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KT LMAEYQNM Cicgx-uwzmx XV K , if Vg' . wfpxfxs iQw5f,NyUzf,QCk J f W 1 xi 'K W y ,sw 5' f V 0 4,f'Qf1' WX! J gf Q Nj-,i,,..J-"ZfE ,1C,,.u. M kb EXXYM -j O!5Q Q px . ,X-,i,,,,NLQlw 615' 1 K fx 'A A , V' Xigwfi L' ' LJ , ,, X bww Nxxf QM 519 Q' Wx V K W uf WW QW' f 1 1 , g I IVY M J' yr J if dxf? 73725 Spy SCU FV , M JA gym .PEDAL Eff-1:19 5Z.T'66A5 f-If' 61 , Vp! Q L Nha? QQ QL cgi? ' ling! QDEXYOFQQQ5 iw' Cyofob' gy 'Nvwvkgigwkrj 1 w 1 www S ' A Vwf pxbxjxjgj vip iq ' pwW9f!5ZjLLlNk!1AJ A N - .- int' V 1 11 !ULIH' EQQRES Wwww5M?wv S 1 .! W LGI' with qL ,yP!4v? E wx ink ff LGA!! JV fly WM H VLH 0 is MQ SQEQEQ 0, Wf4 'Pix' XM LO1'!y0TiL!fMiJffVfJ SUV K K M M Ly C, 1 f UI , 2 fxmmmj w652WL QQ ww? 353 JWRQWMQ WWWMM M si-xggw Q3 P WW of . 'ffwwbydw My .X 'ff ,wf UW' Jqb VJ MW iicblidig ZVZZZQ ,M XQJWELLZM . J Z1,!Z 5h2jf,, y ALM ff wwf ' AM! 6 amz W ff . 2714 640.1333 7? WJ AMW Q? M QW Q Q rf'7?'7,, Yr X ffO'?f7f' ffvv7 N RQ 7fni77jffpff9f7v'f70?7y 49 f7"D02'YJfQ1fV7?7ffWV9A W ,W 5 7 , , 'fW'Q'fZCf.5?l1f,Zf Imf0' f272f W7 fglaygrfvvrfff pmfqj at -.-n-f ,, 'V -X Miz Q I 6,- . mf I 5 MM, .214 , . -'IV I . K '. 5 r lx rj' Img. X ' x C I' II I I I K I I .' .W K A I N f X xxx A. X I III xl . I X x 'Wx V- W" I xx ' xx , Y I 'N K IT ' 'I 1, VXI3, X Nw 'HN X 9 xi' X ,X 'J , I5 X, ' N K I 3 . Q ' Q IX fy' h ,QI X .X 1 , Published by the students of ISAAC C. ELSTON HIGH SCHOOL MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Q, yu ,Q I . , V I A It X Nl? 'lx ,UU ,ulfx ,I it XM Qi in 5 XI Xu wifi , Q y 1 I -Q ,Ou Qylvil L5 wk lips X 34 M vi? JV UN K A I I On the first doy of school lost foll 800 nervous sophomores flooded M - f xl lv ml I I A Elston's doors. The soon become ort of the throb of octivity ,tx ' L I SL H I Nl Y p lrblx XKM Q V Nyylf " NY I os doily routine wove itself bock into the lives of 2300 individuols- .s Nil I l U OKXIJ Lew bchotting with o holl monitor ldodging Mr. Rhoodsl, wolking to lunch, AIA IJXQW .I bm Owoiting the results of o test, meeting o speciol boy or girl. A I 1, Ullx y, M Ib ki my I But the bulk of the doy wos spent working. There were themes to write G N rlulkllg, It AW g "ff l U ond speeches to give, book reports meont hours of extro reoding. bi Illll U I , For seniors there wos the toil ond triumph of o term poper. y V xl Ngo Winter loc ed us three months indoors-the unnerving excitement of F NIO Q I 'J gp 1 y bosketboll Ill xg MXLI' y ' united us os one teom of two thousond fighting for the glory of lvi.C. High. hllt fx Ili JSXJUJV Springmt us out ogoin-we sow oction begoln on the snow-potched trock H Oil 2 Il Xl , 'l A ond diomond. ,i Ty ll T X J X Qfllxlf As doys grew wormer, minds begon to wonder- ct I I QXX Ll! bl hill thoughts of the prom ond of groduotion, of the summer oheod. Kim 0' ' ,, tl Spring seemed long ond never-ending. But the enchonted evening of I' I ,Il I s . . xy XV, K the prom come . . . finols were token . . . groduotion loy oheod. I , ll Iv- N A I I k' t th t f th ' d cl- "A I d 9" NI I I n oo ing o e u ure esenior won ere . m reo y. If li LJ NU ,wax ln reflecting on his yeors ot Elston he forgot X the hord work, the boring closses, ond the crowded rooms. A -T He looked bock to the knowledge gained, the friends mode- tothe spirit of the things he did. As he stood there on the stoge he relived those things which mode every Elston student glod to be Alive in '65. Muff mm ,I MQW 0' ibm W4 ,--mf' v 11 K V I 1 X 'A R 5 'fr 1 1 v n 1 w ,, M-ax 1 N V. , I f .1 . ', 5 J ,.,,,,., v 'fi 1 . W f' I, --ff An ,499 ' Q - - :Q. 5 v V ru! X - Y F 'xg mn in Q4 ., M, X in ...a...- if "NW K ,DUNN " 1 -'sd gn ffm ' ' ' - "' M' 'W ' 'N' L ,, . . 'sn ' " ', , f. " 'u W "" K i ,- -M M.--. , w W., ,Q w W' ,NH M , - M 1 ' 41" , .ro ..4- 'eff' ' 'f I' M' ,, 1' . N ,A JL. ' jg IW' Wi. 4 ,V 'w"a"i, "N"'5',, A W. -4 f"' ,ef -- ' . A lm, H u ., H ,W 'I . v. V ,..f-- -A I . 1 .. f x L - N u ,IS V ,M , 1 ., ' f---" ' X " -' , W, Q, Q if-4"""',, ' , " , ,l H sq . ,JM fx Af 1. 1 s V -, nam W' N H., sa b -, N 4, N N , A U 5 W F ""'1,""""' yuh- 'N RWM '11 f' WM" ' 'Q 3 ,W-f" V' ,Rl fn: A L - . H I g . H 'K' K- 1 1 "Q ,ww ax N.-1 ' . " .Q V t'l :"' W , 'L 'V ,X I l n 'Film n .' " 'V 'ax , K ' 5, H U , , mwzfzx '1Qt5,f ' ' V .. , M. M +1 , ,W It 5' , , N, ,I ,,.w.', ', 1 41 , ww W. 1 - I ,V - A , M ,V , W, . ,nf 'W""" H XM., Y , A, 1' vm, w,-v le, f M 'N ' ' 'P 43 Y 1 - ,nqgrh , , W a ,, f V z 4. V4.5 ,A L M iv f ",,1.,M m, ,. , , I -H, ,4 .w- lf- I Y ' K . . 'Mya v?eBa1'5'7'W' K A ' R ' A K eff - 1' x , A hoil mc high school people in it. 7 W MMM? WW Outside Elston in nice weother cors roored by ond students gothered olong the iron fence ond in the court yord to tolk ond relox. ln cold weoth er they huddled together neor the building to keep worm. Once inside Elston, students fought her obstinote lockers, wolked her creoky floors withstood her clonking rodiotors I '65 the oronge brick building wos proof to Elston students thot the quol ity of o high school is not determined by the elegonce of the building but by the chorocter ond spirit of the John Vanderplough, Donna Riley, Al Murray, Kris Cook, Bruce Baker, Connie Markow- ski, and Pat Westberg enter the Prom over the footbridge. Relaxing at tables, couples enioy refresh- ments of fortune cookies and punch. From the moment classroom lite becomes routine and homework begins to pile up in never-ending assign- ments, thoughts dritt from present duties back to summer vacation, those last weeks ot school . . . the Prom. The hours ot work, sweat, and frustration which went into producing a prom are only known to those Seniors who experienced the pains ot tormulating ideas, designing, and, in the last stages, decorating. Tempers ran short as the final touches were being added, and everyone seemed certain that "finished" would never be heard. When the night arrived, a walk over an arching bridge brought couples into the atmosphere ot a taraway land. Oriental lan- terns cast a pale and exotic light. Sophomore serv- ants in kimonos scurried trom table to table where conversations were exchanged as couples relaxed and enioyed retreshments between dances. A stony path, bordered by brightly flowered trees, circled a rustic teahouse and revealed the beauty of "a Jap- anese Teagardenf' Japanese windchimes are shown by Linda Sfibbe to Karen Prast, Jim Henry, Dave Plank, and Jana Schiick. Servants are Mike Morse and Janice Hedstrom. orient se'rs scene for prom The Grand March highlights the evening. Often the most vivid memories ot Elston are ot football and basketball games, ol dances at the Y, and ot lunch hours with noisy cars roaring by. Sometimes the Elston student forgets the many hours spent in the classroom. Sometimes he tails to realize that the greatest reward came from scholastic accomplishment. Oh, the dances and the parties and the ball games were tun-but without work, without the mental challenge, school lite would have lacked meaning and direction- growth here would have been shallow and incom- plete. Through his own memories the Elston stu- dent realizes that the spirit ot his three years at M.C.H.S. depended heavily on his attitude and personal achievement in the classroom. "".,....1'.-r"'T' ff inside elston 9 Mr. Jones makes the presentation to a tearful queen. 4 c 1 x s P f mf' 5 Hr,-5 ,- 10 64 queen crowned in colorful homecoming celebrotion The night wos cleor ond crisp- perfect for footboll But ofter o tvvo-mile porode in breezy convertibles the condidotes stood red-nosed ond shivering onthe plottorm. Emcee Al Murroy introduced Peg Schvvortzenberg, lost yeor's queen while Mr. Jones woited on the sidelines with on ormtul of roses. Peg tore open the envelope ond procloimed the winner . .. the Queen-Lyndo Pontius. f, W 'sa 4 , i 1 l . w ,X x v lift! ' R iw' W f 1- . gp ,A cfm .fm 1 .ga 5 D I . ,, .. 5. 1, ' :,u .' L' , A -- . 1' lf: 3 9 ..ffff...i2?i:-Calf' 'Isssssfs51ff4".ff-9Lf' .W -L -' -Q sophomore party relives roa rin' Twenties Long stronds ot beads, fringed dresses, drooping plumes, white shirt sleeves, and hondlebor mustaches -These costumes groced The sophomores' Roorin' Twenties Party. Red checked Tablecloths, an old box phone-The old speak easy atmosphere dominated The big gym as "Hoppers" ond Their beous played poker, danced The Big Apple and The Charleston. The en- tertainment was climaxed by o raid on unsuspecting "gamblers" A gaily attired "Hopper," Liz Miholick, dances up a storm at class party. -AW 133' ,ei John Lucas and Bob Eidlers highlight the evening's entertainment with a speak easy skit. "Sure beats the Charleston, baby!" says John Witz- gall To Ellen Welker during a card game in the roar- ing twenties tradition. "Shady" characters in the back- ground are Wayne Taylor, Bill Wilson, Bruce Wilson, and Bonnie Peters. v 1, LM Cl Af g by QV' l Mfg M l aff w-L fyjon yKc.,w:l,1, I fi H' JJ I V N Af ,V if Fil f x. x ' Q1 1, Q" N. 4 ,V st. A' l p i t 52-' gi: E Q 15 - X 557 E If f -ZT- fif ET. Q 3 l ff Q l Y , so 4 5. .1 ,3 Y .5 l ....,, X. Newly-crowned Junior Miss Mary Lou Aust poses with Connie Newman and Vicki Chern, second and third place winners. "Who has salt?" pantomimes Gail Crutch- field during the talent competition. mary lou aust chosen iunior miss Twenty-one girls displaying talent, personality, and good looks from Elston and St. Mary's entered the Junior Miss Contest. Cash awards and gifts do- nated by Michigan City merchants were presented to each winner. Mary Lou Aust, the winner, rep- resented Michigan City at the state contest. Connie Newman and Vicki Chern placed second and third respectively. lndividual winners in other cate- gories were talent-Denice Bischott, tormal-Jan- ice Smith, and sportswear-Kris Cook. I3 moods of chrisTmas Under brillianT lighTs shoppers dashed from sTore To sTore searching Tor ThaT laTe giTT Tor friend or relaTive. ThoughTs of vacaTion, giTTs, parTies, The Holiday Tourney, and, in some cases, ChrisTmas Tilled The minds oT people Throughout The ciTy. The annual TriniTy Ball followed a busy holiday Weekend. Couples danced To The music of Gene l-lerrbach under The lighTs and ornamenTs of a ThirTy TooT ChrisTmas Tree. The spiriT of ChrisTmas and The holiday vacaTion provided a long needed resT Tor boTh sTudenTs and TaculTy. CiTy's new Christmas ornaments bedeck Franklin Street . .a. 9,5 -- -- e Zoffufgl N ., L., 5 V- M. l 7-'d R - r l , f. ',...N , r' L ,lj .,f, ""-f?'11f'iQi:. 'l v ' 4.52 if .. ,.. 'AHB U ' 4' 5, K I Q f I n L. Couples dance under a network of crepe paper at the Trinity Ball. Formal attire and colorful conversation sparked the atmosphere at Barker Hall. 15 "He is born." thespians present 14th century nativity play All Seniors who took English 7 are familiar with miracle plays. These Elizabethan productions de- picted tamous biblical events. The York Nativity Play, performed by the Thespians for their annual Christmas program, portrays the birth ot Christ. Writ- ten in l34O, it is over six hundred years old and was produced every year tor over three hundred years. Miracle plays often cast wicked characters in comic roles, and thus Herod became a comic egotist. The rough, unsophisticated humor contrasted with the splendor ot the angels and the sensitive presenta- tion of the nativity. In the leading roles Mary was played by Judy Rose, Joseph by Dennis Milne, Stage Manager, Sue Ann Levin, Herod, Bryan Ton, Three Kings, Jim Clements, Dave Niclclas, and Greg Preihs, Shepherds, Pete Hos- kam, Earl Hurst, and Steve Finger. I6 K 'N 'Fx "l want a boyfriend!" bawls Karen Brown during Joanie's unannounced slumber party. iuniors throw "onions in the stew" To live on an island with no road and only a ferry between them and civilization: this was Mrs. Mac- Donald's concept of the ideal life. But Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald CAI Schroeder and Lynn Latourettel were to find life anything but peaceful and ideal. With two boy-crazy teenage daughters lColeen Baker and Judy Longl, the family often found itself fighting loneli- ness, weather, houseguests, each other, and even the plumbers. These humorous episodes of typical family life in not-so-typical surroundings, the true story of the MacDonald family, was heartily ap- plauded. Other leading roles were Howard, Bryan Ton, Roger, Tom Stockwell, Claud, John Jones, Claire, Jody Alex- ander, other parts played by: Sue Van Vlack, Lissa Anderson, Harlene Bud. Dressed to kill, Roger prepares to rid the garden of bees for Ann and Mrs. MacDonald. Mr. MacDonald bemoans his fate as father of two teenage daughters. Carol Pieszchala learns the subser- vient customs ofthe Japanese. seniors present "the teahouse of the august moon" At the end of World War ll the troops occupying Okinawa were given the task of rehabilitating the inhabitants of the island. Under these conditions Japanese and Americans began to work and live together, and the army base under commanding offi- cer Colonel Purdy lDick Swinehartl was no exception. These post-war conditions set the scene for the pro- duction "The Teahouse of the August Moon," a satirical comedy of army life and the American oc- cupation of Okinawa. Purdy's personal interpreter, Sakini Uohn Vanderploughl not only served as trans- lator in the play but narrated the developments when he wasn't being heclcled by his boss. The arrival of a new olticer, Captain Fisby CAI Murrayj, triggered a series of hilarious incidents on the island-bootleg- ging, building a teahouse where a school should have been, and almost becoming married to a pretty native girl, Lotus Blossom lCarol Pieszchalal. But the wily Americans learned a lesson from the humble Japanese in the end. Other leads in the play under the direction of Mrs, Pohl were Captain McLeash lllon Schlundtl and Sgt. Gregovich Uohn Kenetickl. Al Murray lectures to the would-be villagers about the advantages of democracy. I8 41? city honors tom nowatzke At the La Porte basketball pep session the gym was cloaked in silence as the team entered. Someone noticed a towering figure in the northwest corner of the gym. Suddenly the entire student body broke into a deafening roar of applause as former Red Devil Tom Novvatzke stepped out to be congratulated by Mr. Jones. After four spectacular years at I.U. he had achieved nationwide recognition as an All-Ameri- can fullback. As he stood before the school at that assembly, it was a proud moment for Elston and those who had taught and coached him. He signed with the Detroit Lions and will begin his career in pro-ball this fall. I9 -1-q.hng,l Mr. Jones and Coach Overman prepare to re- tire number "45" as Tom, remembering his years at Elston, takes a lost look. K , EX X 'i -'1 F1 I . ....... Q .v Mr. Jones gingerly sets the match to the pile, com- mencing the spirited evening ofthe Bonfire. 'F there is no la porte These words were yelled in the past, and they will be screamed in the future There is no La Porte! Never has competitive spirit been so strong or deeply rooted in the students of Elston. After defeating La Porte in the basketball sectionals, this feeling fades into the depths of the mind, only to be aroused again in the spring with the beginning of track. Warm summer breezes, how- ever, clear all thoughts of school from a person's head. But as the air begins to chill and football cleats and players' voices are heard in the parking lot after school, we look to the future the wild enthusiasm of the crowd at the burning of the La Porte dummy and the opening kickoff of the La Porte game. dyh V f ' QQ gy WD f MX ffu yoj U gp! L 'MH G Q 'W A ,J W Wjigwigu J QM? tgp, pw ,v UL ,ff Ou Vu' L fMJ' XQf'1Q7JJfi,ffy ,fx EQ UL wwf, xw My bw I N ,, Q A qofiisfffw W b DW I G ,OU Tom Harris paces th dl 9 tense, tired . . . but eag I Mike Frageman and Frank Jakubowski mimic the La Porte coach and his wife at the pep session before the La Porte game. basketball, basketball, basketball! On a Friday typical of December, January, or Febru- ary students sense a strange restlessness and anti- cipation. Every person knows what it is . . . a time of spirit, pep sessions, and BASKETBALL. Of all the events in the school year, that of basket- ball is the most spectacular. Even novv it is easy to imagine the excitement and suspense, hear the deaf- ening roar of the crovvd, remember the iammed halls, cold drafts, and smell of popcorn and smoke at half time, and the overwhelming feeling of victory or defeat at the sound of the final buzzer. Coach Doug Adams has a slight disagreement over a referee's decision at the Indianapolis Wood game. 22 Ralph Wright co-ordinates every movement to "hit for two" in a fast break. Driving across the line, Duane Kelley looks for the op- position as Rob McFarland follows closely behind. Surrounded by three opponents, Stan Farm er picks ol? a rebound for City. Final strings are pulled as Peggy Gondek, Dave Nicklas, and Karen Prast prepare clothing bags for shipment. competitive spirit benefits charities Throughout the year various charity drives have spurred the competitive spirit ot Elston's students. Every means- legal, that is-was used to accumulate the record breaking total of 31328.18 in the i964 Elston Squeeze, which was divided among the Exchange Student Fund and six other charities. The student council sponsored they "Squeeze" and awarded trophies to the two winning homerooms. In the tall the collection of clothing for the Honor Society's annual drive topped all previous years. The bags were sent to welfare centers where they were dis- tributed to needy families. 24 aww' 'i Abraham's 12-M-'I's sacrifice a Saturday to gain an edge on Cassidy's 12-M-2's. vs' Mr. Parry presents trophies to the homerooms of Mr Abraham and Mr. Cassidy, co-winners of the 1964 Squeeze. Ps 'Cv Ig-S N -'v " M.-I... , .4 ff all in ci doy's work A glimpse ot on overoge school doy reveols vorious octivities ond moods in students ond teochers. Atmosphere ronges from the light-heortecl ontics following o gym closs to the thought- ful concentrotion on o doy's ossign- ment. Amid the rush during possing periods, friend meets friend ond heors the lotest news from the lost closs. T e o c h e r s ore pensive, reloxed, oroused-correcting popers, lecturing. Students ond teochers respond, chol- lenge, dismoy, inspire. Then comes the reolizotion thot teochers ore humon, too. Deep in thought Jim Richmond pores over his studies. l Grading papers is sometimes a good part of a day's work as Miss Henry can testify. Phil Seifert and Diane Dawson ex- change thoughts during passing periods. .I "Mil- O "Bottoms up," calls Ray Blomberg to Bruce Wright. "Staroba!!! Stand up," bellows Mr. Lonzo. Sue Floyd, Carol Bear, and Kaye Swanson take advantage of the library facilities. 27 club activities enrich student life Phil Ahrendt files ELSTONIAN negatives in the darkroom. QU ,G 1 :kph and Anita Anderson bustle in and out of the pit during busy half-time. Bedecked in white shirts, red ascots, and berets Bryon Ton, Mike Simon, Doug Flint, and John Vanderplough of the pep band watch game. Student store workers Judi Emmerson and Sue Dickinson sell school supplies to Doug Witowski and Jane Popelec. workers Marilyn Kintzele, Martha Owsley, Dale Jones, The Beatles, Mr. Timberlake, Mr. Mohamed, Mr. Lonzo, and Mr. Karstens, were the hit of the evening. Bertha Linde is in the foreground. Clubs and organizations are a vital part of school life. Fun, worthwhile services,,ancl special proiects are aims of these groups. At Elston each person can in- crease a skill and grow in maturity as well as benefit the school: Pep Band increases school spirit during home basketball games by using musical capabilities. Junior Concessions workers can be seen at all home football and basketball games often with cries of "pop corn, potato chips, and Coca-Cola" as they sell refreshments to spectators. Photo Club is a means for camera enthusiasts to increase their knowledge of taking and developing pictures. Using study hall pe- riods, and lunch hours, student store workers sell var- ious school supplies. Canteen members spend their lunch hours and free time after school to sell candy and potato chips. Hams and Lambs is an important proiect during the year. Sponsored by the Honor Society, both students and faculty participate in the variety show. Canteen members sell candy during lunch hours and after school. Here Donna Hansen waits on Ray Blomberg. ,,,. . ' U v 1 61,2 ai, . 'fx A Q R c -5 ,M ,M 5 4, my fu.. ' ,- Q x. 4 , L, VM ,R j,-to fs a. I Q32 , s , ,V ,. Q, .L Q4 If X ' 'K ,,.w'..-sJ"'l"1z'1u shlklu ii ,MXH The Beatles come to Michigan City's Summer Festival on the Teen Towne float Senior class officers Kris Cook and Fred Keen cut up at The beach party. parades, beach parties . i- , if 1 l 4 --. ri ' L N x i 1 W' S Working at his summer iob, Dave Meyer packs groceries at local supermarket. 30 For some it was the last free summer before assuming responsibility of a iob or of searching for higher learning. lt was a time for seminars, iournalism trips, institutes, beach parties, and summer school, For five Elston students-Jody Alexander, Pat Plank, Nancy La Fountain, Dennis Pellar, and Dennis Rhoads, it meant an unforgettable experience of a month's travel in eastern Europe while serving as delegates of the C.l.S.V. lnter-Teen's. Girls' State and Boys' State high- lighted the summer for Michele Adams, Jane Rasmus- sen, Duane Kelley, Cliff Yentes, and Chuck Lamm. For others there were days spent at the beach with the feeling of sand under feet and the sound of the ice cream vendor's bell. The more active ones used their energy in swimming, skiing, and organized activities such as inter-city and American Legion base- ball. One main event of the summer was the annual "Who shook up the pop?" squeols Jo Falbo. Summer Festival with several students taking part in the parade and ushering at the Miss Indiana Pageant. An unexpected downpour caused apprehen- sion that the parade might be cancelled, but by start- ing time the sun was out, and the colorfully decorated floats were on their way. Besides relaxation and recreation, many spent hours working at drive-ins, stores, theaters, and gasoline stations earning spend- ing money and money for colleges. With the end of summer came the iunior and senior class parties. Gathering around the bonfire, students took part in hootenannies, refreshments, and "catching up" with the latest happenings of the summer. Then, summer was over. Thoughts again turned to school, but many of the events of those summer months would never be forgotten. 'N Lynda Lynch and John Kenefick reflect some of the hilarity of the Senior class beach party. Mr. Lykens and other advisors enjoy the Senior class beach party os well cs the students. 32 freedom, work . . . if ,-45, Guitars and singing sparked many gatherings, including the Junior beach party. Work is a part of summer, but Gretchen Kaeding shows that it can be fun, too. q, xx ksgw-. . mv A 33 M In her frequent visits to the library, Aida finds the card catalog a great help. Aida and her "sister", Sue Wolft, study their U.S. History in the library. elston welcomes two from south of the border Elston hosted two exchange students in '65-Aida Franyuti from Mexico City and Mike Simon from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Aida, a i5V2 year old Senior, brightened our school with her sparkling smile and demure manner for little more than two months. Be- sides carrying a full schedule, she gave much of her tree time to helping in the library. She stayed at the home of Sue Wolff in Long Beach, and like any American girl enioyed shopping and going to movies and attending slumber parties on the weekends. Mike came to Michigan City in August and spent the entire school year at the home ot Dick Swinehart. At a football pep session Mr. Jones presented him a class ring welcoming him to Elston. A loyal Red Devil fan, he was a member of the Pep Band and as a Senior joined in a host of other activities: Oftice Mes- sengers, Latin Club, Radio Club, Orchestra, and all remaining Band activities. Dick and Mike read up on the latest iazz artists and their recordings. Upon telling about the pinata beside her Aida breaks into one of her sunny smiles. 43' ,A , ,A w s Mike enters his new home with his newly adopted family, the Swine- harts: Debbie, Dan, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Swinehart, and Dick. Tonsils wagging, Gus yells for help after be- ing outwitted by Lee Calhoun. With Bunn lecdin the whole cost 'oins in Y 9 l "Johnny One-Note" cs the curtain closes. "Steve Edwards?" swoons Terry Thompson upon hearing of the famous director's curri- val. Bunny sings about how it is on the other side of town, "Way Out West on West 10th Ave- nue." 36 school presents theater success story, "babes in arms" J l Valentine White and Jennifer Owen go over some of the songs from "Babes in Arms." When Seymour Fleming Uohn Vanderploughl, director of the Surf 8K Sand Playhouse de- cides to produce "The Deep North," the young band of theater workers rebel against the play and its ten gallon playwright Lee Cal- houn lTom Goberl. So Valentine White lDave Rossi, the leader of these "Babes in Arms" de- cides to write his own musical, and when "The Deep North" encounters financial fail- ure, Terry Thompson lLynn LaTourettel, with the help of Susie Ward lConnie Newmanl convinces Steve Edwards, famous director, to view their play. With Steve Edwards lRandy Robinsonl taking an option on the play and the "Babes in Arms" proving they are babes in armor, Bunny Byron Uuanita Dunlapl winds it up in a happily-ever-after finale of "Johnny One-Note." The evening sparkled with other memorable tunes such as "My Fun- ny Valentine," "Where or When," and "Lady is a Tramp." Other leads were Gus Field lBryan Tonl and Jennifer Owen Uennifer Rossi. Over lOO persons helped to plan and stage the All-School Musical under the direc- tion of Lewis Timberlake and Jerald Halpin. In the end Gus and Terry daintily Stage manager Jim Clements k, d k describes the sad state of af- 'ss an mo e UP' fairs of the Surf 8m Sand. 37 With chicken wire and crumpled newspaper, Kay Swanson, Kathy Valentine, Karen Purta, and Marge Noveroske form the framework for the entrance. prom and elstonians mark close of school lntent on stapling and taping the wall paneling are Kathy Miller, Linda Schmidt, Mary Koester, Michele Adams, Denice Bis- choff, and Bill Johnson. Staples, hammers, and ingenuity were used to make the colorful Japanese screens. Hard work and determination were two key factors in making a successful prom. Starting with nails, chicken wire, lumber, paint, crepe paper, and paper mache, the Junior Class begins to see their months of planning change from a far-off goal to a reality, There were obstacles, too-the pa- per mache that cracked, the wires that came loose, and the crepe paper that had to be restrung. Al- though there was an occasional feeling of despair, the immense satisfaction and pride derived served as priceless rewards. Excitement was present that last, hurried week as slowly the gym was transformed into a beautiful Japanese Teagarden. The year's end also signified a triumph for the yearbook staff as the ELSTONIANS were distributed at the autograph dance, and the students saw their year in pictures. 'x bi' Q -gi X- Diane Lievense, Mary Koester, and Nancy Merriman steal a few moments to glance over yearbooks. The atmosphere of the autograph dance-was one of surprise as students leafed through and signed their yearbooks. honor society recognizes It is a proud moment for Rob Kemp, Sandy Joyce, and Mary Herbert as they proceed to the stage for induction. scholastic excellence The year's most inspiring ceremony, with the exception of commencement, was the Honor Society initiation. The inductees made their candle-lit way up the aisle of the darkened audi- torium, the present members conducted the solemn ritual. For the new members and their parents it was a proud moment. Just as the athlete needs recognition and reassurance, so does the student. The National Honor Society performs a worthwhile service by acknowledging academic achievement. Scholarship is an important prerequisite to mem- bership, but selection is based equally upon leader- ship, service, and character. In selecting a mem- ber, the student body must approve the nomina- tion. The faculty then votes, basing the final deci- sion on character, leadership in the classroom and service to the school and community. I On stage President Dave Plank explains the function of Honor Society. Senior members conducted the ceremony, four giving speeches on the qualities upheld by the Society. graduation-an end and a beginning Sometime during the senior's last year his outlook began to change-it grew deeper. l-le thought in terms ot lite after graduation. As his last year drew to a close, certain personal questions de- manded an answer. Reflecting on his tun and his accomplishments at Elston, he thought seriously about his future, ot who he was and what he would do. l-le realized that his diploma signified not an end-but an important step toward another beginning. Upon entering the adult world, even college, seniors would no longer be called boys and girls, not even young people. Now-as they assumed adult responsibilities-they would be called men and women. l i it ' 2 lr R1 i X i Rf- if: L' Q 7? 5 i if 5 x- as sb!-, if. E 3 : X1 ,i NDA EIVLIDS MANY IS THE DAY THE STUDENT SITS IN HIS SEAT PERSPIRING, WAITING TO BE CALLED UPON. MANY IS THE NIGHT HE BURNS THE MIDNIGHT OIL, CERTAIN THE TEACHERS COLLABORATED ON TEST DATES. THE STUDENT GROWS. HE GROWS IN KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING - NOT ONLY OF HIS SUBJECT, BUT ALSO OF HIM- SELF AND THOSE AROUND HIM DAILY. THE PERSONAL SATISFAC- TION OF HIS YEARS AT ELSTON DE- PENDS HEAVILY UPON HIS AT- TITUDE AND EFFORTS-INDEED, HIS SPIRIT-IN THE REALM OF ACA- DEMICS. With compass and protractor Dan Novreske and Leigh Hahn bisect a circle in geometry class. ADVANCED MATH PROGRAM EXPANDS During the past tour years an advanced math pro- gram, developed at Ball State, was ottered to more promising students. This program stressed the struc- ture ot the mathematics system by precise definitions in theory and rules ot logic. Rather than "rule book" mathematics it emphasized why not how things hap- pen. ln addition to this program one class ot experi- mental geometry was ottered. Richard Presser, be- sides having helped to write the textbook used in this class, has made plans for a summer trip to Africa to assist in the writing of another textbook. Students in geometry applied the principle of logic to mathematical proofs. Algebra taught students to better understand the number systems, both natural and complex. Trigonometry and analytical geometry were oltered to advanced students who were pre- paring to take calculus and other higher math classes. A grimace crosses the face of Chris Finger as she demonstrates the combusti- bility of hydrogen in chemistry class. This year for the first time sophomores were al- lowed to take chemistry with the hope that an ad- vanced science course would be oftered during their senior year. This course would combine ad- vanced chemistry, physics, and biology into one course. In chemistry class the basic fundamentals of three methods were taught. The theory of conventional chemistry included the study of nuclear energy, electrochemistry, and physical chemistry. Through the Chemical Bond approach, students were better able to grasp the "Why's" of chemical reactions by examining and understanding models of vari- ous compounds. Several students, working on spe- cial proiects, created models showing the orbital structures ot electrons around the nucleus of the atom. Others built models of molecules showing the chemical bonding, either ionic or covalent. With the Chem Study approach developed by Glenn Seaborg, head of the Atomic Energy Com- mission, students experimented in the lab and then attempted to explain what happened and why. For instance, they proved that water ionizes by the electrolysis of NaCl. TN...-1' SCIENCE DEPARTMENT GETS NEW EQUIPMENT To anyone other than a physics student, the slanting ramps and the weighted dynamics carts resembled a racetrack. These carts, new this year, were used to apply Newton's laws ot motion. Other new equipment included wave generators and light sources which aided students in their study ot waves. Physics is the study ot energy and its eftects and of the nucleus ot the atom. The subject was ap- proached through the study of measurements, heat, and sound with special emphasis on the fields of light and mechanics. "It works!" Richard Swinehart and David Nicklas apply New- ton's laws of motion to measure the effect of force on the acceleration of mass. The mass of the electron is measured with the use of a stroboscope by Walter Mueller, Steve Mallott, and Steve O'Neal. .fi- 8,4-4' As port of their committee report on Housing in Mr. Lonzo's government class, Bill Ash- more, Eileen Reed and Sue Ann Levin explain their model and plans for redevelopment of City's North End. Mr. Lootens helps Carol Hopper with world history course open to tenth through twelfth graders. if ea -V . i A - g - gli ii Sgr ' 1 Sul! .qs in if , it gf 1 ',:' ,W g ggazifxm 1 ff' XL Qi f -li 3 l 46 ELECTICDN YEAR BOOSTS SOCIAL STUDIES INTEREST Last November Americans all over the country cast Their ballots in the gen- eral election. Government and history students, too, were given a chance to voice their opinions in a mock election. Government classes stressed In- diana history and government as well as the federal and local to further students' understanding and appreciation of the democratic system. Ameri- can Problems was oftered to students interested in learning about the aims and problems of democracy: freedom, iustice, a better lite for all people. World History classes surveyed the major cultural, social, political and economic developments from ancient civilizations to the present day. U. S. History was primarily a study ot the progress of the American way of lite. For college bound students two advance courses were oltereda economics, emphasizing the United States economic system, and sociology, the study ot the basis of man's development to the point of today's society. J' N I VA , Fil- '-dxf-'fe-I Seniors bone up on current events reading "American Observers." In the foreground are Jean Dale, Sandy Joyce, Jack Martin, Jan Money, and Gene Shawley, 47 "Lay on, Macduff. and damned be him that tirst cries 'Hold, enough!"' shouts Bob Brat- kovic as he and Terry Wiseman enact one of the last scenes from Shakespears MAC- BETH. This year the English department took on a new look, The curriculum combined grammar, composi- tion, and literature into one course, relating com- position and literature. Another important factor was that teachers had more freedom because lit- erature was approached thematically rather than chronologically. To the dismay ot the seniors, the new curriculum did not omit term papers. They spent late hours in the library preparing bibliog- raphies and taking notes. Also this year the col- lateral list was expanded to over 1450 books. Mrs. Munger lectures her English 7 classes on the principles early English peotry. ' "NEW LOOK" FOR ENGLISH DEPARTMENT In public speaking class Darrel Miller illustrates the organs which produce sound. Journalism students, Terry Storey, Mary Beth Holloway, Tara Flannigan, and Lou Ann Glade, proof-read copies of the CRIM- SON COMET. slim Q ' " 'Wu 1 Y-. In public speaking voice improvement and articula- tion were stressed. Early in the semester students recorded their voices and later made a second recording for comparison. Besides learning how to prepare and organize speeches, they learned to relax before an audience. ln March classes partici- pated in a school speech contest. The tlnalists then entered the Rotary Club contest. Who? What? When? Where? Why? These were questions iournalism students learned to answer as they worked to develop a clear, concise style ot writing. The first semester was a survey of iournal- ism in all forms of communications-radio, televi- sion, magazines, newspapers. Journalism ll students produced the CRIMSON COMET, a student produc- tion, which involved taking pictures, selling ads, mak- ing lay-outs, and writing copy. S X T X ,af ro' A "ls it really chilly in Chile?" asks Ben Nygren as he and George Ann Timmons study a mop of South America. TAPES AID LANGUAGE CLASSES tam First year classes in French, German, and Spanish stressed pronunciation and the basic rules of grammar. Emphasis was placed on understanding and speaking. Conversation was continued in sec- ond year classes with a greater emphasis on read- ing and translation. Third year classes studied his- tory and culture and read the works of modern and classical authors. The language classes were aided by tapes recorded by native speakers. French students were assisted by tapes and film strips produced under the Encyclopedia Britan- nica's program, Je Parle Francais. First year Latin students studied the essentials of grammar and built a limited vocabulary. Second year students learned rules of grammar and the more difficult Latin constructions. They translated stories of Ro- man history and mythology such as "Jason and the Argonautsf' A third year class was offered to twenty-eight students, who translated the works of Romans such as Cicero and Pliny. Through Latin, students increased their knowledge of the English language. we J French students watch filmstrips and answer questions using tapes and headsets. VF' 3194! Hi H fffrrrnl Hibbs listens to the responses of his German students .I ., -,MJ . I X x 71. . 0 . .Ng N A - . I V Q F gif JWEV -5 50 . 1 t Wes, sm UPFU M CADET OV Jean Dierdorfi: prompts her pupils as they read a chart. In the medical records section of the hospital, Carin Lee and Chris Bolka check a patient's history for an RH factor. Wd Susgnl' S TEACHING AND T 81 I OFFER SPECIFIC VOCATIONAL TRAINING Repairing engines is part of David Hycner's work at Edgewood Motors. The New Math program proved to be lust as new to cadet teachers as to elementary school children, but new math was only a part of the routine. Activities in Cadet Teaching included planning bulletin boards, te-aching games and songs, and reading to children. Daily classroom participation and observation helped students to discover whether they had the abilities necessary to become successful teachers. On-the-iob training was offered to many qualified students in the T8.l program. Participating students spent one-half day in school and one-half day work- ing in local businesses and industries. Areas of train- ing include hospital work, printing, dry cleaning, and drafting. Through this work experience students were able to secure full time iobs after graduation. With nearly all eyes focused on the teacher, second-grade pupils listen intently as Mari- lyn Jones, cadet teacher, reads a Christmas story. NEW MACHINES BROADEN COMMERCIAL COURSES Students in The stenogrophic and clerical courses pre- pared for jobs os bookkeepers, office clerks, ond secretories. Availoble To all seniors wos o work-ex- perience program, which provided for Two weeks in school, Two weeks on a job. Through The progrom many were able to secure either full or port-time iobs. New this year in The commercial Department were electric typewriters ond an IBM key-punch machine, which offered students troining and experience in Equipped with protective cover-olls, gloves, and goggles, boys in shop classes learned to hondle Tools and machinery safely and efficiently. Wood shop pupils developed skills in finishing wood surfaces ond plonning proiects such as loookshelves ond tables. The proper operation of machinery, from simple hand Tools To The complex milling machine, was taught in machine shop. Other shop courses including power machine shop, blueprinting, welding, and electronics were offered. These modern fie N3 Ywajy ynlfw U ill TTW is ri I tl? 5 it it Fingers fly over electric Typewriters as students run through a timed exerices under the supervision of Mrs. Galles. pool weld metal with an acetylene torch. 54 Wearing goggles to protect their eyes, Dale Gaustad and Paul Vander- "Do it this way." Mrs. Mann demonstrates a calculator to Karen Gill. Don Killingbeck dismantles the engine of a Chevy with the help of Dave Nichols and Darriell Lykens. Bookkeeping student Geraldine Stueck makes journal entries. Using a belt sander to inlay wooden pegs, Jerry Szemes finishes his project. CIVIL DEFENSE TAUGHT IN SAFETY CLASSES With the aid of a large plastic model of the human body, health classes studied physiology and anatomy. Healthful living-physical, mental, emotional-was the obiective of the class. Personal grooming, study habits, and preparation for the future were also taught. Time was spent learning the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics. To illustrate these effects, students drew posters. An important two week course in civil defense was included in safety class which generally stressed road safety, water, home, and industrial safety. Safety was a prime req- uisite for driver's training. "Didn't think I had any guts, did you, Mrs Croft over the dummy used in health class. The drivers training car, filled with beginners, creeps onto Lafayette under the nervous eye of Mr. Overman. Croft?" grins Mr imnwmhymmx --bv.-an-' ---...,,,N-Nw. Btwn-M-s.......,,,,wM bums., mm' """"""'-ww is , we gl ' rs s ,,, ,eL- As the year closes, girls in fashion arts cut out patterns for the Spring Style Show. FASHON SHOW SPARKS HOMEMAKING YEAR The spicy aroma of cinnamon rose from freshly baked Christmas cookies and drifted into the halls. Chef and cooks developed skills. Besides baking and cooking, students learned to plan and serve meals. Wearing bright dresses, girls in fashion arts modeled their creations at the Spring Style Show. The classes made new garments-suits and formals-and altered and repaired old ones. Girls studied grooming, color harmonies, and fabrics. Interior decorating taught students to create attractive and suitable furniture arrangements. Care of patients was taught in home nursing. Students learned that recovery depends on proper care which includes taking temperatures ac- curately, making a bed with a patient in it, and giv- ing bed baths. 57 jk' Nancy Kramer measures out a teaspoonful of vanilla as Don ald Heichel blends the cake mixture. Q . Tuba in hand, Richard Swinehart treads daintily over notes during band rehearsal. -U 8 151' nf , 01 ai-1, BAND GETS NEW UNIFORMS To the sound of rolling drums and blaring trum- pets the high school band paraded out onto Ames Field for the first football game last fall. All eyes focused on the band members, who were sporting new uniforms equipped with everything from tall, black chakos to white spats. Band students toiled to pay for these uniforms with Tag Days and Christ- mas candy sales. The year was a busy one-be- ginning with daily marching practice on Gill Field in preparation for football games-climaxing in heavy rehearsal for the band contest and the spring concert. The vocal music department also hummed with activity, Chorus members studied tone production and vocal technique. Music ranged from early Renaissance to the present popular mode. Mem- bers of Girls' Chorus, Concert Chorus, and Mixed Chorus worked, hoping to become good enough to eventually be a part of A Cappella Choir. ln the spring the choruses performed for the Kiwanis Club and also took part in the Quad City Festival. The big event of the year was a spring concert com- bining the efforts of the band and the choruses. Q. SSR -x wwwfkmik Q, Q Q A M gai 1 j Gilbert Hutson busily sketches designs to complete require- ments in artistic technique. ART AND CRAFT CLASSES INCREASE SKILLS Gaining a firm foundation in drawing and compo- sition and exposing students to skills and techniques of art was the goal of this year's art classes. While the first year art students were learning the basic techniques of sketching, lettering, and creative de- sign, second year students were continuing with work on figure-s of human heads and portraits. Putting all their artistic knowledge together, the third year students followed up by drawing human figures and painting with water colors and oil paints. Craft students were taught creativity and appreci- ation of the crafts. First year students began with paper mache', block printing, and clay modeling. The second year students worked with wood de- signing and clay techniques. Students in their third year of craft applied past learning to their work in clay figures, carving, and block printing. Bonnie Harmon, Phil Mazer, Eugene Skviat, Manual Jackson and O'Neil Simmons are painting craft proiects of clay ash- trays and vases. i -- 'Q' xy , tr . - f-gm A - I ,ri I mf. ' s Q ee 5 " H g L ' ' R' 5, Si John Klosinski hetts a hundred in the weight lifting part of the Physical Education program. Physical fitness was the goal of the Phys Ed De- partment this year. Each student was tested on his ability at the beginning ot the semester, then again at the end to see how he had improved. Volley- ball, tumbling, basketball, rhythm dancing, soft- ball, and warm-up exercises were the main areas of improvement. When weather permitted, classes were held out- side. Students, especially boys, continued their work in baseball, broadiumping, football, wres- tling, and iogging the track. GYM CLASSES STRIVE FOR PHYSICAL FITNESS Referee Mrs. Raisor watches intently the battle for the ball during the girls' basketball game. S WTS AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH SPORT'S SEASON TRYOUTS ARE HELD, CUTS ARE MADE, THE TEAM IS SELECTED. WEEKS OF EXHAUST- ING DRILLS FOLLOW, WORKING FLABBY MUSCLES BACK INTO SHAPE. PRACTICE CO-ORDINATES THE ATHLETE-THE TEAM. ON GAME NIGHT, PERFECTED BY PRACTICE, THE TEAM IS DRIVEN BY THE DESIRE TO WIN. STUDENTS BEDECKED IN RED AND WHITE SHARE THIS COMPETITIVE SPIRIT. AT ELSTON SPIRIT SURGES ON A BIG NIGHT IN SPORTS. THE LIGHTER SIDE The crack of crashing helmets and shoulder pads comes from Gill Field as The Devils Toil long hours in practice. BIG RED STARTS AND The Red Devils opened Their gridiron season by downing Gary TollesTon's Blue Raiders, lO-7. The Devils scored saTeTies in The second and Third quar- Ters To give Them a winning Three poinr margin. The following week The Devils were deTeaTed by SouTh Bend WashingTon, 23-l3, in a game which was To head a sTring of seven losses. The closesT of These was a 14-13 defeaT by The Hobarf Bric- kies. ElkharT, lasT year's number one Team in The sTaTe, rolled over The Devils, 2l-6. CiTy's lineup was rearranged because oT illness and iniury when The Big Red Traveled To SouTh Bend Riley. There The conference co-leaders scored a 25-6 vicTory over ElsTon. In The homecoming game The Devils hosTed Mishawaka. ElsTon Took a 7-O lead in The HrsT quarTer and led l3-T2 going inTo The Tinal period. A pass inTercepTion and Three ground plays gave Mishawaka a Touchdown and an l8- FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: T. Wiseman, Mgr., J. Craig, M. Henry, R. Herrback, L. Steele, J. Richmond J. Kenefick, R. Wildhart, R. Kelsey, D. Zbrowsky, R. Barnes, R. Brown, D. Heuck, D. BannwarT,, M. Hiscox Mgr. SECOND ROW: D. Westphal, Mgr., T. Petoskey, T. Harris, J. Holmes, R. Heeg, J. Zonyk, L. Spicer D. GIOTT, G. Foldenauer, J. Snyder, C. George, H. Gresham, R. Dickey, D. Keene, R. Markowski, Backfield FINISHES WITH VICTORY T3 lead which the Devils were not able to over- come. The Red Devils closed their season in tlne style with a victory over South Bend Adams. Ralph Wright scored on a pass with one second remain- ing in the tTrst halt. The extra point was good, and City led, T9-T4. The Devils scored again in the third quarter, but Adams narrowed the gap with a touchdown early in the tourth. Neither team scored again, and the Devils claimed a long awaited victory, 26-20. The team selected Mike Frageman and Fred Keen as co-captains. Fred was also voted the most valuable man in the back- tleld, and Jim Snyder was voted the most valu- able lineman. Receiving All-Conference honorable mention were Dave Swanson, tackle, Fred Keen, fullback, Mike Frageman, tackle, and Larry Crane, end. Bob Brown crashes through Lo Porte foes in his thirteen yard touchdown carry. Coach Richard Lamb. THIRD ROW: Head Coach Vic Overman, P. Tomaszewski, D. Swanson, T. Bergman, C. Lamm, F. Keen, Cap., R. Wright, M. Frageman, Cap., R. Hedstrom, K. Hahn, D. Walters, F. Laborn, B. Grott, R. McBride, Line Coach Robert Rumsey. D. Nickell and L. Crane were absent when the picture was taken. The team gets a minute's rest from gruelling pre-La Porte DU"ln9 The Qame Coach Ovefmcn Seleds game practice while the coach demonstrates technique. carefully from the bench. SANDBURRS COMPILE 2-4-2 RECORD SANDBURRS-FRONT ROW: M. Hicock, Mgr., S. Biggerstalnf, V. Tilman, D. Graham, B. Dusza, N. Kolasa, J. Reed, D. Brown, A. Gabriel, J. Pawlik, G, Tobias, D. Waters, D. Hendrickson, M. Schikoney, Mgr. SECOND ROW: M. Demos, B. Fisch, C. Ross, T. Williams, R. Kominairelc, S. Foldenauer, G. Farrell, M. Adams, T. Kil- gore, D. Yackus, D. Messner, F. Deal, THIRD ROW. Coach Noel Schlegelmilch, D. Spurling, M. Kuhnel, B. Lane, E. Moore, H. Kennedy, T. Dombkowski, J. Nieman, D. Warner, S. Reausseau, F. Gallas, D. Niegos, P. Jahnzerik, Mgr., Coach Jerry Cripe. 66 Displaying typical Ded Devil spirit, Mike Henry 1511 and Harold Gresham 1741 shout encouragement from the sidelines. VARSITY BOX SCORE MC OPP Gary Tolleston ... ... 10 7 S. B. Washington .. ... 13 23 S. B. Central .... . . . 7 12 Hobart ..... . . . 13 14 Elkhart .... . . . 6 21 S. B. Riley .... ... 6 25 La Porte .... . . . 6 21 Mishawaka . . . . . . 13 18 S. B. Adams .... 26 20 B-TEAM BOX SCORE MC OPP La Porte ....... . 6 25 5.13. Riley ....... . 6 7 S. B. Washington . . . . 8 8 S. B. Central ..... ... 13 7 S. B. Adams .... ... O 16 Goshen ...... . . . 26 13 Mishawaka ... ... 13 13 Elkhart ..... . . . 6 13 Ralph Wright scoops in a pass and scores, giving City a five point lead over South Bend Adams. I J X Brian Nowfel, number one man for the Devils, displays his powerful serve. TENNIS TEAM HAS GOOD SEASON F BOX SCORE MC OPP La Porte ...... . . . 5 2 S.B.Adams... ...O 7 Elkhart ....... . . . 2 5 Goshen .... . . . 2 5 S.B. Riley... ...4 3 S. B. Central ....... 7 O Mishawalca .......... . . . 5 2 Ft. Wayne North Side ...... 6 l Michigan City's racquet squad won its season opener by downing La Porte, 5-2. The Devils dropped their next three matches to South Bend Adams, Elkhart, and Goshen, but made a strong comeback by winning tour in a row to Hnish the year with a 5-3 record. All of the matches were in conference play. Brian Nowtel, a iunior, held the number one posi- tion on Coach Cook's team tor the second year in a row. He lost only one singles match all season and held the best singles record in the conference, 7-l. TENNIS TEAM-FRONT ROW: B. Timm, J. Bock, D. Krueger, J. Selke, A. Lundmark, J. Selke. SECOND ROW: Coach Dick Cook, D. Messina, D. Pilarski, T. Wilson, B. Nowfel, G. Cieciwa, D. Milne, D. Holtzlander, J. Jones. l CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-FRONT ROW: R. Kemp, D. Miller, F. Murth, R. Vayhinger, T. Knoll, D. Kelly, Capt., L. Gipson, B. Wilke, D. Marron, Capt., T. Todd, J. Henry, B. Henderson. SECOND ROW. S. Garrett, C. West- phal, D. Roames, D. Hout, B. Taylor, K. Eschembaum, F. Furyman, D. Flavin, O. Simmons, D. Perry, H. Dyn, E. Harper. THIRD ROW: T. Archambeault, B. Hampton, M, McAnally, L. Jones, B. McFarland, S. Mohamed, T. Morse, J. Cadwell, S. Farmer, J. Manes, S. O'Neil, Coach' Bruce Fischer. BOX SCORE MC OPP Valparaiso . . . . 27 28 S. B. Adams ... ... 2l 34 Hobart . . . .... 23 33 S. B. Riley .. 23 32 Elkhart ........ . . . 30 25 Chesterton ....... . . . i5 48 S. B. Washington ... . .. i9 36 S. B. Adams i6 39 S. B. Central ..... . . . i8 37 Gary Lew Wallace .. ... i5 50 Mishawaka .......... . . . i5 47 Ft. Wayne North Side ...... l7 46 Crown Point ......... 23 32 La Porte . . . . 22 35 Goshen . . . . . 30 26 La Porte . . .. . 27 3l Dave Marron, City's high point man, leader the pack in meet with Fort Wayne and Mishawaka. HARRIERS WIN SECTIONAL MEET The Red Devil cross country team, comprised mostly of iuniors, compiled an impressive season record of fourteen wins and two losses. Both losses were in conference meets, placing the team third in the conference with a record of 7-2. ln their season opener the Devils scored a close 27-28 victory over Valparaiso's Vikings, rendering the Vikings their first home loss since i960. ln defeat- ing Gary Lew Wallace i5-50, Devil runner Bill Wilke set a course record. He covered the two miles in 9 minutes, 48 seconds, breaking his old record of 9.55. Coach Fischer's boys finished first out of eighteen teams in the sectionals at South Bend Riley and eighth out of twenty-two teams in the Shortridge Invitational at Indianapolis. They placed seventh at the regionals held in La Porte against several of the best teams in the state. The first four teams to place in the regional also capped first, second, third, and fourth at the state rneet. X Doug Swedenberg and John Witzgall in left lanes take their marks against Goshen at start of 'I00 yard freestyle. "What did I get?" asks Tom Sawyer after the grueling 400 yard freestyle. . I 4 SWIMMING BOX SCORE MC OPP Howe Military ........ .... 3 6 59 St. Joseph, Michigan .... .... 2 3 82 Gary Lew Wallace .... .... 3 6 60 Penn Twp. ......... .... 3 8 56 Goshen ..... .... 3 2 62 S. B. Riley .... .... 3 3 61 Elkhart ...... .... 5 4 4l Horace Mann . . . .... 43 52 Chesterton . . . .... 70 25 S. B. Central .... .... 2 9 65 Mishawaka . . . .... 35 57 Portage ......... . . . 46 48 S. B. Washington . . . .... 35 60 S. B. Adams .... .... 2 4 70 La Porte ..... .... 5 5 39 Valparaiso ... .. I7 77 Glen Curtis sprints first two laps of individual medley. SWIM TEAM HAS REBUILDING SEASON The Red Devil tankmen faced a rebuilding season this year with the return of only one Ietterman, Al Murray. Michigan City's swimmers dropped six meets in a row before defeating Elkhart, 54-4l, for their flrst season win. The following week the tanlcmen lost to Horace Mann by a slim margin, 52-43 in the last relay. Their bad luck was duplicated when they were again downed in the final relay by Port- age, 48-46. The Devils capped second place at the Goshen Re- lays vvith Al Murray, winner of the lOO yard free- style, taking City's only trophy in an individual event. ln the Nll-lS Conference Meet held at South Bend Washington sophomore Glen Curtis placed sixth in the lOO yard baclcstrolce to give the Devils points in the flnal standings. ln their most exciting meet of the season, the tankmen vvon all but two events as they raced to a 55-39 victory over La Porte's Slicers. Al- though the overall season record was unimpressive, Coach Kuszmaul trained a flne nucleus of sopho- mores and iuniors for next year's team. SWIMMING TEAM-FRONT ROW: J. Witzgall, B. Grant, A. Murray, Cop., C. Enyeart, D. Wickstrom, T. Todd. SECOND ROVV: A. Unger, D. Timm, D, Aultman, M. McAnally, B. Saum. THIRD ROW: Coach Ross Kuszmaul, D. Swedenberg, T. Sawyer, G. Curtis, L. Jones, M. Christopher. BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: A. Bos, Mgr., C. Lomm, D. Kelley, O. Simmons, F. LaBorn, F. Keen, S. Farmer. SECOND ROW: Asst. Coach Dave Parry, R. MacFarlcmd, C. Westphal, T. Morse, S Mohamed, J. Cadwell, R. Wright, Coach Doug Adams. RED DEVILS SHARE CONFERENCE TITLE lt was another big year for Michigan City's Fighting Red Devils. Coach Adams' team tied with South Bend Central for the Northern Indiana Conference Title with a record of 8-l for conference play. Their over-all season record was i8-6. The Devils, one of Michigan City's tallest teams in years, dominated re- bounding in most of their games. ln scoring they aver- aged 83 points per game, allowing the offenseto score an average of 69 points against them. Near the end of the season the Devils defeated Ft. Wayne North and were ranked tenth in the state. A veteran Gary Froebel team downed Michigan City in the Devils' season opener. Eroebel's Blue Devils grabbed a first quarter lead and built it to a 40-25 advantage in the third period. City narrowed the gap to 66-64 in the fourth quarter, but Froebel's final spurt ended the game 75-68. A 93-64 victory over St. Joseph iMich.l headed a six game winning streak for the Red Devils. The most exciting of these was a iO6-98 win over Valparaiso's Vikings. Both teams lost three players due to fouls. The Vikings made 40 free throws out of 46 tries, hitting 26 in a row. Traveling to Lafayette for the holiday tourney, the Devils' winning skein was broken when Lebanon edged them Bi-80. In the consolation game City scored a 96-83 win over Greencastle. Three weeks later the Devils snapped Elkhart's winning string when they dumped the Blazers 76-66. Elkhart had not lost a home floor game in its last sixteen starts. South Bend Washington handed the Devils their only conference defeat of the season. The Panthers gained an 8-O lead at the start and led all the way, rolling over Elston 79-66. VARSITY BOX SCORE Gary Froebel .... St. Joseph, Mich. . S. B. Central .... Valparaiso .... S. B. Adams .... Hammond High .. Chicago Marshall . Lebanon ........ Greencastle ..... Goshen ......... Indianapolis Wood Elkhart ......... Hammond Noll .. Mishawaka .... La Porte ........ Ft. Wayne South , Ft. Wayne North S. B. Washington Peru .......... S. B. Riley La Porte ....... New Carlisle . . . Westville ....... S. B. Washington . OPP 75 64 59 98 68 54 65 82 83 56 67 66 82 61 62 76 86 79 82 65 48 59 48 65 i l Above: Stan Farmer is fouled as he snags a rebound against S. B. Central. Lower left: Fred Keen and Terry Morse battle un- der the board with Chicago Marshall players. Below: Chuck Mr. Jones presenTs another SecTional Championship Trophy To Coach Adams, Duane Kelley, Ralph Wright, and Chuck Lamm. DEVILS EXTEND SECTIONAL STRING TO FOURTEEN The Red Devils dumped The La PorTe Slicers in Their TirsT game of The secTional Tourney, 56-48. Their vvinning margin was again six poinTs as iT had been earlier in The season. The Big Red Then rolled over New Carlisle, 95-59, and WesTville, 95-48, To vvih The secTional Tourney Tor The TourTeenTh consecuTive year, esTablishing The second longesT sTring of sec- Tional wins in The sTaTe. For The pasT ThirTeen years CiTy has Traveled To The CalumeT Regional. This year The Devils were svviTched To The regional TournamenT aT ElkharT. The Devils, ouT To avenge an earlier deTeoT, played SouTh Bend WashingTon's PanThers in The second game oT The aTTernoon. Duane Kelley puT CiTy ahead, lo-T4, vviTh a specfocular TorTy TooT shoT as The gun Tired To end The HrsT quarTer. The PanThers copped The lead in The second period and held iT unTil The Devils Tied The score in The TourTh auarTer, 5l-5l. WashingTon spurTed ahead once more and finished The Tourna- menT game 65-55, B-TEAM BOX SCORE MC OPP Gary Froebel .... 69 60 ST. Joseph, Mich. . 72 52 S. B. CenTral . . . 48 46 Valparaiso .... 64 49 S. B. Adams .... 59 47 Hammond High .. 73 43 Chicago Marshall . 53 55 Goshen ........ 44 43 "1di0"OP0'iS Wood 56 36 coach Al whiiiowfs Pink imps, like The reed Devils, Elkhart """"' 58 50 finished wiTh a conference record of eight wins and Hommond Noll ' ' 68 40 one loss To Tie vvirh SouTh Bend CenTral Tor The con- Mlsllclwcko "" 60 44 ference crown. Their one conference deTeaT came aT LO Porle """" 49 43 The hands oT SouTh Bend VVashingTon. Two of Their Fl' Wayne Soulh ' 4l 37 games ran inTo overTimes wiTh The lmps vicTorious Fl' Woyne Norlh ' 4l 40 over SouTh Bend CenTral, 48-46, and downed by S' B' Woshlnglon ' 4l 49 Chicago Marshall, 55-53. The lmps finished Their Peru """"" 66 47 season wiTh a record of sixTeen wins and Two losses. S. B. Riley .... 57 47 B-TEAM-FRONT ROW: M. Hiscox, Mgr., M. Adams, T. Knoll, D. Perry, B. Timm, L. Gipson, J. Mcirquardt. SECOND ROW: Coach Al Whitlow, J. Selke, S. Gorreif, K. Eschenbcum, D. Krueger, H. Kennedy, J. Bock. WRESTLING BOX SCORE MC OPP Lo Porte .. 10 42 S. B. Cloy .... . . O 52 Penn Twp. ... .. 9 35 Knox ...... . . 41 16 Chesterton .... . . 1 1 39 River Forest . . . . . 16 32 Elkhort, .... .. 1O 40 Knox .... . . 23 32 Portege ........ . . 1O 42 Goshen .......... .. 19 35 S. B. Woshington .... . . 8 43 Mishowoko ..... . . 2 47 New Corlisle ... .. 19 27 Gory Edison . . . .... 21 29 WRESTLING TEAM BUILDS The Red Devil mcitmen in their second seoson goihed voluoble experience olthobgh winning only one meet. Cooch Cripe's tecim wcis forced to forfeit f1ve points in eoch meet becouse the Devils hod no wres- tlers in the ninety-five pound weight closs. Mike Henry, ci iunior, won nine of his thirteen mcitches to leod the Devils in points. He olso held top posi- tion for the highest number of pins, with six. Another iunior, Dennis Wolter, won seventy-flve percent of his motches by pins, leczding the teom in thot respect. WRESTLING TEAM-FRONT ROW: T. Schumoker, K. Hamilton, H. Bucy, M. Henry, Cop., G. White, H. Vo- gel, M. Gorrett, M. Shikciny, Mgr. SECOND ROW: B. Millord, Mgr., D. Gubbine, R. Kominiorek, R. Dickey, M. Demos, B. Wright, D. Walter, D. Ycckus, D. Roames, Mgr. THIRD ROW: D. Briggs, Mgr. S. Biggerstoff, M. Gostnell, D. Yeomon, D. Meyer, J. Jacobs, Cap., S. Porter, T, Lcchmund, A. Johnsen, Couch Jerry Cripe. GOLF TEAM-FRONT ROW: J. Farley, E. Scrivnor, J. Peo, B. Bachmann, J. O'Connor, J. Allen, S. Krantz, J. Mathias. SECOND ROW: Coach Del Miller, D. Gumns, R. Baker, R. Sparks, J. Kenefick, J. Granacki, D. Aultman. LINKSMEN BREAK EVEN The Red Devil golfers broke even this season with a record of nine wins in eighteen matches. Coach Miller's boys, last year's Lake Hills Invitational Champions, relinquished their title to Gary Andrean by placing fourth this year. ln the LaPorte Invitation- al the Devils copped fifth place. City golfers qualified for the state tournament by placing second out of thirty-one teams in the sec- tionals at Lake Hills. LaPorte edged the Devils out of a first place win by a narrow margin of two strokes, 327-329. Brent Bachmann with 80 was low man for the Devils. He was backed by the scores of Jim Peo with an 82, Jim O'Connor, 83, and Jack Allen, 84. The linksmen finished seventeenth in the state match, led by Jim O'Connor with an 80. Jack Allen, Brent Bachmann, and Jim Peo all shot 84's. Gary Lew Wallace S. B. Riley ....... S. B. Adam ..... Hammond Noll .. Elkhart .......... S. B. Riley . S. B. Central .... S. B. Adam ...... Elkhart ........ S. B. Central ..... Benton Harbor .. OPP 183 300 317 187 325 289 327 320 326 349 310 Dyer .... Mishawaka Goshen . . Mishawaka La Porte Goshen .. La Porte . Hobart .. OPP l86 339 334 319 327 324 324 349 N A A g L John Selke displays his record 25:7 4 if . breaking form in the high jump. THINCLADS POST 7 AND 1 SEASON TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: J. Craig, S. Maior, R. Brown, C. Holmes, T. Giese, J. Selke, C. Grision, R Bannwarf, D. Lauer, R. Hedstrom, S. Hedges, T. Harris, J. Holmes. SECOND ROW: L. Jones, R. Herrbach, D Hout, T. Wilson, L. Crane, D. Marron, R. Thomason, E. Dosenberry, A. Bos, J. Merriweather, D. Meyer, T Archambeault, D. Kambs, R. Witek, T. Fedder. THIRD ROW: Coach Bruce Fischer, T. Kietzsman, C. George, R. Pliske, E. Bogenski, S. Farmer, T. Todd, M. Cruse, R. Hampfon, H. Dabagia, D. Brown, F. Murth, B. Leven F. Laborn, T. Senfer, P. Zook, Coach Earl McAnalIy. 78 1 The Red Devil cindermen compiled a tine season rec- ord ot seven wins and one loss. The Devils placed fifth in the Hammond Invitational, conference, and sectional meets, and fourth in the LaPorte Invita- tional. ln the sectional meet, a twenty-nine year old record tell to John Sell4e's broad iump of 22 feet, lV2 inches. Charles Grinston in the La Porte Invitational ran the 880 yards in l minute, 56.3 seconds, the best time in the state for the 1964 season up to that date. Coach McAnally had tour conference medal winners-Cabot Holmes, Dan Lauer, John Selke, and Steve Maior. Four school records tell this year and presently stand as follows: NEW RECORDS 220 Yard Dash 22.55 Cabot Holmes 880 Yard Run l:56.3 Charles Grinston High Jump 6'4'A1" John Selke Broad Jump 22' 8V2" John Selke st' , ' .use Straining for the tape in the 880, Tom Harris is narrowly edged out by a Valpo man. TRACK MC OPP Chesterton ...... 69V2 39V2 S. Bend Adams .... 50 59 Portage ......... 6236 4626 Mishawaka ......... 5'7 52 Gary Lew Wallace . . . 95 14 S. Bend Riley ..... 7526 33Vs Valparaiso ........ 70V2 38V2 S. Bend Washington .. 66 43 Yi f K 5 3 gf. Jim Wiskemon, lead off man, BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: M N. Porterfield, Capt., R. Wildharf, Boofcheck, P, Gondeck, S, Dunlap Parry. iff: 2 .Zu lui 1 r V., . V ' 'N 'as ' .. . 55- -. xg, .",. " , M2 ffs..1a y , . A , .Q ,I-,cg , AMA T-Q . W , . r ,I , .... , .- Tvsg A CC- - .-ev 'L 'f A .. T JT' .fa lvfw., ' . .- -- s ww- lq .--X. 4'-. .Tl '-". goal-'r ... ' -yy?-'Cf C' 5-'K 43' .-r5rs+.FT' A.-f . ' - ., , . 'Sv . f A- - "i, . cw ,. . f . Q53 .. .. .N . ,,.- ,. r .. -.., Jw c. l W . ' ' .xy - Q - 'ff . ' A ' " , ' ' -A 4 ' ' u ' ' ' 4Yf"'sQ. no . ., - .. A 1. g ' -5, , fu, I -,'- ' .fit . ,- 1-, V- X. f z"'4' xcnvmt-'A 4 :O r"""' -T '. Tlilfisfg' ' .T "ab .f T' ...nf B 4 A 1 H123 - DIAMOND SQUAD CAPTURES CROWN WiTh only Three reTurning leTTermen The Red Devil boseboll Teom boTTled iTs woy To o conference Tie. The over-oll seoson record vvos ThirTeen wins ond five losses. Coach Porry's boys won Their Tirsf Three gomes of The seoson in The losT inning of ploy. They cholked up Three more vicTories before Their winning sTreok vvos checked by l-lommond Noll, 6-3. The Devils losT Their losT conference gome To Goshen, 6-5, on errors. WiTh cu record of six wins dnd Two losses Tor conference ploy, They hod Tied wiTh Elk- horT for The NorThern Indiono Conference TiTle. The diamond squad won iTs own Tour-Team Tourna- menT This year. AlThough The Devils played errorless ball in deleaTing ChesTerTon, 5-2, all five runs were unearned. ln The TiTle conTesT in The evening The Devils downed LaPorTe, The defending champions, 3-2. Three school records were seT This season: Mickey Kazmucha, a iunior, seT Two of Them, esTablishing The besf sTrike ouT-walk raTio, 70-6,land a record of Two home runs in one season. Gene Foldenauer, also a junior, seT a piTching record by making four- Teen appearances. Long hours of practice, and then The game . . . and arguments in The dugout. l BASEBALL MC OPP Hobart ......... . 2 l E. C. Roosevelt .... . 5 4 S. Bend Clay .... . 4 3 S. Bend Riley .. . 4 3 S. Bend Adams ... . 8 O Elkhart ....... . 5 4 La Porte .......... . 3 l Mishavvaka ......... . 3 2 S. Bend Washington .... . 4 2 S. Bend Central ...... . l 5 Goshen ......... . 5 6 Hammond Noll .. . 3 6 Horace Mann .. ... lO O Horace Mann . . l 2 Chesterton .... . 5 2 La Porte ..... . 3 2 Lafayette ...... . 5 3 E. C. Roosevelt ... . 2 3 Hammond Noll ... . l l E. C. Roosevelt .... . 3 3 Mishawaka's third baseman is air-borne as he picks off Don Bootcheck. Doug Gloft drops into a slide against Washington Clay KGI-XNLT ATIDNS TO FURTHER HIS KNOWLEDGE OF A SUBJECT, TO FOLLOW UP A STRONG INTEREST OR HOBBY, OR TO BETTER SERVE HIS SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY THE STUDENT JOINS CLUBS. HIS SCHOOL LIFE IS ROUNDED OUT BY CLUB-SPONSOR- ED SOCIAL EVENTS. THE CHANCE TO MORE FULLY LEARN, TO SERVE, AND TO BELONG IS AFFORDED THE STUDENT IN ELSTON'S MORE THAN FORTY ORGANIZATIONS. r STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council gives the student body through elected student representatives a voice in the govern ment of the high school. FRONT ROW: 5. Hollis, D. Cargile, V. Chern, J, Lang, S. Van Vlack, P. Plank SECOND ROW: C. Wilkins, S. Kindig, E. Welker, J. Jones, B. Rieck, K. Bolko. THIRD ROW: T. Wescott, M Henry, M. Komasinski, C. Finger, J. Rasmussen, G. Curtis. FOURTH ROW: J. Lucas, A. Murray, R. Mc Farland, J. Cadwell, C. Lamm, D. Glofl. FIFTH ROW: A. Schroeder, P. Gondek, A. Dabagia, J. Fryar, G Kaeding, L. Stephens, D. Messner. Every year a small percentage of the juniors and seniors is chosen for the Honor Society. These people are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. FRONT ROW: M. McAnnally, C. Yentes M. Komasinski, R. Kemp, R. Delco, R. Swinehart, A. Murray, T. Greening, D. Nicklas, T. Ray, G. Cisciwa, A. Gardner. SECOND ROW: P. Gondek, B. Shipley, L. Pontius, L. Lynch, J. Becktell, S. Roatz, L. Bowlby, M. Kozin, S. Larson, L. Wilson, C. Pieszchala. THIRD ROW: K. Prast, M. Bechinski, D. Schroeder, R. Sims, J Vanderplough, S. Levin, P. Gondek, D. Ostrowski, G. Preins, C. Krueger, J. Turner, M. Herbert. ' ' k FOURTH ROW: B. Ostwald, D. Steele, N. Marshall, K. Valentine, P. Novak, R. Greco, T. Shank, B. Riec , N. LaFountain, T, Staroba, S. Joyce, J. Henry, C. Gerkin, K. Cook. HONOR SOCIETY 85 1 Hall Monitors are responsible students who maintain order in the halls during every class period. FRONT ROW: S. Erickson, L. Anderson, S. Zeman, K. Stevenson, P. Plank, C. Johnson, H. Stanton. SECOND ROW: M. Schultz, J. Jasicki, C. Markowski, P. Piecuch, C. Belkiewitz, I. Adrian, L. LaTourette, D. Eisensee, H. Olson. Mr. Rhoads. THIRD ROW: L. Ritchie, P. Fischer, S. Cullom, J. Flenner, L. Schutlz, D. Hansen, C. Kalil, J. Held, B. Lyons, A. Glick, A. Peterson. FOURTH ROW: A. Gabriele, L. E. Krueger, P. Pagels, C. Lisak, T. Juckett, J. Craig, M. Henry, J. Richmond, D. Graham, P. Hoskam, C. Wilkens. FIFTH ROW: G. Kaeding, C. Stellema, T. Ray, D. Hill, C. Lamm, J. Hedstrom, L. N. Krueger, E. Ennis, P. Sypnieski, J. Claeys. SIXTH ROW- D White B Nowfel B Caddo D Nicklas D Kelle D Kambs B Krue er D. Picarski, D. Nickell, - : 1 - 1 - I - 1 - Y, f I - Q 1 S. Krantz, M. Worthy. FRONT ROW: G. Odle, S. Erickson, L. Sobecki, M. Owsley, J. Nussman, D. Gardner, L. Bowerman, C. Eld- ridge. SECOND ROW: Mr. Rhoads, S. Kahn, M. Stevens, I. Adrian, N. Fredenberg, T. Van Sant, S. GroIT, D. Hansen, P. Oshinski, L. Glade, K. Stevenson. THIRD ROW: L. Hout, J. Falbo, K. Boza, J. Hoberman, K. Tenzer, C. Antrim, M. Riley, C. Sticker, C. Baron, J. Held, D. Duechting, J. Flenner, S. Maerz. FOURTH Baker, J. Ash, L. Mahl, J. Bartels, T. Czarnecki. FIFTH ROW: S. Peo, B. Sprague, M, Aust, K. Heddens, B. Jaske, C. Hamlin, M. Schomaker, J. Rasmussen, P. Haynie, J. Long, G. Timmons, S. Van Vlock, J. Josicki, S. Urback, V. Norberg, J. Schlundt, D. Pilarski, D. Marron, B. Johnson, H. Hibner, R. Delco, R. Squires, S. Molott, F. Keen, D. Plummer, B. Caddo, Ambruso. SEVENTH ROW: M, Stanton, S. Armstrong, L. Watson C. Griffon, B. Pier, N. Foldenauer, D. Stantz, P. Gondek, M. McAnaIIy, H. Colwell, E. Hurst, D. Crosby, T. Cappy, R. Ingle, J. PIew, J. Matuszak, D. Morse, D. Dawson, S. Peus. ROW: S. Kieffer, C. Hedges, C. Newman, J. Galinski, D. Johnson, J. Allen, D. Bannwart, B. Bratkovic, C. MONITORS 1 is ifi i l 5 XX.. gf, x . . ' The Hall Patrol, along with the Hall Monitors, maintains order in the halls during classroom periods. FRONT ROW: K. Waltz, G. Bowman, M. Mason, G. Migliore, D. Nickell, Mr. Abraham. SECOND ROW: R. Hull, P. Ahrendt, R. Herrbach, D. Bannwart, G. Cullison, R. Ogle. THlRD ROW: J. Srniertelny, C. Mones, K. Hahn, F. Mullins, B, Scott, R. Nelson. FOURTH ROW: W. Westphal, J. Lee, E. Murray, D. Messina, R. Baker, B. Nowfel, T. Cappy. HALL PATROL DAHLITES The Dahlites are the library assistants who keep the book- shelves and all reading material in proper order. FRONT ROW: G. Anderson, C. Lockridge, Mrs. Ahrendt, Miss Dahl- berg. SECOND ROW: E. Smith, L. Dunham, C. Schroeder, C. Baker. THIRD ROW: V. Cashbaugh, B. Roach, K. Swanson, K. Valentine, S. Breed. FOURTH ROW: B. Ostwald, M. Adams, C. Bear, M. Herbert, K. Brown, L. Stibbe. , The ELSTONIAN staff produces the school's yearbook. FRONT ROW: K. Prast, M. Kornasinski, S. Joyce, Mrs Nightingale. SECOND ROW: N. LaFountain, S. Finger. THIRD ROW: A. Murray, R. Kemp. FOURTH ROW D. G-loft, P. Novak. ELSTONIAN COMET The COMET staff informs students of newsworthy events through publication of its bu monthly paper FRONT ROW: Senior StatTl K. Cook, K. Prast, D. Pendleton, L. Lynch, A. Lowenthal, G. Preihs T Oszusclk J Ducey K. Swanson, C. Brooker. SECOND ROW: lJunior staff C. Olds, P. Moncharrp, L. Mathuas A Gleason E McBride, G. Trernmel, P. Gondek, D. Forgash, Miss Calvert. THIRD ROW: M. Holloway K Smith C Novutske M. Roth, T. Storey, B. Cook, S. Erikson, T. Flanagan, M. Lass. FOURTH ROW: M. Koury C Schroeder K Brown, D. Marron, T. Chrniel, N. Foldenauer, L. Krueger, D. Ross, D. Nickell, J. Scholl M Abraham FIFTH ROW: V. Chern, G. Steere, J. Money, J. Zepik, B. Graham, K. Smidt, D. Snyder J Downs K Papm eau, L. Anderson. 88 The Sophomore Math Club sharpens the sophomores' interest in math by allowing them to work problems and experiments. FRONT ROW: R. Coren, C, McKinney, C. Lindenmeyer, B. Smith. SECOND ROW: S. Madden, P. Pal- ona, J. Bluhm, B. Wiseman, D. Urbonski, l. Delehanty. FOURTH ROW: A. Burman, L. Mills, J. Scholl, A. Schumalcer, Mr, Griflis. OFFICE MESSENGERS Oflice messengers help the secretaries by delivering the daily absentee reports to teachers and messages or call-out slips to students. FRONT ROW: SOPHOMORE MATH CLUB COUNSELORS' ASSISTANTS By delivering call-out slips to students, the counselors' assistants can daily help the guidance directors. FRONT ROW: P. Werner, J. Pawlik, V. Fought, L, Ssbecki. SECOND ROW: P. Maloney, P. Sher- rill, S. Hess, R. Peters, THIRD ROW: K. Kohler, S. Schoch, J. Egel- ske, L. Childers, S. Corbett. C. Novitske, M. Kozin, R. Davis, Mrs. Bauer, Miss Wright. SECOND ROW: R. Krueger, B. Graham, B. Boehm, L. Dunlop, M. Koester, P. Haynie. THIRD ROW: C. Cox, E. Gipson, S. Urback, R. Nodrotowski, D. Bischofi, J. Emer- son. :Jw . .. FRONT ROW: lFootballl P. Plank, L. Anderson, B. Cook, L. Smidt, D. Wagner, K. Kolodiei, P. Walker: C. Novitske, D. Cargile. SECOND ROW: F. Booth, M. Koury, M. Kintzele, B. Boehm, P. Sypnieski, P. Van Sant B. Sprong, H. Grzesszczyszyz. THIRD ROW: K. Westphal, J. Nickell, C. Baker, P. Schmitt, C, Wilkins, S Erickson, M. Holloway, J. Gorr, P. Tortorici, T. Checolo. FOURTH ROW: J. Johnson, K. Papineau, G. Timmons, S, Van Vlack, B, Nygren, B. Saum, J. Jones, N. Pecoraro, M. Schmitt, M. Roth, M. Abraham. FIFTH ROW- D. Kambs, D. Ross, D. Meyer, L. Jones, K. Waltz, R. Hampton, R. Proll, M. Owsley, M. Hompel, S. Peo, C Lievense, E. Woehrle, P. Pagels, V. Miller, J. Fairboirn, C, Siegrnund, D. Dickey, J. Long, J. Josicki, G. Hanke. The Junior Concessions sells refreshments to basketball and football spectators FRONT ROW L Stubbe P Tortorici, L. Landrum, L. Sobecki, J. Pearce, S. Cullom, L Mathias C Olds SECOND ROW J Huchel J Nickell, R. Peters, P. Plank, Mr. Lonzo, D. Gargile, M. Owsley F Booth M Muldoon THIRD ROW V Cash baugh, J. Gorr, B. Cook, D. Wagner, K. Kolodiey, L. Anderson C Novutske J Flenner FOURTH ROW N Svendson, M. Kintzle, P. Van Sant, K. Brow, K. Hultgren, E Woerhle N Prast H Gryeszczyszyn M Koury FIFTH ROW: J. Fairbairn, J. Long, S. Otlewski, L. LaTourette R Herrbach M Henry V Muller S Van Vlack SIXTH ROW: G. Timmons, B. Saum, C. Lievense, B. Boehm S Floyd A Anderson J Nowatzke B Nygren SEVENTH ROW: M. Hompel, H. Gresham, D. Jones, B. Grott K Waltz M Waltz D Kambs G Hanke R Dickey, T Piotrowski. CANTEEN STUDENT STORE The Student Store is in charge of selling school supplies to students throughout the day. From its activities, students learn good sales- manship. FRONT ROW: A. Gleason, Y. Zim- merman, S. Kahn, K. Fox, Mrl Sims. SECOND ROW: C. Baker, L. Schmidt, B. Lyons, P. Mon- champ, J. Weed. THIRD ROW: D. Bischoff, J. Rasmussen, S. Breed, J. Handloser, J. Em- merson. FOURTH ROW: A. Alden, L. Lynch, K. Cook, D. Wagner, T. Shank, S. Dickinson, V. Chern. Canteen is in charge of selling candy to the students at noon and after school. Through its activities members learn to purchase, merchandise, and stock properly. FRONT ROW: C. Pieszchala, M. Kozin, L. Pontius, K. Cook, M. Adams, P. Oshinski, C, Wilkins, S. Erickson, M. Rumsey, Mr. Hultgren. SECOND ROW: C. Baker, J. Flenner, K. Barrios, J. Pearce, J. Gorr, M. Holloway, K. Olson, L. Schmidt, M. Jones, J. Ducey. THIRD ROW: L. Anderson, B. Cook, J. Jasicki, J. Scholl, J. Alexander, D. Hansen, N. Marshall, N. LaFountain, L. Coker, S. Zeman. FOURTH ROW: M. Komcsinski, S. Otlewski, P. Sypnieski, T. Ray, R. Delco, B. Ton, J, Mar- tin, S, Armstrong, B. Boehm, S. Peus, G. Gorge, K. Swanson. FIFTH ROW: K. Brown, V. Miller, L, LaTourette, M. Schultz, P. Novak, J. Turner, P. Haynie, J. Rasmussen, S. Joyce, D, Bischofi, C. Newman, J. Bartels, J. Downs. 91 The Lab Technicians Club teaches students the hos- pital routine of analysis. This gives students an understanding, of Lab Technology. FRONT ROW: J. Scholl, J. Becktell, L. Bowlby. SECOND ROW: P. Novak, J, Scholl, C. Markowski, D. Duechting. THIRD ROW: M. Schultz, C. Leahy, C. Krueger, A. Dabagia, K. Beach. LAB TECHNICIANS CLUB The Camera Club teaches students better methods of photography including developing and printing. FRONT ROW: C. Wright, P. Washluske, K. Prast. SECOND ROW: Mr. Robison, T. Oszuscik, G. Shawley. THIRD ROW: D'. Van- kosky, J. Zemrowski, FOURTH ROW: T. Schreiner, D. Woodrufi, B. Lane, CAMERA CLUB A.V.A. The AVA members operate proiectors, record radio programs, and run the public address sys- tem for various school aHairs. FRONT ROW: J. Moore, Miss Henry, Mr. Wagner, B. Nygren. SECOND ROW: E. Harkins, M. Mason, N. Timm, T. Oszuscik, THIRD ROW: J, Evans, S. Schafter, R. Schacht, E. Shawley, S. Malott. FOURTH ROW: J. Plew, D. Gardiner, E. Murray, J. Clements, M. McCIuskey. as Fwd.: .Jet "" on 5. , 2 . .R .. Members of the Future Teachers of America spend two hours each day in the grade schools observing classroom procedures and learning to teach through practical experience. FRONT ROW: L. Gryzbacz, M. Noveroske, S. Tolchinslcy, D. Hansen, A. Gleason, L. Rueter, N. Kubica, M. Jones, C. Baron. SECOND ROW: S. Szymkowski, J. Jasiclci, K. Lange, C. Curtis, L. Anderson, L. Olson, K. Jenzer, J. Becktell, B. Karm, J. Gorr, Mr. Croft. THIRD ROW: L. Hout, C, Baker, H. Bud, D, Sadler, N. Hakes, J. Habemein, L. Wilson, S. Grif- fith, A, Pradziad, J. Dierdorf, M. Holloway, L. Schmidt. FOURTH ROW: N. Syendsen, C. Cox, J. Lueth, S. Otlewski, K. Wells, T. Van Sant, P. Ahrendt, V. Wiencek, C. Hartwig, S. Hurley, B. Reuer, S. Rousseau. FIFTH ROW: H. Dyer, R. Schlundt, D. Pendleton, J. Zepilc, P. Fox, S. Batz, T. Greening, M. Peclcat, K. Pearson, G. Kaeding, M. Aust, C. Dierdorf. SIXTH ROW: D. Wiseman, A. Putorek, J. Raska, K. ThornBurgh, D. Olsen, J. Jacobsen, G. Hottman, C. Marciniak, M. Adams, C. Newman, K. Sobieski, S. Graves, J. Ducey, C. Gardner. 93 ELECTRONICS ENTHUSIASTS CLUB The Electronics Enthusiasts is a club for students who are interested in the field of electronics. Formerly known as the Radio Club, it still is primarily inter- ested in making radio Grzeszczyzsy, N. Prast, T. VanSant, C. Kohn, Mr. Picone. SECOND ROW: J. Sioberg, D. Johnson, S. Malott, R. Squires, B. ROW: L. Cantwell, D. Gardiner, F. Johnston, J. Schlundt, R. Henrich, V. Norberg. programs. FRONT ROW: H. Cooley, G. Cullison. THIRD FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA .MM -F5 BOWLING CLUB Bowling club members attempt to learn good sportsmanship through com- petition in bowling. FRONT ROW: S. Schroeder, K. Beach, L, Bennett, C. Davis, G. Nathan, S. Stickle, E. Smith, K. Lange, A. Lowenthal. SECOND ROW: K. Dingman, J. Kemp, S. Lidke, D. Fabian, B. Williams, D. Broyles, L. Bailey, P, Pagels, Mr. Sorge. THIRD ROW: C. Bailey, J. Spicer, T, Van Sant, J. Allan, S. McNeal, E. McDonald, E. Thomas, E. Smith, D. Winski, S. Geechel, P. Meuell. FOURTH ROW: A. Schaeffer, R. Jania, D. lnscho, D. Boehnlein, M. Stawslci, D. Flint, K. Wise, K. Wells, C. Lee, A. Mitchell, T. Storey. FIFTH ROW: S. Zeman, S. Pepple, V. Sparrow, D. Ditto, T. Gober, S. Mohamed, R. Westman, D. Vankoslcy, D. Scott, T, Ray, R. Reum. SIXTH ROW: S. Harris, L. Eickelberg, D. Dingman, A. Berman, G, Wilson, D. Clif- ford, T. Oszuscik, J. Plew, J. Zemrowski, B. Sprague, C. Collins. 94 The Hi-Y tries to make its young men better citizens, better persons. FRONT ROW: P. Gondek, J. Henry, J. Kenefick, L. E. Krueger, R. Robinson, T. Cap- py, B. Kelsey, C. Enyeart, C. Baker, R. Reinhardt, Mr. Donoghue. SECOND ROW: J. Kopchinslci, E. Dosenberry, J. Mathias, N. Pecoraro, R. Herrbach, H. Nast, T. Wiseman, B. Bratkovic, J. Moore, M. Hampel, B. Saum, M. Henry, J. Craig, A. Bos, J. Jones. THIRD ROW: G. Preihs, T, Welham, G. Hanke, D. Messina, D. Nole, B. Nowtel, L. Jones, G. Wilkins, S, Porter, G. Serhal, D. Nickell, J. Pasky. FOURTH ROW: G. Foldenaur, S. Hedges, T. Todd, R. Vayhinger, R. McFarland, T. Morse, J. Cadwell, A. Murray, F. Keen, T. Cox, D. Gloti, D. Bannwart. FIFTH ROW: D. Weiss, D. Wickstrom, A. Schroeder, R. Kemp, B. McBride, B. Wilke, R. Dickey, D. Kelley, C. Yentes, B. Baker, J. O'Conner, D. Ambruso. HI-Y The Blockfriars is for students interested in acting or working on the stage. FRONT ROW: F. Diana, J. Pearce, P. Fischer, J. Haberman, G. Crutch- field. SECOND ROW: T. Van Sant, K. Wells, C. Verdos, N. Heeg, A. Lowenthal, P. Plank, M. Koury. THIRD ROW: S. Goetz, J. Smith, B. Ton, S. Martin, D. Ross, J. Clements. FOURTH ROW: D. Riley, K. Brown, P. Childers, L. LaTourette, D. Eisensee, S. Van Vlack, G. Timmons, C. Marciniak. THESPIANS Thespians is a drama group composed of select students who have worked in drama for one hun- dred hours. FRONT ROW: C. Newman, T. Shank, V. Chem. SECOND ROW: N. Marshall, K. Cook, E. Smith. THIRD ROW: B. Nygren, B. Ton, D. Ross, R. Robinson. FOURTH ROW: A. Gardner, S. Levin, J. Rose, J. Elliott, L. LaTourette. BLACKFRIARS 95 TRADE AND INDUSTRIES Trade and Industries urges students to seek suitable careers through part-time work and part-time school. FRONT ROW: K. Pearson, W, Belue, B. Shepperson, S. Otto, SECOND ROW: R. Eaton, W, Novak, J. Kolobuchowslci, P. Giliski, R. Crawford. THIRD ROW: J. Becktell, J. Carpenter, C. Lee, T. Shawley. FOURTH ROW: C, Knoll, J. Dipert, J, Nicholas, B. Kelsey, S. Patz. FRONT ROW: Mr. Maxey, G. Powell, J. Kemp, E. Todd, J. Sommerfeld, P. Stanton. SECOND ROW: A. Krueger, S. Woodruff, M. Ungurait, D. Burkett, K. Zimrnerle. THIRD ROW: C, Bolka, J. Steen, L. Watson, D. Swanson, R. Steele, B. Fraze. FOURTH ROW. H. Matzke, L. Stephens, B. Thomason, D. Przybylinski, D. Bolka, D. Hycner, D. Nichols. ., -. l -7-. J, t lull: lllg The Madrigals is a select group of voice students chosen from the A Cap- pella choir. FRONT ROW: C. Gerkin, S. Spiers, T. Flanigon. SECOND ROW: P. Pogels, M. Herbert. THIRD ROW: J. Jones, N. Pecoraro, S. Ot- Iewski, M. Aust. FOURTH ROW: B. Bough, A. Gardner. FIFTH ROW: R. Wild- hart, C. West, A. Schroeder, S. O'NeaI, R. Robinson. A CAPPELLA CHOIR MADRIGALS The A Cappella choir is composed of talented voice students who sing without accompaniment. FRONT ROW: C. Covert, P. Washluske, P. Ellis, T. Flanigan, K. Vernier, S. Spiers, B. Ingram, S. Raatz. SECOND ROW: M. Herbert, C. Gerkin, S. Ryden, C. Frankowski, D. Yoder, J. Galenowski, J. Jones, N. Pecoraro. THIRD ROW: S. Otlewski, M. Aust, S. O'NeaI, D. Ross, S. Martin, D. Mitchell, R. Witek, A. Schroeder, P. Pagels, E. Ramsey. FOURTH ROW: A. Gardner, R. Wildhart, R. Robinson, D. Nickell, E. Hurst, C. West, D. Messina, M. Rose, B. Baugh. Mixed Chorus-FRONT ROW: M. Henry, D. Alkire, C. Eldridge, D. Hansen, C. White, K. Lange, P. Fischer, D. Fisher. SECOND ROW: H. Mayo, C. Hageman, V Chern, A. Farmer, W. Fly, L. Gries, S. Kennedy, L. Goetz, M, Jaske. THIRD ROW: B. Nygren, C. Lindmeyer, J. Pollock, J. Teets, D. Kubaszczyk, L. Watson, C. Lisak, J. Reed. FOURTH ROW: S. Williams, P. Handtke, J. Swanson, E. Ennis, G. Bohn- stadt, D. Seifert, J. Lucas, R. Sischo, D. Ormsby. FIFTH ROW: D. Heigle, T. Steele, B. Nowfel, P. Davis, T. Brown, L. Dingman, T. Cook, M. Hager, J. Hendrick, J BOYS' CHORUS The Boys' Chorus, Concert Chorus, Girls' Chorus, and Mixed Chorus spend the year practicing for holiday assemblies and annual concerts. FRONT ROW: B. Gambill, R. Bush, T. Kilgore, S. Binsz, L. Robbins, J. Kopchinski. SECOND ROW: B. Lewis, D. Brown, C. Thorpe, D. Barnes, D. Kutch, B. Bruemmer, D. Knoll. THIRD ROW: E. Ganshorn, P. Tomasiewski, R. Karm, G. Burgdort, A. Herrbach, T. Fedder. FOURTH ROW: C. Bohnstadt, D. Hout, R. Nelson, S. Levendoski, M. Krachinski, A. Yazel, J. Harris, R. Chambers. l 98 1 T f 4 QT 4 W "QT V ip U 'V N wav g 'Q S ' " W is 'U' 'ws 3 4 we v W 0 , , f S ignfi, '55 ir if The entertainment at all school dances is furnished by the dance band which also plays at the annual "Jazz Bash FRONT ROW L Steele J Richmond J Martin, D. Wade, L. Stephens, D. Swinehart. SECOND ROW: M Morse D Miller T Juckett A Camplelohn M Simon, T. Asher, G. Collins, T. Burkhart, H. Hollers. BAND The band plays at concerts, assemblies and community services. It enables students to compete with one another and to gain a better knowledge of music. FRONT ROW: P. Yentes, D. Goede, L. Lauman, L. Smith, K. Hultgren, S. Loomis, C. Bear, K. Valentine, K. Vernier, K. Swanson. SECOND ROW: N. LaFountain, J. Martin, D. Nicklas, P. Novak, B. Bachman, L. Coker, L. Gryzbacz, B. Ostwald, T. Lemmen. T. Storey, N. Ben- ford, S. Madden, N. Dent, G. Laas, P. Mathew. THIRD ROW: J. Leuth, J. Alexander, H. Colwell, D. Dawson, B. Roach, D. Ditto, L. Stephens, M. Rumsey, P. Smith, J. Richmond, J. Pearce, S. Hurley, R. Handtke, D. Whitaker, D. Wade, N. Svendsen, M. Duncan, L. Williamson, L. Steele, G. Peters, P, Ellis, G. Handtke, T. Howe, R. Boyer, M. Morse, T. Cruise. FOURTH ROW: M. Brown, S. Schoch, B. Hoover, D. Mohamed, P. Smith, K. Johnsen, A. DePosia, D. Longstreet, G. Collins, T. Asher, N. Marshall, T. Burkhart, B. Bixler, R. Smith, S. Holloway, V. Hixon, L. Schermerhorn, H. Hollers, M. Carlisle, D. Headley, T. Binsz, B. Olson, J. Clements, L. Wilson, D. Miller, P. Macieiewski, T. Juckett, A. Campleiohn, J. Henry. FIFTH ROW: J. Van Loon, J. Vonderplough, D. Steinbeck, D. Flint, P. Winkler, M. Prohl, B. Ton, M. Simon, J. Maeler, A. Unger, A. Johnsen, R. Herrbac, D. Swinehart. J L.: ..i I C The pep bond helps keep up the rhythm at the games through victory songs and pep music. FRONT ROW. B. Ton, M. Simon, D. Flint, J. Vonderplough. SECOND ROW: J. Richmond, W. Duncan, J. Martin. THIRD ROW: M. Morse, R. Boyer, T. Cruise, T. Howe. FOURTH ROW. G. Collins, T. Asher, S. Holloway, H. Hollers, M. Carlisle. FIFTH ROW: A, Compleiohn, T. Juckett, B. Bixler, R, Smith, T. Burkhart, L. Schermerhorn. SIXTH ROW: D. Swinehart, J. Clements, B, Olson. any The German Clubs give German students a better understanding of the language they are studying. JUNIOR GERMAN CLUB-FRONT ROW: D. Eisensee, K. Kowalski, N. Heeg, F. Booth, J, Gorr. SECOND ROW: J. Nick- ell, C. Wilkins, C. Novitske, B. Cook, L. Reuter, L. Schmidt, P. Fischer Hollis. THIRD ROW: G. White, L. Fildinan, M. Krawczyk, D. Wickstrom Schroeder, S. Porter, M. Hampel, G. Collins. FOURTH ROW: D. Cargile Newman, S. Wardean, T. Raska, J. Long, E. Linkoroski, L. Eikelberg Boehm. SENIOR GERMAN CLUB JUNIOR GERMAN CLUB SENIOR GERMAN CLUB FRONT ROW C Hopper M Noveroske J Pearce G Oclle K Tenzer SECOND ROW D Rlley C Hartwig J Alex ander S Goetz C Gardner M Herbert Mr Hibbs THIRD ROW J Jones J Craig M Henry P Ahrenclt B Ostwald P Gondek S Hurley S Groff FOURTH ROW P Hoskam W Mueller P Kintzele C Hedges C Kriesel B Layne M Aust K Swanson FIFTH ROW C Foldenauer J Martin L Feldman R Albers D Kambs R Kemp P Gondek R Bohle ww , S. , A. , C. , B. - 3 - f - f 1 1 f 1 . I . ' , 1 ' , . ' , . , . , . , . I . : , - , A , - . - f - 1 - . . : . , . , . I , . - ' f - , - , . - I . , I 1 - I 1 - , - 1 - I - 1 - sfgi - -. .. I ,J - .wx N f nl V Q . 'x 1 l02 f, . wx. ILL -I eu. Ixv R 1. wtf.. D -. S. I 5 . .Kp If? s -iii Mk 2 ' Kgl ffEif1EA .1SwaQs F' ,gf 'J I L! L1 !!!Y! e!i2!Qg31S ms' f s::Ki'jY. s A , gfffsf J 4 ' 2. 'W' GH' fiat ' L',? wg ,L 455915 1 A. 4 ,,, , T f n Q s I " S. xg 5 .ML Q V - bk M i1 2- . M' if M N , x Q4 , , " ' H 2 , ' Y? gf FW be 1 i 1 - X . , ' g :F - .1 6 ,,. A Q A 'N , i , ii' A 5 '5T?fA3g kb 2 , 3 , ,',' yi, -v N J 'W gs, ' - . ,, Aga X, K , S is Vg ' as .. , 'A - VJ , gy P X .-A A v E A , 'mm- Q JL? ' , Q9 3 ' j , X I :Q sa iw G A W X 6759 A X fam 2. at 'NY A-' if 9-"x-55' 5517 ' 2 f S 7 Xxx K Jj -g'g+.,N4,, K. my mi- i I ' in XA as X ' x W 1 ' Q 4 L? A ,f f 4 . hx xx . G ala , J. fi C p I 1 "N X' X Y . 1 X, ix 1,f fi ,Qc 5. ,kd if S , , . . , , e, 'iwiih X W. ki 1 M Q I 5 Sl . .9Z'if'.21'-QTWM A f - ' 4' 4 . f.,:.f:f:-U-.azfwg A f X . L -'35 '::ie- is f' f e PQ: 1' 'if' y Z: g I N 'A I YV , 'Q X ' wg W , Q Q -7 if-':1l'!"" .M "Trl Latin Club furnishes an opportunity for learning about the Romans and their civilization. It helps to develop an appreciation of ancient art and literature. FRONT ROW: M. Muldoon, D. Urbanski, M. Schultz, M. Komasinski, J. Ross, K. Smidt, K. Prast, S. Breed, M. Schomaker, Miss Henry. SECOND ROW: C. Bear, S. Burns, S. Wolff, L. Landrum, C. Baker, S. Matthews, N. Marshall, L. Pontius, S. Gotto, G. Anderson, J. Becktell. THIRD ROW: S. Cotton, C, Hamlin, S. Joyce, P. Novak, V. Wiencelc, V. Miller, N. LaFountain, B. Rieck, T. Shank, D. Yoder, A. Davis. FOURTH ROW: J. Zepik, C. Krueger, B. Jania, D. Cline, B. McBride, S. Martin, D. Walter, T. Greening, C. Jenks, T, Bassett, G. Kaeding. FIFTH ROW: J. Kenefick, N. Timm, J. Clements, T. Staroba, T. Wilson, C. Yentes, D. Kelley, E. Hurst, L. Steele, R LATIN CLUB Schlundt, F. Schlick, M. Morse. JUNIOR-SENIOR MATH CLUB The purpose of the Junior-Senior Math Club is to stimulate outside interests in new and old concepts of mathematics. FRONT ROW: S. Raatz, J. Becktell, L. Landrum, S. Burns, G. Timmons, P. Plank, L. Lynch, K. Cook, N. Marshall, K. Wells. SECOND ROW: M. Koury, S. Joyce, S. Van Vlack, J. Bartels, J. Alex- ander, K. Brown, P. Gondek, M. Kintzele, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Presser. THIRD ROW: T. Van Sant, L. LaTour- ette, V. Miller, J. Fairbairn, C. Newman, N. Pecoraro, M, Henry, J. Turner, K. Prast, C. Wright, B, Rieck, N. Prast. FOURTH ROW: K. Westphal, J. Held, N. Deardorfl, J. Hedstrom, L. Wilson, J. Olson, K. Vernier, S. Cullom, B. Lyons, S. Spiers, H. Bud, D. Winski. FIFTH ROW: J. Henry, D. Wickstrom, J. Clements, T. Greening, C. Barhydt, S. Hedges, S. O'NeaI, D. Meyer, D. Nicklas, J, Keneficlc, R. Boyer. SIXTH ROW: D. Briggs, C. Morris, J. Zepik, J. Plew, R. Hampton, G. Preihs, C. Yentes, P. Gondek, R. Schlundt, T. Ray, M. Komasinski, M. Morse. 'Tv Xml I 04 FRONT ROW: S. Heichel, C. Leahy, S. Szymkowski, C. Krause, L. Haluck, S. Klinder, B. Fowler, C. Evans, C. Davis, D. Fisher. SECOND ROW: K. Beach, B. Tellugen, L. Mihalick, L. Goetz, L. Di Paolo, V. Eis, S. Wer- ner, E. Marvel, J. Wagner, K. Collins, S. Muzyka, Miss Bailey. THIRD ROW: V. Dieckilman, S. Madden, V. Connell, S. Tannehill, D. Shipley, N. Steder, S. McNeal, S. Quinn, S, Griffith, A. Hurley, S. Schroeder, M. Henry, K. Bolka, G. Carlton. FOURTH ROW: T. Flavin, K. Kowalski, L, Stellema, B. Fritz, J. Hyer, K. Kas- zynski, G. Tadros, K. Duechting, J. Shea, B. Dobkins, K. Horner, R. Karen, S. Mignery, L. Gries, J. Allan, FIFTH ROW: M. McAnally, J. Millard, R. Uryga, G. Clemens, C. Akins, D. Kubaszczyk, L. Kuchik, P. Pendle- ton, S. Nye, S. Nadrotowski, C. Kowalski, J. Carlson, B. Morse, P. Mayes. SIXTH ROW: I. Delohanty, C. Faux, K. Johnsen, J. Spicer, J. Dunlap, J. Bluhm, J. Fryar, B. Dunlop, I. Wozniak, A. Dabogia, L. Matzke, L. Herrbach, D. Devereau, S. Helmken, L. Stork. SEVENTH ROW: B. Smith, G. Laas, C. Landwirth, C. McKinney, C. Lindenmeyer, L. Weber, J. Bartik, M. McBride, S. Crama, S. Brownell, P. Yentes, N. Dent, K. Pilecki, S. Lieber, W. Huffman. 67 TRI-HI-Y 66 TRI-HI-Y FRONT ROW: C. Olds, G. Anderson, P. Tortorici, N. Deardorfi, D. Cargile, S. Peters, L. Mathias, J. Haber- mar-, F. Booth, N. Prast, C. Kohn. SECOND ROW: P. Plank, S. Hollis, J. Johnson, R. Peters, J. Alexander, M. Abraham, L. Smidt, D. Wagner, L. Sobecki, L. Landrum, Miss Kerestury. THIRD ROW: D. Winski, D. For- gash, R. Beason, C. Antrim, J. Falbo, T. Checolo, N. Bobinski, C. Baker, C. Covert, L. Hout, J. Nickell. FOURTH ROW: K. Kolodiei, J. Gorr, L. Anderson, B. Cook, C. Novitske, Y. Zimmerman, N. Svendsen, B. Shventhal, C. Wilkins, S. Erickson, J. Shipley, L. Stibbe, P. Engle. FIFTH ROW: S. Burns, K, Wells, K. Brown, V. Cashbaugh, J. Ross, K. Henckel, L. Wilson, E. Woehrle, J. Ackil, P. Walker, C. Bailey, B. Westphal, S. Weiss, C. Johnson. SIXTH ROW: J. Parsley, S. Otlewski, C. Lievense, L. Eilelberg, A. Davis, D. Pepple, P. Wantuch, J. Jovien, B. Roach, T. Raska, L. Grimm, L. Fargo, S. Cotton, M. Owsley, H. Grzeszczyszyn. SEVENTH ROW: S. GrotT, J. Lynch, M. Roth, L. La Tourette, G. Timmons, J. Long, K. Thornburgh, C. Siegmund, D. Dickey, J. Jasicki, S. Ven Vlack, J. Fairbairn, T. Van Sany, D. Eisensee, P. Denhy. Through its social and educational meetings, the Tri-Hi-Y's teach girls to become better citizens, better people. 65 Tri-Hi-Y. FRONT ROW: K. Vernier, J. Olson, L. Rusboldt, G. Odle, L. Pontius, T. Storey, M. Rumsey, J. Cassidy, S. Kindig, D. Gardner, P. Wolf, C. Schroeder, A. Alden. SECOND ROW: P. Wash- luske, K. Smith, N. Garbacz, P. Monchamp, S. Berkes, K. Barrios, C. Pleszchala, J. Olds, K. Olson, L. Schmidt, B. Lyons, G. Crutchfield, K. Boza, J. Weed. THIRD ROW: Miss Kohnke, K. Cook, S. Zeman, J. Downs, B. Rieck, C. Newman, M. Adams, D. Bischoff, M. Schultz, L. Glade, V. Chern, M. Herbert. FOURTH ROW: V. Wiencek, C. Hartwig, J. Ducey, C. Brooker, D. Yoder, S. Joyce, G. Steinheiser, T. Shank, L. Washluske, J. Pawlick, P. Oshinski, L. Lynch, M. Kozin, S. Hurley, M. Noveroske. FIFTH ROW: M. Komasinski, S. Peus, D. Dawson, D. Morse, B. Boehm, S. Armstrong, D. Hill, S. Kieffer, T. Ray, M. Koester, C. Griffin, J. Claeys, M. Aust, J. Scholl. SIXTH ROW: K. Pearson, J. Clifford, C. Wanger, S. Schoch, D. Trojan, S. Urback, K. Smidt, V. Smith, B. Sprague, D. Olsen, B. Graham, P. Haynie, J. Ras- mussen, J. Turner, S. Breed, K. Prast, C. Gardner, N. Merriman, J. Dale, C. Marciniak. TRI-HI-Y PAINTSPOTS FASHIONETTES In Paintspots students gain a greater appreciation of arts and crafts by constructing their own proiects. An annual activity is a trip to the Museum of Art in Chi- cago. FRONT ROW: C. Schroeder, P. Washluske, G. Crutchfield, Miss Comer. SECOND ROW: A. Mitchell, J. Ackil, R. Bohle, M. Hughey, T. Storey. THIRD ROW: S. McNeal, D. Maitland, G. Steinheiser, C. Marciniak, C. Lockridge, D. Mayfield. Fashionettes provides an opportunity for girls to do more work in advanced dressmaking. Two annual activities are the Christmas prolects and the spring style show. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Sparks, V. Brown T Dodson L Bowerman, P. Rice. SECOND ROW: M. Muldoon, P. Hedrick E Thomes R Beason, T. Wetzel. THIRD ROW: D. Broyles, D. Otto, B Boehm C Griffin J. Bolka, L. Dutchess. FOURTH ROW: K. Lange, P. Bolka S Harris C Collins, K. Smiskey, C. Belkiewitz, C. Marciniak. The Girls' Athletic Association keeps interested girls physically fit through exercise and various sporting events. FRONT ROW: K. Dingman S. Dalessandre, K. Beach, M. McNeal, S. McNeal, C. Ward, S. Loomis, S. Kindig. SECOND ROW: H. Grzez- zczyszys, T. Long, C. Kohn, N, Hakes, A. Mitchur, C. Leahy, L. Bennett. THIRD ROW: G. Lowery, P. Lowery, J. Spicer, G. Campbell, P. Ross, P. Walker, G. Nathan, C. Johnston, P. Van Sant, D. Fisher. FOURTH ROW: A. Reed, S. Harris, M. Birdsong, E. Adams, L. Dunlap, I. Wozniak, J. Dunlap, K. Prast, C. Bailey. FIFTH ROW: C. Akins, N. Prast, J. Boehnlein, D. Broyles, S. Price, J. Bluhm, S. Urback, S. Kieffer, M. LaBerge, A. Putorek, C. Logmann. Red Derbies, the school's largest organization, help cheerleaders keep up the school spirit by cheering at all the games and pep assemblies. P. Wolfe, J. Hedstrom, Mrs. Croft, D. Hill. 107 G.A.A. RED DERBY OFFICERS l Every fall and spring students in the golf club gain more skill in the game by competing with each other once every week. FRONT ROW. C. Piescha- IQ, B. Shipley, J. Ewing. SECOND ROW: C. Finger, K. Borrios. THIRD ROW: D. Belue, E. Finstick, P. Ayers, T. Starobo. FOURTH ROW: L. Steele, D. Swinehari, T. Juclcett, Mr. Hultgren. G OLF CLUB MAJORETTES The band is led by the maiorettes who add color at every football game and parade. FRONT ROW: C. Bear, C. Schoch. SECOND ROW: D. Dawson, K. Val- entine, G. Laos. 108 it . , .V Cheerleaders urge the teams on to victory at all games and pep sessions. VARSITY-FRONT ROW: N. Bobinski, V, Chem, S. Kindig. SECOND ROW: M. Adams, C. Wright, B. Rieck. CHEERLEADERS B-TEAM-FRONT ROW. L. Haluck, V. Eis, J. Flenner. SECOND ROW: J Bartik, K. Piiefki, B. Fri-tz. The sophomore steering committee plans the sophomore party and any other important events that take place during the year. FRONT ROW: Mr. Lootens, E. Welker, I. Delehanty, B. Morse, Mrs. Durand. SECOND ROW: M. Shikany, B. Ourach, B. Smith, L, Eidy, B. Wilson, T. Howe. THIRD ROW: B. Migliore, J. Bock, D. Weber, M. Demos. FOURTH ROW: W. Huffman, M. Abram, M. Adams, D. Graham, D. Mohamed, S. Giber- son, S. Nye. JUNIOR STEERING COMMITTEE SOPHOMORE STEERING COMMITTEE Throughout the year the iunior steering committee works to raise money for the prom which they later pIan and decorate. FRONT ROW: M, Deardorft, C. Wilkens, J. Nickell, J. Held, B. Bailey, Mr. Bass. SECOND ROW: P. Tucker, P. Plank, J. Long, L. LaTourette, K. Brown, L. Sobecki. THIRD ROW: B. Nygren, D. Kamsb, B. Ton, J. Clements, T. Bassett, R. Boyer. FOURTH ROW: D. Wickstrom, R. Dickey, D. Messina, A. Schroeder, J. Holmes, R. Hampton. IIO As a last farewell, the Senior Steering Committee decides what the senior class will donate to the school. It also arranges for graduation invitations and helps plan the graduation ceremonies. FRONT ROW: V. Wiencek, B. Graham, J. Smith, C. Newman. SECOND ROW: C. Hamlin, J. Scholl, J. Pawlik, K. Cook, N. LaFountain, G. Crutchfield, A. Alden, THIRD ROW: J. O'Connor, R. Kemp, A. Murray, T, Cater, F. Keen, M. Stawski. FOURTH ROW: B. Bratkovic, J. Henry, D. Nickell, G. Serhal, E. Hurst, C. West, D. Hagaman. SENIOR INTRA-MURAL STEERING COMMITTEE TEAM Each winter the intra-mural team is organized for boys interested in basketball. They meet twice a week to play each other and to improve their playing ability. FRONT ROW: R. Bruemmer, G. Siobers, J. Hodges, J. Graham, M, Jackson, J. Tyler. SECOND ROW: C. George, E. Moore, E. Harper, D, Haut, B. Henderson, R. Mann, C. Thorpe, J. Owen, B. Taylor. Us sk Q o W -v f l iv A If A X ' f . 4 , Ni i Q x 1 ' W 'Y' -:A' . Q J Y 9" 'f""1 J' ,Q.f-'f-f1 . i , J- ' v, . F x g A.L , ., Lg, .fs lj X ggi. fy 'J 1 by i E, y xv 9. r- F- X Mjwgff 6, . 3. . . S s' If ,A Qs. X 3- in i 1 E vw.. .,. EJ? X f 'f 14 X ,B X 1 x' if 4 , 3. is wx SS gr - MSN iv my x A x N 5 ix :J 'K ' Q .U , XJ ,N ' 5. v'Tx,"L7 ., K sw. I , Huggy I V X X-3.43 ,Q f u-Q, pf V Q Q Q F , n A VEWLB THE YEAR '65 SAW OLD FRIENDS AND COUNTLESS NEW FACES A- ROUND ELSTON-FACES OF STU- DENTS, TEACHERS, AND ADMINIS- TRATORS-ALL INTENT UPON RE- CEIVING OR ADMINISTERING AN EDUCATION. THERE WERE SCORES OF OTHERS VITAL IN RUNNING THE SCHOOL-SECRETARIES, DIE- TICIANS, NURSES, AND MAINTE- NANCE MEN. ALL THESE PEOPLE GIVE ELSTON HIGH ITS PERSON- ALITY. THE SPIRIT OF ELSTON DE- PENDS ON THE INDIVIDUAL SPIR- IT AND ENTHUSIASM OF ITS 2500 PEOPLE. n-- uw- f fi-f W --if T ADMINISTRATION Ara K. Smith Superintendent of Schools This year six surrounding school districts merged to form the Michigan City Area Schools Corporation. Authority to operate this school system comes from the State ot Indiana and from the local Board at Trustees down to the superintendent. To handle the increased administrative task, Mr. Yentes was made associate superintendent while Mr. Raisor and Miss Alma Koza became assistant superintendents, Mr. Raisor being in charge at secondary and Miss Koza in charge ot primary education. Wallace H. Yentes Assistant Superintendent SCHOOL BOARD Mrs' Grace Sparrow' Mr' Roger 'loers' Mr' W' Assistant Superintendents-Mr. Robert Raisor, Miss Alma Kozo Worth Holmes, Mr. James Young, Dr. P. J. Pilecki, Mr. Frank Wentland, Mr. E. Preston Calvert. Warren E. Jones Principal ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTORS-STANDING: Mr. Thomas-Sparks, Vocational Director, Mr. James Wagner, Audio-visual Director, Mr. Thomas Hendricks, Director of Instrumental Music, Miss Ruth Kemena, Director of Health and Service, Mrs. Janice Breed, Director of Guidance. SEATED: Mr. Lewis Timberlake, Director of Vocal Music, Miss Nancy Calvert, Director of Public Relations, Mr- John Mohamed, Director of Art. The main ofhce at Elston was busier than ever in '65, Mr. Jones, his assistants, Messr. Wegner and Nowak, and the secretarial staff finished their second suc- cessful year. To handle the increased burden of of- tice work, Mrs. Katherine Bauer ioined ranks with Harriet and Mrs. Larson. In the administrative structure two new directors were appointed to co-ordinate the Music and Art curriculums in all Michigan City public schools. Mr. Lewis Timberlake was made Director of Vocal Music and Mr. John Mohamed Director of Art. ADMINISTRATION MEETS CHALLENGE by L,,.v-' L? f,,v Frank Nowak Assistant Principal nmiii OF INCREASED ENROLLMENT Harold Wegner Assistant Principal Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Bauer prepare report cards. Secretary Harriet Wright listens with sym- pathetic ear to a tardy student's pIea. FACULTY in NANCY CALVERT-Journalism, Senior Class Sponsor, COMET Sponsor, A.V.A. Sponsor. ROBERT CASSIDY-Commercial. GARTH COBBUM-Commercial, Treasurer. WILMA COMMER-Art, Craft, Paint Spots Sponsor. RICHARD COOK-Commercial, Senior Class Sponsor, Tennis Coach. JERRY CRIPE-Social Studies, Wrestling and Football Coach. MAX CROFT-Health, Safety, F.T.A. Sponsor. ROBERTA CROFT-English, Spanish, Red Derbies Sponsor. MILDRED DAHLBERG-Librarian, Dahlites Sponsor. isbn. .eq Rosen DONOGHUE-social studies, Hi-Y sponsor. 9, ' "1L , ,L I JAMES DRY-commercial. " 'qq- PHYLLIS DURAND-English, Public Speaking, Sophomore Class 2- Sponsor, Radio News Club Sponsor. ---- '::, F A r . at 3235--Qgfff XXXL IIB CHARLES ABRAHAM-Commercial, Hall Patrol, Sponsor. DOUGLAS ADAMS- Social Studies, Drivers' Training, Basketball Coach. WILMA AHRENDT-Library Clerk. ROBERT AIGNER-Counselor. JOHN ALMON-Counselor. JAMES ANDERSON-Social Studies. BARBARA BAILEY-French, French Club Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor. ARNOLD BASS-Social Studies, Junior Class Sponsor. THERESE BOBINSKI-Mathematics. GENEVIEVE BONFIELD-English. PAUL BRAMELL-Mechanical Drawing. PAUL BYRD-Counselor. EVELYN EHRET-Nurse. JESSE EWING-Social Studies, MADELINE FERGUSON-Foods. BRUCE FISCHER-Safetyp Physical Education: Cross Country and Track Coach. RUTH GALLES-Commercial. HUBERT GRIFFIS-Mathematics: Moth Club Sponsor. HUSSEIN I-IAKIM-Spanish: Spanish Club Sponsor. HELEN HALL-Commercial. JERALD HALPIN-English: Drama Technician. TOM HENDRICKS-Bandg Dance Bandg Pep Band. BERNICE HENRY-Latinp Latin Club Sponsor. EDWARD HIBBS-German: German Club sponsor. .PH sets. FACULTY 'Hp' GEORGE HULTGREN-Chemistryg Canteen Sponsor. ALICE JOYCE-Foods. HARLAN KATZ-Social Studies. JUDITH KERESTURY-Commercial: '66 Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor. DOROTHY KING-English. CALVIN KITCHELL-Counselor. ELIZABETH KOHNKE-Counselor, '65 Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor. ROSS KUSZMAUL-Machine Shop: VM Shop: Swimming Coach. RICHARD LAMB-Healthg Drivers' Training, Football Coach. ELOISE LEE-Commercial. C.D. LONZO-Social Studies: Honor Society Sponsorp Junior Con cessions Sponsor. BARBARA LOOTENS-English. FACULTY 2- '33 Q E 5392 SQ? 5' its 55,5 9? K1 5 . K. gs.. Q . ..fi ,::t.- 53.-gg. f 'EE BERNARD LOOTENS-Social Studies: Sophomore Class Sponsor. HARRY LYKENS-Mathematics, Exchange Student. EARL MCANALLY-Mechanical Drawing: Drivers' Trainingp Track Coach. DELANO MCMILLAN-Social Studies. BERNICE MANN-Commercial. SHELDON MAXEY-DCE: DCE Club Sponsor. Lab Technical Club Sponsor. NEWTON MEER-Wood Shop. Voc. Wood Shop. PAUL MICHAELS-Safety: Drivers' Trainingf Baseball Coach. ELMER MILLBRANTH-Mathematics. Athletic Director. DELBERT MILLER-PM Shop, Voc. PM Shop. Cheerleaders Sponsor, Golf Coach. BRIAN MINOR-French. LEE MOHAMED-English, Drama Technician. DORIS MULLOY-English. ELIZABETH MUNGER-English, Journalism. JAMES NICHOLAS-PM Shopg Welding. MARY NIGHTINGALE-Englishg ELSTONIAN Sponsor. THOMAS O'NEILL-German. VICTOR OVERMAN-Healthg Drivers' Training: Football Coach. DAVID PARRY-Physical Education. Student Council Sponsorg Bas- ketball and Baseball Coach. SIGURD PETERSON-English. DOMENICO PICONE-Electric Shop. Voc. Electric Shop. HELEN POHL-English, Public Speaking: Thespians Sponsor. RICHARD PRESSER-Mathematics, Math Club Sponsor. EDWINA RAISOR-Physical Education, G.A.A. Sponsor. ARTHUR RHOADS-Sociol Studies: Hall Monitors Sponsor. GORDON ROBISON-Chemistry: Physics, Photo Club Sponsor. ROBERT RUMSEY-Commercial: Football Coach. WALLACE SACKS-Mechanical Drawing: Blue Print. WILHELM SCHADE-German. JANICE SCHLEGELMILCH-Health, Physical Education. NOEL SCHLEGELMILCH-Safety: Drivers' Training: Football Coach. MANUEL SILVERMAN-English. JAMES SIMS-Mothemoticsg Student Store Sponsor. L. W. SMITH-Chemistry. ROBERT SMITH-Mechanical Drawing: Drivers' Training. DENNIS SORGE-Mathematics: Bowling League Sponsor. MARY LOU SPARKS-Healthy Clothing, Foshionette Club Sponsor. RICHARD SPARKS-Commercial. MARION SPRAGUE-Social Studies. CHARLOTTE TAYLOR-English. LEWIS TIMBERLAKE-Vocal Music, Modrigols Sponsor. GLEN TOM-Commercial. FLORENE TROYER-Counselor. l JEANETTE URQUHART-Commercial. ELOISE WHITE-Spanish: English. ALLEN WHITLOW-Sofetyg Basketball Coach. ADELIA YENSER-Englishp '67 Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor. FACULTY 'l', K 7 M . -: . II'-.viz-'4.', E yed .5 I. '32 wwf If I. . ,Q-F-'. If II"II3'I QFIIlT-79. 'ss-W' gygc 1 if, Q6 xvp X , L ,I ,. ., nv- Mr. Cook and Miss Calvert, Senior class sponsors, make plans for graduation activities. SENIORS AT LAST! To any Elston Senior the year T965 was a tinale to three years-three years ot classes, work, and teach- ers-three years ot Red Devil games, football, bas- ketball, and swimming-three years ot assemblies, elections and activities-three years ot homecom- ings and dances, parties and fun, The sophomore year began it-a year ot uncertainty, ot new ac- tivities, and the sophomore party, "West Side Story." The middle year was a time ot hardwork, tests, the junior play, "Mousetrap," and the prom "Japanese Te-agardensf' Then came T965-Fred Keen, presi- dent, Al Murray, vice-president, and Kristi Cook, secretary-treasurer, led the Senior activities. Helping the class tor the three years were the sponsors Miss Calvert and Mr. Cook. Certainly T965 was a finale- eventtul and educational-one the Seniors ot '65 will always remember. Leading Senior activities were Fred Keen, president, Kristi Cook, secretary-treasurer, and Al Murray, vice-president. ,mam 1-'N ' is Sue Ann Levin, Valedictorian Barbara Ostwald, Salutatorian ROBERT KELSEY--Vice-president, State Distributive Education Club. LINDA DUTCHESS- Betty Crocker Homemaker Award. MERIBETH UNGURAIT-President, State Distributive Education Club. BARBARA OSTWALD-National Merit Scholarship Finalistg National Teachers of English Finalist. SANDY JOYCE-D.A.R. Citizenshp Award. JUDY ROSE- National Teachers of English Finalist. ALLAN MURRAY-D.A.R. Citizenship Award. K S i S 1 S .1 .. ' 5 3 2 f .Q .5 h 11 1 Q E lx' gg - 5' -I7 if .. , 5 ,vi SENIOR HONORS TOP TEN Sue Levin Barbara Ostwald David Nicklas Richard Swinehart Robert Kemp David Schroeder Thomas Staroba Sandra Maerz Jani Elliot Linda Lynch SENIORS TS' I N .si BILL ASHMORE DAVID AULTMAN-Cheer Block I, Ushers 2,3, Cadet Teaching 3, Latin Club 2, FTA l,2, Golf I,2,3, Swim Team I,3. MARY LOU AUST-Jr. Concessions 2, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Jr. Play 2, "The King and l" I, "The Music Man" 2, German Club 2,3, A Cappella 2,3, Madrigals 2,3, Mixed Chorus I, FTA 2,3, Hall Monitors 3. STEVE BACZTUB BRUCE BAKER-Homecoming 2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Hi-Y I,2,3, Sr. Play 3, German Club l,2. CAROL BAKER-Dahlites 2,3, Student Store 2,3, Red Derbies l,2, Cadet Teaching 3, Latin Club 2,3. CRAIG BAKER-Hall Monitors I,2,3, Hi-Y I,2,3, Soph. Party I, Sr. Play 2. SCOTT BALSER-Science Seminar I, "The Music Man" 2, Potpourri 2. LARRY BANUL-T8il I, LARRY BARKOW DALE BARNES CHRISTINE BARON-Red Derbies I,2,3, Hall Monitors 3, Cadet Teaching 3, Latin Club 2, FTA 2,3. ELIZABETH ADAMS-G.A.A. I, Girls' Concert Chorus 3. MICHELLE ADAMS-Girls' State 2, Canteen I,2,3, Dohlites I,2,3, Cheerleaders 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2,3, Cadet Teaching 2,3, German Club 3, FTA 2,3, Hall Monitors 2, Potpourri 2. FRED ADRIAN-Hi-Y 2. IRIS ADRIAN-Hall Monitors 2,3. RON ALBERS-German Club 3. ANNE ALDEN-Jr. Concessions 2, Cadet Teaching 3. JACK ALLEN-Hall Monitors 2,3, Golf I,2,3. AL ALLISON-Hall Monitors 3, Track l,2. DENNIS AMBRUSO-Homecoming 3, Jr. Concessions 2, Hall Moni- tors 2, Hi-Y 2, Soph. party l, German Club I. TOM ARCHAMBEAULT-Track 3, Cross Country 3. SUE ARMSTRONGTCanteen I,2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Red Derbies 2, Hall Monitors 3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Prom 2. TOM ASHER-Band I,2,3, Jazz Band I,2,3, Dance Band I,2,3, Pep Band I,2,3, Orchestra 2,3. KATHY BARRIOS-Canteen 2,35 Jr. Concessions 25 Hall Monitors 25 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,35 Jr. Prom 2. BEV BAUGH-Red Derbies 25 Cheer Block I5 "The Music Man" 25 A Cappella 2,35 Madrigals 35 Mixed Chorus I,2. MARYANN BECHINSKI-Honor Society 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3. HERMAN BECKER JANET BECKTELL-Honor Society 2,35 Jr. Concessions 25 Red Derb- ies I,2,35 T81l 35 Lab. Technology I,2,35 Latin Club 2,35 Math Club 2,35 FTA 3, CONNIE BELKIEWlTZ-Hall Monitors 35 Fashionettes 2,3. JUDY BELUE WILMA BELUE-TSII 2,3. SENIORS luv Lou ,ox i -'S JOE BENSON STEPHANIE BERKES-Jr. Concessions 25 Holl Monitors I,25 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,35 Jr. Prom 25 Cadet Teaching 35 Math Club I,25 Potpourri 25 FTA 2,3. DOUG BEYER-Football I. RUSS BIEBER-Homecoming T5 Dance Band I. -vu ' .ng as Xb Q1 ..-Q' EI' I 1 Irina y G-'L' 125 5 ff. 51 IX STAN BIELA TED BINSZ-Student Council I,25 Red Derbles I5 Hall Monitors I5 Jr. Prom I,25 Boys' Chorus l,2. DENICE BISCHOFF-Canteen 35 Student Store 2,35 Jr. Concessions 25 Cheer Block I5 Office Messengers 35 Hall Monitors I5 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,35 Jr. Prom 2. BONNIE BOEHM-Homecoming 35 Jr. Concessions 25 Omce Mes- sengers 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Fashionettes 3. GERRY BOHNSTADT-Boys' Chorus lp Mixed Chorus 2. JUDY BOHNSTADT-Cheer Block I5 Tri-Hi-Y I'5 Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 2. DENNIS BOLKA-T8rl l,2,3. LARRY BOLKA STAN BOLKA ARNOLD BOS-Hi-Y I5 Track I,2,35 Basketball l,2,35 Football I. JOANNE BOUDREAU-Canteen I,25 Red Derbies I5 CRIMSON COMET I,25 Soph. Party I5 "The King and l" I5 "The Music Man" 25 Spanish Club 25 A Cappella 2,35 Girls' Concert Chorus I. LINDA BOWERMAN-Red Derbies 2,35 Hall Monitors 35 Fashion- ettes 35 Girls' Concert Chorus 253. SENIORS ' KF.- J Q'-U E' YQ T. LT -x1A.' fit" ,k.L'. X K : BOB BRUEMMER-Boys' Chorus 3. NANCY BRYCE-Red Derbies I,2,3, Cheer Block I,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y I. GENE BURGDORF-Steering Comm. I, Ushers 3, Boys' Chorus 2,3. DONNA 'BURKETT-Homecoming 3, Red Derbies I,2, Cheer Block I, T8-l 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y I, "The King and I" I, Band I,2. TERRY BURKHART-Band l,2,3, Jazz Band 2,3, Dance Band I,3, Pep Band l,2,3. DIANA BURNS BARBARA BUSH-Science Seminar I, Red Derbies I,2, Cheer Block I, "The King and l" I, French Club I,2, FTA I, Potpourri I, G.A.A I,2, A Cappella I, Mixed Chorus I. CAROL BUTLER-lAt previous schooll French Club I, Future Nurses I, Speech Club I. DIXIE BUTTS DARLENE CABLE ROBERT CADDO-Hall Monitors 3, Jr. Prom 2, Camera Club 2,3. TOM CAPPY-Steering Comm. 2, Hall Monitors I,2,3, Hall Patrol 3, Hi-Y l,'2,3, Track I, Football I,2, Wrestling I. FC' JOHN BOWERS LINDA BOWLBY-Honor Society 2,3, Red Derbies I,2, Lab. Tech- nology I,2,3, Latin Club I,2, Math Club I,2. GREG BOWMAR KATHI BOZA-Red Derbies I, Hall Monitors I,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3. BOB BRATKOVIC-Steering Comm. 2,3, Hall Monitors l,2,3, Hi- Y I,2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party I, Sr. Play 3, Baseball I,2,3. SUE BREED-Steering Comm. I, Homecoming 3, Dahlites 2,3, Stu- dent Store 3, Jr. Concessions 2, Red Derbies I, Hall Monitors 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Soph. Party I, Fashionettes 2, Forum Club 2,3. CONNIE BROOKER-Steering Comm. I, Red Derbies 2, CRIMSON COMET 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, French Club 2, Girls' Concert Chorus I, 2, IU High School Institute 2. DIANE BROST-Cheer Block I, Hall Monitors 3, Red Derbies 2. ANTHONY BROWN'-Track I,2, Basketball I, Football I,2, Boys' Chorus I, Mixed Chorus I. BOB BROWN-Track I,2,3, Football I,2,3. MILLIE BROWN--Tri-Hi-Y I. VIRGINIA BROWN-Red Derbies 3, Fashionettes 3, Girls' Concert Chorus 2,3, Girls' Chorus I. sms., I 26 MARY CARPENTER JUDY CASSIDY-Jr. Concessions 2, Cheer Block 3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Bowling I. RITA CHAPALA-Jr. Concessions 2, Red Derbies I, Tri-Hi-Y I, Jr. Prom 2, Cadet Teaching 3. VICKI CHERN-Student Council 3, Homecoming 2,3, Thespians 2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Cheer Leader I,2, CRIMSON COMET 3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, "The King and I" I, "The Music Man" 2, Mixed Chorus I,2,3. JIM CHILDERS LYN CHILDERS-Cheer Block 3, Counselor's Assist, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Girls' Concert Chorus 3, Girls' Chorus I,2. RANDY CHILDRESS-T8il 2. GREG CIECIWA-Honor Society 2,3, Junior Rotarian 3, Tennis Team 2,3. DIANA CIZEWSKI JUDY CLAEYS-Red Derbies 2, Hall Monitors 3, Tri'Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, French Club 2,3, Jr. Play. ROBERT CLARK SHIRLEY CLEMONS JANE CLIFFORD-Cheer Block 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, German Club I. JOE COAR-Football I,2, Baseball I,2. STEVE COCHRAN-Football I. TOM COFER-Steering Comm. 3, Homecoming I, Jr. Prom 2, Ger- man Club I,2, Cross Country 2. LEANNA COKER-Canteen 3, Red Derbies I,2, Spanish Club 3, Band I,2,3, Red Cross I. JEROME COLLIER-Boys' Chorus I,2. OLLIE COLLIER-Basketball I, Cross Country I, 'Boys' Chorus I,2, 3. DONNA CONNER-Red Derbies 2,3. SANDRA CONNETT-Jr. Concessions 2, Cheer Block I,2, Tri-Hi-Y I,2. KRISTI COOK --Honor Society 2,3, Steering Comm. i,3, Home- coming 2,3, Thespions 2,3, Student Store I,2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, CRIMSON COMET 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, French Club 2,3, Math Club I,2,3, Jr. Play 2. BOB COOLEY-AVA l,2,3, Radio Club 3. SUE CORBETI'--Counselor's Assist. 2,3. SENIORS elf' fii "uv 0:15- rf L SENIORS A Ti.- 'Pin t 1. . REIT' rl., 'fbi . . l ,JA -nu., 6,1 .A gut E. Jr? X I ly "1 QIZ' ix Y xXx it K' U fv- fl li ,pe - "fl, bE'3s':iia?"::?' xi.. .L X if Q. . ..-Em, I W7 'gn I28 LINDA COUCH CYNTHIA COX-Office Messengers 3, Jr. Prom 2, Cadet Teach- ing 3, French Club I,2,3, FTA 2,3. JOEY CRAIG-Hall Monitors I,3, Hi-Y 3, German Club 2,3, Track I,2,3, Football I,2,3. LEWIS CRAIG LARRY CRANE-Hall Monitors I, Track 3, Basketball I, Football 3. DAN CROSBY-Cheer Block 2,3, Hall Monitors 3, Hi-Y 3, Football 2, Wrestling I. HARRY CROSBY-Jr. Prom. TED CRUISE-"The King and I" I, French Club 2,3, Band I,2,3, Jazz Band 2, Pep Band I,2,3. GAIL CRUTCHFIELD-Steering Comm. 3, Homecoming 3, Canteen 2, Red Derbies I,2, Cheer Black I,2, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Black Friars 2, Paint Spots 3. KATHERINE CRYNES TONI CZARNECKI-Hall Monitors 3. JERRIE DABBERT-Red Derbies I. ANNETTE DABBOUS-Jr. Prom I, Girls' Concert Chorus I,2. JEANNE DALE-Steering Comm. 2, Red Derbies I,2,3, Cheer Block I,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Jr. Play 2. BOB DANIELSON LARRY DAUGHERTY REBA DAVIS-Red Derbies 3, Ottice Messengers 3, BOBBY DAVIDSON-FFA I,2,3. DIANE DAWSON-Red Derbies I,2, Cheer Block I,2, Hall Moni- tors 3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Band I,2,3, Maiorettes 2,3. ROYCE DELCO-Honor Society 2,3, Student Council I, Canteen 2, 3, Jr. Concessions 2, CRIMSON COMET 3, Jr. Play 2, "The King and l" I, "The Music Man" 2, Spanish Club 2,3, Orchestra I,2,3, Hall Monitors 3. JOHN DICKERHOFF JUANITA DICKEY-Tri-Hi-Y I. SUSAN DICKINSON-Steering Comm. I, Student Store 2,3, Red Derbies 3, Cheer Block 3, Tri-Hi-Y I, Soph. Party I, French Club 2, 3: BGl'Id I,2. CAROLYN DIERDORF-Red Derbies 3, Tri-Hi-Y I, Cadet Teaching 2,3, Spanish Club 2, FTA 2,3. . .5 35-M. 49, JUNE EGELSKE-Jr. Concessions 25 Counselor's Assist. 3- Tri-Hi-Y I 2- Mixed Chorus 2. BONNIE EIKELBERG--lAt other schoolI Chorus I,25 Pep Club I,2 NV Girl Reserves I. LONNIE ELDRIDGE-Red Derbies I- Hall Monitors 35 Hall Patrol I Girls' Concert Chorus 3- Mixed Chorus I. JANI ELLIOTT--Science Seminar I5 Thespians 2,35 Jr. Prom 2,35 Sr. Play 35 Cadet Teaching 35 "The King and I" I5 "The Music Man" 2. SENIORS JEAN DIERDORF-Cadet Teaching 35 FTA 3. SUE DIERDORF-Girls' Chorus 3. JAMES DIPERT-T8-T 2,35 Jr. Prom 25 Swim Team 2,3. NED DOLSON-Red Derbies 25 Jr. Prom 25 Basketballs Hoops I, 2,3. EDVVARD DOSENBERRY-Hi-Y I,2,35 Track I,2,3. JOAN DOWNS-Steering Comm. I,25 Homecoming 35 Canteen I,2, 35 Jr. Concessions 25 CRIMSON COMET 35 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,35 Jr. Prom 25 Soph. Party I5 French Club 2,35 Mixed Chorus I5 Cheerleader I5 FTA 3. RANDY DOWNS JOANNE DUCEY-Homecoming 35 Canteen I,2,35 Red Derbies I,2, 35 CRIMSON COMET I,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Jr. Prom 25 Soph. Party I5 Cadet Teaching 35 FTA 35 Quill and Scroll 2,35 Mixed Chorus 2. LOIS DUNHAM-Dahlites 35 IAt previous schoolj Cheerleader I 2,35 Swim Team 2,35 Spanish Club 2,3. LAVERNE DUNLAP-Red Derbies I5 Cheer Block I5 Oliice Messen gers I5 G.A.A. 35 A Cappella lp Girls' Concert Chorus 2. LINDA DUTCHESS-Fashionettes I,2,3. GAIL EATON A it, 'I-5 ia' PEGGY ELLIS-Red Derbies I,2,35 Oltice Messengers 25 A Cappella 35 Mixed Chorus I,25 Band 2,3. JUDI EMMERSON-Student Store I5 Jr. Concessions 25 Ottice Messengers I5 Hall Monitors I. ELIZABETH ENNIS-Hall Monitors I5 Tri-Hi-Y I5 Mixed Chorus I, 2,3. CHARLIE ENYEART-Junior Rotarian 35 Hi-Y 2,35 Swim Team I,2, 35 Homecoming 2,3. DUANE EVANS JIM EVANS-Hall Patrol 35 AVA 2,3. BONNIE EVERLING-Cheer Block 25 "The Music Man" 25 French Club 35 Mixed Chorus I,2. KEN EVERLY-Red Derbies 25 AVA 2,3. F" fc, I29 1 SENIORS 'als ,im .Wx JUDI EWING-Red Derbies 3, lAt previous schocll G.A.A. l,2 FHA l,2y Cheer Block I,2. JIM FARLEY-Homecoming 31 Golf I,2,3g Swim Team l,2. JERRY FARMER TERRY FARMER LONNY FEDDER-Hall Monitors If Track lg Boys' Chorus lg Mixed Chorus 2,3. TOM FEDDER-Track I,2. STEVE FINGER-Homecoming 37 Junior Lion 3, Red Derbies 2,37 ELSTONIAN 2,3. DAVID FISCHBACHER-Student Council If Red Derbies 3. TARA FLANIGAN-Red Derbies If CRIMSON COMET 35 Jr. Prom 27 Sr. Play 31 A Cappella 2,3f Madrigals 3: Mixed Chorus I. MIKE FLEMING ELAINE FLY WILLIAM FLY-Boys' Chorus If Mixed Chorus 2,3. GENE FOLDENAUER-Hi-Y 31 Spanish Club 3: Basketball l,2p Foot- ball l,2,3p Baseball i,2,3. NORMAN FOLDENAUER-Hall Monitors 3p German Club lg Track 1,25 Football lg Cross Country 2. ROLAND FOLDENAUER-T8-I I,2,3. MARILYN FOLLIN-Red Derbies 3. LLOYD FORNEY VICKIE FOUGHT-CounseIor's Assistants 3. KAY FOX-Student Store 3: Red Derbies I,2,3. PAT FOX-Canteen 2,3f Red Derbies if Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3 Jr. Prom 2, Cadet Teaching 3: FTA 3, Girls' Chorus I. MIKE FRAGEMAN-Basketball I,3f Football l,2,3. CHERYL FRANKOWSKI-A Cappella 31 Mixed Chorus l,2. JOHN FRANKS-Cheer Block I,2p Basketball I. CHRISTINE FRANSON-Jr. Prom 25 Soph. Party lg Girls' Concert Chorus I,2y Mixed Chorus 3. ROBERT FRAZE-TSLI 2,31 Bowling l,2. DIANE FRY-Red Derbies 31 Cheer Block 2. JAMES GALINOWSKI-Hall Monitors 35 A Cappella 3: Boys' Cho- rus If Mixed Chorus 2. BARB GALLAS-Girls' Concert Chorus 3. JOHN GALLES-Junior Rotarian 3g Jr. Concessions 2g CRIMSON COMET 2, Jr. Play 25 Jr. Prom 27 iAt previous schooll Latin Club lg Hi-Y I. BOB GAMBILL-Boys' Chorus l. EMERY GANSHORN-Cheer Block 1,25 Football If Mixed Chorus l,2. EDWARD GARBACIK NINA GARBACZ-Jr. Concessions 29 Hall Monitors If Tri-Hi-Y l,2, 3. DAVID GARDINER-AVA 2g Electronics Enthusiasts 2,3. ANN GARDNER-Honor Society 2,37 Thespians 2,35 Red Derbies l,2p Jr. Play 25 Jr. Prom 2, "The Music Man" 2, Spanish Club 2,35 A Cappella 2,3. CONNIE GARDNER--Red Derbies lg Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Play 21 FTA Z3, Jr. Prom 2, Cadet Teaching 31 "The Music Man" 2g Ger- man Club 2,3. DIANE GARDNER-Red Derbies l,2,3p Hall Monitors 35 Tri-Hi-Y l, 2,3. RALPH GARCIA SUE PAWLIK RICHARD GATZ-Track I . WILLIAM GEISSER JUDY GEMBALA BOBBY GEORGE DON GEORGE-Homecoming 3. CAROL GERKIN-Honor Society 2,35 Red Derbies 3g Cheer Block 2, Jr. Prom 25 "The King and l" I, A Cappella 2,35 Madrigals 3, Girls' Chorus I. SHARON GIBERSON KAREN GILL--Red Derbies Ig Cheer Block 2,3. SHARON GILL-Red Derbies l,2,3p Cheer Block l,2,3. SENIORS 'Q--N it Yrs-r JANET GRAUEL ALICE GRAYAM RICHARD GRECO-Honor Society 2,35 Red Derbies I,2,35 French Club 2,3. TOM GREENING-Honor Society 2,35 Jr. Concessions 25 Latin Club 2,35 Math Club I,2,35 Potpourri 25 FTA I,2,3. CINDY GRIFFIN-Homecoming 35 Hall Monitors 35 Tri-Hi-Y I,35 Spanish Club 35 Fashionettes 35 IAt previous schooll Student Coun- cil I,25 Cheer Leader I,2,3. JOSEPH GROTT-Ushers 2,35 Potpourri I5 Camera Club I,2,35 Paint Spots I,2. TOM GRUDOVICH LINDA GRYZBACZ-Jr. Concessions 25 AVA I,25 Jr. Ploy 25 "The Music Man" 25 French Club I,2,35 FTA 35 Band I,2,3. JOHN HAACK EVELYN HAAS-Tri-Hi-Y I. DON HAGAMAN-Steering Comm. 35 Red Derbies 25 French Club 35 Swim Team I,2,35 Tennis Team I,25 Wrestling I5 A Cappella 35 lAt previous schooli Soccer I,25 Service Club 2. DAVE HAHN-Steering Comm. I,25 Hall Patrol I,2,35 Jr. Play 25 Soph. Party I5 Track I,2. 3 sei' TOM GILMORE RICKEY GINTHER ESTELLE GIPSON-Office Messengers 2,35 CRIMSON COMET 3. LOU ANN GLADE-Dahlites I5 Student Store I5 Hall Monitors I5 CRIMSON COMET 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Jr. Play 25 Jr. Prom 25 German Club i,2. ALICE GLEASON-Canteen lg Student Store 35 Jr. Concessions 25 CRIMSON COMET 2,35 Tri-I-Ii-Y I,2,35 Jr. Play 25 Jr. Prom 25 Soph. Party I5 Sr. Play 35 French Club l,2,35 FTA 35 Red Derbies I,35 Black Friars 2. DOUG GLOFF-Steering Comm. I,2,35 Student Council I,2,35 Jr. Concessions 25 ELSTONIAN 35 Hi-Y I,2,35 Jr. Prom 25 Soph. Class President I5 Jr. Class Vice-President 25 Basketball I5 Football I,2,35 Baseball I,2,3. DAVID GOLEBIEWSKI-CRIMSON COMET 2. PATRICK GONDECK-Honor Society 2,35 Student Council 35 Sci- ence Seminar i5 Jr. Concessions 25 Hall Monitors 35 German Club 2,35 Math Club 2,35 Football I,2,35 Baseball I,2,3. PEGGY GONDECK-Honor Society 2,35 Student Council 25 Science Seminar I5 Red Derbies 2,35 CRIMSON COMET 35 Tri-Hi-Y I5 Ger- man Club 2,35 Moth Club 2,3. PAT GOTTO-Red Derbies 25 Tri-Hi-Y I,25 Jr. Prom 2. BONNIE GRAHAM-Jr. Concessions 25 OFIice Messengers 35 Hall Monitors 25 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,35 Jr. Play 25 Jr. Prom 25 Soph. Party I5 French Club 2. JOHN GRANACKI-Steering Comm. I5 Student Council i5 Hall Monitors I5 Soph. Party I5 Golf I,2,3. il'- Q-ie . I32 ALLAN l'lAI.E PAM HAMBLIN-Girls' Concert Chorus I. KEITH HAMILTON-Hall Monitors 2, Wrestling 3, Baseball I. CLAUDIA HAMLIN-Steering Comm. I, Hall Monitors l,3, Lab. Technology I, Latin Club 2,3, Math Club I,2, Girls' Concert Chorus I. JAN HANDLOSER-Student Council 2,3, Latin Club I. GREGORY HANTKE-'Band 2. DONNA HANSEN-Canteen 3, Red Derbies 2, Cheer Block 2, Hall Monitors 3, "The Music Man" 2, FTA 3, Paint Spot 3, Girls' Con- cert Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 2,3, Girls' Chorus I. PENNY HARGER-Red Derbies I, Tri-Hi-Y I. CHUCK HART-Jr. Concessions 2, Hall Monitors 2. CLNTHIA HARTWG--Jr. Concessions 2, Red Derbies I, Cheer Block I, Hall Monitors 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, Cadet Teaching 3, German Club 2,3, FTA I,3. MARGARET HATTABAUGH PAT HAYNIE-Steering Comm. I,2, Homecoming I, Canteen I,2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Hall Monitors I,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party I, Cadet Teaching 3, "The Music Man" 2, Red Derbies. ...N XM. 'X fy' n. 3.9 r' S XI rti I I SENIORS ,gui I33 JACQULINE HEADLEY-Jr. Concessions 2, Red Derbies 3, Cheer Block 3, Spanish Club 2. BARBARA HECKEL CARLA HEDGES-Red Derbies I,2, Cheer Block 2, Hall Monitors 3, Black Friars i,2. RAY HEDSTROM-Student Council I, Hall Monitors 1,2, Hall Pa- trol I,2, Jr. Prom 2, Track I,2,3, Basketball I, Football I,2,3, Wrestling 2. BOB HENRICH JAMES HENRY-Honor Society 2,3, Steering Comm. 3, Science Seminar I,2,3, Hi-Y 3, Jr. Prom I,2, "The King and l" I, Math Club 2,3, Track I,2,3, Basketball I,2,3, Cross Country I,2, Band I,2,3. MARY HERBERT-Honor Society 2,3, Student Council I, Dahlites I,2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Red Derbies I, Tri-Hi-Y I,2, Soph. Party I, "The King and I" I, "The Music Man" 2, A Cappella I,2, Mad- rigals I,2. SUSAN HESS-Red Derbies I,2,3, Counselors' Assist. 3, Latin Club I, Red Cross I. DANIEL HEUCK-Jr. Concessions 2, Jr. Prom 2, Track I, Football I,2,3. HARRY HIBNER-Hall Monitors 2,3, Soph. Party I, Spanish Club 2, 3, FTA I, Baseball I,2, MBFU I,2,3. DIANNE HILL-Red Derbies 2,3, Hall Monitors 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. THOMAS HOCK-Ushers I, Jazz Band I. 6.2 SENIORS 'sa' YYY s, SUE HURLEY-Red Derbies 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, German Club I,2,3, Math Club 2,3, FTA I,2,3, Bond I,2,3. EARL HURST-Steering Comm. 2, Hall Monitors 3, Ushers 2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, "The King and I" I, "The Music Man" 2, Latin Club I,2,3, A Cappella I,2,3, Madrigals 3. GARY HUSKEY-Homecoming 3. DAVID HYCNER-T8-I 2, Ushers 2. MICHAEL IAZZETTO--Steering Comm. 3, Student Council I, Red Derbies 2,35 Cheer Block 2, Hal Monitors 2, Soph. Party I,2,3, French Club I,2, FTA 2,3, Swim Team 3. KEITH IGELSKI-Hall Monitors 2. RICHARD INGLE-Hall Monitors I, AVA I,2,3. LEON ISHMAEL DIANE JACKS-"The King and I" I, "The Music Man" 2, Band I, 2,3, Orchestra I,2. HAROLD JACKSON MANUEL JACKSON JOHN JACOBS-Track I, Football I, Wrestling I,2,3. -JZ ,L-:I X... GLORIA HOFFMAN-FTA I, Girls' Concert Chorus I DARLENE HOLDEN-Red Derbies 2 Cheer Block I 3 Trl Hi Y I Soph. Party I. BARB HOLTGREN-Jr. I, Soph. Party I. Concessions 2 Hall Monitors 2 TriHi PETE HOSKAM-Red Derbies 3, Hall Monitors 3 German Club I Wrestling 3. ANN HOWARD-Hall Monitors I. MONROE HUBBARD-Jr. Play 2. BRAD HUGHES-Jr. Prom I. JAMES HULTGREN LYNDA HUNGERFORD-IAt previous schooll GAA 2 Mixed Cho rus 2. SHARON HUNGERFORD-Tri-Hi-Y 3 LINDA HUNN-Student I,2, German Club 2, Mo Council I, Jr Concessions 2 Hall Monitors th Club l,2 BOB HUNT-MBFU I,2,3. 'Gm '-N. X, W1 if if I34 JOYCE .IACOBSON-Tri-Hi-Y I5 Cadet Teaching 35 Latin Club 25 Math Club 25 FTA I,2,3. JAMES JAHNZ-Cheer Block 2,35 Hall Monitors 35 Soph. Party I5 German Club 35 Wrestling 3. PATRICK JAKELSKI FRANK JAKUBOWSKI-Red Derbies I,2,3. WILLIAM JANIA-Latin Club 3, MICHAEL JASICKI BERNADETTE JASKE-Hall Monitors 35 Tri-Hi-Y I5 Girls' Concert Chorus I. JIM JASKE-Football I5 Baseball I,2,3. CONSTANCE JOHN DAVID JOHNSON-Steering Comm. l,25 Red Derbies I,2,35 Hall Monitors 35 Latin Club 2. KEN JOHNSON-Jr. Concessions 25 Red Derbies 25 Hall Monitors 35 Jr. Play 25 Jr. Prom 25 "The Music Man" 25 French Club I,2,3. MARGARET JOHNSON-Cheer Leader I5 Cheer Block I5 Girls' Cho- rus I. WILLIAM JOHNSON-Jr. Concessions 25 Cheer Block l,35 Hall Monitors 35 Jr. Prom 25 German Club 2. MARILYN JONES-Canteen 35 Student Council 25 Red Derbies 25 Cheer Block 25 Jr. Prom 25 Cadet Teaching 35 Spanish Club 25 FTA I,2,3. SANDRA JOYCE-Honor Society 2,35 Steering Comm. I5 Homecom- ing 2,35 Science Seminar I,2,35 D.A.R. Award 35 Canteen 2,35 Jr. Concessions 25 ELSTONIAN 2,35 Jr. Prom 25 Class Secretary I5 Math Club I,2,3. THOMAS JUCKETT-Hall Monitors I5 Jr. Prom 25 Latin Club I5 'Band I,2,35 Jazz Band I,2,35 Dance Band I,2,35 Pep Band I,2,3. GRETCHEN KAEDING-Student Council 2,35 Red Derbies I,25 Cheer Block I,25 Hall Monitors 35 Jr. Prom 25 Latin Club I,2,35 FTA 2,3. SUSAN KAHN-Student Store 2,35 Red Derbies I,2,35 Hall Moni- tors 2. JUDE ANN KALLIL-Bowling 3. GEORGE KAMINSKE-Steering Comm. I,25 Jr. Prom 25 Soph. Party I5 "The King and I" I5 "The Music Man" 25 Black Friars I,2,3. MICKEY KAZMUCHA-Baseball I,2,3. RONALD KARM--Hall Monitors I,2,35 Boys' Chorus 2,3. FRED KEEN-Steering Comm. 2,35 Junior Lion 35 Hall Monitors 2,3, Hi-Y 2,3 Jr. Prom 25 Track I5 Basketball I,2,35 Football I,2,35 Jr. Class President 25 Sr. Class President 3. DUANE KELLEY-Homecoming 35 Boys' State 25 Hall Monitors 3, Hall Patrol I5 Hi-Y 2,35 Jr. Prom 25 Latin Club 2,35 Track I5 Bas- ketball I,2,35 Cross Country I,2,3. SENIORS Q NN J Ai- sw A .f I l I 3' -til I .K s it , K Y x I WILLIE MAE KELLEY-Red Derbies 2, Cheer Block I, G.A.A. 3 Madrigals I, Girls' Concert Chorus 3. ROBERT KELSEY-Cheer Block 3, T8il l,2,3, Hi-Y 3, Jr. Prom 2 Soph. Party I, Sr. Play 3, Track l,2,3, Football l,2,3, Wrestlin l,2,3. JUANITA KEMP-Red Derbies I,2, Cheer Block 2, T8iI l,2,3, Fash ionettes I, G.A.A. l,2,3, Bowling l,2. ROB KEMP-Honor Society 2,3, Steering Comm. 3, Homecoming 2 3, Hi-Y 3, ELSTONIAN 2,3, "The King and I" I, "The Music Man' 2, German Club i,2,3, Track l, Cross Country l,2,3, Band 1,2 Jazz Band l,2, Pep Bond l,2. KATHY KEMPF-Jr. Concession 2, Cheer Block l, Tri-Hi-Y l,3, Jr. Play 2, "The Music Man" 2. JOHN KENEFICK-Steering Comm. 2, Jr. Concessions 2, Hi-Y 2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, Latin Club 2,3, Math Club l,2,3, Golf 2, Football l,2,3, Swim Team 2. SHERRY KENNEDY-Homecoming 3, Hall Monitors l,2, D.E. Club 3, Mixed Chorus 2,3. SHARON KIEFFER-Red Derbies l, Cheer Block 2, Hall Monitors 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, G.A.A. l,2,3. TERRY KIETZMAN-Track l,2. DARRYL KILLINGBECK DON KILLINGBECK SUSAN KINDIG--Steering Comm. 2, Student Council 3, Cheer Lead- er l,2,3, Red Derbies 2,3, Counselor's Assist. 2, Hall Monitors 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party l, G.A.A. 2,3. PHILIP KINTZELE-Hall Monitors 2, Ushers 2,3, German Club l,2,3. ROB KIRKLAND J. KNITTER VICTOR KOBOS JOYCE KOES-Red Derbies 2, Cheer Block 2. MARY KOESTER-Homecoming 2,3, Office Messengers 3, Tri-Hi-Y l',2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, Sr. Play 3, "The King and I" I, French Club 2,3, Potpourri 2, Mixed Chorus l,2. JIM KOHN-Steering Comm. 2, Student Council I, Jr. Conces- sions 2. MARY KAY KOMASINSKI-Honor Society 2,3, Student Council 3, Homecoming 3, Canteen 2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Jr. Prom 2, EL- STONIAN 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, "The King and I" I, Latin Club l,2, 3, Math Club 2,3. JOHN KONVALINKA-AVA l,2,3, Ushers l,2, "The King and I" l, Jr. Play 2,Jr. Prom 2, Sr. Play l,2, Camera Club l,2, Band I. ALAN KOSKI MARSHA KOZIN-Honor Society 2,3, Steering Comm. 2,3, Canteen l,2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Office Messengers 3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, German Club 2, French Club 2,3. NANCY KRAMER if is fall? .hs ' .,,. ,mgs " 5 E - ' .. Rt 'VN E f ws' t if I NANCY LAFOUNTAIN-Honor Society 27 Steering Comm. 2,35 Student Council If Canteen 2,3g Jr. Concessions 27 ELSTONIAN 3, Jr. Prom 25 Latin Club 2,3f A Cappella 25 Band I,2,3. CHUCK LAMM-Student Council 3: Boys' State 2, Hall Monitors 2, Track If Basketball l,2,3g Football I,2,3. BILL LANE-Jr. Concessions 25 Hall Monitors 2, Ushers 21 Jr. Prom 2, Camera Club 32 Football I. MIRIAM LANE SUSAN LARSON-Honor Society 2,31 Jr. Concessions 25 Red Der- bies l,2,3g Cheer Block 35 Lab. Technology If French Club 35 Girls' Concert Chorus I,2. TOM LAW CARIN LEE-Cheerleader lB-Teaml I,2g T8-I l,2, G.A.A. I,2,3p Sen- ior Bowling League I. EMMA LEEKS RUTHY LEEKS SUE LEVIN-Honor Society 2,31 Steering Comm. 25 Thespians 2,37 Jr. Concessions 25 Jr. Play l,2g "The King and I" lj "The Music Man" 2: Sr. Play I,2g Spanish Club I,2,3g Band l,2. DIANE LIEVENSE-Homecoming 35 Student Store 2. Jr. Concessions 2g Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3pJr. Prom 2g "The King and I" If Math Club I. JANE LINDEMANN-ELSTONIAN 3. gs 'T-'I SENIORS SCOTT KRANTZ-Hall Monitors 2,3p Hi-Y I,2g Jr. Prom 25 German Club Ig Golf I,2,3. DICK KRIB5-D.E. Club 1.2. NORMA KRIESEL-Red Derbies I,2,3p Cheer Block 3g Jr. Prom 2. CHRIS KRUEGER-Honor Society 2,31 Red Derbies l,2,3f Cheer Block 35 Tri-Hi-Y I, Jr. Prom 2, Lab. Technology I,2,3, Latin Club 2.3. LARRY E. KRUEGER-Homecoming 3: Jr. Concessions 29 Hall Moni- tors 3, Hi-Y 2,35 Jr. Prom 25 Basketball I,2. LARRY H. KRUEGER-Hall Monitors l,2g CRIMSON COMET I: Jr. Prom If Wrestling I. WILLIAM KRUEGER-Hall Monitors I. PAT KUBASZCZYK-I-Iall Monitors 2,35 Girls' Concert Chorus 3. NANCY KUBICA RANDY KUCHIK DEAN KUTCH-Ushers lg Boys' Chorus I,2,3. CAROL LABERGE-Girls' Concert Chorus I,2,3. WW Tw sis . ii M c,'4':q, ' W 1, I ,Y rn . uf' up--'Eff-. , ,X N1 ,lf 't if I . 4455? I Zi 1 M y V- I I . l ' ' f' if - . 5 . 7 414' 1, I L 4,1 V I K x CL .K 137 t jf 5V Q ., . KK sv 'dw ew' K is X QQ s .r V SENIORS in , x , ,gp I in 571 -' s -Y., . . Y. W L., 'IV Vx , 'x Q 'F--f 12761-1 Ys-..,, Yi15'v's '--n 138 PHIL LIVERMAN FRANCES LOCHA LINDA LOCHMAIER-Bowling League 1. CAROL LOCKRIDGE-Dahlites 1,2,35 Jr. Concessions 1,25 Red Der- bies 15 Cheer Block 15 Jr. Prom 25 Cadet Teaching 35 Paint Spots 35 F.T.A. 2. LINDA LOGMANN-Jr. Play 25 Jr, Prom 25 "The Music Man" 25 French Club 2,35 Spanish Club 2,35 FTA 2,35 Paint Spots 1,2. DORIS LONGSTREET-Band 1,2,3. RUSSELL LOOMIS ANN LOWENTHAL-OlTice Messengers 25 Counselor's Assistants lp CRIMSON COMET 1,25 Soph. Party 15 "The Music Mon" 25 Black Friars 1,2,35 Radio News 1,25 Career Day Guide 1,2. PATRICIA LUCAS-Bowling League 1. DENNIS LUTZ-Steering Comm. 1. KATHY LYLES-Red Derbies 1,25 Office Messengers 2,35 Counse- lor's Assistants 1,25 French Club 2. LINDA LYNCH-Honor Society 2,35 Student Council 25 Student Store 2,35 Jr. Concessions 25 CRIMSON COMET 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,35 Jr. Play 25 Jr. Prom 25 "The Music Man" 25 French Club 2,35 Math Club 2,3. BARB LYONS-Honor Society 15 Homecoming 35 Student Store 35 Jr. Concessions 25 Hall Monitors 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Jr. Play 25 Jr. Prom 25 "The Music Man" 25 Latin Club 15 French Club 1,2,35 Math Club 3. PHIL MACIEJFWSKI-Band 35 Pep Band 2. SANDRA MAERZ-Hall Monitors 3. LARRY MAHL-Hall Monitors 1. BONNIE MALOTT STEVE MALOTT-Science Seminar 1,2,35 Hall Patrol lg AVA 1,2,35 Radio Club 1. MIKE MANSFIELD CICELIA MARCINIAK-Cheer Block 15 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Fashionettes 15 Black Friars 1,25 FTA 35 Paint Spots 2. CONNIE MARKOWSKI-Jr. Concessions I5 Hall Monitors lg Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Jr. Prom 25 Lab. Technology 25 French Club 15 Girls' Con- cert Chorus 1,2. RONALD MARKOWSKI-Football 1,2,35 Wrestling 1. DAVE MARRON-Hall Monitors 35 CRIMSON COMET 35 Track 2,35 Cross Country 1,2,3. NANCY MARSHALL--Honor Society 2,35 Thespians 25 Canteen I5 Jr. Concessions 15 Jr. Prom 25 Sr. Play 35 "The King and I" lg "The Music Man" 25 Lab. Technology I5 Latin Club 1,25 Math Club 25 Band l,2,3. BARBARA MARQUART JUDY MARTHINSEN JOHN MARTIN-Canteen 35 "The King and I" Ip "The Music Man" 27 German Club 35 Band I,2,3p Jazz Band I,2,3p Dance Bond I, 2,35 Pep Band I,2. JAMES MASTERSON WILLIAM MASTERSON JIM MATHIAS-Jr. Concessions If Hail Patroi Ip Hi-Y 27 Golf 3. JOAN MATTHAWE DONNA MAYFIELD-Painfspois I. SENIORS ii? Qi.. w i l K KATHY MAYNARD Y N HENRY MAYO-Boys' chorus i,2,3f Mixed chorus 1. y if LARRY MAzucHovvsRi , if Cy i, . ' '?T"'F ff MICHAEL MCANALLY-Honor Society 2,35 HaII Monitors 2,35 Jr. - Prom 2g Track I,3g Swim Team I,2,3y Cross Country I,2,3. ED MCBRIDE-CRIMSON COMET I. MIKE MCCLUSKEY-AVA I,2,3. JILL MCCORMICK-Red Derbies 3, Cheer Block 25 FTA I,2,3. BILL MCGOWAN-Spanish Club 2. JOE MCGRATH DORETTA MCKINNON TONI MCLUYK MARILYN MCNEAL-Red Derbies 27 GAA 2p,GirIs' Concert Chorus 2. CAROL MENKE-Hall Monitors Ig Jr. Prom I. NANCY MERRIMAN-Thespians 35 Student Store I,2g Cheer Block If Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3g Jr. Play 2: Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party If "The King and I" If "The Music Man" If Mixed Chorus I. DAVID MEYER PHIL MEYER 'X He'-':f R., , 'Qtr if iv ,ov 139 WER 44' 63' .,,,, W 7' f f"N 'iq-Q SENIORS Q 'FS 1..- I bf' . A, 5 fi KWL 'Xl ' X 3' . 1 Htstw I 5' fe- Ls WALLY MOSLEY-Teil 3: Track 3. L. MOWINSKI WALTER MUELLER-German Club 2,3. TERRY MULDOON FREDDIE MULLINS-Hall Patrol I, ALLAN MURRAY-Honor Society 2,35 Student Council 2,35 D.A.R. Award 35 Homecoming Master of Ceremonies 35 Jr. Concessions 25 ELSTONIAN 35 Jr. Play 25 French Club 35 Swim Team I,2,35 Senior Class Vice-President 3. ROBERTA NADRATOWSKI-Jr. Concessions 25 Office Messengers 35 Hall Monitors 35 CRIMSON COMET 25 Tri-Hi-Y I,25 Jr. Play 2. KARLEEN NALL-Jr. Concessions I5 Tri-Hi-Y 25 German Club I5 G.A.A. 2. SHERRY NEVEROSKI CONNIE NEWMAN-Steering Committee 35 Thespians 35 Canteen I,2,35 Cheer Block 25 Hall Monitors 35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Jr. Play 25 "The Music Man" 25 German Club 35 Math Club 35 A Cappella 2,3. DENNIS NICHOLS--T8tl I,2,35 Track l,2,35 Basketball I5 Madrigals I5 Mixed Chorus I. NORMAN NICHOLS-Track I,3. BILL MILLARD-Hi-Y I5 Soph. Party I5 Wrestling I,3. DAN MILLER-Spanish Club 2. DARRELL MILLER-Hall Monitors I5 Ushers I, DAVE MILLER-Homecoming 35 CRIMSON COMET I,2,35 Swim- Team I5 Cross Country I. DONNA MILER-T8Ll I,2,3. PAM MILLER-Red Derbies I,2,35 Jr. Prom 25 French Club l,2. DENNIS MILNE-Tennis Team 3. SAM MOHAMED-Basketball I,35 Cross Country 2,3. PEG MONCHAMP-Homecoming 2,35 Student Store 2,35 Jr. Con cessions 25 CRIMSON COMET 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Jr. Play 25 Soph Party I5 German Club 2. JANICE MONEY-CRIMSON COMET 3. DOREEN MORSE-Red Derbies I5 Cheer Block 2,35 Hall Monitors 3 CRIMSON COMET 25 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,35 Jr. Prom 2. GEORGIA MORTON 'fi Il ' -5.-Wfrfff 'Yi dy Y ,X X Ti K ,P A An, pvtww . W1 V 1 bfi - 'fv- I40 JOHN NICHOLAS-Student Council I, T8tI I,2,3. DAVID NICKLAS-Honor Society 2,3, Homecoming 3, Jr. Conces- sions 2, Hall Monitors 3, "The Music Man" 2, Spanish Club 2,3, Math Club 2,3, Band I,2,3. DENNIS NICKELL-Steering Comm. 3, Student Council I, "The King and I" I, "The Music Man" 2, German Club 2, Football I,2,3, A Cappella l,2,3, Band i,2,3, Jazz Band i,2,3, Dance Band l,2, GENEVIEVE NIEMIEC VERNON NORBERG-AVA l,2,3, Radio Club 3. PATRICIA NOVAK-Honor Society 2,3, Student Council I,2, Can- teen 3, Red Derbies T, ELSTONIAN 3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, Lab Technology i,2,3, Latin Club I,2,3, Band i,2,3, Homecoming 3. MARGE NOVEROSKE-Homecoming 2,3, Cheer Block I, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, Saph. Party I, German Club 2,3, FTA 2,3. EDWARD NULF JANICE NUSSMAN-Red Derbies I, Cheer Block l, Hall Monitors l', Tri-Hi-Y I, Latin Club I, Girls' Concert Chorus l,2,3. JIM O'CONNOR-Steering Comm. 3, Junior Rotarian 3, Hi-Y 3, Golf I,2,3. GAIL ODLE-Homecoming 3, Jr. Concessions 2, Hall Monitors 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Saph. Party I, Latin Club 2, German Club, l,3, Potpourri I, A Cappella 2, Mixed Chorus I. JOANN OLDS-Red Derbies l,2, Cheer Block l,2, Tri-Hi-Y 3. 'Cav as- Wx ., SENIORS 932' ' ,ng t Z. fs, t , in A t .Tn I 1 DIANNE OLSEN-Tri-Hi-Y 3, Cadet Teaching 3, French Club 3, FTA 3. PAT OLSEN BILL OLSON-Latin Club 2, Band i,2,3, Pep Band 2,3. JILL OLSON-Cheer Block i,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y i,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, "The King and l" I, "The Music Mon" 2, Spanish Club 2, Math Club I, 2,3, FTA 3, Girls' Chorus I. KAREN OLSON-Canteen 2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Cheer Block I, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Cadet Teaching 3, "The Music Mon" 2, Spanish Club 3, Mixed Chorus I,2. JAY OLWEEAN MARIA OLWEEAN-Jr. Prom I, Girls' Concert Chorus l,2,3. DUANE ORMSBY-Steering Comm. 2, Cadet Teaching 3, Mixed Cho- rus i,2,3, PAULETTE OSHINSKI-Canteen 2, Hall Monitors I, CRIMSON COMET l, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Jr. Prom l. DAVE OSTROWSKI-Honor Society 2,3, Spanish Club 3, Wrestling 2,3. BARBARA OSTWALD-Honor Society 2,3, Science Seminar l,2,3, Dahlites 2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, "The King and l" I, "The Music Man" 2, German Club 2,3, Band I,2,3. BARBARA OSZUST SENIORS K E A -s . - 'T - A ii tim' W. I R . X . 1 -1' 1. KRISTINE PEARSON-Red Derbies I,2,3, Cheer Block 2, T81I 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Sr. Play 3,- Lab. Technology 3, FTA 3, Point Spots 3. JOEY PECKAT-Wrestling 3, Red Cross 3. KENNY PEEK-Hall Monitors l,2, Spanish Club 2. DENNIS PELLAR-Football l,2, Baseball I. DORETTA PENDLETON-CRIMSON COMET 23, Jr. Prom 2, Cadet Teaching 3, FTA l,2,3, Cheer Block l,2, GAA l. ANTOINETTE PENZIOL CHERYL POPARD BEVERLY PERRY BARBARA PETCHER-Cheer Block I. ALICE PETERSON-Red Derbies I,2,3, Hall Monitors 3, CRIMSON COMET 2,3. RON PETERSON-Hall Patrol I, Swim Team I. SHARON PEUS-Steering Comm. I, Canteen 2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Cheer Block I, Hall Monitors 3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Prom I,2, "The Music Man." JERRY OSZUST LARRY OSZUST THOMAS OSZUSCIK-Hall Monitors I,2, AVA l,2,3, Ushers I,2, 3, CRIMSON COMET 3, Hi-Y 3, Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party I, Math Club I, Camera Club l,2,3, Dance Band 3. DIANA OTTO-Fashionettes I. FRED OVIATT DANIEL PAHOLSKI-Ushers l,2,3. STEVE PAHS-Hall Monitors I, Hall Patrol 2. SHIRLEY PARSLEY-Student Store I, Red Derbies l,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2. JIM PASKY-Jr. Concessions I, Hall Monitors I, Hall Patrol l,2, TGI I,2, Hi-Y I,2, Jr. Prom I,2. TERRY PAVLACK JUDY PAWLICK-Steering Comm. 3, Jr. Concessions 2, Cheer Block 3, Counselor's Assistants 3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2. RON PAWLIK-Boys' Chorus I. DENNIS PHILLIPS-Track. CONNIE PIECHNIK PEGGY PIECUCH-Jr. Concession 2, Red Derbies I, Cheer Block 2, 3, Hall Monitors 3, Tri Hi-Y I,2, Jr. Prom 2. WILLIAM PIER-Hall Monitors 3, Latin Club 2,3, Archery 2. CAROL PIESZCHALA-Honor Society 2,3, Canteen I,2,3, Cheer- leader 2, Red Derbies I, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, French Club 3, Mixed Chorus I,2. DAVID PILARSKI-Hall Monitors 3, Tennis Team 2,3, Archery 2. BARBARA PIOTROWSKI-Red Derbies I,2,3, Cheer Block l,2,3. ROBERT PIOTROWSKI DAVE PLONA DONN PLUMMER-Hall Monitors I, LYNDA PONTIUS-Honor Society 2,3, Steering Comm. 2, Student Council 2,3, Homecoming 2,3, Canteen I,2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3. CURTIS POPP STEVE PORTER-Student Council 2, Homecoming 3, Hi-Y 2,3, Ger- man Club 3, Wrestling l,2,3. DANIEL POVLOCK GAYLE POWELL-Red Derbies I,3, TSQI 2,3, Color Guard I. KAREN PRAST-Honor Society 2,3, Steering Comm. 2, Homecoming 3, Science Seminar I,2,3, Rotarian Speech Winner 2, Jr. Conces- sions 2, ELSTONIAN 2,3, CRIMSON COMET 2,3, Math Club I,2,3, GAA I,2,3. GREG PREIHS-Honor Society 2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, CRIMSON COMET 2,3, Hi-Y 2,3, French Club 3, Golf I, Football l',2, Wres- tling I. KAREN PURTA-Jr. Concessions 2, Tri-Hi-Y I,2, Jr. Prom 2. JANET PYTYNIA-Glee Club I, Pep Club 2, Sodality I,2. VERNA QUEEN-Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr, Prom 2. SUSAN RAATZ-Honor Society 2,3, Red Derbies 1, Cheer Block 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y I, French Club 2, Math Club 2,3, A Cappella 3. JUDY RAGLE TONY RAGLE-Hall Patrol I. M. JANE RASMUSSEN-Steering Comm. 2, Student Council 3, Homecoming 3, Girls' State 2, Canteen I,2,3, Student Store 3, Jr. Concessions 2, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Prom I,2, Soph. Party I, Span- ish Club 2,3. SENIORS KN fl' 'RH J' 'vw if, vid 'km' .rf lift sri, A .Wg I xl E li! 1, JI .. 1 ,542 7 l O Q x w H2 IS: ,1',w2n' Wi vu M' v' ' 'A' sin, 1" WW 3. ' .mvtiy 4 '12, SYM -" . Mtn typ-'. 1' ., is 'ni wa ,,.- Q. fa ,Q .Q M I . "!'p"1 EW' TAMARA RAY-Honor Society 2.3, Canteen 2,3, Student Store Red Derbies l,2,3, Hall Monitors 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Jr. Play 2, Cad Teaching 3, Math Club 3, Bowling Club 3. AILEEN REED-Soph. Party I, French Club 2,3, GAA l,2,3. SUSAN REETZ TOM REG-AN TOM REMPALA-Cheer Block 2. BARBARA REUER-Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party l, Cadet Teaching 3 French Club l,2,3, FTA 3. PATRICIA RICE-Fashionettes 2,3. JIM RICHMOND-Band l,2,3, Jazz Band I,2,3, Dance Bond l,2,3 Pep Band I,2,3. JOHN RICHMOND-Hall Monitors l,2,3, Cadet Teaching I, Bas ketball I, Football l,2,3, Wrestling I, Baseball l,2. BARBARA RIECK-Honor Society 2,3, Student Council 3, Homecom ing 3, Cheerleader l,2,3, Hall Monitors 3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party I, Cadet Teaching 3, "The King and I", A Cappell l,2,3. DONNA RILEY-Red Derbies 2, Hall Monitors 2, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, Sr. Play 3, "The Music Man", German Club l,2,3, Blac Friars l,2,3. SHERRY S. RILEY LINDA RITCHIE-Red Derbies 2, Hall Monitors 3, Jr. Prom 2, Mixed Chorus l,2,3. ALBERTHA ROBINSON-lAt previous schoolj Library Club I,2, Cheerleader l,2. RANDY ROBINSON-Steering Comm. 2, Thespians 2,3, Hi4Y 2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, Spanish Club 2, A Cappella 2.3, Madrigals 3, Band I, Pep Band l, Homecoming 3, Soph. Party I. DONNA RODGERS-lAt previous schoolj Library Club l,2, FHA l, 2. WILLIAM ROLAND JUDY ROSE-Thespians 2,3, Jr. Play 2, Sr. Play 3, Cadet Teache ing 3, "The King and l", "The Music Man", MARC ROSE-AVA l,2,3, Crimson Comet 3, "The King and I", "The Music Man", A Cappella l,2,3. PAT ROSS DAVID ROTH-Steering Comm. I, Student Council l,2, Jr. Conces- sions 2, Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party l, Spanish Club l,2. SUZANNE ROUSSEAU-Tri-Hi-Y 2, Cadet Teaching 3, French Club 3, Fashionettes 3, FTA 3. DENNIS RUDE-Jr. Prom 2. MEREDITH RUMSEY-Canteen 3, Cheer Block 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Cadet Teaching 3, FTA 3, Band 3, lAt previous schooll Latin Club 2, Jr. Prom 2, Jr. Play 2, Cheer Block l,2. GREG SARACOFF PENNY SASS-Red Derbies 3, Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party I, Girls' Concert Chorus l,2,3, Mixed Chorus 3. RICHARD SCHACHT-AVA I,2,3. ERNIE SCHEFSKE RANDV SCHERMERHORN JIM SCHLUNDT-Hall Monitors I, AVA l,2,3, Jr. Play 2, Radio Club I. RONALD SCHLUNDT-Cheer Block 2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Latin Club 2,3, Math Club 3. LINDA SCHMIDT-Steering Comm. 2, Student Council l, Home- coming 3, Canteen l,2,3, Student Store 3, Jr. Concessions 2, Hall Monitors 2, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party I. SHERYL SCHOCH-Jr. Concessions 2, Counselors' Assistants 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Jr. Prom 2, Band 2,3, Maiorette 3. JUDY SCHOLL-Steering Comm. l,3, Canteen 3, Jr. Concessions 2, Red Derbies I, Cheer Block I, CRIMSON COMET 3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Soph. Party I, Lab. Technology I,2,3, FTA I,2. TOM SCHOOF TOM SCHRENIER-Cheer Block 3, Camera Club 3. SENIORS LINDA RUSBOLDT-Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Girls' Concert Chorus 3. ROGER RUSS DOUG RUSSELL SANDRA RYDEN-Homecoming 3, Hall Monitors I, A Cappella 3, Girls' Chorus 2. DONALD RYSKA LENORE SABINSKE-St. Mary's High Marian Club I. DAVE SADENWATER WILLIAM SADOWSKI-Hall Patrol 2,3. BETSY SANDERS-Soph. Party I, FTA I,2, Paint Spots l,2, GAA I,2,3, Girls' Chorus 2,3, Teachers' Assistant 2, Jr. Red Cross 2. SHARON SANDERS JAMIE SANTANA-Red Derbies I, T8Il 2, Girls' Concert Chorus 3. EUGENIA SANTOW 'f- . ,err mr- 5 x, SENIORS sf-Q! 'T Rfk 5 415 , . ,, iw 24. snag . yifjxl' Privy, AQ A . i"t K' ru- ff --s-C.. ,K 5. 'X K K wi . Mx. . cgi K., .1 7. v A 1 gill X WHEN. il :-- . it i e I 5 W, L it -. .sfml I' I ' 'U' '..s ha qi- 1 Wav' in , is I I I46 CHRIS SCHROEDER-Dahlites l,2,3g Red Derbies Ip Cheer Block Ip CRIMSON COMET 35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Jr. Prom Qi Paint Spots 3. DAVE SCHROEDER-Honor Society 2,3p Hall Monitors l,2,3, Latin Club l,2. ANDREA SCHROLL. PATSY SCHUH-Red Derbies l,2,3f Cheer Block I,2,3p Tri-Hi-Y 2,37 Girls' Concert Chorus 2. DENNIS SCHULTZ-Track I. LINDA SCHULTZ-Student Council lg Red Derbies I,2,3g Hall Moni- tors 3, Jr. Prom 25 Soph. Party 2g Girls' Concert Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 3. MARY SCHULTZ-Canteen 2,3f Jr. Concessions 2g Hall Monitors 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3g Jr. Play 2f Jr. Prom 25 Soph. Party If Spanish Club Ip Girls' Concert Chorus I. PATRICIA SCHULTZ-Girls' Concert Chorus l,2,3. TIM SCHUMAKER-Cheer Block l,2,3g Hall Monitors 3: German Club 2,35 Wrestling 2,3. BETTY SCOTT-Red Derbies I, Tri-Hi-Y I. JERRY SCRIVNOR-Cheer Block 2, D.E. Club If BowIing'CIub I. PHIL SEIFERT-Jr. Prom 2. CAROL SELKE-Tri4Hi-Y I,2. JOHN SEPPYES GEORGE SERHAL-Steering Committee 35 Homecoming 31 Hi-Y 37 Cadet Teaching 35 Football If Baseball I. TWILA SHANK-Honor Society 2,35 Homecoming 3g Thespians 2,35 Elston Speech Winner 2, Student Store 35 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Play 2g "The Music Man" 25 Latin Club 2,3. TIM S. SHAW-Band If Dance Band If Pep Band I. EUGENE D. SHAWLEY-AVA I,2,3, Ushers I,2,3p Jr. Prom 25 Camera Club I,2,3. MIKE SHERWOOD PAT SHIDLER BARBARA SHIPLEY-Honor Society 2,3, Red Derbies I,2,3f Cadet Teaching 3, French Club I,2,3, Moth Club 3, FTA I,2,3. CAROL SHORT-Red Derbies Ig Hall Monitors Ig Jr. Prom 2. CONNA SHUFFIELD-Miami, Florio Peo Club i,2. DIANNE SIMERLEIN MIKE SIMON--Oflice Messengers 3, Sr. Play 3, Latin Club 3, Span- ish Club 3, Radio Club 3, Band 3, Jazz Band 3, Dance Band 3, Pep Band 3, Orchestra 3. RUSS SIMS-Honor Society 2,3, Student Council I, Jr. Concessions 2, ELSTONIAN 2,3, German Club I, Camera Club 2,3, Exchange Student Committee 2,3. JOHN SKIVERS SANDRA SLIWA KATHI SMIDT-Cheer Black 2,3, CRIMSON COMET 3, Tri-Hi-Y l,3, Cadet Teaching 3, Latin Club 2,3. JUDY SMILEY-Recl Derbies I, Cheer Block 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2. KAREN SMISKEY-Fashionettes 3. CATHERINE SMITH-Red Derbies I, Oflice Messengers l,2, Counse- lor's Assistants 2, Hall Monitors 2, CRIMSON COMET i,2, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Soph. Party I, French Club I,2, Potpourri I, Bowling 3. ELLEN SMITH-Science Seminar l,2,3, Thespians 3, Dahlites 2,3, Jr. Concessions 2, Red Derbies 2, Cheer Block 2, Jr. Play 2, Sr. Play 3, "The Music Man" 2, Spanish Club 2,3, Fashionettes I, Mixed Chorus l,2. JANICE SMITH-Steering Comm. I,3, Homecoming 3, Red Derbies 2, Cheer Block 2, Tri-Hi-Y I, Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party I, Sr. Play 3, Black Friars 2,3, A Cappella 3. RICHARD SMITH VIRGINIA SMITH-Cheer Block I, CRIMSON COMET 3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Sr. Play 3, Potpourri 2, Paint Spots 2. NORMA SNAPP KARL SNEARLY JIM SNYDER-Hall Monitors I, Football I,2,3. R. SOLNER JUDY SOMMERFELD-Red Derbies l,2,3, T8-I 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y I. BECKY SPRAGUE-Steering Comm. 2, Dahlites 2, Jr. Concessions 2, Cheer Block I, Hall Monitors 3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Jr. Play 2, Latin Club 2, Potpourri 2, Bowling 3. ROBERT SQUIRES-Hall Monitors 3, Radio Club 3. GAIL STANNARD-Jr. Concessions 2. HELEN STANTON-Jr. Concessions I, Hall Monitors 2, Girls' Con- cert Chorus 3. PAT STANTON-T8.I I,2,3. BONNIE STANTZ-Red Derbies l,2, Cheer Block l,2, Girls' Con- cert Chorus l,2,3, Mixed Chorus I. WILLIAM DAVID STANTZ-Hall Monitors 2,3, Lab Technology I. U I J Q... K if ,XLR SENIORS ,- ff' , 1 615 , ,A rf .f 6525! vu. l 5 W f' Q5 i i K 'I' I I F ' A 31A. Q..3f K f f fff!" -- . r. ,gn W K . .x K ' I we-f its we i 5 1 1 1 RTI., .1 -f.,' J -Aa. Q1 I47 .. I SENIORS not 10 s Sb. 3 . ei! I ll . . S' 1' 'X I J . L- U -I -. . r ' , i , .est , S . we 1 WAYNE STOREY-Steering Comm. 25 Jr. Concessions5 Radio Club I,2. BARRY STRADTNER C. STRATTEN MIKE STUPECK-Hall Monitors I5 Track ly Football I. JACK SUTHERLIN-D.E. Club 3. DAVE SWANSON-T8-I 2,35 Football l,2,3. KAYE SWANSON-Student Council I5 Canteen 35 Dahlites 2,35 Jr. Concessions 25 CRIMSON COMET 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y I,25 Jr. Prom 25 "The Music Man" 25 "The King and l" I5 German Club 35 Band l,2,3. SANDRA SWENDSEN STEVE SWENEY RICHARD SWINEHART-Honor Society 2,35 Science Seminar l,2,35 Jr. Play 25 "The King and I" li German Club 25 Band I,2,35 Jazz Band l,2,35 Dance Band I,2,35 Pep Band l,2,3. PEGGIE SWITZER JEANNE SYDOW-Red Derbies I,25 Cheer Black l,25 Jr, Prom 25 Soph. Party I. THOMAS STAROBA-Honor Society 2,35 Latin Club l,2,3. MIKE STAWSKI-Steering Comm. 35 Cheer Block 2. DAVID E. STEELE-Honor Society 2,35 Hall Monitors 2,3. LARRY STEELE-Steering Comm. 1,25 Jr. Prom5 Soph. Party I, Latin Club l,2,35 Track lp Football l,2,35 Wrestling I5 Band l,2.35 Jazz Band I,2,35 Dance Band l,2,3. HAROLD STEEN GAIL STEINHEISER-Jr. Concessions 25 Red Derbies 25 Cheer Block l,25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Paint Spots 3. GEORGE STEINHISER KEITH STEINHISER MARILYN STEVENS-Hall Monitors lj Student Council 2. KAYE STEVENSON-Canteen I,25 Jr. Concessions 25 Cheer Block I,25 Hall Monitors i,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y l. ROBERT STOLZE TERRYE STOREY-CRIMSON COMET 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Sr. Play 35 Latin Club 35 Black Friars 25 Paint Spots 2,35 Band l,2,35 Bowling Team 2. 148 I isiviff L , . . "'- . .I I - 4n..' bk LARRY SYDOW ZEKE SZALAJKO DIANA SZYMANSKI cert Chorus l,2,3. JUDY TADLOCK Red Derbies I, Cheer Block If Girls' Con- RANDY TALBUTT--Cheer Block l,2,35 Hall Patrol I,2,3g T8-I 2,35 Ushers 35 "The King and I" ly Track lp A Cappella 3g Mixed Cho- rus l,2p Bowling 3. CHESTER TATARSKI CALVIN TAYLOR DONNA TEETERS-Red Derbies 29 Jr. Prom 25 Soph. Party l. ALLEN THIEDE DICK THODE CAROL THOMAS JOHN THOMAS--Student Council I. 5-.. X'-'err I QS I. JT. Q Q 4-N SENIORS Allh. ig. 'lui Mk QTY . . I 149 I Xl 1 ,- Q- WILLIE THOMAS BOB THOMASON-T8rl lg Track l,2,3g Cross Country I. DONNA THOMPSON ROBERT TIMM-Hall Monitors 35 "The Music Man" 2. SHARON TIMM-IA! previous school? Girl Reserves 1,25 Pepper Club 25 Social Studies Club 2. JEFF TIMMRICK-Bond I,2,3. JOHN TODD KENNY TOMASZEWSKI JAMES TOMSHECK-Cross Country l,2. JENIDA TRESSMER DIANE TROJAN-Tri-Hi-Y l,2f French Club 2,3. RICHARD TROTH-Sleering Comm. I. 4. 65 rl V ' L.. I , 1, ljlngw' sE,NloRs 'HQ' S CAROL WAGNER-Hall Monitors 35 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Jr. Play 25 Jr. Prom 25 Soph. Party I. JIM WALTZ JEANE WANTLAND LINDA WASHLUSKE-Canteen 25 Jr. Concession 25 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3. PAM WASHLUSKE-Jr. Concessions 25 Red Derbies l,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y i,35 Jr. Play 25 Jr. Prom 25 Sr. Play 35 "The Music Man" 25 Cam- era Club 35 Paint Spots 35 A Cappella 2,35 Mixed Chorus I5 Chorus Ensembles 2. LORREL WATSON-Hall Monitors 35 Tri-Hi-Y I5 FTA5 Mixed Cho- rus I,2,3. JANICE WEED-Thespians 35 Student Store I,2,35 Red Derbies l,25 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,35 Jr. Play 25 Jr. Prom 25 Soph. Party I5 Senior Play 35 French Club 2,35 A Cappella 2,35 Mixed Chorus l. BILL WENC PEG WERNER-Red Derbies 25 CounseIor's Assistants I,2,35 Jr. Prom 2. CHARLES R. WEST-Steering Comm. 35 Jr. Concessions 25 Cheer Block 35 AVA 35 Ushers 35 Jr. Play 35 Jr. Prom 25 Sr. Play 2,35 "The Music Man" 25 A Cappella 2,35 Madrigals 2,35 Mixed Chorus I. TONY WESTCOTT-Soph. Steering Comm Ip Red Derbies l,2,3 Student Council 2,35 ELSTONIAN 3. DAVID WESTPHAL-Homecoming 35 Jr. Prom 25 Football 2,3. CHARLES TROTT JERRY TUEL JANIS TURNER-Honor Society 2,35 Canteen 35 Red Derbies l,25 Cheer Block l,25 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Jr. Prom 25 Spanish Club 25 Math Club I,2,3. TERRY ULRICH-Cross Country l,2. ALAN UNGER-Swim Team l,2,35 Band I,2,3. MERRI BETH UNGURAIT-Tal 2,35 Lab Technology 1, Paine spofs I5 State D.C.E. lT8iIJ Club Recorder. SUE URBACK-Red Derbies I5 Cheer Block I5 Office Messengers I5 Hall Monitors 25 Tri-Hi-Y 25 GAA I. KATHY VALENTINE-Honor Society 2,35 Steering Comm. I5 Home- coming 35 Dahlites I,2,35 Cheer Block 25 Jr. Prom I5 "The Music Man" 25 Spanish Club 25BC1I'1d I,2,3. JOHN VANDERPLOUGH-Honor Society 2,35 Science Seminar I,2, 35 Thespians 2,35 Red Derbies I5 "The Music Man" 25 AVA 2,35 CRIMSON COMET 25 Jr. Play 25 "The King and I" I5 Band I,2,35 Jazz Band 25 Pep Band 2,3. DON VANKOWSKY-Homecoming 35 Jr. Concessions 25 Hall Moni- tors I,25 Ushers 35 Camera Club 35 Golf I5 Bowling I,2,3. KATHI VERNIER-.lr. Concessions 25 Red Derbies I5 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,35 Jr. Play 2,35 Sr. Play 2,35 "The Music Man" 25 French Club 2,35 Math Club 2,35 A Cappella 2,35 Band I,2,3. DEAN WADE-Band I,2,35 Jazz Band 2,35 Dance Band 2,35 Pep Band I,2,3. gi X HW ' Q 1 J A II? .. XX Q . 2' s ,c I r E s WAYNE WESTPHAL-Hall Patrol I,2,3. CHRISTINE WHALEN-Tri-Hi-Y I5 Girls' Concert Chorus 2. CALVIN WHITAKER DELORES WHITE-Red Derbies I5 Cheer Block I5 Hall Monitors 35 French Club 35 Girls' Concert Chorus I. EDWARD WHITE JOHN WHITE-Cheer Block 25 Jr. Prom 25 Track I,25 Basketball lp Football I,2. LINDA WHITE-Hall Monitors 25 Tri-Hi-Y I,25 FTA 2. JOYCE WIBLE VICKI WIENCEK-Steering Comm. 35 Student Council 25 Cheer Block 25 Tri-Hi-Y I,35 Sr. Play 35 Latin Club I,2,35 FTA 3. DALE WIENHOFT EUGENE WIENKE KAREN LYNN WIENKE-Student Council I5 Red Derbies I,35 Cheer Block I5 Jr. Prom 25 Black Friors I. RANDY WILDHART-Baseball l,2,35 Football l,2,3. GREG WILKINS-Hi-Y I,2,3. KATHY WILL-Girls' Concert Chorus I,2,3. MARY WILLEY-Tri-Hi-Y I5 Spanish Club 2,3. ALLEN WILLIAMS REBECCA WILLIAMS-Red Derbies 2,3. LOUISE WILLIE LINDA K, WILSON-Honor Society 2,35 Red Derbies I,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y I5 Cadet Teaching 35 German Club 2,35 Math Club 35 FTA 2,3. THOMAS R. WILSON-Red Derbies 25 Lab Technology 35 Latin Club 2,35 Track 2,35 Tennis Team 2,3. HARLAN WINELAND PAUL WINKLER-"The King and I" lp "The Music Man" 25 Band 3. KARLEANE WISE-Soph. Party I5 Sr. Play I5 GAA 35 Girls' Con- cert Chorus 35 Bowling Team 3. SEN R' .MI vi IU' ogg.. 'QB' 'V FT, -Q, Nr Yv- J X 'Frm' xx "S-'Eff dig ' ii, 'Q I HI - K. , Ai, . I5I SENIORS 4' f X N 1' A 'ECT Q .fl gf, s 0 nfl SX DNN. I " A ' X A i it .69 'Y A Ii . .W . ' ,, l , I I 419'- TERRY WISEMAN-Student Council I, Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party I, German Club 2, Football I,2,3, Swim Team I,2,3. JAMES WISKEMAN-Baseball I,2,3. RICKEY WITEK-Hall Monitors I,2, Ushers 3, Track 2,3, A Cappella 2,3, Mixed Chorus I. JULIA WOJASINSKI PENNY WOLF-Steering Committee I, Jr. Concessions 2, Red Der- bies I,2,3, Hall Monitors l,2, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Play 2, Jr. Prom 2 Soph. Party I, Sr. Play 3, Girls' Chorus 2. RON WOOD DAVID W. WOODRUFF-Hall Monitors I, Camera Club 2, Wres- tling I, AVA 3, Soccer 2. GARY G. WOODRUFF-Red Derbies 2,3, AVA I,2,3, Bowling 2,3. VICKI WOODS-Tri-Hi-Y I.2: French Club I. MARCIA WORTHY-Hall Monitors 3. TRUDY WOZNIAK CONNIE WRIGHT-Homecoming 3, Cheerleader I,3, Hall Monitors I,2, T8fI 2, D.E. Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Soph. Party I, Math Club 2,3, Camera Club 3. JANICE WRIGHT-T8iI I. RALPH WRIGHT-Sr. Play 2, Track I', Basketball I,2,3, Football 2, 3, Band I, Jr. German Club 3. WAYNE YACKUS CHESTER YANZ-Red Derbies I. CLIFF YENTES-Honor Society 2,3, Steering Committee 2,3, Student Council 2, Homecoming 3, Boys' State 3, Jr. Concessions 2, Hi-Y 2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Latin Club 2,3, Math Club I,2,3. DIANE YODER-Jr. Concessions 2, Red Derbies 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Jr. Play 2, "The Music Man" 2, Latin Club 3. BETTYE YUZAMAS-Red Derbies I, Cheer Block 2. ZELLA YUZAMAS-Red Derbies I, Cheer Block 2. ROBERT ZAWACKI SANDY ZEMAN-Student Council I, Canteen 2.3, Jr. Concessions 2, Red Derbies I,2,3, Cheer Block l,2,3, Hall Monitors I,2,3, Tri- Hi-Y I,2,3, Jr. Prom 2, Soph. Party I, GAA I,2,3. JAMES ZEMROWSKI-Ushers 3, Jr. Prom I, Camera Club l,2,3, Mixed Chorus I,2,3. JANICE ZEPIK-Red Derbies I,2,3, Office Messengers 3, CRIMSON COMET 3, Tri-Hi-Y I, Jr. Play 2, Sr. Play 3, Latin Club 2,3, Math Club 2,35 FTA 2,3. SENIORS Q' MICHAEL HUGHEY BEA INGRAM-Cheer leader Ig Counselor's Assisionis 1,35 Hall Monitors 35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 A Cappella l,3. JIM KAMINSKI RONALD MADDOX GERRY PAWLIK DAVE MANN GLORIA STEERE Seniors Not Pictured BEVERLY BROCIUS MICHAEL DRESKE SANDRA MATTHEWS ARNOLD CLANTON DALE GAUSTAST SHIRLEY SATURNIS JANICE EMERY MARGARET LASS PAT SMIERTELNY WAYNE DOSENBERRY CHERRIE SUTHERLAND IN MEMORIAM "There is no death! The sfcmrs go down To rise upon some other snore . . . McCreery RENA BARTHEL JIMMY CUMMINGS 153 'Z The "Three Musketeers" of the Junior closs are Rick Boyer, vice-president, John Holmes, president, and Bryon Ton, secretory-treosurer. Junior class sponsors, Miss Bailey ond Mr. Boss, plan for the Junior-Senior Prom. THE MIDDLE YEAR As second yeor students ot Elston, Juniors were in- troduced to different closses-chemistry, shorthond, ond Arnericon literoture-ond to more sociol octivities -steering committee, student council, ond clubs. They received the. distinction ot hoving the lorgest mouths ot the pep sessions os they cheered their teom on to victory. Closs officers, John Holmes, pres- ident, Rick Boyer, vice-president, ond Bryon Ton, secretory-treosurer, under the sponsorship ot Miss Boiley ond Mr. Boss helped their closs plon ond per- torrn their iunior ploy, "Onions in the Stew." Juniors worked hord during tootboll ond bosketboll sessions eorning money on Junior Concessions tor the big- gest sociol event ot the yeor, the Junior-Senior Prom. ff 'Ups 119' ' 'X a iss!-.e!.!. i s X -..Q Mariam Abraham Larry Acker Joan Ackil Charlotte Adrian Phil Ahrendt Jody Alexander Anita Anderson Gretchen Anderson Lissci Anderson Ray Anderson Cheri Antrim Melody Archer Jim Ash Paul Ayars Brent Bachmann Cynthia Bailey Ann Baird Coleen Baker David Baker William Bane David Bannwart Charles Barhydt Dale Barnes Ralph Barnes Tim Bassett Janet Bartels Tim Bartlett' Sandra Batz David Bazemore Carolyn Bear Gerry Beard Ruth Beason Nancy Becker Berry Belue Arlene Benninghoff Daryl Bentley Dorene Bentley Duane Bentley Tim Bergman Rick Bernethy Judy Berrier Maryann Birdsong Bob Birkholz Madeline Bishop Bob Bixler Dan Bixler Bob Blank Nancy Bobinski Barbara Bock Richard Bock Barbara Boehm Jean Boehnlein Eddie Bogenski Curtis Bohnstadt Marcia Bohnstadt Chris Bolka Mike Bolka Dan Bootcheck Frances Booth Marvin Bootz Richard Boyan Rick Boyer Tom Breese Donald Briggs Marsha Brinckman Tom Brinkman Karen Brown Mildred Brown Doris Broyles Donna Bryant Harry Bucy Harlene Bud Jacqueline Buell Pam Bundesman Russell Bunton Alan Burke Marnetta Burkhart Ron Burns Sharee Burns Bob Bush Paul Bush Beverly Butler Shari Butts Rosemary Buzalski Richard Byers .lim Cadwell Laurie Cameron Linda Cameron JUNIORS A Q 3 N- W or fi A l X K ,A r B Jfk ' .5 wmv , A "iie A A si fit 9 X Fix X ' J V 'Ji l' N ' ii fi- 4+ ,. .. S119 Q C S. N J f J, gf, V J' ff ' iw r. t k t, kikf ? - K is of Q C s ss J Q J , at Q . r -if Al A if .. i 0 X J 5' is at t- M , J B5 y 'sz' wr-J ,u u V 'M 1 ' 4 - J . E" ,,, I my A A Ski fe? x J A A j X Q i E J i Eg" A -- X it ' u-. Q. .rrc t my J s . N?-,kk Jili A c A ii ' -' A . JQJ 3 J' it 1 A J X A J 1 X x 'N Q""' B '- Q' ' A ' .sk . if C K - - ,W -r Q74 f X C I C - , iii I 'L J 'PF YY w I A V A 1 A it-fr Jf 'll I tti, 5 X A c y lytr ge t J fry V X , g' , V4 , ? 4, 1 x an XL x , f ,r , X A 'K A I 5 4' "' x.+A F e. wx 2, f 5 7? .j. l wx' - .'xs35m' l is ,Qs Gi IL N :.u -A liais- . l- JUNIORS ,wi .. , 2 , 1' A - ,f is y ' 'N L tfffgg j ... ,. g i tg I.' . l x A? Us 1 ::':"TJ" . ,s E: "-if-' . kj - , . 4 . K ste 1 ' K ll J: N ,, as ll J J S' J jg " .fl E if N r il of lf A L ' 'ef g. - is Q'5: Z Y 'C' ' so eelel iili iff 1 5, aa' . :ff . we L V, 'L ,ff ei 4 if 93? u. I? W if .6 Li I -Q , 6 'E 'Q X, ii' I felt kN ' 1 CP' ' , L K LN 1 , 'Cf 4 . EL J SA' 6, I V V X fs QQ :,, Y 5tQ,mpXi, 5 in .R Y it f" -J A sq x ll I t I- L s 1 Alan Campleiohn Diana Cargile Anita Carmona Joyce Ann Carpenter Tom Cashbaugh Virginia Cashbaugh Bob Chambers Duane Chase Toni Checolo Phyllis Childers Lucy Childers Marc Christopher Tom Chmiel David Claeys James Clements Lynn Clemmons Ronnie Clif Gary Clifford Tony Cline Ginger Cooper Marianna Coffey Mary Collier George Collins Hubert Colwell Brenda Cook Ed Cook Ken Cook Steven Cook Tom Cook Larry Cota Sharon Cotton Carole Covert Tim Cox Janet Crane Betty Crook Mike Cruse Sue Cullom John Cunningham Phil Davis Terri Davis Deloris Deal Nancy Deardorft Priscilla Denby Gretchen Dettwiler Harvey Dettwiler Dan Dever Sandi Devereau Frances Diana Deloin Dickey Ross Dickey Vennetta Dickey Don Dingman Evelyn Dingler Toni Divietro Brian Dombkowski John Dombrowsky Stanley Dombkowski Tom Dombkowski Wayne Dosenberry Don Dougherty Rodney Draves Bob Drum Diane Duechting Susan Dunton Carolyn Dwight David Dysard Henry East Bob Eaton George Edinger Mary Eggers Linda Eikelberg Dawn Eisensee Nancy Ellis Ken Engle Pam Engle Sally Erickson Diane Fabian Judy Fairbairn Joann Falbo Penny Falls Linda Fargo Donna Farley Nita Farmer Stanley Farmer Lee Feldman Eric Finstick Pamela Fischer Dan Flavin Jacqui Flenner Sue Floyd Doug Forrester Mary Fox Sharon Fox Pat Frecke Nadine Fredenburg Pam Fries Richard Frigon Doreene Gardner Bob Garrett Paulette Geleske Calvin George Eva Gimlin Terry Glancy Carol Glanz Jim Gleason Annette Glick Ken Glick Lorraine Glick Tom Glosser Tommy Gober Sue Goetz Connie Goodrich Jan Gorr Susan Gotto Ruth Graf Harold Gresham Laurel Grimm Susan Grott Frank Gross Brian Grott Helen Grzeszczyszyn Loretta Gumm Dale Gumns Judy Haberman Ken Hahn Norma Hakes Norman Hakes Sue Hale Donald Hamilton Lawrence Hamley Mike Hampel Robert Hampton Gregg Hanke Dick Harder Mary Ann Harrington Tom Harris Willie Harris Morene Harvey Dave Hawkins Kathleen Heddens Steve Hedges Janis Hedstrom Nora Heeg Richard Heeg Don Heichel Donna Heisman Janice Held Cecil Hemingway Kathleen Henckel Bob Henderson Bobetta Henderson James Hendrick Roland Henrich Mike Henry Ralph Herrbach Carol Heuer Frances Hill Sharon Hill Ross Craig Hinchman David Hodges Harold Hollers Sandy Hollis Mary Holloway John Holmes Carol Hopper David Hout Linda Haut Clarence Howard Pat Howland Carolyn Hubbard Bill Hudock Gilbert Hudson Kathy Hutt Rickey Hughes Kathy Hullinger Kathy Hultgren ,Q xx JUNIORS - 'W ' Y fp., , F A 4 Eu 1' X 53 r Q L F y, 'Y ' ' , F' K S F 1' 5 . 'sd 'J V uv- I Ji .: A i . - S 'ith ' ' L1 SAK N .gift .X on Q x L - .- ' I. ' 4' yy Tl x L Q V l .ll c X . L K l r' ' . .ge 1, rr it mfr L H "' F F' - 'bt ' ag! ,fs FF ' ,. - 'S s"A' E V 3 f g V ,V as F fi. ' . ' ' L L . Q L of f .v A L ZF V F, '. ' ,-. Fe cf rg Mft it f. if K fi! ' L , 1- F r 3, . g A X z Y y Wy ...Q ut s Ki 1 F. ss Q 1-'f' K " LA '- ,i Ag i 'S' F 1 S A' - r Xt J F rv urcs F 2 72 L L' " X K W 1 ,cg 5 Q- wr? Q L' I F e 5 is L . H L X . ji s ,1 ' F, - -it V A , l x g y n A A . . --A x V .-1 X fx fl 1 F i" ' VX , is g is w F , L . S F. ,FK ' Q1 ' A iff.. L j 55" x S FFLF it K- W ' 'Ni 47 A. j F F " F y V Z? F S fe. 1 .F K L we "" K A 'J vw K K K 1,5 i wg! ' . :f ,k.k , fi Q F 'L A Ib... 5? F f "" it FW . .f in '. 't . JUNIORS . is rss' X 5 N J I IIX L if L ss-X nv- ' . , - 've "' Q.. :ii ky we 1, Q nf L L ,Q y L S' . V .av X . l L5 Q K' ' H . u 'gg' L, for N L? gs L -hi dh L it A A B fe ' xzzw " ggi g J 1 J ' - A 'z I x A t A I M L ax k L g ri. kj liaf ev 'gigs ' xy 1 if if' E 'veil' f J ' 1 J L yrs, A fr. u. -g iv 4 rm ,.,ir'?,. A f ,R f L if A " ag 2 J . A - , rs if L .1 2' E ,V 57 " lx? , X 1,1 N . 5 K 1 QSM-ef' V, 5- ' f K, if 4-A z Qi ri in .. P , L ss- fr P , 1, N- A I Y. , - 1' ge Q i 4 L. xi ELA J - fi .fi eh Ax r. 1 -- A -+ at X h - ' L 0 A- A - -as 'I' . ' V il wr' 1 tl", 2 -L ' N Owen Hurley Linda Huslcey Judy Hutchinson Tom Hutmacher Judy Hutson Todd Hutson Warren Hyde Ronald Hyer Dan lrk Mike lshmael Charlene lvey Dora Jacks Marielle Janicki Lucinda Janke Melinda Janke Judy Jasicki Patricia Jaske Roger Jenkins Clark Jenks Sandre John Andy Johnsen Candy Johnson Janice Johnson Jennifer Johnson Thomas Johnson Cheryl Johnston Dave Jones Ernest Jones John Jones Larry Jones Joyce Jovien Zita Kaczmarek Patricia Kado Cyndee Kalil Larry Kalk Dennis Kambs Sammy Karnilowicz Linda Keen Dan Keene James Keller Linda Kelley William Kennedy Philip Kiefter Judy Kietzman Charles Kindig Zettie King Marilyn Kintzele Kathy Kirby Dan Knoll Richard Koch Karlene Kohler Caryl Kohn Rudolf Kohn Judy Kolobuchowski Kathy Kolodieu Richard Komasinski Jim Kopchinski Lynne Kornegay William Kraemer Mike Krawczyk Carol Kriesel Arlene Krueger Lynda Krueger Ruth Ann Krueger Steve Krueger Fred Kvocka Mary Jane LaBerge Freddie La Born Sherry La Follette Laura Landrum Michael Lane Kathryn Lange Kathy Lange Lynn La Tourette George Loutt Edward Layman Frank Lesener Linda Levay Bill Levendoski Eugene Levendowski Stanley Levendoski Robert Libke Sue Lidke Cynthia Lievense Don Lindberg Jim Lindstrom Eileen Linkowski Chuck Lisak James Liverman Robert Living Margaret Lochmandy Christina Logmann Judy Long Trudy Long Sandi Loomis Marilyn Loomis Joan Losiniecki Gayle Lowery Pam Lowry Ronnie Lowry Linda Lubinieclci Judy Lueth Brenda Lykins Darriell Lykins Julie Lynch Diane Maitland Sharon Malecki Pat Maloney Curtis Manes Thomas Manske Michael Mason Ronnie Mason Carol Marovich Steve Martin Maryann Martorano Patricia Mathew Lynn Mathias Patricia Matthews Roy Matthews James Matuszak Harry Matzkie Ruth Maynard Philip Mazur Kathy Mazzaia Bob McBride Linda McCollough Mary McCormick Ron McDonald Robert McFarland Larry McNeal Stella McNeal Kathy Meece Carol Meredith Daniel Messina Dennis Metheny Doug Meyer Tony Middleton Nora Millage James Miller Valerie Miller Jim Misili Alice Mitchell Dave Mitchell Lawrence Mitchels JoAnne Mitio Jim Mooneyhan Ilene Moon Jim Moore Vicki Moore Jim Morgan Carolyn Morris Keith Morris Sharon Morris Carla Morse Michael Morse Terry Morse Mary Muldoon Frank Murth Steve Myers Howard Nast Gwen Nathan Marilyn Neal Hollis Nelson Larry Nessler David Nichols JoAnn Nickell Dan Nole Carolyn Novitske Wayne Novak Jim Nowatske Juliana Nowatske Brian Nowfel Bengt Nygren Pat O'Connell Cheryl Olds sl., Q.. -an-. JUNIORS 3 J NJ X F5 . J , ..,. I JV' liit eggs J S J 1 it J istc J 'L E55 giicv, is "' , 'J Q J L, J.J.-,viii if Jr 1 . G' A s X A J., .ff 'ev J -1 Q L .- T 5 W J V Q V , lx N J lg V5 N L V I .1 ' - fx J 3: vi 'J .10 if "" K, .iss J 4 J S ' T' X i J- ' M is J. l r I r"r' : -- x ' s. A J f J 4 ' T ff jfiy- , s-5,1 -'x x .Q in x fl Aff r 3 ,ja l Qi iii " Q-4 J Qi J J J g I P ' as 551- ' S - JJ J . L J 1 ,L 4- A ...qq J , . X Y J if J -Y J 45 Vrkkkk K - ..kk J I I f V ' if Ja Si - - J J to li 1 Wy J Y Jr ,EV V ea L -X i"Qf"M Jil' 'ff' 5 J'l c Sew 3 ' A K Af K V J is . X I at X In A X J. P I' J s Jaw' J ' J K. 4 ' 4 W 4 is Q J is V J J.. xi JILN JJ 43 7 fwiiq ' ff' ' H 6 we 'Y . ' JJ rl, M - J ,V lcc s S J fi 'J ' x P F' ' fn rr vs at P ' . P7 " H . P g'71V . 'B is - 1 , K ,K i ,W t A :V M , M Q , or A my ig, - i E swgsgfigisilg' K :kb . ku I if R. . K - 5 .-,. .K K :- K I i ' J , L , I km ,W a i Q.- , P? Q W 'X A N A Q 'P , X X , Pax . . if .::.::- 5 ' - ,si m,::.: ' f W gf ,sl . A -1:4 P 5: i n N' v- Hip , K "': i K f 'rff , '- . +-If Q l , . N J S ssri 4 S ,Se . K A is. Lk c K A .S .t A . s iw h"hhA if Ly or J is f si, ,y 'J H r,5if,x M357 S ci ' " ' at ' - ' lv . . . J .. 5 E Fl . his J - -.b.- ,'yA. .P - . X ' .' ir P ,ss S Y , V i V I se Y - if '5 Q P 'Ji ,c G S s Q L R Q f f l P it Z, W a s Q t w a h, V t y , 'QW egg, ,Q si - gt k I im:- X .f . Q. f- X 'av 3 - Lf. 5 in c 14-A k vc' tt- 41 Hollis Olson Patrick Omalley Steve O'Neal Susan Otlewski Ronnie Otto Steve Otto Fred Oviatt Marsha Owsley Rita Pace Kathy Pagels Phyllis Pagels Ronald Pahl Nancy Pahs Earlene Painter Kathy Papineau Greg Parkhause Ed Parrett Jeannetta Parsley Jim Pasky Sam Pawlick Frank Pawlik Minnie Payne Gloria Pearce Jeane Pearce Nino Pecorado Terry Peek Brian Pennington Garry Pennington Stan Penzoil Sheila Peo Suzanne Pepple Gary Peters Robyn Peters Sharon Peters Suzanne Peters Tam Petoskey Calvin Pickens Phil Pier Nancy Piper Frank Pishkur Ken Pizarek Ron Pizarek Pat Plank Jim Plew Cynthia Pliske Roger Pliskey Cheryl Popard Regina Pape Bryce Porter Marlene Pranikus Nancy Prast Marie Pries Ron Prull Dick Prysbylinski Stan Prysbylinski Andrea Putorek Greg Putz Lawrence Putz Janice Qualls Pat Qualls Phil Radtke Steela Rancatore Ellie Ransey Trudy Raske Kay Rastenis Pam Peale Joann Reed Vicky Reed Vanna Reid Bob Reno Darla Richardson Kathleen Richmann Martin Rieck Mary Riley Gary Ritter Barbara Roach Gary Roadarmel Dan Roames Carol Robbins Larry Robbins Rich Roberts Dave Ross Jennifer Ross May Roth Diana Rotzien Suan Rowley Ken Rudnick Rich Ruem Linda Rueter Joe Ruhe Dave Rusbolt Larry Russell Pat Russell Sue Rux Sharon Ryba Gayle Sabinske Georgia Sanders Charles Sass Larry Satkoski Robert Saum Wanda Saylor Andy Schaeffer Fred Schlick Mary Schmitt Pat Schmitt Allen Schnick Mary Louise Schomaker Ruth Schoonover Alan Schroeder Bonnie Schroeder Pam Schroeder Susan K. Schroeder Susan U. Schroeder Fred Schuelke Margie Schultz Dennis Schultz Robert Schultz Dan Schumaker Richard Schwanke Linda Schweizer Bernie Scott Dennis Scott Helen Scurlock Cheryl Seaverns Pam Selke Tom Senter Gail Shaffer Stuart Shatter Delores Sharkey Kathy Shaw Terri Shawley Peggy Sherrill Jeanne Shipley Diane Shuster Connie Siegmund Barry Sigle Sally Sigle O'Neil Simmons Tina Simpson Linda Sischo James Sioberg Ed Skwait Cindy Smego Lori Smidt Alice Smith Linda Smith Margaret Smith Salley Smith Richard Smith Marcella Snyder Joan Sobecki Linda Sobeclci Bonnie Sobolenski Randall Solner Ronald Sparks Judy Spicer Sally Spiers Leonard Spicer Marsha Spielman Jim Sprague Barb Sprong Dan Spyhalski Mary Stanton Alice Stark Mollie Staver Randy Steele Terry Steele Jimmy Steen Connie Stellema Larry Stephens Linda Stibbo Lynn Stibbe Doug Stickel Cheryl Sticlcle Tomm Stockwell Robert Stolze JUNIORS 6 si' L. , XS 'f .-.- silk! S l cn Q g Q, A 'I I ,, v ,lf t, Fw d ' . S z-. M rl " , ' "' ' A " S A sf - is R M L J as i ii J -if t - 1 V. ,,-. 3-,rw V 1 f ff: " .. L X L ' .. E: ,, 1, A f ' . Q ,g iz , ,S "'. . + ,Q 1,3 tf 'W' my A wi V , lll Q ,zllttm 1 Y ' . K is,. N Q K x i K , K U, . ii in ,wg Q X5 Q. -.k: 7 ff .L N K.. A x. if 7 Q, 'X' J X V sc C ' S N- sr -U 9 'L fd ,ag f :QW ,I fry, 2 m L? V1 ll X if : X in 7 MMM 4 . Q2 R si . r. we .1 Q X W' H X Q vt L sh ,gi J . "UN T" S, ty s ggwuu, New ,nf 'Kr il f I- , ' 'ii Q , 4 A V ll Q I ',llAAl "' H ",, , V ,V ',. -I 1:1 ,Q - 15 ,A L.. my v if rg 1 KM, l , Mm, , ,H ,B K tl. M ,fs , 7 .,. 1- f sl, ki , xi V V W L A. A , . .1 ' , 5, L Q iv 4 A sr gs .t .-Q N3 is 'se Ev' " - ' A i. J :Ht , . S h1' 'sfififiii -av, V - f '- it Q . 5 S sms? ' i"" . . - 43 ' ' J S .: via A , Q. its - Y " LX- er ., ' if f ff . X 'l A flluegslff w ill K f L T x 0 4' W rl E gl l sl' P J - '5 9, l ' K ' - ,.., ' L V N21 i J it T. mfh 1 K f w ' 'Qwz' W e ' " i - t o S 1 1 iics . f . n xg ' l T Q iv f 1 f R g g G! L Q g M , l i Z? 1' ,. 'EIN U V r 5 :Sis 1 I uae.. J lb Q f J' ' R - . . f .. L. 'gr 1 J ' . S " new , . it T sc' T L' as j tg? K of ,L i i i iiiiff " an R4 '22 S Q 'U T ii i J ' ' fe. 5 . rye gif: y V X J, .HS W' A .T Q ' ,it 'Jai' .Rig :QQ - -1, A Q v ,L , J ..E. L .Q L l i y, , E , i '-5 gg T 'N ii H' L, , - S 5- , Zito' of M p L S , . of L Ls. -slmrx ' f A- 'S T' vt st 'E' .. , - liiiifik ' f AJ, 'i 'x 'Q 'S ii is . L 'Lf 3.1, 1 X. L f" x.s' , K 2 M . K Q if T A 4. , Ju "" S -,S ' 6 QL' rf' -X ' - + . Q, ' f .ludy Story Linda Strawmier Steve Stronczek Mike St. Pierre Gerald Stueck Geraldine Stueck Regina Sturgeon Jesse Sutton Nada Svendsen Eddie Sweeting Edward Switalski Pat Sypnieski Pat Sydow Jerry Szemes John Szemes Susan Taft Kris Tenzer Tom Tarpley Betty Terry Willis Terry Penny Thibideau Agnes Thomas Edith Thomas Bill Thompson Larry Thompson Kris Thornburgh Charles Thorpe Shirley Thurman Roger Tilden Georgeann Timmons Ellen Todd Tom Todd Sheila Tolchinsky Dennis Tolton Phil Tomaszewski Michael Tomenko Bryon Ton Gail Troy George Tremmel Patsy Tucker Joe Tylisz Dan Urbanski John Utpatel Gail Vader Paul Vanderpool Trisha Van Sant Sue Van Vlack Richard Vayhinger Larry Vedron Cherie Verdos Karl Von Hartz Jesse Vogler Elwood Volk Bonnie Vorhees Larry Voss Deo Wagner Gail Walenga Phyllis Walker Sue Wallen Dennis Walters Rebecca Walters Ken Waltz Pat Wantuch Sarah Wardean Sue Warner Larry Watson Catherine Weidner Dan Weiss Sue Weiss Tom Welham Kathy Wells Barbara West Carol West Barbara Westphal Craig Westphal Kathy Westphal Richard Westman Terri Wetzel Toni Whisman Doug Wickstrom Jeanette Wienke Kay Wiesemann Bill Wilke Cheri Wilkins Pat Wysong Betty Williams Rebecca Williams Terri Williams . lrfs S3 ' x s wr JUNIORS it I - .,,,. Hz Nf- - s Q, t sk 3 John Williams ' Linda Wilson Tom Wine A. K ' . 1 . Debbie Winski Y V I Diann Witner Zh 'f A 6 Elizabeth Woehrle ' - . -ff Nancy Woiasinski T ,A I Susan Wolfe Q ,ie A B 1 N ist- ,ix i Eggs i r gs. si 'RE Because underclass pictures arrived because some never did arrive, we quested wallet photos-anything-so with the class of '66. Q, Sandy Wolod Tom Woodard Sandy Woodruff Lonnie Wyse Al Yazel Karol Zimmerle 7 ti ,W K 'I ' "wp, Tl if 'E 2 v with incorrect identification, and called in these students and re- that their pictures would appear JuNloRs Nor Pictuksn soPHoMoREs Nor Picruneo James Brady Ron Bohle Jim Childers Ronald Crawford Jerry Eckert Terry Grievish Dan Hagan Chuck Hullings John Klosinski Charles Knoll Michele Koury Kathy Neveroslci Some ing D. Steve Patz Jerry Scott Carol Spencer Raymond Thomas Charles Tompack James Bock Beverly Buttrum Judy Dumas William Durnet James Fredenberg Alleston Gillard Sandy Goodriclge Flora Haynes Susan Hohnke Meldon Maddon Colleen Ragen sophomores also furnished their own photos. Here are the oblig- P.'s of the Class of '67, . .L,. , is i, ,, ,,.,,.m iii S - rg . , - r 1 ' 1 'H - ' 1 Q Q A J "1 L 163 -I Michael Zonyk Frances Archer Richard Baker Melanie Baughe Robert Buckner Larry McNeal Ed Scrivnor Barbara Shepperson Gail Thorpe Pat Tortorice Chris Vallarano Terry Willis Pat Wysong Darrell Zbsowski .lack Steiger Jeanette Tompack Jim Welch Carmel Williams Theodore Williams Sue Crama Darrell Doane Wayne Gibson Bruce Grant Yvonne Zimmerman Q 'Q lf' my 4 1 Lawrence Hamley Henrietta Hubbard Marietta Hubbard Fredrick Hull Aleta Hurley Greg Keen Harold Kennedy Jack Koester Dennis Krueger Joyce Lee Frank Milcarek John Pollock Mike Prohl Roy Schniepp Steve Welham SOPHOMORES START A HIGH SCHOOL CAREER Upon entering Elston, the Sophomores found new classes, new schedules, new faces, and generally new experiences. After a few weeks of the confusion and excitement, Sophomores settled into the normal routine of academic lite. They made plans tor "The Combining brains, brawn, and beauty into leadership, Sopho- mores chose Mike Adams, vice-president, David Graham, pres- ident, and Barb Smith, secretary-treasurer, as class officers. Roaring 2O's," their annual party. Donning stringy beads, coonskin coats and double breasted suits, the vibrant crowd revived the days of the Charleston, the Flapper, and the cigar chewing gangster. Lead- ing their class in social events and at pep sessions were otticers David Graham, president, Mike Adams, vice-president, and Barb Smith, secretary-treasurer. Supervising the plans were the sponsors, Mrs. Du- rand and Mr. Lootens. "What d' ya' know. We're only three thousand dollars in the red!" exclaim Mrs. Durand and Mr. Lootens, So homore class P sponsors. Margie Abram Mike Adams Mitchell Adams Cheryl Adrian Cathy Akins Darlene Alkire Joy Allan Gillard Alliston Ellis Allen Larry Ambrose Richard Amm Lee Archambeult Leslie Arens Rodney Arndt Doug Ashmore Robert Ashton Stuart Avery Dale Baker Linda Bailey Roger Baker Cynthia Banas Cindy Barts Kenneth Barkow Walter Baron Jane Bartik Judith Barts Jim Bazemore Karen Beach Ann Beasley Jean Behner Joan Behner George Bellamy Nancy Benford Dave Beniamin Linda Bennett Linda Berger Allen Berman Daniel Bethke Thomas Biela George Biggerstaft Steve Biggerstatt Phil Bildhauser Jet? Biller Steve Binsz Todd Binsz Ray Blomberg Jean Bluhm Ingrid Bluzma Dick Boehnlein Ronald Bohle Judy Bolka Kathy Bolka Patricia Bolka Susan Bond Donna Bootcheck Q si! " . a s 1- ' 'Q' l Q K' ' Q gf A ' . , X f Q ri B I -- 1 y 'P 9 . 2 5 L. 'v , ' T' L K .. 'N X' 1 L X 6, X -v Q 'S' s at '--as Q? .LA ik Clark Bootz A 1 Cynthia Brady Jean Brinkman Phyllis Brown Susan Brownell Joyce Brummett Yvonne Bouldreau asa 2 A Rx E P' 6' 'N lx Nt J i Q ,.-. au' i x 1 ..,, Q . , sb s 1 :M 0 5 WB Karen Bryant A A Bennie Bowerman John Brennan Alan Brown Daniel Brown Kathy Bruce Thomas Bruce Wayne Buckingham he Bill Buell Richard Bruemmer Bob Buchner Patrick Buczkowski Tom Buczkowski Edward Bundy Kathy Bunting Lee Bunton Mariann Burgdorf Barbara Burton Jake Burton Charlotte Butler Diana Caddo Anne Callaway Pat Cammett Gloria Campbell Lawrence Cantwell Frank Capp . Q' Q, BAL if If-B .4 X G H rt" 4- " , in 8 mx 5, S' O i'Spf"' SOPHOMORES ,X A hp, -W - 44 , ctw" gif , J A XL li. if: i ' V ag.. 4. I V I LI, , sv K . L 4 , ,, ,, lik A 2 V. : L i A403 ,f PP ',,il iv fit? ,N .7 f x. ' 1 5 - 7 LA . , - 0 1, fgzg A I ' A ll'i-s,,. it fi Zilgfiy,Ti2'Qlt , ' ,ii , l I, 1' Sh' 'K I T 4 A L T A My H y., in :. - J 2 .. ., 'SYITX iii ' T J TC 23 A L- tg L 'sf of I--4 ', 1' W gy T il N 2-3 A A at T hh It A L L G . n , 2 ' fr" tr 5, I 'IL 'TD 1 ,-r ff SOPHOMORES -.-ai" T X ea 0- :., L . , 'Q' Q f K 0 "' ' A ii' x K sim. sv' K , ' ,I Q ,A4-H.. I , ' g ee' Q V' i it ,.x,. '. we , J . cfi -P s R . vi L J 'N K . A A -s - . is ,ga al J L ix lxl X at Q - sisgggecx -- U E i . i t '-LL ss . cc, . - :NK X is I is A Y ri.. A ll 91 fg li igifjfik YA, L L 3 ' L - Tiilfrl' - i I Q . X a x . I A Nas Qi ., ' K f'a:, M 1 'E 'X sg . As. .. I 3 X A it N f - .en ,KV ...M x. N.. K ALL 'N xH me X ,Q-v. 11 ' x t K X P L A P .., ' - A 1,A sssc '- GP' , f,. 'Sf l N ga. ::. - K, 2 . k X F ,Nha Q is X ji D A 3 X 9' X 5 gl eJS V15 'P '3 . , - ' . is mifii. 'r c my ' , 1 gg -.::: , A S' . ' i' ling' 4 2:7 viii? 1 " - s 'si V ,L ,ss ii? QQ r is N K-i fjigsl if is A N A N W illpriifk ' J' L 'UP 1 ,E Le- 2 ' Mark Carlisle Jane Carlson Glenda Carlton Donald Chambers Jim Chambers Diana Chappell Robert Chase Fred Chastain Pat Chinski Ronald Christensen Phyllis Clark Gail Clemens Dennis Clifford Dan Cline Phillip Cloyd Linda Cole Edward Coleman Barbie Collins Clara Collins Kay Collins Ted Conklin Velva Connell Edward Cooney Fred Cooper Mary Corley Debora Cornelvis Larry Cowgil Pat Cox Jerome Coyne Eric Craig Bernie Crawford Diana Creager Emil Cripe Leonard Crass Mary Crozier Jane Cruise Richard Crumbliss Greg Cullison Pam Curry Glen Curtis Alice Dabagia Hassan Dabagia Dave Dabbert Susie Dalessandro Doanne Darrell Carmelita Davis Wayne Dawson Freddie Deal llene Delehanty George Demchak Mike Demos Louis Deneau Nancy Dent Larry DeRolf Annette Derosia Mark Dever Debbi Devereau Michael Devero Greg Devetski Valerie Dieckilman Eileen Diedorf Norman Dieclorf Michael Dill Cary Dilloway Kathy Dingler Karen Dingman Lyle Dingman Wayne Dingman Laura DiPaolo Dave Ditto Barbara Dobkins Terrie Dodson Bob Dolembo Richard Dolph Richard Dombkowski Tim Dombkowski Jim Doran Mardale Doten Kim Duechting Paulette Dull Mike Duncan Juanita Dunlap Beth Dunlop Robert Dusza Herbert Dyer Pat Dyer Steve Eaton Patsy Ebert Ruby Eikelberg Robert Eilers Vicki Eis Richard Eldridge Larry Eidy Sandy Ennis Evelyn Ellis Keith Eschenbaum Barbara Esmeyer Carol Evans Keith Farley Kay Faulstich Cheri Faux Lisa Feldman Cora Ferrell Eugene Ferrell Frank Ferryman Chris Finger Bill Fisch David Fisher Donna Fisher Mike Flanigan Terrie Flavin Susan Fleming Judi Flenner Douglas Flint Darlene Fly Pearl Fly Gerry Fogarty Craig Foldenauer Steven Foldenauer Dan Frankowski Beverly Fowler Larry Franks Tom Fraze Linda Fredenburg Newell Fredline Becky Fritz Ron Fry Joanna Fryar Nancy Fuller Allan Gabriele Steve Gahr Steven Galinowski Dorothy Gallas Rundy Galles James Garner Malcolm Garrett Sammie Garrett Samuel Garrett John Garrettson Pat Gawronski William Gesse Sue Giberson Wayne Gibson Larry Gipson Don Glosser Dorcas Goede Louise Goetz Stuart Goldberg Ronnie Gootee Marshall Gostnell Marilyn Gotto David Graham Joseph Graham Bruce Grant Howard Graves Sandra Graves Al Green Linda Greis David Gresham Denise Griftip Peggy Griffin Sharon Griffith Andy Grimm Sandi Grindle Dave Gubbine Cynthia Hagaman Mike Hager Leigh Hahn Darlaine Hall Linda Haluck Amy Hamilton Tim Hamilton Jim Hamley Fred Handloser Philip Handtke SOPHOMORES . " y y A G, G' A dp s' A all ,, F. g.g- -sg,,E, F 1.5 r -, - 'F i F ' 1's ElQ:st L t 2 S 1 La 1 .4 t an sf is ll Ax L - 1 ' ' K t 32:5 S N A. ig -A L f L 'Fill Q, gh T41 in S g ggyg W A 'L fl N g L y ' i F f 5- 'Fx' ' -Q 5 A 'L lx 1 xg . K . A iam Lf 6'-" I 'Af' X L t up ts, 3. Ffh is ii ,XS ' f or K x Q X 1,14 A V s . K nb .5 9, L ,S F F L L ' - cf 2 We " - if wus' .gi 0 X , A 4 ,' ,',' Q , ' L -,ft es, , If 'E' , 1 ' ,- 5' , a , 'S . . 1 'Q N , by 5 y Q " 3 Q "fl Q E' l , " 'L A self eers 4? ii, L as Y ei F t Q x f X, . ssss 4 an A Q A L 4. as ' 5 . 'X is J Q 'HF L X E ww K s L. ' Q - ,5 ' - i iss ' 1 G X v it srsr i c A Q 4 s.. wt ,t-:P 7 C yen. 2 +I., Q5 4 l we ,V yi 'S ' I ll SOPHOMORES id V L 1 S 1 QP" U 'ul ui . -x 15' ' Mi. 4- P '51 if YM .. -'Lx - ii EQ., xvtiii ' X w t mi Q- 'Q -uns! J he E x ' Q, ii gf Ruthann Handtke Sandy Harger Edison Horkins Bonnie Harmon Earl Harper Sharon Harris Sandy Hart Pat Hartwig Maundalyne Hasdusiewicz John Haynes Don Headley Peggy Hedrick Sharon Heichel Sue Hclmken Dave Hendrickson Melinda Henry Alan Herrbach Linda Herrbach Allan Hiatt Bob Hiatt Georgia Hibner Daniel Hicks Cecil Higgs Judy Hill Kathy Hill Lynn Hilton Mike Hiscox Victor Hixon Jimmie Hodges Barry Hoffman James Hoffmaster Steve Holloway David Holtzlander Mary Ann Hootmon William Hoovey Kathy Horner Judy Howard Kathy Howard Tom Howe Sandra Hoyt Sandy Hoyt Keith Hutt Willa Huffman Nancy Hughes Margaret Hughey Raymond Hull Robert Hultgren Gaile Human Alito Hurley Joanna Hurley David Huryn Richard Hurley June Hyer Don lnscho Greg Irk Richard Jacks Linda Jackson Kathy Jacobs Richard Jania Connie Jankowski Jackie Janowski Julie Jonowski Kathy Jankowski Paul Janzaruk Linda Jarvis Don Jasch Monica Jaske Richard Jasper Tim Jeffries Tom Jeffries Richard Jellison Lee Jenkins Mary Jenkins Calvin Jenks Karen Johnsen Dave Johnson Gloria Johnson Lois Johnson Glen Johnston Ian Johnston Doug Jones Eddie Jones Loyal Jones Norma Jones Steve Jones Tom Kalil Kathleen Kaszynski Jim Keene Clarence Kemp Earncstine Kent Robert Kieffer Pennie Kietzman Tom Kietzrrian Tony Kilgore Stephen King David Kintzele Diane Kintzele Danny Kist Sue Klinder Russell Klosinski Robert Kniola Tom Knoll John Kocikowski James Koehler Harvey Koepke Norman Kolasa Mary Kalodiei Terry Kolsa Richard Kominiarek Judy Konhrst Jeanne Konkey Cecilia Kopanski Richard Kopanski Michael Kopczyk Randi Karen Chris Kowalski Kathy Kowalski Mike Krachinski Nancy Kraemer Joe Kramnier Corinne Krause Tim Krentz Charles Krueger Darlene Kubaszczyk Mike Kubath Laureen Kuchik Michael Kuhnel Ginger Laas Terry Lachmund Vincent Ladro Conde Landwirth Winona Lane James Lange Kim Lange Kathy Larkin Linda Lauman Judith Lautt Robert Layne Chris Leahy Harvey Lee Richard Lee Robert Lee Teena Lemmen- Stephen Lemons Robert Lewis Sue Lieber Ronald Lindburg Cynthia Lindenmeyer Prentis Lindstrom Larry Litchford Kathy Loetz Linda Lombard Esther Lovell John Lucas Jeff Ludwig Andy Lundmark Mark Lurie Beth Lute John Lyles Susan Madden Pat Moerz Jim Mallon Mike Malott James Manes Jerry Manes Russell Manns George Manthey Don Marek Susan Marovich Tom Marquart John Marron Carlon Martin Evelyn Marvel Josephine Matthews Shirley Matthews Linda Matzke SOPHOMORES iii? ' we fs- ' N' l . . W , 9' I ' Q' J gill 111 3 8. . 4 ' ,rl li l' 'T ti T J vslsi T ii ' 1 T T X A 'X vi W 7:15 ff If V , f k . X I 1 I.. Q . . . s M. w 1 J .mari L t. nfs.. .. T .1 J ,V Q f x Q.. - . ,L gl. Q.. y vi., LL, 4, .. Q:-:.,fL v,5..,. I , Tuff: ' T' r , Q53 'mg XY. I . . , , L VV yr , I all T . K. ' L 1 - fhf-AL X - l 5 A . i , ' 4. ' " M W .. . ' . T f Q T 'M i P- i A . 'G is ' is ' 'zz' 2-Q' L TN K f " A A L , is . F x i K is , it Av sssss 1 . i L L J .r I. L L :fm J, - R sv '-J " M' J' m L ' .v w - J J J in .eg 'Q N RT -inf" Q, ,V 'K-,' . H 1 'X 2- I fy i, , . . . s,,. -'A t- J- ' fi Q 5, ff il X -hi .-.e K K 5 I I 2, is i M M., - 1 Q-Vx L . J . . . ff L A gg, t Y-, ' -A X . mg V 3 ii K, ' ii.. .. , ? Q- 'ii 'T I ' 5 5 5 ' - . y . 3Ziiff7f L J M- K 1. ' i'ii ' 4. - f 4 - it it ' 44 4, sf Ai M A 'i fsefagsf ' , ,,,,, Wm S Q 'li'L ' W .T ,i in 'ff . . :KLK , . ,K , . M fi -- x y .K f f K. -N . k 4,7 A .V W ' I I I gk r 'T , L ' ,ar L , .T.. - - - . - ,MV ' A . K... is - at J v i , SOPHOMORES L., 4? w . . ,Ag if x Y . xv , on i ,W , S -is i a ' Z- 'tm 6 4:- K .xy D, T it V Li l il if Jycc S Wy, Q - V J U X ,,- .ea x . .Q ' v. mXLV . i V g 1-, , . it 1 2 .c -c 5' h .1 ' ' we gg n sy -rf V V ,FV c . Q xx soo , g f , s J VA c A B S ' Ai f is ii ' 'i sg as 1 'f is as x i c i F- . I K 4' , R i in X 'N J 1' A S 0 Q :': c Gt S g i ggggy V S g 9, l LLL- K A i ' 1 gt t - in R K 't X g N y iccc Q ia axe ... . x ,X S li X ,L Ni . in t 5 J ,C . 6 th i T N f X 4 i M x tr :s?,.,f Y' Q A 'N S, c S i --C f ' it 'S' gf 'B X -iw 1. T' c , Q -N 6 ' , -. 'E s ' 'R it ' jf c G K - i XA' lam i .gil 1 John Maylield Donald Mays Patricia Mays Charlene Mazac Linda Mazac Michele McAnally Mary Ann McBride Linda McCluskey Richard McCord Barbara McCroy Faye McDonald Kathy McGrath Cindy McKinney Gayle McNeal Donald McNurlin Jacquie McWhorter Jim Mealer Albert Meece Mary Lou Meer Paul Mericle Nancy Messina David Messner Danny Meyer Mike Meyer Frank Miccarek James Middleton Brodie Migliore Jerry Migliore Sandra Mignery l.lZ Mil'1aliCli Patricia Mikulski Robert Mikulski David Milcarek Janet Millard Dave Miller Jon Miller Keith Miller Sue Miller Leon Mills Judy Mitchell Ronald Mitchell Dave Mohamed Sharon Monger Eddie Moore James Moore Terry Moore Judy Morgan Patricia Morgan Ronald Morlan Clark Morris Stan Morris Bonnie Morse Terry Moser Claude Mosley Linda Moss Johnnie Mullins Kathy Murphey Craig Murphy Edward Murray Sandy Muzyka Sally Nadratowski Connie Nall Linda Napierala Linda Nelson Patricia Nelson Ron Nelson Rich Nevers Peggy Nichols Dan Niegos John Niemann Richard Niemiec George Novak Dan Novreske Dan Nowatzke Richard Nowatzke Greg Nowfel Shari Nye Mike O'Boyle Pat O'Boyle Mary O'Brien Robert O'Brien Ronald Ogle Terry Ogle James Olds Debby Olson Steve Olweean Robert Ourach Ronald Pannel Donald Parsons Trudy Pawlicke Betsy Pawloski Sue Pawlowski Diane Pearce Marianne Peckat Terry Peckat Pat Pendleton Derrick Perry Bonnie Peters Kathi Pilecki Sheila Platz Paula Plona Sharon Pluto Jane Popelec Barbara Potempa Stephen Povlock Alice Pradziad Shirley Price Mike Prohl Barry Prosser Deborah Pugh David Pullin Charles Quales Susan Quinn John Ragin Jackie Ragle Steven Rain Jim Ramey Judy Raska Paul Reaves Gerald Reed John Reed Kathleen Reese Wayne Retseck Mike Richmond Duane Robbins Dorothy Robinson Glen Roland Vicki Rose Charles Ross Steve Rousseau Kaye Rudolph Claudio Ruggles Robert Runion Stephen Rux Dale Runnels Marilyn Ryszka Debbie Sadler David Santana Robert Sass Thomas Sawyer Sondra Schavey Jimmy Schendel Larry Schermerhorn Sandy Schlundt Ray Schniepp Diana Schott Dennis Scholl Alma Schoonover Sue Schroeder Larry Schuh Jane Schuman Gay Schwermer Aaron Schumaker Dennis Scott Linda Scott Tom Segelstrom Duane Seifert James Selke Jerry Selke Victoria Serhal John Scholl Newton Shackeltord Joellen Shea Beverly Sheets Mike Shikany Doris Shipley Judy Shipley Barbara Shoenthal Sherri Short Don Slmurley Barry Siddal Glenn Siddal Robert Sigle Patricia Simpson Ken Sischo we SOPHOMORES fy y Q A, :YN , J . - vs- e:r , 1 '. A X my , V N - if . . , r ---i- 1 .. S. I . P N WP , f ' ,L A 4 ge 'Sk t slr M1 f it f i ,F . 4 flf . li c K Gul f ' 3 i I is Q I 1 r - S - T' A I r' ' A ' , 1 - - ' N W. 5 ,xg , t . f Q T S K 4 an ar - D: 7 my R45 1, f A- W i v 5 , , . J ,. .1 r J, , . it A Q9- fs- , j t . I X ' K X Rh S c vw? ,. w-X .,, J Cf be ., 'S' os' ' id: , Y N gk ' X qs V ,K ccc N- A J i 2- - ' sf - " p "' it Yr' 'Q we - f " . s ' 1 iiii ' l 1 fltfffi : Z if! ,,.,,' I xi R: T1 'W' ' ,r S :Q Sf W i mi z 2 f if 'ia I f ' A L 'Q jx , A qi 'P' ' fn I Q' 4. if J' 'L . - fa? ey if ,ff f if lx 1 SOPHOMORES K Wi. Q S .,+ J'-. 5 v ' 1 .. Q, 45.1 3-' Q . . x '-3' F Al 5. fs, ' Gr js, ix .de S if ' W Nu K is 4 it 7 U ., A 1' 9 xv' - t - x r Lp. g I f J mbh. Il" ...T J ' t S S 1 , 'K'-is ' . J . 5 .1 . S, vsl :fl 'T A 'N J ,xi tt. J L H- S X 1 L- C. ffl! P Q A l J 14- ' ,bi K! K Q' -R ' T 1' X 'tl L Rctg- X .S Q?-.X Y-1 I fi " Keg ,SIL 75 Vs Ml Z- T ,QQLSJ . ,WF S Iief ,- QQ . 335 . .- iii ? J sh s Q 'J . 3 S T 1. f . , in F ' xr f .3 ag . A - : W 7 .9 3 , + i f tx. , h I A Jr 'X , , emu. 3. is 5 N sei X Tis S 3, S 4 " if vi E35 1' M sms I 5 ,sr w ' t . Ze ii . f .'-f H : s 3 xg. g , X T, 3 Q 'lx .. . 1 n 'l X1 ,f r 'K it X 4131- :A- .+ Robert Sischo Greg Siuda Gerald Sioberg Gene Skwiat Tom Skwiat John Smiertelny Barbara Smith Bernard Smith Doreen Smith Edward Smith Patsy Smith Phillip Smith Joann Snapp Gary Snearly John Snyder Jeftery Sobeclci Tom Sobecki Kathy Sobieski Steve Soblcowialc Katherine Spangler Virginia Sparrow Charles Sprague Mike Spurling David Squires Don Stec Nancy Steder Lynn Stellema Jefi Stepanek Leon Stephens Fred Stevens Freda Stevens George Stewart Harry Stone Linda Stork Tom Story Chris Strangio Judith Studer Jack Sturdy Albert Sutcliffe James Swanson Doug Swedenberg David Swiger Don Switzer Sue Switzer Sharon Szymkowslci Georgette Tadras Bruce Tanber Sherry Tannehill Bruce Taylor Wayne Taylor Doris Teasley Joan Teets Barbara Tellugen Carol Tempel Phyllis Terry Michael Tews Floyd Thomas Gayle Thomas Bette Thompson Kay Thompson Patricia Thrasher Vernon Tillmon Barry Timm Douglas Timm Nicholas Timm Gary Tobias Richard Tornaszewski Don Trampski Robert Troian Deborah Trwillo Debra Turner Paula Turek Mike Turpen John Tyler Connie Tylisz Ladonna Urbanslci John Uryga Rosemary Uryga Penny Valentine Don Vcmderpool Carolyn VanCleve Jack Van Loon Mary Vaughan Linda Vissing Howard Vogel Charles Volstorf Linda Volstorf Al Voorhees John Wabshall Carol Wagner Dianne Wagner Jean Wagner Mike Wagner Greg Walenga Elaine Walk Wally Walker Jack Wampler Carolyn Ward Douglas Waters Jim Webber Dave Weber Luanne Weber Tony Weber Bonnie Webster Wilbur Wedow Stuart Welham Ellen Welker Paul Wenc David Werner Sandy Werner Robert Wesley Debbie Westphal Glenn Westphal Linda Westphal Danny Wheelden Diane Whitaker Shirley Whitaker Chris White Dennis White George White Jeff Whitforcl Mattie White Tim Wightman Patricia Will Ron Will Charles Willey Daniel Williams Marilyn Williams Scott Williams Stephen Williams Linda Williamson Bill Wilson Bruce Wilson Charles Wilson Garrett Wilson Penny Wilson Brooke Wiseman JoAnn Withers Daniel Witowski Sue Witowski John Witzgall Bob Woiasinski Craig Wolfe Earlene Woodruff Janet Woodruff Nancy Woodruft Earl Woods Jo Ann Wordelman Carol Wozniak Iris Wozniak Kathy Wozniak i' 2 .E W GL Xb.. SOPHOMORES Q? Yr 5,4 f i ev: sw, K 'S' si R A ii' T si . N. A A 3 x ' 2. wp.-Af X .l X gm- 5 MQ, IL t gil tif I e .fl 2-'f"" if lla'-0 if Ng Bruce Wright James Wright -'MN Robert Wyle r ' Daniel Yackus J ll Lorelei Yonkers 1 ' g ' Randy Yanz 3 A , 3- David Yazel W f -fi K s, my Patricia Yentes 'gl" S i lx.. X ' Dick Yeoman I ' Richard Yeoman it A W Bob Young 5 ", . Don Young ,cg 4 f ' A . L f Mft A 5' Allen Zepik ' 5 J J X wi if , Thomas Zygmuntowski ' 5' 1: gk' 5 L, - I73 W 42 ,i Q ,. Q, ,- 1 .ss v via 'FV ,A C . 1 '5N' if 7" ,. rf, 1. ff -, ,, we . j V ,f,,,,,, Ky' ,f . ,sm sr , ,ig faffii t A BUSINESS TODAY'S ELSTON STUDENTS ARE THE FUTURE INDUSTRIALISTS, BUSINESSMEN, AND MERCHANTS OF MICHIGAN CITY. THE STUDENT AND BUSINESSMAN ARE DEPEND- ENT UPON EACH OTHER. THE STUDENT LOOKS TO BUSINESS FOR EMPLOYMENT AND JOB TRAINING. MANY BUSINESSMEN AND MER- CHANTS RELY HEAVILY UPON STU- DENT PATRONAGE. IN MICHIGAN CITY THERE EXISTS THIS HEALTHY, SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP BE- TWEEN YOUNG PEOPLE AND BUSINESS. :ja- Ron Puwllk -lUdY Rose Steve Finger A JA 'D SLACK Made by people who care y0ungman'Sm0od for people . . . who care JAYMAR-RUBY INC. Fashioned in the Young Man's Mood, because ihis is whai you asked for . . . Conservciively iaperecl with 'ust the right flare for detail in the iradiiional l siyle, so wheiher you're dancing - or iusf relaxing ' ' 'l l'k th ! . . . 11's YMM. Why not try a pair . . . youl i e em Sue Kindig, Duane Kelly, Barb Rieck Students! For only pennies you can keep that swinging look by dry- cleaning the Norge way. Ckrc 'I . ,x.,c,g Q 4 ,:fQgVlC: fx! Diane Duechnng, Judy scholl 3500 S. Franklin St. Michigan City's Fabric Care Center 1615 Franklin St. SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. 802 Franklin St. Larry Steele, Pat Novak, Mr. Goldman Fjlliff teqiglgtn -, llllllgllixlitx 5 rg fi You Can Count On Us . . . . For Low Prices For Good Quality . For Wide Assortment . For Reliable Service . For Satisfaction . For Friendliness .M-""' Q X- 4 L. ' 3 tl: vi:-1 .sy - .. Q I ' -kviiifxxbxf ' f Q gifiligki . ,Nil ,- -. .Mi N35 x x -..,, i A Q. . - Q1 T' NN. fxXl a ' if A Swfs I f 'Mm , Jaw W 'c 5 f'ff5Y4ff5! 7 , fn ' ',fi.,sV, ,WWWMMV , 'X ..f-"" ,. 3 Vg: 1 gn 5 Q5 i 2 5 I f , , , ,V F2 VM 4.,l XQIQQ ' ' if 2il'f7,Qj'42fg Z mn"'1'-4 ,,,., ' V, ' , " n""'n,,,t!x I A,,MWkk xl v T .,. . X W 1 . M-af 5 A-A Established in 1885 A member of the Federal Home Loan Bank SAVINGS Insured up to S10,000.00 with The Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation CURRENT DIVIDENDS ANTICIPATED AM per annum. MICHIGAN CITY LOAN 8. BUILDING ASSOCIATES Connie Markowski, Janis Turner Member of the National 800 Chicago Street 217 W Tenth Street s ,r Dennis Ambruso, Al Murry, Mr. Lambka CUSH 8. LAMBKA, INC. A store especially for men 727 Franklin Ray Hedstrom, Connie Wright, Bob Mart VELMA'S BEAUTY SALON 8. WIGGERY 716 Spring Sl. DELANEY'S FURNITURE wishes the best to the class of '65 710 Franklin Records, albums all sizes and prices from THE MUSIC SHOP 5'l2 Franklin St. Terry Wiseman, Miss Neulieb, Karen Olson COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES From the NEWS-DISPATCH Michigan City, Indiana A Champion in its Field -the kind of newspaper that gives the most to both the reader and advertiser. -30 years experience LaPorte County's Largest Newspaper -has over 2500 more subscribers in LaPorte County than any other paper and prints more pages than any LaPorte County paper. LaPorte County's Largest Paper With Color -can print up to 3 colors and black in both news and advertising-with twenty years of color experience. LaPorte County's Best Newspaper -has won over thirty awards in past ten years in Typographical Excellence, Community Service, Photographic Excellence, Safety Editorials, Community News and others. NEWS-DISPATCH Michigan City, Indiana A COMMUNITY BUILDER Quality at prices you like to pay THE LADIES SHOP Congratulations fo fhe Clogs of 73l Franklin St. ll Nancy LaFountain, Sandy Joyce, Mrs. Thomas Bracken from ARNO ADHESIVE TAPES, INC. U.S. 20, Michigan City, Indiana .IOY MANUFACTURING CO. Woodland Avenue Don Vankosky, Jim Henry, Barb Ostwald George E. and John H. SCHLUNDT INSURANCE 5lO E. Ninth St. TR 4-4256 2 The ultimate in Prom floral fashion SOLBERG'S HOUSE OF FLOWERS 731 Washington l 1 l X. 'X 1 1 of If r f VILLAGE GREEN, TONN 8. BLANK'S new growing subdivision VILLAGE GREE ' Gail Crutchfield, M0l'l0I'ie Noveroski, Cliff Yentes WAlT'S KITCHEN CABINETS W W CASE Kitchen Aid Dishwashers Experts always Choose the oil with the greatest pep. 1420 E. Second St. Whitehall Kitchens General Electric built in Tappan bulll in Mr. Case, Chuck West 1123-1125 E. Michigan Blvd. 1 A Peg Monchamp DOBESKI'S SHOE STORE El-C0 ELEQTRQNICS The new look in shoes N. Roeske Ave- 909 Franklin St. Mickey Sorensen, Bob Bratkovic V John White, Carol Pieszchala, Larry Bolka Goerg Boats 8. Motors 83 N. Franklin St. Maiot's Garden Shop 127 E. Ninth St. Checker Cab Co. 616 W. Ninth St. Spaulding Barber Shop 114 E. Seventh St. Missal Decorating Co. 825 Franklin St. Boyd E. Phelps, Inc. 1000 Washington St. ORBIT OLDSMOBILE 555 E. U.S. 20 Mary Kay Komasinski Blackmond's Jewelers 801 Franklin St. Tr 4-4765 Sid's Senlice Station 2316 Franklin St. Blieden's Camera Center 524 Franklin St. Tr 2-8080 Shon Furniture Store 3221 Franklin St. Tr 2-2462 General Construction 234 E. Second St. Peglow 8. Johnson 229 W. Second St. p W- -sq! 5-Vx il X , , UDDI vw .. , I wi!! I m Bill Sherman, Ann Alden, Joan Ducey I Mike Henry, Patti Plank BILL SHERMAN BUICK HENRY LUMBER CO. New Cars Used Cars Your lumberman for 71 years 309 W. Michigan Blvd. Sixth St. Bridge wwe, Diane Lievence, Tony Westcott .Q ,I Dan Heuck, Mr. Vernier, Kathy Vernier For the best in china visit VERNIER CHINA CO. m E. Eighth si. 3300 U.S. 20 QXXV - ,C ECONOMY 2 Mary Koester, Rob Kemp ECONOMY MOTORS 5000 S. Franklin St. Michigan City, Indiana 1 . 3 I Randy Robinson, Sandy Joyce For the newest in shoes SMITH SHOE STORE 917 Franklin St. OHMING'S For fun in the sun our beautiful swimsuits are unsurpassed 522 Franklin St. LY nda Pontius C, 1 ,Ax-,Q Compliments of CIPARES INSURANCE AGENCY 415-425 Warren Building Students select rings fro HERFF JONES George Kingsley, Rep. .3 4 601 Lincoln Street Kentland, Indiana Mr. Smith, Carol Gerkin, Bill Pier wnaw - NALPLE Uwe Wall Paint with the BUll.'l-lN SECOND CW I 009, fn levelim 5 high in ltldmg' so ellis like fwv O ' at one Goa! lO0 r i Dave Westphal, Ann Gardner Gene Foldenauer, Mike Fragman ULRICH PAINT AND GLASS INC. s ARNDT'S SPORT SHOP Sporting equipment of all kinds MH Franklin Sl' Corner of Fourth 8. Franklin Best Wishes To The Class of 1965 D gGlffJd Michigan City Wonotoh Honnci Kingsbury Fish Loke . ty erchants NATIONAL BAN K i Gary Peters, Dennis Nickell, Meredith Rumsey PETERS DAIRY 1015 E. Michigan Blvd. Maria Olweean, Mrs. Pedesco CARRIAGE TRADE Chastleton Dr., Long Beach Michigan City, Indiana Bonnie Van Sant, Mr. Nasser, Pat Van Sant MICHIGAN CITY FURNITURE CO. Larget selection of home furnishings, free decorator service 422 Franklin St. IOHN'S BARBER SHOP 116 East Warren St. NIAYER'S CHILDREN SHOP 915 Franklin St. BERG'S Fl0RAl 8. GIFT SHOP 906 Franklin St. DUNES l0DGE qi 75 Fraternal Order of the Police BIEBER INSURANCE AGENCY 911 Warren Bld. Tr. 2-0601 Michigan C'ty Ind """"f-1--9-.......,.,,,,,,, 2511 Michigan Blvd. Congratulations to the class of 1965 from PULLMAN STANDARD CITIZENS BANK 5th and Franklin EXPRESS DRIVE-IN 5th and Franklin Congratulations- Class of '65 From the Of'ficers-Directors-Employees of the bank making college education possible with student loans. CITIZEN'S BANK of Michigan City, Indiana where "Full Service" Banking In Michigan City Has A Whole New look CITIZENS TRAIL CREEK BANK CITIZENS BARKER ROAD BANK Congratulations to the CLASS OF "65" NORTHERN INDIANA STEEL SUPPLY CO., INC. dustricl scrap Norwin Trailer Divi-sion 5 Annlevin tructurcri stee Truck 8g Trailer Division SOCIETY LINGERIE CO MIChI9Qn CIIYI IndIGnO Roeske and Springland TR 2 7206 THRIF-TI-MART D 8. E Boys and Courtesy Boys Make Your Food Shopping Easier if G ,, W ,, is .viuilililin ve wcmson, Ter rievis , a - L Miasley, Jim Wiskemnan, Dave Meyery I f e'1f':i 4il l!1IE IIn.NEri.lI'nIf3III..N1llI Home of Young-In-Heart "Wheels" Michigan City's Largest Selection Of Campus Approved Clothing Street Mrs. Landis, Sharon Peus Corvair Chevelle SS Corvette Sting Ray ENYEART CHEVROLET "Michigan City's Largest Dealer" 225 E. Michigan Blvd. MIDWEST REALTY 70l E. Barker Ave. TR 2-0954 RONNlE'S FOOD SHOP 24l6 St. Lawrence Ave. IL.B.l TR-9-9856 HAVILAND-CALLAN, INC. 70l W. Sixth St. TR 4-3274 M. A. CHRISTIANSEN 202 W. Harrison St. EDEN HOUSE RESTAURANT U.S. 20 8. U.S. 421 Franklin Michigan City, Ind. MILLER 8. ACCOUNTING SERVICE 408 Franklin St. S. S. KRESGE 705 Franklin Street 25393 PE BSI-COLA Ronald Benz, Larry Krueger, Judy Sommerfield B 8. E MARINA INC. 500 Center St. at the Bridge WEST U.S. 20 Michigan City, Indiana Complete selection of new and used cruisers water skiing equipment MORRISON'S DRIVE IN 2106 Washington St. Congratulations to the class of LL6517 WOODRUFF AND SONS, INC. Grading Trucking Excavating Asphalt 8g Stone Driveways Black Dirt Stump Removal Sewer Installation 3123 E. Michigan Rd. Michigan City, Ind. Vicki Wiencek, Gretchen Kaeding MEYER PAINT 8. GLASS Alma. ,Vll22,R32 4 ELK ll llllll 'f5Ilt SENIOR CITIZENS I8 years at WIMS 1420 PHILLIPS DRILL CO. Home of Phillips Red Head concrete anchors E. Dunes Highway W. Ground breaking of the new B and K Root Beer Driv at 2nd and Franklin Kenefick, G. Skibinski, Mrs. M. Bergerson, M. Bergerson ' Y 717 Franklin St. Michigan City, Ind. Join the thousands switching to Wqrdg Wards your store for more service Controls and Gauges F. W. DWYER MANUFACTURING COMPANY U.S. 12 and Indiana 212 BERG'S FLORAL AND GIFT SHOP 906 Franklin St. GARDEX INC. Woodruff Road TR. 4-3291 BOOK FAIR 414 Franklin St. TR. 2-4395 COLONIAL BAKERY 829 Franklin St. LA PORTE COUNTY BEVERAGES 505 Chicago St. M. C. DRY GOODS INC. 823 Franklin St. TAYLOR CHALMERS ADVERTISING 1001 Washington St. TR. 4-6251 '9, fy 'X QS 4 Q-fn HOBBIES 4, N mwrovs x R AX s G 45 "a-,. A s 0 Q 43 - 1 3 9 "': 55' 417 Fronklln Sf 9 SUGAR BOWL 1407 F I K Don Crosby klin ST. Tom Oszuscik CROSBY'S INCORPORATED 725 Franklin Sf. JS C JfJh It's the refreshing-est btgfieiif th KG -MARK Q Marilyn Kinfzele, Kathy Hultgren, Mifchelle Koury Jim Nowafzke, Elizabeth Woehrle, Martha Owsley For Flowers you can't go wrong Marsha Kozin, Carol Pieszchala, Joan Downs THEM8.M Elmar Plaza ' q - x . -Q . fw ' ' ' 3 -H lf., 2 A fy Q 1 I I - . it X . - NX I , . ,X 4 ', f f In X ai ' ,f - .ix A i X if ., L If W- ,N L K., K7 Q, Bonnie Graham, Chuck Lamm, Mrs. Wright WRlGHT'S FLOWERS RICHARD MIGNERY Building Contractor lOO4 E. Michigan Blvd. ll6 Orchard Edgewood Addition W JW W , , Congratulations to The class of T965 DWYER PRODUCTS CORPORATION Sue Van Vlack - And The Class Of '65 -..,,, L. Pufz WILKE'S DRUG STORE LINDSAY C. LAMB AGENCY, INC IOT9 Franklin St. 801 E. TI1h St. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T965 Dianne Olsen, Donna Shu Alkire, Jean Behner, Beve Wright, Ronald Mason, C JOSAM MANUFACTURING COMPANY Michigan City, Indiana Best Wishes to the Class of T965 JlNl'S SUPERMARKET The Friendliest Supermarket in Town with the most convenient services such as our frozen food department Other convenient services are free courteous carry-out service, quick check out service, delicatessen department, butcher attended meat department for all personal fresh cut meat. . Money Orders . Checks cashed . Delivery service Ned Dolson Ted Cruise Corner of 8th and Wabash Dennis Tolton, Mary Schultz HICKORY PIT RESTAURANT Home of "Chicken in the Rough" 312 Franklin Street Biocksoivi COMRANY E. Fifth sr. ' O ROYAL METAL CORPORATION Cook Road Michigan City, Indiana Linda Schmidt, Jane Rasmussen, Pa WEIL-MclAIN COMPANY, INC. Where ageless cast iron is kept completely modern Michigan City tH Z'Lh FRONT ROW: Alan Hale, Tom Grudovich, Doug Gloff, John Galles, Dale Gaustad, Jim Galinowski, SECOND ROW: Tom Gilmore, Pat Gondek, Don George, Tom Greening, Ricky Ginther, John Haack, er f'Troy" Donoghue Ralph Garcia, John Granacki, John Franks, Bob 14 Gambill, Lloyd Forney, Dave Fischbacker, THIRD ROW: Mike Fleming, Dick Greco, Joe Grott, Don Hagaman, Dave Gardner, Dave Hahn, Mike "Frog" Frageman, Gene "Cue" Foldenaur, Norm Folde- naur, Steve "Gold" Finger. DONOGHUE'S HOMEROOM Hedges, Royce Delco, Tom Greening PIPING CONTRACTORS 8. ENGINEERS 2720 E. Michigan Blvd. Michigan City, Indiana Georgeann Timmons, Vicki Chern THE WHIFFLE TREE I Fashions for the modern miss and her mother 7I7 Washington St. Michigan City, Ind. Telephone 872-4300 KENNETH KEEN GENERAL CONTRACTOR Builder of better homes is we Michigan City, Ind. Michele Adams, Fred Keen, Bonnie Graham, Chuck Lamm Jane Lindeman, Don George FREY BROTHERS for all your paint supplies West end of 10th GENE'S RESTAURANT for the finest food in town T322 Michigan Blvd. Michigan City, Ind. l NlcDONALD'S HAMBURGERS Congratulates the class of 1965 Bob Tichelaar, Warren Hardesty, Bob Block, Dick Wolsiefer PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Compliments of A FRIEND DR. JOHN KEMP 122 E. Seventh St. DR. W. W. DUNLOP 8. DR. DAHER 2218 Michigan Blvd. ARTHUR ALLAN KEPPEN Attorney at Law FRANCIS G. FEDDER 402 Wvffen Bldg- Attorney at Law 'MQW W. Eighth gt. DR. J. L. LQFOUNTAIN 81 DR. B. H. RAPLAN 123 E. Eighth sf. FOX FRANCESCHINI TRANSKI u 8 MARTIN DR. G. MclNERNEY First Merchant National Bank Bldg. 3714 Franklin 51. DR. L. GINTHER DR. J. PHILLIPS 503 Warren Bldg. 801 E. Eleventh St. Michigan City, Ind. DR. SUNDERLAND 8. DR. HOIT DR. GOLIGHTLY 407 Warren Bldg. 811 Franklin St. A Abraham, Mariam 88,105,155 Abraham, Mariam 88,105,155 Abram, Margie 110,165 Acker, Larry 155 Ackil, Joan 102,105,106,155 Adams, Elizabeth 99,107,124 Adams, Michelle 31,39,87,91,93,124,206 Adams, Mike 66,75,110,164,165 Adams, Mitchel 106,109,165 Adrian, Charlotte 155 Adrian Cheryl 165 Cha ola Rita 127 Brown Drum, Adrian, Fred 124 Adrian, lris 86,124 Ahrendt, Philip 28,87,93,102,155,215 Akins, Cathy 105,107,165 Albers, Ronald 102,124 Alden, Ann 91,108,109,124,184 Alexander, Jocelyn 17,31,91,100,102,104, 105,155 Alkire, Darlene 98,165 Allan, Joy 94,105,165 Allen, Ellis 165 Allen, Jack 77,86,124 Allison, Gillard 165 Allison, Jock 124 Ambrose, Larry 165 Ambruso, Dennis 86,94,124,179 Amm, Richard 165 Anderson, Anita 28,90,99,155 Anderson, Gretchen 87,104,155 Anderson, Lissa 11,17,86,88,90,91,93, 105,99,155 Anderson, Raymond 155 Antrim, Cheri 86,105,155 Archambeoult, Lee 165 Archambeault, Thomas 69,78,124 Archer, Francis 163 Archer, Melody 155 Arens, Leslie 165 Armstrong, Susan 86,91,124 Arndt, Rodney 165 Ash, Jim 86,155 Asher, Tom 100,101,124 Ashmore, Doug 165 Ashmore, William 124 Ashton, Robert 165 Aultman, David 71,77,124 Aust, Mary Lau 13,86,93,97,102,106, 124,178 Avery, Stuart 165 Ayars, Saul 108,155 Bachmann, Brent 77,100,155 Baaztub, Steve 124,189 Bailey, Cynthia 94,105,107,110,155 Bailey, Lindo 94,165 Baird, Ann 155 Baker, Bruce 6,94,124 Baker, Carol 91,104,124 Baker, Coleen 17,90,103,105,155 Boker, Craig 86,87,93,94,124 Baker, Dale 165 Baker, David 155 Baker, Richard 77,163 Baker, Roger 87,165 Balser, Scott 124 Banos, Cynthia 165 Bane, William 155 Bannwart, Dave 64,86,87,94,155 Bannwart, Robert 78 Banul, Larry 124 Barhydt, Chuck 104,155 Barkow, Kenneth 165 Borkow, Larry 124 Barnes, Dale 98,124,155 Barnes, Ralph 64,155 Baron, Christine 86,914,124 Baron, Walter 165 Borrios, Kathy 91,106,125 Bartels, Janet 86,91,103,104,155 Barthel, Rena 153 Bartik, Jane 105,109,165 Bartlett, Tim 155 Barts, Cynthia 165 Barts, Judy 165 Bassett, Tim 104,110,155 Batt, Sandra 93,103,155 Bough, Beverly 97,125 Baugher, Melanie 163 Bazemore, David 155 Bazemore, James 165 Beach, Karen 92,94,105,107,165 Bear, Carolyn 27,87,100,104,108,155 Beard, Gerry 155 Beasley, Ann 165 Beason, Ruth 105,106,155 Bechinski, Mary Ann 85,125 Becker, Herman 125 Becker, Nancy 155 Becktell, Janet 85,92,93,96,104,125 Behner, Jean 165,202 Belkiewitl, Connie 86,106,125 Bellamy, George 165 Belue, Barry 108,155 Belue, Judy 125 Belue, Wilma 96,125 Benford, Nancy 100,165 Beniamin, Dave165 Bennett, Linda 94,99,107,165 Benninghotf, Arlene 155 Benson, Joseph 125 Bentley, Daryl 155 Bentley, Dorene 155 Bentley, Duane 155 Ber er, Lindo 165 Bergman, Tim 64,155 Berkes, Stephanie 106,125 Berman, Allen 89,94,165 Bernethy, Richard 155 Berrior, Judy 155 Bethka, Daniel 165 Beyer, Doug 125 Bieber, Russell 125 Biela, Stanley 125 Bielo, Thomas 165 Bierdorf, A. 98, INDEX Biggerstaff, George 165 Biggerstatt, Steve 66,76,165 Bildhauser, Phil 165 Biller, Jet? 165 Binsl, Stephen 98,165 Binsz, Ted 125 Binsz, Todd 100,165 Birdsong, Mary Ann 107,155 Birkholz, Robert 155 Bischoff, Denice 39,89,91,106,125 Bishop, Madeline 155 Bixler, Dan 155 Bixler, Robert 100,101,155 Blank, Bob 155 Blomberg, Ray 27,29,165 Bluhm, Joan B9,105,107,165 Bluzmo, Ingrid 165 Bobinski, Nancy 105,109,155 Bock, Barbara 155 Bock, James 68,75,110,163 Back, Richard 155 Boehm, Barbara 89,106,155 Boehm, Bonnie 11,90,91,98,102,106,125 Boehnlein, Dick 94,165 Boehnlein, Jean 99,107,155 Bogenski, Eddie 78,155 Laddo, Diana 165 Caddo, Robert 92,126 Cadwell, Jim 69,72,94,155 Callaway, Anne 165 Cameron, Laurie 155 Cameron, Linda 155 Cammett, Pat 165 Campbell, Gloria 99,107,165 Campleiohn, Alan 100,101,156 Cantwell, Lawrence 93,165 Capp, 165 Capp , Tom 86,87,94,126 Corgiie, Diane 85,90,102,105,156 Carlisle, Mark 100,101,166 Carlson, Jane 105,166 Carlton, Glenda 105,166 Carmona, Anita 156 Carpenter, Joyce 96,156 Carpenter, Mary 127 Cashbaugh, Tom 156 Cashbaugh, Virginia 87,90,105,156 Cassidy, Judy 106,127 Chambers, Don 166 Chambers, Jim 166 Cullison, Greg 87,93,166 Cullom, Susan 86,90,99,103,104,156 Cummings, Jimmie 153 Cunningham, John 156 Curry, Pamela 99,166 Curtis, Glen 71,85,93,166 Curtis, Mary Kaye Clarnecsi, Toni 86,128 Dabagia, Alice 85,92,105,166 Dabagia, Hassan 78,166 Dabbert, David 166 Dabbert, Jerrie 128 Dabbaus, Annette 128 Dale, Jeanne 47,106,128 Dalessandra, Sue 107,166 Danielson, Bob 128 Darrell, Doane 163 Daugherty, Larry 128 Davis , Angie 104,105 Davis, Carmelita 94,105,166 Davis, Phil 156 Davis Davis , Reba 89,128 , Terri 156 Chambers, Robert 156 Bohle, Bohnst Bohnst Bohnst Ron 102,106,163,165 adt, Curtis 98,155 adt, Gerry 98,125 adt, Judith 125 Bohnstadt, Marcia 155 Bolka, Bolka, Bolka, Bolka, Bolka, Christine 96,155 Dennis 96,125 Judith 106,165 Kathy 85,86,105,165 Lawrence 125,183 Bolka, Michael 155 Bolka, Patricia 98,106,165 Bolka, Stanley 125 Bond, Susan 165 Bootcheck, Dan 80,821,155 Bootcheck, Donna 165 Booth, Frances 90,102,105,155 Bootz, Clark 165 Bootz, Marvin 155 Bos, Arnold 72,78,94,125 Boudreau, Joanne 125 Boudreau, Yvonne 103,165 Bowerman, Bennie 165 Bowerman, Linda 86,99,106,125 Bowers, John 126 Bowlby, Linda 85,92,126 Bowmar, Greg 87,126 Boyon, Richard 155 Boyer, Richard 100,101,104,110,154,155 Boza, Kathi 106,126 Brady, Cynthia 165 Brady, James 163 Bmrkovic, Bob 48,B0,86,94,109,126,183 Breed, Sue 11,87,91,104,106,126 Breese, Tom 155 Bremman, John 165 Briggs, Donald 76,104,155 Brinckman, Marsha 155 Brinkman, Jean 165 Brinkman, Tom 155 Brocius, Beverly 153 P I Chappell, Diana 166 Chase, Duane 156 Chase, Robert 166 Chastain, Frederick 166 Checolo, Antonette 90,102,105,156 chem, Vicki 11,13,85,88,91,95,98,106, 109,127,205 Childers, Jim 163 Childers, Lucy 99,156 Childers, L n 89,127 Childers, Phyllis 95,99,156 Childres, Jim 127 Childress, Randy 127 Chinski, Patricia 166 Chmiel, Tom 88,156 Christensen, Ron 166 Christopher, Marc 71,156 Cieciwa, Greg 68,85,127 Cizewski, Diana 127 Claeys, David 156 Claeys, Judy 86,103,106,127 Clanton, Arnold 153 Clark, Ph llis166 Clark, Robert 127 Clemens, Gail 105,166 Clements, James 16,37,92,95,100,101, 104,110,156 Clemmons, Lynn 156 Clemons, Shirley 127 Cliff, Ronald 156 Clifford, Dennis 94,166 Clifford, Gary 156 CliHord, Jane 106,127 Cline, Anthony 156 Cline, Daniel 104,166,214 Cloyd, Philip 166 Coar, Joe 127 Cochran, Steve 127 Cofer, Tom 107,127 Cafley, Marianne 156 Coker, Leanna 91,100,103,127 Brooker, Connie 88,106,126 Brost, Diane 126 Brow, K. 90 Brown, Alan 165 Brown, Anthony 126 Brown, Dan 66,98,165 Brown, Karen 17,87,88,91,95,103,104,105, 1 10,155 Brown, Mildred 100,126,155 Brown, Ph llis 99,165 Brown, Robert 64,65,78,126 , Virginia 99,106,126 Cole, Li Colema Collier, Collier, Collier, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, nda 166 n, Edward 166 Jerome 127 Mary 156 Ollie 127 Bobbie 166 Clara 94,105,106,166 George 100,101,102,156 Wanda 166 Calwell, Hulbert 86,100,156 Conklin, Ted 166 Connell Velva 105,166 Conner,' Donna 127 Brownell, Susan 105 Broyles, Doris 94,106,107,155 Bruce, Kathy 165 Bruce, Thomas 165 Bruemmer, Richard 109,165 Bruemmer, Robert 98,126 Brummett, Joyce 165 Bryant, Danna 155 Bryant, Karen 165 Bryce, Nancy 126 Buckingham, Wayne 165 Buchner, Robert 163,165 Bucy, Harry 76,155 Bucxkowski, Pat 165 Bud, Harlene 17,93,104,155 Buel, Bill 165 Buell, Jackie 155 Bundesman, Pamela 155 Bundy, Edward 165 Bunting, Kathy 99,165 Bunton, Lee 165 Bunton, Russell 155 Burd, Stephen 165 Burgdorf, Gene 98,126 Burgdorf, Marion 165 Burgwald, Bruce 214 Burke, Alan 155 Burkett, Donna 96,126 Burkhart, Mornetta 99,155 Burkhart, Terry 100,101,126 Burns, Diane 126 Burns, Ronald 155 Burns, Sharee 104,105,155 Burton, Barbara 165 Burton, Jake 165 Bush, Bob 98,155 Bush, Paul 155 Bush, Velvet Barbara 103,126 Butler, Beverly 155,202 Butler, Carol 126,202 Butler, Charlotte 165 Buttrum, Beverly 163 Butts, Dixie 126 Butts, Shari 99,155 Buzalski, Rosemary 155 Byers, lgchard 155 Cable, Darlene 126 Connett, Sandra 127 Cook, Brenda 11,88,90,91,102,105,156 Cook, Ed 156 Cook, Ken 156 Cook, Kristi 6,11,13.30,85,88,91,95, 99,103,104,106,109,122,127,179 Cook, Steven 156 Cook, Tom 156 Cooley, Bob 93,127 Cooney, Edward 166 Cooper, Fred 166 Cooper, Ginger 156 Corbett, Sue 89,127 Coren, R. 89 Corley, Mary 99,166 Cornelins, Deborah 166 Cota, Larry 156 Cotton, Sharon 104,105,156 Couch, Linda 128 Covert, Carole 97,105,156 Cowgill, Larry 166 Cox, Cynthia 89,93,103,12B Cox, Pat 166 Cox, Tim 94,156 Coyne, Jerome 166 Craig, Eric 166 Crvge, Joey 64,78,B6,94,102,128,199 Cralg, Lewis 128,189 Croma, Susan 105,163 Crane, Janet 156 Crane, Larry 65,78,128 Crawford, Bernie 166 Crawford, Ronald 96,163 Creager, Diana 99,166 Cripe, Emil 166 Crook, Betty 156 Crosby, Dan 87,128,197 Crosby, Harry 128 Cross, Leonard 166 Crozier, Mary 166 Cruise, Jane 166 Cruise, Ted 100,101,103,128,203 Crumbliss, Richard 166 Cruse, Mike 78,156 cwrchneld, Gail 11,13,95,106,108,109, 128,182 Crynes, Katherine 128 Dawson, Diane 27,86,100,106,108,12 Dawson, Wayne 166 Deal, Deloris 156 Deal, Freddie 66,166 Deardorf, Nancy 103,110,156 Delco, Royce as,91,1o3,12a,2o: Delehanty, llene 89,105,110,164 Demchok, George 166 Demos, Michael 66,76,110,166 Denby, Priscilla 105,156 Deneau, Louis 166 Dent, Nancy 100,105,166 De Rolf, Larry 166 Derosia, Annette 100,166 Dettwiller, Harvey 156 Dever, Mark 166 Devereau, Deborah 105,166 Devereau, Sandy 156 Devero, Michael 166 Devers, Daniel 156 Devetski, Greg 166 Diana, Frances 95,156 Dickerhoff, John 128 Dickey, Delain 90,105,156 Dickey, Juanita 128 Dickey, Ross 64,76,90,94,110,156 Dickey, Vennetta 156 Dickinson, Susan 28,91,103,128 Dieckilman, Valerie 105,166 Dierdorf, Carolyn 93,128 Dierdorf, Eileen 166 Dierdorf, Jean 52,911,129 Dierclorf, Norman 104,166 Dierdorf, Sue 93,129 Dill, Michael 166 Dilloway, Cary 166 Dingler, Evelyn 156 Dingter, Kathryn I66 Dingman, Donald 94,156 Dingman, Karen 94,107,166 Dingman, Lyle 166 Dingman, Wayne 166 Dipaolo, Laura 105,166 Dipert, James 96,129 Ditto, Dave 94,100,166 Divetro, Toni 156 Doanne, Darrell 166 Dobkins, Barbara 105,166 Dodson, Theresa 99,166 Dolembo, Robert 166 Dolph, Richard 166 Dolson, Ned 129,203,215 Dombkowski, Brian 156 Dombkowsky, Stanley 156 Dombrowski, Richard 166 Dombrowski, Tim 166 Dombrowsky, John 156 Domkowski, Tom 156 Doran, Jim 166 Dosenberry, Ed 78,94,129 Dosenberry, Wayne 153,156 Doten, Mardale 99,166 Dougherty, Don 156 Downs, Joan 88,91,103,108,129,200 Downs, Randall 129 Drake, Leon Draves, Rodney 156 Dreske, Mike 153 Robert 156 Ducey,tJoanne 11,88,91,93,106,129,184 Duechtmg, Diane 86,92,l56,176 Duechting, Kim 105,166 Dull, Paulette 166 Dumas, Judy 163 Duncan, Michael 101,166 Dunham, Lois 87,129 Dunlap, Juanita 37,99,105,107,166 Dunlap, LaVerne 89,99,107,129 Dunlap, Sel 80 Dunlop, Beth 105,166 Dunton, Susan 99,156 Durnal, Williams 163 Duszo, Robert 66,166 Dutchess, linda 123,129 Dwight, Carolyn 156 Dyer, Herb 93,166 Dyer, Patricia 166 Dyn, H. 69 DysardkDavid 156 East, Henry 156 East, Ray Eaton, Gail 96,129 Eaton, Robert 156 Eaton, Steven 166 Ebert, Patsy 167 Eckert, Jerry 163 Edinger, George 156 Egelske, June 129 Eggers, Mary 156 Eiders, Robert 12,167 Eidy, Larry 110,167 Eikelberg, Bonnie 129 Eikelberg, linda 94,102,105,156 Eikelberg, Ruby 167 Eis, Vicki 105,109,167 Eisensee, Dawn 86,95,99,102,105,156 Eldridge, Connie 86,98,129 Eldridge, Rlchard 167 Elliott, Janey 95,123,129 Ellis, Evelyn 167 Ellis, Nancy 156 Ellis, Peggy 97,129 Emery, Janice 153 Emmerson, Judi 28,89,91,129 Engle, Ken 156 Engle, Pam 105,156 Ennis, Elizabeth 86,98,129 Ennis, Sandy 167 Enyeart, Charles 71 ,94,1 29 Erickson, Sally 86,88,91,105,156 Eschenbawn, Keith 69,75,167 Esmeyer, Barbara 167 Evans, Carol 105,167 Evans, Duane 129 Evans, Jim 92,129 Everling, Bonnie 103,129 Everly, Ken 129 Ewing,gudith 108,130 Fabian, Diane 94,156 Fairvairn, Jud! 90,103,104,105,156 Falbo, Joann 1,86,105,156 Falls, Penru' 156 Far?o, Lin a 105,156 Far ey, Donna 156 Farley, Jim 77,130 Farley, Keith 167 Farmer, Anita 98,156 Farmer, Jerry 130 Farmer, Stanley 23,69,72,73,78,156 Farmer, Terry 130 Faulatich, Kay 167 Faux, Cheri 105,167 Fedder, Lonny 130 Fedder, Tom 78,98,130 Feldman, Lee 102,156 Feldman, Lisa 102,167 Ferrell, Cora 99,167 Ferrell, Eugene 66,167 Ferryman, Frank 167 Finger, Christine 44,B5,167 Finger, Steve 16,88,130,175,205,215 Finstick, Eric 156 Fisch, Bill 66,167 Fischbacher, Dave 130,205 Fischer, Donna 98,105,107,167 Fischer, Pamela 86,95,102,156 Fisher, David 167 Flanigan, Mike 167 Flanlgan, Tara 88,97,130 Flavin, Dan 69,156 Flavin, Terrie 103,105,167 Fleming, Mike 130,205 Fleming, Susan 109,167 Flenner, Jacqueline 86,90,91,99,157 Flenner, Judi 86,91,99,167 Flint, Dou las 28,94,100,101,167 Floyd, Susan 27,11,90,103,157 Fly, Darlene 148,167 Fly, Elaine 130 Fly, Pearl 99 Fly, William 98,130 Fogarty, Geraldine 167 Fo denauer, Craig 102,167 Foldenauer, Gene 64,80,82,94,103,130, 186,205 Foldenauer, Norm 86,88,130,205 Foldenauer, Ron 130 Foldenauer, Steve 66,167 Follin, Marilyn 130 Forgosh, Debbie 88,105 Forney, Lloyd 130,205 Forrester,Doug 157 Fought, Vicki 89,130 Fow er, Beverly 105,167 Fox, Kay 91,130 Fox, Mary Lou 157 Fox, Patricia 93,130 Fox, Sharon 157 Frageman, Mike 22,65,130,186,205 Frankowski, Cheryl 97,130 Frankowski, Dan 67 Franks, John 130,205 Franks, Larry 167 Franson. Cm-mine 99,130 Franyuti, Aida 34,35 Fraze, Robert 131 Fraze, Tom 96,167 Frecke, Pat 157 Fredenburg, Jim 163 Fredenburg, Linda 167 Fredenburg, Nadine 86,157 Fredline, Newell 167 Fries, Pamela 157 Frlgan, Richard 157 Fritz, Rebecca 105,109,167 Fry, Diane 131 Fry, Ronald 167 Fryar, Joanna 85,105,167 Fuller, Nancy 167 Furymaa, F. 69 Gabriele, Allan 66,86,167 Gahr, Steven 167 Galinowski, Jim 97,131,205 Galinowski, Steven 167 Gallas, Barbara 99,131 Gallas, Dorothg' 167 Galles, John 1 1 Galles, Rundell 167 Gamhill, Robert 98,131,205 Ganshorn, Emery 98,131 Gartacik, Ed 131 Garbacz, Nina 106,131 Garcia, Ralph 131,205 Gardiner, David 92,93,131 Gardner, Ann 95,97,103,131,186 Gardner, Connie 93,102,106,131 Gardner, Dave 205 Gardner, Dianne 86,131 Gardner, Dorene 106,157 Garner, James 167 Garret, Malcolm 76,167 Garret, Sammy lee 69,75,167 Garret, Samuel 167 Garrett, Robert 157 Garrettson, Jim 131 Garrettson, John 167 Gasse, William 167 Gatz, Richard 131 Gaustad, Dale 54,153,205 Gawronski, Patricia 167 Geeohel, S. 94 Geisser, William 131 Geleske, Paulette 157 Gembala, Judy 131 George, Bob 131 George, Calvin 64,78,109,157 George, Donald 131,205,206,215 Gerkin, Carol 85,97,131,86 Giberson, Sharon 131 Giberson, Susan 110,167 Gibson, Wayne 163,167 Giese, Ted 78 Giliski, P. 96 Gill, Karen 55,131 Gill, Sharon 131 Gillard, Alliston 163 Gilmore, Tom 132 Gimlin, Eva 99,157 Ginther, Rickey 132,205 Gipson, Estelle 89,132 Gipson, Larry 69,75,167 G1ade, Lou Ann 86,106,132 Glancy, Terr 157 Glanz, Caroi'157 Gleason, Alice 88,91 ,93,103,132 Gleason, Jim 157 Glick, Annette 86,157 Glick, Kenneth 157 Glick, Lorraine 157 Gloff, Doug 64,80,83,85,88,94,132,187, 205,215 Glasser, Donald 167 Glosser. Tom 157 Goar, Joe 80 Gober, Tom 37,94,157 Goede, Dorcas 100,167 Goetz, Louisa 98,105,167 Goetz, Susan 95,102,157 Goldberg, Stuart 167 Golobiewski, David 132 Gondek, Patrick 80,85,102,104,132,181 Gandek, Peggy 24,85,86,88,102,104,132 Goodrich, Connie 157 Goodrich, Sandy 163 Gootee, Ronnie 167 Gorge, G. 91 Garr, Janet 90,91 ,93,102,105,1 57 Gostnell, Marshall 76, lol Gotto, Marilyn 167 Gotto, Patricia 132 Gotto, Susan 104,157 Graf, Ruth 157 Graham, Bonnie 88,89,l06,l09,132,200, 206 Graham David 66,86,110,164,167 Graham, Joseph 109,167 Granacki, John 77,132,205 Grant, Bruce 71,163,167 Grauel, Janet 132 Graves, Howard 167 Graves, Sandra 93,167 Groyam, Alice 132 Greco, Richard 85,103,132 Green, Albert 167 Greening, Thomas 85,93,104,132,205 Hamtke, Greg 94,100,133 Handtke, Philip 98,167 Handtke, Ruthann 168 Hanke, Gregg 90,157 Hansen, Diane 86,91,93,98 Hansen, Donna 86,91,93,98,133 Harder, Richard 157 Harger, Penny 133 Harger, Sandra 168 Har ins, Edison 92,168 Harmon, Bonnie 168 Harper, Earl 69,111,168 Harrington, Mary Ann 157 Harris, Sharon 94,106,107,168 Harris, Tom 21 ,64,78,79,1 57 Harris, Willie 157 Hart, Charles 133 Hart, Sandra 168 Hartwig, Cynthia 93,102,106,133,197 Hartwig, Patricia 168 Harvey, Morene 157 Hattabaugh, Margaret 133 Hawkins, Dave 157 Haynes, Flora 163 Haynes, John 168 Haynie, Patricia 86,89,91,106,133,204 Headley, Donala i00,168 Headley, Jackie 133 Heckel, Barbara 133 Heddens, Kathleen 86,99,157 Hedges, Carla 86,102,133 Hedges, Steve 78,94,104,157 Hedrick, Peggy 106,168 Hedstrom, Janis 7,99,103,104,107,157 Hedstrom, Roy 65,78,133,179 Hee , Nora 95,102,157 Heeg: Richard 64,157 Heic el, Donald 57,157 Heichel, Sharon 105,168 Heisman, Donna 157 Held, Janice 29,86,103,104,110,157 Helmken, Sue 105,168 Hemingway, Cecil 157 Henckel, Kathleen 105,157 Henderson, Bob 69,111,157 Henderson, Bobetta 157 Hendrick, James 157 Hendrickson, Dave 66,168 Henrich, Bob 133. Hendrich, Roland 93,151 Henry, James 7,85,94,100,104,111, 133,181 Henry, Michael 64,67,76,85,86,90,94,98, 102,104 105,157,184 Henry, Melinda 168 Herbert, Mary 40,85,87,97,102,106,133,178, 197 Herrbach, Alon 98,168 Herrbach, Linda 105,168 Herrbach, Ralph 64,78,87,90,94,100,103, 157 Hess, Susan 89,133 Heuck, Daniel 64,133,184 Heuer, Carol 99,157 Hiatt, Allan 168 Hiatt, Robert 168 Hibner, Georgia 168 Hibner, Harr 86,133 Hicks, Daniei'168 Hi gs, Cecil 168 Hia, Diane 86,106,107,133 Hill, Frances 157 Hill, Jud 168 Hill, Katherine 99,168 Hill, Sharon 157 Hilton, Lynn 168 Greis, Linda KaJ 98,103,105,167 Gresham, Davi 167 Gresham, Harold 64,67,90,157 Grievish, Terry 163,191 Grillin, Cynthia 11,86,103,106,108,132 Griltin, Denise 167 Grittin, Peggy 167 Griftith, Sharon 93,105,167 Grimm, Andy 167 Grimm, Laurel 105,157 Grindle, S andi 167 Grinston, Charles 78,79 Grofi, Susan 86,102,105,157 Gross, Fra nk157 Grott, Brian 65,15 Grott, Joseph 132,205 Grudovich, Tom 132,205 Gryzbacz, Linda 93,100,103,132 Grzeszczyszyn, Helen 90,93,105,107,157 Gubbine, David 76,167 Gumm, Loretta 157 Gumms, Dale 77.157 H Haack, John 132,205 Haas, Eve lynn 132 Haberman, Judith 86,93,95,103,105,157 Hagaman, Cynthia 98,167 Hagaman, Don 103,111,132 Hagen, Dan 163 Hager, Mi chael 176 Hahn, David 132,205 Hahn, Kenneth 65,87,157 Hahn Leigh 43,167 Hahnke, Susan 163 Haitdusiewicz, Maundalyne 168 Ha es, Norma 93,157 Hakes, Norman 93,157 Hale, Allan 133,205 Hales, Susan 157 Hall, Darl Haluck, Li Homblin, aine 167 nda 105,109,167 Pam 133 Hamilton, Amy 167 Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamley, J Donald 157 Keith 76,133 Tim 167 amos 167 Hamley, Lawrence 157,163 Hamlin, C laudia 104,111,133,192 Hampel, Michael 90,94,102,157 Ham ton, Robert 69,78,90,104,1 10,157 Hancliloser, Fred 167 Handloser, Janice 91,133 Hinchman, Ross 157 Hiscox, Michael 64,66,75,80,1 Hixon, Victor 100,168 Hock, Thomas 133 Hodges, David 157 Hodges, Jimmie 111,168 Hotiman, Barry 168 Hoffman, Gloria 93,134 Hotfmaster, James 168 Holden, Darlene 134 Hollers, Harold 100,101,157 68 Hollis, Sandra 85,102,105,157 Holloway, Mary 49,86,90,91,93,157 Holloway, Steve 100,101,168 Holmes, Cabot 78,79 Holmes, John 64,78,110,154,157 Holtgren, Barbara 134 Holtzlander, David 68,168 Hootman. Mary Ann 168 Hoovey, William 100,168 Hopper, Carol 46,102,157 Horner, Kathy 105,168 Hoskam, Peter 16,86,102,134 Hout, David 69,79,93.98,111, 157 Hout, Linda 86,99,103,105,157 Howard, Ann 134 Howard, Clarence 157 Howard, Judg 168 Howard, Kat y 168 Howe, Thomas 100,101,110,1 Howland, Pat 157 Ho t, Sandy 99,168 Hubbard, Carolyn 157 Hubbard, Henrietta 163 Hubbard, Marietta 163 Hubbard, Monroe 134 Huchel, J. 90 Hudock, William 157 Hudson, Gilbert 157 H'ul1. Kathleen 157 HuH, Kathleen 157 Huff, Keith 168 l'lu5mon, Willa 105,110,168 Hughes, Brad 134 Hughes, Richey 157 Hughes, Nancy Lee 168 Hughey, Margaret 168 Hu hey, Michael 106,153 Huli, Fredrick 163 Hull, Raymond 87,168 Hullinger, Kathy 157 Hullings, Charles 163 Hultgren, James 134 68 Hultgren, Kathy 90,100,157,198 Hultgren, Robert 168 Human, Gail 168 Hungerford, Lynda 134 Hungerford, S aron 134 Hunn, Linda 134 Hunt, Robert 134 Hurley, Alito 105,163,168 Hurley, Joanna 168 Hurley, Owen 158 Hurley, Richard 168 Hurley, Sue 93,100.102,106,134 t1urst, Earl 1o,86,97,1U4,l il,134 Hurln, David 168 Hus ey, Gary 134,177 Huskey, Linda 158 Hutchinson, Judith 158 Hutmocher, Tom 158 Hutsan, Judy 158 Hutson, Todd 158 Hycner, David 53,96,131 Hyde, Warren 158 Hyer, June 105,168 Hyer, Rrnald 158 lazetto, Michael 134 lgelski, Keith 89,134 lngle, Richard 86,134 Ingram, Bea 97,153 lnscho, Don 94,168 lrk, Don 158 lrk, Gregory 168 Ishmael, Leon 134 Ishmael, Mike 158 lvey, Charlene 158 J Jacks, Diane 134 Jacks, Dora 158 Jacks, Richard 168 Jackson, Harold 134 Jackson, Linda 168 Jackson, Manuel lll, 134 Jacobs, John 76,134 Jacobs, Kathy 168 Jacobsen, Joyce 93,135 Uahnz, James 135 Jahnzerik, Paul 66 Jakelski, Pat 135 Jakubowski, Frank 22,135 Jania, Richard 168 Jania, William 94,104,135 Janicki, Marielle 158 Janke, Lucinda 158 Janke, Melinda 158 Jonkowski, Connie 168 Jonkowski, Kathy 168 Janowxki, Jacqueline 168 Janowski, Julie 168 Janxaruk, Paul 168 Jarvis, Linda 168 Jascha, Don 168 Janicki, Judy 86,90,91,93,105,158 Jasicki, Michael 135 Jaske, Bernadette 135 Jaske, James 80,135 Jaske, Monica 98,168 Jaske, Pat158 Jasper, Richard 168 Je ries, Timothy 168 Jeffries, Tom 168 Jellison, Richard 168 Jenkins, Lee 168 Jenkins, Mary 168 Jenkins, Roger 158 Jenks, Calvin 104,168 Jenks, Clark 158 Jenzer, Kathy 93 John, Constance 135 John, Sondra 158 Johnson, Andy 75,100,158 Johnson, Candace 86,99,103,105,107,158 Johnson, David 86,93,135 Johnson, David 168 Johnson, Gloria 168 Johnson, Janice 158 Johnson, Jennifer 90,103,105,158,199 Johnson, Karen 105,168 Johnson, Kenneth 100,135 Johnson, Margaret 99,135 Johnson, William 39,86,135 Johnson, Lois 168 Johnson, Thomas 158 Johnston, Cheryl 158 Johnston, F. 93 Johnston, Glen 168 Johnston, lan 168 Jones, Dale 28,90,l58 Jones, Doug 168 Jones, Eddie 168 Jones, Ernest 158 Jones, John 17,68,85,90,94,97,102,158 Jones, Larry 69,71 ,78,103,158 Jones, loyal 168 Jones, Marilyn 53,91,93,135 Jones, Norman 168 Jones, Stephen 168 Jovien, Joyce 105,158 Joyce, Sandra 40,47,85,91,104,106,123 135,180,185,215 Juckett, Thomas 86,100,101,l08,135 K Kaczmarek, Zito 158 Kado, Patricia 158 Kaeding, Gretchen 33,85,86,93,104,135 194 Kahn, Susan 86,91,135 Kalil, Cyndee 86,99,158 Kalil, Tom 168 Kolk, Larry 158 Kollil, Jude Ann 135 Kambs, Dennis 78,86,90,102,110,158 Kaminski, George 135 Kaminski, James 153 Karm, Ronald 93,98,135 Karnilowicx, Sammy 158 Kaszynski, Kathleen 105,168 Kazmucha, Mickey 80,82,135 Keen, Fred 30.65,72,73,86,94,111,122,135 206 Keen, Greg 163 Keen, Lindo 158 Keene, Dan 64,158 Keene, Jim 168 Keller, James 158 Kelley, Duane 23,31,69,72,74,86,94, 104,135,176 Kelley, Linda 158 Kelley, Willie May 136 Kelsey, Robert 64,94,96,123,136 Kemp, Clarence 169 Kemp, Juanita 94,96,136 Kempf, Kathryn 136 Kemp, Robert 40.69,85,88,94,102,111, 123,136,185,215 Kenetick, John 18,32,64,77,94,104,136 Kennedy, Harold 66,75,163 Kennedy, Sherry 11,98,136 Kennedy, William 158 Kent,Earnestina 169 Kielter, Philip 158 Kieffer, Robert 169 Kieffer, Sharon 86,106,107,136 Kietzman, Judith 99,158 Kistzman, Pennie 169 Kietzman, Terry 78,136 Kietzman, Thomas 169 Kilgore, Tony 66,98,169 Killingbeck, Darryl 136 Killingbeck, Donald 55,136 Kindig, Charles 158 Kindig, Susan 85,106,107,109,136,176 King, Stephan 169 King, Zettie 158 Kintzele, David 169 Kintzele, Diane 169 Kintzele, Marilyn 28,90,103,104,158,198 Kinizele, Philip 102,136 Kirby, Kathryn 158 Kirland, Robert 136 Kist, Danny 169 Klinder, Susan 105,169 Klosinski, John 61 Klosinski, Russell 169 Kniola, Robert 169 Knitter, Janet 136 Knoll, Charles 96 Knoll, Don 94,158 Knoll, Thomas 69,75,169 Kobos, Victor 136 Koch, Richard 158 Kocikowski, John 169 Koehler, James 169 Koepke, Harvey 169 Koes, Joyce 136 Koester, Jack 163 Koester, Mary 39,89,103,106,136 Kohler, Karlene 158 Kohn, Caryl 105,107,158 Kohn, Jim 93,136 Kohn, Rudolf 158 Kolasa, Norman 66,169 Kolasa, Terrence 169 Kolobuchowski, Judy 96,158 Kolodiei, Kathleen 90,103,105,158 Kolodiei, Mary Ann 169 Komasinski, Mary 11,85,88,91,104,106, 136,183,215 Komasinski, Richard 158 Kominiarek, Richard 66,76,169 Konfirst, Judy 169 Konke Jeanne 169 Konvaiinka, John 136 Kopanski, Cecilia 169 Kopanski, Richard 169 Kopchinski, Jim 94,98,158 Kopezyk, Michael 169 Koren, Randell 105,169 Kornegay, Linda 158 Koski, Alan 136 Koury, Michelle 88,90,95,103,104,163,198 Kowalski, Christina 103,105,169 Kowalski, Kathy 99,102,105,169 Kozin, Marsha 85,89,91,103,106,136,200 Krachinski, Mike 98,169 Kraemer, Joe 169 Kraemer, Nancy 169 Kraemer, William 158 Kramer, Nancy 57,136 Krantz, Scott 77,86,137 Krause, Corinne 105,169 Krowcxyk, Michael 102,158 Krentz, Jim 169 Kribs, Richard 137 Kriesel, Carol 102,158 Kriesel, Norma 137 Krueger, Arlene 96,158 Krueger, Charles 169 Krueger, Christine 85,92,104,137 Krueger, Dennis 68,75,163 Krueger, Larry E. 86,88,94,137,193 Krueger, Larry H. 137 Krueger, Lynda 86,158 Krueger, Ruthann 89,158 Krueger, Steve 158 Krueger, William 137 Kubaszczyk, Darlene 98,105,169 Kubaszezyk, Pat 99,137 Kubath, Mike 169 Kubico, Nancy 93,137 Kuchik, Laureen 105,169 Kuchik, Randy 137 Kuhnel, Michael 169 Kutch, Gerald 98,137 Kvochai-Fred 158 Laos, Virginia 100,l05,108,169 La Berge, Carol 137 La Berge, Mary Jane 99,107,158 La Born, Fred 65,72,78,158 Lachmund, Terry 76,169 Ladra, Vincent 169 La Follette, Sherry 99,158 La Fountain, Nancy 31,50,85,88,91,111, 100,137,104,180,215 Lamm, Chuck 31,64,72,73,74,85,86,137,200 206 Landrum, Laura 90,104,105,158 Landwirth, Cande 105,169 Lane, Michael, 158 Lane, Miriam 137 Lane, William 66,172,137 Lane, Winona 99,169 Lange, Kathryn 98,158 Lange, James 169 Lange, Kathleen 93,106,158 Lange, Kim 94,169 Larkin, Kathleen 169 Larson, Susan 103,137,189 Lass, Margaret 88,153 La Tourette, Lynn 17,37,86,90,91,95,104, 105,110,158 Lauer, Dan 78,79 Lauman, Linda 100,169 Lautt, George 158 Lautt, Judy 169 Law, Tom 137 Layman, Edward 158 Layne, Robert 102,169 Leahy, Christine 105,107,169 Lee, Carin 52,94,96,137 Lee, Harvey 169 Lee, Jayce 87,163 Lee, Richard 169 Lee, Robert 169 Leeks, Emma 137 Leeks, Ruthy 137 Lemmen, Teena 100,169 Lemons, Stephan 169 Lesener, Franklin 158 Lueth, Judy 93,100,103,159 Levay, Linda 158 Leven, B. 78 Levendoski, Bill 158 Levendoski Stanley 98,158 Levendowski, Eugene 158 Levin, Sue 16,46,85,95,103,123,137,191 Lewis, Robert 98,169 Libke, Robert 158 Lidke, Susan 94.158 Lieber, Susan 105,169 Lievense, Cynthia 90,103,105,158 Lievense, Diane 39,11,137 Lindberg, Don 158 Lindberg, Ron 169 Linde Bertha 29 liindemann, Jane 137,206,215 Lindenmeyer, Cynthia 89,98,105,169 Lindstrom, James 158 Lindstrom, C. Prentiss169 Linkowski, Eilleen 99,102,158 Lisak, Charles 86,98,158 Litchford, Larry 169 Liverman, James 159 Liverman, Phil 138 Livings, Robert 158 Lochmaier, Linda 138 Lochmandy, Frances 138 Lochmandy, Margaret 159 Lockridge, Carol 87,106,138 Loetz, Kathy 169 Logmonn, Christina 103,107,159 Logmann, Linda 138 Lombard, Linda 169 Long, Judith 17,85,86,90,102,105,110,159, 187 Long, Trudy 107,159 Longstreet, Doris 100,138 Loomis, Marilyn 99,159 Loomis, Russell 138 Loomis, Sandra 100,107,159 Losiniecki, Joan 159 Lovell, Esther 169 Lowenthal, Ann 88,94,95,138 Lowery, Gale 107,159 Lowery, Pamela 107,159 Lowry, Ronnie 159 Lubiniecki, Linda 159 Lucas, John 12,85,98,169 Lucas, Patricia 138 Ludwig, Jeffrey1Jeffrey1 169 Lundmark, Andrew 169 Lurie, Mark 169 Lute, Bethany 169 Lutz, Dennis 138 Lykins, Brenda 159 Lykins, Darriell 55,159 Lyles, John 169 Lyles, Kathy 138 Lynch, Julie 105,159 Lynch, Linda 32,85,88,91,103,104,106,123, 138 Lyons, Barbara 11,86,91,103,104,106,138 M Macieiewski, Phil 100,138 Madden, Susan 89,100,103,105,169 Maddox, Meldan 163 Maddox, Ronald 153 Maeler, J. 100 Maerz, Pat 169 Maerz, Sandra 86,123,138 Mahl, Larry 86,138 Maitland, Diane 106,159 Ma'or, Steve 78,79 Malecki, Sharon 159 Mallon, James 169 Maloney, Patricia 89,159 Marovich, Susan 169 Marquart, Barb 139 Marquart, Tom 75,169 Marron, David 69,78,86,88,138 Marron, John 169 Marshall, Nancy 85,91,95,100,104,133,177 Martin, Carlon 169 Martin, Jack 47,91 ,100,101,102,139 Martin, Stephen 95,97,104,159 Mortinson, Judy 139 Martorano, Maryann 99,159 Marvel, Evelyn 105,169 Mason, Michael 87,93,159 Mason, Ronnie 159,202 Masuchowski, Larry 139 Materson, James 139 Materson, William 139 Mathew, Patricia 100,103,159 Mathias, James 77,914,139 Mathias, Lynn 88,103,159 Matthews, Joan 99,139 Matthews, Josephine 169 Matthews, Patricia 159 Matthews, Roy 159 Mattews, Sondra 104,153 Matthews, Shirley 169 Matuszak, James 86,159 Matzke, Harry 96,159 Matzlce, Linda 105,169 Mayfield, Donna 106,139 Mayfield, John 170 Maynard, Kathy 139 Maynard, Ruth 159 Mays, Donald 170 Mays, Henry 98,139 Mays, Patricia 105,170 Mazac, Charlene 170 Mazur, Philip 159 Mazzaia, Kathy 159 McAnally, Michael 69,71,85,105,139 McAnally, Michele 86,170 McBride, Edward 88,139 McBride, Mary 170 McBride, Robert 65,94,104,105,159 McCluslcey, Linda 170 McCluskey, Michael 92,139 McCollough, Linda 99,159 McCord, Richards 170 McCormick, Jill 139 McCormick, Mary 159 McCray, Barbara 99,170 McDonald, Faye 94,170 McDonald, Ron 159 McFarland, Robert 23,69,72,85,94,159 McGowan, William 139 McGrath, Joseph 139 McGrath, Kathleen 170 McKinney, Cynthia 89,105,170 McKinnon, Doretta 139 McLuyk, Toni 139 McNeal, Gayle 170 McNeal, James 159 McNeal, Marilyn 99,107,139 McNeal, Stella 94,99,105,107,159 McNurlin, Donald 170 McWhorter, Jacqueline 170 Mealer, James 170 Meece, Albert 170 Meece, Katherine 99,159 Meer, Mary Lou 170 Menke, Carol 139 Meredith, Carol 99,159 Mericle, Paul 170 Merriman, Nancy 39,99,lO6,139 Moon, Ilene 159 Mooneyham, Jim 159 Moore, Eddie 66,111,170 Moore, James 92,941,159 Moore, James 170 Moore, Terry 170 Moore Vicki 99 159 Morgan, James 80,159 Morgan, Judy 170 Mor an, Patricia 170 Mor?an, Ronald 170 Morris, Carolyn 103,104,159 Morris, Clark 170 Morris, Keith 159 Morris, Sharon 159 Morris, Stanley 170 Morse, Bonnie 105,110,170 Morse, Carla 159 Morse, Dpreen 86,106,140 Morse, Michael 7,100,101,104,159 Morse, Terry 69,72,94,159 Morton, Georgia 140 Moser, Terry 170 Mosley, Claud 170 Mosley, Wally 140,191 Moss, Linda 170 Mourinski, L. 140 Mueller, Walter 45,102,140 Muldoon, Mary Ann 90,104,106,l59 Muldoon, Terrance 140 Mullins, Fred 87,140 Mullins, Johnnie 170 Murphey, Kathleen 170 Murphy, Craig 170 Murray, Allan 6,10,18,70,84,85,88,l03f1 122,123,140,179,215 Murray, Edward 87,93,170 Murth, Frank 69,78,159 Myers, Steven 159 Muzyka, Sandy 105,170 N Naclratowski, Roberta 89,140 Nadrotowski, Sally 105,170 Nall, Connie 170 Nall, Karleen 140 Napierla, Linda 170 Nast, Howard 94,159 Nathan, Gwen 94,99,159 Neal, Marilyn 99,159 Nelson, Hollis 159 Nelson, Linda 170 Nelson, Patricia 170 Nelson, Ronnie 87,98,170 Nessler, Larry 159 Neveroski, Kathy 163 Neveroslci, Sherry 140 Nevers, Richard 170 Newman, Connie 13,37,86,91,93,95,102, 106,111,140 Newto Nichol n, Joyce 103,159 as, James 120 Nicholas, John 96,141 Nichol Nichol s, David 55,85,96,159 s, Dennis 87,94,140 Nichols, Norman 140 Nichols, Peggy 170 Nickell, Dennis 65,88,97,111,141,188 Nickell, Joann 90,99,102,105,110,159 Nicklas, Dave 16,24,45,86,100,103,104, 123,141,189 Niegos, Dan 66,170 Niemann, John 66,170 Niemic, Genevieve 141 Niemic, Richard 170 Nole, Daniel 80,98,159 Merriweather, John 78 Messine, Daniel 6B,87,94,97,110,159 Messina, Nancy 99,170 Messner, David 66,85,170 Methe Meuel ny, Dennis 159 l, P. 94 Meyer, Daniel 170 Meyer , David 30,104,139,191 Meyer, Doug 76,78,90,159 Meyer, Michael 170 Meyer, Phil 139 Miccorek, Frank 170 Middleton, James 170 Middleton, Tony 159 Migliore, Brodie 110,170 Migliore, Jerry 87,170 Migne ry, Sandra 105,170 Mihalick, Elizabeth 12,105,170 Mikulski, Patricia 170 Mikulski, Robert 170 Milcarek, David 170 Milcarek, Frank 163 Millage, Nora 159 Millard, Janet 105,170 Millard, William 76,140 Miller Dan 140 Milleri Darrell 49,140 Miller David 100,140 Miller, David 69,170 Miller, Donna 140 Miller, James 159 Miller, Jon 170 Miller, Kathy 39 Miller, Keith 170 Miller, Pamela 140 Norberg, Vernon 86,93,141 Novak, George 170 Novak, Patricia 85,88,91,92,100,104,141 176,215 Novak, Wayne 96,159 Noveroske, Mariorie 11,38,93,102,106,14 Novitske, Carolyn 88,89,90,102,105,159 Novreske, Dan 43,170 Nowatzke, Daniel 170 Nowotske, Juliana 90,159 Nowotske, Richard 170 Nowatzke, Jim 159,198 Nowfel, Brian 68,87,94,159 Nowfel, Greg 170 Nulf, Edward 141 Nussmon, Janice 86,99,141 Nye, Shari 105,110,170 Nygren, Bengt 50,90,95,110,159 Nygren, William 92 O O'Boyle, Michael 170 O'Boyle, Patrick 170 O'Brian, Mary 170 O'Brien, Robert 50,170 O'ConneII, Patricia 99,159 O'Connor, James 77,94,111,141 Odle, Gail 1l,86,102,141 Ogle, Ronald 87,170 Ogle, Terry 170 Olds, Cheryl 88,90,103,159 Olds, James 106,170 Olds, Jo Ann 106,141 Olsen, Dianne 103,141,202 Olsen, Jill 93,10-t,106,141 Olsen, Patricia 141 Malott, Bonnie 138 Malott, Michael 169 Malott, Stephen 45,86,138 Manes, Curtis 87,159 Manes, James 69,169 Manes, Jerry 169 Mann, Dave 153 Manns, Russell 111,169 Mansfield, Mike 138 Manske, Thomas 159 Manthey, George 169 Marek, Don 169 Marciniak, Cecelia 93,95,106,138 Mariweather, John Markowski, Connie 6,86,103,138,178 Markowski, Ronald 64,138 Marovich, Carol 159 Miller, Sue 170 Miller, Valerie 90,91,104,159 Mills, Leon 89,170 Milne, Dennis 16,68,140 Miscik, James 159 Mitchell, Alice 94,99,106,159 Mitchell, David 97,159 Mitchell, Judy 170 Mitchell, Ronald 170 Mitchels, Lawrence 159 Mitchur, A. 107 Miro, Joan 159 Mohamed, David 100,101,110,170 Mohamed, Som 69,72,94,140 Monchamp, Peggy 88,91,106,140,182 Money, Janice 47,88,140 Monger, Sharon 170 Olson, Deborah 106,170 Olson, Holly 86,99,160 Olson, Karen 91,106,141,180 Olson, William 100,101,141 Olweean, Jay 141 Olweean, Maria 99,141,188 Olweean, Steve 170 O'Malley, Patrick 160,202 0'Neal, Steven 45,69,97,104,159 Ormsbr, Duane 98,141 Oshins i, Paulette 86,91,l06,141 Ostrowski, David 85,103,141 Ostwald, Barbara 85,87,100,102,123,1 Oszuscik, Thomas 88,92,94,142,197 Oszust, Barbara 141 Oszust, Jerry 142 Oszust, Larry 142 Otlewski, Susan 90,91,93,97,103,105,160 Otto, Diana 106,142 Otto, Ronald 160 Otto, Stephen 96,160 Ourach, Robert 110,170 Oviatt, Fred 142,160 Owens, James 111 Owsley, Marsha 29,86,90,160,198 P Pace, Rita 160 Pagels, Kathy 99,160 Pagels, Phyllis 86,90,94,97,160 Pahl, Ronald 160 Paholski, Dan 142 Pahs, Nancy 160 Pahs, Steve 142 Painter, Earlene 160 Palona, P. 89 Pannell, Ronald 170 Papineau, Kathy 88,160 Papple, Suzanne 160 Parkhouse, Gregory 160 Parrett, Ed 160 Parsley, Jeonetta 105,160 Parsley, Shirle 142 Parsons, Donald 171 Pasky, Jim 94,142,160 Patz, Steve 96,163 Pavlack, Terry 142 Pawlok, Sam 160 Pawlick, Frank 160 Pawlick, Judy 66,111 Pawlick, Judith 89,106,142 Powlik, Gerry 153 Pawlik, Ronald 142,175 Pawloski, Betsy 171 Pawloski, Susan 171 Payne, Minnie 160 Pearce, Diane 171 Pearce, Gloria 160 Pearce, Jeone 90,91,95,100,102,160 Pearson, Kristine 93,96,106,142 Peclcat, Joey 142 Peckat, Marianne 93,171 Peckat, Terry 171 Pecoraro, Nino 90,97,104,160 Peek, Kenneth 142 Peek, Terry 160 Pellar, Dennis 31,142 Pendleton, Doretta B8,93,142 Pendleton, Patricia 105,171 Pennington, Brion 160 Pennington, Garry 160 Penziol, Antoinette 142 Penziol, Stan 160 Peo, J. 77 Peo, Shelia 86,90,160 Pepard, Cheryl 142 Pepple, D. 105 Perry, Beverly 142 Perr , Derick 69,171 Petclier, Barbara 142 Peters, Bonnie 12,171 Peters, Gary 100,160,188 Peters, Robya 89,90,99,103,105,160 Peters Sharon 105,160 Peters, Suzanne 160 Peterson, Alice 86,142 Peterson, Ron 142 Petoskey, Tam 64,90,160 Peus, Sharon 86,91,106,142,192 Phillips, Dennis 143 Picarski, Dave B6 Pickens, Calvin 160 Piechnik, Constance 143 Piechnik, Peggy 143 Piecuch, Peggy 86 Pier, Phil 160 Pier, William 86,143,186 Pieszchala, Carol 18,85,91,103,106,108, 143,183,200 Pilarski, David 68,86,143 Pilecki, Kathryn 105,109,171 Piotrowksi, Barbara Piotrowski, Robert 143 Piper, Nancy 99,160 Pishkur, Frank 160 Pizarek, Kenneth 160 Pizarek, Ron 160 Plank, Dave 7,40 Plank, Patricia 11,31,85,86,90,95,103,104, 105,110160.184 Plan, shele 171 Flew, James 86,92,94,104,160 Pliske, Cynthai 160 Pliskey, Roger, 78,160 Plona, Dave 143 Plona, Paula 171 Plummer, Donn 86,143 Pluto, Sharon 171 Pollock, John 98,163 Pontius, Lynda 10,11,85,91,104,106,143,185 Popard, Cheryl 160 Poep, Regina 160 Popelec, Jane 28,171 POPP. Curtis 143 Papple, G. 94.103 Porter, Bryce 160 Porter, Stephen 76,94,102,143 Porterlield, Norm 80 Potem a, Barbara 170 Povlock, Daniel 143 Povlock, Ste han171 Powell, Gayll 96,143 Pradxiad, Alice 93,171 Pranckus, Marlene 160 Prast, Karen 7,11,24,85,88,92,104,106,107, 143,177,215 Prast, Nancy 90,93,104,105,107,160 Preihs, Greg 16,85,88,94,103,104,143 Price, Shirley 107,171 Pries, Marie 160 Prohl, Mike 163 Prohl, Ralph 100,171 Proll, Ron 90,160 Prosser, Barry 171 Przybylinski, Dan 96 Przybylinski, Richard 160 Przybylinski, Stan 160 Pugh, Debbie 99,103,171 Pullin, David 171 Purta, Karen 38,143 Putorek, Andrea 93,107,160 Putz, Greg 160,201 Putz, Larry 160 Pytyrga, Janet 143 Raatz, Susan 85,97,104,143 Radke, Philip 160 Ragen, Colleen 163 Ragin, John 171 Ragle, Jackie 171 Ragle, Tony 143 Rain, Steven 171 Ramey, Jim 171 Ramsey, Ellie 97,160 Rancatare, Stella 160 Raska, Judith 93,171 Raska, Trudy 102,105,160 Rasmussen, Jane 1 1,31,85,91,103,106,143, 204 Rastenia, Kay 160 Ray, Tamara 85,86,91,94,104,106,144 Reale, Pam 160 Reaves, Paul 171 Reed, Aileen 46,103,107,144 Reed, Gerald 171 Reed, JoAnn 98,160 Reed, John 66,171 Reed, Vicky 160 Reese, Kathleen 171 Reetl, Susan 144 Regan, Tom 144 Reid, Vanna 160 Reinhardt, R. 94 Rempala, Tom 144 Rena, Bob 160 Retseck, Wayne 171 Reuer, Barbara 93,103,144 Reum, Rick 94,160 Rhoads, Dennis 31 Rice, Patricia 144 Richardson, Darla 160 Richmann, Kathleen 160 Richmond, James 26,86,100,101,144 Richmond, John 64,80,86,144 Richmond, Mike 171 Rieck, Barbara 11,85,104,106,109,144,176 Rieck, Martin 160 Riley, Donna 6,95,102,144 Riley, Mary 86,160 Riley, Sherr 144 Ritchie, Lincila 86,144 Ritter, Garry 160 Roach, Barbara 87,100,103,105,160 Roadarmel, Gary 160 Roames, Daniel 69,76,160 Robbins, Carol 160 Robbins, Duane 171 Robbins, Larry 160,98 Roberts, Richard 160 Robison, Albertha 144 Robinson, Daroth 171 Robinson, Randy 37,94,95,97,144,185 Rodger, Donna 144 Roland, Glen 171 Roland, William 144 Rose, Judith 16,95,97,105,123,144,175 Rose, Marc 144 Rose, Vicki 171 Ross, Charles 66,171 Ross, Dave 37,88,90,97,160 Ross, Jennifer 37,99,104,160 Ross, Patricia 107,144 Roth, David 144 Roth, May 88,99,103,105,160 Rotzien, Diana 160 Rousseau, Steve 66,171 Rousseau, Susanne 93,144 Rowley, Susan 160 Rude, Dennis 144 Rudnick, Kenneth 160 Rudolph, Patricia 171 Rueter, Linda 93,102,161 Ruggles, Claudia 171 Ruhe, Joseph 161 Rumsey, Meredith 91,l00,106,144,188 Runion, Robert 171 Runnels, Dale 171 Rusboldt, David 161 Rusboldt, Linda 99,106,145 Russ, Roger 145 Russell, Douglas 145 Russell, Larry 161 Russell, Patricia 161 Rux, Stephan 171 Rux, Susan 161 Ryba, Sharon 161 Ryden, Sandra 97,145 Ryszka, Donald 145 Ryszka, Marilyn 171 S Sabinsko, Gayle 161 Sabinske, Lenore 145 Sadenwater, Dave 145 Saddler, Deborah 93 Sadowski, William 145 Sanders, Betsy 99,145 Sanders, Georgia 99,161 Sanders, Sharon 145 Santana, David 171 Santana, Jamie 145 Santaw, Eugenia 145 Soracofl, Greg 145 Sass, Charles 161 Sass, Penny 99,145 Sass, Robert 171 Satkoski, Larr 161 Saturnus, Shirley 99,153 Saum, Robert 71,90,94,161 Sawyer, Thomas 70,71,171 Saylor, Wanda 161 Schacht, Richard 92,145 Schaeffer, Andrew 94,161 Schaffer, S. 92 Schavey, Sandro 171 Schefske, Ernie 145 Schendel, Jimmy 171 Schermerhorn, Larry 100,171 Schermerhorn, Randy 145 Schikoney, Mike 66 Schlick, Fred 104,161 Schlick, Jana 7 Schlundt, Jim 86,93,145 Schlundt, Ronald 18,93,104,145,181 Schlundt, Sandra 171 Schmidt, Linda 11,39,91,93,106,145,204 Schmitt, Mary Ann 161 Schmitt, Patricia J. 90,161 Schnick, Allen 161 Schniepp, Keith 171 Schnniepp, Roy 163 Schoch, Sheryl 89,100,106,108,145 Scholl, Diana 99,171 Scholl, Dennis 171 Scholl, Judith B8,89,91,92,106,111,145,176 Schomaker, Mary 86,104,161 Schoof, Tom 145 School, John 171 Schoonover, Alma 171 Schoonover, Ruth 161 Schreiner, Thomas 92,145 Schroeder, Alan 17,85,94,97,102,110,161 Schroeder, Bonnie 161 Schroeder, Chris 87,88,106,146 Schroeder, David 85,123,146 Schroeder, Pam 161 Schroeder, Sue M. 94,105,171 Schroeder, Susan K. 161 Schroeder, Susan U. 161 Skwiat, Tom 172 Sliwa, Sandra 147 Smego, Cynthia 161 Smidt, Katherine 88,104,106,14I Smidt, Loretta 90,103,105,106,1 Smiertelny, John 87,172 Smiertelny, Pat 153 Smiley, Judy 147 Smiskey, Karen 106,147 Smith, Alice 161 Smith, Barbara 89,105,110,164, Smith, Bernard 172 Smith, Catherine 147 Smith, Doreen 172 Smith, Edward 94,172 Smith Ellen 87 95103147 smnhf Janice 1'1,13,99l111 Smith, Smith Kitten 88,105 Linda 100102161 Smith: Margaret 361 I Smith, Patsy 100,172 Smith, Phillip 100,172 Smith, Richard 100,101,147 Smith, Richard 161 Smith, Sally 161 Smith, Virginia 106,147 SnaPPi Jo Ann 172 Snapp, Norma 147 Snearly, Carl 147 Snearly, Gar 172 Snyder, D. 8i103 Snyder, James 64,65,147 Snyder, John 172 Sn der, Marcella 161 Sobecki, JetTrey 172 Sobecki, Joan 61 Sobecki, Linda 86,89,90,103,10. Sobecki. Thomas 172 Schrol l, Andrea 146 Schuelke, Fred 161 Schuh, Larry 171 Schuh, Patsy 146 Schult Schult z, Dennis 146 z Dennis 161 scrwliei undo 86,91,99,146,181 Schult Schult Schult Schult 1, Mariory, 86,104,161 1, Mary 92,103,106,146,203 1, Patricia 99,146 1, Robert 161 Schumaker, Aaron 89,171 Schumalier, Daniel 161 er Tim 76146 Schumo g. ' , Schuman, Mary Jane 171 Schwanke, Richard 161 Schweiner, Linda 161 Schwernler, Gay 99,171 Scott Bernard 87,161 Scott, Betty 146 Scott, Dennis 161 Scott, Dennis Lee 94,171 Scott, Jerry 163 Scott, Linda 171 Scrivnor, Edward 77,163 Scrivnar, Jerry 146 Scurlock, Helen 161 Seaverns, Cheryl 161 Segelstrom, Tom 171 Seifert, Duane 98,171 Seifert, Phillip 27,146 Selke, Carol 46 Selke, James 68,75,171 Selke, Jerry 171 Selke, John 78,79 Selke, Pam 161 Senter, Thomas 78,161 Seppyes, John 146 Serhal, George 94,111 Serha Shack I, Victoria 171 elford, Newton 171 Shaier, Gail 161 Sobieski, Kathleen 93,172 Sobkowiak, Steve 172 Sobolewski, Bonnie 99,161 Solner, Randall 147,161 Sommertield, Judith 96,147,193 Spang, Katherine Spangler, Katherine 172 Sparks, Ronald 77,161 Sparrow, Virginia 94,172 Spencer, Carol 99,163 Spicer, Judy 94 105,107,161 Spicer, Leonard 64,161 Spielman, Marsha 161 Spiers, Sally 97,103,104,161 Sprague, C arles 172 Sprague, James 161 Sprague, Rebecca 86,94,106,14' Spring, Marcia 214 Sprang, Barbara 90,161 Spurlin , Michael 66,172 Spychaliki, Don 161 Squires, David 172 Squires, Robert 86,93,147 Staiger, Jack 163 Stannord, Gail 147 Stanton. Gail 147 Stanton, Helen 86 Stanton, Mary 86,161 Stanton, Patricia 96,147 Stantz, Bonnie 99,147 Stantz, David 86 Stantz, William 147 Stark, Alice 161 Starlton, C. 148 Storoba, Tom 27,85,104,108,12 Stover, Mollie 161 Slawski, Mike 94,111,148 Stec, Donald 172 Steder, Nancy 105,172 Steele, David 85,148 Steele, Larry 64,100,104,108,14 Steele, Randy 96,161 Shatter, Stuart 161 Shank, Twila 11,85,91,95,104,106,146 Sharkey, Daloris 99,161 Show, Kathleen 161 Shaw, Timothy 146 Shawley, Eugene 47,92,146 Shawley, Terri 96,161 Shea, Jaellyn 105,171 Sheets, Beverly 171 Sheppersan, Barbara 96,163 Sherrill, Peggy 89,99,161 Sherwood, Michael 146 Shidler, Patricia 146 Shikany, Michael 76,110,171 Shipley, Barbara 85,103,108,146 Shipley, Doris 105,171 Shipley, Jeanne 105,108,161 Shipley, Judith 171 Shaenthal, Barbara 105,171 Short, Carol 146 Short, Sherri 171 Shumeld, Donna 146,202 Shurley, Donald 171 Shuster, Diane 161 Siddoll, Barry 171 Siddal, Glenn 171 Siegmund, Connie 90,103,105,161 Sigle, Barry 161 Sigle, Robert 171 Sigle, SalIy161 Simerlein, Dianne 146 Simmons, 0'Neil 69,72,161 Simon, Michael 28,34,35,100,101,147 Simpson, Tina 161 Simpson, Pat 99,171 Sims, Russell 85,147,215 Sischo, Kenneth 171 Sischo, Linda 161 Sischo, Robert 98,172 Siuda, Greg 172 Sioberg, Gerald 111,172 Sloberg, James 93,161 S ivers, John 147 Skwiat, Ed 161 Skwiat, Gene 172 Steele, Steen, Steen, Steere, Terry 161 Harold 148 Jimmy 96,161 Gloria 88,153 Steinback, Dennis 100 Steinheiser, Gail 106,148 Steinhiser, George 148 Steinhlser, Keith 148 Stellema, Connie 86,103,161 Stellema, Lynn 105,172 Stepanek, Jettry 172 Stephe Stephe ns, larry 96,100 ns, Lean 85,172 Stevens, Freda 172 Stevens, Freddy 172 Stevens, Marylin 86,148 Stevnson, Kaye 86,148 Stewart, Georqe 172 Stibbe, Linda 7,87,90,105,161 Stibbe, Lynn 99,103,161 Stickcll, Douglas 161 Stickle, Cheryl 86,94,161 Stneck, Steven 162 Stockell, Thomas 17,161 Stolze, Robert 148,161 Store, Harry 172 Storey, Judith 162 Storey, Theresa 49,94,100,106,' Storey, Wayne 148 Stork, Linda 105,172 Story. Thomas 172 Strodtner, Barry 148 Strangio, Chris 172 Strawmicr, Linda 162 St. Pierre, Michael 162 Stranczek, Steven 162 Studer, Judith 172 Stueck, Gerald 162 Stueck, Geraldine 55,162 Stupeck, Mike 148 Sturdy, Jack 172 Sturgeon, Regina 162 Sutc ifle, H. Albert 103,172 Sutherland, Sherrie 153 Sutherlin, Jack 148 A Ab h , Ch l 25,87,119 Ulrich, Terry 150 ra am ar es Sutton, Jesse 162 Svendson, Nada 90,93,100,105,162 Swanson, David 64,64,96,148 Swanson, James 98,172 Swanson, Kaye 27,3B,87,88,91,100,102,148 Swartzenburg, Peg 10 Swedenberg Douglas 70,71,172 Sweeting, Eddie 162 Swensen, Sandra 148 Sweney, Steve 148 Swiger, David 172 Swinehart, Richard 18,34,35,45,58,85,100, 101,108,123,148 Switalski, Edward 162 Switzer, Don 172 Switzer, Peggie 148 Switzer, Sue 172 Sydow, Jeanne 148 Sydovv, Larry 149 Sydow, Patricia 99,162 Sypnieski, Patricia 86,90,91,162 Szalaiko, Zbigniew 149 Szemes, Jerry 55,162 Szemes, John 162 Szymanski, Diana 99,149 Szymkowski, Sharon 93,105,172 T Tadlack, Judy 149 Tadros, Georgette 103,105,172 Taft, Susan 162 Talbutt, Randy 149 Tanber, Bruce 172 Tannehill, Sherry 105,172 Tarpley, Thomas 162 Tatarski, Chester 149 Taylor, Bruce 69,111,172 Taylor, Calvin 149 Taylor, Wayne 12,172 Teasley, Doris 172 Teeters, Donna 149 Teets, Joan 98,172 Tellugen, Barbara 105,172 Temple, Carol 172 Tenzer, Kristina 86,102,103,162 Terry, Betty 162 Terry, Phyllis 172 Terry, Willis 162 Tews, Michael 172 Thibideau, Penny 99,162 Thiede, Allen 149,198 Thode, Richard 149 Thomas, Agnes 162 Thomas, Carol 149 Thomas, Edith 94,99,103,106,162 Thomas, Floyd 172 Thomas, Gayle 172 Thomas, John 149 Thomas, Raymond 163 Thomas, Willie 149 Thomason, Bob 78,96,149 Thompson, Bette 172 Thompson, Donna 149 Thompson, Larry 162 Thompson, Ka 172 Thompson, William 162 Thornburgh, Kris 93,103,105,162 Thorpe, Charles 98,111,162 Thrope, Gail 163 Thrasher, Patricia 172 Thurman, Shirley 162 Tiedcman, Tom 80 Tilden, Roger 162 Tillman, Vernon 66,172 Timm, Barry 68,75,172 Timm, Doublas 71,172 Tim, Nicholas, 92,104,172 Timm, Robert 149 Timm, Sharon 149 Timmons, George Ann 50,86,90,95,103,104, 105,162,205 Timmrick, Jeff 149 Tobias, Gary 66,172 Todd, Ellen 96,99,162 Todd, Jonathan 149 Todd, Thomas 69,71,78,94,162 Tolchinsky,Shelia 93,103,162 Tolton, Dennis 162,203 Tomaczewski, Philip 64,98,162 Tomaszewski, Kenneth 80,149 Tomaszewski, Richard 172 Tomenko, Michael 162 Tompach, Charles 163 Tompach, Jeanette 163 Tomsheck, James 149 Tan, Bryan 16,17,28,37,91,95,100,110,l54, Tortorici, Patricia 90,99,105,163 Trampski, Don 172 Tremmel, George 88,162 Tressmer, Jenida 149 Troian, Diane 106,149 Troian, Robert 172 Troth, Richard 149 Trott, Charles 150 Troy, Gail 162 Tru'illo, Deborah 172 Tucker, Patsy 110,162 Tuel, Jerome 150 Turek, Paula 172 Turner, Debra 172 Turner, Janis 85,91,99,104,105,150,178 Turpen, Mike 172 Tyler, John 111,172 Tylisz, Connie 172 U Unger, Alan 71,100,150 Ungurait, Merribeth 96,123,150 Urback, Sue 86,89,106,107,150 Urbanski, Daniel 89,104,162 Urbanski, Ladonna 172 Uryga, John 172 Uryga, Rosemary 172 Utpatel, John 162 V Vader, Gail 162 Valentine, Kathy 11,38,85,87,l00,108,l50 Valentine, Penny 172 Vallarano, Chris 163 Vancleve, Carolyn 172 Vanderplough, John 6,18,28,37,85,150 Vanderpool, Don 172 Vanderpool, Paul 54,100,101 Vankosky, Donald 92,94,150,181 Van Loon, Jack 100,172 Van Sant, Patricia 86,90,93,94,95,104,105, 107,162,189 Van Vlack, Susan 17,85,86,90,95,103,104, 105,106,201 Vaughan, Mary 172 Vayhinge Vedron, L r, Richard 69,94,162 arry 162 Verdes, Cherie 95,162 Vernier, Kathleen 97,100,103,104,106,150 184 Vissing, Linda 172 Vogel, Howard 76,172 Vogler, Jesse 162 Volk, Elwood 162 Volstorf, Charles 172 Volstorf, Linda 172 Von Hartz, Karl 162 Voorhess, Al 172 Voorees, Bonnie 99,162 Voss, Larry 162 W Wabshall, John 173 Wade, Dean 100,150,178 Wagner, Carol 150 Wagner, Carol Anne 173 Wagner, Wagner Deo 91,105,162 Diane 90173 Wagner, Jean 105,173 Wa ner, Mike 173 Waaanga, Gail 162 Walenga, Greg 173 Walk, Anita 173 Walker, Phyllis 105,107,162 Walker, Wally 173 Wallen, Sue 162 Walter, Becky 90,162 Walton, Dennis 65,76,104,162 Waltz, Jim150 Waltz, Kenneth 87,90,162 Waltz, M. 90 Wam ler, Jack 173 Wantlbnd, Jeane 150 Wantuck, Pat 105,162 Ward, Carolyn 107,173 Warclean, Sarah 102,162 Warner, D. 66 Warner, Susan 99,103,162 Washluski, Linda 106,150 Washluski, Pamela 92,97,106,150 Waters, Douglas 66,173 Watson, Larry 86,96,l62 Watson, Lorrel 98,150 Webber, Jim 173 Weber, Dave 110,173 Weber, Luanne 105,173 Weber, Tony 173 Webster, Bonnie 173 Wedow, Wilbur 173 Weed, Janice 91,103,106,150,178 Weidner, Catherine 162 Weiss, Danny 162 Weiss, Susan 162 Welch, Jim 163 Welham, Steve 163 Welham, Tom 94,162 Welker, Ellen 12,85,110,173 Wells, Kathleen 93,94,104,105,162 Wenc, Paul 173 Wenc, William 150 Werner, David 173 Werner, Peggy 89,150 Werner, Sandra 105,173 Wesley, Robert 173 Whisman, Toni 162 West, Barbara 99,162 West, Carol 97,162 West, Charles 150,182 Westburg, Pat 6 Westcott, Tony 85,150,177,1B4,215 Westman, Richard 94,162 Westphal, Barbara 162 Westphal, Craig 69,72,162 Westphal, David 64,150,186 Westphal, Deborah 173 Westphal, Glenn 173 Westphal, Kathy 90,99,104,162 Westphal, Linda 173 Westphal, Wayne 87,151 Wetsel, Terri 162,106 Whalen, Christine 151 Wheelden, Danny 173 Whisman, Toni 162 Whitaker, Diane 100,173 Whitaker, Shirley 99,173 White, Christine 98,173 Wightman, Tim 173 Wildhart, Randal 64,80,97,151 Wilke, William 69,94,162 Wilkins, Cheri 85,86,90,91,102,99,105,110, 162 Wilkins, Greg 94,151 Will, Kathy 99,151 Will, Patricia 173 Will, Ron 173 Willey, Charles 173 Willey, Mar 103,151 Williams, Allen 151 Williams, Betty 94,99,162 Williams, Betty 162 Williams, Carmel 163 Williams, Daniel 173 Williams, John 163 Williams, Marilyn 173 Williams, Rebecca 151,162 Williams, Scott, 98 Williams, Stephan 173 Williams, Theodore 66,163 Williams, Theresa 162 Williamson, linda 100,173 Willie, Louise 151 Willis, Terry 163 Wilson, Bill 12,110,173 Wilson, Bruce 12,173 Wilson, Charles 173 Wilson, Garrett 94,173 Wilson, Linda 85,93,99,100,104,151 Wilson, Linda 105,163 Wilson, Penni 173 Wilson, Thomas 68,78,104,15l Wine, Tom 163 Wineland, Harlan 151 Winkler, Paul 100,151 ' Winske, Debra 94,103,104,105,163 Wise, Karleane 94,99,15'l Wiseman, Brooks 89,93,173 Wiseman, Terry 48,64,94,152,180 Wiskeman, James 80,152,191 Witek, Rickey 78,97,152 Withers, Jo Ann 173 Witner, Diann 163 Witowski, Daniel 28,173 Witowski, Sue 173 Witzgall, John 12,70,71,173 Woehrle, Elizabeth 90,105,163,198 Woiasinski, Bob 173 Woiasinski, Julia 152 Woiasinski, Nancy 163 Wolf, Penny 107,152 Wolfe, Craig 173 Woltt, Susan 34,35,103,104,163 Wolod, Sandy 103,163 Wood, Ronald 151 Woodard, Tom 163 Woodruff, David 152 Woodruff, Earlene 173 Woodruff, Janet 173 Woodruti, Gary 152 Wooclrutf, Nancy 173 Woodruff, Sandy 11,96,163 Woods, Earl 173 Woods, Vicki 152 Wordelman, Jo Ann 173 Worthy, Marcia 86,152 Wozniak, Carol 173 Wozniak, Iris 105,107,173 Wozniak, Kathryn 173 Wozniak, Trudy 152 Wright, Bruce 27,76,173,202 Wright, Connie 11,92,104,109,152,179 Wright, James 173 Wright, Janice 152 Wright, Ralph 23,65,67,72,74,152,202 Wyle, Robert 173 Wyse, Lonnie 163 Wysong, Patricia 163 Y Yackus, Daniel 66,76,173 Yackus, Wayne 152 Yonkers, Lorelei 173 Yanz, Chester 152 Yanz, Randy 173 Yazel, Al 98,163 Yazel, David 173 Yentes, Clmord 31,85,94,104,152,182 Yentes, Patricia 100,105,173 Yeoman, Dick 76,173 Yoder, Diane 97,104,106,152 Young, Bob 173 Young, Don 173 Yuzainas, Betty 152 Zawacki, Robert 152 Zbrowski, Darrell 64,163 Zeman, Sandra 86,91,94,106,152 Zemrowski, James 92,94,152 Zepik, Allen 173 Zepik, Janice 88,93,104,152 Zimmerle, Karolyn 96,163 Zimmerman, Yvonne 91,163 Zonyk, Michael Jay 64,163 Zook, Phil 78 White, Delores 103,151 ZY9f'1Unf0WSkl, Thomas 173 White, Dennis 86,173 White, Edward 151 Wm' Gm '02 FACULTY IN DEX White, George 76,173 White, John 151,183 White, Linda 151 White, Mattie 173 Whitforcl, Jett 173 Wible, Joyce 151 Wickstrom, Douglas 71,94,102,104,110 Wiencek, Victoria 93,104,106,111,151,194 Wienhoft, Dale 151 Wienka, Jeannette 162 Wienke, Eugene 151 Wienke, Karen 151,201 Wiesemann, Kay 162 Adams, Doug 22,72,74,118 Ahrendt, Wilma 87,118 Aigner, Robert 11B Almon, John 118 Anderson, James 118 B Bailey, Barbara 103,118,154 Bass, Arnold 110,118,154 Bauer, Katherine 89,116,117 Bobinski, Therese 43,118 Bontield, Genevieve 118 Brammel, Paul 118 Breed, Janice 116 Byrd, Paul 118 C Calvert, Nancy 88,116,118,122 Cassidy, Robert 25,118 Cobbum, Garth 118 Commer, Wilma 106,118 Cook, Richard 68,118,122 Cripe, Jerry 66,76,118 Croft, Max 56,118 Crofg Roberta 56,107,118 Dahlberg, Mildred 87,118 Donoghue, Roger 118 Dry, James 118 Durand, Phillis 110,118,164 E Ewing, Evelyn 119 Ewing, Jesse 119 F Fergluson, Madeline 119 Fisc er, Bruce 69,78,104,119 G Galles, Ruth 54,119 Glenn, Max Gritiilsl, Hubert 89,119 Hakim, Hussein 119 Hall, Helen 119 Halpin, Jerald 37,119 Hendricks, Tom 116,119 Henry, Bernice 104,119 Hibbs, Edward 51,102,119 Hultiren, George 91,108,119 Jones, Warren 10,19,20,34,74,116 Joycei Alice 119 Karstens, Jerry 29 Katz, Harlan 119 Kemena, Ruth 116 Kerestury, Judith 105,119 King, Dorothy 119 Kitchell, Calvin 119 Kohnke, Elizabeth 106,119 Kuszmaul, Ross 71,119 L Lamb, Richard 64,119 Larson, Lucille 116,117 Lee, Eloise 119 Lonzo, C. D. 27,29,46,90,119 Loatens, Barbara 119 Lootens, Bernard 46,110,120,164 Lykens, Harry 32,120 M McAnolly, Earl 78.79,120 McMillin, Delano 120 Mann, Bernice 55,120 Maxey, Sheldon 96,120 Meer, Newton 120 Michaels, Paul 120 Millbranth, Elmer 120 Miller, Delbert 77,120 Minor, Brian 120 Mohamed, John 116 Mohamed, Lee 29,120 Mulloy, Doris 120 Munger, Elizabeth 48,120 N Nicholas, James 120 Nightingale, Mary 88,120,215 Nowak, Frank 116,117 O'Neill, Thomas 81 120 Overanan, Victor l9,64,66,120 Parry, David 25,72,75,80,120 Peterson, Sigund 120 Picone, Domenico 120 Pohl, Helen 18 Presser, Richard 43,104,120 Raisor, Edwina 61 Rhaads, Arthur 2,86,121 Robison, Gordon 92,121 Rumsey, Robert 65,121 5 Sacks, Wallace 121 Schade, Wilhelm 121 Schlegelmilch, Janice 121 Schelgemilch, Noel 121 Silverman, Manuel 121 Sims, James 91,121 Smith, l.. W.121 Srnith, Robert 121 Sarge, Dennis 94,121 Sparks, Mary Lou 121 Sparks, Richard 106,121 Sparks, Thomas 116 Sprairsge, Marion 121 Taylor, Charlotte 121 Timberlake, Lewis 29,37,59,116,121 Tom, Glen 121 Troymu, Florence 121 Urguhart, Jeanette 121 W Wagner, James 92,116 Wegner, Harold 116,117 White, Eloise 121 Whitlow, Allen 75,121 Wright, Harriet 89,116,117 Yenser, Adelia 121 Al's Thrif-Ti-Mart .......... AMI Metals 8. Northern Indian Arndt's Sport Shop ........ ADVERTISING I A a Steel Supply Co. ..... . Arno Adhesive Tapes, Inc. ..... . Basset Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. . . B8.E Marine ............. Berg's Floral 8- Gift Shop . . . Bill Sherman Buick Co. . . , . B 8- K Root Beer Stands .. Blackmonds Jewelers ..... Blieden's Camera Center Blocksom 81 Co. ,....... . Book Fair ........ B Boyd Phelps, Inc. . . . . . . Burger Chef ..... ....... C Carriage Trade . . . . . . Checker Cab Co. ....... . Cipares Insurance Agency . . . Citizens Bank ............ Clark Equipment Co. . . . . Coco-Cola Bottling Co. .. Colonial Bakery ....... Cooper Norge Village . .. Crosby's Incorporated .. Cush 8. Lambka, Inc. .....,. . D Delaney's Furniture . . . . Delco, Inc, ......... . Dobeski's Shoe Store .... Donoghue's Homeroom .... Dunes Lodge i,':75 ..... . . . Dwyer Products Corp. ..... . E Eastmoor Slacks .... .... Economy Motors . . . Eden House .... Elco Electronics .... , . Enyeart Chevrolet . . . . . . F First Merchants-National Bank Foster Printing Service ..... . Frey Brothers ,... ......... F. W. Dwyer Manufacturing Co G Gardex, Inc. ....,.,. . . General Construction . . . Gene's Restaurant ..... Goerg Boats 8- Motors . . . Grieger's Clothing Store ..... H Haviland-Callan, Inc. . . .... . , . Hays Corporation .... Henry Lumber Co. . . . Herff Jones ....,.. Hickory Pit Grill ,... . . . J Jaymar-Ruby, Inc. .... . . . Jim's Super Market ...... John's Barber Shop ....... Josam Manufacturing Co. Joy Manufacturing Co. K Keen General Contractor .,.. NDEX L Ladies Shop ................ LaPorte County Beverage ..... Lindsay C. Lamb Agency, Inc. . Lucas School of Music ,....., M M. A. Christianson Co. .,.... . Maiot's Garden Shop .... McDonalds ............ Mayer's Children Shop .... Meyer Paint 8- Glass ...,.. Michigan City Dry Goods ---. . Michigan City Furniture Co. . . . Michigan City Loan 81 Building Assoc Midwest Realty ............. Miller Tax 81 Accounting Service Missal Decorating Co. . . . . . M 84 M .............. Montgomery Wards . . Morrison's Drive-In .. . Music Shop .....,. . . . N News-Dispatch . . , . O Ohming's ...,.... , , . Orbit Oldsmobile ..... .... P Peglow 81 Johnson, Inc. . .. . Pepsi-Cola ............ Peters Dairy ...... Phillips Drill Co. .. . Pullman Standard ... .... R Richard Mignery .... . Ronnie's Food Shop . . . . Royalmetal Corp. .......... . S Schlundt Insurance Agency .. Scholl's Dairy ............. Sears Roebuck 81 Co. . . . Shon Furniture Store . . . Sid's Service Station . . Smith Shoe Store . . . Society Lingerie ........... SoIberg's House of Flowers . . . Spaulding Barber Shop .. S. S. Kresge .......... . Sugar Bowl ............... T Taylor-Chalmers Advertising . Tonn 81 Blank, Inc. .... ,... . . U Ulrich Paint 81 Glass, Inc. .... . V VaiI's Hobbies 8. Toys ........ Velma's Beauty Salon 8. Wiggery Vernier China Co. ......... . W Walt's Kitchen Cabinets ..,.. Weil McLain Co., Inc. . . . Whilifle Tree ......... Wilke's Drug Store WIMS .............. Woodruff 81 Sons, Inc. . . Wrights' Flowers ..... W. W. Case .... Mr. Surber demonstrates to Dan Kline and his mother the device which Dan will use to communicate with his classes through Elston's loudspeaker system. An Afterthought: THREE ELSTON STUDENTS ATTEND BY PHONE IN '65 ln our endeavor to include everyone in the ELSTONIAN, the yearbook staff overlooked those students who attend school by phone. Communicat- ing through the loudspeakers in the classrooms, they can answer questions and participate in discussions. Bruce Burgvvald, a senior, has been using this system since September, 1963. Marcia Spring, also a senior, was a telephone student during an illness in the first semester of the '64-'65 year. Sophomore Dan Cline tuned in to his classrooms for the fourth six-weeks while recuperating from a Christmas holiday accident. Marcia Spring Bruce Burgwald ELSTONIAN STAFF BUSY IN '65 The ELSTONIAN Year progressed like an old steam engine pulling out of the station-very slowly for a long time with Mrs. Nightingale stoking coal like mad trying to get up steam, and Mr. Lonzo yelling and pushing from behind the caboose, But, like the old train, once we got going, we really moved. We had to. There were important school events to cover and dead- lines to meet. As pictures flooded in, ideas became reality on the page. But the book didn't come alive tor us until one day when Ned Dolson came down to Sl i3 with his cover idea-it was just the spirited feeling we wanted. Besides designing the cover, he is responsible tor the artwork on page 4 and 5. Our sincere thanks go to Ned for his contribution to the '65 ELSTONIAN. Qur final deadline came on lvlarch iQ, we mailed our last batch of pages with the hope that we could now sleep at night and the conviction that we had accurately and artistically told the story ot '65. Our thanks to everyone who took part in this co-operative ettort: adminis- trators, teachers, and our tellovv students, to American Yearbook Company and to lvlr. Ed Hackleman, their representative, to Root Studio, and to Smith Cover Company. And most ot all thanks to lvlrs. Nightingale who many times brought the light for laseri to blind eyes. Editor ........ Copy Editor Features ,..... Academics .... Sports ........ Organizations .. Portraits ...... Business ....... 1965 ELSTONIAN STAFF .........,........................5teveFinger Karen Prast . . . . Sandy Joyce, Rob Kemp . . . . . Nancy LaFountain Al Murray Pat Novak RussSims . .... Mary Kay Komasinski, Doug GloFf, Tony Westcott Photographers .... ................... R uss Sims, Phil Ahrendt, asst. Typist ........... General Assistant Artist ...... . . . Sponsor . . ..............lane Lindeman ...... Don George Ned Dolson . . . . Mary Nightingale 215 QMKL WM MV W W Mil "V M W W Wifffn I W ge-"Y 1 f W AM pf 1 1 I WV bllf Jd jjj l M 'Dub F if fly UV Mt' . f L KWH! lywly ,Q kb PM fi .MV Nwwafwf gf!! wwf'fM1Q Gr 1 ff1,? ww Way WJWWQMQ Wy My W Q Oigb- QP X .ffw X 'Y f .if bf xv., ,K ,A 31 ' N Jw . , j , -, 'f , 3 Lf fl , - ., N Y, x W X . v .I V i v ,f L- 7 x V 7, J J .lf WL 'JNWX '? Nj N If -xx .1 x Q Y 7 , Q . D kj p J x lr' -f -x X ' ,f . I ' J F , 5 ? A w , - Tv, y ' Q' , 'Q ,L 1 x Vi H x. J' ,rl x J' J , 1 K X 1 + U J. v V -f. N XJ ,, X, sa J J 395 5 jfgf 5 Si? 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Suggestions in the Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) collection:

Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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