 Elston were senior heavyweight Dave Strickland, juniors Leonard Novak(155 lbs.) and Joe Firanek (177), and sophomore Greg Tuel (98). The Junior Varsity squad finished with a 5-7 slate in their preparation for varsity competition. Varsity 1st Row: D. Smith, R. Doperalski, J. Grinston, G. Tucl, 2nd Row: L. Novak. B. Attar, D. Hartman, M. Jackson, 3rd Row. D. Strickland, T. Cook. J. Firanek, J. Epstein. M. Pryzbyllnski 136 Junior Leonard Novak eyes his challenger. J.V. 1st Row: D. Love, G. Webb, M. Payton, G. Hunt, 2nd Row: M. Forsythe, B. Abney, P. Gondeck, T. Gresla. R. Mckenna. 3rd Row: B. Kelly, J. Nash, S. Wiegel, B. Waskow, Coach ByeLook Ahead Junior Jim Epstein and an Adams wrestler lock horns.N.I.C. Contest Too Coach Norm Bruemmers Girls Tennis posted a 6-10 overall record, all but one victory came against non-conference challengers. The 1980 team’s biggest asset was its’ combination of experience and determination. Leading the team were M.V.P., no. two singles player Diedre Drehmel who Sarah Burkholder powers the return complied a 17-6 record, winnig 12 of her last 14 matches and senior Julie Mershon who finished at 7-13. Others adding strength to the squad were seniors Joanie Kaiser, Ludey Corley, Dawn Weik and sophomore no. one singles player Jodi Winski. The doubles team of Diedre Drehmel Senior Kristina Vagenius gets set for the return. Tough and Julie Mershon qualified for sectional play and placed 3rd out of 31 teams. Unfortunately only the top two teams advanced to the regionals. CITY OPP 6 LaLumiere 1 0 Elk. Central 7 6 Rogers 1 1 S.B. Clay 6 1 LaPorte 6 0 S.B. Adams 7 0 Elk. Central 7 7 New Prairie 0 2 Elk. Central 5 2 Mishawaka 5 5 S.B. LaSalle 2 0 Penn 7 5 Rogers 2 2 S.B. Riley 5 2 S.B. Washington 5 6 Marquette 1Netters Show Improvement Top; Dan Drchmcl serves up as Rich Schmitt awaits response. Above; M.V.P. Erik Kittlaus drives the return. Above Right; Greg Houck gracefully sends the ball on its way. “Surprisingly successful”, was the term used by Coach Warner when asked about his 8 6 overall boys’ tennis team. With basically the same members from last year’s 2 12 squad, they showed great improvement, placing a respectable third in conference standings. Leadership was supplied by senior no. one singles player Mike Grimes, and sophomores no. two and no. three singles Greg Houck and team M.V.P. Erik Kittlaus. Erik won 9 of his 13 matches, many of which were often the determining factor in a meet win. In doubles action, Chris Blubaugh and Jim Duffy were triumphant in over half of their contests. In regard to next season, Coach Warner is expecting 5 returning letterman and another prosperous year. CITY OPP. 4 Chesterton 1 3 S.B. Clay 2 0 LaPorte 5 4 Elk. Central 1 4 S.B. LaSalle 1 5 Mishawaka 0 2 Portage 3 1 Elk. Memorial 4 1 Rogers 4 3 S.B. Riley 2 0 Penn 5 0 S.B. Adams 5 139 1st Row: N. Mazzaia. M. Fritz. J. Human. C. Cash. R. Doba. D. Spanlin, 2nd Row: J. Locke. S. Schmitt. J. Hegg. T. Winski, 3rd Row: Coach Warner, D. Drehmel. R. Schmitt, J. Duffy, C. Blubaugh, M. Grimes, R. Ellison. G. Ramey. E. Kittlaus, G. HouckGirl Linksters Rebuild Under the supervision of Coach Dan Steinke, the girls’ golf team was unable to muster a victory. Lack of experience was obvious since only one member returned from last year’s 13-1 team. Their main objective was to improve with every outing. The season’s Most Valuable Player award went to Senior Sue Bremer. Sue was a four year letter winner and two year captain. Last season, she received medalist honors in 8 of her Tracey Harlib Works on her form. CITY OPP. 258 Merrillville 232 236 Chesterton 222 258 LaPorte 193 241 Rogers 181 233 Marquette 218 241 New Prairie 225 10th LaPorte Invit. 229 Knox 203 225 Andrean 209 212 Marquette 211 10 matches. The linksters’ best performance took place at Municiple Golf Course against the Marquette Blazers. Although three girls turned in their best scores, Elston was edged out by a final tally of 211-212. Season bests for Elston were S. Bremer 39, D. Drehmel 54, and C. Johnson with 57. Senior Cindy Johnson sinks the 5 footer. Sue Bremer drops one in from 6 feet against Knox. 140 D. Drehmel. J. Priebe, L. Schmitt. T. Jackson. S. Bremer, C. Johnson. T. Harlib. Coach D SteinkeSlow Start Ends With Conference Crown Getting off to a slow 2 win and 4 loss start. Coach Crofts golfers turned things around by winning their next 8 matches. Tied with Elston with a 7-1 conference slate, S.B. Riley, CITY OPP. 344 Merrillville 333 155 Marquette 167 344 S.B. St. Joe 337 331 LaPorte 317 336 S.B. Washington 369 350 Elk. Central 336 333 S.B. Clay 348 157 Hobart 168 339 Rogers 341 316 S.B. Adams 332 308 S.B. LaSalle 334 331 Elk. Memorial 342 309 Mishawaka 327 2nd Uebele Invit. 4th Culver Invit. 334 Penn 354 314 S.B. Riley 317 2nd Sectional 6th Regional confronted the Devils with their last regular season dual match. This match was to determine who was going to be champions of the N.I.C. After 9 holes of play, the score was knotted at 153. When the smoke had cleared the Devils found themselves with a 314-317 victory, their 9th consecutive win and the conference title crown. In sectional play Elston was edged out of first place by the revenge seeking Colonials of South Bend Clay who were handed a 333-348 setback by the Devils earlier in a regular season contest. Regional action proved to be heartbreaking. City led the pack on the first nine holes with a 157, but faded on the back nine. After all scores were tallied the Devils found themselves in 6th place, missing state qualifying 5th place by one stroke. Regional scores for Elston were; Dave Wozniak 79, Mike Edgeworth and Brad Warrick 81, Pat Jugovic 82 and Greg Ellis 86 to total 166. Senior Dave Wozniak lines up the putt. 141 B. Warrick, G. Ellis, M. Edgeworth, D. Wozniak, P. Jugovic, and Coach Croft exhibit their sectional trophy.Netters Bump Through Another Season The 1980 Girls Volleyball Team was unable to assemble a victory in a fourteen match season. Under the direction of Coach Anna Firnhaber, the season marked the second consecutive winless year against tough, well established Northern Indiana Conference opponents. Leading the team and receiving the Most Valuable Player honors was senior Tammy Kaser. Other promising performances were turned in by sophomore setter Kandi Oliver, junior Tay Oliver and senior Cathy Lake. On the junior Sophomore Dawn Specht saves the ball from going into the net against Chesterton. The Elston girls were defeated in an exciting overtime match. varsity scene, freshmen Tina Carey, Beth Looking ahead to next year, all will Foldenauer and Tara Kaser provided the return except three graduating seniors, vigor. 1st Row: T. Kaser. T. Carey. K. Oliver. J. Simmons. C. Griggs. D. Specht, 2nd Row: K. Lake. M. Losiniecki, T. Lake. T. Oliver, L. Papineau, Coach Firnhaber CITY OPP L LaPorte W L Rogers W L Elk. Central W L S.B. Washington W L S.B. LaSalle W L Elk. Memorial W L Mishawaka W L Marquette W L S.B. Clay W L S.B. Riley W L Penn W L S.B. Adams W L Andrean W L Chesterton W M.V.P. Tammy Kaser sets up the spike.Record Does Not Reflect Success Even though their record may not show it (1-9), the girls track team did have an increasingly productive season. They gained experience as well as confidence, scoring from only 5 points in an Elkhart Central meet to 68 points in a winning cause against South Bend Riley. Standouts for Elston were long distance runner Linda Collins, sprinter Julie Timberlake, broad jumper Leslie Hueston, and all around performer, Lucy Dudek. In post season tournament competition Coach Paul Sikora sent 3 members of his squad to Lake Station for sectionals. Dudek. a freshman, jumped 15 feet, 11 inches to qualify for the West Lafayette Regionals but was unable to advance to state. CITY OPP. 19 Mishawaka 89 20 Elk. Memorial 85 5 Elk. Central 100 38 S.B. Washington 67 16 S.B. Adams 89 8 Penn 97 53 S.B. Riley 52 23 S.B. LaSalle 82 46 Rogers 59 22 S.B Clay 82 A flawless exchange between Pat Singleton and Charlene Williams 1st Row: K. Stark. S. Peglow. P. Singleton. C. Brown. D. Gray. C. Johnson. M Atkinson. P Kahn. C. Griggs. J Schooley. R Martin. 2nd Row: K. Van Vlack. D Livinghouse, J. Timberlake. L. Dudek. L. Kemp. H. Coan. C Williams. K Talbutt. L. Olken. A. Forsythe, Coach P. Sikora. S. Warren. D. Schooley. L. Collins. T. Minley Linda Collins wins the 1600 meter run with a time of 6:25.3. Patty Kahn follows with a second place. 143Lady Devils Coach Donnie Thomas’ Girls Basketball Team proved that they were a force to be reckoned with in the N.I.C. Ending the season with an impressive overall 13-4 record they found themselves sharing second place with an established conference powerhouse, Elkhart Memorial. Looking back over the regular season, the numbers which appeared in the loss column were not accepted without a fight to the finish, never having lost by more than 5 points. Reviewing the positive side of the season, they handed setbacks to each of their visiting rivals, Marquette and Rogers. Also, travelling to the Merrillville gym, the Lady Devils collared the tourney trophy by defeating Griffith in the first game, and trouncing Whiting 71-51 in the championship bout. With the regular season schedule completed, Elston set their sights on capturing a sectional title. However, this was not to be their year to take the crown as they lost to a mighty Sheer team by a score of 64-47. The varsity squad will be losing 7 players to graduation and will be Varsity 1st Row: P. Swedeen. C. Wilson, D. Aldridge, E. Ringo, D. Dolan. T. Oliver, 2nd Row: L. Cash, M Johnson, T. Maxey, K. Zook. K. Williams, G. Byrd Senior Mary Ann Johnson and Tay Oliver make life tough for a trapped Raider. looking to Coach Egan’s 5-10 junior varsity squad to fill the vacancies. The services of Glenda Byrd, Mary Ann Johnson and leading scorer Debra Aldridge will be greatly missed. CITY OPP 62 Marquette 45 53 Andrean 41 68 Lew Wallace 61 67 Penn 50 52 Rogers 45 61 Chesterton 65 50 S. B. LaSalle 48 60 LaPorte 65 54 Elk. Memorial 53 1st Merrillville Tourney 50 S. B. Clay 48 64 S. B. Riley 42 64 Mishawaka 65 52 S. B. Adams 56 56 Elk. Central 48 66 S. B. Washington 22 Fireballer Debra Aldridge attempts to save the pass on the front end of a fastbreak. 144Mean Business Genda Byrd catches three Raider defenders flat footed as she lays one off the glass. Evett Ringo finds a hole and cuts to the inside. Dawn Specht attempts a jumper in junior varsity action. 145 Tay Oliver gets position on her defender.Potent Tanksters Experience The powerful 1980-81 Elston Boy’s Swim Team enjoyed the most successful season ever in the history of the school. The team was comprised of 28 members, including 16 promising freshmen and a returning state champion. The tanksters got underway by blowing the Portage Indians and South Bend Adams out of the water before meeting their first major test. South Bend Riley. The Wildcats, who once held the State Crown and finished second in the state the two previous years, battled the Devils only to be beaten by a spectacular comeback. With the Riley victory fresh in their minds, Elston had the confidence and momentum to win the Munster Relays for the first time, edging Valparaiso by 4 points. At this point, the swimmers had built up a full head of steam, not allowing any team the chance to spoil the dream of an undefeated season. The Devils stole the conference show by outscoring talented N.I.C. opponents, including the first victory over Elkhart Central in seven years. Following a surprise blowout win over strong Elkhart Memorial Chargers, the Devils demolished Gary Wirt and Griffith to grasp an unscarred record of 18-0. Thus, the Devils became N.I.C. champs for the first time, taking the title outside of South Bend for another first. The proud Devils were rated number one in the state by both coaches and power points. Tim Lofton concentrates for a dive. Tim currently holds the school diving record with 277.1 pts 1st Row: P Jackson, B. Walotka, B. Fielding, T Zygmantowski, K. Driggs, E. Kribs, T. Klaser 2nd Row: Coach Croll. M. Dusza. C. Antcliff, P Higgins. E. Ewy, D. Rohde, T. McCann, P. Locke 3rd Row: G. Sr ith. T Laughlin, M Tym, E. Davis, D. Elenz, T. Lofton, S. Oelschlager. B. Killingbeck, S. Sweney. E. Frageman ‘V r Senior Mike Tym strokes out the remaining 50 yds of the qualfying 400 free relay 400 freestyle Mike was a member of the state CITY OPP 110 Portage 62 111 S. B. Adams 62 87 S. B. Riley 82 126 Mishawaka 44 107 New Prairie 71 124 S. B. LaSalle 46 112 Rogers 58 118 Elk. Central 54 106 S. B. Clay 72 130 S. B. Washington 42 56 Penn 27 118 Elk. Memorial 54 121 Gary Wirt 50 120 Griffith 52 2nd Sectional 5th State 146A Year Of Firsts With the dual meet season tucked away, Elston’s next endeavor was the sectional meet at LaPorte. Eighth year commander Jerry Croll assembled a lineup with the intention of qualifying his strongest team to compete at State. When the final scores were tallied, the Devils finished second to Chesterton with four swimmers and one diver elibible to advance to Muncie for the State meet. Participants and their events were: senior Doug Elenz, current state champ in the 50 freestyle and 100 backstroke; senior Ed Davis, 200 individual medley and 100 butterfly; senior diver Tim Lofton; and 400 meter freestyle relay team of Elenz, Davis, senior Mike Tym and freshman, Mike Dusza. The state meet resulted in a 5th place for the Devils, the finest performance ever by Elston swimmers at the state level. Individual achievements included: Doug Elenz. for the second Consecutive year, first place in both 50 freestyle and 100 backstroke with times of 21.55 and 52.87 respectively; Ed Davis, 4th place in 200 I.M. and 6th in 100 butterfly; Tim Lofton, 387.70 points for 10th place diving honors. The relay team secured 5th place with a time of 3:16.47. Doug Elenz has reason to smile. He has won the state championship in the Ed Davis completes the list of the Fabulous Four graduating seniors. Ed 50 free the the 100 back for two consecutive years. Doug was also the displayed leadership and was the catalysts factor in many meets, recipient of the Herman F. Keller Mental Attitude Award. The team gathers for a little self praise and celebration after a conference clinching win. The sound of the gun starts the 200 IM.Young Harriers Coach Holmes and his Cross-Country Team have established themselves as powerhouses among their challengers. With a 14 dual meet schedule the Devils were on the winning side of 9 of the decisions. Basically the success story was accomplished with a young team that displayed a great deal of improvement. Junior Steve Wroblewski has proven himself as the leading Devil runner. Also doing an exceptional job were seniors Jim Wilson and Kent Patterson, and sophomores Tim Bowman, Tom Bowman and Coy Melnick. Coach Holmes’ squads have begun to make post season competition a habit as they captured their second straight sectional win. However, they did not end the season there as the Elston harriers scored a third in the Regionals to advance to the semi-state in LaPorte. At the semi-state level Elston, as a team, placed seventh, two spots behind the state bound teams. However, Wroblewski finished 9th to advance to Indianapolis for the state meets. When asked about his expectations for next year. Holmes reveals, “We should have the best team in our history.’’ Devil pack sticks close together early in the race. 148 Semi-State participants anxiously await the start.Are Successful 1st Row: J. Wilson, T. Bowman, K. Patterson. S. Wroblewski, 2nd Row; L. Collins. D. Griggs, T. Bowman, M. Zeese, P. Bowman, C. Melnick, J. Kroening, R. Sheehey. G. Tuel, Coach Holmes Senior Jim Wilson moves into the stretch. Left; The crew takes longer to warm up on colder days. CITY OPP 2nd Griffith 4th Penn 29 Mishawaka 26 29 Penn 26 36 S.B. Adams 26 6th New Prairie Invit. 19 Elk. Central 47 25 S.B. Riley 31 44 S.B. Clay 19 50 S.B. Washington 15 7th Manchester Invit. 35 S.B. LaSalle 22 28 Elk. Memorial 28 50 Rogers 15 39 Lake Station 20 149 Kent Patterson (no. 98) fights for position.Opposition Tumbles Gymnasts Under the leadership of rookie coach Randi Kaselitz, the Girls Gymnastics team looked forward to their first season together. The squad had to overcome the issue of lack of experience. Coach Kaselitz looked to seniors Tracey Harlib, Sheila Buhle and Jennifer Summers for the leadership. Also returning from last season, Gina Chavez, Angie Smith, Debbie Cardello and Maureen Maloney all turned in fine performances. Coach Kaselitz believes the girls could better this years record of 3 7 by continuing the hardwork necessary to become a competitive gymnist. The decisions displayed in the scorebox are for the intermediate level only. Tracey Harlib approaches the vault with total concentration. CITY OPP L Merrillville W L Portage W L Chesterton w W New Prairie L L LaPorte w L Highland w W Hobart L L Valparaiso w W South Central L L Rogers W Amy Hedstrom prepares for a difficult move. 1st Row: G. Chavez. D. Cardello. P. Baker. Coach Kaselitz. T. Harlib. S. Buhle. J. Summers 2nd Row W Wozniak. K. Oliver. A. Smith. C. Goodali. A. Hedstrom. D. Schillke, K. Hamershock. M. Maloney 150Swimmers Finish At .500 The 1980 Girls Swim Team was unable to better last seasons mark of 8 wins and 6 losses, but did manage to break even at 7-7. Lack of depth proved to be the teams’ major weakness. As the year progressed, however, many of the younger swimmers showed signs of improvement. Making headway on the year were freshmen Lisa Krause and Beth Pleasants, sophomore Janet Grams and junior diver Chris Przybilinski. Other respectable performances were turned CITY OPP 89 LaPorte 83 72 Penn 102 90 S.B. Adams 78 49 Vi S B. Clay 121 Vi 3rd LaPorte lnvit. 77 Rogers 99 91 Elk. Memorial 80 Vi 71 S B. Riley 101 79 Mishawaka 93 110 New Prairie 61 109 S B. LaSalle 63 61 Valparaiso 111 71 Elk Central 101 114 Vi Griffith 57 Vi 137 S.B. Washington 28 in by sophomores Michelle Dusza and Karen Van Vlack, junior Stacy Martin and senior divers Jennifer Summers and Carol Croft. Capturing the spotlight recognition for Elston were Bebo Davies and Amy DeMasi, both of whom shared the Most Valuable Player honors for the third consecutive year. In addition, they made their second trip to Ball State University to participate in the State Swim Meet. Bebo, a junior, qualified for the 100-yard butterfly and finished eighth with a Swimming sensation Amy DeMasi awaits her time. time of 1:02.89. Closing out her high school swimming career, Amy competed in the 200-yard freestyle and the 100-yard backstroke. Her season best time of 1:02.15 was good enough to secure a fourth in the backstroke and a 2:01.86 to seize the 11th spot in the freestyle. Coach Simon moving into his third year as skipper will miss the presence of 4 seniors, but will be able to depend on his well matured returnees. Jennifer Summers performs forward dive. The team cheers on the divers 1st Row: M Dusza. L. Paskell. C. Przybylinski, 2nd Row: S. Martin. L. Baker. J. Grams. 3rd Row: K. Davis. B Pleasants. L. Krause 4th Row: A. Humbers, L. Thomas. B. Davies 5th Row: K. Van Vlack, C. Croft 6th Row: Miss Booth. A. DeMasi. S. Locke. Coach Simon. B. Foldenaur 151“Exciting and fast paced” was the phrase that best described the 1980-81 Red Devils. Elston, man for man smaller than many of their opponents, CITY OPP 78 Griffith 58 72 Elk. Central 63 81 Munster 64 81 S. B. Washington 72 70 Penn 55 67 LaPorte 70 62 Penn 61 66 Elk. Memorial 92 72 LaPorte 75 51 S. B. Adams 49 60 North Judson 78 54 S. B. Clay 57 69 Chesterton 57 55 Rogers 62 90 S. B. Riley 92 54 Mishawaka 51 56 Highland 63 72 S. B. LaSalle 74 74 Portage 73 72 Merrillville 70 52 Marquette 50 60 Rogers 61 Quick . . . Agile had to rely on speed and determination to make up the height difference. As far as records are concerned, fourth year Coach Dan Steinke had to be satisfied with breaking even. The Devils finished the year with an overall mark of 11 wins and 11 losses, winning 5 out of 10 conference bouts. Nevertheless, the Devils provided their fans with an arousing display of basketball action. Furnishing the hard-nosed defensive play with a touch of marksmen outside shooting was senior Steve Simmons, while seniors Ron and Don Walters performed the boardwork and ally action. Producing the heartbeat and the electricity common in the Devils Den was senior sensation Michael Mack, 1st Row: S. Lawhorn. K Saturday. M. Mack. V. Payne S. Dabney. S. Simmons. D. Thomas, C. Jackson. L. Morrow. P. Ohms 2nd Row: Coach Steinke. Coach Falls. E. Newson, A. Brewer, R. Walters. R. Kimble. D. Walters. J. Cash. T. Mabry. Coach Adnson An airborne Michael Mack cashes in on a finger roll. Senior Ron Walters squares up for the Jumper. 152Thrilling . . . Red Devils whose leaping ability made him the “biggest 6’2” player’’ in the area. It was not a successful year against the rival teams as the Devils dropped two decisions apiece to the Center Don Walters pops one from the pivot. Slicers of LaPorte and Rogers. Their last defeat and most heartbreaking came during the sectional championship game. After beating Marquette in The “Mack Attack" slams one home. the first game Elston advanced, just to be disappointed by the Raiders with a last second shot. Undoubtedly, Coach Steinke will greatly miss the presence of his five seniors, all of whom filled the starting roles. The aggressive Walters scatter Blazer bodies. Mack shoots from where the air gets thin. Mike Johns and Steve Simmons cage an Eagle 153Frosh Build For Varsity Future Coaching freshman basketball, at Elston, has its own built in share of difficulty as Coach Falls would freely admit. He must organize, train and lead young players, many of which never played together, against unknown levels of competition. Undoubtedly, he performed his job well since the squad assembled a spectacular 9 win and 2 loss record. The team opened the season with a split against two South Bend teams, then set their sights on snapping rival Rogers 15 game winning streak, which they did handily 49-35. As the season progressed the frosh knocked off 7 consecutive opponents before dropping a one point decision to North Judson. From there, they went on to pick up a blow-out win over Lake 1st Row: R. McCormick. T. Cavanaugh. J. Sparks. P. Staback, R. Taylor. M. Kuchik. 2nd Row: T. Bolden. B Simmons, F Peters. K Martin. W. Heddens. T. Pippin, Coach Falls. Station and their second victory over Rogers. Main contributors for Coach Falls were starters James Cavanaugh, Curtis Jackson, Kevin Martin, Tim Pippin and Brian Simmons. Additional help was supplied by Fred Peters, Wade Heddens, and Robert Taylor. Falls believes he successfully fulfilled his main objective to fundamentally prepare his team for top-notch high school competition. Above; Fred Peters lays in an easy two. below; Brian Simmons fires from the top of the key. CITY OPP 54 Jackson 63 60 Brown 33 49 Rogers 35 63 Chesterton 39 58 S.B Adams 40 67 LaCrosse 37 56 Dickinson 37 67 New Prairie 29 39 North Judson 40 79 Lake Station 34 47 Roge s 43 I 154Imps Open The Show The varsity game may be referred to as the main event, but the junior varsity game has all the ingredients to be a crowd pleaser. Without hesitation Coach Leon Adnson would agree that the experience of the B-team program will have a definite effect on the success of future varsity teams. Coach Adnson’s squad finished the season one game above .500 with 10 wins and 9 losses. Some of the main contributors for the Imps were Rob Scott, LeRoy Tucker, Mike Hackett, J.V. D. Liebig, S. Cabil, T. Walker, C. Cash. R. Scott. M. Hackett. T. Winn, T. Sosinski, C. Jackson. L. Tucker, R Allison, Coach Adnson and Remonde Allison. Joining the team later in the season was freshman Curtis Jackson, who quickly found himself a starting spot and played a key scoring role. CITY OPP W Griffith L L Elk. Central W W Munster L W S. B. Washington L W Penn L W Elk. Memorial L w LaPorte L w S. B. Adams L L North Judson W L S. B. Clay W L Chesterton w L Rogers w W S. B. Riley L L Mishawaka w L Highland w L S. B. LaSalle w W Portage L L Merrillville w 1 ? Terry Winn sinks one from the charity stripe. Coach Adnson discusses strategy with LeRoy Tucker. Winn tries to find the handle. Freshman Curtis Jackson hits the turn around. 155Cheerleaders-Heart Of The selection of cheerleaders at Elston is somewhat different than that of other schools. In order to make the varsity squad, girls must tryout in front of the student body, as well as a panel of judges. This method allows the student body to choose the girls they wish to represent their school. Chosen were Mia Atkinson, Sue Bremer-Devil, Sheila Buhle, T.J. Cleveland, Tracey Harlib, Krista Streibel-Captain, and Jennifer Summers. Once the team was selected in late spring, practices carried over into the summer. During this time, the girls attended a cheerleading camp in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky where they received recognition for their hard work and enthusisiasm. Undoubtedly, their determination paid off as they finished with a first place showing in a local cheerleading contest. The job of sponsoring is shared by Miss Smidt, varsity, and Mrs. Stark, junior varsity and freshmen. The JV squad consists of Tina Augustensen, Danielle Livinghouse, Jill Sammelman, Leslie Thomas, and Lori Wroblewski. Those making up the freshman team are Hella Augustensen, Patty Baker, Leah Bremer, Tina James, Lisa Krause, and Polly McLean. All of these girls did a fine job of keeping the Red Devil enthusiasm at a high throughout the entire school year. Brad Patrick assists T.J. Cleveland and Mia Atkinson during a rowdy pep session. The girls fire-up the cheerblocks for the main event. 156The Red Devil Spirit Sue and T.J. are caught clowning around at the J.V. Bottom; T. Augustesen, L. Thomas. L. Wroblewski Top; D. Livinghouse, J. Sammelman city zoo. Left; Frank Wheeler gives Jennifer Summers a lift. Right; The Devil Sue The squad stays synchronized through a cheer. Bremer Fresh Bottom; T. James. L. Bremer. L. Krause. H. Augustesen. P. Maclean. Top; P. Baker Spirit arousing takes place on the cold sidelines. 157Leave everything in my hands. I’m here to make you smile. And later when you’ve rested some, You can start again. But now it’s time to lay it down. Your journey’s at an end. Because a rested body is a rested mind.”HARBOUR CLASSICS touted in Griegcr'i 525 Franklin Squire Diedre Drehmel examines the fine collection of class rings available at Fox’s Jewelry Stacey Caddo and Mike Grimes for Northwest Racquet Club 160Mike Hutchison takes advantage of Citizen's 24 hrs. banking service. CITIZENS BANK □ F MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA BARKER ROAD LONG BEACH TRAIL CREEK LACROSSE ROLLING PRAIRIE WESTVILLE 161Best Wishes To The Class Of 1981 From TONN AND BLANK Mia Atkinson and Jodie Taub test the strength of the Tonn and Blank sign.Steve Gondeck and Mike Wyka reflect the athletic attitude. The Athletes Corner HERFF JONES Oiwi»i©« of Co np»"r COMPANY RETAIL-WHOLESALE FACTORY OUTLET STORE M.C.E.A., MICHIGAN CITY EDUCATION ASSOCIATION believes that a better education is the only means to a successful life. The Frederick Burnham Glove Company has been manufacturing gloves and mittens in Michigan City for 80 years. Their factory outlet store is located at 1608 Tennessee Street 163FURNESS FISHERIES “FROM OUR BOAT TO YOUR TABLE” Kelly Strelinski hauls in fresh fish 164FRESH OLD FASHIONED AS A COUNTY FAIR! Marquette Mall 872-7827 Hand dipped to perfection before your very eyes. 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Franklin Square Marquette Mall Eastgate Plaza Karwick Plaza Johnson Road Wanatah Kingsbury Member FDIC Only The Beginning Kim Hammershock, Carol DeCaro, and Rose Tejeda responding to a gift choice overload. 166Congratulations to the Elston Red Devils class of 8i BtTHLEHEM STEEL BETHLEHEM STEEL BURNS HARBOR PLANT an equal opportunity employer Ramses's Sport Shop 3223 FRANKLIN STREET MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 46360 BRUCE WISSER FOR 167 KABELINCongratulations Class of '81 In Michigan City Call 872-7215Ken Wilke has a destine-tive and comfortable look in a casual outfit from Nino Cerruti Sport by Jaymar-Ruby, Inc. J.M. Ruby Founder Chairman Of The Boai Burton B. Ruby President JAYMAR-RUBY. INC. A Michigan City industry for over 50 years 169HEADQUARTERS (219)872-5477 TINKERS DAM ARCADE NORTH KARWICK ROAD MICHIGAN CITY. IND. 46360 132 DUNES PLAZA 872-2029 Nobody can do it like McDonald's can 170LARGEST SELECTION OF CARPET AND DRAPERIES IN NORTHERN INDIANA 823 FRANKLIN SQUARE MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 46360 Phone: 219 • 872-7236 £•53 The News-Dispatch i mJHIichigan blvd CITY, INDIANA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 81 JOY MANUFACTURING COMPANY AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER 171UNIFORMS POLICE FIRE • SECURITY NURSE LABORATORY WAITRESS BEAUTY - BARBERS LUTZ FOREMAN PLUMBING HEATING INC. 110 MAY AVE.. MICHIGAN CITY, IND. 46360 ROBERT C. FOREMAN PRESIDENT PHONE 872-3737 “Dr." DeMasi and her assistant diagnose uniform necessities. Chris Blubaugh demonstrates his driving ability. RESTAURANT 3Lm£ Qmplican (Station CuUute STEAKS RIBS-SEA FOOD B SPAGHETTI • PIZZA lOWWflH FiM tySp r s r Served Daily MERTL MOTORS Compliments of Benny’s Restaurant 3101 E. U.S. 12, 872-8621 i: 2Tammy Kaiser ads appeal to a swinging addition. Addition’s Limited John Hegg and Ron Beebe check out a new LOWRIDER. Swartzlander Motors Inc 879-3311 2022 E US Hwy 20 874-8584 Op p 7th Street Michigan City, IN 874-8362 Jodie Taub and her voice and piano instructor, Mrs. Mary Jane Lucas Stroup. Lucas’ Studio 173174 Mr. Walotka gives Charles Tillman directions on how to stock lettuce. Jim’s Fiesta Villa Woodland Av. Earl Road 1002 N. Karwick RoadROOT photographers • 1131 W. Sheridan • Chicago Official Photographers For Elston High School Root helps you to remember . . .FRANKLIN COMPUTING c .. ... LOCATED ON HWY 20 a MILE WEST of MARQUETTE MALL Tir l.1.0 00 A M ™ 00 PM. luts. WtD, THUR. SAT 10 AM TO 5:30 PM CLOSED SUNDAYS CALL 874-6224 SUITE 238 WARREN BUILDING MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 46360 THE ECONOMICAL ANSWER TO BUSINESS NEEDS FOR COMPUTER BASED FINANCIAL CONTROL flJi P-D-O PRINTING Would you like a piece of pizza?’ asks Mike Van Scyoc and Pat Voris. Roma Pizza PHOT C 2400 Franklin 1119 East Michigan Blvd. 872-9332 872-9123 176Lift your spirit with COCA-COLA SULLAIR CORPORATION 3700 EAST MICHIGAN BLVD. MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 46360 177MICHIANA INSURANCE SERVICES, INC. Auto • Home • Life • Business 1810 E. US20 Buzz Russell Terry Snyder A1 Kepler 219-8798296 Kniola Automotive 7174 WUS 20W 874- 6886 Stacey Kniola wheels apart.Dana Dabagia is ready to plan your trip at Lake Shore Travel 872-7217 V WlS NORTHERN INDIANA BROADCASTERS INC. OLO CHICAGO ROAO. MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 46380 1420 Radio Elston Sports Coverage On W1MSMatt Driggs picks up a goodlooking hitch hiker, Cindy Johnson in a new Cutlass Supreme. DABAGIA OLDSMOBILE INC. Seniors reach their GOAL! 180Career Center Pool - P.E. BuildingUpper level Wrestling rooms Dressing Rooms Lower level Gym English Soc. Studies Office Math Science First Floor Second Floor Third FloorP.E. Locker Rooms 1 Band Shop 1 Red Devil Gym I Language First Floor Second Floor First Floor Second Floor Third Floor Business Dept. Vocational Dept. Art And Home Ec Lunch Room North EndThe Michigan City Area School System was under the direction of three superintendents over the course of the 1980-81 school year. The January 1st resignation of James Wagner left former Elston High School Principal Warren Jones as Interim Superintendent. Mr. Jones, who announced his coming retirement, sent the school board in search of someone to fill the position. The final decision of board members revealed that Assistant Superintendent for Support Services, Charles Abraham, would be asked to accept the post. Mr. Abraham, a World War II navy veteran, was a teacher here at Elston from 1959 to 1965 before he accepted his first administrative job as Director of Transportation. He held the post for five years, then left the system for one year in 1970. Upon returning in 1971 Mr. Abraham became an Assistant Principal at Krueger Junior High for two years before moving his services to Rogers, also as an Assistant Principal. In 1975 he shifted from the school building to the administrative building to operate for three years as the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel until 1978 at which time he assumed the tasks of his previous position. Mr. Abraham is married and the father of a daughter and two sons. He also finds time to lecture at Purdue North Central. 184PATRONS DR JAMES GRIMES DR GENE FRYAR DR ROBERT TAUB DR WAYNE DUNLOP DR JAMES MCCORMICK DR JOHN PHILLIPS DR DON WENINGER AND THE RODENTSAbney, Robert P. 55. 127 Abraham, Charles P 34 Adams. Cynthia L P. 62 Adams. Jess E P. 55. Ill, 127, 128 Adams. Sylvia P. 55 Adnson, Leon P. 36. 129 Agorichas, Tamara A P. 39 Aigner, Robert P. 36 Ainsworth. William P. P. 55 Aldridge. Debra L P. 39. 110 Allen. Lacy P. 62. 107, 108. 115 Allison, Linda P. 66, 107 Allison, Remonde M P. 62, 127, 128 Allison, Sheree D P. 66, 128 Alvarado. Lisa M P. 55 Alvarado. Sandra P. 39 Anderson. Donald L P. 62, 78. 128 Anderson. Kathryn P. 62. 117 Anderson. Keith P 66 Anderson, Marty J P. 55, 128 Anderson. Monica L P. 39, 117 Anderson, Nedford P. 60 Anderson. Ronald K P. 66, 105. 129 Andreev, Sara P. 62 Antdiff, Christopher P. 66, 129 Armstrong, Bobby P 62 Armstrong, Christopher P. 39. 132 Armstrong, Rob P. 55. 127 Ash, Jeffrey L P. 66, 105 Ash. Verne P. 4. 20.35 Ashley, Dana D P. 66 Ashley, Yolanda Pearl P. 62 Atkinson, Mia R P. 38. 39. 119, 143, 162 Athlete’s Corner P. 163 Attar. Brain K P. 13. 104. 61. 127. 18 Augustesen. Helle P. 66, 108 Augustesen, Tina P. 62 Austin, Richard C P. 66 Averitt, Erica I P. 39. 103, 108. 113 Bailey, Carol Ann P. 62, 109. 110, 117, 138 Bailey. Jeffrey M P. 62 Baker. Lori A P. 62. 104, 109, 151 Baker, Patricia D P. 66. 104 Baldwin, Lynette A P. 66, 104 Balinad. Jeffrey R P. 166 Bancroft, Kip K P. 66, 111 166 Banicki, Jacqueline P. 62 Banicki, Jeanette P. 62 Banks. Tammy P. 55 Bartnik, Mrs. P. 35 Barnett, Homer Luke •. 62 Barnett. Vance P. 128 Bartuzik. Jean P. 39 Bartlet, Merlyn P. 34 Battle. Kevin P. 62. 128 Baughman, Patricia M P 55 Baydowicz, David A P. 66 Beach. Kelly L P. 55. 108. 115 Beason, Laura P. 55. 107 Beckette, Matthew R P. 39 Beckette, Patricia A P. 66, 104. 108, 109. Ill Beebe. Gregory A P. 62. 110. 119 Beebe. Ronald J P. 54. 55. 110. 121 Bell. Carol P. 35 Benner, Kyle L P. 62. 104, 106 Berg, Eric C P. 62. 127. 128, 131, 106 Berrier, Daniel P. 62 Berrier, Pamela J P. 62 Berrier, Stephen L P. 39 Bertovich, Julie A P. 39. 104. 106 Bethlehem Steel P. 167 Bildhauser, Suzanne P. 66 Biddle, Maurice P. 36 Bilek, Russel P. 66 Biller. David L P 39. HI. 127. 132. 199 Bird, Brian K P. 39, 112 Bird. Leslie M P. 55. 112 Bishop, Bonnie L P. 55. 104, 108. 115 Black. Angel P. 66 Blacksten, Kevin L P. 66 Blount. Richard S. P. 66 Blubaugh, Christopher M. P. 39. 139. 172 Bobinski. Bridget P. 66, 117 Bobinski, Theresea P. 36 Boeckling, Brad A P. 55. 127 Boeckling, Jill A P. 66 Bogan. Brian P. 130. 131 Bogart, Jeffrey P. 55 Bogard. Kathy D P. 66. 103. 107. 119 Bohle, Michael P. 39. 60 Bolden C Tyrone Harvel P. 66. 104. 154 Bolka. Richard P. 39 Bolka, Tricia L P. 54, 55, 108. 119. 120 Bond, Charles E Jr P. 105 Bonds, Herbert L P. 55 Booker, Angela M P. 62 Booth. Frances P. 13. 36, 151 Bowen, "mes P 62 Bowen, rtsy P 138 Bowers, u mes D P. 39 Bowlby, Darin J P. 39, 110 Bowman, Pet ’ C P. 66, 95. 104, 14 Bowman. Thomas L P. 62, 104, 131, 149 Bowman, Timothy R. P. 62. 104. 131. 149 Boyd, Darren P. 62 Bracken. Christine P. 39 Bracken, Patrick A P. 62, 104. 108 Braddy, Dana L P. 62 Braden, David P. 62 Bradley. Donald P. 39 Bradley. Jacqueline P. 62, 104 Brammeil, Paul P. 36 Braniger, Michael A P. 55 Bremer, Leah Judith P. 66 Bremer. Robert P. 13. 62 Bremer. Steven P. 131 Bremer. Susan P. 23, 38. 39. 102. 121. 135. 140. 160. 190 Brewer. Anderson W P. 60 Brewer. George A P. 39, 127 Brewer, Jeffrey M P. 62, 108 Briggs. Michael P. 62 Britney, Roy P. 36 Brittain. Julie P. 62, 111 Brockway, William C P. 54, 55. 104. 118. 106 Bronner. Kimberly A P. 66. 104. 108 Brooks. Mary A P. 54, 55, 104. Ill, 115 Brown. Constance P. 62. 143 Brown, Lorraine P. 62 Brown, Maurice R P 131 Brown. Susan M P. 39 Bruemmer, Norman P. 23. 36. 138 Brummett, Dawn P. 62. 117 Budd. Debbie L P. 62. 119 Buford, Elaine P. 55 Buford. Tammy P. 62 Buford. Tom P. 66 Buhle. Brian R P. 66. 129 Buhle, Dawn P. 62. 117 Buhle, Sheila A P. 38. 40. 108. 110. 30 Bunnell, Karen P. 62 Bureau. Janice L P. 55, 107. 116. 120 Bureau. Kennedy P. 62, 107 Bureau. Rosella P. 39 Buren, Richard C P. 55 Burgess, Kevin P. 66 Burris-Eades, David P. 36. 106 Burton, Arthur P. 66 Burton, Paul P. 62, 131 Bush. Keith P. 131 Bushroe, David L P. 55, 121 Bushroe. Thomas P. 66 Butler. Kiney P. 40 Butler. Renita A P. 66, 104. 120 Butts, H Sam P. 54, 55, 131 Butts, Monica P. 66, 116 Butts, Sheila R P. 61, 62, 117. 135 Bye. Ken P. 20. 36 Byrd. Glenda P. 40 Byrd, Sheldon F P. 62 Cabil. Stephen E. P. 62 Caddo. Stacey E P. 55, 112. 115. 160 Cains, Pamela J P. 54, 55, 108, 191 Cains, Richard T P. 66, 129 Callahan. David W P. 40. 130. 131 Callan, Amy M P. 62. 105, 108. 110 Calvin, James P. 62 Calvin. Nicole P. 62. 107 Cannan, Valerie T P. 62 Capshaw, Lester P. 40 Cardello, Debra A P. 62 Carey, Tina M P. 66, 104, 142 Carpenter, Lisa R P. 66 Carter, Jacquelyn M P. 54. 55, 115 Carter, Paul D P. 40 Carter, Susan K P. 62. 108 Carter. Valerie A P. 40. 105 Cash. Charles E P. 62. 139 Cash, Jesse A P. 55 Cash, Leslie P. 55, 107, 108. 116, 120 Castle, Joyce P. 35 Cavanaugh, James P P. 66, 154 Chambers. Barbara P. 62 hambers, Jeffery L P. 66 (. lambers. Michael D P. 64. 104 Chance. Debra J P. 40 Chatfield, Christopher P. 66. 129 Chavez. Gina R P. 55, 103 Chism. Becky P. 66 Chrapliwy, Catherine M. P. 66 Christensen. Gerald P. 62 Christy, Mary P. 36 Ciesielski, Lora L P. 66 Ciesiolka, Vicky L P. 62 Cisler, Leora P 55, 104 Clark. Roland R P. 55, 111. 121. 127 Clay, Margaret P. 55 Cleveland, T.J. P. 55, 110, 121. 190 Clevenger, J P. 36. 112, 113 Coan, Heidi L P. 40, 43. 104. 105. 106, 109, 111 Coan. John A P. 66 Cole. Dana D P 55. 103. 107, 119. 191 Cole. David A P. 62 Cole. Rebecca P. 66 Coleman, Jimmie P. 62 Collins. Deborah P. 40, 104 Collins. Leslie P. 54. 55. 108, 191 Collins. Linda S P. 40. 104, 106. 111. 143. 149 Collins, Steven L P. 66 Colwell, Derek G. P. 62. 104 Combs. Deborah L P. 40, 113 Combs, Tammy J P. 55 Cook. Anthony L P. 40, 55 Cook, Laura P. 62 Cook, Richard P. 34 Cook, Sandra A P. 66 Cooper, Lawrence P. 66, 129 Corley, Odell P. 62 Corley. Ozell P. 40 Cosgrove, Janet P. 62 Cossey, Julie M P. 62. 108, 117 Coursel, Sally P. 62 Covington, Michael J P. 55 Covington, Scott P. 55 Cowgill, Herbert S P. 40 Coyle, Brendan B P. 21, 55. 126 Coyle, Eamonn Patrick P. 66 Coyle, Kevin P. 132 Craig, Lori A P. 62 Craig, Marilyn P. 66. 104, 106. 118, 121 Craig. Nancy P. 17 Craig, Tina M P. 66 Crakes. Christine A P. 66, 111, 119 Crane, Tammy J P. 62 Croft, Carol L P. 40. 151 Croft, Max P. 36. 141 Croft, Roberta P. 36. 80 Crozier. Patricia P. 40. 55 Croll. Jerry P. 36 Cuma. Jeff P. 132 Cuma, Tammy L P. 55 Curtis, Ronald L P. 66 Dabbert, Pat P. 36, 119 Dabkowski, Jeffrey P. 41 Dabney, Annette E P. 56, 115 Dabney, Steven P. 62, 107, 131 Dalton, Lisa A P 41 Dalton. Susan P. 66, 104, 108. 109 Daniel, Dawn R P. 66 Daniel, Jeffery S P. 66, 127, 131 Daniel, Lisa P. 66 Daniel, Willie D P. 56 Daniels, Scott P. 131 Dart. Kelly M P. 66. 107, 108 D’Arcangelis 36. 106 Davies. Jennifer L P. 28, 54. 56, 116, 151 Davis, Annecia P. 56. 116, 120 Davis, Catherine M P. 62, 109. 151 Davis, Edward M P. 23, 38. rv 41 • k60 Davis, Geneva P. 41 Davis. Roy P. 62 Day. Debra Lynn P. 62, 105 Day. William S P. 66, 104 DeCaro, Carol J P. 56, 166 Dehlinger, Mry K P. 66, 119 Dehne, Gilbert P. 23, 36, 75. 121 Delaney, Nancy A P. 62 Delonis, Gina P. 66 DeMasi, Amy E P. 23, 25, 41. 106, 119. 121. 151, 172 DeMorrow. Brad P. 66, 107 Dierdorf, James A P 56 DiPert, David J P 66 Doba, Derrick R P. 66, 139 Dobbs. Stephen P P. 66 Dolan. Debra S P 38, 41, 110. 121, 135 Dolph, Laura J P 56 Doperalski, Nora P. 135 Doperalski, Richard A P. 56, 128 Dowd. Mary J P 66 Downs. Scott P. 66 Downs. Timothy D P. 66 Drehmel, Daniel S P. 66, 107, 139 Drehmel, Diedre A P. 54, 56, 108. 110, 138, 140, 160 Driggs. Christopher P. 41, 66. 104 Driggs. Matthew G P. 38, 41, 129 Dry. James P. 36, 113 Drzewiecki, Debra P 56, 110 Drzewiecki. Pamela A P. 66, 116, 119 Dudek, Lucyna P. 62, 143 Dudley, Mary Alice P. 66 Duffy, James P. 62, 111, 139 Dunlop. Geraldine P. 36 Dusza, Michael W P 66 Dusza, Michelle R P. 62, 110. 151 Dyer, Jr Billy J P. 62 Egan. Nancy P. 36, 73, 135 East, Randy P. 56, 127 Edgeworth. Mike P. 141 Edling, Craig S P. 41. 104. 106 Edling. Mildred P. 36. 113 Edwards. Benny P. 36 Edwards. Jacqueline P. 66 Edwards. Jeffery L P. 66. 129 Edwards. Kathy P. 66 Edwards, Karen E P. 66 Edwards, R P. 131 Edwards, Taronda L P. 62 Edwards, Vivian A P. 62 Egle, Michael J P. 113 Eifrid, Suzanne P. 41 Eldridge, Robert H P 41 Elenz, Douglas R P. 13, 24, 25. 38. 41. 160 Elliott. Pamela P. 62 Elliott, Suzanne P. 56 Ellis, Greg P. 141 Ellis, Keith W P. 41. 104 Ellis, Kingsley P. 56, 128 Ellis, Robert H P. 66 Ellis. Timothy P. 66. 129 Ellison, Randolph S P. 41. 110, 118, 139 Elwell, David M P. 41 Elwell, James D P. 62 Emerick, Patricia P. 62 England, Kimberly P. 62, 115 England, Ricky P. 56 Engquist. Elizabeth C P. 66 Enyeart, Scott J P. 41. 132 Enyeart, Vicky P. 16 Epstein, James P. 15, 56, 127 Espar. Marc A P 41. 110 Espar, Marianne J P. 66. 108, 109 Evans, Dennis P. 66 Everetts, Angela M P. 62, 109, 117 Everetts, Jody M P. 66 Everly, Dorothy R. P. 56 Evett, Donald P. 36 Ewy, Eric R P. 62 Faith, Richard D P. 41 Falejczyk, Corrine R P. 60 Falls. Inger P. 62 Falls. Robert P. 16. 36. 154 Fane. Chuck P. 66 Fanson, Jeffrey A P 41 Ferrell, Janet P 56 Fedder, Darrin J P. 62 Fedder, Gregory S P. 41 Feldman. Lance P. 62, 191 Ferrell, Phyllis F P. 66 Fielding, Brett N P. 66, 104 Fields, Arlene D P. 41 Fields, Diane P. 62 Fields, Patricia A P. 62 Fields, Paul P. 66 186Fields, Regina D P. 56, 115 Fillpiak, Jeffrey A P. 56. 104, 106 Firanek. Joseph E P. 56, 127, 132 Firnhaber, Anna P. 36, 142 Fischer, Christine M P. 41 Fischer, Kathleen P 56 Fite, Dawn M P. 56, 108 Flint, Sarah K P. 13. 30. 41, 107, 119, 166 Fly, Steven R P. 41, 104 Foldenauer, Beth A P. 66. 104, 115 Foldenauer, Gloria P. 135 Foldenauer, Rebecca L P. 56. 151 Fontana. II Richard C P. 62 Foreman. Tom P. 56, 104, 106 Forrester, Lisa R P. 66 Forsythe, Allyson R P. 62, 143 Forsythe, Matthew W P. 56. 127. 128 Foster, Burke P. 60 Fox Jewelry P. 160 Frageman, Eric J P. 56 Frageman, Shelley P. 66, 109, 119 Francis, Mary P. 42 Frederick Burnham Glove Co. 163 Frederick, Steven C P. 42 Fredrich, Thomas P 41 Freel. Dawn R P. 56, 104 French. Margaret I P. 66 Frierson. Courtney P. 66 Frierson. Yolanda P. 62 Fries, Carol A P. 66, 108 Fritz, Kathy P. 36. 117 Fritz. Mark D P. 66. 104, 139 Fritz, Matthew J P. 56, 108 Fritz, Susan L P. 62 Fritzen, Barbara P. 120 Front, Henry P. 66 Fuss, Gary C P. 66 Gallas, Joseph W P. 60 Gambill, Joseph A P. 62 Gardner, Allen D P. 66 Gardner. Jean P P. 104 Gardner, Kimberly A P. 42, 85 Gardner. Pamela P. 66. 104. 108 Gardner. S. P. 66 Garron, Kenneth P. 62, 107. 108 Gasaway, Frank P. 62 Gasaway, Nanette L P. 42 Gaston. Raymond F P. 56, 128 Gazarkiewicz. Antoinett P. 54. 56. 104. 106, 115 Geddes, Cally D P. 66, 104, 109, 111 Geleske, Timothy A P. 18, 19. 42. 119, 191 Getter. Anthony P. 66, 104, 108, 129 Geyer, Brookes A P. 56, 108 Gibson, G P. 66 Gilbert, Jewel D P. 56, 107, 115 Gilbert. Sherry P. 42 Gilbert, Terry P. 62 Gillespie. Scotty P. 62 Gilman. Michael J P. 56 Gipson, Gayle P. 120 Glanz, Michelle D P. 62 Gleason. Victoria J P. 62. 107 Glowacki, Valerie J P. 42 Gobert, Lee Ann P. 66 Godfrey, Alicia T P. 42 Golding. Beth A P. 56, 104, 110 Gondeck, Michelle P. 135 Gondeck, Paul P. 62 Gondeck, Sheila M P. 56. 107, 110, 117 Gondek, Stephen W. P. 42, 130, 131, 163 Gonzalez. Merrill C P. 66 Goodall, Carolyn L P. 64, 119 Goodloe, Beth A P. 56, 117 Goodrich. Kirk A P. 62 Graf. Mark F P 42. 110 Graf. Mary B P. 62. 105. 110 Graff. Joseph W P 42. 113 Grams, Janet 61, 62, 151 Grams, Neal G P. 42 Granacki, Kimberly P. 62 Granacki, Tammy M P. 56. 115 Grantham, Garry R P. 112, 115 Grantham. Kristine J P. 62 Gray. Dorothy M P. 62. 120, 143 Gray, Shirley P 42 Gray, Thomas Socrates P. 62. 128 Greene, Karyn A P. 56. 105 Greer, Jeanetta R P. 66, 120 Greetham. Timothy P P. 63 Gregory, Donald J P. 42, 112 Gresla, Timothy R P. 66, 104, 129 Grieger's P. 160 Griffin, Myma P. 60 Griffin, Pamela A P. 66, 104 Griffin, Robert H P. 56. 104, 106, 118 Griggs, Carolyn J P. 56, 110, 119, 142, 143, 191 Griggs, David A P. 67, 95, 149 Grimes, Michael P P. 42, 110, 139, 160, 190 Grlng, David Lee P. 66. 108, 117 Grinston, Diane P. 63 Grinston, Jerome J P. 56 Gronceski, David G P. 56. 127, 128 Gulstrom, Stephen P. 56. 127, 128 Gumns, Timothy P. 63 Gunter, Diane M P 42 Haas. Michael P. 67 Hack, David A P. 56. 104, 106 Hackett, Elizabeth P. 67, 104 Hackett, Michael D P. 63, 110 Hahn. Debbie L P. 56. 105, 135 Hairston. Sandra P. 107 Halama, Karen P. 67. Ill Hamershock, Kim A P. 56. 166 Hamilton, C P. 63 Hamilton. Tonya R P 42 Hampel, Dennis P. 63 Hampel, John P. 67 Hanke, Greg P. 34 Hanna. Piper M P. 63 Hargrove, Laurel P. 67 Hargrove. Paul R. P. 57, 111 Harlib. Tracey A P. 15. 110 Harmon. Mark A P. 57 Harmon. Rick Alan P. 63, 128 Harris. Pagie W P 42 Harris. Pamela D P. 107, 115 Harris, Terry L P. 104 Hart. Joseph D P 42 Hartman, Douglas L P. 63 Hartman, Paul E P 42 Hartsburg, Brenda P. 42 Harvey, Richard A P. 104, 129 Harvey, Terri E P. 42, 116 Haughtington, Steven P. Haughtington, Valerie P. 57 Hawkins. Christopher P. 63 Hawks, Randall A P. 63, 127, 128 Hawks, Ronald L P. 37, 104, 121, 131 Hayman. Brenda J P. 33 Haynes. Christine M P. 57 Headquarters P. 170 Heddens, C Wade P. 129, 154 Heddens. Scott L P. 42. 118 Heeg. Amy P. 63 Hefner. Paula R P. 107 Hefner. Timothy M P. 51, 127, 128 Hegg. John W P. 15, 42. 114, 139 Hegg, Martha P. 36 Heim, Lizelot P Helmken. Bradley D P. 63 Helmken, Daisey P. 35 Henckel, Dale R Jr P. 108 Henckel, Gregory A P. 43, 113 Henckel, Melanie Sue P. 107 Heninger, Shawn R P. 67 Henlnger. William J P. 43, 112 Henley, Stacey P. 104, 120 Hernandez, Martha P. 43 Heuer, Dawn M P. 43 Heuer, Dawn M P. 63 Heuer, Dean A P. 43 Heuston, May Lee E P. 104, 108 Heuston. Leslie P. 43, 105, 117 Hicks, James P. 63 Hicksm Jessie L P. 63 Hicks. Robert J P. 43 Higdon. Laura P. 11 Higgins, Patrick K P. 63. 110, 119 Hilberg, Nathan Scott P. 104, 129 Hill. Terry P. 63 Hofstetter, Anthony E P. 111, 129 Holdcraft, Stan P. 36, 94, 114 Holland, Anthony G P. Hogan, Robert P. 36 Hollis, Mary K P. 43 Hollis, Peggy Sue P. 63, 117 Holmes. Cabot P. 36. 131, 149 Holtkamp. Marjorie F P. 57 Holzer, James A P. 129 Hosna, Michael P. 63, 110 Houck. Gregory P. 63. 139 Housley. Constance E P. 63 Howard, Cynthia A P. 63, 111 Howard, Jackie P. 63 Howard, Tammy P. 63 Howell. Robyn Timothy P. 43 Hudson. Mark P. 67 Hull. Rochelle A P. 57. 105, 107, 120 Hullings, David A P. 63 Human. Debbie D P. 57. 117 Human. Jeffery J P. 139 Human. Kimberly Sue P. 63 Human, Pamela P. 43. 105, 117 Human. Randy A P. 63, 108 Humbers. Ann Elizabeth P. 63, 104, 108, 151 Humphrey, Scott Joseph P. 129 Hunslck, Kimberly R P. 43 Hunt. Craig S P. 129 Huskey. Cheryl P. 63 Hutchison, Michael A P. 43. 161 Imes, Jami M P. 67 Ingersoll. Tim P. 60. 119 Isbell. Darren J. P. 43. 120 Issell, Lyn P. P. 37. 107, 116, 120 Jackson, Curtis D P. 67, 129 Jackson, Deborah Ann P. 63. 107 Jackson, Debra K P. 61, 63. 105, 139 Jackson, Dia L P. 57. 107, 108. 116, 120 Jackson, Jerry J P. 67 Jackson, Lorraine N P 57 Jackson, Patrick R P. 67, 105, 108 Jackson, Robert L P. 43, 127 Jackson, Sammy L P. 67 Jackson, Teresa M P. 37, 104. 107, 110, 114. 121. 140 Jacobucci, Ann P. 43 James, Jimmy P. 67 James, Tina L. P. 67 Jankowski, Theresa M P. 107 Jankowski, Thomas P P. 43. 67. 127 Januchowski, Mark A P. 43 Janus. Stephen E P. 43, 132 Jasch, Clyde A P. 43 Jasicki, Ann P. 63, 110 Jasinski, John F P. 57 Jaske, Cheryl M P. 63, 104. Ill Jeanes, Brenda P. 44 Jenkins, Rosalie P 63 Jenkins. Tina M P 57 Jenner, Debra A P. 37 Jenner. Tammy P. 67 Jesko, Joseph P. 44, 12 Jims Fiesta Villa P. 114 Jimison, Johnson C P. 63, 105, 106, 110, 128 Johns, Lisa R P. 67 Johns. Michael P 57, 128 Johs, Sammy P. 34 Johnson, Carey A P. 67 Johnson, Carmela P. 67 Johnson, Cynthia R P. 38, 44. 103, 111, 140, 143, 160, 191 Johnson, Hazel P. P. 67 Johnson. Jeffrey P. 67 Johnson, Kimberly A. P. 61. 63 Johnson, Laura J. P. 66, 104 Johnson, Lori A. P. 44, 113 Johnson, Mary A P. 44. 108 Jones, Carla J. P. 67 Jones, Catherine P. 37, 107 Jones. Darryl L P. 67 Jones. Garland P. 67. 129 Jones, Jennifer L P. 67, 104 Jones, Judith L P. 44, 105 Jones. Karen E P. 57, 101 Jones, Kimberly A P 63 Jones, Warren P 34 Jordan, Crystal P. 60 Joseph, Mary P. 36. 77 Judge, Dortha A P. 57. 116 Judge. Phillip P. 63 Jugovic, Patrick P. 63, 141 Kabelin's, P. 167 Kahn. Jeffrey A P. 44 Kahn. Steve P. 129 Kahn, Patricia L P. 44. 105. 143 Kaletha, Jeffery E. P. 44 Kaletha, Joseph P. 60 Kallay, Katalin P. 36, 80 Kamont, Charles A P 44. 112 Kanger, Lee David P 63 Kaser, Junle P. 138 Kaser, Mark R P. 60, 104. 106 Kaser. Tammy L P. 44. 67, 110, 135, 142 Kaser, Tara R P. 104 Keating. Jim P. 17 Keating, Michael P. P. 61. 63. 119 Keating, James P. 34 Keen, Jennifer P. 67, 119 Keener, Charles E P. 60 Kelley, Angela P. 67 Kelley. Brett A P 44 Kelley. Carole P. 57 Kelley. Marvin P. 67 Kelley, Pamela J P. 60 Kelley. Patty A P. 67 Kelly. Bobby K P 63. 104. 128 Kelly. Jeff M P. 14. 63. 107, 118 Kelly. Kevin P P 44. 107 Keltz. Michele L P. 54. 57. 105, 190 Kemp. Lisa A P. 30. 44. 104. 106, 111, 121, 143 Kendle, Netra G P. 57. 115, 120 Kendle. Sheila M P. 67 Kilgore. Teresa P. 63, 104 Killingbeck, Jay T P. 44. 113 KHlingbeck, Robert P. 54. 57. 121 Kim, Dong Y P. 44 Kimble. Ricky L P. 57, 127 Kiner, Richard J P. 63. 107 Kintzele, Joseph T P. 51 Kirk. Michele T P. 57 Kisner, Michael P. 66 Kist, Gregory M P. 44 Kittlaus. Erik R P 63. 139 Klosinski, Karen P. 67 Klosowski, Thomas P. 63. 131 Kniola, Automotive P 172 Kniola, Bryan R P 54, 57, 104, 1-6 Kniola, Dwayne A P. 44. 110 Kniola. Evelyn K P. 57. 110 Kniola, Gerald F P Kniola, Julie P. 67 Kniola. Kari E P. 67. 108 Kniola. Stacey A P. 44. 113. 172 Kniola. Timothy P 63, 118 Koch. Patrick D P 67. 104, 108 Kohn, Matthew R. P, 44 Komp. Douglas P. 57 Kostielney, Christina M P. 57. 117 Kostielney, Richard D P. 44 Kozinski. Sharon P. 60 Krachinski, Daniel J P. 57 Krachinski, Steven F P. 44. 127. 131 Krause. Gregory G P. 60. 108 Krause. Jeffrey J P. 67, 108, 111, 116 Krause, Lisa M P. 114 Kriss, Edward A P. 67, 105 Kriss, Stacy P. 57 Krlck, Sheryl L P 44 Kroening, John C P 44. 131, 149 Krueger. Scott R P. 57. 105, 106. 107 Kubsch, Danny P. 67 Kuchik, Mark A P. 67. 154 Kuchik, Rodger A P. 45 Kurpiel, Robyn M P 45 Kurpiel, Steven L P. 63 Kuta. Christine A P. 57 Kwiatkowski, Cary J P. 67 Kyes, Beverly J P. 57. 119 LaFrentz, Penny P. 57 Laisen, E. P. 67 Lake, Catherine P. 45, 142 Lake. John F P. 67. Ill Lake. Theresa P. 117, 142 LaMothe, Mary M P. 45 Langley. Denise R P. 107 Larsen. Lucielle P. 35 Laskoske, Allen L P. 67 Laughlin, Gerald L P. 67, 111 Laughlin. Thomas B P. 57, 104. 106 Laux, Mrs. P 36. 108, 121 Lawhorn, Paulette P. 45Laux. Paul P. 36. 10 Lawhorn, Steven M P. 128 Lawson. A. 67 Lawson. Charles P Lawson, Kimberly Sue P. 67 Lawson. Terl P. 57 Lawson. Tommy A P. 129 Layman. Lori A P. 67. 119 Layman. K.. P. 129 Leary. Margaret E P. 57 Lee. M. P. 67 Lee. Sangmin P. 10, 11, 45. 118 Lee, Sangyoung P 118 Leffler. Jeffrey A P 127 LeMaitre. Bernard C P. 57 Lester, David P. 36 Lenoir. Sondra V P. Levenhagen. Tammy L P. 67 Lewis. Annette P. 67 Lewis. David J P. 57 Lewis. David R P. 57 Lewis, Donna J P . 60 Lewis. Donna J P. 45 Lewis. Kenneth R P. 63, 110. 116. 120 Lewis. Lynn M P. 63. 117 Lewis. Mauressa D P. 67 Lewis. Sheila DP. 108 Lewis, Tamara P. 57 Lewis. Waddell P. 45, 57 Lewis. W. P. 63 Liebig. David S 67. 129 Lightburne, Leisa L P. 57 Lightburne, Leon L P. 63 Liles. Laurie L P. 45 Lilley, Thomas C P 58. 60 Lindborg, Mark S P. 45 Lindley. Karen P. 36 Linn. Dea J P. 58 Lisak. Rick P. 58. 85 John Little, Michael P. 67 Livinghouse. Danielle P 61, 63. 103, 110, 143 Locke. Sarah J P. 38, 45, 104. 106. 109. 121, 135. 151 Locke. William P 67. 104. 139 Loetz, Lori P. 45. 113 Loetz. Patrick A P. 45 Lofton. Timothy L P. 45. 104 Logan. Edward J P. 67, 108 Logmann, Georgeann M P 67 Long, Jeffrey P. 67 Looney. Madeline K P. 58, 103, 110. 119 Looney. Rebecca A P. 67. 103. 107. 108. 119 Losiniecki, Maureen E P. 58, 135, 142 Losiniecki. Michelle E P. 58 Love. Derek L P. 67 Lowry. Lucretia L P. 58 Lowry, Rodney Lee P. 63 LowTy, Theresa K P 58 Lubs, Kimberly P. 66. 108. 117 Luchene, Kevin D P 58. 118 Luchtman. Duane P. 63 Ludington, Lori J P. 54, 58. 117 Lungren. Kenneth J P. 63 Luscomb, John P P. 63 Luscomb, Stephen P. 45 Mabry. Thomas P 58. 127 Mack. Angela S P. 63 Mack. Jacqueline R P. 58, 107. 116 Mack. Michael W P. 45, 131 Mack. Sherri A P 58. 107, 116, 120 MacLean, Polly Ann P 67 Macon, Eugene Jr. P. 58 Macrini, T P. 67 Madkins, James L P. 67 Magro, Mrs. P. 36. 103 Maloney. Maureen M P. 61, 63 Maloney. Michael T P. 19. 23. 38, 45. 104, 106. 119. 121, 191 Manns. Tony P. 63 Marciniak, Robert J P. 45. 118. 132 Marciniak. Susan P. 63 Margraf, Thomas E P. 63 Marquette. Mall P 165 Marshall. Doris A P 67 Marshall. Pamela P 67 Marshall. Robert J P. 60 Marszalek. Jennifer P. 67 Martin. Kevin J P. 67. 107, 154 Martin. Michael T P. 67 Martin. Regina E P. 45. 143 Martin. Stacy L P 58. 151 Martin. Willie J P. 67. 129 Martorano. Joseph P. 36. 127 Mashburn, Kenneth J P. 67 Mason. Perry S P. 45. 113, 131 Maxey, Tina M P 67 Mazzaia..Nickolas L P. 58. 112, 139 McCann. Thomas A P. 67 McCay. Michelle L P. 67 McClane, Annabelle P. 63 McClusky, Brian P P. 63 McCormick. Robert F P. 67. 129, 154 McCormick. Sandra P. 36. 61, 76 McCrindle. Brian D P. 67 McGee. Loretta P 67. 104 McGinnis. Henry A P. 67 McGinnis, Lisa M P. 58 McGrath, William T P 63 McKay, Christopher A P. 45, 119, 121 McKenna. Richard P. 63, 127 McLaughlin. Neil P. 127 McNabb. Dan P. 36. 61. 107 McNabb. Mary E P. 14, 38, 45. 107, 121. 138 McNeal, Brenda S P 46. 113 McNeal. Donna P. 38. 46. 105. 120 McNeal, Touronda L P. 58 McNew, Sue P. 63. 108. 135 Mee II, Greg P. 11 Meer. Margaret M P. 63, 117 Meer. Maxinne P. 37, 117 Meer. Michelle M P. 38. 117 Meer, Newt P. 37 Mellen, John M P 67, 129 Mellen, Thomas C P. 127, 131 Melnick, Coy E P. 63. 104. 149 Melnick. Paul T P. 46 Mennen, Monica R. P. 46. 119 Merriweather. Gaye P. 16 Mershon. Julie P 17. 138 Mer I. Motors P 172 Meska, Lori Ann P. 67, 104 Michaels. Jacqueline P. 37 Michaels. Paul P. 37. 132 Michiana Insurance Services P 172 Migliorini, Dan P. 13. 31. 37 Miller. Doreen P. 54. 58. Ill Miller. Frank P. 58. 127 Miller. Garry A P. 63 Miller. Heidi P. 61. 63. 110, 138 Miller, Larry A P. 63 Minley, Rosetta P. 58 Minley, Terri P. 143 Minley, Vanessa P. 67 Mitchell. Aaron H P. 60 Mitchell, Anthony P. 46. 58 Mitchell. Gary L P. 46 Mitchell. Gerald L P. 46 Mitchell. Jerry L P 58 Mitchell, Lawrence P. 58 Mitchell. Lisa P 62 Mitchell. Louis P. 67 Mitchell. Mitchell G P. 58 Mitchell. Penelope P P. 58 Mitchell. Susan P. 63 Mizer, Lance P 58 Mizia, Laura A P. 46. 112, 113 Mizia. Steven D P. 63 Moffett. Aaron P. 67 Morlaes, Magdalena P. 58. 112 Moran. Cynthia Lynn P. 67 Morford, Susan J P. 63 Morgan. Robert P. 58. 107, 131 Morrow. Ernest P. 58. 108 Mosby. Toni P. 67, 105 Mosby. Yolanda P. 58. 115, 116. 120 Mowinski. Tina M P. 67. 107 Mullen, Wayne L P. 58 Mullins. Mary A P. 63 Murgita. Carol E P. 58. 104 Murry. Mattie Lee P. 63 Murry. Ralph E P. 58 Murry. William P. 66, 108 Mussa. Abraham P. 63 Nagel, Marianne J P. 54. 58. 111. 121, 190 Nagel. Matthew M P. 63 Nash. Geoffrey C P. 63 Neal. Donald R P. 58 Neal. Griff D P. 58, 121, 190 Neider, Sandra P. 58. 105 Neulieb, Connie Jean P. 66 Neulieb, Lisa P. 58, 108 Neulieb. Michele E P. 58, 135 Neulieb. Robin • P. 60 Nevers, Linda A P 46. 116 Nevorski. Patrick M P. 61. 63 Newland. Johnny R P. 58 Newsome. Marilyn D P. 63 Newson, Edward L P. 60 Nichols. Lisa L P. 46 Nieman, Dale T P. 46, 112 Nleman, Matthew M P. 46. 118 Nieman, Michelle L P. 60 Nieman. Scott P. 60 Nelson. Theodore D P. 46 Northwest Raquet Club P. 160 Novak. Leonard J P 58. 119, 127, 128 Novak. Margaret S P. 67 Noveroske. Joseph W P. 129 Noveroske. Michael P. 63. 66 Nowak, Frank P. 37 OConnell, Andrea K P. 63 OConnor. Paul A P. 58 Oda. Benjamin P. 46. 60 Oda. John P. P. 63 Oelschlager, Steven E P 58 Oelschlager, Thomas P. 58, 108 Ohms. Patrick P. 59 Oliver. Kandi P. 63. 108, 115, 135, 142 Oliver. Taymanee P. 59, 108. 115, 135, 142 Olken, Laura E P 47, 109, 143 Olken. Lisa D P. 63 Olmstead. Shannon L P. 63 Olmstead, Sue E P. 59. 108 Only The Beginning P 166 Orlowski, Sandra P 67, 111 ORourke, Regan E P. 59, 117, 119 Orzech, James P P. 59 Orzech, Robert E. P. 59, 108, 120 Owens, Mark A P 67, 108 Owsley. Virginia P. 37 Pace. Donna M P 63. 108, 117. 135 Pace. Helen P. 16 Pacholke, Mary Beth P. 47. 105 Pagels. Theodore W P. 47. 113 Pagos. Marla K P 47 Pahl, David A P 63. 110 Palmer. Julie M P 67 Papineau, Jon P. 63 Papineau, Lisa A P. 47. 135. 142 Parker. Bruce P. 37 Parish. Jerome W P. 67 Parish. Laverne M P. 67 Parker. Steven P. 67 Parkman, Thomas S P. 63 Parrish. P. P. 64 Paskell. Lisa L P. 64. 110, 151 Patrick. Beth A P. 64. 110 Patrick, Bradley A P. 59, 191 Patterson, Kent R P. 47. 131, 149 Pauli, Kathy M P. 67. 119 Pawlicke. Mary Beth P. 59. 108. Ill Pawloski. Debra A P. 64, 110, 117 Pawloski. Stuart C P 67 Payne. Monica P. 67 Payne. Vernon A P 47 Payton. Michael A P. 59 Pearson. Joelle L P. 67 Pedue. Rodney J P 64 Peek. Barbara D. P. 64 Peek. William P 60 Peglow, Shaelyn P. 47, 109. Ill, 113. 143 Peiffer. Donna M P 47. 113 Penn. Mayetta P 64 Penn. Vetta P. 59 Peo, Christine M P. 64. 119 Perez. Miguel A P. 67 Pernell. Celeste P. 47 Pernell, Ronald P. 64 Perry, Glen F P 64. 128 Peters. Fredrick J P. 67, 129. 154 Phegley. Charles D P. 64 Phillips. Alita P 47. 59. 105, 120 Phillips. John P. 59. 60. 126. 127. 131 Piechnik, Anne M P. 47, 116 Pierce. Scott M P 67. 104 Pilecki. Charles P. P. 67 Pinnell, Jeffrey W P. 67, 129 Pippin. Ricky D P. 47, 113 Pippin. Robert C P 64 Pippin. Timothy S P. 67. 129. 154 Pippin, Tina P. 68 Pitman. Lynn P. 47 Pleasants. Elizabeth P. 68. 104. 151 Pliskey, Imogene M P. 68, 108 Podgorski, Jeffrey P. 54. 59. 120 Poff, William E P. 68 Pohl, Jodi P. 68 Pol. Walter R P. 37. 118 Pollock, Elizabeth L P. 64. 108, 111 Pope. Brenda L P. 68. 107 Poplawski. Albert P. 68 Poplawski, Andrzej P. 59, 119 Porterfield, Mary A P. 64. 110. 117 Powell. Joanne K P. 68. 107. 108. Ill Powers. Paul A P 68 Priebe, Janet P 68. 140 Pritchett. Verlencia M P 47 Przybylinski. Christine P 54. 59. 108. 151 Przybylinski. Marcia 68. 104. 108. 109 Przybylinski, Matthew J P. 59. 127, 128 Przybylinski, Pamela P. 64. 108. 135 Qualkenbush, Brian P. 64 Quinn. David P. 37, 79 Ramey. George C P. 47. 118. 139 Ramion, Jeffrey M P. 54. 59, 104 Ramsey. Keith E. P. 68 129 Ramsey’s P. 167 Raney, Timothy P. 129 Ransom. Joseph P. 64 Ratliff. Laura P. 64. 107 Raymond. Patricia P. 68. 108 Rector. Paul W P 68 Reece. Sandra K P 47 Reese, William P P 68 Reeves. Audrey R P. 47. 113 Reicher. Terri L P. 119 Reinholz, Robert D P. 68. 129 Rhinehart. Betty P. 35 Richard. Debra L Richard. Ronald P. 47 Richardson. Hilda C P. 47 Richardson. Laurie P. 68 Richardson. Penny D P. 64 Richardson. Raymond L P 59 Rick. Judith L P. 68. 107 Rick. Julie A P. 59 Riddell. Robert B P 59 Rigg, Andrew S P. 59 Rightsell, Larry R P. 60 Rlngo. Evette M P. 47 Ritchie. Julie A P. 64. Ill Ritchie. Michael W P. 68 Ritter, Eddie P. 68 Ritter. Louis F P. 59. 127. „ 128 Rivera, Vicente P 68 Roberts. Cedric A P. 59 Roberts. Ronnie P. 68. 107, 129 Robertson. Jo Ann P. 64. 104. 108 Robinett, Julie L P. 47 Robinson, Freddie M P. 47 Robinson. Joanne P 68 Robinson. Tyrone P 60 Rodgers. Steven R P. 59 Rogers. Deborah M P. 64 Rohde. David B P. 68. 108 Rohde. Jane P. 68. 107 Roose. Stephen A P. 68 Root Photographs P. 171 Rootes. Michael P. 68. 108 Rope. Robert R P. 68. 104 Ross. Kristine L P. 54. 59. 105 Rubeck, Elizabeth P. 68 Rubeck, Joan M P 64 Rubeck. John P. 64 Rudnick. Beth J P. 68 Rueter, Lynn P. 17 Ruminski, Brien P 68 Runsey, Robert P. 27. 135 Runnels, Nancy A P. 47, 113 Rupert, Vickie R P. 68 Rusboldt, Edward R P. 48. 110. 127 Rusboldt. Matthew P. 64 Russell. Terry D P. 60 Sabinske. Brian C P 38. 48 Sabinske. Tina M P. 68 Sacks. Mr. Wallace P. 37 Saffer, Kelly A P. 48. 118 Saffer, Robin L P. 59 Salat. David A P. 48 Sammelman. Jill P. 64. 110 Sandberg, Richard J P. 68. 129 Sanders, Daryl P. 127, 131 Sanders. James D P. 48 Sanders. Marcella D P 41 Sanders, Margaret D P 59 Sass. Terry A P. 68. 129 188Saturday. Kary G P. 59 Saturday. Kelly L P. 15 Saxon. Jonathon D P. 48 Scalf. Gail R P 59 Schlegelmilch, Esther P. 37. 138 Schaeffer, Pamela J P 48 Schiavone. Gail A P 48 Schick. Michele I P. 48 Schillke. Debra L P 64. 111 Schliephake, Marie L P. 68. 115, 138 Schliephake. Ross W P. 48 Schmidt. Bradley C P. 68 Schmitt, Lorrie P 68, 139 Schmitt, Richard J P 59, 73. 121, 139 Schmitt, Sam P 64, 121, 139 Schneider. Jeffrey A P. 64, 132 Scholl. Michael R P. 64 Schooley. Dawn M P. 64. 105, 115, 143 Schooley. Julie R P. 31. 48. 110, 119, 143 Schroeder, Douglas P. 59, 111 Schroeder. Tammy S P. 68 Schultz. Jeffery A P. 49 Schultz. Rebecca P. 68 Schultz, Richard W P. 59 Schwab. Eleanor P. 37. 190 Schwab. W P. 37. 68 Schwanke, Lisa A P. 59 Schwartz. Kim R P 68 Scott. Carolyn P 48. 107 Scott. Leanna P. 13 Scott. Robert A P 64. 110 Seedorf. Patricia L P. 59 Seeley. Kimberly A P. 68. 107 Segvich, Richard G P. 48, 112 Seymour. Delisa R P 68 Seyring, John M P 68 Shank, Aaron L P. 64 Shanks. Laura P 68 Shank. Marshall P. 131 Sheehy, Scott R P. 48. 131, 149 Sheets. John P P. 68, 129 Sheets, Reagena P. 59 Sheets. Roger D P. 68. 129 Shell. Carolyn M P. 48. 120 Shelton. Connie S P. 64. 110 Sherrill. Pamela D P. 59 Sherwood. David M P 68 Shifkowski, Dawn M P 59, 108, 113 Shifkowski. Paula R P. 68 Shinn, Paul L P. 23, 48, 132 Shover, Thomas W P. 64 Showalter, Jeanine P. 37 Shull. Cindy P 64 Stkora. Paul P. 37, 143 Silakowski, Joseph P P. 68 Simon. Jim P. 151 Simmons. Brian P. 68, 154 Simmons. Calvin L P. 64 Simmons, Deborah P. 68 Simmons. Jacqueline A P. 59. 115. 120, 143 Simmons. Leslie P. 68. 107 Simmons. Steve D P 48 Singleton, Patricia P. 64. 107, 115, 143 Sipes, Deanna R P. 64, 107. 110 Skierkowski. Kimberly D P. 59. 104. 117 Skivers. Joseph D P. 43 Skivers. Stephen P. 59 Skwiat. Susan M P 68. 105 Slaughter. Brant D P 68 Slaughter, Richard P. 68 Smidt, Kathy P. 37 Smiertelny, Danene M P. 108 Smiertelny. Francis J P. 48 Smith. Allen P 48. 104, 106. 107. 119 Smith. Angela M P. 59. 108 Smith. Danny E P. 68 Smith. Daryl P 48. 59, 116. 120 Smith, Eulalah P. 117 Smith, Glenn P. 59 Smith, Gregory P. 64, 127, 128 Smith, Ivan J P 68 Smith. Johnny P. 68 Smith. Judith P. 49. 116 Smith, Karen A P. 59. 117 Smith Karli J P. 68 Smith, Robert P. 37 Smith, Maryann P. 60 Smith, Scott S P 127 Smith, Steven E P. 68, 129 Smith. Tina M P. 68 Sobieski. Rhonda K P. 68. 119 Sodders. Shellie R P. 59 Soller. Brent T P 49 Sosinski, Joe P. 132 Sosinski. Thomas P. 64. 110 Spanlin. P P. 139 Spang, Lisa P 49. 68 Sparks. Richard P. 37. 85, 116 Sparks, John B P. 68. 104, 154 Specht. Dale L P. 59. Ill Specht. Dawn E P. 64. 104, 135. 142 Spencer, Darlene J P. 60. 115 Spencer. Anita P. 37 Spencer, Tabetha L P. 68 Spicer. Loring I . 64 Spitka. John L P. 68 Spradlin. Dwayne H P. 68, 111 Staback. Lynnette M P. 49, 105 Staback, Pat P. 132 Staback, Peter P P. 68. 129, 154 Stacy. Correna L P. 68 Stacy. Justine M P. 68 Stalling, Patricia P. 64 Stanage. Dawn M P. 60, 105, 108 Stanage, Scott A P 64 Stanfield. Amy D P. 68 Stantz, Michele L P 64 Stark, Kristine P. 64, 104, 106, 143 Stark. Phyllis P. 37 Starks, Dewayne P. 60, 127, 130 Starks. John P. 37, 78 Starks. Melody V P. 64 Steel, Marjorie B P. 49 Steel. Ray P. 34 Steinborn, Paula K P 49 Steinborn, Robert L P 49 Steinhagen. Edward M P 49. 119, 127 Steinman, Anthony M P 49 Steinman, Lee P. 68 Steinke, Dan P. 37, 140 Stephens. Carolyn P. 68. 104. 120 Steinke. Barnard P. 37. 81 Stephney. Cliffton P. 68 Sterling, Daniel T P. 60. 121 Steward. A P. 68 Stewart. Mary F P. 49 Stewart, Timothy M P. 60, 112 Stewart. William M P 49 Stone. Lloyd D P. 49 Stone. William E P. 60 Storey. Steven P P. 49, 127 Stormer. Bart E P. 49 Stover. Brenda D P. 60 Stover. Pamela P P. 68 Stracke. Anne E P. 49. 108 Strelinski. Kelly R P. 49. 164 Strickland, David R P. 49, 113. Striebel, Krista S P. 38. 49. 102. 109. 111. 117 Striggow. Amie L P 64 Strom. Jennifer H P. 49 Studer. David A P 64 Sulver, R. 64 Sullivan, Gerry L P. 64 Sullivan. Quinn A P. 60, 110 Summers, Jennifer P 38. 49. 109, 117, 119, 151 Summers, Timothy C P 68, 121 Sunderland. Richard J P 68. 121 Surber. Robert F P. 119 Susnis. Ed P. 37. 75 Swedeen. Paula H P. 68. 74. 104 Sweet. Linda K P. 49 Sweney, Scott R P. 60 Swenson. Pamela P P 68 Swim. Kimberly A P. 64 Swink. Wendy L P 64 Swoboda. Lisa M P 49. 106. 108 Swoboda, Steven P 64 Tadros. Laura M P. 49 Tolbutt, Kris P 143 Taub. Jodie L P 11. 18. 19. 24. 30. 38, 49. 107. 110, 119. 162. 166. 191 Taylor. Charles W Jr P. 68 Taylor, Eric L P. 60 Taylor. Lavette A P. 64. 107 Taylor, Rickardo P. 50 Taylor, Robert A P 68, 104, 129. 154 Taylor. Virgie D P. 60 Tejeda. Rose M P. 60. 103. 110, 112. 115. 166 Tener, John A P. 106 Tener. Maribeth A P. 50 Terry. Mark J P. 50. 112 Thiery, Brenda L. P. 64 Thomas David Thomas. Donnie P. 134 Thomas, Leslie C P. 64, 104. 151 Thomas. Willie P. 37 Thompson. Amy E P 68 Thompson, Jane A P. 60, 104. 113 Thompson. Sherri P. 60 Thompson. Trisha V P. 68. 120 Tickle, Jack S P. 50 Tilden, Byron P. 37 Tillman. Charles M P 60 Tillman. Lee A P 64 Tillman, Tina L P. 64. 107 Timberlake, Diane P. 37 Timberlake, Julia M P. 50, 77. 143 Tingley, Helen R P. 68 Tinkers, Dain P. 166 Travis. Timothy S P. 68, 129 Trout, Jamie A P. 64. 105, 110 Troyer. F P. 37. 115 Truex. Karen S P. 61. Ill Tonn Blank P. 162 Truex. Kathleen A P. 60. 95. 108. 110 Trusha. Brian D P 64 Ton, Brian P. 37 Trusha, Patrick M P. 50. 132 Tucker, Leroy P. 68 Tuel, Gregory P. 64. 104, 149 Turner, Christopher P. 64. 106 Turner, Myla L P. 60, 115 Turner. Sherry L P. 50. 112 Twjgg, George J Jr P. 64 Twigg, Thomas P 68 Tym, Michael P. 50 Underwood. Lowell T P. 68 Upscher, Mrs. P. 35 Urbanski, Brian P. 60 Uryga, Jeffrey J P. 68. 104 Uryga. Lisa M P. 60 Valenius. Kristina P. 15. 138 Valentine, Renee P 54, 60. 105, 107 Van Etten. Bill P. 12. 50 Van Scyoc, Kimberly P. 68. 115 Van Hoy, Donald P. 37. 72. 118 Vanscyoc, Michael J P. 21, 50. 119. 127 Vanvlack, Karin E P 61, 64. 109. 143. 151 Vaughn. Gene P. 64 Vedron. Tammy L P. 64. 115 Vega. Virginia P. 64 Vinson. Gary M P 64. 108 Vinson, Mark P. 68 Vinson, Ronald P 64 Volk. Kathy P 64 Voile, Trisha A P. 60 Voris, Patrick J P. 21, 50, 127 Voss. Debra L P 64. 108 Wagner. Caryn L 54. 60. 115. 120 Wagner. James P. 34 Wagner. Kelli M P. 68. 119 Wainman, Thomas E P. 68 Walker. Carol D P 64. 107 Walker. Kathy P. 37 Walker, Rosalind S P. 64 Walker. Troy B P 64. 107. 128 Wallin. Mary J P. 60 Walotka. Brad W. P. 68 Walotka. Dick P. 174 Walters. Donald W P. 50 Walters. Pamela L P 68 Walters, Ronald E. P. 51 Warner. Jack P. 37. 72. 139 Warnke, Joseph M P. 68. 129 Warren, Debra P 64 Warren. Karla C P. 51. 107 Warren, Kevin E P. 64. 104. 107. 190 Warren. Leroy P. 68 Warren. Stacy Lea P. 61. 64. 117, 119. 143 Warrick. Brad P. 64, 85. 141 Warry, Lynn P. 64 Waskow, Robert D P. 68. 107, 129 Weatherspoon, Etoy P 68 Webb. Gregory L P. 68 Weber. Mark W P. 68 Weeks. Jeannette M P. 51 Weik. Dawn P. 138 Weinig, David A P. 64 Wenc. Michael P. 60 Wenclaff, Lisa A P. 60 Wenger. Shirley P. 37 Weninger, Debra P 68 Weninger, Dianne K P. 30. 38. 51. 102. 109. 121. 138. 151 Wentland, Susan L P. 51, 108, 116 Wentland, Timothy J P. 68. 129 Werdin, Mr. 34 West. Annette M P. 51 West. Michael J P. 51 Westphal. Alfred P. 51 Whalen, Timothy D P. 64 Wheeler. Brenda K P. 60 Wheeler. Frank P 60. 128 White. Bruce Y P. 51 White, Jackie L P. 51 White. Ruth A P 64. 107 White. Sherri RP 51 White, Stanley H P 60 White. Tracy P. 64 Whittier. Courtenay L P 104 Wiedenhoft. Danny G P 64 Wiegand. James M P. 64. 134 Wiegand. Stephen E P. 51 Wiegel. Steven P. 64 Wiencek. Jeffrey P P. 60, 131 Wilhelm. Paul L P. 64 Wilke. Kenneth R P 51 Wilkins. Tanya P 64 Wille, Wayne P P 68 Willeam C P 107 Williams. Charlene P. 64. 143 Williams. Deven W P. 38, 51. 107. 116. 119. 121. 191 Williams. Karen J P. 60. 108, 113. 116. 120 Williams. Kelly S P 64 Williams, Lorene P. 51. 117 Williams. Michael P. 60, 104. 108, 117 Willis. Harvey F Wilson. Carolyn D P. 51 Wilson. David L P. 52 Wilson. Dawn E P. 52. 113 Wilson, Debora L P. 60 Wilson. Debra P. 64 Wilson. James A P. 52, 131, 148 Wilson. Kimberly S P 64. 108 Wilson. Lisa M P. 104. 108 Wineland. Jean P 37 Winn. Terrance P. 64, 107 Winski. Anthony P. 139 Winski. Carey P. 12, 53 Winski. Joanne R P. 60. 108, 110. 115. 138 Winston. Helen A P. 60 Wise. Jeffrey L P. 64 Wisenbaugh, Terry A P 52 Wisser. Brian P P. 60. 77. 132 Wisser. Kathleen P. 96, 108. 135 Wojasinski. Patricia P. 104 Wojcik. Daniel P. 129 Wojcik. Kimberly A P. 60, 111 Wolfe, Chris R P 52 Wolfe. Jeffrey M P. 52 Wolfe. Kurt E P. 52 Wolfe, Timothy J P. 52 Woodard. Alphus Jr P. 60. 131 Woodard. Leon P. 64 Woodard, Lisa M P. 60, 115. 116. 120 Woodruff. Ralph E P. 129 Worek. Amy J P. 107. 119 Worlds A P. 64 Wort. David P 131 Wozniak. David A P. 52 Wozniak, David P 13. 141 Wozniak. Trisha A P. 60, 117 Wozniak. Wendy P 64 Wright. Barbara R P. 64. 117 Wright, Harriet P. 35 Wright. Tina E P. 52. 113 Wrigt. R P. 110 Wroblewski, Lori P. 64, 117 Wroblewski, Edward D P. 130. 131 Wroblewski. Steven P. 60, 131. 148. 149 Wroblewski, Teenia 52 Wyka. Michael A P 52, 163 Yeakey, John P. 131 Yanke, Bryon A P. 64 Yoder. Robert J P. 60 Young, Christine M P. 52 Young. Lorretta P. 60 Young. Tammy M P. 54. 60. 108. 110 Zagnoli, Rolle P. 13 Zaknoen, Edward G P. 64 Zaknoen. Susan M P. 52 Zoyb. Suzanne B P. 52 Zeese. Mark A P 149 Zieske. Jane M P 60. 104 Zitzelberger, James P. 105. Ill Zook, Kenith B P 60MIKE GRIMES T.J. CLEVELAND BRAD PATRICK SUE BREMER DAVE BILLER JODIE TAUB RON BEEBE DEVEN WILLIAMS LESLIE COLLINS MICHELE KELTZ DANA COLE EDITOR MGR. EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR ACADEMICSAs in a dream, what you have experienced through the year become memories. You should consider these memories a cornerstone for your futures. Afterall, today is only the first day in the rest of your life. This years’ Elstonian was printed by The American Yearbook Company. Body type is 10 pt. Souvenir and caption type is 8pt. Souvenir. Headline type is 30pt. Souvenir Bold. Student body and faculty pictures were taken by Root Photographers. The 1981 Elstonian staff would like to thank the following for their help and contributions: The News Dispatch, Miss Booth, Mr. Ash, Mike Hackelman, Mrs. Dabbert, and The American Yearbook Company. All lyrics used on divider pages from The Wiz. Written by Charlie Smalls. Copyright 1974, 1975, 1978, Fox Fanfare music, Inc., BMI. All rights re served. Used by permission.

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Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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