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VSENIOR HIGH S CITY. IND. 9j9. m+a cr dit . £8. cwcoit 'MENT OF HEALTH SUPERVISION ■1IGAN CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS -j Grade report on above pupil. report on above pupil! Supervisor T), M. D., ■°byslclan. 'cn visitingJ no xwd tke Campus Hi kids! How's tricks? Speaking of tricks—say, we've got plenty of 'em up our sleeve this year. So now we think it’s about time to pull them out and show them to you. We are presenting a series of events that link the studes together with work, play, and study. It is a glimpse of high school youth on parade. You'll see us "in our laughing, in our sighing, and in our crying." That's a confession from the Elstonian staff! So help us! By the way, these shots of the "old camp grounds" are pretty snazzy—this is only the beginning. This 1940 Elstonian, the 25th annual edition, is really different. If you don't believe us, just get a copy of the 1915 Elstonian and compare them! Just wait until you see the senior pictures, the basketball and football pages, girls' sports, faculty,—whoa! Look for yourself. You’ll be surprised! In the following pages we have tried to express our "school daze" with snaps of minglers, Book Week, drama, comedy, and tragedy. So start right here and see MCHS in action. . . .Top—Our own senior high school. Bottom—A view of the junior high school. Left—The recently constructed auditorium.lornins at the cloee iue thlo ly return oeriodSchool dioanc!! MR. E. H. UTLEY Here we introduce the administrative part of the school. Mr. Utley heads this department — and very effectively, too. MRS. R. W. RYDZY As treasurer, Mrs. Rydzy helps to keep our high school running smoothly. MR. HENRY MILLER Mr. Miller, as secretary, completes the “eternal triangle.” Thanks to all three for their friendly co-operation. We appreciate it! MISS ALMA SCHILF The financial secretary of the Board is responsible for many tasks and does them all well. Thanks to you, too! 8SupeTiiritendltrit (nun.ci.paC MR. M. L. KNAPP Peeking through the keyhole of the administrative department, we meet an old friend, Mr. Knapp, our new superintendent. We have indeed missed him during this past year, but we know that he is fulfilling his new duties to a MR. C. F. HUMPHREY Seeking new grounds, Mr. Humphrey moved over from the junior high school in September and has very capably filled the shoes vacated by Mr. Knapp. 9Here we find our profs at an informal teachers’ meeting. Although Mr. Humphrey is getting impatient, Messrs. Gill, Long, and Johnson stroll nonchalantly in. Mr. Sellers and Miss Murphy stop for a little chat, while Miss Nolin and Miss Shepherd are hard at work in the kitchen. Who would have “thunk” it? Three grown up men with ice cream bars! Mr. Schaeffer and Mr. Ten Harkel watch while Miss Se-hesta admonishes Mr. Parsons. Mr. Troyer is put to work—(hats what you get for coming early—See— Mr. Thorne is smart. Mr. Neff and Mr. Maxey find time to glance through some magazines, while Mr. Nicholas, Miss Smith, Mr. Purvis, Mr. Troyer (again) and Mr. Miller are first in line for the “eats.” ..Food in sight, and Mr. Buchanan, Miss Schwabenland, and Mr. Smith read over the Constitution!—Can’t understand it! cicuftu Here Mr. Irgang and Miss Lee talk over old times. We find Miss Eng-strom. Miss Gardner, Mrs. Toner, Miss McAfee, Miss McConkey, and Miss Southgate sipping tea. Look who’s over there with all the ladies—none sther than Mr. Griffin—with Mrs. Mann, Mrs. Wineman, and Miss Luck. Miss Halte- and an unseen friend talk over the day’s work. Some people are always looking for new ideas. Here are Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Hart looking over a new book, while Miss )ahl-berg is busy at the clipping tile. Are Mrs. Anderson and Miss Munson in a heated discussion over their respective clubs? Mr. Myran seems happy, though he may be too late for refreshments.CfaM fefectionA Wonder what all the grins are for? Oh, of course, these kids have a right to smile. They've just been elected president, vice-president, and secretary of their respective classes. On the left are Goldie and Paul. They are the sponsors of the senior class. Have they got a job! Whew! Then Chuck Vincent with his little smirk is “the pres," Leo Gross with his bad eye is vice, while Natalie "take a note Johnson is secretary. The juniors chose as their president "Jeeps” Dry. Gordon Davis is vice-president, and Ruth Nuoffer, secretary. Deane McAfee, a new prof, really got into some prom work with Jim Griffin. Below are the sophs with “R. B." and “Schwabey" sponsoring together. Walter Sjoberg is their president, and “Rubber" Nevorski is vice-president. Leola (another one!) Gropp is secretary. Good luck, kids!MISS LEE’S GROUP: Front Rows June Block, Helen Blank. Blossom Babinec. Lila Dunham. Joan Edris, Norma Lee Gotti, Ixrola Gropp, Margaret Esper. Marjory Bartels, Betty Gruenberg. Second Row: Miss Lee, Virginia Brehm, Marie Glafcke, Arietta Gobreske, Arline Feldmeier, Jean Devine, Betty Dalton. Margaret Chrapkowski, Betty Baut, Jane Dunlop, Evelyn Crafton, Modesta Bent, Charline Bible. Third Row: Virginia Attar. Ba-dilia Daher, June Gole, Mary Jean Doyle, Alice Cullcy, Ann Atlas. Virginia Covert, Dorothy Bodine, Marie Boehnlein. Delores Greiger. MRS. HART’S GROUP: Front Row: Dorothy Kinz, Carolyn Higley, Gertrude Mar-kowski, Barbara Killingbcck. Second Row: Verna Kozak, Alyce Hamilton, Martha Ma kus. Martha McClintick, Beatrice Marquiss, Addle Kamont, Virginia Mansfield. Dorothy McMurrin. Third Row: Mrs. Hart, Nina Hayes, Patty Loehr, Martha Kribs. Norma Lakey, Elaine Jaske, Lois Hitt. Dolores Man-they. Marion Levin. MISS NOUN'S GROUP: Front Row: Georgia Stark, Clara Shellop, Dorothy Stein-born. Marian Timm. Dolores Waite, Betty Smith, Nelma Westfall, Agnes Stark. Second Row: Delores Voss, Alice Strong. Betty Smith, Helen Standau, Dorothy Warnke. Inez Staver, Mary Jane Woodruff, Germaine Schultz. Third Row: Miss Nolin, Clara Shcbel, Audrey Tews, Leona Trampski, Germaine Spychal-ski, Lois Ann Shaw, Helen Ziomek. Jayne Westburg. Marie Ulrich. MISS HALTER’S GROUP: Front Row: Frances Potkey, Arbutus Rinker, Irene Ratenski, June Mills, Dorothy Ruby, Janette Pas-sage, Marilyn Rowley, Noami Mross. Second Row: Miss Halter. Cleo Nallenweg, Betty Miller. Donna Newman, Frances Osos. Betty Penfold, Ruth Missal, Jean Pawloski, Vera June Peo. Third Row: Bernice Nichols, Dorothy Schlundt, Gertrude Pliski, Barbara Osos, Florence Dill. Absent: Bernice Moss, Elizabeth Butte. 14MISS SCHWAB EN LAND'S GROUP: Front Row: Beatrice Vulpitta Imogene Thompson. M argent Witte. Kathryn Rux, Isabel Trojan, Lucy Lisi, Margie Tiedcman, Jeannette Lueth, Bonny Ploner. Second Row: Betty Mansfield, Delores Kempf, Merle Olson, Norma Jean Nieman. Janet Shroyer, Marcia! Sherwood, Marian Moore. Betty Miller. Third Row: M iss Schwaben- land. Esther Niemann, Ruth Voight, Lorraine Levin, Jean Taylor, Dorothy Lauer, Juanita Roth, Margaret Rausch. Ethel Stinchcomb. Betty Jean Schwanke, Luella Woodard, Dorothy Oszuscik. MR. TROVER’S GROUP: Front Row: James Sjoberg, James Ullmer, Howard Swim, Robert Mathias, Milton Ritchey. Albert Seedorf, Lee Weaver, Walter Weisscr, Tom Taber, John Powell. Second Row: Mr. Troycr. Robert Taylor, John Strutz, John Mohamed, Tony Tadros, Ross Kuszmaul. Harry Tonn, Walter Sjoberg, Kenneth Burnette, Wilbert Poole. Third Row: John Riley, Ken- neth Laskey, Fred Seaverns, Kenneth Scherer. George Van Gieson, Charles Wolff, Norman Pickford. Tenny Sprague. MR. BUCHANAN’S GROUP: Front Row: James Fleming. Fred Harmon, Lloyd Glassman. Loren Hahn. Walter Jones, William Harlan. Howard Dennewitz. Gene Jacobucci. Second Row: Mr. Buchanan. Mitchell Faroh. Robert A Hern an. George Bendix, Richard Armstrong. Wallace Dingman. Rudolph Keithley, Lawrence Cooley, Russell Fink, Darrell Evans. Third Row: Robert Krueger. Duane Ilyer. Roger Keene, Paul Graham. Ray Flood. Harold Bieder-stadt, Norman Caddo, Richard Cathcart. 15Sap ka moneA MR. PARSONS’ GROt’P: Front Row: Dale Kictzman. William Ferguson, Julian Groch, Robert Domhowski, Harry Kinsey, Charles Hart. Dale llu-bertz, William Kist. Second Row: Mr. Parsons. Joseph Block. Edward Bard, Richard Cullcy. Joe Biela, Chester Demhinski, Dana Hen nessy. Charles Gabriel, Charles Clinton. Third Row: Kenneth Bartels, Lewis Bartels. Sam DiPaolo, Earle Barth. Louis Bartuzik, Keith Mann, William Dickinson. Alfred Brown. Absent: James Dilworth. MR. TEX HARKEI S GROUP: Front Row: Richard LaFrentz, Leonard Piasecki. William Luchtman, Paul Ludington. John Wooten, James Skibbe, Theodore Smolenski, Eugene Rawlings. Second Row: Robert Wolcott, Robert Me Alpine. Theodore Rayhart. Ralph Rueter, Roger Timm, Richard O r I o w s k i, Charles Morgan. Third Row: Richard Kruse, Roger Saracoff, Ted Michalik. Mr. Ten Harkel. Absent: Jerome Mazurck, John Wysong. MR. XEFF’S GROUP: Front Row: Paul Bolka, Everett Gutschow, Ed- ward Janas, Raymond Christensen, Howard Crook, George Fink, Glen Eldridge, Lyle Hance. Second Row: Mr. Neff. Robert Garnett. James Gleason, Richard Dysard, Raymond Fox, Kenneth Gardner, Melvin Ivey, Alphonse Groch, Leonard Burdick, Charles Groth. Third Row: Arnold Fyhr. Ixro Boyan. Clifford Hul-iinger. Carl Harvey. Donald Blinding, Paul Jaco-hucci Howard Breese. Absent: Sheryl Denney, Robert Fischer. 16MR. MAXEY'S GROUP: Front Row: Ralph Joers. Norman Keeler, Raymond Mar-ciniak. Kenneth Lueth, John I'lisky. Robert Peo. Jerome Malccki. Thomas Kemmich. Second Row: Mr. Maxey. William Kictzman, Eugene Majot, Pat Larkin, Vernon Pickford, Paul Tomlinson, Albert Lo-siniecki. James Nicholson, Leon Mitchell. Back Row: James Parrett. Leonard Kniola, Kenneth Lange. Bernard Nichols, Gerald Keen, James Nesbit. Donald Kring. Kenneth Koss. MR. GRIFFINS GROUP: Front Row: Thomas Sjoberg. Donald Schwenn, Richard Schnick, John Schlegei milch, Robert Wykoff. Marvin Your-ist, Milton Schwermer. Ray Roames. Second Row: Mr. Griffin, Gilbert Rausch. Eugene Senderak, Paul Warner. Chester Szemla, Leonard Wolfe, A1 Tomaszew-ski. Francis Vulpitta, John Wooten. Back Row: Donald Wright, Edward Smiertelny, Chester Weaver, Theodore Smith, Kenneth Schuman, George Sabo, Melvin Sommerfeld. Absent: Ben Zubik. MISS SEBESTA’S GROUP: Front Row: Dorothea Connett, Gladys Anderson, Alice Keen, Evelyn Green, Joan Cully, Virginia Esper, Muzetta Black. Phyllis Livings, Rosalie Downs, Mary Kay Beall. Second Row: Miss Scbesta. Mary Belle Funderburk, Alice Jane Hood, Betty Anne Heise, Delores Hancock, Mary Rose Joseph, Jacqueline Blanchard, Jocelyn Brieger, Georgine Arnold, Marie Durnal, Betty lean Campbell, Eleonore Clark. Third Row: Wava June Foster, Barbara Feallock, Kathleen Heisler, Dorothy Kahn, Marjorie Harris, Betty Keller, Joyce Berridge, Dorothy Jackson, Ellen Coar. Betty Bell, Barbara Glidden, Betty Ford. Absent: Marian Hcrmance, Anita Gluck, Maryann Honyak. 17Stucfmt Council This group of students kept the Council successfully running the first semester. They took care of many matters. They had meetings during the fifth period on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Norman Ziegler was president, Randall Miller handled the vice-president’s job, and Jessie Gutowski was the capable secretary. Seated at desk -Norman Ziegler Front Row: Eugene Kull. Mary Kay Beall, Lois Hitt, Virginia Stark, Hamodie Mohamed. Natalie Lessing, Wilmeth Bracken, Marion Grossman, Randall Miller. Jessie Gutowski. 2nd row: Germaine Spychalski, Marjorie Tiedeman. Alice Pen-fold. Evelyn Hunt. I-orraine Mitchell. Doris Ann Will, Tony Thomas, Charles Vincent. Russell Schumacher, Oliver Burk-halter, Charles Hart, Ray Parry. 3rd row: Mahlc E ng s t r o m (sponsor), Naomi Mross, Bard Burr. Leola Gropp, John Ber-cich. Vera Schultz. Jean Burnett, Walter Sjoberg, Wallace Dingman, Leonard Wolfe, Lyle Hance, Daniel Bengston. CHEER LEADERS These six husky individuals led the cheering section. They did a nice job. Worked up some new stunts that were clever. We started out with only three cheer leaders, hut got the notion that we needed three more. So. we elected them. All six did nice jobs and are to he congratulated. Dorothy Ragland, David Beck. Betty Jacobsen, Gordon Davis, Carl Ulrich. Kenneth Burnette.  Wn. qm A name that has long been synonymous with athletics in Michigan City is the name of “Andy". This name belongs to the head of the athletic department, Andy Gill. Andy coached athletics in Michigan City for seventeen years before assuming his new position. Most of the students are not aware of the record Andy compiled before coming to Michigan City. He attended Indiana University and while there captained the baseball and football teams. He also won 1 1 letters in 5 sports, being one of few people to accomplish this feat at Indiana. Later he played baseball in the American Association and then with the White Sox. Before coming to Michigan City, he coached at Albania College and the Universities of North Dakota and Kentucky. Throughout his coaching experience at Elston high he produced many successful teams, his highest achievement being in 1936 when he won the conference crown. This year Andy, in addition to his duties as physical director, is coaching the newly formed baseball team. 19lie, Frank bolka Mil" OszuFCii: Paulin Rebac, Frank Schultz, Hovrun ootbc l These boys certainly do make handsome Romeos with their headgear, shoulder pads, and crimson and white jersies. Don't you think so? Or don't you? Remember seeing them at Ames field last fall and after school sweating, and groaning, and dirt collecting at practice? They started a new era in football for Michigan City, together with our new coach, Duane Purvis, and night football under the lights at Ames Field. The boys started the season by losing a tough battle to Parker High of Chicago, 7-0. Next Niles, Goshen, and St. Mary’s fell before the Devil on-rush by decisive scores. Afterwards the Imps failed to annex a single victory, losing to Central, Riley, Washington, Elkhart, and LaPorte in succession. La Porte’s three B’s—Banks, Bachman, and Buschner— proved too much for the Imps; LaPorte wron, 31-0. The plunging of Captain Stan Senderak, the open field running of Smiertelny and Jankowski, and Stevens’ passing ability composed the running attack of Michigan City, backed up in the line by such bruisers as Lubke, Oszuscik, Brooker, Paulin, Allie, Schultz, and Lueth. The success of this year’s team was fair, but next year’s hopes loom bright on the showing of the scrub team. It is said that great teams are built, and this year’s team is only a step toward the future successful teams of Coach Duane Purvis. Coach Purvis, Clarence Schlundt, John Schaeffer, start the pictures on the opposite page. Top: Frank Allie, Howard Brooker, Spiro Danos Middle: Oscar Lubke, Kenneth Lueth, Floryan Oszuscik, Richard Paulin, Frank Rebac Bottom: Howard Schultz, Bernard Smiertelny, Edgar Stevens, Vincent Sypnieski, Jack Utley Below are Captain Senderak and Ted Jankowski, voted our most valuable player. And here’s the squad. "AH SaUAD The following boye are members of the "A" football squad. The I.H.S1A.A. requires that they be passing in three full-time subjects at the time of playing a game. In the proper column below corresponding to the date, immediately following receipt of this blank, place the grade of any students you have in your classes. Please return to the clerk today. CFHFront Row: A. K. Buchanan (sponsor), Ger- ald Freeland, Charlotte Levercnz, Bonny IMoncr, Ruth Hanley, Dana liennessy, Kenneth Burnette, Gerhard Klouman, Imogenc Thompson. Mary Belle Funderburk. Row 2: Jeanette Kladigcr, Barbara Zcek, Nell Andrest, Marjory Ziegler, Jeanne Scharnberg, Kaye Conde, Albert Hdberg. Kathleen Harlachcr, David Beck, Marjorie Farbcr, Bert Henry. Row 3: John Kramer, Boh Lichtcnberg, Loren Luecht, Boh Johnson. Frank Sprague, Wilmeth Bracken, Mary Jane Lucas, Norma Lakey. Nancy Gammcll, John Vail. Row 4: Richard Morgan. Boh Wolcott, Oliver Buckhalter, John O’Hara, Marjorie Bartels, Lois Ann Shaw, Betty Jacobsen, Lorraine Mitchell, Murray Granger, Ralph Hirsch, Ben Nygren, Bill Drehmel. Row 5: Phil Sprague, Donald Bleck, Shirley Dean, Rosalie Benowitz, Jeanne Carstens, Dorothy Ragland, June Mills, Miriam Steinborn, Kunice Tews, Lucille Stein-horn, Lucille Wishon, Jack Kerrigan. Row 6: Germaine Spychalski. Betty I ange, Helen Standau, Ruth Siebcn, Melissa Luecht, Felice Kerrigan, Phyllis Kuhn, Phyllis Henry. Dorothy Putz, Madeline Hat hoot. (Reef Denble The largest and most colorful organization in the school is the Red Derbies. Never really organized until this fall, the club, under the direction of Mr. Buchanan, has gotten admirable results from its program for the promotion of school spirit. High-points of the Derbies’ year were their spectacular bonfire before the LaPorte game and the swell decorations that the club put up for the sectional. Row 7: Ruth Voigt, Jocelyn Bricger, Barbara Fcallock, Jacqueline Blanchard, Merle Olson. Mildred Blaskcy, Avis Kmmons, Gcorgine Arnold. Marionne Sieh, Ruth Harbart, Janet Herbert. Row 8: Barbara Glidden, Maryann Honyak. Margenc Witte, Margie Ticdeman, Carol Marie Price, Margie Childers, Dorothy Oszuscik, Geraldine Speese, Regina Proll, Norma Ix e Coan, Lou Alice Allgood. Row 9: Carl Ulrich, Bud Al- bers, Ralph Leonard, Doris Ann Will, Marjorie Rhoades, Barbara Killinghcck, Joan Edris, Jack Utley, Gordon Davis. 22Qinl Spont4 N'mlonnllt Narimmluv ol F1 History of Calls. n v Nam (la»tW (Flr t J.» U xf fiir«h JUNIOR Z A c . AND 2? V SCHOOL HEALTH RECORD r 3fc 4 Con tax loui DiacaceR and Immu n 1 x a. Da t « Possible •t Fever Code O T , X XX Poattiral (■rnlp 1 Up 2 It’d. Mioul 1 Flat Feet Name (La«t) 13 NamVol I'a I he I Postural ■■ 1 Flat Fc t 3 Sfo j 2 Rd. ShoutJrra 4 Others Scalp I Lice 2 P.cxamu Keepin’ healthy? These girls are! Swimming, soccer, basketball, hockey, and baseball are all active sports in school. Marj Farber is interested in watching Susan Kinsey complete a dive in the “Y” pool. Charlotte Leverenz, Irma Nygren, and Edna Soller are trying to prevent Cassie Mae Thomas from making a goal. Maryann Honyak and Beatrice Vulpitta take the jump off, while Betsy Dingier is ready to receive the ball and take it down the floor for a bucket. Phyllis Passage, Violet Morton, Edith Laskey, Virginia Esper, Jacquette Hart, and Marie Pahl are ready for the whistle to start the puck. By the expression on Kathryn Long’s face, I’d say that she must be expecting something — June Storey, too. Natalie Johnson, Betty Schilf, and Alice Steinke are standing by. 23(YM inan ctiinti.£ CAFETERIA Well! Well! Here are the gals that give us food at noon in the cafe tcria. Miss Smith supervises Dorothy Schwer-mer. Bitinie Blackburn. Miriam Steinborn, Ethel Hayes. Jessamine Abraham. Augusta Danos. Alice Siegmutul. Luise " . and Joyce Caulkins. FORUM CLUB Here is the Forum Club, which upholds the school’s interest in current social problems. Mr. Parsons is the advisor. Bert Henry seems interested in some problem. Phyllis Henry and John Hartwig arc pondering over a point. Marlowe Sorge and John Schaeffer seem to be learning their speeches. Harrison Behrndt. Frieda Allie. Mary Jane Lucas, Wilmeth Bracken. and Carolyn Krause conclude the group. GERMAN CLUB— Jean Taylor. Barbara Feallock, Barbara Glid-dcn. Marian Le v i n. Doris Sengbusch, Kathryn Long. Geraldine Pribish. Mary Louise Ludington. Inez Kinz. Jocelyn Brieger, Mr. Hibbs (guest). Miss Munson (sponsor), Helen Standau. Marjorie Bartels. Betty Smith. Ruth Missal, Florence Kohn. Jeanette Fladiger. Melissa Luecht. Georginc Arnold. VERSE C HOIR Seated: Dolores Waite. Marian Timm. Lorraine Levin, Dorothy Ruby, Ruth Voigt. Standing: Margie Tie-deman, Jocelyn Brieger. Ruth Missal. Georginc Arnold, Marjorie Bartels, Jacqueline Blanchard, Merle Olson. Clco Xalien weg. Miss McConkcy (sponsor). Ann Atlas. Frances Potkey, Charlene Bible. Leona Trampski, M o d e s t a Bent, Lucille Losinicc-ki. June Mills, Arbutus ■tinker, Dorothy Warlike. DISCUSSION LEAGUE— John Schaeffer, Albert Hilbert, Florence Kohn, Robert Lichtenberg, Bill Harlan. RED DERBIES—Officers Ruth Hanley, Gerhard Klou-man, Jack Kerrigan, Nancy Gammell, Norman Ziegler. RADIO CLUB— Jack Young, Daniel Bengston, William Sherwood, Frank Ban-kowski, Howard Dennewitz, Mr. Long (sponsor), LeRoy Ruetz, George Kasdorf, A1 Niendorf. 24Cn.lm.4an Comet These shining faces belong to the journalists that have given us our Crimson Comet. The top picture includes the entire staff for the second semester. Those seated are: Matthew Orzech, Betsy Dingier, Gertrude Sher-mak, Doris Dittman, Constance Dennie, June Hermance, Shirley Dean, Frank Hyer. Standing: Luise Cox, Marion Moore, Esther Meyer, LaVonne Bonner, Lois Dabbert, Harrison Behrndt, Felice Kerrigan, James Mathias, Richard Brown, Kenneth Burnette, Jean Taylor, James Walters, Tommy Criswell, John Thomas, George Bryan, Jeanette Fladiger, Louella Boonstra. The bottom picture shows the editor, James Baines, and some of his staff working at the News-Dispatch the first semester. The members are as follows: Seated: James Baines, Carolyn Krause, Betty Meer, Geraldine Gib-ron, Jacqueline Richmond, Floryan Oszuscik. Standing: Janice Schlaak, Gladys Petoskey, Doris Luedeman, Geraldine Stalbaum, Evelyn Rogowski, Jean Burnett, Lois Geiger, Dorothy Bishop, Jessie Gutowski. 25Hen is Miss Dahlherg with her flock of Dab-lites. Kach semester the Kiris sign up and the most capable Kiris are chosen. These girls, while assisting M i s s Dahlherg. learn the principles of library work. Kach girl knows just what she has to do and it is no small job either, especially on Monday mornings when stacks of books come in from over the week end. The girls shown with Miss Dahlherg are: Front Row: Kathleen Coudcn, Yvonne Purvis, BTOUMEB ftltt YOU S 1 ION JaQ K' WttK AT Or OJr MICHIGAN CITY. IND. has permission to use. the library. Huth Harbart. Ruth Hanley, Dorothy Putz, Ruth Siebcn, Irma Nygren, Bonnie Ploncr, Betty Jeanne Olds, Felice Kerrigan, Margie Beahan, Alice Steinkc, Jacqueline Blanchard. Second Row: Marjorie Peterson. Barbara Zeek, Charlotte Lcvcrcnz. Marjorie Farber. Third Row: Rosalie Benowitz, Melissa Luecht, Marjorie Ziegler, Lois Hitt, Marionne Sicb. Bonny Ploner is seen putting up Christmas decorations. Here are some Book Veek posters. 26 Teacher Date (Book (We£k If I am not mistaken, these pictures represent Book Week activities. Every year the Dahlites divide into groups, and with great secrecy, work out clever and unique projects. These displays can be seen on the library tables during Book Week. The main theme of Book Week this year was "Books around the World,” and some clever displays were derived from it, as we all remember. To climax the week, the girls have their tea. The program for the tea was cleverly based around a Dahlite meeting, with the girls planning the tea. A highlight of the program was a reading which Mrs. Wickham gave about buying books. Kathleen Couden, Barbara Zeck, Charlotte Levercnz, and Irma Nyg-ren made the winning Book Week project, using as their theme “There is no frigate like a hook. ’ The annual tea, held in honor ol the mothers and teachers was. as in other years, a huge success. Dorothy Putz is pouring, while Miss Dahlbcrg, Bonny I’loner, Jacqueline Blanchard, M e li s s a Luccht, and Ruth Harbart help themselves. 27MRS. ANDERSON'S GROUP— Front Row: Mrs. Anderson, Arlene Harman, Betty Jacob sen, Alice Fyhr. Marjorie Fischer, Bonnie Houser, Helen Jankowski. Avis K m mon s, Kathleen Harlacher. Second Row: Rhoda Feltis, Dorothy Jankowski. Ruth Ed-iiiKer. Irene Jankowski. Madeline Hathoot. Jeanette Jordan. Margaret Huryn. Geraldine Eddy. Third Row: Mildred llagcrty, Lucille Groth. Evelyn Hunt, Val Jean Spindler, Aimee Jean Gloye. Janet Herbert, Mary Feldmeier. MR. SELLERS' GROUP— Front Row: Gerald Siddall, George Reed. Lloyd Miller. Harold Pollnow, Roy Wipper-man, James Mudd, Armando Ionnacci, William Priel»e. Second Row: Mr. Sellers, John Thomas. Jack Milne, William Miller. Frederick Pearce, Edward Piechnik. Milo Schultz. I aurencc Xauyokas. Edward Mazurek, Junior Walters. Third Row: Lyle Seifert, Everett Stockingrr, Carl Ulrich, Jack Utley, Eugene Ragsdale, Willard Sechrist. Robert Mol-denhauer. Eugene Ruggles, Daniel Pliskc, Lawrence Tanber. Fourth Row: Edward Ratcnski. Bernard Koeline, Royal Warlike, Robert Vankosky, Norman Ziegler, James West-burg, Frank Rebac, Xorbert Prxybylinski, Eugene Walenga. MISS GARDNER S GROUP Front Row: Miss Gardner, Ix»is Dabbert, Marcella Kahn, Leoca-dia Kapica, Lucille Malecki. Margaret Krachinski, Delores Kniola, Nancy Gaminell, Joyce Larsen. Second Row: Dorothy Boudreau. Christine Borane, Doris Lambka, Elva Miller, Charlotte Krueger, Betty McXew, Dorothy Meyer, Reincss Meska, Esther Meyer, Elvera Miller. Third Row: Dorothy Kapica, Patricia Kramer, Jeanette Kruse, Rose Chalk, Genevieve Koziolck, Mary Lois Klue, Helen Cemcn, Phyllis Lakin, Viola Lakowski, Jean Burnett. 28juruan.4 MISS McAFF.F S CROUP- Front Row: Bonnie Je;m Cooley. Alyce Clarke. Marion Grossman, Ruth Ellis, Jeanette Fladigcr. Second Row: Miss McAfee. Kathleen Couden. Ruth Hanley, Irene Fenske. Betty Kaser. Luella Boonstra. Gladyce Crawford. June Hermancc. Third Row: Florence Kohn. Jacquette Hart, Josephine Brown, Edith Badkey. Mary Allie, Gloria Fausch, Dovie Burklow, Mary lleichel, Lois Geiger. MR. THORNE’S CROUP— Front Row: Arthur Sullivan, Richard Spychalski. Richard Peo, Donald Parrett, John Schroll, Dale Olson. Leroy Palm. Second Row: Mr. Thorne. Richard Precious, Norman Eckert, Walter Keen, Raymond McIntyre. Bryant Burklow, Richard Mignery, Russell Williams, William Mclntrye. James Dry. Third Row: Kenneth Shaw. Anthony Vizza, Hamodic Mo-hamed, Frank flyer, Wallace Beckman, George Bohle, Robert Miller, William Sherwood. Jack Young, William Rohder. James Krueger. MRS. MANN’S GROUP- Front Row: Mrs. Mann, Marion Ripley. Carolyn Krause. Genelle Neulieh, Mildred Snodgrass, Vera Murray, Doris Ann Will, June Storey. Alice Steinke. Second Row: Louise Parrish, Charlotte Levcrcnz, Carol Marie Price. Ruth Nuoffer, Dorothy Schwermer. Margean Schultz, Pauline Powers. Betty Jean Schilf, Ruth Wolfe, Marjorie Ransom. 29MISS SOUTHGATE’S GROUP— Front Rows Yvonne Purvis, Eileen Biddle, Shirley Nallenweg, Dorothy Riks, Mae Niles, Mary Pahs, Marie Pahl, Marjorie Peterson. Second Row: Miss Southgate. Ruth Bengston, Betty Bentley, Norma Rojohn. Grace Phelan, Irma Nygren. Betty Jeanne Olds, Gloria Richter. Marilyn Miller. Third Row: Doris Parkhouse. Irene Sass, Mildred Blaskey, Pat Pekarski. Lorraine Mitchell, LaVonne Bonner, Helen Baughman. Margie Beahan. MR. SCHAEFFERS GROUP Front Row: Mr. Schaeffer, Bruce Landis. Joe Manning, William Killingbeck, Herman Reichert, Stanley Wroblewski. Roger Westphal. Leo Michalik. Philip Nowfel. Laurence Scott. Second Row: Martin Xevorski. Ralph Killingbeck. Ed ward Plamowski. Louis Olsen, Richard Tolton. Wayne Marquiss, Matthew Smith. James Wagner, Roger Laughlin, Eugene Stoligrosz, Joe Popelec, Ervin Thomas. Third Row: Robert Kaeding. Glenn Woodruff, Max Engle, Alan Ransom, Frederick Selke, Wallace Smith, Zachary Shaia. Robert Reichcr. Peter Stachow-ski, Richard Teets. Carl Tomlinson. Absent: Tony Thomas, Fred Sheppard. MISS M17.XSOX’S GROU P— Front Row: Miss Munson, Doris Sengbusch, I ois Surerus. Geraldine Speese, Marionne Sieb, Anna Mae Bates, Ramona Smith, Alice Siegmund. Second Row: Dorothy West- hafer, Gladys White, Clara Schnabel, Marian V c r n i c k. Mary Anne Baird, Naomi Whipple, Norma Batzel, Emily Ziomck. Third Row: Juanita Bard, Wal-lie Wohfeil, Wiebie Stellema, Vera Schultz. Lucille Stein-born, Barbara Zcek, Lucille Wishon, June Sonnenberg. 30 MR SMITH’S GROUP— Front Row: Edwin Losinski, Lawrence Lange, August Korn, Joseph Dant, Norman Hush, Harvey F.reicr, John Maginski. Second Row: Mr. Smil h, Charles Carow, Oliver Burck-haltcr. Tommy Criswell, Leon DeRosia. John An sell, Wendell I each, Norman Foldenauer, Frank Martin, Donald Meyers. Third Row: Clarence Crozier, Robert Cassidy, Warren Luce. Henry Mackowiak. Robert Foreman. Hill Drehmel. Richard Brown, Arthur Keppen. Donald Lambka. Fourth Row: Robert Keen, Buddy Albers, Ronald Joers, Gordon Davis, Arnold Joers, Paul Riederstadt, Murray Granger. Joseph I akey. Russell Martin. MR. LONG’S GROUP— Front Row: James Fisch, Ted Johnson. Robert Jaske. Kenneth Glassman, Kdward Brown, Irvin Batzel, Dan Bengston. Second Row: Mr. Long. Robert Kicnitz, Welton 1 lance. Donald Christman. Kenneth Krueger. George Kasdorf, Frank Allie. Robert Kern. Michael Kalil, John Lute. Third Row: George Elias. Harry Gutowski. Clair Gasaway. Virgil Hance, Ralph Jahnz, Gene Daron. Ralph Leonard, Frank Allie. Earl Cassler. Fourth Row: Jack Bunton, James Cooper, Donald Baut. Eugene Blood. Frank Ban-kowski. Walter Deutscher. Stanley Block, James Ford, Howard Clough. 31junion (Play The Junior Class presents 320 College Avenue! Trying their hand at acting for the first time, these juniors really deserve some credit, and we don’t mean maybe. We remember when we were juniors, too! Remember how we got “goose pimples” watching the murder mystery develop into a surprise ending? Gee, were we scared! Thanks to Mr. Buchanan for his capable job of directing, too. It was a swell play! Top picture: Ed Platnowski, Zachary Shaia, William Priebe, Gordon Davis, Harold Johnson, Norman Ziegler. John Muellen. Carl Ulrich, Bruce Landis, Dan Pliske, Roy Wippcrman, Joseph Lakey, Ralph Leonard. Tony Vizza, Robert Cassidy, Richard Precious, Jean Burnett, Helen Baughman, Florence Kohn, Mildred Hagerty, Marionne Sieb. Jeanette Fladiger, Doris Ann Will, Irma Nygren, Geraldine Speesc, and Clara Schnabel. 32Ckamtty Dn ltf£ Here we present a constructive project sponsored by the G. A. A. As you can easily see, they really got some cooperation from the student body. The boys in the Hi-Y helped to distribute the clothing, canned goods, and toys among the needy. Their reward?--------the satisfaction of having been able to make some unfortunate family happy on Thanksgiving. Here we find Ben Nygren, Donald Lamhka, Frank Sprague, Mrs. Weaver, Bonnie Jean Cooley, Mrs. Wcstphal, Mrs. Dierkes, and Clarence Schlundt, who helped prepare the baskets. 33cHomx 6con.om.Lc4 These girls were given a chance to show what they could do. Did they strut their stuff! How the other studes envied them when they started serving tea and cake to the teachers off duty for a period! Nelda Clough and Mary Jane Lucas wait patiently for some brave girl to be first. Mildred Werth, June Tadros, Mary Wozniak, and Natalie Johnson watch Irene Ratenski, Elaine Jaske, Dorothy Frankow-ski, Betty Lange, Margaret Chrapkowski, Frances Potkey, Martha Makus, Charlotte Ashley, and Eunice Smith model garments made in sewing classes. Mrs. Kelly presents: (seated) Mary Wozniak, Betty Lange, Jean Pawloski, June Tadros, Mildred Werth; (2nd row) Leona Pawlik, Kathryn Long, Phyllis Kaska, Shirley Nallen-weg, Lucille Wishon; Natalie Johnson, Dorothy Warnke, Eunice Smith, and Leola Gropp. Fourth picture: Mrs. Hart, June Block, and Madeline Hathoot prepare to serve their guests. .34dMack|ruan and cTk-£4pLan4 A little love scene between Phyllis Kuhn and Susan Kinsey is being given the bird by Ralph Hirsch. That’s how it’s done any way; demonstration by Gloria Fausch and Ruth Nuoffer. Since we always seem to need a prompter, Nell Andrest has sneaked into the picture. We thought that this group of Blackfrairs should in their learned way strike a nice theatrical smile. Jeanne Scharnberg, Mildred Blaskey, Marionne Sieb, Blanche Stephens, Phyllis Henry, Bert Henry, Gerhard Klouman, Norman Ziegler, Carl Ulrich, and Randall Miller obliged us. Here’s the lull before the storm—the play reading committee before the play—Phyllis Kuhn, Frank Sprague, Gerhard Klouman, Harold Johnson, and Thespian sponsor, Miss Luck. After every play it’s the same thing—new Thespian members. Irma Nygren, Clara Schnabel, Geraldine Speese, Norman Ziegler, Marjorie Farber, Sara Sal-massy, Joe Schwager, Carl Ulrich, Gordon Davis, Jean Burnett, Richard Precious, a little man who almost wasn’t there— Harold Johnson. Some of us “oldies” lined up in various theatrical poses (slumps). Sara Salmassy, Bert Henry, Marjorie Farber, (They naturally would stand together) Charles Vincent, Joe Schwager, our “once-was” sponsor Mr. Thorne, Martin Miller, Phyllis Kuhn, and Frank Sprague. 35Roll out the barrell, Mr. Hancock, or is it empty already ? . . . LeRoy Ruetz’s knees are quaking as he nears his destination—the detention room. . . . Yes, they're alive even though they do look a little the worse for wear. Who are they? Don Bleck and Phil Sprague . . . Woops! A little accident. Rudolph Keith-ly seems to be having a little trouble with his store room or is he having spring house-cleaning? I can’t figure out how he got all that stuff in one locker. Oh, well. . . . There goes the bell! With bangs and crashes the study hall mob is off to the next class period. . . . Those boys are working! In case you can’t identify the-er-they belong to Martin Miller, Charles Vincent, and Don Bleck. . . . Poor Morris, the fall guy. He’s always being picked on, and he can’t defend himself. Hit him hard, Curly, or he’ll never feel it. . . . 3G ■Date PROMOTIONS turns are made semi-a »ted or demoted at ot en -aTvr ua period if J erects of such pup' ma promotions a • g of the teachers and Michigan Citv pi iments of the ud J Th»- Junior high y each V a V:M URhe • S (TWicf-cl .£cm Soph.4 MISS LUCK’S GROUP Front Row: Miss Luck, Richard Peterson, Jack Tonn, Warren Westphal, Donald Lohse, LeRoy Gushroske, Dale Kientiz, Harley Shroyer. Second Row: Frank Redding, Dale Seidler, Norman Markel, Walter Hibner, Charles Griffin, Harvey Krentz, Robert Spanos, Jimmy Hogarth. Third Row : Kenderick Cannon, Ludwig Krause, Tom Krueger, Charles Abraham. MRS. WINEMAN’S GROUP Front Row: LaVina Wilch, Darlene Meilstrup, Gisela Steinborn, Betty Papineau, Jeanette Frost, Alice Plet-cher, Maxine Riley, Evelyn Thibideau, Jeanette Schu-dorick, Betty Moore. Second Row: Mrs. Wineman, Janet Martz, June Lind- quist, Helen Lubke, Jean Spiers, Mamie Wise, Edith Middleton, Virginia Tilman, Anna Lindborg, Marie Wroblewski, Stella Rakoczy, Lois Tews, Barbara Lev-erenz, Naomi Sieb. Third Row: Lois McCallister, Mary Jane Tadros, Evelyn McNew, Mildred Werth, LaVerne Markel, Fatima Mohamed, Virginia Lutz, Helen Thompson, Winifred Ruetz, Erika Reinholz, Jane Lessing. 38MRS. KELLY’S GROUP Front Row: Betty Knoth, Dorothy Killingbeck, Carol Burkett, Norma Jean Feig, Shirley Hirschmann, Allene Eikelberg, Lois Hoffman, Marilyn Cota, Margaret Karm. Second Row: Mrs. Kelly, Mildred Koeppke, Evanne Krockover, Betty Gross, Frances Hendricks, Baraba Johnson, Alice Eaise, Bette Brady, Emily Allie, Erma Chambers, Jeanne Krueger, Gertrude Caulkins. Third Row: Jean Bensz, Dorothy Fenske, Dixie Dostie, Delores Drake, Shirley Easterday, Lois Denow, Audrey Laughlin, Betty Bengston, Amaryllis Kassube, Betty Jean Daron. MR. NICHOLAS’ GROUP Front Row: James Jenkinson, Rogers Holloway, Eugene Imes, Glenn Cox, Charles Rogowski, Eugene Cota, Robert John-sen, Norman Morse. Second Row: Mr. Nicholas, William Allen, Robert Eikelberg, Stanley Downs, Thor Carlson, Laurel Bunton, John Geyer, Jack Vanderplough, Glenn Schultz. Third Row: Robert Bunton, Robert Wood, Ralph Stormer, Roy Lee, Robert Eckert. 39(yHonitan4 Eugene Kull, Oliver Burckhaltcr, Norman Rush, LeRoy Kurtz, 11a modic Mohamed. Margie Tiedeman, Ruth Nu-offer, Jean Taylor, Nellie Troy. Wilmeth Brack-en, Shirley Dean, Marion Grossman, Gladys Crawford. Doris Ann Will, Charlotte Lever-enz, Geraldine Speesc, Margie Childers. Jeanette Passage. Mary Kay Beall, Dorothy Ruby, Jayne Westburg. Mary Rose Joseph. Germaine Spychalski. Betty Mcer, Lorraine Mitchell, Eileen Biddle. June Her-mance, Gloria Fausch. Regina Proll, Evelyn Hunt. Rhoda Fcltis. Clara Schnabel. Georgine Arnold, Constance Den-nie, Alice Tenfold. Margaret Powell, Jessie Gut o w s k i, Marlowe Sorge. Charles Vincent, John Bercich, Loren Hahn. Norman Ziegler, Vera Schultz, Jean Burnett, Leola Gropp. Mary Jane Lucas. Jeanette Fladiger. LIBRARY MONITORS June Sonnenberg, Charlotte Levercnz, Gladys Anderson, Bonnie Houser, Miriam Steinborn, Nellie Troy. Helen Ziomck, Vera June Peo, Louis Wheeler. Hamodie Mohamed, David Beck. Ruth Betig-ston, Gladys Crawford. LIBRARY MONITORS Carol Marie Price, Betty Ford, Wava June Foster. Caroline Higley, Ruth Harbart, Adeline Schmidt, Jeanette Fladi- Barhara Gladden, Winni-fred Ruetz. Ross Kusz-maul. Harrison Behrndt, Kenneth Burnette. Kathleen Couden, Bonn y Ploncr. LIBRARY MONITORS Naomi Mross, Delores Hancock. Charlotte Lcv-erenz, Lois Ann Shaw. Adele Wolff, Wava June Foster, Barbara Glidden, Betty Forth Marian Her-mance, Esther Nieman, Noma Roames, Constance Dennie, Hamodie Mohamed. John Bercich. Jean Burnett. Jeanette Fladiger, Jane Harris, Felice Kerrigan. Doris Luedeman, Jocelyn Brieger, May Eikelbcrg, Dan Pliske. Lincoln Studer, Bill Lueth, Ray Parry. Here’s the gang of kids that get the dirty looks from their victims—the monitors for both semesters. They’re a sturdy looking bunch—and they mean business, too! Nice work, eagle eyes! Assembly Monitors for First Semester: ASSEMBLY MONITORS FOR SECOND SEMESTER Gloria Fausch, June Mills. Ruth Missal. Arietta Gobrcske, Mary Jane Lucas, Bernice Wo|fe, Evelyn Rogowski. Marion Gross-man. Mary Rose Joseph, Doris Dittman, Marjorie Ransom, Marjorie Rhoades, Geraldine Speese. Jayne Westberg. Virginia Stark, Dorothy Steinborn, Wilbur Cocbran. Marie Ulrich. David Beck, Germaine Spychalski, George Bryan. Hamodie Mohamed. Louis Wheeler. Armando Ionacci. Marlowe Sorge. Ann Atlas. Howard Denncwitz. Pat Pekarski, Ross Kuszmaul. Anita Gluck. Leola Gropp. Doris Ann Will, Dorothy Warlike, Clara Schnabel. 40Student Qouen.nm.ent HALL PATROL William Priebe, llarry Gutowski, Mary Ann Baird, Maryann Honyak, Gloria Richter, Leo Boyan, Frederick Pearce. Dorothy Schlundt, Delores Grieger, Dolorc s Kempf, George Reed, John Schaeffer, Rol-land Pearce, Robert Lich-tenberg. Jack Milne, Marlowe Sorge, William Nast, William Sherwood. Joe Benscis, Kenneth Yeatcr, Keith Law, Dan Pliske, Albert Hilberg, Charles Vincent, Herman Reichert, Stanley Pazieski. Mr. lr-gang (supervisor), Norman Bush. Edward Ratenski. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Seated: Pat Pckarski and Mrs. Hart. Standing: Mrs. Toner, Alice P enfold. Nell Andrest, R a 1 n h Leonard, Naomi Mross, Mr. Neff. HALL PATROL Richard Precious. James Skibbe, Warren Luce, Milo Schultz, Edward Mazurek, Arthur Sullivan, Herman Reichert, John Mohamed, Glenn Cox, Ross Kuszmaul, Loren Hahn. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Mrs. Toner, Wilmeth Bracken, Lorraine Mitchell, Tony Thomas, Mr. Neff, Charles Vincent. Mrs. Hart. STUDENT COUNCIL At desk: Ruth Nuoffer, president; John Schaeffer, vice-president; and Kathryn Long, secretary. Front Row— Emily Ziomek, Nell Andrest. Ralph Leonard. Second Row— Lois Hitt. Patricia Pckarski. Viola I.akowski. Florence Kohn. Ray Flood. Frederick Selke. Third Row— Norman Ziegler, Lois Hoffman. Janet Herbert, Marian Timm. Hamodie Mohamed. Ralph Joers. Fourth Row— Jeanette Schudorick. Natalie Johnson. I.eola Gropp. Dolores Kempf. Frank Redding. Paul Bolka. Fifth Row— Joyce Berridgc. Alice Pen-fold, Naomi Mross. Billy Allen , David Beck. Mahle Kngstrom, sponsor. These groups helped run the student government. . . . At the top left is the first semester hall patrol. Their job was to keep order in the halls. . . . Across from them is the second semester social committee. The duty was to put the official O. K. on the social functions of the school. . . . Those fellows cn the stairway are second semester additions to the hall patrol. . . . Next to them is the first semester social committee. . . . At the bottom is the second semester Student Council—Ruth Nuoffer. president; John Schaeffer, vice-president; and Kathryn Long, secretary. . . . 41oCatin. - Qtnman - JZeac ue HOBBY SHOW This year the Girls’ league put on a hobby show, which attracted many students. Many different and interesting hobbies were exhibited. Those who helped to make it a success arc (seated) Miss Smith (sponsor), Jean Taylor, Ethel Hayes, Dorothy Schwermer, Betty Jacobsen, (standing) Noma Roamcs, Margie Tiedeman, Ruth Voigt, Ruth Mis sal, Joyce Caulkins, Mary Jane Lucas, Luisc Cox, and Marjorie Harris. LATIN CLUB Here's the Latin Club. It's going strong, too, from the looks of this picture. Those shown here at one of the meetings are (seated) Frieda Al-lie, Gloria Richter, Mrs. Anderson (sponsor) Nell Andrcst, Katherine Conde, Patty Loehr, Mary Jean Doyle, June Golc. (standing) Marjorie Harris, Gladys White, Lorraine Levin, Kathleen Harlacher, Kendrick Cannon, Pat Pekar-ski. LeRoy Ruetz, Dick Cath-cart. Dale Seidler, Mildred Werth, Albert Milberg, Frank Redding, Jeanette Trost, Robert Schmuhl, Robert Hartc. Blossom Babinec, Robert Spanos, Maryann Honyak. Merle Olson. Lila Dunham, Dorothy Ruby, Barbara Killing-beck. Marian Hermance. Rhoda Feltis. Martha M c C 1 i n t i c k, Delores Hancock. Dolores Waite, Betty Jacobsen, Jacquet-Hart. Carol Marie Price. Georgia Stark. GERMAN CLUB Everyone looks forward to the outdoor picnics and the Christmas banquet held by the members of the German Club each year. Here we sec (seated) Elva Miller, Mary Louise Ludington, Gera 1 d i n e Pribish, Helen Standau, Inez Kinz, Jocelyn Brie-gcr, Florence Kohn, Barbara Feallock, Georginc Arnold, Betty Ford, Barbara Glidden, Marjorie Ransom, (standing) Dor- othy Kinz, Doris Sengbusch, Kathryn 1-ong, Marjory Bartels, Betty Smith, Miss Munson (sponsor), Ruth Missal, Jeanette Fladigcr, Melissa Luecht, Marian Levin. 42Front Row: Gerhard Klouman, Ben Nygren, Joe Carlisle. Frank Sprague. Richard Precious. Donald Mann. Gerald Freeland. Gordon Davis. Robert Lichtenberg. Second Row: J. N. Hancock (sponsor), Everett Stockinger, John Thomas, Keith Drehmel, Randall Miller, Martin Miller, Phil Sprague. Louis Stein. Jack Utley, Ed McComb (sponsor). Third Row: llaniodie Mohamed, Anthony Vizza, William Priebe, Morris Miller, John Kramer. Front Row: Eugene Stoligrosz, Ted Johnson, Donald Lambka, Carl Swinehart. Ronald Joers, Robert Johnson. Arnold Joers. J u n i o r Walters, Frederick Selke. Second Row: George L. Ir- gang (sponsor). Wayne Waspi, Lawrence Tauber, Kenneth Gardner, Roy Wipperman, 1-eo Royan, Eugene Majot, Alex Viau. Keith Law. Oliver Burck-halter, John Hart wig. Ed. McComb (sponsor). Third Row: Ralph Leonard, Harry Gutowski, Frederick Pearce, Jack Milne, Sam Di-Paolo. Harry Kinsey. Donald Wright, Kenneth Bartels. Girls! Look ’em over! Seems as if we have the boys of the two HI-Y’s. Good pictures, too. Mr. Hancock’s group at the top seems to be holding back some good laughs. What’s the joke, fellas? Say, what is this? Mr. Irgang’s group is all smiles, too! I wish you would let us in on whatever is so interesting! 43All of our orchestra members seem intent on watching Mr. My ran (as all good members do) except Randall Miller. Who is she Randy? All kidding aside, we want to compliment the members, ami if you have ever heard them, you know we have one swell orchestra! I . J. My ran (director), Dorothy Volksdorf. Robert McAlpine, Constance Den-nie, Mildred Steele, Randall Miller, Jean Taylor, Richard McAlpine, Betty Bell, Betty Lange, Naomi Whipple, Bernice Wolfe. Warren Westphal, June Roeske, Im-ogene Thompson, Virginia Tillman, Lois Hitt, Cornelia Hitt, Ann Atlas. 1 think these girls are very brave to taeklc such big things. Aren’t they rather heavy to “t o t e” around? Constance Middle-ton, LaVina Wild), Irene Ratenski. and M a r g c a n Schultz don’t seem to think so. I believe we have here the studes that handle the swing. If you have heard Harold Wendt, you know he is really “hot” and nothing less. Kenneth Hcdstrom is going to National with his horn. Then there arc the others including— Joyce Ber ridge, Frank Hyer, Joyce Larsen, Roger Keene, George McCormack, Lawrence I angc, Richard Gale, Ralph Odle, Rogers Holloway, Clayton Marks, and Warren Cook—who really give us our swing in school. 44Oricke tTia The orchestra! When we say that, we usually think of something very grand. It has given our school a fine rating in the way of music, having taken many honors above that of other schools. Its aim is to promote a better appreciation of music. Mr. My ran gets the best from everyone, from the first violins to the basses. The orchestra has about fifty members and is like the other organizations in that it has its officers. Last September they chose the following studes as their leaders: Randall Miller, president; Naomi Whipple, vice-president; Lois Geiger, Mildred Steele, and Irene Ratenski, secretaries; and Jean Taylor, Betty Bell, and Imogene Thompson, librarians. Well, well, here we have three nice looking gals all ready to give out with some rhythm — or something! Kathleen Couden and Lois Westphal are handling the “vib,” and Marion Gross-man will beat the “tymps.” It was very kind of all you studes to look at the camera. This is the string section of the orchestra. The one hoy among all the .girls is Robert Wood. The girls are Lois Geiger, Dovic Burklow, Betty Kascr, La-verne Pickford. Shirley Or-lowski. Jean Lange, and Luella Boon st ra. Of course, Mr. My ran watches over the flock. 45(Eianc! Randall Miller Donald Smith Dale Olson Warren Cook Clayton Marks Donald Lohse Donald Mann Roger Keene Howard Dennewitz Harold Wendt Gene Graham Robert Alleman Lawrence Lange Irvin Batzel Kdward Bard Louis Stein Marion Grossman LeRoy Gushroske George McCormack Kenneth Bartels Joyce Berridgc Joyce I trsen Abe Gihron James Wagner Frank Hycr Kugenc Ragsdale Joseph I«akcy Mike Bryant Rogers Elias Burklow Holloway Russell John Charles Pohl Geyer LaTourette William Anthony Robert Shaver Vizza Foreman Clinton Albert Harold Powell Jacobucci Sharkey Richard Neil Ralph Lafrentz Lauman Odle Robert Lee Eugene Wood Weaver Johnson Pat Marjorie John Pekarski Foreman Mitio Carl Dale Mildred Harvey Kicnitz Koepke Monroe Richard Donald Sorge Blank Christman Well, if it isn’t the band on dress parade! Kenny Hedstrom and Stanley Pazieski are right on the job guarding those fine color bearers Doris Brown and Jeanne Carstens. Dick Gale, Dick Cath-cart, and Louis Wheeler are all set for some action. Mildred Steele and Lois Westphal are on hand to give the fancy touches. We present the band—all ready to give us “Stormy Weather” or “sumpthin”! 4(5J nt Cfub Well, well—those studes really go in for the intellectual side of things. Last semester Jeanette Fladiger, Rosalie Downs, and Janice Schlaak, were elected as president, vice-president, and secretary, respectively. This semester Rosalie Downs is president, Jeanette Fladiger is vice-president, and Beatrice Vulpitta is secretary. Natalie Lessing, Jeanette Kladiger. Donald Bleck, Wayne Waspi, Beatrice Vulpitta. Janice Schlaak, and Alice Kuchik look on. while Charlotte Sea-verns does some work in clay modeling. Betty Jean Campbell, Rosalie Benowitz, Carl Swinehart. John Vail, Richard Colley, Rosalie Downs, and Sara Sal-massy watch Phyllis Lakin do a portrait.Qlcc Cfub Do, He, Me, Fa, So! These are the clubs that keep up the singing end of the school. Their accompanist is the forever faithful Elvera Miller. She is seated at the piano. We give you the boys’ and girls’ Glee Clubs. GirU: June Mills, Lois Hitt, Dolores Wait e, Jean Moore. L e o 1 a Gropp, Doris Sengbusch, Clara Schnabel, Natalie Johnson. Mary Kay Beall, Evelyn H u n t. Margene Witte. Mary Belle Funderburk, Gloria Richter. Bonnie Houser, Klva Miller, Mary Jane Tadros, Betty Schilf, Irma Xygren, Delores Drake, Alice Eaise, Betty Jeanne Olds. Betty Gross. Jeanne Carstens, Marjorie Fischer. Patty Loehr, Naomi Whipple, Kathryn Long, Jean Spiers, Alice Steinke, Darlene Meilstrup, Janet Martz, Jessie Gutowski, Janet Shroyer. Shirley Dean. Nancy Gammell, Dolores Manthey, June Storey, Pauline Powers, Geraldine Speese, Marjorie Bartels, Naomi Mross, Lois Ann Shaw, Barbara Killingbeck. Jeanette Kruse, Helen Jane Baughman. Merle Olson. J acquelinc Blanchard. Kdna Sober. Boys: Front Row: Rudolph Keithley, Dana Hennessy, Bill Drchmcl, Earl Barth, Ben Nygren. Second Row: Wilbur Scrivnor, Gerhard KIou-man, John Mohamed, Walter Lutz. Third Row: August Korn, Walter Weisser, Gordon Davis, William Harlan, John Vail. Fourth Row: William Westphal, Carl Swine-hart. 48Here’s the operetta picture. Gosh! Doesn’t it bring back memories of the show? We certainly enjoyed this play about a certain Don Alonso and his search for buried treasure. We were really happy when he found it, too! At any rate, the cast deserves a bouquet for its fine work. To the left below we see Mr. Thorne putting on some make-up or biting his tongue—we don t know which. On the right we find the chorus. They really clicked at the play—and for the camera, too, as you can see. At the bottom is a picture of the whole cast. We haven t room to tell all their names, but you know them all, anyway. If you don’t, ask Mr. Ten Harkel or Mr. Thorne—they did the directing, you know.Quiff and! Scnoff These studes are the members of Quill and Scroll. For those that don’t know what the club is, we will explain. It’s an honorary organization for our school journalists. Some of the qualifications include being in the upper third of your class in scholastic standing, doing superior work in writing, editing, or business management, being recommended by the supervisor, and being approved by the national secretary-treasurer. The membership in this club is what all the students taking journalism strive for. Those in the picture are (front row) Janice Schlaak, Carolyn Krause, Betsy Dingier, Jean Taylor, June Hermance, Constance Dennie, Florence Kohn. (second row) Jean Burnett, Jane Harris, Jeannette Hagerty, LaVonne Bonner, Jeanette Fladiger, Geraldine Stalbaum, Felice Kerrigan, (third row) James Walters, James Baines. William Westphal, Phyllis Kuhn, Nell Andrest, Melissa Luecht. 50Morion If these students look a bit “wishy-washy don t be alarmed; they’re recovering from the impressive National Honor Society installation. They were chosen for their scholarship. character, leadership, and service. Undoubtedly they were feeling very happy, because this membership is the highest honor they can receive. Officers are Norman Ziegler, president; and Ruth Nuoffer, secretary. Front row on le.'t: Pat Pekarski, Dorothy Volksdorf, Wayne Waspi. Jack Utley, Norman Bush. Row 2: Bert Henry. Natalie Johnson, Janice Schlaak. Dorothy Putz, Kathryn Long. Keith Law. Randall Miller, Betty Jeanne Olds. Row 3: Katherine Condc. Phyllis Kuhn. Ruth Harbart. Norman Ziegler. Gerhard Klouman. Carl Ulrich. Hamodie Mohamed. Row 4: Marjory Ziegler. Albert Hilberg. Regina Proll. Mrs. Mann (sponsor). Morris Miller, John Schaeffer. In center: Melissa Luecht. Front row on right: Carl Swinehart, Stanley Pazieski. Felice Kerrigan, Luella Boonstra, Keith Drehmel. Row 2: Phil Sprague. Phyllis Schudorick, Leo Gross, Gloria Fausch, Oliver Burck-halter, Joe Schwager, Marjorie Karbcr, Charles Vincent. Row 3: John Kerrigan, Geraldine Spccse. Mary Ann Baird. Jean Burnett. Ruth Nuoffer, David Beck, Robert Johnson. Row 4: Martin Miller, Wilbur Scrivnor, Clarence Schlundt, Nell Andrest, Robert Lichtenberg.This year’s basketball team is the most successful one that Michigan City has had in a number of years. This year the Red Devils won fifteen games while losing eleven; however, of the fifteen home games, the Devils captured twelve. This team certainly furnished the fans with plenty of thrills and excitement. Remember the first LaPorte game in which Jim Dry tied the score with only five seconds remaining to play? Then Link scored for LaPorte to win the game, thirty-three to thirty-one. Remember the stretch in which the Imps played five games in eight days and the game at Muncie in which Dick Spychalski garnered twenty-four of Michigan City’s forty-one points? Then there’s the final game with LaPorte in the sectional, which was held here for the first time in eleven years. The Devils led by two points with only a few minutes left to play, only to have LaPorte slip in two baskets to win, thirty-six to thirty-four. Shooting: Dick Kruse. Front Row: Lueth, Komasinski, Lubkc, Kruse, Burr. Second Row: Dry, Spychalski, Mathias, Beckman, and Xevorski. Top Row: Lubke, Gross, Mathias, Dry. Kruse. Second Row: Spychalski, Komasinski, Beckman, Xevorski. Lueth. Third Row: Burr, and Meadows. Circle: Gross, Parker, and Yclton. Mr. Loren Ellis. Roger Bagels ami Joe Carlisle, managers. 52Politics had no part in this pictured presentation. Ted Jankowski, the Red Devil half back, earned his gold football. The award was made after Ted had been voted most valuable player by the people of our town. This hard hitting, hard running ball carrier was high point man for the season. Coach Duane Purvis is shown presenting Ted with the most valuable player award on the stage of the Tivoli Theatre. The annual award is sponsored by the Tivoli and News-Dispatch. In this picture we caught a typical scene during the heat of a game. Jim Dry, one of the Ellismen, has just been called out of play to rest and get some pointers. Coach Ellis has pounced upon Jimmy, who is thought of as being quite a dependable guard. If Mr. Ellis had more hair, it would probably be as ruffled as his facial expression. “Jeeps” Dry is a favorite with the crowd, because his long field goals have pulled more than one game out of the fire. Right now I question his personality appeal. 54Qinlk £pont These girls arc n’t weaklings—not by any means. They represent the winning teams for this year. Maybe that's the reason for the broad grins. The girls of the victorious deck tennis team are Beatrice Mar-quiss. Betty McNew (captain), Juanita Bard. Betty Keller. Doris Ditt-man, and Mary Rose Joseph. The winning volley-ballers are Joyce Bcr-ridge. Maryann Hon yak. June Storey, Betty Black (captain), and Sara La Rocco. Those on the basketball team arc Betsy Dingier. Doris Dittinan, Mildred Steele, Mary Rost Joseph. Dolores Kempf. Juanita Bard, and il-meth Bracken. The girls winning in hockey are Beatrice Yul-pitta. Maryann Hon-yak, Helen Ccmen. Martha Matuszak. Norma Batzel. Joan C ully. Vera Schultz. June Storey, Reiness Meska, ami Betty Black (captain). Those attending one of the meetings of the G. A. A. are (row 1) Betty Black. Reiness Meska. Vera Schultz. Bette Brady, Wilmeth Bracken. Betty Kaser. lune Storey. Betty McNew. Doris' Brown, (row 2) Marie Durnal, 1'at l e-karski. Mary Rose Joseph. Clara Schnal cl. Geraldine Speese, Dovic Burk low. Margaret Rausch. Beatrice Vul-pitta. Sara La Rocco. (row 3) Jean Pawloski. Norma Batzel. Maryann Honyak. Margaret Es-per. Virginia Ksper, Betty Keeler. Betty Bell. Alice Kuchik. (row 4) Kathryn Ix ng. Natalie Johnson. Germaine Spy-chalski. Martha Matuszak. Joyce Berridge. Dorothy Oszuscik, Helen Omen, (row 5) Lois Hoffman. Arietta Go-breske. Frances Sebesla (sponsor). Margaret Krachinski, Betty Jacobsen.Spuing Spont4 “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. Oh call? Not so with these hoys. They continue M. C. II. S’s sports schedule up until the very last day of school. This year a new sport was added to Klston high’s schedule—that of baseball. This team was coached by Andy Gill. As this was the first year of participation, the exact strength was not known, but the possibility for a successful year l ecame bright with the holding of the first practice. Games were scheduled with Chesterton. Springfield, and Wincmac. together with conference games with Washington, Central, Klkhart, Napannee, LaPorte. and Riley. The parallel bar team composed of Hud Lutz, Everett Stockinger. George Bryan, and LcRoy Ructz practiced after school throughout the winter months. The boys worked voluntarily, as there is no competition in this sport. The golf team loomed as a contender for conference and state honors with all members of last year’s team returning. Jim Mathias was number one man on the team, followed by Jim Erickson and the Joers twins, Arnold and Ronald. The team engaged in conference matches and invitational tourneys at LaPorte, and in the state tournament at the Speedway course in Indianapolis. The tennis team engages in activities only in the fall. This season they won five matches, while losing two. Bob Lichtenbcrg, number one man on the team, was beaten only twice during the season. Alex Viau is number two. followed by Bill Mclntire and Harold Johnson. Prospects seem slim next year, with Bill Mclntire the only veteran returning. This season the track team engaged in more meets than ever before, the total being eleven. The season was climaxed by the state meet at Indianapolis. 56Our cameraman found the track boys “off guard’’; so here they arc. Here’s some action! It doesn’t look very hard for Don Mann. Harold Johnson, and Alex Viau. Oscar Luhkc is using plenty of energy to put the shot across Gill Field. And here we find Keith Mann all dressed up in his catcher’s uniform and all set to go. These arc the fellows who really flex their muscles on the parallel bars. Everett Stockinger, George Bryan, Bud Lutz, and LeRoy Ruetz pose for the camera. Mr. Miller, coach, puts the fellows back to work and . . . bang! They’re off! Good luck, boys! Some fellows feeling ambitious play tennis for pastime. Here Bill Mclntire, Harold Johnson, lx ren Luecht, Bob Lichtenberg. Alex Viau, and Jim Griffin (coach), pause before the cameraman.Our roving cameraman really covered ground this year! Here he caught someone studying hard. That’s the l oy. ... 1 was here when this was taken. It’s Paul Meadows and Gordon Davis in Miss Shepherd’s domain. . . . One fine morning and Kenneth Burnette is giving the old sales talk (Comet) to Frank Sprague. Doesn't he want to listen, Kenny? . . . Lois Ann Shaw and Marjorie Bartels look pleasantly surprised—at least Marj does. . . . Back to the game, and Dick Spychalski leads the team “on to victory”! . . . Joe Benscics learns by practical experience. It looks too complicated for me, thank you. . . . Charles Vincent and Kaye Conde listen to a representative from Kalamazoo College. . . . And now we find Marjory Ziegler and Felice Kerrigan admiring the Red Cross bulletin board. . . . Here’s a “snap” of Janice Schlaak and Gladys Pctoskey all dressed up from last year’s prom. . . . Marlowe Sorge and Nell Andrest arc caught with their mouths open—again! . . Blanche Stephens looks nice and “comfy” and all set for a game of tennis. . . . Lois Geiger really puts her heart and soul into her playing as you can easily see by the look in her eyes. . . . Betty Bell and Lillian Werner seem to like their bookkeeping—but I’m glad I’m a senior)trimming their annual Christmas tree. Here Marjorie Peterson, Irma Nygren. and Marionne Si'cb watch anxiously while Dorothy Putz trims the top of the tree. The juniors were hard at work this year. too. Miss Luck, Norman Ziegler, Carl Ulrich, Bi........... Bill Pricbe, •ee. The juniors were hard at work this year, ... . - 1. Irma Nygren. Marionne Sieh, and Margie nan are hard at work, while in the next picture Kverett Stockinger. Ruth Hanley. Jean B jorie Harris, Helen Jane Baughman. Phyllis Lakin, Jeanette Kruse. Naomi Whipple, Barba Wipperman, Charlotte Lcverenz, and Kathleen Couden arc busy on decorations. Be.t-Burnette, Mar ra Zcck, Roy In the inner circle are Frank Sprague, Gerald Freeland, Bob Johnson and Alex Y’iau working on the charity drive. . . . Susan Kinsey is “snapped” while orating in Civics class. . . . Our paper carriers on the Comet staff last semester were Floryan Oszuscik. Ruth Harbart. David Beck, Geraldine Gibron, Carolyn Krause, Inez Kinz, Betty Meer. James Baines. Constance Dcnnic, Gerald Freeland, and Robert White. . . . Snapped at one of the games we see Louis Stein ami Joe Carlisle “cutting up”, while Charles Wolff, John Powell, and Bob Mathias seem to find things a bit boring. . . Here our cameraman finds “a natural” of Bert Henry and Marjorie Farber. 60What have we here? A party? Anyway it’s part of Miss Sebcsta’s sponsor group last year. They look as though they’re having fun. Wish wc could join them! . . . Last summer these studes joined Mr. Wickham's class and learned how to drive a car. I’ll bet they had fun! . . . What on earth is this? It looks like a bread line, only it isn’t! It’s sign-up time, and these studes, no doubt, hope to get their favorite teacher. . . . Here’s the swing band at the Christmas mingler—“way back when” is more like it! . . . Some girls get all signed up with Mr. Buchanan. . . . Tell us the time when you see Martin Miller without Marion Vernick. They seem mighty interested. . . . Another Christmas party! This time it’s a riding party for the Girls’ League. They really had a grand time—so we hear. . . Two arms in a million. Here’s the “mob” at one of the games. That’s the good old school spirit! GlOut ojj tke (PaAt Well, well, well, what have we here? Eek! Don't say they're our sophisticated seniors! They must be, because here's Nell Andrest with a dog as big as she . . . and Kathryn Long taking her first walk? Natalie Johnson seems to have taken a liking to flowers at an early age, and Bill Westphal is looking the camera right in the eye. Phil Sprague has grown right up with his drums. How's it go, Phil? Well, Jeanne Scharnberg has grown up with masculine arms around her—from the looks of this! And Johnny Kramer used to play Indian in his backyard. Kaye Conde poses very prettily for her Elstonian picture. What's the matter, Leo; afraid that dog is going to get away from you? Albert Hil-berg with the padded knees, smiles for the camera. Melissa "editor-in-chief’ Luecht enjoys her bath at a tender age. Chuck "the pres" Vincent almost strangles his pooch. Say, Dick Gale, that's a nice pose. Sunning yourself? Dorothy Putz, with her dolly, is undecided whether to smile or not. Wayne “art Editor" Was-pi believes in showing his heels at a tender age, too. C2Cfa t to tkt (Pne ent Well, would you look at this! I think these "chiles" were in about 7-1 when they posed for this one. Most of them are still with us. See any you know? Let's see— Ruth Sieben must have planned to do some studying. Morris Miller seems to have been slightly on the plump side then, too! There’s our editor-in-chief. Recognize her? Would you look at Bob Lichtenberg and Loren Luecht along side Jeanne Scharnberg! Think of it! Our Senior president started young! He is peering over Betty Perham. 1 bet some of the girls wished they had a few of Albert Hilberg's curls. There's Spiro Danos, one of our football players! This is our 1939 prom picture. If some of you seniors want to find yourselves, use a magnifying glass (don’t be disappointed if you fail the first time). Our theme was Alaskan, and it really cooled us off that warm May evening! Some of the parents were in the balcony. Maybe you can find yours. Look hard!iJn-to tke On this page we’ll start at the top and circle around. . . . What’s this, love in bloom? Nope, just Melissa Luecht, editor-in-chief, and Wayne Waspi, art editor. . . . Continuing in the circle is the whole editorial staff. They are Don Bleck, activities editor; Albert Hilberg, senior class editor; Melissa Luecht, editor-in-chief; Nell Andrest, activities editor; Kathryn Long, factulty editor; Phyllis Kuhn, under-classmen editor; Alice Kuchik. girls’ sports editor; and John Kramer, boys’ sports editor. . . . Phil Sprague is caught in the act of taking a picture of the typists for the editorial staff. The girls are Dorothy Felske, Bernice Froehlke, and Dorothy Pawlik. . . . Next we find three industrious workers of the staff working away on page make-up. They are Wayne Waspi, Dorothy Putz, and Janice Schlaak. ... At the bottom of the page are Melissa Luecht and Dorothy Putz, sorting pictures for a snap-shot page. . . . There’s the year-books’ sales promoter, Pinocchio, and his originator, Martin Miller, business manager. . . . Next is pictured the business staff. They are Kaye Conde, Martin Miller, Bert Henry, Loren Luecht, Jeanne Scharn-berg, and Marjorie Hib- ner............Surprise! Charles Vincent didn’t expect this picture to be taken. The guilty guy is Wayne Waspi.S.crdon Committee We seniors really went to work in earnest this year. To prove it, here are the committees that functioned during the year. The first picture is the cap and gown committee with Bob White, Carl Swinehart, Virginia Stark, Regina Broil, Geraldine Stalbaum, and Louis Wheeler examining some sample caps and gowns. . . . Those on the advertising committee for the Elstonian are Frank Sprague, Bert Henry, Jacqueline Richmond, Kathryn Long, Rosalie Benowitz, Regina Broil, Gerhard Klouman, and Jack Kerrigan ... in the front row we find Marjorie Ziegler, Marjorie Farber, Shirley Dean, Blanche Stephens, Edna Keeler, Kaye Conde, and Sara Salmassy. . . . Here we find Donald Bleck with the play-reading committee: Bhyllis Kuhn, Ruth Harbart, Blanche Stephens, Sara Salmassy, Janice Schlaak, Frank Sprague, and Jane Harris. . . . The sound effects committee that worked on the senior play was composed of Charles Johnson, Richard Johnson, Howard Schultz, William Sherwood, Leroy Ruetz, and Morris Miller. . . . Those on the announcement committee were Natalie Johnson, Bhyllis Schudorick, Leo Gross, Marian Timm, Louis Wheeler, Bill Lueth, Marjorie Farber, Wayne Waspi, Charles Vincent, and Mr. MacDonald, the salesman. . . . The other half of the advertising committee is composed of Martin Miller, Albert Hilberg, Ralph Hirsch, Evelyn Rogowski, Betty Meer, Loren Luecht, Keith Law, and John Kramer. . . . front row: Eunice Grossman, Susan Kinsey, Adele Wolff, Marjorie Hibner, Mary Lois Scott, Violet Morton, and Jeanne Scharnberg. 65Sfcnion (Pfau Remember when the public said it couldn’t be done? Well, 1 guess we showed them. OUR TOWN turned out to be quite the thing. We were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves living through the living, loving, and dying of the Grover’s Corners people. Perhaps those tears you shed gave you a feeling you never had before. But, believe us. the cast and Miss Goldie Shepherd, director, were glad to give you that feeling. Everyone did his part to perfection. “Give us a pair.” “1 wanted a king, ami there it goes.” This is senior play practice. Mrs. Webb and Emily are stringing beans — supposedly. Don Bleck is adjusting the sound effects so that we don’t have a crow’s call coming out during tbe play. Tell them how to do it Miss Shepherd — or do they need telling? These two pictures are also from the play. The top one is the graveyard, the second the wedding.THE CAST ..................Stage Manager .......................Dr. Gibbs .......................Joe Crowell .................Howie Newsome ......................Mrs. Gibbs .....................Mrs. Webb ...................George Gibbs ...................Rebecca Gibbs .....................Wally Webb .....................Emily Webb .................Professor Willard ..................Mr. Webb Woman in the Balcony ..........Man in the Auditorium .................Lady in the Box ........Simon Stimson .........Mrs. Soames ...Constable Warren .......Si Crowell Sam Craig ...Joe Stoddard Baseball Players townspeople Melissa Luecht Marjorie Farber Luise Cox Wilmeth Bracken Ruth Harbart Ben Nygren George Bryan Rosalie Benowitz Ralph Hirsch Miriam Steinbom Eunice Tews Carl Swinehart Felice Kerrigan David Beck(Left Hand l’age) Abraham, Jessamine Louise Allgood, Lou Alice Allie, Frieda Anne Andrest, Nell Beatrice Baines, James Marrell Barnes, Elsie Katherine Baydowicz, Edward J. Baydowicz, Raymond H. Beck, David Cullen Behrndt, Harrison Remner Bencsics, Joseph John, Jr. Benford, Henry, Jr. Benowitz, Rosalie Bercich, John Albert Bickel, Robert Earl Bishop, Dorothy Blackburn, Binnie Louise Bleck, Donald Charles Block, Robert Frank Boehnlein, John W. (Right Hand Page) Borkowski, Dorothy Joan Bracken, Wilmeth Marie Brown, Doris S. Bryan, George B. Burnett, Connie Beth Burr, Bard Elwell Carlisle, Maurice Joe Carow, Jean Carstens, Jeanne Marie Caulkins, Joyce Maxine Childers, Margie Chinske, Erma(Left Hand Rage) Christman, Albert M. Clough, Nelda Cochran, Wilbur Theron Commens, Elizabeth Martha Conde, Anna Katherine Cook, Edward Cook, Joseph Cook, Warren E. Cox, Luise Crawford, Vernon W. Danos, Augusta Danos, Spiro (Right Hand I’age) Dean, Shirley Helen Deardorff, Donald Deming, Nelson Dennie, Constance Bernice Derengowski, Elaine Wanda Devor, Jerry Dingier, Betsy Ann Dittman, Doris Mae Dittmer, Raymond Lawrence Drehmel, Keith Drexel Edinger, Leroy Eikelberg, May Engelhardt, John Erickson, James Frederick Farber, Marjorie Louise Felske, Dorothy Fenske, Melvin H. Foster, Edith Lorraine Freeland, Gerald Leo Froehlke, Bernice C.(Left Hand Page) Gale, Richard Albert Gibron, Geraldine Gilmore, Betsy Ross Glassman, Earl Louis Graham, Robert Wilson Gross, Leo William, Jr. Grossman, Eunice Mae Gutowski, Jessie W. Hagerty, Jeannette Ruth Hansen, John Harbart, Ruth Robb Harper, Donald Eugene Harris, Jane Hartwig, John H., Jr. Hatcher, Clarence Hatcher, Willie B. Hayes, Ethel P. Hedstrom, Kenneth Frederick Heinrich, Catherine Rose Henke, Mildred Elvira (Right Hand Page) Henry, Albert James 111 Henry, Phyllis Herring, Nettie Mae Hibner, Marjorie Jayne Hilberg, Albert William Hirsch, Ralph Kline Jackson, Wilford Ellis Jankowski, Ted R. Jaske, John J. Jefferson, Elnora Cornelius Joers, Roger H. Johnson, Charles(Left Hand I'age) Johnson, Harold Erie Johnson, Marian Helen Johnson, Natalie Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robert E. Jordan, John W. Kaiser. Norette T. Kalk, Marvin Eugene Keeler, Edna Louise Keller, Richard Francis Kerrigan, Felice Anne Kerrigan, John (Right Hand Rage) Kinsey, Susan Eleanor Kinz, Inez H. Klouman, Gerhard Knoth, James Kolodziejski, Emily M. Komasinski, Emanuel Krause, Carolyn E. Kramer, Charles B. Kramer, John Norman Kuchik, Alice Ellen Kuhn, Philomene Kulesza, Estelle Lambka, Lloyd Henry LaRocco, Sarah Lasky, Edith Lauer, Alice Law, Charles Keith Lessing, Natalie Lichtenberg, Robert Sproul Liebig, Walter(Left Hand Page) Light, Charles E. Lindeman, Robert H. Lindsey, Richard Lewis Logman, Marvin Wilbur Long, Kathryn Jeannette Lubke, Oscar Harvey Lucas, Mary Jane Ludington, Mary Louise Luecht, Loren Lee Luecht, Melissa Jane Luedeman, Doris June Lueth, William Otto Lundquist, Donald Herbert Lutz, Walter Henry, Jr. Mackey, Ivan Willis Mahler, Edna Louise Mann, Donald Mathias, James William McCormack, George B. McNew, Dorothea Mae (Right Hand Page) Meer, Betty Jane Meska, Arbutus June Meyer, Luther A. Meyer, Marguerite Lillian Middleton, Constance C. Miller, Lois E. Miller, Martin M. Miller, Morris Louis Miller, Randall C. Mitchell, Lyle S. Moore, Jean Morgan, Richard Vernon(Left Hand Page) Morton, Violet June Nast, William Arthur Nieman, Frank William Niemann, Martin John Niendorf, Albert Novitske, James Nygren, Bengt Orzech, Matthew Osos, Ramona Grace Oszuscik, Floryan Bernard Passage, Phillis A. Paulin, Richard E. (Right Hand Page) Pawlik, Dorothy Mae Pazieski, Stanley Leo Pearce, Rolland Garald Penfold, Alice Penziol, Steve Perham, Elna Jean Perring, Ira John Petoskey, Gladys Mae Phelps, Roy William Pohl, Jack Jerome Powell, Margaret Marie Pribish, Geraldine Proll, Regina M. Purtha, George Putz, Dorothy Carolyn Ragland, Dorothy Louise Rapp, Dorothy Flelen Rebac, Frank Isadore Rench. Helen Louise Richmond, Jacqueline»•(Left Hand Page) Rist, James R. Roames, Noma Fay Rogowski, Evelyn Alice Roose, Barbara Jean Roth, Ralph E. Salmassy, Sara Sass, Wilbur Schaeffer, John Henry Scharnberg, Jeanne Klaye Schlaak, Janice Rosalie Schreiber, Pauline Schudorick. Phyllis Schultz, Howard, Jr. Schultz, Verna Schumacher, Russell L. Scott, Laurence Edwin Scott, Mary Lois Selby, Olive A. Senderak, Stanley Joseph Sharkey, Harold (Right Hand Page) Shermak, Gertrude Alicia Sherwood, Warren Shikany, Michael Sieben, Ruth Elizabeth Siegmund, George Leo Smiertelny, Bernard P. Smith, Eunice Mae Soller, Edna Sorge, Marlowe Benson Spicka, Alice Sprague, Frank Sprague, Philip Allcock(Left Hand Page) Stalbaum, Geraldine E. Stark, Virginia Steder, Bernard R. Steele, Mildred June Stein, Louis J. Steinborn, Irmgard Martha Steinborn, Miriam Edna Stephens, Blanche Stephens, Leroy Guy Stevens. Edgar Meade Storey, Wayne Bruce Studer, Lincoln L. (Right Hand Page) Swanson, Vernon Swinehart, Carl Edwin Sypnieski, Vincent Francis Teets, Richard Howard Tews, Eunice L. Thomas, Ervin Thomas, Anthony P. Timm, Marian L. Timm, William F. Tomlinson, Carl William Troy, Nellie Vankosky, Doris Mae Viau, Alexander C., Jr. Vincent, Charles J. Volksdorf, Dorothy Linda Wabshall. John Richard Walters, James E. Waspi, Wayne W. Weatherbee, Paul Wellnitz, VirginiaWendt, Harold John Westphal, Rex Arno Wingard, Ruth Ermajean Yeater, Kenneth Eugene Wentland, Florence Ther-Westphal, William Wolfe, Bernice — Yourist, Clarence E. Westburg, Donald R. Wheeler, Louis A. Wolff, Adele Deming “•Ziegler, Marjory Lou Westfahl, Lois White, Robert Wright, Joseph W. Wantuck, Leo Georgeummani| ojj Carux? ♦ Hu; MAX OX CAMPUS '"IF I WEItK an editor I'd make sure »f two thin that my editorial experience would not make me lead a dog's life, and second, I'd not be consistently in the dog house with every one including my instructors because of my yearbook activity. My way would be to choose an outfit that does more than put their feet on my desk and pat me on the back. I'd call for Indeco service because it is complete and the best help an editor can get in producing an unusual annual within his budget. Ask the staff on this book if I'm not right.” INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY, INC. INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA L jymjf of Qj ooJtmfuL cmf £cJwotPROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY F. L. BURRIS. M. D. ROSS S. HACKETT 731 Spring Street Warren Bldg. ATTORNEY L. W. CANNON KING S. JONES. M. D. Warren Bldg. 328J 2 Franklin Street Attorneys A1MEF. K1LLOUGH, M. D. CRUMPACKER and STOREN 731 Washington Street Warren Bldg. CLARENCE MORRIS. D. S. C. F. M. FARGHER. M. D. 3 Kresge Bldg. Warren Bldg. Attorneys M. L. FERGUSON, D. D. S. PARENT and KENEFICK 624 Franklin Street Lake Theater Bldg. JULIA and J. P. FOGARTY. D. O. Attorney 532 Pine Street GEORGE A. PAWLOSKI 107 West Eighth Street ATTORNEY RAYMOND M. FOX 1 1 2 East Eleventh Street J. D. PRICE. M. D. Kresge Bldg. ALLAN E. GILMORE. D. D. S. Warren Bldg. N. C. REGLIEN, M. D. 9 1 6 Washington Street LAWRENCE GINTHER. D. D. S. Warren Bldg. L. M. ROBROCK. M. D. Warren Bldg. Attorney ROBERT E. GLASSCOTT C. D. ROSS. D. D. S. Citizens Bank Bldg. 53 1 1 2 Franklin Street ATTORNEY HARMON J. GREEN L. E. STEPHENSON. M. D. 1 1 7 West Sixth Street 901 Washington Street !8PATRONS ★ Chicago, South Shore and South Bend Railroad Messrs. Walter C. and Neville V. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Scharnberg Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Andrest Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Sprague Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Vincent Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. Ziegler Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Kuhn Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Luecht Mr. and Mrs. Phil T. Sprague Mr. and Mrs. Carter H. Manny Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Behrndt Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Dingler Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Conde Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Henry Mrs. Charles V. Hickox Mrs. Ruth M. Harbart Mrs. J. V. Kerrigan Mrs. Max Miller Mr. E. B. Hoerr L 89 KIEN1TZ ROYAL BLUE GROCERY—MARKET and R. li. Sweet Shop 2701 Franklin Street Phone 400 Lyman Kienitz, Prop. HAVE DR. GIFFORD EXAMINE YOUR EYES FOR GLASSES Phone 565 524A FRANKLIN STREET 1 EXCELSIOR MANUFACTURING CO., Inc. !)0Action! Camera! We’re not exactly a movie studio, it's true, but there is “action" and the call for "camera aplenty when the Bodine studio steps into harness to produce all the photographs for the Elstonian. It's a big job, but we like it—all eight of us! Just so we, too, can have our names in this fine high school year book, here goes—from top to bottom: Harold K. Barr, Louis Carow, Jr., Nejla Bodine, Frank Littleton, Ruth Nixon, Marshall Verniaud, Gwalter Calvert, Hobart Carter. We are proud to have been associated with Isaac C. Elston seniors in producing the Elstonian. Success and congratulations to them all. the BODINE studio “The Best Name on Photographs' • 91 412 Franklin StreetL. MISSAL DECORATING CO. We Specialize In Quality Wallpaper and Paints PHONE 2308 808 FRANKLIN STREET Mercury 8 Lincoln Zephyr V-12 FORD “Have You Tried The New «i Ford Ride?” jl Kiley Motor Corp. 117-123 E. Michigan Street I; Michigan City, Ind. Sales or Service Phone 58 FRED STERN “Stern Value” Men's and Young Men's Wear 609 — FRANKLIN — 609 BECKS JEWELRY S COMPANY First Class Watch Repairing Optometrists 511 Franklin Street Michigan City, Indiana Tonn Blank, Inc. Westinghouse Refrigerators Electric Ranges and Other Appliances Universal Gas Ranges Williamson Tripl-ife Furnaces 104 North Franklin Street Open Evenings Phone 1921 EIGHTH STREET CAFE 112 West 8th Street Always a School Booster Congratulations. Members of the Class of 1940, and may the road ahead be marked by an abundance of success and happiness for each of you. Office Equipment Company Books - Stationery - Gifts - Party Goods - Games Office Supplies and Equipment Typewriters - Check Protectors - Adding Machines 725 Franklin Street Phone 1690 and “We Will Deliver” 92Michigan City’s Leading Theatres TIVOLI LIDO LAKE UPTOWNJ. L. FREELAND MOTOR CO. OLDSMOBILE SIXES EIGHTS 21G East Michigan Street Telephone 540 ROYAL HAT CLEANERS Suits Cleaned and Pressed Shoe Repairing - Shoe Shine 718 Franklin Street SMART FOOTWEAR for MODERN MEN and WOMEN MIKE KRUEGER S SHOE STORE LITTLE ELF FOOD STORE Joseph Borkowski “From A Friend" Groceries and Meals ; 517 East Barker Avenue Phone 3227W i WITH SINCERE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1940 Peoples Loan Corporation 720 Franklin Street Carl Ziegler Frederick Pilliard Kenneth Kraft 04THOMPSON’S KUHN Ice Coal Co., Inc. Home Service Bakery I I 2 Arthur St. Phone 3418 SEE THE NEW General Electric REFRIGERATORS WASHERS RADIOS DETROIT JEWEL GAS RANGES — at — WARREN CORF. 825 Franklin Street Cush Men's Shop 915 Franklin Street Langrock Clothes Manhattan Shirts - Dobbs Hats THE NEWS-DISPATCH PLEDGES ITSELF TO: 1. Promote civic welfare and civic pride. 2. Defend civil liberty and democratic government. 3. Assist in community betterment. 4. Aid and encourage all local industries and enterprises. 5. Strive for greater automobile safety. 6. Protect the freedom of the press and shun and avoid abuses. 7. Always foster true Americanism.KRAMER SONS INC Wholesale Grocers LaPorte, Ind. - Michigan City, Ind. SPORTING GOODS STORE 517 Franklin Street Sporting Goods - O’Brien Paints Louis A. Chinske Phone 744 Michigan City, Ind. Walter R. Hibner and Son Modernize jj PLUMBING and HEATING In Your Home i; PHONE 667 ::------------------------- DR. B. H. KAPLAN 1; Optometrist SPECIALIZING IN i; EXAMINATION OF THE EYES Warren Building Second Floor Phone 1084 L -------------- BURNETT SHOP 103 West Seventh Street McCRACKEN FLOWER SHOP 123 East Ninth Street Phone 1 700 HUMMER Mortuary Telephone 2121 716 Washington Street LCHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH KREBS SERVICE 1103-05 Franklin Street Phone (599 MICHIGAN CITY PAPER BOX CO. Mrs. L. W. Hoodwin Geo. B. Johnson Agency Central Drug Stores INSURANCE For Your Convenience In all its branches 4th and Franklin 311 Franklin Street 11th and Franklin ! Phone 606 ! 1022 East Michigan I J j rr: BETTER LIGHT — BETTER SIGHT — BETTER GRADES It’s easier to make better grades in school when your lessons are prepared under adequate lighting conditions. A Certified I. E. S. Lamp will provide the abundant glareless light which you need for home work. Northern Indiana Public Service Company 97| JSuchtman flowers ! ' JOSTEN’S "Distinctive and Original Manufacturers of the World’s Floral Work" Finest School Jewelry | 1004 Kast Michigan Street General Offices and Main Plant E Phone 2411 Owatonna, Minnesota CLEM SPYCHALSKI n DICC I MITATC PETERS MARSKE INC. Factory Supplies General Machine Work Phones 650 - 1800 Michigan City, Ind. PIONEER Lumber Supply Co. Phone 1 70 Campus Styles! BRENTWOOD FROCKS $1.98 at Penney’s J. C. PENNEY CO. MICHIGAN CITY ; BUSINESS COLLEGE LUCILLE’S BEAUTY SHOP A school of advanced business education Phone 533 ] W. W. Swinehart, B. C. S., Prin. ; Warren Building Phone 584 115% West Sixth Street 08HOOSIER ; THE : FACTORIES FAWLEY-ABBOTT INC: COMPANY ; Manufacturers of Furniture UNION MADE DRESS TROUSERS MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA ; $ : BOSTON SHOE STORE W. L. Tobin, Manager 72!) Franklin Street Phone 682 KRUEGER Dry Cleaners Downtown Store Plant 10!) W. Eighth St. Phone 283 141 Dixon St. Phone 334 i . WE WISH THE CLASS OF ’40 A VERY HAPPY AND ii PROSPEROUS FUTURE KEEP FIT AT SCHOLL'S BEFORE AND AFTER THE GRIND 99OTTO AICHER CO. Furniture Floorcoverings Draperies 710-712 Franklin Street BLACKMOND’S JEWELRY STORE 510 Franklin Street Michigan City, Indiana The store with the big values in watches, diamonds, and fine jewelry Cash or credit A. C. Heitschmidt Dealer in genuine Pocahontas Coal, Building Materials, and Farm Implements 314-316 East Michigan Street Phone 320 Joe Fladiger L Hoping Your Future Will Be Successful DOBESKI’S SHOE STORE 009 Franklin Street It'IX XEl.t. II. KlIAMEB t a t JPAUlDinG t» or K I c ■ I O • CIO . • m o ■ a expo ■iv» y £mci n ' L. E. Paulin Assistant Superintendent THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA Home Office, Newark, N. J. Branch Office 720 Franklin Street Michigan City, Indiana Life Insurance for the Whole Family ; Free House Plans 0. A. WELLNITZ 1 for the first • Bride or Groom AND SONS of the Staple and Fancy Groceries 1940 Class and Bakery Frey Bros. Lumber Co. I West End of 10th Street Quality Meats Phones 189-190—Free Delivery 320-322 Franklin Street 100RALSTON Grocery and Market 1024 East Michigan Street Phone 1500 Free Delivery Staple Groceries Fresh Vegetables Full Line of Fresh and Cold Meats AX Ml US Ih’ij Vlvunintj Cleaning ... Tailoring Phone 839 303 Franklin Street SANITARY DAIRY CO. Franklin Pharmacy John J. Marszalek, Registered Pharmacist The Rexall Store 1517 Franklin Street Michigan City, Indiana Phone 234 We Deliver MATTIE McCOMB, INC. Office Supplies Books - Stationery ; Owens Motor Supply Co., Inc. Distributors Automobile replacement parts and accessories Complete machine shop service 306 East Michigan Street Michigan City, Indiana Phone 446 1 r B. B. MANN Choice Fruits - Vegetables and Fancy Groceries 1125 East Michigan Street A future of health and happiness to every student of the Class of 1940 L'HVuteQid i r All forms of INSURANCE B. L. SIEB Phone 500 115 West Seventh Street Michigan City, Indiana 102Sincere Congratulations to the Class of 1940 WM. MILLER MARKET QUALITY MEATS And may each find success and happiness in his chosen vocation Gotto-Mathias j Company Congratulations and Best Wishes To Graduating Class of 1940 DUNES RELIEF POST 2536 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States LILLY'S HAT and DRESS SHOP • Michigan City LaPorte Phone 1375 Phone 1174K 1001 Franklin Street $890 to $1424 NASH SALES and SERVICE Joe Dry Herff-Jones Company Designers and Manufacturers of School and College Jewelry Graduation Announcements, Cups, Medals, and Trophies • Indianapolis. Indiana 103COOK OFFICE SUPPLIES 115 West Sixth Street Phone 200 We Really Try to Please You FASTPORT LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS 1513 East Michigan Street Telephone 1718 Michigan City, Indiana -------------------------------------------- r PONTIAC - CADILLAC - LASALLE i; SALES - SERVICE P. W. Way Motor Sales 1; E. L. Waybright, Mgr. I! 236 Spring St. Michigan City Phone 2501r » -I .

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