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I 5 . 1 A O oy 14, W1 MW fy M WM?xMJif ' M W 5 ' x . 1FWww"1w'e W 1 ' Q Y .., , . X J , , - , ' Q Wi N W . X ' EMI!! I ,Q Y ' A mv T1 EP ' QL? , 5 1 LL, A- Jqffgx t mfr.. SI: ' '-FQ . r A E512-5' I, Qi' . Jr' " f ,,,, 4,- g Q 7, , , :QW . '. as , . M m A ' IQ ?" ' 'lv 'JW'y, 7 -3 , 'fl . H1.vi?.45, Q., g + 1 . K , . , 4 , Eff. A.-.4 1 1 ' vi' H r fna!"" J. v5.iM,. 'main ' , -, - X .. V S y X. . Fil, 5 A - y ., . nj" . K V4 Yff x H I , '5"' o ia f' P . K . ,V af , A ba r : , .435 L 5 ' 47 1 S A' V'i1a V 5 T ,J U P ' iyff' ff., : ,, x aff! .vu Q' ,,:-L uf , -ff M 1, , fl f 1"'zas5.i , , 1. , , Fix 5 M., Q --H ' . - -, ,r L . H ., 9,- 34 , N N- Jw. 315332 . L, . f H 1, K m 'Ms ,6.:f'-. ' ' ', L ...HA NJ ,,,, V , . f, 61 ',"'x4t, 522, Q 7, y,.. ' , 3 vi , Q s M, W v4 L7 fx a ll X V ,:31H'-A,"-fy V- ' S, " 1 , , , u 1 , 1, 41- 1 11 59' ,,.,. . 7 Q1 J: Fgfwq., A I. -g . r , v X 1 , l vw E K' 4, I X . 1 1 f J ' , e Q I X L "M ,W "M 2 -xl?-,,,,J?-un , u ' gfaiip W.. Wa' , My T 1+ Q .LEWN A ,K .mu 3.5 ' ' Mrs if g- ., gtg w- ' '15 ig. 1 -, ,, vw JFQLM W, W ,J 4 5, ,Al ,P ., '- - 114 ' .zisj ,, , ,Au - f itz: 1. ,.,u, CM I , J Y E.. A . .af -' x 1 + , . K. Nth , , 13' 5 f yy Q., 5 ,MMLJK , Y ,. 4 tryin ,Q :-My 19'j.?Ql'4. ' K Q ME?-3' , .I FG -.' I Ly, X Y MP1 5,7 , 3 ,..., , e ':- I ,- if 'i' A 29 wx, ,"Y' n .,. 1 P the elstonian FOREWORD Throughout the halls of M. C. High School A mixing of many- Sophomores and seniors, athletes and spectators Faculty and students, scholars and administrators Afriendly, industrious society. A mixing of much- Library and labs, basketball games and the prom Pep sessions and plays, home work and dates, A physical, intellectual, and social development. Into memory melts a Well-measured blending, Another year at Elston High. 2 THE SENIOR CLASS presents THE C 1955 ELSTGNIAN The Year Book of the Isaac C. Elston Senior High School Michigan City, Indiana 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Seniors - 25 - 11 Juniors - 57 Sophomores - 7 5 Activities - 95 Features - 123 Sports - 4 S I '71 A, Advertisements - 163 DEDICATION The staff dedicates this 1955 Elstonian to those who have made us the people that We are today. Their hopes, plans and dreams have been centered on us. We obtained our first education from them, and, when We progressed along in our formal education, our inspiration and en- couragement Were also gained from this source. Now we have reached the end of the first big chapters in our lives and with deep gratitude We dedicate this book to you who have guided and inspired us so much - OUR PARENTS. Q he 5 ISAAC C. ELSTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 6 THE NEW ADDITION E :T-2' . L. 7 GENER L SNA Glad to get a detention? Senior Boys Overtime Gang 10K your head size, Dick? f fuk, Oh, what troubles! ixeiiiigfif . If ,,' 'X 4' ' A H , f f,5', ' M 1 f . """ ' A ,ff-My-7-fl --x- wi f Af 'ffffyfff , , in , mm SWSQWWW " 'ff' v, Y J" " --329-T'-I N-fe fo . 4 4 , , , , MM, ,I i i' M ew A I .,,f , V , Snowmen or ,f bimzgfhq N , A Cmdermen? Mg fgptfgfff fL , 2 mfQ7f' 75,43 fafifyfigf' L' 'f,5"? 4,93 fag -491 1 if A ,350 4, A ' ff, 1,2 ww F fr . ""??ff, ,,... W u ,,,,, ' 11 5 - H A' ? Q "mr fr x fg,,m'fff 7, W FW M6 L.. .. A Vx V Dig that crazy erector ' set Let's see you put A it all back Preparations 8 , GENERAL SNAPS Decoration for sectionals City regains the liberty bell Color guard Get that jump ball! Before the game Christmas at Elston typewriter Stu selects a magazine We 9 X! Who's Winning AUTOGRAPHW fy-R f-XUTOGR HS f? 'Cf 5 ADMINISTRATION Y u -1 A 6, ! I 1 L.-,..4 yXW11N-M111 mfg 41 ' IM W Qi' "'s.,,..+-4 I WWW HW 111 mx , N EW Illll IL ll 4 .S BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES Mr, E. M. Peck, Mr. William Maddocks, Mr. Wilbur K. Schroeder, Mr. William Flotow, and Mrs. Eleanore Reppert. To the Board of School Trustees is given the important duty of forming the policies which govern the public school of Michigan City. The five members also regulate the spending of tax money for supplies and hiring new teachers. The members of the Board are Mr. William Maddocks, Presidentg Mr. Wilbur K. Schroeder, Secretaryg Mrs. Eleanore Reppert, Treasurerg Mr. E. M. Peck, and Mr. William Flotow. The Board is assisted by Miss Alma Schilf, Miss Marcia Meads and Miss Betty Ja- sicki, who are responsible for school employee payrolls, financial. reports, and pensions. Miss Alma Schilf, Miss Betty Jasicki, Miss Marcia Meads 12 - SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS By the help and leadership of Mr. M. L. Knapp our school has attained high recog- nition in the scholastic field. Mr. Knapp has handled the task of keeping our school system running smoothly for the past six- teen years in his capacity as Superintendent of Schools. Our superintendent's friendly manner, as well as his outstanding leadership, have made him most popular with all Who have come in contact With him. Mrs. Edward Hibbs, as secretary to Mr. Knapp, checks attendance data and supervises the distribution of school supplies. In addition she aids in solving many problems facing Mr. Knapp and does general oflice Work. 13 ASSISTANTS Miss Ruth Kemena and Miss Lucille Tamlin The physical Well-being of all students in the Michigan City public schools is taken care of by Miss Ruth Kemena and Miss Lucille Tamlin. These two nurses administer aid to any student who becomes ill in school and aid in giving physical examinations to boys who are planning to participate in sports. Miss Bess Day, the director of guidance, helps our students to overcome any diiiicul- ties they might encounter with their school courses. Miss Day's efforts in promoting Career Day are certainly appreciated by the student body. The person who is responsible for checking on all frequent absentees in the city is Mr. Robert Bucy. Mr. Bucy also issues Work permits to students. W Miss Bess Day Mr. Robert Bucy 14 P PRINCIPAL The high standards of our high school are the result of the efforts and determin- ation of Mr. C. F. Humphrey, our principal. Mr. Humphrey has always held a personal interest in the Welfare of the students. This year Mrs. June Zeidler took over the job of secretary to Mr. Humphrey. Much more is involved in this job than the average secretary meets. Mrs. Zeidler also sells schools supplies, checks school attendance and gives all information which students request. Mrs. June Zeidler 15 FACULTY OF G RD L. W. S. : A+ personality Elstoffs Joe elsif I 1.755 I ' 4 fsck W X , xg f fs 1 f 2 fs f mfs 40" f f f ,jay ,Z 49 Cf' 4 X, 3 Q XZ 7x '5,,,Q+.sfe,., f x Q. 4 .U x , 'Q f-.hw Y we 1 W f ? W X 4 W , K Senora Spiro Housecleaning time f , z7""7"""7W'W LE , W , s ff -sv .,, 1 D, M' ,I Q!! rg 1. 5 , ,, I 22 f 5 H 4 ,f f ......,.:a.f 4 ' my College counsel Frlday , I ,.f4,Z,52w JK 'f ffqftr , fm Miss Commer and friend Anyone for a pill? Thirsty? 16 FACULTY OFFGUARD Brief case and all 2, ,Q , SWAN, V 'fy iff Ss fs - W- f f , N , '71 548-Eng 1 ff W ff! 4 5 ,5-nSM?,, 4S.Z , fx .y-M6 Z! 3 y Kia ri Mawymf XS' X . .Q Nw ' izffbi' Dare you, Weg! Happy, Miss Dahlberg ? How many Words a minute ,..L my 9, ,, W " 3-Q f.g,,y, fax may y , .gi 3 2. ' if 12, ' Ka '1'?1'f',w . Let's hope it's not too hard 'NK A i What are you making? Getting 9- TCPOIT? Play director 17 FACULTY JAMES BELDEN Social Science GARTH COBBUM Commercial MILDRED DAHLBERG Librarian f- n - - fe WILMA COMMER Art THOMAS FISHER English 4 f 'Eli 7' WILLIAM GIFFEL HELEN HALL GRACE HART Math Commercial Home Arts 18 , FACULTY ,, BERNICE HENRY Latin Social Science . i s 5 . . i . in X . RALPH HOOKER Safety Basketball Coach English J-P' ROSS KUSZMAUL HARRY LONG Machine Shop Electric Shop 19 V3- sd l' FLoRENcE KELLY " Home Arts , s..-Q" BERNARD LOOTENS Social Science FA C U LTY MELLIE LUCK English 'Q I " ' ' f, v . 7 'K Y, Z' W ' ', fk W ' 'Qin 2, , f f If 3- I 25- S f. 'k 'zw, ' ' ' CQ V g DELBERT MILLER Physical Education BERNICE MANN Commercial lllm, 'JI il lull! E i1 f f K' 'Nv,.1 l , fi ', , , if , f f I I ,ilgifz y W: , ' PALMER MYRAN Instrumental Music SHELDON MAXEY Wood Shop RALPH MITCHELL English Journalism JAMES NICHOLAS Auto Shop Social Science 20 FACULTY WAYNE PLEW HELEN POHL FRANCES SEBESTA Biology English, Speech Physical Education Health Football Coach RALPH SELLERS LESTER SMITH Commercial Science, Math I9 L iiii THQMAS SPARKS MARGARET SPIRO MARION SPRAGUE Drafting Spanish Social Science 21 FACULTY .. ,, Wu' My H, Q . " Q 'QQ ' X , ' .S-fy, f , , ' 71? '7 T fi- N-J' 'I ,f W ' -. Sfxff fE.'4'Vfi ,ywhri gg, gi, 'gl -'ew , LEONA STUART Cafeteria Home Arts RUSSELL TROYER Science, Math J EANETTE Commercial 1 HAROLD WEGNER DOROTHEA WOLFE Driver Training English 22 Counseling OLD FACULTY PICTURES I Wonder how this , would sound on , . . Resistance: 2 ohms Hi-Fi? Get your apphcation in. Q I Speak up! Decline a verb 7 I I ! Clutch down, gears D ' in neutral. . 15- s "Beauty is truth, Be sure to Sit up straight, and pull truth Beautyu stir the acid in first. your feet out of the aisles 23 AUTOGRAPHS fu 24 N . Q, 1 1 1 4 N. l . X 1 x . 1 1 1 1 1 H H. 1 1 X 1 1 A s' w H v 1 yt j X 'x 1 R. , 1 I I K , X x 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 K . Y 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 X Y 1 1 I .W 1 1 V X 1 1 1 - A L1 X 1 25 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Mr. Fisher, Mr. Belden, Miss Commer, Mr. Wegner, Mrs. Urquhart, Miss Sebesta, Mr. Smith, Miss Henry With timid hearts We, the class of 1955, in 1952 were thrust into the fearful pande- monium of senior high school on sign-up day. With no less fear, a day later, We faced teachers known to us only by the not too favorable comments of those who had gone before us. These were the people who were supposed to drag us through the maze of hopelessly long books and present us, three years hence, as seniors with enough knowl- edge to merit a diploma. Under the leadership of Lee Dabagia, Jim Hurst, and Mavis Brantg and under the advice of Miss Robinson and Mr. Wegner, we spent the major part of our sophomore year trying to imitate the Ways, whether good or bad, of the upper classmeng and in trying to meet the hopelessly high standards of these senior high teachers. 26 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Mavis Brant, Lee Dabagia, John Henry With meek junior voices and then with voices having the swell of importance, We peddled our gastronomical Wares to the screaming fans who were all convinced of the fact that We should sit down because We were doors and not Windows. On the heels of this exertion came the preparations for the first open prom in the modern history of Elston High. The same class officers led us, but poor Mr. Fisher and Miss Commer had the headache this year. Then came the "final stretch" through which We as seniors coasted, slaved, or play- ed, led by Lee Dabagia, John Henry, and Mavis Brant and guided by Mrs. Urquhart and Mr. Wegner. The first strangeness, and then the pride of being the most experienced students is unforgettable. Ranking with these things in importance is that first morn- ing in senior sponsor, and Hnally the awesome dignity of graduation. These are the things that are in store for you when you come to the end of the scholastic road. 27 IN MEMORIAM TOM ALLEN 'We live in deeds, not yearsg in thought, not breaths, In feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart throbs. He most lives Who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best." Bailey "Festus 28 SENIOR SNAPS Class president A Preview of the play Elstonian staff v.-4 wi 29 A11 alone, Phil ? P V V, V fm f ' f Aff.- V , f -,4 f,y' w , f,W'7, ff ,fzfw ,mf A , QU Coming or going? PRI GTI E I- PARIS Faculty table The night before 41 QFff's-Tiny! 'ff ,Z , Xl f ff wffe X r W4, - we X N , " X "N f Wfwsf ' wNQ,Sff .a,s eg, ' f W MQSNL it it V , mf I 11 mx, Wy, y kg? , , 3 Q 32 V: 55, ff fA2 f . I U 'e,LQMt,,:.. N Ji K I ' v ff A ,A ff2.EvxA'a Fff- 147 ff V 'I ' Wm KV '4.:2,wf,T,4,-f 11: ' 1 ' IN iirififew' e-: 4 L: ,V Q A Q S 4 fig f e gk X187 t W X , f ' ji , X 1 1 f Y f Ns 2' , xy QE 1 .f 4 X f fm, A ,WNWWM 1 f M ' I -iw ? Q1 7 Q. . , 52 Q f, f f 7X 5-J , fag W X x ,5 i , , 1, f i 5 , A , fnwmm AMW f V ' ,, High and mighty juniors f A- we 1,1 I ,MZ an SW ? W I Q, - f .w ASPN Q ' Up goes the ceiling W 1' iM W 7M ww-mc f 1 pw! Zi M W N f ,, fm ,Y :ny f fn, H, WWA I X :.- J , 4 I I ' 4, I . fx 7' wzjw , f fgfzfff 'ff' tw W i 0 X f W, 'K' j ' N Wi ' X " 4, , , ' 41 56! Greetings A park in Paris A11 alone Phiiif Garcon! Happy foursome 30 SPRINGTIMIIIN PARIS g 'O I - K. -g ' an X ff 34 -if O Sitting one out The waltz you saved for me Dancing under the stars i llllll lll QQ' g :mg Q IQ X vig U Intermission 1 Q , ' 1, 1 Q. I- K " mllllIll'lTlTllTiiiiii'1 ,Q Ilikpi it 5 H. me The pause that refreshes Admir-ing the decgratinns 31 SENIOR PLAY Nancy Bennett, Jon Feinn, John Henry, Sue Spinning, Jerry Winski, Dick Carlson Jim Hurst, Katie Cass, and David Gring. i E Nancy Bennett, Jon Feinn, John Henry, Sue Spinning, Jerry Winski, Dick Carlson Dave Gring, and Kathryn Cass. 32 SENIOR PLAY f N Q2 f e- if Jon Feinn and Kathryn Cass CAST Mrs, Midget 4,..... ,.......,.... -,---- N 21 Hey Bennett Scrubby ,-----Vw--- ......... J on Feinn Mr, Lmgiey ............,v,A.... .-'---. J Ohn Henry Mrs, Clieveden-Banks ..... ,e----- S U9 Spinning ' .. Jerry Winski Tom Prior .................... -- Reverend Duke .,,,,,,,,,,, , .... Dick C2i1'lSOI1 Reverend Thompson ....... ---...... J im HU1'S'C . Kathryn Cass Lee Dabagia Ann ,........ ,..........,.......... ..--- Henry ..... ..... Under the direction of Mrs. Pohl and Mr. Wegner, the Senior Play, "Outward Bound," was named a success by all who attended. The story concerned the reactions of the seven passengers when they reached the conclusion that they were dead. They were bound for one of two obvious places. This dramatic performance took place on March 18, 1955, in the Junior High Auditorium. 33 CLASS OF '55 mmf Vlf. ff Ronald Angeledes Inez Ayad James Baldwin Monitor 3 G.A.A. 1, 2 Monitors 2 Junior Prom 2 Hall Patrol 1 Junior Concessions Slipsticks 1 Track 1 Football 1 Judith Bartels G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Junior Play Carol Bartholomew Hall Patrol 1 Pan-American L. 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 3 Blackfriars 1 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Sophomore Party 1 ELSTONIAN 3 Play 3 f 1 , 3 'P f 1, ff " , ' ,. ' ,W fwwy, -,,. 1 41,102 f If -:VK ,E 4 , W ' W M , X A gf 2 400 ,f , 1 ff lyk, , 2' if ' A ,fn ff i ,W 1 ' V is as s 55,31 S, Q if 3 4 A Dlalfla 136110113 GOI'dO1'1, B6I'T1111S Office Messengers 1, 2, 3 Red Derbies 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Play 3 Pan-American L. 2 Slipsticks 1, 2 Forum Club 1 Sophomore Party 1 Play 3 Phyllis Ballard G.A.A, 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Junior Play Duane Barts Nancy Bennett Student Council 3 Slipsticks 1, 2, 3 Dance Band 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions ELSTONIAN 3 Play 3 L X L . V W 4 l WT!" 1 , f - 21. 15 M f 7,2 if 2 fig! 4 1 2 f f , QS K Ki? W ff W2 W f 2 f ,f I X f Q76 ,W 7 f ff ff fy f Sr WW f f fff f 6 5 1 ' f K X' ' . .- 10,111 ff V ,x , .A x ' ' ff' y' 6 rf, f . fp? f , Q UQZR 4,4 14 f , Ja es Bickel 1 1 7" IOC: Wi- 25 Glee Club 3 G.A.A. 1, 2 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 2, 3 FIT-STONIAN 3 Paint Spots 1, 2, 3 Red Derbies 1 Junior Prom 1, 2 Sophomore Party 1 34 l Y . X, xt t Q P 21' .X Robert Blair Glee Club 3 Football 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Play 3 V... W...-.. Charles Bohlin 3 Hall Patrol 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 1 N CLASS OF 9 f William Blankenship Sue Bleek Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Junior Play 2 Judith Boese Student Council 2, 1 Dahlites 1, 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party Junior Concessions ELSTONIAN 3 Play 2, 3 fbi -nv-16-bw nf Football 2, 3 ln. ,ir 1 Qs ,, X,, , James BOIT81 Hall Patrol 2, 3 Hi-Y 3 Latin Club 2 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party Monitor 1 Arthur Bolka Chuck Bonheur Charrnian Bonner Hall Patrol 2, 3 Monitors 2 Latin Club 2, 3 I-Ii'Y 3 Hall Patrol 1. 2. 3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Blackfriars 1 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Prom 2 Play 3 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 1, 3 Cafeteria 2, 3 ,gn '13 A 47" 4,4 . M . W U 4i,,,j.,l sr' ,-up - 3 'if t ar? ,V - If -fV' Kathy Bowker Ronald Bowman Mavis Brant G-A.A- 1. 2 MOHHOTS 3 National Honor Society 2, Band 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y 3 Monitgrg 3 Junior Prom 2 Track 1', 2, 3 G-AAA. 1, 2' 3 Sophomore Party 1 Football 1, 2, 3 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Class Officer 1, 2, 3 Play 2, 3 3 Glenn Bridwell Hall Patrol 1, 3 Blackfriars 1 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions V- ' , . '- , ' J ,, 1 it , ef f :, 5 Clifford Burns Hi-Y 2 Baseball 1 Golf 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 CLASS OF '55 Patricia Britzke Barbara Brooks Betty BPOWI1 Glee Club 2 Red Derbies 2 Junior Prom 2 Tri-Hi-Y 3 G,A.A. 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 2, 3 Ronald Burns Stuart Burris Baseball 1, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1 Monitors 1, 2, 3 Slipsticks 1 Golf 1, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Play 3 Shirley Carr Kathryn Cass Play 3 Tri'Hi-Y 2, 3 , Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 3 Student Council 3 Sophomore Party 1 Drowned ,,,QjiSff ' f .gay , " ,ym f A WW Wag. , jbffxfr, X' flj,5324W'! 54, ML, ' , ,':,r,rw'ff 157, 2. g,,f4'z,?Hff' , ' f' I 'Q , fm, ,QC ,Qfwfffzf fl N. Richard Carlson Student Council 1 Monitors 1 Hall Patrol 2, 3 Slipsticks 3 Latin Club 3 Forum Club 1 Junior Concessions Plav 3 Louie Caviggiola Mary Ann Clark .f I . 699 " Qi Q'71?'!1 r 592.5- 3 Cliff, X 1 1+-ff is 2, 1:-,-. 1 W, I r 4, V ,V f .ff ff 1 Ralph Cofer 1 .5 Cherie Coonfare Monitors 2 Band 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Junior Concessions Jean Craft Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 3 CLASS OF '55 Richard Collins Jean Connelly Richard Cook Monitors 3 Hi-Y 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Play 3 Red Devil 1 Red Derbies 1, 3 FIEIICGS Office Messengers 1 Student Council 1 G.A.A. 2, 3 Monitors 1, 2 Fashionettes 1 Pan-American L. 2 Junior Prom 2 Dahlites 2, 3 Sophomore Party 1 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 ,Junior Concessions Cheerleader 3 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Junior Concessions 2 Play 3 Monitors 2, 3 Hall Patrol 2, 3 Tennis 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Junior Concessions Baseball 1, 2 411 " 5 2 X ,f '-' M V ., , 1 1 my 1, I Nancy Cox Pan-American L. 2 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Play 2 722' Philip Cross Jane Cunningham Lee Dabagia Track 1, 2, 3 Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3 National Honor Society 2 3 Football 1, 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1 Student Council 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Blackfriars 1 Monitors 1, 2, 3 Sophomore Party 1 G,A.A. 2, 3 Hall Patrol 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Thespians 2, 3 Sophomore Party 1 Golf 1, 2, 3 Class Oflicer 1, 2, 3 Play 2, 3 ELSTONIAN 3 Arlene Dabbert Paint Spots 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 2 Dexter DeWitt, Jr. Student Council 1 Jr. Red Cross 3 Latin Club 2, 3 Golf 1, 2, 3 Dance Band 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Play 2, 3 Sophomore Party 1 .gi Ken Dubie Baseball 1, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3 CLASS OF '55 . is . ' I Aan-vw nf' ., X ,4 j 'X 1. ff! f We - ff u W. . - , 32.3, -X , S 5. Robert Dabbert Glee Club 2, 3 Monitors 2 Junior Prom 2 ELSTONIAN 3 'Maw Frank DiGiacom0 Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3 M35 James Davis Bonnie Day Oiiice Messengers 1 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Thespians 2, 3 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party Junior Concessions Plnv 2 Ofiice Messengers 2 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Fashionettes 2 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 2, 3 B111 Durham Mary Eckert Football 1 Red Derbies 2 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions R38 Ada Edwards Play 3 Dance Band 1 Student Council 2 CLASS OF ,5 Joan Edwards Bonnie Ellison Paint Spots 2 Junior Prom 2 i J Red Devil 2, 3 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 ELSTONIAN 3 'Q S 5' ' 1 . 'ar C i Deloris Feighner Jon Feiun Band 1, 2. 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Monitors 3 Hall Patrol 3 Pan-American L. 2 Forum Club 1, 2, 3 ww' Sandra Erickson Dahlites 1, 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. 1. 2 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Fasliionettes 2 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Flay 2 Ni il' x Max Eubanks Jr. Red Cross 1. 2 Slipsticlis 1, 2. 3 Latin Club 2. 3 Band 1. 2. 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 3 5 in if A ' E Y'--nv" Y Marilyn Flood Kenny Foldenauer National Honor Society 2. 3 Monitors 2 Slipsticks 2. 3 Latin Club 2, 3 Forum Club 1. 2, 3 Glee Club 3 Student Council 3 Junior Concessions Junior Concessions 2 ELSTONIAN 3 ELSTONIAN 3 Play 3 Glee Club 1 af . in 4 ' My ,C yi? . I X g rf! Ax .. 'J 'JU' .fi 3' Patricia Fought Peggy FOWISI' Ruth Frame Red Derbies 1, 2 Red Derbies 3 Monitors 3 SOPUOITIOFC Party 1 Jr. Red Cross 2, 3 Plav 3 Pan-American L. 2, 3 A. 1, 2. 3 Red Derbies 1, 2. 3 .Q off" xf' Ann Frehse Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. 1 Red Derbies 1, 2 Sophomore Party 1 CLASS OF 955 Judy Fritz Monitors 2, 3 Ollice Messengers 3 Pan-American L. 2 Dance Band 1 Band 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 2 Emil Garay Track 1 Cross Country 1 Basketball 1 Tom Girard Q I .. ff 7 1 l ' ,f , ff , want -WW 59 ff i My - ,f 1, M, fi ,M f 3 2 M M X X X W X 2 f' Wfscwf' , V! if Margie Gallagher Eleanore Gallas Monitors 1, 2 Hall Patrol 3 Pan-American L. 3 Dahlites 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Red Derbies 1 Junior Prom 2 Junior Concessions Play 2 Diane Gardner National Honor Scoiety 2, 3 Dahlites 2, 3 Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3 Paint Spots 1, 2 Latin Club 2, 3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Junior- Prom 2 Junior Concessions M4411 Pan-American L. 2 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Red Derbies 1 Junior Prom 2 Junior Concessions Play 2 ffffi WQ ff X f , W fy! aff W X My xW , yyf, M X M ff' fff if f MM X f f ff 1 1, I M X! 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Mis, , V , 4 ,N a f' .iffifiz 71 . , X ,gs Qfwm, 'IEW' w f , ,, , 656122 wif -:Q , fnisiivffsl fx.-at f, si ffm Sandra Haughtington Dance Band 1 Band 1 Junior Prom 2 Junior Concessions George Hayes Junior Concessions f 1 I ' jf 1 WW 11 ff WW 'L .173 My J ,f . ..f, , , , W ,K I tg ,M , 'RSV hs? I ,I A ' fs! K ff, ' f 'L ' 1' X 1 A q ,1,Z?f9f'i 13 Nhixfw, f, f f . J 2, 'Nw ' -'.-:32 . 'TEH f ' ' ,new . ga "1 , 'xx inf ' - f 1972 Wai , M, 1 wi W f , . Q, -s ,QW ,Lfys-g5,4, 9 ar ff .. FYSQQQ 2 fl .swf f as-,Q ' I lf" f aMw,f,ff ,. 1 -1 ' Harold Haynes John Henry Baseball 1 Hall Patrol 1, 2, 3 Track 1 Office Messengers 1 Football 1, 2, 3 Forum Club 1. 2. 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1 Class Officer 3 Play 3 James Herbert Jerry Herod Monitors 1, 2, 3 Hall Patrol 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y 3 Slipsticks 1, 2 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Play 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Carol Herrbach Dale Hileman Glee Club 2, 3 G.A.A. 3 Red Derbies 3 Fashionettes 3 Junior Prom 2 Play 2, 3 ELSTONIAN 3 Beverly David Betty Humphrey Harlan Hunt Tri-Hi-Y 1 Monitors 3 Red Derbies 3 Track 1 Cross Country 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 CLASS A C t- , - X ' X ' il: X5 ix K X . , sri, Q s N.: k 1. : 5 l x X, is xx.k. - 'ki' .X 3:1 wr sf A . . is I ' 1 Herbert Hunter James Hurst Student Council 1, 2, 3 Monitors 1, 2, 3 Hall Patrol 2, 3 Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3 Slipsticks 2, 3 Latin Club 2, 3 Junior Concessions Class Oficer 1, 2 Play 3 'J Bob Jackson Joel Johansson Bernice J uckett Jr. Red Cross 2 Monitors 2 Hi-Y 2 Junior Prom 2 Junior Concessions OF '55 John Hutchison Junior Concessions N Y Y-vO"Q Jr. Red Cross 1 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 2, 3 ELSTONIAN 3 Barbara Kiefer Alan Kienitz Robert Kieper Melvin Kirliham Junior Concessions JT- Red CPOSS 1. 3 Play 2, 3 X I Jerry Jackson Charlotte Kahn f f.,- ,,aesso,,2,so2wss ZNVXYQQ 4 V ,,,,L ,WV W, fwfr wwf A . 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Theresa Klosinski Red Derbies 1 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 3 Pete Kopczyk Norm LaDuke Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3 Slipsticks 1, 2, 3 Tennis 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions 2 Play 2 CLASS OF , Carolyn Knoll Marilu Knudsen Sally Kolb Red Derbies 2, 3 Hall Patrol 3 Paint Spots 3 Paint Spots 1, 2 Olflce Messengers 2 G.A.A. 2, 3 G.A.A, 1, 2 Junior Prom 2 Red Derbies 2, 3 Junior Concessions Junior Prom 2 Play 2, 3 Play 3 A1311 Kroening P3-U1 KTU-gel' Mary Jane Kulakowski MOnili0l'S 2 Blackfriars 1 TCHHIS 1, 2. 3 Red Derbies 1 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 3 5 ffl' f 'A f... - 1 I, W 1 .A Q xi, X' ' A If , A352 CY, , 4175 ffgfwvwk, - fn XIV' WWM2 YW 3 f f 1 of ' Carol Lange Anna Lewis Ron Lindborg Pan-American L. 2 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Hall Patrol 3 Dahlites 1, 2, 3 Trl-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Z? Play 2, 3 44 f g 2,3 r i 1 g Sid Linde Jr. Red Cross 1, 2 Hi-Y 2, 3 Slipsticks 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Sonhomore Party 1 ,4 A f"'2 ,4 Jim Lippens Hi-Y 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Cross Country 2, 3 Verna Lowder CLASS Sylvia Linde Monitors 3 Glee Club 2, 3 G.A.A. 2, 3 Sophomore Party 1 Play 3 ELSTONIAN 3 OF '55 Karen Lindquist Student Council 2, 3 2 Pan-American L. Dahlites 1, 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Fashionettes 2 Junior Prom 2 Junior Concessions I .v w , E mf ,MV34z2,,,, lr r, 3 David Livingston Play 2, 3 , ff ff -'ya f X , , X J iff .4077 f f .ffm , , ,f , , I Lf' f , f , K I new 1, ,ff , Richard Loetz Hi-Y 3 Cross Country 1 Junior Prom 2 Play 3 'M' Carol Lubs Tri-Hi-Y 1 G.A.A. 2 Red Derbies 1, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 2, 3 M f ' ie: .V V ,V , ,s 2 ' f, , , -7, X, 2 ' f , ... it ev , Z Ronald Malecki Hall Patrol 2, 3 Jr. Red Cross 3 Golf 3 Marsha Lindsay Paint Spots 2, 3 G,A.A. 2, 3 Red Derbies 3 Junior Prom 2 Play 3 ws ff 3 -3 f . f A , I ff, , f 2 f 5 ff 3 771,23 L A , ,, !,,,f X f f"' ,, 'Vi' WV Wayman Lombard Hi-Y 3 Track 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 wiv Irene Malik Red Derbies 1, 2 Junior Prom 2 CLASS OF ' f 7 1 X. 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X X is R NN ix. X , 1, X 2 x f , ,T 4-gs, W. SW A 2 Q sw c 5, X 9 , AP? eggs, R I :Q Edriie wnogers Pan-American L. 2 Hi-Y 2, 3 Paint Spots 3 Track 1 ..,..... ks 2 Q if X if x X 43x 1' 'nf V ., fix f 'fc CLASS OF ,55 Karen Rohder G.A.A. 3 Red Derbies 3 Betty Russ Office Messengers 2 Jr. Red Cross 3 Junior Concessions Play'2, 3 Faye Schaefer Jr. Red Cross 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. 3 JL1I'liOI' PFOIII 2 'k..- -A W --44 - ,, fws ffvhyff 1 J- , fyyf 1 e - W -A V , ,fo , veg' ,f ff f I lk s if 'ff I ,eff .3 f , swf f f f , Z .--- f W f 4. David Rolston Hi-Y 3 Baseball 3 fl I 'IVV 41" f X f gf .. W fk.L M f f 2 X 7 ff fflfw X X ffw 1 ff f fa X 2 f f f, , as ' ,!, Q sz , . , f ff , f ,f f sy , ., Q! 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A fy: Barbara Slater Monitors 1, 2 Red Derbies 1 Junior Prom 1 Sophomore Party 1 CLASS Ardes Smith Pan-American L. 2 Forum Club 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Play 2, 3 UF '55 Dorothy Smith Paint Spots 3 G.A.A. 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 2, 3 2 fx! 3 f I 17 - nf 4,5 f,,, 2, if f B111 Smith Monitors 3 Hall Patrol 1 OHice Messengers 2 Hi-Y 1, 2 Glee Club 1 Play 3 ff If mfg.. gf , d if WWW f"""U05,, I if 'W' Sue Snyder Patricia Sobkowiak Leonard Soller Carol Sommerfel G,A,A, 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y 3 Glee Club 2 Red'Derbies 1, 2 Paint Spots 3 G.A.A. 3 Junior Concessions Track 1, 2, 3 Red Derbies 3 Football 1, 2, 3 Fashionettes 2 d Richard Sparks Marion Sparrow Hall Patrol 3 C1189 Club 2, 3 Glee Club 3 Junior Prom 2 play 3 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Cafeteria 3 Suzanne Spinning David Stahoviak Student Council 2, 3 Golf 2 Dahlites 1, 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 2, 3 ELSTONIAN 3 -1"-523 Jim Stark Jr. Red Cross 3 Pan-American L. 2 Hi-Y 3 Baseball 1. 2. 3 Dance Band 1. 2, 3 Band 1. 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions ag... af .I Jim Sunderland Student Council 2 Hi-Y 1, 2 Golf 1, 2, 3 Sophomore Party 1 Play 3 Football 1 . 4, , ax' K ...Q . ' fl Gene Urbanski Football 1. 2, 3 CLASS OF '55 Jean Steen Glee Club 3 G.A.A. 3 Play 3 ,-'Q RP 'f".-3' B8,1'bZ-1I'3 Stelfel' Paint Spots 3 Red Derbies 3 Fasliionettes 2 :if ,M milf! sas- :AQ 1 FEW? A . , . T. 3. Mg Norm Thode Dance Band 3 Band 2, 3 Arlene Vachon Student Counc-il 3 Monitors 3 Jr. Refi Cross 3 Junior Concessions Play 3 s-.gan 5, 5 : Jeanette Turner Glee Club 3 G.A.A. l. 2, 3 Junior Prom 1 Junior Concessions Wayne Waltke if , ,-. f A sgirtif Lis Ellen Stephens Oflice Messengers 1 Pan-.-Xinerican L. 1. 2. 3 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Glee Club 3 G.A.A. l Fasliionettes 2. 3 Junior Prom 1 Junior Concessions gi ,,. 'YS-T -4' Q' :A Leanita Turner Monitors 13 G-.,-LA. l. 2 . Heil Derbies 2. 3 - Sllplfilvnilwe Party 1 Play 2. 3 'C Q ,, Ql,,, 1' Claudesta Ward Tri-Hi-Y 1. 2 G.A.A. l. 2 Junior Concessions Glee Club 3 CLASS OF ,55 Golf 3 Blackfriars 1 Honore Wardean Dave Warnimont Mary Anne Wegner National Honor Society 2, 3 Student Council 1 Pan-American L. 2 Dahlites 1, 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Junior Concessions Play 2, 3 awwvfs, nm Z f , f ' ,W f -f Q4 ., W ' f-'T-'W , . , I 1, Z xi, f 01 , y f I ,yi . , .4 YZ4-."'.,, h' 1 Q ' W K W , , , 2 W f 1 aff' f J ff rf flag? ,. iff 'G , if f. M 7 . Hfffl.. ,M ,ff fy ,-57 X x f 2 f +. W f D Janice Westphal George White Jerry Winski Junior Prom 2 Student Council 1 Student Council 1 Junior Concessions Monitors 2, 3 Pan-American L. Play 3 Golf 1, 2 Thespians 2, 3 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 3 Golf 1, 2, 3 Tennis 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Play 2, 3 , 2 1 Roger Wolcott Monitors 1, 2, 3 Hall Patrol 2 Jr. Red Cross 1 Pan-American L. 2 Baseball 1, 2 Track 2 Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2 Play 3 Karen Wolf Shirley Wolford Nanette Wolgast Cafeteria 3 Junior Concessions Play 3 Glee Club 3 H '-rf, , 1, W'qZ4sN5S f . ff "Y ,W f " 3 FX' if, ,K , W." f 1' fff' ng W4 f,'. 4 . . ,i-'ff S' , , ?12v ,fs X' f Q,-72 " Q, WW r 4 .. ,f , f r rt 1, ,ww , Marilyn Werdine Student Council 1 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Blackfriars 1 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 2, 3 Richard Wolcott Student Council 1, 2 Monitors 1, 2 Hall Patrol 1, 2 Pan-American L. 2 Baseball 1, 2 Track 2 Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2 Play 3 ?kW, , , , WW WW WW X fd 'Wie , rr, , X 7, 7 X, , ,, X if , . yi f ',,.' W,,,,,,v fff V X , f 4 f' f,, , -' 1,11 0 ff, , ' ' Q fffi? ,, wa, or 7, f .,,. ., f, WWW! X W Odice Messenger 2 Tri-I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3 Cheerleader 3 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Sophomore Party 1 Junior Concessions Play 2 -1 CLASS OF '5 fn! V , 1 . ' , fa '. , , . 2 I, Z JOaI1 WOZ11i21k Jack Wright Shirley Zollrnan Student C01-1I1Cil 1 Student Council 1, 3 National Honor Society 2. 3 Jr Red Cross 2 Monitors 1, 3 Hall Patrol 1. 2, 3 Red Derbies 2 Track 1 Latin Club 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Cross Country 1, 2, 3 Sophomore Party 1 SODTIOYUOTE Party 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Junior Concessions Plav 3 Junior Prom 2 N o pictures for: Junior Concessions Daniel Woodruff Dave Wozniak Walter Buckley Bill Fleming Eddie Thomason Rickie Kieifer 53 Lo ...url retta Zorn Student Council 3 Monitors 3 Dahlites 1, 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2. 3 Red Derbies 1, 2, 3 Junior Prom 2 Junior Concessions Play 2, 3 ELSTONIAN 3 No pictures for: John Carlson Gail Davis Ray Kalita David Konkey James Hall Les Fallen SENIOR SNAPS Budding artist! That unlucky laddel and we waited some more. Hou? interesting! Border patrol. Our hobo days are past. This is how Duane works. Got H bite, Jerry? 54 ELSTUNIAN Copy! Ads! Deadline! Bleeding pictures! All become familiar guide words to the busy staff that labors daily to bring interested readers the '55 annual. We are the staff that learns the trials and tribulations involved when one must cover his school beat, the tempo of every event, the tension of Elston's students and their re- action to events that make lasting impression on the mind. We have endeavored to do our best: We hope the book will be a constant source of enjoyment for you. The 1955 ELSTONIAN staff Editor-in-Chief .,...... .............................................................,... ..... S u e Spinning Business Manager ..., ....... J on Feinn Faculty Editor ..... ........................,............... K aren Miller Senior Editors ......... .......... M arilyn Flood, Nancy Griffiths Junior Editors ........... .,...,... A nnette Haack, Bernadine Goede Sophomore Editors ...... ................... M ary Ganschow, Carol Bartholomew Activity Editors ........ .,....... S usan Myers, Nancy Bennett, Bonnie Ellison Feature Editors ...... ....................................,... J udy Boese, Lorry Zom Art Editor ......... .. ............................ Bob Dabbert Girls' Sports ..... ....,.......................... S ylvia Linde Boys' Sports ...... ..................................... L ee Dabagia, Dale Rehbein Lay-Out Staff .,.... ..... L arry Maxey, Karin Reuber, Carol Herrbach Photographer .....,.......... ...........................................,...........,..... D uane Barts Circulation Manager ....... ,,,,, J anice Risk 55 AUTOGRAPHS 0 - ' 56 CLASS OF '56 III JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY In our sophomore year we had the traditional sophomore party. "Mardi Gras" was the theme. The oflicers for our sophomore year were Bob Dabagia as president, Norman Teets as vice-president, and Renie Breskin as secretary- treasurer. In our junior year we gave THE ROBE, which played two nights and was a huge success. We elected as our oflicers, John Kemp as president, Maureen Mc- Millan as vice-president, and Sue Heitman as secretary -treasurer. Our sponsors were Mrs. Vail and Mr. Giffel.They led us through a very happy and profitable year. We are looking forward to a very rewarding senior year. Mrs Vail Mr Giffel Miss Luck Mrs Spiro, Mr. Miller, MISS Hall Mr Troyer Mr Irgang and Miss Stuart. JUNIOR SNAPS Getting out the concessions Paper mache for the prom Junior President Eating up the proits Tired, Gay ? a iight? 59 crew hard at work UNIOR PLAY Pat Gorman, Phil Kiep, John Kemp, Bill Mahl, Bob Dabagia, Bob Weisiiog, Francis Henry, Lee Mohamed, Ronald Cotts, Lamar Potter Jerre Bullard, Dallas Seedorf, Francis Henry, John Kemp, Ronald Cotts, Sharon Neulieb, Gaye Pravden, Bob Dabagia, Linda Lange, RenieBreskin, Jerry Florent. 60 JUNIOR PLAY Bob Dabagia, Linda Lange, Jerry Florent, Phil Gasteyer. A truly unforgettable event occurred on November 12 and 13, 1954, in the junior high auditorium. With Miss Luck and Mr. Fisher as direct- ors, the Junior Class presented "The Robe." A final scene of tremendous emotion and power, which was shown when Marcellus chose death rather than renounce his faith, will .long remain in the minds of the audience. STEPHANOS ...... SARAH .......... MELAS .............. DEMETRIUS ...... MARCELLUS ......... PAULUS ........................ PONTIUS PILATE ........ The cast Was: CAPTAIN FULVIUS ....... LUCIA ............................ DIANA ....... HELEN ....................... CORNELIA ................... SENATOR GALLIO .......... PHOEBE EUPHOLIS ......... THEODOSIA EUPHOLIS QUINTUS LUCIAN .......... RHODA .......................... SIMON PETER ......... TIBERIUS ........ CALIGULA ...... SARPEDON ..... SALOME ....... GUARDS ..... Gary Peterson Linda Oberlink Lee Mohamed Phil Kiep Bob Dabagia Francis Henry Bob Weisiog Bill Mahl Gaye Pravden Linda Lange Sharon Neulieb Jerre Bullard Dallas Seedorf Roberta Zorn Deanna Rhodes John Kemp Annette Hutmacher Jim Anderson Phil Gasteyer Jerry Florent Ronald Cotts 61 Pat Go . Renie Breskin rman, Lamar Potter UNIOR CONCESSIONS Row 1: Margia Pawlik, Jeanene Nadaf, Barbara Nussman, Linda Oberlink, Jerre Bullard, Gaye Prav- den, Barb Yeager, Vicki Penfold, Judy Riggs, Judy Cook, Deanna Rhodes, Janice Peters, Varnelda Hixon, Betty Staffel, and Mr. Belden. Row 2: Wanda Weeks, Joann Cottingham, Jane Wilson, Mari: anne Tracy, Connie Ziemer, Sandra Gales, Kenlynn Schroeder, Anita Caviggiola, Alice Burnham, Carol Robowski, Pam Pittsford, Margie Lyster, Annette Hutmacher, Barbara Brown, Janice Collins, Kathy Helms. Row 3: Maureen McMillan, Betty Russ, Arlene Vachon, Pat Hinshaw, Jackie Janoski, Lor- raine Komasinski, Mickey Fargher, Ardith Klinder, Karen Fragernan, Nancy Shafer, Maris Pahna- teer, Ruth Eggers, Mary Stine, Sharon Neulieb, Reva Delco, Pat Loniewski, Roberta Zorn, Frances Leiber, Phyllis Piergalski, Judie Sarver. Row 4: Jim Thompson, Dick Gay, Joseph Jacobs, Ken Mal- ecki, Charles Zeese, John Kemp, Bobg Dabagia, Phil Kiep, LeRoy Eberly, Dennis Janosky, Larry Ingersoll, Francis Henry, Marilyn Kraft, Linda Lange. Another group of Juniors has worked very hard to finance the Prom and the 1956 ELSTONIAN. But we jolly, jolly juniors enjoyed it. With the help of our sponsor, Mr. Belden, we had a very successful year. Concessions were sold at the basketball and football games and at noon and after school. 62 BASKETBALL CONCESSIONS Row 1: Linda Oberlink, Jerre Bullard, Sandra Gales, Kenlynn Schroeder, Hela Storey, Carol Robow- ski, Vickie Penfold, Jeanene Nadaf, Norma Mahlka, Mary Kosakowski, Joann Cottingham, Janice Peters, Joan Bobinski, and Mr. Belden. Row 2: Nancy Jakelski, Mickey Fargher, Ardith Klinder, Nancy Shafer, Renie Breskin, June Storey, Ruth Zolkowski, Reva Delco, Barbara Nussman, June Cox, Phyllis Januchowski, Jane Wilson, Maureen McMillan, Barbara Jakelski. Row 3: Loraine Komasin- ski, Steve Vvittenberg, Jim Uebler, Joe Jacobs, Carl Nowatzke, Carl Babcock, Pat Merrell, Jim Thomp- son, Howard Johnson, Larry Ingersoll, Francis Henry, Marianne Tracy, Sandra Timm. FOOTBALL CGNCESSIONS Row 1: Renie Breskin, Hela Storey, Deanna Gonder, Judy Bryan, Deanna Rhodes, Judy Gobreski, Col- ette Boza, Joann Abraham, Pat Grievish, Darlene Dodd, Angeline Zezula, Norma Mahlka, and Mr. Belden. Row 2: Connie Bobinski, Christine Groch, June Storey, Camilla Rebac, Karen Rieck, Ruth Eggers, Phyllis Piergalski, Maris Palmateer, Sharon Neulieb, Carole Williiams, Joan Walotka, Vern- elda Hixon, Lynn Burkart. Row 3: Kenneth Malecki, Richard Kubica, Robert Weisflog, Carl Babcock, Phil Kiep, Pat Gorman, Jerry Hudson, Ron Kozlowski, Larry Ingersoll, Dennis Janosky, Dick Gay, Charles Zeese, Bill Mahi. 63 Mike Bahar Kenneth Baker Stephen Bard Richard Bass Virginia Batzel John Bauer Ross Bentley Sally Bentley Sue Ann Biederstardet Richard Bishop Betty Bitts Jerry Bitts Richard Blair Jo Ann Blissmer Connie Bobinski f CLASS OF '56 Joanne Abraham Minnie Abron Jim Anderson Joyce Armstrong Marylin Ash Earl Atkins George Azar Carl Babcock Joan Bobinski George Boeckling Joseph Bolka Jack Booth Colette Boza Renie Breskin Carol Brinckman Norman Brinkman Barbara Brown Beverly Brown Marvin Brown Judy Bryan Donald Bryant J erre Bullard Diane Burdick f ' f , ,f ff.- ff ff X W 7 57 f l Q f f f j f ff 711 ni Z nf ' if 'f x 07 sl!! W r QM' M' ,f , f M X , Q' Z1 s fidl'-lJJ f-nal' CLASS OF Lynn Burkart Alice Burnham Carol Burns Jane Burns Dorothy Burton Nancy Butler Myrna Caddo Russell Case Anita Caviggiola Jack Childers Sally Coar Janice Collins Judy Cook Joann Cottingham Ronald Cotts James Coughlin Jean Cox June Cox Walter Creutzburg Tom Crosby Bob Dabagia Reva Delco Robert Dick Bill Dietz Darlene Dodd Dick Dombrowsky Farrell Easton LeRoy Eberly Ruth Eggers 4 ..,,- ,J J ..:,,,,, A My 1 J J, yyyily J J J I C . u .J iw, 2 M J -v g Lita- S' J A J if 9 J I 'Uv' J 1' 7 'J vp -J-if wwf J J' in I 'A JJ amy ' 34 V , V-,JJ J ' I I' : I 431 J J- JJ 1 -1' A "ff 4 t 2? JJ,,J ' 9 J , . . 2, " f ,' ff Dick Ellis f- J. Sandra Engstrom A Jane Erickson It J f Allen Esmoer 4' 'QM ' Ronald Falk I ' iz Mickey Fargher f Q J if Marylin Fellows - L., A V I fr 'J ' 2 5' J ' f J, , f J J V J J J V isa w f J ' L LL 65 414 ' II , js .F , A CLASS OF ' fl '32 , 7 X Q ,, 4, xt Dick Finney Melvin Handtke A, , 1 I ' Bruce Fischer Nancy Harmon Y Jerry Florent Howard Headley -:gl f ,0,, , A 1 , - 1 Karen Fragerner, Robert Heeg f W ,' Pat Furness J' ohn Heise MQ f W Nancy Fyhr Sue Heitman M f Sandra Gales Francis Henry V f Phil Gasteyer Kathy Helms g f' f , Dick Gay Nell Hennard , , 1' A 71 'f ,ff ,, ,4, A F if "' p f Leo Gillman John Henrich ff' , 0 " Judy Gobreski Marcia H11eman 'fr Q ,Q X. 5 , ,X A - , ,,A, L IL! Z fy If fcfw w l X0 If Davld Goede Pat Hlnshaw V V , W ' r.., V Pat Gondek Ronnie Hinshaw mf , Deanna Gonder Tom Hitz I X Pat Gorman Vernelda Hixon X y Margie Grafton Wayne Houghton ' f' XM, g ,jeff Joanne Gramal Jerry Hudson Qg n V! fp I , ,W , , 7 f fy ,gy ,A Patsy GI'16V1Sh Annette Hutmacher f . Q I " ., ,II ,,, I . , ffykanv II IIW' " X , A Christme Groch Russell Hyer M ',,f I- X I f A ,ff,,, , wif: I 5 QW? , .Mfr , 4 -f -- Ron Hyska Larry Ingersoll Joseph Jacobs Barbara Jakelski ' Nancy Jakelski Bob Jankowski Dennis Janosky Jackie Janoski Phyllis J anuchowski Carol Jaroch Howard Johnson Robert Jones Doris Juckett Arthur Jungnickel Joan Kahl Eric Kayser Peter Kessler John Kemp Kathleen Kienitz Philip Kiep ' Rolland Kirby Ardith Klinder Matthew Krniecik Lorraine Komasinski Bill Konieczny Richard Konkey Mary Kosakowski Ronald Kozlowski Donald Krachinski Marylin Kraft George Kribs Rudolph Krisik CLASS OF '56 any 67 ygi P CLASS OF 56 Steve Kruger Dick Kubica Katy Kyle Ronald Lachmund Wayne Ladwig Shirley La Matina Linda Lange Herbert Lasky Dave Laughlin Myc Lee Bill Leedy Frances Lieber Robert Lippens Gordon Loetz Karen Logerquist Pat Loniewski Margie Lyster Bill Mahl Nola McCormack Velma Mack Norma Mahlka Kenneth Malecki Carlene Malm Larry Manley David Marks Jerry Martin Donabelle Mason Helen Manson Donald McKay Maureen McMillan Mary Malik Pat Merrell Marie Meyer Paul Michaels Ronald Milich Bob Miller Bob Duane Miller Dale Miller Lee Mohamed Ronald Mohlke Tom Morrison Frances Murry Jeanene Nadaf Jerry Neulieb Sharon Neulieb Henry Nevorski Diane Nichols Carol Nieman , i .WWI W7 ,af I W, ew P I CLASS Marie Povlock John Pawlak Gary Peterson Susan Petri f 0, .V , X: U ,Z , Z " fwf OF '56 Margie Pawlik Shirley Peckat Phyllis Piergalski Eugene Pilk Vicki Penfold Janice Peters George Pitt 4 Pam Pittsford -ww 'M' rf V 'h 5 1 ,' f f . in f W , 0 ff 4 V A S W! Q X 'ICM' Y I 5' y ,755 f? , P i F Qjyw. 'i Carl Novvatzke Barbara Nussman Linda Oberlink Sally Pagels Arthur Pahl Maris Palmateer Dick Pliske Jim Pollard Lamar Potter Dale Powers Ronald Prast Gayle Pravden Norma Priebe Dave Pries William Pritz Jim Przybylinski 69 CLASS OF '56 Lee Purcell Jack Rademacher Glenda Ramsey Mary Ramsay Camilla Rebac Floyd Reed Neil Rehbein Carole Reppert Nancy Reppert Deanna Rhodes Karen Rieck Judy Riggs Ruth Russell Len Schroeter Eugenla Salwonczyk Dwaine Scott Barbara Sanders Dallas Seedorf Judie Sarver Nancy Shafer Dale Schepel Harry Shiparski Kenlynn Schroeder Bob Serhal William Rist Larry Robinett Bill Robinson Carol Robowski Virginia Rogers Barbara Rude Leonard Skibo Larry Skivers Jim Sloan Phyllis Smiertelny Harold Smith Grant Sparrow Bob Spychalskl June Storey Betty Staffel Dave Stralkowski Sandra Stephens Dick Swanson Mary Stlne Sam Swanson Hela Storey Stanley Swistek Norman Teets Bill Thomas Benita Thompson Sue Thomburgh James Thompson Richard Timm CLASS Sandra Timm Karen Tiinrnrick Mary Todd Dick Tomey 5 :lzrssalrai .V yi- . ..x. a t ,ggi P1 N - is Q . 0 'V . Carl Wagner Joan Walotka Laverne Wandrey Betsy Weber X -.. ea Q,,.-X, Q3 ,211 -,f . wg N, . it Joan Westphal Louis Westphal Sarah Wible Larry Wiencek - an-wg' 1,1 ' " ' 'Q Q OF '56 'V 1- it -an y 'lk 1.,:f-Q ,ella ' y g X x i xx in .fx Marianne Tracy James Ueblef' Ethel Uhles Carol Vest ,D ,. -ap ... z-' '21 6' wx- 5 -, W, A, vx 5 aisse v K X Wanda Weeks Robert Weisdog Jim Wentland Esther Werre X -1 5 T 'i A nf K .xg rsr, E 5 Q " -' me 32,1 'S A V ny ' j is 3 Walter Wiuecr Q ,, fc '3 X-an Carole Williams . YM, Al V iv jx Jane Wilson X "ff M"":' 2 John Wilson Antoinette Witek L A Edward Witek ' -3- Qs ' 3- '. 1: Pat 'Witek . l We L V .L Steve VVittenberg jf ,E 5 Lx., l . in P xii. X1 2 ' r e , K J ' V Karl Wolff ' i Q?" 5 a ' ' 3 Roger 'Wolford 'e Q V if Wvz' x - ' Ralph Woodruif 6 'Lf' -' L' ' Jim VVozniak 71 CLASS OF , Danny Wright Henry Wroblewski Barbara Yeager Charles Zeese Angeline Zezula Connie Ziemer James Zitzelberger Gene Zollman y. 1 Q.. .isis I I .. , f in r f Ruth Zolkowski 4' f y I M A f Roberta Zorn -Cf Eg, X g x Barbara Zook f 7 if s - .,... , ' 111' ,I ff g I ., ff S W, " '71, Robert Walk be No Pictures for: Jerry Fly Marlena Johnson June Joiner Niel Jasperson Deno Moustakas Robert Weber Tom Williamson David Wozniak Germaine Phillips 72 JUNIOR SNAPS Posture Library Assistant Bobbi Hard Work Surprised, Paul ? Hot dogs, Ireanuts, pop corn 73 It must be funny Yagi v Q J M121 MQ 4 IV, b r O :E 4 TOGRHP INS HW 0 1 9 1 W 'W SUPHOMORE SNAPS Grand March Buttons and Bows Sophomore superman Sophomore President Anyone for tennis 5 The younger generation Assistant to the president 76 Sophomore guard '? Class secretary SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Gail Kirkman, Judith Bremer, Tom Saturday On October 2, 1954, we all met in the new auditorium to enjoy our irst social en- gagement as sophomores. The gym was decorated with pink and blue crepe paper bows centered with large black buttons. A In keeping with the theme of the party, "Buttons and Bows," we all dressed childrens' clothes. The Dance Band provided music for dancing. Other entertainment was furnished by Elaine Wittenberg, Joan Woods, Judi Buchanan, and Jean Kling who sang the "Lollypop Song," Johanna Hager, and Nancy Calvert who danced, and a few of the boys in the band played a number. Tom Saturday, our class president, was the mast- er of ceremonies. We ended the evening with refreshments of cake, dixiecups, and pop. 77 CLASS OF '57 Z, .4 ,7t,,,, W, f Wi ,f , 4, 4 X .i f f XX , .4 is '17 L, e M , fy J ,, W, ,q W A ,- D Z, iff! 7 L f L ,N f , ' ,f ,A , M f ,, , Sw 4.12 Q' X ' Zwfwuiflg it 'A ,, , 1' f - 49- ..,. L ,,,,,,Q If 4, , ,,, W1 -1--an .y K If f " ,rv X ' siio L E f 'riff' fs T 'I V A Q' .. - 42 3 , ,,v I t 1 78 Don Able Katherine Adams Bill Adrian Sharon Alger Earl Alix Carolyn Allen Donna Allen Roberta Lyn Anderson Tony Anderson Marvin Angeledes Marvin Armstrong Warren Attar Louise Austin Frances Bach Francis Baker Dick Baker Ronnie Baker Bob Bartholomew Burton Bartlett Beverly Bendix Barbara Benison Loren Beaver Jim Bechinski Doris Bartlett Rosalynn Berger John Blasingame Shirlene Blair Bill Blamey Beatrice Bobo Gaylen Bohlin Douglas Booth Sandra Bohnstadt David Blank Kenny Boese Lynn Bowman Jack Brady Bill Breining Dennis Breitzka Devonna Brenaman Judy Bremer Carol Brocius Kenny Brooks Eilene Brown Joann Brown Robert Brown Zella Brown Darrell Bryant Judi Buchanan Darla Burklow Angie Burns Joan Burton Carmella Butts George Cain Nancy Calvert Susan Calvert Susan Carlson Leonard Carlson Linda Carlton CLASS OF x, 9 K. xr ..., N, XX X www -A if .E M f is X 2 a w X S X X S ..... X .-,, ' , sim - . as K. - ' . X X ,X J -s s rf .r e -'K j. , .. , v., X Q Q .vs Sz i -. X ' X , rrr- 1, N, 1 ,.,., v so i L Q A . -5 e . e 5. :.' VL as ix X , -- sf 'gf' 'f. rsh x Q r s fi ., - A rm V ' A . ' K, 'Z'- . C i QW X as , ti asks f ,, 5 , 1 1 '. K C X Mi as X ,A o , sas .. , X Q.A SA on X s,,.. Xl Q Sk ax! K Q Sig ff . I Q43 Q 5 X K' X -' O SWF? X - 5 , 5 rx? ,S s 1 I x ,Q E U: s t ry? an l C .af vi S 5 . A 'N'--.,Q, X ,5 sf , Y X as Q r X.- X V SEQ,-e s f m " ' .. A kr, .akgfiggaki 1 S - a s x .. X rssxmllxx . 5 Q 5 Q 4 X -5335 X - A 'df its X M- ' S A -33 5 A X ' i "4" Q J' i Q Y fl' -.J X lb r- - Q K Ab J S ssss g H -f , X e X ' - '1 We lib- is S ,sf -3 -ey A are an we is ' , we.. K ,A 5 A . .i r be Ray Chapala 31-5 Q0 Larry Clifford V as vi Dan Coberly Sylvia Coar Mike Cochran Ron Colburn Shirley Cooper Judy Conklin Dixie Cowgill Barbara Croxen John Darman Denita Davis .f AJ xa 79 ,,,...- CLASS OF ,57 80 Delores Davis Karen DeWitt Pat Diedrich Sandy Dingler Jean Dismukes Joan Dismukes Robert Dombkowski Sue Dombrowsky Sheila Dostie Marlies Daugherty Annamarie Downs Betty Downs Ronald Downs Esther Dubie John Dull Betty Durham Kenneth Duszynski Celia East Jackie Ellaby Betty Ellison Donna Erickson Crystal Fabian Ron Feige Ronnie Fellows Cheri Fenton John Fischbacher Karen Fischer Wayne Frame Barbara Frans George Fredenberg Dorothy Freer Jack Fritz William Fuller Ted Gallas Richard Gasaway Nancy Gardner Yvonne Garwood Joan Gawronski Marsha Gifford Thelma Gill Dan Goede Chuck Gondeck Robert Goodwin Mary Gorman Bill Grandcki Jean Greenlaw John Greenlaw Bob Greiner Lee Greiger Earnestine Griifin Ray Griffin Jack Griiiin Sharon Griffith Chester Grys Juliann Grys Mary Hagel Johanna Hager Huntley Halverson Pat Hanawalt Elaine Hanke Barbara I-Ianyzewski Joy Harbart Willistine Harris CLASS OF '57 ,nw fVf'f2,f,,W,W' I f I f if W 11,2 01115 , ' Na, ff ,W ,' 'JK K , , .Sq-L, V 4' ' , , ZXMM fi Z , , ff , , ff W' ' B A ,,f , ,, W 5 , W 6 N, ,fm 2 , MJ X ,xi f 1 ', Y, - X ff? xf W Q ,f f ff f ,, ww, In A 'HW , NLT, 'f '25, ' J, , .fm . ' 32 in V ,EQML 'Inv ' ,f W ,W Q ,wwf f QW , fa Q, J , f ' J 5 'f an f af , M W , f . K , v f -M J I ,,,,, J 1, N j xv' wwf 17 'Ai' 4 ,WWWW ,fr f fi' , X ,, 5 ' ff! f' -wwf Y! ,Q 7, , ,i ww f fa fl' 4' W ,if'-wffw my 'Mag , ,M 'Marg fm, , ,yffefyfrfflfeff WW,,,fm,,,, , f ff , MOV f- 'ww 2 f far V ' , , WW, ,Ahaf W fffW"? aw ka, ,nf f,, , 4 , .1 y 'xml X91 ff wvvffx YW? WW ' ,MW -Q ,, f f ,V W X ff Z 45' 2 , W, f , ,Q W , 7, , ,W ' ,,wag,WW ,Wwywff W Q ,J V WWW M, H744 V , ff , 1,1 -ww-W 4 , A Z, 'W ,,,Z,fff, ,Www W1 ,, VW , - , f , , .!,fn3,, C , I My my ,g M , ,,,, ,f , , ,WaJf+a!Z7W I 7, 7,4 ,WZW f Maia ' 'ff-'f iw, " X ,,f f, 7 '7 f ' ,my , f K.. 1 L. M 81 Q., I-ore' fit f'1 Wi' Wi , gn I Y--fn, f ' f ,,WWW,,, ,,,,,,,,, W ,,,,,,,,,,, !V!V W J' -fm f 4 Z! n AW . ,W f fa -Afllf 'W gf ,J ,' V W"f"f ,W 7,41 -' a?"'K f., , I 1 ,,, K if Miz-ff, I Q ' ,f, ff Zif f -32 A , W .. hwy' W w f ff fl 1' , ff Q fu"'l"1j,,M ,, ,Wy ,,,,,,,, f2Q,,?ffQ,i! K f, an , V ? V awvig ,fs f-,Q QM? 'Nuff ,W 'Pm yfff 'f W if 9 Q-.Hr 7 xg! YW! ,WM ,,,,,, ,,,, WW, W, , an X kai J, 1, , X , 7 , W, A W fl 1. U ' J I ,WV .W-,m,W,,, Www ,nf f P dw f W , ,, J aw , 'Z if : CLASS OF 757 Vw fs ,4 is .yf 9 A Ky I 'f ff X 1 W , W rw h.e,.,,7,f f H X J 75,9 ' nf-7 'WW jf!! K' J , L E 82 Helen Hartke Ronald Harvey Ruth Hefner Richard Heisler JoAnn Herold Mike Herald Larry Herning Karen Hibner Sandy Hileman Helen Hinckley Dennis I-Iippensteel Verne Hixon Keith Holmes Don Howard Barbara Hudson Darlene Hurley Dale Hungerford Nadean Iseminger Edward Ivey Henry Ivey Karen Janosky Jerome Janowski Rosa Jarrett Judy J ellison Arlene Johnson Beverly Johnsen Jane Johnston Bob Johnson Mattie Johnson Ronald Johnson Margaret Johnson Howard Jones Susan Kahn Esther Katzmarek Ruth Krumkowski Ronald Kroening Jerry Keene John Keene Darlene Kellog Keith Keppen Phyllis Killingbeck Gail Kirkman Jean Kling Anita Klosinski Pat Kolanczyk Laura Kolasa Robert Kolasa Judy Kopploman Arleen Koziatek Gerald Kniola Louis Knoll Carol Knudson Sharon Krug Eugene Krause John Krebs Alfred Kroening Jeff Krueger Karol Krueger CLASS OF 957 X eiea fi J T, 'K'-an J ...Q K fa Q . .S .K o N '- V if 1 " g e A , , 5, J X X BQ-1 ff aw, "..!x X1 XX , '. X N . ii . l Q, J .E ' f X ...F fi f V1 3 ei- 3, 1' , .X Q ' 664 Ari Q,,,, CLASS OF '57 ' J an 3 my V. W r I, 7 , Q'fs.x:,y ,a -,"' ' X If f ' X, H QS, . lf, f M111 K 43" aj if f .X ,, ., f In ' W say.. fn X ,,,,fWzr f X y . , ,W - f ,. ,M an ,, V -I , ' . W ,f 1 " 'idx if 'wjisw y ww I , Vfaii? H A , 4- V V ' 2:-ff, 1-M L is eq ' ,M at Sam K f ,J , ffm, ft ,W ,f , 4,,ff. W Mr. of fr , ,553 I , ,fh 'W WW, .C I I WZ K , M7 I ' K f if ff , f ,, M, , ,f X , rf W ,,f V W .X z 4' X M ' WWC if 7 ,Q-My X fggwf . x easy, X Z , .rss ' ,xy , 7 G if - AMW! ' ' M, t' -. f , L y U , ,WJ f f 'I .' 'gy , W 'I W fwvff X -X 1 ,A X91 ' 'ie as W r WL 4 , '76 it J i -' f 1 "'-L f 7 f ,i f f ' , . J 4 , . I I ,f f A 7 Q . 7 Z, ,, E , g I 1 i X My WW, Q Q I , i 2, f ,. r, v ,f 'V V, ,W 5 1, . 1 -f +5 N' M .41 ,, f flwwf ffgfr, f ,J 5 z, M y ,. X ef ..t,,,,,a f x ,,,,,1, X K, rr' 2 ft "-,.,,,.v J ' ,V V 4 J ,, X K - f , ,,,,,f S 2, Q , "' ,f - f f' Q ' ' 2 X ff' ' f 84 Terry Krueger Margaret LaMatina Judy Lane Henry Lange Charles Langwell Jerry LaRocca Wanice Leatherwood Cecilia Levendowski Carol Lewis Richard Liebig Norman Linsemeyer Linda Loeber Alice Long Terry Luchene Rufus Lynch Kenny Mahlka Marcia Maldy Dolores Malik Carl Malm Vella Mansfield Dave Markle Judy Martin Charles Martin James Matotte Nancy Mayo Bill Maxey Marcia McFee1y Dan McGrew Shelia McMi11ian Melvin Meriweather Louis Meska Dave Meyer John Milcarek Sandy Milich Craig Millbranth Lynn Miller Shirley Millman Charles Mills Lorraine Mitio Joan Mizia Len Mohamed Richard Moore Jessie Mosby James Musgrave George Naanes Lois Nash Dennis Nespo Lillian Nesvold Phyllis Neulieb Jean Nick Nancy Niegas Pat Niemzyk O. A. Norris Barbara Novak Beverly Novak Larry Novak Adrian Novreske Tommy Nye Charles O'Bringer Jim O'Bringer Pauline O'Bringer Elaine Ohms George Olsen Wayne Orzech Owen Pabon Frank Pace Phyllis Paniccia Don Parsons CLA S OF '57 V gm if vw geci,,J f ' , ' ZZ z I I , f X' 1 If ff? V, 1' , N3 1 3 X Z if ' wif f ff 1 iff , ' gg I im, I ' A 4 V' ' A " ' 'ha f g ,K , 4 A Q V y i! .hw K mi . Q - 1,4 if 1 ff ff, 'P ,. P ' , , "-'ff if pg, N 4 I 5 ,ff Q W fl , I, V M: Im 0 ,, V-, ' M' 'L z ,gf W 3 M sf fx A Z VIN' ff ,, 'ef - ,, I V f , , , f, , V ,, V , 'fr f " , I 7 ,, ,O ,M if -w Ve f ' 'V aka 1 f 7 L 'N f 7 'nwggff' 4' Q Q M, , , , 'ugf fgxhux I V , , ,,,, , f-ff, I X - mf' 'If fi" ,, -we-w , , ---e WW' , ' 1, , , 4 V 2 ,, 5 U I Q we 4 Lf 1 -if j' ,gf K ,f Wifxav f M 'A A in 'J' , 85 CLASS OF '57 B. HBV ii RM . .t I .sb , 3 A I ar, . 4, . -5 ,ff I fm A fu 'i ,fe hh MV , ts WMM! M --Mzyfzffff ywfzfi , , 7 f , , 5 ,, T, ff 'awzf X! 'y i ,f 9 ,I , , fw f V 4 V N-Us , 4 ,V ,, ' J 1 f W4 V , 'sf A X fff 0 'N 86 Suzanne Parrett Nancie Patience Rozella Payne Bill Peck Russell Peck Roger Pedzinski Bob Pellar David Pelletier Eugene Pierce George Poland Richard Potempa John Price Barbara Price Joan Price Donine Pritchard Frances Piergalski Patty Purta Sandra Putz Ellsworth Quadlin Anthony Ramion Janet Randolph Joan Randolph Judy Randhan Ruth Rasmussen Janet Requarth Claude Reese Arlene Rempala Larry Rhodes Sue Rist Joan Rittmeyer Charles Roberts Judy Robertson Pat Robinson Thomas Ropacki CLASS OF ,57 X Jim Schreckenbach :ya-f-fff N Renald Rowe S S . s Vivian Runge S x i s Mary Sue Russell S mx fr Jerry Ryba S S 'i Dennis Sadlowski QQ S Barbara Sass SS ' S Tom Saturday f S h Noel Schlegelmilch mfg-ak ,gay S Elaine schmitt K is S S Q -K f xf X -.af K x . S 'is X S .qs -S is ' sp S K S Q S X Dave Schroeder X y - S X Y Ron Schumacker 5 1 lf I 1- S X N Ngsx if seeee. F' Sfflikgjs Clemmie Scott D S ii L S if Q b g Deanna Scott ' V S 5 ' - . L m Nancy Seeling . -1-5 q 1 ,S S Charles Shaw 1 g Q fm ja ii Janet skierkowski 'mfg AMS S S A S S Ronald Skierkowski ' is Walter Skierkowski Y ' 1 Ursula Skoczek R Q. S A - SS Q 5 0 Catherine Smiertelny S i in '31 M ""i Q -'N S S Terry Smiskey ' 2XL:f'j,C' :L S 5 ij? . , ' ' S X 'xx Anna Smith SA x ., Marilyn smith "' Q1-i" Karen Snyder S it Lawrence Sobecki h h Robert Sobkowiak Q -if - as fi ' i Q h i 7 Dennis Sorge S' e- V S. 'XS i .1 James Sousley TS sr :QS X i G I W Dick Spear Pat Stibbe Sylvia Stick Barbara Sturken Marialice Sultes 87 in x A ,fs Sc'if K , Q ' r S' 'P4' 'X fxS,x.f S war! N-..-Y X ,-sw swwfw'ss',zsu W M W4 QW ff 4, , W ,wah uf 1 -Z 1 f ' JW A f Q 2, ffff x 4? 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'Way' 1 wwf' 1, ,mf f f A 'L QQ '57 Emily Swistek Mike Thomas Ruby Thomas Janet Thomason Howard Timberlake Edward Tinkel Jim Tomlinson Elaine Tompack Judy Trafelet John Tuel Ken Tuel Eugene Tylisz Phyllis Tylisz Maxine Uebler Lorraine Ulrich Lynn Ulrich Pat Ulrich Barbara Uselton Phil Volstorf Jeanette Wanke Robert Watson Barbara Watts Suzanne Weiss Lois Wesner Marietta Zriny Leon Zolkowski LaDonna Zawacki Judy Young Don Wroblewski Jacquelyn Wright Arlene Wright Richard Wozniak Joan Woods Irene Wood Jeanette Wolford Connie Wolford Jean Wolf Jim Wintek Carol Williamson John Wilkey Sandra Wilke Elaine Wittenburg Sharon Wianka Allen Whitlow Max Wheaton Jean Adrian Barbara Abraham Marie Allison Laurence Rosolik Clarence Augusta Frieda Ayad Sandra Anderson John Bentley Lee Birdsong Fred Blissmer Tom Birginske CLASS OF 9 WM mf 4 f Q, ,f " Q W WW 1 W . W! ff ' - ff 7 may ff A . ,K , , ' , ,-qu, Q 1 X I W ff W f , Q, , 1 2 ff, Z 2 'fy ' f 'WVU -2 ,mf f , My " an 4 ,, ff f ,,L 4,-,ff 1.1. 55. 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VV ki! 20 E yazfmys Joan Boniield Ernest Bridwell John Brown Bill Carlisle John Carpenter Gail Cochran David Crane Allen Delacy Nancy Dombkowski Fred Donaldson Lynette Drake Joe Frasure Joyce Gasaway Norma George Bill Ginther Dan Goldman Patricia Gresham Michael Gulliver Gene Gulstrom Bob Hale Nancy Hall Sharon Hanke Karen Hapke Marion Harmon Helen Harville Wanda Herrbach Lance Hilberg Terry Ingersoll Janet Inman Norman Iseminger Jean Johansen Otis Jones Judy Joseph Jerome J urcik MID-TERM SOPHOMORES Barbara Killingbeck Sally Klusovsky Albert Koch Bonnie Kruger Carolyn Kuszrnaul Judy Lauer Lorraine Lewis Marolyn Lewis Jack Lindenmeyer Deanna Loetz X Nav'- Bill Manning L B Travis Moore , 4 19. xg S r-r. ,X ki ? W5 Wx :za SQ, , -W bxxg if -is 5544-K 'S Ronaid Miner gg " -w L 1 Phyllis Novak A ,5- sf- -B Q M Loren Odle S Linda Peus K .gk ' EE' Jerome Piotrowski . Diane Pitt t Nd' or David Quinn Wayne Reicher - if . My ,b Q I , 'K .... ,, . f - 3.5 X, 1 Wiuie Rose H5551 , F Bob Schaumann 1' X j sl.: ' s . r - Q . K y 91 ID-TERM OPHO URES , , ., S f if Z . 4 ,:,, I X r , ,, ' , V T , , , , -I , Q .j f ,f ff QJQZ? wif I vy 1 g ' 4, , M N , ,' iw Q '- f ' X i We " f p ' ' 5 ' l 3 52 V W S 2 ' .4 ' ', pw X "2 we S- ', f 1' W' fr . 5- ' if S A 'c"'Y 3 .4 4 , w 1 QQ A ,T A , N X v gf i ony? g f 7 ,X A-, S1 2 . 5 4 'V f W' ,. 'FM K T I Q, 1 T W .,,Si, I ,V ,xwhw 92 Sharon Schudorick Dennis Shelton Ronald Shick Thomas Smith Ted Stantz Robert Stark Janice Steele Philip Storey Darlene Swanson Winifred Thompson Ronny Urback Sandra Vader Richard White Allen Wilcox Jack Wilke SOPHOMORE PARTY Doing the mambo? Doll and all Childhood games Twins Buttons and bows A solo The lineup 93 W KT 9 95 HONOR SOCIETY Row 1-left to right: Mary Anne Wegner, Mavis Brant. Row 2-left to right: Marilyn Flood, Lee Dabagia, Diane Gardner. Every year in May, the faculty of the senior high school chooses candidates for Na- tional Honor Society. Candidates are chosen from the upper third of the class in scholastic standing. Last year seventeen senior students were admitted to this select circle from a class number- ing 250. Students elected to the society are selected on the basis of outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, and service to the school. A group of juniors thus honored consisting of five members headed by Lee Dabagia is currently active at school. They act as a select committee and bear the responsibil- ity of the annual initiation in the spring. This year's officers also include Mavis Brant as vice-president and Mary Anne Wegner as secretary. At the graduation exercises those wearing the golden tassle may be justly proud. They have been tested and proven in intense competition and demonstrated exceptional ability in every phase of their high school careers. 96 STUDENT COUNCIL Top picture: Row lg Janet Inman, Linda Lange, Joan Bonfield, Jean Johansen, Deanna Rhodes, Jerre Bullard, Joy Harbart, Nancy Calvert, Annamarie Downs, Karen Lindquist, Karen Miller, Jeanette Wolford, Gail Kirkman, and Dee Dee Pritchard. Row 2, Walter Skierkowski, Allen Esmoer, Judy Boese, Marilyn Flood, Mickey Fargher, Diane Nichols, Nancy Shafer, Loretta Zorn, Suzanne Spinning, Duane Barts, Dennis Hippensteel, Jack Wright, and William Blarney. Row 35 Ralph Woodruff, Keith Keppen, Jim Hurst, Richard Wolcott, Phil Kiep, Gary Peterson, Bill Granacki, Lee Dabagia, Jim Ran- nie, Ken Brooks, Bob Dabagia, Norm Linsemeyer, and George L. Olsen. The Student Co-operative government of Isaac C. Elston Senior High School, known simply as Student Council, is the Michigan City branch of the Future Statesmen of Am- erica. This group, under the guidance of Miss Wolfe, meets once every two weeks. At this time they discuss problems and other school matters submitted by the students. Student Council was led the first semester by Jim Hurst, president, Lee Dabagia, vice-president, and Judy Boese, secretary. During the second semester these duties were assumed by Bob Dabagia, president, assisted by Loretta Zorn as vice-president, and Karen Miller, secretary. Miss Wolfe, sponsor of Student Council 97 MONITORS Row 1: Virginia Rogers, Katie Cass, Dee Dee Pritchard, Janice Risk, Judy Fritz, Sylvia Linde, Jean- ette Wolford, Leanita Turner, Karen Miller, Donna Erickson, Wanda Weeks, Karin Reuber, Arlene Vachon, Barbara Worthy, Joy Harbart, Barbara Sturken, Jon Feinn. Row 2: Craig Millbranth, Dave Gring, Lee Dabagia, Earl Atkins, Allen Esmoer, Dennis Hippensteel, Nola McCormack, Diane Nichols, Nancy Shafer, Sandra Timm, Loretta Zorn, Reva Delco, Mary Ram- say, Dick Collins, Dave Warnimont, Ronald Angeledes, Stu Burris, Jack Wright, Row 3: George White, John Rush, Ronnie Bowman, Richard Cook, Ron Falk, Len Mohamed, William Schultz, George Schnick, Harlan Hunt, Jerry Herod, Johnny Fischbacher, Bob Dabagia, Roger Wol- cott, Donald Gorr, James Baldwin, Dallas Seedorf. Miss Wolfe, sponsor of the Monitors The monitors, sponsored by Miss Wolfe, are appointed each semester by members of the ,exec- utive committee of the Student Council. Their main duties are to keep the study hall and library in order by giving out detentions for note Writing, gum chewing, talk- ing, and other disturbances. First semester executive mem- bers included Annamarie Downs, Ralph Woodruff, Nancy Shafer, Diane Nichols, Jack Wright, and Bob Dabagia. 98 HALL PATROL Safety and proper decorum in the halls are the watchwords of the Hall Patrol. This organ- ization, one of the oldest in Elston's long history, takes its responsibilities seriously. By tradition and long experience it does a noteworthy job of keeping our busy halls safe and student con- duct on a high level of good behavior. Mr. Ir- gang, for many years sponsor of this group, has served with distinction and honor. Members of the Hall Patrol are chosen for their scholastic ability and general all-around competence. The chief, Lee Dabagia, and the captains, John Henry, Bob Miller, Chuck Bonheur, of this year did a splendid job and will act as models for the future. Hall Patrolman Jon Feinn performs one of his duties Row 1: Allen Esmoer, Dick Carlson, Jon Feinn, Gene Zollman, Kenneth Malecki, Margie Gallagher, Carole Knudson, Reva Delco, Sharon Alger, Lee Dabagia, Bud Bolka, Donald Gorr, Bob Miller, Craig Millbranth, Mr. Irgang. Row 2: Jerry Herod, Chuck Bonheur, Dennis Sorge, Ronald Malecki, Phil Cross, Jerry Florent, John Henry, Dennis Sadlowski, John Price, George Olsen, Dennis Janosky, Ron Kozlowski, George Schnick. Row 3: Phil Kiep, Jim Hurst, Ron Falk, Dick Sparks, George Osos, Richard Cook, Pat Gorman, Keith Holmes, Jim Bortel, Bob Dabagia, John Fischbacher, Jack Griflin. 99 OFFICE MESSENGERS Those busy girls and boys you see col- lecting attendance blanks, delivering mess- ages and call-out slips, and running various errands are the office messengers. ' Mr. Humphrey selects volunteers for this job. They give up one of their study periods to perform the duties that help make our school run smoothly. Nancy Reppert collects an attendance slip. Row 1: Nancy Reppert, Judie Sarver, Camilla Rebac, Sharon Coupland, Mrs. Zeidler, Karen Rieck, Bernadine Goede, Annette I-Iaack, Carol Dubert. Row 2: Karen Snyder, Reva Delco, Nola McCor- mack, Shirley LaMatina, Benita Thompson, Ann Frehse, Diana Benoit, Betty Staffel. Row 3: Stu Burris, John Kemp, Joel Johansson, Pat Gorman, Jerry Florent, Lloyd Mealer, Jim Hurst. 100 RED CROSS Row 1: Janice Collins, Nancy Mayo, Patty Robison, Crystal Fabian, Nancy Reppert, Sandra Timm, Ruth Frame, Connie Wolford, Dorothy Burton, Linda Carlton, Nancy Griffiths. Row 2: Miss Henry, Velma Mack, Karen Fischer, Carol Lewis, Helen Hinckley, Faye Schaefer, Reva Delco, Judy Robert- son, Jean Craft, Helen Harville, Sandy Anderson, Kenneth Malecki. Row 3: Ed Finkel, Melvin Meri- weather, Jack Rademacher, Alan Kienitz, Bob Dick, .lei Krueger, Lawrence Sobecki, Ronald Malecki, Dexter DeWitt, Donald Howard. Sandra opens a meeting of Junior Red Cross Representatives are chosen from each sponsor group to serve on the Junior Red Cross, which meets the second Tuesday of each month. These representatives carry on the membership drive which takes place in November. Their projects, consisting of voluntary work, are making bedroom slippers, hlling scrapbooks for veterans, and making menu covers for local hospitals and institutions. Besides these projects, the group also fills twenty-one gift packages for veteran hospi- tals, and twenty-four children's boxes for one of the yearly holidays. Miss Henry is the sponsor of this service organization. This year's ollicers Were: Sandra Timm, president, Ruth Frame, vice- presidentg and Nancy Reppert, secretary- treasurer. 101 S ff! il ' E? K f . wfwa PAN-AMERICAN LEAGUE Top picture: Row 1: Jane Reebs, Barbara Goldman, Jean Wolf, Lynn Ulrich, Deanna Rhodes, Carol Ellen Stephens, Ruth Frame, Carol Bartholomew, Nancy Patience, Jane Erickson, Lee Mohamed, Knudson, Margie Gallagher, Sharon Neulieb, Benita Thompson, Bill Maxey. Row 2: Leonard Moham- Lower picture: Earl Atkins, Lyn And- ed, Steve Wittenberg, James Uebler, George Osos, Dick Spear. erson, Joan Cottingham, Jerre Bullard, Jane Wilson, Dorothy Burton, Jackie Janosky, Russell Case, Jim Anderson, Bill Peck, Gary Peterson, Robert Dick, Jerry Florent. Not present when picture Was taken Were: Craig Millbranth, Judy Riggs, Barbara Yeager, Steve Bard. "Adelante Diempre Adelantef' For- , ward Always Forward, as the motto im- plies accurately depicts Elston's chapter of Pan-American League. Their purpose, to promote better understanding among the twenty-one Latin American republics, is accom- plished at monthly meetings. Films delving into the mode of life and cus- toms of our southern neighbors prove educational as well as entertaining, while guest speakers with personal knowledge of these countries often de- liver travelogues supplemented by slides and movies. The scrapbook, "Our School," is the year's project, which will be sent to a South American high school. On April 14, Pan-American Day, a school assembly is presented to acquaint students with our South American neighbors. The banquet in May which combines entertainment and learning culminates the Pan-American year. Row 1: Carol Robowski, secretary, Fran Leiber, Kenlynnschroeder, treasurer, Jon Feinn. Row 2: Renie Breskin, vice-president, Mrs. Spiro, Maris Palmateer, president. 102 DAHLITES Row 1: Judy Riggs, Annette Hutrnacher, Karen Lindquist, Suzanne Spinning, Karen Miller, Karen Schoenning, Bobbi Zorn, Maureen McMillan. Row 2: Miss Dahlberg, Kenlynn Schroeder, Mary Ann Wegner, Janice Risk, Carol Robowski. Row 3: Karen Rieck, Lorry Zorn, Donna Erickson, Sharon Coupland, Fran Lieber, Carol Lange, Margie Gallagher. Row 4: Mickey Fargher, Diane Gardner, Sharon Neulieb, Sandy Erickson, Maris Pahnateer. The Dahlites are busy library assistants who not only check out books, but also straighten shelves, help other students find needed reference material, and make at- tractive displays. This year the Dahlites were unable to have their annual National Book Week Tea be- cause of moving into the new library. Instead, they had a Valentine Tea during which time they entertained their parents and the faculty. The theme of this tea was -"The Library, The Heart of The School." Miss Dahlberg, the founder and sponsor of this club, deserves much credit for her leadership and Work also. Oiiicers for this year were Karen Lindquist, president, Suzanne Spinning, vice-pres- identg and Karen Miller, secretary-treasurer. Karen Lindquist, president, Suzanne Spinning, vice-presidentg Karen Miller, secretary 103 AUDIO-VISUAL AIDES the teachers. ator. Mr McInt1re head of Audio-Visual Aides. Row 1 Gerald Ryba, John Bentley, Arlene Johnson, Kenlynn Schroeder Larry Rhodes Ralph Woodruff and Leona E. Stuart, Row 2: Dennis Hippensteel, Diane Gardner Jackle Janoski Henry Lange, Rudolph Conrad Geissler, and Lamar Potter Row 3 Richard L1eb1g Jack Gridin, Jim Hurst, Jim Pollard, Danny Wright Richard Dlrks and Norm LaDuke. 104 Audio-Visual asslstants are often called upon to run movies, set up the publlc address system for assembl1es, operate tape record ers, and operate the 11ghts on the stage During the year they also broadcast the school programs. The A VA members are always Willing to help and to cooperate Wlth Mr. George MCIHt1TG 1S the general 11 rector of the Audio Vlsual Center, and MISS Stuart is the senior h1gh bu11d1ng coordln HI-Y fy Row 1: Marlow Harmon, Jim Przybylinski, Mr. Bucy, Chuck Bohlin, Eddie Rogers, John Hiese Dave Gring. Row 2: Ji.m Hurst, Dick Collins, Bob Domkowskiy, George Pitt, Keith Keppen, John Price Lee Dabagia, Dave Livingston, Jim Lippens, Don Gorr, Keith Holmes, Bill Grantham. Row 3: Dick Sc rivnor, Ken Brooks, Dave Rolston, Len Mohamed, Jack Rademacher, Adrian Novreske, Jim Stark Jerry Herod, Jerry Martin, John Wilkey, Bud Bolka, Jim Bortel. The main project of the Hi-Y this year was to redecorate their clubroom in the "Y." The boys have programs printed which they distribute at the foot- ball and basketball games. Another service of the club is giving baskets to needy families at Thanks- giving and Christmas. The merchants of our city helped in this service. They assist in drives and contribute to World Service. They have had several interesting speakers at their meetings and have seen Elms on various topics. Once a month they have "gym and swimf' after the meeting. Their meetings are held every Tuesday night at the HY." Mr. Buoy is the sponsor. Oiiicers for this year were Chuck Bohlin, president, John Heise, vice-president, Dave Gring, secretary-treasurer, and Eddie Rogers, chaplain. Eddie Rogers reads the Bible to open a Hi-Y meeting. JUNIOR-SENIOR TRI-HI-Y The officers are: Judy Boese, secretary, Karen Miss Wolfe, the sponsor of the Miller, treasurer, Mary Ann Wegner, president, Junior-Senior Tri-Hi-Y Karen Lindquist, chaplain, and Maureen McMillan, vice-president. The girls of the Junior-Senior Tri-Hi-Y sent baskets of food to needy families on Thanksgiving and gave a box of toys and clothing to an orphanage on Christmas. The club donated its service in the Lily Sale for the Crippled Children. J unior-Senior Tri-Hi-Y has its social side for there have been programs at some meet- ings. They gave a tea for their mothers last May. The club meets every other Thursday night at the HY." The motto is "pure thoughts pure words, and pure actions." Row 1: Annette Hutmacher, Joann Cottingham, Margie Pawlik, Judy Riggs, Joyce Armstrong, Judy Gobreski, Colette Boza, Joanne Abraham, Jane Reebs, Janice Peters, Carol Dubert, Karen Schoenning, Bonnie Day, Katie Cass. Row 2: Deanna Rhodes, Barbara Brooks, Sandra Gales, Marcia I-Iileman, Alice Burnham, Barb Yeager, Roberta Zorn, Betty Staffel, Ellen Stephens, Nanette Wolgast, Carol Bartholomew, Bernadine Goede, Susan Myers, Karin Reuber. Row 3: Judy Bryan, Marilyn Kraft, De- anna Gonder, Connie Ziemer, Connie Bobinski, Kenlynn Schroeder, Ardith Klinder, Faye Schaefer, Kar- en Frageman, Christine Groch, Mary Ganschow, Pat Loniewski, Katie Kyle, Margie Gallagher, Shirley Schlundt. Row 4: Camilla Rebac, Marilyn Werdine, Karen Rieck, Sharon Coupland, Linda Lange, June Storey, Mary Stine, Diane Nichols, Mickey Fargher, Sharon Neulieb, Loraine Komasinski, Bar- bara Goldman. Sandy Erickson, Carol Lange, Suzanne Spinning, Lorry Zorn, Nancy Shafer, Ann Frehse, Prudy Gloye. 106 SUPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y Row 1: Sheila Dostie, Helen Hartke, Karen Hibner, Johanna Hager, Elaine Wittenberg, Susie Calvert, Pat Stibbe, Jackie Ellaby, Pat Hanawalt, Jean Wolf, Marcia Maldy, Dee Dee Pritchard, Elaine Schmitt, Mrs. Vail. Row 2: Darla Burklow, Karen Snyder, Marsha Gifford, Donna Erickson, Barbara Watts, Carol Lewis, Ruth Rasmussen, Gail Kirkman, Linda Loeber, Joan Woods, Lynn Ulrich, Beverly Johnsen, Deanna Scott. Row 3: Suzanne Weiss, Karen Fischer, Roberta Anderson, Sue Carlson, Carole Knudsen, Judi Buchanan, Elaine Hanke, Nancy Calvert, Mary Gorman, Janet Requarth, Marietta Zriny, Carol Williamson, Judy Robertson. The oflicers of Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y. The Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y spent some time this past year in making teaching materials for the Therapy Center. They also worked for the Lily Sale. This club, like Hi-Y and Junior-Senior Tri-Hi-Y, is primarily a ser- vice club. Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y meets on the Thurs- days between the Junior-Senior c1ub's meet- ings. Mrs. Vail sponsors the group. Oilicers were: Pat Hanawalt, president, Jackie Ellaby, vice-president, Pat Stibbe, secretary, Sue Calvert, treasurer, and Jean Wolf, chaplain. 107 PAINT SPOTS Top picture, left to right: Jackie Janoski, Sally Kolb, Barbara Abraham, Jean Adrian, Sandy Vader, Barbara Rude, Patty Robison, Miss Commer, Eugenia Saliwonczyk, Barbara Stelter, Margie Lyster, Barbara Brown, Carolyn Knoll, Frieda Ayad, and Barbara Worthy. Back row: Marsha Lindsay, pres- identg Phyllis Birginske, secretary-treasurer, and Dorothy Smith, vice-president. Ambitious Paint Spots hu.. X rf.4-1" "What kind of a background should this landscape have '?" Such a question might be heard at one of the Weekly meetings of the Paint Spots, which meets on Monday after- noons in the art room. The Paint Spots, under the direction of Miss Commer, their sponsor, is a club for those who want to find an outlet for their interest in art. Their oificers are: Marsha Lindsay, pres- identg Dorothy Smith, vice-presidentg and Phyllis Birginske, secretary-treasurer. SLIPSTICKS Row 1: Doug Booth, Gaye Pravden, Jerre Bullard, Linda Oberlink, Jean Wolf, Lynn Ulrich, Elaine Schinitt, Barbara Price, William Giffel. Row 2: Renie Breskin, Helen Hinckley, Marilyn Flood, Jack- ie Janoski, Sandra Timm, Reva Delco, Barbara Sanders, Herbert Hunter, Bill Polite. Row 3: Dick Carlson, John Price, Jerry Florent, Larry Maxey, Max Eubanks, Norm LaDuke, Jim Hurst, Duane Barts, Jim Rannie. Our math club, called the "Slipsticks," is what is known as a progressive organiza- tion. The activities of this club, sponsored by Mr. William Giffel, included a trip to and an exhibit in the Sci-Math Exhibit at Purdue and a trip to Cinerama in Chicago. The Slipsticks presented a radio program in May based on the television program "You Are There" and featuring interviews With Well- known mathematicians of the past. First semester officers Were: Larry Max- ey, presidentg Ruth Russell, vice-president, and Jim Rannie and Jerre Bullard, secre- taries. The club was led the second semester by president, Max Eubanksg vice-president, Jerre Bullard, and Larry Maxey and Gaye Pravden, secretaries. Marilyn Flood explains a problem to the Slip Sticks LATIN CLUB Some of the Latin projects made by students. Socii Latini is a dub for the purpose of carrying on projects ln the Latin Depart- ment. Projects consist of a Roman Banquet at which togas are Worn, a radio program, and a yearly exhibit of projects made by the students. Regular meetings are held twice a month. They also have social meetings about three or four times a year. Officers of the Latin Club were: Marilyn Flood, president, Phil Gasteyer, vice-presi- dent, Mary Ganschow, secretary-treasurer, and Miss Bernice Henry, sponsor. Row 1: Charmian Bonner, Barbara Sanders, Sandra Gales, Mary Ganschow, Marilyn Flood, -Phil Gasteyer, Barb Zook, Marianne Tracy. Row 2: Nancy Griiiiths, Diane Gardner, Nola McCormack, Connie Ziemer, Mickey Fargher, Judie Sarver, Janice Collins, Marilyn Kraft, Sandra Timm, Miss Henry, sponsor. Row 3: Jim Hurst, Dan Pauley, Max Eubanks, Phil Kiep, John Kemp, Charles Zeese, Dexter DeWitt, Kenneth Malecki, Dick Carlson. FORUM CLUB Resolved-"UNIT should include both men and Women." Resolved-"All corpses should be cremated." Such topics as the above are examples of the unorthodox but interesting subjects which are argued pro and con by the Forum Club. This organization, sponsored by Mr. Bernard Lootens, is comprised of students who enjoy participating in stimulating dis- cussions. First semester ofhcers Were: Jon Feinn, presidentg Dick Spear, vice-presidentg and Marilyn Flood, secretary. Second semester oflicers in the same or- der: Marilyn Flood, Larry Maxey, and Linda Lange. LL A young orator discusses a pertinent problem Row 1: Janice Collins, Marilyn Kraft, Judie Sarver, Ardes Smith, Jean Wolf, Lynn Ulrich, Dennis Hippensteel, Dick Spear, Jon Feinn, Marilyn Flood, John Price, George Poland, Helen Hinckley, San- dra Timm, Lorraine Komasinski, Linda Lange. Row 2: Phil Gasteyer, Larry Maxey, Mr. Lootens, Herbert Hunter, George Olsen, Doug Booth. THESPIANS Row 1: Karen Schoenning, Bonnie Day, Linda Oberlink. Row 2: Jerry Winski, Gaye Pravden, Lee Dabagia, Deanna Rhodes, John Kemp, .Terre Bullard, Bob Dabagia, Miss Luck. Row 3: Mr. Fisher, Lamar Potter, Linda Lange, Phil Kiep, Frances Lieber, George Osos, Sharon Neulieb, Jerry Florent, Renie Breskin. The Thespian officers: Jerry Winski, vice-president, Bonnie Day, secretary, and Lee Dabagia, president. The Thespians of our school are known as Troop 91 of the National Thespian So- ciety. Miss Luck sponsors this group. This is an organization which, without a doubt, never has a dull moment. Some of their activities included: a radio program, a trip to Chicago to see "The King and I," attendance at the State Thespian Confer- ence at Indianapolis, and the presentation of a one-act play, "The Second Mrs. Paris." BLACKFRIARS Blackfriars is a club for all the young and hopeful actors and actresses of our school. Mrs. Pohl was their sponsor for the first time this year. Led by Joan Woods, president, Linda Loeber, vice-president, and Karen DeWitt, secretary, the Blackfriars presented a one- act play, "By-line for St. Luke," at their Christmas assembly. They also presented a play on May 12, in a joint assembly with the Thespians. To become a Thespian is the ambition of all Blackfriars. "The play's the thing." Row 1: Connie Ziemer, Barbara Price, Karen DeWitt, Judy Riggs, Deanna Scott, Joan Woods, Bar- bara Sturken, Pat Hanawalt, Elaine Schmitt, Pauline O'Bringer, Connie Wolford, Jeanette Wolford, Phyllis Paniccia. Row 2: Dick Spear, Johanna Hager, Annette Hutmacher, Roberta Zorn, Maureen McMillan, Ruth Rasmussen, Elaine Wittenberg, Judi Buchanan, Karen Hibner, Donna Erickson, Bar- bara Hudson, Mary Sue Russell, Sharon Wienke, Lynn Ulrich. Row 3: Mary Gorman, Nancy Cal- vert, Joy Harbart, Jackie Janoski, Gary Peterson, Elaine Hanke, Helen Hinckley, Judy Randhan, Judy Robertson, Linda Loeber, Jean Wolf, Mrs. Pohl. 113 FASHIONETTES Annette busily sews on a skirt. Do you enjoy sewing? If the answer to this question is "yes," then your requirement for joining this club is fulfilled. The mem- bers meet every Thursday evening for the purpose of making garments of their own choosing. For a few weeks last semester, the members spent their time on making the girls' costumes for the Junior Play. The oflicers for this year were: Annette Haack, presidentg and Carol Herrbach, secretary. Ruth Hefner, Lillian Nesvold, Elaine Ohms, Devonna Brenaman, Jo Ann Brown, Bernadine Goede, Jean Dismukes, Marilyn Murphy, Antoinette Witek, Mrs. Kelly, Sarah Wible, Janice Peters, Angel- line Zezula, Carole Williams, Lynn Burkart, Joan Dismukes, Karen Fischer, Ellen Stephens, Beverly Novak Shirley Schlundt, Margaret LaMatina. Seated at table: Annette Haack, Carol Herrbach. l senior high. The members contribute to the school spirit by presenting skits at the pep sessions. During basketball season they sell booster buttons with a picture of the team on them. tion of different letters by the Red Derby girls and the boys' White Shirt sections at the home games. Another big event of the year was the Red Derby Football-Basketball Dance which took place on March 25th. president, Maureen McMillan, vice-presi- dent, Carol Dubert, secretary, and sponsor, Mr. Delbert Miller. RED DERBIES The Red Derbies is the pep club of the The highlight this year was the forma- The ofiicers this year were Karen Miller, Participants of a Red Derby skit. Row 1: Carol Dubert, Jean Cox, Jackie Ellaby, Sharon Coupland, Bonnie Ellison, Nanette Wolgast, Annette Hutmacher, Judy Riggs, Karen Miller, Maureen McMillan, Barbara Yeager, Judy Cook, Mr. Miller, sponsor. Row 2: Camilla Rebac, Phyllis J anuchowski, Mary Stine, Carol Lubs, Bonnie Day, Pam Pittsford, Carol Bartholomew, Karen Rieck, Connie Bobinski, Jo Anne Abraham, Connie Ziem- er, Linda Loeber, Bobbi Zorn, Maris Palrnateer, Barbara Stelter, Jean Johansen, Judy Bryan. Row 3: Joan Walotka, Carole Williams, Marilyn Werdine, Suzanne Spinning, Annette Haack, Bernadine Goede, Janice RiSk, Jean Connelly, SUS3-T1 MyBI'S, Sandy Dingler, Barbara Sturken, Thelma Gill, Shar- on Neulieb, Deanna Rhodes, Deanna Scott, Elaine Schmit, Sue Hietman. Row 4: Darlene Dodd, Pat Grievish, Sylvia Coar, Judy Boese, Loretta Zorn, Mary Sue Russell, Judi Buchanan, Donna Erickson, Karen DeWitt, Karen Hibner, Elaine Wittenberg, Barbara Hudson, Joan Woods, Sheila McMillan, Sue Ann Biederstaedt, Judy Joseph, Deanna Gonder. Row 5: Marcia Hileman, Margie Pawlik, Francis Murry, Lorraine Mitio, Esther Katzmarek, Barbara Novak, Helen Hinckley, Ruth Rasmussen, Judy Robertson, Dee Dee Pritchard, Pat Hanawalt, Christine Groch, Judy Gobreski, Marsha Lindsay, Mary Gorman, Betty Humphrey. Row 6: Marsha Giiord, Elaine Hanke, Janet Requarth, Barbara Watts, Marilyn Ritchie, Lynn Ulrich, Margaret Johnson, Jean Wolf, Carol Burns, Jane Burns, Bev Johnsen, Nancy Calvert, Marcia Maldy, Gail Kirkman, Sue Calvert. Row 7: Sue Carlson, Sandy Hileman, An- ita Klosinski, Ardith Klinder, Linda Lange, Nancy Shafer, Sandra Gales, Mickey Fargher, Mavis Brant, Diane Gardner, Lynn Burkart, Nancy Butler, Lorraine Komasinski, Margie Lyster. Row 8: Carol Williamson, Marietta Zriny, Janet Skierkowski, Frances Piergalski, LaDonna Zawacki, Emily Swistek, Sharon Wienke, Pat Kolanczyk, Dorothy Burton, Angeline Zezula, Pat Loniewski. 115 MADRIGALS In our modern, fast-moving school soci- ety, there is one organization which is pat- terned after an institution of the past. This, of course, is our Madrigal group. The Mad- rigal is one of the younger organizations of the school, having been organized by Mr. Edward Wells, the director, last year. The Madrigal's presentations are in a very informal style, given with the partici- pants seated in a semi-circle. As the Madrigal is becoming more pop- ular, their activities are growing more var- ied. This year they participated in the Christmas program, Went to the district music contest, and appeared in the annual concert. In addition to regular school per- formances, they appeared for several organ- izations in the city during the past year. Music-minded Madrigals. 599 f X 'i ,L if.. f iii W' 7 Q, -va ,Q Q, I ,sm iw 'ab f . Y:?Z:,?Q5i47J-' , 7 I 'fy 'f ,4, VIA Left to right: Sid Linde, Ron Cotts, Bob Miller, Jean Craft, Karen Timmrick, Jackie Ellaby, Karen Rieck, Gayle Pravden, Marilyn Smith, Barbara Jakelski, Jean Wolf, Arlene Dabbert, John Carlson, Leroy Eberly, and Tom Morrison. Director: Mr. Edward E. Wells. 116 GLEE CLUB Row 1: Barbara Price, Carol Dubert, Marilyn Smith, Sylvia Linde, Gaye Pravden, Eugene Samys, Donald Hannah, Jon Feinn, John Heise, Arlene Johnson, Jean XVolf, Judy Lane, and Lynn Ulrich. Row 2: June Cox, Ellen Stephens, Karen Hapke, Frances Piergalski, Janet Skierkowski, Bob Dab- bert, Neil Purtha, George VValker, Jean Steen, Judi Randhan, Barbara Jekelski, Shirley Millman, and Arlene Dabbert. Row 3: Virginia Harper, Wanda Herrbach, Bernadine Goede, Carol Bartholomew, Karen Logerquist, Jean Greenlaw, Mary Ganschow, Melvin Meriweather, Rocky Peebles, Lee Purcell, JoAnn Brown, Jeanette Turner, Claudesta Ward, Carol Herrbach, Carolyn Kuszmaul, and Lois Nash. Row 4: Phyllis Killingbeck, Donna Allen, Crystal Fabian, Linda Peus, .Marlies Daugherty, Sharon Krug, Sid Linde, Bob Miller, Dennis Hippensteel, Dick Sparks, John Carlson, Diane Nichols, Karin Reuber, Jean Cox, Darlene Hurley, Barbara Benison, and Diane Bartholomew. Row 5: Karen Rieck, Jean Craft, Jeanine Nadaf, Shirlene Blair, Karen Timmrick, Mary Ramsay, Karen Snyder, Jackie Ellaby, Tom Morrison, Bob Blair, Don Abel, Leroy Eberly, Karen VVolf, Marion Sparrow, Frieda Ayad, Inez Ayad, Irene Wood, LaDonna Zawacki, and Clemmie Lee Scott. A mood of gaiety consolidated with a background of early morning cheerfuhfless is a rarity possessed by all Glee Club mem- bers. Under the capable direction of Mr. Edward Wells, the glee club creates beauti- ful music at the unlikely hour of 7:30 a.m. The Glee C1ub's appearances and pres- entations include a Christmas concert and an operetta, "The Lowland Sea," besides being part of the choral union which pre- sented "The Messiah" with the Michigan City symphony orchestra. The officers are as follows: John Carlson, president, Jean Craft, vice-president, and Jean Cox, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Wells directing DANCE BAND Row 1: Dick Spear, Dexter DeWitt, Ron Hinshaw, Larry Maxey, Ron Schumacher. How Z: boo Bartholomew, Bill Maxey, Bob Walk, Duane Barts, Jim Rannie, Eddie Ivey, Phil Gasteyer, Ron Cotts, John Kemp. Row 3: Steve Hornyak, Leonard McKee, Jim Stark. "Man, that really swingsln Such a phrase might be used to describe the dance band. This group is made up of the better senior band musicians and plays for all school-sponsored dances. The string ensemble, directed by Mr. Palmer Myran, does its bit toward promoting interest in the fine arts among our students. Every year it visits the grade schools to introduce the string instruments to the lower grades. Row 1: Linda Oberlink, Janet Inman, Phyllis Paniccia, Jerre Bullard, Alice Burnham, Mary Sue ll, Dennis Sadlowski. Row 2: Paul Wilhelm, Dennis Hippensteel, Jean Kling, Larry Covert, Mr. Palmer J. Myran. Russe 4 A SENIUR BAND Row 1: Dexter DeWitt, Larry Maxey, Ron Schumacher, Barbara Sanders, Minnie Abron, Judy Fritz, Marily Hill, Katie Kyle, Betsy Weber, Row 2: Ronnie Hinshaw, Jim Matotte, Jim Herbert, Russell Case, Elaine Schmidt, Marcia Coar, Delores Feighner, Ruth Rasmussen, Edward Ivey, Duane Barts, Jim Rannie, Ron Cotts, Don Blackmond, Kathleen Bowker, Ardith Klinder, Connie Ziemer, Mickey Fargher. Row 3: Jane Reebs, Jackie Janoski, Douglas Morrison, Sharon Pedue, Bob Pollock, Steve Hornyak, Howard Mondientz, George Naanes, Howard Potter, Bill Peck, Bob Bartholomew, Bill Breining, Bob Walk, Bill Maxey, Pat Kirkland, Jerry Cox, Sandee Ellison, Lynn Drake, Jim And- erson, Karen DeWitt. Row 4: Bruce Fisher, Don Parsons, Larry Haught, Robert Greiner, Barbara Goldman, Leonard McKee, Jim Stark, Mike Cochran, Max Eubanks, John Kemp, Palmer J. Myran, conductor, Sally Coar, Dick Spear, Cherie Coonfare, Betty Staffel. Absent: Norm LaDuke and Darlene Swanson. heard-of. Band party. brarian. 119 The senior band helps to enrich many of Q the aspects of our high school life. It adds color to the football games, life to the basketball games, and has instilled a driv ing school spirit into many a pep session One of the big reasons for the success and popularity of the band is Mr. Palmer J. Myran. Mr. Myran has made jazz a familiar part of our high school music, while in many other schools this is un The band officers this year were Larry Maxey, president, Phil Gasteyer, vice-pres identg Judith Fritz, Jane Reebs and Cherie Coonfare, secretaries, and Bill Fuller li ACTIVITY SNAPS A Spamsh thea Busy yearbook staff Senior Slipstick N Rec The Dahlite Tea The Fashionettes sew retary Four A.V.A. men 190 A Thespian in trouble ACTIVITY SNAPS CHUSG Muscle men fun, Jun 121 Red Derbies Meeting 1 ,W CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Jean Cox, Nanette Wolgast, Jackie Ellaby, Bonnie Ellison, Sharon Coupland, Annette Hutmacker, Judy Riggs. "We're with you, team, We're With you." This is only one of the many cheers led so capably by our six cheerleaders. From a large number of candidates Jean Cox, Sharon Coupland, Judy Riggs, Jackie Ellaby, Annette Hutmacker and Nanette Wolgast were selected by the students in the fall. Assisting the yell leaders Was the red devil, Bonnie Ellison. The girls took turns acting as captain for the pep sessions and announcing the yells for that day. Mr. Miller supervised the cheerleaders. The girls not only led yells at all football and basketball games, b11t had the difficult task of keeping the fans from getting out of control. It's not so easy to keep up the school spirit when the team is behind. It is up to the cheerleaders to keep the fans yelling just as loud when we are behind as When We are Winning. Part of the success of our athletic teams was due to the fact that our cheerleaders were always on the job. 124 CADET TEACHERS Each year a few seniors who are considering the teaching pro- fession spend one or two class periods a day in one of the ele- mentary schools. The cadets are under the supervision of Miss Eleanor O'Connor, Director of Ele- mentary Education. Every student teacher works with an elementary teacher. The first few weeks are spent in obser- vation. During this time the cadet must learn the names of each of the students in his class. In the course of the semester each cadet is responsible for mak- ing a project which will help the students in one of their subjects. Ellen Stephens, Carol Dubert, Kathryn Cass, Karen Lindquist, Ruth Frame. Marilyn Werdme, Cherie Coonfare, Marilyn Ritchie, Jane Reebs, Diane Gardner. marol Lange, John Henry, Jon Feinn Cstandingl, Richard Wolcott, Bill Smith, Judy Boese. ASSEMBLIES Bang, bang An hour in Australia Assembly speaker It's a snap Talent 1961 Rell informed speaker CITY SCENES ' r-4 3 . , 1 FY' ' 2. 5 , W - .V is X K I t I fy , W I J My lx J f ? S7Bf 7114 Skwefns, 'f' 7 Sid Sllvlk u 'val' ca 4 gf' 74556 KZJ A147 12,112 ,Q 1 Vusub U Q' . -f'u,,':lf"U w , 1: -T ' A , ' I 1 y g! LETS AU. Jaw Auf luke we ARE g 127 ALL SCHOOL EXHIBIT Romana Puella , Five years Work Future Oflice Workers How fast can you react? Science Exhibit First hand information 128 Art Editor SPECIAL EVENTS A moment to remember E court Puncu, please Glad it's over, Mrs. Pohl? 129 , CAREER DAY GUIDES-Row 1: Loretta Zorn, Karen Lindquist, Annamarie Downs, Janet Skier- kowski, Nancy Shafer, Karen Miller, Phil Kiep, Mickey Fargher, Linda Lange, Deanna Rhodes. HOSTS, AND HOSTESSES-Row 1: Judy Boese, Carol Dubert, Janice Risk, Suzanne Spinning, Karen Schoenning, Bonnie Day, Mrs. Vail, Mary Jane Kulakowski, Joan Wozniak, Jean Steen, Ada Edwards, Anna Lewis, Diane Gardner. Row 2: Mavis Brant, Mary Anne Wegner, Annette Hutmacher, Diana Benoit, Marilyn Ritchie, Mar- gie, Gallagher, David Gring, Dexter DeWitt, Robert Dabbert, Rona1dlMalecki, John CHFISOI1, Jim Rannie, Jim Stark, Stu Burris. Row 1: Jack Wright, John Henry, Clifford Bums, Dick Carlson, Bernadine Goede, Annette Haack, Ronald Angeledes, Lee' Dabagia, Jerry Herod, Richard Collins. Row 2: Ray Kalita, Bob Jackson, Jim Hurst, Dale Rehbein, Norman Nicholson, Richard Hall, Ken Dubie, Max Eubanks, Dick Sparks, Richard Dirks, Harold Smith. 130 PEP SESSIUNS Ana City is still the best f . ,,,'q,Zz4 3 , '- J gig , f, , N ' 2 7 X 7 ,"' " ,if V 5., f 4' "Zi f?7 v ' Silent jury An interview with the team Faculty exercises Chesterton Chesties We hope And' Santa was here Help for our boys 131 SIGN-UP DAY Against the wall, please Jr. president hands out books Tired of waiting When shall we three meet again? Over and done with Future bookkeepers Mrs. Humphrey helps out Where are the boys? 132 GENERAL SNAPS I Party for Mr. Ton Go, go, Dev11s Mr. Humphrey takes time out Here's our teaxn . . . -1 Remember this? Lunch mom 133 Housecleaning AUTOGRAPHS ll: I 6 21 , X 9 x K Whillllff 135 GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 1 Z,- , W 2 Q71 'Q , tl, Diane Gardner Csecretaryl, Karen Reuber Cvice-presidentl, Miss Sebesta, Mavis Brant ipresidentl, and Ruth Frame ftreasurerj. Do you feel energtic and peppy? Well then, this is the club to join. The Girls Athletic Association or G.A.A., which the girls call it, has a var- iety of sports which are played year after year. The sports that are offer- ed are: soccer, hockey, deck tennis, volleyball, basketball, and baseball. That surely is a variety and the best part is that you don't have to be in all of the sports, only the ones that you like. Every year at Christmas the girls go caroling and on different oc- casions have parties.. ' The president of the club is Mavis Brant, Karin Reuber, vice-president, Diane Gardner, secretary, and Ruth Frame, treasurer. Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month. For each game that a girl participates in she receives 5 points. At the,end of the year, a girl is chosen by the girls as the outstanding athlete, she is 'then presented with a sweater at the award assembly. SOCCER Row 1: Marialice Sultes, Sharon Alger, Diane Gardner, Reva Delco, Karen Reuber, Angie Burns, Barbara Price. Row 2: Doris Bartels, Nancy Calvert, Phyllis Piergal- ski, Judy Martin, Sharon Neulieb, Sarah Wible, Marie Meyer, Jane Johnston, Char- mian Bonner. The girls are out in the field playing soccer While the boys are prac- ticing football. This game is played with a ball which looks like a basketball, but it is to be kicked to make points. The captain of this year's champs is Diane Gardner, the runner-up captain is Phyllis Ballard. 1 . - - Row 1: Pat Sobkowiak, Francis Murry, Phyllis Ballard, Karen Rohder, Sue Snyder. Row 2: Inez Ayad, Judy Bartels, Darla Burklow, Marsha Lindsay, Sally Kolb, Ruby Thomas, Barbara Croxen, Zella Brown. , 137 HOCKEY QQ 1: Nancy Mayo, Connie Wolford, Jeanette Wolford QCapt.J, Karen Rohder, Karen Janosky. Row 2: Pat Kolanczyk, Judy Bartels, Reva Delco, Shirley Millman, Suzanne Weiss, Eilene Brown. There is one expression used in this game. "Your stick is too high," says Fannie. Hockey is played with sticks that are curved at the bottom, and a little hard ball is used. This can be a dangerous game if the players aren't alert. I suggest that if you feel like sleeping, this isn't the game to fall asleep on the job or, I should say, play. The champions of this game were led by Jeanette Wolford, and the runner-up captain is Judy Martin. Diane Gardner, Sharen Alger, Judy Martin fCapt.j, Karin Reuber, Francis Murry Marialice Suites, Charman Bonner, Phyllis Ballard. 138 DECK TENNIS Row 1: Mavis Brant, Wanda Weeks, Diane Gardner, Karin Reuber, Phyllis Janachow- ski, Charmian Bonner, Ruth Frame. Deck tennis is an exciting game to play. You have to be alert and on your toes While playing this gameg otherwise you'11 get hit in the face With a ring. The winners this year were led to victory by Mavis Brant and runner- up captain is Judy Martin. Row 1: Sharon Alger, Judy Martin iCapt.J. Row 2: Wanda Weeks, Marge Johnson Judy Kopploman, Marie Meyer. 139 VOLLEYBALL Row 1: Nancy Mayo, Connie Wolford fCapt.J, Delores Davis, Sharon Alger. Row 2: Jeanette Wolford, Pat Kolanczyk, Suzanne Weiss, Judy Martin, Marie Meyer, Norma Priebe. This is a sport in which eight players usually take part. Sometimes the games are tied, and then the two teams that are tied have to play for the championship games. This year Connie Wolford was captain of the top team. Francis Murry was the runner-up captain. Row 1: Clemrnie Scott, Willistene Harris, Francis Murry CCapt.D, Phyllis Januchow- ski, Wanda Weeks. 140 BASKETBALL Row 1: Willistine Harris, Francis Murry, Clemmie Scott CCapt.J. Row 2: Joyce McCorquadale, Suzanne Weiss, Dee Gonder, Delores Davis. This is the best and most exciting game played. Girls really turn out for this sport as Well as boys. The captain of the champs is Clemmie Scott. The runner-up captain is Sharon Alger. l l Row 1: Jane Johnston, Angie Burns, Sharon Alger fCapt.J. Row 2: Diane Gardner Catherine Smiertehny, Sue Heitman, Velma Mack. 141 1954 BASEBALLA Row 1: Lillian Walker, Phyllis Ballard, Reva Delco, Joan Westphal, Carole Williams, Karen Rieck, Francis Murry, Velma Mack, Maelisbeth Pope. This is the sport that is loved by both girls and boys. The rules are the same. Since this game is played so late in the year, the 1954 pictures are put in instead of the 1955 champs. The lucky champs were led by Lillian Walker, who defeated Diane Gardner's team. -7 l Row 1: Charmian Bonner, Diane Gardner fCapt.J, Marie Meyer. Row 2: Barbara Slater, Karin Reuber, Nancy Austin, Marilyn Murphy, Ruth Frame, Mavis Brant, Jean Cox. 1 42 SPORTS VIEWS Perfect form Blau' breaks the tape gs v ' . " 'wg 1 X 1 SS5- IEN' ' Q ' if A Q ' 1 P 1 v , ' we Nw' p ' xQgw:g' w, ,-g,g:.y-S "fm - Out at first .O '52 i Table tennis debut 143 1954 BASEBALL Row 1: Student Managers Clem Periolat, Dick Collins, Alan Esmore, Ron Falk. Row 2: Dick Kab- acinski, Blake Waterhouse, Herb Sperling, Ron Flotow, Pat Gardner, Ken Dubie, Dave Greer, Chuck Bohlin. Row 3: Chuck Hahn, Bob Serhal, Ron Burns, Paul Michaels, Dick White, Dick Scrivnor, John Pritz, Charles Dexter, Coach Jim Landing. Row 4: Student Manager Mike Glasscott, George Walls, Neil Rehbein, Jim Schreckenbach, Jixn Stark, Jim Coughlin, Norm Nicholson, Jim Sloan, Dick Tomey, Norm Teets, Manager Warren Jones. The 1954 Red Devils baseball team Wound up its season with a total record of 15 Wins and 7 losses. The team finished in a tie for second place in the NIHSC with a record of 6 Wins and 4 losses. Warren Jones was the manager and James Landing the coach. During the '54 season the Devils defeated the following teams twice: Niles, 2-1 and 6-3, South Bend Washington, 9-0 and 4-1, and they defeated LaPorte a total of three times, 6-3, 12-0 and 4-1. The losses came from Mishawaka, South Bend Riley, South Bend Adams, South Bend Central, Culver, and Benton Harbor. The pitchers of last year's team were Ron Flotow, Ron Burns, Dave Greer, Paul Michaels, and Dick White. Flotow pitched 71 2X 3 innings and gave up 41 hits with an earned-run average of 1.27. Ron Burns pitched 47 1! 3 innings and yielded 38 hits and an earned-run average of 2.37. Greer had an earned run average of 3.50, Michaels a 3.50, and White a 1.16 earned-run average. Last year's student managers Were Clem Periolat, Alan Esmore, Mike Glasscott, and Ron Falk. There are 10 lettermen returning for the 1955 season indicating that the diamond- men will be a tough team to beat again. Congratulations to the 1954 team and good luck to the 1955 team. Michigan City 5 ........ ..... L ew Wallace 0 "Michigan City 2 ....... ..... E lkhart 1 Michigan City 1 ........ ........ H orace Mann 0 'kMichigan City 1 ....... .... C ulver 2 fMichigan City 12 ........ ....................... L aPorte O Michigan City 7 ...... ..................... C ulver 3 Michigan City 8 .,...... ....... B enton Harbor 2 Michigan City 4 ....... ...................... L aPorte 1 Michigan City 2 ..,., .,,,,,................. N iles 1 Michigan City 9 ............ Calumet Township 0 Michigan City 6 ........ ........... L aPorte 3 Michigan City 11 ....... ............ M ishawaka 3 Michigan City 2 ........ ............ M ishawaka 3 Michigan City 3 ....... ............ S . B. Riley 6 Michigan City 0 ,,,...,, ,.....,,.......,. S . B. Riley 3 Michigan City 0 ....... ........ B enton Harbor 8 Michigan City 9 .,,,...,...,.. S. B, Washington 0 Michigan City 4 .............. S. B. Washington 1 Michigan City 0 .....,,, ,....,... S . B. Adams 1 Michigan City 3 ....... .......... S . B. Adams 1 Michigan City 6 ........ ................,... N iles 3 Michigan City 2 ,,,,..,.,,,,......,,,, S, B. Central 3 Total 97 Total 45 "' Ron Flotow pitches no-hitter against LaPorte. "' Double Header. 144 BASEB LL A 1 i . "U D9 E. EQEEEEESEQEEEEWESS 3 :U o ond-UU F1 gg r-4 g-MIJN E155 WW F391 ,-- '-1"rfQ,aNzugEEEzwP'ml'1,E'. Z 0 W VJ: Z2 5zF'1QE:U?72 g, g M, Oes?'fr2H:Fsrf1iz2m:2 rs fn BENQ? sFUes:mzFUae:a:m9'1Oas 5 5 1g,:5:g:g::::CIg: HOHFUO 55::EEE: 55E:!l2:E 632525 :E'::' :QEBJE1 S Hwdwo ' : 'sees' 0 spa 2 2 E " 2 Q 01535 2 M iii i ff :E 5 1:1:2E::l:::1 g Q seQe:sEzisiaaQEZEZ: U. mwwmoozzggf-ggS3332':AtBat 3 gd , rr- Nv-ooon-Arowas-1wooSz:g,rf:ouRl1DS O O :fa ' as rr .wQ.mW.W.,.m'sar,'::wHi,s E P-47-4 P-454 HP' W ouwwonowxwxoo-wxooo-lnoooaowwStrikeOut P-4 :!l:: 3 W.. ESSSSSBGKSGGSSEESSEEBarAve. PP new-xmwgamgun or-ooooauswsoooxousmoouwcoo Us H v-me--1 P-"P-'P-' b roms--nw oooowoi-Awww-Amman:-mmnunsgl U1 In. Pilch SS H Nwwawwmmzzsasxaasongase E2 !"9'S"N!"ERA rt PJUIUIODIO ' ' ' moo-1-1 wsu-wS,'3E53C5223B'52z'STot.A.B. F' U2 Q sasazums P3 gf ooooor-or-r-or-oukowmsc.-or-Ao2Base P Q- om--15-1Walks E W oooooooor-loooowwsm-H-co3Base U2 3- 9 : .,,,.5,t2'5smke outs B 5 ooooooooooooor-oeooH0meRun U2 3' ,... OOONW-HitBa.t. an oooowoor-mn,az-.1mo:aaw::BaS0B- 52 CD ""-"""'Owi1dP1m1 H N Www , oooHw'r::lmo:g+w-gowggazcaoor-AiB2lf g S' nov-ou-:Won E gf OOOQOHHFNHNPPNGSORIPFORUHS :U 3 FD or-own-L0Sf HH E Us ooooooroowwowno-ar-r-1o1onHiiS Q -- 51 t"P F::2:h:2:bZ:EJa?:i-ioioS-A:L:iu2,:i-E,:BatAve. F4 OOCDOOOOJOUIP-4OGlL'AC:JiDOO0KXJ OOOOOOCUOOPFQOWCBUJUBNP Q O 3 cb Ron Burns churns the dust sliding into third base , 145 Manager Warren Jones and Herb Sperling look at ball with which Ron Flotow fcenterj pitch- ed against LaPorte for a. no-hitter. 1954 TRACK The 1954 Red Devil Track Squad enjoyed one of its most successful seasons in years. The Red Devils won fourteen dual and triangular meets without a loss. In piling up this record they were led by several very capable runners such as Maynard Thompson, John Rush, Rich Strakowski and Ray Gulliver and a number of other letter winners. The Red Devil cindermen under Coach Elmer Millbranth posted wins over Westville, Wanatah, New Carlisle, Chesterton, LaPorte, John Adams, Washington East Chicago, Hammond Morton, Horace Mann, Riley of S. B., Benton Harbor, ,Roosevelt of East Chicago, Washington S. B., and Valparaiso. One of the sweetest victories came with the winning of the triangular with LaPorte and Gary Lew Wallace. The 1954 Red Devils had several outstanding performers in Maynard Thompson, John Rush, Ned Westphal, Jim Thompson, Rich Strakowski, and a number of others to add to the point totals in winning the duals and triangulars. High point honors for the year went to Maynard Thompson and he was followed very closely by John Rush who is a junior. A great many things are expected of John in his senior year. The climax of the career of Maynard Thompson was his qualifying for the State Finals at Indianapolis. The 1954 Red Devils also broke two Gill Field records. The 880 yard relay team broke the old record of 1.36 by running the half mile relay in the time of 1:35.5. The other record was broken by Maynard Thompson when he ran the 440 yard dash in the remarkable time of :51.5. The boys on the 1954 squad selected as their Captain Bob Kolodziejski. Row: 1: George Kribs CMgr.J, Ralph Woodruff, Noel Schlegelmilch, Wayman Lombard, Bill Granth- am, John Heise, Jim Duetcher, Bill Hibner, Bob Miller, Bill Smith iMgr.J, Dale Schepel fMgr.J. Row 2: Dave Marks fMgr.J, Mel Corley, Craig Milbranth, Floyd Reed, Bruce Fischer, Maynard Thomp- son, Ned Westphal, John Rush, Jim Thompson, Harold Haynes, Ben Donaldson, Dwaine Scott, Dale Rehbein. Row 3: Dave Stralkowsk1fMgr.J, Leo Gillrnan, Don Krachinski, Adam Cozzi, Keith Holmes, Len Mohammed, Dick Blair, Don Shiparski, Jim Pollard, Dick Strakowski, Bob Kolodziejski, Bob Weisiiog, Howard Johnson, Ron Bowman, Pat Merrill, Ron Hyska, Joe Phillips, Ray Gulliver, Coach Ehner Milbranth, Row 4: Dave Schroeder, Pat Gorman, Len Sollar, Phil Cross, Tom Goch, Ron Searcy, Larry Robinett, Dallas Seedorf, Jerry Bitts, Len Schroeter. 146 TRACK -ms.-Q Harold Haynes soars over high jump. TRACK SUMMARY Michigan City 10035, Westville 42, Wanatah, 8ML. Michigan City 89-315, New Carlisle 435, Lacrosse 17-1 !10. Michigan City 79-1!12, Chesterton 29-11112. Michigan City 63, LaPorte 46. Michigan City 64, John Adams 45. Michigan City 66, Hammond Morton 9Vz, Washing- ton E. C. GIVZ. Michigan City 120, Union Twp. 35, Mill Creek 27, Rolling Prairie 22. Michigan City 75-3f4, Horace Mann 33-114. Michigan City 57, Riley 52 Michigan City 6815, Benton Harbor 4015. Michigan City 6615, Roosevelt 42Vz. Michigan City 57-2 f3, LaPorte 49-5!6, Lew Wallace 2915. Michigan City 81, Washington South Bend 28. Michigan City 63w, Valparaiso 45V2. 0 Championship relay team, l. to r.: M. Thompson, N. Westphal, J. Rush, J. Thompson. HIGHLIGHTS OF 1954 TRACK SEASON Michigan City scored 24 points to place 5th in the Goshen Relays in a field of 17 teams. The highlight of the conference meet at Elk- hart was the winning of the half-mile relay in the time of 1133.6 by Maynard Thompson, John Rush, Ned Westphal and J. Thompson. The Red Devils placed 6th in the Sectional meet at Mishawaka and qualified five entries for the Regional. The Red Devils placed 5th in the LaPorte Invi- tational with Maynard Thompson winning one of the 440 yard dash runs. The 880 yard relay team brought home a trophy by winning that event. Maynard Thompson won 2nd place honors at East Chicago to qualify him for the state meet at Indianapolis. In the State Meet at Indianapolis Maynard won 5th place and scored the only points for the Red Devils. On your mark . . . get set GO! 1954 GOLF Row 1: Lee Dabagia, Robert Dabagia, Denny Fredenberg, Phillip Faroh, Jerry Winski, Coach Del Mill- er. Row 2: Howard Headley, Tom Morrison, Stuart Burris, George White, Larry Allen, Dave Stahov- iak. Row 3: Ronald Mohlke, Gary Peterson, Melvin Handtke, Dexter DeWitt, Bill Polite, Robert Jones, Tom Allen, Clifford Burns. Fore! That was the cry of Coach Del Miller's golf team as the 1954 golf season rolled around. With only one letterman returning from the '53 squad, the linksmen rebuilt their team and ended the season compiling a fairly respectable record of seven Wins, nine losses, and one tie. The Red Devil golfers finished 5th in the NIHSC conference and 11th in sectional play. Lee Dabagia held down the No. 1 position, Dennis Fredenburg the No. 2 spot, Phil Faroh played 3rd man, Bob Dabagia had No. 4 post, and Jerry Winski rounded out the team in the No. 5 position. The golf squad is expected to be a power in the conference since a major portion of the lettermen are returning for the 1955 season. WON-7 Michigan City ......... Michigan City ...,,. Michigan City ......... LOST-9 Valparaiso .................... Gary Lew Wallace ...... Valparaiso ................. TIED-1 3 5 4 Michigan City ............... ......... 1 4 Niles ....................... 1 South Bend Adams ......... 10 Michigan City 5 South Bend Central ......... 15 Michigan City 0 Mishawaka .........,........ ...,,.... 1 3M2 Michigan City 15 South Bend Riley ..,. ......... 9 M Michigan City 515 LaPorte .................... ......... 1 3 Michigan City 2 Michigan City ...... .....,... 1 12- Niles ........................ fig Michigan City ....., ......... 1 LLM, South Bend Adams W Mishawaka ......... ......... 1 2M-2 Michigan City ........ 215 Michigan City ...... ...... 9 lk Hammond High .... SMZ Hammond Tech .,...... .....,... 1 OW Michigan City ........ 415 Michigan City ........,...... ....,. 7 15 South Bend Riley ...... 7VZ South Bend Central ...... 9 Michigan City .......... 6 LaPorte ..,,..........,,.,...... ................,,..........,,.......,,.. 1 3172 Michigan City ........ 15 LaPorte Sectional ....... ............., M ichigan City-11th 142 TENNIS After a few years of rebuilding, the Red Devil tennis team finished near the top of the conference, tying for runner-up honors with LaPorte. With the nucleus of 1953 team back the Red Devils outslammed South Bend Central, Riley, and Adams, Goshen, Mishawaka, Elkhart, and lost only the last two matches to Ft. Wayne North and LaPorte. The four starting positions were held by Steve Bard, Dick Cook, Alan Kroening, and John Kemp in that order. With Steve Bard and John Kemp returning next year, the Red Devils again will bear watching. Good luck to next year's squad. We hope you continue your past perfor- mance. WON-6 LOST-2 Michigan City .......................... ....... S outh Bend Adams ............... Michigan City Elkhart ,.,ii,....,,..,,.,,,,,... Michigan City Goshen ..,.,,.,.,.,.,,.i,,,,,,,. Michigan City South Bend Riley ,....,.... Michigan City ................... South Bend Central .,..., Michigan City ...............,...... Mishawaka .......i,.......,,, Fort Wayne North Side .ii.,.., ,.... LaPorte .. Michigan City ,,,... Michigan City ...... Row 1-: Richard Cook, Steve Bard, Coach Harold Wegner, Alan Kroening, John Kemp Row 2 Pat Merrell, Norman LaDuke, Bill Granacki, Gaylen Bohlin, Phil Gasteyer, Phil Kiep Jerry Winski FOOTBALL Somebody catch that guy! A Goshen Redskin bites the dust. Apparently "Lady Luck" passed by the Red Devil football team for the second straight year. Despite the fact that the team had plenty of potential, they never could get anything formulated due to injuries and other mishaps. Our record, two wins and seven losses, lacks impressiveness but is an improvement on the 1953 record. V The Red Devils opened up the season with a victory over Gary Tolleston in a non- conference tilt. The other victory was recorded against Washington-Clay, another non- conference foe. However, the M. C. gridders found conference foes a little tougher to cope with. Many boys saw action this year as underclassmen and will be back next year to help the cause of the football team along. Special congratulations are due to Mr. Wayne Plew who has been head coach of the team since 1947. Mr. Plew resigned at the end of the season leaving a very impressive record behind him. Other men deserving praise for fine work are Mr. Bill Marston, the line coach, Mr. Newt Meer, the backiield coach, and Mr. Doug Adams, the backfield coach. The team had several outstanding individuals in John Rush, who received honors as a second string All-Conference half-back, Roger Wolcott, a guard, earned honorable mention awards, and John Henry, who was elected captain of the 1954 team. i l Greer is ten yards short of a TD Slicers prepare to gang against S. B. Washington John RUSH 150 halfback FOOTBALL Q- 14 1- .1 k V4 Row 1: Mike Cochran, John Heise, Dick Tomey, Terry Krueger, Ken Boese, Dan Goede, Leon Zolkow- ski, Eugene Pierce, Ralph Woodruff, Marvin Armstrong, Farrell Easton,Lynn Bowman. Row 2: Mel- vin Meriweather, Jerry Martin, George Pitt, Ken Dubie, Jim Uebler, Jim Pollard, Ken Duszynski, Harold Haynes, Bob Miller, Dale Powers, Charles O'Bringer, Dave Blank, Len Schroeter, Ken Mahlka, Ken Brooks, Charles Bohlin fManagerJ. Row 3: Jim Pryzbylinski, Roger Reed, John Rush, Gene Urbanski, Frank Pace, Adrian Novreske, Steve Wittenberg, George Kribs, Ray Chapala, Ron Downs, King Barenthin, Dick Baker. Row 4: Asst. Coach VVilliarn Marston, Norm Teets, 'Alex Penfold, Dick Wolcott, Ron Burns, Howard Johnson, Roger Wolcott, Dick White, Noel Schlegelmilch, Don Krach- inski, Stu Burris, Phil Cross, Harry Shiparski, Keith Holmes. Row 5: Asst. Coach Doug Adams, Joe Phillips, Albert Griffin, Jerry Bitts, Cliff Burns, Len Soller, Ron Bowman, Dave Greer, Robert Blair, Deno Moustakas, Ray Gulliver, Len Mohamed, Len Skibo, John Henry, Head Coach Wayne Plew, Asst. Coach Newt Meer. Won 2 Lost 7 M. C. 7 ..... ..... G ary Tolleston 0 M. C. 0 .... .................. G oshen 12 M. C. 12 ..... .... S .B. Washington 27 M. C. 6 ..... ............ M ishawaka 28 M. C. 7 ..... .... W ashington-Clay 7 M. C. 6 .... .......... E lkhart 41 M. C. 6 ..... .... S . B. Adams 33 M. C. 0 .... .... S . B. Riley 24 M. C. 0 .... .... L a.Porte 27 151 .K L . , .ii-.. SANDBURRS Dale Powers outruns Gary Tolleston line Congratulations are in store for the Sandburrs and their coach Mr Doug Adams The Varsity B team compiled a record of 2 wins and 5 losses, but that doesn t tell half the story of their value. Those boys spent all season scrimmaging against the varsity boys trying to get them in shape. As a result, the Sandburrs gain experience which will vastly aid them in playing on the Red Devil football team next year MICHIGAN CITY ...... ...... 7 MICHIGAN CITY ,........ ...,...... 6 Elkhart ......,................,....... .......... 2 6 South Bend Washington ...... .......... 2 1 LaPorte .,.............,.............. ....,.. 1 8 South Bend Central ....... ...... 1 9 Mishawaka .................. ...... 1 3 South Bend South Bend MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN Riley -- Adams CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY Alex Penfold meets South Bend Adams player face to Iace 1K9 CROSS COUNTRY The Cross Country team had a very successful season and the boys that run the two-mile course finished at Indianapolis. To go to Indianapolis they had to qualify in the Sectional to be State contenders. This is the third year that the Red Devils have had Cross Country, and to qual- ify for the State Meet was quite an accomplishment for them, In a Held of 25 teams and a num- ber of individual runners the Red Devils placed 16th. The Cross Country team under Coach Elmer Millbranth started slow, but with steady improve- ment as the season got under way, began to show some of the other boys how this race should be run. The top runners on the Cross Country squad were Jim Bechinski, the number one man, followed closely by Bob Lippens, Richard Scrivnor, Harlan Hunt, Neil Rehbein, Bruce Fischer, and David Schroeder. The boys that ranked among the first seven were the boys that went to the State Meet. Harlan Hunt was selected as Captain of the squad for 1954. CROSS COUNTRY SUMMARY ., 'S' WON-7 LOST-4 'Fort Wayne North ..............,... ...................... 1 9 Michigan City ......................... 'Mishawaka ....................... ,,.... 18 Michigan City .......... . 'l'Centra1 ...... .....,... 4 2 Michigan City 'Goshen ...... ...... 4 8 Michigan City 'Riley ...................................... ...... 2 3 Michigan City 'LaPorte ...............,........................ ......... 3 9 Michigan City iJohn Adams South Bend ...... .....,... 4 0 Michigan City 'Elkhart ..................................... ...... 3 3 Michigan City Chesterton ............................... ......... 2 6 Michigan City New Carlisle .............................. ..,,.. 4 8 Michigan City John Adams South Bend .............................,..,, 46 Michigan City MICHIGAN CITY 2nd in Hobart Invitational Q24 teamsl. MICHIGAN CITY 3rd in Sectional at Mishawaka. C13 teamsl. MICHIGAN CITY 6th in Conference meet at Valparaiso Q21 teamsl. MICHIGAN CITY 16th in State meet at Indianapolis C25 teamsj. .V ex 'fix Row 1, left to right: Jerome Janoski, John Pritz, Bob Weisiiog, Bob Lippens, Jun Bechinski, Dick Potempa, Craig Millbranth, David Schroeder, Jim Schreckenbach. Row 2: Ron Baker, David Stral- kowski, Jim Lippens, Bill Grantham, Bruce Fischer, Harlan Hunt, Dick Scrivnor, Neil Rehbein, Don Howard, Harold Smith. Row 3: Tom Hitz, Ronald Feige, Gerald Keene, Dennis Sadlowski, Bob Johnson, Paul Michaels, Jack Wright, Bob Miller, Bill Dietz, Bob Pellar, Keith Keppen, Dennis Nes- po. Row 4: Danny Wright, Eugene Tylisz, Dale Schepel, Ron Falk, Allan Whitlow, Pat Gorman, Ron Hyska, Coach Elmer Millbranth. 153 PINK IMPS Row 1: Ron Baker, Dennis Nespo, Tom Saturday, Dick White, Dave Stralkowski, Dick Tomey. Row 2: Dave Schroeder, Allan Whitlow, Ron Falk, Pat Gorman, Eugene Tylisz. Row 3: Bob Miller iMgr.J, Keith Holmes, Craig Milbranth, Dick Potempa, Ray Gulliver, Jim Bechinski, Noel Schlegelmilch, Bob Weishog fMgr.J, Coach Doug Adams. The 1954-1955 Pink Imps concluded the season under Coach Doug Adams in the fine style they are noted for. The "B" team won 15 tilts and dropped only five, losing to South Bend Central, Terre Haute Gerstmeyer, Gary Lew Wallace, Elkhart, and LaPorte. They were also runners- up in the UB" team tourney held in Michigan City last January. A large number of the Pink Imps will be playing varsity ball next year. Needless to say, the prospects of this fine team will aid in bringing another fine season to Michigan City fans. Michigan City ....... 56 Valparaiso ................ Michigan City ...... 35 Hammond Tech ...... Michigan City ....... 46 Gary Emerson ..................... Michigan City ....... 54 Whiting ............................... Michigan City ....... 46 East Chicago Washington South Bend Central .......... ....... 3 5 Michigan City .................... Michigan City ....... 35 South Bend Adams ........... Terre Haute Gerstmeyer ....... ...,... 3 5 Michigan City ,.i.......... Michigan City ............. 43 Goshen ....................,. "B" TEAM TOURNEY Michigan City ............. 41 Gary Tolleston .... Gary Lew Wallace ...... ....... 4 3 Michigan City ....... Elkhart ....................... ....... 4 1 Michigan City ...... Michigan City ....... 53 Whiting .....,....... Michigan City ....... 58 Mishawaka ......................... LaPorte ................ ......, 4 8 Michigan City ,................... Michigan City ....... 52 Fort Wayne North Side .. Michigan City ....... 36 South Bend Washington Michigan City ....... 53 East Chicago Roosevelt .. Michigan City ....... 38 South Bend Riley .............. Michigan City ....... 39 Gary Lew Wallace ......... 154 BASKETBALL For the second year in a row, the Michigan City fans were able to be proud of an excellent basketball squad. In Ralph Hooker's first year as coach of the Michigan City Red Devils, he and his team compiled a record of 20 Wins and 6 losses. The varsity placed third in the NIHSC and won the Sectionals for the fourth consecutive year. The cagemen went to the Regional finals where they were beaten by a very capable Gary Roosevelt team. The Red Devils had a big front line in Harlan Hunt, center, Dick Cook and Dave Greer, forwards. These boys left opponents shaking in their gym shoes. Mich- igan City's guards, Jack Wright and Dick White developed into superior ball-handlers. The big boys from M. C. started off the season with four impressive victories over Valpo, Hammond Tech, Gary Emerson, and Whiting. They had a little trouble with a stubborn but better than average East Chicago Washington team led by star Nick Mantis. The Devils then knocked off South Bend Central for their first conference win and South Bend Adams for their second conquest in the conference. After victories over Terre Haute Gerstmeyer and East Chicago Washington, the Devil's winning streak was cut at nine games by an improved La Porte team in the Holiday Tourney Champ- ionship game. After taking two league tilts from Goshen and Elkhart, the Red and Whites were dumped by a crack Indianapolis Crispus Attucks Hve. The Devils next vic- tory came over Mishavvaka. M. C. then lost their next three games to LaPorte, Fort Wayne North Side, and South Bend Washington. The regular season Was ended With victories over East Chicago Roosevelt, South Bend Riley, and Gary Lew Wallace. The Satans cleaned up on Rolling Prairie, Wanatah, and St. Marys in Sectional play. A superbly coached Michigan City team then rocked LaPorte with a convincing victory in the tourney finals. The Red Devils clunked the Chesterton Trojans in the first game in the Regionals, ending Chesterton's undefeated string of games at 24. The close of the season was brought to its final stages when a masterful Gary Rooosevelt team held the very deter- mined Red Devils in the Regional finals. The 1954-1955 team will never be forgotten for its spirit and determination, battling against all odds. Four regulars will be lost from graduation, but prospects coming up from the Pink Imps show signs of a prosperous year in the 1955-56 season. Dave Greer scoots a shot out against Elkhart . . . the high and mighty . . . 155 BASKETBALL 1 A Chesterton Trojan watches the ball go to the Devil. Name Cook .... Greer .... Hunt Wright Michaels .... Robinett .. White ..... Rehbein ....,. Skibo .... Falk ...,.,... Gulliver ...... Gorman ...... Hyska ..... Pritz .......... Wolcott ......... Stralkowski VVh1tloW ....... G.P. F.G 25 170 26 147 26 107 26 48 20 22 14 31 11 18 15 7 8 4 5 4 6 3 5 3 5 0 4 0 1 0 0 O 0 if 0 Hike! Free Throws Made Missed P.F. T.P. 183 67 56 523 76 65 59 370 133 48 50 355 42 25 63 133 16 12 11 60 26 13 23 86 13 3 9 50 8 6 15 22 5 3 9 13 4 4 6 12 3 3 8 9 1 1 3 7 1 4 5 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 M. C. ends Chestertorfs win streak Devils battle Gary Roosevelt in losing cause 156 . ,Ewa S s DICK COOK H " 'COO N2 ,, BASKETBALL S .4 5b , x f ,-Q 1 -rf HARLAN HUNT if 21, 2+ - ,iw-'X , S. .P R h , f 4' ' X .Q x i H xg X47-if A -uf X' X ii xy -X,-f' . A f "' ,.xf- . , COACH RALPH HOOKER Si 5155 51.11-T ' Q O H - C 1 4 DAVE GREER 1 3x rg 3, YM K. JACK WRIGHT sf DICK WHITE 157 vs 445 ' ,QW 'ily f mm 4 f ,W gf 7 X X Nfl XXX WXXX X X X N X I Q??PA':5X-.+ 1 K 1 ffsfm N X 'iii X X Xs i 'X 'R X :txt X Q x XX X X X 1 X X X X xr V fd 5, 42X 1 9, ,I 2 i f Z 4 NEIL REHBEIN Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan City City City City City City City City City LaPorte .......... Michigan Michigan City City ................... BASKETBALL L,-,Nl ggi cf' -' i '. ' iv , 5 1 with PAUL MICHAE LS Valparaiso ...........,. Hammond Tech. ..... . ........75 Emerson Whiting .................................. Washington, East Chicago Adams ........... Gerstmeyer .... CHRISTMAS TOURNEY Washington, East Chicago ...,..61 Goshen ......64 Elkhart Indianapolis Attucks .......... Fort Wayne North Side ....... South Bend Washington ....... Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan City City City City City City City City Gary Roosevelt ...... ,E f' ,J7 ' , 757, ,f I ZS, F Q M, X fi X f V .. . , XJ ww X , fwfmw ff Z W 2,22 , f XP - x 5 , 4 J A Qi ff, 7 4 ,2-, RAY GULLIVER ......88 Michigan City ..,,..61 Michigan City .......68 Michigan City South Bend Riley .............,. Gary Lew Wallace .......,. T. 57 SECTIONAL TOURNEY Rolling Prairie ,..... Wanatah St. Mary's LaPorte REGIONAL TOURNEY Chesterton ....... .......58 Michigan City , I X V.. 7 Y , gi Y wah 1' L f 'P M .vfr ' , W! X , f S ' Q 5 g Q " f 55 k '54 I 1- 42 ' v -E1 W if iii 12? fi L' i if iff, - W , RON FALK RON HYSKA 158 "'- "k' arf yf - ,L M gxuw, oy, f A 1' Q .x ,ff 1 3 r 1 H, if if 5 F' f x "AVE X S MX, NN ff ,, fy -1 4 X f f j W 1 X W Q V JOHN PRITZ Central .................i....,............., Michigan City ........................... Roosevelt, East Chicago ...... ......52 ......35 ......66 ......55 ......68 .......44 .......56 ....,..69 .......58 .......35 .......63 .......69 .......56 .......64 .......44 ........71 ........56 ........44 ........34 .......,44 ........42 ........51 ........51 Q' it W 17" f A f Z fy vgfwrvswl Xt if 5 ,K W K ,X Z9 .S cfm - if . i W f PAT GORMAN BASKETBALL They fought, hard . . . , , , and they Won . . . . . . pandemonium . . . . . . to the victors go the sp .....THEV1cToRs1..... 159 BASKETBALL SNAPSHOTS Dave Greer hauls in a rebound Harlan Hunt congratulates Paul Michaels on against LaPorte grabbing rebound against S. B. Adams Who has the ball? Come back little ball! Come back! Dick Cook doesn't feel SB. Central '4It's mine!" gives him enough room 160 V I Two heads are better than one Up...Up...andOver! Ugh ! ! My! , . . What form. The men? How's the gair up there, Paul? 161 ...hfff UERTI ,Lug-5, PATRONS re and South Be d R.R Chicago South Sho Charles Bass, D.D.S. Dr. J. C. Potucek Norman C. Henderson, M.D. Dr. W. W. Dunlp Mr. and Mrs. Connelly Dr. and Mrs. Sunderland Dr. and Mrs. Norman R. Carlson Dr. W. A. Hall, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Bernoske Krueger and Fox Dr. Allan E. Gilmore nd Mrs. Philip Zorn Ted Meetz, Pro Dr. M. L. Ferguson rs. Warren Baker Mr. a Dr. and M and Mrs. John T. Kemp Dr. Hackett Dr. and Mrs. Ron S. and Mrs. Franc A Friend Louis S. Feinn Dr. C. W. Kolanczyk A Friend L. F. Piazza, M.D. M Fargher M.D. F. . , Shon Furniture Inc is F. 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MAY EVERY SUCCESS BE YOURS WHATEVER GOAL YOU SET IN lIFE From Your Friends at Michigan City's Centers of Entertainment TIV0ll ...ii ll 0 THEATRES Congratulations willdfd Good Luck Hamburger Shop cl , . . ass of 1955 Grill and Fountain Service Closed Wednesdays - Open Evenings Q 'til 11 p. m. Orders to Go 405 W'll - 'fal ff21:z2Q2e2,i1e filzll ' md phone 9 9986 Compliments FRED STERN A. M. REINKE, Inc. Hsiefn Value" PWMNNG 3' HEAUNG Mews a. Youno Mews WEAR 609 - Franklin - 609 408 E. 10th Street 175 Compliments of - Eighth Street Cafe H2 W. Eighth Street WA Goocl Place to Eat" Compliments of - BOOK FAIR, Inc. 503 Franklin Street 0 9 MICHIGAN CITY Michigan City's Finest Fashion Store Everything for the College and Career Girl 0HMING'S 522 Franklin Street Compliments of NORTHWESTERN TRANSIT, INC. Compliments of - ARNOLD A. MAYER "Michigan City's Exclusive Children's Shop" 915 Franklin Street Wheel Balancing, Complete Brake Service and Tune Up l0MBARD'S CITIES SERVICE 2214 SOUTH FRANKLIN Phone 2-'I725 Congratulations - To Graduating Seniors! For the Undergrads - Loads of Fun in the Teen-age League and Open play Bowling At Student Rates PALACE RECREATION 722I6 Franklin Dial 9-9933 Compliments of - Hays Corporation MICHIGAN CITY Nash Sales 81 Service 127-129 West 4th St. Dial 3-3800 Nash Airflyte Ambassador - Statesman - Rambler R. D. AUSTIN MOTOR SALES, Inc. Congratulations to the CLASS OF "55" Wilke's Drug Store Ilth and Franklin Streets Bill Wilke, Prop. Phone 2-3232 Calvert Studio 421 Franklin Street - Photography since 1889 - Compliments of - Kilnowitz 8. Brown Electric Company, Inc. T402 - i404 Franklin Street Telephone 3-3722 177 Congratulations GRADUATES ON YOUR PRESENT success ,Cafe 4, I X NOW MAKE YOUR FUTURE A SUCCESS WITH C. A. DUNHAM CO. 506 E. 2nd STREET MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Compliments to- The Class ol u55" STAIGER HARDWARE, INC. Sincere Wishes For Success To Every Member Of The "55" Graduating Class WILLIAM LEVERENZ of the Leverenz Agency I I I W. 6th Street DR. B. H. KAPLAN and DR. J. L. LA FOUNTAIN OPTOMETRIST Specializing in EXAMINATION OF THE EYES PHYSIO-THERAPY I23 E. 8th Street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA For Appointment - Telephone 3-3295 You LIKE : Q 4 IT : uuss I IT YOU LAPORTE COUNTY BEVERAGE CO., INC. C. M. SPINNING F f 9 Smgxjinel CADILLAC - PONTIAC AppIiclr1ces Authorized Sales 8. Service Everything Electrical Since T915 40th ANNIVERSARY P. w. wAY Moron coMPANY Michigan City Electric Co. H. H. Herbert, Proprietor 326 FRANKLIN ST. 411 PINE STREET II4 W. 8th STREET Compliments of - Shoreline Food Center STAN 5.95 EDIS GROCERY 8- MARKET GQOD FQQD Stop ilf24 - Long Beach Phone 2-5245 223 WILLARD AVE. Congratulations to The Class of 1955 Compliments of - l'lAR0l.D'5 DINER WES'l'PHAl.'S PHARMACY '16 EAST 'Eh STREET NATIONAL MILK COMPANY Compliments of - sos E 10th sweet GRILLE Michigan City, Indiana Newspapers and Magazines C. E. Meyer Newspaper Agency 415 Franklin St. Michigan City, Indiana Phone 2-3202 MAC ' S Pure Oil Service POPLAR AND MICHIGAN STREETS - Invites Your Patronage- GRlEGER'S cLorHiNo sroize Michigan City's Largest Store for Men Compliments to the CLASS OF 1955 l 519' 224'-4 S-442 1',.1-'Eau -X. fl? -s' ., CORNER alll Gnd FRANKLIN IICNIQAN ciusiff moi Lou's Beautie Barr All Types Permanent Waving Phone 4-4896 721 E. 10th Street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA With Best Wishes to the Class of "55" Mann's Home Store CHOICE FRUIT - VEGETABLES 81 FANCY GROCERIES II25 E. Michigan Street Compliments of - BOYD E. PHELPS, INC. ARCHITECTS A ENGINEERS IOOO WASHINGTON STREET PHONE 6-6238 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 GRADUATES OF OTHER YEARS ARE SATISFIED CUSTOMERS OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA "Your Friendly Bank" JOIN THESE THOUSANDS AND BUILD YOUR FUTURE WITH THE HELP OF OUR 82 YEARS OF SERVICE MICHIGAN CITY'S OLDEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTION A FEDERAL RESERVE BANK MEMBER F.D.I.C Congratulations to the CLASS OF "54" Pullman-Standard Car Mfg. Co LANFY YLANV-Y ww: FIRST IN um BER MICHIGAN CITY LUMBER AND COAL COMPANY I4 and Building ,A ffaferials O W n ZX, Michigan City Lumber and Coal Company Tel. 2-5525 I3l Washington Street Congratulations to THE CLASS OF "5 5" ROWlEY'S SHOE STORE Michigan City's Finest Shoe Store eos FRANKLIN Dial 2-5735 CONTRACTORS PLUMBING HEATING Simpson 8. Adamson, Inc. 904 Franklin Street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Phone 2-2383 Printers of the ELSTONIAN and other fine publications 'l'llI-STATE liflvo Pruning Company 315 Franklin Street ' Michigan City, Indiana ' Telephone 3-34I6 Compliments of - Haviland - Callan, Inc. - MOVERS - 1000 W. Tenth Street 3-3274 Robt. C. Ludwig FISH COMPANY Producers and Dealers in FRESH AND SMOKED FISH Phone 7-7844 Second Street Bridge MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Compliments of - THE SUGAR BOWl CUSH and LAMBKA Michigan City's Complete Young Men's Store 807 FRANKLIN STREET McKee Refrigeration Sales 61 Service Domestic - Commercial Air Conditioning 602 Jackson Street Compliments of - Yalowitz Fruit Company, Inc. 110 Washington St. Michigan City, Indiana PHONE 2-4500 The Town Shop Millinery 81 Ready-to-Wear 813 Franklin Street Phone 2-1941 BEST wisHEs I,,.I. ,tow urn , ' 4 -. . L 5 ' .xtigfs 4 BODY CO 4'-'env gufv, Qfi err- . ,QV Q.. tt-fy' "xQE-R-C35-W 403 W. Michigan Street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Phone 2-1215 185 Best Wishes Becks Jewelry Co. cms To the Class of 1955 For All Occasion LINDQUIST CARPET NICKELL DUCK FARMS 8 P.O. BOX 571 0 I' E U M All kinds of fresh dressed poultry MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Phone 2-2928 304 Franklin St. Congrafulalions Io the - CLASS OF "55" NORTHERN INDIANA STEEL SUPPLY CO., INC. SECOND AND DYSON STREET MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Phone 3-3241 1526 CI'I.LLI"YlCLIQETl GENERAL CONTRACTORSQ S CONSTRUCTION INC 1 Michigan Street am e oo MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA P5000 3-32I3 fWkRd S Q' . 15 1 um'-' . 187 s e n Eb ann ' DIAMONDS .IEWELRY WATCHES 6th and Franklin Streets Compliments of NORMAN CIPARES INSURANCE AGENCY ROOM 423 WARREN BUILDING 4nn Compliments to - Pauline Stearns The dass of 115511 Specialty Shop Phone 4.49011 George's Barber Shop H tel Spaulding Michigan City MO Franklin Street Whitey's Record Shop C"mP"me"'S'o"'e cLAss or 1955 316 Franlclin Street , Daxxxaa Complete Lme of All Records in All 5PeedS 710 Franklin si. Phone 5-5133 Compliments ot - Indiana Salvage Co. A division of Northern Indiana Steel Supply Company Michigan City, Indiana Phone 2-5589 189 W. A. POLITE Paint 82 Wallpaper Co. Smith-Alsop Paints Imperial Washable Wallpaper Toys - Year Around Display Phone 6-6474 605 FRANKLIN Compliments of - Downs I.G. A. Grocery e. L. Downs, PRoPRiEToR 1905 rmnkian street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Phone 2-2424 Stanley and Peck Sell the Best Clothes Next To A Man's Self He Likes EASTPORT'S SHIRTS BEST EASTPORT LAUNDRY Dry Cleaning All Phones 3-3205 J. I.. FREELAND MOTOR COMPANY 6th and Michigan Sts. Dial 4-4239 MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA G. M. C. Trucks Oldsmobile Congratulations Class ol H55" John Gm Am's Barber Shop IOIO Franklin Street Compliments of - The Cone with The Curl on Top DAIRY QUEEN I027 E. Michigan 2506 Franlclin Michigan City, Indiana I 190 Congratulations to the Class of 1955 M 8 M DRIVE-IN "Open all year around for your Convenience" - Ample Parking Space - 1608 E. Michigan Street Phone 4-4565 Prop.: Momma KoznN Kienitz Royal Blue soon MART Groceries, Meats Ice Cream and Sundries 2701 Franklin St. Phone 7-7331 It Ilucws ' Z Cgglll II I ILS I802 Franklin Street Dial 2-1866 Phone 2-3485 Res. 2-3603 Marquiss Electric GENERAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING for HOMES - BUSINESS - COMMERCIAL SERVICE WORK 503 W. 10th Street Michigan City, Indiana Compliments of - M. C. Dry Goods 823 Franklin Street Phone 8-8313 Tom 8. Mike Lernihan 191 ICE For Better Living Block - Cubes, Crushed Congratulations to - CLASS OF '55 Delivered Daily PIONEER Quality Coal LUMBER At Fair Prices SUPPLY Use Our Budget Plan, Pay As You Burn 320 E. Second Phone 7-7283 IAKE CITY ICE 8 COM Michigan at 8th Dial 6-6289 Compliments of- U-DRIVE-IT Car G1 Truck Rental Sheridan Beach Michi gan City, Indiana Phone 3-3249 Compliments of - Hutton's Standard Service Atlas Tires - Batteries - Accessorle I lth 8. Michigan Streets Phone 9-9932 Congratulations to - CLASS OF "55" S The Burnett Shop lO7 W. SEVENTH STREET 192 Now - Better than ever I BETTER SPORTS o BETTER NEWS COVERAGE o BETTER SERVICE Congratulations Class of 55 Nilrs msvmcu A COMMUNITY BUILDER Congratulations to - The Class of 1955 FOSTER PRINTING SERVICE 2101 FRANKLIN STREET Compliments of - BEST .IEWELERS Watches 0 Diamonds 0 Silverware 724 Franklin Street Telephone 2-3838 MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA L. Missal Decorating Co. We Specialize in Quality Wallpaper 81 Paints Phone 5-5566 825 Franklin St Best Wishes to The Class of ii55" Burnham Glove Co. 1602 Tennessee Street Phone 5-5205 Compliments of Clara's Hat Shop 902 FRANKLIN smear PHONE 4-4425 ERlCSON'S STANDARD SERVICE Second and Franklin Dial 9-9091 Television R C A Victor Philco Frigidaire Refrigerator Whirlpool Washers Wurlitzer Pianos Youngstown Kitchens Consonatta Organs Day and Night Towing Telephone 7-7886 Tomenko Service Garage AUTO ACCESSORIES AND REPAIRING Orchids to sr-:ELL GASOLINE U.S. 20 and County Lin Walter Tomenko MlcHrGAN crrv, INDIANA The Class of "55" Courtesy of DUNF5 DRWE 'N MARVIN KGMINIAREK 1916 Franklin Street Tonn 8. Blank Congratulates the Class of "55" General Contractors Lumber-Millwork Building Material General Electric Appliances General Electric Gunnison Homes Heating and Air Conditioning uSee Us Before You Build" Tonn Gm Blank, Inc. 104 North Franklin St. Michigan City, Ind. Phone 6-6261 195 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES CLASS OF '55 THE OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS OF THE CITIZENS BANK OF MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA INVITE YOU TO Plan for a sound Financial Future By opening a SAVINGS ACCOUNT smut wnn S -00 our nolun Add 5 Little Each Week and Watch It Gro ull I Niu.xN TH Fp,A ll ri E I E I - -9 , FMEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP Congratulations to The Class of 1955 0 Machines 0 Supplies 0 Furniture Office Kill's Office Machines 8. Supplies I22 E. 6th St. Phone 2-2000 -f'52'li Long Beach Gull Service Corner of US-I2 and Karwick Road Emergency Road Service Dial 9-9898 CONGRATULATIONS Cities Service Oil Co. W. MICHIGAN ST. 5D Premium Gasoline 5D Kool Motor Motor Oil 196 Office Equipment Co. Congr BOOKS - STATIONERY - GIFTS PARTY GOODS - GAMES OFFICE SUPPLIES 8- EQUIPMENT TYPEWRITERS - CHECK PROTECTORS ADDING MACHINES 725 Franklin Street Phone 7-7297 and - "We Will Deliver" Congratulations, Members of the Class of 1954, and May the Road Ahead be Marked by an Abundance of Success and Happiness for Each of You. catulations to the Class of "55" PARRY'S BAKERIES 603 W. 10th Street 1407 E. Michigan Park and Shop COMPLIMENTS OF ROYAL METAL MFG. CO. 197 Compliments of The S DRIVEIN ' ' Rd. Michigan City, Ind. KSN x l East M zchlgcm Compliments of - Mattie McComb Greeting Cards F. W. Woolworth Co. TOYS - BOOKS n STATIONERY 7th and Franklin Streets 620 Franklin Phone 8-8866 Michigan City, Indiana Michigan City, Indiana With The Best Wishes From Compliments of - The Camera Shop Cfl' Bodine Studio SHUTTERBUG HEADQUARTERS 412 Franklin Phone 2-3922 Compliments of - Herb and Mike's cflbCSf0 Mfg. COYP- Barber Shop Michigan City, Indiana 9ll Franklin St. Simms 198 MICHIGAN CITY FURNITURE CO. In Appreciation The Members of the Elstonian Staff, the sponsor, and the Class . of 1955 wish to thank the aclver- 4l7'4l9 Franklm S+' tisers, patrons, and subscribers who macle possible the publication of this Year Book. PHONE 2-2496 Victor L. Nasser GOOD LUCK -- CLASS OF 1955 Great Lakes Duck Farms Home of Royal White Pekin Duckling U. S. Highway 20, 5 Miles East Tel. 6-6622 Michigan City 199 Compliments of - Flowers - Fresh from the Greenhouse - BAl.l.ARD'S FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE 132 S. Roeske Ave. Phone 7-7425 I G A SUPERETTE 2702 Franklin Street Log Cabin Shop CONFECTIONERY 1151 E. Michigan Street Congratulations To - THE CLASS OF "55-" Ernst's Leather Goods 406 Franklin Street Phone 2-3461 MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Dingler Brothers FINE MEATS HOME CURED BACON - HAM HOME MADE SAUSAGES 1907 Franklin St. Phone 7-7545 DIAL 3-3261 DIAL for radio dispatched Checker and Yellow cabs Checker Cab Co. 24-Hour Courteous Service Compliments ot - HUMMER MORTUARY AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 6-6229 716 Washington Street CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Congratulations to the FOR FUTURE CLASS or "ss" SUCCESS A Remember Sears for . . . I Home Furnishings o Modernization 8- Repairs o Automotive East End of Union Street o Family Wearables ' Appliances Industrial Shudufql PHoNE 4-14291. scmp Sm' 8th 8. Franklin Streets 'saftafadloa yaaaaatud nqovzmaaeqlacf' 201 Congratulations to The Class of 1955 FROM HENRY lUNlBER COMPANY Phone 4-4264 6th St. Bridge 1894 Your Lumberman for 61 Years 1955 Compliments of - BLACKMOND'S JEWELERS 8th and Franklin Streets CONGDON'S 2'fj2,'2,' 0 Guns o Fishing Tackle 0 Wheel Goods 0 Models O Toys Dial Fourth and Franklin 3-3375 We Wish the Class of "55" a Very Happy and Prosperous Future ALBERS BAKERY 829 Franklin Street Phone 9-9200 Compliments ot - M. C. Recreation 117 E. Michigan Street Bowling Good Food 202 Best Wishes For your continued success ' Dobeski Shoe Store Michigan City's Leading Shoe Store 909 Franklin Street Michigan City, Indiana Wholesome Recreation Is Essential To Good Living C o m pl i m e n 1' s LAKEVIEW AMUSEMENT C0. 81 HAROLD K. BARR Washington Park Michigan City Good Luck 70 ' Compliments to- The Class of "SS" H H . The Class ot 55 Sobecke Shell Service I I . NADAF S GROCERY 1134 E. Michigan Street Goodyear Tires 81 Batteries 4O7hFranklm Street Dial 9-9848 P one 2-2353 C0mplimef1tS of - Compliments of - I Enyeart Chevrolet Sales Sm Service Phone 7-7217 GLASS 6' PAIN I LU. nm AT NN! PHONE 6-Hu 225 East Michigan Street 203 BEST WISHES T0 CLASS 0F '55 Y DWYER PRODUCTS CQRP WHEN YOUR PHONE RINGS DON'T SAY "HELLO" SAY "HlRSCH'S" YOU MAY BE LUCKY! 9 Q To Seniors 1955 Congratulations - Your Lincoln Mercury Dealer Henry Motor Co. 1411 Franklin Street Wm. Stellemu Sons ULRICH for The finest in fresh fruits Pqinf Q Glqgg, Ing, and vegetables Refail whglesqle Ffdnlilln Sl. Dial Free Dellvery Your "Dutch Boy" Dealer 1703 FRANKLIN PHONE 2-2243 VERNE'S Standard Service Southwood 8. Franklin JUST GOOD SERVICE Phono 9-9030 205 Compliments of - Maiot Feed 81 Seed Co. Baby Chicks - Maiot's Maiic Feeds Seeds - Fertilizers - Plants Phone 2-1566 Ninth Street at Pine MICHIGAN ClTY, INDIANA CONGRATULATIONS To the CLASS OF 55 PACK-A-SNACK DRIVE IN BY THE LAZARUS ,FAMILY Phone 8-8363 I Abesto Mig. Corp,-198 Albers Bakery-202 Allens Garden Shop-166 Andrus Cleaners-171 R. D. Austin Motor Sales-177 Ballards Florist-200 Ray J. Beahan Gr Son-170 Becks Jewelry-186 Beebe's Sporting Goods-171 Berg's Floral Shop-167 Best Jewelers-193 Blackmond's Jewelers-202 Blocksom 8: Co.-168 Bodine Printing Co.-166 The Book Fair-176 Brownie's Griddlw168 Bruhler's Standard Service-169 Buchanan's Cleaners-172 Burnett Shop-192 Burnham Glove Co.-194 Calvert Studio-177 The Camera Shop-198 Cipares Insurance Agency-188 Cities Service Oil Co.-196 Citizens Bank-196 City Plumbing 8: Heating Co.-174 Checker Cab Co.-200 Clara's Hat Shop-194 Club Truck Stop-169 Coca-Cola Bottling Co.-172 Congdon's Sport Shop-202 Country Cousin Drive-In-198 Cush 8: Lambka-185 Dairy Queen-190 Delaney Furniture, Inc.-189 Dingler Bros. Food Market-200 Dobeski Shoes-202 Dolezal Food Center-167 Downs I.G.A. Store-190 C. A. Dunham Co.-178 Dunes Drive-In-195 Dwyer Products Corp.-204 Eastpott Laundry-190 Eighth Street Cafe-176 Enyeart Chevrolet Agency-203 Ericson's Standard Service-194 Ernst's Leather Goods-200 Fawley-Abbott Fumiture Co.-173 First National Bank-182 Foster Printing Service-193 J. L. Freeland Motor Sales-190 George's Barber Shop-189 Glidden-Glascott Co.-170 Great Lakes Duck Farm-199 Greiger's Clothing-181 Gulliver's Sweep 8: Sew Center-171 Harold's Diner-180 Haviland-Callan, Inc.-185 Hays Corporation-177 Henry Lumber Co.-202 DEX OF ADVERTISERS Henry Motor Co.-205 Herb and Mike's Barber Shop-198 Hewson's Standard Service-170 Ted Hill Wright Electric-165 H.irsch's Dept. Storw205 House of Flowers-167 Hummer Mortuary-201 I-Iutton's Standard Service-192 Indiana Salvage Co.-189 John and Am's Barber Shop-190 Lester L. Jones Motor Sales-166 .Toy Manufacturing Co.-169 Doctors Kaplan and LaFountain, 0.D.-178 Karagan's Grille-180 Kienitz Royal Blue Store-191 Kil1's Odice Machines-196 Kilnowitz 8: Brown Electric Co.-177 Marvin Kominiarek-195 Korn's T.V. and Appliances-194 S. S. Kresge Co.-173 Krueger Sign Co.-174 Kubik Hardware Co.-170 The Ladies Shop-181 Lake City Ice a.nd Coal Co.-192 Lakeview Amusement Co.-203 La Porte County Beverage Co.-179 LaRocco's Rainbow Cleaners-191 Leverenz Agency-178 Lindquist Carpet and Linoleum Co,-186 Log Cabin Shop-200 Lomba.rd's Cities Service-176 Long Beach Gulf Service-196 Lou's Beautie Barr-181 Robert LudWig's Fish Market-185 Lutz and Foreman Plumbing dz Heating-166 Mac's Pure Oil Co.-181 Majot Feed and Seed Co.-205 Mann's Home Store-181 Marquiss Electric Co.-191 Mattie McComb-198 Arnold A. Mayer-176 McKee Refrigeration Co.-185 Meyer Paint and Glass Co,-203 C. E. Meyer Newspaper Agency-181 Michiana Beauty Shop-168 Michigan City Dry Goods-191 Michigan City Electric Co.-179 Michigan City Fumiture Co.-199 Michigan City Lumber and Coal Co.-184 Michigan City Paper Box Co.-171 Michigan City Recreation-202 Michigan City Small Animal Hospital-171 Wm. Miller Meat Market--173 M 8: M Drive-In-191 L. Missal Decorating Co.-193 Nada.f's Grocery-203 National Milk Co.-180 News Dispatch-193 Nickell Duck Farms-186 Northem Indiana Steel Supply Co., Inc.-186 207 Northwestern Transit, Inc.-176 Oflice Equipment-197 Ohming's Dress Shop-176 Olsen Sr Ebann Jewelry-188 Pack-A-Snack Drive-In-206 Palace Recreation-177 Parry's Bakery-197 Penney's Store-175 Peters Dairy Co.-174 Boyd E. Phelps, Inc.-182 Pioneer Lumber Co.-192 W. A. Polite Paint-190 Pullman Standard Car Mfg. Co.-183 P. W. Way Motor Co,-179 Rannie Body Co.-185 A. M. Reinke, Inc.-175 R.inehart's Grocery-200 Ritter's Fish Market-174 Ronnie's Food Shop-170 'Root mineral Home-167 Rowley's Shoe Store-184 Royal Metal Mfg. Co.-197 Schlundt Insura.nct+169 Schumacker Construction, Inc.-187 Sears, Roebuck 8: Co.-201 Blanche Seering-167 Shoreline Food-180 Simpson and Adamson-184 Slisher's Gulf Service-171 Smith Shoes-174 Sobecke Snell Service-203 Sprague Devices, Inc.-173 Spudnut Shop-167 Staiger Hardware Co.-178 Stan and ,.5d's-180 Stanley and Peck-190 Pauline Steams-189 Wm. Stellema-205 Fred Stem Men's Clothing-175 Sugar Bowl-185 Syl's Lunch-170 Timm's Standard Service--170 Tivoli and Lido Theatres-175 Tomenko Service-195 Tonn and Blank, Inc.-195 Tovwn Shop-185 Trl-State Litho Printing Co.-184 Ulrich Paint 6: Glass Co.-205 U-Drive It-192 Veme's Standard Service-205 Vogue Shop-170 Waste Material Corp.-201 Westphal's Pharmacy-180 Whitey's Record Shop-189 Wilke's Drugs-177 Willard Hamburgers--175 F. W. Woolworth Co.-198 Yalowitz Fruit Co.-185 Abel, Donald-78-117 Abraham Barbara-89-108 Abraham, Joanne64-106-115-63 Abron, Ethyl-64-119 Adams, Katherine-78 Adrian, Catherine-89-108 Adrian, William-78 Alger, Sharon-78-99-137-138-139 Alix, Earl-78 Allen, Carolyn-78 Allen, Donna-78-117 Allen, Tom-148 Allison, Marie-89 Anderson, Anthony-78 Anderson, Jim-64-102-119 A1'ldel'SDl'l, Roberta-78-102-107 Anderson, Sandra-89-101 Angeledes, Marvin-78 Angeledes, Ronald-34-98 Armstrong, Joyce-64-106 Armstrong, Marvin-78-151 Ash, Marilyn-64 Atkins, Earl-64-98-102 Attar, Warren-78 Austin, Louise-78 Ayad, Frieda-89-108-117 Ayad, Inez-34-137-117 Azar, George-64 Babcock, Carl-64-63 Bach, Frances-78 Mike-64 Bahar, Baker, Francis-78 Baker, Kenneth-64 Baker, Richard-78-151 Baker , Ronald-78-154-153 Baldwin, James-34-98 STUDE TI DEX -140-141 Blamey, William-78-97 Blank, David-78-151 Blankenship, William-35 Blassingame, John-78 Bleek, Sue-35 Blissrner, Fred-89 Blissmer, J oAnn-64 Bobinsk Bobinski, i, Connie-64-106-115-63 Joan--64-63 Bobo, Beatrice-78 Boeckling, George-64 Boese, Judith-35-97-115-125-55 Boese, Kenneth-78-151 Bohlin, Charles-35-105-144-151 Bohlin, Gaylen-78-149 Bohnstadt, Sandra-78 Bolka, Arthur-35-99-105 Bolka, Joseph-64 Boniield, Joan-90-97 Bonheur, Charles-35-99 Bonner, Charmian-35-137-138-139-142-1 Booth, Douglas-78-109-111 Booth, Jack-64 Bortel, James-35-99-105 Bowker, Kathleen-35-119 Bowman, Lynn-79-151 Bowman, Ronald-35-98-146-151 Boza, Colette-64-106 Brady, Jack-79 Brant, Mavis-27-35-96-136-139-142-115 Breining, William-79-119 Breitzka, Dennis-79 Bremer, Judith-79-77 Brenaman, Devonna-79-114 Breskin, Renie-60-64-109-63-112 Bridwell, Barbara- Bridwell, Ernest-90 Ballard, Phyllis-34-137-142 Bard, Stephen-64-149 King-151 Barenthin, H. Bartels, Judy-34-137-138 Bartholomew, Carol-34-102-106-115 117-55 Bartholomew, Bartholomew, Bartlett, Burton-78 Bartlett, Doris-78 Barts, Duane+34-97-109-55-119 Bass, Richard-64 Batzel, Virginia-64 Bauer, John-64 Beaver, Loren-78 Bechinskl, James-78-154-153 Bendix, Beverly-78 Benison, Barbara-78-117 Diane-117 Robert-78-118-119 Bridwell, Glenn-36 Brinckman, Carol-64 Brinkm an, Norman-64 Britzke, Patricia-36 Brocius, Carol-79 Brooks, Barbara-36-106 Brooks, Kenneth-79-97-105-151 Brown, Barbara-64-108 Brown, Betty-36 Brown, Beverly-64 Brown, Ellene-79-138 Brown, JoAnn-79-114-117 Brown, John-90 Brown, Marvin-64 Brown, Robert-79 Brown, Zella-79-137 Bryan, Judith-64-106-115 Bryant, Darrell-79 Davis, Bennett, Nancy-32-34-55 Benoit, Diana-34-100 Bentley, John-89-104 Bentley, Ross-64 Bentley, Sally-64 Berger, Rosalynn-78 Bernius, Gordon-34 Bickel, James-34 Blederstaedt, Sue Ann-64-115 Bielski, Barbara- Birdsong, Lee-89 Birginske, Phyllis--34-108 Bryant, Donald-64 Buchanan, Judi-79-107-115-113 Buckley, Walter- Bullard, Geraldine-60-64-97-102-109 118-112-62-63 Burdick, Diana-64 Burkhart, Lynn-65-114-115-63 Burklow, Darla-79-137-107 Burnham, Alice-65-106-62-118 Birglnske, Thomas-89 Bishop, Richard-64 Bitts, Betty-64 Bitts, Jerry-64-146-151 Blair, Richard-64-146 Blair, Robert-35-151-117 Blair, Shirlene-78-117 Bums, Angie-79-137-141 Bums, Carol-65-115-148 Burns, Clifford-36-151 Burns, Jane-65-115 Burns, Ronald-36-144-151 Burris, Stuart-36-98-100-148-151 Burton, Dorothy-65-101-102-115 Butler, Nancy-65-115 Butts, Carmella-79 208 10 Caddo, Myrna-65 Cain, Essle- Calvert, Nancy-79-97-137-107-115-113 Calvert, Susan-79-107-115 Carlisle, William-90 Carlson, John-116-117 Carlson, Leonard--79 Carlson, Richard-32-36-99-109-110 Carlson, Sue-79-107-115 Carlton, Linda-79-101 Carpenter, John-90 Carr, Shirley-36 Case, Russell-65-102-119 Cass, Kathryn-32-33-36-98106-125 Caviggiola, Anita-65-62 Caviggiola, Louis-36 Chapala, Raymond-79-151 Childers, Jack-65 Clark, Mary Ann-36 Clifford, Larry-79 Coar, Sally-65 Coar, Sylvia-79-115-119 Coberly, Daniel-79 Cochran, Gail-90 Cochran, Michael-79-151-119 Cofer, Ralph-37 Colborne, Ronald-79 Collins, Janice-65-98-10L110-111-62 Collins, Richard-37-105-144 Conklin, Judy-79 Connelly, Jean-37-115 Cook, Judy-65-115-62 Cook, Richard-37-98-99-149-155 Coonfare, Cherie-37-125-119 Copper, Shirley-79 Cottingham, June-37 Cottingham, JoAnn-65-102-106-62-63 Cotts, Ronald-60-65-116-118-119 Coughlin, James-65-144 Coupland, Sharon-37-100-103-106-124-11 Cowgill, Dixie-79 Cox, Jean-65-142-124-115-117 Cox, June-65-117-63 Cox, Nancy-37 Crane, David-90 Craft, Jean-37-101-116-117 Crawford, Judith Creutzburg, Walter-65 Crosby, Thomas-65 Cross, Phillip-37-99-146-151 Croxen, Barbara-79-137 Cunningham, Jane-37 Dabagia, Lee-27-37-96-97-98-99-105- 148-112-55 Dabagia, Robert-60-61-65-97-98-148- 117-112-99 Dabbert, Arlene-38-116-117 Dabbert, Robert-38-55 Dana., Cynthia- Darman, John-79 Daugherty, Marlles-80-117 Delores-80-140-141 Davis, Davis, Elsie-79 Davis, Gail- Davls, Glenda- James-38 Day, Bonnie-38-106-115-112 Delacy, Allen-90 Delco, Reva-65-98-99-100-101-137-138- 142-109-62-63 DeWitt, Dexter-38-101-110-148-118-119 DeWitt, Karen-80-115-113-119 Dick, Robert-65-101-102 Diedrich, Pat-80 Dietz, William-65-153 Digiacomo, Frank-38 Dingler, Sandy-80-115 Dirks, Richard-38-104 Dismukes, Jean-80-114 Dismukes, Joan-80-114 Dodd, Darlene-65-115-63 Dombkowski, Nancy-90 Dombkowski, Robert-80-105 Dombrowski, Richard-65 Dombrowsky, Sue-80 Donaldson Fred-90 Dostie, Sheila-80-107 Downs, Annamarie-80-97 Downs, Betty-80 Downs, Ronald-80-151 Drake, Lynnette-90-119 Dubert, Carol-38-100-106-115-125-117 Dubie, Esther-80 Dubie, Kenneth-38-144-151 Dull, John-80 Durham, Betty-80 Durham, William-38 Duszynski, Kenneth-80-151 East, Celia.-80 Easton, Farrell-65-151 Eberly, LeRoy-65-116-117 Eckert, Mary-38 Edwards, Ada.-38 Edwards, Joan-39 Eggers, Ruth-65-62-63 Ellaby, Jacqueline-80-116-107-125-115-117 Ellis, Dick-65 Ellis, Willie- Ellison, Betty-80 Ellison, Bonnie-39-124-115-55 Engstrom, Sandra-65 Erickson, Jane-102 Erickson, LaDonna-80-98-103-107-115-113 Erickson, Sandra-39-103-106 Esmoer, Allen-65-97-98-99-144 Eubanks, Max-39-109-110-119 Fabian, CrystalA80-101-117 Falk, Ron-65-98-99-144-154-156 Fallen, Les- Fargher, Mickey-65-97-103-106-110-115- 62-63-119 Feige, Ronald-80-153 Feighner, Deloris-39-119 Feinn, Jon-33-98-99-32-39-111-125-117-55 Fellows, Marilyn-65 Fellows, Ronald-80 Fenton, Cherie-80 Ferchak, Jo Ann- Finkel, Edward-101 Finney, Richard-66 Fischbacher, John-80-98-99 Fischer, Bruce-66-146-153-119 Fischer, Karen-80-101-107-114 Flood, Marilyn-39-96-97-109-110-111-55 Florent, Jerry-61-60-66-99-100-102-109-112 Fly, Jerry- Foldenauer, Ken-39 Fought, Pat-39 Fowler, Peggy-39 Frageman, Karen-66-106-62 Frame, Ruth-39-101-102-136-139-142-125 Frame, Wayne-80 Frans, Barbara-80 Frasure, Joe-90 Fredenburg, George-81 Frehse, Ann-100-106 Freyer, Dorothy-81 Fritz, Jack-81 Fritz, Judim-40-98-119 Fuller, William-81 Furness, Patricia-66 Fyhr, N ancy-66 Gales, Sandra-66-106-110-115-62-63 Gallagher, Margie-40-99-102-103-106 Gallas, Eleanore-40 Gallas, Ted-81 Ganschow, Mary-40-106-110-117-55 Garay, Emil-40 Gardner, Diane-40-96-103-104-110-115- 125-136-137-138-139-141-142 Gardner, Nancy-81 Garwoood, Yvnne-81 Gasaway, Cecil-40 Gasaway, Joyce-90 Gasaway, Richard-81 Gasteyer, Philip-66-61-110-111-149-118 Gawronski, Joan-81 Gay, Richard-66 Geissler, Rudolph-40-104 George, Norma-90 Gifford, Marsha-81-107-115 Gill, The Gillman, Ginther, Ima-81-115 Leo-66-146 William-90 Girard ,Thomas-40 Gloye, P rudy-40-106 Gobreski, Judy-66-106-115-55 Goede, Bemadine-40-100-106-114-115 Goeae, Dan-81-151 Goede, David-66 Goldman, Barbara-40-102-106 Goldman, Dan-90 Gondeck, Charles-81 Gondeck, Lawrence-41 Gondek, Carol-41 Gondek, Patricia-66 Gonder, Deanna-66-106-115-141-63 Goodwin, Robert-81 Gorman, Brian Patrick-60-66-99-100- 146-154-63-156-153 Gorman, Mary-81-107-115-113 Gorr, Donald-41-98-99-105 Grafton, Margie-66 Gramal, Jo Ann-66 Hager, Johanna-81-107-113 Hale, Robert-90 Hall, Nancy-90 Hall, Ri chard-41 Halverson, Huntley-81 Hanawalt, Patricia-81-107-115-113 Handtke, Melvin-66-148 Hanke, Elaine-81-107-115-113 Hanke, Sharon-90 Hanyzewski, Barbara-81 Hapke, Mae Karen-90-117 Harbart, Joy-81-97-98-113 Harmon, Lou- Harmon, Marlow-41-90-105 Harmon, Nancy-66 Harper, Virginia-41-117 Harris, Willistine-81-140-141 Harrold, Michael- Hartke, Helen-82-107 Harvey, Lionel-82 Harville, Helen-90-101 Harville, Harold-41 Haughtington, Sandra-42 Hayes, George-42 Haynes, Harold-42-146-151 Headley, Howard-66-148 Heeg, Robert-66 Hefner, Ruth-82-114 Heise, John-66-105-146-101-117 Heisler, Richard-82 Heitman, Sue-66-115-141-58 Helms, Kathleen-66-62 Henrich, John-66 Hennard, Neil-66 Henry, Francis-60-66-63- Henry, John-27-32-42-99-125-151 Herald, JoAnn-82 Herbert, James-42-119 Herning, Larry-82 Herod, Jerry-42-98-99-105 Herrbach, Carol-42-114-17-55 Herrbach, Marie Wanda-90-117 Hibner, Karen-82-107-115-113 Hillberg, Lance-90 Hileman, Dale-42 Hileman, Hileman, Marcia-66-106-115 Sandra-82-115 Hinckley, Helen-82-101-109-111-115-113 Hines, Beverly-42 Hinshaw, Patricia-66 Granacki, William-81-97-149 Grantham, William-41-105-146-153 Greenlaw, Jean-81-117 Greenlaw, John-81 Greer, Dave-41-144-151 Greiner, Robert-81-119 Gresham, Pat-90 Grieger, LeRoy-81 Grievish, Pat+66-115-63 Gridin, Albert-151 Griffin, Earnestine-81 Gridin, John-81-99-104 Griffin, Roy-81 Griffith, Sharon-81 Griffiths, Nancy-41-101-110-55 Gring, David-32-98-41-105 Groach, Christine-66-106-115-63 Grys, Chester-81 Grys, Juliann-81 Gulliver, Mike-90 Gulliver, Ray-146-151-154 Gulstrom, Gene-90 Haack, Annette-41-100-114-115-55 209 Hinshaw, Ronald-66-118-119 Hippensteel, Dennis-82-97-98-104-11L 117-118 Hitz, Thomas-66-153 Hixon, J. Verne-82 Hixan, June Vemelda-66-62-63 Hock, David-42 Holmes, Keith-82-99-105-146-151-154 Houghton, Wayne-66 Howard, Donald-82-101-153 Hudson, Barbaraw82-115-113 Hudson, Jerry-66-63 Humphrey, Betty-42-115 Hungerford, Dale-82 Hunt, Harlan-42-98-155-153 Hunter, Herbert-43-109-111 Hurley, Darlene-82-117 Hurst, James-32-43-97-99-100-104-105- 109-110 Hutchison, John-43 Hutmacher, Annette-66-103-106-124-115 62-113 I-Iyer, Russell-66 Hyska, Ronald-67-146-156-153 Ingersol Ingersol Inman, l, Lawrence-67-63 l, Terry-90 Janet-90-97-118 Iseminger, Nadean-82 Iseminger, Norman-90 Ivey, Henry-82 Ivey, Russell-82-118-119 Jackson, Jerry-43 Jackson, Robert-43 Jacobs, Joseph-67-63 Jakelski, Barbara-67-116-117-63 Jakelski, Nancy-67-63 Kmiecik, Matthew-67 Kniola, Gerald-83 Knoll, Carolyn-44-108 Knoll, Louis-83 Knudsen, Knudsen, Carol-83-99-102-107 Mary Louise-44 Koch, Albert-90 Kolanczyk, Patricia-83-138-140-115 Kolasa, Robert-83 Kolb, Sally-44-108-137 Kolosa, Laura-83 Komasinski, Lorraine-67-106-111-115-62-63 Jankowski, Robert-67 Janoski, Jacqueline-67-102104-108- 109-62-113-119 Janosky, Karen-82-138 Janosky, Roy-67-99 Janowski, Jerome-82-153 Januchowski, Phyllis-67-139-140-115 Jaroch, Carol-67 Jasperson, Niel- Jellison, Judy-82 Johansen, Lillian Jean-90-97-115 Johansson, Joel-43-100 Konieczny, William-67 Konkey, David- Konkey, Richard-67 Kopczyk, Peter-44 Kopploman, Judy-83-139 Kosakowski, Mary-67-63 Koziatek, Arleen-83 Kozlowski, Ronald-67-99-63 Krachinski, Don-67-146-151 Kraft, Marilyn-67-106-110-111 Krause, Eugene-83 Krebs, George-67-146-151 Krisik, Rudolph-67 Krueger, Johnsen, Beverly-82-107-115 Johnson, Arlene-82-104-117 Johnson, Howard-67-146-151-63 Johnson, Margaret-82-115 Johnson, Marlena- Johnson, Mattie-82 Johnson, Robert E.-82 Johnson, Robert M.-153 Johnson, Ronald-82 Johnston, Jane-82-137-141 Joiner, June- Jones, Howard-82 Jones, Robert-67 Joseph, Judith-90-115 Juckett, Bernice-43 Juckett, Doris-67 Jun gnickel, Arthu r-67 Jurcik, Jerome-90 Kahl, Joan-67 Kahn, Charlotte-43 Kahn, Susan-82 Kalita, Ray- Karm, Robert- Katzmarck, Esther-82-115 Kayser, Eric-67 Keene, Gerald-83-153 Keene, John-83 Kellogg, Darlene-83 Kemp, John-60-67-100-110-149-58- 112-118-119 Keppen, Keith-83-97-105-153 Kessler, -Peter-67 Kiefer, Ricky-53 Kieffer, Barbara-43 Kienitz, Alan-43-101 Kienitz, Kathleen-67 Kiep, Philip-60-67-97-99-110-149-63- Kieper, Robert-43 Killingbeck, Phyllis-83 112 Kroening, Alan-44-149 Kroening, Alfred-83 Kroening, Roland-82 Krueger, Jeffrey-83-101 Krueger, Karol-83 Krueger, Kay- Terry-84-151 Krug, Sharon-83-117 Kruger, Paul-44 Kruger, Steve-68 Kubica, Richard-68-63 Kulakowski, Mary Jane-44 Kuszmaul, Marie-91-117 Kyle, Katherine-68-106-119 Lachmund, Ronald-68 LaDuke, Norman-44-104-109-149 Ladwig, Wayne-68 LaMatina, Margaret-84-114 LaMatina, Shirley-68-100 Lane, Judith-84-117 Lange, Carol-44-103-106-125 Lange, Henry-84-104 Lange, Linda-60-61-68-97-106-111-115 Langwell, Charles-84 LaR0cco, Jerry-84 Lasky, Herbert-68 Lauer, Ann-91 Laughlin, Dave-68 Leatherwood, Margaret-84 Lee, Myc-68 Leedy, Bill-68 Levendouski, Cecilia-84 Lewis, Anna-44 Lewis, Carol-84-101-107 Lewis, Jane-91 Lewis, Lorraine-91 Lieber, Frances-68-103-62-112 Liebig, Richard-84-104 Lindborg, Ronald-44 Linda-84-107-115-113 Loeber, Loetz, Gordon-68 Loetz, Joy-91 Loetz, Richard-45 Logerquist, Karen-68-117 Lombard, Wayman-45-146 Long, Alice-84 Loniewski, Patricia-68-106-62 Mack, Velma-68 Mahl, William-60-68-99 Mahlka, Kenneth-84 Mahlka, Norma-68-115 Maldy, Marcie-115-107 Malecki, Kenneth-68 Malecki, Ronald-45-99-101 Malik, Dolores-84 Malik, Irene-45 Malik, Mary-68 Malm, Carl-84 Malm, Manley, Carlene-68 Larry-68 Manning, Bill-84 Mansfield, Vella Jane-84 Manson, Helen-68 Markle, David-85 Marks, David-68 Martin, Charles-84 Martin, Gerald-68 Martin, Judy-84 Mason, Donabelle-68-62 Matotte, James-84 Maxey, Bill-84-119 Maxey, Larry-46-109-111-118-199 Mayo, Nancy-84 McCormack, Nolo-68-100 McCorquodale, J oyce-141 McFeely, David-46 McFeely, Marcia-84 McGrew, Daniel-84 McIntyre, Dale-46 McKay, McKee, Don-68 Leonard-46-118-119 McLemore, James- McMillan, Sheila-84 McMillan, Maureen-68-103-115-58-62-63-113 Meads, Merrill Kay-46 Mealer, Lloyd-46-100 Meriweather, Melvin-84-101-151-117 Merrell, Patrick-68-146-149-63 Meska, Louis-84 Meyer, David-84 Meyer, Marie-68-137-139-140-142 Meyer, Martha-46 Michaels, Paul-68-144-156-153 Milcarek, John-84 Milich, Ronald-68 Milich, Sandra-84 Millbranth, Craig-84-98-99-146-154-153 Miller, Dale-68 Miller, Karen-46-97-98-103-115-55 Miller, Lynn-84 Miller, Bob Curtis-68-99-151-154-153 Miller, Robert Duane-117 Miller, Ronald-91 Killingbeck, Susan-91 Kirby, Lee-67 Kirkman, Melvin-43 Kirkman, Gail-83-97-107-115-77 Klinder, Ardith-67-106-115-62-63-119 Kling, Jean-83-118 Klosinski, Anita-83-115 Klosinski, Theresa-44 Klusovsky, Joan-91 Linde, Sidney--45-16-117 Linde, Sylvia-45-98-117-55 Lindenmeyer, John-91 Lindquist, Karen-45-97-103-125 Lindsay, Marsha-137-108-45-115 Linsemeyer, Norman-84-97 Lippens, James-45-105-153 Lippens, Robert-68-153 Livingston, David-45-105 f-.an Millman, Shirley-85-138-117 Mills, Charles-85 Mitio, Lorraine-85-115 Mizia, Joan-85 Mizia, Raymond-46 Mohamed, Lee-60-68-102 Mohamed, Leonard-85-98-102-105-146 Mohlke, Ronald-68 Moore, Richard-85 Moore, Travis-91 Morrison, Thomas-68-116-148-117 Mosby, Jessie-85 Moustakas, Deno-151 Murphy, Geraldine- Murphy, Marilyn-142-114 Murry, Francis-68-137-138-140-141- 142-115 Musgrave, James-85 Myers, Susan-46-106-115-55 Naanes, George-85-119 Nadaf, Jeanene-68-117-62-63 Nash, Lois-85-117 Nespo, Dennis-85-153 Nesvold, Lillian-85-114 Neulieb, Gerald-68 Neulieb, Phyllis-85 Neulieb, Sharon-60-68-102-103-137- 63-62-112-106-115 Nevorski, Henry-68 Nichols, Diane-68-97-98-106-117 Nichols, Rudolph-46 Nicholson, Norman-46-144 Nick, Audrey-85 Niegas, Nancy-85 Nieman, Carol-68 Niemzyk, Patricia-85 Norris, 0. A.-85 Novak, Beverly-85-114 Novak, Barbara-85-115 Novak, Lawrence-85 Novak, Phyllis-91 Novreske, Adrian-85-105-151 Novreske, Eugene-47 Nowatzke, Carl-69 Nussrnan, Barbara-69-62-63 Nye, Tommy-85 Oberlink, Linda-69-109-63-112-118 O'Bringer, Charles-85-151 0'B1'inger, James-85 O'Bringer, Pauline-85-113 Odle, Loren-91 Ohms, Elaine-85-114 Olsen, George-85-97-99-111 Ortiz, Lydia-47 Orzech, Frances-47 Orzech, Wayne-85 Osos, George-47-99-102 Ottersen, Roger-47 Pabon, Owen-85 Pace, Frank-85-151 Pagels, Sally-69 Pahl, Arthur-69 Palmateer, Maris-69-103-115-62 Paniccia, Phyllis-85-113-118 Parrett, Suzanne-86 Parsons, Don-85-119 Patience, Nancie-86-102 Pauley, Daniel-47-110 Pawlak, John-69 Pawlik, Margie-69-106-115-62 Pawloski, Louise-47 Payne, Rozella-86 Peck, Russell-86 Peck, William-86-102-119 Peckat, Shirley-69 Pedzinski, Roger-86 Pellar, Bob-86-153 Pelletier, David-86 Penfold, Alex-47-151 Penfold, Vicki-69-62-63 Pepper, Arlene- Peters, Janice-69-106-114-62-63 Peterson, Gary-69-97-102-148-113 Petri, Susan-69 Peus, Linda Lou-91-117 Phillips, Germaine- Phillips, John-47-146-151 Pierce, Eugene-86-151 Piergalski, Frances-86-115-117 Piergalski, Phyllis-69-137-62-63 Pilk, Daniel-69 Piotrowski, Jerome-91 Pitt, Diane-91 Pitt, George-69-105-151 Pittsford, Pam-69-115-62 Pliske, Raymond-69 Podgorski, Gerald-47 Poland, George-86-111 Polite, William-47-109-148 Pollard, James-69-104-146-151 Poternpa, Joan-47 Potempa, Richard-86-154-153 Potter, Lamar-60-69-104 Povlock, Maria-69 Powers, Dale-69-151 Pravden, Gayle-60-69-109-116-117-62-112 Price, Barbara-86-109-137-117-113 Price, John-86-99-105-109-111 Priebe, Norma.-69-140 Pries, David-69 Pritchard, Donine-86-97-98-107-115 Pritz, Williarn-69-156-153 Przybylinsl-ri, James-69-105-151 Purcell, Lee-70-117 Purta, Patricia-86 Putz, Sandra-86 Quadlin, Ellsworth-86 Quaolin, Shirley-48 Quinn, David-91 Rademacher, Jack-70-101-105 Ramion, Anthony-86 Ramsay, Mary-70-98-117 Randhan, Judith-117 Randolph, Janet-86 Randolph, Joan-86 Rannie, James-48-97-109-118-119 Rasmussen, Ruth-86-107-115-113-119 Rebac, Camilla-70-100-106-115-63 Reebs, Jane-48-102-106-125-119 Reed, Charles-48 Reed, Floyd-70-146 Reed, Roger-48-151 Reese, Claude-86 Rehbein, Dale-48-146 Rehbein, Neil-70-144-156-153 Reicher, Wayne-91 Rempala, Arlene-86 Reppert, Carole-70 Reppert, Nancy-70-101 Requarth, Janet-86-107-115 Retseck, John-48 Reuber, Karin-48-98-106-136-13l-1 139-142-117-55 Rhodes, Deanna-70-97-102-106-115 63-112 Rhodes, Larry-86-104 38- -62- Rieck, Ka.1'en-70-100-103-106-142-115 116-117-63 Riggs, Judy-70-103-106-115-124-62 Rinehart, Rob-48 Risk, Janice--48-98-103-115-55 Rist, Sue-86 211 Rist, William-70 Ritchie, Marilyn-48-115-125 Rittmeyer, Joan-86 Roberts, Charles-86 Robertson, Judy-86-101-107-115-113 Robinett, Larry-70-146 Robinson, William-70 Robison, Patricia-86-101-108 Robison, Teddy-48 Robowski, Carol-70-103-62-63 Rogers, Eddie-49-105 Rogers, Virginia-70-98 Rohder, Karen-49-137-138 Rolston, David-49-105 Ropacki, Torn-86 Rose, Mercedes- Rosolik, Joseph-89 Rowe, Michael- Rowe, Renald-87 Rude, Barbara-70-108 Runge, Vivian-87 Rush, John-49-98-151 Russ, Betty-49-62 Russell, Mary-87-115-113-118 Russell, Ruth-70 Ryba, Gerald-87-104 Sadlowski, Dennis-87-99-153-118 Saliwonczyk, Eugenia-70-108 Sanders, Barbara-70-109-110-119 Sarver, Judie-70-100-110-111-62 Sass, Barbara-87 Saturday, Tom-87-154-77 Saylor, Paul- Schaefer, Faye-49-101-106 Schaumann, Robert-91 Schepel, Dale-70-146-153 Schlegelmilch, Noel-87-146-151-154 Schlundt, Shirley-49-106-114 Schmitt, Elaine-87-107-115-113-119-109 Schnick, George-98-99-49 Schoenning, Karen-49-103-106-112 Schreckenbach, James-87-144-153 Schroeder, David-87-146-151-153 Schroeder, Kenlynn-70-103-104-106-62-63 Schroeter, Leonard-70-146-151 Schudorick, Sharon-92 Schultz, William-49-98 Schumacher, Ronald-87-118-119 Scott, Clemmie-87-141-140-117 Scott, Deanna-87-107-115-113 Scott, Dwain-70-146 Scrivnor, Lyle-49-105-144-153 Seedorf, Dallas-60-70-98-146 Seeling, Nancy-87 Serhal, Robert-70-144 Shafer, Nancy-70-97-98-106-115-62-63 Shaw, Charles-87 Sheeler, Ronald-49 Shelton, Dennis-92 Sherrill, Doris- Shick, Ronald-92 Shiparski, Harry-70-151 Skibo, Leonard-70-151 Skierkowski, Janet-87-115-118 Skierlowski, Ronald-87 Skierkowski, Walter-87-97 Skiver, Larry-70 Skoczek, Ursula-87 Slater, Barbara-50-142 Sloane, James-70-144 Srniertelny, Catherine--87-141 Smiertelny, Phyllis-70 Smith, Annamarie-87 Smith, Smiskey, Terry-87 Smith, Smith, Ardes-50-111 Dorothy-108-50 Smith, Harold--70-153 Smith, Marilyn-87-116-117 Smith, Tom-92 William-50-125-146 Snyder, Karen-87-100-107-117 Snyder, Sue-50-137 Sobecki, Lawrence-87-101 Sobkowiak, Patricia-137-50 Sobkowiak, Robert-87 Soller, Len-50-146-151 Sommerfeld, Carol-50 Sorge, Dennis-87-99 Sousley, James-87 Sparks, Richard-50-99-117 Sparrow, Grant-70 Sparrow, Marion-50-117 Spear, Richard-87-102-111-113-118-119 Spinning, Suzanne-32-97-103-50-106-55-115 Spychalski, Robert-70 Staffel, Betty-70-100-106-62 Stahoviak, David-50-148 Stantz, Theodore-92 Stark, James-51-105-144-119 Stark, Robert-92 Steele, Jean-92 Steen, Jean-51-117 Stelter, Barbara----51-108-115 Stephens, Ellen-51-102-106-114-117 Stephens, Sandra-70 Stibbe, Patsy-87-107 Stick, Sylvia-87 Stine, Mary-62-70-106-115 Storey, Hela-63-70 Storey, Phil-92 Storey, June-63-70-106 Stralkowski, David-70-146-151-153 Sturken, Barbara-87-98-113-115 Sultes, Marialcie-87-137-138 Sunderland, Jim-51 Swanson, Richard-70 Swanson, Rose-92 Swistek, Emily-88-115 Swistek, Stanley-70 Teets, Norman-70-144-151 Thode, Norman-51 T'homas, Mike-88 Thomas, Ruby-88-137 Thomason, Edward- Thomason Janet-88 Thompson Ann-92 Thompson Benita-70-100-102 Thompson James-70-146 Thornburgh, Sedalia-70 Timberlake, Howard-88 Timm, Richard-70 Thomas, William-70 Timm, Sandra-63-71-98-101-109-11 Timmrick, Karen-71-116-117 -125 O-111 Todd, Mary-71 Tomey, Richard-71-144-151-154 Tomlinson, James-88 Tompach, Clarice-88 Ton, Ronald- Tracy, Marianne-62-63-71-110 Trafelet, Judith-88 Wienke, Sharon-89-115 Wilcox, Allen-92 Wilke, Jack-92 Wilke, Sandra-89 Wilkey, John-89-105 Willett, Walter-71 Williams, Carole-63-71-114-115-142 Tuel, John-88 Tuel, Kenneth-88 Turner, Jeanette-51-117 Turner, Leanita-51-98 Williamson, Carol-89-107-115 Williamson, Sarn- Tylisz, Eugene-88-153-154 Tylisz, Phyllis-88 Uebler, James-63-71-102-151 Uebler, Maxine-88 Uhles, Ethel-71 Ulrich, Lorraine-88 Ulrich, Lynn-88-102-107-109-111-113- 115-117 Ulrich, Patricia-88 Urbach, Ronny-92 Urbanski, Gene-51-151 Uselton, Barbara-88 Vachon, Arlene-51-62-98 Vader, Sue-92-108 Vest, Carol-71 Volkmann, Tom- Volstorf, Philip-88 Wadman, George- Wagner, Carl-71 Walk, Robert-72-118-119 Walotka, Joan-71-115 Waltke, Wayne-51 Wandrey, Laverne-71 Wanke, J.-88 Ward, Claudesta-51-117 Wardean, Honore-52 Warnimont, Dave-52-98 Watson, Robert-88 Watts, Barbara-88-107-115 Weber, Betsy-71-119 Weber, Robert- Weeks, Wanda-62-71-98-139-140 Wegner, Mary Anne-52-96-103 Weisflog, Robert-60-63-71-146-153-154 Weiss, Suzanne-88-107-138-140-141 Wentland, Jim-71 Werdine, Marilyn-52-106-115-125 Werre, Esther-71 Wesner, Lois-88 Westphal, Janice-52 Westphal, Joan-71-142 Westphal, Louis- Wheaton, Max-89 White, George-52-98-148 White, Richard-92-144-151-154 Whitlow, Allan-89-153-154 ' Wible, Sarah-71-114-137 Wiencek, Larry-71 212 Wilson, Jane-62-63-71-102 Wilson, John-71 Winski, Jerry-32-52-112-148-149 Wintek, James-89 Witek, Antionette-71-114 Witek, Edward-71 Witek, Patricia-71 Wittenberg, Elaine-89-107-113-115 Wittenberg, Stephen-64-71-102-151 Wolcott, Richard-52-97-125-151 Wolcott, Roger-52-98-151 Wolf, Jean-89-101-116-107-109-111- 115-117-113 Wolf, Karen-52-117 Wolff, Karl-71 Wolford, Connie-89-101-113-138-140 Wolford, Roger-71 Wolford, Jeanette-89-97-98-113-138-140 Wolford, Shirley-52 Wolgast, Nanette-52-106-115-124 Wood, Irene-89-117 Woodruff, Daniel- Woodrutf, Edward- Woodruff, Ralph-71-97-104-146-151 Woods, Joan-89-107-113-115 Worthy, Barbara.-98-108 Wozniak, James-71 Woznlak, Joan-53 Wozniak, Richard-89 Wright, Arlene-89 Wright, Daniel-72-104-153 Wright, Jack-53-97-98-153-155 Wright, Jacquelyn-89 Wroblewski, Donald-89 Wroblewski, Henry-72 Yeager, Barbara-62-72-106-115 Young, J udith-89 Zawacki, LaDonna-89-115-117 Zeese, Charles--72-110 Zezula., Angeline-63-72-114-115 Ziemer, Connie-72-106 -110-115-62-113 119 Zitzelberger, James-72 Zolkowski, Leon-89-151 Zolkowskl, Ruth-63-72 Zollman, Gem-72-99 Zollman, Shirley-53 Zook, Barbara-72-110 Zorn, Loretta.-53-55-97-98-103-106-115 Zom, Roberta-62-72-103-106-113-115 Zriny, Marietta-89-107-115 AUTOGRAPHS 213 AUTOGRAPHS ? 214 AUTOGRAPHS 215 AUTOGRAPHS 216 Q, . .3A5g,Q.y,gpQ ,' 'H A 5 5 5 A 5 n n , , ,, ,. 1 , - V 1 tt, Ai. li W2 Qi. 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Suggestions in the Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) collection:

Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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