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Con V0 C F-7 TIOHS LHDIES OR GENTLEMEN PREFERRED in 7 GX 'x " ,. I I Q , 8 sus mfs maoueu Hfyl THE QHMERHS THE' FUR ' I A ,T - f, sf?Q if fe THIS rs THE way T0 Do rr! ON you JL fill' QUEEN su' Pfam ,,.,.f2L--fx Zggq F500 0 5 R A Cf 5 E X 4 , 6 X X 50 ' , JU F f 4 . fy? X, J Q ga, ki 5 .W ag X fl K W R m 'Nqfw f 1 I V v 1 g . I. w Ftp. J i .. ,,.. H.. .I 1 1 ' ' I F ,"!: 'MQ 'I WEPQ .' 5 v.1 xx 1 4 QP" H I ' 'J ff 5 U f X 1 ff'- '14 f n 8 I' 1 " ' ' - K , ' ' ,Y ' 1 l ,. Y r ml 'i-ig .2 .1 f -'4 qw. . -H? . ,, .. , I ty X IW X Ph Fan 4 3 1-,, 1,1 0 , 8 f' C50 ' ff A R ,f QMS DF ' ' y ly?ePonf CHECY5 4 VHCHZLIDAK l E B W7 oEi!Q fc F-A1553 50 50 DEC 4 n ,IW-3 2 z' Jpxogl f"'v N, ' .0 . fvf0'i fqfiy A Q - ilawvhniafi, . 72? ,XXX n Holldd I A ,fvxffvg ChKI5t,-1196 fl f7 k Dec 27. gow 5. 9,0 ' 1,3 . - .ZR , ,CEO -, - ' Il! K- 1 4 -,-unsung? UA WFT., ffff I Z dy ' h s X I Q' - .V I -W.: Q QQ 1 ,fb 5 mg 9' 'bv 1 I. y 3 N Z f 51 MNUHRY J' 11 f Efvd f ff"m 'fe Pfpfz J J! Fggpzfgw 5f MA fa 0,4 mel, Hal SNQP I X 655 S114 I ff-:cas Alf 1 CfloN,,ls 7, 19 ff J4,,y,fg,,e4 X SPXPAVG V f t . X 'ir A of ,U , J U NE 6377 Q fi Y 5 J A Sffoh, A4 510550 4 AY73' Pham 'BACCFA-Rune A-to ' Jgfidfm .511 CLHSQD cement Sufwplflk VACFLION g0fv7Z:'57' K CQFNHQN l Qa- in , of I , K-S7 - 'X i ' . ln A- -A 5' Qs-If ,"' 1 1. ' ff X fa-ze' X' I XFN 259' NAR' . V Q' 7 'V 4 X E 'Q for ? . V L, Qf , Fa ff f '. Wax I 1 1? ,znfeuef 3 I K I ' .A ,.l',', 7 Lf av . 1-M H- V ' 1 . . d ,' N f-K I 4, X I 56 X m y ' , :gif 1 A-9 6 f , . 2 1 X Y 5X 5-T 0 " 5-7' 1 A L U f La X.. X I, , ' 7159 ?,, N ' ' ' O Ir-I 4 7 ' N M . :ii A-ff A, -1- "fa V5 l ' if QOXQTNAO X' Gf Eve n"f5 WWW Q G. A. A. Toni Sn1'e1vsl.'i, .Yizzirp Sfolze, .lliss Sebesta fsponsorl, Eleanor ftterbaclf, Sue Buren. Are you the energetic type - always on the move? If so. the C. A. A. was made to order for you. Does one haye to be a good athlete to be an active member? The answer is "No," Many of the girls who participate in the games aren't unusually skillful. The one qualification is to be a senior high girl with an interest in sports. G. A. A. meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. although special meetings may he called in order to choose captains and teams when a different sport begins. The officers are elected in September and serve for the entire school year. Those chosen for this term were Nancy Stolze. president: Eleanor Utterback, vice-president: Toni Sajewski. secretary: and Sue Buren. treasurer. The C. A. A. sponsor. Xliss Selnesta. ofliciates at all games and awards the letters in the spring. She also presents the most outstanding athlete of the year, as deter- mined by vote of all girls in the gym classes. with a sweater. The first sport on the calendar each fall is soccer. with baseball rounding out the schedule in the spring. 100 Soccer -0 .. 'N- . 9.- Row I-Choicia Scai-le. Eleanor Utterback, Pam Peters. Carol Hullings. Row 2-Earlene Williams, Peggy Hileman Anita Cox, Karen Manthey, .lacl-'ie Anderson. Absent - Donna Rogers, Barbara Kalil, Natalie, Gembara Ramona Teets. The lirst sport on the agenda this season was soccer. Since football isn't usually played by girls. this rugged sport is played in its place. Only three teams were organized, but nevertheless there was plenty of excitement. When the dust cleared away, Choicia Scaife's team came out on top, with Pat Love captaining the runners-up. 'K LV -7' -153,1 if ,'gg5..,QZ' 1. : ' ' 12 i'f'.i'i L"- . 74L" " :.J4'J' 4 'Iwi' "lr - tiff " -2. W' .' '?"'t'4s:- Ti' ml., -1' 'Llc' J' . ' . "M:-: U ffl"-'. 27-,.".-,, -. 11' . .155 .5 ', -. , " t . -.0-9 was s' "r JJ!-I-." 'f .,,. .. Aff'-7,-1-V,v,.-K-75.-. . ' Q" if J-.w..,, .th --1 -4 -' -' e --"' 'L - ' ,'-asf-'fi.-.H W-71. , , A Row I-Barbara Rohde, Pat Love, Nancy Fritz. Row 2-Shirley Bowker, June Hut, Barb Johnston, Jackie Marshall, Wanda Nickell, Wanda Pace, Carol Handtlre. Absent -- Nancy Sralze. 101 Hockey -. Row I-Lorraine Cembara, Pat Love, Natalie Cembara, Norma Gill, Pauline Withrow. Row 2-Phyllis Mclntire, Marjorie Rohde, Elizabeth Kemp, Mary Anne Tolman, Carolyn Johnston, Jackie Anderson. Hockey, which followed soccer, is perhaps one of the most rough and tumble sports played. Anyone with the idea that girls are softies should have seen them go to it on Gill Field. Most of the scores were close. but in the final analysis Natalie Cembara's team emerged victorious, with Shirley Franckowskfs charges right on their heels. c g Y -XJ-' Row I-Nancy Fritz, Barabra Helms, Toni Sajewski, Nancy Stolze, Shirley Franckowslri. Row 2-Wanda Nickell, Donna Steepro, Jackie Marshall, Karen Manthey, Dolores Arndt, Sue Buren. 102 Deck Tennis , sei .Qw- ff'- 535 ggi: C if' 'th 35 V 4." X A. ---- limi ,M- il, . V Row I-Toni Sojewslci, Barbara Buell, Joyce Black. Row 2-Shirley Franclrowslfi, Peg Hileman, .lerry Olterson. .-1bsentgNancy Frilz, Esther Parlfs. Deck tennis succeeded hockey. lt is one of the most popular sports among the girls. This fact was proved by the many girls who went out for it. There were six teams in all. After the final point was made. captains Toni Sajewski and Anita Cox found themselves heading the winners and runners-up. respectively. A -32,31 P43 s . .v 1 fx. '1.s'.:,6. sf 5 5 -' '.:f'r'f':z -6 it J ,-1: :r , ' . 1 . 1-' 2 .N v iii" ,- is l i J . 25525 Row I-Barbara Zollfowslci, Earlene Williams, Anita Cox, Choicia Scaife, Marjorie Rohde. Absent-Yvonne Theeke. 103 Volley Ball QF' 51 .1 Row l-Carolyn Johnston, Barbara Rohde, Joyce Black. Row 2-Peg Hileman, Jackie Marshall, Marjorie Rohde Ellen Bennelt. Next came volley ball and with it even more excitement. This sport requires more team play than deck tennis and also more skills. Seven teams were chosen because of the large number of enthusiasts. The champs were led by Jackie Marshall, with Shirley Franckowski's team a close second. Shirley Franckowski, Carol Hullings, Jackie Anderson, Barbara Johnston, Barbara Zolkowslfi, Choicia Scaife, Toni Sajewski. Absent - Jo Ann Bullard, Shirley Bowker. 104 Basketball Carol Hullings, Choicia Scaife, Geraldine Otterson, June Hut, Barbara Johnston. Absent-Nancy Hathoot The next sport on the calendar was basketball. ln girls' rules a player is not permitted to dribble the length of the floor, but nevertheless there is always plenty of activity. Seven teams battled it out, with Barbara Johnston captaining the winners and Sue Buren piloting the runners-up. Row l-Nancy Slolze, Sue Buren, Ellen Bennett. Row 2-Dolores Arndt, Elizabeth Kemp. Absent - Nancy Fritz and Earlene Williams. 105 ZOP-HHDPFUHUJ'-'Z'-'ZCJDP my - at l' . iw 'Rm M , . f x QM rw Q1 H . ik- rl up A s ..., 5. 1 K,-'l1"'Hi4mf',. .- .1x,r,,,. in ,v 1 Baseball wx Y I M A .gy 3 ., kann 3' 1 W... v,3Q,,, ' i 'W Q ,A ,.,. -- . , aa- 2 "S" ., . sf wi T. -af ,'i,y:41?!?.3i,?.,?Q , , . 4 it rd-ilk w- V . mrzfllffifm as rM2E'f 'l 1 f I 4 3:81 6 '1 17, gif' ae W X 2 :fri :als ,l fi J Y . . . "' if A BN as . ,A fjg f4,:M,g2 f W- .QS 1, , MQ? ll' if T rk' 2'?g'f62'a L Vu mf, . 1,1 Algal-1 mg. -2 jf. . Q W -5, uv. -lil?-iii'-'l", 1 Aging .it ef 5? ff :,...,....jf' agf,,'2 5' , -Q4-,ss ,- x is 5 ,4 .1 xv T - ay r ,, 1 l ' 4 av 1 f -"3,g'rtv-fi' Ejfx- -' -jr an .H,V,,,? ,,.,yM:, I . L1 4 4' M .lim-9'f+'fliaYllM."xi'e1q .'7QL"1'i'fl-zfffi, J' . 'Eli "f'5'3flb.1f' Row I-Pat Love, Shirley Bowlrer. Row 2-Pat farnutowslfi, Barbara Kalil, Nancy Siolze. Absent-Barbara Rohde Janice Lucas, Oneida Burrell, Yvonne Theelfe. After a most interesting year baseball completed the season. Since it is played so late in the spring, the pictures of this years' winning teams can not be included in the ELSTONIAN of 1951. The teams pictured on this page are the champions of last year. Pat Love's team is the winnerg and Dolores Arndt's, the runners-up. ,L 4 ,,, 'N ' 'Xi V 1 i Row I-Marlene Estfan, Carole Henclfel, Dolores Arndt, Toni Safewslfi. Row 2-Gerry Chinslri, Sue Buren, Jackie Marshall, Shirley Franckowski, Norma Gill. 106 B 0 Y S? S P O R T S 4-1 fuuck Ge Off? A in fm 5 BO YS A7 E 32 X' 5 f X -if Rex N I 'f-- 1. ' '- .. 76 T -" ' fr . E L , 1 , Ig 5 M E N l?.- iv fig.. 40 CENT "5 Don 9 Qu, . V1'cforjBel!- Oc., 0 ef "5E.,,Q 1 O f X Here 72 Sfay. 96, , X 0 9 TL. ' ' +93 A erin 5 eackers W Y qc W 0 IA -tea The Football Team 5 . 1., V .V ii W fn' I f H . w e at . if - t,,,, '1-,, if we ,,: .S .fy ,i h as - N JE 135923 Il 13 82 1 ,LU a 8,12 ig! y ,,,. -1 ' " f 4., " -1 f 'J-. ..-f-. P to -92-3. 1 42 V l J J' F2 5' f 'qu' i f V 1 Q-,T i- i Ni , i A 59 e i35,i,,n3l:,, ' i 1 Y , I i . 1,4 Q , 4 0 , . . ' V ' ' "" 'A 12.2.-l -' ' ' Q ' "' H' - . . ' ' - V---. ..,..f.o. -- X ' ' N. 5" , 7 ' . -.'vfF'.x '- C-.,. , it '.' " ' I - - A Q ish- 5 1 . -ob ' ul - C C Row I-Eldon Sleinborn lmgrJ, Art Kohrnzan, Roosevelt Young, ,lim Nieman, Merl Searcy. Al Clov, Steve Delaney, Bill Barker, Angelo faeobucci, Bill Steinborn, Wayne Strang, Charles Standiford. Row .?4Diclr Hatcher, Don Drake, Ken Schreiber, George Conrlelf, Bob Barr, Willard Long, Arnold Bass, Don South. Norm Lindborg, Marv Pozdol, john Hoffmaster, ,lohn Arndt, George Edwards. John Wendt, Roger Bixler lm,gr.l. Row 3-.lohn Steinborn lmgrj, ferry Miller, Don Shiparslfi, Newt Meer lflsst. Coaehl. Tom Warren, jerry Callion, Don Pagos, lark Wilson, Norm Wilson, Wayne Snodgrass, Wayne Shebloslfy, Dick Gring, Mike Storen, Chester KH1l8Fl.h', Alan Dolson, lmgr.!. Earl Radlfe, Wayne Plew lHead Loachl. Don Evans, Diclf Korn. Row -1vCarl Zeese, Fritz Sperling. Dirk Peck, Ed Werner, Bill Woodruff, Don Schelling, Al Lazarus, Bob Miller, Ken Mitchell. Absent-Chuck Trottier. The record of our Red Devil Cridders in 1950 wasn't very impressive. but we must remember that figures don't tell the whole story. as may be proved next season. At the beginning of the season before a plague of injuries heckled our team. the Devils played a solid game, even though they did come out on the short end of the score, being tripped by Elkhart by a single touchdown. Then Crash, Bam, Ala- cazanl. the injuries began. Our key players were injured at one stage of the game or another. Searcy. Trottier, Wilson, and South - our returning lettermen - all were out for a time. and they weren't the only ones, either. Another thorn in the side of the Red Devils of '50 was the inexperience of the players. They all were game and did their best. but they just had to get that needed experience that makes a team a winner. This thought brings us to a bright star in the future of the team: the star being the experience gained by many underclassmen in the 1950 season. Seven of the boys who will be returning are fellows who saw a lot of action last fall. Congratulations to Coach Wayne Plew. his assistants-Newt Meer. Fred Marston. and Doug Adams - and to the team for a hne job. Special recognition went to Chuck Trottier and Fritz Sperling at the end ofthe season. Trottier was named to the All-Conference Second Team. and Sperling was elected honorary captain. All of the players did a job of which they could be proud. SCORES Michigan City ........ ...... 1 2 Elkhart .,.,,,,,,,,,..,,,...,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 9 Michigan City ........ ...... 0 South Bend Adams ...,. ,,,,.,,, 2 6 Miflhigan City '.---.-- ...... 0 South Bend Riley .,..,.,,., ,,,,,,, 3 9 Michigan City ........ ...... 1 3 Fort Wayne South Side ,,,,, ..,.,,, 0 Michigan City ........ ...... 0 South Bend Central ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 2 3 1lt,IlI1Cll:lg3Il City ..-..... ...... 2 3 Renssalaer .,..,...,.,,,,,,,,, ,,., 0 ic igan City .....,., ,,,i., 0 La Porte ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- .-,,,,- 2 0 Midligafl City ........ ...... 1 4- Fort Wayne North Side ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 2 6 Mlfihlgall Cliy ........ ...... 0 Hammond Noll .,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 5 109 -AA .. .V,X S v , .2 AEVV ' D , ,f Vi' N ,. .?ieZE, ,,., -r I I ' . lywf i if 4' x ig ,Q X If x V 5 W I ' MY , 0 Q - ' . 1 ,N v V ,ffif - W. 0. ...' i z?" .' X ' , a ll -,. - J I 5 ,V Wh 0' 5 sibfring N on FRifz"5 ln p? I LCOHXS Outlook F? -S iw a Bidi-ER UP! 1'71"'13Q f .. ' 1 Y' , R iw.. A F . ff Q W wi? 1 , '-,' -, in ,rf ' .--v H C A VC - H O I 53 .Z I 'Q 4 1" ,,, Ge, oR.9e W1 Q ,V A 'z ff X if f i ff S All Th 6 W f ,. WMS foot ? .-J. -,'.' 'EL fw , CSP Ql'f 1 M A d e, it .' A v w gi 13, ,. 51- ' :A FRAN -if Fnifz.. " "' I .....A.i: U 'gi . Fcuk Ncfmeu Chuck CMS one Tennis Team +A' A A -Q S -. f , . f. ill ,ASQ - ' V gl 1 xv V. it g ,Q we - . ., 243-.i-'NL i ji". .1 5 1 .ggtslsqxzz-1' x tx ', fri - , QA' --l-on I - li 5, v-. f ti, ig, 5Q"f 7 , zz + M --use . '61, v-T "'-I x5 4' '- .- Row I-Jerry Hibnick, Jim Arnold, Don Wolod. Row 2-Larry Diftmer, Neal Lee, Mr. Wegner fcoachl, ferry Meilstrup, lim Sweeney. Looking back over the athletic records of Elston High's teams in 1950, we see that the tennis team really had a successful season. Harold Wegneris Red Devil "Racketeers" for 1950 came in second in the N. 1. H. S. conference, and their season's record was seven victories against one lone defeat, that coming from a team that has been winning the conference annually in the last few years, namely Mishawaka. The big "guns,' of the attack were Neal Lee. ifl man: and ,lim Sweeney, 42. Able assistance came from Jerry Meilstrup, who played 43, ,lim Arnold, and Don Wolod. Of these five only Sweeney graduates, and so a great team is on tap for next year. Lee and Sweeney were among the best in the conference, and Sweeney has the distinction of win- ning every one of his single matches. We say, "Congratulations to the Red Devil Racketeers of 1950 for a fine record, and good luck in 1951.', SCORES Michigan City ....... ,,,.,. 5 South Bend Adams ....., ,,,.. 0 Michigan City ..,,,,. ,.,,,, 4- Fort Wayne ,...,,.,...,., ,,,.. 1 Michigan City ,...... ...... 5 South Bend Riley ..... ..... 0 Michigan City ...,,,. ...,,, 3 Elkhart .......................... ..... 2 Michigan City ....,,, ,,,,,, 3 South Bend Central ...,.. ..... 2 Michigan City ,,.,.., ,,,.,, 3 La Porte ..,.....,.,..,.,,.., ..... 2 Michigan City ,,...,, ,,,,,, 3 Goshen .,,..,,,.l,.,,..,,, ..... 2 Michigan City ..,.... .,.... 1 Mishawaka .,..... ..... 4- 111 Golf Team 1-'+--+ - - V-A . -f - .V -:Z . , , . -- 3 .. . .........-f..... . . .. M... . 1 Q ...A--R5 ' I ' W2 ' i """"""""'f" Q urntlgnomlvdhsnaaav ,EW V .gr :1 ,,.,x .Q 'Q Afftkl fg,.,54xi fav: er fi ' - 3 my ini YY . f fel 7 'I 5' gi is U 4 . 9 . VS,-D ,QED if , X V' I W i ' . ss, M f f X I ef v 1 , ' ii J'-Sid i' Ui, 4. " "" .x . ' ' ' , e g M W .Rf "' J '4 'I 4 M 4? in '.A, in g it X ' ' c ii i A1 -1 thnx' 1' 1 ' -ff l, att - A 5 I f l x S 1 . x by I i , 1 ?f'ff ' - .- . . K' -" . i h Q R 4 I fl A ag V 0 1' -' , fr A- , 5 . ii, ,. " jim. ' S Y 5.-. 77' V ' ' , -'N Row I-Bill Kriesel, Kenneth Pulz, Dick Glassman, Ronnie Swanson, Carl Ellison. Row 2-.lohn Sadenwater, .lim Will, Art Ludwig, "Dee" Kohlmier lCoacl1I, Dick Korn, .lim Petoskey, Dick Dwyer. ln 1950 - 51 the golf team. which was made up of a great majority of sophomores and juniors, had a poor season as far as the actual record is concerned. The thing that made this record seem a bit satisfactory. however. was the fact that Jim Will. Art Ladwig. Ron Swanson. and Dick Glassman. who were the top four of the team. were all eligible to play again in the spring of '51, The added experience they had gained last season should have pulled them through to a fine season in competition this year. Will already had an 84- to his credit. and Swanson and Classlnan each got an 85. Three fellows - Dick Korn. Dick Dwyer. and Jim Petoskey - divided the number-five spot on the team. All of these boys also returned for action. SCORES Michigan City Valparaiso ....... .. Michigan City .....,.. LLM: Hammond High .... 10 Michigan City S. B. Adams .......... 10 ttriangulart Valparaiso ,........... 315 Michigan City S. B. Central ,....... 111415 Michigan City 3 S. B. Adams 12 Michigan City 514, Mishawaka .......... 91fQ Michigan City 2 S. B. Central 13 Michigan City 4- S. B. Riley ......,..... 11 Michigan City 5 Mishawaka ............ 10 Michigan City LaPorte ......,... .. 14 Michigan City ........ 6143 S. B. Riley ............ 815 Michigan City ........ 1 LaPorte ........ ..... 1 4 Sectionals - Michigan City 10th out of 14 competing. Basketball Team ff f' . ' f?f-'fm Row I-Braelon Donaldson, Bill Penfold, George Condelf, Ken Schreiber, Frilz Sperling. Row 2-"Dee" Kohlmier fffoachl, Ed Werner, Dick Korn, Gene Burrell, Stere Delaney, Bob Scot, Chuck Trotrier. Marion Waldo, Marv Pozdol KmgrJ. The Red Devils of the hardwood came through in fine style during the 1950-51 season. They beat our arch-rival, LaPorte. in both games with the Maple City "Mobsters." The Devils won twelve games against as many losses this season. Balanced scoring was the factor that put the Devils through. The team pulled its biggest upset when they defeated Mishawaka. a team that finished high in the conference this year. They also upset Culver in the third game of the season. Culver. previous to the City game. had been undefeated. Ham- mond Tech is another team that felt the sting of the Devils. The Devils were underdogs in all of these games but came through with decisive victories. The long shots of'Bob Szot, the driving of Chuck Trottier and Fritz Sperling, and the rebounding of Gene Burrell and Steve Delaney gave the team a well-balanced attack. All of the reserves were able to come in and hold their own. and so the Devils individually can be proud of themselves. Perhaps the most stunning defeat of the year was that given to us by South Bend's Central Bears, who ran up a score of seventy-four points against us. The Red Devil high for the season was sixty- three points. scored against Wanatah. The two jewels of the season were the two victories over LaPorte. each by two points. Those victor- ies alone were enough to make the season successful. Another big victory was the one over St. Mary's. In this game the intra-city rival held a one-point lead at the half. However, the Devils, sparked by the driving of Sperling. forged ahead and took the game by five points. The outcome of the sectional pleased no one from Elston High. but the team was not at fault. No team can play a game under the heavy pressure of a LaPorte-City game in the afternoon and be ex- pected to give another top notch performance at night. Rolling Prairie won the right to compete in the Regional. On the whole the season was highly successful. Coach Kohlmier had his players in top condition, and they gave a fine account of themselves. W" .1 Goo so -1 xv' Splut: n s 5aQphQ4 -re 50 2' 4 . ......,,. 39 30 123: Chuck 22222 5' M. C ..,...... 37 M. C ......... 42 M. C ......... 3.8 M. C .....,.,. 51 M. C ......... M. C .,....... M C C C C C Frankfort .......... Valparaiso ........ Culver ................ S. B. Central .... 4-3 Lebanon ............ 4-3 John Adams ...... . ........, 56 Hammond Tech.. 54- Washington ...... 58 S. B. Riley ........ Goshen .............. Brazil ................ Elkhart ........r..... Individual Scoring of Basketball Team in 1950-51 Season NAME Sperling Burrell Szot Trottier Delaney Waldo Korn Condek Penfold Donaldson Bitts Schreiber 114 Field Free Free Throws Goals Throws Missed 91 61 48 76 31 54- 75 14 14- 57 42 59 38 26 30 27 38 15 27 17 33 16 4 6 8 11 18 7 2 3 4 7 8 5 2 3 Total Points 24-3 183 164 156 102 92 71 36 27 16 15 12 232333232333 Nmv Whiting .A.......,.. Mishawaka ......,. La Porte ...v........ St. Mary's .......,,. Ft. W. N. Side .... Washington ...... Lew Wallace ...... S. B. Riley ........ Wanatah ............ Jackson Twp. La Porte ............ Roll. Prairie .. 49 41 54- 47 54- 68 56 65 1 6 26 41 43 C 045' , 1 Drk H A hKONNyu 'Ge onje' ' ' -3 ' "B fl! " Board of Education Mr. Arnold Cora, Mr. S. A. Lauer, Mrs. Fred Bluhm, Mr. I. L. Freeland, Mr. E. M. Peck Here are some of the authoritative relatives in our family. The Board of Education manages family affairs. They decide the family's policy and the way the family transacts its business, and they regulate money for educational purposes. Co-operating with the superintendent, the Board of Education hires,teachers and regulates the purchases of supplies. The Board of Education's authority is given to it by all of the relatives in the City. Mr. E. M. Peck is the patriarch president. Mr. S. A. Lauer takes care of the money, and Mrs. Fred Bluhm is the secre- tary. Members of all families in the City may come to the meetings of the Board of Education, which are held the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at the house next door, thejunior high school. The Board of Education is ably assisted by Miss Alma Schilf, financial secretary, and Miss Gloria Kreft. assistant financial secretary. who have charge of the numerous tasks of bookkeeping and finance. - Miss Schilf Miss Kreft 8 Pink lmps Row lslfayne Shebloslfy lmanagerl, Donald South, Floyd Bentley, Tom Rux, Bob Brooks, Milt Dabagia. Row 2- Bill Leach, Ken Volts, Mike Storen, Len Kazmucha, Bert Waterhouse, Mr. Adams ffioachl. Row 3-Bill Karm, John Brooks, Norman Vaughn, Bob Ranrlhan, Allan Lazarus, Jack Wilson. The HB" team or the Junior Red Devils showed a great deal of promise. Doug Adams did a swell job. and his team lost only a couple of games this year. Our Pink lmps beat the La Porte junior varsity by a wide margin, and so the Devils of the future should certainly be able to hold their own against the Slicers. Don South. Bob Brooks. Tom Rux. Bob Randhan, and Ed Werner are all promis- ing. Group these with underclassmen Burrell. Delaney, Penfold, Gondek, Schreiber, Donaldson, Korn. and Waldo. and you have the makings of a conference championship team in 1951. The fellows we haven't mentioned, but who played Pink Imp ball, needn't feel bad, for in our estimation. the lmps had a fine team for a junior varsity. Track Team Q Q'f . - r ,. 5- Q65-'39'5t",g-1 F I JU--if 'Pk 1.1 Row I-Donald Pawlik, Art Johnson, William Hoffman, Edmund Estfan, Kenneth Jones, William Harris. Row 2- Robert Reinholz, Carl Zeese, ,lack Todd, Robert Brooks, William Schlegelmilch. Row 3-Lester Radke, Richard Hatcher, Robert Slaughter, Paul Schaefer, Mr. Miller, !Coachl, lack Wilson, Donald South, Matthew Gratten- thaler. Row 4-Gene Kasten, John Keppen, ,lim Nieman, Edward Werner, Merl Searcy, Willard Long. The track team had an even season: they won three duo meets, placed second in a triangular meet, and lost four duo meets. Two of the members, ,lohn Keppen and Dick Hatcher, qualified in the pre- conference meet. Keppen is a pole-vaulter. and Hatcher does our high-jumping. ln the track sectionals three of our boys - ,lack Todd, Hatcher. and Jack Wilson -- advanced to the regionals. During the season our half-mile relay team was the high-light of the group. They took a first in the La Porte invitationals, and also set a new Gill Field record of 1135.8 in the La Porte meet here. Don South, Bob Slaughter, Paul Schaefer. and ,lack Wilson made up the relay team. SCORES MiCl'lig8l'l Ciiy '...... ....,.... 4 8-2f3 Chesterton ,,,,,, ,,,.,,., 60 -1f3 hi S. B. Riley ,,,,,, ,,.,..., 2 8-1X3 Michigan City ......... ..,..,.,. 4 7-lf2 Q S. B, Central ,,,,, ,.,.,,,,, 5 7' MiCl1igal1 Cily ......... ......... 8 0 Benton Harbor ,,,,, .,,,,,,, 2 9 Michigan City ......... ...,,.,.. 5 4- Horace Mann ,,,,, v,,,,,., 5 5 Michigan City ......... ......... 7 6-U2 S. B. Adams ,.,,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,-,, 3 2-U2 Michigan City ......... ....,.... 6 2 S. B. Wlashington ,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,, 4 7 Michigan City ......,.. ......... 3 7 Valparaiso ,,,,,,,,,.,. ,.,.,,,. 7 2 Michigan City .......,, ,,,,,,.., 4 6 La Porte ,.,,,,, ,.,,,,,, 6 3 117 Baseball Team if" X A X 1'-?7il ' We 1 by 5 ' if K Row I-lohn Troyer fmanagerj, Allen Dolson fmanagerj, Kenneth Pedue, Bill Steinborn, Roger Bixler, fmanagerl, Roger Holem fmanagerj. Row 2-Charles Slisher, Alan Spicer, Norm Wilson, Don Evans, Bob Miller, Floyd Bentley, Francis Shaia, ferry Miller. Row 3-Mr. .lanes fcoachj, Bob Szot. lohn Foss, Bob Hullings, Roosevelt Young, John Daher, foe Tanski, Leon Kosakowski, Mr. Meer fcoachl Row 4-Wayne Sheblosky, Marvin Pozdol, Bob Farrell, Fritz Sperling, Kenneth Schreiber, Kenneth Voltz, Benny Witek. Wallace Fritz. Only two conference teams caused any trouble for our baseball team, Riley and Washington of South Bend. The Bed Devils defeated all other conference foes and finished the season with seven victories and five defeats. Alan Spicer's pitching and ,loe Tanski's hitting led the Michigan City drive. Spicer struck out 38 men while walking only 7, and Tanski got on base 16 times by base hits or walks. Fine fielding by Leon Kosakowski. Bob Szot. Fritz Sperling. and Spicer meant a great deal in putting the team into a second place tie. Other standouts on the team were Benny Witek, Ken Schreiber, Bill Steinborn, John Foss, and Marv Pozdol. who was named captain for the next season. SCORES Michigan City .......,, ,,,,,, 2 S. B. Riley ,.,,.,..,.,.. ....... 4- Michigan City .,...,... ...... l S. B. Washington ..,... ....... 2 Michigan City ......... ...... 1 S. B. Adams ....,...,.. ....... 0 Michigan City ......... ...... 3 S. B. Central ..... ....... 0 Michigan City ........, .,,,,. 2 Elkhart .,...,,.,.,, ....... 1 Michigan City ,.....,.. .,,,,, 4 La Porte ,,,,,, .,,.,,. 2 Michigan City, ....... ..,,,, 7 Mishawaka .,.., ....... 6 Michigan City ........ ,....., 2 Hammond .,.,,, ....... 7 lnon-conferencel Michigan City ........ ...... 1 S. B. Riley ............. ....... 2 Michigan City ......... ......... 6 S. B. Washington ...... .......... 7 Michigan City ..............................., 5 S. B. Adams ....,...... ..,........... 1 Michigan City ...........,............ lwonl Mishawaka ................................ fforfeitl M. C. tied with S. B. Riley for second place in the N. I. H. S. Conference 118 2 2 Z Z I ? Z 7 1 k '. L7 fi, Q -JJ MIM!! o -X 1- IIWIWVM ' X R X rv . gin. , 'T fWq,. Ilflfu S F17 Cf? fd X ."vf"t ef f .WIWIJIIIW-YM! ,. , I ff. 9'i13:'5 llfhlrfe- ,f4'k"fT:Ifu.' vii!! "'I bf' " IMYIIWWIWI u, , ' 'uf fo " , ,Pliflfll 7 lw - 'I' "'-. 3 5 Wl131f:: X '01fA".":' lv I in U 'wks '71 f' - O ,, ,rea-'4' O 6 Z X S 5 - , l .r L-S-""" " 1 . 1 N ,112 . O ,Xxx ' A J A- V-A Q 1-' .WU - xv JW f W N' 0 X X V H ' ' NN If I Q Am X XIX I -f'f?'7- ' "Y I ' ' 'i ' -5? "':,- 5 ' 2 1 Q 79 R ,N I f Nfl If W 1 " X" ff, 4- V" ff' A f Q K :Z Malls .. Jw , 9- .cqqf 7- '4- xkxix ts' Nix-I I t :E M 'G M 1 0 u fu lkw X1 'E if X7 ?'w9lWi31Q W N fe ' 119 his X - 4- 4- gd' 8 A Patrons THOMAS D ARMSTRONG, M. D. M. L. FERGUSON, D. D. S. GARDNER MEDICAL GROUP LAWRENCE GINTHER, D. D. S. ROSS S. HACKETT, PODIATRIST W. A. HALL, JR., D. D. S. MAYOR RUSSELL G. HILEMAN GEORGE M. KRIEGER, M. D. C. D. ROSS, D. D. S., AND C. J. VOJAK, AN ANONYMOUS SPONSOR D Wholesale 8e Retail ELECTRICAL MATERIALS Wholesale 815 FRANKLIN STREET MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Electrzcal Supplies Telephones sooo, 5001, 5002 Full Line of Quality Appliances WESTINGHOUSE SPARTON TELEVlSlON HOTPOINT ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING DUMONT TELEVISION WIRING MATERIALS MAYTAG WASHERS BENDIX WASHERS AMERICAN KITCHENS HOOVER SWEEPERS Use Our Budget Plan For Home 8. Car Needs Up to 18 Months To Pay FIRESTONE STORES 607 Franklin MICHIGAN CITY Compliments of - LENICK'S DAIRY 423 E. 6th Street Phone If no answer call 'I776-R 67 Lester L. Jones sruossmcsn cAns a. mucus Philco - Norge - Universal Appliances Philco 8. Zenith Television i247 E. Michigan Street Phone 339 Compliments of - DR. B. H. KAPLAN DR. J. L. LA FOUNTAIN OPTOMETRISTS Specializing in EXAMINATION OF THE EYES 'I23 East Eighth Street PHONE 2000 Michigan City Compliments of - Downs Insulators 8. Roofers Paper Box COTNPCITTQY 813 w. iofh STREET PHONE 850 rf, ,f,- - S. Compliments of - f ,DWYER PRODLICTS CORPORATION Best Wishes to the LE Class of "5l" QRCHARDS Arnold A. Mayer - ALL Faults IN sEAsoN - Michigan CWS - Exclusive Children's Shop Congratulations - To the Class of "Sl" Better Building Materials Russell Kramer nussEm.L H. KRAMER Q50 spauldl q Shop COMPANY n..,.......i, um..- PHONE 55 East End Sixth Street Bridge MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Compnmems of your Luchtman Flowers SANITQNE CLEANERS 1004 E. Michigan Street Phone 2411 Krueger Cleaners , Member of - 81 F I . urrlers' nc Florist Telegraph Delivery Association Compliments of - Staiger Hardware Company 813 Franklin The Town Shop Millinery 81 Ready-to-Wear - The Best in Good Coal - HARBOR COAL 81 OIL CO., INC. Metered Fuel Oil Service 101 North Franklin Street P. L. ZORN Phone 6-6535 W. S. LINDENMEYER Thrifty Food Ma rts - Quality Meats and Groceries FREE DELIVERY 1601 East Michigan Street Michigan City, Indiana H8gH Furniture Store 501 W. Tenth Street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Phone 5661 Better Furniture For Less Furniture Bought, Sold and Exchanged Phone 1375 Superintendent Ahgx tlfrw A it N, X Mr. Knapp The friendly and congenial "family head" is Mr. M. L. Knapp, who guides the many school families in Michigan City, and visits them often. Mr. Knapp's oflice is located in the house next door, the junior high school. The progress in our school system in the last eleven years may be attributed in great part to Mr. Knapp. who is an authority on education. All in Michigan City recognize Mr. Knapp's leadership ability and his ability to solve the many problems that arise in his job as superintendent. Mr. Knapp shows interest in all school functions and makes improvements in our school system. Mr. Knappis innumerable duties can not be told here. but all students in the Michigan City public school system are fortunate to have him as superintendent, not only because of his friendly manner, but because of his all-round capability. Mrs. Edward Hibbs is Superintendent Knapp's efficient secretary. She handles the many problems and details occurring in everyday work in an educational system thoroughly and capably. .915--. Mrs. Hibbs 9 Wishing you all good luck - THE NORTHERN INDIANA STEEL SUPPLY' co., INC. CII1 THE INDIANA SALVAGE CO. MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 0 . Seeing ' Spots? 0 0 If Spots Are on Your Clothes ' 0 ' Let Us Remove Them ' 0 Q ' Phone 839 Q ANDRUS ' Dry Cleaning 0 Tailoring ' Q 0' 303 Franklin Street 'Q L Best Wishes to the Class of "5I" Central Coal umber Corporation 502 E. Michigan Street FRED STERN "Stern Value" MEN'S 81 YOUNG MEN'S WEAR 609 - Franklin - 609 Congratulations to the Class of 1951 Book Fairs, Inc. 503 Franklin Street Phone 2-4395 Michigan City, Indiana Sheet Metal Work - Awnings Bartholomew 84 Co 415 Franklin Street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA LOUIS C. BARTHOLOMEW HAMILTON 8- ELGIN "America's Finest" Watches ' SPEIDEL - KREISLER - GEMEX WATCH BANDS - Registered Watch Maker - NELSON L. BARNES JEWELER Telephone 36 IOII Franklin Street Phone 5808 Phone 340 coNTRAcToRs PLUMBING HEATING Furniture Inc. Simpson 81 Adamson, Inc. 904 Franklin Street Better Furniture for Better Homes" Franklin at the Bridge MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Phone T96 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF "SI" We, too, are Proud of your Achievements and Wish you Every Success and Happiness - Your Favorite Movie Theatres - TIVOLI - LIDO and the 212 OUTDOOR THEATRE ART WARTHA General Manager WASTE MATERIAL CORP. 820 Union Boulevard Congratulations and Best Wishes for Success Remember Sears for . . 0 Home Furnishings 0 Modernization 81 Repairs 0 Automotive 0 Family Wearables o Appliances PHONE 353 PHONE 383 8th 8. Franklin Streets 'Satwfaerchn gaafumrfed az you money 6446 Compliments of -- Congratulations - Miller Heating hom and Appliance Company 0 Authorized Iron Fireman Dealer STOKERS - OIL BURNERS - FURNACES oRocERlEs - cHolcE MEATS Smdf''dGjQVSl'jfef"egjfSQ1'jfff "eC"i"9 NORMAN H. MILLER Phone 3227 204 Franklin sf., Mach. City, Ind. Phone 4839 days-3005-2 nights Compliments of - Compliments ot - Herb 31 Nllke'S Hays Corporation BARBER SHOP 911 Franklin Street MICHIGAN CITY Singer Sewing Center 414 Franklin Street Phone 3687 SEE US for Sewing Needs Sewing Class for Adults and Teen Agers - - Singer Dress Forms and Sewing Cabinets Sewing Machines, New and Used, also Singer Vacuum Cleaners 8 - Repairs for all Makes - The Style Store for Men Flowers - Fresh from the Greenhouse - 807 Franklin Street FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE 132 S. Roeske Ave. Phone 662-W Compliments of - SCHUMAKER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY GENERAL CONTRACTORS Compliments of - Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealer ENYEART CHEVROLET, INC. 225 E. Michigon Phone T20 Compliments ot - Compliments of - Calvert Studio BLACKMOND'S - Photography since T889 - JEWELRY STORE BOYD E. PHELPS, INC. ARCHITECTS - ENGINEERS DESIGNS - PLANS - SPECIFICATIONS - ESTIMATES RESIDENTIAL - INDUSTRIAL PUBLIC BUILDINGS IOOO WASHINGTON STREET PHONE 4417 Best Wishes to the Student Body from C. E. Meyer News Agency Shon's Shoe Salon EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN 811 Franklin Street Rhoda 81 Westphal TEXACO PRODUCTS 1402 E. Michigan Street Michigan City, Indiana COMPLIMENTS or BLOCKSOM 81 COMPANY Haviland - Callan, Inc. Tenth 81 Huron Streets Moving - Packing - Storage Agents ALLIED VAN LINES, INC. EDWARD F. BROWN 2302 E. Michigan Street Telephone 1942 Member of Home Service Grocers We Deliver RAY GOURLEY Furnace Sales-Service Oil - Coal - Gas - Stokers Warm Air Heating - Air Conditioning Phone 678 517 Cedar Street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Lou's Beautie Barr All Types Permanent Waving Phone 4552 721 E. 10th Street Michigan City, Indiana GRIEGER'S CLOTHING STORE Compliments ot - Michigan City's Largest Store for Men DOBESKVS We Wish the Class of "5l" a Very Happy and Prosperous Future Albers Bakery tor NOW, and Always - Expertly Fitted 829 Franklin Street Phone 933 Congratulations to the Class of 1951 M 81 M DRIVE-IN "Open all year around for your Convenience" Ample Parking Space 1608 E. Michigan Street PHONE 5343 Prop: Morrie Kozin ser ir AT Wm. Miller Market Best of Everything in the Meat Line Phones 18 and 19 1001 Franklin Street Patrick's Beauty Salon 401 Warren Building Michigan City, Indiana Telephone 5141 - For a Delightful Coifture - Our Compliments To The Class of "51" SCHOLL DAIRY COMPANY 1615 FRANKLIN STREET PHONE 2300 OTTO AICHER COMPANY - FURNITURE - 710 - 712 Franklin Warkentine Shop Millinery - Corsets - Lingerie Hosiery - Novelties SPAULDING HOTEL Michigan City, Indiana KARMELKORN SHOP 510 Franklin Street Phone 3713 glow 959-5 f" .X - ' ggi, MQ UM iw? MNF L x , YJJL X M mm my. 3 Mm AGM M' N MQ gm KEN XQCYN3-O9 'wsfym - EQDX MWMMW Congrafulatlonswmw ff uigsxnu kiwi? sw lkwup- 5d-WM Qv Wi fi Kuwxdv md ML -LLJJ QJNLSDJ- X wwJQ,6,m UJQWQ2 tic -- fm M W EQ gm Um Q, lglcslf' 036 MQQQMWQCLASS or "51" Mmd3M5miiTwfmXW WW MJ 3X5SLXmsmJvQkKNoQc3fMuwxNqwwQ ' U23 Wiomholbw. M, Num vm Qin-.'Ov 'aunt nWQW KSN ' Nw - ML Am 5- Nudqdmgk 93 ww OWL. 'ww Www Q sm QW mmm QB? may :M 83' Mmim lm Q1pNUi.1,Gx, Qiffx meQmwm wJimf3wQ WA? MQW Wwmwm ww Assistants Q.ig.v C4791 ,Q G W 1- Dr. Nelle Reed Miss Ruth Kemena On this page we see the Family Assistants. They are Dr. Nelle Reed, the family doctorg Miss Ruth Kemena, the family nurseg Miss Bess Day, the family adviser: and Mr. Robert Bucy, the family attend- ance officer. Dr. Nelle Reed and Miss Kemena take care of those students who become ill during school hours, give examinations to athletes, and keep careful watch over students to cure and prevent the many diseases that may pass through the family. Any student feeling ill may have a physical examination and receive temporary medical treatment. The family adviser is Miss Bess Day. Many students avoid years of failure and despair by receiving Miss Day's advice and guidance. Miss Day also helps students with their vocational choice. Mr. Robert Bucy is the "caretaker for black sheep" in our family. For those students who wish to Nplay hookey," Mr. Bucy is on the look-out. Mr. Bucy also issues the working permits for the members in our family. All four of these assistants go to help all of our other relatives in the City, and the members of our family may always feel confident that these assistants will be helpful. ""Qr'l Miss Bess Day Mr. Robert Bucy 10 Office Equipment Co. Booxs - STATIONERY - GIFTS PARTY oooos' - GAMES OFFICE SUPPLIES a. EQUIPMENT TYPEWRITERS - CHECK PRoTECToRS ADDING MACHINES 725 Franklin Street Phone 1690 and - "We Will Deliver" Congratulations, Members of the Class of 1951, and May the Road Ahead be Marked by an Abundance of Success and Happiness for Each of You. The Drapery Shop Michigan Cary, Indiana Drapery Fabrics - Slip Covers GIFTS Phone 4804 113 E. Ninth Street Sincere Wishes For Success To Every Member Of The "51 " Graduating Class WILLIAM LEVERENZ of the LEVERENZ AGENCY Franklin Pharmacy JOHN J. MARSZAIEK Registered Pharmacist 1517 Franklin Street PHONE 234 MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA WE DELIVER O L. Missal Decoration Co. We Specialize in Quality Wallpaper 81 Paints Phone .2308 825 Franklin St. COMPLIMENTS TO CLASS OF '51 FROM THE NATIONAL TEA CO. 121 W. 7th STREET and 1501 E. MICHIGAN STREET AWIIQW wi CARSTENS anon-lens Your Store of Quality Fi tw Fo, Roof Fu ra rr? Ladies Apparel - Accessories 312Eq5 ,,6ef UTCO Draperies - Floor Covering Joseph M, Roo, Continuous Quality Is Quality You Trust THE BEST SUCCESS AND FORTUNE IN THE FUTURE ARNIE'S GRIDDLE CORNER 'Ilfh AND FRANKLIN MICHIGAN AND FRANKLIN 427 FRANKLIN Give that man a NEW LOOK with an EASTPORT SHIRT Eastport Laundry DRY CLEANING ALL PHONES 4400 1515 East Michigan Street Michigan City, Indiana Tonn and Blank, Inc. 104 North Franklin St. Michigan City, Ind. General Contractors - Lumber-Millwork Building Material-General Electric Appliances General Electric Heating and Air Conditioning Phone 4800 "See us Before You Build" ISSN if-I!! 2323. fo Ebann ls DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY 531 Franklin Street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA FOSTER PRINTING SERVICE 2101 FRANKLIN STREET Don't Say "Hello"! Say , 1 QW464 4 You May Be Lucky! Peters 8K Marske, Inc. 215 E. Michigan Street Welding - Factory Supplies Machine 8. Border Work Phones 650 - 1800 Congratulations to the Class of 1951 Compliments of - GOODS BODINE STUDIO Inc. 913 Franklin Slreel Portraits by Photography - PHONE 2244 - Cameras 8. Photo Supplies 412 Franklin Street Phone 1405 gif' ,lf lf K!! C is fi p jf- f1i'Uql.'. if P fir ff rom 1 PM Q 726 WHQHING ft in L- 'L V? ' X df Awzwlcyb fbwdif fag X K . my f Xglg nslq Q N ' -.. sALLRooM 91+ f" 'NCWASHINGTON PARK 1 .ff MICHIGAN cnv, lNn.j iflcddzfrf 93 afmafiazacuvif Compliments of - CENTRAL FOOD STORE 2312 souTH FRANKLIN STREET PHONE 2325 THE FOOD CENTER II53 EAST MICHIGAN STREET PHONE 531 DOLEZAL BROS. GENE - JIM - JOE Yalowitz Fruit Company, Inc. IIO Washington St. Michigan City, Indiana Mohnssen Standard Service 1204 Franklin Street Phone 3827 Congratulations to The Class of "5I" Ernst's Leather Goods 406 Franklin Street Phone 1639-J MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Compliments of - CIPARES INSURANCE AGENCY Main Office - I I I W. 9th Street Branch Office - Room 423, Warren Bldg. Make our store your store for all Sports Equipment Becks Jewelry Co, Congclon's Sport Shop CSIFTS For All Occasions Corner 4th and Franklin Phone 88 Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 BURNHAM GLOVE CO. 1602 1sNNEss:E smear PHONE 1832 vqrlety Compliments of- 107 E. 10 h S o ' 'me' Tele Radio Center Phone 3488 Wh TV' S ' l S'd I' e Imported Beehive Yarn - Nylon Yarn ere ls cl peclo ly mol G I e In Service - Sales - Installations Accessories for Handbags Crochet Conons - D. M. C. Thread 2208 S. Franklin Street Dial 5-5115 With Best Wishes fo The Class of "51" Mann's Home Store THE CHOICE FRUIT - VEGETABLES 8. FANCY GROCERIES FAWLEY ' ABBOTT 1125 E. Machagon sffeef COMPANY Home Furnishings COmP'ime'1fS Of - Michigan Cily, Indiana The Garden Shop Phone 201 809 Franklin Sfreel George L. Allen COMPLETE LANDSCAPE SERVICE On Karwick Road in Long Beach Phone 3324 Compliments of - KILNOWITZ 81 BROWN ELECTRIC COMPANY 1402- 1404 FRANKLIN STREET TELEPHONE 1758 Compliments to the Class of 1951 Now - YQYAXXQ-B Better than ever 424 Franklin Street ' Phone 517 SPORTS . BETTER Mattie McComb T NEWS COVERAGE OFFICE SUPPLIES - Booxs STATIONERY ' 620 Franklin Phone 393 MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Congratulations Revlon Agency plus practical and inexpensi gift selections. Complete professional beauty service by licensed operators. Blue Bell Beauty Shop 124 W. 9th - Phone 1770 Fanny Belle Smith June Marqu Compliments of Clara Hat Shop PHONE 741-W Nills DISPATCH A COMMUNITY BUILDER Compliments of ANDERSON BROTHERS FOOD STORES Fancy Meats 411 Chicago Street Fine Foods 434 Hendricks Compliments of - Eighth Street Cafe 112 W. Eighth sire-ef Congratulations to the Class of "51" Wilke's Drug Store 11th and Franklin Streets "Always a School Booster" Bill Willie, PFOP- Phone 65 B. F. Goodrich BEACH - FFFSTTI1 RUbbel' - 316 Franklin Street Phone 5948 WESIPHALIS O TOWN CENTER Franklin F orlst LONG BEACH and GREENHOUSE 413 Franklin Street Phone 1397 Linda Schlueter Phone Michigan City, Indiana Manager 6181 Members of Florist Telegraph Delivery Asso. W. H. Westphal 81 W. W. Westphal Compliments of - DELCO Plumbing and Heating 1410 Franklin Street Michigan City, Indiana Congratulations to The Graduation Class of "51" The Burnett Corset 81 Accessory Shop Phone 107 107 West 7th St. Congratulations to - The Class of 1951 MONTGOMERY WARD 81 COMPANY 717-719 Franklin Street Phone 4360 KREBS SERVICE, Inc. 10th and Franklin CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH GAS - OIL - GREASE TIRES - TUBES - ACCESSORIES - 24-Hour Service - Phones 3855 and 699 Log Cabin Shop CONFECTIONERY 1151 E. Michigan Street Coonrod 81 Carow Realtors 703V2 Franklin Street Phone 253 Real Estate - Insurance Fire - Auto - Plate Glass - Liability Principal nfs.. xx rid. Mr. Cecil Humphrey Assisting Mr. Humphrey is his efficient wife, Mrs. Martha Humphrey. Not only does Mrs. Humphrey do the work of an average secretary, but she has many extra duties, such as selling school supplies, checking the attendance of students, and sewing as a general information bureau for students who wish to know almost anything. Certainly it may be said that the efhcient organization and smooth running of the school life is due, in the larger part, to our family head and his assistant. The ELSTONIAN staff wishes to thank Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey for the assistance they have given us in the past year. 11 The head of our branch of the school family is Mr. Cecil Humph- rey. Every day he is on the job to guide and direct students in the tasks of their school life. He, as head of the family, sees that the building and equipment of our school are in good shape. Mr. Humphrey has, through hard work and determination, raised and up- held the scholastic standards of our school. so that it is considered one of the best schools in lndiana. Mr. Humphrey shows students what is required of them through- out their school life in the way of vocational and cultural needs. Since the various steps through family life are not all easy, Mr. Humphrey often gives extra en- couragement to the 'gblack sheep" of our family. to help them to the fulfillment of family life - grad- uation. Q..." rw' V ,.., ' ff U! 2 F" Mrs. Martha Humphrey Compliments of - Smith's Shoes Suite 504 Phone 701 POWDER PUFF Michigan City's Most Modern Beauty Salon Corner of Tenth 8g Franklin Streets Warren Building WESTPHAL'S PHARMACY 'I325 E. MICHIGAN STREET PHONE 254 MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Good Luck and Best Wishes to the Class of "5I " PETERS DAIRY T015 E. Michigan Street Michigan City, Indiana Phone 908 Ohms Market QuAmv onocsmss s. MEMS Corner Union 8. C Streets Phone 5260 AI Lql-Sqn Buick, Ing, Diflglel' Bros. Market 'I24 East Michigan Street Phone 883 Michigan City, Indiana BUICK'S THE BUY There is a Best in Everything - Home Made Sausage - Michigan City, Indiana Phone 261 Complete Service Dept. and Body Shop DESIGN 8. ART Creative imagination and enthusiastic ettort on the part of the staff blended with Bodine's long experience and adequate facilities - result: A yearbook of which to be proud. PREPARATION As printers of THE ELSTONIAN, we pride our- SERVICE selves on the intensely personal interest we take OFFSET PRINTING in making your plans and our work live up to IN ONE AND expectations. MULTIPLE COLORS . . . . . . .. Whether it is publication printing, stationery items, invitations or displays, student organizations have consistently come to Bodine for that personal touch to their printing requirements. LETTERPRESS PRINTING OF BQDINE ...,..,,,, COMPLETE zoa SPRING srszeerorsievnone 938 gwpggy MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA FACILITIES I Compliments of - HeGdqu,,,,e,S Crown Glass 81 PlANos - TELEVISION Pqinf Cgmpqny RADIOS Your R. C. A. Victor Dealer 1601 - 1603 Franklin Street 1403 - O5 Franklin Street Phone 7-7201 Pittsburgh Paints, Glass, Mirrors Electric Wiring 0 Fixtures 0 Supplies Appliances 0 Repairing Motor Rewinding Michigan City Electric Company H. H. HERBERT 326 Franklin Street Telephone 404 - Everything Electrical Since 1915 - Meyer Candy Company Wholesale CANDIES Fountain 8. Paper Supplies 1716 Washington Street MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Lutz 81 Foreman Congratulations to the - CEFGCIUOIIDQ Class of H5.lH Oil - Burner 8- Gas - Burner f l . rom Service 81 Installation 503 w. 10th sf. PHONE 5275 My'-Ie'5 Flgwerg Michigan City, Incliana Joe Wright 1204 E. Michigan Street - Electric Sewer Machine Service - . . . the next stop . . . after school days is marriage and a home of your own . . . we have helped hundreds with our complete service . . . planning . . . financing . . . building FREY BROS. LUMBER CO. BUILDING MATERIAL WEST EIDOF IOM ST. MODERN EQUIPMENT, INC. APPLIANCES Compliments of - Excelsior Manufacturing Co., Inc. MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA, U. S. A. Compliments of - KRAMER 81 SONS WHOLESALE GROCERS Michigan City, Indiana LaPorte, lncliana Congratulations to The Class of "5l" DRESSES, SUITS, COATS SKIRTS AND BLOUSES Mary Ann Apparel Shop 823 Franklin Street EDDY ISBEY Plumbing 8. Heating Service E. Michigan Street - Near Roeske Phone 5742-W Michigan City, lnd. Plastic, Hastings Alumitile and Ceramic Tiles for Walls Rubber and Asphalt Flooring "We do a complete iob" State Tile 81 Floor Co. Phone 5674 615 E. Michigan St. Michigan City, Ind. W. R. WIESNER Home Phone 2495 For the Finest in Laundry and Cleaning, can . . . Star Laundry and Cleaning coNN1s1.1.Y's 109 E. Michigan sneer MOTOR CLINIC Phone I33 Michigan City, Indiana CARBURETOR 8. IGNITION SPECIALIST Congratulations to the Class of "5l" Bel-g'5 Flgrql 8, 1801 FRANKLIN smear Gift Shop BEST IN FLOWERS LATEST IN DESIGN 906 Franklin St. Phone 447 PHONE 3746 0LSEN'S - Your Favorite Studio for the Past 25 Years - PORTRAIT - - - COMMERCIAL - - - CANDIDS - - - Agencies for Eastman Kodaks - Bell 81 Howell Movies Argus Candids - Speed Graphics Polaroid Camera - Stereo Realist OLSEN'S of Course First in Photography 827 Franklin Street Michigan City, Indiana APPRECIATION Ve,-nier Ching Cgmpqny THE MEMBERS OF THE ELSTONIAN STAFF AND THE SPONSOR WISH TO DOMESTIC - IMPORTED THANK THE SUBSCRIBERS, ADVERTIS- FINE CHINA AND GLASSWARE ERS, AND PATRONS WHO MADE THE - 4 Miles Wes, on us. 20 PUBLICATION OF THE 1951 ELSTONIAN g POSSIBLE. Michigan CIIy, Ind. 4 CONVENIENT IT'S 4 CASH AND CARRY DRY CLEANING STORES FOR PLANT AND OFFICE "FINE DRY CLEANING . 514 E. MICHIGAN STREET . 40B FRANKLIN STREET AND . IIo E. ELEVENTH STREET . 2400 FRANKLIN STREET SHIRT LAUNDERINC-5" PHONE 472 if f' Q 'T ' 'rigid . ' " 1' ' G. - . 5 .o .- eu The Class of "Sl" The pages of my yearbook will be yellow and olal with age But still l'll flna' a men1ory on every wrinlflerl pageg ln every face 1'lI reall a story 0r hear a happy song, A fragment of the past: lr seems so long. so gone. "I will" - that was our motto. How Coulrl it last so long? All through the years It reaeherl our ears. An ever ringing song. To us it seernerl a guirling light. For when the way was rough. We chose the path that saizl. "Well tryu - To us that seemed enough. And when they loolferl upon our lives, They saifl. '14 job well clone," For Fortune snzilea' upon the path Of the Class of "Sl," DE1.oR1s GRIFFITH if Y.- C RFQ if xii ' D " :vt 5-'RH 4"x..... w - . 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A ' l li li ' ,wfxxix 11 ,L kj 'L x N 4,1 15 F X 5 Nix if 12- ff if f' W, 4 , ,, ,2 S 'W it 1 Qvii' if '1 is LL Mfg, Q if 5 .y.A,,- 1 .XNQ K -V V - I H Mx LQ 1 me , F t s . 'f nl , .W Af rw. V 13' 3-if " NN Ali N X' T ' yu l 7 f mv ' 'Km ' we S. G' " U .-. N -.,- D V. ,gy xl, ,,, 5, ,, X1 . . v , f- - t fix. .1 it ' ' 5 u J 1 S V ' f jx V 5 , S K 4. E 5 ls l'-. K A' ' .7 'C ' GW' C X f A i XX f' f 5 "' Q x f ' ., Y W L' r ' ' " 1' 1. , , ,,.f , ll.r'JlrM,lQjAjll wf, W? I ff f r '- ' S s iiurs r H X Xl f ,xt 1 0 X- S Q l ,v -nl 2 flfll, Q! I Q - J Q .X Q fl ' X' .Hi rs F Q fe fs. 14.4 J S, ,4.,f'xH K . A N K M AL fly' 1 l 1' 5 an 7- Q' N Q .gg ,A-"FM ,J mv N Q 'ii 'H E Q A .2 Qfr-H fe 1 k X 5 k V Xl p K - 5 'Q' 5 .2 H "' Y L F W sig' .g i".fe ff ,H rf 3 L iiiff f wr J - - .2 Starting Clockwise: Miss Frances McConkey, Miss Frances Sebesta, Miss Genevieve Klueh, Mrs. Grace Hart, Miss Goldie Shepherd, Mrs. Jeanette Urquhart, Miss Leona Stuart, Mrs. Mabel Herbert, Mrs. Marion Sprague, Miss Mellie Luck, Miss Mildred Dahlberg, Miss Wilma Commer, Miss Bernice Henry, Mrs. Bernice Mann, Miss Dorothea Wolfe, Mrs. Florence Kelly. 13 . i .L - ,1V4A .V Facu ty f P aww , ,- , , . A .Z 43,11 O Q Q Snaps . , 19049. E. f o KX GX NOW WHAT N Q99 om You Oo? U ELSTOAHA DONE! f o Oo Yo FIND IT? U FX 9' ir, THE GLAMOUR BOYS! E 1 2 E SMILE PRETTY SURPRISED- TH E COACH TYPES ROGUEB LLERY PL cosrumfs SURE lT'S ML AND THE vlouzv gums? 7'f'5R5? sf 'M S E N I 0 R S Q., flwil W?fi1f'f' M W Q FM 59 MQW if J W ,ff M Q J ' WMM ,M MLM 'L ,Q"ff,f372ff" 5' WWWQ 3 Q7,j7gL2,wg7M 5533 My M5 EQ , 5 MW Q M N' W ' SW MQYW M52 we QCOQS ., xx. ,-if 5 '-. ,F 1. Sophomore-Junior-Senior Snaps Offlcefzs NSHVINP On Hakvegf mow ' 4 ., '-If X A f f. X ?f?Pf'f4'g,ww NAIA 6' ' 5 Sy ONQ' is OUP' Tunica PHY Cofv,,,ly'Ok e P, ch e OH 10 50" ? 'A . . Pio C 5 in , N C0 h H ,xx 'L . ASIOHA ' ' K 'ttf-e , ce 5' ., ' 1 ,. Con .A W A I if 1 Q , 1.-T3 A 'cz N5 1 nl' on Y fi e- Fee slcfenf lr-,47 Edufon, 39 albQ 5 N 16 47- P94 5 445f- ,ok gh 8615! Senior Class Ofhcers and Sponsors 1 an ,-. I 7x1 'ftiikeff "Fu, V22 5 Z"Q15' C I A 1' fl ':I" Row I-Mrs. Sprague, Roosevelt Young. Bonnie Lindemon. Fril: Sperling, Mr. Maxey. Row 2-Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Kelly. Mr. Hodges. Mr. Miller. flliss McConkey, Miss Klueh. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY As we look through the Hold family albumfl we see ourselves three long years ago in the Sophomore Family. Remember? Cousin Bob Szot was president. Cousin Bob Bartels, vice-president, and Cousin Eleanor Utterback was secretary. We had Aunt Frances Mc Conkey and Uncle Del Miller as our spon- sors that year. Oh, there's some pictures of our big event that year. the Sophomore party! That was way back on October 2. 1948. and we used as our theme "Shine on Harvest Moon." Look at this page! Here are all our cousins of the Junior Family. We had Aunt Genevieve Klueh and lfncle Del as the sponsors: Cousins Bob Szot, Marvin Pozdol. and Catherine Ohms were the officers of the family. These pictures show the many activities in which we participated. There is the cast of the Junior Play. given November 18. 1949. We presented "Meet Me in St. Louis," and some of the leads were played by Connie Feallock. Bonnie Lindeman, Bob Bartels, Anne Noesges, and Tom Moore. Here are the business members of the Junior Family. They worked all year, selling hot dogs, candy, ice cream, coke, etc., at the basketball and football games. We also had charge of the "eats" after school. The next page has some of the best pictures. They are of our prom. "Iceland Fantasyq was our prom theme that year, and the lads and lassies really were dressed up that night of June 8. 1950. Here are the modern day pictures. This is the family portrait of the Senior Family. The oflicers are Cousin ,lim Sweeney. Cousin Fritz Sperling. and Cousin Bonnie Lindeman. When ,lim Sweeney left our family at the end of the first semester. we chose Fritz Sperling as president and Roosevelt Young as vice-president. Cousin Bonnie Lindeman remained as secretary. Aunt Marion Sprague and Uncle Sheldon Maxey were our sponsors. There are many pages of pictures, because we were very busy with all of the activities for the Senior Family. At the start of the second semester we all met in the "family council room" every day. and besides discussions about colleges, graduation, Class Day, etc., we also had some very good entertainment. There was a wide variety of entertainment from speeches on Lincoln and Washington, a history of the Boy Scouts, to ukulele playing and group singing. The Senior play was the Divine Flora, a humorous comedy that was enjoyed by all. As the weeks rolled on, we were kept busy publishing the ELSTONIAN, practicing for Class Day, and finally getting ready for Baccalaureate and Graduation. This album holds fond memories for all the members of the Senior Family, and we hope that the underclassmen will keep this book as an "old family album" and perhaps receive a chuckle from it in years to come. 17 THE mmxf R ? pfcorinv :ou con wffii AT WORK JG , "FU ,x it V 45? x ? Q' .' f f-V ' . MEET N 730004 " " ' THE' STAR' Senior Play as '10 L l nl I Standing, left to right-Pat Pauley, .lerry Hibnick, Betty Peak, Sue Buren, Connie Fealloclf, Jackie Schroeder, Dick Dwyer, JoAnn Bullard, Bert Zimmerman, Charles Erickson, Earl Will, Mark Saunders. Sitting, left to right-Bonnie Lindeman, Dolores Froehlke, .larl Malwin, Ollie Nelson, Melva Burns, lane Lawler, Vera Schlundl, John Keppen, Barbara Croft, Verna Brolly, Deloris Grifith, Pat Moon. After much discussion it was decided that the Senior Class should present the comedy "The Divine Flora," March 2, 1951. Although some of the "family" objected at first, they put forth their best efforts and were rewarded by having produced one of the best plays ever presented in the Junior High School Auditorium. Miss Klueh deserves all thanks possible for so ably directing the play. The success of the cast was, of course, shown in the applause, but recognition should also be given to the various committees through which much of the work was done. These are the chairmen of the com- mittees: Patricia Pauley, Philippa Haller, Janet Boese, Gerald Hibnick, Joan LaBom, Barbara Benton, and Miss Muriel Green. The cast was as follows: Hal ...,...,.. ...,. B ert Zimmerman Winnie ..,,... ...,,..,..,., ,I ane Lawler Boops ............ ..... J ackie Schroeder Stu Morgan ....,.... ...,,.....,.......,,., E arl Will Kit Olmstead ..,.... ........ B onnie Lindeman Etta Dean .....,... ..... D olores Froehlke Randy Pryor .,,.,,, i.,.....,, J arl Malwin Mr. Pryor ,.,...., ,,.., T homas Moore Mrs. Pryor ..........v ,..... J oAnn Bullard Buzz Rafferty ...... .......... J erald Riley Mr. Dean .......... ..... R ichard Dwyer Sharon Pryor .,.,.,. ...... D eloris Griffith Bob ...,..,...,...,, ......... M ark Saunders Wayne ......,, ...... C harles Erickson Tex Arlen ..... ......,. J ohn Keppen Polly .......... ...., V erna Brolly Helena ....,................ ...i... B arbara Grott Marvella .,,.................. ..,........ lN 'lelva Bums Daphne Gillford ........ ...... C onnie Feallock Mr. Dugan .............. ..... G erald Hibnick Susie ................ . ....... Patricia Pauley Bella ........ ............ B etty Peak Ella ...... ....,........ S ue Buren Girls .,...... ,,,.,. P at Moon Ollie Nelson Vera Schlundt 19 1' ,ans DeWayne Adams Clyde Albertson Dolores Arndt Earla Jean Atkins . , ., le A 'wal if "ta fn, Lorice Bahar Ronald Baines Sally Barr Robert Bartels ,v ,f ,Q 'A ,A rg 4 76 3 k, Q -5 45 -1' 'T -. ' 1' '25-P' 'S Carol Beebe Helen Behner Barbara Benton Lorraine Bielski ,I LH., . x Thomas Biever Donald Bitts James Black Janet Boese 20 4-"' ve? x xv' 14.3 1 Wi! it f Gerald Bridwell Richard Brinkman -l Gertrude Brown JoAnn Bullard qv 'Z' Y-1 'vi' Bettie Burkhart Melva Burns nr "" v" 7 March: Coan June Cofer Tb Frances Broda ,,.,.f 'Y' Robert Burch . 1,1,. Xw 6 -"" wi, J ,? 1 x r 'Z ,. 'V 5 1 vi ' if it X, i Bonnie Clallin 4" 'lar zl Y Willuzm Collins Verna Brolly '25 tg 'ff- .Xwsw Q , A ' f fi'w f hd, Sue Buren J all 7' --be I , wx J- 1 iff ,wi David Clijord l 414 ov' .U Anita Cox Esther Crawford ' kuk. , -J ' . X ,, 5 , 'N N , gn ,. Q x K X X. , .. L5-Y 3 , A 'T.'1v5"'f ' ' 1 'uf as Lawrence Dittm er NN. I V- . I 5 I ' yuh' v- I 'O E? gn x Shirley Downs 944' it V wr- 4' 1511 .5 . M?Ni Charles Erickson 'JL- Edwin Dean 3 x ve if H , -ur S 1 f iff? r ' I Phyllis Dom browsky 4-Y -an Richard Dwyer N 6 v 'Q' fat aa- ' Helen Farris l '6- f-nlp' x 1 Q PR Q, W TJ 4 W' Y. 'ix Ronald Dekker Robert Devetski - Q , 1 fm ,M jf 5. :xi tv- f' ' :fx -e 3 L z K- , an 1 e is gf sw . , W Ee? ' 4, ,V ggga '51 .1 '- U ' 1 : Melvin Downs Richard Downs .1 ' 'N 64 - W --.,,,.. Annette Emmons in Gvmelio F eallock 22 sw ,. L: ,ib- ...gA'M. A 'iEgm" V sq ,Qi M arcia En yeart Melvin Field Q1 Roger Freden burg - Q5 " -Qi Cordon Furness ' sz- Q YL., Richard Classrnan . William Croendyke X 'H 31 fe- 3-age? XG R . 4 ,f ' Nan cy Fritz Q fy.. 'T Cherrie Geering k Q Q Alvin Clay Barbara Grott 23 344 Dolores Froehllfe '15 'S Lorraine Gem bara Lois Cach 1 ,Mb ,,g 1- , ,fx ii? ,, 'l" in ' fb ' "r' Louis Guess CN 'A Diane Fuller XG, N-.:.J L I ' Q 1 faclfleen Geyer 'Y' ' Deloris Griffith 4? Philippa Haller 1 Richard Handtlfe Daniel Hanish -'fe aff? "'? Beverly Harris fanella Har! fo as 11 Thomas Hefner Shirley Hellman YZ7' Gerald Hibnick Margaret Hileman 24 as I sy L V 4 gg, ,fit 5, 5 1 C R 9 ,, S V ,I x ' 9 I Y fe -veg," .lames Harbart I V -if Richard Hatcher 'O' ser Beverly Henclrgyxl Delores Harmon f 'S Azz '15 Q. V. M Eugene Hatfield ,.-V. v Q' l sig 5 Eloise Hibner i3 !5'.i",1g,g .- ' Richard Hohl if Mary Horton 1 I .1 hh- ' L Ll . - ,- 1 ,gy . - K 1 1- f T xxx gg. 5 x , Q- V-1-fx ' in " M rig 'X v ,S a rf X ,l Ronald Hundz 'VID' X -.M -3 Shirley .larka xg- A H if ur we Q Q' f I Charles los: V I 3 19 I ve X, X I X N X J 4 Richard Kamont Robert lngelson QQQW QS' 5 Patriclkz .larnu lowslfi - .M .,,. V of 1 5 ' I , f 1 -nr at if 5? ' V if zgzf Geraldine Kaiser K Ml fs V"h-'51 Violette Kaufmann 25 g K Angelo lacobucci ag ,. ,I . .:- gr'-. 1 X I Carolyn Johnston av LQ' Barbara Kali! 1 , S . . if 1 XXX Q. - li, Q riff", 1' A Q A 1 c. 'I . v M. '- Ol' .lameo Kemp ' k , 2 4 X 33' w . Q P' L William ,lanlfawski Charles Jordan " ,' 4 Av. H .za 4 My 0- is V .A , ff f x ,, Allan Kalk 73' X x X David Kemp! N 5 L GEMM My Mlffsibg wg' Wi M l W QW 'A 'W M, M, Wm Wm W Q ff UQWW ww ww? My W f KEWN PW .XMW5 JX S 4 V --5 1" , if 2iMO'm7 J - ' wma. A W X? 3? Mm A 3 R Q4PdQ,b3'9X YPA My Q lfzz 4 . 'VL Him QQ , , QQ Qi ' figff 14 ff M, ,H ,lxhlf H 4 2 A llwwffignfxfyfcfpe If 1 w,f1U P 1 if f' ,Civ David Keppen YQ' L 2 Dorothy Kolasa Joan LaBorn Y f .lack Laughrey 5 .,, x 1 'K '-1 was-' nf , .,vL jf John Keppen , 'i f - .Q 1:4.f"fL ' 93 2 -5 , :1 1 .1, 'X N x Xl Joan Konlfey -QQ, Arlhur Ladwig Jane Lawler 26 Dianne Kneisley gf Maw fx - Q Leon Kosalfowski fr ,,..-V Ralph Larson K. - -.L Mr' Irs 'x 'CT47 Catherine LeRoy 292- Louise Kohzer Elsie Kuszmaul '...."'. Donna Latham A9 ig' rf- 'g'1g43gL., 'Mak Lois Leser -As., Srl Thomas Leverenz ..--vy. 1-pipg fit .:- 1 . gf: T Bonnie Lindeman .'. . In -357 . -H bt ff hs K Q , K .loan Luscomb '31 LQ ' 'f w Q ! , .A bu- ,V Ralph Lieber X ef lf-sm, - 1 H , K" Nancy Lindeman ,Pl fi. f .larl Malwin 6": Audrey Mason Robert Mathers 3 Q ..., u X Norman Lindborg 'JK Palricia Love ..,, . 'F g . 1 55- ie- 3 I fi". Richard Manthey Joan McKee Q-0-4'-Y "'Y 'C""' Evelyn Linde 4' M erna Lowey .ug qvo.."' WET' Jacqueline Marshall 'IIB x , .J H I2 ,.-x 5 O S 'X 4 Robert Midzllelon Nancy Mohnssen 'M 74? ,J ,gi Nqr- A Frank Neg '13 es. Nqgs Catherine Uhms 3 .7 , ' ix- by I Patricia Pauley iii.. Patricia Moon 'Y' Ollie Nelson Barbara Olson Q-2h ? 'Nl Sidney Patterson 'BRL .. x ..-.1 Thomas A. Moore xl mb . .:,.. ., - My - . . L 'X . 'L yr '. 3' fig 1' Anne Noesges ',, 1 w Daniel Pahl r if 475 Tx f Esther Parks Thomas 0. Moore '7 , 'FV xi -nuff Margaret Ochotske Earl Pahl Betty Peak P? I ig? .I ,A .x 'X fjn James Pearce 4,1 Louis Perschlre '- :wi A 1 v 4 4, Q - , , xi - v .5 .- x 1 3.0 Rx "Q , X Joseph Potucek .. 91 Y V tr' ,., 1, . Psy. Q57 "fg- 'fix' P' 1' ' i f .11 Lester Radke ' R Caroline Rebac Fr Charles Powley Y... -I Bobbie Ramsey x Q E J N ances Rees 29 DY: if A 5 X, I '. ., on 4: V 5 P f ,U E3 4' ', '5 g?,.,i'+ James Petoskey rem - 1 4 .ia " , X Marvin Pozdol 4 . v 1 1 Harry Raska as '-E? Shirley Reinman I S 6-an ' Ky! Carolina Pohl Kenneth Putz V Q ' Q fs Q Charles Ray ri ',,:-nf s:-'1 T1 Jerald RUey gf' 'Y' er-w-an Lorna Dell Ritchie Jewel Roames Y--P-v Sylvia Rulff Violet Runge 2 , ' ,,,- 'A ' "" , ' wiixa- my' . qi Q. ii' V 9 x fr , V. A . - it me R W , V' f ' -,., 5 ' ' ,, vii' M I ,,, 1 K 5,3 , V si 5 ,Vk, ff f . 1 ' .3-jjia-25ig.,1e" Mark Saunders Thomas Schlegelmileh mf. i ,, Q., . uw-'cg ' ' ' N,-4 Earl Rudnick Rolena Samuelson 233192. vm... fanice Schlundt 32' Vera Schlundt Gerhard Sc S hrecken bach Jacqueline Schroeder 30 wif . Karin Rudolph Laura Sanderson 'Harry Robert Schlundt X, 1 ' X If . w v- 'p ' Xxx 3 .f 'V ' '-. 5 Q. amd Qhv' X '1 lg N., VV, A K . ., , W Merl Searcy .4--. ??P 'NY' Francis Shaia Gloria Shikany W w .' Y J :X 1' 1 ff - 1 ' be Xtlx s SX X J, X 1 Carl Sjaberg Fritz Sperling af .,-4' Edward Steinhagen Bruce Steinke x f 15 ,M K rr' 6-4 in if James Sweeney Robert Szol K!-S 1,- Jane 4 ggi, Y Donna Sleepro 5. qw - l lah 'V' 5 X M ' ,V 'A J J ? , iagifgh, Edward Stewart Q' X I Yr -31 . .. I,-31. 531 ' 'nf-ff ' . in I -1, ZVEQQ . V14 pf g ,'. j,f,. . 'WF' 1: J' 1 ,J g qw Richard Taber XX. J A '.,,' Barbara Simmons J' '5 -10-P FR' lr N: -. nv wr 1, T Elf , Eldon Sleinborn T23 N - Tr .vw 'if' Q! Nancy Stolze 43' 1' fr.: 4'-'7 Joan Terrey Mary Anne Tolman , al- l '4 , Lauren Walker , he A 'Q , 4, . mf - x A A K g v wg.. 2 if Y. Earl Will AL. Frank Wilson , ,fe -Q, ' - " Vis:-5,1 s My .0 W gif X ,Q all L 3 "'aF' V Z. , I ZA , Charles Trattier W, aw W Thomas Weber rv- V Q' Z ,4 'Iii James Will Q52 N. .fm Lois Wiseman 32 Adele Ulrich Eleanor Utterback V eva W esner -V ,, El -..,f,fQ'X Vfmgm J Earlene Wilhhms ff f ie, 4 9? W . X J 'A Thomas Wolfe Velma W estphal V if Y' 0' ' . V ' 6.211 ' il If, L35 2 'E f - "-, X, mf Vx N, 3- I k bf ' 'li' -F Eg, Donald Williamson -A.. '1 " og, . W' 'W 8 iw - Henry Wolford Richard Wood Caroly n Wright 'fran-'1 -N...-1 William lfoodrug Charlotte Worth I itll Sis I QM f 1 , . ce- -rjf Q . 'PR 5? -if .aff 1,3 75, lonzra V059 -Q., xg- , Nm, s rr' '.., -Q If 0 , an Marilyn Wright ,Vary .lane lfrighz Eunife Young it .- V5 'Q . x ' I 1' P ' o ff 4 it Roosevelt Young Bert Zimmerman No pictures for: Ralph Devine Raymond Demroski Richard Hahn Ray Irons Herbert Pahl Edward Paquetle Eugene Sheeler James Sleinborn Robert Taylor James Vine James Warrick 33 1 4 all- Ube Tim 'IQ Ay X. P9 08 JL elyjvc I blow Hand ..- ,U 'Vo 1 NPQGM gq p , Ou" Lf sennbn, Cn.Sf?? 1 Hhtdwnlu' 1 f ' , U I S 'amy swf' Simon Spoxsot, Elstonian . 1 I 11 A -s . 'QL ....+a...- -tts. ,...,... Row I-Kate LeRoy, Cathy Ohms, Earla Atlrins, Phippie Haller, Lorraine Bielslri. Row 2-Janet Boese, Merna Lowey, Barbara Grail, Eleanor Utterback, Margaret Hileman, Pa! Pauley. Row 3-Louise Kohzer, Bill Groenrlylre, Earl Will, Sue Buren, Gerlrude Brown. Tom Wolfe, Bob Dezelslfi, Miss Shepherd lsponsorl Each year. from a volunteer group of seniors. Miss Shepherd selects the staff which is to compile and present the year's activities of the Isaac C. Elston Sr. High School. All through this year the selected group worked hard. soliciting ads. pasting pictures, and writing copy. The whole staff appreciates Miss Shepherd's patience and understanding. Editor-in-chief ....., Faculty Editor ,,....... Senior Class Editors ,............ Junior Class Editor .....,...,.,.., Sophomore Class Editor Activities Editors ..... Girls' Sports Editor ............... THE STAFF Catherine Ohms Elsie Kuszmaul Margaret Hileman Bob Devetski Janet Boese Louise Kohzer Lorraine Bielski Gertrude Brown Philippa Haller Sue Buren Boys' Sports Editor .. Feature Editors .s.., Business Manager ,,,,,,, .,.,,,, Advertising Managers Circulation Manager ...........i. Stall Photographer ..... ....... Art Editors ..........,., Tom Wolfe Eleanor Utterback Patricia Pauley William Croendyke Catherine LeRoy Merna Lowey Janet Boese Earl Will Earla ,lean Atkins Barbara Crott J WUllUT Q TlUQfQIMI! WM fifzgiffpfvi f 1 K Y R yf,3i'g Q557J 3 gig if gil, 3,21 Wfbf R5 af M w ,ff JI, J f ffilfzff W WZL15f5'59'K 212 E we SQ? W ESF? S M Ei 5 Q 5 Q3 A L SM A EQXQJSQXEQXSQ 977.202 MSSE SW OU 719 7WfV0!N6' f e 'E ., , wk. Q WM jf? is-.ar t dur K Roosevelt Young Eleanor Uterback ,lust as there are "black sheep" in any family. there are also outstanding members. In an election Conducted bv the ELSTONIAN, these students were chosen bv their classmates as the representatives of Certain qualities. Roosevelt Young and Eleanor ' ' ' ' th Senior Class. Robert U b k were picked as having the best personalities in e tter ac Bartels and Barbara Crott were said to be the best looking. NP' Yr? New Robert Barlels Barbara Croft "CU 5!1V5 " '56 is Richard Dwyer Lorraine Bielski The other outstanding seniors chosen were Richard Dwyer and Lorraine Bielski as the best scholars, and Fritz Sperling and Nancy Stolze as the best athletes. We are proud that we have these members in our family, but also realize that there are many others who are deserving of much praise. Fritz Sperling NGHCJ' Stolze 37 UU W4 5 Bookwomh J' 'fri pn C ayq AP' mil' X CHlwtHHS Thee Ng- S 'S-fkg I O juss 8 ' ? F Po 11 fc ,N uw A Nm' li W 2' ' . , . .K4:, mf: 714115 Scion! A100199 Ripont C'Mhnu " 5"av-v Ps W ax P C5 QQYQG 'iftg A fm? ecffbu A mv e pee? fs fhozf' winf Hey cw!! Siva' M 9 3 I ' I 3 N 'ECM Lff00f5--'ffgfefy A Sepffbc 141665 ceowcf """f'l "NYY 'Hifi Lai A 6e4f .SGSSJOIIY .' J! Aix A 3 '. A XX Emmy V J 'V li . if i 1? is . ? V443 5 '59 505 P Wenwhj I5 ,mf me-A' Juniors if V ' :V N I 1 . ' 'P Q g n A N it -T 4 ' f .L AN. , ,N it N N X e' is-is if '-49' L xv Qqp Rau' I-Mrs. Urquhart, Richard Saturday, Pat McAIpine, Larry Powell, Mr. Wegner. Row 2-Mr. Nicholas, Miss Commer, Miss Henry, Miss Sebesta, Mr. Horn. The juniors may be represented by the "flapper" period. or that period which falls between that of the "Victorian Age" lthe seniors! and the "Modern Age"'lthe sophomoresl. The juniors' high school memories begin when, as "sophies" they chose Mrs. Jeanette Urquhart and Mr. Harold Wevner as the chairmen of their class sponsors. "Cay Blades" Tom Rux, Don South, and D Larrv Powell were elected resident. vice- resident. and secretary, res ectivelv. Durin their so homore . , ,P P F. P . ,g P , 7, ear the mam event of their school vear took lace November o. 1949. That evenm the "so hles y P s ,P came dressed in their finest rompers and short skirts to the Sophomore Party, the "Babies Bawl. Then, as the sophomores increased in knowledge and age and became juniors, they filled quite a few pages in their memory books. As juniors they had a great deal of work to do. They had concessions at the "Rugby" and basketball games. After school juniors were waiting to sell their candy and ice cream. Many happy memories will come to the juniors in later years when they remember the prepa- ration for the Prom. Certainly none of these students can forget when they were in the "Flapper" period, when they were juniors. 41 W H A v A Y A G if L T H A T 2 O Ii 5,5 'I zu 002: 22" .Nm ,41dfn4lTl Ui' sadou PI '4"!lQ P1 . 3,9 laffga ' uf' Y 4 Qf G Z x A Junior Play 'wi If you were present in the junior high auditorium on November 23, 1950. it may be safe to say that your evening was well spent. Under the capable direction of Miss Genevieve Klueh. the Junior Class presented the hilarious comedy. We Shook the Family Tree. The play, a well-known one. was thoroughly enjoyed by the large audlence. Talent sparkled brightly that evening. and a very pleasant memory will be enjoyed by both partici- pants and audience for many years to come. CAST Hildegarde .... ............... A nn Averitt Paige .,......... ......., E rinnolda Blamey Mr. Dolson .. James Thompson Ellie-May ......,, ,,....... M ary Westberg Mrs. Dolson .. .......... Sally Breskin Jill ...,...,...,.,....,,,...., .,,...,.,... B arbara Balow Sally ....,...,.. ...,..,.. C aryl Ritchey Freddie Shermer ..........,....... James Grimes Bob ,........,.. ...... T homas Martin Mr. Shermer .,,.,. .,,,.,,, R obert Strawbridge Jimmy ......,. ...... B ruce Beckman Mrs. Shermer ..... ..t....,....., S onya Sawaya 43 A 1 -iss-.f Q HA- ' ' 2 Q " 4 2 Q QL' V- sz- Qi - , ' f f 1 is A ' 5 N? ' is 'N A i T' V, M' - B ' , i as k l - ' -X" . if x ,L 4. , V :.- S31 rf" 1, 51 xt? 'V ,yvit 2 ggi tg All it M, , Su ffl i 1 T ' wx Q: ,g.,, . bg 'f 'Syn t r I f -'fit 41-5 , l AMX Q '- ' ' fn fi! A, A f Q. Y N es.. W . 'QM' , . 5 ,gwxg ., 4 S 1' ' 5 xt' ' - f wi -X g ust! L. 'D : X B 9. A 1 Stl , C A 1 . "S 'ef W A Fig, " 'f"i:., 2 at 5 ' 51 'rn g W -J if. ,V - 'fe' - , A Q--4, i ,ri 1 ff. C in "3 ,, L V. ' 1 , M-v -H" it t N3 .A- ma , gt GI' . A vt- 1 an X ' Q4 'K lg ef- l, W. R534 b" +5- B Q . ' I . t f Row I-Lila Abraham, .loanne Albertson, John Allen, Jacqueline Anderson, Charles Angeledes, Ray Angelezles. Row 2-Phyllis Ash, Don Ashby, Ann Averitt, Virginia Bahar, Sophie Baker, Barbara Balow. Row 3-Eugene Bartuzilr, Louis Beck, Velnm Beck, Bruce Beckman. Betty Beebe, Ellen Bennett. Row 4-Earl Berry, Gloria Bielslfi, Roland Biggs, Roger Bixler, Erinnollla Blamey, Barbara Bloclfsom. Row 5-Arlene Boese, Duane Bonner, Mary Bowden, Daniel Bowmar. Sally Breslfin, Robert Brooks. Row 6-Barbara Brown, Robert Campbell, Joellen Chilcole, Joseph Chraplfowslfi, Marlene Coar, Norma Collins. Row 7-fam es Coolr, Betty Cox, Margaret Croolf, Donna Cunningham, Luann Curry, Don Dabbert. Row 8-Jerry Davis, Steve Delaney, Richard Delco, Allan Dolson, Don Dralre, Carole Dreslre. m , - ,- gma- V I i ,wwf " 1 G 1, s be if 7' ,. i ' "Ya D 1 so ,f if f , 1, H " ' 1 xx - gs ie i .'f wr- . fl VX- -V! EL. A - ., F ,gag 7 1 ' iii' 5 I -' 9 .y -. 1 , V 1 ,.,,f-Q., il-if - M 1 r I J .iv gl ,fi hav-' - P fa A ' f H . mn' gf" f l ' f W I f 2 Sf fixfvqvf' W 5 if f " ff ' Q me r ' 5? 9 fl 8 ' - n I y ,Z ,. A , ,I ' ' ' E. Q 'V ',' 2 ,ai B., Y 'J- W1 'yn 4' . X -V 1 g 4, , lin R. l ll y so asia 1 s A ' fi 3 f' 5, H f V W, K, fe f 1 . .' if if - 5 i rt A5 A "W 5' A -Diff ' .. J 1 gbyr TJ it fir A , . -4 1 " ,X ' X Yj I, ff ' J ,, A it is . if ' - . ' Y' 3 ' 7 ' ff-4 " 5'W'FsY,' .aB'?"1Q'i' -3 : - s. -. W , Q , V W H ,J ' 'Y' Ax l , Y-KXXNYKI ,fu . - Q f-QI I4 .1 -fir' i N' 1 vi fi, Row I-Dorothy Eberly, George Edwards, Robert Edwards, Carl Ellison, Laurie Esmoer, Dale Erickson. Row 2- Raber! Farrell, Harold Fogus, Phyllis Fogus, Pat Ford, Frank Forney, Dudley Foster. Row 3-Shirley Franz-lfowslri, Rodney Fredenburg, .loan Froehllfe, Diane Gandy, Natalie Gembara, Norma Gill. Row 4-Sharon Greene, Thomas Greene, James Griffin, .lames Grimes. Marlene Gring, Miruzm Gring. Row 5-Richard Gring. Bonnie Gross, Mary Hargrove, .lack Harris, lane Harris, Frank Heiden. Row 6-Marilyn Hellman, Carole Henclfel, Michael Higgins, Richard Hillman, Richard Hines, .lohn Hojmasler. Row 7-Franlf Honyalf, Madje Houck, Leslie Huj, Carol Hull- ings, Nola Hunsley, Ann Hunler. Row 8-lrma Hurley, Arthur Johnson, Richard Johnson, Darlene Jones, ferry lanes, Ken Jones. jd "K V' X J U X ji v' f Q -g-ggga s ,, ,, hi, J ' x We P N 1 Y X 9 fl mlflf-7 5 0 J fb R ' A' . .hx '3 'H rf-Q, ,Qs , :L f A 'A 'F --V .H A fe ,' N 'K -gc A A' x I ii K R W- if r . l RM 5 f S , 3 'V as 4 .. iw it vm, A H ' ,' 1 f. Y f if 4 J 1 1 I - am A , -. ff 2 fm e f .f 's K -Qi: 5 ,MV , ,,-av 'mio 1. J . 2 Qu , "' 1' . Wi. lg.. .- 4V.A XX- V f J ei i .i.mifo.1a , . R V- Z fwa1"S:J. . Q, X O in 1 C 'ww -V ws, K Q , 5 , Y 'F as N F. .' , -, --A Q Q. . ff Y ' . as 'nw GQ' Y, K ..- gy, af: ' 3 ' ,v V". ff- : M c . W vw-M, X 5 .W WL ,N r " N im Row I-Anthony Joseph, Barbara Jost, Virginia Kaminslri, Robert Kaser, Richard Keene, Pat Kennedy. Row 2- ,lerome Kessler, Donald Kill, Joyce Kintzele, Loretta Koehler. Arthur Kohrman. Ioan Koziolek. Row 3-Gloria Krause, Bill Kriesel, Paul Kuchilf, Gloria Kuslfowski, Dale Lanlz, Don Laslfy. Rau' 4flVancy Lee. Neal Lee, James Livings, Willard Long, Marlene Lubs, ElRay Lucas. Row 5-Isabella Malm. Karen Manthey, Aurie Marszalek, Bill Martin, James Martin, Tom Martin. Row 6-Carol Mason, Palricia McAlpine. Phyllis Mclntire, Russell McKee, Gerald Meilstrup, Clarice Meyer. Row 7-Creig Miller, Phyllis Miller, Ronald Milchell, Ray Mohnssen, Roger Muclrway, Margaret Nadaf. Row 8-Loretta Neulieb, Wanda Nickell, James Nieman, Florence Nowfel, Rachel Nussman, .lerome Ofcharchalf. l....., ,W c , 1"7- ' ' Sv ' ,-Q kr - 1 r 'W -4 "i",f' I S 1 -L. Y P L r1"f'K.ff3?tp,gl X , y A ts 'QT' Q F bf' 7 M S . 'tt 1 ,, QP A 4 KL W1 v ' 1- 'I G.A- 1- -, 'F 2 , ' Y ILX1111 1 ,F are-X is 1' t fe s. 5. 'E fgb Q s I5 KKJ5 - N c- 'X' .N,. xt 1 1 ' . S , .. "'2 A 1"-1 ll . I4 -.I - ' ' u,,,,,- 'ru ". 5 ee- - f' 4 : I W 4 Q Y lx, t. t r ma 1 N' 3 ft n' 35' f9:'!Fx'ulfT:Tl A ici. P' 1' -T-0 an - h ,Q sh, . . Y-. r v v , a W I. 1 rv 1 i X 1-1151. -'if-i xg? K! S . ,,,-Tm ' 3 A Row I-Shirley Orzech, Geraldine Oltersen, Don Pawlilf, Lorraine Pawloski, William Penfold, Ed Peters. Row 2- Pam Peters, Mary Petroj, Tom Pliske, Marilyn Polite, Larry Powell, Dale Rabe. Row 3-Earl Radke, Phyllis Ramion, James Rapp, Dan Rastenis, .lean Rhoda, Elaine Rinehart. Row 4-Barbara Rohde, Caryl Ritchey, loan Rosinski, Robert Rudnick, Tom Rux, John Sadenwater. Row 5-Gene Sadler, Antoinette Sajewski, Ina Salmassy, Richard Saturday, Sonya Sawaya, Choicia Scaife. Row 6-Robert Schlundt, Marjorie Schultz, Robert Schultz, Betty Schu- macher, Wayne Shebloslfy, Virgil Shewbart. Row 7-Don Shiparslfi, Miriam Sieb, Eunice Smith, Jeanne Smith, Pat Spivey, Don South. Row 8-Kathryn Sprague, Charles Standilord, Kay Stibbe, Elizabeth Stiller, Wayne Strung, Robert Strawbridge. f .,., ' K ' I To 1 Q K U ai .1 A wr' N3 v e 4' Q .rw J .4 INN I I Q :Y 5 fir- is-0 A x',', .V V. 5 xr X X' . Ag A Q. 1, gf 5 wh , i K WN: le A ,SAQQ 3 - 'ff , .A.V' M 'X fl , , X ' , " i S a - A e'l vs ' ' A cl 1, . xl ' T av.. ' T nj ks A A N s o Q , x f Y ,3 No pictures for: I v Q 5 William Barker lerrold Braginzon Doris Davis Pauline Dickerhoj 'Th Paul Foss Randall Fritz Jerry Callion Bonnie Greiner ni' 4 Ronald Helton Dale Lansberg Jerome Mille' Robert Schliclier 4' 'A l V. .Yorman Shue .lames Strakowslfi Row I-Virginia Surface, Nanty Swanson, Ronnie Swanson, Yvonne Theelfe, Mary Thomas, James Thompson. Row 2-.lune Thompson, Frank Trunk, Clara Turner, Richard Urbanslri, lohn Waldo, Thomas Warren. Row 3-Carol Webster, John Wendt, Carol Wenzel, Edward Werner, Mary Westberg. Margy Wheaton. Row 4-Hollis White, James Wille, .lack Wilson, Norman Wilson, David Wold, Donald Wolod. Row 5-Marie Wozniak, Raymond Wozniak, loan Wrobleslri, Carl Zeese, Charles Ziegler. lames Zilis, Row 6-Deloris Zollman, Aaron Zygmantowslfi. 48 3 .lunior Concessions 1.1 ' Ll Ll -'-Q t' h XM 1 it Row I-Gloria Bielslfi, Marlene Lubs, Carole Herzclrel, Madje Houck, Virginia Surface, Mary Bowden, Clarice Meyer, Barbara Balow, Norma Collins, Marjorie Schultzi Row 2-lane Harris, Pat McAlpine, Ann Averitt, Kay Stibbe, Miriam Sieb, ,loan Koziolelf. Shirley Orzech, Carol Webster. Rou' 3'fBob Schultz, ,lean Rhoda, Margaret Crook, Sonya Lee Sausaya, Norma Gill, Marg-1' Wheaton, Phyllis Ramion, Pat Ford, Choicia Scaife. Row 4-Aurie Marszalek, .loan Wrobleski, Carol Hullings, Elaine Rinehart, Betty' Beebe, Mary Westberg. Kathy Sprague, Jackie Anderson, Tom Martin, Bruce Beckman, Jim Grimes. Row 5-Larry Powell, Art Kohrman, Carl Zeese, .lerry Meilstrup, Charles Ziegler, Raymond Woznialr, Earl Berry, ferry Jones, Dick Johnson, Bob Schlunrlt, Roger Muclrway, llveal Lee, .Hilfe Higgins. In a memory book or album there should always be a picture that will be a reminder of busy hours and time well-spent. Such a picture is presented in this Junior Concessions picture. Perhaps the quota- tion "The best way to a Prom and an ELSTONIAN is selling canclyl' is not an old or a well-known one, but nevertheless, it applies to the juniors' cause and job. Although their work was hard, the juniors will be rewarded when they present their Prom. and when the ELSTONIAN for 1952 is completed. 49 XB , 1 I 1 X 5 M XAA log 0 'P 4: , 'gf n,Nf.em ff f.,,k- S vvokk ' , :Spa ,i 1" ' 1 ke? www fig QSGZLOR is rlgcs A A. s ,.-,, 4A7f?f. Co P L43 'sg MAJ my 'Aj ,Y m m wg. V,,- M Win en e we fc ep S you ,YQ stendny? 5 get L4 M Cl W' M .X D56 'Hmm Hanna - XX h ff , uv'-xv we JL ,ew 1,4 4 ee! JQS 405.4 C 41 A7e4'Z4 919 0 O 4612, Gs J' fujmw. Q Q32-:fra we C' 5, , L41 q ., ,fs A v, 641 FILL. 'E IL UP! Jun!! nv .il Sophomore History sf if .rffv pn " 'J "- v l 4' A NA .A Row I-Mr. Gijfel, Mickey Taylor, Kenneth Schreiber. Merhth Houck. Miss Wolfe. Row 2-Miss Shepherd, Mr. Troyer. Mr. Cobbum. Mr. lrgang, Mr. Nicholson. Miss Stuart. Miss Luck. Because we are only sophomores. the upperclassmen "tagged" us as the "younger generation." Our Sophomore party, held on September 29. headed the year in the social direction. The theme was "Ridge Runners" and was carried out effectively with the Ncrackerhoxu gym dressed up as a barn. Corn throwing and yodeling were a part of the action. Those attending dressed in true hill-billy form. with jeans and plaid shirts. Kenny Schreiber was our president: Merhth Houck. vice-president and Mickey Taylor. secretary- treasurer. They were well-suited to their offices. We chose Miss Wolfe and Mr. Ciffel as chairmen of our class sponsors to guide us in the proper "old timer" way. ,lust think! Next year we'll be Hskidooing" our way to be the Junior "sheiks" and "Happen," and our enthusiasm will find vent in the many activities of the year. 53 Sophomore Party Lf rw 'fl if 1 ,Q 2' :gy Remember our Sophomore Party held in the crackerbox last September? Didn't we have fun throw- ing corn and drinking cider? I remember the huge bales of straw and the corn stalks we gathered up. Lanterns suspended from the ceiling really transformed the boys' and girls' gym into a nhumdingerv of a barn. Our theme. "Ridge Runners" was carried out further by the appearance of those attending. Jeans. sweat shirts. plaid blouses. and brightly colored flannel shirts were prominently displayed. Master of Ceremonies. Billy Greene. introduced the various entertainers. who provided a full pro- gram. Jim Wille. our favorite hill-billy. sang songs in his true western style accompanied by his guitar. Next. a skit entitled. "The Marriage of Dazie Mae McSwine" with Jane Urquhart, Jackie Kalil, Lorelei Storey. Billy Greene. Janet Dittmer. and Carol Kaisner taking part. was the highlight of the evening. Barbara Helms. Mickey Taylor. and Jackie Kalil presented their version of "I Didn't Know the Gun Was Loaded." Community singing followed with such songs as "Good Night Irene," "l'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover." "Dear Hearts and Gentle Peoplef' and the school loyalty song. Refreshments. consisting of doughnuts. ice cream. and cider. were served followed by dancing for the remainder of the evening. We did have a jolly good time. agreed? 54 1 4. ' , uw' ,W , 1 gk kk 1w?Hug4"l'4A K " D 51 ' 'es- : -., f Q ,P i H , . ,T M, MX, ,M ,gn xc? '.- " AN 7, 1 P . l A1 A , X J- X , 45 ,M - if -- '-QQ fair -.ef - - '35 gg Y fx - , N ' . , " r, - ,, - ...f , --,, xv.- t 7 -' . -al .Til ,. X " N' ' Vf, V- W i - , 115. iw D g T j X Fix J .A as :J . z. 5.2, - g 5 Q Sr 74 , ,h .. 7 'N 1 x -ff H Q. W X ' , 'rf My ,Q 'L ' '1,"', "- ' V - 'A P , K , If ,fig-i4 -A 1. 5 :, 2 In N- 3 .. ' ,,, , 43, - 1 -5 Q 4'4" ' -Q 1 JD 53- 1551! U D v ' I xi' , .ne , 44-X ,bt J .P-,S in ,. '1'h- R Lvl xg' I 4-1 ., xg-vb 5 Q it Iv hr' I iw .""ffK 4 X ' X N x Row I-Biuian Ainsworth, David Allgood, james Arnold, John Arndt, Carry AllSl1'l'I,lvt1f1K'j' Ballard, .loan Barnes. Row 2-Bob Barr, George Bartels, Ruth Bartels, Arnold Bass, Judy Beazley, Ronald Bechinslfi, Richard Bennett. Row 3- Floyd Bentley, Vernette Berg, Joyce Black, Marlene Bobinslfi, james Bohlin, Martha Boutlreau, Shirley Bowker. Row 4-,loan Bowman, Betty Braden, Dolores Brant, Nancy Brinclrman, john Brooks, Mary Brooks, Paula Bruehlman. Row 5-Victor Bunton, Charles Burns, Lowell Burns, Gene Burrell, loan Butts, lnez Calusa, Wayne Childress. Row 6-Joyce Cole, Loretta Collins, Shirley Congdon, Sandra Cook, Betty Covington, Nathan Cox, Pearl Cox. Row 7- Edith Dabkowski, Richard Dalman, Robert Danderson, James Dettman, Lorraine Deutscher, Marlene Diedrich, .lanet Dittmer. 55 The Family's High Schools Fourth Street School, 1871 -1875 Central High School, 1875-1895 As we look into our family album, the first picture that greets our eyes is that of our grand and glorious Alma Mater, Isaac C. Elston Senior High School. We can see that a good many changes have taken place since 1871, when three girls graduated from the very first high school, located at Fourth and Pine Streets. The second high school was built in 1875 at Eighth and Spring Streetsg in 1895 the building was destroyed by fire. While the construction of a new building was taking place, classes were held at Barker Hall. Recently the old Central School was torn down, and a beautiful new school has taken its place. The next high school was built in 1909, over an old cemetery at Detroit and Spring Streets. The school tnow the junior high schooll was named in honor of lsaac C, Elston, a pioneer of this city, donor of the land for the schbol, and one of the oldest members of our family album. This school served until 1924, when the increase of school enrollment made necessary the building of our present school. ln 1925 the building was finished. and it has become lsaac C. Elston Senior High School. 555 ' 'L' Central High School, 1895-1909 lsaac C. Elston Senior High School, 1925- 2 F" ,Q ,Q-ci '41 sv-12' mn., Q- - - 235, A, . Q- . fix .5 xx Ig ,h W, 'g I ..', :ga I L ,.a 2 A 1' -V - ,. '- JJ ls Q.. ,sp 5. N' , 1 e W fl ef Q Q: D S F -'l XJ' -F ' ' Qs, -, - j .- f 'M 1 Jar? iHI 1gie gQ , f a g' Q 317 efgzii '1 ffm! i - 5 .- -'Q Q: 2. 2- , 1 ' nyc' -"fs-if Y wwQ.A .F Q Y' NH? Y V! Kg ,,,.Q-,JYNHQW sa. Miele--Ea . if ' ,Q 'J Y G -1 sr. ' ' V . - Vg' " -5- T' L ', JL. D y ' JV -'Q -' V f . F NJ . X X '50 Y by . W, jf any F Q f If , L.. ' in fi ihnnix. -. Y . . 'TQ 1 JN i F F-I N- , f :bs 4-sh 1 f -If 'hx if . 7 ' 8 F' E'-F: F 1 gif - QQ Aff 5 25' as Row I-Donald Dombrowslfy. Mary Dralfe. Ronald Drzewieelri, Robert Duesing, William Dynawslfi, Tom Eckert, Naney Edsall. Row 2-Parricia Ellaby. Don Evans. .lohn Forbes. Donald Fgageman, Donald Frame, Ruth Frzedrzch, Davzd Fril:. Row 3-Loren Furness. Rosemary Furness. Harrie! Cabel. Doris Gannon, Billy Celeslre, George Condelr, Thomas Gaurley. Row -I-.'llar1'1'n Green. William Greene, Donald Croih. Sally Hahn, Edward Hall, Conslance Hamzl- Ion, Carol Handllfe. Raw 5-David Haplfe. Harold Harris, John Hart, Joan Haljfeld, Nancy Hathoot, Rzchard Haughf- ingfon, Leola Haren. Row 6-.Varian Heiden. Donald He'mlfen, Barbara Helms, Roy Helsing, .ludy Henry, Phyllis Hileman, Tom Hinrhman. Row 7-Joan Hinshaw, Carol Hilz, Roger Holern, Mildred Holland, Delores Holmes, Merhlh Houck, June Hut. 56 .Qi my -'Gil Yfy ' .a.' 5-4 x ,az It 'Y :Jl- Y-I AT' LK ' Y 1 w '-If 3- -01' l f ' ggi 9. 5-' giggle, iff V r-a1.k-4. nv a 1 Q . aa ,-- as A, I, wi,-I A V tff ,- ,.. .,' ."' 'K' A 'Tb Nw! X ' CJ . I W' 1 w, .X -.. , 'T 'wg . A.: , 3 ' E72 la., v 1 a 1. . 1- ' , I' I gy JD 0 3 r 1 3 -. gf A :J 5' ' - x-- ' .. I ,L , , Q cd N Y 'X . 1 Y' A f in - 4 TX ' 9' 'Lf its-H, H , A ' Q' - -:N 2: '11 R N, F? 'Q ., 1- I '25 ' z ' ' X ' - ' f U N. H H L '4AA 5 ' -T , gf, fl' Delia 'fa fr V was ! La E. 9 L. ik f 4,-Tb VT' , -Q x , KV e may an L aifv. Li L H1 u . L Row 1HDoru1ld lanlfowslri, Sue Ianz, Nancy Iohnsen, Barbara Johnston, Rita Iurcilr, Carol Kaisner, Jackie Kalil. Row 2-Sharon Kaslen, Leonard Kazmurha, Barbara Kemp, Elizabeth Kemp, Nedra Keppen, Marilyn King, Chester Kmiecik. Row 3fMarian Knaak, Sally Kneisley, Esther Knoll, Florence Koch, Robert Kominiarelf, Charlotte Konlfey. Rirhard Korn. Row -I-Elaine Kozin, Tom Krentz, Clair Kuszmaul, Darlene Ladd, Allan Lazarus, Darlene Libby, Marilyn Lindsay. Row 5-Richard Lisalf, Robert Lisieclfi, Norbert Losinierlri, Ronald Lukow, Carolyn Lutz, Ella Louise Malehow, Philip Manson. Row 6-Margene Marshall, Lois Mason, Russell Mason, Shirley McAlpine, Dolores McBrian, Guy McCue, Georgia McGahey. Row 7-Phyllis McCahey, Don Mclntyre, David McMahon, Marcia Meads, Eugene Menke, Marcia Mettlen, Carolyn Meyer. 57 ' 'a ' -,I ,l l?:4'x :ix -42 , V-.V . My 1 .A Y .N mv , pq bi, 4 5 0- 3 . -'- dy .1 'R X . 5.-, - :f 55.1, 1 R AX tif' V QV li' if ' . fn' is Y' r . . if .gg Aa v ga, F 3 . . il 6... 1 Y 3 Z . , ka Q 7 -- 4: A D ' Z' 5, K, 'ffl-Vi N 4 mlm - ' -K ' N ' . V ,, ' K z . f 7-'F , 2 " . 'Q ' ' nf - Q .4'f,f'-f -,fn--mx.. "2 ""' 11' Jlw , -. . 'fn-1 54, . +A .. ., sr- , , .K " ., V EQ. '.-9 " 1-'fra KPN . Q VS ' fm f if 4. x, f ' N :3. -...-' - 2 C ' a El' . sz ' ' s s. A ' ,nn F 2.15 ,ja L. Q 71 ee ,Q ' ,Wm . 'E -1,1 , A ,,. if 2 A A geff an Why -Zff. :QQ :., 3 ig, ' gr. Q 1 .J X111 ', -r"s'6 .,,y.iw- gg ',s:'s,6s Q f , vx To fy 'aj W 4' , A -.., t 2 K l X? S . 1.711 W Q' F N W., -is I l Raul Joe M' l' R I 'llll Y -- . igzore. n1ert .' i er. Shirley Miller. Kenneth Milrhell, Jeanette Mizia, Donald Mohamed. Clarence Morris. Row ZZ-Helen Nadal, John lVoi'eroslre, Patrifia A'0l'I'FSh'P. Arlene Orzeeh, Beverly Oswalt, Dorothy Ott, Wanda Pave. Row 3--Donald Pagos, Marlin Parrelt, Donald Paw'oslfi, Darlene Pearce, Rirhard Peck, Kenneth Pedue, .lack Pfister. Row-1-Mamie Pliillips. Frederielf Pillf. Barbara Porter, Charlie Post, Rolland Preuss, Carole Pritchard, Denis Prybylla. Row 5-Barbara Raflel, Kenneth Ramion, Joyre Ramsey, Bob Randhan, Betty Rannie, Ralph Rich- ardson, Carolyn Riley. Rau' 0-john Rirrhie, Thomas Robinson. Marjorie Rohde, Meredith Rowland, Shirley Rowlands. Ronald Rnelz. Leonard Saenz. Row 7--loyfe Sanzilson, Donna Schaffer, Don Sehelling, .loan Schlegel- milrh, Norman Sehniuhl, Elene Sl'hI1lt'h'. Kenneth Schreiber. 58 b --"is ' 'LA -,hiv ". 1, -S5 tl M , 1 .-1 1- v 1- - . - -. -f --. v --LL, ' L' N.. 3 NL , I J ,X JFK a 5 NAR ,, kv'-LAKZ. Q ' tx If ' LIN ,LMJAM a ,. my Y V. ik-I na 1. A -9 -I W' , r- CA L 'T' 'T- -' pf. ,,-i - D, f -' 1. , I ' ll ,' T. V fav '-:K I , -7 ' lr V L , I gg 7 iw EW X ,r nf ., is t , 1 L I -.4 , it JW!- ye vf O 45 :. f- gs - A - Qt L-A r,-L zz- .Q - A '- L 5 I? 1' if H jk I P, V' L ' x X f it X 4 4 - 'T' wr G, i 3.7 W W, xt: A N ,VYXI S5 f' 73 , Q I' :. fn, S. . 91" ' ,fl f xg, cn ,- Q- I ' L u L U 2 1 It lfg-. lt. V 1 - 0 1 ff? ' -A -' E Q11 '-- ' A .A f 44 'ir . 'L . 1555 TE.-f'Y fy V 11,4 if -" is l Eifiivh if 'R .G for - - f,, A . T o A '-1 " in E1 F' ,T f Row l-Dale Schultz, Ronald Schwanlre. James Shadford, Guy Shank. .lohn Shank, Phyllis Shepperson, Asad Shikany. Row 2-Ted Slfibo, Cerilia Slrierkowslri, Charles Slisher, Anthony Smierlelny, Wayne Snodgrass, lames Snyder, Carol Sobocinslri. Row 3-Ray Stanley, fohn Steinborn, William Steinborn, Georgia Steindrager, Mike Sloren, Lorelei, Storey, Alice Swain. Row 4-LeRoy Sydow, Leona Szymlfowslfi, Mary Taylor, Ramona Teets, James Thompson, Lois Thompson, William Thornburgh. Row 5-Catherine Timm, Norman Trary, ,Iohn Troyer, lane Urquhart, Norman Vaughn, Tony Venice, Kenneth Voltz. Row 6-Leland Walton, Ronald Warnlre, Bert Waterhouse, Marilyn Weather- lon, Patricia Werfline, Lawrence Wesley. Norman Wesner. Row 7fMary Alice While, Mary Frances White, Sally Will, Nancy Williams, Nancy Wingard, Pauline Withrow, Herbert Woodruff. 59 X Roffmd Brown Lonnie Dabney Brealon Donaldson loan Hungerford rf. Q1 ,N . ,, , V, ,vii , , ., , X , " " w Charles Wright, Cara Yount, Barbara Zalkowslfi. No pictures for: Richard Klemfzalf Ronald Litlre Russell Parish Linda Pulozuskl Howard Ramsey Mary Sparrow Grace Vance SOPHOMORE pgpfry ENTERTAINMENT mf, -fy, ,Qi 'x I Q I f iff' W", X 'Q' I 'fi if y ff- fwfr' ,, ' -'yi as. '13 an f fr - -. . W if I ii ' J 4 'ini L '62 60 MID-YEAR SOPHOMORES Row l-Betty Haggins, Betty lasiclfi, Faye Ayad, Carol Fausch, Ellen Hanna, Marlene Anderson. Row 2-Mrs. Kelly lsponsorl, Nancy Easterday, Vivolene Emery, Sue Erickson, Charlotte laeger, Nancy Cheney, Elizabeth Allen. Row 3 -.lim Hart, Ronald Flotow, Bill Karm, Virgil Long. lda Beach, Darlene Kayser. Row 4-Susan Seviclf. Norman Larson, Joyce Blair, Charles Hanlre, Leo Hunerjager, Margie Hatcher, Bernice Canady. Row 5-ferry Ellis, Diclf Blieden, Bob Koloclziejslfi, Bill Leach, Herbert Gardner, Bob Burton, Robert Dailey, Bob Marshall. MO ll an ll, Row I-Diana Miller, Judy Kudynowslfi, Mr. Hodges lsponsorl, Shirley Serdal, Shirley Marcinialf. Row 2-Karen Westberg, Joann LaBorn, Nancy Penfolrl, Frances Willett, Dorothy Will. Row 3-lon Papineau, Sally Lueth, Elaine Linsemeyer, Betty Leslr. Nancy Williams, Darlene Reicher, Barbara Ritchie. Row 4-Charles Ahern, Bob Sacks, lay Murray, Wayne Walters, Bill Potucek, Louie Ulrich, Doris Millman. Row 5-.lohn Pavollfa, Larry Ray, Richard Pagels, Bob Parker, Sheldon Westphal, Mike Stewart, ,lim Wollrnan, Corzard Parker. 61 'Y I QWU , ' vi n?-b 1 Q G :xx - wow! 1 68 A ' 1' Q i I ! gh-,f0 ME UST' 0 WNYCH ruarlsumuy! I vV,,., QI ,X,f, 5 1 1 1 - if PE 1 1 A ' ki i M54 6 if 3, QA Tye., " 'fi '50 E- 4? as as 43,0 'PP Varsity Dance Band Rou' I-Sylvia Rulfl, Eleanor Criswell, lim Thompson, Bill Thornburgh, Tom Wolfe, Ed Hall, Russell Hedslrom, Tom Pletvlrer. Row 2iBob Walk. Duane Barts, Bill Papineau, Ray Mohnssen, Tony Joseph, Dick Saturday, Ronnie Delflfer. Dirk Cring. Rau' 3-Ea' Ozust, John Arndt, Collard Parker, Tom Marlin, Rollunrl Preuss, Dori Kill. Only a selected few are asked to play in the Varsity Dance Band, which provides the music for the large family at after-game dances and the annual football and basket- ball parties. The bandiis under the capable direction of Mr. Myran. The band practices during the sixth period each Tuesday: Ronnie Dekker is the leader. Deloris Grifhth and Sylvia Rulil served as vocalist and accompanist, respectively. The band traveled to Valparaiso to see a show put on by Stan Kenton. 641 String Ensemble Row 1-PazMrAIpine, Shirley Mr.-llpine, Nancy Ballard, Ann mizierin. Row 2-David Fritz, Howard Witte, Harry Lykens, Rolland Preuss, lane Harris, Sylvia Rulff. Dolores Armlf, Lois Thompson. Bach, Mendelssohn. Wagner. and other eminent composers intrigued members of the string ensemble. who met to become accomplished in playing famous orchestral compositions. They played for the grade schools. Y. M. C. A.. Rotary, Boy Scouts, Long Beach School, Jaycees, and the Junior and Senior plays. 0Hicers were Ann Averitt. president: Shirley lVlcAlpine. vice-president: Rolland Preuss, secretary: Jane Harris. librarian: and Pat McAlpine. assistant librarian. 65 r B f i 5 R NC M ' Q' fr cy R gp-Elric se- ,-in :NX DL . ! LJ J I Jn The Senior Class presents The 1951 Elstonian an album of the Isaac C. Elston Senior High School Michigan City, Indiana Editor-in-Chief - CATHERINE OHMS Business Manager - WILLIANI GROENDYKE Art Editors - EARLA ATKINS, BARBARA GROTT Adviser - Miss GOLDIE SHEPHERD 3 Band Row I-Tom Wolfe, Sylvia Ralf, Ed Hall, Bill Thornburgh, Tom Krentz, Lois Wiseman, Ida Beach, foyce Blair, Nancy Mason, Bert Waterhouse, Betty Ronnie. Row 2-.lim Thompson, Helen Nadaf, Shirley Miller, Nancy Edsall, Milton Dabagia, Clair Kusznzaul, Tony Joseph, Blake Waterhouse, Russell Hedstrom, Kathleen Bowlfer, Tom Pletcher, Eleanor Crisicell. Row 3-Judy Beazley. Richard Blieden, Sue Dolezal, Duane Barts, Bobby Walk, Marlene Kiester, Bill Papineau. Arnold Bass. John Troyer, Ray Mohnssen, Dick Saturday, Ronnie Dekker, Judy Henry, Margaret Ochotslre, Audrey Hardt, Margaret Nadaf, Janet Boese. Row 4-Larry Morey. Alan Spear, Bob Bartnik, Carol Lange, Maynard Thompson. John .-lrndt. Eddie Oszust, Conard Parker, Nancy Johnsen, Tom Martin. Row 5-Earl Berry, Jerry Ellis, Dick Gring, ,lim Griffin, Richard Hague, Don Kill, Bob Bartels, Dolores Arndt, ,lane Harris, Shirley Mcnilpine, Rolland Preuss. Here is a group of ambitious musicians. To make their musical numbers "nothing but the best," they begin practice at seven-thirty in the morning. ln the fall they practice out on Gill Fieldg at other seasons, in the band room. This group always plays a few numbers during the football games. They brought the band from the Jordan Conservatory of Music to the students for a very good concert. The band also partici- pated in the Valparaisoexchange concert this year. Officers for 1950 and 1951 were Ronnie Deklcer, "', 'L president: Sylvia Rulff. vice-president, and Dick Satur- '.'-I ' day. secretary-treasurer. The librarians were Betty I Rannie. Judy Beasley, and Joyce Blairg the secretaries wifi were Nancy Johnsen. attendanceg Margaret Ochotske, scholarship: and Jim Criflin, practice. K The band is directed by Mr. Palmer Myran. '.:K'E . . I N, x ul. 66 Glee Club tllwmwv 'ifvrvw' W WY' W7 F' ' T " 'P' 'vi' 5 Row I-Carolyn Riley, Sue Ericlfson, Darlene Pearce, Mildred Holland, Jackie Kalil, Virginia Surface, Deloris Griffith, Earla Atkins, Dorothy Will. Carolyn Meyer, Beverly Oswalt, Andrey Mason, Verna Brolly, Delores Holmes. Row 2- Nancy Williams, Carolyn Wright, Margaret Crook. Marcia Lemons, Anita Cox, Frank Forney, Gerald Riley, Bobby Marshall, ,lark Pfister, Richard Wood, Barbara Helms, Pat Ford. Choicia Sraile, Lorraine Bielslri, Eloise Hibner, Cherrie Ceering. -Row 3fMr. Miller lsponsorl, Shirley Serhal. Carole Shank, .Marlene Anderson, Marlene Bobinslfi, Carol Handtlfe, Tom Moore, Larry Powell, Roosevelt Young, Jarl Malwin, Richard Klemrzalr, Karen Westburg, Phyllis Mclntire, Geraldine Otterson. Row -1fMary Ann Tolman, Betty Leslr, Elaine Linsemeyer, Sally Lueth, Darlene Reicher, Carol Fausch, Virgil Long, Ralph Richardson, Tom Robinson, Tom Courley, Bob Edwards, Kathy Sprague, Mary Westburg, Betty Beebe, Marjorie Schultz. The 7:30 bell rings. The maestro raises his baton. and the concert begins. Daily, a similar routine begins the Clee Club rehearsals under the direction of Arthur Miller. These rehearsals prepare for many excellent concerts throughout the year. In the fall the Clee Club traveled to South Bend to sing with other Clee Clubs of the surrounding area. The event was the Teacher's Convention. Christmas trees, snow, and crystals were the background of the Christmas concert, at which sacred songs and carols were sung. K , ln the spring the Clee Club busily prepared four ,rg X if Qs concerts. The annual Spring Concert featured popular music. The Glee Club appeared with LaPorte, Elkhart, and Goshen Clee Clubs in an annual "get-togetherw with a guest conductor. The Cvlee Club presented a school program with a variety of songs. The May Festival, at which the Club presented two numbers and joined in a combined one, closed the year of singing. Officers were Roosevelt Young. president, Earla Atkins. business manager: Virginia Surface, secretaryg and Deloris Griffith and Richard Klemczak, librarians. 67 Hi-Y -. ,fe 0, . . M, w 3 i .f . kv ,,, ' fe J V, e ff' . ve ,V QQ n l X 6,5 waz! f ,. fi .A f , ' ' ma- ' I. . Wye Q "l f Za-' Yi .1 5 Row I-Bob Slrawbridge, ,lim Livings, Larry Powell, Jerry Jones, Bruce Beckman, Dick Saturday, Bob Mathers, Vic Bunton. Row 2-Mr. Hodges fsponsorl, Jim Griffin, Don Wolod, Richard Bennett, John Troyer, George Gondek, Bob Duesing. Row 3-Tom Martin, Bert Zimmerman, Mark Saunders, Robert Valentine, Ray Stanley, Carl Ellison, fumes Cook, Tom Weber. Row 4-Edward Stewart, Tom Leverenz, Neal Lee, Dick Dwyer, lim Sweeney, Earl Berry, Steve Delaney, James Harbart. "To create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the school and community" is the pledge taken by Hi-Y members at their yearly initiation. With their sponsors. Mr. Hodges and Mr. Zahn, these active boys met every Thursday evening at the Y. M. C. A. where they planned and put into action a varied program. Looking up and down the aisles of the gym during the Moose basketball games, one could see Hi-Y boys calling out wares. During snowy football weather and balmy basketball climate these boys pro- vided programs for the Red Devil games. Hi-Y cooperated with Tri-Hi-Y in a Go-to-Church program. However, Hi-Y boys know that all work makes them dull, so they had a basketball team, they spon- sored "open houses" at the "Y,,, and they planned other parties. Officers from March, 1950, to March, 1951, were Dick Dwyer, president, Tom Martin, vice-president, Dick Saturday, secretary, Jim Harbart. treasurer: Chuck Erickson, sergeant- at- arms, Jim Sweeney, chaplain, and Tom Leverenz, historian. 68 Latin C lub x C.. Cf L neg - ' Y ff'-l'.f' f,,,q-.er KJ 51, rg., v--m 'Nw' xx... vw We ' Na' Row I-lane Harris, Miriam Cring. Carole Henckel. Virgina Surface, Pal .'lIc.4lpine, Pa! Moon. Row 2-Patricia Pauley, Merna Lowey, Miss Henry lsponsorl, Belly Peak, .loan Terrey, Laurett Walker, Vera Schlunrll. Row 3- Choieia Scaife, Jeanne Smith. Jackie Anderson, Elizabelh Stiller, Louise Kolizer. Larry Powell, Tom Moore. Row 4- Roberl Develski, Bob Slrawbridge. Mark Saunders. Jim Griiin, Don Wolorl. lim Grimes, Duane Bonner. "Tempus fugitn will be uttered by the many Latin students as they look back and remember the Latin Club. The wonderful enthusiasm and interest that lime been shown by the members of the Club prove that the appreciation of Latin is still very strong. Members have two meetings a month g one which is strictiy a business meeting and the other which is a social meeting at the home of a member. Two beach parties were enjoyed through the coufse of the year. In March they prepared and gave a radio program. which was entitled "LatinfThen and Now." A Roman banquet was held in the school cafeteriag members attending were required to wear Roman costumes. Togas and tunics were the most popular. All Latin Club members and future members were inx ited. Officers for the year were Bob Devetski. president: Pat McAlpine. vice-president: and Betty Peak. secretary, Miss Henry is the sponsor. l i X x ,I l l '41' .' 1 nlti' -lx lb all Q ,W . 4 ' J A fl i! ff X 69 Office Messengers A ... E an -SL... ,fi jerry Kessler, Sonya Lee Sawa-va. x if 9 Row, l-Bonnie Linrleman. Mary Bowrlen, Clarice Meyer, U:lore5 McBriarz. Row 2-Jackie Schroeder, Carol Pohl, Row 3-fohn Troyer, .loan Terrey. .lurze Hut, Barbara Porter, Frances Rees. Row 4-George Barrels, Louis Guess. Larry Dittmer. David Kcppen, Bob Kaser. Delivering messages and call-out slips. collecting attendance blanks, doing various errands for the office and teachers is what keeps office messengers going one full period. They do tasks every day to make our school system move at an even pace. The steps one office messenger took in one period. one day totaled l,5T8. IN NZ.: ' J Sl- ... U1 U3 o C 'U D' 3 I3 Q O . 3 lvfi- ' AVC ' If 2 ' E 1' 1 O z "if ' s 9,3 4, 'Mil ., 5.2151 rl? -1 " cr' -2 O :z Q-4 .- D' ru 'S "1 .... o D- FY IT' FD 'f na "1 fn no UI Ui .... US ru CL- FP o 2 0 "1 F' 13- 'L s 'SZ'-S 4? f ,...-of en, Ls . ...ff- 5115 70 Junior Red Cross , 5: p i ,.. .eb - 4'-If ..-H. .. i An, is "r" I 9 L ffm, ' ' -'th r- 1 A M . 1 Ya W ' -. 'Y 1 . ' . 3 1 .ou 3 X 4 -I - f , . vo . ., 2 4- W 3, ' 5' , . 'f X , NE 1 4 . fray, .Q ' 'i "' -P e p- gf " " Y e'5e,.fgf7 'ir V 'V T .. Ninn' ,Q it' M, V. J., Row I-Clarire Meyer, Doris Cannon, James Harbart, Mary Bowden. Martha Lou Bouflreau. Row 2-Jeanne Smilh, Ann Averilt, Norma Collins, Shirley Bowlfer, Lorice Bahar, Miss Henry lsponsorl. Row 3-Cathy Ohms, Joan Konkey, Elene Schniclr, .lane Harris. Marcia Conn. Loretta Neulieb. Row 4-Bert Waterhouse, Louis Guess, Florence Nowfel, Parriria Ford, Elizabeth Sliller, Asaa' Shilfany, Robert Konziniarelf. This is a very able and worthy group. indeed. for they aid in holding this large family together, safely and soundly. This junior association started off with a cam- paign for "Gifts for Yanks" at the request of the American Legion. They made up twenty-one Christmas packages for the Hines Veterans' Hospital. Another "feather in their cap" is the Red Cross Drive which attained a 1007: member- ship from all Senior High sponsor rooms this year. It is a very worthy group because it aids the less fortunate people in our families. The sponsor of the deserving group is Miss Henry. Asad Shikany served as presidentg Marcia Coan as vice-president: and Clarice Meyers as secretary-treasurer. 71 Los Gringos l 5 3 Jalal Ewa: Raw I-Caryl Ritchey, Bob Farrell. Charles Standiford, Barbara Balow, Bill Croendylre, Ann Averitt. Row 2-Verna Mary Brolly, S.Yll'l.H Ralf, Miss McConlrey lsponsorl, Richard Hohl, Diane Candy, Jewel Roames, Audrey Mason. "Buenas dias, senores y senoritasf' Members of the Elston family with a touch of Spanish blood frequently greet friends with such an expression. They call themselves Los Gringos. Headed by Miss lVIcConkey, the group cultivates its interests in the Spanish language and customs at meetings twice a month. Annually they participate in a Pan American Day program. This year the group joined Pan American League, a federa- tion of Spanish clubs in the country. Officers were Richard Hohl, presidentg Caryl Ritchey, vice-presidentg Rolena Samuelson, secretaryg and Barbara Balow, historian. 72 Q H Leig h' V, me Paint Spots Q... Row I-Richard Wood, Ruth Barrels, Nancy Sink, Ann Averitt, Miriam Sieb, Nancy Fritz, Clarence Morris. -Marilyn Lindsay, .loan LaBorn, Nora Chapman, ,lim Will, Joe Chrapkowslri, Rita Jurcik, Miss Commer f Anita Cox, Constance Hamilton, Arlene Orzech. Believe it or not, this is the club in which artists-to-be and future portrait painters get their flying start. Their activities this year have been a beach party and reports on modern artists. They enlarge their appreciation of good art by figure drawing. sketching, working with oil and water colors, and modeling in clay, With this knowledge, they hope to move into greater and better fields of art. To assist them with their work is Miss Cominer. President for 1951 was Joan LaBorng vice-president, Joe Chrapkowskig and Anita Cox, treasurer. l i ,' A lil 1 1 Q 'yi' ul 1, is 1 - M M ij - . 73 1, 4 . I ,.5 ,455 e ' , Row 2 sponsorl, Blaclcfriars WH g""'l f wa, C3 .:i.,, av- H .4n-, 4.4 Row I-Mickey Taylor, Joan Hungerford, Barbara Helms, Joyce Black, Carol Mason, Constance Hamilton, Helen Narlaf, Sally Will. Row 2-Jerry Jones, Marilyn Lindsay, Roger Frerlenburg, .lim Crimes, Miss Klueh lsponsorl, Sonya Lee Sawaya, Miriam Cring, Donna Latham, William Greene, Pat Werdine. Blackfriars is the dramatic club in which the inexperienced "Katherine Cornellsn and 'gJohn Barrymoresl' earn their points to go farther in the dramatic field. Heading this energetic family was Jim Grimes. Jim, however, was accepted as a Thespiang then Mickey Taylor, vice-president, became presidentg Connie Hamilton was secretary, Miss Klueh is the sponsor. "Wilbur's Wild Nightl' was their first production of the year. It was presented to the Riley P. T. A. in November. Those taking part were Bill Greene, Sonya Sawaya, Jim Grimes, Joyce Black, Sally Will, Connie Hamilton, Roger Fredenburg, and Jerry Jones. Besides acting. they learn about prompting, stage management, costuming, make- up, properties, and all backstage work. f, 44 , H l i ills lla, f Nil. X lvl' xl we 1- ur .pf - R 74 an fs Fashionettes 1 'ts -of Row I-JoAnn Bullard, Sidney Patterson, Marjorie Schultz, Carole Henckel, Norma Collins, Phyllis Ramion, Carol Webster, Virginia Kaminski. Row 2-Marilyn Polite, Vera Schlundt, Laurett Walker, Mrs. Kelly fsponsorl, Carol Pohl, Mary Westberg, Jackie Schroeder. Fashions have always been important to any family, and this one is no exception. Down through the years fashions have ever been dynamic. Everyone will remember the middy blouses, flapper dresses, and bloomers, as they will the long tight skirts, baggy sweaters, and blue jeans. With all the social activities and sports events in school many of the girls prefer to make their own clothes, although they have the privilege of making anything they want to make. Under the leadership of Mrs. Kelly, they elected Carol Pohl, presidentg Norma Collins, vice-presidentg and Marjorie Schultz, secretary. il? 'tb ' fltifliy .- 4' M f o,4- . Lr diygil , I 'lie-. I- W P 1 l 1 75 FOREWORD Perhaps in future years you will turn to this book and see many things about your high school life that you will have forgotten, in much the same way that you may look at your family album and see many pictures which will remind you of pleasant or not-quite-so pleasant experiences. As in previous years, when fall rolls around, a group of seniors, the ELSTONIAN staff, chose a th'eme for the yearbook. You can see that this year's ELSTONIAN theme is that of the Family Album. Therefore, realizing that the world is leaving an old half-century, much the .same as the seniors are leaving their high school career, we think that perhaps it will be pleasant to look back and recall memories in our album, the ELSTONIAN of 1951. , ,4'i."'7 xii W 'X 'i -4 mf gf. un, - il .1 , sv I , lil l , X M '- . Q fi -ijt - -ef -LQ?" S' e 60 4 Student Council Row l-Mrs. Herbert fsponsorl, Sally Kneisley, Mary Drake, Dorothy Will, Joyce Black, lackie Schroeder. Row 2- Sally Hahn, ,lack Pfister, Merhth Houck, Elaine Rinehart, Bern' Rannie, Catherine Timm. Row 3-Bonnie Lindeman, Kate LeRoy, Betty Beebe, Gloria Kuskowski, Lois Thompson, Elaine Kozin, Carol Websler. Row 4-Francis Shaia, lames Kemp, Tom Leverenz, Bob Marshall, Sylvia Ralf. Carolyn Lutz, Loretta Collins, Carol Beebe. Row 5-Tom Rux, Norman Vaughn, Carl Zeese, Robert Barrels, Eflwara' Slewarf, Mike Higgins, Bob Farrell, Earl Berry. To keep members of the family from falling by the wayside is the duty of the Student Council. The goals of this organization are to maintain good order. to promote better citizenship among the students, and to promote the best cooperation possible between the faculty and the students. Every student enrolled in this school is a member of this organization. Each home room has one representative in the Council and one alternate to serve in the absence of the regular representative. The representatives bring to the council various problems brought up by students in the sponsor rooms. The Student Council is divided into three groups. The first. the executive. is in charg.e of study hall monitors. The service group is in charge of the bulletin boards. and the legislative body has charge of the student court. Mrs. Herbert is the faculty adviser for the group. Sylvia Rulff was elected president, Dick Dwyer was chosen as vice-president. and Bonnie Lindeman was chosen as secretary for the first semester. For the second semester Dick Dwyer was made president: Jackie Schroeder, vice-president, and Melva Burns. secretary. 76 Hall Patrol A X - Row I--Marlf Saunders, William Croentlylfe, Arnie Bass, Earla lean nltlrins. Nancy Mohnssen, Bonnie Cross. Row 2- Tom Pliske, Dick Bennett, George Contlelr. Mary Petrofl, .levnne Smith. Dellvayne Adams. Row 3-Earl Radke, Will- iam Collins, Roger Holem, Mike Storen, Jim Griffin, Mike Higgins, Frank Trunlf, Garry Austin. Row 4-Mr. lrgang lsponsorf, Tony Joseph. Roosevelt Young, Kenneth Ramion, Jerry Bridwell, Robert Schlundt, Ed Peters, Bob Camp- bell, Bob Farrell, Richard Wood. "Strictly business" is an apt description of the Hall Patrol. the law-enforcing body of our family. Never chew gum in school. Never create disturbances in the hall. Never block traflic. Never run in the hall. To punish wayward students for infractions of the above-mentioned family rules is the daily duty of this group. Mr. Irgang, sponsor of the Hall Patrol, chose Mark Saunders as chief. Captains were Dave Clifford, first floorg Bill Collins, second Hoorg DeWayne Adams, third floorg and Earl Radke, new auditorium. 77 Tri-Hi-Y Row I-Carolyn Riley, Pat Moon, Vera Schlundt, Mary Westburg. Bobbe Balow, Dolores Arndt, Jaclfie Schroeder, Phippie Haller. Nancy Lindeman, Caryl Ritchey, Bonnie Linrleman. Row 2+Darlene Pearce, Shirley Rowlands, Jane Harris, Madje Houck, Virginia Shon, Merhth Houck, Mary Drake. Joyce Black, Eleanor Utterback, June Cofer, Nancy Stoltze, Luann Curry. Row 3-Earla Jean Atkins. Barbara Bloclfsom. Marcia Enyeort, Jane Lawler, Janet Boese, Jo.4nn Bullard, Norma Collins, Kay Stibbe, Carol Wenzel. Janice Schlundt. Pearl Cox, Mary Wright. Row 4-Miss Wolfe lsponsorl, Rae Nussman, Kathy Sprague, Karin Ruflolph, Sidney Patterson, Phyllis Mclntire, Geraldine Otter- son, Nancy Johnsen, Elaine Kozin, Eloise Hibner, Audrey Mason, Carolyn Wright, Marilyn Wright, Charlotte Worth. Row 5-Arlene Boese, Doris Cannon, Mary Alice White, Michey Taylor. Barb Helms, Janella Hart, Nancy Lee, Lois Thompson, Jane Urquhart, Cara Yount, Virginia Kaminski, Carol Lu Mason, Evelyn Linde, Wanda Nickell. Row 6- Jean Rhoda, Carol Pohl, Shirley Congdon, Earlene Williams, Louise Kohzer, Donna Latham, Barbara Johnston, Joan Terrey, Jaclfie Marshall, Carolyn Lutz, Sue Jann, Loretta Collins, Clara Turner, Anita Cox, Nancy Hathoot, Carol Beebe. A solemn candlelight initiation provides the background when Tri-Hi-Y girls take their pledge "to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the school and com- munity." Tri-Hi-Y meets every two weeks at the Y. M. C. A. at seven o'clock, under the sponsorship of Miss Wolfe. The Tri-Hi-Y sponsored many dances, both at school and at the "Y,,' and held bake sales to raise money to further their purposes. The Tri-Hi-Y participated in a "Go-to-Church Monthf' prepared bas- kets of food for the poor during Christmas, adopted a poor familyg and had many educational and interesting speakers at their meetings. A Mother and Daughter tea was held in May. That month a beach party was also given by the sophomores and juniors for the graduating seniors. Officers for the year were Dolores Arndt, presidentg Bobbe Balow, vice-presidentg Phippie Haller, secretary: Mary Westburg, treasurerg Jackie Schroeder, chaplain. 78 Monitors 'Y' Raw I-Mrs. Herbert Ksponsorl, Mary Bowden, Sally Hahn, Dolores Froehlke, Lois Wiseman, Ollie Nelson, Dianne Kneisley, Barbara Crott. Row 2-Tom Leverenz, Bob Devetski, Vera Sehlundt, Pat Moon, Diane Fuller, Mary Petrof, Ioan Luscomb, Audrey Mason. Row 3-Catherine Ohms, Frances Rees, Carol Hullings, Elaine Rinehart, Carol Beebe, .loan Wrobleski, Aurie Marszalek, Carol Sobooinslri. Row 4fLarry Powell, Mark Saunders, Earlene Willihms, Choicia Scaife, Elaine Kozin, Nanry Johnsen, Carol Webster, Lois Thompson, Betty Braden, Cecilia Slfierlfowslfi. Row 5-Jerald Riley, Tom Rux, Jerry Hibniclf, Bob Middleton, Richard Wood, Marvin Pozdol, Nancy Stolze, Cara Yount, ,lane Urquhart, Carol Handtlie, Bonnie Cross. Row 6-Carl Zeese, Francis Shaia, John Keppen, ,lim Petoskey, Mike Higgins, ,lim Griffin, Len Kazmucha, Ralph Richardson, Sonya Lee Sawaya, Marilyn Hellman, Rita furcik, lohn Peterlrin. 'LAS for the gum-chewing monstrosity. it is simply unspeakably hateful." This is the monitors' firm belief, and they punish law-ignoring students to the fullest extent. If one enters the study hall or library any period of the day, he finds near-silence. Monitors are responsible for maintaining this silence. A monitor's job is comparable to that of a member of the hall patrol. Mrs. Herbert supervises the monitors, and each member of the Executive Committee of the Student Council is in charge of monitors for one period of the day. 79 Thespians Row I-Marcia Coan, Dolores Froehlke, Connie Fealloclf, Nancy Lindeman, Caryl Ritchey, Verna Brolly, Deloris Griffith. Row 2-Monica Woss, Bonnie Lindeman, Sally Breskin, Miss Luck lsponsorl, Phippie Haller, Sonya Lee Sawaya, Frances Rees. Row 3-Jerry Hibnick, Larry Powell, Jim Grimes, Bob Slrawbridge, Richard Hohl, James Harbart, ,lim Thompson, Tom Martin, William Croendylfe. "Grease paint" and "footlights" are words that are heard many times by the Thespians of Troop No. 91. ln order to become a Thespian. one earns points in Blackfriars, by having a major part in either the Junior or Senior Class plays. or by working on some phase of stage production. President for the first semester was Connie Feallockg Sally Breskin was vice-presidentg and Nancy Lindeman, secretary-treasurer. Second semester olhcers were Sally Breskin, president: Ann Averitt, vice-presidentg and Caryl Ritchie. secretary-treasurer. Miss Luck is the troop sponsor, "Young Man's Fancyn by Hilda Manning was presented for the Woman's Study Club and a convo- cation. The cast was as follows: mother. Sally Breskin: father, ,lim Thompsong daughter, Deloris Griffith: elder son. Tom Martin: ,loo Joo, Verna Brolly: younger son, Larry Powellg stage manager, Bill Groendyke. "Mamma's Metamorphosis" by Esther Brannan was given for the A. A. U. W. Marcia Coan por- trayed the motherg Bob Strawbridge took the part of the father: ,lim Grimes played the part of the song and Phippie Haller was the daughter. X -r S xl l lf .y fi .. QQ- , 'll' in J I I A: xl 80 Crimson Comet 'fb-., l Row I-Richard Bennett, .lim Griffin, Lorraine Bielslri, Jewel Roames, Ollie Nelson, Dianne Kneisley. Row 2-Miss Klueh lsponsorl, Nancy Mohnssen, Ianella Hart, Diane Fuller. Shirley Reinman, Diane Candy. Barbara Balow, Belly Schumacher. Row 3-Larry Diltmer, Dirk Classman, Ann Averili, Danna Lalham, June Cojler. Anne Noesges, Louise Kohzer. Row 4-Leon Kosalrowslri, Bob Szot. ,lerry Meilslrup, Carl Zeese, Jerry Brirlwell, Clyde Albertson, Carry Auslin, David Keppen, Earl Will. "Look here! Whats this younger generation coming to? Women journalists!" ln Crandmother's day women in a man's business world were frowned upon: but journalism classes this year were dominated by the supposedly weaker sex. Twenty-four issues of the Crimson Comet were published by the classes who "learned by doing" how to publish a newspaper. A tour of the News-Dispatch gave the young journalists a better idea of how a commercial news- paper operates. ln one semester students. with the aid of Miss Klueh, studied the different types of storiesg the busi- ness of advertising and circulation: and the mechanics of publishing a paper. First semester editor-in-chief was Lorraine Bielski. Janella Hart and Jewel Roames were first and fourth page co-editors: Jim Griffin and Larry Dittmer. second page co-editorsg and Jim Sweeney, third page editor. During the second semester Jewel Roames was editor-in-chief. and Diane Candy was her assistant. Page editors were Diane Kneisley. first: Barbara Balow. second: and Carl Zeese, third. .J il -Q I mm xl 421-rl ai :i? ,v 81 F omm C lub . ,.., ., .,..:" ',XxwzsLs.,.. Row 1-ferry H1.bHI.CA', Mr. Nicholson fsponsorl, Duane Bonner Miriam Gring. Row 2-Mike Higgins, lim Crifin Edward Siewart. James Harbart, Bob Strawbridge, Bob Devetski. The feeling that everyone should have his own opinion and be able to express it has been the motto of the Forum Club for years. This active organization is sponsored by Mr. Nicholson and meets the first and third Wednesdays at four o'clock. The members decide upon a topic: one student discusses the affirmative side, while one takes the negative. After both sides have been presented. the whole club joins in a discussion of the subject. Current topics are discussed. including important decisions to be made by Congress and the President of the United States. Views are also given on important problems facing the world. Ofiicers for the first semester were president, Dick Dwyerg vice-president, .lim Harbart: secretary, Jerry Hibnick. Second semester officers were president, Ed Stewartg vice-president, Jim Crilfing secretary, Jerry Hibnick. 82 Red Derbies Row I-Pa! Love, Bonnie Lindeman, Nancy Lindernan, Caryl Rilchey, Deloris Griffith, Kate LeRoy. Row 2-Donna Steepro. Row 3-Mary Drake, Melva Burns. Connie Feallock, Mr. Cobbunz fsponsorl, ,lean Rhoda, Dolores Arndl, lane Urquhart. This club is composed of a very active group of students whose goal is to present the best pep sessions possible. The vice-president heads the committee for planning and presenting these pep sessions. Red Derbies back the cheerleaders in presenting new yells at the football and basketball games. Each year the members of Red Derbies are given a special reserved section at the home games. Their two big social events this year were the Red Derby football and basketball parties. To assist them in their work this year. they had Mr. Cobbum as sponsor. Officers for the first semester were Connie Feallock. president: Melva Burns, vice-presidentg Dolores Arndt. secretary: and ,lean Rhoda. treasurer. Officers for the second semester were Jean Rhoda. presidentg Donna Steepro, vice- president: Mary Drake. secretary: and Jane Urquhart. treasurer. E la- y fl 7lw f"Qw.Q v ' 'll lit'i'?i.'l also .J .fi 83 Audio -Visual Row I-Donald Frame, Eloise Hibner, Miriam Sieb, .lolm Troyer. Row 2-Duane Bonner, Norman Tracy, Robert Daily, Larry Powell, Bob Strawbriflge. Row 3-Mr. Mclntire lsponsorl, Tom Weber, Philip Manson, James Harbart, Ronald Schwanlfe, Tom Martin, Miss Stuart lsponsorl. This club consists of "film fans" who are willing to give up a study hall to show "talking pictures" to the modern age classes on the subjects which apply to their line of study. To become a member, the student must know how to operate a standard sixteen millimeter projector. They also have to pass a test given by Mr. Mclntire, who spon- sors the Club. Who knows. perhaps one of them will be showing you your next Hollywood motion picture at your favorite theater? Ofhcers this year are James Harbart. presidentg Tom Weber, vice-presidentg and Eloise Hibner. second vice-president. 84 Slipsticks c , Qiygffrs, -, pi.. iwwawgss ' . V Row I-Carolyn Lutz, Lois Thompson, Shirley McAlpine, Mary Drake, Marilyn Lindsay. Row 2-Pat Ellaby, Sue .lanz, Merhth Houck, Nancy Johnsen, Lorelei Storey, Bill Thornburgh. Row 3-Mr. Cijel lsponsorl, Roger Holem, Earl Radke, Garry Austin. Ed Hall. Row 4-John Troyer, Dick Blieden, Allan Lazarus, Rolland Preuss, ,lack Pfister, Ronald Lukow, Duane Bonner, Elaine Kozin. Angles, straight lines, points. infinity! Those were the scholarly toys with which Grandfather and Grandmother had to cope and which they did not always enjoy. Nowadays geometry, algebra, and other forms of mathematics do not bore many of our students. Figures, numbers. and unknowns have been made so interesting that a club was formed this year by Mr. Ciffel and eager students to learn more about mathematics and its makers. This "baby of the family" was named "Slipsticks," adapted from its first project, learning how to use a slide rule. In zfddition to this group project, each member worked on an extra project. The officers for the first semester were Allan Lazarus, chairman, Richard Blieden, vice-chairman, and Mary Drake, secretary. Second semester officers were Richard Blieden, chairmang Mary Drake, vice-chairman, and Allan Lazarus, secretary. 85 ,fb ljl,fV I I ,Xt 1 X I K fn N, V"A'm- f W? w S P All I S Q J 'H 5212 ifwyva w xjllff PM if A Jn' IEW IJ I 7' A " TABLE OF CONTENTS ISAAC C. ELSTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FOREWORD FAMILY ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION SUPERINTENDENT ASSISTANTS PRINCIPAL FACULTY FAMILY MEMBERS SENIORS .IUNIORS SOPHOMORES - FAMILY ACTIVITIES FAMILY FUN - FEATURES FAMILY ATHLETES GIRLS' SPORTS -- BOYS' SPORTS ADVERTISING 5 Dahlites + 3 , 4 4-ff' 4 .v . r H M ,V Left to right - Judy Beazley, Shirley Reinman, Georgia McGahey, Marjorie Schultz, Margene Marshall, Mary Alice Weslburg, Catherine Timm, Marcia Coan, Esther Parlfs, Phyllis Miller, Darlene Pearce. To keep the library in perfect condition is the aim of all the hard-working Dahlites. The girls spend many hours trying to make the library look attractive. They arrange special displays for the cabinet on the north wall and for the charging desk. The theme of the fifteenth annual Book Week was "Make Friends with Books." The girls made a display centering around this theme. The duties of the librarians are to take attendance in the library, keep the shelves in proper order, and check out books. The girls enjoyed their share of parties, including potlucks, dusting parties, and going out for dinner together. The officers for the year were JoAnn Bullard, presidentg Luann Curry, vice-presi- dent: ,lean Rhoda. secretary-treasurer. The Club is under the capable leadership of Vliss Dahlberg. ' lift I f 5'- 1411 L f f ji'Jft,l' ' I 'I of, , X , F -i -A l 4' ' .Hui 86 Honor Society -nnnml"'1i1'n1:"- Row I-Nancy Wolford, John lnman, Patricia Storen, Richard Houelf. Elizabeth Clark, Barbara LeRoy, Harry Wesl- phal, Mary Ann Arndt. Row 2-Dick Dwyer, Sharon Arerilt. .War-1' .lean Rui, .loan Kreighbaum. Oneida Burrell, Lorraine Bielski, Virginia Baird, Grace LaBorn, Ann Messner, Caihy Ohms. Berty Willfe, Lewis Peters. Row 3- Dick Davis, Nancy Weisflog, Marie Bagrulfoziich, .lim Sweeney, Sylvia Rulff, .loan MeAlpine, John Behrndt, Gloria Kreft, Dolores Arndt, Marian Parry, Benny Witelr, Nancy Arnold. Peg Hilernan, Dick Hohl. This is not a new organization in M. C. H. S., for it was organized in 1926. To be a member of the National Honor Society. one must be a senior or a second-semester junior, and be in the upper fourth of his class. Membership is the highest honor that can be given by this high school. The students and the faculty decide who are to become the new members on the basis of their scholarship, leadership. character. and service, The students do not know who the new members are until the day of the assembly at which the new members take their pledge. Officers this year were ,lim Sweeney. president: Dolores Arndt, vice-presidentg and Catherine Ohms, secretary. ,F ff-ffffnli 87 Architectural Living Grganization "H-...A Q r l'..QM. J Nor ,.. 2 M wif ii 1' 11 V rife gg I in xg gf V .Q . Q4 E, , . 2 Q f QQ A to 3 wait Nr' Row I-Earl Berry, Earl Rudnick, Mr. Horn lsponsorl, William Barker, Bob Mathers. Row 2-Robert Rudnick, Dudley Foster, Frank Honyalr, Allan Dolson. George Edwards. This group is composed of the "future architectsw who are going to plan the "jet" buildings of tomorrow. They have four available "Model T's," which they can use for touring the town to see all the new buildings. Any boy taking some type of drawing may join this happy family of boys. They studied the plans for the Central School and made a tour of the building. Like their "forefathers" they plan and discuss the type of buildings and homes that would be best to secure a successful and prosperous community. They are guided by Mr. Ivan Horn. Officers chosen this year are Bob Mathers, presidentg Earl Berry, vice-presidentg and Allan Dolson, secretary-treasurer. 88 F E A T U R E S LIFE Life is a gift to be used everyday, Not to be smothered and hidden awayg It isn't a thing to be stored in the chest Where you gather your keepsakes and treasure your best It isn't a joy to be sipped now and then And promptly put back in a dark place again. Life is a gift that the humblest may boast of And one that the humblest may well make the most of. Get out and live it each hour of the day, Wear it and use it as much as you mayg Don't keep it in niches and corners and grooves, Y0u'll find that in service its beauty improves. "Life" is from the book A HEAP O' LIVIN' by Edgar A. Guestg copyright 1916 by The Reilly 8: Lee Co., Chicago. .Iej--' . R -if Q? p M , 'f .li ' f-.5 90 ff llfqg F ll J f 1 MW ' Q '- 7 .J A r v me Q I x X v A 5' f N' fl I 4, v. L, 60 X 1 3 K N gdb., W X . 'Ml ffxfgf . . ' kr ' I ' 1 I I , f 1,4-fb Z! , I , :Is W if N' 'KW 'I In g, in 0,1 A j f U -V! w"'x gr' R7 I0 JR 1? I4 - ff, 2.if1?f'T"l, 'W 'f , if Q M! j im g 'Z E- t,f! AlU. x ' 5 ' vxkxxx,-.r l Win n. , 'y ,f ' ' P U34 A52 lice iQ:-vi"-" 'al THIS is SPRING T? el-up on TH4-'IR FEVERPP D975 TOMGH 31-1o0LDERS THE MEM p muscuzs 1 fi. 5:5 ,Vl53!5f1 Q if I Na as , l,.Y 9 ONE HHPPy FHMlL7l WET PHNTS X THE "SHEETS" , H THE Bfuwo THE scenes FROM HRr-va WHHT5 Y M ,qv-rife? PEP SESSIONS , f"27fN!?':f'5 Y Y..- ,,f,,,,,y,:f .wfljfl A 4 xc-E-5' 5 ."z'T 5 A5559 1 fl ' J KN X if jun LQ ffilf'T7 Ei! f- , "' ' ' X ff 4'1flf"'fQ v- ' 7 - ' S "'J"E '--- -:ff ,, A - V xA L -' ,A , .Jw X .E 33" fn" , , PQ ,, f , ii? X XQQL ! ,L--L.A 1 , .2 'wk-K, i 1 L 7 ,,-7' X -- A Ml! lgx ., jig' 'A ul li Z .. QN, ' l. -. A . kj-1 ' 'I QR A 7 N 5 A 4570 Y fl 4. - Ig-' 5 x 'H . x Q "I 7:41. W' -V J , x -...J,,ffv- fx A - 2""f! je-3--1---"5""'lZ7,df J-2,5 41,35---f" 'Fail' ' 71' ' 5unDHy f-7fr.f-:fmoon DRIVE!

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