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.4-1 .4-3 -f"'ff-,,4:' Y , ,fu--f "': -,,,1-1 -",,'L-" I -f-nv-F ,. f -' A 1 .f I : 1-'ff' 74 ZZ Z 221 IZ X X UU l,..,n46 WN -fvfhgwf 1104-JAQJK-IVNJ ww HW 'O' wb .04m-v... ' , 'U' Wai:-Q rl? W3 'uid Q- Q-v-QA 01,-QA, 5674-f7gq71"""L'0 xfffmffi if X, NK? UW U ', , Z7 f m jgZfiT C V ffm? 47Qv2 25 MXH M7251 rfzz5f7A fe76', M91 M2222 WW f ,f 1, , 'iw f'2'Wf A7 K' ,fflfflfcfg " 1,7 ,fy ,- 7 , fx ff A 6 . brfazfiv I fZffQ ?gQ' 1' Z' fi' Ffffifliflf' M, ANU! KZ!! 12' f L e.mfmfLzf ,Y 41J. Mr LEM s.U"'i':3qlM ' Q0 CVNWCxbxSAdO'bQxria.iilx4LfgQuQA45f,ff"Qbgr WQWQLQKMW SSJQWQ 5? Q gg 3525 15555 525 Qin i 3 w 1 S 1 4 I VOLVEMEN T 8: ELSINORE gn, 'N' uw W -A, Ll yt iffwfiiw 5 ff-vm. Allsa Kimble and Alan Tleman take a break m their science class. Top Right, Mrs. Westfall talks to Melissa Proxmire during a pep rally. Bottom Left, Sonja Wilson and Mayor Strigotte participate in the home- coming parade. Bottom Right, Ms. Cla ypool explaines the class assignment to Bruce Grizf zle. Opp. Page Top Left, Kikee Coleman and Rowena Mitchell on Halloween, Top Righ L, 'Um Daily participates in the tricycle races during homecoming week,- Bottom Left, Billinda Garrett talks tu students during a special assembly about the use of drugs. OPENINGXZ Ag? -viii? ,,f F, nz rum, ,- 'W N 'Q .. WHAT A COMBINATION vw ,iff xwg No one Could deny it. Elsinore has opportunities. Elsinore has something for everyone. Everyone has a chance. All that stood between you was the hell. After school activities were a part of Elsinore. Staying after school was fun, it was another way to Spend time with friends. You found out that even the fun was hard work. You went to class. You participated. What else can he said but you were in vol ved. The reward for all of your hard work paid off in the knowledge that you had given it it your very best. And that best paid off' UI 'lu'Nl.NY ft ,Z .sv f 7 3 A wk 'R f .L Ars bl 'V OUTRA GECUSNESS A D ELSINURE most outrageous thing this year? The rules! This is high school not "Romper Room!" - Andrea Fuller, 12. Display of .affection is really outra- geous for grounds of suspension! Randy Gordon-12. Stan Crippens wife didn 't have an- other baby this year. - D. Cournoyer. X Top Left, Tiffani Baldwin screams of fright at Knotts Scary Farm. Bottom Left, Harold Beasley concentrates on the upcom- ing game against Temecula. Remember the prices to be paid? The yellow lines, it just got worse were in a smaller cage! Shannon Hoole, 12 Sean Bercume! - Jarni Baldwin, 10. The Penalty box! - Tammy Sprague, 1 0. Pep Rallies! - Deborah Baldwin, 9. Butch Kirk. - Debbie Durst, 10, Being editor of the yearbook and Emmet She-Han the future Brian Bainbridge! - Tammy Davis, 12. Spiderlegs in room 505! - Julie Bar- rios, 12. The Seniors! The new way we are doing homecoming! - Tiffani Bal- dwin, 12. Robert Milliron! - Michelle Watts, 11. Mr. Crippens fourth period class! - Drue Stafford, 12. Prices To Be Paid I Ist- "A Friendly Warningl' 5 2nd- TeacherfStudent Conference 5 v 3rd-Parent and Counselor Inform, Detention 5th - Viola tion of Con tact Dropped From Class it is 4th-Teacher!Studen tfParen t! Counslor Conference, contact g WHAT A COMBI ATION7 A l.I'I'I, .-inzln-41 Fullz-r ,Q flu! hms "UI "IRA, fu fl!! ,hw 1. p .Uuldlf-. Fred Fawn us, hf- Np1r1llu-l,rrrIIzI- 'nc' .ngmml 'l'w1zrI'L1la pR1,glzI,l241nIJ1Ila1"I1m 1l",wfm1r tlnm LMI, 'l'wne1'ula1 its uw-rv ull over Ihr- nprl- Ilurmg Ihr ww'-A' plzlx wi 11,y.'11mI Ihem, Hum lfighr. Phil Van-If: mph ,ur Ihe- 'l'v1110rI1l.'1 ir. I ii 'Y 1 - r ,I nz I A.. w I I 2 K I n X. ..,p- E X 1 ' 5. I I 1 I E I 5 1 I 1 C i , I I I I ' I l 3 E X 5 9 i . f U . 1 ' wwf. Q , 5, 'I A: 'Z -, . :wig , 0I'E.N'lNI qs 'M 13 " 4 W E 5: 1 iw-Iliff: , .Wm f.,, . www'35z::fA f-'ffmv ileirff ,,51?Q11'l fix? M1241 ' 'iiliiiiit 53252 Esziswf 1 El'???"?32'?Mf x wgggfwg Wifiqkilmiz A liziiazssggiizg if Eiifsmasx 15232552 fwwi' z v 510525 3" 11 M 5g"i'i?2??E3i2 Zi' Win. I U' M3315 I Hkiinii 2223355152 Q 1 iiwrfw fmssi :zmzz Jim - -' QS? 2333525 A D UQ? ZEDQQ vs 115322222212 iifzzwfi Af ' 212 iiviwzrzzzz. fi 5 223155535 at 5:5333 N l-mix: V: f 53578 Ss :Qi Uizgisszzzf' 1155: rp f,fllizs12g,gi25iE?iLQZ 9,5 .jgunfiir wxmm, v A ,., .w.wwa:.f g , m53Y ,s , m f - U w f w v f U W Hi! ' w ,ww 11225322 1:52:52 S552 Wwx Q msg F5559 5:3555 , 1125.515 ..::E? wr 2 . Q 5 1986-87 queen, Leonora G I1 escort Reginald Gore. S PRESENTIN G THE 1 986-8 7 H OMEC MING COU T I ,W k .. V I Krissy Brimer with escorts Bob Brimer and Brian Bain- ROf1'BIfH16j' with escorts Randy Brinley and Dusty Brin- bridge. I 16,V. V N Christina Bennett with escorae Paul Bennett and Micheal ' Cindy Delph with escorts Danny Esparza and Greg Hudson. OPENINGJJ 1 Bemzetl. When the big game arrived the en tire stadium was Hlled with tension and ex- citement. The Tiger football team wer- en 't the only ones nervous if the game was lost, the entire valley was. After all, they were up against a winning team. At 7:00 the pre-game parade was on its wa y. As the crowd grew larger so did the spirit. The Tigers and Chino Cowboys were tied 6 to 6 for the first halfof the game. While the stands grew, so did the ten- sion of our mighty football team! As the coronation ceremony began, the class princesses were driven by the audience. Senior girls were driven on antique classics, while underclassrnen girls were driven on sports cars. Homecoming night was going abso- lutely perfect until the half-time pre- sentation began. The master of ceremo- nies speech had been misplaced. So as the princesses were escorted down the Held, only their names were called off The homecoming coronation was com- ing to a close as Angie Baldwin, 1985 first runner-up approached the tield. Senior class princesses Krissy Brimer, Leonora Gore, Christina Bennett, Rori Brinley, and Cindy Delph were holding hands awaiting to Hnd out who was the new homecoming queen. The entire au- dience was anxious to Hnd out what the homecoming surprise was, but due to an inexperienced driver, the famous sur- prise Efailed to arrive on time. Walt Dis- ney's Micke,v Mouse and Seasame Streets Big Bird were to arrive on the Held in a white limousine to crown homecoming queen Leonora Gore. They showed up ten minutes after Leo- XJ? L N, 1-rf ........amr Varsity songleader Yolanda Jimenez, displays her senior spirit on the pep squad float nora had been crowned, Despite these two major set backs, the night was still a success. Our Tiger football team kept the score 6-all to the bitter end! ,fm Z Gary Shelton and Jamie Stout ride past the crowd on the junior tloat. OPENINGXI2 Senior class princess. Christina Bennett Q ,f K ,Fa Sophomore class princesses Roni Yzmagisawa and Rene! Christner are Waiting to be driven beibre the crowd. 1 Angie Baldwin, 1985 first runner-up. Class prim'essc's Jfindi Neil :md Carrie Wazkeliold smile' as they ride ass ic' Nlefrcedes Benz. MASQUERAD BALL - Freshman Rhonda Febula, is excited Ihr her first h0mec:on1ing. - Steve Roseherry, 1986 Hnmecoininginasternf ceremonies. Krissy Brimer congratulates Leonora Gore on her crowning victory. OPEN I N G11 Za' Every year during football season, it is A.S.B. 's job to plan a week Hlled with fun and excitement. Through the week of October 27th to Halloween, homecoming festivities were carefully planned by our Associated Student Body. Homecoming week started off with new and traditional dress-up days. On Monday the campus was roaming with students dressed in old shirts untucked, beany-boy caps, and eye-glasses with masking tape stuck around the center. Once again, Geek day proved to be the funniest day of the week. Then on Tuesday it was obvious why many of our students were dressed alike: Of course it was Twins day. During Wednesday the faculty staff was impersonated on Favorite Teacher day and fashion history was reli ved on Thursday as students came to school dressed in 20's, 403, 5029 and 60's clothing styles on Nostalgic day. Homecoming and Halloween fell on the same day and the majority ofE'.H.S. students were either in costume or clothed in red. Junior class princess Mindi Neil with escorts Jim Neil and Brian Boswell. Junior class princess Carrie WakeHeld corts David Chase and Mike Nunnaly. ,go X with es Keyth Red Elk. Sophomore class princess Renel Christner with escorts Burt Christner and Rafael Navarro. OPENINGXI4 Freshman class princess Candace Woody with escorts Al Parker and Sophomore class princess Boni Yanagiasawa with escorts Wilfred Yanagisawa and Todd Yana- gisa wa. Wendy Mdrba tbrbiis confetfih SLFODI the Youth Affairs float. 5 Freshmah class priiicess Heather Matthias with escorts Frank Matthias and WE'lIiam Matthias. .. .9eniok'EfC'1ass Prff1h2iesses,' Delplil Christizfg 'Bem2etfQ Leono1'algbore, Krfssy Brimer and Rori Brinley. OPENINGXI 5 TIGER HOMECOMING. . Q36 ?s , x vgyqs' . fav - - ' :H-me-.' W' N PM mf f-M' M. -5 LJ Class princesses Heather Matthias, Cindy Delph, and Candy Woody wave to the crowd as they are driven through the Main Street Pa- rade. r s 7 2 K , 11 'QT' r. OPENINGXI 6 ,1,. ,W ge. - . , 5 Q--- M. Agdirgmfgga - 4,w5W'v 1ffi tv- 1 . nf. f': 'vm ' ' if ' W X1 MESH?-mfr,:1!':B:Q-F WW . ii., a i , ,, ,lv .Mb , ' ' 1 C Q 5' Janne-tts Rivera and Beverly Pigeon were dressed by th, mothers for twins day. Erin Zahl and Carrie Adams ride on the Thespian Float. E P 5 I I A l 1, w, 4 . ' 1 A. ,ig . , is-J ,W , 1 - ' ' y . fx , The Elsinore Letterettes perform their routine during the lltilflflllltl presentation. 4. L m.?e,i .lumix aj., SY! e ii i f' ' IT 3,21 3,1 1' A ws - ' 3 ' ' 1 , .,- jfs. V ' 'E flag L I Senior Jennifer Ford relives her life as a four year old. The Homecoming Main Street Pa- rade was reborn this year after fifteen years of' hibernation. Crowds of stu- dents, teacher, and families were brought together to be a part of a cer- monious occasion, The parade was headed by the Tiger pride band as tall flag and drill team members followed. Club and class floats displaying E.H.S. spirit were filled with studen ts anxious- ly awaiting the "Big Nightly Homecoming. When hearing that word we of- ten think ofa week of ac- tivities, dress-up days, and a time Har Elsinore High to unite. We also antici- pate the night of the big game and the crowning of the new homecoming queen. This years home- coming activities were the best ever. Contests were held every day at lunch as each of the four classes competed in such games as musical chairs, ice block races, and tricycle relays. The homecoming dance wasn 't considered a success since the majority of the students ventured over to the raging Tiki House to travel through the haunted house and dance Halloween and Homecoming night all the way to the end.' Fore-v Schroeder and Holly Cllarlc are in their time warp. . ., , W. ..t. ......m.,..,..,e,,,, lWichelleStr1gotte are ou the waj Io the circus. Judy Gillet, Kira Coleman and OPHNINHXI 7 NME sl' P' ff ea ,Q- 1 . W Q f F3 , 7, L1.4q W Y fl-im' Q. ffz, NL i- 5 fi: , ls.: .3511-1:5 ,I-.ff,f: Q1 L Lal' Q ' uf f if . S 5,6 L . X N , W w xx JF , , -i . mer . gk? ' 1 wg: Mr. Jones, you kate truly umque! i we " Jwl.: 4. f i -3 ' s , N1 jd: . ,X , ' , . .il 41332 , 'iff .fax :gf A Y 'lf F5231 . w,h,: X fy x -W, wav.. , , - . N. t if 1 Mi ,N Excuse me, you did what? 'Q'-eff 'M 1 A JL ' -4 Mr. Jones puts an orange in his mouth in attempt to not laugh. A , 1 1 F I ' The gray, bald, and beautiful. DEDICATIONHQ -, .....J SPIRIT A D ELSIN ORE OI'l'ININIIf20 -if A .Y xi? -' .l , A ,Aim 3 X in , 1 . . .. ,Y . "1"i , r 131' " ,Xi A f fb 3? H 5 114 ig! AN ' 5, ' - 'vw fr - . A n. iy, fi, fa. H V GW, ' lf"1. Q WHAT A COMBINATION 'I E I 12 S-..-. 'bv-741' K ful JH" hr' ' J ,K fi- I ,5 -,v M I if, 4 , ,P e i' "1- I k. x I S A. L OPI' NINI X71 TIGER EN TH USIA SM' ! Carrie Adams and Erin Zahl, Tiger Spirit . . . there is no substitute. Krissy Brimer and Tammy McNeal keep the spirit flowing at a pep rally. ei W RVN Christina Bennett, James Beaudoin, Kira Lufkin, and Che' Smith E.H.S. Positive People. 0PENINGf22 Todd "Stud" Lee exhibits perfect bench sitting poise at break in the quad. l 5 2 Q I 2 3 1 ORGAN IZ IO I E!-I w . Q . g 5 in , 5 , X , 'EH ' . K f'sX,?!.'x JK, X fx Lx 'xxx J f X f nl if X' 'x F 5' ' 1 if C - x 5. s f O Q 'WWA 4 4 4 5, Q A 1 ,N .,. V , . .. ' , -141. "ff JQPW' .2 , . -.4,..,,,-b,,,,.W - , VARSITY CHEERLEADERS '8 7 Crystal Kennedy Heather Suva Corrie Schroder Trfcla Cordova gf' The 1986-87 Varsity Pep Squad gather together at halftime to keep warm. Andrea Barrera OR GA N IZA TIONSXZ4 ' A-: Q, "frssm.5 V s s,.., N'-'4 , :Q i ing.. ,.., .4. The 1986-87 Varsity Cheer form a unique pose. V Krissy Brimer, Top Left Holly Clark, Top Middle Kathy Curtis, Top Right Christina Pancoast, Bottom Left Jamie Stoute, Bottom Right ORGANIZA TIONSXZ5 JU IOR VARSITY xi! 1987 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Kneeling: Shay Turrentine. Bottom Row: Penny Harris, Monica F lippen, Kira Lufkin, Debbie McCully. Top Row: Tracy Holderman, Alicia Coving- ton, Noelle F urgoson, Amy Page, Liane Brown, Paige Mowrer, Chrissy Rossi. Monica Flippen Dawn Mayberry Tracy Holderman Jennifer Hunt 267 OR GA NIZA Tl ONS Penny Harris Shay Turrentine Liane Brown CHEERLEADERS ,,,.,,..4m- Paige Maurer- Captain- Fall .LV Cheer show their stuff at a pep rally. Amy Page- Captain- Fall Kira Luflrin Chrissy Rossi Alicia Covington- Captain- Winter Debbie McCully Noelle F urgonson Boni Yanagisawa- Captain- Spring OR GA NIZA TIONSXZ7 ! , . ga. f , A , f..1?:3f5'q?K 'c.,'f'fzw Neff ,g . W 1 .,...,.i.,-w ..-...,,..!.A..m,, Q,m,,,,...,--,,..,. .-.., ..,. f ' V X -.-1 f ,, ,. - , The 1986-87 Varsity Songleaders Leonora Gore Tania Esqueda Mindi Neill YH 3+ I E W in K V gk! ,IT V 14112 1 1 y E U ,af i ,jig V! 1 'Tm' , k Q - Y W H calf' 1 Q L A VARSITY SONGLEADERS Rori Brinley Briana Piper Jeanette Rivera Christina Bennett Lynette Jordan Yolanda Jiminez MSL in FRESHMAN 1987 Frosh Cheer: Bottom Row: Michelle Strigotte, Jenny Morgan, Heather Matthies, Michelle Jackson, Joy Chamberlain, Stephanie Coats. Middle Row: Liane Courson, Melissa Johnson, Shawna Preston, Julie Gibbs. Back Row: Davonna Smith. Michelle Jackson Liane Courson Melissa Johnson- Captain 30f0rganiza tions Joy Chamberlain Michelle Strigotte Stephanie Coats CHEERLEADERS Frosh Cheer perform at halftime of a freshman football game. ... -X51 Q ' mga. V 3 Jennifer Morgan- Captain Heather Matthies Shawna Preston 1 YN .i " X Wi? Davonna Smith Julie Gibbs ll Uv ' Q ORGANIZA TIONSf31 TIGER MASCOTS 8 imap iiizf 7'1f,'8I' Mascots Tammy McNeal and Krissy Bruner Mbovej Krissy Brimer drinks a refieshing Seltzer at halftime. fR1ghtJ The best part of being .9 mascot is the togethemess and fun. ORGA NIZA TIONSH2 -if f , W ' 5" Wk. rl I Km.. ff 11' 4 1 . '.z,.4-f' ,ily .i:xam..,,J,.i- S-R, f few Jw LW. ii 3-. f Q51 2.2, INNER CL UB OUNCIL Inner Club Council, is a club made up of club presidents or representa- tives chosen by their clubs. This club meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month to plan ac- tivities such as Sadie Hawkins, Hula Hawkins and other activities. LYWWVN Front Row: Tiffani Baldwin, Tammy McNeal, Heather Suva, June Arnini, Steve Roseberry. Second Row.' Todd Lee, Tammy Davis, Jennifer Carter, Kim Love. Third Row: Tony Mora- marco, Matt Martland, Brian Bainbridge, Renel Christener, Vickie Jolly. Back Row: Damon Ridgeway. C.S.F. CSF is a club in which member- ship is constituted by a student hav- ing a B+ grade point average or above, and the student must be en- rolled mainly in college prepatory classes each semester to be eligible. This year CSF has expanded its membership and has included within the clubs goals not only fund raisers and scholarship programs, but com- munity involvement as well, such as the first annual carroling Christmas party at a local con valesent hospital. Through the clubs advisors, Mr. Jim Davis and Mrs. lnce, CSF hopes to enjoy the academic success they strived for and share this not only with other students but with the community as well. Front Row: Gloria Gross, Damon Ridgeway, Renel Christener, Natalie Herrle, Britt Kibala, Nhung Nguyen, Jim Davis, Advisor. Second Row: Son Cao, Todd Lee, Yolanda Vasquez, June Arnini, Samantha Hurlburt. Third Row: Chuck Spine, Leonore Bently, Angela Myers, Shawna Preston, Nicole Perkins, Chris Roberts. Back Row.' Lisa Edwards, Cami Holman, Bev Bevel- head, Kim Shimasaki. ' I r 2 ORGA NIZA TIONSf33 A.P. ENGLISH Elsinore High School Advance Placement Program offers courses i English, biology, American history math, and assist students who wisl to take the national exam in othe, areas, such as Spanish, French, art music, and computer science. The students who take courses ir A.P. are motivated and dedicated tc academics and must sacrifice mucl time to prepare for the nationa exam in May. Courses are taught 014 college level, and students may earr college credit if they pass the A.P exam in May. Front Row: Dee Hillin IA.P, Coordinatorj, Yolanda Vasquez, Chanda Newman, Natalie Herrle, Allison Hurst. Second Row.' Ramona VanCamp, Samantha Hurlburt, Lori Slutter, Chuck Spine. Back Row: Tricia Bland, Bjarne Olsen, Marcella Barrios fan alumnij, Damon Ridgeway, Heather Suva, David St. Cyr. A.P. HISTORY A.P. History is a class where you basically read a book and write an essay about once a week. The class is based primarily on lectures. In this class the topics are about why things happened in history rather than only memorizing even ts. At the end of the year each student is given the oppor- tunity to take a test, and if the stu- dent passes the exam, they are not required to take freshman history when they enter college. Front Row: Jill Haworth, Dana Renfrow, Tammy Bambengen, Shana Cantarini, Shane ini, Britt Kibala, Nhung Nguyen Second Row: Mr. Reese, Maribel Luis, Ramona Van Stephanie Estes Third Row: Scott Durley, Son Cao, Marcella Barrios fan alumnil, Joy denthal, Melanie Martinez Fourth Row: Mike Jackson, Bill Henry, Tonia Esqueda, Meza Fifth Row: Shellie Brown, Darrell Ellis, Patricia Cordova Back Row: Glenn Koski, Martin, Martin Gaffey OR GANIZA TIONSX34 In order to qualify for A.P. Calcu- us, a student must have successfully 'ompleted 2 years of Algebra and one 'ear of Geometry and Pre-calculus. The purpose of the course is to pre- rare the students to take the A.P.- '-LB. calculus exam. The course con- ent is suggested by an outline pre- Jared by the College Board. A.P. CALCULUS Front Row: Allison Hurst, Samantha Hurlburt, Tricia Bland Back Row: Therse Haran, Bjrne Olsen, Robert Nordland, Eric Roath, Not pictured Craig Burrows. A.P. BIOLOGY This course is based on lab selec- tions from topics such as: biochemis- try, DNA, protein syn thesis, genet- ics, etc. The students are encouraged to take the advanced placement biol- ogy exam in May. A grade of 3, 4, or 5 can earn up to 10 units of university credit. J.E. Gonzalez ront Row: John Gonzalez, Andrea Fuller, Joe Mowrer, Cecilia Gonzalez, Yolanda Vasquez, athalie Herrle, Heather Lyons, Debra Crowley Back Row: Shasean Greer, Mike Sheftner, cotty Higgins, Brian Bainbrigde, Damon Ridgeway OR GANIZA TI ONSX35 YCU TH AFFAIRS Front Row: June Arnini fPresidentJ, Cwennen Corral K Vice President! Second Row: Heather Suva, Tiffany Baldwin, Tammy Davis, Erin Rugg, Lisa McElroy Third Row: Joe Mowrer, Debbie Hopkins, Matt Martland, Tony Moramarco, Shasean Greer Fourth Row: Steve Rose- berry, Teresa Peterson, Heidi Nesselrode, Chris Tafoya Back Row: Jill Burnside, Kris Santa Maria, Matt Prielipp The Youth Affairs Committee 1 an organization sponsored and sup ported by the Lake Elsinore Valle Chamber of Commerce. I t was start ed on campus to allow teenagers t show their participation and involve ment in school and community ac tivities. It also gives an opportunit for teenagers to express their ow opinions and ideas about whic types of entertainment, activitie and other recreation areas should offered in the community an. school. Much work and strong detez mination was required in starting tli club, but it was worth it all. Committee members helped in number of activities throughout th year, one such event being the Hul Hawkins Dance. Possible ideas fc future youth attairs committee ac tivities are to have a local under 2 Dance Club, a Teen Center, or oth workable goals. We hope to keep t Youth Affairs Committee drea growing from year to year. F.B.L.A. FBLA is a state and national voca- tional organization for students en- rolled in business and ofHce educa- tion programs in California secon- dary schools. Chapter members are encouraged to participate in activities designed to facilitate intelligent career choices, develop business skills, learn the value of community responsibil- ity, and become well-rounded indivi- duals. Front Row: Bridget Delph, Cindy Delph, Lisa Wheat. Second Row: Patricia Barrett, Stephani Hughes, Rosalind Hamilton. Third Row: Scott Durley, Kim Love, Antonette Wilson, Ric. Conchola. Fourth Row: Sonja Wilson, Carol Gordon, Shelly Wright, Lasha wn Westbrook. Bac. Row: Monique Barron, Michelle Davenport, Charisa Hudson, Nicole Robinson, Davonna Smith Salon Scott. 367 OR GANIZA Tl ONS TIGER SAFARI f I -I ff eva' A 1 A "' , 1 fly, W W If Ill ti f f f f . live! 1 I 3 ,t 'UI f ,1 1 ' ,' .My I . 'r QR Q, .Xlf I I TRAVELING TIGERS 41 5 Nui w-X- -Dx Loretta Smithson ladvisorl, Marie Swanson, Mitzi Orndorl, ,loellen Werner, Jerry Nelson. Tiger Club Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the FUi Islands will hear the patter ot' Tiger paws this July as the Tiger Safari Club enjoys a South Pacific tour. This exciting adventure begins with a Hight to the tropical Fiji Islands. The "friendliest people on Earth" have invited our Tigers lo a "meke" feast where they will enjoy delicious food and he entertained by Melanesian dancers. A tour ofthe cultural center in an outrigger canoe and an optional cruise to Fastaway Island with lunch. swimming, and sun bathing on beautiful beaches will introduce students to the true spirit of Fiji. Next on to one ofthe most vibrant and exciting cities in the Southern Hemisphere- Sydney. Australia. This city of out- standing charm and style will be seen on a sightseeing cruise aboard the Svdney Harbor Explorer, The highlight of the cruise is the renowned Tarunga Park Zoo, where you can see native creatures like koalas, kangaroos, and the duck-billed pla typ us, New Zealand is the third leg of thejourney. It is a land of great natural wonders, from the snow-capped Southern Alps to the lush meadows ut' the Hinterland. The Hrst night here will he spent in Auckland. ,lourneying south to the enchanting town of Hamilton on the Waitomo River, Tigers will investigate the tabulous caves ofthe Waitomo hy hoat andglide into the tantasy world ofthe Glow- Worm -Grotto. Hxploring Maori country, Tigers will see the customs, cralls, and legends of these people. Then onto the gevsers of the Thermal Area. agricultural lands, and Agrodome. The day will end with a special lylaori warlike dance and traditional "Hangi" dinner. S .e 2 xi: S ,J X S . X xg ef? Foreign Exchange Student, Hans Van Gerre- vink, Hollands loss, our gain. This year The Traveling Tigers are planning a trip to Spain. The trip will last for 10 days and will be leav- ing some time in August. To keep the cost down We had to sell M Kr M's and beef sticks for fun- draisers. We have also been planning a bake for sometime next year. I feel this year went great. We owe alot of thanks to Loreta Smithson. I wish we could have more teachers who put so much care and time into teaching as she does. ORGA NIZA TIONSflf EDITOR Jill Burn ORE SECTION EDITOR- Kathy Hutchinson FRESHMEN SECTION EDITOR- Estela Lopez, Betsy Petersen ACTIVITIES EDITOR- lVIarie Swanson ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR- Eric Ortiz FACULTY EDITOR- Karen Knight SPORTS EDITOR- Marcie Halliday PHOTO EDITOR- Brian Marchand STAFF- Greg Gonzalez Matt Prielipp John Church Shannon Hoole Scott Tingle Aaron Morello Anna Howard June Ar- EL LA GC John Church, K3 , D vis Second ROW! d M rie fel Lisa McElroy June Arnini, Greg Gonzzgezlkqlgglwlkqiargn Morellg gnnti Estjla L01 .Joe Mowrer, 1 - Betsy Peterson ac: . ' . n Marc'-,an y co f ADVISOR- Frank Gruber Front ROW' B rnside Eric Ort1Z, I Matt Prielipp, Bfla Knight, Jill u. H Shannon Hoo e, Swanson Marcie Halliday' Kathy Hutchmson ff",...,r June Arnini assures Ka thy Hutchinson that correcting proofs isn 't Greg Gonzalez tries to avoid listening to Tammy another speaker. Can anyone take a blonde in as hard as it looks. ORGANIZA TIONSB8 .W-1 Matt Prielipp works diligently on completing his deadline. Poor Eric Ortiz . . . You look so confused! 5 " 'V b"""--wa ww. Betsy Peterson and Estela Lopez demonstrate the "When all else fails, look busy" method of impressing the teacher. L. nRr'A NIZA TIONSX39 em Q Hey, Mr. Gruber whose deadline are you workmg on now? fb fl' who works With za smlle on h1s face Staff are proud to TION!" to you. worked long hours to produce this With only a few returning staff members most of our staff was inexperienced, and with an experienced new advisor, Frank Gruber we got off to a slow start, but through it all we stuck together. This year's yearbook is the biggest and has the most color pages in the history of EHS and this Valley. We hope you enjoy this yearbook as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Although at times it looked like we would never make the deadlines we stuck with it working on weekends, after school or during any spare time we had. But we think our effort has paid off and our reward for our hard work will be your appreciation for capturing the memories of the life at EHS in 1986-87. 'W f ff. .t ,3..i,xNf .qs M . arcle Plaljhjay 3 tr U6' Worker on 2176, yearb Goff Staff Hey, We don 't get paid for this!! Waxes. W xx 951.1 Sr N as S Ser ' one f' Q i e M .M 'i'1.',...""......,t, it Q1 igj,-33513353 mwsmwamfgiftf -R . . . 5212, TQl1Q?QXLi4I4K4 . 'S 3-,g:'?:i::.':'::1:: A . Q-.. ,. WW. ,.. .M Q.. ' 'N fe W W K cm P A M N I fawf .ga I- WWW oqqhhh, we W .A N... . .ggt H kvvg g , ef 'ai' """" K f ,.......,..........-..-..-X-. kr kkkhkk V 3 x.. A 1 A ' V W E X L I . . - 12 . 'ff -1 t E f t A K K E . ......r... .,.., .wifi V 1 i 1 L., ...,. M .....,. as f-M,-N-s': so 'i---- i f E .... L Q i A . 5 i gzzwfgfqgzzkq . ' I H - - . L. fl 'FN Wi ' , ,. .A f A 2 ,,.. . is --wif Q fm LLA. ,oooo gf gg .mms A -Q 2- ' 5 5 1-+1 . - . P . .5 .if 5 x-.M L if .... ,,-...a 22555343-if - 'W-nl ' Vxvmmmvwmmf- S A ' ' -JH if . x ' ,,.. t s Q 3. s ff emma. o if ' 3 P ' N r i.a.....f..1I..ZT' , 5 1 ' V nun- --w t 3 , ' , ,g - E ..a..s....M.W i ...-Q ay . ,av-Q, fi. 2 vqkdlmulu-A 5' R' ' 5' ' 5 fl Q -f- Kis Q PTE 4.4 s E S .H n s ss 1- s an is H- wwe ' K K 'WV W NP' VL ' ' . -hiv www T . .L .ii " www-bf 5 , A Y , ,- ' L 'H X . it f. ' - . ' b WW 5 .rrr ... ii .aww 8 304741535 W' , focus . , . Great Church, you MIME Front Row: Brandy Pomeroy, Jaymee Jackson, Veronica Grindstaff, Ka thy Maier. Second Row: Renee' Franklin, Keith Gaurkee, Debbie Hopkins fcaptainj, Jenny Hillstrom, Kristie Beer. Third Row: T.J. Gobel, Misty Marlar. SPEECH A Speech and Debate is a club in which speaking skills are perfected. This group also attends several speech contests such as the Lions, Student Speakers Contest, as Well as participating in school functions. We hope more people will join our club in the years to come. Front Row: Craig Speers, Angela Ratliff Paula Manley fadvisorl Back Row: Steve Steve Soliday, Heather Gorrell, Mike Hernandez, Lisa Hirning. 42fORGANIZA TI ONS Mime is the Hne art of silent th atre. I t is designed to express feelin and thoughts without the use Words. I t has exaggerated movg ments in order to get the messag being presented across clearly. Mime is one of the most difhcul' types of theatre. Every movemen must be precise so as not to confus the audience. The mime troupe consists of n. more than twelve students. Thes studen ts are an elite group of talen ed people selected only after long a ditions. Each person is screene scored and finally informed if the have been accepted into this speci group. This years mime troupe consists eleven students with Debra Hopkin as the leader of the troupe. We can be seen performing at p rades, grand openings, school fun tions, and many different place This years mime troupe can proudl be termed as the best yet! DD BAT THESPIAN5 WHAT CHARACTERS! Thespians are a creative groupfof - students whowdare to do what noone else p willido. Theyidofaot havetany shame and are not easily L embarrassed, which at times makes them vulnerable. Each of them are proud of the positions they hold and to beta Thespian is an honors teal! who - are a pert of the club. Thespians are F A definitely unique in the fact that they t hold their Word and are true to all of their friends. Elsinore Hgh A is extremely proud of QM one of the most l involved clubs l throughout the t if campus and to encourages more active students to join. Wi-.' Vhespians - Front Row: Ileft to right! C wennen Corral, Mitzi Orndorf Heather Mc Innis, Jennifer Stekkinger, Kim Fox, 'nd Dawn Berry. Back Row.' Ileft to righ tl Heather Suva, Laurie Brown, Kelly Beer, Kelly Covey, Jenny Hillstrom, and Piffan y Rea ves. The Thespians are a unique group of young actors who are not only part ofa club but also dedicate their time to wards entertaining others The theater provides a life away from everyday life There we work to express ourselves and put talent and creativity together Each dreams that some day we ourselves will tra vel further than our school s theater We are individuals and that is what sets us apart from the rest We are umhed is the special link which keeps us going It takes a lot of time hard work dis ciplme responsibility and commit ment to become a Thespian You also need a great sense of humor to make it through initiation We strive for our goals by reaching for the stars Be yourself' Think about it Being yourself is what life is about and what a theme for this year' It takes a special person with a special talent who can be themselves You can find that kind of person in the Thespian Troupe 17.96 Laurie Brown Thespian President 1987 of us shares the same hopes and bya strong friendship between us. That W Thespian 0fHcers - fleft to right! Jennifer Stekkinger - Publicity, Heather Suva - Historian, Mitzi Orndorf - Clerk, Cwennen Corral - Secretary, Kim Fox - Vice-President, Laurie Brown - President. CL U BSA 43 B R A Eight performances of "Bri- gadoon" were held in the E.H.S. Stephen Price Theater February 19 - 28, 1987. Seniors Kelly Covey and Andrea Fuller played lead roles as Tommy Albright and Fiona Mac Laren. Heather Mc lnnis, also a senior, played the flirta- tious Meg Brockie. This per- formance assisted her in achieving recognition in dra- ma and a performing arts scholarship. The famous musical is set in a mystical village in Scotland. Every 200 years the village comes to life and then disap- pears after a single day. How- ever, if a native leaves the town, the miracle will cease. More than eighty-seven stu- dents enrolled in drama, choir, and dance, combined talents to stage "Brigadoon." Faculty members included Hollee Romero, Choreo- grapherg Archie Cain, Thea ter Directory and Reggie Keith, Music Director. BRIGADOON CAST Tommy Albright - Kelly Covey, Will Peterson "' Fiona Mac Laren - Andrea Fuller, Lisa La Turner J' Jeff Douglas - Matt Prielipp Meg Broekie - Heather Mc Innis, Tamera Mc Neal "' Archie Beaton - Chris Jones Harry Beaton - Hans van Gerrevinlc, Chris Horsley 'F Jean Mac Laren - Jennifer Waardenburg, Kami Bay Y Andrew Mac Laren - Jason BRIGA DOONX44 Gilenson Sandy Deab - Will Peterson Angus Mc Gufhe - Keith Jones Charlie Dalrymple - TJ Gobel Maggie Anderson - Mi'ndi Neill Mr, Lundi - Tom Brooks Frank - Ben Navarro Jane Ashton - Laurie Brown Kate - Frankie Ogle 'R Understudy for leads Theater Director, Archie Cain Chorus Leader, Reggie Keith Choreography, Hollee Romero On Top: TAKING THE LEAD: Andrea Fuller shows the audi her singing talent Kelly Beer, Kami Bay, and Lesley Wolfe looll N Adding a great amount ol' comedy to the musical, Heather Mc ll played the FLIRTA TIOUS Meg Brockie. il T ,iff 231 A lilllllilllf 1 HHH JONES Top Lvh: Seniors Kelly C"m'ex' and Hiatt Prielipp are run- filsed abou! the 1m'ster1Am1s village Hflfilfiflfill. Fmm'l1vsv:1 Davellport sits gj'I'i1C'PM1lI.X' on the stage during iQZf II EOMB1NA T10 OF TALENT plays the elderly merchant, Arvhle Heaton. HRIGADOONXJ5 1 0-9 , K fy ,,, K . sf Someday Debra Germany will make her fortune dealing with computers. 10-9 is actually the OfHce Occu- pationsf Word Processing class sponsored by the Regional Occu- pational Program. Providing ser- vices ofa clerical nature to teach- ers and staff as well as students, this "club" produces letters, in- structional materials, filing sys- tems and bulk mailings. Cheerful productivity and teamwork high- light the real ofHce setting in room 109. 46f OR GA N IZA TI ONS Mrs. Thomas helps David McGreal deal with a computes program. if gtg Front Row: Ms. Thomas, Tina LaGreca, Kathy Matthews, Rebecca Scotty, Joellen Werner, Marihe Luis, Lisa Edwards. Second Row: Jileen F osket, Julie Hernandez, Shane Cantarini, Debra Ger many, Susan Burklund, Carolyn Campbell, Thelma Nutter, Carol Merrit. Back Row: Veronic Espinoza, Tina Velupek, Kim Stuwe, David McGreal, Missy Love. The Computer Club was organized or the Hrst time this year. With lwenty members, it is one of the fas- est growing clubs on campus. The lub competes with over ten-thou- and other computer clubs across merica. If the club wins its compe- 'tion in April of '87, the entire mem- 'ership will be flown to Washington D. C. for an honorary awards dinner. Activities of the club include earning about computers, robots, fu- ure technologies and applications. EUFHPU EF'u"5 Front Row: Chanda Newman, Teresa Peterson, Steve Roseberry. Back Row: Ron Lynn, Craig Burrows, Dennis Boyer fadvisorj, Gary Rinehart. LEO 'S LEO1s is a club in which the group as a whole completes community tasks and raises money to go to con- ventions to hear speakers with their ideas. It is a club which needs all of its members working as a team. The LEO has a main goal of mak- ing the community better. By Kathy Rubecamp, VP. Row: Ray Drake, Britt Kibala, Nhung Nhugen. Second Row: Marty Morris, Son Cao, Thompson, Jason Riter, Gina Alexander. Back Row: Kathy Rubecamp, Mr. Gonzales. ORGANIZA TIONSX47 48f0RGANIZA A V ,',,,, M , 0 - A . 'fig-a TR 1 EXTRA Tiger Times has a main goal of producing an unbiased, interesting student newspaper recording major school events for the students and faculty at E.H.S. The staff strives to maintain a high standard quality which has earned its recognition twice as a first place nationally rat- ed high school publication. Ca to :st V311 M ,W .,,, was W Q ' , H: :gEg:5:25E5:E 5 ix , .,,., Q1,,1A,.,. ., s g S ..., -E-:- E m ia- QEA 3 ' . iz: Q g ,wwf wmwf., "1 E + As editor of the Tiger Times, I am Honored to represent such a Hne group of creative stu- dents. The talent displayed on this year's staff represents a wide array of personalities and ideas. Even though We have had a few minor problems, such as deadlines, but we managed to overcome these obstacles. The fun times have outweighed the bad times and will be remem- bered by all for many years to come. Damon Ridgway Editor-in-chief H198777 s W 'Cl .. tttit We - t t rttr ,Q r on rrrr r or trrr M i fx . , fm f ' G t 1 54 6 at 'Z . fwizrzv ."t-' . ,'f.,f , W 3 ,,,,, , , ,ar rrry r,rr 4 M f 535 . v AMI' 'rf' if I fs ,, . V it f Met af f f, d t il X J 7! ff f ,Q K X W if t X, no X r, N if 1 +2 fix Q awe S 1 4 f 5 ' 5, f, . --,, 37 , i " wmv ' ,Q 4 1 , ,,,. Kristina Pancoast finds her photographs amusing. High t: Rick Conchola recieves some advice for the Holiday issue. . . vfftamvwfw , ,,,,, , r 5 'mfs s mea 07 srsmozz K3 ,J K RX. O The T1ger Band proudly marches down Main street. Half timelc My time! . , , Go Carlos We've got it! The perfect beat! 50fORGANIZA TIONS r George Cobb of the tiger band blows his born. w t The band proves that it isn't just work. Mr. McPbersons cue "Hit that perfect beat. " ORGA NIZA TIONSf51 Front Row: Donna Brown, Kim Pantoja, Veronica Perez, Stacy Buchanan, Hortencia Cortez, Kathy Hutchinson, Anita Pantrja, Leslie Wolfe, Heathe Mann, Francesca Branch. Front Row: Kami Bay, Gina Woody, Lori Spawn, Lorna Gagnon, Becky Byrne, Lisa McElroy, Heather Mclnnis, Shanno Barnes, Denise Hammers, Michelle Jones, Heather Bailey, Jana Baxter, Lynn Barnes, Terry McPherson. Third Row: Samantha H ulburt, Tina Baehn Kevin Maier, Dominique Nyman, Jacquie Hauck, Pat San Nicholas, Darcie Wills, Kathy Mathews. Fourth Row: Serena Hulhurt, Renee Jerman, Ca Holman, Lee Harper, Carlos Gamez, Justin Kane, Heather Nesham, Michelle Davenport, Christine Lucero, Misti Thompson. Fifth Row: Gin Alexander, Cheryl Hill, Jeff Stuwe, Sherry Thompson, Brenda Avetta, Kelly Holman, Lani Kizler, Marcella Taylor, April Roberts, Jennifer Bisho Sixth Row: Christi Thompson, Jennifer Rushing, Laura Garcia, Ed Carlos, Rico Sandoval, Jim Arcadv, Chris McCormick, Josh ua Ladou, Kathie Trotte George Gagnon. Back Row: Dawn Rehling, Wayne Kizler, Scott Zimarik, Alex Kapan ui, Brad Bullock, Mark Candrera, Jason Martin, Glen Koski, Darrel Ellis, Jodi Davis. Not pictured: Kelley Rios, Lisa Ekstin, Christy Laders. i 'L -.- IIN - . 52fORGANIZA TI ONS J l9RlI.:l.:, FUHES 'HNIEJ 5fHlEl.:l95 MHREH EIN Left leg straight . , . bend right knee , , . hands on hips , . . new beginning, Gina Woody and Jana Baxter set the standards. smile, , , , remember, We are having fun. E-L-SAI-N-O-R-E , , , Yep, we've got it right. ORGA NIZA TIONSX53 7 Tall Flags get ready to perform at Homecoming Parade. 54fORGANIZA TI ONS Tiger Rifies, Gina Woody and Jana Baxter- looking good. Dancing is on Laura Gagnon is mind, 5 , . . 7 . . . 8 , . , Thompson, Samantha Hurlburt and Darcie Wills prepare to march in Parade. How do you spell relief? E-L-Sal-N-O-R-Elf Shannon Barnes gives the TIGER crowd a show. l9Rll.:l.: 'FEfFlM The Drill Team was founded this year by Heather Mclnnis. Tryouts were held in May, 1986 and only 12 girls auditioned for a nine member team. They went all out in a rigorous summer practice schedule in preperation for the USA Dance-Drill Camp. From practicing four hours a day they have all become very disciplined and team oriented. They have be- come like sisters. This discipline and closeness has won the team three Hrst, a second, third, and fourth place trophies in parades and field shows. They also com- peted in festival competition. The goals for next yearis drill squad are to have many girls try out in order to increase the team to about 15 members. They would also like to find an advisor so the team can continue to be as suc- cessful throughout the years to come. OR GA NI ZA TIONSAS5 PEP CL UB ,owls Front Row: Holly Clark, Crystal Kennedy, Tonia Esqueda, Tricia Cordova, Kim Love ISecre- taryj, Debi Bidwell IVPJ Tiffani Baldwin fPres.j, Deborah Baldwin, Michelle Strigotti. Second Row: Shay Turentine, Kristina Pancoast, Jamie Stoute, Mindi Neill, Tammy Davis, Debbie McCulley, Heather Suva, Chris Tafoya, Scott Durley, Ted Dorr. Third Row: Tawny Shafer, Tausha Ludington, Jennifer Laport, Drue Stafford, Michelle Jackson, Tammy McNeal, Tony Moramarco, June Arnini, Katie Baldwin, Boni Yanagisawa, Cindy Sanchez, Andrea Fuller. Back Row: Joe Mowrer, Kellie Davies, Marcie Halliday, Cathy Curtis, Krissy Brimer, Carrie Adams, For the past two years the pep clul has not existed at our school. . brought this group together to en courage the spirit at the games anc throughout Elsinore High School We started late and got little accom plished. I hope someone will contin ue the Tiger Pep Club and help 1' grow in the future keep up the spiri in Elsinore!! We Loved It Tiffani Baldwin-Pep Club Pres Scott Higgins, Brian Bainbridge, John Baldwin, Becki Williams. it Our High School choral organiza- tion is dedicated to all aspects of ex- cellence. We are commited to Creating Harmony Organization Integrity, and Responsibility. Creating that harmony is an exciting challenge in music. It includes musi- cianship, blend, balance and all as- pects and idioms of the art. Professional performance is our goal, but it is not an end in itself For the path to performance includes all of the above meaning of the word C- H-O-I-R. A Choir is made up ofindividuals. Each one is an integral part. This is an elective in which one learns to follow-and then ultimately lead. Many attributes of life are integrated into Choir. We believe that good is not enough, and better is only a step toward best. Our desire is not to keep pace but to set pace-musically and personally - in harmony. 56fORCANlZA TIONS CHO R Front Row: Shiloh Harvey, Liz Hostetler, Stacy Rein, Betsy Peterson, Vince Pileggi, Erinr Rugg, Lisa Arnold, Carrie Stevens, Dawn Gordon Second Row: Jenny Alsnauer, Michelle Davenport, Rachael Zuchowski, Kelli Beer, Lisa LaTurner, Emily Williams, Gilda Galvan Fanchesca Davenport, Julie Parks, Melanie Spenser, Yoshimi Nakano. Third Row: Ida Garcia Shannon Hill, Heather Fletcher, Olivia Alverez, T.J. Gobel, Cindy Call, Tamera McNeal, Donna Awalt, Kim Fox, Wayne Turnbaugh. Back Row: Odie Batey, Franchesca Branch, Leslie Woolfe, Terry Hulse, Chris Riley, Will Peterson, Booker Washington, Don Bird, William Green, Alice Dahlke, Shannon Hoole, Craig McClaim, R, Keith. ' FUTURE FARMERS OF MERICA The Future Farmers of America is national organization. Elsinore hapter is one of 300 chapters in alifornia, and one of 8,212 chapters .in the U.S. There are Future Farmers .is more than "Cows and Plows. " We re involved in leadership, public peaking, parlimentary procedure, 'udging contests, recordkeeping, travel, scholarships, awards, lots of recreation and even more fun! We raise and show livestock at fairs and competitions, we also raise plants, compete in Horal design con- tests and landscapes. Every student has the opportunity to compete, have fun, learn and earn money. There's more to agriculture and FFA than "Cows and Plows" so join and get involved! Front Row: George Gagnon, Jennifer Ford, Jennifer Carter, Susan Kleine, Martha Meza. Second How: Shauna Thompson, Dana Bennett, Billy Gillies, Rachael Butler. Third Row: Danny Leal, Eric Harnson, Jenise Webb, Kristy Vanda Veer. Fourth Row: Jennifer Dulay, Colleen Chapman. .Kim Vanllerhaugen is probably thinking, "I should be getting paid Rzr this!" -9 'if Am .KA mi '----E22 Dana Bennett and mans best friend? ORGA NIZA TIONSA57 IA GS EB w r ORCANIZA TIONSAS8 l -' x ,- X Front Huw: llvlt In riglitl ASB. Presirleiwt-,lill I-lnworllz, Frcslunen Flass President- Vvrnnim l'vrvz. A,H.li, Secretary Ginn Alf-xnzlflor. Freshmen Class Sevrelziry- Hvntlwr Mntlhios. Hnphrnnnrv Flass 'l'rL-nsurer- 'l'iIll'1n-V l,UU1Jf'l'. Junior Fleas 'l'rmsi1r0r- Alike -lacksrm. Junior Class S4-vrc-tary. llairlvmf Vnimvvr, Bark Row: llcft tu right! f'fnmnis.sirnzer ut' fllllllb Stow lfusolmrry. f'lnnmissinn9r nl' Social Avlivilivs- ,ll'lIllllPI' lHedinz1. A.S.H. 'l'rc1z1surfHr- Jusf- Hlll. Svniur Flnss Vice l'rf-sifl0nr- June Arnini. SeninrC'lz1ss Sevrvlzzry- Knliv Hzilflwin. Senior Ulnss Presiflvnt- Url-g flnnznli-z. l-'rvslinwn Fla: 'l'rc-nsnror- liinnn Finirson, A.S.H. Yir'e-lJrefsiflz-11l- 'lbclrl LCP. C'rnn1nissioner nl'l'L1l1lii'il-x'- Hrinn .x1IiI't'llIIIIIl. ,lnninr Fla: Vivo-l'r0siderzL Fmig Levinger, Senior Vlnss 'l'rvnsurvr- Kris Snnla fllaria. Junior C'lz1ss lII'l'Sl'flf'lll' .-hzlurwrtr Wilsn l"rf1sl1rncn Vlass Vice-President Rlmnfln f'f-hula, Ailvlsnr- l,inflz1 Westlklll. l i -m.,,N,.,,,, NN -sf f. 2 134' NW Ki ba' Ni J What is A.S.B. ? This question may often come to your mind. The abbreviation itself stands for Associated Student Body, but there is more to the name than appears. A.S.B. is made up of a special group of people who, through dedication and cooperation, govern school functions and ac- tivities which take place on campus during the year. The stu- dents in A.S.B. are all very determined and reliable indivi- duals, and if they aren 't in the beginning, they soon learn how to be, as meeting peoples high expectations are important, especially through crucial deadlines and goals. This years Associated Student Body was made up of a unique group of people with such diverse personalities and creative ideas, that it brought new ways to encourage student involvement and pride on our campus. The Homecoming Pa- rade was brought baclq into the tradition of EHS, and Sadie Hawkins Week was more successful than it has ever been. Academics Week was filled with a lot of challenging, yet re- warding excitement, while Student Appreciation Week was an innovative idea that was brilliantly carried out, and well-liked by all EHS students. Hula Hawkins Week was also brought about with large amounts of spirit and enthusiasm, along with many other interesting activities. Whatever the task was, A.S.B. followed it through to the best of their ability. Linda Westfall was this years new A.S.B. adviser, who ad- ded a tremendous amount of fun and laughter to all of the work, while also keeping the group in tact. "I 've really enjoyed the opportunity of working with these students. All of the work was definately worth the efforts!" stated Mrs. Westfall. A.S.B. also had a few activities of their own during the year that proved to be very motivating for the group. Leadership camp 1986 left many unforgetable memories, as all of the A.S.B. members became so closely knit, while they prepared for the year ahead of them. In March, A.S.B. spent an entire day at the Lake Elsinore City Council Chambers learning what it was like to run a city. This was an excellent experience for A.S.B., as the City Council and its staff took time away from their workin order to educate the students on what was needed for each position of office. One cannot disagree with the fact that this years A.S.B. was truly a creative group of originals bound by that special sense of unity. They took pride in all of their work, which was evident to the very end! ff' TQ, E' if if I 1' V ' I was . .. . . ' I V 3, . A :xg Q T K. N 1' J "Sig, I have had a blast in A.S.B. this year! I 've met so many people, and learned a lot about responsibility along with all that other "im- portant stuftT" The most important thing I've learned was probably about myself I can now deal with any person or task. Knowing this gives me a lot of confidence, Its a great feeling! Jennifer Medina Commissioner of Social Activities Q5 - ' . it iw ,tg 69,038 'Eff ' 3, '94 -. , . Being in A.S.B. was an experience I1l never forget. Good friends, good wine, and fine din- ing. In a more serious note, everyone should get involved and have fun in high school. Don 't complain about things unless you are willing to be involved and do something about your school, It was real, and it was fun . . . yes, it was real fun! Cwennen Corral Commissioner of As- semblies The position as Com- missioner of Publicity was more than interest- ing. It was a challenge in responsibility, tim- f ing, and spelling words . , correctly. There was a -. ' 'asczfjk lot of work involved with the marquis and posters. I have never ' seen so much paper, ink, and tape. I did, howev- er, receive a lot of help fmm everyone. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that publi- cizing information to people is not as easy as it seems. But it was all well worth the chal- lenge. ' r A ff Qwfle 'S' fi? ' Brian Marchand Commissioner of Pub- licity . Y... ,, air During this past year, I have learned how to achieve my goals through organization. I have also learned how to have fun while getting people involved in school activities. Sadie Hawkins week helped me to generate new ideas which I used to make Hula Haw- kins more successful and fun. To all under- classmen, I would recommend for everyone to become involved. It really makes time Hy in your high school life. Steve Rasebe,-ry Commissioner of Clubs ME. C.H.A. This year the ME.C.H.A. clu, plans to make the most of its re sources. One of the main goals is t. unit the Hispanic students on cam pus and also to help and serve thi community. Feedback from the stu dents involved with M.E.C.HA. ha been very positive and the year ahead look good. Another goal of thl club is to instill a sense of respons bility in the underclassmen to carr out the traditional activities the clu plans each year and attempt to mak. each coming year a little bit bette, than before. Planning for the futurl is the M.E.C.I-LA. club moto. A Front Row: Irine Morales, Oda Garcia, Irina Solis, Darcy Patino, Silvia Silva, Elvia Rivera Second Row: Paulette Bernard, Lisa Conchola, Diana Flores, Patricia Bernabe, Martha Arriaga, Maria Geck Third Row: Albert Vasquez, Darlene Nieves, Michelle Diaz, Isabel Flores, Cubby Mendoza Fourth Row: Moises Ortega, Connie Sterling, Wendy Herrera, Liz Verrey, Fela Carrasco, Stacey Saucedo, Tina Conchola, Missy Carter, Back Row: Estela Lopez, Beto Perez, Florence Flores, Andy Anaya, Maria Ortega The Elsinore High School French Club, sponsored by Ms. Vinkel, is made up of many students Who are taking a French class and almost as many who are not. The French Club is not only for the students who are taking French, but for all students who are interested in the French lan- guage andfor culture. The Hrst goal in the club is to meet new people and to make new friends. Their second goal is to have fun, Both goals have been achieved throughout the year. The club has elected ofHcers which are: Viki Jolly, President, Josh De- Dou, Vice President, and Becky Dil- lon, Secretary-Treasurer. All ofHcers have a big part in keeping the club organized. The French Club participated in fund raisers on campus in which enough money had been raised to do fun activities. For example, they we planning to go to a French restaurant and have parties with French themes. ORCANIZA TIONSf60 FRENCH Front Row: Gina Sutton, Elliot Parks, Jeff Brockway, Martha Meza, Vikki Kilsey. Second Row Gina Price, Patty Sampson, Anna Benson, Stephanie Oray, Ms. Vinckel, Carrie Stevens, Jose Una Gonzalez, Back Row: Jan Hackett, Jay Coleman, Billy Gillies, Richard Cherveny, Victorii Jolly. Without question, driving under he influence of drugs andfor alcohol anks today as one of the nations nost serious health and safety issues accounting each year for an esti- nated 25,000 traffic fatalities, hun- lreds and thousands of injuries, and willions of dollars in economic costs o society. Among no group is the Jroblem more severe than teenagers Ind young adults. a'Alcohol related auto accidents are the number one cause of death among young people between the ages of 15-19. A"Approximately one teen every hour is killed in an alcohol relat- ed accident. Because of these alarming statis- tics, Students Against Driving Drunk SADD2 was established in 1981 to mprove young people's knowledge :nd attitudes about alcohol and ulrugs to help save their lives . . . and 'he lives of others. The Elsinore High School Chapter if SADD, better known as Friday Vight Live, was established in 1986, and was the group that instigated the afe Rides program. The Friday ight Live group also plans activi- lies for students to participate in on veekend nights that are not alcohol related. Join Us In '87l FRIENDS DON 'T LET FRIENDS RIVE DR UNK." SA DD Front Row: Chuck Spine, Darlene Hille, Jerry' Gilbert. Jim Hagen. P. T. S. O. Row: Kathy Mower, Marlynn DeJong, Faye Maxon, Donna Hush. Back Row: Yvonne Sue Nuwell, Terry Cole, Sandy Renlrow. -iff he Nelson. Back Row: Kathy Schlee ladvisorl, Jason The P. T.S. O. has been in existence for the past two years. We have seen our membership grow from Hfty members to three-hundred. We see ourselves as a bridge between the needs of the parents and the school. Because of the cooperation and support from the school the activi- ties that we have been able to spon- sor and help with have been a suc- cess. Which proves that school and par- ents working together can assure a bright future for our young people at Elsinore High. ORGANIZA TION.5f61 "TAKE IT FROM THE TOP!" Michelle Morales, Cindy Sanchez, and Sarah Minium have what it takes to be stars. if 5 2 2 3 ga 3 S. ! 51 ape- pm E swf mi I.. OR GANIZA TI ONSX62 Alisha Jeni Bandy kicks to success! Coakley, Debby George, Lisa Mote, and Cassie Rigsby practice their dance routines, This has been an interesting year Dance-without the Dance room. owever, We've moved right along -verforming in Brigadoon and "Take t From The Topv our annual dance -vroduction. The people in dance rave Worked really hard this year in pite of being roomless. I have really 'njoyed and appreciated them. Hollee Romero-advisor ulie Miklas prepares her dance Mr the upcoming dance production. Front Row: Tammy Daugherty, Julie Dell, Stacia Woods, Julie Barrios, Katie Baldwin, Carrie Adams, Karen Baird, Leonora Gore. Second Row: Debbie McCulley, Tonia Esqueda, Mindi Neill, Julie Miklas, Bom' Yanagisawa, Cindy Sanchez, Andrea Fuller, Tammy McNeal. Back Row: Kellie Davies, Diana Snow, Jodi Miller, Dawn Mayberry, Alicia de la Garza. 9 tix Hollee Romero instructs Jennifer Booth on a dance routine. ORGA NIZA TIONSX63 SKI CL UB This year the Ski Club went tl Squaw Valley in February for fou days. We earned the money to go bs selling M6'tM1s. The objective of th ski club this year, was to hold meet ings, and enjoy skiing as often as i was humanly possible! John Baldwin Ski Club President V, .G W V X Tk Front Row: Michelle Davenport Ktreasurerl, Second Row: Lana Barrett Isecretaryj, Ginger McLord, Debbie Stackhouse, Stacy Smith. Back Row: Annette LaRocque, Chris Tafoya, Matt Prielipp. Gone Skiing.' John Baldwin Ipresidentj, Nicole Perkins I vice Presidentj, Shannon Hoole and Drue Slafford. LE TTERMAN CL UB The Lettermen Club began when Coach Campbell, Coach Roberson and Mrs. Romero decided to organize varsity lettermen into a club. Once the representatives from , each sport were brought together the advisors let the members of the club run the show. The Lettermens Club has turned into one of the biggest clubs on campus and by next year they hope to be three times as large. The sole purpose of this club is to promote varsity athletics on campus, and show their spirit! THEY THINK THEY'RE HOT THEY THINK THEY'RE MEAN YOU'RE RIGHT... IT'S THE LETTERMEN TEAM!!! Front Row: Mike Sparks, Tammy McNeal, Scott Higgins, Todd Lee, Jill Haworth, Holly Clark Harold Beasley, Crystal Kennedy, Leonora Gore, Jeff Dyer, Hank Alonzo. Second Row: Ton, Moramarco, Brian Bainbridge, Brian Marchand, Fred Cason, Shasean Greer, Joy Bridentha. Renel Christener, Danny Ortiz, David Haskell, Debra Hopkins, Troy Dodson, Andrea F ullei Jose Hill. Back Row: Bobby Sue Lacey, Stacy Saucedo, Brenda Marquez, Narvella Madden Coach Lonnie Roberson, Coach Randy Campbell, Frank Lichorobiec, Vivian Berry, Maria Pozc OR GANIZA TIONSX64 J Q, X kg 3, E.. di x 1 i... Q my Q ' I Q vf. xs 7.--Q .Q ff f 'Y' Q N X Q '5,:i+g1.:. 4- Mg i , sg W, al.,- Q we 1. 1 4 B ig? Q M viifi 1-Q w af . T. 313' 'AZ' '..L.J.fNS:,'. .Sk mm N . :.,? ,4Ef4 QL! it Hg bqxi Nh R35 'Bti 'M I w ha lf' . if . w. R . Y fi' X3 if J X 4 N3 f ig! wk .,g.,j"w,. I 4- ww L . ' ,NAM S, , , . Q- ,- , x. ,L 'X , wr- .-..,.,HM' ' haf :.q:r'7'f df-, . - w i f? , Q 3. A "T""?Nh V Q W5 55,5 K . N P' fn gr fs, U M-sfwk-3, W-TE?"'1"ar .. , " :gg - 'E Q "" ww. K X yy:-TYIQQL -nw., 'mm M M M, , 114+ v-Awww, ...Q " M -wv f32:iT.A T ,.-1, -L -1. 'sl E' ligigr, r f- -u 3 - .... , , ,, ...,, A ,, M., .f I 1 Pl X, ,fi K WW U- ..- fide: -m -1-tv Mfiw, - if 'Mg Vrf, V 5 'N "J '3 Q2 R' ' 4 ' 1 if L 0 " W AV' ' 'W YW? sp. :wx Y J. Q- v X- 1 5 I- 3 ,7 5 . , ,Az .. ,JJ nrt 71 x. fm, ,, V 1 Q f 4 . 'av M if . Q. ,, , Q-Q-Q N. 1. J' M65 M, V,,,, gr-5 5-1 .. .,., H, a B y , W ' l W -- 1 1" K f,a5 , , A 4, 4., Hv V: . it I ,. V' J H," V . ,V 4 V , I - " ""' I-. , - f. 3 r X Hi, F A' sb ..- . 1'3" ' . ffg my gif, A ' ,' ga it 54 wif' ' as ' ' - , Q n gs. i " X - 71. If - N 'ff' -d-,. i i' lf, k L1 1-2 ..f"""'A '3 J F' 'Tb' , j 'ff , 5 A 1 ff - 5 if 'Q : Q ' If B xr, I' . 'rg '1 ,S E 1 L I 1 .Xi ,sr ' 5 ' e -. -fr .",,-, 332253 , . jg? . 61 5 'n?:l: , 1-5.-'ei W " i-X 02 , i X. C' , V iv: LJ? lm R ' A , 135, ' - . ,gtg-J' I-' .-6, .J,,......'...4 i!Lz.:4L4..i1..a" 4, M.,-.,',.......v.gg.-,, .,--.,, 0 F he iff-G1 Q' ,. yriiffei, 5'-g ig, ,L ff? 2-er 43 V5! A 1 W" A in 4 ' Vf-1.4 ggrag g ' , g 13,1534 'F -,Q :- 11 1-.4 3 g ..,,. 2 , S ' f p-af3g,f,f.pg,:"f -- ..:, - W-,,,a.,,f W' ,ra ,gm L-..-...4......g,.,-- fc :J-' ' . X In 'lf 1 ' Q k A1 W WF .q. ., Q., . 'R if 9. Q 5. af. X J.. - Q Q , ' Ff-f -1, A .5 W if 15 '43 4- ,"? 5 g :VW 7 ," ' rw, D A ,f 3' sg if'1'?i 1 if ,IX 3 ge I 3 mg 5 . 5 5 Q . lf Nw W Mwwwwl f " , i 7 " ' A ff LQW, K N f ' V ,.4i. ,.,. M. i S Qln- ,gm -1 X A r X wa f. rg a M ' ,A - ' 3.2, h ,SA x, . L 4 if wwf , L fn x wx 3 ,Q L .1 E , iv dx, 1 S. Wzth all my deepest love I thank Cece? Gonzales for being my peczal frrenei too' Three veats of' Varszty Track, Two years of Varszty Cross'Coun- try' Bobby Size and Morale Luv'Dav1dyou re an original! I love Mr Arroyo what would I have done W1t!zoutyou!SImltz Histo- Coppertop l' Yearbook 2987"'Tf1e1fwcl: crowdf Sommer 1986 the guyf' party' Spoons? frxends an the Serum elm of 1986! Mom and Dad thanks for all your love and supportflbfy second omeltlxe Dawes? thanks I lose you both' To everyone I ea er met through hlglz school you made it very pecml' I love you allff' Good luck class of 29877 You are all UNFORGETABLF' film-cle Hallzday The best of mmes the worst of tunes? Ol: boy vozhe no: zddmg' Volleyball too bad that we never dvd xt' Dance produc- on fsiimg Tesla castlm za the au' XD doc dance, work, TREbS Raglue I mms you Ed I Zxlroyow honour Slow - Im WW Kim .Haskxn You are my sonslmze Yolanda you siilygoosel Thank you for Iwavs bemg you You ve taught me the true meamng of Iriendf fp' Damon I don? know Imw to say at youve mylspecial um smilllzzever forgetf Franeme, your Dream Emotion, never ose the nllasyncrasy of panoram Joe Persona Greats. To my ndav mgbt frzends talce a hate out of mme' Brett you me tone ea! I look forward to being your sxstor an law To Bobby, my .v che: I know zt IS tough but never give up you Mil make it! other you are .-1 troopeg bar more than that, Mom, youke an y mend and flavors ws!! blossom Just you wan: and see I love you! what I dzofgeud lad Dr Hzllm dats, :fue dates, facts, papers, S J sdream Ithankyou Mr Byrne Ilzope sou one-day linda hocolate paradzse No one tests the depth of s uve: with two feet. Wouldn t zz be good? Au revmr Nathaixe Kerrie Can you behave it, guys? We made it?l'I'o Kirsty Tosh, and my - my three favorite Tuna-buds! I love you, Rasta Bets! Oh. nd lash dole t forget all those nights we stayed up and talked and the finger-prints!! Kirsty I love you, kid! Thanks Katie. reg. Krissy.8ri.-rn lermy, Ud Tom and Leonora! C eneand Mast, il never foxget you! To All! the best friend anyone coizld ever f eve. Mr. Boyle tlzemlrs for all the little pep lallrsf Ana' mostly to v parents for well everything' Howyou pu! up with me - I YI ever know! I love you guys - thanks for making it a good one! Stephanie fhvkmem EHS Ups, Downs. and All Arounds! It? been GREAT!! 1 will herislz tbeselyoars for life . Thank you to all the :eschew that ad the priviledge ofseeing me, especially first period fMr. Cuar- oyer and D12 Hillin Do I still hold' the record? My Best Friends - Stacia was Hts! period really at Mc Don- ld 9? Sophia, Jose any brain cells lately? Leith go to Parris. Tasha, can 't believe I fell in your pool and get stuck in your couch! , ally weekends were made for Ion, 0 - M Y - GOD, Andrea, guess 'ha!? MV dad s rice doesn 3 move anymore. I love you all, soooo uchf! Only you guys understand me! lWbat a gift! May' we never ' touch. ' Best lllemories - Parties, Dancing, Football Games, Proms, , eepless weekends Keith dollar nite so many guys, humming Ries as a Freshman end Sophomore. than getting a ce: and driv- ng by myself all the guys that know me as Mom who left me n 1996 and 1986 ec! ..., there I go gettingcazried awayagaio, and 'they 'say lim supposed no settle down now 'VO Wifi Kill It Vs been n experience to say the least! I will never forget this school and he memories ,it holds for me. fthe attendance office wozft ,forget e, either!! Don 't worry I didn 'L forget, I 've saved the last words for you. my f anderful familyllf Thanks for EVERYTHING! l know it has a-- bell, but jus! think, one down, two to go! I will always love ou the most - Mom, Dad, Lee, Jon - Wish me luck! , Siouxzy Hzglx I 've had ups and downs, but with all of my wonderful friends, - 've made it through. Thr-'y've made the good times excellent, and be bad ones easier. Hortenazla, I em so happy we got togetlzexg you re so special to me! 1' 'll always love you and never forge! you, no arte: what lrappensgeven though "Tinti lilies to bite beers in the f tcH"'l To all my friends, 'Pm sorry I didzfc mention names, I idzft want to leave anyone out! I love you all! Oh, and Tea' and I bi, I hope that you two stay together forever!! Jose FHL? My high school years have been the best years of myhfe! The ife long friexidkhips I have Acquired are most precious Seine! I will Q ever forget my Junior yeerfmy best year ew!!! All the good and 1: times I have gone through .made me .2 better person. I also ave the Flagg Brothers to thank for than' I want to thank my zu-ents for all the .support thai they have given to me, fl love you om and Dadfj Also, to all the coaclzingfancl caunselipg I have - eived framfa number of ooschos. EHS islgreat, andlioved it! Todd Lee L ou! , ' el . .. .. 4 3, , 4 l, , , . , , , A fb J. of . L-ug, I . , . W ' .'.!h-. 'vo' 7-, -"' .4f:'. . 1 f. 21, - , f . , , W H , . . . . , r , , 4 . f : ' - - , l- y . V1 4 r V. , f I 5 7, , A , . , , W 1 . . - , , , L' . ,, . ' Q . .. , A . . - , , . 1' 3 ' , , p 1 . , , . ,. ., 1 . , . , , , , I OS? v ' , .. U .. ,, , Y v , ,J .. 171 never forget "Robedaeus" Young, a greet tlfiend and someone rho iaughz me a great deal about litb! 3 Brian, the special memories and the more ,than six ,years of life 've sharedvtegetlzer. lbwhfymore than La best friend yfm're my rather! Heather, thank you forgiving me something to live for A , . I love fou! To the gang - Matty, Maitnxan, Joe, Scoztyg Shasean, the Varsi- baslretball igeam land Kris for being so ggeat with Brien! A you Bays are tbegreatestl ' I V 'Fo the prufossors- Arroyo, Crippen, Sporicman, Blake - thanks! And Hnally, to my family, fm- patience and support' Congrats to the last EHS Temeculan Graduates! Tony Moramarco I had n gajean time. Tlzgiig1irs.to all mgg-Iiiends fog to ,understand myEngl1211h, aiidlfto my teachois-for their paiiefzce and grades they've given to me, Thanks Uncle and Aunt foryom' care! Irma Manny ' I am so thankful to the many people ihat have beeeltbere to melgwooghoun I weotgiojtbanlr for my Zrebiwenni my grandparents foisupporting mjifciloices, V had my brother and sim-r for helping me to dzbco ver Io vo had life. lmust also give my thanks to Dr. Hillin for helping me to dzkoover myselri Most fmportan tly, lt' like to thank my husband-for being the loving person that he is -to me. I lo volyoo all? W Ty! 4 , w w f l , Chwflqsfffw To my besii friends. Amid "wash the nzeilboxu Selmkrk, Jeni "closet monster" Bandy, Roselle, Colton, Joqv "bis-ofollickerf' Restivoflove cbetA!'rin!1, Scott Boylan, Vernon "Venom-goat" Yoga, Gene what I bgsfed up this morning?" BQYQQCO, Eric ,lggolrf It doegfi hurt mel' jafdgwery KI YOU9 .Holley ,hee N l "Blaclzo1i?.iYiif the rescL'1i4?i-zaaez Prada-x5.fzv1n1wA3o5v4 you. Danny "SO, " Silva, thank you for being my best friend and more! Um limes and Katie Fox, my two most special Moods. these past yeas-3 have been priceless. Ilove you aliso much. And drmfz forget ,Q - e V -no l Lea Qgfivwzz e o My foo: years have f28Ef3k'5g2'0WlDg expenence. My Ffa-airmen year was full ofnew and old friends, My Sophomore year was by Br the velgy beer! I met someone who is vexy special tome . . , -Philip, you helped mo gram and I owe you a great desk ,Yoo and fyoof friondsff,Qrmeant lafqgfgetfllxmeepi-Ego world' AMy Jumur year, Lived two veryispeozal teaehefs, Mr- Bvyleydlncle Zack! and M11 fCrippenfBfslzojoj! I love ,VQU both so much? And to my very, veqy spec-ia! friend, Mike Sparks 'ivouire so awesome!" Good luck in all you do! Jolumybogg KD faye. Matt, Maxaman, Erizw, Heidi my little sfsfhsnejd, my Freshman bndslfiaean and ,fIasfcln3sJ, S11an:zonfScoop1, Ko1flfandMsrojof:i'iends until pigs ilyil Tmnmi, Paulfand the comjiotifr gang. Jed, Brian, Tony, Heather - Pebs forevezg 'isfaicide' - Milfs, Sparky, M13 'Q Mr. Jones. Mr. Boyarg and Philip. l love you all so mm.-lx!!!Good'1uclr to you all! See Vw: B1 ten years!! Teresa Peterson fT9l'6? A T lShelafBuJ?wiinl:le2, Jenfhiega ' W0m8Hjg'5.'L8Uf8fM6Kk4ifW0m8R 322 and Karif'Slmggyj. Yozfve af! made my year so very special! Laura and .her "ImIzhb , , , "Jenn and her 4 x 4. Kari 171 never forget your parties! Shela, You Te the best. You've helped me through so much! Kellv and Dana, yozfre so fun to be with! HI never forget :be cigar, Kel! Darren, thanks for being a- Sriend. Don? forget about the 10 yes: reunion! Iddidni forgetiflidn and Jeftl I love you too! Thanks Mom and Granny for everything' Good luck to all my good friends! Carrie Pierce f"Scooby" "7'omboy'? Things 171 remember - Monday nigh! crew, TVHS in record timezyo bro!! Dr, Pepper, "Beasley with the keep:-1r'Z JV Basket- ball on the benrh, Vanf+it,v Track. theg'uysfSiz' M'X'A'l, Aaron, Theo, Scott, Wayne, Shannon, Phil, Sean, Reggie, the rest il!! Remember ?4:??!? The girls fYollie, Laura, Rorii! Thanks to King and Star- way! Good luck Studi' Thanks to Mom and Dad the most, I love you both! A A Matt 'Meztman " Priefipp Thank you eveqvone for such wonderful times? Nathalie and Yolanda, my best tiiends, who I can tel! anything to, you were there for all ofthe best times!! Ti1anlrsL'! Christy, Alisa, Renel, and Alksba. thanks for making my Senior year sooo interesting! But naoetlv. I must thank Mom and Dad tbr the love and support that youuve always given me. I love you all very muchllill Damon Ridgway Remembering the good old days - Lost Road and Glen Oak gm:-ties, the Camaro, Shelli? lfsgers, special times witlrglbonna, Lise. Shelli Darren, and the gang. Nora, 'thsnks for being you, Serine, my best Mend always, I love you both! John B., my babysitter, blue light nights, Kelly, New Yesrk 1986! Thanks to the class of 1987 for all the memories!! And last, but not least, John and Ricizy the best brothers and truojifiendsi I 42011141255 live nritlzoutyou f-Move you guygH'.Good luck-5957! Gb, and ailytbose Senior privileges flm,baj! if " K K ff A nna Selnirk To all my friends, thanks for making mySe1:ioIyeargrest! I will always remember lighting and being best friends with Live, Gene 81161 l pullingkelf fighters evfogy Friday Higlgfg and Tasjxafijleaning ogy mom for mol!! Thanks Tasha. I will alsoremember ,slgoping in computers audgetiing K asia in trouble, but you must admit Ka tie. it was fun!! Erik, sorry I was sick in Mexico andyou didzftget the flupper or the horse! Matt, I am nor what you think I sm. Mark, I will worry about you. To all oz y other blends who will pzfolzably road this 1602, , Vernon. and Qeveryonel ylgggilrs for lzelpizzgg me. Have fun! I losio you all, my irfosost friendslill And you BI? Should really wear DRAKKA R3 Danny Silva Dawn, Janelle, Shannon, Cecilia, Nathalie, YolandaASeyirzg you 're my friends just isa 't enough. Marifagy foreignerl. fffriday light i'riendsf"lg'yo he b,sbym9 Being heldwt gun poiotfloofbsll games, breaking curfew, Hghtsfall stupid of course-J, I Tl never forge! any of it and Ill miss you all. Good luck. Lori Slutter , Huh?,lem1,,Z'om, Lil' IQ Slzele, Denise - Ive had so 1214383 fun you megRWOMEN!lf Ii' miss you Rl? land all 051356 fun things, like the shower and more policemen, little Kia boose and maize. and "pass out time is 9:30'?! 011 ya, Jemfs 4 x 4 too, Thanks to Steve Uwens, Mom, Glen, and David ' I love you ally? Love - Lours Specht zA5.f55QY'lzero 12 so qxffkilsgto remezxghagqkDwmoydikigfhmpiamiifoiisbfy- pat: of the lasiffffbur yearsqiwieoi-feadingffl"a3lDWeeiz, pep rallies, kidnappzbg, beingwptkins with -Crystal . . . fffooyw guys! Getting up at 12' ve - Nzliflffand Gary tbkolts for beiagpoiibnt. 'llfwlrs 00 the great tHav1wrS,'.,G'ro1pe11, Cei?elSvam Mlm Jennxlalfgxzwy, TQWWKPEWJ, Tony ioflbeing myffwfeam- 1 one eoder Ilovegioiify - m Heather Sava w ifgyg A ,fMy four yeogfdfar EHS Ht ff fffefoos anferxoowxfonaoi l'21,.,,,?.-ffffioiji, Mfewo, e Stephanie, 'Pasliag and mos: em: omg sniffer! Yowefaziggosfzy made this yea? fun. H1 neverforget any ofyyouw :X j - -k,'V W L x Love - "JeweISffg?2??83',',' L ssfoowfv 55532923 wfvifiefwisw roolly made school fun lot akiiiild I say Mfllfidnaldk wel probably wentltlzere more than we ever wozztlfolscfzooliltfgtigbotte and Tasha, stqg omzy! I lovoyzmgays! Special thanks to-gzzyggzkten vriouldngtlhave madeitwtbout you? and ftQ51fS. , ' p of - L 1 wmmK.k. 5:13 illmnks for 'the memorios? The Dootorbiothers Scaopj, SlzellshoclzfD.m2, eplaton the Matglhtizanks foil Sparky, Brian ghd Krissy, 171 'f -'IQVQKYOUJ K K f- ' K- ,.h.k 2 In four years, I've encountered people wliolxeve cizazxgelfano' enriched my life? Nathalie, ,VGV5'e my best friend, confidabg and reason for my smile! D8MOU,.3P681Q!l fi'ieezif,5?5Z.otZ1 malreglgafa of ngog1ey!"A1lis0152g5.my Dr. Rllifilfgbgigiks farj biiigggybvl ?rioih?s'j Bewiil-254 the gum' Diifilillin, noiv-'ff2YYo'zi s1ziart16iffiQi.to know that lin a foolwf L " A Mr. Boyle, teacher above the best, '7 want to be jvsi like you when I grow up!" To Michae1!0071, Lori, Veronica, Netboz-lee - "Yo Joe Baby!"Tba.nks fo: spend you are forevefjnymy Memoriam' . ' ,-'. J : - 'k,-' .1f!J:Qf',4f,k2 . V "-. L, - l Love - Yoldrlfda fl To my four closest friends 1 Cecilia, Kim, LorL and Shannon. You guys are equally special to me. You 've made my past 8111 hopefully, my future, Thanks for everythizxg, I love you 3229 To my "Friday mght frienofgi never forget, u the gun! fifo Joe Bsirylj Hqv Lore1A,"?tep on Q56-gee!" f l.lA ' iii, lyl' -To my Finnish friend, Mari Q you 've made me realize time In special and deserve only the best. I love and will miss you, Jelloll' To all my other friends, thanks for making my high school yea memorable! Tia.-:airs Mom and Dad for all ofyoor love! Ami to th class of 1982 Good Luclrik' Keep passing time open windows! - A ' A Janelle Volizai A Thank you Dana for being a true friend, I love you for that! Kim C, Larry, and Renel, our individual friendships will never be f01'gotten!Mom, Doug and Jason, thanks for standing behind me through my fears in high school? Billy .md Qzlppon, yard! qlways bein my heart mind! Msilf, thank yeoffixr makiagvmylhzkb school years so special, I Io ve you! Thank yon everyone forslinrzhg in my memories and dreams, I love you all! Love - Kolb' Wilkinson Ken, 171 io ve you fo:-even'Erin, keep your dlfeamfn 'aIiveiClsthy, 'you look bad?"-Carrie, "take a!QvalIr!" Juno ftfyanlr you Ibffovezyu zhiag!John B. and Robert N, We fave you bath! 1987is of "boa Ven "ll Becki Wzllfaxns As I look baclzat my four years as EHS 171.-always clzepiioll the gooii' times speoifwitlx my epeciel friends! youire'-tfgeflxest friend' that anyone could have: Anna, 1WLfBfj0lI3! KtistiegpQ8MX tn-wk! Dane, lost road parties! Christina, Ditios! Webb and Brian, rapping in Glammfsl We've had some fan mines. One memory IW never forget is you Tim! Ana' most ofall, Mom and Dad, I coulda? have made it without yew? I love you alll. 753' I J,,' ffm A ,- 2555, A K A i gfygzsgfgix 359135, , J Weil Mom and Dad it looks like all theme months ofrestticfion, listening zo Yvonm-is boring .features and lnbtening to Robert keep sayzlng 'yoche new: going to graduatenizave allpaid of!! Zflqanlcs forteverytlz ing sopzucb!! Yvozzno and Robertggflove you! LIQQQZ all offjgoa, and I I-COGIJIYFQQBYQ done iP5ffi55?houz Eg 'K.'- ' xii V 7 - 5 'kL" k -'ZQTI LOVE ' k f ' I want no thank everyone involved forputtzbg up with mfffthese Lssi four years! Beclri, you are the BEST' I even words how muclggthat 'Q' love you!" I blewyogggiway at lemon: caazmgggygeme efmSgMfV": or obiidifwpiritedffggia M ,l Cifkliio aremembez' the rapist onfiiuudy Caojiiinlywhat F9zii11???gZ, fpainj that fence? John and Robert, my veiry favorite football players. you two mean nba world to me. Tony .md Da ve, you guys are "so md!" Km: - Peace, Love and Happiness! C1zris,yot1:3zad'e my Senior year special being able to spend ig' my littlq fgfotbu yetlifolgn, I Iovq mote tlrgrtiiflbkitselff be farfepart from'eoSf!2 other, we still elose dblfiihfff Tim, ?f5o!g'e' my only true Iowa-it. is fore-vermflove and ahah? all o!'yaahi1sif3fys? Defi thanks for all ofyow' love and support, Mom, you 're mzmber one? I could never repay you tb: all the love, dedication and happiness you have given to .mg You are f1ienctE'fZ7love ,yogifto the claiiiszf 19871 livggggiglgv on tiojoirgak vas! Goodgfjigglilll 1 of ' iff I rin Zalslfi ','.l.' L Siiifmyg Andiexzwfzzismf-ze forjegzffwg zhmsfyoggfuye rf? on Brin' When our Best year ofhighosohool arrived we entered as zz epirfped azzdguniteofelass. Go: elessgffloet hed plocegf Hrst, and vi?i? dideeo3iquerei?1e uppefclasszioerz a few timeslet the home game pep rallies. A Aseophomogfes ourilepirit still there, but we knew it was feii'iI18'f'i3 Z eceoe oe e o J o e Theo as juniors oufspirit died. Spirit had died from the campus, and it was obvious what the cause was . . . many of me had gotten oar3gfoMosto zof our efassmetes fa vored to lea ve the school rather than stay at pep raffies displaying 'Uammin "junior spirit. Ourisenioryear weehao' brought back .a lot of our class pride. Even though the senior section at pep rallies Wer- en 't the largest, many of us were excited to lead the school! Chaneeu Kim turns hobo on halloween dress-up day. 10.1 J FRIENDS! Throughout high school, our most important and fa vor- ite memories are the friends We've made. Gui' friends were special to us: they were the ones who stuck by us through "thick and thinlf. and who helped us to see things more o understand elearlv. We learned how to he ourselves, and how t our friends. There were a number of times Where we may have disagreed with our friends, but in the end, things fusually worked out, When we consider all ofthe laughs, 'embarrassing moments. and secrets we'Ve shared with our friends, the disagreements aren't so bad. 5 lllany close friendships were made among the seniors. I t lwas common to see seniors hanging around each other one min ute, and spread around the school making other friends the next. Friends have, and always will he a major part of our lives. But our high school friendships will always be re- membered because they ha ve taught us Ways to deal with people and allowed for us to have someone there to share our experiences with, both good and had. Aflarcie I-lallidny and Kelli Da s have a never-ending friend- vie shipl Kami Hay and June Arnini. deli! nitely' friends , , . Was this planned T' ir . Q, tif' ,, is ,r sr 'va ii 'XJ ,1 '- Jr' ".e, MAJ1, . ' 7779 ffjfindl . ' . ,' .V Nl 'r . w . katie yaldwhj elshbors llriendliesrlv- gud 19 d ' 98D anta hia- llebra Hopkins and Kristine S ria stick together and push their luck at Knotts Scary Farm. I' W 44-if ig ' -s 'Wu-, 1 2 fx mv ,,,.X5L' ,e fb' Rfb? we W Q MU 'li 'MW mfr? I ug ' Q Yi W Au-A-I- ' 1.1, ww '-W P gn.- ,A K W My 1 x 1 I . wi 1 af ' Y , 3. 1 , x 1' A 1 K Ek. 4 9 rr 5 i 'Ib' :. -yr- - ,K..' ---'Y' i. y . '- 4.. .V ,Av . ,gh , -., H. .. , ,L Q ., , x ,I 2 '23-1 4. f wif. -,5 , M 11: fr, ..?3. Q, rw. Fffg-S3 -vin-5??J'3'7fw 5-'qw' w ' ' -1 ffggi-' 'T""!g-7-fr?-' V, " -ff .::2':-"-1:-,..T'if "-if "- Pg, , .,, , , K, 1 K gg' he L 1 .,,,,, aw:-' i f 1 ,f ,ww L, vi, if 3 I Q5 Y I r, K 2 i E Ki: ,.,, .. - , , - .. if 1 I l Q.. V . pygmy ,nr 'iii' 115- ' v, .L a '. ,. iff v ' ff,-Lai: ' F, :F .V f:?,'i?3-'sS-f5g:"3:1"v- -. 'ffl "ag ,X-vs .2isf:1'Sg.f-,:. 2 1 2 'S-:ffm 'H-2mfg'.:. ,HJ 'rfgi ig , .f 3, , A MW Y. .V ,gi , .iv fi I 'A an- -s -fi-"iii ff '1' ' 1. ' ' - Nw, x ,, .,: 213 T, egg v, 1 K fi! A-1 M,Mw"'i"dgA an M tasteless! letting out obnoxmus a variety lugh soon be Tlus them to panic, which ofcourse led to their abnormality. But you, must admit that these people were absolutely fun, to be aroundg in fact, you were probably one of them! Each one of us has had at least one time where we contributed to being "Out of the Ordinaryi and looking back on the memories of those crazy things you did through out high school will always bring a smile to your face. Yiffani Baldwin meets a new friend at Knotts Scary Farm, effffie ning was strongly shown f Wll!fII1s0118ndJQ,9B1.oWn ' Competition was tough but no matter what the outcome our senior athletes could not be stopped. They gave the best of their talent to our school. Athletics have al- ways added fun to our high school years, and brought a lesson of setting goals and ful- filling responsibili ties. Matt Abrams sighs with refzef the race is over! S zelsflwewoemrelsssfereveoieezeeioodewoo 02135313 we wwe class glock next' Iwo? try nofitog get too outrageously hipez-Ill To 3f1Ioeers2,2J6!3m:x B. Joe M.,.Seott 1-L, Shaman, Matt M, Ron, s ll! I , I' Iftfffelohool lnive the greatestj sfsfezdg ,Trainer srndgsopzmfe also 5:1 ,yous thai 565535 ,Yeoh emi iii sififrtbiiesilifs Jewifeweadv, wi Qliatherine F955 To Sean Elfisokig gray condo nezkiibor, get a job! To izseoy Blggf:lieEgyoa'z-e so sby,Q'?s1:a dear, I 69833 to wash yorgry To Qefifigtferro, the super senior of 852454, by me: guys made Ssblmol litem, 90P?f395?5?5????S aiolbfatezflirslzvo me wefefifeefervo bfvyoesi Qkeijif QHSQYRNWY fell! too milirflfffo Jeffllunlrzzii i giiid Doirgvleii thanks .Fifi liiaolzing me 110181 to ride a motor? Boyds: 'I'mYiilSQ5idQ 'v85QU8Z,fZ Roo? 121 get better' :aries than yao mm have rw ifmggsecond period My family -gnever forgotten and always loved, you were always' Llzere! To Qwerpgfen v Birth jto death, Fl! never let you go! Memog' Hes fvrevetfifeiswff Jessuoeeeoe be brother? deed we treo ep! fro Azidlfiiliilf Bethany Swim 3pfings!!!1Q?'QGrwy. Minnow? Wlzasean, Mzittflvll, Scott H,'C31z-is-'71, Tony Brien B., P'I1i1,f Jose, and Erie - thanks for exferythingil To April Ci, April fi, - DeannaS., Roeezzda, Kiki, Stacy W, KellyCl, Debi B., '1'ammyD.,g, June, Joeyllgigdeo Vi, and Betsy s you are all the bestf? : R QT0 me cleeigofissi, 1v1,gzegys ,remember we love you 811,843 5 l , leap yfwfiooaiafhe gromosazzd,Iffwe feeebfeeffqf me ssarsifiieig Tffgeqgpeigzdwfn, is wsu Guysfflligvbss as nvsfgizomw there mm my I can wif repayyou alif You guys have shown me so much love and supports and you are making my8e:zfogyeer great lwbezp-I come to school. that isy- l'1,Z5gf4-waz' forget tlieg famous 509 gfdksplixow could I?jf soeefogg ,zseoseziigi f ,r hiieehwvwb :eww full weeioofez Q 50 Sb3f'fli?!i?E?57 silefzifei ?Ilf1i?i8EZi'In5a'5eg1?zc's that rikerezfx faggpanzzf I :f as 1 ffiiSTo all ih35?AES.'l3, boddiesiib rflie-past four yeargfget organized! 4379 the sofa giggeeffpf 'FQ my Pfehhet mfs ser ego ff:'ee1se1er.ys1f2QQ5e5J0Se1Pgf0E1?I?f?3i T0 Lwd4,Westfal1 and C-'Wi MEIN? ifwev 'Hif:? ?Y?Pil12'9H??Ff5'S 5 is 'I ffl? ffffi ' K fl Effgfffseofor Clkdiatfeiidelit ' ' .I These years always bring beck the greatest, ooemotfes of by life! A special .thanks to all of my friends end' . family foflibfllk-55010 wbvxeeveal me-ded yviiaevppm' ' f g fsfifd liesffrfendidaiteissistet IwelLl?5?YE2?i fit? 171895 all 004562355 7 ive We sherekiielgdiwlll Remember the cruise ?! Q51 . 5 fi I aiijifsjpiecrisl "s1bterfi,tlxis last summer? was the greatest ever! I loveiyoix, huns-a-bmmslf To Brett, I wx!! always remember Jyozzl 'Ib Wendy and Davm, Didsomeone say shopping??? Good jQ!ietieQKaoe5,3QggizeQrs-such, agsvveefie, thanlrs fotgweirag such a great H Q551fEf1g 1 '-721' -- ,1f2"o3 Geeliaiekzfremember leadership camp?fgBONK! DING-' go1No9,'moa2rbsy babe! zz QQBABE, lsr: 'r f2?j,iA!IdI'68, Rosenda, Tammy lkfcfisoimore playing in the mudli, Little Heatherfre- member bus buddies, and . . J, Tammy D., Marnie, Becki, Erin, ,Michelle Kcllyfdarlingl, Debbie and Ted, Briar: and Krissy, Greg mweggiesfgyou will always be so specialj, Steve, Todd, Jose- 'Ericg Mikey Poll, and Tony. You are all great friends, thank you ifor all tlie times! To Keith, Scott. '1"aresat'Tw6J. and the rest of the After Dark dancmg buddies! To Laurie Henion and Christina Reeves I Wednesday mklxt prayer friends? thank you for helping me and being such sweet friendrd Pd especially like to thank my friends in Connection thleauette, Kim, Lisa, Kimberly, and Beth! for all of the memories shared. Distance izvxllgrxever cause our friendship to disk! To all of my 'special teacher-friends tbrouglzout high school fMrs. Jones, Coach Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Mstoey, Mr. Cournoyer, and Mrs. Weatfalll, thanks for everything! I love you alll' Oh, and I could never forget to thank the King crew! You guys are incredibly unforgetsble!! Hector!!-Iecferi, Danfban-Bobj, Gavin, Ray, Mattlbffattmanl, sua' Mark! fTom,, Kath y, and Marilyn tony Thanks for making these years the It was great being the camera-WOMAN and l'll 'never forget bebrg "Legs'1'!! ' ' Most of all, to my familyluh oh, here comes the listU Mom, words carft describe how much you mean to me . . , I love you!H Dad it took a while, but we made it! Mom Joyce and Dad Joe, ,thanks for being a special part of my life! Grandma and Grandpa Christi well, you know . . . I love you for all that you are to me! ,Uncle Beexgand Aunt Booland little ABCJ, you are the best! 'Especialy tqffebitlxa, 'Pricielbugva-bool, and Danny A you three ,gmumgreatest brother andszsters that anyone mold ever have, and no matter how far apart we may be, we will always be so closem' Thank you all for standing lzv me and helping me grow, I love youll! f A ' To the entire class of198Z you are all the greatest? Hang in the-re, and ireepyreaclxing for Qlza best of everything!!! ,',, I ' I. fi JuneAmi1gi1, , 5 QL ,,', V '?gl Se1:iorWcegPresident ' i My fomyom at this mm: have been verv memorable, 1 will ,always remember my parties and all the people who ha ve made the years nzeoxomble. These people will be with me as my true and honest blend? r Brazil Paul, ftlmnlm for all the ridesl, Scottlffard- fnoreli gfliffqsy, Erilo Jerri, Karen, ,Tasbe,gfiimt5g KT, Genef -, 'C'o!rfgfflfolQ0iQQffQiXl221em, Sbkonon, you Htflliwh Y operate S: K 1 ?puhsp'proper1'y,jbot youve e mae friend, and the best all around r ,guy I kB6lf?.Qc,Y13Zbi8, and my -longfvety lorxgj infatuation with " 'Penny Harrie! 171 always remember you wherever I end up. Bot the two people 171 remembetand love the most are Marklyou 'rhode the and very pleasant - exalt say it was dull? bradSte,pIzQg2Qee.flfokmaoIliELlQi1?gyou forevag grskhliope our friend- ggllrp gaeijfeggiigftgsgaifeu reali,ii?lgii1?tQknow, 110651122306 you Yiey If10i'?5?9iJYf'1111' ' ' ' ' 'lQ??iQif f i ' v 'Qllil??i - 5535.,Q'Matomwrtbrams I ff' , Laura, Corrie, Shells, and Little Kari f We did good, we did good! gl csnft even sgylzow msnyfoglgisws that we bed, Dezft forget my 4li't0B,' 5eggtflc myselffopggqqstilkiddirzgl fill ge yer forget beigggj - A my iititfiizrfyeer, football eeftfeffeeili ii it . gglfiftfferiopgageopfeomf1aa:esese2EHSfiGbad1eeIieveryoas:1G?s?e3ss2f,f zy- , I ,'4,f5j32?iQ'7?f - ' if ff73Qf7w I' 'i-tfgijgfglifw f3fE,Qik'Jenn1TerAllsup Vfg I Pl! elwe Qdileaswe rm frierads that made rn Senior ear the 55' y. .,ry I ,y J' LgesgK4?ieSgE'iiiIsoi1Z, Chggsigzo Log: M88QZA2slM5Gif lik, DEX! , as Sizieirmzliwzoieszxozlevoysbimi sKiao,. ,femeoosi , U Karen Bazrdi gl, ':g3 5 , I I with at lllffgsfisiepeoially IF!! never forget and our and your wasted piece ufpizza! Thanks for 1025 and ever caring Carrie, 2 + jt3Ff 10? And youre better off witljorztAMt, N Jenny don 'r :fy esfigerghe new stgghoeffn, Iveeiqlzztg wil ya. My dovgiim rzezwip, sprinkles 22211355 ,HIL wfaxst-1.fige,5gl13grs?i Wbenyigi savsamrzlw, .57f2?w e 'Egfg , i 1,4-3Allfj' f L- V, ,Cathy Curtis K Itl like ,thanks so all gifmy friends. resgeeially Netheltlifi ond guys ora, 517f?i2??3Est! Daggcgigggrotluctlono H0113 01145 iiwketbsii s'B1?f254 121131924 and Izzrrobifzfeiaifivliils "tl1eK8BS7!3iGf?00' look l?Jrev'?Si'2tz37the Senloegle 1987! .. 'I ' -fjffi m 4 IV? i f Q Tammy Daugherty Q L L Thanks rtdizzy special frielfde that I have 313121594 my pest yea? times! Weikefways.kvepgir1:rQ6iiii1iQ,,! pmmi5e35?i?5i'SQ'1?Q s I really wsaffrosxxm yoziliotie afiir Iaelplng liiefiflzrouglz my f 1 0 Hey gayegoahif ever rofeetiiibibalz gmssgikilaiiihoholiggag tentrzzms feifeii the-ones we reookfdedlj eodputtfiigtlup with ME! 5 lf know it Wash if easy! Thani' yollbisa, you are x very Special persofi! FII never forget the times with Rsnelle, Joe "Afrox" Restivo, you HMI! 9.5 - iff 5 L 1 t I zesllymzast zlmnk Lisa amdilis tie for my nicloriixme "Flulms 22, its will owaisiefekfwffh mQfsesza,,xfen'f fbevkiiw wvshfrfeeiglfi 5 L A 5, Have siioiiffiixiiifhow to be kiiessigeekf Greg, Illlifzfe you more tfiaggg K A you lrnowfi'ig:3n't believe youjiutkzp with four years of my rhimel bling on - you truly know why Igoa "most talkative? lll- Mm. Romero, I love you! You re A lot more than a teacher! you're s friend and maybe someday on that dance studio , . , ! bm, you ha ve really shown me what a friendship zo! fa couple of lf1'fHfI6,i and you 'kgqe5xg!,Ha, hs!J.Re1i1f2Hzi1er that you fare my best frfeodl n i W And togigiii FAI?-in kl11g"Ro3lliiw I can'tssyg3iiy2l1ing I heveiafti said beforeljflove you!!I.smfI me the nose! spray!! But Fife even said that, lfyou care to count how merry times!! - No, I didn? forget you, my Porcelain goddess, I never will! lwazma go to the bathroom ?,2 Also, l love you Pam?Randy. Dusty, Grandma sod' Grandpa too!! Oh, and Tausha, lets try to keep our clotlxw on during lzmcb fl! r ,. V r W I love yoxr all, and PII ,never forget any ofyou! 1 Y ' In ' I Jeni lFIubusi Bundy '- They say that the best years of our life are almost over. and I can? ixelp but wonder if they are right ?! These past ibut years I will always cherish! I would like to thank April and Shelesia for giving me so man y memories and a friendship to al ws 3:-1 treasure. To Steph and Sophia for making these pest two years what they 've been and always making me smile! To my big brozben Richie, for always being tlaete for me and giving me that extra little push. And especially to you, Mom and Dad, you are the greatest, and I promise to repay you by making you proud! Annette Barnes To Keiffers - J can 't wait to marry you! You will always be my rebel! To Kellers - Remember Big Borzr?! To Junelbugl ' I love ya Kid!! See you AFTER DARK! Sir Slick - Thank you! You know ., .! To everyone - "Keep reaclazlng for the scars, and you won 't come up with a handful ol' mud."' Love Always - Kammers To Rorl "Buffy, even though it took four years. l love you!! You 've made this the best year ever! Miles won? separate us, 1'll always be right by your Mde because I will always love you! Jetlj I'll nover forget Water World and all ol' our con jobs! "You re zz lucky dog. " Youre the best friend a guy could have! 171 never forget Rich and Dan, and all of our "experiences'C I 'll remember every teacher and every friend I've made these past years! And remember that 837 is a god? Love you all ' , Harold "The Beef' Beasley Looking back at my years at EHS, the only way to sum it up would be to remember friends, parties, and Cheerleading! Forever remember - Zigzy Toes, Heather!! can ily!! Rickey, Fm still you:-"Sweet Baby CT Denise Yanigasawa ' Wubby wuvs yoo too Cubby! Brandy always being there. M v second brothers, Mark and my 'fiviza' Brian! always telling something. Keren, Fve missed you, and Rori Ro - "We've Got Isl" My most dearest and best friend - Angle Ang, I 'll always remember the night you got that name, KK. and CC., you've brought so much to our friend- ship, also my life. I love you. Paul, I can 't see inside of you, but FII .always need 'youi Mikie. yookre the best little brother Goo' could have given to me.lAlmn wolf Grandparents - youre the greatest! Mom - thanks forjust beiz:gl'3fou"sx1d Daddyf H? always be your little "jpez1tyisziimal'i , ' I I , " Q Mm all of our lauglatezy tears, and learning slung the way 'I want to thank you all for accepting me the way that l sm! I love you all so much! lMemories ofmy L.A. W will always be cherished witgfxinli y Yours Always f ,Qi Q, A CbrietimzA8exmett Lg Cwerziieriiliad Tammy I 3676 you both a Idi.'Ai:d please dazift pass me uj1,5We should all make number 10 at the same time! life, I1a'!? t Buds Forever - -K g Laurie Brown Carrie,gSZillgjJa,' Jenn, ant? you guys fmy Senior yoke ,, ' great! Wegiiell so much 5 334232533 ,our peftiesi jllffpecially Denise? k91l0W8!'.L I never forgeifitlze Cop and Kelly? cigar, Carrie, You better Iearioioot to fall asleepbo early at parties!! love you guysyso much. Thank you so much for making my Senior year the greatest even' 5 , - V - Karicfwbjf GL WYL,'Biflan, to you I lseek my ouyat J.KTggi1ever f0fg'9f'J6l:1fY is , ,, I ,.... ,, . muTbelfffwiiflllfvffiH'reireee2v!,N0C1i0fl,e8?sl:2s92ffLmekfneisilaarA Viiilff' i ffiiivw I rffiigzgfgy lies 0d1?!f3?Z5Jf1'2?iiI'Il mfgsyigoggie , , -?lffg2gE9f,fJTf?!0!1glI 51.55 an, M11 lwizfidw vw was tl1obest!i - 4 - seeing ties, Mondays: :wa and wtf:s,gs1g'l:1w guys !Steve2,Qa!I night pherg calls. long iuocb Iibes, andfroslzed mornings!!! f i. if Mom anzi'Dad, 172 always love you for all that you have dom. You make me proud to be yogi daughter! luck to 198m .-5:5555 l Kelli Devil-:sg fi , - 1 Yhekfrfdidgfyw made ioifbiiiiittfwr yeshsisve been unforgi table!Mum???iTl1anks for being soiwonderfull -Yofiye not only bee? a mom. but as friend!! love yoE1!KD - yon meanfmore to me thai you will ever know! Clara Adams, you barely lived and you left aa empty space in my heart - I miss you!! 'IY1Ysni 5 always reach fo the stars! G1-eggy !M:, Pres! +I won? forges you "teddy beer' Cindy - why did ys move? Ivlove yon bud1'To' obey gang d Cmjric Shela, and'-Keri Q After Dorkglbroverl' Jenn Etlianks for all rifles! Laurii?-gkeep smiling! Matthew - zz perflbotpal, I love 13255 Andrea - thanks for being such a greai neck suffice: at Tilcze! Will y a week that :ms - I 'll never forget itil A f 'Ii Hayle! Uncle Zsrlzj you are the been - I love you!! Rekdalal -I "inspirational 'l thanks lor year love and friendship! Westfall - tb times with you were greatL'C'oo1'n0yer - Snickers forever! Blake one of a kind? ,,-L ,. DOHIlj'SfHQV, you made myiuriior and Senior years wortlzwlidl I will always treasure what xve bed! I love youinow and always Football games, parties, baseball and basketball stats, yearboo the past three year? and Editor thisyear, homework, neversendin lunch lines are always going to be a part of my life! Emmet Sizes-Han - were getting married in 1991, don? forget Good luck wlelzin the next 3 years . . . it will go by fast! 'lb the class of 1987, lets succeed? Cvya at the reunion! ' . ' Love - Tammy Davis To all my special friends - I will never forget all the memories EHS. Some of the best times of my life were here, I will new forget all the-parties, DK road, Rich and Harold in the trunk of BMWQ Markie birthday, Lionel Ritvhie night, Denis:-3 show Lost Road, Udder, Skid and Hoover, and mytllcense getting su: pended! Thanks Mom and Dad for supporting ms, you re the beg Especially fo Martin tbr all the great memories you have given mg I love you Martin. more than you will ever know! 3 Love - Dana Deglong Having Debi Bidwell as my girlfriend, I love you babe! You' brought me joy and happiness in life and I thank you!! You're, special to me, I could never self for better! I also remember bei on the Fmslz basketball team and having all the fun on the benc And being on the sucrer warn, To all my friends, especially guel, Anon, Mattnxan, and the whole gang? fTlzinlr about it . , MMMMMJ I also want to remember Robby and Eric! And on more thing L9 Homecoming here or away??? Ted "Theo" Door To those special people from Kindergarten until now: I'1l new forget! My parents, who always helped me during bard times . l YI love you Veronica Espinoza To all my friends 4 Flubus, Greg, Karen, Danny, Gene, Step Kirstv, Betsy, Tasha, Brad and Mast, thanks for making my Sei for year so fun! To my best friend, Lisa A liz: 'glad I had a fries like you to grow up with! Welve done sn many things together Sumlv Bloody Sunday. the green cake, parties, C.'1T syndrom Rick and GTI, and so much mare! Hope we can stay wget!! somehow! To my one and only favorite teacher, Mr: Boyle - tba! you for all your little lectures and letting me know it was alright cry. To the Vellan family - thanks for makinggme so happy all the Clm6!.fIOV9 you guys!! Tomy favorite S01 thanks furgvtto me into trouble! Maybe someday we will ligoffe Lisa out!! Katie Fox l f To my friends: Cecilia, tlxrouglx ilzick and thin, thanks! Tillie a spaz, I love ya! Cwennen, my twin - you 3'e crazy, I've never ll more tim! Brien, Joe, Matt, Slzgsean, not only gorgeous, but gh' friends! foxy youll alwayiilze special! Vfgrgslftjyrfootbali we've beeziitiirough thick eiikf thin, and you gziys have alwf' pulled through - I love yougays? Varsity basketball team, I li those legs! Teachers, you lived through it, thanks? To my pare!! can 't say how much I love you twirl' Cheerleaders, one expenerz after another. Heyguys, talre care of .VOUK96'IV9S,V I love you alll and Tammy, Fve never had so much fun "hissing" and "initio with youiof the dracula room :ii Tikis? P11 nevozf forget that W ,LQ loveY3f!!i1fZiifTI ttzilgi' "-, Gf?iE2:f', f',iiE gfl Andrea Flffltgl' ff! They said that memories are forever! Janelle, Lore, Shanxi: Lisa, Tony, Brian, Marcia, Damon, Jerry, Yolanda and Natlili , . . ours will always be in my hearts? , MQ Qlgg . I .r..h V. Love Q Ceeilfio Gonzalez' 55 Kes, ru roger forget yoefoilihnrs for evsryfzfrsmfou 'fe my QL friend Keililleanne Davfesfsiel now and forexfer! I love ,VOK3,G'L w J' ...ik url., 1 Q Y as 'N x A fi f g A' f J' 'N . E ff' T , AV. , 1.321- af'ii"' ' ig' 'L in fr X ,I I -, -.-.w - T 1' ,,.,, fi g,f,.4 L, 'Y will 3 Q Ji.- wg . ,jg ly N ir 3 .M 'K '41" ,W ig , . Ms? W- 'E' , f 24 4 T . 1 V, -' S-if 'T' ,li- 1-. ii lg nf av sa A 1 X 5 ' 35' . if 1 .5235 fu k ! s f X. S 332 ,L ,, wi Q2 3 'Q f. S X JJ 'Q s 1 r 1 -ef -fia- , I 4 'ii i I 1 1 9 4 E 2 E 4 E i 3 3 E -: f SVI rr. W I Q SE 53 S 3 W S 52 E N ? bk 5 iss QS, Z3 25 33 E 5? S5 EX 52 2 si EE as 2 E f 3 E E 33 5 33 'S Si 5 Zn 3 Q 5 Q 5 P15 Si ii as 5' f B Q is ,gi .. ,.' .-. 1oR :LIS In "1 1 ILSJIIFUS WHL, 'ki -3 5" 2' sf all Carrie Adams Claudia Alarcon Gina Alexander Kristina Allred Jennie Alsnauer James Arcady Nicole Arndt Anthony Avalos Brenda A Vetta Brandon Balek Kelley Barlow Andrea Barrera Jana Baxter Daniel Beard Christal Beatty Brian Beer Justin Behrens Paulette Bernard CLASS OF '88f98 g. wma K s The Junior Class OfHces.' Mike Jackson, Antonette Wilson, and Darlene VanOver Mb fW K J f y 1 f 4 if 4 4 4 ', ' i.,smDF3E ,:. me ' ' . 'Ii' TX sa ff- - ig ' 1 ,f '7 f xg A 5 1 ' , u W -...c 1 V W A 6 vu A W 35 1 ff X K 1 ...Q 1 W, - X - 1: . .. Q , ....- ." an 450 if V I '-:- , are ff David Pierce and Miguel Matinez "show the pride of '88" Erick Berry Jennifer Bishop Jennifer Blaclremore Tammara Bomberger Richard Botsford Julie Booth Gary Borths Francisco Bosquez Joy Brindenthai Janet Brown Ken Brown Shellie Brown Krisma Bryning Richard Bulek Sean Burney Brian Burns Jill Burnside David Byers Adam Calderon Randall Callaway Carolyn Campbell JUNIORSf99 De1'ekCampbeIl Shana Cantarini Shane Cantarini Son Cao Kevin Carle-en Felipe Castiolo James Cebula James Cheyoleur Alan Christiania John Church Jennifer Cicconi Holly Clark Walter Cleary Vikki Cline Tina Conchola Sheila Constant Anthony Cook Rocio Correa Doreen Corona Pa tricia Cordo va Lori Crist Aaron Cvilona vich Cathy Cyphers h Marc Dkmbrosia C IA Sb OF '88fl00 Q X 'D ww X W S J X x M Ss r 1 LQ X X gy wr? X ,Q X. .X .. , . . X x S SX X X N ' .. --..,:g, wmv- , M N , ..., --. if x X X X X . X Y .5 I XX as Q. X X X iff ,M +G?-Qs f ' J 'X 1. T233 me . ff wx . S K Q Q , X .rw - ,:, fs X 1 if Wilma, I ' w ,N av f N " :J 7 yr, NW, , 2: ww 5 3 J 4' 1 W H a , , 9, 2 Z 7 . 1, 315' X ' ,,,, mlwmn in f J X 4, , 1 s A I I J Z Jana Baxter, Mindi Neil, Lynnette Jordan, Rhonda Warren, John Gatrell and Robert Milliron "What A Combination 01' Junior Friends." Ron David Alicia De La Garza Brigit Delph Albert Diaz Eddie Dillion Ronald Driscoll Brook Duncan Cheryl Dwyer Kevin Edmundson Lisa Edwards Darrell Ellis Joe Elmore Tarina Estep Stephanie Estes Tonia Esqueda John Fanning James Ferrel Heather Fletcher Isabel Flores Jennifer Flores Stacey Flowers Michael F orby Erica Freeman Charity Frost Martin Graffey David Gagnon Luann Galea Frank Gallegos Roy Garcia Tracey Garrison John Gatrell Cheri Gaul Harold Gaurkee Wendy Ga ylor Dbrea Germany Marla Giese - ai , f A' . Y 1 ' i' 1 WJ K A ,1 QR xv! 5' ,X f l f M A ,V X Z " . 5' ll fe n X Hiifz vl ' I 'A V: www may Hifi' ,xl ff? ,il .,,,,,. y .. 3 iw F1 ,A SS 0 F '8.'-ffl Ol Jason Gilbert Vernon Gingrich Jon Goalen Andrew Gomez Isaac Gomez Heather Gorrel Julie Greene Ted Grindstaff Joellen Groh Gary Guest Abe Gustafson Donna Hall Rebecca Hall Jeff Hanley Theresa Hare Penny Harris Denice Harrison George Harrison CLASS OF 88 71 02 'We K at 'W ff - Aw 0 PU' fm W x , Erin Ohlendorf "Gotcha!" A . ,ffl ,L 1 if HQf F "Baby" Wendy Marba NSS? fx "Q ,bww ' f Shiloh Harvey J 4- Brent Hawkins . Jill Ha worth ' ' Michael Hearm If are Marcia Henderson -'E " Robert Hendrixson il I H William Henry 1 V Ludivina Hernandez Mike Hernandez ' it Reginald Hernandez . f Thomas Hess .M Cami Holman . W Raymound Honeycutt Vickie Home Walter Horton Shawn Howry Terry Hulse , , Tammi Humphrey 3 Jeffrey Hurd Leroy Jackson Mike Jackson Francis Janse William Jauncey Anna Marie Jaynes Cheryl Jeffrey Gregory Jilkin ' , Annette Johnson .,, Bradley Johnson Huck Longmore. Mike Jackson, and Gary Shelton, get excited about lunch! CLASS OF '88fl0.'f John Johnson Alan Jordan L ynnette Jordan Brad Jolly Amy Junker Jodi Kappus Nasus Kara Soulas Crystal Kennedy Britt Kibala Chan Kim L Alisa Kimble ' Jeff Kipling Stephen Kirsch Lani Kizler Susan Klein Paul Klier Karen Knight Glenn Koski Rachelle Kriner Mibhelle Kruse Jerry K uehl Chris La Fond Tina Lagreca Heather Leerssen Brian Legre David Leona, Jim Lester Craig Levinger Frank Lichorabiec Buck Longmore Lachale Love Christine Lucero Kira Lufflfin Maribel Luis Carol MacGregor Scott MacGregor CLASS OF '88f104 x f 5.9-X M 196 Lisa McElroy and Jill Burnside '4Bozo Buddies" James Macias Jennifer Mack Fred Makepeace Shila Malone Wendy Marba Denise Marcel! Melanie Martinez Brenda Marquez Jason Martin Miguel Martinez Lisa Mc-Elroy Kim McFadden Ruben Medina Michall Mehmen Selene Melendez David Mellor Gloria Mendoza Jose Meza Obdulia Meza Christopher Miller David Miller ert zvlilliron ,a Mote Leon Moquin Chad Mora Gaynon Mora Micheal Morales CLASS OF 88f105 Jason Moz-ell Juan Moreno Tre vor Morro W Lee Moulton Kellie M uclen Da vid M urtisha W Tracy Myers Jason Nance Mindi Neill Katherine Nelson Heide Nesselrode Nhung Nguyen Mary Norman Dominique Nyman Enrique Ochoa Erin Ohlendorf Kim Olsen Sonia Olvarado Dan Ortiz Freddy Padget Marcos Pages Kristina Pancoast Elliot Parks Iesha Parson CLA.5 9 OF '88f106 ,W , r 'f f gli, A: M i , ,J f' , I Q3 , -ff v . a- " ffm, ,eq w r . ,,,V,, , M 4, QM 'H X yns yor, lrrlrss ,ys T yy,4rrl rrf y Crystal Kennedy and Andrea Barrera, "Andrea, do you think anyone will M recognize us 71 ?.' fl! 7? .I V. ,,,, ,, frrr , X ,x I Q I ti J , ...,! E L, W Y, F gvfeg if SQ Lynnette Jordan and Dawn Rehling enjoying their History class! f Anthony Patino Jonh Pena- Tamron Perez Shaun Persing Betsy Peterson Kevin Peterson Todd Phillips Teresa Phillips Jamie Phillips Jody Phipps David Piece John Piker Stephonie Powers John Poza Lisa Pulsifer Melissa Promire Heidi Rasco Allan Rasmussen Angela Ratliff Bryan Rector Dawn Rehling CLASS OF 88!10 1 Stacy Rein Dana Remfron Deanna Reyes Candace Rhine Catherine Rich ' Jon Richardson Chris Riley Rick Rios Elvia Rivera Christina Roberts Nicole Robinson James Rothgery Veronica Roqul Vickie Rowe Kathleen Rubcamp Darien Ruiz - Paul Runfola Jennifer Rushing Shay Turrentine, and Kim Olsen, 4'We're thinking, we're thinking." CLASS OF ' 88fl08 ,, . fl, ,V ii. ,nf me , lg, , ,A . I ,ri We asked a question, to all the ju niors. What do you hope to be in 1, years? Here are some responses we got Alisa Kimble, "Rich, retired and on va tation" David Gagnon, "Living', Eric Weber, "A professional surfer" Tonia Esqueda, "Owning my own majoi clothing industry, living in a 6' million dollar house, with someone I love. I' Derek Campbell, "Playing pro basket- ball in Italy, and chasing Italian wom- en, and to open a soul food chain. " N N ff VZW fp.- tb Wctoria Sanborn Matt Sandstrum Corri Schroeder Rebecca Scotty Dawn Sever Valarie Shaw Brent Shay Nate Shea Han Kirk Shearin Sharrie Shedrick Victoria Shehan Gary Shelton Dawn Shepherd Patsy Sherman Jami Shotwell John Shrabel Randy Smalls Cameron Smith Che Smith Colleem Smith Robert Smith Tawny Smithson Jody Snyder Tara Snyder Brayky Som Joseph Somers David Souliotes Craid Speers Dawn Steinmetz Jennifer S tekkinger Willian Stens Bobby Sterling Connie Sterling Ronnie Sterling Jamei Stoute Marina Stover CLASS Ol' 88f109 CUTEST COUPLE: MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT? Nate Shea-Han and April Campos Mindi Neill and Joey Yarbrough CLASS OF ,88f110 6 Q 1. S' grid' 6 Rl.. X 1 if .5-, MQ eww ... BIGGEST FLIR TS: FRIENDLIEST' Shay Turrentine and Albert Diaz Tonia Esqueda and Reggie Hernandez 1:-A www- S 2 is OV' 9 P' Q The Junior favorites, who you the Class of Q98 voted for, is starting a new tradition, in the Elsinore E1 LAGO!!! MOST ATHLETIC: Larry Timer and Brenda Marquez MOST TALKA TIVE: Lynnette Jordan and Tommy Trevino CLASS OF 2?8!Z11 Nicholas Strickland Adam Stuart Kyre Stucklin Jeffrey Stuwe Frank Sulak Rebecca Sullivan Marie Ji Swanson Jeff Theme Ann Marie Van Ant Albert Vasquez Tiffany Vernille Carrie Wakeileld Michelle Watts Susan Webb Joellen Werner Shannon, Whelan Gina Woody Richard Wright Nancy 'Zavetz Jeff Zmarik CLASS OF '88f112 werp ,f -W, f W sw, , 1 W I, J' ,pm 'fimiifxa -' f : , eee cccc cclccc E 3 4 A if 5 ,MJ I S Kristina Pancoast and Holly Clark, 'AWalk like an Egyp tian."' Elsinore High School has a week of fun games and every day is a different dress-u . . J day during homecoming Week! The unio . . . b may not of Won a lot ofspirit pomts ning the games but really showed th classes some competition. We know y Win e othe the Ju niors have the "Right Combinationfv H, I ii h ,Q a. 'mi PHOMGRES PRESIDENT flst semesterj: Vutlzy Tim, SECRETARY f2nd semester presidentj: Alicia Covington Jonathon Abbot Jack Ackerman Ronald Acosta Shawn Adkins Carmen Aldrete Jeff Allen Noah Allen Cornia Andrews Jason Arnold Marion Asprec James Ayres David Atwood Heather Bailey Jami Baldwin Bill Barber lmke Barber Jodi Barnes Lana Barrett Jason Barth Mark Beckers Kristie Beer Christopher Benge Dana Bennett John Bernard CLASS OF '89f1 14 TREASURER f2nd semester vice-presidentj: Tiffany Looper. Yi 3 o neno , "" , , f' M " V ' no A A J .o.oo, ... me I A 6 J , f ' J.. V 4 f a A " ' a fe 2 , 0 3 f fa 3' QW 41 . Q , A SOPHOMORES "89" 9.- ,M K Vivian Berry Kamara Best Tiffany Biafore Diana Bird Don Bird Robert Blair Jennifer Booth Cheryl Borths - Jaques Boyanton Erlinda Boyer Cindi Bradley Cheryl Brakebill Francesca Branch Rosielinda Briceno Jessica Brinson Jeff Brockway Zach Brooks Kathy Brown Kevin Brown Leanne Brown Scott Brown Kacey Browne Jody Brueslre Lisa Bucci Stacy Buchanan Shelley Burns Jantelle Burton Jeffery Burton Jeffery Bush Sitha BY Charles Calhoun Shawn Calvin Steven Carroll Fred Cason Paul Casto Amanda Chance Colleen Chapman Jeanna Chavez Renel Christner Patrick Civello Scott Clayton Jeremy Clugston CLASS OF 89fIla Alisa Coakley Cynthia Colangelo Jeffery Colley Chris Conner Wendy Conzelmann Christi Coon James Cordeiro Mark Cordova Fernando Coria Darleen Corona Elisa Coronel Hortencia Cortez Corrine Costin Jose Covarrubas Alicia Covington Robert Cox Alicia Crowell Jack Crumm Raymond Dal-re Vincent Daley Timothy Daly Dennett Dapron Joseph Davidson Jodi Davis Rebecca Davis Peter De Jong Michael Deigan Michelle Diaz Tonya Dippolito Robert Dixon This year the sophomores had a lot of spirit. Sophomores Won the spirit jug twice 131 a row. It helped everyone come to the pep rallies to scream and yell and blow horns. Thanks for showing "Tiger Spirit" class of 89. Keep the spirit up. 116fCLASS OF 599 X as X . ik 2 A N . - 1 X , ., X i fu f X X? X N xx Q 1 'S I. x .K- fs X X A " E 3 Q 4' 9 X it x X X X X X X lx Q5 P so if ...f Q Q S5 lg,-S V 'or if Ma.-,nf 3 r Tren ton Docktor Edward Dosaman tes Monty Dosamantes William Dotson Chad Downes Toby Doyle Matthew Drake Timothy Dupuy Debby Durst Jason Elliott Crystal Elsberry Donna Elvidge Wendy Erickson Octavio Escobar Garmon Estes Juan Estrada David Fafard Shawn Fears Noelle Ferguson Vince Figueroa Monica Flippen April Foster Wayne Fournier Rennee Franklin Autumn Frost Hallie Furr Laura Garcia Cliff Garrison Kelly Gaurkee Liliana Gavrila Ron Gazafy Maria Geek Debra George Attila Gergely CLASS OF '89f11f Christopher Giaconoelli Lorieann Giam brone Marla Giese Joe Gilbert Jason Gilenson Idolina Gonzales Josefina Gonzales Thomas Goode Dawn Gordon Rachel Gordon Richard Gordon Claire Graham Brain Graybehl Antoine Greer Lauri Gridley Sheila Griger Veronica Grindstaff Bruce Grizzle Danny Guerra Olivia Guerrero Elsa Gutierrez Shea Gutierrez ' Jim Hagen Tina Hambuch Rosalind Hamilton Carey Haney Jeffery Harber Stacey Hardey Sabrina Harlan Debra Hartney Michelle Harvey David Haskell Antonio Hatcher Jean Heacock Larry Hernandez Mario Hernandez Robert Herrle Matt Heying Wendy Higgins Shannon Hill There Hill , Darlene I-lille l18fCLASS OF '89 X x V x f X gm eg :sk .Q L fiegffes , ft: 1 ,A N E S X N. ii S X? , W XF Ni. NJX 4 GX X X E X X .f X W. Si r SX 7 X X X X H, S - 13 os X if ,nio FF wg we law .Q Q , .. ,- 5 se. 1 I ee ! an W, A... Cindi Bradley and Becky Davis show us their "crazy' side. Boni Yanagisana and Dawn Mayberry enjoy a Yoke" on their way to class. Jennifer Hillstrom Rachel Hilton Tracey Holderman Kelly Holman Michael Howard V r i Chris Hun ter F .' .. tw Christina Hunter Jason Huntington Jason Husted Kathy Hutchinson William Hyatt Inga Iresvan Martin Irlanda Lisa Irvin Walter I vancich Jaymee Jackson Michael Jernigan James Jewell Marlo Johnson Christopher Johnston Victoria Jolly Christine Jones Christopher Jones Katherine Kemper CLASS OF '89f1 19 , , Sharon Kane Alexander Kapanui Douglas Kearns David Kelsey Agnes Kim Joo Kim Wayne Kizler Matthew Klinefelter Amber Koetsier Tonya Kohli Byron Kopeczy Bobbie Lacey Pongchitra Lamsong Wade Lanier Anita Larkin Brenda Lastoskie Mare Latham Nancy Lawson Ty Lawson Chris Lembo Kari Lessner Jeffery Lichorbiec Tracy Little Richard Loeks Tiffany Looper David Lopez Chandelle Lord Steven Lord Sammy Love Michael Lovett Stephanie Loving Allen Luce Joseph Lujan James Lyons' Wendy Lyons Marc MacDonald Anthony Mancebo Nicolae Manea Patricha Manely Misty Marlar Donny Martin W Jose Martinez FI ASS OF '89f120 :nh- X X Q. 'fn Q x X , 5 f iioo SP' - E Q si x Q, . 1 L X Ein, 3 X -: , . ie F f e - M .L " I A ' . - iv o ff A ' - .K g 4 f 4 1-,eq , 'N rw 4 ,.ry , . it - ., X M -1- 5 A L 11' T :I Q' , S R Q ' -fb A Q 1. is ii. SX .. ,sr - ' as 1 X ,. X il , ... S . .. .4 ,r ,. gr is N XX h x xv X Q I . X X X xx Rx Q? Q ,X X X f S is 3 N Q X Qu Q H Q X X 4 s S X x X X itie eeio i,i' 5 ni in I ix x -ed' .isiiia Q. DE M Z .natill tei kg J is wg 'fi 0 of 'JE X XM K hu r comb' h0W n s Wendy Martino Shar Mason Paige Maurer Dawn Maybury Matt Mays David Ale Carthy Mike MC Cormic Deborah MC Culley Timothy MC Donald James MC Glothlin Shannen MC Guire Corolyn MC Intyre Jeffery MC Murdie Teresa Mc Namara Tim MC Neal Jennifer Medina Jaime Metivier Fernando Meza Maria Meza Peaucheada Miech John Miles Brian Miller Dennis Miller Jodi Miller Karla Miller Sara Minium Tracy Moddrell Daniel Moen Daniel Moore Michelle Morales CLASS OF Q99!1Z1 W 1 Carole Moran Cynthia Moreno Marty Morris Trisha Morrison Dannielle Moskus David Mosley Barbra Moya Richard Mullins Jason Nanetti Ben Navarro Bunly Neang Natalie Neilson Jerry Nelson Heather Neshem Brent Nei ves Erik Nieves Kelly Noriega Patrick O'Brian Ernie Obregon Matthew Olivolo Tonya Orlenko Michelle Orris Mike Ortega Moises Ortega CLASS OF '89f122 USC Francesca Branch has been singing since she was three years and has found this talent to be her favorite hobby. Her friends and family both agree she has a t6?1'1'1.fl'C voice. Fur- thermore, Francesca says that she sings simply because she loves to. At the age of 11, Francesca sang a duet in front of a live audience. Currently enrolled in Choir at ECI-LS., Francesca hopes to become a professional singer and says that friends and family are behind her all the way. Her influences are Barbara Striesand and Whitney Houston. I 'Y MW 1? Q! f X , X3 tl lll , at 4-,M - M M if win -CUM -Q., Us , , x V 1 ,f J ew? wg in f xmj -1 ,Q U BX 1 5 4' Q if V, , ls wir I -. .,., 1 Steven 0I'f1:Z Jon Osborn Amy Page Katherine Painter Kim Pantoja Randy Parsons Mike Paulson Shannon Payne Beto Perez Lorenzo Perez Joel Perkel Willie Peterson Danielle Philhlvs Gerard Phillips Jamie Phipps Derek Pickett Kimberly Pitts Derinda Pittsley Jenna Poirier Brandy Pomeroy Mary Anne Powell Angela Proetel Shiela Quackenbuslz Cindy Questel Hiedi Radisich Andrew Ralcow Georgina Ramirez Moises Ramirez Peter Ransom Liza Rasco Jan-ed Rathgaber David Rauch Bryan Reece Thomas Reeves Lowanda Remy Roberto Reyes Christy Ridgway Katherine Rigsby Scott Ritschel Andre Rivera Renee Rivera Lance Roberts CLASS OF '89f123' Sharon Roberts Janee Robison Mario Rocha Lynda Rodarte Christina Rodriguez Laura Rodriguez Matin 'ROdIl:g'U9Z Christy Rossi Jesse Rozof Susan Rudy Darlene Ruiz Debbie Ryan Patti Sampson Cindi Sanchez Patrichia Santos Stacia Saucedo Raymind Sch uhmann Alicia Schwab Lawerence Sheehan Anthoony Shellum Barrett Simon Klmberlee Simpson Michael Simpson Jennifer Shomler Heather Short Steven Silguero Timothy Sisco Tammi Skiles Christina Smith Shelly Smith Cl ASS OF '89f124 it tsi rtts f :K X N , mt Qi A s at , ig . sx wg X 3 we Y' V 15' X 1 X eq WST- is A X Y ilk? Z 3 X 5 Q 2 5 X SSqkXxsQQ.Qf5?K , wi W -F v 'ascii' iss? if 5' i W iii h m e z H. 'U' 4 S if f ' aifw ' , 5 , ,W A an STYLI Matt Olivolois hobby is surhng. He has been surfing since he was 6 years old because of his older brother. Mattis dream is to become better than the current World Champion Surfer, Tom Curran. He says surfing makes him feel like he is accomplishing something. Matt says he is not that good at the moment but plans to go to the World Championships. He goes to various beaches such as Gceanside, San Clemente, and Huntington Beach. Matt is scared 01010 foot Waves but when he gets into tubes its like an inspiration. Well good luck Matt.' Hope your dream comes true. if it 74 1 we X KSN X E K 5 Q'- 5 2 se s we r 'Z G' Jim Hagen relaxes at lunch. E Y :::, SL ri x Hom Som Michelle Sparks Chuck Spine Kathy Sprague Tammy Sprague Loren Stacks Vaneli Star Carrie Stevens Sean Stiver Margaret Stokes Steve Storvis Jason Stoute Laurie Sutton Chris Swearingen Robert Swick Jeffery Swift Jerry Syndell Christi Thompson Misti Thompson Susan Thorpe Loeut Thuy Mony Tim Vuth y Tim Bobby Tipton Jason Tontz Gayla Towery Dave Turner Jennifer Twaite David Twigg Tina Van Sean Van Druff Justin Van Fleet Kim Vanderhaeghen CLASS OF 89f19o Modeling is Lisa Zoelleris hobby. She started model- ing 2 years ago. Recently she has stopped but will start again soon. Friends and family have helped her through it. Her family is behind her and has payed for everything so she could get started. She really didn 't do an y professional work but she did do a job as a freeze model in a mall and Lisa also modeled in Wa Health Spa and a modeling school bou- tique.'She Wouldgo tomodeling shoots as often as once a Week. Lisa modeled clothes and shoes. i Lisa is special fea ture is her eyes and her goals are to become a model and a dancer. Jimmy Vargas Gregory Vasquez xg QV? Bob Vavla Matthew Vaughn Evelyn Velez Trina Vermette Bill Vicnaire Terry Victory Gino Vincent Heather Vincent Frank Vouso Brandon Wagner Steve Wagner Brent Walker Rada Walker Alicia Warren Sam Warren Ernie Weidman Edward Wieringa 'ason mlkinson Chad Mlliams Daniel Willian Jeffery Willoglzbyl X Jason 'Vidlson K, Jeanette Wilson N yman V Wilson Jeffery Wider Shane Wold Leslie Wolfe jdamxes Wood - ' Micheal Wood Adrianne, Wright CLA SS OF '89f126 lk lv 7,7 , .. aw v W W, wi.: .V 5 4 Qwiifl f a fm fi i f 7 'U ? r ' 1 'F 1 2, ' Q if W ff 4 'o af fa f - Q i r 'iri yyooi W W 'C' .M , Q I f f. ,Wa 5 BEST PERS ONA LI TY: Cindi Sanchez and Jason Nanetti. Shaun Yeager Diane Zavetz Scott Zmarik Daniel Zimmerman Vicki Zimmerman Deborah Zingarelli Lisa Zoeller Roshelle Zornizer , Rachel Zuchowglii V igghpb J 6 I YS-15' A9 V MMV Wa ff CLASS OF '89f128 C UTEST COUPLE.' Bom' Yanagasawa and Jim A yre , rl .S we -. wx 1 CRAZIESTY Tim Daly and Cindy Bradley. MOST ATHLETIC: Renel Christner and Fred Cason. ESI-IME 'A'-lx 'dflal-44' :Q-if ,Q ng , 'ix-HQJYALS-Lvkky' ,.T' . f ' K , . L, A--4-W N X N Mar if i ----- .... ..x. . ,rw . .,i, N A ,. -Mm,.,,..s.. X, - fs-Ns --Q W A-,-- .X .W-. - -In K , ., , AA-- Freshman ofHcers,' Rhonda Cebula, Leann Corzen, Veronica Perez and Heather Mathias shine their winning smiles. 0. W i A3 Susan Abbott -'gf fl -Q f V - Helen Achiu T Imi it h A Aaron Adams rir .. CLASS OF '90f130 :Sis Chris Addington Grant Adkins Shell y Aguilar Jennifer Aden Akemine - Tarek Alhoushe Bryan Ambrogio FRESHMEN "90" Q33 T Ni'- S x , X X K NX Y? 4 x we X 1 xlv' 1 gnc: .. " 55:5 ' Q ax if s., ik is E 5 x S- we n... ' K fl I " x x Q ,ASQ is , xii, wi X 'ug 'fl Danny Leal and Cory Hash their dazzling smiles. John Anders Carrie Andersan Maria Arechiga Lisa Bernarb Christina Baehne Sheryl Bailey Travis Bailey Debra Baldwin Sylvia Balkom Amy Balla Kelley Bannister Dusty Barinley Shannon Barnes Teresia Barrett Monique Barron Mark Barnette Roger Barth Kelle Baysinger Stacy Beauauphey Wiil Beaver Lisa Beer Andrew Belovarac Anna Benson Shantae Benson Leonore Ben tey Scott Bercume Christian Bess FRESHMENX131 Harold Bird Jeffrey Bird Chris Bliss Justin Bock Todd Boggs Michelle Boimilla Walter Boles Melissa Book Justin Boothe Sherri Bowins Eric Bradbury Robert Bradford Robert Bradley Dusty Brinley Michelle Brooks Jana Brothers Aaron Brown Donna Brown Jason Brown Jeffrey Brown Jennifer Brown Bryce Bobion Dawn Buchanan Joey Budro John Burton Sitho By Jennifer Bye Becky Burne Cindy Call Cynthia Campbell David Carey Hector Carlos Larry Carter Melisa Carter Ryan Case W Rhonda Cebula Christopher Cejka Danny Chado Joy Chamberlain Angel Charles Tea' Chau Richard Cherveny Sean Ciechomski Juliett Ciotti Raymond Clark Danny Cleghorn Stephanie Coats Chris Collins X X X Q. Q E ss gs NX x X N W M X N .ffr- i V W .2 is s xx ai so 'QQ if , . Y' rs Y 5. 'Xa B gi 5 War f 'N in . s S- X X so S 5 5 5 ' K -N ... :L -., f,.., A '-Miss N N HCI' E E M N :.:, ...eoo . Q ff S, N. ii o,.E:.rr,,,, i ,f L 'ass' 1 1 1 i Ei in sn .. 5, . Q "K :iv ge " K Shannon Davis Patrick Da y Robin Deeds Deanne Delarrn Dolores Delgado Victor Deleon Shanna Delucco Lisa Dennick Daniel Deo Darla Dietz Tien Dinh Stephanie Dittrick Sue Donahue Larry Doran Kelly Downing Kevin Collister David Consol Lisa Conchola Jeremy Conley Scott Connelly Jim Coughlin Liane Courson Jason Covington Suetta Curtis Steven Cyphers Kelly Daily Jeremy Dale Andrew Dark Michelle Davenport Carol Davies Robert Davis Robert Davis Christy Beer munches on Doritos. Stacy ,Smith helps Debbie Stackhouse escape from Elsitraz. ' dummies' ' N xx.,-,I sul , ff We ,rw l33fCLASS OF 90 Danny Prielipp thinks up something devious. Jerold Randolph, VW1liam Green, Patrick San Nico- las and Larry Carter in their own little clique. Alex Fertig Sean Fielder Chad Figueroa Randy Fitzgerald David Flannery Alex Flores Diana Flores Marlo Folger Crystal Foster Jason Foster Jerold Foster Brandi Fox Ruben Franco Jame,sfFurr Guy7Gaffney Louma Gagnon Dorina Gallardo 134fCLASS OF '90 Tara Downey Dwaybe Dryer Milored Duke Jennifer Dulay Nathan Duncan Tamara Dunsun Charles Eagle Ernest Eastland Robert Edwards Joseph Ellitt Eric Engberson Ethan Engelhardt Lupe Estevez Jason Evans Scott Fendley is g . if .- " 5 , .,. . 2 f"E: .. ix A X we .Q I f 5 E as ,,,i X K S I .1 , i Ni S v 5 x . X X f of 'f',, if 29" 4 f we if 1' Jessica Kellogg and Christy Beer display typical Freshman look. Richard Gallegos Michelle Galvan Carlos Gamez Andrea Garcia Ida Garcia Lisa Garcia Luis Garcia Manuel Garcia Teresa Garcia Stewart Garrett Tina Gaul Tamm y Ga ylor Rhonda Gearhart Bryan Gavlilr David Geck Julie Gibbs Judee Gillette William Gillies Carey Goldsmith Carolyn Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Michelle Gonzalez Sally Gonzalez James Goossens Jeff Goossens Darrell Gordon Noel Gray Ronald Gray Johnny Green David Griftin Q Joshua Griffith Miguel Gryalva Tony Groce David Grummett Grant Gustafson Ricardo Gutierrez FI Abb OF 90f13o Jan Hackett Christine Hager Heath Haggerty Rachel Hall Erritte Hamilton Dennis Hammers Danielle Handy Lisa Hanson Lee Harper Danny Harris Kimberly Harriw Peggy Harris Colby Harrison Eric Harrison Cory Hartman Dan Haubrich h Jacqueline Hauck Jeri Hawk Robert Hawley Casey Heinrichs Charles Henderson Ronell Henderslzot Micheal Henderson Ann Maria Hernandez Gregory Hernandez Lety Hernandez Wendy Herrera Lora Hess Rachel Hicks Anthony Hilson , f 1 1 - z.. f,'f 5 'flf' C 7' C E ? " W np X V MW W l1n,, H , H H E 1 as V ' l X i, ' r ? fi M if 1 s x X s . ,, Q Y 5, , N X.. shi CLASS OF '90f136 Q -. If- 1- is: . X . Y ig r , 5 Uk a K , Q 1 S i . ,E r .:,, Tij- sif F ',kx ,. Rochee Hochgesang Jerry Holland Frankie Harnback Chris Horsley Liz Hostetler Amy House Tim Howard Tom Howard Steve Hubert l la 'rg ,iZL! L Q 2. SL i s o Q- x x X' 'V' L ' K 2 il my X S N z V 1 .0 A1 5 -E! ' is X georgia ,gr 1 , .Ei Q. ' I "-' Q E-ix if ' Ns, Q4 N fl 4 ,Q I .s 'Y , K e ,L , W 3 Q 5 S , . S Q 55 we is L Q H V7 'Y W ' , 1 We' " -1 if "E AAA' Charesa Hudson Tina Huebner Sopani Hun Jennifer Hunt Scott Hunter Serena Hurlbut Craig Hutton Randall Hood Michelle Jackson Sh yla Jackson Jason James Jarred Jeffers Mike Jeffrey Renee Jerman Kelly Jessee Ruby Jimenez Brian Johnson Darlene Johnson Lisa Johnson Melissa Johnson Michelle Johnson Christopher Jones Russell James Tracie Jordon Gilbert Juarez Justin Kane Jessica Kellogg Victoria Kelsey Shelia Kern Rhonda Kimrnerle CLASS OF '90f13 x..4 fl Morgan King Chuck Knudson Micheal Koch Deborah Kruel Joshua Ladou Andrew Lange Jennifer Laporte Ramon Lara Marisa Latham Lorie Lawrence Robert Lea! Jonathan Leibel Nathan Lemlce Shelly Leverett Chad Levinger Brandi Lendekugel Timothy Lindsey Diane Linger Dale Long Michael Long Annette La Roque Sheila Lowe Christopher Loza Brian Madron Robert Magoon Kevin Mailer Elenor Manea John Manly Joseph Manly Heather Mann X rw Y William Manning Rhonda Margis Mike Martinez Daniel Matthews Freshmen give it their all in the "Tug of War Cl ASS OF '90!138 Heather Matthies A Richard Mazel in Ps in ir 4 Pete Mazes Brandy McCary Chris McCormack James McCormack Bobby McCormich Chad McDonald Mitchell McDonald Jael: McDonnell Steven McDougall Tina McGuire Ginger McLeod Kit McMuIlin Chris McPherson William McPherson Lee Mejia Edalia Mendoza Terry Messinio Elizabeth Metcalf Emma Meza Carmella Migliaccio Lisa Miller Shalonne Miller Rowena Mitchell Robert Mittman Christopher Montes Elizabeth Montes Alexander Morales Catrina Morales Jennifer Morgan Michelle Morico Michelle Morlang Shawn Morrissey Sam Morrow Stephanie Morse Cassie Moss Daj Muapin Angela Myers James Nagy Alan Nakamura Micheal Nazaro wski Daniel Negron Gabriel Negron Thoeum Neal Somny Nelson Darlene Nieves Neariroth Nim Shannon Noah Veasna Nou CLASS OF '90f139 Danette O'Connor Tasha O'Dowd Eric Olah Laura Olmsted John Olshefslcy Wayne Ostrander Roger Ovenshire Anita Pan toja Ryan Parker Darcie Patino Richitina Payne Christopher Pehrson Veronica Perez Nicole Perkins Robert Peters Shawn Peterson Carmen Pinkerton Jessica Poirier Monique Polus Jeff Pond Michelle Porter Shawna Preston Gina Price Jeanna Price Daniel Prielipp Christopher Prosser James Proxmire - Athena Psihaloplous Tammy Pulsifer Amy Rackleff , . .,,, 1 6' ., R Davonna Smith and her "Ya Iam cool" Jason Ramos Chris Randall Jerold Randolph Robert Rankin Cheryl Rauch Summer Reed Tami Richardson David Rios April Roberts zfsssfifi 2 W ff 6 ff f Q l 'S 1 of, ff? i gf 1 if 'E Y ho fr U! . xx 'JE - v f 4 E E 4 ...-fxxi if Al .3 l R51 SF .. S Q . Q Paul Russel Steve Russel Billy Sanders Ryan Sanders Rico Sandoval Michele Sandstrum Patrick San Nicolas Jason Schaeffer Misty Schuhman Nikole Scott Melissa Scotty Kevin Sewell Rose Serrato Emmet Shea Han Amber Shearn an Mg ,.i'iQ"", ef W , Chris Roberts John Roberts Ray Rodriguez Stephan Roe Daniel Roque Chris Rose Shawn Ross Micheal Rossi Dawn Roth Dennis Rowe Robert Rownsefell Becky Rowe Kris Rowe Kelly Raybel Natalie Rubio Jay Rupert Marijane Rushing CLASS OF 90fI4I CLASS OF '90f142 Glen Sheehan Amanda Sheffer Kimberly Sbimasalri Chris Silva Michael Sims Paul Sims Sa vuth Sin Robert Sinsaba ugh Jason Skiles ' Carrie Smith Davorma Smith Jason Smith Kimberly Smith Mark Smith Trina Solis Brandi Somers Touch Sophal Melanie Spencer Diana Speulda Daniel Squire Crystal Stack Debbie Steakhouse Charles Staggs Chris Staggs Kevin Stewart Sherilyn Stewart Valeri Stewart Shawn Stinnett Greg Strahl Kerry Stret Catherine Strigotte Cindy Sugg Robert Suidergol Michelle Sulak ' Gina Suttle Curtis Swann Kelly Tackels Danny Tavares Jason Taylor Marcella Taylor Mark Taylor Robert Testerman Norman Thaler Lori Thomas Bobby Thorne Christine Thompson Sherry Thompson Tisha Thompson 5 4 1 ai , ff , , ef' fir! 2 X ,, for , 1. X el' f 0 f f 1 f I Z f, f f I f u 5 9 1. E ' f" f ' f by ' n 74 4 Z 'X M he NIM ff' ffi, M ,Zi , 5, Z rv ' er l ith' 4, ff v , , , 2 f J , 4 me Q 1 Z - A r , . ..,,, , ff f ' A if ,. ., k,,, , . Q I 44, E f, M he ,, 7 f, x f fm' :lg X5 ' 3 5 - W A 2 , JZ 3 7 Q, J l 1 E t 2 E .1 S fm if V V l J , v , Q Q I 7 L O. X W to . , M 1 f X 'CN 1 . V Q X f X at , ,G xi .V , ? X ' it f M if e 4' it 3 ' ii if D Buntheoun Tim y Celina Tinoco Angie Todd 5 - . Nicole Tourticeotte Kathryn Trotter Christopher Trumbauet Jamie Utdenbowen Kristy Vandaueer Erie Van Scboyck Jo Dawn Vantassel Kerry Vantienen Aimee Veechio Michelle Veutlzy Michele Vollan Robert Vonbargen Dawn Vonranzow Misty Wadkins Bryan Wager Lawanda Wallace Gerry Ward Scott Ward Terri Watson Heather Watson Jenise Webb Roger Whitaker Charles Whitehead Cory Whitlock Eric Wilkinson Datci Wills Emily Williams Stacy Mthrow Tara Wollenberg Colleen Wood Candance Woody Justina Wren Tammy Wynn Angela Young David Young Cole Younger Rosalind Zamudio Kevin Zornizer FRE.bHMP Nf143 ' Q s l Q ---Q, 4 s...T.., """-'hfs.f1.,,.i, QM! 1151, k,4,y CLASS OF '90f144 wwf. Yound ak, Jim X i .f 0 ' . . e I uk! . X ' S-'J 't ' . v ! HP wg I ,. A ,E 9 S, , -ha i?.,, N A g ,, - J? 9' Danny pp an isa - CTI ITIE K1 X 2 . TE Qi' ua , lm.. QW . f "Yiwu 'F' K x . X C X 4 -"' 3 VZ'- TEACHERS GO BROAD WA Y!! HI feel it gives the kids a chance to see that teachers can ha ve fun too! "-Archie Cane. The "Twelve Days of Christmas" was this years theme for the ann ual Christmas presentation. Started in 1972 by drama teacher, Archie Cane, this humorous event is one that should not be missed. All staff members are invited to take part and attempt to display their holiday spirit to the EHHS. student body. Genette Sizer one of the lords a leaping. silir r... 'L rtrrtrtr T K kklh .V :f- ."' ' '- ACTIVITIESXI46 ' Mike Brouwer and a partridge in a pare tree. Elin Thomas says, "Peace, Love, and Happiness to all! fl Joyce, John Blakemore, Curtis Nichols, Stan Crippen, and Larry Allen prove that teachers can be sexy too. Jsemary Gordon, Barbara McClusky, Carol Crosth Waite, and Jenny Hove are four calling birds in the unseling ofHce. - . V wily 'Sf 'v..'34"1I iv 271. li., Q I 4 , V wwf' we zfgify' fixl- f 2 ' , . , ,, , f W' ' '51 A"',ef:i f JW Iv l - ,ZX Q. i E M lii i e ,y i my .4 W 9 67 5 6 , f 1 P ff 1, ,, ,J if ...,..g4-...W x 1-R f fi fs . E .110 K L, J . 1 xl! If 20 U Us Ll on , gl .-". Sw ' P "3 f I 1 'I' 5 ' ' X ' 1 2 ,Q 'N S I ' X 0 7 ' I I 1 2 ' X 0 0 o 1 , : A ' r 0 .I ..l, n nan J. O . Ah sl , ,,Lk .,,,,,. f,,,,, ,A ,, 3 1 KKVII WW M 4 ,,,, ,W ,,,,, i ,,,, ,, ,,h, , , , i V:,, E J ,Vi , Id ,, I , M , ,,,.,,, 4 vwwf ' fry, Lg 1 Q 1 Nancy Kepley laughs as she sprays the audi- ence With Water. ACTIVITIESXI47 D THE SURVEY SAYS . lf you had a million 'dollars what would you do with it? Shelia Constant jr.- I 'd go shopping in Beverly Hills then I 'd take Tom Cruise to lunch. Shannon Hoole senior- I 'd buy a gold ramp and bike. Kamra Ramos senior- I 'd buy a Mer- cedes 350sl. I 'd own my own pediatri- cian practice. My summer condo would be in Hawaii. But I 'd live in Australia and if I had a dollar left I 'd give it to Patricia and Marie so they could buy a Big Mac. Jamie Phillips- I 'd get married to Missy Brown on a tropical Island. Then I 'd buy a house in the mountains. And with the rest ofmy money I'd buy a donkey. If you were a teacher what class would you teach? Trevor Roe jr.- I 'd teach sex education and give everyone the year off Lora Sims senior- I 'd teach a college class so I could Hirt with the male stu- dents. Shannon Denney jr.- I'd be a Hower growing teacher. Jay Coleman jr.- I 'd teach a surfing class' John Johnson jr.- I 'd be a sunbathing instructor. .,. J... ,. ' iii , cg ir' A E . "Q ,,I if . -is ,K as s miriam,-5 ":k.L.k if S - 5 as Ss- " - X 5 ' . 'sm J . ris- as fl' r 1663- 1 s g iit X i i ili g" - " if A . ww, ....--- Cwennen Corral- "To teach or not to teach that is the question 'i f 4 r f it , ,.,g47,,,Ni f f f -rf :fr Chris Tafoya dreams of a far away paradise. Maria Pozo gives us her confused look! lf you were stranded on a deserted island, what one thing would you want? Thomas Trevino jr.- The Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders! Joellen Werner jr.- I 'd want some gorgeous, strong rescuerl Vince Pilleggi jr.- Food! Patrick Moreno senior- Guitar and a long ex- tention cord! If you could be anywhere in the world you wanted to be right now, where would you be, what would you be doing, and why would you go there? Patricia Reynolds jr.- On an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean with tall palm trees and snow white beaches, I 'd meet some totally cute guy named Tarzan. We'd fall madly in love. Then I 'd change my name to Jane and we 'd live happily ever after. Norgeto DiSummu senior- I 'd like to go to Italy and become the head of the MaHa. Then I 'd settle down, marry an Italian princess, and buy the biggest Winery in the world. Tiffani Baldwin senior- I 'd be cruising down Rodeo Dr. in my Jag looking for the most ex- pensive store to spend all my money at! 149 B UND Y MEMORIAL Last November 25th we saw the passing of our beloved Mrs. Patricia Bundy. She lost her life to a bout with cancer. Her funeral was held at the Assembly of God on December Ist. She worked at E.H.S. on and off since 1978. Along with her duties as a campus aide, she also worked and counseled with problem students. In her memory Mrs. Sandy Longmore has organized a turnabout scholarship of 1000 dollars to be awarded on Scholarship Night. lt is to be raised entirely on donations. The scholarship is primarily aimed at students who had trouble with freshman and sophomore years, but straight- ened up their junior and senior years to go to college. The school dedicated a plaque to her family in her memory on January 13th. The plaque was permanently placed on the planter in front of the office. We will miss you Mrs. Bundy. 2 Y Patricia Bundy will always be a part of Elsinore High School. A CTI VI TIESXI 50 Patricia Bundy1s family received a plaque dedicated to her memory from Elsinore High. have M vs.. www f, f N,,,,. . fi , , el W 1' 2 Rumors have it that Dr. Ron Foland traded in his Porshe for a tractor. ' r ... w w or Carol Johnson lends a helping hand for the Bundy Memorial Square. Clark Kane and Mike DeMiranda survey the land on which the Bundy Memorial will be sited. ACTIVITIESH51 SADIE HA WKINS A John Church and Nick Strickland throw cream pies fbi the fU11d1'.aiser for ASB. f Tiffani Baldwin and Tamm y Davis show their true cowgirl identies 5 , Fw My " M , 3 55' E s EHS! Sadie Hawkins was held here at EHS January through the 25th. The week was very suc- sful and many clubs participated. The pur- se of Sadie Hawkins is to raise money for Phe booths and the clubs that participat- were as follows: ASBfsponge toss, El gofpictures everywhere, Tiger Timesf bring for prizes, Class of 88Hail, Class of fgo fish, Class of 90fpopcorn, Comput- Slubfdeclara tion of affection, Dramaf tune telling, BS Uffood sale, Speech 1 Debatefbanana drinks, Youth and 'airs!Kissing booth, C.S.F.ftarot dings prizes, French Clubfmar- ge booth, Spirit leadersfbutton ling, Traveling Tigersfpicture wth. is we look back on Sadie Haw- rs we remember the fun, and ritement of girls asking guys J L ' U39 ,. Those who were brave Ill lake? Jugll to do it that is. . nwnev for ' me . tlckebf fblhklk 'L-2 'Yf only I ' ' ' f ' , :ff ' ,K , . A C0111 A i ' I " - T J , J Tzgw ,fi dspend ffifqh. in xl' V . : 1 ,,., 1- v It - . ,Q if mi ,,--' 1. " , WrMffMT1 ig y, 7. 'W 3,5-,,,,,1f k , I , ZJQ A 1 J , ,rrvr U I ,y to R' 4 f . an ,. Sitha By has spirit on cowboy day. , "W 'V l"5lf'W'l Af 'Q U' Q' i-. ' , Vickie Jolly works in the marriage booth. A CTI VI TIESXI 53 1 98 7 WINTER SEMI-FORMAL KINGUS COURT 1987 Winter Semi-Formal King, Todd Lee with escort Maria Pozo. Right Above: Senior Court consisting of Greg Gonzalez, Brian Bain- bridge, Todd Lee, Danny Silva, and Matt Prielipp. Right Below: Freshman Class Prince, Grant Gustafson, Sophomore Class Prince, Jim Ayres, and Junior Class Prince, Reggie Hernandez. 154 WINTER SEMI-FORMAL K . - . 1 Jr 11f1ffu1I1z mr 11lvf'I111 5 111 1111111114 U1 1 1111111 IUIHNY 11111111 111841 1esu11I I1 11 f77lX1t f V111 l'111l111 1511116 C I 1 1 'lg Q. .J ' . f f ' ,A ,aj I ,L ,. 9' ani-,. 5 'E? ""'- 'A' 'Msn ,,..-I '-g..N':-4. 4 f -'gig ,V fp .hgh V. l A K, 532. ",""f-1.-. - u M 1.-'ffjl WI 1135- 4- E ga 1 WA N Alumnus Mike Nunnally and junior Carrie Wake field mke a break from dancing to enjoy their drinks Always and Forever was the select ed theme for the 1987 W1nter Semi Formal Sponsored by the El Lago Yearbook Staff the evening was conszd ered by many the classiest dance ever held by EHS students The Grand Tradztron rn Fallbrook was the szte for this winter celebratron Approxlmately 125 students and chaperones attended on the night of January 24 1987 Pictures were taken by Sanford Stu dros w1th Musrc provided by Knights of the Turntable At 1030 pm the Kmgs Court was lntroduced by toast mrstresses Tammy Davls and June Ar nm: Cons1st1ng of one member from each underclass and Eve semors the princes were escorted down the sta1r escorts carrzed an elegantly wrapped box and in one of the boxes was the Kings crown Moments later June Ar n1n1 requested that each of the sen1or princes step forward and open his g1ft Todd Lee was then pronounced the 1987 Wmter semi Formal King as he surprzsmgly lifted the crown out of hrs box Ted Dorr and Deb: Brdwell the 1986 prom prince and pr1ncess present ed Todd w1th his crown and septor The evening ended at about 1245 a m with the song Always and For ever which was dedrcated to the 51 senior class of 1987 If b - . 1 ' . 2' , . 1 I I I n 1 a ,- . , .. : 1 . . o . ' 7 V 1 way by theirldates. Each of the senior A 1 , . , - 1 Q . , 1 - . , ' V - ' J . , - ' lf - . ' ,, . 7 . . ,v WINTER SEMI-FORMALX156 E' is lk E 2 4 .N Varsity Mascot Tammy McNeal poses with the Usongleader stag sistersf Leonora Gore! Briana Piper, and Yolanda Jimenez. A WINTER . JN '5??'l"'tlaHt A Special Moment: Alicia Covington and Mark Beckers dance to the last song of the evening. The El Lago Staff was proud to introduce a very special evening for those Elsinore students alumni and faculty who attended Specral thanks to the Grand Tradition coordm ators who helped make the mght a complete suc cess We all hope you en joyed the 1987 Winter member it Always and Forever Coronat1onfVot1ng Chau' person June Arnmi Head Toastmistress Tammy Davis Head Chairman Greg Gonzalez ' , 1 Semi-Formal and will re- ' ll If - CELEBRA TIQNI ,,,,,, WINTER SEMI -FORMALXI 5 7 Q THE FA SHI 0 Though the basic fashion of Elsinore High School this past year has bee, Hzr people to dress according to their moods or feelings, there were a varietil of people on campus who made very strong style statements. The frontier look of cowboy fringe Haund its way onto fall is clothes. Als landing on fall is runways of fashion were colorful in terplays of fun, flamboy ant prints. Win ter brought on a dignified air of keeping warm, as oversized turtlenec. sweaters and thick loose knits were seen on people around the campus Country romanticism also made a deep impression on winters fashion, a wool overcoats, simple patterns, suspenders and a variety of decorated cow boy boots were found everywhere. Springtime brought plenty of style originals. Girls could be found wearin. bows in their hair, loosely Htted shirts, and basic-colored mini skirts. Guy preferred wearing comfortable T-shirts and baggy pants. , And of course, summer allowed for the air of calculated casualness to b exaggerated on our campus. People faced the heat with tropical-patternea shorts and primitively styled tank tops. N Wherever you were during the school year, there were always people wh. took their fashion seriously. Fashion is "Something that comes from withii , , . a timeless look that transcends all trends . . . a distinctive style that set you apart from all the restlt' Yes, EHS has dehnatel y had its share of fashioi sta tements! Elsinore puts its best foot forward! Egg, Tara Wollenberg and Justin Van Fleet believe it is possible to be casual while setting your own style. Kelly Covey a style all his own. A CTI VI TIES! 1 58 9 1 ZONE! W Oh no- which one is Set the same as the tardy bells 7 hw-gina 011 i1 1719 T . - al IS ,,Wn,,,0Jfa 584,69 a xy? 'tv dvantage of me t S 856026 HZ 1- v , 70 8 6017 h b ' U carehee d0esn't mean dress vbby Sfeflflig, D0 YOU W3175 fo be H IUOCIGIY OF jUSf 100k like Tina Laflreca and Carrie Wakefield demonstrate t at elm, ' ' 159 mg llke a bum. ACTIVITIESXIGO wpifvw ,.4A"'wQ' A CTIVITIES7161 E 2. , 'WH , K TH EER lL'Il1IB1E.D1E 0 .Avoid Boredom . .bm cfubs , Athletics , Acflvffies and . . . I-lava .Foiiaw direofior-as fha first time. ..,,, Keep your campus clean Funf Feed the garbage cons. QBe in c-lass: be on time and. Complete your cfoss ossignmenfs. Q Show mspocf to others and their proper-ty. Clfulgor Ianaguasgo, actions, gesfunas and dress are NOT acceptable I HKS YEAR YOU S-CAVE cs-QOQCES 81' PCE fi'-gnu draoss to awk the miss, yew will ffwprice ACTIVITIESXI 62 'Mu 'WM WMM A CTIVITIESXI63 TIGER FAVORITES OF THE YEAR - - AND THE WINNERS ARE . , MOVIE 4 Favorite: Top Zi GUI! XE' 'I my Least: Attack of i' The Killer t--tt A Tomatoes --'-K1 TOOTHPAS TE Favorite: Crest Gel Least: Topel Every person has their fa vorites. Whether it be a favorite car, color, or movie, we all had a chance to express a little of our individuality in Elsinore Highs favorite Poll. Through the b m on th of N ovem ber students voted and compared answers with their friends on which favorite they chose. Here are the overall results for the year of 1986-87! A CTIVITIESXI 64 SPOR T Favorite: Football Least: Bingo CAR Fa vori te: Ferrari Least: Pacer PASS TIME Favorite: Dancing Least: Indian Artifact Hunting T. V. SHOW Fa vorite: Moon Ligh lf1'I1gfCOSb y Sho W Least: Three 3 Company CLASS Fa vori te: English Least: Trigonometry FAS TFOOD RES TA URAN T Favorite: Carlis Jr. Least: Naugles MUSICAL GROUP I F avorite: Oingo W Boingo I Least: Lawrence Welk And His Musical Bubble Machine ' Al" lk - SOFT DRINK mewwM,l9 Favorite: Dr. Pepper """' f Least: Big Red i max ELSIN ORE UNI O HIGH SCHOUL 1 DIS TR IC T GOVERNING BOARD Mr. Maris Brants Presiden t 3. I if. X ,529 Dgilv Mrs. Patricia Phillips Mr. Larry Upson Miss Irene Lasater Vice President Clerk Member 1, i, , X Mrs. Beverly J Gibson MI- Daniel Strong Member Member 166fADMINISTRA TI ON Mrs. Pat Desjardins Mem ber litem Mr. Norman Chafhn Superintendent 1 f ,. 'wav Ma-v l oller my heartiest congratulations to the Class ot 19877 We at the District level take pride in your accomplish- ments. Elsinore High School and the Elsinore Union High School District share a lengthy and proud tradition, W'ithin almost a L'El1fUlfV ol' educational opportunities provided the young men and women ol' this Valley, the schools have grown with the expanding needs ot' a developing region. What was once a single school has now reached the point where twojunior high schools and three senior high schools are needed to serve our student population. With student growth has come greater expectations on the part of hoth the protessional stat? and those we provide ser- vices tor. Extended instructional otterings, new and modern- ized classrooms, up-to-date and state-otlthe-art equipment and technical hardware are available to our teaching staffand student bodies. Staff development activities involve instruc- tors in the latest teaching techniques and materials. But without the cooperation ofall concerned- students pro- tessional statt' alike- the ideal learning environment which would serve to benetit eveijvone cannot he achieved. Its team efhrrt. Its as simple as that. Members ot' victorious athletic teams. prosperous businesses and successtul schools all share one common traitr they have learned the value ot' working together towards a positive goal. On behalf of our Board ot Trustees and statf l urge each and everv student at Elsinore High School to join our team and work together towards our joint goals ot' Tiger Pride. Norman L. Chatlin, Superintendent Mr. Joseph Enserro Mr. Vick Knight Assistant Superintendent Director of Curriculum 'WWW .av DISTRICT ADMINIS TRA Tl ON Mr. Vic Knight presents another dy- namic speech to the El Lago yearbook staff 4 'fi Mr. John Wise Mrs. Karen Chaffin MF- DHD R664 , Director of Personnel Director of Pupil Personnel CU1'1'10U1Um 31790131155 ADMINISTRA TlONfI67 we 'K Y' el Thanks for all of your support. Good bye, Good Mr. Cole, i luck. We -Students and Elsinore High love you. Staff at School Mr. Cole listens to Marie Swanson with understanding. 'A lrigh t, who hid my coffee Www y w3!m'V ,,... 2: llt t ,llr s cup?" "Excuse the interruption, this is Terry Cole, Principal, speaking." It is my pleasure to serve the stu- dents, staff and community of Elsin- ore High School as Principal for the latter part ofthe 1986787 school year. It has been a pleasure returning to fs Elsinore High School and renewing acquaintances and friendships with students and staff I t is an even great- er pleasure to see students who had previously had problems in school, turn it around, and be graduating from Elsinore High. In speaking for the Elsinore High School staff we wish the class of 1987 the best of all possible worlds and look forward to the 1987f88 school year. GO TIGERS! -Mr. Dennis Price lifts hw ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: Carol Johnson ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: Jim Gwyn ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: Ron Foland ei Xl he e. xx n oi as C910 Elsinore Administration goes for the birds during The Twelve Days of VOSO9' Chris tmas. 30 f0x . Y' Cgxrow 9 Bfeckenbfidge Allen Larry Allen Maria Alonzo Ralph Arroyo Special EducationfCounseling Special Education!Counseling Ceramics Aide Spanish B.A.fM.S. B.S.fM.S. B.A.fM.A, . 3 4 : Betsy Bailey Ford Beebe Betty Beeman Speech Therapist Math Special Education B.A.fM.A. B.A. B.A.fM.A. Lynn Bell Attendence Clerk i. X + 3-wklqilfi 1. Deanna Belt Robin Benskin Jim Bishop Gene Blackler Career Center English School Psychologist Alternative Studies B A FACULTYH70 ,RX Roger Blake John Blakemore Dennis Boyer Stacy Boyle Athletic Director P.E.fSocial Studies R.O.P. Science B.S.fM.A. B.A.!M.A. B.S. B.A. Q xx: Joyce Bradley Physical Ed uca tion ., . ' S eet Mike Brouwer "Alright put the frog back in the dish" exclaims Mrs. Fahlherg. 1 Social Studies B.AfM.A. - .e:, i -- . - se. .L .nf -N -- ,155 iw. FA CULTYXI 71 Willie Brouwer Home Economics Aide 1 t , , Elsinore teachers, Miss Claypool and Mr. Shelby "Quacking Up." I 3' Pat Bryne Special Education B,A.fM.A. FA CULTYXI 72 Randy Brown Physical Ed.fDriVerk Ed. B.A.fM.A. 1 Archie Cain Randy Campbell -' Cheryl Chamberlain Drama Physical Education Asst. Principals Secretary B.A,fM.A. B.S. 'Ungar 'flu 4 Emily Claypool Dave Corey Ray Corral Bobbie Coughlin Math Aide to Physical Ed. Math English H.A.fB.S. B.S.fM.A. B.A.fM,A. I as Yi...-57 Duane f7ou1'noyer Stan Crippen Carol Crosth Waite Jim Davis Social Science Social Scienc Counseling English B.S.fM,A. B.A.fM.A. B.S. Billie Davolt ' Social Science Ph,VSiF2l Ed. HS. HS, 5 ,,LK. Y fpumiww b 6,1-A, AQ, 'VJVI 1 'Wg' 1'-' fp, ' xpiavl 'vfb Ml. 4 3 P1 4? ,V I f-.8:1"f.'z5.l Mike De-Miranda Vocational Ed. HA. Linda Duncan Counseling Tech. FA CUL T371 73 ,417 .A- Yuri 46,- John Ebbert Sue Fahlberg Social Science Science B.A.fM.A. B.A. Kathy Foxen Sandy Fuller Fine Arts Math B.A.fM.A. f B.A. , L x is Corinne George Debi Gill Bookkeeper Attendance Tech. FACULTYXI74 ff :zz ?A T B at Y Prudence Faulkner Clarice Flower Special Ed. Health Services B.A. B.S. g nu wr 4 :ST had ai B f 4 I - Lesa Gallagher David Garza Home Ecom. Substitute Teacher B.S. if"fgBf UW 1 A Y -s 'A' ,,,, HW M JV , f A I ,..,g 4- ilvii Q . f c rrti fm , f R S, I to John Gonzales Richard Gordon Science Substitute Teacher B.S.fM.Ed. Ab K r i 5, L? ei 3 14 A Carol Gordon Science HA. RIISEIHHKY' Gordon Dr. Hillin explains that too much homework is never enough. Guidance C'ounselnr B,A.fM.A. 429' ,ff "--M.,M-I HW M .1-.-.........,.m,.w....N,,,v, ww" ' "4-M......,,,,..,,,, ' , 5 Frank Gruber Linda Hanks Therese Haran Elizabeth Harmon English f'ounseling 'l'ec'h. Nlalh ,Media Terh. B.A.A'U.A. HA. FACL7, S if k Darrell Hartzell Work Experience B. A JM. A . is-twins slf , E 1 1 FRA N H S Regina Hopper Resource Aide my Jenny Hove Counseling B.A.fM.S. M MM, ,,,, WN, , V, , wi ,gf 4, f , 3 ,fr fe iii u W iy ,, 'QTAWW fi 1 , :kk , W I nz 5, , it 5: 1, 3 w"?7?ff 2 , ., , M , , iv "n"'Zif?f ,V 'iw f K Thats Right, Little ones, there is no escape: next section Shakespeare! Susan Ince FACULTYXI 76 English B. A.fM.A. V? r Carolyn Jackson Charley Johnson Florence Johnson Home Economics Health Asst. Principal Secretarv B.A.fM,A. B.A,fM,A, ,YgOC1673f W' QU, I Q. o '. I , Q . xx N Ed Jones Charles Jordon Social Studies Auto Shop Aide B.A.fM.A. A 2. ws. Reggie Keith Nancy Kepley Alternative StudiesA'Vlusic Dir. Substitute Teacher B.A.flW,A. r Y 5 is P3 Paul Joyce History B. A. .gr w ist? il' Theresa Ketchem Agriculture H.S. fw- ' 'W'-W e Dave Jones Athletic Faculty Worker 1 . 3 Susan Kane R. O.P. Ed Kingman R.O.P. HS. FA C'lll.TY7l 77 i.. .i.. 4 -. . 3.3.-E . . ...X .A 1 -1 5 ki. ef' 3 ......... ...,. X Q Olga Kokino Nancy La uritzen Ton y Le Wis EI7gll'Sh Floral Design C115 todia n B,A.fM.A. B.S.fM.S, e 1,7 11 V: 5 . J Maury Longfellow Sandy Longmore Yvonne Macias Math Asst, Principalk Sec. Receptionist B.A.fM.A. Wm E5 lx Dina Mackey Paula Manley Special Education Aide English B.A. FACULTY!! 78 Nancy Matot Campus Supervisor Judy Lippold English HA. Rita Machado English Aide Nancy Manusos Special Education Aide 1 Q 4 5 M it ff l iid . Barbara McCluskey Terry McPherson Sylvia Medina Ramona Meyer COUHSGHHH Band AdV1'S0r Special Education Aide Attendence Clerk B.S.!M,A. B.A.fM.A. if Ellen Micheli Math S f,, -. Q S ...J Philip Micheli Mr. Seigel and Mrs. Swan are so sweet we get cavities just looking at them. Social Studies B.S.fM.A, FA CULTY71 79 Gary Mieyr Typing B.A .fM.A. K 5 X .mf . '47 V EL w X AS,- LX X? Christy Brinkley Watch out Mr. Joyce and Mr. Crippen are tough competition. Rick Milam R. OP, A.SfB.S. Kim Miles Jnanie Miller Special Education Aide Attendance Clerk FACULTYH80 Larry lVliranda Linda M uguria Auto Typing Aide B.A. 'O ' xt M Elaine Mulh erin Tom Mun tean Louise Murray English Media Specialist Counseling Secretary B.A.fM.A. HA. Alf., 31 My Y,,, I, Wx W L. Curtis Nichols Katie Olsen Hill Olson Science Special Ed. Ceramics B.A.fM.A. B,A.!M.S. HA. Felipe Ortiz Fine Arts lVl.A.fPH.D. -:JM W. W Sue Nesselrode English Aide Meredith Olson Science B,A,fM.S. i bv- Betty Park Sperm Patakas Ed Pencin Registrar lklath ROP- H,A.AM,A. FACULT?7181 if 4 2 ui . 5 , W vi Af fi af 9 ,Q X i' ,,"' ' I as W 1 ff P Sandy Petersen Cathy Poland Richie Rabb Roger Reese Art Special Ed. Aide Campus Supervisor English B.A.fM.A. B.A4fM.A. .19 1 I Sara Rekdahl English B.S.fM.A. Shelia Ridgeway Oh no, Mr. Jones has got that 'llts time for a lecture" look on his face. Reading Lab Aide FACULTYH82 Lonnie Roberson Diane Rodreguez Physical Ed.fHealth Physical Education Aide B.A.fM.A. Kathy Schlee Randy Schultz Student Teacher History B.A. Q Genette Sizer Loretta Smithson English Social Science R.A.fM.A, H.A.fM.A. Hollee Romero Carol Ross Physical Ed.!Pep Squad Tigers Lair B.A. Rich Shelby Jason Siegel Math Special Education B.A.fM.A. B.A.fM.A. 5 x X 1 A Q X 2 as 1 Q Steve Sparlrman Social Science B.A.fM.A. Louann Spiegel Special Educa tion B.A.fM,A. FACULTY7183 -mx K WM ' g, W L. , 'z W -. - 1 , - 1 2 CUSTODIANS - Front Rowg Ausy Robbins, Norm Wilson, Sue Rasmussen, Archie H urren Back Row: Larrv Caley, Harley Spraclclin, Plant Manager-Clark Kane sl X 1' H X W... ,. X 15 X' ,, A -if S X :S 5 A in A--sM- . 5: Q? MT- Q f ' 'QS' ' .-W el 3 I Jack Stands David Starr Rosemary Swan Mickey Testerman English Science Special Ed. Aide Campus Supervisor B.S. B.A.fM.A. Constance Topliss Elin Thomas Snow Thornsberry Cindy Vinckel Special Ed. Aide R.O.P. Auto Shop French H.A.fM.A. FA CULTYXI84 fr Eileen Warren Lee Watson Linda Wgggfggll R. O. P. Wood P. E. B.S.fM.A. B,A, ar Us "" Zum: WW -3-1Za..q,,' ima.. QQ v I Sonja Wilson Barbara Wirth Peter VVons 'I1vpingfBusiness Principal Secretary MathfHiologV B. B.S. igfytwwr Jdwhiw WMNWW L....n,. 'x'r..f-J Q . Mrs. Kepely, Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Testerman, and Mrs. Meyer provide energy' to the Favulty Christmas Play. 0 o o WVR TEACHER Mark Williams Social SCiencefDriVers Ed. B.A. L FA CUl.'l'Y!185 xi X 'S We FOODS Linda Handley, Harriet Hamilton, Bertha Bosquez, Arden Allen, Marie Hoyle, Marge Barager, Sadie Vicnaire, Gail Borths, Louise Hollister Mrs. Romero provides the energy that the cheerleaders need. FA CULTYXIS6 Mr. Watson provides his technical assistance to Wil Beaver in Wood Shop THLETIC W my ,. ,. Q 4 V- .K - 3, 6353 Nfl , X y"""':+--. 'um-. mfr-,,. 1 'flf -,,. Qu, . ,MN -A -54-H. Jessi ggg In spite of the teams 2-6- 2 record Elsinore 's Varsity gg ' ' Football Team showed they g had the right combination. f ' 'f A Although they did not have the winningest record in Ti- 1. ""' ger history, they did have so K, the winning spirit! They ,gg worked hard all season and H when it counted most they came through. They I beat our arch-rivals Temecula Valley 28112. orr the Held as well as on, a true togeth- erness was developed, as well as many lasting Mend- ships. They may not be C.l.F. Champions but they've got what it takes to be Number 1. UPHILL BATTLE FOR VARSITY FOOTBALL 'Viffhvugf' We dfdff do too well this year, I think we found a lot of positive points as a team. We found out the meaning ofthe word "team Being together for such a long time builds a trust among people. We didn 't only trust each other we believed each person would pull through in a tight jam. For four years we have been close friends and playing football brought us even closer. Our coaches really emphasized those two points and for that we are grateful. The coaches really cared about each individual player and I believe a coach should be like that in all sports. On behalf of the 1986-87 Senior Tiger Football players, Good Bye for Now. " , A Todd Lee 325 "The 1986 football season was a depressing time for me. It all started with high hopes and great ambitions, all to be shot down in a 2-6-2 record. Althoughour win-loss record was disappointing I did gain one thing very important, the respect of all my teammates. I made new friends and got closer to the old ones. One high point ofthe season was the Temecula game, that was a total question of pride, whether we had the heart and pride to win. In this particular game I had more fun than in the rest. There, I scored a touchdown and made an impression on the Golden Teddy Bears. I have one thing to say to the Varsity Football Team of next year and that is you have to "gain " the respect of your teammates while respecting them and respecting yourself You guys have a great chance next year to work hard, dedicate yourselves and you 'll win. To this years team I say thank you for your friendships and good luck in everything. I also thank all the coaches especially Mike Wilga. " Jose, C. Hill 4,55 M ' Y ,.,,,,,,, f ' P R . .D E Front Row- Bill Stens, Jim Ayers, Wayne Tingley, Jay Cantacessi, Troy Dodson, Randy Parsons, Darren Allanson, Hank Alanzo, Dan Ortiz, John Hernandez, Mike Neill, Fred Carson 2nd Row- Todd Phillips, Todd Lee, Eric Berry, Frank Lichorobeic, Jose Hill, Marty Gaffey, Albert Diaz, Robert Fiordland, Joe Brown, Hearlo Beasley, Rob Milleron, Back Row- Davin Wright, Randy Callaway, John Schrabel, Jeff Dyer, Coach Mike Wilga, Coach Lonnie Roberson, Coach John Blackmore, Coach Randy Campbell, Vince Caley, Barrett Simon, David Miller, Andre Crowe, Larry Tiner. SPOR T571 88 , we ' M 1,,!,t,,: 5 , i I S.. 5 iv 5. Q 'X Q The line remains set for the snap during our home game against Perris. i "Although our win-loss record was disappoint- ing I did gain one thing very important, the re- spect of - all my team- mates. " Jose Hill "The Bez" practices before the big game against Banning. EHS OPP 14 Ferris 22 15 Hemet 24 18 Yucaipa 18 6 Norte Vista 15 23 Banning 0 0 Norte Vista 26 28 Temecula Valley 12 6 Chino 6 14 La Sierra 24 20 Bloomington 41 SPOR 'ISXI 89 Wh. "When it counted the most they T came through. " "The coaches really cared about each individual player. " Todd Lee 325 "You have to gain the respect of your teammates s while respecting them and respecting yourself! " Jose Hill g In the game against Chi- no, there was no stop- ping the Tigers r when Harold Beasley and Jose Hill worked together on the field. ' SPOR TS!! 90 Coach Blakemore gives Erick Berry a pep talk on the side lines 1 the Yucaipa game. Q As the ball fly's through the air, in our homecoming game again Chino, Davin Wright sends the ball flying back. 1 V -' 1-,,i . tk Q assmy- it--,.,,i,-:L 3834-vs JZ' , 'Q A -flv--H-f-"w""" 1 Y ,W-1 1 Q? A 7 5, I wi 3 L17 W-ww-111 K s. , - fs 3 Q We v 1 M., Xf ,,., M 'M , ua! usb sl .Ml f. -" S, 5' 1 f -5 H, 's i ' , X X I .fx 6-4 1' , JV FOOTBALL "The J.M Football season was a very interesting one. These players ne ver pra cticed GETS PHYSICAL together as a team and they never played two games with the same line-Up. Most of the games were against teams that were much larger in size and number of players on the teams. This was of no concern to the players as they went out and played with great confidnece never believing they would ever lose a game. As a coaching staff we were very proud of our J. V Football team and we are looking forward to them being the heart ofthe 1.987 Varsity Football Team . . . " Lonnie Roberson P IDE1 322.52 Front Row- Fred Cason, Robert Vaughn, Jeff Wiloughloy, Mike Simpson, Jason Stoute, Scott Ritschel, Jeff Burton, Moses Ramirez, Steve Wagner, Mark Cordova, Bill Hyett. 2nd Row- Chris Crilly, Tim Dupuy, Randy Parsons, Larry Hernandez, Ron Gazafy, Chris Lembo, Craig Levinger, Sean Vandrufli Jim Ayers, Steve Ortiz, Jeff Beam. Back Row- Chris Webb, Brent Pleves, Bud Metivier, Chad Downes, Pete Ackennan, Coach Mike Wilga, Coach Lonnie Roberson, Vince Daley, Jason Williams, Barett Simon, Alex Kapanvi, Da vid Kelsey. EHS 14 Ferris 18 Iiemet 8 A Yucaipa 21 Banning 7 Norte Vista 8 Temecula 7 Chino 22 La Sierra 14 Bloomington SPORTSXI 92 OPP 15 15 6 25 26 12 10 0 21 "As a coaching stat? we were very proud of our J. V Football team. " Coach Lonnie Roberson Mark Cordova catches a pass in a home against Perris. 1 e a e 1 ' KE K, it Y, ,,,,, 2111 W r , ,, 'bt NEW TALENT SHOWS COMPLETE SUCCESS "Our team showed little hope in the preseason, then league play started, The fuse was lit to an undefeated season. The freshman coaches, Coach Joyce, Gruber, Decking, and Lewis share the credit in forming a winning team out ofa group of freshman who had little or no experience in football. Plot only were they teaching football, but also were teaching responsibility and striving to do better - or the best, if possible - at whatever we do. The season progressed, and a few more victories were shared as the respect for the coaches grew. Our determina- tion to be a winning football team grew stronger. Our team 's victories made the pre-season losing streak a blur. The team 's detennination and the right amount of the coach 's encouragement proved to be the ideal combination for a winning football season. Our team holds the same dream of being Elsinore 's future championship varisty football team' H Bobby Thome "To experience the feeling of football is like no other when every teammate can seem like a brother. One big group or family working together. " Chuck Whitehead shgjur heshman football team had a great season. They were undefeated in league and held the league champion- ' 'Ou' . EHS OPP y determination to be a winning 12 Penis 55 football team 15 Hemef 19 grew stronger" 20 Yucaipa 8 Bobby Thome 12 Twin Pines 20 18 Banning 0 "Pretty tough 0 Norte vista 0 it was worth 17 Canyon Springs 14 'tb P , 1, o china 28 anny ne 'pp 7 La Sierra 0 Gerry Ward carries a Perris 28 Bloomington 0 teammate across the field dur- ing an away game against Per- ris. Eine 'L B " ' - . - 5 ' E . J :FsfN,t tg, tm: L iz 1 . Qt. ' STL!-W" 3 , its a. . N ,sm , Front Row- Tim Howard, James Goosens, Chuck Whitehead, Bill McPherson, Greg Hernandez, Robby Bradley, Ryan Case, Danny Prielipp, Cory Whitlock, Mike Rossi, Gerry Ward, Tom Howard. 2nd Row- Ruben Franco, Chris Prosser, JeffPond, Jeff Brown, Jason Covington, John Burton, Grant Gustafson, Grant Adkins, James Furr, Dave Rios, Shawn Ross, Jack McDonnell, Jim Froxmire. 5rd Row- Robert Testerman, Anthony Squire, Chris Silbauch, Eric Harrison, Andrew Dark, Coach Lewis, Coach Decking, Coach Gruber, Coach Joyce, Chris Collins, Cory Hartman, Scott Bercume, Joe Manly, Chris McPherson. Back Row- Dave Flannery, Bobby Thome, Shawn Stinnett, Andy Belovarac, Chris Jones. SPORTSXI 93 1 GIRLS T EIYHIS HAVE SMASHI G SEASO "The 1986 Tennis Team of Elsinore High School had a very excithag year. The team consisted of eight new players and three returning players. The season started otf fairly average, losing to non-league teams such as Big Bear, Corona, and Romana. We were also defeated by the number one team in Sunkist League, Norte Dame, but these losses gave the Lady Tigers strength to defeat opposing teams of Banning, Bloomington. and La Siena: who we beat by one point to take second place in CIF with a record of 8-4. A The year ended suddenly with a loss in our first CIFmatch though the team felt proud for accomplishing a' goal that an amateur team had dreamed to achieve. " ' Narvella Madden "My goals this year as a Varsity Tennis Player were more or less changed when I Shifted from doubles to singles. I never really had to deal with myself Malone- one on one" on the court. I can easily talk myself out ofa game and that was the first problem I had to deal with when going out into the court to play a singles match. ln doubles you tend to rely on your partner to help you stay in the game: likewise your partner expects the same of you. Thanks to our caring coach we were able to have another excellent year, and a lot of hope and strength for the year to come. " Joy Bridenthal "I felt this years team was more closely knit and put togetherz We all gave each otheriencouragement to do our best and everyone cared about everyone else. Mrs. Westfall was our invaluable leader whom without, we wouldn 't be where we are as a team. l love you Mrs. Westfall!" Stephine Hughes "I ended up with a courageous, hard trying team that desenfed second place and won it. The best league record I have ever had, 8-4. I thank you all for trying and working together to make this tennis season a hit!" L, Westfau . 3 . . Sw-:swam 'w:::.,tss Heather Lyons with great concentration quickly returns the ball 1 her opponent. 1 xx 4. ef ,J Front Row- Melissa Proxmire, Joy Bridenthal, Elsa Guiterrez, Stephanie Hughes, Jennifer Medina. Back Row- Mrs. Westfall, Jennifer Shomler, Heather Lyons, Natalie Nielsen, Narvella Madden, Carrie Stevens, Amber Koetsier. SPOR'ISf194 A f . . .fili- Q. Pikyi.. Y fu ' 4.f:,3:.5,g , r ..,. g I 0-4 , A K Q .k, ,yn .. . S.. K 'if xg' 6. xg J t J' 233 F . .W , .fa K, vffi .3 .wb If A sf- ,ksisv 9 4 .5 X H H g .wiki ip. gf. ,Q .L S- F 3 k t M. . Vrffv I ,. 4 Q x 1 1 A ' i ' ' . -+- L A ' 4 4 . 1 Q ' Q f++ffr5e5if rf i an 4 if .- s f Q z ,P - ' i .. . .ftgff-lE,:',W'Smwfg' ff fzrlifa X, a .. e e .ff r . fi ,fa P- ' Gi fs s:Q?'fif1f f CQ . L - - -. . x." , ,4,:, 'fb K1 if ' 4 je g: ' X -' T-yr ' ryfv ,fi-"Q-eiflfi -'.'if9?T a A 3, if, 1 . w+f4: ,,5sQ fn .1 . wr-.-fffffz f V We .Q --k' - -'iff ww . V' ,.s'.1,.., r ,', ,V QP? J I ggi, 3:1 SYJ., -,ski-3 I gf gsm-,Risk ytrr-5i!.'y,' if his Six? ,"'3"' N f . .. "'Fl.nf- -ff3N."vFl' U ' Vx-"v'f"Q'y-fx ' 'av -'ff xirirggggy Jn, . -F M.. ,fl,i, r,vg-if typing, h 5, , , Q. :4.'iY:-'lkf "il X Q 2 5'f:'AL:iY, "" ?-" 'Q-f?3'+Q'v'f91S'N'f'.f11'N'iii-. 'i .'iE,jQi.:f'f" Q' 4+ . wp, .,-,,,,,s .. ,, ,.. z f. - ,vw 51,3-3n,..q.,,f. :f...4 p fv vvy..':'m- we it v .1 f .f15,.g- .vfiw ,fyqltf-.w. .A w,A'.1 - ra 1, . Q, . . A y k :wQf vx:4..5,x3wd.Qj3g3l- , U-N ' 'ff ' fr :J , . ii e F- 1 - 'v 5 " 4.r.?5.'QQ,f.f.,', .A 1 ,."' . - ,,', K ,ZX v'.fvf..f.y. 1IY."-rL- 1 x K ,"'.g2lg ,' ' 'raw , 5, , , g-3 ' , . ,-- g' .5 Q .b D, 1. If -- -an -. rx it 'i.',pi,r,.',,f,'v.,L -Q Ease. fn . Y' , Q . KA . t gi? F1 2 .F Ev -.-.p if ' firing a home match Stephine Hughes concentrates on making the win- rng pomt. Showing great form, Natalie Nielsen, returns the ball across the net. x 'R VFR melissa Froxmire backhands the ball with everything she 's got. EIIS A 5 g Bear lla.. 1 Cqrozz 171 4 4 g M-NGITC names r 14.- g 9 Bloomington 9 2 2 Hamcma j f 16+ 0 l NUUCADHHIE 18 11. , Banning 7' 10 . L3 Siglfajq J 15 amomigi ' 11. l . 4' 'Notre Dame '14 15 Banning 5 7 WLS Sierra t 11 9. La Sierra . g. 11 Bloomington 5. , Beaumnntr Q 15- 9. 7 S POR TS!! 95 X in QQQ' l, '1--1 'Q 1 SCARY START TURNS i RT :" "'L1 '2'Q QQQQ 'lf I . M, ' ----:2:'1sS. :2f- "The 1986 season was every coaches night- TT' T T. time mare. Togo seven games without a win usually f R' causes so many problems that most teams TTTTT To feeee T T ,:T eTST ,gg T would have quit trying. But not the Tigers. After it 'tehthhh s it g it the Sixth loss we decided if we were going down, y Wi it would be kicking and Screaming. That'S what sl we did. We won the next 8 out of 9 games and S made it to the playolfs. Even though we lost in the first round, the determination and pride ex- hibited by our team reminded me of why I 5 Siini coach. There are good times and they are al- S ways Sweeter and easier to remember than the S bad times. " Billie Davolt ln a home tournament against Temecula Valley, Senio letterwoman, Vicki Mashek, hits a difficult bump. 0 5 ' ' ,,, .M I 1 Bottom Row- K.C Thomas, Kim Haskin, Michelle Piper, Debbie Hopkins, Trisha Bland. Top Row- Kirsten Berger, Vicki Mashek, Kelly Wilkinson, Maria Pozo, Jody Snyder. SPOR TS!! 96 Ielly Wilkinson spikes the ball over the net to her oppo- 'ent from Temecula Valley. irsten Berger and Michelle Piper display Tiger team- 'ork as they return the ball spiked by a La Sierra player luring a home tournament. "l think l'lI always remember Volleyball because of the excitement we had and the changes we went through. We grew closer as a team and as friends. This unity is what helped take us as far as we got. Thanks Billie and the team for making the season so fun for everyone. " Maria Pozo . . If we were going down, it would be kicking and screaming. " Coach Billie Davolt ' ' ,. ,,,, ,, ,,,, W ' lQ1r,w41ssw-fffw .. ,M ' f W fr , , ff H ft if r f f l Kim Haskin sets the against Notre Dame. EHS 0 2 2 5 2 0 5 5 3 5 5 5 5, 0 :w fff. nf, 4 M if .,t, V,,V L W El W ball in a home tournament OPP Notre Dame 5 V Norte Vista 5 Temecula Valley 5 V La Sierra 1 Bloomington 5 Norte Dame .5 Banning 0 Norte-Vista 2 Temecula Valley gl John PM North 0 La Sierra 0 Bloomington 0 Q Banning 0 C.I.F. Upland 5 SPORTSH97 R S This year's Junior Varsity Volleyball SEASON Catherine Kamper the ball over the net. Team started offwell. They won most of their games in the preseason and they took sixth place in the Colton Tourna- V S V s ' ment, out ofa field of 22. The Tigers felt ready to face the tough Sunkist Oppo- nents. They had back and forth battles with teams such as Notre Dame, Norte Vista and arch-rivals, Temecula. The squad emerged in third place. Along with the exciting Volleyball season the team 's coach, Lisa Gallager, had to take time out to have a baby. The Varsity coach, Billie Davolt. took over for the rest ofthe season. In the end the team felt they came away with an overall good season. ' ,XM .M t,...W-+- .,f.s""S""' 'W KA., ,,,,..X.As, Tammy Sprague sets up the ball in a home tour- nament against Bloomington. SPOR TSXI 98 Front Row- Vivian Berry, Roz Hamilton, Tammy Sprague, Second Row- Angie Ratlifii Kathy Trotter, Kim Pitts, Jamie Baldwin. Back Row- Donna Dillon, Kari Lessner, Renel Christner, Catherine Kamper, Carey Haney. QF Q to X Q M3 Qixxxm i 3 M si? iii 5 'Sri X 2... -1 M.. ami Baldwin makes a difficult bump of the ball to the opposing team, La Pierra in a home tournament. a game against Notre Dame, Donna Dillon and Tammy Sprague work gether to set up a spike. P 1' wie 5 K Qgiwvawxx ' v If -,..Aw A t - - -ww . - . . Vivian Berry spikes the ball in a home tournament against Bloomington. EHS OPP 0 Big Bear 2 ' 2 Temecula Valley 1 0 Notre Dame 2 2 Norte Vista 1 1 Temecula Valley 2 2 La Sierra 0 2 Bloomington 1 0 Notre Dame 2 2 Banning 0 2 1 Norte Vista 2 0 Temecula Valley 2 1 John W. North 2 2 La Sierra 0 1 Bloomington 2 2 Banning 0 S POR TSXI 99 yijiwie. .AE . l : e I L 7 ' ' W' f "" iasfai' 79215. A t t.:,sg,g ' 5 , A wg? H A N x 1 2 - E 4 , , - X .ef-. , - X ,- ., .It 5. L. I X Sf M, X' Lk Qggffsszfgy My iff-X :f ,gc -,Z F, .I . ,... , :w ea r K K s Mx? A an i X XX i x V 0.25 I 45" ' X M ,K , :J t. 5' A gg it X fi E lx R as M 5 X N8 i N ENE 'E Q. Ref. 'K Solon Scott pushes himself up a hill in the 2A C.l.F. prelims at Mt. Sac. "lt was one of the best years and I had a lot of-fun!" ' John Church "We made "mah" pmudnl L Abe Gustafson ' 'This season was an experience. " Buck Longmore mx X-Sneak A wud ln the 2A C.l. F. Prelims, David Haskell strides for the lea at Mt. Sac. as 5 -kk' ' f M Front Row- David Haskell, John Church, Nasys Karasoulas. Back Row- JV: Buck Longmore, Frank Vasquez, Dan Bakholdin, Solon Scott, Abe Gustafson, JV: Jaw Mowrer, JW Brian Burns. CROSS CO UNTR Yf200 Varsity Boys TIGER BOYS GO THE DISTANCE This years Varsity Cross-Country Team had the winning combination. Hot only were they undefeated in league but they went on to C.I.F. Finals! This year's top seven really pulled together as a team. There was a spe- cial closeness that was Dan Backholdin lets goin the 2A C.l. F. Prelims at Mt. JV fufmeff BUCK L0"9m0fef knows Pain Sac. THS OPP 45 El Modena .50 22 Norte Vista 28 15 Notre Dame 50 15 La Sierra 50 19 Bloomington 44 15 Temecula Valley 50 1st League finals 3 pts C.l.F. Prelims 11th C.I.F. Finals evident both on and off the course. They proved an Elsinore Team could make it to C.l.F. finals. They did it for MAH. Way To Go Tigers! "This season l was very surprised how far our team went. Going all the way to the C.I.F. Fin- als was really inspira- tional to our team. Next year hopefully we can do the same thing. " David Haskell ' 'There was a special ' closeness that was 5, evident both on and oh' I I the course. is quite a gain as he strides to the finish on our home course during League Fin- als. Best Times , . JV Boys David Haskell 15.45 EHS OPP Dan Bakholdin 16:28 5 Frank Vasquez 16:15 72 E, Modena 20 Abe Gustafson 16:29 1 N W 4 A scoff Higgins 18:08 5 me Sta 5 Buck Longmore 19:58 15 B'00mfU9f0U 50 Shefifyf' Stewart 20:19 .39 Temecula Valley 50 Bobbiesue Lacey 22:19 Open League Finals Brenda Marquez 22:22 Elvia Rivera 22:51 CROSS-COUNTRYW01 'f ' 1 F Sherilyn Stewart's pain pushes her up a hill in the 2A C I F. Prelims at Mt. Sac. WE'VE GOTA TEAM THAT CAN 'T BE BEAT 'All of those treacherous awiill runs that Coach Allen made us do everyday after' school paid alll He knew what he was doing because both of our teams were undeteatecl league 'ehampsl and we deserve lt: The liiendships. craziness, and support madebelng on the team a thing to always remember. I am especially glad for Mareie, David, and Aimee for always being there and giving me their encouragement. lfd also like to thank the Mowrers, Mn Karascilous, ME Haskell and all of the peoplegwho were at the meets to tfheefus on. They' really helped out. I can 't wait until next season." ft W ,. , . M 50bbY'5UG,LaC2y. ' ' "This Cross Country team waslthe best! Not only in their abilities forthe sport but their 1" personalities as well. Our individual goals and team goals were about the same and that was to do our best and never quit. Sharing these goals and our crazyness made lifiendships form and then we became one big family. we gave support and encouragement not to just each other but our opposing teams. We were a team that couldn 't be beat physically:-md mentally, thanks 3 to Coach Allen 's gneat coaching, out family and fiiends support and our team believing in each other and ourselves. l'lI never forget the tilends l made and the things I learned, Thanks! WAY TO GO TIGERS!" v s Q l ' -- - S V. - A- - t Mareie Halliday ' 'This past Cross-Country season was an adventure. lt was my first season and I never knew what to expect. Before my races I was not only anxious but scared to death. ' My goals werent real glamorous. I just wanted to make sure I finished every race! I accomplished that goal and with the encouragement and support of m y family teammates and Coach Alien I was able to accomplish more than! thought possible for my first season. Looking into next years season and keeping my fingers crossed I am hoping I will be able to do what I did this year and maybe a little bit bet- ten " . snenlyn stewan fmwyia. l 5 fel' 1 12' . Q' H? ezh wgif... . ',.e V - - A Q' A 'f--i ffm ,' .f..'f Q f . ,V l I I f uzz' I I -w r fy - 4 3 ww' 1' 4 - ' . w" f " ' I . 1 - .' e ,- 5 ff i .. 143 'Z' f N ew 4 . mr f its fv- 1'5" sv. -1 xx... i . W I . 'ifl gkgu ',k. '.L: M ff 'lik Q Q, 1 2.1.5 yliy, . . Al- i fir f . . -- h rw-'tri' V f 7.4 np' Q., .f 'Q . fp' gf M ' Y Q 7 ' . . ...,.... . A 'R me ' In the 2A C. I. F. Prelims at Mt. Sac Amy Vecckic pushes her abilities. .pa- ,ao-MMM ,,, W... ..t,,,,.u.,..M.m--w- Front Row- Rachel Hall, Brenda Marquez. 2nd Row- Elvia Rivera. Aimee Sherilyn Stewart. CR OSS CO UN TR Y7202 Vecckio, Bobbie-Sue Lacey. Back Row- Debra Crowley, Marcie Halliday. Elsinore Varsity Boys at the start of a race during the Sunkist League Finals on our home course. "We made Mah s proud! " Joe Mowrer. bw "Before my races I was not only anxious but scared to death. " Sherilyn Steward ,MW I .'r,,., fy , At Mt. S.A.C. the Varsity Girls work to- gether at the start of the race in the 2A CIF Prelims. suis. orr. , 107 Modena 27 15 N0!'l'e Vista 45 15 Norte Dame 45 22 La Sierra 55 15 Bloomington 48 24 Temecula Valley 52 lst. League Finals .2 71pl'S. CIF Prelims " '13 "The Hiendships, craziness, and support made being on the team a thing always to remember. All those treacherous awful runs paid oil?" Bobbie Sue Lacey. "We gave support and encouragement not to just each other but our opposing teams. " Marcie Holliday During Sunkist League Finals on our home course our J. V. team leads the pack at the beginning ofthe race. WWW ..,, t,,,. CROSS COUNTR YWO? AIMING AT HIGH GOALS "T he Tigers will be looking to regain the . Sunkist League titlenext yearff' T Elsinore High School Varsity Girls, Basketball team end- ed their season 'With a 48 to 42 victory over Bloomington. The Tigers placed 4th in the Sunkist League with a 4 to 8 recordi Michelle Pzper was selected to the Sunkist All - League team. Michelle led the team in scoring with a 16.5 average. Diane Phillips was an honorable men tionmemher of the All Lea ue team Seniors Diane Philli M1 -s - g . ps, 'chelle Piper, . Stephanie Dym, .Debbie Crowley, and Annette Barnes will be off to bigger and better things and we sincerely wish them luck. The Tigers will be looking to regain the Sunkist League Title next year with returning letter persons: Joy Bridenthal, Brenda Marquez, Jody Kappas, Jill Haworth, and Brooke Duncan. T We were young and inexperienced this season, but next year we hope to do a complete turn around! K . ' C CJ:-y1s,QXx Q. S360 Seniorifo1'Ward, M1'ohelle Piper, was named to the all-Sunkist League team. This is Pipers second lcon 5 ysecutive season of makingythelgall-league team. .,s , Michelle was the Lady Tigers' maint scorer and rebounder during this Winter season. She Wassalsog one of the leagueis best defensive players. T A Elsinoreis senior guard, Diane Phillips, earned honorable men tion this season. T D A A Elsinore struggled for most of the season but ended well. They Won two of their last three games which moved them into a tie for fourth place. Thelladyf Tigers' were 4-8 in league. y ? Front Row Jody Kappus Joy Bridenthal Brenda Marquez Stephanie Dym Diane Phillips Back Row Assistant Coach Richie Rabb Debbie Crowley Brooke Duncan Michelle Piper Annette Barnes Jill Hayworth Assistant Coach Teresa Rommel Coach Charlie Johnson ' 1 r I Y ' 1 , 1 1 , 1 1 ' 2011! QPOR TS W 3 -I 9 5 1,1-41110 Phillips hits 11 c'r1'ti1'11l 1190 throw. i , ,Uirhelle Piper. 1111-1v:1g110. lnnks to l'I1iJIJi1I'G7 1116 bali In 1111 open 'figs-1'. Qwis .ka 3 'EL K .1 Aj-nur-H ,,, ,, 1, W ,, 1-1 ,, 1 em ,f 1 r-4 i ' I V' Wfff A X141 Y, i fIw QZ' ,,',i:z,EW , U ,, - . ,M I " 1 A fif w ,H 3 ' 'f ' 1 M .Ivy Hride11lhz1l breaks through 11 gap in the SIPPIJIIIIH delbnse. f f S 1 I K I I i' Yl9,f20.'3 , MMM! xx ,, .f'. Michelle Piper sets her sights on two points against arch-rival Temecula tm.--"' M 38 i JOGKQPOH T S Annette Barnes goes up to score as Michelle Piper looks on. Varsity Girls Basketball EHS OPP 52 Ramona 46 46 Arlington 47 L Beaumont W L Twenty-Nine Palms W 47 Ontario Christian 61 15 Notre Dame 60 26 Banning 50 52 Norte Vista 50 52 Temecula Valley 58 42 La Sierra 5.9 .51 Bloomington 46 42 Notre Dame 62 51 Banning 65 42 Temecula Valley .55 50 Norte Vista 51 51 La Sierra 61 42 Bloomington 58 .,,a,f,..H .gu--w Michelle Piper displays proper form as she makes another two. "The 1986-87 Girls Basketball team consisted of Michelle Piper- Senior, Diane Phillips-Senior, Annette Barnes-Senior, Stephanie Dym-Senior, Debbie Crowley-Senior, Jill Haworth-Junior, Jodi Kap- pus-Junior, Brooke Duncan-Junior, Brenda Marquez-Junior, and Joy Bridenthal-Junior. lt was hard to live up to the expectations of the fans. Last year, Elsinore Girls Varsity was undefeated. When we had one loss after another, it was hard, was yard. Yet, despite our record K4-191 we never gave up. We have special thanks to Coach Charlie Johnson and Coach Richie Rabb. We want the Seniors to know We will miss them! We want to Wish them luck in their future goals. " Jody Kappus "Despite our record l4-191 we never gave up. 77 "These ten girls played their hearts out to break the dark cloud cast over their head, and never gave up." "The Elsinore Girls Varsity Basketball team had an overall record offour for nineteen. The team players were as follows: Diane Phillips-Senior, Annette Barnes-Senior, Michelle Piper-Senior, Stephanie Qvm-Senior, Debra Crowley- Senior, Brooke Duncan-Junior, Jodv Cappus-Junior, Joy Bridenthal-Junior, Brenda Marquez-Junirir, and Jill Haworth-Junior, A These ten girls played their hearts out to break the dark cloud cast over their heads, and never ga ve up. Game after game it seemed as though they would never win, but the varsity girls hung in there, The coaching staff Mr. Charlie Johnson, and his assistant Mr. Richie Rahb. contrihuied their time and support to this yearis Varsity team. They taught us to think about the present not the past, and to hold our heads high alter a disappointing' loss. The Elsinore High Girls Varsity team had a losing season, hut enjoyed playing with good sports- manship despite the lossesf' Diane Phillips Aggressive Lady Tigers tight hir a rebound. Sl'OR'l'Sf207 . lL'FEW BUT TOUGH "l 'm very proud to say that I was a member ofthe 1986-87 Girl 's Junior Varsity Basketball team. Although the team only consisted of six players, we kept up and even beat teams that consisted of ten or more players. But none of it could have been possible without the help ofourlcoach, Richie Rabb. Those who are moving on to varsity will missy Richie 's enthusiasm and leadership. We attended Colton Tournament at Colton High School and placed third. ln league we placed third, behind Banning eand1l'Yotre Dame. Thanks for a Great Year!" Shellie Brown "We had a great season this year! There were good times along with bad a 2 ones. During the season we all had our share of problems, mainly with each other? but we were always able to pull to ether when we stepped on the 9 courtg The harder the teamg the more ans OPP , , 57 Moreno yaney o 20 we pulled together. It was like a family, Colton whenone of us was in trouble every- 24 Juv Tournament 19 one came to the rescue. The J. VY team Comm owes being able to do that to our 51 .LM Tournament 45 coach, Richie Rabb. A lot of people said we would never make it, there C lt 58 J. V. Toczlrggment 22 were only seven of us: but, thanks to 21 Notre Dame 44 Richie we showed them!" 50 Banning 51 2 Jennifer Medina 50 Norte Vista 10 , 55 Temecula valley 54 '71 lot of people said we 50 L2 Sfffffa 21 would never make it, there 50 Bloomington l 21 58 Norte Dame 24 were only seven of us: but, thanks to Ritchie we showed them!" N-sv" Fw i .... , if 'X E' X rx X Q 3 l XXX 555 1 Jennifer Medina puts the ball up for an easj 2 points. X Front Row- Kim Pitts, Rosalind Hamilton, Shellie Brown, Ann Maria Hernandez, Jody Brueske, Jennifer Medina. l SPOR TSf208 Qegii.. ceq FRESH E GIVE EFFORT Q "I thought that the team effort was okay, but I thank Teresa for helping the team out. Even though we did lose many ofthe games: I think we all had a really fun time. We always stopped at McDonald 's on the way home, and had a great time eating those Big Macs. At every away game all the girls were so big compared to ours. After l had gotten on the team, l know that I could be a good athlete because l tried my best. Everybody on the team tried their hardest. That's what makes usa good team. 'So we had a bad season. But at least we had fim.' Those were my last words to the team on our way home from Canyon Springs. " Michelle Porter Our good attitudes and friendship towards each othen helped us get through a tough season. I guess all we really wanted to do was have lim. But here are our sea- sons best: a game where Savonna Smith had 8 pts. and a few rebounds, Kika and lda's 12 and 11 pts. in the same game, Michelle P's first basket of the season. Michelle U 's great defense, Darla 's good baseline shots and Rhonda 's EHS OPP ggepgzs Egg? 14 Palm Desert 65 share of prob- 41 Fontana 21 jams but we 29 Heine! never let them 15 Sequoia 51 f:,af:.z:f'f..Q.f:f-'.s.g 15 28 a lot ' to our 15 Palm Springs 17 coach. Theresa 19 P 5177.5 58 Rommel. Ifshe hadn't had the sense of humor that she has, we probably wouldn 't have lasted. Thanks Theresalll Rhonda Cebula 12 Canyon Springs 30 42 Palm Desert 25 35 Fontana 44 18 Hemet 26 20 Sequoia .55 Coach Teresa Rommel, Ida Garcia, Michelle Porter, Michelle Veuthey, Davonna Smith, Daria Dieta, Kika Colman, Rhonda Cebula. Ida Garcia breaks to the basket for an easy layup. SPOR TSf209 WRES T LERS PIN LEAG E S i "This has been one of the best years for me as a coach, because the team is young and they have shown a great "will to win. " They have pulled together as a team. It has been a great team elfort pulling for each other. We have worked very Q hard and things just started pa ying ot? for us, just because we wanted it more than the other teams. To see the team do well and push each other to reach higher and higher each time is very satisfying for me. To be involved with a bunch of guys like this and my assistant coach, Curtis Nichols, makes my ' job easy. " - A Coach Campbell '34 few of our goals were to be league champions and to ex beat Temecula Valley and we accomplished both of them. We W pulled together like a family and won a championship as a y unit. " Dan Ortiz "We have worked very hard and K things just started paying oil' for us, gg T 3,5 ' just because we wanted it more than KV W W' if M1 5 az t .A the other teams. " 1 ig, .Arm ,, V , K 5 , X X ' X X W . X Q. i , fllank Alonzo elevates his opponent with a "Double ,Leg Front Row- T.J. Gobel, Scott Ritschel, Dan Prielipp, Anthony Patino, James Cebula, Jason Barth. Back Row- Darren Allanson, Joe Brown, Hank Alonzo, Dan Ortiz, Fred Cason, John Rowe. SPORTSXZI 0 'I'- Joe Brown puts a death grip on his La Sierra foe. 2 The Varsity Wrestlers had a very successful season this year. The team won the maior- of their matches and took gthe Sunlgistw, title. Over- fall the schedu ed teams were ieasily beat but they had a itough time with Hesperia and Harte Vista. 3 if fr 3 ,tqtttt L ' Eric Berry excites the crowd with a pin. J 18 Individual League Champions . Dan Prielipp-107 lbs. Danfenfflllanson-141 lbs. Joe Brown-148 lbs. ' V Hank Aionzof1571Ibs. Dan Ortiz-Heavyweight Secondflacers Inf 4 League James Cebula-101 lbs. Joe. Yazfborough-155 lbs. C.1.'fZ Qualifiers Anthony Patino-115 2 lbs. fred Cason-178 lbs. C. I. F. Placers A Joe 2 Brown'6th Fred Cason-4th Jason Nanetti breaks down his opponent. EHS to OPP Hesperia 52 27 Norte Vista. 55 5rd Apple vaney Toumament 512 Notre Dame 13 6 7 La Sierra 6 V 5th Riverside County Tournament ' 42 2 Bloomington '18 2nd Elsinore Tournament 59 Temecula Valley 20 lst League finaig .IL WRES T LI G J For the Wrestling teamfthe year con-s eluded by winning the Sunkist League Championshipq This was aocomplishedfl by beating .Norte Vista, Notre Dame, La J Sierrafoz to 6gB1o0minyt01if6'6lt0 9, and in a great match against Temecula 55 to In tournaments action the Elsinore JV V wrestlers were 5rd at the La Sierra novice , tournament. The Tigers also took 5rd inf V the Elsinore JV tournament. Some ofthe outstanding JV wrestlers were: Jason' Stout at 107 lbs, James Cordero at 128 lbs, Jeff Willaby at 140 lbs, Matt Oloifio at V 147 lbs, and, Ddwd Rios our heavy weight. V ' concn 1S11cHoLsl - , HJMQQ' John Pozo fights to break down his opponent. A JV wrestler "sticks" his man. SPORTSZ212 -., E 5 James Cordero puts a "reverse half neIson" on the Norte Vista 140 poundel ' K ifwssrziew:-ff,f .. 4, -sees, 7 ww i I , James Cordero uses all of his might to pin his opponent. V 4 Front Row- Jeff Willoughby, John Pozo, Jay Planetti, James Cordeiro, Jason Wilkinson. Back Row- David Rios, Mosis Rameris, Scott Bercume, Scott Taylor, Matt Olivilo. .. 'n -1 Mm J. V. 's improved tremendously day by day match by match. sc The end result was beating Te- mecula Valley for the League Championship." ' a Coach Nichols EHS OPP 50 Notre Vista 12 60 Notre Dame 10 f f 66 - La sien-a 12 y ls' 42 Bloomington 12 J W l 35 Temecula Valley 54 W9 James Corderiro's hand is raised in victory. SPORTSf213 214 SHOOTI G FOR THE TDP pf 'The L986-87 Boys Basketball Season began on a tragic note. In the midst ofsummerleague action, Robby Young, a Senior on the Varsity squad was killed in a terrible automobile accident. The losslof Robby took a great deal hom the team 's chemistry, as Coaches and Players suffered from emotional bewildezjment, and tremendous stress' g. L -A t M , . g As the season continued Players and Coaches began to accept the loss of Robbyfand the team began striding -forward, and improving. The excitement of the teams trip to Hawaii did not erase the thoughtof Robby, but did give new hope. .g e i , 1 e g The Tigers tore through Hemet in a scrimmage, and began preparing for the Hawaiian Tour. The Eisinore Tigers were very successful in Hawaii, as they accomplished things on the court, winning the Kohala invitational Tournament and eryoying their educational voyage on the big island, and Oahu. As they returned home and began the Riverside County Tournament. The Tigers surprised many as they became one ofthe only Elsinore Teams in the history ofthe school to reach the Championship bracket. i . 1 1 i -is 1 e V I 1 i The Tigers then entered league and did well. With the contributions of Shasean Green a 6 '5" Senior, Mike Barber: a 6'7" sophomore, Nate Shea-Han. a 6'5" Junior, Matt Martland, a 5'11" Senior, and Reggie Hernandez, a 5'9" Juniors and the rest of the Tigersquad. Elsinore was an intimidating force that many opponents dreaded to hee. V One item that made the team unique was the fondness ofthe players and staff This was not a bunch of losers who met every day for a few hours to participate in the one thing they had in common. This was, and always will be a group ofhfiends with a great deal in common, that eryoy being together. This season was one highlighted with success, excitement, and even a bit of tragedy, but if you ask any player if they would trade this season for another the answer would be "HO", 1986-87-Boys Basketball Team "Elsinore was an intimidating force that many opponents dreaded to face. " if in 5' sta? All county Shasean Greer, demonstrates ger superiority, in being physical under t boards. Front Row- Scott Higgins, Matt Martland, Reggie Hernandez, Jefflfipling, Mike Moore. Back Row- Coach Roger Blake, Davon Wright, Plate Shea-Han, Shasean Greer, Tony Moromarco, Derek Campbell, Coach Steve Sparkman. "During a coach 's career, a coach is very lucky if he has a special group of young men. Well , . , this year is extra special for me. Not in my nine years at Elsinore H.S. have I had the pleasure to coach as good, as nice, and as dedicated a group of men as this year. They are special and l could not be more proud. To pinpoint one single highlight would be impossible. As the years go on, my memories of this group will be more oftithefourt than on. The twelve boys grew into young men last year when they dedicated them- selves to being the best they could be. They reached that goal. They have become a great team. The win-lost record speaks for itself Kohala Hawaii Tournament Champs, top ten C.l. F. rankings and a C. l. F. playoff have all been achieved by us. But as l said before, it 's off the court where I 'll remember this group the most. Last summer we carried the coffin and buried our teammate and friend Robbie Young who was killed in an automobile accident. lt was a tragic time for all, yet we all knew that through our strength and faith we would be stronger. We have grown stronger, yet we will never forget our friend Robbie' Hawaii . . . well it was just awesome! Everything went great. and it really impossible for anyone outside our team to sense or understand how s really was. Nineteen people became one that week and it's never left never will. This group, our Basketball Team, is special, We erience tragedy in the death ofa hiend and the highe t high i min " seen the best and worst life has to offer nd ur lo f e ch 'has growns r ng r hy: s t ltr at' X 1 ' C ch Ro at A E N rx , 5 Fr i T . K. L k.. kk U ext fx amy wiv! f x K gmt, ,X 1 nxxwk gl X inf, , Sf I x,"X XV, X 'XX 91' r. N 'IJ , X l , r V 1 GN . 1 X NN-iss. nf- 1 I Y Ik!! Lx. 5- KJ LK .xi , ,fx C v f K , X .IX ex 1 y f I A x Y , fr A . .M Q K N K Q - L K, x N pl J V . my t 'I V X 'Q 3 1 .li fy J .' I cgufw' X sf if . x, ' , A if i iv fi k 'c r I hw ---- f, , 1 x W..- ,X ' X K, X f X X, I Q X . K Scot Higgins and Reggie Hernandez force a ' 'oppo ent to find another way to the ba et. ' A K Q 'N-- ty" fx N 7 K U .H X MSS :ns orr ' K WOH Kapaau, Hawaii : xx! 87 Deep Aced, 26 ' 49 Kuna 42 it 32 Kohala 25 X., 52 Ramona 34 69 Temecula 42 60 Carlsbad 54 80 Alumni 65 56 Norco 45 45 Moreno Valley 67 56 Banning 68 59 Piolre Dame 4.5 45 Banning 57 68 Norte Vista .5l 71 Temecula Valley 49 66 La Sierra 50 7 l Bloomington 78 65 Notre Dame 59 54 Banning 76 54 Norte Vista 48 75 Temecula Valley 45 65 La Sierra 50 70 Bloomington 60 52 C.l.f2, Indio 80 Shasean Greer flies to the hoop for two SPOR TSXZI 5 ,T , 37 Bti ' QQ. 1 .Q sy, "The Matt Martland Fan Club" backs its leader. Nate Shea-Han finds going around is better than going up 'WUI Z4 Mike'Barber and Mat Martland combine to face a steal in C.l. F. Ball hungry Tigers rip down and then rebound, 216 X SPORTS 5 if e 's Tigers prepare to depart to Hawaii from LAX. Jeff Kipling learns the native ways in Hawaii. Hn .M- ui lg , wr , ..l Fit Reggie Hernandez eyes the rim as he puts it up for two. M-if i n., 1 n,' Hungry Tigers paw their way through poi. HAWAIIAN TOUR '86' This year the Elsinore Tiger Varsity Basket- ball team was able to participate in an exper- ience which many teams would love to partici- pate in, but rarely do. In early December, the Tigers flew to Hawaii to compete in the Ko- hala Invitational Tournament on the big is- land of Hawaii, The Tigers llew from LAX to the Kona Air- port. Once on Kona, the team stayed at some time-share condos owned by Coach Blake. On the first full day in Kona, the team prac- ticed on a nearby outdoor court. This was the last preparation for the coming tournament. The Hnal three days in Kona mixed visiting the volcanoes, black sand beaches, scuba diving, and to top it all off two consecutive basketball games. It was a very educational, yet tiring schedule for The Traveling Tigers. They were smiling as they boarded the plane for Oahu because they were the Kohala Invita- tional Tournament champs. The bright lights and action of Honolulu seemed to rc-juvlnate the team as they used the last of their energy on two days in the city. While on Oahu the team visited the Pearl Har- bor Memorial, The Pali Lookout. and the streets of Honolulu. Both coaches and players agreed that it was a very satisfying, educational, and fun trip. Certainly a memorable experience! SPOR TSXQI I J. V. BASKETBALL EHS OPP. 54 Moreno Valley 65 51 . Eisenhower 58 44 Moreno Valley 72 81 Ramona 59 55 - Arlington 41 41 Gary 55 55 Notre Dame 49 55 T Banning' 75 45 Norte Vista 55 84 Temecula Valley . 56 71 Ontario 58 65 La Sierra 41 61 Bloomington 49 64 Notre Dame 52 61 Banning 90 70 Norte Vista 41 75 Temecula Valley 42 75 Ontario - 56 75 La Sierra 42 79 Bloomington 51 "We started out the basketball season pret- ty well. But when we came to play Banning, we just unfoldect We were really scared of them for some reason. The next time we played them we put up a light but we still lost. We brought up one lreshman at the beginning of the season, Tien Dinh. We brought up another freshman at the end ofthe season, Grant Gus- tafson. We ended the season with ten wins and two loses. I think we have a very good chance of beating Banning next year. All we need is another year of great coaching by Coach Wil- liams. " Tim Dupuy r "For-the second year in a row the J. V, 's had an outstanding showing in the Sunkist League. Elsinore defeated every league school twice, with the exception of first place Banning. Along with their second place league Hnish, the JM 's finished sixth in the sixteen team Moreno Valley Tournament. Key players this year for the J. V 's were Der- rick Picket, Scott Durley, and hfeshman Tien Dinh. Trade marks of this years J. V. team were an aggressive, fast breaking offense and a high pressure defense. This combination allowed the .LK 's to score over 70 points on several occasions which is an unusual number for a J.lA squad." Coach Mark Williams In a key situation, Derrick Picket swats the ball away from a Norte Vista opponent. Latham Derrick Picket Terry Victory Ernie Obregon Albert Diaz 1 Front row: Antoine Greer, Donald Gordon, Tien Dinh, Bill Leonard, Tim Dupuy. Back row: Dave Leonard, Scott Durley, Marc SPORTSXZI8 N 1 x FKOSI1 HAS HOOP SPIRIT "This year the Freshman basketball team had a not so good year but all around we had a good time. The two games that we did win were an accom- plishment. As coach Wons would say. "We are getting a lot better than be' fore. " Mr. Wons was a good coach. He tried his hardest to get the most out of every one of us. Toward the end of the season the team and I really got to know him. The impression I got at the begin- ning ofthe season was trying out for the team should be tim, in the first place. But in the end he 's not a bad guy after all. " Richard Cherveny EHS ' IPP. 61 Moreno Valley 75 59 Hemeti 674 55 Orange Luraem 71 59 Orange Luthern e 76 50 Temple Christian 47 51 Notre Dame 65 40 Banning 88 48 Canyon Springs 4.5 47 Bloomington 41 f "We're getting a lot Hfgffe Qame 133 ll anmng better than before. 4, Canyon Springs 48 46 Bloomington 48 Grant Gustafson scans the defense for a scor- ing opportunity. Front Kow Grant Gustafson Mike Henderson Chad Figueroa Christian Bess Stephan Roe Richard Cherveny Kevin Zormzer Back Row: Peter Wons, Mickey Staggs, Chris Jones, Jonathan Leibel, Shawn Morrissey, Kevin Bewell, Chuck Whitehead, Gilbert Juarez SPOR TSf21 9 ALIVE A D KICKI "This is a story l have to tell about three bad brothers you know so well. It started way back in history with Aaron V., Chris T., and me, Matt P. We were sitting on the soccer field one fine day having lots of fun and catching lots of rays. The coach walked up to us three and told us "The Fun Boys" we would be. " "The Fun Boys" "I feel the Elsinore soccer team is one ofthe strongest teams on campus and in the league. In the four years we have been in existence, we have taken at least a third place spot and qualified for C. I. F. each time. I have been fortunate enough to participate all four years. l like to think of myself and the other seniors, who were on the original team, as history makers or pioneers. The friends I have made and the things I have learned will stay with me. Thanks guys for making my time here a little more exciting. And thanks for the championship in my senior year. " Brian Marchand "The friends I have made and things I have learned will stay with me." Brian Burns jumps up for an action shot. 4, I X 0, Front row Jam: Baldwin Juan Estrada Shawn Ross Chris Silbaugh Nick Strickland Ryan Case Brian Marchand Stacy Flowers Second row Matt Pnelipp Aaron Vasquez Chris Tafoya K The Fun Boys! Jeff Asam Zico Estrada Coach Mike DeM:randa Back row Kirk Shearm Joe Mower Paul Rutherford Ted Dorr Abe Gustafson Shawn Fears Brian Burns ' 1 S POR TSf220 A lk 4 Zico Estrada dribbles past defenders to score a GOAL! Paul Rutherford shows the team a new dance move. "Three bad broth- ers, you know so well Aaron PC, Chris T., and me Matt P. " lf' The Fun Boys BHS OPP, 0 Hemel' Tournament 5 2 Temecula Valley 1 0 Norco 4 2 Moreno Valley 4 I Victor Valley J 1 Colton 2 5 Bloomington 0 .3 Notre Dame 1 5 Temecula Valley 1 0 Aquinas 5 7 Banning 0 4 La Sierra 1 1 Norte Vista 0 7 Bloomington 0 1 Notre Dame 1 5 Temecula ' Valley 0 1 Aquinas .5 5 Banning' 1 5 La Sierra 1 5 Harte Vista 1 0 Orange Luthem' 1 " Denotes CJJ5 Chris Tafoya demonstrates how to kick a soccer ball to Aaron Vasquez. . IL 'S GO UIYDEFEAT ED 'tie Chris Lembo shows that even waiting on the sideline is fun. The J. V. soccer team went undefeated in the 1986-87 soc- cer season. Their record was 14-0. During the first part of the season they were learning and trying tobeccame prepared for the season ahead. After the first 5 wins they really pulled together. As, the season moved on. they knew what they want- ed,' to go undefeated! By the middle ofthe season they had learned fto work togethen The offense was really work- ingtogether and the delense was a tremendous help in the games. They had around two or three different goalies and l they all contributed their tal- ents extremely well. According to the coach, they were work- ingwell together and having fun at theisame time. ' The whole team did an excellent job and they should be very proud ot' themselves because they worked hard and got their reward of winning They knew what fthey wantedg to Jeff Brockway, the J. V. goalie, jumps to block a shot on the goa I U I Na ,K gp undefeated, " Jeff McMurdie boots the ball up field. QPOR TSf222 Front Row- Rowena Mitchell, Joshua Griffith, Jason Foster. Emmett Shea-han, Mike Schieffer, Jennie Stekkinger, Robert Reyes. Back Row- Jeff Brockway, Marqurito Garcia, JeffMcMurdie, Michelle Strigotte, Elliott Park, Debbie Balwin, Donna Dillon, Ed Dillon, Mike Jernigan, Jay Coleman. obert Reyes, nicknamed Napolean, kicks the ball ast an opposing defensive player. "The whole team did an excellent job and they should be very proud of themselves because they worked hard and got their reward of winning. " 14-0 Ed Dillion, A.K.A. Ned Nederlander from the Three Amigo's dribbles down the field. EHS 1 Moreno Valley 7 Bloomington 2 Notre Dame won Temecula Valley 3 Aquinas 5 Banning 4 La Sierra 8 Norte Vista 6 Bloomington 8 Notre Dame 5 Temecula Valley 5 Aquinas 5 Banning 16 La Sierra 7 Norte Vista OPP 1 2 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 2 0 0 0 SPOR TSf223 133 S i w 1 Single players Mario Rocha Isoph. 1, Eddie Dosamontes lsoph.l, Shannon Hoole l Sr. 2, Jeff Kipling Uni WC have H 90001 . team withpa'Iot of enthusi- . 3533" g, 7 ll , The seasonjust started a couple weeks agoand ' so far we are doing quite well. We have won seven of eight matches. This is just pre-season. League has not started yet, but it looks like weare the team to beat again this yearn We have won league for the past three years without a defeat and I see ' no reason for this year to be any different. Even though most of the players are young we have a good teamwitlz a lot ofenthusiasm. These young pups are' hungiy for another undefeated league season and I am going to do eveqything I can to make sure that happens. Even though the all mighty Wnayak of the past is not with us any- more, the team still has unity and positive feel- ings toward other players. The team gets aiong better than teams in the past. Which is good be- cause if there is a conflict it should be with the other team. My doubles partner also graduated last year, Ralph Navarro. He and Vinayak made the season fun. They are missed' b y all members I ofthe team. l want to thank coach. Ray Corral, for the past . four years. I had a lot vflimsl willmiss tennis here I ., . at Elsinore. I want to thank my bro. I Phill for the X ' motivation he gave me during the season. tl am leaving Elsinore tennis feeling good about what I did and, knowing I had timat the same time. V i J ' Shannon Hoole, t ,- 'fweha ve won leaguefor ,g t the past three years. . . " 3 L, 'Nl Zum ...ww Shannon Hoole whips a forehand to intimi- date his unfortunate opponent. .I i I Double players Mike Deigan, Keith Brown, Monty Dosamontes, Noah Allen, Steve Wagner, Dan William. SPOR TSf224 enum vk.. .must NNNSM Noah Allen shows off his powerful serve l V, . , V0 7 A f, . , . ,V 5. ,. f 5 ,, lfll it 1' 54 5 4' , O fg,m..Y,3, . A g n r f - .. . fx A . . 7 ' ' . W. ' :z 'afxsvo . av- " -,-,, ,QS . ' fiigi,ifEZ354i2aaZZ553eE5?27aZZi25 V digital ft fy mea v Qagamaawvwgwvvgaaagiizgaens a z .usage A 225- 4-annae2?.2. ...,,...,.g.g.,,,, .gg at " f :v:e22.T2.QWW222'Q,QQQQ'1"jgv' ,' l wklig k Qgitgag calm ' , . . 1 , ,fp itil bil " gli K itll .' 1 " iii ni na 5 Sgi nq ng igg vrwy j. ,gh , QV 4 Keith Brown executes a cross-court volle winner to amaze the massive crowd. L Dan William displays perfect form as h serves during a doubles match. ELSIHORE TENNIS SER VES U A OTHER WINNING SEASON I 4 'fi 5 Q n. 'I Jeff Kipling slams an overhead past his victim. Front Row: Patrick Valentine, John Roberts, Mike Deigan, Andy Lange, Jarred Rathgaber. Back Row: Coach Ray Corral, Eddie Dosa- ontes, Mario Rocha, Tim McDonald, Noah Allen, Keith Brown, Monty Dosamontes, JetTKipling, Dan William, Steve Wagner, lShannon oole-missingl iEddie Dosamontes tires a forehand back at ,his opponent. "These young and inexperi- enced QUYS are really com- ing through for us. " This season, senior Shannon Hoole, Elslnore's No. 2 player last year, has moved into the top position. Jen' Kipling is ranked second last season. .Srd slngles spot is held down by sophomore Marlo Rocha. The doubles teams are mostly sophomores with the exception ofsenlor Keith Brown. Mike Delgan and Hash Allen are playing In the Ho. 1 spot. Steve Wagner and Monty Dosamontes are the No. '2 players, and Daniel Wil- liam and Keith Brown are in the No. 3 positions. Elsinore 's 1987 Tennis season opened up with three consecutive wins. The llrst victim being Moreno Valley, 16-9. "We have a good group ofsophomores. Last year, when- ever l could, I threw them into the arena. They had a good teaming experience that year and I think these guys will be the nuclei for the future. If these guys can put it all togethen they'll be something. "These young and lnexperlenced guys are really com- ing through for us. l told our kids that the dvllblei are going to have to come through for us this year: They are really surprising me, Theyre all playing well. We should -do well with these young players, and they am the future, for the next .5 years. " Coach Ray Corral OPPONENT Moreno Valley lscrimmagel Yucaipa Norco I K Orange Luthem . Rim San Jacinto Orange Lutheran La Sierra ' Banning Banning Bloomington La Sierra Bloomington La Sierra Bloomington La Sierra Bloomington League Finals SPOR TSXZ25 sw-sim VARSITY This years Tiger Softball is beginning the year with a strong defense and a new attitude. The entire coaching staff is working hard to install a winning attitude which we hopewill breed confidence in our young team. The varsity began with only three returning letter women and two of them are sophomores. We areexpecting great things from our pitching stan' especially ourifl ace, Angie Ratlilii If we can pull together and work as ia team Tiger Softball is CIF Bound. REMEMBER: "Pride is doing the best you can, even if no one is watchingl' K -Billie Davolt Kim Pitts dodges the tag to score another run Front Row: Maria Pozo, Erin Rugg, Angie Ratliflf Jamie Baldwin Back Row: Loni Kizler, Heather Lyons, Carrie Lessner, Kelly Wilkenson, Renel Christner, Kim Pitts, Cari Childers, Coach DaVolt SPOR TSf226 W ., . . t ' '-k . 1 mmhh i - to 6' at LL.L A 2 ' ' W -is W . Q .X qw a Ng ,aw Q, .. ew aa' I,-fu ' W4 Mdw -'F X f 741, W I qu A-f 4 -- Llilpxfk. ,kk , 4 ado , ily . , fo- , wi 1 we A 3 fn , I H ,V W y x ' , , - W' . M , so L ff lf fx l ' V , t f gs Q fzmmt W - N, N A f,,,g,W N, my If Za, '52 " Heather Lyons prepares herself to stop a grounder down the Ime. V MW it N W, H-gm ,Za WJ. M ,, in 'J mm- vfwq. MW, f If 'x '2 A L3 Q Coach Davolt watches her Lady Ti- it ff f ,LM ,N Inj ger's bat through the lineup. UU Q Y Opponent Chino Iscrimmagel HUFCO fbouble Header! Temple Christian Ontario Rim Of The World Ruhldowt may Temecula Valley Notre Dame Banning llloodcx-est Toumamenf - . Norte vim , L Q Woodcrest Tournament- - La Sierra Bloomington Pldtre Dame Banning L Norte Vista Temecula Valley La Sierra ' Bloomington E Catcher, Cari Childers makes the tag at home as the umpire looks on. SPOR TSf227 l , ..,-,.Me:, .if A -G - My . ,K Cari Childers flips the ball back to the pitcher alter another stri- keout. S Angie Ratlift delivers a fast ball home. SPORTSXZ28 Kim Pitts offers Carrie Lessner advice on the next batter. wean Kelly Wilkinson sets to cover the infield. LS S 5 A 5: 3 'N S S1 'T A ,A nr. xt E enel Christner, with a smooth follow through, sends the ball up the riddle. Pitcher Carrie Lessner, as seen through the eyes ofa fearful batter. Our goal is to win the league. We're going to tzjy to take it. I think we have a Sunkist league champion-type team. Coach-Billie Da Volt Angie Ratliff ducks to avoid a throw from base. Lady tigers show team spirit before the first game of the season. SPORTS!229 .M owomsnr - camo fscmnnaorsg Hokco onmmo mu or Tn: wonw Rumooux . ammo , TEMECULA VALLEY y Home DAME BAHMNG S NOKTE VISTA 2 ELSINORE TOURNAMENT ELSIHOKB TOUKIUIMEZYT ,. t LA SIERRA, , BLOOMINGTON ' IYORTE VISTA TBMECULA VALLEY LA SIERRA BLOOMYPIGTIN t SEEKI G SUCCESS lnfielder, Natalie Neilson, blocks second on an at- tempted steal. It's important to have our minds on, our game. S I think that sottbali is a realtfun sport, because it has a lot of ac- tion.'Practices are real tiring and we ask if there is "LIFE AFTER PRACTICE. " We mainly practice on our hitting because that is our mainimportance. I think that ifwe work hard, we can win all the games. lt? one of the players is down, then the whole team gets down. We really have to wony about our attitudes. lt's really im- portant to have our ,minds on the game or it's not a game' at all. Michelle Porter Sf" Q49 , 5 Bottom Row: Natalie Neilson, Jennifer Medina, Monica Flippen, Laura Garcia, Michelle Porter. Back Row: Judy Johnson, Kelly Noriega, Cindy Bradely, Rosaland Hamilton, Boni Yanigasawa, Melanie Martinez, Michelle Schwerin. SPOR TSf230 LAD Y TIGERS DE T ERMIIYED , H X521 V: T444 I I I ,W Q ,V ,aw Freshman catcher, Carrie Goldsmith, flashes signals to the pitcher. 'wa . 125.6 Softball is a real enjoyable sport. When I first joined the freshman team, I didn 't think I would like it. But now, after I 've learned a little more about soliball and met some new friends, I wouldn 't quit for anything in the world. The girls on our team are like a family, we all stick together. Right now we haven 't won any games but believe me by the end of the year we will have the best Freshman team everl Christine Hager When I went out there for the lirst practice I didn 't think it was going to work out, because this girl who was trying out for the same position, we didn 't get along very well. But things are fine now, because we both have our own positions. I 'm short and she 's at Znd. I think our team will be line if we all stick togeth- er and have a lot of school spirit. We might lose a lot, but then we might win a lot. Michelle Strigotte Soliball means a lot to me and I really love it. It is also a lot of fun. I am a pitcher. well at least they are trying to make me one. There is really a lot of pres- sure on the pitcher because the whole team is de- pending on you. Our team mainly has to work on our bating. But, the fielding is pretty good. But our worst point is our attitudes, because when one gets mad and down the whole team is, and then we lose. So far we have lost all our games but you can 't say we didn't try. And in time we will improve to become better. Justina Wren OPPONENT Chino fScrimmage,J Sequoia Rubidoux Alder Rubidoux Canyon Springs Hemet Fontana Palm Springs Sequoia Rubidoux Alder Rubidoux Canyon Springs Hemet Fontana Palm Desert Palm Springs 4.2 Jil V7 Zi mg 'U Front Row Debbie Stackhouse Lori Thomas Rhonda Cebula Shannan Davis Christine Thompson Christine Hager Back Row 'ja 'tv A wt " V as f. Y . , . , fx' VW ff' Wg '7' . fini, W ' t a Q M at "1 .., M "M M' H Carrie Goldsmith, Andrea Worley, Missy Scotty, Rachael Hicks, Christy Laders, Jennifer Black, Michelle Strigotte, Justina Wren S POR TSf231 VARSITY BA SEBALL-A T RAL N sf Vs w "Fireman" Matt Martland launches a fastball. Tony Garner sends this pitch to the fence. 1 ,Alta Bottom Row: Rick Chad, Brian Graybehl, Vince Esparza, Tony Garner, Phil Varela, Mike Sparks, Ron McLean, Andy Anaya. Back Row: Coach Brown, Jim Ayres, Matt Martland, Dan Dill, Mike Barber, Katie Baldwin Istatsl, Ron Ready, John Baldwin, Fred Cason, Brian Bainbridge, Coach Esparza. SPOR TSf232 e my y,,M.-aim www , WN iv 14 Jalan ,W -Q ,A My 4 f' , WWA M, M M an my 4 " . M i ,, M W 'V f K ,, 1 . A ,, W ' Q M at , 4, ,, 'ffkihlhwi ' li ... 7 K wwf 6 f' 4 ,gawk 3 E be Mike Barber sends a breaking ball to the plate. fm- gh R 1 xxx XXX Qi A gk H gy Q ' off' i ii: 1 in o .Q E 2 'F e . 5 K 5 vt sax X :: X 1,7 N- ml ae: x ,EQ A Dan Dill looks for a shot down the line. First baseman, Dan Dill, puts the tag on a diving Serrano nmner. m.. fwwh, .WWW Coach Brown gives strategic advice to Brian Graybehl and Andy Anaya. SPOR TSXZ33 f vi - Zvi . Q in .. if-. 4 Ng, ,X s .. . t --.2-5. --if 51. E. . 14: 15, ,::,..5g',:i f.,.: .. . 3" see ,"-: A 'ff . . K I X 5.5.2 Q, r ' S . .-- . f igk5f,,...t . -. f Nw Jigmwl Sf' . Q. axiwiiem sm -...W - V f. 4 --:is-in -A, AM :QQ wxwvf.-V .,,,-s - wixraz- , . .H wx- -. wig K-Pijw-. ' - , 'fl ,,-m. -V ' ' 'W Ferns. f . :sq-3. 1 T.. Brian Bainbridge doesn 't limit himself to one bat. .W I .p J. ff g 3 Q, ,... fmi 3 15 . f A-810551 asia ' K Q.. C . vw me ' A. . WQNV ' ,aw ...' A' an i l l . s l ., 1 ' Y ,ww 'fl , , 7 ,, ..--tw. 4' , -. wiv .-,, V ' - Lf' " -- ,Ni ,373--fm-Nw fy ' -- ff ., , . V' Sa. Jlif 2- W , 1"f: ,Mw 1 - if fy . w, Vl'SN:M.,.Q fl wt. A1 5i.,f,.N aww. V . 1 S, . , r ,A ,K . my XL ' 2. ' 9 "' JA ,,,Q' 1, 'f . he .fi ,, 1 . -.- is ., ,5'35"fQQb,-.5-is 'vffw -Af' zxwfwf f- ' f-KM.: ' s 'Q ., . .. . if f f. . .L H -in . .,,.,,- , U . .avg ggi A M., K A :,ig,,fwk,.i?g,,..Lf if ' 1 l ' as 4 K .. Y. ..t,, if' f ' ' 'mi ,gm ,F Q' ,E A ,fvwv-' V K . 1 . 'jk' fr. , gi Q ' 2 '- Unsggli Mr ' i N f A, f 7 , , . Q,-..-, . . .J . K - 1' w gW,,.,.,5maQ . P. my .L ' .5 A V M" V 5' ' - 2.43-559 'rs . , ' .3g ,., - viiiie M.:f.Q'- V ,. . '5" " .'4'Z'fF' ffI' -QT Ng:g,fQ,3.?.'i:i:. - . -. .. . ,. - Q z M.,3, , - . , - Q. S-.-V 'i .wfgvg ' -fe"-'f y . ' - W2 'Pi df.: ,Z ggqif -.eng "'?.?,V 5 1' ,Q-..f. ..1 , 5" ' , - "fi ' as f ,I -.gn - - - . . .H '--,L-gj3:::g-My 1'-I ' .E 9 ,,-31-4, 5--,Q -. - -X -'G r' + 'l A f p . -" s f . NAM.. .3 ,, . f 'P - we . Mike Sparks watches the ball sail. SPORTSXZ34 . . - . V Mike Barber just before he hits a grand slam again 24' K I ' my Catching signs at the plate is Mike Spark N ,sew A , Af,- 4. vi 5 i N . , 5 ' 1. ""' -me Opponent Norco fscrimmagel Ferris Colton Tournament Colton Taumament Yucaipa Colton 'foumament Moreno valley Temecula Valley Notre Dame Banning Riverside County Tournament Riverside County Toumament Riverside County Tournament Norte Vista La Siena Bloomington Notre Dame Banning None Vista Temecula Valley La Sierra -s . WNW f., ..- K. .... .. - .Meg W. ,... V -K - , . . V ' is as iff sg ioo my ooll A - , 5 Q e lly o fl X or g. . .1 as Q ' 1 or l rv' Q, - '-r' . L, . I we . 3 A . . .. . ,, XL ,r.. A Mews . ,Q .V rrrr . lt, 11. .. ' 'R . - Q i"r 5 K K , Q f -'Iv e .. X ' ff NE: Catcher Phil Varela sets the tempo of the game as the bench looks on. . rrr , , ,V , , LVZV W V me Wvrllb :W I, ,. I "Vi M V 2 fl? ,, r UK GW' , ,, ef W I .reign if-.1 " . ,W . W G W M 5,2',Hj1 ,, ml N ww ,. M. 1 We r K Q xiii'-" f J :Mgr W ff X . A .B ' , A xg -we V, -W, j , fr-1 egg 4,7 'iv N ...wet W' W, W HN of " f , if Q ' , W . ,ng if X JM Q- 1 W ' W 'Q ' u ,1 il. M., we Coach Brown wants you! ' ' V signing The tiger squad gives a hero 's welcome to Mike Barber after a monsterous grand slam against Ferris. S POR TSXQ35 if TIGER FEVER-CATCH IT OPPONENT Norco !Scrimmage1 Ferris Yucaipa Chino Moreno Valley Temecula Valley Notre Dame Banning Norte Vista La'Sierra Bloomington Notre Dame Banning H0118 Vista V Temcula Valley La Sierra The J. V. Baseball Team this year is younger than those in the past. After the first few games our experience will make us a better team. This is one of the most coaehable groups of players I have ever had. In closing I would like to say that we look good in last years uniformsg y f B Coach Coumoyer This team is younger than those in the past. Third baseman, Marty Cohen, puts his all in a throw to first. Front Row Jason Nanetti Marty Cohen Jerry Nelson Dan Zimmerman James Lyons Scott Brown Back Row Bill Dotson Dave Mellor Tim Dupuy Scott Durley Chad Downes Vince Dailey Wayne Kizler Ron Gazafy SPOR TSf236 LEA ING THE WINNING WA YS Something has happened to the Freshmen on our campus over the past couple of years. They seem to be more , . , Maturet? Never before have I worked with a more "team-wise" caachable group of athletes. This hasnt happened by chance: these players are the result of our best efforts. lt is obvious that Elsinore 's heshmen coaches have been doing the job . . . and doing it quite welll Were in a tough league. We play teams from schools with twice our size, who field formidable OPPONENT teams. The season s play is always exciting and a Ch . I . ei lot ofhm when youre working with people who 'no Scnfnag share a common team attitude. Sports Illustrated SeqF0'a ran astoijy an Dennis Connexs, the helmsman and Rllblf-'IOUX captain of our winning Americas cup team. he Alder stated that each member of his crew must have Ching three essential elements "attitude", "Art rude", and '7ittitude". After all we 're interested in not elfgley only developing our playem baseball skills, but also their social skills. Fontafla Coach ebben fem'-9 To review and summerize the Freshman year Palm SPYIUQS . . . this is only the 4th game into the yean but we YUCZIPB have worked out with our other teammates for a Sgqugia month. The first three games we have lost, for Rubicfoux some reason we always come alive in the late Alder innings of the game. We all have had a good time Moreno Vane practicing, but it 's not all tim and games. We had 'y our first bus trip awa y yesterday, we got in trouble Hemfnf but we still had run. If we pun it together and start Fontana off all our games like we play the six the seventh Pems innings, we will win some of the games. I know Yucgipa I 'm having hm and trying my hardest, so ifwe get Palm Springs the same effort from everyone we will continue to have tim. Dusty Brinley , I Chris Jones, the freshman lst baseman, tries to tag out a base runner. elk' gg? Jw' Bottom lleft to rlghtl Jeremy Conley, Cory Whitlock, Dusty Brinley, JeIfPond Jack McDonnell Jeff Brown, Danny Chadd Danny Prielipp Back Row lleft to flghfl Eric Van Schoych, Chad Flguroue, Chris Prosser, Ryan Case V 2. SPOR TSXZ38 BEST FOOT F OREWARD Lady Tiger runners show the Sunki Jodi Kappus leaps over the tall hurdles in a single bound against Banning. league who 's ahead. Front Row: Davonna Smith, Stacy Saucedo, Ammee Vecchio, Bobbie-Sue Lacey, Rhonda Gearhart, Tammie McNeal, 2nd Row: Julie Ciotti, Kelly Tackels, Sherilyn Stewart, Stacy Smith, Donna Dillon, Maria Geck, Elvia Rivera. Back Row: Crystal Kennedy, Vivian Berry, Joy Bridenthal, Stacy Flowers, Jodi Kappus, Julie Gibbs, Carmella Migiaccio, Marcie Halliday. Lady Tiger mile runners concentrate on a win. N W Joy Bridenthal gets the advantage on her opponent as the gun goes olf 1 w,,,,,1 Y it Senior Tammy Mc Neal leaps over the bar with ease. herilyn Stewart strides to the finish of the 2 mile. Junior, letter women, Jodi Kappus and Crystal Kennedy hand off the stick during the mile relay. SPOI1?TSf239 -fn.. . , O SPEED LIMIT. W Tiger relay team shows rival Banning what it takes to be champions. Davin Wright delivers the "Air Mail VARSITY TRACK: FRONT ROW: Buck Longmore, Solon Scott, Todd Lee, Scott Higgins, Matt Prielipp, John Church. 2nd Row: Abe Gustafson, Vanek Star, David Haskell, Bob Vavla, Kirk Shearin, Gary Shelton, Steve Roseberry. BACK ROW: Eric Berzy, Nasys Karasoulas, Albert Diaz, David Gagnon, Jose Hill, Derek Campbell, Frank Lichorobiec, Chad Mora, Davin Wright. SPOR TSf240 Winning is just a hop, skip and a ,,, Senior, Dan Backholdin, leads the way for fellow teammate Da vid Haskell during the 2 jump away with Nasys Karasoulas. 3 'Til 1 8 gi g L7 ' X is Steve Roseberry drops out of the sky on his final approach. f ,v,,4w,Vff-,ww Buck Longmore llys through the air for an excellent vault. Opponent Yuciapafliemet Notre Damefhlorco Diamond Bar lnvit. Banning Downey Invitational Norte Wsta Temecula Valley Dana Hills Invitational Southland Invitational Ferris Sap-Frosh lnvit. La Sierra Mt. Sac Invitational Bloomington League Finals CJ. F. Pre. C.l.F. Finals Masters State Meet ,WW .. .. ' W Andy Belovaeac pushes himself for a win. Ryan Sanders concentrates on keeping his stride in the 200. A , 1, X M, 1 iw. ,.,..--l ...nav ...MJ- v ' 1 tw, ' W Q QQ Q. . - X fa.gg.f,:Q-i.."E 3,513ixK-- t Qing 5. Y 'z-Hg, 'zg g t lfl W' ,' L, AX'-fx!-4... .54 Q.. yr:-.E Q ., ggv- 3'--be 1. L f- . QT - X f Y W My f , .XM .H -. 5 'fM"" ' N -- '5 55:13 F , gg N 'Q Q . A -' 5 I sss., .s I - W - NNW Scott Ritschel dazzles the enthusiastic Byron Kopeczy tries for a pass during the mile relay. crowd with a successful vault. SPOR TSXQ42 ,, ,Q J. V. Track: Front Row: Tim Sisco, Ryan Sanders, David Haskell, Vanek Star. 2nd Row: Scott Ritschel, Jason Covington, Tim Howard, Marty MOrris, Danny Matthews. Back Row: Bob Valva, Darrell Gordon, Andy Belovarac, Grant Adkins, Mark Taylor ason Covington gives it everything he 's got during the 40 relay. Bob Valva strikes toward a win in a home meet against Banning. This is my first time being on a track team and tbr the very lirst time coach says l am doing real great. But I don't think I am doing real great, I know I can do much better, Like every one else says my time will come. The track season has gone great this year and this is one of the best teams with the best people, -Darrell Gordon Opponent Yuciapafliemet Notre Damefblorco Diamond Bar Invit. Banning Downey invitational Norte Vista Temecula Valley Dana Hills Invitational Southland Invitational Penis Sap-Frosh lnvit. La Sierra Mt. Sac Invitational Bloomington League Finals C.l.F. Pre. C.l.F. Finals Masters State Meet .SPOR TSf24 3' lil. I New I-Lady Swimmers: Annette La Rocque, Vicki Kelsey, Kristina Allred, Alicia Crowell, Nikki Scott, Michelle Vollan, Betsy Peter- son. "Future of Elsinore A A swimmingfis very S A bright. it This years swim team was very strong. We had practice in the morning and evening, but it paid off in league finals. l think the future of Elsinore swimming is very bright! Mark "FLIPPEK" Cordova "Our Spirit, Pride and determination held 'us togetheii " ' It 'Waste tirne of Atrial and 'error for the team this g year. Coming into two weeks late was a major setback for af! of us. It was espe- cially devastating to the first year swimmers who had no knowl- edge of what the season was supy posed to be like. But despite the shaky beginning, our spirit, pride, and determination held us together to finish out league as winners! or 1 1 f A - Christy Ridgway SPORTSXZ44 , Returning Letter Women: Christy Ridgwz Amber Koetsier, Aimee Messer, Vikki I' shek, Tracy Holderman, Carrie Wakefieln 'We were r 1987, 2 strong, ,buff diiiieult A A year for the Elsinore team. We were young, but, what We laclirrdvm age, we,mads,l11?i!ar55 in confidence and deierniginafionjsr We afgfinogjustiba mam lZ?3dS'3E:HL7m of swimmers, we are as 198 71,5116 eff 0119 HUF! Slice! 5551956 f irony "PIRI1A5iYA Returning Lettermen: Kelly Covey, Mai Cordova, Carl Vicnaire, David Jensen, Rai dy Callaway. "We can be therein' f BEST in league. 9, I think that this year ofswimrizing is going to be the best ofalig We, have a lot ofstrony this yean and I think that be :freshest imihe lsasrisf Ernie HTYGER SHAXKN New Men 3 Swimmers: Front Row: David Young, Jim Hagen, Dale Long, Joe Elliott. Back Ro Heath Haggerty, Ernie Obregon, Sean Ciechomski, Jeff McGinnis, Shawn Morrissey. WINNERS TAKE THE PLUIYGE E Betsy Peterson "Freestyles" To a Tiger win. M' Opposing teams cringe when these Tiger Swimmers surface. This years Swim Team was quite unique in ways which were UN-BELIEVABLEI To start out the year we were unable to begin the season ln the poal. Iwo weeks alter the Season started and we had cancelled two meets. itiecause of pool problemsl. We then were able to enter the water: Being out of shape we did not do so hot team wise the past month, but we began to excell with personal bests. ' The team then faced a problem with coaching. One ofthe best Coaches. Coach Longfellow was unable to continue coaching us. That was a personal upset to me and he was missed whether he know's it or not. Our new coach. Ed Jones, with help hom coaches Blake. Debliranda started to work right away. We then excelled at our personal bests striving to reach a taster time, some succeeded and well you know the rest. To the team: you were the greatest to swim with! Never has there been so much spIn't and friendship on a team that I have ever been on! I love you all and wish the best to you next year. Aimee, you are the greatest! Friends Always, Kelly Covey '87 100 YD FLY 200 LM, I am honored to have been captain ofthe girls swim team. I have enjoyed being with everyone on the team. Our efforts. attitudes, and dedication were exceptionally good. Even through our problems with the pool, and switching of the coaches. A special thanks to our new coach Mr. Ed Jones who came in not knowing anything about our team, and helped us a great deal. Also Mr. DeMiranda for helping us with our moming workouts and being with us the whole way through. Also I would like to thank Roger Blake who got out there, and helped us throughout the season., I am a senion and this is my last year here. and I am happy to say that throughout my three years on the Elsinore Swim Team this is the BEST yet! Vicki Mashek y "Never has there been so much spirit and friendship on a team that I have ever been on. after an exciting race. ts .if -, 'TN take an early lead. Vicky Mashek and Kelly Covey catch their breath Sei W'fw4wuamM,.,, X Mark Cordova coils at the starting block, ready to Opponent YUCAIPA PERRIS IYORCO CORONA IYOTRE DAME LA SIERRA BAPINING BLOOMINGTON IYOTRE DAME LA SIERRA BAIYIYING BLOOMIHGTON S I 'K JR TSXZ45 TEE IT I The too of Elsinoreis Varsity if team is senior Mike Moore, W B This 'is Mike stroma year. Last i season Mike made it to the CIF V Regionais andtinished second in the Sunkist League. ' Our number trvo,goIff!?'. Sen: J, fe' ior Mike De Forest, also re- turns to our team, The top two L golfers in the .league are Moore and De Forest. K Aaron Vasijuez is the third Sophomore.CoIe Mcglothlin also returns and holds down the number four position. 4 W omore, returns, and holds the numberisix spot. is The Key newcomers for the tigers are sophomore, Scott Tingle and Ethan Englehart, 'Our goals are pretty much the sarne as what thevwere ment. "Eagle" eyed Cole McGlothlin scans the faimay on his -Coach Johnson Aaron Vasquez Sends another wi fouow through' ning drive to the green. FRONT ROW: James McGlothlin, James Cebula, Ethan Englehart, Ray Rodriguez, Jeff Goossens, Dyuan Rogers, Chris Hunten Debbie Baldwin, Kika Coleman. BACK ROW: Coach Johnson, Scott Tingle, Walter lvancich, Mike DeForest, Mike Moore, Aaron Vasquez, Lance Roberts, Jason Brown, Brandon Balek, Joe Mowrer. SPORTS7246 returning senior. , Lance Roberts who is a soph- last year. ,One is to win the , league and the second is to 1 qualify for CIF and advance to Q the second round. Our other Q one is to put three individuals , x into the CIF individual tourna- 5 ike DeForest displays mental concentration which is needed winning golfl .s ng-ki 3 K :aww . me VVIV ' , A.... ' ' "" , W h s aannn t t- MeffGoossens works on his chip shot in early season. Coach Johnson shows concern during a N recent golf match. Scott Tingle is pleased with his winning form 1, ff' 'A a I Wwdqwfi t rs., A Gwfwsvfwss 5: t W ,, l ra,. l f f?mQ3'311??43fJ'7 af ,4.A A -kvt ' Q' ' 555' R an fr, 5 .,.: lk:--614, K 54? ii X Kwik X S L Q wi - Q is . N xg A M Fi? ,N -Q X Q Y X is K -2 gm Q as Q A 1 Q 5 my .. , k S Q Y . ,X K TN 557533404351 f"f"""f T 4' " Schlanlor I cus .mcxsrs 1'-snmrs f7"'I57"'523' """" TERRYQ naulammn SUPER SHOP LAKEELMNORE CA.923 JO TROPHYS PLAOUES BUTTONS CUSTOM SCREEN PRINTING 24 HR SERVICE GOOD LUCK .SWE TIGERS' CUSTOM-MADE SANDWICHES 16770 Lak! Shon unn c 674-8168 IEEE! hiiiglbfih Q New CREATIONS ' , ncrcum-no V Ul4ll1l4!l2 Tllitll UIIIIII 714-674-7445 Arlwan Gomvnullns and Auarrls Cusrom Designed Jewelry Fine Repairs Engraving Plaques 8, Trophies icrro , G Lakeshore or " Lake Elsinore, CA 9233" MAROLYN S 714 244 9151 A A Hair 81 Nall Salon 31610 Railrrmd Canyon Rd. Suite 6 C"myon luke CA 92380 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 87 FROM NORM AND GAIL ACHEN I? "" ' lj! V..V iil :kQafj2, 4,, L 3Q??QQ? , gap fu,. M , ini' 255 QJQ 4 ,aw CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1987 MARKET AND LIQUORS AND GAS AND LIQUOR MINI MART I RIVERSIDE DR. 8: LAKESHORE I4 CORNERSI LAKE ELSINORE COLDEST BE VERAGES IN TOWN ' FRIENDLY SERVICE BLOCK-CRUSHED-CUBE ICE ' AMMUNITION AND FISHING TACKLE TEXACO PRODUCTS ' FISHING 8 HUNTING LICENSES O . -12 ,4,, 1 '4::-: , I. V -.,:. V - .4 5 1 'EA' fI2f QLLIIII V Dentiitry' I, . if Q I 'S SI F'S ' Salutes' ' ' 'I 'XVI-'QM' RADUATIN Q I I , W. M D.D.S. - V I A,I...,,.,,I, ,I , . ALL PHASES D.D.S. TueS"Thk'A'S' 2 ay'F:'f2 SImI 31570 CHILDRENQQ. ADULTS M D fC I'f ' Falrway Plaza No. 101 "'2'l' + -'-4' a dA ' D t IA . 0fA DS WWW Appt 31564 Reulroad Cyn Rd Telephone K714j 244 2001 Canyon Lake Judy NOTICE' TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1987 DON'T MISS YOUR CLASS REUNIONS IF YOU ARE NOT CON TACTED DURING A CLASS REUNION YEAR I5 10 15 20 25 eicj CALL OR WRITE US AND WE WILL SEND YOU THE DETAILS AMERICAN REUNIONS CALL P O BOX 60104 1408, 730-5244 SUNNYVALE, CA 94088-0104 24-hours-a-day REUNION COMMITTEE: SEND US REUNION DETAILS AS SOON AS YOU HAVE THEM. SENIORS: WHEN YOU MOVE PLEASE SEND US YOUR NEW ADDRESS. INCLUDE YOUR NAME AS IT APPEARS IN THIS YEAR BOOK, YOUR COMPLETE ADDRESS, THE NAME, CITY AND STATE OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL AND THE YEAR YOU GRAD- UATED. WE WILL KEEP IT ON RECORD FOR YOUR REUNION COMMITTEE. 9 1986 American Reunions ADSL251 r"'Nfv iff emi El ,QF . WY- P6 'Off YWXOXC STI? SEQYUKQTLAMY bFlVl55Qf7iSbf .X FQLL ff , f O F X' ff' To N E'QuK2TEPQg2aFi?t'1O1l--X, Congratulations Class of Hd- 1987 lm 'al mall 'ffllzlha 32020 Corydon MARSHA S WANSON MAGGIE MCCANDLESS MARGARET ANDERSON KIM S WEENE Y SUE L GOLEC E VEL YN ROSS MARY LOU JENSEN l714l1419 David Zagarra D.D.S. DAN JENKINS D.D.S. Family Dentistry P.O. Bfx 9706 Ca yon Lake CA 92380 HRS. BY APPT MONDA Y THRU FRIDA Y l714j 244-3011 EVENING HRS. AVAILABLE 7 7 31506 Railroad Canyon Rd. Suite 3 1 H 7 A M S 2, E Mlly C. Marchand Y c E s DIEUIUJQE E' sz E' 5 5-" m H I REPAIR 0 SALES 0 OPERATION OF lg COIN OPERA TED GAMES S RESTORATION OF ANTIQUES AND SLOT MACHINES l714l 677-8585 Cinhques 8. fllullechbles 16538 W Lakeshore Dr WNUTEMAN Lake Elsmore CA 92330 sm' g FIM! lion Mirror 17141 674-5247 Resalvenng Closed Tuesdays Conform and be Dull e k LAKE ELs1N0RE CA 92330 HUNTINGTON PUBLIC RELATIONS Temecula 676 8804 '5"Q"'w-annex.. - of - I-0.--M- ,M--V- K6 77 Q , X I, D . A Ni xx ' '."" 'V lf Furniture Ill, .U l Q E ,mx on sh 4.1 -1 il H 1 . Lum'-,Mi an -uf . 4 t Q ---I-xrnrhfi 1 V l. '- u' I v . I 1 5 . 5- A Q s-aa I ff- e A A Q 9 I 1 y is , J, 4 V e Q UZAA If I 1 2527A DS If yo u 're going to drink an d drive tonigh t, don 't forget to kiss yo ur m o th er goodbye. I 1 Sponsored by the Youth Center Program and S A DD 5 FUNDED BY AN ECONOMIC :Q COMMUNITY 473. ,S D' 1... ' DEVELOPMENT GRANT THROUGH RIVERSIDE COUNTY lg I I I P A 5 -Q ' ' 1 1 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS J 2 4 'X Q J W f X Xa' XJ 4 Xl J N 9 9 X AS x Q , X ' V' I x H f W , X31 X I if .J E if 7 x M X U 'J 1 J , W 1 91 V K1 ' I f V ' L r M1 , X K N J V x M ij 5 5 ,, 1 C' rv 'sf X X 1 , 4 wk N A lx Ya Nl s as T M 7 x ,Y EJ 1 af' 1, Ns K , Q xr hx V XJ -I ' N J X 1 , T X U V W I TT , X x ,Q X I xx J 1 1 N X xl XJ vga Nga YK . A x 3 X J 1 A M 1 x N , V Q K f X 2 X X ' X X V I ja, Xf A 9 X sv x s , X, , 8 X ,l J g x 92 I V F x J fx Q N XX Q Y! Kun X Q. M 1 1 A J xy X J J 1 x f is N I sb N LARRY PRIELIPP L 027114 General Contractor -A dl I1 I e lj Nick Tartaglio CCQN5jfRU - A l N Proprietor 1 S I. P O Box 37 Wlldomar CA 92395 17141 678-1944 QUALITY CUSTOM HOMES 7 .. .x 1 AW l i 7 r iA 3 , - tw X, , , A w V. fr .Q xi- f 3 1 also 7 f 1 1 . . i 1, - .f ' 5 1 t , 1 ' 1 HYPNOSIS 2 LXYNN HORTON QTHD RN NS Registered ' 1 ' 1 'C Hypnotherapist -A '-T? Good Luck to The Class of 87 431604 Railroad Cyn Road H TQXJ l , , . 5 " K' o Canyon Lake, CA 92380 ' A 233 0141244-HPNOf4766j s . IJ. U ,X A A ,. vl x A u , , ., 9 . . M 3 This space donated by Prielipp " H Construction i 8. X .v 254fA DS CAKE DECORATING SHOPPE Supplies - Lessons - Bakery 31739 Riverside Dr. 'J Lake Elsinore, CA 92330 714 I 674-0654 Safe, Effective Beautiful Tanning UV-A Tanning Lounges Suntastic! Deborah Nance O Wn er 714f674-7819 31681 Riverside Drive Suite F Lake Elsinore, CA 92330 X .R , 'V 3 as - A ' A r 1 M , Sl C f ,Q 1 r F om., L6 -1 - Ki f XE Canyon Lake Animal Clinic 6 31704 Railroad Canyon Rd ' Canyon Lake, CA 92380 T , Canyon Village Center X Q! 4 Ranchggaggcornia slug G .4 andTov5 Temecula, 22192330 A' T1-moth-V Rlghetti' DVM f -. f 17141676-3448 0141 244-3401 ZZ? 55533 iiiiiiiii CONGRATULATIONS Canyon Lake Insurance Com l elnsurnc Service 'mr d 6 "TAKE CARE OF oUR FUTUREW' 31526 Railroad Canyon Rd. Jimmie Hedrick Canyon Lake, CA 92380 Greg Hedrick Jell' Hedrick Jerry L Renon .ea Store Manager Lake Elsinore Valley 35.13, Elf 0 CEQA ' un- ru un 3 : z 1 Source if llknle , 'Mfg' kU.Q.53.F1 ' "' 674- 1, 5 Temecula Lumber One 28721 Front Street 0 P.O. Box 233 " Pulse Research, Portland OR Temeculq, CA 92390 C7143 676-4051 A DSf255 Q a De Jong s Dairy Congratulations and best wishes Graduates 31910 Cord R d Lake Elsinore, CA 92330 17141 674-2910 .. p.,D SERVING THE VALLEY SINCE 1 958 Congratulations Dana DeJong from your family! 18 Months Ninn-M' I ,SUNSHINE BUSINESS SERVICES MARILYN MOWRER 29515 Avenida Del So! T mecula. California 92390 17143 676 3090 Word Processing 0 Term Papers ' Resumes ' Secretarial ' Student Discount Congratulations to Joe and your Senior classmates. YOU 'RE TERRIFICI We Love You, Mom, Dad, Rich A 18 Years ELSINORE PI NEER LISJMBER CONGRATU- CO LA T1oNs - T oNE STOP T135 BUILDING CLASS SUPPLY OF 1 98 7 127 GRAHAM LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 A DSXQ5 7 ADSf258 il .fflxx 1.2, 1-, A L Q :ga 'LVL 'SV ' ' ' nugw' Primm r If N C "-.1 '-il- I Quality with Integrity N Is Our Policy DL, 674 1383 EQ -5,-'f-'-:fi - ., -EEJLS XX- , H. gr: 9 maps? .Jw ., I GRAMS I gl? -T: BULLETXHSX Q L- U g 'N 'i K 'ED Sii 'Q - ff+ N Box1445 5 FF' 0 - B1,.1f Lake Elsinore Valley z Slll1'TI'iblll1 Congratulations T gersf Class Of Q97 needs of Elsinore High like the Lake Elsinore Valley Sun Yizbune. ' g5'E3"f,'E'i1i''l'Z'--, - - .f,,313IQQ.,N' Wg , No other publication concentrates on the -,,. V - - - cr It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers. SURF fn' SKA TE SHA CK 6 James Thurber CUSTOM SURF RITTRR 34 RANDALL AND SAILBOARDS Lake Elsinore Ca. 92330 C1 rl1fz1dPuh!1I A1 I nnnfurzlf 28405 South Front sum 711fo7c,A7s1fu 34101 Riverside Dr. f714j674-5300 AUTHORIZED Support Your Local PTSO SALES MERCHCATQ 'ws O0 299: PTSO Your Local PTSO Supports E.H.S. Imp 674-1461 ED 81 BARBARA KNIGHT ,AES LSCQQQQTQQ Fay Maxson!Pres. 244-2012 QUALITY CHILDRENS APPAREL SINCE 1975 Kid Stuf RANCHO CALIFORNIA PLAZA TEMECULA OPEN DAIL Y 676-4333 than A DSXZ59 . . ' Ear RANCHO Qaf Physuzal Therapy O 5EPk SP' SPORTS A2 OR TH OPEDIC INJURIFS AND NR A 71412441957 SPINE TREATMENT BACK .SCHOOL l LAK 31542 RAILROAD CANYON ROAD WORK EVALUATION C CANYON LAKE CA 92380 17141 676 5814 WHEN You MAVEL TRAVEL WNH CLASS 28475 Front St B Temecula FA 92?90 ,III 31813 MISSION TRAIL I-71 41574 7551 LAKE ELSINORE CALIFORNIA 92330 506 W GRAHAM SUITE 204 p.""""n..W'22M1 ll! e've printed more than one hundred nnllron earbooks... Q'l1'N !NQ'?FNQff'N !N. Q?!X !Ni'I1'X !N !X. iE1'XQ'rEKQ'?X -'Kr Q?:X f'KQ'f1'X f"N !X, tx QT, ,!Xi'rf,'-N f'N f'X. Q':1'XQ'r!'K f'S f'Xi'r1,l'N. Qf1'KQ'r1'X :N -'NQ'f1'N, Q'F..'!N ,!Ni':'.!NQ':',!X!':.?-'X, Q'f.,'!N g'Xi'fff"X f'XS'r.T-'K, Q? Fx Fx tx J QE QE QE, if!-"X. QT1'X X K 'b N. Q'?!X NQ'r?!X !K 'X. Q?-N :XiT?X :X -'X, f'NQ'?'.!X f'N f"K, tx tx QE is Qrl'-N f'X N. Q5f!Xi'rT!N f'X !Ni'i1'N. Q'?f'N ,!N .'N f'NQ'r'!F'X- Q?!Ni":1'fKQT1'XQ':?f'XQ'rT,-'Nr !Nif1'X ?Xi'rf!N, QEXQ? Yx Fx r , .F Qtr iz -'x Q'?!N !X !XiTE'XQ51'N. Q?f"K f'XQ'rff'Xi'rTf"Ki'rI!Nr Q?!N N!'fl'KQ'rTf'X X, Q'?:X !K !S -'Ni'r1'X, Q5'f"N !X ?X -'Ni'fff'X. hanks to you! IOSTENS Your Representative Brian M. Herz IN LOVING MEMORY ERIC PAUL TENHUNDFELD BORN: MARCH 7, 1969 DIED: JULY 17, 1986 To Eric, xg . W sg 6 11 Our son, our brother, our A :'Q: i,, , you were a son to be proud of a brother to enjoy a trusted friend S NNN you Hlled lives with joy and you will live forever in our hearts. , friend You will always be remembered by people like me who learned how special your friendship could be. You will always be loved for the smiles y0u've brought, and thanked, though silently, for the lessons y0u've taught. The memories are cherished, kept stored away, to bring a warm smile on a cold, rainy day. All the good people leave us, like you, my friend, but our re- membrance and love will never end. Eric in Mr. Boylels class. Love, Andrea Fuller ROBERT ANTHONY YOUNG Eric Hansen, Robbie Young, Bryan Stevenson, BORN: OCTOBER 6, 1969 and Eric Tenhundfeld. D1EDg JULY 17, 1986 262!CL OSING OF OUR FRIENDS!! Jami Baldwin, Debbie Durst, and Kari Lesner spend time together after their softball game. MAKE HER DWELL WITH US AGAIN A beautiful person has been taken from us, A beautiful life was brought to an end, some people live for a hundred years, but for her, it was over before it began. She was life a rose-bud, lovely and enchanting in the morning dew. Her personality was like its fragrance, that reaches out and captures you. Now, when we see shadows dancing across the meadows, and hear song birds singing in the early dawn, we will visualize her standing tall and beautiful like a goddess of the sun. The songs her presence used to sing, the laugh ter and smiles we used to adore, the nearness of her loveliness and beauty, we shall see no more. But the memories that we have of her,' will be like a melody that has no end, and when we think of her some times it will make her dwell with us again. TODD W. SIL VA BORN: JUNE 5, 1969 DIED: NOVEMBER 29, 1986 DEBRA LYNN DURST BORN: JUNE 22, 1971 DIED: DECEMBER 29, 1986 The tears you see, upon our faces are not tears of joy, nor pain They are tears of memories from yesterday that are keeping us all sane The memories that you left for us, will never fade away The dreams we had will still remain of yesterdays joy and pain Through our times of trouble and our times of need you were always here, to help us succeed When we were confused not knowing what to do You led us by the hand, and helped us make it through And now in our galant attempt to hide, A We know in our hearts You will stand by our sides, because the only way you could ever die is for us to forget you in our mind, and you know that could never be as you sail across the sea So until we meet again, always remember we love you friend. Love and remembrance from your closest friends. Tami, Chris, Alisa, Ron, Joel, Gerry, Brian, Shay, Dana, and Rob. And from the others who had the priveledge of knowing you. CLOSINK X763 gi is , x Sk, 2 :JK fs- Wf vw 'df if Q -'S 2. Q gp Kg mu gm QA: 1 i I -sl ffiigvivizg' Wm www ,ff 1 , M Nm. L. MW K if fn I 1, -, Gif- ish A Q2 1 Q News ?gv-fish -Ni g.,,E44,i1-kr - .gfsyifil Eiinlua HIGHLIGHTS OF 1986-87 Max Headroom hit television screens and video stores from his popular Coca-Cola commercials. Platoon 1986-1987 smash box office hit. Michael Tyson, one of the youngest heavy-weight champions. Ronald Reagan-President. Corazon Aquino elected 1986 woman of the year. The unveiling of the Statue of Liberty. The Voyager. The Hrst airplane to go around the World non-stop. Crocodile Dundee-a highly acclaimed movie. Mikhail Gorbachev leads U.S.S.R. New tax laws surprised many Americans across the US. Tom Cruise starred in the hit movie "TOP GUN. " The Iran-Iraq war. A H 4 :::::::tf: 7. if I -. . V ., . Z.-I.1...Il. - - 1 . -....,..-.- 1... , . .. . .. .,,,.. ... .M 4. . . ...ann H... . .. Mr... ...1 . ..,...,.. N..n.n.-. 04.4. .. ..,., KJ R 1 .. ..,,.. ,.. ..o. .M Nu.-.,,... . na. . ,,.,. 1, 5, .. ......., ,.., .,.. .,.. ,-.,........ ,, .,,., . .,,... N 1 .,... l ..,. . .-..-........ .,.....-...... ,........... ,,,,,,,,,, .,,.,. H H K ,4:::,. fx ..............,. ..... ..... .. ...f........- ....-nn. fu... i . .H . .......,....... -.....-....... .......n,.-- ...neun nv.. ...............-. ......-..... A MEMORABLE YEAR!! What Is Your Dream Car? 1987 Honda Accord with gray in- terior - Lani Kizler, junior A red 911 Porsche - Darlene Van- over, junior A maroon 930 Turbo Porsche with black interior - Tony Mora- marco, senior Brand new Volvo Sedan - Stacy Boyle, faculty A red Testarossa - Jack Greek, senior A white 318i BMW flowered with tinted windowsj - Tiffany Looper, sophomore Jet black 944 Porsche with tan in- terior - Craig Levinger, junior Red Volkswagon Rabbit GTI - Heather Matthies, freshman 325e BMW - Stephanie Hughes, senior Rolls Royce - Tiffani Baldwin, senior A pink Lamborghini - Shay Tur- rentine, junior K L BEHI D TH TOYS i-'fl TEENS 3 , New i s X i X is if be x , W,.,.W..a.,,a,w,,u..wuwfam,w-afaaemwpw.,,,.t.a, ,, , , if!! STYLZH 1 572 fm-may f , .,,, ,z-af, V' ' '- ,,,,,, :J 'g f E , ,,f' za, if 1 jr 1 ig, f' Q jj jj , jsyj f f ' I '-"' " . ,,,,, . .,- ,.i:e,,s:,m f ' -H are WV -. ,,s,,,,,.,, , M33 .' ,., Ilr ,jjj , WTO' California Style People from other states often visualize Southern Californians in sleek con- vertibles cruising by a sun- set beach, radio blaring with sunglasses on! Some- times these visions are true. Admit it. Its a known fact that many Southern Cali- fornians thrive on owning the "hippest" or "coolest" driving machines. If it isn't the power win- dows or sunroofs, it is speed con trol or power brakes, or tinted windows. Other ad- ded car features such as digital dashboards, alloy wheels, or the traditional dice hung on the rearview mirror, were a few of the fashionable car accessories Californians favored. The Golden State seems to have it all! From BMWE to lowered mini-trucks wherever we look people expressing individuality through their means of transportation were omni- mous. - s1fa:ire,Mt: Q5 X s' ns, kv.. J Tina La Greca opens the door to her Mercedes as her friend Theresi Phillips patiently waits on the other side. A few student car accessories Hnally recei ve recognition. Top righ t: Kim Cook and Scott Clayton sit and chat with Matt Abrams ir his fun machine. OUT A T LAS Tl Mark Rosene expresses the joy a student feels when the clock hits 2.'21 p.m. WHEEL -, Ifwth Freedom Comes Responsibility I 've got it! I 've got my drivers license! Now I can go where I want to go whenever I want!At least that is what we thought in the beginning. Receiving your provisional license was dennitely an exciting experience. Both an increase in freedom and responsibility, driving always seemed to bring about an air of distinguishing fascination. Teen- agers who possessed a driverls license looked forward to the feeling that suppos- sedly came to those who were behind the wheel of a car the feeling of being mature and grown-up. No longer having to depend upon the bus, parents, or friendsg it was probably the biggest relief of your high school days. On the other hand, it wasn't too long before many students realized that owning a d1'iver's license or car would not meet their greatest expectations. Making car and insurance payments, purchasing gas, along with continuously chauffeuring friends, were just a few of the disappoint- ments that teenage drivers had encoun- tered. Nevertheless, whatever the means of transportation were at the time, we some- how amazingly make the best of it all! What Was Your Worst Driving Experience? Felt. 15, 1987 - As l was driving up lfranklin Street, lapproaehed the tirst stop sign. Untortunalelkv, it was dark and my concentration was not totally on the road. l went around a vorner then trantieally halted to a stop. All ofniv terrified passengers hopped out ol the car started to laugh and yell at me, "There was a stop sign you idiot."' I swear . . to this day I honestly didn 't see the sign. Vhervvl Dwyer, junior When l ran i yer a eat on Pechunga Road. Christy Dunean, senior Dev. 5. 15186 - I was driving trom Hollywood to Valencia without any oil in the engine. I kept thinking the car was going to explode because it kept ticking like a liombl Clwennen Forral, senior Un the third day after receiving my drivers license, my mother actually allowed me lo take the ear to buy gas. I was so excited to drive to the Station that I accidentally hit the tnel pump. Steve Roseherrv, senior I reeeived a livket tor driving too slow on l'af'ili1' foast Highway. Heing a teenager at the time didn 't make the situation any easier, tor I know that I was issued the ticket hased on my age. The highway patrolman was probably thinking that I would do something terrihlv rebellious. Linda Westtall. Rieultvv THE ERFEC T Goals, Dreams, and Achievements bring lasting memories, . . publication. Good Luck Class of '87. Sincerel One of the major goals I achieved this year was he- ing editor-in-chief of the Tiger Times and putting out the best newspaper possible. The other goal which I feel we achieved was changing the name of the Prophet to the Ti- ger Times, while at the same time, maintaining the first place rating which the paper received again this year. While most of the stat? was new and inexperienced and in need ofguidance. we were still able to produce a well-organized, concise A Y, Damon Ridgeway, Editor-in-Chiefoi' Tiger Times Love, Brian Bainbridge Baseball Captain in front ofthe Tiger pride, because This year the bas- ketball team and I have many hopes and expectations. We are hoping to make it into league Hnals and to C.l.F. I think we can do it. One of our main goals is to kill Teme- cula. In closing, I want to wish the Class of '87 the best ofluck in what ever you choose to do in life. For cheerleaders our "sport" started last April with tryouts and it is still going on. We practiced all summer, preparing chants and routines for camp and the coming year. Our main goal was to promote spirit and unity. We had a few setbacks-losing two cheer- leaders early in the year and having the dance room burn down. Vwthout a dance room it seemed no one wanted us. We were banned from the gym, ac- cused ot' distracting the basketball players and the teachers did not want us we made too much noise. Consequently, we were thrown in the back, behind the gym, along with the rocks and the gophers, We managed to accom- plish a lot in spite of this. We built a homecoming float that took second place. We gained two male cheerleaders this year second semester. We had a lot of fun in eveqythin we did, especially supporting our athletes with pep rallies ani al ways being there to cheer them on. Love, Heather Suva Head Cheerleader 268f'CLOSING wx. I will never forget getting the part ot'Fiona in "Brigadoon 'Z and to all of my friends, I like you so much, it's "ALMOST LIKE BEIN' IN LOVE" Love, Andrea Fuller Lead Actress of Musical Briga- doon Being crowned Homecoming queen was the most memorable moment of my lite. I was honored to represent EHS in such a way. I felt dignity and full of pride. Homecoming made my senior year very special, and most of all I felt love all around me. Love Always. Leonora Gore 1986-87 Homecoming Queen Being picked as the 1987 IfWn- ter Semi Formal King was great honor. l want to thank all ofthe people who supported me and who made the evening a memora- hle one. I will always remember the 1987 Winter Semi Formal. Love, Todd Lee 1987 Winter Semi-Formal King OMBINATIOIW RISING ABOVE PPG' rc fm !! As president of the Class of Q92 I am proud to be a part of the last united group from both Elsinore and Te- mecula Valley. When I look back on the four years we have spent to- gether I feel we accom- plished many of the goals We set out to achieve. In the future, I hope all of you look back on the best times we have shared along ith the friendships you valued. Please remember that st because we are, saying good-bye to Elsinore High, mes not mean we have to say good-bye to one another. eep in Touch Class of '87 our Perfect Combination will ion be together again. ise above the Best reg Gonzalez, Senior Class President .' . N Q EK 4, K A 5 '53 'Q' , as To all ofm y friends who are my friends-"I am leaving Briga- doon "-Thanks to all of you for be- ing there. Yours Always, Kelly "Stick Up" Covey Lead Actor of Musical Brigadoon After high school, then What? With so many options to choose from, a decision for post graduation days was difHcult to make. Some lived for the eternal party, and the chance to avoid responsibilities. Taking a year off was another choice which often lead to full time job commitments. Some chose college or vocational schools to further their education. Others Went far from home to serve in the Armed Forces. No matter the final decision, there were choices involved in making it. With those choices came the realization there was life after high school. Basketball was very challenging this year, but We all worked together and We came i a out on top. Thank you to all my friends 73.-A 2532.1 ' 'I S ,h for standing by me ' and encouraging me all the way through. Shasean Greer- Baskethall Captain ,,g .af-W 5 . ,fg, vi,' fg , , 4 1, ilu . wr 'dr' Although our football season was a downpoint of the year for me, I did ac- complish many goals I set for myself The Hrst and most important to me was that I gained the respect of all my teammates and the coaches too. I also was Co-Captain with Troy Dodson and the only one to make it into the STUD CLUB. For the first time in my football career I re- ceived a trophy for being defensive player of the year: the work Hnally paid off Thanks team for sticking together. Jose C. Hill Varsity Football Co-captain CLOSINGf269 3 Alarcon, Claudia A. 98 Aldrete, Carmen 114 Alexander, Gina M. 47 52, 58, 59, 98 Alhoushe, Tarek 130 Allanson, Darren K. 188, 210, 211 Allen, Jeff J. 114 Allen, Neil W 66 Allen, Noah 114, 224, 225 Allred, Bradley 66, 76 Allred, Kristina L. 244 Allred, Frank B. 1.1 Allsup, Jennifer L, 62 80 Alonzo, Henry M 64, 62 188, 210, 211 Alsnauer, Jennie L. 56, 98 Alvarado, Maria 66 Alvarado, Sonia Alvarez, Olivia E. 56 Alvela, Manuel E. 66 Amaro, Christine Ili 67 Ambrogio, Bryan M 130 Anaya, Andy 60, 67 232, 233 Anaya, Charles R Anders, M 114 Jr., Earl IDougl D. Frank S. Aragon, Raymond Arcady lMillerl, James M. 52, 98 Arce, Arcelia 67 Arechiga, Maria E, 131 Arndt, Nicole R. 48, 98 Arnett, Richard H. Arnini, June E. 33, 36, 38, 40, 56, 55 811 157 Arnold, Jason 114 Arnold, Lisa M 56 Arredondo, Frankie Arriaga, Martha 60, 67 Asprec, Marion D. 114 Atwood, David 114 Avalos, Anthony .L 98 Avalos, Richard F Avetta, Brenda A. 52 98 - Awalt, Donna G. 43, 56, 67 Baehne Bagwell Bailey L 52 114 L 131 Ayres, James R. 114, 154, 185 192, 232 WE" Bay, Ba ysinger Beam, Jeff J. Beard, Daniel J 98 Beasley, Harold R. Q 190 Beatty, Christa! L. 98 Beauauphey, Stacy 131 Beauchamp, April 68 Beaudoin, James W Beauprey, Stacy L. Beaver, Willa 131 Beckers, Mark A. Beckman lDupuy1, Beer, Brian M 98 Beer, Kelly R. 56, Beer, Kristie R. 42, Beer, Lisa C. 131 Behrens, Justin W. 55 BZ Bellinghausen, Belovarac, De' Thorn C Benge, L. sa . ,,,.' 131, 193, 2453 242 213 193, 196, 197 F. 60, 68 1.98, 190, 211, 240 hx ,Q 22. 29. 43, 65, 7 F? f 1 if ww C fx X 115 226 9.9, 105 71 193 Becky L. 52, 132 , Zgglzwc lie Af , di.deromlA4dam M., I Calderon, Raul S. 99 H I Caley, Vince 188 'UW' Calhoun, Charles TY 115 Call lCiful, Cindy V 56, 132 469 Randal R. 99, 188, 244 238, 237 Brimer, Kristen E. 11, 13, 71, 80, 94, 155 Brinley, Dusty A. 11, 132, Brinley, Rori A. 11, 15, 29, Brinson, Jessica B. 115 M 115 Joy L. 34, 64, 99, 194, 15, 22, 237 71, 80 Brockway, Jeff 60 115 2 2, 223 , 2 Brockway, William R. Brooks, Michelle 132 Brooks, Thomas R. 43, 44, Brooks, Zachary D. 115 Brothers, Jana M 132 Brown, Aaron R. 132 Brown, Donna A. 52, 132 Brown, Janet M. 99 Brown, Jason D. 132, 246 71 Brown, Jeffrey R. 91, 132, 193, 237 Brown, Jennifer R, 132 Brown, Joseph A. 71, 75, 1 Brown, Kathy 115 88, 191 Brown, Keith L. 71, 88, 99, 224, 225 Brown, Ken WY Brown, Kevin J 115 Brown, Laurie M 43, 44, 71, 80, 43 Brown, Leanne 26, 115 Brown, Lora M 71 Brown, Mary K, Brown, Michelle 71 Brown, Scott A. 115 Brown, Shellie A. 34, 99, 208, 236 115, 198, 199, 238 Browne, Kacey 115 Brueske, Jody L. 115, 208 Bryning, Krisma L. 99 W l T 2 ma Bum Lisa 1 'L - EL-M "l"em.., Buchanan ""f 1 ,, ,,,, .. ,.,.,,,. ,,,,...,, ,,,,, . . 5 5 a , 1 l ue f , 6 , W Bubion tMob1 y4ceV I I f 1 5 1' 5 W Qi x fm im H gg ' --', ' L 1 2 1, H .s,,.-,,, - 25 ' 'ekgzccc' W 2 ew aw . , . C S. 132 48, 72, 80 Celeketic, Sandy S. 72 Chadd, Daniel V 237 Chadd, Richard J 232 Chado, Danny 132 Cejka, Kim Chamberlin, Joy C 30, 132 Chance, Amanda 115 Chapman, Colleen K. 57, 115 Chapman, Jamesina S. Charles, Angel L. 132 Charles, Gina M. Chau, Thuyet '11 132 Chavez, Jeanna X. 115 Cheetwood, Todd A. Cherveny, Richard Vf 60, 132, 137, 219 12 4, 20 wk, Lisa L. Foster. Fafard, David J. 117 Downey, Kelly IJ. zeydleun James B. 43, 100 iieto, John M ilders, Cari A. 266 2271 228 ristinia, Alan 100 , ristner, Re11e1A. 1.9,,.z4,+3.'g s4, 115198, '23, 266 229 ' natoferson, Janette L. arch, John D. 38, 41, 43, 100, 152 200, 240 ggxzbyard, Qnnlstians L. , ifbrii, Jennifer L. 100 "",,"' chvmski, Sean D. 132 244 rtti, Juliet L. 132 238 fella, Patrick A. njk, Holly D. IZ 25, 43319, 56, wk, Raymond M. 132 Erk, Ronald R iyzkw, Shawn, M ' 5.14 V Lvton, Scott A. 115, 266' yton, Gail M. ary, Walter .L 100 gfmm, Daniel E 132 ,, vie, Vil:lra'RI1'100 igfston, Jeremy W 115 rldey, Alisa E 116 nts, Stephanie M 3Q 132 Qin Gwfxeziz, 72 . A han, Ural Martyn R 236 ' Emgelo, Cynthia .L 116 Ybum, Jill .L 72 Peman, Kilra R 2, 17, 137, 209, 246 kman, Robert .L 60, 223 Fley, Jeffrey 116 'iina, Chris P. 132, 193 Vlister, Kevin 133 bsky, Robert L. hpos, April L 110 ' mchola, Lisa K. 60, 62, 133 mchola, Richard 48. 49, 72 ucbala, Robert S. 36 mclxola, Tina M, 60, 100 dey, Jeremy 133, 237 mnelly, Scott 133 mer. Christopher A. 116 zsol, David M 133 nstant, Sheila M IOQ 148 away, Vicki L. mlmann, Wendy A. 116 ak, Anthony E 100 Jk,f Darren .L wk,-,Kimberly A. 72 266 am, Christian A. 116 neland, Billie C. 'deiro, James D. 116 212, 213 'dova, Patricia L. 24, 34, 56, 100 down, IJrJ Mark R. UQ 192, 244, 245 'en!e, Charles 'ia, Fernando N 116' wma, Darlecn 43 fana, Doreen T 100, 116 'onel, Elisa 116 'ral, Cwennen 'Ii 36, 5.41 72, BQ 148 43, 267 vea, Rocio C 100 'tez, Hnrtencia 52, 116 'zen, Leann 130 atin, Corrine D. 116 rtin, Lisa M. 72 lghlin, James P. 133 zrson, Liane R. 30, 581 133 arson, Richard G. 72 rarrubias, Jose 116 fart, Debra I, wey, Kelly M. 43, 44, 45, 72, 158, 4.1 262 44, 245 dngton, Alicia M. 26, 22 114, 116 1571 243 fington, Jason D. 133, 193 r, Robert E 116 :xg ISinclaiJ, John P. 72 ily, Chris 192 St, Lori 100 mk, Connie A. vsby, Karen L. 72, 80 winger, Steven D. 72 vw, Robert ' vwe, Andrea 72 188 swell, Alicia K. 116, 244 rwley, Debra A. 35, 72, 202 204 rm, Jack D. 116 iz, Jesus ' ' ia, Lisa R. man, Nasha R. rmingham, Dawna I. finga, Charles J, 74 'tis, Ida Cathy C 25, 56 74, 80 'tis, Suetta 133 Ehbertson, John L. Yonavich, Aaron 100 Jhers, Steven R 133 DH-imbraisiia, Marc 9100 ' Daedelong Scott R. 74 Dahlke, Alice M 56' 64, 100, 112, Dablke, Martin E. 74 Dahlkewlzlodney "' " 'Daily, Kelly .L 133' Deke, Raymond A. 116 Dale, Jeremy J. 133 Daley, Vincent 116, 192 Daly, 'l7'iQQn0tI2y A, Z 116, 1282 1127 Dapron,:'Denett L 116 Darden, Joey 71 Dark, Andrew A. 133, 193 Daugherty, Tamara L. 63, 74, 80 "Davenpftr1?tZ'MicheIiaiD, 36, 56164, 74, 130, 133 David, Ron I01 Davidson, Brian S. Davidson, Joseph Wi 116 Davies, Carol D. 133. Da vie s, Kelli D. 5663, 74, 80 ' Davis, Andrea L. 74 Davis, Jodi L. 52 116 Davis, Rebecca .L 116, 119 Davis, Robert W 133 Davis, Ron A. Davis, Shannen 133, 231 Davis, Tammy R. 6, 8, HH, 36, 38, 40, 56, 74, 75, SQ 152 157, 276 Davis. Lisa D. Davis, Jr., William H. 74 Day, Patrick D. 133 Deeds, Robin 133 De Forest, Q"I'olMicbae1 V. 74, 247, 246 De Jong, Dana H 74, 80 De Jong Peter .L 116 De La Garza, Alicia 43, 63, 101 De La Rosa, Rebecca M. De La Vina, Michael J, De Rouin, Jr., Darrell Deigan, Michael 0. 116, 224, 225 Deines, John E Delarm, Deanne M 133 Deleon, Victor 133 Delgado, Dolores 133 Delgado, Rafael Dell, Julie M 63, 74 Delph, Bridget D. 36, 101 Delph, Cindy A. 11, 15, 15, 36, 74, 76 Deluoco, Shanna E 133 Denney, Shannon L. 148 Dennick, lDohanl Lxka M. 133 Denver, Sheila 74 Deo, Dambl 133 Diaz, Albert .L 101, 110. 188, 218, 240 Diaz, Anthony C Diaz, Carla L. Diaz, Jose G. Diaz, Laura M 74 Diaz, Maria F Diaz, Mark B. Diaz, Michelle I. 60, 116 Diaz, Romualdo M Dicochea, Cecilia 74 Diem, Scott Dietz, Darla D. 133, 209 Dill, Dan Cl 7, 74, 232, zxfss Dillall, D0nna J, 198, 199, 223, 238 Dillon, Eddie 101, 223 Dillon, Rebecca M, Dinh, Tien N. 133, 218 Dippolitq Tonya L. 116 Dikummo, Nurhertu I-T 74, 149 Dittrick, IGray2 Stephanie IJ, 133 Divine, Scott D. Dixon, Robert W 116 Doclttor, Trenton L. 117 Dodson, Troy 64 Dalian, Lisa 144 Doherty, Mary I., 43, 74 Donahue, Sue 1.73 Doran, Larrv M. 133 Dorf, Tedd 56, 77, 80, 96, 157 Dosamantes, Edward 117, 224 Dosamantes, Monty 117, 224, 225 , Dotson, William H. 117, ms, 236 Dowining, Kell v 133 Downes, I0lmdni2 Chad M. 77, 177. 192 Downey Tara 134 Downs, Amy E. Doyle, Toby R. 177 Drake, Heather A. 77, 177 Drake. Matthew' M. Drake, Ray 47 Driscoll, Ronald F 101 Dryer, Dwayne R. 134 Duclayan, Duke J 77 Duke, Milored 134 Dulay, Jennifer 5Z 134 Duliaaa, Brooka.C. 101, 206 Duncan, Christy B. 77, 267 Duncan, Nathan 134 Dunham, Jeffery S. 43, 77 Duasqlr, Tamra L. 134 Durbin, Da vid B. Dupuy, 'Timothy 112 192 218 Durley, 'Ii lScotU S. 34, .362 56, 2 Durst, Debbie 11 7, 110 Durst, Dennis R. , Durst, Stacey L. Dwyer, C'hery1D. 101, 267 Dyer, Jeff S. 43, 64, 77, 7.9, 188 Dym, Stephany C. 77, 204 K Eagle, Charles J. 134 Eaport, Jennifer 56 Eastland, Ernest 134 lkkett, Dionna J 77 Edmbiidaan, Chad L. Edmondson, Stacey M, Edmundson, KEWII E. 101 Edwards, Lisa K. 101 Edwards, Lisa M 33, 4Z 77 Edwards, Robert M 134 Eggleston, Robert R. Ekstin. Lisa 52 Elliott, Jason 117 Elliott, Joseph NE 134, 244 ' Elliott, Stephen N Ellis, Darrell L. 34, 52, 100 Elmore, Joe 101 Elsey, Jennifer Yi Elvidge, Danna L, 117 Engberson, Eric W 134 Engelhardt, Ethan A. 134, 246 Erickson, Wendy A. 117 Ernst, Paul 71 20, 77 Bcobar, Octavio M 117 Esparza, Mark A. Esparza, Vincent E. 232 Espinoza, Veronim 46, 77, 80 Espinoza, 'Tammie Esqueda, Tania M. 28, 34, 56 63, Estep, Tarina L. 101 Estes, Carman R. 112 121 Estes, Stephanie M 34, 101, 117 Eslevez, Lupe A. 134 Eatrada, Anna R. Hatrada, Juan V 112 220 Estrada iVilIel, Esequiel E Estrada, Zim 220, 221' Eunice, Darin L. 77 Evans, Jason G. 134 Fafard, Ge-urge M Fairchild, Pauletta C. 77 Fanning, John A. 101 Farrell, Chris J. 21 Farris, Yvette R. Fears, Shawn C. 117, 220 Fedrick, Brian M. H Fendley, Scott E. 134 Ferguson, Noelle 26. 27, 117 Fernandez, Penny M. Ferrel, 'James L. 101 H Ferrell, Joseph D, Ferrier, Kevin R. Fertig, Alexander D. 43, 134 Fielder, Sean J. 134 Fields, 71ammiL. 77 Figueroa, Uhad J. 134, 219, 237 Figueroa, Vincent G. IIT Fitzgerald. Randv 134 Fitzgerald, Samihra A. Flannery, David A. 134, 193 Fletcher, Heather L. 56, 101 Flippen. Mama L. 25, 117, 230 Flores, Alejandro Flores, Alex 134 Flores. Diana 60, 134 Flores, Diana I.. Flares, Florence D. 60. 77 Flores, Isabel C 60, 101 Flores, Jennilbr A. 101 18 101, 108 110 Flores, Sherrie L. Flores, 'Antoinette J Flowers, Stacey C 101, 220, 238, Folger, Marla J. 134 j3gFondren, Kenneth R, Forby, Michael 101 Ford, Jennifer L. IZ 52 77 Ford IDavenportl, Michelle T Foreman, Charles , Forkner. Joe T Foskett. Jileen C 46, 77 Foster, April L, 117 Foster, Crystal A, 134 Hlbster, Dawne E. .,, Foster, Jason 134, 223 ' Jerald .L 134 Fournier, Wayne 1 I 7 Fox, Kimberly D. 43, 562 77 QFDX, Many K. 77, 80, SZ 43 Fox lKin5'i, Drandie A. 134 Fragoso, Denise H. 78 Fragvso, Michelle S. 78 Fragoso, Yvette 78 Franco, Ruben 134, 193 Franklin, Renee 42, 43, 117 Frechette, Tina M. Frederilrsen, Travis S. Efflvman, Erica 101 'Fi-icker, Jody L. 78 Frost, Autumn D. Frost, Autumn 117 Fuller, Andrea L. 6, 7, 35, 43, 61 Fuller, Corey Funderburk, Jon E Furl, Hallie E 43, 117 Furr, James C 134, 144, 193 Gaffey, Martin 'TY 34, 101, 188 Gaffney, Guy 134 Gagnon, David E 101, 108, 240 Gagnon, George 52, 57 Gagnon, Louma L. 52, 54, 134 Gales, Luann 101 Gallardo, Alex Gallardo, 'Dorina 134. 135 Gallegos, Frank R. 101 Galvin, Alex 43 Galvan, Gilda 56 Galvan, Michelle 135 Gamez, Carlos 50, 52 135 Garcia, Andrea 135 Garcia, Angel M. Garcia, Garcia, Ida A. 56, 641 135, 209 Laura K, 52 112 230 Garcia, Lisa 135 Garcia, Luis 135 Garcia, Manuel R. 135 Garcia, Margarita L. 223 Garcia, Pau! L. Garcia, Ray 101 Garcia, Teresa L. 135 ,, Garcia, lEhtein1 Lisa J. Garcia, lWorIeyl Andrea M. Garibay Benjamin Gamen Ronnie L. 78 Garner, Tony 232 1' Garrett, Billinda S. 2 43, 70, 78 Garrett, Joe 43, 117 ' Garrett, Stewart 135 Garrison, Cliff A. , Garrison, Tiacy A. 101 ' Garza, Lori A, Gaaio, Anne M Gates, Lasik: .L 78 Gatreli. Jong. W 100, 101 Gattuso, Tana L. 78 Gaul, Cheri L. 101 Gaul, Tina M. 135 Gaurkee, Harold K. 42 43, 101 Gaurkee, Keily J. 43, 117 Gavlik, Bryan 135 Gavlik, Ryan R. Gavrila, Liliana 117 Gavlor, Wendy QL 101 , Gaylor, Tammy L. 135' Gasallv, Ronnie L. IIZ 192 Gearhart, Rhonda M 135, 238 Geek, David R 135 Geek, Maha M GQ UZ 238, 240, Geisler, Joseph L. George, Debbie 62, 117 Gergely, Attila R 117 Germany, Debra D. 46 101 Giaconneili ,Chris topheu R 1 18 240 64, 78, 84, INDEXf2 71 - Harrison, George 'If Giambrone, Lorieann C. 118 Gibbs, Julie J. 30, 31, 135, 238 Gibinson, Jason 43 . Giese,,,-Marla .L 101, 118 Gilb6if'kErika L. 78 K Gilbertg George S. 118 Gilbert, Jason L. 61, 102 . Gilensqn, Jason E. 44, 45, 118 f Gi11ez:q,.Judee K. 17, 135 K Gillies, David M. 78 ' f K Gillies, William A. 5Z 50, 135 Gingrich, Vernon J. 102 fi- Glovenistefanie .-:: 5 ....L Goafemaof. R. f 4 111 G0beL Tommia,-31.1.1 42 43,f44, 55, 2158 Goldmann, Nicholas L. AL'k: . L Goldsmith, Careg 8 Gomezg . A Gomez, Isaac 1021 ll 2 Q13 'L A Gonzales, Idolina 118 ' Gonzales, Jaselimg 60, 118 L 1 L g . aomigqfg cawweazs 1 f . Gonzalez, Ceci1is'35, 78 80 ki Gonzalez, Greg G. 38, 48, 58,1661 75, 782 80, 96, . 15Z - 5 A . Gonzalez' Manual I A Gonzalez, Maria SC 78, 135 Gonlaldl, Iifclzellejii 135, G0UZ3f??f?5?1lX2 ' T I G0nzs1e2LLfm0n,iMaria 1. Goode, Thomas I1 118 K Goossens, James A, 135, 193 242 1' Garhziietsldaimz 4 - . 1 Garden, I Carol 36 A it 1 Gordan, Darrell 135, 293 Gordon, Dawn M56 118 I 6014915-liD0U91d'3l5 Gordd1f,:'RachelkM'118 Gordon, Randy 6 Gordon, Rachel N 118 Keith, R. 56 GOIdQB,,RiChBId Q. 43, 118 , Q K Gore, Leonora Ri 10, 13, 15, 242 63, 64, Q 96, 1561 268 Gorrell, Heather 42 102 Gosselin, Reno R. Graham, Claire H. 118 Grammar, Treachia B. Grsssmann, Theresa E. Grnven, Shannon Jr., Lawrence , Graves, James D. Gray, Noel M 135 Gray Ronald 135 Graybebl, Brian 118, 232, 233 Grech, Paul A. 78 Greek,,J-ack F, 78, 266 Green, Johnny 135 Green, William E. 56, 134 Green, Greenamyer, Vernon D. 78 f Greergfiintoine DJIIE 218 Greer, Shasean D. 35, 36, 64, 69, 214, 215, Grenier, Sheila L. Gridley, Lauri M 118 .. . Grif6rg,Q David L. 135 Griffith, Joshua M 135, 223 Griger, Sheila A. 118 Gryalva, Miguel 135 Grindstgfl Ted Grindshifll Veronica A. 42, 43, 118 Grigler, Joe 78 Grizzle, Bruce S. 2, 118 Croce, Tony 135 Gross, Gloria 33 Grummett, David P. 135 Guerra, Danny R. 118 Guerrero, Olivia 118 Guest, Gary A. 102 Guillen, F ilberto Guillen, Israel A. Guillen, Rocio Gurule, Pamela Yf Gustafson, Ahe M. 102, 200, 201, 220, 240 Gustafson, Grant D. 135, 154, 193, 219 Guthrie, Mark A. Gutierrez, Araceli 78 Gutierrez, Elsa V 118, 194 Gutierrez, Ricardo 135 Gutierrez, Shea R. 118 Hackett, Jan M 60, 136 k Hagen, James K. 61, 118, 125, 244 Hager, Christine T 136, 231 INDEXf272 78, 269 Haggerty, Heath J. 136, 244 Hill, Jose C 58, 59, 64, 69, 80, 153, 188, 1.90, Hall, Donna 102 269, 240 Hall, Ethan Hill, Shannon M 56, 118 Hall, Rachel L. 136, 202 Hill, Sharon L. 80 Hall, Rebecca M. 102 Hill, Thara L. 118 Llfgalley, Charles N Hille, Darlene A. 61, 118 fljlglliday, Msrcie L. 38, 41, 43, 56, 80, 202, 238 Hillstrom, Jennifer M. 42, 43, 119 -,1gfg1Eerman,.Rqger P. A . ,gg , , L Q ,,.. . . Hilqgrg, Anthony 136 A. 119 Eriitte Cf K K K 1 5 kki' Hinifle, Lonnie J Hamilton, Rosalind A, 36 118, 198, 208 230 K Himing, Lisa D. 42, 80 Hggnmsrs, Denise 191,522 80 QQ . Honlxgesang Rqdggee 136 431313 ...... '.'. 1 . 1 .1 . - , . Ei 2244 Hgpdy, Steven M 80 Z ii. it , Haney, 118, - . .. 102' Hanrahan, Christine A Ewen, L1ffe.E- 136. ssee . 1 S' 11 Hwifvx 118 1 111ee Hare, Theresa R. 102 Hgzrgraves, Quzann 20, Slf?i??ER M' 33525121 i H2fnwn,.Er1f: 5? 111, 4 8 1 HEUPGL 1212252 136 .11V E ' Hanris, Danny 136 1 Hollahkl, Jerry 1136 ' ff K Holland Michelle M 43, 81, HQ1lff!14X2..AHH0?4i.M. . HoIIe:i1,Ei'Maria?K5f1i81 A fi I Halirigm, cam asa, 52, 103 HQINFPQ-Kelly 113- .. .. 1... 1 . 1 1 Hool6Q'fShannar11D. 62 38 -561 81, 148,822-1, 225,11 . . Jensen, David O. 244 Jerman, Renee C. 52, 137 Jernigan, Michael 119, 223 Jessee, Kelly R. 137 Jessee, Jason L. Jewell, James T 119 Jilkin, Georgory 103 Jimenez, Ruby J. 137 Jiminez, Yolanda 12, 21, 29, Johnson, Annette R. 103 Johnson, Bradly 103 Johnson, Brian S. 137 Johnson, Darlene L. 137 Johnson, John M. 104, 148 Johnson, Lisa M. 137 Johnson, Marlo J. 119, 230 Johnson, Melissa A. 30, 31, 137 Johnson, Michele R. 137 Johnson, Suzanne M Johnson lSearl, Michael K. Jghnstnn, Christopher A. 119 Bradley M. 104 Victoria L. 33, 60, 119, 153 Jones, Christine M. Jones, Christophe E. 43, 119, 193 1TIRrriS.Je1fQry A- 80 Hg11+ris,,KigzgQgrIy R, Harris, Peggyua. 136' 11'1 76, 81, 156' Hgimgg-gtg, jqg 1 if kggjpnes, Christophr G. 44, 45, 193, 219, 137, 2 1 3 Keith 44 Hopiiiieg 42 290, Sig -Qlfones, Michelle A. 52, 81 Hopkins, Stephanie .L ' Jimes, Russell S. Hombgck, Franlggib. 136, A qlgrdarl, Allan 104 .... Q. , Lymlene C. 20, 29, loo, 101, 104, 11 Horsleii Chris Hariss, Penny A. 26 102 Harrison, Cathy M 80, C0151 J- - -Han-fs0n,2 13652593 4 Horton, Robert H 103 Horton Ileiserl, Walter Hostetlerq Liz 562 136 House, Amy E. 136 Hauser, Hope E. 81 Harrison, Denice EZ 102 Hartley, Dayna L. 80 K Hartman. Cary 136 13111193 Harney, Deborah K, 462 118 Harvey, Michelle L. 118 Harvey, Shiloh S. 561 103 Huutz, Candace L, 43, 81 Howard, Ann M. 38 Howard, Michael W 119, Howard, Tim 136, 193 Howard, Tom 136 Howry, Shawn C. 103 243 Haskel, Deyicl D. 64, 118 200, 201, '243 Haskins, Kim 80, 196, 197 Hassani Tm-ek Hatch, Athena 43 Hnicher, Antanio C. 118, 244 Havbrich, Jr., Daniel R. 136 Hauck. Jacqueline M. 52, 136 Hawk, Jeri 136 240, 241, Hawkins, Brent A. 103 Hiawley, Robert 136 Haworth, Jill C. 34, 58, 59, 64, 103, 204 Haws, Marla Hayner, Kasandrs Heacock, Jeant 118 Hearn, Michael S. 103 Heartz, Ronald R. 80 Heldund, Bonnie L. Hubert, Steve 136 Huckstep, Charay L. Hudson, Charesa V1 36, 137 Huebner, Tina L. 137 Hughes, Stephanie L. 36, 81, 194, Hulse, Terry A. 56, 103 Humprhrey !O,nl, Tammy 103 Hun, Sopani 137 Hunke, Sheri L. 81 Hunt, Jennifer L. 26, 137 Hunfeh Chris AQ 119, 246 Hunter, Christina M. 119 Hunter, Scott 137 Huntington, Jason 119 Hurd, Jeffrey K. 103 Hurlburt, Samantha 33, 34, 35, 52, 55, 81 Hurlburt, Serena J. 52, 137 Hurst, Allison L. 34, 35, 81 195, 266 Jordon, Tracie A. 137 Joyce, Paul 147 Juarez, Gilbert 137, 219 -- Amy M. 104 Kamper, Catherine A. 119, 198 Kane, Justin A. 52, 137 Kane, Sharon J. 120 Kapanui III, Alexander K. 52, 120, 192 B Kappus, Jodi L. 104, 207, 204, 23 Karasnulas, Nasys 104 200, 240 , , 24 Kearns, Douglas B. 120 Kelley, Jeff 43 Kellogg, Jessica L. 135, 137 Kelsey, David E 120 Kelsey, Victoria E. 60, 137, 246 Kelso Il, Ron D. Kelvin, Douglas W Kennedy, Crystal S. 24, 56, 64, 10 237, 240 Kern, Shelia M 137 , 237 1 4, 106, Hellman, Tatia L. 80 Heinrichs, Casey A. 136 Hendershot, Ronell F. 136 Hendershot, Charles L. 136 Henderson, Marchia G. Henderson, Michael D. 136, 144 Hendrickson, Tonya L. Hendrix, Mark A. Hendrixson, Robert 'lf 103 Henry, Joel M. Henry, William R. 34, 103 Husted, Jason 119 Hutchens, Devon J. Hutchinson, Kathleen A. 38, Hutton, Craig A. 137 Hyatt, William S. 119, 192 119 Keste rson, John R Kibsla, Britt K. 33, 34, 47, 106 Killingsworth, Patrick S. Kim, Kim, Agnes 120 Chan 'If 43, 50, 81, 104 Kim, John K. Kim, Joo H 120 Kim, Nay Kimble, Alisa M. 2, 104, 106 Kimmerle, Rhonda 137 King, Charles H. lbach, Lynnette M 81 lresvan, Inga 119 Irlanda, Martin 119 Irvin, Lisa M. 119 1 Irvin, Lori A in lvancich, Walter 119, 246 Hernandez, Ann Maria E. 136, 208 Hernandez, Gregory 136, 193 Hernandez, John 180 Hernandez, Julie 46 Hernandez, Larry P. 118, 192 Hernandez, Leticia M. 136 Hernandez, Ludivin.-1 P. 103 Hernandez, Mario 118 Hernandez, Michael A. 42, 103, 219 Hernandez, Reginald 103, 110, 154, 214, 215, 21 7 Hernandez, Sandra L, i Herrera, Wendy M 605136 Herrle, Natalie M. 33, 34, 35, 70, 80 Herrle, Robert P. 118 Hess, Lora L. 136 Hess, Thomas B, 4.7, 103 Hesslrode, Heidi 48 Heying, Matthew J 118 Hickman Stephanie M 9196 Jackson, Aaron M. Jackson, Leroy V 103 Jackson, Michael R. 34, 55, 103 Jackson, Michelle R. 30, 56, 137 Jackson, Shyla 137 Jackson IRohrel, Jaymee M 42, 43, 119 James, Jason D. 137 James, Michelle 81 James, Russell 137 , - 30, 1 . Hicks, Rachel A. 136, 231 i . Higgins, Scott A. 8, 35, 562 64, 80, 94, 201, 214, 215, 240 Higgins, Wendy L. 118 High, Suzangze M Hill, Charloffe R. 80 K Hill, Cheryl L. 52, 80 Janse, Francis W 103 Jaramillo, Jennifer Juuncey, William 103 Jaynes lProcU, Annmarie 103 Jeffers, Jarred 137 Jeffery, Cheryl 103 Jeffrey, Mike J. 137 King, Leticia L. 81 King, Morgan 138 Kipling, Jeff L. 104, 214, 217, 224, Kirsch II, Stephen H. 81, 104 Kite, Kenneth FT 81 Kizler, Lani 52, 84, 266' Kizler, Wayne P 4, 52, 120 Klapper, Lisa A. 81 Klassen, Cindy D. Klassen, Eddie L. Kleine, Susan K. 57, 104 Klier, Paul 104 Klinelelter, Matthew D. 43, 120 Knauer, Steven E. Knight, Karen L. 38, 40, 104 Knudson, Chuck E. 138 Knutson, Timothy L. 82 Koch, Michael E. 138 Koetsier, Amber C. 120, 194, 244 Kohli, Tonya L. 120 Knpeczy, Bryon J. 120, 242 Koslfi, Glenn 'If 34, 52, 104 Krause, Heidi M. Kriner, Rachelle 104 Kruel, Deborah 138 Kruse, Michelle 104 Kuehl, Jerry S. 104 Kurtz, Delissa Yi 82 225 23 64 12 L 44 56 82 L 138 9 M 4? Maller Marba Marcell 266, 227 Jose Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Martin o Mart Mashek Mason Matth e ws Matthe ws Ma tth les 138 I 44 Maupin Maurer Ma urer Mays Mazel Richard Mazes Pete 139 Mac Cann Tricia M. 83 Mc Alpine Rlchd 83 Mc Carthy David K 121 Mc Cary Brandy L 139 Mc Claim Craig H 50 Mc Cormach Chris 179 Mc Cormack James 139 Mc Cormick Bobby P 139 Mc Cormrck Chris 52 Mc Cormick Michael T 121 Mc Culley Deborah R 8 26 Mc Donald Chad 139 Mc Donald Jack 144 Mc Donald Mitchell A 139 Mc Donald Timothy J 121 225 Mc Donnell Jack G 139 19.3 Mc Donnall lPalk1 Steven J Mc Elroy Lisa A 36 18 52 105 Mc Fadden Kimberly J 43 105 Mc Grnnls Geoffrey G Mc Glothlm James C 121 246 Mc Greal David E 46 8.3 Mc FUIIE John D Mc Cuire, Shannan E. 121 Mc Fuire Tina M. 139 Mc lnntis, Heather A. 44, 52 J Mc lntyre Carolyn J. 121 Mc Kerrihan Regina A. 1 ' Mc Lean, Ronald N 48, 83, 232 Mc Leod, Ginger L. 64, 139 Mc Mullin Kit 139 Mc Murdie, Jeffrey J. M. 121 8, 22 32 156, 233 Mar 139 139 Btgdl 121, 192 Noriega, Norman, Nou, Nutter, Nuzum Nuzum Nyman, O'Brian O'Connor O'Connor III O'Dowd, 1 4 O'Driscoll, Lisa 0'Neal, Michael O'Neill, Robert O'Neill, Tammy Obregon, Ernesto Obregon, Ernie Ochoa, Enrique Ogle lDavenportl, Franchesca C. 44, 45, 52 Ohlendorl' lSchl, Erin B. 43, 106 Olah, Eric 140 Oliveros, Marco R. Oliveros, Ramiro O. Olivolo, Matthew 'If 124,M 213, 122 Olmsted, Laura 140 Olsen, Bjarne F1 34, Olsen, Kim M, 106, Olshefsky, John D. Q, Q Olson, Shannon L. i ,,,"' . ' f A Olson, Jon R Orlenko, Tonya Olvarado, S i ii f 1, ff ,ilu Wa, "-' ' ' INDE 1 E' 4 we 1 13,, Oray, Stephanie 60 Orndori, Michelle L. 37, 43, 85, 43 Orris, Michelle 122 Ortega, Maria 60, 85 Ortega, Moises 'IX 60, 122 . , ...,, tter .ii if 2 as ' Pl ',f'1'.'1f,.f?L- .' vxf' 1 - 1.' 21, 322 -'f-' .. 3917 85 :i,fk ef Jon R. 122 ' " " M I A nder, Wayne 'II 140 Ott, Christophe W Otteson, Jerry R. 85 Ottlendorf, Arin 102 Outlaw, Bobby D. Ovenshire, Roger A. 140 Owen, Patricia L. Owens, Gabriel P. Pabon, Lillian A, 85 Pacuilla, Patricia A. 85 Polus Roa th 238 wers, Daniel R. 1345321 L. so, 140.27 213 33 140 40 144 ef. Matthew 36, 38, 80. 86.15411 . ,,220, 221 Proetel, Angela M 1 Prosser, Christophe 152' 193, 237 Proxmire, James 40, 93 Proxmire, Mglissalw. Psihalopoulos, Athena 1 Plrlsifqgp,-Tatrpmy K. 43, 1 , 194, 1 Pn1eifea,Lie5fM. 43, 101 '..V April M. 52, 140 Chris Roberts, John Roberts, Lance Sharon Lynda Sever, fSevers, Tara A. Seville, Crystal E. 89 ...,,,, Sewell, Kevin D. 141, 219 Shafer, Tawny A. 56, 89 Shaw, Valarie 109 X Shay, Brent 109 ' Paddie, Shannon M. Purn fygtrick K. 86' ' 246 Shea-Han, Emmet C. 141, 223 Padget, Freddie 106 Q' V 3, E , Shea-Han, Nate M 109, 110, 214, 216 Pagan, Marco A. .1 5 A Roe, Shearin, Kirk A. 109, 220, 240 Page, Amy C. 26, 22 111 123 -- ' 219 Shearn, Amber C. 141 Peinlen, Katherine o. 123 , Shedrick, shame L. 109 Paleggi, Vince 149 5 ' .ffl Sheehan, Glen L. 142 Palmer, Clinton B. E "": , oe, Sheehan, Lawrence E. 124 Pancost, Kristina L. 25, 48, 49, 56, 106, 112 Quit-ke , 'z S v,-. 5 '18 Sheffer, Amanda 142 Pantino, Darcy 60, B5 QQQQM11, if 2, 3123 K . wi Sbeftner, Mike 35, 70 Pantoja, Anita L. 52, 140 Qimml C 'l', f . 'Eg Sheban, Victoria 109 ' Pantoja, Kimberly M. 52, 123 , 7. - Shellum, Anthorfyg 124 Parker, Ryan S. 140 " 5 Roque, R I ' an A,.Sl1elton,LQary R. IZ 103, 109, 240 Parks, Elliott S. so, 106, 223 Reque, Veronica R,,1, : 4 1 ' ii "f- hephminaw R. 43, 109 Parks, Julie A. 56 A ' , Q reg f,'., Daw L. . ,.,. hephercfifiliehelle L. ' 5 ' ,f V 0 Pang, Georgina G. G n i, . e Q ppard, James M., V VA W, M Parson, leehe 106 . .2 i '-'- "-' lougl, Chris W 141 Sher1ihn,iPatsy 12545, iq 2 W f 'K Parsons, Randy J 123, 188, 192 Rdvklefil Amy L. 140 1 ' , 1 -,j se , VG, 13, 33, Shin3asak1Q, Kimbefly V ,iq ,E , Penne, Anthony R. 101, 210, 211 Ravkstraw. Jr.. Robert W Q 1 ,.'- 1 A ,,,. 241 3 . 5122194 A Patino, Darcia L. 140 Radisich, Robin C.. Agn, f , , ., by , 5, 43' 34, 83. V' i:'r , f Q 91-X' , Z 4 1 ii Patterson, Richard N. 85 R8dfSfCll. Heidi M- 123, .,, 3 V, " ','1' ' I ' "', . . Rose j A Q E. , , nj, ' 621, l, Jani? A Paul, Steve M. Rehnw, Andrew c. 12:1 ,,4W, ,H A nf e 91 Sh .-1. liidohn A. 109 Paulk, Dorsey W Ramirez, Enrique S6 if . Ross, i - 141, 193, 220 Shrewsbury, Mike B. , W- 2 Paulson, Michael 123 Ramirez, Geo1gina.123i3' Rneei, Christy A. ze 22 124 silbeneh, Chris 19325, ',', X W W Payne, Richitina M.,140 Ramirez. Moises B."l23,1f1gf2. Rossi, Michael A. 141, 193 'A Silgueno, sw jj ,'-. A, 24 A Payne, Shannon Lf 12' R-411105. JHSOH A. Roth, Shawn 141 Silva, Pelimon, 140 Rothgery, .leinee A. 108 'ya ,r, .. y A. 73 80, M1-54, 1.55, 1 Peirce, .' Rounsefell, Robert 141 L , 9 .171 "5141,,. ' Pena, Anthony 101 Rowe, Dennis M 141 Sims, Midffj 1 -, Q1 z. Perego, Jackie K. Rowe, John D. 210 Siwifdf A ' 7 A f ' Perez, Beto 60, 123 Rowe, Kristina M. 141 Simms, I -if-, Perez, Lorenzo Rowe, Vickie L. 108 Simon, Barrett D. 1 V Perez, Tamron L. 101 Roybal, Kellie J., 141 Simpson, Kimberlee ' 4 ff Perez, Veronica Y. 52, 58, 130, 137, 140 RozoLVJesse S. 124 Simpson, Michael S. 124, 192 ' Perez, Fore Y Rubecamp, Kafbleen E. 47, 108 Sin, Savuth 142 Perkel, Joel R, 123 Rubiq, Natalie 141 Sinclair, Keith R. " ' Perkins, Nicole L. 33, 140 Rudglph, Laverne A. Sinsabaugh, Robert N. 142 Persing, Shaun 'If 101 266, 228, Rudyj Donald R. 89 Sisco, Timothy R. 124, 243 Peters, Lynn M Rudy, Susan 124 Skiba, Todd M. Peters, Robert L. 140 Ruffalo lBen2, Douglas K. Skifstrom, Leigh M 90 Petersen, Betsy 38, 39, 56, 101, 244, 245 561 89, 266 Skiles, Jason J. 142 Petersen, Netherlee 86 Skiles, Jennifer J. 90 Petersen, William C. 44, 56, 122 Skiles, Tammi S. 124 Peterson, Anna L. 86 Skiles, Tina M. Peterson, Brian 48 Skjelstad, Fashia O. 90 Peterson, Kevin M 101 Slagle, Krystal C. 90 Peterson, Shawn K. 140 Slutter, Lori L. 34, 80, 90 Peterson, Teresa D. 36, 47, 80, 86 Phillips, Danielle 123 Phillips, Diane BQ 206, 202 209 Phillips, Gerard D. 123 Phillips, Jamie R. 101, 148 Phillips, Teresa L. 101 Phillips, Todd E. 101, 188 Phipps, Jody C. 101 Phipps ICollinl, Jamie D. 123 Pickett, Derrick W 123, 218 Pierce, Carrie D. 21, 80, 86 Pierce, David A. 99, 101 Pigeon, Beverly L. 16 Piker, John 101 Pilage, Steven P. 86 Pileggi, Vincent A. 56 Pinell, Erick M Pinkerton, Carmen 140 Piper, Briana L. 29, 48, 73, 862 156 Piper, Michelle L. 86, 1961 191 205, 206, 201 Ridgway. Christy Rhine, Candace Rhodes, Curtis L Rich, Catharine Richardson, Jon E. Richardson, Kassie Richardson Richland, L 140 244 35, 48, 80, 92, . 611 124 M 109 Sanchez, 220, 221 Smalls, Randy 109 Smith, Cameron W1 109 Smith Carrie 142 204 Ridgwa y, Damon Pitcock, Robert A. 258 Pine, Kimberly .L 123, 198, 208, 266, 228 Rissby. Pittsley, Derinda D. 123 Riley Poirier, John B. Rinehart Poirier, Steven D. Poirier, Jenna L. 123 INDEXf274 Snow, Snyder, Deborah J. 90 Snyder, Jody L. 109, 196 Sprague, Tammy CC 6, 198, 199, 125 Snyder, Tara L. 109 Soliday, Steven M 42 Solis, Trina V 60, 141, 142 Som, Bayky 43, 90, 109 Som, Hom 125 Somers, Brandi R. 142 Somers, Joseph M. 109 Sophal, Touch 142 Souliotes, 10.9 . Svwfff ' ,,,,, sparks, , gvgl 90, 125, 232, 234 Spa n- 5 SP 1 . 90 Spencer. Spevlda. , ff Spine, Char 61, 125 Sprague, Kath Squire, Daniel 142, 193 St. Cyr, David A. 34, 90 Stack, Crystal L. 142 Stackhouse, Debbie S. 64, 133, 142 231 Stacks, Loren 125 Stafford, Drue M. 6, 56, 80, 90 Staggs, Charles M 142, 219 Staggs, Chris M. 142, 219 Stanovich, Doug M. Star, Vanek G. 125, 243, 240 Steele, Robert B. Steinmetz, Dawn C Stekkinger, Brian 90 Stekkinger, Jennifer 43, 109, 223, 43 Stens, William A. 109, 188 Stephens, Sherri L. Sterling, Bobby 0. 109, 159 Sterling, Connie A. 60, 109 Sterling, Ronnie R 109 Stevens, Carrie S. 56, 60, 194, 125 Stevens, Tara J. Stevenson, John H Stewart, Kevin 142 Stewart, Sherilyn K. 43, 142, 201, 202, 238, 237 Stewart, Valerie J. 142 Stinnett, Shawn M. 142, 193 Stiver, Sean C 125 Stokes, Margaret R 125 Stone, Denise M Storvis, Steven R. 125 Stott, Nancy S. Stoute, Jamie A. 12, 20, 25, 56, 109 Stoute, Jason D. 192, 125 Stover, Marina 109 Strain, David A. 90 Strahl, Greg 142 Street, Kerry C. 142 Strickland, Nicholas V 112, 152, 220 Strigotte, Catherine M 17, 30, 142 Strigotte, Michelle 132 223, 231 Stroud, Del lEricl Stuart, Adam D. 112 Qtucklin, Kyre B. 112 Studebaker, Billy Qtuwe, Jeffrey W 43, 52, 10 5'tuwe, Kimberly M. 46, 90 Suer, Darin K. Fugg, Cindy C 142 iulak, Frank R 112 gulak, Michelle 142 Qullivan, Rebecca Sullivan, iummers iutten, J. 125 . J Haber. Christina M. "acke1s, Kelly M. 142 1 nafoya, C. 36 642 93, 229 221 navares D aylor Jai aylor Jw Taylor, Lance D. Taylor, Levi Taylor, Marcella M 52, 142 Taylor, Mark R. 142 243 Taylor, Scott 213 Tente, Jason 43 Tessers, Frances M 93 Testerman, Robert E. 142, 193 Thaler, Norman A. 142 Thaler, Tracy L. Thomas, Casandra A. 196 Thomas, Lori L. 142 144, 231 Thvme, Bobby E. 142, 193 Thome, Jeff112 Thompson, Christi L. 52 55, 125 Thompson, Christine A. 142, 231 Thompson, Judith C. 93 Thompson, Kelly .L Thompson, Misti L. 52, 125 Thompson, Sherry L. 52 142 C 126 243, 240 202 238 M. 143, 209 461 93 A. 126 L. 93 Thompson, Tisha J. 142 Thomson, David M Thomson, Shauna 47 Thomson fFaulknel, Tracy L Thorpe, Susan C 125 Thuy, Loeut 125 Tieman, Allan M. 2 Tillitt, Jr., William 'Ii Tim, Buntheoun S. 143 , . Tim, Mony S. 125 Tim, Vuthy S. 114, 121, 125 Tiner, Larry 21, 111, 188 Tingle, Scott A. 38, 241 246 Tingley, Earle W 188 Tino, Julie C 93 Tinoco, Celina A. 141, 143 Tipton, Lisa Tipton, Bobby 125 Tobias, Arnetta J. 93 Todd, Angela C. 143 Ton tz, Jason 125 Tomblin, Lisa D. . Tordoftf Rebecca J 93 Touch, Sophal Tourtillotte, Jeffery M. Tourtillotte, Nicole Lee L. Towery, Gayla J. 125 Trainer, Kirsty 93 Trauthwein, Angela M. Tresvan, Inga P. Trevino, Tomas A. 111, 149 Trotter, Kathie 52, 143, 198 Trumbauer, Christophr L. 143 Tumbaugh, Wayne A. 56 Turner, David A. 125 Turner, Roy W Turrentine, Shay D. 26, Tusler, Paul L. Tuttle, Sophia A. Twaite, Twies. C. 80, 95 Vollan, Michele L. 143, 244 Vonbargen, Robert 143 Vonranzow, Dawn G. 143 Vuoso, Frank J. 126 Waardenburg, Jennifer S. 43, 44 Wadkins, Misty R 143 Wagner, Brandon 126 Wagner, Bryn A. 143 Wagner, Steven S. 126, 192, 224, Wakefield, Carrie L. 132 14, 112, Walker, Brent 126 Walker, Christopher L. 43 Walker, Rada 126 Wallace, Lawanda 143 Wallenburg, Daniel L. Waltz, Diona L. Ward, Dean L. Ward, Gerry G. 143, 193 Warlar, Alicia 43 Warren, Alicia R. 126 Warren, Rhonda B. 100 Warren, Samuel R. 126 Washington, Antonio M 95 Booker 'If 56 Z e, H , c 43 ' q 'M- Lie D. ss, 126 5,4 4, V F , I en., ., Wo .1 1 225 1562 159, 244 Wills, Darci R. -52, 55, ' Mlson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, , .- 'nder, ery t zi: . rs Antonette361 : ggi n Z Jason M. 126 Jeanette E 126 Nym A. 126 E' row .. , Q.. ' . -'id A . Amy C. 95 Je Wood, es R 126 Wood, Michael 126 .,,. Woods, Stacia L. Woods, Kenneth - Woody, Candace 16, 143' Woody, Gina M 4, 53, 54, 112 Worley A. 112, Wine J95 197 2666 228 1 aff 761 30, 95, 96 if 4 i1 af SAYING GOOD-B YE!! ,I 276fEIJI TOR 'S NOTE A MESSAGE FROM Ti-IE I EDITOR! ' It is hard to believe the year is over and the annual is Hnall y done. I am very proud to present to you this book that took a lot of Heart and Soul to produce. This years 1986-87 El Lago is the lives of us all here at EHS during the past year. I have overcome many obstacles in order to make the deadlines, and believe me Ifound out what the Word STRESS really means. Of course, I can not take all of the credit for pro- ducing this year's ann ual. First of all I would like to thank Frank Gruber our advisor for helping out so much you deserve more credit than you have been given. I would also like to thank the en tire El Lago staff especially Greg Gonzalez for keeping me sane at times. Mr. Jones what else can I say, but thanks for the advice and help-you really are One ofa Kind. I would also like to thank our Jostens representative Brian Herz, because Without him life would have been very difhcult. Corrine George you have also helped out so very much and I thank you. Mr. Joyce and Dr. Foland thank you for taking film to Albert and James. Andrea Fuller, I love you and thank you for helping me out with captions, and just being a great friend. The staff and I have Worked hard to produce this year's annual NWHATA COMBINATIONY and We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyedputting it together for you. Thank You and good luck Class of I87, We really do ha ve a Perfect Combination. Love Always, Tammy Davis Editor-in-Chief U ifiigossa ATE NEED OF A PLACE TO z A AWQXT LAX 32 v I s 3 Q Q cm X Q . N H U ,ij A 5 .gag Qs 5 Q' 5 I - V539 Iii-TSQHJDUQ rib N3f0MZ,1 Q UMWQXWNI fm M GYM MWWW Q5 JY VE ,3.ifbwiLii'KQ QLMM fwgfww W5 k2b'lbmWN.N39ru1,QQg,m.SJxnpX.03x-klwfr , A ' KTQWKLHHNM wftxww-U MW Wgiwgwmm . UGQEDA-tujghwxxmfg fioilw.. '5y5p my - fj,a4c avlwvdfg agffldf 4Qx,4.g4Wwaf-Af0l4f!9:fWjQ'fl , ms V X zmiirxifz? iiigggsgl vvffofnwwdbnefwf ig? fy!" XNAEQQ SFQRSQER QQSEEQE 3 sg 1.

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Elsinore Union High School - El Lago Yearbook (Wildomar, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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