Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN)

 - Class of 1953

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ui I V ' ,F 5, "fi , 1, .-v .fx . N5 v 51 .E 51, 5:2 7 a L,,, , ,. A:, .. , K if W ,f W of fb mmm W , 5, NM? PU U5 ff, MXL? wr' ,H , U - a+- fy 5.1 ig : :-:Z-:' , -L. i 2,1 Ez?-,qi JJ? ,- J . , ,Q , li -3T E - E Ulf, Av' ,V,f' ' Irfan, 5 S W 'iii , V :E- Q 4' ' +V Lx' ! fi-L2 Y ' f T 5 I g. ' . is IE 31 i gi. E,- EV. sg iz ,Y A-1 iii 1 - fM,2 2-fl ff, ld- Z.- , f..- wi! 'fa' 5 - X A ly fm f Q if Wiki fig E ff Nx , : 'ia l by H Y' 54 'SN VII X , C" A A W' 'xx " L , ' s sm Q W N- ,Q gy . JE 'WJ ,vmzl N ?'f:'ff T wxk' Q nf ' 2 in .Q-4 .ww . glib- ,, ---mis ' 1,' N: :se-sf: :g.J,f:-gag-::ff1 fffgzfm f55L.wmJf' .WOLF pgjw gy Nfl? LU . . W ' QQ, aLM7eZ'M2,ffffC3i J fm xx 02 -, 3' -XS! M g Sijfjjgfff 4 Mil Qjjg , 'H ,- i x -,,.,iZ!M"- - QQ! w 5-T 1 ff , , wx 5 M 'B gf 90 ix ' ' if if Z W. , Nyjn .dn ll ' H " Y Q , ww My -sl F- f- 'Q' "P -A 'r M W 24113 .15 if fwfff fi iw X1 MM is 2QFs gf wwwwg 'W454759' My f ,q?+yv WWJMW ..,Q' 'T' Yi OM M . .Q MK! MMM Q 'yf?C 54 QQTQ i2Q3X 32,336 iik 3523 f ,. k 'X' 14 E, X I Vi' .5214-gcc' T A , ' xl rum "1 ml 'flt 'Kip . . A 1, fagilviii K A h I Jaf fa . , ' f xx , , ! X Q ff f "f ' I X If .ff ' " K ' IS, fyfff f v A , ,, V f' I 7 f . X X QQ cf ' , W ff , R Q- 1' ,fy fl 'W ,ffl ' 7, s., NS QR IW' INA W ,A Q0 1 'PY f . I! 51 A X G Ki L' iw N X f .2 , 1 ' ' f 1 ' ' ' ' j! If i' i + If '4 Q 4 J Ax S M? l F L ' I ! lf1'. : 'E' ,I X 'gk NA W ml Ag v i f MIL' Q Fi I 7 M xl! , It V-Ag. ,l 'S M 41- M -. I U1 THE ELSTONIAN SMT I N X xi '- k xx Y Xl. ,' E , v I x X X f X Q 3 In YN m :NW . Xi w x .H X ,Ney WU WN Am NJ ' 1 KJ T969 A nv f Sf Ni v W. S ww fjs Q Fokswokn XJ v I The members of the ELSTONIAN staff have attempted to present the student life and events of the 1952-7953 school year in this volume. Today the volume may serve only the purpose of remind- ing the students of the past nine months. However, the ELSTONIAN will serve its main purpose ,when at some time, perhaps after dreams have become realities, it presents to the reader memories of forgotten events. The theme of Endless, Horizons was chosen with the realization that with every rising sun new events will occur, new ideas will be born, and new inventions will appear. ffefif Qgvify S' U! ...- , S 1 i-i--1 ,,i.1-vi .. - ..,- --,,.,-4' -,- ...... ........ .1-.-"' ----" Z ..i- A -'-'ii' 1.1--1 -11' .,...,i-- - ,.......-- - , ,?1,.,..-. 'i 71 j l1"11' ..- .,,i111 - ,1 ,11 l.-. -1. .11 ll .11--L11 iii 1..-..?1 -11" w,,,- - ...1 -...1 i i-ii -ll- .-.-1... ll.. --T l -111 1...--.- X -1.1.-, 41 -1-1 VA Y, - 3 - X ,-,f- '- -f ' Z., ""JL'h 1 ,f " -1-1-1-11 Q. ,l-1,1 4 , '- -ll' -I jirg----:.t:l-'1.f .3 11.7-1 ""' .1-Q5 TJ,--1 -4-,. "' YY- '- Y .--,Q .inc . - - A, - f . ,TTS .fi e ...ff A ff- , E E-ee?.,...+-,if .51-,C E -:.. ..Q ,- --C - -. . . ""'i if? -if - ' H '59 ,i-i g- 1 1 QTQY3 v- A- 1- il Q f Q " '1e1ig":'3qf i 'Q. 4 Q. ' 31 '. ' -fx ,f 'iii' " -I5-EF E fx gn 5, - 3 1' , ,, -- -clrvi- l 7 TT X "N - M 'f' g1" Y 'V 12" fe - - -Q' - '+ 1-S - L .:" THE SENIOR CLASS Q PRESENTS THE I953 ELSTONIAN The Year Book ofthe X NN Isaac C. Elston Senior High School SI? if . f. , I X P TLS Michigan City, Indiana QT W Q-SSX if wfvl 3 Fifi-5' QA' ,inx !'fi fiiifwijxk 1. ...Y "' .f-Q ., 471, I- N K-.J THE ISAAC C. ELSTON P 'Z I ' 'iugf x if RN 'egg' 4 SENIOR HIGH SCHOCJL J' L, ' ' I ' ff? 4.2 H H , J ' V . . - ,E Q- - Q, .M - 'W""""' ,E 2 V- h . K -'- I ' A - 3-wffgf . A 4 , .. glff, ,M www-:W-EQ, wa 'Wwa ' -" M ' g MQ I ff 'L , M Www Z. 77 W ff2qM,.:: as W-M , , X: K . , K gf' O -wr.. kk I k,VV I 4 - I , A., .W-m..f,-.H-su.,-m.,M 5 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Administration Boa rd of Education ..... Superintendent ..... Assistants ...... Principal ..... Faculty .... . Custodians ..... Classes: Senior ..... Junior ....... Sophomore ..... Activities ....... Features .... Girls' Sports .... Boys' Sports .... Advertising ..... Student Index ..... 6 ...1-- ii' I Y -, -'SZ' ' , - '- -1-:F' i ,T L -5-nffff rf Y jf Y , ...- 4.-' Lf- , Av ' ..-1' -,,.4-1- -i----?- 7'-1-1'-, ,.,.1-- ,.. V- ..- 1.1--f 111- , ,-,. pg...-'L-.... .....,,.,- 1-1-1-144 ,..1- lil- ii-+1 P -F-,-, , T ,, ::T" 1'-:,3.. J?" 7 ' '25 2? -T-'-3.77 A-?s-firffi - 'S lf ll ! .2-'I XS 5- ADMINISTRATICDN 7 BOARD OF EDUCATIGN A ' ' ' l ' ' if -: - -- 1 -- fi 0 -sf. K ki gk. .,,,.,.,.,A. . ,,M,WW , I W. mmm-f...M.,..,,., .N , M . E Mr. Arnold Colo, Mr. William Flafow, Mrs. Roberi Repperf, Mr. J. L. Freeland, and Mr. Eugene Peck. Here you see our Board of School Trustees,.a group of five persons who have helped to lead us toward the endless horizons. The Board governs the issues concerning the public schools of our town: spending money for supplies and hiring teachers for the school city. The president is Mr. Arnold Cola, the secretary, Mrs. Robert Reppert, and the treasurer, Mr. William Flotow. Also helping the Board are Miss Alma Schilf and two assistant secretaries, Mrs. Richard Fisher and Miss Marcia Meads. Their duties are issuing the school employee payrolls and financial reports, and authorizing pensions. Mrs. Richard Fisher, Miss Alma Schilf, and Miss Murcia Meads Q 8 SUPERINTENDENT The man pictured to the right is Mr. M. L. Knapp, our Superintendent of Schools. ln the past year he has handled the task of keeping our school system running smoothly. By his help and leadership our school has earned high recognition in the scholastic field. Like the graduating class of "53," through the efforts of Mr. Knapp, the school system is benefiting by the use of the latest edu- cational ideas. Mr. M. L. Knapp if ,gamu- As secretary to the SUPERINTENDENT, Mrs. Edward Hibbs aids in solving many problems facing Mr. Knapp. She also is in charge of attendance records and the distribution of supplies to grade schools. Mrs. Edward Hibbs 9 Assismms - - - V H .pfi5wgi,,fy1 ., ., s 5' Q ' 5- Q f , K V. ,A K , .- i ' - . fi li , Y it , 1? 3 , we 1 5-713 ' 1. - if fig..-1, Miss Ruth Kemena Mrs. Sarah Gilchrist Taking care of the physical department of our public schools, are Miss Ruth Kemena and Mrs. Sarah Gilchrist. Their services to our future men and women consist of giving physical check-ups to all male prospective athletes, and emergency medical aid to any student or students becoming ill while in school. Our director of guidance, Miss Bess Day, is given the task of helping our students to overcome ob- stacles in their school courses and in their choice of colleges to attend for further education. Mr. Robert Bucy, the all-school attendance officer, is responsible for keeping an eye on those who are known frequently to miss classes, especially those absent without reason. lt might be added that he brings " 'em back alive," too. Miss Bess Day Mr. Robert Bucy 10 PRINCIPAL Mr. C. F. Humphrey, our principal, has the great task of guiding the students in the last three years of high school, the years before they enter the world of endless horizons on their own. By much work and lots of determination Mr. Humphrey has established and main- tained the high standards of the school. The graduating class wishes to thank Mr. Humphrey for his direction and aid and for his concern for the welfare of the study body. Mr. C. F. Humphrey As secretary to Mr. Humphrey Mrs. Lloyd Hamilton handles more thqn the iob of an average secretary, she must sell school sup- plies, check the attendance of students, and serve as a general information bureau for students. Mrs. Lloyd Hamilton l 1 nf' QUR FACULTYGQW if 5- . 5 5319 Q James Belden Garth Cobbum Wilma Commer Edwin Cooling Social Science Commercial Art Social Science W 'Msg Q I K 2 fKk-,,lr 'L Z 14 p Q, z ,S . A' :fl .E : L so 35 4' Mildred Dahlberg Thomas Fisher , '--fl William Giffql Grace Hqrf Librarian English Y' " ' A i - Math, Counseling Home Arts ,d f f ff ' ' Bernice Henry Mabel Herberi George lrganq Florence Kelly latin Social Science English Home Arts H Ross Kuszmcul Harry Long Mellie Luck Bernice Mann Sheldon Maxey Machine Shop Electric Shop English Commercial Wood Shop l2 1? OUR FACULTY ':f1g:-,,J,. R iii r . i f Delbert Miller Joanne Morgan Palmer Myron James Nicholas Physical Education English Instrumental Music Auto Shop Jean Robinson Safety, Counseling Lester Smith Science, Math .,"' ,engine Q Pr! V --L xii- K X Frances Sebesta , - - Ralph Sellers Goldie Shepherd Physical Education .f M' Commercial English 5 Q - H Q 1 - - A 1 if V ,,,,..,- L.,i5V rv -. , 'L Thomas Sparks Margaret, Spiro Marion Sprague Drafting Soc. Science, Spanish Social Science if Y in-W 'A in vi? me if I Q it , it W' Leona Stuart Russell Troyer Jeanette Urquhart Harold Wegner Dorothea Wolfe Home Arts, Cafeteria Science, Math Commercial Safety English 13 FACULTY AT EASE Lead fhal band Arf exhibit Our boss Smile, Mrs. Herberl Pin il firsl Ulcers, Mrs. Mann? Tell 'em, Bucy 'I 4 FACULTY AT EAS E Keep fhem working, Mr. Kuszmaul ' il... Smlffy Physics lab Our counselors . QQ-gg gui K 1 Mr- KWPP Und Miss Hemi' He makes experf drivers Don'f drop him, coach 'I5 CUSTODIANS Mr. William Fields Mr. Curtis Slrese Mr. William Fields and Mr. Curtis Strese are the senior high school custodians. They try to keep the appearance of the building at its best. Few students realize the work entailed and the time spent in cleaning the building. ln spring and summer, they mow and water the lawn, in fall they rake the leaves, and in winter they clear the sidewalks of snow to prevent iniury to anyone. Unlike, the students, the ianitors must attend school all year. I6 .-X Q Q' J' Q 'l -in 5 . i I4 ,MIN 4 Bri! Ib f" 'z j 1 ,N1:, -A? A I V on F ' ' E a':""' ff 'BVI' N vffvfjfx nn f ,QQ W A H 1 ff 7 Az, , N N5-:N 'Q C1 5" ,7 fi nfNflifX5 " ' f 'W 7 C , Cff-TW:f M,,A rw x ff 2j,2, A J-2-ff , -L' X. fffgigff f' Q 17 SENICRS SENIOR SNAPS laiin Exhibit Panel Discussion P9P Session Mike 5, ,V if LL M Our Sporfs Royalfy Kenny Ciofhing Drive Workers Christmas Tree Decorafors 'I 8 Senior Play Tryoufs OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Row 1 : Allan Lazarus, Shirley McAlpine, Bert Waterhouse. Row 2: Miss Wolfe, Miss Stuart, Mr. Cooling, Mr. Giffel, Mr. lrgang, Mr. Cobbum, Mr. Troyer, Miss Shepherd, Miss Luck. As we gaze into the horizon, we see many prospects ahead for the Class of '53. We have successfully concluded three years of hard work and pleasures, and our school life at Isaac C. Elston Senior High School is finished. Looking back into our first year in senior high school, we recall that we chose Kenny Schreiber as president, Merhth Houck, vicespresidentp and Mickey Taylor, secretary-treasurer. Class sponsors were Miss Dorothea Wolfe and Mr. William Giffel. The big event of our first year was the Sophomore Party, with our theme being "Ridge Runners." As we stepped into our iunior year, we saw many new responsibilities ahead of us. We elected as our leaders Allan Lazarus, president, Dick Korn, vice-president, Mary Drake, secretary-treasurer. Our sponsors were Miss Mellie Luck and Mr. William Nicholson. One of the highlights of the year was the Junior Play, Cheaper by the Dozen. One of our chief activities was the selling of concessions at noon and after school. At the conclusion of our year we staged the annual prom, given for the graduating seniors, the theme being "Desert Fantasy." 4 We advanced one more step into the Endless Horizons. Allan Lazarus was chosen to lead us in our senior year, with Bert Waterhouse as his assistant. Shirley McAlpine carried on the business transactions. The tremendous task of sponsoring the seniors was given to Miss Goldie Shepherd and Mr. William Giffel. This year we presented Our Town as the Senior Play. Some of the other highlights of the year were the winning of i953 Basketball Sectional Tourney and the publishing of the l953 ELSTONIAN. 'I9 A A: ,wt Elizabeth Allen David Allgood Marlene Anderson John Arndl 'xi' I "' ix A James Arnold Nancy Ballard George Barlels Rulh Barfels e li e, , 1953 SENIORS MQ- !! 1, Ewa. .,,.-4.--,sg Q 1 ui M f V A Q A 3 W L is . Wstf f P " , ' 71211 mf ,V VL My ' A-5 ., . , .. N A Arnold Bass Judilh Beazley Ronald Beclzinslzi Florence Bonner Floyd Benlley Roland Biggs Joyce Black Richard llieden 20 H 1 3 James Bohlin w e g - ig niaafgg 3 . , ' i n f ,,. l -wi C C Q - -+5 ,3'm.,, W " .11 fffg. H . Sf .loan Bowman -muh- Dolores Branl John Brook-1 Paula Bruehlman Charles Burns 1953 SENIORS sf , Q rg 4 A 3 S A Roberl Campbell Richard Dalman , -ax fl 1'- ','M' 1 lorella Collins Shirley Congdon E ZF Nancy lrinckman Lowell Burns 4 e a: mai Pearl Cox James Delfman Lorraine Deuhcher Marlene Deidrich - ., jf H . . " ' ,.., llgtll I. AQAV im X W X 4 .lanel Dillmer Pafricia Dixon Mary Dralze Ronald Drzewiecki Roberl Duesing 2 5 ,, - "1-ii 3 fa' W Thomas Eckgrf Nancy Edsall Palricia Ellaby San Erickson Carole Fausch Donald Frageman 22 Donald Dombrovsky Iroalon Dondduon William Dynowslri 1953 SENICRS Dalc Erickson ' 3 . sms: - t E 1554 -.,:.E3:':Z-'EI' ' ' if iii A . - . , A mx, . ' -X i Qjiis' Rufh Friedrich David Frifx Rosemary Furness 1953 SENIORS Q 5 3 V f ... v""'.- ff , W 'gf . . ., ig? Fl m,.' Sally Hahn Edwra Hd: ---nn... David Hapko John Harf A A . -1,5 -, ,, yf 4 f .M -wg, ul ,E Ln W ,, -':7 li -- 7 2 E ,, of fig 'fl Uwifi. Harrie! Gabel DOH! Gannon gl 12 ,V Y, 'Wyy 'iff ,-,k Q " . Q-3, . . 'M Q William Greene Donald Grolh ,.l...- 14--'J ?T:--I-F, x J V !! 5. .sw - - ' ' ? Condunco Hamilfon Carol Handfh craig Havfiud Joan Hbfffad 'V 1- ll A E:'E f , W or r 1: D ' 2? ' oo,rlrl 23 Nancy Hallrool Richard Haughfinglon Judilh Henry Phyllis Hileman .am L S, 'nn' 8 i Wm, new or 1". R 'fiii f ":- 3-1 L . K 10011 Hlflslidvl Carol Hifz Roger Holem Mgrhlh Hgygk 7 f X V fl' , ,X ff' 1953 SENIORS f f X XA 3 ul :- il f , f -gm . uve vi-'S' fl L di g N , . . - ' 4 rg 4 '15 XM r 1 . .. v- 5' ig? .loan Hungerford Donald Jankowski Sue Janz Nancy ,lglmggn Barbara Johnston Rifa Iurcik Jacqueline Kalil Sharon Kasfen 24 I w-Liiiii if 3 A K l . l i , Barbara Kemp Elizabelh Kemp Nedra Keppen Marilyn King 4, X, - wg:- 'YWQQ' N , aaaa M lx' LV? 5 '2V-' 1.-f f K 4 W3 J . "V . ,, I ,K P , In , . 4 X , , ? rw f' km 1 1 f Y' Richard Klemczak Chesier Kmiecik Sally Kneisley Robert Kominiarek . 1 T95 ll ll E' 1953 SENIORS :'llp A - E - ,ff f f,f,1'ZS54f an gmigqfffg . .NM '11fj,h:,,Q -'L 7 'T . ' , ,7.:V,-P Richard Kom Elaine Kozin Thomas Kronfr Clair Kuxzmad .1 pgs y 'OP . -if 6 , E , , Q1 bl mx V ' l if E L5 ,. Darlgng Ladd Allan Lazarus lilly Lusk Marilyn Lindsay 25 I if Richard link Sally luollr Carolyn lulz Margcne Marshall lol: Mason NUWCY M0900 Russell Mason Shirley McAlpino MX "m"""N f 1953 SENIORS I :O un. Qi' Doloros Mcirian Donald Mclnlyre David McMahon Evavm Minh Marcia Mefflon Roberl Miller Shirley Miller Kgrmgfh Mifghgll 26 .leanelle Mizia Donald Mohamed Ronald Molzan ,loygg Moen Clarence Morris Helen Nadal John Noveroske Palricia Novreske x ' 4 ' 'lil f'3'i?'34V '-I 1953 SENIORS Arlene Orzech E .7 J-27 'fly VX ZA N vs ' Barbara Porler .,.-.- W Beverly Oswall ,aw me W' , MQ Donald Pago: .lack Pfisler -3' eolr A, ,I 4i1vf1.,ig1sa , . f 'tmhr ' ,.pg,.g 5- 55,14-H 7 " . ' ,J . 3 -22,Q25:EQ,g1I?1.:fiiQEglfI,-?"'' o-I zu. a:, - 1: -m:"' .ai .2 -E Q g..-qw: : .,-- - . Eq, hug :.fl. Rolland Preuss Carole Prilchard Linda Pvlvfki .. x Dolly lou llunrio Kennelh Schreiber X07 J Z' -:JJ1 l if ,W Phyllis Shepparton James Snyder ,MQ ,12 "li i is I ,X 44 3' K I 5 Ronald Ruelz Donn Schelling - j ,- ww - g l ,Q . :' " 55" , , fs S '25 , , "1, Dale Schullz Ronald Schwanke Asad Sllilrany Carole Sobocinxki 1953 Theodore Skibo Ray Slanley Elene Schnick SENIORS Charles Slisher William Sleinbom m fi fl f i ' A, ' -. s .L K l M11-6? 6 Georgia Sleindruger Mike Sloren Lorelei Slorey LeRoy Sydow leona Szymkowski 'Finn M-f .-an gl 'H . ' Ramona Teefs James Thompson Lois Thompson - Mull 5 1953 SENIORS 796 55 1 l v rw K K J' 3 William Tllornburgh Anfhony Venice ,,.. . 2' K I JUNE ' "'S?Sr'EZ?EI Xxx Il ll Hn 141511. I7 Il up 11 1125 14 11 1511 251130 , Cafllorine Timm John Troyer Jane Urquhart Kennelll Vollz Ronald Warnlce Pafricia Werdine 29 Bell Walerhouse Mary Alice While Frances Willoll I X X V 4 V X' A N o i.. N Cara Younl AX .fy Nancy Williams Kenneth Zarazee No picluru for: Millon Dabagia, Marian Knaak, Charlolle Konkey, Norberl Losiniecki, Richard Peck, Peglow, John Rifchie, Norman Tracy, Louis Ulrich. While Sally Will Pauline Wilhrow W,-,Q ., ,fw- rf A u k- , casts- ' Q ' W 91 , ., ,g,.m,,. kggkgwk , - , . V' - aflzgic, : . :gi - H ggi-1,g.pp-',"g."1:: siwfxijfgggz K ,Barbara Zolkowslri SENIORS Roberl Barr Kennefh Pedue, Frederick SENIOR PLAY The play "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder was presented by the Senior Class in the Junior High School Auditorium March 27, l953. The Play was unique in the fact that little scenery was used. Miss Goldie Shepherd directed the play. Stage Manager ..... Dr. Gibbs. ..... . Joe Crowell ...... . . . Howie Newsome ..... . . . Mrs. Gibbs ....,.. .... C . , . .Allan Lazarus . . . . .Roger Holem . . .William Greene .Robert Kominiarek Constance Hamilton Mrs. Webb ...... ........ C arolyn Lutz George Gibbs ..,., . . Rebecca Gibbs. . Wally Webb ..... . Emily Webb ....... . Professor Willard ..... . Mr. Webb ........ ..... Woman in the Balcony .... . Woman in the Auditorium .... . . . . . .John Troyer . . . .Merhth Houck . . .William Greene . .Shirley McAlpine . .Bert Waterhouse . . , . . .Mike Storen . . . . . .Mary Drake . .Nancy Brinckman Ast Lady in the Box .... ..., F rances Willett Simon Stimson ..... ....... R olland Preuss Mrs. Soames ........ ......... L orelei Storey Constable Warren ......... Richard Haughtington Si Crowell ,................... William Greene Joe Stoddard ................ Bert Waterhouse Assistant Stage Managers .......,...... . . . . . . . . . .Don Schelling and Ted Skibo Sam Craig ........................ John Hart Baseball Players. .Richard Peck and Asad Shikany Mr. Carter ...,................. Asad Shikany Mrs. Cartwright .... .... L ois Thompson Mrs. Hersey. .... . . .Jane Urquhart CHOIR Mary Drake Pat Ellaby Carol Fausch Sally Hahn Phyllis Hileman Elain Kozin Carolyn Lutz Richard Peck Jack Pfister Phyllis Shepperson Asad Shikany Ted Skibo Lorelei Storey Lois Thompson Catherine Timm Frances Willett 31 Allen, Elizabeth Allgood, David Anderson, Marlene Amdt, John Amold, Jim Ballard, Nancy Barr, Bob Bartels, George Bartels, Ruth Bass, Arnold Beazley, Judy Bechinski, Ronald Behner, Florence Bentley, Floyd Biggs, Roland Black, Joyce Blieden, Dick Bohlin, Jim Bowman, Joan Brant, Dolores Brinckman, Nancy Brooks, John Bruehlman, Paula Burns, Charles Bums, Lowell Campbell, Bob Collins, Loretta Congdon, Shirley Cox, Pea rl Dalman, Richard T0 Her friendly way and win- ning smile will help her over many a mile. Let us play while we may and get our lessons some other day. Sweet smile, sunny dispo- sition. Man with a horn. Linked sweetness, long drawn out. Sweet and sincere. Have you heard this one? Flirting is a dangerous thing, l'm a desperado! There is trust and friend- ship in her. A picture please, Arnie? A little body doth often harbor a great soul. Small but mighty! A willing worker, full of pep, she can get somewhere, you bet! loften quote myself, it adds spice to my conversation. "Grab your partner, circle round." Wedding Bells. All this and brains, tool Men of few words are the best men. Spoken for. She has that peaches and cream and rosy-cheek com- plexion. Sharp as a pin. Loves to give reports??3?? A great woman is always willing to be little. I was bashful ond shy, now l'm a dangerous guy. He was listening with his face only. Believe: in having fun! Pep sessions were her head- ache. She's lovely, she's engaged, she uses . . . As cool as a cucumber. He thinks not much, but talks the more. SEE OURSELVES Dettman, Jim Deutscher, Lorraine Deid rich, Marlene Dittmer, Janet Dixon, Pat Dombrowsky, Don Donaldson, Brealon Drake, Mary Drzewiecki, Ron Duesing, Bob Dynowski, Bill Eckert, Tom Edsall, Nancy Ellaby, Pat Erickson, Dale Erickson, Sue Fausch, Carol Frageman, Don Friedrich, Ruth Fritz, David Furness, "Rosie" Gabel, Harriet Gannon, Doris Gondek, George Gourley, Tom Greene, Bill Groth, Don Hahn, Sally Hall, Ed Hamilton, Connie I want to say something, Mrs. Sprague???? Enioys life in a quiet manner. I make business pleasure and pleasure my business. A good imagination for Comet features. Getting some fun out of life. Why bother with women? Our future member of the Olympic team in pole vaulting. Cheery word and pleasant smile. A name is only a handle. What more could a woman ask fori? Women, bah-but girls! A short order and make it blonde. Good things come in small packages. If there's a man near, she can find him!!! Quite a talker. A song in her heart. If I don't know, l'II find out. l've got a way of looking into a girl's eyes that makes her forget what l look like. Stands for what she believes. Women are the least of my worries. Good sense and good na- ture never separate. Musical fingers. Laugh, andthe world laughs with you. All-State property. Faithful hall walker. The girls all fall for me, be- cause l'm so lovable. There's art in them 'thar fingers. The edges of her voice curl with curiosity. Not what he does but haw he does it. Our ace Feature Editor for the ELSTONIAN. 32 Handtke, Carol Hapke, Dave Hart, John Hatfield, Craig Hatfield, Joan Hathoot, Nancy Haughtington, Dick Henry, Judy Hileman, Phyllis Hinshaw, Joan Hitz, Carol Holem, Roger Houck, Merhth Hungerford, Joan Jankowski, Don Janz, Sue Johnsen, Nancy Johnston, Barb Jurcik, Rita Kalil, Jackie Kasten, Sharon Kemp, Barbara Kemp, Elizabeth Keppen, Nedra King, Marilyn Klemczak, Dick Kmiecik, Chet Knaa,k, Marian Kneisley, Sally Kominiarek, Bob Konkey, Charlotte She has her man. l'le's gentle-l'le's shy-but there's mischief in his eyes. Let's take the long way home. l'Il make an excellent bachelor. Still waters run deep. lady of the courts Iathletic, that is.I Better to have loved them all than never to have loved at all. That Chevie goes places. True in word and tried in deed. The ideal secreta ry! A genial disposition wins its owner many friends. He's a devil with the ladies. Spell it the way you want, she's still filled with MIRTH. Marriage is really fine. In this town there's nothing doing every minute! Sweet Sue!!! Cosmetics are peach pre- SGYVBYS. One swell swan dancer. Excuse me while l blush. God giveth speech to all, sang to the few. Model of the future. Fair and sweet-to be con- tinued. and hard to beat-con- cluded. Better late than never. Her name is common, but her virtues are rare. She looked at me as if I were a side dish she hadn't ordered. "Cowboy." I know women are foolish, but God made them to match the men. The world must wait while she powders her nose. A man of few words, but he keeps repeating them. Spice in her speech! Korn, Dick Kozin, Elaine Krentz, Tom Kuszmoul, Clair Ladd, Darlene Lazarus, Allan Lesk, Betty Lindsay, Marilyn Lisak, Dick Losiniecki, Norbert Lueth, Sally Lutz, Carolyn Marshall, Margene Mason, Lois Mason, Nancy Mason, Russell McAlpine,Shirley McBrian, Dolores Mclntyre, Don McMahon, David Menke, Gene Mettlen, Marcia Miller, Bob Miller, Shirley Mitchell, Kenny Mizia, Jeanette Mohamed, Don Molzan, Ronald TO A man of average size would get lost in his shoes. lSize l2l. Life to her is a bowl of cherries, her attitude never varies. Fortune upon thee, little man. My best thoughts always came a little late. That all important ring adorns her finger. A swell fellow to know, our president. One swell girl. Studies? Just on extra- curricular activity. Time tells an a man-espe- cially a good time. School is iust a past-time. She heads the Dahlites. She was listening out of the corner of her mind. 'Tis love that makes the world go 'round. Loves life. Quiet but oohl... He was born tired and nev- er recovered. She doesn't need vitamin pills. A friend to all. There are two sides to ev- ery question, mine and the wrong one. ls there a doctor in the house? The strong, silent type. She is kind and sweet in every way, laughing and happy all the day. There was a sudden lull in the storm as the wind shifted gears. ldeal girl in the eyes of a certain boy. Whatl did not well, l meant well. Not much talk, a great sweet silence. End, Tackle, GUARD-Hit 'em hard! Deserved an "A" for in- dustry in govemment. SEE Moore, Joyce Morris, Clarence Nadaf, Helen Noveroske, John Novreske, Pat Orzech, Arlene Oswalt, Beverly Pagos, Don Peck, Dick Pedue, Kenny Peglow, Fred Pfister, Jack Porter, Barb Preuss, Rolland Pritchard, Carole Pulaski, Linda Rannie, Betty Ritchie, John Ruetz, Ronald Schelling, Donn Schnick, Elene Schreiber, Ken Schultz, Dale Schwanke, Ronald Seen, Faith Shepperson, Phyllis Shikany, Asad Skibo, Ted Slisher, Chuck Snyder, Jim Sobocinski, Carole OURSELVES Take a letter, Miss Moore! "That wonderful guy." A neat, sweet, simple gal! Much study is a weariness to the flesh. Dainty as a picture. "Please don't say no, say maybe!" l said "No" and prayed he wouldn't believe me. Don't bother meg l'm nap- ping. His bark is worse than his bite. lf everything is calm and quiet, he's not to be found. I don't believe in love at first sight, but l take a sec- ond look. "Can't get them ALL in my cor!" Personality plus!!! The perfect bosst? With a secretary on his knee? Hears all! Knows all! Keen sense, common sense, plenty of room for nonsense. A regular information bureau. Constant labor is the road to success. What more could we ask for? Restless as a tip of a cat's tail. Variety is the spice of life. He's strong for athletics, he plays them all. Wink, and she will come to you. l'm beginning to see the light. She's pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and plea- sant to think on! Better to be laughing than sighing. To make me happy, let me argue! The rich maharaiah of Magador!! Here comes . . . There goes Chuck!!! V A grand guy, 'nuff said. There's a twinkle in them eyes. 33 Stanley, Ray Steinborn, Bill Steindrager, Georgia Storen, Mike Storey, Lorelei Sydow, LeRoy Szymkowski, Leona Teets, Ramona Thompson, Jim Thompson, Lois Thornburgh, Bill Timm, Catherine Tracy, Norm Troyer, John Ulrich, Louie Urquhart, Jane Venice, Tony Voltz, Ken Warnke, Ron Waterhouse, Bert Werdine, Pat White, Mary Alice White, Mary Frances wsu, sony Willett, Fran Williams, Nancy Withrow, Pauline Woodruff, Herb Yount, Caro Zarazee, Ken Zolkowski, Barb A smile for every boy and two for every girl. "Strike" bowling is a snap for me. Why was I mode so small? Sports are his meat. A short story! Friendly, but a little on the bashful side. A willing worker. 'Gotta learn those medical terms in shorthand! Generally speaking, o woman is-generally speaking! My days are numbered l.U., here I come!!! Future Woody Herman with his licorice stick! As many virtues as spokes in a wheel. l remember o mess of things, but indistinctly! Life has its charms, I like the female ones. Come on now! Altogether now! Yell! LOUD! It's nice to be natural: when you're naturally nice. He makes haste slowly. Wow! ls he ever bright- all those volts! Nobody would believe it, but l'm a naturally bashful guy. Einstein's only competition. Trouble is my pastime. A quiet unassuming gall Blessed with plain sense and sober reasoning. , Where there's a WILL there's a way. All that a girl should be. , Sugar and spice and all that's nice. She's a chain-talker-lights each sentence from the spark of the last. l'm handsome, l'm a sharp dresser, but most of all l'm modest about it!! "One milk shake coming up." Not much noise, but o lot of fun. Sunshine's only rival. ACTIVITIES Elizabeth Allen-Red Derbies I, 2, 3, Office Messengers 2, Student Council 3, Elstonian 3, Dahlites 3. Dave Allgood-Basketball I, Football Manager I, Prom 2, Play 2. Marlene Anderson-Glee Club I, 2, Concessions 2, Red Derbies 2, 3, Elstonian 3. John Arndt-Football I, Hall Patrol I, 2, Monitors I, 2, Track I, 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3, Office Messengers 2, Hi-Y 3, Cross , Country 3. Jim Arnold-Hall Patrol I, 2, Student Council I, 2, Basketball I, 2, Tennis I, 2, 3, Football Usher 3, Track I, Cross Country 3, Golf I, 2. Nancy Ballard-Math Club I, Orchestra I, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Fashionettes 2, Office Messengers 2, Honor Society 2, 3. Bob Barr-Track I, Football I, 2, 3, Golf 2, Prom 2, Student Council 3. George Bartels-Sophomore Party I, Monitors I, Track I, 2, 3, Office Messengers 2, 3, Football Usher 2, 3, Basketball Usher 3. Ruth Bartels-Paint Spots I. Arnold Bass-Football I, Hall Patrol I, 2, Band I, 2, 3, Office Messengers 2, Monitors 2, Elstonian 3, Hi-Y 3. Judy Beazley-Dahlites I, 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3. Ron Bechinski- Florence Behner-Play Com. 2. Floyd Bentley-Baseball I, 2, Football I, 2, 3. Roland Biggs-Prom 2, Concessions 2. Joyce Black-G. A. A. I , Tri-Hi-Y I , Blackfriars I , Student Council I, Thespians I, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Play 2, Fashionettes 2, Office Messengers 2. Dick Blieden-Math Club I, 2, Band I, 2, 3, Basketball 2, Honor Society 2, 3, Dance Band 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Cross Country 3. Jim Bohlin-Football I, 2, Baseball I, 2, 3, Hi-Y 3. Joan Bowman-Concessions 2, G. A. A. 2, 3. Dolores Brant-Sophomore Party I, Prom 2, Fashionettes 2, 3, Red Derbies 3, Student Council 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, G. A. A. 3. Nancy Brinckman-Sophomore Party I , G. A. A. I , Monitors I, 2, 3, Prom 2, Student Council 2, Concessions 2, Red Derbies 2, 3, Fashionettes 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Play 3. John Brooks-Student Council I, Basketball I, Football I, 3, Track 2, Play Com. 2. Paula Bruehlman- Charles Burns-Concessions 2, Hall Patrol 2, 3. Lowell Burns-Play Com. 2, Prom 2, Glee Club 3. Bob Campbell- Loretta Collins-Sophomore Party I, Student Council I, Office Messengers I, Monitors I, Red Derbies I, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Fashionettes 2, Concessions 2, Prom 2, G. A. A. 2, 3. Shirley Congdon-Sophomore Party I, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3. Pearl Cox-Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Elstonian 3, Play Com. 3. Dick Dalman-Sophomore Party I, Hi-Y I, Monitors I, Student Council 2, Prom 2. Jim Dettman-Football I, Glee Club 2. Lorraine Deutscher-Play Com. 3. Marlene Diedrich-Concessions 2, Prom 2. Janet Dittmer- Pat Dixon-Glee Club 3. Donald Dombrowsky-Office Messengers 3. Brealon Donaldson-Football l, 2, Track I, 2, 3, Basketball I, 2, 3. Mary Drake-Tri-Hi-Y I,Monitors I, 2, Slipsticks I, 2, 3, Red Der- bies I, 2, 3, Student Council I,2,3, Prom 2, Class Officer 2,G. A.A. I , 2, 3, Concessions 2, Play 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3,Elstonian 3. Ronald Drzewiecki- Bob Duesing-Track I, Hi-Y I. Bill Dynowski-Baseball I, 3, Basketball Usher 3. Tom Eckert- Nancy Edsall-Band I, 2. Pat Ellaby-Sophomore Party I, Latin Club I, 2, 3, Math Club I, 2, 3, Red Derbies I, 2, 3, G. A. A. I, 3, Prom 2, Con- cessions 2, Play 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Elstonian 3, Senior Play 3. Dale Erickson-Hall Patrol I, Monitors I, 2, 3, Safety Patrol 2, 3. Sue Erickson-Glee Club 2, Concessions 2, Monitors 2, Elstonian 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, G. A. A. 3, Red Derbies 3. Carol Fausch-Glee Club I, 2, 3, Red Derbies l, 2, 3, Conces- sions 2, G. A. A. 2, 3, Play 3. Donald Frageman- Ruth Friedrich-Concessions 2. David Fritz-Orchestra I, 2, 3. Rosemary Furness- Harriet Gabel-Sophomore Party l, Monitors I, Prom 2, Pan- American Club 2. Doris Gannon-Red Cross I , Sophomore Party I, Prom 2, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Red Derbies I, 2, 3, G. A. A. I, 2, Student Council 2, Monitors 2, Cheerleader 2, 3. George Gondek-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Football I, 2, 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3, Hall Patrol 2, Prom 2, Student Council 3. Tom Gourley-Glee Club I, Hall Patrol I, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Monitors 2, Hi-Y 3. 'William Greene-Sophomore Party I, Blackfriars I, Student Council 2, Play 3. Donald Groth-Elstonian 3. Sally Hahn- Ed Hall-Band I, 2, 3, Dance Band I, 2, 3, Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Prom 2, Honor Society 2, 3. Connie Hamilton-Sophomore Party I, Paint Spots I, 2, 3, Thes- pians 2, 3, Blackfriars I, Play Committee 2, Prom 2, Honor Society 2, 3, Play 3, Elstonian 3. Carole Handtke-G. A. A. 2, 3. Dave Hapke-Football I, Basketball I, Track I. John Hart-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Elstonian 3. Craig Hatfield- Joan Hatfield-Concessions 2. Nancy Hathoot-Sophomore Party I, G. A. A. I, 2, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Red Derbies 2. Dick Haughtington--Concessions 2, Play 3. Judy Henry-Sophomore Party I, Band I, 2, Red Derbies I, 2, 3, Student Council 2, Prom 2, Elstonian 3. Phyllis Hileman-Red Derbies I, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Play Com- mittee 2, Prom 2, Play 3, Elstonian 3. Joan Hinshaw-Sophomore Party I, Red Derbies I, 2, Play Committee 2, 3, Prom 2, Fashionettes 2, Elstonian 3. Carol Hitz-Sophomore Party I, Red Derbies I, 2, 3, Prom 2, Play Committee 2, 3, Fashionettes 3, Elstonian 3. Roger Holem-Sophomore Party I, Slipsticks I, Baseball Man- ager I, 2, Red Derbies I, 2, Latin Club 2, Concessions 2, Monitors 2, Play 2, 3, Prom 2, Hall Patrol 2, 3, Elstonian 3, Basketball Usher 3. Merhth Houck-Class Officer I, Slipsticks I, Sophomore Party I, Latin Club I, 2, G. A. A. I, 2, Student Council I, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Monitors I, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Prom 2, Red Derbies 2, Play 3. Joan Hungerford--Blackfriars I, Latin Club 2, Play Com 2, Hall Patrol 2, 3. Donald Jankowski- Sue Janz-Sophomore Party I, Red Derbies I, G. A. A. I, Slip- sticks I, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Glee Club 2, Latin Club 2, 3. Nancy Johnsen-Sophomore Party I, Band I, Slipsticks I, 2, Monitors I, 2, Red Cross I, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Red Derbies I, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Prom 2, Latin Club 2, Honor Society 2, 3. Barbara Johnston-Monitors I,Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, Red Derbies I, 2, 3, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Prom 2, Play Com. 3. Rita Jurcik-Monitors I , Concessions 2. Jackie Kalil-Jr. Red Cross I, Sophomore Party I, Monitors I, 2, Red Derbies I, 2, 3, Prom 2, Fashionettes 3. Sharon Kasten-Fashionettes 3, Monitors 3. Barbara Kemp-Monitors 2, 3, Office Messengers 3. Elizabeth Kemp-Sophomore Party I, G. A. A. I, 2, Play Com. 2, Monitors 2, 3. Nedra Keppen-Latin Club I, 2, Red Derbies I, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Play 2, Monitors 2, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3. Marilyn King-Tri-Hi-Y I, Play 2, G. A. A. 3. Richard Klemczak-Glee Club I, 2, Golf 2, 3. Chet Kmiecik-Football I, 3. Marian Knaak-G. A. A. I. Sally Kneisley-Student Council I, Red Derbies I, 2, 3, Con- cessions 2, Cheerleader 3. Bob Kominiarek-Jr. Red Cross I, Play 3, Monitors 3. Charlotte Konkey-Sophomore Party I, Prom 2, Concessions 2, Red Derbies 3, Jr. Red Cross 3. Dick Korn-Football I, 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, Golf I, 2 3, Play Com. 2, Class Officer 2, From 2, Jr. Red Cross 3, Cross Country 3. Elaine Kozin-Sophomore Party I , Monitors I, 2, Los Gringos I, 2, Student Council I, 2, Slipsticks I, 2, Red Derbies I, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Prom 2, Honor Society 2, 3, Elstonian 3, Play 3. Tom Krentz-Band l, 2, 3. Clair Kuszmaul-Band l, 2, Hall Patrol l, 2, Hi-Y l, 2, 3, Moni- tors 3, Elstonian 3. Darlene Ladd-Glee Club l, Concessions 2, Play Com. 2. Allan Lazarus-Basketball l, Baseball l, Slipsticks l, 2, Football l, 2, 3, Hall Patrol l, 2, 3, Class Officer 2, 3, Track 2, Con- cessions 2, Prom 2, Student Council 2, 3, Play 3, Basketball Usher 3, Elstonian 3, Monitors 3. Betty Lesk-Glee Club l, 2, Concessions 2, Jr. Red Cross 3, Els- tonian 3, Play Com. 3. Marilyn Lindsay-Art Club l, 2, Blackfriars l, 2, Monitors 2, 3, Basketball Usher 3. Richard Lisak- Norbert Losiniecki-- Sally Lueth-Glee Club l, 2, Dahlites l, 2, 3,' Prom 2, Conces- sions 2, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, Honor Society 2, 3. Carolyn Lutz-Student Council l, Sophomore Party 1, Tri-Hi-Y l, Latin Club l, 2, Monitors l, 2, Red Derbies l, 2, 3, Slipsticks l, 2, 3, Prom 2, Concessions 2, Play Com. 2, Play 3. Margene Marshall-Sophomore Party l, Dahlites l, 2, 3, Con- cessions 2, Red Derbies 3, G. A. A. 3. Lois Mason-Dahlites l, Prom 2. Nancy Mason-Band l, 3. Russell Mason- Shirley McAlpine-Los Gringos l, Sophomore Party l, Orchestra l, 2, 3, Slipsticks l, 2, 3, Red Derbies l, 2, 3, Band l, 3, Pan-American Club 2, Concessions 2, Prom 2, Play Com. 2, Honor Society 2, 3, Class Officer 3, Play 3, Elstcnion 3. Delores McBrian-Play Com. 2, G. A. A. 3. Don McIntyre- David McMahon-Latin Club 2. Eugene Menke-Basketball l. Marcia Mettlen-Office Messengers l, Sophomore Party l, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Student Council 3, Monitors 3. Bob Miller-Baseball l, Football l, 2, 3. Shirley Miller-Band l, 2, Fashionettes 2, Concessions 2. Kenneth Mitchell-Football l, 2, 3, Student Council 3. Jeanette Mizia-Red Derbies 3. Donald Mohamed-Track l, Football l, 2, 3, Prom 2, Monitors 3, Student Council 3. Ronald Molzan- Joyce Moore-Prom 2, Red Derbies 2, 3, G. A. A. 3, Elstonian 3, Play 3. Clarence Morris-Art Club l, 2, 3. Helen Nadaf-Blackfriars l, Student Council l, 2, Band l, 2, 3, Crimson Comet 2, Prom 2, Play Committee 2, Concessions 2, Honor Society 2, 3. John Noveroske- Pat Novreske-Concessions 2, Fashionettes 2, Red Cross 2, 3. Arlene Orzech-Paint Spots l, Concessions 2, Red Cross 3. Beverly Oswalt-Glee Club 2, Fashionettes 2, 3, Red Derbies 2, 3. Donald Pagos-Track l, 2, Football l, 2, 3. Richard Peck-Concessions 2, Play Committee 3, Football l, 2, 3. Kenneth Pedue- , Fred Peglow- Jack Pfister-Sophomore Party l, Student Council l, Red Derbies l, 2, 3, Hi-Y l, 2, 3, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Slip- sticks 2, Play 3, Cheerleader 3. Barbara Porter-Sophomore Party l, Office Messenger l, 2, Concessions 2, Monitor 2, Fashionettes 2, Play 2, Prom 2, Honor Society 2, 3, Comet 3, Elstonian 3. Rolland Preuss-Slipsticks l, Red Derbies l, Orchestra l, 2, 3, Prom 2, Play 2, Concessions 2, Latin Club 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, Band 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Basketball Usher 3, Play 3, Elstonian 3. Carole Pritchard-Sophomore Party l, Monitor l, 2, Red Derbies l, 2, 3, Student Council 2, Pan-American Club 2, Prom 2, Play Committee 2, 3, Concessions 2, Tri-HifY 3. Linda Pulaski-G. A. A. l, 2, 3. , Betty Ronnie-Sophomore Party l, Student Council l, Band l, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Prom 2, Monitor 2, Pan-American Club 2, Maiorette 2, 3, Play Committee 3, Slipsticks 3, Elstonian 3. John Ritchie- Ronald Ruetz- Don Schelling-Football l, 2, 3, Play 3. Elene Schnick-Glee Club l, 2, 3. Ken Schreiber-Class Officer l, Baseball l, 2, 3, Football l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Glee Club 3. - Dale Schultz-Track Manager l, 2, 3, Cross Country 3, Student Council 3, Monitors 3. Ronald Schwonke-Track Manager l, 2, 3, Usher l, 2, 3, A. V. A. l, 2, 3. Faith Scott-G. A. A. 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Red Cross 3, Red Derbies 3. Phyllis Shepperson-Red Derbies l, Sophomore Party l, Student Council 2, Monitor 2, Red Cross 2, Concessions 2, Glee Club 2, Basketball Usher 2, Play 3, G. A. A. 3, Elstonian 3. Asad Shikany-Monitor l, Red Cross 'l, Student Council l, Prom 2, Golf l, Play 2, 3, Concessions 2, Usher 3. Ted Skibo-Sophomore Party l, Prom 2, Play Committee 2, Play 3, Thespians 3. Charles Slisher-Concessions 2. James Snyder-Cross Country 3, Hi-Y 3, Golf 3. Carole Sobocinski-Monitor l, G. A. A. l, Red Derbies l, 2, Blackfriars l, Concessions 2, Prom 2, Play 2, Thespians 2, 3, Elstanian 3. Ray Stanley-Sophomore Party l, Monitor l, Track l, Hi-Y l, 2, Student Council 3. Bill Steinborn--Baseball l, 2, 3, Football l, 2, 3, Monitor 2, 3, Glee Club 3. Georgia Steindrager-Red Cross l. Mike Storen-Basketball l, Football l, 2, 3, Track l, 2, 3, Hall Patrol l, 2, 3, Slipsticks l, 2, 3, Latin Club l, 2, 3, Con- cessions 2, Play Committee 2, Prom 2, Play 3, Basketball Usher 3, Student Council 3, Monitor 3. Lorelei Storey-Student Council l, G. A. A. l, Sophomore Party l, Monitors l, 2, 3, Math Club l, 2, 3, Red Derbies l, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Play 2, Prom 2, Latin Club 2, 3, Elstonian 3. LeRoy Sydow- Leona Szymkowski-Fashionettes 2, Red Derbies 2. Ramona Teets-Monitors l, G. A. A. l, 2, Red Derbies l, 2, Play Committee 2. Jim Thompson-Band l, 2, 3. Lois Thompson-Monitor l, Sophomore Party l, Red Derbies l, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, Slipsticks l, 2, 3, Orchestra l, 2, 3, Con- cessions 2, Prom 2, Play 3. Bill Thornburgh-Slipsticks l, Sophomore Party l, Band l, 2, 3, Dance Band l, 2, 3, Prom 2. Catherine Timm--Dahlites l, Sophomore Party l, Student Council l, 3, Red Derbies l, 2, 3, Pan-American Club 2, Prom 2, Play 3, Math Club 3. Norman Tracy-Prom 2, A. V. A. l, 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Monitors 2, 3. John Troyer-Office Messengers l, Slipsticks l, Hi-Y T, 2, Forum Club l, 2, Thespians l, 2, 3, Pan-American League l, 2, Baseball Manager l, 2, A. V. A. l, 2, 3, Band l, 2, Play 2, Concessions 2, Play 3, Monitors 3, Usher 3. Louie Ulrich-Play 2, Red Derbies 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, Latin Club. Jane Urquhart-G. A. A. l, Sophomore Party l,Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, Monitors l, 2, 3, Red Derbies I, 2, 3, Prom 2, Concessions 2, Honor Society 2, 3, Red Cross 2, 3, Elstonian 3, Play 3. Tony Venice-Hi-Y l. Kenneth Voltz-Baseball l, 2, 3, Football l, Basketball l, Glee Club 3, Hall Patrol 3, Cross Country 3. Ronald Warnke- Bert Waterhouse-Sophomore Party l, Forum Club l, Basket- ball l, Red Cross l, Band l, 2, 3, Prom 2, Student Council 2, Track 2, 3, Honor Society 2, 3, Class Officer 3, Cross Country 3, Play 3. Pat Werdine-Student Council l, Sophomore Party l, Black- friars l, Red Derbies l, 2, Concessions 2. Mary Alice White-Tri-Hi-Y l, Sophomore Party l, Concessions 2, Prom 2, Red Derbies 3. Mary Frances White-Sophomore Party l , Concessions 2, G.A.A. 3. Sally Will-Sophomore Party l, Blackfriars l, Concessions 2, Prom 2. Frances Willett-Sophomore Party 1, Red Derbies l, 2, Dahlites l, 2, 3, Concessions 2, Prom 2, G. A. A. 3, Play 3. Nancy Williams-G. A. A. l, Tri-Hi-Y l, Sophomore Party l, Prom 2, Concessions 2. Pauline Withrow-Sophomore Party l, Red Derbies l, 2, 3, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, Play 2, Prom 2, Concessions 2, Monitors 2. Herbert Woodruff-Play 2, Thespians 2, Tennis 2, 3. Cara Yount-Monitors l, Sophomore Party l, Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, Red Derbies l, 2, G. A. A. 3, Glee Club 3, Red Cross 3. Ken Zarazee- Barbara Zolkowski-Sophomore Party l, G. A. A. l, 2, 3, Con- cessions 2, Red Derbies 3. As we enfered fl1e ballroom of Barker Hall, we found ourselves in a "Deserf Fanlasyf' The nighf of May 29, 1952, was well remembered for the decorafions and enlerlainmenl supplied by lhe .lunior Class. 36 asf, 5' 54:21. - if "L 2 'S-3 l l -f L--i Ii? - :Q-:ir ' aff? , my XM 'mx 35' 4-nn-' F, . vzrszj f35,,,-ff '.:,, 'j .5 37 ,gtg- JUNIORS JUNIOR PLAY Our play reading committee, in trying to select a play different from the usual boy-girl comedy chose Green Valley. lt is about a farm boy, Eldon Berry, who grows huge vegetables on his farm. A land speculator, Tobias J. Everheel, tries to get the tarm away from Eldon. EIdon's ancestors come back to help him keep the farm Miss Mellie Luck directed the play, and Mr. Thomas Fisher was in charge of the technical work. The prompter was Rosie Linde, and the stage hands were Ned Westphal and Blair Purcell. The Cast: Eldon Berry. . . Prim Stokes. . . Tinker Smith ...... Tobias J. Everheel .... . . Martha Mears .... Eva Friese. . .... Lonesome Berry. . . Grampa Berry .... Granny Berry ..... Calhoun Berry .... . . . . . .Kenny Hoerr . .lvern Wantland . . .Franklin Preuss .Marvin Kominiarek . . . . .Jania Martin . . . . .Sally Holston . . .Richard Hague . . . .Don Ungurait . . . .Diana Miller . . . .Bob Marshall Jeb Berry ..... Ransome. . . Prudence. . . .led ........ Rufe Thomas .... . . . Sarah ...... Rip Cooley .... Mamie ...... . Shade Stokes. . . Morton Cass .... Sally Cass ..... . . . . Bill Pohl . . . .Bill Rozner . . . .Rosie Leeds . . . . . .Blair Purcell .Wilfred Dra benstot . . . . .Nancy Austin . . . .Nick Karagan . , . . .Esther Richter . . . . .Harry Lykens . . . .Andy Tower . . .Dana Wagner OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Row I: Paul Pittsford, Blake Waterhouse, Bill Wright. Row 2: Mrs. Spiro, Mrs. Sprague, Mr. Sellers, Mr. Sparks, Mr. Kuszmaul, Mr. Maxey, Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Morgan. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Our sophomore year was filled with the exciting newness of senior high. We elected Blake Water- house as our president, Nancy Booth as vice-president, and Terry Edwards as secretary-treasurer. Mr. Miller and Mrs. Morgan were our sponsors. The biggest social event that year was the annual Sophomore Party, which boasted of a French atmosphere. Our iunior year has been filled with many exciting events. In the fall the class put on the Junior Play, which was a fantasy named Green Valley. We had concessions at all the games and at school 'to help finance the Junior Prom, which we will give in honor of the Senior Class. Blake Waterhouse, president, Paul Pittsford, vice-president, and Bill Wright, secretary-treasurer, were elected to lead us over the horizon of our iunior year. Mr. Miller and Mrs. Morgan again assisted the class. Each year our horizon widens, and we look forward to the most rewarding year of our school life, our senior year. 39 . x Agnew, James Akers, Okey Allen, Larry Anlisdel, Nancy Arens, Philip Arnold, Joe Auslin, Nancy Bahar, Clemence Baronowski, George Barnes, Sabra Bofzel, Elaine Becker, Charles Bennett, Clem Blair, Joyce Block, Polricia Bobinnki, Eugene Bohlim, Edna .f--5 Bohnsladl, Phillis Bonfield, Dick Booth, Nancy Ioyan, loan Brinckman, Florence Brown, Richard Bruce, Doris '- if J x Lf' :.,.z.1 X, A 1-P n X . . FM Q , , , 9 . Q 2323573 Q , fl 45 'asv K. ,XS . . .-1.5 ,.,. :.-Q., . fi. f, , JL it J'-M' N .ri 5 ji 40 M.. f ' ' ie N, I . wa. was L M Lu, A' . Q-wr E V ,T 1 K -. , 4' ' Y 5 I x K' ' we X i . ,r r 'Q' I A an f We I in iff, - Q' I v W ,. . G E 5' ' ,sm , C f A H J... L If A ,Sri .iw Q Q C 1, Up,-,. HI' .tww - 7 ., ,pm .- - aw., ,. ..,,Z , Q of 1 M ' ' fi' ' i:'t1 mi4:f' I 71 pw ng, . A in , M., E , if ., V , ,, .. . If M , 1 :W : f 2 Q 1? X VI 5 ! Buffinglon, .lack Calusa, Arvella J- ,-N, NCarmichoel, Barboru Cheney, Nancy Coash, Arlene Cole, .ludy Palricia Criswell, Eleanor 1' A, 6' A u KK Y . 'ii l RSF ,' A 'S I E 5 1' N n . ,J R. . ai, H - We .Q L, ,L ,Egg M J 5 xy in , Y VK 'Ed' 3 ,nw 3 -, ai ,. ,Nu-:gs 'ff 1 erlelrnr awk f Yi if for ,mf l K xgifr, fi A 'i rf? .. .. Y F, ,, sz gym Q M, 6, T L G , ,, . Q li, iz, . if 5 W- fm, 3 'Vfiiiif 'r Q J 'F X -:Wwe :W .2 'W 4- 1 ind. -if l l ' f " E 35' 5, f E, We 1 A,'YY 3 ff M ,E I :" fi R H L. Qi W V, .VKLL ,,,, - 1 E 6 ,X Dabagia, Millon Eg oqbkowskf, sam, V. Davis, James Q: Y"g'g,i Dekker, Gerald Delco, Ressa Denis, Armande . 9 ,K Q gf ,S S ' in , Nw Deulscher, Ronald Dexler, Charles 3 Dickerhoff, James Q Dielz, Sharon if Dombrowski, Geraldine X 21 Drabenslol, Wilfred Drzewiecki, Leo Dusza, Elaine ...M Dulcher, lames -wgrwg, . Eckert, Elaine Edwards, .lohn 6 suis, Gerald ' .X Aa J Q ff 'V maxi? ATX , ' Aw, R5 5 S' 2 9 'Am R01 - -1 , -1925,-fi ' F ' fgxlfiliflliffi, ' . ,,.' -5: " ' '9 V wi ,B W M mg as ,UW Lf! Ellis, Thomas Engslrom, Carol Evans, Delores Farmer, Joyce Farah, Philip 5 ily s- ,Q MQ. -W. I WS, A423 , :wk K f .1 51'-I ' E22 -.1 "' .. 1 - 1' in V 'ff is of . 4' E f Q54 he Fischbacher, lean Fisher, Nancy Fly, Cliffon Fly, Laymon Fogus, Roberf Foughl, Patricia Fowler, Eugene Fraley, Richard 'Pi x Ferguson, Sandra Donald Frame Fredenburg, Dennis Fredenburg, Ralph Froehlke, Frank Fyhr, Richard Gardner, Herberl Gardner, Pal Gasaway, Cecil Gay, Sally Gill, Geraldine Girard, James Glasscoll, Michael Goch, Thomas Goede, Dorine Goldsberry, Georgella 'al f q 5 Granl, Karen Green, Roberf ' Griffilh, Charles .MP '. 1 si' new .2 Gring, Beverly Hass, Marva Jane Hadders, Garry Hager, Louis. K Haggins, Beily Hague, Richard Hahn, Charles Hakim, Hussein Hall, James Hanke, Charles 3 5532 K i' izff , ia 3 if 1-Y f 1? ff . 54.1. gh M, '54 Hx. S 52,24 s N 595 in 854 in: f ff-M wwf C av 2114331 H 91 gp gp., ' ,EM M, fy b ff' lr! qw I . U Q . ' 1 If , , ff wa A 1 J git-TJ G W- A ...Q- -Hr Kabaclnskl Richard Kaczmarelr Donald Kaminski, Richard Karagan, Nicholas Karm, William Kafzmarek, John King, Palricia Klosinski, Gerald 582 J' ,ggi Hardf, Audrey Harlow, Betty Harf, James Holcher, Margie Hedsfrom, Russell Hefner, Donna Henckel, Rulh ' Henderlong, Dwighi Henderson, William Hixon, Verlene Hoerr, Kennefh Holslon, Sally Hulce, Nancy Iliff, Viola Jackson, Huber! Jaeger, Charlofle Jakelski, John Januchowski, Palricia Jarka, James Jasicki, Belly Jenkins, Hazel Johansen, Robert Johnson, Jeanine Johnston, Jim Kniola, Carol Koehler, Mary Kohler, Shirley Kolasa, Rilo Kolodzieiski, Bob Komasinski, Maxine Kominiarek, Marvin Kops, Palricia. Kowalski, John Kubica, Patricia Kudynowslri, Judilh La Born, Joann Landfroop, Belly Lane, Jerry La Rocco, Palricia Larson, Margaref Larson, Norman Leeds, Rosemary Lemons, Marcia Leslie, Fred Leusch, Palricia Linde, Rosie Linn, Anila. Linsemeyer, Elaine fir nv W l 5 ,, 7' 5- -F n w. 1. ' '25 i , fi? ' s Nb 1 f .f X is ,Sw .S 5,55 ,ml f-f so R fi if sf Ebigiiw Q F e,1. L 'FF P4 L -fpgjg-. 24 K il L l Long, Virgil Lubs, Edward Ludinglon, Elaine Lykens, Harry Mack, Bennie Mahlka, Darlene Manson, Anlhony Manlhey, Palricia Wwwg . uu, Q 1 .. my ,,,, y , ,L , -,,, ,M ,Ml M if ,al if L i V", N5 WV: QQ, , : ni .. Eh, ...- f giw,wf,wm':12ffmge, ,, 7 Q if iyi i if , ,.4V, V A Pa J, X. J , Q fr iii, sich J v Y ,1 Y 2: t ,, , ,,.. 4, R. Q V' A ,, , V. WA Q- rg Ll. 39 J J 1' 'W i J A f ,K 'PTM' iimiwl V ' 'L I ' " ' 2- fl 25' H 4 i 1 W N , -. 'QI 'EW 5 if A".V'f. x -'-: A if F wg '-'H an df " 4: 2. IV is Q-rn? Papineau, Bill Papineau, Jon K f .F Q-394 We L ,I Parker, C onard Parker, Raberl mx, Pavolka, .lolm Pearce, Barbara 1,5 K ,IN N if Peebles, Joan Penfold, Nancy 45 Manfhey, Wayne Marshall, Roberl Marszalek, John Marlin, Jania Marlin, John McCarfhy, Calhleen McConnell, Virginia McKinney, Beverly McMillan, Joan Meska, Joann Meyer, Augusl Milcarelr, Barbara Miller, Diana Miller, Roland Millman, Doris Milzarek, Phyllis Milchell, Sharon Molzan, Wayne Morrison, Iudilh Murphy, Shirley Nauyokas, Carolyn Nordholm, Rufh Norris, Frances Oszusl, Ed Q v gz,11fil?Eiffa3fw45 Periolat, Clement Piazza, Linda Piergalski, Mary .lane Pittsford, Paul Pohl, William we wg Perkins, Tommie lou 1 iw A 'Qs l Potucek, Bill Preuss, Franklin , A " l3"'?L',5l? Prybylla, Marvin V l 5 Purcell, Blair Pulz, Patricia S 1 Quadlin, Shirley Reicher, Darlene L W :'f Q i., liZig ?a Rhoda, Sue ll ,,,, K Richter, Esther I M if l i V Riley, Wayne W Rinehart Robbie Adi 'Ji A , X e,-r, '-, ll l gif? it . , f Ritchie, Barbara Y hkyi Q w Roames, Ellen Rohde, Geofge m V . M . Milli 4, Q Rumll, Paul , 3, Mi' A fe. QW Sacks, Robert "ff . 1 M AD Sargent, Harold yiiy l lf ' In some l 'l ll G S fl.2-'hifi 54 l ge mlc , eorge I . EJ R +V le. , ,WN- ,A ww 'SL f A ft, ' A EY fieeif' Schlegelmilch, .loan ,.-,- Schlegelmilch, Shirley W7 V 1 Q 9 03, Schliephake, Jerry :V, ,lgk A schmfdl, Phyllis S-f, ' ieir wh, X - w , ,Jak 5 ,Q-rv. Schomacker, Ronald Schwager, Roger FFL Scott, ,Shirley Searcy, Ronald . ld 1 X . ,, Q. 52 I , J -1 ,, .V Wk, up , ,K 'L J 'YK , , wg, . 'T K .fl , ia' 5 if- L,f, A if: A is ' f.: e."w cg, 5 Jw -- H, w wh, 1 .M .13 ' xx XJ' dz.. if f' 5 .W My If s ki V, K .if . we, 9 7 X S ii Ped i W M V 2553: - ' mn' .4-T! rg' r J' fig , f f f 7 Eizqik 2155"-ff: '55, V 2 ' i ' I , ff gs: mfggn' 11: . 3 3' ia, Volsiorf, Beverly Waaso, Barbara Wagner, Dana Walker, Lillian Walls, George Walofka, Richard Wanflond, lvern Warden, Ronald 47 Semla, Richard Serhal, Shirley Shedrow, Donald Shikany, Jacqueline Simpson, Barbara Slisher, Pearl Smifh, Susan Smolenski, Esiher Snyder, Barbara Snyder, Jacquelyn Sobecki, David Sperling, Herberf Sfec, Richard Slewarf, Geraldine Sfrakowski, Richard Teeiers, James Theisen, Marlha Thompson, Maynard Timm, Mary A Tomchalc, Palsy Tower, Andy Unguraii, Donald Vance, Gene Vollmar, James Waterhouse, Blake Weiss, Frederick Wenzel, Karlene Werre, James Weslberg, Karen Westphal, John Weslphal, Ned Westphal, Sheldon Will, Dorothy Winner, Patricia Wilte, Howard Wolford, l.a Ve Woodruff, Frederick Wozniak, Richard Wright, William Zarazee, Thomas Zallman, Shirley zolyk, Palrikia H18 No pictures for: Barts, Duane Bobinski, Daniel Brown, Dennis Butts, Robert Dolezal, Sue Durant, Carol Flotow, Ronald Geleske, William Hibner, William Johnson, Margie Lansberg, Le Roy Lindberg, Ronald McMahon, Betty Neulieb, Harold Nevorski, James Olson, William Pscion, Benny Saenz, Leonard Schaffer, Jerry Shadford, James Smilh, Florence Steinborn, John Trotter, Orstella Valentine, Robert Wright, Charles ii 42 1 3 -fs? W' K-Q A ' ' Z -in ffwQ,PX a.Qix J Lim fix lbf 1 fx,.X Y-1 'sb li - -il 49 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE PARTY The highlight of our sophomore year was the annual Sophomore Party. The theme, "Dude Ranch," was a huge success, and we shall never forget the party. The decorations consisted of horses, cowboy hats, and cactus-with everyone dressed to tit the occasion. First on the entertainment for the evening was a Dixieland band called "B-Bar-B Riders," made up of Ken McKee, Duane Barts, Larry Maxey, and Phil Mclntosh. They were followed by two humorous skits. To climax our party, there was an old-fashioned square dance, and refreshments were then served by the chuck-wagon crew. 50 OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Row 7: lim Hurst, Mavis Brant, Lee Dabagia. Row 2: Mr. Belden, Miss Commer, Miss Henry, Mr. Nicholas, Mr. Wegner, Mr. Fisher Miss Sebesta, Miss Robinson, Mrs. Urquhart, Mr. Smith was not present. SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY As we approached our first horizon of high school life, we chose Miss Robinson and Mr. Wegner to help us along. For our officers we chose Lee Dabagia as president, Jim Hurst as vice-president, and Mavis Brant as secretary. Our first big step toward the horizon was the Sophomore Party. The theme was "Dude Ranch," and the party was held on October 3, 1952, in the New Auditorium. 51 r Agnew, Ella H .in - bn Ainsworlh,Palricia Q, ff Allen, George , "'- L, Anderson larry Q B ' 7 ' Q 23 Angeledes Ronald ' ' 'L , - -1 Aasgaard, Phillip Q' P4 1 H gr ,- 0 , . - 1 ---, of J t. - Alberlson, Belly Mfg K y X Q g 1 Q x ..., I 1 it Q ? W , k I .J sf E all Ayad, lnez Baldwin, James Ballard, Phyllis Barlels, Judilh Beck, Irene Bennell, Nancy Benoil, Diana I, we awp M ,B 4 ,ge-fr. ,-Ffh I", as W J 4 . L . , r , .5 , ,an wg L ia Q21 Bernius, Gordon Bickel, James Blankenship, William Bleck, Sue Boese, Judy Bohlin, Charles Bolka, Arlhur . , K ,B ft' Bonheur, Charles f i ,ST Bonner, Charmian A , f i ' f Borlel, James 5 in Bowker, Kalhleen ig, B Bowman, Ronald Q ld A K .,. If Branf, Mavis fly Brewer, Nancy W B ,. ,Z Bridwell, Cornelia Bridwell, Glenn , eiel f 1 f . . fl 'lr' . 5' Bnnlcman, Carol 4 , K' Brill, Marlene A ,L L ' . A A M p Brooks, Barbara ' " , QQ 'h wx, Wg, 'QQ' Y' Brown, Belly B" A L I "" ,QM ,A J- ji' B' x Brsgwn, d ,T V it f e,., 1, If ,N f urns, 1 or A ,5.w+..ff I ilfg A B ' if .-, z,,' E A Burns, Ronald ' A A lll ' ' C 5 N . - Q Burris, Sluarl J , ' i 'lf' Carlson, Dick V - V Y ' ,isa ' V- I ' 5 f Cau, Kalhyrn . 1 vi' "" 4' 'Q V ,,: ' K 7 ..,, . ii Q. CGVi9Ui0lU l-WFS I I 1 ' 1 1,wT5'v ., A i w ., . 'if f ,, cofer, Ralph if Vkzr A Q 175:22 7 Q5 , fi ,xi ao ,. comm, Richard dvi?,4l,f ' .A fgwgfnzr ,g ,, A --A 2 Y ,C gg, j ' 595' ' ' A .f 'ff gl- F. P- ,il 'V I Connolly, Jean K' mf ,A was YT i ji 'Wi r 1 :, f V, .cf ,RQ ana' ,f, ,PA ,,v, S Day, Lorna Dewilf, Dexler DiGiacomo, Frank Di rks, Richard Dillo, Shirlene Duberl, Carol Duble, Kennelh Durham, William Eclrerl, Mary Edlen, Delmer Edwards, .loan Ellison, Bonnie Erickson, Sandra Eubanks, Max Feighner, Deloris Fleming, William l i fa? E F ,,, j ' w ' , M, ?. W was 2 S . E 1 ' -lf g Q, :Lv Q51 f wi 7' .Eh . .-- fe- KX -uf . ,,,-A , rm ' " ,N ww- if 1 in . M R E f LL, k. ,.,','l ' riffs .X lv X 5 vi lx We Y., W Q., v. M gr? vw Mn. gsQ,f l 1 1 Cook, Richard Coonfare, Cherie l Collingham, Frances 1 Couplahd, Sharon - 1 Cowgill, Donna Cowgill, Madelyn Cox, Nancy 3 Crafl, Jean 4 Cross, Phil l Cunningham, .lane 1 Dabagia, Lee l 1 Dabberf, Arlene l Dabberl, Roberl Day, Bonnie 3 , 5 1 2 ' .A l Flood, Marilyn Fly, .lerry Foldenauer, Kennelh Fosler, Shirley Fowler, Peggy Frame, Rulh Fries, Patsy Frifz, Judy Gallas, Eleanor' Garay, Emil Gardner, Diane Geissler, Rudolph Girard, Thomas Gloye, Prudy Gondelr, Carol Gorr, Donald Graflon, Margie Gramal, JoAnne Granlham, William Greer, Dave Griffilhs, Nancy Gring, David Haack, Annelle Hall, Richard Hamillon, Nancy Harger, Joy Harper, Virginia Harlsburg, Charles Hubble, Glenn Humphrey, Belly Hunl, Harlan Hunler, Herberl Hurley, Marcella Hursl, James lliff, Grace Jackson, Roberl, Jacobs, Slanley Jasperson, Neil Johansson, Joei Johnson, Marlena Johnson, Shirley Joiner, June 5? in k K , - Y if A ef, eeae M z ,we 5 AG im . I wg? use ,fa ,of :1 N 5' rm... 1 an for - ' 4 A ' ,P as if A 1 iv ly, Y, 'gg 1+ gg! off, lyk -" fi' V l 11.1 f S A., 1 Q 'M .lf 'Q ii iii. ,J ,QN- .sy Tfg E Harville, Harold Haughlinglon, Sandra Hayes, George Haynes, Harold Hays, Naomi Hefner, Nancy Helms, Thomas Henry, John Herald, Charles Herbert, James Herod, Jerry Herrbach, Carol Hileman, Dale Hines, Beverly Hock, David Hubbard, Noah 1 3? W r QE in J 'A-f 2 ak 0 ll "7 G L. Q . 'fu L H 'A if L f , Y - L 2 L -d ' ,J A -Sql D I we K S, mi av li ' 'fff iff B B fs 5 AY X' ., I I f 13 2? ,W . if 'ww e-was gi, - I 'il W 9 K 5 fy I if ' 1 '7 i as , 13 f 1' Wil N . Kroening, Alan Krueger, Donna Kruger, Paul Kulakowski, Mary Lachmund, Ronald k""'1 LaDuke, Norman - Lange, Carol Leedy, Billy Lewis, Anna Linde, Sidney Linde, Sylvia Lindquist, Karen Lindsay, Marsha Lippens, .lim Livingston, David Loefz, Richard L , j 4. ' L 8 ,M .31 'AK' :Ja il 44 I ', gif' L. 5 Nm L 2, , e f"q:,. A 'Y f ' Z VA .' Q- I " ,f - Z.. 'L' , L ff 'r A 35 ij X411 2 I A L' 7 ' Nlfff ' ' H , gfffg , we +4 M fr: L ws.. , m r Juckeff, Bernice Kahn, Belly Kalila, Raymond Keene, Raymond Kieffer, Barbara Kienifz, Allan Kieper, Roberl Kirkham, Melvin Klosinski, Theresa Knoll, Carolyn Knudsen, Marilu Kopczyk, Peler Kopploman, Belly Krebs, Roberl I' T we i if A W ' .,4 in L n i Lif B B Refi ,nf ' , L ,lr 'V K S,-Ju ,,,,, V, ef 1-7' if ' ff , , 2 ,L gi di "-fi! 9 ff I L L Lombard, Wayman A ' W Long, Roberf 1-.V Lowder, Verna i'ii Lubs, Carol if ':,,',-"l L' SM L' Ludwig, Suzanne 1 L Mumki, Ronald W- V Malik, lrono Y ' Maxey, Larry f J z McFeely, David Q 52 on Mclnmh, Philip I V " Mclnlyre, Dale L ' A , ,. McKee, Leonard Ti Q McMahon, Ruflr Meads, Kay Meal er, lloyd Medley, Billie H: , as Meyer, Marfha J L ' , v- V 1 . . 5- - fi' Mllcarek, Rlla Miller, Karen Mizia, Raymond Moon, Beverly Myers, Susan Nash, James Nevorski, Donald Nichols, Rud Nicholason, Norman Novreslre, Eugene Ofcharchak, Barbara W Realloir, Terese- Reebs, Jane Reed, Charles Reed, Roger Rehbein, Dale Reuber, Karin Risk, Janice Rilchie, Marilyn Rohder, Karen Robinson, Teddy Rogers, Edward Rose, Mercedes Rush, John Saracoff, Norman V Q, 'QE' .9 ef we .. ,H H al ' ,ma lid uw Y my W Q3 W 3 f -1-.51 K wg ,X ,,,, S 15" - si ,. fi ,Wm nw.. X -Q ,-1 sb., ,. Aw Q, I N, J J L in A '. ea. 4 4 1- 1 1 Q fa? is in nw E "" Lk! i i sas L, 'I f'i5'ii S . W.. i 'P so J J in sa lliln so N ll M.. l ly, K "., Q ,,'f ,.,: Q Qmf, 1 l m 'J ,,,, P , 1' 'gif k I . if Y M ? NT-eff ff- lll .V-.,":V . Q' . 'z A Us e ,. J ,X s I, J P xefknl Orfiz, Lydia Orzech, Frances Osos, George Ollersen, Roger Pagels, Palricia Palmer, Georgia Parish, Geneva Pauley, Daniel Pawloski, Louise Penfold, Alex Phillips, John Podgorski, Geral Polile, Bill Pollard, Eileen Polempa, Joan Rannie, James d si-- 12, av A . ' vi' -4- X- P -. ,, I M if s wi .3 J W 'W Kwfg L 1 af A Mi ' ff Ji AX T? , f V' :mf a, . A 'wx- Z 1 ,- A i 1 8 is NS' K is i L ug-H ,Y 4 1 V L, Q.. 7- -'ix :L - 1 " Q ev 3 ,sus K, iff' Q 4' ef , , W Q Q :sf 4' ali' 'iw Terk, if 'ini " - , A i i ? Y in fi K 7 .. K" S, d :zl X A V ' 5 W Q e .. - ,fl , il ,JF I fl , 2 L -gv , , A V 6- Smilh, Buddy Smilh, Dorolhy all Snyder, Sue Sobkowiak, Palricia i LQ Soller, Leonard Sobkowiak, Tom 2. g,,,,. Q 37 L '34, f Kr, 'SX I M -.. W - wif SVQVT' ai, .- jg, . i ,yn ggi? Il .Qt :pink x Schaefer, Faye ' Schlundl Shirley Schmck Chesler Schmck George Schullz Carole 'W ' ,fl 'I , ij Schoenning, Karen schulfz, william - .. I VK ,L NW LQ a,,,. -L.r gs. wif W, sn, U3 1 , ,J ff ..g.f 'kk -,NPV A 1 Scrivnor, Richard Sheeler, Ronald Slaler, Barbara Smierlelney, Anlhony Smierielny, George Smilh, Ardes Smilh, Bill mf 'rf A ,L ., Ji Q V Sommerfeld, Carol , rg? -Q W Sparks, Richard if ."' '53 'I S alll - V, - u H ' Sparrow, Marlon W Spear, Allan V K.. A, i.::Lsu,, Spinning, Suzanne Slahoviak, David -,MTH Z"-251, iw . 'Q f' if YQ K , Slanley, Kay ii, ' Slanley, Virginia jg Slark, .lames ' "vf"'j 137, Sleen, Ahra M ' M, y i , ,, ,,. . , ..,..,,.. , Q Sleller, Barbara ' Q an KW, Slephens, Ellen 1, U' mb, ,, Sluder, l.yn fa --VV ' I 5 ,g-W Slurgell, louise 7 ' Sunderland, James j r fy , ,yy 3 , Swanson, Samuel 2 53,22 K if M jf! swmek, John if ' ,- S f Thode, Norman I A , .H 72,5 A - Traske, Mary , ,V A Vx ' gg, E ' in , .. Tuel, Kenny ff ,, , ,i,', r dns 1, env rm-fini' l Volkmann, Thomas 1. X iw, I A ' 'Y I A . V Q V ' Y ,, :wad 5 y S QW' , ,V V.. . lz- I A , lll ' - E' 3 Q , Zi gi .'i :L tive' , ' if ' ' A l Wallr, Roberl Wallke, Wayne Ward, Claudesla Wardean, Honore Warden, Ronald Warnimonl, Dave Washluske, Wayne Weber, Roberl Wrighl, .lack Wroblewski, Donald Zonyk,' Palricia Zorn, Lorella Duane Barls Phyllis Birginslri Elaine Hansen Mary Slory fu-4 Q an 1, HY af. ii . if Q. :Wav if I , I V 4 -zl 'wsu ' - hrwilfl f V. : if , - ,, g giyeg: gif' I gg gil, X 1 ,. ,- - wk ii' , -' f-5572 I ?5Q 5Z?5i rf- . -' Ellfgm ms 7 'R " - 'ff' 'f-..,.: Z" ' 'lf -g,i', 4': 1 A' .Q "' ' +52 f5::fi3?.'5fE3',' . 4 f-51. :f.ff'a : 5!-f, .Q 52521-ff fiffif: , , H ref -X. , ., : . V- wr- W 3? Jw. ' - - 41231:-.f . ., we .s,.,,::,,:!-V:-F ,W . af- sing, Y, 'Y v-Wax , -- Wegner, Mary Ann Werdine, Marilyn Wesner, Wanda Weslphal, Janice While, George Williamson, Tom Winski, Jerry Wille, Paul Wolcoll, Richard Wolcoll, Roger Wolf, Karen Wolford, Shirley Wolgasl, Nannelfe Woodruff, Lee Wazniak, Carol Irene Wozniak, Carol Laverne Woznialr, David Wozniak, .loan No piclures for: Brilzke, Palricia Cozzi, Adam Deuel, Elaine Edwards, Ada Feinn, John Harmon, Marlow Halchel, Mary Hutchison, John Kolb, Sally Konlrey, David Moss, Donald Murray, Ann Swislek, John Waldo, Jeanelle 7 K "'i'M K ' V' K AWE! Q ' . -, ,f is 2521+ .." 'K . V , -." W 7 1,-I' ' ' 'FE r rn " ' 'X WNW: F . 22-:, iiiiiilfifis' fi' i V' T F- mil- if rf ' -. .W - w , . , las' 'f f-" 4 ,H X fr-.Lrg Y ' D f 5' -i" 5 N a Y 0 58 MID -YEAR SOPHOMORES Row l: Mr. Troyer, Kennelh While, William Mahl, Gordon l.oel1, John Carlson, Phil Gasleyer. Row 2: Norman Brinkman, John Bauer, Howard Johnson, Dallas Seedorf, Pal Merrell, Jim Thompson. Row 3: Bob Dabagia, Bill Robinson, Neil Rehbein, Larry Owens, Richard Bass, LeRoy Eberly. Row 4: Bob Serhal, Leonard Skibo, Donald Krachinski, Alberl Griffin, James Guess, Bill Thomas. Row 5: John Kemp, Bob Blair, Ray Gulliver, Ross Benlley, Wayne Houghlon, Arlhur Jungnickel, Donald Pelroff. Absenl: Lawrence Ingersoll. Row 1: Belly Bills, Barbara Goldman, Karen logerquisl, Joyce Armslrong, Merry Fuller, Diane Nichols, Mrs. Herberl. Row 2: Marjorie lysler, Carol Nieman, Beverly Mclnlyre, Eloise Malchow, Mary Ganschow, Arlene Vachon, Nancy Repperl. Row 3: Barbara Brown, Carol Barlholomew, Bernadine Goede, Ann Frehse, Pal Hinshaw, lrene Breskin, Karen Frageman, Pal Gondek. Row 4: Nancy Nixon, Belly Slaffel, Carol Vesl, Kalhy Helms, Vernelda Hixon, Joan Wilke, Shirley Lamalina, Belly Russ. Row 5: Nancy Rowlands, Nancy Scoll, Bobbie Roberl- son, Jerry Virge, June Cox, Maelisbelh Pope, Gloria Arnold, Jean Cox. Absenl: Sue Biedersladl. 59 SNAPS Whafs fhe affracfion? Assef or liabilify? I didn'f know fhe gun was loaded! ls fhis fhe righl size? Sid, the arfisf. sIW"'ff 3 .3 7 Z 2 I? '?f4I,,N X I IX If QZIIIIIN . 55 SEIIIZZ 'a mi I X M ,QWZ f ff ? ff Q NIM, iffy? XII WIS fix WS nf ACTIVITIES ELSTONIAN Row l: Rolland Preuss, Elaine Kozin, Roger Holem, Shirley McAlpine, Don Groth. Row 2: Miss Shepherd, Betty Leslr, Jane Urquhart, Judy Henry, Constance Hamilton, Pearl Cox, Elizabeth Allen, Marlene Anderson. Row 3: Phyllis Hileman, Lorelei Storey, Joan Hinshaw, Barbara Porter, Carol Hitz, Carol Sobocinski, Sue Erickson, Mary Drake. Row 4: Allan Lazarus, John Hart, Joyce Moore, Pal Ellaby, Phyllis Shepperson, Betty Rannie, Clair Kuszmaul, Arnold Bass. Buzz! Buzz! The Elstonian staff is busily at work on the 1953 Elstonian every day the sixth period. This year the staff voted to keep the theme a secret. The aim of the "Class of 1953" was to produce an El- stonian that would be bigger and better than ever before. The staff was under the direction of Miss Shepherd. The staff was as follows: ew we ins S E r S .rt fifljiio lxl Editor-in-chief ..,.. Business Manager ..... . . . Circulation Manager ,... , . Faculty Editor Senior Editors. . . Junior Editors ,... . Sophomore Editors . Activity Editors .... Boys Sports ,,... Girls Sports ,,... Art Editor ..,. Lay-out Staff. . , Feature Editor .,.. Photographers .... Ty pists .... W Ad Solicitors .... 62 Roger Holem Rolland Preuss . Mary Drake Betty Rannie Barbara Porter Elizabeth Allen Carol Hitz Marlene Anderson Phyllis Hileman Judy Henry Joan Hinshaw Betty Lesk Lorelei Storey John Hart Allan Lazarus Pat Ellaby Sue Erickson Don Groth Elaine Kozin Shirley McAIpine Joyce Moore Pearl Cox Connie Hamilton Arnold Bass Clair Kuszmaul Phyllis Shepperson Carol Sobocinski Marilyn Lindsay Marlene Dietrich Lorraine Deutscher Bert Waterhouse Georgia Steindrager Shirley Condon George Bartels Carolyn Lutz NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row l: Shirley McAlpine, Sally Lueth, Constance Hamilton, Nancy Ballard, Mary Bowden, Sally Breslrin, Helen Nadaf, Pat McAlpine, Jane Urquhart, Barbara Porter. Row 2: Tony Joseph, Elaine Kozin, .loyce Kintzele, Marilyn Polite, Jean Rhoda, Marjorie Schultz, Mary Alice Westberg, Belly Beebe, Nancy Johnsen, Earl Radke, Richard Blieden. Row 3: Earl Berry, Tom Martin, Alan Dolson, James Griffin, larry Powell, Edward Hall, Wayne Sheblosky, Robert Brooks, Duane Bonner, Roger Bixler, Bert Waterhouse, James Grimes. Every spring at a very impressive ceremony seniors and juniors are initiated into the National Honor Society with a background of candle light and soft music. This is the highest honor that can be bestowed on any student during his high school years. All students in the upper third of the Senior Class and all students who are iunior twos in the upper third of the Junior Class are eligible for membership. Members are chosen by a faculty committee according to their scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Those who are eligible are voted on by the faculty and their own classmates before the faculty X lr committee makes the final choice. N4 The officers for this year were Dick Blieden, president, Shirley S McAlpine, vice-president, and Elaine Kozin, secretary. X 6 3 sf N V WMV 63 OFFICE MESSENGERS Row l: l.illian Walker, Karen Schoenning, Bonnie Day, Ella Agnew. Row 2: Sally Holston, Barbara Kemp, John Hart, Donald Dombrowsky, Pat Pagels. Row 3: Marvin Kominiarek, Florence Brinckman, Diana Benoil, Lyn Studer, William Pohl. Swwvi , ZZ Delivering messages, collecting attendance slips, and gf- Z running errands are the duties carried out by the of- :-' -Q fice messengers. A The messengers give up one of their study halls to per- ! .' form these services. X Wlvxwxi 64 STUDENT COUNCIL Row l: Dick Blieden, Barbara Simpson, Merhlh Houck, Dolores Brant, Calherine Timm, Mrs. Herberl, Mr. Cooling. Row 2: Janice Risk, Pal Winner, Dale Schullz, Richard Wolcott, Dorothy Will, Marvin Kominiarek, Blair Purcell. Row 3: Annelle Haack, Barbara Carmichael, Sally Hahn, Sharon Coupland, Carol Kniola, Mary Wegner, Karen Miller, Marilyn Werdine. Row 4: Dick Carlson, George While, Bob Serhal, Ressa Delco, Audrey Hardt, Elizabeth Allen, Mary Drake, Marcia Melllen. Row 5: Lee Dabagia, Bill Wright, Jim Ronnie, Dexter De Will, Jerry Winski, .lim Hursl, .loan Wozniak, Mary Ganschow. Row 6: Allan Lazarus, Mike Storen, George Gondek, Kennelh Milchell, Pal Gardner, Robert Valenline, William Pohl, Richard Hague. The Student Council acts as the legislative and iudicial 'P part of our student government. It strives for good citizen- lx . ship among' the students. The Council was under the di- rection of Mrs. Herberl for the first semester and of Mr. Q Cooling for the second. ' 1- Officers for lhe first semester were president, Dick Blied- 7 en, vice-president, Merhth Houck, and secretary, Barbara 2 Q Simpson. 7 sq Second semester officers were president, Dolores Brant, h vice-president, Barbara Simpson, and secretary, Cather- U Wy ine Timm. h y 65 MONITORS Row l: Jim Hurst, Dick Carlson, Sharon Coupland, Joyce Blair, Sally Hahn, Barbara Simpson, Blair Purcell, Mr. Cooling. Row 2: George Walls, James Davis, Dale Schultz, Bill Wright, Richard Wolcott, Nancy Brinckman, Marvin Kominiarek, Richard Hague. Row 3: Rob Rinehart, Margie Gallagher, Barbara Carmichael, Dorothy Will, Mary Wegner, Georgia Palmer, Karen Miller, Marilyn Werdine, Pauline Wilhrow, Merhlh Houck. Row 4: Lee Dabagia, Barbara Ofcharchak, Barbara Slater, Betty McMahon, Ressa Delco, Elizabeth Kemp, Barbara Kemp, Sharon Kaslen, Lorelei Storey, Jane Urquhart. Raw 5: Martha Theisen, Marilyn Lindsay, Carol Kniala, Jeanine Johnson, Lyn Sluder, Geraldine Stewart, Barbara Johnston, Marcia Meltlen, Catherine Timm. Row 6: Clem Periolat, Allan Lazarus, Mike Sloren, Bill Steinborn, Norman Tracy, Robert Kominiarek, John Marszalelc, Roberl Valentine, George Osos, .loe Arnold. The Monitors are the group of students who see that the Q laws of the school are obeyed. They give detentions for 2 gum chewing, disturbing the study hall or library, and for 4 various other offenses. vg1t1::x:,0' The executive committee for the first semester was An- '22 ,..---- 4 f nette Haack, Marvin Kominiarek, Jim Hurst, Richard Wol- f i cott, Bill Wright and Sally Hahn. They were under the J direction of Mrs. Herbert. The executive committee for the second semester was Dick pr. Xl Hague, Blair Purcell, Dick Carlson, Jim Hurst, and Sharon Coupland, who were under Mr. Cooling's direction., 66 HALL PATROL Row 1: Shirley Zollman, Ressa Delco, Pat W'lnner, Joan Hungerford, Barbara Carmichael, Nancy Booth, Phyllis Schmidt. Row 2. Roger Holem, Mike Storen, Thomas Gourley, Mr. lrgang, Allan Lazarus, Don Ungurait, .lerry Herod. Row 3: Lloyd Mealer, George Walls Paul Russel, Paul Pittsford, .lerry Klosinski, Charles Bohlin. Row 4: Tom Goch, Richard Walotka, Richard Wozniak, Robert Butts, Harry lykens Row 5: .lohn Henry, Frank Preuss, Clem Periolat, Ronald Searcy, Jim Thompson, Chuck Bonheur, Richard,Semla. Row 6: Rolland Preuss Nick Karagan, Marvin Kominiarek, Dwight Henderlong, Howard Witte, Ed Lubs, Charles Burns. Keeping peace and order in the halls is the duty of our hall patrol. Each member has a certain place which he patrols during the time before school in the morning and at noon. Mr. lrgang sponsors the group, with Allan Lazarus as chief in the senior high school and Don Ungurait as cap- tain in the New Auditorium. Mike Storen is captain on the first floor: Tom Gourley, on the second floor, and Roger Holem on the third floor. 67 l X Mwj M F n LK T' my 6 I Q 5 Q' . A Q 4 .. j 5 Z 3, W! X l ' I llXx,'iQ.Xs HI-Y ir! www Row 1: Mr. Kuszmaul, Dave Gring, Rolland Preuss, Dick Bennett, Conard Parker, Jack Pfister, John Hart, Jim Vollmar, Edward lubs, Mr. Dyer. Row 2: Chester Schnick, Arnie Bass, John Arndt, Bill Smith, Wayne Molzan, Stanley Jacobs, leo Drzewiecki, Jerry Ellis, John Troyer, Bob Marshall. Row 3: Ed Hall, Ronnie Sheeler, George Gondek, Bob Kolodzieiski, Ben Pscion, Tom Gourley, Frank Preuss, Clair Kuszmaul. Many worthy plans and proiects have been completed throughout the year by the Hi-Y. "To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character" is the goal of the group. Nh SX 1 Officers for the year were president, Jack Pfister, vice- president, John Hart, and recording secretary, Dick Bennett. .2 Mr. Kuszmaul served as sponsor during the first semester, and Mr. Bucy sponsored the club during the second semester. "' Mr. George Dyer of the Y.M.C.A. is the other sponsor. 68 TRI-Hl-Y Row l: Linda Piazza, Elaine Kozin, Merhth Houck, Rosie Linde, Jane Urquhart, Sue Janz, Miss Wolfe. Row 2:Doris Gannon, Susan Myers, Karen Schoenning, Bonnie Day, Karen Miller, Mary Wegner, Belly Humphrey, Eleanor Criswell, Nancy Brinckman, Sue Erickson. Row 3: Dana Wagner, Karlene Wenzel, Jacky Snyder,'Pat Winner, Loretta Zorn, Judy Boese, Sharon Coupland, Marilyn Werdine, Nanelle Wolgasl, Carole Pritchard. Row 4: Carol Lange, Karen Lindquist, Pearl Slisher, Shirley Schlundt, Faye Schaefer, Suzanne Spinning, Pearl Cox, Claudesta Ward, Lillian Walker. Row 5: Darlene Mahlka, Ruth Nordholm, Jeanine Johnson, Pat Tomchak, Terese Reatloir, Margie Grafton, Jane Reebs, Dolores Brant, Faith Scott. Row 6: Sandra Erickson, Martha Sue Meyer, Sandra Ferguson, Anita Linn, Jania Marlin, Sue Rhoda, Loretta Collins, Nancy Halhoot, Karen Westberg, Lois Thompson. 7 "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character" is the motto of the Tri-Hi-Y. lt is affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. and meets at the "Y" every other week on Thursday night. The members raised money by having a bake sale and dances and by selling address stickers. They helped with the March of Dimes, made favors for hospitals, and dis- tributed baskets at Christmas. Q -4 The officers for the year were Elaine Kozin, president, 'L i Merhth Houck, vice-president, Jane Urquhart, secretary, 'LQ' pl fl, Rosie Linde, treasurer, and Nancy Johnsen, chaplain. 69 DAHLITES Row l: Joann LaBorn, Nancy Cheney, Rosemary Leeds, Sandra Ferguson, Sue Rhoda, Karen Miller, Karan Lindquist. Row 2: Karon Westberg, Mary Wegner, Loretla Zorn, Judy Boese, Suzanne Spinning, Carol Engstrom, Linda Piazza. Row 3: Carol Lange, Margene Marshall, Charlotte Jaeger, Frances Willelt, Miss Dahlberg, Sally Luelh, Sandra Erickson, Marva Jane Hass, Mary Louise Traske. wS MMA Y 46 The busy "gals" seen working around the library are the I Dahlites. With Miss Dahlberg as their guide, the girls carry S ,' t out many tasks, including checking out books and mak- ing displays. -:2 Sally Leuth is president of the cluby Nancy Cheney, vice- 'V' 4 X Q president, and Frances Willett, secretary-treasurer. W .- X L lflwxxtw 70 JUNIOR RED CROSS ..e-1'-"' J-v""""M Row 1: Alan Kienitz, Bernice Juckett, Verlene Hixon, Charlotte Konlrey, Pai Novreske, Faith Scolt, Arvella Calusa, Margaret Larson Betty Lesk, Darryl Worth. Row 2: Sidney Linde, Jean Craft, Shirley Schlundt, Arlene Orzech, Jane Urquhart, Nancy Johnsen, Mary Louise Traske, Nancy Cheney, Joann LaBorn, Nedra Keppen, Jerry Scl-iliephake. Row 3: Miss Henry, Pat Winner, Martha Sue Meyer Teddy Robison, Bill Karm, Roger Wolcolt, Dick Korn, Bob Danderson, Max Eubanks, Carolyn Nauyokas, Marlene Brill, Luella Dalenberg, Cara Yount This busy organization, under the sponsorship of Miss Hen- ry, is composed of a representative from each sponsor group. The annual Red Cross drive was held in the fall, and "Gifts for Yanks" were sent to hospitals. Some special proiects included menus, slippers, and scrapbooks. Jane Urquhart was president of the Club, Dick Korn, vice- president, and Nancy Johnsen, secretary-treasurer. 7'l llwf XD ze Y -7 Y 9 5. e 2 X afmg FORUM CLUB Row l: Esther Richter, William Pohl, Margaret Larson, Mr, Cooling, George Osos, Richard Carlson. Row 2: Allan Spear, Paul Russell, James Agnew, Kenny Hoerr, Larry Maxey, Norman Saracoff, Roger Otlersen, John Feinn, Bill Fleming. Members of the Forum Club are kept up to date on current events through the age-old method of "hot debate." The elections furnished one of the most stimulating topics. so Q- ...H fa Q. Mil llqlxvx Officers for the first semester were president, Bill Pohl, vice- president, George Osos, and secretary, Margaret Larson. Mr. Cooling sponsored the Club for the first semester, and Mr. Belden was in charge during the second semester. 72 AUDIO-VISUAL AIDES .Q 3 Row l: Diane Gardner, Marilyn lindsay, Miss Stuart, Geraldine Stewart. Row 2: Rudolph Geissler, James Hurst, Don Frame, Jerry Klosinski, Mr. Mclntire, Norman La Duke, Norman Tracy, Dan Woodruff, John Troyer. Some busy beavers around the school are the Audio- Visual Aides. A few of their iobs are running proiectors, setting up the public address system, and assisting in radio programs. Mr. Mclntire is the director of audio-visual work in Michi- gan City, and Miss Stuart sponsors the work in the senior high school. 73 sw X -J 3 2 zz .4 fy f .5 9 .1 ?. 51,44 BLACKFRIARS at 1' 1- im f 5216:-,xii ' Row 1: Diana Miller, Sue ludwig, Mrs. Morgan, Esther Richter, Sally Holston, Margaret Larson. Row 2: Geraldine Gill, lvern Wanl- Iand, Dana Wagner, Rudolph Geissler, Noah Hubbard, George Osos, Glenn Bridwell, Don Ungurait, Marilyn Werdine, Nancy Booth, Mary .lane Piergalski. x Ndxxxyqx 1 X Y 7 Qi llfiiwm Acting, stogework, ond enunciation are a few talents taught by Mrs. Morgan to the Blackfriars. Q Officers for the year were president, Esther Richter, X vice-president, Sue Ludwig, and secretary-treasurer, Sally Holston. ' 74 THESPIANS Row 1: Joyce Black, John Troyor, Miss luck, Nedra Keppen, Rosemary leeds. Row 2: Don Ungurait, Constance Hamilton Marvin Kominiarelr, Pat Winner, Chuck Bonheur. Row 3: Esther Richter, Sally Holston, Jania Martin, Carole Sobocinski, lvern Wantland Diana Miller. Row 4: Nick Karagan, Rolland Preuss, Richard Hague, Mr. Fisher, Ned Westphal, Frank Preuss, Kenny Hoerr. The actors and actresses of our school gave their annual Christmas and spring plays under the direction of their sponsor, Miss Luck, ond of Mr. Fisher, an honorary member. Thespians are students who are chosen by points which they obtain for their acting ability and stage work in school plays. Officers were president, Nedra Keppen, vice-president, John Troyer, and secretary-treasurer, Rosi Leeds. 75 ,MM W lk lull Mlflillgl SLIPSTICKS will T at ,gc . LL ew r Row T: loretla lorn, .ludy Boese, Suzanne Spinning, Mike Sloren, Mary Drake, Shirley McAlpine, Mr. Giffel, Helen Nadaf, Carole Pritchard, Sue Erickson. Row 2: Gordon Bernius, Raymond Kalita, lane Reebs, Phyllis Schmidt, Nancy Austin, Ressa Delco, Sharon Mitchell, Catherine Timm, Pat Ellaby, Carolyn Lutz, Belly Ronnie, Lorelei Storey, Harold Sargent, Wilfred Drabenstot. Row 3: Tom Ellis, Hussein Hakim, louis Hager, Herbert Hunter, James Baldwin, Stuart Burris, Bill Fleming, Kenny Hoerr, William Pohl, Max Eubanks, Norman La Duke, Russell Hedslrom, Duane Barts, Rob Rinehart, Maynard Thompson, Blair Purcell. Wlfw, L. gs Z- -4 Q R X s , .J Z .id 4' + T ww The mathematically-minded students of our school make up this worthwhile club. The name of the club was derived from their first proiect, learning how to use a slide rule. Under the leadership of Mr. Giffel, officers were elected. First semester officers were president, Mike Storen, vice-president, Shirley McAlpine, recording secretary, Mary Drake, and at- tendance secretary, Lois Thompson. Second semester officers were president, Maynard Thompson, vice-president, Betty Rannie, recording secretary, Suzanne Spin- ning, and attendance secretary, Pat Ellaby. LATIN CLUB Row 1: Karlene Wenzel, Miss Henry, lania Martin, Nick Karagan, Mary Drake, Dana Wagner. Row 2: Jacky Snyder Paul Russell Don Ungurait, Bill Fleming, Shirley Zollman, Verlene Hixon, Lillian Walker. Row 3: Mike Storen, Bill Pohl, Bob Marshall, Pat Ellaby Marvin Kominiarek, Ned Westphal, Frank Preuss Membership in the Latin Club is open to all students who have had one semester or more of Latin. Miss Henry sponsors this activity. The Roman Banquet, an annual event, was held in March. Members came to the banquet dressed in togas similar to those worn by the ancient Romans. Officers for the year were president, Nick Karagan, vice- president,Jania Martin, and secretary-treasurer, Mary Drake. 77 S-Y M114 N3 'L j 1 Q num W 3 Z Z M-. . 3 Z bf at ZIIVWXXXL PAINT SPOTS Row l: Constance Hamilton, Clarence Morris, Diane Gardner, Philip Mclnlosh. Row 2: Dorine Goede, .loan Edwards, Miss Commer, Pllillis Bohnsladl, June Cox, Ella Agnew. Row 3: Barbara Ofcharchak, Mary Louise Traske, Phyllis Birginske, Irene Breslrin, Marilyn Rilchie, Nllmlf is 'C Z fb .X .4 9 C? f' D fy -me A Q! 'f N9 WWNNN The artists of tomorrow exhibit their talents by attending the meetings of the Paint Spots, which is sponsored by Miss Commer. A highlight of the club year was a trip to Chicago to visit the Art lnstitute. Officers for the first semester were president, Diane Gardner, vice-president, Ella Agnew, and secretary, Mari- lyn Ritchie. Second semester officers were president, Clarence Mor- ris, vice-president, Connie Hamilton, and secretary, Diane Gardner. 78 FASHIONETTES X . -wg ,f Q, 3 i' wh' e ,d,l!'39l5 i .V 5...1:s f Row 1: Barbara Zollrowslzi, Nancy Cheney, Mrs. Kelly, Audrey Hardt, Dolores Brant. Row 2: Elaine Ludingtan, Palncra Manthey, Barbara Pearce, Luella Dalenberg, Nancy Fisher, Beverly Gring, Shirley Kohler, Ruth Nardholm, Patricia Kubica, Elaine Dusza Raw 3 Pal Novreske, Shirley Miller, Pat Kops, Charlotte Jaeger, Nancy Brinckman, Mary Jane Piergalski, Palricia leusch, Karen Weslberg Beverly Oswalt, Carol Hitz, Jackie Kalil, Judy Cole. Under the direction of Mrs. Kelly the Fashionettes meet every Thursday for the purpose of more advanced work in sewing. These economy-wise girls make their own clothes for school and play. Officers of the Club were president, Audrey Hardt, and secretary, Nancy Cheney. 79 lf. ill xx 'XXX If QXYSX44! , I 2 , 5 ft' , 2 I1 4 DANCE BAND Row 1: larry Maxey, Eleanor Criswell, Bill Thornburgh, Ed Hall, Dick Blieden, Ronnie Hinshaw. Row 2: .lim Rannie, Duane Barts, Ed Oszust, Bill Papineau, Bob Walk, Louis Hager, Sandra Haughtington. Row 3: Rolland Preuss, Leonard McKee, Philip Mclntosh, Jerry Ellis, Richard Hague, Judy Fritz. The music for the after-game dances was furnished by the dance band, which is composed of a few of the players from the regular school band. BAND The band celebrated twenty-five successful years under the direction of Mr. Myran at its annual concert on April 17. Officers for the year were president, Dick Blieden, vice-president, Bert Waterhouse, and secretary-treasurer, Edward Hall. 80 BAND Row l: Bruce Fisher, Jerry Ellis, Philip Mclnlosh. Row 2: Norman La Duke, Rolland Preuss. Row 3: Frank Preuss, Shirley McAlpine, Elaine Kozin, Chesler Schnick. Row l: Ed Hall, Bill Thornburgh, Larry Maxey. Row 2: Ronnie Hinshaw, Dexfer De Will, Dick Blieden, Allan Spear. Row 3: Ronald Schomacker, Barbara Sanders, Jackie Janoski, James Herberl, Jane Reebs, Russell Case. Row 1: Tom Krenlz, Norman lo Duke, Judy Frilz. Row 2: Carol Duranf, Nancy Mason, Belly Rannie, Berl Walerhause. Row 3: Pal King, Mickey Fargher, Eleanor Criswell, Kalie Kyle, Befsy Weber. Row 4: Belly Slaffel, Blake Waferhouse, Cherie Coonfare, Minnie Abron, Ar- dilh Klinder, Connie Ziemer, Kalhleen Bowker. Row 7: Bill Papineau, Bob Walk, Louis Hager. Row 2: Deloris Feighner, Sandra Haughlinglon, Peler Kessler, Arnold Bass. Row 3: George Baranowski, Bill Peck, Bill Fleming, Ed Oiszusl, Duane Barfs. Row 4: Milfon Dabagia, Ronald Coffs, Jim Rannie, John Kemp, John Arndf, May- nard Thompson. Row 5: Colelfe Boza, Richard Hague, Philip Gasleyer, Jim Slark, Max Eubanks. STRING ENSEMBLE 9' 'fl 3 BZ' 'Q 'U Q.. Q.. mlb ini -.1 OID QY 3 3 To 33: 22. U'3 :Jn lg., sv? :E 3 Q.'l'1 ez. - OI' U' 11:1 lo FS PPD TS. 5? 15 Q-.. 59 fb mfs' if Q 3-79 ZZ 0: Sh Ql'i 0 I Fi 59. 29- 59'- 159. or. Y-4 3' fs E9 O Se 3. Z ga nO X3 3" sn Z2 -1: ': if' EE: P3 'Um 25. D3 33' ILO w? E Z Ea Pi iff, ill Z f MS X l I The String Ensemble is composed of students who play the different string instruments. The group provides music for dinners and various other civic affairs. lt is under the leadership of Mr. Myran. The officers were Shirley McAlpine, presidentp Lois Thomp- son, vice-presidentg Rolland Preuss, secretaryg and Nancy Ballard, librarian. 82 JUNIOR CONCESSIONS Row l: Nick Karagan, Pal Winner, Miss Wolfe, Karlene Wenzel, Bob Marshall. Row 2: Lillian Walker, laVerne Wolford, Diana Miller, Rosemary leeds, Jackie Snyder, Donald Ungurail. Row 3: Louis Hager, Dana Wagner, Esther Richter, Nancy Boolh, Patricia Kubica, Pat Januchowski, Donna Hefner, Jerry Schliepl-lake. Row 4: Blair Purcell, Marvin Kominiarek, Mary Timm, Georgella Goldsberry, Mary Koehler, Frank Preuss, Florence Brinckman, Maynard Thompson. ln order to have a Prom for the graduating seniors and in order to publish the l954 yearbook, the Elstonian, all able-bodied iuniors were enlisted to sell concessions at all games and dances, and at noon and after school. Miss Wolfe was put in charge of the concessions for the second consecutive year. The student managers were Nick Karagan, general manager, Bob Marshall, candy manager, Karlene Wenzel, financial manager, and Pat Winner, personnel manager. 83 CADET TEACHERS Row T: Harriet Gabel, Carolyn Lutz, Nedra Keppen, Catherine Timm, Mary Drake. Row 2: Sue Erickson, Sally Lueth, linda Pulaski, Mary Alice White, Nancy Brinckman. Students who wish to enter into the field of teaching have the advantage of actually working in the classrooms by serving as cadet teachers. The cadet teachers' program was first introduced in Michigan City in T945-T946. The superintendent of schools, Mr. Knapp, elementary supervisor, Miss O'Connor, and our principal, Mr. Humphrey, interview those students who are interested in cadet teaching. The cadet teachers make a tour of the elementary schools to see on which grade level they would like to teach. Then each is under the supervision of the teacher of the grade. The cadet helps in giving test, planning assignments, and in various other ways. 84 GLEE CLUB Row 7: Marcella Hurley, Arlene Dabbert, Jack Pfister, Jim Dettman, Kenneth Voltz, Delmer Edlen, Jean Craft, Mr, Miller. Row 2. Betty Albertson, Viola Iliff, LeRoy Eberly, John Carlson, Sidney Linde, Lowell Burns, Pat Dixon, Beverly Mclntyre. Row 3: Naomi Hayes, Cara Yount, Karen Reuber, Martha Meyer, Marilyn Flood, Pat Ellaby, Jeannie Fischbacher, Carol Fausch, Mary Hatchel, Shirlene Ditto. This year for the first time the Glee Club was assigned a regular class period. Several commendable performances were put on through-out the year. ln "Dulci Jubilo" was the theme carried out in the annual Christ- mas concert in December. The spring concert 'lSpringtime Melo- dies" was held in March. First semester officers were president, Kenny Schreiber, busi- ness manager, Kenny Voltz, and secretary Bill Steinborn. Officers for the second semester were president, Jack Pfis- ter, business manager, Jeannie Fischbacher, and secretary, Kenny Voltz. Mr. Arthur Miller directs the group. 85 il WQ4 Ts' QP X lhfl l V' S Z. W -Q CAREE R DAY Row 1: Mrs. Anne Noveroske, Mrs. Grace Shurr, Mrs. leona Herod, Mrs. F. M. Fargher, Miss Martha Wickham, Miss Helen Sornson, Miss Harriet l.eyson, Miss Carolyn Swarl, Mrs. Ruth Lane, Miss Helen Minke. Row 2: Hugo Herbert, Ray Deardorff, Elwin Greening, William Kuszmaul, louis Adamson, Lloyd McAlpine, John Buck, Carl Handorf, Emil Bannwarl. Row 3: Arthur Lowry, Clifford Moyer, Charles Hanlce, Ellis Heffner, S. R. Friedman, W. R. VanDenBosch, Arthur Werth, Raymond Whitesell, G. A. Wade. Row 4: Myron Byers, Ted Albers, Ted Hill, W. O. Frazier, Donald Ford, Jim Carlisle, Kenneth Schumaker, Stanley Schneider, Richard Kessler, Ed Valleau. Under the direction of Miss Day, guidance director, Miss Robinson and Mr. Giffel, counselors for our student body, the fourth Career Day was a great success. The Rotary Club sponsored this valuable program, which featured persons from various occupations who discussed with students their fields of work. There were nine guides and thirty-eight student hosts who introduced the speaker to his group at the beginning of each of the two sessions. 86 PAN-AMERICAN DAY Row 1: Nancy Booth, Nancy Fisher, Marva Jane Hass, Pat King, Sally Holston, Janice Risk, Ellen Stephens, Diana Miller, Audrey Hardt, Ruth Frame, Carol Lange, Karen Lindquist, Susan Myers, Sue Ludwig, Mary Wegner, Jerry Winski, Sidney Linde, Kenny Hoerr Hussein Hakim, Mrs. Spiro, Bill Greene. Row 2: Bill Papineau, Larry Maxey, Judy Fritz, Jim Rannie. Pan-American Day, April 14, was colorfully presented by Mrs. Spiro's Spanish classes in an assembly program before the student body. A trip through the Latin American countries il- lustrated very effectively the life and manner of the Spanish- speaking peoples. The program was closed by Mrs. Fred Carstens' showing of films which had been taken on a recent trip through South America. 87 D 3' tl 'lla' 'E 4 Q X l 4 Q vi' I NS.. N lilies RED DERBIES Row T: Ruth Frame, Joan McMillan, Jania Martin, Nancy Brinckman, Carolyn Lutz, Mary Drake, Shirley Schlegelmilch, Loretta Collins, Dolores Brant, Mrs. Spiro. Row 2: Eleanore Gallas, Annette Haack, Jerry Schliephake, Karen Schoenning, Karen Miller, Kathryn Cass, Bonnie Day, Susan Myers, Pat Ellaby, Shirley Quadlin, Joyce Moore. Row 3: Frances Orzech, Theresa Klosinske, Sharon Mitchell, Beverly Gring, Patricia Manthey, Pat Fought, Loretta Zorn, Suzanne Spinning, Florence Brinckman, Barbara Zolkowski, Carol Fausch. Row 4: Prudy Gloye, Nancy Booth, Sally Holston, Dolly Calusa, Sharon Coupland, Judy Boese, Bonnie Ellison, Janice Risk, Joan Peebles, Judy Morrison, Pat lanuchowski, Pat Block, Jeanette Mizia. Row 5: Harriet Gabel, Sue Erickson, Catherine Timm, Nedra Keppen, Pauline With- row, Barbara Johnston, Shirley Schlundt, Joan Potempa, Esther Richter, Charlotte Konkey, Mavis Brant. Row 6: Phyllis Hilemon, Clemonce Bahar, Diane Nichols, Elaine Kozin, Sue Rhoda, Carol Engstrom, Sue Dolezal, Lindo Piazza, Anita Linn, Jeanine Johnson, Judy Henry, Nancy Cox, Rosie Linde. Row 7: Irene Malik, Patricia Putz, Patricia Sobkowiak, Mary Ann Wegner, Sue Bleck, Marlene Britt, Audrey Hardt, Nancy Fisher, Marva Jane Haas, Carol Hitz, Jackie Kalil, Beverly Oswalt, Jane Urquhart, Lorelei Storey. RawV8: Anna Lewis, Lydia Ortiz, Sandra Erickson, Carol Lange, Karen Lindquist, Nancy Nixon, Ann Frehse, Carol Bartholomew, Bernadine Goede, Shirley McAlpine, Nancy Johnsen, Sally Hahn, Edna Bohlim. Our school spirit has been increased by the pep clu with their new sponsors Mrs. Spiro and Mr. Bucy. Officers for the first semester were Dolores Brant, pres: 'Z dent, Loretta Collins, vice-president, and Shirley Schlegel milch, secretary. 5 Second semester officers were Shirley Schlegelmilch Q Q president: and Darlene Mahlka, vice-president. X ' Doris Gannon, Darlene Mahlka, Jack Pfister, Sandy guson, and Louis Ulrich. MNA 88 The cheer leaders who led this group were Sally Kneisley, Fer 1 4 Q SNAPS Cheering section Red Derby meefing Yea Team Fight Hoosier hysferia Somefhing fo sing abou! SNAPS Art proiecfs 31' ,Z x , ggi. .lusf a few Romans H zziuu ' This way Joan A display going up Wanf fo buy a candy bar? Food for the needy -xxf 0- , if! 4 Q V 9 My -1.1-1 , 7?2 ffs 5 ' ,f - ,,-,.. X -L'-L 4. - A - i , - 1--ltmi 5 - .X f -l -T- - 5 ff o-"' A g' ii: 1 4 -.- ...l..n-- 1 Ll- -l- -T-. al-7 .J-- ---'- --- ,Q X -...,,,..f . --nl 1- 'ta 1 - . 71" ees! - l - tiif '- :'CE'fo'- 13:2 ....i...-: . 5 - L.. Fir, S-if - Al I 1.1- p- FSS in-:L +1 + Y. 91 , - ii- 4: -ii-i i. l-.-1 '... Lt- ? .1--lir lp 4--111-7 -1-n v .i J-.. f 'Ili f ,4.. .....-.f -'Q-1 -- ..-- fi:-.2 -iii 'Z ,..1-1 -l l.1 iis ....1l... 11.-111 FEATURES POET'S PAGE TRANSFORMATION 1' A g-.4 7 1 "Cynicism" was his philosophy, All things he held to scorn, He mocked himself and all other men And wept that he was born. His superior, pitying smile Was a mockery itself, Then suddenly one day he fell 7' J-.fs From off his lofty sheif. His supreme ioke was shattered TH E G By an angel with golden hair, She made life seem a iewel, Exquisite and rare. Someone put a little light along the Coast of Sorrow B R And turned the beam upon the Sea of Life- So that the ships of Happiness might never know 1 The sharp and iutted rocks of Pain and Strife. 1-' - '- Q - Someone put a Star of Love in the heavens far, 5 A " A 3 lllumining a world of Beauty here below, " 4. .T 7 '-- And covered up the mortal Ugliness of Earth N' S x With Kindly Shadows and with Silent Snow. Q W I ' I . ' yy E lf someone puts the guiding lights of Life behind ... lt' li L A fog of Hate-a cloud of dull Despair ,.. .l it Xvs-4' i And tries to light the world with Power and Vengeance, then .I Q Z ' -- T God grant that a great multitude be there- 1- ., 1 , ' f - A multitude of mortal keepers of the Light- 5 . ' : A multitude embodying Faith and Love, - And may these, the keepers, successfully dispel the clouds Pl- ' And again stand in the radiance from above. ' ix f L- fa ' by Constance Hamilton A 92 Slisher strike a familiar pose COUPLES s f if lf r , es i r e Steady couple, .lane Urquhart and Chuck C , L l . , L' f I 5 ' , " 3 it its ' if L' D 21 V, V i,V.,ii.rzw ' , V V ,I f -ykk it 'ii 3 S 1 i f Q if Q Mi P PH? "TF if Elaine Ludington and Don the library to discuss. . . books? .loan Hinshaw and Bob Duesing make plans for a big date ahead. Shedrow meet in Left to right: Joan LaBorn, Ray Stanley, Jerry Ellis, and Charlotte Jaeger-a foursome often seen together. Carole Pritchard and Charles Dexter, a Winsome twosome, seen together in the halls. 93 Paf King, Jackie Snyder, and Har- old Fogus examine fhe craffwork done by fellow sfudenls al fhe 1952 Ari Exhibif. A EXHIBITS 'sm in kiwi, y 315 ? Qwannins 4 Af the righf are fhe Dahliles as fhey appeared af lhe annual lea. The lea was held during Bookweek in November, 7952. Miss Archibald demonsfrofes her Technique in the preparolion of foods. Leff fo righl: Georgia Sleindrager, Linda Pulaski, James Davis, and Elaine Balzel are preparing clever animals fo be exhibited later of fhe annual display. 94 FASHION SHGW Florence Brinckman models formal ensemble al the spring fashion show. Slumber parfy goers especially en- joyed fhe colorful pajamas and robes shown al righl. Luella Dalenberg wears a self- slyled school ouffil al lhe annual fashion affair. Beverly Moon, oulfilled in a skal- ing coslume, as she appeared ala roller skales, during the sportswear porlion of lhe slyle show. CHRISTMAS "The Strange Night"--left to right: Nick'Karagan, Frank- lin Preuss, Rosi Leeds, Richard Hague, Marvin Kominiarek, and Kenneth Hoerr. Christmas at Elston Senior High School was celebrated by the students in many dif- ferent ways, including social events such as potluck suppers, gift exchanges, parties, and Lending to the festive air of the season were the decorative trimmings in the class rooms. The art students made their contribu- tion to the occasion by painting Christmas scenes on the windows around the school. The senior high study hall sports gala trim for the Christ- mas Season of 1952. carolling. The finishing touch to the Elston Christmas Spirit was a play presented by the Thes- pians, entitled "The Strange Night." Jania Martin gave a reading about the gifts of the wisemen before the presentation of the play. GYM SHOW The Zouave Drill, a French number, was one of the fea- tured performances in the 7952 Gym Show. Under the direction of Miss Frances Se- nastics, games, tumbling, pyramids, and a besta, the girls' physical education classes waltz. presented the annual Senior High School Accomponisfs for the event were Judy GYm Show On F"ld0Yf MGY 9- Henry, Marilyn Polite, Phyllis Miller, Linda The performances included French, Ger- Piazza, and Barbara Toliver. man, Swedish, and Scotch dances and gym- At left are some of the par- ticipants in the Highland Fling, a Scottish folk dance, which was also featured. 97 SCHOCDL SNAPS Exfro! Extra! Cubs on fhe loose! Going Up, Mr. plewg The Sfudenf Council broadcosfs. The besf way fo a man's hear! Miss Shepherd's windows fake a frimming. 98 Backsfoge wiih fhe Chrisfmas play cast. Bifien by fhe "Show- Biz" bug. FOOTBALL DANCE Doris Gannon lQueenl and Ken Schreiber Affendanfs George Gonclek, Dolores Branf, fKingl and their affendanfs af the annual foof- Elaine Kozin, and Mike Sforen join lhe king ball-baskefball dance. and queen al the coronalion. Garry Hadders and his accordion -and heavenly music. Ken and Doris do a Royal Wallz. The queen and king and courf reign over a successful parly. Audrey Hardf, Pal King, and Diana Miller serenade during floor show. Brealon Donaldson, Lillian Walker, and Jack Wrighl perform fheir dance rouline before parfy guesfs. 99 ASSEMBLIES Mr. Roberl Schmuhl, cenler, fhe Armisfice Day Speaker, shown here wifh olher speakers of fhe day. Mr. W. Emerson Scofl, fhe Arclic explorer whose interesting travel record in film was shown af a school assembly. There's a Win in your fufurel Boys become rival leam's cheerleaders al pep session. ' -! You show ,em Lazarus and lhe Tin Pan Alley ' Yea! Devils- Devils-DEVll.S how, Diane! 100 X v ff 'ay QQ X 1' 1 Sig E S ww-I S 5 g 11. in , lg GIRLS SPORTS J E 1 s I 9 ...Ja A W xg X 3 X -o G. Aj A. Miss Sebesta, Pat Januchowski, Beverly Moon, Sharon Coupland, Mavis Brant. The G. A. A. offers a broad horizon for any girl who has the desire to participate in sports. This is the only qualification necessary ...the desire to participate ...in any sport from soccer to baseball. Miss Frances Sebesta, the sponsor, generously gives her time to referee the games, which are played after school in the girls' gym. The girls meet the second Wednesday of the month in the study hall to carry on their business and select their teams. The officers for the entire year are elected at the beginning of the first semester. This year Mavis Brant was elected president, Beverly Moon, vice-president, Sharon Coupland, secretary, and Pat Janu- chowski, treasurer. This year the girls gave a potluck supper in the cafeteria and invited the G. A. A. from Rolling Prairie and from Westville. They sang songs and played deck tennis. The girls also sponsored a dance after one of the basketball games and gave a radio program. For every game in which a girl participates, she receives five points. At the end of the school year the twenty girls with the highest number of points get letters, and the girls who are lucky enough to be on a winning team receive small MC's. Out of the top twenty girls the one who is voted the outstanding athlete of the year receives a sweater. 103 SOCCER Soccer is the first sport played by the G. A. A. girls in the fall and is played as a substitute for football. Barbara Carmichael's team was the soccer champ this year. The runners-up were captained by Phyllis Ballard. SOCCER WINNERS Row l: Elaine linsemeyer, Carol Fausch, Barbara Carmichael, Pauline Withrow, lvern Wantland. Row 2: Donna Hefner, Sharon Coup- land, Barbara Johnston, Mary Kohler, Cara Yount, Ruth Henckel, l.ilIian Walker. SCDCCER RUNNERS-UP rl' Row 1: Nancy Bennett, Marilyn Ritchie, Phyllis Ballard, Judy Bartels, Kathleen Hawker. Row 2: Ella Agnew, lnez Ayad, Barbara Brooks Diane Gardner, Sylvia Linde, Freddie Foster. 104 HGCKEY Hockey is the second sport played on Gill field before the weather gets too cold. This year Ella Ag- new's team came out victorious, with Pat .lanuchowski's team runners-up. HGCKEY WINNERS 4... . 4. ,sf .... . , Row l: Ella Agnew, Lillian Walker, Freddie Foster. Row 2: Inez Ayad, Phyllis Ballard, Judy Bartels, Marilyn Ritchie, Barbara Brooks, Nancy Bennett. HOCKEY RUNNERS-UP , N. .L Row 1: Viola lliff, .loan Bowman, Pat lanuchowski, Elaine Batzel, Dolores McBrian. Row 2: Georgette Goldsberry, Kathleen Bowlrer Mary Kohler, Linda Pulaski, Nancy Hathoot, Joyce Moore, Beverly Moon. 105 DECK TENNIS Deck tennis is a very popular sport with the girls and is played in the girls' gym. Dolores Brant's team came out on top, and Joan Bowman's team came in as runners-up. DECK TENNIS WINNERS Row 1: Sue Erickson, Mavis Brant, Georgetta Galdsberry, Dolores Brant. Row 2: Sharon Coupland, Sue Janz, Phyllis Shepperson, Barbara Johnston. DECK TENNIS RUNNERS-UP Row 1: Viola Iliff, Elaine Batzel, Jacky Snyder. Row 2: Beverly Moon, Grace Iliff, linda Pulaski, Mary Drake, Joan Bowman. 'I 06 VOLLEY BALL The second indoor sport played is volley-ball. This season ended with Dolores Bront's team as winners and Karen Granf's team, runners-up. VOLLEY BALL WINNERS Row I: Mary Traske, Elaine Ludingfon, Ieanelle Turner. Row 2: Sandy Ferguson, Fran Willefl, Sharon Coupland, Diane Gardner, Barbara Johnslon, Marilyn Rilchie, Georgella'Goldsberry, Dolores Branf. VCLLEY BALL RUNNERS-UP Row 1: Elaine Bafzel, Mary Drake, Row 2: Viola Iliff, Beverly Moon, Linda Pulaski, Joyce Farmer, Jacky Snyder, .loan Bowman. 107 BAS KETBALL One sporf always enjoyed by the girls isbaskefball. After an exciting season Pauline Wifhrow's feam emerged the winner and Judy Bariels' as runners-up. BASKETBALL WINNERS Row l: Pal lanuchowski, Pauline Wilhrow, Marcia Melllen, Charmian Bonner. Row 2: Shirley Fosler, Jeannie Fischbacher, Hazel Jenkins, Linda Piazza, Barbara Johnston. BASKETBALL RUNNERS-UP Row l: Nancy Bennell, Barbara Brooks, lnez Ayad, Judy Barlels, Sue Dolezal, Sue Snyder, Phyllis Bullard. 108 BASEBALL Last year's winning baseball team was capfained by Wanda Nickell, and the Runners-up were cap- fained by Jackie Anderson. Since this sporf is started after the ELSTONIAN has gone fo press, this year's leams cannot be included in the book. BASEBALL WINNERS W Row l: Frances Norris, Wanda Nickell, Nancy Ausfin. Row 2: Pa! Januchowslri, Marilyn Rilchie, Joyce Bafzel, Joyce Kinfzale. BASEBALL RUNNERS-UP Row 7: Kathleen Bowker, Finna Jordan, Ivern Wanfland, Jackie Anderson. Row 2: Rufh Henckel, Karen Granf, John Bamos, Mary Drake. 'l O9 SNAPS Anofher exercise??? Heels up, heads down Take if away. Sireich a liffle farfher girls! Sfeady now . . . 110 X X2 jeg X i? if , 32 S, BOYS' SPORTS RED DEVIL SPCDRTS LEADERS OF 1952-53 These two pages are'dedicated to those Red Devils whose performances won recognition for both themselves and their school during the 1952-53 season. Most of the awards are self-explanatory, but those which are not are explained as follows: Leadership Trophy- Presented by the Benchwarmers at the award assembly at the end of every school year. The award is for athletic leadership, scholastic achievement, and outstanding character. News Dispatch Award-Presented by the Benchwarmers at the Lettermen's banquet, for outstanding track achievement. Underclassman Award-Presented by the Benchwarmers at the Lettermen's banquet, to the most out- standing underclassman Red Devil. lntra-City Baseball Award-Presented by the Benchwarmers at the Lettermen's banquet, to the most outstanding high school baseball player in Michigan City. .lim Arnold, ' Number 1 Tennis Player of 1952. Dick Klemczak, Number 1 Golf Player of 1952. Bill Penfold, 1952 Baseball Captam 112' SPORTS LEADERS PICTURES Ken Schreiber, ' T952 Foolball Caplain, Second Team All-Conference Half- back, lnlra-Cily Baseball Award Winner. Dick Slrakowski, T952 Cross Counlry Capfain. George Gondek, All Conference Halfback, All Slale Defensive Holfback, Underclassman Award Winner. Allan Lazarus, m All Conference Tackle, All Stale Defensive Tackle. Broelon Donaldson, T953 Baskefball Caplain, Sfale Champion Pole Vaulfer, News Dispalch Award Winner. Bob Brooks T952 Track Caplain. 113 CROSS COUNTRY SUMMARY Row I: Dick Kabacinslri, Dick Blieden, .lohn Arndt, Dick Strakowski, Harlan Hunt, Jack Wright, Blake Waterhouse. Row 2:Emil Garay, Bill Grantham, .lim Nash, .lim Snyder, Bert Waterhouse, Dale-Rehbein, Dale Schultz, Bill Wright, Charles Hahn. Row 3: Ronald Schwanke, Ken Voltz, Jim Thompson, Bob Randhan, Dick Korn, Melvin Greiner, Dave McFeely, Don Gorr, Norman Nicholson, David Livingston, Coach Elmer Millbranth. CROSS COUNTRY The autumn of 1952 saw the successful rise of a new sport in our athletic program. Guided by Coach Elmer Millbranth, the cross-country team compiled a respectable 6 win, 6 loss record in its first season of competition. These boys who run over hill and dale and through fields, and leap over fences, also finished eleventh out of twenty-one schools in the conference meet, fifth out of nineteen schools in the sectional, and sixth out of seventeen schools in the Hobart Invitational. These accomplishments point out the hustle and deter- mination needed in the rugged N.l.H.S.C. In this sport, where the lowest score wins, Richard Strakowski led his teammates home with an average of 4.4 points per meet. Following Strakowski were Harlan Hunt with 10.5, John Arndt with 14.0, Jack Wright with 19.8, Dick Kabacinski with 21.8, and Dick Blieden with 25.3. Strakowski, Hunt, J. Wright, and Kabacinski are returning in 1953. This fact should serve as a warning to some of the other cross-country teams in northern Indiana that the Red Devils of 1953 are going to be tough to beat. At the end of the season Richard Strakowski was elected by his teammates as captain of the 1952 cross-country team. 'FL Wayne North MICHIGAN CITY ...,. TMISIHCVIGIKG ..... MICHIGAN CITY ...,.. 'MICHIGAN CITY South Bend Washington 'Elkhart' ......... MICHIGAN CITY ..,.,, 'South Bend Riley MICHIGAN CITY ..... 'MICHIGAN CITY Goshen, ......... . 'MICHIGAN cnv spun. send Adams .,.. 'I.aPorte. . . .... MICHIGAN CITY. . . . . 'MICHIGAN CITY ..... ..... S outh Bend Central ,... MICHIGAN CITY South Bend Adams ..,,. Chesterton ...... MICHIGAN CITY ...... MICHIGAN CITY South Bend Washington 'Conference meat. 114 RED DEVIL GRIDMEN FOOTBALL WIN 6 SUMMARY LOSE 2 TIE 2 'MICHIGAN CITY ...... . . South Bend Central. . . 'MICHIGAN CITY .... Ft. Wayne North. . . 'MICHIGAN CITY .... LaPorte ........ 'MICHIGAN CITY .... Goshen .,...... MICHIGAN CITY ........ Blue Island ...... 'South Bend Washington. . . MICHIGAN CITY . . 'MICHIGAN CITY ...... Mishawaka ....4 MICHIGAN CITY .... Valparaiso. . . . . . MICHIGAN CITY .... .... 3 4 South Bend Riley. . . . . 0 wk Conferences games. Row I: Cecil Gasaway, Clem Periolal, Ron Burns, Jim Baldwin, Larry Anderson, Charles Dexter, Wayne Riley, Wayne Washluslre, Roger Reed, James Dickerhoff, Paul Hurt, Lee Dabagia, Alex Penfold. Row 2: Coach Bill Marston, Coach Doug Adams, Don Pagos, Paul Pittsford, Ken Mitchell, Pat Gardner, Mike Storen, Bill Steinborn, George Gondek, Ken Schreiber, .lohn Brooks, Floyd Bentley, George Walls, Jim Sunderland, Joe Phillips, Coach Newt Meer. Row 3: Bob Miller, Phil Faroh, Stu Burris, Bob Johansen, Don Mohamed, Roger Wolcott, Neil Jasperson, Harold Haynes, len Soller, George Schnick, Gene Urbanski, Clifford Burns, Maynard Thompson, George Rohde, John Henry, Coach Wayne Plew. Row 4: Jim Werre, Bob Barr, Jim Johnston, Herb Sperling, Bill Karm, Jim Jarka, Allan Lazarus, George Schlegelmilch, Richard Peck, Ron Bowman, Ron Searcy, John Westphal, Tom Goch, Donn Schelling, Richard Brown, Phil Cross, Richard Wolcott. 4 7 ,61Z.ig'?F',l me b5Wp,,b39 P2 Ba '34 II5' Q FGOTBALL Coach Wayne Plew's Red Devils finished a hectic 1952 season with a 6-2-2 record. The team, with its light line and speedy backfield, dropped the opening game to East Chicago Wash- ington, 13-7, and then went on to win four straight. During this streak the Red Devils stopped South Bend Central's undefeated string at nineteen games, by defeating the Bears, 6-O. The Plewmen also upset l.aPorte's applecart after the Slicers had won eleven straight, by defeating them, 7-6. After defeating LaPorte, the Red Devils found themselves leading the Eastern N.l.H.S.C. for the first time in twenty years. The highlight of the season came when the Red Devils put their conference lead on the line by invading the lair of the South' Bend Washington Panthers. How- ever, the Devils dropped a hard-fought contest to the Panthers, 12-7. A 7-7 tie with Mishawaka a week later gave our team third place in the final standings of the Eastern N.l.H.S.C. For the season the Devils scored 147 points to their opponents' 51. They had the best defensive record in the Eastern N.l.H.S.C., by holding their conference opponents to a mere 32 points in the six conference games. Congratulations for a iob well done were extended to Mr. Bill Marston, the line coach, Mr. Newt Meer, the backfield coach, Mr. Doug Adams, the "B" team coach, and, of course, to Mr. Wayne Plew, the head coach. These men spent many valuable hours out on the field with the boys, and every player realizes that it would be impossible to field a respectable team without them. Next year's prospects look excellent, with six lettermen returning in the line and two lettermen return- ing in the backfield. There will also be some valuable material coming up from the "B" team, which com- piled a 1-5-1 record in 1952. At the end of the season Ken Schreiber was elected as the team's captain. Schreiber was also elected to a second team halfback post on the All-Conference team. Halfback George Gondek and tackle Al Lazarus were elected to their respective positions on the All-Conference first team. Gondek and Lazarus were also selected on the Associated Press's All-State defensive team. George Gondek carries the ball around his own right end in the Goshen game. 116 PINK IMPS Row I: Alex Penfold, Wayne Washluske, Tom Allen, Emil Garay, Jack Wright. Row 2: Ray Gulliver, Harlan Hunt, Dave McFeely, Ron Bowman, Melvin Corley, Leonard Skibo. Row 3: Clifford Burns, John Henry, Ron Burns, Roger Wolcott, Dick Cook, Richard Wolcott, Coach Doug Adams. The I953 Pink Imp basketball squad wound up its season with a record of I4 wins and 5 losses, which is a very respectable record. The iunior netmen, who were coached by Mr. Doug Adams, played a very good season and must be giv- en recognition for their record, which is the result of fine coaching, practice, fight, and good sportsmanship. Basketball, which will probably always be a growing sport, should produce better players every year. Next year most of the present Pink lmps will be playing varsity basketball. With the showing our "B" team gave us this year and with a year's experience under their belts, our varsity basketball squad should have the material to go a long way toward making it rough for their opponents next year. PINK IMPS WIN I4, LOSE 5 Pink lmps MICHIGAN CITY .... 45 Valparaiso ....,.. MICHIGAN CITY .... 36 Union Township .... MICHIGAN CITY .... 52 ,Culver .......... MICHIGAN CITY ..,. 33 Central .....,... MICHIGAN CITY .... 48 Hammond Tech .,.. MICHIGAN CITY ..,, 4I South Bend Adams. MICHIGAN CITY , . . .34 East Chicago Roosevelt MICHIGAN CITY ,,.. 50 Goshen ........,, MICHIGAN CITY ..,, 32 New Carlisle .,.... Elkhart .... .... .... 4 I MICHIGAN CITY. . MICHIGAN CITY ,.,. 49 Mishawaka ..,..., MICHIGAN CITY ..... . . , .48 Whiting. .. ,.. . , , I.aPorte. . . .... .... 4 3 MICHIGAN CITY, . MICHIGAN CITY ..., 5I St. Mary's. ..... . Fort Wayne North ...... , .... 44 MICHIGAN CITY. , South Bend Washington .... .... 5 O MICHIGAN CITY. . MICHIGAN CITY ....... .... 5 3 South Bend Riley. . Gary Lew Wallace .... .... 4 2 MICHIGAN CITY. . MICHIGAN CITY .... .... 6 4 Hammond Clark. . . II8 Best of luck to next year's squad. We hope that you turn the tables and lead the league next year! TENNIS owe . 'pcirvif Row I: Alan Kroening, Dave Gring, Bill Papineau, Tom Allen. Row 2: Coach Harold Wegner, Dick Cook, .lim Arnold, Herb Wood- ruff, .lerry Winski. When Coach Hal Wegner's team put its rockets away at the end of the T952 season, the scoreboard read I win and 7 losses. This record does not show the team's true value, however, there were present a number of underclassmen, who had the,hustIe and determination but lacked only the experience nec- essary to win in the rugged N.I.H.S.C. The 'l-win-7-loss record was compiled with a team built around only two returning lettermen. These men were Jim Arnold, who played number I all season, and Herb Woodruff, who alternated with the other members of the squad in the other four starting positions. The remainder of the load was carried by Alan Kroening, Jerry Winski, Bill Papineau, Dick Cook, Tom Allen, and David Gring, who are all returning in I953. The squad opened the season with a 4 to I loss to Ft. Wayne North and proceeded to drop five straight before nosing out South Bend Central by a 3 to 2 score. They then lost the final match to Misha- waka, 5 to O, and a Wegner-coached tennis team was in the N.I.H.S.C. cellar for the first time. This fact will undoubtedly serve as an incentive for the six men returning in I953. TENNIS SUMMARY Ft. Wayne North .... .,..... 4 MICHIGAN CITY . LaPorte ......,,. . . . 4 MICHIGAN CITY. . South Bend Adams , . . 5 MICHIGAN CITY Elkhart ........., . . . 5 MICHIGAN CITY Goshen ........, . , . 5 MICHIGAN CITY. South Bend Riley. . , . . 3 MICHIGAN CITY. MICHIGAN CITY. , . . 3 South Bend Central Mishawaka ...... . . . 5 MICHIGAN CITY. . 'II9 Dick Korn Coach lck Osborne MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN CITY WINS I3 CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY .... CITY CITY .... Valparaiso ..,,. Hammond Tech. . South Bend Adams E. Chicago Roosevelt Goshen ........ Brazil ......... Whiting ......, St. Mary's ...... S. B. Washington La Crosse ...... Mill Creek .... Rolling Prairie. . St. Mary's ..... 'I20 Ken Schreiber -qusiwswwulsifft -wack I - A 5 I 1 m.m.,, I Dave Greer Milt Dabagia Culver ............. 8l South Bend Central. . .60 Elkhart .,...,....... 57 Mishawaka ......,.. 58 LaPorte ............ 64 Ft. Wayne North Side. 64 South Bend Riley ..... 72 Lew Wallace ....... 57 Hammond High School 55 CITY LOSES 9 MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN CITY ..... CITY ..... CITY ..... CITY ..... CITY ..... CITY ...,. CITY ..... CITY ..... CITY ..... Herb Sperling .lim .larka Ron Searcy I2'I VARSITY BASKETBALL Bill Wright, No. 22, scores against La Crosse. Dave Greer, No. 33, and Jim Jarka, No. 44, battle L for a rebound against St. Mary's. BASKETBALL TEAM WINS 13, LOSES 9 The 1952-53 basketball season this year was under the able supervision of our new coach, Mr. lck Osborne, who replaced Mr. Dee Kohlmeier, who was called into the navy after last year's basketball season. Last year's Red Devils gave Mr. Kohlmeier a sectional win for a going-away present. This year's net- men gave Mr. Osborne a sectional win and a 13 and 9 record for his first coaching assignment at our school. The team's 13 and 9 record includes the four games the team won in the sectionals and the single game the Devils lost to Hammond High School in its first game of the regionals. This year's regulars were Dick Korn, forward, Blake Waterhouse, forward, Brealon Donaldson, center, George Gondek, Guard, and Bill Wright, guard. On our varsity squad we also had five very good substitutes, who could go in at any time and do a very good iob. The substitutes were Herb Sperling, Dave Greer, Ken Schreiber, Ron Searcy, and Jim Jarka. The scoring this year was pretty well divided up among all of our five regulars, and no one player can be picked out as the stqr of the team. Our netmen worked together both offensively and defensively. Our offense was fast, and our passing attack was very accurate and effective, our defense was quick and stable. Despite our lack of height the Red Devils rebounded and held their own against teams which had greater height and were supposed to be better than we. During the season the Devils ran up a five-game winning streak, they upset South Bend Adams, who were favored to really trounce us, and lost only by one point to South Bend Central, the 1953 lndiana State Basketball champions. 122 Blake Waferhouse, No. 40, scores againsf l.aPorfe. Dick Korn No 30 fakes o rebound off fhe Bill Wright, No. 22, scores againsf Whifing. ckboard agalnsf Fl Wayne North TRACK TEAM WINS 2, Loses 4, ries B1 When Coach Elmer Millbranth's dashing Devils stopped running at the end of the l952 season, they had compiled a record of 2 wins, 4 losses, and 1 tie. During the course of the season the Red Devils finished seventh out of ten schools in the Pre-conference meet, eleventh out of eighteen schools in the Conference meet, and fifth out of eight schools in the La- Pore Invitational. The success story from there on is largely an account of the deeds of Braelon Donaldson, a local boy who made good. Donaldson's performances in the pole vault, high iump, broad iump, and half-mile relay made him a "quadruple threat." He set the Gill Field broad iump record at 21 feet 7 inches, he set the single season Red Devil scoring mark at l54 3f5 points, and last but not least he was the State- Champion Pole Vaulter, winning at 12 feet 7 inches. Following Donaldson in the scoring race was George Gondek, a dashman and broad iumper, who scored 1 l3V2 points. The third highest total was 44M1, which was run up by Bob Brooks, who was elected captain of the team at the end of the season. Other competitors who deserve mention were Dale Schultz and Bob Kolodzieiski, hurdlers, Mike Storen and Ken Hoerr, half-milers, Carl Zeese and Don Pagos, quarter-milers, Ed Werner, shot putter, and Maynard Thompson, Bob Brooks, and Jack Wilson, dashmen. Next year's team, with eight lettermen returning, should be one of the strongest in Indiana. These men are Donaldson, Gondek, Schultz, Storen, Thompson, Pagos, Hoerr, and Kolodzieiski. The graduating seniors who earned letters during the l952 season were Werner, Zeese, Wilson, and Captain Bob Brooks. Best of luck to Coach Millbranth and next year's team! ' Row t: Bert Waterhouse, Paul Pittsford, .toe Arnold, Dale Schultz, Hussein Hakim, Maynard Thompson, Ned Westphat, Jerry Schtei- phake, Emery Rhett. Row 2: Ronald Schwanke, Ken Hoerr, John Arndt, Braelon Donaldson, George Gondek, Mike Storen, George Schlegel- mitch, Don Pagos, Jock Buffington. Row 3: Iohn Henry, Ron Searcy, Bob Kolodzieiski, Tom Goch, lim Johnston, Dick Blieden, Bob Brooks, Cart Zeese, Ed Werner, Coach Elmer Millbranth. 7 .qv an 2. I 'wept 7 , - ., F. , 124 TRACK Braelon Donaldson high jumping at 5 feet 5 inches. Dale Schultz, Ieft, leads over the low hurdles in the Red Devil, La Porte, and Gary Lew Wallace track meet. MICHIGAN CITY .... .... 6 3 IX4 Gary Horace Mann. . ..., 62 2X5 South'Bend Riley .... .,.. 6 4 Benton Harbor ..,..... .,.. 6 O MICHIGAN CITY .,...,.. ,... 5 5 If2 South Bend Washington .... ..,. 5 5 'If2 MICHIGAN CITY ........ .... 5 4 112 Chesterton ......... ..., 4 5 3f4 MICHIGAN CITY .... .... 4 6 3f5 MICHIGAN CITY .... .... 4 5 MICHIGAN CITY .... ..,, 4 9 South Bend Adams ..... .... 5 3 If2 MICHIGAN CITY .... .... 5 3 IX2 Valparaiso ....... .... 5 4 If2 Bob Kolodzieiski, right, is in second place in the high hurdles in the South Bend Washing- ton track meet. 125 5 George Gondek broad iumps against South Bend Washington. BAS EBALL 18 ,,A Row I: Richard Wolcolf, Richard Woznialr, Bill Hibner, Glenn Bridwell, Charles Hahn. Row 2: Bill Penfold, Don Drake, Ron Flolow Ken Vollz, Bill Sleinborn, Ken Schreiber. Row 3: Bill Wrighl, Dick Kabacinski, Blake Walerhouse, Wayne Sheblosky, Herb Sperling Roger Bixler. Row 4: Terry Edwards, Allan Spear, Dave Greer, Roger Wolcolf, Bill Karm, Tom Rux, George Walls, Mike Glasscoll. Row MICHIGAN CITY "RED DEVILS" BASEBALL TEAM Player AB R H 'Schreiber 40 I7 I7 'I'VoIfz 32 6 I2 'Penfold 43 I2 I5 'Steinborn 4I I3 I4 'Drake 35 I 'Sperling 34 5 'Rux 36 5 'Wright 24 2 'I'BohIin II 3 'I'FIoI'ow I2 I 'Sheblosky I0 O 'Waterhouse I I I Kabacinski 6 O Greer 3 O Gardner I 0 Bentley I 0 'LETTERMAN AB R H 2B 3B H 350 66 89 PITCHER IP H Schreiber 42 93 39 Flolow 37 W 33 Volfz I 0 2 I3 5 0 47 B ER 0 I0 0 7 I 9 5 2 3B HR RBI SO 2 0 6 5 I 0 7 4 I 0 3 8 O 0 6 2 0 0 9 8 0 0 2 9 0 0 5 6 I 0 3 4 0 0 3 2 0 0 I 5 0 0 I 6 0 0 I 7 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 2 O 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 Totals for Team SO BB SH 73 50 I I PITCHING STAFF BB HB 27 2 9 0 3 0 I26 O 4 ss PO A 7 I0 I9 3 I2 5 7 I5 I2 6 II 24 2 I5 1 2 82 5 1 78 4 1 a 2 1 8 7 Q 1 I0 1 3 o 1 5 6 o 1 o o 8 0 0 2 o o o 0 A E 95 26 w L 5 2 3 1 2 o E BA 2 .425 I .375 6 .349 6 .341 0 .228 I .206 2 .I 67 3 .I 25 2 .454 2 .000 I .I O0 I .09I 0 .000 0 .000 O .000 0 .000 BA .254 PCT. .7I 5 .75I I.OOO FA .937 .944 .8I 8 .854 I .OOO .998 .976 .769 .882 .846 .750 .917 I .OOO I .000 I .000 .000 FA .932 E.R.A. I .64 I.3I 2.00 BASEBALL TEAM WINS 10, LOSES 3 . The 1952 Red Devils baseball team wound up its season with a total record of 10 wins and 3 losses. The team, which finished in second place in the Northern Indiana High School Conference with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses, was coached by Newt Meer and Warren Jones. With tour lettermen returning from last year and other good material, the coaches whipped together a hustling baseball squad. During this year's baseball season the Red Devils defeated each of the following teams twice: South Bend Riley, South Bend Washington, South Bend Adams, and Benton Harbor. The Devils also defeated Lew Wallace and South Bend Central once, The team lost only to LaPorte, Elkhart, and Mishawaka. This year's pitching for the Red Devils was done by Ken Schreiber, a south-paw who pitched 4255 innings, gave up 39 hits, and had an earned run average of 1.64. Ken Voltz, another left-hander, pitched 10 innings, gave up 2 hits, and had an earned-run average of 2.00. Ron Flotow, our only right-hander, pitched 37W innings, gave up only 33 hits, and had the very low earned-run average of 1.31. This year's student managers were Roger Bixler, Mike Glasscott, Charles Hanke, Allan Spear, and Terry Edwards. Next year let's see the team take first place in the conference, play better ball, and keep up our usual good sportsmanship, which is one of the basic necessities of a good baseball team. Bill Steinborn makes a put-out against the South Ken Schreiber scores on a squeeze play against Bend Central Bears. Elkhart. 127 GOLF La O ,F . -E' 3,6 Row I: Coach Del Miller, Milt Dabagia, Dick Klemczak, Ron Swanson, Dick Korn, Bob Barr, Bill Kriesel, Carl Ellison. Gow TEAM WINS 8, LosEs 4, was 1 The 'I952 Red Devil linkmen finished their swinging with an 8 win-4 loss-I tie record. Coach Del Miller fielded a team that started slowly, increased its efficiency, and finished with a four match winning streak. This improvement can be very well illustrated by the three matches with LaPorte. During mid-season the Slicers trounced our Red Devils by a I4 to I score. They came back at the end ofthe season expecting to do the same thing, but the tables were turned, as our Red Devils beat the Slicers by the scores .of 8 to 7, and 9 to 6. The season started with a 7V2 to 7V2 tie with Mishawaka, then an alternating win and loss pattern followed until the Red Devils won the last four matches of the season. Dick Klemczak played the number one position, with Carl Ellison as number two, Ron Swanson as number three, Bill Kriesel as number four, and Dick Korn as number five. Klemczak and Korn are returning next year along with Bob Barr and Milt Dabagia, two promising underclassmen. These four should be enough to form a winning combination for next year's team. MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN South Bend Mishawaka MICHIGAN LaPorte. , MICHIGAN Soutn Bend MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN Golf Summary CITY . 7V2 Gary Lew Wallace CITY I3 Valparaiso. , CITY . . . I3 South Bend Adams Central I I I V1 MICHIGAN CITY .. .,,..,. , l3V2 MICHIGAN CITY CITY . . , , 9 South Bend Riley .. I4 MICHIGAN CITY, CITY . , . . . l4Vz South Bend Adams Central ...., , . l3V2 MICHIGAN CITY CITY, . , ,IO Mishawaka. ,. . CITY - - , , , 9V1 South Bend Riley CITY ..,. . . 8 LaPorte ...... . CITY --'- . . . 9 LaPorte. . . I28 7 V1 2 2 3 V2 I V1 6 I V1 I V1 5 5 V1 7 6 1 ', ,f "gn Iii-1, lc ' W., , ,If 'ff , 1 A0 ,f"'. M all-5 ' QQ I - I I I,f,,.ff' ,,"'Yf Wprf' If I. 1 'K f 1 f , A , If 4 ,ff ' 0 I I X I I 4' K I I ,Q 4' A 1 ,.. ,. , I - f I af N ,, 5 ISI I I I IY 1 I gs . I HE M Fl I , 4 I II , II .-f v' Z? ' 5 . '11 ff F xl 5 mm m gf in 'J-f, X X I 2... :5 ,lf E ADVERTISING Patrons DR. AND MRS. WARREN BAKER DR. AND MRS. D. G. BERNOSKE CHICAGO, SOUTH SHORE AND SOUTH BEND R. R DR. F. M. FARGHER DR. M. L. FERGUSON DR. NORMAN C. HENDERSON DR. AND MRS. F. J. KUBIK C. MORRIS, D. S. C., AND E. P. MORRIS, D.S.C WILLIAM M. WESLEY, D. D. S. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Quality Appliances Television Authorized Sales 81 Service M chigan City' Hoover Sweepers Excl Maytag Washers Full Lin C peharf T. V. Weslingho A K'f h Dealer D T V TED HILL-WRIGHT ELECTRIC, INC. 815 FRANKLIN Phone 4-4251 YOU CAN'l' GO WRONG IF YOU CAII TED Hll.l! DR. B. H. 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Service I27-129 West 4th St. Dial 3-3800 We wish the Class of "53" a Very Happy and Prosperous Future Albers Bakery 829 Franklin Street Phone 9-9200 Congratulations to - CLASS OF "53" V The Burnett Shop 107 W. SEVENTH STREET lineman: Presenting the better names in fine women's apparel, sportswear, and accessories . . . an exciting collection of little hats . . . children's wear and fabrics . . . linens and draperies . floor coverings. Free parking is provided for our customers, and we will be pleased to shop for you by phone. 323 FRANKLIN STREET MICHIGAN CITY 0 5-5203 Phone 2-3485 Res. 2-3603 Marquiss Electric GENERAL ELECTRICAL coNmAcnNo for HOMES - BUSINESS - COMMERCIAL SERVICE WORK 503 W. 10th Street Michigan City, Indiana Compliments of - Star Laundry and Cleaning Compliments of - Sprague Devices, Inc. 109 E. Michigan Street I Flowers MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA .. Fresh from fhe Greenhouse - Phone 7-7818 FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE 132 S. 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Distributors of AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES ACCESSORIES AND EQUIPMENT 821-829 Chicago Street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 104 North Franklin St. Michigan City, Ind. General Contractors - Lumber-Millwork Building Material-General Electric Appliances General Electric Heating and Air Conditioning Phone 6-6261 "See Us Before You Build" Office Equipment Co. BOOKS - STATIONERY - GIFTS PARTY GOODS - GAMES OFFICE SUPPLIES 8. EQUIPMENT TYPEWRITERS - CHECK PROTECTORS ADDING MACHINES 725 Franklin Street Phone 7-7297 and - Uwe Wm Deliver" 421 Franklin Street Calvert Studio Congratulations, Members of the Class of - Photography Since 1889 1953, and May the Road Ahead be Marked by an Abundance of Success and Happiness for Each of You. Congratulations GRADUATES ON YOUR PRESENT SUCCESS NOW MAKE YOUR FUTURE A SUCCESS WITH C. A. DUNHAM CO. soo E. 2nd smear MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Harbor Coal 81 Oil Co., Inc. 101 Franklin Street Phone 6-6535 Yalowitz Fruit Company, Inc. 'IIO Washington St. Michigan City, Indiana Compliments of - Phil's Lakeside Food Store 228 Franklin Street L. Missal Decoration Co. We Specialize in Quality Wallpaper 8m Paints Phone 5-5566 825 Franklin St Congratulations to the CLASS or "sa" Wilke's Drug Store ilth and Franklin Streets OHMlNG'S Wish the Class of "53" Every Success Bill Wilke, Prop. Phone 2-3232 Michigan City's Finest Fashion Store Everything for the CONTRACTORS Career and College Girl PLUMBING HEATING Simpson 8. Adamson, Inc. AGNES OHMING 904 Franklin Street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Phone 2-2383 522 Franklin Street BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF '53 V DWYER PRDDUCTS CORP Compliments of - DOLEZAL BROS. THE FOOD CENTER 1153 E. MICHIGAN smear PHONE 6-6787 Member of N. R. O. G. Central Grocers Coop., Inc. "The World's Largest Food Distril:5utors." ser ir AT Wm. Miller Market Best of Everything in the Meat Line Phone 5-5256 'IO01 Franklin Street W. A. POLITE Paint 81 Wallpaper Co. Smith-Alsop Paints Imperial Washable Wallpaper Toys - Year Around Display Phone 6-6474 605 FRANKLIN Always A Friendly FOSTER WELCOME PRINTING SERVICE Rocker GRILLE Thelma 8. Bob Mclntyre, Owners 2101 FRANKUN STREET 1125 E. Second sf. Phone 9-9989 STUDEBAKER for i953 n hin F The New American Cor With The su S e ood Mart European Look "Biggest Little Store in Town" L Custom Styling Open Everyday, Sundays Included LESTER L. JONES 1247 E. Michigan sf. Phone 2-2642 L 223 F"'nkl"' Sffee' BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1953 G.. NIEIICIIIARITS NATIONAL ' tnihtl" At Sixth 8' Franklin "Busiest corner by day . . . and the bnghtest a g Compliments of - Congratulations to the Rinehurvs Grocery Cl f 1953 oss O 2702 Franklin Street from the Yo Mo CO Ao E R I C S O N "Meet Your Friends STANDARD SERVICE Where Friends Meelu Second and Franklin Dial 9-9091 WHEN YOUR PHONE RINGS DON'T SAY "HELLO" SAY "HIRSCH'S" YOU MAY BE LUCKY! ' 9 DEPT sr Congratulations to the Class of "53" . Compliments of - PARRY'S ROSE BOWL - Bowl 'FOI' Heulfh - 2309 Franklin Phone 9-9946 603 W. 10th Street 1407 E. Michigan ROOT WESTPHAL'S FUNERAL HOME PHARMACY 312 East Seventh Street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 1325 E. MICHIGAN STREET - Ambulance - Phone 6-6209 Dio' 7-7733 PORTER'S CONFECTIONS 403 Chicago Street Telephone 9-9071 Fountain Service - Package Goods DALE PORTER - Proprietor . ' th Comphmems of - Congratulations to e CLASS or "ss" U - DRIVE - IT WASTE MATERIAL Car 81 Truck Rental CORPORATION SHERIDAN BEACH East End of Union Street MICHIGAN CITY Industrial Structural Scrap Steel Phone 3-3249 Stanley and Peck Sincere Wishes Sen the Best Clothes For Success and Happiness ' To The Class of "53" Compliments of - :,1 Hutton's sze- Atlas Tires - Batteries - Accessories MICHIGAN CITY' INDIANA llth 8. Michigan Streets Phone 2-I2I 5 Phone 9-9932 Wholesome Recreation Is Essential To Good Living Compliments LAKEVIEW AMUSEMENT CO. 8. I-lARoLn K. BARR Washington Park Michigan City C pliments of - KREBS SERVICE THE SUGAR BOWL Chrysler - Plymouth l0th 8g Franklin Phone 3-3400 1407 Franklin Street Congratulations to the - CLASS OF "53" NORTHERN INDIANA STEEL SUPPLY CO., INC. PACK-A-SNACK DRIVE IN N Quad Taste Our Food If It's Not Positively Delicious YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT Zee All the root beer you can drink for a dime ALL THE TIME - One Block East of Franklin On U. S. 20 .IOE LAZARUS, Prop. APPRECIATION The members of the ELSTONIAN staff and the sponsor wish to thank the subscribers, ad- vertisers, and patrons who made the publica- tion of the 1953 ELSTONIAN possible. NEW HORIZONS Never was there path our childhood used to roam So long it led not in the evening home, Nor could the magic of the unknown track Prevail against the hearth that called us back. Over the some hill-tops, wild-rose or gray, Our evening and our twilight always lay, And when the night fell, all the unknown stars Grew homely, shining through our window bars. Now we have fared to the country o'er the hill, And unknown iourneys lie beyond us still,- Ways unadventured, countless paths to roam, But none that leads us in the evening home. Onward, not homeward, some adventure calls With every dawn, and every evening falls Over new horizons, wild-rose or gray, And old stars shining on the unknown way Strange look and far, not those we saw of old, Safe moored in haven skies above our fold. S. R. Lysaght Dietz, Sharon-41 Bartels, George-20 Aasgaard, Philip-52 Agnew, Ella-52, 64, 78, 104 Agnew, James-40, 72, 104 Ainsworth, Patricia-52 Akers, Okey-40 Albertson, Betty-52, 85 Allen, Elizabeth-20, 62, 65 Allen, Larry-40 Allen, Tam-52, 118, 119 Allgaod, David-20 Andelman, Lawrence-52 Anderson, Larry-1 15 Anderson, Marlene-20, 62 Angeledes, Ronald-52 Antisdel, Nancy-40 Arens, Philip-40 Armstrong, Joyce-59 Arndt, John-20, 68, 81, 114, 124 Arnold, Gloria-59 Arnold, James-20, 112, 118 Arnold, Joe-40, 66, 124 Austin, Nancy-40, 76 Ayad, Inez-52, 104, 105, 108 Bahar, Clemonce-40, 88 Baldwin, James-52, 76, 115 Ballard, Nancy-20, 63, 82 Ballard, Phyllis-52, 104, 105, 108 Baranowski, George-40, 81 Barnes, Sabra-40 Barr, Robert-40 STUDENT Bohnstadt, Phillis-40, 78 Bolka, Arthur-52 Bonfield, Dick-40 Bonheur, Charles-52, 67, 75 Bonner, Charmain-52, 108 INDEX Booth, Nancy-40, 67, 74, 83, 86, B8 Bortel, James-52 Bawker, Kathleen-52, 81, 104, 105, Bowman, Jaan-21, 105, 107 Bowman, Ronald-52, 115, 119 Boyan, Joan-40 Brant, Dolores-21, 65, 69, 79, 88, 1 Brant, Mavis-51, 52, 88, 106 Breskin, Renie--59, 78 Brewer, Nancy-52 Bridwell, Glenn--52, 74, 126 Brinckman, Carole-52 Brinckman, Florence-40, 64, 83 109 06, 107 Brinckman, Nancy-21, 31, 66, 69, 79, 84, 88 Brinkman, Norman-59 Britt, Marlene-52, 71, 88 Brit: ke, Brooks, Brooks, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Patricia-58 Barbara-52, 104, 105, 108 John-21, 1 15 Barbara-59 Betty--52 Dennis--48 Phyllis-52 Richard-40, 115 Bruehlman, Paula-21 Buitington, .lack-40, 124 Bartels, Judith -52, 104, 105, 108 Bartels, Ruth-20 Bartholomew, Carol-59, B8 Barts, Duane458, 76, 80 Bass, Arnold-20, 62, 68, 81 Bass, Richard-59 Batnl Elaine-40, 105, 106, 107 Ellaby, Patricia Bauer, John-59 Beazley, Judy-20 Bechinski, Ronald-20 Beck, Irene-52 Behner, Florence-20 Bennett, Clem-40 Bennett, Nancy-52, 104, 105, 108 Bennett, Richard-68 Benoit, Diana-52, 64 Bentley, Floyd-20, 1 15 Bentley, Ross-59 Bernius, Gordon-52, 76 Bickel, James-52 Biederstadt, Sue-59 Biggs, Roland-20 Birginske, Phyllis-58, 78 Bitts, Betty-59 Black, Joyce-20, 75 Blair, Joyce-40, 66 Blair, Robert-59 Burns, Charles-21, 67 Burns, Clifford-52, 115, 1 19 Burns, Lowell-21 Burns, Ronald-52, 115, 119 Burris, Stuart-52, 76, 115 Butts, Robert-48, 67 Calusa, Arvella-40, 71, B8 Campbell, Robert-21 Carlson, John-59 Carlson, Richard-52, 65, 66, 72, 85 Carmichael, Barbara-40, 65, 66, 67, 104 Cass, Kathryn-52, 88 Caviggiola, Louis-52 Cheney, Nancy-40, 70, 71, 79 Coash, Arlene-40 Cater, Ralph-52 Cole, Judith-40, 79 Collins, Loretta-21, 69 Collins, Richard-52 Congdon, Shirley-21 Connelly, Jean-52 Cook, Patricia-40 Cook, Richard-40, 53, 118, 119 Coonlare, Cherie-53, 81 Corley, Melvin-119 Cottingham, Frances-53 Coupland, Sharon-53, 65, 66, 68, 8 Dabagia, Lee-5 1, 53, 65, 66,115 Dahagia, Milton-30, 41, 81,121,128 Dabagia, Robert-59 Dabbert, Arlene-53 Dabbert, Robert-53 Dqbkowski, Edith-41 Dalman, Richard-21 Davis, James-41, 66 Day, Bonnie-53, 64, 69, 88 Day, Lorna -53 Delco, Ressa-41 , 65, 66, 67, 76 Dettman, Jim-21, 85 Deuel, Elaine-58 Deutscher, Lorraine-21 Deutscher, Ronald-41 Dewitt, Dexter-53, 65, 81 Dexter, Charles-41, 115 Dickerhoff, James-41, 115 Diedrich, Marlene-21 Digiacomo, Frank-53 Dirks, Richard-53 Dittmer, Janet-22 Ditto, Shirlene-53, 85 Dixon, Patricia-22, 85 Dolezal, Sue-48, B8 Dombrawski, Geraldine-41 Dombrowsky, Donald-22, 64 Donaldson, Brealon-22, 113, 120, 124, 125 Drabenstot, Wilfred-38, 41, 76 Drake, Mary--22, 31, 62, 65, 76, 77, 84, 88, 106, 107, 109 Drzewiecki, Leo-41, 68 Drzewiecki, Ronald-22 Dubert, Carol-53 Dubie, Kenneth-53 Duesing, Robert-22 Durant, Carol-48 Durham, Bill-53 Dulcher, James 41,79 Dusza, Elaine- -41 Dynowski, Bill-22 Eberly, LeRoy-59, 85 Eckert, Elaine-41 Eckert, Mary- 53 Eckert, Thomas-22 Edlen, Delmer-53, 85 Edsall, Nancy- 22 Edwards, Ada-58 Edwards, John-41 Edwards, Joan-73, 78 -22, 62, 76, 77, 85, 88 8,104,106 Blankenship, William-52 Bleek, Sue-52, B8 63, 65, 80, 81,114,124 Block, Patricia-40, 88 Blieden, Richard-20, Bobinski, Daniel-48 107 Cox, Jean-59, 78 Cox, June-59, 78 Cox, Nancy-53, 88 Cox, Pearl-21, 62, 69 Bobinski, Eudene-40 Boese, Judy-52, 69, 70, 76, 88 Bohlim, Edna-40, BB Bohlin, Charles-52, 67 Bohlin, James-21 Caui, Adam-58 Craft, Jean-53, 71, 85 Criswell, Eleanor-40, 69, 80 Cross, Phil-53, 1 15 Cunningham, Jane-53 Ellis, Gerald-41, 68, 80, B1 Ellis, Thomas-41, 76 Ellison, Bonnie-53, 88 Engstrom, Carol-41, 70, 88 Erickson, Dale-22 Ericksan, Sandra-53, 62, 69, 70, 88 Erickson, Sue-22, 69, 76, 88, 106 Eubanks, Max-53, 71, 76, 81 Evans, Deloris-41 Farmer, Joyce-41, 107 Farah, Philip--41, 115 Fausch, Carol-22, 85, 88, 104 Feighner, Deloris-53, 81 Feinn, John-58, 72 Ferguson, Sandra-41, 107 Fischbacher, Eugenia-41, 108 Johnson, Marlena-54 Fisher, Nancy-41, 78, 87, 88 Fleming, Bill-53, 72, 76, 77, 81 Flood, Marilyn-53, 85 Flofow, Ronald-48, 126 Fly, Clifton-41 Fly, Jerry-53 Foldenauer, Kenny-53 Foster, Freddie Mae-104, 105 Foster, Shirley-53, 108 Fought, Patricia-41, 88 Fowler, Eugene-41 Fowler, Peggy-53 Frageman, Donald-22 Frageman, Karen-59 Fraley, Richard-41 Frame, Donald-42, 73 Frame, Ruth-53, 87, 88 Fredenburg, Dennis-41 Fredenburg, Ralph-41 Frehse, Ann-59, 88 Haas, Marva-42, 70, 87, 88 Hadders, Garry-42 Hager, Louis-42, 76, 80, 81, 83 Haggins, Belty-42 Hague, Richard-38, 42, 65, 66, 75, Hahn, Charles-42, 126 Hahn, Sally-23, 65, 66, 88 Hakim, Hussein-42, 76, 124 Hall, Edward-23, 63, 68, 80, 81 Hall, James-42 Hall, Richard-54 80, 81 Hamilton, Canslance-23, 31, 62, 63, 75 Handtke, Carol-23 Hanke, Charles-42, 126 Hapke, David-23 Hardl, Audrey--43, 65, 79, 87, 88 Harger, Joy-54 Harlow, Betty-43 Harmon, Marlow-58 Harper, Virginia-54 Friedrich, Ruth-22 Fries, Patsy-53 Fritz, David-23, 82 Fritz, Judith-53, 80, 81, 87 Froehlke, Frank-41 Fuller, Merry-59 Furness, Rosemary-23 Fyhr, Richard-42 Gabel, Harriet-23, 84, 88 Gallagher, Mariorie-66 Gallas, Eleanare-53, 88 Gannon, Doris-23, 69 Ganschow, Mary-59, 65 Garay, Emil-53, 114, 119 Harl, James-43, 62, 64 Hart, John-23, 31, 68 Harville, Harold-54 Hatchel, Mary-58, 86 Halcher, Margie-43 Hatfield, Craig-23 Hatfield Joan--23 Hathoot, Nancy-24, 69, 105 1 Haughtington, Richard-24, 3 Haughtington, Sandra-54, 80, 81 Hayes, George-54 Haynes, Harold-54, 115 Hays, Naomi-54, 85 Hefner, Donna--43, 83, 104 Gardner, Diane--53, 73, 78, 104, 107 Gardner, Herbert-42 Gardner, Pat-42, 65, 115 Gasaway, Cecil-42, 115 Gasteyer, Philip-59, 80, 81 Gay, Sally-42 Geissler, Rudolph-53, 74 Geleslze, Bill-48 Gill, Geraldine-42, 74 Girard, James-42 Girard, Thomas-53 Glasscott, Michael-42 Gloye, Prudy-53 Goch, Thomas-42, 67, 124 Goode, Bernadine-42, 59, 88 Goede, Dorine-42, 78 Goldmen, Barbara-59 Goldsberry, Georgetta-42, 83, 105, 106, 107 Gondek, Carol-54 Gondek, George-23, 65, 68, 113, 115, 116, 120, 124 Gondek, Patricia-59 Gorr, Donald-54, 114 Gourley, Thomas-23, 67, 68 Gramel, JoAnne-54 Grantham, William-54, 114 Green, llobert-42 Greene, William-23, 31, 87 Greer, Dave-54, 121, 122, 126 Griffin, Albert-59 Griffith, Charles-42 Griffiths, Nancy-54 Grlng, Beverly-42, 79, 88 Grlng, David-54, 68, 117 Groth, Donald-23, 62 Guess, James-59 Gulliver, Ray-59, 1 19 Haack, Annette--54, 65, 88 Hefner, Nancy-54 Helms, Kathy-59 Helms, Thomas-54 Henckel, Ruth-43, 104, 109 Henderlong, Dwight-43, 67 Henderson, William-43 Henry, John-54, 67, 115, 119, 124 Henry, Judy-24, 62, 88 Herald, Charles-54 Herbert, James-54, 81 Herod, Jerry-54, 67 Herrbach, Carol-54 Hibner, William-48, 126 Hileman, Dale-54 Hileman, Phyllis-24, 62, 88 Hines, Beverly-54 Hinshaw, Joan-24, 62 Hinshaw, Patricia--59 Hilz, Carol-24, 62, 79, 88 Hixon, Verlene-43, 71, 77 Hixon, Vernelda-59 Hock, David-54 Hoerr, Kenny-38, 43, 72, 75, 76, 8 Holem, Roger-24, 31, 62, 67 7,124 Holston, Sally-38, 43, 64, 74, 75, 87, B8 Houck, Merhth-24, 31, 65, 66, 69 Houghton, Wayne-59 Hubbard, Noah-54, 74 Hulce, Nancy-43 Humphrey, Betty-54 Hungerford, Jaan-24, 67 Hunt, Harlan-54, 104, 119 Hunter, Herbert-54, 76 Hurley, Marcella-54, 85 Hurst, James-51, 54, 65, 66, 73 Hutchison, John-58 Iliff, Viala-43, 105, 106, 107 Ingersoll, Lawrence-59 Jackson, Jerry-43 Jackson, Robert-54 Jacobs, Stanley-54, 67 Jaeger, Charlotte-43, 70, 79 Jakelski, Jerome-43 Jankowski, Donald-24 Januchowski, Pat-43, 108, 109 Janz, Sue-24, 69, 106 Jar1:a,James-43, 115, 121, 122 Jasicki, Betty-43 Jaspersan, Niel-54, 115 Jenkins, Hazel-43 Johansen, Robert-43, 1 15 Johansson, Joel-54 Johnsen, Nancy-24, 71, 88 Johnson, Howard-59 Johnson, Jeanine-43, 66, 69, 88 Johnson, Margie-48 Johnson, Shirley--54 Johnston, Barbara-24, 66, 104, 106, 107, 108 Johnston, Jim-43, 115, 124 Joiner, June-54 Juckett, Bernice-55 Jungnickel, Arthur-59 Jurcik, Rita-24 Kabacinski, Richard-43, 114, 126 Kaczmarek, Donald-43 Kahn, Betty Lou-55 Kalil, Jackie-24, 79, 88 Kalita, Raymond-55, 76 Kaminski, Richard-43 Karagan, Nicholas-38, 43, 67, 75, 77, 82 Karm, William-43, 71, 115, 126 Kasten, Sharon-24, 66 Katzmarek, John-43 Keene, Raymond-55 Kemp, Barbara-25, 64, 66 Kemp, Elizabeth--25, 66 Kemp, John-59, 81 Keppen, Nedra-25, 71, 75, 88 Kieffer, Barbara-55 Kienilz, Allan-55, 71 Kieper, Robert-55 King, Marilyn-25 King, Patricia-43, 81, 86 Kirkham, Melvin-55 Klemczak, Richard-25, 112, 128 Klosinski, Jerry-43, 67, 73 Klosinski, Theresa-55, 88 Kmiecik, Chester-25 Knaak, Marian-30 Kneisley, Sally-25 Kniola, Carol-44, 65, 66 Knoll, Carolyn-55 Knudsen, Marilu-55 Koehler, Mary-44, 83, 104, 105 Kolasa, Rita-44 Kalb, Sally-58 Kolodzieiski, Robert-44, 68, 124, 125 Komasinski, Maxine--44 Kominiarek, Marvin-38, 44, 67, 75, 77, 83 Kaminiarek, Robert-25, 31, 66 Konkey, Charlotte-30, 71, 88 Konkey, David-58 Kopczyk, Peter-55 Kopploman, Bette Jean--55 Kops, Patricia-44, 79 Korn, Dick-25, 71, 114, 120, 123, 128 Kowalski, John-44 Kozin, Elalne-25, 62, 63, 69, 81, 88 Krachinslri, Donald-59 Krentz, Tom-25, 81 Kroening, Allan-55, 1 17 Krueger, Jean--55 Kruger, Paul-55 Kubica, Patricia-44, 79, 83 Kudynowslri, Judith-44 Kulalrowslri, Mary Jane-55 Kuszrnaul, Clair-25, 62, 68 La8orn, Joann-44, 70, 71 Lachmund, Ronald-55 Ladd, Darlene-25 LaDulre, Norman-55, 73, 76, 81 Lamatina, Shirley-59 Landtroop, Betty-44 Lane, .lerry-44 Lange, Carol-55, 69, 70, 87, 88 Lansherg, LeRoy-48 Laltocco, Pat-44 Larson, Margaret-44, 71, 72, 74 Larson, Norman-44 Lazarus, Allan-25, 31, 65, 66, 67, 1 Leeds, Rosemary-38, 44, 70, 75, 82 Ledy, Billy-55 Lemons, Marcia-44 Leslr, Betty-25, 71 Leslie, Fred-44 Leusch, Patricia-44, 79 Lewis, Anna-55, 88 Lindberg, Ronald-48 Linde, RoseMarie-44, 69, 88 Linde, Sidney-55, 7-1, 86, 87 Linde, Silvia-55, 104 Lindquist, Karen-55, 69, 70, 87, 88 Lindsay, Marilyn-25, 66, 73 Lindsay, Marsha-55 Linn, Anita-69, 88 Linsemeyer, Elaine-104 Lippens, Jim-55 Lisalr, Richard-26 Livingston, David-55, 1 14 Loetz, Gordon-59 Loetz, Richard--55 Logerqurst, Karen-59 Lombard, Wayman-55 Long, Robert-55 Losinieclri, Norbert-30 Lowder, Verna-55 Lubs, Caral-55 Lubs, Edward-67, 68 Ludington, Elaine-79, 107 Ludwig, Suzanne-55, 74, 87 Lueth, Sally-26, 63, 70, 84 Lutz, Carolyn-26, 31, 76, 84, 88 Lylxens, Harry-38, 67 Lyster, Mariarie-59 Mack, Bennie-44 Mem, william-59 Mahllra, Darlene-69 Malchow, Eloise-59 Meleelri, Ronald-55 Malik, Irene-55, 88 Manson, Anthony-44 Manthey, Wayne-45, 79 Manthey, Patricia-88 Marshall, Margene-26, 70 Marshall, Robert-38, 45, 68, 77 Marszalelr, John-45, 66 Martin, Jania-38, 45, 69, 75, 88 Martin, John-45 Mason, Lois--26 1 Mason, Nancy--26, B1 Mason, Russell-26 Maxey, Larry-55, 72, 80, 81, 87 McAlpine, Shirley-19, 26, 31, 62, 63, 76, 88 Mc8rian, Dolores-26, 105 McCarthy, Cathleen-45 McFeely, David-55, 114, 119 Mclntosh, Philip-55, 78, 80, 81 Mtlntyre, Beverly-59 Mclntyre, Dale-55 Mclntyre, Don-26 McKee, Leonard-55, 81, 82 McKinney, Beverly-45 McMahon, Betty-48, 66 McMahon, David-26 McMahon, Ruth-55 McMillan, Jaan-45, 88 Meads, Kay-55 Mealer, Lloyd-56 Osos, George-56, 66, 72, 74 Oswalt, Beverly-27, 79 Oszust, Ed-45, 80, 81, 88 Ottersen, Roger-56, 72 Owens, Larry-59 Pagels, Patricia-56, 64 Pagos, Donald-27, 115, 124 Palmer, Georgia-56, 66 Parish, Geneva-56 Papineau, Bill-45, 80, 81, 87, 117 Papineau, Jon-45 Parker, Conard-45, 68 Parker, Robert-45 Pauley, Daniel-56 Pavollra, John-45 Pawloski, Louise-56 Pearce, Barbara-45, 79 Peck, Richard-30, 31, 115 Peebles, Joan-45, 88 Medley, Billy-56 Menke, Eugene-26 Merrill, Patrick-59 Meslra, Jo Ann-45 Mettlen, Marcia-26, 65, 66, 108 Meyer, August-45 Meyer, Martha-56, 69, 71, 85 Pedue, Kenneth-30 Peglow, Fred-30 Penfold, Alexander-56, 115, 119 Penfold, Nancy--45 Perialat, Clement-46, 66, 67, 115 Perkins, Tommie-46 Petroff, Don-59 Milcarelr, Barbara-45 Milcarek, Rita-56 Miller, Diana-38, 45, 74, 75, 83, 87 Miller, Karen-56, 65, 66, 69, 70, 88 Miller, Robert-26, 115 Miller, Roland-45 Miller, Shirley-26, 79 Millman, Doris-45 Milzarelr, Phyllis-45 Mitchell, Kenneth-26, 64, 115 Mitchell, Sharon--45, 76, 88 Mizia, Jeanette-27, 88 Mizia, Raymond-56 Mohamed, Donald-27, 115 Molzan, Ronald-27 Malzan, Wayne-45, 68 Moon, Beverly-56, 105, 106 Morris, Clarence-27, 78 Moore, Joyce-27, 62, 88, 105 Morrison, Judith-45, 88 Moss, Donald-58 Murphay, Shirley--45 Murray, Ann-58 Myers, Susan-56, 69, 87, 88 Nadaf, Helen-27, 63, 76 Nash, James-56 Nauyolras, Carolyn-45, 71 Neulieb, Harold-48 Nevarski, Donald-56 Nevorski, James-48 Nichols, Diane-59 Nichols, Rudolph-56 Nicholson, Norman-56, 1 14 Nieman, Carol-59 Nixon, Nancy-59, 88 Nardholm, Ruth-45, 69, 78 Norris, Frances-45, 109 Noveroslre, John-27 Novreslre, Eugene-56 Novreslre, Patricia-27, 71, 79 Ofcharchak, Barbara-56, 77, 78 Olson, William-48 Ortiz, Lydia-56, 88 Orzech, Arlene-27, 71 Orxech, Frances-56, 88 Pfister, Jack-27, 68, B5 Phillips, John-56, 115 Piano, Linda-46, 69, 70, 88, 108 Piergalslri, Mary-46, 74, 79 Pittsford, Paul-39, 46, 67, 115, 124 Podgorslzi, Gerald-56 Pohl, William-38, 46, 64, 65, 72, 76, 77 Polite, William-56 Pope, Maelisbeth-59 Porter, Barbara-27, 62 Potempa, Joan-56, 88 Potucek, William-46 Preuss, Franklin-38, 46, 67, 68, 75, 77, 81, 82, 83 Preuss, Rolland-27, 31, 62, 67, 68, 75, 80, 81, 82 Pritchard, Carole-27, 69, 76 Prybylla, Marvin-46 Pscian, Benny-40, 68 Pulaski, Linda-27, 84, 105, 106, 107 Purcell, Blair-38, 46, 65, 66, 76, 83 Putx, Patricia-46, 88 Quadlin, Shirley-46, 88 Ronnie, Betty-28, 62, 76, 81 Ronnie, James-56, 65, 80, 81, 87 Reattoir, Terese-56, 69 Reebs, Jane-56, 69, 76, 81 Reed, Charles-56 Reed, Roger-56, 115 Rehbein, Dale--56, 114 Rehbein, Neil-59 Reicher, Darlene-46 Ruppert, Nancy-59 Reuber, Karin-56, 85 Ruetz, Ronald-28 Rhoda, Sue-46, 69, 70, 88 Richter, Esther--38, 46, 72, 74, 75, 83, 88 Riley, Thomas- Riley, Wayne-46, 115 Rinehart, Rob-46, 66, 76 Rislr, Janice-56, 65, 87, 88 Ritchie, Barbara-46 Ritchie, John-30 Ritchie, Marilyn-56, 78, 104, 105, 107, 109 Roames, Ellan-46 Stelter, Barbara-57 Ulrich, Louie-30 Robertson, Roberta-59 Robinson, William-59 Robison, Teddy-56, 71 Rogers, Edward-56 Rohde, George-46, 115 Rohder, Karen--56 Ruetz, Ronald-28 Rush, John-56 Russ, Betty-59 Russell, Paul-46, 67, 72, 77 Sachs, Robert-46 Saenz, Leonard-48 Saracoff, Norman-56, 72 Sargent, Harold-46, 76 Schaefer, Faye-57, 69 Schaffer, Jerry-48 Schelling, Don-28, 31, 115 Schlegelmilch, George-46, 115, 124 Schlegelmilch, .Ioan-46 Schlegelmilch, Shirley-46, 88 Schliephake, Jerry-46, 71, 83, 88, 124 Schlunclt, Shirley-57, 69, 71, 88 Schmidt, Phyllis-46, 67, 76 Schnick, Chester--57, 68, 81 Schnick, Elene-28 Schnick, George-57, 115 Schoenning, Karen-57, 64, 69, 88 Schamacker, Ronald-46, 81 Schreiber, Kenneth-28, 113, 115, 117, 121, 126, 127 Schultz, Carole-57 Schultz, Dale-28, 65, 66, 114, 124, 125 Schultz, William-57 Schwager, Roger-46 Schwanke, Ronald-28, 114, 124 Scott, Faith-28, 69, 71 Scott, Nancy--59 Scott, Shirley-46 Scrivnor, Richard-57 Searcy, Ronald-46, 67, 121, 124 Seedorf, Dallas-59 Semla, Richard-47, 67 Serhal, Bob-59, 65 Serhal, Shirley-47 Shadford, James-48 Shodrow, Don-47 Sheeler, Ronald-57 Shepperson, Phyllis-28, 62, 106 Shilrany, Asad-28, 31 Shilrany, Jacqueline-47 Simpson, Barbara-47, 65, 66 Skibo, Leonard-59, 1 19 Skibo, Ted-28, 31 Slater, Barbara-57, 66 Slisher, Charles-28 Slisher, Pearl--47, 69 Smiertelny, Anthony-57 Smiertelny, George-57 Smith, Ardes-57 Smith, Buddy-57 Smith,,Dorothy-57 Smith, Florence-48 Smith, Suzan-47 Smith, William-57, 68 Smolenski, Esther-47 Snyder, Barbara-47 Snyder, Jacquelyn-47, 69, 77, 83, 106, 107 Snyder, .lames-28, 114 Snyder, Sue-57, 108 Sobecki, David-47 Sobkowiak, Patricia-57, 88 I Sabkowiok, Tom-57 Sobocinski, Coral-28, 62, 75 Soller, Leonard-57, 115 Sommerfeld, Carol-57 Sparks, Richard--57 Sparrow, Marion-57 Spear, Allan-57, 72, 81, 126 Sperling, Herb-47, 115,121,126 Spinning, Suzanne-57, 69, 70, 76, 88 Staffel, Betty--59, 81 Stahovialr, David-57 Stanley, Kay-57 Stanley, Ray-28 Stanley, Virginia-57 Stark, James-57, 81 Stec, Richard-47 Steen, Ahra-57 Steinborn, John-48 Steinborn, William-28, 66, 115, 117, 126, 127 Steindrager, Georgia-29 Stephens, Ellen-57, 87 Stewart, Geraldine-47, 66, 75 Storen, Mike-29, 31, 65, 66, 67, 76, 77,115,117 Storey, Lorelei-29, 31, 62, 66, 76, 88 Strakowski, Richard-47, 113, 114 Sluder, Lyn-57, 64, 66 Sturgell, Mary-57 Sunderland, James-57, 115 Swanson, Sam-57 Swistek, John-57 Sydcw, LeRoy-29 Sxymkowslri, Leona-29 Teeters, James-47 Teets, Ramona-29 Theisen, Martha-47, 66 Thode, Norman-57 Thomas, William-59 Thompson, James-59, 67 Thompson, James-29, 114 Thompson, Lois-29, 31, 69, 82 Thompson, Maynard-47, 76, 81, 83, 115, 124 Thornburgh, William-29, 80, 81 Timm,.Catherine-29, 65, aa, 76, e4, sa, los Timm, Mary-47, 83 Tomachalr, Patsy-47, 69 Tower, Andy-38, 47 Tracy, Norman-30, 66, 73 Traslre,' Mary-57, 70, 71, 78, 107 Trotter, Orstella-48 Troyer, John-29, 31, 68, 73, 75 Tuel, Kenneth-57 Turner, Jeanette-57, 107 Turner, Leanita-57 Ungurait, Donald-38, 47, 67, 74, 75, 77 Urbanski, Gene-57, 115 Urquhart, Jane-29, 31, 62, 63, 66, 69, 71, 88 Vachon, Arlene-59 Valentine, Robert-48, 65, 66 Vance, Eugene--47 Venice, Anthony-29 Vest, Carol-59 Virge, Geraldine-59 Volkmann, Thomas-57 Volstorf, Beverly-47 Voltx, Kenneth-29, 85, 114, 126 Waaso, Barbara-47 Wagner, Dana-38, 47, 69, 74, 77, 83 Waldo, Jeanette-58 Walk, Robert-58, 80, 81 Walker, Lillian-47, 64, 69, 77, 83, 104, 105 Walls, George-47, 66, 67, 115, 126 Walotka, Richard-47, 67 Waltke, Wayne-58 Wantland, Ivern-38, 47, 74, 75, 104, 109 Ward, Claudesta-58, 69 Wardecm, Honore-58 Warden, Ronald-47, 58 Warnimant, Dave-58 Warnke, Ronald-29 Washluske, Wayne-58, 115, 119 Waterhouse, Bert-19, 30, 31, 48, 63, 81,114,124 Waterhouse, Blake-39, 81, 114, 120, 123, 126 Weber, Robert-58 ' Wegner, Mary-58, 65, 66, 69, 70, 87, 88 Weiss, Frederick-48 Wenzel, Karlene-48, 69, 77, 83 Werdine, Marilyn-58, 65, 69, 74 Werdine, Patricia-29, 66 Werre, James-48, 115 Wesner, Wanda-58 Westberg, Karen-48, 69, 70, 79 Westphal, Janice-58 Westphal, John-48 Westphal, Ned-48, 75, 77, 124 Westphal, Sheldon-48 Wheeldon, Sue-59 White, George-58, 65 White, Kenneth-59 White, Mary Alice-30, 84 White, Mary Francis-30 Willre, Joan-59 Will, Dorothy-48, 65, 66 Will, Sally-30 Willet, Frances- 3O, 31, 70,107 Williams, Nancy-30 Williamson, Tom-58 Winner, Patricia-48, 65, 67, 69, 71, 7 Winslri, Jerry-5 8, 65, 87,118 Withrow, Pauline-30, 66, 88, 104, 108 Witte, Howard-48, 67, 82 Witte, Paul-58 Wolcott, Richard-58, 65, 66, 115, 119, 126 Wolcott, Roger-58, 71, 115, 119, 126 Wolf, Karen-58 Wolford, LaVerne-48, 83 Wolford, Shirley-58 5 Wolgast, Nanefte-58, 69 Woodruff, Daniel-58, 73 Woodruff, Frederick-48 Woodruff, Herb-30, 118 Wozniak, Carol Irene-58 Wozniak, Carol LaVerne-58 Wozniok, David-58 Wozniak, Joan-58, 65 Woznialr, Richard-48, 67, 126 Wright, Charles-48 Wright, Jack-58, 114 Wright, William-39, 48, 65, 66, 114, 120, 122: 123, 126 Wroblewski, Donald-58 Yaunt, Cara-30, 71, 85, 104 Zarazee, Kenneth-30 Zarozee, Thomas-48 Zollrowski, Brabara-30, 79, 88 Zollman, Shirley-48, 67, 77 Zanylr, Patricia--48, 58 Zorn, Loretta-58, 69, 70, 76, 88 x jjjyw 6350129 f Wifi? 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Suggestions in the Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) collection:

Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Elston High School - Elstonian Yearbook (Michigan City, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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