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g f'X GV' X Qvwwvlwmvw WMMW IoCvwx.L. H pin..- X I x ' x - - , f ' W . x f ,g f 1,1 , 3 ' 4 X I A4 " 7 L ' . ' I , L, , , , i , 1-fy-1 11 ' 1 1 , V ,uf ,I :I ,M A , W 2 - f 1 , X X.. ' ' V f , 7, , , , V A 1 5 1 ' ' r . . W I 1 , ' 4 f - f L V, 1 Q 1' , 9 K , ' , , , , . , , .J'?2:::::zgiigzfgnggmfnl-gg::::2:!:g!!:::::iai!maf.--i------...m.,.,MA I. , ,.- MJ. ,-.-,-, , . ,-.,...,, .,,,--. , X X 3 Q3 V N ' Eau ,, f5ff12zz, wf, ZA QLUL ' 5 VQQCLJF 1414i Q56 LQN Qflq Ld, Q fgQQ.'2'cg- Q ,, ' 4fZ'Mf'1 Q14 MQ ,.i L Q' 44J.6 mg'y C3 X xQ,g-L Q01 A7 Ju fo X-,4 ,YV f I A I ,J fcfjfkf QLLM, , X if W if h LL VJCf'L6!N7 N' Lfrtdijfzff N X xx A ff , ' - X .N N q Ljwcfn ,fray ' Q X 1 R W fjffs ,Qf,U1l1. K xc' 1 f I! I X X A "X ZCTLLC XX XN F' 1? kg' if 5 I K if J X X N ,MM !QfJ Vt C' jfyllxkz-,JL-LF, L,..n JMD ,jcwzjfk JN DQDXQV-Q .f-2 Q-f" f X giifll Jxkkp wwf-'X .5 Lfx' 'MNCQC QU cfffek df,-5K Www J' QD 'sw K CQ1gAJZ1fvC"ULf3-x 'DW if C5 1 'NV N W? wwSsf,Y QD 5 Q X D w N X X Q N I RSX xc Ly? ,Jvxgfgxf Q9 AS' :Ns-K: JNQQQTQ . Q. x ry N . K ff LS lkwvSkbXNQ., wUc.iUsQ b,'NQ0 5155 6SQYSS5qw.N.w Q f ' AQ 4 I r W + Now? lf X K WU,-S' ,0,X5L"SSQQ!Uk ,U .wf,75SQ wibwuxjfsgfvp Qgciye-'vb.Qgg kimgvyb Q Swv Q Nw vw su SW 1 b6,w3 QW R ffglqgiyk? fffvlggwjiy W f xg ep gigfy was J '?1g?1i:gEAg'DQy'e, avi? Q-,iw 'Q 3:Q,fl'i? EL H, jg, agar? - -v.' 'V- s sg. V . It 1.7 T 4. HM Qfysgsgss aw sz AWN ' 'W- wsimi 1 zu gas me ff 51 1 sf 3 19 Q . as ll ed 1 Q sports .... A. . . ' ' ' personalities . . . ads ...... index .... . ..' . - elstonian 1 x 4 . A he ya K5 ,.Asz,,uz ,:.:sC,fgmjL1g 1 ,1f.gfQgs.5 is wx' 3 -""-1 ,W- ., -2 1+ 'fhs grl wr ' N- C ff' W ,YQFQLL A communit participation 21821 ::f-'N QS-Q a- Q mom 051 EPP :QC Him veg? gf: filjikifii? 4 if M' ,igs,5.1iris5j,f,lQi35ii gn our 1,-,ummm +Qf22eSe . : ilaegfy fs aaa psf 1 i, fi 1-if boys wrap papers for the News-Dis- A great debate takes place at a Social ,A K QV LEFT? Chairman, Ann Lewellyan counts the returns of the March on Leukemia while the marchers look on. BELOW: Tooling out a tie-tack, Junior Achiever, Esther Kell seems very tied up in her work. ABOVE: Seriously discussing a book are members of the Literary Discussion Club, Chris Porter, Richard Fisher and Bill Dabbert. RIGHT' PIP CPeople in Politicsl leaders refer to their materials. more participants in communit activities l l BELOW: Students explore 'The Generation Gap' with lecturer Dr. Maria Piers left, at the Sinai Forum. LEFT' Dick Schwarz and a friend pose in front of the tents at the World Jamboree held in Idaho. BELOW' Pat Hart- man receives a plaque at a 4H horse show. 1 1, Girls at the Elite Youth Center receive instruction from Girl Scout, Daryl Penfold. ""'?"'ll"""f"""'? 'S 9 .-Mr' 3-Q1 my -1 if Q coach overman resigns To recognize his years of coaching the ELSTONIAN gives a salute to Vic Overman. 10 A headache due to ten billion cells operating in the most highly organized machine in the world. The brain is a storage box of learning that never fills up. Oh, to walk again in vanished scenes Chistoryj. Conclusions and delusions Cmathj. Discovery fsciencej. Communication flanguagej. Reports, term papers, book reports! But with the right care and proper use the brain will live to work again. It wasjust an overdose of. . . academics Rem Sprague and John Barrett explore the brain ofa lab rat in advanced science. Mary and Tom try their luck in an experiment. I2 discover the unknown Mr. Dehne . . . there's a mouse running loose in this room! Oh Dick, how can you stand to cut up that poor creature. These are very typical sounds in our Science Department. In order to take advanced science as a Senior, you start with chemistry in the Sophomore year. Physics is re- quired in the Junior year. The Senior year is then devoted mostly to student research projects. Most students, however, don't care to take this much science. Chemistry is generally for the Juniors with physics taken in the Senior year. If you don't need credits in these sciences, physical science is available for all college prep. students. The science classes, though hard, are quite interesting. They enable the student to grow mentally into the world ofthe unknown. A physics class outside, how strange. math leads the Way to the future Gee, Mr. Fischer, even you have a hard time explaining your quizzes. I thought I understood," says Cynthia Stuermer. A most inquisitive subject is math. To understand this fascinating phenomena, math's study begins in high school with geometry. This is a math of triangles and their functions. In the student's junior year his math subject is algebra. The student learns, in this class, the functions of Real numbers on the num- ber line. For a conclusion to high school math, the Senior year student receives training in advanced mathe- matics. This course consists of trig- onometry, analytic geometry, and calculus. This is a course which in- troduces the student to college math. The significance of this course is to help the student receive a foundation for future studies. Sue Linsemeyer listens attentively as Mr. Sorge explains a trig. problem. I3 ,.,....,apgV Kathy Pawlicke illustrates the correct procedure for cutting even, exact cookies, as fellow classmates observe. Cookies just don't raise if the oven isn't turned on, as Janis Bleek finds out. trial and error aids in learning Adding salt to the brew certainly enhances the flavor, as these two homemakers are taught. "Hmm . . . what is that tempting smell? Seems like its coming from the direction of the cooking class." These words are often spoken as one walks through the halls on that aromatic day that the foods classes are preparing their special gourmets. Through actual preparation of such goodies as cookies, tangy beverages and scrumptious looking cakes, the girls, preparing to become good home- makers, have an actual "taste" of what's in store for them. As the homemakers munch their tantalizing treats, admiring glances are cast in the direction of the passing young lady. She has just linished a proud sample of her artwork. The girls are instructed as to the preparation of a dress, blouse or skirt. Mrs. Sparks, who is the general instructor in this Held, strives to produce young girls who can produce a Hnished product, which would display no signs of a sewing machine or thread! These girls also learn the care of the equipment they use. ix! hi-T" "How does it look?" questions Jacki Wiziecki ofa helpful onlooker. Handwork as well as power driven work is required to produce a professional looking dress. Mwpwd gg L A ,::.. . u, ittil till? XX ,sf A luv" ' K wif 'ffl' U.,-:if -,ff K- v-fi-gf K 4 'C Q wma we Gym 5 ,Q Exact cutting for even slices assures per- fect tempting cookies, or so Kathy Pawlicke is hoping for. :I--"W Sophomore, Ellen Taft, concentrates on composing an interesting, informative theme for her English teacher, Miss Taylor. ihsiliiimilfiilfficfl Llffllifim expmd S tu d en t S S Q 3 I' Ch f0 I' C Q u I' S Q S It is usually a good idea to have read the book completely through just in case someone might ask you about it, such as your English teacher, Mr. Peterson. 6 N. Doug Anderson and Cindy .lankowski look through local newspaper to get ideas for the one they compose soon. to improve communication Red face, jittery nerves, sheer con- fusion . . . These could be words used to describe a student's first speech. The Held of public speaking helps stu- dents perfect their art of communica- tion by giving them a chance to speak in front of a critical audience. Types of speeches include, commercials, speeches to entertain, persuade and inform. Feature articles, cut lines, editorials . . . Sound familiar? To students tak- ing journalism, these and others should have a familiar ring. To aid the Comet workers, journalists are taught how to perfect a good news- paper or how to compose an interest- ing and well edited theme. Verbs, authors, novels . . . The story of our English Department. Students reading short stories or plays are given an insight in to the Held of American or English Literature. By reading a novel each year, students have a chance to voice their point of view on the same book. Communica- tion through words-ENGLISH! Vicki Pagel and 'friend try to sell all the ladies in the audience this amazing value in her advertising speech "Smile, you're on Candid Camera," says Bill Criswell Rl M social studies classes analyze the world crises , , ,,,,,,a,i,,,aW gg i W ' Reading can open a new scope into history, I guess, thinks Melinda Miller. That girl on the other side of the room is sure more interesting than I8 World History. Through debates, discussions, and argu- ments students learn the language of social studies. In ninth grade a student starts with the geography of the world. World history with all its gala eras, is studied while one is a sophomore. Our United States history is open for criticism and glorihcation in the eleventh grade. When you become a senior, depending on your school cur- riculum, a choice is made. College prep students will take government with the choice of either economics or sociology. The rest of the students take government and American problems. The Social Studies Department also offers extra curricular activities for their students. Social Studies Seminars are given for the students attendance. The teachers of the department pre- sent a debate with a chance for the students to participate. After this study the students are versed on world affairs. An OH' guard candid catches Mr. Troyer lectur- mg. students stud technique, rh To many people, music has become another universal language. It holds truth, mystery, and a mood for all those who are involved in it. Music at our school appears in two forms: in- strumental and vocal. The music that is played or sung is of a modern flair. It has generally been composed in the last decade so that it will please all people. In ninth grade those who are interested in voice are put into choruses while those interested in in- struments begin lessons. At high school the music becomes a daily class. Band and voice classes are credited subjects. For more advanced students there is an opportunity for them to become involved in contests and con- certs. Awards are given to those who are able to play well. Concerts are given throughout the year for the school and public entertainment. The instructors strive to teach their pupils style, techniques, and rhythm, besides good music appreciation. Through these formative years the basis for music majors are founded. Gary Bartholomew and his trombone concentrate on hitting the right notes. as-swung.-.1-f -wsmnawf.wn1mui-nl-nun , t w thm, rh me All chorus classes begin with a review of the scales. Tsa i K I9 ii- All right, who forgot their name this time, asks Mrs. Bonfield? Quiet study helps the minds in German Class. language A taste of foreign atmosphere is shown in our language classes. Lan- guages from all over the world are offered: French, Latin, Spanish, and German. The study of these dialects begin in the sophomore year. To re- ceive a minor in foreign language, you must take one of the languages for two years. You receive a major when the language is studied for three or four years. Besides the fundamen- tals learned in class, the student who has our standing merit in a language can receive a scholarship in a summer session, which sends the student to a foreign land. This helps those stu- dents who wish to major in their languages in college. After these years of studying, the students are accli- mated to foreign atmosphere and ready for further study. Vickie Calvert stares off with an absent mind. classes, a feeling of foreign air 'Y' is ,WWW A discussion group in German takes a look a German Art. Mr. Hakin answers questions for his Spanish 3 class. 1 Sarah Westphal peers attentively at her German lesson. 21 new business The calculator's necessary but it's still hard to master, thinks Mary Jo. Norma Briggs uses the dictaphone in business machines to complete a lesson. "I do think typing is a chore" mutters Kathy Ungurait. machines used to promote serv Tick, Tick, Tick, . . . Cheryl types an assignment diligently. 1 -B Mrs. Gallas gets in the act with her students on the IBM Typewriter. ice to school A flair for service sparks our Busi- ness Department. The business ma- chines classes are doing jobs for both school and civic activities. Their serv- ices are employed for fliers, invita- tions, administration work, and even maybe our report cards. Their train- ing starts in the sophomore year with general business and typing. The junior year follows suit with book- keeping, electric typewriters and shorthand. To conclude their studies, accounting and ofiice machines are taken during the senior year. After this training the graduates find many jobs waiting. Besides machine work, there is tiling, accounting, recep- tionists, and secretarial work. These students, courses resemble that of the machine training except for the ad- dition of business English. Gail uses this transcript as part of her training in Business Machines. 23 vocational arts prepare a Joe Martorano works with an instrument in electronics. future Work in projects help the vocational student prepare for the future in tech- nical work. It provides the student with needed training and knowledge of equipment, which he will be in contact with throughout a career. Since the vocational department is the largest in the school, it offers the greatest variety in courses from which to specialize. This vocational training begins in the ninth grade and con- tinues on through the twelfth grade. Each year an elective is given to the student to choose among the following subjects: mechanical drawing, elec- tronics, machine shop, auto shop, sheet metal, welding, wood shop, and distributive education. From these classes the student will obtain a fairly rounded education. After high school, however, it is advisable for the stu- dent to further his education in a trade school. Besides vocational sub- jects, these students also learn sub- jects of domestic importance. Do you suppose that this combination will Concentration is required to obtain skill at a drill. work? Mr. Lupinek instructs three members ofhis class in new techniques. Now if I turn this knob, what will happen? This sure is a tough place to get to 5 i f V QQ? veit' , variety of subjects interest health students Eyes closed, ears open-the only way to learn, as Debbie Humbert will readily tell you. "Now, now class, we must stay'awake," utters Mr. Schlegelmilch to his 1:00 Health class. Chin on thumb, deep in thought, John Manak listens to teacher's endless lecture. 26 21? Q mlb saw -it 1 Q 1 at-f ' ' r t if- ,YY 'R M mifaiiiiv 3 fwfm' Students End committee work aids in finishing assignments, as illustrated in this safety class safety class prepares future defensive drivers The effect of tobacco on the body- Drive defensively-Insert key, depress clutch, start car-Each of the above phrases have something to do with either health, safety or drivers training. Teachers of health cover a variety of subjects from the systems of the body, to the vitamins essential to maintain it. After a semester of health, the student studies safety, in preparation for drivers training. Through such things as dashboard drawings, accident re- ports and notebooks, teachers try to illustrate actual traffic hazards. The iinal step seems to be the behind the wheel driving in drivers training. Here the teaching in safety is put to the test. All of these subjects strive to keep our population alive just a little bit longer. Mr. Fisher shows Steve Newman the position of different objects in this dashboard simulation of a Mustang. Natalie Stahl and Chuck Wray discover .their actual stopping time with this reaction timer. 27 it'-U-an V "Fifty more sit-ups for an A?" whine the boys, thoroughly exhausted already. Two girls get set up to try their hand at field hockey as gym assistant, Gayle Rogers, looks on. V O I I O 3Ct1V1t16S lnterest and benefit Gloating glances are given to those who must struggle through the agony of sit-ups. mural., "Youlre not wet enough," . . . "Stom- ach in," . . . "Knees straight"-These sounds can be heard at any hour of-the day coming from the vicinity ofthe gym classes. Through such varied activities as volleyball, girls field hockey, tumbling and indoor calis- thenics the girls strive to retain their girl watchers figures! The stronger sex run through such vigorous agita- tions as hippy-tippy toe, which is a soccer type baseball, indoor soccer, cage ball and of course the regular exercises and relay races done to build their masculine physique. When stu- dents enter Senior High they have already achieved one half credit in P.E. It is concluded usually in their sophomore year by gaining another one-half credit, making one full credit needed by the pupils to graduate. Keeping the body in good physical condition is the goal set and achieved by our P.E. Department. p.e. students Joann Pawloski gives a hasty, but forceful kick as she sends the ball across the field. "It just looks like'a jail boys, it's not really this bad!" Victim in the center displays that quick move- ments are necessary to dodge the ball. iff: Mrs. Wenning illustrates how to hold the hockey stick to insure the best possible play. 29 Vickie Pagel and friend explore the wonders of the world through a microscope, cadet teachers explore their interests Sharon Gast helps her kindergarten explore the sense of smell. class 30 "No Stevie, take the scissors out of your mouthlu The seemingly minor tasks undertaken by students plan- ning their future around education actually benefit the teacher supervis- ing cadet teachers. Each year seniors on the academic course interested in elementary education, are given the opportunity of experiencing their fu- ture career by devoting two to three Learning as well as teaching, Pat Leahy helps a fourth grader prepare a science chart. hours of school time to this credit course. This program, under the direction of Miss Alma Koza, provides students with the problems of their future plans. ' Grading papers, leading songs, mak- ing bulletin boards to delight the minds ofthe young... work stud programs DE ICT, and DECA Courses of study increase in kind and number to keep up with the rapid ad- vances demanded in today's world. Each student should have the kind of education that will best prepare him for the future. Twenty-live seniors participated in the credit course of Distributive Education taught by Mr. Dry. Mornings were spent in regular classes and afternoons were spent on the job in the various phases of marketing and salesmanship. Mr. lVlaxey's classes in Diversified Coop- erative Education had an enrollment of forty-three. In the classroom each student studied his chosen field of work, participated in discussion and problem-solving. Jobs of skilled and semi-skilled types were available for both boys and girls. l 3 I visual arts: line, shape and color Students strive to depict Santa Claus in all his glory, with papier mache. John Olvaney, with some help C21 from John Bishop, shapes the bag full ofgoodies for Old Saint Nick. l i l l l 32 Papier mache, collage, block printing, still life painting, whatever the as- signment, it requires a personal touch. Students hand in three sketches every Monday. As the year progresses so does the student in terms of awareness of proportions, contrast, and balance. Art can be taken for three years, starting in the sophomore year. It makes a worthwhile and enjoyable elective in junior and senior years. Teachers are Mrs. Behrndt, head of the department, Mrs. Valentine, and Mr. Ferguson. At the annual regional scholastic art show in the spring teachers sub- mit outstanding student portfolios. Nominees are chosen for scholarship awards. As with everything else you begin with simple objects, such as stick men and work up to more diflicult projects. s V it ,qs Kurt Huff adds finishing touches to his project, as other discuss their problems. Many students even surprise themselves as to what they are able to create in art, as the expression on Bruce Murphy's face depicts. Bob Lynch tries to perfect his work by exact- ing the lines of the model he has before him. 33 ?Q"f 3' ,X --L E 34 While eavesdropping in the halls, you can hear comments about the way the assembly went that morning, or how late it was when rehearsal was iinished last night. "Maybe there could have been more pep in the pep session!" "What a football game, perfect for homecoming!" "Those teachers can really ham it up!" "You know, I had to work right up to the day school began . . . they really wanted me to work longer!" Just use your imagination . . . whatever you fill in for conversation you must admit it's enthusiasm that puts spice into . . . student life 'ggames people play" in the summer Learning the finesse of selling is Judy Wolfe. As kids grow older they change games . . . Teenagers prefer games with considerations ofindividual taste, greater mental and physical skills Qjobsj. Objectives ofthe games create learning situations that are fung relieve boredom by constructive use of time. Rewards ofthe games are many and varied. On these pages the game is GAME OF LIFE 2ii3 formula: teenager + work : pay + fun All this is preparation for the "game of independencew which requires players to be at least 18. Dick Luchtman at WMCB with a news flash. g cd . gig E ,V . h"'123,. 5 W LS. ,- 1 f 5 ff 1 ' ,y f 7 A . .wg Stor teller Debbie Cook has a perfect setting, a treehouse, in which to Y i , tell a "Once Upon a Time". rifle ff? QL, ig 3? r my 'K W an , ' ,, . ,,.. W M .N ,i Him!-wt-f4v.,..M,,W . Don't dispute the umpire's decision, especially when he is Lee Lonzo. L M'-cami'-fwzkg 5 t - i c., V ff M f V, . A picture from the pastg remember Tom Sawyer? Nancy Parker and Sue Graham are the artists. , 1 4 1 i-ex 4 la 5 India:-Mi f9',f xg gt -lx x-xx ,avi A Juniors kick offtheir shoes as theyjoin in the chain dance at their annual summer beach party. seniors, juniors, reunite during the summer J Brisk winds, warm fires, resounding music . . . The scene was set for the annual Senior and Junior Beach Parties which were held during the summer. Students entertained themselves by building human pyramids and engaging in "chicken fights". Seniors danced in the damp, cold sand to the music ofthe Daze End. Looking for a lost Contact lens seemed to highlight the evening for the Juniors. V Summer adventures and the forthcoming school year became the center of discussion. Old friends were reunitedg new friends introduced. What's going on! It's only a group of Juniors searching the beach area for Carolyn Phelps' lost contact lens. 38 A deserted sign is placed at the entrance to the Senior beach party. It was postponed due to the windy conditions. Displaying the "art of balance", Debbie Schaumann becomes the Hrst girl to attempt such a feat. minmmm if , , i ,iw-. an K iv-4 , ,gr An unidentified Senior tries desperately to climb to the top of the human pyramid. 39 Admiring glances from the crowd are given to Cindy Weber, FTA can- didate, and her escort Bob Kelly. WVU' FIRST ROW' P. Kelsey, M. McGee, K. Young, B. Boyer, D. Russell. SECOND ROW: K. Maruya- ma, I. Kelly, M. Schuh, S. Graham, D. Snyder, C, Weber. THIRD ROW' J. Van Vlack, J. Wise, N. Eaise, S. Hultgren, C. Tiedeman, B. Menifee. FOURTH ROW: C, Guth, M, Zummak, K. Markowski, D. Hartman, D. Davis, B. Schmidt, C. Pliske. FIFTH ROW.' J. Hamlett, R. Layman, J. Svendson, G. Kambs, N. Sutherland, D. Williams, M. Grifiin. 40 Barb Schimdt is proclaimed Queen amid shouts ofjoy. FINALISTS: Donna Snyder, Barb Schmidt, Cindy Pliske, Keiko Maruyama, and Norma Eaise, LOWER RIGHT: Roses are presented to Barb by Mr. Jones. crowning a queen Homecoming week, and the excitement of. . . club nominations . . . selecting the candidates . . . escorts . . . hallway huddles . . . predictions . . . planning a parade . . . the Friday assembly . . . then there are five. Brightly decorated cars . . . south on Franklin to Ames Field . . . an anticipating crowd . . . hopeful candidates and proud parents . . . halftime fanfare . . . introductions . . . the awaited announcement . . . and Barb Schmidt is 1967 Homecoming Queen . . . applause and red roses . . . congratulations . . . music and dancing . . . the perfect evening. A. S -y.,.g.n ' 1 .gp "':3TM,.. ' 'MfFl'u?f-'S ' -1-121:32 '75-A mjmyw- W ' ,f-1: X. fl ,xy-,,, ' Mr gwmrwsffmff , This was a typical scene of the damage caused by Jack Frost during his visit to Michigan City. A group of boys try desperately to move a car that was buried in the drifts. city covered b Hwhite blanket" Chattering teeth . . D t r 1 t Frost-bitten hands . . . Hlifg SZ'Riftei1i?f1aZnt'ZIZaI201il'I1 ali. ammg hem' Swdems had fun Frozen toes . . . Michigan City was visited by Jack Frost early in the season. New-fallen snow, drifts, and ice created an illusion of a W "winter wonderland? Along with the Hrst snowfall, came such activities as shoveling sidewalks, engaging in snowball fights, and building snowmen. ABOVE: Rebounding with ease, fnight game at Semi-Stateb. RIGHT' Getting set for the Regional. BELOW4 Apprehension, in the atmosphere, fnight game at Semi-Stateb. MW, Showing off the Sectional Trophy. Hhoosier h steriaw nmmfmwmm1smnmm um:,neimkpi,1m: iisvrwf,-avuaasnzmiwvma:mmiamw iiezQm +,mm n'mnl Jubilation, Cfirst game at Semi-Staley. LEFT- Time ran out for Michigan City, fsecond gamel. ABOVE: "Don't fence me in," ftirst game at Semi-Statel. RIGHT' Blocking ballet, QRegi0nalsJ. Winner takes all, lllegionalsy. i -nn1 ..x'1n fmil t Jackie singing "People" from the Broadway Musical "Funny Girl": "I did one charcoal and one painting to illustrate the song" . . . "children" and "lovers" "There were thirteen . . . I applied right before the deadline . . . thought about the scholarship and needed the experience." michigan city's junior miss, jackie hamlett Jaycees sponsored the annual Junior Miss Pageant, November 24 at Barker Hall. Pageant judges based their decision on mental alertness, personality, sense ofvalues, clarity of expression, personal appearance, school and club activities and honors . . plus the talent competition. FINALISTS: Judy Wolfe, Miss Congeniality, Jackie Hamlett, 'Junior Miss, Paula Voss, second runner-up and Sue Lapaich, hrst runner-up. 46 hams 'n' lambs Elston's annual 'SVariety Shown . . . sponsored by the Honor Society rated the "critics ravesl' again. Fun and pun . . .song and dance pantomime and comedy. Mr. Lootens, Master of Ceremonies, fwith very quick with kept the audience in "top form". Faculty and students in a State of Communality make this event the Happening ofthe Year. FAR LEFT' Mr. Lonzo as the "White Knight". LEF7? One of EIston's "Supremes, Yvonne McDonald. A reluctant Kevin Dieckilman is escorted by Ruth Ramsey. A fantastic dance maneuver is displayed by Paul O'Gorek. i. ywwiw m 7 auditions, memorizing, Walking through the National Forest, Ray McGrath CTully Bascombl takes time to have a chat with a mouse in the tree, i l 4 l l 4 l l 1 l The professor, played by Bill Capp, receives a salami sandwich X from his housekeeper, Ellen Welker. l 1 l l John Lucas CCount Mountjoyl, Sue Fleming fPrincess Gloriannaj, i and Ian Johnston fhead of the anti-delutionist partyl appear in one of many court scenes in Grand Fenwick. i l i l l l 48 opening night jitters Crowds filled the auditorium to capacity - during the presentations of the Junior and Senior plays. The island of San Marco was the scene of Don Quixote USA, presented by the Junior Class. Gray Carlson and Mike Hedges, the Generalissimo and Arthur, along with Jane Kaszynski and Val Novak, Pepe and Conchita, portrayed their characters excel- lently. Likewise, the audience was enthralled by the Senior Class, presentation of The Mouse Thar Roared. Putting forth a tremendous effort were Ray McGrath as Tully Bascomb, Sue Flem- ing as Princess Glorianna, and John Lucas as Count Mountjoy. Ellen Welker, Ian Johnston, Bill Capp, and Tom DeWitt were also part of the annual production. Minutes after docking, Arthur tries desperately to stop a native from stealing his bags. Standing over the unconscious Generalissimo fGray Carlsonj, Pepe and Arthur Mike Hedges fArthurJ and Jane Kaszynski QPepeJ make their way to plan further Strategy' a banana plantation on the island ofSan Marco. i J . W A bid ofS5 is cast by Dan Niegos at the senior slave sale. new records set during elston squeeze After continuous months of pooling money in the homerooms, Elston Senior High set two new records in their annual "Squeeze" campaign. The entire student body contributed S5385.00, with Mrs. Durand's 12-F-5's setting a new all time high ofS533.20. Various media were used to obtain the overwhelming amount. From bake sales to car washes to slave sales, the students pitched in every penny they could spare. Both local and national charities were the recipients of the money collected during that week. Paul O'Gorek helps to promote the annual Elston Squeeze. Al Gabriele proudly presents Mr. Jones a check for 55385. Students crowd the auditorium to claim their new ELSTONIANS. autograph dance keeps pens busy Sue Stott tries to think of something clever to say as she signs a friends ELSTONIAN. What page is my picture on? Will you sign my book? These arejust a few of the various questions which the students asked themselves and their friends during the annual ELSTONIAN Autograph Dance. Pens were put through the "torture test" throughout the entire evening. The gym was lilled to capacity by students with ELSTONIAN in hand. Doing it the easy way, Dan Novreske autographs a book for a friend. ' L l foreign language program benefits students In Krefeld, Germany, a modern building doesn't make going to school so bad. After school miniature golf seemed to be the craze and ofcourse dancing with an "English" beat. What could be better than having a baker for a father? No wonder Mark took long walks with his family. -my i11n- You finally arrive in the country . . . you feel the excitement like meeting someone for the first time and the first impressions are lasting ones. You meet your family and launch right into the language. How does it feel to think in a foreign language? , Gradually you begin to get the iniiections, gestures and take on a bit ofslang. You take snapshots, bring back things to give to people but youjust can't really explain your experiences. Living, dancing, singing and studying together is the way to understanding. Pam Reichl, Rem Sprague and Mark Holmes will be dusting off their souveniers for a long time to come. Taking a break from their studies, Mark and his friends talk, in German that is, English wasn't allowed. 2:'f.:a 5ii?i+1'fr iiififi ' fs? ' "' .. . , f ,ai ,, Mffl' it rc' 1 ' ,Q Eff I Q C if x 1 as I v v . ., 1 ' , , Q 4 ss al'-n wah ," s", if 'in Q Q ,M ik. l ' .'11 'K I 'Q .9 A X Q 1 we uf-f' it-fn-. L7 l.F 1 lk Q' ' ,qs .V I X-5 TE'-f' 'wi- . D 'ln li K Q, 'Q J 'G Q 8 'rv Fridays were set aside for sight seeing tours. The class visited such places as a bongo factory and La Plaza de Armas, below, They spent one weekend in Mexico City. Folk dancing, Mexican songs and Spanish were taught at the school Pam and Rem attended in San Louis Posi, Mexico. During their two month stay they were re- quired to speak only Spanish. One assignment was to recite a poem every week. ln the far right Rem displays his dancing ability. E Here is Pam and her "sister". Together they attended dances that were held almost every night. 53 . and when in america do as the americans dt Keiko and "sister" Marilyn McGee play the roll of the typical teen ager by filling up their plates. basketball and baseball are Keiko's favorite spectator sports, but Keiko Maruyama has changed the meaning ofthe word usayonarai' for all of us. Our foreign exchange student from Ueda-ski Nagano-hen, Japan, and the students at Elston are only a "jet-flightw away from continued friendships. Breaking the language barrier and introducing the local "customs,' was great fun for the McGee family, Keiko's family for one year. Keiko's favorite class is English, she is a remarkable student! . by fs S fx QE ' A 1 ZV, . i ww-A + 5 F 'V 5 ' wk 4,1 . if A',cL 54' ,4 1. Qs: ,, ,sa 4 K rye. .if ' v lf .li V .3 ', yn Q .,. ,,w,,.. gpg, h,H..E, .. 9 ' Q 4 Q. 5 5 E. ,f 5 i I f 11" ,KW ... ,Q , 1 4: fi -5' Y ,. . gy, 1, ,. ,nf Q, ,QL 1 ff sf!! K 1' 'ik Q Q 5- ' I 1, Q hui! Ay fff- . X ,, , wt- ix 5 '. v Wt. 4 45" ? 221 Q s My N 4i9h1L ff W. ,, fs, 45 Af Q ff QW I v I .- ,F 9 .T. .-n ..- 'Q xg, -m-a'Qf.A:: 3, if ,X -. ,,,.,s Q.. - Iva ,441 313,525 A - , V-wma-up-v 4, X me X , " -9 5: 7? My-mwm 1:2 TE-3 5, qfasbff Judy Wolfe reluctantly glances down as she puts up the drop ceiling. before and How could the juniors possibly get everything ready for the Junior-Senior Prom in the limited amount oftime? First, their ingenuity was put to a test, they had to decide on a theme. Scenery and servers were next on the list. Last, but not least, their patience was put to test throughout the trying week. The big, empty gymnasium, which everyone had thought was impossible to decorate, began to take shape. After a quiet evening, with time to reflect upon the past, the couples left the era of "The Arabian Nightsi' and returned to the present. The post-prom was the finale of the momentous evening. Removing the dust from circulation, Janet Baines sweeps the stage. 56 7 after the 67 prom Tired couples take time out between songs to catch their breath. it A "To be or not to beg that is the question?" asks Tom Segelstrom. 3 fi Displaying a new technique, Paula Seybert gets in the action. You can really get in the swing ofthings at the post prom 57 We E' His wish is their command. FRONT ROW: Carol Snyder, Jim Silko, Sharon Kinsey, DOUHH Snyder, Jim Wilson. BA CK RO W: Bob Hood, Bob Vanderplough, Ray Kominiarek. the arabian knights return Couples patiently await their turn to view the fountain more closely. 58 Lights dimmed, fountain flowing Harem girls and servants seated around the Sultan. The procession slowly made its way through the mist-filled tunnel to the majestic entrance ofthe palace. The doors opened . . . In a matter of minutes, the previously tranquil room was Hlled with sounds of merriment. From the murals on the walls to the buildings ofthe ancient city, the theme of "The Arabian Nightsn was ever present. J.-0" . .f W V' ,Wfxk T322 ,ff x vi Na E l Mf A X if Q 4 f ,I gi' U X If ' I "L ' gl f'-,'L ' vm1""""' ' 'w,1r,C4LAU,,,.,- ' I , . Captured by the mood ofthe night, Marsha Kubaszczyk and Dan Hosna L-please Connie be careful with that takea o entt " . - - ' m m 0 remmlsce pm!" exclaims Doug Schultz. X ,rdf 4- lf' XV' Pam Arnold, Doug Anderson, Cindy Collins, John Florent, Jean Florent and Tim Hammond become amazed at the fountain. 1 X532-V :mfs Q :wg 1355 2 James Bazemore receives assistance from Joy Allen. Don't pull too hard! Below: Examining her diploma, Kathy Bates is filled with delight, At Right: Tom DeWitt leads the seniors to their place of recognition. graduation+tears, i gt Email' 6.05151 s t 1111, '. . 'iff V sffffflf. ' if' "'i . -Q iff- . sf '. " 1" fi' ni A .M - ' A mar, A U lffi, K - 5, VK ..,,- I , WQ r f it is i Of ' If n, ' 60 S' is ,, 'J' , . gg .32a,1,,f,,,.,9,:k,f?.f22g2 ,I -9 'W . egg-.swf 'isiifglsiiviii' V 9, 9 57:9f'v.6"z,g af 3?-fZ,?f3W?'Q3d'ui" gg r'a51-i5f?"Q? ' . A 'fy ,, V 2,4 lf Q' 1 1- Q few. 'wwq-yyyyt irq' Z Q his pyssmigi we L, '15, f4g,,r5-att or ,gvaga . 'fm 1 4 .4 .V , The seniors are well aware ofall that is happening. Larry Eidy proudly steps upto receive his diploma. smiles, memories Mixed emotions filled the hearts ofthe Seniors during their final days at Elston Senior High. They werejoyous because graduation day was near, yet saddened by the fact that only memories could be preserved. "Pomp and Circumstancew could be heard in the background as the graduates filed into the auditorium. C. William Ritterhoif, Vice-President of Bethlehem Steel Corporation, was the principal speaker. Margie Abram, Mike Adams, Cathy Akins . . ." As the students walked across the stage they were handed a small piece of paper. It was not as insignificant as it appeared. That document was the key to open the door to the outside world. The leaders of tomorrow was an issue no longer, for they had become those leaders, today. 61 !l?'SCCl1V"'EK l"""m' inn-3 51333 sf' H 1 ' 3 3 v ., N 'i Z 'ef F 1 , 3 ,,,: z By adding greater fulfillment to the academic role in school life these organizations serve to enliven and enlarge the personality ofthe student. By recognizing the individual creativity and personality these groups strive for the emergence of potential traits of leadership. By creating an atmosphere for growth toward maturity these organizations give the student a right to participate and with that right comes the responsibility to contribute. organizations students represented in government Representing the student body is the Student Council. Members are elected by the students of each class and meetings are held when important issues need to be discussed. This year the Student Council has discon- tinued the Snake Dance and has re- placed it with "Beat LaPorte" week. Other issues discussed were the Elston Squeeze, class rings, school spirit, and the sale of season basketball tickets. Jim Kniola, Eddie Wilson, and Phil Keen joyously receive the Victory Bell returned by .lim Schroeder, Student Council president from LaPorte. STUDENT COUNCIL-FRONT ROW' Losienecki, Vissing, Stahl, Wilke, Kinsey, Hultgren, Jones, Braddy. SECOND ROW' Wolfe, Wise, Childress, Hutton, Snyder, O'Brien, Foldenauer, Kambs THIRD ROW: Austin, Henry, Harmon, Overman, Taylor, J. Foldenauer, Logmann, Cochran FOURTH ROW: Peters, DeWitt, Keen, Lonzo, Beyer, McGugin, Goetz. FIFTH ROW- Kniola O'Gorek, Blake, Alexander. 64 students serve school and communit After close consideration in the fields of scholarship, leadership, service, and character, members of the National Honor Society are selected. Their service to the school and community is shown through sponsoring the an- nual clothing drive, "Hams and Lambs", the Sophomore Assembly of orientation, and the Channel ll fund raising drive. HONOR SOCIETY FRONT ROW' Werdin McGee, Sassaman, NATIONAL 4 . , ley, Samelson, Russell. SECOND ROW: Katz, Delehanty, Collins, Hibner, Colwell, Layman Tortorici, Penfold, Van Vlack, Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Leahy, Voss, Studer, Svendsen, Piechnik Kambs, Sutherland, Hamlet, ShalTer, FOURTH ROW: Krause, Meiser, Roames, Linsemeyer ' ' . FIFTH ROW. J Florent Hansen Linn, Crosby Malecki, Reichl, Ostwald, Westphal, Scott, Heisman ' . , , , Qf-henanek, Short, Biddinger, Furnes , , , . t OW: Wilson, J. Florent, Smith, s Holmes Bauer Lonzo SIXTHR " "----ww-rl Andln Kazmucha, Kings- Students and faculty members helped hll l0l bags with clothing which were given to needy families. 4..,...--nn y clubs uphold creed The creed of the National Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Fellowship is to strive to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character. Members of these clubs are willing to support and uphold this creed. Club meetings are held twice a month. Their activities include "Youth in Govern- mentw, sponsoring dances at the Y.M.C.A. to raise money for projects such as providing worthy families with Thanksgiving baskets, and donating Christmas gifts to rest homes in Michigan City. This year the '68 Hi-Y presented the library with a new record player. These girls seem to differ as to where the action is in the 68 vs 69 Hi Y basketball game. 68 TRI HI Y-FRONTROW: Gilotti, Russell, Eilers, Sanders, Kazmucha, Cohodes, Gabor, Shaw, Werdin, Wise, Weber, Abel, Eaise, Yeater, McCoy. SECOND ROW: Cox, Conrad, Bradshaw, Sko- nieczny, Branaman, Zummak, Kingsley, Katz, Fatt, Andershock, Gast, Nichols, Randolph, Croft. THIRD ROW: Miller, Fries, Sassaman, Seybert, Schmidt, Schaeht, Collins, Liebig, Hibner, Roames, Pagel, Van Vlack, Rist. FOURTH ROW: Davis, Fox, Sutherland, Svendsen, Miller, Vanderplough, Schaumann, Kambs, Schroll, Schroeder, LaTourette, Voss, Studer, Meska. FIFTH ROW: J. Pritz, Bentley, White, M. Pritz, Mertl, Hartman, Putz, Timm, Deutscher, Short, Turek, Griffin, Kring, Cline. 68 Hl-Y-FRONT ROW: Callaway, Dolembo, Parry, Hack, Miller, Blumenfield, H. Smith, Mills, Olvaney, Morgan, Hynek, Everly, Sjoberg. SECOND ROW: Peters, Macken, Zelanka, Irk, Dietz, Stevens, Dutchess, Cruise, Wantuch, Crosby, Barrett, Nickell, Belue, Jacobson, Frederick. THIRD ROW: J. Krueger, Agler, Wendt, Sprague, Blais, Keen, Kelly, Mohamed, Janowski, Stokes, Poehl, Kesler. Cooper. FOURTH ROW: Frv. Drake, Hamlin, Bradley, Losiniecki, McGugin, Mansfield, Murray, Fitzhugh, Fortier, D. Krueger. FIFTH ROWA Birt, Bear, Foldenauer, Brammell, Kniola, O'Gorek, Lueth, Gryvna, Kelley, Winski, M. Smith, Ramion. Howard Smith demonstrates to Miss Dahlberg and Mr. Peters how to operate the new record player presented to the library by 68 HI Y. 67 seniors out score juniors Something new was tried in the Hi-Y this yearg the juniors and seniors chal- lenged each other to a game of basket- ball. The seniors proved their great- ness by winning the game with a score of 66-57. '69 HI Y-OFFICERS-FRONT ROW- Frankinburger, Working. SECOND ROW: Garton. THIRD ROW: Chinski, Dale. "Jump, Steve, Jump!"-The basketball game between the '68 and '69 Hi-Y's proved to be exciting 9 TRI Hl Y-OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: A arkowski, Bracken, Reeter. SECOND ROW' ekete, McGill, Warren, Werner, Schlegelmilch HIRD RO W: Devetski, Claeys, Pliske, Cooley: f 70 TRI HI YXOFFICERS-FRONT ROW. Wilke, Kinsey, Kohn. SECOND ROW: Weidner, Schmitt, Jankowski, Vallarano. THIRD ROW Hutton, Meska, Peek. FOURTH ROW: Men- nen, Kahn, Grindle, Flavin. 69 70 Hl Yf0FFlCERS-FRONT ROW: Sheets. SECOND ROW' Lyles, Jacobson. THIRD ROW: Scrivnor. FOURTH ROW: Dompke, Jaques, Donogue. Paula Seybert stretches for the absentee list. fiiillgegggggm The counselors' secretary, Carol Tempel. aids in clerical work, always on the run Running errands, delivering call out slips, and collecting absentee lists are the duties ofthe counselors' assistants and office messengers. These girls give up their study halls or lunch hours to aid the principals, counselors, and sec- retaries in running their ollices more efliciently. COUNSELORS' ASSISTANTS-FRONTROW: Sanders, Cockshott, Trojan. SECOND ROW: Bruemmer, Dingman, Phelps. THIRD ROW: Troy Braddy. FOURTH ROW: Schact, Slagey, Cava- naugh. FIFTH ROW: Downs, Snyder. SIXTH ROW: Kohn, Sobecki, Troyer. . t .4 '? 'Ti 'Zia fi xfX ,,.u VX yxxfX!rXxaf .f f'X'fX 1 OFFICE MESSENGERS-FRONT ROW: Bohne, Dalton, Graff, Dutchess, Sass, Weber, Whitmore, Dyer, Werner, McCoy. SECOND ROW: Patterson, Talbutt, Bradford, Seybert, K. Kingsley, Rist Kinney, Graham, Warren, Wright, Wiles. THIRD ROW: Evans, Parker, Muldoon, Braddy, Hallin Meska, Claup, Dempsey, Schact, K. Kingsley, Childress. FOURTH ROW4 Svendsen, Koren, Timm Short, McLean, Bentley, Griffin, Kambs, Erickson, Foldenauer, Sutherland, Wegner. Bob Fisch and Tom Glidden need to speed up as they wrap gifts for Beatty. latin club gives gifts to beatt This year the Latin Club had a new sponsor, Mrs. Bonfield. The meetings were changed from having them at school to having them in club mem- bers, homes. They had their annual Roman Banquet and produced one- sixth the total number of Christmas gifts sent to Norman Beatty Memorial Hospital from Michigan City. LATIN CLUB-FRONT ROW' Russell, Kelly, Mulligan, Cowgill. SECOND ROW: Womack Zawacki, Sweeting, Yoder, O'Bringer, l-lineman. THIRD ROW' Lisek, Wood, Glidden, O,Berlink Warren, Landing, Bonfield. FOUR TH ROW- Eisele, Werner, Fisch, Bricker, Parkman, Lyles. M, .. wfv. -Mwii-1-, M. . will snow while presented in spanish exciting year. They had their regular f monthly meetings plus special ac- C tivities. These activities included a play, Snow White, performed in Spanish, a tour of Mexico through slides, and a Christmas pinata party. These girls show offthe pinatas broken at the Spanish Club Christmas party SPANISH CLUB--FRONT ROW' Stott, Warren, Long, Miller, Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Dutchess, Haney, Himes, Lucas, Schultz, Giglio, Johnson, Furness, Muhm, Abraham, Duncin. THIRD ROW' K. Kingsley, Penfold, Slagley, Teets, Meredith, Larson, K. Kingsley, Jarka, Zawacki, Carmona Cooperman. FOURTH ROW: Feldman, Calvert, Dolezal, Pliske, Peckat Davis Nelson Smith Ishmael, Kohn, Pearson. FIFTH ROW' Gallagher, Reichl, Sprague, G. Aiistin, Wright, C., Austin: Frageman, Winski, Kolster, Center, Hakim. Q Members ofthe spanish Club had an 1 Fraulein Meyer, the student teacher, observes festivities at one ofthe German Club's monthly dinner parties. The romantic atmosphere of candle light en- hances Paula Voss and Dick Luchtman. SR. GERMAN CLUB-FRONT ROW: Lyons, Kahl, Samelson, Joers, McGill, Sjoberg, Schmidt, Wise, Kinsey, Hornyak, McGowan, Buchanan. SECOND ROW: Pagel, LaRocco, Hibner, Stachowski, C. Meska, Pearson, Zollman, McAnally, Overman, Liebig, Schacht, Erickson, Katz. THIRD ROW' Hultgren, Skierkowski, Gotto, Ryan, Voss, Lyness, Oberlink, Roames, Krause, Hallin, Lang, Kinney. FOUR TH ROW: Shalfer, Ostwald, Westphal, Linsemeyer, Poehl, Wilson, Burns, Duechting, M. Meska, O'Neal, Holmes, Swinehart, Snyder. FIFTH ROW: D. Alexander, Kieft, Murray, Kubik, Luchtman, Bartholomew, O'Gorek, Rudnick, Brammell, G. Alexander, Stibbie, Kambs, Hibbs. students tour foreign lands Senior German Club members had an exciting year. They had regular meet- ings after school at which films of Germany were shown. Also, once a month an evening dinner party was held in the home of one ofthe mem- bers. They sang songs, played games, and attempted playing a player piano and hand-bellowed organ. Members of French Club had regular meetings and parties at which they learned the culture ofthe French people. FRENCH CLUB-FRONT ROW: Cox, Wenc, Swistek, J. Smith, Otlewski, Hedstrom, Parker, Schepanek. SECOND ROW.' Bodis, Warren, Cairns, Harper, Pawlik. Stoamer, Heuck, Werner. THIRD ROW Cl k V d : ar , an ervaart, V. Smith, Stork, Wilson, Meska. Buchanan, White. Goetz, Vanosky. FOURTH ROW: Sharp, Mennen, Whitaker, Trojan, C, Jankowski, Foldenauer, Schaviak, Hampel, Frank, Johnson, Zarantonello, DeRosia, Baker. FIFTH ROW: Scholl, Meth, Periolat, Meer, Dabbert, C. Jankowski, Janasiak, Vargo. Landing, Yeoman. SIXTH ROW' Grott, Vanderplough, Brick- man, Duvetski. Kohn, Reuer, K. Markowski, Claeys, Menifee, Mikulski, Harmon. SEVENTH ROW' K. Markowski, Zoppe, Schultz, Scott, Peiffer, Blue, Maksyan Wisnieski, Dolezal, Schroll. EIGHTH ROW: Hoskam, Ziegler, Torek, Alexander, Jost, Winski, Fagels, Biddinger. Behrndt, Kulawinski, Krueger. Steve Winski and Suzi Johnson prove to be ex- cellent tourist guides as they tell these French students about this Eiffel Tower made of tooth- picks. 75 .lack Lyness, The Thinker wonders "When are those photographers going to come." Monica Kazmucha illustrates that spacing is important in planning layouts ELSTONIAN-FRONTROW: Harmon, Kazmucha, Collins, Landrum, Tortorici, Landing, SECOND ROW: Colwell, Lyness. Hartman, Roames. Russell. THIRD ROW: Cullom, Wilson, Lueth, Krueger, Dishinger. elstonian staff Elstonian staff members put forth much effort in producing an outstanding yearbook. Many times the midnight oil burned longer in order to meet deadlines, and members assumed a jack-of-all-trades attitude in times of emergency. These were the moments when cooperation counted and de- termination to get the job done took priority over everything else. Steve Wilson is "up in the air" for promotion of the Elstonian sale. L .NRS A 8 'W-e rx .M V .f sf' 'W' nqqfpi, "Wim Janis Myers Editor-in-Chief, crops a picture as she prepares another page. Dick Cullom catches 40 winks after meeting the deadline. - the crimson comet Pertinent issues of school life played a dominant role in the news this year. Guest editorials from students and teachers and the column, "The People Speakn brought new dimensions to the paper. The 8:00 Comet Staff makes preparations for the next deadline. 78 COMET STAFF, FIRST ROW' Russell, Mayo, Wightman, Schuh, Abraham, Lucht- man, SECOND ROW: Bowie, Schlaak, Hartman, Kubik, Stachowski, Webster, Wolfe. THIRD ROW: McAnally, Gondek, Vanderplough. FOURTH R0 W: Paholski, Skonieczny, Dietz. 2 2 5 quill and scroll Quill And Scroll is an inter- national honorary society for high school journalists. It contributes to the field by improving scho- lastic journalism and publications through research, scholarship and special studies. QUILL And SCROLL members, FRONT R0 W: Fox. SECOND ROW: Webster, Bowie. THIRD ROW: Luchtman. LEFT: The 9:00 Comet Staff proofreads articles forthe deadline. 79 theatre and poise show added interest THESPIANS-FRONT ROW: McGee, Fox, Westphal, Voss, Stockwell, Russell. SECOND ROW: Peiffer, Roush, Hammond, Sprague, Bauer, Roames. THIRD ROW: Schwarz, Cassidy, Smith, Lucht- man, Mills, Troyer. Thespians are students who have an interest in some phase ofthe dramatic arts. One must have one hundred hours of stage work to qualify. Through this club, sponsored by John Troyer, Thespians are recognized for outstanding dramatic ability. Fash- ionettes is a group of girls who have special interests in making their own clothes and modeling them at their fashion show. They meet twice a month to work on special projects and discuss good posture, poise, and a better appearance. FASHIONETTESAFRONT ROW: Young, Turner, Logsdon, Sanders, Kaszynski, S. Novak, Sutton, Huryn. SECOND ROW' Carmona, Feldman, Duncin, Fitzhugh, Meredith, D. Barnes, Snyder, V. Novak, M. Novak, Loyd. THIRD ROW' D. Barnes, Weatherbee, Logmann, Skubic, Menifee, Mitch ell, Swanson, Wright, Hedrick. FOURTH ROW' Losiniecki, Thomas, Boothe, Bailey, Heisman, Daniels, Teed, Schultz, Janowski, Gilmore. FIFTH ROW: Pluta, Tomenko, Peckat, Kolster, Shebel, Lane, Halfacre, Kirkland, Sparks. mathematics prove challenging JUNIOR-SENIOR MATH CLUB OFFICERS-FRONT ROW' Presser, Wilson, Goetz, Fisher. SECOND ROW' McGill, Hallin. Math Club is a combination of learning plus fun. Students get together after school to discuss and solve problems. In order to belong, you must be taking a math course and have an interest in it. Junior-Math Club sponsors are Mr. Presser and Mr. Fisher. Sophomore Math Club sponsor is Mr. Millbranth. They help plan the events ofthe year. Field trips are taken and speakers are invited to attend meetings. The climax ofthe year is a beach party. i m y SOPHOMORE MATH CLUB-FRONT ROW' Pishkur, H. Kohn, Weidner, Stuermer, Guth, Cleveland, Bates, B. Miller, Glick. THIRD ROW' Henry, Beaman, Sturdy, Pier, Ungrady, T. ROW' Lisak, Wenzel, Brown, Konfirst, Dartnell, Johnson, Ludington, Shikany, Wilcox, ROW' Ross, Sanders, Beyer, Grant, Tempel, Krause, Fisch, Presser, Hiscox, Dias,Thorne,O 5' i Glasford. SECOND ROW' Goldberg, Krachinski, Janzaruk, Kohn, Sloistek, Schepanek, Schmitt, Millbranth. FOURTH O'Connor, Jones, Galles, Lawrence, Logmann. FIFTH 'Neal, Ritter, R. Miller. 81 students project While working Members of the Camera Club have on the job training. They learn all aspects of photography and are trained for work on the ELSTONIAN and CRIMSON COMET staffs. Some ad- vanced photographers enter contests. Carrying on where the Camera Club leaves off, the members of AVA supply teachers with films, projectors, audio-visual tools and equipment. They also learn radio techniques and radio repair. CAMERA CLUB-FRONT ROW- Czarnecki, J. Raatz, Wilson, Cullom, Robison. SECOND ROW: Novak, Dalton, Glass, Arnold, Hultgren, Johnson. THIRD ROW: Lyness, D. Raats, Piep- low, Kubik, Luchtman, Kolster, Tonn, Pacholke. science uncovers general truths Science Club is open to any student interested in joining. The meetings are simple in order that everyone present may understand what is be- ing discussed. A guest speaker is present at each meeting. The mem- bers hear lectures on subjects such as, electronics, computers, biology, and antibiotics. A beach party is held to climax the year. Mr. Dehne appears confident that Cindy Collins and Sue Scott know what they are doing. SCIENCE CLUB+FRONT ROW: D. Haney, Stott, Froling, McGowan, P. Hampel, Novak, Wiles I. Kelly, Koren, Kingsley, Scott, B. Hampel, Stuermer, Galles, Samelson, M. Kelly, D. Haney, Ritter Lyons. SECOND ROW: Collins, S. Hultgren, Brickman, Cooley, Davis, Jasniewski, Froehlke, Voss McGill, Phelps, Sjoberg, Rhodes, Meredith, Larson, Vargo. THIRD ROW: Periolat, Hedges, H. Smith Jarka, A. Lewellyan, Hallin, Kolster, Wisnieski, Barrett, Rosinia, Hamlett, Sherman, D. Goetz, Topa Robison. FOUR TH ROW' Austin, L. Lewellyan, Kulawinski, Bradley, Kocikowski, Burns, Alexander Presser, Turner, Working, Dombkowski, Foldenauer, D. Raatz, Krause, Meer, J. Raatz, Sobecki FIFTH ROW: G. Hultgren, Dostie, Holmes, Wilson, Linn, Duechting, Sprague, Florent, Wike Stibbie, McBride, M. Smith, G. Goetz, O'Neal, Coffee. SIXTH ROW: Dehne, Bernethy, H. Smith Schwarz, Floyd, Luchtman, Murphey, Squires, Wade, Dwyer, Brammell, Kowalik, Stokes. FTA-FRONT ROW' McCoy, I. Kelly, Yeater, Eaise, Sanders, Kubsch, Kinsey, Buchanan, Russell, Long, Gilotti. SECOND ROW: Bradshaw, Kruse, Kazmucha, Gast, Hampel, Liebig, Van Vlack, Abraham Foldenauer, M. Kelly, Weber. THIRD ROW' Schaviak, Seybert, Whitaker, Kingsley, Sutherland, Kambs Cline, Griiiin, Studer, Weatherbee, Schmidt. FOURTH ROW' Jarka, Calusa, Schroll, Skubic, Mertl Bentley, Miller, Meska, Pagel, Periolat, Buczkowski, Furness. FIFTH ROW: Schultz, Arnold, Penfold Grott, Hampel, Krueger, Linsemeyer, Hansen, Hoskam, McGrath, Bunton, Mikulski, Roames. bookvvorms and potential advisers Students desiring to become future teachers are encouraged to join FTA. Many Seniors members of FTA are Exploratory Teachers. Guest speakers are invited to talk at the meetings. The members take field trips and make observations of children in school classrooms. Under the supervision of their sponsor, Mildred Dahlberg, the Dahlites as- sist students and teachers in the li- brary. The girls give of their free DAHLITES-FRONT ROW' Long, Himes, Overman, Christensen, Carver, Collins, Layman. SEC- OND ROW' Davis, Ahrendt, Colwell, M. Hibner, D. Hibner, Dry, Dahlberg. THIRD ROW' Buell, Raisor, Reichl, Biddinger, Westphal, Leahy, Wilson. time to aid in keeping the books and the library in good condition. Be- sides this, they have parties, dinners, field trips, and the Annual Dahlite Christmas Tea. students debate world problems lUnited Nations Club members con- sist of those students interested in current world events who wish to voice their opinions. They have debates among themselves, guest speakers, and discuss timely issues being discussed in the United Na- tions, as well as other world problems. U. N. CLUB-FRONT ROW' Kohn, Heuck, Ourach, McGowan, Loyd, Sonnenberg, Meth Hannah, Sanders, Kelly, Maruyama, Ritter. SECOND ROW' Landrum, Slagley, Kaszynski Schacht, Schroll, Lyness, Bunton, Schaviak, Shaffer, Mitchell, Brickman, Wilson, Kirkland THIRD ROW' Lazarus, Wisnieski, Cooley, Calvert, Stombaugh, Newsome, Blue, Spencer Gallagher. FOURTH ROW' Sturdy, Westphal, Peiffer, Hansen, Lewellyan, Lane, Murray Hammond, Leinwand, Florent, Reiehl, Ostwald, Center. FIFTH ROW' Goldman, Ray, Austin Foldenauer, Short, Anderson, Kowalik, Florent, Austin, Wike, Roush, Wantuch. At the Annual Dahlite Christmas Tea, angels listen reverently to God sending "Joy to the World? ., at 3 1 sun STUDENT STORE-FRONT ROW' Werdin, Smith, Pieszchala, Wroblewski. SECOND ROW' Graham, Lautemann, Skonieczny, Paul, Sims. THIRD ROW' Lamb, Behn, Dill, Gast, Kubaszczyk. F0 UR TH R 0 W.' Lazarus, Schultz, Spencer, Krajewski, Delehanty. CANTEENfFRONT ROW' Lyons, Werner, Pieszchala, Werdin, Skonieczny, Kubsch, Eaise, McCoy, Bond. SECOND ROW.' Wilson, Warren, Topa, Starr, Wise, Larocco, McGill, Feldman, Tiedeman. THIRD ROW: Abraham, Hallin, Phelps, Overman, Lindstrom, Bradshaw, Smith, Buchanan, Braddy, Duncin. FOUR TH ROW' Foldenauer, Van Vlack, Schmidt, Seybert, Evans, C. Meska, Kinney, Davis, Rist, Fatt, Bruemmer. FIFTH ROW' Meth, Weber, Randolph, J. Landing, LaTourette, Hamlett, S. Hultgren, Koren, Keith, Kingsley, Hibner. SIXTH ROW' Liebig, Schauman, Svendsen, Kocikowski, Tortorici, Armstrong, Downs, Ahrendt, Studer, Sutherland, Kambs, D. Snyder. SEVENTH ROW' Ostwald, Reuer, Markowski, Utpatel, Mertl, Bradley, Linsemeyer, K. Landing, Hartman, Grifhn, C. Snyder, EIGHTH ROW' Stephenson, Krajewski, M. Meska, Florent, Courington, O'Gorek, Lucht- man, McBride, Kulawinski, Hansen, G. Hultgren. sell treats and supplies to students Student Store and Canteen provide school supplies and refreshments to the student body and the faculty. The Student Store is open each hour of the school day to serve its customers at all times. Money raised through the Student Store is used in Hnancing the CRIMSON COMET. The Canteen gives students an opportunity to learn salesmanship, bookkeeping, and clean- liness, while earning money for school activities. regulation of traffic y students HALL MONITOR CAPTAIN-FRONT ROW' Powell, DeCar0, Dieckilman, Bradley, Kocikowski, Everly, Davis, Bohne. SECOND ROW: Ohlund, Olson, Ebert, Hamlin, Behrndt, Kieszkowski, Poehl. THIRD RO W: Foldenauer, Keen, Bear, Brammell, Goetz, Dee, Dombkowski, Rhoads. Passage through the halls is gov- erned by the Hall Monitors and the Hall Patrol. The boys in Hall Patrol give up free time in the morning or their lunch hour to help regulate trafhc in the halls at lunch time. Hall Mon- itors control passage through the halls during class time. They give up their study hall for this service. Their favorite saying is, "Where is your hall pass?" HALL PATROL-FRONT ROW' Wolford, Edinger, F. Meriweather, Reynolds O. Meriweather, Heisman, Luchtman, Fabian, Voorhees. SECOND ROW' Malott, Ludinton, Gubbine, Kitchen, Chism Graham, Faust, Dolson, Overman, Veniue, Lamb. T!-IIRD ROW' Jurgensen, Cochran, Martorano Blummenfeld, Steinhiser, Duechting, Wilkins, Griilih, Richardson,' Nichols, George, Murray FOURTH ROW' Guse, Alexander, Richmann, Hartke, Fowler, Fleming, G. Fleming, Kennedy Griflin, Marquart, Kilgore, Wright. 1 v Mike Frederick, Elston's latest Rip Van Winkle 1 - 1 saw si 87 juniors are hardworking salesmen Juniors willing to work hard and use their salesmanship ability join Junior Concessions. They may be seen sell- ing pop, candy, potato chips, or pop corn made according to Mr. Lonzo's old family recipe. The money earned through these efforts is put forth in hnancing the Junior Prom, the Junior Play, and other class activities. Debbie Meredith shows A. J. Fowler that service with a smile brings brighter profits. JUNIOR CONCESSIONS FOOTBALL-FRONT ROW' Kelly, Werner, Parker, Powell, Bond, Giglio, Bradford, Goetz, Braddy, McGill, Shipley, Miller, Lyons. SECOND ROW' Russell, Bucy, Loyd, Phelps, Krueger, Feldman, O'Brien, Davis, Joers, Kinney, T. Wilson, Larson. THIRD ROW' Evans, Zawacki, Slagley, Papunen, Overman, Hampel, Hallin, -Topa, Warren, E. Wilson, Kirkland, Chinski. FOURTH ROW' McAnally, Koren, Stephenson, Plewak, Brickea, Akins, Kroening, Gotto, Lang, Downs, Pliske, Fisher. FIFTH ROW' Bradley, DeWitt, Murray, Boese, Burns, Dwyer, Floyd, Alexander, Meska, Levendoski, DeCaro, Thiede. Linda Hallin may be thinking, "That little ol' change maker mef, .L ' l Karen Kulawinski and Connie Jarka happily wait on thirsty and hungry fans. JUNIORS CONCESSIONS BASKETBALL-FRONT ROW: Meer, Ahrendt Pearson Czarnecki Lucas, Hornyak, Fekete, Johnson, Giglio Parker Smeltzer Hibner SECOND ROlfV W , , , , . ,- arren, Stachowski, Overman, Hallin, Russell, Carmona, Feldman, Teetz, Smith, Wright, Meredith. THIRD ROW L Sl : onzo, agley, Stombaugh, Kirkland, Nowatzke Newsome Swinehart Zoppe, K ' k' M amins i, eth, Papunen, D. Harmon. FOURTH ROW: Wilson,,Tonn, Peckat, Menifee, Jarka, Hastings, Dozel, Spencer, Wisnieski, Pluta, Conrad. FIFTH ROW' Fowler, Rieck, Pieplow, G. Harmon, Dale, Deutching, Murray, Hedges, Meska, Boese, Kulawinski. 5 89 MIXED CHORUS-FRONT ROW: Gore, Ware, Henderson, Whitaker, Tylisz, Powell, Putz Stueck. SECOND ROW' Gilmore, Losiniecki Merrell, Turner, Mitchell, Blash, Lundmark Young. THIRD ROW: Davis, Hibner, Demchak Falls, Lynch, Moore, Fortier, Whetstone, Everly. CHANSONETTES-FRONT ROW' Pivarnik, M. Long, Benjamin, Schwanke, Voss, Boyer, Bohne. SECOND 'RO W' Carver, Kerwin, Keith, Agemy, Baar, McDonald, Lucas. THIRD ROW' Lachmund, L. Long, Zimmerle, McCollough, Edwards, Wozniak, Yoder, Applegate. BOYS CHORUS-FRONT ROW' Smelser Withers, Nelson, Martin, Riddle, Teasley. SEC- OND ROW' E. Chambers, Smith, Douglas, Eil- ers, Topolski, Thompson, Webb. THIRD ROW. Glanders, Griffin, Williams, Childress, G Chambers, Ferrell. 90 MADRIGALS-FRONT ROW: Florent, Rinehart, Calvert, .Dry, Wolfe, Timberlake, Baines, Tal butt, Dihngman, LaTourette. SECOND ROW' Wilson, Majot, Himm, Blake, Bauer, Anderson Belue, Dieckelman. choruses excel with do rc mi's A Cappella is a group of vocally talented students who sing without accompaniment. Madrigals is a small- er choral group selected from A Cap- pella. Both choirs participate in the Hve City Festival. Chansonettes is a talented group of girls who meet after school. Chansonettes and Madri- gals perform for private and civic organizations. Boys Chorus and Mixed A CAPPELLA-FRONT ROW' Newby, Bohne, Oviatt, Swanke, Knopf, Voss, Koepke, Dry, Long, Wroblewski. SECOND ROW' T lb ' ' ' ' ' a utt, Dingman, Baines, Rinehart, Majot, Agemy, Keith, Wolfe, Wise, Wendt. THIRD ROW' Meriweather, Calvert, Zimmerle, Sitar, McCollough, Putz, Florent, Haaek, LaTourette, Holmes. FOURTH ROW' Dieckelman, Overman, Nickols, White, Wagner, Cowgill, Cochran, Belue, Bauer, Sobecki. FIFTH ROW' Wilson, Collins, Anderson, Meyer, Blake, Thomshek, West, Richman, Himm, Jones. Chorus join the complete choral ensemble in the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert. 9l choral groups participate in concerts GIRLS CHORUS-FRONT ROW: Ungurait, Bolka, Grinston, Pennington, Abel, Litchford, Rich- mond, Pannell. SECOND ROW' Zerbe, Hensell, Kintzele, Eilers, Hussey, Dyer, Garner, Knox. THIRD ROW' Murray, Storey, Thomas, Wozniak, Bacztub, McKee, Jarrett, Sutherlin. FOURTH ROW' Reed, Lazarus, Shevock, Ashley, Prather, Peters, Broyles, Kubaszczyk. FIFTH ROW: Richardson, Thorpe, McCoIlough, Birdsong, Nelson, Lewellyan, Adams, Roberts. Members of Mixed Chorus and the Girls Choruses are faithful partici- pants in the annual Christmas Con- cert and Assembly. They also sing in the Spring Concert and Assembly, and are one of the choral groups featured in the Five City Choral Festival held in Mishawaka this year. MIXED CHORUSiFRONT ROW: Pivarnik, Janowski, Masterson, Callahan, Anderson, Tyskie, Marciniak, Stib, Kinser. SECOND ROW' Chakow, King, Giglio, Powell, Dreyer, Prohl. Plona, War- ren, Sydow, Lucas, Jones. THIRD ROW: J. Benjamin, Kerwin, Dartnell, Reeter, Swinehart, Taft Brown, Davey, Curry, P. Benjamin. FOUR TH ROW' Wozniak, Stombaugh, Lachmund, Yoder, Kisic- lewski, Niemann, Gerhard, Bildhauser, Kahan, Long, Ishmail. FIFTH ROW.' Pluta, Meriweather, Adrian, Wade, Edwards, Migliore, Hutchinson, Jemison, Hudson, Henry. SIXTH ROW- Gooden, Free- berg, Blumentield, Griffin, Hall, Fleming, Hartke, Curry, Payton, Maxey, Ross. 1 92 GIRLS CHORUS-FRONT ROW' Schuman, Piechnik, Phillips, C. Chambers, Knall, Rancatore, Dierdorf, Kohn, Holden, Meece. SECOND ROW' JelTries, Thomas, C. Mayo, Sprencei, Richardson, Y. Mayo, Curry, C. Chambers, Gambill. THIRD ROW: McDonald, Everly, Fries, Corbett, Bensz, Schlaak, McCluskey, Mitchell, Gabor, Lowery, Loetz. FOURTH ROW: Jenkins, Leeks, Morris Worlds, Martin, Kubath, James, Norvell, Lubke, Brown, Lynch, Emmons. v GIRLS CHORUS-FRONT R0 W' Zieske, Hicks, Yourist, Graff, Schumaker, Polston, Mayo, .lack- son. SECOND ROW' Kubaszczyk, Hawthorne, Fitshugh, Corbett, Keene, Evans, Taylor. THIRD ROW: Lukasik, Meer, Shreve, Applegate, Barr, Mikulski, Dilloway, Brant. FOURTH ROW.' Lykins, Sherwood, Shawley, Lane, Price, Cavin, Nevorski, Foldenauer, Wright, Whitfield. 93 CONCERT BAND-FRONT ROW: Schultz, Johnson, Hultgren, Freier, Yeoman, O'Neal, Zoppe. SECOND ROW: Barrett, Harley, Culpepper, Brown, Manthey, Vail, Shipley, Penfold, Bullis, Scholl, Chambers, Mansfield, Derosia, Hart. THIRD ROW' E. Edinger, Fowler, Lauman, Burns, Johns, Shreve, Guse, Crieger, Dudley, Storey, Mills, Allen, W. Edinger, Kowalski, Miller, Wilke. FOURTH ROW: Lyness, Porter, Wood, Gallagher, Jones, Udvare, Howat, Mc- Lachlan, Stupeck, Isenblatter, Pieplo, Pieplow, Rieck, Harbart, Raatz, Swanson, Hartke, Lonzo. instrumentals pla a leading role , Bands play an important role in our school activities. The Pep Band plays for pep sessions and all home football and basketball games. The Concert PEP BAND-FRONT ROW: Harris, Piechnik Palm, Powell, Skibo. SECOND ROW: Bard O'Neal, Rodke, Steer. THIRD ROW' Bullis Vail, Porter, L. Meyer. FOURTH ROW: Lonzo Vo el R. Me er Hammond Samelson Lucht S , Y , , , - man. FIFTH ROW' Miller, Delehanty, Turner, Himm, Howe, Severs. SIXTH ROW: Guse, Frische, Wipperman, Lyness, Bartholomew. 94 Band and Symphonic Band perform Majorettes lead the band at home l in the annual Christmas and Spring football games. The girls devout i Concerts. The bands also put on a good many lorlg and tiring hours to practic- l halftime show during football season. ing routines and developing precision. i I MAJORETTES-FRONT ROW: Delehanty. SECOND ROW: Lyness, Lonzo, Schultz. SYMPHONIC WIND ENSEMBLE-FRONT ROW: Free, Dempsey, Zollman, D. Miller, Delehanty. SECOND ROW: Kieft, Barth, Waldo, E. Tiedeman, French, Merris, O'Neal, Armstrong, Schu macher, Holland, Hedstrom. THIRD ROKW' Vanderplough, C. Tiedeman, D. Miller, Ourach Belue, Scholl, Swinehart, Hornyak, Ostwald, Smith, Loggmann, Weddle, Lueth, Keen, Bard, Steer, Radke. FOURTH ROW: Kienitz, Manginen, Houghton, Werner, Fairbairn, R. Meyer, Hammond, Vogel, Himm, Severs, Howe, K. Miller, Delehanty, Turner, L. Meyer, Terrey, Pen- fold, A. Bartholomew, Samelson, Bushong, Whipperman, Lyness, Frische, Garner, G. Bartholo- mew. FIFTH RO W: Piechnik, Skibo, Palm, Raatz, Harris, Powell, Luchtman. Efficiency! Iii A 'X ri b A' 4 519 1, I ,V I- . E ku., D X Q O CHEERLEADERS-FRONT ROW: N. Sutherland, L. Duncan, Capt. B. Schmidt, D. Snyder, S. Kinsey, BA CK ROW' A. Sherman, D. Duchess. GAA-FRONTROW' Rist, Glasford, Johnson, Archer, Smeltzer, Buchanan, Ams, Richmond, Allston, England, Ungurait. SECOND ROW" Furness, Stormer, Miller, Knox, Banks, Miles, Jones, Childress, Buchanan, Kruse, Stahl. THIRD ROW- Bond, Pomranke, Woodard, Ashley, Smith, Beaman, Smith, Gilmore, Thomas, Walker, Guyton, Crawford. FOURTH ROW' Sanders, Curry, Brown, Deutscher, Kuhnel, Hultgren, Anderson, Edgell, Jankowski, Fabian, Brown. FIFTH ROW' Brant, Dornbrock, Roberts, Collier, McCollough, Amberg, Adams, Dressel, Bates, Shevock, Walker, Hess. SIXTH ROW' Taft, Stombaugh, Whitfield, Dornbrock, Painter, Ziegler, Greer, Edward, Clemmons, Rogers, Wright. 96 ...a""" CHEERLEADERS B TEAlVlfI-'RONT ROW. McCollough, S. Kinsey, Morris. SECOND ROW. Childress, Wilke, R. Kinsey. students build spirit and skills The student, at home and away games, is led in enthusiasm by the Varsity Cheerleaders. These girls attended a Cheerleader Workshop in Vincennes during the summer and won the highest award, the Spirit Stick, in competition with over one hundred other school groups. The B Team Cheerleaders lead the student body at B Team games. They are hopeful Varsity Cheerleaders for next year. Cheerblock members aid the cheerleaders in promoting en- thusiasm among the fans. G.A.A. supplements the normal P.E. class. CHEERBLOCK-FRONT ROW: Thorpe, Edgell, Malecki, Stahl, Amberg, Taft, Waldo. SECOND ROW: Schultz, D. Miller, Zorbi, Starger, Murry, Gondeck, Ziecke. THIRD ROW: Lauman, Taylor, Lombard, Dietrich, Harrison, Volksdorf, Langham, Bombich. FOURTH ROW: Gielow, Kepin, Waltz, D. Brown, O,Connor, F. Miller, Kuhnel. FIFTH ROW: Dukes, Eaton, Bleek, Beaman, Gallagher, Schermerhorn, French, Richardson. SIXTH ROW: Fabiam, Curry, D. Brown, Gresham, Stibb, Yoder, Bootcheck. 97 TUESDAY BOWLING CLUB-FRONT ROW: Richmond, J. Raatz, J. Davis, Lasko, D. Raatz Tylisz, C. Ishmael, Mulligan. SECOND ROW' Koepke, Lawrence, Krueger, Anderson, Burns a Wagner, Womack, Dolson, Wenc, Troy, P. Davis. THIRD ROW: Ahrendt, Lauman, Walker, Koni first, Holtgreen, Wroblewski, Dartnell, S. Ishmael, Olvaney, Chambers, Lubke. FOURTH ROW: Winski, Nevorski, Jurgensen, Orrell, Glade, Sommer, Johnson, Engelhardt, Wiesemann, Turner Stombaugh. FIFTH ROW: Knoll, Cordova, Furness, Jankowski, Krause, Glanz, Tempel, Dostie Christensen, Martin, Ryba, SIXTH ROW.' Richards, Newman, Graves, Skwiat, Zeese, Pecina Uryga, Berg, Deutscher, Peters. s a a STRIKE! "Oh no!" reflects Dean Wiesemann, "My thumb is stuck in the ball." 98 score aided y strikes Due to the large number of students . interested in bowling, the club has been divided into two groups which meet once a week. Students in these clubs are helped by their sponsor, Mr. Sorge, in perfecting their form. The frequency of strikes and gutter balls aids and hinders the build up of the members averages. ,F 5 ' 5. S. 1: ia, 2 ' as . . ,. 2 , W ,Bi W , 4 ag? x' BE if Qi E312 H f tee? ,, Perfect form is being put to good use by this 5 member of Bowling Club. THURSDAY BOWLING CLUB-FRONT ROW: Bartholomew, England, Ams, Gallas, Pomranke, Scott, Ramey, Marciniak, Heuck, Risner, Kohn. SECOND ROW: Yeater, Nichols, L. Miller, Sabo, Day, Wiles, Rancatore, Abraham, Plona, Stormer, R. Pawlik, THIRD ROW: N. Miller, Behn, Orlowski, Boothe, Piotrowski, Mulligan, Lombard, Werdin, Schultz, Pearson, Talbutt, Smith. FOURTH ROW: Bailey, Zoppe, Skubic, L. Wozniak, Kunze, Pritz, Bowles, Peterson, Manring, Pagels, Whazoo, Glanz, Lundmark, Nelson, Bandurske, C. Hansen. FIFTH ROW: Henrich, L. Wozniak, Stanaszek, J. Fredenburg, Wood, Schultz, Mahaffey, Ray, Ames, R. Hansen, Shepperson, B. Pawlik, England, Rzyski, Froehlke. SIXTH ROW: Rieck, Grinstead, Janowski, Eat, J. Duechting Stupek, Penfold, Brewer, Nash, Hart, Birkoltz, Mahler, Blumenfield, Kooh, Irk, O'NeaI. ...M I INTRAMURALS, FIRSTROWJ Sloane, Langham, Hudson, Marciniak, Marthinsen. SECOND ROW' Byrd, sponsor, Newman, Whitlow, Jones, Moser, Sliwa, Eilers, Sacks, sponsor. bo s develop athletic skills When Mr. Sacks and Mr. Byrd make students stay after school it isn,t for the usual reason. During the season of "Hoosier Hysteria" Cbasketballl you can find the boys in the gym com- peting. BELOW: Sam Jones tries to sink one. RIGHT: The boys watch the ball apprehensively. learn business and have fun GOLF CLUB, FIRST ROW: Lyons, McGowan, Keith, Pacholke, Tiedeman, Smarzynski. SECOND ROW' Landing, Holmes, Dombkowski, O'Neal, Krueger, Lyness. THIRD ROW: McBride, Schwarz, Smith, Brammell, Goetz, Wike, Hultgren, sponsor. Jack Lyness gives instruction on how to emboss names on match covers to Mary Nagel and Ilene Kelly. The demands of the business world are met by the Junior Achievers. Such words as profit and loss are more than vocabulary to them. GOLF CLUB: Whether its playing or talking the members of the club pursue the sport. When the weather is "right" you can find them on the course in "full swing". This Junior-Achiever works carefully as she ap- plies glue to a coaster. IO2 Serving many important roles in the lives ofthe students, sports develop the body and spirit alike. A healthy competition creates enthusiasm and bonds the students together into a team. Individuals excel while building a sense of personal achievements and a feeling ofgood sportmanship that remains with them throughout their lives. Not only benefiting from this are the participants, but the spirit created by the a successful team unites the school into an excited body, All pulling together for victory. sports 103 red devils Coach Vic-Overman frequently offers his ex- cellent advice on a play to the players. record much improved On September first, the Michigan City football season got into full swing. After a summer of hard work and training, the Red Devils came out onto the field to send Gary Tol- lestonto defeat by a score of thirteen to nothing. The next week the Devils traveled to South Bend Washington, where they were beaten thirty-three to six. The following week, this time at South Bend Adams, they fared similarly. Then came homecoming, and the first real pep session. The enthusiasm created by this, and a parade, carried the team to an un- merciful victory over the St. Joe Bears, twenty-five to six! With this victory, already having more wins than the entire previous season, the spirited Red Devils romped on to upset the Goshen Redskins, nineteen to seven. The next week it rained for three days before the game and on Friday night, the field was so wet many people had doubts about the game being played. But the teams appeared on the field as scheduled and the South Bend Central Bears ,,,,,, 52 2 if .Qi M Q 4: . fin" ' Li if .Y . .wir ,. . ,,.,. , QQ ,,.,., . ... f...f ,.,' ,f.ll.i'- n-iii. . .. .QSQQ at Qwgmfqt. . Q. ...M Q .f.. ,i,,,. .. , f. ...-. .. ...QQ .Q li . . .Qi . '.Q'r Q Q' 5 . lv XQYQQQ 'ev . I - ,.. Q Mft.. M.. ... . Q ,. .g....QQ1i.QiQW . New 'g1.M.Q ..J..Q, . .V Q... . .,...... QQ.-. Q.. Qs.. .i...1'iQQ.g.Q.,p.Qx.gfr-- rg... rssf X A, . . Gif it it ff if ,--.sti , x- "'t' ' fell to defeat at the hands of the mighty Red Devils, thirteen to three. Once again, the team traveled away from home to Mishawaka, but were repelled, twenty-seven to seven. The rains came again and the LaPorte Slicers football field was very wet. This caused the score to be held to seven to nothing against the Red Devils, forcing us to give up the tradi- tional victory bell to the Slicers. The last two games of the season were lost at home, to Elkhart and South Bend Riley at scores of twenty- one to nothing, eachg the only games of the year to be lost at home. The total season record finished at four wins and six losses. Although not a winning season, it was much im- proved over past years. Also many individuals gained excellent recogni- tion. Three members of the team, Seniors, Felbert Merriweather on tackle and guard Joe Martorano, as well as Junior quarterback Dan Over- man, all received honorable mentions from the Associated Press All-State football team. FIRST ROW: B. Callaway O. Meriweather J. Venice F. Meriweather J. Martorano D. Overman J. Glick L. Steinhiser J. Wilkins R. Grifnth P. Borg S. Cochran. SECOND ROW: head coach V. Overman mgr. B. Criswell D. Corley D. Smith H. George J. Fortier J. Curry T. Vogel T. La Born D. Wright G. Alexander M. Piecuch T. Marquart T. Albertson back field coach D. Lamb THIRD ROW: trainer Starks J. Duechting B. Prueter J. Bear D. Kilgore P. Schlunz P. Ogorek D. Marek C. Young J. Silko S. Griffin D. Richmann J. Ruess line coach B. Rumsey 'fb 'fakes 3 3 , fa.. M. 1 . . B. . .. . ... . . wwgy H Q Q 'fda .. Q wif if v is M T 0 1. Q1 .... .-.Q.. Q Q. Q .,.,,QQQ.. Q . . Q t .. . . K . Q Q .. .. .. . . , ...Q HW., . . . . t f Q Q . Q W 5... Q Q Q Q.. 2 .Qi +Q G Q Q x 4 r as fi e 4 .. t Q te t . QQ t . .if M312 em Q.... ..Q. .... Y ... Q. K. 3.3 . QM... . Q..i , . A ..3 . W , A Q... , . , ug.. ax. gm.. L.. .gm . ,. . 1 . S X ...5 kd.. .y... ...1,.... mm., + .i..Q . Q .L Q. . . Q.. Q Q.....QQ.fQ..QQ-QQQQ2..QQ... .Q.. QQ Q.. QQQ .QQ .Q 1. . ... .Q .QQ if Qa.Q..Q..QQQ.....Q.... . 'Q .....Q. Q. . ' . Q ...Q.3Q.Q .+Q+.1 35 ...QQ .M ...Q Q. ..Q. .ow , . .i 3 it . . Q t ...Q ...QQgg... .Q.Q3..Q.. Q. Q.. Q. 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Quarterback, Dan Overman, tears through the line for an important gain, as Henry George, number 68, rushes to his aid from the side. 105 , -- With most of the held behind him, Bob Preuter races for another goal forthe Red and White. Weary from fierce battle, Jim Fortier reaches for a much needed drink. The crowd at Ames Field rises to cheer their team to victory as the band plays on. l I L Always on thejob, Lynn Steinhiser keeps a Saint Joe tackler from reaching his objective. ME OF7 HE F' ED os G"""G VI Backfield coach for the Devils, Dick Lamb, con- fers with line coach, Bob Rumsey, as they walk the line. v Jay Duechting watches, ready, as Joe Martorano brings down a Central runner to the ground. sandburr have good season Playing a fine season in '68, the Sandburrs piled up four victories and a tie to face their three losses Coaches Max Glenn, and Noel Schlegelmilch worked hard with the group, to build a team that will add to Elkhart, South Bend Central and Laporte, and give them the fine total season record that they earned. greatly to the strength of next year's fighting Red Devils. FRONT ROW: Mgr. L. Dumbrowski, M.. Whitlow, J. Lee, M. Dumbrowski, L. Murray, G. Hatcher. T. Hancock, J. George, mgr..R. Block. SECOND ROW- J. Peters, T. Golembiecki, G. Edson, R. Hawkins, K. Meer, R. Peters, J. Thorne, T. Rebac, B. Bischoff. THIRD ROW: Coach N. Schlegel- milch, G. Wells, H. Griffin, S. Kahn, S. Felton, R. Manns, M. McBride, G. Hahn, D. Utpatel, N. 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Cormier, T, Ginthner. Lee Lonzo lunges forward, liftirig the ball up, high .,.,..., into the wind. A Two members of the team warm up for their Showing good form, Dan Bard follows through match, while the courts are full. with a nice return. will' Shu K: , if -WT? I i Nm iv4liw!giixx FViPi1f5f1'l i"3'f ,nge -vf,W.v-bv. .m1.,.fn..mm.ff WM Q, .X fffegimwflt- mwtemwmwwg-wflaiie tt,..w..M Wm ww,--fe ff, Q M-W....Q.f,wi-we i ef, W... t iy., M fwmw Www, mm-.. f.m.S,..v.. ..... ..,,..1..m... .Q Mix. ' - .,,, t. .. - - Wk best year yet for netmen Early in the summer, Mr. Parry met with a group of promising netmen in order to form the next year's tennis team. All through the summer they practiced until finally they were ready to down River Forest in the season opener, seven to nothing. Then they proceeded to eliminate two more op- ponents, before running into LaPorte, who set them back, six to one. After another loss to Elkhart they regained their spirit and went on to six straight victories in a row before stumbling over Goshen. Undaunted by their fall, they pepped up and swung on to Hnish their best season ever, with eleven wins and three losses. The only senior on this year's team, as well as captain and number one player was Russ Cormier. The other members ofthe team in order were Terry Ginthner, Al Severs, John LaFountain, Lee Lonzo, and Dan Bard. Ginthner and Cormier teamed up in the doubles along with Severs and Lonzo. ri 'sa sw an iws,fa1.f.. pm.,-w .sm 1? 1 555683539 is was A 1 ., , . . 'tinix ww 1 i was ., Dan Bard races across the court, determined to meet the ball in time. 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Fischer. cross country team takes fourth in regionals Mr. Fischer could often be heard urg- ing the team on to its successful I5-5 season in ,68. Four upper classmen assisted by five juniors and two sophs could usually be seen leading the pack as they raced over the hilly terrain of the Municipal Golf Course. Complet- ing one of their best seasons ever, they conquered twenty-one other teams in sectional action, and missed a trip to State by only fourteen points, taking fourth place in the Regional Tourna- ment. In this last action of the season, Gary Schroeder and Mike Schipanek finished fourteenth and sixteenth out of a field ofeighty. Schepanek, co-captain with Jim Kniola, was voted most valuable runner for the season, and also broke the point record, previously held by Kniola, set in 1966. ll0 Gary Schroder, exhaused after two miles of running, charges through the chute .- A.- B iv I i f, Q - t A ,, f-"ip "Runners on your marks! Get set!" Senior Manager, Ed Gorski, discusses the race with Gary Forney, Mike Schipanek, and Jim Kniola. H f ig? ,ffftig 55535 is '-.- --.-'i-s-ff.- i siiii A -it ,'fgg,-t,QQi,.f5?:-?xii'S m i- E3ig wsw m'W5ti5figi'k 'S-W - "iii -id: 'Tiff-13-12-atzzzrf--1.2125 - fi ' ? F iitwirfii L Nb, '- if ti .-'L is - V 6 , S , i J -i E .. , ,. ,, 1 , . -ia fl - 5' 4 W -' s'.' ""?:g:i gg? steve- 'ff f- g K M ,...,f.,. M 15 - "HQ , R f 'W' V -M 'WW LM -h wi' t, K , . E , t r g-fwgsw W.. -.s.. ---. t f M 1 . H , qi, wmmwm-.W :,,, X 3, .1 -ee ' is - H l t A i t fu im 55 - Ka L. my K 3,53 M, - -1' . .. .. .... .. . . - 15- i , 4 -.-- .-rx, .... 1 , 'tire W m. r n. ,ati 1.9--1 -. .,i.-. -- - --i t 'I' z I if wh . kv 5 553555 Mg . K 3 - -'--it -it iv 1 Lf..-' , . - ' ms ine , u i t:- -. mzshggfi Jgifxetsgt tg ,... - ..,. ,- -.3 vii. -Z1 .- 5 . i MESS.: .LQ ,5 , -2-ittgt N - ji'-fea t--v 5 2. M . 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' -we K ' - ,n-- i si ttf-its . gtftti , iii 735,42 Z ik 7 K7 M :stil Sl.. ., . . ., , wi if Sy 'S f -We -i R , 7 is My 9 A N i , ww5rW1Q3.gwf+ffgggi5gff' I-fig t --gm fi- -Qi-ht My tstsfuii-Qui at ii? Richard Rudnick strives hard to gain precious speed as he nears the chute. lil Exhausted from his race, Tim Delehantey rests along the pool wall. l l Paul Lyles, as a member of the freestyle relay team, churns through the water. ll2 Tim Delehamey appears to be swimming in soap suds as he bobs along in the water. The 'Y' pool is a wet place to be during the hun- dred-yard back stroke. 1 fe K- . if it 1, 5 99 - , . 3 tr . . ff t e 3 A Mama --4 -- 4- ' Mit W 1. Ei- 2 fs, - tmfag. ,eff E. - Qswsa, -Q-eagflfas . Axim ,gy gn fee, E 1 -f Wei' K f g ee - if Q , f 4- 5 af:-Mfr! , f 'A 1, ,fs 1' W - Wiz? MTG" iff .4 fi , z .f f-f-ver? 12- w:i,',f- 2 f f, , . K .. ...g , 5 W .i 1 5553 viva' .0-f23?,m,me2y.'55?j mWafg,s?'-25 ifffiiif . --w. if ' . - as tl -f ' .- if ft , . -2 ' . -W iii. ha These four lettermen were responsible for 415 out of 535 points accumulated during the season, and rep- resented The Red Devils at state. They were unable to pose for the regular lettermen group picture be- cause ofa swim meet. red devi The Red Devil Tankmen went up against innumerable odds this year to finish up with tive boys placing at the State meet. Faced with a young team, many inconveniences related to the pool, and only three returning senior lettermen, the team lost all but two of their meets, against Chesterton and Portage. They placed fifth at the sectional and seventh in the confer- ence, and finally sent five men to State. Dan Guse placed third in the 100 yard breast stroke, and the Med- ley Relay team composed of Bradley, Krause, Guse, and DeWitt, placed tenth, tying the team for fourteenth over all. This obviously points out individual excellence within the team. With most of their lettermen return- ing, and possibilities of new facilities in the future, hopes for the coming years look bright. . -F ., . ttf-fa Y "awx, .1,sk af rg, , . u , . Dan Guse makes an infrequent surface for air as he plows through the water. Dan placed third in state in the 100 yard breast stroke. He has broken the records he himselfset many times. 'l swimmers place at state BOTTOM ROW: Steve Swedenburg, Glenn Krause, Bruce Bradley, Dan Guse, Pete DeWitt, Paul Lyles. SECOND ROW: Wayne Cooperman, Ron Burns, Gerald Grinstead, John Dwyer, Frank May, Tim Delehanty, Larry Brown. TOP ROW: Tim Poehl, Bob Barlow, Coach Ross Kuszmaul. TOP ROW.' Dave Crosby, manager, Bob Callaway, Lynn Steinhiser, Dan Overman, Oscar Meriweath- er, Felbert Meriweather, Coach Glenn, BOTTOM ROW' Hub McCoy, Keith Lisac, Corky Prast, Tom Shipley, Chuck Lungren, Clark Whitlow, and Dan Bard. Felbert Meriweather struggles to free himself from a hold by Lynn Steinhiser. Bob Callaway fiercely applies an effective head lock as he tries to pin his opponent. ll4 eit wrestlers honored This year's Red Devil wrestling team had their share of problems, and as fate would have it, lost all of their meets, except the last one against New Carlisle. Several fine individual wrestlers were obvious in the scoring reports of our meets. Felbert Meri- weather, Lynn Steinhiser, Bob Cal- laway, and Oscar Meriweather were all honored as outstanding members of the team, and a statuette of each was placed among the trophies of Elston. Although this year's record was not good, next year's team has an optimistic look, and many experi- enced men will be returning. ni ll? A M' -rv! -- -A-12 s1'Q"AS'?Qe.a.3w5L2si"E -in 'QZEQQH '?:"f5S?PS?'x. S iw T5 , p .ggi Z "' ff iilligifilfiifi , fifiiifgiifikxel all eiiiiiissss - . 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RIGHT: Kevin Ward strains for two against LaPorte. FAR RlGHT: Paul O'Gorek ably prevents Mike Misch of South Central from adding to his score. TOP ROW' Dean Lykins, Mgr., Greg Alexander, Dean Marek, Isiah Whitfield, Coach Doug Adams, Paul O'Gorek, Bob Hood, Dan Richmann, Dave Halleck, Mgr. BOTTOM ROW: Grant Payton, Eddie Wilson, Phil Keen, Kevin Ward, Dan Taylor, T. C. Falls. The referee stands by watchfully as Paul O'Gorek stretches to grab the tip oii, devils take third straight regional crown The day after the last football game in the fall, an announcement came over the PA system to the homerooms: "The Red Devils will report to the locker room at 3:30 tonight for bas- ketball practice in the gym." From this moment on, the entire school knew that it was basketball season in Indiana, and the Red Devils were the best. They started out to prove this a fewg weeks later when they embar- rassed the Blue Devils of Gary Froebel with a score of 74-67. This was fol- lowed up by an entire season of no- torious victories, blemished only by two losses to S.B. Adams, and East Chicago Washington. Among the ranks of the fallen were teams such as Elk- hart, Goshen, Indpls. Wood, Muncie Central, and of course, LaPorte. This 20-2 season record earned the Red Devils their rightfully deserved con- ference championship, which we shared with Elkhart, also having a -amen record of 20-2. With regular season games out of the way, they now set their sights on the tournament road. Our first obstacles in the first game of the sectionals were the Rolling Prairie Bulldogs. After downing them, 92-40, we next tore into the LaPorte Slicers, victory bell ringing all the way. A 90-52 loss quieted them, and set the stage for the sectional cham- pionship game, in which we trounced the South Central Satellites, 96-49. South Bend St. Joe proved to be a worthy opponent with whom we had to deal at Elkhart, before taking the regional crown and downing the Akron Fliers, 94-77. "Hey, Hey, All the Way!" was the cry as we dribbled past Kokomo in the afternoon game at the Semi-State. In the evening we returned to be surprised by Marion's Giants. In spite of a fierce battle on the part of the Devils, we finally stepped down stubbornly to Marion, with but one reply, "We Shall Re- turn!" This year's Red Devil Basket- ball team did a magnificent job, being rated somewhere in the top ten all year and finding the regular season rated fifth in the state. Coach Doug Adams did a great job in shaping such a team out ofa group ofboys including only two seniors, Paul O'Gorek and Phil Keen. Dan Taylor, who was out most of the season with a football injury, and Sam Griffin, also out most Ike Whitfield, a super-sophomore, masterfully con- trols the ball under the basket. of the season, were both seniors also. Kevin Ward, Greg Alexander, Eddie CDukeJ Wilson, Grant Payton, Bob Hood, and all the rest of the juniors, will be returning again next year for a return match. Also returning are sophomores Ike Whitfield and Jim George, to make next year our best year yet. Bob Hood lays up another two points for the red and white. ll7 Wg sf E -, if I., iw- ,W MN ik? ,, ,Q 2 a"'? if is . I.. ' K -ffz 'S +15 . Z if: 'SX -y it gf 1 .- JK , OH as ., ,f by . 5 ,L ' R 92 HZZQ K MTI. .E :., . .:., , if fi 5335 . 5 it k la ,A.',- I Q i :A 51? x N gf Q Sxlgfqigl VL-i, jx Lf,L. j H wifi. l 49 - ..A,. ,Q 4 ,ww mg, 'Q11if Q, 451 J! Q' r , gki ws. A " Q qi' I QF -ff 7 jfivisw, 'ii' ,J K I f ,-',, f N f 591 ,K - . k 'fi 3' ' ' "V - ' V ' k kf""L iff? Af' A , W A.. K "It's got to come down sometime!" pink imps have 20-2 record Coach Whitlow led the Pink Imps to an impressive winning spree this year, winning nineteen games out of 20. Two boys, originally on the Pink Imps, Isiah Whitlield and Jim George were moved up to the Red Devils while still sophomores. The rest of these boys will be returning to the Red Devil varsity team. This great B- team when coupled with next year's large returning squad, will be a tre- mendous help in making that season even better yet for the Red Devils. . ,,,. ,, f e.lee.sef 1 J - J 1 MQC -iii V v Q J J OP iisti '59i'+ if Gary. Frioebel J 273471 ri,l see. Q f'St,,gJoeuMich, , p Q ff, 1y. is .e.ie'f .t s S14eBfl.fCfinffa1ee' i rs . ser'rr A i ii .4isF6?t11W2yhe Nofth .ieti 7 if tila5 .lie .itsi - t er' 1 in F And-2l5rMQad4 i t elit ,gigs ..t... - ..'le 5IiidP1SP5eW00d,1e'Tiff' eiie 9 fi ...... .... gigharyggp R FIRST ROW' Cardell Simmons, Greg Hatcher, James George, Ken Meer, Mgr., Harryston Lewis, Ted Rebac. Gary Hahn. SECOND ROW: Coach Al Whitlow, Tony Adams, Steve Felton, Jim Fleming, Dave Wiegand, Mike McBride, Rick Mann, Archie Thomas, Bill Criswell, Mgr. was FRONT ROW: S. Reigle, D. Overman, R. Tiedeman, R. Smith, J. Deuchting, R. Cormier, D. Taylor, D. Swedenburg, P. Horan, D. Messner, mgr. M. Hiscox. BA CK ROW' mgr. C. Butler, B. Foldenauer, T. Knoll, D. Marek, E. Gryvna, D. Richmann, R. Kominiarek, T. Vogel, coach Micheals, Coach Perry. oung team fares well, finishes 12-14 season One ofthe youngest baseball teams in our high schools' history, the 1967 Red Devils overcame numerous problems and succeeded in finishing a twelve- fourteen season. With only three sen- iors, Coach Perry was able to shape a team that became a linalist in the sec- tional tourney, finally bowing to the Laporte Slicers, who went on to win the State Baseball Championship. During the season, key injuries were sustained by Al Gabriel, putting him out for the season, and Gary Goetz. Senior, Tom Knoll was first baseman, captain, and voted most valuable player by his team-mates. Dean Marek, the sophomore pitcher who threw two no- hitters, along with batting champs Ron Tiedeman, with a .300 average, Gary Goetz, and Dan Richmann all added much strength to the team. l20 Both power and speed are captured here, as sophomore pitcher, Dean Marek winds up to fire across the plate. another "You're out!", is probably the cry, as Senior, Dave Messner slides to a stop, missing his goal, third base, by a few feet. ,,,,: Senior catcher, Rick Kominiarek watches thoughtfully, a conference on the mound. b t av -f "'-- A is -if f ,. wif ff .f-- wr I? ,- .ia ,X H' ,,. 2 , ' X 2 f e ,Wig- . .. rf-Wwe 21'V' b?M2 We Wzmg , 'f4.Qf.-1-srwis. ,er 1 f ---- ,,1jWH5gWW b,p.,,w+w1w1.vW' WW QUE TE ,egi:Q W m,L Q ?!-BW W gee? pggsryig egek, gig? ,W f,,f2.,jf,ezs re ,tm s g - - - - fl kv bg?-'Pi e W was te we an wwf? 1 , The B-team did well this year, finishing Zigi, as 1,591 2233 fegllfigkgeewg r ,QQ tj' me Qi 1-M,:?'sQ?'1ig.-at 3 Q G 'f11'f-'f-?f+,ff'2'-e15- as A , in a t sf tg 4+ HINQ .tw vig? is .B QFQQW ,Jw fs,-52 gg we ug A., a 12-2-l season. Defeats were sus- ,K wQf,3q-Qim, , f M ,Y W, W 055,53 Q? , W .1 f it ef 'L' as E 1, e we if es M ,jp ...,. ,. ., tained at the hands of Mishawaka, and South Bend Adams. Batting champs for the year were Roland Butler, and Ray Kominiarek. With this excellent team, and next year's large number of re- turning seniors, hopes are high for the '68 varsity baseball team. if tw .2 ga :ms -- air, ? f A Q.. 5 ' r- .qw ,, 1, -. .- -- I figs is , , ,,., a:::5,:..: . 'Ml 2 - 55,5 ..,, M.,-3, -L. gf Jxadzli' -ft t tg - ig " , -mea., ., .. ll Yi 'mfg , ..,,,. it ..: t :t liQl',g2gea ,. ss all QS F lg lm . .. 'Y - t -.Q -1. 5.54: , ,tl rt ,ia 2 , X ,... it-W, ti,-. :.. ::..':a5 s ,.. , F? :EL A . Q f . 5 t -:"' 1 :'-.' 1 nit , ,t ye . :-.. ' :'- , :--5'. ls' Y ' '55, 4. 315 35 ' -E,..: f ,E .4 3 :.' .i .:. :" mms tlwxii l :gags lr Jil: g m E? ,YL iii? Z I. 'yi gm his H S5533 gf J W ' , M, W J, -- . ZW, rise .mr ,W ""'Z! "' M fzzw, wiv:-nge.:- v,"f:f',g3re'Wf , M f i ff- ,W "fn 'L 4 ,f ..+.-s f, , L . . ...ua Mew .ice . -. .. . . ww --t. st , Q as- If ' ies L .sw 3 '- W' - "" . 4 Q 'fftfe jan 15 4 ,wFt..,ig1,f ---s ,, ,- ,.- ,. Ke Fl it W W t , W G , , g f , , U. , t lu1g,?w.f., iff ff W at i a t i fe ggi is tipaityekfewe, W iffy? v , X X . in Q Q , G ft frltmlw :gig ,exl siifggf , 5323, ,if ,il,qg,g:1 . isxvawt V is 33,53 X fa ,I iw q 9pi5.figSi1hqf.t3W,xgP . 5 555 plan a, LSL-FH 2, 3 it W raw ,mg lil' ,Q 'gli Riggs 5 ,X Q 5,4 1 n "l t, N QB va nk -1955, 'U rips Sig w i l i Q 2. tg, ,L it .it ts ms ts We..- Q i t fe, ,a?,,W?E ig? Nligl . P na. N, tlfgsgiggzxiggf Sisfsiffgm 21 Q 3? 5 is am if w' 1 ,, ,Q T M :Ti ' l i ,lx qw -,WI r , fy Q . A -. ..: 3 i li !llilQlg'g,lllqi55Elll Ijg pqligeriiwfiillfrtji 'Fm gEE5, . itglgjw ,, wi 5 755,33 ' 2 t l :" 552333 - A M , , W .,, 1 ..,- ,, .. --:: ..,. , FRONT ROW: Ward, Wenclaffe, Levendoski, Knoll, Newman, Vogel, Mahler, Borg, Wilkins, Ebert, Coach, Michaels. BA CK ROW' Butler, Kroening, Shipley, Kominiarek, Swedenberg, Wood, Creager, Woss, Mansfield, K -fi.-ww s Ls-facie: te, Q-wmv U5 i,L,I,,,, tr l l' it 'rl lhiillll at ilhmr' sl Qikllsf Lflvv Fig' item wt? -915 individual excellence shown b track team I1-I, Exerting a Hnal burst ofspeed, Dennis Kelley and Ed Salat lead these St. Joe runners in the 440. FRONT ROW: J. Glick, C. Martin. D. Graham, T. C. Falls, I. Corley, S. Cochran, T. Ilika, M. Curry, P. O'Gorek. D. Kelley, L. Bunton, E. Salat. SECOND ROW: Coach E. McAnnally, R. Callaway, G. Pytynia, G. Wilson. E. Wilson, G. Forney, T. Murphey,C. Young, D. Wright, Witzgall, J. Clemmons, M. Schepanek. M. Holmes. ass. coach B. Fischer. THIRD ROW' I. Johnston, D. Olson, Jacobson. B. Pritz, D. Miller, A. Blake, E. Bohle. A. Fowler, T. Kester, V. Carmona. D. DeCaro, mgr. S. Sqires. FOUR TH R0 W: mgr. B. Ourach. mgr. M. Hedges, O. Meriweather, E. Foldenauer. S. Raines. J. Bear, R. Senter. H. George. K. Stanley, A. White. mgr. M. Prohl. The 1967 Red Devil Track Team, with only five senior lettermen and a large number of underclassmen, gained valu- able experience this year with the com- petition being against many of the toughest teams in the state. Excellent individual efforts were reached in some areas by younger boys who are ex- pected to quickly fill up the vacancies left by graduating seniors in 1968. Outstanding in their events were juniors, Ed Salat, Paul O'Gorek, and Mike Schepanek. Sophomores, Gordon Pytinia and T. C. Falls were also great assets to the team. Coach McAnnally has high hopes for next year's team because of the large number of re- turning seniors, and he predicts a much improved season in '68, ,M ii is, 1 ,tgirl W .gf f fggio wir mm -gn gin. .wx-tvt1..f -wftmzievftmwe fwswsafa-fi flzfiiiltlilt.i?fz.?lQi.2i'YaafSWwillWlitrtattliaftiifziifQr2?t.izfB?f2?afiW'iifstil'iltrftiaieiisft-will ,sffiiw-2521 ,.ti..,s,M,gi .ii-was it.ii-.gyts..as?i,,msi-.,,. 3t,fv.at?,gti7wifi,twwiae it--.it ,,.ar..ssA-etiifsw X mer t E 3, gwae9xs,,,,.qf5g,32Mfnaamrigwfgmaefiifiaefikc-41fg.v" . W., ,,. 'sftlsgsfi Swvv-GJ. 7. 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MDMIMY' ' Puff iii Iva Corely is well pleased with himselfas he makes a 3 point landing in the soft sand. Flying through the air with the greatest ofease, Doug Wright races past the low hurdles. i ff if do Ju, in-1-1 uninlii. 'eww 'K wwf Showing good form, Dave Graham clears the bar as he makes his entry in the pole vault. l23 Rob Miller gracefully prepares to putt out. An unknown golfer tees offinto the sunset on his final hole. Wgswm golfteam has good year The 1967 golf team, under the leader- ship of Coach Miller, piled up an impressive 12-4 season to take sec- ond place in conference standings. During the regular season they were stopped only by Mishawaka and South Bend Washington, and LaPorte twice. Then in sectional action, they placed fourth from a field of twenty-four. Often among the top five were Mike Demos, Greg Devetski, Rob Miller, and Terry Peckat. . .. ., . ..,s,, ,V , , .. - -. +1 ww r ..w-va' L 4 -.-ti v ygzmazzzf rf jg V A aw r12P" '-"H aa4sf91 ' Q W WW W' 25? -1- 555.39 'I 5553 2 f , 2 . fa . , 5 . ' -Q .- or t- .. rg I 4 gf .. f Z A q . it . vamfgvff i. t ,, 4- 1 . .. gp, --W - :Q a w-Q,-we - M -ff -Q I ww? af f arable M' w e A 3 M A , 25 , 'C 1"5. - ,.. if ii 4 'r 1 ii -A tlqerw .QL , T' ,. .1 ...,M..- T' -7 -ata-52?i5?l isa: ri FWQ ?-elk WEEE, X ' 4 F, it ?lE-1"E2-5,'5r' 4 .8 a".ig2ie'f2ma.ff-Q. zr'r:q.-e qifraaff ggi:-'Hr -'W?"f if V 'f-'.-Em if ww-!fifie1?ll.mierietee:.66:"wQ3fW 1 fs iz i -- .M in N'- ai 53' -'wail ttf we-at 3 , -, i x.eme....i. ...mai .aaa Jawa. i6.M. L , il 2 3- .g.. M1 W. . ,.N..2. -t-.M i- ,mi Q 'ssl'-at--sai1,a......ti-mf. -ri is ,. .. Bw -sig..-. gi. .l1sA..,3F.,.Q,o, wg- 9 1 -2. Qvtaav .- lx 15 .. Q., iw, ba ge .M .2-2 -. 1,3 Y 'am t page ,gtxl M2Z,sm.sg..s.b5,,...e,, ,,5..,,i, , . 1- X - 5' ,g .15 i ' t 1 la w ig, i f tn f .g i -' .' f f if .I . af' -, .fr -3 " 1 1 an ri ,.6'w52R2 vA.e S' f -.. Bugs -is smelt-2 Fla. A -,.og.2 -. .Fa 7, fr ni Wvlalf- . . A YJ L ' -' -4 . 922. what iam, fa. ,,- at . ,g mas, 4. .M . , ta.. -, M ,rg , Q35 , gg ,ag , K ' H wt Q, -1 ., ' ,- . 2 B Xi, - H ' Q . 1 it H . - 1 we fag.-iz W -fafwg . .' 34:5 , t' Sift si ' '31ia"'E ' -1 E? .i:"i:'f'13'ii QQ,L?i" -1.-"JW,-25 t L' -.:x'-gf U" '. ' Q,i.'5i'l'. - - ,-+-if-'i , 7 f at .5 L S 5 .5 i A ' J i ' Q - ,QF 45351-fag.-.n.,.re,,,,,f,Mag,g..: -..tzry msy Y -7' W-Ma3H ,Qq,egwqwmaeaf .. , , V ,-.N 'vg FRONT ROW: M. Demos, R. Miller, J. Kniola, G. Devetski, T. Peckat, D. Anderson, SECOND ROW' M. Antoszewski, D. Sobecki, J, Mills, M. Burns, T. Ingram, J. Bricker, coach Miller. BACK ROW' R. Flemming, M. Cooper, P. Mahaffey, D. Boehnlein, B. Bradley, J. Smiertelny, D. Alexander, L. Wipperman. FRONT ROW: Calloway, Henry, Prast, Lungren, Criswell, Parry, Crosby, Tiedeman, Curry. SEC- OND ROW: Gorski, Miller, Meriweather, Kominiarek, Overman, Smith, Bard, Severs, Kilgore. THIRD ROW- Leinwand, Reigle, Holmes, Cormier, Schepanek, Keen, Kniola, Goetz, Wright. FOURTH ROW: George, Schroeder, Pytynia, Glick, Steinhiser, Wilkins, Grifith, Borg, Cochran, Young. FIFTH ROW: Forney, LaBorn, LaFountain, Ruess, Silko, Bear, Marquart, Gryvna, Marek. SIXTH ROW- Duechting, Albertson, Lonzo, Richmann, Vogel, Anderson. lettermen exemplify school STAT! BHSKEl'Hllll CHAMPS Phil Keen helps to create enthusiasm among the student body at this pep session. Each Friday the school is filled with visible enthusiasm, in the form of red and white letter-sweaters throughout the halls. At many pep sessions and school activities the lettermen are to be found in a large enthusiastic group. Often decorating the halls of Elston with pep banners, the lettermen play an important role in spirit of the vari- ous Red Devil teams. Although this year they were not oiiicially organized into a group, the lettermen were still often recognized collectively. Letter- men earn their sweaters for participa- tion in various sports, as well as pins and chevrons, and stars are awarded to team captains. After accumulation of fifteen points in a specific system, outstanding athletes are eligible for a letter-jacket. As one can see, it is a great honor indeed to be the proud owner of a Red Devil letter sweater or jacket. Lettermen are often responsible for pep banners like this one. Miclig .N N V " ancmeduetls Qui QWS -Bl ,unQtly,lwlw.maW tt, X zlmlttg t MNST, l25 ,, 5. X" s N w , , 1 Y 4 5 1 3 126 X90 lvqjlt, iydi ?SJVtfwiW 'fV' My ,tt f tmwlwywgkiwxyygifjggphyyag Each school system exists to make education revelant and effective for each student. Diffusion ofresponsibility I and rules and regulations are QQUDMM5 gym ,galil all part ofthe game. To prepare the student to meet the world's demands and to avoid the "cultural shock" ofbecoming a lopsided person are the tasks ofthe school. Each person has definite characteristics but he is greatly influenced by his environment. To keep his own -. , "humanity" it is very essential that each student emerges from the group with his own PERSONALITY. personalities administration strengthens learning Mr. Ara K. Smith, Superintendent of Schools. 1 tx. 1 4 ' al 2 f 'itff x. 3 , i 4 if .K ' i 'r '-,. 1 r 1 1 ' -Q. E Mr. Yentes, Associate Superintendent. Dr. Robert Raisor, Assistant Superintendent in charge of Secondary Education. SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS SEA TED: are Mrs. Frances Kubik, Mr. E. Preston Calvert, Dr. P. J. Pilecki. STA NDING: Mr. Lyman Taylor, Mr. Emmett Wise, Mr. Francis Morse, Mr. Roger Joers. gunna: ft Unlike the faculty the school admin- istration works all year long. The enrollment of Elston is so large that it takes the summer vacation to prepare for the coming school year. Each year the increasing enrollment causes more problems for the administration. Hope- fully with the completion ofthe new vocational building, crowded condi- tions can be eliminated. Slowly but surely steps are being taken for the building ofa new Senior High School. This will benefit the students im- mensely. Miss Alma Koza, Assistant Superintendent in charge of Elementary Education. 'W' +F.Wv,f ,W ,, .lone s, principal, ponders over one of the many problems created by a school of 2600 students. Assistant principal, Mr. Wegner, refers to his datebook for his daily schedule. wak, assistant principal, eyes the with interest, Mrs. Bauer and Mrs. Larson check the school enrollment. tlYPe5 0111 the daily absentee feP0fl- Mrs. Novak, rental clerk, and Mrs. Ahrendt, library clerk, discuss the problem of overdue books. l29 i yy. , mfmnv .ng , f if , M, , girl .. "Gee, what comes after the Q in the alphabet?" Wonders Mr. Presser. DOUGLAS ADAMS-Healthg Safe- tyg Driver's Trainingg Basketball Coach. ROBERT AIGNER-Counselor. MARILYN AMBROSE-Home Liv- ing. JACK APPLE-Mechanical Draw- ingg Technical Drawingg General Shop. VERNE ASH-Governmentg Ameri- can Problemsg Senior Class Spon- sor. EDDYE BAKER-French. CHARLENE BANDURSKI- Mixed Chorusg Girls Chorusg Chan- sonettes. ARNOLD BASS-U.S. Historyg Junior Class Sponsor. KAY BEHRNDTfArL. GENEVIEVE BONFIELD-English. GEORGE A. BOWI E-Journalismg' CRIMSON COM ET Sponsor. PAUL BRAMMELL-lndustriali Arts. LARRY BROWN-U.S. Historygl World History. l PAUL BYRDACounselor. JAMES CLEVENGER-Industrial! Arts. PAUL CLOSE-Safetyg Health. GARTH D. COBBUM-Bookkeep- mg. RICHARD COMMERS-Counselor. MAX CROFT-Englishg FTA Spon- sor. ROBERTA CROFT-Spanishg Eng-' lishg '68 Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor. MILDRED DAHLBERG-Librar- iang Dahlites Sponsor. FAYE DEARDORFF-Englishg Jun- ior Play Director. CONSTANCE DEHAVENfFoods, Senior Class Sponsor. GILBERT DEI-INE-Physical Scil enceg Advance Science. DIANNE DISHINGER-Englishg ELSTONIAN Sponsor. faculty ROGER DONOGHUE-U.S. His- toryg Hi-Y Sponsor. JAMES DRY-Distributive Educa- tiong Salesmanshipg DECA Club Sponsor. PHYLLIS DURAND-English, Pub- lic Speaking. JESSE EWING-American Prob- lemsg Government. RONALD FERGUSON-Art. BRUCE FISCHER-Health, Safety. JAMES FISHER-Algebrag Geom- etryg Trigonometryg Analytic Geom- etryg Math Club Sponsorg Football Junior Concessions Sponsor. JACKIE FOSTER-Healthg Safetyg Girls P.E.g Cheerblock Sponsorg B- Team Cheerleading Sponsorg Sopho- more Class Sponsor. KATHIE FRITZ-Typingg Short- handg Ofhce Machines. RUTH A. GALLES-Shorthandg Typing. MAX GLENN-U.S. Historyg World Historyg B-Team Football Coachg Wrestling Coach. IONE GOODMAN-Geometryg Physical Science. HUBERT GRIFFISfAlgebrag Ge- ometryg Sophomore Math Club Spon- sor. HUSSEIN HAKIM-Spanishg Span- ish Club Sponsor. HELEN HALL-Typing. JOHN HARBART-Band Director. TOMMY HENDRICKSfMusic Theoryg Bandg Pep Bandg Dance Bandg Marching Band. EDWARD HIBBS-Germang Senior German Club Sponsor. GEORGE HULTGREN-Chemis- tryg Canteen Sponsorg Golf Club Sponsor. DENNIS JONES-Englishg B-Team Wrestling Coach. MARY JOSEPH-English. ALICE JOYCE-Foods. JONAS KAVALIUNAS-German. DOROTHY KING-English. ROSS KUSZMAUL-Machine Shopg Swim Team Coach. RICHARD LAMB-Driver's Train- ingg Healthg Safetyg Assistant Foot- ball Coachg Hall Patrol Sponsor. ELOISE LEE-Stenographyg Typing. RONALD LESINSKI-Electric Shopg Electronics. ELBERT LOCKRIDGE-Algebrag Geometry. C. DELOS LONZO-Governmentg Sociology! National Honor Society Sponsorg Basketball Junior Conces- sions Sponsor. BERNARD LOOTENS-World History. CHARLES LUPINEK-Welding. EARL MCANNALLY-Mechanical Drawingg Track Coach. KATHERINE MacKENZIE-Eng- lishg '69 Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor. DELANO MCMILLIN-World His- tory, l3l GORDON ROBISON - Physicsg Photo Club Sponsorg Science Club Sponsor. ROBERT RUMSEY-General Busi- nessg Assistant Football Coach. WALLACE SACKS-Architectural Drawingg Mechanical Drawingg Blue Print Reading. ESTHER SCHLEGELMILCH- Bookkeeping NOEL SCHLEGELMILCH- Healthg Driver's Trainingg B-Team Football Coach. ELEANOR SCHWAB-English. WILLIAM SCHWAB-Physical Sci- ence. KENNETH SHANKS-U.S. His- tory. BARBARA SHARP-Frenchg '69 Tri-Hi-Y. JEANNIE SHOWALTER-English. "Don't ever stick your finger in the hydrochloric acid again!" says Mr. Hultgren. faculty BERNICE MANN-Office Trainingg Typing. JACK MARRIOTT-Business Lawg Business English. SHELDON MAXEY-Distributive Cooperative Education. N. N. MEER-Physical Educationg Athletic Director. PAUL MICHAELS-Driver's Train- ingg Healthg Safety. ELMER MILLBRANTH-Geom- etr . DE,LBERT MILLER-Auto Shop. LEE MOHAMED-English ELIZABETH MUNGER-Assist- ant Librarian. PAUL NEWMAN-Special Educa- tion. HAROLD NONKEN-U.S. Historyg U.N. Club Sponsor. VICTOR OVERMAN-Healthg Safetyg Driver's Trainingg Football Coach. DAVID PARRY--Physical Educa- tiong Student Council Sponsor, Base- ball Coachg Tennis Coach. ADOLPH PELZER-Germang Jun- ior German Club Sponsor. GERALD PETERS-Englishg Hi-Y Sponsorg Sophomore Class Sponsor. l SIGURD PETERSON-English. i HELEN POHL-Englishg Public Speaking. RICHARD PRESSER-Trigonom-I etryg Analytic Geometryg Algebragi Geometryg Math Club Sponsor. I ARTHUR RHOADS-Governmentgi Economicsg American Problemsg Hall Monitors Sponsor. BENSON RHOADES-Counselor. faculty be having fun. SIMS-Geometryg Algebrag Store Sponsor. W. SMITH-Chemistryg Physi- Science. QT W. SMITH-Weldingg op. H. SORGEMGeometryg Trigonometryg Analytic Bowling League Sponsor. LOU SPARKS-Clothingg Sponsor. SPA RKS-Commercial. Governn American Problems. Training. STRAEFFER-Eng ELSTONIAN Business Sponsor said class has to be dull. Mr. Rhoads' class seems B SPENCER-General Busi- Safety' HELENE SUCH-Counselor, CHARLOTTE TAYLOR-English. LEWIS TIMBERLAKE-A Cappel- la Choirg Boys' Chorusg Madrigals Sponsor. FLORENE TROYER-Counselorg Guidance Assistants' Sponsor. JOHN TROYER-World Historyg Thespians Sponsorg Senior Class Play Director. JEANETTE URQUHART-Office Machines. MARY VALENTINE-Art. SHARON WALKER-Counselor. PATRICIA WENNINGfSafety: Physical Educationg Cheerblock Spon- sor. CHUCK WHITE-General Busi- ness. ALLAN WI-IITLOW-Health: Safe- tyg Driver's Training: Basketball Coach. GEORGIA WYNN-English. PATRICIA YECH-Typing: Short- hand. la seniors excel in honorary top ten seniors of 1968 CONNIE AUSTIN CO-VALEDICTORIAN JAN VAN VLACK CO-VALEDICTORIAN Mike Bauer Gary Goetz Susan Linsemeyer Debra Ostwald Salutatorian F. Rem Sprague Connie Werdin Sarah Westphal Steve Wilson i hy NIM Sprague rshipF it I dG yG t pt g l t ns from Mr. Nowak winning th DAR award. 1- awards The Seniors of 1968 will long remem- ber the three wonderful, yet trying years theyfve gone through at Elston. As sophomores they experienced a great thrill as the fighting Red Devils won their first State Championship Basketball Tournament. In their jun- ior year they faced many busy days with Jr. Concessions, the Prom, and the Jr. Play. As seniors, they were faced with various tests to take and many responsibilities to look after. All the seniors were anxiously await- ing graduation day when 'they would receive that hard-earned diploma, yet many tears were shed. Everyone went their separate ways. Perhaps some- day they will be brought together again, but, if not, they will still treasure the very best of memories high school had offered them. .M Claudia Howat receives the Betty Crocker Award SENIOR STEERING COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Mayo, Samelson Skomeczny Buell Wolfe Collins, Studer, Glass, Ashley. SECOND ROW: Harmon, Birt, Putz Florent Kambs Lyness Foldenauer. THIRD ROW: Mr. Ash, Taylor, Mansfield, Cipares, O'Gorek Winski Goetz Mrs Dehaven. JOANNE ANDERSON-Bowling Club 3g Chorus 2.3. LYNWOOD ANDERSON JUDITH APPLEGATE-Chorus l,2,3Q Chansonettes 2,3. MARY ARNOLD-Jr. Prom 23 FTA 33 Camera Club 3. JOYCE ASHLEY-Hall Monitor 3g Fashionettes 33 G.A.A. 33 "Ham's 'n Lambs" l. TALEATHIA ASHLEY-Steering Committee 33 Cheer Block lg D.C.E. I3 Bowling Club 23 G.A.A. l,2. CONNIE AUSTIN--Honor Society 2,33 Student Council 33 Spanish Club l,2,33 U.N. Club 3g Science Club 33 Bowling Club 2. BARBARA BACZTUB-Hall Monitor 13 Chorus l,2,3. MILLICENT BAILEY-Fashionettes 23 Bowling Club 3. JANET BAINES-Jr. Prom 23 A Cappella 33 Madrigals 3. DANIEL BAKER ' DAWN BARNES-Fashionettes 2,33 Chorus 2. I36 seniors BENJAMIN ABDALLAH CHERYL ABEL-Tri-Hi-Y 33 Bowling Club 3g Chorus 3. JEAN ABRAHAM-Steering Committee 1,23 Canteen 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 CRIMSON COMET 33 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 Math Club 1,33 Exploratory Teaching 33 Spanish Club 2,33 Math Club l,3Q FTA 2.3. DAISY ADAMS-Canteen 33 G.A.A. 33 Chorus 3. JUDITH ADAMS JOHN ADRIAN-D.C.E. lg A Cappella 13 Chorus 1,2. ROSE ANN AGEMY-A Cappella 2,33 Madrigals 2,33 Chansonettes l,2,33 Girl's Chorus l,2,33 Mixed Chorus l. RON AGLER-Hall Monitor 33 Hi-Y 33 Band 23 Dance Band 23 Symphonic Band 2. DARLENE AHRENDT-Hall Monitor 33 Bowling Club 3. LEN ALBERS-Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Prom 2. DELOIS ALEXANDER-Jr. Play 2g French Club 33 G.A.A. 3. JEAN ?LLISON-French Club 33 Spanish Club 23 G.A.A. LINDA ANDERSHOCK DOUGLAS ANDERSON-Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 U.N. Club 33 Golf 2,33 Wrestling 33 A Cappella 33 Madri- gals 3. HARRY ANDERSON-Track 1. JERRY ANDERSON-Ushers 1, have spirit In English class, Al Blake pauses as he wonders about the ruthlessness of Macbeth. DIANNE BARNES-Fashionettes 2,33 Chorus I. JOHN-BARRETT-Hi-Y I,2,3Q Jr. Play 2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Science Club 3. GARY BARTHOLOMEW-Hall Monitor 33 Hi-Y I3 German Club 33 Band I,2,3Z Dance Band I,2,33 Pep Band l,2,33 Concert Band Ig Symphonic Band 2,3. JANET BATZEL-Cheer Block lg Bowling Club l,2. MICHAEL BAUER-Honor Society 2,33 Steering Com- mittee lg Thespians 1,2,33 Boy's State 23 Jr. Conces- sions 23 Latin Club I,2Q Math Club l,2,33 A Cappella 132,33 Madrigals 2,3. PHILIP BAUGHER JANE BEACHLER-Jr. Play 2. JIM BEAR-Hall Monitor 33 Hi-Y 1,33 Track 2,33 Foot- ball l,2,33 Baseball 1. NmW"'wm.,. si la.. STEVE BECKMAN LINDA BEHNSStudent Store 2,33 German Club 23 Bowl- ing Club l,2,3. ROBBIN BELUE-Steering Committee 23 Hall Monitor 2,33 Hi-Y 33 Jr. Prom 23 A Cappella 33 Madrigals 33 Pep Band 13 Symphonic Band 2,3. CHERYL BENTLEY-Counselor's Asst. 23 Tri-Hi-Y 1. MONICA BENTLEY-Office Messengers 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Exploratory Tchg. 3. RAYMOND BERG-Hall Monitor 33 Bowling Club l,2,33 Golf3. GREG BERNARD VIRGINIA BIDDINGER-Honor Society 2,33 Dahlites 33 Cheer Block 1,23 Jr. Prom 23 French Club 33 G.A.A. 2. LINDA BIDDLE DEBBIE BILDHAUSER-Chorus l,2,3. CHARLES BIRKI-IOLTZ-Hall Monitor 33 Bowling Club l,2,3. LARRY BIRT-Steering Committee 3: Jr. Concessions 2: Hi-Y 2,3. I37 .v JHTME. ?HMQi ifwiiaji ffxfsiiff 32,157 253151. E- Jlgfw -7153.-31 . ,. 3356569 1. 1 Mew, mwegfe'-3: z1.i..ziQ2f'i 3f"3'iZf5i f.' , .,,..n is- ' tit. ., . .ir . . ,.: H.. . ,,LW,.., , , , DIANE BUCHANAN-Student Store 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Exploratory Tchg. 33 German Club 33 FTA 33 Bowl- ing Club 1,31 G.A.A. 3. KATHY BUELL-Steering Committee 1,33 Dahlites 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 13 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party l. LEO BULAKOWSKI VICKY BURNS DANIEL BUTZLER SUE BYERS KAREN CALLAHAN-Chorus 1,2,3. BOB CALLAWAY-Hi-Y 1,2,3Q Exploratory Tchg. 33 Track 1.2.33 Football 1,2,33 Wrestling l,2,3. Listening to one of Mr. Robison's exciting lectures, these thrilled members of the l:00,Physics class sit on the edge of their chairs. 138 seniors JIM BLAIS-Hi-Y 2,33 Jr. Prom 2. ALBERT BLAKE!Student Council 33 AVA 33 Track 2,33 A Cappella 33 Madrigals 33 Chorus 1,2. GARRY BLUMENFELD-Hall Monitor 2,33 Hall Patrol 3g Hi-Y 2,33 Spanish Club 23 Wrestling 33 Chorus 3. MARY BODINE TRICIA BOHNE-Jr. Concessions 23 Office Messengers 33 Hall Monitor 33 Jr. Prom 23 A Cappella 3g Chorus 23 Chansonettes 2,3. MARGARETHE BOOTH-Fashionettes 2,33 Bowling Club 33 Chorus l. STEPHANIE BOOTZ BRUCE BRADLEY-Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Monitor 33 Hi-Y 33 Golf2,33 Swim Team l,2,3. CHERYL BRADSHAW-Canteen 33 Hall Monitor 23 Tri- Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 French Club 1. STEPHEN BRAMMELL-Honor Society 2,33 Jr. Conces- sions 23 Hall Monitor 33 Hi-Y 1,33 Soph. Party lg German Club 2,33 U.N. Club 1,23 Math Club 1,2,33 Science Club 233. FILAYNE BRENAMAN-Hall Monitor 23 AVA 33 Tri- Hi-Y l,2,33 Soph. Party 13 Spanish Club l,2. NORMA BRIGGS-Jr. Concessions 23 Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Jr. Prom 2. JEANNE BRINKMAN-Steering Committee 23 Hall Monitor 23 Jr. Prom 2. RONALD BROMLEY ELAINE BROWN BARBARA BRUEMMER-Canteen 2,33 Student Store 23 Counselor's Asst. 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party lg German Club 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 FTA 3. r i 1 of 1968 lsn't that right Jean? . . . Right Jean? . . . Jean! . . . oh Jean!! LAURA CALUSA-ELSTONIAN 23 Jr. Play 23 Explora- tory Tchg. 33 Spanish Club l. VICTOR CARMONA-Hi-Y 2,33 Track 2. PATRICK CASSIDY-Thespians 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 AVA 1,2333 Hi-Y I3 Jr. Play 2,33 Math Club 23 Sr. Play l,2,3. MARY CAVANAUGH-Counselor's Asst. 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y l,2. SANDRA CAVIN THERESA CERVANTES CAROL CHAMBERS-DECA 33 Chorus l,2,3. CHERYL CHAMBERS-DECA 33 Chorus l,2,3. Q--A 3 .1 5 2 tm 'ia ' EUGENE CHAMBERS GROVER CHAMBERS-DECA 23 Jr. Prom 23 Cross Country 2,33 Chorus 3. S Q' Qi. if 3 2, is 3,3 LINDA CHAMBERS-Bowling Club l. STEVEN CHANEY-Hall Monitor 1,23 Hi-Y l,23 Jr. Prom 23 Camera Club 1,23 Science Club 1,23 Basketball 1,23 Swim Team 1,23 Cross Country 2. 3 1: 1 RAY CHILDERS-Hall Patrol 2. KATHY CHINSKI-Tri-Hi-Y l. GREG CHMIEL-Jr. Concessions 23 Baseball l. LOUIS CHRISTOPHER-D.C.E. 33 Jr. Prom 23 Wrestling l. THOMAS CHRISTENSEN-Hall Monitor 33 Jr. Prom 23 French Club I3 Math Club 13 Track 233. TOM CIPARES-Steering Committee 33 Jr. Concessions 23 Jr. Prom 23 Math Club 1,2333 Science Club 2,33 Bowl- ing Club 2. NANCY CLINE-Steering Committee 1,2,33 Student Council l,2,3Q Student Store 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party lg Exploratory Tchg. 33 Spanish Club lg Math Club 1. CARL COFFEE-Hall Monitor 2,33 Science Club 3. l39 DOROTHY COOPERfDECA 3g Chorus 1.2. LARRY COOPER-Soph. Party lg Science Club l. MARK COOPERfHall Monitor 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3g Golf 2 IVA CORLEY-Track 23 Football l,2. RUSS CORMIER-Tennis Team 1,2,3g Baseball l,2,3. SANDRA COTTON-Cheer Block 3, ROBERT COURINGTON GERALDINE COX-Chorus l,2. VICKY COX-Tri-Hi-Y 2,3g German Club 2. DIACNIZCRAKES-Soph. Party lg Math Club lg Bowling u . DAVE CRAMA-D.C.E. 2,3. DAVE CROSBY-Honor Society 2,3g Steering Committee 3g Hi-Y 2,3g Jr. Prom lg Spanish Club 23 Football l,2,3g Wrestling l,2,3. 140 seniors Pondering over the difficult question put to her by Mrs. Pohl, Monica Bentley searches for the answer. MICHELLE COHODES-Hall Monitor 2g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3g French Club 2g Chorus l. CYNTHIA COLLINS-Steering Committe 3g Canteen lg Dahlites 2,33 Jr. Concessions 2g ELSTONIAN 3g Jr. Play 2g Jr. Prom 2g Math Club 3g Science Club 3. MARILYN COLLINS-Honor Society 2,39 Steering Com- mittee 2g Student Council lg Girl's State 2g Canteen 2g German Club 1,25 Jr. Concessions 2g Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g Jr. Play 2g Jr. Prom 2. NATHAN COLLINS-Track 2. RON COLLINS-Ushers lg Jr. Prom 2. KAY COLWELL-Honor Society 2,3g Dahlites l,2,3g Jr. Concessions 2g ELSTONIAN 3g Jr. Play 2g Explora- tory Tchg. 3. GILBERT CONNETT NANCY CONRAD-Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3g Jr. Prom 2. over underclassmen STEVE CRUISE-Steering Committee 1,23 Homecoming 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Hi-Y 1,2,33 Soph. Party lg French Club 23 Wrestling 33 Baseball 33 Soph. Class Pres. lg Jr. Class Vice Pres. 2. ART CUMMINGS-Hall Monitor 33 Baseball 3. JAMES CZIZEK SUSI DAHER-Hall Monitor l,2Q AVA 23 Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Jr. Prom 23 Math Club 33 Science Club 3. SHIRLEY DALTON-Steering Committee 33 Cheerleader 13 Office Messengers 33 Tri-Hi-Y l,2Q Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 Camera Club 3. DIANNE DAVISiHomecoming 33 Canteen 33 Jr. Conces- sions 23 Hall Monitor 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. GLEN DAVIS JOHN DAVIS MARSHA DAVISkChorus 2. PAUL DAVISONiWrestling I. KEVIN DEAN-Hall Monitor 3. DENNIS DEE-Hall Monitor 3. KAREN DELEHANTY-Honor Society 2,33 Steering Committee 23 Canteen 23 Student Store 3g Jr., Con- cessions 23 Jrg Prom 23 Majorette 2,33 French Club lg Band l,2,33 Symphonic Band 2,3. MARY ANN DENECHO-Bowling Club 23 Chorus l,2. JOANN DEUTSCHER-Jr. Concessions 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Bowling Club l. KEVIN DIECKILMANiJr. Concessions 23 Hall Monitor 33 CRIMSON COMET 23 A Cappella 2,33 Madrigals 2 3' Chorus 1' Black Friars l JIM DIERDORF TOM DIETZ-Steering Committee lg Hall Monitor 1,33 CRIMSON COMET 33 Hi-Y 2,33 Jr, Prom 23 Soph. Party lg Bowling Club 2. LADONNA DINGMAN-Counselor's Asst. 2,33 A Cap- pella 33 Madrigals 3g Chorus 1,23 Chansonettes 2. JIM DOLEMBO-Jr. Concessions 23 Hi-Y 2,33 Jr. Prom 2. RONALD DOLSON-Hall Patrol 2,3. ROGER DOMBKOWSKI-Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Moni- tor 33 Jr. Prom 23 Math Club 33 Science Club 3. DAVID DOSTIE-Hall Monitor 33 Ushers lg Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 Math Club 23 Science 2,33 Bowling Club l,2,3. RANDY DRAKE-Steering Committee 23 Hall Monitor 33 Hi-Y l,2,3. Enjoying a good laugh in English class are Tom Kochvar and Japanese exchange student Keiko Maruyama. 141 CAROLYN ELLIS DOUG ELY-Homecoming 2,35 Jr. Concessions 25 Hi-Y 3 WILLIAM ENGLAND-Bowling Club 3 WANDA EPLEY LINDA ERSMAN-Jr. Concessions 2g Tri-Hi-Y 25 Jr. Prom 2g FTA 3. KAREN EVERLY-Chorus l,2,3. KEITH EVERLY-Hall Monitor 2,3g Ushers l,2,3g Hi-Y 3g Chorus l,2,3. BARBARA FATT-Canteen 3g Jr. Concessions 23 Tri-Hi- Y l,2,3g Jr. Prom 2g Soph. Party lg German Club 2. CAROLYN FELTON-Jr. Concessions 23 Jr. Play 2g Jr. Prom 2. MICHAEL FERRELL-Homecoming 3g Hall Monitor 3g Ushers 3g Hi-Y l,2,3g U.N. Club 35 Chorus 2,3. LORA FISHER-Chorus l. RICK FLEMING-Golf 2,3g Band l,2,3g Pep Band 2g Con- cert Band 2. l42 seniors Due to a knee injury suffered in football, Dan Taylor spent the basketball season on crutches. KIM DUTCHESS-Hall Monitor 3g Hall Patrol 2,3g Hi-Y 3. JULAINE DWIGHT-Steering Committee 3g Jr. Con- cessions Zg Jr. Prom 2. NORMA EAISE-Homecoming 2,3g Canteen 2,35 Jr. Con- cessions Zg Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3g Jr. Prom lg Exploratory Tchg. 3g German Club 2g FTA 3. WENDY EDINGER-Jr. Prom 2g Band l,2,3g Symphonic l,2,3. SARAH EDWARDS-Jr. Concessions 23 Jr. Prom 2g G.A.A. lg Chorus 3g Chansonettcs 2. DAVE EGGERS-D.C.E. 3. CAROL EIKELBERG-Bowling Club l,3. SUE EILERS-Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Jr. Prom 2g Chorus 3. forever JEAN FLORENT4Honor Society 2,33 Steering Committee 33 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 U.N. Club 2,33 G.A.A. 23 A Cappella 2,33 Madrigals 33 Chansonettes 23 Home- coming l. JOHN FLORENT-Honor Society 2,33 Canteen 2,3Q Hall Monitor 33 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 U.N. Club 2,33 Math Club 33 Science Club 3. BRIAN FOLDENAUER-Hall Monitor 33 Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Baseball l. DIANE FOLDENAUER-Canteen 33 Jr. Concessions 23 Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 German Club 23 FTA 33 Chorus 2, JANICE FOLDENAUER-Steering Committee 2,33 Stu- dent Council l,2,33 Canteen 33 Oflice Messengers 33 Hall Monitor 23 Ushers 23 Jr. Prom 23 French Club 2,33 Jr. Class Sec. 23 Sr. Class See. 3. JEANNE FOLDENAUERfChorus l,2,3. JIM FORTIER-Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Monitor 2,33 Hi- Y l,2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party lg Football l,2,33 Chorus 3, SALLY FOX-Honor Society 2,33 Student Council l3 Thes- pians 2,33 Canteen 1,23 Dahlites lg Oflice Messengers 2,33 Counselor's Asst. l3 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Play 2,33 Quill 8: Scroll 2,3. JA NIS FRANKS-Hall Monitor 33 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Chorus l,2. MIKE FREDERICK-Steering Committee lg Hall Moni- tor 33 Hi-Y 1.2.33 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party l. ALICE FRIES-Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Chorus 3. CHUCK FROEHLKE-Science Club 23 Bowling Club 33 Chorus 2. JIM FRY-Student Council lg Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Prom l. DEBORAH FULLER DOUGLAS FURNESS-I-Ionor Society 2,33 Bowling Club 2,3. PAM GABOR-Tri-Hi-Y 3g Chorus 3. r ,.',--f2-,f:5g:.i5f5,,Es-'Elia253555:555'.255:251i5:1iE:fi?i5!f2'EEi:.. t, ,."'-,,::.,'a:.f:::-'::?zz::.1asi? -H:-,:aJ':E ":: ..tt 'fr 1' I Q4 5 lruglwi ,, N555 , riff ' I Hstils 5 313m S 31 we Q' ' I K gvffs , , Wag, gf r riirinfi wtf"-r A flax Qgxrsiiehig Ki N955 ish ig! il? iiffgfraitrs wx , . Z wlispflt Z s,I1mg,fwv gf ,,.gfQi1r1-wg, w,rM5f..w 'K r.. 3 igp31r5i:" .ft staf f .25 :af i,:'tT?l15 . -- if 5.-R fis.ffsi'i53iWiluz f':sQ,I?255gz?r u g..r21 , fasfm gn J. my gww,-Z - ,. 1..! . f.sz ti. it .,-tm:-.,,x,ii-.,-afar, ,L fu r.-.z,.M.- - sw -1if1laMx1z iii? 4 3 r ,. 3 .J I, gig :QI .sig 3 Z illx 449 Iliff ?"?.x'x 1i9"'i K, gig vw. sail'-iwiwfftr fyffg'-sai?w1fgw .ssfffxiwi ima 5233253.25 mgvsygfggirfgzrsiitgirliii,Q2-Efiigfifigiwwtgaftf32'w' fix' :XS tri 1, ...iz mt, ...fy is -ir. , rg., ,r mg, 4,55 .ri in ff-- who I ,ff .3 nm wr J- Q--I Q, 1 ,rar rs., , I .rm i fi, It rw f rif.gQsfl2r.1i5n32frs?igftgiirztirxitf.sif3s+3g:i.,i23gl13gsz?eiis3rgQ2,szr- 35 if? 1" i,ggx1'?,i:?. f.gx,xigj,g iff-312.521, j I SIS iii at fag iieilliigilitiliQSMWtsirliiililiiifsfffglfiiiiiizftiffiielMilitia? tr 7 .vt,a..+,i W- 3 fm A 3 as I warm , r w anvil 563,55 53? ' MI qt fr tlwsfm ills if 1 pf is it ,Bi is ,ggi rl V3.3 'i 559 155 I 3 ax .5 xml Milltfilsrffhz. it-it - 12.22 .i3..,,,.,,.y, rr, .3 J . , 5K,.g.,- I-rift. .ti W1 . I . r , as Q 4, 2 X fr M .A ,Q N I 2,2 It Y JERRY GAMBILL SHARON GAST-Student Store l,2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Exploratory Tchg. 33 Spanish Club 23 FTA 33 Bowling Club l,2,3. DAN GAWRONSKI BARBARA GEORGE-Chorus I. School for Rem Sprague just doesn't seem the same after his summer experience in Mexico. l43 gm Sf-M SX A '31 il? DALLAS GLANDERS-Track l. DIANE GLANZ-Hall Monitor 3g Tri-Hi-Y lg Spanish Club lg Bowling Club l,2,3. VALLI GLASS-Steering Committee l,2,3g Jr. Play 2g Jr. Prom 2g Camera Club 3. STEVE GLIDDEN SHARON GLOSSER DAVID GOLDMAN-Hi-Y l,2,3g U.N. Club 3g Football l,2. SCOTT GOLEMBIECKI-Bowling Club 23 Football l,2. DOUG GONDEK-Hall Monitor 3g Jr. Prom 2g Bowling Club 2,3. KATHRYN L. GONDECK-Bowling Club 2,3. KATHERINE M. GONDECKHCheer Block lg CRIMSON COMET 33 Jr. Play 2. EDWARD GORSKI-Ushers 2g Jr. Prom 21 Electronics Club 2g Cross Country 2,33 Wrestling l,2. STEPHEN GOUGH 144 -4 seniors Harold Roush performs his summer job while providing for the entertainment of others. MARY GEORGE JACK GEREN KATHY GILCHRIST GAIL GILOTTI-Tri-Hi-Y 2,3g Jr. Play 2g Jr. Prom 2g Exploratory Tchg. 3g FTA 3g Blackfriars 1. BILL GODFREY CHRISTINE GOODEN-Bowling Club 3. GARY GOETZ-Honor Society 2,3g Steering Committee 2,3g Boy's State 25 Jr. Concessions 25 Hall Monitor 3g Math Club 3g Science Club 33 Baseball l,2,3. DAVID GLANCY have spirit SUE GRAHAM-Homecoming 33 Student Store 2,33 Office Messenger 3. DON GRANT MARCIA GRIFFIN4Homecoming 33 Canteen 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Office Messenger 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 French Club I3 FTA 3. SAM GRIFFIN-Hall Patrol 2,33 Track l,2,33 Basketball l,2,33 Football 2,33 Chorus 3. LOUIS GROSS DON GROSZEK ED GRYVNAfHonor Society 2,33 Boy's State 23 Hall Monitor 2,33 Hall Patrol 33 Hi-Y l,2,33 Basketball l3 Football l,2,33 Baseball l,2,3. PHIL GUSHROWSKI4Hall Monitor 33 D.C.E. 2,33 Bowl- ing Club l,2. JANICE GUST STANLEY HACK-Hi-Y 2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Chorus l,2,3 CAROL HALFACRE-Fashionettes 2,33 Chorus l,2. JOHN HALL-Hall Monitor 23 Exploratory Tch. 33 Bas- ketball I,2,3Q Football l3 Cross Country 2,33 Chorus l,3. MARY HALL DAVID HALUCK-Jr. Prom 23 Basketball l,2,33 Foot- ball l,2. DAN HAMILTON-Electronics Club 23 Math Club l. JACKIE HAMLETT-Honor Society 2,32 Homecoming 33 Canteen 2,33 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 Math Club 2,33 Science Club 2,33 Soph. Class Sec. l. MARSHALL HAMLIN-Jr. Concessions 2g Hall Moni- tor 33 Hi-Y 3. TIM HAMMOND-Honor Society 2,33 Thespians 2,31 Hall Monitor 33 Jr. Play 23 French Club 23 U.N. Club 2,33 Orchestra l,2,33 Blackfriars l. PAT HAMPEL-French Club l,2,3: Science Club 3. BILL HANEY-Hall Monitor l. While working at the Mall, along with countless other sen- iors, Kathy Katz takes time out for a break. 145 STEPHEN HELMS-Bowling Club 2. TERRY HENDERSON-Hi-Y 2,3-. JAMES HENRICH-Bowling Club l,2,3. KENT HERING-AVA l,2,3Q Ushers l,23 Jr. Play 23 Jr. g1Iolgril23 Math Club 2,33 Science Club 33 Bowling u . BONNIE HEUCK-Exploratory Tchg. 33 French Club l,2,33 U.N. Club 2,33 Bowling Club 2,33 G.A.A. l. DENNIS HIBNER-Chorus 3. MARSHA HIBNER-Honor Society 2,33 Canteen I,2,3Q Dahlites l,2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 German Club 3. HELEN HILL l Mr. Ash enjoys teaching his government class and being one of our great Senior class sponsors. 146 seniors CINDI HANSEN-Bowling Club 3. JIM HANSEN LAURA HANSEN4Honor Society 2,33 Canteen 33 Stu- dent Store 23 Tri-Hi-Y 23 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 German Club 23 U.N. Club 2,33 Math Club 233. MARGART HANYZEWSKI CHARLES HARDESTY-Track 23 Wrestling l. KEITH HARMON-Steering Committee 33 Student Coun- cil 33 Jr. Concessions 23 ELSTONIAN 33 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 French Club 2,3. THOMAS HARMON-FTA l. CRANSTON HARRIS-AVA l,23 Band l,2,33 Pep Band 33 Concert Band l,2,3. DEAN HARTKE-Hall Monitor 3. LAWRENCE HARTKE-Pep Band 23 Concert Band l,2,3. SHARON HARTKE-Cheer Block lg D.C.E. 233. DANETTE HARTMAN-Homecoming 33 Canteen 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Oflice Messenger 23 ELSTONIAN 33 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Prom 2. PAT HARTMAN DONALD HATTABAUGH DIANE HEDRICKfCheer Block 23 Fashionettes 1.2.3. BARBARA HEISMAN-Honor Society 2,33 Cheer Block 23 Fashionettes l,2,3. of 1968 RICHARD HILL-Chorus l,2. DAVE HIMM-A Cappella 23 Madrigals 23 Chorus 33 Band 33 Dance Band 33 Pep Band 33 Symphonic Band 33 Hall Patrol 33 Football. TERRY HODGES-AVA 1. MARK HOLMESfHonor Society 2,33 Homecoming 23 Hall Monitor 33 Hi-Y 33 German Club 33 Science Club 33 Track 2,33 Cross Country 33 Baseball 1. PATTI HOLMES-Steering Committee 13 Hall Monitor 33 Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party 13 Spanish Club 13 A Cappella 33 Chorus 2,33 Chansonettes 1. GAIL HOPPER-Cheer Block 13 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party 13 French Club 13 G.A.A. 1. PHIL HORAN PAMELA HORN-Bowling Club 23 Band l,2Q Symphonic Band 2. PATRICIA HORN--Counselor's Asst. 23 Bowling Club 2. PAULINE HOSKAM-Tri-Hi-Y 23 Jr. Prom 23 Explora- tory Tchg. 33 French Club 1,2,33 FTA 2,3. DAN HOSNA-Steering Committee 23 Homecoming 33 Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Monitor 33 Jr. Prom 23 Bowling Club 23 Chorus 1. CAROL HOWARD CLAUDIA HOWAT-Cheerleader 23 Cheer Block 1,23 Jr. Play 1,23 Jr. Prom 23 Spanish Club 13 FTA I,2Q G.A.A. 1,23 Band 1,2,33 Pep Band 1. HARRY HOWE-Science Seminar 23 Hall Monitor 3g Ger- man Club l3 Football 13 Band l,2,33 Dance Band 1,2333 Pep Band 1,2333 Concert Band 1,2,3. WENDI HUBBARD-CRIMSON COMET 33 Jr. Prom 23 Jr. Play 23 French Club 33 Math Club 23 Spanish Club 23 U.N. Club 2. BOB HUDOCK-Hall Monitor 3. JOAN HUPPENTHAL KATHY HURYN-Honor Society 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 13 French Club 1.2. LINDA HUSSEY-Chorus 3. DON HUTCHINSON-Steering Committee 13 Hall Moni- tor 33 Bowling Club 2. TOM HYNEK-Hi-Y 33 Jr. Prom 2. BRADFORD IRK-Hi-Y 33 Bowling Club 2,33 Swim Team 3. DAVID ISENBLATTER4D.C.E. 2.3. CINDY JACKS JANE JACKSON-Chorus 2.3. BILL JACOBSON-Hi-Y 1,33 Jr. Prom 23 Track 233. RICHARD JAKELSKI-Steering Committee 13 Jr. Prom 2. LEONARD .IANKOWSKI-AVA I,2,3Q Ushers 23 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party lg Math Club 33 Bowling Club 1,2,3. 147 BILL KAMINSKI-D.C.E. l,2. ANNA KARCH-Chorus l. KATHY KATZ-Honor Society 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Jr. Play 23 Jr. 'Prom 23 German Club 2,33 U.N. Club 23 Math Club 2. MONICA KAZMUCHA-Honor Society 2,32 ELSTON- IAN 3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Exploratory Tchg. 33 FTA 3. PHIL KEEN-Steering Committee 1,23 Student Council l,2,33 Boy's State 23 Hall Monitor 33 Hi-Y I,2,3Q Jr. grom 13 Basketball l,2,33 Football 13 Cross Coun- try . DOLLY KEENEY WILLIAM KELLENBERGER DENNIS KELLEY-Steering Committee 33 Student Coun- cil l,2,33 Hi-Y 2,33 Jr. Prom I3 Track l,2,33 Basket- ball l,2,33 Cross Country l,2,3. Diane Buchanan strikes a studious pose as she prepares to take notes for her term paper. 148 seniors PHIL JANKOWSKI-Hall Monitor 33 Football l. CINDI JANOWSKI-Chorus 2. REBECCA JANOWSKI-DECA 33 Chorus l,2,3. TOM JANOWSKI-Hi-Y 33 Bowling Club 3. LINDA JEFFRIESfChorus 2,3. JESSE JEMISONfHall Patrol 23 Track 23 A Cappella 33 Chorus 2. CINDY JOHNSONAHall Monitor 2,33 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 Math Club 23 Spanish Club 2333 U.N. Club 23 Camera Club 3. DAWN JOHNSON-Canteen l3 Jr. Concessions 23 Coun- selor's Asst. 23 Tri-Hi-Y l,2. RICK JOHNSON-Hall Monitor 33 Chorus 2. GARRY JOHNSTON RICHARD JOLLY-Football I. PATRICIA JONES RANDY JONES RICHARD JONES-Hi-Y I,2,3Q Soph. Party lg Football lg A Cappella 33 Chorus l,2. JOHN KALIL GENENE KAMBS-Honor Society 2,33 Steering Commit- tee 2,33 Homecoming 3g Canteen 2,33 Office Messen- ger 2,33 Counselor's Asst. l,23 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 German Club 2,3. over underclassmen A cool drink of water quenches Steve Brammell's thirst. BOB KELLY-Hi-Y 2,3. MARY KELLYfCanteen 33 Jr. Concessions 23 Tri-Hi-Y 23 Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 Latin Club 23 U.N. Club 33 Math Club lg FTA 33 Science Club 3. PAT KELSEYfHomecoming 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 D.C.E. 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y I,2Q Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party 1, KEN KEPPEN-Jr. Play 2. TONY KESTER-Hi-Y 33 Science Club 33 Track 233. STEVE KIESZKOWSKI-Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Moni- tor 33 Math Club 3. DANIEL KILGORE-Hall Patrol 2,33 Football 2,33 Base- ball 1. KAREN KILLINGBECK-Tri-Hi-Y 2. 5Q,f?f5vlg, 5 sQ.fwiQa1yg-igsgi LINDA KINDIG-Hall Monitor 1. BOB KING DONALD KING KATHY KINGSLEY-Honor Society 2,33 Student Coun- cil 1,23 Oliice Messenger 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3Q Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 3g Spanish Club I,2,3Q FTA 3. CAROL KINTZELE-Chorus 3. ELIZABETH KINTZELE4D.C.E. 33 DECA 3. KARL KINTZELEfHall Monitor 1,23 Ushers 13 German Club 1,2,33 Math Club 2. JEFF KIRBY ROBERT KIST MICHAEL KMAK JAMES KNIOLA-Student Council 23 Hi-Y 2,33 Golf l,2,33 Basketball 13 Cross Country 1,2,3. TONI KNOPF-Canteen 23 Jr. Concessions 23 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Jr. Prom 23 A Cappella 3g Chorus l,2. 149 GREGORY KRAVETZ SUSAN KRING-Cheer Block lg Tri-Hi-Y 33 Soph. Party l3G.A.A.3. DAVID KRUEGER-Hi-Y2 3 ELIZABETH KRUEGER-Tri-Hi-Y 2' Jr. Prom 2' Ex ploratory Tchg. 33 French Club l,2,33 Math Club 2,33 FTA 2.3. JIM KRUEGER-Hall Monitor 2,33 ELSTONIAN 33 Hi-Y 33 Golt'Club 3. REBECCA KRUEGER-Hall Monitor lg D.C.E. 2,33 DECA 3: Tri-Hi-Y lg Chorus 2. SUE KRUEGER-Jr. Prom 23 Latin Club l,2. CANDY KRUSE MARSHA KUBASCZYK MATT KUBIK-CRIMSON COMET 33 Jr. Prom 23 Ger- man Club l,2,33 Camera Club 33 Swim Team l,2. JUDY KUBSCH-Canteen 33 Jr. Concessions 23 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 Spanish Club l,23 U.N. Club 33 FTA 2,3Q Bowling Club 23 A Cap- pella 2. ROBERT KUNKEL l50 seniors Working at the park with a friend, Keith Harmon adds the mustard to another hot dog. ROBERT KNOTTS TOM KOCHVAR-Hall Monitor 2,33 Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Baseball l. SUE KOEPKE-Steering Committee lg Cheer Block lg DECA 33 Soph. Party lg U.N. Club lg Bowling Club 2,33 A Cappella 33 Chorus 2. ANDREA KOLASA-Steering Committee 33 Cheer Block lg Latin Club 23 Math Club lg Bowling Club 2. JAMES KOWALIK-Ushers 23 U.N. Club 33 Math Club 33 Science Club 2,3. MARY ANN KRAEMER SUSAN KRAJEWSKI-Canteen 2,33 Student Store 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Tri-Hi-Y l,2, Jr. Prom 23 Explor- atory Tchg. 33 French Club lg Chorus 2. GLENN KRAUSE-Honor Society 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 German Club 2,33 Math Club 33 Science Club 3g Swim Team l,2,3. N ms il? gli, I1 .glgvggwggsi iijsa -V mi E all - ,tttssggvislfiyie is I gefwlglssy it I ,,.2:?i.i,3..gfS.g. 3 ,pz itslyzitsiriggglfg if 5 ZIEEWI? iifggil tliiflgsftw " Etsliztgfiiigtlgzt, fi 1 . if ii-ffl . ,f . Yi Y 5 if -s.:w p25 e12s.K - 3, , , .left as at 5 forever RICHARD KUNOW SANDIE KUNZE-Hall Monitor 3g Jr. Prom 23 Bowl- ing Club 33 French Club 23 Chorus l. JACKIE KUSZMAUL-Chorus l,2. DAVE LAFOLLETTE KATHLEEN LANDlNGiCanteen 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 ELSTONIAN 33 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Latin Club 33 French Club 1,23 Math Club 23 GolfClub 3. AMY LANDRUM-Jr. Concessions 23 Cheer Block I3 Office Messenger 23 ELSTONIAN 33 Jr. Prom 23 U.N. Club l,2,3. MARY LAROCCO-D.C.E. 33 DECA 3. MARSHA LATOURETTE-Steering. Committee I3 Can- teen 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Tri-Hi-Y 132,33 Jr. Prom 23 French Club 1,2333 A Cappella 33 Madri- gals 3. EVA LAUTEMANN-Student Store 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 23 Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 German Club 23 U.N. Club 23 Math Club 2. ROSZELLA LAYMAN-Honor Society 2,33 Home- coming 33 Dahlites 132,33 Jr. Prom 132. PAT LEAHY-Honor Society 2,33 Steering Committee 23 Dahlites 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 German Club 23 Math Club 2. CAROL LEE-Tri-Hi-Y 23 Spanish Club 23 G.A.A. l. DORIS LEEKS-Chorus 3. r JEFF LEINWAND-Steering Committee 13 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party 13 French Club 23 U.N. Club 33 Math Club 33 Cross Country 233. EUGENE LESLIE KENNETH LEVENDOSKI-Bowling l,2. ANN LEWELLYAN-Jr. Prom 23 Spanish Club 13 Sci- ence Club 3. LULA LEWIS NANCY LIEBIG-Canteen I,'2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Tri- Hi-Y I,2,3Q Exploratory Tchg. 33 German Club 2,33 Math Club 23 FTA 3. DANIEL LINN-Honor Society 2,33 Thespians 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Monitor 33 Jr. Play 23 Senior Play 23 French Club 23 Math Club 2,33 Science Club 2,3. Tim Ohlund smoothly demonstrates to his trigonometry class that 2 +2 undoubtedly equals 4. l5l PEGGY MCCOY-Canteen 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Cheer- leader l3 Office Messenger 33 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 Math Club 2. YVONNE MCDONALD-Cheer Block 13 Bowling Club l3 Chorus l,33 Chansonettes 33 "Hams 'n Lambs" l. MARILYN MCGEE-Honor Society 2,33 Homecoming 33 Thespians 2,33 Jr. Play 2,33 Jr. Prom 2g Exploratory Tchg. 33 U.N. Club 2,33 Blackfriars l. MARLENE MCGRATH If this book was as good as my glasses, this term paper would be a cinch, muses Norma Eaise. l52 seniors SUE LINSEMEYER-Honor Society 2,33 Canteen 33 Tri- I-Ii-Y 23 Jr. Prom 23 German Club 2,33 Math Club 2,33 FTA 2,3. PATRICA LOETZ JERRY LOGMANN-Band l,2,33 Symphonic Band l,2,3. MARY KAY LONG-Dahlites 2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Explora- tory Tchg. 33 Spanish Club 33 FTA 2,33 A Cappella 33 Chorus 23 Chansonettes l,2,3. TERRY LONG ED LOSINIECKI-Hall Monitor 3g Ushers lg Hi-Y 13 Math Club l,2. ' JUDITH LOWERY-Chorus l,2,3. MURREL LOWERY-Chorus 33 Band 23 Concert Band 2. DICK LUCHTMAN-Thespians 2,33 Canteen 33 CRIM- SON COMET l,2,33 Jr. Play 23 Quill 8: Scroll 2,33 German Club 2,33 Camera Club l,2,33 Science Club l,2,33 Dance Band l,2,33 Symphonic Band l,2,3. TOM LUETH-Hi-Y 2,33 Jr. Prom l,2. TIM LUETH-ELSTONIAN 33 Hi-Y 2,33 Jr. Prom l-,23 Band l,2,33 Dance Band l. LINDA LUKASIK-Chorus 2,3. GREG LUTZ ROBERT LYKINS JACK LYNESS-Steering Committee 33 ELSTONIAN 33 German Club l,2,33 U.N. Club 33 Camera Club 2,33 Band l,2,33 Dance Band l,2,33 Pep Band l,2,33 Symphonic Band 2,33 GolfClub 3. MARGARET MCCLUSKEY-Chorus l,2,3. have spirit Tom Mauch and Candi Tiedeman stand out in a hall that is usuallyjammed with hundreds ofstudents. HARRY MCGUGIN-Student Council 3g Hi-Y 2,3g Soph. Party lg'Spanish Club 1. DENNIS McINTYRE-Hall Monitor l,2,3g Hi-Y l,2,3. MIKE MACKENHSteering Committee 3g Hall Monitor 3g Hi-Y 2,3g Jr. Play 2g Math Club 3. MARC MAJOT THOMAS MALCER SYLVIA MALECKI-Honor Society 2,3. RENEE MALOTT PHYLLIS MANGINEN-Cheer Block lg Band l,2,3. wr NANCY MANN-Jr. Concessions 2g Tri-Hi-Y l,2g Chorus 1,25 Chansonettes l,2,3. JEFF MANSFIELD-Steering Committee 2,3g Jr. Con- cessions 2g Hi-Y 2,3g Jr. Prom 23 Track 2g Base- ball2,3. DAVE MANTHEY-Bowling Club 25 Band 1,2,3g Pep Band 23 Symphonic l,2. CAROLYN MARTIN-Bowling Club 1. JOE MARTORANO-Hall Monitor l,2,3g Hall Patrol 2,33 Football l,2,3. KEIKO MARUYAMA-Homecoming 3g U.N. Club 3, SUZANNE MASTERSON-Bowling Club 2g Chorus l,2,3. TOM MAUCH-Hall Monitor 2,3g Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party lg German Club l,2. FRANK MAY-Bowling Club 1. SUE MAYNARD YVETTE MAYO-Cheer Block 2g CRIMSON COMET 33 G.A.A. 1,23 Chorus 2,3. YVONNE MAYO-Steering Committee 3g Cheer Block 2g G.A.A. 1,23 Chorus 2,3. 153 STEVE MOONEYHAN-Soph. Party 13 Baseball I,2,3. DAVID MOORE-Hi-Y 23 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party I. JACK MORGAN-Hall Monitor 23 DECA 1,2,33 Hi-Y 2,33 Track 1. MARK MORRIS-Hi-Y 33 Soph. Party 1. GEORGE MORSE TOM MROZ+BowlingClub2. BARBARA MULDOON BRUCE MURPHY-Hi-Y 33 Jr. Prom 23 Bowling Club 2,33 Track 13 Football 1,2. Having a grand time at the great Senior Beach Party are Kathy Gondeck, Mary George, and Ann Karch. 154 seniors ELIZABETH MEISER-Honor Society 2,33 Jr. Conces- sions 23 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 French Club 23 Math Club 2. PAT MENKEgHalI Monitor 23 Bowling Club 1. FELBERT MERIWEATHER-Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Monitor I,2,3Q Hall Patrol 2,33 Hi-Y 2,33 Track 1,2,33 Football l,2,33 Wrestling l,2,33 Madrigals 2,33 Chorus 2,3. DEBBIE MERRELL-Hall Monitor 33 Tri-Hi-Y 13 Cho- rus l,3. xx GAIL MERTL-Canteen 33 Student Store 1,23 Jr. Con- cessions 23 Cheerleader I,2Q Oilice Messenger 23 Tri- Hi-Y 1,2333 Exploratory Tchg. 33 FTA 3. CANDY MESKA-Canteen 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Office Messenger 33 Hall Monitor 23 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,33 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 German Club 2,33 Math Club 2,33 FTA 3. LEE MEYER-A Cappella 1,2,33 Madrigals l,2,33 Band I3 Pep 1,2,33 Orchestra I,2,3. CONNIE MILLER-Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3. JOEL MILLER-Hall Monitor 33 I-Ii-Y 23 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party 13 German Club 23 Football 1. LAURIE MILLER NANCY MILLER-Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Monitor 23 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 Math Club 23 FTA 33 Bowling Club I,2,3. ROBERT MILLER-Hi-Y 2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party 13 Golf 1,2,33 Swim Team 13 Tennis Team 1,2. JOHN MILLS-Thespians 2,33 Hi-Y 2,33 Jr. Play 2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Sr. Play 2,33 Golf 1,2,33 Band 132,33 Pep Band 23 Concert Band I,2,3. GLORIA MOKRYCKI DARNELL MOLDENHAUER LAURIE MONEY-Canteen 13 Tri-Hi-Y I3 Jr. Prom 1: Chorus 1. of 1968 JIM MURRAY JANIS MYERS-Steering Committee 1,23 Jr. Concessions 23 ELSTONIAN 33 Tri-Hi-Y 23 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 2g Soph. Party I3 Camera Club 3. DENNIS NASH-Hall Patrol l,23 DECA 33 Bowling Club DEWAYNE NAST-DECA 33 Hi-Y 2,33 Soph. Party I3 2,33Golf2. Baseball l. MARK NEAL-D.C.E. 3. JIM NELSON JULIE NELSON-Jr. Prom 23 Spanish Club I,2,3Q Bowling Club 2,3. MARTHA NEWBY-A Cappella 33 Chorus 1.2. DARRELL NICHOLS-Hall Patrol l,2,33 A Cappella 2,33 Madrigals 2. NANCY NICHOLS-Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Bowling Club 3. LARRY NICKELL-Hall Monitor 2,33 Hi-Y 33 Jr. Prom I3 Soph. Party I3 Swim Team 33 Tennis Team 23 Baseball I. MIKE NORMAN ROBERT NOVAK-Hall Monitor I3 Hall Patrol 1,23 Bowl- ing Club 2. CHERL O'BRINGER PHILIP ODLE-Hall Monitor 3g Swim Team I. RICKY O'DONNELL VICKIE 0'DONNELL-Cheer Block 23 Bowling Club 2. PAUL O'GOREK-Honor Society 2,33 Student Council 2,3Q Boy's State 23 Canteen 2,3Q Hi-Y 33 German Club 3g Track 2,31 Basketball l,2,33 Football I,2,3Q Sr. Class Pres. 3. 3 TIM OHLUND-Steering Committee 33 Homecoming 33 Hall Monitor 33 Jr. Prom 23 Math Club 2,3. JIM OLIVER BRIAN OLSON-Hall Monitor 33 Hall Patrol 33 Latin Club 2. JOHN OLVANEY-Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Monitor 33 Hi-Y 2,33 French Club 2. ROBERT OMAN BRUCE O'NEAL-Student Council 23 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 2g German Club 2,33 Science Club 2,33 Bowling Club 2,33 Tennis Team l,23 Pep Band l,2,33 Symphonic Band l,2,33 Jr. Class Pres. 2. DEBBIE OSTWALD-Honor Society 2,33 Canteen 3g Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 German Club l,2,33 U.N. Club 2,33 Chorus I3 Band 2,3. EMILY OVIATT JOHN OWSLEY VICKIE PAGEL-Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Exploratory Tchg. 3g German Club I3 FTA 3. l55 TIMOTHY POEHL-Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Monitor 33 Hi-Y I,2,33 Soph. Party I3 German Club 2,33 Swim Team 2,3. GLORIA PRANCKUS JAMES PRAST-Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Monitor 33 Math Club 2. HARRIET PRATHER JO ANNE PRlTZACheer Block I3 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Soph. Party I3 G.A.A. 33 Chorus l. MARY ANN PRITZ-Cheer Block lg Tri-Hi-Y 33 Soph. Party I3 G.A.A. 33 Chorus I. BOB PRUETER-Steering Committee 1,33 Hall Monitor I3 Hi-Y 2,33 Soph. Party I3 Football l,3. GREG PUTOREK-Ushers 2. PAMELA PUTZ-Steering Committee 33 Hall Monitor 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 A Cappella 33 Chorus I,2. PAULA PUTZ-Steering Committee 33 Hall Monitor 23 Chorus I. SHARON PUTZ WILLIE QUINN l56 seniors DAVID PAGELSfD.C.E.3. GAYLENE PAHOLSKI-Cheer Block l,2Q CRIMSON COMET 3. DUANE PARRYfSteering Committee l,23 Hall Monitor 2,33 Hi-Y 2,33 Football I3 Tennis Team 23 Baseball l,2,33 Soph. Vice-Pres. I. LINDA PATTERSONfSteering Committee I3 Office Messenger 33 Counselor's Asst. 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2. KATHLEEN PAWLICKE-Chorus I. DONNA PEIFFER DARYL PENFOLD-Honor Society 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Monitor 23 Jr. Play 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 Spanish Club 33 U.N. Club 23 Math Club 23 FTA 33 Band I,2,3. CATHY PENZIOLfA Cappella 1,23 Madrigals 23 Chan- sonettes l. PAULA PERRY PAT PHELPS LARRY PHILLIPS THOMAS PICKFORD!Hall Monitor 33 Bowling Club 233. MICHAEL PIECHNIK-Honor Society 2,33 Hall Monitor 33 Jr. Prom 23 Band l,2,3Q Pep Band 2,33 Concert Band l,2,3. MICHAEL PIECUCH-Hall Monitor 33 Football l,2,3. MARY JO PIESZCHALA-Student Council 23 Canteen 33 Student Store 33 Jr. Concessions 23 Tri-Hi-Y 23 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 2. AUDREY PIOTROWSKlfBowling Club 3. over underclassmen MICHAEL RAMION-Hi-Y 3. RUTH RAMSEYM-Jr, Play 2, A Cappella 3, Chorus l,2, "Hams 'n Lambs" 2. , DONNA RANDOLPH-Steering Committee 2, Canteen 3, Jr. Concessions 2, Counselor's Asst. 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Play 2, Exploratory Tchg. 3. JACK REALE-Hi-Y 2. LARRY REAVES-Hi-Y l,2,3, Math Club 2, Football l, Baseball l. JUDITH REED-Fashionettes 2,33 Chorus 3. PAMELA REICHL-Honor Society 2,3, Dahlites 2,3, Spanish Club l,2,3, U.N. Club l,2,3. CHARLES REIGLE-Hall Monitor 3, Baseball l,2,3. VICKI REMPALA-Jr. Concessions 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2 Jr. Prom2. CHARLES REYNOLDS GAYLEN RICHARDSON ELLEN RIST-Canteen 3, Jr. Concessions 2, Office Mes senger 3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, Math Club'2. DENISE RITTER LU EVETTA RIVERA-D.C.E. 3, Bowling Club 2,3. GLORIA ROAMES-Honor Society 2,3, Thespians 2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, ELSTONIAN 3, CRIMSON COMET 2, Jr. Play 2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Sr. Play 2,3, Exploratory Tchg. 3, German Club 2,3. ROBERT ROSSsU.N. Club 3, Electronics Club 2. . mlm-zzz?" ..tin1l:.iii.ii:..i. Lim i . wr DUANE ROUSE HAROLD ROUSH-Thespians 2.3, Hall Monitor 3, U.N. Club 2,3, Orchestra l,2,3. PEGGY ROWLEY JERRY RUESS4Hall Patrol 3, Ushers l, Football 2,3. DENISE RUSSELL-Honor Society 2,3, Homecoming 3, Thespians 2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Counselor's Asst. 2, ELSTONIAN 3, CRIMSON COMET 2,3, 'Jr. Play 2,3, Sr. Play 2,33 Exploratory Tchg, 3. KEVAN RYAN-German Club 3. JOYCE SABINSKE--Honor Society 2,35 Cheer Block l. AUDREY SADLER-Hall Monitor 3. Working diligently on her experiment in science, Peggy Stockwell is intent on the accuracy ofher work. l57 DEBORAH SCHAUMANN-Canteen 33 Jr. Concessions 2, Cheerleader lg Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Explora- tory Tchg. 33 French Club I,2Q Math Club 2. BETH SCHAVIAK-Jr. Prom 23 French Club l,3, U.N. Club 3, FTA 3. MICHAEL SCI-IEPANEK-Honor Society 2,3, Hall Moni- tor 33 Track l,2,3, Cross Country 2,3, CAROL SCHLAAK-CRIMSON COMET 2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Chorus 33 Chansonettes 3. PATRICK SCHLUNZ-Hall Monitor 3, Bowling Club 1, 2, Track 13 Football l,2,3. BA RBA RA SCHMIDT-Honor Society 2,3, Steering Com- mittee l3 Homecoming 3, Canteen 2,3, Cheerleader l,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Soph, Party l3 Exploratory Tchg 3, German Club 2,3, FTA 3. ROBERT SCHOFF JEAN SCHOLL-CRIMSON COMET 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, French Club 33 Math Club 2,3, Band l,2,3, Symphon- ic Band l,2,33 Blackfriars l. KATHY SCHROEDER JAN SCHROLL-Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Play 2, Exploratory Tchg. 3, French Club 2,3, U.N. Club 33 FTA 2,3. MARY SCHUH-Homecoming 33 Canteen 2, CRIMSON COMET 3, Exploratory Tchg. 3, FTA 2.. DOUG SCHULTZ-Hall Monitor 3, Bowling Club 2,3. seniors "Now let's see, on what page did I find this," says Kathy Kingsley as she organizes her notes. EDWARD SALAT-Jr. Consessions 23Track l,2,3., JEFF SAMUELSON-Honor Society 2,33 Steering Commit- tee 2,33 Student Council l, Canteen 2, German Club l,2,33 Math Club 2,3, Science Club l,2,3, Dance Band , 2,33 Pep Band l,2,3, Symphonic Band l,2,3. JUDI SANDERS-Steering Committee 33 Counselor's Asst. 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, U.N. Club 3, Math Club 33 Fash- ionettes 3, FTA 3. VIRGINIA SANDERS-Chorus 2,3. PAM SASSAMAN-Honor Society 2,3, Steering Commit- tee 23 Jr. Concessions 2, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Play 2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Sr. Play 2,3Q Exploratory Tchg. 3, FTA 3, Thespians 2,3. JEAN SCHACHT-Jr. Concessions 2, Counselor's Asst. 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, German Club 3, U.N. Club 3, Band 1,23 Concert Band 2. MARY BETH SCI-IACHT-Jr. Concessions 23 Cheer Block l, Oflice Messenger 2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2. THOMAS SCHALTON are the best ever ANNE SCHUMAKER-Cheer Block l3 Jr. Play 2g French Club l. CATHARINE SCHUMAKERAChorus 3. RICHARD SCHWARZ-Jr. Concessions 2g Hall Monitor 3g Jr. Play 2,31 Jr. Prom 23 Math Club 23 Science Club 33 Bowling Club 2. JANET SCHWERMER SUSAN SCOTT-Honor Society 2,3Q Science Seminar 3g Canteen 23 Hall Monitor 33 Jr. Play 23 French Club 2,33 Math Club 2,31 Science Club 33 G.A.A. 2. RICHARD SCROGGIN-Hall Monitor 3. LOIS SEALS DEBBIE SEAMAN-D.C.E.3. MAURICE SEDLACEK CHARLES SEEDORF-Jr. Concessions 2. WILLIAM SEEDORF BRADFORD SEELING-Electronics Club 23 Math Club l. DALE SEIFERT CLIFFORD SEIP PAULA SEYBERT-Canteen 2,33 Student Store 23 Jr. Con- cessions 23 Office Messenger 33 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Play 23Jr. Prom l,2: Exploratory Tchg. 33French Club 1,23 FTA 3. WENDY SHAFFER-Honor Society 2,3Q Jr. Play 23 Ger- man Club l,2,33 U.N. Club 2,33 Math Club 23 Blackfriars 1. 723325 M funtwjfqg 4 3 3' . . .3 . V ww ...lit . . W,,,,.Mttuwv?g SALLY SHANK ANITA SHAW DENNIS SHAW4D.C.E.2,3. PENNI SHELTON-Cheer Block lg Jr. Prom 23 Bowling Club 1,23 G.A.A. l. John Pytynia and Russell Cormier are deep in concentration as they test their creatability in art class. seniors EDWARD SPENCER MICHAEL SPIERS CHARLES SPRAGUE n REM SPRAGUE-Honor Society 2,3, Steering Commit- tee 2,3, Thespians 2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Play 2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Sr. Play 2,3, Spanish Club 2,3, Band l,2. Connie Werdin and Rose Skonieczny eagerly wait on a needy student at the Student Store. l60 SHIRLEY SHORT-Honor Society 2,3, Girl's State 2, Cheer Block l, Office Messenger 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Jr. Prom 2, U.N. Club 3, Math Club 2,3, Bowling Club 2. JAMES SHROYER SANDRA SHUGER-Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, Exploratory Tchg. 3, FTA 3, Blackfriars l. JOHN SIGLE PAUL SITA RfA Cappella 3. RONALD SJOBERG-Hi-Y 3, German Club 2,3, Math Club 2,3, Science Club 3. ROSE MARIE SKONIECZNY-Honor Society 2,3, Steering Committee 3, Canteen 3, Student Store 3, Hall Monitor 2, CRIMSON COMET 3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, Bowling Club l,2. JANE SKUBIC-Tri-Hi-Y l, Jr. Play 2, Exploratory Tchg. 3, FTA 3, Spanish Club 2, Bowling Club 2,3. DIANE SMARZYNSKISJL Concessions 2, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, GolfClub 2,3. ROBERT SMELSER-Hall Monitor 3. GEORGE SMITH HOWARD SMITH-Thespians 2,3, Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Play 2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Sr. Play 2,3, Science Club 3. MARK SMITH-Honor Society 2,3, Hi-Y 2,3, Spanish Club 2, Science Club 3. NANCY SMITH DIANA SOBECKI-Counselor's Asst. 3, A Cappella 3, Chorus l,2. PATRICK SOVANICH have spirit Mrs. Dehaven, senior class sponsor, demonstrates the proper use ofthe blender in her foods class. LINDA SPROLES MICHAEL SPYSHALSKI STEPHEN SQUIRES-Ushers 3g Math Club 23 Science Club l,2,33 Track 2,3. JOEL STAFFEL-Bowling Club 2,3. LARRYI SJTSANLEY-DCE 33 Electronics Club 33 Golf Cu . SUSAN STEARNS LYNN STEINHISER-Football 2,33 Wrestling l,2,3. WILLIAM STELLMA l :mmf ,M-www Mwlvm WM.mn-wfdf ERMA STEPHENS-Spanish Club 23 FTA 1,23 Orchestra l,2. BOB STEVENS-Student Council lg Hi-Y l,2,33 Soph. Party 13 Tennis Team l,2,3. A HARLAND STEWART MARGARET STOCKWELL-Honor Society 2,33 Thes- pians 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Jr. Play 23 Exploratory Tchg. 3g Math Club 23 Science Club 33 Chorus 23 Chansonettes 2,33 Blackfriars l. TOM STOKES-DECA 3g Hi-Y 33 Jr. Prom 23 Science Club 3. JON STOREY-Ushers 23 Bowling Club 2. RONALD STOREY-DECA 33 Track I3 Football l,2. CHERYL STOTT-Latin Club I3 Concert Band l,2. RITA STRANAD SUSAN STRIGGOW SUZANNE STUDER-Honor Society 2,33 Steering Com- mittee l,2,33 Canteen 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Tri- Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party 13 Exploratory Tchg. 33 French Club 23 FTA 3. TOM STUPECK-Jr. Concessions 23 Hall Monitor 3g Hi-Y 23 Math Club 23 Bowling Club l,2,3. l6l v ' .1 BARBARA TIM M MARK TOMSCECK-Ushers 1,23 Bowling Club 23 A Cappella 33 Chorus 2. BOB TOPOLSKI RICHARD TOPOLSKI BARB TORTORICI-Honor Society 2,33 Girl's State Alt 23 Canteen 2,33 Jr. Concessions 23 Counselor's Asst 2g ELSTONIAN 33 Tri-Hi-Y I,2Q Jr. Prom 23 Ger man Club 132. WANDA TRIBBLE WAYNE TUEL RUTHANNE TUREK-Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 French Club 2,3. SHARON ULRICH PAMELA UTPATEL THEODORE VANDERBERG SHERI VANDERPLOUGH-Hall Patrol 2g Tri-Hi-Y l,2Q Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 French Club 23 FTA 33 Chorus 2. 162 seniors NANCY SUTHERLAND-Honor Society 2,33 Student Council l,23 Homecoming 2,33 Canteen 2,33 Cheer- leader l,2,3Q Oflice Messenger 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3Q Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg. 33 French Club l,2. JANET SVENDSEN-Honor Society 2,33 Homecoming 2,33 Canteen 33 Student Store 23 Office Messenger 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3Q Jr. Prom 23 French Club 23 Math Club 3. NANCY SWITZER-Chorus l,2. SUE SZALAJKO-Cheer Block 33 Chorus 3. CATHY TALBUTT-Jr. Concessions 23 Office Messen- ger 33 Tri-Hi-Y 13 Jr. Prom 23 Bowling Club I,2,3Q G.A.A. 33 A Cappella 2,33 Madrigals 3g Chorus lg Chansonettes l,2. GAYLE TANBERW-Steering Committee 33 Hall Monitor 23 Tri-Hi-Y 23 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 2. THOMAS TATARSKI DAN TAYLOR-Steering Committee 33 Student Council 33 Basketball l,2,33 Football l,2,3Q Baseball I,2Q Sr. Class Vice-Pres. 3. PATRICIA TAYLOR-Chorus 1. WILLIAM TAYLOR--Hall Monitor 3. CAROL THOMAS MASSA THOMAS-Chorus l. TERRELL THOMAS-Hall Patrol 33 Cross Country 3. CHARLES THOMASON KATHRYN THORPE-Cheer Block 1,33 G.A.A. lg Cho- rus l,2,3, CANDICE TIEDEMAN-Homecoming 33 Canteen 2,33 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 Band l,2,3Q Symphonic Band l,2,3. L of 1968 VICKI VANDERPLOUGH-CRIMSON COMET 3g Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,33 French Club 2,3. WILLIAM VANDERPLOUGHfHall Monitor 2g Hi-Y 1,33 Football lg Baseball 13 Band l,2,33 Con- cert Band 1,2,3. JAN VAN VLACK-Honor Society 2,33 Student Coun- cil l,2,33 Homecoming 2,33 Girl's State 23 Canteen 2,33 Jr. Concessions 2g Tri-Hi-Y 1,2333 Jr. Prom 23 Exploratory Tchg, 33 Soph. Class Sec. l. VICKI VIRGE RANDY VISSING-Hi-Y 3. EDNA VOORHEES-DECA 2,3. PAULA VOSSYHonor Society 2,33 Thespians 2,33 Tri- Hi-Y l,2,33 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 1.2: German Club 2,33 Science Club 2,33 Blackfriars 1. CHARLOTTE WAASOfTri-Hi-Y 1,23 Chorus 1. DOUG WADE LUTHER WADE MARK WAHMAN-U.N. Club 1. MELODAY WALDO-Tri-Hi-Y lg French Club 1,2,33 Bowling Club 33 Band l,2,33 Symphonic Band 2,3. ALVIN WALKER-Steering Committee 1,23 Cross Coun- try 1. DOUGLAS WALKER NELLIE WALKER-Cheer Block 13 French Club 23 Fashionettes 1. BOB WALTZ-D.C.E. 3. EDGAR WANTLAND JOHN WANTUCH-Steering Committee 2g D.C.E. 33 DECA 33 Hi-Y 33 Jr. Prom 23 U.N. Club 3. DALE WARD KATHLEEN WEATI-lERBEEfSteering Committee lg Jr. Play 23 Fashionettes 33 FTA 3. CINDY WEBER-Homecoming 33 Canteen 2,33 Office Messenger 33 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,33 Soph, Party lg Jr. Prom 1,23 FTA 2,33 Exploratory Tchg. 3. SUSAN WEBSTER-CRIMSON COMET 2,33 Quill 8: Scroll 233, DAVID WEDDLE DEBBIE WENDT4Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Jr. Prom 23 Soph. Party 13 A Cappella 2,33 Chorus 1. A radiant Mary Schuh, with her escort Steve Ginther, take part in the Homecoming Parade. 163 1 ifislisifiihtlffffiff MATTIE WHITE PAM WHITE PEGGY WHITE-Tri-Hi-Y 3g Jr. Prom 23 Chorus l. RUTH WHITE FRANCES WHITLOW DIANA WIGHTMANLJI. Concessions 2g CRIMSON COMET 3g Tri-Hi-Y l,2g French Club 2,3. BETTY WILBUR MICHAEL WILDHART BRENDA WILES-Cheer Block lg Chorus 1. ,I 595 . ' cf V 1' ' f I . , in, ,, .wig .. ' , mst--g W, .. - in .sm was ,. J. fm,.t,.Ls we at :ix 32551 is fe is 1 . Figlill sv ri' wlkssfi L llrfllll sl s s .t , Milli K that fg,sW1- , A ,Q .af 1,1-f, , A vi- : H- - --f,g,,,,f.,,.,, . ia? aa MICHAEL WILL ""' CARLOTTA WILLIAMS-French Club 35 spanish Club 2. Q DAVID WILLIAMS 164 .1515 1 - inane? filfikgliifla I 5 l lil! ELF' ala .Q .aa we af eef jf it -an 9 I I 1 Wilma r lg 5 ' ' ' + .L,-raw. , fo ,,,,. seniors Senior class oflicers, Paul O'Gorek, Presidentg Jan Folden- auer, Secretaryg and Dan Taylor, Vice-Presidentg look at one of the new additions to the library. RANDY WENDT-Steering Committee 3g Hall Monitor 3g Hi-Y 33 Jr. Prom 25 Golf 1,3. CONNIE WERDIN-Honor Society 2,3g Canteen 2,33 Student Store 3g Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3g French Club 2,33 Bowling Club 2g Jr. Play 2. DIANE WERNER CHRIS WESTBROOK-Jr. Prom 2g Exploratory Tchg. 35 U.N. Club 3g FTA 2,3. DENNIS WESTPHAL-Hall Monitor 3g Cross Country 1,25 Baseball 1. SARAH WESTPHAL-Honor Society 2,3g Thespians 2,3g Dahlites 2,3g Hall Monitor 2g Jr. Play 2,3g Jr. Prom 25 Sr. Play 33 U.N. Club 3g Science Club 3g Black- friars l. PRINCE WHETSTONE LILLIAN WHITE over underclassmen PHILLIP WILSON-DECA 33 Ushers 33 A Cappella 33 Madrigals 3. STEVE WILSON-Honor Society 2,33 Elstonian 2,33 Hi-Y l3 German Club 2,33 Math Club 2,33 Camera Club 2,33 Science Club 2,33 Wrestling 13 Band l,2. STEVE WINSKI-Steering Committee 33 Hi-Y 33 French Club 3. JACQUI WISE-Steering Committee 23 Student Council 33 Homecoming 3g Canteen 33 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Jr. Play 23 Jr. Prom 23 German Club 2,32 G.A.A. 33 A Cap- pella 3. MOLLY WITZGALL JUDITH WOLFE-Steering Committee 33 Student Coun- cil l,33 Homecoming 2g CRIMSON COMET 33 Jr. Prom 23 A Cappella 2,33 Madrigals 3g Chorus l3 Chansonettes l,2. BONNIE WORLDS-Chorus 2,3. LINDA WOZNIAK-Bowling Club 2,3. ROBERT WOZNIAK LINDA WRIGHT THEOLA WRIGHT-G.A.A. 33 Chorus l,2,3. SUE WROBLEWSKI-Student Store 3g Jr. Concessions 2g Tri-Hi-Y l,23 Jr. Prom 23 A Cappella 33 Chorus 1,23 Chansonettes l. CAROL WYKOFF JACK YANZ CATHY YEATER-Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3Q Jr. Play 23 Explora- tory Tchg. 33 FTA 2,33 Bowling Club 2,3. LINDA YEOMAN-Tri-Hi-Y 23 French Club 33 Math Club 2,33 Band 2,33 Concert Band 2,3. LARRY ADAMS STEVE BAKER VICTORIA BARON ROGER BASS JANICE BIRDSONG WILLIAM BOUCHER GEORGIA BROYLES DAN BRUCE PAT BURKETT SAMMY SYRAL LOUISE CAMPAGNA ANTHONY CAVIGGIOLA THEODORE CHIMELOWIEC WILLIAM CLEMONS BRUCE COOPERMAN RAY COWGILL MANUEL CURRY GEORGE DEMCHAK CHUCK EDSON LINDA EDWARDS CONNIE EVANS JIM FISHER JOHN FITZHUCH MARY FLY MARY FORD DANNY GALLAGHER VEREDTA GARNER PAM GILL MARION GIPSON FRED GOBBER seniors not pictured JULIE HAMILTON CORINE HANCOCK CHRISTINE HANSEN RENEE HENDERSON ROBERT HOOTMAN GEORGIA HUBER DEBORAH HUGE DAVID HULLINGER MIKE HURLEY ROXANNE KINGMAN WILLIAM LADRA TERRY LOGMAN LINDA McCLUSKEY WILLIAM MCGINNIS ALMA MARTIN CHARLES YOUNG-Honor Society 2,33 Boy's State 23 Hall Patrol 33 Hi-Y l,23 Math Club 3g Science Club 33 Track 23 Football l,2,3Q Wrestling l,2,3. GERALD YOURIST MARY ZUMMAK-Homecoming 3g DECA 2,33 Tri- Hi-Y 2,33 Jr. Prom 23 Bowling Club 2. FAITH MARTIN TOM MILCAREK AGNES MILLER DAN MILLER JUDY MILLER RONALD OGLE STAN POWLOSKI JOHN PYTYNIA RICK REMPLA ROCKY RICHARDSON CHARLENE RILEY SYLESTER ROBINSON JANETTE RUDOLPH NORMAN SCOTT PAM SIVIDA KATHLEEN SZALAJKO DIANA SZEMES JERRY TOMENKO KATHY TOOLE KATHLEEN UNGURAIT ROBERT VORIS RONALD WENTLAND CONNIE WHITE ABNER WHITEAKER JELAINE WILL l65 -WW-f -, . :.- mst- ,gg -, , - , -1. - V, 1 . . xi?-M 5: Z Ea., -' .. hm 3 Syl, ,A , , V ,. ::: t . iiitiliiilttiii l flffri-is - is ,Q .iggffil X , --5: ,-1-21,-,,, 7,5-, g gi,-fig ls "' 1- J,- .nw-'B - M .vt "L ,454 ,WW 1. , ,. ,,ftl,,l.fr, ,H A . ,, , is L Md' K -up ' Q -, vi. -QI . Nw-VF? 5 Elisa? 4... .., ,Q fmataxh ,, ,.,,. 1, 5 rs f,--3.1,-wil ' Y, , , ff ,rr N 9 rl 5, ,. , V5 .,Azr,i,- f, ,gf -+ r -awWW'Wf -sggtw sg, . . " 't n 1. 5 ' , 3 3 , 1 1 t is 1 t , gg it is t if s fxlffezf .4:. , , '.: if 225123591 555 fflynn gi: 15' A 7 4 l we I ls? 1- ill --1-2, -, .4 K -1' gigs! ,aj 1 ie, ., -- in i' ia, , v-sk k xx 1 V VV :FK E : 1 ,M W. -la at - aw - t m- , 234355, '4 fu fl if 3' 2 M ra,wws Mawjww '2 1 , t 'J w' A a tw--,f fy- t i ll if X 'x H . -, . . .- m e ,nf ,,, -f ,Xa r-- -- 1 glial' I , Jw . --.rxuhsegg 5 5 'ly Q V- ' sv ,Q 5 1 5. E 3.13: IM,-L 4 ,tgnf " ."Z""fs:i V' :sn ' ' . 23' f az ' ' 3 ' , ,L . , . -5 5 5: Q . t B' ' . is-tl--1,--F-,tif-ff' ,. ,.,,-t., -1-f ., ,- ,,,.,, 1 .2:,.2f., ' F .Mu 1 as -, ,.,,,,:.,-. , y- -f - .:rgfn,3 5gl:sk5H1::, Y - H- , '.nl5i,,5,s,,, :, -7 , .. ., .. . - , W t, J ' -gf: ,... H 2' V s ," ' ' s 'f,, n . -salsa f, . 7 I , .4 , Hx ,Q rf- f :sa-ist. amz 1' - 1: . ff-fu , it-1.9, 5 wwggr , .. . . , , : Q,,,,r:t,g4i-5 - as 5 A A- M t ,,,.. l 1. iff: ' - - Qxf lgfg l , , t , . , -, mars, ' -rf- u J 4351- t ts Nl ft' i -' ' 5 f war ' legit '-... 3 , f Pt. Sl 3, 9 BW .af A., r-rr- W .5 , 1 ff' t f ' A git. We , tt l"'5 -Q U, , i i f lil im: J -ti ls Q l , , gl 1 QB Ei: ,. L 6 3 ls, il' .f' 4 1- l-Vjgqi. ,. QM- r ,QW Q aus 'K ft' wt Y 2 K K J We : 5: . J if Z, W1 - : Zsxztff --' E' " . 7 M , I-,131 . ,i s -ga, 1, .t ififitawillsifiw- 1, H, ' "E "" 5 2 gilt-ifliMg -T, 'Tiff ' gt. i su iv l il ni tiif s. V' f ' 'V f , s-tml-vs,-' -, W, U, M L ZV: I V3 ies! at -xl' I . ,. lf- ' - F2?"pl2 1 ,- ,421-J, Q 2, .. ,E ,fg - -33 t ,r 46, , it ma, , IW' - .2 -- I ,gr V ,, ' " ..., - E ,. 4 , K -,.. -. ' J ,.. -. is ,. ' . , 3 s le if 'Q' tis gjqga - ' 1 all f:.'k 1 ,k 'Lge- ,iii:?Tsx1,ii.1x,if ' 4,-my s, ,. , -stew 1 -'wi 5 fr Ma- mil-. fu BQEH v 3 " 4 ,S M is -1423 get wr diijiiiii iwwwwwwaw 53? Leading the Junior Class Boese, President, Sandy Overman, Vice-President. juniors Shirley Adams, Lynell Ahrendt, John Akins, Tom Albertson, Doug Alexander, Greg Alex- ander, Steve Alghrim, Scott Al- len, William Allison. Robert Anderson, Rita Andridge, Debbie Arndt, Denise Arndt, Jack Arnett, Steve Arndt, Mark Antoszewski, Steve Armstrong, Teresa Armstrong. Francine Ashley, Charles Aus- tin, Georgann Austin, Baker, Bonnie Bales, Banas, Judi Bandurski, Banks, Dan Bard. Terry Mike Betty Den- Rob- Jack Beach, Ed Beamon, Robert Beck. Debbie Barr, Jean Barret, nis Barth, Dennis Barthel, ert Bartels, Kathy Bates, Robert Beckman, Gary Belue, Diana Benbow, Pam Benjamin, George Benninghoff, Tom Berg- er, David Bernethy, John Ber- rier, Sandy Bever. David Black, Doug Black, An- drew Blash, Kirt Blewett, Elaine Block, Susan Blue, Leon- ard Bluzma, Marylin Bobinski, Kay Bodis. William Boese, Ed Bohle, Wal- ter Bohlim, Lou Ann Bolka, Chris Bolles, Cay Bond, Pete Borg, Jaqui Boucher, Orville Bowers. Beth Boyer, Robin Brackin, Kay Braddy, Alexa Bradford, Geri Bradley, Jerry Braniff, Jack Bricker, Randy Briggs, Michelle Brinkman. Debra Brown, Frances Brown, Debra Buchanan, Steven Bu- chanan, Shelby Bucy, Cindy Buczkowski, Edwin Buell, Lor- rayne Bunton, Tommy Burgess. Deane Burns, Karen Burns, Mark Burns, Susan Burns, Re- becca Burkhart, Dan Butler, Roland Butler, Duane Butts, Rozella Byers. are its efficient officers, Bill Hultgren, Secretary, and Dan , ,. 6 ,:.,i: ns van rl' ir ' NQRQ M 'X Phil Creager, David Cripe, Wil- liam Criswell, Larr, Cross, Dick Cullom, Karen Culpepper, Bob Curry, Carolyn Curry, Jim Cur- ry. Greg Czarnecki, William Dab- bert, Mike Dale, Deanna Dan- iels, Michael Davey, John Davis, Judy Davis, Michael Davis, Pat Davis. Paula Davis, Victoria Davis, Pau- la Day, Walter Day, Alice Dean, Daniel DeCaro, Bonnie Demp- sey, Fred Dempsey, David De- neau. Tom Dent, Sharon Devetski, Dennis Deutscher, Anna Devero, Peter DeWitt, Robert Diana, Gene Dickinson, Ray Dicky, Marcella Dierdorf. Scot Diedrich, Richard Dodson, Cindy Dolezal, Richard Dolson, Corinne Dornbrock, Kathleen Dougherty, Kevin Douglas, Kathi Downs, Stanley Dreyer. Y A JW? ,Q .."'f-'Si .. ,I X class of 1969 A radiant Beth Boyer is enjoying every moment of her ride in the homecoming parade. 'cr' -rv.. W... K N f t Dorothy Cain, Sandra Callahan, Wilma Callahan, Ken Callaway, Kathie Calvert, Vicky Calvert, Cora Campbell, Graham Carl- son, Linda Carmona. Tom Cassler, Patrick Cavan- augh, Mark Center, Jerry Cham- bers, Roger Chambers, Tom Chambers, Tom Checolo, Don Childers, Jerry Childress. Richard Christensen, Denice Cizewski, Pat Claeys, Cindy Clark, Pamela Clark, Sandy rCleghorn, John Clemmons, Pat Clemmons, Steve Cochran. Barbara Cockshott, Leroy Cok- er, Su-Ln Collier, Joyce Collins, David Connell, Barbara Conrad, Barbara Cooley, Judi Corbett, James Corbly. Frank Cordova, Dennis Corley, Kevin Coughlin, Cheryl Covert, Betty Covington, Deborah Cox, David Craft, Laura Craig, Con- nie Crain. .J . 1 .7 C f y ifsfftffit . .QW , "-.,.'. if A- I t 1 K in , . ' 1-W.. -:. -. J " sy. .- I- -, Rf. , ai ' nazi:-. gi 4 - V ' 'X' 1- 1' i, -i w e K . . 7 r ':f55,gg:,.,, v im ' gf -15-.asia-if Wifi iii: P' N fi: 'T 7' J .. ,V "'i2 Q . Wi, c .g 59" mlm wi l l " . Elini'- ,5v,,,,3wg t-z,,5..,k,.. ,.. ,ylsmgvfi ,fg,,,,..-gg' ' , , 2, .2 'sixty S Qs, H ' 'glyfi as K i K - --A-Yr Yi as Q' ti Wiki if ' i - .f 1 Nz, 'ff - FQ, ,, r 'f S if w I -W Qfaigf s. . .1 4 .px . we fre' . W, 54? in 1, , ' , I67 juniors Jo Ann Dry, Jay Duechting, Carol Duncin, Debra Dutchess, John Dwyer, Jacqueline Dyer, Debbie Ebert, Scott Ebert, David Eddy Jim Edwards, Bill Eilers, Arnold Eisele, Linda Ellis, Josephine Ellis, Pat Ellis, Walter Epley, Frandy Esmeyer, Randy Es- meyer Chris Evans, Evelyn Evans, Gro- ver Evans, Theresa Evans, Tance Falls, James Farlie, Bob Fatt, Mike Faux, Bob Fedder Laura Feldman, Lynn Fekete, Margaret Ferrell, Nancy Finney, Richard Fisher, Mary Fitzhugh, Larry Fleck, George Fleming, Ed Foldenauer Garry Forney, Ajay Fowler, Susan Frageman, Bruce Frank- inburger, William Frankinbur- ger, John Fredenburg, Linda Freeberg, Lynda French, Mark uri 5 i Q iw yi M Frische ,a ni 15122 'il ein 4-sf Sue Froling, Darrel Fry, John Fry, Susan Furness, Nancy Gallagher, Paul Gallaher, Sharon Gallas, Peggy Gambil, Anne Garbacz Mattie Garner, Kelly Garton, Harold Gasaway, Gary Gast, Steve Geleske, Henery George, Gary Gerhke, Nicki Giglio, Ida Gillard Patrica Gilmore, Steve Ginther, Bill Glade, James Glick, Rich- ard Glick, Stephanie Glidden, Robert Godfrey, Debbie Goetz, Reggie Gooden Louise Gore, John Gooto, Ed Granacki, Barbara Grinston, Cheri Griffin, Ron Griiin,,Gar- ald Grinstead, Diana Grott, Daniel Guse David Haack, Terry- Haas, Bill Hackett, Tim Hahn, Richard Hairopoulus, Richard Hale, Linda Hallin, Barbara Hampel, Leonard Hampton Ray Kommarek and Pat Clemens relax around the campfire at the Junior Class Beach Party. P i class of 1969 I 3 7 ?Q These four servers are having a ball helping couples at the senior prom to the various snacks awaiting them. Debra Handtke, Darlene Haney, Donna Haney, Rodney Hansen, Robert Harder, Connie Harding, Deloris Harmon, Gerald Har- mon, Larry Harper Richard Harper, Dennis Hart, Larry Hart, Richard Hart, Bar- bara Harville, Bruce Haslett, Craig Hastings, Roberta Hast- ings, David Hayman Barbara Haynes, Jeff Hazel, Earl Heckel, Mike Hedges, Fred Hein, Darilyn Hendrich, Joy Henkel, James Hennessey, Ann Hensell John Heuer, Debbie Hibner, Brenda Hicks, David Hicks, James Higgs, Cynthia Hill, Kathleen Himes, Mildred Holden, Don Hollis Robert Hood, Kathy Hornyak, Phillip Houghton, Mark Hu- bertz, Roy Hudson, Kenneth Huff, Sandee Hultgren, Byron Hunt, Gail Huryn Mary Huryn, Jerry Huskey, Mark Hutchins, Richard Hyska, Tom Ingram, Charlotte Ishmael, Sharon Ishmael, Jack Janasiak, Ken Jania Cindy Jankowski, Mary Janow- ski, Connie Jarka, Wayne Jarka, John Jasniewski, Lynn Jasper, Shirley Jentzen, Jacqui Joers, Janet Joers Helen Johnson, Suzanne John- son, Trevor Johnston, Brenda Jones, Bruce Jones, Kenneth Jones, Kristine Jones, Greg Jost, Bruce J urgensen Jean Kahl, Judy Kahn, Norm Kaiser, Kathy Kaminski, Pat Ka- minski, Jane Kaszynski, Marc Keen, James Kieft, Jarrett Keith Rodney Keith, Ilene Kelly, Jo- Anna Kelly, Jane Kempf, Ger- ald Kennedy, Dennis Kienitz, Madonna Kieffer, Edith Kieffer, Virginia Kieszkowski Wig.. ,,,., la Q .www 5 aagtfu, .,,.f ,, , f 2 fag -Y.. ,, , If . N' J 'fig , . , . fikffjg .' . XYQQ 'Q .. 5 Wt' ' " C' Q W f A-. so fm ' .1 ., ,,fiE,,l,t aa , if Q if 1 ,av W l E .. Lf i' K ' F '32 , I - ' . ir.. 2'- re v , ' , .1 lvfv "' Q ..,, 1 ,,,. t, .. " are ' W' 3 is if .P-1 is ' .. .,,. . 5 'iii ' ' L J , , .--' r 1 ,tg - , , I ite I.. is K e f A I I I 1 it 1 it X' S , f I f. J f 1 Q 5? f '. -1 r H Vail ,.."'f"' . Z li' I 1- V, 3 a. . - . P ' , ,. , ..,, t 'L f,-i 'W , 5' ' I I I J M V. , N ' it VZ., 1, ,y M, R ,KM t 13 'ii R 1 ft A it ' y K 5 A ', f, K, e Q A 2, . 13 ' 3 :saws get s ' an ' 1 J y ,., i I , J -:" QQ F551 J, .2 f, Q, 7 ' if ,K 7, - . K W ' KH , Amis., , 1 . 1, M i .,,.. af , 'L A ., f ,.' ' D is J ' ,J gu at N -,,, i . 4, i. ,. ,, T E , B A 2 , A f , - . g A fs I ' f iff 1 ., ' fi gf' ' I Q45 - ' "7 " j fs' "' Nrw- K f ,ag bfi' - x ng: wsu, AM-. V . ' V " . f fi' . ' V ., i ,. ' A ,..,,' .fa ' i X rx, f I '-Q 1 K ' 'ii' lf , Y as tiei ,,,. t " w it 1 I .. . 'ft , 1 'Vi' ' ' c w -in-.a...:, I J I69 Nw.. . .,.,,,,, K ' FQ wtf ,rx ll' F :.q , J . ' ,,' ga fifi, .1 H Wv?-if -1 ia- :J QJYQ ' 'F juniors Four members of the Junior Class pause for refreshments during their Beach Party. f . 52fllig,2 ' s , las. e ,QQ .U -X' , f l E? . 'z,ilf' 55' , ,,. .. . ,i. .,, I ,S J - , -E 1 Jwimie , . , ' 1 Hg : ,Qing Wag f 4 , 5 . , 555,555,324 . , - fr-ga tg' ,ga's,gf:,-Q-wtf, ,E Q, Ev - - ' '-" " fr - " ' - QY,,W,. E' -i f- " g'::Qi 5 f.amPt-uf C 3,ffui' iz- ., ' Q gi Q - 3,535 V- gf-1 . -f Y Q eff. , Q .2 " K W. '1' A 3 M " fl ' Q , Q .Q gg , Q : V 1 A 5' ,N wplwggf ii! "Iii t'. 'H D-'Tigii '. , , S fil . 5 ff' 9' Z 5: M" JT" . f- J Y i .- ' m f f A ta E 4- JSE VR .-if it . " A if -- V ' - , " ' . r y - i -. M :M ' ., -V '2 is'ff"5g' ' , ' -- " -- ' 1 5f'fe'fg,s15"' 5' xi af ,3:, - : . 4. 't an -1. .-FE A ,,.. ,I ,Ru an 3'm."' Q , 5 ' 5 e lf . digg? f "- ' 2 - W ' its 1' H . . . i it ff: 'zffww 7 semi 214' fl . 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M , Q at Sandy Kietzman, Ronald Kil- gore, Diana Killingbeck, Ron Killingbeck, Janice King, Karen Kingsley, Randy Kinney, Ray- nell Kinser, Sharon Kinsey June Kirby, Bonnie Kirkland, Edward Kmiecik, David Kniola, Duane Kniola, Karen Knitter, David Knoll, Diane Knoll, Ray Knoll Dan Koch, John Koch, Robert Koch, Janice Kocikowski, Nancy Kohn, Rita Kohn, Ange- la Kolster, Ray Kominiarek, Bruce Konkey Kathleen Kopczyk, Donna Kor- en, Jim Kovalick, Jim Kowalski, Debby Kramer, Keith Kroening, Steven Krueger, Peggy Krug, Karen Kulawinski Boyd Kunze, Paulette Kush, Ronald Kutch, Tom Laborn, Greg LaFollette, John LaFoun- tain, Rick La Frentz, Larry Lain, Jean Landing Cheryl Lane, Audrey Lane, Chuck Lang, Lynn LaRocco, Jim LaRocco, Phil LaRocco, Debra Larson, JoAnn Larson Mary Lawson s Janice Lazarus, Terry Lebo, Fred Lee, Ron Levendoski, Greg Levendoski, Keith Lewalski, Lenore Lewellyan, Delores Lewis, Roger Libke Christine Lind, Edward Lips- comb, Diane Litchford, Teresa Lockard, Janice Logmann, Nanette Logsdon, Vicki Lom- bard, Joyce Long, Lee Lonzo Bernadette Losiniecki, Richard Lovell, Ron Lowery, Sharon Lowery, Jerry Lowry, Tom Low- ry,Linda Loyd, Sue Lubke, Der- ek Lubs Jane Lucas, John Luchtman, Terry Ludington, Sally Lund- mark, Chuck Lungren, Marilyn Lurie, Linda Lykins, Robert Lynch, Kris Lyness class of 1969 ,P , J S J re ' . .. f Elizabeth Lyons, Peggy Mc- ' V , I , . " , A, Annally, Catherine McBride, ,'39ff"""' 'E 5 , , L, Ozzie MCC0u110ugh, John Mc- . it Cormick, Brenda McGill, Laurie ,ileiiirifgr X " J V ' T r s.f1.ff,f1r.f 3, - ...,. wt , , McGowan, Mary McGrath, ,j j - Janet McIntyre J L 'L asiffgftfw Q 'w!'1f:':--" :ff'l"-' " W" 1 f A 'WWII S riflitklf' 1 r,,. l , ,,. ., .. , , t '. T552 fifilfilii '2f?5i'fT pix ? 'a-,!'.:- 'F':2':.5:i::' -'Ffa' Z-,mwgiigf-A H T' yr i f ryy W - Ji .im t filji t 'F 2339" - :ISGS fm iii? S Tia 'zikililfift Debfa McKee' Scott MCK"llaY' ' - 1 . .. Terry McKinney, Mike Madden, --d' : ' it-it -2 ,,:, f - : si '- - , i w x sf' at wr, ,,' - ,rv iw in my -ffrfvwy g ,t,1sL ,:f' Sam Maddox, Jeanne Maefzs ..- Q 333. if if Ir' T T iffwlwi it ' Paffliik Mahfiffey, Paul Mahler, ' lim" 'W ,gf 'f" ' .eilt, , v . - , 1 W ft. gf -YM 35- ' . , if-'ff f , : ifIQ,f'ai'?ffv1 f.' I" Jw f' sllii: -,.i'i'w' H I Theodore Malecki Y, re,e r'ed T 1 'L rrrr it .1 - . . J i . -f V d'.' ' e'.' Pat MZIUOH, Mlke Mellon, T errd 2 ddre i J ,J Charles Malott, Patrick Malott, 1 f' iii WJ' fliiif-I Y-'Y fl? " - "'. ,, '.,' 5 ' L 1 RUSS Mann, Gerald Maflfing, A S siit J dd li Eric Mansfield, Dean Marek, S 1 A ' x 'Y,35 l'e f - ,,e. r i, M .. Karen Markowski 'L i f ' A A" , 1 J it J ,yre ' Kathy Markowski, John Mar- .gin i' ',e' F2555 , t-if 'P i f V 5 , Q-lg ' -1- zz-i ,... , , .. 5 if ln 'r ' , fr Se iw , . .' ', .,,, , ww i -if 1 ,I --H quart, John Martorano, Billy 6 'Q K 3 1- 7191. , , ,yrr f L ,5 Martin, Donald Martin, James J lg, ""' l' "'- ' , I 1-it "1'- Y " .' Q' JT rl A Martin, Jane Matthews, Juanita at g g 55 Q 1 - wb? Matthews, Frank Marvel ' e,,' r '1 ' -g s , f t t . ' " ' "' f H X R432 . r rr .ff ,. , . V ,,.. J 'K ' e --4:r 1- N :ij ::' 'E ' F1 E, ' , ' f g ,bg 51 a t ' . J - ' : ee' S it .. John Matzke, David Maule, V A ig A f n '- Vicki Maynard, Joan Meece, J m y We 1 K, 5, - -4' Dennis Meer, Belinda Menifree, ij' ""- , - f E V - f 1 ' -g ' 'M F . ,L A yyfx 1 H 1 rw 3 fi t X -. ,aw V -- Kris Menke, Scott Menke, Deb- ,. K ' ' , A + ' mah Meredith 1. , 5 5 i . e P ,gr ,V 1 A - ,. f -. '- e ,Riff tw se, ., .ggi ml i n K ,. , 4 E A Qiji g K, Q. l . H ggi - r ' Oscar Merriweather, Janet ' Q7 , 1, ' a my? j- Tel, Merrel, Marsha Meska, Beryl A if-Q , r ig' , ' i il , Metcalf, Hilary Meth, Ronald - 4 ,ff fy 1. - .M ., , , . 2 . M' 1 Meyer, Dan Middleton, Susan l a w p? , I 3 3, .f .- ' Middleton, Bernadette Mlkolski it. Sl fi X ' ' tal . f i?4 D 'fr f ' Y ' 4 Q S: im , ' J --f-V K , t - -- - . . . , . E L' ,g t , 'f .V V ' 1 f Dennis Miller, Douglas Miller, gg i, 1? Q, 5 l M I W ' V , f ,W , , Q Melinda Miller, Pam Miller, l 25ii,fl3jff' ' i " fx 5' ' I i - ' M ,ff l K Terry Miller, Wayne Milzarek, : , ' Dale Mitchell, Hezzie Mitchell, i J L f 1 -"' R J J' f ' ' t ir if if MQ Mi ff J Jams Mitchell fe ' ' ' ' 3 , . - W f I ,Q gf g 1 Joyce Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, g V, 5 ,V-gk ' P 42 if Alan Mitchels, Allen Mitchels, Q H 1 if ' , Jeffrey Morgan, Robert Morgan, ,, f 5 .J . J- Q, Archillis Moore, Dorothy Moore, - " Lesle Morris Q .. xr -H J as-J --:-.Q S r,mramHi,t.ffi 1 iff- -F . g 2599135553 we , I new girriimgf vyyr K Eiiyrgs it els itil ,tt 4 , Q T' ' i Greg Morse, Dan Moser, rarer: - , 4 ' ' at M., - 11553 "Q, , ' ' i, - - ,- f I Q ly xy 55:15 Claire Muhm, Tim Murphey, ' 5 V fi 5 X' - lff1lf'- ffmlw ' ' gf g . Randy Murray, Rick ,Murry, L-gy f . 5,1 e Mary Nagel, Alex Nastoff, San- , " f- 7 .ik ' Eli dra Nelson i7?i 5'U ,:,.--,: W my fri? . H"fi2?75ii K ' N ' Q fm' fxzakifb -rx'-1-' ililff ' hge s J f, .-,, ,jj -- lm - ' ,SQ , g. . I Q . , P i ' 55 -L Mike Nessler, James Neulieb, 2 ,,-g1' i M g ' ' i- Shirley Neulieb, Susan Nevorski, J, my , fi' K T Wally Newman, Mary New- , ,,'1' .V ' f 'ff some, Susan Newton, Debbie if ' . ' . . :3.i5fi1S'., , .V g reg . . X -, Nichols, John Niegos e,'1 J 'T lu it mwmmm.vewA.w,Mp .:s:af,wrm,r.at, Setting a new precedent, Mr. Jones asks Donna Snyder, a Homecoming Finalist, a question in order to give the student body an idea of her personality. , . +?4f2QwQe y Q k f K! Er' get f-"ll.f5Z-'id f'7Z'LM Z5 M k 4 ' Q , 1 J if ar. glfwfl f fll6fV'M'09ii W7 j ,ITT 'A " ff! fzffmiaf A-fam 1 ,frdfgfafof ff , Q J ff, tcefiftfi ,J ,t UU 1, yd y gfjfbfli juniors Mr. Bass, sponsor, ponders the future ofthe Junior Class. Helen Norvell, Clarence Novak, Dale Novak, David Novak, Gail Novak, Helen Novak, Marie Novak, Sandra Novak, Valerie Novak Robert Noveroske, Linda Now- atzke, Randall Nulf, Peter Ober- link, Mike O'Brien, Ruth O'Bri- en, Gayle Ogle, David Olson, Ron Oman Brenda Orlowski, Mike Ors- zulak, Stephen Otlewski, Dan Overman, Nancy Overman, Lizzie Owens, Dale Pace, John Pagels, Kenneth Pagels n i A at Kathy Pahs, Phll Pahs, Jacque- - -' J, , 3 " -.git , - - - J J . i-r 'a Ji. 9: J J- 1 , K line Painter, David Palm, Ellen wg -M. A W Li ,im Papunen. Frank Parker, NHHCY ,,,,, J, 'r Parker, Wayne Patterson, Sherry 2 Y -" lm! 5 Paul A- It ' ' 2 4 t FJ 4,5 K 1 -'A ff "JJ ,d f , -- , Q st. M ,,,' f. L' P ' , J r ' , J Bob Pawlick, Roberta Pawlick, V 'N' K Rick Pawllcke, Valerie Pawlos- ki, Terry Payne, Grant Payton, fl Dick Pearson, Janet Pearson, it V A Bonnie Peckat , X 5 F' 'F , V X L -fn ' ' A QM .: . i SIN, c: ,t5T1L7,' J r .,., - J I 3 J 'V H in ,t 'P Chuck Penfold, Pam Penning- zslz' '.rff i it 4 ,, J " H13 .,,, J - J .,:, K fi -1. - ' ,, J, ,gags - - - r'-- ,J - - - A ' J J , , get W - E , nf J P fy- . - ,J -rr , ton, Rick Peo, Cynthia Periolat, e:l",J' Rf 'A 22' 1 - 5 1- if .Hi , ' '9 g: 1 Q ' f , ' 'f 1' I 22,9 Y - ,,,r it 2 7 l , J Scott Petersen, Jean Peterson, ' V ' ' 'Ln ' H " .A :QI Carolyn Phelps, Dennis Phillips, J J 1 P' 1 J C' d Piechnik JJJ ri H :ssl-bf , H - ,iff ,J J J - I ,if f , - f 7, -- , 5 ln Y ,fx NJ r '-,. as :.-, A , , ff ,,,., ,- M ,-,' r Jw f J 'J H JJ, 1 J . X J - ew- J ,Y- 1, J rrf. V, 7. - r.r,t5,fjs, Q t 2, --,f ' t, Q ,f.- -. ,fist J N J- . J J J J: -r-- i 'i' ' J J- "r- Alan Plamowskli I-lrlda Plewaks 5 . L ' 'l " ' ,H 1 f g g . Cindy Plona, Charlene Pluta, J if ' - W 1--we r" ie low Pam Pivarnik 57 i L , ' ' i . at J it " ' -X N G11 Pomlus ,,,, e's J J Chfissine POPCIC-2, Chris - 5 I ' J, f-::4 ff Connie Powell, John Powell, J JM, J ff -W V Q - --- J. .. r" i . 17' J '- ' I Peggy Powell Eleanor Pfam' ff -- vi i t k it ?g av , -t J 'f . :c J rr ,.., JW V' mf '81 V - V-ff' ' , . J 'Fink 1 . 1 -Jf- 5- r- .. - P J V . VJJ1 - r - t-J if J L' - aff. ,,,- J f an H A ilir- :H '- , - J kos, Carolyn Price, Bruce Pritz, ' W img? ' ' 5 , 53 k ,J -L Rllsgiifl jean Pritz 'f i' W T'1f:sfvQ?5'E .J J 17 953' I N 1 ' W'Ti'f?6 'Tig ryhffl it is ,, J " irwi i iiligf , A yyy d in 4 Q J 5 W5 tl n1a,GallQu1nn, Don Raatz, Jim if J 9 ni .J f JJ g 'ff J J J W' J S J Raimi Randy Radke, Tlm Ram, J A J ,J wr .,'- MT 7, J ft . iw- J. 1-: QE ' G R K th Ranca, VAVV: Ji wt -Z i V J , 3 'sigh ,VJ ,J regory amey, a y X' " ,J-J' P ' t0fC- .Y ,'rl A J V. me " ' . Wikis. e ' fe z1r1f?,Yf'f"n - ' f wzinnxw H ----" " - f f -:-- e J '- 9 ' C ' " " ' ' " Z ' 'W f R B k R eter Tom ,J 3, I VEIQ T P- A J H V .JJ.J.. P - Terry ay, ec y e , ga, , J J , , 'E J D ' Retseck, Susan Reuer, Joe Reynolds, Stephen Rhodes, ru .sJrJ J R .- lim' iii 1 J Mike Richards, Stephen Rlch- ' J ' J,J ' ards, Connie Richardson. l72 class of 1969 Dennis Richardson, Raymond Richardson, Valorie Richardson, Dan Richmann, Lynda Rich- mond, Sue Richmond, Ernest Rieck, Henry Rife, Beverly Rinehart Norma Ritter, Richard Roames, Duane Robb, Sylvia Roberts, Brenda Robertson, Gayle Rog- ers, Justine Rosinia, Richard Rudnick, Ted Ruess Tom Ruggles, Nancy Russ, Donna Russell, Pat Russell, John Ryszka, William Ryszka, Tom Ryszki, Gail Sabo, Gene Savana Dave Schaefer, Vicki Schapan- ski, Dennis Schermerhorn, John Schlegelmilch, Vicki Schliep- hake, Dave Schlundt, Ed Schoo- nover, Ann Schomaker, Pam Schroeder Jim Schroll, Kathy Schultz, Mary Ann Schultz, Pat Schultz, Robert Schultz, Robert Schultz, Carol Schuman, Stephen Schlunz, Lorie Schwanke Tom Scott, Walter Sedlacek, Ray Senter, Alan Severs, Jimmie Shannon, Kayla Shaw, Kathy Shebel, Harold Shepperson, An- nette Sherman Larry Shields, Yvonne Shikany, Durand Shipley, Tom Shipley, Doug Sigle, Roger Sigle, William Sigle, Jim Silko, Floyd Sischo Larry Skibo, Mary Jo Skierkow- ski, Donna Skubic, Sherry Slag- ley, Rick Slater, Jim Sliwa, Donald Smales, Carolyn Smelt- zer, Robert Smidt Beckie Smith, Dale Smith, Dar- lene Smith, Dave Smith, Gwen- dolyn Smith, Howard Smith, Randy Smith, Sylvia Smith, Tom Smith Vicki Smith, Virginia Smith, William Smith, Tim Smrt, Carol Snyder, Donna Snyder, Dave Sobecki, Louis Sobecki, Donna Sonnenberg in Xf -2 M1 ,,. ft-r. ff f' 5, -t K I V- 'R ,,: We its ' .. -5 Qm , I 'ef' S 2 4 4- fb 5 gr 4' - 4 t A VX M L t 1 -,J - -ff,-, all S , V - S um -'-, ,lv . I -- X- - . 1225-'1', - i T ' A ' .. V 1 ' "'vl L 7 ' - f f-Wa re -moi .- - -ev R . J We , X ffl? "" . .- 2 A 1 fi' X uf" If ,A ', ' , xg, , " . ,- Q ,fr ' Q23 t - to .,,, D-A H ,i ' V Ya A kg V ,T vt m i? M A - al , K fr , J, Y f ,EM ' . f 'Q t .. . - -ar . 9 Q ff.: -I , ., G Y 1, J f, 4 " " li ' J ,. 1 i - --S ff ' 'ily ga' ill f' -Z' ' Q--fi J 'R Q 5 f 'K ,n A I . I ,f , g , ,diy .1 ,k Ulf.. ,V I K x Y ,I , xgx , ills We 'e""+,-M' I ' ' ' 'N J Junior class sponsor Mrs. Galles, helps Pam Gabor overcome her problems in an after-school session. .V .3 Paying close attention is the s I M,-1,.l k : - iix.,,.,,-' 2' X f .- .., . , .gms 75 ,. 3 W H YY: IS' S i- ' - .L ,iffiiiif 3 Alfa- ,f:-may 7 w'-:ia,f3fx, ,1,-f A ,S :assi-.ia-, ' f fi .f" i :fgL 'l ft if i 'T 1. - -wa fiflf., yrtu., . 1 x ,I '- 'H' 5, N Q Q7 , H f y. gh .5 wif, i Q ,rl 4 Y if Aa wtf W gtg 2 , , Qkrli i E i , J' . 5. 'q 'rip J it Wfimiggl' iw-,tri Q-in fqst.-1-.H Us-1,8 ,V f 1. X. Q Q i t ,,'W'wit. , SF' ll J f , " 'r t g,f,,., S .4 ,M v fog gi,-,1, w,.i if .V - ,th .. ,. if ry.. , f . , , tems-f . .f ff. ,.,. st, igiaga 2' e sr. N , if 1:5 in. V X , ,--V , W' it " 1 it if gl .if , ,, ,. ,auf , sisxsszzhge Trfwltfifdfi PM ' f Tiff . 1 ':Q, 'fi' , , -, nfl . Fifi Q, 3 A - 1, .4 .iw juniors key to learning algebra. Gary Sonnengerg, Lane Sonnen- berg, Leann Spencer, Woody Spencer, Kathleen Stachowski, Pat Stanaszek, William Stanley, Kirby Stannard, Bob Stanton Richard Stanton, Charles Stantz, Joseph Stantz, Leonard Stark, Jane Starr, Gary Steer, Sue Stephenson, Judi Stibbie, Melody Stombaugh Pam Storey, Jan Stormer, Su- sanne Stott, Larry Stradtner, Richard Stranad, Ed Strawmier, Emma Stueck, David Stupeck, Bob Sutherlin Linda Sutton, Becky Swanson, Steve Swedenburg, Doris Swiger Michael Swim, Deborah Swine: hart, Kaye Sydow, Sue Szot,' Geraldine Taylor Jim Teasley, Robert Teasley, Pat Teets, Nereida Tejero, War- ren Thiede, Jerry Thode, Barbara Thomas, JoAnn Thomas, Mari- lyn Thomas Tim Thomas, Cheryl Thompson, Joe Thompson, Linda Thompson, Raymond Thurman, Ron Tiede- man, Kevin Ton, Ronald Tonn, Donna Topa - Kris Trampski, Patrick Tray, Lawrence Traynom, Lynne Tro- jan, Karen Troy, Susan Troy, Barbara Tucker, Brenda Turner, Gene Turner Joe Turner, Reubilyn Turner, Darlene Tylinski, Susan Tyskie, Larry Tylisz, Vickie Tylisz, David Udvare, Bob Vander- -x QQ 3, Q li 4 , in lp wfigfxsz .wa 2 Q5 ,V ,rv plough, Randy Van't Hof While Tom Retseck begins the experiment, Dave Prosser checks his manual for the next step. i -.sis ,. liffwqr a .Y X, , , i , 1 ..i ', 11 wh-.-f 160 We W . ,VZ '31 W t K lf'-W T i ik g A g. - 5 'Lai 9, ,af writ? 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' 55" r fi , . r , .,.n,,-YT -, Eff? :" , ' r iff its Lyn Vargo, .Ion Venice, Tom Vogel, Connie Vogler, Rex Voorhees, Russell Voorhees, Su- san Voss, David Wade, Gary Wagner Steve Wagner, Joe Wahman, Pat Waldron, Chris Walker, Carl Ward, Kevin Ward, Gilbert Ware, Lori Ware, Kristin War- ren Trudy Warren, Paul Washluske, Douglas Watson, Niles Watson, James Webb, Daniel Webster, Pat Weger, George Wells, Ken Wenclaff Sue Werdin, Audrey Werner, Phyllis West, Sam West, Gary Westman, Mike Westphal, Na- thanol Whetstone, Mickey Whis- man, Doug Whitaker Karen Whitaker, Bill White, John White, Sue Whitford, Clark Whitlow, Jean Whitmore, Vic Widelski, Dean Wiesemann, Barbara Wike Jim Wildhart, Gloria Wiles, Mike Wilke, John Wilkins, Joyce Williams, Allen Wil- son, Eddie Wilson, Ellen Wil- son, Jim Wilson John Wilson, Linda Wilson, Toni Wilson, Larry Wine, Ronald Winski, Lloyd Wipperman, Maryann Wisnieski, Alan Wis- toff, Robert Withers hile the rest of the class proceeds with their lesson, Gerry Manring is far olfin France. 175 juniors Drawing is fun, but Dale Novak knows concentration and the utmost in accuracy. it requires deep . . . ' ' 64115: . Easy. 4. 551 k,V, 1 ggjj J ' , . K Jacqueline Wiziecki, Connie M W V .L 1 f I J. - Wojasinski, Daniel Wood, Greg I . V Wood, Pat Woodard, Ron Q 2 T H Y ,, Woodruff, Robin Working, "gf A' : gl, g if ,Q , Q" ' 2-if ' ' A , 'i iif Q fE , ' , Q 3-f,,.,,if V "E - , Kurt Woss, Larry Wozniak Q , ji I Vi, as X - 'Nr I i'is ' . A J Linda Wozniak, Nanette Woz- 4 fs1 ,j,isfg S f , ws, ' I niak, Doug Wright, Karen J A - . -:mv-' ff' ,f I? grief .,'- k-, rig: , ,Q ' r '..- if - f . V, , ,.f:f gs fur, , , :L 5535 - ,: 11 Wright, Teresa Wroblewski, , ii's ' 3:14 - 3, V . ,flifa I fa! Gary Yazel, Kathy Young, Val in -, is " 'fn Young, Marlene Yourist ,gg A .. pw, ,,:. ,EAL Q K 2 use ,Q kir- L JL W VHQ ,fgvit V 556, Sylvia Zarantonella, Nancy Za- ' , wacki, Mike Zeese, Susan Zieg- V , r iffs , 3f22g?i5+ , , Sl ,g 5 V ,,,' H ' ler, Delores Zimmerle, Bonnie I ,L 1 g 'J Zollman, Franchesca Zoppe Y' ,, -- " juniors not pictured JOHN BYRD MARGARET HUGHEY ROGER CATES MICHAEL CHINSKI LINDA CURTIS LINDA DAWSON RONALD ELDRIDGE LINDA ERICKSON MORRIS FRANK CHRIS FRATOGILLO JOE HAJDUSIEWCIZ RADFORD HANSEN BOBBY HOLLAND STEVE ISENBLATTER ROBERT LANG PHYLLIS QUALLS BRUCE RICHARDSON DUANE ROUSE MARY SHANNON GEORGE SMITH ALBERT WHITE RANDOLPH WILLIAM Cyndy Periolat searches her brain for a chemistry answer. 1 -- .M-1 fawf n- ,f , .,,.mni mwmtwWfinmLmcubwmQmL JUNIOR STEERING COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Tucker, Russell, Himes, Kirkland, Overman, Hultgren, Boese, Meth, Braddy, Pearson. SECOND ROW.' Novak, Hallln, McBride, Center, Wlnslg, ' ' ' Al d Ru - Smldt, Buczkowski, Sherman, Davls, Warren. THIRD ROW. Keen, Mitchell, Lonzo, exan er, nick, Mitchels, Dwyer, Garton, Cochran, Udvare, Harper. bl. in memoriam One short sleep past, We wake eternally, And Death shall be no more, Death, thou shalt die! SUZANNE JOHNSON John Donne I QKEL git? " 4 -fgswsffsaa, it 4 3'g3ifi'T51g,1-,, K f:. I as ' L A' Q.,-S - -. ,A N-5,1 .yy 553-5" ' ' 'if' yew" rg31gw:rf.W,'W1 rii ' - ll e ,- rr me We 1 iiiaf F K aa ,Q K 3, e sa 2 s 4 ,. ax 1 + ' 'gt 'T Fig 'L- SM5 feng, mg X Ep is P slat xx ' xgeix Y i f B Q J :- S in Q, ig " r 'A fe was : .5 S, , if 1-1 wr .1 -.4 K will 'is' ,S+ Si, ' if -3 past '- -- .. lg k sigma -- M S wr ew ' ,fs ,fr 555 mf as at rt X .,, L ,- M Q li Q libi- . wg W ffl tzseislfi' ' ' 122155 is .f ' ,K 'eff' 7 fills -if 1, it-'lit Q xxx N Trail Hifi? 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XXX XXX E X, .Xa K K , N3 t 1 aXa's5.s V 1 .. ke 'ir i ,A . ., nw ,Xt ' , 1 M5235 ' . 'asm ' ,-.mg-V ,- , ,W-V , ' wh -1 ,. W h .. M 2 ' - ,LX fa- EVV X 2:5 if LS l ? bb 5 N XV? -fv - 2 t: ' .:ei,,a1,, 2, X - X, X, 4- K BYTE? . ' ala - .15 ' .' E'VQi"2gs,- .. ,V, . .,: . . ,I V. li X gl , X XX 2 X ,. .,. . ,ps i i K Q 3 1 ,xxx K FX 2 l X QQ S LEJLSSZ as if kv? w qis- . SX ,Wil ,a ..l .. . , at ,X 9, X ,E , class of 1970 Sophomore Class Secretary, Gail Hutton, takes advan- tage of some free time for a snack. Shift? 'ififliw Q' ,, 11? ,L ,Q mf, '- ,Vin li 4' B 5 X X ,ff Linda Brown, Sandra Brown, Larry Bryan, Scott Bullis, John Bunton, Judith Bunton, Judy Bruklow, Kirk Burnett, Cindee Burns Ronald Burns, Sandy Burns, William Burton, Alan Bushong, Debbie Butler, Phillip Butler, Dorothy Byrd, Sylvester Byrd, Debbie Cagle Jerome Cain, Christine Cairns, Paul Callan, Pamela Calvert, Pat Calvert, Jeanne Cameron, Charles Campagna, Jan Camp- bell, Julie Cappy Bill Carlson, Kathy Carlson, Gail Carr, Ann Carver, Bruce Cashbaugh, John Cesario, Rita Chakos, Tom Chastain, Cathy Childers Vicki Childress, Earl Chism, Gail Christensen, John Christopher, Mike Churchill, Susan Cieciwa, Terry Cizewski, James Clark, ' M ' " N V 1 f Q, as B as : , me at, V ' V, it Q X at V 5 it V - V A V -is-'JP' 1 me ts. V V- V V XXV , Q ,- - - f U se L N : 1- ,wigs A V5 J 'ttm Vitl+ , , , .. ,... WV- . 5 Wi" s 1' -- "'1'V'z'i V .:- -tn :f z: . 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X ,X SK im SWS Q if iw fit ' we i ggeg it X i ifif' as at M, 5 is , ,. , 9 . , 5, --we , ibws , Q ,M,X,,,V, Xtswiaezv 5-57.1 Li my 9. ,fi it . V Q tfi sfjf ,. A - VV,XV.Xt,,tX, , ,. .3 X2 X X If X t , W ,. X ,X , Xt? s ill we vm, fslftiss , ' we ' lfpgx .V.n,.s K in 'S , Xw X '- ' - 7 - , -Q .l iitingggsgifgq f' ef'tifEf,SSi 7 X at Ler- ,t X . ,iii . ' ' ' ,W V: - fwafkaf ,,'f 17. ff, tw... tf-,t W ,il E. ji' F ,fs ' 573 4 la Ji, WX L V if wtwi, -V,. :sf 4551 41 'L iwiimt, V-,,,.gV,,: ljgw, , f x.?,r,,,,gg,,4Xe . E gi S P Hgh il ,Xi , F' 1 i 1 V ' i W' ,tw X x Nm 3+ 1' at 4,9 , .. 1 nksa A 3, V rl ,-s r3ftiggrtkgss'tf . ptlispu X WX? XQXK 1 ll Targa ,wif ,,, K 1 W 5 ,E S5 ,gm , , ....,,,t 3 ., , x..,X5 ,fr W H il Xt S K" ,r , '5 X, . A ,R , . ,vu 1,, ,, ff , W -P J U ma X ,l ' X Q? HX X, 1 ,sa 1. :-.:' 5. wi. V, LL, 5- XX Vg Vl-2 Miff- , .tg MXX. , -V--' l s 5 .Haig ts ,V V, M55 .1 ,, t ., 'KH 'V '. ,xi .-- E ' f 6: . M2551 W P si: V "'V,,, A1 av s ,, g, ., ,, my sh? X WX. Ab . 1 . fn. ,. V.. X 'W Y' X , Richard Clark of 'W A gm, t M M V K fiwt' J 1' iii -- Y L 1 f V V V' ' 2 ara. ,ff , 2 gt ,wg X11 . ' A ' Nt M ' zmf? : " gifzlfi-' V il . , 5, . ,.. f f, f-X V' . .f lg ,, . ff . . .V X ' 'ff i f -- 1 y ' i f- - . T at , J V " .55 .O 45- 3 -X rs ' V , ws .- 'if 1 I its I lb A- ' i i ' f"',Tf',, jx? ' 1358 ei','f,f',.1'i57 K' V wtf. Le if ,R Vp, P fl'-: 5 , 1 Q' t A- vm' wg A M., it-is 'V -ggfefjjs H 2 , 141. ,, fs , J ,wa 5 w- X g Psi' X film .JV s ,fQftV,q,,,g.t -may ,W .. M ,R 1. , ...- vm ,, .X V y YM A ,.. fe few' 'H 11 sf A.. hi? I J X X Xt X 't s' 5 I Q W ,v , K Vi' . ' e t. v 9-A ,X -'N SLM? it K X ' aw' 1-91 . M .. ...b 54 x " L J ,s 1 : V ',, f-Sl, ' , l ' sophomores fniffil 7 K ' e, :ey - " rye ry, aa -an, an 551 .yy ,.., ..,,,,. V ,,.. 13 ,2 ,kr V 'V I 225' 'ah X R Dlane Dlelflcha Pamela Dllle ' r -. r ., yr' 52 1 Ernest Dlflglefy MHTVIH D1l'kS, Wir " ' 2 i iar'f-255.352, ll- , filly ,E ii 'Y yr, 5" fy, A rd iffffil ,ef,s,'lriif?s ,? fisf'?55ff,ir i1 '," K' rx i. lfilifi R0bCI'I DlShm3Tl, LCOfl21I'd lliryaggg-fr 5" 1 r mera-.,? g,-gen -Sy 'Q fi,3fjf2 s,1,f' Wen 5 .. an .y . , my ,L,,.., i. , , 1 , .. , aa., ri .,.k,L y, ,. ,. yn , , em-lint, as ., . . Nri,,..W", ,nyy,,e,y,ra,g, ,ny ry ey, ,ay y - "-wl': ,,,'ay,a f l fr?i!.'.".a'?fg...f r 2 '.-, v- rr r- .:- g- y?a-1+ , inv .J Dombkowskr, Mike Domb- - . Q - 1 '--L - kowski, Cathy Dombrowski, , ., a .. i Q ' r ko.o 'E " r Garry Domrkr ,,,,a, 5 , , f a er if " ' ' " 'oo' ae . - r iviera-e . ta. Jr, ,, at-. a . "Q ' r . r as1fg,41f r' .45 Kieran, we . , fl . , rsgfzf' ia ,,e,.fe' in r, Wig , Debbre Dorrrbrock, Pat Dwgh- an r ' r , " .a a . . i , , ',,A:.,. . Q H I . , k W H , ,., . , . ,. , erty, Jim Downs, Diane Dressel, ai ,, -- - ' , r r 5 f, haw , ree Dnneard, Sreye Dndrey, Rd- ' : 1 , f r aaa, Joyce Durham r . 1 r , ' an asain! - ' . 3 , Ax e " lr? r I ,. ., .,1,,,'ee.i yf.i5l,fI2,'faf,2, if 5, ' ry It , I "l'f'fr,'?H Le glrslrf' frlifrrefrrw - " l:E?fll?ll ,wneayrat-rwe P- r . - WW .. ..., Y ,, , ,., , - far ,QQ ?grg5i?Q Sfeliidfg -, rylllrrfl Wif,1rf'rgi!l5gsar?lf , ,nl rrfisdagf gaggaf r :e,. ,. . . . . ' .. llllfr , lla Alice Duszynski, Ed Dutkiewitz, , V K - - el s eif, eerie .- aaa -r' .1alrH,3,1y nl, fi ' - 'U f Q' .ll V Ml? il lar-r - . .1-iii--,!?Eg.l 1, 'afar ,, Bob4Ea1se, Diane Eaton, Dawn - . aa Eddlngmfl, Arlene Edgelli Ernest . ' ' 'ss' f "rr I r Ed' er Vicki Edlin Ga A A , fi f ""' ' , r - NF" "'-- - "". 9 an -e son ' - a t 'lr , , r mi ifwa Xi- W E' aif' 5' K " r Terry Elrdre Dayrd Ellrdrra Den- 5 e , E, ,,ree nell Ellrs, James Ellis. Lavarla f i ' Ellis, Sharon Ellison, Michelle , ,..,, , .,,.,, a , 1 ,A r rr Q in ,, - r fa. ' ,, . K gk ' ll A trier ---- a r ren Engernan, dany England, slsll ' , Mary England, Geneva Evans, "e ,,,. an 1 Andrea Ewrng, Larry Fabian, . ae .. iz E e Sherry Fabian, Bruce Fairbarrn, Q ' . . , - 2 2- Mike Falls gg a f f V . " ?ffQ?j fi, ., Q i f My b A , T - ' 1 a i , ea 5 1 eslee lr seee V, iT . fisllllll' a., area i ' l ol r -, .,. a 4 Jlm FH1'Oh, Thomas FHUSI, SICVC rr ' ry? r fr, -fait vrasrzr 5 f iasiirri ' - y hgllrlri a- e. ra - a ' Y ' - ' 'sse , "'- l rflaat- rink ? fl - .del . 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William Glick, Tim Glidden, Marvin Glossinger, Marilyn Gole, Leslie Goldberg, Tom Golumbecki, Dan Golumbewski, Kristine Gondeck, Kevin Gooch Christine Goodlol, Douglas Gor- ley, Pat Graam, Kathi Graff, Tom Granacki, Tim Grandacki, Greg Grant, Jack Grant, Benny Graves Robert Greeko, LaQuita Greer, David Green, Kris Gresham, Kathy Grieger, Henry Grillin, Deborah Grilbbis, Becky Grindle, Sandy Grossman Jim Grzesk, Richard Gubine, Sherry Gust, Cheryl Guth, Gloria Guyton, Valerie Habel, Michael Haddad, Gary Hahn, Robert Hall Robert Hall, David Hamilton, Ben Hammond, Henry Hamp- ton, Terry Hancock, Mark Handthe, Judy Hanley, Wesley Hardy, Jane Harley Bruce Harmon, Robert Harper, Debbie Harrison, Christine Hart, Kathy Hart, Wayne Hartke, Greg Hatcher, Alan Harvey, Rick Hawkins Larry Hayes, Charles Haynes, George Haynes, Donna Heckel, Sally Hedstrom, Carl Heeg, Robert Heisman, Steve Helton, Keith Hendrick Marc Henry, Marilyn Hess, Billy Heuch, Jan Hewson, Craig Hibner, Jim Hill, Jeff Hineman, Chris Hiscox, Harry Hoff- master Dave Hohmke, Michael Holland, Ralph Holtgreen, Andy Hood- win, John Hootman, Tom Horner, John Houle, Richard Howe, Barry Hoyt Lillian Hudock, Jack Hudson, Roscoe Hudson, Paul Hullinger, Beth Hultgren, Deborah Hum- bert, Richard I-lumelsheim, Carol Huryn, Mike Hutchinson emgg-Wiz at Q1 of f A to g?sE ?bzfst .. ff, af,??f2fQ5K " , -.i ,it lggyztfttfs . rt sq I'-Si t P 2 A i - , tis if J Vi , . 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K ,,.,,,,K, ,i X -5,- if rl ,- - it-ifigifi?iQK?ff , , V l :+"'.:::-..:..--n-- Mrs. Foster, Sophomore Class sponsor, takes time out to grade test papers. wif V -1 R32 W tm. wwe., g i it 1 My E i le i X! l if if i ,His iii Y, xii 25292325 -55 Sli X U' 1 ti, it 1 1 i , w s, i ,gi- yg,s5i,ggzg3,V g , if , 1 gig? i gl li ggi Egiglgigiill 1 lily? Eiiisaiisilig mill? X gl , nl ,ii iw 11 SKK, ,x. , V155 Nga. M 5 'V ill 5? 9 ,,,,,,,w, .' ,E "if E131 is .us . m,w .1V V K, ly my 5 'Y l' 1 it ' 'gal X l ,nw i isps? - 4 5 an Y ,ff 5 i il i iii , ll S i '- lS,1,, - , 5 g AIV 1, i M swam use , Mm, J af qv 1 K 1 5. 'f-al - K V I" ' 'J ' :V': +a:'f1.- , , V- Qfiwee tz ."" . , maui ,-11: V , ,. A - " " hw. -- .... , ., .. , was paws if, L1- i 75 ' ,. , ' 1 V, Sa - W . - Q-1.1. :gg Ear .- - mga 1 "W -1- fairs -53, Q, 5 -, 9, if 11,5 fit , -' ,-lsr:-hislzg arrests wil? , V , W... , 3 - J 55 - ' B i- iii - ' 5' . . fiflffl-WW '- f'li:,Q5 Z- i 5. 5 - Wff fiiis . -, 1 ' ' :' -- r-2'-:Q . . 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Mr. Peters, Sophomore Class sponsor, listens in- tently to one ofhis students. sophomores Anne Shebel, Terry Sheeler, Rick Sheets, David Sheppard, Allen Shepperson, Brenda Sher- wood, Dorene Sherwood, Edward Shikany, Michele Shipley Pat Shreve, Wilma Shreve, Connie Shroyer, Marc Shuger, Kathleen Shumaker, Carl Sim- mons, Brenda Simpson, Cor- nelius Singleton,George Sinich- ko Ramona Sipes, Theresa Sischo, Rita Skierkowski, Linda Skir- mont, Paul Skwiat, Edward Sliwa, Linda Sliwa, Gary Sloane, Chuck Smith Darrell Smith, Janet Smith, Kathy Smith, Margaret Smith, Rebecca Smith, Wesley Smith, Linda Snearly, Terry Sobecki, Phillip Solano David Sommer, Loran Sosinski, Mike Sovanich, Terry Spear, Mary Spencel, Sue Spencel, Joe Spicer, Cynthia Squires, La- Donna Stachowiak Natalie Stahl, Darrell Stark- oviak, Barbara Staiger, Lois Stanton, Chris Stantz, Valerie Stark, Kent Starnes, Barbara Staver, Tim Stearns Darcy Steele, Robert Steele, William Steffen, Faith Stein- heiser, Linda Steinke, Sheri Stib, Randall .Stibbe, Fred Stone, Donna Storey Lynette Strefling, Bob Stribling, Mary Strutz, Cynthia Stuermer, Karen Sturdy, Nancy Summe, Judith Sutherlin, Russell Swain, Bruce Swanson Mark Swanson, Marylouise Sweeting, Jim Swistek, Pat Swistek, Greg Switalski, Marsha Sypnieski, Becky Szemes, Ellen Taft, David Tamm Marc Tannehill, Barbara Tay- lor, Susan Taylor, Jorge Tejero, Tempel Curtis, Bridget Terrey, Robert Terrey, Archie Thomas, Diana Thomas 23,1- class of 1970 .. sa Study hall appears to be boring to Sophomore, Pat Armstrong. ,Ja . fe, if 7 5 1, V ,V I I . ,ZQ - aa H , H .a t ,. A K W V' I il if A L ' - f I Pat Thomas, Isabelle Thompson ' ' , ,.:, Z 1w-- ,y - A Melvin Thompson, Jeff Thorne " f at ,T Q " A , l Pat Thurman, Crai Tiedeman ...,,,. . ls , , ,t , , at ,,,. a. , .A . . g . 9' im? i f 'isl e , , Defmls Tlldena Barbara Tomas ' 'les A V ' 1 , zewski, Mary Tomenko ,af-V ia ..,, -. g ' - ga 1 ' "" ' i 4' 'N a A " - T ' gg , .. 5 , , ,p g W ' it Connie Trujillo, Lloyd Tucker . 1 1 ' a fl M tkg ' tiff' ' tait-Sig, Cora Turner, Scott Turner, Tim ' - 1 ' , , Turner, Lmda Tyhsz, Bruce -. I ,,,, , f Q ' Z lf' ,t, ' ' Ulam ,. :asia if 1 a ' -- .,, .a f ,,-- A " 1 , lg f ' f a s 1 3. 'l's " '- aa .. - 5,4 ' I - ,ia H ' 'WEN -' ea . W Q a ' i" , . " ' , . A Gail Ungrady, Diane Ungurait V , ' ,y ,, , gg Z W , at , S f A --s1- ,T iff Joe Uryga, Doug Utpatel, Mike ittil ' l 5 . Vail, Cassie Vallararw, Mary V, ,V,V V Q E gr Y. Kay Vankoski, Jeanne Vankosky at : W 7 t. X, xg a a , vue V . V r ,A , ei. 2 aa. Ru Vega 1 s,,, K fa . ana V ' N, , , a N ,gym AJ A ,aa Q 4 . "-,- .:,,.5,, :, . 1 r- 'ii' W H . - D Greg Vernard, Tom Virge J ' f' , 2 if ' f A Kathy Vlssinga Kathy V0lkSd0ff V A '- 5 f A' View VOFHCCS, Nancy VOSS - 1, Mag' Q, sta ,ii 3: Q, l' Joe Wadas, Ray Wadlington ,. X , , 325 ' "' G F i A 5 Y A Q' Debbie Wagner , 5, 1 . .Q his t y, 1 - 1 Ig 1 figs? ' G at 3' " 573 'A '. Robert Wagner, Thomas Wag , , ,, . h a w a' a. . 5 Q , ner, Joyce Walden, Betty Waldo - li 1 f'i 'lfi-A? A ., Q A K 1 -' N , .,, Robin Waldron, Nick Walengo ' K H r Bruce Walker, Cleo Walker H Z 1 f , 3 A lf Erving Walker N '. 1 -lfif : ' fQ"'- -. - . f,r, , ' ityfgf 'EFTQF '- Rene Walker, Guy Wallace, Pat 1 .-I aa, ""' M ,gg Egl i. ' Waltz, John Wanke, Earl Want- as V L , ' ' f t L land, Ron Wantland, Jean Ward, -if at -2 Tom Warren, Jesse Warrin ' 1 , yt at A--.iff -,gg ' ,yflz - ..:: . .,,t:.,, . Rita Watson, Marsha Watts, 5 , ' lx Paul Weatherbee, Carol Web- i f - X J 'N' - ber, Greg Webster, Geroge 9 I .i':iaa , Wedow, Marcy Weidner, Pamela ' I ' D Q Weifenback, Gary Wells Q 'J K 'H ":' ' l as a 'N 'l"l 'll',l Q W ,..,,,.,,,,.,,, 'tl , S ' Qii - ' it "aa A 1 A ' "tai W " el f fait T -X W , t Steve Wenc, Susan Wenc, P i' ' gg j M ' ' IQ H MP I 7 Brenda Wenzel, Carl Werner, a , ' ag f ., S G if Neal Wash Libby WCSIPHHL 'QS - 5 , f riflifl ,W iw llili W! s' Tim Weslphal, Jack Wheat- vi V 2, T ' - I sy aff T pa f A . T a ,,-, E' brook, Kay Whlle ,, tsta zwfi -at .ag ileffyv' a ,W S' -,f. Richard White, Vicki White, ,,,,MM ,,,V V V Charles Whitfield, lsiah Whit- ff fr :L-gi'-1. ga I as field, Mary Whitfield, Michael , - Whitlow, Kristin Wickstrom, W , , A . , - Dave Wiegand, Maribeth Wien- 'lit Y J it QT' ll 1 cek fl ' H l a "'at -will A ' pm, M y pq . , ,, . ragga? - ,gghgtyiiil Q VE, ..s:. :V 1 5 L 'f,' fp William Wiesemann, Terry Wil- M Q' .A ,ffl lg: , bur, Wendy Wilcox, Carol T t 'l g i i 5 Wilke, Doris Williams, Haila '-'l f ,,,. 5 T i A' Y if ' If Williams, Isaac Williams. T' 5 ll' ,- , 'l'? M tt' W'll' , R b 1 W' - 1 T V a ie 1 rams o era ll , WQ,,Bp Aa p,, M,,,,,,,yih liams l87 sophomores Ronnie Williams, Wesley Williams, David Willis, Don Willis, Gerry Wilson, James Wilson, Joyce Wimer, Robert Winkler, Scott Winski. Darlene Wise, Kathy Wise- man, Laura Witzgall, Keith Wolford, Richard Wolford, John Wolsiefer, Nancy Wo- mack, Richard Wood, Robert Wood. Robert Woods, Sharon Wood- ruff, Bob Worek, Nancy Wozniak, Thomas Wozniak, Charles Wray, Rick Wykoff, Dave Wright, Deborah Yasko. Steve Yeater, Kathleen Yoder, Deborah Young, Kathy Za- wacki, Joanna Zellers, Patricia Zerbe, Kay Zieske, Claude Zimmerle, Pat Zolvinski. ,fatal , 1 ' ' ' " ia ,. , . ff N? , ,V is 2 l f at f V1 ' ..: ' ,, vw ff ' 22- lf' 9- E 1 E is 5 .. if - ' 4 ,V ' ,Q 1. WW. ,Z I in 'f irm M " gp' -:wel ' 'WS df, at , i ' in I ie- f1jfi?' ,wa - ,,,,, , i ga u r, 35,2 H my-. A i ,, .,, ., . . , 7 sl' "Happiness is . . ." reflected in Rita Kinsey. 188 sophomores not pictured James Barringer Wanda JOIICS David Berring Francine Knox John Bibb John Murphy Donald Brummett Don Pearce James Dodd Nancy Shevock Casimer Gazarkiewicz Charles SfCif1b01'I1 Deborah G1-ubbs Mavin Wisemore Carolyn Hawthorne um-gre, Liar: , SOPHOMORE STEERING COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW' Vallarano, Childress, Pier, Janzaruk, Kramer, Schepanek, Henry, Curry, Wilke. SECOND ROW: Hutton, Shreve, Carlson, Grindle, Sturdy, Hatcher, Metrick, Sheets. THIRD ROW: Mignery, Behrndt, Thomas, Griffin, Hyer, Dias, O'Neal, Flavin. in memoriam The sweeping up the heart, And putting love away We shall not want to use again Until eternity. BARRY COOPER Emily Dickinson ..-r""w We for , 'NQw"'4r N-:ie K P ,,kL V,-pen an-vw, Eg' ' ' .. "a:'31mf W N Ai YW 5 ..-. ,M-MM' iv ff , 'M we h 2 Q 6- M 'Q m,,. A Egfr 4' ...rww V L,. :mm . ww, ,gf-f W 4 ip... 'Q dam A up 1 J., R-'FQ ' L.,: Q' V , f an any - ,gina . -W Y Wm 1 I watt! I .kv W-Wgvtdkm? by ,335 W, as ,, W 4 'xgkmv-v Rx' Ft - ' if ww 55' h A ink, x V A Q- ' S Qyiw W -, .4 M , ,+-Mffi' wwf fr ef-if 6,0 + arquette all A NEW EXPERIENCE IN SHOPPING U.S. 421 and 20 MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA .Ian + advertising Q Q 70104 5 Quang wdlltdlfd Afpmd ::r m :: o 3 'G 3 H- D S D 9 U! 00 CD Q 'U 5' 6 S Q 1 QI 'T' 3 I0 3 3 Everyone looks up to you when you have a car from Mertl Motors, Inc. East Michigan Blvd. Gail Mertl, J eff Mansfield s Carol Schlaak Try the great new look in shoes from Dobeskils Shoe Store 909 Franklin Graduate in style with HerlT Jones Paula Seybert, Filayne Brenaman Michelle Cohodes, George Kingsley Going away school? Peggy White Take The News-Dispatch with you Better than a daily zenerfmm home Try the perfect fit at Falveys Marquette Mall Tom Christensen Marshall Hamlin Brian Foldenauer A f , lw.7,.ys:-ww.'f.rw.,f.t.wfQ-fu-.kito-ownlmwrrnwnwmmpwwwwWWWQMQMMk,..,,.t,.Ms.,,,w.,wm.MW.,...i,.,MW., The Store That Everyone,s Talking About Blake's Marquette Mall Tom Cipares, Tim Lueth, Barb Schmidt, Nancy Cline Make Her Happy With Flowers From WRIGHT'S F LORIST SHOP 1004 E. Michigan Blvd. Mrs. Wright, Steve Brammell Relaxing's a Treat On Furniture From Delaney's Furniture Stores 710 Franklin Cindy Collins The Light's Always Burning VILLAGE GREEN TO NN 8: BLANK Barb Tortorici, Suzanne Studer, Jim Bear, Ed Gryvna ARNO ADHESIVE TAPES INC. Keith Harmon, JefTMansfield, Steve Cruise Michigan City Dr. Schollis Adhesive Tape Division PULLMAN-STANDARD U.s. 20, Michigan City, Ind. The Good Guys come to the rescue again with great ca rs in '68 at FRICK MOTORS 2011 E. U.S. 12 Shi l y D lt n, Randy Wendt LaPorte County Beverage Co. Inc. Distributors of 505 Chicago Around Elslon, z'Z's CUSH SL LAMBKA that sets the styles 727 Franklin K I, ll. -A Rl Bartlett nm :sms unsnulzmnw Edward Shikany MICHIGAN CITY, IND. H B The man of all seasons W chooses BASSETT LINCOLN-MERCU RY 2013 E. Michigan Blvd. if .:N,I v? Q nl jf, .if . MMV, ,.,. , L, ,V .. V- . 1, JAL ' 1, 1 c 45:5 I ,f.,l.,.,' ,. ' , y gmlwl I f M K llll of iff X a ll' ll l sf o lllll 45 '- K f no 'lg Sw fn aff Left . ' if , 1 A 34 f ll gil' w ' j i 1 7 "" F ' E fr ' X 5' f f lll fi 5 f A f 'le l sv .5 Ulf. . - ,. Q. H Tl T , .M:sw:a1vfv"ewi, www, twqwagnaw KST, ei, .M,l.n,aL, ,W . A Q 7 .,.,: ,,.l Kathy Kingsley, Steve Winski, Marcia Griffin Ben Hammond, Mike Macken, Steve Glidden Keep in the groove Hobbies Are . siness with records from . . . Our Bu THE MUSIC sHoP VAIL,S HOBBY SHOP 515 Franklin 417 Franklin I97 b At the Dance, Vali Glass, Tom Lueth, Tom Kochvar, Tim Lueth, Rozella Layman Or at the Game, things gg b tt with QISC , Li' Jam, W, ig, JOSAIVI MANUFACTURING CO. MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA "A Good Place To Work" SUBURBAN LANES WHERE THE SENIOR HIGH LEAGUE BOWLS BOWLING BILLIARDS COCKTAIL LOUNGE RESTAURANT 2820 E. Michigan Blvd. Michigan City, Ind. Bowling Tr 9-9445 Restaurant Tr 9-0050 Fun and Recreation For The Family Gail Sabo liwliidiili Distinctive Fashion Apparel J Krueger, Denise Russell Letys you and me go wide trackin, at SWARTZERLANDER MOTORS INC. 411 Pine Marquette Mall Michigan City You'II always see'em Jim Kmola ' waiting in line at Up, Up, and Away, DAIRY QUEEN In Our Little Bug ECONOMY MOTORS LTD. 2506 S. Franklin 841027 Michigan FL . n Full Service Banking For All Kinds of People V A I v , km, ., LM W'--wr'-ww-W " ' - , . .. M.-fx-.M-vw-ewwr"""""""' .V-qw -qv--an-"-nv'MvR'v""'M"""""n"' ,..,.-....f4-,mf-N.--w-w M--'rf 02 Mr. Matuszak, Jim Dolembo, Peggy McCoy Bowl for your health ROSE BGWL LANES 2309 Franklin Street Hays Corporation Jackie I-Iamlett, Dennis Kelley nw gf Kent Hering, Mike Piechnik M. C. Interiors, Inc. 823 Franklin Street For dependable service and quality merchandise go to Smith's Shoe Store Jim Fry, Candy Meska ,K ...wr v t, ' A ff. kg uv. Tom Cipares, Dan Hosna, Steve Brammell This is where towing insurance would pay off. Norm Clpares Insurance Agency Nancy Sutherland, Dave Crosby MEN'S SHOP CARRIAGE TRADE Chastelton Drive, L. B. Dan Hosna, Janice Foldenauer i Congratulations 768 from the place that thinks young . Thatls right-First Federal has thought "young" for a long time. In fact, we've encouraged thousands of young people to save regularly in out Thrift Club Know over 15,000 membersj. We're also happy to lend a helping hand with college loans when needed. Remember to think of us when you need a friend in the years to come. . . Weill be here. . . "thinking young". FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and Loan Association of LaPorte County Scott Menke Find Your School Supplies at Croshyls Inc. 725 Franklin Jeanne Brinkman THE LADIES SHOP Quality atprices you like to pay Corner Sth 84 Franklin V Mark Morris, Pam Putz HENRY LUMBER CO. Your lumber man for 73 years 6th St. Bridge MIKE RAMION JEFF LEINWAND JAN VAN VLACK You?e ready to make any scene when you wear JAYIVIAR slacks Both Jeff and Mike know that if Jan votes thumbs down to an evening at home that they need only top off their JAYMAR slacks with a coat and tie and they are ready forthat concert by the Supremes. Mike is wearing a YlVllVl traditional belt loop model in a sharp looking plaid. 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ADAMS, ANTHONY E. 119,178 ADAMS, DAISY J.92,136 ADAMS, JOYCE A.96,178 ADAMS, JUDITH E.136 ADAMS, SHIRLEY M. 166 ADRIAN, JOHN A. 92,136 ROSE A.90,91.136 CURTIS, AGLER, RONALD 67,136 AHLGRIM, STEPHEN C. 166 AHRENDT, DARLENE A.84,86, 98.136 AHRENDT, LYNELL B. 89,166 ALDRIDGE, LEON 178 AKINS. JOHN W. 88.166 204 CIZEWSKI, DENNICE M.167 CLEGHORN, SANDRA LEE167 ALBERS, LEONARD R,136 ALBERTSON, THOMAS D. 104, 125,166 ALEXANDER, DELOIS A. 75,136 ALEXANDER, DOUGLAS 74,83,87. 88,124,166 ALEXANDER, GREGORY 64,74, 104,116,166,177 ALLEN, CAROL L.178 ALLEN, LINDA J.178 ALLEN, SCOTT T. 94,166 ALLISON, JAMIE L. 178 ALLISON, MYRTIS J.96,136 ALLISON, WILLIAM L.166 AMBERG, JANET L.96,97.178 AMES. JAMES99,178 AMS, DEBORAH E.96,99,178 ANDERSHOCK. LINDA K. 66,136 ANDERSON. DOUGLAS W, 17, 59,85.9I,124, ANDERSON. 125,136 HARRY J. 136 ANDERSON, JERRY C. 136 ANQERSON. JOANNE M.92,98, ANDERSON, JUDY L, 96,178 ANDERSON. ANDERSON. LYNWOOD 136 ROBERT T. 166 179 DEVERO, ANNA F. 167 ANDREZEJEWSKI, CAROL 178 ANDRIDGE, RITA166 ANTOSZEWSKI, MARK A. 110, 124.166 APPLEGATE, JUDITH L. 90,93,136 APPLEGATE, PAUL E. 178 ARCHER, CLAUDETTE C. 96,178 ARENS, DAVID A. 178 ARMSTRONG. PATRICK W,178, 187 ARMSTRONG. STEVEN L.166 ARMSTRONG. TERESA L. 86.95, 166 ARNDT, DEBORAH A,166 ARNDT, DENISE S. 166 ARNDT. PHILLIP M. 178 ARNDT, STEPHEN J.166 ARNETT, JACK L.166 ARNOLD, MARY P.59,82,84,136 ASHCRAFT. MIKE D, 178 ASHENFELTER. CAROL A. 178 ASHLEY. ASHLEY. ASHLEY. 136 AUSTIN, AUSTIN, FRANCENE T.92,96,166 JOYCE L. 136 TALEATHIA H. 135, CHARLES G. 166 CONNIE J. 64,65,73,83 85.136 AUSTIN. GEORGANN M.73,85,166 BACZTUB. BARBARA A.92.136 BAILEY, MILLICENT A. 80.99. 136 BAILEY, WILLIAM C.178 BAINES, JANET L.56,91,136 BAKER, CHARLES A,178 BAKER, DANIEL J,136 BAKER, TERRY L.166 BALES. BONNIE 166 BALSER, BOB 178 BANAS. MICHAEL L.166 BANDURSKE. JUDITH F.99.166 BANUL. DAVID W. 178 BANKS. BETTY A. 96,166 BANNWART. LARRY D. 178 BARD, DANNY E.94.95,108,109. 1 14,125,166 BARLOW, ROBERT J. 113,178 BARNES. DAWN L.80,136 BARNES. DIANNE G. 80.137 BARNES. MARVIN R. 178 BARNETT, BILLY L.178 BARR. DEBORAH A. 90,93.166 BARRETT. JOHN R. 12.67,83,137 BARRETT, ELLA J. 94,166 BARTELS, ROBERT L. 166 BARTH, DENNIS EUGENE 95.166 BARTHEL, DENNIS 166 BARTHOLOMEW, GARY D. 19,74, 94.95.137 BARTHOLOMEW, ALAN L.99. 178 BASKE, BRUCE W. 178 BATES, KATHLEEN M.166 BATES, JACQUELINE A. 81,96.178 BATZEL, JANET S. 137 BAUER, MICHAEL D.65,80,91,137 BAUGHER, PHILIP DONA137 BAYDOWICZ, CHRISTINE 178 BEACH. JACK N. 166 218 BEACHLER, LYLA J.137 BEAMAN, JANET B. 81,96,97,178 BEAMON, EDWARD G. 166 BEAR, JAMES F. 67,87,104,122, 125,137,195 BEASON. KEN W. 178 BECK. ROBERT HARLEY 166 BECKMAN, STEPHEN J. 137 BECKMAN, ROBERT J. 166 BECKTELL, LINDA A,178 BEHN, LINDA K.86,99,137 BEHRENDT, LYNN A. 178 BIEIQIQRNDT, SANDRA K.75,87,178, BELKIEWICZ, JOHN W. 178 BELUE, ROBBIN A.67,9l,95,137 BELUE, GARY L.166 BENBOW, EVELYN M. 178 BENBOW, DIANA L.166 BENJAMIN, JUDY L. 92,178 BENJAMIN, PAMELA S.90,92,166 BENNINGHOFF, GEORGE 166 BENNINGHOFF, MARY K. 178 BENSON. STEVE L.178 BENSZ. JENNIFER 93,178 BENTLEY, CHERYL J. 137 BENTLEY, LEE R.178 BENTLEY, MONICA J. 66,71,84, 137 BERG, GALE A.178 BERG, RAYMOND C. 98,137 BERGER, TOM J.166 BERKES, MICHAEL S,178 BERMAN, EILEEN J.178 BERNARD, GREGORY D. 137 BERNETHY. DAVID M.83,166 BERRIER, JOHN C.166 BERRIER, PATRICIA K. 178 BEVER, SANDRA L.166 BEVER, TAMARA L.178 BEYER, CHARLES J. 64,81,108,178 BEYER, SUSAN E.178 BIDDINGER. VIRGINIA 65,75,84, 137 BIDDLE, LINDA J.137 BIETRY, SUE C. 178 BIGGERSTAFF, DENNIS 178 BILDHAUSER, DEBORAH 92,137 BILDHAUSER, EDWARD G.178 BILDHAUSER. FRED J.178 BILLER, GERALD E.178 BINSZ, DALE A. 178 BIRDSONG, JANNIE M.92 BIEKHOLTZ, CHARLES B. 99, BIRT, LAWRENCE J. 67,135,137 BISCHOFF, BRUCE R, 107,178 BISHOP, JOHN H. 32,178 BLACK. DAVID M.166 BLACK, DOUGLAS R.166 BLACK, STEVEN C.178 BLAIS, JAMES P. 67,138 BLAKE, ALBERT L.64,91,122,137, 138 BLAND, HARLEY L,178 BLASH, ANDREW 90,166 BLECK, JANICE L. I5,97,178 BLEWETT. KIRTLAND C. 166 BLOCK, TOM W. 178 BLOCK, RANDY G. 107,178 BLOCK. STEVE D. 178 BLOCK, ELAINE KATHRY166 BLOMBERG, GARY L. 178 BLUE. SUSAN J.75,85,166 BLUHM, MARGIE L.178 BLUMENFELD, GARRY M.67,87. 92,99.138 BLUZMA, LEONARD J,166 BOBINSKI. MARILYN 1.166 BODINE. MARY L. 138 BODIS, KAY L, 75.166 BOEHNLEIN, JOHN W, 124,178 BOESE, WILLIAM L.89,166.177 BOESE, DIANE S. 178 BOHLE, EDWARD R. 122,166 BOHLE, RANDALL G. 178 BOHLIM, WALTER ELAIS 166 BOHLIM. RICHARD C.178 BOHMER, META A. 178 BOHNE, PATRICIA A.71,87,90,91. 138 BOLDER, KAREN 178 BOLKA DAVID A.178 BOLKA, KAY L.92,178 BOLKA, LOUANN M.166 BOLLES, CHRISTOPHER 166 BOMBICH, JACQUELINE 97,178 BOND. CATHERINE A. 86,88,96. 166 BONZO, DEBRA S. 178 BOOTCHECK. KATHY A. 97,178 BOOTHE, MARGARETHE 80.99. 138 BOOTZ, STEPHANIE K. 138 BORG, ROBERT PETER 104.121. 125,166 BOUCHER, JACQUELINE M. 166 BOWERS, ORVILLE L,166 BOWERS. TERRY L.178 BOWLES. CHRIS99 BOWLBY. JAMES L. 178 BOYER. BETH J.40.90.166,167 BRACKEN. ROBIN L. 69.166 BRADDY. KAY L.64.71.86,88,166. 171 BRADDY. DAVID M.178 BRADFORD, ALEXA B.71.88.166 BRADLEY, BRUCE A. 67,80,113. 138 BRADLEY, GERALDINE M,83, 86,87,88,166 BRADSHAW, CHERYL66,84,86, 138 BRADSHAW, DEBORAH S. 178 BRAMMELL, STEPHEN P. 65,67, 74,83,87,101,138,149,194,204 BRANIFF, JERRY W. 166 BRANT, DENISE A. 93,96,178 BREESE, PAULETTE R.178 BRENAMAN, FILAYNE R,66,82, 138,193 BREWER, DAVID E.99,178 BRICKER, JACK 72,88,124,166 BRICKMAN, MICHELLE L.75,83. 85 BRIDWELL, JUSTINE A,178 BRIGGS, NORMA J.22,138 BRIGGS, RANDY L. 166 BRINKMAN, JEANNE M. 138,206 BRINKMAN, MICHELLE 166 BROMLEY, RONALD 138 BROWN BROWN BROWN ALLEN D. 178 DEBORA M.81,96,97,178 DEBORAH M.94,166 BROWN DEBORAH J.97,178 BROWN ELAINE D. 138 BROWN ERNIE 178 BROWN FRANCES H.92,96,166 BROWN GWEN D.93,178 BROWN LARRY A. 113,178 BROWN, LINDA S. 179 BROWN, SANDRA S. 179 BROYLES. GEORGIA M.92 BRUEMMER, BARBARA 71,86,138 BRYAN, LARRY G. 179 BUCHANAN, DIANE L.74,84,96, 138,148 BUCHANAN,STEVEN O.166 BUCHANAN. DEBRA A. 75,86,96, 166 BUCY. SHELBY L. 88,166 BUCZKOWSK1, CYNTHIA 84,166, 177 BUELL, KATHERINE L.84,135, 138 BUELL. EDWIN D.166 BULAKOWSKI, LEO J.138 BULLIS. R. SCOTT 94,179 BUNTON, JOHN E.179 BUNTON, LORRAYNE L.84,85, 166 BUNTON, JUDITH A,179 BURGESS, TOMMY 166 BURKHART, REBECCA A.166 BURKLOW, JUDY M.179 BURNETT, KIRK L.179 BURNS, CINDEE R. 94,179 BURNS, DIANE J.98,166 BURNS, KAREN L.166 BURNS, MARK R.74,83,88,124,166 BU RNS RONALD E. 113,179 BURNS: SANDY I-I. 179 BURNS. SUSAN J,166 BURNS. VICKY Iss BURTON, WILLIAM E.179 BUSHONG, ALAN 95,179 BUTLER, DANA C. 120 BUTLER, DAN 166 BUTLER. DEBORAH A. 179 BUTLER, PHILIP 179 BUTLER, ROLAND L, 121,166 BUTTS, DUANE166 BUTZLER, DANIEL JAMES 138 BYERS, SUE C,138 BYERS, ROZELLA 1.166 BYRD. DOROTHY A. 179 BYRD, SYLVESTER G. 179 CAGLE. DEBORAH L.179 CAIN, DOROTHY L. 167 CAIN, JEROME 179 CAIRNS, CHRISTINE L. 75,179 CALLAHAN, KAREN L.92,138 CALLAHAN, SANDRA 167 CALLAHAN, WILMA J.167 CALLAN, PAUL R.179 CALLAWAY. ROBERT 67,104,114, 122,125,138 CALLAWAY. KEN 167 CALUSA. LAURA L. 84,139 CALVERT, PAMELA S.179 CALVERT, PATRICIA A. 179 CALVERT. KATHIE L. 167 CALVERT, VICTORIA G.20,73,85, 91,167 CAMERON, JEANNE K. 179 CAMPAGNA, CHARLES G.179 CAMPBELL, CORA J.167 CAMPBELL. JANET C.179 CAPPY, JULIE A.179 CARLSON, KATHY 179.182 CITEIELSON. GRAHAM JOHN 49. CARLSON. WILLIAM S. 179,189 CARMONA, VICTOR HENRY 122. 139 CARMONA, LINDA L.73.80,89.I67 CARR. GAIL E,179 CARVER. ANN S.84,90,179 CASHBAUGH, BRUCE A. 179 CASSIDY. PATRICK A. 80,139 CASSLER, THOMAS L. 167 CAVANAUGH. MARY J, 71.139 CAVANAUGH, PATRICK C, 167 CAVIN, SANDRA K. 93,139 CENTER. MARK A. 73,85,167,177 CERVANTES. THIERESA 139 CESARIO, JOHN A.179 good book sto FC CHAKOS. CHAMBERS RITA A. 92,179 CAROL 93,139 CI-IAMBERSI CHERYL 93,139 CHAMBERS, CHAMBERS, EUGENE RAY 90,139 GROVE 90,139 CHAMBERS, JERRY L. 167 CHAMBERS. CHAMBERS, LINDA S. 98,139 ROGER D. 167 CHAMBERS, THOMAS G. 94,167 CROSS, LARRY THOMAS 167 CROSSNO, MARGIE L. 179 CROUSE, SUSAN E. 179 CRUISE, STEVEN B.67141,195 CUDDEBACK, K. ROBERT 179 CULBERTSON, WILLADENE179 CUfL7LOM, RICHARD H.76,77,82, 1 CHANEY, STEVEN C.139 CHASTAIN, THOMAS A.179 CHECOLO,, THOMAS L, 167 CHILDERS, RAYMOND E.139 CHILDERS, DONALD C.167 CHILDERS, CATHY179 CHILDRESS, JERRY LEE 167 CHILDRESS, VICKIE L.64,71.96, 97,179,189 CHINSKI, KATHLEEN M.139 CHINSKI, MICHAEL L. 68,88 CHISM, EARL K.87,179 CHMIEL, GREGORY G.139 CHRISTENSEN, GAIL L. 84,179 CHRISTENSEN, RICHARD 167 CHRISTENSEN, THOMAS98,139, 193 CHRISTOPHER, LOUIS C.139 CHRISTOPHER, JOHN E. 179 CHURCHILL, MICHAEL E.179 CIECIWA, SUSAN J.179 CIPARES, THOMAS A.135,139,194, CIZEWSKI, TERRY J.179 CLAEYS, PATRICIA L,69,71,75,167 CLARK, CYNTHIA A,167 CLARK, JAMES E.179 CLARK, PAMELA L.167 CLARK. RICHARD A.179 CLARK, STEVE S.179 CLARK, YVONNE M.75,179 CLEMMONS. JOHN H. 122,167 CLEMMONS. PATRICIA L.96,167, 168 CLEMONS, ROSA L.179 CLEVELAND, CATHY C.81',179 CLINE, NANCY A.66,84,139,l94 COCHRAN, STEVE 64,87,91,104, 122,125,167,177 COCKSHOTT, BARBARA E.71,167 COFFEE, CARL 83,139 COHODES, MICHELLE 66,140,193 COKER, LEROY NORMAN 167 COLEMAN, ROY L.179 COLLIER, SU LN 96,167 COLLINS, CYNTHIA L. 59,76,83, 84,135.140,194 COLLINS, JOYCE L. 167 COLLINS, LEODIS JR. 179 COLLINS, MARILYN M.65,66,l40 COLLINS, NATHAN J.91,140 COLLINS, RONALD G. 140 COLLINS, COLLINS, TOM 179 COLWELL, WILMA K.65,76,84,140 CONNELL, DAVID E.167 CONNETT. GILBERT A. 140 CONRAD, NANCY K. 66,140 CONRAD, BARBARA A. 89,167 COOK, DEBORAH L. 37,179 COOK, TOM J. 179 SUSAN J, 179 CUMMINGS, ARTHUR P. 141 CUMMINGS, STEPHEN E.179 CURRY, MANUEL 122 CURRY, JAMES D.92,104,105, 125,167 CURRY, BOB 167 CURRY, CONNIE M.92,96,97,l79, 189 CURRY, CAROLYN J.167 CURRY, DELORIS E. 93 MARY K, 179 CZARNECKI, GREGORY A.82,89, 167 CZIZEK, JAMES 141 DABBERT, WILLIAM A.6 DABBERT, NANCY L. 75,167,179 DAHER, SUSAN K.141 DALE, MICHAEL M.68,89,167 DALTON, SHIRLEY J. 71,82,141, 196 DANIELS, DEANNA D. 80,167 DANILOV, DUANE P. 110,197 DARTNELL, ROBERT 8I,92,98, 179 DAVEY, MICHAEL E. 92,167 DAVIS, DAVIS, DAVIS DEBRA L. 179 DIANNE 40,66,86,87,141,209 GLENN TERRY 141 DAVIS: JOHN c. 83.90,167 DAvIs, JOHN WILLIAM 141 , DAVIS. JUDY A.167 DAVIS, DAVIS, MARSHA L. 141 MICHAEL 167 PATRICIA L.167 PAULA J 98 167 DAVIS, DAVIS, . , DAVIS, VICTORIA F.73,84,88 167,177 ' DAVISON, PAUL 141 1 DAY, PAULA 99,167 I DAY, WALTER L. 167 DEAN, ALICE M.167 DEAN, KEVIN LEE 141 1 DEARDORFF, RICK A. 108,179 DECARO, DANIEL A,87,88,122,167 DECARO, NANCY J. 179 DEE, DENNIS DUANE 87,141 DELEHANTYTIMA 94,95,112,113,179 ' DELEHANTY, KAREN 14.65.86 , 95,141 DEMCHAK, GEORGE 90 I DEMPSEY, BONNIE 71,167 , DEMPSEY, FRED C. 95,167 1 DENEAU, DAVID D,167 1 DENECHO, MARY A,141 DENECHO, BARBARA A. 179 DENT, THOMAS W. 167 DEROSIA, SUSETTE A, 75,94,179 DEUTSCHER, JOANN E. 66,141 DEUTSCHER, DENNIS R, 98,167 DEUTSCHER, SHELLEY K.96, I DEVETSKI, SHARON A.69,75,l67 DEWITT, PETER F.64,88,113,167 DIANA, ROBERT A. 167 DIAS, PHILIP A.81,179,l89 DICKENS, JACKIE 179 COOLEY, BARBARA A.69,83,85, 167 COOPER, DELINDA P.179 COOPER, DOROTHY C. 140 COOPER, LARRY S. 140 COOPER, MARK S. 67,124,140 COOPER, PAUL D.179 DICKEY, RAY 167 DICKINSON, HARRY E.167 DIECKILMAN, KEVIN J.47,87.9l COOPERMAN, WAYNE 73,113,179 CORBETT. TIM J.179 CORBETT, JUDITH L,93,167 CORBLY, JAMES E.167 CORBLY, DIANE L.179 CORDOVA, FRANK F, 98,167 CORDRAY, PAULA R. 179 CORLEY, DENNIS R. 104,167 CORLEY, IVA L. 122,123,140 CORLEY, LINDA L.179 CORMIER, RUSSELL T. l08,120, 125,140,159 CORTEZ, VICTOR 179 COTTON, SANDRA L. 140 COUGHLIN, KEVIN J.167 COURINGTON, ROBERT R. 86,140 COVERT, KATHY D.179 COVERT, CHERYL L. 23,167 COVINGTON, BETTY A. 167 COWGILL, RAYMOND C.91 COWGILL, VICKI 72,179 COX. DEBORAH L. 75,167 COX, GERALDINE 8.140 COX, VICKY L. 66,140 CRAFT, DAVID J.167 CRAIG, SUSAN M.179 CRAIG. LAURIE N. 167.208 CRAIN, CONNIE T. 167 CRAKES, DIANE R. 140 CRAMA, DAVID V.140 CRAWFORD. LEOLA 96 CREAGER, PHILLIP94,12l,167 CRIPE, DAVID W. 167 CRIPE, ROXANNE S. 179 CRISWELL, WILLIAM E.17,104, 119,125,167 CROSBY. DAVID CHARLES 65,67,1 14,125,140,204 CROSS. JOANNE M.179 425 washington st. 141,214 DIEDRICH, SCOT J. 167,211 DIEDRICH, GAIL A.179 DIERDORF, JIM LEROY141 DIERDORF, MARCELLA M. 93,167 DIERDORF, DAVID W.179 DIERDORF, PAT L. 179 DIETRICH, DIANE L. 97,180 DIETZ, TOM MARTIN 4,67,78,141 DILL, PATRICIA L. 86,180 DILLOWAY, MARILYN K. 93 DINGLER, ERNEST II1107,180 DINGMAN, LADONNA71,91,141 DIRKS, MARVIN C. 180 DISHMAN, ROBERT E. 180 DODSON, RICHARD L.167 DL35.3EMBO, JAMES S.4,67,141, DOLEZAL. CYNTHIA M. 73,75.89, 167 DOLSON, RONALD G. 87,141 DOLSON, RICHARD98,167 DOMBROWSKI, CATHERINE 180 DOMBKOWSKI, LEONARD G. 107,180 DOMBKOWSKI, MIKE A. 107,180 DOLVIBKOWSKI. ROGER A.83,87, 1 1 DOMPKE, GARRY J. 70,180 DORNBROCK, CORINNE E. 96.167 DORNBROCK, DEBORAH L. 96, 180 DOSTI E. DAVID SCOTT 83,98, 141 DOUGHERTY, KATHLEEN 167 DOUGLAS. KEVIN L. 90,167 DOWNS, JIM S. 180 DOg14NS. KATHLEEN J. 71,86,88, DRAKE, RANDALL EARL 67,141 DRESSEL, DIANE A.96,180 DREYER, STANLEY R.92,I67 DRY, JO ANN 84,9I,168 DUBESKI, JOSEPH Iso DUDLEY, STEPHEN R.94,180 DUECHTING, JAY C. 74,s3,s7, 89,104,107,120,125,168,175 DUKES, ROBERTA A.97,Ixo DUNCIN, CAROL A.73,80,86,96,168 DURHAM, CAROL J, Ixo DURHAM, JOYCE A.180 DUSZYNSKI, ALICE M.180 DUTCHESS, KIM D. 67,196,142 DUTCHESS, DEBRA K.71,73,168 DUTKIEWICZ, EDWIN K,180 DWIGHT, .IULAINE E.142 DWYER, JOHN C.83,88,113,168,177 DYER, JACOUELINE E.71,92,168 EAISE, NORMA J.40,41,66,84,86, 142,152 EAISE, BOB Iso EATON, DIANE S. 97,180 EBERT, DEBORAH K.168 EBERT, SCOTT NORMAN 87,121, 168 EDDINGTON, DAWN M. 180 EDDY, DAVID C.168 EDGELL, ARLENE R.96,97,180 EDINGER, WENDY LOU 94,142 EDINGER, ERNEST R.87,94,18O EDLING, VICTORIA 180 EDSON, GARRY S. 107,180 EDWARDS, JIMMIE168 EDWARDS, JON D. 180 EDWARDS, SARAH A.90,92,96,142 EGGERS, DAVID MYREL142 EIKELBERG, CAROL M. 142 EILERS, SUE A.65,92,I42 EILERS, WILLIAM 90,100,168 EISELE, ARNOLD J.72,168 ELDRIDGE, HELAINE D.180 ELIAS, TERRY 180 ELLIOTT, DAVID K.180 ELLIS. CARYLON MARIE 142 ELLIS. DONNELL180 ELLIS, JAMES A. 180 180 GIELOW. NANCY K.97.180 ELLIS, JOSEPHINE 168 ELLIS, LAVANA180 ELLIS, LINDA J.168 ELLIS, PATRICIA A. 168 ELLISON, SHARON G. 180 ELY, DOUGLAS DALE 142,209 EMMONS, MICHELLE A.93,180 ENGELHARDT, THOMAS R.98, 180 ENGLAND. WILLIAM D.99.142 ENGLAND, GARRY 180 ENGLAND, MARY A.96,99,180 EPLEY. WANDA F. 142 EPLEY. WALTER M. 168 ERICKSON, LINDA S.4.71,74 ERSMAN. LINDA JOAN 142.208 ESMEYER, FRANDY L.168 ESMEYER, RANDY 168 EVANS. CHRISTOPHER 168 EVANS, EVELYN 93.168 EVANS, GENEVA 180 EVANS. GROVES 168 EVANS, THERESA 71,86,88.168 EVERLY. KAREN SUE93.142 EVERLY, KEITH ALBERT 67,87, 90.142 EWING, ANDREA P. 180 FABIAN, SHERRY L.96,97,180 FABIAN.,LARRY A. 87,180 FAIRBAIRN. BRUCE D. 95,180 FALLS, TANCE C.90.I16.122,168 FALLS, MIKE 180 FARLIE, JAMES P.168 FAROH. JAMES L.180 FATT, BARBARA DAWN 66,86,142 FATT, ROBERT 168 FAUST, THOMAS M.87,18O FAUX, MICHEAL L.168 FEDDER, ROBERT CLAIR168 FEKETE, LYNN M.69.89.168 FELDMAN. LAURA J. 73,8O,86,89. 168 FELTON. CAROLYN ANN 142 FELTON. STEVE A. 107.1 19,180 FERRELL. MICHAEL L.90,142 FERRELL, MARGARET L.168 FERRELL, JEFF M.180 FINNEY, NANCY L.168 FINNEY, JAMES W.180 FISCH. ROBERT M.72,81.108,180 FISCHER. PAUL J.180 FISHER, LORA 142 FISHER. RICHARD C. 6,168 FITZHUGH, JOHN W. 67 FITZHUGH, MARY A.80.93.168 FLAVIN. FONTELLE A. 69,180,189 FLECK. LARRY JOHN 168 FLEMING FLEMING , GEORGE C. 87.92.168 . JAMES A.87,117,180 FLEMING. RICHARD P. 124.142 FLORENT, JOHN FLORENT, JEAN E.59.65.85,91. 135.143.216 FLOYD. JACK E. 83.88 FOLDENAUER. BRIAN L.67,87, 120,143,193 FOLDENAUER. DIANE M.8-1,143 FOLDENAUER. JANICE M. 64. 71.75,86.135,143.164.205 FOLDENAUER, JEANNE R.93.143 FOLDENAUER. EDWARD P. 83.85. 122.168 FOLDENAUER, JAMES W. 64,180 FOLDENAUER, NANCY M.180 FORAN, JAMES 180 FORNEY, GARRY M,11O,111,122, 125,168 FORNEY, ALLEN L.180 FORRESTER, STEVE M.180 FORTIER, JAMES M.67,90,94, 104,106,143,21I FOWLER, AJAY 87,89,122,168 FOX, SALLY RAE66,79.80,143 FRAGEMAN, SUSAN A.73,168 FRANK, BEVERLY S. 75,180 FRANKINBURGER, BRUCE68, 168 FRANKINBURGER, WM R. 168 FRANKS, JANIS A, 143 FREDENBURG, JOHN R.99,168 FREDENBURG, TOM L,180 FREDERICK, MICHAEL 67,87,143, 210 FREDLINE, SHARON D. 180 FREE, LYNN C. 95,180 FREEBERG, LINDA L.92,168 FREIER, JAN C,94,180 FREISMUTH, KEN M.180 FRENCH, LYNDA A.95,97,168 FRIES, ALICE M. 66,93,143 FRISCHE, MARK W.94,95,168 FIEZEHLKE, CHARLES N.83,99, FROLING, SUSAN H.83,168 FROST, ROBERT J. 180 FRY, DARREL J.168 FRY, JAMES E. 67,143,203 FRY, JOHN A. 168 FRYAR, JENNY 180 FULLER, DEBORAH L. 143 FULLER, TERRI L.180 FU RN ESS, DOUGLAS L. 65,98,143 FURNESS, SUSAN L.73,84,96,168 FUROIS, CLIFTON A.180 GABOR, PAMELA S. 66,93,143,173 GALLAGHER. NANCY T.73,85,97. 168,180 GALLAHER, PAUL D.168 GALLAS. SHARON A.99,168 GALLAS, CONNIE J. 180 GALLES, MARY L.81.83,180,184 GAMBILL, JERRY L. 143 GAMBILL, PEGGY A.93,168 GARBACZ, TOM 168 GARDNER, ELAINE S.180 GARNER, MATTIE168 GARNER, NANCY S.95,180 GARNER, VERNEDTA 92 GARTON, KELLY F. 68,168,177 GASAWAY, HAROLD D.168 GAST. GARY MICHAEL 168 GAST. SHARON K. 30,66,84,86,143 GATLIN, GENEVA M.180 GAW, MELINDA G.180 GAWRONSKI, DANIEL J. 143 GEHRKE. DAVID R.180 GELESKE, STEVEN P. 168 GEORGE, ALAN J. 107 GEORGE. BARBARA J.143 GEORGE, HENRY L.87,104.I05. 122,125,168 GEORGE, JAMES 116,119,180 GEORGE, MARY DIANN144 GEREN. JACK E.144 GERHARD, DEBORAH L.92.168. GIFFORD. DONALD G.180 GIGLIO. NICKI S.73,89,92.I68 GILCHRIST, KATHY D.144 GILLARD. IDA L.168 GILMORE. PATRICIA 80,90,96.168 GILOTTI. GAIL L.66,84,144 GINTHER, JOHN S. 163,168 GINTHNER, TERRY 108,180 GLADE. WILLIAM L.98.168 GLANCY. DAVID L.144 GLANCY. KATHLEEN A.180 GIIZNDERS, DALLAS ALAN 90, GLANZ. DIANE E. 99,144 GLANZ. RICHARD J.98,180 GLASFORD. TERI E. 81,96,180 GLASS, VALLI D.82,135,144198.199 GLASS, ROBBYNNE L.180 GLICK, JAMES A.104,122,125,168 GLICK. RICHARD E.168 GLICK. DAVID M.180 GLICK. WILLIAM C. 181 GLICK. ALICE F.81,180 GLIDDEN. ORRIN S. 144,197 GLIDDEN, STEPHANIE L.168 GLIDDEN, TIMOTHY T. 72,181 GLOSSER. SHARON KAY 144 GLOSSENGER, MARVIN L. 181 GODFEY. WILLIAM J. 144 GODFREY. ROBERT J. 168 GOETZ. GARY L.64,65.81,83.87,101, 125,134.135.144 GOETZ. DEBORAH A.75,83,88,168 GOLDBERG, LESLIE S.81.18l GOLDMAN, DAVID D, 85.144 GOLE. MARILIN R. 181 GOLEBIEWSK. DAN R.181 GOLEMBIECKI. SCOTT R.144 GOSEMBIECKI. THOMAS R.107, 1 1 GONDECK. KATHERINE M.78. 144.154 GONDECK. KATHRYN L.144 GONDECK. KRISTINE A.97,181 GONDEK, DOUGLAS ALLEN 144 GOOCH, KEVIN G.181 GOODEN, REGINALD L.92,168 GOODEN, CHRISTINE M.144 GOODLOE. CHRISTINE P.181 GORE. LOUISE 90,168 GORLEY, DOUGLAS J.181 GORSKI, EDWARD P. 111,125,144 GOTTO, JOHN W. 74,258,168 GOUGH, STEPHEN EARL 144 GRAFF, KATHY A.71,82,93,181 GRAHAM, PATRICK F, 87,181 GRAHAM, SUSAN E. 37,40,71.86, 145 GRANACKI, EDDIE 168 GRANACKI, TIM 181 GRANACKI, TOM 181 GRANT, DONALD F. 145 GRANT, GREGORY A.81,18I GRANT. JACK A.181 GRAVES, BENNY L.98,181 GRECO, ROBERT M.181 GREEN, DAVID G. 181 GREER, LAQUITA R.96,181 GRESHAM, KRYSTINE L. 97,181 GRIEGER. KATHRYN A.181 GRIFFIN, CHERI A. 168 GRIFFIN, HENRY M,90,107,181, 189 GRIFFIN, MA RCIA A. 40,66,71,84, 86.145,197 GRIFFIN, SAM J. 87,92,I04,105, 119,145 GRIFFITH, RONALD D.87.104.125, 168 GRILBBIS, DEBORAH 181 GRINDLE, BECKY S. 69,181,189 GRINSTON, BARBARA A.92,168 GR1NSTEAD.GARALD H.99,113, 168 GROSS, LOUIS L.145 GROSSMAN. SANDRA M.181 GROSZEK, DON J.145 GROTT, DIANNA M.75,84,168 GRYVNA, EDWARD P. 65,67,120. 125,145,195 GRZESK. JAMES M.181 GUBBINE, RICK J.87.181 GUSE, DANIEL R.87,94,113,168 GUSHROWSKI, PHILLIP L.145 GUST, JANICE M.145 GUST, SHERRY E.181 GUTH. CHERYL L.40.81,180.181 GUYTON. GLORIA J.96,181 HAACK. DAVID C.168 HAAS, TERRY L.168 HABEL. VALERIE A. 181 HACK, STANLEY J.67.91.145 HACKETT. WILLIAM C168 HADDAD. MICHAEL R.181 HAHN, GARY J.107,119.I81 HAHN, TIMOTHY LEE 168 HAIROPOULOS. RICHARD 168 HALE, RICHARD ADDIS 168 HALFACRE. CAROL A.80.I45 HALL, JOHN L.92,I45 HALL. MARY A. 145 HALL, ROBERT H.181 HALL. ROBERT E.181 HALLIN, LINDA L.71.74.8I.83. 86,89.I68,l77 HALUCK. DAVID A. 145.181 HAMILTON, DAN L.145 HAMLETT. JACQUELINE 40.46, 65,83,86,145,203 HAMLIN. MARSHALL L.67.87. 145.193 HAMMOND. BENJAMIN W. 94.95,180.197 HAMMOND. TIMOTHY B.59. 65.80,85,145.196 HAMPEL. PATRICIA A.75.83.84, 145 HAMPEL, BARBARA K.83,84,88. 168 HAMPTON. LEONARD W. 168 HAMPTON, HENRY D.181 HANNAH. SUE 85 HANCOCK, TERRY L. 107,181 HANDTKE, DEBRA LYNN 169 HANDTKE, MARK A. 181 HANEY. DARLENE A.83,I69 HANEY, DONNA L.83,l69 HANEY, WILLIAM P.145 HANLEY, JUDY 181 HANSEN, CYNTHIA 99,146 HANSEN, LAURA J.65.84,85.86,146 HANSEN. R. RADFORD99.169 HANSEN. JAMES R.146 HANYZEWSKI, MARGARET 146 HARBART, ROBERT94 HARDER, ROBERT 169 HARDESTY, CHARLES W.146 HARDING, CONNIE J.169 HARDY, WESLEY W. 181 HARLEY. JANE I.94.181 HART, DENNIS K.169 HART, KATHY 181 HART. LARRY J.169 HART. RICHARD DWIGHT 94,99, 169 HARTKE, SHARON K.94,146 HARTKE. E. .WAYNE87,92,181 HARTKE. DEAN STEPHEN 146 HARTKE. LAWRENCE R.146 HARTMAN, DANETTE H.40.66, 76,86.I46,215 HARTMAN, PATRICIA M.7,78, 146 HARVEY, K. ALAN 181 HARVILLE, BARBARA J. 169 HASLETT, BRUCE W, 110,169 HASTINGS, CRAIG D.169 HASTINGS, ROBERTA H.89,I69. 175 HUNT, BYRON EUGENE 169 HUPPENTHAL, JOAN E.147 HURYN, KATHLEEN A. 147 HURYN, GAIL A. 169 HURYN, MARY A.80,169 HURYN, CAROL A. 181 HUSKEY, JERRY WILLIAM 169 HUSSEY, LINDA M.92,147 HUTCHINS, MARK D.169 HUTCHINSON, DONALD L.147 HUTCHINSON. MIKE D. 92,181 HUTTON, GAIL A.69,179,l82,189 HYER. GREG R. 182,189 HYNEK, THOMAS RAYMOND 67, 147 HYSKA, RICHARD ALLEN 169 INGRAM, SETH THOMAS 124,169 IRK, BRADFORD RANDALL 67, 99,147 HARMON. BRUCE W.181 HARMON. DEWITT DELORI89, 169 HARMON, GERALD L. 89.169 HARMON. KEITH J.64.75.76,135, 146,150,195 HARMON. THOMAS L.146 HARPER. LARRY J.75,169,177 HARPER. RICHARD A.169 HARPER. ROBERT C. 181 HARRIS, CRANSTON L.94,95,l46 HARRISON. DEBBIE S. 97,181 HART, CHRISTINE D.181 HATCHER, GREGORY A.107,119. 181,189 HATTABAUGH, DONALD C. 146 HAWKINS, RICHARD A.181 HAWTHORNE, CAROLYN 93 HAYES. LARRY P. 181 HAYMAN, DAVID W.169 HAYNES, BARBARA A.169 HAYNES, CHARLES E181 HAYNES, GEORGE E.181 HAZEL, JEFFREY G.169 HECKEL, EARL H.169 HECKEL, DONNA L. 181 HEDGES, MICHAEL D.49,83,89, 122,169 HEDRICK, DIANE T. 80,146 HEDSTROM, SALLY 75,95,178,181 HEEG, CARL N.181 HEIN, FREDERICK A.169 HEISMAN, BARBARA A.65,80,146 HEISMAN, ROBERT W. 87,181 HELMS, STEPHEN E. 146 HELTON, STEPHEN D. 181 HENCKEL. JOY 169 HENDERSON. RENEE 90 HENDERSON, TERRY G. 146 HENDRICK. DARILYN A.169 HENDRICK. KIETH G.181 HENNESSEY. JAMES M.169 HENRICH. JAMES S.99.146 HENRY. MARC J.64,81,92,125,18I, 189 HENSELL. ANNE M.92,169 HERING. KENT, M.82,146,203 HESS. MARILYN J.96,l81 HEUCK, BONNIE L.75,85,99,l46 HEUCK, BILLY P.181 HEUER. JOHN E. 82.169 HEWSON. JAN L. 181 HIBNER, MARSHA L.65.66,74,86. 146 HIBNER, DEBORAH K.S4,89,169 HIBNER. CRAIG W.181 HIBNER, DENNIS G.90.l46 HICKS, BRENDA J.93,I69 HICKS. DAVID S.169 HIGGS, JAMES D,169 HILL. CYNTHIA 169 HILL. HELEN J.146 HILL. JAMES F. 181 HILL. RICHARD L.147 HIMES. KATHLEEN G.73.84,169. 177 HIMM. DAVID C.91.94,95.147 HINEMAN, JEFFERY J.72.181 HISCOX. CHRISTOPHER K.81.I81 HODGES. TERRY R. 147 HOFFMASTER. HARRY 181 HOHMKE. DAVE W.181 HOLDEN. MILDRED L.93,169 HOLLAND, MICHAEL 95,181 HOLLIS. DONALD J.169 HOLMES. PATRICIA 91,147 HOLMES, MARK T.5Z,65,74,83. 101,1I0,122.I25.147 HOLTGREEN, RALPH A.98,l81 HOOD, ROBERT D.58,110,II6,117, 169 HOODWIN. ANDY K.181 HOOTMAN, JOHN M. 181 HOPPER, GAIL L.147 HORAN. PHIL 147 HORN, PAMELA R.147 HORN. PATRICIA K.147 HORNER. TOM E. 181 HORNYAK, KATHRYN V.74,89, 95,169 HOSKAM, PAULINE L. 75,84.147 HOSNA, DANIEL R.59,147,204,205 HOUGHTON, PHILLIP M.95,169 HOULE, JOHN A. 181 HOWARD, CAROLYN J. 147 HOWAT, CLAUDIA S. 135,147 HOWE, HARRY G.94,95.147 HOWE, RICHARD G.181 HOYT. BARRY L.181 HUBBARD, WENDI L.147 HUBERTZ. MARK JEFFERY169 HUDOCK, LILLIAN M.181 HUDOCK, ROBERT H.147 HUDSON, JACK 181 HUDSON. ROSCOE B. 92,181 HUDSON, ROY 100.169 HUFF. KENNETH H,33,169 HULLINGER. PAUL J. 181 HULTGREN, SANDRA J.40.64,74, 82.83,86,166,169,I77 HULTGREN, BETH L.94,96,181 HUMBERT. DEBBIE K. 26,181 HUMELSHEIM. RICHARD 181 ISENBLATTER, STEVE E. 182 ISENBLATTER, ROXANNE182 ISENBLATTER, DAVID L.147 ISHMAEL, CHARLOTTE E. 98,169 ISHMAEL, S 92.98.169 HARON M. 73, IVEY, DIANE L,182 JACKS, CYN JACKSON, B THIA E. 147 RENDA S.182 JACKSON, JANIE M. 93,147 JACKSON, L JACOBSON, JACOBSON, 147 ARRY W. 182 DON 70,182 WILLIAM G. 67,122, JAKELSKI, RICHARD JOS 147 JAMES. LELA MAE93.182 JANASIAK, JULIAN J.169 JANASIAK, CONNIE L. 75,82,182 JANASIAK, TOM L.99,182 JANIA, KENNETH WAYNE 169 JANKOWSKI 182 . CAROL A.75,96. JANKOWSKI. CECIL1A69,75,182 JANKOWSKI. LEONARD 82,98,147 JANKOWSKI, PHILLIP148 JANKOWSKI, CYNTHIA M. 17.169 JANKOWSKI. JOHN L.182 JANOSKI, EDWARD J.182 JANOWSKI. CYNTHIA L.148 JANOWSKI, REBECCA D. 92,148 JANOWSKI. THOMAS JOSE 67. 148 JANOWSKI, MARY R.80.I69 JANZARUK. ANN R.8I.189 JAQUES. VERNON G. 70,182 JARKA, WAYNE E.169 JARKA. DONALD E. 182 JARKA. CONSTANCE A. 73,83,84, 89,169 JARRELL, ALEX H. 182 JARRETT. MILLIE J.92.182 JARZORVK, ANN 182 JASICKI. VICTORIA M. 182 JASNIEWSKI. JOHN L. 83,169 JASNIEWSKI, BILL R.182 JASPER. LYNN W. 169 JEFFRIES. LINDA S.93.148, JEMISON. JESSE 92,148 JENKINS. MARILYN S.93.182 JENTZEN. SHIRLEY M.169 JERKINS. RANDY P.182 JESSE. MICHAEL L. 182 JOERS. JACQUELINE DAW169 JOERS. JANET DIANE 74,88,169 JOHNS, BARBARA S. 94 JOHNS, SUE 182 JOHNSON. CARL E. JOHNSON JOHNSON. DAVID R.182 JOHNSON, DAWN S.148 JOHNSON DEBORAH 96 182 JOHNSON, GWENDOLYN 182 JOHNSON, HELEN M169 JOHNSON RICKI LEE 148 JOHNSON. SUZANNE75,89,169 JOHNSTON, GARRY ALLEN 148 JOHNSTON, RICHARD 182 JOHNSTON, TREVOR169 JOHNSTON. VIKKI 182 JOLLY JONES: JONES RICHARD 148 BRENDA JOYCE 169 BRUCE DAVID 169 JONES DANIEL L.182 JONES, HELEN D.182 JONES, JENNIFER R.96,182 JONES, JOHN L. 64.182 JONES. KATHLEEN C.81,182 JONES, KENNETH W.169 JONES, KRISTINE M.92,169 JONES, MICHAEL 182 JONES. PATRICIA M. 148,182 JONES, PHYLLIS M.182 JONES, RANDY NEAL 148 JONES RICHARD LEE91 148 JONES: SAMUEL 15,100,182 , CYNTHIA A.73,82,148 JOSEPH MARCELLE M. 182 JOSEPH, PHILIPPE A.182 JOST. GREGORY CHARLES75,169 JURGENSEN. BRUCE A.87,98,169 KAHAN, CINDY A.92,182 KAHL, JEAN A.74,169 KAHN. ELLEN B. 69,182 KAHN, JUDY KAY 169 KAHN, MIKE G.182 KAHN, STEVE P. 107.182 KAISER, NORMAN E169 KALIL, JOHN PATRICK 148 KAMBS, GENENE E.40,64,65,71,,215 KAMINSKI. KATHY A.169 219 wi1ke's drug store majot feed Sc seed co. 1019 franklin st. 127 e. ninth st. MAJOT, LOWRY MOSER 171 L MCBRIDE, CATHERINE 83,86.101. MYERS. J 85,92,170 NESSLER. KAMINSKI. PATRICIA S, 89,169 KAMINSKI, WILLIAM 148 KARCH, ANNA L.148 KASZYNSKI, JANE F,90,80.85,169 KATZ, KATHY A,65.66.74,145,148 KAZMUCHA, MONICA M.65,66, 76.84.148 KAZMUCHA, CHARLENE182 KEEN, MARC 95,169,177 KEEN, PHILLIP TIMOTHY 64, 67,87,116,118,125,148 KEENE, CAROL A.93,182 KEENEY, DOLLY A. 148 KEITH, JARRETT R.86,90,91,101. 169 KEITH, RODNEY D. 169 KELL. ESTHER5 KELLENBERGER, WILLIAM 148 KELLER. SUSAN J. 182 KELLEY, DENNIS BRACKE 67, 110,122,148,203 KELLY, ILENE J.40,72,83,84,88, 101.169 KELLY, MARY P.83,84.85,149 KELLY. DAVID L.182 KELLY, JOANNA169 KELLY, ROBERT JOSEPH 40.67, 149 KELSEY, PATRICIA M.40,149 KEMPF, JANE ANNE 169 KENNEDY. JERALD G. 87,169 KEPPEN, KANDI V. 182 KEPPEN, LORI L. 82,97 KEPPEN. KENNETH OSCAR 149 KERWIN, BETTY L,90,182 KESTER, JAMES D. 182 KESTER. ANTHONY DAVID67, 122,149 KIEFFER. EDITH MARIE169 KIEFFER. MADONNA M. 169 KIEFT, JAMES ALAN 169 KIENTIZ. DENNIS LEE 74.95.169 KIESZKOWSKI, VIRGINIA 169 KIESZKOWSKI. STEPHEN 87,149 KIETZMAN, SANDRA JEAN 170 KIETZMAN, DEBBIE L.182 KILGORE, RONALD K. 110,170 KILGORE, RICARDO W. 182 KILGORE. DANIEL CHARL 87, 104,125,149 KILLINGBECK. DIANA D. 170 KILLINGBECK, RONALD 170 KILLINGBECK, KAREN L,149 KINDIG, LINDA S. 149 KING, DONALD RAY 149 KING, JANICE MARIE92,170 KING, ROBERT LEWIS 149 KINGMAN. RICHARD 182 KINGSLEY. KAREN S.7I.73.83.86, 170 KINGSLEY. KATHRYN A. 65.66,71, 73.84,149,158.197 KINNEY, RANDI L. 71,74,86,88.170 KINSER. RAYNELL ANN 92,170 KINSEY, SHARON 58,64.74,84,96. 170 KINSEY. RITA A. 97.182 KINSEY, SANDRA L,69,97,182 KINTZELE. CAROL M.92.149 KINTZELE. ELIZABETH K.149 KINTZELE, KARL DAVID 149 KIRBY, JUNE C,170 KIRBY. JEFFERY. LYNN 149 KIRKLAND. BONNIE 80.S5.89.170, 177 KISIELEWSKI. MARY A.92,182 KIST. ROBERT JAMES 149 KITCHEN. KENNETH R. 87,182 KMAK. MICHAEL A. 149 KMIECIK. EDWARD M.170 KNIOLA. DAVID R.170 KNIOLA, DUANE E.170 KNIOLA. FRANK 182 KNIOLA, JAMES M1CHAI64,67. 110.111,124,125,149,201 KNITTER, KAREN S. 170 KNOLL. DIANE M,93.170 KNOLL. DAVID J.98.121.170 KNOLL. RAYMOND THOMAS 120.170 KNOLL. KENNETH S. 182 KNOLL. NANCY A.182 KNOLL, LARRY S.182 KNOPF. TONI J,91,149 KNOX. FRANCINE92.96 KOCH, DANIEL M.17O KOCH. FRANK E182 KOCH. JOHN A.99,170 KOCH. ROBERT A. 170 KOCHVAR, THOMAS W. 141.150, 199 KOCIKOWSKI. JANICE M.83, 86.87.170 KOEPKE. SUSAN E.91.98.150 KOHN. DANIEL O. 99,182 KOHN. HARRIET69.81.182 KOHN, NANCY F.71,73,75,170 KOHN. RITA PHILLIS 85.93.170 KOHN. TRUDI K.81.182 KOLASA. ANDREA L. 150 KOLSTER. ANGELA M.73.80.82, 83.170 KOMINAREK. RAYMOND58,121, 125,168,170 KONFIRST. LARRY L.8I.98.182 KONKEY. BRUCE J.170 KOPCZYK, KATHLEEN D,170 220 KOREN, DONNA M.71,83,86.88.170 KOVALICK, JAMES S. 170 KOWALIK. JAMES STANLE83,85, 150 KOWALSKI, JAMES STANL170 KOWALSKI, RAY A.94,182 KRACHINSK1, CELESTE H.81,182 KRAEMER, NIARYANN 150 KRAJEWSKI. SUSAN E, 86,150 KRAMER, DEBORAH L,170 KRAMER, KRISTI J, 182,189 KRASSOW, DIANE L.182 KRAUSE. STEVEN L.81,98,182 KRAUSE. GLENN FRANCIS65, 74,83,113,150 KRAVETZ, GREGORY LOUI150 KRING. SUSAN E. 66,150 KROENING, KEITH WILLI 88, 108,121,170 KRUEGER DAVID WILLIA 67, 150 KRQJJEGER ELIZABETH J,75,84, I KRUEGER, JAMES R.67,76,101, 150.201 KRUEGER. JOHN F182 KRUEGER, PAMELA K.182 KRUEGER REBECCA A. 150 KRUEGER, STEVEN PAUL 88,170 KRUEGER, SUSAN K.150 KRUG, PEGGY L.170 KRUSE, CANDACE L.84,96,150.21I KUBASZCZYK, MARSHA H.59. 86,92,93,150 KUBATH, PATRICIA K.93,182 KUBIK, MATTHEW 74,78,82,150 KUBSCH, JUDY A.84,86,150 KUHNEL, MARJORIE A.96,97,182 KULAWINSKI, KAREN M.75,83. 86,89,170 KUNKEL, ROBERT ANDREW 150 KUNOW, RICHARD WILLIA151, 216 KUNZE, BOYD 170 KUNZE, SANDRA JEAN 99,151 KUSH, PAULETTE170 KUSZMAUL, JACQUELYN M.151 KUTCH, RONALD rl. 170 KUTCH. GREG 182 LABORN. THOMAS L.104.125,170 LACHMUND, SHEILA R. 90.92, 182 . LADRA. PAUL J.182 ' LAFOLLETTE, GREGORY C. 170 LAFOLLETTE, DAVID MER 151 LAFOUNTAIN, JOHN L.108,125. 170 LAFRENTZ. RICKY J.170 LAIN. LARRY L.170 LAMB. CAROL A.86.182 LANDING. JEAN A. 75,86,170 LANDING, KATHLEEN A.72,76, 86.I01.151,209 LANDING, ALAN M.182 LANDRUM, AMY S.76,85,151,214 LANE. AUDREY F.80,85,93,170 LANE, CHERYL170 LANE, ROBERT D.82.182 LANG, CHARLES F, 74,88,170 LANGE, DAVID C.182 LANGHAM, CLAUDIA L. 97 LANGHAM, JOHN 100,182 LANGHAM, LYNETTE182 LAROCCO. LYNN E.74.86,170,208 LAROCCO, PHILIP J. 82,170 LAROCCO, JAMES THOMAS 170 LAROCCO, MARY L.151 LARSON, DEBRA S. 88,170 LARSON, JO ANNE 73.83.170 LASKO, STEPHEN E. 98,183 LATOURETTE, MARSHA S. 66. 86.91,151,210 LATOZA. LAURA M.183 LAUMAN, NANCY R.94,97.98,183 LAUTEMANN, EVA C.86,151 LAWRENCE, GARY L.81,98.183 LAWSON, MARY CYNTHIA 170 LAYMAN, ROSZELLA H.40,65,84 151,198,199 LAZARUS. JANICE E.85,86.92,170 LEAHY. PATRICIA A.30,65,84,151 LEBO. TERRY EUGENE 170 LECOUNT. DICK D,183 LEE, CAROL ANN 151 ' LEE, FREDERICK N.170 LEE. JAMES F. 107 LEEKS, DORIS M.93.151 LEIGEBER. DONALD L.183 LEINWAND. JEFFREY M, 85. 110,125,151,207 LENOIR. MICHAEL E.183 LEPARD, BILLY W. 183 LEVENDOSKI, GREGORY 88.170, LEVENDOSKI, RONALD 170 LEVENDOSKI, NANCY I 183 LEVENDOSKI. KENNETH 151 LEWALSKI, KEITH A,170 LINDSEY. CAROLYN S. 183 LINDSTROM. M. 86 LINN, DANIEL SAMUEL 65,83, 151 LINSEMEYER, SUSAN E.13,65, 74,84,86,152 LIPSCOMB, EDWARD EARL170 LISAK, KEITH S.81,114,183 LISAK, KEVIN M.183 LISAK, MICHAEL A.183 LISEK, SANDRA K.72,183 LITCHFORD, DIANNE92.170 LIVINGS, DAVID 183 LOCKARD, TERESA170 LOETZ, PATRICIA A.93,152 LOGAN, DENNIS M.183 LOGMANN, JANICE A. 80,170 LOGMANN,JERRY TIMOTHY 95,152 LOGMANN, MATT 64.81.83 LOGMANN, TERRY LYNN 152 LOGSDON,- NANETTE J. 80.170 LOMBARD, VICKI L,99,170 LOMBARD, DEBRA F. 97,183 LONG, JOYCE A. 170 LONG, LAURA E. 90.92.183 LONG, MARY K.73.84,90,91,152 LONG, TERRY EUGENE 152 LONZO, LEE R.37,64,89,94,95,108, 125,170,177 LOSINIECKI, BERNADETT 64,80, 90,170 LOSINIECKI, RAYMOND L,183 LOSINIECKI, EDWARD 67,152, 214 LOSINSKI, DANIEL E183 LOVELL, RICHARD D.170 LOWE, JEFF E.183 LOWERY, SHARON A. 170 LOWERY, RONNIE G. 170 MCKEE, DEBRA L. L. 92.171 McKEE, PATRICK L.183 MCKINLAY, SCOTT 171 MCKINN MCKINN MCLACH EY, TERRY L,171 EY, WILLIAM W.183 LAN, DAVID D.183 MCLEAN, JUDY G.7I,I83 MCNEAL, RICHARD L.183 MACKEN MICHAEL R. 67,153,197 MADAUS, LLOYD 183 MADDEN, MICHAEL 171 MADDOX, SAMUEL L.171 MADDOX, BRENDA K.183 MAERZ, JEANNE L. 171 MAHAFFEY, PATRICK 99,124,171 MAHLER, PAUL E.99,121,171 JOEL E. 183 MAJOT, MARC OSCAR 91,153 MAKSYAN, LINDA 75,183 MALCER, THOMAS FRANK 153 86,154,203 METCALF, BERYL D. 171 METH. HILARY 75,85,86,89,171, 1774 METHENY, BUD J.183 METRICK, RICK G. 108,183,189 MEYER, RONALD LUTHER 94, 95,171 MEYER, LEE CHARLES9I,94, 95,154 MICHARD, LINDA L.183 MIDDLETON, SUSAN M. 171 MIDDLETON, DAN L.171 MIGLIORE, BRIAN 92,110,183 MIGNERY, CHERYL L. 183,189 MIKULSK1, BERNADETTE T.75. 84.93.171 MILCAREK, DOROTHY A,183 MILDAZIS, JOHN 184 MILES, CYNTHIA L,184 MALECKI, SYLVIA M.65,153 MALECKI, ANTOINETTE97,183 MALECKI, THEODORE 171 MALICKI, GERIL.183 MALICKI, LAWRENCE 183 MALIK, ROBERT L.183 MALLON, MICHAEL J.171 MALLON, PATRICK D.171 MALOTT, RENEE J. 153 MALOTT, CHARLES R.87,171 MALOTT, PATRICK L. 171 MALONEY, TERRENCE 183 MILES, L MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, 122.125, YNETTE 96 BARBARA J.81.184 CONNIE JEAN 66,154 DEBRA S, 97,184 DENNIS W,95,171 DOUGLAS L.94,1 10, 171 MILLER, JOEL S.154 MILLER, KAREN G.95,96 MILLER, KENNETH L.184 MILLER, LAURIE66,99,154 MILLER, MEL1NDA18,73,88,171 LOWERY, JDUITH E. 93,152 LOWERY, JACK D.183 LOWRY. BRENDA C. 183 LOWRY, GARY A.183 LOWRY, JERRY WAYNE 170 LOWRY, MURREL TRAVIS 152 . TOMMY EUGENE 170 LEWELLYAN, LENORE M. ss, LOYD, LINDA K. LUBEZNIK. GLENN N.82.183 LUBKE. SUSAN K.98,170 LUBS, DEREK D.170 LUCAS, JANE E. 73,89,90,92,170 LUCAS, ROBERT W. 183 LUCHTMAN, JOHN B.87,170 LUCHTMAN, LINDY S.183 LUCHTMAN, WILLIAM DIC 36, 74,78,79,80,82,83,86,94,95,152 LUDINGTON, TERRY E. 170 LUDINGTON, RICHARD W.81, 87 LUETH, THOMAS CHARLES 152,198,199 LUETH, TIMOTHY 67,76.95,152, 194,198,199 LUKASIK, LINDA A.93,152 LUNDMARK, SALLY A.90,99, 170 LUNGREN, CHARLES E. 114, 125,170 LUNGREN, DEBRA J.183 LURIE, MARILYN F. 170 LURINGTON, RICHARD 183 LUTZ. GREG LEE 152 LYKINS. LINDA J.93,170 LYKINS. ROBERT DEAN 152, 170 LYLES, PAUL A,70,72,112,113,183 LYNCH. ROBERT33 LYNCH. OLLIE B. 93,183 LYNCH. WILLIE R. 90 LYNESS, KRISTINE A.94,170 LYNESS, JOHN J.74,76,82,85,94,95, I01.l35.152 LYONS, ELIZABETH 74,83,86,88, 101.171 MCANALLY, PEGGY S.74,78,88, 171,177 MCBRIDE. BRENDA S.183 MCBRIDE, MICHAEL 107,119,183 MCCLURE. DENNIS W. 183 MCCLUSKEY. MARGARET93, 152 MCCOLLOUGH. OZZIE90,91,171 MCCOLLOUGH, DIANNE92,96. 97,183 MCCORMICK. JOHN W.171 MCCORMICK, RONNIE183 MCCORMICK, PATRICK 183 MCCOY. PEGGY C.66,71,83,86, 152,203 MCCOY. HUB D. 114,183 MCDONALD, YVONNE47,90.93. 152 MCGEE. MARILYN L.40,54,65. 80,152,214 MCGILL, BRENDA J. 69,74,81,83, 86.88.171 MANAK, JOHN S. 26,183 MANGINEN, PHYLLIS 95,153 MANN, NANCY LYNN 153 MANN, RICK 107,183 MANN, RUSSELL P. 119,171 MANRING, GERALD L. 99,171,175 MANSFIELD, JEFFREY 67,135, 153,192,195 MANSFIELD, ERIC A.94,121.171 MANSKE, DAVID M.183 MANTHEY, DAVID L.94.153 MARCINIAK. STEPHEN 92.99, 100,183 MAREK, DEAN G. 104,116.120, 125,171 MARK, KEVIN J.183 MARKOWSKI, KAREN 69,75.86, MILLER, NANCY S. 84.99.154 MILLER, PAMELA C.171 MILLER. PHILIP 184 MILLER. R MILLER. R ANDALL G.81,82.184 OBERT E. 67,124,154 MILLER. SANDRA 184 MILLER. SHARI L.184 MILLER, TERRY L.171 MILLER, TOM S,184 MILLER, VIKKI L.184 MILLS, JOHN L.67,80,94.124.154 MILZAREK, WAYNE A.171 MITCHELL MITCHELL MITCHELL , DALE EDWARD 171 ,HEZZIE90,171,177 . JANIS 80,85,93,171 MITCHELL, JOYCE L.171 MITCHELS, ALLEN R. 171,177 MITCHELS, ROBERT 171 MOENKHAUS. BRADLEY G.184 171,217 MARKOWSKI, KATHRYN 40,75, 171,217 MARQUART, JOHN R.87,104, 125,171 MARQUISS, KIM A.181.183 MARTH, PAT R.183 MARTHINSEN, TERRY 100,183 MARTIN, ALMA J.93 MARTIN BILLY R 9098171 MARTIN I CAROLYN A153 MARTIN, DONALD RAY 171 MARTIN, JAMES A.171 MARTIN, MICHELLE E.183 MARTIN, PAUL W. 183 MARTIN, RONALD 183 MARTIN, SAMUEL 183 MOHAMED, GARY 184 MOHAMED, JAMES J. 67,82 MOHRS. PAUL E.184 MOLDENHAUER, ROB A.184 MOKRYCKI, GLORIA 154 MOLDENHAUER, DARNELL154 MONEY, LAURIE J.154 MOON. HERBERT L.184 MOONEYHAN, JERRY J.184 MOONEYHAN, STEVE R.154 MOORE, ARCHILLIS E, 90,171 MOORE, DAVID ANTHONY 154 MOORE. DOROTHY J.171 MOORE, ODELL184 MORGAN. DOUG D.184 MARTORANO, JOSEPH 24.87, 104,107,153,209 MARTORANO, JOHN F. 171 MARUYAMA. KEIKO40,41,54,85. 141,153 MARVEL, FRANK W.171 MASON. DEBRA K.183 MASON, PHIL C.183 MASON, WILLIAM R.183 MASTERSON, SUZANNE92,153 MATTHEWS, JANE 171 MATTHEWS, JUANITA171 MATZKE, JOHN B.171 MAUCH, THOMAS H. 153 MAULE, DAVID J. 171,183 MAXEY. KEITH D.183 MAXEY. RICK A.92,183 MAY, FRANK P. 113,153 MAY, TOM N.183 MAYARD, VICKI LEE 171 MAYNARD, RONNIE G.183 MAYNARD, SUE 153 MAYO, CAROLYNNE YVETT 78.93.153 MAYO, CAROLYN YVONNE 93, 135,153 MAYO, CHARLOTTE A.93,183 MEECE, JOAN K. 93,171 MEER, DENNIS 83,89,171 MEER, KENNETH F. 107,119,183 MEER, LORI A.75,93,183 MEISER, ELIZABETH 65,154 MELNYK, STEVE J. 183 MENIFEE, BELINDA 40,75,80,89, 171 MENKE, KRISTIE171 MORGAN, JACK A. 67,154 MORGAN, JEFFREY R.171 MORGAN. ROBERT 171 MORRIS, ALFREDA K.93,97,184 MORRIS, BELINDA G. 184 MORRIS, DIANNA J.95,184 MORRIS. DONNA L.184 MORRIS, LESLIE W,171 MORRIS, MARK V.154,206 MORSE, GEORGE W. 154 MORSE GREGORY W.171 MORSE: LARRY E.184 MORSE. LENNY A.184 DANIEL R 100171 MOSLEY. CRAIG 184 MROZ, THOMAS J.154 MUHM, CLAIRE H.73,171 MULDOON, BARBARA A.71,154 MULLIGAN, KATHLEEN 72,98,184 MULLIGAN, KELLY C.99,184 MURPHEY, TIMOTHY R.83,122, 171 MURPHY. SHERRY L.184 MURPHY, JOHN E184 MURPHY, BRUCE KENNETH 33, 154 MURRAY, CARL E.184 MURRAY. CYNTHIA C.92.97. 184 MURRAY. JAMES F.67,74,154 MURRAY LARRY 87,107,184 MURRAY1 RANDY L.171 MURRAY RICHARD E, 85.89.171 MUSSA, EAYE184 ANIS A. 77,155,209 MENKE, PATTI 154 MENKE, SCOTT D. 171,206 NAGEL, MARY 101,171 NASH, DENNIS M.31,99,155 NASSER, GREG L. 184 NAST. DEWAYNE G. 155 NASTOFF, ALEX S. 171 NEAL, BYRON M.155 MENNEN, DEBORAH R.69,75, 183 MEREDITH, DEBORAH K.73,80, 83,89,171 MERIWEATHER, FELBERT 87, NELSON, JAMES 155,184 NELSON, JAMES R. 90 LEWELLYAN. ANN 5,83,151 LEWELLYAN ROBERT 85,183 LEWIS. DELORES ANN 170 LEWIS. HAMPTON JR. 183 LEWIS. LULA B.151 LIBKE. ROGER ALAN 170 LIEBIG, NANCY A.66,74,84,86,151 LIGA. SHARON N.183 LIND. CHRISTINE ANN.170 LIINDBORG. LAUERN D.183 taylor-Chalmers adv. 1001 washington st. MCGINNIS. WILLIAM V.82 MCGOWAN, LAURIE74.83.85.101, 171 MCGRATH. MARLENE M. 152 91.104.114,I15.154 MERIWEATHER. OSCAR L. 87, 92,104,l14,122.125.I71 MERRELL, JANET L. 90,171 MERRELL. DEBORAH K. 154 NELSON, JULIE A, 73,99,155 NELSON, LINDA L,92.184 NELSON. SANDRA J. 171 MICHAEL L.171 MCGRATH, MARY R. 84,171,214 MCGUGIN. HARRY ROBERT64. 67,153 MCGUIRE. TOM H.183 MCINTYRE. JANET S.171 MCINTYRE. DENNIS D,153 MERTL, GAIL, 192 MESKA. MARSHA L.74.75,86,89, 171 MESKA, ROBIN L,69.183 MESKA. CANDICE A. NEULIEB, SHIRLEY J. 171 NEULIEB, RONALD D. 184 NEULIEB. JAMES S.171 NEVORSKI. SUSAN M.93,98.171 NEWBY, PATRICIA A,184 NEWBY. MARTHA J.91.l55 meyer glass 8: paint co. 1105 pine st. REICHL, PAM ELA 53,65,73,84,85, NEw1v1AN. STEVEN o.27,9x,1oo, IM NEWMAN, WALTER R. 121,171 NEWSOME, MARY 85,89,171 NEWSOME, ROSE L, 85,184 NEWTON. SUSAN K. 171 NICHOLS. DARRELL E. 87,91,155 NICHOLS, DEBORAH S. 171 NICHOLS. NICHOLS NICKELLJ NANCY A. 66.99.155 ROBERT A. 184 LARRY L.67,155 NIEC, JAY H,184 NIEGOS, JOHN T. 171 NIEMANN, CHRISTINE 184 NIEMANN, DIANE M.92,184 NORMAN, SARA K.184 NORMAN, F. MICHAEL 155 NORVELL, HELEN M.93,172 NOVAK, CLARENCE I72 NOVAK, DALE A. 172,176 NOVAK. DAVID L,172 NOVAK, GAIL M.172 NOVAK NOVAK NOVAK , HELEN A. 172 , MARIE C.80,83,172 ROBERT C 155 NOVAK: SANDRA IJYNN 140.142, 172 NOVAK, STEVE J. 184 NOVAK, VALERIE L. 80,172,177 NOVEROSKE, ROBERT M. 172 NOWATZKE, DOLORES J. 184 NOWATZKE, LINDA K.89,I72 NOWATZKE, BARBARA J.184 NOWFEL, KIMBERLY A.184 NULF, HARRY C. 184 NULF. RANDALL L. 172 OAKES, DENNIS J,184 OBERLINK, PETER C.72,74,172 O'BOYLE, DEBORAH A. 184 O'BRIEN, MIKE KENT 172 O'BRIEN, RUTH M.64,88,172 OBRINGER. KATHERINE 184 OBRINGER, MARY A.72,184 OBRINGER, CHERYL M. 155 O'CONNOR, CHRISTINE 81,97,184 ODLE, JAMES E184 ODLE', PHILIP MARTIN 155 O'DONELL, RICKEY JOE 155 O'DONNELL, VICKIE L. 155 OFCHARCHAK, GAIL A. 184 OGLE, GAYLE 172 OGOREK, PAUL ANTHONY 47,50. 64,65,67,74,86,104,116,122,135,I55, 164 OHLUND, TIM ALAN 87,151,155, 209 OLDS, GREGORY L. 184 OLDS, JEROME 1,184 OLIVER, KATHY P. 184 OLIVER, JAMES P. 155 OLSON, BRIAN W. 87,155 OLSON, WALTER D.122,172 OLVANEY, JOHN WILLIAM 32. 67,155 OLVANEY, KATHERINE98,154 OLWEEAN, SHERRY 184 OMAN, ROBERT ERVIN155 OMAN, RONNIE EARL 172 O'NEAL, PATTY JO 184 O'NEAL, MICHAEL W.81,108, 184,189 O'NEAL, BRUCE LEE 74,83,94,95, 99,101,155 ORLOWSKI, BRENDA L,99,172 ORLOWSKI, LARK M. 184 ORRELL, THOMAS L. 98,184 ORSZULAK, MICHAELT.172 OSOS, DIANE M.184 OSTWALD. DEBORAH L.65,74. 85,86,95,A155 OTLEWSKI, RUTH A.75,184 OTLEWSKI, STEPHEN L. 172 OURACH, NANCY G.85,95,184 OVERMAN, NANCY S.74,84,86, 89,172 OVERMAN, DANIEL R.64,87,91. 104,105.114,120,125,166,172,177 OVIATT, RUTH H. 184 OVIATT, EMILY M,91,155 OWENS, LIZZIE E.172 OWENS, PATRICIA F. 184 OWENS, EUGENE 184 OWSLEY, JOHN ADAM 155 PACE. DALE 172 PACHOLKE, THOMAS J,82,101, 184 PAGEL, VICKIE M. 17,30,66,74, 84,155 PAGELS, HARRY R.184 PAGELS, KENNETH R. I72 PAGELS, DAVID ELMER156 PAGELS, JOHN A.75.99,172 PAHOLSKI, GAYLENE A. 78,156 PAHS, KATHY E.172 PAHS, PHILLIP J. 172 PAINTER, JACQUELINE96,I72 PALM, DAVID J.94,95,172 PANNELL, EVERA G. 92 PAPUNEN, ELLEN C.89,I72 PARKER, FRANK D.172 PARKER, NANCY JO 37.71,75,89 PARKMAN, MIKE T. 72,184 PARRY, DUANE ARTHUR 67. 125,156 PASKY, STEVE R. 184 PATTERSON, LINDA K.71,I56 PATTERSON, WAYNE E.172 PAUL, SHERRY C. 86,172 PAWLAK. VALERY184 PAWLICKE, KATHLEEN 15,156 PAWLICKE, RICKEY J.172 PAWLIK, ROBERTA 75.99.172 PAWLIK, ROBERT 99.172 PAWLOSK1, vALER1Ez9,172 PAWLOWSK1, HELEN 0.184 PAWLOWSK1. THOMAS 1114 PAYNE, TERRY L,172 PAYTON, GRANT92,116,11s,172 PEARSON, JANET C. 73,219,172 PEARSON, RICHARD F. 7499, 172,177 PECINA, ROGER S. 98,184 PECKAT, BONNIE J.73,xo,x9,172 PEEK, LINDA D. 69,184 PE1FFER, DONNA JEAN 75,80, 85,156 PENDLETON. DENNIS 184 PENFOLD, CHARLES A, 172 PENFOLD, DARYL JEANNE7, 65,73,84,94,95,99,156 PENNINGTON, PAMELA 0.92, 172 PENZIOL, CAROL A. 184 PENZIOL, MARY J. 184 PENZIOL, CATHY A.156 PEO. RICK R.172 PEO, STEVE D. 184 PERIOLAT, CYNTHIA 75,83,84, 172,176 PERRY, KAREN L,184 PERRY, PAULA L.156 PETERS, BONNIE JEAN 92 PETERS, BRUCE G. 98,184 PETERS, JAMES G. 64,107,178,184 PETERS, RANDOLPH 107,185 PETERSEN, SCOTT R.99,172 PETERSON, JEANNE172 PETOSKEY, DAVID L.185 PHE5.PS, CAROLYN 71,83,86,88, 17 PHELPS, PATRICK LOUIS 156 PHILLIPS, CHAR1T1NEl85 PHILLIPS, DENNIS M.93,I72 PHILLIPS, LARRY GENE156 PICKFORD THOMAS WILL 156 PIECHNIK, CYNTHIA A.93,172 PIECHNIK, MICHAEL FRA 65, 94,95,156,203 PIESSUCH, MICHAEL LEE 104, PIEPLOW, FREDERICK A,82, 89,94,172 PIER, CAROL A.81,185,189 PIESZCHALA, MARY 22.86.156 PILAR. DENICE S.185 PIOTROWSKI, DAVID E, 185 PIOTROWSKI, AUDREY 99,156 PIPLOW, FRED 175 PISHKUR, JUDY A.81,185 PIVARNIK, PAMELA J.9O,92,172 PLAMOWSKI, ALAN J,172 PLATZ, GALE JR. L.185 PLEWAK. LINDA L. 88,172 PLISKE, CYNTHIA M.40,41,69, 73.88,172 PLISKE, DAVID J.185 PLISKE, RALPH W. 185 MARIAN L. 172 PLISKE, PLONA, CYNTHIA T.92,99,172 GARY W. 185 PLUNK, PLUTA, CHARLENE M. 80,89,92, 172 POEHL, TIMOTHY JOHN 67,74, 87,113,156 POLING, RONNIE L.185 POLSTON, SHIRLEY T. 93,185 POM RANKE, DAWN K.96,99,185 PONTIUS, GIL R.172 POPELEC, CHRISTINE 172 PORTER, CHRISTOPHER 6,94, 172 POWELL, CONNIE87,88,92,172 POWELL, PEGGY 90,172 POWELL, GARY 185 POWELL, JOHN E.94,95,172 POWELL, PAUL 185 PRANCKUS, ELEANOR D.172 PRANCKUS, GLORIA E.156 PRAST, JOHN C. 110,125,185 PRAST, JAMES LEROY 114,156 PRATHER, HARRIETT E. 92,156 PRESSER, KENNETH D.8I,83,185 PRICE, CAROLYN L. 93,172 PRICE, JAMES JR. 185 PRICE, ROGER E.185 PRITZ, JEAN M.99,172 PRITZ, JOANNE 66,156 PRITZ, MARY A.66,156 PRITZ, BRUCE D. 122,172 PROHL, CHRIS A.92,185 PROSSER, GREGORY W. 185 PROSSER, DAVID 172,174 PRUETER, ROBERT L. 67.104, 105,106,156 PRZJBYLINSKI, CHARLOT 18 PRZYBYLINSKI, PAUL A.185 PRZYBYLINSKI, ROBERT 185 PUTOREK, GREGORY ALLA 156 PUTZ, PAMELA M.66,91.135,156, 206 PUTZ, PAULA J. 156 PUTZ, SHARON A.90.I56 PYTYNIA, JOHN ANTHONY 159 PYTYNIA, GORDON W. 110,122, 125,172 QUINN, GAIL L.172 QUINN, WILLIE FORD 156 RAATZ, DONALD J. 82,83,98,172 RAATZ, JAMES R. 82,83,94,95,98. 172 RADKE, RANDALL A.94,95,172 RAIN, STEVEN 122 RAIN, TIMOTHY L. I72 RAISOR, CAROL L. 84,185 RAMEY, GREGORY J.99,172 RAMION, MICHAEL LEE67,157. 207 RAMSEY, ROGER L. 185 RAMSEY, RUTH A.47,157 RANCATORE. KATHLEEN 93,99, 172 RANDOLPH, DONNA L.66,86, 157 RAUSCH, CHRISTOPHER 185 RAY, TERRY D. 85,99 RAYHART, PATRICIA 185 RAYMAN. ALAN V.185 RAYSHICH. TOM A.185 REALE. JOHN WILLIAM 157 REAVES, LARRY NEAL 157 REBAC, TEDDY R. 107,119,185 RECTOR, HERCHEL H. 185 REED, HAZEL P,185 REED, JUDITH E.80,92,157 REED, WILLIAM A. 185 REETER, REBECCA ANN 69, 9 157 REIGLE, CHARLES STEVE 120,125,157 REMPALA, VICKI A.157 RETSECK, THOMAS A.174 REUER, SUSAN K.75,86 REYNOLDS, CHARLES R. 157 REYNOLDS, JOE G. 87 RHOADS, JERIANNE N. 185 RHODES, STEPHEN W.73,83 RICHARDS, STEPHEN D. 98 RICHARDSON. BURCE R.87 RICHARDSON, CONNIE M.92 RICHARDSON, DENNIS D.173 RICHARDSON, GAYLEN E.157 RICHARDSON, RAYMOND82,173 RICHARDSON, TERESA L.185 RICHARDSON, VALORIE 173 RICHARDSON, VICKIE L.93,97, 185 RICHMAN, DANIEL P.87,91,104, 116,120,125,173 RICHMOND, LYNDA M.96,98,173 RICHMOND, SUSAN 92,173 RICHTER, MARY J.185 RIDDLE. ROBERT L.90,185 RIECK, ERNEST E.89,94,99,173 RIFE, HENRY J.173 RINEHART, BEVERLY K.9I,173 RISNER, ROXANN 99,185 RIST, DEBORAH K.96,185 RIST, ELLEN K.66,71,86.157 RITTER, DALE B.81,185 RITTER, DENISE L. 157 RITTER, NORMA J. 83,85,173 RIVERA, LUEVETTA M.157 ROAMES, LYNN A.185 ROAMES, GLORIA JEAN 65.66. 74,76,80,84,157,213 ROAMES, RICHARD 173 ROBB, DUANE A.173 ROBERTS, SYLVIA A.92.173 ROBERTS, TONI A,96.185 ROBERTSON, BRENDA K. 173 ROBINSON, THOMAS D.185 ROGERS. CINDEE L.185 ROGERS, GAYLE S.28,96,173 ROSELL, RICHARD A. 185 ROS1NIA,JUST1NE M,83,173 ROSS, GREGORY H.92,185 ROSS, MICHAEL S.81,185 ROSS, ROBERT T. 157 ROUSE, DUANE173 ROUSH, HAROLD W.80,99,144, 157 ROWLEY, PEGGY A.157 RUDNICK, RICHARD C.74,110, 111,173,177 RUESS,JERRY A. 104,125,157 RUESS, TIBOR T.173 RUGGLES, THOMAS 173 RUPSIS, JANET D.185 RUSS, NANCY C.173 RUSSELL, DAVID E. 185 RUSSELL, DENISE K.40,65,66. 76,78,80,84,157.20I RUSSELL, DONNA S.173 RUSSELL, PATRICIA D.72,89, 173,177 RYAN, JAN A.185 RYAN. KEVIN L.74,157 RYAN, LYNN N.185 RYBA, KENNETH L. 98,185 RYSZKA, JOHN A. 173 RYSZKA, WILLIAM AL 173 RZYSKI, THOMAS ALLEN 12. 99,173 SABINSKE, JOYCE L. 157 SABO. GAIL23,99,173,200 SADLER, AUDREY R.157 SALAT, EDWARD S. 122,158 SALAT, RICHARD L. 185 SAMELSON, JEFFREY L. 65,74, 83,94,95.I35,I58 SAMPSON, SHARON R. 185 SANDERS, JUDITH MAE 65.71. 80,84,85,I58 SANDERS, VIRGINIA G.158 SANDERS, HARVEY M.81,185 SANDERS, DORETHA M,96,185 SANTANA, EDWARD J.185 SASS, PEGGY J.71,185 SASSAMAN, PAMELA 65,66,158 SAVONNA, EUGENE 173 SCARBER. JO ANN 185 SCHACHT, JEAN ANN 66,71,74. 85,158 SCHACHT, MARY E.7I,82,158 SCHAEFER. DAVID J.173 SCHALTON, THOMAS J,158 SCHAPANSKI, VICKI J.173 SCHAUMANN, DEBORAH 39,66. 86,158,213 SCHAVIAK, ELIZABETH 75.84. 85,158 SCHEFSKE, RICHARD L,185 SCHEPANEK, MICHAEL65,110. 111,122,125,158,217 SCHEPANEK, JENNIFER 75,81, 185.189 SCHERMERHORN, DENNIS173 SCHERMERHORN, SUSAN 97. 185 SCHLAAK, CAROL A. 78,93,158, 193 SCHLEGELMILCH, JOHN 173 SCHLIEPHAKE, VICKIE173 SCHLUNDT, DAVID C.173 SCHLUNZ, PATRICK G. 104,158 SCHLUNZ, STEPHEN 99,173 SCHMIDT, BARBARA ANN40,41, 65,66,74,84,86,96.158.194 SCHMIDT, ROGER A.185 SCHMITT, MARY J. 12.69,81,185 SCHOFF, JOHN 185 SCHOFF, MIKE D.185 SCHOFF, RANDALL P.185 SCHOLL, JEAN MAR1E75,94,158 SCHOLL, JANE A,95.185 SCHOMAKER, ANN M. 173 SCHOONOVER, EDWARD 173 SCHROEDER, CHERYL L.185 SCHROEDER, GARY L.110,125. 185 SCH ROEDER, KATH LEEN 66.158 SCHROEDER PAMELA S. 173 SCHREODERI SANDRA 1. 1115 sc1-1Ro1.1., JANET LYNN 6635. 85,158 SCHROLL. JAMES 173 SCHUH, MARY LYNN 40.78.158. 163 SCH ULTZ . CHERYL A.185 SCHULTZ, DOUGLAS R.59,99,158 SCHULTZ. KATHY E.75,80,84,86. 94,95,173 SCHULTZ, MARY A.173 SCHULTZ, PATRICIA M.73,173 SCH ULTZ SCH ULTZ SCH U LTZ SCHULTZ SCHULTZ , PAULA S.97,185 , RACHELLE185 . ROBERT A.173 , ROBERT CARL 173 , RONALD J.185 SCHULTZ, STEVE E. 185 SCHULTZ , STEVE W. 185 SCHUMAN, CAROL 93,173 SCHUMAKER, ANNE E.159 SCHUMAKER, CATHARINE93. 159,186 SCHUMAN, CAROL L. 93 SCHUMACHER, MARK G.82,95. 185 SCHWANKE, LORIE M.90,173 SCHWARZ, RICHARD A. 7,80,83. 101,159 SCHWERMER, JANET LYNN 159 SCOTT. NANCY K. 185 SCOTT, SUSAN MARIE65,75,83, 159 . SCOTT, THOMAS LEWIS99,173 SCRIVNOR, MICHAEL J.70,185 SCROGGIN, RICHARD M.159 SEALS, LOIS 159 SEAMAN. SEDLACE SEDLACE DEBBIE 159 K, MAURICE M.159 K, WALTER D.173 SEEDORF. CHARLES D. 159 SEEDORF. WILLIAM A.159 SEEDORF. TERRI L. 185 SEELING. SEELING. SEIFERT. SEIMETZ. BRADFORD W.159 MARTIN K,185 DALE E159 MIKE F.185 SEIP, CLIFFORD A. 159 SENTER. RAY 122,173 SETSER. LINDA K.185 SEVERS, ALAN R.94,95,I08,109, 125,173 SEYBERT. PAULA RAE 57,66,70. 7I,84,86.159.I93 SHAFFER, WENDY LEE 65.74. 85,159 SHANK, SALLY ANN 159 SHANNON, JAMES WILLIE 173 SHARK, LEROY185 SHAW, ANITA DIANE 66,159 SHAW, DENNIS G. 159 SHAW, KAYLA J.173 SHAWLEY, DEBRA K. 93,185 SHAWLEY, DONNA J.185 SHEBEL. KATHY A. 80,173 SHEBEL, ANNE M.186 SHEELER, TERRY W. 186 SHEETS, RICHARD D. 70,186,189 SHELTON, PENNI ELLEN 159 SHEPPAR dr. carl r. golightly 815 washington D. DAVID R.186 SHEPPERSON, JR. HAROLD 99. 173 SHEPPEFSON. ALLEN L.186 SHERMAN, ANNETTE M.83,96. 173,177,214 SHERWOOD, BRENDA K.186 SHERWOOD, DOREENE M,93. 186 SHEVOCK, NANCY E. 96 SHEVOCK, NANCY 92 SHIELDS. LARRY S.173 SHIKANY, YVONNE M. 173 SHIKANY, EDWARD J. 81,186,197 SHIPLEY, DURAND94,173 SHIPLEY, THOMAS 88,114,121,173 SHIPLEY, MICHAELLE 186 SHORT. SHIRLEY ANN 65,66.71,85 160 SHREVE. PATRICIA A,186 SHREVE. WILMA M.93,94.186. 189 SHROYER. JAMES D. 160 SHROYER, CONNIE S.186 SHUGER, SANDRA B.160 SHUGER, MARC S.186 SIGLE, JOHN W.160 SIGLE, DOUGLAS 173 SIGLE, ROGER 173 SIGLE, WILLIAM 173 SILKO, JIM 4,58,104,125.173 SIMMONS. CARL D. 119.186 SIMPSON, BRENDA K.186 SINGLETON. CORNELIUS186 SINICHKO, GEORGE G.186 SIPES, RAMONA B.186 SISCHO, FLOYD L. 173 SISCHO, THERESA L.186 SITAR. PAUL M.91.160 SJOBERG. RONALD P.67.74.83. 160 SKIBO. LAWRENCE C. 94,95,173 SKIERKOWSKI, MARYJANE74. 173 SKIERKOWSKI, RITA 186 SKIRMONT. LINDA 186 SKONIECZNY, ROSE M.66,78. 86,135,160 SKUBIC, JANE ELAINE 84,99,I60 SKUBIC, DONNA L.80,173 SKWIAT, PAUL S,98,186 SLAGLEY, SHERRY E. 71,73.85. 89.173 SLATER. RICHARD A. 173 SLIWA. JAMES D. 100,173 SLIWA, EDWARD C.186 SLIWA, LINDA S.186 SLOANE, GARY J. 100,186 SLOISTEK, PAT81 SMALES. DONALD SCOTT 173 SMARZYNSKI. DIANE L. 101,160 SMELSER, ROBERT L.90,160 SMELTZER. CAROLYN H.89,96. 173 SMIDT, ROBERT B. 173,177 SMITH, BECKIE S.73,95,173 SMITH, CHARLES W.186 SMITH. DALE E.173 SMITH, DARLENE M.96,99,173 SMITH, DARRELL F. 186 SMITH, DAVID 13,125,173 SMITH, GEORGE P. 160 SMITH, GWENDOLYN173 SMITH, HOWARD BRUCE4,67. 80,83,160,173 SMITH, HOWARD M.83,89 SMITH. JANET R.75,186 SMITH, KATHY A. 96.186 SMITH, MARGARET S.186 SMITH, MARK W.65,67,83.I01. 160 SMITH. NANCY HOPEI60 SMITH, RANDY P. 120,173 SMITH, REBECCA C.86,186 SMITH, SYLVIA S. 173 SMITH, TOM 173 SMITH, VICKI L.75,86,173 SMITH, VIRGINIA L.173 SMITH, WESLEY C.186 SMITH, WILLIAM E. 90,173 SMRT, TIM L.173 SNEARLY. LINDA J.186 SNYDER, CAROL A. 58.71,74,86. 173 SNYDER, DONNA ELAINE40. 41,58,64.80,86,96,171,I73 SOBECKI, DIANA LYNN 71,91. 16 SOBECKI, DAVID83,124,173 SOBECKI, LOUIS A.173 SOBECKI, TERRY L.186 SOLANO, PHILLIP T. 186 SOMMER, DAVID W. 98,186 SONNENBERG, GARY 174 SONNENBERG, LANE 174 SONNENBERG, DONNA L. 85,173 SOSINSKI, LORAN J.186 SOVANICH, JOHN PAT 160 SOVANICH, MIKE E. 186 SPEAR, JERRY H.186 SPENCEL, MARY 186 SPENCEL, SUE 186 SPENCER. EDWARD E. 160 SPENCER, LEANN 85,86.89,174 SPENCER, WOODY 174 SPICER, JOE D.186 SPIERS, MICHAEL P.160 SPRAGUE, CHARLES M.160 SPRAGUE, FRANK 4,12,42,53,65,67,,160 221 WRAY, CHARLES C. 27,188 TIEDEMAN, EDWARD C,95 WHITLOW, MICHAEL A. 107,187 ZIESKE, KAY 93,97,188 WILLIS, DAVID L. 188 SPRENCEL. MARY L, 93 SPROLES, LINDA 161 SPYCHALSKI, MICHAEL 161 SQUIRES, STEPHEN L.83,122, 161 SQUIRES, CYNTHIA A. 186 STACHOWSK1, KATHLEEN 74, 78.89,174 STACHOWIAK, LADONNA186 STAFFEL. JOEL E,161 STAHL, NATALIE J. 27,64,96,97, 186 STAHOVIAK, DARRELL 186 STAIGER, BARBARA J.97,186 STANASZEK, J. PATRICK 99,174 STANLEY, LARRY G. 161 STANLEY, WILLIAM K, 122,174 STANNARD, KIRBY J.174 STANTON, ROBERT J,174 STANTON, RICHARD 174 STANTON, LOIS J. 186 STANTZ, CHARLES L, 174 STANTZ, JOSEPH L.174 STANTZ, CHRISTINA M, 186 STARK, LEONARD M. 174 STARK, VALERIE186 STARNES, KENT A. 186 STARR, JANE C. 86,174 STAVER. BARBARA J. 186 STEARNS, SUSAN J. 161 STEARNS, TIM C.186 STEELE, DARCY D.186 STEELE. ROBERT R. 186 STEER, GARY F.94,95,174 STEFFEN. WILLIAM E. 186 STEINHISER, LYNN D.87,104,I06, I14,125,16I,209 STEINHEISER. FAITH 186 STEINKE, LINDA A. 186 STELLEMA, WILLIAM T. 161 STEPHENS. ERMA L. 161 STEPHENSON, SUSAN C.86,88, 174 STEVENS, ROBERT W.67,161 STEWART, HARLAND W, 161 STIB, SHERI A.92,97,I86 STIBBE, RANDALL W. 186 STIBBIE, JUDITH A. 74,83,174 STOCKWELL, MARGARET 80, 157,161 STOKES. THOMAS C. 67,83,16I STOMBAUGH, MELODY A.85, 89,92,96,98,I74 STONE, FRED 186 STOREY, JON D.161 STOREY, RONALD L. 161 STOREY, PAMELA 92,174 STOREY, DONNA J.94,I86 STORK, VALERIE S. 75 STORMER, JAN E.75,96,99,174 STOTT, CHERYL ANN 161 STOTT, SUSANNE M. 5 I ,73,83, 174 STRADTNER, LARRY A. 174 STRANAD, RITA ELLEN 161 STRANAD, RICHARD E.174 STRAWMIER, EDWARD C.174 STREFLING, LYNETTE S. 186 STRIBLING, ROBERT E.186 STRIGGOW, SUSAN K.161 STRUTZ, MARY H.186 STUDER, SUZANNE M.65,66.84. 86,I35,I61,I95 STUECK, EMMA L. 90,174 STUERMER, CYNTHIA L.13,81, 83,186 STUPECK, THOMAS E. 99,161 STUPECK, DAVID L.174 STURDY, KAREN R.81,85,186,I89 SUMMA, NANCY L,186 SUTHERLAND, NANCY G.40,65, 66,7I,84,86,96,162,204 SUTHERLIN, ROBERT 174 SUTHERLIN, JUDITH 92,186 SUTTON, LINDA 80,174 SVENDSEN, JANET G.40,65,66, 71,86,I62 SWAIN, RUSSELL L.186 SWANKE, LORI 81 SWANSON, REBECCA 80,174 SWANSON, BRUCE 186 SWANSON, MARK A.94,186 SVVEIJELIIIBERG, STEVEN 112.113, SWEETING. MARYLOUISE 72,186 SWIGER, DORIS K. 174 SWIM, MICHAEL J. 174 SWINEHART, DEBORAH 74,89,92, 95,174 SWISTEK. JIM ,1.I86 222 SWISTEK. PATRICIA J. 75,186 SWITALSKI, GREGORY P. 186 SWITZER, NANCY G, 162 SYDOW, KAYE L. 92,174 SYPNIESK1, MARSHA L. 186 SZALAJKO, KATHLEEN 162 SZEMES, BECKY L,186 SZOT, SUSAN L. 174 TAFT, ELLEN L. 16,81,92,96,97, 186 UNGRADY, GAIL M.81,187 UNGURAIT, KATHLEEN 22 UNGURAIT, DIANE M.92,96,187 URYGA, JOE C. 98,187 UTPATEL, PAMELA J. 86,162,210 UTPATEL, DOUG 107,187 VAIL, MIKE R.94,187 VALLARANO, CASSIE 69,187,189 VAN VLACK, JAN E.40,65,66,84,86, 134,163,207 TALBUTT, CATHY L.71,91,99,162 TAMM, DAVID C186 TANBER, GAYLE L, 162 TANNEHILL, MARC L.186 TATARSKI, THOMAS W. 162 TAYLOR, BARBARA A.93,97,186 TAYLOR, DANIEL 64,I20,135,142, 162,164,215 TAYLOR, GERALDINE 174 TAYLOR, SUSAN M.186 TAYLOR, PATRICIA 162 TAYLOR, WILLIAM 162 TEASLEY, JAMES A. 174 TEASLEY, ROBERT W.90.174 TEETS. PATRICIA 73,89,174 VANDERBERG, THEODORE 162 VANDERPLOUGH, WILLIAM 95, 163 VANDERPLOUGH, CHERI 162 VANDERPLOUGH, VICKI L.66. 84,86,163 WEBSTER, SUSAN H.78,79,163 WEBSTER, DANIEL M.175 WEBSTER, GREG A, 187 WEDDLE, DAVE W. 95,163 WEGER, PATRICIA 175 WEDOW, GEORGE J.187 WEIDNER, MARCY G.69,8I,187 WEIFENBACK, PAMELA 187 WELLS, GARLAND G.187 WELLS, GEORGE 107,175 WENC, STEVE W. 98,187 WENC, SUE J.75, 187 WENCLAFF, KENNETH 121,175 WENDT, RANDY D. 67,164,196 WILSON, JAMES DUAN 188 WILSON, JOHN 175 WILSON LINDA SUSAN 175 WILSON1 PHILLIP L.91,165 WILSON, STEVEN D.65,74,76, 77,81,8 2,83,165 WILSON, TONI J.75,88,I75 TEJERO, TEJERO, TEM PEL, TERREY. TERREY JORGE A. 186 NEREIDA 174 CURTIS A.81,98,186 BRIDGET C. 186 ROBERT L 95186 TH1EDE.'wARREN 15.88.174 TI-lone, JERRY L.174 THOMAS THOMAS , ARCHIE 119,186,189 BARBARA 174 THOMAS: CAROL L.162 THOMAS, DIANA L.186 THOMAS, JOANN 93,174 THOMAS. MARILYN L.80,92,96, 174 THOMAS, MASSA162 THOMAS, PAT A, 187 THOMAS, TERRELL162 THOMAS TIMOTHY C.174 THOMASON, CHARLES W.162 THOMPSON, CHERYL J. 174 THOMPSON, ISABELLE 187 THOMPSON, JOE E.90,174 THOMPSON, LINDA A. 174 THOMPSON, MELVIN P. 187 THORNE, JEFF L.8I,I07,187 THORPE, KATHRYN J.92,97,162 THURMAN, RAYMOND A. 174 THURMAN, PATRICIA A.187 TIEDEMAN, CANDICE E.40,86. 95,I01,I53,l62 TIEDEMAN, CRAIG 187 TIEDEMAN, RONALD L.12O,125, 174 TILDEN, DENNIS 187 TIMM, BARBARA J.66,71,162 TOMASZEWSKI, BARBARA 187 TOMENKO, MARY A. 187 TOMSHECK, MARK A.91,I62 TON, KEVIN L. 174 TONN. RONALD L.82,89,174 TOPA, DONNA C.83,86,88,174 TOPOLSKI, RICHARD9O,162 TOPOLSKI, B. ROBERT 162 TORTORICI, BARBARA L. 65. 75,78,I63 VANDERPLOUG H, ROBERT 58, 174 VANDERVAART, COBY M.75 VANKOSKY, JEANNE A,75,187 VANKOSKI, MARY K.187 VANT HOF, RANDY L.174 VARGO, LYN E,75,83,175 VEGA, RUDY187 VENICE, JON L. 87,104,175 VERNARD, GREGORY A.187 VIRGE, VICKY T.163 VIRGE, TOM D.187 VISSING, RANDOLPH K. 163 VISSING, KATHY A.64,187 VOGEL, THOMAS E,94,95,I04, I20,121,125,175 VOGLER, CONNIE175 VOLKSDORF, KATHY A.97,I87 VOORHEES, EDNA P.163 VOORHEES, REX G. 175 VOORHEES, RUSSELL 87,175 VOORHEES, VICTOR V.187 VOSS, NANCY I. 187 VOSS, PAULA R.46,65,66,74,80, 83,163 VOSS, SUSAN K.90,91,175 WAASO, CHARLOTTE L,163 WADAS, JOE H,187 WADE, DOUGLAS H,163 WADE, DAVID R.83,175 WADE, LUTHER 92,163 WADLINGTON, RAYMOND 187 WAGNER, DEBBIE R.98,187 WAGNER, GARY 91,175 WAGNER, ROBERT J,187 WAGNER, STEVEN M.175 WAGNER, THOMAS 187 WAHMAN, MARK 15.163 WAHMAN, JOSEPH L.175 WALDEN, JOYCE 187 WALDO, MELODAY B. 95,163 WALDO, BETTY 97,187 WALDRON, PATRICIA 175 WENDT, D EBBIE L.91,I63 WENZEL, BRENDA J. 81,187 WERDIN, CONNIE S.65,66,86, 160,164 WERDIN, SUSAN A.99,175 WERNER, DIANE L. 164 WERNER, AUDREY S. 69,71,75, 868817 . , 5 WERNER, CARL A.72,95,187 WEST, NEAL A.187 WEST, PHYLLIS A.175 WEST, SAMUEL L.91,175 WESTBROOK, CHRISTINE 164 WESTMAN, GARY L. 175 WESTPHAL, DENNIS L,164 WESTPHAL, SARAH E.21,65,74, 80,84,85,I64 WESTPHAL, MICHAEL 175 WESTPHAL, ELIZABETH 187 WESTPHAL, TIM A. 187 WHEATBROOK, JACK JR. 187 WHETSTONE, PRINCE A.90,I64 WHETSTONE, NATHANOL175 WHISMAN, MICKEY L.175 WIMER, JOYCE E188 WINE, LAWRENCE DOUGL175 WINKLER, ROBERT L. 188 WINSKI, STEVEN A.67,75,I35, 165,197 WINSKI, RONALD S, 73,175,177 WINSKI, SCOTT E, 98,188 WIPPERMAN, LLOYD H.94,95, 124,175 WISE, DARLENE J. 188 WISE, JACOUELINE F.40,64,66, 74,86,91,165,215 WISEMAN, KATHY A.188 WISNIESKI, MARY ANN 75,83, 85,89,175 WISTHOFF, ALAN J.175 WITHERS, ROBERT90,175 WITZGALL, MOLLY 165 WITZGALL, LAURA 15.188 WIZIECKI, JACOUELINE 15,176 WOJASINSKI, CONSTANCE 176 WOLFE, JUDITH A. 36,46,56, 64,78,9I,I35,165,2I4 WOLFORD, KEITH B. 87,188 WOLFORD, RICHARD 188 WOLSIEFER, JOHN 188 WOMACK, NANCY L.72,98,I88 WOOD, DANIEL S.99,121,176 WOOD, GREGORY J.176 WOOD, RICHARD H.188 WOOD, ROBERT G. 188 WOODARD. PATRICIA 176 WHITAKER, KAREN A.75,84,90,I75 WHITAKER, DOUGLAS E. 175 WHITE, ALBERT N.122 WHITE, JOHN 91,175 WHITE, KAY 187 WHITE. LILLIAN M.164 WHITE, MATTIE R. 164 WHITE, PAMELA S.164 WHITE, PEGGY L. 66,164,193 WHITE, RICHARD L.187 WHITE, RUTH M.164 WHITE, VICKI L. 75,187 WHITFIELD, CHARLES 187 WHITFIELD, ISIAH 116,117,187 WHITFIELD, MARY D.93,96,187 WHITFORD, SUSAN A,175 WHITLOW, FRANCES D.164 WOODRUFF, RONALD 176 WOODRUFF, SHARON A,188 WOODS, ROBERT S. 72,188 WOREK, STANLEY R.188 WORKING, ROBIN L.68,83,176 WORLDS, BONNIE L. 93,165 WOSS, KURT D. 121,176 WOZNIAK, LAWRENCE A.99, 176 WOZNIAK, LINDA M.92,I76 WOZNIAK, LINDA S. 99,165 WOZNIAK, NANCY A.188 WOZNIAK, NANETTE L.90,92, 176 WOZNIAK, ROBERT J. 165 WOZNIAK, THOMAS A.188 WALDRON, ROBIN L.187 WALENGA, NICHOLAS 107,187 WALKER, ALVIN 163 WALKER, BRUCE K. 187 WALKER. CHRISTINE96,98,175 WALKER, CLEOPHUS 187 WALKER, DOUGLAS M.163 WALKER WALKER , ERVING D,187 . JEANNA F.96 WALKER, NELLIE A. 163 WALKER. RENE D,187 76,86,162,195 TRAMPSKI, CHRISTINE 174 TRAMPSKI, JOHN F. 187 TRAVIS, JEAN M.187 TRAY, PATRICK C.174 TRAYNOM, LAWRENCE W.174 TRIBBLE, WANDA G. 162 TROJAN, LYNNE M.71,75,174 TROY, KAREN A.71,98,I74 TROY, SUSAN A. 174 TRUJILLO. CONNIE L.187 TUCKER, BARBARA A. 174,177 TUCKER, LLOYD A. 187 TUEL, WAYNE A.162 TUREK, RUTHANNE66,75,162 TURNER, BRENDA J.80.I74 TURNER, CORA M,187 TURNER, EUGENEJR.90,174 TURNER, JOE C.94,95.174 TURNER, REUBILYN J.174 TURNER, SCOTT K, 83,98,187 TURNER, TIMOTHY J.187 TYLINSKI, DARLENE K.174 TYLISZ, VICKIE90,98,174 TYLISZ, LAWRENCE J.174 TYLISZ, LINDA A.187 TYSKIE, SUSAN E, 92,174 UDVARE, DAVID A. 174.177 ULAM, BRUCE N. 187 ULRICH, SHARON R. 162 WALLACE, GUY L.187 WALTZ, ROBERT F.163 WALTZ, PATTY 97,187 WANKE, JOHN E. 187 WANTLAND, EDGAR C. 163 WANTLAND, RONALD 187 WANTLAND, EARL W.187 WANTUCH, JOHN A. 67,85,163 WARD, CARL L. 121,175 WARD, DALE G.163 WARD, DELORIS JEAN 187 WARD, KEVIN S. 116,175 WARE, GILBERT D.175 WARE, LORI E. 90,175 WARREN. TRUDY 73,175 WARREN, JESSIE M.187 WARREN, KRISTIN A.69,7I,75, 86,89,92,175 WARREN, TOM E. 72,187 WASHLUSKE, PAUL H. 175 WATSON, DOUGLAS J. 175 WATSON, NILES A.175 WATSON. RITA L. 187 WATTS, MARSHA K. 187 WEATHERBEE, KATHLEEN 80, 84,163 WEATHERBEE, PAUL D.187 WEBB, JAMES E, 90,175 WEBBER, CAROL A. 187 WEBER. CYNTHIA L.40.66.7I. WHITLOW, CLARK D.100,114, 175 WHITMORE, JEAN BAU 71,175 WICKSTROM, KRISTINE187 WIDELSKI, VICTOR J.175 WIEGAND, DAVID L.119,187 WIENCEK, MARIBETH A.187 WIESEMANN, DEAN 98,175 WIESEMANN, WILLIAM A.98, 187 WIGHTMAN, DIANA L. 78,164 WIKE, BARBARA E.83,85,IOI,175 WILBUR, BETTY A.164 WILBUR, TERRY E.187 WILCOX, WENDY E.81,I87 WILDHART, MICHAEL L,164 WILDHART, JAMES 175 WILES, BRENDA S.164 WILES, GLORIA J.71,83,99,175 WILKE, CAROL 64,69,94,97,187,189 WRIGHT, DAVE A.188 WRIGHT, DOUGLAS R.73,87, I04,I22,123,125,I76 WRIGHT, KAREN L.7I,80,89,176 WRIGHT, LINDA S.165 WRIGHT, TH EOLA 93,96,I65 WROBLEWSKI, SUE A.86,91, 165 WROBLEWSKI, TERESA 98,176 WYKOFF, CAROL A. 165 WYKOFF, RICKY 188 YANZ, JACK M. 165 YASKO, DEBBIE 188 YAZEL. GARY L.176 YEATER, CATHY R.66,84,99,165 YEATER, STEVE J.188 YEOMA YODER. 97,188 YOUNG 165 N, LINDA SUE75,94,165 KATHLEEN M. 72,90,92, , CHARLES J. 104,122,125 WILKE, MICHAEL L.175 WILKINS, JOHNNY A.87,104, 121,125,175 WILL, MICHAEL A. 164 WILLIAMS, CARLOTTA164 WILLIAMS, DAVID A.90,164 WILLIAMS DORIS40,187 WILLIAMS: HAILA 1.187 YOUNG, DEBORAH 188 YOUNG, KATHY L.40,80,176 YOUNG, VALERIE 90,176 YOURIST, GERALD W. 165 YOURIST, MARLENE93,176 ZARANTONELLO, SYLVIA75. 176 ZAWACKI, NANCY K.73,88,176 WILLIAMS, ISAAC T.187 WILLIAMS, JOYCE M,175 WILLIAMS, MATTIE L.187 WILLIAMS, ROBERTA L. 187 WILLIAMS, RONNIE188 WILLIAMS, WESLEY W.188 ZAWACKI, KATHY A.72,188 ZEESE, MICHAEL R.98,176 ZELLERS, JOANNA L,188 ZERBE, PATRICIA L.92,97,l88 ZIEGLER, SUSAN M.75,96,I76 ZIMMERLE. DELORES A. 90,91, WILLIS. DON E. 188 WILSON, ALLEN 175 WILSON. 175 WILSON EDDIE L.116,118,122. ELLEN 84 85,86,89,175 WILSON: GERRY 15,122,188 w1LSoN, JAMES DOUGLAS ss. 175 dr. w. wayne dunlop 2218 e. michigan blvd. 176 ZIMMERLE, CLAUDE F.188 ZOLLMAN, BONNIE KAY 74,95, 176 ZOLVINSKI, PATRICIA A.82,188 ZOPPE, FRANCHESCA 75,89,94, 99,176 ZUMMAK, MARY K.40,66,165 A Cappella Choir 91 Adams, Doug 116,118,130 Ahrendt, Wilma I29 Aigner, Robert 130 Al's Thrifti-Mart 211 Ambrose, Marilyn 130 Apple, .lack 130 Arndt's Sport Shop 209 Arno Adhesive Tape, lnc. 195 Ash, Verne 130,135,146 AVA 82 B8L E Marina215 Baker, Eddye 130 Concert Band 94 Symphonic Band 95 Bandurski, Charlene 130 Bartlett 197 Baseball Team 120 Basketball Team 116 Bass, Arnold 130,172 Bassett Lincoln Mercury 197 Behrndt, Kay 130 Bill Sherman Buick 214 Blake's 194 Bonfield, Genevieve 20,72,130 Bowie, George 78,79,l30 Bowling Club 98,99 Boys Chorus 90 Brammell, Paul 130 Brown, Larry 130 Burger Chel215 Byrd, Paul 100,130 Camera Club 82 Canteen 86 Carriage Trade 204 Chasonettes 90 Cheer Block 97 "B" Cheer Leaders 97 Varsity Cheer Leaders 96 Citizens Bank 212 Clark Equipment 216 Clevenger, James 130 Close, Paul 130 Cobbum, Garth 130 Coca-Cola 198,199 Comet 78 Commers, Richard 130 Concert Band 94 Counselors' Assistants 71 Croft, Max 130 Croft, Roberta 66,130 Crosby's lnc. 206 Cross Country Team 110,111 Cush 8L Lambka 196 Dahlberg, Mildred 84,130 Dahlites 84 Dairy Queen 201 D.E.C. 31 Deardurlf, Faye 130 DcHaven. Constance 130,135,161 Dehne, Gilbert 83,130 Delaneys 194 Dishinger, Dianne 76,130 Dobeski Shoe Store 193 Donoghue, Roger 70,131 Dry, James 131 Durand, Phyllis 131 Economy Motors 201 Einhorns 192 Elco Electronics 209 Electronics Club ELSTONIAN 76 Enyeart Chevrolet 210 Ewing, Jesse 131 Falveys 193 Fashionettes 80 Ferguson, Ronald 131 First Federal Savings 8: Loan 205 First Merchants National Bank 202 Fischer, Bruce 27,1 10,122,133 Fisher, James 81,88,131 Floorcrafters 209 Football 104 "B" Football 107 Foster, Jackie 131,185 French Club 75 Frick Motors 196 Fritz, Kathie 131 F.T.A. 84 G.A.A. 96 Galles, Ruth 23,131,173 German Club 74 Girls' Chorus A,B,C 92,93 Glenn, Max 107,114,131 Gol1Club 101 Go1l'Team 124 Goodman, lone 131 Grieger's Men Store 217 Grillis, Hubert 131 Hakim, Hussein 4,21,73,13l Hall, Helen 131 Hall Monitors 87 Hall ol' Cards BL Books 214 Hall Patrol 87 Harbart, Robert 131 Hays Corporation 203 general index Hendricks, Tommy 131 Henry Lumber Co. 206 Her1l'.lones 193 Hibbs, Edward 74,131 Hi Y '68 67 Hi Y '69 68 Hi Y '70 70 Honor Society 65 Hultgren, George 83,86,l01, 1 3 1 , 1 32 lntra-Murals 100 .laymar Ruby 207 Jim's Supermarket 210 Jones, Dennis 131 Jones, Warren 4,129 Josam Mfg. Co. 200 Joseph, Mary 131 Joy Manufacturing 217 Joyce, Alice 131 Jr. Concessions Basketball 89 Jr. Concessions Football 88 Jr-Sr. Math Club 81 Jr. Steering Committee 177 Kavaluinas, Jonas 131 King, Dorothy 1-31 Koza, Alma 128 Kuszmaul, Ross 113,131 Ladies Shop 206 Lamb, Richard 87,104,107,l31 Latin Club 72 Lee, Eloise 131 Lesinski, Ronald 131 Lockridge, Elbert 131 Lonzo, Delos 47,65,88,l3l Lootens, Bernard 131 Lupinek, Charles 25,131 McAnally, Earl 122,131 MC Interiors 203 M.C. Loan 8: Building Association 208 McMi1lin, Delano 131 MacKenzie, Kathy 131 Madrigals 91 Majorettes 95 Mann, Bernice 132 Marquette Mall 190,191 Marriott, Jack 132 Maxey, Sheldon 132 Meer, Newton 132 Mens Shop 204 J 'WW 1 J .?, 1 0 L' . , 7 X . Mertl Motors 192 Michaels, Paul 120,121,132 Millbranth, Elmer 81,132 Miller, Delbert 124,132 Mixed Chorus 92 Mohamed, Lee 132 Munger, Elizabeth 132 Music Shop 197 Newman, Paul 132 Newmans 201 News-Dispatch 193 Nonken, Harold 132 Norm Cipares 204 Novak, Phyllis 129 Nowak, Frank 129 Oliice Messengers 71 Office Stal? 129 Orbit Oldsmobile 209 Overman, Victor 9,104,132 Parry, David 108,120,132 Pelzer, Adol1'l32 Pep Band 94 Pepsi-Cola 213 Peters, Gerald 67,132,186 Peterson, Sigurd 16,132 Pohl, Helen 132 Presser, Richard 81,130,132 Pullman Standard 195 Quill 8: Scroll 79 Raisor, Robert 128 R. E. Olson 214 Rhoadcs, Benson 132 Rhoads, Arthur 87,132 Robinson, Gordon 82,83, 1 32 Rose Bowl 203 Rumsey, Robert 104,107,132 Sacks, Wallace 100,132 Schlegelmilch, Esther 69,132 Schlegelmilch, Noel 26,107,132 School Board 128 Schwab, Eleanor 132 Schwab, William 132 Science Club 83 Seven-Up 196 Shanks, Kenneth 132 Sharp, Barbara 75,132 Showalter, Jeanine 132 Sims, James 86,133 Smith, A. K. 128 Smith. L. W. 133 Smith, Robert 133 Smith's Shoes 203 Solberg's House of Flowers 21 1 ,019 6444445 fu-I-, ll Soph. Math Club si Soph. Steering Committee 189 Sorge. Dennis 133 Spanish Club 73 Sparks, Mary Lou 80.133 Sparks, Richard 133 Spencer, Anita 133 Sprague, Marion 133 Sr. Steering Committee 135 Stella, Ronald 133 Straeffer, Marianne 133 Strugalski, Hank 82 Student Council 64 Student Store 86 Suburban Lanes 200 Such, Helen 133 Swartzlander Motors 201 Swim Team 1 13 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 95 Taylor, Charlotte 16.133 Tennis Team 108 Thespians 80 Timberlake, Lewis 91.133 Tonn 8c Blank 195 Track Team 122 Tri-Hi-Y '68 66 Tri-Hi-Y '69 69 Tri-Hi-Y '70 69 Troyer, Florence 71,133 Troyer, John l8,80,l33 U.N. Club 85 Urquart, Jeanette 133 Vail's Hobbies 8L Toys 197 Valentine, Mary 133 Walker, Sharon 133 Wegner, Harold 129 Wenning. Pat 29,133 Werths 213 White, Chuck 133 Whitlow, A1 119,133 WoodrulT8c Sons 216 Wrestling Team 114 Wrights Flowers 194 Wright, Harriet 129 Wynn, Georgia 133 Yech. Patricia 133 Yentes, Wallace 128 Zales 208 223 all Editor-in-Chief .... Assistant Editor .. . Copy Editor ...... . Photography Editor Janis Myers .. Kathy Landing Monica Kazmucha . . . Gloria Roames Academics .. . . . Barb Tortorici Cindy Collins Organizations .... . . . Kay Colwell Personalities . . . . . . Denise Russell Jim Krueger Sports . . . .... Jack Lyness Index .... . . . Amy Landrum Business . . . . . Danette Hartman Senior Photographer .... Junior Photographer . . . . . Advisor .......... Business Advisor .... Tim Lueth Keith Harmon . . . . Steve Wilson . . Richard Cullom .. Dianne Dishinger Marianne Straeffer the elstonian staff The Elstonian Staff wishes to acknowledge the cooperation received from the administration, faculty, student body and advisors that made possible the production of this book. 224 about the book Type: Times Roman Opening and Student Life Sections: body copy: 12 point, 4 point leaded, flushed left or right. Captions: 8 point, set solid. Headlines: 30 point, all lower case. Academics, Organizations and Sports: body copy: l0 point, 2 point leaded. Captions: 8 point, set solid. Identifications: 8 point, set solid, row indications all capitals and italic. Seniors: indentihcationsz 8 point, names in capi- tals. Headlines: 14 point, all lower case. Underclass: indentifications: 8 point, paragraph form. Headlines: same as Seniors. Index: 6 point, Set solid. Division Pages: 30 point, Alternate Gothic, all lowercase. Senior and underclass pictures were taken by Walinger, Chicago. Some candid pictures were taken by Walinger and the News-Dispatch, Michigan City. This book was published by the American Yearbook Company in Hannibal, Missouri. Mr. Ed Hackleman was the company represent- ative. Cnmsuivxmoj www A K, V X f if XA t I Y, fi ' V Q-N -fr 15, 'N px 5 N 'N Q-X NLM' 1 1 'V ,, 4 Y K X ff! 'fc V XI' A 'il '-if 'lk IQVIU x .NEI X :Wi-jg ' X + 4" ' ,f6,LNXXXxZ. if ,f 1 -' -Q! 1 Q y .Y I ,ef-5 X! J! I- l' I VX., 4 - gl :V ,fi W X-N ' I 1 Afxxf -iii V -- fb V KJ jg. fuw ,N X' A. X Y ' v g xfkfkf f K ' X X. I 1 xv . -vf koi' V !g lv x I- v 1 J Y A W N X' IQ' -X 'f- 'Q ,f N 'T' E " .fy 'Q ' f y xX x X' ' If fx V xff X311 , If K I 7, X N I, x Q, 7,5 2 f wi, Q X V N,-h 7 M. V 1 av J, EZ.-,ki xr Y v 1 ,Q ft- ' , 4- wx ,Lx A, J A A ., j f N , V! 11,1 my L! ' 'W X '7 j Vw 4 fx H! V ' ffbfy Af K , XTR' J 5 5 Qw fi f5!Q gflku ' N: , X Xi sxx- 4 X 5 -. . . ,V Hx, X S' In 5, f K ,b ,LI K AA-4 V -, X fu x i- , ' ' A ie' Msgs! f XY A ' J X' P AW LH V fl K 81 J ,Qld .M -A. J X -. 1 !' X 1 . '. , AV V, -Fx, X. F .:'V r, 'fig f- ' Y -1 J A 9 A " 'ip ,- f' 1 5' ' -, XX tx iAV?"v ,., ,L-X' 1 ,7 :VX ,, N., X33 W V I - E V xx K I f, iv K P! V! ,V K izyfkyy , . S9 , , ., X X 1' K X ' ' 'I N h '-'Q . ' ff f Q 'V 5 4 7 7.x ., 5.1 , A if! jx R62 M521 me K .O J F X ,- If -V kt ' CF H it .K ,' gi' V Ng rw W ., 'liffzf JV 'h XVXB V 7 A ' A ' A 3 4 F, jj , " X Q1 " A' 'K ' - QNX xx' .Cflfi f ' ' Y 4 ' ' 4 , Q' ' , 4 I i 'AFX ,N .fl - -X f ,X -I k', ,"v.F'1- i 'NF if ., ' ' f 1.14 11, -' '34 5 41, H, xy ,X 1 V N i L if ,XX Q fr ' 19, X In W K 'xx W Mk, J JV wi W yi 'S -V , Vfcxiuikhi ' I ' ,X A X VY hxj' ' N X! k C V Q' V W f, ' 'Lk LJ, ir,.,a"-1 Q7 X. M I PM f. , Vx V X . 'P X X , X ,wx K , , ll K x K jf Jrlflyli ,. X A f , V X- vf ' A 1 jf A K TJQ - " ,1 L' '- I-, V !,, 'lf f.1'2:w.' fsf' - 1 , , , wx V lj If w fl .QM If 'ff , -,JW X n 'X rx' -rw, f --Axxglr , N f w , f 5, 2 fb - 55- 1 CQL r 1 ,f f i ' X- 1 'X ., ' . 1 ' X - . ' ,V - K, YQ ff .M ff " 1, . r T' ,QW m J' -. 1 1 f vw 51 .f I v .V , f 'LY L . J' X A A X, i X , .XI 15. ,, - -J M X., v', 5. K ,J - 7, J fi r X 'Fx A 5f.f W1 yn' ,Vx Y' xigikxx f ' H , 1 XXX T 2 V KW. 41 J xt' K f K 5 Y -A , -. , ! I4 JK Xi. ,, f LL ' X VXVEV In . ,J f ,vw V X y Xvqf ,Af , v ,Y,w. .af A X xx N' ,VX ' r' 7 I, Y -- V jxrf If lr ,L If K. '-Q ,II N I C' WM U ' K K X W' 'A '-X1 R '5 in ffl ' X Aff' I kulff' f 1 f lf! ' X Q ' 5 'lf rx' ' XL W 1, -,QI . W iw? N ,, , Tk? f 24 , I 3' SQ. l Q ,,! Db g .I 1, VT f I - A 1 fi ,gl K x I X - J f 2 1 xx If ' ,X 'Y . X 4 I X ', QL A ' K 1 X V j 9 'X ' 'X 1 PX! A -J ' 'Vvf .Ayif I X' I Vw" V x X- i-I 'A 4 X- - Af'f gJfix! X' V' V . - -TP., 'A ' NK ' 5 ' Ag V ff Kyiv: fr Y, , f' 4, X- 'Q N ,, KX I gf Q 'X X 'x I 5 f Mt! .j4f!,,i. xX A!! 3 'V XX N I I R ' X ljxjy V z xl X A 1 V 'f la , T ,J V' A 1 1 XXV If 4 S " ,iff Q ,N Nlyx I, J 'IN' ,fxx A ,--D IN'f"3 ,', ',,,1U .f 4 - . - ' 1 ' f 2 ' " ki,-'J ' :,"if' D 121 -lff K f, A ixxx Af A I X, I X V K X Q V yf fbffsh I L ,V , ,JNX 'A -HV lx. x VH, , 9 X, fx J Q" 1 x ' ' f S , f il' 4 'JL ' ', jiri-M X Y f N N ' 5 , f 7- 1 V a FXMX Tx Pi! f X :L V? , 'Lv Y W ll,-KQJ lf! It L4 ..' l xv qi' K fx' FX' h ': , M! 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Suggestions in the Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) collection:

Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


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